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File: 1669262186697.jpg (35.08 KB, 677x439, FiO_l9dXkAAjUQw.jpg)

No. 1708267

No. 1708272

File: 1669262913769.png (230.75 KB, 605x492, 1669259024850.png)

reposting because it's just that horrible

No. 1708275

its barely related to transsexualism to be fair

No. 1708277

File: 1669263472373.png (1.35 MB, 1220x1224, almost there, matthew.png)

repost because this dude's self owns still blow my mind (artist is a troon)

No. 1708280

The Nib was so fucking embarrassing I’m shocked this guy has a career

No. 1708282

How do you guys respond to someone saying that modern trans debate is just an updated version of conservative culture war from the 90’s/00’s on gays? I know it’s completely different but I just don’t have an argument when my friends have said that to me….like it took gays decades to be able to marry and troons immediately got laws handed to them on a silver platter?

No. 1708286

Lol this reads like a fuckin Stonetoss comic

No. 1708291

That's a tranny account and twitter's (former) moderator.

No. 1708293

You're not born a tranny for one thing.

No. 1708301

File: 1669267005710.jpg (890.27 KB, 1600x1600, vz.jpg)

God Matt Lubchansky, even before he trooned out his comics were so fucking irritating

No. 1708302

Gay people are just people that are attracted to people that have the same sex chromosomes as them. They haven't been given any "special" rights, just equality in marriage and adoption rights.

Trans people are mentally ill and/or fetishists who deny the existence of biological differences between the sexes, enforce gender stereotypes, encourage dysphoria, encourage internalized misogyny, and threaten suicide at the drop of a hat. And, unlike gay people, they HAVE been given special rights, like "trans women" being allowed to dominate female sports leagues.

No. 1708304

Tell them that’s a fallacy. It’s called Galileo’s Gambit

No. 1708307

Let me elaborate actually. Galileo’s Gambit is when you say your idea is correct because you are persecuted. They compare themselves to Galileo who was persecuted for his ideas of heliocentrism. They fail to realize that when a group is opposed by the mainstream, most of the time it’s because they’re just wrong, it doesn’t mean you’re a martyr or even comparable to historical groups or persons who were right. Basically the opposition to your idea doesn’t mean you are correct. Christians use the same arguments against gay people and pedophiles but that doesn’t make pedophiles morally good or correct. Same thing with trannies.

No. 1708309

They’re pretending conservatives will eventually accept trannies and move on to a different culture war like they did with gays forgetting that
>Gays have always been around
>Gays are consenting adults
>many gay men are vaguely right wing

It was really funny seeing TRAs turn the shooting into being about gay people and troons when that’s just not how Chuds operate. Remember when trump ran on protecting gays in 2016 when the Orlando nightclub shooting happened?

No. 1708316

ive noticed people are more likely to open up to an idea if they think they're doing the right thing. Try focusing on the mental health aspect of it. would you tell an anorexic person theyre fat? no, because it isn't true and will only hurt the in the long run. They will continue restricting their food all because you fed their delusion. The same logic can be applied to troons. Surgeries and hrt will never fix troons' mental health just as much as restricting your food does. they are delusional people who you need to be real with

No. 1708325

sorry realized i didn't answer your question properly. but let them know that lgb people are not the same as troons. having a sexual orientation isn't the same as being delusional

No. 1708331

You can see sexuality in the brain, but trans people's brains just match those of people with their sex and sexuality and that's it. A hsts just has a gay male brain or lesbian female brain, not a brain from the opposite sex. You can even test sexuality with double blind controlled pheromone smell tests. There is no such test for being transgender, just a list of sexist statements which also apply to gnc people who aren't trans. There's nothing to really base it on, making it come closer to BDD than being in the same ballpark as being gay even if there are many gay people who transition due to homophobia and misogyny.

No. 1708339

Whenever I see a man defending the transing of kids I automatically assume hes a pedophile. And when I see a man defending tranny rights in general I assume hes either a chaser and really wants to fuck a troon or is very close to trooning out himself. Any man who even remotely cares about the rights of these oxygon thiefs is either a pedo or a fetishist in my book. Theres no other reason a male would care about this

No. 1708347

They will literally cite bogus medical studies about how men can have “””female brains”””. It doesn’t work.

No. 1708350

File: 1669272408514.webm (2.48 MB, 320x568, cZEIa_VBknf3bVa_.webm)

Troons do a better job at promoting us then we could ever hope to do on our own, like the way they describe "terf beliefs" sounds very reasonable and most people would agree with them

No. 1708372

Gay requires nothing more than two people of the same sex wanting to have sex. Trans requires artificial hormones, surgeries, clothing, make-up, behavioral training, etc. There's a consumerism to trans that isn't there for gays, which can bring in other political arguments about capitalism and consumption.
Being gay is free and simple, being trans is expensive and wasteful.

Also, no gay person needs to rearrange their whole bodies to be gay, they're ready-made. It's so obvious what a gay person is that 90s conservatives recognized they were gay, which isn't the same argument against trannies. Tolerance can be accepted by gays as a functional political compromise while trannies require outside affirmation of even their most ludicrous of claims.

And of course, the conservative argument against gays was religious (sin! hell!) while the argument against trannies is science (anatomy, chromosomes). It's not just conservatives who dislike trannies.

No. 1708373

The ones that are the ugliest are always the ones complaining the loudest.

No. 1708379

Interesting point. How is being a tranny considered natural when you have to have surgery to cut off natal parts(which you need to dilate because its trying to close itself), take hormones, pretending to have same gender brain and still looking manly as hell even after all that? Being gay requires no steps.

No. 1708380

Same sex attraction is a real thing that actually exists, it can be clearly defined and demonstrably proven. And, most importantly, it doesn't require everyone to deny reality to validate their homosexuality. A gay person is gay whether everyone around them believes it or not. Trans rights mean expecting everyone to lie about what we see with our own eyes, what we instinctively perceive and understand intellectually about men and women and our bodies.

That doesn't really address the specific issue of the gay rights movement but yeah you're absolutely right that we should all be suspicious of an oppressed group that somehow manages to dominate politics, healthcare, tech etc within a matter of years and gets not only every 'right' they demand, but the freedom to oppress others in the process.

No. 1708385

File: 1669277383385.webm (9.65 MB, 1280x720, KkuY3GP-4iJN4m0K.webm)

Former twitter content moderator

No. 1708396

Gay people literally just wanted to be treated the same as straight people. Straight people didn’t lose any human rights by codifying gay relationships in law and in popular culture. Legalising gay marriage didn’t mean that straight marriage became illegal. To give the trans community what they want means that women lose all of our human rights to the point that female healthcare is now forbidden and must not be acknowledged. Our rights to safety and to organise around our shared experience of being female is now literally illegal in a lot of western countries. Gay people weren’t demanding anyone else suffered to accommodate them, they were simply demanding that they be afforded the same rights as everyone else. Troons demand that actual women are made a subset of our own sex class and that our needs must always come secondary to men who wish they were women. It’s horrific and a good place to start would be men who have raped and killed women being housed in female prisons. Gay people wanted liberation, troons want to colonise.

No. 1708399

File: 1669280579938.webm (5.89 MB, 320x690, PmJ9cmLvIqKygdbd.webm)

repost from the previous thread, the guy had a history of overreaching as a censor, how he's whining about the "hate" he's receiving since he lost the power of not being able to delete accounts.

No. 1708403

When do you guys think culture officially peaks and turns on troons? I bet 2024/2025

No. 1708405

Why all these reposts? We are capable of reading the previous thread

No. 1708408

What rights don't trans people already have anyway? They can marry who they want just like anyone else, they can adopt, they can give blood, they can legally wear whatever they like etc
>"B-but as a trans I can't wear a dress without getting harassed"
Neither can cis men, nor cis women, nor children. Because gross men harass people regardless. But everyone is still legally allowed to. More women are harassed and told "but what were you wearing, it was your fault" than troons.
If they "just want to pee" why do they fuss over not being able to enter the wrong sex bathrooms? Why can't they "just pee" in the same bathrooms they've always used, that already accommodates their sex? Sex isn't the same as gender they say, so what's the issue?
If they "just want to play X sport" then they already can, with their own sex. Or even mixed if they're not competing. No one is stopping them, unless they break the rules by for example by choice taking anabolic steroids in the form of testosterone.
It always comes down to some vague "being our true selves" argument. Surgically altering your normal healthy body for superficial reasons isn't a legal right or the way to be "your true self", and it would be a sad dystopian world if it was. But they ARE already legally allowed to have surgery - so what fucking rights do they really want?

No. 1708409

Troonism is a movement built on and pushed by male degeneracy, so when enough of those degenerates have their buyers remorse.

No. 1708411

If they just wanted to pee safely they would accept the idea of trans only bathrooms, but they don't.

No. 1708413

I think 2023 will get the ball rolling, and 2024 will start real more mainstream discussions. Even the troons are forced to publicly admit some people fake being trans to get out of trouble because of the recent they/them shooter, they attack fellow trans people who talk about negative side-effects, troon-pandering companies are now getting backlash, they are infighting, more people are detransitioning and speaking out about the troon cult, harry potter is getting more popular again kek

No. 1708414

If they counter with the argument that it's like segregation, mention that sex is a vector for the majority of violence women face, while women rarely face violence from women of a different race, so the separation is for safety, not to mention those women are still women. There isn't an issue with harassment, assault, and predation ala spycams when toilets are women only, while they are at risk of the mentioned if they are made mixed sex.

No. 1708415

I think it depends, I feel like if a man is deeply involved with troon activism then he is probably a chaser/potential troon and if he's really vocal about "trans kids" then he's undoubtedly a pedophile, but I feel like a lot of normie liberal men and women support troons cause they believe the mainstream liberal narrative and don't think of questioning it

No. 1708419

Considering a bunch of democrats and liberals are already starting to pivot towards being more socially centrist I bet the next presidential debate will highlight the schism.

No. 1708422

Nonas how do you respond to someone saying
>"but trans women are women right? you agree? RIGHT?"?
I hate lying by pretending I agree, but on the other hand if I'm honest and say no or hesitate they'll attack me and refuse to listen. So if I just go "yeah sure totally, anyway transwomen in jail commit more sex crimes than non-trans males" they can't really attack me because I just agreed with them and they don't get to gloat in me agreeing because I immediately moved the conversation on?

No. 1708425

If you don’t want to argue just say they’re transwomen. They will know what you mean and let it go. only the true looney tunes ones will chastise you for saying that.

No. 1708430

i know the question is a bit of a joke because of the documentary but i would just ask what they think a woman is, and watch them go in circles

No. 1708432

Either never or >>1708409

No. 1708433

File: 1669284990268.jpeg (991.02 KB, 1853x1400, 18F99F06-9ECD-4427-9B65-3E24A2…)

Can anyone explain why leftists in the West and especially the Anglosphere have devolved into slavish worshippers of troons and literal prostitution? Why are western leftoid commies like this? Communists in the past didn’t approve of homosexuality, much less the anti-materialist dogshit that is troonism, and they certainly didn’t support fucking traffickers and pimps like modern “anarchists” and “communists” do, why? Have corpos psyoped them that fucking hard? Now I can’t even go and meme on retarded tankies without some goddamned abomination ranting about le SWERFs that didn’t support pimps and johns and TERFs who refused to choke on the feminine penis

No. 1708434

What I hate most about troon politics of all the things, is the fact that they rant about “human rights” but were already granted the same rights as everyone else, it’s not like gays who actually were denied rights compared to others. When troons say they want rights they mean more rights than everyone else, specifically the right to control what others say and think, which is nuts.

No. 1708446

File: 1669288887232.jpg (114.6 KB, 910x441, EyLDur7XAAMeCRH.jpg)

Unironically blame the Frankfurt School, a bunch of pretentious intellectuals who created retarded social theories and basically ruined leftism in the west, they were almost like modern breadtubers in over analyzing and chreerypicking random pieces of popular media to prove their retarded takes on society, they combined Freudian psychology and aspects of Marxism and "imagined that there could be a future in which sexual fantasies and social needs were both satisfied" after Capitalism had been destroyed.
The Frankfurt School played an influential role in the development of western socialist/Communist thought and after the fall of the Soviet Union it became the dominant thought

No. 1708448


The whole "SWERF" thing reminds me how much I hate that there are now a billion stupid acronyms to try and marginalize anyone remotely normal who finds their way into the left. They can't just say you don't think it is a societal positive for people to sell their bodies because that is a normal belief most people have. They have to make it sound like you are some kinda fringe weirdo to get on equal footing with you.

I always try to bring up that gender theory wasn't even created by leftist and that the pro sex work political movement was literally started as rebranding for pimps and the porn industry. They are zombies carrying someone else's virus, trying to say you aren't human if you refuse to be bit. It's such a mindfuck.

No. 1708449

So these fuckers literally took an ideology centered on worker’s liberation, tied it intrinsically to male sexual fantasies with a paltry veneer of “liberation” atop it, and essentially signed the death knell for western leftism since the USSR died at the same time?

Fucking bleak

But I have noticed a distinct amount of troons in leftism and especially the libleft essentially being degenerates that put their sexual activities at the center of what should be political activism so it makes sense. It just depresses me since I see how this disease could easily overwhelm liberals, I don’t see how it could have devoured the Marxist/communist left the way it has. But alas the only commie podcast I can listen to that doesn’t center troons is Chapo, and they still pay lip service to troon politics from time to time.

Guess it’ll take living standards taking an even deeper nosedive for the working class to take back control of leftist politics and push out all the fetishists and freaks

No. 1708468

File: 1669290594143.jpg (733.06 KB, 2413x1542, 30826253.jpg)

If it makes you feel any better the CIA actually promoted these guys, because they felt their theories were critical enough to be enjoyed in academia but that they would also undermine the popularity of communism and support for the Soviet Union, and it turned out to be true, while these men abused children and the people in their lives they were never a danger to the status quo or capitalism in any way


No. 1708469

File: 1669290617153.jpeg (88.46 KB, 1170x662, original_cnn.jpeg)

"Natalee" Bingham on CNN:
>he rolls his eyes when the host says the shooter is non binary
>"It was obvious with the mugshot that's a man."
you know what else is obvious, Natalee?

No. 1708471

kek the trans cult is imploding

No. 1708473

Free poor biscuit

Also why would you not wash your greasy hair if you new you were going on tv? Gross

No. 1708474

They are as communist as they are women, as in, not at all. Don’t get me wrong nonnas, I’m not a fan of communism, but the core of communism is that the needs of the collective come before the needs of the individual. Middle class Americans have corrupted the ideal like they corrupt every ideal because they are a highly individualistic society who only care that their own specific needs are met. There are no actual “leftists” in the US, they have just corrupted the meaning of the word so that it now means the opposite and unfortunately they have exported that across the anglosphere because they are a dying empire who’s only power is through the export of media. It’s a real shame actually, the US had the potential to be something good, and has some wonderful people within its borders, but it has failed spectacularly.

No. 1708475

Soon. But it won't be an event. It will just be the quiet discontinuation of affirmation policies by governments under the guise of "reviews", and it will all be swept under the rug. Gender clinics will shut down because they're not getting the referral numbers they have now. Society will be happy, but they won't talk about it. It goes out with the proverbial whimper.
The reason, ironically, will be misogyny. AGPs are now outnumbered by teen FTMs and NBs, and that's the excuse for the "reviews". It's easier to say no to the demands of autistic teenage girls than autistic grown men.(learn2sage)

No. 1708477

He got his package severed already.

No. 1708479

File: 1669294166483.png (1.12 MB, 870x1420, tranny8.png)

things that happened

No. 1708480

troons make me think I might not be straight after all, maybe I'm actually asexual because they turn me off so bad

No. 1708482

Gayness has "tangible" proof so to say, it just means you want to fuck the same sex, it's not really rocket science, you can argue fucking Kinsey scales and shit, but ultimately it's that easy. Sitting someone down and asking them if they feel more female or more male is like sitting someone down and asking them if they feel more green or more blue. They probably can mark down an answer and it might even be consistently repeated, but what the fuck does it even mean? Some interpret the question if it asks their clothing preferences, some associate it with mood, some just pick their favorite color as a 10/10 total greenie, but it's all fucking meaningless.

No. 1708486

i hope soon. im getting really tired

No. 1708497


I think the next shoe to drop is really how the trans kids issues are going to effect families going into a huge financial crisis. If your kid is gay it's kinda like "so what?" With trans it's different though because of how hugely medicalized it all is. For the rich celebrities and metropolitan people it doesn't matter, but for all the working class people who need to be physically capable and can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on treatments for a physically healthy child it's a disaster. The whole thing where so many trans who aren't rich go directly into camsites, onlyfans, and e-begging is one the early warning signs in all this. Same with the idea of UBI specifically for trans people.

There's just a huge material incentive for working class families to have their children never encounter any trans stuff and it's one of those things where social reforms can't actually fix it. Even if nobody is transphobic there are going to be tiers to transition just because of capitalism, but capitalism is the driving force behind gender ideology in the first place so it's a bit of a catch 22. The tiers here work opposite to how we normally see though where the person who goes the least down the gender rabbit hole is the most physically and mentally capable. So it's a trap, but one where a lot of the poor have an escape.

I think that's the next pressure point. Families even in liberal areas saying "I don't hate trans people or anything, but it will put us in financial ruin. A kid who desist earns X amount more over their lifetime." From there it's a whole different ballgame. Activist can talk about "living your truth" all they want but nobody wants to go homeless over this shit. Nobody wants their kid to have their career ceiling be jerking off on chaturbate.

No. 1708499

I feel it's slowly already fizzling out over time, big corporate emraced it but that also makes it much less counterculture and "hip with the teens". More critical voices get shared on social media, people joke a bit more openly about the gorillas in lipstick. I think a small, but less vocal undercurrent will always be present, but it'll get faded out by other social trends.

No. 1708501

sorry for sperging but women really need to wake up to this soon because the way the future is heading, sex differences are becoming less and less recognised due to more virtual living and a disconnect from material reality. women will always have to face consequences inevitably due to our biology and not having the language or freedom to protect ourselves is already happening. it's bleak for us.

No. 1708502

As much as I hate Elon I think he's injected 44 billion dollars of shut the fuck up into the woke troon mafia. The outside world events causing peaking/had enough of all of this shit are here already. Covid wasn't enough to shut up the virtue signallers but everyone being fucking broke is.

No. 1708506

nonnie that’s just a sign you’re normal

No. 1708519

This all will end the moment something even more against the flow and edgy becomes popular with the kids online. Keyword: online. I'm thinking it'll be some kind of a next gen internet world or a VR. People can only really escape who they are born as when it's not their real self, but a persona they've build for others to see. But I don't think general populace will ever turn on troons. This whole thing will be silently swept under the rug as if it never happened, because the VR world will bring a whole other problems to face.

No. 1708522

I hate Matt Walsh for making this seem like a right-wing question, because if you ask that you get associated with him now. I don’t give a shit about that moid but I don’t want to be in any form tied to that kind of stupid far right crap. He took something women have been trying to make a point about since this started and used it for his own agenda, which, while there are a few points I can agree with him on, doesn’t fit with my own belief system. I don’t fight for traditional sex and gender structures, only for the safety and uplifting of women.

No. 1708523

It’s weird that you get called a SWERF for supposedly not supporting sex workers, but I support their safety and ability to leave such an abusive system that takes advantage of them. Just like TRAs don’t care about detrans, I don’t think they care about the women (or men) who leave and have been traumatized by sex work either. All of it has an affect too, from the physical threats of street prostitution to the verbal harassment girls who do OF receive. I only mention men because I’ve also seen accounts of men who were traumatized by porn or prostitution, which you think they’d care more about. They only seem to when it can play into their sob stories, like white rich AGPs co-opting the stories of the prostitute TiMs who get raped and killed in third world countries. Why would anyone support this kind of abuse? I hate men, but even I think no one should have to face that.

No. 1708524

Is this supposed to make transphobes look bad?

No. 1708525

They are always trying to make it sound like terfs want to sexually assault them when it’s so much projection. They can’t stop sexually harassing us, even with posts like that. I’ve never seen a terf make posts about shoving things down their throats or raping them, yet they will make posts about how badly they want a “terf mommy to put them in their place”. It’s extremely disturbing and so far removed from anything women actually think about.

No. 1708528

I miss the days where women banded together to push a male out if he entered a space that wasn’t made for him. Now it seems like half of them just coddle him, even more than they would for their own fellow women. Why do they put men over female companionship and safety?

No. 1708537


Most sane people will peak eventually. Nobody has to really do anything. Troons will do it themselves. It's only a matter of time before the pendulum shifts again.

No. 1708538

Isn’t this a troll post?

No. 1708540

You’ve never read Horkheimer or Adorno, stop posting /pol/ conspiracies about cultural Marxism

No. 1708559

File: 1669304936349.jpg (93.68 KB, 1080x652, IMG_20221124_052227~2.jpg)

This whole non-binary thing has been hilarious kek

No. 1708613

>a society that tells them they are not valid.
i dont know why but that made me kek.

I'm surprised they included the trans men inclusivity. Next they should add terfs believe in sex based oppression to trully peak the masses.

No. 1708615

I love how they cant larp with reusable menstrual products

No. 1708620

Literally this, I couldn't have said it better nonna. I've actually struggled to find the words for how backwards and terrifying their behavior is.

No. 1708625

File: 1669311971647.jpg (955.69 KB, 1440x1440, willyboy.jpg)

The thread pic reminds me to post this still from a hilariously filtered instagram video Himdia Willyboy took of himself recently vs his unfiltered fridge body.

No. 1708629

File: 1669312441615.jpg (171.72 KB, 1259x720, HdvLYjj96xiNW.jpg)

reminds me of this

No. 1708630

Lmfao…the body isn't even the most offending aspect of the shoop, straight up gave themselves new faces damnnn

No. 1708633

trannies fucking hate enbies and i love it. i love watching them test each others' mental gymnastics and try to score the most oppression points

No. 1708645


It's only against women nona, swerf and terf are the new feminazi and witch insults thrown at any woman to dismiss her concerns or cause her physical harm. Men are either seen as boys will be boys when they're violent or innocently clueless if they fail at the newspeak.

No. 1708648

File: 1669315736288.png (537.71 KB, 2048x1166, chrome_screenshot_166931559512…)

Twitter please stop recommending me these grifting lowlife troons

No. 1708649

File: 1669315863776.jpg (543.47 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20221124-184743_Chr…)

If it's the study im thinking of i believe it says
>Transgender people have brain shifted towards gender identity
Most people assume this means they have a female brain. But if they actually read the article what it says is that the brain is still undeniably closer to a male brain than a female brain. My tinfoil is that the variation is probably due to gender non conforming behavior in hsts. (Im not saying they are okay. There are a lot of reasons for trooning out, all are bad.)
Midway thru typing this i googled it and its the first article that appears

No. 1708650

Philosophy and psychology (minus some newer branches) are ruining us

No. 1708651

I'm genuinely pleasantly surprised at the ramifications of the new free speech policies. I know the are intended to just harass people but it means it goes both ways and now critical gc discussion can take place. Its important for us to have at least 1 major platform and this is a huge deal if not rolled back

No. 1708660

File: 1669318008892.jpg (901.34 KB, 1049x1188, Screenshot_20221124-142226_Gal…)

This absolute hulking 6'0 tranny came to my place of business. We require a credit card on file to use our services. His name is Brandon but he put himself down as "emily" on file kek. He had long, poorly dyed silver/grey frizzy hair and ugly triangular moobs. His lardy body was stuffed into a stained girls shirt. He has huge feet and towered over his tiny faggot chaser boyfriend who looked like he worked in IT or something. I know both of them are anime obsessed cooming pedophiles.. He was very uncomfortable with me our entire interaction so I kept misgendering him while forcing eye contact with him like an aggressive dog. I'm an absolute Stacey and I know troons like him HATE being in the presence of women like me.

No. 1708668


No. 1708670

when a majority of troons are over the age of 30 and the kids start seeing trooning out as an uncool thing that adults do

No. 1708674

stay safe nona but this is very based

No. 1708676

>I'm an absolute Stacey

idk if it’s selfposting because posting your own driver’s licence on here is too stupid even for troons, but this is absolutely some kind of stupid baitpost lmao

No. 1708677

File: 1669319236394.png (235.05 KB, 475x600, iceland pedo Sara Sveinbjörns…)

This TIM was a chairman for Samtökin '78 ("queer" organisation) and also worked in a school. He sexually abuses children and disabled women. https://frettin.is/2022/11/24/formadur-felagarads-samtakanna-78-haettir-vegna-asakana-um-kynferdislega-misnotkun-a-bornum/

No. 1708680

Is the cashier a troon or am I just seeing shit that isn't there


No. 1708681

sage + its weird to post videos of random people to speculate if they’re trannies or not

No. 1708682

not that weird. looks like a troon to me and it's funny cause they aren't using their voices.

No. 1708684

options are
1. you’re posting a random troon nobody cares about who isnt doing anything milky or interesting
2. you’re calling an actual woman who hasn’t done anything wrong a tranny, which you really shouldn’t feel okay with

No. 1708686

How is it a baitpost to inspire other anons in making troons uncomfortable when a safe opportunity presents itself? And also clearly this was taken directly off his file at the front desk computer. I'm gorgeous (sorry I'm not a self hating woman) and look better than any troon on my worst day, just like all real women. Our female pheromones alone are enough to make a troon seethe in person and I love it. They can never replicate the real thing and know they are inferior, thats why they screech all the time to cope about it. I won't lie I relish in making troons uncomfortable, more women should

No. 1708687

File: 1669320299485.jpeg (42.42 KB, 713x408, Þórhildur Sara.jpeg)

sorry for samefag but found this photo of him and another troon, wearing his lesbian tshirt, in an article where he complains the icelandic health service keeps them waiting for HRT and boob jobs.

No. 1708697

File: 1669321159702.jpg (87.54 KB, 474x743, Untitled.jpg)

when will porpentine kill himself

feels like a crime that these things exist in beautiful iceland of all places

No. 1708711

Glinner has an interview posted today with a guy called Eldur, affiliated with LGB alliance Iceland. It's a good watch, I'm on my phone with shitty internet so no link but anyone interested can find it on his YouTube

No. 1708735

Me too. I don’t want to start a fight about cups because I know some nonas don’t like them, but it makes me glad to use a product that they can’t steal from a trash bin to enact their fetishes with since we’ve seen the stories about them recovering used pads and tampons. There’s even a subreddit for that.

No. 1708740

He couldn’t remove the crusty nail polish?

No. 1708748

Fr and you know he just let it grow out for so long that’s why it’s only on half the big toe

No. 1708749

File: 1669325018785.gif (727.63 KB, 960x510, America.gif)

the club Q shooting is the most American thing ever
>Fat retard from an afluent family shoots up a gay club
>only kills spicy straights
>to avoid hate crime charges he starts identifying as non-binary
>the LGBTBBQWTF+ is doing intense mental gymnastics to justify how ''he isnt a nonbinary'' and using terf and 'transphobe' lingo to justify it

No. 1708754

If you're not sure don't post them here retard

No. 1708760

File: 1669326676023.jpg (222.12 KB, 1120x1149, CpFYKDJ.jpg)


Another nonny posted this in the last thread and you all really REALLY need to look at it
They are using the trans movement to change laws allowing children to consent

No. 1708780

lmao i hope its one of the nonnies from last thread larping

No. 1708833

File: 1669331911104.png (1.74 MB, 882x1818, lesbian.png)

I wonder why…

No. 1708848

If this is not a self post then this could get you into some serious trouble with either your employer or even the law. Even if it is an ugly tranny lol haha etc I think this is way too far - it could also put the site itself in trouble for hosting this.

No. 1708877

File: 1669334365331.png (764.38 KB, 890x1495, delusional.png)

No. 1708878

>there's a new thread every week
>the big 100 will likely be around Christmas

No. 1708885


Stay safe. This is top-tier tranny death rage baiting if you are as notably Stacy as you claim. For real. Be safe nona

No. 1708888

File: 1669335214349.png (800.34 KB, 844x583, kirbys.png)

Now parents aren't even allowed to parent their own children.

No. 1708894

File: 1669335387858.jpg (654.3 KB, 963x1485, actuallesbians.jpg)

>it might look like a penis, but it's going to feel, smell, and taste like a vagina

No. 1708898

It's like a vagina, but they don't know which part of the male genitals is equivalent to the vagina? Maybe they're not that similar after all

No. 1708899

All commie moids are like this. They act like destroying capitalism will allow everyone to engage in a free for all fuck frenzy, when in reality they just erode the rights and dignity of women so they have less power to tell men no.
It’s not capitalism that’s preventing them from a hedonistic lifestyle. If anything, capitalistic consoomerism does everything it can within reason to perpetuate hedonism, it’s just that it can’t stop women from saying “no”.

Most communist men treat women like they are hoarding access to sex the same way capitalist hoard money and other resources. Moids just see women as an oppressor class that deprive them of sex. You’ll find most moid political ideology is just various strategies for them to mitigate women’s (sexual) autonomy. Famously left wing men advocate for women to be public property while rightists advocate for women to be private property.

It’s all so tiresome, men can’t do anything that doesn’t revolve around their sexual neuroticism.

No. 1708916

Oh yeah, let's give children the right to give consent for whatever they want to do, absolutely nothing could go wrong at all, nope, that will make the world an amazing place with well adjusted people.

No. 1708920

Sorry to ask, but link?

No. 1708926

the concern for me is this is clearly pedo shit using the trans inclusion in the LGB as a smoke screen

No. 1708933

You explained it perfectly, thank you. It still makes me feel so grim; they really just see us as "subman" and thus commodities to trade with each other

No. 1708976

>Most moid politics is sexual strategy
Based and correct.

No. 1708996

File: 1669340662745.jpg (522.18 KB, 700x933, lotterypltm.jpg)

he has the ability to make normal lolrandomXD jokes. i used to read his non-nib comics and thought they were funny but then one day he started wearing nail polish, decided that meant he was a woman, and went downhill from there.
i met him at a convention and he's about 6'3" 250lbs in flat shoes and talks like someone has him at gunpoint. he said "i like your shirt" and looked like he was gonna cry, it was bizarre.

No. 1709002

lobotomy, satanic panic, thalidomide.

No. 1709004

but the brain is a part of your body?? how does their argument even work

No. 1709007

File: 1669341106731.png (36.52 KB, 1200x460, ErinInTheMorn-1595640604494598…)

>doesn't spend thanksgiving with his own son

No. 1709035

File: 1669343015082.png (670.76 KB, 868x558, tiktok.png)

none of the major local news outlets include pictures or mention this is a moid so everyone's assuming this pedo is a lesbian woman i hate everything about this

No. 1709036

Even if not getting into medical stuff, a NEET failson in the spare roome eating you out of house and home and begging you for money all the time would be diffcult, too (not that it wouldn't if you had money, but the tension would be even more.)

No. 1709039

If you want to talk "female brain", perioditic reminder that studies have consistently found that the trannies who are more "female" doing metal rotations, etc. are all HSTS, and gay men have similar differences. That is troons who are attracted to men. AGPs and in general troons who are attracted to women show up in these tests the same as other males. So if a tranny ever claims "female brain", all that means is homosexual (why that is? who knows and neither of these is "every gay man" or every troon" but it's a statistical fact)

No. 1709043

He didn’t only kill spicy straights, retard. the trans man he killed was a lesbian and the trans woman was a gay man.
There’s no way people are going to think it’s an actual lesbian nona, look at the five o clock shadow in the article pic

No. 1709045

File: 1669344035414.png (2.84 MB, 1452x1444, this is ok.png)

idgi he can still do normal comics picrel 1/2

No. 1709047

File: 1669344065907.png (2.11 MB, 1458x1452, troon self owns again.png)

but then this shit immediately after 2/2

No. 1709048

he regularly gets so close to self awareness

No. 1709080

Based af nonna. I hope we cross paths someday, I live in the same state as you

No. 1709081

Np! Sorry I didn't think to include earlier.
Its a small study but the title of the piece has been used to make the exact opposite claim of the people who cite it

No. 1709083

OP pic reminds me of the South Park episode where Kenny dies after keeping a tampon up his ass for a week

No. 1709084

File: 1669347161250.jpeg (490.22 KB, 750x2044, 9D73D9CF-20AF-43E0-AC85-33DFC7…)

It irks me to no end that now every man who considers himself failed and unmanly immediately jumps to the conclusion that he’s not good enough to be a man and should inhabit the female role perceived as inferior. The female sex doesn’t exist as a dumpster for male rejects, we are not men’s trash.

No. 1709089

>HRT caused micropenis to become even smaller and to hurt
>All of friends and girlfriend left him
>People stare at him in public and he thinks of it as harassment
>Now embarrassed and ashamed of his transition because it was because he has a small penis and he now feels even worse about himself in every way
The schadenfreude is strong with this one

No. 1709128

Yeah, the way they conflate womanhood to being inadequate males is fucked. We are better than them in every way.

No. 1709131

Really interesting (and by that I mean it's not) how every single one of these stories goes exactly the same. My personal cow posts stuff in this vein on his blog, basically acknowledging he is delusional and doesn't "occupy the role of a woman" and that he's stressed because of getting shit for being "visibly trans" (aka a moid with boobs) and I just have to laugh. It's so easy for a moid to detrans compared to a woman, I mean I doubt he's removed his dick and balls yet. Just do it. If you're unhappy, just stop, fucking idiots. At worst he has to wear a binder for the rest of his life, and given how much fun he's had larping as female so far, that shouldn't be too bad.

No. 1709138

To be fair, he got this mindset from his parents obsessing about his micropenis since childhood, which is pretty weird and fucked up. Also kek at the gf encouraging hrt

No. 1709145

sage for OT but can't a mircopenis be fixed though surgery, I knew a guy who had a mircopenis but got it fixed when he was a teenager

No. 1709157

so he managed to find a gf despite having a micropenis and still trooned out? he played himself

No. 1709173

Anon that's what stood out to me too kek. And now the fact the hormones shrunk his micropenis even more? KEK. He gets what he deserves

No. 1709175

that’s what he gets for dating a handmaiden.

No. 1709179

This might be my observation from my own lgbt bubble in my own country but, I think its on its way out already. People I see seem to not care about trans issues as they used to. Especially after meeting younger queer people (born 2003-2004) I realized they don't really care about labels as much as the slightly older generation does. Being and getting perceived as queer alone without labeling or limiting yourself with anything seems to be the trend now. Like even going through alt zoomer fashion tiktoks, most of them are centered around that way of styling, without anything or anyone being labeled gay. The popularity of this stylization is going to affect how people will want to be perceived, pushing less people to be openly trans and take medical action imo. Trans is out, non binary/ambiguous is in.

No. 1709203

File: 1669365598037.jpg (51.08 KB, 729x626, jcm-11-01582-g001.jpg)

So this study shows that transwomens brain perfectly align with the other male ones. They're not even "closer" to female than the other males, they are literally just male kek

No. 1709215

File: 1669368343372.png (412.66 KB, 978x671, CAPTURE.png)

Fucking hell its like "TERFs" have become this new anti-progressive boogeyman out of nowhere

>What is a TERF?

>TERFs are transphobes who wrongly believe transgender women are not women, and they think feminists shouldn’t include trans women in their advocacy. But the reality is that trans women are women, and you cannot separate feminism from advocacy for trans rights. Feminism that does not include trans people is just bigotry dressed up to look like something else.
>TERFs can be men or women. And like your garden-variety familial bigots, TERFs come in different strains: there are the trans panic TERFs, the scaremongering about gender-affirming care for young people TERFs, the Twitter troll TERFs, the prominent writer TERFs who think being called a transphobe is a violation of the First Amendment—the list goes on.
>Sometimes TERFyness is loud and obnoxious in its bigotry, tweeting away about how trans women are dangerous and letting them privately pee in a stall next to a cis women is akin to letting Ted Bundy into a women’s locker room—truly unhinged stuff. You’ll often find TERFs on Twitter yelling about young people’s genitals or some other completely invasive and inappropriate thing that would have them banished from Earth if it was about young cis people. Sometimes, though, TERFs are a little more insidious in their approach, as they scaremonger about women’s rights and children’s safety—cloaking obviously bigoted viewpoints in false concerns about the welfare of women and children.

>What you can do

>So what can you do if there’s a TERF at your Thanksgiving table? We’ve got some ideas.
>Throw the turkey at them. If you do not have the upper-body strength to throw the turkey, you can opt for something slightly easier to lift like a handful of mashed potatoes or some stuffing. A pie also works, and offers an added comedic effect.
>If you do not want to turn your Thanksgiving dinner into a food fight, you can consider a more passive (or passive agressive) approach. Ignoring them works; so does repeating everything they say back to them in a mocking tone. Think: What would your most annoying little cousin do?
>You need not feel obligated to entertain a bigot with reasoned debate, but if you want to, it helps to have some talking points handy. Like—the gender binary isn’t real. And violent men can actually just walk into women’s bathrooms whenever they want, irrespective of whether we allow trans women to pee in peace there. You can also talk about how gender-affirming care is necessary and lifesaving treatment, and trans people should be entitled to it the same way you’re entitled to your colonoscopy, Aunt Karen. And you can explain to your relatives that whether or not someone has medically transitioned, and regardless of how they look, their gender is still valid.


>If you’ve got a TERF in your holiday midst, you have a couple options. You can engage; you can ignore; or you can, as we’ve stated, launch assorted foods across the table until they retreat. What you do not have to do is make yourself feel unsafe or uncomfortable in order to entertain their bigotry. You also bear no obligation to sit quietly and politely as someone spews hatred simply because it’s the holidays and you’re supposed to get along like family—whatever that means.


No. 1709220

God damn it, no other group talks like this. All those articles about your uncle into QAnon don’t tell him to throw food at him. They’re just blatant sociopaths.

No. 1709223

File: 1669368937687.png (62.77 KB, 1160x494, derangedtranny.png)

No. 1709224

Stuff like this makes me glad to be a normie and have a nice relaxing Thanksgiving dinner with my family and friends, free from this exhausting bullshit

No. 1709226

They got banned for this I hope?

No. 1709227

They don't realize how much they are doing to help us "terfs", for normies they come across as deviants willing to hurt old women

No. 1709234

>tweeting away about how trans women are dangerous and letting them privately pee in a stall next to a cis women is akin to letting Ted Bundy into a women’s locker room

If Ted Bundy had suddenly declared that he was actually a woman, you fuckers would have been tripping over yourselves to let him into the women's locker room while making a big performative thing about respecting HER pronouns

No. 1709235

that face, hair and natalee gives controon vibes

No. 1709238

File: 1669370298535.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.34 KB, 970x2048, FhlSZNdUoAA_MMW.jpg)

Glinner trooned out?

No. 1709239

File: 1669370435924.png (38.41 KB, 654x299, Screenshot.PNG)

>Standing up for us is more important than a moment of peaceful turkey dinner.
Sabotage relationship with your family. Don't worry about the consequences. Do it FOR US.

No. 1709258

here's our advice:
>act like a spoiled child
>act like a spoiled child pt2
>advocate for the removal of women's spaces because violent men are going to be violent towards cis women anyways
>force your trans religious beliefs onto them

sure sounds like them any other day of the year

No. 1709271

the fucking fridge with "iTs OKay To bE tRanSGEnder" on it lmaooo the lengths they have to go to to even convince themselves

No. 1709274

File: 1669373833685.png (632.59 KB, 703x503, 22123cba2f66c9d7531afe0f4b4c4d…)

I'd love to see what other affirming posters lay around this place

No. 1709288

What exactly does that achieve? "Ruin thanksgiving for family members"? Congratulations you're a psychopath who is happy when you make others miserable. Trannies are the most self centered people alive

No. 1709289

Wtf is wrong with their brains? Why is it shaped like that?

No. 1709291

It almost looks like it's atrophied, or never finished developing in the first place.

No. 1709302

I have to sabotage my dinner and family relationships for a bunch of fetishists but they can't put their fetish aside to make space for women. Yeah no fuck you I'm gonna enjoy my turkey in peace.

No. 1709311

they don't even use the word transgender. but people will know it's a man if they read what he actually did to those children - really disturbing. i was gonna share one of his tiktok videos but they are so long and boring, he is incredibly mentally ill and self indulgent, unsurprisingly.

No. 1709317

my thoughts exactly. and it exposes their pretend "fear" of TERFS because they clearly fear their male MAGA relatives (who are probably transphobic anyway), but don't truly fear (for example) the middle aged aunt who actually loves them and wants the best for them but doesn't believe in the gender bullshit and doesn't want them to ruin their lives with hormones/surgery. but no, she is all that is evil and is literally not human. encouraging people to feel this way towards the people close to them is evil.

No. 1709338

And then he stopped daydreaming.

No. 1709347

And then they don’t get invited back and whine. Nah rapist enablers don’t get any of my turkey. Get the fuck out.

No. 1709370

this moid was on tv when i was at my parents place and my dad was like: "that sounds and looks like a man???" kek

No. 1709381

File: 1669385786917.jpeg (374.29 KB, 750x1006, 47B84864-27A4-4BC6-9FB4-A80997…)

if there was an ounce of legitimacy to troonism, the sure, whatever. but the fact that they need to censor everything to control the narrative, and train their allies to stop trusting their eyes and intuition to maintain their lies is very telling.

No. 1709383

normies still believe that a troon is a hyper feminine gay guy. they don’t know what agp is and that most troons are straight and manly.

No. 1709392

>if you don't have the upper body strength
This has to be satire, right?

No. 1709393

Ghandi was in favor of the Jews letting the Nazis kill them rather than fight back to defend themselves, and was a pedo.

No. 1709401

File: 1669387210906.png (53.3 KB, 405x168, 03.png)

at least he's being honest

No. 1709404

>TERFs can be men or women
Did they miss the part where the R and F stand for radical feminism?

No. 1709405

The RF is literally meaningless at this point, fucking conservative grandmothers will get called TERFs these days, TERF as of now just means any woman against troonism

No. 1709406

This. It just bizarre. You’d think they’d be pointing this vitriol at people who actually hurt them or have power but they have to punch down.

No. 1709410

Why are they so obnoxious? If someone brings up political crap at holiday dinner I’m not even going to acknowledge it because no one enjoys that. People want to have good food and catch up after probably not having seen each other for a while, not argue about things or feel like they’re being put on the spot. My entire family ignored my qanon cousin last year when they started to sperg out and I’m sure they’d do it with anyone else who started talking batshit nonsense while they want to enjoy the mashed potatoes. It isn’t worth making a nice day chaotic and putting everyone on edge, why do they always insist people do this? If you really have a problem with a family member’s opinions have a private discussion about it, and even then, they’re still entitled to their own beliefs.

No. 1709418

These types always make me laugh. Like do these retards not think about the fact there are women out there who carry firearms? Or the fact there are a number of states in the US with castle doctrine on the books? Like lmao good luck with that

No. 1709419

he shouldve asked for some T instead of E (FTM troons usually get some clit growth from T altho it wont be much but at least its something), but yes, there are multiple different ways to deal with a micropenis and going on estrogen is the most stupidest decision a man with a micropenis can make

No. 1709425

i imagine that's the difference in distribution between hsts and agp

No. 1709429

File: 1669390100898.png (2.93 MB, 1284x3915, 6C184192-5A51-4D9E-B19A-5E2425…)

This TiM posted on trollxchromosomes defending Tampax’s tweet from a few days ago and the women on the sub came for him. It was encouraging to see. Whatever you think about the original tweet being funny or not, I think we can all agree men don’t have room to talk about it because it’s not about them. Like who cares if a scrote finds it offensive or not, they don’t have periods so they can shut the fuck up. Why do they need to inject themselves into every conversation that has nothing to do with them?

No. 1709436

the entitlement for a MALE to post something so judgemental about periods on twox and expecting all the handmaidens to put their dislike of being sexualised aside to agree with him. I love that the women in the comments aren't falling for the "pearl clutching" comment too. What a gross man.
>we are not the same.
gonna reappropriate this line to refer to TIMs pretending to be women.

No. 1709437

samefag but checked his history and he is a US marine. of course.

No. 1709440

It’s one thing that gives me hope sometimes. Even libfems get fed up with sexualization, and I think seeing the way TiMs respond to that lends to a higher chance of them eventually peaking.

No. 1709441

No one even brings up trannies at thanksgiving. We're all talking about how kids are doing in school, health stuff, how good the food is, sports. >>1709007 Narcissistic shit. No ONE CARES, ANTHONY.

No. 1709447

Likely being attracted to males sets off different chemicals than being attracted to females, regardless of sex.

No. 1709462

it's always that or IT if they're not neets. every single time kek.

No. 1709473

File: 1669395017120.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.25 KB, 1194x960, qga9skczz32a1.jpg)

hank hill ass axe wound

No. 1709476

File: 1669395474199.jpeg (67.6 KB, 480x370, F4DA1836-4690-463E-9A22-13B01F…)

Is this real?

No. 1709480

>gender-affirming care is necessary and lifesaving treatment, and trans people should be entitled to it the same way you’re entitled to your colonoscopy
This is such a bafflingly out-of-touch statement that I wouldn't even know what to say in response. How have they gaslight the general public into genuinely believing injecting yourself with horse piss and "inverting the girldick" is on the same par as a surgery that would literally prevent someone's body from failing? We don't say BDD patients' plastic surgeries are "necessary and lifesaving".

No. 1709487

File: 1669396130132.png (83.44 KB, 863x647, tsunflowers.png)

remember the infamous tumblr tokusatsu fandom who keeps harassing women and underage girls? they've started harassing a new one today because she said she wasn't involved in helping a pedophile groom girls in the fandom which has angered the troons.

No. 1709488

You can say anything is lifesaving by their logic. Christmas is coming up. You can ask for the lifesaving iPhone 14 ProMax. Or maybe a lifesaving BMW. Perhaps a lifesaving spa gift membership.
If not having something you want "makes" you commit suicide, that's a you problem.
It also makes you think, why are suicide numbers only going up since trans acceptance became mainstream, especially among children and teenagers? Why weren't they killing themselves before over not getting this life saving care? Seems to be a new phenomenon, eh?

No. 1709490

If I was a gynecologist and this silent hill type creature came into my office and expected me to pretend it's a woman and actually inspect or perform medical care for its freakish grafted on appendages, I'd probably commit ritualistic suicide right after

No. 1709501

What the actual fuck is up with that fandom, has anyone called this out or at least said anything?

No. 1709506

I'm the one who posted the screenshots - and no unfortunately I haven't seen a single person defending her yet, it's been going on for a few hours now.

No. 1709509

Most families don't have trannies in them so they don't care. Family dinner and bonding is always going to be more important than defending the honor of transitioning failsons on the internet.

No. 1709511

This. I feel blessed af that there are 0 troons in my entire extended family. Also, we all agree to not talk politics on holidays because it kills the vibes. It’s not that hard. Trannies and their hatred of women just have to be the center of attention at all times.

No. 1709514

File: 1669397798741.png (326.58 KB, 555x396, Sherlock.png)

Eddie Izzard is going to be the new Sherlock…

No. 1709517

>because she said she wasn't involved in helping a pedophile groom girls in the fandom which has angered the troons.
That's a bad thing? I'm a bit confused, I know it's common that troons are pedophiles and such but why would this anger them that they make it a public thing? saged for double replying.

No. 1709523

are you fucking shitting me nona

No. 1709529

Who the fuck would want to watch that?

No. 1709534

Honestly, I don't understand it either. Someone sent her an ask saying that the pedophile of the fandom (neckspike I believe is his username?) had named her as being one of his friends who helps him find minors to groom which she says is not true and that they're not even friends. I think he and his friends are mad because she said they're not friends? I'm not sure, it's pretty insane like everything else I've seen from that fandom.

No. 1709535

Tumblrinas in absolute shambles

No. 1709550

ok so it seems it's for a show called Sherlock's Daughter which will be on netflix. It's centered around the daughter who goes looking for her father, Sherlock.
>boy mode activated

No. 1709556

I really hope the tranny cult is over by 2024 in the USA. Here in LatAm is barely beginning so I've got a feeling I'll have to bear with that retarded shit here for at least other four years.

No. 1709567

Sage because samefag. The user who was being harassed is saying she believes it's people pretending to be trans harassing her and not actual trans people. Sigh.

No. 1709578

is there a reason why they pick the ugliest troons to be the "Face" of everything? The dripping with grease Twitter Janny, that ugly fucker from "Anti-Work", Keffals, Liz fong jong, the ugly troons biden brings around etc. I know people are going to say
>Nonnie, they all are ugly, they don't have much to pick from
But damn, don't when you want to appeal to people, wouldn't you be like,
>let me find the most passing troon, give them an nice written statement.
Yes, I know it's realistic and hilarious to bring the Transbiens out, but it does the opposite of what they think. I saw a lot of people "peak" because the tranny janny twitter dude. I hope they continue to do this. Let us see the troons really censoring the internet/behind the scene. In a way I feel like they do it on purpose.

No. 1709580

its not complicated, who do you think is more likely to be an online reddit or twitter moderator, other then some basement dwelling NEET troon

No. 1709592

Well wtf anon, be the change you want to see in the world.

No. 1709595

Usually axe wounds make me barf but this one made me laugh

No. 1709600

Because of course these people cannot skip family dinner if there's someone they hate, like a normal person would, because everything has to be about them getting attention and validation points when they tweet about it. Retards

No. 1709619

File: 1669402419169.png (669.97 KB, 808x1679, Screenshots_2022-11-26-02-50-3…)

I saw this on reddit a few days back but im too lazy to look more into it. Seems legit tht it happened tho. The vid is of a cringe conservatard with cringe troontifa protesters.

No. 1709628

what is keffals up to these days, now that kf is back online?

No. 1709633

A true christmas miracle!

No. 1709644

Last I heard being told to beg Destiny for forgiveness or be sued which is mildly amusing. Hope it gets banned from twitter.

No. 1709685

Gay people only ever asked for the same rights as everyone else: to marry, to adopt, to not be fired on account of their sexuality. Trannies on the other hand want to be accommodated; they want free surgery, they want to control how others perceive them, they want people to adapt their sexual preferences to include them, they want to be placed in women's prisons (even if they're convicted of sex crimes or hate crimes against women), they want genitalia to be sexless, etc.

Being gay does not require outside validation, but being a troon does. Trannies rely on others to view them as their chosen identity, whereas homosexuality is innate.

No. 1709692

File: 1669406338446.jpg (184.08 KB, 1282x1920, hunter-schafer-leather-jacket-…)

Tbh i think hunter is pretty cute as far as trans reps go. Although only when they are styled androgynously. As soon as he puts on a pink skirt he starts looking like the rest of the dylans
Something something about how the fashion industry has wanted women to have the bodies of little boys for so long they must LOVE the idea of puberty blockers

No. 1709694

File: 1669406441650.jpeg (194.36 KB, 1125x968, AA793B3D-3F51-4C3C-B857-849288…)

This is surely what happiness looks like

No. 1709710

I am fucking crying nonnas can’t wait for Troonlock Holmes

No. 1709715

>Still claiming he "Won" because Kiwifarms was dropped by cloudflare
>Saying a journo by the name, "Ben collins"donated to him, the same Ben who wrote the article about Kiwifarms.
>Same ben who also talked about kiwifarms on MSNBC a few days ago
>hiding in his discord hating on women
>Destiny claimed he got his C&D and we're waiting on that apology or sperg out

No. 1709722

Smh is this how we're finally gonna get our johnlock?

No. 1709724

he's a great fashion model, and he does pull off the androgynous look very well. too bad no one can exist as a gnc man or woman without having to troon out nowadays

No. 1709737

The comments are refreshing, it's nice seeing the libfems aren't completely doomed sometimes.
This is going to be AWFUL, i can't wait.
It honestly helps that he is a pretty boy. I wish he stayed a fruity man.

No. 1709780

its nice that they recognize themselves thru ghandhi's mind, did they forgot that he was a notorious pedophile who sleeped near some stranger teenager girls ?

No. 1709782

honter kinda looks like leo dicaprio when he was young, minus the bolt-ons. can’t wait to see him age just as terribly.

No. 1709898

File: 1669416709728.jpeg (63.09 KB, 1000x1000, Þorhildur Sara.jpeg)

I found his facebook page. he has no shame.

No. 1709919

File: 1669417996334.jpg (172.26 KB, 1177x654, selfish delusional moid.jpg)

More of his attitude here (old tho) and not shocking its all ME ME ME, notice how he cant even thank the LGB community no its all about troons and no one else.

No. 1709928

you’re a STRAIGHT MAN you disgusting little worm

No. 1709930

is that a fucking Herbalife tattoo lmao

No. 1709934

File: 1669418924547.png (90.19 KB, 542x220, herbalife tranny.png)

KEK well spotted nona. MLM scammer on top of everything else. found some of his old videos pushing herbalife…

No. 1709935

lookin like matt berry

No. 1709936

he's bisexual because he dates other troons too

No. 1709938

He has some of the scariest eyes out of all the troons I've seen

No. 1709942

File: 1669419386125.jpeg (79.61 KB, 960x720, F87A8302-F1C6-4ED7-AD39-A023AD…)

>lol how can anyone be attracted to chromosomes?
So deluded about how obviously male they all are.

No. 1709944

Ernest joins the 41%

No. 1709951

I love the extreme male entitlement and mansplaining on display when he confidently asserts a blatant falsehood as truth. Just because you say you are a lesbian doesn't make it true. I love how he doesn't even consider that 99% of the population has a different (agreed upon) definition of that word.

No. 1709957

his whole family hates him his mom still calls him a he, this is why he says this

No. 1709977

File: 1669422485316.jpeg (204.22 KB, 720x1056, 1F88EDCB-1741-4BE1-A1AE-2CA67E…)

Do what you want with this one nonnas hes all yours.

No. 1709984

File: 1669422812275.jpg (129 KB, 644x641, 1660520302396.jpg)

Is it too late to apply to the mars trip?
this is clear rage bait right?

No. 1709987

>single motherhood
>I can't give berth
How is this moid going to get a newborn child? I doubt any adoption place is going to give him a baby, right? Is he going to steal one?
>trans women can produce the same necessary human milk that cis women can
They all repeat this stupid thing…no, your nasty excretions are not milk.

No. 1710023

File: 1669425469357.jpeg (119.95 KB, 828x812, 1554791D-C11A-4C66-B2E2-499708…)

i have to say i am shocked nonas

No. 1710027

File: 1669425974257.jpeg (271.82 KB, 960x1466, 110D3E96-2E1A-451B-B91E-A29677…)

No. 1710029

File: 1669426074446.jpeg (394.14 KB, 960x1208, E9841B7D-6378-48F4-9758-A60BEC…)

males’ only will to live is for the coom

No. 1710041

"underage girls are equally at fault for getting groomed, manipulated and raped" moid mentality.

No. 1710043

File: 1669427548102.jpg (45.56 KB, 543x960, Tumblr_l_114233351671318.jpg)

So…now you finally acknowledge you are male?

No. 1710045

I mean, that’s some sort of step in the right direction

No. 1710046


really though what happened to the whole thing where you're supposed to prove you're mentally fit and understand the treatments before you get them?

No. 1710075

lmao more like the cheap hip pads arrived from aliexpress

No. 1710076

no, you will cry and piss yourself because there will be no hrt and surgeries in the apocalypse.

No. 1710077

Higher base and peak strength and sprint speed won't compensate for the fact that trannies are lazy and incompetent. Just because men are naturally inclined to be stronger, faster, and more violent doesn't mean they're better at everything, it just means they're better at sports they designed and are a physical threat to women and children. Women have higher base and peak flexibility and stamina, as well as metabolisms that are vastly superior to men's in survival situations (look up survival rates for famines). Most women are also normal people with jobs, skills, and hobbies that would be far more conducive to survival in apocalyptic settings than that of Alice, the IT department troon who hasn't exercised since high school and whose only hobbies are playing video games, browsing Reddit, binge drinking, and jacking off to porn. The average woman will have a better survival rate than the average TIM in an apocalyptic situation, unless TIMs intend to chimp out murder women for no reason, which, admittedly, would be very in-line with male patterns of behavior.

No. 1710079

>radfems will form their own moid free society, it will prosper and be a literal utopia
>meanwhiles troons will get raped and murdered by other rape apes, also they will all die because they are coddled moids and never learned to cook or do anythign by themselves
the apocalypse sounds fun

No. 1710087

Samefag but modern males, in general, share almost all the flaws I listed for TIMs, but I forgot to mention one more key detail: TIMs have even worse survivability than the average modern male because they are delusional, particularly antisocial and narcissistic, and have made themselves weaker and more sickly than their fellow man by poisoning themselves regularly. They also generally maintain their fitness and nutritional health worse than the average moid, so their survivability in an emergency situation is near zero. Being a threat alone isn't good enough to make your life sustainable, and social privilege mostly won't carry over at the (theoretical) end of the world.

No. 1710093

troons have a much higher rate of contracting osteoporosis but sure thing crackerbones

No. 1710097

OT but THIS. Get off this idot’s nuts already.

No. 1710099


No. 1710100


That's a weird cope. They'd be the first to go the moment they run out of their happy pills.

No. 1710103

More like
>men will capture and enforce slave labor and actual labor on actual women with birthing capabilities
>men will kill anyone who won't further the human race for being "useless eaters"

We've literally seen men do this before. If you don't believe in the holocaust, the handmaids tale is a pretty interesting story.

No. 1710113

The gunt, rats den and Herbalife tattoo?? Why haven't the Icelanders deported this guy to a flyover state yet

No. 1710120

File: 1669435465522.jpg (194.25 KB, 1634x636, SeTkBoxqnyx81Wat.jpg)

reminder this is what he actually looks like

No. 1710121

>If you don't believe in the holocaust
what did she mean by this

No. 1710126

troon shuwu

No. 1710139

Reminds me of a troon friend I used to have who would always argue with people he'd disagree with, no matter how miniscule it is. Would ruin the good vibes in every discord server he was in. I swear it's like they can't stand when people have differing opinions than them. Narcissistic entitlement.

Holy shit is that really him? He passes so well in his photos and videos but I guess that's the seven layers of makeup doing the heavy lifting

No. 1710140

File: 1669437749558.jpeg (217.1 KB, 828x1300, 7E9C49A0-0E8A-4286-B0CE-4DCDE3…)

Do they not realize how insane they look threatening women with rape and violence holy shit

No. 1710142

This is a different troon, Katy Montgomery who's British.

No. 1710145

even when I was a libfem "ally" I tried discussing this with troons to no avail, they have no absolutely sense of optics

No. 1710146

It’s shocking liberals will defend troons saying stuff like they have it worse than black people or women

No. 1710151

>Rape/enslavement fantasy
>Weird mention of the Holocaust

No. 1710154

>9 mm is a pistol round
>double-barrelled shotgun is pictured
they're such failmales they can't even get basic facts about firearms that you could pick up in any fps game right

No. 1710155

i feel like 5~7ish years ago troons were more rare, better behaved, quiet, self aware, put in actual effort to feminize, less aggressive and violent, etc. Like what happened. These aggressive half assed skinwalkers are just something else, and we dont have a name for it yet.

No. 1710156

he is having the worst time coping with twink death. the more men attempt to disguise their male features, the more prominent their male features become.

No. 1710157

each year it feels like they're collectively getting closer and closer to becoming the Buffalo Bill character lmao

No. 1710158

It’s because the majority of pre 2016~ troons are sad and relatively harmless gay men. AGPs have always been around but the explosion is obviously recent.

No. 1710160

MRAs started trooning out, and the existing “nice” troons never did anything to gatekeep their community because they’re also misogynistic men.

No. 1710178

they have always been around, they just werent as popular outside of niche forums like kf and were seen as ''outliers''.

No. 1710194

There's no longer any medical gatekeeping for transitioning. Many destrans people have said they were given/approved for hormones after one or two sessions at a Planned Parenthood or gender clinic. Therapists are going with a affirm only approach when it comes to treating gender dysphoria. In the past therapists use to try to get someone with GD to become comfortable with their body. They tried to find the source of their dysphoria which was usually some type of childhood trauma like SA, transitioning was a last resort. Nowadays that method is considered conversion therapy and I believe in Canada it's against the law for a therapist to dissuade someone from transitioning as it's considered conversion therapy. 10 years ago most of the trannys you see here would have never been given access to hormones or dick chop surgery unless they were wealthy and could travel to Thailand.

No. 1710197

>the more men attempt to disguise their male features, the more prominent their male features become.
Makes me think of that viral Youtube video by an ex-CIA disguise expert (might be getting the work title wrong) who said it was easy enough to make a woman pass as a man but a man as a women is pretty much impossible and really not even a consideration for most missions

No. 1710198

File: 1669446661099.jpg (394.31 KB, 1080x1922, e_1.jpg)

found it

No. 1710202

File: 1669447327980.jpg (88.19 KB, 922x2048, 20221126_082000.jpg)

The complete lack of self awareness makes me want to alog

No. 1710210

what do you mean? this is peak self awareness right here

No. 1710211

I’ve been trying to put into words why I hate their tweet, it goes far beyond “sexualizing” that for sure.
I hate that it implies the ownership and defilement of women via penetration. It’s like a competition between two mating male monkeys on who gets to lay claim to a female with her input being wholly unnecessary. Is just objectification and misogyny. Even more abrasive when it comes from a huge brand account.
No wonder troons don’t understand or care, firstly because default male sexuality is built around the objectification and defilement of women so of course they don’t see an issue. Secondly as males they severely lack empathy. On the off chance they do understand it on a deeper level than “hehe tampon go in pussy”, the degradation turns them on.

No. 1710218

File: 1669454915797.webm (1.84 MB, 720x720, Nothing_but_men.webm)

No. 1710244

omg he just wants to cleeeeeean!!!

his mum would just tell him loads of bathrooms are cleaned by men and women and usually have signs.

No. 1710246

Are you implying Anthony and Colin are the same person? They don't even look similar kek

No. 1710250

Cackling because I naturally have the body these guys dream of, just by virtue of being a real woman

No. 1710260

File: 1669462768889.png (2.51 MB, 1974x2080, JaneyElizabeth.png)

I just stumbled upon this freak on /r/tretinoin. I'm pretty sure he's been discussed on these threads since he's terminally online as fuck.
Context of pic related: Tretinoin is a topical ointment that is commonly used for treating acne, but was also discovered to have anti-aging properties during clinical trials. This particular thread was about a 37 year old YouTuber who had been using it for 15 years and discussing her experiences with it. HRT has also been used to help delay skin aging for women, and some dermatologists speculate a lot of older celebrities use it.
Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/tretinoin/comments/huik6o/37yo_talks_about_using_tret_for_15_years/fz74jh8/
Reddit profile: https://www.reddit.com/user/JaneyElizabeth
Blog: https://inpursuitoffeminity.blogspot.com/

No. 1710265

File: 1669463378197.png (38.25 KB, 1071x423, gross.png)

Samefagging to say. Surprise surprise, he doesn't even use tretinoin. He posted a thread on the subreddit telling people to ask him for advice on acne, baldness and other skin conditions. https://www.reddit.com/r/tretinoin/comments/hx9glr/acne_baldness_dermatitis_facial_rashesplease_ask/
This retard said he uses tret then admits that he's using a "retinol complex" (which is a precursor to retinoic acid and is available OTC because it's like 20x weaker than tretinoin, pure retinoic acid)

No. 1710271

kinda reminds me how cults put their new/lower status members to preach at strangers their cult beliefs on the streets, door-to-door etc not to spread the beliefs, but to get the new/lower status members more assimilated into the cult because they knowingly make them behave in annoying way that makes other people irritated at them and lash out at them so the world will begin to seem like a hostile angry place where others don't understand them and treat them poorly so the cult and the cult people will seem warm and safe compared to that

No. 1710275

File: 1669465508813.jpeg (589.7 KB, 828x1245, A8C7E0DE-1C19-485D-925C-231312…)

it’s so funny because she only tweeted about 1. rape culture, 2. an edit of ugly animated characters. and the handmaidens and troons are crying about transphobia when she didn’t even mention them kek. even they know they’re ugly and pornsick, it’s all just cope.

No. 1710277

File: 1669465670389.jpeg (480.72 KB, 640x1633, 2938BDC4-F9CB-47E4-AF2C-2F1E15…)

Losing it nonnies, this is from a chess shitposting sub, originally I (and I think most of the people in the comments) thought it was an OF girl trying to be funny and it not landing or something, but it’s a guy with greasy green hair and moobs who looks like he smells of boiled sprouts and BO

No. 1710278

>>1710277 retarded moid grew tuberous tumor moobs and now he thinks hes some femme fatale. they cant even get themselves to use soap and water

No. 1710279

they hated jesus because he told them the truth

No. 1710280

Its so obvious how he seethes that his ex wife left him cause of the bullshit. Sadly, I don't doubt that he stalk her and mostly likely skinwalks that poor woman all for his fetish. The way these "trans" people somehow convinced people that their mental illness is infact just like gay/lesbians is sickening. They are akin to people of thought vaping/weed smoking was not as bad as cigarettes kek

No. 1710284

kek, cope seethe and dilate troons, YWNBAW

No. 1710286

that's a very rose-tinted perspective. trannies have been aggressively antagonistic towards women and women's spaces for decades. just look at trans issue coverage in magazines/journals from the 90s on the internet archive.

No. 1710287

I was just about to post this, this one tweet had gotten libfems, troons, kink-fags, fujos, polyfags and every other degenerate online absolutely Reeeing

No. 1710289

greaseball. hilarious because he is projecting his agp horniness onto his opponents, and will distract himself with delusions that he is distracting them with his moobs.

No. 1710300

I hate this disgusting greasy ugly man so much he reminds me of my ex boyfriend who trooned out. Makes me wanna alog

No. 1710312

File: 1669471146554.jpeg (62.23 KB, 615x894, 0_Susie-Green-766823.jpeg)

Susie Green has left Mermaids (whilst it is being investigated and caught up in scandals). Wonder what is about to come out. Reminder of what she did to her son..
>trooned him out at age 9 because he showed signs of being gay and playing with dolls which was unacceptable to her husband
>Puts him on puberty blockers/hormones
>Flies him to Thailand at age 15 so he can get SRS at age 16
>Publicly mocks his micropenis saying the surgeons had "very little to work with"

Reminds me a lot of Jazz Jenning's situation.

No. 1710318

Part of me wishes we could go back to when AGP were more shameful and kept their weird fetish at home. But then I think about the ones who are/were married and abusing their wives. So in some sense, I’m glad they’re so brazen about it now because I’ve seen more women waking up to it and I think being a trans widow sounds better than having to secretly stay in a marriage where you’re being gaslit or hurt or raped just to keep an air of normalcy. Women are actually discussing the issue and finding more support from one another now.

No. 1710323

Yeah just because you didn't see them doesn't mean they didn't exist. Trannies have been talking about how they're superior to us for decades and AGPs have existed from the beginning, they're just more visible now that they're in power changing laws and gender is a trend

No. 1710324

Hell no don't kill yourself, sacrifice the trannie with the axe wound

No. 1710328

File: 1669472620030.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.04 MB, 3024x4032, 59712B97-9D9C-451C-86DE-463561…)

How are you going to show us that and not what he looks like? Btw don’t go to his profile because he posts a lot of pics with his dick out, had to find one where it wasn’t visible (apart from the weird tucking photo he had which has given me psychological damage).

No. 1710332

This. 10 years ago the only exposure I had to this was my friends divorced alcoholic dad who would wear women's clothes and ask me to play "dress up" when I came over to play video games with my friend

No. 1710337

File: 1669474187462.jpg (66.81 KB, 719x1000, nobby_nobbs_card_by_pontpilat_…)

This reminds me of a joke from one of the Discworld novels, where Nobby Nobbs from the Night Watch volunteered to dress as woman (to serve as bait, if I remember correctly), even though Angua actually IS a woman and would be much more convincing, its then revealed that there is an actual law of nature in Discworld where any male(no matter what they look like) who dresses as woman is considered hot and all men want him

No. 1710376

File: 1669476873824.jpeg (398.91 KB, 750x1643, 891C72CF-59AB-403F-B7C6-131660…)

tranny complains that lesbian spaces are to inclusive. how about we start kicking the men out?

No. 1710378

No. 1710380

Bi women belong there way more than a tranny does.

No. 1710397

the thought-policing is insane. nobody who isn't terminally online cares about who can or cannot say a word. how about we don't derive pleasure from saying slurs and just don't include them in our vocabulary?

No. 1710402

Moids can't stop saying slurs because they're so violent that even their language has to be violent. Why say something nice when you can say something that causes discomfort? Specially if you can insult people and be praised for doing so.

No. 1710475

File: 1669484016835.jpg (296.57 KB, 618x706, FigPLXDXwAILVde.jpg)

No. 1710477

Pure narcississm

No. 1710479

>shrek means tranny
funny how they tell on themselves

No. 1710485

I always enjoyed Eddie Izzard when I was younger and I had thought “oh, he just dresses in drag for fun and isn’t an actual tranny or anything”, I was so wrong. Kek. The one good thing is that he defended JK Rowling and said she isn’t transphobic, so that’s pretty based I guess

No. 1710489

Nice man legs

No. 1710510

man if he wasn't doing the trans thing i might even pretend he was actually fabulous, shame. i like his acting

No. 1710514

I wish that David Byrne was transphobic. He seems like too much of a boring lib type unfortunately
Looks even worse in front of Bowie, who was legitimately androgynous (at least at the time)

No. 1710516

This troon is somehow the ugliest. uglier than the straight up obese troons, you cant just see but can also feel the snowflake victim entitlement wafting from this creatures busted up face. I love knowing his family refuses to take part in his delusions. I only wish the mom of his kid could get full custody and stop exposing the kid to his narc dad's AGP

No. 1710522

It's a common misconception that Mal troops used to be overwhelmingly homosexual, I think Blanchard estimated that 75-80% of mtfs were agp. It's just that it was once assumed that to be a woman you had to desire men, so they would fake it to doctors and the public. Trans websites like tsroadmap would tell trans people this, and to lie to their doctors about basically everything in their history to seem like a perfect gender paragon. It is true that ftms used to be almost all homosexual though. Now it's mostly bihets.

No. 1710535

kek do you remember the pic comparisons with I think it was a pink dress? Between Izzard and some other celebrity who is actually a woman? He was getting praised and she was getting criticized even though she looked so much better in the same dress.

No. 1710538

Right, no one even said that.

No. 1710544

File: 1669487529684.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x1440, izzard vs queen letizia.jpg)

Here it is. Eddie izzard is 10 years older than her.

No. 1710546

File: 1669487547228.png (712.93 KB, 857x788, nuclear misogyny bomb.png)

looked like a fucking piping bag filled with mashed potatoes too

No. 1710548

LMAO holy shit nonna jinx

No. 1710550

so in sync. also KEK at piping bag of mashed potato. really emphasising that male beer gut

No. 1710562

Interesting how he's mirroring what actual lesbians have been saying about how we should have spaces just for us (same-sex attracted females), but he can't seem to come up with a single cohesive difference between lesbians and bi women other than "they're different words." We want to exclude you because you're a heterosexual male, and that's supposedly not a good enough reason, but we're supposed to believe "bi women shouldn't be included in lesbian spaces even though both bi women and lesbians (both including men in dresses) have the same kinds of sex, relationships, and trauma (according to trans logic) because uhhh…(word salad)" is?

No. 1710563

kek I've only ever seen males fantasize about apocalypse scenarios where they get to be violent without repercussions and hoard resources with no clear goals

No. 1710568

File: 1669488794795.png (150.71 KB, 594x673, lesbian gang post.png)

yesterday a based lesbian posted this in r/lesbiangang which was removed with an hour, of course. she got quite a few of agreeing comments and upvotes before the TIMs arrived.

No. 1710574

I love normie older lesbians, they're so based.

No. 1710579

Imagine criticizing the queen of a country who looks like a model, and then an old man wearing the same thing gets praised. Cis privilege!

No. 1710584

Yes but us cis women are so entitled lmfao

No. 1710593

File: 1669490931577.png (38.27 KB, 1128x243, good.png)

This was also posted. The zero upvotes gives me hope people are finally peaking

No. 1710594

Why are they always using sailor moon in their bizarre, creepy, and unhinged schizoposts? Naoko Takeuchi didn't create her for these fucking freaks.

No. 1710599

File: 1669491702330.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, image_2022-11-26_204123443.png)

Tina Weymouth is definitely /our girl/
Also, picrel

No. 1710622

because they have to ruin everything made for women.

No. 1710628

and ofc they're especially drawn to things made for girls and teenage women

No. 1710647

speaking of slurs, i can’t decide whether tranny counts as a slur or not. i’m leaning towards no because troons aren’t a marginalized group.

No. 1710739

File: 1669499174430.jpeg (511.04 KB, 741x1208, CEDC4AD9-1596-4F4E-8380-413A6B…)

troons’ contempt for gender special women doesn’t surprise me at all. trans ideology is pure misogyny, not even female troons can escape it, but the men can do whatever they want, including rape and kill, with zero of the scrutiny theyfabs receive just for being cringey.

No. 1710770

this is true however that is definitely another TIF in that screenshot, and most truscum/transmedicalists are TIFs

No. 1710781

internalized misogyny is still misogyny.

No. 1710788


nonbinary is probably the most legit trans category. it's identifying as a hypothetical thing you made up instead of something you are objectively not.

No. 1710808

enbies aren’t good enough at deceiving people and take trans ideology dangerously close to its illogical conclusion. that’s why truscums hate them so much.

No. 1710810

He says he is on the spectrum though, so…

No. 1710815

File: 1669501482765.png (Spoiler Image,380.92 KB, 432x754, gross tranny ass.png)

> spends thousands of dollars on FFS
> ass still looks like a 40yo mechanic's

No. 1710820

File: 1669501631591.png (167.62 KB, 521x285, Screenshot 2022-11-26 17.26.36…)

In other tranny-related news, Andy Warski, megascrote streamer and former associate of Ethan Ralph, was exposed for liking tranny porn on Twitter and the tranny was doxed straightaway on KF. The tranny in question is a hospital janitor (IRL jannie kek) who drinks on the job, picrel.

No. 1710863

File: 1669503213930.jpg (431.37 KB, 1200x900, 156557.jpg)

I think the years are getting to him

No. 1710911

Any scrote that believes men are better than women or any other dumbass 'women must be subservient' and muh 'men are leaders/rulers' belief are 100% homosexual but playing retard male hierarchy games where they need to larp as straight as more and more exposure proves.

No. 1710925

ayrt agree anon, these are the same scrotes as /pol/ who are posting "why can't femoids be as good a tradwife as this femboy" and other gay shit like that, Warski has said pretty horrible stuff about women and was doing a whole really distasteful routine about abortion, etc. he's one of the few moids in that sphere who could be considered somewhat good-looking but his personality ruins it and he has been always memed on as possibly gay and now he is hard-confirmed as a tranny chaser, it's pretty funny tbh

No. 1710944

wokebros are eggs and rightoids are chasers, makes sense. why can’t they all suck each other’s dicks and leave women the fuck alone for once?

No. 1710959

File: 1669507347690.jpeg (166.6 KB, 1200x675, 731BC14F-F1AC-40C5-BAA6-248B4C…)

male class consciousness be like.

No. 1710964

perfect, nonnie!

No. 1710968

im worried that the mods on lesbiangang will crack down on users or the sub itself will get nuked but it does feel good to see other women stand up for themselves. the op herself said they can delete all the posts all they want, they still cant silence us. not to mention all the comments crying twansphobia getting downvoted kek. why are they so obsessed with us/lesbiangang? you'd think they'd feel satiated by taking over AL and every other "lesbian" subreddit.

No. 1710976

File: 1669508461182.png (3.01 MB, 2248x1318, tranny10.png)


No. 1710979

both of them look like those victims of botox where instead of filler they injected cement and fucking cooking oil.

No. 1710981

for a second i thought this was that ex-buzzfeed cow and her beast of a husband.

No. 1710983

why why why do they style their hair like skrillex

No. 1710997

File: 1669509567751.png (525.84 KB, 747x700, lol.png)

lmfao at his ass

No. 1711011

Looks like a 12 year old boy

No. 1711013

that is such a good description nona i'm crying

No. 1711015

File: 1669510336499.gif (3.13 MB, 498x498, tony-talks-iamtonytalks.gif)

Wig placement like this

No. 1711018

File: 1669510523161.png (376.94 KB, 748x815, lol.png)

imagine seeing these two ugly trannies on your vacation

No. 1711019

Is he serious? His legs don't even match his skin

No. 1711020

So this is Anthony's new bf? Or is it the 21 yo?

No. 1711038

File: 1669511859805.jpg (461.97 KB, 1691x1994, Fh0H1YDWYAAR6E4.jpg)

he looks like a dudebro

No. 1711039

File: 1669511941155.png (444.8 KB, 528x841, 1.png)

>doing drag

No. 1711057

File: 1669512797990.png (61.94 KB, 1068x230, not even hiding it .png)

teehee dae boys will be boys and girls are sex objects???????

No. 1711073

Around where in the lolcow threads does the milk for him begin if anyone can recall? Or is there a write up somewhere?

No. 1711081

You are better off reading his Kiwi thread… or at least the OP.

No. 1711085

When did this push of drag queens on kids started and why? Who came up with the idea of DQSH? What's the meaning of drag nowadays, is it no longer men putting on womanface? I've seen that Rupaul's Drag Race has TiMs and TiFs competing. Transmen doing drag makes sense from trans ideology standpoint but a TiM competing just enforces that transwomen are already men in drag.

No. 1711089

you'd have to go back pretty far, like the other nonnie says just read the first page of kf

No. 1711091

File: 1669515525281.jpg (167.71 KB, 828x1382, Fihg8jDXEAAW8JX.jpg)

>TIFs get periods
>Nonbinaries get periods
So lets hire a TIM ??The lesser of the two evils wold be TIFs

No. 1711093

Wasn't that brand revealed to have toxins in their tampons anyway?

No. 1711097

This could be in a YA dystopia trilogy wow

No. 1711102

they have titanium dioxide.

No. 1711124

What the actual fuck is with all these period product companies getting people who will NEVER experience a period to advertise their products to those who will. I swear to fucking God there's some weird shit going on behind the scenes. Is it lobbying to keep funneling money to the medical industry that is profiting off these troons? All while conditioning women to accept penised individuals among them as reproductive rights are being taken away? Sorry for tinfoiling it's just soooooo fucking sus

No. 1711138

everyone’s already said this a thousand times, but he should’ve gotten that mile wide tooth gap fixed before getting a stinkditch installed

No. 1711152

it's just pandering to ppl who are susceptible to "consumer activism" aka voting with your dollars.. same reason they all make the rainbow logos (for western markets only lol)

No. 1711153

If “tranny” is a slur, then so is “pervert” lol

No. 1711160

is this the same tranny who did a TikTok about kiwi farms saying that "if you scratch a terf you get a racist?

No. 1711170

File: 1669520303570.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1170x1467, 5F3B44E9-EAB5-4FD5-940E-8FF8EF…)

This tiktok troon has the nastiest decor I’ve ever seen. Porn on the wall… very normal female behavior

No. 1711172

Is that the "burger queen" tranny? AGP stare.

No. 1711176

TIMs seethe harder at female enbies existing more than they do about regular women. Hilarious

No. 1711177

this one seems like a misogynistic hsts to me, probably self-identifies as a cunt and says the word constantly

No. 1711181

I've seen supposed radfem women claim that it's a slur because it was "originally used maliciously on gay men by conservative fundamentalists," which is only compelling until you remember most gay men don't troon out, trooning out requires being sexist (and if you're gay, homophobia), and AGPs have existed for a substantial time in the form of "sissies" and "crossdressers." Also, just because conservative fundamentalists who have ignorant reasons for using the word have used it against gay people doesn't mean it's a slur for gay people. We've already been over this when the TQA tried to claim that words like "degenerate" or "fetishist" were slurs. I don't know where I stand on this, myself, but I'm starting to think that it's just because even radfem communities will criticize you for using it. IMO the main issue with "tranny" is the PR you get from using it; It makes us look like we're just your average bigot to anyone who doesn't understand the situation fully, which is most people.

No. 1711182

I can smell his musk from here on the other side of the world.

No. 1711183

That's the ugliest version of the pink pussy hat I've ever seen, the color is wrong and it's misshapen–Wait a second…

No. 1711224


this probably won't be taken as a good response but being gay and trans are completely different things. homosexuality is something that occurs in nature, gender is a human only thing. also you don't need hormones and surgery to be gay. it's not an entire lifestyle. it doesn't change anything in my life or anything about the way i present myself besides who i date.

also a huge thing with me is a lot of this is very new…like gay people have existed for centuries, you can argue the idea of being trans isn't new. but hundreds of years ago the medical aspect of it was non-existent. i don't really even have much of a problem with men dressing up as women and saying they are one-it's when they started to demand to be treated exactly as a woman for doing such. they didn't have a lack of rights before either. it feels like the worst of anti-trans laws is being able to be fired for it, i guess. look up 'anti-trans laws' and it is all just shit about not being allowed in the opposite sexes washroom or being about to be on the sports team of your gender of choice. these are not human rights.

No. 1711229

Gay is falsifiable, trans is not, it is faith based. You can say "I am gay" and not be gay, but if you say you are trans you cannot be lying. It's a basic tenant of logic and reasoning in science, called "falsifiability" - if something is true, it can be lied about. If something depends solely on someone believing it, it is not falsifiable and therefore not existing in the rational world

No. 1711231

all my life tranny was associated with straight cross dressing serial killers, when did that awareness or mindset shift in the culture I wonder..

No. 1711234

Wait shit really? I use that brand. Do you have any alternatives?

No. 1711240


she's so right though because there's so many screenshots of gay men on reddit being ~transphobic~ because they don't allow people in their communities demanding they like pussy and will immediately call out the homophobia

No. 1711244

>tiktok troon
Yeah I can tell, his outfit is just random fast fashion micro trends (including silly bands kek) thrown together with no thought.

No. 1711250

It's not a big enough deal where you should get rid of all your existing period products that contain titanium dioxide, but I use the honey pot. They don't leave that weird minty feeling their pads do. I don't have a very heavy flow though, but they do have supers.

No. 1711251

File: 1669525730365.jpeg (749.97 KB, 960x1479, ACB0D046-12CA-48FA-92E9-DE30B6…)

the other post got deleted by mods and this was posted in the same sub.

No. 1711252

Sometimes I Twitter name search incel terminology and go to profiles who posted incel rage shit about women being slut fuck holes in 2018 or 2019 and suddenly now they’re transwomen. Really amazing

No. 1711255

keep those screenshots and use it against them

No. 1711257

File: 1669526002802.jpeg (377.7 KB, 960x1089, 04B0A737-4418-446F-AC99-1A50C7…)

No. 1711259

File: 1669526164601.jpeg (188.51 KB, 960x524, 9B381C87-EB19-4495-9DC9-E9829F…)

not even up for an hour

No. 1711260

This is stupid so sage, but I think the silly bands aren’t random I see the blue pink tranny flag colors and lesbian flag colors

No. 1711275

isn’t groomer a slur now? what a load of bullshit.

No. 1711282

men hate it when women pull the troon card on them. women impersonating trannies and giving them a taste of their own medicine makes them go apeshit.

No. 1711287

File: 1669529640610.jpg (233.24 KB, 1000x1000, 20201006_185951.jpg)

I'm never on this thread but I saw this and thought of this thread. Apologies is this was posted before.

No. 1711289

No. 1711301

Ya'll need to make own subreddit with only women including mods.

No. 1711302

lmao I’m stoned and thought they were the same person because of the white walls and black outfit

No. 1711316

nonna i should have listened to you i'm sorry

No. 1711319

Maybe I just hate men too much but him being swayed by the gf encouraging him to take hormones makes me want to do the same and ruin dumb coomers lives. Imagine if some girl bossing queen did this to dozens of moids, cheating on them and keeping it as non-romantic as possible, and encouraging them to get the neovag chop and other procedures so they kill themselves when they realize what they’ve done kek. Ik this is unfeasible in reality (and being a separatist is better) but it would be a great story to write for any creative writing anons. Actually… I might try to talk with sex offenders online and try to catfish them enough into getting the chop. Not sure if it will work but I think more of us should start pushing it on rapists since governments won’t castrate them ffs. What do we think gyns?

No. 1711320

PLEASE compile this, it sounds brilliant anon

No. 1711326

penisless men rape with objects, causing significant internal damage and death to women and girls around the world every year. Let's not derail and move swiftly past this egregious suggestion, but kek keep brainstorming anon

No. 1711327

Gee it must be nice to be able to boymode every once in a while, I mean it's not like there are too many roles for older women. Keep 'em roles coming, Eddie!

No. 1711334

yeah this "poor little original trannies" shit is ridiculous, they always used to be womanhating megaperverts fixated with lesbianism.

No. 1711342

i have always thought that the true trans/truscum are way more mentally ill than the spicy queers.

because while the spicy queers are insane and annoying, their insanity still has inner logic in it, while truscum gotta go through all these idiotic mental gymnastics about how they're the real trannies while others are fakers. for example the thing about how their brains magically are in the wrong bodies, when their "male brain" being in a female body would itself prove that there isn't sexed brains since if these different brain types exist in both female and male bodies then they aren't male or female brains so begin with?

enby tucutes just say that "to be x you just need to identify as x" and follow that, yes very stupid, logic and that's it.

No. 1711344

File: 1669538649570.jpg (2.97 MB, 2277x2765, Timo_Soini_2015.JPG)

timo soini trooned out kek

No. 1711346

File: 1669538699439.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1905, 4F4E4049-B71D-4C2D-A41C-764DD9…)

This freaked me out when I first saw it. Then I looked at OP’s profile and realized that they’re TIM and it all clicked

No. 1711348

jesus fuck i hate trannies so much

No. 1711350

File: 1669539125377.png (73.04 KB, 1440x280, if a guy....png)

so close to getting it

No. 1711354

>which cartoon character made you gay?
They seriously can’t fathom that other people aren’t degenerates.

No. 1711355

File: 1669539576028.jpeg (169.45 KB, 1170x972, C7B645F8-6F80-445E-A154-662894…)

It’s definitely that serious.

No. 1711360

The number of questions about his sister's underwear is telling. You just know that he steals it. Creep.

No. 1711361

holy shit THREE questions about his sisters underwear, incredibly disgusting

No. 1711362

Idk if I would run away, but I would definitely ask her if she's okay with having a male sibling asking me about her underwear and sex life, making extremely homophobic "jokes" and assumptions, and trying to be in charge of who she dates (especially since this comes off as a "you will tell me about your sex life and my sister's sex life, or I will call you a transphobe" situation). Ultimately, the sister is a victim here, even if she turns out to be brainwashed into thinking this is acceptable treatment or behavior from anyone, let alone your brother.

No. 1711363

https://www.reddit.com/r/actuallesbians/comments/z5qszl/i_needed_to_check_my_sisters_new_girlfriend_was/ For anyone wanting to explore. It's really weird how this has over 1k upvotes and is awarded as being "funny," when all the comments seem to be uncomfortable and concerned.

No. 1711366

I was just about to mention this. Why does it have so many upvotes when nearly everyone in the comments is disgusted?

No. 1711367

It seems like the post is removed now, the upvote buttons are showing up as greyed out for me now. But I’m also using Reddit mobile and don’t know how moderating works so I could be wrong.

No. 1711368

it says its awaiting mod approval, but a tranny posted it so you know he'll be given the benefit of the doubt

No. 1711369

If you look at the tranny's post history, it says that the girlfriend was "intimidated" (read: creeped out) after reading this retarded questionnaire. But she's still kissing up to the tranny anyway because she wants to look woke.

No. 1711370

i just hope the "sister" and sisters "gf" are troons too so at least no real women are actually harmed by this

No. 1711374

A few additions: He's claiming that his sister recommended the panties question, and doubling down and saying that the hate is from "prudish Americans." It might be worth checking out the user pages for those who commented about liking the "test" (they're uniformly downvoted, so just go to the bottom) or those who ignored the rest of the post to answer their "favorite" questions to see what the ratio of tranny to non-tranny is.

No. 1711378

His profile has been made log-in or view-in-app-only now. It wasn't like that a moment ago, it just said that there was NSFW content and asked if you were adult before.

No. 1711379

I’m looking right now. At least 4.

No. 1711380

Unfortunately not. He clarified that they were both cis in a different post about them. Frankly, I'm hoping it's creative writing.

No. 1711382

Imagine having two sons who trooned out. I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy.

No. 1711383

File: 1669542865406.png (282.16 KB, 1786x924, hrrcw.png)

bad news: hes got a kid
good news: hes been castrated

No. 1711385

Bad news, see >>1711326

No. 1711386

Titanium dioxide is in tons of things, anon. Sunscreen, creamer, toothpaste, etc. It's not dangerous just because it has a long chemistry name. It makes things whiter, and in tampons they use it to bleach the string so it matches the color of the cotton.

Inhalation of highly concentrated titanium dioxide was correlated with cancer in studies of rats, so unless you're a rat or you're crushing pure titanium dioxide up and snorting it, you'll be fine.

No. 1711387

Is it weird to anyone else how short the time between the link being posted here and OP being taken down by Reddit mods was?

No. 1711388

The troon in Sex Changes by Christina Benvenuto actually gave his daughter an eating disorder by obsessively involving her in his makeover bullshit. Narcissist parents are extremely damaging to children to start with regardless of whether sexual abuse happens.

No. 1711392

spoileri this shit nyymi

No. 1711395

On the inverse, I’ve found a few accounts that were troonposting a few years ago and now retweet Nick fuentes and Nazi incel shit. The pipeline goes both ways!

No. 1711416

nta but like it's been said, if that's the aim - use TIFs because at least they are consumers of period products too. Using males is INSANE and does feel like a deliberate, forced thing to accept them as "women".

No. 1711419

File: 1669549110276.png (270.7 KB, 399x803, wtf.PNG)

the other day when i was at a takeaway waiting for my order, i started browsing for apps and one came up that was meant to help with organisation

I looked at it and it was quite wierd it tries to turn your life into an rpg with health, mana and exp, so every task you do gains you exp, you can the link with friends to see how you are progressing

This is one of the preview pictures

No. 1711422

1. What does this have to do with trannies 2. What's so weird about it? Pokemon GO went viral because it helped people walk more

No. 1711429

its the dragon of dialtory
the app is advertising that troons can keep track of their dilating with friends whilst turning it into a game

No. 1711430

File: 1669549978192.jpeg (31.75 KB, 640x559, 1669273677296.jpeg)

>the dread dragon of dilatory
kek, my sides

No. 1711431

they love this "pearl clutching" comeback to try and shame women for having fucking boundaries. and it's especially aimed at young women implying they're behaving like older, boring, out-of-touch women. don't they know all the kewl girls approve of controlling moid behaviour and degeneracy? i hate them so much.

No. 1711434

Dilatory also means procrastination or slow progress

No. 1711437

I've never seen "dilatory" used in the context of dilation, so nona might have just mistaken the two words.

No. 1711438

Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what it's supposed to mean kek not everything is about trannies

No. 1711471

Habitica is actually a cool little app. As other anons said, the quest name is unfortunate but it has nothing to do with trans anything.

No. 1711472

No. 1711474

File: 1669557443585.png (339.96 KB, 490x599, twitter-image.png)

Careful down those stairs, grandpa

No. 1711475

File: 1669557517422.jpeg (666.58 KB, 1170x1545, AC9B2359-6781-402B-B68C-A691CB…)

Tranny is still trying to act intellectually superior and defending their creepy ‘joke’.

No. 1711476

Lmfao he's typing like a smarmy self satisfied villain character lol omg

No. 1711477

File: 1669557832166.jpg (1.28 MB, 1440x1801, lol.jpg)

jesus had to have vaginoplasty because god made a mistake

No. 1711481

OT but is there ANY way to convince a family member to not transition? he's a young male, seems like men are less likely to detrans too

No. 1711482

I wish Jesus would save us all from this evil movement

No. 1711483

he’s got to be autistic. his sister has probably just humored him all his life in order to avoid retarded shit like this

No. 1711486

I think I would try scaring him with all the information about how fucking with your hormones can destroy your body permanently, trigger autoimmune disorders, make him infertile, etc. but tbh I don’t know how hard I’d try with all that. it’s unfortunate that it’s so hard to find a psychiatrist worth their salt who can actually challenge them on their delusions and identify the real reason they want to “transition”

No. 1711487

Remove their access to the internet no joke

No. 1711488

File: 1669558855996.jpeg (297.65 KB, 1124x1361, FiknktoX0AMcHAs.jpeg)

>Be an ally. Arm trans people. ACAB
A sign from another Let Women Speak meeting in London happening today. The dog looks rightly concerned

No. 1711489

yeah what the fuck are you supposed to do if he 1. doesn't want to introspect 2. "psychologists" are all about the tranny train? I don't think the scare straight routine would work, he'd just wallow more if I told him about all the suffering that awaits. feels like he'd just lean harder into "I'm sooo doomed by being born a tranny - that I realized after years of brainwashing - and my life is SO HARD because of terfs/the world/biology"
if I had the power over him to do it I would do it in a heartbeat. he'd lose his shit though, he's an end-stage internet addict and would go insane without his discord groomers

No. 1711492

first ayrt but strongly agree with the second one to reply about removing his internet access. if they stop consooming gendershit it generally loses their grip on them over time. too bad you have no control over that + sorry nona

No. 1711496

sadly he's an adult and I have no control over him, he also does not have a father that gives a single shit about him! I wish I could convince him to leave discord tranny hell but he's recently become an adult and my hands are pretty tied

I'm geniunely in so much pain rn

No. 1711499

it depends on what your relationship is like. if you have a "no bullshit" type of relationship i would just tell him that no hormones or surgeries could ever turn him into a woman and that chasing something that is impossible will never make him happy.

No. 1711500

what do you think his motivation/reason for wanting to troon out is? the best angle of approach will depend on that i think.

No. 1711501

no life goals, neglected by family, very into internet stuff/easily falls for memes
isn't manly by any means, possibly gay, also like I said before autistic with other mental health issues

god it's really over isn't it

No. 1711503

if you really and truly care about this person and have the time and energy to spare maybe take him camping somewhere remote/accidentally throw his phone into a lake or otherwise forcibly occupy him such that he has to spend more than a day disconnected from all that brainwashing shit. bring him back to reality basically. but I think even if I loved someone I’d have to let them fall to the wolves if they’re gonna be that willfully fucking retarded, in the end it’s their life to live and you can only mind your own

No. 1711504

pretty awkward relationship and we don't talk about deep stuff at all, I wish I could be that blunt

No. 1711505

yeah unfortunately there's not much you can do if that's the case

No. 1711506

I would but he'd never agree to it. He's far gone enough to start trying to sneak appointments with gender specialists… how do I deal, I feel so guilty and like a bad sibling for not being there earlier

No. 1711507

i'm sorry nona, that's really hard. it seems like a lot would have to change, and the motivation on his end to make more of his life. reality means very little when you live your life online. you're a good person for trying.

No. 1711508

I feel so fucking bad for my mother, I'm too blackpilled about this stuff to think it's going to turn out anything other than a tragedy
thanks anon, I guess it can't really be helped. I want him in my life but I'm not going to watch him become narcissa wright

No. 1711509

I think realistically all you can do at this point is distance yourself emotionally and begin to deal with the loss of this relationship as you know it. it’s not your fault, you can’t possibly keep tabs on someone else’s life to the extent that you could have prevented this from happening. it’s unfortunate but it is out of your hands.

No. 1711511

that hurts a lot to hear but it's probably the truth. man, all I had was my family and he's one of the only people I can actually relate to

No. 1711514

you could make a board for dealing with family members who want to/have transitioned, if there isn't one already. i'm sure you're not the only one here dealing with something like this. might be a good place to pool resources and strategies.

No. 1711518

No one would ever look good in that. A woman can be hot in that only because her natural beauty overshadows how shit an outfit that is but its never a good look jfc they really have no idea what a woman is.
Show this to the liberal burgerfag troons and handmaidens and see hoe they try to defend their political leanings kek

No. 1711523

closest thing there is right now is the thread over at kiwifarms, but I'm not going to make a fucking account there and be put on a list
wish there were more support groups about this and that people were less terrified of speaking about it. man, fuck TRAs

No. 1711526

do you think you would be able to get your brother to try talking to a professional through Genspect? I personally have no experience and I think it’s still quite new but their whole thing is not just pushing transition as a solution and using a more exploratory model for figuring out what the problem is

No. 1711529

as a follow up nona I’m looking at their website and it looks like they have some support groups you can join as a family member. again no experience with them but it looks like they might have resources for you. best of luck sincerely

No. 1711532

nonnie i looked into the user you posted and she's blaming terfs for her harassment saying no troons would ever call a "cis" woman a bleeder or threaten to rape them. also goes on to say terfs were love bombing satoryuga because we were harassing her too. funny how no matter what we do, we're always the bad guys. the pedophile that was named in another comment is liking her posts too so looks like she's deeeeep in the cult. wish her well and that her harassment stops but she's pointing fingers at the wrong people.

No. 1711533

is he wearing… some kind of rubber suit on his legs…?

No. 1711534

Accidentally fry his computer/hide his phone he'll have to live without for a few days then maybe talk some sense into him. Or put a parental block on his computer.

No. 1711535

try to find a way to make him think not transitioning is his idea, and don’t out yourself as a terf. question him very subtly and gently while playing dumb. encourage him to get off the internet and go outside. challenge his ideas of what being a woman is. maybe convince him that he’s nonbinary instead. and if everything fails, i dunno, sabotage his hrt?

No. 1711538

>doesnt believe trannies would write "normal women and cis woman"
There's literally a photo last thread wear a tranny was wearing a tshirt that said this

No. 1711541

it’s a really tricky needle to thread - if you want to try to help, you have to be careful that he doesn’t just write you off as his “terf sister” and shut his ears completely

i think if you can relate it to personal experience, say you’ve known people who transitioned and it was the wrong choice, talk about it in terms of it being a form of body modification - he likely thinks of it as analogous to being gay, that he just is trans, instead relate it to something like anorexia or regular dysmorphia, something that can be treated as opposed to an inherent component of who he is. try to get to the bottom of what his goal is, ask why he thinks he’s a woman when he has no frame of reference for what having a female mind would even feel like, explain to him that transition is an absolute last resort, that if he’s spending all day online he’s going to feel alienated from his body because he is, he should try to actually feel better in his day to day life first before deciding to consult a vanuatan pill factory

if you’re already resigned to the likelihood your relationship with him will be ruined by this you may as try your best, and if nothing you say gets through then it’s the same end result. if all else fails just be honest, say it’s the end of your relationship, that he’s making a mockery of you, your mother, and any other woman in his life, that this won’t make him happy, and let him know that the pain it causes you and your family was avoidable, and is entirely on him

No. 1711542

All these woman providing strategies to prevent trooning are deluded. Troony brother is an autistic male, and therefore a lost cause

No. 1711554

tras will say no one uses the word terf as a strategy to silence women and yet here's a handmaiden trying to silence the other victims by calling them terfs and coddling their tranny pedo friends. kek at "if you’re a trans woman and you call cis women bleeders when you’re actually furious with them let me know" with any luck maybe her taking the side of the violent trannies will spare her the harassment but it's horrible she had throw others under the bus to do it, especially considering all the other victims except satoryuga appeared to be under 16.

No. 1711560

File: 1669565342873.jpg (145.75 KB, 306x420, cover_issue_3239_fi_FI.jpg)

The spicy het academic TQ crowd in Finland actually want to use the word for pervert (pervo) as a localised version of queer. Idk why these people are so obsessed with being called slurs, probably makes them feel like they are oppressed for real.

No. 1711565

Both "pervo" and "kvääri" are literally puke-inducing localizations. Also according to these idiots conjugating the word trans makes you a troonphobe because transin, transit, transia and so on sound too much like the word "transu" which is our version of tranny. They claim this even though not conjugating a word in Finnish makes you sound like a retard and makes it impossible for people to understand what you're saying.

No. 1711571

Even funnier are the ones who insist Finnish is transphobic for only having one 3rd person pronoun, so they just put English pronouns in bio. Have to show you're unique and special when the fact the language is gender neutral by default is actually cool af.

No. 1711578

Yeah because radfems spend hours a day harassing only women in a fandom none of us had probably heard of prior to satoryuga. Why is it so hard for tras to realize that troons are not all angels and some of them are incredibly violent and misogynistic and want to hurt women for no reason? Radfems do not attack women online and call them bleeders and wish FGM on them but I know a group that does…

No. 1711605

they absolutely know that radfems aren't the ones formulating these harassment campaigns or promoting violence against anyone, but they've been validated to do this kind of shit for so long that it doesn't matter what's true and what isn't. as long as a lot of actual women believe them and feed their delusions and aid in their bullshit, they will have absolutely no issue pretending that they're the most oppressed group on the face of the planet.

i gotta say, the trans rights movement is a shitshow and it's mostly men controlling it, but i can't forgive the women involved who are doing the dirty work.

No. 1711607

Admins are troons so any subreddit like that would get banned when troons found it and reported it. Some of them stalk the new subreddit page just to be on the lookout for subs the the proposed.

No. 1711616

Same with your second part. I feel bad that woman is being harassed and threatened but it's vile of her to be calling the victims liars and terfs just to protect her troon friends who are the actual real ones harassing her. I remember seeing a post a few months ago where some poor 13 year old girl was begging people to stop harassing her and saying she wouldn't go to the cops to report the nudes she had sent and received from her groomer and that she would stop posting tokusatsu forever. I can't have too much sympathy for that user to be calling that girl and the other victims liars and accusing them of being terfs just because she's too delusional to open her eyes to the truth. She's literally doing their dirty work for them.

No. 1711620

File: 1669568791538.jpeg (386.1 KB, 960x1380, 34075F7C-C55D-4A09-830F-B0C3BD…)


No. 1711624


just shows how fucking disconnected their coomer brains are are from actual lesbians. it's not like scisscoring doesnt happen, but it's not THE way to fuck like most fetishists think, and most lesbians would be super fucking angry at anyone asking them that.

No. 1711627

literally. they don't want to admit it but they're the greatest pickmes the earth has ever seen. except this time it feels more disingenuous because the men they're begging to be noticed by are ugly/ungroomed/unhygienic as fuck and would otherwise be complete fucking nobodies if they didn't make up some shit about being a woman "in spirit".

No. 1711643

Using "Kvääri" in all seriousness is a dogwhistle to getting beat up, by me.

No. 1711655

File: 1669570829653.png (50.65 KB, 523x474, 20221127-093815.png)

people start getting anons warning them that this user is a pedophile, said pedophile makes post saying it's the evil terfs who are the ones grooming little girls in his fandom and these evil terfs are harassing him for no reason :(

No. 1711663

File: 1669571247916.jpg (350.06 KB, 1271x2048, Tumblr_l_28431065658266.jpg)

the only alternative I know is the saidit website

No. 1711708

What was the original post about? Sounds like something weird and concerning

No. 1711709

nta but it was this post >>1711346

No. 1711721

she says terfs are pretending to be transwomen in order to harass women to recruit them into terfism. i think transwomen are doing a pretty good job at peaking people all on their own - no need for us to pretend to be anything. also interesting that in the replies she was talking about, most of them don't even mention being a transwoman, she's just assuming. sounds pretty terfy to me for her to be assuming their gender like that kek

No. 1711744

File: 1669576465205.jpeg (58.83 KB, 917x629, 58E6F09F-EF22-462F-B76F-620ED9…)

Is slayyyter trans?

No. 1711754

No. Kim assumed she was and now it's a meme

No. 1711770

I've been hearing people talk about the club Q shooter and it's crazy watching people tangle up their brains trying to make things work. You literally can't lie about being nonbinary or being trans. The expression of being the identity is the identity. Like you can't even really say it's trolling. With nona's post earlier too, we literally can't pretend to be transwomen because as soon as we identify as such that is valid.

I remember way back closer to when all this started there was a male weightlifter who identified as a woman for one rep to claim the record to show how absurd it was. I was a TRA then, but nobody could really explain how he was wrong. They just memory holed it, moved on and hoped it wouldn't be a problem.

No. 1711773

but fin-anon that's just accurate, anyone calling themselves "queer" (instead of lesbian, bi etc) is a pervert

No. 1711774

File: 1669578632675.jpg (153.95 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

If she's not a troon she's incredibly botched wtf is going on with her face

No. 1711779

Can we stop using the tranny threads to make fun of any woman who doesn't look as hyperfeminine as Cindy Kimberly? Thank you.

No. 1711780

I'm in your mother's position in a very similar-sounding situation with no one irl to talk to, so if you find or start a board, post it here so I can join too.

No. 1711785

File: 1669579138329.jpg (167.08 KB, 865x1200, E-xNxL7WUAYZFEw.jpg)

im more or so implying slayyter is probably trans than making fun of her appearance, picrel is slayyter next to kim petras, and her singing voice is the typical HSTS one like Ayesha Erotica.

No. 1711790

re: Can we stop using the tranny threads to make fun of any woman who doesn't look as hyperfeminine as Cindy Kimberly? Thank you.

No. 1711791

Convince him to go to therapy.

No. 1711792

seconded, it only reinforces the idea that tras shill to one another that radfems enforce womens beauty standards

No. 1711795

Convince your parents to commit him to rehab. Internet addiction is a recognized addiction in the 1st world.

If you can't, show him the axe wounds. When I was a retarded teenage girl who wanted to be a boy, the only thing that kept me back was doing some research and seeing what post-op trannies look like. The science is simply not there yet to turn a woman into a man or the other way around. Godspeed, but the only thing that will actually work is discipline. Your brother needs to get off the internet and start doing manial labor and making friends with normies his age. This can only happen if he is forced by your parents because he seems too be almost too far gone.

No. 1711798

You can be. My brother and I had a non-relatinship (awkward, avoiding each other at best) until he became a junky. I was there to have heart-to-hearts with him, i recorded him when he got so high he could not talk, i was there when we took him into the emergeny room.

I acknowledged how fucking awkward those heart-to-hearts were but I still did them. And it helped. he is not a junky anymore.

If you love him, embrace the awkwardness because it is worth it saving him from himself.

No. 1711806

File: 1669580062091.jpg (66.84 KB, 828x607, Tumblr_l_116143602944235.jpg)

What is with their idea that girls are all just dumb brainless pretty pink bimbos

No. 1711810

>Only smart man use brain! girl no use brain only pussy!

Incel to tranny pipeline is going strong

No. 1711812

I'm surprised how none of you have commented on the inherent amholeism of "a stab wound anywhere on the body is just like a vagina."

No. 1711813

getting flashbacks to this one film where a bunch of guys cut holes in a catatonic zombie woman they kept as their sex slave because one vagina wasn't enough to share

No. 1711814

File: 1669580557628.jpg (160.33 KB, 864x853, Tumblr_l_115086607724586.jpg)

No. 1711817

This is just any white male Zoomer American now. Not a single normal one

No. 1711819

and this reminds me of the statistic I once saw of how many bulletholes have sperm found in them

No. 1711829

I'm sorry, WHAT

No. 1711832

Dead girl or something right?

Good lord that is grim

No. 1711836

Or an amalgamation of all three tbqf

No. 1711838


No. 1711840

samefag but share btw?

No. 1711843

the fact they think their axe wounds are "just like real vaginas" is making a lot more sense now. and i hate it.

No. 1711847

Point him in the direction of a reintegrative therapist

No. 1711848

it was years ago but there's also quite a few men ordering videos of that shit, I wouldn't even try to search that shit.

No. 1711873

It's kind of funny to watch in real time tbh. The same people who were telling everyone else that it's imperative you call Ezra Miller by they/them pronouns and respect his nb identity because reasons are now the same ones saying the club q shooter is clearly faking to be nb for some sort of meme. The inconsistency is jarring and I hope it causes more normal/well-adjusted individuals who might be somewhat falling for this shit to disregard it.

If the transes deny the club q shooter's self-proclaimed nb identity, then they're admitting to themselves it's not transphobic to disregard it and that people will abuse that legal loophole. If they do respect his nb identity, they're being ideologically consistent, but at the expense of allowing an alt-right terrorist be a part of their 'community' so to speak. Can't wait for this shit to burn in its fiery end.

No. 1711880

I'm not that optimistic tbh the entire ideology is logically inconsistent and that hasn't stopped them so far. No rational thinking or common sense or scientific evidence is enough for them to drop the farce.

No. 1711888

it doesn't stop most of THEM, but it makes more normies see how hypocritical and void of sanity TRAs are, and the ones who are beginning to peak will be pushed further out

No. 1711890

I hate how I'm not surprised at all… Men are degenerates and troons are proof of it

No. 1711903

I'm sure the similarity to those "Permission to date my daughter" forms that some redneck dads post on Facebook as a "joke" is just a coincidence, definitely not typical male behaviour

No. 1711912

File: 1669586811536.png (116.99 KB, 653x667, your attractions have to valid…)

at least actual lesbians complaining about bisexual usually have more of a point about being frustrated over lesbophobia, "lesbian" trannies only hate openly bisexual women because being with someone who is open about her attraction to men is not validating enough and deep down trannies know they're men and only someone who can be attracted to men can be (hypothetically speaking, realistically trannies are disgusting inside and out) attracted to them

No. 1711918

love how they always only seethe about "afab" non-transitioning non-binaries and never about the Sam Smiths or Ezra Millers, not even trying to hide their misogyny

No. 1711928

File: 1669587520479.png (138.68 KB, 574x460, fbd8ee03c.png)

It never ceases to amaze me that they think one of the most primal, instinctual brain processes that humans and other mammals have relied on for billions of years - being able to detect the subtle differences between male and female for evolutionary purposes, is suddenly hateful and transphobic and people should SHUT OFF their innate ability to pick up on these traits. It's telling people not to see or hear or smell. At the same time they're telling us to ignore are fight or flight fear response when they enter our spaces. You have to be literally senseless to really believe any of it.

No. 1711936

low effort moid didn't even use greek letters AΓΦ

No. 1711942

It only looks this way online. If you meet normie kids there are plenty that are not into any of this.

No. 1711951

its not enough that he pressures bisexual women to sleep with him, it HAS to be lesbians because that aligns with his porn fuelled fantasies kek. fucking degen rapist

No. 1711989

File: 1669591304322.png (114.44 KB, 1026x747, tsunflowers1.png)

Replies on that post are wild (but expected) for them to be saying troons don't threaten rape or use words like "bleeders" or "cissies" when there's thousands of receipts on here showing otherwise. Troons harassing women is a "terf recruitment tactic" now apparently.

No. 1711992

File: 1669591553760.jpeg (513.38 KB, 558x948, 5D75C2A6-06D3-4213-9AD4-606911…)

“Wahh lesbians won’t sleep with me”
Have you ever considered it’s because you’re a hulking beast of a male with degenerate tendencies?

No. 1711994

oh my god the hank hill body

No. 1712003

File: 1669592335919.jpg (395.43 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20221128-103718__01…)

>Uh ackshully I'm not an male fetishist my sister made me sexualise her 3 seperate times!!!

No. 1712005


Troons hate hearing this but they're all like Chris Chan. Why else would they pressure lesbians to sleep with them? Because they all want "boyfriend-free girls". Lesbians aren't attracted to males so that's why trannies think they can "fix" lesbians by skinwalking as one. Chris eventually got attention once he trooned out, other trannies are just doing the same since libfem handmaidens will bend over once a retard troons out despite calling themselves "lesbians" kek

No. 1712007

maybe that's why trannies are so defensive over chris-chan, they just see themselves in him.

No. 1712014

He would be closer to passing if he didn't dress like a 12 year old at an anime con

No. 1712017

File: 1669592838698.jpeg (152.38 KB, 720x1091, ADC49CF4-115E-4266-B4A0-387739…)

its still somehow worse than i imagined

No. 1712021

File: 1669592953804.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2179, C70913FB-5EE2-434D-9CFC-742A82…)

No. 1712029

It's so funny, in the past whenever Chris tried to insert himself into a community, said community tried its best to distance itself. Troons are the only group to defend him, even after the most recent development. Discussions of Chris on mainstream sites have become littered with troons and their whiteknights bitching at people over referring to him with he/him pronouns.

No. 1712037

You can't MAKE someone be attracted to you. You cannot force yourself into someone's mind and change their perception so that they see you as a beautiful, attractive fantasy woman when you are an obvious man. People who are not deeply mentally ill can understand this as basic fact.

The last sentence in this post is so coercive and rapey – I can't believe these people go unbanned while the women who refuse them sex are the ones who get banned.

No. 1712060

He spelled grease wrong

Fkn shower once in a millennia pls

No. 1712072

It's kind of horrifying to get this insight into the male mind where life isn't worth living unless you can believe you're a highly attractive woman and everyone desires you, where romantic rejection is the worst injury. When they look at women, that's what they think is important, like that's our raison d'etre. Men hate us because their idea of us is basically a shitty cardboard cutout of a human being.

No. 1712081

Men don't care if a woman is attracted to him provided she's willing to fuck him regardless. These scrotes know damn well a lesbian, by definition, would not be attracted to him or his dick, but that's fine as long as she still has sex with him hence the guilting and social pressure.

I think there's a sizeable portion of straight troons who are neither AGP nor lesbian fetishists- they're just absolute failures with women and trooning out is their one last chance to convince women to have sex with them. They know they cannot attract a woman normally, full stop, but here's a convenient movement where it's socially acceptable to vocally guilt women who reject you and frame it as woke.

No. 1712085

File: 1669598012382.png (39.61 KB, 748x429, Emma Hilton on Twitter.png)

how do really dumb people manage to breathe?

No. 1712095

These five posts in quick succession have driven in the final nail in the coffin for me. I do think that all men should be erased from this planet. There is no redemption to be found for them, after all they have said and done.

No. 1712100

he looks like every sex offender masshed together into one person

No. 1712106

Lovely madam's apple, sir!

No. 1712116

srsly what is up with the utter transphobia/homophobia in this thread point one trans people are NOT sex offenders point two a trans girl is a girl, seriously, and point three, what you say can really hurt. Im nonbinary (under trans umbrella) and i can recognize that what yall are saying on here is not ok suicide and depression rates are higher for lgbtq people cuz of people saying transphobic stuff like this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1712121

Are you lost

No. 1712122

read the threads and you'll change your mind. some of us were just like you

No. 1712123

File: 1669601986333.png (878.57 KB, 828x1529, NV2DARp.png)

dont interact with the retarded scrote, just ignore and report. heres some milk since trans people just wanna express themselves freely and innocently. if we point out that theyre all porn addicted coomers theyll start killing themselves, kek.

No. 1712124


No. 1712127

Sooo, what's your agab

No. 1712128

your points are all baseless. also trans ideology = homophobia (turning gay people "straight" and straight people invading gay spaces). protecting women's safety and boundaries > men's feelings. sex matters.

No. 1712130

stop replying to the tard, it was already banned

No. 1712133

its fucking hilarious how this idiot read this thread and all the shit these troons do and still went down the 'words huwt muh suicide rate' like theyre not all rapists and misogynists

No. 1712136

File: 1669603061485.png (2.34 MB, 1170x1957, EA0E9ECA-4756-475B-AB2A-CD953F…)

Saw this from someone I Know earlier and it struck a chord even more than some of the more obviously sexual posts. I mean it mostly just occurred to me how very far removed this is from Any thing a real woman would do on Facebook. It’s so gross. And even worse is I don’t think I’ve ever had that much likes on any post I’ve made lol. And one of my very good friends even liked it. Absolutely gross. I need to explain this degenerate Troon behaviour to them next time we meet. I mean god, you cannot tell me this isn’t literally just autogynophilia shit

No. 1712139

File: 1669603131359.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1170x1600, B4D896EE-1074-443F-898F-60EBF5…)

Honorary mention though Is him going to his work Christmas night out dressed like this. Love the juxtaposition of the dusty dowdy old men

No. 1712141

Don't you know, nonny? It's bad if homophobes who call lesbians "phobic genital fetishists" who "need to learn to love cock" kill themselves. It's obviously such a loss for humanity when men who tell us that they know more about womanhood than we do (to the point where they should be able to take our positions of power and awards, as well as being the only ones with the right to define womanhood or make rules about female-only political issues or spaces), while simultaneously claiming that "woman" is too intimidating and they have to be called "girl" instead, die. Whatever would we do without these brave soldiers telling us that womanhood is a feeling and that femininity is inherent and good?

No. 1712144

Literally no one is looking at him. Not a single soul in that room wants to be the one to acknowledge the creature's presence.

No. 1712146

File: 1669603615729.jpg (29.97 KB, 600x600, pp,504x498-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.…)

moids love their references and cosplay

No. 1712148

what an unpleasant person to be around

No. 1712150

youre so right nonnie. who will be there waiting hours on end in our bathrooms just waiting to be asked if they have a pad or a tampon that they definitely didnt stick up their ass for euphoria boners.

No. 1712152

>a convenient movement where it's socially acceptable to vocally guilt women who reject you and frame it as woke
THAT is the most angering part of the whole "movement" for me. The woke crowd preaches that consent is all-important, women need healthy boundaries, women have a right to choose what happens to our bodies, etc. …
Unless you're a lesbian who has boundaries about touching dick. They'll do everything they can to convince you that your boundaries are wrong and that you're evil for having them. It's sick.

No. 1712153

Wow that's embarrassing to be standing there in your black vinyl, posing, wanting admiration and not a single glance even from the elderly people in the room.

No. 1712158

my sides

No. 1712159

File: 1669604542402.jpeg (602.21 KB, 1170x1860, B17D2513-6FE1-4553-BAEF-7C49EE…)

Words don’t mean anything anymore

No. 1712160

my eyes went straight into that woman with the green pains, she looks cute

No. 1712161

This is why I pretend to be a diehard "tucute" whenever I'm talking to a pre-everything TIF. If you convince the young ones that it's ~classist~ to expect people to medically transition, you help delay or even prevent them from mutilating themselves. With any luck, they'll come to their senses before getting mastectomies.

Although I'm a "truscum" when I talk to TIMs because I hate them and I think it's hilarious when they have an emotional breakdown after getting the chop. The more of these losers we remove from the gene pool, the better off society is.

No. 1712165

this is the moid that runs accio-shitpost on tumblr, personal cow of mine and full of takes like this

No. 1712166

they ran out of women's spaces to invade so now troons are invading bingo night

No. 1712168

don't know why it's just the radfems, seems like tifs would get pissed too

No. 1712172

The way this is written makes him sound like a predator. The only one reciprocating is the "nonhuman enby," which…how can you even tell when biting is sexual from someone who is essentially an advanced therian? They could just be retard larping being an upset dog or whatever.

No. 1712181

If bigotry is the main cause of suicide, why do white men have have such a high suicide rate?

Suicide is caused by mental illness, not mean words. That famous 41% statistic is from a junk science study, and was actually just the number they got for ideation not attempts or deaths. If trannies are killing themselves, it's because gender dysphoria has an absurdly high rate of comorbidity with other mental illnesses (personality disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, etc.)

No. 1712192

Everyone looks completely normal…and then you have the troon.

No. 1712196

they’re dumb men who think being dumb is “fembrained”. no, idiot, being dumb is a you thing. plus, the horse piss gives them extra brain damage.

No. 1712203

Next thread name has to include Madam's Apple kek

No. 1712216


so happy im not chronically online enough (anymore) to understand what any of that fucking means

No. 1712217

File: 1669607847731.webm (4.04 MB, 480x852, T-5zlIAWLJTbTyvL.webm)

I'm not one to judge people on their appearance but I notice a lot of pro-TRAs tend to be unfit(that's the case 99% of the time) and what most would consider unattractive

No. 1712220

I…I thought lesbian meant at least "non men loving non men" to them? How is a MAN a fucking lesbian and the amount of likes is just

No. 1712226

File: 1669608327178.jpg (231.71 KB, 828x1309, Tumblr_l_113998439020418.jpg)

I know this was posted last thread but does anyone know what symptoms this actually is lmao cus he sounds like he's having some allergic reaction, sensory issues, needs to drink water, or a combination of the three.

No. 1712233

They're symptoms of 'forcing yourself to do weird shit so you can pretend its unique female horniness and post about it on reddit'-disease.

Like lmao this retard licks his teeth and giggles and scratches things and thinks it's a natural part of female arousal?? Literally just shit he actively chose to do.

No. 1712234

I feel so fucking bad for TiFs who think that degen males have their best interests at heart. this shit's so fucking gross. no woman with self respect would give any of these things a second glance.

No. 1712236

this. they think that giving yourself health issues is validating, yikes.

No. 1712243

The canine and running the nails across parts make me think he has felines and females confused. An easy mistake to make for someone who thinks all women are just walking pussies.

No. 1712251

File: 1669609698390.jpg (28.68 KB, 399x581, 3klv1v9dp5571.jpg)

The American Maoist faction on male Homosexuality

>"Homosexuality is a response – consciously or not – to a male supremacist society. Because it is a response to oppressive institutions and oppressive relationships it is not necessarily a progressive response or one that challenges the power of the monopoly capitalist…. As our relationships become unstable, people – particularly the petty bourgeoisie, which has more leisure time – scramble about in a desperate attempt to find some meaning in their lives. Today people are grasping at all kinds of straws, at exotic religious sects, mysticism, drugs, pornography, promiscuity, sex orgies, trotskyism, etc….. In posing an individual solution to the contradictions of monopoly capitalism, homosexuality is an ideology of the petty bourgeoisie, and must be clearly distinguished from proletarian ideology…. While gay people can be anti-imperialists, we feel that they cannot be Communists. To be a Communist, we must accept and welcome struggle in all facets of our lives, personal as well as political…. We feel that the best way to struggle out contradictions in our personal lives is in stable monogamous relationships between men and women based on mutual lives and respect. Because homosexuals do not carry the struggle between men and women into their most personal relationships they are not prepared, in principle, for the arduous task of class transformation

>When homosexuality is raised to a principle, when the banner of 'gay is good' is raised as a strategy for defeaing imperialism, then it becomes a reactionary force retarding the struggle of the working class and of the people as a whole….The only real liberation, the only road to real happiness for homosexuals – like all people caught in the mire and muck of bourgeois decadence – is to eliminate the reactionary, rotting system that drives them to homosexuality; and to build a new society, under the rule of the working class, that promotes working class culture and ideology…in opposition to selfishness, self-indulgence and the decadence of individualism and exploitative relations."

whether you think this is BS or not, this is actually consistent with with actual Communist ideology, picrel public humiliation of gay man during cultural revolution,crime for “bourgeoisie feudal remnants” and “sodomy”

No. 1712254

File: 1669609856001.jpg (34.33 KB, 512x288, Hyena-Main-512x288.jpg)

>Scratching things
>Licking teeth
>Uncontrollable laughter
I think he has women mixed up with hyenas…

No. 1712256

File: 1669609931771.jpg (475.09 KB, 919x1276, Meeting 2020 Laurie Lipton.jpg)

Moids on the internet.

No. 1712260

disgusting AGP fantasizing about his ideal "horny woman" cues and getting off on replicating them.
at work nonetheless, probably getting off on people possibly observing his autistic cooming

No. 1712261

File: 1669610147871.jpg (2.33 MB, 3072x4096, 22-11-27-23-30-41-224_deco.jpg)

their brainrot is extensive and wholly due to the kind of degenerative liberal activists they have in their friend circles. If your unwashed fetishist friend who calls himself a woman says that prostitution is emPoWErINg and that the only people who oppose it are the big eebil feminazis who hate fun and the dirty rich conservatives why would you question it? So what if legalization in Germany was a complete failure, if you just ignore that and all the self-evident issues with legalizing rape you're good.

pro exploitation dingbats often claim that the Nordic model doesn't work (despite there being evidence to the contrary) or that any anti exploitation activists are just stick in the mud prudes who are "moralizing" (which always infuriates me, It's such a lazy argument) And none of them actually take into consideration criticism leveled @ the likes of Molly Smith. They're trash ppl with no shame.


No. 1712319

kek underrated

No. 1712326

File: 1669615112384.jpeg (321.95 KB, 750x988, 66FB8C54-FB4F-456B-8587-44B8E7…)

> So am I a trans woman, or just a man who wishes he were a woman? Is there a difference?
No, zero difference.

No. 1712375

this is literally me when i'm dehydrated or bored asf
maybe it's the estrogen fucking up his male body

No. 1712378

File: 1669617613812.jpeg (301.75 KB, 750x1380, A02F9583-D12D-40A3-B0ED-3A82B9…)

> the imperial need for control is so desperate because it's so unnatural. Tyranny requires constant effort
self-awarewolves kek

No. 1712381

you're delusional that's what.

No. 1712391

File: 1669618630346.png (150.23 KB, 449x415, 945b4e4e-08f3-5d3c-999d-91530b…)

oh buddy……….

No. 1712397

samefag but kek how did i miss this, its daintyda1sy

No. 1712405

These dumb motherfuckers are in Britain. What are you going to arm them with, guys, plastic knives and forks? No one has guns here!

This just shows all this retarded gender shit is just copy and pasted from what they see the gender-having cool kids club from Burgerland doing on Twitter.

No. 1712407

Who wants to bet that this is an actual straight man trying to fish for lesbian or feminized male attention? Not that troons are any different from your average pornsick degenarate but there is a chance that this is a trolling idiot.

No. 1712412

File: 1669620907947.webm (7.06 MB, 342x270, 64VC8giDquSwM_0F.webm)

I feel like majority of libfems are now at a point of no return, they will accept anything that is presented to them as long as it is considered "woke" and progressive

No. 1712413

the first girl pisses me off lmao

No. 1712416

anything that has to do with politics is becoming more and more like this. i remember laughing at trump supporters when they would claim that trump's inauguration had more people attending than obama's even after they were shown pictures proving otherwise. i now realize that's what politics are now. you pick a team and support that team no matter what. people care more about being on the winning team than what's right or wrong.

No. 1712419

This post is such a classic of TiM degeneracy because every time you read it, you find something new. Why is this dude getting horny at work? Was he looking at porn in the office? Or does he actually think women just get so horny they're unable to focus at random parts of the day?

No. 1712431

Went through the comments of that post and saw this. Most women aren’t ‘bitches’ when they’re sexually frustrated but nice misogyny

No. 1712432

File: 1669624648264.jpeg (334.14 KB, 1170x1292, 1F51B2C9-DBD0-4814-80F5-693061…)

Sorry samefag I’m stupid and didn’t attach the image

No. 1712434

They’re just so fucking sexist. Typical ‘she just needs a good dicking to stop being a bitch’ that men say to degrade women.

No. 1712449

I hit peak when an ex of mine tried to get back with me post troon out. I tried to let him down gently because he had anger issues by just telling him I am straight and his response was that he still had his dick so it would be fine, and that this was a benefit to him being trans is being able to be with lesbians and straight women
Later another neck beard moid online we had both knew went trans for the same reason, it is 100% a trend for incels at this point

No. 1712456

>"So would you be willing to tell me I'm wrong?"
>"I feel like that's not my place, as, like, another human, to say someone is wrong, or to draw a lines or boundaries."
Holy shit. I'm begging for at least some of these people to be paid actors, especially that first woman, but I'm starting to think that neolibs are actually just as brain dead as flat-earthers, anti-vaxxers, and Trump supporters. They really would have supported lobotomy until their dying breaths in a past life. We can only trust grassroots leftists at this point, which makes it impossible to trust any actual politician. If trannyism is a psy-op to take down intelligent progressive politics and completely divide the left and class consciousness in general, it's a damn successful one.

No. 1712462

How is it that so many of them can be so open about how they're using trans as the human equivalent of a mating maximization strategy without even just a majority of people wising up to what's happening? I'm not even talking about the equally egregious "all sexualities are fluid and based on gender," because that shit is deliberately confusing and founded on homophobic and misogynistic values that many people have unknowingly internalized. They will literally directly say, "Being trans means I can sleep with anyone I want to, regardless of their sexuality," and their "allies" don't see anything weird or suspicious about that.

No. 1712469

File: 1669634026131.png (656.91 KB, 872x1574, tranny11.png)

Always such projection…

No. 1712473


The hypocrisy of it gets to me because the same circles that say stuff like this are incredibly punitive. They don't actually have any problem with telling people they are wrong, trying to ruin their lives, or whatever, they just need to wait for a green light from the NGOs that decide whatever the latest thing is before they go and do so. I still remember for the longest time nobody understood how any of the gender crap was supposed to work so you got to see the social dynamics at play really clearly.

People would try to feel out if you have money, if you have backing, if you have some kind of inside track before they feel safe agreeing with you. They would try to scour for dirt on people. Whether the idea itself was objectively true was completely beside the point, it is all so self serving.

The worst part is how much of a self sufficient system this has all become. If you go and point out how screwed things are, well, the fact you said it in a place that allows you to actually speak is itself damning and you have to go. It's gotten to be like fucking scientology where even if you stay on their approved sites, they want to scour your entire history to find if you've ever stepped out line before they acknowledge if you're right or not.

If you have money and status though, you can be Pritzker lite and wreck shit up. They don't care. Donate to republicans, be right wing on literally everything except gender. They don't care. There is no solidarity.

No. 1712474

This is serial killer evidence levels of creepy. He jacks off to his sister and fetishizes her sexuality. Probably tries to skinwalker her too. Three fucking questions about her underwear???

No. 1712479

my bet is these people were afraid of being honest because they didn't want their lives to be ruined by accusations of transphobia or ableism, like their responses are idiotic, but you can tell by the awkwardness with which they are answering the question they know what they are saying is absurd but they don't want to risk being called out for this

No. 1712481

Does anyone have a disgusting video where two trannies in cheap dresses shoot drugs? I can't find it.

No. 1712484

Another tranny playing Warhammer. Such a feminine hobby. All little girls are naturally drawn to toy soldiers, right?

No. 1712490

Sage for OT but I just made a thread for talking about personal experiences with the tranny movement. It's subpar, but it's something.

No. 1712492

Psst link doesn't work for me but ty nona!!

No. 1712493

Sorry, I removed it and posted it on /2x/ instead at an anon's suggestion!
Transgender loved ones thread: >>>/2X/6864

No. 1712494

File: 1669637954437.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1199x2048, chrome_screenshot_166963779628…)

lmao at those bolt ons

No. 1712506

His tits are like chameleon eyes

No. 1712522

My brain can't process those as breasts. They're like perfectly round circles that don't sag at all

No. 1712523

>jesus had vaginoplasty on his ribcage
my fucking sides

No. 1712547

not unrue, like even in my hyperwoke area I have only ever seen 3 trans people(2 of them were TIFs) I do think being in this thread long term without a small brake, might fuck up your perception about the world
like yes troons are an issue but not like the single biggest thing in the world, they are just over represented online

No. 1712557

what gets to me is the disproportionate amount of harm that they do. there aren't a lot of them, but you would think that there are based off of how much they're pandered to. i can't believe that so many organizations that used to stand for women's rights now even refuse to talk about women at all because it's "exclusionary".

No. 1712568

I agree. And it’s so weird the amount of social control they have to where a lot of people either don’t know what to say when the topic comes up or they tip-toe around it to avoid being called out. I’ve been out with friends and Harry Potter came up and almost everyone there felt some need to disavow JKR before the conversation moved on. There wasn’t even a need for it, no one at the table was trans ID. It’s very odd.

No. 1712569

that's the real issue, there probably are as many troons as there footfags in the world but you don't see footfags forcing the entire world to along with their fetish and accept it

No. 1712589

old news that jesus (and many of the saints) are associated with imagery of penetration/side wounds being considered yonic. shame that some cambridge retard is going in the tranny direction instead of an actually interesting discussion about visual analogies of wounds and vaginas throughout medieval christian art and what that might mean for the conception of the female body theologically. like we could have some slay writing about the sacramental wine being menstrual in nature but no…
i think you guys need to remember that they literally know they are hypocrites, except maybe the most naive/autistic/underage tifs or handmaidens. they do not care. this is an extremely imperialistic ideology, only concerned with domination, they dont care about fallacies or flawed logic, and because they dont care it doesnt work as a counter to point it out, not really. honestly the whole framework at play with these people (trannies, big corporate, transhumanists, technocapitalists) is kind of ingenious, they have total control over the "heartstrings"/"human rights" parts of the contemporary narrative, hence why disagreeing: lituhrally genocide.

No. 1712607

I’ve been lurking in these threads for about a month or so, and my lurking has made me realize that troons like the ones in these threads aren’t a rare occurrence. Every time I see one on social media they’re always very overtly sexual in their posts. Just constantly degenerate hornyposting for any and everyone to see. Real women don’t do that shit unless they’re pandering to scrotes

No. 1712608

Sorry for samefagging but no one ever calls them out on it, either

No. 1712619

Yep, and we’re expected to just play along with it when some of them are the worst and most misogynistic men out there.

No. 1712685

Whenever JKR comes up I pretend to be unaware of the troon stuff and praise all she does for women and kids and gay rights. So far it's made people who were definitely going to bash her instead say nothing at all so I hope it made them rethink their blind troon worship for at least a second

No. 1712694

Kinda related and very spotty but I also remember there existing some english(?) old ass statues that seemed to be of a softer looking Jesus, very much if apollo forgot to lift and got a bit of fat on him. Some people read that as "oh trans Jesus, lady jesus", very one dimensional and I may be misremembering a lot but yeah. I also agree with your post, I just wanted to dump my semi correct or wrong info here because kinda related?

No. 1712695

File: 1669655958701.jpg (849.77 KB, 1000x2001, lesbiangangupdate.jpg)

oh look, an update on lesbian gang by their TIM mod. underneath are the latest deleted posts. The comments under this one are especially infuriating: https://www.reveddit.com/v/lesbiangang/comments/z6ar1x/lets_acknowledge_all_of_lgbtqia_subcommunities/

No. 1712698

This is a pretty terrifying scenario to put yourself in. No other answer would be acceptable. You will lose your livelihood/academic career if you said literally anything else. Everyone knows that so they STFU. Nonnas here thinking they wouldn't resort to doing the same thing when a mic is shoved in their face are delusional.

No. 1712706

File: 1669656847013.jpeg (220.68 KB, 1000x750, 4AA39FED-0412-4B42-89F1-31ADB8…)

Unrelated to anything but I thought you nonnas might enjoy to know that I have rejected six troons so far from my private online language lessons (I teach my mother tongue to non-native speakers for side cash). I pretend to them that it’s because I don’t have time slots for them but it’s because they’re gross and I don’t want to interact with them on zoom/potentially get skinwalked/don’t want them thinking they can try to use my native language for weird LARPs. I look forward to rejecting more of them in the future. Picrel is mfw typing out the rejection emails.

No. 1712708

Insanity. I didn’t look at the threads there but from the two titles that say what they’re actually about (the penis one and the domestic violence thing) this is enraging to see. Lesbians already have so few places to discuss these topics. Are TiMs really so insecure they can’t handle when they or their “issues” aren’t the center of discussion for two measly seconds?

No. 1712712

Does anyone know any normal lesbian forums or sites? The current lesbian community is so sad I don't even try anymore.
Says a lot about them.

No. 1712717

>y'all y'all y'all y'all y'all

No. 1712719

I was just about to say the same. Fuck the woke/troon/twittersphere for appropriating black and American southern cultural vernacular tbh kek

No. 1712721

Doing God's work nona

No. 1712725


No. 1712734

this pisses me off so much, we literally cannot have a single safe space. how do they keep infiltrating every single lesbian subreddit, who keeps allowing them to mod??

No. 1712740

i'm guessing the founder of the sub wanted to seem unbiased and needed help modding. big mistake. that post i linked to is literally calling out his abuse for deleting her posts, and there are other comments from TIMs saying "wHy dO u EvEn nEeD a CiS OnlY sPaCe if uR nOt TrAnSpHobiC?"

No. 1712752

Thank you for your service nona

How is it fair that TIMs can have their own spaces and cis lesbians can not? With the way they act towards lesbians you'd think they'd be all for separate sub for them.

No. 1712756

the one reply to this in that post is:
"Because trans lesbians are a minority within a minority. Trans lesbians need a space away from cis lesbians because cis people are the majority with the ability to oppress. Trans lesbians do not oppress cis lesbians"

>Straight men pretending to be lesbians and invading their spaces, forcing them to like dick, do not oppress cis lesbians


No. 1712761

This gets to me a lot. They always want to use the narrative that they’ve been oppressed by women for centuries and they use talking points from groups who have actually been oppressed in order to achieve their means. Whenever women bring up having our own spaces, they say it isn’t fair because it’s like, as an example, if white people wanted their own groups away from black people (sorry to use race as an example, it’s just something they love to do and shows how they want to twist their own narrative). It makes sense if black people have their own groups or communities, considering they were a historically oppressed group here (speaking as a burger, again not wanting to racebait but bring up the most common example that TiMs appropriate). But TiMs try to twist it to say that women were the ones historically oppressing them rather than the other way around (men oppressing, raping, killing, etc women). Women NEED a space away from men for safety reasons. It doesn’t equate to something like race the way they want it to so badly. Over and over they say we’re being discriminatory against them and they “just want to pee/play sports/whatever else”, but then they post themselves masturbating in women’s bathrooms, they break women’s skulls, they have very high rates of rape and assault against women and children. Women don’t do those things. I shouldn’t have to be in a space with men like that if I feel unsafe. I hate it so much nonnies.

No. 1712782

it's insane that moids have oppressed women since time immemorial and now get to claim that they're the real victims because they have a fetish

No. 1712786

File: 1669662174416.jpeg (50.46 KB, 180x295, 1A6FBE4B-0658-40E9-AC5D-9ECA1F…)

No. 1712788

Yes, thank you. That’s the point I was trying to get at with all my words.

No. 1712792

It’s interesting that most of the men we see troon out with no shame are straight white men. It’s also interesting that doing so has become more popular as women have gained more power and are paying less attention to men and being attached to them for life. Heaven forbid a moid doesn’t have all of his needs catered to or he goes into testosterone-induced delusions to try and take some of the power back. Same thing with incels and MRAs, women being honest about men and no longer wishing to cater to them has made men go insane. Straight white scrotes started finally being called out and they can’t handle it.

No. 1712807

That’s literally all the trans craze is. There’s a reason why it’s only scrotes of no color doing this shit. It’s because moids of color actually have real problems to worry about that isn’t MUh FeMinIStS or MuH DIck. White men are a truly bizarre and deranged group of people

No. 1712814

I've run into plenty of brown and black troons. They just tend to be less obnoxious than their white counterparts because their cultures are less accepting and more homophobic overall.

No. 1712815

>is anyone else pissed off by straight men bringing up the misleading study about lesbians having the highest rates of domestic abuse?
Why was this deleted and locked by the mods? I see no reason, unless they think transbians are straight men, or for some reason don't want to acknowledge that the lesbian DV study has been debunked by people who discovered that the high rates of DV for lesbians were the result of facing violence from males in the past (oftentimes family members), rather than from their (female) partners. Really makes you think.

No. 1712818

Wow, a reference to Marx and DDLG. I'd be more shocked if it wasn't a tranny.

No. 1712824

Most POC that troon out are HSTS (trying to be acceptable to their homophobic communities), most white males that troon out are AGP (power-hungry coomers who have never once in their life taken "no" with dignity and grace). I'm not sure how many times this needs to be said, but I guess it comes up a lot because newly peaked women don't know yet.

No. 1712835

File: 1669666300728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,5.12 MB, 4624x10616, 56515903-EB68-4C12-AB15-49E205…)

everyone in the comments is telling him this looks good, including a handmaiden who said this looks like her vulva, wtf.

No. 1712843

ew that thingy looks like a finger

No. 1712849

it's like the remains of his dick is trying to recreate that chestburster scene from Alien

No. 1712852

Those comments are truly something
>why would cis lesbians even need communities apart from transphobic reasons? cis gay guys don't have "cis" communities
Basically any male gay space is anti-tranny zone, because they laugh at any women that tries to join and change their language or behaviour. I stopped browsing TwoXChromosomes after they let troons spam selfies for a day or two even though it had a "no selfies" rule, and deleted posts where women asked what the fuck was going on, asked mods to step in and do their job because it was draining out the visibility of actually interesting discussions

No. 1712854

Nta but now that you mention it, holy shit true.
But sadly I think that is just half the truth, I think it's due to trends being slower in other countries. I live in latinamerica and I belive some scrotes will eventually catch up and become "transbians" the more they consume american media and get brainwashed with porn. Right now I know 1 possible agp "transbian" that just sometimes posts instastories with skirts and uses filters "hinting" the idea but is not out officially, he has always been a depressed pornsick dude. But there are definitely more HSTS here.

No. 1712857

File: 1669667935411.jpeg (91.42 KB, 760x1024, FirCbnRX0AA07EN.jpeg)


No. 1712859

>wouldn't be anywhere without woke

No. 1712860

File: 1669668353789.jpeg (361.25 KB, 750x911, 3A6CC4AC-3EF5-4A3B-9D4F-3CF756…)

at least the tranny mod is balding kek. karma is beautiful.

No. 1712862

Legit looks like a moldy hotdog in a bun kek so deserved

No. 1712865

>women have gained more power and are playing less attention to men and being attached to them for life.
Incel to troon pipeline. It's a real fucking thing. Thing about black men is that are some famous white women that I read about being raped by a black assailant. I think a lot of white women are a bit more apprehensive around black men because of cultural differences and white men instilling the fear that black men would steal their women (forcefully), even if rape and murder happens between people of the same race. But no fucking women ever has to have that conversation even if she was raped by a black dude like troons try to bring up because she should have all women safe spaces. No white woman would ever be afraid of a black woman because of what a man of their color has done. Now these troons are bringing race into it when most racism is a male inferiority/fear complex because they have dominate everything and everyone. Women transcend race if moids weren't involved.

No. 1712882

File: 1669670275279.png (603.39 KB, 541x840, heroin.png)

I tried converting it to webm and posting it directly but it refused to upload, you can see it here: https://twitter.com/serialswaghaver/status/1550363228043100160

Trannies loved the video so much they're making furry fanart of it, see picrel.

No. 1712886

kek he already deleted it, as he always does. he literally just brings up her race for no reason, as if being black negates being a woman in the same way TIMs aren't women. WTF.

No. 1712887

kekkkkkkk hes literally malding

No. 1712889

>comes back thick
lmao then why do troons always have such stringy hair?

No. 1712905

i mean, there's a reason why these threads are so fast nowadays
daily fresh content wouldn't be possible if all troons weren't misogynistic

No. 1712906

I can't figure out what makes troons so delusional about their looks.

I know for a lot of people who start going downhill, it's easy to rationalize it as the camera angle being bad or just a few extra pounds from the holidays, or the lighting, the outfit, the expression on their face, whatever. People who abuse filters might internalize that modified image of themselves and not pay much attention to mirrors. And some people talk big to cover up insecurity, not really believing their own hype. But troons are the one group that seems to post photos exactly as they look like, as ugly as they look like, and still proudly smirk about how they're sexy. It's not like it's hard to find their porn habits and know that they don't even match their own fetishes.

Does anybody have any ideas on this? I'm at a complete loss.

No. 1712917

an ugly moid will always be accepted more than an ugly woman. the woman is advertised plastic surgery, makeup, fillers, fucking face exercises. the moid is told to work out, use products for hair loss and maybe, maybe, if he can, work on his porn addiction. the “enter” (barge into) womanhood with this male ego because their self esteem isnt broken from the base the way girls that grow up into women experience. a moid with a ratty wig and showing off his meaty flabby legs? it’s over, he thinks he’s amanda lepore, bc hes not USED to this kind of effort. He thinks any and all effort is worthwhile (and it still is never the same amount a woman puts into herself) therefore he MUST be sexy. Men will also fuck anything that moves, so do with that what you will.

No. 1712925

A few reasons imo
>Moids in general overestimate their attractiveness (evopsych reasoning: to ensure they shoot their shot all the time and maximise their chances to pass on their genes)
>Legitimate autism/disability
>Being hot and confident is a necessary part of the AGP fantasy and they will completely ignore reality to continue indulging their fetish
>Their poor oppressed minority status will force handmaidens to gas them up and prevent any criticism, it artificially inflates their confidence

It is truly shocking how hideous and arrogant they are though. And a good reminder to all women that our insecurities are mostly unjustified.

No. 1712933

trust me, none of these guys are blind, they can see themselves for what they are and many do fixate on every stupid little thing they can think of to nitpick about e.g. their "midface" outs them as men, their brow bone doesn't pass, etc etc. And for the most part, they're accurately accessing their appearance, even fat redistribution from hrt and having really good genes don't make them a woman.

Some of the more insufferable narcs genuinely don't care for others' opinions and will internalize their own AGP - they think a skirt on a man is arousing, and it doesn't matter if said man looks like a warty landwhale.

They're not competing with self loathing hstses usually although if they are pornsick and rich enough i bet some AGPs would try to become as repellent looking as Lepore who looks like a corpse at this point. Men tend to be blustering fools in general and troons are huge narcs.

No. 1712934

serious question: if someone works for a company that provides free “gender-affirming” care to trans people, could a “cis” woman sue said company for not providing things like breast implants, hysterectomies, female-specific cancer treatments, etc.? perhaps on the basis of sex-based discrimination

No. 1712937

it's projection. Black people did fine for themselves in the 90s decades before social media

No. 1712948

i wish you could, anon. but alas, 'affirmation' is only provided to troons, who are a minority.

No. 1712949

File: 1669675457417.png (247.74 KB, 487x363, m.png)

the way that TIMS unironically love it when men treat them like shit and post things like this sincerely or as a ""joke""

No. 1712950

File: 1669675485989.png (52.57 KB, 794x327, Screenshot3.png)

>dysphoric females make art that depicts an allegory of their trauma
>dysphoric males make art that depicts their fetish

No. 1712958

drives me insane that people just fucking accept this now. at least in the 50s we had qualudes

No. 1712959

No. 1712961

no shit, they had barbs back then too. Now you're a lucky bastard if you can convince a doctor to give you a benzo script. hydroxyzine ain't cutting it for this reality, nonnas

No. 1712964

File: 1669676156587.png (684.25 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20221128-174755-720…)

Oh sweetie, all the genderless signifiers in the world couldn't disguise exactly which parent takes care of the childrearing, cooking and cleaning, and which one plays video games and hurls a can of dirty diapers around. (1/2)

No. 1712965

File: 1669676181029.png (619.46 KB, 1080x1651, Screenshot_20221128-174814-895…)


No. 1712967

i bet her moid posts about his dream job being "housewife" on reddit

No. 1712972

Absolute queen shit

No. 1712977

for her and his kid's sake, i hope this scrote gets cancer from the horse piss pills. gender neutral my ass, you can tell exactly who is male here.

No. 1712987

male autism = face blindness
which could also tie into why wearing makeup equates to being a woman…maybe they are so face blind they can't tell how to take good pics either?

No. 1712993

File: 1669677867076.png (303.49 KB, 1170x669, 21E1359E-6508-470C-8B95-15BFA1…)

You’re so right. Honestly I avoid these threads for the visceral disgust they evoke in me. Only recently have I realised the one of these creatures I have any real connection with is as bad as any one of them. I always said well they are harmless, they always seemed weird but maybe a good person. But then I discovered the diaper fetish accounts, not even hidden. I’m going to stop turning a blind eye and nurse my hatred from now on

No. 1712994

>"it's just like black people!!!!11!"
>back in the day whenever black people made a separate society to live amongst themselves and it was successful, white people would destroy it
>this irony is lost on them because they are the white men

No. 1713002

>my siblings are all teenagers or younger
Jesus how old is this person?

No. 1713003

Reading this absolutely bleak portrait of family hell makes me even happier and smugger to be happily married to a woman who actively helps me take care of our babies and doesn’t have fucking scary scrote chimpouts. Troons die mad about real lesbians. Real talk tho this TIF should put her goddamn child first and get the fuck out, even if it’s not easy and they don’t have family to run to. How much you want to bet she estranged herself from her fam by choice…

No. 1713023

>I used genser neutral language to avoid the wrongful biases about judgement of mothers and fathers reee
We could all tell who was what sex anyways, and we all know who you were trying to protect here. Misandry isn't real and your moid deserves to be criticized for his abusive male behavior.

No. 1713024

based nonna

No. 1713027

inb4 "I can't live with my parents because they're transphobic."

No. 1713031

Dogs can tell the biology of humans through scent, sight, and sound kek they know

No. 1713043

glad mods put that bitch down. lolcow dont need retards like u fatty

No. 1713049

Really shows their true colors and how they don’t give a shit about womens rights.

No. 1713050

File: 1669681449227.jpeg (Spoiler Image,225.35 KB, 1152x1536, D3F2D777-47EA-495D-955D-13CEBD…)

That tweet describes a personal cow of mine, this hardcore ancap/lolbert theorycel boymoder hanger-on of the political club scene back at my uni, to a T. We found his blog once and it was a mix of esoteric lolbertism and horny manic ramblings about how lesbians want him and topping other guys. I’ll post a link to if there’s any interest.
>inb4 I’m accused of self-promotion,
His blog has been dead for at least a year now and he’s made all the linked vids private.

No. 1713053

It’s incredible how they willingly post this then expect us to believe they’re more oppressed than TiFs (women).

No. 1713056

I don't give a shit about that either

No. 1713064

I remember when I first saw that video, freaky how they're breathing so hard
The difference being that TERFs won't have sex with them and misogynistic men will ("men are better women…")

No. 1713095

this but they're always saying that they hate terves and that they'd ~~never~~ want to have sex w one lol

as if lesbians are begging for unwashed male validation eugh

No. 1713100

I'd love to know what world you think your "babies" will live in

No. 1713133

NAYRT and haven't heard of soft Jesus, but it reminds me of Wilgefortis. Literally just artwork of Jesus in a long tunic that Europeans mistook as a bearded woman and made a whole cult out of "her". Any modern interpretation of Wilgefortis as trans is hilariously fitting because it's celebrating ignorance and gender conformity of the Middle Ages as heckin progressive.

No. 1713185

that's the issue thing, you can't know what one thing might deem you irremediable in the eyes of woke twitter mob, hell I wouldn't risk it either

No. 1713200


No. 1713201

They are literally just the MRA/women hater type retards who seethe that they wouldn’t date an ugly fat feminazi like ten years before.

No. 1713217

File: 1669692695662.png (76.94 KB, 648x567, CAPTURE.png)

God I fucking hate troon "humor"

No. 1713219

File: 1669692739294.jpeg (222.27 KB, 828x932, EFA0817C-C123-4646-A469-8FEDB4…)

Stole a bunch of women’s underwear.

No. 1713224

Pls post link nona

No. 1713225

I can't even hate this, because it's so lame. It's like that one boy every 5th grade class had whose parents didn't pay attention to him at all so he was deliberately annoying to try to get any attention he could grew up into an adult who does the exact same thing but with a porn-addled twist.

No. 1713227

But the headlines listed it as just "luggage," for some reason. It's almost like mass media does everything it can to protect TIMs from facing the consequences of their own actions in precisely the same way it does for regular males. Why aren't TIMs dysphoric about this, hm? I thought they were "burdened" by male privilege due to dysphoria? That's what they say whenever they feel "euphoria" from sexual harassment, at least. "I want to be treated just like a woman." Does that only apply in sexual situations? I wonder.

No. 1713228

Are there any spaces for lesbians and febfems out there anymore that are specifically troon exclusive kek

No. 1713236


lchat is relatively safe but a lot of people there are kind of brain dead. wish there was a safe space for lesbians and febfems away from TiMs, even just a discord

No. 1713244

but they’d be discriminating based on sex, yes? I really can’t wrap my mind around places like Starbucks providing free “care” for troons but not for women.

No. 1713251

knowing this is my university and were supposed to be one of the top STEM schools in the country (ig if you ignore the UCs and stanford) yet most students will deny literal biology pains me. kek i wish he asked the chinese students.

No. 1713300

I really hate the rhetoric that identity can only form based on oppression. Even apart from the tranny issue, arguing that "We can have a separate, exclusive board because OPPRESSION" is such a depressing way to view life. Certainly some solidarities arise from shared experiences of oppression, but they equally arise from shared experiences of affirmation, of joy.

Maybe lesbians should just make a board for "Lesbians who bleed" or "Lesbians who don't like penis in a phallo-centric society" as those are metrics of oppression, but those would probably be nuked for being passively "transphobic…"

No. 1713314

No. 1713319

Yeah I mean men aren't oppressed but we should be all happy for them to sequester themselves off in some fetid place alone. Why should men get Games Workshop and lesbians nothing?

No. 1713323

>but those would probably be nuked for being passively "transphobic…"
They absolutely would (or rather than nuked, just taken over by tranny mods). Just like the sub named after our literal chromosomes and the lesbian subs that were named specifically to identify them as 'actual' lesbians which troons are not. These days you can't even use the terminology TRAs invented because it's not inclusive enough (eg AFAB, cis), you can't specify 'biological female', you have to say 'people with periods' not because it will offend TIFs to be excluded but because MTFs don't want to hear the word woman unless it includes them. There's no phrasing that appeases trannies because everything reminds them they aren't female and they continually move the goalposts to prevent women from having our own spaces or language.

No. 1713331

It's just that they're AGP and actually find their womansonas attractive.
>Women I find hot give me a boner
>When I wear lingerie and look in the mirror I also get a boner
>QED I am a hot woman

No. 1713337

>space for lesbians and febfems away from TiMs, even just a discord
they do exist but are obviously very private, you have to actively seek them out by getting in touch on other platforms to find them

No. 1713346

What about "Lesbians who like Harry Potter" kek

No. 1713360

File: 1669710306824.jpg (242 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20221129_091736_Red…)

What a typical troon. I think in comments he also wrote he himself has a genital preference and only likes cis lesbians.

No. 1713361

File: 1669710614402.webm (Spoiler Image,15.81 MB, 394x720, chh.webm)

No. 1713363

Lesbians not into anime and video games

No. 1713369

>I think it's due to trends being slower in other countries
Could be that certain paraphilia/fethishes are more common in one race/ethnic group of men than others. I've notice black men are more likely to be foot fetishists or into ssbbw(women over 400lbs). I've heard German and Arabic men are more likely to be into scatt. AGP appears to mostly a Western white male paraphilia.

No. 1713375

as a nerdy lesbian it makes me upset when almost all the other "lesbians" into this shit are just trannies

No. 1713378

File: 1669714130116.jpeg (20.94 KB, 250x250, ED914A42-67DE-4D5B-8181-C60060…)

Women can like video games fuck off. You don’t need to force gender stereotypes like that. I can kick ass at overwatch and misgender tranny players at the same time.

No. 1713380

I’m into both but I actually have good taste on those. But not to derail, bring some more milk I need my daily dose of laughing at troons

No. 1713381

i hate this so much. as if christianity wasn’t misogynistic enough

No. 1713385

Yeah I'm in IT/tech and the only real woman at my company. It's all a bunch of striped sock wearing troons with receding hairlines and dollar store eyeliner

No. 1713387

and I love you for that nona

No. 1713394

Great way to say you’re just mati because someone used aave in the first place. Die seething kek

No. 1713396

kek that was my first thought too. it would explain being a weeb-y troon magnet

No. 1713397

My friend and I watched one of his comedy specials back when we were in middle school. He specifically stated that he is a man who cross dresses, nothing more. That's what I learned a tranny was (and from Rocky horror. Basically a full time drag queen. What happened?

The special was called "dressed to kill", but I don't have time to look for where he that.

No. 1713401

just learned these 2 trannies are russian, i thought mother russia jailed those freaks ?

No. 1713407

why do they always have such greasy hair, i bet that bed smells putrid

No. 1713409

Troon-rejecting language teacher-anon here, and no thank god kek. I can’t imagine being a young Japanese woman lang teacher, the troons would be on her like flies on shit.

No. 1713410

File: 1669720401378.webm (3.3 MB, 406x720, theres_no_way_im_pregnant.webm)

So whenever you wanted who are these lesbians fighting so hard to keep men in their communities, this is the type
This was posted to reddit and even redditors kept asking how the fuck is it transphobic to say you sleep with women

No. 1713413

File: 1669721504582.jpg (538.15 KB, 1000x1802, booba brother.jpg)

imagine having a brother like this. also why does he even know her bra size ffs

No. 1713418

We should be allowed to a-log in this thread.

No. 1713419

Oh shit I remember her, she made a godawful tiktok about how evil Christians destroyed the middle east and are the real reason Islamic extremism exists

No. 1713421

Why would his very conservative sister be emotionally affected by her autistic brother growing tube tits? Even if some conservative women do handle femininity as a competition, the troons aren't even in the race

No. 1713435

wonder what will happen when she has a kid lol how will he outdo her there?

No. 1713438

Actually God and Adam are both female because creation (birth) is exclusive to females. Also every animal species that reproduces asexually is XX and produces XX spawn, afair. So Adam and Eve were a butch/femme couple and Jesus was a woman, too. Not a penis in sight, aside from Joseph (a pedophile and a cuck).

No. 1713439

Actually based nonna topkek

No. 1713441

Part of me is doubting he does because moids know nothing about band size and cup size so they put random cup sizes based on what size they think women breast sizes are. They don't know cup size without band size means nothing. But yeah, since he is a troon, he probably stole their bras.
Also no matter how much big the sister breast size he still will never be a woman and his post only reinforces that kek.

No. 1713444

>and prove i am the (naturally) superior woman
I really hope he shows up to thanksgiving next year with the ugliest, most mismatched tube tits while his Stacy sister sits there, containing her laugh looking gorgeous as women do effortlessly

No. 1713445

do you guys ever notice how much troons, and even men, like to call women petty catty childish competitive bitches? how supposedly we're all in competition with one another when every other say some tranny is on the mtf sub saying they cant even bear the sight of another woman without chimping out? or in this one's case, measuring his 'womanhood' via booba

No. 1713447

Its a bit more complicated, I don't wanna defend the troon but there is some merit to his argument, in most Semitic creation myths, the first human being is always a joint being that's both male and female, once they get separated they became man and woman

No. 1713448

>What happened?
Male entitlement and the trans cult indoctrination as usual, he thinks putting on a dress and makeup made him experience being a real woman because he's a misogynist

No. 1713449

yeah it's hilarious when they brag about made-up cup sizes their moobs are but then they've got a chest the width of a large wide screen TV.
the confusion with bra sizes amuses me. I'm a D cup but small chest/band size so absolutely do not have the coom-brained moid's idea of how big a D cup should look in their fantasies. they're clueless about everything relating to women.

No. 1713451

Samefag but I just remembered that there have been studies on attempts at synthesized same-sex procreation (using rats), and the XY/XY offspring would uniformly die of horrible diseases and deformations fairly early on, but the XX/XX offspring showed more promise and have begun to show stability. The XY/XY pairs also needed additional assistance in the form of (somehow?) giving one of the male rats eggs (I've heard many of these sorts of tests involve essentially stitching a female rat to a male rat, but I'm not certain of what they did in this circumstance), which imo is cheating and making it heterosexual reproduction.
tl;dr Female-only reproduction is possible, and male-only reproduction doesn't seem to be. Troons seethe.

No. 1713452

This. I’m pretty tall & lean/fit with a C cup but smaller band size and my boobs look very small kek. Like I’ve had scrotes assume I was an A/B because they’re retarded.

No. 1713455

Nona there's absolutely zero validity to the first two people on earth both being penis-havers. Aside from the obvious "religion is fake, and the myth of creation makes no sense" point, it is literally impossible for two men to procreate without a woman, even with modern technology that is showing promise in allowing two women to procreate without a man.

No. 1713457

Nah it's a great format, Hitler was trans, this is very funny but also true. He was just mad that he couldn't transition into his brave and stunning self so he committed genocide, just like any trans person would do if they could. Hitler is simply the transiest trans icon there is.

No. 1713459

Andy Warhol was a transwoman, and that's why he was a talentless retard who stole his ideas from more talented people than him (especially women). It's also why he dressed and talked like an asshole.

No. 1713490

I think Trump might be a transwoman, he's- she's obsessed with grabbing pussies because she so desperately wants one himse- I mean herself. He's just got internalized transphobia, but he is definitely a trans icon too.

No. 1713494

anyone else notice how many of these guys really like this kind of edgy shit? the schizo/lain fan ilk in particular. the fact that someone filmed this clip to put online, the fact that fanart was made of these people doing heroin really strikes home what i feel is a certain undercurrent of glorification of defeatism and self-sabotage in that community.

basically, this is the video equivalent of sewerslvt's vibes, and its rancid.

No. 1713510

File: 1669729483727.jpeg (103.78 KB, 640x986, ACEAF58C-9845-44C7-9016-A42D26…)

This is the scrote btw, he’s a “senior” Department of Energy employee but really looks more like one of those drag queens who would read to kindergarteners.

No. 1713517

American nonas I'm so sorry this knicker sniffer works for your government.

No. 1713519

The word you're looking for is "depraved." They're monsters who think suffering is cool when men subject themselves to it, and sexy when it's forced on women. They're the same men they were when they were using 4chan and hoping to see loli guro, except now they're wearing different clothes.

No. 1713523

I reckon I could crack his head open and find a baby ostrich.

No. 1713536

I know some lesbians on dating apps like HER use the phrase “Harry Potter fan” to subtly say that they’re not into troons without breaking the terms of service

No. 1713542

There was a trend on tik tok where ppl would use the audio of the troon from euphoria saying something like this “women always compete with each other” or some bullshit I can’t remember it since I don’t watch trash tv (but I can put up with tik tok every now and then) but women where agreeing with it and it was the most annoying thing, not as annoying as the trannys making videos saying “cis” people shouldn’t be allowed to use it since they don’t REALLY understand womanhood like they do

No. 1713554

>"Women always compete with each other"
>Blatantly obvious attempt by troons to be challeged by women so they can argue with them while also feeling validated for being "competed with"
I don't buy the "women are always competing with each other and being catty" stereotypes (ironically, most of the women I see who claim that it's real have social skills in the negative and severe internalized misogyny issues kek), but I can't wait for the troons to seethe over their self-inflicted invalidation when all of the handmaidens they're challenging just ignore them or placate them for a couple minutes before going back to business as usual.

No. 1713558

File: 1669732066942.jpeg (139.92 KB, 581x1227, 83FD123B-8169-401E-B5F3-F5A6C3…)

remember the child torturer tranny that got released from prison and got on twitter?

No. 1713560

It's all projection of their own dick-measuring obsession. Notice how often drag fags or troons try to gender-bent this into vagina tightness/labia/boob size competition and think it's an epic own.
We don't feel hierarchically inferior to a woman with huge boobs the way moids feel inherent submission to another man with a huge dick. Even though some women can get jealous of perceived better shape or size, we don't build our female hierarchy on who has the biggest breasts or tightest vagina. Most women frankly won't ever know or think about how another woman's vulva or vagina is shaped like and breast size changes with weight gain and it's easy to get an augmentation if seriously unhappy. But a second a man knows he's underaverage in dick size, he's bitter and considers himself submissive failmale and defeated by his friends with bigger sizes. And unlike women, he can't ever change his size kek, he's stuck being a bitchboy for life.

No. 1713562

from what i understand not having at least one x chromosome makes you incompatible with life

No. 1713564

Honestly it's just pathetic that he needs to go after literal kids and self-hating women(? Is that a woman? It's hard to tell, what with the mask, and being side by side with a literal rape ape in a linebacker suit) to feel powerful. Are men too scary for you, tough guy?

No. 1713569

the salad fingers made me think its a tim but who knows

No. 1713570

Nona, don't be so loud. My petri dish homunculus son, Chromlet, might hear you and throw a tantrum. He's very fragile and has every disease, so he may die if he becomes too upset.

No. 1713571

AYRT and upon closer inspection, I think that's a moid. Notice the ID he's holding up to the camera.

No. 1713572

Idgi. I haven’t felt any sort of breast insecurity since I was like sixteen, do they think we all go around sizing each other up and being seethingly jealous? Like I know some women do have insecurities about them but I’d imagine sometimes that falls into BDD if they obsess over it. The idea that his sister would be at the dinner table fuming because her mentally ill brother has some misshapen fatty lumps that will never actually be real breasts is so delusional of him. Like, she’s actually a woman. Why would she be jealous over this?

No. 1713573


No. 1713576

my sides

No. 1713580

KEK not chromlet

No. 1713581

If anything women feel threatened by others women weight/size (not vagina or boobs, but the whole body) and that's not really comparable to utter despair that males feel when another male has a bigger dick than them. Because anyone can lost weight but you can't make your dick grow (and no you can't any dick growing treatment is bullshit, if at least one of those worked males around the world would be protesting demanding that dick growing treatments should be considered an human right)

No. 1713583

File: 1669733662904.png (252.79 KB, 1093x652, be.png)

The answer is very easy: troons watch too much anime and base their "female personality" and social cues on it.

No. 1713584

Yes, exactly. They always post this shit about being “more woman” or how they get more dick and whatever other weird scrotoid copes they come up with. Sir, I don’t compare myself to you at all. I come here to mock your entire being, why would I be jealous of someone who is trying to imitate everything I naturally have? The fact they think men having sex with them is a win is hilarious too. Men fuck anything and most of them don’t even actually know how to please women. Both TiMs and regular men vastly overrate their penises and how much women think about them, let alone desire them. Whenever they do this it really lets you see how outside of womanhood they are, because they still think exactly like every other moid with their weird obsessive competitiveness and one-track sex minds. They cannot fathom that women don’t work like that and they think we’re lying when we say no, yet we really fucking don’t. So myopic.

No. 1713588

File: 1669733916878.jpeg (209.14 KB, 998x1116, F4D7F23E-AC4A-4A03-8358-9197C4…)

wait for it..

No. 1713590

File: 1669733977502.jpeg (176.94 KB, 1164x1474, 9F0AAC77-87BA-4335-A203-A644BC…)

soooo jealous that i dont have deep creased wrinkles and blotchy thick skin like this moid. i wish my hairline was weaker and receding. i wish i was obese like him

No. 1713591

Honestly bodily insecurity is very common in women, but I've noticed that other women tend to be more competitive and envious over skills and personality traits than body features. A flat chested women may feel very stressed over her small breasts in private, but she's more likely to have greater concerns about not being as funny, charismatic, smart, or talented as other women than she would be over not having the biggest boobs in her friend group.
Kek this is absolutely why they think women care about that shit. It happens in porn with actual people, too. Women in media designed for men are constantly thinking about how well they appeal to men. It's a male fantasy.

No. 1713592

Don’t those sorts of beings usually fall more under hermaphroditism though? It’s all fantasy anyway so it’s not like it matters.

I think so too, probably why he’s wearing a mask so it will cause more drama if it’s hard to see the face.

No. 1713593

My man is so scared of poking himself in the eye with that eyeliner

No. 1713595

kek nona. The way they overestimate their looks and abilities is so funny.

No. 1713597

File: 1669734605568.jpeg (389.14 KB, 828x1395, D4B3E601-3013-4509-99CF-50EB00…)

The caption lmao. Good.

No. 1713600

Breast envy is a common fetish between weeb scrotes.

No. 1713603

This, I'm practically flat I don't even need a bra lol but I've never hated myself or other women over my breast size. I'm bi so I just appreciate nice breasts when I see them lol

No. 1713608

Imagine shopping at Ikea and seeing this. I couldn't get out of that maze faster.

No. 1713609

Oh I see. Of course it’s related to porn. Why are we supposed to welcome and accommodate these men when they think women are just porn stereotypes again?

No. 1713631

Eastern countries historically did allow some HSTSs for particular jobs but then eventually those traditions fell away as women got rights and less segregated. Women couldn't be doctors and women couldn't be touched by a man, ergo if we take this gay man and force him to live as a woman he will be seen as a failed man but still better than women so they would be their doctors. In one place butch women guarded harems but I know very little of their treatment, all I know is they didn't get any special "closer to man status". Now women are their own doctors (probably why women are pushed to become doctors more than boys) and bodyguards are just men so gays basically just went back into the closet and take beards.
It's actually maddening to see big city eastern kids take up this gendie nonsense because they're following western gender shit. In our culture a man can have a dramatic photoshoot kissing a bird with fully styled hair and eyeliner and nobody would blink at his heterosexuality (other things get you called gay), but now those guys are acting oppressed and unique because they don't fit the frigid white western ideal they were never going to be held to. Our males have always been poets, but because some man in Vermont could be called a fruit for liking it they are now using absolute inventions to add to their male victim points (and our men don't need more reasons to go home to cry to their mothers).

No. 1713632

fetishes can also be influenced by cultural factors, that's very much true

No. 1713644

What >>1713448 said. Though the big part of it was when people started validating the trans ideology and the glorification that these misogynistic creeps were getting back in the early 2010s. The whole "stunning and brave" mantra that these troons were getting from the public which enabled more of these creeps to "come out".

No. 1713647

I like how that woman asked a perfectly reasonable, rational question and this moid immediately lost his shit and insulted her over and over again. Also god damn this is racist. Is he some kind of plant to make troons look bad because how the fuck is this a real person

No. 1713661

we also don’t have female versions of alpha and beta males. men see everything in terms of hierarchy, that’s why trannies say shit like “i’m more of a woman than you’ll ever be”.

No. 1713662

we also don’t have female versions of alpha and beta males. men see everything in terms of hierarchy, that’s why trannies say shit like “i’m more of a woman than you’ll ever be”.

No. 1713668

File: 1669739872997.webm (3.18 MB, 320x568, translesbian.webm)

Found this AGP nightmare on German Twitter. Translation:
Question: Do you accept (LGBT flag)?

Him: Hi, of course because I'm transgender myself - i. e. trans lesbian, that's why I don't see a reason not to accept something. You can also contact me if you want! So thank you, bye!

He is such a stereotypical transbian, obvious male who changed nothing but his hair, ugly as hell, no self awareness, incel who's trying to lure in females. Just gross

No. 1713671

i’ve never felt jealous of anybody’s breasts, and mine have always been small.

No. 1713674

You are an inspiration for me nonna, I aspire to be like you

No. 1713682

Kek the last tweet. The lack of self-awareness and the projection are astounding. Not even the most degenerate non-troon moid would openly claim a troon. They only fuck them behind closed doors to live out their homo fantasies.

No. 1713691

I despise the fact that troonery has made its way into our country as well. auch das "Trantstschender", was für ne Aussprache ey

No. 1713707

My first thought was Uncle Fester got into a fight with the drug store beauty aisle and lost terribly

No. 1713709

my sister-in-law is german so i try not to talk too much shit about germany, but istg german moids are always weirdos

No. 1713722

Breast envy is real, especially among teenagers, but it's extremely different from how troon envision it.
It's always passive-aggressive and on the line of "Oh wow, you have such big breasts, I wish I had them too. Mind switching?". It's very much a form of self-hatred, like when you have pretty hair and they say similar things about your hair. It's never the silent seething or breast groping troons love so much.

No. 1713747

Ok but they are tho…one of my roommates before I got my own place in Italy was a half German half Italian scrote and my god he was strange awkward and fully degen kek

No. 1713749

bold faced racist what the actual fuck
if this were anyone else they'd be run offline why are troons so coddled??????

No. 1713750

So fucking weird how the comments on this video on Twitter are like "this video means so much to so many people" or "I cried when I first saw this video" and it's just two trannies shooting up drugs, obviously tweaking and then making out jerkily. What the fuck is there to cry about lmfao these people are insane

No. 1713795

Sargon rape tweet energy.

No. 1713806

They are worse than a lot of men in other countries because prostitution is legal and normalized here. They're absolute degenerates.

No. 1713810

But they totally are, nona. My German ex always wanted to force me to have sex and have to get anal sex from me. He also was a huge misogynist asshole that liked to brag about his 100% bavarian blood and how he hated the muslim immigrants, which is kinda fair about muslim moids I guess but his hate was only pretty much directed at the muslim women. Also he was pro troonism too.
No1currs but God I hate that asshole.

No. 1713826

File: 1669749695931.jpg (297.88 KB, 1080x1231, Screenshot_20221129_142019.jpg)

Them mental gymnastics though

No. 1713828

lmao WHAT
That’s so pathetic: the unwashed hair, non fitting dress, that can’t even zip up, tragic faces, awkward makeout attempt
Such a self own

No. 1713841

In my experience, female hierarchies are way more reliant on age. The most womanly ones in a group of women are going to be the grandmothers, then the middle-aged mothers and aunts. Nobody's looking at the curviest woman in the room and thinking she's the most womanly.

No. 1713842

Both are shit. The uniting factor? Moids.

No. 1713844

I like this and it makes way more sense. Having a hierarchy based on experience and wisdom is good for everyone. Idk how that equates to being “womanly” though.

No. 1713849

not matt damon going bald and becoming a troon

No. 1713851

presumed to be more motherly, i assume?

No. 1713853

the way he talks sounds like he is severely autistic

No. 1713862

Not even that, women in female groups mean motherly as who is the most responsible and handles everything; the mom friend. It has nothing to do with nurturing, but responsible, which could be motherly in a lot of families too considering now irresponsible men are especially in relationships

No. 1713868

i had no idea that stephen king spoke german.

No. 1713869

yeah, that makes more sense tbh

No. 1713873

File: 1669753547551.png (84.3 KB, 790x533, 1669487450872.png)

attention lesbians: a man has arrived to explain your sexuality for you. yw fellow girls!

No. 1713876

the self own……

No. 1713878

>The contrast between cis lesbian and trans lesbian culture is so funny like cis lesbians are women who love women meanwhile trans lesbians are gay men

No. 1713879

Ikr he’s literally describing gay male behavior lol

No. 1713880

This isn’t even a gay men thing it’s just men. It’s a amazing how op managed to glorify sending dickpics

No. 1713882

All this does is prove males will always be males.

No. 1713884

File: 1669754191797.jpg (611.55 KB, 2048x2731, Tumblr_l_28320532447307.jpg)

samefag, here’s a pic of OP

No. 1713887

most stylish and hygienic agp

No. 1713888

this is so incredibly un self-aware that I thought that this was a TERF post until the end

No. 1713889

What syndrome am I looking at

No. 1713890

All of them.

No. 1713891

No. 1713892

He didn't manage, it was just an attempt kek this shit makes him sound creepy as fuck

No. 1713897

File: 1669754747349.jpg (607.79 KB, 966x2048, Fiu2hEHXwAMSg7j.jpg)

>>1713884 the most recent photo of him makes me laugh

No. 1713899

File: 1669754814102.png (289.34 KB, 688x768, david orton.png)

>sex with
this pedophile troon raped and impregnated a 14 year old girl.


No. 1713900

>Speedrunning meeting a trans woman
Autism levels off the charts

No. 1713906

There is no way this thing genuinely believes he’s a real woman

No. 1713909

This is horrific and bizarre. In England the definition of (in this case statutory) rape is specifically with a penis so because this troon has a 'girldick' they're acting like he hasn't got a penis. Fucked up clown world.

No. 1713910

samefagging to add: the investigating officer, said: "Throughout our interviews, Orton refused to accept that there was any wrongdoing and [claimed] that they were in fact the victim"

No. 1713911

Yeah or crazy thought, the people who do 97% of the rapes are rapey and the ones who do 3% of the rapes try to desexualize themselves as a matter of course and safety, and this "shame" is called trying to avoid trauma by mitigating danger every day of your lives.

No. 1713912

Was just gonna comment this. The most scrote logic of all time is committing violence against a woman and blaming her. Fuck this faggot ass earth.

No. 1713913

well unfortunately they're not framing it as rape. "guilty verdicts on two counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child, but not guilty verdicts on the other counts." ie, not guilty of rape WTF??

No. 1713916

classic DARVO once again. pure evil.

No. 1713919

Legit what the fuck. Sex with a child IS rape. No matter how you try to frame it. I repeat what I said upthread: we should be allowed to a-log in these threads with no threat of ban.

No. 1713921

the police and prosecution seemed to have tried but the jury must've had some twitter scum on it

No. 1713925

Apart from the fact that I'm sure that isn't true, even assuming that is the case that's because the drag show is a grooming part and the assault happens later when the parents aren't also there watching it all. If it was a drag camp away from parents it would be happening. If an adult wants to do a sexual performance in front of kids it's because they are sexually interested in the kids, the math really isn't hard. Drag is purposely sexual in 99% of cases, even if a drag artist interacts with kids non-sexually it's a gateway for them to find or be introduced to the sexual stuff later. It's always been about protecting children.

No. 1713930

I need to start giving fashion designers more credit, female clothes look ridiculous on males almost every time but good on women, even when the man has had surgery to look more female. They really know what they're doing and who they're designing for.

No. 1713935

I want to post a "lesbian" troon I know but I'm terrified he'll find out it was me who posted it and I don't want to be a victim of his male rage

No. 1713937

Straight men do this shit too, it's just a man thing nonna. Every woman I know has been sexually harassed just for engaging with males.

No. 1713938

I really want you to post him for us to laugh at but I would rather you stayed safe nonna! Do you think he’d somehow find out?

No. 1713940

It's always married lesbians who are so blasé about troons, they got theirs and now can happily be good allies, no skin off their back

No. 1713944

What is it with males that make them act so sexual and weird? Even the most socially inept woman would not behave like that.

No. 1713946

That goddamn horse neck kek

No. 1713960

Probably because they aren't culturally sexually repressed like women are?

No. 1713962

Nonas, I was just thinking, and I have never seen an instance of a TiM siding with women or caring about women’s rights EVER. The only things I’ve ever seen them do are talk over women, verbally harass women, assault women, or generally act predatory around women. When it comes to any big issue about women’s rights, they only care when they get something out of it (like with Roe v Wade, they didn’t care about how it affects women, despite calling themselves that. All they cared about was how it might potentially affect their own access to HRT down the line). I used to be so kind to these men and gave them the benefit of the doubt but I’ve never seen them do anything positive, it’s all narcissism and misogyny and violence all the way down. Why haven’t more women woken up to it? Nothing they do benefits us in any way and their words and actions actively erode everything we’ve worked for over time. How can they claim to be us when they don’t even relate to us on any level?

No. 1713964

I don’t think women who were sexually liberated would act as depraved as men either though.

No. 1713982

If there is one thing that troons have taught me, it's that there are much worse things than being sexually repressed. What they mean by sexually repressed is just not having every moment and thought of our lives consumed by fetish.

No. 1713984

Always deny nonna. Plus you're probably not the only one laughing about him behind his back.

No. 1713985

that's because "sexual liberation" is always for the benefit of men (ie. whoring yourself out to them) Actual female sexual liberation (eg. being able to be in a wlw relationship without moids breathing down your neck) does not exist. They literally refuse to let lesbians have their own space so they can actually express their sexuality but then TIMs tell them to stop oppressing themselves (and start worshipping their girldicks).

No. 1713988

I noticed that it's not that they are handmaidens but they don't want to believe in such a cold truth (that they are all narcs). They want to believe in "the good in people".

No. 1713998

One of the things that woke me up was noticing this dichotomy between women and men. Women are often taught to see the good in people and be more socially submissive, but men couldn’t give less of a shit or go out of their way to actively harm and disrupt. Once I noticed that, I stopped giving a shit about men. I don’t do the things I used to do for them. No holding door if they’re right behind me, no smiling or greeting them, gray rock or ignore when they talk to me. I just don’t care anymore. I wish more women would wake up and see how little men do so we could move forward without scrotes in tow.

No. 1714019

File: 1669762133626.png (52.14 KB, 730x410, Average male.PNG)

> And when the weather warmed I emerged like a butterfly with breasts, hips and a booty.
No woman would describe themselves like this.

No. 1714021

Could it that the sexes are different and women aren't testosterone filled rapey beasts? No it must be that women are repressed prudes

No. 1714023

>been blending in for 12 months
Press x to doubt

No. 1714036

No. 1714039

File: 1669763433247.gif (Spoiler Image,948.43 KB, 500x281, b9d.gif)

they think it's literally a magic transition and they sprout breasts and hips, like in these stupid gifs they're obsessed with (spoilered pic related). they always write shit like this and then you see a picture of them and they look like exactly like all the troons featured in this thread kek

No. 1714042

File: 1669763587371.jpeg (602.63 KB, 750x926, EAC335AA-79CC-4FD4-984F-C6C051…)

Holy chemical peel Batman!!

No. 1714043

more like no one has said anything to his face yet

No. 1714060


It would be really interesting to see what the response to placebo hormones would be. If people can imagine extreme effects like their entire bone structure changing or the thing from one of the threads where somebody was claiming their genes are now female you have to wonder if any of the positive effects of the transition require real drugs at all.

No. 1714063

File: 1669764742605.png (35.91 KB, 731x332, fdsfdfsdfsfd.PNG)

Grown man referring to himself as a little girl and mentioning getting raped in the same sentence.

No. 1714066

100% pedo

No. 1714069

>Actual female sexual liberation (eg. being able to be in a wlw relationship without moids breathing down your neck) does not exist.

This is it, women have never had sexual liberation, we don't even know what it looks like. And it sure fucking isn't being prostitutes which somehow was the "liberation" happening in the last 5 years of the western world. It would be women controlling access (the thing men hate the most) not faking enjoyment (no woman should EVER fake enjoyment if she isn't enjoying herself, the fact this is so commonplace and all these men with shit sex game think women are having orgasms every time is absolute madness) sex would include a female orgasm every time, as it is assumed to include for a male, and not as part of some submissive fetish but simply equal sexual engagement.
Men who sexualise strange women without consent (catcalling, groping, repeated sexual advances etc) would have severe punishment. Rape would actually result in prison time, every time, as long as there is sufficient evidence (still a difficult one but the percentages are dire right now and I'm sure more cases have evidence than are actually punished)
Currently "sexuality" for women is always some shade of being a sexual cumdoll for a man. Liberation is not by being a paid cumdoll, it is equality, freedom, and punishment for things that oppose that i.e. rape and harassment.

No. 1714070

(Sorry for the textwall lol)

No. 1714071

The surest sign of the grooming is looking at what they have drag kids wear. If it had a non-sexual side, they'd be using "age-appropriate" clothing and make-up, but drag kids get put in outfits that cover less than an anime cosplay.

We've all seen little girls attend weddings and formal events: opaque tights, dresses down to their knees and covering their shoulders, no make-up. If drag kids were wearing that, I'd have much less to complain about (even though it's still suspicious), but the drag queens encouraging this can't even hold themselves back long enough to appear innocent to onlookers.

No. 1714074

it's a beautiful textwall tho nona

No. 1714079

This is so fucking gross. I was an actual young girl with big boobs because of puberty hitting me like 10 buses. This moid has no idea how scary it’s actually is, and his coomer LARPing is sickening. I can’t even find a reaction image/gif to express how vile this is to me

No. 1714088


They gave the game away when the groomer thing first took off and people like contrapoints got spooked enough they briefly pivoted to the second line of defense and said "It's okay to introduce children to sexual activities, you're the weird one for having a problem with it. Kids in other eras saw sex all the time" Even a lot of people I knew hadn't peaked yet stopped for a second and said "Wait, what the fuck?"

No. 1714091

Same, nonna. I still to this day have hang-ups it because of how disgusting grown adult scrotes were to me at age fucking 11. I won’t a-log here but I’m doing it in my head really loud.

No. 1714111

my TiM cousin refers to his anus as his 'pussy' and is always sending me nasty sexual messages everyday (like talking abt his anus, his grindr hookups, scat, etc.) i cant complain abt it either because he always gets offended and our family supports this bullshit sorry for the sperg i just hate it here

No. 1714117

He looks like a sim i'd create just to kill in the pool.

No. 1714119

he looks like a townie that i kill in the pool for being too ugly

No. 1714123

Wtf nona I’d be sending those messages to other family members to show his degeneracy and weird incestuous shit.

No. 1714133

File: 1669768283902.png (1.86 MB, 1360x1535, 0udaxa2z6y2a1.png)

Revolted at the idea of this thieving gollum creature rummaging through a woman's clothes and stretching them out for his own fetishistic purposes

No. 1714134

File: 1669768316996.png (2.47 MB, 1080x1443, u6jm9gv3640a1.png)

just had to post him lmao

No. 1714135

Nonna, he is subjecting you to his fetish and bullshit and you don't deserve this. You have a right to your boundaries. You have the right to assert yourself that you are NOT ok with this. You have options. Cut these family members out of your life and block this freak, save these messages for forward them to the same family members who say they're ok with it, save these messages as ammunition and contact the police as this is sexual harassment.

No. 1714140

he looks just like using the bald faceapp filter on hairy styles

No. 1714141

File: 1669768761485.png (1.03 MB, 798x790, ugh.png)

No. 1714146

Does the influx of estrogen they take cause them to feel some kind of euphoria? I don't mean "gender euphoria," I mean drug euphoria. I can't imagine thinking they're beautiful unless they're seeing it from an altered state.

No. 1714148

All trannies are junkies as a side gig

No. 1714158

you’re telling me you’re not allowed to block him? that’s bullshit, nona. you need to block him and give him a restraining order.

No. 1714159

Is there a term to describe that weird dead eyed,soulless look that all TIMs have? He looks like he secretly very unhappy

No. 1714174

KEK just as i thought

No. 1714176

The AGP stare

No. 1714177

the disney filter combined with the forehead eyebrows lmao. looks like another incel bimbofication fetishist

No. 1714208

Agreed. Show his parents or someone who can tell him to cool it. wtf.

No. 1714209

Holy shit did he get his plastic surgery in the backalley of a shady office clinic in Mexico? What the hell did he get put into his face?

No. 1714230


literally everyone in my family coddles him because his dad (my uncle) called him a faggot and disowned him and his mom (my aunt) is dead so they just feel bad for him ig. the only person who doesn't is my sister whom he also harasses.

No. 1714234

Underrated comment. Homeboy looks like he's about to write about children having an orgy in the sewer.

No. 1714246

I'm doubtful they're all actually that convinced of the results themselves. They're obsessed with those anime transformation/bimbofication gifs because they're fetish gifs. His post reads like fetish fuel because he probably wrote it with one hand.
All I want is for a world where troons get prescribed sugar pills instead of stealing the supply of estrogen from postmenopausal and post-hysterectomy women who actually need it. And sugar pills can be considered gender affirming because real women take them if they're on the birth control pill teehee.

No. 1714247

I'm pretty sure that the statistic is that 99% of rapes are committed by male perpetrators, and an "estimated" 91% of rape victims are female (it's probably more than that tbh). Anyway the phrasing of this comment is dogshit, because it kind of sounds like you're saying that the 97% of all rapists are troons, specifically, instead of just males, regardless of gender identity (lowkey funny, but untrue), and that 3% of all rapists are lesbians (deranged for a number of reasons). I know that that's not what you're saying, but only after reading your comment an extra four times.

No. 1714251

he typed this with his hand down his pants. He gets off on imagining himself as a young female rape victim. What a fucking freak

No. 1714252

you give an inch and they take a mile

No. 1714260

compared to testosterone, it's sedative and has an anti-depressant effect.

No. 1714267

What is most frustrating about this is everyone was absolutely fine with him wearing skirts and high heels, for decades now. It wasn't even drag, he was breaking stereotypes and just being a bit eccentric (although it was still obviously a fetish too). He once said
>“They're not women's clothes. They're my clothes. I bought them.”
And now he turns around and says he gets hatred for the way he dresses? No. He was a popular comedian and actor for a long time. The only thing that changed was his mask-off misogyny and entitlement.

In contrast, see video related for how Grayson Perry - who also crossdresses but is not a troon - talks about his autogynephilia.
>"I'm not a woman. I don't know anything about being a woman. It would be insulting if I said I knew anything about being a woman."
sorry for the long text.

No. 1714275

I thought testosterone was the antidepressant hormone? estrogen only gives men brain fog and moobs. horse piss is a joke, troons are addicted to the fetish, not necessarily the drug.

No. 1714298

I was not at all surprised when he trooned out, the guy had an obsession with pegging and fandom culture, I knew he was gonna troon out as some point

No. 1714311

Well, troons are men and lesbians are women, not sure what was confusing about my comment unless you believe people should be categorized further than their birth sex in relation to the topic of rape. It's not only lesbians who desexualize themselves, it's not only straight cis men who rape. Over-defining this shit is how they get you kek. The whole idea that lesbians are some subcategory of women rather than simply women is pure obsessive troon brain.

No. 1714313


Sage for autism but as a hobbiest in fashion history and as somebody who makes her own clothes it's laughable that makes think they can buy womenswear off the rack and look like anything but clowns. The shaping, the proportions, the small ways men's and women's clothing is different even when it's like a basic pair of jeans… All of it is designed to present the idealized form but you have to give it something to work with.

Then add their coombrain and skinwalking tendencies and they'll never be able to dress themselves. Tall, masculine women exist, and they learn what shapes and angles and styles work to look and feel beautiful FOR THEM. Gorgeous Greek goddess vibes? Elegant sheath gowns with shoulder-obscuring necklines? Soft, mature colors for the classic beauty look? Troons could never.

No. 1714317

I am really happy these fuckers are too ugly even for handmaidens, they always date other troons

No. 1714319

they always look like saul goodman

No. 1714322

File: 1669783838736.jpeg (623.23 KB, 960x1375, CFCDE9F0-A6B0-42D5-9EDF-FE5D8C…)

what kind of schizopost is this

No. 1714332

now post how he looks

No. 1714333

File: 1669785412189.png (142.93 KB, 775x211, kek.png)

No. 1714336

I'm so pissed off at how a lot of the media is trying to spin this as a case of an innocent luggage mix-up. It's been confirmed he didn't even check a bag when he flew, so he shouldn't have gone to the baggage claim in the first place unless this was premeditated. Of course he stole a Vera Bradley suitcase, one unmistakably belonging to a woman. There's security camera footage of him suspiciously ripping off the bag tag with the owner's name and hiding it in his purse, then hurrying to get a cab.

He lied multiple times to police during their investigation, denying he had taken the wrong luggage and repeatedly changing his story. He claimed he left the woman's clothes in his hotel room but the hotel never recovered them so that's now been disproven. He used the suitcase on several occasions, despite the police ordering him to bring the stolen property back to the airport. The bag and its contents are estimated to be worth over $2,300 and the victim still hasn't had any of her possessions returned.

It hasn't been revealed if he was traveling on official government business when he committed the felony theft, but the fact that it hasn't been addressed yet leads me to believe he was.

It's so violating to think of what he could've done with her belongings. I hope he gets the full prison sentence and the maximum fine, but who am I kidding? He's a wealthy white man with multiple Ivy League graduate degrees and a powerful job as a federal official. His male privilege is how he got away with wearing pleasers to work and being public with his petplay kink. I don't think they'll send a genderfluid nonbinary to a women's prison at least.

For what it's worth, he's married to another moid. Just goes to show that HSTS and genderspecials are no different than any other AGP TIM. They're all more than capable of sexually exploiting women like the deranged scrote scum they are.

No. 1714338

>if you are a gross coomer, you might be a transbian!
wow what a shock