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File: 1667779724449.jpeg (457.93 KB, 828x467, 8F62176D-D529-433B-A3CF-4AEC7D…)

No. 1695588

EC the Bonelord has been very generous with us this Halloween, giving us skeleton bodycheck realness in her house tour. In all seriousness she’s dying but she seems to want that so who are we to stop her.

Zara confirms she’s been lurking in the thread after first version of this recap goes up to inform people that she wasn’t admitted you guise, boldly decided last month she DOES NOT have

Momsfav has moved from ACUTE to ERC and was pissing other patients off by refusing to eat for days upon her admission. We have some undercover farmers in ERC so please share milk when the milks good.

Ganer continues not to gain and ignores advice to eat more. She also uploads vids doing leg lifts that look way too heavy for her and we’re afraid her legs will snap. Also we’ve found some of her possible inspiration in Fitness Queen Ohio, who may be missing an upper lip but she makes up for it with the epic shred

Scarlett is still a bitch but nothing new to report really.

Larpers/anyone else
Hayden has gone home from summer camp for now but has a planned readmission happening in December because the Christmas months are so hard for him and he is speshul. Half of the last thread was spent fighting over Haydens pronowns, so lets just individually call him whatever gender we want or just reference him by name.

Laura (flourishingfxiry) is in inpatient and looks doped to the gills on antipsychotics or fried from ECT. Anons hope for her release and better health.

Porgie got some dental work done under General Anaesthetic and uploaded some funny pics in her surgery gown. Haven’t heard any updates since she went under, so can anyone let us know if homegirl is still alive.

The account thatrecoverylife (anyone know her name?) continues to post obese photos with her nose hose.

A clan of Australian DID girls had a meet up, with tazmin.ashleigh and fellow did friend dancing around shopping centres in matching outfits and pointe shoes.

N2f is posting stuff which might indicate she’s relapsing, and the ominous skinny syrup has reappeared. Everyone here loves her so lets hope she stays on track.


rainsrecovering - YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com

Previous thread >>>/snow/1675101

No. 1695590

The Zara lurk confirming from last thread —>

No. 1695605

File: 1667782470656.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1090x1927, 17AADB7E-FF47-4E26-A3E8-2DCF8E…)

thanks for making a new thread
thought i’d share emily corbett visibly relapsing and almost all of her tiktoks are body checks. spoiler just to be safe

No. 1695616

Self post

No. 1695617

Madame Bonelord just released a new video detailing a day in her ultra sheltered life. She takes us… you guessed it, shopping. I made it to the 3:28 mark and had to tap out. Apparently she hits up a Whole Foods which may have some lulzy content for any brave nonna who wants to experience the ear torture.

No. 1695621

File: 1667785849389.jpeg (459.69 KB, 2048x2048, 34FDD1C8-23C0-427C-8093-FF5E9A…)

Just lukascout casually story posting her blog about “falling out of love with anorexia” after posting her bonespo body just 3 days before.

No. 1695623

no it’s not..? lol

No. 1695639

File: 1667789624366.png (314.44 KB, 351x674, Screenshot_20221106-215255-443…)

this person constantly posts while in the psych ward, aussie

No. 1695645

So she went to whole foods and bought flowers. Didn't buy food. Shocker.

No. 1695646

File: 1667790452657.jpeg (604.41 KB, 828x1402, 78886C09-0AEE-455B-A518-E51791…)


Lmao at the caption.

No. 1695649

Zara is so nasty I honestly think she's a farmer. Tinfoil before she gets up in arms.

No. 1695660

No crying? Disappointing.

No. 1695663

File: 1667792725137.jpeg (893.42 KB, 828x1467, 57DBB8C5-0A45-48DE-8C8C-193E69…)

This woman popped up on my explore page. She’s lost a TON of weight.

No. 1695668

oh shit i recognize this woman, i used to watch her on YT. i think i remember her in the past talking about having an eating disorder before. guess she's obviously relapsed

No. 1695673

File: 1667794231438.jpeg (458.82 KB, 1169x2110, 4EEF18B6-AFA7-4BAC-8B4C-A537C0…)

/1 Hayden having a whinge because he’s claiming he can’t think of what to get this friend that is a girl because he’s a boy when he spent like most of his life as a girl. Like just say I don’t know what to get them instead of making it fucking gendered

No. 1695675

File: 1667794408932.jpeg (424.79 KB, 1170x2401, B54ED0DC-3D38-448F-A166-189910…)

/2 he’s claiming he lost of job cause of descrimination but a quick google search shows the thing he worked at is getting restructured and the thing he did lost funding so of course he’s been made redundant. Also he was like a peer worker for other trans people like no way they would fire someone for having a mental illness

No. 1695690

File: 1667796631350.png (3.79 MB, 750x1624, 9C3CDE85-22A1-451B-A835-445C13…)

Hayden posted a big long story saying she needs help with a female friend’s birthday present & all she says is “I’m such a dude” “the fact anyone thought I was a girl is hilarious” “one what do women LIKE?” Over and over, and lists a bunch of stereotypically girly suggestions for presents like a handbag, nail polish, beauty products etc…. why do trans ppl seem to double down on gender stereotypes of the “opposite” (their birth) sex as soon as they transition?
I’ve never heard her voice before but it’s girlier and higher than mine, a woman who has never been on T

said female friend is from inpatient too which is sad asf cuz Hayden obviously doesn’t know or care about them well enough to not reduce them to just a woman being bought a present, as opposed to a friend being bought a present.

No. 1695692

apologies for literally just reposting this, I wrote the comment, didn’t send it bc I got distracted then came back 2 hours later and posted it without looking at the thread

No. 1695724

because women clearly have no interests outside of their vaginas and clothing

No. 1695735

Has she been posted before? I don't recognize her name

No. 1695736

I don't remember her either, which lends some credence to >>1695616

No. 1695743

File: 1667803123179.jpg (516.17 KB, 1080x1886, Eggs.jpg)

BEHOLD! Instead of just egg whites Ganer is now eating WHOLE eggs!!!!

No. 1695750

I followed her since a long time when she was still healthy looking, I just followed bc of the hair and then I saw her getting thinner and thinner and getting more cringe and pathetic day by day

No. 1695751

Wtf is that meal and this caption? What a sad life really. Does she have any other goals or does she want to keep living this sad, boring life?

No. 1695766

Yay, new thread!

I like her Pokémon plushies a lot.

I know that no one stands EC but I'm glad to see her outside her home, even if it is just for shopping or visiting her grandma. I always thought she also has/had agoraphobia.

No. 1695770

What makes her pro ana other than relapsing? These threads are cancer

No. 1695775


…and she doesn't look pleased with this meal AT ALL.

tinfoil here: but my bet is shes at her mums house (hence the 2nd person taking the photo), and Ganer forgot to bring the egg white sachet mix and is too brain-fucked to realise that you can just separate the yolk from whole eggs. kek.
i guarantee tomorrow she'll be home and back on the egg whites again.

footnote: how the fuck is her head that large, yet it is full of nothing but "gym", "macros", and… thats it actually. Gym & Macros.
What a depressing life.

No. 1695788

I watch her for her art videos, bless her she's been that weight for quite a while.

No. 1695805

Oh wow, those two extra egg yolks will defintely pack on the pounds kek. Still with the spinach and rice cakes. Ganer please eat a slice of cake or something

No. 1695809

File: 1667814557310.jpg (86.8 KB, 728x466, same_old.jpg)

That's not bulking, or eating to make weight gains…
She just goes on doing the same shit. Did someone else notice that she left out the usual bit of tomato ketchup? That should save her some evil calories.

No. 1695823


Is that a square spoon or a prong-less fork?

No. 1695832

Didn’t she used to eat potatoes instead of rice cakes?

No. 1695856

Thats an 8head

No. 1695858

oh my bad i thought she had been
there’s not much to say tbh, she was anorexic and constantly body checking, and then went into hospital and continued to body check, then was discharged and doing well for a while but it seems she’s relapsing and starting to body check again. it’s not a self post, i just haven’t been on the forums for long enough to know she hasn’t been posted. she’s just a massive attention whore tbh and loves to flaunt her body whilst loosing weight but still claiming to be “in recovery” on instagram. in hospital when she had the ng tube every single tiktok she made started with a side profile of the side with the tube, it was so obviously for attention

No. 1695860

File: 1667819427432.png (10.18 MB, 1242x2688, C9BE72AA-FDB5-4B12-88E1-A944E3…)

pic of the constantly ng tube flaunting. there is more this was just one screenshot

No. 1695861

File: 1667819543579.png (10 MB, 1242x2688, B769782D-D7B6-4A69-ACD8-CDC27B…)

and in all of these videos + more she sets the camera down and then walks back to give a full body shot. it’s so obviously body checking, she did it before she went into hospital all the time

No. 1695887

File: 1667822831364.gif (410.71 KB, 527x563, ganer_nom.gif)

No. 1695924

Oof look at that thinning hair

No. 1695959

Maybe a metal spork??

Lol eating is what she does best? The quality bar in her brain is set so low it’s at the curb if looking tortured while forcing whole eggs down counts as something she’s best at.

No. 1695961


Ganer is just the master of hypocrisy and unintentional irony. She just posted a vid showing off her hair growth and saying the reason is eating enough good food. I almost died laughing. Yes, her hair looked a lot fucking better when she was 'bulking' and at her heaviest, but it looks dry and skanky as shit again now, no better than when she was a total spoop. No fat intake = dry as fuck hair. It's obviously falling out and those tight ponytails make it look even worse. Any excuse to post those superspoop gym clips over and over and over again.

No. 1695963

File: 1667838454386.png (470.57 KB, 478x842, whatevs.png)

No. 1695983

File: 1667841971802.jpeg (525.13 KB, 828x1017, D5DBAC2B-6F8F-4073-91F8-C72AC7…)

Anyone knows what her post was about?

No. 1695985

Again Ganer, your hair might be doing well in the back, but seriously check your hairline. It's not looking too good there. There is a lot missing from her diet so she can't have this magical beautiful hair from food. Muscle Milk is better for you than this Food Lite shit she does.

No. 1696011

Isn't she Ruby Granger? Is she now an anachan too?

No. 1696012

No she was talking about someone else having an eating disorder at her ice rink who died. She denies all allegations of having n ED, however she obviously does.

No. 1696016

File: 1667845127610.jpg (370.37 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2022-11-06-18-34-24…)

Can we talk about how Han would defend herself by saying she is an inspiration to people with EDs, yes … Pro ED inspiration more like! She isn't recovering and shouldn't have a platform to showing off her wasting frame. Her vibe gives me Russian Sleep Experiment.

No. 1696024

Well she was wasn’t she?

No. 1696034

File: 1667846481383.jpg (194.82 KB, 1080x1350, 4486_n.jpg)

she doesn't quite look like it, although I don't like her fake upperclass LARP. doesn't make her a real cow, either

No. 1696038

Wait so loving in the countryside is somehow upperclass now? Bit of a stretch anon drinking tea and living near farms has nothing to do with class. In fact it’s generally much cheaper in England to live in those areas.

No. 1696053

sage for blog but a personal cow of mine is this anorexic, pro-ana girl who only whines on the internet about being depressed 24/7 along with emo quotes on her tumblr whilst pretending to be 'artistic' and 'deep'. She's a thirty something woman. Claims to be 'on recovery' whilst not changing a thing.
She also has a kid who has a disability (I think autism) and I'm pretty sure it's because she starved herself during pregnancy.
She's privated all of her stuff, so I can't post anything.

No. 1696056

Says "eat the right amount for your body" and doesn't eat enough to grow… Yeah, totally reasonable.

No. 1696058

File: 1667848532813.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1170x1701, 154B8AD6-E4ED-4592-B7FF-5DEDDF…)

No. 1696067

Ok but how is that pro ana related?

No. 1696071

it’s not but someone asked what the story was about, it’s not that deep. just ignore it if u care that much

No. 1696133

okay but arent we gonna talk about how Fi made such a big deal about things are not going well and then radio silence apart from a yt video that was filmed a month ago?
Wonder whats her comback? A photo half her size from the previous one, or on a hospital bed dressed up as santas elf crying with the toob?

No. 1696160

File: 1667859347742.jpeg (648.79 KB, 1231x999, 2AA55270-8FC8-4672-9916-1AD5DC…)

(there's a lucinda thread already)

No. 1696162

File: 1667859440051.jpeg (314.65 KB, 1284x726, 77278E0F-35AF-439F-B335-4AB23F…)

No. 1696163

File: 1667859509604.jpeg (743.96 KB, 1284x1084, 13F7772D-5036-4AC4-8924-BDC79F…)

No. 1696165

File: 1667859582143.jpeg (359.89 KB, 1284x726, 68F38F22-F89E-4D7E-86CF-5F528A…)

No. 1696169

File: 1667859874690.jpeg (476.4 KB, 992x579, 8AFF15AB-C2ED-4BB6-9B7F-505D21…)

No. 1696170

This cow has her own thread, calm down

No. 1696171

Sorry all I can see is self posting

No. 1696175

Lol did you really search "work" and "job" on her page like why are you obsessed with it.

No. 1696178

idk how to prove to you that it’s not a self post but it’s not

No. 1696179

It makes me so uncomfortable when pregnant anorexics starve their baby by proxy. Most women understand to at least hang up the eating disorder for the duration of the pregnancy for the sake of the child.
If you can't recover for the sake of your child, then you don't deserve a child.

No. 1696183

File: 1667862824324.png (468.56 KB, 469x593, tasty.png)

Ganer looks really enthusiastic about her latest plate of egg whites and leaves.

Can't blame her tho. If I had to exist on that I'd long for the sweet embrace of the grave too.

No. 1696191

File: 1667863640287.jpeg (365.72 KB, 1170x2046, CCC8FCC0-96A5-44A0-A846-231138…)

So after slagging off where he used to work and saying he was discriminated against now Haydens speaking at a event with them? Weird

No. 1696192

Those eggs look fuckign disgusting. Like why do they look brown does she burn them to a crisp?

No. 1696197

Ew is this for the same place he used to work? Maybe his whining about discrimination made them throw him a bone.
Similar to how he raised $40,000 for treatment by crowdfunding, he just evokes sympathy by using buzzwords.
It feels like he just screams every type of discrimination under the sun to get what he wants (money, treatment, work). It just strikes me as manipulative and annoys me that people give him what he wants.
It's annoying because it really damages the LGBTQ community when grifter shitheads like this use their identity as a tool for their own gain. I'm queer and I hate this fucker.

No. 1696200

He also dropped out of his PHD so his whole bio is irrelevant

No. 1696203

>I'm queer
You're a slur? I think you meant you're gay/bi/lesbian. Don't be woke like her and use a slur as an identity label. It's cringe.

No. 1696206

Lol it's not a slur to me but go off.

No. 1696235

Only the insufferable, woke activist types in the LGB community (who are a minority in the community) consider the slur to be "reclaimed". Most LGB people still consider it a slur and do not "identify" as "queer". So you're only making yourself look silly.

No. 1696252

it's probably from sticking to the pan because she won't use any oil/etc

No. 1696259

how about lets not clog up yet another thread with semantics about gender bc this is a pro ana cows thread and it’s not that deep

No. 1696262

You sound like an old generation gay, I'm a newer gen gay. We're not so sensitive to words.

No. 1696264

no one cares, let's focus on what unites us: thinking hayden is fucking stupid

No. 1696265

geez, looking like death.
shes basically Eugenia Cooney with biceps atm.

No. 1696266

Oppression bingo

No. 1696267

If by "older generation gay" you mean early 20s, then yes. I'm assuming you're about 15 though.
>We're not so sensitive to words.
Literally the opposite of the truth, kek. "Queer" is an exception to the rule though.

No. 1696273

I just saw this and thought it was a spoop pic at first. She looks terrible.

No. 1696288

I wonder what her mother and sister think about her current faux fitness decline into skellydom again? She looks truly awful here tbh, surely no one in her life can think this is what a healthy, fit woman looks like? Her online coach has a lot to answer for.

No. 1696292

The dry ass rice cakes, the overcooked eggs… and where's the dressing for the leaves? I'm so fucking triggered rn

No. 1696298

Hair length is 100% genetics just having long hair means nothing, why do spoops always think their scraggly corpse hair being past waist length is a flex?

No. 1696353

Why mention being legally blind kek? this chick is so weird

No. 1696354

lurk moar

No. 1696357

its normally kids in their teens or early 20s pretending queer is a slur, completely missing the history of Queer Nation
But as people said above, this is the pro-ana thread, we need to stop getting distracted by Hayden's identity politics

No. 1696364

>hair length is genetics

No. 1696389

she looks 60 years old in this pic

No. 1696427

Kill yourself.

No. 1696437

you mean the edgy gays from the early 90s who some themby zoomer hasn't the faintest fucking idea about?

most queerdos weren't even born when the whole kweer shit began, nor do they understand it's history.

and most gays are not prancing around calling themselves fucking kweer. especially when queer is a slur that includes straights.

No. 1696462

Shut it dyke(infighting)

No. 1696471

Have you ever visited a barbershop?

No. 1696472

>>Hair length is 100% genetics

Have you ever visited a barbershop?

They'll tell you otherwise.

No. 1696473

Nta but hair has a predetermined “terminal length”. Some people can grow hair down to their bums, others can’t seem to grow it past their shoulders, but few realise that your hair’s maximum length is genetic.

No. 1696480


The length hair will get to before it stops growing is totally genetic. Obviously cutting it changes the length (DUH) but if hair is left to its own devices and there's no outside intervention then one person's could just stop at shoulder length whereas another it could grow all the way to their knees. It's just dumb luck.

The condition of said hair on the other hand, well, that's where diet comes into it, and that's why Ganer's looks dry af. No fat in diet = scraggly hair, even if it's long.

No. 1696488

File: 1668026077656.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, 0AC40B4C-B014-479A-AFC2-CEF928…)

GFM being put to good use

No. 1696515

File: 1668027933540.jpeg (554.95 KB, 750x1110, 066C13D3-88E3-4152-BF58-577AD2…)

laura’s face continues to evolve

No. 1696524

we will see how long that discharge is lasting

that fivehead aint playin

No. 1696568

File: 1668031781340.png (3.78 MB, 1170x2532, 6DFDEA64-9110-494E-9D71-AA4C1F…)

Eww I didn’t know she cooks her slop in the microwave. That’s even worse! Yuckkkk

No. 1696571

continues to swell

No. 1696632

she's been old posting pictures of herself on her story from 3 years ago when she was arguably underweight literally every day for a week. her old meal plans and all. she doesn't want to be discharged, she wants to be sick again and get right back in there

No. 1696633

File: 1668036913863.jpeg (260.07 KB, 700x970, 8E832490-BF1E-40A7-AA36-DB16BA…)

Enjoy this pic of skelly poet Laura, where she has shooped her legs into one weird uncanny valley looking Mega Leg. Certain she’s not on campus pursuing her masters like she said she’d do this fall

No. 1696634

Alright who hacked Zara’s smaller old account and whoever it was spill the beans. Appreciated

No. 1696653

File: 1668039016480.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 397.73 KB, 750x896, 6B969A18-52CE-4FF8-B523-915682…)

New Nikol content just dropped

No. 1696663

What happened? Screenshots?

Poor thing.

No. 1696673

One foot in the grave good fucking God. Grim.

No. 1696675

Is she bulimic does anyone know this is so weird

No. 1696678

The only place she's going is to the morgue. Her wheelchairs probably waiting for her with whoever is taking the picture

No. 1696683

File: 1668042137892.jpg (224.27 KB, 1080x1728, 111103832.jpg)

NTA but tf does she/he mean "medically stable enough" for a tattoo

No. 1696710

Hayden just throws medically stable around as a buzzword

No. 1696717

The gender dysphoric are so absurdly annoying. I was with a “friend” over the weekend that drove me NUTS. They constantly complained about the side effects of their hormone medication. WELL NO SH!T. You’re a man and not supposed to have these hormones in their body so of course they’re hallucinating that their hands are owls, etc. These “trans” ppl are seriously sick.

No. 1696719

Oh. No. Boohoo. You chose that life and those medications but want to play victim hahahahahah

No. 1696720

Who wants to bet she does that it's because she's trying to discourage herself from eating?
Agreed, it's a buzzword; maybe he means damage to the skin because of the needle? He doesn't look so underweight in that shot of his wrist but in the other selfie posted above, he does look slightly skelly.

No. 1696726

Hayden is probably one of those people that takes mild orthostatic hypotension incredibly seriously. Australian anachans seem really prone to dramatics about this for whatever reason.

No. 1696752

My bet is she's being this melodramatic about the fact that it's really common to get lightheaded during tattoos or piercings if your blood sugar is low. I'm sure she intends it to come across as uwu im such a waif but it just makes her seem like a pain in the ass who makes drama in the shop.

No. 1696767

didn't zara get one recently, kek

No. 1696789

was there any doubt that she was? honestly I feel so, so bad for her more than the others

No. 1696790

She has claimed that she is incredibly emetophobic and has OCD about it

No. 1696879

That's a cool claim, but she lies about ANYTHING, so who knows?

No. 1696907

care to share with the class?

No. 1696910

That's a binge belly. She 100% b/p's.

No. 1696912

File: 1668074214909.jpeg (332.73 KB, 1024x1024, 64854862-3DAA-4D56-A955-E5C43C…)

Hayden shared a massively long post about not commenting on his body cause he’s struggling with weight gain but right is the pic he shared with it and left is the pic just before his inpatient trip and like he looks the same, if not worse.

No. 1696913

Samefag but this pic highlights that he has not gained weight and like the weird essay on not commenting on his body like if anything people will be like dude you look the same

No. 1696919

Has she ever explained what disorder is causing her to not brush her fucking teeth? She could at least TRY to make herself look less disgusting.

No. 1696920

Is that just protein oats? Microwave porridge is normal in the UK

No. 1696935

File: 1668077492487.jpeg (81.88 KB, 750x257, 15A146F3-390A-47B1-B7DB-8B217C…)

turns out nikol is just a horrible person huh

No. 1696946


edtwt tards love this thread kek

No. 1696971

What? I'm an oldfag not an ed twitter user. That's a weird assumption to make off me using pronouns based off her biological sex. Can we stop having this stupid pronoun debate every time this cow gets talked about, say "he" if you want who cares

No. 1696979

File: 1668082273789.jpg (362.96 KB, 1080x1957, Screenshot_20221110-130749_Ins…)

I would call that shrinking, not growth.

No. 1697004

what’s her name? i swear i was inpatient with her

No. 1697021

Literally only edtwt tards will call her a he/him.

No. 1697023


Used to be wateremelons or something

No. 1697024

Yeah no kidding, twitter is the worst for the pro tranny bullshit. That anon is retarded.

No. 1697027

Maybe she is referring to one of her parents? Maybe they are/were suicidal in the past and she had to deal with that, causing her a trauma?

Just trying to understand her. I mean, if anyone is suicidal they should take that in mind before bring a new life to this world, but again I don't see how that could be disgusting.

That's why I guessed that it may have something to do with her family, idk.

No. 1697072

not to wk but I think she's referring to having a joint on her cake rather than a cigarette.

No. 1697081

Kek at the shirt

No. 1697088

If Ashley can get tattooed then I don't see why the fuck this bitch couldn't.

No. 1697108

Except Ash should have gotten tattooed bones, unless they used a very shallow needle depth.

No. 1697109

I definitely see her going full munchie before long. What better than an EDS/POTS/MCAS/GP diagnosis to complete that oppression bingo card?

No. 1697112

Nicole is so consumed with self-hatred that she takes delight in being provocative and upsetting others, I think that’s as about as deep as it gets.

No. 1697130

>bonelord spamming the interwebz guuuyyysssaaa

But seriously wtf is this shit?? She can hardly move her body she's a literal walking corpse. Bernie mode has been activated.

No. 1697132

File: 1668101666423.jpeg (581.28 KB, 1737x1517, 80353A8A-E958-4B3A-8B1F-B273DE…)

skim milk but here’s Ham still milking her few months of dieting for all it’s worth. the ~~depths~ of her ED~~ wouldn’t fill a teaspoon

No. 1697179

It was in response to someone else on edtwt saying they were having a baby

No. 1697180

Of course it is. Why do you assume binging also means purging?

No. 1697206

That shits on the public account, larping with a wheelchair 2 months after appendicitis

No. 1697253

File: 1668112648418.jpeg (517.46 KB, 828x1087, 3D8401A0-E7DE-4B90-9042-DFDCC7…)

(Not the same anon who posted Ham downthread) Some more skim milk, mainly consisting of Ham’s goofy ass expressions & pontificating over her weeklong fasting exercise. 1/3

No. 1697254

File: 1668112675683.jpeg (710.63 KB, 828x1335, C33C0488-25FD-4224-BEBE-CDA28E…)

No. 1697256

File: 1668112850258.jpeg (462.17 KB, 828x970, 946476E5-86F7-4BDE-B4D6-0C4A57…)

No. 1697271

I mean it's a nice message but it's so weird that it's coming from her

No. 1697282

Laura looking more masc than hayden kek

No. 1697296

Ham honestly bugs me less than other cows because she's just cringe she's not really hurting people

No. 1697363

Anyone know how kennedy/Kelsey is?(spoonfeeding)

No. 1697376

If Ashley isaacs can survive in the state she is for so long, then so can Eugenia. Usually only Joseph mengele would have such an in depth knowledge of just how resilient the human body is for starvation, but thanks to the modern age, the subjects broadcast themselves.

No. 1697404

>>thanks to the modern age, the subjects broadcast themselves.

Interesting behaviour.

No. 1697406

“She” (cause who knows if it’s her or someone reposting old stuff) made an OF but I don’t think any farmer cared enough to check that.

No. 1697454

File: 1668130772687.jpeg (209.16 KB, 750x1334, 8F5B5F91-FD18-4B49-A967-312A15…)

No. 1697480

Damn nonna, that's brutal. Also fair point about Ashley. If EC is a Bonelord then Isaacs is the human embodiment of Thanatos.
Jfc this woman kek

No. 1697569

apologies for retardation, was scrolling through and thought it was a mtf tranny. the state of of the tifs lel

in the case anon who used he/him, redirect that comment towards you

No. 1697577

Hans comments have a concerning proportion of ‘concerned mums’ who say she’s ‘so inspiring and helping their daughters recover’ idk why it rubs me the wrong way

No. 1697580

Ham not han sorry

No. 1697581

Purging isn’t just throwing up she probably binges then uses lax and severely restricts the next few days. Lots of anas do when they are ext low weights. It boosts the metabolism temporarily and can help with stunted weight loss

No. 1697583

To be honest with ham you can tell she didn’t have a really big problem if she even has one because she got over it pretty quick. Yes there were performative cries and out bursts but ultimately she actually recovered. Those with with anorexia either drag out the process, bounce between relapse and recovery, or just next recover/ gain weight. I think so many people confuse eating disorders and disordered eating

No. 1697588

Nta but I had a feeling you thought that was an mtf lol

No. 1697597

I hate this fake pile of diabetes more than EC

No. 1697598

It still confuses me Ham was just performing right, all those vids and crap? Hammum really fell for it???

No. 1697619

A lot of people on the internet are confusing eating disorders with disordered eating. While an eating disorder like anorexia (which ham claims she recovered from) is an actual mental illness, disordered eating is not. She literally said right here >>1697256 she had zero confidence and diet culture made her want to lose weight, emphasis on want because she didn’t lose a significant amount of weight.
What she “recovered” from is her low self esteem and zero confidence, of course not by working on herself but by receiving validation and attention on social media. THAT was her problem and she found a temporary cure because once her account starts dying, it’s back to being insecure and not feeling good enough.

No. 1697631

Seeking validation online is a disease itself and I wanna see Ham get cured from it too.

No. 1697654

File: 1668165509775.jpg (140.84 KB, 659x659, ganer1.jpg)

News: Ganer thinks that she eats like a 300lb guy and has orgasms while pumping iron.
Not news: Ganer fails at competitions, cuz looking like a fried Ethiopian.
Also not news: Ganer kinda knows that she needs to eat more next time.

Just wondering if her pErSoNaL cOaCh™ told her the truth or just continues to cash in.

No. 1697655

File: 1668165543730.jpg (71.04 KB, 662x360, ganer2.jpg)


No. 1697667

Is it the Around the Dinner Table crowd? That website is so milky they should have a thread of their own. Blatant parent/child feederism. They add oil to Nutella

No. 1697668

Honestly any cow that claims ‘society and diet culture caused my ED’ probably just has disordered eating, real anorexia is a lot more fucked up than that

No. 1697705

File: 1668173135624.jpg (46.87 KB, 664x630, hg_happyface.jpg)

Looking happy like in "happy about a torn ligament".

No. 1697722

Agreed. I went lurking once and those people are nuts. Desperate perhaps, but taking shit to a weird place. They share billion calorie Harry Potter themed recipes with each other as if that will cure their kids instead of oh idk establishing healthy food goals with the help of doctors/dietitians/therapy/just fucking talking to them. I think it’s UK based and I know treatment over there is shit but still, adding oil to nutella sounds disgusting.

No. 1697725

I also saw one post about "liking her daughter's big butt". Disgusting

No. 1697736

File: 1668177070840.jpg (229.55 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20221111-065355_Ins…)

Posted in the fake thread by accident:

Sorry everyone. I posted this in the old thread. So I'll just copy it here.

Potential new cow


Twt: amyhtcb
Tellonym: amyisafatpig

She was a personal cow. Is a proana influencer known for posting herself as thinspo on tiktok and repeatedly getting banned. Runs a proana discord. Spergs about how her elderly parents are to blame for her obesity. In a deleted post she talks about how she threatened to starve herself to death if her parents didn't take her back to China and confessed to being a neet. When asked what she was going to do to support herself she replied "onlyfans". Gives "meanspo" to her followers which is just fatshaming.

No. 1697738

File: 1668177092935.jpg (583.39 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20221111-065928_Ins…)

Tried to find the milkiest posts

No. 1697769

File: 1668181776791.jpeg (464.68 KB, 1170x2532, C7B3E1A9-17F9-43A1-AF54-07364B…)

From the looks of it, Laura had an “incident” right before moving out - probably to try to postpone her discharge for another year lmao Thank goodness the hospital knows her BOD antics and didn’t change her discharge.

No. 1697772

JFC the vacancy in those eyes.The frizzy bed hair. The fresh headbanging scrape.


No. 1697787

File: 1668183133692.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 910.15 KB, 828x1696, A22A2D15-0A66-4DB3-BC58-9D5EA0…)

New US cow, Ganer wanna-bee post pro ana content and is anti recovery. A lot of their content is ick

No. 1697788

File: 1668183179615.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 898.55 KB, 815x1405, 270E3967-0444-4400-B39C-4A5586…)


No. 1697826

File: 1668186220376.jpg (618.61 KB, 878x1632, Screenshot_20221111_151100.jpg)

It's honestly tragic, she went from looking normal to looking like my schizophrenic 60 year old aunt. Anti psychotics…not even once.
I'm really hoping she goes on to live a normalish life.

No. 1697862

I feel like she’ll never get better. Does she even have the tools to function as an adult? Can she hold down a job? Pay bills? Have a hobby even? Being doped up on 1-1s most her adult life so far isn’t exactly a recipe for success. I hope for the best for her but at this point, it seems like the medical system is just helping/forcing her into this cycle now.

No. 1697865

Wish she’d be dramatic and actually scrub that orange fake tan off her face.

No. 1697882

never understood why hospitals would keep enabling her once it became clear she just kept getting readmitted tbh

No. 1697897

File: 1668194860310.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.02 KB, 1061x911, RDT_20221111_14202718536943273…)

EC showing off the boney goods in her latest stream, complete witb exposed undies. Dump sperg incoming. (1/4)

No. 1697898

File: 1668194884362.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.97 KB, 825x912, RDT_20221111_14205062353777738…)

No. 1697904

Fit vegan ginger flashbacks.

No. 1697905

File: 1668195597488.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.38 KB, 679x936, RDT_20221111_14210061738400655…)

Absolutely zero fucking shame holy shit.

No. 1697910

File: 1668195713292.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.98 KB, 681x911, RDT_20221111_14210483058983362…)

No. 1697956

I don't like this timeline

No. 1698036

I always wondered because of how tight her arms look, can she straighten them down to her sides at all? They’re always in this weird position like they’re locked in place at the elbow.

No. 1698039

It's pretty damn bleak. Only perverts and psychotics would like this.
I wonder the same thing. You can tell in the spam clip she has terrible range of motion. Must be excruciating.

No. 1698054

In >>1697910 you can also see how tight the muscles are behind her knees. I wonder if it hurts to even stand? I’ve no sympathy for her except for morbid curiosity. Her body is begging for the end. Her back is also getting those weird liver spots old people get before they die. Her time is coming up, it’ll be sudden.

No. 1698058

This chic, I feel so bad for. She looks for validation in coomers/scrotes that not only will she ruin her life for them, but she’ll literally kill herself for them. It’s horrible and I feel bad everytime I see an update on her

No. 1698085

I can't even think about what kind of a horrible traumatic experience must EC have had in the past to act like this.
As other anon mentioned before:
>> Only perverts and psychotics would like this.

No. 1698106

File: 1668209751355.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2025, 26690198-908A-4B28-9E99-4E8F33…)

wonder if its a farmer behind this

No. 1698117

File: 1668210943289.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2413, F7325139-3EA1-465B-9515-D76C42…)

but her face shocked me, she looks like her weight has plummeted

No. 1698146

I don’t feel bad for her at all she’s an attention whore and Internet troll

No. 1698158

But anon she said she doesn't have anorexia any more!!!

No. 1698162

the face of recovery

No. 1698181

File: 1668217260636.jpg (992.48 KB, 1600x1600, CurdledMilk.jpg)

She looks like the dead eyed 5head babies on the Curdled Milk album cover holy hell

No. 1698199

She looks absolutely awful, without a doubt, but lately looks better than she did a while ago. Perhaps she's finally regulating

No. 1698239

If it is it's cowtipping imo

No. 1698290

I agree with the message of what you're saying, however I am pro antipsychotics for treating psychosis. The key is to ween yourself and only use antipsychotics when shit is getting bad.
If you feel fine, then don't take antipsychotics, only use them when you feel psychotic. That is key.

No. 1698293

off topic and ntayrt but i wish this worked for me. i go off them and within a day im fucked. i'm acutely aware of how terrible they are for my body so it feels like a curse but i actually can't function without them. probably had to do with being put on them at a young age. i feel like if you can't drink until 21 in the states you shouldn't be put on heavy psych meds either, i mean your brain isn't fully developed, it stunts you. at least i feel that's been the case for me.

No. 1698297

Don't feel bad for needing them, but they can actually cause psychosis if you take them too much. Perhaps try going half a day without them, feel the effect and the brunt of it, and them take them at night time. It's scary subjecting yourself to withdrawals and psychosis, but you get used to it.
Once you get better at it you try longer periods without them. Ideally you'll get to the point where you just intuitively take them as needed.
If you have psychosis it never goes away fully but you can manage the symptoms.

No. 1698300

thank you, I really appreciate the advice. i will be keeping it in mind.

No. 1698307

Is she subtextually saying that her mom/dad is suicidal?
The family is mentally ill yeah? Do we know what they are diagnosed with?

No. 1698310

A little bit ot but does anyone remember listening to superchick in the mpa/tumblr days ?

No. 1698315

Lmao yes Courage and Stand in the Rain were the most overused songs on the YouTube "my anorexia story" videos back in 2009-2011. I can't even listen to them now!!

No. 1698317

If it was a farmer it was quite a low move imo. Still.. they must have access to a lot of info now.. spill the beans anon!

No. 1698318

Listen to them while you browse the thread lol

No. 1698319

Devils advocate here, she could be making it up or delusional.

No. 1698321

I'm pretty sure it was one of the usual bitcoin bots and she's either trying to spin it as something personal and serious or doesn't realize it's just a bitcoin spam bot thing.

No. 1698327

I think you're right, maybe she's catastrophising something meaningless that could happen to anoyone at any time. Like I don't think she's being ingenuine, she might feel very attacked by any breach of privacy.

No. 1698354

The “I’m overwhelmed with work” from a couple days off is a bit dramatic and very telling of who Zara is. There’s a pre-determined amount of assignments in a year at Uni and work doesn’t just get sprung onto you unless it’s just some recommended reading. Her missing a few lectures doesn’t equate to her being snowed under the way it might if you had a fast-paced job. She’s always so full of herself and loves to project an image of being so smart and capable - which is half the problem because she won’t humble herself enough to admit she actually can’t cope at all and needs help.

No. 1698385

her joints might lock up due to osteoporosis+cartilage wearing down

No. 1698398

File: 1668254612270.gif (2.07 MB, 360x322, Horizontally_spinning_rat (1).…)

No. 1698415

Not to WK but this doesn't look like deliberate flashing tbh, she's just so underweight that her skirt won't stay up. Still grim to see.

No. 1698423

It's purely intentional and she will know exactly about the effects.
Just remember the shuffling of some containers through the room. That was all for the fetish guys.

No. 1698428

What do you mean about shuffling containers? I don't follow EC's videos, clue a farmer in

No. 1698436

A Google search for "eugenia cooney containers" is too much to ask for?

No. 1698439

There's this fetish called "struggle porn" that men jerk it too and a lot of it surrounds anorexics physically struggling with normal day to day tasks. For a while Eugenia used to have this big makeup container next to her bed and she would move it on livestream and each time she moved it she would receive a donation so people tinfoiled she was getting paid to move the container by someone to feed their "struggle porn" fetish. But the donations were often by different people so it's hard to say, although over the years she's had videos of her struggling with taking out the garbage, moving chairs, stuff like that so she probably is aware that there's men that watch her for the "struggle" aspects of her videos and caters some content to them.

Chill out, no one wants to watch a bunch of dumb youtube videos or read subreddits analyzing her every move just to get the gist of what struggle porn is and what her makeup container has to do with it.

No. 1698443

Thanks anon. I hope EC isn't caught up in all of that… she comes across as a sweet kid underneath the eating disorder.

No. 1698457

I agree. Some people seem to think she is this scheming diabolical sociopath trying to corrupt the youth. I really think she's just an anorexic woman who found popularity and money in this weird area of YouTube. It's not good, for her or her viewers, but she's certainly not this calculated evil mastermind some people try to pin her as.

No. 1698464

You’re late to the game, she very obviously is caught up in it and knowingly profiting from ghoulish moids who get off to watching women suffer and die. And maybe she was a “sweet kid”, but those parts of her brain died awhile ago and all that’s left now is anorexia.

No. 1698469

>sweet kid
she’s almost 30 anon

No. 1698482

agree with this, i don’t think she’s evil but she’s definitely aware of all this. maybe she didn’t intend to enable all this but anorexia’s destroyed her brain so much who even knows anymore

No. 1698491


Evil? No. Selfish piece of shit? Absolutely. She doesn't give a damn about all the people she affects negatively. She only cares about herself and how much money she can make from having a mental illness. She's toxic as hell and I have no sympathy for her.

No. 1698493

pretty sure she’s been steadily losing followers every now and then when i check and that gives me a tiny bit of hope in humanity kek

No. 1698496

Interesting that as her followers have dropped, so has her weight. Truthfully I suspect she thinks if she's more skeletal she'll gain her followers back.

No. 1698531

Then it moved to concrete Angel, skinny love, and Angels.

No. 1698543

Absolutely. For example, studies done on CSA victims show that they're at higher risks for cluster b PDs, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. While being shown models who are super thin definitely doesn't help, it isn't the only factor in 'causing' an ED. What it boils down to is that trauma is the biggest culprit in causing an ED, be it sexual abuse, physical, emotional, etc. (sorry for my sperg)

No. 1698719

I hope they used a VPN, although nothing will probably come of it, kek.

No. 1698720

I'm surprised she'd be so stupid to fall for the Bitcoin spam bot thing tbh. If you're smart, use a strong password (i.e., from a password manager) and you use two-factor authentication, I don't see how you can't fell victim to it.

No. 1698739

I asked the same a few post before, but another anon reply that the tweet was in response to someone that was going to have a baby.

So, even if her parents are somehow suicidal, that's not a response to give to someone who is going to have a baby.

No. 1698753

Is smorven still in an EDU and head banging ?
How are the twins in Thailand ?

No. 1698780

File: 1668309362881.jpeg (795.61 KB, 828x1490, 9F765582-C708-48CB-BF57-FCCD03…)

Found this girl’s tiktok reposted to someone’s Instagram. The video is her eating bites of salad and tiny pancakes.

No. 1698789

File: 1668310955220.jpeg (464.7 KB, 666x1305, E252FC21-0460-4186-BDB5-848DD7…)

Han exists in my mind as a poorly tanned Disney villain idc

No. 1698842

She looks like she’s six feet tall

No. 1698849

File: 1668328191319.png (487.91 KB, 447x734, Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 2.28…)

She had to have been committed for suicidal ideation or something and not an eating disorder, right? what state is she even in?

No. 1698879

That's some seriously good prospect. Bring it on!

No. 1698884

File: 1668336210541.gif (8.34 MB, 320x569, ezgif-4-b4fb34ab00.gif)

Not a bodycheck at all…

No. 1698904

File: 1668341111606.jpg (349.07 KB, 1690x894, rice or ricecakes.jpg)

Ive been going down the Ganer rabbit hole and this caption justifying her obsession is very pro ana. I'd also like to point out two finds from her youtube:
>admits her legs being big is her fear, which explains why her legs and arse are always so sad for bodybuilding
>says someone can be healthy at BMI 16 because 'everyone is different'

No. 1698915


maaaan, imagine being that fucking obsessed with macros you lose your shit over a single fucking grain of rice.

i cant even. kek

No. 1698940

Ganer: "Obsession isn't a bad thing!"
Also Ganer: Fucks up her body & whole life being obsessed with wrong eating.

No. 1698949

“Fall in love with the obsession” it’s both proana and like the tagline for a perfume ad.

Also picforants.jpg tho I know it’s hard when she writes spaced out word salad all the time

No. 1698959

File: 1668350844958.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x2211, D41C119B-4A2C-4771-9E5C-80B6AF…)

Twins are back in the uk and mostly quiet and kinda grim. Marie’s last post was about being depressed to be back in like the middle of October and this was Katy’s before her Halloween post with a sad fruit standing in for a pumpkin. So I guess they’re fine.

No. 1699041

hover over the picture and you'll see that anon posted a large copy

No. 1699059

I wonder how she's managed to ignore the fact that the macros on labels have a 20% margin of error

No. 1699068

File: 1668361655364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 236.94 KB, 1080x1732, RDT_20221113_12094859858647241…)

TELL ME she's not pandering to the freaky scrote fetish community. Her mother is a monster for allowing/encouraging this to continue.

No. 1699070

I don’t have tiktok so I can’t view her other videos but definitely post more of her if she’s milky!

No. 1699113

File: 1668364633632.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1812, B19F7DF4-CFFD-4BB8-A8E2-161C82…)

Her insta is lame other than her Halloween costume being on the nose so def share the TikToks. Also can’t tell if the dude she posted in that set is her real dad or her sugar daddy so kinda curious there.

No. 1699147

She did it that way for years…

No. 1699198

EC's mother is her real problem, bigger than anorexia or any other health issue she may have. How can she allow all of this?

No. 1699239

Not surprised that the skelly fetish guy liked her pic

No. 1699267

File: 1668377965924.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.45 KB, 1080x1735, RDT_20221113_12101089340608654…)

A lot of people are still in denial and defend her over it.
Her mother has to be just the worst kind of negligent. I don't know how else she'd let this happen to her own daughter. This is something I simply can't comprehend.

This is the other pic I meant to post. Not only can you see into her skirt, but it has to be cold. Why do this outside during November on the east coast of all places??

No. 1699300

Eugenia's mum has groomed her for fame from a young age. Even if there is no physical/sexual abuse what she is allowing her daughter to do is extremely negligent.
Her dad is guilty too, even though he's scarcely mentioned I but you he is abusive towards her too.
IK Eugenia is 27? now, but she was only a teenager when her mum pushed this life on her and her brain never matured.

No. 1699306

She looks like the starved guy from Se7en. Something about the hair trailing over her arm makes her look even more like a posed corpse than usual. Aren’t anorexics freezing all the time, so she might not know the difference? Her mother should be jailed.

No. 1699318

File: 1668384916808.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1170x2303, C1C15FB1-20E2-4C8E-AA8D-8601F0…)

zara is on her way out…

No. 1699321

"why has this happened"

Because you're not fucking eating

No. 1699329

why is she wearing children's cartoon character underwear?

No. 1699333

File: 1668387332934.jpeg (251.99 KB, 750x824, F5BD59D7-E481-4A01-8600-916D4B…)

Nikol’s solution to wasting her own money on binge food is to waste others’ money on it kek

No. 1699350

This. EC is just a victim of her family, even if she is now an "adult".

Zara's first pic looks like she had been b/p-ing and second pic, like fasting for a couple of days post binge. Idk why she looks surprised at all.

I know some anon said Nikol claims to be emetophobic, but there is no way she is not purging if she binges as she shows in her belly pictures and if she eats that much chocolate. She would be scared of throwing up and she wouldn't be eating that much.

Who cares about her underwear? What is the problem with cartoons?

No. 1699357

It’s so weird to see her actual face. Also her hair like looks terrible. She needs to climb off her high horse and just get admitted.

No. 1699359

You're my favorite anon, everything you said is true lol

No. 1699394

Can't adult protective services do something about her? Look at her. There is nothing okay or right with that. I'm just surprised they haven't been involved with her yet.

No. 1699410

I honestly don't know. When she was 5150'd I think that was in a different state. CT has different laws.

No. 1699413

APS generally deals with the elderly and disabled. In most states, someone with anorexia who does not want help would not qualify for APS intervention.

No. 1699453

File: 1668404093654.jpg (695.34 KB, 1080x2340, milkornot.jpg)

sage bcs don't know if it is milk. documenting all her toobs and 80% are just blatant body checks showing off her thin body while "recovering".

No. 1699473

The sad thing is that if a medical team actually assessed Eugenia now she would classify as disabled.
Not saying that as an insult, but just looking at her and listening to her you can tell she's not all there (physically and mentally).
Connecticut's laws must fucking suck if a perfectly healthy woman can starve herself to death for years on camera with her family being complicit and nothing can be done.
The laws in Conneticut need to be set up to protect the victims and the downtrodden, not the rich.

No. 1699475

File: 1668409777408.jpeg (366.51 KB, 1125x1975, 19991F05-65BA-4106-901F-141888…)

Taking bets on how long it’ll be before Porgie is back at the farm.
My guess is this week - and I have no doubt the toob selfies will follow soon after.

No. 1699476

File: 1668409862624.jpeg (429.55 KB, 1125x1967, 31612031-921B-4D76-BF42-D2CAFD…)


No. 1699477

is this… a weight loss check by our anti-triggering content queen?!

No. 1699481

This just looks like edema. Zara may be on her way out but swelling caused by edema isn't exactly earth shattering.
People with ed's can get this a lot, doesn't mean they're all about to drop dead. Like it's not good news, but I imagine her body just struggles with fluid management.

No. 1699482

She's probably just feeling like shit after dental surgery which is normal. Like it's quite common to feel worse afterwards because of the pain and the healing time. People expect to just wake up and feel fine but there it a recovery period for any surgery.

No. 1699484

File: 1668411094024.jpeg (89.76 KB, 750x466, 7DD16468-0267-4B27-9D3D-3ABADF…)

A series of screenshots incoming, beware

No. 1699485

File: 1668411126591.jpeg (192.18 KB, 749x1188, 1005D894-4C2C-4328-A8C9-1E4720…)

2/4 2 months ago

No. 1699486

File: 1668411147036.jpeg (203.69 KB, 827x1521, B50877AB-6CAD-4E03-A34E-0F0A58…)

3/4 now

No. 1699489

These honestly look about the same - she just has her arms in a position that shows the muscle structure more in the second one.

No. 1699490

File: 1668411212223.jpeg (211.1 KB, 851x1519, C0DF02DE-61AA-4257-863D-F315C8…)

No. 1699491

Go through her tiktoks and instagram and compare photos from two months ago and now

No. 1699529

where is the milk?

No. 1699556

Han has lost weight it’s so obvious in her recent stories. She even sounds hungry if that’s even a thing

No. 1699558

I can’t believe this bitch is still in and out of hospitals, I stalked her TikTok a few years ago when she was ‘about to start recovery’ but clearly she enjoys the clout

No. 1699587

Kek anon “she even sounds hungry” made me laugh out loud and idk why

No. 1699604

Well already stated don't know if it is milk. but yea her whole account literally just showing off her toob while preaching recovery

No. 1699761

File: 1668460877144.png (2.23 MB, 817x1441, extra.PNG)


well as predicted the whole eggs didnt last on the menu long.
But dont worry anons, she has added a whole extra ricecake!!

No. 1699763

File: 1668461279216.png (2.41 MB, 1629x1383, shockedpikachu.PNG)


also, acting shocked when her performance improves because she added a piece of fruit to her bowl of processed slop…
is she seriously that daft?!

No. 1699770

Wow those extra 100 calories that one time really changed her life, I'm floored

No. 1699771

They look like whole eggs just barely scrambled

No. 1699802

It’s probably one whole egg mixed with a bunch of liquid egg whites. God her life is so fucking grim…

No. 1699805

File: 1668465657521.jpeg (360.81 KB, 1170x1973, 1C352A3D-CE89-4429-8F91-FCF495…)

Happy for her BUT she looks doped out..

No. 1699814

maybe she shuffles calories around, but doesn't raise 'em…

No. 1699850

Her mother is a literal sped, honestly Eugenia being a shut in skelly is probably the best outcome from having a retarded mother and alcoholic father.

No. 1699868

Reminds me of the schofield children jfc.. has she said what she’s on?

No. 1699883

Attempts to be a dainty waif but that posing is failing, if you look closely on her left at her chin.
Fucking ghoul face, Jesus.

No. 1699951

what happened to her face she looks like she’s on a hundred different drugs.. also is that eyeshadow i can’t even tell

No. 1699971


nah i just think she is too headfucked to separate the eggs from the yolks properly.
looking back on all her 'egg white' meals they all have a tiny bit of yellow still in them.

No. 1699998


here are some examples:

before you autists start spergin', the milk around here is dry af. hence we are talking about egg whites, EC, and emaciated monkeys. deal with it.

No. 1700002

i haven't heard but when i was in psych wards with people that looked like this they were usually on a litany of prescriptions, usually there would be an antipsychotic, a mood stabilizer, an ssri, and possibly a benzo as well. These type of people are on meds that treat the side effects of other meds.

No. 1700027

As someone that also lifts 5 days a week and is very active her meals make me legit depressed, she must be beyond starving constantly. She needs to pick a lane because lifting and restricting is on the same level as being an alchy skelly, her bones must be shot.

No. 1700074

File: 1668478472823.jpeg (899.36 KB, 1170x1931, 325F0E44-68D2-4069-830B-3A0773…)

bringing some positivity to the thread for a change- dora seems to be doing really well, happy for her tbh, it’s good to see

No. 1700076

nah, dark circles around the eyes is a side effect of some meds. and she looks like she's on a few, it's a bit distressing to see

No. 1700093

Reports on the ground suggest that Porgie has begged her way back to “summer camp” at NFC. I hope she’s got her diamond art packed.
Surprised we didn’t register on the Richter scale - looking larger than ever.

No. 1700129

I believe the part about taking painkillers. her pupils look pinned as fuck.

No. 1700145

File: 1668485037041.jpeg (1004.77 KB, 1170x2391, 6617480F-3768-40A7-865A-64E16E…)

TL;DR: zara has had the shits.

No. 1700149

I've been seeing Porgie's face for so long but have never noticed that massive scar down the middle of her forehead, I'm not one to ask for a spoonfeed but anyone know if that scar has ever been talked about?

No. 1700151

car accident as a child, I think

No. 1700155

alright nona, keep wearing your powerpuff girls drawers, damn

No. 1700160

Oh shit I don't know how I missed that, maybe that's why she seems sort of odd, brain damage from the accident.

No. 1700224

She's chunkier than I thought initially

No. 1700298

File: 1668506694766.jpg (724.88 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221115-095918_Tik…)

I just get so happy seeing Elzani now so wanted to share

No. 1700299

File: 1668506765340.jpg (785.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221115-095930_Tik…)

No. 1700313

She says it is “a big trauma”
So she doesn’t talk about it.
But apparently a bad car accident when she was little.

No. 1700328

File: 1668515650964.png (667.68 KB, 1161x650, sheer fucking hypocrisy.png)

Ganer having her bi-weekly epiphany all while losing more and more weight.

She looks like absolute shit. Her skin and hair are hideous and even the muscle definition she had is starting to go as her body atrophies, eats itself alive. She is the worst of the worst. The idea she views herself as inspirational makes me want to throw up. On and on and on about the way she's going to grow only to shrink even more. Her posts are just groundhog day at this point. Her sponsor/Flag nor Fail and coach need to ditch her, because she isn't doing either of them any favors in terms of image.

No. 1700332

Translation: my gym buddies have expressed concern so I will be eating an extra rice cake a day

No. 1700370

the only thing getting bigger is her forehead

No. 1700390

File: 1668522866071.jpg (201.4 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20221115-223338_Twi…)

Nikol (Nikkolels) is probably actually going to die soon. Apparently her OCD is so severe that she literally can't even eat normally without freaking out or it turning into an immense binge, and she showers so much that her parents turn the water to her apartment off. She's been mentioning suicide more frequently and saying she'll do it soon. And honestly she seems more mentally ill than the people posted here who are permanently inpatient. Boggles the mind that she's not in a psych ward somewhere.
Also, mentioned being molested at 15 and her mum dismissing it as just something men do… And her parents are so orthorexic that they have been forcing her brother to eat a keto diet and exercise five times a week since he was 6.
That family is fucked.

No. 1700443

Her face is actually so fucked up.

No. 1700450

File: 1668528794621.jpg (145.96 KB, 524x806, gainz.jpg)

Oh no, we already lost the extra rice cake

No. 1700457

we hardly knew ye

No. 1700458

The girls an idiot and her trainer and sponsor should drop her until she gets some help and is eating a proper diet for training.

No. 1700493

nikol is definitely one of if not the most disturbed one mentioned here imo the rest all still have some level of humanness/sanity

No. 1700550

yeah nikol's situation seems to be more than just mental illness and delusions, it seems like her family has fucked her up and immense amount as well. everything she says about this is wild, but i don't think she's lying because it makes sense in the context of her proclivities. she's a bitch but i do feel bad that she was doomed from the start

No. 1700625

I’m new to this thread but I’ve gone back to the older ones but it hasn’t helped my absolute bafflement - i find Eugenia the weirdest cow in here. Her content on ig is super bizarre and I have so many questions. What is the point of her, like what is she trying to promote in these little pornhub outfits doing her lanky death dances and super uncomfortable facial expressions? Is it just the deathspo, is that her content? And who takes these videos? Sorry for the /idioting but this is the first cow I don’t get

No. 1700646

People gawp at her on Youtube and she gets money from that, perverts pay her on Twitch and she gets money from that. The entire thing is money driven, plus whatever insane pathos ultra-spoops have that make them want to disappear/die/live on pity and gum, et cetera.

No. 1700648

That comment about her Dad and brother… that's scarily like the storyline of the Dad/Bro in Starving in Suburbia. That poor boy.

No. 1700680

She looks like she's riding the Seroquel train with maybe a benzo PRN. It's very common to go inpatient and be put on Seroquel.

No. 1700694

Her family is insanely rich and she doesn’t need the YouTube money. It’s even worse than it being for money, it’s purely for attention.

No. 1700883

File: 1668562884243.jpeg (530.67 KB, 750x1287, BC2C9D25-2204-4878-B13F-3A064C…)

Han showing off her weight loss

No. 1701016

File: 1668575028876.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.91 KB, 1252x916, RDT_20221116_00013291069181087…)

5edgy3me EC

No. 1701029

File: 1668578468673.jpeg (996.53 KB, 1170x2023, 2D60C14E-EDED-4AAB-89A5-093C50…)

Anyone else think Nikols on her way out.. this jump scared me fr
Ain’t no way she’s not bulimic

No. 1701037

"I haven't lost any weight in 2 months"

No. 1701038

I don't know if she's on her way out necessarily - might be - but she does look absolutely horrible. I'm not sure if she's bulimic to be honest but it's very possible

No. 1701043

The implication that any of what she's saying is true regarding anyone ELSE though, is like, Why are we believing any of this attention seeking bull anymore?

No. 1701044

Just extremely attention seeking and her malnutrition has made her functionally retarded.

No. 1701050

She's getting to that corpse like state where she can't even close her mouth. Her eyes are even sunken in. I don't feel bad for her, but I've seen dead bodies that look healthier than she does

No. 1701107

unter that ton of makeup there is a deranged, ugly woman

No. 1701211

I think it's pretty safe to say the ED has rotten her brain beyond rational thought.

No. 1701215

Late ass reply but AYRT and ok, I'm retarded for not doing a 10 second google search, I genuinely thought she was about 19. Jfc.

No. 1701277

It's cool, nonna. At least you did a search and didn't ask to be spoonfed. EC's been on her shit for a long while.

No. 1701338

Did she post this on IG? I’m guessing you follow her because the account is still private (damn).

No. 1701395

File: 1668624006709.jpeg (800.58 KB, 828x1223, 5CEB57FF-BFA1-4792-8ED6-755C21…)

Nice filling lunch.

No. 1701411

top fucking kek, this can't be serious

No. 1701637

File: 1668640643741.jpeg (522.96 KB, 828x1337, C553FAEA-F856-4D4D-BF48-1F26F7…)

“Part of tonight’s dinner”
Other part is broccoli.

No. 1701639

File: 1668640731203.png (167.69 KB, 1080x1848, 1668640432124.png)

There is no way Nikol is not bulimic when maintaining a bmi of 10 and binging all day.

(Pic 1/2)

No. 1701640

File: 1668640767730.png (781.97 KB, 1080x1848, 1668640498016.png)


No. 1701641

she's not maintaining a bmi of 10, that's her goal. You're misunderstanding the pinned post.

No. 1701642

Maybe she is not at 10 rn but still, she can't be that thin binging every other day and not purging.

No. 1701747

File: 1668648702216.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x2135, 732A33A8-50CD-49CD-9F8F-031E67…)

Longtime farmers might be excited to see that May has resurfaced for a second. I guess the “swelling” is starting to go down.

No. 1701785

File: 1668651640055.jpeg (90.16 KB, 750x310, DE51A5D0-AC64-4736-9FF7-22E9A7…)

only nikol can gain the slightest self awareness for once then immediately use it to blame everyone else

No. 1701818

She uses laxatives, she doesn’t vomit. She’s replied to others on twitter about lax use. I’m inclined to believe her about being emetophobic since it fits with her obsessive tendencies.

No. 1701820

File: 1668656362480.png (447.05 KB, 431x669, Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.38…)

a pre-ed picture of zara, illustrating just how "totally recovered" she is

No. 1701821

File: 1668656493166.png (359.64 KB, 433x666, Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.40…)

she also confirmed that her front teeth being are worn down from bruxism

No. 1701823

File: 1668656657902.png (638.5 KB, 429x670, Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.39…)

Beating anorexia by … not eating chocolate. (I guess she's saying there's too much fat because of her EPI? Which is legit, but somehow I feel skeptical about what she might be substituting for chocolate)

No. 1701838

She used to be so pretty. She could easily have good looks again if she recovered.

No. 1701920

I'm actually really happy for her that they can fix her mouth, bruxism is horrible because it happens unconsciously. I did it in my sleep and didn't even know for years.

No. 1701923

She probably felt pressured by being naturally beautiful and gifted. It can be difficult because people have high expectations for you in life. With her parents both being in really successful careers I imagine they are really driven people. She is driven too, just at the moment it's self destruction.
Any damage she's done can be treated. Like once she gets her teeth fixed and is hopefully at a healthier weight she will be beautiful still. She's just on zero health right now but she's not ugly.

No. 1701989


Lmao okay Zara.(hi cow)

No. 1702022

Anon I don’t think that saying someone isn’t ugly necessarily means they are that person. Let’s be honest you might be full of hatred and want to accuse every single cow of being ugly but that’s a subjective opinion :)(:))

No. 1702024

Holyyy fuck that's a throwback. She looks a lot different

No. 1702025

Cool it with the simpering anon, she looks cute in this pic but very much like a child. Bit weird to gush about how pretty you think she is age 10 or whatever.

No. 1702028


There's a big difference between saying someone isn't ugly and posting a huge sperge about how OMGgorgeous they are tho, particularly when they just look like a regular tween girl. Nothing hideous, but certainly nothing special either. Not sure that all the damage can be reversed either, and her personality makes her ugly af anyway.

No. 1702048

She would be absorbing most of the calories if she was exclusively purging via lax. Even if she never eats outside of a binge, it'd be impossible for her to be that small. Unless a lot of the volume from her binges causing her stomach to look that way is low-cal stuff or she's exercising 24/7. Purging seems more likely.

She should stay like this, she looks healthier. TBH even being a bit overweight is better for you long-term then being spoopy.

She doesn't have EPI kek

No. 1702066

claims she is recovered, yet still refers to her "disordered brain" and the way the eating disorder she is totally recovered from will take advantage of her "not being able to eat chocolate" to justify not having an advent calendar.

No. 1702078

looking like the end boss in a cheap horror videogame….
absolutely hideous

No. 1702088

She actually does. Just refuses to treat it as she should

No. 1702090

File: 1668699499553.jpg (201.97 KB, 714x1356, ganer_rests.jpg)


After some years of daily training Ganer realizes that muscles gonna rest to grow. Well color me speechless since this is a basic principle even a beginner would know.

Now what a surprise. Only proves that she doesn't know shit about her body. She just feeds her obsessions and does not even realize it.

No. 1702113


All the rest in the world ain't going to do shit if she carries on eating the slop she does.

No. 1702114


How do you know? Do you have evidence? Because anorexic twats like her will make up all the excuses in the world for why they're the magical unicorn who can't gain weight because of some obscure disease.

No. 1702119

File: 1668701571186.jpeg (494.24 KB, 828x1792, 985D0D49-003D-4734-A1DD-79A570…)

Anyone who says kitty123 isn’t milky.. she spills the tea of her planned inpatient stay at a children’s Ed hospital where she was triggered by other kids and triggered that staff didn’t cater to her attention seeking behaviors. Thus getting kicked out of the dining hall for bothering other kids

No. 1702132

I wouldn't be surprised if all this is true, children's ED ward staff are like that. Still ridiculous to write an essay about it on instagram

No. 1702137

I was going to say this too. Seroquel can turn you into a narcoleptic retard all on it's own

No. 1702169

…Take your meds.

No. 1702198

She said she has gained 6(?) kg since her recent binges

No. 1702203

File: 1668710140990.jpeg (289.1 KB, 960x1568, 425C3A44-95F3-431A-B079-5EE3BF…)

i typed ‘Eugenia Cooney’ into an AI art generator. i think it’s pretty good

No. 1702234

File: 1668712422480.png (4.84 MB, 828x1792, 0BCE9008-1EFE-474B-934D-EF2115…)

That’s because your not autistic… Why do cows act like autism is such a badge of honor

No. 1702236

KEK not far off.

No. 1702249

I’ve never seen an autistic stim the way she does/pretends to.

No. 1702256

File: 1668714877242.jpg (678.21 KB, 1079x1890, Screenshot_20221117_194811.jpg)

Well that lasted checks calender a whole week.

No. 1702260

Kek that’s a great fantasy she’s telling people. She’s portraying herself as a meek compliant patient who’s been continually maltreated by the staff and is the one and only victim. The reality is likely that she’s a hugely problematic adult who behaves like a spoiled and entitled child and who scares the actual children there. She should not be on a pediatric unit, what a horrible influence on the kids and a waste of staff time and energy. Attention whores should never be given what they want, especially when it’s an inappropriate IP stay.

No. 1702267

nta but pretty sure it’s the simping anon/zara who needs to take their meds

No. 1702268

every time i get the "i might be gaining some weight i should skip a meal" thoughts, I come to this thread to cringe myself out of it

No. 1702271

File: 1668716226007.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, 5CAF0639-80E5-4B43-820B-F593E0…)

First time poster… momsfav I think is the worst. She pretends to be pro recovery but can’t last more than a few weeks out of treatment. Like she doesn’t even try. She genuinely has an ED, but also loves showing it off. Now she’s showing off that she her dietitian put her on a step tracker. Hun, that’s not the flex you think it is.

No. 1702285

just based on my autistic guess that meal is no more than 300 calories I'm sure we all know this but it makes me reeeeee to see these bitches posting volume meals acting like it's a recovery achievement when we all fucking know it's just another way to brag on their warped ass habits

None of the fucking meals ganer has ever posted have been above 400-500 calories. they know damn well that just because they're not straight fasting for days they're still posting ana shit and it pisses me off for all the people who come across this content and think it's recovery from ED hell

Sorry nonitas I'm an extra bitter projecting ass bitch today

No. 1702291

funny part is it actually was less than a week i think.. so much for all the hyping herself up the past few days

No. 1702299

(Same, we’re sick barstards)

No. 1702309

Why is suddenly literally everyone an autist

No. 1702315

> First time poster
For the second time, don't put anything after "Name" (i.e. not "Anon") and put "sage" after Email unless bringing new milk which this kind of is but error on the side of sageing

No. 1702326

Anyone ever remember a Kylie…went by skinnnnygirl or sum shit like that….was always blazed, had a dealer bf, parents were asshole,she dropped off the face of the earth

No. 1702345

File: 1668721524874.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x2082, 0B079FFB-E5EB-4337-93A7-3B60BD…)

what kind of Donut is this? where is the glaze and the donut in general?

seems like a cake shaped like donut

No. 1702364

it's one of those dumb "protein donuts"

No. 1702370

so not a donut then!
her obsession with everything protein is defiantly not healthy. Most of the bars are dry and not tasty and that one looks exactly as i describe. Is Like putting as many condiments on your food so you dont like it and you dont feel bad for enjoying it - its like she does the same with protein things. She already said a million times that she feels guilty when enjoying food

No. 1702377


>> that whiny bitches' obsession with disordered eating is [..] not healthy.

fix'd it for you

No. 1702457

have you never heard of cake donuts…?

No. 1702465

Pretty sure she gets a clopixol depo

No. 1702468

That looks like a dehydrated turd.

No. 1702471

Fuck rice cakes. My dog won’t even eat rice cakes, and she eats vomit. I think that says a lot.

No. 1702491

I don't understand how it's possible to be in hospital for3 FUCKING YEARS and seemingly not get any better??

No. 1702496

raging bpd. She wants the attention she gets while ion the hospital so throws a fit and does something dangerous whenever she's close to moving on.

No. 1702505

Oh wow, what an absolute joke. All cows are the same predictable, resource draining brats.

No. 1702550

what i don’t understand is why the hospital keeps letting her back, i know they’re probably obligated to help patients but even after they’ve repeatedly refused to get better for years..? surely at this point keeping her out of hospital will do more good

No. 1702561

I think with Zara she may genuinely believe she can't gain weight. Which is actually her eating disorder mentally putting that barrier there.
I know bodies can get pretty fucked up in terms of metabolism with disgestion with eating disorders. But there are ways around that, like tube feeding or nutritional supplements until she feels more comfortable eating to maintain her weight.
Just a tinfoil, but I know a lot of die hard anorexics genuinely can't gain weight without help.

No. 1702629

Every time she’s tubed or has some sort of complication she goes straight to tiktok to flex and every other post is her bodychecking or showing off her sunk in skelly face

No. 1702690

She's so institutionalised. She prefers being in hospital.

No. 1702693


She can believe what she wants but the issue is still her eating disorder, not a rare illness she's made up (that she has, not the disease itself) as an excuse and a get out of jail free card.

No. 1702715

I don't thinks Zara believes that, she is just trying to convince her family and friends that it's not anorexia her problem now, but something else that is beyond her control. Of course she keeps manipulating everyone to continue not eating.

No. 1702809

I was going to say the same thing. I feel like they just need to release her and not let her back so she can learn to figure things out on her own. She never will until she actually has the chance to. She is far too dependent on hospitals and the only way to fix that is cutting off all her access to it

No. 1702852

Not trying to be rude but why does she have a droopy eye? Is it because they’ve drugged her so much? Scary

No. 1702863

not to WK.. but WKing all the same i suppose- zara has a GP for a parent and has posted the letter confirming her diagnosis before; (perks of close friends story, she’s a different person regarding her “pRiVaCy” on there kek)
i used to not believe she had EPI either but she does legitimately have creon prescribed, and her GP mother is very aware of it judging from text messages she has also shared (and whinged about in true spoiled brat fashion) from experience, when medical parents take it seriously, it’s usually pretty solid
she DOES have EPI. but almost certainly does nor treat it properly.

No. 1702865

same anon, just to add that she isn’t “ignorant” or uneducated around this either- just anorexic and in denial. she’s clearly pretty aware of the nature of her issues and aware of how she can fix them (take your fucking meds and shut up, zara),
but i think she genuinely believes that they “don’t work” for her (aka, she likely had a sore tummy or a headache one day and decided to blame the medication and sack it off permanently). it’s pathetically sad seeing someone who legitimately could have had a successful life so hell bent on wasting it

No. 1702867

Yeah someone needs to take her fucking phone. But she definitely goes to residentials that allow phones on purpose.

No. 1702868

>Most of the bars are dry and not tasty and that one looks exactly as i describe
I've only watched a few of her recovery vlogs on youtube and I remember one from the summer where she had a protein cupcake and she said it was dry so she put water on it and microwaved it. She called it a "recovery win." It was the saddest looking cupcake I've ever seen

No. 1702870

She has ptosis, which could be from meds or stress or even just genetics.

No. 1702879

Agreed that moms fave is the fucking worst. Anorexia brings out the worst in anyone but when you were an asshole to begin with it just makes a person completely unbearable. She looooves milking her illness for Internet attention and then bitching at other people who do the exact same thing.

No. 1702886

They're nice with peanut butter and banana tbh, not as a meal though and certainly not dry.

No. 1702950

File: 1668794662656.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.08 KB, 944x904, RDT_20221118_12380128501925481…)

Happy holidays from the bonelord.

No. 1702997

Just got jump-scared by this while scrolling. merry crisis

No. 1702999

It’s the pretending to be in recovery but not actually doing recovery that annoys me. My guess is people like her like being treatment which is why they relapse immediately after treatment and go back over and over again. The relapse is intentional. It’s funny how someone can eat and gain in a treatment center, but can’t all of a sudden outside the hospital.

No. 1703008

30 going on 90
just slap a short gray wig on her and no one could tell the difference

No. 1703028

Yes for sure, she thrives off being the top anorexic in the sick Olympics and that’s all she’s really got going for her at this point.

No. 1703029

>It’s funny how someone can eat and gain in a treatment center, but can’t all of a sudden outside the hospital
not wking syd, she’s a huge attention ho but plenty of people “eat to get out”
ip/res isn’t some magic cure, especially the places that do fuck all therapy and just focus on feeding you up

No. 1703100

Exactly, I wish her ana fans saw her as the sad lonely loser that she is instead of some ana goddess

No. 1703138

She looks like if the grim reaper decided to get seasonal when he appeared in your house to reap you on Xmas eve.

No. 1703365

File: 1668826440911.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, 48CE2413-C09F-49CE-8E3C-9F6018…)

scarlett’s talking about how she finally got her period back after ages and many of her clients havent had one in years - yet this is a healthy lifestyle apparently even though it literally makes them infertile

No. 1703408

File: 1668832873588.png (4.47 MB, 828x1792, ACAD72CB-26FF-4A3E-B4D3-56B544…)

Bpd queen kitty123/lily/Hana shaking and crying on tik tok while drinking her supplement because she’s a super sick puppy. Kek

No. 1703409

>>1703408 major kek it's so fake

No. 1703415


No. 1703444

Omg amazing. Santa Bones needs to be recorded and produced.

No. 1703447

Incorporate this into a threadpic, this is great

No. 1703449

Someone rich pls pay her 50,000 bits to sing this on stream. She'd jump at the opportunity.

No. 1703465

nah, more likely she'd sit there and go "guyyyyys" and then ragequit like she does occasionally when people ask too much about diapers.

No. 1703468

File: 1668844555151.webm (1.17 MB, 576x1024, Untitled.webm)

This is the worst fake crying and fake trembling I've ever seen, everything about this girl is cringe.

No. 1703469

File: 1668844923084.png (456.11 KB, 449x708, Screen Shot 2022-11-19 at 2.01…)

What a brave warrior, continuing to educate us about anorexia. She should give lessons to Zara or Momsfave.

No. 1703477

90??? You really expect her to live this long?

No. 1703521

Don't forget that she's not in for the money.

No. 1703547

Thanks nonnies. A lot of blood, sweat and scotch went into writing that song.

No. 1703552


If you need a little nausea to add to your day. Warning: there is a nasty shoulder pop plus EC in her holiday attire.

No. 1703594

Stop posting this hideous normal weight dumbass and SAGE YOUR FUCKING SHIT, every single fucking time you post this retard it’s unsaged. Get the fuck out of here with her boring ass shit, she literally belongs in /ot/.

No. 1703596

At least their lIfEsTyLe is healthy for the children they cannot bear.

No. 1703628

Nta but are we really going to do this shit everytime she's posted, pretend it's only one person posting her and sperg in all caps? She doesn't belong in ot retard she's a pro ana scumbag, who cares if she's normal weight half the cows here are normal weight or obese. Get over it already and just scroll past it if you don't like it, I don't really like looking at porgies thousand yard stare so I just scroll on by I don't sperg at the person to not post her.

No. 1703634

Wtf is wrong with you? There’s many people who have posted about her and think she’s milky. What is not milky about her?

No. 1703644

Ntayrt but I think the main issue is she is never saged and isn't really that milky, just annoying

No. 1703650

Nta then they could just say to sage. And clearly some people find her milky. There's plenty of cows that have the same amount of milk worthy posts that aren't met with the same all capped sperg replies to "STOP POSTING HER WAHHHHHHHHHH" it's retarded.

No. 1703671

solid gold banger

No. 1703686

You say, as you still don’t fucking sage. She’s mentally ill for sure, but she doesn’t belong in this thread. If you love her so much then move her somewhere that makes sense, otherwise I’ll continue to think that you are her, desperately trying to be seen as poor widdle ana bb.

No. 1703689

What thread would she belong in if not this one? She's an ana larper and this thread posts a lot of those too.

No. 1703709

Ganer has ptosis, which is why she has a wonky eye. Laura looks more like Bell’s palsy which is a partial paralysis of the face that can happen spontaneously. She didn’t always look like that.

No. 1703754

File: 1668878864249.jpeg (38.18 KB, 720x719, Ew9RnefWQAwr0EO.jpeg)


No. 1703809

Based, hall of fame for you

No. 1703818

File: 1668883759653.jpeg (460.71 KB, 1125x2436, 0E9321E2-5B78-4957-98AC-669A47…)

Porgie “clean and fed” whilst scoffing down meals and having her some more ECT at the farm.. also playing the full munchie card now claiming FND…
Saw that coming a mile away.
Perhaps you’re just a morbidly obese land whale 1/2

No. 1703820

File: 1668883839640.png (6.14 MB, 1125x2436, DC6854E5-E07B-4A88-89F8-C1BC1F…)

Let’s wait for the wheelchair and other FND accessories

No. 1703834

Why does she always make this terrible facial expression?

No. 1703842

File: 1668885202176.jpeg (364.15 KB, 1125x2436, AB484C21-ACA4-4CAE-A017-817A78…)

Maybe it’s her equivalent of sucking in to show cheek bones - but they don’t exist on the whale

No. 1703845

that look she gives u when she wants sex, cuddles, or food~
(mostly food)

No. 1703852

I hope she does get a (completely unnecessary) wheelchair. It would be hilarious to watch her dumb munchie ass get even more morbidly obese.

No. 1703858

Surely someone needs to stop the shit before that point.
Her “symptoms” are likely that if morbid obesity not FND.
One day she goes from ”I’m cured from my fake GP and can eat Macdonald’s again” to “oh I can’t handle being a human and having to work and do things so I’ll just call FND and get an exemption from life and go on a summer camp to new farm”

No. 1703891

Kek I wonder what her “symptoms” of FND are… I’m gonna take a gander and says she’s claiming she can’t walk (obesity) and has headaches and now suddenly it’s FND

No. 1703897

I bet it's "weakness" aka being deconditioned

No. 1703962

File: 1668893700731.jpeg (383.13 KB, 1125x1896, 3F85988C-0260-4CD9-8A0A-4E5D14…)

Guys - it’s just the severe GP .. nothing else - apparently the “functional dyspepsia” aka indigestion has morphed into FND kek

No. 1704005

Yeah sorry but that’s not FND, they are two completely separate conditions. It’s called functional NEUROLOGICAL disorder not function DIGESTIVE disorder. As someone who is actually diagnosed let me just say it’s DEBILITATING and has so so many different symptoms. The only digestive symptom involved with FND is trouble swallowing. It PISSES me off when people claim conditions that disable others and she is literally such a liar. Sorry for the rant/sperg but I can’t just sit back and not say something

No. 1704011

I almost feel like she's just stupid and misunderstood someone saying that she had "functional symptoms" (aka no obvious physical cause) as a diagnosis of fnd.

No. 1704051

File: 1668897426963.png (18.02 KB, 421x400, do fuck off.png)

Ganer's at it again. The guy training next to her doesn't even look at her. She's exaggerating the shakes so much for dramatic effect, begging for attention and for someone in the gym to tell her how hard she works and praise her as a lifting goddess. Reality = she looks like a pathetic fucking moron .

No. 1704055

File: 1668897542527.png (380.75 KB, 485x802, ffs.png)

And her form is still horrible. Classic chicken neck kyphosis yet again. Newsflash Ganer: no one gives a shit about your compulsive training. Those poor sods are just trying to get on with their workout in peace and don't need you faking a seizure in the background.

No. 1704075

Idk what everyone's opinion of Megsy Recovery is. For all I know she's sacrosanct or something and it's verboten to criticise her, but whatever. She looked noticably thinner on a story she posted recently where she was on a swing but it disappeared before I could screenshot, then there's this with her having the lowest possible calorie milk out there. I get her kid isn't having dairy, but it seems off considering her 'no low calorie substitutes' message when there are much better nondairy milks out there. She also always has 'friends' who eat fuck all and I wonder if she makes them up to make herself look better than she is. Like, does everyone have multiple friends who skip breakfast, never eat lunch etc? Always wonder if ppl like her and Chii who 'recover' into the thinnest possible healthyish body are what they claim, and it rings hollow when they preach on about body acceptance. It's easy for them compared to most. Tl;dr, she's really irritating either way.

No. 1704077

File: 1668898761439.png (287.24 KB, 331x453, odd choice there meg.png)

Image of 14 cal/100ml milk because I'm a retard who couldn't get it to show in the original post.

No. 1704112

File: 1668902143647.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1170x2409, 3483EB07-C2E4-4D68-B707-19B040…)

why does niamh insist on dressing in the ugliest clothes imaginable. just adds to the impression that her interest in “fashion” is just another part of her trying to relentlessly body check online, which is even more of a pity since she actually looks nice now she’s weight restored

No. 1704137

…with your point being..?

No. 1704162

Agree. Hideous clothing choices

No. 1704163

File: 1668905906657.jpeg (389.91 KB, 750x911, 01944FA4-C256-4A8D-A250-607D5A…)

hannez got banned after posting this tiktok and is now suing (1/4)

No. 1704165

File: 1668905928865.png (757.26 KB, 750x1334, FFB981F2-872C-4D0F-AC1F-02818A…)

No. 1704169

File: 1668906023532.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 05FDC5A0-A099-4E78-94F6-5372C5…)


No. 1704170

File: 1668906053150.png (944.79 KB, 750x1334, EC80A603-8270-49F0-AC0F-6DE23A…)


No. 1704179

Stop she had a tiktok this whole time and you didn’t think to share!! She’s my all time fav aus cow - skelly as hell but somehow a functioning lawyer!?!?!?

No. 1704181

Is this shared on her Insta?

No. 1704197

Yeah, there were only like 6 vids on there. I assumed anyone interested in her would have seen. It was mainly her body checking / dancing in dresses or workout gear. Sometimes with her creepy jacked bf.

No. 1704209

The shakes are cause she’s running on rice cakes and dry leaves and all this workout euphoria is lightheadedness while she lifts. She kinda reminds me of that one guy on Intervention who’s addiction was choking himself. It’s that energy.

No. 1704210

She's not weight restored but at least she's actually trying, more than can be said for the rest of these cows

No. 1704222

File: 1668911251762.png (712.58 KB, 720x1379, Screenshot_20221120-122153~3.p…)

She has been mentioned once before but she is becoming more and more of a cow. She is weight restored but has frequent admissions, I'm guessing she threatens not to eat and they have to tube her. She was once IP for a year for refusing to eat but never got underweight. She flaunts the year IP as a trophy when really she was in that long because she refused to eat and would throw tantrums. She now resorts to glamorising hospitalisation and making jokes at tax payer expense. Why does she need to take up a public hospital bed to film tiktoks?

No. 1704223

File: 1668911332614.png (166.53 KB, 720x993, Screenshot_20221120-122207~2.p…)

No. 1704224

File: 1668911359119.png (834.1 KB, 720x1536, Screenshot_20221120-122325~2.p…)

No. 1704226

File: 1668911429084.png (749.68 KB, 702x1416, Screenshot_20221120-122309~2.p…)

1aurenfrazer is the tiktok and instagram.com/life_with_1auren is her Instagram.

No. 1704236

It isn't saged because it's fucking (2%) milk, retard.
It may be the angle, but has she lost weight?

No. 1704308

File: 1668917036457.jpeg (728.41 KB, 828x1515, 52090CD8-4E23-41BC-98B0-F7A6D0…)

I was just about to post this but you beat me to it! Also she posted this in response.

No. 1704425


Scuse you I think you'll find it's 13 calories. Cue a bunch of triggered anas who thought they might have drunk an extra calorie for a fleeting second/.

No. 1704428


Dunno how milky she is but she is like a recovery android programmed to spit out the same trite phrases like challenge repeat and different bodies different paths. Crap that sounds deep and profound on the surface but is useless in any real sense.

She's still utterly obsessed with what other people eat too. Lost count of the number of times she banged on about her husband going for a run in the morning and not eating breakfast. If it really didn't bother her she wouldn't notice, not post about it every other second. She hates eating more than everyone else for sure and it was weird having her on MEEDA's podcast given that she's the cookie cutter thin white woman with an ED and it was meant to be reflective of the experiences of women in the Middle East with EDs. Anytime I heard her voice I was like get off we've heard enough from your demographic thanks.

No. 1704452

this made me think of Phoebe and wonder what she's up to these days

No. 1704456

I mean…she has a point. Why the double standard? Why ban the anachans and ignore the land whales?

No. 1704475

File: 1668939938403.jpg (1023.96 KB, 1080x2054, DID hu.jpg)

DID anachans Ash and Mel chased off Ash's housemate and bff (…gf?), kek. Shocking she stayed around this long. Who is going to enable Ash if Mel isn't with her all the time?!

No. 1704486


Surprised she has any friends given how passive aggressively bitchy she is about how much they eat. I'd be pissed if I found out my friend was watching everything I ate like a hawk then whining about it across multiple platforms. I remember when she took the piss out of people who eat half a burger and leave the rest and I was just like maybe that's because portions are out of control and they didn't want to throw up or explode. Or perhaps gasp they don't want to end up fucking obese. Like, shut up Meg you're not the food and size police people are allowed to be thinner than you and/or watch their weight. Just because you allegedly are naturally that size doesn't mean everyone else has to put up with being huge because of your insecurities. So much of the lady doth protest too much with her, mixed with a pinch of the rules are for thee but not for me. And all under the guise of helping people. Yeah, I bet she loves helping others gain weight so she feels smaller by comparison.

No. 1704487

Maybe she's getting tired

No. 1704505

I heard from a little bird Mel and Ash fully drove Christine crazy and she bailed for good. Idk but she must have had a good reason to move out. Get ready for a fundraiser for Ash's homelessness

No. 1704510

She writes like a highschool student, how is she a lawyer
So should tik tok only allow videos of people in the 18-24 BMI range? Honestly peoples accounts get taken down for no reason all the time, she can just make a new one

No. 1704594


Shut the fuck up with your sperg about Megsy already. No need to post 3x. You might not like her but she's not a cow.

No. 1704660

Can’t blame Christine really.
The fact that she put up with Ashleigh’s shit for so long is a miracle in itself.
The DID stunt has clearly pushed her over the edge and in all honesty, I hope Christine has a much better life without those leeches in it.
Incase you’re reading this Mel/Ash, grow the fuck up and stop acting like toddlers playing dress ups - it’s getting old.

No. 1704672


What does make someone a cow then? Does anyone have a definition of that or do some ppl just appoint themselves the cow police.

No. 1704680

nayrt but she's milkier than some of the others in this thread, scroll past if you don't care

No. 1704721

not doubting that she is milky at times, but the way I interpreted that post was her saying that she and her son eat the same foods at breakfast, except that he has a smaller portion and doesn't have dairy, whereas she does. i think the almond milk in the photo was next to her son's bowl of cereal, because that's the milk he has.

No. 1704724

It makes me feel hopeful for Christine, honestly

No. 1704732


I thought she was so obsessed that she was literally comparing what she ate to a freaking baby. She specifically said she was eating more than him, like…no shit, he's a fucking teeny tiny child. And the point about the milk still stands - why buy that one at all? Far more nutritious options out there for kids.

No. 1704747

File: 1668965227354.webm (3.17 MB, 1080x1920, Untitled.webm)

She's shaking because she's lifting more weight than she's able too, all of her videos indicate that. She wouldn't even be able to control fake shaking under that amount of weight, her fucking knees would collapse lol. She's retarded and an attention seeker but that shaking is her body spazzing out under the weight she can't handle.

No. 1704829

I’ve literally seen her eat chocolate??

No. 1704843

How? Do you know her irl?

No. 1704880

Honestly, fuck Meg. She clearly does not eat how she claims and she has become noticeably underweight whilst still endlessly preaching these shite recovery platitudes on repeat. She's also annoyingly privileged. She and her husband are clearly very comfortable but she doesn't seem to realise that not everyone can eat out all the time or get Starbucks every day to "challenge" themselves. I'm sure she's a perfectly lovely person but she does my fucking tits in.

No. 1704894

File: 1668972850422.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1963, SmartSelect_20221120_112617_In…)

This one keeps popping up on my feed. Very much recovered. Indeed living the life

No. 1704907


Eh to me it does look like she's exaggerating those shakes for effect. Not that she isn't a moron who vanity lifts weights that are far too heavy for her, because she's always done that, but I've seen enough people with genuine shakiness to know when someone's milking it for all its worth.

No. 1704910

File: 1668973928307.jpeg (476.98 KB, 1169x1150, 74FF4F65-CA82-46FA-AA4D-3DC566…)

why would she post this one?

No. 1704913

The girl that had an abortion? One of the many pro ana but always the same bodyshape accounts. She is still on IG but apparently moved to a private recovery profile.

No. 1704938

I don't remember which anon pointed out that Ganer obnoxiously grunts and groans and looks around for any gram of attention, I can't unsee it. She's such an attention whore.

No. 1704962

File: 1668979336132.png (567.03 KB, 599x553, Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 3.21…)

Zara showing off her spoop-ness just to let you know that weight loss is bad guys, really

No. 1704963

You know why

No. 1704970

i do! does she? or she will make another crying post tomorrow saying she will stop posting again

No. 1704978

File: 1668980219892.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1610, A0777297-5046-4959-9E40-E9885F…)

sorry isnt supper the same as dinner?

No. 1704983

Did she ever think about the fact that Tiktok's legal team (which I'm sure is stellar given that it's representing one of the biggest companies in the world) maybe, just maybe, has seen section 24 and has found all the loopholes with it? Does she seriously think a brainfried anorexic "lawyer" such as herself stands a chance against fucking Tiktok? Lol.

No. 1704990

The second she gains a pound she'll spiral right back. She said it herself that she doesn't plan on weight restoring anytime soon even though she's underweight and underdeveloped and her reasoning behind that was that she wouldn't be able to handle it. I guess that's definitely better than her pro ana self though

No. 1704994

While people like her who are obviously physically stable enough to make tiktoks are putting on a show to clog up the hospitals for attention, there are other actually struggling anorexics dying on the streets because there are no beds for them

No. 1705011

File: 1668982781278.jpeg (709.36 KB, 750x1049, 8382DF5B-32C3-4B1E-A7C2-BD812D…)

sorry idk how to upload a video here but this one EC posted recently genuinely looks cursed even compared to her usual

No. 1705140

Not saying the DID besties aren’t milky, but this is so clearly “Christine” No one knows who you are here and your not mentioned in this situation? Everytime you mention these two you bring yourself into the post and share info that isn’t being posted about which means a) your Christine or b) your just making shit up.

Same thing happened when you complained about spending money on them and regretting it later. Leave your personal vendettas out when bringing the milk.

No. 1705143

File: 1668992116930.png (363.83 KB, 432x676, Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 6.55…)

Zara is such an arrogant little dick

No. 1705145

File: 1668992141602.png (358.44 KB, 428x667, Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 6.54…)


No. 1705148

File: 1668992219633.png (489.06 KB, 428x671, Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 6.56…)

How the fuck does she expect anyone to believe that she's continuing to gain weight? Her face looks horrible

No. 1705150

She really activates my monkey brain fight or flight response lmao

No. 1705153

File: 1668992413369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.82 KB, 828x1792, RDT_20221120_14464530362902741…)

She legitimately looks like a Nightmare Before Christmas extra. She finally achieved her goal.
Check out her recent smexy Santa Bones eye fucking sesh.

No. 1705249

kek and i wonder how many of those people who said in her poll that they’ve recovered are also in denial, just like her

No. 1705272

she looks healthier and better tbh, good for her. an anon said a while back that zara cut niamh off for not properly recovering kek funny how the tables have turned

No. 1705307

It's milk even if it is Christine posting (hi Christine).
I'm seeing these two circus clowns on tiktok faking being sickly ballerinas kek.
Do you know Christine? You said she's complained about spending money on the did Ana twins, where did she post that? If anyone has the milk stop being selfish and share! At least it isn't crusty.
Hey Christine you're already here let the milk flow.

No. 1705309

sage your non-milk

No. 1705310

is the cow in the room with you right now

No. 1705311

coming off fucking weird here

No. 1705319

File: 1669004790544.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 614.35 KB, 828x974, 9BB0CB8C-DB8E-46AF-901E-EB67C3…)

This was Zara a year ago vs now. She’s only gotten skinnier there’s no way she can keep bullshitting people (1/2) ((spoilered bc dramatic weight loss))

No. 1705320

File: 1669004854901.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 519.42 KB, 828x751, DB60C3CB-2D29-49E1-BA57-28C805…)

Posted today, her face is literally sunk in (2/2)

No. 1705324

Haunting cows

No. 1705344

Zara’s head even looks smaller.
Which is weird that Eugenia seems to have a huge head.

No. 1705346

she was literallt already skeletal wtf

No. 1705348

You missed my point entirely. Tiktok shouldn’t ban fatties OR emaciated people. It’s just stupid.

No. 1705349

>>1705148 She clearly isn’t gaining weight at all. You gain it in the face first, no? Usually with that sort of puffed look which settles later down the line. With that face, she’s clearly not gained a lb.

No. 1705454

I feel so sad looking at Zara now. What has happened to her in just a year?! I know she was a super spoop anyway, but my god the deterioration. She has aged so much, she is balding, she's losing her teeth. She was so beautiful. How tf are her parents letting this happen to their 19 year old daughter? Crazy.

No. 1705468

Imagine being an adult professional and wasting the time and resources to sue fucking tiktok

No. 1705470

File: 1669043047177.png (Spoiler Image, 2.98 MB, 1125x2436, 8CD674FA-A036-4C40-B387-52C12C…)

Zara’s head looks smaller from all the fat loss. EC just has a huge head that she never grew into. Her starved brain just rolls around in there like the last coin in a piggy bank.

No. 1705472

Maybe she’s a graduate of the Trump school of threatening to sue the meanies and haters.

No. 1705591

announcing that she thinks weight loss should be de-normalized, trying to encourage others to not persue weight loss and threaten her status as the spoopiest EVA - meanwhile, her weight will continue to drop, or at least won't increase, and if anyone questions her hypocrisy, she will blame it on whatever physical illness she is claiming to suffer from and accusing people of discrimination and bullying her based on her health. definitely not anorexia, because despite saying the other day that she still experiences eating disordered thoughts, she is totally recovered.

No. 1705712

Not her completely ignoring people with BED or those who are simply unhealthily overweight/obese and HAVE to lose weight to be healthy

No. 1705737

File: 1669056120474.png (786.23 KB, 526x842, real food.png)

Ganer ate some actual food!

No. 1705758

I'll believe she ate this if she posts a video of her putting it into her mouth, chewing, and swallowing

No. 1705854

But it’s based on her completely accurate ‘analysation’ nona, kek

No. 1705877

"Tackled emetophobia with both hands" just sounds like she tried purging with both hands kek

No. 1705896

Fun fact: She would have felt very bad about it afterwards.

No. 1705924

File: 1669065236689.jpeg (164.63 KB, 1080x1080, 302146786_n.jpeg)

Not impressed.

No. 1705970

Depending where you’re from supper can be dinner or night snack

No. 1705982

She looks good for a 40 something Jersey Shore real estate agent.

No. 1706001

File: 1669068496125.png (466.09 KB, 402x590, Capture.PNG)


omg her tuppperware container of dry af spinach leaves she bought from home…
smh. i simply cant with this bitch.

No. 1706003


(tinfoil) more believeable plot twist: the 2 pizzas were other peoples and Ganer's meal was just the spinach.

No. 1706005


Compared to her friend's if that was her pizza it looks dry af. Just dry ass base, chicken and veggies, barely any cheese. Bet she ordered the lowest calorie one on the whole menu.

No. 1706012

did she delete this?

No. 1706014

File: 1669069483119.jpeg (318.54 KB, 750x1159, 8B4082DE-C621-4D4F-A3BB-08465C…)

A little trolling

No. 1706020

File: 1669069668018.png (185.44 KB, 429x675, Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 4.27…)

Zara: "I don't have anorexia, I just hate eating and gaining weight"

No. 1706023


bitch please, Ganer isnt the type to order off the menu.
She'd be the annoying cuntstomer making the chef custom prepare her meal according to her mAcRoS.

No. 1706026

I think she did, good thing it's reposted here >>1703468 her terrible larping skills are forever memorialized lol

No. 1706041

File: 1669071181199.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 94.57 KB, 883x879, Web capture_21-11-2022_225047_…)

idk if this is milk becasue she never posted again but this video is literally hilarious. This girl is taking the absolute tiniest bite possible and is looking like she just lost her entire family

No. 1706123

it looks like its at someones house though

No. 1706141

Yeah this is a cheap ass supermarket pizza she’s eating at someone’s house. Looks like crap. Bet it was meticulously researched online before she had to get it.

No. 1706190

I think I can speak for everyone when I say:
Fiona, no one gives a shit about your protein bars. No one wants to see those reviews.

No. 1706228

i swear it wasn't long ago that she said she was recovered from anorexia. i think it was in a story so don't have a screenshot, but i swear it was posted previously.

No. 1706270

she says she didn’t meet the criteria for anorexia anymore

No. 1706291

Must be the trick of encouraging people to gain weight so she can be as skinny as possible.

No. 1706292

File: 1669083847448.png (830.19 KB, 1380x763, ham looking hammy.png)


No. 1706295

File: 1669084005955.png (728.19 KB, 634x753, yowie.png)


No. 1706347

>>1706295 is it really bloating or just her normal stomach kek

No. 1706365

Legit looks like her normal stomach for her build

No. 1706367

File: 1669089011499.jpeg (352.52 KB, 1170x1728, 3EF3AFCA-13B0-4D34-A376-0DDDC7…)

Saging so anon doesn’t have a rage fit … haha sage rage fit … anyway melly moo or whatever has 2 TikTok’s this is the other one to like 53 pieces of glass or whatever but pretty sure in NZ or Australia you drive on the right side of the car which means she’s on live and driving?!
Also before in her live she was at home doing her makeup with the other DID chick and they were looking at the comments and said hi Christine so dunno if they are friends or whatever like it was friendly so if she really did ditch them surely they wouldn’t be kindly greeting each other on live TikToks

No. 1706369

File: 1669089351198.png (421.44 KB, 469x589, Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.54…)

Han posted an entire video about "being so happy that she can join in again with her family now that she's eating solids" but her dad's bowl is empty because he's already finished and she very clearly hasn't eaten a single bite and just spends the whole video playing with her spoon

No. 1706371

That’s not a normal stomach, she’s binged or is pushing out. Or she legitimately needs to lose some weight and check what she’s eating because women don’t carry fat in their stomachs and nowhere else like that, she looks like she has a beer belly. I’ve known the scrawniest women that can push out like that but it’s with effort, this shit ain’t natural, anyway you put it.

No. 1706373

despite all the anons that always reeeee about Ham being a normal weight, she's legitimately overweight and would benefit from losing some in a healthy way

No. 1706463

Are you stoopid women do carry fat on their belly it’s well known cause it protects a baby hence we have more fat collection around belly, hips and butt

No. 1706497

Why cant they just say “give me that phone until you’ve finished eating”? Why cant therapists say “no social media until you gain X amount of weight”? They let the skellies boss them all around and that’s why they never get better. Put your foot down and stop this pathetic, narcissistic behaviour. Stop rewarding it with the attention it’s designed to illicit. Starve the ED of validation and it will die.

No. 1706511

me after 3 glasses of wine, waddling to the bathroom

No. 1706560

File: 1669115541759.jpg (1.34 MB, 2448x3264, 20221114_174038.jpg)

Found this new girl potatobreadgirlni used to be healthy but not promoting any Ed recovery BS. Seems nice, real and genuine reason for weight loss. But Heck looks EC thin here.

No. 1706577

Came here to check if anyone's talked about her before kek. I'm surprised she's not discussed more, she's really the worst proana scumbag I've seen in a while

No. 1706598

File: 1669121651837.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.25 KB, 504x889, RDT_20221122_06481413195006119…)

Bonelord showing off her femurs.. wtf is this look even?

Deleted original post as I forgot to spoiler.

No. 1706617

Anybody know her reasoning behind not eating solids?

No. 1706623

There could be an actual medical reason but I think it’s cause she’s the most sick ana.

No. 1706645

she says that being able to eat cornflakes has healed her relationship with her da when she wasn't eating solids, they had no relationship, but now they can both eat his favourite food together, they have reconnected and built a strong bond. all based on the healing power of cornflakes.

she has prepared herself a bowl of cereal, layered sliced banana on top and is using it as a prop for photos, stirring it around the bowl while her dad looks very uncomfortable posing with her with his empty cereal bowl, and she demands he stay in the frame for her video. even if she picks at the cereal and manages a few spoonfuls, they are hardly sitting together, eating cornflakes and "making memories" - other than yet another memory of his daughter using her "sooper sickness" for content, photographing herself with food that she won't actually eat, claiming she is "waiting for it to go soggy". and why are they eating cereal together in her bedroom? her main concern is ensuring she ahs a pretty, fairylight backdrop for her photos - she doesn't even eat a single mouthful.

No. 1706649

No. 1706666

i feel so bad for her dad. he looks really confused and sad here. does she REALLY have to use his obviously upset reaction to this on the internet to show she's soo sick she's upsetting her family?

No. 1706702

>”not promoting ED recovery bs”
>”genuine reason for weight loss”
Why post this person then? You’ve literally said it yourself. Someone being underweight =/= milk, go back to edtwt/mpa if all you can bring is oH LoOk a sPoOp!1!!

Of course she does nonna, because she’s a soul sucking, attention seeking borderline who’ll humiliate anyone for a few pity likes on the ‘gram. Majority of these cows are selfish af.

No. 1706710

File: 1669135266273.jpeg (118.47 KB, 828x802, 3E895D6A-A27F-47CD-A1A5-4D43AC…)

kek anon. Zara reading your comment like

No. 1706721


Jesus Christ what has crawled up your ass? She looks like EC and popped up on my feed!

Go and take a happy pill!

No. 1706755

I was judging this at first but then I thought “hey, if you want some greenery with your pizza, you shouldn’t have to pay £4 for a handful of wilted rocket when you have a spinach in the fridge that’s about to turn. You take your spinach in your little tub, financially savvy queen”

No. 1706756

File: 1669139026071.png (447.78 KB, 431x679, Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 11.4…)

Rumors of Christine's rift with the DID larpers seem to be greatly exaggerated

No. 1706757

How did you get here? Because you clearly don’t know where you are

No. 1706760

I looked at her Insta and I don't understand what you mean by "genuine reason for weight loss". It looks like she lost a lot of weight after her mother was in an accident, which seems like a fairly common enough trigger for eating disorders (some traumatic event)? I didn't see anything that suggested she didn't have an eating disorder and she posted a pretty bony swimming video.

No. 1706762


Very much doubt that's the reason she's doing it tho. Just her OCD about MuH MicRoS. Also it's not a restaurant as another nonnie established, so she wouldn't be paying anything extra as she's having dinner with her friend.

No. 1706794

File: 1669141329524.jpeg (583.92 KB, 828x1163, 49D93711-E7D9-4F5E-945C-09D3EA…)

Niamh looks like she’s actually getting better now, good for her

No. 1706809

It’s just the way she’s sat pushing her thighs together like that. She’s still incredibly slim. Perhaps not spoop anymore but far from full recovery.

No. 1706824

File: 1669143752999.jpeg (46.31 KB, 583x649, D0813F95-353D-46A1-8D12-49F4DB…)

No. 1706826

is that her parents bedroom?? Italian aly vibes

No. 1706850

Hi pear-chan.

No. 1706851

apple-chan more like

men proportionally carry more BF abdominally. hence why so many men get those ugly potbellies

No. 1706863

File: 1669147230028.png (487.07 KB, 457x822, bcing again.png)

(Lowfat milk) Karo bodychecking again despite not being an ED account anymore.

No. 1706864

File: 1669147439597.png (6.87 MB, 1170x2532, FFA248A3-E07F-4515-A9AC-162AB4…)

Christine and whoever her name is, they are live now together at the airport

No. 1706865

fucking of course she has a sunflower lanyard

No. 1706869

Oh so maybe they’ve hanged up and ditched the other DID girl?

No. 1706870


No. 1706904

It seems that way. Ashleigh has disappeared and the dancing photos of the DID 4yr olds together have ceased.
This one came to Australia for “PEG-J surgery” but didn’t “raise enough money” so is going back to NZ - where let’s face it, if it was necessary, they’d do it there.
The scamming money for lies is next level

No. 1706936

I think it's her room, there's framed photos of her above the bed.

No. 1706945

According the Niamh’s caption - this is her mom’s bed. She’s putting her shoes on her mom’s bed..

No. 1706946

Christine still has a link to Ashleigh's GFM in her profile, so I doubt it. Why did anons think there was some falling out anyway?

No. 1706958

Kek oh no, thanks for the information anon. Poor Ganer, just when you get your hopes up…

No. 1706959

Oh, that is so weird, who has an instagram photoshoot on their mom's bed? lol

No. 1706987

Why hasn’t Zara tried tpn if her issue is truly malabsorption? She keeps letting it get really bad when that is an option to get nutrition

No. 1706991

she's too special, truly the sickest ana

No. 1706999

Because Zara is bullshitting everyone and her real issue is her eating disorder. She looks so stupid acting like it’s all her illness when loads of people with worse diseases besides whatever she has use TPN.

No. 1707001

I really enjoy that she's just memory holed the whole "I have whipple's disease, that's why the enzymes aren't working" story now that she should be past the antibiotics courses and doing fine

No. 1707006

Bring more milk, nobody cared.

No. 1707014

Not pro ana milk but Hayden spent the day hanging out with a 16 year old despite being like 30

No. 1707028

Those crazy eyes will haunt my nightmares.

No. 1707065

Probably because she's sexually confused. Gross

No. 1707129

whipples antibiotics are like a year or something

No. 1707130

didn't she start talking about it a year ago, though? or has it not quite been a year?

No. 1707159

Glad someone else noticed that, their friendship weirds me out

No. 1707221

File: 1669183716563.png (339.07 KB, 432x674, Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 12.0…)

Hayden needing to be the main character in a tragedy on the literal other side of the world

No. 1707223

no it was way after christmas it was like spring when she rapidly deteriorated.

No. 1707227

Fair enough, although it seems kinda sus that she hasn't had any improvement at all. I'm not an expert or anything, but if you look at Mayo's website they say "Your symptoms should improve within one to two weeks of starting antibiotic treatment and go away entirely within about one month." (But that treatment can last 1-2 years because it takes that long to eradicate the bacteria entirely)

So it seems pretty unlikely that she would have had no improvement by now.

Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/whipples-disease/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20378950

No. 1707228

File: 1669184626022.png (363.12 KB, 431x669, Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 12.2…)

This seems to imply that at least this one (I can't remember her actual fucking name, sorry) is fine with Ashleigh because Ashleigh helped her pack so she could run back to NZ to get an NJ

No. 1707229

File: 1669184786845.png (485.99 KB, 469x590, Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 12.2…)

This isn't really milk, but does anyone else feel like Emily is starting to give off vague N2F vibes? Maybe it's the kinda dirty, vaguely feral look.

No. 1707263

Nah Christine was driving. Mel ended up getting like over $800 in donations from followers to spend for her birthday for makeup, wigs and more squishmellows. Christine and Ashely aren’t friends anymore but apparently Mel still is. Awkward.

No. 1707264

Wow, making someone's murder about you

No. 1707265

Christine left Ashley and bolted on the shared house. She took everything and left Ashley with no tv washing machine or fridge. If they were Christine’s to begin with of course she would take them with her.

No. 1707266

Evidence? You make a lot of claims without any screenshots about things that don't seem to be posted on any of their social media

No. 1707295

"The female face is not a clown car."

- Me

No. 1707297

one pervert less

No. 1707314


Same opinion as you. Checked out her insta, she was was always pretty healthy looking until her mums accident. Again not uncommon for a traumatic event to trigger weight loss.

I think what the OP meant is she is not doing it for attention. After all from further digging she is nearly 35 and not a young-un!

No. 1707315

File: 1669201906350.jpeg (671.1 KB, 793x1383, D2323BDC-389C-4050-A0D3-DFC190…)

Not milk but seeing chicks like this pop up on Insta is fucking terrifying. People like ganer literally convince these children that this is healthy, it’s so fucked

No. 1707322

They were posted on Ashleys stories so didn’t screen shoot them bc I didn’t know they were “milky” you obviously don’t follow her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1707327

File: 1669203051924.jpeg (884.3 KB, 1170x1827, AA7BC804-FA7B-4F51-9EDF-8F3651…)

You’re obviously not following them then dickhead!

No. 1707333

Yeah I saw the story too lol - apparently we have to screen shot everything now lol(samefag)

No. 1707356

welcome to the dusty vagina club, then

No. 1707367

File: 1669209342633.gif (225.15 KB, 296x724, dance.gif)

Do the Ganer!

No. 1707391

This is an image board dumbass

No. 1707444

Maybe a bit but I feel like N2F is quieter and kind of keeps to herself. Emily is all over the place and dramatic as hell, and always calling the cops for some reason. I don't hate her though I actually think she's funny and seems nice despite her histrionics.

No. 1707473

Sage, and stop samefagging it's very obvious

No. 1707536

File: 1669222620965.png (65.99 KB, 682x188, Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 10.5…)

Wow, shocking that someone might be reading here and not be one of her 98 followers.

This is a tinfoil, but this is starting to feel a little like self-posting, especially because you're referring to her as the plural 'them'.

No. 1707583

Stop talking to yourself, or keep going because it’s funny

No. 1707605

Guys it's just her other personalities

No. 1707666

yeah those are definitely self posts kek

No. 1707694

EC spills that during the 5150 and Jaclyn incident her lawyer was giving her scripts and she remembers little of anything she said during that time period. Becomes very flustered and clumsily segues into her eye makeup. Lately her audience has been cranking the heat and she's been sharing more about that time than she ever has. Paints a pretty dark picture.

No. 1708009

She's so vapid. She can't go on with this much longer.

No. 1708194

well thats not very in line with her whole “everything is fine guys dont worry!!” schtick

No. 1708230

File: 1669257954453.png (442.32 KB, 475x708, Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 8.45…)

No. 1708273

No, and things seem to be changing day by day. More sexual posing and delving into her past experiences. I am tentative to say it, but we may soon enter a period of proper EC milk as she spirals downward into anabrainrot. Or she may just be tired of all the lying. Shutting up before I start reaching for tinfoil.
You ain't wrong.

No. 1708303

Shes bummercity these days. Her carefree leg lifting days are long behind her.

No. 1708306

File: 1669267564794.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 337.47 KB, 2003x1125, 777AAEF3-E1EB-49B4-BF97-EE938D…)

I was almost sympathetic til she spent the half the eyeshadow talk focusing on her thigh canyon.

No. 1708334

Anyone remember her from 2018 when we suspected ana? https://www.instagram.com/reel/CjkWOKwjJkf/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

No. 1708337

2019* thread #28

No. 1708342

This makes me so sad. Such a sweet soul. And it seems like she genuinely wanted to recover. Anyone knows how she passed away? And does anyone happen to have the full episodes? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vdyWTnqQXNk

No. 1708343

No. 1708358

This is so gross

No. 1708367

Why do so many people with anorexia like the reaction of people getting scared from being too skinny? Why is that so many crave love, care, concern and attention? Do you think it's because they never received such things from their parents for example? Just food for thought(unsaged autism)

No. 1708369

You can post here when you turn 18, please learn to sage before then.

No. 1708377

I'm wondering too. What do you think happened? It's heartbreaking

No. 1708388

Jesus fucking Christ, learn to sage and stop spewing your barely-comprehensible bullshit everywhere. It's incredibly obvious when you reply to yourself and post a bunch of sequential bullshit.

No. 1708440

Kek thigh canyon..

No. 1708503

>Why do so many people with anorexia like the reaction of people getting scared from being too skinny?
Because it shows they’ve “succeeded”

>Why is that so many crave love, care, concern and attention?

Not everyone with AN wants all that. Some do, but not all.

No. 1708509

File: 1669297742764.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.29 KB, 1443x935, RDT_20221124_08465333716029215…)

Warning, EC jump scare.
In this stream she stated she has no plans to start on Onlyfans after some perv asked about it and said they'd sub.

No. 1708512

File: 1669298485029.gif (260.34 KB, 220x217, 5104F912-E822-4A32-97F8-F4978B…)

Food for thought indeed. Thanks for insight, Dr Phil.

No. 1708517

i assume it's the angle. and the extreme spoop, but the way her arm is posed it looks bizarrely long, as though if she stood with her arms by her sides, her hands would reach her ankles.

No. 1708520

That paired with the teeth activates my monkey brain.

No. 1708577

Looking like an emqciated spider monkey kek

No. 1708653

File: 1669317139065.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1965, 0A477C16-0544-4917-A8E1-AFF475…)

i’m convinced that emily is going to be the next nourish to flourish she’s so crusty and gross looking

No. 1708655

File: 1669317247199.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1595, EC3304D4-ECEC-41E5-A44D-D0B83F…)

the “after” which if anything looks worse than the before

No. 1708656

All of the crust but none of the charm perhaps

No. 1708658

I don't understand why she spends so much time on make-up but never brushes her hair

No. 1708659

i think it’s a wig which makes it worse bc it’s so cheap and nasty

No. 1708699

File: 1669321403208.jpg (291.27 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20221124-211726_Tik…)

Just popped up on my fyp. I just thought it's funny that she's describing her weight gain just "muscle mass" despite being build like that. Her tiktoks are embarassing and dumb

No. 1708700

Her username is "teargasmn"

No. 1708705

File: 1669321645655.jpg (282.36 KB, 1064x1452, Screenshot_20221124-212552_Tik…)

100% was never anorexic
Otherwise her vids are unrelevant, not milky

No. 1708708

File: 1669321872522.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 44.57 KB, 640x479, 1624E81B-438D-4A61-94B8-6608F8…)

She’s really looking more and more like SCP 096

No. 1708714

she looks disgusting

No. 1708717

Ew. I don't think any former anorexic let themselves go like this. Attentionwhore

No. 1708718

>>1708653 >>1708656
Nourish is grimey, but sincerely. I think Emily's putting on an act here.
Muscle mass my ass.

No. 1708765

kek thought this was Ham for a moment (might as well be though, same unconvincing bullshit LARP)

No. 1708961

Loads of anorexics develop binge eating disorder eg brittany burgunder or whatever her name is and now nikol clearly

This girl just larping tho

No. 1709042

Exactly. Some of them start binging every day calling it “reactive eating,” become obese and then eventually become HAES activists. It’s obnoxious but really sad. Also I’m sure it absolutely destroys any desire to recover because they pretty much reinforce that “recovery” equals legitimately getting fat

No. 1709085

> Also I’m sure it absolutely destroys any desire to recover because they pretty much reinforce that “recovery” equals legitimately getting fat
b-but nonnie, what’s wrong with being fat?!1!11 you’re just fatphobic!!11! >:(

No. 1709115

I can’t believe her forehead healed so well.

No. 1709121

That’s what good nutrition does.

No. 1709242

It happens, some wards over medicate with quetiapine and other shit which make you hungry as a fucking horse and unable to control it. Laura is sadly an example.

No. 1709270


Just a good filter and/or photoshoppin', I guess…

No. 1709833

this person shows up on my "For You" page constantly. They always start with a body check, then are clips of her eating the tiniest bite of each dish before showing an empty plate.

I am convinced she throws the food away. Looking ove her videos, she looks no different from the very first vids to the most recent.

No. 1709860

File: 1669414548913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.55 KB, 1079x897, RDT_20221125_17035669514189884…)

>Santa Bones bodychecking (1/2)

EC had a rough Thanksgiving stream, audience keep hounded her about family, her grandma and what she was going to eat. She ended stream abruptly looking like she was about to sob. Apparently they can't afford to take care of her grandma but I'd wager her next Xmas shopping haul is coming up…

No. 1709863

File: 1669414583198.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.23 KB, 1276x840, RDT_20221125_17012951746568242…)

>Santa Bones body bodychecking (2/2)

No. 1709887

She's eyefucking herself so hard in that gif + picture.

No. 1709893

i genuinely wonder what kind of excuses her parents are going to pull out from between their cheeks, once EC croaks. they've got to realize at this point that she'll die before them and there's going to be a hell of a lot of questions.

No. 1709902

>can't afford to take care of her grandma
the fuck? they were filthy rich even before YouTube. smells grifty

No. 1709947

File: 1669419805571.jpeg (170.58 KB, 700x500, 7DE80390-0F83-4071-B19E-287D27…)

Happy horrordays, u guise!!!

No. 1710013

if that poor family just sold one of their 2 properties in prime real estate areas of the coastal u.s., maybe, just MAYBE, they might be able to scrape by and feed grandma…but it's a longshot….

No. 1710109


How can they possibly feed grandma when Eugenia hogs all the food?

No. 1710133

I honestly wonder if she will survive the winter. She looks worse than ever.

No. 1710225

Questions? From whom? About what kek? EC is an adult, if she wants to kill herself via anorexia she technically has the right to do so.

No. 1710231

You’re right but it’s a very bad look to have your daughter die from basically a long ass painful suicide. Nobody can force her to want to help herself though. Just a very shitty situation all around

No. 1710233

>Apparently they can't afford to take care of her grandma
Wait where did she say that? Not caping but I watched this stream and the only thing she said she wouldn't be able to afford is 24 hour a day in home nursing care, which she said the doctors explained isn't necessary. The only reason it was brought up was because someone asked her if she was going to get her grandma a live in nurse. Apparently they have a nurse that's going to check on her during the day when she needs it, but the family will take care of her the rest of the time. There's plenty of stuff to critique about EC but lets not make shit up just for something to talk about.

No. 1710327

Can't imagine that family cares about anything being a "bad look."

No. 1710340

you a fucking lawyer or what..?

No. 1710369

definitely body checking, but how are her arms so disproportionately long? how is she managing not to trip over her hands when she walks around?!

No. 1710499

Whoa settle down there. My mistake, I only read a cap and comments from that portion of the stream and didn't watch the whole thing. My bad. Figured everyone knew what they were talking about but I guess not.
This is what keeps me up at night.

No. 1710521

>Whoa settle down there.
It was a tame comment? If that's your idea of an unsettled post then you must be new here lol

No. 1710532

No. 1710577

I was being facetious.

No. 1710595

File: 1669491425913.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2090, 550100EF-CF5D-447B-B849-B72C42…)

is it just me who thinks she always post the same selfie?

No. 1710600

She’s only capable of producing one facial expression, cut her some slack

No. 1710680

cringe. usernames like this almost always have cow tendencies

No. 1710768

I just watched the last couple of minutes of the EC stream, but she looks completely exhausted.
She keeps saying "I don't know what people want from me" over and over, and it seems she is about to cry. Maybe something happened during thanksgiving dinner with her family?

No. 1710840

File: 1669502336386.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x2019, C10670AD-4DCB-4ACF-ACB8-243CB3…)

unexpected post of the year- MARY IS ALIVE!! and looks surprisingly better? her face looks more alive and she seems to be doing better bless her.

No. 1710927

Looks like momsfav is stepping down to res

No. 1710952

Someone said it pretty well, the holidays are typically centered around family style eating and having fun. She streams every holiday and her birthday, which this person speculated is likely to avoid eating.. perhaps even her family, too. This stress probably kills her mood and causes resentment towards her family and people who expect her to eat, be merry and whatnot. Her audience has a few people really grilling her about food lately and I think based off this last stream she's getting close to a breaking point. Really sad.

No. 1710957

Oh and someone please incorporate this into the next thread pic.

No. 1711002

Are there any dental nonas that know what the fuck is up with her piano key teeth, I know they are fake but these look like Stright up extensions, I though veneers went over the whole damn tooth?

No. 1711029

not in dentistry or anything but I think it just looks like that because the eating disorder has caused her gums to become extremely recessed combined with having no fat left in her lips to cover up the teeth

No. 1711070

image. board.

No. 1711076

File: 1669513810782.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2150, 62F9F3A9-9A65-44A5-9D50-6BD0DE…)

Major fucking kek at the shooping on her face, she’s botched that one. This one’s been on my radar since the first time she was called out for badly photoshopping her pics, looks like she’s still at it.

No. 1711079

File: 1669513917024.jpeg (133.66 KB, 279x604, 6A1F0A95-33CB-4395-93D6-D72B11…)

she cannot think this looks realistic in any way, kek

No. 1711082

Apparently they didn't have a thanksgiving dinner, someone in the chat asked and thought it was weird they didn't have a family celebration and she said everyone in her family just "does their own thing." Whatever that's supposed to mean.

No. 1711098

File: 1669516255657.jpeg (227.77 KB, 1042x393, 86E3FB71-BA12-4058-A0B7-833E64…)

found on another cow’s FB, stop cowtipping ! we see you !

No. 1711099

File: 1669516432804.png (75.18 KB, 590x260, Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 8.33…)

now, now, you can't post that without Laura's original comment

No. 1711113

Not an oldfag but I hope she stays on the right track.
Why does her shoop make her look a little like Zara? Must be the emaciated monkey look she's going for.

No. 1711117

The op of the post is the biggest cow on the internet though

No. 1711119

Thanks for the good news nona

No. 1711120

not disputing that at all, but Laura's comment is still hilarious because it displays so little insight into her own attention-seeking

No. 1711130

What’s the original post/who is this about?

No. 1711162


her name is alyssa navelli

No. 1711169

she follows zara as well, she must idolise our true ana queen.

No. 1711188

Not only is this super ironic coming from skelly uwu princess Laura, but it’s so fucking satisfying to see her actually drop the “teehee Im so innocent, spread kindness, I talk like a fifteen year old and dress like a toddler” act. She’s acting like a person for once, and that means actually getting angry and using her big girl words!

No. 1711191

Yeah the only thing I saw wrong with it is the hypocrisy that she's also an attention whore skelly. Other than that it was honestly well-said.

No. 1711193

It's milky in itself to make a big deal of this when erc is both ip and res she's gotta let everyone know she's the sooper sickest

No. 1711197

30-something Facebook attention whore whose been to every ed facility in America multiple times. Seeks asspats with bizarre posing and oversharing.

No. 1711210

File: 1669522957004.jpeg (137.13 KB, 921x1234, 48D5EFDF-AB5B-46AE-9AA4-BEBCD0…)

Her fb is just endless tumblr era text posts and memes about eating disorders. Imagine being that age and having nothing in your life to post or show besides this stuff

No. 1711264

Literally thrilled. I’ve followed her for years.

No. 1711265

genuinely heartwarming

No. 1711270

Was she looking in the mirror for inspo when she typed up that scathing critique?

No. 1711271

The cringe of her username triggers me

No. 1711359

this thread is full of children

No. 1711436

File: 1669551108128.png (4.71 MB, 828x1792, 92BF7321-F0B0-404F-A8E5-95F520…)

This is also photo shoped i just don’t get why she is doing it bc it’s so obvios

No. 1711439

Her family is so f*cked up, no wonder she is like that. That's really sad.

No. 1711440

Why last girl is shooped? I don't see it. She does little body check, why is she milky?

No. 1711458

That skull of hers looks — deformed

No. 1711468

Her teeth are fake?

No. 1711479

it’s giving dylan mulvaney kek

No. 1711495

File: 1669559780378.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.22 KB, 1125x2436, RDT_20221127_09295072548618637…)

An up close and personal shot from her live. Her teeth are horrifying.

No. 1711544

Is it normal to bloat that high up into the rib/breast area?

No. 1711545

This can’t be real. That looks absolutely horrible.

No. 1711563

My god she's actually green

No. 1711570

We love to see it

No. 1711613

File: 1669568487673.jpg (123.35 KB, 1108x912, braaaah.jpg)

Lord help us.

No. 1711732

Sweet baby Jesus in the manger. I guess I'll be nice and say I'm surprised at how even her eyeliner is. Her makeup is always crappy though.
I just saw two Karen Carpenter videos and thought of all of our brave warriors. The first video she was in a halter dress, looking healthy. The other video is a different story. This was when she started trying to hide her weight and would wear things that went up her neck. You could still see how much it ravaged her face in such a short period of time, and her very thin frame was still very apparent. Maybe that's why I feel differently about EC than I do the tube-fed, scary food challenge sensitive LARPers. It's like seeing people do anything to their death. She is a cow to me, but it's not pleasant. It's rather concerning. Yes I saged my autism.

No. 1711750

Legit jumpscare. Do bonelords just eat vitamin pills to stay alive or something? I don’t know where she gets her energy.

No. 1711755

she's been underweight for years and slowly loses more weight so i'd imagine she does take vitamins and probably just eats/drinks very little

No. 1711757

At this stage her body basically devours itself. Eats up fat (as if), muscle tissue and everything else, including her heart and brain.

No. 1711772

>>1711264 she still looks pretty thin, I would be cautious about being too excited about her recovery yet. Plus the "I drink alcohol now" it's kind of a weird thigh to list as a positive lol

No. 1711815

File: 1669580818490.jpg (567.76 KB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20221128_092357.jpg)

Expand bum


No. 1711818

what EVEN is going on here? bro is looking like a horse somehow

No. 1711821


Fuck I wish Instagram would ban her for shit like this.

No. 1711824

How the fuck are her hamstrings the only part of her legs with some semblance of definition? There's zero muscle in her glutes, calves, or quads.

No. 1711825

just thinking that the same (probably) oesteoporose spine from the left picture now has to endure being bent like that gives me the creepy crawlies

No. 1711827

Doesn't look shooped to me? Her head shape is just long.

No. 1711828

File: 1669581592099.jpg (21.64 KB, 260x439, Screenshot_20221128_093711.jpg)

Reminds me of one of these from Harry Potter.. if you can imagine them facing backwards.

No. 1711830

YES that's exactly what I was thinking of
It's like she has reverse BDD now, bc why would she think anyone should have to see that??

No. 1711852

File: 1669583295415.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 832.41 KB, 757x1822, A1E0D116-DBF5-4B0D-B603-6EE55E…)


No. 1711879

It's a normal body building pose and her account is all about body building, it's not that weird of a post in context. The before shot is way worse to post publicly.

No. 1711915

File: 1669586878907.png (7.31 MB, 1170x2532, 29280BA9-F7FC-4D95-A4BC-073734…)

Another ERC cow in & out of treatment, needing stuffed animals, posting tons of tube/ekg/sick pics. She was never deathly sick but has to rake in the attention.

No. 1711920

File: 1669587082439.png (7.23 MB, 1170x2532, D5E32F1E-EDD5-4A77-A483-4167CD…)

She’s also got the step tracker watch momsfav has. Got to make sure it makes it in the screen!

No. 1711943

must be such a cow party if they’re both in the ITU together

No. 1711987

No. 1712051

This is really hard on you if you don't already have anterior posture problems to begin with. She's basically demonstrating what women do when they think they're twerking and they throw their back out. Just another woman sticking her ass out for a picture. Maybe Ganer could segue into an OF?

No. 1712056

ERC is always a shit show where x skellies go from acute or wannabes. Most of them post on tk. They act like treatment is a sorority house instead of a mental health facility meant to help them.

No. 1712068

hasn't she been to ACUTE before? Or am I mixing her up with another one of the revolving door ERC patients?

No. 1712074

It’s weird too with the rise of tiktok because this seems almost encouraged. People will be attention seeking in any way they can I guess, but something about tiktok specifically really brings out that behavior. ERC definitely coddles and enables this too even if they tell patients not to do it. They might take a phone and wag their fingers but other places that allow phones don’t have this much of a problem. ERC and Walden have massive amounts of summer camp tiktoking behavior.

No. 1712101

File: 1669600326075.png (932.33 KB, 661x661, unknown.png)

>Maybe Ganer could segue into an OF?
ik this is a joke but please god no

No. 1712137

File: 1669603072034.jpeg (278.79 KB, 750x1111, 0F6673D6-C236-44D3-BFF8-AE4543…)

ganer may be too devoid of sexuality to start an OF but scarlett’s halfway there

No. 1712167

Jesus Ganer, stop showing us your gooch next to your skelly pictures already!
…Do you know what site you're on? We may hate her but we don't want her being an e-whore.

No. 1712245

I don't give much of a fuck about the lot of these girls, but a few are on my radar and she's one of them. Our beauty queen doesn't belong on that site.

No. 1712272

I feel like the police will def do an investigation because of the state her body is in. If they tried to put her in patient or tried I'm sure they wouldn't look into it. But the fact they didn't even attempt to help her under their roof is startling. Honestly to me it seems like her Mom was encouraging her to have an ED for a long time as well.

No. 1712274

They can take care of the grandma just fine. EC basically pays for her own expenses and the parents have jobs. Honestly I think they didn't want to deal with two corpses in the house.

No. 1712301

The description was wrong, EC never said they couldn't afford it. Her grandma was in the hospital because she was sick but she's going to be back at their house with a day nurse at some point.

No. 1712333

Nobody is going to get investigated because an adult dies of anorexia. It's honestly really naive that farmers keep insisting that something like that will happen. Eugenia is legally entitled to make her own dumbass decisions and considered competent until a court rules otherwise.

No. 1712408

agree w erc and walden being summer camp tiktok esp w that one obese fatty M (forgot her full name). erc barely takes away phones especially for tiktoks for the most part they’re clueless when it comes to it that’s why it’s so common

No. 1712429

Her neurotic fat autistic mother lives vicariously through her.

No. 1712446

>Expand bum
Reminds me of the 'expand arm' meme from years ago on MPA, kek

No. 1712448

>faked mental illness for so long she developed it
Kek well deserved. She's finally fried her brain with enough psych drugs to get the mentally ill appearance as well.

No. 1712452

pretty sure she was referencing that

No. 1712457

I believe if I remember correctly she has ARFID and has the tube because she has a lot of sensory issues - food texture, it not being able to touch, etc. Idk like yeah she’s uw and posting with a tube but it does genuinely seem like she’s trying. Am I wrong in thinking ARFID dxs aren’t very milky?

No. 1712527

File: 1669642159615.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2077, 29F457C6-C4DE-4D1E-A39F-78A148…)

Seems that way. I find this one kinda milky but more munchie than pro ana scumbag

No. 1712541

File: 1669643563376.jpg (450.81 KB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_20221128_133804_com…)

Legohead swallowed something. Idk if she specified what it was, if she did I missed it

No. 1712543

File: 1669643823880.jpg (249.57 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20221128_135456_com…)

And May looks super different now

No. 1712548

Oh damn, I’ve been going through these threads from the beginning before bedtime out of boredom and am currently on like thread 31. What a difference. She looks really really pretty at a normal weight, wow. Like I would def crush on her a lil if I saw her IRL.

No. 1712550

No she never has, she just goes to ERC twice a year.

No. 1712561

These fucking people… the NHS is struggling to cope atm and we’ve got morons like this eating batteries or whatever for shits and gigs. Should’ve kept her in medium secure.

No. 1712563

Is she still claiming it’s all “bloating” and not “real” restoration?

No. 1712565

I didn't get caps but she said it was a pen

No. 1712579


What's with listing diagnoses as a badge of honor these days. That's all they want to be known for?

No. 1712611


They want a handicapped badge so all of their efforts in life look heroic instead of just what's expected. ASD/ADHD in particular are favorites because there's no stigma of emotional instability/immaturity, just "this is the hand I was dealt."

No. 1712612

nonna is that the reference i think it is………topkek

No. 1712614

I personally think if she’s gonna keep swallowing crap then the NHS just need to not bother anymore. Such a waste of time and resources, leave her to her stupid games

No. 1712626

This bitch is old as hell for her behavior too, acting like the 19 year old moms fave when she’s like 27. Happy hole vibes minus the predatory behavior.

No. 1712637

It's so surreal that the same people who swallow pens are active on social media seconds after they have swallowed said pens as if it's nothing. What has the world come to

No. 1712655

Funny thing is she left the BPD out. I know someone who was IP with her, apparently that is her main diagnosis. assessed by ED team too and freaked the f out when they said she had ardfid and not anorexia. anyway, send gifts to her PO box guise! the grift is strong with this one

No. 1712659

Silly cunt should have sticked to wearing a warning sign on her head instead, lol.

No. 1712729

File: 1669658486148.png (714.56 KB, 1089x605, 50AAD871-5ED8-4549-8148-B27FED…)

Is it just be or does it look like Im_powering is starting to relapse? Sad, she looked great WR and seemed so committed… but clearly recovery influencers don’t practice what they preach.

No. 1712735


I don't see a difference

No. 1712745

She looks good

No. 1712757

agree, if she wants to keep treating her body like shit for attention they should let her at this point and save their resources for people who deserve them

I think so too, but she still posts stuff about feeling huge and hating her body and not feeling like herself unless she's emaciated, which is sad. I hope she can make peace with her healthy self.

No. 1712774

A little bit

No. 1712785

impossible to tell from that one angled picture that's naturally going to make her arm look more angular because it's tensed

No. 1712811

All fun and games until an organ gets perforated

No. 1712837

File: 1669666536128.png (607.84 KB, 1125x2436, C2379AD5-3B3B-48E6-83E2-6A4BB9…)

Officially, it’s still “bloating” i guess ??? tho in 2021 she was posting about how she wasn’t eating but was somehow fatter, pic rel. So I’m sure she’s going to claim it’s whatever makes it not her fault.

No. 1712839

I was fully expecting her to have swallowed a Lego. I’m kinda disappointed.

No. 1712893

I was fully expecting her to have swallowed a Lego. I’m kinda disappointed

Best comment of the thread.

No. 1712915

I’ve noticed and thought this too. She also stopped her recovery podcast.

No. 1712953

Medfag here, this is not true. As in your response, because at least in the U.K., adult or otherwise they’ll have to go to coroners court. Regardless of the situation the patient was in prior. Even SEED or chronic anorexic patients, people will be called in and have to testify why each action happened and why it was allowed and to see if everyone did everything they could. Obviously her parents probably wouldn’t get in trouble or anything, because she is an adult, but any potential team member around her if they even exist at this point. Or the unit that discharged her all that time ago, and any potential treatment she received since. Will be questioned. At least that’s what happens in the U.K.. Local eating disorder service, any drs from A&E visits, GP. All have to explain and justify their actions. Sorry to medfag, I hate the incorrect facts being spread. But I don’t know what the rules and laws are where she is. U.K. though, everyone gets investigated.

No. 1712956


I find this a joke, that these people act like they’re so sick, and struggle with anorexia. When actually they’re so determined to stuff their face they’ll eat anything, edible or not. Surely someone with anorexia doesn’t go around swallowing wires or nails or whatever it was…

No. 1712980

We’ll I’m glad she didn’t because that would be cannibalism???

No. 1712990

maybe yes, but on the other hand sounds like a great way to have to avoid swallowing real food for at least a week

No. 1713030

Not necessarily. Rose from Dr Who (forgot the actress’s name) used to go around swallowing cotton balls when she had anorexia. And Anorexics end up with pica sometimes because their bodies are so deprived of nutrients that’ll they’ll develop cravings for non-edible foods.

No. 1713035

hope you had fun typing up this completely irrelevant comment, because Eugenia lives in the United States where this generally does not happen

No. 1713151

File: 1669687387234.jpg (215.85 KB, 1391x886, RDT_20221128_20485250123923435…)

>EC, the faces of ana
Truthfully this progression is harrowing. As much as I despise pro ana dirtbags… my heart sank a bit when I saw these.

In EC's latest stream she's video chatting a guy on her phone, sets her phone down in her lap and the filthy scrote starts jerking it. Her audience saw it, she noticed and was appalled. Apparently apologized and said she expects to be banned for what happened in spite of it being out of her control. Shockingly accepting of impending consequences. If any nonnie has more detailed info please share.

Now if the chatter is true and this testicle terror really sprang this reprehensible act on her, I legitimately feel sympathy for her in this instance. No one deserves to be assaulted like that in any way, shape or form. Hopefully it's a wake up call and she'll reconsider pandering to fetishists. Wish I had tuned into that stream to confirm all this, sorry about that, nonnies.

No. 1713255

Isn't her last stream the Thanksgiving one? When did that happen? Do you have the clip?

No. 1713259

I wouldn't be spending too much time researching laws over death by enabled anorexia this year. The Ashley-who-shall-not-be-named-nor-posted-here is still alive and still looks to still be in worse condition than Eugenia. They both seem to be unable to die while also sadly unable to get better.

No. 1713266

see also: Rachael Farrokh, drug addict, skelly, and gfm scammer

No. 1713268

I wish the ukfags and ausfags would stop assuming things work the same way in other countries.

No. 1713317

Wow, her teeth used to be perfectly straight and now it looks like they've shrivelled backwards. I didn't know you could lose weight in your GUMS… damn

No. 1713365

File: 1669711217186.png (4.89 MB, 1125x2436, 85B056AD-A362-44FA-8C9E-2B74D7…)

Kay is back!
I mean she’s never really been gone just spouting recovery phrases but clearly not acting on it as she continues to lose weight. Any way now claiming binge eating? Thoughts?

No. 1713379

File: 1669714753502.png (375.43 KB, 448x680, Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 3.38…)

fucking gross

No. 1713392

she didn't lose weight in her gums, it's her shit health making her gums worsen.

No. 1713398

Was just thinking this today. Not looking so hot recently which is a bit infuriating - she seems so smug

No. 1713403

They said nobody would…people in the U.K. exist. And are therefore somebodies. I made it clear that I didn’t know how it worked in the US. But I’m also making it clear that in terms of people in the U.K. with long term severe anorexia, it will be an investigation…so people aren’t making it up

No. 1713404

Glad someone brought her back up to be honest. I can’t stand how toxic she is. She makes me want to guage my eyes out of their sockets

No. 1713405

Look at the fuzz on her face because of malnutrition. And yet she is claiming binge eating. Maybe she is eating a sandwich and calling it binging and wants advice on how to stop kek

No. 1713412

If she eats what she posts then she’s definitely binging but there’s not way anyone can eat that much and stay looking like she does

No. 1713423

File: 1669722277136.png (8.57 MB, 1179x2556, ACB6BA78-3362-40A4-8F8D-E2D447…)

Is it just me thinking this or is Han in hospital again? That bed looks like an IP bed and so does the blanket

No. 1713426

Maybe private? Or at home IP chic

No. 1713594

Nah she streamed again on the 26th, I'm not sure if that's when it happened. I dropped off the EC chatter then came back yesterday to discover that news. I've been digging but it appears all clips have been deleted.

No. 1713615

no idea, but she has definitely lost weight - as flaunted in her body checking "ottd" stories. interesting how her ability to eat solid food coincided with weight loss - if she is actually eating it, and not just posing with bowls of cornflakes, perhaps she feels she has "permission" to eat at a certain weight/bmi in a way that wouldn't be "allowed" at a slightly higher weight and Ed rules means she is only able to have fluids.

No. 1713679

Is @heartoftee a physchologist now? i saw it posted on another forum but can’t find the account. Does anyone know if shes still sick? Doesn’t seem Right

No. 1713716

Correct. She is a physiologist now. She seems to be doing good in recovery and be mostly stable. Her @ is teejmmx

No. 1713726

Psychologist ** I guess I can’t spell today.

No. 1713733

damn, private account. Thanks but. I hope she is ok, worried me to hear

No. 1713751

File: 1669743261040.jpeg (177.73 KB, 750x1010, D199AA05-609C-4C82-964C-FF1D87…)

This isn’t nourish nourish is it? Hoping not 1/2

No. 1713754

File: 1669743311797.jpeg (263.72 KB, 750x1174, 1F0FA83C-081F-4B1C-BFF2-D965C4…)

From October this year

No. 1713761

Sorry again but just curious; does she work with eds?

No. 1713790

Nourish’s name is Alicia, not Amelia. Plus this looks too *~aesthetic~* for our chaotic queen

No. 1713830

Not her, caramel cookies and dirty fingernails are missing.

No. 1713839

I don’t think so. I believe she works with children, social services, and child advocacy.

No. 1713843

Me either

No. 1713845

She genuinely used to be so pretty

No. 1713847

She also posts a ton of bodychecks on her tiktok where it's clear that she's lost A LOT of weight in the past couple of months and yet she continues to claim she hasn't lost any

No. 1713850

Disgusting fatty. How can she claim anorexia at that weight?

No. 1713864

oh cool thank you; sorry for asking so many questions i didn’t want to creep her out by sending a follow request :)

No. 1713893

File: 1669754531689.jpeg (38.84 KB, 359x640, FA6C3C2F-289F-4CFC-B07B-6288CB…)

Yeah she is

No. 1713934

i dont think she is in hospital.
She was looking for Christmas themed recommendations in London. This one looks like a changing room tbh

No. 1714033

File: 1669763016700.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1920x1090, RDT_20221129_10110561666285172…)

>EC "fixing" her bra on stream

No. 1714102

What a terrible day to have eyes

No. 1714116

Her eyes look especially lazy in this one

No. 1714154

she has such nonexistant muscle at this point that you can see every crevasse of all her bones and jones including the ball and socket mechanism of her shoulders. How is she even moving with no muscles to pull her limbs anymore? Genuine question.

No. 1714205

Genuinely how has her heart not stopped beating yet?! I don’t understand it. Usually anorexics get a deathly low heart after like just a year of struggling or losing weight

No. 1714243

27? Jesus, her and Cece should get to know each other.
She's in the states, UKfag.

No. 1714259

and if her body has eaten away at her muscles to that extent, her heart must be totally ravaged as her body desperately cannibalises itself for fuel.

No. 1714270

what even was the need to fix her bra kek there’s not even much to cover

No. 1714276

File: 1669778859733.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 152.75 KB, 750x1208, 80C36DAA-2254-4FB9-BB75-6D15DD…)

One can only wonder why she has a bad stomach all week..

No. 1714282

Wtf spoiler this sort of shit nonna

No. 1714307

She doesn’t post anything interesting; you’re not missing out on much.

No. 1714310

Nothing anachan related? Damn she was pure milk lol(sage your shit)

No. 1714349

Maybe stop eating your vegan shit and eat meat like a normal athlete and your stomach will be fine.

No. 1714395

apparently she's been there since fucking August? How is her insurance still paying for that.

No. 1714427

erc has a way of making insurance pay forever…even the fatties stay for months and months

No. 1714432

Scarlett and her fucking vacuums…what even is the purpose of doing this (aside from bodychecking)

No. 1714436

Literally she looks so uncomfortable

No. 1714443

Christ she makes me want to alog so bad. I know Lucinda literally b/ps all day and that does take its toll, but ec has been like this for a decade, how is her heart still beating?

No. 1714449


not an expert here… but maybe to appeal to the scrotes?

No. 1714518

File: 1669815982118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.38 KB, 745x456, play.jpg)

so bEaUtIfUl!

No. 1714542


Bodybuilders believe it strengthens the core abdominal muscles, it's a weird flex

No. 1714543

Furthermore why would she want to/be okay with that. All the US skellies reee that the ITU is traumatizing and from the looks of it it must be. So why do cows like hole and this one enjoy it

No. 1714545

Crypt keeper stripper

No. 1714568

It’s nothing to do with being vegan. Many athletes thrive on vegan diets, as the human body and digestive system is anatomically herbivorous (eg why we can’t eat raw meat without getting the shits like other natural omnivores). It’s her godly fear of oils and carbs that make her weak af. If anything she has too much protein. Most of her diet is protein. But she’s scared of rice and carbs that aren’t plain veggies and doesn’t use oils at all. She actually needs more fats and carbs. It’s not veganism at this point it’s plain orthorexia. You don’t see vegans like bianca Taylor and her fiancé looking at skeletal and being as ill as she is. Excessive exercise and a bad amount of fats and carbs has caused her bones and muscles to deteriorate

No. 1714587

No. 1714598


Sorry nona but this has to be one of the dumbest posts i've seen on this site in a long time!! Have you never heard of sashimi? Steak tartare? Blue Steak? Humans can absolutely eat and disgest raw meat without getting sick, look at the Inuit tribes, Maasai tribes, Yakut peoples. The reason it's advised to not eat raw meat is because of the bacteria from processing meat, fresh and clean meat is perfectly safe to eat raw. Also it's completely laughable to even entertain the idea that humans are herbivores, we share pratically zero traits with other herbivorous animals.

No. 1714623


If you ignore the first sentence nonna is making a very good point.

Humans are omnivores by nature. The beauty of that is we have a choice what to eat within that, and a higher level of sentience that allows us to evaluate the moral/ethical/environmental consequences of what we consume. There are a wide spectrum of healthy and unhealthy diets within that, and veganism isn't inherently what's making Scarlett feel like shit.

No. 1714657

nonnie I ugly wheezed at this holy shit kek

No. 1714661

File: 1669831988072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.32 KB, 1284x1353, RDT_20221130_13100966942334790…)

Here's some more nightmare fuel from Mrs. Skellington.

No. 1714695

i thought EC had her own threat?

No. 1714876

they may say it’s horrible online, as it really is for those who aren’t cows, but they love the validation of being on the sickest floor of erc and slugging on to other people’s sick behaviors

No. 1714898

Looks like a skinwalker from my nightmares crawling around my bedroom floor

No. 1714899

Why can’t she ever wear boy shorts or nipple pasties or literally anything to keep herself from flashing people constantly? Doesn’t it embarrass her? Does she have a humiliation fetish?

No. 1714912

Pretty sure that’s the whole point.

No. 1714963

Loves to get humiliated and get attention but remember her mental breakdown when people thought she was wearing diapers. Yeah she's slowly dying, teeth rotting, hairline fading, babbling, drooling, flashing panties, foaming at the mouth and can barely move or stand. But being incontinent crosses the line.
I guess I get it, skeletons don't poop or pee

No. 1715141

File: 1669856491628.png (4.57 MB, 1170x2532, 97A9BE6F-009C-4479-B63F-304156…)

Momsfav back to brag that she has to stay in the itu longer instead of going to res as she smiles about it. Idk why she’s even there. She clearly doesn’t want to get better.

No. 1715144

Frankly, I think she's just young enough that she'll go to treatment when her parents twist her arm because she's not financially independent and has never had a job, lived on her own, etc, so she's probably scared of saying no and getting kicked out of her house because she doesn't know how to support herself.

No. 1715157

Ausfag here so forgive me I sound stupid but why do US treatment centers, voluntary res and all that, take them so so many times if they're treatment resistant? At one point they've got to say enough is enough right

No. 1715159

Kek the 'I have a cute sweatshirt though!!' god she's punchable

No. 1715161

it's for profit. Almost all treatment centers in the US are privately owned and make a lot of money off revolving door patients whose insurance companies will pay.

Also, kek, Australia seems to do this too, what with the New Farm gang.

No. 1715222

Oh damn you right haha my b. Forget about that place until one of them go back in

No. 1715255

isn't Porgie back now? I think one of the anons with porgie access mentioned it

I know Lee is currently there

No. 1715342

Is there even a difference in going from ERC IP to ERC residential? You’re still being babysat 24/7.
Also I’m guessing Momsfav likes being in treatment, which would explain why she doesn’t even try at home. She’s loving it there.

No. 1715368

Inpatient/res has a lot to do with insurance. Not sure how if there’s much of a different at ERC. Normally though, inpatient is for people with more medical/psychiatric instability

No. 1715375

it's probably in a different wing, so a different group of people. Usually residential also has more lax rules, you can do outings, stuff like that. usually in inpatient, insurance will object if they let you out for even an hour or two because "if they can do that, then why should we pay for 24/7 care?"

No. 1715498

File: 1669865548210.png (454.94 KB, 476x474, Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.31…)

Fi is actually looking pretty healthy lately, which is pretty surprising but cool

No. 1715501

File: 1669865581211.png (463.95 KB, 471x469, Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.32…)

She's even posting pictures of normal things like going out for drinks with friends

No. 1715504

topkek omg

No. 1715514

sorry not from the US but wouldnt that completely wreck someones insurance price would it not skyrocket

No. 1715521

no, the affordable care act prevents this from happening. This was legislation passed by Obama that was incredibly controversial and that Republicans are constantly trying to repeal. It came along with other helpful, humane protections like "you can't be refused insurance because you have a pre-existing health condition" which, before these laws, could literally make it impossible for you to get health insurance. There is also less good insurance available through the government marketplace. That insurance is much more limited and would not allow you to basically live at ERC like these people do. They have to have private health insurance to be doing this.

No. 1715523

samefag, but when republicans whine about obamacare, this is the stuff that they're whining about. There are other laws from the same era requiring insurance to cover care for mental health conditions. Before that, they could just decide they didn't want to cover psychiatric inpatient care for anorexia ever.

No. 1715537

ah that makes sense thanks nonna

No. 1715542

totally welcome, our system is byzantine and there's no reason to expect non-americans to know about it. Another part of that set of legislation is that kids can stay on their parents insurance until 26, so the younger ones like momsfave are almost certainly getting insurance through their parents' employer and are probably on very cushy big group plans with low copays. You see this trend where these people basically live in ip until 26, have to go on medicare because they can't hold a job and get private insurance, and then can't get more treatment but have fucked up their lives enough that they can't really be productive members of society anymore. It's a huge waste of the access that they have to good healthcare.

No. 1715546

Idk how they do it in Willow but before that building opened at least there was literally zero difference between ip and res. The two non php units were literally called “ip/res” where you were babysat 24/7. Ip can’t get passes but they went on them to the hospital cafeteria for snack challenge since it was ok with insurance, and you got one more two second meeting with a psychiatrist than you did with res. (Source: ercfag from years ago)

No. 1715643

File: 1669879979811.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1544, 1C5A8B41-B6FA-4822-AB98-64368A…)

she thinks she’s sooo much better than everyone else and it’s cringe-worthy. i agree, filming yourself crying over food is pathetic but she’s so arrogant and acts like she’s not done equally bullshit stuff (see: criticising OOTDs for being bodychecks and then …literally bodychecking)
STFU Zara, you’re pathetic and it’s a shame more people can’t see through your “recovery” facade. bitter n spiteful cow

No. 1715646

Isn’t it embarrassing enough to look like an 80 year old woman before you are 25? Humble yourself Zara. You look frail enough to piss the bed yet you want to retain a facade of dignity. Those girls will probably grow up and lead a normal life whilst you hurtle towards incontinence, baldness, toothlessness and an early death. We will be laughing at you all the way.

No. 1715658

File: 1669882332789.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1242x2035, 1140BFA8-444B-4CBD-A45A-10401B…)

“Love these reclining seats!” roughly translates to “love being able to bodycheck under the guise of showing my reclining seat!” stfu Lauren

No. 1715660

there’s still basically no diff between ip/res except u get more sessions. but there is a difference between the itu (3rd floor) and the main 2nd floor although both can hold ip/res. the people on the itu are usually on treatment holds and more uncooperative so they try to keep them away from the 2nd floor normies

No. 1715662

i'm glad that she kept breathing a lot

No. 1715667

sorry where did you come up with this? it is literally the complete opposite. we have the same digestive systems as dogs and cats, very different from any herbivores like gorillas and cows

No. 1715668

I’m way behind the times but did you guys know there’s no My Pro Ana anymore? They disguised it as an Ed support forum.

No. 1715809

File: 1669907626313.jpeg (132.2 KB, 675x711, 5592628A-BD9E-41F1-B8D3-AF01C1…)

No. 1715847

Her skin is glowing! This is the best photo of her I’ve ever seen

No. 1715905

Yeah i noticed it when I was going through the threads and trying to stalk Rosie's old posts but they had changed the whole website

No. 1715906

All of her is glowing, let's hope she keeps at it

No. 1715936

Did anyone ever really find out if that second MPA was Rosie’s? I tried to find it myself back when the website was the same but didn’t know how to use it

No. 1715946

that would’ve been a brilliant post if not for zara’s general arrogance and very consistent appearance of an emaciated monkey

No. 1715955

>says the emaciated monkey claiming she doesn't have anorexia
She's so sanctimonious.

No. 1715970

Fi looks great, I hope she can continue her recovery.

No. 1716014

it wouldn't be her first relapse

No. 1716015

File: 1669926180452.jpeg (120.87 KB, 750x416, D085C41B-BD79-445A-BDBF-E9E14C…)

nikol has a s/o?? or am I reading this wrong

No. 1716131

File: 1669934222176.jpeg (234.93 KB, 1034x1705, 4F208C5C-7F15-4431-A1C4-5A2A0C…)

Han saved and shared a 2 minute live of her sitting to eat soup and a dessert pot. She again just moved it round with her spoon. At the end she said “I’m going to do this live after I’m getting too stressed” and just cut it short without eating any. What a recovery queen. What a helpful recovery account

No. 1716134

Unless her s/o is starving, I have a hard time believing there’s an actual person outside of herself that she would deem significant enough to be or do anything for.

No. 1716154

File: 1669936744981.jpeg (673.74 KB, 828x1276, 0E422E2D-D0F3-48A8-935A-6610A8…)

Found this video on IG but it’s a repost from Tiktok. Her TikTok is oceanlearning. Has anyone seen her videos before?

No. 1716164

Girl is looking haggard.

No. 1716199

wow, that was painful. she managed to stir her bowl of soup, show her unopened pot of yoghurt, wander around her room and complain thta nobody in her live was being "chatty", so decided she would have to eat her meal off camera. as if she had any intention of eating that food while being filmed. it's not like the bowl of cereal she posed with for five minutes, and stirred occasionally while she claimed she needed it to get soggy before eating it, whereas her dad likes crunchy cornflakes so he'd already finished. what's the excuse this time? she heats up soup, but prefers to eat it Cs, so she can sit and stir it for a while, never even put the spoon near her lips and then decide to stop filming before she's even started eating and then go dump her meal down the sink. she clearly isn't eating solid foods at all. she is pretending that she is, because she loves the attention and her followers perceiving her as inspiration. meanwhile, she is visibly losing weight.

No. 1716218

File: 1669946609021.png (4.87 MB, 1125x2436, 01DAE6AE-71F3-440A-8C63-F12CDF…)

I’m glad May is back cause she seems to be on drugs or delusional. The US government didn’t say that anywhere?????? Also not surprised she didn’t get vaxxed because she’s still so delicate and ana frail.

No. 1716221

wait, doesn't she live in canada?

No. 1716228

She’s from like Oregon or somewhere over there.

No. 1716231

huh, thanks, I don't know why I thought she was in canada

No. 1716233

her heart probably hurts because of other causes

No. 1716282

File: 1669949655800.jpeg (448.34 KB, 750x1053, C6F02B21-43E9-40EA-9D31-C0CF34…)

Girl really went from living in supported accommodation to being allowed toilet paper in like a week

No. 1716284

wtf, how can you even hurt yourself with toilet paper. It's not strong enough for ligatures.

Was she eating it or something?

No. 1716286

File: 1669949793023.jpeg (553.39 KB, 1125x1881, 4ECA8F02-65F9-445C-9ACA-64F878…)

Breaking news: Ganer is going to eat food, including “pizza”, at planned times. Full story at 11. (1/2)

No. 1716287

File: 1669949835345.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1118x1723, 3D52C4A4-B42F-412F-BA23-63D75B…)


No. 1716293

i guess if people tie it a certain way they could strangle themselves? not sure though

No. 1716295

It doesn't really seem strong enough for that, but who knows I guess?

No. 1716310

File: 1669950692191.jpg (108.09 KB, 529x820, zara.jpg)

Gosh wow what a recovery warrior coping with her new highest weight.

No. 1716311

glad to know zara's gained 0.1kg or whatever

No. 1716320

File: 1669951420815.jpeg (533.76 KB, 828x1272, A8C1F473-B35F-4C14-A3E8-0C74EB…)

Toooooob pic so sad

No. 1716321

File: 1669951513791.jpeg (351.39 KB, 828x570, CD8CFE58-312A-4DB7-B315-CC40FB…)

So sad about her rapid weight loss oh no

No. 1716349

Nikol said before that last year she had a sugar daddy/mama or whatever, and that she was looking for another one. Here is the post:

So maybe she is referring to that, and not to a real bf/gf. Or maybe it's another anachan like her, as another anon said before.

No. 1716352

I swear I've seen '…like a wounded puppy' used by a farmer here and there. Got deja vu seeing this post …she's a lurker alright

No. 1716355


It’s a choking risk. People ball it up and shove it down their throat in a desperate attempt to end things.

No. 1716370


Someone used "sick puppy" here, referring to lilynakamura/123kitty:

Also the expression "sick puppy" referring to her again, in edition 85:

Some anon said before that lily/kitty self post, so who knows.

Googled "wounded puppy" but there are no references in ana scumbags threads. Still, Zara is a farmer for sure.

No. 1716469

Omg yay I'm so glad someone posted her. She has literally just come out of 7 months in a private aussie clinic… it costs $73,000 for a 60 day stay.. and she stayed for double that. Her parents paid. What a waste. Imagine spending that much on a daughter who just literally throws it all up as soon as they're let out.

No. 1716470

What stomach? Like where is it?

No. 1716471

To be fair it’s no wonder why the actual skellies like momsfav don’t recover if they are in treatment with someone who’s obese. I can’t image how terrifying it must be to be scared of food making me fat and having someone opposite me looking like that while I’m trying to eat!

No. 1716473

She do est cry over food or post videos of her eating because she doesn’t want people to see she doesn’t practice what she preaches. I remember a while back she posted a picture of her food shopping on her zar account and had bare naked noodles in the basket. 15 kcals noodles probably won’t make you cry zara

No. 1716476

She’s so pathetic.

No. 1716479

File: 1669972175303.png (3.73 MB, 828x1792, E7BBDBDD-15C4-4475-A526-1A4F7E…)

Ham has been very excited over her advent calendars. Yes, she has two. And they go straight down the gullet with absolutely no hesitation. She’s been waiting for this!! Our super strong recovery queen…

No. 1716482

She is so fake. Not just because of the ana larp but overall everything she ever posts screams fake. She just copies other influencers and rarely if ever talks about her personal life outside being sooo scared of food before. There's some kind of disconnection. Nothing personal that'd make her unique and therefore much more pleasant to follow. It's all just meaningless "deep" quotes and "you're valid you're valid you're valid" type of shit and nothing else. She'd be much more interesting to follow and way less annoying if she started making more personal content, talking about her day to day life a bit more in depth, what kind of therapeutic methods she's using on her own to recover or what she did to get to this point in her fake recovery. But she can't do that because it's all fake. She doesn't know how to recover from an ed because she never had one, therefore she can't even share her miraculous methods.

No. 1716485

File: 1669975116398.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1252, 90A72107-C231-49FD-B2A5-39516E…)

She looks literally the same tf

No. 1716486

File: 1669975137514.jpeg (941.12 KB, 1170x1854, 697F6F10-B249-4D29-AC5C-6CAAD9…)

No. 1716513

Fucking delusional

No. 1716526

This, this, this. I wish she’d admit it was a diet or ‘disordered eating’ at most instead of tagging # anorexianervosarecovery - she makes it appear effortless as if it’s just a case of waking up, deciding to eat 8 chocolate pancakes for breakfast and boom! cured! I still agree with the anon who tinfoiled this was all for a bit of attention when her parents split. She was eating her supposed “fear foods” several times a day straight off the bat. Hard not to alog but I can’t stand her, it’s a slap in the face to those who really struggle and I don’t understand how she has so many followers and even sponsors all based on an outright lie and zero personality or charm whatsoever. Nothing she posts has any substance

No. 1716528

She bought followers

No. 1716529

Why am I not surprised. Thanks for the info nonna, must’ve missed that

No. 1716556

nothing changed, especially her loony mindset

No. 1716557

- says "no food is good or bad"
- eats the very same shit literally every day

No. 1716609

Kek, Zara you are so brazen. I recognise that neon sign and the imitation leaf backdrop. She’s at Kcal Kitchen. A “health food” cafe where all the menu items are supposedly for post-workout or the calorie conscious.

No. 1716610

File: 1669997136478.jpeg (923.04 KB, 828x1028, BAA9E9F6-89FD-4327-B0B7-6506F0…)

Ugh, dropped pic and can’t delete my post for some reason. Samefagging to say Zara was here

No. 1716616

File: 1669997840903.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x2366, 3E53FDE5-5B18-4327-BC95-67714F…)

she literally posted her location on her personal instagram story. it’s a popular student bar in dundee called The Braes.
i’m all for calling the cows out but making up random details for something to post on the thread about it a bit far-reaching, nonna.

No. 1716617

It does look similar to kcal kitchen. I think it was an honest mistake rather than making shit up.

No. 1716619

File: 1669998047394.jpeg (531.72 KB, 1170x1597, E75B6EF0-B00C-4C50-A8BE-927BC3…)

did a bit of research to double check- zara lives in edinburgh, and goes to university in dundee. there’s no “kcal kitchen” in either of those cities (never been one in dundee and none in edinburgh anymore, according to safari).
making up details delegitimises what anyone talks about here

No. 1716620

that's some weapon-grade autism there, nonnie


No. 1716629

or it’s just disbelief that someone would be THAT hypocritical, and fact/checking.

No. 1716630

Mad you got caught lying?

No. 1716673


It closed recently and it’s in the area of Edinburgh where Zara/her mum lives.

No. 1716676

Ganer doesn't use phrases like "cheat meals" because all food is good food and she doesn't use labels to categorise foods as good/bad, because she is totally not disordered and all food should be enjoyed without guilt. yet she survives predominantly on rice cakes and glorified slop and - very occasionally - "treats" herself to an extra "delicious" rice cake and, even more occasionally, a pizza with no cheese. she's a walking contradiction. she may not refer to it as a "cheat meal", but she still perceives pizza - and any foods except her usual strop - as a "treat", which is exactly the same thing. if food is "neither good or bad" and should all be eaten and enjoyed "without regrets" why does she eat pizza, and other "treat" foods, so rarely?

No. 1716685

File: 1670005697534.jpg (1.96 MB, 1065x1843, RDT_20221202_13241875399303315…)

EC's latest story has me cackling holy shit. She's a vapid lizard person.

No. 1716704