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File: 1669060381449.png (1.49 MB, 1072x828, 1668631393336.png)

No. 1705825

Finally freeing the altcows thread from the meaty clutches of Jake Munro and related cows.

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Kaya's ex boyfriend, after dating for around a decade. Cheated on her with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Used Joker-esqe makeup and mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, but has since generally given the gimmick up as his popularity rapidly declined post break-up. Appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Has big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star. Occasionally scars us with his ugly nudes via a rarely updated OnlyFans account.

ToxicTears (Kaya) - Veteran goth youtuber, used to get hundreds of thousands of views, but her channel has dwindled down due to inactivity during the last few years of her relationship with Jake. Has a tendency to make a lot of excuses not to film, though seems to posting somewhat regularly again. Kind of an airhead, often anxious. Lots of old milk. Almost constant debate in thread in regards to her current cow status.

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's (Kaya) long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets part-time at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything.

Updates from last thread:
>>1671891 Jake suspected of editing his gross nudes
>>1673680 Kat caught tracing Disney coloring book pages per usual >>1673691
>>1681250 Jake briefly reconsiders donning his clown makeup for views
>>1681541 Jake goes off the rails with multiple essay long seething anti Kaya comments on YT
>>1682058 Jake continues to go off on commenters about his content and appearance >>1681577
>>1684009 Jake got a root canal and claims to have a new Munro single finished
>>1686821 Jake doubles down on VTubing, spending thousands on gear for whatever weird reason
>>1686842 Kaya goes to London for an event and forgets her debit card
>>1687844 Jake continues sperging out about Kaya in comments
>>1687962 Kaya gets another bug tattoo for her "bug sleeve"
>>1688957 Even more sperging from Jake in comments about Kaya >>1689736
>>1689494 Jake releases a very poorly mixed cover of Timmy Trumpets
>>1690867 Jake has a meltdown where he admits he thinks the cover is bad and claims that he "rushed it" even though it's been in the works for six months
>>1694001 Kat continues tracing Disney artwork very poorly >>1694634
>>1696157 Jake runs into trouble with his VR rig and has to buy even more expensive gear
>>1696512 Kaya takes a short break post London trip, lots of speculation on what had her stressed out
>>1698516 Kaya said the "stresses" that she was trying to get a break from followed her to London. Said she plans to edit the film clips together and do a voiceover.
>>1698550 More hinting at what the "stress" might be, lots of speculation in thread
>>1698775 Kaya discusses how she isn't currently in a relationship, but would likely keep it private in the future
>>1700365 Jake's new VR equipment arrives and he manages to minorly injure himself swinging a cable around
>>1700509 Jake and Kat celebrate their one year anniversary at the Galgorm.
>>1700601 Spend their one night stay plastered, downing a bottle of champagne, a bottle of wine, and multiple long island ice teas >>1700740
>>1701337 Jake gives us some unsettling foreshadowing into his plans for VTubing
>>1701745 Kaya is in the planning stages for a plushie release

Last thread: >>1668686 (alt cows thread)

No. 1705838

Good thread OP, it was time to separate em. Now we can enjoy our concentrated milk

No. 1705879

File: 1669062722146.png (38.38 KB, 916x484, fakeviews.png)

Does this mean that Jake was re-listing old videos with high view numbers or? He suddenly had 350x his usual daily views on Saturday with no new video posted. I can't tell if he's intentionally inflating his monthly income or if he's re-listing old videos because he's strapped for cash and hoping people might still watch them. He wouldn't actually make the 6k off that as shown, but would have been 6k previously made off those videos before he unlisted them, correct?

No. 1705898

Yas more threads to check!!maybe I need more irl friends kek(unsaged autism)

No. 1705932

File: 1669065455518.png (634.38 KB, 560x962, kayastream.png)

Kaya is streaming outlast again, no sign of Jake making a similar announcement this time around.

No. 1705963

Technically Kaya announced that first outlast stream after Jake said this, if we're keeping score of who does retaliation streams
See original post here:

No. 1706193

File: 1669079030871.png (57.2 KB, 610x754, vtuberarchetype.png)

Which vtuber archetype does he fall under nonnies? Tbh, sounds like he isn't even entirely sure where he's going with it yet.

No. 1706591

Man can't even be bothered doing the bare minimum to engage with this whole VTuber thing himself, he has to get his audience to hold his hand through the whole process, how obvious does it have to be that this is just another in a long list of attempts to insert himself into a trend that he isn't actually interested in himself, he's so disingenuous it's hard to figure out what he is actually passionate about

No. 1706833

File: 1669144187099.png (1.06 MB, 1293x547, contentcomp.png)

Ngl, it's kind of funny how much shit he was talking about Kaya's content just a couple weeks ago. Since then, he has released a, self admitted, half-assed cover that completely flopped on YT, and did one couple hour stream? Still love him trying to cope by saying he was "happy that youtube's algorithm has dropped him a little so he can go try new things" on stream too. It must really kill him inside to see her recent videos pulling better numbers than his.

He can't be bothered to do his own research, can't be bothered to put on the makeup that got him a lot of his "snaccs" to begin with, can't be bothered to do much it seems. I remember other anons saying Kaya was the one who used pick all the tiktoks for him to react to previously too?

No. 1706979

File: 1669158571165.jpeg (127.96 KB, 1284x683, 5E61E451-E1B9-4610-B10A-E78A3E…)

Before the break up he had over 103k followers on Instagram. He hasn’t posted (besides his stories) since September. I know he wants to edgelord and be at 666 posts, but it’s just lazy. Content creator minus the content isn’t engaged enough

No. 1707044

File: 1669163267789.png (542.27 KB, 516x922, jakeedit.png)

He hasn't even posted to Twitter in a few days now. No new YT video in three weeks, no real twitter updates, no OF post in forever, etc. I think at most he's made a couple IG story posts a day. Lady Allura seems to be making more Jake content than Jake is these days. kek

No. 1708617

what are the chances that he HAD TO get a real job that he isn't talking about online?

No. 1708771

File: 1669327573563.jpeg (198.38 KB, 1282x1060, EBD2C2A3-3031-425A-BBB8-6342A8…)

A 2 hour video about why him and Kaya actually broke up. He said he’s going to a follow up with a q&a.
He starts off by asking he doesn’t care about lolcow and he’s now making a video so he can gives his followers ways to defend him online.
He’s talking about his finances and how Kaya didn’t give popularity. I’m only 7 mins in… and it’s giving bitter

No. 1708772

Kaya has just made a story saying something has come out and that she is going to have to respond to it and that it's already obviously false. I am banned from Fakes insta for calling him a snake ages ago and don't know how to check, does anyone know what she is talking about?


Sorry if I've done this wrong in any way, I read all the rules and guide but this is my first ever comment.

No. 1708774

Ah sorry you beat me to it! Thanks ever so! I had checked 5 mins ago and composed my post and there was no such comment at the time. Imma go watch this shit show!

No. 1708775

I’m 24 minutes in, he’s really going for it, confirms they hadn’t had sex for a year at one point. Main complaint seems to be lack of cleaning. Hour and a half to go, so I'm guessing he’s got more to say. Looks like he’s trying to squeeze out a tear.

No. 1708777

I genuinely feel sorry for her.
She was trying so hard to keep calm
She feels she has to respond just to tell the truth and put things right.

Emily Boo said in a video at the beginning of the year "the truth will out."

No. 1708782

He also keeps saying “ I have recipes and photos if you really need me to dig it up”
“Oh well I can’t get into my paypal, but I’ll try to pull it up for you guys”

And he’s going on about cleaning but her place is clean in her videos and everytime he posts in his place or hotels is a shit show”

No. 1708783

Aka views are way down so I need to talk about Kaya

No. 1708788

Fresh milk. Oh yes. Nom nom nom!

No. 1708789

Tbh Kaya's been milking this situation for a long time. In almost every Q&A, she has talked about her last relationship with Fake. I guess this was her first relationship so she's going to be venting a lot about it, but it was getting old and at a certain point felt like she purposefully was bringing it up to get people to keep watching her for drama. Kinda glad Kaya's finally going to address this and not continue beating a dead horse.

No. 1708790

Kek right on Thanksgiving! I'll try to watch but 2 hours is a long time for Fake to sperg, would any nonnie summarize?

No. 1708797

First video from Kaya. She's watching and taking notes of everything he's said.

No. 1708800


FFS. And there was me planning on an early night. Can these two not lose there shit at like 7pm?

No. 1708802

I’m about 30 minutes in. It’s not giving what he’s hoping. It’s giving abusive ex that’s losing control. I’m glad she has the police involved

No. 1708803

Don't blame Kaya for this, Jake ABSOLUTELY knew what he was doing dropping this video on thanksgiving and in the evening. She has the right to defend herself, especially since he's been planning this video to make himself look the best he can. He should just leave her the fuck alone already.

No. 1708806

File: 1669330311695.jpg (31.04 KB, 354x444, NmwUlWM.jpg)

Picrel, I looked in the description and he actually timestamped everything. He must've been getting most of Kaya's stories/tweets from lolcow or a friend, and taking notes every single time she made a passing mention of him. Hair in the bed was specifically mentioned on her social media.

No. 1708807


Who’s saying she can’t defend herself? She’s very welcome too. I think she should. He can’t be allowed to set the only narrative on this.

I’d just appreciate it a bit earlier in the day.

But just to spell it out, I was trying to be humorous.

Calm yourself nonnie.

No. 1708809

“If I had to paint Kaya, it would be her laying there in bed surrounded by food and monster cans”
How is this productive? This video is to shame her for views. narc ass abuser

No. 1708812

Literally having to watch this video on 2x speed, he's so fucking rambly and long winded.

No. 1708814

This man that does onlyfans and screams shots said he’s become a mature man and needed a mature woman. Kek. I can not

No. 1708816

He’s giving HUGE onision vibes in this.

No. 1708820

He's literally blaming her for his body dysmorphia…Oh boo hoo. He's been a Gym Bro for years and it never, ever came off like he did it for HER. If anything, it came off more like he thought she was fat and he wasn't into her anymore. But no, she didn't wanna fuck all the time, so he's blaming her for body image issues…Kaya really doesn't strike me as the type of person who cares about that stuff.

No. 1708824

He’s talking about all the money he spent on her and how he never got it back. Views and money are low. That’s what this all is about.
He said the only time Kaya was happy when she was spending HIS money. But even after all that, she never told him her looked nice. Kek. This guy is a pussy

No. 1708827

Lol at these two twats. I love their break up and how they are still synonymous with each other. They will both never move on and it's funny af.

No. 1708834

File: 1669332140533.jpeg (154.83 KB, 1282x785, 909F41BD-D815-497B-84BD-C5FC8A…)

So the police are involved, he didn’t deny it. They can’t stop you, but this is harassment jake. Fucking moron. Kek

No. 1708837

Jake isn't harassing Kaya. I doubt the psni are going to do anything about a YouTuber making a video about a breakup.

No. 1708838

When talking about how Kaya was "unsupportive" of his anger issues:
>"I saw Kaya's fear to it as extremely excessive. I was like, what're you doing? I'm just a little annoyed."
>"She never dealt with it, I couldn't confide in her about it. It was just this nasty disgusting monster that came out of me that she had villainized and every single time I got angry, I felt disgusted in myself afterwards."
I think anyone would feel unsafe around someone shouting and throwing things. You should feel disgusted about that, Fake.
He's blaming the anger on "depression and anxiety".
He continues to describe his anger issues as:
>"An acute, and painful, and intense level of rage"
>"I can't help it. I'm not doing it because I'm an asshole, I'm doing it because I can't control it."
>"It's not something I'm doing because I want to do it. It's happening to me, and I'm just along for the ride. I'm not gonna be shamed. I had no control over it, it happened."
He then goes on to say that a psychiatrist believe it was caused by bipolar disorder, but was ashamed to take medication for it. He "dealed with it himself".
Kat, you better be careful with Jake around your kid, if he claims he can't control his anger. And if your son sees Jake's moid rage, it's possible possible going to think it's ok to do that and will take it out on YOU when he's a teenager.

No. 1708839

She made a video about the police. He admitted on his Twitter that he’s been trying to contact her but she blocked him on everything (in his words)
I think it goes beyond the YouTube videos.

No. 1708841

File: 1669332371951.jpeg (196.88 KB, 1282x1024, DED2D122-0990-401B-9EC6-6416A7…)

He was forced cause he’s losing money and followers

No. 1708843

Hasn't she left her scooter at his place for like a year and he claims she has her stuff. Such a waste of police time if they have to chaperone these two losers exchanging stuff. What a pair of melodramatic twats

No. 1708844

i feel bad for her, you can tell she's seriously upset and visibly shaking with the stress over the situation. I hope the police force him to take that video the fuck down and slap him with some kind of charge if he continues

No. 1708846

I only dipped into the video and looked at the 'anger issue' timestamp he had and holy shit it was the weasliest thing ever.

It was 'Well I never -directly- did any of my anger shit at her, and well I was young and also in a bad situation, oh and I did -warn her- I have anger issues and she was ' like I'm sorry but it's your job to deal with your anger issues in an appropriate way, and even if you're not actually directly targeting someone it's still fucking terrifying to deal with take accountability for fucks sake

No. 1708847

File: 1669332909567.jpeg (150.68 KB, 725x715, CBE784ED-5B51-4700-A75E-20FE99…)

Anything for the views, eh Fake?

No. 1708849

Personally I welcome the milk, I'm 20 minutes into his video and it's interesting to get his side.

No. 1708850

i've always hated this pathetic little man, he's hit a new low now though kek

No. 1708851

KEK another response video, to Kaya's? They're just going to keep going back and forth, aren't they?

No. 1708853

I have not watched this but just skimming though here it has massive creepshow art "proving her innocence" by revealing 15+ years of dirt vibes

No. 1708855

20 minutes into the video he's talking about her going to two GPS who denied her an adhd diagnosis she was seeking and then her dad paid for her to go private. She didn't engage with treatment or take medication. Talking about her laziness and how much he tried to help her behind the scenes.

I mean I've never been bought in by Kaya's bullshit hello lovelies shit or her crying about absolutely everything. She's a complete melt with no direction in life. A complete turn off. He's being too nice not saying that and then saying how she made him feel insecure. He's also showing texts between them. They were still in contact pretty frequently until recently.

No. 1708858

File: 1669333514331.jpg (29.13 KB, 715x289, ZKzZHPz.jpg)

This is his response to that. Picrel
In the "work and finances" section of the video, Jake did mention that Kaya was crying every morning and night before going to work at a job. He is really airing everything out.

No. 1708859

You mad, Jake? She’s over you, you fuvking cry baby(hi cow)

No. 1708860

I'm not Jake you weirdo.

No. 1708861

So much of this smacks of the typical Narc mindset of "Well you have a house and food and this and that so you have no reason to be depressed" and taking no account into that depression isn't affected by the things you have, and the more reliant a narc makes you on them by BUYING you all that and then throwing it in your face, the worse you feel about yourself. Of course he spent all that money on her, look how good it makes him look now. "Oh I spent this amount on her and she still wasn't happy." Yeah, because she was with YOU. A miserable awful little man.

No. 1708863

I bet you 1000 dollars that he deleted most of the “shitty comments” defining Kaya

No. 1708865

Jake has a point that he threw money at Kaya and tried to get her to make content for YouTube. If she was miserable she had her family nearby, she had more support. The two of them stayed together way longer than they should have. It's now more than a year after the break up and they're still going on about it. Pick up the pace guys.

No. 1708868

someone better download this shit show before he deletes it like he usually does with his bs

No. 1708871

I downloaded it a while ago

No. 1708872

File: 1669334086675.jpeg (240.45 KB, 1282x971, 35288899-9601-403C-A0A2-0980E3…)

“The cops came to my house and told me to stop contacting her…” what of his stuff does she even have? Did I miss that

No. 1708874

So I’m an hour in, he said that’s “the turbulent relationship now let’s talk about the break up”
He literally just said he gave her money and she wouldn’t clean.
I’m going to go out on a limb and say he doesn’t clean, and don’t give people money if you don’t want?
Oh also she wouldn’t tell him he’s pretty.

No. 1708879

Think it was more than didn't clean. I can relate a bit living with my highschool sweetheart and him never learning to pick up after himself even when it was causing you anxiety and stress. It is a lack of respect when someone won't work with you. Your living space is important. Let's not lie and forget that farmers have pointed out Kaya's ridiculous excuses over the years for doing fuck all.

She was seeking out diagnosis so she would have a cop out so no one could harass her over being lazy, but then she didn't want to treat anything or better herself. I'm no fan of Jake but I casually watched when he was doing his daily vlogs and only a blind person could see how frustrated he was with his girlfriend.

No. 1708880

He claims a gaming laptop and a camera are missing. It's in "She stole my stuff and called the police on me".
I can't remember where it was in the video (I think it was in "I held her stuff"?), but there was a text screenshot of Kaya asking for some cameras, and Jake suggested to Kaya that she get a cheap camera to stream/make videos with. Wouldn't surprise me if Kaya took the opportunity to take a better camera out of the storage when she went to pick up her stuff.

No. 1708881

He’s saying in the video that Kaya isn’t over the relationship. Also she’s making passive aggressive comments on Instagram and he hasn’t said ANYTHING. Even though he’s went on rants about Kaya on Twitter in the comments.
Also said that he wasn’t even talking to Kat when he broke up with Kaya.. but there’s photos of Kat and him together before the break up in that collage Kat made

No. 1708883

One of my exes claims I never cleaned either. What really happened was I was tired for cleaning up his dirty ass. Like i told him I would do his laundry if he put his dirty laundry in the hamper. There was 1 sock in there for a year. His laundry was in the living room, hall, on the stairs, in the bathroom, the floor of the upstairs hall, the garage and his car. Considering Kaya's home always looks neat and Jakes a shittip, i'm going on a limb he's painting a very one sided picture.

No. 1708886

Kaya was essentially unemployed, my ex was unemployed and I was the breadwinner. After you work all day and come home knowing your partner has been sat on their ass all day and expect you to pick up around them and do all this bullshit housework when they could have spared a bit of their day to prioritise time together and idk a bit of fucking romance. The romance was dead clearly.

We've got evidence of Kaya being a hoarder and messy on her own damn channels. I'm not surprised since the break up she's been aware of keeping her shit together. I doubt she wants to stay single and she's lived like a slob for years she's a lot of habits she's probably finally acknowledged she has to unlearn. The two of them should of broke up in their mid 20s.

No. 1708889

If Jake was so sick of her, he should have left sooner. Why stick around? He had to have some other motives if the love wasn't there anymore.
Jake was a typical scrote that wanted to live easy despite being miserable in a relationship. Sounds like they both used each other.

No. 1708895

He's said that he attempted to break up before and she's threaten suicide.

No. 1708900

Even if that’s true, he ended up leaving eventually? AND even if that is true, he wouldn’t give a fuck if she did. Let’s be honest.

No. 1708901

You could watch the video, it starts around the hour mark.

No. 1708902

File: 1669335739703.jpeg (93.53 KB, 980x597, 966A6638-A052-479F-A192-0058D1…)

I literally am.

“You guys wanted an emotional video, well here it is” while he tries to squeeze out a tear kek. This video STINKS of damage control.

No. 1708903

Kaya's ma has a 4 bedroom apartment lol.

No. 1708904

He mentioned several times himself he couldn't keep a job due to his anger issues. He smashed a wall at on of his jobs and got fired. Amazing he magically forgets to mention that now.

No. 1708906

looks like he's smiling under his hand

No. 1708908

“You as a human, Kaya, are a wet blanket. And a lot of people think so” wow. This video is just a public shaming. Can’t wait to see how many followers he’s lost tomorrow after this narc spurge

No. 1708909

The 'emotional' part really feels like he had notes laid out and it said "Add emotional gesture/rant here".

No. 1708910

Thats a bold ass statement from a man with literally zero friends

No. 1708911

she's a wet blanket yet look who actually now has a social life and who only has skat and her kid for company kek. you just know the reason they never seemed to have friends when together was because of fake

No. 1708912

He goes on and on about how he had no friends for support during the break up and he was so alone fake tears but now everyone’s telling him their feelings about Kaya? K

No. 1708913

Jake is claiming him and Kat didn’t start talking until 7 business days after his break up with Kaya. At least try to make it believable.

No. 1708919

How about you lurk harder and get it that you're once again brining up a dead horse of an argument. They're both cows BUT jake is worse by far.

No. 1708921

didn't ya hear, he "just doesn't like having friends"

No. 1708923

I just got there.. he said him & Kat didn’t see eachother for 5 years, but seven days after the break up they were confessing they had crushes on eachother?

No. 1708924

Just like he’s glad the algorithm dropped him. Kek

No. 1708925

Fuck off fag. It's not WK'ing to call out Jakes narc bullshit. When Kaya makes new milk we'll milk it.

No. 1708927

File: 1669337221463.jpg (747.28 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20221125_004627_com…)

No. 1708930

File: 1669337416696.jpeg (57.63 KB, 1248x714, BD32D85E-6498-4513-BDC9-06D86C…)

One of his first line after this is “ I made Kaya aware that I had anger issues”
The fuck is wrong with this guy.

No. 1708932

God he's more insane than I thought, why??? would he escalate this with a video AFTER the police went to his house to tell him to leave her alone??!! Absolutely baffled at the level of narcissism on display here that he thinks he overpowers THE POLICE

Also this timing is very deliberate, posting on Thanksgiving when much of his viewership is american

No. 1708937

Oh what a beautiful day to be a farmer nonnies!
Who had today on the “Jake loses his mind and creates a way too long video that he thinks makes him the good guy but just emphasises his own narc horseshit” on the pool?
Very creepshow waiting for New Years of him to choose American thanksgiving. He remembers who the nut case was in that instance right? Kek

No. 1708938

He continues by saying “ I never hit her, but I vented my anger in an aggressive way. But I had no support system, no friends and Kaya said it was okay that I had anger issues. Anger is a valid emotion. Everyone is understanding when you have mental health issues like depression and the emotions are softer. But once you’re aggressive people are less understanding. It didn’t happen often. I’m being demonized for it”
She was terrified of you, that is abuse moron.

No. 1708939

The way he treats this as a normal line of thinking turns my stomach

No. 1708940

File: 1669337886689.jpeg (133.85 KB, 1282x704, D19838E0-3FCD-46A7-840B-6CB863…)

This segment of the video is called “ look guys no holes. I don’t punch doors anymore” no seriously. He’s blaming Kaya because he punches doors and can’t control his aggression. He doesn’t do that anymore until Kats kid won’t listen or won’t clean up after himself

No. 1708946

He said he punched the door twice in 5 years and he got a handle on his anger back in 2016 when he made his Make It a great day thing. That was him apparently overcoming his anger issues.

No. 1708949

File: 1669338104353.png (643.49 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 01-54…)

Jake admits they pooled income and finances together and after he pays the bills he divides the money and deposits it to Kaya's account. Also Jake: here is a list of money I sent Kaya … What I would like to see is Jake's expenses. Show us what you bought Jake like the clothes and the hover board and the motorbikes with custom paint jobs and the new gear like cameras for your bikes and vlogs you bought and never used and all the studios you needed.

No. 1708950

What about the eight years before this? Where were YOUR contributions then Jake? When Kaya financed your unemployable ass?
This is too much kek

No. 1708954

He's said he worked o2, British gas, some South African company, PayPal and stopped working in 2017. He got Kaya a job that she lasted at for a year and a half.

No. 1708957

Which one of those was the one he punched the wall at kek getting hired wasn’t the issue. Some places will take anyone with a pulse. But managing to keep an actual job? Nope. Unemployable joke

No. 1708960

They were campaigns at a big call centre in Belfast. They will hire anyone but he said he held jobs for years until the campaigns ran out, then went part time before finally quitting.

No. 1708965

I love the drama but I truly don’t think I can sit through 2 hours of that man even on 2 x speed

No. 1708968

He said Kat was in his bed before he went on tour. when kaya stayed there while he was on tour is when she found the hair. He went on tour Nov 5 2021. They broke up oct 21 for the second time. Need to look into when Kat and her husband broke up

No. 1708969

Same. I’m pretty sure subjecting oneself to that would be classed as self harm. Thank you gracious nonas who provide tl;dw summaries

No. 1708972

Kaya came to take her stuff from the bike shed. Jake helped load up her stuff and strap in her scooter. Some of his things were also there in boxes. After she left he noticed his gaming laptop and a Canon camera were missing. He messaged Kaya and realised she had blocked him. He then messaged her on different platforms to see if she had read the messages. The police then knocked his door later that night as Kaya had rang them about Jake harassing her. Jake said she had two of his belongings. The police said she understood they were hers now and to not talk about her online. Jake now has a solicitor involved.

No. 1708973

Hi, I’m watching cause i hate myself. Kek
He’s saying when him and Kaya got together he was on welfare, and then had a job for seven months but got fired for anger issues.

No. 1708975

Jake said a lot of pretty impressive stuff but my favorite by far was when he basically humble bragged about curing his own semi diagnosed bipolar disorder

No. 1708978

I'm curious if he even realizes that none of this still makes him look like an innocent party. He's literally listing out multiple asshole things he's done but nooo it's totally okay because he CLAIMS he doesn't do them anymore. He's such a fucking narc and thinks he can do no wrong.

No. 1708981

Jake just wanted to shit talk Kaya, that’s all this is. I doubt him doing this is going to improve his channel at all like he thinks it will.

No. 1708984

Right? If Jake ever said “I was ashamed to take bipolar meds, so I dealt with it and cured myself” back then, the zoomer snacks he had would’ve blasted him for being ‘ableist’

No. 1708987

He’s complaining that she makes money from her followers so she can drink ALOT on vacation.
He said “ imagine if I had a stream when I had a donation goal so I can go on vacation? Wasn’t he asking for money to go to Australia?
Didn’t he have break the jake?
He’s saying she should not her way instead of asking for money of streams. SIR. You don’t have a real job either kek

No. 1708989

Ot, but bad example, Amber Heard is obviously the victim to heroin addict Johnny Depp who won in an American Court of opinion.

No. 1708991

He has a memory problem. A selective one. He only remembers things that he thinks make him look good and make Kaya look bad. If it makes him look bad, it never happened kek

No. 1708992

“Did kaya ever help you through your anger issues? No. It was shameful. My anger was always seen and reacted to as if I was this horrifying monster that was in the house. This terrible creature. I found Kayas fear of it extremely excessive.”

Jake said I found her FEAR OF ME EXTREMELY EXCESSIVE. Holy shit this guy is a fucking twat

No. 1708994

She blocked him and then he does this? Sounds like he’s trying to punish her because he lost control.

No. 1708995

File: 1669340655449.png (908.27 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 02-36…)

Guys he was very very sad when he kicked Kaya out in late October to stay in a cold studio. He called her 2 hours later to come back. Then cheats with Kat. He looks like he took acting classes from Amber Heard. I'm expecting a bee.

No. 1708998

Oh it gets better.
..I found her fear excessive. I would get annoyed. Like what are you doing? She would walk away and leave me alone and distance herself as far away from me as possible. She never dealt with it, I couldn’t confide in her about it. It was just a monster inside of me that got Villainized”

No. 1708999

It's funny watching this after watching the full Jake one. Looking forward to how Kaya spins her side. She's also looking like shit.

No. 1709003

Is look like shit too if my ex was cyber stalking me kek

No. 1709005

She looking fat.

No. 1709011

Kek at least he hasn’t objected to himself yet. Still lots of time for someone or some thing to step on a bee though

No. 1709013

I was looking at her hair…she got that tattoo on the side of her head, yet it looks like she hasn’t shaved there in a long time, judging by how long the hair growth is. Not helping the lazy argument.

No. 1709016

File: 1669341569315.png (875.59 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 02-52…)

Kaya is very fragile, so after she blocked me on everything and called the police to ask me to leave her alone I am going to make a 2 hour rant video about her on my youtube painting her as some awful abusive woman. He did not want her on tour because he wanted to break up and she would have been in the crowd meeting people and getting covid and she would have given him covid. Kaya was upset and made it about her that she suddenly could not come on the tour because she would give him covid, this 2 weeks after he broke up/made up. Thus he kicked her out. AGAIN.

No. 1709017

No offense anon but this is a stupid nitpick, if I was dealing with my ex for a year to the point the cops got involved a haircut would not be my first priority.

No. 1709018

Your milk is her hair is too long on one side? Kek

No. 1709020

it’s fine to comment kaya looks like crap kek. they both look shit.

No. 1709021

there's a difference between saying she looks like shit and implying she's lazy because she hasn't shaved the sides of her hair yet lol

No. 1709025

I wonder how Kat feels in all of this. Wouldn’t it get tiring seeing your boyfriend seethe over his ex?

No. 1709028

File: 1669342691241.png (873.47 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 03-11…)

I'm dying of laughter. Kaya found Kat's hair in her bed and Jake needs to clarify it's HIS bed with the bill. He acts like it's silly she was upset that he cheated and not a big deal. He denies he cheated on Kaya for almost a year. Jakey boy, your skats love collage had a picture of you two with her dark green hair while she had orange hair since july all through the next year.

No. 1709029

I’d be pretty pissed if after the 1 year anniversary of our relationship, my boyfriend was spending this much time hyper focused in on his ex. But I guess as long as she has shots she’s content

No. 1709032

not everyone is a burger that cares about thanksgiving

No. 1709037

File: 1669343430244.png (945.91 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 03-26…)

Jake is whining about Kaya's donation goal for London. "Can you imagine where I had a donation goal so you guys could pay me to go on vacation" You mean like that time you said you would only go to Australia first class or all the vacations you took this year and that tour last year no one has seen any footage of yet? Like that Jake? LMAO

No. 1709038

That sounds so bad, people are supposed to be "understanding" when someone is being violent and aggressive? Just throw away all your natural instincts and be "understanding" to my rage issues I "can't control"

imagine putting that in a video and thinking it makes you look good. No people are not going to be understanding towards violence or aggression and that isn't uwu discimination, it's called survival instincts bucko

No. 1709041

I still believe he suddenly showed up at her place or something. he is unhinged lately

No. 1709050

File: 1669344252264.png (935.86 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 03-41…)

Kaya being upset in the video talking about her break up is her "playing this hard" and if he had known he would have not made his break up video like he did. Jake you are pathetic. You admit she is fragile and accuse her of playing hard ball in a break up video of a 12 year long relationship because she's crying. She's allowed to have feelings.

No. 1709052

I am waiting to see how long it takes for Kat to dump him. What woman wants to be with a man who makes a 2 hour long, unhinged video about his ex, whom he broke up with over a year ago?

No. 1709053

File: 1669344483304.jpeg (331.54 KB, 1282x1262, 144D2400-A8CA-4543-9D83-6EA71D…)

She changes her hair a lot. And as others have said, her hair was this color in July 2021.

No. 1709055

what a cunt

i think his initial break up video was the most telling, he really thought he was "free"- no longer being "held back" by lazy old wet blanket messy kaya who can't understand his rages, now he's free to travel, fuck who he wants and get all those hot thin tall goth chicks his heart desires. then this doesn't happen, he ends up with skat and playing stepdaddy to her kid, and his views drop. Oh noes, it must be because kaya actually showed genuine feelings in her break up video? why is EVERYTHING kaya's fault with this little man?? take some fuckin responsibility fake. she was hurt, you were happy. now she's happy, and you're bitter and lashing out. get a life

No. 1709058

He’s complaining about kaya not posting regularly, but he hasn’t posted on YouTube in 3 weeks before this, OF since The start of October, Instagram since September. He’s projecting and blaming everyone but himself.
The same thing he’s saying Kayas doing. Jfc

No. 1709064

The whole narrative that he was just giving her money all the time, even after their break up is weird. Not saying she isn’t lazy but it’s also giving he wanted control over her. He wanted to hold stuff over her head, and it’s showing in this video. Narcissists will do this so they can throw it back in your face

No. 1709065

File: 1669346124273.png (895.62 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 03-55…)

So he tells her the shit in his garage is sorted, their stuff is not mixed up. She comes over, it's not sorted and she leaves. He then sorts it and claims he carried most of the stuff downstairs and helped it load into her car. Then suddenly his camera and laptop are missing from his boxes? I thought you sorted it Jake. Jake has probably 10 camera's but suddenly this one and that laptop she always used for years is your stuff and you are going to a solicitor to get them back? lolwut?

No. 1709067

File: 1669346444720.png (904.66 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 04-19…)

He's really really really salty about her housewarming gifts.

No. 1709070

Personally I think he bought her the camera and laptop as a gift but now wants them back. He paid for them so they're his

No. 1709072

We’ll she get all her stuff free rom people on the internet. Patreon money, YouTube and streaming. Jake actually WORKS for his money… doing streams, patreon and YouTube. Kek

No. 1709074

Shouts out to folks posting the video details, I do not have the mental capacity to sit through narc rage.

No. 1709076

File: 1669346813080.png (891.74 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 04-25…)

Poor Jakey, he worked so hard during lockdown for everyone else but himself. Even had a discord but that ended due to nasty rumours and it's all Kaya's fault. It didn't have anything to do with the fact there were very young girls there and you started posting your OF's dickpics all over the place now did it Jake?

No. 1709086

File: 1669347291096.jpeg (523.51 KB, 1283x2070, 99087D26-F339-437C-8A82-62A0B8…)

Twitter isn’t on his side either. Didn’t go the way he planned, that’s for sure

No. 1709087

File: 1669347467995.jpeg (222.28 KB, 1282x833, D409170B-9B8C-4BC5-BF52-53B9F1…)

This thumbnail is the best part. Kek. He’s reenacting kaya being freezing when he kicked her out over Christmas

No. 1709090

File: 1669347593377.png (878.9 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 04-37…)

So now he's pissed that after the breakup Kaya told him that she wanted to break up with him in 2016 but she didn't because he had no finances and would have been homeless. So ofcourse Jake takes this as that she did not love him and used him for his money after he started making a living of youtube. This dude's got serious issues.

No. 1709092

File: 1669348033711.png (887.65 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 04-42…)

"I'm not trying to demonize Kaya" but she's abusive and the most vengeful person I ever met and ruins my career on purpose and she does not deserve peoples patreons and amazon gifts.

No. 1709095

File: 1669348226253.png (866.8 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 04-47…)

"And all these crazy rumours. Just because I was drunk once on my birthday i'm an alcoholic." No jake you're an alcoholic because you hardly post anything on your instagram but when you do its 4 long island ice-teas in various locations.

No. 1709098

File: 1669348722658.png (912.64 KB, 1250x703, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 04-53…)

It would not be Jake if he did not end on big promises he will not keep. There is going to be a munro single every single month next year. He also has loads of vtubing content which he will record in December and you can only see it later in January unless you're on patreon (fishing for some cash jake?). Also he had to make the video to adres the "parasites" ruining his career. It's not his fault you see, it's Kaya's and the parasites. I think Kaya should make a metal band called Kaya and the parasites and when she does better than Jake he can have another public meltdown.

No. 1709102

>Kaya should make a band called Kaya and the Parasites
Please, Kaya starting a band which does better than Munro would be the icing on the cake

Also appreciate you anons liveblogging the video to save us a watch. He really just makes himself look worse and worse every day and blames everyone else.
A lot of parasocial weirdos in the comments as always with male youtubers, youtube viewers seem to have absolutely no radar for narc abusive males.

No. 1709117

That's what got me to. He keeps saying he's moved on and she's angry and stuck on him and she has not taken responsibility for her mistakes. He's projecting so hard lol

No. 1709146

>"I was as excited as her for her to get the medication because then that meant for me I had less work to do around the house. I was like, well you know if she's off her tits on adderall then that's amazing, she's gonna whiz around the house, keep it clean"

…wow… "If she's off her tits on adderall"…ADHD meds are supposed to calm you down and help you concentrate, not turn you into a sped up crackhead, you dumb fuck.

No. 1709151

Narcs always end up telling on themselves. I don't think the video comes off how Jake thinks it does. LOL, what a fucking twat. He's revealed so much more about HIMSELF than he could ever know. He assumes everyone is as deluded and un self aware as he is, that's always the narcs downfall. Keep digging your grave Jake and you just might hit that rock bottom sooner rather than later.

No. 1709152


You guys either have shitty memory or are brain dead. She supported him for years while her channel was thriving. The only reason he has any following now is because of her popularity. That’s not a white knight it’s just fucking facts.

No. 1709153

> She has her strange group of friends that she drinks with

Why the fuck did he feel the need to drag her friend group? Like, the fuck did that need to be said? He's so clearly jealous that she has friends, support, etc.

Also, the text messages post-breakup where he's 'trying to help', come off exactly like the messages some friends of mine got from their Narc exes. It's another way to be all "See, I'm so nice I'm trying to help them even when I have no reason to. How can I be this monster when I'm being so nice??"

No. 1709156

Basically two hours of Jake telling everyone how Kaya was responsible for all of his feelings while he had zero responsibility for anything he did at all, especially anything that might have effected Kaya's feelings, in fact Kaya had zero right according to Jake to feel any of the feelings she had.

No. 1709162

The saddest part is that Jake has no clue that he's shown everyone that he's incapable of actually caring about anyone. The things he himself claims to have done himself and what he is currently doing to this day are not things that a person would do to someone they supposedly cared about for a decade. His nasty snaccs might think that shit is normal since they are all just as messed up as him with their mommy/daddy issues, but to everyone else Jake is just showing everyone what a nasty little codependent loser vulnerable narcissist he is and it's embarassing. it's obvious from his public behavior that behind the scenes he's a raging abusive prick and he's escalated to stalking Kaya. Leave her alone you fucking loser.

In case you didn't know Jake, coersive control is now a crime in the UK so you might want to listen to the police before you end up getting your pathetic ass arrested.

No. 1709164

I'm guessing this, combined with mentioning she was denied adhd by two doctors is him claiming she is not truly adhd and is faking it. If you're not actually adhd then of course meds have the opposite effect. Plus this obsession with Kaya's supposed job as his cleaner is misogynistic as fuck.

What a hateful asshole he is.

No. 1709170

I am a tiny bit confused by everyone in this thread. For years we all agreed how Kaya was a lazy, whiny, depressed hoarder… but now that Jake confirms it, we all go to her side?

Don't get me wrong, I am only half thru this video and Jake is a narcissistic fuck, but I believe him when he says Kaya didn't wanna do shit?? She had the studio, nothing came of it basically. Her attic, or whatever the fuck at home, also not finished. The house content, also never to be seen. EVEN NOW, she literally does nothing but a few make up videos and an unboxing video FROM MONTHS AGO.

I am LOVING this milk for Christmas and I just wish there was at least a little bit more shit talking about Kaya as well, because they're both such idiots.

No. 1709171

File: 1669361720279.png (866.5 KB, 1009x766, jake.PNG)

like to dislike ratio is not looking good for Jake

No. 1709172

File: 1669361760671.png (756.45 KB, 996x709, kaya.PNG)

Kaya's like to dislike just for comparison

No. 1709174

We all know what she's like but what's fun about hating on a woman who's barely a bad person (lazy, whiny, depressed hoarding is tame behaviour for a cow) and is actively improving her life, over a narc moid who was clearly holding her back and is much worse? Anons tend to root for cows who are bettering themselves, it's a bit miserable not to.

No. 1709180

I love how right at the start he's using Social Blade as proof he worked for his success. Convenient that every other YouTuber will say SB is wildly inaccurate but for Jake, it's "proof".

No. 1709182

I used to think that Kaya and Jake were equally shitty and both brought some undesirable traits into their relationship but not after this video. After reading the excerpt of him talking about his anger and how he used to rage, holy shit guys, he’s a full blown abusive narc. Whatever faults Kaya has pales in comparison because at least she doesn’t hurt anyone but herself.
I hate that she has to clarify that he never directly hit her. It was still massive physical intimidation. That shit is traumatic.

No. 1709186


I think it's a case that he's using these traits to paint himself as the victim and her as an abuser.
And, like you said, we already knew she was like that so really him making a "grand reveal" about it just tells us more about him than her. He's saying nothing about her that we don't already know.

All of these things would make someone annoying to live and be in a relationship with, but it doesn't necessarily make them a bad person. Plus it's just such blatant attack. He's not going to gain anything back from this. He knows that. He's lost his precious career that he built oh so well, so he might as well go all out and spill everything.

No. 1709188

Ok but have you seen what Kaya did as soon as she offloaded Jake? Would you feel motivated with Mr "my rage fits are not catered to in the way I would like" or nah? I think everyone added 1+1 and realised a huge factor in Kaya's depression and inactivity was Jake. She is now active posting content, videos, streams, hanging with friends and going to new places every day.

No. 1709190

File: 1669364216043.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3465x3465, 42F8EDB9-0739-4780-B142-1A9151…)

Jake’s deleting all the “negative” comments

No. 1709201

Oh wow been a while since I checked these threads but holy shiitt what a malignant asshole! Why would anyone want to nitpick about grown out hair or laziness, no one cares when there’s this guy kek now this obvious narc is publicly slandering his ex gf in a 2 hour long video, mocking her while trying to paint himself as a delicate little flower I can’t.

No. 1709202

I think a part of it is some anons have been in relationships with narcs or seen firsthand how it can suck the life and motivation out of someone so it’s understandable why she would be lazy and depressed while she was with him especially taking into account how she’s been seemingly functioning a lot better without him. Not perfectly, but there’s notable improvement. It’s been brought up as a possibility for a few years and we’re seeing confirmation of that.

No. 1709206

Love that he tries to paint her as the one obsessed with him and unable to move on when she's the one that blocked him and had to call the cops to try to get him to leave her alone after weeks of nonstop harassment. It's crazy to me anyone can watch this and not see the red flags he's quite brazenly waving.

>She has her strange group of friends that she drinks with
Funny. Sounds an awful like "belfast trash" anon who WKs for him here all the time.

No. 1709207

For anyone querying whether Kat cheated on her husband or not - she definitely did. She has a history of cheating and cheated on her previous fiance with her current husband, so it's not shocking that she went on to cheat on her husband with Jake. We used to all think she just did shit like this because she's really dumb (like REALLY dumb) but as time goes on I think it's safe to say she must just be a cunt.

No. 1709211

Jake said he's aware of lolcow but I don't think he's been posting I've been accused of being Jake a few times and I think it's most likely Kaya or her mates getting defensive. I never realised Jake did work a good number of years and was always thinking they were both two work shy losers. Even tho I hate Jake's content I did notice he clearly was more productive out of the two. No wonder Kaya and her fans think anyone who criticises her for being lazy and unproductive are Jake lol, she's so delusional. Pick up after yourself fatty and get a job lol

No. 1709212

The blue hair was found while Kaya stayed there while he was on tour after they had broken up. Jake said it upset her but not enough for her to fuck off out of his house which she trashed for when he came home.

No. 1709213

>It was just a monster inside of me that got Villainized
KEK When he’s using such terms you could as well say that he sees himself as the misunderstood MC of the jake universe and is basically trying to woobify himself now this is so pathetic

No. 1709216

Why are you responding to a random anon adamantly saying you are totally not jake when they didn't even accuse you of being him? lmao

Not that I think you are actually him, but I honestly wouldn't find it a stretch that he's made posts here. He clearly lacks self control, has anger issues and has now confirmed himself that he reads here. Dude is absolutely pathetic.

No. 1709217

Guys, Kaya mourned the death of a Swan she misgendered for like a year and is over dramatic about how chavs and all speak to her or her scooter saga etc. If I lived with Kaya and she was getting fatter and lazier while trashing my living space you bet I'd be angry and raising my voice. Kaya and Jake have both admitted he hasn't hit her. Now I know getting shouted at is bad etc, but he never struck her over the years. Didn't Kaya grow up going to weird schools and her ma is a workshy layabout too. I 100% can picture Kaya crying at the drop of a hat over anything. And I've heard many people refer to her as a wet blanket or boring. Sophie boyfriend Mitchell would tell me how fucking dull Kaya is all the time and every conversation felt faked and shallow. He also thought Jake had a crush on him but that's just off topic.

No. 1709218

Because its been something I wanted to point out since last night. After watching the videos and seeing Kaya's 3 minute response my tinfoil hat started tingling and I thought, huh, isn't it odd everytime I post a criticism about Kaya being workshy or lazy I get called Jake. Well after Jake's breakup video her doing nothing was his major reason for dumping her.

No. 1709219

>If I lived with Kaya and she was getting fatter and lazier while trashing my living space you bet I'd be angry and raising my voice.
He also apparently threw things and punched walls.

No. 1709222

He punched the wall twice in 5 years and ended his angry outbursts in 2016 according to him. Kaya also cried and said everytime he asks her to clean he says it angry, so he made a point to always ask nicely so she couldn't do a gotcha moment.

Rather break objects he's paid for than smashing her face. Or they both could have broke up with each other but they were too codependent.

No. 1709225

So the only issues Was kaya was just lazy and dirty and didn't have sex for a bit? Is that it. She wasn't abusive she wasn't violent? He honestly sounds like a sour bitter ex. Yeah OK he got him self a following by himself good for him but he also destroyed it from laziness and showing his true colours and not only that he originally wouldn't had a big following if he didn't have kaya that most of the people's point om here.

This long ass video was pointless and trying to point score and get his following back but this will back fire I can see loads of alt YouTube like Emily boo and roly doing videos on it soon explaining what they saw and what type person he is.

The video should been I was in a loveless relationship I cheated cause I relised I can do better sorry for cheating end of.

No. 1709229

No he said it was obvious she had no respect for him never thanked him for cleaning up. Never acknowledged what he would do for her. Basically she took him for granted when she went on her many hiatus and he kept the income going. He even said she does the same thing to her fans. You don't hear from her or get content from her until she's ran out of money or needs something.

No. 1709233

>He punched the wall twice in 5 years and ended his angry outbursts in 2016 according to him.
You really believe this scrote didn't continue with his angry outbursts because he said he stopped? That's funny.

No. 1709240

In Kaya's short thrown-up video, she said she was taking notes of everything he mentioned. I wonder how she's going to explain these things. They both were terrible in the relationship, but Fake was worse for cheating and throwing/breaking stuff.

No. 1709246

It's all been documented in the threads. Even a point was made that Kaya's mum has a 4 bedroom apartment room enough for Kaya and if she was sick, Jake said he only knew of benign cells getting removed probably at the gyno, but if she was sick as Kaya was making out would it have not made for sense for her to move back home once they broke up to look after her mum. She also wanted to go on tour while she was worrying about her mum, and he said that's why he was also concerned Kaya would get covid and bring it back. I'm sure there's a lot of bullshit and embellishment but is Kaya ma also a hoarder and her 3 spare bedrooms are full of shit? He even mentioned the Halloween decorations they drove out to derry to spend hundreds on and they sat in Kaya's studio never being used. That's mental. She also had a key to her mums which is 10 mins away from the studio and she could access a shower. He said her food apps were connected to his account and she was spending upwards of £50 a day on takeout to his studio. That's just irresponsible spending. Then she begs for money to go to London and can't even be assed to vlog it for content.

No. 1709247

shiiiit here we go

No. 1709248

Do you have to get this video through a link I can't see it on her channel?

No. 1709249

Try refreshing, I had issues too. It's a three hour long video tho.

No. 1709250

Damn, I figured it would've been a day or two before we saw a response from her. And it's a 3 hour long video too. She must've been working all day on this, Jake's vid really bothered her.

No. 1709251

It's funny cause she opens this video that Jake finally got angry. That doesn't sound like someone with anger issues, would he not have been angry. And she's saying it's been a year and she wants to get over it but if the police were only called thst means that was the day she finally went to get her stuff she literally could have done this months ago.

No. 1709252

>I want this to stop now. I would be perfectly content with us both going our seperate ways and pretending the other doesn't exist. But he seems determined to drag this out and I can't handle it anymore.
This is what Kaya put in her description. No offense, but she was dragging this out as well. Jake making a video trashing her was a bit much, but she hasn't exactly been "pretending the other doesn't exist" either, by continually mentioning the past relationship on her socials and also doing (anon-speculated) retaliation gaming streams.

No. 1709255

Can someone please archive this videos and save them just incase they get deleted

No. 1709257

She posted a YouTube e story her crying saying it's never going stop I feel awful for her as someone with a narc abusive ex just like jake it never will stop for years I feel so bad for her I hope sje destroys him they both end up leaving YouTube I'm calling it now

No. 1709259

Exactly. She's sobbing about how unfair everything is and how she struggled with basic tasks, but these are things she's been crying about for years and it doesn't seem like she tries that hard. She's dragged the break up out. She clearly was venting about Jake wanting her to come get her shut out of his garage while she was in London. What was the need in keeping your shit at your exes for more than a year?

No. 1709260

Oh gosh his video is just clearly salty he has ruined his own career and life he wants to drag kaya down. Mate its not her fault your a pos

No. 1709262

not to wk but to me the difference is that she never mentioned him by name? Like of course, it would've been the smartest not to mention anything but then again she probably got a shit ton of attention for it

No. 1709264

Jake is obsessed with money and fame. When things end with Kat I guarantee that he will shit on her for “spending all his money.”

No. 1709265

This. And it wasn’t terribly often and then when it was it was just very general. Fake made it a point to say her name every time he decided to drag her through the mud.

No. 1709266

This is why you get men to gift you things they outright bought. No messy finance agreements. Take the gifts and run.

No. 1709267

Let's be real, who else would Kaya have been referring to? Her fanbase have only known her with Jake.

No. 1709268

This could possibly be because if she doesn't name him, he can't try and get her for slander. If so, smart

No. 1709269

Yeah, Kaya never mentioned him by name, but everyone knew who she was talking about. She kept poking the bear.
>She probably got a shit ton of attention for it.
That's why she's been dragging it out too, because the break-up drama is one of the few things keeping people watching her. It's what most of her followers ask about.
Idk about that, Jake is now saying Kaya "stole things" and is showing receipts that he bought them as some sort of proof. They could've been gifts too but because he bought it himself, they're "his now".

No. 1709272

True, but I'm sure the police can look at his call logs or when he started "harassing" her, aka asking for two specifically named items back. Does genuinely sound like something was lifted in error but then suspect Kaya immediately blocks him after it's taken. Allegedly lol

No. 1709273

Still watching the video, don’t mean to live react, but Jake apparently would flirt with her female friends and touch them inappropriately. Kaya states that she felt like she couldn’t have female friends and found out about some interactions after they finally broke up.

No. 1709275

from what I gathered stomaching as much of Jake's video as I could, he had boxed up her things but there were things in there he didn't mean to give her. My guess is she wanted to block him once she'd left as she'd finally gotten the last of her things and to wash her hands of him.
Anyone with eyes could have seen that if they'd watched the videos they did with Kelly Eden, he's so gross

No. 1709276

I just got there too, that's awful. I believe it, he was doing immature shit like making a vagina at a kid's birthday party. His public twitter tweets too. He probably made sexual jokes all the time.
True that.

No. 1709278

I don't get it she says he would do this all the time and ruining outtings but then she's also crying that when he started earning more money no good would come from this and it's like you're already describing an isolating relationship, just leave sweetie stop making it about the money.

No. 1709279

Codependency is a bitch anon.

No. 1709280

I know I've been in very similar situation. I was 16 when I met the guy I lived with. He worked the first two years then stopped working. It's just the genders flipped and my friends would rag on my boyfriend and saying how useless he was. I felt gaslit all the time, but I never cheated. I was 23 when I figured out my happiness mattered more than familiarity. My ex felt blindsided but we weren't even intimate anymore, and he was DMing his much younger brothers female friends on fb while I was at work all day. I was just his cash cow mommy.

I don't really have much sympathy for Kaya. People have to go through worse my ex was physically abusive not just shouting at me. She had far more means and leverage than someone like me. She still hasn't fixed any of her issues she takes responsibility for. At some point you do need to grow up.

No. 1709283

Anon, just because people have it worse doesn’t make what he’s done not abusive. Yelling, throwing things, and punching walls and doors is abusive behavior. You don’t have to sympathize with Kaya to realize Fake is just another abusive scrote.

No. 1709284

File: 1669375291101.jpg (491.9 KB, 862x414, 3pJ5prx.jpg)

>"He may not have ever hit me, but I felt like he always made sure that I knew he could, and that more than that, that he wanted to."
This is why she was scared Jake, that's not "excessive". This is exactly what he was doing and him thinking it's something she should've been understanding of is messed up.

Also, screenshot from her video at the 42:37 mark. I guess someone could say this was "typed up and is fake", but I believe he was still punching doors right until they moved out.

No. 1709285

I do realise its abusive to feel like you have to walk on eggshells, but she's really clinging to this executive dysfunction label. Any medical professional will recommend treatment and a positive mindset which involves pushing through difficult tasks. Like for her to say cleaning was too difficult and she'd get stuck not knowing what to do, when by the sounds of it it's take away food containers and all the packaging from the shit they get. How difficult does putting things in a bin bag get?

No. 1709286

File: 1669375348126.png (16.14 KB, 1088x94, Screen Shot 11-25-22 at 12.20 …)

on Kaya's video, it got removed obviously.

proof, lol.

No. 1709290

executive dysfunction is a thing. it's literally seeing the mess and not being able to logically process it and do something about it.

No. 1709292

She should tell a doctor that. Maybe they'll send a health worker round to watch her clean.

No. 1709294


Not sure how things work where she live, but unless you hire someone privately, i don't think that's a service the health system offers.
Of course there's things like body doubling, where you call a friend but it seems that it would've been a big issue with Stumpy being always angry.
That said, i'm sure she could've pushed herself a bit more.

Sorry if i don't reply in a correct way, i'm a noob.

No. 1709296

I sincerely think she encourages him
it must be their pastime talking shit about kaya

No. 1709298

I'm thinking that perhaps Jake just didn't like the way that Kaya cleaned or sorted things. Some narcs get angry if you don't "do things the right way" and can be protective of their hoards (Both of them were hoarders). The few times she may have picked up or cleaned, he likely criticized her or said it wasn't enough, making her not want to do anything at all.
Yeah seems like they have nothing else to talk about. All they do is get drunk together and he objectifies her. No substance in that relationship.

No. 1709299


That isn't what she said, she said that because she can't afford to see a private specialist, she's going through the NHS ADHD service to try and get help, but because her diagnosis was done privately, she has to get an NHS diagnosis before she can get help through them.

No. 1709300

>Guys, Kaya mourned the death of a Swan she misgendered for like a year
lmao what even is the point of this post and why did you reply to me with it

No. 1709301

You are right anon, apologies, she's talking very fast and emotionally in this

No. 1709305

>I wasn't particularly attracted to him unfortunately and it wasn't an issue of his fucking height, which I had to listen to him yell about like once a week, going on about no respect for him because he was short, that it was a constant thing he would be really angry about

No. 1709307

What is with Fake's obsession with "respect", does he not realize respect is earned?

No. 1709308

You know how insecure manlets can be, they think everyone "disrespects" them when majority of the time it's because they're acting like entitled assholes. They never own it and think it's something they're discriminated for.

No. 1709310

Sorry I know Kaya can be such a whiny baby which can be super annoying, but nobody can seriously come here and claim Jake is the victim in this, its so obvious he was insanely abusive towards her. The fact he even has supporters is beyond me

No. 1709313

I don't think either are a victim tbh I think they're both stupid twats. I've my own bias against a work shy ex so I can understand the frustrations, but I would never cheat on someone or go out of my way to betray them. It should have ended years ago but the milk is fun. I would have been disappointed if these two attention seekers would have kept quiet about their break up. And for this I thank them.

No. 1709315

I'm fucking dying lads, I'm a third of the way through the video and she's finally confirmed it… Jake has Small Man Syndrome and thinks no one respects him because he's short hahaha

No. 1709316

my last ex bf is the same. and i'm not even much taller than him, i'm 162cm and he's like 160 but man did it drive him mad. i was forbidden to use heels or any kind of shoe that made me taller.
Imagine lil boy stumpy near Kaya, it must feel so bad for his weak ego.

No. 1709318

Kaya saying Jake would smash plates on the floor and throw things towards Sebastian, to the point she had to run to her neighbors holding the cat, makes me sick. Not quite sure how anons can say they're the same, he's an abusive moid and it's only a matter of time until he takes it out on Kat and her kid.

No. 1709319

Stumpy might've quit posting on OF because we dragged him for having weird ftm-looking penis kek. Sensitive about his dick size and height.
And now he's with Kat, who is also taller than him.
I can't imagine how angry he is about this and what he's doing to "control his rage" now.

No. 1709321

I can't clip right now I apologize nonas, but at 48:39 in Kaya's video she confirms Jake cheated on her earlier into their relationship with one of his co-workers. Has this been confirmed before? I remember she posted a tik tok or an Instagram story hinting towards it but I think this is the first time she's outright said it.

No. 1709324

He opened Pandora's box, now every single bit of shit will spill out from both ends. So far, it's not looking that great for him.

No. 1709325

>muh anger issues
>"i just can't control it"
no, dipshit. it's not because you can't control yourself. your entire problem is caused by not being able to control others, and you just can't deal with that. so you lash out on others in an attempt to gain that control you desperately crave. you're doing the exact opposite.
kek, this fucking baby manlet.

No. 1709329

He's one of those guys who expects and demands respect while giving people no reason to give it to him. In fact, his demands for respect are the very reason why he doesn't get it.

No. 1709332

around 2 hours in her video Kaya talks about manlet bringing kat in all her favorite places. totally not with the purpose of hurting her.. no sir.

No. 1709335

This is why the "who cares if he just punched walls, it's not like he actually hit her" shit annoys me, people don't understand that when a violent moid punches walls or breaks things, they're specifically trying to send a message of "it's the wall now but next time it could be your face". They get to express their desire to physically hurt you without having to deal with the potential repercussions from actually doing it.

No. 1709340

Kaya says that there wasn't only hair on the bed, but semen stains. That's disgusting. Grosser if it was on purpose, which it probably was.
I doubt she "trashed" the house on purpose like Fake is implying, but who would blame her for not cleaning up? He didn't even have the decency to change the damn sheets, so nasty.

No. 1709341

> She has her strange group of friends that she drinks with

He tells on himself so badly. Way to confirm that you post here, Jake.

No. 1709342

Sorry nonnies, but this is so hilarious.
Billions of women around the world go to work, and then are expected to clean and cook for the family, and aren't allowed to say something to husband or kids, and no one give a crap.
But if a moid expects a clearly mentally unwell woman to clean instead of just cleaning by himself, (like a bunch of women do), he is suddenly a poor little flower and she is a raging bitch.
Grow up Jake, and do what you have to do, if others don't do this.

No. 1709345

Kaya's video is boring. She's still childishly upset that he didn't want to keep a roof over her head anymore and referring to a TV show like sex and the city about how split up couples can help each other. Once you get dumped the other party doesn't owe you anything. No obligation. Kaya is a whinge I've a headache after watching all of that.

No. 1709349

I wouldn't be surprised. Did close friends of Kaya not say that Kat was threatening her and saying nasty shit about her appearance?

No. 1709350

eh, no one is obligated to do anything, but i think he definitely could have shown her at least some basic human decency. not saying that kaya is some sort of a "perfect victim" or anything, but it doesn't erase the fact that he's still a narcissistic idiot.

No. 1709351

He got her driving lessons and gave her a car and let her stay in a studio he paid for. That's a lot considering he wanted to move on with a new woman.

What did Kaya do for Jake apart from initially give him clout cause she was more known. She even admits that they split MAG earnings but he did all the production, filming and editing. What did Kaya bring to the table apart from her aesthetics which went to shit for years since we all were commenting on it

No. 1709352

I can't remember at what point of the video it was because Kaya goes on and on, but she does mention that Kat's husband told her that Kat called her a "lazy fat bitch", I can't remember the exact words Kaya said. Then Kaya heard from friends that Kat wanted to slap her.

No. 1709353

No. 1709354

So in your mind that justifies his violent behavior, cheating, rage, touching and flirting with her friends, all that? That's scrote logic

No. 1709355


she dealt with his narc abusive ass?
she split her own money from YT.
HE fucking cheated on her and threw her out in the cold.
are you serious

No. 1709357

No it doesn't his violence and cheating and continued flirting and infidelity would have called for a break up in my mind.

At the end of the relationship when she was reluctant to go he let her stay in the studio. It's not his problem to house her. They were in contact until a month ago and he was keeping her stuff for him. That's a year on from the break up. He could have just kicked her out, stopped paying for the car, not let her stay in the studio, and box her stuff out and put it outside for her to collect. In all honesty what else more did she want apart from living with him and saying shit like he should have fucked Kat in a hotel when they were broken up. It literally was his house. Most people when they break up don't have their exes house sit she said it was so she would catsit Sebastian so even tho Jake hates cats, Kaya left him in Jake and Kat's care but she's mad a year later kat helped Jake separate her stuff out of boxes.

No. 1709360


bruh please never reproduce.

No. 1709362

I like to know I kat watched kaya video and thought fuck he doing that to me now

No. 1709365

there was a moid in here earlier (can't find his comment now) that was wking jake and saying this thread was a domestic violence support group or something. guess the vid is dragging in a lot of those guys here.
she's stupid to not see that he's going to do the same to her eventually. these videos should have been red flags for her but she's such an idiot pickme she's likely standing by jake.

No. 1709371

The Barcelona thing is genuinely insane, and probably the most obvious and glaring sign that Jake was extremely manipulative and controlling. How did he think that was gonna make him look good? He literally said she didn't want to go, but he started the whole process regardless, and he framed it as her being ungrateful and not doing anything to help him with the move when she never wanted to move in the first place. Scary.

Holy shit, kek. I need to know more about this.

No. 1709374

“I don’t care if he wants to think I had no I put to his YouTube. Sure. Jake has drive. That’s one thing I will say about him. He works hard. He’s driven by success, money and fame. To a detriment. He’ll stomp on everyone to get it”

She’s saying he did work hard on his YouTube, and if it makes him feel better to say she had nothing to do with his success, fine.
Which I agree. Let the little man think he did it all on his own.

No. 1709375

him posting this video is not a cashgrab exploit of private matters with in an attempt to justify his bad behavior while doing some damage control by some narc youtuber, its actually a desperate attempt to be understood by a sensitive and misunderstood soul~ stop villainizing him!!

No. 1709376

Kaya sounds annoying to live and be in a relationship with. Jake sounds fucking terrifying.

No. 1709382

She is admitting that Jake did most of the cleaning. But she said his idea of cleaning was throwing things into boxes and pushing them off to the side. And her idea of cleaning was organizing and putting things away. So when she saw everything in boxes it would be overwhelming.
This sounds more realistic to me he even showed videos of everything in boxes. Something tells me Jake wasn’t mopping or vacuuming. Like she said probably just throwing both their stuff under the couch lol

No. 1709385

Most people who lived together for over 10 fucking years live together a bit more while broken up until one of the parties that needs to move actually can move. Like normal adjusted adults.

Kicking out your partner just like that is fucking abuse and mental. It was not "his" house. THEY moved into it together and were renting it. It is easy to get a new house when you are in a couple, landlords don't like renting to single people especially in a bad economy. His name was just on the lease which he cleverly engineered.

No. 1709386

I can do a watch and screenshot things of Kaya's video like I did for Jake's if people are interested in an hour or so. But im late to the party. Let me know if nonnies want that.

No. 1709387

Small dick energy confirmed. She says sex with him wasn’t good, very little if any foreplay and he only made her come 3 or 4 times in nearly 12 years. Says she faked it a lot. He’s very vanilla apparently while she likes it a bit rougher and he had no interest in exploring that with her. Calls bullshit on his ‘hadn’t had sex for a year’ line, says the longest was 6 months during lock down and they were sexually active in the run up to the break up.

Do not get me wrong, I love the milk but I think saying the sex was crap and he hardly ever made her come is going to unleash a torrent of narc rage. I don’t think last nights will be his last video on the subject. He can definitely go lower.

No. 1709390

Just skipping through Kaya's video, from the 1 hour to around 1:10 mark she talks about their sex life. Jake wouldn't ever go down on her because "he's not into it" and it would usually just be no foreplay, 20 minutes of "pounding" with "friction burns because she was so dry".

I don't like her, but thoughts and prayers for Kat having to shag that

No. 1709391


lol it doesn't really surprise me that he couldn't make her come. look at his face. does he look like someone remotely interested in the other person's pleasure? He prob was too focused looking at himself in the mirror.

No. 1709394

I lost my shit at that because I KNOW she isn't lying there. I was the same, faked it for 6 years. And she didn't say "yeah you sucked in bed I never came haha!" but she said it was her fault for faking it instead of talking about how to fix it. Because, of course, Jake is an insecure little cunt who would go crazy on her if she dared criticize his performance. Was literally in the same situation, I felt her embarrassment when she said it.

No. 1709395

anons called it many threads back, he's very flirtacious with her female friends and even touchy feely with them. gross. then has the nerve to get angry when another man SMILES at her?? this sounds EXACTLY like one of my exes, very touchy with his female friends but when one guy (his friend no less) put an arm us both he totally blew up and accused me of cheating. they're projecting their insecurities on you hard, if that happened now i'd run for the hills

No. 1709396

The fact that she couldn’t bring women around and he would put on a macho show when men were around. Kaya then says “there’s a reason he has no friends” kek. He might have come with graphs, but she came with facts.

No. 1709397

Still, he could have given her some time. Maybe a few months until she can get her own house? Jake just wanted to fuck Kat in their bed without feeling bad about it so he rushed her out, that's all.

No. 1709398


We’ve all seen him eye fucking the camera in his onlyfans shots. It’s all about him. He’s always given selfish in bed vibes.

No. 1709399

He shot himself in the foot by saying multiple times how he has no friends. Like you can't deny that it MUST be a you problem if somehow you keep having no friends, while Kaya had plenty.

No. 1709400

I bet Kat is over the moon over the fact that he's created even more drama with his ex KEK.

No. 1709402


She sounds just as nasty as him so she's probably enjoying it

No. 1709411

“Your boyfriends rich now, you can take a break” I remember hearing them talk about her taking a break and him being okay with that. He just wanted control. The fact that she has her own friends and money now is killing him

No. 1709415

LOL jake trigged by his dick size ahaha he knows it's small and photoshoped that's funny.

No. 1709420

Sounds like kat is nasty bitch too threating kaya ontop being a cheating slag

No. 1709422

Omg I just started watching. For the entire relationship they pooled the money they both made and divided it equally until he made money. Jake buying 23 000£ and 10 000£ motorcycles and then bitching about giving Kaya stuff…

I feel so bad for her when she talks about him being inappropriate with all her female friends and her male friends could not stand him. "He has no friends and it's not my fault" ofcourse it's not Kaya he's a prick. "It's been nice to be able to have friends without something bad and dramatic happening" I felt that.

No. 1709428

I wonder if that's why peachymilk and kaya friendship broke off? Same with Kelly Eden,melanie Murphy. There was a London edge vlog like 3 years ago a few the girls he hanged out with like reeree and other goths he was like oddly creepy to them. It makes so much sense now why she lost all her friends I feel so bad for her. Its awful and so draining thinking oh god he going cheat who he touched now who he flirted with been in a similar relationship and it really fucks you up mentally and it drains your life out you. I hope she can heal from this

No. 1709430

Someone tell kaya mother she needs to do a video and bash him. I'm sure she could do a 7 hour video on every single shit thing he has done

No. 1709432

She would been annoying to live with but she's harmless but him on the other hand is a ticking time bomb.

No. 1709433

she would go hide in the bathroom because it's the one door she could lock and feel safe. he would often punch that door specifically

This. Is. Abuse. 100%.

No. 1709434

She said he’s lying about not having angry outbursts since 2013( which I believe)
He went around showing doors in his new place but she said one of the last times he was screaming at her smashing plates.

No. 1709435

I honestly cannot tell whether Jake thinks this video is going to make him look better, or if he just posted it as a retaliation for Kaya finally cutting him off after getting all of her belongings back and doesn't care about how it makes him look.
Because it makes him look like such a prick. I have never seen anyone describe so clearly their own abusive behaviour while trying to make themself appear to be the victim

No. 1709439

Kaya says her name was also on the lease, no? So it wasn't HIS house, it was THEIR house. Yeah he kicked her out and she obliged out of fear and anger because of the situation. But since they were both on the lease, he wasn't "housing" her. They were living together equally.

No. 1709445

Sage your shit. Type "sage" in the email space.

No. 1709449

So Jake just decided on his own they were moving to Barcelona and did not even tell Kaya before he announced it to the world. She had to take a loan to put money in his account to prove to the Spanish government he had enough to move. And he blames her for having to spend money to move to Barcelona which she did not even want. This motherfucker…

No. 1709450

I thought it was interesting that she mentioned to Kat's ex-husband that she wouldn't want Jake around his child because a lot of anons have been saying the same.

No. 1709452

That's a thing. Jake said that Kaya "doxxed" him. Kaya thinks he said that because she gave the address to Kat's husband while Kaya was staying there.
Surely Kat's husband should know where his child is going to be living? Especially when it's with someone like Jake. He'd have to know the address eventually.

No. 1709454

Right now, Kaya's video has basically 1/5th of the views his video has, yet her video has almost as many likes as his does. I don't think too many people are gonna buy into his shit.

No. 1709456

File: 1669393466960.png (15.6 KB, 1205x80, 25-11 (2).PNG)

a comment from jake's video in response to someone saying that he didn't need to air all of this out online. pretty disturbing imo.

No. 1709460

but what are these terrible things that Kaya had done to him? Like if it was taken as truth, that she's lazy and messy? He could've left at any point

No. 1709461

I'd love to know. They're replying that or something similar to every comment that isn't immediately supportive of Fake, but nothing he said in his video about her behvaiour sounds abusive. just annoying.

No. 1709463

File: 1669394008602.jpeg (236.84 KB, 1282x884, 4CE03617-9FE9-474A-B144-87828C…)

This part kaya goes on to say jake would scream and yell that people didn’t respect him cause he’s too short. Kek. Thats one of the many reasons she didn’t want to sleep. Not cause he’s short, but because he was narc rage about being smoll on a weekly basis

No. 1709500

Thats the thing I dont understand in this, so Kaya was lazy, messy and mentally ill, that was Jakes reasoning for her being awful to him.. like okay I can understand that being tiresome in the long run but nobody forced him to stay and somebody being super lazy and unmotivated is not abuse lol.
Meanwhile Kaya is like Jake would threathen her, throw things in rage, punch holes in the walls and doors, make her feel super unsafe, flirt with all her female friends to the point where she felt like she couldnt take him anywhere, nobody around them liked him, doing financially manipulate her, constantly talk down to and about her
I dont get why so many people seem to be on Jakes side in this, just because Kaya is annoying and you dont like her doesnt justify this

No. 1709504

Because it’s actually jake

No. 1709507

Everyone is always going to be on the man's side in these situations. Most women are some level of pickme and men 9/10 will defend men. This always happens.

No. 1709508

He bitched about her going to the Galgorm spa that it's expensive. Kaya said he likes to be the big man and order the big suites she went with a friend and shared the cheapest room.

So I looked up the site and the cheapest room is 275 a night. So with 2 people thats 137,5£ a person. Honestly that does not seem that bad for a spa getaway for a night.

No. 1709516

I can't believe there's some nonas defending this moid. "Oh, they're both bad". She's not as bad as a classic abusive, liar, narc man who is acting exactly like most moids act post breakup. And they say this place is terf central… Pfff
I guess it's because younger people come here exclusively to read about these people and are not part of the community so we get some salty pickmes here

No. 1709520


I'm the anon who said I'm confused by people not trashing Kaya more and I did have a change of heart after reading your guys' arguments and watching her video. What you said is completely true. Kaya is just mentally ill, while Jake is a an abusive manlet.

No. 1709526

Jake's silence right now across social media platforms is telling. I wonder how many doors he's punched in front of Kat's kid since Kaya's video came out.

No. 1709530

I really, genuinely hope he gives up and let her heal and live.
That woman needs safety and peace to focus on her wellbeing, it's pretty clear already that he was at least 60% of the problems in her life. She's not perfect, of course, but she just left a very abusive relationship. i hope to see her thrive and become a better person.

No. 1709531

Like, he's trying to paint himself as also mentally ill "i have anger issues that's why I broke everything to the point it scared my girlfriend. And she was exaggerating". While kaya is like "mental illness made me not know how to be productive and helpful around the house at all". These two are not the same thing… I'm happy you realized it!

No. 1709538

Thank you.

I also just saw a comment on her video how Jake didn't wanna accept her mental illness (not cleaning) but was soo "sad" how she didn't wanna accept his (punching and throwing shit).

No. 1709543


I predict he is absolutely seething right now and Kat is about too or is actively getting a lesson in just how under control his temper actually is. A man with an ego the size of his will not let Kayas response stand, she’s laid bare the bones of their relationship and said he was crap in bed. He’s going to go nuclear.

No. 1709553

His channel is going to tank even more and he's going to blame it all on Kaya who only responded to his bullshit. What a loser.

No. 1709554

File: 1669399463808.jpeg (711.74 KB, 1170x1668, 95ED1B12-1848-438D-A1D3-D3718B…)

Because actual DV research shows that moids consider “abuse” to be shit like the woman failing to meet her traditional role, doesn’t cook or clean enough, etc. They literally don’t know the meaning of the word because women are obviously not terrorizing them en masse the way they do to us.

Picrel from this article: https://www.thecitizen.org.au/articles/what-about-men-lies-statistics-and-peddling-myths-about-violence-against-women

No. 1709557

"Just fuck off." love it kek.

but in all seriousness Kaya actually seems really mature? she's handled it well, sought legal advice, answered everything and it all makes sense but at the same time been open about her flaws and her contribution to issues in their relationship. Jake's video was literally 2 hours of excuses for his shitty narc rage abusive behaviour, trying to paint himself as a saint for "helping" her

I hope she continues with this clearer head, to mend from his abuse, to continue on with the legal stuff if he continues harassing her

No. 1709565

>>1709526 - being as the police are involved I hope he knows he could jeopardise Kat's custody of her own kid if he reacts badly to this. Sincerely hope Kat's ex is keeping records of all this stuff because it's honestly worrying that someone like Jake who brags about his anger issues and takes no responsibility for them outside of informing people has unsupervised access to a very young kid.

No. 1709566

File: 1669399891904.png (12.27 KB, 941x86, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 19-05…)

No. 1709569

reminds me so much of my ex it's unbelievable. I do wonder if Kat's ex is trying to gain sole custody now because I definitely wouldn't want my kid around them

No. 1709571

Did anyone else catch that he said he was ‘co parenting a child’ with Kat at the end of his 2 hour opus? I’m sure Kats husband is just ecstatic that Fake is trying to shoehorn himself in as a parental figure when he’s only been on the scene for a year.

No. 1709572

Sounds like jake trying catch kaya out holding her shit on purpose letting her keep some his stuff and pffering her a free holiday. Good thing kaya smart and caught on to it

No. 1709573


I sincerely hope that if push came to shove, Kat would put her child above this small dick angry moid. But sadly some women would rather throw away their children just for a scrap of attention from a bloke, and she already makes such poor life choices I wouldn't be surprised if it all came back to bite her in the end.

No. 1709574

>>1709569 the whole situation reads like the precursor to some incredibly depressing news story about how the kid gets shaken to death or punched.

No. 1709585

Maybe kaya finally come out how her rib got broken after all these years

No. 1709589

I mean Kaya did say how she was just waiting for him to fully snap one day so

No. 1709591

Hopefully he has no one to blame but himself. He reminds me someome who would kick a brick wall then blame the person standing next to him saying its your fault that hurt me

No. 1709601

I hope she can heal now its all out in the open.
>>1709430 I second this she would end him

No. 1709606

File: 1669401868393.png (81.77 KB, 1243x571, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 19-40…)

The comments on his video are going well. These all have 20+ upvotes before they are deleted.

No. 1709608

File: 1669401892913.png (61.42 KB, 1223x397, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 19-38…)

No. 1709610

File: 1669402007183.png (115.53 KB, 1231x649, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 19-33…)

No. 1709620

People siding with Jake likely have behaved similarly and find that as a way to excuse it or are snaccs so far up his ass they'd simp for him no matter what he does. I agree completely that Kaya isn't always the most likable, but it's obvious Jake is a misogynistic, abusive, nasty scrote. Kaya is just whiney and lazy. These two things are not on the same level.

Hilarious he named this place and dropped hints he posts here. Hateboner anon being so unhinged and blindly seething at everything she does makes so much more sense now.

Tbh anons here called almost everything. Jake is a walking wall punching scrote stereotype. Him hooking up with Kat before she could even ditch her last marriage is really only more evidence of this. He's been creeping on her friends for years and is now seething that she was able to make new ones. He's going to start isolating Kat as much as possible in the next few years. God forbid if Kat ever puts on a few pounds too.

No. 1709625

On kaya video at 2:55;16 she mentions jake has a alcohol issues yikes. Everything speculated over the years has cone out as pure truth

No. 1709631

I like how jake blames her for mess but every photo he posted u see hords of bottles/filthy carpets/clothes piles and dirty walls

No. 1709635

I was thinking that to. His room where he tapes the vids, it's never been this clean lmao

No. 1709641

I'm actually genuinely concerned for her safety if this video tanks his subs and views even more. He might do what she always feared and snap, attacking her and/or kat and her kid in a fit of rage over losing everything

i sure as fuck hope he doesn't know where she lives or finds out somehow

No. 1709642

Won't somebody think of the poor moid with anger issues! He was aboosed! God, these dick riders are so pathetic. He never even claimed he was outright abused, yet admitted to punching holes in the door like a fucking psycho and controlling his girlfriend to the point of trying to move to another country without her consent. These people want women to be as abusive as moids are so badly that they need to make situations up.


No. 1709645

Kaya very briefly mentioned in her video that Jake doesn't know where she lives, thank goodness for that.

No. 1709653

File: 1669404053878.png (124.82 KB, 1265x1187, pepperidgefarm.png)

His comment section is very not in favor of him. It's almost funny how he's so up his own ass that he fails to see that he's dealing most of the damage to his "career" himself.

No. 1709654

It sounds like he wanted her to clean up his mess too. Not just hers.

No. 1709658

File: 1669404363968.png (34.6 KB, 536x437, chrome_qFFUE0hSgF.png)

most people are shitting on Jake but the few fans he has defending him seem pretty braindead.

No. 1709660

It was his awful "we broke up… anyway, stay tuned for new music and new videos and new merch!" video that shot himself in the foor in the first place. Followed swiftly by the Barcelona "pussy :P" drama. And now this two hour shitfest, which is going down like a lead balloon. It's hilarious that the majority of the damage to Jake's career is self inflicted.
He could have put up a brief, sombre "we broke up, please respect my privacy" informational video and left it at that, rather than capitalise on the clicks and the drama to try and self promote. He could have simply not splashed the fact that he was immediately shacking up with another girl in Barcelona all over his Instagram stories. He could have handled all of this differently and likely would have come out of it much cleaner, regardless of his treatment of Kaya.
What an absolute tool.

No. 1709662

"cunt deluxe" sounds like a troon

No. 1709664

Jake really is out there trying to paint himself as a victim because he just couldn't be bothered entertaining the idea of supporting his clearly mentally ill partner of over a decade. There were so many options both of them could have taken before it got to this point but the way Jake handled Kaya at her most fragile state really, really shows how entitled he thought he was to her, body and soul as a person. The fact that she wasn't "showing him respect" when she's essentially so ill she can barely function is insane to me, how can she show you Respect when she clearly didn't have any for herself? You sat and watched her fester in a home of filth you both contributed to and instead of helping or intervening or looking for outside help he did nothing, he just sat and let it rot and continued to let it rot until he eventually saw an out and took it. She clearly needed help, he clearly resented ever having to help her. There's so much talk of " she never cleaned, so I had to do it" and never any talk at all about them cleaning together it was a shared household, shared mess. I've been with my partner for 13 years, a couple longer than Jake and Kaya: if my partner starts cleaning in my presence I get up and help clean, if my partner starts cooking I get up and start helping to prep, it's a shared existence, what Kaya and Jake seemed to do was just sort of exist in each other's presence without ever communicating their needs to each other. They just let resentment build until Jake stopped seeing her as a partner, a lover, a person, she became just a shape in bed on "his" laptop that swallows money.

No. 1709667

File: 1669404904159.png (496.56 KB, 1328x748, ytratio.png)

The current like to dislike ratio on top of his video having twice as many views. He's definitely sinking his own ship.

No. 1709668

It is totally his own fault. The break up video, the weird i dont pay for pussy in Barcelona instagram, the immediately hooking up with a married woman, the creepy only fans stuff, his sperging on the discord, the rants about Kaya, him going everywhere with the new hussy to all of Kaya's favourite hang outs, boring repetitive content if he posts, now this shitshow … How he thinks it's Kaya's fault his channel is tanking just shows how far his head is up his own arse.

No. 1709673

File: 1669405276949.jpg (266.1 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20221125_194019_com…)

No. 1709675

Roly gives me the creeps but I agree with this, Jake is absolutely doing the extinction burst

No. 1709678

apparently this manlet didn't even bother to clean up his cum stained bedsheets, and just left them there for kaya to clean up. that's totally what an stable adult (who's definitely not messy himself) does after a break up.

No. 1709681

Also going around your new house taking videos of the doors to try and prove you didn't punch holes in them when there's written evidence from your previous landlord about just that in the house you moved from is very normal stable adult behavior that definitely definitely makes you look like an all around chill and regular guy.

No. 1709686

Mild tinfoil here but I’m watching Kaya’s video and at one point she mentions that she’d heard about Kat calling her a “fat, useless bitch” as well as wanting to slap her… Correct me if I’m wrong but in past altcow threads, didn’t Hateboner anon use those lines (more specifically the fat & useless) more than once? I mean, we clearly know both Jake and Kat lurk here but that was a little TOO on the nose imo.

No. 1709687

File: 1669406163207.jpeg (414.85 KB, 2031x1439, 90BF5ABB-B688-4D03-AA86-9BCCA1…)

Did he mention what was so bad kaya did that bunch people in Belfast know? But I love how kaya exposed his shit and said people hate him lol

No. 1709689

I would not be surprised if salty chan is Kat. She seems trashy and dumb enough.

No. 1709691

Hoping more youtubers post their opinions on him good on roly posting this I knew he would

No. 1709697

He said something about people in Belfast not liking her and thinking she's a wet towel, but nothing to back that up

No. 1709699

File: 1669406508134.png (587.17 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 20-59…)

Rotten Hollow just came out in support of Kaya on his insta. Jake wanted to skinwalk this guy. He's going to be seething when he sees this lmao

No. 1709700

Did you catch that part she said one night she was close to killing herself and he was not much bothered by it?? She then went to the hospital and he didn’t message or call her to ask where she was. That’s just insane! She was also on medication against nausea which she had from all the stress of dealing with his shit.

No. 1709701

I used to dislike kaya cause I thought she was lazy but good for her admitting her faults (unlike some) it makes sense now all the excuses she used to post to not do a video was all cause he probably shat on her or broke her stuff. I completely understand why she struggles cleaning with mental health and adhd and someone shouting how shit you are must of destroyed her soul. Poor girl. But admitting your faults is brave and good step forward

Notice how jake always freaks out after she posts video of the stuff subscribers have sent her and he sat there with nothing he seething so hard it’s sad. Him and kat are perfect for each other two toxic assholes

No. 1709702

Hate me for it anons but it made me sub to her patreon.

No. 1709703

Let’s hope Jude supports kaya after this that top him over the edge

No. 1709704

I love that Jake in a hilarious turn of events in the midst of single handedly tanking his own career also blessed his critics with the knowledge of one of his biggest insecurities which apparently is his neck, I guess that's why he's now camouflaged it with a bad tattoo? Either way thanks for helping us laser sight in for best efficiency, your neck is short and gurthy

No. 1709706

File: 1669406800974.jpg (88.29 KB, 500x680, IMG_20221125_210411.jpg)

Like/dislike/viewing ratio ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 1709708

lmao fabulous!

No. 1709712

Meanwhile he has an entire reddit thread dedicated to how disliked he is by the people of Belfast lmao

No. 1709714


that makeup is perfect, lmao

No. 1709723

His views of sexuality and family are absolutely fucked if he thinks his significant other needs to ""respect"" him like he was her father. There is no correlation at all, his obsession with trying to get Kaya to clean his mess (since her own house is tidy where his is still a mess) is absolutely absurd

No. 1709725

File: 1669407670677.png (132.67 KB, 549x943, rottenhollow.png)

Curious to see who else might pop up in support of Kaya publicly. So far we got Rotton Hollow and Roly >>1709673

Nah, Jude is a pickme through and through. She's going to keep him on the backburner for a potential "daddy" if anything sours in either of their relationships in the future. Which is likely given both Jake and Kat's tendency to cheat and Jude consistently being dropped by her gross "daddies".

Tbh hilarious because all he had to do is leave her alone and we wouldn't have confirmation that he's A. terrible at sex. B. insecure about his stumpy neck and C. is an insecure little manlet about his height. kek

No. 1709730

yeh, plus her suggestion of wanting to split it 50/50 seems fair- she starts on the cleaning, he can then do the rest when she no longer can. It's sad to me that that had to even be suggested to him (and he flat out refused) when it seems like a normal dynamic in any relationship where you live together??

at what point does she mention his neck?? watched through her whole video and don't recall her saying this kek

No. 1709733

>I think a part of it is some anons have been in relationships with narcs or seen firsthand how it can suck the life and motivation out of someone
Yep exactly this, a lot of us have been in situations or witnessed situations of affected motivation and psychology. It's very common, this is also why "just leave your abuser" is so difficult - at that point you feel complely deflated and incapable; it takes confidence and hope to make progress.
Abusive people make sure to infantilise you and make you feel like you can't do anything so you don't leave.
Kaya struggling to achieve anything while mr anger issues was around makes perfect sense.

No. 1709734

Jake mentions his neck in his video, about 25-26 min in

No. 1709736

During Jakes video when he gets to the topic of their sex life he says that after "a year" ( or in Kaya's recollection six months) of not initiating sex he started getting little insecurities about his body and then lists his neck first in a list of things he was insecure about.

No. 1709738

thanks anons. i didn't watch his video because i absolutely cannot stand hearing this guys voice

that's hilarious though that he's insecure about his fucking neck

No. 1709739

File: 1669408281621.png (119.91 KB, 1215x710, averagejakemunroenjoyer.png)

guess this is confirmation his last remaining snaccs are truly braindead. kek

No. 1709745

It's bordering on parody levels of audacity that he complained about Kaya surrounding herself with half drunk/ empty monster cans when there are two either half drunk or empty monster cans on the desk in the background of the entire video

No. 1709746

Kaya talks about Jake not wanting her on YouTube. He’s tried to get her off YouTube since he started one himself. And now he’s trying to say she stole a camera that he gave to her? This whole thing where he’s saying she stole from him is him trying to prevent her from making videos. He’s wants her to fail and to be stuck working a minimum wage job. That’s what he told her she needs to do. What an actual monster. I can’t wait to see him fail because of his own actions.

Also, it sounds like Kat is just as bad as Jake.

No. 1709747

Looks more like he’s getting himself cancelled and pushed off YouTube. I definitely hope so.

No. 1709748

i noticed that too, she was saying his camera and laptop are better so why does he want those ones? but if he wants her off youtube then it's clear he wants to prevent her from making videos/good quality videos and editing them easily. lmao what a snake, leeches off her, gets "famous" through her, then sees her as competition. he's SO SO bitter he will only ever be "toxic tears' boyfriend/ex." boo fucking hoo fake

No. 1709752

>Just skipping through Kaya's video, from the 1 hour to around 1:10 mark she talks about their sex life. Jake wouldn't ever go down on her because "he's not into it" and it would usually just be no foreplay, 20 minutes of "pounding" with "friction burns because she was so dry".
>I don't like her, but thoughts and prayers for Kat having to shag that

Jake's video is backfiring terribly already, couldn't happen to a nicer guy

No. 1709753

File: 1669409059557.png (7.72 MB, 1170x2532, 4C35FFC3-366D-4F63-9C9B-8B0501…)

No. 1709756

File: 1669409176857.png (2.21 MB, 1407x911, 2903745290.png)

Even his IG is getting overrun.

No. 1709757

The funniest thing about it all is that Jake's failed attempt at rewriting history and clearing his name ended with his ex having to admit with obvious shame and embarrassment that she faked orgasms for 11 years with you because you were so bad in bed. There's no way he's recovering from this with any kind of grace

No. 1709761

He’s a narc and they always have to have the last word. I’ve lived through this before. Can’t wait to see how he responds because he will. He should really just delete the video and start doing damage control. This is a BAD look for him. What a tit.

No. 1709765

in kaya's video she mentions posting about her mum's cancer scare after she got kicked out and was living in that studio and jake got angry and sent her a bunch of messages telling her to stop?? her mum had a CANCER SCARE you fucking fool, worried it will make you look bad?? scum of the earth

No. 1709789

The only people would be him and kat thinking she's a wet towel

No. 1709800

Its so funny cause he thinks he a sex god so glad it has back fired couldn't happened to a nicer guy.
I really hope this soils his failing YouTube career. Fucking idiot could of re built it if he kept his mouth shut and moved on

No. 1709802

File: 1669411414254.png (111.15 KB, 600x1017, fanexp.png)

Starting to see a lot of comments from people who have met them saying Jake was very rude in person too, especially if you were a fan of kaya. kek

No. 1709807

I love kaya closing statement on jake got to so relieving to say it out loud for everyone to hear

No. 1709809

I kek’d at her dig at him using the hashtag toxictearsboyfriend

No. 1709811

I want kaya to come out with her experience getting cockblocked and having to ignore the flirting with Kelly Eden and jake when they went to LA
She must felt so low

No. 1709815

Wonder what jakes next move will be legal and more fake lies I bet he have some ridiculous new statement about how bad kaya was at sex after she embrassed him lol

No. 1709817

he would definitely sink that low anon. bets on "i didnt want go down on her or do foreplay because her fat rolls repulsed me" or something equally humiliating??

No. 1709822

Imagine seething about your ex after a whole year and your only reason Breaking up was beacuse she was messy. Only reason he has done this is because she is happy and thriving and he sat at home with a alcoholic and q toddler who isn't even his

Hope Dean uses all this abuse alcohol and only fans to court to get his kid back

No. 1709823

he say she smells or something patheti

No. 1709826

It's hilarious too because Jake was really playing it up in those unhinged comment sperg outs saying "she did the worst thing a person could do". Meanwhile he was destroying her shit, creeping on or chasing all her friends away, and actively cheating on her. Make it make sense. lmao

No. 1709827

Not even shocked kat a bitch too she looks it

No. 1709828

Best part is if kaya ever needs to take it to court its all over lolcow every single shit thing he has done all the storking the lies the drama its all on these past threads he would have no leg to stand on at all oh and few redit posts too

No. 1709831

I don’t know if this has been shared here, but I found this video that has a clip from MAG where Jake is condoning hitting children. It reminds me of when he tried to blame Kaya for not liking children. In the clip Kaya disagrees with him, which proves that his dislike of children was of his own accord. Also, how could any mother want their child to be around someone like this?

<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"width="788.54" height="443" type="text/html" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9jDXR9bGGiM?autoplay=0&fs=0&iv_load_policy=3&showinfo=0&rel=0&cc_load_policy=0&start=0&end=0&origin=http://youtubeembedcode.com"><div><small><a href="https://youtubeembedcode.com/nl/">youtubeembedcode nl</a></small></div><div><small><a href="https://unoregler.com/da/">Uno regler</a></small></div></iframe>

No. 1709832

Sorry I’m retarded and don’t know how to embed.

No. 1709835

Put the link in the field up there that says “YouTube “

No. 1709836

They're the only people in Belfast he knows and cares about

No. 1709848

Thanks nonnie

No. 1709851

Not that anon, but my partner has the same problem with cleaning ao. I don't understand it,just like you said:just put stuff in a bin bag, but I see my partner really struggles with it and really tries their best to clean. But they have some blind spot for it or something. They don't 'see' it or they experience some sort of error with executive functions it seems. I don't understand it, but I do see the struggles and the effort. So I do believe Kaya really struggles with their executive function

No. 1709869


coming from someone with executive dysfunction, we see the mess, and it's overwhelming. at least for me and it seems many others, it's like.. not knowing where to start. it's a simple thing, yet it's not.

No. 1709873

Here’s the bit I don’t get, he’s making a big deal about how much money he’s got coming in, buying motorcycles and what have you left right and centre, if his maths is to be trusted he sent her £61k and his main gripe is mess. Why didn’t he get a cleaner and just remove the problem? They’re both messy, neither are inclined to clean as they go and will leave it till it’s a huge job and if he is to be believed it was the main source of contention for him so just pay someone to come in and clean for a few hours a week. Loads of people do it.

Oh, no, sorry, I forgot for a second there that he wouldn’t be able to blame Kaya for all the worlds ills if he did that and anyway, she should be cleaning all his mess up. Because reasons.

No. 1709877

one of the many things in kaya's video that really saddened me was her saying she was hardly ever in the mood for sex but felt like she had to go along with it anyway. That and him calling her "fat" very early into their relationship (which was when she was much thinner and actively trying to lose more, because of him i wonder??) No wonder she has such poor self esteem…

No. 1709881

>be Kaya
>Ex comes out with two hour video trying to cancel you
>all he can talk about is how messy you are

I'd call that a win, he's such a narc he doesn't realise how much most people are having a hard time dealing with mental health, self care, cleaning etc, it's been a difficult few years for Literally The World like what planet does he live on where he thought Gonna talk about how messy Kaya was, that will destroy her reputation like amazing information dude, Kaya probably has a few more Patreon subs than she did yesterday

No. 1709888

Yeah, I felt that when she said “I thought something was medically wrong with me”, and saying any affection would always lead up to sex (which she didn’t want). I was with a narc ex and it was the same thing. Sex was expected and I was scared to get too close (cuddle, be affectionate, etc) because then it meant sex or else he would be frustrated. And yeah the dryness is because you have literally no attraction anymore for the person, not because you have “low libido” or some condition.

No. 1709891

The idiot also tried to imply she was a gold digger and only cares about money

No. 1709896

Jake’s very misogynistic and definitely has been around redpill and MRA shit. Him immediately going to “gold digger” was a big one. That and saying “Well if this happened to a man, no one would sympathize!” They’re all the damn same. That anon was right, he considered Kaya’s “abuse” as her not standing in the line of fire during his rages and not cleaning up after his messes.

No. 1709901

Babes i luv ya, but i aint reading that

No. 1709904


Fren, i don't have the attention span to read that. sorry

No. 1709908

Sis please read the rules before you get banned, you're making good points but you have to integrate

No. 1709909


put the word sage in the email field. no need to fill up anything else.

No. 1709911

No emojis and sage your posts, nonnie! You are very welcome here, but you have to follow the rules or you'll risk getting banned.

No. 1709912

File: 1669417611292.png (31.49 KB, 553x206, 23974239.png)

He's already lost 1k subs from his already dying channel since uploading that gaslighting mess of a video. LMAO

>tries to paint Kaya asa gold digger
The pure irony of who he has chosen as his new partner. Kat wouldn't have jumped ship on her shop owner husband if it were the Jake from pre YT "fame". I wonder if he's the only one who doesn't realize it. Will he expect her to return all the money, gifts, and drinks when one of them inevitably cheat on the other too?

No. 1709913

He states in his video that the camera and gaming laptop Kaya has ‘stolen’ WEREN’T gifts and then goes on to try and prove his point by providing receipts for each of them..

Does this cunt really not know how gifts work??

No. 1709914

I meant freeze, flee, fawn, or fight. Not flea or fun. *


His video proves he lied about saying she saw because at the beginning the video he bragged about all of the things he gave her and one of those things happen to be the very gaming laptop he said she stole.

He preemptively mentioned how his anger issues were going to be demonized but he was purposefully ambiguous

Narcissist often move on very quickly to one of the other person it’s usually an ego thing I’m not saying it can’t happen or ever be healthy but narcissist will do this and have an obsession still

She’s been trying to better her life he’s bringing this on himself He’s a liar

He lied about the cheating timeline

I’m extremely happy that she finally validated what we all saw that he constantly flirted with other women and I’m sad to hear that he has cheated on her before

Someone correct me if I’m wrong I think she said in her video that overall she gave more money overtime even though she never had as much at one time or gave as much at one time

And an old story of hers I think I saw something that sounded like she was being threatened to stay silent by lawyers or threatened an end with legal action or something

It’s weird that he blames her for every single rumor like it’s her fault for every single possible rumor like she can’t control the Internet she tried she asked people to stop talking about it but people were upset for her so(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1709918

There's a point in Jake's video where he throws up a text chain between him and Kaya to do one of his "gotcha!" Moments and if you pause it to actually read it: he's asking what she's saying about their funds. She explains someone asked her about the financial situation and she explained they used to share the finances and when he messages her back at the end of his reply he threatens her with an NDA if she talks about it again how did he think any of this was a good look? This is so much more detrimental to his career than any amount of incredibly subtle digs Kayak could ever make, this man is the world's most pathetic idiot, a complete bozo

No. 1709926

I also really want to hear about this I kind of feel like she was suffering in silence :(

No. 1709931

I don’t wanna watch his video - can someone screenshot the screenshots he shares in his vid?

No. 1709932

Stumpy said he would post another video if Kaya posted a response, but what the hell is he even going to say?
>K-Kaya's lying! She totally had orgasms!
>So what if I flirted with her friends? Kaya flirted too, a guy SMILED at her!
It's just going to be a bunch of lies and he-said she-said.
I'm not sure if Kaya wants to bring that up, since it would drag Kelly into this situation and could make her annoyed and cause more internet drama. Kelly's already a cow with her own thread and she defended Dahvie Vanity.

No. 1709937

You’re too correct there(emoji)

No. 1709943

I refuse to give Jake the view so someone else can do the breakdown on his video if wanted, but here's Kaya's 3 hour vid broken down as best I can. Sorry for the longpost, feel free to ignore, but this is for those who want every drop of milk without watching a 3 hour vid.

- "He's finally gotten angry that he's not doing as well at the minute, and I've been out living my life and having a good time, and he's pissed about that and wants to drag me down."
- Doesn't deny that he got lucky with a viral video or put work into his channel but highlights that she was successful first and her fanbase lent itself to his channel/s before going viral.
- Got together with him at sixteen, feels as though she missed all of her formative teen year experiences and her full twenties.
- States that he didn't have to stay with her if he wanted to break up, but the way it happened was horrible.
- Debunking plenty of claims Jake made regarding setting up her attic space in the old house, not using her studio anymore pre breakup, and other petty shit he said about her living situation post-breakup, such as a couch, about some heaters, small amounts of money, moving her scooter, etc.
- States numerous times that a lack of communication was a huge issue, and healthy communication would have solved a lot.
- Jake's "evidence" of Kaya gaslighting him makes no sense, and none of his "proof" stands up. She never trashed him by name like he did with her.
- "If I wanted vengeance, why wouldn't I have told everyone this (the video contents) from the start?"
- Her name had been on the lease for that house along with Jake's when he broke up with her.
- Around 2016 she had wanted to break up with him due to his anger, toxicity and behaviour with other girls. Stayed with him as she knew he wouldn't have anywhere else to go. That period of being "desperate to leave him" passed, and she "learned to just deal with his abuse again".
- Says that Jake told her she wasn't able to go on tour due to her mum's health, or saying she was "too delicate and fragile" for tour, which was not true. The way that the timeline matched up, she could have gone with him, and he told her she wasn't going. She was upset as she had friends/fans who were expecting to meet her at the shows, plus she had concerns about him cheating on her while on tour. Jake got mad at her for telling him this, and accused her of not trusting him, but he was actively involved with Kat at this point. She doesn't know if they were fucking but their relationship had progressed into "something". After this argument, Jake stormed out and didn't come home for hours. When Kaya called him to ask where he was, he says he was in North Belfast. She can't prove it but looking back she realises that's where Kat lived. The next day, he broke up with her. "Make of that what you will".
- Jake had messaged her while in America that she was not allowed to use the house, then told everyone that he'd given her permission to do so. Would message her all the time to tell her to take messages and comments down all year prior to the breakup.
- Kaya denies doxxing Jake, stating that she gave Dean the address of the house while she was staying there. Denies trying to incite violence against him, with plenty of messages back and forth discussing "that paranoia" with him. "If I wanted to do something horrible, I would have done it" - regarding being a "scorned woman" left alone with all of Jake's belongings in their home while he was on tour.
- "he's an angry person, I wouldn't want him around a child" - states this was an opinion given to Kat's husband when discussing Jake. Apologised for it, but it wasn't a lie.
- Denies raising money to "go party in London" as it had already been paid for (in the summer) and the donation goal was just a fun thing that they did, dating back from MAG days, and was in fact for the most recent London trip. Didn't hit donation goal, wants to put a vlog up for what she did manage to record, but says that she was dealing with Jake's harassment in London which ruined most of the trip.
- Jake also harassed her during her trip to Galgorm.
- Kaya couldn't tell you a single thing Jake has done this year but highlights how clear it is that Jake has been keeping tabs on her and what she's been up to. She had him muted everywhere post the breakup "while we were pretending things were civil". "He apparently has plenty of time to be checking up on me".
- Post breakup he moved her remaining stuff into the garage with his motorbikes, which he had the only key to, and Kaya could only access when Jake was there. She didn't want to be around him, so this delayed the collection of her stuff and prevented her from getting to it while she was living in the studio. Admits to there being some of his stuff in "her" boxes, but he was the one who had boxed it all up to put into storage, not her. He'd told her that he'd sorted through it all, that it was separated, and that Kat had helped go through her stuff. If there is anything left of his in those boxes, its his fault as he'd said it was sorted.
- Discusses the camera and laptop situation, states that they were gifts. Also says that he had gone into the box that the camera was in to steal something else from her but left the camera, meaning it clearly hadn't meant enough to him at the time to retrieve. Highlights that it's been a year, and that he started harassing her about these items after she'd collected her scooter, which was her last "tie" to him. The timeframe of that harassment and his video come after he'd finally lost the last piece of control over her.
- Contacted the police initially to clarify that Jake didn't have a leg to stand on regarding getting her camera or laptop. She says they asked some further questions about him which they noted down. Then says that the police have been involved for much longer than Jake realises, has had visits from them and done risk assessments discussing his ongoing harassment. She has also started talking to a Solicitor rather than deal directly with Jake and blocked him everywhere following the collection of her scooter. Says it would cost Jake way more money than the items were worth if he pursued them in court.
- She says she didn't leave because she was weak, sentimental and clings on to things longer than she should. That she was afraid of "something like this" happening. And also a sunk cost fallacy of "it's been so long, leaving now would be wasted time". She didn't know how to get out without it all going to shit, and she didn't feel strong enough, didn't have someone to "hop" to afterwards like he did with Kat.
- Apologises for the length of the video, says Jake is the nastiest person she knows, and that even all of this isn't everything.

Mental health:
- Jake would "scream" at her to clean. Discusses ADHD diagnoses and how ADHD and executive disorder gets in the way. States that yes she was messy but clear that they would both make a lot of mess, "would live in squalor", and he would eventually blow up, scream at her and "clean" by shoving things out of sight.
- "He took symptoms of my mental health issues - depression, anxiety and ADHD - as a massive mark of disrespect." He would research "solutions" along the lines of "How can I -make- my partner do XYZ". Said that she was "broken and needed to be fixed" once. Felt like he didn't believe that her ADHD diagnosis was real. He was angry that medication didn't work. Thought that medication would change and Jake would "stop hating me". Tried three different medications. She is now trying to get more help with ADHD via the NHS but this is taking time.
- Begged him many times to go to therapy. He went once, didn't like it, refused to go again.
- Had been feeling the pressure for making content for her own channel to "keep them afloat" for such a long time, and when his channel finally took off had a thought that "no good can come of this". From the second he started making money, it was a weapon against her. "Your boyfriend is rich, you can take a break" she was told, so she took a break.
- Moving in 2021 was incredibly stressful, both with regards to the move and Jake's aggression surrounding it. Was on multiple anxiety medications. Breaks down when explaining that she would see friends around this time as she was "so desperate for an escape from the situation and from him" and the friends made her feel safe. Acknowledges that avoiding her problems this way wasn't good.
- Stress and anxiety ruined her appetite. Several weeks before the breakup states she had basically stopped eating.
- The last house move was going to be a re-start of her Youtube work, had a full plan that she'd explained to him about restarting her ADHD medication, trying to make it work, restarting Youtube, etc.
- Tried to be there for him when he would get very depressed or in a very dark place, to the point she worried about him hurting/killing himself, and would invent reasons to come check on him when showering etc.
- "not being able to clean doesn't justify everything he has put me through"
- Extremely unhappy with Jake telling the internet that she had been suicidal. Denies that she threatened to kill herself "if he broke up with me". Said that at the end of the relationship she was in a bad space mentally and felt suicidal - he then broke up with her and threw her out. Said it was just as well she reached out to a friend to talk to, "if that hadn't happened I don't know what would have happened". She messaged Jake the next day to ask to come home, after he hadn't bothered to reach out to check on her all night, and he said no.
- She discusses a time living at another prior house where she was holding a razor while in the bathroom, staring at it, "I wanted so fucking badly to be dead". She didn't do anything but went to wake up Jake to tell him how afraid she was, about how badly she wanted to die. This was something she struggled with a few times during the relationship, but if he was angry with her about anything at the time then she says he didn't care. She is upset about having to talk about this, but feels that she needs to discuss it since Jake already brought it up to the internet and tried to weaponize it against her.
- Says that Jake has had problems with alcohol for years, but doesn't want to get into it further.

- "He will stomp all over everyone to get that success" with regards to Jake being success and money driven person.
- Throughout the relationship up until the last 2-3 years, all of their money was equally split and was "our money". This included MAG which she admits he put most of the work into but succeeded thanks to her own fanbase, and situations such as her own channel having a successful merch run.
- When he started earning a lot more money towards the end, he would push her into buying things or having things bought for her. "What do you want your rich boyfriend to buy for you?" "She spent all of my money… you wanted me to? He's just trying to use that against me now." Later says "if I had known he would use this against me, I never would have taken him up on the offer."
- £23,000 motorbike, £10,000 motorbike.
- Finances were equal until he was the one earning considerably more, at which point it became "His money" not "our money".
- "We were together for almost twelve years, he had money for maybe two of them." - regarding "she was only with me for my money" claim. Make it make sense.
- Worried about his trashing of her reputation with his video tanking her income, worried about "losing everything all over again, exactly like last year when he fucked me over last time."
- "his idea of supporting me was throwing a lot of money at things and trying to push me into things I didn't want to do." Later in the video Kaya discusses Jake's sharing of multiple "supportive" messages post breakup, most of which revolve around him offering to pay for things which she never took him up on "because I knew what he was doing, that he would use those screenshots against me later. Which he has."
- A lot of pressure around MAG being successful as Jake was so desperate to be rich and famous, especially when the third member left. Kaya would put more and more energy into MAG and drifted away from her own content as a result. Setup alone for MAG sessions was stressful due to Jake's anger issues.
- Jake wanted her to stop doing Youtube. Told her years ago when she was the bigger channel that she didn't deserve the subs or fame she had. He would should and scream about "always being a +1" or "only being ToxicTears' boyfriend" while tagging his pictures "ToxicTearsboyfriend" and then denied in his video that she contributed to his channel growth.
- Debunks Jake's claims of "I paid for everything for the move to Barcelona". Kaya paid for the services that never came through as the move never happened. She had to take out a Paypal loan, to put into his bank account, to prove that they had enough money in the bank to the Spanish Government to be allowed to go live there.
- Felt that she couldn't bring up any issues with him as he would say "I give you all this money, I buy all this stuff, I pay all our bills". Admits she never earned as much as he did, but she split everything with him for much longer than the timeframe where he earned more than she did. He claims there was no financial abuse but she says he used money to control her and the relationship constantly.
- Jake got jealous of complements given to Connor regarding his input with the band, to the point he discussed dropping him from the band with Kaya. Pure jealousy, Jake has to be the center of attention.
- Denies having a shopping addiction. She was pushed into a certain lifestyle by "rich boyfriend" and states at one point that she would fill the void left by not being in a loving relationship with purchases. "Nobody loves me but at least I have a nice dress".
- Jake apparently got the timelines for Kaya's jobs wrong but she says it doesn't really matter. Not sympathetic at all about Kaya struggling with the jobs and not enjoying them. Says that he "let" her leave her dayjobs, and this was only when her Youtube was doing well.

- Reconnected with friends that she "lost when she was with Jake because no-one could fucking stand him". They couldn't stand being around him, or he would flirt with them and be sexually inappropriate which would make them uncomfortable - this went on through their entire relationship to the point she couldn't have female friends. Male friends were threatening to him and he'd put on a "macho show".
- Found out about things she didn't even know about after the breakup from female friends she thought would be "safe from him". He would touch people inappropriately, she would catch him at times being inappropriate with people.
- Has gone places she otherwise wouldn't have felt she could have, such as Slimelight club night in London, because of him "flirting with everyone and making her miserable" because that is what he did whenever he went out, especially if drunk. Way too "touchy feely" with girls when drunk.
- "There is a reason he has no friends, and it's not my fault."
- He would say horrible things about Kaya while with others, to the point they didn't want to spend time with them.
- "We came as a package deal, it was so co-dependant, so yeah there were people I lost touch with… and now they're back because Jake's gone."
- Admits that she would defend him if anyone spoke badly of him, but this led to friends not digging deeper into his poor treatment of her as they presumed that they had something deeper going on and there can't have been any issue if she would defend any negative comments towards him.
- Reconnected with friends over lockdown away from Jake, which is where the co-dependency started to end. Went out without him more, which she felt a lot of tension and resentment from him for, and says she felt like it was because he was losing some control over her. Broke down to him about "not wanting to lose my friends".
- Had caught him cheating on her with "a girl from work" in the early years of the relationship. Regularly caught him flirting with girls online and had begged him to stop.
- Kaya does not believe that Jake was not speaking to Kat prior to their breakup, She had spotted a "gross" comment on a thirst trap picture from Kat appearing on his ipad. Admits to having looked through his phone messages in the past - every single time finding what she expected to find in terms of messages to/from other girls - but says she did not open the message from Kat. Admits not the right thing to do, was actively working on trying to stop doing it. Every time in the past she would find messages to/from other girls and confronted him about it, he would turn it around on her for going through his phone and make her the bad guy and get away with it. The message from Kat was inappropriate and sexual, and clearly in response to something he had said but she didn't open it to see what that was. She confronted him about it, "she is married and has a child.." and he denied anything was going on.
- Figures that there were probably other times Jake cheated on her during their relationship but she was only aware of the one time prior. "Other times I suspect he did something but he denies it".
- Had to go back to the house to look after Sebastian while Jake was on tour, after they had broken up. This was when she found all of Kat's hair all over the sofa, and in the bed, along with cumstains on the sheets. Jake says he got together with Kat post-tour, yet this doesn't explain all of her hair around the house while he was -on- tour.
- Ten minutes after confronting Jake via text over the hair in the bed, asking whose it was, Kaya got a message from Kat's husband asking "are you and Jake still together", which is how she put two and two together there. Kaya talked with Dean quite a bit so that they could both piece together what was going on. Apparently Kat had been talking shit about Kaya previously, calling her a "fat useless bitch" and saying she was going to slap her.
- Apparently Jake had agreed to keep being with Kat secret for a year.

Anger issues/Abuse:
- At London Edge convention afterparty, attractive guy comes over and is pleasant to the group but not flirty, Jake throws a tantrum back at the hotel and refuses to attend the convention the next day and threatened to break up with her. This, despite him having flirted with Kaya's friends at the convention himself earlier that day - she had begged him to stop, he denied doing it, continued anyway. He then turned up at the convention later acting like nothing had happened.
- When moving house in the middle of 2021, she felt unable to help as he would scream at her until she broke down. When trying to clear one of the bedrooms he was yelling, screaming and hitting things. "And that always really scared me."
- "Something that he would do, he was aware that it scared me, if he was angry at me and we were in the car together he would drive in a really aggressive, stressful way that really really scared me. He knew this as I would sit crying and shaking in my seat as he drove in this really scary way and yelled at me."
- "He may not have ever hit me but it felt like he always made sure that I knew he could, and more than that, that he wanted to." Would yell at her while punching doors. "Feels like he wants to hit me but takes it out on something else." He tried to say that the door-hitting didn't happen - it didn't happen in the most recent house. Has an email from previous landlord furious about damage to the house - "Damage to walls and door of the room used for music room". Most of the holes were the bathroom door - the bathroom was the only door that locked, so she would go in there and that is the door that got punched more.
- "Is he lying about this (violent rage) rarely happening or does he not remember?" A month prior to moving out of previous house, smashed plates around the kitchen and screamed, after being reminded of food he'd left on kitchen table. When they found out they were being evicted from yet another house prior to that, she grabbed the cat, ran out of the house to a neighbour she was friendly with as he started throwing and smashing things in rage. (There are so many stories like these peppered through the video..)
- Would lie awake after a fight at night thinking "if he finally snaps one day, i would probably die. he could kill me with one punch."
- She basically lived for the moments he would be nice and affectionate to her. During lockdown he had grown generally aggressive and unpleasant, and one time she pretended to be asleep when he came to bed after streaming so as to not deal with him. He brushed her hair and kissed her forehead, and that meant so much to her that she continued to pretend to be asleep so that he would do the same thing, "because it was the only time he was nice to me. when he thought i wasn't awake to experience it".
- Says he would make massive decisions to "save their relationship" such as moving to Barcelona and announcing it without discussing at all with Kaya. While talking to a mutual friend while drunk, when it was mentioned that Kaya didn't seem very keen on the idea, Jake said "nah she'll be fine once she's there". When friend said "you can't force someone to do something they don't want to do", Jake replied "ah, but you can manipulate them" - Kaya heard this story from that friend post-breakup.
- He got angry with her after breaking up with her and throwing her out of their home, when she didn't clean the whole place up on her way out the door. Also that he was angry that she didn't say thankyou after collecting her stuff from him after he had been trash talking her in comment-rants online.
- Discusses comments other people have pointed out, from the "boyfriend tag" video where it was mentioned she had to gather up her things to avoid them getting broken. Compilations people had made of his aggressive behaviour. Discusses times her mum had to come pick her up after "he'd done something awful" but "didn't ask too many questions because she knew I wouldn't want to say anything bad about him".
- Says that Jake turned up randomly at the studio post-breakup, after Kaya had discussed her mum's cancer scare, saying if she said anything else he would throw her out of the studio. "he had so much fucking control over me, I didn't get to process any of this properly. I didn't get to be angry…. I for the most part had to stay really silent."
- Says that she "wasn't allowed to be angry" during their relationship. She had to bottle it up, only he was allowed to be angry.
- Jake complained that Kaya never comforted him, but she says it's very hard to comfort someone when their only emotion is anger and using you as an emotional punching bag. Says the only time she's ever seen him "hurt" as opposed to angry, was when "things went down with John and MAG" which pushed her into defensive mode as response to his hurt.
- Jake says that it is okay to punch doors in anger and that he isn't doing anything wrong, and that he had warned Kaya prior to their relationship about his anger issues - Kaya highlights that she was sixteen at the time.
- States that Jake would be careful to yell at her over the phone or in person, presumably so that there was no paper trail of his anger post-breakup. Says that he told her in person that he was "proud that he cheated on me with Kat, proud that it got him out of a toxic relationship".
- Discusses yet another past incident when talking about dealing with the police, where she followed him into his studio after an argument to try and talk it out and he slammed the door on her so hard that it connected with her feet. He then shouted at her for crying about being hurt.

Sex life/body issues:
- Denies that they never had sex for a year. Says the longest they went was during lockdown when things were really bad and tense between them, and that was six months.
- Says that she would compliment him regularly, comment on his hair, outfits, weightloss etc. So him saying otherwise isn't true.
- Around the time of the last house move, they -were- having sex, "even at times when I wasnt in the mood I would still go with it anyway because I didn't want him to feel bad". When she would decline sex due to not feeling in the mood - adding that the only time he was really affectionate was when she felt he was chasing sex - he would go from cuddly to rolling away from her in bed ending all affection.
- Was made to feel that it was her fault that she wasn't interested in sex with Jake, to the point she went to the Doctor about it, worried that "dryness" was medical - it was not, she just wasn't into it. Her sexdrive has "increased incredibly" since the breakup.
- States early in their relationship Jake would call her fat. Later he would be more subtle about it, giving her shit for not going to the gym. Mentioned Jake knocking her hand away from food at a party saying "dont. calories" and then said "things like that were common with Jake."
- Towards end of relationship, she told him she didn't feel good about her body. He replied "You know I don't mind that." Insecurity about her body and how he viewed her body and commented on it, made it hard for her to initiate sex or get intimate.
- Wasn't his appearance that put her off of sex, it was his anger issues, him only being affectionate when he wanted sex making her feel used, the thirst traps he would post online, his desperation for other female validation, underage girls thirsting over him.
- He would yell about his height very regularly, how "no-one respected him because he was short". He has a weird obsession with penis size in other people, getting extremely angry when finding out about other men being well hung. Does mention though that he doesn't have any issues himself, but weird that he gets so bent out of shape about other men having big dicks.
- Sex wasn't very good, for her. Very little foreplay, and if there was any then it wasn't very good. Didn't go down on her but complained that she didn't go down on him often enough. Sex very vanilla - Kaya doesn't consider herself vanilla. "About 20 minutes of "pounding" in about 1-3 positions". Very dry, painful. Faked orgasms - surprised he didn't know - only came a handful of times but was concerned about hurting his feelings.
- He was strange regarding sex and discussing sex. He would get weird and storm out during sex scenes on TV in movies, etc. She didn't bring it up or discuss with him "due to his existing insecurities".
- Jake responded to being asked to be a little rougher in bed, with "and end up as a part of #MeToo? No thanks". Incredibly weird thing to say.

No. 1709945

It’s about time all this came out, ole fakey can’t back out of this one now

No. 1709952

Says lolcow 5 times… claims he doesn’t read lolcow. Okay, bud. Sure thing.

No. 1709956

omg thank you for the effortpost anon!

No. 1709961

Well damn. That was a lot to read, but thank you for the summary.

This shit had me dying tbh, just like that one anon who always assures us Jake and Kat most definitely don't post here, but Kaya and Kaya's friends most definitely do! Lil dude really told on himself. lmao

No. 1709962

Thank you so much for the detailed recap anon, this is honestly heartbreaking to hear what she went through and how she felt. The bit about him only being kind to her when she was asleep, ye gods

No. 1709964

My narc-relationship-trauma and desire to see this mans career go up in flames is your gain.
Honestly the whole thing was painful to watch in places. She literally breaks down talking about it, it's so fucking sad.
I hope Jake rage-drives himself into the sea.

No. 1709971

my predictions for his response (and he definitely will respond, his ego will not allow him not to):
>"these are very serious allegations!"
>if he had ever made anyone feel uncomfortable or sexually harassed, they should have gone to the police
>very smug about kaya's emotional distress, bragging about being so calm and "evidence"-based in comparison
>he couldn't provide intimacy because kaya is a starfish and her pussy smells
>kaya is fat and he isn't attracted to her
>how dare she make fun of his insecurities
>he isn't a manlet and has a big penis
>no one else has ever complained about his skills in bed and he totally has had the sex with sexy women who like sex
>also kaya is fat and he isn't attracted to her

No. 1709982

Should we be worried about how quiet it is on his side?

There really isn't anything he can say in response is there??!!

Your predictions will probably be spot on

No. 1709985

He's probably busy smashing the place up in a narc rage, no doubt he will have plenty to say in return but you can guarantee he is SEETHING at the stuff about sex, his height, his insecurities etc.

I'm truly not looking forward to his response because I'm sure he's going to be horrible about Kaya and try to hit at her insecurities too.

No. 1709989

>I'm sure he's going to be horrible about Kaya and try to hit at her insecurities too
No doubt he's going to complain about how fat she is and that she never hit the gym and that's sooo unfair to him, despite the weight gain being caused by medication and depression

No. 1709990

i just hope she's safe.
seeing her insta looks like she's got good friends around her.

No. 1709995

Kinda pumped to start a #canceljakemunro movement in anticipation of his inevitable vile narc spewing. Snickers legged little bitch

No. 1709998

Can we actually?!

No. 1710001

File: 1669423540556.png (39.53 KB, 539x468, chrome_qmxtrmtyBJ.png)

the irony lol

No. 1710002

File: 1669423552020.png (1.11 MB, 751x850, Screen Shot 11-26-22 at 01.45 …)

when you go look at her profile there's like 3 posts and 2 are about him

No. 1710003

Anyone catch the fact that when they met, he was 19/20 and she was 16???

No. 1710004

File: 1669424196146.png (78.28 KB, 542x718, chrome_EcL9V734dc.png)

more of his recent replies

No. 1710006

He's in full spiral mode now kek!

No. 1710007

"i want to be better"

right after insulting someone's appearance.

No. 1710009

He's one to talk, his anus head tattoo was so distracting during his video. He's doing V-tubing because he's ugly as hell.

No. 1710010

You don’t understand, Nonna, Kaya’s inability to be anorexic was abusive and entirely disrespectful towards him, the poor lad.

No. 1710012

Fucking kek, I couldn’t concentrate on his narc meltdown vid because I was too busy staring at that festering head wound. Any money his Vtubing model won’t have his syphillistic-looking tattoos.

No. 1710015

File: 1669424879809.jpg (195.79 KB, 1078x1466, SmartSelect_20221125-170404_Yo…)

His fans really show what kind of person he is. You attract what's similar to you and the lot of his fans are pathetic

No. 1710017

The parasocial relationships these people have with him are just sad.

No. 1710019

Fuck me, every last one of his “snaccs” (either literally children or middle aged momma bear types) need a thorough psychological intervention. I can’t imagine wanting to rewatch a two hour video of negativity upon negativity… and THANKING the creator for creating such content. Bring back shame.

No. 1710025

You’re a saint, nonnie angel. Thank you so much for doing that, a huge effort! I’m kind of speechless. None of it was terribly shocking (I did raise my eyebrows quite a bit at some parts though), i just feel sad for her that while she is trying to move on, he’s still so obsessed with her that he has to keep being a full perpetrator. Antagonist. His insecurities are GLEAMING.

Obviously he’s going to respond, I just have hopes that she laughs it off and never mentions him again. She said her piece, finally. Let him drown himself now. Any reply he makes is just going to be a laugh anyways. Grow girl, rid yourself of that little rat. No more crying over this bloated dickwad.

No. 1710030

Shit attracts flies.

No. 1710040

His snaccs are so pathetic. They are either 30+ desperate to stay young low self esteem pick me's, troons, dumb teenage girls who think he's smart and a bunch of misogynist scrotes. It's like he got the fan trail mix but all the good nutters are gone all that's left are dried up raisins and those ones that taste like stale cardboard.

No. 1710063

File: 1669430055638.jpeg (60.98 KB, 1200x675, A9DA77D8-22BE-41B4-844C-3BA47D…)

My favourite part of Kayas video is explaining Jake having a fucking meltdown because William Defoe has a bigger dick than him.

No. 1710070

Looking through the current replies to his vid, there's a narrative going on that Jake's vid is justified because Kaya was the first to respond and made a vid first? (I'm thinking her breakup vid was up longer than his side, and the dumb dumbs didn't catch that when he took his down). Also she was passive aggressive - Jake's online raging comments going into detail about financials and the situation, as recorded here, pales in comparison to anything she offhand mentioned in any Q & A.
On IG, I found it funny to see Jake repost a photo he took with a fan…from Dec 2021.

No. 1710086

Looks like Jake deleted his Instagram.

No. 1710088


Nah, I found it.

No. 1710095

Would love to see what’s going on with Kat. She sounds like a piece of shit too

No. 1710106

File: 1669433318137.png (Spoiler Image,3.87 MB, 1170x2532, FBEB8CF9-EAB9-4CB0-AC9A-160D9F…)

Ain’t nobody want this lol!>1710095

No. 1710108

She totally does. I thought she was just really stupid but the more I hear about her to more I feel she's a total piece of shit.

No. 1710117

Halfway through Kaya's video, it's interesting because it actually seems like he's the most insecure, selfish, angry man and he couldn't express affection towards her properly due to his mental state. He has anger fits over the kost absurd things, as mentioned by recap anon. Over turkey leftovers, over a man smiling at Kaya.
I actually get the impression he is probably crying into his monster energy right now after watching the video, after desperately provoking her for a year, here is the response you wanted Jake and it's probably painful af.
She gains confidence as she works through the content in the video, I think it's important for her to get it out and it's very clear the problem was him. It actually seems like he did care about her but he's seriously mentally ill, untreated of course, and that led to the most absurd behavior, like how he is torpedoing his life right now.

No. 1710118

Fully agreed except swap the monster energy with long island ice tea since he and skat like to double fist them

No. 1710125

What Kaya said about him being sweet and affectionate towards her by giving her kisses and petting her hair when he thought she was asleep is so odd. I’ve had an ex who’s done something similar, and I just.. can’t figure out why they do that. Complete monster in every other sense but sweet when they think you aren’t awake

No. 1710143

I almost think it’s a dominant thing. Like a dog, like unfortunately when he’s wake he’s like, “look at how trashy I am” and at home he probably settles into “ more normal stage”? Idk I’m making shit up>>1710125

No. 1710153

I think part of why I believe her so much more (aside from Jake being a cunt) is that he obviously planned his video. He worked out what he was going to say and how he was going to make himself appear angelic.

She, however, was blindsided by his video, watched it and instantly filmed her side which makes it more believable because she wouldn’t have had time to concoct stories or think about how she could twist things to be the truth.

My favourite part of her video was “for someone was aggressive and angry in life, he was very much the opposite in bed” I could not stop laughing at that. He must be seething.

No. 1710179

>"with a face like that I'd recommend using an anime pfp"
Says the dude who literally spent hundreds to thousands on VR equipment so he could do just that: hide his face behind an anime character but be able to continue streaming without putting effort into his appearance.

No. 1710180


It has to do with resentment and of course power. narcs resent the people they care about because they view that as a weakness, they view it as that person having "power" over them. yeah it's as stupid as it sounds. They really are the most insecure fucks on earth. They don't really have the capacity to care though, when they show affection to a sleeping person they are projecting who they want that person to be onto them at that time (and all they want is a doormat pretty much to serve them silently). It's another reason why they hate you when you are awake, then they can't use you as a blank canvas

No. 1710195

god, there were so many unintentionally funny bits to that video. Jake losing his shit over Willem Dafoe having a large dick and Kaya just being completely dumbfounded by the over-reaction had me dead. I know she was only trying to be honest, but she absolutely dragged the pathetic little loser.

Did anyone else catch the bit about Jake having "not very nice things" to say about Kat initially before eventually hooking up with her?

No. 1710200

The fact he didn't speak to her all day after she was laughing about William Dafoe supposedly having a big dick, imagine being so insecure.
Being affectionate while she was asleep is insecurity too, exactly as this anon >>1710180 said, caring about your SO is "weakness"
I'm this anon >>1710117 and after watching the whole thing, my opinion is the same. He's mentally unwell but refuses to address it so projects it on everyone else.

Some stuff recap anon didn't mention:
Interesting how Kaya confirmed a lot of stuff posited in this thread: she did think him taking Kat to all her favourite places was intentional, she specified Barcelona was very much "their" thing and some other place he took Kat was somewhere she had expressed she wanted to go.
He was harassing her on her most recent London trip, she has been ignoring him other than noting his online rants about her and discussing them irl (sounds like she's been reading the thread, or a friend sent her the screenshots, since those were deleted fast)
She mentions he is hated in Belfast and references the reddit thread where they're talking about how much they hate him.
She and Dean met up a few times post-breakup (she refers to him only as "Kat's ex" or similar, not by name iirc) to compare notes and figure out what was going on, but this wasn't until a few months after Kat was revealed to be Jake's new girlfriend.
The "hair in the bed" was actually hair on bed, sofa, and cum on the sheets (ew) as previously mentioned. Kaya was very offended and viewed it as intentional since she was supposed to visit to look after the cat (Sebastian)
Kaya was offended Kat went through her boxes of stuff (why would she even need to?) while Jake was sorting them.
The camera/laptop obsession: she does use that camera for filming and has done since 2020. Jake has expressed multiple times that she doesn't "deserve" her fame and her Youtube channel, so there is some idea that trying to take her camera is some attempt to attack her channel.
Kaya views his video as an attack on her channel and income, hence rushing out a response.
He very much forced the whole "moving to barcelona" idea including some idea he made up about her starting an art shop in Barcelona, despite Kaya only viewing it as a hobby. It seems almost like Jake has a really fixed idea of what he wants to happen and if anything defers from that, he flips.
Jake has been harassing her via every platform, text, calls, everything since the breakup.
Kaya has a solicitor who she asked for advice, and has also been in touch with the police since October since she wanted to know if he had any grounds with the camera/laptop shit (they said he doesn't) and they did a risk assessment with her based on his previous violence.
While she states many times he never hit her, she states towards the end of the video that there were incidents where things he would throw or break would hit her and hurt her, he also slammed a door hard on her foot the one time she tried to go after him when he was angry versus avoiding him.
As recap anon mentioned, she was afraid he would punch her and describes him as "very strong" and thought one punch could kill her, so the violence around her still frightened her very much.

No. 1710213

File: 1669450919807.jpg (74.54 KB, 870x294, tx.jpg)

Lol Kat trying to pretend she wasn't kicked out

No. 1710215

If it was amicable, then why was she thrown out of the tattoo parlour they had together. Must have been super nasty for her to leave a business she had with her husband.

No. 1710216

16 is the age of consent in the UK so it was legal but whether that kind of age gap is ethical is another thing. I had a 19 nearly 20 y/o bf when I was 16, that relationship lasted 7 years and guess what, he was abusive as fuck too!!

No. 1710217

File: 1669454731843.png (414.95 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20221126-092327.png)

Looks like Jake gave up on trying to remove the criticisms from his most recent insta of him and Kat. I wonder in his next video if he's going to start banging the " She's using her toxic fanbase to harrass me!!!" Drum

No. 1710219

Fuck, I think I like Kaya now. the being-a-fake-goth grudge I had against her now seems so little and petty compared to how dignified and based she is acting now, spilling all the beans without any fear or extensive planning and screenwriting like Jake did because she just has to tell it to the camera. If that's acting, she deserved a fucking oscar, any sane person who compares the two videos will see that.
And all because Jake thought it would be a good idea to make that video full of lies to try to "destroy" her… If he only had left her alone as she stated time and time again that she wanted no contact with him, as far as having a solicitor and the police involved…
He brought it upon himself KEK AETERNUS

where did Kat post that?

No. 1710222

He just went ahead and deleted all of these.

No. 1710223

File: 1669456385648.jpg (149.5 KB, 720x853, Screenshot_20221126-034814_You…)

I honestly think this shows a lot on the depths of truth in kayaks video. I've watched both and to see her fellow friends even comment who have spent time with Jake speaks volumes.

No. 1710226

No. 1710228

His instergram still there I think this person was blocked
I saw on the other thread that jake has bipolar dud he admitted this? Im not giving him my view

No. 1710229

He said he was "semi-diagnosed" (i.e., a psychiatrist said he may have it because of his rages) but didn't pursue it any further because he was ashamed of taking medication for it and has since got over it himself

No. 1710230

LOL. The same thing he was shitting on her for. He really is a master of projection.

No. 1710232

>>1710200 I'm sure most people who have been in abusive relationships can relate to so many of these anecdotes but especially for me the financial control, control over moving somewhere to isolate you further and driving dangerously/threatening to crash the car when you disagree with them - all this stuff is so textbook. Coercive control is reportable to the police now Kaya, if he does anything collate as much of this stuff as you can and take it to the police. His own video basically admits he was aggressive and coercive. https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/controlling-or-coercive-behaviour-intimate-or-family-relationship

No. 1710234

>>1710232 I know anon isn't Kaya btw but in case she reads lolcow, don't feel any remorse about completely napalming Jake's life because otherwise he will try to do it to yours.

No. 1710241

Many yrs ago, narc bf was still friends w his exes and had “beautiful” female friends, seemingly mentioned it to make me think hot girls threw themselves at him or surrounded themselves with him…. a 6’ 250 lb computer nerd. We met online and I was expecting to meet a more mature type, not that chubby, musician as we met on a music forum, but dude didn’t have a job.

anyway it was ok for him to go to coffee dates with his ex who was his “best friend” even though she said whack shit about me (I shouldn’t tell my bf if he can do drugs or not, I don’t love him for who he is.” That’s a lovely stoners sentiment, but at the time shrooms and cannabis were illegal and I wasn’t old enough to drink yet. I thought it’d be better if he did things other than drugs in his free time. Anyway, one day I invited him to my friends birthday where I’ve never even kissed this dude, he was my platonic friend since high school and I knew I wouldn’t see him again bc jealous bf. My bf said “wow I didn’t know you still hugging your guy friends closely. thats pretty intimate. And you just stared in each other’s eyes…” yes we had been good friends and never shared any inappropriate affection.

He also complained that I gave him a cooler bday present (I knew this friend longer, he loved pirates, sponge bob, it was kind of a gag gift with a long candy necklace involved, with Mardi Gras beads, but my bf was jealous, seeing green. seemed annoying the my friend who was trying to get my h to take me on the most romantic date chose someplace “very expensive.” and so not only was a terrible flirt, I preferred my platonic friend from high school over him as seen by thoughtful gift, and I was a princess expecting to be taken somewhere expensive, receiving my friends “blessing.” :/(:/)

No. 1710252

This is not your blog

No. 1710270

Angela bendict and Emily boo have shown their support on her video now.

Stumpy ain't got a leg to stand

No. 1710272

post caps or sage your shit

No. 1710293

File: 1669467983993.jpg (302.69 KB, 926x416, ang.jpg)

(Not the Anon, but I capped it anyway.)

No. 1710307

File: 1669470369101.jpg (200.67 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20221126_054324.jpg)

No. 1710310

File: 1669470764595.jpg (313.63 KB, 1079x1108, SmartSelect_20221126-054956_Yo…)

On that note, Kaya seems to have some popular people speaking up for her. Like other anons said it speaks volumes. The majority of comments on fakes video are negative now. Little mans hands couldnt delete them all fast enough

No. 1710316

File: 1669471730029.jpeg (121.59 KB, 1282x519, 9D15DB65-8463-4F79-9AF1-F34BA0…)

He bought all this expensive stuff, but couldn’t get a housekeeper. He had all these receipts, but none stating he ever helped with HER mental health.

No. 1710326

really after learning everything from kaya's video (which we all suspected but perhaps didn't know the full extent of..) it puts everything into perspective. her "laziness" or even the weight gain, hell she was dealing with his narc ass belittling her constantly no wonder she turned to food for comfort. gained weight, got yelled at more, ate more… vicious cycle. i wouldn't be surprised if he was the one claiming it was the meds as well

No. 1710330

The fact that he starts his video saying “I have to apologize for two things. One my hair, I didn’t have time to do it. And two I’m sorry I didn’t make a video sooner to give my followers ammunition to fight in my corner”
Holy shit.

No. 1710338

It’s great seeing her coming out with all the bits truth now it must feel good to finally grief properly and let it out. I think it all coming out will help her heal better

No. 1710343

File: 1669474478167.jpeg (513.84 KB, 828x1639, B385C825-E5F5-4E30-8B38-20D1FA…)

No. 1710344

File: 1669474504978.jpeg (316.78 KB, 828x1624, 66A7D289-5A51-4972-A111-0E9E78…)

No. 1710345

File: 1669474586879.jpeg (307.06 KB, 828x1604, C081F7AB-751C-42E0-B67A-898691…)

No. 1710348

File: 1669474691052.jpeg (557.09 KB, 828x1626, 411D67A6-424A-40F3-B799-8FFBE7…)

Little man his brother reacted at Kaya het video

No. 1710351

File: 1669474863909.jpeg (634.06 KB, 828x1628, A5207C67-CBB3-4624-8C6A-FF6F76…)

No. 1710353

What a fucking sadsack, so this is Jake's brother? On his channel there's a vlog attempt video in Tokyo which is definitely skinwalking Jake back when he was a bit more Casey Neistat styled. Embarrassed for him

No. 1710354

File: 1669475320509.png (627.74 KB, 1079x1957, Screenshot_20221126-150749.png)

Oh he's starting to respond to comments,let's see how long it takes him to melt down completely

No. 1710356

Jake thumbnail picture looks like he been abused and harassed for a year when really it I'm better then her money money money

I'm betting the video be gone by next week

No. 1710357

File: 1669475382179.jpeg (375.07 KB, 1282x1380, 50DDA160-B2B7-4063-B8E2-809C18…)

Jakes brother leaves by saying “ I know he hates me, but I can’t find it in me to hate him”
Jake can’t seem to keep everyone in his life. He hates everyone. Hopefully Kat is reading this.

No. 1710358

Ha ha its all back fired on him
Tried to drag her down but ruined himself even more but im sure he still blaming kaya

No. 1710359

major kek at Jake's brother seeing this as a chance to win Jake's sympathy by wking him.

No. 1710361

Yeah me me me but her video started with q general sorry about her mental heath and being messy

No. 1710366

Yup he thick as shit

No. 1710367

Where the Emily boo comment i can't find it

No. 1710373

File: 1669476453535.jpeg (404.29 KB, 1282x915, 2AEECCB6-00D6-4B20-A485-02DDEE…)

“Didn’t you watch the fucking video?”
“I’m not going to get a mature response from you”
If this is how he speaks to people he doesn’t know imagine living with him.

Having a receipt doesn’t prove that those things weren’t a gift and he’s not getting that threw his thick skull. Especially after admitting in his video him and cat were the ones to go through the boxes and split everything up. He’s just telling on himself in public

No. 1710377

File: 1669476878545.jpeg (408.07 KB, 1282x1106, 4D6BA6B0-435C-44FD-822A-25EC70…)

Even VAMPIREFREAKS came out to support kaya. I didn’t even know they still existed.

No. 1710382

File: 1669477128297.jpeg (144.19 KB, 1282x541, F95E6B10-2165-4A96-ACC6-BC02CA…)

Sorry I’m lost. Who’s this?

No. 1710383

These comments are all gone now, I checked a few minutes ago that insta post had 200-something comments, now it's down to 190 something

Edit: just checked, 200 now. Will he be able to keep up?

No. 1710384

File: 1669477353483.png (1.38 MB, 736x675, egg kaya.PNG)

the egg hatching photo is cute tbh

No. 1710385

File: 1669477418223.jpeg (257.12 KB, 1283x1558, 00FA87F2-235B-42FB-902B-48F196…)

“…A child you didn’t flirt with..” woof. I have a feeling more people are going to come out with stories of their own very soon

No. 1710386

You know, if I thought it meant he’d leave her alone I’d support her having some sort of donation goal (just to imagine the vein throbbing on his stupid thick head at the thought of people rallying round her, which is really bothering him, he just doesn’t get that it’s his personality that’s causing the issues) to replace the equipment he claims she’s ‘stolen’ if it was vital to running her channel and let him have it back. But he’d just find something else to harass her about, he doesn’t give a shit about the equipment, it’s just the last vestige of control he has left.

No. 1710391

File: 1669478210951.png (1019.71 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20221126-154751.png)

It's so fun how easy Jake makes it to discredit the things Jake says in his own video, remember how much of a song and dance he makes about MAG and how he did all the work boo hoo poor jakey ? They did hire an editor, Vox. There were three other people involved in the making of MAG and he can't bring himself to credit a single one of them, Vix and the work she did for him, all the time she spent? Meaningless. Utterly meaningless to him and even moreso now that he's deleted it all, again, without input from the three other people involved in it's creation. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart fuck this man, I wish him every misfortune.

No. 1710393

Lol luck for me, I dated a guy when I was maybe 17, j think he was like,37,( I was a slut) and well, the relationship wasn’t too bad ( it lasted for a year)it’s always about who youre dating(braindead blogpost )

No. 1710395

File: 1669478462768.jpeg (317.61 KB, 1283x1822, E594D503-2B12-4A31-A0BB-4102A6…)

The “toxictearsboyfriend” hashtag she was talking about in her video. Very telling and obvious what he was doing here. He was a nobody

No. 1710400

File: 1669478987495.jpeg (268.26 KB, 1111x994, 5CF71D55-D2A1-4771-B9C3-6BF6E2…)

He’s lost 2k subscribers since Friday. Fake, Fake, Fake, this really hasn’t gone down the way you hoped has it?

No. 1710406

File: 1669479659689.jpg (52.41 KB, 577x433, 72501u.jpg)

Found this in the reddit thread. kek

I love how majestically this whole thing blew up in his own face. He really thought he was doing something.

No. 1710412

If he wanted to get rid of her soo badly and she was oh such a bad person, why not just say "fuck those 1200, it was an expensive lesson not to let her touch my stuff without being there" and the end? He just NEEDS a connection to her, it's all just an excuse.

No. 1710413

why does that look like a mugshot picture? forewarning perhaps kek

No. 1710423

That's disturbing

No. 1710424

File: 1669481563258.jpg (248.09 KB, 1080x1378, Screenshot_20221126-165127_Ins…)

Looks like #munrogirlfriend never picked up lol

No. 1710426

All this time, Fake could’ve been putting his focus and energy towards Kat, his new girlfriend. Try to forget about Kaya. But no, Fake isn’t normal.
You would think Kat would see this obsession of his and be put off by it, but she’s a genuine idiot. His violence should at least make her worry for the safety of her child.

No. 1710428

If jake had a brain cell he would just restricted the comments on his instergram pictures rather then deleting them all

No. 1710430

Textbook narc, nothing anyone else does is "cool enough" and they need to drag you to your face about it
There's no way she doesn't see it but she's in too deep now. She literally destroyed her marriage and home to be with a pathetic narc obsessed with his ex who isn't even good in bed lol explains why their only fans looks as hot as day old oatmeal.
Jake is an abuser, men like that don't act magically nicer in a new relationship, so he's already been abusing her. Probably every compliment she gets is with a dig at Kaya included. He's straight up obsessed.

No. 1710431

He isn't doing that because his relationship with Kat is already dying. Why not just jump start the next chapter of harassing Kaya? He's shown he has no patience when it comes to the end of relationships

No. 1710432

She probably loving the negative talking about kaya cause it makes her look like an better sane gf but she probably become a obsessive stalker too. Wouldn't put it past her to leave negative comments about kaya on these website over the last year there beeb very sus on the nose comments

No. 1710434

He wants the attention from the small selection of snaccs who are still crawling up his arsehole

No. 1710435

Honestly even if Kaya did steal the camera and laptop, good for her. In all seriousness, this idiot doesn’t get that he doesn’t have to harass her to “get his things back.” If you find out you’ve been blocked on everything maybe take it as a fucking hint to consider it as a loss. Whining over 1.2k when you’re claiming you’re successful is retarded as fuck. Kaya may have taken his money but he took her money and fucked with her mental and physical health.

No. 1710436

Honestly would love to be a fly on the wall in Jakes House atm it either be smashed up or calling kaya everything under the sun glued to his phone deleting comments and planning his panic response

No. 1710439

He would got away with his abuse if he just shut up. I think kaya not responding to his digs or talking to him made him rage more

No. 1710440

Would any of you happen to remember any specific moments between Jake and Kelly Eden in those old vlogs they did that stood out to you as Jake being flirty with her?

No. 1710441

Yeah, not to blogpost but I'm sure lots of anons can relate to being in less than healthy relationships and often part of ending that means taking a financial hit in one way or another - whether they owe you money and don't pay it back, or you have to cover rent that you used to share, or they end up with items that you originally bought and owned. Healthy people just cut their losses, learn a lesson from the experience and move on. Jake is a textbook narcissist and as many have said, this is just another way to control and abuse Kaya when she's doing a good job of moving on with her life.

No. 1710443

File: 1669482362133.jpeg (383.39 KB, 1170x1694, 9B84117D-9A87-49A0-A226-468E1D…)

Funny enough, Kat has done this. One of the only smart things she’s done.

No. 1710444

Best thing she could do is post the equipment to him he have no excuse that she has anything his now and all his points would be invalid and she could turn around say your keeping my bike from me so he pretty much stolen just like she apparently has he is with holding her bike that theft

No. 1710445

That means she active on her let's be real

Hi kat

No. 1710446

She hasn't on her gross OF insta profile though, its linked in her bio.

No. 1710449

amateur musician moids are so predictable kek. he can't cope with the fact that someone (let alone a woman) can have musical talent and play an actual instrument. playing saxophone takes discipline, practise and skill, none of which he has. (btw nonna, your icon is showing)

No. 1710450

I 100% believe both she and Jake post here. Every time someone tries to detail the thread into "but what about how horrible Kaya is??" I've been suspicious. A lazy ADHD YouTuber is just not the same as a raging narc abuser, especially now that we know he's literally been sucking the joy of life out of her for over a decade

No. 1710452

I dated a horrible narc moid just like him. Shit on everyone and everything but when he took the stage people would literally leave he was that bad. Of course he thought of himself as a tortured genius

No. 1710453

Agreed - I think what's especially telling is that even before the breakup, anons were more critical of Jake because he was clearly a piece of work. Now we've seen how he was directly impacting Kaya's mental wellbeing and generally making her life shitty, no wonder she wasn't creating content much and just doing boring unboxings (looking back at old threads, those seemed to be the bigger criticisms along with her being silly - but harmless - about the swan thing). He's never been popular here

No. 1710460

I checked her Insta this morning before any mention of limiting comments came to be on here and it was still very much limited back then so I very much doubt we inspired her to be cautious. I think she just knows deep down she’s public enemy number one and is running shit scared from any backlash her “daddy” might toss her way.

No. 1710461

this part comes to mind, from 2:09 to 2:33

No. 1710463

sax is one of the most post-punk instruments ever, he's such a fool, he never has ANY idea about what he's talking about smugly
I follow kelly's threads too, so I'll try to get the receipts that I remember exist in her own threads. For example: once Jake and Kaya were in the US hanging with Kelly and Dee in a toy store. Jake was following Kelly all around like a puppet on a string. At one point they enter an isle, he or she, i dont remember, picks up a toy that moves on it's own, Jake automatically starts making gross innuendos at Kelly. The girls all go eeeeeew. I'll get others soon.

Yes! And now that we KNOW Kaya is reading us here: do this Kaya. Mail him or have the equipment delivered to him by someone. He will then have NOTHING to connect him to you, if he still tries, I bet he can get arrested.

I usually don't like the out of the blue "hi cows" but it is clear that very specific anons were him and Kat. Kat was that really dumb one that couldn't spell to save a life and wrote like a chav stereotype that was insisting that Kaya was hated among Belfast's underground- which was proven to be false, as even real life accquaintances are coming out in support of her- and that she only hung out with cokeheads. They even tried to double down and say she and her friends were doing crack. That must be why she only writes SHOTS! and DADDY! because she's nearly illiterate.

No. 1710464

samefag to add
You found it while I was typing! I guess it stuck in everyone's memory. It matches perfectly with the info Kaya gave us about him. It's on video, how will he spin this? kek

No. 1710465

I'm making a compilation so anything you can find helps! I tried combing through the archives of this thread but no one has linked any videos as far as I can see sadly

No. 1710466

Yeah, Kat probably is really feeling that sunk-cost. I know abusers don’t change, but all of this mess (his waning popularity, further “damages to reputation”, etc.) could have been avoided if Fake moved on. It’s just baffling. He caused his own downfall.
Fake has spent a lot on Kat and her kid too, right? She better be ready for solicitors if she ever breaks up with him.

No. 1710467

haha yes unfortunately it stuck in my mind for being so gross and disrespectful toward kaya!

No. 1710468

He lurks this thread, so someone should save this before it gets deleted.

No. 1710469

i may have to torture myself and watch through the other vlogs from LA to spot anymore

No. 1710470

and Kelly, no matter what you think of her. If my friend's boyfriend said that to me, I'd be feeling so disrespected, so outraged
yes! archiving nonnas, archive everything!

No. 1710471

I'm honestly considering to buy her plushie when it comes out because its just a cat which is always cute and it will make Jake seethe even more lmao

No. 1710473

I'll be wading through them myself, I've been trying to think of other moments like the Kelly vlogs too. I feel there's been a few vlogs he's posted that had people talking about if he hates Kaya or if he's cheating over the years as well

No. 1710474


Are we thinking of the same one? The one that sticks out to me the most was the anon who described Kat's set in detail no viewer could know. Was about 2 threads ago.

Either way about it, there have been a few I am 80% sure were Kat or Fake, from their actions I'm pretty sure they've posted here. I mean hell, if I can't help but check multiple times a day despite never commenting till yesterday, surely that pair of narcs wouldn't be able to help read people talking about them.

No. 1710476

File: 1669484057487.jpeg (130.39 KB, 1281x492, 9E9E1B9E-D021-4A4E-AB73-2F7CAA…)

No. 1710480

I really wonder how K had that fallout with Fake. For a while, the two were pretty close, taking trips and all together. Did K know the whole time about the Kaya situation or was K fed lies about it from Fake? I’m guessing Fake gradually started acting more like an asshole towards K and her friends.

No. 1710481

The discussion about her and Jake is on Kelly's first thread if anyone wants to see
I think Kelly privated all of her videos.
wtf are you on about? is K suposed to be Kat?

No. 1710484

No you retard, clearly you haven’t been here long. K was a TIF musician that Fake was “best bros” with for a short time. He visited her in America and paid for lots of her trips so she could come over and be with him on tour. K was the only friend Fake had left for a while.

No. 1710486

File: 1669484733637.jpeg (266.49 KB, 1282x1256, A811EFFE-8CB8-4F8C-BA7F-93B75D…)

No. 1710488

samefag, she even did a podcast interview with him >>1413836

No. 1710490

Who is this? I'm bad with names.

No. 1710493

Wait when did K and Jake fall out? I completely missed this.

No. 1710495

Thanks, I'll check that out

No. 1710497

Thank you, I'm a retard. I completely forgot about her until this very second.
didn't she just kinda ghosted him after he went to the US to help her move or something?

No. 1710498

Right, like spending 10k on a bike or whatever but you can't pay a cleaner £20? He just enjoyed using it against her. If he really cared he would have done it himself or hired someone.

No. 1710500

I think they mean K the femboy friend from America

No. 1710501

I’ve tried looking back at the threads for specific posts, but some of the past recaps are crap.
From what I can recall, Jake visited America to help K move, like >>1710497 said. He also stayed at her house to help her cat-sit while she went off to hang out with friends.
The relationship ended in ghosting, so no one’s really sure what happened there. It could’ve been Fake’s narcissist behavior that ended the friendship.

No. 1710503

Is that one the old band members yikes let's hope they spill the beans too.

No. 1710507

File: 1669485592589.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1138x2095, 94BB0DCC-FCCE-40B0-A737-0D1C7D…)

No. 1710508

Jake posted a video him going Germany I think it was the wallet stolen video he meets k but they seem so uninterested in jake and like leave him to go back to the hotel and sleep that the last k was mentioned and jake was left to eat nuggets alone in Germany

No. 1710509

so far i haven't found much else in the LA vlogs however in one he's in some kind of comic shop and listing off the cool things in there, then points to a poster(i think, the lighting isn't great) on a wall with what looks to be a super young anime style girl, saying "super sexy figurines"

hopefully other nonas can find more evidence in different vlogs

No. 1710511

Oof I hope she mentions how twatish and childish he was when they did a group meet up and he legit left the people who came to meet him He just walked of sat alone while everyone was having fun sat in a circle I'm sure a lot was said and thought that day

No. 1710512

christ i remember that, he was sat far away from everyone else on his phone or something, pissed he wasn't get any attention and they were there for kaya lmao

No. 1710518

Yup massive hypocritical narc. Yeah she needs just to send it all to him and replace the stuff even if it was a gift originally just not worth the hassle and drama he causing and if she did the Sebastian plush now she should be a to replace the equipment asp

He would have no leg to stand on if she given it all back and yeah i agree of he gets the law involved she could smash him with the my name was on the house too, you kept my bike, you went though my stuff with out permission idk if stuff was stolen or broken on purpose, you stalked me. The list endless

No. 1710519

File: 1669486130455.jpeg (767.34 KB, 1170x852, EFADF0E7-5425-4E07-B835-1DDC97…)

You can see Kaya (black and yellow scarf) sat with the group, joining in and looking she’s having a good time and what’s he doing? Sat on a grit bin having a sulk. God he’s such a fun sponge.

No. 1710520

God he's such a MOID
Deal with your mental health issues Jake.
Your life won't be fixed if you steal her laptop and camera back. It's not even a particularly significant amount of money and worth even less after years of use. You can buy secondhand equipment off eBay if you really want that particular model back, but we all know it's bullshit. Reminds me of an anon on here I read once talking about how her ex would harass her over a nintendo DS (worth like $50 secondhand). The actual items are irrelevant.
As Kaya states in her video, his current equipment is higher spec so it doesn't even make sense he wants these back. Like he just blew probably 1k on VR shit but is chasing some secondhand, well used laptop and camera?
He's just empty inside and looking for answers everywhere except working on yourself which is the only way to truly be fulfilled. micromanaging, manipulating, harassing, shockingly is not the route to true happiness. He's also risking his relationship with Kat since even the most extreme, dumbass pickme is gonna have alarm bells ringing at this level of obsession with your ex.

No. 1710525

File: 1669486373910.jpg (162.97 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20221126-171823_Sam…)

KAya So mESsY

No. 1710527

Ha small man syndrome
Ha tiny dick
Ha fat neck

Ha shit tattoos
Ha shit personality
Abusive and narcissistic cheating idiot

What a catch lucky you kat hit the jackpot. Give it a year and he cheat on you.

No. 1710530

In his old videos he used to brag about being aggressive and punching things I'm just suprised he never physically hurt kaya or the cat

No. 1710531

File: 1669486738008.png (957.77 KB, 685x772, Screenshot 2022-11-26 at 19-14…)

Surely that only happened once, he's such a lovely vibrant spirit otherwise. The life of the party really.

I know some nonnies thought it was weird of Kaya's mom to make these posts, but now that we know what we know, I can understand mom's need to vent a bit as well.

No. 1710534

>>1710520 I used to have an 80D before my current DSLR, aren't they worth like £200 max now? The gear he's making such a big fuss about is ancient and worth very little ffs.

No. 1710537

Waiting for her mother to post something

No. 1710541

Oh my god I literally saw a comment from someone (can't remember where) saying that at a meet up Jake was "sulking, sitting on some salt bin" this must have been the meetup kek. He's such a dick it's unreal.

No. 1710549

File: 1669487612573.png (1.72 MB, 1080x818, Screenshot_20221126-183200.png)

Even in the thumbnail he's radiating furious narc energy

No. 1710551

File: 1669487803737.jpeg (178.8 KB, 1282x814, DCD18534-22F6-491E-B61D-C69387…)

He clearly wants the camera and laptop back cause he’s broke and playing stepdad now. He’s manipulated Kaya for so long, he thinks he can get away with doing to everyone else. Good luck getting a “real” job, Jake

No. 1710553

he might have to get a "minimum wage job" like he told kaya to do kek

No. 1710560

Oh the irony

No. 1710565

This is exactly why whenever this usually happens with prominent couples you both agree on a blanket statement " please respect our privacy at this time" and then everyone involved just shuts the fuck up about it until you wheel Kat out a year later like they had apparently originally discussed. Jake posting thirst traps while Kayak was beside herself with grief in the interim between their breakup announcements was the first mistake, the second and biggest mistake of all was him posting that first trip to Barcelona with Kat, that first picture of them holding hands with the double long islands, THAT is the moment he ruined his own career.

No. 1710572

He lost a huge chunk of following by using his "we broke up" video to massively plug himself, too.

No. 1710573

File: 1669489358445.png (2.25 MB, 1612x954, meltdown2018.png)

for those who are interested, the second time jake and kat met, kaya was there too.

No. 1710576

Also the only fans didn't go down well I noticed a lot un following when that was announced

No. 1710578

Honestly I think it's more due to how he put on blast how obviously horrible of a person he is. Anyone with two brain cells can see it.
The only people defending him are his literally in denial snaccs
A psychologist once told me it's near impossible to help a narcissist recover. I wonder if there's anyway what with all this evidenced in the backlash, he'd ever stop, look in the mirror, and think 'shit maybe I'm the bad guy'

No. 1710581


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, literally all he had to do was post a short video, no makeup where he looked sad, say they grew apart and SHUT THE FUCK UP. But no, his rampant narcissism just couldn’t let him do that he has to ‘win’. Not realising that a huge proportion of his fan base liked him because he was ‘wholesome goth boy in a longterm relationship’ and when he made it abundantly clear he gave zero shits about Kaya, he may as well have told them he gave no shits about them either. All of this is his own doing. All of it. Kaya didn’t need to do a thing. He just can’t help himself.

No. 1710586

Everyone has levels of narcissism and you can work on that. It's the people with Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD) that are beyond help. They are in the same group as sociopaths and psychopaths. A lot of people now mix up narcissism and NPD because it's become popular buzzwords online. I don't know what Jake has. His anger issues seem to be something else.

No. 1710589

Yes agreed and I do mean NPD in his case, I mistakenly thought when you call someone "a narcissist" rather than "narcissistic" it makes the distinction clear. And hell if there were ever a textbook case of it, he's it.

No. 1710604

What do you guys think Kaya meant when she doesn't want vanilla sex but can barely say the word? Kaya is cringe through and through lol

No. 1710606

He's not a textbook case at all. NPD's put all their effort in how they appear to the outside world. They are never caught being salty sitting on the side or not wearing a smile at a party. I do think he has a lot of narcissistic tendencies but he strikes me more as someone with antisocial personality disorder. It would make the violent rage fit perfectly.

No. 1710608

She didn't want to have to discuss her sex life at all on the internet so I don't blame her for not giving us a ton of information that wasn't relevant. She also talked a little bit about how weird Jake got regarding talking about sex, specifically that he didn't like doing it or avoided doing it, and how that behaviour rubbed off on her to the point she feels awkward talking about sex when she knows she shouldn't.

No. 1710609

She probably means she wants bdsm in her sexual life. She did say once he is painfully vanilla

No. 1710611

tbh his reluctance to be rough in bed is the only redeeming thing she mentioned about him, even if she doesn't see it that way.

No. 1710613

Interesting that people keep saying anons thst have issue with Kaya's lifestyle see young. She wasn't just messy. She did nothing for years and wasn't even grateful for what was done for her. Any working professional that's dedicated hard work and having to cry through tasks to earn a living and there's Kaya crying over nothing, her biggest issue in life is cleaning up after herself. That's the most entitled shit. She's had her 20s to get her shit together. There will never be a magic pill that will make someone do chores or take care of themselves, a person needs to get over themselves and do it.

No. 1710614

hi jake(hi cow)

No. 1710616

I would never put up with a partner like Kaya. But he had 12 fucking years to break up with her over it, instead he chose to abuse her and cheat and berate her for her flaws as long as he could before things imploded. There's no excuse.

No. 1710620

I think the car he bought Kaya and the studio he paid for probably covers whatever the laptop would ve second hand. You'd think Kaya would just want to cut contact with him and cut her loses. Aside from letting her stay with him after he dumped her, he did let her continue to use his stuff. Keep her car. He kept her stuff and she herself says she could have smashed his stuff initially after the break up, he had her shit for a year and didn't touch it.

No. 1710627

Jake, shut the fuck up. No one cares as much as you do. Tons of people don’t clean and hire maids. It’s not that black and white. Go cry about Dafoe’s dick.

No. 1710629

Vanilla can be amazing if you’re good at it and dedicate time to foreplay and make your partner’s pleasure a priority. We know Jake never did that

No. 1710630

I recall that in a Q&A, Kaya said that she wanted to be choked in bed. Which, I understand why Jake wouldn’t want to do that. He might’ve been tempted to go “too far” or was worried he would accidentally hurt her.

No. 1710632

Fucking stumpy neck

No. 1710634

Jakes kink was not doing things his partner needed to feel loved, otherwise it would make him look weak.

No. 1710635

Let me guess. Aggressive anger should be dealt with, with love and care. If you leave dishes on a table you should expect to be verbally abused? Jake? Hello?

No. 1710639

But that's the issue. You think (just like Jake) that her showing appreciation means her starting to clean. Not realizing it's a mental illness. A mental illness that cannot be treated by someone yelling at you to respect them or someone throwing money at you.
Instead of buying her shit, he should've given her an ultimatum - she either goes to therapy and starts intensively working on herself or they break up. But instead he decided to work on his "wealth" and when he finally found a dumb enough bitch to fuck him, he dumped her. Simple as that.

No. 1710640

>doing things his partner needed to feel loved
Not sure how being choked is a need in order to feel loved? Kek
To each their own I guess

No. 1710641

watch out nonnas, jake, kat and his snaccs are on the loose in here

No. 1710643

Tbh Kaya sounds insanely boring to me so maybe to her "not vanilla" means a pose other than missionary, so who knows. I wouldn't take her saying she isn't vanilla with such seriousness lol.

No. 1710644

Being willing to explore kinks can make a person feel loved. Don’t be dense.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1710645


According to her video he wasn’t cleaning either and expected her to clean for the both of them. That tracks based on the fact that he always has shit thrown on the ground in his post break up pictures.

No. 1710646

>Not realising that a huge proportion of his fan base liked him because he was ‘wholesome goth boy in a longterm relationship’ and when he made it abundantly clear he gave zero shits about Kaya, he may as well have told them he gave no shits about them either

This is exactly it, most of his fanbase were goth/alt women who saw themselves in Kaya so felt comfortable watching him. To throw Kaya to the curb was also throwing his fans to the curb. He is too much of a narc to do that kind of analysis of his fanbase so of course he didn't manage his own behaviour post-breakup in a way which would keep his fans. It was very possible to do the breakup right if he put a moment's thought into other people's feelings.

No. 1710648

Exactly. But somehow that’s all Kayas fault because she didn’t clean up his messes for him.

No. 1710649

No. She could also leave him if the sex was shit and she couldn't cope with him getting mad at her all the time. From Jake's own admission he did try for years he was the only one working a real job and doing YouTube while she sat at home all day. Anger is a secondary emotion. Kaya would burst into tears and even by her own admission eventually Jake caves and cleans after getting mad. The two of them had years to see it didn't work they both could have walked away, Kaya had family nearby.

No. 1710650


She was saying she wanted him to play rough so she could cum not because it made her feel loved.

No. 1710651

He knew if he was allowed to be rough at all he'd actually kill her and he didn't want the jail time

No. 1710652

You’re retarded

No. 1710653

Money was thrown at her to get a diagnosis and she didn't engage with the treatment. Gave up on the first medication after a month and a half and tried a second one and gave up most doctors will say 3 months before seeing effects. He bought her stuff to make content with. He bought her driving lessons and a car. Why did neither of the two of them suggest getting cleaners, like what the fuck were the two spastics doing for years

No. 1710655

this 100%. If he can't control his anger about little things, no way was he going to be able respect a safe word.

No. 1710657

Jake didn’t have a “real job” for years. The fuck are you talking about. He worked at a call center for a few months. He’s said himself he can’t work for someone else because he has anger issues.

No. 1710659

He worked the call centre from 2011/12 to 2016 when he went part time before leaving to do YouTube full time. There are threads documentation Kaya doing nothing for years and she couldn't even hack working in lush because her feet hurt.

No. 1710661

The medication’s that she mentioned have awful side effects. Especially if the doctor prescribes too high of a dosage right off the bat. Which is common. She mentioned she was on Strattera. I’m currently on Strattera and that shit fucks me up and I’m on the lowest amount possible. The side effects are horrible it can cause, insomnia, extreme headaches, nausea, and oddly enough it can cause fatigue as well. Those are all common side effects depending on what dosage she was on she could have been suffering from pretty intense side effects, which would negate the efficacy of the medication, and it would make sense why she needed to try different ones. That’s what you snaccs don’t understand. The process that people with ADHD have to go through is a long road. It can take years to find the correct treatment.

No. 1710662

Anon I get it I've my own issues and had tablets and had the side effects I'm off them now. You have to find other ways to cope and push yourself through issues.

No. 1710663

Caring about your partners sexual satisfaction is part of love and being in a relationship, ya lonely virgin.

No. 1710664

Go back and watch the video instead of making shit up mongoloid.

No. 1710666

It doesn’t take away from what a horrible abusive shitbag he is but my god the stumpy little short Deadpool makes me cry with laughter.

No. 1710668

Uh no. Doctors will tell you to cease taking the medication if the side effects are too intense. Besides, imagine trying to “push through” when someone is literally screaming at you to get better so you can clean the house for them. You very clearly do not get it.

No. 1710669

It’s the “go back and watch the video” that tells me it’s Jake. That’s been his go to response for a handful of the negative comments on the video or IG, “did you even watch the video?”

No. 1710673

File: 1669495837995.jpeg (111.82 KB, 1280x720, 84F75E0D-E190-45BE-B6D4-A224C1…)

Go watch a tutorial on where to find the clit, fucking sontaran

No. 1710674

Exactly. Kaya didn't engage with treatment, she didn't take the first tablets for recommended period, maybe the side effects where bad, but she gave up on the second round too. Honestly if she can do her make up and get outfits together and arrange trips and pack etc how was she not able to pick up after herself when she had literally zero other priorities. She can do things when she wants too.

No. 1710675

And we just call people retards here, mongoloid is pretty specific and not usual farm language. Jake is such a stumpy baby

No. 1710676

you’re fucking retarded, too.

No. 1710677

Guess Kaya shouldn't be allowed to drive since simple tasks overwhelm her. What if she's driving on the motorway and halfway into the journey it gets too difficult. Sounds dangerous.

No. 1710678

By that logic, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive either, Jake. Who knows what kind of road rage you’ll go into if you find out somebody has a bigger dick than you.(hi cow)

No. 1710679

It’s Saturday night Jake, shouldn’t you be chugging Long Island iced teas with scat? Or is it out of your price range?

No. 1710681

Post milk

Please stop badly attempting to bully each other, there are far more imaginative ways to get one up on another anon than pulling out ancient slurs from 1860

No. 1710682

Guess being vigilant for hazards on the road is easier than putting a pizza box in the recycling. Kaya should get dla for her disability.

No. 1710685

For real, I thought “hi cow” shit wasn’t allowed? Jake’s vid brought a bunch of newfags so that’s why we’re seeing unsaged non-milk and stupid “you must be stumpy” infighting.

No. 1710686

The only reason the sexlife thing came up at all, is because Jake honest to god whined on Youtube, in front of god and everybody, that he was sad because he wasn't getting enough sex and that partly justified the breakup.
Kaya responded with "honestly the sex was bad, imo", that she put out to spare his feelings, that she was made to feel bad and broken for not enjoying fucking him, and that she had talked to him about things he could do in order for them both to enjoy sex. Doesn't matter what it was, point is that she did give him a chance to make an effort for her and he didn't take it. She probably would have tolerated bad, boring, dry sex forever since it didn't actually sound like as much of a dealbreaker for her.

No. 1710691

If you would take a second to look up executive disfunction before you type acting like you know what you're talking about it would really help you not sound so painfully stupid.

But no continue teaching us how someone suffering from depression/adhd with medically documented symptoms of those issues is soooo much worse than an abusive narc that most people who met him hate and say he's scum. You're totally right.

No. 1710694

During jake video he literally saids he needs tablets but won't take them for bipolar he shitting on her for something he does

No. 1710695

Hopefully Jake will rage and do something online soon, the quiet is bringing out all the tard anons

No. 1710697

Never once has it been said Kaya is worse than Jake for being a loser. They both can exist outside of each other. I'm not a fan of either. Jake's a cunt, I would never date him on looks alone if he treated me how he did with Kaya I would have physically assaulted him. On the other hand I had an ex just like Kaya. Every day he was a victim of some outside circumstance and paralysed from doing anything productive but had all the world to content himself with his online interests. I have a generalised anxiety disorder and was diagnosed with depression during that relationship. My ex saw me get my shit together, I stopped fighting with him and just started doing everything on my own. I took on the extra labour to sort my surroundings out and after a month of finally feeling like I can handle my own shit I dumped him and made us both go back to living with our parents. I knew I had the resolve to land on my feet in a few months chasing a paycheck. Kaya has the fucking Internet as a resource and can get money for nothing. I don't have sympathy for someone that has moaned for years about the same issues. Work on them and stfu.

No. 1710698

File: 1669497747848.png (2.49 MB, 1768x986, noneckjake.png)

He's fucking deformed, instead of having a neck, his face just melts into his body. He's right to be insecure about this, it's gross.

Also, I know I might be reaching, but you know, patters. That thumbnail is weird. It feels a bit like a snub, him and the girl in the front, and Kaya trying to catch up behind them kek.

No. 1710700

Again, 12 years.

Jake could’ve left and chose to cheat with a married woman and is trying to justify why.

Thats why he’s being hated. If you can’t see that, you’re just as bad as him

No. 1710703

File: 1669497995340.jpeg (312.85 KB, 1500x1075, 69E1ABE1-B1E4-4460-9EDE-35BBB7…)

No. 1710704

Again, I'm not wondering why people hate Jake? Never once questioned it. I don't condone cheating. I've got an outside perspective on two fake goths break up. Bewildered why they stayed together for so long since it was visible on camera in 2016 that the romance was dead.

The two of them aren't sad the relationship is over. They're both bickering about the wasted labour and income generated. They're both pouting over resources.

No. 1710705

next thread pic right there

No. 1710706

he is a human thumb kek

No. 1710707


No. 1710708

After reading his brother's comments posted upthread I think I recognise this run-on sentence typing style.

No. 1710710

Did this partner of yours have a disability that literally prevented them from doing those things that needed doing or was he just a lazy cunt? Your story is intended to shit on Kaya but clearly highlights that Jake could have left her at any point if her inability to tidy up was that much of an issue. He needed her, their co-dependency was clear as day, and his absolute inability to just let her go speaks fucking volumes. Kaya has moved on and shown she can live outside of him, states that she is much tidier in her new home likely because she is happier and more able to deal with her mental health issues without him compounding the fuck out of them. Jake on the other hand is refusing to let it go.
Jake is bickering about the wasted labour and income. Kaya is debunking his bullshit and lies, she was happy letting this thing finally die but Jake, again, refusing to let it go.

No. 1710711

does he still have that discord? maybe they're organizing there to come and defend him here

did you even watch his video? that wasn't what happened. She supported him for 9 years and he supported them only for the last 2, you fucking pickme.

don't you realize that all of this is BESIDES the point? You're just going along with all the convoluted shit he tells about her life to make her seem bad. So what she didn't get the treatment she needed at first because she, who was suffering mentally, fucked everything up? Like, what do you expect from someone who is currently going through the problem. You'll learn one day and it'll hurt.

It sounded better in your head.

this will hurt him SO much. Thank you.

No. 1710712

Weak chin growing a goaty beard would shape his face more or even bit of stubble

No. 1710713

im surprised he hasn't, if he's into that macho man bullshit wouldn't a beard look manly and masculine? kek

No. 1710716

File: 1669498570496.png (948.33 KB, 1080x2110, Screenshot_20221126-213003~2.p…)


No. 1710717

He deleted his video?

No. 1710718

None of the people he idolises and/or has tried to skinwalk have had beards. They've been slight, slim and fairly androgynous. Unfortunate.
And we all know he hasn't had an original aesthetic idea in his entire life.

No. 1710719

kekkkk what's wrong fake, nothing to say in response?? there's a surprise. what a fucking manchild. Kaya, keep it up as a document of his abuse

No. 1710720

Lmfao I hope someone's saved his video, we all know the only reason he's doing this is because of how overwhelmingly eviscerated he's getting in the comments.

No. 1710721

Hers surpassed his views and he’s realizing he lost.

No. 1710722

He’s still being controlling. I hope she leaves hers up, if he unprivates his video it only stands to benefit her not him

No. 1710723

Fake being smart enough to admit defeat so quickly is not what I expected, kek

No. 1710725

File: 1669498791608.jpeg (873.6 KB, 1179x1814, CE94A030-68E9-4D5A-9807-D8263E…)

No. 1710726

You can’t cum if you aren’t turned on and your partner is just fucking you while you’re dry, virgin. The clit isn’t a magical button that makes you cum every time a dick is inserted.
When she was addressing him being boring in bed she didn’t say it made her feel unloved. Everyone who disagrees with you isn’t Jake, if you want to comment on things she said on the video you need to watch it first.
“We only use the word retard here to describe brain dead morons and if you use another word you’re definitely Jake”.

No. 1710727

What’s the bet he can’t grow facial hair to save his life

No. 1710728

Start fresh in 2023, huh? Is he giving himself leeway for one last hurrah in December? Fucking scrote.

No. 1710730

File: 1669498865520.jpeg (303.02 KB, 1264x2277, 673A1EFE-8673-44F1-A105-F9D41B…)


No. 1710731

You just know he's only privating because he's the one getting the most hate. He wants to save face. Too late! Anyone who has downloaded the video should upload it to YouTube.

No. 1710732

File: 1669498919820.jpg (436.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20221126-214005_Ins…)

He is actually psychotic lol can't believe he's trying to make it out that it's been detrimental to everyone when really he just exposed himself big time. I hope she keeps hers up.

No. 1710734

>I'll give her another 25 minutes to do the same
Controlling, trying to be intimidating,weird.
If she doesn't private what can he even do?

No. 1710735

this is another manipulation "Oh hey I will provate my video, and even if I can't reach kaya, she shuld do the same, OR ELSE.." - he is such an Onision, ultimatums, passive agressive comments and being petty about gifts. die mad.

No. 1710736

I'm betting Kat has been crying all evening about her infidelity being brought up again.

No. 1710738

Why make it "private" why not delete it entirely? Another attempt at control. Kaya, if you're here lurking, don't give into that twat bag. Let him seethe.

No. 1710740

This is fucking hilarious. I hope Kaya keeps the video up. He’s only hiding his video because his abusive behavior has been exposed. We all know that if Kaya takes the video down he’s still going to talk shit about her.

No. 1710742

Wait, so Kaya mentioned taking her down and now he’s demanding that she does it in the next 25 minutes or else? What the actual fuck.

No. 1710744

> I hope Kaya does the same to put an end to this.

Bitch, you started this shit storm. Fucking enjoy, dumbass.

No. 1710745

If anyone can pls repost it on YouTube, he's trying to cover up know that everyone can see how abusive he is.

No. 1710747


He is so retarded he doesn't see how this makes himself seem like a narc. It's been a while since I've read these threads but this milk is good. Get his ass Kaya and don't bend

No. 1710748

I hope those consequences taste fucking delicious.

No. 1710749

LMFAOOO this is the most embarrassing thing, basically begging Kaya to delete her video if he does the same after basically ending his all big man like " I'll respond!!"

Mans really couldn't handle being told his dick was weak.

I haven't laughed this hard in ages

No. 1710750

Ikr. Imagine thinking you’re living so rent free in someone’s mind that you expect them to drop whatever they’re doing in a short timespace to pander to their throwing of toys out of the pram.

No. 1710751

>All I wanted was to move on, it was always my intention
>harasses her for a year
>tries to remotely control when Kaya privates her video (clearly it was gonna be privated at some point but he wants it now) by announcing a one-sided deal on stories, whereby his video being privated is reliant on hers also being privated immediately (again, obviously both videos are not gonna stay online so this kind of "deal" is not required)
>basically calling for a ceasefire since his video backfired as expected and he can't handle the heat

Coward, he started this shit and put her through fear and trauma by posting his video, and now he wants to orchestrate a truce like he didn't just launch a planned attack on her character and income?
Get fucked, Jake

No. 1710752

File: 1669499593351.jpeg (314.31 KB, 1170x718, B2425930-BCC1-4E74-8AFD-011CD6…)

Kaya mentioned possibly remaking her video when she was calmer since the video out now is very emotional.

No. 1710754

He's really trying to give his ex an ultimatum and control her, publicly, more than a year after they've broken up. Jake, ultimatum aren't okay even while IN a relationship, especially not after you've ended one and gotten a new partner. You can't control her anymore. You posted the first video without giving her warning, and she responded the way most people would. You don't like that it's not going in your favor, so now you want them BOTH down. If your video went over better and Kaya was the one being dragged, you wouldn't give a fuck about needing her to take it down. You'd be reveling.

No. 1710755

This is another manipulation tactic by this stumpy cunt. His video massively backfired, and now he's basically threatening her with it because he saw how much it affected her. "I'll private it as long as she does the same, if she doesn't, I'll publish it again" way to show your ass again, Jake. Also, Kaya didn't say she would delete the video altogether, she said she might replace it with a calmer, more put-together video. I hope she stands her ground and leaves it up, people deserve to know about the extent of his abuse. He's a fucking coward. Now I'm more inclined to believe the last anon raging about Kaya was Stumpy, kek. He's probably punching holes into everything right now.

>"I'll give her another 25 minutes"
FUCK YOU. Who the fuck do you think you are? God, I hope Kaya has a spine for ONCE IN HER LIFE and realizes the support she's getting is worth leaving the video up. Kaya, if this had gone well for him, he'd NEVER delete the video. He only wants to take it down because HE LOOKS BAD. Don't cave.

No. 1710756

Not only that, but expecting Kaya to be so perpetually online that she will do so within such a small timeframe. Like dude…she has FRIENDS and a social life, unlike you. She hasn’t fucking SLEPT since this BS came out, she’s probably just chilling!

No. 1710757

File: 1669499709414.jpeg (763.82 KB, 1179x2088, 405EBC9D-1A2C-4A17-B592-3CE598…)

She was literally trying to sleep

No. 1710761

On a side note, happy 1 yr anniversary to Kat and Jake hahahah

No. 1710762

10 minutes? 25 minutes? What the fuck is that time frame. Pathetic. Jake really must be on his phone 24/7.

No. 1710763

I think he's giving her such a short time window to delete her video because he knows full well that she isn't going to see it in time. He can then pull the 'I tried to be reasonable and said I'd take my video down' card to make her look unreasonable and give himself justification to pull some more bullshit. All about control and making her look bad, typical narc. Wouldn't be surprised if he has genuinely deluded himself into believing his terms are reasonable either

No. 1710767

Wait, did he keep monetization on for his video? What a fucking tool.

No. 1710769

I hope Kaya is lurking tbh because this is how abusive narcs work. It's just retarded he's STILL trying to control and exhaust her.

No. 1710771

It's 10pm in Ireland rn. Makes me wonder if he said what he said when he did because he hoped she would have been sleeping? We know she stayed up very late and didn't sleep much at all yesterday so of course she'd be tired today.

No. 1710773

Y’all I think he’s bluffing I don’t think he’s gonna put his video back up.

No. 1710775

Lmao is it really?

No. 1710776

Kek he can't grow any more facial hair than a 12 year old. That's why he hates on men with beards and "doesn't understand why all men have beards". That's because they can actually grow them and women think they're sexy, Jake. What's not to understand?

No. 1710780

Tbh, if Skat wasn't such a bitch I'd ALMOST feel sorry for her. Imagine the "love of your life" making a 3 hour rant about their ex, a year after they broke up, for all the world to watch. Then them staying up all hours of the night trying to "get a hold" of said ex. But karma is a bitch. Kek

No. 1710783

i wonder if he went into panic mode after seeing that the viewcount on her video is almost surpassing his now. it wont take long for her video go have more views.

No. 1710784

I bet it's because hers is getting way more likes and way less dislikes. It's clear who the public prefers and it's not him. This hurts his narc ego to the core.

No. 1710786

It’s been well over 25 minutes and his video still is not back up, and kayas is still up.

No. 1710787

File: 1669500522145.jpg (756.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221126_220705_Ins…)

Skat just posting selfies as if she's totally oblivious to all the drama

No. 1710789

Looking greasy haired and rough though. Perhaps the drama’s taking more of a toll than she immediately lets on.

No. 1710792

File: 1669500654390.jpeg (141.31 KB, 1284x2274, F4B9F5EA-DFC0-4021-AB52-4EA877…)

No. 1710793

I hope she keeps hers up to be honest, lots of the comments say that it was extremely validating for many abuse survivors knowing that they aren't alone.

No. 1710794

I thought she just got her hair done, why are her roots so skanky

No. 1710796

Lmao just say you watched her story on a burner account, Stumpy.

No. 1710797

“Apparently” like he isn’t constantly following her every move on social media

No. 1710799

I want to a-log and I don't even like Kaya like that. This dude is such a psycho. I hope she would get legal action against him or something so he leaves her alone

No. 1710802

He's definitely in panic mode, desperately trying to do some damage control while not conceding defeat even a little. He wants the videos down because he made himself look bad and she made him look worse, and their audience isn't falling for his shit. But he's so prideful he has to pretend he wants the videos down out of a mature desire to move on, AND he has to try and control Kaya and make her bow down to his demands even at this point.

No. 1710804

I’m assuming the dumb cunt putting the video up has dean and Kat fighting over child rights.
Will be interesting to see what happens on that front, this stuff doesn’t stay quiet around the area kek

No. 1710807

I mean, he blatantly admitted that he has uncontrolled anger issues. I'm sure a court would be very interested in hearing where the child is living these days.

No. 1710811

Unrelated to current milk, but I was just thinking how ironic it is that Kaya wanted to dump Jake in 2016 because he was horrifically abusive and that was also during the time he was skin walking Casey Neistat with his positive vibes shit and "it's a good day to have a good day" LMAO delusional loser

No. 1710812

This picture reminded me of the time kaya played AMR (Alice madness returns) and was so excited and Jake just fucking ragged on her and the game. Whining and bitching every 5 minutes. Everytime kaya would play games, he'd always say something so negative to her or about her gaming interests… It was honestly disgusting, she was the reason I bought AMR and a few others for myself tbh. I remember one video/stream he actually made her cry and go off camera for a while. All the gross and uncomfortable jokes he made too. He can't take credit for MAG because if it wasn't for vox, kaya, and their other friend (forgot his name) it wouldn't have been as successful and guess who ruined that? Jake!!! Ding! ding!

No. 1710814

Yep! Primetime Thanksgiving day video complete with ads. What a piece of shit.

No. 1710818

There was an MAG stream where they were having technical issues or something, and he started getting angry and she was getting upset. The chat was getting concerned and finally the stream ended, and about 30-45 minutes later it comes back and Kaya looks absolutely wrecked, apparently she'd gone upstairs to bed (and cried, very clearly) and Jake had managed to fix the issues and they came back. But the vibe was absolutely weird for the rest of the stream. I was watching it live at the time and I remember my roommate and I feeling really concerned and weirded out by the whole thing.

No. 1710824

Kaya, if you lurk here, don’t back down. Don’t give that scrote a fucking inch, he doesn’t control you anymore, he’s only doing this now because his little publicity stunt has blown up in his face. He’s a coward. You take that video down on your terms, when you are ready. And not a second before.

No. 1710825

dayum, i never watched the MAG live streams as i discovered the channel late and wasn't as interested in watching the live stuff at the time, but i'm not surprised. it's not quite the same but there was also another livestream (probably on Kaya's channel) where they were carving pumpkins(i think??) and she made a joke toward him but i honestly cant remember what it was, just that she was like "haha ..something…" and he replied "haha fuck you" proper annoyed, she looked surprised/hurt/confused and was like "what?"

No. 1710826

Yes Kaya. I feel like a lot of here genuinely don't like Stank Jake because of his narc rage but also because we can relate on some level

No. 1710827

I would love a John video describing his experiences with stumpy. Kaya said in the video that John was the only person he ever showed true emotion about falling out with, I would imagine he put up with some amount of shite before finally cutting it off.

No. 1710828


Does anyone remember what Johns twitter was?

No. 1710830

I have a tinfoil theory for why Jake's backpedaling so fast and needs kaya to remove her videos, I think there's a discrepancy in timing between when Jake fake broke up with her then begged her to come back and when he got together with Kat. In Kayas video she mentioned offhandedly that they were still having sex when they moved into the new house even when things were "super stressed". He's been pretty cagey about that whole period and seems to be trying to insist no cheating was done. I reckon there was in reality an overlap of time where Jake was sleeping with both Kat and Kaya and he doesn't want Kat to put two and two together by potentially watching Kaya's video and realizing Jake and Kayas bedroom wasn't as dead as Jake lead her to believe

No. 1710832

I have a feeling the word Odin was in it

No. 1710833

Since Jake took down the majority of MAG content without John or Kaya's consent, I wonder if either of them would legally be able to get back the footage since they're in the footage and part of the content.

No. 1710834

Anyone remember Kaya saying that she couldn’t take driving lessons because Jake wanted them also and he thought it was unfair for her dad to pay for them for her but not for him? That was such a red flag back then.

No. 1710835

Jake's usage of air is

No. 1710839

This is probably correct. Something to the tune of "we're basically just roommates now, anyway." It would be delicious if he lost Skat in this whole thing, but she's too dumb and too far in to leave at this point.

No. 1710842

>It would be delicious if he lost Skat in this whole thing, but she's too dumb and too far in to leave at this point.
That would honestly be a power move. Skat, if you want to redeem your name, image, and ego AT ALL, now is the time.

No. 1710845

The girl moved in with her son. She’s essentially stuck unless she has a backup plan.
This is why you don’t rush into relationships when children are involved.

No. 1710850

I guess she could always…

>get a shitty one bedroom apartment

Fake's wisdom coming full circle, kek

No. 1710854

Are we really out here pretending Skat gives enough of a shit about her kid to care whether or not she drags him from one less than ideal situation to the next? Please, she only cares about “Shots!” and getting pounded by whichever “Daddy” she’s cheated her way into a relationship with.

No. 1710858

@OdinPVG but there’s no mention of any of the milk on there. I’ve been following him since before it all kicked off and he only mentioned any of it when the first break up videos went up. He didn’t pick sides but essentially said that he wasn’t happy with Jake taking all the videos down.

No. 1710861

Learn to sage.

But you've got a point, she's been trying to fuck her way up the clout tree for a while, from what it sounds like.

No. 1710866

What is the full story with her? Apparently she has cheated before but does anyone have more milk on her?

No. 1710867

File: 1669503554647.jpeg (570.46 KB, 750x1086, B03083BA-A0B7-4270-8D86-03910B…)

This just made me laugh out loud omg Jake must be seething when he sees this

No. 1710868

She's a friend of a friend, apparently all they know about her is that her dad is a reverend or something and all her friends say she has an eating disorder.

No. 1710869


LMFAO i love it.
get fucked Stumpy.

No. 1710872

There definitely seems to be overlap, they were still sleeping together, but Jake was dating Kat since earlier that year based on anon's putting their photo collage together with her hair timeline, like March iirc? So like 100% overlap based on what Kaya said.
I doubt Kat would really care though since overlap is a given in a cheating situation. The reasons for his "truce" are probably
>everything she said was true so there's no rebuttal (she filmed it at like 4 in the morning, with no preparation and in one take so, yeah it's true)
>She was actually pretty kind about him considering which gives him nothing to rage over
>Worried about dragging this on and losing Kat
>the onslaught of negative opinion which he can't turn around

No. 1710873

I think he wanted to delete the video regardless to stop the negative backlash but didn't want Kaya to know that she beat him, which is why he's making it seem like it's this truce thing and even if she doesn't delete it he will pretend he's taking the moral high ground. I'm just baffled at how he ever thought making a 2 hour bitter bitchfest would be a good idea, like did he consult with Kat who agreed it was a good idea? I suppose she is pretty vapid.

No. 1710876

Kat probably sees Jake’s bank account drying up and encouraged this shit kek

No. 1710877

>her dad is a reverend
KEK is that why she named her child a biblical name, Isaac?

No. 1710879

>Breaking my silence more like breaking what's left of my career

No. 1710881

File: 1669504389644.jpg (560.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20221126-231125_Ins…)

Jake is scared, Kaya has mentioned someone in her video who has clearly got in touch with Jake and isn't happy. I would imagine Dean trying to get the kid from Kat is confirmed.

No. 1710883

that last pic with Kat is filled with people trashing him + random narcs saying they're just like him fr fr
lmao i was hoping for this kind of shit to go down and he fucking did it, the absolute madlad managed to further damage his own shitty carreer. Amazing, fucking delicious.

No. 1710885


Mutually quell the shitstorm his stumpy ass started. He’s so ridiculous!

No. 1710886

There is ONE reason Jake made that video private:
He admitted to domestic abuse. If Kaya wants to take him to court, and it sounds like she does now, he is absolutely fucked by this video

No. 1710888

Imagine trying to mutually quell a shitstorm you started. If Jake learned how to shut the fuck up he wouldn't be in this situation. Based off of how Kat looks >>1710787 shit's not looking good for them lol

No. 1710889

I reckon it's stupider than that, I think it's either Kat kicking up a fuss or potentially the bandmate they both mentioned, with Jake saying he'd left but was still releasing the last of the stuff they worked together on? Kata mentioned he was jealous, that Jake wanted him gone etc

No. 1710890


Did anyone download his video?

No. 1710894

Yep I have it

No. 1710895

A anon said she has it saved >>1708871
I have Kaya's downloaded just in case.

No. 1710896


I love it.

It’s very telling that most if not all of other YouTubers who have met him are siding with Kaya. The calls coming from inside the house Fake!


Ah so that’s it, Fakes scared! Who’s of thunk opening this can of worms would backfire so spectacularly, eh Fake? It’s a real head scratcher!

No. 1710897

File: 1669504861737.jpeg (284.55 KB, 1284x2324, 858CB8A3-78B3-4919-B85A-7EFC7B…)

No. 1710900

lmao be mad

No. 1710901

Notice how he's not being as aggressive or brash with people? he knows he's fucked and her video completely trashed him and showed him for what he really is and what we all know, scared Fake??

No. 1710903

Seethe more you absolute idiot, this could not have exploded more spectacularly

This is the textbook definition of "fuck around and find out"

No. 1710905

I love seeing this back pedalling after he was telling people he would make a response to her video. It's what you deserve manlet.

No. 1710907

Kek i love seeing him mad.

No. 1710909

I didn’t watch his video because I refused to give him views, but I badly want to see Stumpy squirm. pleaseeee upload it!

No. 1710912


Please! I want to watch it too but didn’t want to give him the view

No. 1710913

Why does he think his manbaby tantrums are justified because he has “anger issues”? So does every other violent abusive scrote wasting the earth’s oxygen. The fact that he can’t control his emotions is his problem and no one else’s. Go to anger management counseling or something.

No. 1710914

Honestly even better, this is him scared.

No. 1710915

Exact same as the first breakup video.
He’s trying to make out that people are just mad he “exposed” her and that he’s being altruistic AGAIN. Demanding Kaya - a literal abuse survivor telling her story - take down her video as a final grasp for control is so, so fucked. I wish his kissass fans would realize what a fucking creep he is and how he would throw any of them in front of a bus for cash.

Also, totally unrelated but kek at how in his video he put up a clip of crashing his bike and whinging about how expensive it was, when he was the one speeding round a blind corner and constantly screaming about torque on quiet Irish country roads.

No. 1710916

Also all Kat's ex needs to do, is point to this video where he admits his anger issues, and their kid is no longer allowed to stay there anymore. Easy peasy. He basically shit the bed regarding custody of the kid.

No. 1710919

combined with the video of Jake saying children and animals should be hit, Kat’s fucked. she can literally lose custody of the kid over this.
>shit storm

No. 1710926

Is it explicitly stated anywhere that her ex actually wants custody of the kid at all? Just wondering since for all we know he could be a deadbeat dad who wants nothing to do with the kid so we’re barking up the wrong tree.

No. 1710931

File: 1669506124329.png (660.38 KB, 756x837, Screen Shot 11-27-22 at 12.41 …)


No. 1710932

I think its fair to presume that he wants whats best for the kid. Jake out here making a public statement that he is a violent, aggressive, unstable man is easy evidence for stopping the kid being around him. Meaning he can't stay or live with Kat and Jake anymore.

No. 1710938

File: 1669506306626.png (84.48 KB, 1218x557, order.png)

that and here >>1708872 and here >>1708858 in my experience with situations like this if the police are involved there is most likely a "No contact" or "non molestation" order in place meaning that the police have told Jake that he can no longer message, call or make any kind of physical contact with her (or get someone to do it on his behalf) a friend of mine had to get one of these when she broke up with her ex who started stalking her he then posted nasty things about her on his facebook and received a visit from the police so Jake most likely had a warning from the police about his video and took it down due to that I personally think this is what happened since he has explicitly been told by the police that he cannot contact her and they don't do that here without putting an order in place to uphold it

No. 1710946

This is everything

No. 1710950

File: 1669506922707.png (36.16 KB, 675x299, major.PNG)

In response to Roly's tweet.

No. 1710961

File: 1669507501539.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1179x2394, 284C9168-9A11-461F-9A60-5AF914…)

No. 1710965

good decision

No. 1710972


Good choice.

I can understand if she takes it down eventually, it’s got to be embarrassing to have your private life laid bare like that and if she decides to take it down at some point then that’s up to her but it must be her choice, not something she’s forced into by Stumpy.

No. 1710977

I can see it coming down eventually, much like how she removed her breakup video after enough time had passed. It will make less and less sense without his video being available to refer to, discusses a lot of private and personal stuff, and likely isnt something she wants to leave on her channel compared to the rest of her content.
I don't think she will re-record a version of the video currently up, but I hope that she has the forethought to at least script a potential future video should she want to put something more formal and cohesive together in future, while everything is so unfortunately fresh in her mind after being dredged up. She may not need or want to do one discussing Jake himself by name, but one discussing abusive relationships without naming names if she wanted to keep a video up that others could relate to as they are with her current one.

No. 1710986

No. 1710990

>the text to speech bot
>the music

No. 1710992


stopped after 30 seconds. Cringe

No. 1710993

Without it he can claim its not fair use

No. 1711005


Conor from Randomgothcouple???? I soooooooooo hope he quits the band. I quite liked Lynn and Conor until I found out he was in Fake’s band then I immediately unfollowed them.

Any association with Fake is only gonna drag folks down at this point.

No. 1711007

what is this?? i refuse to watch it

No. 1711010

He left the band forever ago. Some of you need to lurk harder.

No. 1711012

Samefag to add that Jake is a one-man band now.

No. 1711014

Oop I thought she was mentioning him being in the band in present tense. What happened there? He finally realize it was fucking cringe?

No. 1711021

I've downloaded both videos this afternoon, if someone wants them let me know and I'll upload them

No. 1711028

please do! especially Jake’s, I don’t mind giving Kaya the view but fuck Stumpy

No. 1711031

video by a complete nobody, uploaded to youtube at the same time it was posted here. stop fucking selfposting.

No. 1711040

42 seconds in. what the FUCK is his accent?

No. 1711042

Tinfoil incoming. The truly messed up thing is that I think his video was more to get back at US than Kaya. He name dropped lolcow multiple times.

The alcohol comments really gave it away. Kaya never said shit about him drinking up until now; it was always us pointing out how he and Skat act like sloppy drunk college students.

Same thing about his looks. He's assmad because we rip him a new one every single time he posts a grotty, disgusting nude to his OF, or contorts himself for an insta pic.

Him leeching off her and owing all his success to her? I don't believe for a fucking second that he's honestly still getting a bunch of comments about Metal Ass Gaming. He reads these threads religiously and hates that we point out what a parasite he was.

We gloated over how he couldn't sell those stupid plushies of his ugly face, then he throws this tantrum a few days after Kaya says she's going to release a plush toy.

The one thing everyone here DOES agree is a failing of Kaya's is that she can be lazy. And that's what he chooses to make the bulk of his video about.

We live rent free in his head and he blew up what's left of his life to try to strike back at US. This time around, Kaya was just the collateral damage. I think that's why his dumb ass didn't consider that she'd bring up Dean, or Kat being a cheating whore. He wasn't even really thinking about Kaya's reaction, he was obsessed with seeing if he could make us finally take his side, or at least cut him some slack.

So, uh, how did that work out for you, Fake?

No. 1711045

No. 1711052

Tbh with Jake’s timing with his stories earlier seemed to be like he was reading here. When the nonny posted Kayas story about being asleep a couple minutes later he made his post “lol guess she was asleep” so I think he’s lurking. (My schizo tinfoil though)

No. 1711055

File: 1669512670912.jpeg (78.76 KB, 1281x486, 29494F82-168F-4982-B005-D9987D…)

Before the break up he had 105k, and he’s lost 400 just today. Not going so well for fake

No. 1711063

File: 1669513032876.jpeg (130.67 KB, 1282x771, 8082C2A8-809A-414F-8811-AD7C82…)

“Today we’re going to figure out how much it takes to find out and how much to fucking around it takes to get there” kek

No. 1711092

Thanks anon, no views for stumpy. I've been wanting to watch it since it dropped

No. 1711122

File: 1669518217474.jpeg (291.7 KB, 827x1712, 84EFB441-64CC-4892-B09A-C6885D…)

Jake is a sore loser manipulating Kaya

No. 1711125

File: 1669518478262.jpeg (290.13 KB, 827x1700, C5BC1B2D-C04F-4935-A01F-875B6D…)

Next story in sequence from Jake the middle comment completely right about him this definitely is a manipulation tactic just like we’ve always seen. He will try and ruin his ex girlfriend (for having even worse mental health issues due to his abuse) but when he can’t take the heat he show his true nature a pussy

No. 1711126

I dont post ITT but this is just undeniable levels of moidbrain. Jesus he's fallen WAY off. The bit about unprivating again it if they dont "come to an understanding" is greasy and manipulative as fuck

No. 1711127

This has already been posted

No. 1711128

File: 1669518557940.jpeg (188.54 KB, 827x1715, 22AEBC26-60F2-47BD-BF9A-4A27C5…)

Last in sequence what a moron

No. 1711129

These have been posted already. Please read the thread before posting.

No. 1711134

I wonder if conner will come out and say anything jake said he left the band amicably but kaya said jake use to talk so much shit to him that his sound wasnt right for the band or whatever i hioe he does im sure hes shit to his whole band unless they do everything he says

No. 1711136

Yes it has retard.

No. 1711137

I’m angry that he brought his ex girlfriend into this to attempt to hurt her and it only hurt him now he’s begging for fairness like he can go fuck himself hopefully his current girlfriend realizes she was probably lied to as well especially with a whole bit about not sleeping with her for a year at some random moment in time

No. 1711142

They don't need to be posted again. Learn how to read the thread and learn how to sage.

No. 1711148


to be fair the newfags saged the posts which they shouldn't have.

For the retard newfags:

Milk is not saged.

Your comments on the milk have to be saged (you type "sage" in the email space of the reply)

No one gives a fuck about your personal life keep those blogposts for your tumbler

No. 1711149

Newfags pls sage ffs

No. 1711161

Jake was fired from his job in concentrix for physically assaulting his manager, he literally said this in one of his videos for MAG and bragged about it as if this was some flex. He briefly runs over it in his video saying he had a "problem with authority". God knows how he treated Kaya. Like, realistically we got a horrific but very brief insight in 3 hours and she was groomed from the age of 16 by him for 12 years. He better shut the fuck up and leave her alone. The fact he felt it appropriate to give her timed ultimatums in his insta story shows he is still unwilling to let go control over what she does and says despite being outed as an abuser HE STILL CONTINUES TO TRY AND BAIT HER. I really hope he fades into obscurity/faces justice for what he has done.

No. 1711173

The timed ultimatums made public really speak volumes to how normalized being abusive is for him

No. 1711178

He just another 1k followers. It’s now at a solid 88k.

I’m amazed at his demise. Kaya must have been the one running things for him because there’s no way someone’s this regarded at destroying their own career

No. 1711206

Connor's girlfriend also follows Kaya and they were tweeting each other after the breakup vids went live. I'm not so sure it was amicable - maybe Jake saw it that way though, he's oblivious to the feelings of everyone around him

No. 1711209

Since we know Kat stalks here now, and possibly her ex dean? Just want to repost this narc talk about beating children. Not a man I’d want around my child. Smarten up Kat.

No. 1711235

She knows, she don't care. Any mother worth her salt would not move a child in with some dude she barely knows

No. 1711254

Jesus he looks like a wish version of Hades. Leave a trigger or spoiler next time. That's truly terrifying.

All keks aside, didn't he also mention in a video with kaya he hated children and they both mentioned not wanting any? Odd how he's so okay with caring for a child now. Big yikes.

I also remember in a mag video that he said people in those ddlg type relationships were gross and mocked it and now his followers call him daddy (gag) he just throws so many red flags, I worry for that child being around them both. Dean you better swoop in and take full custody ASAP!!!(sage)

No. 1711274

This comment is everything. I think she sees through it but I think she’s also done with it all.

No. 1711276

The part about the only fans made me cringe (but the rest made me laugh out loud. I am so curious to see the aftermath. Kaya will probably be understood more and get more views. I’m glad she finally got it out there lol (I’m sure Kaya is happy to not make cringey barf yucky OnlyFans vids with him - insert joke about how he’s bad in bed lol)

No. 1711281

He’s such a delusional narcissist what the fuck did he expect to happen… He’s proven to be a liar untrustworthy and even more abusive than we even thought. Hrm evil Kermit says keep the video up hahaha

No. 1711290

File: 1669529804104.jpeg (68.3 KB, 700x406, 84A9E532-7C71-4D1B-B82A-04434D…)

No. 1711298

File: 1669531396445.jpeg (257.14 KB, 1284x1297, 4606CDBF-C210-426F-967E-391076…)

It but remember that one anon that had a hate boner for Kaya because she did feet pics for money?
You going to hate kat now or was it kat all along??

No. 1711304

Yeah she's definitely illiterate

No. 1711325

Kat is clearly behind all the barely literate white knighting posts full of incoherent grammar and retarded spelling

No. 1711339

After watching that video, I put every intention I have to give into the wish that his dreams will turn to ashes is his mouth. He was only ever Kaya’s boyfriend and now he’ll only ever be her ex.
Side note: Good luck, Kat, and maybe rethink allowing an abuser to instill generational trauma on your child, you stupid bitch.

No. 1711343

Kaya please keep the video up I know its triggering and upsetting but he has screwed you over for 12 years he is just panicking cause it back fired not because he wants it to end. Your video has helped so many people. Please keep it up and let people know his true colours

No. 1711352

I've been friends with Kat on Facebook, her spelling and grammar is ridiculous. I genuinely thought she had a learning disability for the longest time. She types like a 50 year old too, "hehe thx hun c u soon xx"

No. 1711353

I'm surprised Jake tolerates her ridiculous spelling, it seems like something he would torment her about with his superiority complex.

No. 1711357

I agree. For me it was a comment he made about Kaya's London donation goal where he was like "is no-one seeing this? If it was me I'd be ripped to shreds." and this is the only place I could think of that would and has "ripped him to shreds" over that kind of thing.

No. 1711358

Is this kaya mum Jackie brown? Lol who ever saved this good ahahaha

No. 1711365

He's down to 446k subs now, so lost 3k since his video lol

No. 1711390

I was curious to see Fakes behavior in any of Kaya's old videos with other girls about and I had tottally forgotten Kat was a part of her goth pool party. Kat a year later gets married and I genuinely wonder, did stumpy make moves then? Was Kat receptive of those moves? Did she actually hate Kaya at this time or were they proper friends?Was she doing stuff behind her husband's back for much longer than we think? Just tinfoiling here. I wish we had more info on this.

No. 1711391

File: 1669544302914.jpg (972.68 KB, 1045x1710, KatpFacebook.jpg)

Oop forgot pic

No. 1711393


Ooh interesting! I found the article from rock and roll bride if anyone wants to read https://www.rocknrollbride.com/2017/09/glamorous-vaudeville-wedding-in-belfast/

No. 1711396

Well, she has a type…

No. 1711397


I feel like Jake is slowly looking more and more like Kat's ex Dean…

No. 1711398

‘I was the last one to be kicked out at closing time, everyone said ‘aw you’ll not get drunk on your wedding day’ well I definitely proved that wrong!”’

Just what everyone likes, a pissed up bride.

No. 1711399

File: 1669545315474.jpg (760 KB, 1500x1500, EditingOrEatingDisorder.jpg)

Skat's face shape then vs. now. Editing her jaw and neck to be tiny, eating disorder, or both?

No. 1711403

she is very clearly using a filter in the second pic, the whole neck region is warped

No. 1711406

Based off the beginning I'm now wondering too if her relationship started off legit or she was just able to kickstart her career as a tattoo artist and built the relationship around that. Her tattoo work is so shoddy, most respectful artists wouldn't dare move an apprentice forward with work like that. I assume she's with thickneck2.0 for attention and "fame". I feel like she uses people just as much as he does.

No. 1711408

Credit where credit is due considering how lazy Kat actually isvat tattooing it's a testament to Dean's training that she can do anything at all. Imagine taking her in as an apprentice, training her, falling in love, opening a studio together, having a child together and then she cheats on you with Jake Munro one of the most disliked people in the goth scene online and in Belfast. A steaming pile of shit in human form. I feel infinite sympathy for Dean

No. 1711409


Tbh if you scroll a little back on her ig timeline, her earlier work is infinitely better than her traced, Disney work. She rode Dean’s coat tails hard.

No. 1711414

She was cheating on her boyfriend/fiance with Dean for several months before it was discovered, and it was her first tattoo related job so I think it's pretty evident that she chooses a field she has an interest in then sleeps with whoever she needs to so she can get ahead. I remember her talking so much shit about her ex boyfriends new girlfriend too, saying she hates her/she's fat/she's ugly etc and I remember thinking "does she not have the self awareness to realise SHE fucked HIM over and he moved on??"

No. 1711421

I used love MAG and it was John who was really the star and Kaya as well. Jake's arrogance and vanity was unattractive however he was bearable when he toned it down. The same arrogance made much of solo stuff uninteresting, though I liked the walks round Belfast as it is a city I like and spend a lot of time in. They were both unsuited as a couple and it is good that they have managed to part. Dignified silence would have been best for both of them, though a lot more for Jake as he was going to lose if Kaya went on the attack with his appalling behaviour. So Jake putting that video up was moronic and typical of his arrogance and vanity. He is not a wise man. He has made it worse getting obsessed over some second hand tech. The pile on is unpleasant even if you have little sympathy for Jake. It is not enjoyable, except in a macabre sense, to watch someone destroy their career and life due to misplaced self righteous pettiness. Kaya was in the wrong relationship. She started it young so it is hard to criticise her judgement. There is mutual financial co-dependence as well. However noone should have to put up with Jake's rages or his sleazy nature towards other girls under his girlfriend's nose. Yet I do recognise that I would find it infuriating if I had been at work day after day and my partner had made no contribution to the house or at least gone out for a walk once in a while. I would also find it frustrating if she had so much talent for something, such as YouTube, and let it go to waste. Maybe that is old fashioned but it would really irritate me probably enough to eventually end the relationship.

No. 1711424

Read the rules and sage, newfag. Nobody gives a shit about your paragraph full of feelings.

No. 1711425

Incidentally I was in Belfast a few months ago and saw Kaya at a well known alternative pub in the city centre. She was having a great time with her mates and I thought good for her after the year she had. This break up is probably the best thing that has happened to her.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1711426


No. 1711442

File: 1669552449677.jpg (122.99 KB, 1281x458, twit.jpg)

Did anyone find out who was the guy who said he was abused by Fake on Twitter? All I could find is that he's Portuguese but it doesn't seem to be any connection.

No. 1711443

Read the damn rules newfag, leave the name section empty.

As for this guy I think this is a case of ESL, I don't think he was abused by Jake I think he's saying if you support Jake, you support other abusers like whoever it was that abused him. He doesn't seem to have any links to Jake.

No. 1711447


The article says she was his apprentice and they fell in love within 2 months of working together.

No. 1711448

Jake, I know you're reading this, if this information isn't making alarms blare in your head while big red flashing lights go off and everyone you look at around you start waving large red flags then you truly are the world's stupidest man

No. 1711452

That's probably true, they just left out that it was while she was living with her boyfriend lolzzz

No. 1711453

Jake has barred comments on his Instagram post of him and Skat so people have moved on to the posy after that instead and they are fucking funny kek

No. 1711454

File: 1669554655243.jpg (450.36 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221127_131049_Ins…)

Forgot to add the photo

No. 1711456

honestly one of the funniest things about the William Defoe thing is that it's famously not even Defoe's dick in that film, it's a stunt peen.

No. 1711460

Yes glad someone re uploaded also noticed it under kids YouTube lol maybe a slight dig?

No. 1711462

Funny how jake took down his video but kaya kept it up. I hope she doesn’t remove it he the one who lied and fucked up it should stay up

No. 1711464

This whole recent video debacle is a classic case of Jake desperately trying to control the narrative and failing, down to the 25 minute ultimatum.

He mentions the reason he wants her to take that video down because he wants to protect someone else from the shit storm, I personally think that person is Jake. If that isn't the case then why wouldn't whoever it was come to Kaya themselves and request she take it down? Why is it all going through him? Why does he get to seize control of the situation? He's so fucking delusional. He thinks what he's doing is smart, that's the worst thing about it, he thinks he's getting away with it.

No. 1711502

File: 1669560236797.jpeg (151.65 KB, 1282x918, 92BB34AA-0CC0-4E72-A0EA-D9AC16…)

Jackie brown IS Kayas mom. I love her kek

No. 1711512

I think the "someone else" is Kat, because of how Kaya mentioned stuff about Dean and so presumably that's brought him into this with their kid and custody etc.

No. 1711513

Pretty sure this is just some anon who made the account lol. The account was made yesterday.

No. 1711516

Most likely it would be about kats son. If the social services or if dean takes her to court to get custody of the child he could show all the abusive and aggression jake has admitted and shown on camera and straight up bragged about as well as video evidence of him saying he would hit children she could lose her kid for ever. It’s probably also put a damper on their relationship cause her name is rightfully getting dragged though the mud now and they should be happy celebrating the ‘one year anniversary’ but instead he was still obsessed with his ex thinking about realising a video all week when he should be moving forward thinking about kat and his new life. I can’t imagine Kat is impressed about this.

No. 1711522

Jake 100% lurks as does Kaya and some of her friends. I've been accused of being hate boner anon but they tag other posts in with mine and I've been called Jake and kat many times. Idk if they've posted but I do know a lot of the hi cow posts have been thrown at run of the mill farmers.

No. 1711566

I was wondering when John would catch up since his name was dropped in both videos. Guess he's still on Kaya's side (hope I saged right)


No. 1711573

this is an imageboard, you still have time to delete this and post a screenshot.
>do it yourself

No. 1711574

File: 1669566303880.png (80.5 KB, 894x532, snake.png)

No. 1711575

File: 1669566324497.jpeg (384.86 KB, 828x1010, 426AF61A-75CE-464C-B6BA-7C3DB4…)

You saged right, but this is an image board, newfag.

No. 1711579

oh here we go, he cant just let it lie can he?? leave her alone you fucking obsessive creep

No. 1711580

> “don’t worry, I’m addressing everything”

So much for wanting to put it all to rest, kek

No. 1711583

File: 1669566516613.png (128.96 KB, 894x688, snake.png)

How is he this fucking stupid

No. 1711586

Seriously. Jake, you think it's a coincidence she started going after you once you started getting more popular? Dumbass is blinded by the pussy and being used.

No. 1711587

So what you are saying is that Kate and Jake are basically the same person and they deserve eachother lol

No. 1711588

and here i thought he was doing some growing? about the only thing he can grow is his huge ass ego and stumpy squashed body. nobhead.

No. 1711589

Just searched for "jake munro" on twitter and sorted by latest, absolutely nobody is caping for him anymore. Snaccs are leaving in their droves and there are multiple people saying that they used to be fans but this is the final straw for them. Such sweet, sweet schadenfreude

No. 1711590


Exactly true. I really hope the video stays up. He’s only backing out because he is being seen for who he really is and he started this crap. This is all on him. Everyone else gotta be fair when he’s losing? What about him tho? He’s not fair. Screw him. Hope the video stays up for ever. He needs a taste.

No. 1711593

No fucking way. He is going to dig deeper? LOL I need to buy a huge load of popcorn tomorrow.

No. 1711594

I absolutely love this comment because Narcissis are very not self-aware well then attract the worst types of people just like them. She has a cheating problem and likes to level up her boyfriends like it’s a freaking simulator dating game. Well she chose wrong. I can’t believe she even has a child but honestly maybe they deserve each other I’m sure she’ll probably cheat in the future just like he did to his ex girlfriend Karma a bitch especially to those who never improve themselves and always need to be the victim without ever working on any self growth. When he doesn’t give her views she will show she’s no different than him and he will probably never learn. Too late you lost Kaya you moved on quickly got your ego but accidentally found trash kat trash instead. Doubt Jake will learn meeting someone so similar to him lol

No. 1711600

>Don't worry I'm addressing everything

Ok he is still torpedoing his life and will probably lose Kat next. So much for his claims about letting sleeping dogs lie from not even 24 hours ago. >>1711128
Sounds like he's cooking up a response video since his narc ego couldn't take Kaya having the last word.
We are all seeing his manipulation in real time here.

No. 1711602

The absolute best advice and this absolute oxygen thief says I'll ignore it completely
At least he is doling out his own karma, keep ruining your own life Jake. You could have left it there and "moved on" but of course not. Lose your last remaining fans and your girlfriend too, enjoy.

No. 1711606

It's a good day to be a farmer.

No. 1711609

Jesus fucking christ nonnie get some help. You don't sound healthy.

No. 1711614


It’s messed up that he’s going to cause kaya more stress but it’s also going to be so funny when he digs his heels in more. Watching him fuck up his career now that he has no one to do damage control is truly a gift from the milk gods. I love it when abusive scrotes get their comeuppance.

No. 1711618

For kaya I think the hard part is over, she was terrified she was going to lose everything over his video. She's got everyone's support and even more patreons now.

Let him do it. It'll be fucking hilarious. Kat won't thank him for making another video, it makes things worse for her on the child front

No. 1711619

getting big Onision vibes from this stumpy little loser

No. 1711621

Agreed, I feel like lines were already drawn in the sand a year ago with their fanbase, and he's never let go of the bitterness that clearly more of their shared fans were there for her, not for him. Anything else he puts out now is just going to dig his hole deeper, none of the people backing Kaya are going to change their minds but he may end up driving more snaccs away. He's a fool

No. 1711623

Do you remember at all what they were playing in the video he talks about this? I have an archive of old MAG episodes I could check

No. 1711629

It may very well be that Kat really is too stupid to know when he’s being condescending, at least as long as he doesn’t actually yell and call her insulting names.

No. 1711634

Are you the same anon or do we have multiple fans of "pussy bitch" as an opening insult in this thread. We all hate him but girl, you don't need to get so vexed, I can hear your forehead vein from here

No. 1711637


I realised when >>1711603 was greentexted it had been deleted, so copy pasting:

>Oh god what a pussy bitch. Timed ultimatums to manipulate your ex girlfriend that you abused and when she refuses to take her video off you’re going to up the ante and make an even more pathetic video well his old video is still up re-posted by other people and if y’all have seen many comments pointing this out at the very beginning he brags about many the things he bought for Kaya and One of those things was the gaming laptop that I guess he forgot about mentioning lmao because at the end of the video he says she stole a laptop at the beginning of the video that’s one of the listed items of the things he’s bragging about spoiling her with LOL we’ve already seen he’s a liar discredits himself. Go away troll LEAVE KAYA ALONE YOU PATHETIC UGLY SHORT MONSTROUS FREAK. Whatever you did to your manager should happen to you. If you don’t leave Kaya alone. I vow to ruin your life till your begging for mercy. Fuck off troll. You don’t know who I know. I will RUIN YOU. Pathetic freak. Keep abusing your ex? Nah we’re gonna come for you. LEAVE HER NAME OUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. YOURE DONE. TIME OUT for the narc before he sends himself to jail for harassment. ABUSIVE penguin joker!

I think you are the same person, the typing style and the overemotional sentiment is identical. Also I think Jake is a fucking tool, you're just really heated over this when we're really just here to laugh at the lolcow behaviour. Chill hun

No. 1711640

it's not deleted, but it's obvious it's the same person from the opening words alone lol

No. 1711642

These twitter fags really need to take a breather kek

No. 1711644

Are we coming for Jake or people upset about abuse and that his new video is going to hurt and stress Kaya out. At this point it’s not fair what’s happening to her.

No. 1711645

Not milk, learn to sage newfag.

No. 1711654

We've got our very own homegrown navy seal copypasta now

No. 1711656

As soon as and if he is stupid enough to make a new video (which he absolutely is and all of us are painfully aware) she needs to call the police. In fact, when he initially made the first video and put it on YouTube, she should of contacted the police. The fact he's blocked on everything and sees it nothing more than a hurdle to cross than a boundary set, is really telling and shows he just won't stop. Also who tf did he think he was coming for Kayas "life skills"? I don't see his many degrees and academic accolades plastered all over his walls. I'm in the Belfast alt scene, same age as Kaya and this is Jake's really feeble attempt at again trying to isolate Kaya, the Belfast scene do not claim him and we all want him to fuck off back to England where he belongs (Wales deserves better). He can also take Kat too who has nothing to do with the scene either.

No. 1711658

Wow this is unhinged on so many levels…he is DONE and it's hilarious

No. 1711662

What does sage and new fag mean?(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1711664

>The fact he's blocked on everything and sees it nothing more than a hurdle to cross than a boundary set, is really telling and shows he just won't stop

Right? He broke up with her, he kicked her out, then spends the next year harassing her and ignoring the clear boundary she has set. He obviously enjoyed abusing her so much and provoking her in the relationship, he doesn't want to let it go. He's just proving Kaya right to any remaining doubters.

His behaviour is honestly like the most stereotypical, low class moid (aka the chavs he has such issue with) who make their manipulation, abuse, cheating and personal drama their entire lives. There is absolutely no reason to keep this going, Kaya is obviously innocent and kind, he is the bad guy and in the most pathetic way - bullying a woman who has done no wrong and just wants peace.

No. 1711665

GOD the amount of jumpcuts and edits in this video is absolutely insane, there's a cut every five seconds I swear to god. We all know it's very crafted and scripted but he cannot help but ooze smug, bigger, narcissistic bitch vibes.
How can anyone view this and listen to the way he speaks about his viewers in the first few minutes and talk about himself and how he looks and think he's actually a truth telling good boy?(sage)

No. 1711666

go read the rules and maybe you'll find out ffs

No. 1711667

For the love of God, read the rules and stop shitting up the thread with your retardation. SAGE.

No. 1711668

Reading this thread from time to time is the highlight of the day, it’s funny to see people cut the stump down

No. 1711672

Holding out hope Kaya's next video briefly mentions the support and then just talks about her plushie launch. Let Jake continue tanking himself

Best thing against a narc is showing how little they matter, and everyone loves a cute cat

No. 1711674

I want to see more of Sebastian‘s adventures :)(:))

No. 1711676

sage your shit or you'll lose all your nails inshallah

No. 1711678

Shut the fuck up and sage your bullshit. you put "sage" in the email space you fucking retard.

No. 1711681

I was wondering how long it was going to take him to try to manipulate the situation again. Narcs don't just give up and go home.

No. 1711684

I'm still convinced that the reason why Kaya took a break from youtube and her channel dipped like it did was because Jake told her to in an attempt to control her financially. Wasn't that also a little after she was close to a breaking point mentally?

No. 1711686

File: 1669573417387.png (285.51 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20221127-175012~2.p…)

Made me giggle
He's getting ratiod in every reply, also John's twitter likes are about him so that gif definitely is

No. 1711687

Sage means type sage in the email field so it dont bump the thread and new fag just means some one who doesn't know how to do it

No. 1711689

Same he so cute

No. 1711693

Jake is deleting videos he's posted over the past few years that contain incriminating clips of himself. I was watching a Jake compilation that showed a clip of him saying "children getting hurt is the best" (0:47 in the attached video.)

I went to his channel to find the full video. Each thumbnail shows the make up look for that video so its easy to find the time period this video is from. I found two videos posted with this make up, neither of those two videos contain the "children getting hurt is the best" clip. There is no other explanation for this than he is deleting videos that contain incriminating comments. For the love of god please archive videos you find that contain milky shit, he's sweeping it up as we speak most likely

No. 1711694

Ya’ll spamming the page with miserableness and that nastiness only comes back to you. I’m less annoyed at new ppl mid drama than the unnecessary spam from the actual “special” ppl. You don’t got milk.

No. 1711699

Twitterfag spotted

No. 1711700

What the fuck are you talking about, this isn't your blog.

No. 1711701

Fuck off back to tumblr and reddit.

No. 1711702

Ppl screaming “Sage” and “new fag” are mucking up the board more than the people not saging tbh. For every one unsaged post there are 5 people screaming about it.

No. 1711703


Dude, after watching those cringy clips, I get déjà vu of Onionboy, you're right.

No. 1711705

Its newfag, dumbass. If you don't like it why not just shut the fuck up. Board rules don't stop applying just because retards are flocking here from reddit and twitter.

No. 1711706

You’re also welcome to shut the fuck up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1711713

Quit derailing over your own personal feelings. That's what Twitter is for. If you have nothing to contribute, kindly stfu.

No. 1711714

You don't need to be pointlessly combative about new people coming here and not immediately knowing it's different from other forums. There's a way to let people know there are rules without being a monumental asshole about it. Just direct them to the info they need and calm down

No. 1711716

Sorry if this question is hand holding I am new to this particular board but has he even denied any of the abuse allegations at this point or the stories? Kaya mentioned Jake slagging Connor from his band in her video any milk between him and Jake yet.

No. 1711718

Nope he hasn't, he's generally very good at completely ignoring or deflecting from actual criticism of his behaviour and turning it into a "oh poor little me" victim narrative

No. 1711719

File: 1669574866461.webm (5.62 MB, 520x518, 1643028486708.webm)

This clip? :-)(:-))

No. 1711722


Oh he’s learnt nothing has he? This is HILARIOUS.

Three thousand subscribers lost in as many days, you’d think that would give him a clue but no, he’s on one now and he won’t stop till he’s forced too. If Kaya hasn’t got a non mol already I hope she gets one.

No. 1711725

In the grand scheme of things clearly Kaya is only going to gain patreon/youtube subscribers and do well after this, whereas everything is going to fall apart at the seams for Jake. I just hope he doesn't decide that's all her own personal fault and go after her. Abusive men are known to ramp up violence and threats when they feel backed into a corner. Hoping she is safe and has good people around her irl as well as online.

No. 1711726

Read the rules unless you wanna get banned but Jesus christ he is sick in the head, I wonder if Kat is lurking and will soon bounce.

No. 1711727

Ah, yes. I remember recording this little clip. Glad to see it still circulating. I will forever regret not taking the time to get more clips before posting it here while Jake was actively lurking. He deleted all of MAG in less than 5 minutes after posting this.

No. 1711729

This is either going to be:
1.Kaya is setting the police on me I am such a victim and it is she who is harassing me
2. Kaya's video is affecting a little boy's wellbeing as he can't be with his mother anymore what an absolute monster
3. This drama has caused my girlfriend to leave me I'm such a victim this is so awful for me
4. All of the above
I would bet money on it.

No. 1711730

Stumpy already thinks everything is Kaya's fault. The question is how much is he going to let his rage dictate his further actions and how much can Kat hold him back. Although his career is already over he just doesn't know it yet.

No. 1711737

Is the kid with them? I hope the father gets custody. Kids are messy, is Jake going to smash up the house every time the kid makes a mess or doesn’t want to clean his bedroom. Not to mention his frequent nonce like behaviour to his fan base. I think they stay together for a while after this because they are both obsessed with the haters and will want to prove them wrong but there is no way this relationship lasts. This wasn’t even the first time he cheated on Kaya and it sounds like he acts lecherous to any woman he can find and she sounds like a clout chaser and his clout is diminishing by the minute.

No. 1711739

File: 1669576198462.png (2.93 MB, 1170x2532, 15832064-886A-4679-B219-D1C933…)

No. 1711741

File: 1669576239657.png (6.45 MB, 1170x2532,