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No. 1668686

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro aka Snake aka Fake, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts. Got his channel started by leeching off his gf, Kaya, then dumped her when he got famous enough
-ToxicTears (Kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Kat Paine aka Skat, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with, has a kid. Traces her tattoo designs, vocab includes "shots!", "drinks", and giggling
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (Freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner. Currently residing in Scotland
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), goth youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past (now published about it too), believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk.

Updates from last thread:
>>1624353 >Jake continues posting the teenie weenie for an entire audience of 3
>>1625447 >Jake enters Stepfather stage, attempting to turn Deans son into himself
>>1627035 >Kat takes tattoo designs from childrens' colouring books, as seen in >>>/snow/1627034
>>1628193 >Jake showing that he cannot behave appropriately at a childs birthday party
>>1630116 >Kayas mother will not let go of what Jake did to her daughter (fair tbh but slightly cringe)
>>1633803 >Kat stealing artwork from another artist for her tattoo design
>>1635912 >A farmer cowtipped and Jake had to defend the weewee (funny but please don't do this)
>>1640240 >Kaya is chilling, uploading content, streaming, and regularly vagueposting
>>1644662 >IBF brings out the mourning gear as Liz kicks the bucket
>>1644862 >A year later, Dorian has gotten over being called out for a low effort attempt in dressing lolita
>>1646315 >Sky News announces Freyas 2nd pregnancy before she does
>>1646946 >Kaya does not realise that her mental and physical state has improved purely by losing 180lbs
>>1663503 >Dorian releases a book of stories from her teenage/young adult years as told in her youtube vids
>>1626148 >Art anon submits a masterpiece to lolcow.farm (sorry could not fit everything I wanted to in the threadpic)

Previous thread:

No. 1668688

Still fucked up the formatting a bit but I don't wanna spam the farms with my resubmissions, I hope this is alright anons. Thank you to all the artanons, your posts here make my day every time

No. 1668690

Great thread anon, thanks!

No. 1668705

Thank you kind anon!

No. 1668715

Thank you anons, altcow threads are my favourite and I'm happy to try and give back for the endless entertainment!

No. 1668721

Thanks a lot nonnie, we never had a new thread faster!

No. 1668730

File: 1665071250760.jpeg (258.31 KB, 676x469, 7F8C1EC2-4E01-4264-B452-66A355…)

Yikes. The no makeup thing isn’t working very well.

No. 1668739

I will never-ever understand how he looked in the mirror, saw the sketch on his head for this tattoo and said: this looks rad, let's do it! Never ewa.

No. 1668741

The lack of eyebrows is certainly a look, pair that with his Gordon Ramsey forehead. This is what karma is made of, folks. I'm overjoyed he's hemorrhaging followers (he's already at 89.9k on Instagram), and hasn't even managed to break 50k views in nearly half a year. His career is dead, and he's uglier than ever. He thought he was hot shit, but he ended up losing the breakup, and he lost BAD.

No. 1668743

I feel like the appeal of usual try not to laugh challenges is that usually the people are charismatic, joyful, empathetic enough for it to actually BE a challenge not to laugh. Jake is such a miserable black hole of a person I just don't get the appeal of watching him do this. I'm pretty sure there's been several vids like this where he hasn't laughed at all and treats it like some kind of flex that he's that much of a joyless, pretentious cunt

No. 1668744

how old is he? he looks 40

No. 1668747

He smoothes himself into looking like a clay creature for instagram stories like in >>1631378, yet for a thumbnail that will be permanently up on his channel he uses the most haggard shot he could get? What is the logic?

No. 1668751

No smoothing filter on his own camera/uploads. On insta it's just a click away, for his own work he'd have to go through more effort to edit his appearance and we all know he's not going to go through that much effort for his content, it's one of the many, many reasons his career is nose-diving

No. 1668822

He has completely ruined his looks those face tattoos. It would looked better if he got the moon on the other side now it just looks like a cluster fuck of random ass tattoos even his neck just looks off now

No. 1668870

>Kaya's barely an influencer. Her lifestyle is dressing like a teenager
You sound like either a gen z who wants to push anyone 25+ into the grave or like a basic bitch.

No. 1668890

File: 1665089295689.jpeg (108.38 KB, 828x396, D29D1DD6-8613-4186-9F79-4B7CBD…)

it was entertaining watching this shit show unravel after Kate Gato aka Rin Raven (hot topic ambassador) opened up about having pro-life opinions

No. 1668919

File: 1665091154797.png (68.62 KB, 680x529, Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 23-16…)

Agree it's very entertaining lol

No. 1669038

Remember when he said he wasn't going to do these anymore and had "exciting new content on the way" months ago? kek

Dudes a very rough 31. Kat needs to get him on a skincare regime or something, he looks ill.

Extra funny seeing comments like that in the alt thread of all places tbh. Like, do you know where you are?

No. 1669419

File: 1665143329327.jpeg (274.05 KB, 750x1291, 2018EBBE-F350-4668-A5B1-6A86CE…)

How awkward are his poses. Emphasizing his toddler legs and club foot.

No. 1669422

>>1669419 Is he bow-legged or just trying to be?

No. 1669431

He used one of the muscle poppin insta filters. And because he's too lazy to edit the pic pre-insta, everyone sees the used filter, lol.

No. 1669528

What is the red dot?

No. 1669546

He's either blocking the view of where he lives or he's hiding Kat's son or something.

No. 1669547

File: 1665157141763.jpg (193.83 KB, 704x695, Screenshot_20221007_103748.jpg)


lmao what the fuck is going on with his goddamn feet

No. 1669591

Is he wearing a strange waistcoat?!

No. 1669601

i dont think so anon, it just looks like the print on his wife beater vest top kek

No. 1669621

He’s tensing to make his leg muscles look bigger. As if anyone wasn’t going to notice. Why did he post this? Child in the back and a random box of shit with hair extensions right next to him

No. 1669760

Honestly the children toys in the background are a real turn off. I don't even dislike kids, but it's weird.

No. 1669769

Even if he was tall nothing would be able to save those proportions

No. 1669777

File: 1665176605683.png (6.35 KB, 225x225, images.png)

I think I've figured out what look Fake is going for kek!

No. 1669825

bahahaaa! This is so accurate!

No. 1669860

File: 1665184289072.png (2.37 MB, 1439x2554, Screenshot_20221007-180954.png)

Gee, I wonder why…

No. 1670044

lmao the filter got him looking all kinds of warped. Jake has backwards body dysmorphia.

It's because there's a little sausage of a man thirst trapping in front of them.

No. 1670106

Her subtle roasts are getting stronger

No. 1670206

File: 1665226672258.jpg (814.72 KB, 971x2794, Backtracking.jpg)

Jake tells people to "fact check" about the breakup and then refuses to provide facts. So what the fuck are people supposed to check, Jake? Might as well just link them to the farm. No, it is not "rather obvious why you dumped Kaya" to the general majority because they were not involved in your relationship, you meat-headed brick-brained Chad.

No. 1670209

He provided no facts or explanation and this person dropped to their knees apologising to him. How pathetic.

No. 1670220

File: 1665227747849.jpg (85.66 KB, 468x472, 347345347435.JPG)

Here's some weekend fun for you anons, a bingo card for Jakes selfies

No. 1670226

What "obvious" thing is being overlooked?
>Dump Kaya in freezing studio
>A few months pass where she complains about the wind, noises, and not being able to cook
>All makes sense when breakup videos are posted
>Kaya posts in obvious distress from her unhabitable studio
>Jake posts in zero distress from his streaming setup, surrounded by expensive equipment, and brushes past the announcement like it's nothing
>Given the situation, Kaya rapidly gains Patreon supporters and gifts, etc, as people try to help out
>Jake soon reveals Kat over the subsequent months, a fellow drunkard with a sub-100 iq, a child, and an ex husband
>Jake loses followers at record speed as he shows no empathy or remorse and the timeline suggests cheating may have occurred
>confirmed by Kaya's Stories saying she hates cheaters, and found a hair that wasn't hers in her bed with her ex
>Jake throws drunken shitfit comment which is all lies (she's messy/she wanted clout/other projection) on the same day Kaya posts about her new house, then speedily deletes it

Did I miss anything? Anything jumping out here which explains the "obvious" reason they broke up?

No. 1670236

File: 1665230043156.jpg (381.18 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20221008-045301_Red…)

That's all spot on, but I think this is the only "obvious reason" he was implying.

No. 1670252

ROFL! Won't take me long to get a Bingo!

No. 1670254

After quite a stressful week, this made me chuckle from the heart, thanks anon kek

No. 1670264

>I'm not talking about it since it's no ones business
>You should check the facts, it's obvious why I dumped her

Which one is it fake? As a youtuber couple who made content together the breakup did need to be announced but could just say he wants the details to be private, but seems he can't help himself from talking about it. And neither can kaya sometimes but as far as I know she's not mentioning his name or fighting his grovelling fans in comments kek

No. 1670355

File: 1665247526959.jpeg (406.5 KB, 590x1008, 8C131910-C09E-4891-83FB-4A2AF0…)

Jake and Kat are having a “family day” at the park, wanna take bets how long it takes until the first family vlog goes up on his channel?

No. 1670357

File: 1665247596066.jpeg (542.64 KB, 571x1029, D44FC0D5-EADD-44D7-9A26-132171…)

This one was originally a video, it shows the kid’s face quite clearly and Jake reposted it to his story without censoring or anything.

No. 1670370

He looks like Elton John I this picture

No. 1670394

He looks like such a douchebag

No. 1670395

Sunglasses in October, god he thinks he's such a rockstar

No. 1670397

>Was a gatekeeper
>Was an elitist

As annoying as she was back in the early days of her YouTube days, I don't recall her being like that but maybe she's talking about outside of YouTube.
Anyway just thought it was ironic that she was brought up in the last thread regarding her change and then she releases this video kek. I mean do you girl.

No. 1670416

He's such a leech. No Jake, that isn't YOUR family. That's your side chick and her kid from a FAMILY you chose to destroy. This is just them playing house and it's gross.

No. 1670427

These pathetic people groveling when he responds are probably why this midget feels like such a big man, and why he keeps talking shit, because a lot of his brain dead former stans call him out in his comments but then don't have the guts to tell him to cut the crap.

No. 1670429

It’s so sad that this person is clearly an (ex) fan who shits themselves when he becomes confrontational, and he proceeds to turn hostile and gaslit them with a bunch of absolute doublespeak.

No. 1670437

Unfortunately her face is too horsey and long to look good in anything except alt styles. If you look weird you can’t try to be normie sadly.

No. 1670449

That is such a weird nitpick lol, does the sun stop shining as soon as it turns October where you live?

No. 1670475

Yes actually. You clearly haven't been in Northern Ireland in October. Today was cold. Only absolute dickheads would be running about in sunglasses.

No. 1670492

Cold =/= no sunlight

No. 1670509

Again: you clearly don't live in Belfast so you'd have no idea.
Fake looks like a dick anyway.. so sunglasses on a cold and gloomy day would only add to that.

No. 1670701


He is a fucking cuck, "ya boi dont simp" but taking care and paying for another mans kid. Lol.

No. 1670707

Well I mean you can't really do anything about the face you're born with. I feel like in her case, maybe a middle or side parting in her hair would conventionally flatter her face more?

No. 1670730

I live somewhere with a harsher and colder climate than Ireland. It’s not dark 24/7, so sunglasses still make sense sometimes and even more so once the snow is down because of the glare. Weird nitpick is weird

No. 1670782

I mean with the way people throw around the words elitist and gatekeeper to defend stuff like wearing black shein clothes ane calling it true goff, I wonder if that might be what she means instead. But if she was a genuine elitist it could maybe explain her burning out and just wanting to move on from goth.

No. 1670783

he shared it from kat but it wouldn’t have been too hard. the other day he had a giant emoji covering the kid’s face on a pic he put on his story, so he’s capable of doing it.

No. 1670788

Same and sometimes I wear sunglasses because I am not wearing makeup and they're a perfect cover up for "I feel ugly" days. Jake probably has many of those soooo kek.
Weird nitpick anon.

No. 1670801

Same here. I waer them for privacy.

No. 1670813

I live in the north of England, it’s permanently wet and windy here and probably not your typical sunglasses weather but I have very sensitive eyes that water in light and in the wind so I wear sunglasses to try and curtail it. Plus they give me a layer of privacy if I’m not feeling much with the talky. It’s a very weird nitpick

No. 1670834

Alright anons I think the points been proven now

No. 1670839

Right. But we could still talk about how ugly those glasses are, lol. But even that was already a point when he showed them off for the first time in Barcelona.

No. 1670844

Y’all KNOW that this is not why Jake is wearing them though fgs, he’s just vain.

No. 1670850

What is there to talk about? Why does the sunglasses discussion keep getting dragged on? The milk is real dry rn I guess

No. 1670852

File: 1665309943488.png (463.92 KB, 497x882, Screenshot 2022-10-09 at 12-04…)

Kaya sharing a tiktok pole fail on her insta. I feel like the timing is a bit too convenient and she is throwing subtle shade at a certain trashy playground pole mom.

No. 1670863

I thought Kaya was somewhat into pole stuff but couldn't dig anything up. I think she had a couple of shots with a pole in Jakes music vid. I'd like this to be a slight dig.

No. 1670930


shes taken pole dancing classes in the passed as a gym class. She was still with jake at the time. unsure if she has since

No. 1670940

I think the obvious thing is what anons were calling before the break up happened and the narrative switched a bit. Kaya was getting fatter and lazier and Jake was the only one for a while producing their content or driving the streams and generating the income. Living with someone that has given up is off putting. They've both admitted to have a sexless relationship for years. He dumped her because he cheated and began a sexual relationship with someone else. Yes I realise that Kaya could have been demotivated because Jake is all the things he is, but anons were calling out their shit relationship for years. They should have ended it when they stopped getting off together.

No. 1670944

I was driving in Belfast yesterday with my sunglasses because the sun was too low for my visor. I saw many people with sunglasses. Odd nitpick.

No. 1670974

I feel like i her case, it's a bit of both. With Sebastian, compared to people like Dre Ronaye, ReeRee Phillips, and most other people who say they had a "goth phase", Sebastian was actually a legit goth and not some poser who felt goth because they wear black and listen to metal or classical music.

But it seemed like she did get knee deep into the scene and may have developed some actual elitist tendencies and she might be talking about that. Hard to say since she didn't go into much detail about it.

No. 1670984

Yes, they should have ended it long before they did, clearly it was not a healthy relationship. I don’t think anyone has ever said Jake should not have broken it off, no one should stay in a “romantic” partnership with someone they no longer love. The problem is in HOW Jake did it. I’m not going to rehash all the calculated shittiness on his part, if you don’t get it by now you never will so let’ just move on.

No. 1670988

Off-topic tinfoil but I get the feeling Jake would have trooned out by now if he had the body type that he fetishes, tall and skinny. But instead he's stout and muscular, so he feels the need to take that to an extreme by Chadding out and trying to look and act as masculine as possible. Inb4 anyone says this is dumb tinfoil, I also tinfoiled that Jake was having baby fever way back at the beginning of the break up and I got totally shot down. And look where we are now, kek.

No. 1670991

I'm not here to shoot you down but I don't really see it. To me he's 100% pure scrotum, to him, women are just something to stick his dick into. I don't see him being interested in trying to become one.

No. 1671002

Misogynistic scrotes like him are exactly the type to troon out, BECAUSE they view women as sex objects. We already know he objectifes both himself and Kat for porn. He used to dress more "feminine" (even in drag) until he started dating Kat and is slowly becoming a Dean lookalike. Now he's overcompensating with masculinity and a pathetic attempt at paternal behavior to keep all he has left around: Kat & Isaac.

No. 1671008

I see, I see. He does seem like he's always overcompensating.

No. 1671295

File: 1665364281802.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.91 KB, 720x748, ijustthrewupinmymouth.jpg)

This is neither 'hot', nor 'goth'. And my poor roommate just had to listen to an extended rant by me over how that absolute ass clown is charging $35 to essentially remove fucking emojis from pics because he shows the whole damn thing on Twitter except his average dick. Since he posts maybe 1-2 every month and a half, he's charging $35 to just take a sticker off a picture, and I cannot believe people are paying for this bullshit.

No. 1671299

Some people are just desperate and lonely, nonna. They'll pay to see their "goff daddy" in all his less than average glory. Kek! Also, maybe I'm reading these wrong but it's giving gay porn vibes. Imo

No. 1671313

If he doesn't troon in his 30s, I can totally see him doing it when he's in his 40s provided the troon bubble hasn't burst by then.

No. 1671314

EW he looks so fat. like a human blob

No. 1671432

That first pic is so unsexy. It looks like he’s just seen his energy bill

No. 1671441

Lol I love it.

No. 1671444

When someone brought up that Kaya actually did pole too, I thought “if only he could be a tall lanky alt/goth woman, then he would just be in love with a mirror.” there’s so little difference in Kaya/Kat’s physicality, and I don’t think jake is capable of loving anyone but himself.

No. 1671458

"Shit I've left the oven on"

No. 1671478

What really pisses me off is that he doesn't have a separate Twitter account for his OnlyFans content. He KNOWS that probly half his viewers, if not more, are underage… Yet he posts images like that that leave almost NOTHING to the imagination on that account for them to see.
Like, dude… Keep your NSFW and SFW content separate, FFS!

No. 1671481

I mean this is not proven phenomenon since I have seen it with only two people so far: Jake and Jude Bishop. But WHY these people who got followers for their alt looks, including heavy/intricate makeup, STOP doing ANY makeup when they slide into onlyfans train.
Quite the bare butterfaces.

No. 1671489

The mix of family oriented content one second and then literal porn the next second that they are both doing is so bizarre and off-putting.

No. 1671526

No. 1671530

File: 1665391872833.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 90E8B321-6489-4B81-8E26-1CA71D…)

ask and you shall receive lmaoooo

No. 1671535

69? is he 15 years old? what a fucking man child

No. 1671536

File: 1665393017425.jpg (298.25 KB, 600x602, migrainejake.jpg)

First IBS, now migraines…Poor guy is a mess.

No. 1671561

Paging the anons from the ana thread, these images may be useful in inducing purging. He's so revolting.

No. 1671576

This perfect! The perfect ad for pain relief after getting on the piss for a week straight straight

No. 1671591

we've found something jake is actually good at besides being a sleazy cheat! he should do ads for medication kek

No. 1671592

>maybe I'm reading these wrong but it's giving gay porn vibes
It absolutely does.
>>1671530 → gay porn account vibes - check

No. 1671593

Hilarious that he's finally trying to separate his nsfw from his main account now after going on a literal Twitter banning spree when snaccs suggested he do… exactly that when he first started an OF. The man just cannot fathom ever taking sensible advice from his actual audience. He also cannot fathom posing in or lighting his nsfw photography properly, he has no idea how to look aesthetically pleasing. That first image genuinely looks like someone getting out of bed hungover, considering having a boke. 35 bucks to uncensor a mediocre dick and sad ass, I'm sure most of his audience can use their imaginations.

No. 1671602

It would be hilarious if his new page stays at 0 followers

No. 1671660

Anon who was reading Of Herbs And Altars' book - it's nothing new, just the written version of her storytime vids.

Her writing style is immature but the overall narrative is surprisingly cohesive. Aside from stuff like peppering in references to being "greysexual" and basically uninterested in sex/romance on the same page as she's talking about the sexually active relationships she is/was in, up to saying she actively resented one of the relationships because it infringed on her desire to have one night stands at raves, plus namedropping a handful boys on the scene she "had a thing for". No new milk, in other words.

No. 1671675

He’s already at 584 followers as of now, I‘m VERY surprised to see he attracted (lol) so many people with this subpar content.

That gay onlyfans leak site (LPSG) got some new stuff from his page btw, nothing really noteworthy though, but I still thought some of you might be interested to have a look.

No. 1671688

Thanks, nona

No. 1671698

That really ain't shit considering he advertised to an audience of 90k.

No. 1671700

Can someone whose brain can function at math properly please work out the percentage of Jakes Audience that's actually interested in his OF's for me? Just as a little treat?

No. 1671722

i'm no good at math but fairly sure that's only a little over 0.6% of the 90k audience kek

No. 1671730


Can you post here pls

No. 1671731

He’s now climbed up to an astonishing 640 followers which are 0.71% of his total followers of 89,800

No. 1671736

Maybe they think OF is easy money so they don't have to put effort in, including lighting, poses, pic set cohesion. I don't have an of and even I can guess the basics that go into it, which they don't don't do.

No. 1671742

File: 1665420438105.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 482.34 KB, 720x1600, 7947E203-7965-48D1-9E9D-49C75B…)

These are the only two that show pole and haven’t been posted here yet, all the others are more of his usually bodychecking/flexing pics that easily could have been an Instagram story

No. 1671743

File: 1665420486491.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 544.66 KB, 720x1600, 84A081D7-3440-4592-A21F-CF1F77…)

No. 1671763

File: 1665421866227.jpg (30.98 KB, 636x358, unnamed.jpg)

Every time I see one of his nudes:

No. 1671771

Why does he always look like he's in pain or about to have a bowel movement?

No. 1671772

Look at my penis through a dirty mirror

Look at my penis hanging over a dirty floor.

Who can stop themselves from throwing money at this man. So sexy…

No. 1671774

File: 1665422857558.jpeg (114.03 KB, 828x1030, BEB8260E-0C97-487B-AFF5-506A86…)

Jake in a nutshell

No. 1671785

I literally refuse to believe 600 people find this man attractive, but after surveying some of his followers they appear to be real and not bots. A mix of young goth girls and men and women who share his, let's say stature and form.

No. 1671790

File: 1665423675825.jpg (5.25 KB, 201x251, images.jpg)

Ew, his nasty ass troll toes. Dude, cover that shit!

No. 1671792

why is the head of his dick off centre to the rest? i know guys can have crooked or curved dicks but that's a new one kek

No. 1671831

why is he always pushing it off to the side? is he stretching it to make it appear larger?

No. 1671846

It looks like one of those sausage shaped troon dicks

No. 1671848

That or he's pushing his balls back so they don't "take away" from his "size". Kek tbh, it doesn't even look the same from pic to pic. I think there might be some photoshopping going on.

No. 1671861

>it doesn't even look the same from pic to pic
I was thinking the same thing, and not even in the varying stages of erection sort of way.

No. 1671891

File: 1665433996160.jpg (Spoiler Image, 358.38 KB, 897x1289, Screenshot_20221010_223007.jpg)

>I think there might be some photoshopping going on.
Me too, nonnie, me too. Looks like he stretched his toes as well, lol.

No. 1671932


Why is it orange? Dorito-dick midget man.

No. 1671936

We’ve to stop giving this guy free advice’

No. 1671984

It look like ftm “penis”

No. 1672176

I wouldn't be surprised if he's wearing an extender sleeve and lazily shoped it and that's why it looks like it's two different colours

No. 1672198

Same. He has the ugliest body, face, energy etc. nasty worm on a stumpy body and small hands

No. 1672232

I swear Jakes nudes give me major American psycho vibes. Why does he push his penis to the side like that? Does it also have a specific camera angle he has to capture it at? Is he trying to find it's good side? There are none

No. 1672238

Thank you for the update anon. She definitely comes off like she's retconning her own past to claim that she's always been "greysexual".

No. 1672272

Ugh. That is one dry, crusty dick.

No. 1672321


We know he has a mid sized peen at best, I reckon that in both pictures he has a full erection and is pushing it down to try and make it look like its only a semi and give the illusion of more size. Pathetic.

No. 1672397

Ngl comparing it to the size of his hands, it looks like he's 6" at best.

kek, def something off about those toes. I know in older nudes he posted he had a pencil dick so it's likely he's been editing it thicker at the very least and that's why it looks like a gross TIF flesh log rather than a actual normal male penis.

No. 1672601

OK but what is the deal with his toes. Disgusting. We can see why Kaya was the bigger earner when it comes to foot stuff, his feet are boke.

No. 1672630

Couldn't even shoop his sad dick properly and gave himself goblin toes in the process kek. He also smoothed it too much, with photoshop or just from the skin smoothing filter he used for his face, making it look like a fake tif dick

No. 1672947

File: 1665528471099.jpg (648.58 KB, 1080x1727, skinwalker.jpg)

I might have found who Jake has been trying to model himself after lately. Some porn star with like a million followers. Seems to be copying the tattoo placement.

No. 1672961

lmao is he called jake too? i wouldnt be surprised anon

No. 1672966

It might just be a coincidence, but it's hilarious how this guy is literally everything Jake wishes he were and also named Jake.

No. 1673022

That inked upper body only and the rest blank doesn't look any better on him, but at least the tattoos are done better and his body proportions aren't stumpy as fuck

No. 1673040

New ED video from Dorian. She mentions 'keeping her ear to the ground' and keeping up with new ana forums, I wonder if that means she lurks the pro ana thread here? She definitely seems the type to read her own thread too tbh. I think she rationalizes herself as an eating disorder archaeologist as an excuse to keep immersing herself in the culture and triggering herself.

No. 1673085

Noooo way. I just checked out that blokes instagram and jake is definitely skinwalking!
Just look at the first couple of scrolls down. There’s the shower one, the towel one… there’s no way jake isn’t copying this bloke

No. 1673135

Not only using the tattoos as inspo but definitely agreed on also taking inspo from the poses.

No. 1673148

It's definitely possible, I had a hard time looking myself because the massively bulging muscles and dick prints were entirely too much for my gay ass. I do wonder if this is what fake sees when he looks in the mirror tho. kek

No. 1673168

Lmao this scrote is slightly less goofy looking than Jake, but still goofy looking

No. 1673234

Same dumb crop top of tattoos, and even same types of tattoos like weird tentacles, disembodied eyes, ugly person's face on his tit, and random shapes. Only difference is it goes past this guy's nips, guess Fake was too pussy to get tatted there. Oh apart from the other obvious other differences like clean backgrounds and good lighting.

No. 1673262

He has that nasty cauliflower body kek

No. 1673290

Fake is the Wish version of this guy. kekekeke!

No. 1673308

Haven't visited this thread in a long time, but Jake is starting to remind me of adam22. Tinfoil but maybe he (Jake) got the face tattoos to fit more into the SoundCloud rap look.

No. 1673323

Jake, since we know you lurk, go ahead and confirm this for us by making your next pic in front of a water bottle like so. Thanks!

No. 1673343

Keeping up with new ana forums? Yeah that's not recovered behaviour.

No. 1673357

Looking like this guy is such an impossible dream for our resident hobbit, why would you make yourself miserable by aspiring that high

Also makes me think he's more gay than he claims, since people keep picking up gay porn vibes from his photos, and he appears to be inspired by this guy.

No. 1673358

File: 1665565833256.png (1.43 MB, 1094x1098, Jake's gay porn inspo.png)

One on right here and this…

This is not appealing to the female gaze at all imo, and explains a lot why Jake's porn is so repellent

No. 1673364

This dude has the opposite problem to Jake in that his head looks way too small for his body, Jake has that Funko pop aesthetic

No. 1673376

I think the guy shoops the muscle photos, since his body looks a lot smaller in the (covered up) cosplay photos, but still, these proportions are impossible for Jake to achieve even if he takes steroids and spends ten hours a day in the gym, the guy is naturally very tall and lean. Jake has child proportions.

No. 1673410

He looks like bri'ish chav scientists did a million dollar makeover on a downy.

No. 1673426

File: 1665576603429.png (130.52 KB, 481x426, 5783734.png)

Spotted in the dumbass shit thread, kek

No. 1673563

This is for men

No. 1673591

Yeah I scrolled through his insta and the emphasis on ass makes me think it'sfor men, and he doesn't outright say it to not lose the women also paying for his OF. Fake being stupid doesn't see it. And I don't think Fake is doing it for the gays since when that gay moid leaked his OF to other gay moids, jake removed him.

No. 1673600

Jake being a self-hating homosexual would explain a lot about his ever-increasing misery, and going from a dead bedroom to an excessively publicly advertised sex life.
Like how could you study these photos and tats for long enough to do a failed skinwalk and not be gay, I don't enjoy looking at those photos at all since they are so overtly for the male gaze.

No. 1673630

No. 1673680

File: 1665597544538.jpeg (162.69 KB, 750x997, 3CDFFC27-ECCD-4617-937C-32BD77…)

Another day, another tattoo ripped straight out of a Disney colouring book..

No. 1673691

File: 1665597681779.jpeg (219.59 KB, 750x1231, F074E7E0-BDFA-49B0-9A41-D155C1…)

No. 1673707

It's almost impressive how she just traces colouring books and she still manages to always fuck at least several things up.

No. 1673710

the gorilla's fingers look mangled and why is her relaxed arm like that?? kek

No. 1673719

It's all airbrushed and filtered and still looks like shit. I want to see the original.

No. 1673720

the arms probably fucked up because it’s where she changed the pose, she couldn’t trace it lol

No. 1673725

That gorilla is going to be completely unreadable once this heals. It's just going to look like a gray blob since it had zero shading. And wtf kind of placement is this??

No. 1673860

The wonky eyebrows, shaky lines, patchy colouring and barely any shading, yeah if she didn't trace colouring books of popular characters I don't think she'd get hired at all

No. 1673862

he came out as bisexual a long time ago, personally I doubt it as it would be pretty easy for him to explore that yet he only dates women. maybe he is bi but I kind of doubt he's gay

No. 1673905

I second this. I've seen this guy before and it's obvious that Jake at the very least is trying to be like him, same tattoo style and all. But this guy I'm pretty sure is gay or at least bisexual but he focuses more towards gay men because they more than likely make up the sum of who is subscribed to his OF.

I have to wonder if this guy also is what influenced Jake to go with the whole he's bisexual thing as ell? Unless Jake was saying that much before all this came out back when he was dating Kaya but I don't recall him ever talking about guys he thinks are hot or anything like that, just that he likes tall skinny "gawf" girls.

No. 1673913

>he camoe out as bisexual a long time ago

Oh my bad, disregard my last comment ( >>1673905 ). You know the sad thing is that I feel like Jake probably would be a hit with gay men if he marketed himself better. As for him preferring to date women, maybe he does that because he doesn't want to be labeled as gay if he were to date another man? I hear this is a common fear with a lot of bi guys which is why they usually date women but sometimes (not all) will cheat on them with men on the side when they get that dick craving. We've all heard the stories of the girlfriend or wife stumbling across their seemingly sttaight boyfriend/husband's emails and seeing that they posted hookup ads on gay craigslist back in the day.

No. 1673914

>Grimes - REALiTi
Kek. Kat would like grimes. The line consistency is atrocious and the shading is way too dark and fuzzy for a fresh tattoo.

Honestly it's almost unreadable already from any kind of distance. The gorilla and her hair all kind of blur into each other unless you are right up on this dude's leg looking at it. It's so large and dark there's very little chance for a cover up too.

No. 1673916

Perhaps he has internalized homophobia? He really seems to be overcompensating and trying to act like what he thinks a straight fuckboy would be like: buff and sleeping around with a bunch of women (and objectifying them by calling them “pussy”). This is all just a tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if he hates himself for being attracted to men and that’s why he’s never attempted to date the opposite sex.

Or maybe he just used the “bisexual” thing to reel in fujoshi fans, who knows. But his porn definitely reads as gay and he’s skinwalking that guy.

No. 1673982

Nah the gay stuff is tinfoil, its well known that its men who drop money on onlyfans etc, so reaching out to the gay audience is the best way for him to make money.

No. 1674009

File: 1665616380004.png (3.39 MB, 1440x1935, jakeandrich.png)

Jake: spends so long staring at this guy he copies his lighting, poses, expressions, and tattoos
Anon: it's tinfoil

Idk this feels like the missing piece in the puzzle to explain Jake's antisocial, hateful nature.
If you spend most of your time repressing your true desires you will become reclusive and judgemental. Jake is like sour grapes personified.
I doubt there is much of a gay scene in Northern Ireland, Irish anons can confirm or deny, but that might explain why he hasn't been able to explore that side and has gone so overboard with the "straightest guy ever! I love pussy" thing he's doing now.

No. 1674044

Yea I think you are right. The being gay is such a tinfoil. He's probably pushing it a little for the troons that are drooling over him. Also he's not skinwalking this guy. Jake constantly does that weird hand against head thing. This guy doesn't do that.

On top of that the top only tatts is not something special. Ton's of guys do it. It's also seen in maori and Yakuza tatts.

Jake is too big of a narcissist to look at good looking guys and try to copy them. If he actually did that his pictures would not be so fucking awful.

No. 1674100

Agree with more gay than he claims, as Jake Munro himself said all he cares about is ass, not boobs. Then the porn star guy’s pic featuring his bubble butt. he is definitely jakes idea of the ideal man and 100% his boy crush. Oh brother.

No. 1674208

She wasn't liek that in any of her videos. If anything she gave off ecited energy that came from being in love with something new. This video feels like she is justifying this latest pursuit. She seems to do this a lot, like when she wanted to use neutral or masculin pronouns. A lot of her videos read as if she was never there, just using a scene to define herself. Everything she's into now is trendy but if she's happy, she's happy.

No. 1674314

I second that.

No. 1674336

This focus on just one guy is major tinfoil. It’s just a sad attempt at general hot model poses and a blue steel face.

Also though, are yall forgetting Jake literally said he was gay/bi when he was younger and we all said he was lying?

No. 1674695

Yeah like I mentioned above, unlike all the other self-proclaimed goth cows aside from Freya, Sebastian was a legit goth as well but in her case, she got way too engrossed in the scene and it led to her burning out.And it's okay, it happens but it's just weird how she's being melodramatic about her time in the scene .

No. 1674720

All of her "friends" in the California scene talked shit about her and made fun of her behind her back. Even Jimmy told me he was only dating her to steal her clothes, because she's rich and can afford nice shit, while he was living out of his car and working at some shitty burger place (and addicted to meth).

She was always really jealous of Freya and had a break down at bats day one year, because everyone was flocking to ibf while ignoring Taylor kek. It's good that she left goth honestly. It was only ever an attention thing for her. It's funny seeing her call herself an elitist, because those were her "friends", not her.

No. 1674725

File: 1665697241526.jpg (605.81 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20221013-223940_Ins…)

The odour this picture gives off

No. 1674974

Yeah, it was like she was a wannabe elitist, if that's even a thing. The people we are calling her "friends" from the scene were more like people who she admired and wanted to be like (specially Patsy, who was actually the most elitist person I've ever seen) than friends, correct me if I'm wrong as you sound like you're at least acquainted with those people. I feel like Sebastian, who was a mallgoth suddenly discovered the "cool" side of goth, the good songs, understood that she was a mess and tried so hard to fit in into this scene with these "cool kids" who understood music and dressed well. She studied patsy's style and tastes and copied it to a t, which was easy for her as she just easily and fast acquired rare and expensive vintage vinyl, vintage winklepickers and leathers… Nothing wrong with collecting this stuff if you like it for real, but it was clear that she was just trying to do the things she knew would gain her gothgoth points as fast and hard as she could. She always tried to impress and fit in with the elitist crowd, but I used to watch all of her videos and I don't remember her being overtly elitist.
I'm dying to know, did people ever called her Sebastian in real life or it was just Taylor? In her name change video she made such a big deal about how the name Sebastian Columbine would get in the way of her doing serious academic work and I was like "how?!", I'm sure this bitch is still legally named Taylor… Or did she have it changed? And now this Gweyinnierviévie shit… If you're so over having a weird name just use your own

No. 1675070

Holy shit she is ugly, everyone in this pic is but jeeeesus jude put some makeup on that face. Looking like 65yo tranny in his teenage daughters old clothes.

No. 1675082

File: 1665739461997.png (365.83 KB, 612x443, noelfielding9349.png)

she looks like noel fielding lmao

No. 1675137

File: 1665749039974.png (946.5 KB, 1080x281, Screenshot_20221014-130223.png)

Surely he has a better way of contacting his ex than making a public post

No. 1675154

It comes off like he's sending people out to bug
Kaya because she's ignoring him.

No. 1675167

Jfc what could it be that he needs to do that. He just wants to make it seem she’s mean and ignoring him but what made her aboid him huh? Ugly ahh schlong dude

No. 1675190

I hope she has him blocked on all forms of communication. Typical narc behavior, my ex did this type of shit.

No. 1675237

This is kind of sad… she's clearly describing herself as the "forgotten and abandoned" forum member who can't integrate with the young ones but doesn't know how to use the internet outside of pro-ana.

No. 1675249

Typical narc. You know he has her phone number and her mother phone number. They were together for 12 years. My narc ex used to try and find me in my usual bar to "talk" while he had my phone number and could just txt me or call. I guess this is the youtuber equivalent. Just @ her on twitter.

No. 1675294

That's super sad. I can't imagine wanting to get approval or be liked by people who want to steal from you or are just clout chasing. I really hope she is getting love and support from her circle and herself now.

No. 1675316

This is weird. Jake, she's under no obligation whatsoever to message you back about anything at all. If you're having a hard time getting a hold of her, there's a reason. Leave her alone.

No. 1675337

Probably a reason she's ignoring you, chief.

No. 1675419

File: 1665774688790.jpg (1008.77 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221014-133957_Ins…)

Looks like Jude lost her newest "daddy"
How come everybody abandons you, Jude?

No. 1675421


Look at billy big baws here! If she doesn’t want to talk to you stumpy, she doesn’t have too. You broke up. She doesn’t owe you a response.

No. 1675441

Jude's ex friends and bfs usually never associate with her again, I wonder if this one's still friends and living together because he's just as nasty and crusty as jude and wouldn't have much company otherwise kek. Think he's the blue haired one in >>1674725, the other moid's been her roommate a while.

No. 1675445

Explains why she was in Jake's stream a month ago calling him cute and seeking attention by acting all "woe is me".

No. 1675488

THIS. Totally to stir up drama/make her look bad, like she’s the one ghosting him over something important. Creep.

No. 1675525

File: 1665784760766.png (934.8 KB, 1298x831, Screenshot (46).png)

Any milk on these pro ana twins?

No. 1675542

This is some bullshit, they don’t have any kids, have been broken up over a year, so there is no reason for him to be messaging her! I hope he is blocked. If he’s so fulfilled by family life with aging slutty drunk mom and dean’s child, why the fuck is he contacting Kaya? I hope he doesn’t think he can take any frustrations out on her, you know that thing where they demonize and devalue a scape goat because they can’t figure out how to accept flaws in those they put on a pedestal? she isn’t a part of his life, she doesn’t need to answer back just bc he is posting this publicly.

No. 1675578

He has been really silent the past week or so. I wonder why he needs to talk to Kaya.

No. 1675610

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think Kaya still has her scooter (?) at stumpy's place so maybe he wants her to come pick it up?

No. 1675625

Jesus Christ, they are terrifying!

No. 1675647

>>1675578 probably needs to tell her to go to the GUM clinic

No. 1675657

Literally what the fuck is this supposed to imply? That Jake thinks Kaya has STDs?

No. 1675663

Yeah that one on the left is spoopy

No. 1675737

I think nona was implying Jake found out he has STDs from cheating and has to tell kaya to get checked.

No. 1675757

Oh kek sorry that went over my head.

No. 1676147

Sorry for the late respose anon but wow, I didn't know any of this. I take it you live in the California area and had run into or seen her back in those days?
And the boyfriend who was using her, which guy was that? Was it the skinny tradgoth looking guy or the one who had blond hair? I can't remember who was who kek. But honestly, that's kinda sad to hear that he was just using her.

>She was always really jealous of Freya and had a break down at bats day one year, because everyone was flocking to ibf while ignoring Taylor kek

Oh wow, see again, didn't know this but that's quite sad. If all this is true, then yeah I agree that it was probably for the best she left the scene as it seems like she really didn't care and just wanted to be a "cool" girl.

No. 1676182

They're following each other on Twitter now.

No. 1676189

Noel looks leagues better than Jude though lmao

No. 1676276

File: 1665866540735.jpg (136.85 KB, 937x1465, Sebastian & Patsy.jpg)

I remember hearing the name "Patsy" and how Sebastian tried to skinwalk her so I looked her up and yeah I can totally see what people mean now (picrel). I don't think it's best to give too much side eye because it's only natural to take inspiration from others when it comes to style tbg.
But if she was just doing it for cool points which it sounds like she was, then that's pretty shallow.

No. 1676329


He was always following her, he never stopped.

No. 1676530

kek That's cause Jude has butthole eyes. Same nose and jawline as noel tho

not to sound like a wk, but this is a pretty generic deathrock style. I could google deathrock and find a dozen others that look exactly like this. Makes it kind of hard to say if it was actually skinwalking or not unless there is receipts

No. 1676552

Not to mention infinitely more charm.

No. 1676582


They never stopped following each other on twitter I don’t think, it would make sense to keep a line of communication open seeing as he had her stuff and I think still has her moped, which is probably what he’s contacting her about come to think of it. Still no reason for him to reach out publicly, that’s a calculated move.

She’s much more active on IG and did unfollow him on there.

No. 1676672

Unless she's been ignoring DMs on twitter, would explain the public post. Why the fuck has she left her scooter there so long, anyway. She has had a house for months, it's not that hard to pick up a scooter. Sounds like she's using him for free storage. I wouldn't want my ex to keep their vehicle stored on my property for months for no fucking reason, either. Seems like she's unnecessarily dragging out one of the last things that tie them together.

No. 1676693

She's addressed this on streams recently. It's not currently operable and she would need to load it onto a truck to get it to her new place. She has said she wants to get it done as soon as possible because it's the last thing left and then she'll finally be done with the entire situation. From the way she's talked about it, she seems to really want no connections/obligations left where he is concerned, so were it something easily done she'd have done it by now.

No. 1676701

If she can afford to go to an expensive spa, she can afford to hire a van and spend an hour getting it moved. I call bullshit on all of that, sounds like she doesn't want to spend money on a bill and would rather waste it like she always does

No. 1676704

Crazy idea but maybe she is simply avoiding her ex, since she's adhd as well, she will struggle enormously with tasks she is uninterested in, and you can't get more uninteresting than "visiting your ex with an onlyfans, new girlfriend and a kid in the house"

She should probably get a male friend to pick it up for her.

No. 1676926

But also when you have a functional car you enjoy driving the motivation to pick up a broken scooter has got to be minimal as well, where's she supposed to keep it at her new place?

No. 1676946

It's been broken and in his possession for how long now? If that's the case she should just sell it as is and let it be someone else's problem. At least she'd recoup some of the money. Jmho

No. 1677008

Yeah because Kaya definitely needs more money lol(sage your shit)

No. 1677013

I wonder if kaya will quit YouTube for good. She's more active on insta and tiktok, and only shat out a few GRWMs to advertise her patreon when she needed to raise money for a new place. Now she has that, I can't see her doing any more. And ofc her incessant complaining pre breakup like wah its windy I can't film, she already didn't like doing it and her ADHD brain kept making excuses.

No. 1677035

She has been live streaming on youtube weekly lately and put 1 vid out every week for over a month now. What makes you think she will quit youtube?

No. 1677041

Recoup money? Jake bought that scooter for her. That's pure profit if she sells it

No. 1677081

She's streamed on youtube and twitch, put out steady videos nearly weekly, and she did a Patreon only stream just last week. She's also putting her stream VOD's on a private playlist you can watch if you're a patreon subscriber. She's not 'complaining' constantly now, and when a video is late or something goes wrong, she's still super active on other socials, and does tons of random "ask me anything"'s on instagram. I swear, some people are just so desperate for her to fail, that there's nothing she can do right.

No. 1677238

this milk is so old it has grown mold on it and it doesn't even matters as both Sebastian and Patsy moved on from the scene. Patsy is a completely normal 20 something who's into the 90s, crystals and just got married. BUT even though it is a generic deathrock style, I guess you should have been there at gothgoth 2013/2014 to see it happening before your eyes and understand what people mean. Patsy had a wave of clones who would wear exactly the same weird and specific shit she would coin as her "signature" things like that weird fucking headband, a very weird lip shape… etc Patsy had a very distinct look, more than these pics show. Yes, nothing out of the world, but she would always wear some shit or change her hair, she would dress all white, etc and the clones would follow. The ones who stood out most were Sebastian and one other chick who I can't remember the name, who dyed their hair white like a week after patsy did. It was pretty creepy, but it was funny to see, as Patsy was a huge fucking cow in her own right those days

No. 1677240

I meant "at gothgoth tumblr 2013/2014"

No. 1678503

I remember those gothgoth times but never liked the deathrock style so didn't pay much attention to them. Got any vintage milk to share?

No. 1678670

there's some milk about it in altcows thread 2

No. 1679105

Late reply but if he had internalized homophobia I don't think he'd come out as bi in the first place. Also if you look at the really old pictures of him the outfits and makeup he wore looked extremely gay/femme, personally I think he was maybe bi curious at one point and isn't anymore but doesn't want to say he's straight cause it would make him look less woke

No. 1679149

I think jake is a bottom but hes sad he cant be an emaciated little twink boy like he wants to be his body wont let him unless hes starves

No. 1679164

tbh jake gives me more "straight" guy who would fuck a troon, but keep it a secret kind of vibes rather than any kind of out of the closet kind of bisexual. He's already proven that he's scummy and thinks with his dick.

nah, it's pretty obvious he wants to pretend he's a big beefcake, to the point he's using muscle enhancing filters. He's just a wannabe alpha type guy. You know, the monster chugging, punching hole in walls, named kyle kind of guys.

No. 1679231

Yeah he might’ve said he was bisexual for the attention at least, but he seems to be resisting exploring actual men. That’s what I meant by internalized homophobia. Agree with the anon that says he would probably sleep with a troon and call it “straight” as cope kek. I wonder if he ever cheated with any men on the down-low? One night stand? He’s cheated with multiple people, right?

No. 1679275

I know there's a tendency toward hating on Kaya here but seeing her out with friends, having fun, being goofy, out in nature, swimming in the sea- the richness of her life now she isn't with Jake is so glaringly obvious and really puts into perspective how shallow and uninteresting Kat and Jake are separately and as a couple. There's a distinct lack of joy or happiness in the content they put out it's either Jake being aggressively negative or both of them acting like seedy Tesco value pornographers. Almost always drinking and/or drunk. It's really sad.

No. 1679282

>He’s cheated with multiple people, right?

We don't really know. I think Kat is the only confirmed one.

No. 1679294

Agreed. And for the first time in forever I'm actually enjoying Kaya's content. I enjoyed her recent pics from the ocean. And getting in that water mid-October at night? What a badass honestly. Jake and Kat are the most boring, uncreative, and unpleasant "content creators" I've seen in a long time.

No. 1679394

I think that's the thing, Kaya is actually creating content instead of regurgitating other people's content and passing it up as their own, quite literally in Kat's case with her tracing Disney colouring books and with Jake's endless "try not to laugh" and reaction videos which are a dime a dozen lazy cashcow desperate mediocre YouTubers cling to. We see Kaya cooking, we see Kaya creating DIY's and customising clothes, you see her decorating her home- we still haven't actually seen anything really of the huge home Jake kicked her out of.

No. 1679442

File: 1666205491195.jpeg (227.18 KB, 828x1415, D064DB25-6484-4333-80E0-B6A209…)


No. 1679694

Pretty sure there was talk of him cheating really early on into the relationship somewhere in the threads unless I'm somehow mistaken. I wouldn't be surprised if he was at it on and off for a while and just didn't get caught until recently because he stopped giving a fuck and had kat in his and kaya's bed. Which is how she found the hair that wasn't hers that led up to everything.

Ngl, I find her kind of obnoxious/immature sometimes, but I agree that it's pretty obvious her main source of misery was Jake and that she's obviously much better off without him. She seems genuinely happy and engaging when she's out with friends or on a trip, meanwhile we got Jake drunk at bars or Jake drunk and eyefucking himself on a beach his entire trip, or my personal fav 2am mcnuggies in berlin because no one wanted to hang out with him. lmao

This is also true. Jake and Kat don't seem to have much of a creative bone in their body and entire personality is drunk. Despite my criticisms of Kaya, I do hope she continues to grow from here on out.

No. 1679755

File: 1666224936242.png (539.15 KB, 948x361, Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 02-12…)

Kat is now doing reels on her instagram. Showing shaky vids of the tacky decor, her awful outfits and last the stolen colouring book tattoo of the day. Just what the world needed.

No. 1679777

Idk, I know she had an ex before Jake who cheated on her. Maybe that's what was being talked about in the older threads. I kind of think he didn't cheat before Kat because he needed Kaya as a meal ticket and didn't want to risk it yet. Just my theory.

No. 1679807

Yeah I can’t quite remember which thread but I think Kaya implied that she suspected him cheating on multiple people. With him going on those band tours alone, I wouldn’t be surprised.
And with how many “snaccs” he had, he was possibly DMing people too. There were girls like Jude always trying to get with him.

No. 1679808

Her overuse of the same swiping transitions between EVERY scene and the way she is constantly swaying the camera around like she's on a boat makes them so hard to watch. Good luck getting that inept bitch to help with vlogs, Jake. Kek.

No. 1679875

at least 10 yrs too late to the game, skat. No one cares how you dress. you’re awkward and old. jakes going to cheat with an actual E-Girl one of these days who isn’t tied down by another man’s kid. being a stick figure doesnt make you special, karma is a bitch. stay drunk to remain delusional in your honeymoon phase.

No. 1679901

Yeah, I find it hard to believe he's been faithful this entire time and just recently cheated for the first time ever. It's a very naïve way of thinking about a scrote like Jake.

He's too caught up in the honeymoon perios and this weird playing stepdaddy fantasy to cheat atm. I get the feeling Kat is one of those pickme cool girl's who would engage in a threesome too tbh. One of them will cheat eventually, but I honestly feel like it's going to be Kat once Jake's money dries up.

No. 1679924

I watched one of her stories and someone just straight up walked in front of the mirror while she was recording, they couldn’t have given two shits that she was trying to record herself lol just found i it hilarious

No. 1679971

Kek I also saw this. Tbh I feel kind of bad for her, she's been pretty big on the internet for 10 years and is used to sharing everything she does. She seems to have friends so I don't think it's loneliness, it just her 'normal'. She's 30 now and still acts like a teenager, bleak.

No. 1680012

File: 1666265481291.png (322.8 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 13-26…)

More confirmation of what we all knew already. Jake's a prick.

No. 1680072

Wait… so magic good now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBW2vIqfAmg(newfag)

No. 1680085

This thing is so oddly presented. The speech is so awkward, it's like listening to someone do a book report on a book they haven't read past the back cover. The guy very obviously had no idea what to say, didn't he get a script? Her face when she talks looks like a pillow animatronic, very weird to see.

No. 1680137

Lol this, imagine being an “artist” and this is all the content you can come up with. I know creators are under huge pressure to create reels right now, but really, you couldn’t do anything to do with drawing or tattooing? Noone gives a shit about your Killstar jumper and skinny jeans.

No. 1680207

Well to be fair. She can't show herself drawing because, as other anons have proven, she traces all her work from coloring pages. And she's not that great at tattooing either. Also, to do something like that she'd have to have an original thought, which I'm not sure that she's capable of. Kek

No. 1680268

Imagine her froggy smoker’s voice reading you bedtime stories at night.

I will never get over how retarded the name Leafar is. Literally just her shitty husband’s name spelled backwards kek

No. 1680389

Skat is the perfect example of "Is it fashion, or is she just skinny?" She's dressing like a copy & paste IG "alt" girl. She's so underwhelming and boring.

No. 1680549

>It's a very naïve way of thinking about a scrote like Jake.

It's not that I think Jake wasn't cheating because he was super wonderful or anything, it's just that men treat relationships like jobs and don't leave one until they have a new one lined up. Tbh most adult women find Jake repulsive, it took him long enough to find Kat. He probably would have left Kaya sooner if he cheated earlier on.

No. 1680573

definitely, and I know heaven forbid we “nitpick” such a sweetheart cheating drunk ass who is wisely having her toddler move in with a prince like jake, but she also illustrates that skinny people get away with being so ugly. snaggle toothed, deep lines under her eyes, thin shitty hair, big nose, lips that can only be seen if she overlines them like a drag queen, no tits, no ass, and her tattoos aren’t even attractive. yet some farmers refer to her as “Jakes hot arm candy” and post about her like she’s pretty enough to scheme dudes who have money. I get that moids are stupid as fuck to begin with, but she’s half past 30 with a kid, not some 25 yr old who can do the sugar baby thing. what is her following on OF even like? I can’t imagine wanting to pay for content of someone who is just skinny with bad tattoos in lingerie, no boobs, no butt, not attractive, boring as hell personality, pathetic attempt to be a school girl/e-thot at her grown age. Ugly collab partners.
maybe she and Jude can collab next. it will be like a documentary about ugly alt wannabe porn stars.

No. 1680588

File: 1666332779807.jpg (646.01 KB, 1080x1929, Screenshot_20221020-230936_Ins…)

Jake's bike has become nothing more than an expensive photo prop. Imagine buying something like that, and instead of riding it and doing motorvlogs like he claimed he was going to, you just sit around naked on it.

No. 1680634

Moids cheat constantly despite having another better relationship "lined up" or not. They're literally looking to get their dick wet with whoever. It's why we see mid celebrity moids with supermodel wives cheating on them with less attractive women. It's why we see regular married moids constantly cheat on their wives of many years and mothers of their children with literally whoever will take them. It's more likely Jake fucked around, but couldn't find anything "better" until Kat. Even then, they were fucking around for a while before Kaya found out and shit hit the fan. I do think he got lazy and almost wanted to get caught though, it forced both his and Kat's hand into leaving their respective partners. He even tried to spin it to where he wasn't the bad guy and Kaya was the cause of the break up. It just doesn't seem terribly realistic that all this time Jake was faithful and just now, after nearly a decade, he had his first oopsie.

I don't think she's ugly usually tbh, but she looks like a whole ghoul here. Love the underbite though, very sexy.

No. 1680645

The underbite!!It's maddening!! Why is she bearing her teeth like that? Not Showing your lower set of chompers surely must be modeling 101? It's so distinctly unattractive.

Just like a previous anon said the bike of motovlog channel old is now essentially a full time softcore porn prop, what a huge waste of snacc money.

No. 1680716

holy filters batman, that looks nothing like her KEK

No. 1680717

Incredible contrapoints resemblance

No. 1680768

Has she only her hands tattooed but not her arms? This is strange to me. Seems like they all cover first all visible parts, kind of a poser thing.

No. 1680813

She's the female Jake.

No. 1680815

i know her leg is bent but that mulan tattoo is looking extra retarded lmao

No. 1680973

She only got her fingers tattooed on that arm, if it were just the back of her hand it would look even more stupid imo. And she has some tattoos on her legs so I guess at least in that regard she’s a (very) tiny bit better than Jake lol

No. 1681100

Lord, such a troon face… Had I seen this image out of context, I’d be convinced it were a man.
No wonder Fake used to be (secretly) obsessed with Jeffree Star, kek. Careful what you wish for.

No. 1681250

File: 1666416429234.jpg (136.1 KB, 591x619, haha.jpg)

Looks like poor old Fake realized that "Hunky British Tattooed Lad Reacts" (literally the title to one of his latest videos) wasn't working out for him….

No. 1681278

she looks like jeffree star at her very BEST. such a masculine huge face and jaw. no wonder he had such a loud proud troon fan base, Jake being smitten by Kat of all people gave them hope.

No. 1681280

File: 1666420367723.png (1.64 MB, 876x1312, stale.png)

Love that he thinks it's just the makeup and not that his shit has been on a steady decline since the breakup. His old videos regularly got anywhere from 100-250k views, hilariously any featuring Kaya did much better than that. Now he's lucky to break 25k. There's even a few that barely made it to 10k and that's even WITH makeup. lmao

No. 1681282

she has really bad teeth if you haven’t noticed, but she wants to do a sexy mouth ajar face. she should just close her mouth but her lips are thin and wouldnt look pouty if the mouth was closed and relaxed. to her it probably looks a lot better than having her top crooked teeth show, but baring just lower teeth looks like she has a severe underbite to people not used to her face.

No. 1681283

File: 1666420844643.png (308.7 KB, 916x810, totally-just-the-makeup-tho.pn…)

His current worst performing video vs. some of his best performing ones feat Kaya. lmao

He's still steadily bleeding subs too. The snaccs who did stay are losing interest.

No. 1681366

I was never a snacc but I watched few his videos here and there but since his nudes were leaked I couldn't give a fuck about him now
He boring and we all seen everything there is nothing left to show or do.

No. 1681370

Ikr it's defo not because he posts the same boring videos for like 2 years straight. Or that he has no reaction in his videos no more just annoyed face and moans about how annoying his fans are.
It must be the makeup

No. 1681397

"hunky"??? LMAO this guy is beyond deluded it's hilarious

No. 1681404


Deluded is absolutely the word, how did he honestly think that would preform? Why give it a title that makes most people want to roll their eyes, this guy could not possibly be any more repulsive if he was actively trying

No. 1681410


"Best of Jake Munro" video for each month? This makes him seem worse, somehow. Maybe it's a quick edit to get another video out without doing any work.

No. 1681418

His only fans was his downfall. So true once you have seen someone naked a lot people loose interest. He would been better doing simp teases

No. 1681427

File: 1666448501548.jpg (33.35 KB, 500x375, bobbyhusky.jpg)

more like husky lol, jake u fat

No. 1681440

>Hunky british lad reacts
British men are not the most attractive, but there are definitely much more attractive men than Jake in the UK, he's like a firm 5/10 (with a personality of 3/10)
I can't imagine how drunk he was when typing that title up.

No. 1681449

(5/10 for the UK, to be clear, if we're comparing to all men worldwide it's a 3.5/10)
Also he's Welsh and the Welsh really hate the British so it's interesting he is claiming that title.

For those who still watch his videos, are the tiktok selections worse? Kaya is the one who uses tiktok and she used to choose the videos for him to react to, I wonder if he actual content he reacts to is worse since Kaya's adhd probably helps her to choose interesting videos (t. adhd person)

No. 1681456

not to wk but he's not welsh, he just lived there for a period of time probably bumming off a girlfriend like he did with kaya, I think he hates his family and wanted a reason to get away??? i dont know where he's actually from but probably midlands or northern england, he just puts on this weird american aussie faux accent but now wants everyone to know he's british? kek

No. 1681473

The "hunky Brit" title is almost definitely him testing to see if the algorithm likes it/pushes it. It could get picked up and pushed to normies who are looking for UK tiktoks, puts him in less of a niche than "goth". It's all marketing, it's probably more a sign of how desperate he is that he's sunk this low

No. 1681501

File: 1666457114619.png (685.99 KB, 863x943, Screenshot_20221022-124317.png)

No. 1681536

File: 1666459603444.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1170x2532, 31166CA1-05BD-48D8-9D70-B9BC6A…)

No. 1681537

File: 1666459633848.png (1.86 MB, 1170x2532, CDD69EB4-ABF6-4EF5-81F3-253760…)

No. 1681539

File: 1666459664477.png (1.94 MB, 1170x2532, E67EA803-6059-4758-9E7A-1E494D…)

No. 1681541

File: 1666459718091.png (2.44 MB, 1170x2532, 24D2E71E-95E0-4B41-BC1A-61E2A2…)

No. 1681543

He seems to forget that we all know kaya was a successful YouTuber before his fat face decided to plague our screens

No. 1681551

File: 1666460664787.gif (257.11 KB, 264x218, do-you-expect-me-to-read-all-t…)


This reads like one of those screenshots of a message someone got on a dating site at 4am when they were sleeping and an incel got mad they weren't available to reply to their rancid dick pic immediately.

Like if there's dirt just spill it Jakey boy, the more you go into weird rants like this the more it looks like you're playing for time to make shit up, looks extra bad when you were publicly begging her to message you on Twitter the other day.

No. 1681552

Are you for real Jake? Kaya's behaviour is "abhorrent"? You cheated on her and put her out on the street in the middle of the night after you suckered her into helping you move to your new love nest with Kat. She has more than earned the right to make some passive aggressive comments about your abusive shit arse.

No. 1681555

It must be killing him that his highest viewed vids are with Kaya and he's probably still making money of it lmao

No. 1681557

Did he delete this already? What a wuss

No. 1681566

Jake is going to drop the bomb on their shared audiences about Kaya’s history making Sims porn. He knows if he does this there’s no going back but at this point he’s being forced to reveal kaya’s dark past. Us here have never forgotten so I think we forget how much it could ruin her if her audience found out about it. Jake just post the sims porn video and get it over with(sim-porn derail)

No. 1681568

>>1681566 sim porn anon, can you get therapy?

No. 1681569

It’s still there, you just have to switch view to ‘all comments’

No. 1681571

>>1681551 what I find funniest is the original comment didn't even mention the break up or Kaya but it triggered Fake anyway, lol.

No. 1681576

What planet does Jake actually live on? What "vow of silence" does he mean? This is like the third or fourth public meltdown Jake's had about her in his comments section when all she's ever even remotely hinted at was a) he cheated and b) he was difficult to live with and has otherwise danced around or actively avoided talking about him.

Imagine writing this delusional essay and thinking you come out looking anything other than absolutely unhinged. How can a man have an ego so large yet so fucking fragile

No. 1681577

File: 1666462512333.jpg (362.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221022-191239_You…)

No. 1681579

Literally who would even give a crap if that was true, not like she's got her whole junk out next to the name everybody knows her by like some people…

No. 1681580

If no one would care why does Kaya work so hard to sweep up her past? She’s spent a LOT of time hiding her sims porn which was her full blown CAREER. Why? Why would she do all that if “no one would care”? Most times it’s mentioned here anons don’t even believe she made the sims porn because of how outrageous the claim is, but it’s a very real part of her past and Jake has stayed silent on it when he could have ruined her already

No. 1681583

Making Sims porn isn't as controversial as you seem to think it is my friend. People won't care because it's not that big of a deal, it might be a bit embarrassing but there's probably a lot of people who post in this thread who looked at or created weird cringy horny shit when we were literally teen-age. It's not a career ending offence.

No. 1681585

wheeew boy, this guy is an unhinged, narcissistic contradictory fuck. And I thought I couldn't hate him more

We all know he wanted to leave her extremely early into their relationship but had no "out" at the time. it's like another anon said he sees relationships as jobs - wont leave one until he has another lined up. So fake what did kaya do a few months (at most) into the relationship that was so "abhorrent" you wanted to leave her then? stand in the way of your "success" and "steal the limelight" from you?? kek. Remember when they were on Vampirefreaks she was a quite popular model and he was seething with jealousy saying he would be the top male model on there and that went nowhere lmao, he basically copies anything SHE'S successful at and uses his warped logic to make out SHE'S the one standing in his way of also being successful at it. This guy is the true definition of an abusive narcissist, Kaya is thriving away from him and he looks like a 50 year old alcoholic red neck already lmao, we love to see it

No. 1681586

Literally so many people have wicked whims mod downloaded for the sims and make porno shit so you’re right it’s pretty vanilla at this point of the internet

No. 1681587

We’ll see if what you say is true when Jake drops the sims porn expose video then. I have a strong feeling it won’t be. Kaya was in her mid 20s when she was a professional sims pornographer, she was older than most OF girls on this site are.

No. 1681590

Probably unpopular opinion but as much as I hate Jake more than Kaya… he is kinda right. Kaya is probably all those things he said. I think people forget 2 things can we right at the same time. Both of them can be shitty people.
Jake was a shitty abusive boyfriend, but I can't imagine Kaya being a great girlfriend to anyone (before or after Jake). Just listening to her complain EVERY VIDEO is enough for me, imagine having to listen to her complain day in and day out? Ugh.

ANYWAY I hope he drops a video exposing her and then she does the same. Merry early Christmas?

No. 1681596

I thought the Sims porn thing was common knowledge. I thought I remember both of them posting links to a Patreon with that stuff.

No. 1681600

Making sims porn is hardly what I, or anyone, would consider a "dark past". KEKEKEK

No. 1681601

just ignore the sims porn freak guys, they were clogging up some of the previous threads with this too

No. 1681606

I hope that one day SimsPorn Anon and blurtoolJakepic Anon meet and fall in love

No. 1681608

Jake is delusional. There has been no "vow of silence", you've bitching about Kaya all year. About how she "begged for collabs" to steal your spotlight, about how she left your house a "shit tip", about how she "never fed Sebastian" (stated on a stream but never posted as milk). And now she fucked up your relationship in "every way possible"?. He's coping so hard kek: I'M GLAD I RUINED MY CAREER FOR "PUSSY."

No. 1681612

He didn't even reply to the part about hating goth yet using it for views, prob knows there is no way to twist that in his favour, and just rambled about the breakup. Also his thing about youtubers doing their respective topics, is he saying he's a react channel then? Cos that's all he ever churns out, after saying he'd stop doing them.

No. 1681613

File: 1666465341054.jpg (566.67 KB, 1934x1080, Scammers.jpg)

>scamming her viewers for money
So what would you call your practice, Jake?

No. 1681620

Considering we've all seen Jake's actual junk. Sim porn seems pretty mild. Not sure why the hang up on virtual porn but maybe the internet isn't for you. Kek

No. 1681622

KEKK. Some gems that really stood out to me:

(replying to a fan, I assume?)
> Honestly, I’M disappointed in YOU for not getting this [why he keeps doing reactions vids] and expecting so much from me considering I also have a life outside this
110% textbook narc / abuser line.
Also, imagine someone shows up at their workplace and tells their boss or whoever is concerned with their underperformance — "no, it’s ME who is disappointed in YOU. HOW DARE you expect me to do my job?! I have a life outside of this yannow?!!1! You are expecting too much from me! It’s YOU who’s the problem"
Hate to break it to you, Fakey, but everyone has a life outside their job, outside their hobby, their online presence, outside their relationship even. Everyone’s "disappointed" in you instead, that you "expect" people to treat you having "a life" (kek, if you say so) as some achievement or a rare, additional obligation.

> Kaya was going to be making it on her own for the first time and the last thing she needed was me doing a video explaining everything problematic with her and all the reasons she gave me to dump her. It wouldn’t have been fair.

Oh the "kind", the merciful, the noble, the holier than thou St. Stumptard. Again, such a textbook narc thing to say.
Kaya is a royal cow, but she’s been a cow and "making it on her own" far earlier than anyone even knew you existed.

Also, you only ever "dumped" her because she caught you cheating in you guys’ bed, and at that point there was no turning back nor a way to keep milking and dragging this "relationship" further.
Not because of this "very large list of shitty things against her" that you "kindly" "vowed" to keep between the two of you, despite the fact that, supposedly, all these "people in Belfast know" these things anyway.

> I left her knowing full well what she’d do and what was waiting for me, yet I did it anyway

Again, you didn’t "leave" per se. Also why be such an epic edgelord about it.

> Kaya fucked up in almost every single way a person can fuck up in a relationship

Haven’t you (too)?

> I gave her a chance to grow the fuck up and move on and she hasn’t

Have you?

> success is a potent irritant

Such kek, it’s tragic.

Apologies for the long arse post. Wanted to get the quotes laid out in text.

No. 1681630

He right kaya has been dragging him weekly for a whole year it used to be daily but kinda slowed down but I notice it all the time on her story’s or videos.
And let’s not forget even her mother has a obsessed behaviour dragging jake after a whole year. It’s embarrassing and childish

But if jake has a issue he just needs to say it rather then dance around it he clearly wants to nothing holding you back jake spill the beans

No. 1681633

Dam what did she do that so bad. That loads people in Belfast know? All I can think of is the foot fetish stuff she used to do. Or maybe she was a bully when she was slim? She did fat shame on tumblr.
I can’t imagine her doing something awful only just having woe me behaviour

No. 1681640

A lot of ‘strong’ ‘big’ huge ego gym blokes often have this they get all puffed up chest towards a fight and get aggressive but once they get home they burst into tears.

No. 1681648

>"Kaya's got a very large list of shitty things against her that people in Belfast know."
So that must be why she has plenty of friends around town and continues to make new ones, and that must be why Jake has none at all. KEK. It's like he's talking about himself.

No. 1681665

honestly i think this is just a typical narc tactic of trying to scare her and make her panic wondering what he has on her but there's really fuck all i'm sure, at least nothing worse than what he's done anyway !!

No. 1681676

Salty cause he knows it true

He won’t expose her cause she come for him 10 times harder and expose him of more shit then he can even count

No. 1681678

No-clue-anon here, please fill me in on what sim porn is? I never played Sims, but I assume you let your Sims fuck each other (with some kind of mod). If it is just that - do people really care about that?!

No. 1681683

You know, for someone who’s soooo happy and loved up with his new girlfriend he sure does like to go on about his ex…

His whole ‘downfall’ can be traced back to his breakup video. There’s Kaya, visibly upset, living in a cold office after being kicked out and then there’s him sat in his nice warm house, surrounded by expensive equipment, practically grinning while he brags about all the travelling he’s going to do, that’s where it all went wrong for him, his gaggle of fan girls wanted to see him upset, they wanted to feel like he was bothered by the break up, if he’d sat down make up free and just said, we broke up, it’s sad and then shut the fuck up for a bit instead of going full on onlyfans dick pics, he wouldn’t be in this situation but he cannot keep his yapper shut or his sad little cock in his pants. She’s said nothing about him that wasn’t easily proven by his own actions. He has done it all to himself.

He needs to either put up or shut up at this point.

No. 1681685

Actually he replied all this to a totally different comment, where someone had mentioned the breakup, not the comment Anon showed.

There's a mod (and a whole community) that allows adult content in the sims, and for like 2-3 months like 5 years ago, they decided to try making little porn movies with a bunch of sims they made, random ones, not sims of them. There is and always has been a lot of sims porn videos on various porn sites, and they thought it might be funny/make some money to do it, and were very transparent about it at the time, even advertising it on their gaming channel. They had a short lived patreon where they posted the pics and a couple videos.

Thats it. Thats the thing the idiot above is saying will destroy her.

No. 1681686

He's coping so hard, man oh man
>I think you'll find!!! that kaya was actually the bad one!! I could make a whole video that's 15 hours long simply listing her bad traits, but I won't because I am too kind!!

Most embarrassing behaviour. And she's not "scamming" her viewers for money, they are paying to see an influencer who they enjoy? She hasn't begged for anything and viewers know she's safe now, they are subbing or whatever because they like her. He's so salty that she's thriving without him and nobody likes him kek.
Also getting people to donate thousands for Literally Nothing like he did with "break the jake" is not scamming, of course.

No. 1681691

>This reads like one of those screenshots of a message someone got on a dating site at 4am when they were sleeping and an incel got mad they weren't available to reply to their rancid dick pic immediately

Exact same vibes, he's so furious kek. Can't wait for that list of her toxic traits, Jake, c'mon make your video. It will definitely make her look bad and not you, while she enjoys spending time with her friends and having fun like a normal person and you seethe in your lonely little cavern with your react videos.
I like how he's talking about what the "people in Belfast" know when he has literally zero fucking friends, what a sore little loser he is.

No. 1681693

there will be no video anon because he fears the backlash and her retaliation. If he uploaded a video bashing her she won't hold back and come back ten times harder, likely with proof for some of it

No. 1681694

This is exactly it, you nailed it. a super pivotal moment for everyone that follows them, and he played it absolutely the wrong way and soured people's opinion of him. People are very emotionally invested in influencers, for better or worse, and he came across as an unfeeling narc.
Now he's facing the consequences of his own lack of empathy and poor decision making.

No. 1681695

Don't put it past him, anon, he's absolutely pathetic enough to do this kind of shit because it'll draw attention to him and his channel.

No. 1681696

The only thing is her not getting around to edit the amazon gift unboxing. She lives there now for a while but hasn’t still posted it.
Why does he even care or observe her online?? He broke up and wanted her out of his life.

No. 1681699

She uploaded half of it, and she addressed (on a stream or instagram, can't rememeber which) that she has the second half she just hates how she looks in the video and it's made her not want to edit it because she'll have to watch herself the whole time, but she said she plans to get around to it soon, probably next month when she's back from London. She at least talks about it when people ask, and has a decent enough reason for dragging her feet, whereas Jake's list of things he says he'll do and never does is enormous, and let's not forget about his '$35 a month for 0-2 bad looking pics' Onlyfans, which is absolutely scamming people at this point.

No. 1681707

Thank you for the explanation! It would be really ridiculous if Mr. Do-you-like-my-Hot-Dog would try to hold that against her …

No. 1681728

I know this is a dead horse, but I’m not even being hyperbolic when I say this 30 something looks like my 60 year old alcoholic uncle.

No. 1681737

You’re right but that hardly equates to “fucking up a relationship in every way a person can fuck up”. I think she’s neurodivergent, very self-centred/vain and prone to depression, but I don’t think she means any of those things maliciously. I also think she was depressed and self-conscious around the time of her weight gain and Jake did absolutely nothing boyfriend-y to pick her back up. We’ve known he was fully checked out for years from how he acted in all their footage together, and if the worst your partner does is complain a lot, just fucking leave and get on with your life. He clearly never once sat down and had a serious conversation about what was pissing him off so bad.

No. 1681782

He literally asked for more questions, doesn't sound like he's done

No. 1681795

File: 1666481471645.jpg (66.85 KB, 850x478, New-Tales-From-The-Borderlands…)


No. 1681798

Why the fuck are you so invested in this sims porn thing? No body cares. It's not an issue lol

No. 1681821

kek this gave me a good laugh anon, thank you

No. 1681825


Iirc he said in a video a few years ago that he's from a town called gotherington on Gloucestershire

No. 1681847

That sounds like a joke since he is a "goth" but it could be true
Sims porn anon must be doing a bit but I think Jake's shitty porn takes away the shock value(?) sims porn might have on the three grannies that follow Kaya. Posting actual porn is miles worse than silly sim mods.

No. 1681854

He is absolutely seething over the fact that Kaya is doing so well without him (and making more money than him again too kek). The bitter jealousy he has over her getting so much support and donations post breakup is hilarious. Tbh I'm the "I find Kaya kind of annoying" anon, but seeing his pure narcissistic rage over her new found happiness makes it so hard to not root for her.

lmao nonny. I love you.

100% this. I almost wish he'd just make the video and bomb what little bit of a career he has left. Kaya could finally spill the tea and be done with it, lay the narc to rest.

No. 1681997

The lolcow love story we need. Subhuman-chan can officiate a wedding thread in /ot . Jesus-chan can be the flower girl(?), and unicorn cookie Nona can do catering

No. 1682050

>>1681685 So they were both making and shilling sims porn? Why is sim porn anon saying it will "ruin" Kaya when it was both of them?

>>1681695 yeah he's performed a whole catalogue of stupid things which have essentially ruined his career so I don't think it's dumb enough to try to take Kaya down with him. I just doubt he has anything really bad on her - she's a lazy idiot who stayed with an abusive prick until she was finding skat's pubes in her bed but outside of teenagery meanness in the past she doesn't seem to be a complete narc, unlike Jake.

No. 1682056

Everyone forgets that the sims porn idea was jakes. It can’t be a big deal

No. 1682058

File: 1666522574996.png (683.93 KB, 864x1410, Screenshot_20221023-065341.png)

No. 1682059

That anon comes here and spams about the sim porn from time to time, it's just what they do tbh. In no real way would the sim porn harm her career, people would laugh at it for a bit and move on.

As another anon said, I feel like he might bring the foot fetish thing up. I could see that being a little bit of a shock to some fans, but it was so long ago and with all the people who were making jokes about selling foot pics over quarantine I'm pretty doubtful anyone is genuinely going to give a fuck. Especially when it's coming from a guy who has made actual porn with an estranged married woman who he cheated on his girlfriend with just months prior. It really seems like Jake is just grasping at straws and hoping to intimidate her in some way. He's really only further digging his own grave at a point.

Ngl, it's deeply satisfying watching him publicly narc rage over how much she's making since returning to her accounts. Meanwhile little dude is scrounging up what's minimum wage out where I'm from. I have a strong feeling he's already burnt through a lot of his savings already on all the trips/vacations and dumb shit he's been buying lately and it's partially why we're seeing him throwing such a fit about how much Kaya makes online.

No. 1682067

If anything the foot fetish thing would just hurt him and Kat more because if they ever tried to shoot porn for their Onlyfans with other people they'd forever be branded as unsafe for outing someone.

No. 1682072

File: 1666524579628.png (335.15 KB, 1444x776, mylifeisgreat.png)

Life so great he's writing full blown essays in the comments sections. Who are you trying to convince Jake? kek

No. 1682073

Its probably the foot thing she did. I also suspected she re done it when she got her bat foot tattoos too it was all very sus as she was posting loads of foot pictures around that time. But that's nothing on posting full body nudes and weak dick pics so even if he outted her for it it would bite him on the ass cause he has done and doing worst.
The only reason he not said anything most likely he knows he get dragged though the dirt by kaya and her mother and any youtube friends like roly and maybe Emily boo would defo stand up for kaya.
There is way more he has done then just being missable mess for 10 years and selling foot pictures.

But doubt he got much savings left since the neck tattoo. Why did he by like two bikes and a custom wrap when he probably doesn't use them any more or all those studios ect. He should been wise and bought a house and rented our a property but no.

No. 1682075

No. 1682078

I can’t find the reaction video where he shits on Americans for 14 mins straight. Man he so fucking blind to his own actions he must be hollow skulled.

No. 1682089

Another great comment Jake. There is no way that any of your hypersensitive, low esteem, no life snaccs are going to take it personally when you insinuated that this guy is in your comment section because he has no life.

No. 1682152

> my life is pretty great

Proceeds to narc rant at strangers on the internet from his troll cave of a "studio".

Okay, Jake… Sure it is.

No. 1682209

File: 1666541245282.jpeg (483.12 KB, 828x1419, D4224184-9EC8-4260-9491-178FD0…)

Now she wants flirting tutorials?

No. 1682506

How peoples change, don't they?

No. 1682509

File: 1666556760008.jpg (707.95 KB, 1079x1684, Screenshot_20221023-132327_Ins…)

Not only has D.Va porn been done TIME AND TIME AGAIN, she doesn't even know how to spell the characters fucking name. Diva? Lmfao. Jake has her larping as some kawaii gamer girl for porn even though that isn't her personality and never has been.

No. 1682542

Great edit Anon kek. God, these comments read like screenshots on some Internet cringe type reddit thread. He sounds unhinged levels of bothered.

No. 1682653

crazy. what ever happened to “Belle Delphine makes me puke”? now he has a girlfriend cosplaying gaming characters like her for onlyfans. I knew he was exaggerating his “hatred” of e girls. Kat will really do whatever to please him even if it doesn’t suit her or make sense…

No. 1682698

speaking from personal experience with men, the louder they bitch about e-girls the more they want to fuck them.

No. 1682709

Lmao at the incredibly low effort and unflattering "Diva" cosplay. Only five years or so too late and makes her look like an absolute plank.

It's pretty obviously this, Jake is so transparent. Definitely the type of man to shit talk something if it's out of his reach.

No. 1682825

> she has the second half she just hates how she looks in the video and it's made her not want to edit it because she'll have to watch herself the whole time
> she has a decent enough reason for dragging her feet
Kek, such hard caping.
I sincerely hope you’re twelve, because, otherwise, it’s plain retardation.

No. 1682845

This. Absolutely agree.
Him publicly threatening her is definitely some kind of tactic, narc rage aside. And it’s not the first time he’s done it, and it resulted in nothing.

He’s definitely grasping at straws to stay relevant + trying to somewhat rebrand (happy wholesome responsible virtuous cool stepdad with a spice vs lazy childish irresponsible manipulative ungrateful dull etc goofy leech he paints kaya to be as a contrast)

No. 1683042

that’s true. he also said he hates big boobs…but that has aligned with his secret crush on Belle who is no tits all ass. someone should catfish him on insta pretending to be her asking for a collab, that’ll be really funny. jk don’t do it it’s cowtipping.

No. 1683099

File: 1666604121414.png (2.58 MB, 2156x1239, Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 10.32…)

>>1682509 Why does she have hips on the inside of her legs, she is genuinely the weirdest shaped person.

No. 1683102

The suit is too small

No. 1683122

Ah yes, Diva. The poundshop version of D.va

There's really something extra extra tragic about a 30+ year old mum trying to sexily cosplay a 19 year old videogame character that it's clear she's never even heard of.

No. 1683123

Idk what you mean anon but that’s normal thigh fat. She’s skinny fat that’s nothing new i think. She needs to hit the gym with her “daddy” few times a week..,

No. 1683146

Yepp. This is also why she pulls it so awkwardly down with her hands - if she wouldn't, it would cut in even deeper.

No. 1683148

…hip dips? Nonny there are a million things to make fun of about that picture from the terrible "neo-trad" tattoos clashing with her hilarious attempt at "kawaii uwu porn gamer girl" aesthetic to her literal rectangle of a body. But those are just hip dips.

No. 1683170

>>1683148 Those are not hip dips, hip dips are indentations at the hip bone on the outside of the leg. As >>1683102 pointed out, it's the suit being so small on her it's cutting into her thigh and making it bulge on the inside of her leg.

No. 1683222

Damn…we need more milk, shitting on Kats looks is honestly stupid she's not ugly and she's skinny, is she boring and a shit artist and mom? Yes but like it's such a reach to keep shitting on her looks. And even sims porn anon is back. The milk is drying up…

No. 1683236

Yeah it's a slow news day besides Jake sperging out in his Youtube comments. Jake is going broke and seems to be getting a little agitated/desperate, so fresh milk might be upon the horizon. Just report the nitpicking and carry on tbh. It's always present in nearly all active snow threads.

No. 1683243

It's not some evil secret she is trying to keep hidden, it's a weird hobby on the internet a lot of people wouldn't understand and might make fun of her for. Not to mention she's probably just most concerned about her mom finding out. A lot of people make money off fanfiction, fanart and video game porn mods but would never want people outside of those circles knowing about that side of them.

To an abuser like jake, being "shitty" can be anything from not being the exact personality he wants, to spending 10 minutes talking about something they wanted to talk about instead of something he wanted. Kaya doesn't seem like my type of either from videos, but that doesn't mean she's shitty. Besides she mostly got boring and complaining when with Jake which is fair enough. She probably didn't even know why she was being more negative until she broke up with him and got better
> Kaya fucked up in almost every single way a person can fuck up in a relationship
Is such a typical abuser's line that's just purely designed to make you insert in whatever idea you have of a terrible relationship, not actually say what's wrong with their former victim they're vilifying to others now. Just straight out of that "I have nothing but crazy exs" handbook

No. 1683245

Nitpicking about her hip-dips or thigh fat or whatever is pretty retarded. Some of them sound like actual moids kek. But I do actually think that her dressing up as "Diva" the kawaii gamer girl seems pretty funny and milky, kek.

No. 1683250

I think her body is totally ok, but the suit and trying to pass as kawaii gamer girl is bad enough …

No. 1683337

The same guy who made cringey as fuck amateur porn with the gf he started dating while she was married is going to have to drop something infinitely more scandalous about his ex for anyone to give a shit.

No. 1683401

File: 1666629768930.png (509.05 KB, 521x927, Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 18-41…)

LOL I just can't with this…

No. 1683444

File: 1666632878032.jpg (120.18 KB, 767x1023, FEQfb2cXoAAmOKr.jpg)

Lost her boobs, neck, and most of her nose. lmao

No. 1683476

She's not even trying to role play as the character even a little bit. Granted it's clear she doesn't know anything about her, but she could at least see a couple of reference photos to get an idea beyond just putting on a constipation face and a basic stiff pose

No. 1683518

Nonny this is something called leg fat. It’s completely normal, honestly I’ve never seen a woman without a lil chub on the inside of her thigh (besides anachans)

No. 1683531

even some anachans get it lol

No. 1683546

Yeah it’s so cute, even to me a straight woman
Especially when the “chub” bunches up a little over thigh high socks etc! Very good very nice! Maybe I’m not straight

No. 1683569

Kek, as a raging queer personally, Kat does nothing at all for me. She is definitely too stick thin and her tattoos are eye sores. I love thick "chubby" thighs as much as any lesbo or any moid. But she's just unfit.

No. 1683633

Totally agree with everything you’ve said, except her mom was a glamour model, she literally got paid to get her tits out! They’d just have a big laugh about it if she doesn’t know already. Sims Anon has a weird fixation.

I randomly remembered a video where Jake talks about getting his shit together (ie. cobbled together a bunch of random, potentially toxic measures of “productivity”) and said it was important to vacuum every day. It’s a nice idea but nobody I know actually achieves that. I’m just imagining poor Kaya already being depressed and (at the time) struggling with undiagnosed ADHD when her partner randomly decides she’s a morally bankrupt layabout for not cleaning the way he wants them to every. Single. Day.

No. 1683695

That's the thing. I'm starting to get the impression that for Jake " what went wrong" in their relationship was that Kaya had undiagnosed issues and needed his support whilst she was finding the right meds and instead of being there and supporting her unconditionally like a long term partner should he bailed and cheated and that's how he rationalised it. She was asking for too much from him, she was too needy, she was getting in the way of his success etc etc all narcissistic bullshit excuses he probably doesn't even realize is dehumanising her and anyone experiencing something like her which has potential to blow up even outside the cheating drama. This is why he hasn't dropped the video "exposing" her yet I think. He hasn't yet found an argument for leaving Kaya like he did without still looking like a shitty person, because he is a shitty person.

No. 1683792

If he actually made a video I think a good portion of Twitter/Youtube would have a field day about how he was unsupportive (to say the least) to his neurodivergent partner and literally left her out in the cold because he couldn't handle her, it would not go down well

No. 1683879

It will be a sea of milk though when his narcissistic rage wins out and he makes that video. His income is disappearing and Kaya is looking and doing amazing. It's just a matter of time before he explodes.

No. 1683948

Kaya is trash, she makes out like she is so good with animals but gets so close to that poor wild seal baby just to film it for social media. She disgusts me.

No. 1683975

Really digging in the deep end, aren’t we?

No. 1683978

Lmao Jake?

No. 1683981

it’s the fucked up thumb nails for me… why couldn’t she fix them before showing them as a focal point in her “photo shoot”? she really thinks she is so good looking she can have ugly uneven crusty nails when she is attempting to make a living from “modeling.”
as for the thighs, i know she can’t help her body, but it is interesting someone as skinny and tall ectomorph built as her could have thigh chub. maybe it’s just the socks compressing her too much. I never knew that was considered appealing…

No. 1683985

It's appealing on body types where it makes sense for it to be there, while it looks out of place on no ass or thighs mcgee here. Obviously as other nonas have said, her weird body is a nitpick compared to all the other stuff about her, though if she's gonna try to sell said body it's gonna be looked at more closely. And she clearly doesn't know how to sell her body type, just like Jake.

No. 1684009

File: 1666682227224.png (17.91 KB, 592x152, bri'ishteeth.png)

No wonder Jake has been extra cranky lately, poor lil guy's tooth hurty. A root canal is basically his entire monthly YT income rn. kek

Bonus: some new terrible music is otw soon too

No. 1684019

I thought the same anon. She just likes animals but not that far to consider their needs first. The poor baby seal! Never get so close to a baby animal or wild animal in general. I also didn’t like how she let that one goat rip away a paper bag, idk if she ate it though.

No. 1684043

Come on now, I know you're both not stupid enough to forget that zoom functions exist

No. 1684152

Goats will eat absolutely everything in sight without major consequences,I doubt a paper bag would be a problem but you seem eager to be mad(learn2sage)

No. 1684175

Do we know anything about Kat's husband? Like is he a well known and liked person and everyone's on his side?

No. 1684194

Kekekek goats could eat their way through a wall and they'd be fine.

Wondering the same. He doesn't seem to use social media for anything but his tattoo shop, Hidden Hand. All I know is that he basically set Kat up with a tattoo job, sort of like how Kaya set Jake up as a youtuber. I know that Dean and Kat have matching "True love" tattoos, and a good few of her tattoos have been done by him, including Mulan. He used to also draw tattoos for her to do on other people. He's actually able to freehand. He seems appreciated in the tattoo community.

No. 1684214

Makes sense why her designs now look like absolute dogshit even when traced directly from a Google image search, it seems like her ex was holding her hand through her career and now she's flying solo, it has to be very stressful for him knowing that she's out there tracing with the shadow of his reputation and the reputation of his studio

No. 1684321

That and now his child lives part time with stumpy and the kids mom now does DLG porn. Seriously poor guy.

No. 1684371

File: 1666716185738.jpg (1.86 MB, 3464x2309, FiltersOnFilters.jpg)

Kat dressed up her ugly mom friend Becka in a Party City wig and then layered filters over her face in attempt to hide that she looks 40+. Neither of you are kawaii. Take off the cheap hooker costumes and go parent your little boys before they grow up all fucked up.

No. 1684418

Dean did the Mulan one that looks like shit and he did Kaya's hands that look like shit.

No. 1684421

Are we slabbering about Kat's friends now because Kaya is hanging around with Belfast trash too these days.

No. 1684447

File: 1666720785170.png (25.94 KB, 629x514, beckaOF.png)

NTA, but Kat giving her normie mom friend a gamer girl makeover to shoot budget porn with is likely not on par with Kaya hanging out with whichever "Belfast trash" you are on about unless you got anything milky. In which case, post it? This is an image board.

You have a pretty obvious way of typing.

No. 1684454

You can think I'm obvious but I didn't write all those.

I didn't realise it was for only fans. Maybe I didn't read it right. Just look at Kaya's Instagram and the two coke whores she posts with. Ones missing teeth.

No. 1684456


Kat was his apprentice before they were together. Don't know much about him other than he's respected well in the tattoo community in belfast

No. 1684458

Sage your opinion. Hidden Hands isn't respected.

No. 1684464

Some people just don't have good teeth anon. There are reasons for missing teeth that aren't "debilitating cocaine habit".

No. 1684475

File: 1666721978349.png (2.47 MB, 1831x843, 2389492834783523.png)

Had to go look and her teeth are literally all there anon, they are just crooked? How is Kaya going for a hike in the woods with her friends on par with making shitty porn with her mom friend? I'm not even a Kaya stan, but c'mon.

No. 1684482

Tbf I don't follow Kaya's IG and the photos I saw on the girls IG were around summer. Might still be up on stories, maybe she got her tooth fixed. They're still extremely cringe, no wonder they "found" each other via Kat.

No. 1684694

Obvious Typing Style anon is giving impotent rage, reminds me of someone

No. 1684696

Jake- I mean anon is more cranky than usual due to tooth pain, so has made the very healthy and normal choice to angrily lurk his exes Instagram and try and find fault
>she zoomed in on a seal!!
>One of her friends has a snaggletooth!
Pathetic kek

No. 1684707

Criticise her friends all you want she at least has friends to hang out with

No. 1684714

It's always the same dry one-liners littered with "trash" and "shit" seething with unwarranted hatred and zero milk/receipts. I'm pretty sure I have a fairly unique typing style with my overuse of filler descriptive words, kek. But this anon just pops in every so often to pull a "but kaya!" or to shit on Dean of all people? I dunno man it's weird.

I don't want to "hi cow" but it definitely feels like they are at the very least a snacc trying to derail any discussion of Jake/Kat.

No. 1684728

Jake, your jealousy is showing

No. 1684784

What do you mean Hidden Hand isn't respected? Dean is a better artist than everyone at Meraki combined.

No. 1684788

>Hidden Hands
It's funny because they didn't even spell the name of the place right. It's pretty obviously the same anon shitting on Kaya and Dean throughout the thread.

No. 1684803

On Kayas ig story she said she had to drive to Lisburn and deal with some bullshit situation, isn't that where Jake lives?

No. 1684826

It sounds familiar, could be. Could be Jake continuing to lose it and forced her to get her scooter right now even though he probably didn't have time to let her into the garage on 15 different occasions. It's the narcissist way.

No. 1684854

> Belfast trash
> two coke whores
And this is based on what info exactly? Them goofing around / showcasing retarded hangs on ig? The missing tooth? The other girl has nice teeth though. Please elaborate.
NTA, just genuine interest. You know something?

No. 1685004

> Well, not as trashy as Kat's OF buddies but still THEY'RE TOOTHLESS COKEWHORES
> Well, they're not toothless anymore but I swear they were (source: trust me bro)
Your backpedaling is hilarious.

I don't give a shit about Kaya, but nothing she's doing is as cringe as recruiting your homely mom friends to make OnlyFans content.

No. 1685151

um their teeth look perfectly straight and white compared to kat’s hideous snaggle tooth and cigarette stained teeth with an unfortunate underbite. if anyone has meth mouth, it’s Kat

No. 1685154

maybe that’s why she started cheating on him

No. 1685280

I wouldn't even bother with the scooter it probably only worth £100 or scrap by now bikes loose value so quick and rust very easy (unless it's a vintage bike it be worth it) surprised he even letting her take the bike didn't he pay for it?

No. 1685391

Is that her ptsd bike that she made a huge deal about for nearly a year and posted that stupid thumbnail for. Just fling it in a bush saves the hassle

No. 1685408

Ugh whatever. Kaya's a bitch lol, deal with it. She's got trashy druggy friends, she wasn't invited to Sophie's wedding, she has friends for social media. She didn't just sell foot pics back in the day, she had druggy Belfast men come round to her home to do feet stuff lol. She's a lazy fat layabout tbh.

No. 1685460

Come back with milk or stfu vendetta-chan.

No. 1685495

No1 curr Stalker-chan. Your irl beef isn’t milk.

No. 1685513

Listen vendetta-chan. The feet thing and the sims porn and whatever other hang ups you may have with Kaya have likely either been discussed in past threads in depth and/or is very old milk. We know, we've known, and in some cases it's been almost a decade and the milk has gone rotten. If you do have new milk, you need to present it with receipts instead of replying to a Jake/Kat post with "b…but… KAYA is a coke whore!". This is an image board, giving us information you have likely pulled from your ass or embellished upon, with no proof, means absolutely nothing to us. If Kaya is still a cow let her moo and bring us milk.

No. 1685861

File: 1666845692065.png (311.75 KB, 1421x642, belfast_trash.png)

I know the likelihood of vendettachan actually being them is unlikely, but it's still funny to imagine given all of Jake's angry ramblings lately. kek

No. 1685880

Artistic genius kek. Is it really unlikely that any of those are them? Because somehow they know that Kaya met her new friends "via Kat" which has never been discussed.

No. 1685895

I suppose it's possible, given the anon refuses to say anything actually negative about Jake, and kind of just glosses over Kat. I want to say it's just another snacc who wandered in, but overuse of "belfast trash" and weird hatred for Dean does make it seem like a certain seething lil manlet. lmao

No. 1685948

You sound like a jealous teenager just so you know, that's probably why everyone's assuming you're Jake. You seem to be at about the same age mentally (12)

No. 1686059

Sounds like you need to have some DRINKS! SHOTS!!! DRINKS! to calm your nerves, 'nonni'

No. 1686821

File: 1666951002862.png (560.55 KB, 490x794, Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 11-55…)

Jake's latest studio and project. More money wasted on shit he will do twice.

No. 1686831

Jake has lost another thousand subs on youtube and is now on a low of 450k, this time last year he was about to hit half a million! Karma sucks.

No. 1686842

File: 1666954755329.jpeg (288.36 KB, 828x1430, 2CD08D07-9366-4BE3-AD04-F6727B…)

She is so dumb

No. 1686903

Is this so he can react to e girls in virtual space lol? Honestly unless you're a huge gaming channel who gets lots of views there's no real benefit to adding vr games to your list cause the tech is expensive and there aren't that many games that you could squeeze too much content out of. VR also isn't new anymore so if he's trying to get pushed through the algorithm trends this isn't it. Also not to meme on him but is Jake even an actual gamer? Like yeah he's got the terrible bloodborne tattoo but that doesn't convince me more than his clown makeup does that he's goth. I can't stand to watch his streams but I get the impression he's a poser for gaming too and would be a low effort COD YouTuber if that was still popular instead of trying to convince us he has horror tastes

No. 1686985

>I completely forgot I'll need cash in London
Yeah suuuure you just want a deranged fan to cashapp you

No. 1687021

Sage for londonfag but you only need cash in London if you’re buying drugs lol

No. 1687055

cashapp is not a big thing in the uk, also this wont help if she needs cash

No. 1687107

>is Jake even an actual gamer?
Considering he's dating Diva the gamer girl I really don't think so… they're both just posers.

No. 1687125

His whole body filled with gamer tattoos

No. 1687175

Kek, so? He also calls himself goth.

No. 1687232

You mean his arms and the front of his upper chest and neck so only the parts that can be seen in public? His whole body lmao. There are plenty of people with game tatts who aren't really gamers.

No. 1687233

File: 1666984814952.png (278.1 KB, 491x812, Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 21-19…)

He really looks worn in this and it's with filters.

No. 1687285

These are the times I find her annoying or immature, but I've done similar shit when unmedicated. Real adult ADD hours.

I'm not here to gatekeep who is a gamer and who isn't, but he's definitely an edgy casual who is kind of trash from what I've seen. It's just more lazy content from him if anything, he can't even be assed to do his make-up lately.

These genuinely look stupid as shit on him. Like this isn't giving "spooky" ghoul, but rather a "faces of meth" kinda ghoul. lmao

No. 1687326

It’s creey, yea, but not because of the teeth

No. 1687425

>I'm not here to gatekeep who is a gamer and who isn't
I am! Kat is a hilarious poser, and while Jake actually does game casually, the fact that he's dating a poser diminishes any cred he has and makes him look like a moid who fetishizes gamer girls.

No. 1687446

lmao, okay maybe I will gatekeep just a little, because Kat's "Diva" slip up was definitely grade-A fake gamer girl. It's funny she couldn't even be assed to google the character first.

No. 1687521

I mentioned his terrible bloodborne tattoo cause I don't think it's evidence of him being an actual gaming enthusiast. The only other gamer tattoo I can think of that he has is a silent hill nurse and in my general opinion he wouldn't have gotten those tats if they weren't based on well known horror games. He'll I'd argue if you picked someone off the street who vaguely knew about games and asked them to name two horror games they'd list those two.

He didn't even get anything that feels personable about the games either. Not saying every tattoo is about meaning but what about the bloodborne tattoo is important to him or even striking about the game? This isn't a cool skyline from his favourite location, it's generic buildings from yarnam that might as well just be off the cover art. I'm don't need much to accept someone as a "gamer",but to spend the money on a VR set that won't make returns when you also might be faking passion for gaming too? Almost as funny as his vanity tattoos potentially also being shit he isn't passionate about

No. 1687603

All his tattoos except the random doodled X on his face and messy dragon linework sleeve are gaming tattoos I think? His Silent Hill sleeve is a faded blown out mess so it's definitely understandable you were only ever able to make out the silent hill nurse on it. The ugly walleyed faces on his tits are from Legacy of Kain if I remember correctly, same goes for the thrussy tattoo and tentacles I guess. He's an edgy tryhard even when it comes to his choice of games tbh. kek

It kind of just boils down to your definition of what a "gamer" is. I figure anyone who actively regularly games is, by definition, a gamer. Doesn't make him any good at it or worth watching though. His gaming content is the same as his reaction videos, watch a stumpy little manlet drink and rage on about _insert subject here_.

No. 1687787

Correct me if I'm remembering wrong nonnies, but didn't Jake ragequit Eldenring or one of those difficult games and then claimed to have finished it offline? I can't check because it's all behind subs now.

No. 1687836

Yeah, you have a point. He "qualifies" as a gamer because he actually does play games and has tattoos of the games but we know that he doesn't actually care about any of this stuff for real, it's just one more thing that he kinda sorta likes and decided to put out front as an important part of his personality. It's like he does with him being vaguely alternative: he blows it out of proportion as goth because it sounds way cooler, edgier and like he has an actual interest. Which he doesn't. It's the same thing with the motorcycles, it's just a prop. All of these are props he uses to look interesting, he shows zero knowledge about these three subjects that seem to be the pilars of his self image: goth motorcycle gamer guy. He's just a little bitch who is a poser at everything he does and everyone who isn't exactly like him over the age of 15 realizes it. The thing is that his most defining personality traits in real life won't gain him subs: narcissistic, alcoholic, aggressive, dumb, arrogant, and ofc a fucking poser.
I really can't believe a man my age can be so lame, for real.

No. 1687844

File: 1667048991273.jpg (282.59 KB, 970x1480, 20221029_060942.jpg)

No. 1687862

>shitty Pinterest tattoos

guy literally has a urethra tattooed on his neck and a giant scab on the side of his head, he's one to talk kek

No. 1687867

Wow… I'm starting to think all the people accusing fake of posting some of the more unhinged kaya-hating posts in these threads might actually have been right…

No. 1687876

Jake's got shallow interests. He's a shallow person. So are most of the attention seekers itt.

No. 1687878

Not to burst the bubble of anons who made the art of my posts but those weren't Jake. I've got mutual friends irl with Jake and Kaya, well they're not mutual friends of either of those two anymore but you get it.

No. 1687880

Which is also why I am not able to post screenshot of milk because the info I get is like witness accounts lol. But I always sage!

No. 1687881

File: 1667051388193.png (Spoiler Image, 559.88 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20220513-122639.png)

Saged for blog posting speculation. But what if Fake bought all that vr shit to become a vtuber?

Back in may when he was reacting to those videos some snacc made him a model that it seemed like he actually liked.

Vtubing pairs with his skinwalking and body dysmorphia, and means he doesn't have to wear makeup anymore but keep the "goth" label.

Fakes attracted to what's popular or what he think he can emulate, and his demographic is really into stupid waif like anime shit.

The vr can help him with body tracking or even vr chat.

Plus it'd make sims porn nonna happy if he got back into 3D representations of himself, kek.

No. 1687902

So why did this post trigger you so badly? >>1684371 And why did Becka immediately private her account after this got posted? Kek.

No. 1687905

There is so much hypocritical degradation in this post, where to even fucking begin.

No. 1687926

Doesn't he realize that everything he tells to try to argue that Kaya is acktchually the bad guy only makes him look worse? The things he chooses to try to humiliate her are so fucking low, like >>she begged me to take her back
of course she did, she was fucking kicked out of the house after 11 years of relationship. Even if she did, it's not a testment of how great you are Jake, she was desperate.

>>She used muh bike garage as free storage

You don't need an actual bike garage, you don't fucking work on your fucking bike. You are not an actual biker or mechanic enthusiast in any way, shape of form, so you only need space to literally park your stupid prop bike. Really evil of your at the time girlfriend for using the garage of her own house to storage things without renting it from you or just renting elsewhere.

>> when I forced her to come and get it, she blocks me on everything and wouldn't return my gaming laptop or my camera

"Forced her". I bet he was threatening to give away or throw out all of her stuff IF she didn't take it all out by Jake's determined day and hour. Typical narc behavior. Of course she'll withold your laptop and camera until she can have her stuff back as a guarantee against you, she doesn't trust you at all, and good for her.

You are pathetic

No. 1687933

I hate Jake but I am loving this lmao. I hope Kaya responds soon. Cmon Kaya… don't be the bigger person, go crazy!

No. 1687948

So who’s money is he drinking exactly? Last I checked he had a Patreon and got regular donations on streams, is that not paying for him to multi buy Long Island iced teas? Or does he only use the thousands donated to him by his snaccs over the years for purely charitable reasons? Are we going to find out that Fake is like George Michael one day and he was using all his ‘break the Jake money’ to fund IVF and help send sick kids to Lapland?

How is that glass house Fake?

He’s pissed because the internet likes her better. She’s a lot of things but she doesn’t give off the pure arsehole energy he does. He has been a prick throughout the whole break up thing and if this is how he talks about her in public I’m not surprised she blocked him.

No. 1687951

>"cliche pinterest tattoos"
The irony of that statement when his girlfriend steals tattoo designs from pinterest, Google, and children's coloring books.

No. 1687962

File: 1667060426281.png (985 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20221029-181946.png)

No. 1687975

Exactly! I don't think mister "double long island ice-teas" needs to comment on how Kaya is supposedly drinking her subs money away. Jake has gone to the US, Germany, Barcelona, Croatia on vacations and was so busy having a grand time he forgot to post on youtube for almost 2 months. He is shitting on Kaya for asking funds to help fix her car while he was begging on stream he needs to go to Australia in first class or he can't go. Man is projecting so hard he should start selling popcorn.

No. 1687980


Oh aye, Mr Big Time YouTuber couldn’t possibly fly ‘economy’! The horror.

I’d be willing to bet pound to a penny that he’s seething that she’s out with friends and visiting London and doing collabs while he’s stuck at home playing step daddy, reacting the same tired old shit and scraping his crusty peen on his motorbike. He thinks she should be sat at home crying over him, it eats him up that she’s carried on without him.

No. 1687986

File: 1667062581777.jpg (696.32 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221029-185213_Twi…)

He means pro-lifer right? He's so dumb an yet he always tries to show he has an opinion on things

No. 1687997

Thanks for bringing this up, as not-native speaker I had some hard moments to figure out what he meant when I saw his post

No. 1687999

That is totally it. He thought she was holding him back and he was going to be a rising star and she was going to shrivel and fizzle out. It's the other way around, he's slowly going broke and he's stuck with another man's kid lmao

No. 1688004

In his latest video Fake announces a "super nice wholesome family vlog" soon to come. He mentions "growing pains" for the time of adjustment after Kat & her son moved in - oh no, clouds over paradise already?!!! He also wears make up to announce that this will be the last video with make up for a long time. This is all in the very first minutes of the video, couldn't bring myself to watch it further …

No. 1688007

I'm not into bugs but honestly it looks nice. It also makes me wonder how is an arm full of bugs a typical pinterest tattoo thing? I usually think of those 90's stars or that dandelion turn into birds kind of thing or quotes like "be yourself" when I hear pinterest tattoos.

No. 1688012

Is he really going to put that child in his videos? Did dad OK this? I hope dad can use this to get more custody of his kid.

No. 1688025

I don't know, atm I still hope he at least pixelates the poor boy. If not I hope his dad goes really hard after him ….

No. 1688031


I hope the kids dad comes down hard and fast on this.

I knew he’d go down the family channel root though.

No. 1688032

He is using them for content to try and repair his broken image and Kat is either too retarded to see that, or she doesn't care and is enjoying the attention more than she cares about her son, and is using him right back for the clout. A couple of users and a sad/confused little boy who can't consent to being in his pathetic "family" vlog.

No. 1688034

I'm really curious what one word sentences Kat will scream in that video since “drinks!!!" and "shots!!!" wouldn't go that well with wholesome family content (and yes, fake himself announced it with the word "wholesome"…)

No. 1688051

>drinking your patreon money
>barely posts anything to youtube

hey jake, since we know you and kat lurk here- remember when you were charging $35 for your onlyfans for low quality dick pics, then didn't even post anything there for like 2 months? there's so much projection in this comment, they could use it in a psychology class

No. 1688057

>What videos, she barely posts anything

It's pretty obvious he's been stalking her videos but doesn't know she's been streaming more often (and posting the vods to her Patreon). He's obviously watching the videos if he knows she's been mentioning vague stuff about him. And to be honest, the stuff she does mention, which doesn't ever mention him by name, is kind of sad, talking about how she is glad she doesn't get screamed at or have to deal with holes in the walls and broken stuff anymore. Like, all he's done is name her personally and say how she's done this or that thing, stuff he himself is/has done, and yet he has the nerve to say she's not moving on? He's also doing this in response to people fairly innocently asking him on Instagram what happened. Boy needs to move the fuck on, himself.

No. 1688058

File: 1667068856628.jpg (622.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20221029-113911_Ins…)

Kaya is hanging with rotten_hollow, who Jake used to skinwalk. Eat your fucking heart out, Fake.

No. 1688073

He’s just salty he couldn’t do his gay porn in the garage

No. 1688106

He has a point tho
She barley posts and when she does its complaining or comment about her ex its very boring. She needs to post night out videos and her having fun or baking but she to lazy to do that

If it that big issue he should of donated all her stuff rather then keeping it she would of soon collected it

No. 1688110

I know right she should do a video with her mother and let rip

No. 1688115

He sounds sour. Hmm not that long ago he was begging for first class tickets and randomly wasting money to go to Germany to eat nuggets? Or all those long islands ice teas.
Is he blind yo his own actions? He drinking away his money only difference is she's having fun with her friends he isn't

No. 1688119


I wonder if he's narc raging because she said that the last relationship she found hard to get over wasn't him kek

No. 1688126


He 100% sulks that be no longer has her.She's glowing living her life he most likely has a spam account he stalks her every move on. He can act like he don't regret leaving her but he clearly does now he stuck with a kid

No. 1688165

I think we would all love this kaya expose him

No. 1688229

In Jake's newest video (Goth reacts to alt tik toks in makeup for once) he says wearing makeup was a phase and it doesn't match his personality any more and he won't wear makeup again as he hates it. Yikes for the people who bought a tshirt with his beaten mug on them with the "its not a phase" LOL

No. 1688245

He has a point… uhh sure…
Are you Jake? Or Kat?
Kaya vagueposts sure but she has been more active and is living her life.
People donate to her because they want to.
He is the one dragging her by name and accusing her of shit he clearly does eg. spending patreon money on drinking and barely posting.
Oh and being the AbOoSiVe one.
Don't get me wrong I am no Kaya stan, I have never liked her claiming the goth label when clearly not loving the music and all the bitching and moaning she did while with Jake.
Can't blame her on the 2nd thing though when living with an abusive cheating narcissist..
As I said am no Kaya fan but Jake treated her like shit and is a fucking scumbag.
So yes many of us nonnies are happy to see her thrive while he burns his bridges, loses money and squanders what little he has left.
And still doesn't learn anything.
And Jake you also ARE NOT goth, in fact you are less alternative than Kaya you chavvy fuck.
Sage for rant/blogpost

No. 1688249

Samefagging but I also don't get how anyone can follow this thread and still drag kaya or defend fake…
Unless hello cow..

No. 1688265

After he literally gained followers because of that fake-inspirational crap about self expression rediscovering his ~*true self*~ no matter what those normies thought uwu! Hilarious. We all clocked that those “freak vlogs” were bullshit for the algorithm. I almost feel bad for all the bullied goth teenagers who believed in what they thought was an actual cause.

No. 1688272

Hope he's seething to see that kek

No. 1688279

All of this. He’s fucking fuming and totally projecting. Kaya is from an era where proto-influencers got free shit and money because people liked them, before brand collabs and sponsors were more of a thing; you can call that lazy, sure, but him and his desperate grind to be goth Jake Paul can hardly say shit. He’s mad because his graft to be sweet and likeable has totally failed.
> e-begging
Dude definitely lurks/posts in threads like these.

No. 1688282

E egging, and complaining? Same rage sounds familiar to another anon in here….. I wonder why

No. 1688287

Kaya is hanging out with Sam Cooper the viking larper who has cheated on his gf Krysty (who streams as Nyx Nocturna on twitch) with loads of girls in the Slimelight/MQ scene. I hope she doesn't become another one of his victims

No. 1688288

File: 1667083107632.jpg (796.89 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20221030_003708893.jpg)

It's getting harder to keep the comments nice n tidy these days …. all under the last ig post.

No. 1688290

File: 1667083468400.jpg (883.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20221029-154306_Ins…)

Jake's tasteless costume. What the fuck.

No. 1688292

What is it supposed to be?

No. 1688294

A suicide victim with ketchup smeared on their face? No clue.

No. 1688297

Congrats on the pregnancy? Jake must be pregnant or that’s just a beer belly

No. 1688300

File: 1667084715368.jpeg (187.15 KB, 631x852, A876B971-C235-4965-953D-0DC835…)

No. 1688302

No, you need to go away immediately.

No. 1688305

File: 1667084984742.png (8.54 MB, 1170x2532, C53D0B77-05F4-4F4F-82B7-724C56…)

What about this? It’s beautiful(autism)

No. 1688306

You’re jealous of my photo skills(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1688401

God he's fucking obsessed, she has not even mentioned him except for vague answers to Story questions where she's like the house is tidier now and my social life is better and he's over there screaming and writing all this personal shit.
>she barely posts
She posts like 30 Instagram stories a day (mostly new content, like videos of trips, videos of her talking, photos, and story replies) photos on the main feed, streams often, is active on Tiktok and posts Youtube videos much more regularly than before

No. 1688405

Jake is obviously blocked and screened on everything (because who wants your seething ex to watch you?!) if he thinks she barely posts kek, he even admitted here she blocked him after collecting her stuff. Mr moneybags is now crying about his ""gaming laptop"" (er, so what does he use for streaming then? Does he mean Kaya's laptop she works on?) and camera (probably that one camera she uses for filming) which he has decided to "get back" aka use as an excuse to harass her. Wonder what Kat thinks about all this unhealthy obsession

No. 1688410

He really does have a point with some of those statements. However, ironically, he’s guilty of the exact same things, kek.
I don’t think what he’s said qualifies as "projecting" per se, as they’re both doing the same / rather similar things, and have also been doing those things while still in the relationship. I think, if to put a label on it, it’s more of "twisting the facts" or "bending the truth" or "manipulating the narrative".

Idk why he’s mad though? That she’s getting more financially and support-wise for the same spiel, despite all his efforts to play "wholesome" house whilst vague-dragging her from time to time?
Perhaps take your own advice, deal with the laptop etc in private, and move on??

No. 1688444

It's 100% projection. He is criticizing Kaya for everything he is doing. He's mad because he's a narcissist and Kaya is looking great and doing great and is doing stuff he wants to do like go to London while he's stuck at home with a kid.

No. 1688471

Plus he has no friends to do stuff with cause he’s a miserable cunt who only drunk ass Kat is willing be around for any length of time

No. 1688477

I wonder if Kat regrets getting with Jake yet or if she is still being love bombed.

No. 1688492

File: 1667100117796.jpg (138.28 KB, 720x1245, whatevenisthis.jpg)

For all the elaborate makeup looks he's done, this is really the best he could come up with for Halloween?

No. 1688529

He looks deranged and not in a good way

No. 1688554

It's just his normal shock goth makeup with some red smears instead of just black. You'd think he'd at least try not to make it look obvious his goth looks are just a costume to him

No. 1688579

Literally looks like he’s smeared Kats period on his face. I love watching his old dudes downfall

No. 1688647

Has he ever said anything about Kayas mum? She arguably posts more about him than Kaya does and has been quite vocal in her dislike of him since the break up but he never says a word about that…

No. 1688666

My personal tinfoil is that there's some sort of specific tension between them. Ever seen that picture of Kaya's mom when she was young and modeling on a motorcycle? Kek, you know he loves that shit.

No. 1688673

>she never posted me either

except the vids she put up you in & every single couple pic, think they even did a reaction vid to them. could be wrong but point is “never” can easily be disproven.

wasn’t he bragging about how ‘epic’ his costume or whatever would be? where are all the decorations, or could he not be bothered to tidy up because he doesn’t want to show off how gross he is.

No. 1688729

File: 1667123475392.png (910.02 KB, 1160x750, Screenshot 2022-10-30 at 09.50…)

Imagine buying a noose and some fake blood and posting this.

No. 1688789

So edgy with a noose

No. 1688832

I hope that look wasn't the costume he supposedly was excited about kek
And if it is, is this a character I'm missing the reference to? Is it a costume of a hanging victim? Cause it's his regular fake goth look with ketchup and a rope. He couldn't even spring for some Ben Nye stage blood or chose an execution method that would actually result in blood on the face. He could have gone on YouTube and followed any girl's "last minute halloween makeup looks" and gotten a better result

No. 1688957

File: 1667148440671.jpg (204.88 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20221030_164258.jpg)

Considering the fact that she's grown in subs and he's done nothing but lose them makes this especially funny. He's so lacking in self awareness it's unbelievable.

No. 1688968

Someone should tell Jake the call is coming from inside the house.

No. 1688973

>I'm simply responding to my dumb fuck fans
If you think that why respond to them Fake, do the cattle trigger you that badly? Nice way to drive away fans too by calling them that just for asking questions about someone you dated in front of them

No. 1688982

If he truly wasn't absolutely seething and experiencing buyer remorse with his new found "family" he wouldn't feel the need to reply to any of this. Seethe harder, Fake. Keep going, can't wait for the complete implosion. Kek

No. 1689001

He's coping so hard kek. He's obsessed with Kaya.

No. 1689023

LOL more projecting and narc rage from Jake. Kaya has always been really vague and at the most she mentions she is happy her shit does not get broken. He's losing it. In a way I'm sad for Kaya that someone you spent so long with acts like this but I also hope she gets fed up and spills the fucking tea.

No. 1689044

Oh he’s totally not bothered that Kaya is doing just fine fine without him. For sure.

I really don’t get where he’s getting that she’s slagging him off from, she barely mentions him and certainly not by name. I’ve watched a few of her streams and if he or the break up comes up she just skips right over it. I’m sure she gets more asks about him/the break up than she answers on her instagram, mostly it’s just people asking her how she got over the break up and what it’s like living alone, hardly groundbreaking milk ‘exposing’ Fake. Literally all she’s ‘confirmed’ is that all was not rosy in the garden and that he had a temper and it’s better being away from him and we already knew about his anger issues because he’s said it him self over the years.

Ffs, we’d know if she was in the comments section like he is popping off but it’s just not happening. I reckon he really doesn’t like it being out there that he cheated and it’s that that’s causing the knot in his boxers. I’d say it smacks of guilty conscience if he wasn’t such a narc.

No. 1689050

Just wow.

No. 1689082

Been busy the last few days, just checked in and holy fucking shit lol what a monumental tantrum, he's like an impotent little baby chucking his toys out the pram and trying to throw his weight around while also attempting to be the victim despite everything everyone knows. He is truly the most pathetic of creatures. She has every right to block you, dude, she doesn't owe you anything especially not her time.

He's got some absolute cheek to be accusing her of a content drought when she's streaming more regularly and posting more regularly and collaborating more regularly than he is or ever has. Her professional and personal life is stable without him and it's clear as day by these multiple desperate meltdowns that he absolutely cannot cope with that fact, even the mildest most vague comments that Kaya has made are enough to trigger him to this extent. I honestly do think he's that transparently fragile and it's inevitably going to end his career and when it ends he'll have no one to blame but himself, he's basically documented in detail his own downfall.

Jake, if you're reading this and I think we all know you are: You deserve this misery and much more.

No. 1689136

The fact he uses these weird phrases about people like cattle makes me think he could be converted into a right wing MGTOW Peterson [insert weird online mancult here] guy with like three posts. He has all this pent up rage he wants to direct somewhere, man needs therapy, not sitting online accusing his ex of literally a list of things he does, while she enjoys her life and ignores him

No. 1689172

I've said it once and I'll say it again: never have I ever encountered someone so self important and yet so incredibly fragile as Jake.

No. 1689191

What happened to that song jake was recording months ago? The rap song did he ever realise it or did he give up on that as well

No. 1689194

Dude needs to get a hobby rather then obsessively stalking his ex. Is the novelty of kat over yet? Is that a twang of regret starting to unravel

No. 1689226

I love this line
>she already blew her second chance to grow her channel off of bad mouthing me
Firstly, no1curr. No one needs to badmouth you, Fake, you do the job yourself, and quite spectacularly. It’s not like Kaya’s "career" is somehow directly associated with you, or the portrayal of your image, kek.

Moreover, if Kaya were to really badmouth Fake, do some sort of a tell-all, her numbers would only skyrocket, as her fans hate Fake’s guts and just can’t wait for her to spill the tea. Hence the "frequent" ig asks. Kek, the delusion is on a whole other level.

And, of course, him bickering and shitting on his own fans will make his channel only grow and flourish in comparison to Kaya’s. Yeah, nothing to be jealous of. Nothing at all… This is hilarious. What an imbecile.

Also, Fake, if you want to come off oh so posh and superior in your comment section—learn how to spell.

No. 1689261

File: 1667164414428.gif (1.53 MB, 500x278, x6CPGwR.gif)

YES! You can just tell that he's like picrel on the inside, kek
He is SO jealous of Kaya being young, pretty and independent again, while he thought himself as the hottie in the couple while she was a hasbeen pretty who is chubby. Jake is extremely shallow, he started treating her bad and distancing himself from her when she started to get depressed and gain weight, so he as "the hot one" started to feel like Kaya was dragging him down. But now that Kaya isn't under his thumb anymore, surprise surprise: She got hot, young and stylish again, while he turned into a stepdad. He was hoping that the break-up would leave him feeling SUPER FREE AND YOUNG AND I CAN DO WHATEVEEEEER WHILE KAYA IS A FAT HOMELESS LOSEEEER. But that wasn't exactly what happened huh, Fake? Yes, you made a huge mistake, and I'm dying to see how you'll get out of this one you've barely gotten yourself into.

No. 1689326

I can’t understand for the life of me why he chose a girl with a kid, and I do NOT mean that women with kids are undateable, but Jake’s current lifestyle goes against everything he says he wants out of life right now. He’s either so insecure about his own mother that he rushed to cuckoo his way into a pre-built family, feels the sands of time ravaging that early ageing face, or like others have said many times he just has NO self-awareness. All that shit about touring and partying and not simping lasted 5 minutes before he switched to being a creepy stepdad.

No. 1689422

yes, that's exactly what I meant in >>1689261
I'm not a Kaya stan at all, but it's obvious that this is the way he sees it. He clearly stopped being into her when he stopped seeing her as a young pretty thin thing. After the break-up he was putting out this narrative that he was now a super free, hot and desirable guy with an only fans kek but out of nowhere he dropped it all and acquired a new wife and kid… I'm under the impression that when Fake and Kaya were still together and fake hated her, maybe he was jealous of Dean's life? Having a thin tattoed "hot" wife and being a "perfect alternative family". He always talked about not liking kids, but maybe as the age aproached, as he was seeing people do all the "things you have to do" like marrying, having children… and felt like he had to have it too, a weird competitive thing

No. 1689456

i think he's doing it more to prove a point due to the clip of him advocating "physically punishing your kids" that was circulating around social media kek. Can't exactly talk your way out of that one when there's solid proof like that. I guess kind of like a "See! I'm playing step daddy to another woman's kid! I'm not a bad person!" sort of damage control?? just my opinion because I don't know, I have a hard time believing he suddenly switched his views and now wants kids, but you never know

No. 1689457

The thing is, I don’t think he’s ever actually "chosen" Kat as "the one", contrary to what he’s trying to make everyone believe rn.
Him and Kaya were basically two hermits – barely going out, barely socialising with anyone. And in this tight circle of "barely anyone" he’s met Kat basically through Kaya. And, according to his own storyline, instantly developed a boner for her (that is, if the shtick that he has can qualify as a boner, but at least metaphorically speaking). And so he’s been fantasising about her since, until he’s ultimately manifested his wet dream into reality, but on the dl.

And he’d probably be more than happy to have kept it that way – "hot" "daddy’s girl" for lust and adrenaline on the dl, and Kaya for all the life benefits – career, keeping the entourage going, living perks (like being able to rent the new house etc), clean respectable image (wholesome goff couple goals), additional income, free maid that you can shame into doing stuff for you, and so on and so forth.
But eventually, his ego got in the way, and he’s slipped up and ruined his own "masterplan" – Kaya caught him, and he had no other choice than to stick with Kat to paint this new picture, both to Kaya and the whole world. That it was his plan all along, that Kaya fucked up in every way possible, and Kat is the one, the girl of his dreams, the muse, the saviour from that horrendous, abusive, piggy-backing person he’s spent the last decade with. He had no other choice.

Because, otherwise, what? He’d have to apologise to Kaya, admit he’s fucked up and beg her to forgive him / take him back? Hell no, too much of a narc. Or like leave and be single? Hell no. A classic narc move is exactly that – attack, blame it all on the victim, gaslight the shit out of it, reinvent the past, paint a new picture, and then put on an act to make it all believable, because he’d rather die than admit the truth.

So I think he’s never actually put any thought into it – the kid and all. He had to think of something fast in the moment, and then accept the aftermath, and try to twist it to be "ackchually that was my plan all along", when it clearly wasn’t. But try to use it to his own advantage to rebrand himself from an obvious pos to a "domestic abuse survivor, happy, wholesome, edgy stepdad" in hopes of monetary gain.

Long story short, it wasn’t a conscious choice, it happened spontaneously. And now he has to stick with Kat and her kid, and get hammered all the time to cope.

No. 1689494

File: 1667179958857.jpeg (368.42 KB, 1282x1374, 8334C4BC-8071-4076-9BF4-00AFF6…)

So he’s complained about Kaya having a patreon and drinking with that money. He took Kat to Spain and drank for 5 days straight with what money..? I’m confused. A full grown man can’t project this hard publicly ?

No. 1689498

He's just butthurt because she has 580 patreon subscribers and he has 103, and now he can no longer leech her funds for his own vices.

No. 1689505

But Anon, he was fully supporting her financially throughout the entire relationship, and she also stole tons of money from him afterwards!!1! (or during, or whatever the fuck) She’s tanking her channel because she’s talking shit and spreading lies about him!!
>103 patrons

No. 1689557

Snakes meltdown could only be better if he live streamed it ah la Sean Dawson when Tati uploaded that video blaming him for all kinds of bullshit.
He’s legit losing it and I am cackling. What a pathetic dude. It’s almost like he doesn’t realise the things he claims are so easy to disprove and mainly with his own posts. This is too good. May the meltdown continue

No. 1689563

He's been steadily bleeding subs on both YT and Patreon this past year. He was closing in on hitting the 500K mark just before the break-up, but now he's at 450k and still losing 2k a month.

Personally, my fav part is that for as often as he releases a new video, he gets so little views that he is only making an estimated average of $2-$35 a day. His yearly estimate is a measly $792-$12.7K off YT. He hasn't had a video break the 100k view threshold since a year ago, meanwhile Kaya has had three videos get over 100k views in just the past five months and that's with her releasing videos at a much slower rate than he is (a couple times a month compared to him pumping out reaction vids twice a week). It's no wonder he's absolutely seething right now over how much Kaya is making and how often she uploads videos to youtube. kek

Honestly his unbridled narc rage, over-inflated ego, and shilling of Kat as his perfect future wifey all the while blindly tanking his "career" is so reminiscent of onision in some aspects. Here's hoping he doesn't actually marry/have a kid with Kat and/or become a horrorcow as onion did.

No. 1689568

File: 1667184634387.png (38.47 KB, 915x496, jakeytstats.png)

dropped pic, but his numbers are pretty sad. It's really no wonder he's trying to rebrand the channel to try to salvage some kind of career off YT. It's also no wonder he's trying to sell pics of his shooped dick for $35 a pop. lmao

No. 1689573

>500K mark just before the break-up, but now he's at 450k

Losing 50k subs is huge, honestly think he's too much of a dumb narc to realise this is all on him, all his bad decisions since the breakup, the way he showed his ugly personality, the onlyfans, all of it, and Kaya has 0 to do with it.

Alternate timeline:
>They break up and he lets her stay there until she finds a new place
>He does not make an onlyfans
>He still dates Kat but there is no cheating
>He still uploads the same shit content as before
>He doesn't write long detailed comments flinging shit at Kaya online
I think if the above were true he wouldn't have tanked his channel. This is all his doing and the projection at Kaya only makes him look worse, makes it seem like he was abusive and hateful the whole time.

No. 1689591

>here's hoping he doesn't actually marry/have a kid with Kat and/or become a horrorcow as onion did.
As much as I hate them, I agree. I don't actually want them to end up as a fucked up youtube family. Which WILL happen if Jake starts using Isaac for content.

No. 1689616

This! He went low so go lower! Don’t be the bigger person anymore, be an ANT, Kaya!

No. 1689617

The “until I forced her” and “I will get them back” betray himself as less than the perfect unbothered angel he is pretending to be. these are threats and harassment, can he be arrested, please?
Also I’d be so mad if I were Kat as he is giving Kaya so much attention… Kat, go be with someone less messy and violent sounding. You have a child to look after and do you want this to be your fate once your luster wears off and he decides you’ve “used” him to give you “a good life,” too? There are no good women to narcs like this, he has deep mommy issues and hates women.

No. 1689631

There are such depths of cruelty that Jake has very proudly displayed on his channel and in the wake of the breakup that absolutely make me think he's the worst possible type of person to have around a kid. This step-dad happy families shtick is going to last about as long as all his other shticks and when it fails I genuinely worry for Kat and that's not an exaggeration for effect: the way Jake's behaving is a huge red flag, there is no way any of this makes him look anything other than absolutely unhinged. Kat is either already stuck or being willfully ignorant.

That's the impression you're giving by the way,Jake. Your vibe is absolutely rancid at this point,your position is indefensible and every time you double down and attempt to defend your cruelty it loses you more and more support. It's like watching a man thrashing in quicksand and only sinking deeper, he's dooming himself.

No. 1689661

He deleted this rant. (It was under the picture of him and Kat on IG) Someone get that little bitch a diary to vent in instead.

No. 1689681

I don’t buy the stealing dean’s ”hot wife” thing. she’s not prettier than kaya, she’s just skinny while Kaya gained depression lbs after years with jake, and she probably stopped blowing him because he was an asshole.
typical side chick, kat was just there and probably flirting with him and that’s why he noticed her and developed feelings. it raised his manlet self esteem. it’s something he likely wanted to explore, but not commit to. I agree with other anon who said since he got caught and doesn’t want to seem like a cheating fuckboy, as he cares more about how things look to others than integrity and kayas feelings, he did damage control by calling it “finding love because my relationship with kaya was loveless!” but too little too late.
he should have broke it off sooner with kaya instead of wasting her time. if she was so awful, why didn’t he do just this? he was happy to have her as his public girlfriend for 11 years until the latest infidelity with a married woman. they couldn’t keep it just between them as kat had explaining to do with dean. it was all too much, it was easier to make it into a new long term relationship than deal with the guilt of breaking up 2 families for a fling and have everyone know what pieces of shit they are. at least they can delude themselves that it was ok because they’re a family now and it’s fate or whatever

No. 1689736

File: 1667203615885.jpeg (251.89 KB, 750x1024, 4B35BFD0-A422-484C-87E6-EB08F3…)

Idk if it’s just me but that last screenshot of his comment doesn’t show up completely, so here it is again because he answered that and another question in surprising detail lmao

lolol must’ve really gotten to him, I’m the one he replied to in this ss and Kat blocked me for my comments, whereas Jake didn’t. I’m sure she must be FUMING over how much time he’s spending with shit like this lately.

No. 1689755

Kaya and Jake have been broken up for like a year and they're stil synonymous with each other. They both need to move on from caring about each other, stop mentioning each other and grow the fuck up

No. 1689762

What you on about? It’s Fake shitting on Kaya with unnecessary long comments trying too hard to defend himself… Kaya barely hints at him…

No. 1689766

in all fairness (and not a kaya stan by any means) she literally grew into her adult years with this manchild. they were together since she was about 16-17 and all through her 20s if i'm not mistaken? Imagine living with this leech day in day out and barely able to socialise away from that person. that's bad enough but add the narcissism, anger issues and violent outbursts and it's not a good mix for anyone. No wonder she was depressed and no wonder she makes the odd negative hint at him

No. 1689768


It must be real easy to ‘save’ your Patreon money etc when you haven’t had to start completely from scratch Fake. Kaya had to find a home, pay deposits and rent and then buy all new furniture because she didn’t have things like a sofa or a bed because he kept all the things in the house after he made her get rid of all the ‘old’ furniture that belonged to her. He’s just salty that more people would rather help her out with house stuff than buy his crappy dick pics.

His main issue though seems to be that she’s going out with friends and having some fun rather than sitting around pining after him. I assume her rent and bills are paid, what she does with the rest of it is her business. He’s no better than her and it pisses him off no end.

No. 1689772

File: 1667206724484.jpeg (429.64 KB, 828x571, B2EBBF29-04A2-4B6E-B51A-405754…)

The ironic foreshadowing…

No. 1689794

You answered your own question

He gave up just like he does on e everything else

No. 1689799

Plus I hate to break it to him but a broken down car is exactly what most people would use savings for. You’re not morally better for saving your income (it’s all just their income no matter what the specific social media it comes from), at the end of the day it’s still using other people’s “donated” money for personal use.

No. 1689805

This. It is delusional to think ANY money earned as a youtuber (by this I mean a person known because of their YouTube) is better or worse - patreon, twitch donations, Youtube itself - all the same, other people's money, given to you because for some reason they like you.

No. 1689817

There is literally not a single infinitesimal amount of difference between how Kaya and Jake make and spend their money. They both create content on YouTube. They both take stream donations. They both have a Patreon. Jake even has additional money ventures like his onlyfans- he does just as much "e-begging" as he's accusing Kaya of the only difference is the tiny shriveled up pea he uses in lieu of a brain can't conjure the self awareness required to understand when he's being the world's most brazen hypocrite

No. 1689847

>I pay for the occasional trip with Kat from ad revenue I make by posting videos, brand sponsorships, and Munro.
When was the last time Jake ever had a "brand sponsorship"? Or even did anything that would result in profits from his band Munro? He hasn't toured or released any new music since like a year ago. If anything this just further tells me that he was legitimately spending all his savings on love-bombing Kat with trips and "DRINKS! SHOTS!" while also trying to stick it to Kaya of course by going to her favorite places.

Seems like now that his savings are diminishing, he's looking to take it out on Kaya. That she must be the reason people are "hopping on a bandwagon of hate" and why his tired old reaction video "content" isn't doing numbers. Why his bandmates left. Why he couldn't fund his plushie drop. Why he hasn't had a "break the Jake" moment in forever. It's obviously all because Kaya keeps making very vague references to their relationship when asked! It's all Kaya's fault he's making minimum wage! It's only e-begging when it isn't him doing it. kek

I think it's really funny that Jake is trying to be critical in regards to how Kaya is making her money, when he's literally trying to sell photos of his ugly dick and balls.

No. 1689856

I got a feeling that Jake's "she still has my gaming laptop and camera" is him doing the asshole thing of "I bought you these things as gifts but now they're mine" after a breakup.
Or he's trying to hinder her ability to do her work.

Didn't he make a big show of claiming, after their breakup, that he was offering to help her with equipment and things to get her back into streaming?

No. 1689861

Yup I thought I was the only one to remember this he made out that kicking her out and providing her with the streaming set up was good enough and made him look like he was the good guy and she was so lazy still not to use it even tho her whole life was crumbling around her.
But yeah it was most likely the gifts he bought decided wants them back surprised he didn't keep her bike or say she stole the jeep he gifted her

No. 1689865

Samefag, but also, it's kind of hilarious to me that Jake managed to blow through all his fun money already and somehow also managed to get himself tied down with Kat and caring for her kid. He's not making enough to keep up the lifestyle he had previously or replace the funds he used on his and Kat's little honeymoon period earlier this year. Meanwhile Kaya's situation has stabilized enough that she's able to get tattoos she wants, travel, and is actively making new friends and hanging out with people who wouldn't give Jake the time of day. We've even seen her begin to do do collabs again while Jake seems to have lost any friends he used to have around (when was the last time we saw K or anyone else other than Kat?). It's really no wonder he's seething, his career peaked while he was with Kaya and it's only downhill from here.

It's very likely this. He definitely seems to want her to struggle without him to fulfill his narrative and inflate his ego even further, but the tides have seemed to turn so now he's having a shitfit.

No. 1689882

Tbh I think a lot of this stems from Jake just outright not being able to handle the fact that Kaya is more popular and more established as a creator than he is. He knows the only reason he's popular at all is because of his previous proximity to her. Her being stable without him? Being able to maintain her lifestyle? I'm sure he feels a certain way about that. He has this absolutely steadfast denial about it, he really wants to be seen as self made. It's like he genuinely cannot fathom that she had anything to do with his success.

No. 1689957

Hard agree. There’s possibly screenshots in an earlier thread. Plus, she said she paid into a joint savings account and he left her with nothing from it. I know he paid for a lot of stuff but it was all manipulation.

No. 1689962

All his top view youtube vids are either tiktoks that were curated by Kaya or react vids with Kaya. He can't remove them because they probably still bring him in the most money. Money which he probably never gave a share to Kaya to so him buying her that car is not much of a gift in the grand scheme of things.

No. 1689963

>She barely posts anything!!!
Meanwhile Jake:
Youtube: Posts twice a week tops.
Instagram: Hasn't made a post since September.
Onlyfans: Posts once a month at best.
Twitter: Mostly bitching about Elon Musk at the moment? No real content to be found here either. kek

I'm not even sure he's been streaming lately at all? Can any other anons confirm this? Making two short reaction videos to other people's original content is hardly anything to be proud of.

Just eight months ago he was hyping up how he was soooo busy because there was "new Munro coming out, new merch coming out, new plushes coming out, doing a lot of traveling and collaborations" Other than the one failed plush launch have we seen literally any of these things? Pot meet kettle, Jake.

No. 1690004

Additionally, Kaya is very active on tiktok and instagram, using reels which both pay out for views if you have enough followers, which she def does. Jake is being a bit of a boomer meme in his reluctance to give tiktok a real chance despite getting almost all of his source material from it for his shitty youtube videos. He clearly has no clue on how to actually grow his channel anymore.

No. 1690017

File: 1667231744120.png (486.83 KB, 850x898, 1659710936090.png)

Bump for gore

No. 1690065

I can't see him being successful on TikTok since he's basically incapable of producing any real original content. Other than "reacting to TikToks" on tiktok, he really has nothing.

No. 1690122

File: 1667239892230.jpeg (135.23 KB, 1282x555, 1643397362714.jpeg)

Found this from a few threads ago. What happened to Kaya already having all of her stuff and him not holding any of it???

No. 1690128

Schrödinger's Kaya stuff. It was both in his possession and not in his possession.

No. 1690188


I find Jake's relationship with TikTok really fascinating tbh because it's so obvious how much better he thinks he is than the people who actively use it/create on it as a platform and yet so much of his success is intrinsically linked to his tik tok reacts. The man has such a superiority complex that he even did that stint of videos that were like " I laugh and I might deign to stoop so low as to make a tiktok account like the rest of you peasants " it's no wonder he's coming for Kaya: she makes her content work for her, she enjoys what she puts out and most importantly she still has sponsors. Jake openly resents having to make react videos and wearing the makeup and "making it a great day" but oops, uh oh, your made it your whole brand you idiot.

No. 1690212

He had so many big promises in his breakup video and he done jack shit part from getting few tattoos.

No. 1690217

seeing her in a big new home and going partying and taking monthlyish trips to London to have nights out he must be seething. He seamed all chuffed and happy when she was 'homeless' and in the cold and soon she got that house he changed he got sour I think I remember it was his birthday and he was on holiday sulking on twitter? That when the cracks showed how jealous he was of her new life.

Its the life he wanted to have after the freedom from her but he rebounded. How long does everyone think he stay with kat? I give it 3 years and he be looking else where.

No. 1690227

Yea he was celebrating his birthday in Barcelona with Kat. He was having a hissyfit online about Kaya while posting on his insta how much fun he was having lmao

No. 1690242

>3 years

Based on his recent seething and general inability to be pleasant, I think he holds onto whatever partner he has until another one becomes available. The only reason Kaya and Jake stayed together so long is simply because he knows no fucking other humans, like anons upthread said, it was via friends that he met Kat.
It seems like he never really liked Kaya, or not for many many years, the level of seethe is off the charts and doesn't seem like someone who had warm feelings for Kaya, more like repressed resentment. She's a perfectly nice normal human imo so it seems very clear why she was depressed and inactive to be near this seething moid every day.

So Kat will leave first, probably when he starts yelling at her kid.

No. 1690251

>So Kat will leave first, probably when he starts yelling at her kid.

I hope so but she's not exactly has a good mom track record by cheating on her husband and moving her son in with some dude barely a year after she left the dad and then doing onlyfans.

No. 1690265

>when he starts yelling at her kid
I honestly don't know how far off that actually is, though I dunno if Kat would actually leave because of it. In fact, I think a big part of this recent meltdown was directly caused by Kat and her kid now living with him. He referred to it as "growing pains", but it sounds like he's probably already massively regretting what he got himself into. He's in way too deep and it was all to prove a point. Good luck getting out of this relationship as easily as the one with Kaya.

No. 1690274

Kids seem fun for a few hours until you need to be quiet by 19h every day because they need to sleep and get up at 6h because you need to make their breakfast and lunch for kindergarten and you get to witness all the temper tantrums.

No. 1690321

>Good luck getting out of this relationship as easily as the one with Kaya.
I'd be willing to bet money that there will be a wedding and another kid before the ship finally sinks. Not that I wish for another child to have a broken home, but I've seen it too many times in flagging relationships.

No. 1690355

she had a really awful birth with isaac. it actually makes me feel badly for her, in that one instance. I think she might not want another baby if she remembers what that was like. also she’s reaching advanced maternal age in another year where it might be harder to conceive a viable birth. idk her genes or backstory, but it seems like she doesn’t take great care of her self with all the drinking and smoking. I’d be really shocked if they had a kid together, I have a little faith in her to choose a better person to be tied to forever instead of some psychopath who obsessively jealous of his ex.

No. 1690363

File: 1667258752179.png (221.09 KB, 1024x709, Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 00-19…)

Jake finally released a new song. It's a cover of a dance track. Jake has realized from his egirl chapter that he can cover anything by just grunting and screaming, making the drums heavy and put some simple guitar in. It only needs a beat or a catchy lyric and his snaccs will eat it up. Lmao.

No. 1690368

He also included Jude in this music video, but not Kat.

No. 1690424

Do embedded youtube videos add to his view count? Hope not. The video itself isn't really worth watching as it's just a very filtered blur of some people in clown makeup doing a whole lot of nothing and closeups of Jake's ugly mug. The song is boring as hell for a cover of a dance track too? Jake's vocals are kind of weak and incredibly generic at best.

Honestly not worth the watch if it gives him any $.

No. 1690433

File: 1667263842904.png (15.26 KB, 561x532, munropatreon.png)

Also kind of funny how he released this video to you early if you subbed to patreon and yet no new patreon subs. I really think this is going the onision route where his following is just going to keep dwindling down to only his most committed, delusional, and chronically lonely subs. Bet Lady Allura hopes she can be his Mcfly. kek

No. 1690441

Wait so this isn't a cover of Metal Crusher? and I so badly wanted to see his Mettaton head tattoo

No. 1690491

It's some nearly decade old dance track. Makes me wonder why he chose it tbh. Like, was he out drinking with Kat and he heard this and thought it was a bop? Who is this supposed to appeal to? He seems so out of touch with what content will actually do numbers.

His cover is pretty lackluster too. It's basically the same track with a little electric guitar thrown over it and Jake growling out the lyrics.

No. 1690551

Wow this is fucking boring. Neither good enough to jam out to, nor hilariously bad/weird enough to be funny.

No. 1690586

It was trendy on tik tok like a year ago. He probably heard it and hoped that he would finally get in with the tik tok alt crowd.

No. 1690634

wow, even Kaya who he hated so MACH was in his tainted love/7 rings rip off music video. I wonder when this one was filmed… and did they hook up? so many questions.
I would not trust that fugly slut, kat!

No. 1690661

File: 1667279806165.png (1.62 MB, 1631x1008, JudeJake.png)

Judging by the timeline of >>1690586 saying this song was a trend a year back and >>1689963 Jake saying he has new music on the way eight months ago. It seems like he's been working on this for forever now.

I dug around the old threads a little bit after recalling this comment Jude had made about spending the night at Jake's place. Seems like he had probably had the song in the works eight months back and did the video 6-7 months back. Does make me wonder if Jake was fooling around with Jude around this time too before he had made it official with Kat. Jude was single briefly at this time and was riding his dick hard all over her and his socials.

No. 1690684

oh yeah, and she was dressed in an ugly clown costume with some guy 6 months ago and said she was filming. I saw it in thread #26.
he said something about thinking clown chicks are so hot in one of his tik tok reaction videos.
it’s funny that kat was a sexy clown for Halloween

No. 1690696

Seems like Jude was nothing more to him than a groupie to use for free filming. She was on the hunt for a "new daddy" at the time too. Imagine flying out to work for free on some shitty dance cover where no one can even tell it's you in the blurry video. I do wonder if Jake at least paid for her ticket there to film, or if she was really that desperate for his chode that she paid to go work for free.

Definitely was pretty obvious how she suddenly stopped engaging with Jake once she got her "new daddy". And again some stubby/ugly shit musician nobody.

No. 1690736

I think jude will be his back up plan if he looses interest in kat

No. 1690781


If you look up the filming location it appears to be Alabama, USA? Did he film it there?

No. 1690785

It was in the charts in the UK and was also a pretty memorable meme (the video of the dad playing trumpet while his son just slams an oven door to the beat). So yeah, you’re probably about right.

The video is so cringe I can’t even cope with it.

No. 1690848

>>1690424 Christ, he's a shockingly bad musician. Can't even get the shitty midi trumpets to line up with the most basic beat imaginable. Guy is a complete fraud.

No. 1690856

70 comments and the only one he replies to is the negative one.

No. 1690857

File: 1667305817010.jpg (141.07 KB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20221101_122802.jpg)

Forgot to attach the fucking image.

No. 1690864

>>1690857 he should delete it, it's embarrassing. Jake, do some "goth clown reacts to Ableton youtube tutorials" and learn something useful, you fucking moron. I bet one of his ex-band members who he pissed off used to do all the technical stuff for him and now he hasn't a clue.

No. 1690865

He has been working on it all year, but he "rushed" it? Wtf else has he been working on? He hasn't done shit all year.

No. 1690867

File: 1667307355234.jpeg (220.11 KB, 1282x789, 96A243EA-654E-4149-9B50-1F0484…)

I kinda thought he was joking but nope. Even he knows it’s trash. Maybe spend less time playing stepdad in a family you don’t know? Work on yourself cause your life is falling apart, Jake.

No. 1690868

File: 1667307534852.jpg (297.7 KB, 1080x1353, Screenshot_20221101-055647_Twi…)

Wearing makeup and dressing up is "too immature" for Jake now, but he'll drop nearly $300 on a little videogame figurine. Kekek.

No. 1690872

File: 1667308006167.jpeg (112.54 KB, 1282x580, C666FC33-A003-4A85-A853-15FE60…)

He has under 800 likes on youtube and didn’t post it on Instagram besides his story.
Not only is his social media career slowly fading, he’s getting 100 times worse at it.

No. 1690874

Jude definitely never went to Alabama.

>it's garbage I rushed it, working on a load of other stuff
Again where, Jake? This clearly took you over half a year to make. For all the bitching he's been doing about Kaya not doing anything, he barely does anything too. This was his first new music release in how long now and he couldn't even be bothered to actually finish it before hastily uploading it for those desperately needed views.

Can't wait for him to have to sell off his expensive toy collection in the following five or so years while his YT career continues to tank.

Imagine if he spent all the time he wastes checking in on Kaya and sperging out about it in his comments on actually making and promoting his own content. kek

No. 1690909

Shocked he was honestly about it being bad. you know the reason why it bad? It’s because it’s KAYA FAULT everyone

Jk just surprised he shat on his own music awkward

No. 1690937

It’s like he went out his way to search for the one negative comment why? Cause he knows that it wasn’t good? If he posting this and this >>1690867 it don’t give much hope for the Spotify song being any good.

No. 1690940

This dude HATES himself. Also, am I the only one who thinks this is really shitty to all the people in/involved in the music video? I don’t have any sympathy for anyone willingly involved with Jake, but at the same time, if they put real work into this “project” it’s ridiculously selfish and unprofessional to half ass the release this badly.

Imported from Japan no less. Cry more about how Kaya is “drinking her subscribers’ money”.

No. 1690949

I listened to it and it not that bad it just sounds like a low budget alternative cover nothing special but nothing terrible if it didn’t have the video it would been slightly worst
And no before I get spammed with are you a jake fan I am not

No. 1690954

Sounds like his ego crumbled all of a sudden

No. 1690965

One can only hope this is true, he could do with downgrading it's size, I hope this breaks his back and makes him humble

No. 1690991

Because he don’t put no effort into it. He could hyped it up/done a count down/Post a YouTube shorts trailer even post a picture him editing it but same with the plush no wonder why it failed twice he put no effort into it at all.

No. 1691007

He really is the crying behind a mask meme, that might as well delete it is so pathetic

There's a non-zero chance this guy will neck himself in the next few years, the post-breakup regret and self-caused career destruction is taking him over

No. 1691014

>I hoped no one would notice
>immediately admits when someone noticed

Just hold off on releasing the video until you've finished it for real, if even your talentless ass realises it's bad kek

No. 1691129

So I managed about a minute of his ‘song’ and it was truly, truly awful. The mix is all wrong. It sounds amateur, even by his standards. His vocals sound strained and his mediocre guitar skills really show. Him straight up admitting that he rushed it out and didn’t think anyone would notice shows his absolute contempt for his fans as well. You just know that he didn’t think anyone who watches his videos would know thing one about music and music production, he thought he could just churn out any old bollocks and his snaccs would lap it up.

No. 1691146

This was all I could think when I read his whiney response to the guy who pointed out the mix was bad. How could he bash Kaya when he clearly thinks so little of his fans that he thought oh they'd just be watching on their shitty little phone speakers they wont notice, they just want to see ME anyway! How can he expect anyone to treat him seriously as a musician if he doesn't even treat himself like a serious musician.

No. 1691198

Im not sure he rushed this. It took him months to get this out. I think his band members quitting left him doing mixing and adding instruments that he is not used to and he sucks at it. I think this is the best he could do and he's hoping to find someone to clean up his shit. Narcissists rather say that they did not give it their 100% than admit they suck at anything.

No. 1691252

>>1691198 It's a few minutes fix to get one stem in sync with another if you know what you are doing, he just doesn't know how to use the software and would rather delete what is evidently months of work rather than attempt to fix what he can't. As though you'd travel to another country to make a video for a track you'd "rushed", absolute bullshit.

No. 1691285

Didn’t he literally go to college for music production. There’s no excuse, he half assed it and said so himself. He got used to his snaccs eating up lacklustre content and wants to keep sneaking it past them for the same praise or algorithm clicks.

No. 1691296

same lmao, can you imagine? he will be saying she was always The One and he had to “push his feelings down” but has always had a crush on her. I wonder if any nonnas here will be describing her as his Hot Younger Girl the way they think of Kat as Hot Thin Arm Candy. at least no actual child would be involved and they can have a disgusting adult baby dom daddy onlyfans empire!

No. 1691300

KEK what a fool. and Kaya is the one “pissing away” the money she earns bc she gets well done tattoos, hangs out with her friends and family, and travels to London to work on collabs with friends. yes, buying figurines is the much wiser use of one’s money, Jake. 31 yr old loser.

No. 1691307

if Jake wasn’t an asshole I probably wouldn’t mind the song even though it is cringe and technically bad. I thought his metal e girl song was kind of funny before I hated him, and I found it endearing how seriously he seemed to take his Marilyn manson rip off music video.
a charming personality and good choices (not being a narcissist dick to Kaya and being gracious and kind to fans) could have taken him a long way. but now the internet sees him for who he is. his work has to be actually good to make up for a person so rotten, and it’s not.
Jake, you need to do some honest non mental gymnastics reflecting and soul searching to come back from this.

No. 1691413

>main music projects

please be shitty rap lol.

it's also for pity, like he's go so many things going on, we couldn't possibly fathom all the work he does and should praise whatever he can be bothered to fart out.

No. 1691431

File: 1667360087221.png (878.13 KB, 962x523, lazycontent.png)

>This dude HATES himself.
>Sounds like his ego crumbled all of a sudden
I almost felt bad for a moment before the memories of all the shitty things he's been doing/done and have been saying lately came rushing back, kek. Definitely seems he isn't doing as well as he likes to pretend he is. It's pretty obvious he's deeply bothered by the fact that Kaya is suddenly doing so much better without him. He's scraping by on minimum wage, experiencing "growing pains" (in his words) trying to play step daddy to Kat's kid, halfassing content still, etc. He's absolutely crumbling.

He's been making big promises about projects and content change for a year now and we've seen nothing come of it aside from the failed plushie launch and now this halfassed cover he's pretending like he hasn't had in the works for at least 6-8 months now. I've noticed too, that most of his reaction videos for the week are recorded at the same time and then are edited into multiple videos for him to release throughout the week/month. Which means he's really only filming a few times a month at most? What exactly does he do all day besides drink and stalk Kaya's socials? lmao

No. 1691553

Here's the thing that's really concerning me about this whole situation is that we have Jake doing worse than average in terms of his career but with far more financial responsibility ( raising a child) in a relationship with someone whose career probably hinges on having a good reputation/skill when she traces from Google image search. The security of Kat and Jake's employment is so fucking fragile that things can go the worst possible way very quickly and now there's a kid involved in the mix. It's a fucking nightmare.

No. 1691997


The first time I heard this song was because of Kaya sharing it on her Instagram stories, saying how much she liked it and couldn't get it out of her head. It was ages ago though.

No. 1692016

Oh wow… Kaya still influencing him.
some nonna above asked if Jake was out shitfaced drunk with Kat and did they hear it and decide they like the awful song. lol, no he first heard it with Kaya. memories…

No. 1692133

>tfw you're Kaya and you're getting stalked by the ex that kicked you out of the house

No. 1692213

I had this exact thing happen. He tried to kick me out of the house at 4am because he was cheating on me with his ex. They were together for 2 months. He stalked me for 2 years then moved into my street. I hope Jake does not know where Kaya lives for her sake. I can picture him going stalker on her when it's over with Kat

No. 1692306

I can see it, too. they were so co-dependent and he cannot cope. going to all of her favorite places, now this weirdness. he wants Kaya’s attention badly.

No. 1692312

File: 1667448497477.png (364.61 KB, 984x284, gothreacts.png)

So while I was looking at their uploaded videos for another reason I also noticed this. Kaya did a few "goth reacts" videos years before Jake started doing them. They are some of her best performing videos on her channel too.

No. 1692318

File: 1667449073916.png (1.41 MB, 1288x748, jakenormiephase.png)

Additionally, Jake was still in his "normie phase" as they called it, just earlier that year before he did his first "goth reacts" video. It's pretty obvious he was only doing it for the views because no one gives a fuck about his ugly ass once the makeup is off. Even he knows it >>1681250

Still thinking back to that time she made a post about swimming in the sea and then Jake appeared at that very sea just shortly after. He hasn't done anything like that since either, like the dude just doesn't randomly "go to the sea" like she does. Big time narc trying to retain control/intimidate type energy, it clearly eats him up instead that she never actually needed him and is so much better off without him. His career and image (both of which he based and built off of her) crumbling now that she's gone is just adding to his misguided rage/obsession.

No. 1692468

I genuinely think part of the downfall of Jake is because he has no friends close enough to call him out on his bullshit or advise him against foolish decisions both personally and professionally in his life. He clearly had and used Kaya for that and she's gone now.

He went from having someone in the room with years of experience in social media and YouTube in particular to having 0 advice or oversight or constructive feedback from a disinterested wine mum who has the charisma of a stale piece of un-buttered bread on camera.

No. 1692551

Hopefully it doesn't cross over to straight up stalking her, iirc she's said the name of the town/city she'd moved to

No. 1692558

From assumption and the way she's worded things, I think she goes to meet him.

No. 1692668

based on what??/??

No. 1692735

On her stories she says she's gone to meet her ex or gone to where he lives.. I don't remember the name of the town/village

No. 1692787

I think anons are talking about the whole Kaya's Stuff saga, yes he hasn't visited her as far as anyone knows

No. 1692789

He lives in Lisburn and she lives in Belfast they're satellite towns to Belfast.

No. 1692790

Bangor* she lives in Bangor now. Funny she moved to Bangor and Sophie was home for her wedding and they never met and Kaya wasn't invited.

No. 1692821

Didn’t kaya say in one story recently that the last year she lost friends? Idk if it’s related but I guess sophie is one of them.

No. 1692826

Who Sophie what her @

No. 1692854


No. 1692858

Omg I used to watch her back when she still lived in Ireland. Back in my phase of watching kawaii YouTubers

No. 1693064

Why would Kaya stay close friends with a OF cosplay girl living in Japan? Sophie looks like a cow herself tbh.

No. 1693074

I recall seeing Sophie leaving a supportive comment on her breakup video and it was the only comment from another Youtuber that Kaya didn't respond to or like

No. 1693158

File: 1667530784786.jpeg (469.87 KB, 1125x1915, 4A17F858-41E5-4861-B4A6-1B9387…)

Not surprising but still LMAO

No. 1693161

File: 1667531009631.jpeg (321.23 KB, 1125x2014, 072D32A0-86B1-4261-9EE7-71BE93…)

She also started following Ye after his antisemitic outbursts. Coincidence? I think not.

No. 1693163

Iirc aaages ago when kaya and snake got a free trip to Japan, it was Sophie who gave it to them and they didn't mention that or her at all, thought they'd already stopped being friends around then for whatever reason.

No. 1693299

What sophie paid for their trip? Wasn’t it sponsored by some company?

No. 1693308


yeah it was sponsored by a travel company, this nonny been sniffing glue

No. 1693321

Friends can also just drift apart for completely un-milky mundane reasons

No. 1693362

Could be. I’m following him to watch the train wreck. Like I follow jake to see his tantrums

No. 1693432

Well, I'm betting you don't have an extensive history of overt anti-semitism and Nazi sympathizing.

No. 1693507

Last I checked she also still followed Marilyn Manson despite recent events, which is odd since she’s supposed to be a redpilled Christian now. Then again he’s also a Nazi so never mind it makes total sense lmfao

No. 1693518

She didn’t follow Manson and his wife until after the allegations and they met up at a show. Maybe she follows them to commiserate about being ‘cancelled’ celebrities.

No. 1693541

lol what a dumb ass bitch, I hope she retires instead of making a career out of being some weird right wing goth pickme

No. 1693571

From what I remember she didn't pay for them, it was with a travel company like the other nona said but the offer was initially for her, and she gave it to them

No. 1693575

It’s so funny that someone like Peterson has stadiums full of people coming to listen to his life-changing advice about cleaning your room and shit. I understand why retarded moids who have to be told to wipe their asses see him as an inspirational daddy figure, but what the fuck do his female fans get out of this?

No. 1693777

She's got no other community left except for the canceled community so it's what she's trying to cling to now. She's always being a pick me but now she's trying to go down the Trad pick me route so I guess Peterson is a requirement now along with the other brain dead male leftists

No. 1693973


No. 1694001

File: 1667604598004.png (1.3 MB, 1297x827, Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 00-25…)

Another beautiful copy paste from Kat. This time she gave the character Waardenburg syndrome. Why do people still go to her? But at least we can play spot the fuck ups lmao

No. 1694027

File: 1667606369031.png (1.39 MB, 1250x802, ScreenshotuTube.png)

Jake's doing a live. He looks like shit and his blood moon tattoo looks already so fucked up. It's so bad he should have never added that moon. He announced he is going to do some Vtubing. Grats on the nonnies that predicted that. His head tattoo was troublesome for the vtube. Excuses for why he didnt put out new videos (he looked low energy) He has a new PO box because he also wants stuff. He sounded depressed talking about youtube how nothing new is made and oversaturated and channels losing views. He shit on tiktok again and stated youtube is still for the "talented" people with skillz and effort. LOL Followed by another miserable rant about how much stuff and plugins for music costs. Someone asked about exercise and he goes on for over 20 minutes about his exercises. That's all I could take.

No. 1694068

I wonder if he's looking into Vtubing because he looks like shit. He looks even MORE fat and bloated now, that alcoholism is catching up with him

No. 1694112

File: 1667610667885.jpeg (463.42 KB, 1125x2081, 944E8507-4BB6-40DB-8DDB-E0B569…)

KVD made a post of the IG story with the following caption. I honestly highly doubt that her and Rafael bonded over this in 2019 but whatever fits her narrative…..

No. 1694237

Sorry typed that out out of habit and didn't proofread, I meant right wing males and Nazis

No. 1694280

File: 1667627835499.png (307.5 KB, 616x620, 6___9.png)

The face on this thing kills me. She must have accidently wiped the stencil away at that point and tried to wing it. The hairbuns are all fucked up too. lmao

>stated youtube is still for the "talented" people with skillz and effort
I hate to keep comparing him to onision, but this is straight up an onion talking point. Especially when all of his content is just shitty tiktok react videos and half finished covers of aging meme tracks. He's entirely too late to the vtuber scene, isn't likable enough to make it by with his personality, and isn't creative enough to craft a new one. This is going to crash and burn along with the rest. Can't say I really blame him for trying it though, the alcohol bloat is really doing a number to his already struggling and tattooed on jawline.

No. 1694334


He looks sleep deprived to me (as well as all that drinking and smoking taking it’s toll). That’s kids for you Fake!

No. 1694342

Even tho I want Kaya to go all "exposing my abusive ex" video… I do admit it feels good knowing this man goes on rants about her and everything under the sun and she just posts party pictures and is always hanging with friends, not giving a fuck lmao

No. 1694351

I know right, and that’s exactly what will eat away at him, worse than exposing him because the mask has already fallen, but never getting a single reaction from her even if he tries to get her to respond to his tantrum by criticizing her content, her life, her tattoos, (lol so rich coming from him with the ugliest tattoos in the world right on his face, neck, and head!) or making up ridiculous fantasies of her talking about him all the time when she hasn’t, because she has moved on and is living well. It’s so cliche, but it really is the best revenge!

No. 1694360

Jesus Christ. I've never thought he was attractive but this is something else.

No. 1694378

Sounds like he going though a huge wave of regret and depression. It’s his own fault though.

Nothing new and YouTube over saturated? Are you kidding me. Jake you re hash tiktok react videos your part of the issue. Open your eyes.

No. 1694380

I would fucking loose my shit if my tattoos artist put this on my skin. I would like to know if she knows she fucks up mid tattoo or she completely unaware. Is there a photo of the stencil?

No. 1694387

File: 1667644326037.png (831.62 KB, 514x921, wipeurtears.png)

dude looks like he's been crying all night or something lmao

No. 1694429

Christ his head tattoo somehow looks even worse the closer you get to it, it looks like a massive crusty scab. He has no leg to stand on when criticizing other people's tattoos, his shit is a mess and his partner is a talentless hack who can't even trace well. There are 12 year olds on Twitter who can steal and trace art better than Kat.

No. 1694488

I watched a few minutes of his live stream, he was watching TikTok-videos and one of the videos made him say something like "this guy is piggyback-riding off other people's content", which I found kinda hilarious. Guess he hasn't watched his own videos.

No. 1694491

YouTube has historically always been a place where you can pick up a camera or your phone and make a vlog with minimal effort. Granted it’s changed and is more high production now but once you have the right set up you’re pretty golden.

At the risk of sounding like a boomer, TikTok is genuinely hard work lol. It’s brand new technology with a fairly steep learning curve if you’re in your 30s and didn’t grow up with Musicly and the likes, the trends move so fast you have to always be active and learn things. I can’t stand TikTok but I can recognise that there’s some pretty talented and innovative creators on there, it’s not actually easy to churn out loads of shortform quality content. Jake just doesn’t want to admit any of this and it’s pathetic, real “old man yells at cloud” vibes.

No. 1694547

File: 1667659096954.png (755.46 KB, 1024x744, 4779F18E-FCA1-4708-9125-E93CD2…)

Massive Head Wound Harry-reminiscent.

Also his thin little creepy lips compared to the rest of his bloated boy face remind me of a half-chewed gummy worm on a plate.

No. 1694549

File: 1667659176188.png (532.94 KB, 469x925, c2d.png)


Can some anon shop these together, he looks so sad

No. 1694561

It’s not beyond narcs to project their own bullshit behaviours onto other people, but I still laughed. He’s so blind to his own cringe.

No. 1694612

File: 1667663373569.jpeg (823.64 KB, 1437x4000, 75210869-BA56-4740-83B6-7D3679…)

No. 1694634

File: 1667665653700.jpg (112.86 KB, 570x722, il_570xN.1240068413_ioum.jpg)

Seems that it was ripped off from this particular drawing.

No. 1694651

Wow that tattoo looks really bad already, is it rejecting ink or something cuz it's looking like one of Vicky shingles tattoos right now. Maybe he cheaped out and went to a scratcher since he can't afford any good artists and unlike Kaya he isn't friends with one. I'm sure some of this is the filter, but it looks years old despite being so recent
Someone should tell her that deviantART is filled with good, mature line art that's free to use for all purposes. But maybe art made by 15-year-olds is too high a bar for a professional tattoo artist to trace over and copy kek
They're a match made in tattoo heaven, we just need them to meet up with Vicky in Canada and we'll have the Holy Trinity of terrible tattoos

No. 1694655

A VICKY SHINGLES TATTOO. The perfect and most accurate crossover

No. 1694675

File: 1667670091303.png (472.46 KB, 514x789, fakemunro.png)

Here you go anon

No. 1694707


Amazing thanks nonnie, next thread pic nomination

No. 1694804

>#crocidile #aligator
kekekek she tried

No. 1694809

Looks like he had goatse tattooed on the side of his head. Fucking pillock.

No. 1695082

wow the tattoo really looks like bruising, shingles, pus, and inflammation of a wound. I can’t tell it’s a moon at all. he should have gone simple, the red blue purple yellow fucked it up. Did he get Kat “crocidile aligator” to make it all colorful?
lol I’d cry too

No. 1695113

I really enjoy angel benedict's content bit every photo she posts on Instagram is so beyond filtered. I get that shes 45. But it would be nice to see what her skin actually looks like without all the filter especially when she talks about skincare. Sometimes it looks like she uses face tune. It's weird. She doesn't need it

No. 1695147


Who cares, sage your shit

No. 1695149

U forgot to redden his nose, would have added to the flavour. Otherwise the eyes are perf!

No. 1695347


LOL I said what I said. If you are going to post skincare content, show us your real skin.(newfag)

No. 1695358

You are retarded. Sage your shit and learn how to reply properly

No. 1695546

File: 1667774399077.gif (4.42 MB, 480x261, 3oriObaWwjnU9nXbEI.gif)

I bet the reason Jake can't help obsessing over Kaya is he realizes his dropping subs are due to the videos Kaya made about her situation after being kicked out, and now he's glued to his seat in terror of every post she makes, because he knows if she ever spills the beans on what happened behind closed doors that will obliterate his reputation completely. He knows people don't believe his bullshit but they will believe what she says. In his eyes every time she vagueposts about what happened it's like playing with matches next to a bomb fuse and it has him sweating bullets. Kaya has a loaded gun to his head and poor boy can't get a good night's sleep anymore.
That's my take anyway.

No. 1695557

Juggalo arc when

No. 1695606

File: 1667782518684.jpg (133.99 KB, 1080x1010, 20221106_164929.jpg)

"she's a tattoo artist, she knows what she's doing" is definitely being very generous

No. 1695607

Calling Kat an artist at all is being generous let's be honest

No. 1695635

he thinks his irritated face tat and head wound healed “perfectly,” his opinion does not count

No. 1695760

Maybe she was told to take down that break up video?

No. 1695930

I genuinely do not understand this. If you get a tattoo on delicate places like your face, you'd actually just would try at home reit a simple drawing on your face how the proportions, the placement etc would look. Now imagine you get your sharpe and draw a big read circle on your temple7forhead and look in the mirror. WHY the heck wasn't that the moment when he thought "Wow, looks like a shitty deformation. Luckily enough I didn't get this a s a tattoo —!" WHAT the fuck made him going to get that permanently?! I just can't wrap my mind around this.

No. 1695931

Please excuse what my autocorrection did to my text above. …

No. 1695932

Just look at him, he's got no taste whatsoever. His tattoos are so blurry and muddy even from minor distance he looks like he's been grabbed by the ankle and dunked in an ink pot. His arm is full of unfinished chicken scratch and he's got a dickhole on his throat, yet he still thinks he can criticise Kayas tattoos.

No. 1695940

Was told by who? Jake? It's not as if she has to listen to him anymore. While it wasn't direct criticism of him it was a video that made him obviously look like an asshole, so maybe she took it down because it was too forward. It seems like she's trying to put everything behind her and move on with her life, so maybe she was trying to minimize the drama between them. I'm sure she would love to tell everyone what really happened (because who doesn't want to tell the truth and get it off their chest when they've been abused?), but doing that would create a shitstorm she probably wants to avoid, and she seems like the type to avoid drama. Her vague hints may be her way of telling her side of the story without actually telling it to avoid drama. It may also be her way of signaling that she's still willing to drop the bomb if Jake doesn't fuck off and leave her alone. Just trying to protect herself from him and his psycho bullshit.

No. 1695964


She did not take it down. She never takes things down she just puts them on "unlisted" so they don't show up in her feed. If you have the direct link of the video you can still watch it.

No. 1695995

Has anyone got the link? Never watched it and is jake one hidden too or is that gone forever

No. 1696129

Filming almost a months worth of videos in one sitting isnt new for him. He admits it a bunch of times, and its obvious by how he makes the same "look" span 3-4 videos in a row. It's been that way for ages. The audacity of this bitch claiming to work as hard as he does when he only really ever filmed content one evening a month.

No. 1696146

File: 1667858348708.png (79.01 KB, 1470x724, goingbroke.png)

Haven't been posting these since it's been a slow and steady decline, but Jake is officially making less than 2k a month off his two main sources of income rn.

Probably not the best time for him to be spending hundreds of dollars on action figures or dropping hundreds if not thousands into his destined to fail soon to be vtuber attempt.

No. 1696157

File: 1667858797760.png (92.64 KB, 590x838, jakevtubesaga.png)

Here's him complaining and talking about how much money he's throwing at this vtube thing.

No. 1696176

It's so hilarious he always wants the most expensive shit for everything when he does not know what he's doing. He could just try a cheap simple setup and try it out on his streams but nah…lets throw cash at it and get expensive and complicated hard and software he is too dumb to use lmao

No. 1696182

Fuck me, ‘Jake Munro is going digital’, what a twat.

No. 1696185

Off topic but has anyone else noticed how he hardly posts Kat in his stories anymore, and they hardly post their home life at all since moving in together? Honeymoon phase is dead. Nothing sexy, exciting, and romantic about moving a someone else's 3 year old in.

No. 1696187

Whatever's trending becomes his whole personality, maybe that's why he feels the need to go the whole hog even though he'll suck no matter how much his equipment costs. Same goes for his bland music and trite tiktok reacts.

No. 1696326

The fact he's throwing money at this old trend when he could make tiktok videos for free with the equipment he already has. The rigs alone cost thousands.

No. 1696327

He's not talented enough to make tiktoks.

No. 1696412

I'm out of the loop a bit, is there a non-weaboo way to be a vtuber? I always just associated it with anime girl characters. I dunno much about Jake but I wouldn't imagine this would be his style at all, so I'm confused wtf he's planning to do.

No. 1696418

I agree with what you said – the trend hopping. However I don’t get Fake for the life of me, why can’t he just be what his "primary" persona supposedly is – a music creator??

Ever since he first showed up online, he’s always been preaching and reiterating that basically everything he does ever, which also includes slapping on "goth" next to his name / face, the dress-up, the makeup, YouTube, streams, the reaction vids etc, has the sole purpose of furthering this one thing that matters the most to him – his music and his career in music – in one way or the other (whether monetarily or via discoverability / exposure).

And according to his own word, the only reason why he hasn’t lately (or ever?) done much "musically" is because Kaya the domestic abuser and trashy thief has been holding him back. Well, fine, but now that you’re not with your "abuser" anymore, and, instead, have your supportive talented muse by your side, and you’re happier than ever, why can’t you just do that – focus on your true passion??

For a person that defines himself as a musician, a "metal vocalist", and also a skilful+talented one, wouldn’t it just come naturally to make music-related content, regardless of the type and platform? It wouldn’t even require anything extra – equipment, investments, etc – if that’s what you do, if this is who you really are, it should be easy peasy at least. Mind blowing and mega successful at best (since, after all, you are so great and talented at this, allegedly).

It makes absolutely no sense. Nothing will further your craft more effectively than sticking to it and actually pursuing it. Or is it that deep down inside he understands he’s shit, and as much of a musician as he’s goff? Which one is it, Fake?

Even those objectively shitty yt "art" channels, even your own bloody muse, all stick to their shitty plagiarising non-art gigs despite the odds, yet here you are, "experienced musician", frontman of a band…

No. 1696419

He's trend-hopping for views. All he cares about is knocking out shitty content that will get clicks and therefore more money. Of course this is a terrible strategy in the long run, but I doubt he thinks that far ahead.

No. 1696438

The main appeal is also the anime characters. Cutesy vtuber's OCs with animations, an easily digestible personality, lore and backstory doing singing and let's plays. Jake has no personality except angry tween, no creativity to make an oc or much cash to commission one, not good at singing and meh at gaming and commentary if MAG is anything to go by. Good luck fake kek

No. 1696446

It's never gonna happen, just like 90% of his ideas and plans.

No. 1696512

File: 1668027859881.jpeg (163.11 KB, 828x1261, A86D06A8-F2A9-4B65-AEB6-EC5FD9…)

Anyone else saw that?

No. 1696514

She's 42 but she wears a lot of makeup so even if she didn't use filters you wouldn't see her true skin anyway. Also looking at her Instagram her pics don't even look half as filtered as most IG models. That's just Instagram for you.

No. 1696518

Tinfoil-ish but when I saw that I immediately assumed Jake showed up at her place when she was gone and did some fucked shit. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he trashed the place or something like that but maybe he left some sort of note because he “couldn’t reach her otherwise”

No. 1696526

This is exactly why people should never disclose they are out of town on social media until they are back. Not just because of exes but anyone could easily stalk her at the places she is vising or go to her house and break in.

No. 1696552

Honestly we should start taking bets on how long it takes Jake to bail from this idea. Watch this space: he'll give up as soon as he realizes sinking his remaining funds into VR is not going to make it immediately easy and lucrative for him to do.

Everything to do with how monstrous he was about the breakup aside he is by far one of the most frustrating creators on the platform as an individual. He has no consistency or genuine enjoyment or passion for the shit he puts out and it shows. He has so much obvious contempt for his fans and his content it mystifies me that he has the audience he does even if it is dwindling, the only thing this boy is consistent in is being a huge fucking disappointment.

How many failed projects and broken promises is he currently standing on? Remember the tour vlog? The rap song? (Lol) the music content? All the vlogs snaccs are supposed to be tripping over? Even the baffling hard pivot to family content seems to be on the back burner once it turned out raising a toddler isn't all holding hands and trips to the park.

It's also Really Embarrassing to be promising music content to fans for so long and then all you end up producing is a bad cover that you immediately own up to half-assing.

I hate this man so much but it's also fascinating to me how bad he is at his only job. I can't look away.

No. 1696694

this is good advice and almost seems like it should be common sense, especially for someone like kaya who has such a large following

No. 1696747

File: 1668048178979.png (1.88 MB, 1711x761, likemilk.png)

Honestly, Jake seemed a lot more down to earth and personable around his original "normie phase" from what I've seen via his older videos. He didn't try so hard to put on an act (or accent for that matter kek), was pretty transparent about how insecure he actually was, and just seemed like a somewhat regular guy. I know he was pretty shitty throughout the years, but he generally just seemed less awful then. The success that suddenly came with his poorly crafted joker-esqe persona really seemed to have gone to his head and massively inflated his ego. His band did somewhat decently on Youtube, not sure what the turnout to their live shows were, but I also think the music has become less about actually enjoying the creative process and more so just an extension of his ego again. I don't think this dude even knows who he is anymore.

V-tube is definitely a strange choice for him. If I'm remembering correctly, it seems to have all started when one of his snaccs made a v-tube avatar for him as some sort of fanart? Guess he was so excited to never have to put the effort into makeup again that he decided throwing thousands away into it was the move to make. He might also be increasingly aware that what little bit of looks he ever did have are slipping fast. I imagine it has a lot to do with his smoking and drinking habits, but woof, the guy has aged 10 years in just the past few. It's hard to believe he's only 30. Bringing back this image from an older thread.

No. 1696897

Not that I like his head tattoo in this pic, but it is still so fucking much better as with the festering head wound sun.

No. 1696922

File: 1668075556137.png (735.25 KB, 488x805, katintagramsalon.png)

So much make-up and filters that she looks like she's wearing one of those creepy silicone anime face masks.

No. 1696924

Bit of a reach but the fact that her picture captions are usually no more than 2 words + emoji, and the amazing spelling in >>1694001 tags, makes me think that Kat is incredibly illiterate

No. 1696992

To be fair, "shots" and "drinks" already utilises 100% of her brain power.

No. 1697047

100% this bitch is dyslexic as all hell

No. 1697147

Not a reach at all. It has been established that she can't spell and seems borderline retarded.

No. 1697164

File: 1668104355372.jpg (786.27 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20221110-101611_Ins…)

I know exactly why Jake is so into VR and Vtubing. It's because he hates the reality he has built for himself, so he's going all in to create a new virtual one to escape to. He also has a huge creepy boner for the obnoxious Vtuber "Filian". He really wants her to notice him.

No. 1697166

She may be dyslexic but this is the last thing I'd see a guilt in (I worked with dyslexic people for years and dyslexia means no way a moralic failure in a person nor does it say something about their overall intelligence) . And retarded as a slur makes just on person looking bad, you ableist b*

No. 1697167

Kekekek you're lost. Leave, retard.

No. 1697171

OH well, the typical anon who insists on their right to be an overall shitty person … go right ahead, I'll care when I find any fucks to give for people like you are

No. 1697181

It's not just her spelling, it's her entire personality and being. She exudes vapidity. Which is why Jake likes her, he thinks that a dumb bitch like her who agrees with everything he says means having an "intelligent conversation" because she has no cents of her own to add. Perfect type of air-headed retard to validate a narc like Jake.

No. 1697182

Apologies, the insult to Kat was intended more in the Bitch than the stating she could be dyslexic it was more of an observation than a damning implication although from a professional level she should probably spell check on posts she uses to promote her work at the studio she's in

No. 1697189

How much money is he wasting on this thing that I'm not even sure he's even ever tried out to see if it's even enjoyable? Can't wait to hear him complain about how heavy the headset is and how much he's sweating in it and how much effort it takes to set up each time etc. I give it a couple months at most before he's back to sitting at his desk at home getting miserably drunk and reacting to tiktoks he hates because it's much less effort.

No. 1697190

Thanks for clarifying, this makes sense to me.

No. 1697242

I can’t place it exactly but something about this story really says he’s lost it completely. Maybe it’s how unnecessary it is, the new obsession in the face of 1000 abandoned projects, or the dead eyed stare kek I don’t know. But literally nobody asked for metaverse Jake Munro, he just has a hardon for tech/buying shit, no different from Kaya’s compulsive buying.

No. 1697250

Nothing but the best audio quality for vtubing, nothing but the worst quality for music producing, kek

No. 1697258

Go cry on tumblr, the last safe space for retards and faggots with a victim complex

No. 1697276

This isn't a safe space bitch. I'm dyslexic and I don't need your pathetic self righteousness and virtue signalling on here supposedly for my sake. Go back to tumblr or reddit. And if you call someone a bitch, type out the full word bitch.

No. 1697278

Kek, do you know where you are?

No. 1697286

Sure you are … Lol.(infighting)

No. 1697291

You can be dyslexic and type full sentences dumb bitch.(infighting)

No. 1697294

It was more about the tokens that show up every time someone criticizes a slur and you know what? I enjoy seeing you so angry. I'll put a dollar in my swear jar for you for every bitch and have a nice lunch from it tomorrow

No. 1697299

You think that is a win, but all it does is make everyone here realise how fucking retarded you are.

No. 1697300

I'll add another dollar for the retarded, hun.

No. 1697314

File: 1668119280304.gif (289.51 KB, 220x220, anita-popcorn-popcorn.gif)

>the drama in this thread

No. 1697318

Na, I'm good in the real world. And actually is more you who sounds butthurt. But anyway, you trying to make a point is boring and I gotta go anyway (real world stuff and so, lol)

No. 1697322

"In ThE rEaL wOrLd"
as you sit your ass down on lolcow. Bitch, the internet IS the real world. This isn't some fantasy and where all of a sudden when you're online you're no longer real. Go fuck yourself irl tho.

No. 1697325

Sure, that's why you've been lurking here for hours. Sooo much "real world" stuff to do.

No. 1697335

>you ableist b*
>swear jar

Stinks like Skat in here. Is that why Jake doesn't cuss anymore? You make him buy you lunche with swear jar money? KEKEKEK

No. 1697349

Now now, the sperg types too well and uses too big of words for Skat

No. 1697368


Alright, mean girls- just write each other's post Numbers in your individual burn books and move on.

No. 1697393

many of us are autistic AF and aren’t too fragile for the R word or learning disabilities and even mental illness used as slurs for confused, stupid, or irrational cows. if this makes you clutch your pearls at the “ableist language” being used by people who deal with ableist actions and social systems every day, go back to your fake woke bubble and police words like it makes a damn difference how society is built for atypical assholes.

No. 1697573

File: 1668147568774.jpg (246.11 KB, 1771x996, E7DKg1FWYAEGTQp.jpg)

I actually think you're probably pretty close to why he's so "all in" with becoming a vtuber suddenly. He can't leave Belfast and he HATES it there, all the people SUCK, the accents are DUMB, and whatever else it was he whined on about. Now the only person who could stand him, and gave him any attention, has that attention split between sloppily tattooing traced Disney coloring pages and her toddler son. The dude doesn't seem to actually have any friends anymore outside whoever Kat occasionally brings around.

His weird obsession with Filian is pretty creepy tho ngl. The character appears to be a loli catgirl? Her "older" looking model is still obviously a young schoolgirl catgirl? Big time red flags. I wonder if this is why Kat is always taking pics in that cheap schoolgirl get up.

No. 1698049

File: 1668204975719.png (223.04 KB, 341x578, Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 23-02…)

Am I imagining things or is this Adora in MoDo clip for Eins Zwei Polizei? Eyecolor seems to match. Style look very close to her. It was around 1994/1995. So she was 22-23 years old back then.

No. 1698052

File: 1668205030872.png (213.7 KB, 371x577, Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 23-02…)

Eyes seems to be grayish/bluish like Adora's

No. 1698055

File: 1668205099645.png (311.46 KB, 445x574, Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 23-03…)

Mimics is also pretty close.

No. 1698071

Skat's hair must have gotten botched bc she hasn't posted any after pics.

No. 1698288

That is horrifying

No. 1698328

you are out of your mind. this definitely isn't her, it's a completely different face and even skin color.

No. 1698368

File: 1668248652465.jpg (44.08 KB, 246x334, Tuvstarr.jpg)

>different skin color
Hilarious assumption considering amount of makeup present and obvious color grading of the material that was recorded on non digital camera that process colors differently.

I also don't get what do you mean by different face. Adora was not always a walking borderline anorexia (at least in periods of some months) plus if it's her she is just few years older than 20 meaning much more taut skin plus obvious lens distortion (closer to lens more "ball rounded" face looks) when you are this close to the camera that was using focal length different than typical phone cameras. Picrel is Adora from times much closer to 2000 than 2020 with not too much makeup. You won't necessary be able to recognize her on 1st glance.

It of course might be someone else who liked to strike similar poses and facial expressions as Adora (Adora also used to sport bleached hair like most of the '90s).I see a lot of similar facial features. Which might just be coincidental. It would not be the 1st time I see someone who is a lookalike to someone else both in facial features as well as mimics. It cracks me up that it's possible but well, I have seen it before.

No. 1698425

File: 1668258821856.png (695.77 KB, 868x677, adora_batbrat.png)

While this does kind of look like her unedited face, smile, and poor style choices. The nose seems to be the main giveaway that it's not her.

No. 1698441

File: 1668262131036.jpg (23.15 KB, 359x600, 254346_10150250371778692_76249…)

I would not die defending that hill that it's her tho similarities are uncanny. As for nose remember that lens geometry and facial expression affects the shape a lot making it look more "pointing toward viewer".

No. 1698442

File: 1668262170998.png (240.59 KB, 439x483, Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 22-58…)

No. 1698444

File: 1668262352781.jpg (51.76 KB, 500x502, 12476c3aef9c8fcf06cfe36d68eb80…)

Teeth comparison

No. 1698484

File: 1668269497764.jpg (233.26 KB, 1042x1189, Screenshot_20221112-160641_Ins…)

Jake looked so skinny last year

No. 1698500

This really only makes it appear less like her tbh. She always had a fairly round nose and that person quite obviously does not. Yes facial expression and angles, lighting, camera, do alter things somewhat, but it's fairly obvious it isn't actually her. Sorry anon.

No. 1698516

File: 1668271593590.jpg (189.26 KB, 1284x2282, 315110849_155470296953475_5281…)

Ok do we think Jake has been harassing her orrrr

No. 1698521

Considering how hard he was seething around then I wouldn't doubt it for a moment. It's not like Jake had much else going on besides the tiny halloween party Kat threw with her six or so friends and coworkers.

No. 1698522

File: 1668272299683.png (337.26 KB, 752x559, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 17-51…)

You don't have to apologize. This is just exchange of opinions. It's crazy how hard it could be tell if someone is he one you think they are when wearing heavy makup even if heavy makeup is a default style that person is known for.

That >>1698425 tho made me more convinced than before tho, no idea why would someone mirror flip that scene (or she just had piercing on the other side at the time?). Lips shape and teeth (pre dental work when she get at least her fangs), jawline even forhead shaped. She seems to have her nose slanted a little bit to one side so it appears on one side more rounded while on the other more straight.

But whatever, continuing that debate makes no sense - we would not know without confirmation or debunk from her or someone who been there at the time.

No. 1698541

He got so skinny right before the tour. Happened to be when he was fucking around with his "best friend" K, who is a fucking twig.

No. 1698548

It's 100% not her. The eyes, the nose, the lips it's all different.

No. 1698550

File: 1668274591231.png (283.27 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 15-22…)

I thought the same thing. Combined with this it sounds like the narc ex is going mental and harassing her.

No. 1698562

I do wish she'd just say what it is (if jake is causing this) instead of vagueposting for the next few weeks

No. 1698566

He looked good then. Shame he ruined his face and neck

No. 1698590

I actually have some sympathy in that she wants to be open with her fans without spilling her whole life online. She’s probably genuinely afraid of the consequences. There could still be financial shit going on that we don’t know about, besides him flying into narc rage and actually hurting her/damaging her stuff/turning up at her door. I don’t know how many snaccs there are left or how crazy the remainers are - the vast majority of them didn’t seem keen on online harrassment, but you never know.

No. 1698606

I sympathise also with how she says it's hindering her work, I am the same in that I'm motivated by peace rather than anxiety. If it's about Jake, he knows full well from living with her for a decade what effect stress has on her. And if so, he is (as we already know) a jealous little shit and is hindering her work intentionally.
Reminder to jake, you tanked your career, not her. I bet he's hoping she'll crack and film a tell all, so he can then point at the video and accuse her of sabotaging him. As it stands, his downfall is 100% on himself and the cheating/of/dumping her in a freezing studio/etc.

No. 1698613

That’s it. He’s banking on the Internet’s short memory. He deleted the original breakup announcement that pissed people off so much. He thinks he’s deleted most of the evidence that he’s a cunt and was awful to her, so if she uploads a scathing video, she’s just a liar and a bully who’s abusing this poor, wholesome stepdad for her 5 minutes of fame, right?!

Too bad this site and that one angry reddit thread are two of the top search results for his name.

I’ll bet that’s partly a reason for his new VR obsession too - bring in an entirely new audience who don’t remember the recent shitshow.

No. 1698621

File: 1668283447976.png (1.06 MB, 672x1132, Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 20.02…)

What TERRIBLE placement!
Tattoo artists aren't just about tracing colouring books.
They pick the placement and size that works with your body, this is just a bunch of flowers stuck randomly in the middle of the back with huge gaps to the side and top, so there will be awkward empty space which can't be filled easily, GOD id be so upset if this was me.

No. 1698628

dayum. not that the tattoo looks good anyway but that would be so much better if a little smaller and closer to her neck

No. 1698637

File: 1668284786355.jpg (780.65 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221112-202329_Gal…)

Yikes at the hands on the girl

No. 1698714

She gave fio piccolo a dick?

No. 1698737

this would be a pretty upper arm or upper thigh tattoo, but that placement looks too odd

No. 1698775

File: 1668308544891.png (573.77 KB, 1088x944, kayaqna.png)

I can't imagine it's anything other than Jake tbh. I don't think she'd be so nervous about revealing it otherwise and she's confirmed recently in a instagram Q&A that she isn't currently seeing anyone or actively looking.

I do kind of wish she'd do a tell all and bring receipts though. I understand he's prone to violent outbursts and is a controlling pos. It wouldn't surprise me if he's done creepy things like leave her notes at her home "trying to get in touch" about something or similar creepy behavior. Will never forget him taking his motorcycle out to the sea within an hour of her posting that she was there swimming. If he is behaving threateningly, I hope she's able to get a restraining order or something in the meantime.

No. 1698807

He also looked considerably younger, at least 5 years but, frankly, more like 10.
The photo isn’t the best quality, and he’s wearing a mask here, but one can tell the stark difference just by the visible portion of his face.

It’s actually pretty shocking that this was just last year? I can’t imagine how can anyone age SO badly within a year’s time just by drinking and narc-raging. And supposedly being this whole time in a lovey-dovey honeymoon period, and a permanent state of vacation. Like what is he, 30-31? That’s pretty intense.
Not necessarily tinfoiling anything here, but when someone goes through the type of drastic "transformation" he has, it typically involves severe stress and/or drug use. Solely the alcohol wouldn’t cut it. Would also explain the poor life choices. Or it’s simply karma, kek.

No. 1698880

People who start hitting the drink as bad as he has in the past year also tend to stop looking after themselves in other ways because drinking takes up their time. Not washing or or moving as much both would have an impact on the signs of aging. Wouldn't be surprised if he was doing drugs also, he has always had anger issues but the last year has been really reading as 'roid rage, and if he hasn't been hitting the gym it would also explain why he's got so dough-y.

No. 1698887

Complete tinfoil but I remember during one of his recent narc rages he was accusing Kaya of having "his" camera etc so I wonder if it's that, if he's trying to come after her for the gear she's using to stream and make videos with either by harassing or threatening legal action. He absolutely seems like the type of jealous asshole to be petty like that.

I find the drugs/roid theory interesting even if it isn't true, he's acting and looking bad enough for it to be viable which is pretty embarrassing in and of itself. Imagine being so unhinged and unpleasant people in the public just observing you are assuming you have substance abuse issues.

No. 1698897

Honestly, being an alcoholic is definitely more than enough to ruin his looks very quickly and make him into a bigger asshole. I can't imagine he's actually doing any other drugs, maybe smoking weed with Kat, she seems the type. I could also seeing Kat doing coke, but I can't imagine Jake is with how chubby he's been looking. Also, get the strong feeling Jake would think he's morally superior to people who use drugs, even weed, but would lie to himself about his obvious drinking problem.

Yeah he was claiming she has a laptop and camera that are his. Which is kind of ridiculous because he didn't leave her with much else when he kicked her out of their home to fuck Kat in Kaya's old bed. I'm really starting to suspect that he was interfering with her filming well before the break up for whatever weird narc reason. He definitely seems desperate to interfere with it now. I can only imagine how bruised his ego is that his career has taken such a nosedive after Kaya was out of the picture. He honestly owed a lot of his previous success to her.

No. 1698898

tinfoil but all those times kaya would hold off filming videos because there were issues with her laptop in some way, i wonder if jake was throwing tantrums and breaking them?? she just didn't want to say? of course it could have been depression and living with a raging narc that made her feel unproductive but ya never know

No. 1698902

File: 1668340532446.png (648.09 KB, 1469x988, munrostats.png)

She definitely has mentioned that one of her favorite things about living alone is her stuff "not getting broken all the time". I don't doubt for a minute that he would break her shit and she was too embarrassed to admit it so, "technical issues" or something would always come up. God, how I wish she'd just bring the receipts and go off on him already. I get why she hasn't though, if he is already prone to violence like that.

Sorry to samefag. But re-reading my comment, it's just so obvious how different his trajectory in life would have been if not for Kaya. When he got kicked out of his house, Kaya's family took him in, and early on he used to wear all of Kaya's clothes. She was the one who started the whole YT thing between the two of them and was the first to see any success. When he stopped wearing her clothes he became a normie, and only when he got back into goth via Kaya again, and started doing "goth reacts" videos (something Kaya did before him as well lmao), did he start to see any success. Many of his most successful videos are again, featuring Kaya. And of course, after a messy break-up with her, his YT career is crumbling apart. He's bleeding subs every day and can barely break 20k views with his latest videos. This vtube attempt might be his last major attempt before his internet career really hits it's final death throes.

No. 1698909

>if he's trying to come after her for the gear she's using to stream and make videos with
I don't see how he can brag about the several k he is throwing down on being a vtuber, at the same time as trying to get what is at most, 1k, probably more like a few hundred euro of secondhand equipment back off her. Which is also a privacy invasion at this point since her contacts and documents will be on there. His excuse is flimsy af, it's just harassment.

No. 1698912

"hunky british tattooed lad" with that thumbnail NEVER stops being funny, he's not even being ironic either lmao

No. 1698913

File: 1668342294061.gif (22.79 KB, 391x421, rcEVQdq.gif)

yes, and the person in the music video looks to be hispanic, or at least have more brown skin. I can't believe this is being seriously discussed. because they aren't even look-a-likes if it weren't for the characterization. Unless she had A LOT of plastic surgery, you guys are smoking better weed than me, because I can't trip this hard no matter how much I try, I swear. It's like that episode in Futurama where Lrrr wants to eat Leela so they try to give him a monkey dressed as her and he accepts it because he can't tell the difference between primates.

No. 1698927

Skat might not be the sharpest broken liquor bottle in the shed but she's surely got enough base cunning to know not to bring friends around her slimy skumbag husbando… right? RIGHT?!??

I'm throwing in my tinfoil now, they'll be in an "open relationship" within 3 months.
Stumpy tattooed chodes and skimbly alt women beware.

No. 1698939

I honestly think it’s just drink and a desperate lack of therapy. There’s been a lot of Jake and drugs speculation in previous threads but I will always firmly believe he’s too lonely and too much of a pussy to find, contact and stay in touch with a dealer. He doesn’t have any friends and he’s chronically allergic to “chavs”. (At most I can imagine him putting on a fake hard roadman voice and being way overcharged for being a total mug kek but I still think it’s unlikely)

No. 1698942

File: 1668348561441.png (16.87 KB, 500x177, Screenshot 2022-11-13 at 13-59…)

BTW where do you see "more brown skin".

No. 1698944

Samefag and sage for cringey blogpost but in photos I look like I aged about five years between 2020-2021 kek - just pandemic misery, lack of exercise and too much beer. You’d be surprised how much of a toll alcohol combined with bad mental health actually takes on your face. He looks textbook alcoholic to me.

Not that it really matters; either way he’s a cunt who needs to spend some of that VR money on therapy.

No. 1698946


I'm inclined to agree with you there, the physical effects of alcoholism can be pretty severe on their own and I also think Jake's too much of a social recluse to meet any actual dealers. I think he talked about smoking weed on a stream I watched ages back and I seem to remember he said he found it boring which makes perfect sense given his complete inability to ever just fucking relax and not be aggressively negative and critical of everything around him all the time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The lack of therapy is a huge one, I genuinely believe Jake himself and the people around Jake could benefit from him seeking actual help because from the outside looking in he seems like a ticking time bomb of impotent male rage

No. 1698955

He smokes ciggies too, remember bragging about his branded cigarettes from the US ages ago, smoking is really bad for your skin.
He probably takes a swig and a cig every hour now he's a "free man" and then rage-spams Kaya about her laptop. Truly living the dream

No. 1698964

File: 1668351485362.jpg (394.82 KB, 3840x2160, 20221113_155513.jpg)

i didn't know whether to post this in the twitch thread or the youtubers thread but seeing as he's active on twitch nowadays… anyone remember the olden days youtuber (2008-2014) charlieissocoollike? yeah he's trooned out now and going by she/they pronouns regularly streaming on twitch. it seems like everyone that was involved with nerd fighters/alex day back then turned out to be a massive retard.(wrong thread)

No. 1698969

This isn’t a “YouTubers” thread, take it to the troon threads.

No. 1699016

It's pretty funny that you had two options and still posted in the wrong thread

No. 1699031

Honestly Kaya is so sensitive that probably its just that Jake's talking more shit on social media. She always vague posts after he makes his YouTube comments or whatever. Which fair enough that can be upsetting but you guys broke up a year ago not on good terms, move on, cut all ties, if you don't trust someone don't leave your shit with them.

No. 1699046

I am kinda over these vague "can't tell you guys about it but let me do these q&as every god damn day and tell you about how there is something I can't talk about" like why the fuck even answer? It's been over a year. Either spill or stfu Kaya. You are 100% milking it at this point

No. 1699104

Have you not been paying attention? It’s clearly more than his “making comments on social media or whatever”, he publicly posted that he’d been trying to get in touch with her and it was obvious he was angry that she wasn’t responding. And we’ve seen his narc rants against her. Honestly I was pretty neutral when the breakup went down (bit more sympathetic to her due to the circumstances) and thought certain nonas were being over-dramatic about his driving his bike to the sea within an hour of her posting being there. But the more I see of his shenanigans, and her behavior, I’m thinking she’s genuinely frightened.

Just remember: Even when an obsessive, violent-tending narc says they’re “done with you”, they aren’t. They NEVER want to give up power, even if they don’t give a shit about you.

No. 1699117

Ngl, before his seething unhinged essay long rants I was pretty skeptical on how much attention he actually paid her post break-up. It's pretty obvious he's been keeping some kind of an eye on her (he had an awful lot to say about her content and what she's been up to lately), trying to intimidate her (threats of revealing what she's done cause she's the worst person ever, source:trust me bro), and wants to blame her for his now failing YT career (claims everyone is band-wagoning against him even though he's totally the victim here). He's clearly not doing very well if his physical appearance and erratic outbursts show us anything. We're likely only seeing the tip of the iceberg of his narc behavior.

No. 1699126

Just for context: I'm his age and I've been smoking a lot every day since I was 13, and I don't look like this at all, nor does any of my friends who are also chimneys. This rapid decline looks like someone who became an alcoholic and doing coke to extend the night, like everyday. Cigarrettes do fuck your skin, but not like this, it's more subtle than this, his face is getting saggy from all the nonstop alcoholic bloating. I'd bet on the booze+coke combo, he's exactly the type

No. 1699131

yeah she looks like the type to go fake bisexual threesome to keep her man

No. 1699169

Tbh they both look like the type of alcoholic that would do a bump to keep drinking into the night, but I just don't know cause Jake has been looking awfully chubby lately.

I could see this, Kat gives major pick-me energy, but there is absolutely no way Jake would allow another penis into the picture. His ego is way too fragile.

No. 1699186

I mean he mentioned once that he's bi, but so much of him is manufactured for attention so who knows. Probably another reason to hit the bottle too, can't stand being alone with himself (or with kat apparently for that matter) sober because he doesn't know who that is

No. 1699515

File: 1668415586767.png (512.74 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20221114-084201.png)

IBF's stuck in the UK.
I can just imagine her Karen-ing out at the poor check-in desk worker, the way she's talkomg about them

No. 1699517

File: 1668415788260.jpeg (633.83 KB, 1284x2210, 21C2E8FE-7C73-46DF-90FD-E442FA…)

Ebegging now, bit irresponsible to spend ALL your money on plan tickets when you’ve got a kid

No. 1699520

I reckon she's exaggerating for sympathy. They cost everything they had, but she was still able to pay for visas for them. Not to mention all the events they went to while in the UK - some of them couldn't have been cheap

No. 1699530

>adult woman unable to google how flights work and what documents you need for boarding
just ibf things, maybe she should just stay in NZ if she finds traveling this hard.

No. 1699531

Why is she constantly traveling here there and everywhere? Is she moving again

No. 1699545

There’s no sympathy left for ibf. She’s a mid 30s woman with a baby and another on the way. Settle the fuck down already and get your shit together. She’s still trying to live like she’s 18

No. 1699567

She's trying to live both in NZ and Scotland at the same time

No. 1699586

For fucks sake Freyja, you have a small child and another one on the way, if travelling costs ‘everything you have’ then you can’t afford to travel.

No. 1699677

Anons, maybe I'm dumb but I'm genuinely confused. Since when do New Zealanders require a visa to visit/pass through the US? That's really weird. Most European countries, along with NZ and Australia are part of the visa waiver program, as in, you don't need a visa to visit.

No. 1699681

File: 1668450846338.jpeg (202.54 KB, 1279x1727, 08C71712-0219-493B-8A3A-2F0D66…)

No. 1699684

I think you're right, looking at the rules for the program. Weird, that. Not unless her shenanigans of being turned away at the UK border a few years ago affected it

No. 1699777

File: 1668462971416.png (576.49 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20221114-215505.png)

No. 1699780

File: 1668463319839.jpeg (798.17 KB, 1290x2316, 228796F7-2358-4172-9B34-E2DB3F…)

They’re flying with Emirates now

No. 1699864

I didn't know that either but then again I don't know jack shit about international travel. I googled and it looks like there are different types of visas (some are for work, some are for vacations, other purposes etc) and it looks like kiwis do need them for america, even just for vacationing. I'm still a little bit skeptical though as her flight was just "passing through" the USA. what does that even mean, like a layover? do they really require you to get a whole new documentation just for a layover? considering her past behaviors I would not be surprised if she was exaggerating some of this/leaving stuff out.

No. 1699891

I travel quite a bit internationally. Non US travelers that are from an ESTA (visa waiver) country DO need to fill out one and pay the fee ($25 or 35 if I remember correctly), even if they are only transiting through the country on a layover.

No. 1699969

File: 1668472599053.png (689.4 KB, 499x871, Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 01-31…)

Looking forward to those 3 streams before you pack away all that shit and never use it again Jake. I'm sure it will be hilarious for us.

No. 1699982

He pretty much spent an entire month's earnings on this. kek

No. 1699997

some places can be absolute dicks about requiring a visa just for a layover. It just depends on where your from and where your going. international travel can be bitch if you dont pay attention to the rules.

I have flown with the first airline she was using. They arent very good and make things extra annoying for no reason. Nearly missed a connecting flight because they moved its gate 5 times.

No. 1700188

There’s a fundamental difference between being "fucked" by and subsequently "saved" from an unreliable company pushing unnecessary bureaucracy measures upon you (allegedly) and being an e-begging fuckwit womanchild blowing all your money on unnecessary trips and plane travels at 30 weeks with another special needs child with you.
You really are fucked, Freyja, but in another sense.

No. 1700229

Apologies for potential retardation, but could some of you please explain a bit what vtubing is actually about? I have just a general idea.

As far as I understand, a big part of vtuber content is designing and developing a character and its environment, and then playing up on the looks and the story of what the character does. Similarly to influencers, a vtuber character can also be involved in brand deals and advertise products, services etc as part of the storyline / look, or otherwise. More serious vtubers are actually teams of people behind the character vs individual creators. Correct?

But what about the video / content itself? Is it just a stream where the character babbles about a whole bunch of nothing, "catching up chit-chats", lifting boxes in exchange for donations from sickos, "break the jake" or whatever the heck he does? Or is it something more meaningful, something with more of a substance and thought put into it? What is it that people find interesting about it besides the ones into character design?

No. 1700243

>I swore I'd never do this

As if she hasn't done it before more than once kek

No. 1700273

Usually I think that yes: Vtubers ( at least popular ones) tend to do a lot of collaborative work with artists or design their avatars themselves usually with a fantastical design and concept in mind. Jakes will just be a lazy avatar of himself with makeup on because he can't be bothered actually making himself up to be on camera anymore.

It's always funny when he promises "loads" of new content because it always ends up being a singular video, maybe 2 if you're lucky before he defaults back to barefaced day drunk "hunky" British lad reacts.

No. 1700278

I have been paying attention didn't Kaya recently say she left her scooter at his house? Anons are speculating he wants filming equipment back but more likely it's the scooter. She was probably in London and got a text about the scooter to come get it or some shit.

No. 1700334

THIS. These pseudo-influencers have no concept of consequence. Why couldn’t she just go home from the airport? She fucked up. I feel bad for all the people in genuinely desperate situations who don’t have fan money to fall back on

No. 1700365

File: 1668521180274.png (1.34 MB, 1064x938, uncomfortablyclose.png)

Agreed, she's being incredibly irresponsible for a pregnant mother of a special needs child. Like what would have happened if her followers didn't raise the funds?

Basically 100% what both of you have said. I can't imagine he has a real game plan outside of trying to coat-tail off bigger vtubers like the loli catgirl he's obsessed with. I tried to find the fanart vtube design someone sent him, but he might have wiped it from his social media while it's getting finished. I did see his new instagram story though, where he somehow managed to smack himself in the head flailing around the cords of his expensive new VR equipment as he sits on the floor of his studio like a toddler. kek

No. 1700367

File: 1668521353502.png (910.42 KB, 965x933, jakestudio.png)

he looks like a depressed version of the pointing wojack

No. 1700368

No. 1700371

Omg lol! You almost start to feel sorry for the prick. Almost. This is his new exciting thing and everything is set up and he looks dead inside.

No. 1700375

here's the fanart, hope the final product quality matches this cuz it's hilariously bad >>1687881

No. 1700395

File: 1668523305764.png (514.15 KB, 1092x818, waymoreconsistant.png)

Hard to believe that was only 17 days ago. This might be the fastest he's ever moved to do anything in his online "career". The fanart is pretty god awful, I wonder if he's actually going to use it as his "artistic vision" is usually lacking, or if he's going to do the typical Jake thing and throw a bunch of money at someone to make him something he only uses a few times. lmao

Which also reminds me, while I was looking for the VR fanart I also stumbled on this old post of him promising regular OF updates now that he was "back in shape". His OF has had two updates since then. Not that I'm complaining, because thank god we aren't getting anymore gross chode pics here, but just goes to show you how little he follows through with his promises of content updates.

No. 1700421

He said somewhere he had a designer make his vtube character thing. I'm still confused with how he thinks this will work out for him. Most of his fans watched him because he was the "sexy" painted goth in a long term relationship. His current shit personality is not charming enough to keep people watching. That vtuber he's obsessed about is an asshole to but he can be funny about it while pretending to be a catgirl. All Jake had was his looks and unavailability.

No. 1700431

I’m losing my fucking mind, good catch Anon. Also those 2009 ass spray on skinnies are painful. He always has just wanted to be a “lad” but felt too ostracised by other men so leaned angry goth. This is his true form, basic fuckboy through and through.

No. 1700435

File: 1668527626432.png (1.09 MB, 1080x2520, Screenshot_20221115-155235.png)

Well fuck. He's copying Kaya AGAIN.

No. 1700437

Samefag. With Skat in the BG squeaking like a retard. You'd think for their "one year anniversary" they would fuck off somewhere else, you know, somewhere his ex doesn't frequently visit.

No. 1700438

why do his fingers look like he's been playing with dog shit?

and he's definitely trying to get at her, I don't know kaya gives a shit fake

No. 1700441

Of course she has a drink in hand.

No. 1700442

Plaid shirt combined with skinny jeans, he dresses like an elder millennial dad and he's only 30 or so

No. 1700445

To be fair, The Galgorm is one of the top places for a getaway in Northern Ireland. Not exactly copying Kaya for going there.

No. 1700446

It's so fucking embarrassing! What a colossal knob!
He's like a car crash you wanna look away but you can't!

No. 1700453


Sure, I agree that it is a lovely and popular resort. Would like to go there myself sometime. But given all his weird fucking appearances wherever Kaya has been or really likes, I'm chalking this one down in the "Jake is a creepy prick" column.

No. 1700466

Considering he has done this before and has recently openly admitted to stalking Kayas socials, I'm gonna go with it being intentional.

No. 1700467

Cannot imagine anything as mentally devastating as having to watch Jake Munro squeeze his stubby little legs into those tiny fucking jeans. I want to turn inside out with cringe every time his terrible visage appears on my screen.

No. 1700474

I really don't know why fake is planning on doing vtubing and regular streaming on the same channel at the same time. He has mentioned literally nothing about his avatar except that it's of him and he's paying for it to be done so it's obviously meant to just be a stand in for him and not an actual character. So since it's him and not even supposed to be an alter ego version of him, why do both? Either show your face or don't, don't try to make videos for two completely different audiences. If you're here to show off your face and try to get people on "sex appeal" a 2d character is just going to confuse them or give them high expectations for the only fans. If you're here for a vtube audience they basically want a Hatsune Miku style idol so your avatar can't just be a representation of a shallow English lad, it needs to be a character you could write stories about and an idealized human. Even if Fake achieved depth in character the illusions are shattered the moment his actual face shows up in a video and his real personality is revealed. The character is also dead on arrival by being associated with Jake the human because Jake's scandals are now the Vtuber's as well. Vtubers aren't held to the same standards as idols (especially due to a mostly American girl audience now), but the breakup would cross pretty much everyone's line of tolerance. Half the reason kids prefer vtubers now is literally because they're not people who could fail them like all the other big YouTubers did. Jake is everything they don't want to see in a vtuber. His only chance would have been to create the avatar and then stream with it hiding his identity and keeping it a properly clean character. He could have actually used it to escape his scandals if he was even remotely intelligent.
Just like with his goth persona he just went for what was popular and only bothered to care about the superficial aesthetics and didn't flesh anything out or do research into how to actually start and make a vtube character.

No. 1700484

It's like his approach to everything ( maybe except music but that could be because I don't know enough about music production) he only ever makes the surface level bare minimum amount of effort and expects to be treated like an expert. You know he's going to go into Vtubing expecting other Vtubers to give a shit about him, who he is, how popular he is etc. I hope the reality is going to be that no one knows who he is and he has to eat a big old slice of humble pie. He thinks he can just wander on the scene and be popular without actually immersing himself in the culture or caring about the community, he feels entitled to an audience which is why he's flip flopping wildly in terms of content trying to find one. We all know he's not actually passionate about Vtubing, it's just the next big thing that also conveniently excuses him of the obligation to be creative and do make up anymore, y'know, the last thing he tried because it had a chance to make him more popular. He goes into these varying projects expecting to be immediately successful and when he isn't he gives up and moves on to the next thing, it's shallow, and people who can think critically and notice that pattern will lose interest in a creator who isn't genuine and doesn't actually care about their content. He has this massive false sense of grandeur and honestly it might be terminal.

No. 1700488

I think he's in denial of why his views have fallen. He thinks it's the content variety, the makeup or no makeup, he doesn't want to admit that his biggest source of viewers was being the second half of an attractive and successful youtuber. He put his sausage on the internet, started pretending to be a great stepfather to someone elses son, admitted that his "not a phase" goff attire was in fact, a phase, and he still cannot figure out why lots of his old followers have not stayed onboard through all of this. He will make V-tuber content for a few weeks before he goes back to release "fat british blob reacts to kids on the video app" volume 2 because it's the lowest effort thing to churn out.

No. 1700509

File: 1668532697983.png (999.67 KB, 544x952, 28948912.png)

kek at the unflattering photo he chose to post of the two of them. They must be toasted off the champagne already.

So in less than a month, Jake has bought a $300 action figure. Spent thousands on his vtube rig and setting the studio up. And is now dropping however many hundreds on yet another resort getaway vacation with Kat. He's way outspending his measly 2k a month income right now. He must be really banking on this vtube thing taking off. I wonder how much of his savings he's managed to burn through in just this past year with Kat.

No. 1700515

File: 1668533102335.png (13.99 KB, 721x234, lel.png)

samefag, but went to peek and it's actually much less than 2k a month now. He'd be lucky to bring home something like $1,600 this month.

No. 1700525

It's northern Ireland. There are tons of 4 star hotels with spa's some of them in an actual castle. You can drive from one side of the country to the other in 8 hours. Taking pictures in a castle would be a better social media decision even.

No. 1700527

Exactly. It’s posturing, him swanning about and saying “I’m not going to stop going to this place just because you hang out there, Kaya!” She’s literally told us that he was boring and sat about doing nothing while she loves all the different pools and whatever.

Unless it’s legit the only resort in Ireland I would be mortified if my partner was taking me to the same place he had a romantic birthday getaway with his ex out of laziness. The whole point of a new relationship is to find new places and experiences together.

No. 1700529

It’s hilarious that his story before >>1700509
made a 5 star resort look so shit. It looked like they were walking through a Holiday Inn parking lot. He can’t do social media to save himself.

No. 1700537

He takes the same lackluster approach to his relationship as he does to his content, shallow, petty, mean, lazy. I am happy to be corrected by anons who live in the area but I'm very certain there are other destination spas to visit much like how there are other tea room spots to eat tiny sandwiches in or how there are other cities in Europe that aren't Barcelona. He is constantly touring Kat around the venues Kaya introduced him to while they were together and it's hugely creepy,if Kat had half a brain she'd realize it. He isn't interested in making new memories in new places when he can just flatline through the whole process with the most minimal amount of effort because he's been there before.

No. 1700538

i think it's more to try and spite her and make her jealous. Like she can't enjoy anything because he'd have taken his new toy there.

lmao this little stump can't handle the fact kaya doesn't care about him anymore and is getting on with her life thriving with actual friends, who does he even have?? skat. that's it, kek

No. 1700543

Even if Kat did realize it, I'm not sure how much she cares as long as "daddy" is supplying her these trips and lots of "SHOTS! DRINKS! SHOTS!". Eventually when he stops being able to afford it, she'll probably start caring real quick tho. lmao

His life really does seem to revolved around more of the same. It's funny if you think about it, he met Kat through Kaya, he got that house with Kaya, he found all of these places through Kaya. It's no wonder he seems weirdly obsessed, he's surrounded himself with constant reminders of his ex. I don't doubt it's partially him trying to rub it in her face and also partially how absolutely unadventurous he is.

No. 1700584

>when he can just flatline through the whole process with the most minimal amount of effort because he's been there before
I've known guys who do this "take every girl to the same place" thing, to the point one guy I knew would even take you to the same exact spot (like down to a few metres) in a park that he had taken others. I wouldn't do it, since experiencing new things is surely more fun than flatlining and going through the motions. Why make your life as dull as possible. NI is big enough they can find new spots to frequent, Jake even took her to the same spots in barcelona he went with Kaya when there's a whole literal world he could have taken Kat to instead. Choose a country, damn.

With Jake it's a mix of utter lack of creativity, a bit of Kaya stalking, plus this male behavior of using female friends or girlfriends interchangeably. I would question Kat's awareness of this except she probably posts in this thread (maybe even for years) so she knows full well what she signed up for.

No. 1700596

It's just downright hilarious. The man whines about how there is nothing to do in Ireland and he wants to move countries and he can't even go to a new tearoom or spa in a tiny country littered with spa's and tearooms. Meanwhile Kaya, living in the same country, constantly has adventures and new places to show us on her instagram lmao

No. 1700601

File: 1668539823414.png (828.06 KB, 496x882, Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 20-14…)

No trip would be complete without putting their trashy alcoholism on full display.

No. 1700613

God. They really are predictable, aren't they?

I really can't wait to see how much worse it gets from here for Jake. I wonder what 2023 will bring us. Broke v-tuber stepdaddy Jake awaits. kek

No. 1700617

We know they lurk, I’m convinced the double fisting is a troll at this point.

No. 1700631

Is it just me or is that a massive number of white hairs growing in?

No. 1700642

Don't forget that Galgorm is where he spent his 10th anniversary with Kaya last year.

No. 1700643

I think you're right

No. 1700645

Get wasted and suffer through your sad anniversary in the place that reminds you of Kaya, Jake.
Let's all keep an eye on his comment sections on IG and YT, considering he always loses it at around holidays and birthdays.

No. 1700651

I totally forgot he also celebrated his anniversary with Kaya there. That is so pathetic.

No. 1700652

I was literally coming here to say just this, he always seems to get big mad at Kaya in comment sections when he's away on these trips, maybe a combo of heavy drinking and down time.

No. 1700672

Noticed something that made me giggle, Kat makes a big old deal about the salon and getting her hair done and how amazing, they never share her photos

No. 1700677


Kaya has just uploaded part 2 of her house warming gifts as well. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t start popping off in his comments. Cause nothing says ‘I totally don’t regret ditching my partner of a decade’ like taking your current squeeze to the place you celebrated your anniversary and posting Long winded comments about how terrible she is when you’ve had one too many!

No. 1700687

File: 1668548839075.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, 52B9B881-EC20-472A-A675-661527…)

Not a single bone to be found in his doughy face

No. 1700690

File: 1668548924809.png (3.69 MB, 750x1334, 3CDB2D0B-3949-4097-92FC-9B2BDC…)

Samefag to add another one, look at him coping like the crying behind mask meme kek

No. 1700695

He should transfer some of that face fat into Kat's nonexistent ass.

No. 1700696

File: 1668549368853.png (1.06 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20221115-215400.png)

No. 1700701

the filter, lmao

No. 1700702

his arms look so chonk right here

No. 1700703

She's not even doing that ironically or as a joke. Jake, your dumb bitch is embarrassing you.

No. 1700704

She loves him so much she filtered his face to hell and back

No. 1700716

I don't know who this person is but I accidentally clicked on this thinking it was the fakeboy thread whoops! Sure looks like it

No. 1700731

Cringe I bet they get engaged at Christmas.

No. 1700732

He loves her so much he didn't bother filtering hers.

No. 1700733

File: 1668551378547.png (964.21 KB, 730x760, imsorry.png)

Jake's growing more curves than Kat at this rate. I'm sorry for the autistic outline but I'm dying at his lil gut peeking out since he's not shirtless and remembering to suck it in.

I'm screaming. He picked a harsh filter that accentuated her marionette lines and she filtered him into blurry oblivion. They have to both be wasted rn.

No. 1700740

File: 1668551781501.png (691.02 KB, 489x874, Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 23-34…)

neverming she did it herself lmao

No. 1700745

This whole "anniversary vacation" is already a train wreck. They honestly belong together. They're both so one-dimensional, it's hilarious at this point.

No. 1700747

Everyone can tell, Skat.

No. 1700748

It's not even an issue of telling it's just a very safe assumption to make literally any time the two are together

No. 1700756

Why do they always have to order multiple drinks at once? It's so extra trashy, just drink your fucking drink and order another one, you don't need to hoard them like teenagers. Also they look like Long Island Iced Teas which are about the strongest mixed drink you could order anyways. Fat little fucking dorks.

No. 1700764

Alcoholics cannot take care of a child, no matter how functioning they think they are.