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File: 1670529517619.jpeg (293.63 KB, 1125x813, 2600538D-6FB0-4367-89A4-957428…)

No. 1722350

Christmas approaches and our little ana elves continue with their narcissistic ways:

Ec our lord and saviour continues to perplex farmers by miraculously staying alive whilst flashing every bit of her skeleton.

Nothing new with zara as she claims to be at her healthiest weight despite anons sharing timeline photos that proves nothing but the drastic weight loss with her face continuing to shrink around her skull. Anons are still waiting for her to decide weather she identifies as recovered or in recovery. Will we ever find out?

While Zara’s safe foods diminish ganer added whole eggs (don’t get to hyped it lasted not even a week) and challenged pizza on more than one occasion! (Proud of you ganer) still struggling on protien that doesn’t exist in powdered form but maybe that can be her challenge for next year?

Hxn posts more body checks and infuriates anons as she live streams her “meals” and yet no one is yet to see her actually consume anything as she spends hours doing nothing but playing with her food. Will she take a bite before the new year? We aren’t hopeful.

Laura lasted less than a week in residential before getting withdrawals and was moving back in to her favourite picu.
Hayden stabilises enough from his “death bed” to get tattooed.
Momsfav got caught pacing and has been tagged with a step tracker.
Em takes makeup lessons from nourish as she joins the clown parade.

Of course our TikTokers continue to body check, the twins are still awal after binging in Thailand, porgie sets her self up for her annual Christmas trip to new farm, farmers argue over elzani’s recovery with the big question being is she actually recovered and what the hell is she doing with her life these days?


rainsrecovering - YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com

Previous thread >>1695588

No. 1722353

Tried my best sorry if it’s not as good as the last thread but best I could do. Let the milk flow:

No. 1722390

File: 1670532508681.png (Spoiler Image,7.86 MB, 1242x2688, C9E95724-A7A9-4B17-9F72-2042F4…)

this is great thanks for the thread
niamh is continuing to body check on stories

No. 1722392

File: 1670532533558.png (Spoiler Image,10.15 MB, 1242x2688, BDB7EA86-D2D6-4FAF-8F1C-9B0B10…)

and then claim she’s not

No. 1722420

File: 1670533511892.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x2100, C9CCDD52-028F-4AA0-920B-078473…)

not Hannah doing exactly the same 1/2

No. 1722421

File: 1670533537223.jpeg (225.71 KB, 1170x681, 8EB5F075-961A-4723-8225-C3FF21…)


No. 1722486

You're supposed to include the thread number (#88 in this case) in the title.

No. 1722713

Does anyone remember Ofmyhalflife on IG ? from about 5years ago.

No. 1722808

Shit sorry too many things to remember

No. 1722835


does ana really age people this much?

No. 1722885

It’s been -4 degrees the past couple days and most of us are wearing thermals and hats inside because it’s so cold and turning the heating on is so expensive. Either these two are body checking or they’re showing off their supreme wealth by the fact that the radiators in every room are whacked up to 30 degrees so they can prance around in their tiny tops.

No. 1722941

Sure Jan.

No. 1722956

Is anyone gonna make a new thread with the number?

No. 1723144

File: 1670609707980.png (1.99 MB, 1080x2269, Screenshot_20221209-121403.png)

Lol someone is lurking

No. 1723166

So cool to waste energy during a national energy crisis, here's me chilling with 3 sets of different comfy trousers on with my heating on at 20C feeling like a prick cause I could just crank it up higher and strip down to shorts so I can take photos of myself to post on the internet.

No. 1723234


Not to wk but being anorexic combineer with cold several layers doesn't work against cold if the room is cold.. To not freeze the room needs to be warm as well
Believe me, I live in a cold country and pay heating myself, so I wish it wasn't true

No. 1723245

File: 1670616786326.jpeg (416.56 KB, 890x1408, 7AC99559-3FF3-4BD2-9B55-15CCB7…)

Zara is not body checking - never

No. 1723246

But if she's cold why is she wearing shorts?
I have Raynaud's not anorexia and live in an ancient home so I get the need for the heat but you won't see me cutting about in shorts in my bit in Scotland the now.

No. 1723249

20C is really high though. Are you really in a position to bitch about someone wasting energy when you're making it summer temperature in your house during winter?

No. 1723253

I set it at 20C but it doesn't actually sit at 20C because my place is like an over 100 year old tenement that's ran by the council so its still cold and I only heat the room I'm sitting in and the bathroom because the ice cold toilet seat makes me scared to pee.

No. 1723281

File: 1670619095557.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 7CC7775B-D5A5-4148-9E15-3BED4F…)

Momsfav conveniently omitted the fact that she got kicked out of treatment in May until now. Everything makes so much more sense with that information.

No. 1723455

Stop blogging about ur damn heating

No. 1723483

That is not Zara, what is wrong with her face?

No. 1723486

it's Zara, it's just a weird looking still from a video

No. 1723622

File: 1670641986541.png (7.67 MB, 1170x2532, 8ACCA738-A183-4B25-BBD3-DA0CA7…)

it’s her she’s just a skelton

No. 1723623

no, no, she's gained soooo much weight according to … zara

No. 1723691

gone from bmi 10 to 11 possibly kek

No. 1723793

File: 1670659808254.jpg (293 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221209-082923_Ins…)

Doesn't take any intake except the toobs buyt goes to starbucks for drinks and to film cringe

No. 1723796

File: 1670660586888.jpg (451 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20221210-081927_Tik…)

And wearing an oodie in public is just like wearing your pajamas imo

No. 1723811

Has this person been discussed before? I don't remember her. If she hasn't, can you give us a little more background?

No. 1723845

Yes I'm sure it's from here I started following her but I think it's been a while.
Basically said was anorexic but now afrid with of course autism thrown in.
Tired to kill herself and ended up in a wheelchair. Check out her tiktok for all the bits I missed out.

No. 1723941

why are you stalking this gal?
not much to see there, and sage your shit.

No. 1723945

This is an image board.

No. 1724021

If you look at the comments from this niamh wk they’re all written the same, hi niamh(hi cow)

No. 1724036

Lmao right? And this shit has been going on for multiple threads.

No. 1724070

She looks like a gremlin. She could easily get off the internet and get actual help and come back and pretend she was gone cause of some lie and not ed treatment. She’d still be a lying, self absorbed cow but at least she wouldn’t have one foot in the grave.

No. 1724121

File: 1670697367386.png (2.99 MB, 828x1792, 1A22E62D-3399-4AD7-8EA6-1CFD92…)

What an absolute waste of resources for someone desperately needing inpatient treatment

No. 1724172

File: 1670701526377.png (2.2 MB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20221210-204414.png)

Wearing thermal thights huh?
Def lurking, hi Niamh!

No. 1724173

Do we know it’s definitely Ed residential not just a physc

No. 1724183

She's mystifying because she's in the United States and almost certainly on Medicaid. She was in the foster system as a child, lived in a group home for a while, etc. I think she might be at Walden right now, but I don't understand at all how Medicaid is paying for this.

No. 1724184

File: 1670702914381.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 0248A173-8A0F-475C-820F-C77671…)

The most shocking part- ELEVEN MONTHS of inpatient? She has an American accent, so she’s either the US or Canada. Canada’s ED treatment is next to nonexistent, so she must be in the US. What health insurance could possibly let someone stay that long?

No. 1724206

File: 1670704462421.webm (2.05 MB, 576x1024, efe62d7a9b0ce7c4f9cc4441c58888…)

Found this one in the comments kek

No. 1724208

File: 1670704495427.jpg (173.4 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20221210-153152_Tik…)

Such a frail little anachan

No. 1724210

you can even tell she has that obese person lisp that proper fatties have, kek

No. 1724212

sage that shit ffs. she'll never be that relevant, except for you?

No. 1724216

File: 1670705164822.webm (1.1 MB, 576x1024, 7313d5aad029f31025cf03f6fa7699…)

No. 1724269

I’ve never seen anyone with such a terrible sense of style.

No. 1724273

She is at walden (US and a paradise for those who want to make tiktoks in treatment) and likely on some form of medicare/medicaid. The reason they are paying is because she likely got herself sectioned, which forces the insurance to pay.

No. 1724295

File: 1670714026576.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1535, 171F529C-4366-4362-A725-F9A891…)

she is DISGUSTING. she looks pregnant and is continuing to gorge on chocolate looking so proud. how is she trying to promote anorexia recovery whilst being an anorexic person’s worst nightmare of how they will end up?

No. 1724316

At this point she should just pretend she never pretended to have anorexia and start again on another account as a normal woman on the internet.

No. 1724356

she needs to switch to plus size body positivity. she could get the same asspats that way without being harmful to those with eating disorders.

No. 1724361

I think Han is genuinely a dumb, naive, childish person who fell for the meme that thinking about calories, ever, is evil. That the childhood stage where you don't even know what a calorie is should last forever.

No. 1724374

First of all, her body is not disgusting and wtf is wrong with being or looking pregnant. She is just a woman but not even obese ffs.
Second of all, Ham is just an attw pretending to have anorexia in the past, so she would definitely not know how to promote recovery.
>>she should just pretend she never pretended to have anorexia

No. 1724389

nta but have to agree. only cringe thing about her is wanting a boob job (nothing wrong with A cups at all). "worst sense of style"??? lol really? she may be somewhat of a narc and is vapid as hell but her style isn't bad at all. and i am a burgerfag so no i am not her. she may have no personality at all but i think some anons are vendettas or just jealous of her looks.

No. 1724390

File: 1670721723051.jpeg (967.26 KB, 1125x1895, 5A9F1E4E-C382-4725-BFF0-564AC4…)

It literally looks like her ass got pointier but yeah, you’re “filling out,” Ganer.

No. 1724391

File: 1670721815633.jpg (321.46 KB, 2000x1600, Untitled design (1).jpg)

Jesus Nikol. Do you think she really looks like this now? I mean she looks good.. but she only started binging at the start of November. Pretty funny really considering how rude she was to everyone else.

No. 1724392

Everytime I see her I smile at how fat she's getting.
Do you mean Ham? There's a couple different Hannah's out here.

No. 1724394

No. 1724397

her body is disgusting as fuck, she looks like a hambeast. she will likely become obese within a few years. she is greasy, has bad skin, crooked teeth, and makes ugly facial expressions. always has been, on top of having no personality, being dumb, and being boring as fuck she just LARPs this ed recovery shit to compensate for all of this. deep down she knows this.

No. 1724402

she creeps me out, like she seems so devoid of any sexual instinct or sexual thoughts but somehow objectifies herself like this.

No. 1724417

>nothing cringe about her!
>great sense of style!
Her tiktok is endless cringe and her outfits are absolutely shocking. She has no fashion sense at all, it’s all a farce to body check. Usually if you’re thin and pretty, that speaks for itself. Her outfits are so dreadful that it’s all you really notice.

No. 1724421

Damn are you okay there anon? I know her pathetic larp is so irritating, but the needless and warranted bashing of her appearance is so ott. She isn't greasy? Her skin is really nice compared to a LOT of teenagers, and her body isn't horrid at all. I'd say she was overweight but it's a pretty typical sized body. I think she's relatively nice looking.

No. 1724422

>pic of normal looking woman
>"She's a hambeast, obese, greasy, has bad skin, crooked teeth, and has ugly facial expressions!"
ananons having a normal one as always i see kek. sort of terrifying to imagine what it must be to walk through life with nightmare vision goggles on due to having your brain fried to a crisp by scrote run media

No. 1724423

body checking isn't milk though. and i did said her boob job desires were cringe and i feel neutral about her style, nothing in my post says it's "great". i just really don't see the milk, only jealousy and it's obvious.

No. 1724424

ffs just say "SOD OFF" kek

No. 1724432

Pretty sure that’s an old pic of herself that she’s reposting? Feel like I’ve seen that pic in a past thread.

No. 1724439

10 cups of oat milk alone is 1000 calories. What is she doing? Drinking two containers a day?

No. 1724440

God she’s so fucking ugly

No. 1724445

I don't know why some anon is so fixated on Ham not being obese, but she most likely is genuinely bordering on obese at this point. Although we're desensitized to deathfats at this point, the level at which you go from "fat" to "obese" is a lot lower than most people think.

No. 1724447

She definitely is nearing obese and yeah there actually is something mildly gross about looking pregnant and walking around with your belly sticking out when you’re not carrying + growing + constantly feeding your child inside your body kek

No. 1724451

Idk I find her belly kind of cute

No. 1724452

Half wish paris would go back to making decent yt videos not just tts

No. 1724460

File: 1670726938179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,403.44 KB, 1125x2436, 78E5966D-354E-45B0-A276-9A2FFC…)

Our muppet queen seems to be doing well. (1/3)

No. 1724463

File: 1670727002094.jpeg (Spoiler Image,475.4 KB, 1125x2436, 95472C11-746A-4568-ADDC-45758A…)

This window pic is giving me flashbacks (2/3)

No. 1724464

File: 1670727089908.jpeg (Spoiler Image,336.14 KB, 1125x2436, 11B16CD4-4F7C-41F1-B65D-4A678E…)

At least the plate looks clean! (3/3)

No. 1724466

sorry i don't speak bong

No. 1724471

this looks so much more edible than days of yore… go nourish!

No. 1724474

nta but she really isnt pretty enough for all the anons who post her to be jealous kek there are some cows here who are pretty/would be pretty if they recovered a bit but not her tbh

No. 1724475


thats a photoshopped ass if ive ever seen one!
it looks too "perfect" and round, the outline is too sharp (i.e not natural with diffused light like the rest of her), and the wall behind her ass looks blurry…

i suspect she is shooping these pics to keep her scrote trainer off her back.

why the fuck she doesnt shoop her boobs into something larger than a 11yo is a question for another day…

No. 1724478

She’s probably overweight but I don’t think she’s obese. You really think that is what bmi 30+ looks like? Some people in this thread are more deluded than these cows I swear

No. 1724480

I don't know how tall she is, but take a look at some of these pictures of people who are 5'7" and 190lbs (so, around bmi 30)


They frankly don't look too far off from Ham

No. 1724481

File: 1670729920504.png (680.15 KB, 605x778, Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 9.38…)

one example from this page

No. 1724483

File: 1670730022397.png (528.43 KB, 698x534, Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 9.40…)

compare to this picture of Ham

No. 1724488

Yay! So happy to see she's doing good.

No. 1724489

No. 1724492

ata, i'd say while she is below average in terms of likeable personality she is definitely above average in looks. i don't live where she does but i doubt any country has most of its people walking around looking like that. out of all the proana scumbags posted so far only 5ish of them are actually decent looking anyway

No. 1724495

Has she ever confirmed her weight or BMI?

No. 1724499

I don't think so, which is why people are wildly speculating.

No. 1724500

agreed. i'd guess she's around the lower end of overweight. but she has been getting bigger and bigger gradually.
she has SUCH a punchable face

No. 1724503

Good lord. Yeah she’s probably LARPing anorexia recovery, but she’s not obese at all. She’s probably just bloated. I think she’s on the high side of normal. And yeah it’s not a great picture of her, but she’s not disgusting. Calm TF down.

No. 1724506

Her weight is a 'problem' insofar as she's analarping but most of these comments seem upset she's a fatty and makes anachans look fat. Who wants to bet there are EDtwt users in here who famously are statistically normal or above BMI's?
Feel like a thread about larpers is full of larpers. Kek

No. 1724507

out of genuine curiosity, how do you still believe that Ham is a normal weight when you can look at a literal comparison of how she looks and how someone whose bmi is self-confirmed to be about 30?
Ham looks a little smaller than her, but not a whole 5 bmi points.

No. 1724508

I'm starting to get this vibe too, that some anons look similar to Ham and are getting really personally offended by the idea that people look at her and see that she's overweight because that means that people see them as overweight too

No. 1724511

You can sense the proana anxiety. It's why thinspo is like that, it's really tryhard. I like this thread because the ED community/ED recovery community has always been crazy especially since Gwyneth Olywn came around but the sense of persecution about Ham's weight (and other analarpers) is so telling. Ham can be whatever weight she wants but anorexia is seemingly a shield to protect her against body scrutiny, which is exactly the same stuff here.

No. 1724516

I live kind of near where she does and she’s not ugly or anything but she looks quite plain and like loads of other late teens I’ve seen irl but then again anyone can look good with makeup

No. 1724517

i said "lower end of overweight" though

No. 1724519

>some anons look similar to Ham and are getting really personally offended by the idea that people look at her and see that she's overweight because that means that people see them as overweight too

nonnies… it is not that deep. Anons (likely fellow tourist anons who aren't neck deep in anachan struggle) are just pointing out how stupid it makes anons sound too look at this >>1724483 and start sperging off the walls about how hideously obese and disgusting the girl is. The fact that some anons' response to that being pointed out at ridiculous is to go "reeeee you're just insecure because you're a hambeast too" just goes to show how deeply lost in a distorted worldview a huge potion of the anons itt are, which I guess shouldn't surprise me given the thread topic and who it attracts, but is still super cringey and annoying when i'm just trying to laugh at pictures of that weird-eyed square-headed girl who keeps bashing her head on things, not bear witness to the painful externalized dysmorphia psychosis of fellow anons

No. 1724520

Yeah, the lower end of overweight is a bmi of 25, a 5 point difference from 30

No. 1724521

this is fair, although I don't think it would get discussed all that much (except by that one incredibly weird anon who kept going on about how disgusted they were) if people didn't immediately jump in to reeee that Ham is a 100% normal healthy weight when she's clearly a little chubby

No. 1724522

File: 1670733716666.jpeg (668.83 KB, 828x1376, EF6B231D-6B3F-49D2-8D73-627437…)

Has anyone seen her before?
This was her in February vs

No. 1724524

File: 1670733767949.jpeg (849.56 KB, 828x1328, 6F1BAFD7-FAA3-45F1-A151-B184C9…)


Without looking at her profile, guess how old she is.

No. 1724527

File: 1670733836037.jpeg (293.32 KB, 750x996, A951A124-48FB-488D-8FF8-653759…)

did ganer really just say that prep feels like a “break” from the chore of gaining weight??

No. 1724529

holy shit

mid to late 20s?

No. 1724533

My guess is an unfortunate-looking 32-35

No. 1724539

From her profile, she seems fairly harmless? She sells cute etsy style crafts and that seemed to be the main focus of her page. She hasn’t been weight restored for long, it’ll take some time for her skin and hair to recover from malnourishment

No. 1724540

she also deserves major kudos for actually trying, unlike a lot of the other skellies. That's a hell of a lot of progress. I'm sure she's still got a lot to work on mentally, but just gaining that much weight reflects a lot of willingness that we don't often see

No. 1724544

She’s okay but the point is that she unfortunately only gained weight in her face.
It makes her look so old.

No. 1724546

well, hard for anyone here to tell if you just post face pictures

No. 1724547

File: 1670735798662.png (545.72 KB, 692x703, Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 11.1…)

She must be really dehyrated in the skull pic if she could change that much in a month, holy shit

No. 1724549

File: 1670735986524.png (440.19 KB, 428x677, Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 11.1…)

still grifting to try to ge a peg/j, as per

No. 1724551

File: 1670736341583.jpeg (646.54 KB, 828x1415, 55D21788-9BF8-4FA7-A123-CEBF2C…)

No. 1724552

Yeah fuck no lol, that first picture is either edited to hell and back or she bulked Jared Leto style…

No. 1724555


Yeah, some kind of fuckery isn't passing the sniff test here.

No. 1724564

Bulimia saga when? She's got the binging habit and the insecurity (you can't convince me she believes the shit she says about body acceptance, or she wouldn't need to spend so much time trying to brainwash herself into it)

It's possible, she could have put on 4 or 5 kilos and gone from ultra-dehyrated to puffy.

No. 1724566

yeah, my money is on the first photo being very dehydrated + sucking in cheeks to try to make herself extra skelly

If she's a purger and stopped in the hospital, there could also be facial swelling. That happens when someone who purges a lot stops suddenly and can take a while to go down

No. 1724568

She's doing the wide closed-mouth fake smile to hide that swelling, I'm guessing.

No. 1724596

File: 1670741888052.jpeg (570.14 KB, 828x1190, FBDA891C-74FC-4734-A3DF-F60EC6…)

Obsessed with food?

No. 1724605

Bitches get a tan and think their life is so good now

No. 1724625

File: 1670745412877.jpeg (918.86 KB, 828x1539, F940CBAC-35DE-4ABA-BBC2-B7F453…)

This girl is one of my personal cows. She doesn’t post about eating disorders but it’s obvious she has one. All she posts is photos of vegan food at grocery stores, so she doesn’t even buy them.

No. 1724626

Anorexic night mare? Okay but to me she looks happy and that’s all that should matter. People only fear weight gain and what others think because of people like you who put their opinions out when they aren’t needed or wanted

No. 1724636

She's not a role model for recovery of any kind of ED. The rampant a-logging is either some sort of bait/false-flag or the genuine reactions of a shrunken and disordered brain, but all she's recovered from is the restriction part of a failed binge-restrict cycle. Hers is not what a healthy relationship with food looks like, mentally or (especially as she continues to gain) physically.

No. 1724647

File: 1670747753575.jpeg (772.52 KB, 640x922, A78E67FD-FE81-4819-AD26-BBCD1A…)

>body checking isn’t milk!
It is when you’re posting under the guise of a “fit check” and the outfit concerned is something like this.

No. 1724650

File: 1670747880975.jpeg (405.83 KB, 640x900, 2B843B49-F70B-4F4D-BF30-BD03F2…)

So those thermal tights didn’t do anything?

No. 1724693

It isn’t unusual though, lots of people gain weight in recovery until they’re “overweight” and it’s biological and healthy. They will often lose the weight as they are more recovered. heartoftee did and many others too

No. 1724714

File: 1670757154028.jpg (43.18 KB, 347x150, 1624647830432.jpg)

One of Ham's reasons to recover: so you can comfort-eat to numb your emotions.
She's not losing any overshoot weight. It's more fun to recover from restriction (which in her case is just the guilt of binge-eating) because she can continue to fill the void with food.

No. 1724731

she’s one of mine too, nonna. it’s a shame because her content is pretty good but you just know there’s no way she’s eating/keeping that stuff down

No. 1724733

It doesn't get better if you post this shit twice a day…

No. 1724736

oh, come off it, for all that it doesn't really matter that Ham is overweight, it's disingenuous to compare her weight gain to someone who was an actual spoop at one point

No. 1724739

It’s also “disingenuous” to fake a severe ED and that’s the problem

No. 1724740

File: 1670763282834.jpeg (957.64 KB, 1179x1855, 3E30C521-CBFC-4870-99AD-EB37EA…)

Kek. Litch queen coming in hot.

No. 1724742

ayrt - I agree completely

No. 1724743

As funny as this is, it's not actually Ash. It's someone impersonating her.

No. 1724765

Oh this bitch is always popping up in my recommended feed and damn I refuse to look at her never mind follow her. As soon as I saw what she looked like and the obsession with trawling round stores all day photographing vegan food she'll never eat I noped out of there. And she is even worse than Ham for having a punchable face. Just something I hate about her but I can't put my finger on what considering I've barely glanced at any of her stuff.

No. 1724772

Nta but do you know what thread you're in?

No. 1724773

her legs look weirdly out of proportion. thighs and calves the same width, which makes sense at her weight, but her lower calves towards her ankles look bigger than the top of her thighs - like they reach her knee and then begin to expand. i get she's wearing leg warmers, but they still look weirdly swollen.

No. 1724774

She deliberately stands like she has polio so that her thigh gap looks larger.

No. 1724776

yes. i fucking know that? this thread is full of retards with no reading comprehension. yes i am fucking saying ham is overweight and will soon be obese. if you think i frequent this thread and don't know the fucking bmi scale idk what to tell you but please learn how to interpret what you read fucking idiot

No. 1724777

File: 1670769055356.jpeg (96.62 KB, 640x970, 96B1BD4A-5B37-4C46-A71C-ED03CD…)

Her “recovery” account got banned for the millionth time.

No. 1724779

wearing outfits you don't like… isn't goddamned milk. try again. you must be new because you keep exposing how you don't understand what milk is. niamh is boring. who cares that she wears zoomer fashion and does body checks, dime a dozen on tiktok.

No. 1724781

she shares photos of her face¶in all her comparison photos to highlight her weight gain, when she was obviously very dehydrated in the first photo, so there is a visible difference in her face, but it looks swollen in comparison to the rest of her body, which still seems very underweight - especially towards the ankles! weight often sits around the stomach before distributing, but she doesn't seem to have gained anywhere apart from her face, and hardly ever shares photos of her body - just a few wearing baggy pj trousers to conceal how thin her legs are - because it would throw her progress in "recovery" into question.

No. 1724782

That person’s life has to be empty if they’re getting their rocks off online harassing people while larping as ash.

No. 1724784

yeah, that thigh gap is very forced, but just based on the width of her thighs and her lower calves/ankles, even taking the leg warmers into account, her legs look weirdly bottom heavy.

No. 1724785

>Everyone who posts Niamh is the same person

No. 1724786

wow, i knew she was a bitch but didn't know she had a twitter dedicated to abusing anyone from edtwt who decides to attempt recovery and gain weight as "traitors", betraying "ana and mia" and fat, greedy caterpillars with "commitment issues".

No. 1724789

Poor ED twits.

No. 1724790

it's a handful of vendetta posters or people who are jealous of her. all she does is body check outfits and do that fish stare into the camera. not. milk.

No. 1724792

it's not ash

No. 1724793

>Everyone who posts Niamh either knows her or wants to be her

No. 1724796


No. 1724821

Girl would you relax, shut up and ignore the posts you don't like you spergy newfag

No. 1724823

Don’t provoke the Streisand effect. The more you sperg about it, the more people will post her just to wind you up.

No. 1724883

Fuck you janitors for forcing us to bump the threads instead of just doing your job and pressing the delete button on the child porn

No. 1724951

File: 1670781283564.jpg (27.22 KB, 429x275, weirdo.JPG)

It's not Ash, it's some retard that was obsessed with a black woman, and now they've gone full retard and changed to a "stan account" of ash. Would have thought it was a fetishist as they had posts of kelsey too.. nowt as queer as folk with mental illness.

No. 1725012

Why does this sound familiar I wonder

No. 1725021

I usually ignore it when people bring her up but I have to agree that her style is quite bad 70% of the time. She's just copying the other teenage girls of Tiktok who went through quarantine and suddenly decided that buying stacks of unnecessary random clothing pieces and putting them together with no thought whatsoever is fashionable. I feel like they all (especially Niamh) have a shopping addiction and try to support it with whatever amount of money an average 16-17 year old might have.

No. 1725023

Of all the food she can binge on - milk and canned fish???

No. 1725025

Since when is body checking not milk?

No. 1725030

I don't want this to sound weird but these actually look like something I would cook and eat on a very lazy day
which I would've never said about any of her meals before

No. 1725038

This person is FAR from obese, anachan, and so is Ham. Fat, yes, but nowhere near obese yet. I'm sure you'd find more sympathy on SkinnyGossip where it's full of body dysmorphic bitches

No. 1725049

In my fantasies she's a hardworking labourer doing plastering and bricklaying and that and she's really good at it because she's strong and all the blokes respect her. Keep on winning Nourish

No. 1725053

That person literally posted their own picture on a website that displays photos of people at various weights/heights and gave a weight/height that makes their BMI 29.8, i.e. right on the line between overweight and obese. Are you going to argue that that lady is delusional and fabricating her weight because she's an anachan? Come on.

No. 1725080

File: 1670791502539.jpg (973.91 KB, 955x2645, Screenshot_20221211-132925_Ins…)

Classicnymph is a huge "aesthetic" blog on instagram that has been posting progressively more and more pro ana content. People have begged her to stop glorifying ed and she's ignored them. Until last week when she got a warning that IG is close to shutting down her account. Since then, she's been whining about how sad she is and how much her blog means to her and why are people so cruel? She also has droves of people defending her saying she's just skinny, strawman arguments of "you wouldn't shame a fat girl", and teenage girls wishing they had her body.

The girl is clearly unhealthy. She posts videos of herself dancing half naked and tags with ethereal aesthetic shit. She's obsessed with taking pictures of her jawline.


No. 1725083

File: 1670791633361.jpg (227.4 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20221211-133559_Ins…)

She thinks she's getting reported and posts deleted because of sexual content and not her eating disorder.


No. 1725085

File: 1670791934100.jpg (812.05 KB, 1079x1906, Screenshot_20221211-133454_Ins…)

Her personal account is nothing but pictures glorifying her skeletal body and people calling her beautiful and celestial


No. 1725086

I'm calling selfpost.

No. 1725088

She has 300k followers and was mentioned in a past thread, anon. It's not that deep.

No. 1725096

the majority of her food photos now are meals people may eat on a lazy day or hangover kinda foods. she still chucks in odd ingredient now and again, but it's a huge leap from her past of dirty, crusted plates photographed against stained sauce bottles and soiled bedding, in the bedroom she never left, with a fridge in one corner and weekly bargain hauls of food with bizarre combinations, questionably inedible recipe creations and random uncooked ingredients, like raw pasta, chucked onto her plate! in comparison to how she used to be - both personal hygiene and her eating habits - nourish has truly flourished!

No. 1725107

>"body checking isn't milk though"

WTF.. since when? Pretty sure posting body checks proves the skinny little calves have become cows. Milk flows from them imo. Bonus points if they caption hashtag strong not skinny

No. 1725115

She made a post 'officially' saying that her BMI is officially overweight and that she's never felt better.
KEK that's a body check if I've ever seen one.

No. 1725117

if we posted every other girl who body checks on tt the threads would be clogged. it's boring. we need actual drama

No. 1725144

does anyone know the number of the threads/how long ago when nourish was posting grimey plates and being overall dirty

No. 1725186

>>we need actual drama
Only milk we have rn is us anons fighting about Ham an Niamh

No. 1725187

cece needs to make a comeback

No. 1725190

I'm honestly shocked by how long she's managed to stay off social media

No. 1725243

lmaoooo you’re clearly quite bitter,i’m not even the person you replied to but maybe step away from the computer and eat something or at least shut tf up

No. 1725250

the infighting is getting so fucking boring, can we shut the hell up unless we’re discussing actual milk? if you don’t like something (re: the naimh bitching) keep scrolling, go back to your day job, I don’t care what you do so long as it isn’t clogging the thread with your incessant whining

No. 1725320

Bring back the days of Smorven and Paris! Or even journeytoemma.

No. 1725326

File: 1670811473102.png (452.86 KB, 554x783, Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 8.17…)

A PSA from the American Porgie

No. 1725373

Who's going to tell her in return that for a diagnosis of atypical anorexia/ednos to apply, it requires actual significant weight loss? It's retarded to claim regular anorexia when you're the size of a small moon and keep inflating. The bitch has BED anyway.

No. 1725387

File: 1670816887232.jpg (81.88 KB, 563x563, 20221212_040511.jpg)

She must be shooping because her arms look retarded in multiple posts, so that most likely applies to her alleged thinness. Pro ana spastics of her ilk are notorious for editing themself into a weird thinspo nightmare which imo makes her worse for making intentional effort to be pro ana

No. 1725430

File: 1670824060588.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, C06C4E3C-4473-4842-99E9-2430D1…)

Imagine this skelly giving you mental health advice when she’s been at rock bottom for years

No. 1725432

as if she'll ever get through med school and residency when she can't even get through a semester of college without getting flown off to acute

No. 1725451

b-but nona she's been tubed! that's like 200 anorexia points right there! just look at her poor frail body and dainty double chin, how could you not tell she has a restrictive ED just by looking at this delicate waif! kek

No. 1725487

Poached egg on crumpet is delightful anon and definitely one of the most normal things Nourish has eaten

No. 1725488

Samefag sorry but kek anon I have a similar headcanon when I see her in her hi-vis and imagine her fully one of the lads on a labouring site

No. 1725500

Isn't it almost time for Haydens 'Christmas is hard so I want to spent it in hospital' - vacation?

No. 1725511

we don't have milk because the best pro ana cows don't fit the requirements to be posted to this thread (slutcasino, Lucinda, Alida Simone, acidbathfawn, lil bo weep when she was alive etc). Even their body checks are/were interesting. This is where the cows who aren't interesting enough can be lumped together. Hell, half of them are basically the same self insert 1D fanfic reader looking ass generic anatard

No. 1725518

that nonnie (niamh?) is clearly projecting as she knows fully well all the anons wking her are just herself

No. 1725519

im not niamh i dont even live in the same country as her. i dont even like her necessarily, it's just a sign the thread is extremely slow when people post her boring shit as milk. if she gets a tit job though she'd be a bit of a cow in my book so hope for that.

No. 1725531

Nta but do you just spend all your time here waiting for your specific brand of milk to be posted? It's weird, shut up about Niamh and being bored I'm sure your posts are about 15% of each thread at this point. Find some other threads to spend some time in or get off your computer for a bit, you sound like an annoying child. And side note but no one is posting Niamh because they're jealous, I'm not trying to be harsh I don't hate Niamh but like what is there to be jealous of aside from her parents wealth?

No. 1725551

File: 1670856587954.png (715.75 KB, 1079x1662, markup_1000000792.png)

Update on irrelevant cow amyhtcb.
She found her brief mention of her. Accuses the site of being a hate site that picks on mentally ill teenaged girls. There's plenty of mentally ill teenage girls who don't help others around them get sick piss off Amy.

No. 1725552

File: 1670856615768.png (609.11 KB, 1080x1645, markup_1000000793.png)

No. 1725553

File: 1670856666597.png (334.43 KB, 1080x1722, markup_1000000794.png)

No. 1725555

She’s at Walden IP and my tinfoil has always been that she’s got the beetus so if she restricts/fucks with insulin she goes into DKA. I think that she is being treated for diabulimia and they don’t want to deal with the liability of her passed out in a pool of vomit at home the second she discharges. All Walden cares about is money and therefore they don’t fuck with someone who might go home and die (risks the family suing), it’s only off their hands if someone signs out AMA which obviously this cow would never ever do.

No. 1725556

File: 1670857064403.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1861, markup_1000000800 (1).png)

Classy skelly Amy tells lolcow to fuck off. Her new BMI is 14.9 and yes she looks as sickly and skelly as you can imagine.

No. 1725570

“wHaTs a CoW” you should know considering how much goddamn self posting you’re getting up to.

No. 1725578

I'm not Amy but I thought she was milky. I posted her again because she mentioned lolcow.

No. 1725605

>Classy skelly Amy tells lolcow to fuck off. Her new BMI is 14.9 and yes she looks as sickly and skelly as you can imagine

Classic? She's only just been posted and there doesnt even seem to be milk. Talking her exact BMI also really adds to the obvious self post. Post her again if you have any actual milk

No. 1725616

Are you and eslfag? Classy is different from classic.
repost fo sage

Anyways she's realized that the Chinese girls on the internet she likes to use as thinspo are photoshop. Took her long enough.

No. 1725618

File: 1670862077803.png (2.27 MB, 1622x1198, SS 2022-12-12 .png)

I remembered a post she spoke about it and found it, it was from march and she says that she is overweight. Obviously she had to make herself, and followers who are also overweight, feel better by reassuring them that bmi is bullshit.
Also, while looking for that I stumbled across this article, not sure if its been shared before but made me laugh so enjoy https://www.dailystar.co.uk/real-life/instagram-influencer-accepts-change-body-26784045

No. 1725645

This is fucking hilarious. I cannot stand this woman. Pardon my blogpost but I have the exact same body shape as Ham and I am overweight - BMI is accurate if you don't have muscle on you and she clearly doesn't considering she eats choccy oats and costa coffee all day. BMI is very reliable if you're someone who doesn't lift weights and Ham has super high body fat levels which is also why she looks bloated all the damn time. It's hard to not be bloated when your abdominal muscles are non-existent and your stomach is full of McDonalds or pancakes all the time.
She needs to stop spreading shit like how BMI is "toxic and bullshit" when it's literally accurate for most of the population. You're fat, Ham, and that's the truth because you eat like complete shit and haven't picked up a dumbbell in your entire life. I hate how these cows jump onto the muh bmi system is bad bullshit when they're not even in the demographic that are exempt from using BMI to weigh themselves. And with how bloated her stomach is - it looks physically painful, when I was at my heaviest my stomach looked like that too and it's purely down to having no muscle mass and gorging myself on shit food all day. She is fucking retarded if she thinks she's spreading any sort of awareness, positivity or information here. This is not healthy or normal, what a retard. She's probably already experiencing mild health issues from this stuff but ofc she won't talk about that side of it because apparently eating your bodyweight in biscoff is totally normal and healthy.

No. 1725655

>Nta but do you just spend all your time here waiting for your specific brand of milk to be posted? It's weird, shut up about Niamh and being bored I'm sure your posts are about 15% of each thread at this point. Find some other threads to spend some time in or get off your computer for a bit, you sound like an annoying child.

lmao none of this is true or accurate just bc i don't understand the hate for niamh doesnt mean i sit on this thread all day. im probably older than you and i have an actual life, i check multiple threads a couple times a day.
i just find the fat larpers more interesting than the tiktok kids. i also am not the same person defending niamh from the past threads i ignored her up until now because i thought it was getting ridiculous. who posts someone just because you hate her fashion sense. sorry u guys arent mutuals anymore damn, vendetta anon lol

No. 1725660

File: 1670865166246.jpg (42.31 KB, 1080x599, RDT_20221212_12035522334818489…)

EC'S makeup skills have deteriorated from 18 year old aspiring makeup artist to toddler experimenting with finger paints. Nevermind the obvious bodychecking. (1/2)

No. 1725661

File: 1670865271315.jpg (43.21 KB, 1080x596, RDT_20221212_12041948799334451…)

Lately she's been getting loads of prank calls on stream, and even someone threatening to come to her house to which she responded "it's just my address you guuyyyssaa" and chose to ignore the threat.

No. 1725663

there is no soul behind those eyes

ugh any sense of style she had just keeps going straight down the shitter. what the fuck is this eyeshadow "look". the black smear in the middle makes no sense and the eyeliner in the corner of her eye looks stupid

No. 1725675

The ana brain rot has taken effect. Her motor skills are deteriorating at rapid pace and the delusion of looking "super super cute" is holding strong.

No. 1725685

Didn't she used to binge on cans of condensed milk when she was underweight? So seeing her eat normal milk doesn't feel so weird at all.

No. 1725689


She is so delusional. She's clearly gained absolutely no weight at all since her prep. She's given the game away about her 'recovery', her default state is anorexia. She has no interest now in recovery.

I don't see the coach around anymore, I find that quite telling.

No. 1725692

No1curr about you nor your bmi selfpostchan, good grief. Funny how sows try to claim relevancy to anyone dumb enough to listen for ass pats.

No. 1725702

File: 1670869694837.jpg (155.11 KB, 524x816, 89 calories of gains.jpg)

Oh shit nonnie, you may be onto something there

Had to share this. Wow, one banana, the gains that will come off that are astronomical I'm sure

No. 1725707

She is, literally, bananas.

(sorry for the shitpost)

No. 1725708

Does this retard not realise that bananas are pretty much all carbs? What "gains" are there to have from bananas if not just for cardio? Jesus christ go eat some meat and greek yoghurt, it's embarrassing. I can't believe she's doing bodybuilding comps and still thinks bananas give you "gains".

No. 1725745

All the borderline a-logging about Ham is so funny I get this is the anachan thread but normal people don't sperg about bmi. Not wking she's an annoying larger.

No. 1725781

She's not wrong

No. 1725787

I wonder if he’s in it cause he hasn’t been posting much

No. 1725797

more like for the OCD.

No. 1725821

yeah, such a smart move to burn all those pesky extra calories, ganer…

No. 1725835

File: 1670878996997.jpeg (694.87 KB, 649x1175, 091A25C3-1D40-4696-9F74-452590…)

she’s also now on a featured snapchat story

No. 1725836

File: 1670879029146.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2408, FA2EB624-660E-40F5-AC6C-6D4EB5…)

No. 1725838

>From E.D to E.D

No. 1725843

So… she submitted herself as a "superhuman"? Kek, that's amazing. What a warrior.

No. 1725848

>>From E.D to E.D
My thoughts, word by word.
I know about delusional thinking, but come on.

No. 1725850

kek i was wondering if she submitted herself too
she most likely did. she lovee to look at her old anorexia photos

No. 1725853

File: 1670880345678.jpg (101.08 KB, 527x575, Ganer 2.0.jpg)

Her face just reminds me of Magda in There's Something About Mary. She looks 60 fuckin years old in this pic.

No. 1726021

You’re so obviously the same person kek. Cry moar.

No. 1726028

first scarlett, now ganer? snapchat stories are really trash now

No. 1726034

File: 1670897612142.jpeg (194.82 KB, 750x1158, 57E7ED42-47B7-4825-A172-F0C01B…)

Funny you mentioned that because I just watched ganer’s episode and look who’s featured on it

No. 1726065

so she "ran" to the supermarket and back home, and thinks a single banana is not only going to compensate for that expenditure of energy, but also possesses the magical ability to result in "gains"? totally delusional, and she is quite likely buying bananas one at a time so she had the excuse of "gains" to run to the supermarket every day, to ensure that any miniscule amount of additional calories are expended before she even consumes them.

No. 1726124

Who is acidbathfawn? Sounds like a username that crazy bitch Eva Hazen or whatever the fuck would go by

No. 1726126

No. 1726131

File: 1670904726726.jpeg (550.3 KB, 828x1386, 9253C7B8-CE05-4BDD-A1DD-DF3FFC…)

Aidel is going to treatment in the US. Maybe ERC Dallas? She’s already raised over $6,000 with 96 donors. I had no idea she knew that many people that would donate.

No. 1726162

Yeah, it's ERC Dallas. I don't have screenshots because it was over 23 hours ago, but she mentioned it explicitly in her stories.

It's weird that she calls it "world renowned" when it's not even one of the flagship ERC locations.

No. 1726177

She lucked out not going to Denver. I can’t believe she’s wasting all this money to go to ERC though.

No. 1726228

Eh, I mean BMI is kind of bullshit in that if you're a point above the healthy range then you're automatically considered unhealthy but she's not actually talking about that either way. Wheather it's toxic or not, she'll always find a way to justify stuffing her face with sugary processed shit. I can absolutely see her becoming obese (and I'm not talking lower age) and complaining about her doctors telling her to lose weight

No. 1726230

Oh those crazy gains from the one single banana every day - a JOY!

No. 1726240

I know the anachan brainrot sunk her sense of style years ago, but is EC losing her eyesight too or just her fine motor skills?

No. 1726244

it's both, with severe anorexia even vision starts to degrade

No. 1726266

I keep meaning to ask her how she got pregnant with how bad she hates men, but I know she'll just block that account, so it'll be wasted.

No. 1726289

don't cow tip. also, sage your non-milk

No. 1726316

When was she pregnant???

No. 1726317

I assume it's meant to mean that she's so fat she looks pregnant. Cruel to say, even to a cow.

No. 1726404

Does she even realize how disordered this is? Gains = think steak and potatoes for dinner. You can still have your protein slop for lunch, and eggs with spinach for breakfast. Yup, all that food, one day. That is gaining, not a damn banana.

No. 1726464

She's still quite underweight, isn't she? She might be one of the dumbest bitches we've seen but let's at least be objective here

No. 1726469

File: 1670952482834.png (1007.98 KB, 1076x1102, um.png)

your weekly dose of unhinged nikol content

No. 1726478

I was very shocked to find out that she’s only 20…anorexia really does age the fuck out of you

No. 1726495

I feel like she uses twitter to spew out all her thoughts and she's rather speaking to herself and not everyone else.

No. 1726515

File: 1670955344137.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1964, 613074B6-CF84-4C7B-8DB0-159CA2…)

This girl baggyjeans3 is giving Ganer a run for her money. Two rice cakes for lunch. Such recovery.

No. 1726519

If she's a canadafag she might not know any better

No. 1726556

she speaks about this as if she was groomed by some ana fetishist. she has said before she had a sugar daddy or something that would give her money to buy chocolate or something right? i wonder

No. 1726584

She also had two whole pints of low cal ice cream?

No. 1726592

File: 1670961344856.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x1449, C29A7633-61FC-4351-AD04-162085…)

Ham’s latest (although I think recycled from a previous post?)
I’m genuinely embarrassed for her

No. 1726613

Good gosh. Any of you anons saying she isn’t obese must be fat.

No. 1726625

damn that's sad as fuck, i thought she was late 20s-early 30s

No. 1726629

with this post and the pictures of her protruding belly, she seems to be really obsessed with all the fat she is gaining…

No. 1726630

no, no, according to some anons that's the picture of health and anyone who thinks otherwise is a bone-rattler

No. 1726643

yeah this literally just looks identical to feeder porn lmao

No. 1726644

If you don't think she's fat; surprise! You're fucking fat. This is disgusting, as is the body positivity movement

No. 1726703

sometimes her posts err on the side of feeder fetish shit. our chubby queen has truly recovered from her A N O R E X I A.

No. 1726705

did she REALLY need to put her crotch in the shot?

No. 1726706

let's ~normalize~ having crotches

No. 1726718

I would say BMI 28 or 29. She’d have to be like 80kg + to be pushing BMI 30 or more and she’s not that tall if I remember

No. 1726719

It’s a better looking crotch than Hxn’s giant pad under her leggings

No. 1726720


I’d hate to live inside her brain.

No. 1726722

I think she did a similar one before but she might actually be bigger now. She goes out of her way to make it look as bad as possible tho. The pink doesn’t help, looks Ham’s got a pair of holiday hams ready to roast.

No. 1726730

Shes's pretty big pun intended, she looks about 5'7.

No. 1726737

I just want to say that i don't speak fluent english, so sorry for any mistakes in grammar.

I've been following these ppl for a while now and i have to say, that i sometimes get so fed up with their videos or posts. Ro use to make videos where she clearly had her collarbones sticking out, crying while eating and her mom telling her how well she did, but now she acts like a saint "showing ur bones in videos is bad, u don't have to film yourself crying" like dude you did the same thing just few months ago.

Ham and her mom make me laugh. Ham wasn't even skinny, her bmi might have been near 18.5, but i don't believe that she was underweight. She posts about being okay with tummy rolls, and "bigger size in clothes" makes me laugh.

No. 1726767

that’s exactly what i think. i’m almost positive she was groomed…

No. 1726769

File: 1670976621626.jpeg (450.99 KB, 1125x1930, F4874BAC-0CA2-4F9A-AADE-9E19BF…)

i think she’s having extreme hunger, like some of her followers have suggested. honestly she’s so depressing. she’s 46kg (101 lbs) and i honestly hope for her sake that she gets off ed social media and just slowly starts eating normal human portions and maintains a normal weight. if she was groomed, i feel bad for her almost…

No. 1726783

18.5? Anon, she was bmi 20 at least.

No. 1726795

Maybe you all are right about Nikol being groomed by a fetishist. This was said in thread #87 about her being in a relationship:

>>Nikol said before that last year she had a sugar daddy/mama or whatever, and that she was looking for another one. Here is the post:
>>So maybe she is referring to that, and not to a real bf/gf. Or maybe it's another anachan like her, as another anon said before.

No. 1726797

Samefag, sorry, but I don't understand how Nikol is not gain any weight except on the belly when she eats. There is no way she is not purging, even when she says she is ~emetophobic~. She must be compensating somehow.

No. 1726817

Does she have makeup on her lips or is she just so starved and anemic they look white?

No. 1726825

>>1725616 im not dumb ik the fucking photos r edited lets ask the real question of why ur on my account as a normie cuss this whole forum is really giving incels.co(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1726838

from what i vaguely remember she seems to have gained weight on her legs too as i recall her being even thinner before. but i definitely also think she purges

No. 1726870

go back to edtwt

No. 1726871

I love that you tried to use your name to tell us to piss off but instead told yourself to piss off

No. 1726886

No. 1726896

Anyways from amy sorry for being a anorexic piece of shit im not trying to promote eds or anything anymore im just proud of my weightloss and wanna show that off and maybe motivate obese people to lose a little bit but not to an anorexic extent forgive me(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1726900

learn to sage, jfc

also fuck off with your edtwt drivel

No. 1726913

I just found this thread so I’m catching up but yes, please explain to the class why it’s ok and “biological and healthy” to blow up past a healthy weight range yet not ok to be underweight or for an obese person to become underweight? Your HAES double standards are showing. It’s honestly sickening that people are trying to push a narrative that normalizes binging (“reactive eating”) yourself into overweight category in recovery because it’s not teaching a disordered person NORMAL eating patterns and they should be taught normal behaviors that result in maintaining a reasonably healthy weight. You can’t sit here and tell us that an 80lb woman eating three strawberries a day is experiencing a healthy relationship with food if all her recovery meals are massive and her weight shoots up to 250 but you do you nonnie

No. 1726928

File: 1670994414070.png (257.27 KB, 1080x1364, Screenshot_20221214-000205.png)

Wow Amy. You are the definition of a cow. Playing innocent when there's proof of you giving bp tips to kids. The difference between regular anachans and anacows is that anacows refuse to take any responsibility for their actions or how they affect others. You're irrelevant on here so I'm not gonna keep posting you but God get some real help. Or at the very least stop fostering a community with your followers that enables them to get sicker and sicker.

No. 1726935

File: 1670995768219.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1903, markup_1000000853.png)

Amy's latest Instagram rant.

“I searched myself up on google and I went to that lolcow page cause like im curious what are people saying behind my back. Babe there's been a misunderstanding I know chinese girls photoshop their photos, I did not just realize that now you fucking idiot fucking idiot fucking idiot. Like what kind of person are you do you seriously have nothing like better to do than to stalk anarexic girls instagram, it's giving wannarexic, it's giving karen, it's giving forced recovery."

Puts on an instagram filter that alters your facial features

"I’m literally the cutest cow though, mooo….oh my god hair in my eye…. mooooo YOU FAT FUCK”

Cows do anything but log off

No. 1726949

idk who that is but lmao why so pressed

No. 1726951

tinfoil, but I think it's Amy going on about herself because she's desperately trying to pretend that any of us know who she is and/or give a fuck about her

No. 1726952

agreed, the continued lack of sage is telling

No. 1726960

Who searches themselves on google? I call bullshit. I feel like a lot of cows self post, and then get triggered when they lose control of the narrative and start desperately trying to suppress it.

No. 1727004

She was posted and no1cured. There wasn’t any narrative in the first place. She’s just a textbook lolcow who gets trolled easily.

No. 1727008

File: 1671003483165.png (62.47 KB, 1769x569, guest noob.PNG)


still struggling to work out how to sage, eh "guest"?
dont think you can just delete your post and get off scott-free pretending to be another anon… you will get caught out.

now can you please just quit self-posting and fuck off?

No. 1727010

I'm not Amy I'm the newfag who originally posted her. I doubt the mods would let me pretend to be someone else without calling it out. I only lurk usually but after finding her and knowing that anons in this thread were getting bored of the usual cows I posted her. I wasn't going to push it until Amy opened her mouth about lolcow.

No. 1727011


And I may be a newfag but that's not what saging is retard

No. 1727012

you're right but it's also funny to see you snark about this when you just filled the name field with "Guest"

No. 1727027

Because studies show that in order for your body to resume normal function after a period of intense starvation, it needs fat to kickstart the process. Fat is immensely important for all bodily functions and being a bit overweight is 1000 times more healthy for a woman than being underweight. There is a study that followed a few formerly overweight women in their recovery from a restrictive ed, and they had to gain more weight to get their period back than women who were normal weight prior to their ed.

No. 1727055

Sorry to be that annoying person but does anyone know what happened to d.parxom? Skeletal, Russian maybe? I can’t find her anymore, does she have a new user?

No. 1727071

Nta but that was my thought exactly, I went looking for that account thinking she was back on her pro ana bs but couldn't find anything. Maybe it was an eva skinwalker? Her new tiktok is eviefaex for anyone wondering, and she larps as a hijabi muslim sometimes lol

No. 1727136

I agree that being underweight is worse on a woman’s body for sure, and have definitely heard of people having to gain a little extra above their “set point” in order for their periods to return, so you’re def right about that. I guess I was really talking about cases where that has already happened for a person and they continue to gain and engage in binging behaviors. Or when a treatment center makes patients overnight on purpose it seems like a catalyst to make them relapse and be returning customers. If someone recovers and is engaging in healthy behavioral patterns (not binging or essentially doing what Ham does), and is a touch overweight then good for them. I just get tired of some anachans acting like binge eating disorder is recovery.

No. 1727138

lol what a strange coincidence that she googled her name after one of the only times she's ever been talked about here

No. 1727164

File: 1671029140121.jpeg (994.58 KB, 1125x1765, 64CC3546-9F7F-4738-9ABC-1D66F7…)

Are we getting new milk from her ? Looks like she might be back on crazy again

No. 1727165

Whoever made that video should be ashamed of themselves. Not half as ashamed as Ganer tho. She should delete all that proana footage of her working out an inch from death. I just want to punch her every time I see it. No, it didn't save her fucking life. She is just lucky she didn't have a heart attack in the middle of the gym. Irresponsible PTs and coaches for letting her do it but the buck stops with her. I hate her more than any other cow because she won't stop with this arrogant evangialistic shit and she still makes herself cycle every day in freezing temps to burn off one bloody banana. Side note: I always thought she was just fuck ugly but in that compilation she was actually really pretty at 13. Shame ana ruined her and caused that wonky eye, mummified skin, weird face and body shape etc

No. 1727168

So disorientated, no memory, can’t even type. But can frame a selfie to ensure it’s clear she’s in hospital and put up a story with a question box.

No. 1727172

I agree, one of the most angering things about the recovery community is the encouraging of binging disguised as extreme hunger. Just call it what it is and stop hiding under a recovery label ffs

No. 1727180

Ya the usernames are just way too similar so had to ask. Her tok is so messy. Sorta wish someone would make a new thread for her since she fucked up her old one and spammed to lock it sincr she's just as much of a cow as ever. Sry 2 derail

No. 1727181

when i saw this I thought maybe a bpd episode, not sure why she has no memory though. could be anything. or could be a lie.

No. 1727184

i was just thinking this yesterday. i couldn't imagine what it's like being that neurotic. nikol is a bitch but she definitely leans more on the horrorcow side

No. 1727190

File: 1671033477799.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20221214-155712.png)

is the photo on the left an older picture of her or is she trying to say that it is her now after gaining weight??

No. 1727192

File: 1671034072881.jpg (629.79 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20221214_155544_Ins…)

We see you lurking

No. 1727196

samefag, i meant right

No. 1727199

this is an old photo of her…it’s quite obvious

No. 1727206

binging is the result of honoring extreme hunger, they’re literally directly correlated. i don’t understand why the recovery community is trying to separate the two so much

No. 1727211

File: 1671035730874.jpeg (319.85 KB, 1125x842, B562EE83-1541-4F12-BFF2-DD46DC…)

someone’s hangry

No. 1727227

God, she such a little fucking asshole. How does she have any friends at all? She probably only keeps people who completely kiss her ass close to her.

She wouldn't know the first thing about "hard work". The only thing she works hard at is being a cunt and alienating people.

No. 1727235

Baggyjeans is doing alright last i saw, unless she's purging. She's come a long way and she eats more than just two rice cakes, quite a fair whack. Not to WK at all, but christ on a bike, this feels like some bitter vendettachan shit.

No. 1727252

Yes, I know her. Why? She is still on Instagram and still under the same name

No. 1727262

These are both old pics of her, she doesn’t look like either of these now

No. 1727267

File: 1671040832181.png (6.5 MB, 1170x2532, 183A3AE1-FBAF-4F0E-83DC-164D31…)

Kinda hard to be a psychologist when you can’t last more than a week outside of the hospital

No. 1727276

I'm not even trying to snark, but I don't understand which photo she's claiming is "before" and which is "after".

No. 1727278

Same here. I was genuinely confused. Not interested in trolling or being a cunt like she suggests. I'm not sure if she even knows she's full of shit at this point. Is she genuinely delusional and has spent so much time telling lies she's started to believe them herself?

No. 1727282


No. 1727299

Oh man. This is giving mom-from-Requiem-for-a-Dream vibes.

No. 1727302

Zara is quickly becoming one of my most disliked cows. Such an OTT reaction to someone who worded things pretty respectfully imo? The arrogance is astounding. I know she thinks she’s a little clever clogs but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually struggling at uni, especially as she, y’know, has no idea how to feed herself. Ugly, poisonous goblin with an even uglier, poisonous personality.

Pumped full of antipsychotics and still absolutely delusional kek

No. 1727310

ayrt. not a vendetta. Most of what she eats is diet stuff or totally insubstantial “lunches” & “snacks”
Fair enough if she’s not milky enough for discussion but neither are half the tiktok rugrats posted here

No. 1727313

Zara, you don't look any different in the after picture. All that's different is that you have makeup on and didn't take that picture after immediately waking up. Ana frying more and more brains.
You're a retard.

No. 1727318

This is my main problem with Kay she posts herself eating all these foods “honouring” her hunger but eating multiple loaves of bread and tubs of butter, whole cakes, boxes of chocolates and all the other diabetes food she scoffs down is not healthy and is just binging

Hxn just loves to tease everyone but we all know she’s going for another admittion

It won’t be long before she has another medical complication

No. 1727323

File: 1671046166603.jpeg (973.68 KB, 1170x2326, 83F9BCAF-B8E8-479A-B834-BFC9D3…)

idk nonnie i think she looks fatter

No. 1727330

Because in their minds binge eating disorder is for fatties.

No. 1727334

She’s not fatter she’s just hydrated

No. 1727335

The only difference is she's wearing makeup and isn't sucking in her cheeks.

No. 1727336

I’ve been thinking the same anon but it’s clear she doesn’t keep that food down

No. 1727337

I agree and when you try to bring up a potential new cow everyone ignores it or tinfoils. No wonder there’s always a milk shortage here.

No. 1727357

Rattle rattle rattle

No. 1727395

Aren’t “before and afters” frowned upon in the *~recovery~* community? Tut tut, I thought she was above such things….

No. 1727400

So what about all of the people who recover by not binging or becoming overweight? “Extreme hunger” doesn’t give someone an excuse to binge and continue binging so habitually that they become overweight or obese and continue to binge every day, wayyyy past any biological need for that many calories. Reacting to starvation by initially eating a lot is different than all the recovery cows who became binge eaters and post pictures of their rolls, acting like being legitimately fat and eating kit kats every day is somehow supposed to inspire people terrified of becoming fat into “choosing recovery.”

No. 1727408

that why she virtue signaled in a later story about how she only posted FULLY CLOTHED before/after pictures where the clothes are baggy bc she's so virtuous and non-triggering, not because she's hiding a lack of substantial weight gain

No. 1727446

Also very hard if not impossible to become a pro dancer in your mid/late 20s…don't most people start really young

No. 1727487

call me an asshole but i want zara to develop BED so badly i want to see her as a whale

No. 1727489

Yeah sure Zara you might have gained like a few kilos. But surely you must get that it really isn’t that much in the scheme of things and you’re still super underweight. Come back with the comparison picks when you are a normal weight until then fuck off with your damn before and afters

No. 1727506

I agree, Zara is insufferable.

By the way she talks, ED aside, I believe she has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder: she lives in her delusional world where she makes up her reality and she is always right, but immediately attacks anyone who disagrees with her.

To this day, there is no treatment for NPD as they "don't have any problem, it's that the rest of the world is against them".

No. 1727509

File: 1671061646212.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1125x2199, 0F4AEE9F-5FFA-471B-A8A3-CB9DCE…)


She posted it to Instagram cause of course she did.

No. 1727513

How is she not embarrassed showing people that picture… I would rather run around naked in 0 degrees and snow then have thousands of people see me looking like a goblin

No. 1727515

You can get overweight without binging. Binging and just eating a lot are two very different things.

No. 1727546

I don't understand her response here, I guess it's easier to just be aggressive and rude than to respond to the question. She's so rediculous, she acts like she's billy badass and is endlessly angry and defensive.
If she spoke to someone like this in real life she'd be lucky to keep her rotten little teeth. I hate how she tries to act tough when she's literally an adult woman who can't feed herself. Clap clap bitch, keep deluding yourself you're better because you gained 1 fucking kilo.

No. 1727547

especially since that person isn't even being rude to her

No. 1727556

File: 1671067161079.jpeg (121.14 KB, 750x763, 6266719C-A4D4-4887-BBDC-5AB38F…)

I’m baffled by how laura always has 1-2 nurses watching her when even most criminals don’t have that in prison like how bad do you have to mess up for that to happen

No. 1727589

File: 1671069257558.jpg (572.53 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20221215_015143.jpg)

if Zara is claiming the top image is older and the second image is evidence she has gained weight, i'm not surprised whoever sent that message is confused. there is absolutely no visible difference in her appearance - she is as emaciated as ever, the only difference between the two phoots is the difference in the angle of her head.

and given that this is the most recent selfie she has shared on her grid, she looks worse than ever! if there is any difference between her weight in those photos, it is absolutely minimal - less than a kg - so hardly surprising people can't see a visible difference. that message was valid and very polite - Zara is so rude and nasty. she is truly vile.

No. 1727593

I more wonder why they continue to try so hard when she obvious is determined to hurt herself. Don’t they just give up eventually?

No. 1727596

such a bizarre video to share anyway, with the inclusion of emaciated photos because of course Ganer is so recovered she can't resist showing off how super sick she was at every possible opportunity. it's the working out for me though - justifying working out and lifting weights when she was still at an incredibly low weight, even if she was eating a little more, it was still incredibly dangerous, yet she's claiming that although everyone tata the gym was staring that her - likely because they were concerned her heart was about to give out - she forced herself to continue because she knew that extreme over-exercise at a low body weight was the only way to save her life and if she didn't keep pushing her body to the extreme, she knew she would die. that is a whole new level of disordered logic!

No. 1727617

>>1727206 anachans in the thread coming out to deny this obvious fact kek what else is new >>1727330 anon is right imo, it's a superiority thing

No. 1727628

File: 1671071032049.jpeg (80.5 KB, 460x461, 5F0C53BA-7C2C-474D-89C6-A228B0…)

Ok then so going from underweight due to starvation to becoming overweight from not binging but overeating. When learning how to eat normally (not under or overeating) should be the obvious goal. It’s like y’all are missing the point on purpose. There’s not only two options here: either be a skelly on the left or overweight on the right. Eating an amount that keeps your body within a normal BMI range is literally the goal.

No. 1727664

based. also not to derail in anyway but overshoot in recovery is common. not gonna blog but if you look up people who actually stuck with recovery, they had some overshoot that came off after their bodies adjusted.
late but thanks for clarifying yourself nona.

can she lurk any harder? bitches will put on makeup and pull their hair back and act like a changed person, KEK.

no, it's actually not. your ana brain rot is starting to show nona. there's an immense difference between binging and extreme hunger. correct me if im wrong but binging / BED is directly correlated to eating patterns that stem from emotional imbalances. (same as anorexia just the opposite extreme and requires immense therapy) whereas extreme hunger is temporary, happens in beginning / random stages of recovery from literal malnourishment when your hunger and fullness cues are so fucked up that you become insatiable.

No. 1727686

THANK YOU nona I thought the same thing but didn't know how to put it into words`irt "extreme hunger and binging is the same thing!"

No. 1727693

Okay why are we bringing this random lady's picture in though? She's not milky and is into body positivity and feminism type vids, I've watched a couple at some point and she's not a cow.
Are you just trying to shame someone who was anorexic for gaining weight?
Not everyone has to be thin for their whole lives just to suit a societal preference for thinness. She looks happy and fine, like overweight but nothing horrifying.

No. 1727712

File: 1671078052286.jpeg (102.72 KB, 1600x900, 10CE1183-BFA7-496D-AECB-778104…)

It was an example. I have nothing against people who are overweight, I’m glad this lady isn’t suffering from starvation induced organ failure, and said absolutely nothing about overweight bodies looking badly. Never said she was a cow. There’s a difference between “gaining weight” and “gaining so much weight that a person goes from unhealthily underweight to unhealthily overweight.”

Some of y’all must be really sensitive about this because you keep missing the point on purpose. A treatment team wont allow a person to eat less than normal calories and be underweight because it’s not healthy. So why act like the inverse is real recovery when it’s really just an opposite eating disorder.

Here’s an example of this exact thing, maybe y’all can use reading comprehension skills and understand that swapping one detrimental behavior or weight for another isn’t recovery. This girl went from super underweight to obese by overeating and literally admitted that it was also unhealthy, not real recovery, and she actually put in the mental and physical work to establish healthy behavior with food and maintain a healthy weight.

No. 1727718

There's a lot of research about diagnostic crossover in eating disorders. There is absolutely a portion of people with AN who are vulnerable to transitioning to BED. That's why normalizing eating habits is so critical. It's not about the morality of your weight or whatever, it's about preventing patients from swapping one set of behaviors for another and ending up just as miserable in a different way

No. 1727724

“Societal preference for thinness” ok sure but let’s not ignore that being overweight also comes with physical issues. Imagine having shitty health because you’re an anachan and want to recover so you can live a long life with minimal discomfort but become overweight and struggle with the same issues of infertility, getting out of breath easily, etc, that you had while underweight because being overweight is also unhealthy. Like ffs what’s the point of even recovering if you’re going to feel miserable because you’re still unhealthy but on the opposite end of the spectrum. Not everyone gives a shit about society’s view of being thin. Some people want to recover for their actual physical health idk why that’s so hard to grasp.

No. 1727725

So I do understand what you're saying, I just don't know why you're saying it. Eating disorder recovery is obviously difficult and it'd be great if everyone could just "devolop healthy beahviour with food", but in reality for most people it isn't like that. Moderation is difficult for those who've experienced starvation so some people who recover will struggle with overeating and food in general for ever. Expected weight fluctuations. Are you just harping on that people ought to recover better?
That's too idealistic and you're looking for perfection. People aren't going to always be ideal and healthy forever.

No. 1727727

ntayrt, but I think the point is that recovery "influencers" shouldn't normalize this behavior by saying that it's healthy. It's common after a restrictive eating disorder and is nothing to be ashamed about, but people should discuss it with their therapist/dietitian/doctor/etc and keep working towards normalized eating patterns. You can't work on something if you don't think it's a problem.

No. 1727737

Again you’re still missing the point on purpose and deflecting.
1) that’s literally why you go to therapy and work on your shit. If a person with an eating disorder is engaging in detrimental behavior whether that’s overeating or undereating then you put in work to correct that behavior. Why is overeating being excused when you sit here participating in an image board that makes fun of women for not eating enough? It’s literally like I said, swapping out one disorder for another.
2) I’m bringing it up because the HAES crowd which you’re obviously a part of is the most hypocritical crabs in a bucket type of mentality. It’s not only laughable but also super damaging for any recovery cows or healthcare professional to clutch their pearls and talk about oh no how bad and scary it is to undereat but then totally excuse overeating and it’s negative effects as ok or “recovery.”

This os exactly why we drag Ham so badly for showing her “recovery” account where she sticks out her gut and only shows herself eating pancakes, because that shit isn’t recovery either (and she larped anorexia in the first place lol).

Moving on, does anyone have any real milk? Where’s Lego Head at nowadays after her surgery lol and does Laura still have her fetishist boyfriend?

No. 1727738


No. 1727739


No. 1727744

What? Sweet tea fags aren’t allowed to enjoy the thread or something lol

No. 1727789


I've never seen such a prime example of 'toxic positivity' as I have on her socials.

She's clearly regressed physically and she's so rigid in her diet, posts the same meals, does the same stuff, even going out to eat a banana as it's part of the routine yet all you'll see is "Ganer, you're a star!!!" "You're doing brilliantly!!"

No. 1727797

I appreciate the tldr and I'm not trying to sound like a cunt but when you guys view an insta story you wanna post can you download and actually post the video instead of just screenshot, I'm sick of missing shit because none of you know how to post. Use this site to download: https://iganony.com/
And this site to convert to webm to make it postable: https://www.veed.io/convert/mp4-to-webm

No. 1727813

No thanks, Nonnie. Can't be arsed wasting my time with all that.

No. 1727815

It literally takes 5 minutes or less, it probably took longer to write out a tldr of what the girl in the video said than it would take to just post the video

No. 1727817

Because she's fucked in the head and has a total superiority complex about her perceived incredible willpower and self-control. If she could get away with still looking like that, she absolutely would. Reality is that she has no willpower at all and just gives in to her OCD all the time. Truly a pathetic cow.

No. 1727825

In the very first stages of recovery, it's more important to just get food in rather than worry about intuitive eating and complete normalization of eating habits. It should be the end goal obviously, but you gotta start somewhere. When your hunger cues are fucked and your stomach shrank, eating intuitively could lead to more restriction, without the person even realizing they're not getting enough food in.

No. 1727829

Mhm but if you're overeating for months and even years and blaming it on extreme hunger, I don't think it's good. Many latch on to this notion to justify swapping to binging.

No. 1727841

NTA but why is it so important to you what other people do in their recovery? Literally anything is better than being a brain fried ana chan. Research shows that a small portion of those with restrictive eds end up developing other eds because duh, but it's not an epidemic by any means.

No. 1727850

Ganer is never going to gain even to the point where she was before her "prep"… and next year, before she even has the chance, there will be a new competition season and new prep. I wonder what's her plan longterm, like how many years is she going to do this cycle. Since she's so badly ocd, probably forever.

No. 1727854

But… you aren't fighting, you gave up. Repackaging your illness =/= fighting. It's a cowardly step to the side.

No. 1727863

Was I dreaming though or did Kay not previously say she couldn’t purge for medical reasons?

No. 1727878

yeah, it's sad.
does she not realise that she will never progress in these bodybuilding competitions if she never bulks up!!?
it's depressing because she spends so much time at the gym but doesn't eat enough for her body to actually make muscle

No. 1727884

Anyone got an update on Cece?

No. 1727886

No. 1727902

Based nonnie. Stating the fact that it's better to be a little chunky medically than a skelly braindead anachan isn't promoting shit. Lots of hangry anons.

No. 1727908


Definitely. She's gradually upped the skelly level in the name of competing and now there's no intention of going back. I think her mom is worried, this is why she puts out those utterly cringeworthy videos of her 'enjoying' bowls of slop.

I wonder if the coach was urging her to eat more, this is what is typically done in the off-season. He's disappeared now, perhaps she didn't like what he wanted her to do.

Hilarious to see the gap between her current state and previous state get smaller.

No. 1727910


I think her plan is to become an IFBB pro. It's on her latest post, she wants to be ready to step on an IFBB stage but she can't even win the beginner's Fisher Price shows.

No. 1727923

sage your shit

No. 1727931

Is Calum really off the picture, how do you know?

No. 1727942

ntayrt but she used to tag him in all her Instagram posts and now she doesn't

No. 1727977

File: 1671115813030.jpg (579.11 KB, 1080x1953, Screenshot_20221215_144854_Ins…)

This is bait & I'm biting

No. 1727991

I'm so glad someone posted her, I was wondering how she's doing the other day and saw that her horrible shooped body checks have made a reappearance

No. 1727999

Agreed with anything being better than being a brain fried anachan, even if the binge eating group is small in population. But it’s hypocritical and harmful when some of the pro ana scumbags just become HAES fatlogic scumbags and say it’s recovery when they are clearly still disordered.

And the whole “you can’t trust people in early recovery to engage in intuitive eating” argument the other anon was making is still dumb. Yeah no shit anorexics two weeks into recovery should be focused on “getting any food in” but no legitimate professional should give them a free pass to start binging either. That’s why they give them meal plans. I mean look at Nikol. “She’s so malnourished she should just focus on getting any food in!” The woman literally eats cans of condensed milk and shit until she is on the verge of gastric rupture. If anachans experience extreme hunger in recovery their dietitians add an extra snack not give them a free pass to eat the entire kitchen. It’s disordered behavior.

No. 1728027

File: 1671121600168.jpg (167.12 KB, 1078x1915, RDT_20221215_11242354655360836…)

Imagine shopping at your local garden center in cold weather and this fucking thing appears.

No. 1728088

Her sour-faced, haggard appearance really underlines her message… What a numbnut.

No. 1728144

did i imagine it or was she doing better for a period of time and has now relapsed?

No. 1728151

Yeah she was over summer, she looked fantastic and was even away abroad with family. Seems like over the last 4 or so weeks the tube as reappeared, so obviously posts have increased from once a month to every other day. God forbid she has a tube and nobody knows!!!

No. 1728155

File: 1671138339637.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1652, 31603407-6A97-4173-B60D-7FD124…)

niamh macdougall everyone

No. 1728157

File: 1671138545380.jpg (764.38 KB, 1079x1492, Screenshot_20221215_210807_Ins…)

Lol what a twat posting her location publically??

No. 1728177

i mean, what could happen this literal who? doesn't matter, esp being inpatient. they have security around

No. 1728220

File: 1671143032677.jpeg (Spoiler Image,41.39 KB, 295x640, B057B813-0138-4155-98BA-EAB2DB…)

Kay is apparently gaining weight which we can clearly see from her rib cage and lanugo. Her and Zara shout start a club

No. 1728224

ayrt, glad someone else itt isn't a brain fried anachan. cows like zara and ganer will put their delusions in writing and push their whole chest (or should i say ribs) out acting like it's fact

also this is based. the reason so many anacows are always trying to intervene in other people's business/recovery is because they enjoy mentally and physically draining those around them, as long as they're the center of attention.

im almost positive that the anon who made that argument was the same one who said extreme hunger is the same as binging, KEK. i agree though that no professional should say "eat whatever you want and go ham" (pun intended). that's why i despise people like tabitha farrar. i dont remember where i read it but more than a few severe anorexics PAID her a lot of money for sessions where she was extremely dismissive and told them to just go in the kitchen and eat

No. 1728228

What the fuck is this picture. Sunglasses over the rib cage titties.
I love when people post unhinged shit like this. Does she want people to tell her she's still thin? Idk this feels like fishing or trying desperately to prove to herself she's not fat now. Grim lol.
"Do what you love", she must love fishing for attention online.

No. 1728280

File: 1671149129119.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1116x1897, D972BE8E-7609-415B-BDE2-2595ED…)

Han’s vagueposting on insta, probably from a hospital since she says in the bottom of the post that the pic is old.

No. 1728295

File: 1671150471534.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1911, E4C9A57F-1298-4BC4-BBBB-75C70B…)

Good news, at least one of the twins is okay.

No. 1728421

Fatacceptancechan has entered the thread

No. 1728422

It's the twitterfag mentality of disagreeing with one person but having to make a statement to everyone. No need to say you all. Just respond to the other anon. Lecturing everyone in the thread on top of the bullshit haes rhetoric

No. 1728503

File: 1671173481324.jpg (8.05 MB, 4096x7505, InCollage_20221216_194555225.j…)

Talking about "extreme hunger" - you guys watched this chick? @_youve_got_this. So many people call her out for binging but apparently it's not because she is present in the moment or some shit? This has been going on for… months? Like over 10000 calories a day easily. Here is an example of one night 'recovery feast' ..

No. 1728504

File: 1671173590295.jpg (6.11 MB, 4096x7505, InCollage_20221216_194658830.j…)

samefag sorry but these are just two more examples of 'snacks' … honestly these are probably 1/10 of what she consumes it's insane.

No. 1728519

And is she purging it?

No. 1728523

>because she is present in the moment or some shit
This is how I know this thread is infested with idiots who don't know anything about actual binging. A main component of binging/BED is disassociating during the episodes, feeling like you are not in your own body, like you are watching someone's else actions and can't stop.

No. 1728524

No she isn't, I really don't think she is out there to be deceptive. Like I don't even think she is a 'cow' - I just feel sorry for her that all this is being normalised…

No. 1728528

I disagree, there is no website that lists dissociation a requirement of a 'binge episode' and also binging does not automatically equal BED. I actually believe extreme hunger is 'binge eating' as a result of restriction - which is NOT BED. Binge eating is "Eating, in a discrete period of time (e.g., within any 2-hour period), an amount of food that is definitely larger than what most people would eat in a similar period of time under similar circumstances.
A sense of lack of control over eating during the episode (e.g., a feeling that one cannot stop eating or control what or how much one is eating)."

No. 1728530

Whatever you want to call it, it's disgusting and unnecessary.
If someone binge drinks alcohol or binges on drugs they're aware of what they're doing until they're no longer sober so in my mind this is 100% a binge. Doesn't matter where her head is at.
If you don't want to call it that then call it overindulgence or something but its pure grim

No. 1728531

Another definition of binge eating " It is the intense drive to overeat which is experienced again and again over time, accompanied by feelings of shame, guilt and feeling out of control.".. nothing about dissociating.

No. 1728539

I actually thought that this was nourish! I like this milk is she just on tt or does she have ig?

No. 1728553

Why is instagram keeping this shit up

No. 1728555

I doubt you've seen what 10000 calories look like. 5000 sure but not 10000 come on

No. 1728570

how does she not get sick after eating so many sweets things after another?

No. 1728574

Those poxy knuckles on her hand though. Nasty. Chomped so much on her purge fingers that shes gone and got a crusty infection.

No. 1728577

Just on tt

No. 1728579

And I doubt you went to watch the vid. This was only from 1am to 4am. An entire pizza, fries and all the sweets.. she still ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and more snacks and finished at 1030pm. Even Iona claims some of her days are over 10000. I've put a lot of her food into MFP, she really does reach it.

No. 1728582

did you typo the username or did she delete all her videos? I don't see any videos on tiktok.com/@_youve_got_this

No. 1728583

File: 1671185169025.png (446.68 KB, 447x710, Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 4.05…)

American Porgie finally left inpatient for residential

No. 1728584

File: 1671185200533.png (432.51 KB, 450x701, Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 4.05…)

but would just like to remind you how sick and frail she is

No. 1728586

File: 1671185325471.png (441.95 KB, 451x693, Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 4.08…)

She made this video so she could just stand on the left hand side the whole time

No. 1728587

File: 1671185402024.png (42.71 KB, 456x280, Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 4.09…)

some blessed soul in the comments asking what we all want to know

No. 1728588

Why don't these recovering warriors ever eat real food?? Only snacks and junk in sight so no wonder they're not satisfied.

No. 1728590

It's amazing how she didn't lose any weight while inpatient. This chick cleared her plates and snacked with no issues. And she even had a tube too iirc, for what, malnourishment? Restrictive ed my ass.

No. 1728592

she had a tube for MONTHS. At that length of time, she should have lost some weight even if they kept her tube feeds on the higher side of normal because ~her malnourishment~ or something.

No. 1728615

File: 1671192523131.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1801, 3486F2B7-5A72-4CE1-826E-12334A…)

hayden isn’t going inpatient again

No. 1728619

Not to bone rattle but “very” underweight??? Slightly sure but Hayden is no Eugenia. Anyways where’s the rest of that gofundme money since it’s not being used for round 2

No. 1728624

File: 1671195201786.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1196x2117, DA0585B1-38CC-4AB8-89E6-24584F…)

i fully believe that hayden has reverse body dysmoprhia and sees themselves as smaller than she actually is
like look at those thighs
this is not “very underweight”, those are thunder thighs

No. 1728625

To say thunder thighs is a bit of a rattle, she's got slim calves, and other features. The terms normally skinny fat isn't it?

No. 1728626

She’s so ugly Jesus Christ. She doesn’t look masculine at all, just like an ugly normal weight woman kek

No. 1728632

File: 1671196322777.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20221216-131132.png)

happy birthday to our bodybuilding queen

No. 1728633

Self post?

No. 1728635

no it was me
why on earth would that be a self post
i just saw it on tiktok and almost gagged

No. 1728636

There’s a difference between EC on her deathbed and very underweight anon

No. 1728637

Kay is another breed of cow she knows what she’s doing just a toxic manipulator

No. 1728638

>why on Earth would this be a self post?
Because anachans are black holes of attention and can never get enough of it?

No. 1728642

Maybe she will eat a birthday cake flavoured protein bar for her birthday kek

No. 1728643

That baby’s face kek
And she’s a perfectly normal weight she’s just an ugly attention whore.

No. 1728646

Love how the poor baby's facial expression sums up the situation perfectly

No. 1728661

i wonder how she'll celebrate? another pizza without the cheese, just the tomato base topped with salad? an additional banana? an extra rice cake?!

No. 1728667

File: 1671199972084.jpeg (61.6 KB, 471x598, Web capture_16-12-2022_14916_w…)

She's lurking

No. 1728680

File: 1671201283905.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.45 KB, 585x371, RDT_20221216_09284844052126283…)

The bonelord has fallen and can't get up.

No. 1728685

True but the point is Hayden acts like a waif who’s about to blow away at any second lol

No. 1728687

Maybe she’ll pull a Fi and have a disgusting little protein mug cake and stick a candle in it

No. 1728698

I doubt she’d let herself eat anything with the word cake in it. I’m guessing it’ll be a candle leaning sadly in the center of her slop. Maybe she’ll arrange the raspberries into a perfect circle around it.

No. 1728699

Idk what I thought I was gonna see but somehow it’s worse. She’s like the skeleton of a beached whale. I’m surprised seagulls haven’t broken into her room to feed off her corpse.

No. 1728725

There's nothing to eat, this is why. Not even Buzz would be tempted to gnaw on those decrepit bones.

No. 1728750

Unless the first word is "rice"?

No. 1728758

At this point, seeing any image of her is a straight up day ruiner.

No. 1728794

File: 1671213201514.jpg (4.15 MB, 4096x7505, InCollage_20221217_065309122.j…)

Apologies anon _youve_got_this_

No. 1728795

File: 1671213323688.jpg (900.69 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221217_065459_Tik…)

10,000 .. easy.

No. 1728796

This scenery reminds me of Fi and N2F

No. 1728800

Yeah if you watch her WEIADs it starts at 4 in the morning with multiple chocolate and protein bars. She orders takeout and then adds stuff to it at home. I just don’t understand how one has the time for this day in and day out. It’s binging because it’s so fucking time consuming to procure and eat that much in a single day like l…it’s got to be taking away from other aspects of her life.

No. 1728806

Is she actually gaining weight?

No. 1728808

No, her hypermetabolism is actually making her lose. That's why it's such extreme hunger

No. 1728812

How does that even work? How is her stomach not rupturing from all this and how on earth could it make her lose more weight? It seems so backwards. By that logic we should let all anorexics just starve and they'll stabilize their weight because eating will just make them lose more weight.

No. 1728813

She should probably get her ducking thyroid checked

No. 1728814

Oh the icing on the cake is during this stream she was ranting about how she shouldn't age restrict due to the fact she's not promoting 18+ content. Like excuse you, Madame Skellington, you are wearing lingerie and flashing your withered junk left and right. Pretty sure that's 18+ content.

No. 1728815

Anons, this is sarcasm. Of course she is gaining weight

No. 1728816

Hypermetabolism is a thing but it can still be managed with having 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. They can go crazy in an inpatient setting because they want to fatten ppl up quickly and will just throw calories at you but it’s really not necessary and the hypermetabolism phase does not last forever. If it’s really an issue, I think it’s more advisable to drink a damn Ensure than eat endless amounts of chocolate

No. 1728819

Ham must be her inspiration.

No. 1728824

Anons, I was joking when I said this. Hypermetabolism and extreme hunger from an eating disorder does not mean you eat endlessly and not gain weight. Sure you may need to eat more, but not 10 000 calories

No. 1728851

Holy shit those are not “thunder thighs”. Quit being such an Ana Queen

No. 1728970

EC's socks are super gross. I know white always gets dirty but come on, why aren't they cleaning the floors?

No. 1728973

extra walking!

No. 1729078

Oh, come on, is she fucking serious with these clothes? See-through top, garters and porny schoolgirl mini skirt. At what point can we move her to the OF thread?

Also, the Cooneys' heating bill must be astronomical.

No. 1729099

either this girl is binging and purging what she eats or she is an extremely, extremely rare case (as in 1 in a million) who is still dealing with hypermetabolism and extreme hunger that far into "recovery". i think we know what the answer is.


nona did you even take a second to read the thread? specifically >>1727664

>I tracked what someone else ate into MFP.
>anachan has entered the chat

No. 1729102

yeah the thought of someone calculating a randomer's caloric intake from social media has me fucking cackling over here holy shit and to proudly exclaim to the world that you're doing it is just too much

No. 1729105

File: 1671242327400.png (504.03 KB, 429x685, Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 7.58…)

Aidel keeps claiming to be getting involuntarily sick even though the scabs / irritated skin by her mouth make it very, very clear that she's purging.

No. 1729109

i don't even know who this is

No. 1729113

been previous posted in this thread >>1726131 and in some previous threads. She's a Canadian who is also addicted to drugs, bounced in and out of the hospital for a while, and is now I guess paying out of pocket for ERC Dallas while begging people for money online.

No. 1729130

sucks for her i guess…

No. 1729135

Any pictures of her not just her food?

No. 1729137

File: 1671243378710.png (42.44 KB, 409x184, Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 8.15…)

Eh, she discharged herself from free residential treatment in Canada because she didn't want to get better. She has a long treatment history where she's very noncompliant and repeatedly discharges herself then bounces in and out of emergency rooms. So I don't really feel any pity for her deciding that she had to go to the united states and pay for treatment out of pocket

No. 1729214

File: 1671247327262.png (3.67 MB, 828x1792, D6D789B9-6978-468E-BAD8-14A910…)

What a reason to leave treatment… she always has some odd excuse that she’s mistreated/abused or triggered to why she leaves 1/3

No. 1729216

File: 1671247370017.png (3.8 MB, 828x1792, BAF449C4-0FD2-4A51-AEAE-11695F…)


No. 1729217

File: 1671247398516.png (3.39 MB, 828x1792, 1A05C518-C5CA-49A4-AF31-B0FE61…)

3/3 insufferable

No. 1729225

Most fake crying face I've ever seen.

No. 1729226

File: 1671247813620.png (2.06 MB, 2436x1125, 5F1F281E-D1BF-4741-BD0A-B5DB69…)

Did…..did ganer get her period finally?

No. 1729348

She isn't purging and she has gained quite a bit of weight from it. Obviously. And i'm the anon who said I put her food into MFP.. I put various snacks she has. Once. Just to see if it actually was nearly 10,000. I'm certainly no anachan.. in fact my lack of ability to count calories and having to go to MFP should have suggested that. I was curious ffs.

No. 1729373

I think she's just assuming she's premenstrual because she's emotional, not that she's actually had her period.
But if she is, why now?

No. 1729375

Her face has that rubbery mark zuckerberg look to it.
Anachans don't have a magical caloric spider-sense, nona.

No. 1729416

File: 1671268880675.jpg (4.62 MB, 4096x7281, InCollage_20221217_222116391.j…)

Stupid bitch posts 10 photos.. 9 of them are fun pics with a group of family friends.. and this is the one she chooses as #1. Feet pressed hard together showing off that fucking tHiGh GaP, her face looks drunk. I am so embarrassed for her it's so obvious what she is doing, "never mind the ugly facials so long as everyone will see my skinny legs."

No. 1729418

File: 1671269651654.jpg (416.49 KB, 682x1617, Screenshot_20221217_223326_InC…)

Wtf are you nikol?

No. 1729423

How is Nikol pretending to lose 30kg (66 lb) when she is about 40kg (88 lb)?

No. 1729425

She looks way above 40kg though. She just looks like an average weight woman.

No. 1729434

there’s no way that’s nikol she looks like bmi 20-22

No. 1729440

File: 1671278007121.png (298.53 KB, 593x418, Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 5.53…)

I think it is her and she's just gained weight rapidly because of the bingeing. The stomach in the upper left is bloated in a way that makes sense with recent rapid weight gain in someone malnourished / bingeing behavior and it's the same bikini as her last post

I think she might actually not be purging and so she's gaining weight really rapidly

No. 1729441

File: 1671278091668.png (45.89 KB, 602x208, Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 5.54…)

She says in this tweet from the 14th that she weighs 48kg

No. 1729507

her team were "proud" that she decided she "wasn't ready" to recover and discharged herself from residential?!

No. 1729549

Sweet Jesus that looks so abnormal. that sudden weight gain cannot be good, she just looks swollen. I'm actually surprised she's not ended up in hospital with refeeding syndrome, she could very well die from this.

No. 1729558

Dear God,

please let it be a tumor.

Best regards

No. 1729561

Anon wtf?

No. 1729604


probably a ton of it is water retention and bloating. there is no way her digestion works. thats already a lot of food for a normal body so her's probably has no idea what to do with it

No. 1729619

Please God tell me that's satire. It infuriates me on several levels. But then, look who we're talking about.

No. 1729645

has anyone else noticed that all her photos with other peope are always with middle age people. she has no life, no one can expect hee to recover when her only focus is that

No. 1729726

agreed. I know Nikol can be insufferable and damaging but it feels wrong to say similar back, plus she's talking suicide/or baiting already; she'd probably embrace death, tbh. The consequential abdo edema is enough. I think she played about with treatment (but she was and still is young), and somewhere I get the feeling she's really been failed somewhere in her life. Not really for me to say, ig. I know her tweets can be cancerous, still I feel like there's something wrong in that nobody's intervening with her now.. like where is everybody? It's just her, being shitty online/ maybe as a form of self harm, old photos and b(/p?)
I bet she's not helping the loneliness, but still - her life looks fucking lonely. I'm open to change should more info hit the surface, but until then: she seems in a rut, with a bunch of people enabling her online, nobody around, and her being bitter as hell, too. She's far from an angel, I agree, but a tumor seems a bit far, other anon.

No. 1729729

samefag, meant to reply to you to agree, lol. Sorry for rant @ previous poster.

No. 1729733

File: 1671320937927.jpeg (3.16 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_9078.jpeg)

It's her, I bought her that suit. Sure didn't used to fit like this though.

No. 1729737

you bought her a swim suit? Do you know her irl?

No. 1729740

I'm the one who took this set of pictures. Yes.

No. 1729742

does her family actually have a distorted understanding of weight like she says, i.e. calling her fat when she's still underweight?

No. 1729773

are you her ex? she claims her "stalker ex" posts here.

No. 1729877

File: 1671338808583.jpeg (971.98 KB, 1116x1815, 04B70347-0FAC-4091-86E8-98079E…)

Paris is so fucking dramatic. The whine of Simple Plan doesn’t exactly help.

No. 1729879

I don’t like the vibes I get from you.

No. 1729931

I don't think her abuser/"sugar daddy" would know or care about that.

No. 1729932

yeah, sorry, I hadn't paid attention to her until recently so I didn't put the pieces together until this reply >>1729773 and thought it was just, like, a prior friend

No. 1729933

File: 1671351159480.jpg (332.49 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2022-12-18-07-48-40…)

She's saying how she's had this onesie since she was twelve….. Don't think that's a flex luv.

No. 1729935

She’s done this before. She’s gained and then gone back to loosing it all again. Don’t worry anons she’ll get back to her ways!

No. 1729937

I mean, this is really the conversation we were having earlier about how eating disorders can morph and swap symptoms. Unlike the HAES crowd claims, her switching to bingeing doesn't mean she's cured or just experiencing extreme hunger or whatever, her eating disorder just looks different right now. And is just as likely to switch back to restrictive symptoms if she doesn't get psychological help.

(Also, please sage if you're not posting milk.)

No. 1729958

That's so creepy that you know her irl and are/were obviously close enough with her to buy her a swimsuit and yet you're still posting her on a gossip site where everyone hates her. That's too low even for a farmer

No. 1729960

Lmao was she obese

No. 1729962

Can the bone rattling BMI spergers fuck off back to edtwt?

No. 1729969

What? Do you know how many people that are close to cows come and post here? Exes, friends, family? It’s not creepy, it happens all the time. It actually brings insight(when they decide to actually reply) especially for weird ass cows like nikol. It’s not low and if you think so maybe you should stick to ot and g. I don’t think the cow boards are for you.

No. 1729978

There’s literally a lolcow page for personal cows. It makes sense. Also imagine you were friends with someone before they went pro Ana scumbag - you’d need to vent your frustrations somewhere. Or like gage other peoples opinions to see if it’s just you that thinks their crazy
And like the amount of people you meet in treatment!! More than likely one of them is cow potential

No. 1730006

Just because it happens all the time doesn’t mean it’s not creepy, anon. Yes, I’m aware that many people here know the cows personally but most of them don’t go around saying “hey y’all, that’s my ex best friend and I’ll spill all of her dirty secrets to a bunch of strangers online”. All of us here are at a low enough level to chat shit about (mostly) mentally ill strangers (or former friends, I guess) as if we’re preteens but it’s even worse when it’s people who once used to call you their friend.

No. 1730036

>many people here know the cows personally but most of them don’t go around saying “hey y’all, that’s my ex best friend and I’ll spill all of her dirty secrets to a bunch of strangers online”.
Yes they do.. and the anon who posted didn’t even give any information besides they knew her. No one really cared except to find out if her parents were as insane she portrays them.
Like I said maybe the cow boards aren’t for you.

No. 1730057

File: 1671381033658.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1170x2016, 2CFB1860-671C-4618-952F-5B5BCB…)

seriously? Spoiler because is S

No. 1730069

She's built like a tree frog.

No. 1730075

What happened to do not engage with S?

No. 1730087

I must've missed this. Why can't we talk about S

No. 1730118

All she does is wallow in self pity - she doesn’t want to change. She was more fun when she made YouTube stuff.

No. 1730153

Self posting, seeking attention.

No. 1730181

yp thats the reason but ew though. Im not her. Not even from the same continent but seriously milk is dry

No. 1730195

File: 1671392827428.png (3.13 MB, 1125x2436, 74E5C2B7-FD86-4D83-BD89-3A2222…)

Anyone know why K is on crutches, I’m taking a guess at osteoporosis fucking with her bones but wondered if anons on her CF knew more?

No. 1730230

does anyone have a pic of zara’s teeth

No. 1730242

File: 1671397697342.jpeg (368.72 KB, 1170x941, D5DBBB4D-ABC3-4842-9374-2CFD20…)

apparently shes bald too?

No. 1730259


I appreciate this could be part of the pissing contest to prove who's the sickest, but you know what? I actually respect her for admitting that. It's better than the likes of EC who try to pass off fake hair as their own and act like they're totally fine.

No. 1730270

It's very hard to lose a lot of hair and still want to look pretty and put together. I'm surprised she was so candid about wearing a wig. They do get the least questions, the most compliments, and no uwu looks or comments if you wear a head wrap.

No. 1730274

File: 1671401533837.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 1170x1754, BB6017C2-14AE-42B2-9CA9-86279B…)

Emily looks like she is on drugs and confused christmas with Halloween

No. 1730280

Holy shit she's giving N2F a run for her money without the charm to go with it. Is she slow? Like not trying to be mean but how could anyone think "yep, this looks good".

No. 1730306

EC just uploaded this video of her doing last minute gift shopping at a TJ Maxx. The stares she gets from the other shoppers are clearly feeding her ego, in spite of them staring in horror/revulsion. Nothing quite like terrifying your community with your skeletal visage. Oh, and did I mention she's wearing the Santa Slut costume? Also that.

No. 1730313

Posting about a friend or family member on the farms is straight fucked. Like sociopathic. Even just us chatting shite is fucked but that's next level even if entertaining.

No. 1730334

honestly, I am surprised she's even able to function. the girl has GOT to be freezing cold, and how does she even have the energy to go out in public? she's a problematic person, but even this… this is just sad. she's literally wasting away on camera and it's gross and just feeds her ego further. ugh.

No. 1730363

I know everything is a mess, but the eyebrows I just can't…

Can EC just stop touching her hair every 5 seconds?

No. 1730376

Fucking kek anon

No. 1730377

The strangest part of Eugenias decline is noticing that she doesn't actually do anything anymore. All she does is stand around being anorexic, at least a few years ago when she was arsing around with Bryan Starzzz it was like…. something

No. 1730378

Ffs it’s 30 degrees out in the northeast at most, put some damn clothes on you trailer trash swamp corpse.

No. 1730385

File: 1671412321646.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1744, C6A0BE8C-FC55-4FD1-A1E7-7F0FEC…)

Has Ganer reminded you yet today that she was the spoopiest spoop to ever have spooped? Well don’t worry cause she definitely didn’t forget to do that today.

No. 1730423

You learn new things about a person when they start throwing you under the bus when it amuses them.
yeah, she says that, but I've never really had to look anything up, she told me (and… showed me) basically anything we know about her. BTW, she lied on her curiouscat about her last name, I've seen her passport.
Seems like a weird thing to lie about, but why not, right?

No. 1730430

I don't think it's their fault. I think she's poisoning the well so people distrust her family when really it's entirely her.
Sucks, I guess. If everyone liked me, I'd probably have zero personality.
I'm neither of those guys though. I do feel bad for whoever is just paying her money while she talks shit on them.

No. 1730434

"when it’s people who once used to call you their friend."
Implying I betrayed her expresses a deep misunderstanding of what happened there. Rather the other way around. I don't owe her anything.

No. 1730446

She really has a horrible bone structure

No. 1730450

ok so ur definitely an ana fetish creep is what i’ve gathered.

No. 1730451

so is her last name actually vitti then? i thought she was ukrainian and israeli but vitti is italian so i thought it was strange. is she a pathological liar or something?

No. 1730470

Nta but i’m pretty sure i remember her name being vitti from when some anon posted an article about her a few threads back i might be wrong though

No. 1730475

She's just checking to be sure those extensions are still in place.
>trailer trash swamp corpse
Really should not have laughed so hard at that.
Her attitude has been so shitty as of late, I think she just doesn't care anymore. She gets her attention fix and that's what's important. Honestly it's quite sad as clearly she's starved for… something. Definitely a sandwich but likely other emotional needs as well.

No. 1730525

Sounds like you deserved it scrote

No. 1730610

>seems like a weird thing to lie about
Are you retarded, you creepy cunt? Must be. It’s perfectly rational to not post your real surname to social media. It’s maybe even smart to throw out a fake name.

No. 1730618

File: 1671441544834.jpg (365.8 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20221219-171157_Chr…)


When I searched Nikol Vitti on Google, this article came up, along with some pictures of a much younger (and prettier) Nikol.
Nikol is incredibly interesting to me. I used to dislike her the most of all the thread subjects because she's unabashedly pro anorexia, however after I learnt more things about her, I felt very bad for her.
On her twitter she said that she was molested as a teenager (I think 15) and her mom dismissed it and said 'that's just what men do' or something to that effect. She says her family calls her fat, and that they force her brother to exercise every day of the week and eat a keto diet (this has gone on since he was 6 years old). She mentioned that she was, if I'm not wrong, in a group home. I speculate that she started to struggle with rather severe mental illness in her mid teens as a result of emotional neglect or eve outright abuse and was shipped away to be institutionalised because her parents didn't want to deal with her. She probably tried to run away from home around this period of time.
God, I feel so awful for her… Her life is a lonely pit of non stop binge eating, compulsive bathing as a result of OCD, intense delusions,and no support from anyone. I think she's a person who's truly in the depths of mental illness rather than dramatising a lot of what goes on in her head for attention, unlike a lot of other cows such as Laura.

(sorry if I did anything wrong, I am a new poster.)

No. 1730662

This is so much more embarrassing than any of the things she makes fun of other people for. Zara you look worse than my 80 year old grandma.

No. 1730687

I find Nikol interesting in the same way that you do. It’s pretty obvious she’s genuinely fucked up and has actual adverse events and trauma in her history unlike a lot of the privileged pro-ana cows posted here.

No. 1730705


I can’t help but agree. Her content is strangely fascinating, and I know that she puts herself out on the internet when she probably should be coping off screen, but it’s so interesting to see the difference between her and the analarpers. Clown on her all you want, but I really hope she’s able to get genuine help some day. She posts like a fool, but there’s obviously some deep rooted mental trauma there.

No. 1730717

So true

No. 1730789

File: 1671468039211.png (7.26 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_7309.png)

Your listening skills are nonexistent, but you're clearly here just to pick fights, so that probably doesn't matter to you. She hasn't always looked this way. I tried to help for a long time. But I'm not a professional, and she doesn't listen to them anyways.

No. 1730794

The name is right, And as far as I know the ethnicities are correct, her passport is indeed Ukrainian, I helped her get back from there right before the quarantine shut international travel down. I don't know though, maybe the name got changed generations ago, or a jewish convert moved to israel from Italy decades ago, just guessing, at this point.

No. 1730795

When people don't already know who you are, sure, but hey, guess you're sensitive about being retarded.

No. 1730797

aw, she actually looks nice and a lot healthier here

No. 1730830

Nah, she's just ugly.

No. 1730837

Britfag Laura and cubehead are a different breed

No. 1730846

File: 1671473415848.jpg (97.24 KB, 954x1121, mask.jpg)

No. 1730880

File: 1671475672832.jpg (684.28 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221219_184802_Gal…)

Anyone else getting whiplash tryna keep up with Z's narrative?
Was it the ana or not that made you bald

No. 1730888

File: 1671476393629.png (675.86 KB, 506x756, potatoes.png)

Ganer is back on the potatoes! Her eggs look back to being 99% egg white though. But well done Ganer. At this rate she may gane a whole pound in her bulk

No. 1730914

Lol I love how her “huge gainz bodybuilder power meals” are just normal meals an average person would eat. Maybe even less, since you don’t see a lot of people chowing down raw spinach without any dressing or seasoning.

No. 1730935

No, nonna, she's special and is the only one who's hair didn't really get touched by prolonged starvation, it's those damned antibiotics (that are trying to do the damage that she knowingly did on herself)

No. 1730936

I think I see a yolk somewhere in that weird ball of egg whites

No. 1730944

You're the one shitting on your (used to be) close friend on a gossip site so it's a bit ironic to blame other people of being "here just to pick fights" kek. Get off your high horse that you're barely sitting on and own the fact that you're just as bad (if not worse) as every other person on here

No. 1730946

Some folks would lose 2lbs a week eating her sad daily "meal".
She's only bulking her OCD, again.

No. 1731017

This actually looks delicious (is that paprika on the eggs?) and it is the right amount of food. I would probably cut down on potatoes and add in a whole grain and some fruit, but this is a good start. And if you wanted to just make that your meal, you're not lacking in nutrition so you could eat it 3 times a day. Does she only eat once a day right now?

No. 1731018

one potato, egg whites, and raw spinach is hardly a "bulking" meal for someone who works out daily

No. 1731043

Please stop samefagging and shitting up the thread just to make half-arsed comebacks

Isn’t her mum a doctor? But sure it was the antibiotics that have her wearing a wig

No. 1731082

Poor Nikol, I feel very sorry for her.

No. 1731094

i agree with the other anons upthread that yes, it's common and acceptable for other cows' friends and exes to post here, but that's because they generally provide milk. this person has added nothing to the conversation beyond posting personal photos of Nikol with non-milky tidbits whilst acting like a pompous fool. either talk your shit like everyone else or go back.

No. 1731144

saged bc not milk (i hope, i'm usually a lurker here) and first time looking at this ED thread

i've never understood the ana obsession with showing off their NG tubes in selfies, all of social media? i'm NG tube fed, not eating disordered at all, a physical illness entirely unrelated and all my social media photos are ones where i have the tube out, if i'm going out with my friends i take it out and then set it back up when i get home so i don't get looked at in public. only my best friends see me with it in if i can help it.

yet some of the girls in these threats seem to have every single selfie with their tube in? why? is it because it makes them a 'better' anorexic or for online sympathy or is it something else that i'm yet to understand

No. 1731145

threads not threats whoops*

No. 1731193

Not my intention to defend any anachan cow, but I thought it was dangerous and not easy to take it or put it back NG tubes without medical help. I don't know, so I might be wrong.

No. 1731197

you shouldn't do it regularly because pulling/dropping them frequently can hurt the nose. There's also always a small danger of accidentally placing it in the lungs instead of the stomach. Some countries will teach anacahans to do it themselves, but honestly I think it's to reduce the burden on healthcare providers and not because it's especially safe.

a lot of anachans are looking for attention by posting tube pics, though

No. 1731219

I’m sure it’s partly for validation but also how can anyone find those photos appealing like I always scroll past them as quickly as possible they just look painful

No. 1731222


tube anon here, i've been taught how to take it out myself and put it in myself by nurses. i do keep it in most of the time, just once in a while if i'm going out somewhere nice and don't want to be the one with the tube in all the group pics i'll take it in and out, and you can check placement of the tube by withdrawing some and testing the PH.

No. 1731230

yeah, a lot of them see a tube as a badge of honour, a kind of trophy proving that they are "super sick" and therefore "the best" anorexic - which is why certain cows will go out of their way to beg for a tube, and are delighted when one is inserted, immediately ensuring they share hundreds of selfies with their tube purposefully visible to show it off with pride. meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of people with an ED would do absolutely anything to avoid a tube and being fed against their will - let alone cure it as an achievement or something to brag about. generally makes it fairly easy to distinguish those who are genuinely unwell and those who just love the attention.

No. 1731231

look, people were polite about it the first time, but there's no reason or need to blog (talk about yourself(. We know that some people are taught to take them in/out. Most of us also know that you can aspirate and pH test. In any case, you can explain those things without reference to yourself. (And making it about yourself is kinda weird in a mock thread)

The point being that some people probably do leave it in for attention and others probably have not been taught to take it in/out. Most anachans with tubes are in the hospital anyway, so no point in taking it out when they're either on continuous feeds or getting bolus feeds 6x per day (three meals, three snacks). If you took it in/out after every feed, you'd cause damage to the interior of the nose. I really doubt that you or anyone else would have been taught to take it in/out 6x a day. Further, generally nurses aren't allowed to use a tube until they've tested themself to make sure it's in place properly. So that's a lot of unnecessary work for them.

Some places do drop/pull tubes, but it's generally meant as a disincentive to refuse food. Or some places seem to allow it if people are going out on leave/pass or only having night feeds.

No. 1731249

Do they not use bridles now to stop people taking them out?

No. 1731268


In the UK they often don’t do 6x daily bolus feeds. It’ll be spread in 2 or 3 feeds and YES, some units will either encourage or permit patients to have it out between each feed. They rarely rarely use bridles. It’s blatantly obvious when people with eating disorders are proud of their tubes. Refer to Abby and her million and one selfies after having her NG placed (in a unit where I know from experience they actively discourage people from keeping their NGs in situ).

No. 1731271

interesting. that's very different than the US, where most places will do 6x bolus feeds or continuous and only one place that I know of (Walden) drops/pulls tubes for each feed.

No. 1731273

File: 1671506047063.png (551.14 KB, 1217x698, Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 9.13…)

speaking of walden, look who's in residential there

No. 1731293

File: 1671508633365.png (566.21 KB, 431x689, Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 9.57…)

No. 1731342

File: 1671817668754.jpeg (331.31 KB, 1125x1906, 93C50FE6-3B97-49CB-B296-48F880…)

Ganer gave us a present by mashing up the two versions of her disordered self. With an ego this big, I guess her giant megamind head makes sense really.

No. 1731343

File: 1671817788987.jpg (31.83 KB, 570x802, gains.jpg)

No. 1731368

File: 1671824855942.jpeg (40.55 KB, 577x433, 19247901-567C-4C03-8DC2-FCDE25…)

Why would you even—

No. 1731369

What the hell is happening with lolcow…only just found this again, and there's no new posts for days….I need my fix

No. 1731390


Happy early Christmas nonas, manifesting some full-fat cream for us all!

No. 1731392

That's my face rn. Ganer is just too hungry to think straight.

Me too, I missed you anons very much (sad emoji that I cannot use).

No. 1731448

I don't even know how to keep finding this thread or the next ones….?

No. 1731474

File: 1671844075895.jpeg (931.18 KB, 1170x2051, A6A7E7A6-A76E-434E-B794-C4F63D…)


No. 1731475

File: 1671844117209.jpeg (368.5 KB, 1166x2043, A9862CB0-43AF-4F4E-B5D4-9F5AAF…)

Another ‘leaves treatment because some other patient also has an ED and you can’t handle not being the sickest’

No. 1731483

No. 1731493

of all the words to use, “great” is not one that springs to mind

No. 1731506

I swear no actual male would be seen dead with a beard like that. Some straggly pubes under the chin

No. 1731543

I wish that was true

No. 1731582

Does this hideous creature even need treatment? It looks plump and healthy. Practically glowing skin.

No. 1731585

it's actually amazing how hayden looks exactly the same weight in EVERY picture, whether it's before or after treatment

No. 1731597

Different body, still the same mindset.

No. 1731613

Probably triggered by someone struggling who wasn't just there for the grift like he is.

Most likely wanted the attention all on him. His overuse of gaslighting and trauma, ugh. Ok "brother boy".

No. 1731629

… the three hairs on the chin?

No. 1731631

who knew there would be people who are still so deep in their disorders that they would try to sabotage everyone around them in treatment? i'm shocked!

No. 1731645

File: 1671900933521.jpg (719.9 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221222_131938_Ins…)

From a few days ago when the site was down. Missed you guys!
She took it back down pretty quickly so I assume staff/family are telling her off for posting herself in such a vulnerable state doing body checks

No. 1731646

File: 1671900982720.jpeg (620.59 KB, 750x1173, 52EB2FEC-52DA-4440-A35D-3DF7BB…)

Laura really posted this with the same recovery-themed audio she used when she finally made it out of hospital (only to return a few days later)

No. 1731659

how embarrassing

No. 1731700

File: 1671911145538.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, DA3B1A54-F63E-43A6-B1B1-92E92F…)

A Christmas gift from a couple of days ago, our dirt urchin has tanned herself back to how she looked in the grime days. Never change N2F.

No. 1731720

She's so unhinged but in a harmless adorable way.

No. 1731728

It’s still up. She is unhinged. Never posts until she’s IP.

No. 1731731

Her bedroom looks so much better than what it used to. No rubbish on the floor. No piles of condiments on the bed. The mirror and floor is clean. The tan looks dreadful but whatever. Nobody is perfect.

No. 1731743

This lol. I can’t imagine what it smelled like in there when it was a binge dungeon. I’m proud by how far she’s come. I wonder what if she ever rescued the condiments from the bushes below her window tho.

No. 1731746

Blaming this on one person is fucked anyway.

No. 1731824

Does anyone else find it weird how many tattoos she’s gotten in like, a year? I guess it goes with her generally insane style and all or nothing mentality but… wow.

No. 1731857

I’m shaking and having an asthma attack so let me take a selfie and post it to my IG stories with a long caption

No. 1731921

No offence, but how did Laura get so big?

No. 1731925

"I'm literally shaking" the jokes writing themselves

No. 1731930

why are you skellies so retarded? she’s been in treatment forever now and most likely has been on a changing cocktail of medications which a lot of can cause moon face, weight gain, and general bloating.

No. 1731940

File: 1671981348282.jpg (692.96 KB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20221225_113814_Ins…)

Merry Christmas anons
Some fresh milk from my fave cow

No. 1731970

A shit ton of benzos

No. 1732011

File: 1672002229640.jpeg (799.3 KB, 1242x2202, B5B6E156-4A48-4853-8B02-9FC354…)

zara’s following

No. 1732017


"Balkan Barbie™ and her Dream Tractor", straight out of the box.

No. 1732023

Unironically love her but I hope so much someone gifted her a bottle of good conditioner for Christmas

Her main ~~issue~~ has never been anorexia and she’s chosen to waste years in hospital getting pumped full of every antipsychotic under the sun. Either of those would do it, let alone both

No. 1732052

she recently got into a fight with someone because she shared a post about binge eating disorder or something, someone said it was triggering and she got madddddd.
and then seemed to make it her mission to talk about it non stop.
probably to trigger her poor followers into thinking that they’re binge eating. or massive virtue signalling because she looks like she’s never eaten a decent meal in her life let alone binged.

No. 1732074

File: 1672017480091.jpeg (100.42 KB, 1125x356, D15014EE-345E-4ADC-BEA9-F8B824…)

Worst cow cross over. Don’t want. No thank you. Please don’t.

No. 1732170

File: 1672045618664.jpeg (408.3 KB, 1125x2436, 5E3CCBC5-25F1-48A4-8EFA-BF24CA…)

Hayden named the person - don’t know if anyone else saw it/she deleted it.. but she was talking about Luka Scout..
apparently she is a manipulative so and so and Hayden’s anorexia doesn’t like how triggering she is…
In all posts following this, she’s made EVERYTHING about herself and how people need to be kind and respectful and blah blah blah. Even Christmas lunch with the neighbours because about hayden because she decided to tell them she’s recovering from anorexia so they had to be super kind to her - oh the self-centered cow - I would love to know what happened to that 30+ k raised on gofundme!?

No. 1732180

File: 1672049889018.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x2022, CE790C1F-6B17-4D1F-8ED1-3C46AE…)

havent managed to screenshot but Han yesterday posted a photo that looked like she was in hospital and then crying stories that you could barely understand what she said.
Today she announced that something traumatic happened on the 24 that she will never share publicly.

No. 1732185

what is Luka Scout's @?

No. 1732210

File: 1672061520450.jpg (678.02 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20221226_132940_com…)

Han just casually filming stories, ensuring she flails her arms around at every opportunity to ensure everyone sees her hospital bracelets.

No. 1732211

She was going on about not wanting to come across as attention seeking but she 'just can't tell anyone what's going on.' And made sure to show off hospital bands on both wrists as she said it was the first time she wasn't in hospital in 4 years 'by the skin of her teeth.'And shows hospital bands again. Also causually mentions her 200+ DMs she has had.

No. 1732212

Every possible way to show off double hospital bracelets. Says 'it's not something to smirk about whilst smirking. She's an insufferable greedy, entitled liteel pig.

No. 1732213

little* pig

No. 1732214

Also sorry if blogging but……..she gets all the attention and care and IP ALL the time whenever she lifts a finger. I couldn't help messaging and telling her she gets it all and I get nothing here and she tells me 'if you needed IP I'm sure you'd be there sweets' And a kiss. Her head needs to meet a wall.

No. 1732215

You deserved that response you cow tipping retard

No. 1732216


Does she seriously want us to belive she was born in the 90s?!

No. 1732217

No I didn't. Why would I?

No. 1732218

How is it cow tipping for me to hate message people I hate? I do it all the time.

No. 1732222

Maybe refers to a weight?

No. 1732223

Because you’re pathetic to obsess jealously over people who don’t know or care you exist, even more pathetic than the average farmer. Also sage your dumb rants.

No. 1732224

I don't know how to sage or what it is. . I have looked at the rules.

No. 1732230

Hayden needs to be punted into the ocean. Even "pro-ana" cents who are medically unwell deserve help. Also crazy how small the cow world is

No. 1732232

put sage in the email line–takes like five seconds

No. 1732241

stop fucking replying to yourself and posting this stupid self-serving obsessive drivel

No. 1732280

Where did you get this from? I don’t even see mention of age or 90’s?

No. 1732281


No. 1732284

File: 1672075873045.png (2.67 MB, 1125x2436, 2F0C76B2-FA73-4DE0-BF38-89DE30…)

Does zara actually expect us to believe that’s she’s living? She never shows her plate and we know from the past she goes out for meals with friends and doesn’t eat.

No. 1732286

how are you still too dumb to sage when >>1732232 told you exactly how to do it

No. 1732287


Also, you'd think that Hayden would take that as an opportunity to sort through those triggers and be like 'hey, WHY am I feeling that way? WHY am I triggered by these statements/actions/etc.'

Genuinely makes me think they just don't actually want to get better, and that they're content to live in their own little victim world of delusion. And!! If the supposedly 'pro ana' person is working towards recovery, good for them! recovery isn't linear, and you shouldn't be demonizing people. Hayden just… bothers me. So much.

No. 1732289

Type sage in to the email field and anons will get off your back! But also it’s a bit of a reach guessing that it relates to her age. It would make her 30 which she roughly probably is. Anorexia ages you!

No. 1732295

First time poster so sorry for any cock ups. But biting the bullet in my first post to say I watched Hayden's stories after they posted this and it was a long ass video explaining that they were bitching about Luka being triggering and she overheard and was super sweet about it. She apparently said "hey Hayden, how are you, it's so good to see you" and that was "so triggering" because of past trauma with people being sweet in public and nasty behind doors. So triggering they had to walk out. Such a fucking reach

No. 1732319

So…people being polite is too triggering for poor little Hayden?

No. 1732320

That’s some very manly nail polish

No. 1732346

File: 1672087907645.jpeg (981.05 KB, 1125x1731, FC29FE55-D5E5-4C54-AFB7-0F9CC5…)


No. 1732352

File: 1672088727603.png (1.57 MB, 1125x2436, C89673F7-3BE0-4F09-B70F-404818…)

Same fagging cause I just attempted to read her blog. I’m surprised she’s in any kind of treatment when she’s so in love with waxes poetic about her Ed. That being said, I have no sympathy for Hayden since she’s just the flip side of the selfabsorbed Ed coin.

No. 1732355

when is this stuff about going out with friends and not eating? and not to WK but unless it was very re cent and i just missed it, she could well be eating well and doing alright now…

No. 1732357

what is this bullshittttt

No. 1732369

Her blog is so weird & mentally ill, I’m amazed anyone believes she’s “recovered”

No. 1732373

This reply wasn't me

No. 1732377

File: 1672092746769.jpeg (204.71 KB, 1179x1993, D9A6FA01-4B0D-45B1-8A3C-21C7E9…)

A video on her highlights showing her having a yummy plate of instagram

No. 1732378

Why assume I made all those comments? I didn't. Someone else made some of those. And everyone else is allowed to bitch about these cows but when I do it it's 'stupid self serving drivel'? I don't see how my comments have been any different and I'm not even responsible for all the comments you attribute to me so how would you even know?!

No. 1732380


The fact that she is so hard to understand, she like, doesn't open her mouth to speak, it's unbearable. The making every effort possible to show her hospital bracelets was unreal. She is actually quite beautiful tho.

Also, let's stop sperging about that male she male unicorn whatever Hayden is, my gosh is so annoying.

No. 1732409

that’s february 2021…

No. 1732411

I think they're saying she has established a precedent for doing this kind of thing, not that the image is recent. So it's difficult to trust anything she posts now and it's suspicious she didn't post her plate this time.

No. 1732447

>>She was going on about not wanting to come across as attention seeking but she 'just can't tell anyone what's going on.'
Han is insufferable.

Zara didn't eat a thing, we all know that.

No. 1732455

That's her family christmas dinner from this year

No. 1732575

In all the years of zara she will never change

No. 1732606

File: 1672134396873.jpeg (449.15 KB, 1125x1545, 434F93B2-A589-45FD-A40B-B30261…)

1/2 - our Aussie “always in hospital” alysia had a sleepover with her mummy….
They forgot to hide the “sleepy nights” aka diapers from the photo…

No. 1732608

File: 1672134524143.jpeg (368.15 KB, 1125x2091, A46AEC9D-7BF4-422E-802D-C9C4C1…)


No. 1732611

Are they for the mum or the girl

No. 1732612

Typically they’re for children

No. 1732614

Lol at the diapers. She seems so deep into her disorder that it's her whole personality. Like all of her posts are just "look at my bones".
For a recovery account she sure as fuck doesn't seem to want to recover. She's in love with being sick and infantalised.

No. 1732635

Why is Hayden perfectly fine/friends with this one but has it out for Luka?

No. 1732651

File: 1672148605607.jpg (901.65 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221227_133743_Tik…)

It has a tiktok account. News to me, fresh milk has been delivered

No. 1732652

File: 1672148902651.jpg (714.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221227_134613_Tik…)

Of course the first video was when she had black eyes

No. 1732653

File: 1672148939284.jpg (675.21 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221227_134718_Tik…)

The hashtag isn't adding up here babes x

No. 1732655

File: 1672149380561.jpg (501.72 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20221227_135428_com…)

Nourish giving us the christmas gift we didn't ask for! Looking like she has spent the past few days rolling in mud! Classy as ever.

No. 1732660

File: 1672149764537.jpg (472.98 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20221227_135451_edi…)


No. 1732661

Did she get her nipples pierced? And what is going on with her hands? She's such an enigma.

No. 1732663

she does objectively look an absolute chavvy fucking state but she has recovered hasn't she? she's gained a healthy amount of weight. i don't usually look in these threads often so is she just getting posted cos she looks like a pisshead you'd see falling out of spoons at 3 in the morning?

No. 1732665

she still gets posted because anons are rooting for her and see her as a weird kind of success story. And it's fun to speculate about some of the shit she gets up to.

No. 1732666

The toenails…

No. 1732671

Yikes those feet wouldn’t look out of place at a morgue.

No. 1732676

>>1732661 fake tan without exfoliating the knuckles or wearing gloves

No. 1732692

did anyone see any of the butters Christmas dinners that where on the menu this year? Absolutely rank.

No. 1732712

Elaborate please?

No. 1732716

looking like some drugged latina hooker

No. 1732717

in her mid-forties

No. 1732718

n2f seems to be speedrunning the time she lost to her eating disorder.

No. 1732726


She also talks about being on bed rest and having a constant (1:1) but also… dancing? Under the view of staff? When she’s on bed rest? Doesn’t add up.

No. 1732741

it's the way the tan has pooled into the creases under her eyes for me! she doesn't look tanned, just grubby - although the fact it's tan and not grime is an improvement on when she used to be genuinely dirty.

No. 1732744

I'd like to see her boyfriend after she's done rolling all over him

No. 1732825

File: 1672172376712.jpg (146.66 KB, 1170x2080, 321815911_576285191000767_7311…)

RECOVERED, a Christmas miracle!

No. 1732830

Just more proof that zara didn’t eat and simply just sat and watched everyone else eat. SO RECOVERED!

No. 1732832

But she's totally gonna participate the next year! if she's not dead.

No. 1732835

i see, thanks for explaining! i'm glad that's the case cos she looks really healthy now. if she'd just put down the st tropez she'd be much better off

No. 1732855

I hope she has friends who can gently guide her towards being more normal once she's ready.

No. 1732857


No for real because if her "constant was loving it" teehee, then her constant needs fired.

No. 1732869

Based on timelines, and what Hayden was saying the other day; I think they were all inpatient together during that private hospital stay that “saved Hayden’s life” .. Luka, Alysia & Hayden.
Apparently Luka is a major gaslighter which “triggers poor Hayden’s trauma” and she made a complaint about Luka while they were IP together because she didn’t like that Luka wasn’t following the dress code and it was super triggering.. it’s all about Hayden right… can you even imagine being IP with that cow?!

No. 1732875

Both those nipples are pierced for sure.

No. 1732881


they sound a bit like a right old narc… maybe they're IP for the wrong disorder

No. 1732885

File: 1672179274739.jpeg (164.1 KB, 634x910, image0.jpeg)

Fairy managed to get through Christmas overnight at home without doing something attention seeking. I really did not expect that.

No. 1732887

File: 1672179499228.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, image1.png)

No amount of filter or facetune can hide the bloated zombie look though.

No. 1732903

The Cooney nappy club

No. 1732948

File: 1672185075415.png (625.21 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20221227-234957.png)

ganer discovers that food gives you energy

No. 1732951

File: 1672185448227.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20221227_235610_Ins…)

Yawn; any excuse for a cheeky before and after from Kneev

No. 1732959

It’s a better look than her ana chan head banging face. Still a cow tho since she lasted barely a week out of IP before weaseling her way back in.

No. 1732996

Maybe she has no short-term memory and rediscovers food = energy like a sad version of 50 First Dates where she’s Drew Barrymore and food is Adam Sandler.

No. 1732999

File: 1672191414212.png (390.12 KB, 474x802, Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 7.35…)

so, apparently Taylor has skin cancer. I feel for her in that any type of cancer is scary, but man her caption is major drama for a type of cancer that has a 99% five-year survival rate and is almost always curable unless very advanced

No. 1733000

File: 1672191439344.png (143.26 KB, 474x754, Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 7.35…)

2/2, caption

No. 1733003

File: 1672191537667.png (104.25 KB, 666x290, Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 7.36…)

and an example of publicly available information about this type of cancer. I … really doubt that an ENT was so alarmed by it that he gave her his personal cell phone number. This is pretty bread and butter for people who deal with skin cancers.

No. 1733050

File: 1672199320356.jpeg (743.07 KB, 828x1436, CC2E23E9-08E4-42D8-873D-88603C…)

Just decking the halls with no pants on.

No. 1733094

File: 1672210806454.jpg (74.98 KB, 720x492, Screenshot_20221228-085521_Twi…)

Nikol, you are crying on social media about how you're madly in love with your gay friend- meanwhile you're on the verge of a stomach rupture from all the binging that you do - WHAT MAN ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??
She is completely delulu, her twt is so unhinged kek

No. 1733096

They all do this. They’re so proud of their emancipated, malformed skeletal figures even long after they’ve supposedly gained weight and moved on. She will be posting those waaaay into her 20s and perhaps 30s because in her shrunken, vapid brain, it’s the proudest moment of her life.

Really I blame her mother. She’s been posting body checks on social media since she was 12, being inundated with perverts in their 40s calling her sexy and hot, and eating about 1200 calories a day maximum till the point she doesn’t start her periods until 17, and calling that progress. Mummy Neef needs to pull her finger out. She’s either ridiculously naive or doesn’t care that her daughter is a bonelord online pin up girl for paedophiles and has been for years. Do some actual parenting instead of taking her on shopping trips for more scantily clad outfits and throwing money at her.

No. 1733105


Luna is that you?

No. 1733106

Kek I meant to write emaciated.

No. 1733133

maybe she seeks the christmas miracle in the raw spinach leaves she has on her sad plate.

No. 1733135

give her some pounds more and she'll be a beauty. unpopular opinion, i know.

also: sage your shit.

No. 1733148

Neeeef isn’t ugly but her personality is and it overshadows any positives about her appearance. She’d be a lot prettier once she stops making that stupid fish gulping for air face/bug eyes and stops doing her hair like a 40 yr old WASP who’s trying to get her husband’s attention while he flirts with the secretary at the office party.

No. 1733152

She has abysmal taste in clothes and no idea how to pair them. It’s quite funny. That dress she wore on Christmas I swear to god was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

No. 1733164

This is the proana scumbag thread.
It's not called "the fashion police".

Reported for derailing…

No. 1733173

I hate bitches like you who think she should be exempt from this thread just because she’s not quite as ugly as Hayden or the body builder bitch. Get a life. Even nourish dresses better than she does.

No. 1733176

r u jelly

No. 1733196

No, I have a body that isn’t malformed and parents who care about me. She has no dad and a mother who’s been letting her strip for pedos online since she was 12.

No. 1733198

Unpopular opinion but I like the way Niamh dresses, I think it's cute in a sort of quirky way. Stuff doesn't always match but it doesn't have too.

No. 1733199

Aw fuck me I forgot to sage I'm so sorry jannies don't ban me please

No. 1733200

You don't sage fresh milk, minimod.

No. 1733204

It’s a miracle she didn’t burn her house down doing sparklers inside next to that dry ass tree.

No. 1733206

Anachans aren’t well known for their self preservation instincts.

No. 1733227

I don’t really mind how she dresses. Some stuff is ugly but some stuff is cute, like any fashion trends that come and go. My issue with her isn’t her clothing but I do feel like the other anons are right in that her parents spoil her and let her do whatever she wants online. They possibly don’t pay the poor girl any real attention and so she turns to getting validation from losing weight and appealing to the male gaze online. Her scumbag behavior is annoying but deep down I do feel kind of bad for her. Maybe if her parents got her less material items and gave her a hug every once in a while she wouldn’t be like this.

No. 1733235

If her mum had set boundaries on her social media use from day one she wouldn’t be even half as fucked up as she is now and I would bet my entire life on that. She would of never seen the inside of a mental hospital, she would of never had a damn tube up her nose, she would of never started bashing her head in like a sperg or shitting into socks. She’s been posting pictures for an audience of over 10,000 mostly pedos since she was 13, just like a lot of them have. Their parents must be fucking dense.

No. 1733242

Her outfits are boring and she only ever shows them standing in the typical straining the legs a mile apart fashion

No. 1733263


Isn't 1200 cals a good amount for a girl that size and that age ???

No. 1733264

No. 1733276

1200 cals is fine for a 5 foot sedentary woman (or obese person on a medically supervised diet), but IIRC she's around 5'4 and she goes to school/out with friends/etc so she's not exactly sedentary, so her TDEE is probably around 1700?

No. 1733291


She’s 17. It’s probably more like 2000.

1200 is enough only for a 5ft tall 90 year old. Rattling.

No. 1733295

I don't think nonnie was rattling, Niamh is relatively short, so it's an easy mistake to make

No. 1733297

Sorry…shitting into socks? I missed this lmao >>1733235

No. 1733325

This has to be a dream come true for Taylor, she’s been an ana larper and munchie for years. Even if this is true and she’s not just going further into munchdom, she’s going to milk it as much as she possibly can and will likely use it to pretend to be permanently ill later on. The only silver lining is that it will hopefully get her to stop playing ana chan while fat and taking up an ED treatment bed with her BPD antics.

No. 1733345

File: 1672257009885.jpg (54.64 KB, 381x541, sleep paralysis demon.jpg)

How does this woman manage to make her face look more nightmarish with every post? Christmas might be over, but this goblin hasn't finished with halloween.

No. 1733361


Who in god's name is that..? Looks like Casey Neistat's Ethiopian cousin.

No. 1733374

She’s like if a kid glued googly eyes and a leotard on some turkey jerky and it sorta came to life.

No. 1733379

1200 is the average recommended calories for a 3 year old. What the fuck is wrong with your brains?

No. 1733380

kek omg she really does.

No. 1733381

Niahm is boring and average and the bickering is dumb. If the average anachan posting checks isn’t milk then her basic ass “fit” checks aren’t milk. Can we be done with her, please?

No. 1733393

if u don’t like it, scroll. don’t reply. it’s not fucking hard.

No. 1733401

I was wondering if she had been brought up before. Only saw her for the first time yesterday.

No. 1733406

File: 1672263404793.jpg (84.94 KB, 782x377, 322494203_n.jpg)

valid point, lulz

No. 1733409

File: 1672263951920.jpeg (117.22 KB, 640x1040, image0 (1).jpeg)

Funny you should mention that…..As soon as she gets back in hospital what's the most predictable thing she could do?!

No. 1733412

File: 1672264330783.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, image2.png)

She posted plus multiple stories with videos and stills to ensure everyone sees the little cut she managed to make. SO pleased with herself and her handy work.Probably took her hours to get that little bit of blood, the way she's smirking about it. Already starting her plan to ensure she will not be discharged.

No. 1733414

File: 1672264497192.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, image4.png)

But she loves us

No. 1733417

File: 1672264870762.png (700.89 KB, 640x1136, image0 (1).png)

This is definitely not her plan. Started already with the head banging to try and prevent that. Let's see how smart staff actually are and if they just kick her out anyway. Maybe they'll take away her toilet paper again.

No. 1733420

File: 1672265259283.jpg (Spoiler Image,391.63 KB, 1536x2048, 20221228_155432.jpg)

spoilered Nikol bodycheck. Open at your own risk, but does anyone know whether the marks above her stomach are from the extreme binging, or are they just bruises? Nonetheless I just found this one particularly unsettling

No. 1733422

Maybe she pushes on her stomach to help purge?

No. 1733425

File: 1672265878620.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 3D4C1426-CD21-4ADE-BC1F-2CE961…)

Han gifts us with a little video to remind everyone that she used to have an NG. (Sorry I don't know how to post more than one pic at once.

No. 1733427

File: 1672265985603.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 2B2C0FEA-12B9-4CB3-939F-2C7F95…)

Poor poor baby

No. 1733429

File: 1672266275005.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, 8A2D610F-DC4E-49A7-B4A8-A1E36B…)

And then rambles irrelevantly as usual, says she has chocolate on her lip, tells us that she hasn't showered in 'so long' and that she 'smells like a dead cow' kek

No. 1733433

File: 1672266381736.jpeg (534.35 KB, 1200x1200, 6A6EF93D-1047-4B82-8C7E-5839C7…)

samefag who made this thread pic. here’s my idea for the next one. let me know if you find the easter egg kek

No. 1733443

When does this one end?

No. 1733445

File: 1672267893288.png (765.64 KB, 640x1136, image0 (2).png)

She doesn't love us apparently

No. 1733447

File: 1672268052372.png (735.95 KB, 640x1136, image1 (2).png)

Knows exactly what she needs to do to stay exactly where she is and continue to be a massive resource hog ad infinitum.

No. 1733453

Didn’t she start being discussed here after a self post or am I imagining it? Anyway, guess the truth hurts kek

No. 1733465

I heard that was what happened. Either way she is constantly attention seeking on the internet, on fucking TV when she faked her way into a documentary and into treatment. It's completely ridiculous the level of help that she gets when others who need it get nothing. (Who in actual crisis and planning to attempt dresses up nicely, hugging a cute stuffed toy for extra effect, and just HAPPENS to find a film crew at their attempt location?!……..Who in actual crisis wouldn't immediately run away in that situation and find another place?! But she agrees - eagerly - to have a camera in her face, talk coherently to it, even with little smirks, and remembers to plug her IG a few times and brag about how many followers she has! She should never have been given any of what she has in the first place.

No. 1733466

But at least she ended up 3x the size and a bloated zombie

No. 1733470

What if her family is not as nice as she portrays so she acts out like this

No. 1733472

She (like so many others on here) has got literally ALL the care at the highest level for YEARS and YEARS. For life basically. Always taken right back in if any tiny thing like this happens. At the expense of others who get absolutely no help or resources at all. She's taking up a bed and she's been doing it for years. (Not to mention the attention seeking constantly on social media and any other form she can get her paws on, resorting to blogging about failure to'open her bowels'and shitting herself in public to ensure she gets an attention fix.

No. 1733473

What if you're her?

No. 1733475

How many years has she been in the hospital?

No. 1733476

if you would actually sage, it wouldn't be so obvious when you're posting multiple rants in a row

No. 1733478

I still don't understand when to sage kek

No. 1733479

She says 3.5. I think there have been other occasions before this though.

No. 1733480

Sage whenever you're not posting milk - i.e., whenever you're not posting a screenshot from a cow's social media.

No. 1733482

read the rules and learn to integrate newfriend

No. 1733483

And how is it obvious? I've been accused of posts that weren't me aswell. Idk how people can tell, or think they can.

No. 1733484


No. 1733485

jesus christ, work on your observational skills. "Anonymous" is green when you haven't saged, blue when you have. As >>1733482 said, read the rules and learn to blend in a little bit. It's obvious a lot of the time because you're breaking a lot of the social norms on this website.

No. 1733486

samefag, but while I'm spoonfeeding: the difference between sageing and not sageing is that when you don't sage, the thread gets bumped up in /snow and it annoys people if this thread gets continually bumped for discussion but there's no new milk. Drowns out other threads where there is new milk, basically.

No. 1733487

Noted. Thank-you

No. 1733488

thanks anon, feel free to go back to laughing at the anachans now.

No. 1733497

File: 1672275083880.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1161x1916, 8D44937C-C740-4C57-A33B-2956E2…)

I hope she truly means it cause im started to get proud of her but seeing her deteriorate rapidly while she was doing extremely well in the past makes me never believing her completely

No. 1733515

yeah kek I remember seeing that post after an anon tagged it a few threads back, she posted a screenshot of her profile and it said “edit profile” meaning it’s her own account

No. 1733536

squamous cell carcinoma is often skin cancer, but it can also be in other organs. They wouldn't admit her for cutaneous squamous cell, unless it had spread to her lymph nodes. Hard to imagine she would miss a lesion growing to the point where she'd have stage 3 or 4 cSCC, especially given her age.

I don't follow Taylor so idk if she's just reusing an old pic or something. Not trying blog post. Just have experience with cSCC.

No. 1733539

File: 1672282924837.png (98.12 KB, 468x502, Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 9.00…)

apparently it did spread to her lymph nodes.

If she's being upfront, then I feel bad for posting about this at all. I thought she was just being a drama queen, but bad stuff does happen to attention seeking people sometimes.

No. 1733544

This is brilliant lol although on first glance I thought the girl from Walden was Amberlynn Reid. I’m not even trying to be mean, I genuinely thought you put in Amberlynn as the easter egg

No. 1733547

is it normal to be admitted for a CT scan for staging instead of doing the scan outpatient?

No. 1733578


kek i didn't want to "bully" but posting SO MANY selfies with emphasis on that head SCREAMS attention. Public account too yea well done

No. 1733580

pro self harm scumbag

No. 1733587

File: 1672289936004.png (60.58 KB, 458x229, Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 10.5…)

are the twins going to follow in ganer's footsteps?? kek

No. 1733612

Don’t worry, even if she never relapses, she’ll make sure to post before and after pictures periodically so no one ever forgets her ED identity.

No. 1733632

Clearly she hasn't spent much time online if this is the most ~vile~ website she's ever come across

No. 1733633

Lol same

No. 1733639

>Triggered my trauma
Just block her insta you fucking dramaqueen, how do these people even make it this far in life with such a massive perpetual victim complex

No. 1733658


Any medfags here, I was wondering if all this headbanging could cause an actual brain damage at some point?

No. 1733659

From the looks of it, it already has.

No. 1733667

Hate to WK but it sounds like this is sinus/ nasal SCC which is much more serious than skin SCC especially if it’s in the nodes already. Big, disfiguring surgery down the neck and radiotherapy. HPV is a cause as well as smoking and well, bad luck.

No. 1733672

very nice montage, it's a winner already!

No. 1733673

What a lucky girl. And sooo proud about being an everlasting leech and pestering parents & the NHS.

No. 1733683

yeah, I regret posting the initial screenshot because it does sound actually serious. I probably should have waited a few days to see how it played out before assuming it was more of her usual.

No. 1733686

File: 1672321124670.jpeg (409.79 KB, 750x1110, A56B1D0C-6708-40F5-BB5C-5D8952…)

Legohead is just as predictable as Laura. Stay well enough to get her Xmas with her family, then when it’s all over it’s back to the ward for the dramatics

No. 1733688

i could be wrong, but it looks like the hot water bottle rash - proper name: erythema ab igne - that happens when your skin is exposed to extreme heat for a prolonged period. it could be that she is using a hot water bottle to ease the pain of suhch extreme fullness after binging, whether she purges or not her stomach is going to be painful.

No. 1733691

the way she waves an empty chocolate wrapper in this reel, as though she's been casually dipping into the tub of celebrations over Christmas and didn't just swipe a empty wrapper from the bin. it's exactly like the lives she films where she sits with food in front of her, stirring it and looking at it, but never takes a bite. she's not fooling anyone, with such noticeable weight loss - as she flaunts in her stories under the guise of showing off her outfits - there is no way she is eating any of the food she prepares solely for attention.

No. 1733692

yeah, she confirmed in another post (that I'm not going to repost because it's not mockable) that it's nasal SCC and she's going to have a five hour surgery on Friday to remove lymph nodes and the nasal tumor. I am a little curious how she feels about this given all her past munching (like, is she horrified now that she has a real and serious problem?) but I guess there's no way to satisfy that curiosity. I'll stop posting updates about her here unless she goes back to larping anorexia at some point.

No. 1733693

I won't fall for her happy-go-lucky shit. Once she isn't pampered any longer, the relapse will come soon. My gosh, isn't she going on thirty already, and still jobless at home. Sucks to be you, Fi.

No. 1733708

No but seriously, like American football, hockey players and boxers- they might eventually get a brain damage after continuous hits on the head. So I am wondering if there's the same possibility for Laura. I think you can't really tell if someone has a brain damage from a photo, to me she just looks like your average heavily medicated psych patient.

No. 1733717

File: 1672325276722.jpeg (330.88 KB, 1233x1455, A5A43726-D90C-4333-B316-47646D…)

Zara’s actual plate during Christmas dinner

No. 1733718

that would at least explain her looks

No. 1733736

Hope she sticks to it and moves on with her life, I really do - but I honestly doubt it, she does this same cycle every time and has done since she was literally about 14. Once the attention and smothering from the NHS and her parents decreases, appointments lessen etc, she suddenly relapses. Hence why she’s been in constant contact with services since around the age of 14/15. And she knows she can relapse over and over again and still get all of the input and attention she desires. I don’t understand how the likes of her, Laura etc are constantly reinforced. Elsewhere in the country it would be straight up discharge from all services.

No. 1733737

Her parents threw such a media fit before that I think she's probably flagged for special treatment to keep the parents placated, tbh

No. 1733742

Used to be a pro gymnast? I'm calling bullshit on that one. Also idk what exactly she meant by Atlanta but acro gymnastics was not in the Atlanta Olympics (it has never been in the Olympics) also the acro world champs has never been held in Atlanta lol

No. 1733748

I think that’s supposed to be for “Santa” and Rudolph. I would of believed it but Zara would never eat a mince pie or drink wine.

No. 1733749

you forgot to mention that each time nhs drop her she just goes private for a new popular diagnosis

No. 1733751

File: 1672329288755.png (800.05 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2022-12-29.png)

Going on about fucking food, therapy and food again…

No. 1733760

File: 1672330797943.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20221229-161748.png)

another belly pic from ham as a late christmas pressie

No. 1733762

Remove lymph nodes? Surely there's better options than straight up removal. Sorry to blog but one of my parents had b-cell lymphoma that had spread to a lymph node and all it took was chemo to get it out. If it has spread to her nodes then it's something like a liquid cancer, and it's hard to remove those (obvi). And it's also extremely disabling to remove them, you get essentially a colostomy bag that the fluid drains into. Maybe I'm retarded but I'm still a little skeptical on it – but she hasn't specified exactly how many of her nodes it's spread to. (not a medfag)

No. 1733767

At this point I feel like some of these girls have feeder fetishes, what is the point of posting shit like this? Do they realize actual healthy/recovered people don’t post bodychecks and rant about their food intake all day? “Beating ana” via binge eating is just the other side of the same disordered coin.

No. 1733769

Is she ever gonna realise that she isn't bloated but instead is just pretty fucking fat?

No. 1733790

File: 1672335250277.png (120.77 KB, 782x646, Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 11.3…)

I'm not a medfag either, but this website seems to support lymph node removal as a first line treatment for metastatic nasal cancers

No. 1733791

File: 1672335423328.png (64.76 KB, 725x308, Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 11.3…)

samefag, but sorry I think this page is actually more appropriate for the cancer she's describing. As I said, not a medfag so it took me a little poking around


No. 1733803

What annoys me is she fundamentally misunderstands what bloating is. Her stomach protruding because she’s engorged with food after she overate is not that same as bloating.

No. 1733806

File: 1672336957638.jpeg (112.06 KB, 645x798, EF8926C0-D786-4500-B5DB-A37042…)

bump cp spam dont scroll

No. 1733809

wait, do you guys see how swollen her calves are? she seriously needs to go to the doctor, this much fluid retention is concerning. her kidneys and liver cannot be coping well with what she's done to her body…

No. 1733822

This is a good place, without Cece being around. Let's all hope she enjoys not being in the limelight any more.


No. 1733828

You want to see what she posted since then. If I could make the eyeroll emoji I would.

No. 1733832

show us

No. 1733833

Why do so many 'body positive' or 'recoverED' people love to show themselves like this with a huge stomach and say 'BloAtInG Is NoRmAl fOr EvEryONe AftEr You EaT'?! ….Because ….Well I can only speak for myself but that does NOT happen to me. If you look like that every time you eat……I think something is not right. I really don't think it is normal. Or cute. Or whatever else they always say.

No. 1733841

File: 1672341431140.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, image0 (4).png)

Lots of consolation and love for her to start with

No. 1733842

File: 1672341521721.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, image1 (4).png)

She has a partner apparently!

No. 1733848

File: 1672341772202.png (483.37 KB, 640x1136, image3.png)

Then she posts a load of old pictures of course and THEN reposts both the'Timehop' screenshot AND a 2 min video of her on the documentary, as she likes to do every month or so, to remind us of her star status. I feel like this is her trying to 'get her own back' but she's just giving more milk. Or at least reminding of old milk.

No. 1733850

File: 1672341878181.png (471.21 KB, 640x1136, image4 (1).png)

Has to plug her social media while she is apparently being 'rescued' and in crisis.

No. 1733852

File: 1672342221129.png (401.53 KB, 640x1136, image1 (5).png)

Just a recap of the video but I think it's very revealing. She says she gets more followers when she relapses and that is hard for her (poor thing) because people only care when she isn't doing well. Basically she admitted she does things for attention and puts them on social media for attention. Exactly why she went on the show and keeps reposting it.

No. 1733853

File: 1672342389528.png (417.21 KB, 640x1136, image2 (2).png)

Just look at the smirk as she's sitting there. And the outfit and nice hair and the new stuffy. Is this the look of someone who has just been rescued from a serious crisis? Sorry, I know this is old but it just reinforces everything.

No. 1733856

Big faker

No. 1733860

File: 1672342866001.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, image2 (1).png)

Of course she gets endless concern and praise for headbanging, complaining about social media she doesn't like and going on social media she DOES like to keep reposting videos and stills of her moment of fame.

No. 1733862

File: 1672343427983.png (730.67 KB, 640x1136, image0 (12).png)

It's open season on Fairy right now apparently.

No. 1733863

File: 1672343516043.png (766.36 KB, 640x1136, image2 (5).png)

How she got so big sitting on her ass.

No. 1733866

File: 1672343794442.png (686.67 KB, 640x1136, image3 (3).png)

Don't worry: all under control! And she'll probably get her 2:1 back and her discharge date pushed. All part of the plan.

No. 1733872


ok Laura enough! we noticed you

No. 1733873

and we dont care

No. 1733874

HullCity stripper core

No. 1733875

File: 1672345368431.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, image0 (6).png)

Han has a 'traumatic event' for any suggested date apparently.

No. 1733876

hint hintt: it's not there if you don't acknowledge it

No. 1733878

File: 1672345509245.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, image2 (3).png)

But it's your best buddies!

No. 1733879

File: 1672345603383.png (3.47 MB, 750x1334, image3 (1).png)

No. 1733882

File: 1672345693333.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, image0 (11).png)

Every day has a secret trauma.

No. 1733886

Yeah those red swollen extremities are way more concerning than the abdominal bruising imo (although both are concerning)

No. 1733887

why has she got a bar of soap taped to her head?

No. 1733888

Large percentage of posters to this thread are brain fried ana chans themselves. Also 1200 I think was a guess?

No. 1733894

Nah, it’s all either cope or looking for validation. My pet peeve is people who say “what people should know is…” then write a long diatribe which is so obviously them trying to convince themselves of what they’re saying.

No. 1733896

i dont usually but she is was shitting the threat

No. 1733898


funny how the dates i posted were never posted! no drama maybe?

No. 1733902

It's the "Off" button.

No. 1733908

File: 1672348919460.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.64 KB, 2532x1170, RDT_20221229_16160220754657382…)

Bonelord has been… boney. She's streaming her Just Dance lunacy as of late and looking like death. The usual. (1/2)

No. 1733910

File: 1672349058469.jpg (Spoiler Image,280.42 KB, 2532x1170, RDT_20221229_16154768835987357…)

She's definitely getting worse. I know everyone always says "not much longer" when it comes to EC but this is looking pretty fucking bad. If she makes it to 2024 I'd be shocked, but then again old Ashley is still breathing so…

No. 1733913

kek at the bodycheck arm-grabbing

No. 1733915

File: 1672349305808.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.97 KB, 484x481, RDT_20221229_16154768835987357…)

KEK I hadn't even noticed good catch nonna

No. 1733920

Wow, she looks worse than ever. I can't tell what the fuck is happening with the indentations in her shoulder, and her tongue in her mouth is puffing out her entire upper lip area. Positively ghoulish, I'll never understand the family dynamics at play with her particularly, except for that her mom seems like she may be brain damaged.

No. 1733944

ec is getting looking legitimately scary and more and more like a walking skelly every single day… I wonder how the internet will react when she dies–I feel like it is only a matter of time now

No. 1733948

that bald spot on her head aint looking so good

No. 1733950

Medfag. There are like, hundreds of different cancers. SCC is treated with removal of the primary tumour and clearance of the nodes that drain the tumour because wee bits of tumour spread there and make new tumours. It doesn’t respond predictablly to chemo. Lymphoma is a total different kind of cancer that responds to chemo.

Her treatment is totally appropriate and I honestly feel bad for her, it’s not going to be a fun ride.

No. 1733966

Exactly this..can't have had a crisis she wants to share with the internet on the multiple dates I posted inserts eyeroll

No. 1733972

File: 1672355459986.png (948.42 KB, 1151x2025, Imageamyhtcb.png)

Amy being self aware. Got banned from tellynom and has been losing weight still. It’s completely possible to recover without becoming a whale. I think she should do an inpatient program. She’s still young.

Sage for nonmilk

No. 1733973

My god, you can see her scalp

No. 1733975

It’s not normal to be bloated all the time.

No. 1733989

Laura is also pulling her shoulders in to make herself look slimmer than she actually is. It's silly that she does this because she managed to be out for Christmas showing she is capable(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1734005

She's posted a couple more. Might still drag one up for your dates yet.

No. 1734063

Victim complex makes for good instagram content

No. 1734064

Please don’t namefag

Fucking hell…

No. 1734079

File: 1672368940269.jpeg (480.66 KB, 750x1109, 96F8FF9A-AFA2-47CF-BB74-921762…)

anyone know who she’s talking about here? I assume this is about a person instead of this site

No. 1734112

File: 1672371680727.jpeg (120.98 KB, 750x1100, 413FF911-EE10-4A61-9581-BF8DDA…)

This series of posts on Laura are all by this person whose account is mostly reposting and talking about Laura, I got suspicious when I saw their writing style here then checked and the wording in this image is exactly the same. I don’t want to wk Laura because I don’t like her but this account creeps me out idk (1/3)

No. 1734113

File: 1672371759369.jpeg (163.42 KB, 750x1072, F824893F-7D8C-4E06-AFBD-9A368A…)

samefag, (2/3)

No. 1734114

File: 1672371805964.jpeg (595.44 KB, 750x1157, E0619A8A-9CF8-4D3C-BC7E-871CB5…)

(3/3) Han is featured too on the bottom right i think

No. 1734115

This person. >>1732214 As someone else just mentioned it’s the same person on Insta that sends hate to Laura, Han and anyone else that gets the care they think they should be getting. The writing style matches up exactly. She’s unhinged.

No. 1734129

nta, yikes i didn’t even realise that anon posting han is the same one. i knew about the unhinged account posting laura but damn

No. 1734193

File: 1672387134236.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1090x1453, CFA86842-B7B2-4B5C-AC3F-894D80…)

What a weirdo, perhaps a new cow in herself

No. 1734195

i actually used to work at the hospital (not medfag) she frequents and i’ve seen her around. pretty recognizable

No. 1734197

File: 1672387660012.jpeg (Spoiler Image,387.68 KB, 898x1197, B1A26FF3-9A75-4B67-9062-3D305D…)

me me me me all about me kek

No. 1734203

We shouldn't give her attention

No. 1734218

File: 1672392053011.jpg (48.08 KB, 504x898, fucksake.JPG)

posted olivia back when I used to follow this thread but she wasn't that milky, fucking sick of the body checks under the guise of recovery content

No. 1734221

so she was actually IP? wtf is she complaining about then? Anon can you tell us how she is with other patients? just very curious now

No. 1734230

Yeah I'm taking a look through her insta right now and she's the milkiest cow in a while but something feels so off about her. I think we should avoid giving her attention as well. She has multiple posts of her attempting pro ana pics, photos of bloody tissues that she tagged the nhs in, text posts where she threatens suicide. She replies to almost every single one of Laura's stories as if she was directing it at her. She even has screencapped lolcow comments. She seems new to this site and mentioned not knowing how to sage. Her comments itt are fairly obvious so maybe if we ignore her hard enough she'll stop coming back?

No. 1734249

Wow. I looked through her account and this woman seems actually deranged. I'd be shitting myself if I was Laura or Han. She is obsessed.

No. 1734259

same, i saw her account months ago when laura posted about it and looking through the account is the only thing so far that’s made me feel slightly bad for laura kek

No. 1734273

File: 1672401653925.jpeg (152.32 KB, 708x1221, D4E66B7A-E471-423F-A25C-F3FDBC…)

SoZ to medfag but- metformin?! Looks like our fairy has got type 2 diabetes….

No. 1734276

I'm surprised she admitted that. What do they feed her at the ward?

No. 1734283

>our fairy
You're the bpd/npd/aspd headcase aren't you?

No. 1734293

Oh will you just piss off, you absolute fucking nutter?! We get it, you are completely demented and have a vendetta against Laura for some non-reason. Boring. Go away

No. 1734295

idk if anyone knows about bellsbitesback on insta but she is starting to rly piss me off. Was a tt girl in like 2020 who posted FDOE and was genuinely very normal with food. went on a weight loss journey start of 2021 I think and now is in and out of appointments twice a week, barley eating and keeps talking about how she 'just needs to face the fear and do it' etc.

shes constantly body checking and posting "triggering" content on her page and all in all is just pissing me off she is such an attention whore and knows exactly what shes doing posting to all her followers who all come from ED backgrounds anyways idk if anyone else has seen her but I think she has strong milk potential

No. 1734299

"do the Auschwiz boogie"

No. 1734301

also i remember checking her ac the first time Laura mentioned her and she had a post saying that she blocks everyone who sees her stories or interact. She is a nutter def not worth spending time or energy or her it will aggravate her

No. 1734304

nah, metformin is sometimes given with antipsychotics to try to mitigate the weight gain side, insulin resistance, etc effects. So can be preventative. (And of course has other off-label uses)

No. 1734309

Tinfoil and I know I said we shouldn't give her any attention but I think this coloursofthedark girl was in the bunker threads too, anyone remember the one anon who took a photo of a photo on their laptop instead of a screenshot? Her insta is filled with that and I'm pretty sure it's the same comp.

No. 1734353

You are stupid. Read the cow's username. In this context, it was a reference to her fucking username and additionally a facetious pet name the anon was using to poke fun.

No. 1734356

Yeah no fucking shit newbie, but no one here calls her "fairy" or "our fairy" except this coloursofthedark weirdo. Are you retarded or just the stalker herself?

No. 1734357

relax schizo

No. 1734359

Okay samefagger

No. 1734361

Ntayrt but this particular anon is fucking obsessed with Laura to the point of severe derangement. It's simultaneously creepy and pathetic. She needs to fuck off with her weird vendetta. It isn't wanted here despite the fact we all know Laura is milky af.

No. 1734385

agree, it’s one thing to have a quick laugh every now and then at some of laura’s milkier posts but that person’s obsession is a whole other level

No. 1734397

sorry, maybe my post was a bit vague. i assume she was just there for appointments. i don’t work in a unit.

No. 1734431

Hi. You are either lying or confused. (And breaking confidentiality but never mind because it's not me you 'see around'). I don't 'frequent' any hospital or unit. Not since I've been here. Because none of them will help me, as you know from your reading apparently. When I did used to 'frequent' IP or have any help at all it was not in the UK…..And over 18 months ago…….Also not ed treatment. I'm kind of flattered to be called 'the milkiest cow in a while'(?!) My experience on here really took a turn! But is that really true? I'm not being treated for, seeking treatment for, or posting anything about Eds. So no pro-ana milk from me. Sorry. I just thought I had found some people who hated the same people I hate.

No. 1734433

That wasn't me kek

No. 1734437

stop blogposting and stop shitting the thread. Go get a life. we dont care

No. 1734454

Seems like everyone cares from the amount you all posted about me but I'm sure you'll get bored soon.

No. 1734464

i know. i’m from VGH kek. it was probably that long ago since i saw you last

No. 1734468

i'm not surprised that 5 posts is the most attention you've gotten all year

No. 1734469

You fucking work in VGH?!Wow

No. 1734471

And you hate on patients in your spare time?! That's insane! Why would you do that?! Here I was missing VGH and professionals who actually did their job and provided care as opposed to the nhs when the whole time there were 2 faced people like you! Just wow.

No. 1734472

File: 1672426152431.jpg (124.19 KB, 854x612, JUST LIVING IN THE MOMENT.jpg)

Ganer bites into a piece of chocolate for some of her little photo ops.
But why does she still sport this competition face with trenches and shit..?

No. 1734479

File: 1672426787637.gif (551.63 KB, 627x800, dotheganer.gif)

dance your little dance for us, butt princess!

No. 1734490

File: 1672427962695.jpeg (308.11 KB, 1125x1010, 1A1792BF-FD13-4D62-A13F-F1EE24…)

Either nikol is delusional, or her family is

No. 1734522

Why are you all mean and picking on vulnerable people, do you not all have better things to do with your lives?

No. 1734525

Are you lost

No. 1734526

No, just cannot believe such a site exists where people are slagging off vulnerable people in such a way. Its bullying and is deplorable.

No. 1734528

She is a fucking nutter. Nobody wants to help her as she is such a bitch to everyone…quite entertaining to read through her shit, makes you realise you are an alright person - at least nothing like her.

No. 1734529

Really, you are just as bad if you are having a go at others, just because you don't tag them and its done anonymously doesn't make it "right" or "acceptable"

No. 1734533

Welcome to the internet; you're twenty plus years too late. Hate to break it to you, but there are sites out there infinitely worse than this one.

No. 1734535

and? Id still say the same thing, 2 wrongs don't make a right. If people keep their opinions to themselves when nasty the world would be a better place. Yes you can have an opinion but don't make it personal to somebody. You have no idea the impact it could cause if the said person reads it.

No. 1734536

File: 1672434006800.gif (446.42 KB, 498x249, mean-girls-rainbow-and-smiles.…)

No. 1734539

haha if only. Serious note, do think its rather childish so anyone over the age of 18 gosh you have some growing up to and clearly alot of time on your hands.

No. 1734544

Well shit, I just realised you’re the anon who seems to have a vendetta against Georgie too.

No. 1734551

So, you are lost.
At least sage if you're gonna come whining


No. 1734553

No. 1734559

ahh you think I am whining, really? Haha look up the definition of whining.

No. 1734561

What do you hope to achieve by spewing such trite drivel? Do you seriously think no-one has ever said these things before? You offer no new insight, no epiphanies, and no-one is going to stop posting just because of your sententious finger-wagging. Perhaps you should stop wasting your time on something that brings you no joy.

Even if by some miracle your single-handed, misguided crusade shut this site down, another would spring up in its place. Life will be a lot easier if you grow up and get over it.

No. 1734569

She has lost her measly gains.

No. 1734571

Got you commenting, I don't care if people have said it before, you don't think people are thinking and probs have said what you guys post up. I actually find it rather amusing you think its going to bother me what you say.

No. 1734573

Whining; complaining in a feeble or petulant way.

No. 1734575

Got the dictionary out for that one?

No. 1734579

yeah, if I was Laura, I wouldn't be so nonchalant about being the target of such unhinged hatred and obsession, pretty sure tthat coloursofthedark account sharing all her stories is one run by the deluded woman who shared photos of proudly talks about stalking her ex therapist to such a scary level that the police were involved!

No. 1734584

no1curr about your issues with lolcow or the nhs not mollycoddling you. ur weird and obsessive

No. 1734585

You don't even know me, NHS mollycoddling me, really?!

No. 1734586


No. 1734588

you care enough to respond each time haha

No. 1734590

Ntayrt, speaking from experience and that of most people i know the nhs really isn’t that bad for people willing to actually recover so there’s probably a reason they don’t want to treat you..

No. 1734594

If you think im Laura im not and am not even asking for treatment from the NHS either

No. 1734598

Everything, by the looks of it. Has Laura ever been more than mildly underweight?

No. 1734600

if she has been, there aren't any photos documenting it, and somehow i think she would be putting a lot more emphasis on them if she had been

No. 1734632

Sage your shit, or better still, fuck off. Kek

No. 1734637

we all know exactly which lunatic you are

No. 1734644

This is actually funny. None of them were me. Idk who they were but I was taught how to sage so you can see none of that was me.

No. 1734645

I'm not

No. 1734646

nobody was suggesting it was you, anon (assuming that you're the person who learned how to sage yesterday or whatever). It's the nut who is fixated on Han/Laura/etc.

No. 1734656

File: 1672451410097.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.21 KB, 597x496, RDT_20221230_20284536724895285…)

Bonelord clinging to the Santa suit for dear life. Super super cute you guuuyyyyssaaaa! Her gums I think are completely receded now.

No. 1734657

File: 1672451536231.jpg (Spoiler Image,172.15 KB, 885x902, RDT_20221230_20271868940534304…)

Meanie spoop face

No. 1734658

File: 1672451578217.jpg (Spoiler Image,109.5 KB, 471x902, RDT_20221230_20275119625967325…)

If someone can explain to me wtf is going on with her legs I'd be very appreciative.

No. 1734659

She looks so very … embalmed.

No. 1734661

I was struggling to find an appropriate descriptor, you hit the nail on the head. Well done.

No. 1734667

What if we're the same person? kek

No. 1734669

tbf she got a lot of wear out of this outfit. Not a 'use once and throw away.' It must be paying for itself.

No. 1734783

Omg thank you I needed a laugh today

No. 1734806

It’s not just her legs I’m confused about, it’s her whole body and the fact that she’s still walking

No. 1734810

Polite and well mannered I see, ahh seeing as you've asked so nicely of course I will lol

No. 1734811

You really don't but its providing me with some early entertainment on NYE

No. 1734813

Joy anonymous ppl jump to wild accusations, like Traitors barking up wrong tree

No. 1734829

kek that you're too dumb to even reply to a post

No. 1734830

I think you're mixing some metaphors there. And nobody knows what you're talking about kek.

No. 1734831

Does anyone have access to 'redefining_normal'? (Ceylan)Was she ever even on here? Fat meth head with terrible dress sense who claimed anorexia whilst being obese? Liked to show off scars and repost the same triggering poetry over and over.

No. 1734833

Samefag, she now seems to be dressing (also terribly) in drag and wearing beards. Last I saw her anyway.She has another page for herself as a man but I forgot it.

No. 1734836

It's just so sad to me to see her looking this bad. She was always underweight and too thin, but I never imagined she would look as disturbing as she does now. Vid related, 8 years ago… she sounds so different. Man it's just fucked up because even then she was way too thin.

No. 1734839

File: 1672492614822.gif (4.39 MB, 794x368, Death .gif)

Her eyes just look gone. She just sits inside alone all day. Cutting all her friends off because they might actually give a fuck and want her to live. What a pathetic and miserable existence. Anything resembling a personality has died a long time ago.
I feel bad saying it, but I wish she would die already. It's just pathetic watching her get off on people's disgust and parading around in public to traumatize random people.

No. 1734845

Any updates on Cece?

No. 1734852

Haha yep you got me, I know I am thick, polite but thick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1734885


still a cunt

No. 1734906

File: 1672504013477.jpeg (177.33 KB, 628x897, image1.jpeg)

Anyone interested in Venus? She's had quite the time since getting away from her controlling mother and 'living doll' days and deciding that she's Japanese. She had a botched illegal stomach stapling surgery to lose weight, was married to a guy, then was gay. Just got out of rehab for alcohol and apparently is doing OF now. Seems to be drinking again already unfortunately.

No. 1734907

File: 1672504206209.jpeg (176.36 KB, 633x908, image0 (2).jpeg)

Apparently Japan has a culture of fetishising mental illness and she's quite into it.Not sure about the Asian fishing though.

No. 1734908

You know she has her own thread, right?

No. 1734909

I did not. Ok.

No. 1734910

Lol newfag spotted…

No. 1734911

It’s super juicy you’ll probably have a fun time getting to read through them! There’s been like 30 threads just about her.

No. 1734918

Oh god it's depressing! Worse than I thought.

No. 1734919

Just very bad at navigating/working this site!

No. 1734929

File: 1672507286469.jpg (798.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221231_171952_Tik…)

"Bed rest" bitch back on my FYP. I've actually blocked her insta so part of me is secretly happy to see her milk being pastered around more than one platform

No. 1734931

OK the Venus threads are horrendous. un-see, un-see. Never again. I need actual sage now.

No. 1734989

File: 1672517041183.jpeg (858.05 KB, 1125x1923, 798BDFDE-7F13-4798-BE83-461A72…)

Party-corpse Luka decided showering in clothes was a highlight for 2022.

No. 1735019

Maybe they’l stop stalling their old therapist if the focus on laura kek

No. 1735026

Is it just me or was lolcow down for like 2 weeks? The site would not load for me at all.

No. 1735027

File: 1672523266935.png (18.11 KB, 760x357, Screenshot 2022-12-31 214618.p…)

Unless they've just decided to ban VPNs? Pic related is what I've been seeing until now.

No. 1735030

ntayrt I was getting that for a bit while using a VPN but now I'm not so i'm really not sure whats up

No. 1735031

That was me responding to myself. So are VPNs banned or not? I can only seem to get lolcow to work without using one. Anyone else?

No. 1735035

It was down for about 2-3 days for me last week then fine.

No. 1735041

Damn. I couldn't get access for 12 days. Was the site being upgraded or something? I wish admin would announce these things in advance before taking the site offline…

No. 1735045

Weird. It was certainly something going on. Seems ok now though. Although I keep getting a notification saying the site has been mirrored. Whatever that means.

No. 1735054

File: 1672527197086.png (297.26 KB, 438x693, Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 4.53…)

mission accomplished, girls