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File: 1671215506251.png (949.72 KB, 666x786, youdeservethistenshi.png)

No. 1728823

TenshiiTushii, lovingly referred to in the e-whore threads as "Tenshit".
>miserable 24-year-old e-whore and failed stripper with ugly tattoos, including a giant ugly ouija board covering her stomach
>poly with an ugly reddit-tier "daddy" >>>/snow/1606574 and an fat greasy "Sir" with bad kanji tattoos >>>/snow/1718518 who spoils her with cheetos and juice >>>/snow/1692713
>claims she’s quitting Onlyfans and sex work almost daily because she gets no money and can't pay her bills or feed herself (despite continuing to get fatter) but never quits
>LARPs as a survival sex worker and acts like she's being forced to exploit herself when she could literally just fill out a job application
>whines and bitches about how all her customers suck and she is going to quit unless they give her money, they never do and yet she never quits
>one of the only scrotes that ever replies to her is none other than GrayhairNotOld from the Shayna threads (Mike Slack, a trucker who has an incest fetish and publicly supported his biological daughter's sex work career) >>>/snow/1523443
>claims strip club scrotes called her fat and that's why she stopped stripping
>claims to want a girlfriend and is so gay but calls other women bitches and makes misogynistic tweets all the time and calls herself a "woman-hating bisexual"

highlights from e-whore thread #2:
>crying about being fat and ugly and implying that's the only reason she's broke >>>/snow/1602013
>acting like she has no other option but to "traumatize" herself with low effort sex work >>>/snow/1606192, >>>/snow/1697066
>talks about how she wants to have a kid just so she can have someone who is forced to unconditionally love her >>>/snow/1607136
>brags about her "shein sub" who buys her all she $3 fast fashion clothes she wants… tru luxury!! >>>/snow/1612565
>some of her misogynistic incel-tier tweets >>>/snow/1634372, >>>/snow/1634638, >>>/snow/1646789, >>>/snow/1649648,
>>>/snow/1695390, >>>/snow/1719621, >>>/snow/1691231
>bragging about how great her life is then coming back to suicide bait only a few hours later >>>/snow/1641784
>more suicide baiting >>>/snow/1661504, >>>/snow/1661505, which nobody responds to or seems to care about… something that happens a lot >>>/snow/1691395, >>>/snow/1691793, >>>/snow/1691794, (literally can't even link every instance, this bitch is a broken record)
>suicide baits because customers dared to support her mutuals instead of her during her BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! >>>/snow/1691386
>rants about how scrotes deserve erectile dysfunction on her sex work twitter >>>/snow/1693783 and still wonders why scrotes don't want to give her money
>brags about "Sir" peeing inside of her >>>/snow/1695344
>the tweet that inspired me to finally make this thread after months of consideration, "man i love being a misogynist"! i hope you do, girl! >>>/snow/1728759

No. 1728953

Good thread, nonita. Thanks for making it!

No. 1728992

File: 1671231006184.png (50.98 KB, 907x265, Screenshot 2022-12-17 004924.p…)

Thank you OP for the thread. Tenshii is starting off the thread strong by once again going on an anti-woman rant. Why no woman wants her will remain forever a mystery.

No. 1728994

File: 1671231141912.png (61.86 KB, 903x298, Screenshot 2022-12-17 005132.p…)

Truly a mystery.

No. 1728995

File: 1671231201159.png (35.86 KB, 889x163, Screenshot 2022-12-17 005300.p…)

Whatever, all woman are whores, etc, etc, Tenshii's back on her Incel shit.

No. 1729003

>>one of the only scrotes that ever replies to her is none other than GrayhairNotOld from the Shayna threads
Top kek

No. 1729008

File: 1671232643540.jpg (157.02 KB, 1029x1457, 20221216_181645.jpg)

she talks about having a day job, is that just a larp or what? because I don't understand how you can have a normal job and be doing SW and still be broke constantly

No. 1729011

If this girl's birthday was a month ago, why is it still on her twitter handle?

No. 1729032

Why does she even bother then? Plenty of bisexual women only date men, and I doubt any women are chasing this fugly cow down for a date. Stick to sucking scrotes off for a bag of Cheetos babe, you won’t be missed.

No. 1729033

Maybe she’d have a positive one if she went to therapy and worked on her clear and blatant mummy issues and got some mood stabilisers kek

No. 1729034

She works at a sex shop

No. 1729035

She works part time in a sex toy store (she claims is the only retail shop that will take her because she’s an ewhore) - she’s tweeted before they won’t give her enough shifts.

Her e whoring has nothing to do with her inability to get stable work irl she just likes to whine. Although we’ve seen her spending she doesn’t buy anything useful and eats only takeout instead of cooking at home and paying bills

No. 1729036

This bitch is so annoying because she talks about how she can’t escape the industry* kek as if she’s some pimped out street walker or something when she’s just a stupid e whore who thinks she’s too good for community college or a Walmart application

No. 1729037

because not only is she not like the other girls, she's also not like the other bisexuals. as with all of her retarded 'i hate femoids!!!!' rants, you can tell it all stems from her own insecurities. she probably wishes she was straight but knows that the disgusting perverts she caters to fetishise bisexual women hard, so she tries to find a middle ground by acknowledging her 'attraction' to women to feed into moid fetishisation of bisexual women (despite still not having clued in that the vast majority of her followers ignore her even when she's posting full pussy pics on the timeline) while also trying to pretend it doesn't stem from self-hatred by trying to externalise it and blame other women instead of herself.

No. 1729038

File: 1671235902218.jpeg (404.69 KB, 1241x2200, 30459C6D-1193-4292-B1E0-1730E4…)

So her mother is also a woman hating freak. It’s biological kek

No. 1729075

I actually do believe her attraction to women is genuine. She’s not doing the usual “teehee I love kissing girls!” coomer pandering, she’s going on obsessively misogynistic incel rants. I think she’s legit angry that girls don’t like her, but just like any basement-dwelling scrote, she projects it on the women instead of looking at herself. I’m a bi woman too and objectively she has nothing to offer. Broke, bitter, unpleasant personality, STD magnet, dresses like a methed out clown, sucks dick for Cheetos etc. Scrotes have no standards and will overlook all of that to get laid. The VAST majority of wlw won’t. But in her narcissistic mind that means women are evil bitches and scrotes genuinely love & adore her.

No. 1729088

It's been a long time coming!

No. 1729171

This, she’s only mad because women don’t want her, she’s also said what she wants women to do - she wants them to be her punching bag and worship the ground she walks on offering nothing in return.

No. 1729461

File: 1671283191179.jpeg (175.05 KB, 828x764, 735E94D6-E3B5-4D5F-8D1B-B31C3B…)

No. 1729466

No. 1729486

Not Grey Haired, the literal incestuous backwoods retard! This guy has a thing for cows

No. 1729494

wow couldn't even spare a Monsters Inc gif

No. 1729555

Nona my sides kek

No. 1729618


No. 1729939

>Scrotes have no standards and will overlook all of that to get laid. The VAST majority of wlw won’t.
The vast majority of lesbians/bi women also have some form of self-respect, something that scrotes (and tenshit, honorary scrote) seem to lack. I love how this bitch goes on absolutely
unhinged twitter rants about everything from her obese coomer daddies to muh survival sex work!1!, sits back in her pile of cheeto dust and STD clinic paperwork and still lacks the self-awareness to think 'Damn, maybe this is why gay women don't like me.' She should be a case-study or something it's genuinely fascinating.

No. 1731157

File: 1671494976302.jpeg (251.59 KB, 1242x1729, 3CEFC460-E376-441D-BCFB-C6BD83…)

I’ve been in a sex shop before and the ones in Australia don’t play porn? Is that a thing in the US because that feels highly inappropriate

No. 1731159

Have a look at her Twitter she’s having a meltdown over a scrote cheating on her kek

No. 1731191

this is an image board, post a screenshot.

No. 1731208

Go on Twitter and look for yourself there’s like 8 tweets relating to it

No. 1731217

probably depends on the state. i have never been to a sex shop that does that.

No. 1731221

File: 1671500668637.png (314.38 KB, 1192x802, Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 8.43…)

idk maybe don't let people piss in your vagina after only dating them for three months

No. 1731224

How does she not have constant agonising infections?
Interactions like this is like batman showing up in a superman comics.

No. 1731240

maybe don't let people piss in your vagina at all

No. 1731298

okay hear that all anons reading this next year or further into the future? just go on twitter right now and look.

No. 1731313

File: 1671812386466.jpeg (147.88 KB, 828x408, B737B4C9-F61C-4CC1-83D7-21E012…)

this new feature to show how many views a tweet gets is gonna be gold for Tenshit screencaps kek

No. 1731324

What ""shift"" does she even have besides

No. 1731420

I’m guessing this >>1731157

tbh sex shop is really the only thing she’s qualified or capable to do

No. 1731423

File: 1671835986067.jpg (171.1 KB, 1048x475, Screenshot_20221223_165128_Twi…)

With takes like this i don't believe she's qualified or capable of. Not everyone is well versed on what different toys are for or are just new to sex toys.

No. 1731440

her job is to sell things, does she not understand she is there to educate those people instead of passive-aggressively tweeting about them once they leave?

No. 1739568

File: 1673151554324.jpg (135.61 KB, 1080x1009, Screenshot_20230107-201031_Chr…)

Looks like Tenshit decided to take a page out of Shayna's playbook and romanticize date rape.
It's kind of sad how much of a broken record her twitter is. Every damn tweet cycles betwen a suicide threat, "hurr nobody loves me", "I hate women," and some gross degen shit she and her Funko Pop enthusiast coomer are doing.

No. 1739647

it’s funny that she loves this guy and calls him sir but can’t get him to support her existence so she doesn’t have to beg for money like a bum on the internet because she can’t feed herself on her lunch breaks. but hey, if you want a yeast infection piss party, he’s your guest! waiting for her to say how she hates men as well

No. 1739671

File: 1673167583570.jpg (89.38 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20230107-200913_Chr…)

And of course, in true Tenshit fashion, she complains about her two "boyfriends" one night, whines about being traumatized the next, and then is right back to "tee hee sir drugged me then had sex with me."


No. 1739672

File: 1673167635833.jpg (166.84 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20230107-200921_Chr…)


No. 1739801

>I’m gonna end up killing myself today

No. 1740041

File: 1673226156135.jpeg (69.31 KB, 400x366, 9047E44B-BA82-4E88-8598-8FFCCB…)

No. 1740263

File: 1673263674897.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

This bitch sucks she legitimately would probably be better off walking away from the screen onto a boat to Bangladesh with nothing but the clothes on her back. No passport, if she wants to come back she needs to figure that out on her own, in Bangladesh. Hope you like sewing 3xl crotchless pedo body suits. All she does is be hoe and cry. Bitch put two and two together

No. 1740685

I’ve never understood why she doesn’t get full time hours at the shop or at least another retail job instead of whining about sex work

No. 1741750

and doesn’t she work at a strip club? god she sucks at life

No. 1741811

File: 1673439494215.png (55.53 KB, 1209x600, how it began vs how it's going…)

kek how is this bitch still at it? literally selling yourself for the price of a happy meal if that. why can't these whores understand that OF is a short gig and that they will have to one day get a real job?

No. 1741918

ironic, not only is she priced liked happy meal, she probably cant afford one, and will never be happy

No. 1743735

now she’s tweetingabout making a bracelet for her boyfriend who i guess cheated on her, and how she’s quitting sex work. i guess she saw this thread or something but i didn’t want to screenshot because her existence doesn’t care to me(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1743737

Is she making a pony bead bracelet at psych ward arts n crafts therapy hour?

No. 1743745

porn spam don't scroll`

No. 1743853

Then don’t even post about it? You cared enough to follow her twitter and post about it, you can’t take 5 extra seconds to ss n then delete it from your camera roll. This is an imageboard. Caps or we don’t care either.

No. 1743886

File: 1673642720244.jpeg (465.25 KB, 828x1187, F15F002B-524C-44CD-8FF1-91044F…)

literally nothing she said implies she saw the thread. don’t post if you’re just gonna post low quality bullshit.

No. 1743912

stfu and sage please

No. 1743945

Go back. You can’t even sage faggot. No one wants you or your dumb posts

No. 1744371

kill yourself. i hope you get raped and mutilated(autism)

No. 1744893

File: 1673734010528.png (14.49 KB, 591x113, tenshit.PNG)

Tenshit, the fat femcel misogynist, has a thought. Forever bothered by the most irrelevant shit. How about you go to a gym and stop munching cheetos, fatty?

No. 1745415

Shaynus had the same dream too once upon a time “porn set design” lmao these pathetic women really think clashing pinks and cheap Amazon decor is style and a keen eye for design kek

No. 1745638

File: 1673824427244.jpeg (161.17 KB, 828x427, 86E019C2-D79C-4BBC-BE3B-C6A93B…)

Now she’s autistic

No. 1745663

Lmao her birthday still being in her name 2 months later

No. 1748112

File: 1674123471087.png (40.98 KB, 586x356, tenshitweed.png)

I can't with this bitch. Spending money on drugs while you don't have food or basic home supplies

No. 1754083

File: 1674853937727.jpeg (644.61 KB, 828x1231, 262D4F98-1DC3-4276-8B16-3EB30E…)

wonder how the bitch who lets random gross poly “daddy” types piss inside her got a severe UTI

No. 1754084

File: 1674854012083.jpeg (336.26 KB, 828x917, 34D7BFDF-010D-44CD-BC1C-88CBB6…)

and it developed into a kidney infection. who could’ve guessed

No. 1754086

File: 1674854201027.jpeg (266.18 KB, 828x744, A801BEC5-370D-41CF-A9A3-45F1F7…)

none of her followers give a fuck anymore

No. 1754088

File: 1674854406089.jpeg (369.21 KB, 828x1306, 7F5FA0D4-93E0-478E-8766-998CD5…)

sorry except for Michael “Mike” Slack of Missouri, also known as Zapman_68 and GNotOld, trucker and right wing MAGA conservatard, United States Armed Forces veteran who buys his daughter sex toys, subscribes to her porn, almost certainly raped her and interacts exclusively with whores who make incest and pedophile content. He cares enough to reply with a little cat gif.

No. 1754148

>I need someone to buy me groceries and cleaning supplies

Bitch it's called put down the bong and get a JOB

No. 1754261

Her dumb ass brags about letting men piss in her vagina! Yeah no shit you got an infection and yeah no shit nobody wants to pay your hospital bills for doing something retarded. Play stupid games etc.

No. 1758405

File: 1675273641815.jpeg (258.05 KB, 828x1022, 5407351F-FB3A-49B4-83CA-7563E0…)


No. 1764324

She would interact with Michael Slack, actual pedophile who is disgustingly into his poor daughter

No. 1865733

File: 1689529306987.jpeg (804.95 KB, 1242x1329, 938D3511-AFE5-4CF2-8B5D-FD4ACD…)

slight necro-ing to update on this girl‘s life. still bleak and sad

No. 1865765

Damn did she gain weight? I remember reading up on her a year ago and she was skinnier.

No. 1865788

Was this the e-whore who constant ranted about how moids are wonderful and women are terrible and can’t be trusted? Love this for her kek

No. 1865804

pick mes never win KEK

No. 1866469

KEK ouija barrel

No. 1866900


yeah, she gained a lot. see here: >>1754083

No. 1867051

LOL, so deserved. nonnies, is karma real?

No. 1882498

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