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File: 1651728460561.jpeg (487.25 KB, 1398x1659, 9BF1C1AB-F280-4481-B014-5C02DD…)

No. 1520151

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1511330

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting sceenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last thread:
>Shay tweets about having a bad brain day
>Shayna put on bologna colored wig and Walmart looking lingerie set for a bratty domme video. >>1512641, >>1512602,
>Clip from video where she proves yet again to be bad at domming >>1513378,
>Before she films she posts embarrassing cringe dance videos
>shows off hank hill ass >>1512663, along with her hammy arms >>1512673, >>1512743,
>Admits to not being skinny anymore >>1512789,
>Shows off 50 dollar tip from scrote like it’s a huge flex >>1513194,
>Ellen’s Degenerate finds a manlet to give her attention >>1513291,
>Shayna wears ugly pink gingham overalls to her date night with Ellen >>1513343, >>1513465,
>Surprise! Jason R Womack funded the date and paid for Shayna’s rent, through Ellen’s Venmo account >>1513546,
>The two retards go to an aquarium and then go out to eat seafood? >>1513666, >>1513681
>Shayna tweets and announces her cam show >>1515154,
>Shayna actually goes through with her cam show and drinks wine and acts retarded. So boring >>1515798, Jason r Womack tips and leaves because he had work.
>Shayna screams when he tips and says “I love you Jason”
>Jason R Womack tipping >>1515882,
>Close up shot of Shayna’s extremely chapped lips >>1515817,
>Shayna’s outfit is tragic and does not fit her >>1515853, skirt is way too small
>Licks her toes for chump change, >>1515859, scrote doesn’t pay to watch more, so she stops >>1515861,
>Talks shit about lolcow >>1516956, says she’s unbothered though, name drops vivi clouds >>1516965,
>Makes faux body positivity post to cope with being a lard ass , >>1517532, >>1517544,
>Shayna announces she has caught Covid >>1517574, most likely a made up excuse to not work
>Weight gain collage of Shayna >>1518175, >>1518180,
>E begs for 1,000 dollars because she might want to go to a convention. Another panhandling scheme
>Makes her monthly “I’m thriving” tweet in true Shaynus fashion >>1519051, says she’s proud she can live on her own, despite having Womack pay her rent
> The “dad” bites her >>1519856, she shows her bruises

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
>Jason R Womack, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
>Grayhair, @GNotold on Twitter

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No. 1520154

File: 1651728535093.jpeg (536.67 KB, 1242x1241, 7EE49A23-13AB-473D-8E73-C8D8B7…)

Someone called Shayna a neo nazi

No. 1520155

she deleted this. what did they say to shat?

No. 1520168

File: 1651730208630.jpg (906.91 KB, 1450x2062, neonazi Mattel.jpg)

> this person is a literal neonazi !
Shayna responded (picrel)

No. 1520182

File: 1651731444324.jpg (356.42 KB, 1413x1602, degen fight.jpg)

This seems to be what Shayna responded to? Perhaps >>1520154 can confirm. The Twitter degen (make no mistake, the person calling her a neonazi is also trash) also just retweeted a Shayna is problematic thread (picrel)

No. 1520185

File: 1651731779449.png (1016.04 KB, 1310x831, 8,606 views.png)

Samefag but just realised her apology video has had 8606 views but only a handful of comments, grim. If this isn’t a sign, Shayna, what is?

No. 1520197

imagine living the kind of life where you have to put out a super srs video where you seriously say "I'm not a nazi" bleak

No. 1520202

File: 1651733265963.jpeg (362.59 KB, 750x2831, C665AB11-7BF7-4308-9026-03C477…)

This thread about her is going around again

No. 1520210

File: 1651734108860.jpeg (203.95 KB, 750x480, 170C37D0-82CB-4F96-BCEB-594363…)

I’m cropping it cause no one needs to see it but she’s posting loli porn on her pedo account

No. 1520211

File: 1651734256283.png (587.3 KB, 1018x1884, Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 3.03…)

No. 1520213

I don’t understand shayna. This shit and the threads both obviously bother her a lot and aren’t great for her mental health. She’s not even good at or making a lot from sexwork and she doesn’t seem to enjoy actually doing it, just the thought of doing it. I honestly don’t think she considers it “easy” considering how much she clearly hates sexual stuff and how bad she is at actually doing shit that will get her money (ie. camming, making good content).

Despite all of this, why does she keep doing Sexwork? To be a pick me? There are better methods that will get more XYs. To say she’s a sexworker? No one off Twitter thinks that’s a good thing. It’s most likely to prove some point to herself or her parents or maybe even her “haturz”, but can spite really motivate anyone for that long before it fades away into a feeling of hollowness and dissatisfaction? I don’t understand why she hasnt wanted to leave by now.

No. 1520214

Topkek at shayna losing some of her only real followers

No. 1520216

File: 1651735086822.jpeg (958.33 KB, 750x1200, 179C30A5-7CC7-4A38-8919-C7ABA8…)

Holy mother of double chin

No. 1520238

the way she says "provide current proof" makes her sound like she was a "nazi" but there is no current proof for it. she's so weird

No. 1520285

She's so ghastly and pale, vitamin D deficiency is no joke.

No. 1520305

While it's great people are hating on her publicly, once again these stupid e-whores and coomers aren't crucifying her for the right reasons. Of course that means they'd all be guilty! Stupid as fuck whores with a stupid ass vendetta kek

No. 1520315

A sprinkle of sunk-cost fallacy, a dash of stubbornness and a lot of I need attention. Think about what she has lost and sacrificed to keep her shitty life calling, she needs to keep herself convinced it’s all worth it and that she “won’t give up”/she’ll “show the haters”

No. 1520416


That white synthetic bra is so flimsy and gross I thought it was a fucking bodega bag kek. I love that this was supposed to be a "back to nature" look but everything is so cheap and plasticky.

No. 1520436

the woman who shared the callout post looks identical to Shayna from her pfp

No. 1520508

File: 1651760615578.jpeg (359.17 KB, 1242x703, 2A05E4B6-83BA-4B92-BBB5-ACF939…)

ugh like these people aren’t problematic as well. I’d rather listen to a lame edgy joke about hitler than these freaks sexualizing pedophiles and saying they want to be abused by them. Notice how they don’t call her out for her degenerate porn (because they are all the same)

No. 1520513

Kek I didn’t realize that was a bra either it does look like a plastic bag

No. 1520515

i cant believe she did an effort editing all her pics and not showing her gut and then this kek

No. 1520520

why everytime this happend people start to putting other whores into the thread as if someone cares lol if u wanna hate on these bitches go to the sw thread im here to laugh at fatty not trying to find new cows

No. 1520521

File: 1651760980607.jpeg (507.69 KB, 1242x1342, E831B98D-53C4-41D8-91B9-1A043D…)

King kinvar is fucking obsessed with Shayna he always always ends up in Twitter threads calling out “racist dolly mattel” like why does he care so much

No. 1520522

From last thread someone was looking for evidence that Shayna ever has sex with a live person. It's in thread #14, so she hasn't filmed herself having actual sex in years
Not sure if I linked correctly, but her old early Oklahoma saga threads are still a hilarious read.
Is that a plastic bag of snacks in her hand?

No. 1520526

The "Shayna is racist" bs always makes the rounds about once every 4 months, last time was with Sol. It's stale as fuck. The only interesting thkng about it is that she continues "working" in this world despite the fact that twitter whores are 100% likely to dig up off-color remarks from your past and try to ruin your life for it. Not sure why she bothers. Nobody would care if you said "lol Hitler" in 2015 if you worked in a coffee shop, Shayna. Just quit.

No. 1520533

Kek maybe she’s the Anon who kept saying Shayna wasn’t ugly

No. 1520560

Kek I thought that was a bag in her hands. Nice doggie poop bag, shat. Really ties in the dog-in-the-woods theme.

No. 1520604

Where are the fat nonnies who said shat lost weight? She’s bigger than the last awful shatsquatch shoot.

No. 1520611

she really thought just making a quick vid saying how “super sorry” she is would fix things. she didn’t even apologize for scamming or all the terrible things she’s said about people. she just bullshit apologized for stuff she said as a teenager, acting like everyone would just forgive her.

get over it shayna, if people don’t want to be your friend then who the fuck cares. grow up.

No. 1520643

blowing up some dumb edginess from years ago into a Big Deal while ignoring the disgusting pedopandering happening right in front of them. People on Twitter have bizarre priorities.

No. 1520646

File: 1651770255100.jpeg (Spoiler Image,909.6 KB, 1242x1536, 8F1DCF69-A725-4672-A8BE-F9F852…)

I know this was postwd in the old thread but did she meet up with this guy while she had covid? Stay classy, Shay.

No. 1520648

I hope the dad caught Covid and stops breathing

No. 1520675

Good point didn’t even think about that. She was whining about not being able to be touched in 7-10 days and then has this dude over in 2. What a retard

No. 1520691

Are you serious? She’s spreading Covid around? What a hypocritical bitch, she has no respect for other people

No. 1520697

File: 1651774318637.jpeg (187.44 KB, 750x1388, 50639B85-4A75-41A9-9437-1C176B…)

I wish I had screenshots of the tweet before she deleted it but 3 days ago she said that the worst part about having covid was she wouldn’t get a hug in 7-10 days. Then 2 days later she has a booty call. “uwu get vaccinated and wear a mask covid sucks!! imma keep spreading it tho lol”

No. 1520698

Classic Shay. Always slipping up on her bullshit or being a general retard. Either she lied about covid to avoid work and who knows what or she did get it from going maskless at the aquarium and touching everything with her greasy fingers, tried to get pity points on Twitter, but then just goes about her life interacting with people. Oh but the bf Dad is probably vaccinated ya know and they didnt kiss or anything so its totes fine!

No. 1520699

File: 1651774402119.jpeg (700 KB, 1170x1609, AD48EBAF-5C88-4512-B7B7-D3DF12…)

She’s the worst

No. 1520703

i think it's so hilarious and deserving that shat consistently gets shit from these braindead twitterfags with no reading comprehension over stale "proof" of her racism, such as a comment she made TEN years ago and her "fuck trump" hat porn, which was somehow interpreted as being pro-trump kek. no amount of apologies over the shit she didn't even commit will curb these morons scouting twitter for people they don't even know to revenge-block like it achieves anything. it's not the kind of clapback she needs the most, but it's fitting nevertheless

No. 1520726

I still don’t get why she keeps getting canceled over “nazi” shit, bitch has barely any real followers and no interaction whatsoever, she gets what? A like or two in her posts? She’s already dead and we’re just looking at her sinking lower because she keeps airing her dirty laundry on twitter.
I just think that the callout posts are overkill at this point, the other pedopandering losers should just go outside and stop sexualizing childhood so they can cancel shart for something more important like, I don’t know, sexualizing children, perhaps.

No. 1520735

Not the arms almost being the size of her sucked in side profile KEKKKK

No. 1520813

For real, if she worked at Dunkin or Starbucks she'd be getting so much free food and iced coffees and fraps . Seriously, considering her weight gain she should consider this as her main hustle

No. 1520856

File: 1651781418373.jpeg (220.84 KB, 750x1627, 9E8AE1EF-63F4-459C-AE87-6BC6B9…)

It’s really funny to see these posts going back around. No matter what she does whores will see her username and be like “oh, she’s that racist nazi”

No. 1520865

File: 1651782144340.gif (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 270x531, 5BFB170B-9D45-487E-B926-6687E5…)

Hahahah holy shit(sage)

No. 1520871

Not trying to WK shayna but do these ewhores know what the term "literal" means?? They're really out here comparing her to the men and women (mostly men) who think anyone other than aryans are a subhuman race and who possibly should be exterminated? Because of some dumb edgy joke she made? Kek what stupid bitches. Obviously they won't go after the real neo nazis because they're proud of being nazis so they go after women like Shayna who grovel and beg for the diaper fetish caterers not to think she's a "muh muh monster boo hoo". SW bitches are absolutely insufferable, like anons before me have said they're just as cancelable in this social media climate with their pedo pandering "pls rape me daddy" bullshit but they feel confident enough to throw stones in a big glass house.

>if you don't unfollow this person I have given zero proof of being an actual dangerous neo nazi I'm gonna block you

Ohhh so scary. No name e whore who pretends to be a child really means business guiz! The fact that they're @ing people who follow her too is brainworms level of insane.

No. 1520875

i was looking at the old thread too and honestly its disgusting how Fupa would think it was ok to fuck her girlfriend with a plushie and a pacifier when he, himself, had a lil daughter.
fuckin gross.
and being that desesperate for a man to let him fuck you like this and u dont even look comfortable, just sad.

No. 1520879

Well shit if she loses gorytoddler’s support it’s basically all over for Shay! We live in strange times indeed that a pedopandering skank who actively wears diapers and tweets about getting bottlefed hallucinogens by ‘dada’ gets cancelled for making edgy jokes nearly ten years ago…by other diaper wearing toddler sexualizing psychopaths.

No. 1520889

See? This is something they need to complaining about how she claims she has "Covid" but lets a guy bite her 3 days later. This is proof she's a straight up liar.Instead of shit she did as a teen and making shit up. If she has Covid she's spearding it around. If she didn't have it she told that lie, deleted the post and thats scummy as well.

No. 1520892

The people calling her out also sexualize kids and are pedo panders. I legit think it's from those kind of people, who think Shayna is a "Threat" to their gross pedo-pandering community. They are just trying to knock her down. It's not about what she said years ago. Calling her out for Pedo-pandering would be seen as "kink shaming".
They don't pay attention to shayna enough to look at what she actually does wrong. Like lying about having covid, sending out other girls to fight her battles, fucking over Vivi etc.

No. 1520904

File: 1651783873346.jpeg (127.9 KB, 1256x706, 2DBC83A8-2630-4D75-8ACA-67B07F…)

No. 1520920

language changes and the word Nazi isn’t used for the National Sozialisten as it has been anymore

No. 1520922

Yeah that was super uncomfortable to watch. Shay has lived such a sad life all for male approval and to stick it to "haters" and her parents. Teenage rebellion bullshit isnt cute in your 20s, Shay. Even though she doesnt really deserve it, I wish she would just find someone decent and normal to actually date. Someone who isnt a fucking degenerate pervert. Its been clear that despite this poor persona she puts on, shes not a sexual person. Shes just so used to being gross and naked and made being a ~uwu porn star~ her personality that she forces herself. If she would just stop being so obnoxious and use the sex work as just a side hustle to save up some money, then look into a part time at a dispensary or something. Meet a regular dude thats not just wanting her for sex.
Idk it seems unreasonable as I type it. Shes got actual porn rot brain at this point and shes still a boring, unhygienic, idiot at the end of the day. I dont pity her, but it still is objectively kinda sad lol. Shes responsible for her own poor choices and she had the family support and still does to do anything else, so she ultimately chose and chooses this life, but Kink Tumblr, porn, and disgusting dudes really did fuck girls like her up by glorifying a path like this.

No. 1520929

Idk what region you're from but neo nazi means you're a modern nazi in the western world still. They're referring to the Hitler joke she made a decade ago. What else would they be implying by saying "shes a literal neo nazi" if they dont mean nazi kek

No. 1520935

Newfags need to stop posting old milk. We've already seen and talked about all of that and fupa hasn't been relevant in a year.

No. 1520937

I'm guessing that's who she probably caught it from because those bruises were obviously a few days old when she posted that

No. 1520939

Yeah I was a little confused by the part where she says she got famous from posting pro-Nazi stuff on Tumblr. Some of these farmers are cows themselves lol

No. 1520978

File: 1651787254096.jpg (217.91 KB, 1142x985, twtss.jpg)

Theres some hilarious infighting going on with the twitter ewhores right now about working with sol and the dolly cancel thread I would post more but theres way too many of them just going back and forth its so funny. using lolcow as a reference for her shitiness. doing stuff with shatna really fucked him over

No. 1520991

Kek it’s these whores who keep bragging about their “luxury apartment in Seattle” and being a bikini barista. Stop lurking this thread you’re just as fat and ugly as Shayna. Seethe harder

No. 1521013

Well I guess that's the newfag just going through the threads kek

No. 1521020

It will never stop being funny seeing her trying to be serious while still typing like an absolute sped. Maybe people would take you seriously if you typed like you gave a damn.

No. 1521063

Come on guys, "charlie the cum rag" has really done her research obviously!

No. 1521108

File: 1651794721052.jpeg (177.2 KB, 750x588, 3B1F0C2B-19C8-45EF-9D33-7B23C1…)

No. 1521110

Why is it every time she calls out people she always calls them “psychos” and “crazy”?

No. 1521111

she's typing like a retard on purpose, it takes more effort to type like that than it would be to just type normally. just reading it gives me a headache tbh

No. 1521112

She says shit like this to subtly tell Bratty and them to start defending her.Watch she's going to start whining about how she has no support in a mintue

No. 1521114

File: 1651795026130.jpeg (298.46 KB, 750x1946, 8B96D3B8-1A3C-43BD-A823-7B76A2…)

No. 1521118

File: 1651795294282.jpeg (164.61 KB, 553x1280, B76DECC1-8312-40EB-A706-7136D6…)


No. 1521121

File: 1651795442561.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.19 KB, 527x1280, 44C70640-65BC-49E6-8754-3CBF59…)

No. 1521128

but if everybody is searching on lc why they havent come up with the screenshots yet? theyre in earlier threads its not that hard

No. 1521129

i'm sure your ancestors are very proud of you, BLOODYKIDD1E. keep fighting the good fight, fairy baby. also apparently shayna CAN type like a normal human.

No. 1521131

"Bloodie Kiddie"looks retarded. Show us the "Whorephobic" shit? Show us the "Classist" shit (Which probably did happen who cares her whole thing is being a "Bimbo" so isnt that Shay's about?Being fake rich and better?). This person makes me mad because it makes me stick up for Shayna a little bit. There's legit things to dislike her for, not shit she already apologized for and made up nitpicky shit.

No. 1521135

File: 1651795859324.jpeg (119.14 KB, 231x1280, 58703DE0-2BA1-474F-A176-48E7D6…)

I’m sorry this is a lot I’m trying to keep up but they’re still going at it

No. 1521138

File: 1651795986217.jpeg (302.42 KB, 750x2007, 8E350A8C-ECED-431D-98FA-8D6E9A…)

No. 1521140

File: 1651796146409.jpeg (295.15 KB, 1125x1609, A0FE6D95-AEE3-4578-85A9-AD96F7…)

exactly and especially shit like this

No. 1521142

Bikini barista wishes she was only as fat as Shay

No. 1521144

File: 1651796330661.jpeg (377.08 KB, 1080x1557, 87926EE5-1E5A-4F81-A3BE-25F918…)

No. 1521145

The classist moment was when she was shitting on people for making gofundme for hair, plastic surgery etc. But then not long after make a begging post to get her hair done

No. 1521146

Kek, two pedopanderers.So Shayna can't be forgiven for saying dumb shit as a underaged child but these idiots can larp as childern for sexual purposes? Fuck out of here. This gender special is retarded pulling anything out HER ass and still hasn't shown much proof.

No. 1521150

So post that, I'd love to see a mega thread of Shayna scamming scrotes (not that I care), being a bully, hypocrite and all that other shit. This "nazi" shit is played out.
Nobody calls Shayna out when she does shit in real time, but they go on and on about some shit she said before she was legal. It does make it seem like they are just unfairly trying to cancel someone who has shit that actually should get them hate.

No. 1521151

File: 1651796564331.jpeg (295.53 KB, 1080x1145, 8640C721-4CEA-448B-B760-6808B7…)

Shaynus gonna get canceled for being twansphobic now

No. 1521155

File: 1651796644263.jpeg (72.84 KB, 750x273, FB0BB198-D385-4933-816D-0E43BF…)

No. 1521156

and here comes the suicide bait. god she’s predictable. just ignore it ffs.

No. 1521157

Is she now officially hashtag canceled? I doubt she will delete her Twitter.

No. 1521158

File: 1651796830588.png (249.1 KB, 474x265, monky fight.png)

No. 1521161

Yeah… the transphobe card is stronger then the "racist" and "Nazi" card to twitter folks. Funnily enough she can't blame Lolcow, because this person doesn't come off as someone who lurks or knows much about Shayna outside of the "Nazi" stuff.
Plus the "transphobic" whining. I honestly didn't see this coming.

No. 1521162

File: 1651796943864.jpeg (231.95 KB, 750x634, 29B0FD37-9F9A-496B-8595-ADC323…)

No. 1521163

no she shit on homeless/poor people making gofundmes to get out of bad/abusive situations by saying they don’t have a plan for how they’re gonna use the money and will just blow it on something stupid. then right after she praised another SW for making a gofundme for lip injections and asked if she should make one for herself for cosmetic surgery.

No. 1521164

if you go through the threads you’re sure to find one

No. 1521167

Didn't think I'd be around to see a Shayna Clifford suicide bait tweet! Lucky me. Hopefully Ellen Degenerate bites her boil-infected ass and calms her down.

Jokes aside, this whole situation is retarded, why is she so pressed about it? Is it because she's afraid she'll lose her woke SW followers?

No. 1521168

because every time you’ve been called out for mistakes, you dodge it by playing the victim and suicide baiting. it’s only weeks after that you’re like “oh maybe I should apologize” and by then no one wants to hear it. just because you made a shitty video saying “i’m not a nazi” doesn’t mean you’re not a manipulator, scammer, and all around pick me mean girl.

No. 1521172

>everything I can

and yet there’s still recent evidence of you being a narcissistic cunt who thinks she’s above everyone else. you haven’t changed shayna and everyone can see it but you.

No. 1521175

I don’t keep up with her much but she clearly isn’t happy, idk why she continues in this endeavor. She can change her looks and name, it isn’t over if she really wants a restart.

No. 1521176

because she can’t fathom not being liked by the internet. her brain is stuck in her high school days.

No. 1521179

She really just wants to be accepted and loved by the genderspecial pedo retards lmao. This poor girl. Her apology video is so bad too. But her anger in her replies is sending me right now.

No. 1521182

You’re right anon! My bad, got it mixed up

No. 1521183

File: 1651797700838.jpeg (125.03 KB, 386x1280, 72ED7D4A-CE41-456C-991E-BA6336…)

No. 1521187

Oh wow, she's really digging that hole. It would've been better to not have said anything tbh.

No. 1521188

And everything’s been deleted. Phew that was fast. Glad I caught that

No. 1521192

A log w.e but I was one of those people and I used it to get out of a shit situation so yay. Sorry I know no one cares I don't normally a log either lol

No. 1521195

File: 1651798581057.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, retards.png)

No. 1521196

File: 1651798598681.jpeg (165.29 KB, 750x1224, 5357DE5D-ACBF-489E-A564-4CE239…)

By “frens” she means the coomers coming to her aid with monsters inc gifs under her suicide bait tweet

No. 1521198

And this is why I hope that weird fucker holds on to the "Dolly Mattel is transphobic card" and keeps pushing it.
I'd be like, "Oh so you don't care you misgendered me because I don't have enough devoted followers?" Kek.
Like you literally have 3 devoted followers Shayna. Stop it.

No. 1521200

Aww I was kinda hoping for a breakdown/psych ward arc

No. 1521201

File: 1651798919564.png (41.46 KB, 600x354, lol.PNG)

No. 1521202

Nah, she looked at the girls followers and feels like it's not going to harm her. Thats how Shayna works. If that idiot starts lurking they should definetly start tagging random people with big accounts or troons that interacted with Shayna about how Shay "Misgendered" her. Thats the only way Shayna is going to care. If someone with more followers calls her out.

No. 1521203

File: 1651799096527.jpeg (344.85 KB, 750x953, E3271B12-DE88-48F1-B229-C76C8D…)

“I just wanted to talk it out uwu”

No. 1521207

File: 1651799242721.jpeg (70.94 KB, 717x255, F9332AD5-69F2-4A47-B7B3-044959…)

Drink away the pain that is your life, as always

No. 1521210

She checks followers first. That proves Shayna doesn't give a fuck what she's being called out for. Just who is doing it. She says followers don't matter but she always brings it up and I feel like other people are in her discord or dm's like, "Dolly, who cares they only have X amount of followers! It was years ago!"
She thinks people are going to let the misgendering go, but they didn't let the "Nazi" shit go, so someone with enough followers to care is going to see that shit and then "call" shayna out. I just hope the equally gross person calling her out keeps pushing the "She misgedwered me uwu" card.

No. 1521217

Shut up ugly imagine being so fragile being called queen makes you upset

>talk it out
You know she’d be calling them a bitch and then blocking them right after in the dms

No. 1521218

File: 1651800055362.jpeg (965.78 KB, 1200x1727, BDE2C73F-02B9-4901-9694-A77E24…)

I’m cackling so much

No. 1521219

File: 1651800075098.png (43.3 KB, 595x467, Capture.PNG)

I wonder if this is why Shayna feels so good, A coomer telling her she's the best person they know. Someone whose attention you are paying for is the "best person you know".
What the fuck?

No. 1521222

I hate why they are cancelling her but seeing Shayna sperg about vivi saga, lolcow and now her false nazi allegations. Shayna deserves to be miserable but she’s not a racist these people are dumb. Her suicide baiting after defending herself makes her look bad. If she wasn’t a racist why is she freaking out

No. 1521223

>>You're not a nazi anymore

Hoping the angry ewhores will take it this way so this milk will last longer than 8 hours

No. 1521225


Quit sexwork and become a bikini barista shaynus I hear it's easy money

No. 1521226

File: 1651800508615.jpeg (232.29 KB, 750x844, 4E037110-8DE4-4351-9CB9-410FC8…)

You’re not that important

No. 1521227

you can tell where her priorities lie. as long as there’s a few people on the internet who give a shit about her, she’s fine. what a bleak existence.

No. 1521229

this bitch is delusional kek must be drunk already.
she thinks shes above everybody because she was famous on tumblr and now is looking as haggard, fat and man-looking like all those ewhores and trannies.

No. 1521231

The only people who like, not love to hate you is Lolcow. I legit think they just want to knock another sex worker out the game or legit are twitter sick and think Shayna is an Nazi horrible bitch. Or both. Either way, if these people don't matter and are "clout hungry" why even respond? In a way this is good. Shayna is getting big in the head because the Vivi shit, so it's only a matter of time before someone big calls her out.

No. 1521232

File: 1651800837731.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1016.86 KB, 953x1614, 10E172C3-5531-481E-B43A-38C8B9…)

I’d love to see her lard ass try to do ballet

No. 1521235

Now we’re gonna hear about she’s “ballet trained” again

No. 1521237

what if this callout bs is driven by an invisible force called Vivi?

No. 1521240

They’ve been calling Shaynus out for this since tumblr and the early saga of her and fupa. Before having onlyfans was a thing , Shayna has been hated for a long time. She’s just not a likable person.

No. 1521248

File: 1651801474742.jpeg (316.1 KB, 750x866, 3E8AD222-2870-4ED0-9BC5-7D5A28…)

cough Vivi cough

No. 1521249

These sex worker call out posts are fucking annoying. They cater to the lowest of people: scrotes. They don’t care if you said something racially insensitive, they don’t care about dark skin dildos being used in a anti trump video. Moids fuck anything, will buy any porn from any woman. They don’t care. Men who buy porn just want to see women degrade themselves for pennies. They only pretend to care about these whores to get in their pants. They keep referencing this site and using the Shayna thread to feel better about themselves, they slip up every once in a while and defend Shayna’s actions because they are a whore themselves. Stop using this site sex work isn’t real work, we aren’t incel men we are women.

No. 1521258

This won't damage her at all, apart from ego.

Realistically, the only thing she has to lose is the 3 people paying her bills. She could lose her entire bought twitter following and not feel it at all economically

No. 1521277

File: 1651804149009.jpeg (278.24 KB, 750x938, ADEC07F2-5A48-4837-A597-5EDD77…)

She created this hell and willingly chooses to live in it

No. 1521286

the term neo nazi has lost absolutely all meaning, i'm loling at these degen whores calling fatty a nazi with such conviction, what a life.

No. 1521293

Sooooo…. is she just casually glossing over the fact she was spreading CP of herself online? Wow lol she was doomed from the start

No. 1521297

Omg lik, mai frenz r lik, TOATZ KEWLS LOLS! Bitch shut the fuck up, you're a 25 year old fat ass who has a normal, grown woman voice. Not an uwu cutesy baby. Just stop this shit.

No. 1521298

Sage retard she never produced child porn of herself publicly but she did start sex work underaged and her parents found out.

No. 1521300

She already had a “normie” boyfriend. She chose being an online whore instead. She got caught camming at her boyfriend’s house. His mother was gardening outside and saw through the window. She has always been a leech. Takes and takes but never gives. I doubt she has sent anything to her parents she’s a selfish piece of shit

No. 1521312

File: 1651806436883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,551.13 KB, 1170x1114, 601D6C51-CA57-4EB4-ADEA-424AC1…)

Whatever helps you sleep at night Shay

No. 1521319

All of the ~callouts~ are just the most popular shit that’s been around forever, plus a few buzzwords thrown in each time, and easy to find/been going around. A lot of these people don’t agree with lc and take anything, if they even take it, from here as bullshit. So they’re not going to 1 go through it, 2 even consider it a reputable source. It’s sad because they’d actually have shit to back them up. Except these are all pedopandering ewhores so who really gives a fuck what they think. It’s funny to see her go through this on such minuscule scale. Imagine if she had half the fame she thinks she deserves.
You didn’t alog you blogposted

No. 1521322

A few buzzwords with nothing to back it up*

No. 1521324

oh my god, does she not get fed up with the countless monster inc gif she's seen

No. 1521334

File: 1651808915348.jpg (25.97 KB, 375x610, Connie.JPG)

Does she have a topknot under her wig? She looks like a cone head

No. 1521341

>your genders are they / she
underrated shay quote kek she is so retarded and cannot even keep up with these wokester’s terms despite pandering to them constantly

No. 1521342

SW Twitter is really made up of the greatest and brightest

No. 1521344

I wish one of them would call her out for covid lying or something. They’ll never do it for pedo pandering or scamming but at least not being STI talent tested like she’s supposed to as a p0rn st4r.

No. 1521358

File: 1651811557706.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1495, 0E541AB8-7AAC-4428-BE04-146A1B…)

she is so desperate for validation, even though deep down she knows how much of a loser she is.

No. 1521383

Okay but literally scrotes buying her gross porn do NOT give a single fuck about this drama lol close twitter and post content on your OF, Shay, you fucking idiot. Arguing with some bitch on twitter who is never gonna like you is a waste of time. Those other sex workers not liking you and blocking you from their cliques doesn't affect your work in the big picture. She just cant understand that. The porn sick perverts wouldn't care if she was actually racist or whatever I mean hell some of them would probably like it. The coomers are disgusting but theyre the ones who keep her lights empowered kek. So maybe if she focused on actually working and creating content for them… ya know, like the content she owes them or just actually making fresh content in general. Shes never gonna make it big in the industry and it really isnt because some nobody whores cry "she said ignorant things years ago". Its because of her own work ethics and the fact that she's an average at best e whore.

No. 1521385

LOL shut up Shatna jfc. She really would always be better off in these situations to not say anything. Anything she says just makes the other retard angrier and makes her look worse. This tweet sounds so delusional and self absorbed too. Not cute and uwu positive.

No. 1521388

Being catty and sardonic on their public posts isnt how you actually communicate and talk about things, you fucking insufferable cunt.

No. 1521391

Literally this kek

I just imagine her chugging a bottle of $8 wine and crying while posting this "Im so amazing everyone is just jealous I have so many followers Im THE Dolly Mattel!!"

No. 1521393

File: 1651815446376.jpeg (397.58 KB, 737x937, A1AAB85A-B7E0-40EC-AE01-381421…)

No. 1521397

Shayna's body has degenerated so much that scrotes have to focus on obscure body parts to still find her attractive

No. 1521434

I’m sure her dead ancestors care more about some random white 15 year old making a hitler joke than they do their descendant acting like they are above said whore while getting off to pretending to be a child

No. 1521445

Shayna should really appreciate farmers more. Thread always rightfully defends her when she gets boolied by these other ugly disgusting pedophile ewhores kek

No. 1521469

I don't give a shit about/am not defending Shayna but damn this other cunt is insufferable

No. 1521484

If you go to the Twitter account tho it says she/they on the bio but I guess people can put whatever up there and then be like - sike

No. 1521493

This has Noah Thompson energy

No. 1521515

File: 1651842456758.jpeg (452.82 KB, 1242x1197, F13314AB-7D24-44F6-BAB4-4224BC…)


No. 1521522

File: 1651842778107.jpeg (385.31 KB, 1182x1361, B0AF9694-2C0A-429F-9E85-458210…)

She will never stop complaining about haters I will refer to this tweet next time you have a meltdown about another ugly whore calling you racist

No. 1521529

Both these people eat shit kek

No. 1521539

That anon was making fun of Shay calling them genders instead of pronouns.

No. 1521573

File: 1651846949300.jpeg (56.52 KB, 824x596, 2BF9F901-2FA4-4801-ACF9-073B4D…)

Jason r Womack is mentally retarded. I lose brain cells seeing his tweets

No. 1521607

im so glad she doesnt try to wear heavy makeup as much anymore, its so bad

No. 1521608

Scatna that’s not even remotely surprising and you’d probably enjoy or at least attempt to sell it

No. 1521619

I wouldn't worry about her passing STIs to "talent" considering she doesn't have sex with anyone. Even her pro-work is solo or spanking.

No. 1521626

As much as Shayna is a ridiculous pedo panderer she does have a point. There are people who really do hate certain groups of people and want to harm them. Instead the cowardly woke crowd are always going after so called 'micro aggressors'.

No. 1521630

File: 1651853202485.jpg (543.06 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220506-110550_Twi…)

Wait sol gave her the content?

No. 1521636

That's the first time he has said that

No. 1521640

File: 1651853973531.png (45.37 KB, 1041x206, 171821.png)

I can't believe these literal, actual pedophiles think calling someone "queen" is some kind of hate crime. How the fuck is calling someone a queen more evil than glorifying rape and pedophilia? (Deleted and reposted because honestly the screenshot of this account I first attached was too fucking disgusting to have on here)

No. 1521651

File: 1651855043357.jpeg (596.21 KB, 1170x1077, 78F469A4-6ECE-41DC-92F3-6C1F3E…)

No. 1521656

kek i didn't think i'd ever cheer for shay but in this twitter slapfight between retards she has my support

No. 1521659

Wait is Sol STILL getting shit on twitter months later?? Holy fucking shit. These shitty e whores are relentless in their retardedness but thats hilarious.

No. 1521664

He’s currently live on twitter to “explain everything” but I’m not bothering with joining

No. 1521667

Yes the retard won't get a wig cap and thinks piling her hair on top of her head and smashing a wig on top isn't obvious.

No. 1521670

File: 1651856820380.jpeg (221.4 KB, 1168x1578, 6EE4D4BA-6847-4EBE-871C-43A6C7…)

I tried to grab some screen shots, but it was difficult

No. 1521673

"Deployed", what a fucking idiot. Deported was the word you wanted.

No. 1521674

File: 1651857025596.jpeg (252.07 KB, 1168x1419, 42AC1A4D-CCB6-4C2B-9A11-35CB44…)

No. 1521675

He is speaking on audio and it's just being translated to closed captioning via A.I. or whatever…. there are a lot of discrepancies in his actual words versus what the CC is reporting.

No. 1521677

File: 1651857093733.jpeg (256.77 KB, 1168x1438, 76E6B2A4-116E-4389-8B23-508B78…)

No. 1521678

File: 1651857147887.jpeg (271.51 KB, 1168x1466, 4DDD1D75-141D-4ACE-A1FA-3E2029…)

No. 1521685

Can you just record it?

No. 1521686

Sol is the biggest hypocrite anyway because he knew about these threads and all the accusations surrounding her being a racist / nazi / anti Semite YEARS before he worked with Shayna because he was in her very first discord group and there are screenshots in the earlier threads i think around 30's or so with his username and pic giving her ass pats in her discord about her 'haterz". He knew it all and still chose to work with her and he has been doing damage control ever since.

No. 1521690

I tried recording but he mentioned looking into a lawyer because it’s “messing with his mental health and work”

No. 1521703

File: 1651858585027.jpeg (261.12 KB, 750x637, AA5AD400-F845-4C2C-9C78-8E6F74…)

That retard PuppiKumma’s call out post for Shayna and Sol is also getting passed around again, there’s a whole fucking slap fight happening on Twitter because some whores who worked with Sol are defending him but obviously he is a racist nazi because he worked with Shayna. Lots of whore infighting that Shayna is inevitably going to not be able to ignore anymore. Not worth posting about too much here because it’s just random whores fighting but Nazi lover of 7+ years made me laugh though

No. 1521716

File: 1651859380168.jpeg (367.55 KB, 750x863, 5075B7B4-1AA7-45B9-8634-7CCD4F…)

Shayna supports the genocide of entire races. Sol’s wife is very much involved with the slap fight too. I’m going to post more in the e-whores thread because this whole thing being reignited is pretty entertaining >>>/snow/1521707

No. 1521722

I’m sure someone with the username “dahmmerjeff” is a pinnacle of morality.

Sol was one of Shay’s first discord simps and was constantly active there, talking about these threads and the hate she gets on twitter. He’s backpedaling like his life depends on it because of the inevitable backlash he received. I don’t know what he thought was gonna happen.

No. 1521725

File: 1651859912015.jpg (89.05 KB, 1095x683, careful what you wish for.jpg)

No. 1521728

File: 1651860124834.jpg (34.95 KB, 636x347, thread 42.jpg)

No. 1521735


Also from thread 42, years before Sol worked with Shayna he is defending her from "muh haterz" and simping so fucking hard…yea act like you didn't know ALL about these threads or exactly the type of person Shayna was before agreeing to work with her. Here is your proof Sol, keep trying to fool people. You might not be a racist but you definitely aren't as innocent as you claim to be. You chose to work with a problematic person, and even WANTED to be featured on her hate thread. Reap what you sow cow.


No. 1521740

It’s all just a convenient excuse for not being able to release the content because of the Airbnb debacle. Sol got to twist it around and make it look like he’s “condemning nazis” by not releasing when we know the real reason

No. 1521746

Twitter is just the biggest game of telephone imaginable. Made an edgy joke at 15 = ‘hitler lover of 7+ years’ these people are insane

No. 1521751

These twitter hoes make me start rooting for Shayna.

No. 1521755

I was the anon who requested the video. I ended up asking in the stupid questions thread in /ot/, because I am in disbelief that Shayna had slept with a person (and even now with evidence it still doesn't feel real, like videos of bigfoot). There something so odd about a person who has sex with the sole purpose of posing with a stuffie for uwu points instead of having sex to feel sexual.

And what the fuck are those slaps from Kyle?

No. 1521758

Yeah no, I will never root for Shayna while she’s a scamming pedo baiter

No. 1521761

I know you’re new, but the general rule is we leave old milk in their place and the discussion stops there. You don’t need to keep bringing posts from the old threads to the current thread because most of us were either there and we already discussed it a long time ago or we’ve already seen it.

No. 1521762

What's crazy is that whenever this nazi thing comes back up they reference these threads, but nobody here ever claims that Shay is a nazi or an anti-semite. The acknowledgement I've seen of the old joke I'd that it was an edgy joke. How are they doing all these mental back flips?

No. 1521766

Can people stfu about rooting for shayna? If you’re really rooting for her then leave the thread she hates so much and go defend her on Twitter. You can dislike both sides of a situation, you don’t have to pick one to support. Shayna is a terrible person and I honestly think she deserves the stress, even if some of the shit being said isn’t true. It’s just Karma, baby.

No. 1521776

File: 1651862350336.jpeg (580.96 KB, 835x825, 04691CE5-31FE-4D81-A937-61B0DF…)

Can you guys stop posting old pixelated screenshots? The Twitter pedophiles will just continue to lurk this thread so they can “cancel” Shaynus

No. 1521777

I know the "dad bites" were already covered, but that's some straight up serial killer shit. Ask Ted Bundy. Literally Google Ted Bundy if you don't get it. Everyone in here is wondering if these scrotes smell or are dirty, but the wonder/worry should be motive. Especially if she's not letting them fuck her. Big yikes.

No. 1521780

Take this to the pedophile Twitter thread

No. 1521782

Literally learn to sage newfag

No. 1521783

>Ask Ted Bundy
Yeah I asked him. Ted told me to tell you to fucking sage retard

No. 1521784

>Everyone in here is wondering if these scrotes smell or are dirty
No we don’t. It’s common knowledge that 99% of males who pay for sex are dirty, ugly, fat and gross. You type like an e whore trying to sound like a farmer.

No. 1521791

Type “sage” into the email field when your just commenting and not really adding anything

No. 1521795

I'm an oldfag and the person who linked the gifs for nonny. Maybe I'm handholding but I found the trip back in time very entertaining nonetheless. Shayna has been asexual since like 2018.
I'm laughing so hard over here about these tards thinking we're the "source" for Shayna's alleged 7+ year Nazi crusade when we're mostly defending her on only this front. Lurking twitter pedos: retire or consider kys.

No. 1521798

You can root for her in this specific situation while still disliking her. That might be hard if you have turbo autism and black and white thinking though.

No. 1521803

I’m always gonna take Shayna’s side over Sol’s because he’s a manipulative asshole. That much is clear. Shay is an idiot, delusional and selfish but she’s not as rotted as him

No. 1521810

I recorded some and I'll post it soon. I missed a big chunk when they were straight up talking shit about Shayna (I had to redownload an app) but I got the tail end of it.

No. 1521817

These hoes are so terminally online they get triggered into attacking a person about one wrongthink or edgy thing and blowing it up as if it’s their life mission. They are relentless and don’t care about how it affects people, not that shaynus doesn’t deserve the backlash for other shit, but god is it pure proof of Twitter brain rot seeing these desperate sex workers dogpile a girl for being a literal Nazi over nothing and act like she’s singlehandedly wiping out the Jews herself while she watches children’s movies and drinks shit wine. Such a great community if they can all shun you at the drop of a hat because of racism accusations, much better than working some entry level job or getting education right shay?

No. 1521823

100% agree with you nonnie. They’re so upset over a dumb joke but not about Shayna being a pick me pedophile. They’re all pedophiles and can’t call anyone out without cancelling themselves

No. 1521825

Soy has no right to make fun of people when he is shaped like a grasshopper, has a receding hairline, looks like a waiter at Sizzlers, just overall an ugly ass British moid

No. 1521827

File: 1651867007488.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1523, 22F047CB-1FDA-421E-A105-22735B…)

Shayna is awful quiet about the Soy milk saga part 2 electric boogolo shes retweeting photos of faggots

No. 1521828

man why dont u go and suck shaynas boils too? and dont forget to subscribe to her only fans!!!! now that yall rooting for this ugly fat pedo bitch so she can pay her rent and suck all the booze!
so many retards can we stop this shit, and all those hoes are fucking blind? hows Shayna a neo nazi with that HUGE nose??
im glad she got shit and im glad that shes going to still get shit in the future kek fatna go home!!

No. 1521831

File: 1651867212251.jpeg (144.01 KB, 933x1101, 5C467061-346D-4A39-8D68-FD30E7…)

You can still hate Shayna but find these attacks on her stupid. She’s not a neo nazi. They should just cancel her for being a mean bitch who “puts down” other OF whores

No. 1521834

shayna getting bullied is always hilarious even if it's based on lies. fuck her and her boiled covered ass spreading MRSA all over suburban Seattle.

No. 1521842

Oh yeah it's completely retarded. But if they were actually capable of critical thought they wouldn't be doing "sex work" online. So they'll just keep blowing things out of proportion, inventing things to be mad about, and flinging shit. All while ignoring the horrors of sex work and pedo-pandering. Zero ability to analyze.

I can't tell if they legitimately think this is activism and don't understand Twitter drama has no material impact on the world, or if they just are hiding behind that to boooolly people online while feeling morally vindicated. They need to go out, get a real job at McDonalds, and work on getting past the third grade reading level.

Like yeah you're really changing the world and ending "neo Nazism" by trying to cancel some alcoholic e-whore whose 70 000 bot followers can't defend her. Don't get me wrong it's funny to watch but the whole thing is fucking baffling.

No. 1521847

She will just drink more to make up for it.

No. 1521849

File: 1651868084226.jpeg (305.77 KB, 1242x759, C1461617-C8C3-41DC-AAC6-59B0B5…)

I just know this moid molested his daughter

No. 1521850

File: 1651868092573.jpeg (297.03 KB, 750x948, E5460EE9-0AEF-484F-9108-5B5798…)

Oh yeah I’m sure you wanted to work so bad. Poor Shayna is going to wither away

No. 1521853

File: 1651868335376.jpeg (283.54 KB, 1242x961, 76964295-3DE0-4DD4-A29D-C163D4…)

Most likely raped by you

No. 1521855

Third time’s the charm, nonnie?

No. 1521856

File: 1651868474877.jpeg (460.8 KB, 1242x1113, E33CDF58-3AAD-46AC-9826-583F1F…)

How tf can he consume porn depicting daughter/father incest sex while having a sex worker daughter? Like wtf

No. 1521860

He absolutely either raped or wishes to rape his own family. He likely jerks off to his daughter on the regular if he's admitted to looking. Men like this need to be flayed. Actual wastes of space and consciousness. Never gotten this mad in a Shart thread before. It's hard to believe she feeds the evil within these fucks for cheemsburgers and weed.

No. 1521861

I want this man shot in the dick through his ass, inshallah

No. 1521862

File: 1651868982736.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, sure jan.gif)

>forgot 2 eat

No. 1521869

My sides nonny!
This. All these Twitter cunts are so fucking retarded. Imagine being held over the coals for edgelord talk at 15 but not for being a scammer, pedophile, degenerate etc that they ALL are kek 90% of her "attackers" are whole ass landwhales that rival Shayna in the looks department. They're all just that Spiderman pointing meme honestly

Also if she gets labeled "transphobic" KEK it reminds me of those dumbasses who are like "you need to alternate she/their pronouns" all of Twitter needs to please touch grass

No. 1521871

Moids are of course intrinsically worse but women like Shayna never challenge the society that rewards and carries these men. She wants nothing more than to be the "good one" they spare and objectify because she knows otherwise she would be aware of the hell world she lives in as a Woman. Shay is an archon for these pedophilic manipulators and deserves to be held in the same regard. People, especially other women, need to drop this lesser evil notion that absolves complicit women of their wrong doing. Her and other women like her are on the same level of indignant degeneracy. Maybe they really are deeply innocent and will be absolved of their Karmic debts. Who knows, not our place to defend or weigh that kind of thing. It is our place and duty to cull sacks of shit like her on this earth though. They need to be reformed or removed so we can make some progress as a society.

No. 1521875

File: 1651869572417.jpeg (31.89 KB, 640x388, FRyXjXRXEAI3RW6.jpeg)

No. 1521881

File: 1651870035835.jpeg (143.68 KB, 750x1166, 3C010C77-1007-4E65-BED0-76B2BF…)

Mike Slack definitely watches his daughters porn

No. 1521883

Nonnie I hope you know that you have scipted my inner monologue for a good few days

No. 1521884

This gross moid def is a molester

No. 1521892

thanks nonna!! now can I get an amen on this scrote and others like him being chemically castrated and eaten by wild dogs in both this life and the next?

No. 1521894

Why would she retweet this on her sexwork account? Does she really think the coomers who follow her for diaper porn want to see guys making out?

No. 1521896

File: 1651871600717.jpeg (201.35 KB, 600x1280, EC726059-836C-416E-A617-38FAD4…)

God bless our troops

No. 1521897

He looks like if he tried to eat your pussy he’d put his tongue in your hole for 30 seconds and ask “did you like that? did you cum?”

No. 1521909

Great graphic, anon. We should compile more of Michael Slack’s tweets about how much he wants to fuck women who act like babies. Also, why is he saying he has grey hair when he’s fucking bald? Also also, you are fucking old, dude.

No. 1521915

File: 1651873410224.jpeg (145.13 KB, 278x566, 5ABDA896-E076-41F8-BF9D-478943…)

No. 1521919

Amen. I feel the same way.

No. 1521920

Idk I’m sure her audience doesn’t want to see moids fucking or hello kitty shit

No. 1521921

Omfg nonnie. How did you find this KEK. i love this thread.

No. 1521923

Even cheap wigs come with free caps lol she's so dumb. Isnt this one also a lacefront that shes never learned how to properly set?

No. 1521925

IM CACKLING "self proclaimed nazi, hitler lover of 7+ years" these braindead whores are so fucking retarded and their bullshit is so wild like what the actual fuck

No. 1521927

File: 1651875194290.gif (1.48 MB, 250x300, amen .GIF)

Why just two lifetimes? ¡Por los siglos de los siglos!

No. 1521928

File: 1651875197383.jpeg (1.41 MB, 3465x3465, 647E3632-E219-4458-A18E-33F907…)

No. 1521935

The fact Sol really risked it all for Shays infected hank hill ass and greasy gunt tho is astounding.

KEK nonnie

No. 1521936

Is he married?

No. 1521945

File: 1651877106810.jpeg (294.07 KB, 750x2157, CBCAFE9D-A13A-4369-9D0F-ECC4C2…)

Kek so according to this video his company posted on Facebook, he was given this truck to drive that honors the troops because he’s a veteran. And this motherfucker does this with it

No. 1521949

File: 1651877645883.jpeg (225.17 KB, 750x1230, 0C17889F-40E1-4742-A4E3-E23703…)

This is his Facebook page, he “liked” that video of himself talking about his truck, he shares a lot of right wing memes, obviously. He’s a trump supporter and a twansphobe.

No. 1521951

"Prounouces name: As Hoal" at least he knows what he is

No. 1521952

Of course he is. Funny Shay has twitter blasted right wing coomers like that before and acts like shes such an ally lol.

No. 1521954

his name is grayhair no told

No. 1521961

I wonder if his company knows he’s a pedophile and spends his state checks on online prostitution

No. 1521975

>tfw you dump your personal trainer because she supported trump but don’t care about your sugar daddies supporting trump
So we’re all in agreement that she quit the gym because it was too much work right? Nothing at all to do with the personal trainer or their supposed political beliefs?

No. 1521979

It literally was no other reason than her giving up and being lazy. It's only in debate whether the trainer did say something pro Trump at all or if Shay completely made it up to look like such a ~Brave ally~ . Regardless of the political standing of the likely trial trainer at planet fitness, Shay left because she couldnt keep up with it and probably couldnt afford it either.

No. 1521986

It was just an excuse she most likely just lied about it for ass pats. If she really wanted to work out she would have still gone to the gym just without that trainer. It costs $0 to take a walk outside with your dog and cut down on calories. Shayna is just fat and lazy

No. 1521990

File: 1651881850260.jpeg (232.09 KB, 828x868, AF9BDE25-AE65-425D-BD19-A39F83…)

Kek Lil Nas X deleted this tweet after Shay QRTed it.

No. 1521991

I laughed when I saw that. Kek I hope he didn’t accidentally see the fucking “anal” banner on Shayna’s profile

No. 1521995

He’s an attention seeking gay man, why would he be offended by anal?

No. 1522019

You would think these retarded whores on twitter would go after her for making trump porn a few years back and having trump supporter sugar daddies over a stupid edgy joke she made as a teenager almost a decade ago, which back then edgy jokes were everywhere from Hitler jokes to dead baby jokes. It was just edgy teens trying to one up each other with shock humour.

What a retarded thing to focus on, and the scamming, why don't they ever bring up her scams and that she can't even keep track of who paid for custom content or how she says she needs rent money but then spends it all on useless shit she never uses.

No. 1522024

File: 1651886667233.jpeg (527.33 KB, 1170x1327, 13CBCF6D-1CC5-45A0-A140-59BF1D…)

No. 1522034

fucking gross

No. 1522035

and the fucking size kek

No. 1522043

The thing is she would look less fat if she bought clothing in her size rather then being in denial and only buying size smalls

No. 1522046

File: 1651889008581.jpeg (295.16 KB, 1221x1321, E9C78F82-C350-4911-A859-35B90E…)

>I’m a size small uwu

No. 1522047

There is no way this isn’t going to squeeze her like a Christmas ham. Accept it shay, you’re a large. You surpassed small 40lbs ago

No. 1522060

File: 1651890314111.png (840.42 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20220506-192458.png)

No. 1522080

We will all have to take a quiet moment to find the will to keep going in life if she posts wearing a size S baby grow. I feel queasy already

No. 1522089

What a vile human being. I hope you a never find happiness or fulfilment, Shayna Clifford.

No. 1522092

This shit is rank, frankly I love watching these pedobaiting freaks turn on each other

No. 1522097

File: 1651894083434.jpeg (403.15 KB, 1920x1080, D181881E-5849-4CA3-8C7F-A259DA…)

No. 1522117

Its infuriating and shocking that she actually does buy small. She really thinks that just because she can squeeze and stuff herself into small that it means she still is or like does she really not fucking realize shes a different size than she was as a teenager??

Not to blog but I had a weird time when I realized my clothes I had worn as a teen/very early 20s werent fitting and struggled to figure out what my current size was for a bit. It was a mildly dysmorphic transition, but once I realized and accepted it and bought clothes in my actual current size it was much better. I didnt even really let myself go, its just that your body, habits, and metabolism change in your 20s. Its not common for people to remain the tiny sizes they were as teenagers. Some people do, but Shay is obviously not one of them.
She may have worn small before but shes honestly at least Large if not XL at this point. If she wore clothes that fit, she wouldnt look so huge and uncomfortable. I swear she got that beer gut shelf from wearing too tight of bottoms. And binding her tits down in small tops looks awful lol. Shes gonna have to exchange this like she did that other retarded pink bondage onsie thing. I also assume shes gonna wear a big ol adult diaper under this so there's just no way

No. 1522188

I will talk shit about dumb ass twitter scum and I will pick sides. Shayna is my prized cow and I want her to win. Im not excusing 0 IQ retards and misinformation just bc they hate Shayna. I have principles.

No. 1522268

anyone feel like shay is a probably a lousy lay? i feel like if the sex was any good he probably wouldnt have turned his back on her as soon as it was over. he clearly dont want seconds

No. 1522273

File: 1651921318440.jpeg (824.41 KB, 672x940, 604DD1C2-E5A7-4C8B-B32E-4E805F…)

Who is a better suitor Grayhair of Womack?

No. 1522283

They didn’t fuck. She sucked his dick. He likes men.

No. 1522294

If your into this adult baby diapers shit and have children (which clearly several of them do) the government should be involved

Dcf on all ya houses

No. 1522307

Shayna's relationship to sex is fucked up. She never seemed to like sex and because she's always been around super coomers, she thinks all men want is kinky sex. A woman to allow them to do basically anything. Except in real life unless she really likes you (fupaul), Shayna isn't going to let you do much but put marks on her or finger her or something. She said before that she can't be penetrated by someone she doesn't have feelings for. I don't know if in her personal life she sleeps with "the dad" just because she feels like she has too because he's getting sick of the parking lot fingerbangs or what.
But, sucking Sol's dick and the way she brought up Sol to vivi really shows that had nothing happened, she'd probably let him fuck her. It's clear she liked him. All that to say, I always felt like Shayna isn't amazing in bed. Her thing has always been about people doing shit to her, not her doing shit to them.
It's out of laziness and sex repulsion. Sex is a tool to get scrote attention. Fupa literally sucked the life out of shayna, using her for every kink he could before moving on as soon as she left.
Thats what men do to Shayna because she's submissive and thristy. They take advantage and move on.

No. 1522312

i find it ironic how much she cares about nazism and racism while calling herself a gravure idol. i guess racism in the japanese porn industry and nazi cosplayers disappeared. maybe try calling those things out next time. unless she has absolutely no connection to it and just calls herself a gravure idol for the aesthetic?

No. 1522421

Take it to the ethots thread.

No. 1522436

Kek nonnie, the sheer autism radiating off this made my day better

No. 1522460

File: 1651944702505.jpeg (169.19 KB, 750x624, 445AF8F6-C429-46A8-A4A6-BFA38A…)

Kek can you imagine? What would she even do, her awful lip sync chicken dance routine?

No. 1522470

They just to play stuff the pig.

No. 1522480

We all know this didn’t happen. Or else she’d post the screenshot

No. 1522526

All I can think of is "damn these dudes want to laugh at her or have her be in the same room as an actually pretty woman who does the same." No way in hell it's not some geriatric fuck. Unless the wife was like "you can only book fat ugly bitches". KEK

No. 1522527

File: 1651951170998.jpeg (11.14 KB, 208x242, 10AF38E5-370A-4FEC-9213-D559D0…)

> go to bachelor party
> your buddy cuts the music
> the “entertainment” is here!
> everyone excited
> fat turd in a diaper walks in
> “hi daddies come dance wit baby bimbo uwu”
> starts shaking her body epileptically
> buddy tries to help her, wondering if she’s having a medical emergency
> grabs her wrist to get her attention
> she immediately starts fake orgasming

No. 1522534

Kek what if it’s Womack and his fiance

No. 1522538

She doesn’t know the game males play where they pick up a fat chick to humiliate her (not in a way Shayna thinks)

No. 1522602

File: 1651957127662.jpeg (Spoiler Image,291.85 KB, 636x1092, E8FD4FF2-4CC6-4982-83B8-7F5707…)

No. 1522603

those fingernails look like they hurt alot, also, it looks like it's a dead hand and someone put fake nails on it.

No. 1522606

literally my thought, odd coincidence…

No. 1522609

fungal hot dog with french tips? slay bitch

No. 1522611

This is so cursed, I love it

No. 1522638

Does she get her nails done at a strip mall? Why don’t they clean her cuticles up? And why does the smile line start so high up? It looks stupid. Sage for nail rant.

No. 1522651

OMG, thank you for the laugh Nonnie!

No. 1522670

Oh no, you can see his daughters from his page. Wonder which one is the sex worker. Bets on the divorced one listing her job as "full time momma"

No. 1522683

File: 1651967060311.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1411, 26C78623-1A77-415D-83B5-241D45…)

They made her calves huge kek

No. 1522687

At least they were honest about her size

No. 1522688

They also included her wonky tits

No. 1522733

frankly the only complement is the lack of ass-ne

No. 1522794

File: 1651979625217.jpg (224.75 KB, 1000x616, Mr Monster Inc.jpg)

I hope the whole “my stepdaughter is a cam girl” is Twitter performative bullshit. I don’t think a man who’d be all “wanna marry my daughter? Let’s talk” when his daughter shares she’s engaged on Facebook (picrel) would then support her sex work. Either way, he’s a disgusting pig because he either supports her or he doesn’t and behaves like picrel.

No. 1522795

Step daughter? He said oldest daughter.

No. 1522802

File: 1651980911609.jpeg (409.28 KB, 1242x664, 646F8004-2BA2-4611-AE27-00A126…)

Oldest daughter is a sex worker and got married according to Michael Slack

No. 1522831

I think that’s exactly what a guy who wants to get off to his daughters porn would say actually kek

No. 1522840

Sorry, my brain tried making it less horrific, I guess. That would explain why he’s in the wedding pictures. The fact that he fucking tweeted this, gross!
You’re probably right, how fucking grim.

No. 1522849

These SW twittertards are even worse than Shayna. I’m afraid Shayna has a point here. Not a wk but making a Hitler joke at around 14-15 isn’t “being a neo Nazi for years” lmao they’re going to dislocate their shoulders while reaching.
Also aren’t they all some diaper-wearing pedopandering degenerates anyway?

No. 1522885

I’m going to have to disagree. Even at most ppls edgiest moments they’re never going to claim they’re a fukn nazi. Imo she was showing her true colors. She deserves the hate

No. 1522892

She didn’t claim to be a nazi, newfaggot fuck off, you’re a twitter whore I can smell it

No. 1522954

File: 1652016067856.jpg (71.84 KB, 1089x1226, naz .JPG)

Ntayrt but you’re wrong?

No. 1522955

it looks like the retarded twitter e-whores found this thread through twitter… you hate to see it

No. 1522956

She also wasn't 15 here, she was 18 lmao

No. 1522957

She’s so retarded for this even if she did post it as a kid kek

No. 1522958

I was gonna say, wasn’t she 17-18 when the trump/hitler/racism thing went down originally? Why does she keep saying 15?

And if she’s saying 15, is she just admitting to doing porn that young?

No. 1522962

Do twitter sex workers not understand the concept of a screenshot? You know it's always going to say "5 years ago" regardless of how much time has passed, right?

No. 1522969

Idk if you’re calling me a Twitter sw’er or whatever but I’m literally just asking when the original hitler thing came out. She’s done shitty things way more recently than “when she was 25”, anyways.

No. 1522970

newfags, go back to the earlier threads and you will see that even way back then that screenshot was old milk when it found it's way here. Now fuck off and go pretend to care about something on twitter.

No. 1522975

I’ve literally been here since the threads were in the single digits, sorry we don’t have all of our Shayna knowledge memorized like a finely written encyclopedia. I’ll remember to file things from now on.

No. 1522983

holy fuck I never thought I'd see someone using that screenshot as evidence against Shayna anywhere other than a woke Twitter whore thread trying to cancel Shayna.. you're a dummy for thinking this holds any weight

No. 1522993

shayna's biggest mistake was thinking her followers weren't braindead and could comprehend the concept of a joke

No. 1522994

she absolutely did, kek. it was shitty shock “humor” but idk why they’re clinging to it so hard.

No. 1522995

Why would making a hitler joke at age 15 mean you are making porn at age 15? Are people in this thread stupid?

No. 1523001

File: 1652023997953.jpg (608.65 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20220508-093825_Gal…)

Okay let's get back to current events.

No. 1523005

she should really stop drinking. i bet she's having regular withdrawals.

No. 1523010

she looks like a greasy shit

No. 1523011

Again? Fuck Shayna, take a hint, the way you live is not sustainable

No. 1523012

This screenshot itself is years old. Beyond the 5 years in said screenshot. Shayna was actually correct for once in her life when she asserted this. If you were too young to remember lame "edgy" humor/HURR HURR I'M A NAZI sarcasm from this era being popular on the internet you're probably barely old enough to post here. Fuck off back to Twitter, child.
Hmm, wonder if it's a scheduled boil related visit or an actual "emergency" this time.

No. 1523013

>wonder if it's a scheduled boil related visit

No. 1523016

Perfect timing for mother's day. I wonder if this was intentional since she hates her mom so much

No. 1523017

She’s so obese, she has no chin. Her hair always looks like shit kek

No. 1523019

she was like 19 when she made the trump shit, she said its 15 when she said that but the trump shit was when she was doing porn so i guess people mix it because the obvious. but honestly i dont get these twitter bitches here, they will found out more recent bullshit tbh
this bitch is so ugly

No. 1523021

ayrt and yeah the 'racism' shit is so old at this point but twitter swers won't say shit about ddlg because then they'll be calling themselves out too. most twitter swers these days pander to pedophiles anyways.

No. 1523024

kek i wonder if she actually had covid and because she wasn't fucking careful or even caring of it, she's doing worse now

No. 1523026

File: 1652025474246.jpeg (192.51 KB, 750x1371, 6E64690A-FBF7-4397-84B8-D8846A…)

No. 1523027

sure, sure. totally, that's absolutely what you have shayna.

it definitely isn't the shit diet, terrible lifestyle habits, or the fact that you treat your body like every giant teddy bear you throw in the gutter.

No. 1523029

File: 1652025754912.png (12.92 KB, 589x116, hmm.PNG)

No. 1523034

I think you mean alcohol poisoning, retard

No. 1523035

File: 1652025952374.jpeg (1010.32 KB, 1215x1573, 6F82DB18-EE2A-4316-B63F-759DE1…)

No. 1523040

File: 1652026229568.jpeg (310.67 KB, 1513x2185, 541E3EC3-6EC5-4C8B-AB08-792F50…)

Kek we all know it’s definitely not from exercising too much

No. 1523043

File: 1652026331730.jpeg (196.53 KB, 750x391, 0D70EDD9-113C-4E66-BEC7-0C58D2…)

Yeah any of these symptoms of this “vomiting syndrome” sound like a hangover, not to mention she has covid so vomiting and exhaustion sound like side effects of that. Or CHS. Is she really going to run to the hospital every time she’s nauseous? Because it seems like that would be a lot with her lifestyle

No. 1523046

I think she just has alcohol poisoning. I mean you can’t feel healthy or good if all you drink is alcohol and gatorade, and only eat junk food/doordash. I hope she doesn’t masturbate in her hospital bed again. Disgusting degenerate

No. 1523047

Where's cannabis on that list? I could've sworn cannabis can cause it too.

No. 1523049

Blogpost but 100% this is alcohol induced, live with an alcky and they vomit more than a normal person pisses, probably has pancreatitis. Fatty needs serious help.

No. 1523052

No. 1523054

File: 1652027010825.jpeg (472.19 KB, 750x1131, 7C6F2D7E-6E3B-4BF7-8529-842E96…)

According to the Mayo Clinic, CHS and cyclic vomiting syndrome can be mixed up. I’m guessing couldn’t give up weed long enough to get clear results

No. 1523057

I was thinking about how she posts disgusting "daddy" porn and says stuff for fathers day, but she never does any content for or says anything about mothers day. I mean I know she hates her mom and step mom, but what about all the ~brave and amazing sw moms" out there and the "mummas"??
She has 1 or 2 step mom vids is all I think where she looks like trailer trash Walmart lot whore fucking your dad to steal his ebt card kek

No. 1523058

I think she drinks more than she smokes. She doesn’t even inhale properly. I’m positive she still does it because that’s how she got her small amount of ~tumblr fame~ and she’s still living in 2014 where weed is considered scandalous. It’s not edgy or taboo anymore. Shayna needs to grow up and stop acting like it’s so quirky and cool she smokes

No. 1523059

You're a retard then because it was posted somewhere within the first 10 threads iirc.

>frequent showering or bathing
maybe it is just cyclic vomit syndrome kek

No. 1523064

Shes been dabbing and smoking joints constantly. She has tons of carts too. Even if she doesnt fully inhale like a ReAl sToNeR,she still smokes a ton. And obviously she deinks daily too. Never drinks water. Eats meats & cheese boards made for multiple people and takeout. Plus she supposedly has covid.
Just wonder how many times shes gonna waddle to the ER and pretend shes not the entire reason she feels like shit and make some lifestyle changes.

No. 1523065

drop it already.

it's because she's faking any semblance of bisexuality that she claims she is. ellen isn't going to get shit today and neither will her real mom.

inb4 she screencaps a text from her real mom fighting for some stupid reason today just to remind us of how 'evil' her mom is

don't forget the edibles

No. 1523068

File: 1652027700649.jpeg (1001.04 KB, 1242x1526, 608D850C-E090-4C4D-ABDE-4C08E5…)

She’s so fucking ugly even with a Snapchat filter on…. Bleak

No. 1523069

File: 1652027765209.jpeg (993.53 KB, 1100x1658, FDB0DC37-9904-4540-A6BD-1C8243…)

She must have realized how fucking hideous she looked here. Looks like a fucking toe

No. 1523071

File: 1652027825332.jpg (616.18 KB, 1080x1999, Screenshot_20220508-093614_Chr…)

The first mention of the Hitler incident was thread one. Four years ago. The screenshot was then taken. That was nine years ago nonnies.

No. 1523072

Same fag
I couldn't find the screenshot in the first thread but that's when the drama was going off about it and I didn't care to do more than search the word not browse the thread

No. 1523073

To bring up old sour ass milk;
She called the bug chick baby Hitler and then anons I'm pretty sure it was us anyways found the screenshot from five years prior to that.
Anyone need more spoonfeeding? I do a mean airplane noise

No. 1523085

honestly what the fuck and the triple chin i love it kek her face is something else

No. 1523086

then stop smoking weed retard. cyclic vomiting syndrome is curable by diet and lifestyle change, it’s not some mysterious chronic condition. wtf happened to having covid? you went out with “the dad” and were magically cured of it?

No. 1523087

She probably got a false result or she lied, if she REALLY had covid she'd be freaking out more, and probably would've brought it up during that slap fight.
And now. I think she runs to the hospital whenever anything happens. She'll be back to smoking and drinking as soon as she's out.

No. 1523091

she’s got chins the filter can’t even straighten out, just makes her head square

No. 1523100

why is her robe different here? she changed it?

No. 1523105

Yeah that one pic with the green one >>1523068 is definitely different from the blue diamond print one in all the other pics. Kinda weird. Maybe she stank so bad they had to change her/she threw up on one or she stayed overnight?
Id say maybe they had her change because she has covid (moving her to a different section or something) but at this point I dont believe she has it. She mentioned it one day and hasnt said anything since. If she really had it she'd be like "in the hospital with Covid AND cyclic vomiting why is life so hard uwu"

No. 1523106

I’m assuming she’s been there since yesterday because she didn’t post on Twitter at all

No. 1523120

File: 1652032976575.jpeg (20.74 KB, 194x260, 10C30815-1FA6-44CE-980C-B84D30…)

No. 1523123

I wonder how many times these doctors have told her “fix your shitty diet, stop drinking so much, and cut back on weed, you stupid bitch” and she’s still like “why am I always sick?!”

she is so fucked once she ages off her parents’ insurance kek

No. 1523124

I wonder if she even tells them she drinks

No. 1523134

Her entire family sees her drinking/smoking non-stop on camera while doing diaper porn

No. 1523138

i mean her doctors, I wonder if she's honest with them with how much she drinks/smokes

No. 1523157

With a blood test the Dr. would know immediately. With the way that she drinks, her liver enzymes are most likely extremely elevated. Same with the pancreas enzymes if she had pancreatitus.

No. 1523160

isn’t she turning 26 in like a year? should we start wagering on her applying for disability / social security then or just stopping the malingering?

No. 1523164

But guys no it's her body failing her! She wants to work and live her best life but she's always sicky and bad brain days sad face pls send monies

No. 1523165

Muh chronic pain saga when kek

No. 1523188

ayrt in all seriousness i don’t understand why she keeps going to the hospital for little shit, sure she posts a few pictures during her stay but it’s not munchie level paragraphical descriptions, she usually won’t even say what’s happening, my guess is the munch is mainly in-person and she enjoys the human interaction/attention being paid to her because she has no real social interaction besides getting her cottage cheese bitten in her dusty hovel. maybe she’ll prove me wrong and die of liver failure of something tho kek

No. 1523193

she doesn’t say why she was there or go into long-winded munchie descriptions because if she did, people would be like “why the fuck did you go to the hospital for that?” so she has to stay vague. going to the hospital means attention from the doctors, asspats from her followers, and free food. notice we hear her complain about every cost in her life except medical bills? because she doesn’t have them, for now. pretty soon she’s going to have to stop malingering and figure out some other quick attention fix.

No. 1523199

>cyclic vomiting syndrome
Girl you have cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and you’re having an episode. If she’s not gonna stop smoking she should at least switch to flower, jeez

No. 1523209

Agreed. I've seen it with family members. She's getting sick from the constant alcohol and is likely physically dependent at this point.

No. 1523214

am not a weedfag so maybe i just don’t get it but why doesn’t she just switch completely to edibles? She’s fat as fuck and loves candy and it would probably make her less sick or at the very least not fuck up her lungs

No. 1523216

i think it's caused by thc or others actives in cannabis which edibles also contain

No. 1523238

File: 1652042812627.png (182.56 KB, 1080x2306, Screenshot_20220508-134315~2.p…)

Why does the ER even admit her if she's just vomitting? Why doesn't she just go to urgent care

No. 1523239

They don't understand how blog headers/descriptions work. They see the "nsfw / 18+" in the screenshot and assume that's what her blog description said when she made the nazi post.

No. 1523272

Sage for blogpost but when I used to have a drinking problem I would get so drunk from binge drinking sometimes I would wake up the next day so hungover and couldn’t stop vomiting. I went to the hospital because eventually I couldn’t even throw up bile, and they told me that I was so beyond dehydrated (also due to lack of food/shitty diet) that my body was rejecting the water and that’s what causes the “clyclic vomiting”. I had to have an IV put in to hydrate me.

My theory is that it’s from excessive drinking

No. 1523286

I'm not sure her drinking problem is heavy enough/gone on long enough to have any major effect on her body yet. I mean she eats like a pig. Major alcoholics barely eat cos their body just can't deal with it.

Has she stopped with sugary food? That's a sign of being a drunk ass. Your sweet tooth goes out the window.

No. 1523290

This is incorrect lmao that's a completely different hitler incident, I think she was calling some jewish girl baby hitler or something like that.
The original nazi incident was actually three screenshots iirc, including the one that's been posted itt and another one of her saying she wanted to smoke with hitler.
It could still have been 9 years since that, I don't really remember when the screenshots were first posted. Just saying that your post is about a different incident.

No. 1523292

Who tf cares besides other whores on Twitter. It’s been discussed. Shayna’s just retarded and she seems to hate everyone due to jealousy and insecurity not out of being racist

No. 1523293

I agree, we’ve been calling her an alcoholic for years and I used to think it was a stretch but she’s getting to the point where she probably drinks until she’s stupid sick the next day, and has to drink more to feel better.

definitely the behavior of someone who is successful and thriving

No. 1523295

File: 1652047736847.jpeg (229.12 KB, 1242x913, 7F32B11E-44B5-4F25-9CD2-B69320…)

Am I retarded? Is noodle still a puppy? I thought that bitch was grown. It’s been like four or three years. Forgot to attach pic. And why tf would you want to sneeze/puke all over your pet?

No. 1523296

Weird nitpick, it’s just something people affectionately call their dogs

No. 1523298

It’s weirder that Shayna calls herself a puppy in her porn and acts like one while fucking herself

No. 1523300

Yes you are, it’s normal to call your dog a puppy or a baby, and it’s completely normal to miss your pet when you’re away from them. She does and says real stupid shit, no need to reach and nitpick every single thing she posts

No. 1523301

She’s still a shitty owner. I wonder if Ellen walks her dog for her

No. 1523302

>Arf arf daddy I’m your incontinent fuck puppy please empty my stinky baby anal glands poppa
>here are photos of my actual dog and father
T. Shayna

No. 1523306

Shay smokes like a broke chimney and drinks like a fish that thinks water is going out of fashion. She's also no stranger to pills and has a terrible diet. She's going to get sicker faster than the average heavy drinker.

No. 1523309

Shayna is such a disgrace. I would loath being related to such a retarded pedophile pandering bum. She doesn’t give a shit about the well-being of her pets. I don’t even think she really cares about them. Rib meat is all matted and looks like an old thrift store rug. She just likes buying and hoarding shit. And she thinks owning a dog will make her ~uwu quirky relatable e girl~ when she shares pictures of it.

No. 1523312

I assume she would have to wear a mask if she had Covid

No. 1523322

Yeah, I feel like she lied about having COVID to get out of working or some commitment. There is no way she wouldn't have shown her positive tests on Twitter for attention.

No. 1523332


Urgent care doesnt do IVs, only the hospital

No. 1523337

It was to get out of camming. Last week she said she was going to start getting on cam every Saturday. Just like all the other times she said she was going to cam once a week, made an excuse to get out of it and then never mentioned it again.

No. 1523355

I had an iv at urgent care, maybe depends on the state

No. 1523380

Oh yeah, it was definitely to get out of camming lol she absolutely refuses to cam more than once a month or 2 at this point. Couldnt possibly do 2 consecutive weekends. I think shes doing like 1 vid a month. She mostly does a few photosets where she takes literally 50-100 of super similar pics and then posts from one set for weeks. Its honestly surprising she has even 500 subs on OF. Shes either not getting customs much since moving or has just been perpetually "forgetting" to do them too because she always posts those because she never wants to come up with her own vid ideas. The absolute lack of work ethic is astounding.

No. 1523388

File: 1652058462473.jpeg (330.84 KB, 689x1280, 24F0C920-8E38-4CC0-A586-FC6B14…)

Twitter would have a field day if they knew that this is the person she interacts with most online. I don’t think she would give a fuck that he’s like this unless someone called her out for it. It’s strange though that he’s so up her ass all the time when her filthy liberal views would clearly upset him

No. 1523393

I think whores and their coomers are in a rare form of don’t ask/don’t tell that’s surprisingly effective. Both think they have the upper hand (“Fuck yea girl boss take that money from old white men by selling your pussy for cheemsburgers #empowerment) and scrotes are moids and see the women they’re exploiting through a screen as less than, but both also need each other (for money and wank material) so they put aside their differences to leech off each other and pretend they’re winning at life and not going against their own values

No. 1523400

File: 1652059617953.jpeg (260.95 KB, 750x1590, 55F7EB7D-7B91-4C74-BD1F-FEC0BC…)

Ugh the way he’s grabbing his daughters.. so gross considering his daddy/daughter fetish. He’s got a young preteen granddaughter as well

No. 1523403

those are teenagers and he has them sitting on his lap and is grabbing onto one of their breasts…1000% he is raping all of them i wish there was something i could do/say to these poor women and girls (not in a cowtipping way just in general)

No. 1523407

They could even cancel her over making content in public and pulling non-consenting people into her kinks but that would actually be valid.

No. 1523434

No that post was what made anons search her blog for the Hitler stuff iirc
But ok

No. 1523440

she looks so dead inside lol

No. 1523443

File: 1652064052217.jpeg (500.32 KB, 1080x2209, A7F3428A-B20D-4A2D-AAEC-99D4F0…)

Guys, I’m going to be sick. I found Greyhair’s daughters sex work Twitter… because he is fucking following it. He’s fucking following it and and interacting with it and everything. I don’t want to post her face or name because this is really really fucked up but, it’s her. She has her husbands last name tattooed on her collarbone.(this is the Shay thread)

No. 1523445

File: 1652064233471.jpeg (526.49 KB, 1208x1802, 02897D56-6E93-408E-8A27-A8AC47…)

What the fuck did he buy those butt plugs for her? I hope they aren’t blood related. Even if they aren’t it’s creepy but only slightly less gross. So this is Michael Slack’s daughter ?

No. 1523448

if she’s the one with a daughter of her own and still letting her be around / interacting with her father at all it’s just as sick. cps cps cps

No. 1523449

File: 1652064570374.jpeg (348.58 KB, 1337x1080, 60938567-2E7C-415B-9BC5-0CDDB8…)

This is his DAUGHTER. Not step daughter or half daughter. His kid. Fuck it, here’s her face. Left is from his daughters Facebook, right is the account he’s following

No. 1523450

File: 1652064578742.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1242x1673, 3DFDB7B7-6E23-4719-8A31-4DD561…)

Definitely the same arm tattoo what the fuck. These are the types of people Shayna makes porn for…(derailing)

No. 1523452

i can’t comprehend how these people are still around and functioning. if my dad continued molesting me into adulthood and bought me fucking butt plugs i would have killed myself far before deciding to tweet about it

No. 1523453

ooooof she is in just as bad shape as Shat.

No. 1523454

What???? Her dad is really buying her buttplugs?? Grimdark

No. 1523455

File: 1652064727268.jpeg (Spoiler Image,135.6 KB, 750x1402, 7A9A1CB6-4D8A-4B64-A383-5F7BF3…)

Here he is replying to a video of her masturbating in the shower. I’m nauseous and shaking while I type this what the FUCK(derailing)

No. 1523458

Nonna I’m begging you, for your own well-being, stop.

No. 1523459

File: 1652064818237.jpeg (341.01 KB, 1242x1215, DA3A5394-9E21-4A3B-AE63-884A01…)

Are you sure because why would she ask for a privacy option on gifting lingerie? Does she know that’s her father? So many questions… I really don’t want to believe

No. 1523460

there are little ones in the background of those photos. i know we’re not kiwifags and shouldn’t be interfering but there is a limit?? Right??? I’m speechless

No. 1523461

I genuinely don’t think she has any idea it’s her father

No. 1523462

that’s even fucking worse. praying for this woman and her kids

No. 1523463

holy fuck this is rancid, i wonder if he is anonymous on his twitter to the point where his own daughter wouldn't recognize his account

No. 1523464

this makes me want to kms holy fucking shit the people shayna depends on to fund her lifestyle are truly fucking disgusting i almost can’t believe this is real because of how open they are about it, i’d be vomiting nonstop too if i were shat but she probably thinks this is normal behavior bc he’s “supporting sex workers.” truly disturbed rn, fuck

No. 1523466

did he delete his fb?

No. 1523469

Youre right. I can’t look anymore this is so sick. Anons I am begging you not to go looking for her please don’t contact her. This is some seriously sick shit and I don’t want to be responsible for fucking her up if she doesn’t know.

No. 1523470

Every single person around Shayna has a creepy trail of bullshit they put online attached to their names. Great company you keep shayna.

No. 1523473

File: 1652065222376.jpeg (Spoiler Image,503.82 KB, 960x1164, 8E5E32C1-C124-4A6D-922F-45BDB6…)


No. 1523475

bro this is absolutely depraved WHAT THE FUCK holy fucking shit

No. 1523476

oh god her tattoo says "Daddy's Girl" i wish i was dead

No. 1523478

File: 1652065312019.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 3304x2468, 1B3E20A1-3919-4C77-8982-E972A8…)

He retweeted the video of her sucking dick and pretty much interacts with all of her tweets

No. 1523479


if this isn't a wake up call for shayna idk what would be. holy fuck

No. 1523481

You can’t see their faces and we always block them out.

No. 1523483

File: 1652065439795.jpeg (432.31 KB, 750x1196, 34865B54-D18E-44F7-9AB6-305596…)

Hers is the very first account he followed on Twitter. I think he made his account just to follow his daughters porn

No. 1523484

Death is the only wake-up call for her dumb fucking ass.

No. 1523485

File: 1652065530177.gif (2.8 MB, 498x280, 18F2474B-DD65-4AA4-BD14-70A260…)

I came here for some light hearted shayna shit and now I feel queasy. If that poor girl doesn’t know that’s her dad, well I feel horrible for her regardless of her line of “work.” Seriously, this is fucked. Look at who you’re pandering to Shayna.

No. 1523486

She has to know right? I mean he talks about being a trucker and living in Missouri and posted that picture of his truck like she had to put the pieces together right??

No. 1523488

WHAT A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. This is beyond depraved its criminal. Seriously. Ohhh my god.

No. 1523489

File: 1652065619191.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1242x1945, A090B97E-6292-4DE4-926B-CB4C53…)

If he bought her lights and shit to set up her bleak “career” does that mean he did this anonymously through her Amazon wishlist. Is he secretly being a pervert without her knowing? Why does she have daddy’s girl? Does she think he’s a good father? I can see why he’s attracted to fat unattractive white sex workers who e-begs since that’s what his daughter is

No. 1523490

Nothing will ever be a wake up call. Shayna doesn’t give a shit about SA victims. She just wants to collect enough dollars for her doordash and alcohol addiction

No. 1523491

she would have to follow him back to really see that

No. 1523493

File: 1652065803146.jpeg (329.5 KB, 1170x1875, 22EA9B23-E1B6-48F0-A29F-28922F…)

ew he fucking watches her cam shows too(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1523496

File: 1652065908006.jpeg (445.44 KB, 1242x1012, F8375B80-C3D1-4909-90EF-BAB730…)

She’s still doing “suicide girls” modeling so I mean I guess Mike will still have fap material

No. 1523497

ok so silver lining is that she stopped in 2020 because bad mental health and poverty. so fingers crossed on that.

but also when she is talking about how she feels and not sex work shit is the only time he does not interact. Like shayna gets more sympathy from this man then his daughter. He only interacts with the sex related posts.

No. 1523498

Ew and sweet home Alabama

No. 1523499

Does she have a nicotine patch on her chest?

No. 1523501

omg guys this is so fucked up jfc

No. 1523503

Aaaaahh excuse me while I puke my insides out what the fuck is even that what is wrong with these people what the hell

Unsee unsee unseeeeeaaaaaahhhhnfmf

No. 1523504

Jesus Christ I fucking hate it here. Just when I think men can't be any more disgusting, they somehow manage.

No. 1523507

I want to believe this is not her bio dad. Any other scenario is disgusting. Maybe this should all be moved to the OF whore thread. Horrible

No. 1523508

This is beyond fucked up. I’m truly sorry I exposed this thread to that but I couldn’t keep it to myself. I’m honestly sick to my stomach. Please respect her privacy and don’t try to contact her. She left sex work and I’m sure she wants it in her past.

No. 1523510

Think that when Shayna lurks and sees this she’s going to stop interacting with him or just chose to pretend she didn’t so she can keep his trucker bucks coming in?

No. 1523513

Her depraved ass probably will find it hot.

No. 1523514

i mean she already begs the dregs of society to survive anyway. plus shay has no skills or savings to suddenly live morally on.

No. 1523515

Usually she squeals like a hog when we find dirt about her johns like Jason R Womack and Kyle Nathan Perkins but I feel like this would piss Michael Slack off enough to stop giving Shayna his trucker money because he doesn’t want the world to know he is a pedophile who watches his daughters porn. He needs to be castrated, disgusting pedo pos

No. 1523516

I don't think he actually gives her any money other than his 3 dollar sub. She would probably never block him though because her Twitter comments would go down 50%.

No. 1523518

fuck castration. this one should be taken out back and shot in the head

No. 1523519

He buys her shit off Amazon I’ve seen him comment it. And he tells her he sent money during her ~bad brain days~ He’s not as generous as Jason R Womack. Jason R Womack is the most retarded paypig ever he just keeps sending no matter what because he has one brain cell.

No. 1523520

lol she'll read it, ignore it, and if anyone confronts her about it she'll just accuse them of being a farmer and go on a rant about how she "hardly ever" reads this thread

No. 1523522

Castration first, feed it to him, slowly kill him. Let him suffer. What all rapists and pedos deserve. Amen

No. 1523523

i think its good for you to share this so now we are really sure about the kind of people Shayna surrounds herself with, the kind of people she associates: A BUNCH OF NASTY DEGENERATES TO THE EXTREME.
fatty i couldnt be anymore jealous!!! i just totally wanna sell my n00dz to some pervert who watch her daughter masturbate!!! thriving!!!
fucking gross

No. 1523524


I heard of this on another girl doing OF found out her dad was a big subscriber to her. Also she has to know didn’t he literally tweet that he was going to be at his daughters wedding on her wedding day?! i feel like I am literally going to throw up nonnies ..(once again, this is the Shay thread)

No. 1523538

I’m sure this relates to shay as this is her loyal customer. And shay milk is dry asf at the moment

No. 1523541

File: 1652068936797.jpeg (189.84 KB, 1684x1080, 90F134B7-68CF-4BD9-B4F0-CBAAF2…)

That’s actually how we found out Gnotold is Mike Slack. He used the username “zap_man68” to send her Amazon gifts (he also uses that name in the chat on myfreecams) when she made a tiktok he followed it under that username with his real name and face attached.

No. 1523542

She’s been in the hospital for 2 days and hasn’t been online. pls mods let us have this

No. 1523543

I literally want to vom, this twisted cunt needs a bullet.

No. 1523544

This. Not sure why mods are being so bitchy and red-texting like crazy. This wouldn't fit in the sw thread as it's more about the customer, and shay's customers have been discussed here a lot before? Confusing kek

No. 1523548

To any ASPD girlie lurking, here’s a minecraft manhunt any% challenge

No. 1523550

It’s just kinda vile and fucked up, and I feel kinda bad for that girl since her dad clearly has set some inappropriate boundaries in their relationship and it raises major red flags. She also has never interacted with the cow in question and is only tangentially related to Shay. I personally disagree with anons posting her face and personal information. But I do agree that the mods redtexting was a little harsh, it’s worth noting that one of her biggest paypigs is a real life incestual abusive sick fuck, and she does nothing/enables it through the content and attention she provides him.

No. 1523551

File: 1652069702295.jpeg (347.92 KB, 750x1196, D7DBD503-F3E4-42F6-BFC4-645FBB…)

She’s deleting everything right now and changed her pfp to a blank wall. Someone cowtipped

No. 1523552

God I can’t imagine what’s going through her head. Fuck cowtippers. No woman should have to live knowing that. If you’re reading this.. fuck. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say

No. 1523556

Yeah…ig it’s a question of ethics but some shit is best left unknown

No. 1523557

It's that one mod who is obsessed with keeping Shay threads going that has been mentioned in meta.

No. 1523559

I would not want to know if my dad was jerking off to my nudes. Hell no. It was 2 years ago that she quit and now it’s coming back to bite her in the worst way imaginable. It clearly wasn’t consensual, she did not know it was him as evidenced by this tweet >>1523459 and now she’s going to have to live with this for the rest of her life

No. 1523560

File: 1652070980409.jpeg (182.25 KB, 750x363, 03F9F7B3-3A2A-4C52-AC1C-BAEA7B…)

He commissioned custom content from her

No. 1523562

She didn’t block her dad from her account…

No. 1523563

You wouldn't want to know your dad's a disgusting pervert? If I found out the only man I've ever put trust into, a blood relative, secretly wanted to bone me I'd be able to protect myself better in case he ever decided to do more than just this.

Like, even if I didn't confront him about it I'd at least be able to avoid interacting with him.

No. 1523564

At least she can keep her daughters away from him. If she’s smart.

No. 1523565

Me too. Especially since her tattoo says daddy’s girl ick

No. 1523566

Just when you think it can’t get any worse. Shayna, these are your supporters. Tell me again how you don’t help these vile motherfuckers think some women “want” their dads to do this to them.
Amén, nona, amén.

No. 1523569

Well, >>1523562 this is so dark and disgusting

No. 1523571

Shayna and the rest of these whores can scream that pedophiles don’t like adults and they want children but their content normalizes this type of shit. Cum brain Michael wants to fuck his daughter. He follows Shayna’s diaper account he probably is into children as well. Sick fuck

No. 1523573

Shayna’s dad probably anonymously jerks off to her. He’s so weirdly accepting of her bullshit and enables her.

No. 1523576

she would unironically love this

No. 1523577

I figured he was a gross creep but this is on a whole other level. God I hope he rots and suffers, what a disgusting excuse of a person. If she didn’t know…can’t even wrap my mind around why he would openly follow and interact so much. And he probably won’t even face any consequence at all, fuck this world

No. 1523578

File: 1652071917359.jpeg (203.14 KB, 750x1510, C1EC191F-4472-42D8-8B40-2E6996…)

At lease we might never have to see monstersinc.gif ever again

No. 1523584

Mrs Pepper is still dirty deleting her tweets on Twitter right now. But she hadn’t deleted her account which is weird considering it would delete everything. She’s just manually deleting them. But hasn’t blocked Michael Slack.

No. 1523586

Tbh she’s probably panicking and doesn’t know how. She’s not active on Twitter

No. 1523587

She looks so fucking retarded. I bet she smells like shit too. I don’t know why they haven’t kicked her out. Being hungover isn’t a reason to take a hospital bed away from someone who might actually need it. It’s not like she’s having liver failure. I loath her

No. 1523593

This is some made up nightmare story you read online and don’t believe because it’s so insane. Someone’s dad secretly subscribing to their onlyfans, anonymously buying them sex toys and even ordering custom videos. But it’s real and it’s unfolding right here. The internet was a mistake.

No. 1523594

Boomer degenerates shouldn’t be allowed on the internet

No. 1523598

what the fuck was this rabbit hole i need shaynus ass-ne to cleanse my eyes of this shit

No. 1523601

No. 1523602

The weed and alcohol withdrawal probably hitting hard now

No. 1523603

The way she's responding to him really makes it seem like she doesn't know that's her dad. Dark as fuck

No. 1523607

File: 1652073471048.jpeg (211.07 KB, 1242x1095, D11DF84F-ACF2-437E-9108-EFD448…)

After mass tweet deleting spree only having 62 tweets that weren’t deleted, her account is gone

No. 1523608

Is there any way he meant the grey t shirt girl and boy standing behind them are his kids and the tattood girl is maybe some girlfriend/lot lizard/irl sugar baby?? Ex wife even?

No. 1523610

Is it normal to stay in the hospital so long for days just for throwing up? People give birth and get surgeries that have a faster turnaround, what a waste of time and money when you could just drink water regularly instead of Gatorade and wine.

No. 1523613

He tweeted about supporting his daughters sexwork by buying her equipment

No. 1523617

this is the only thing that i think makes the MRSA theory valid, she has to have something seriously wrong where they need to monitor her for something that would be minor otherwise. Either that or it’s a shit hospital and let degenerates use it as a hotel stay to rake in those insurance bux

No. 1523623

File: 1652073984235.jpeg (636.39 KB, 1242x1696, F82C5B59-FCE2-4A60-9973-930E01…)

That’s been said hours ago >>1523489
She’s married and has a husband and three kids. That’s his daughter

No. 1523625

There’s no way Shayna can pretend she doesn’t know about Grayhair now since tippers can’t control themselves. It will be a bad look when she doesn’t block him.

No. 1523626

Shayna doesn’t care. And I don’t think michaels daughter will confront him about him watching her porn.

No. 1523627

These tweets make me think she’s not bright, like dimmer than average. That’s why she couldn’t figure out it’s her dad or how to delete twitter. She bought into the SW scam and realized a little too late its repercussions.

No. 1523628

She’s gotta be leaving something out because it’s not normal and this like routinely happens with her… something that doesn’t sound serious requires these multi night stays in a bed.

Just had heart surgery and they had me up and walking by noon the next day! I hear it’s the same with pregnancy now, they rush you out as fast as they can

No. 1523629

She’s retarded like her father. Her parents were probably cousins. Which is why she thinks her children are the reason she has a loose butthole. I just hope she loses all contact of her father and never sees him again.

No. 1523630

Jesus Christ dude….this is the worst thing I've ever seen in Shay's thread. Wtf man

No. 1523631

Hope you’re doing better anon. I think Shayna is just lazy and has decent insurance from her parents so she can afford these long stays. But idk anything about hospital stays

No. 1523632

Shayna is really growing into her munchie era isn’t she

No. 1523636

File: 1652075264955.jpeg (85.75 KB, 750x490, 1AA0106F-823A-4B2D-A4AA-8DE8E9…)

Unfortunately it’s his daughter. She refers to him as her dad on Facebook and he comments on photos of her kids calling himself grandpa. There’s a really twisted photo from her wedding of greyhair pulling her by the arm away from her husband and watching them kiss from behind a tree. I gotta stop looking it just gets worse

No. 1523640

Is there another thread we should go to for this? Can't really think of one it fits tbh but I want to continue discussing it

No. 1523642

Not really, I don’t want to post her in the e-whore thread. Mods can suck it up Shayna is literally in the hospital and hasn’t really tweeted other then 2 hospital selfies in 2 days, let us have this

No. 1523643

Nta but I thought that even if you delete your account, the tweets can still be found if someone looks for your username.

No. 1523644

IMO Since it’s more about shays customer and not the former sex worker daughter I don’t see why it would fit anywhere else but here. It’s pretty fucking shocking to find out about one of her regulars and we’ll see if/how they both react to it. Unless there’s some thread for finding creepy fucked up porn consumers.

No. 1523650

If she didn’t know it was her dad, how did he find the account? That’s not something you stumble upon, right?

No. 1523651

I thought of this as well but the thing is, she’s still on Suicide Girls under the same name.

No. 1523652

If she made the account with her phone number stupidly and he has her as a contact, it might have suggested her twitter to him

No. 1523655


I noticed that she made her account December 2019, and he made his account 2 months later, February 2020. And her account was the first he followed. However he managed to find it, he then made a Twitter account just to follow her. He probably did just stumble upon it. He Likes the suicide girls Facebook page, so perhaps she popped up here

No. 1523656

fuck this was not what i was expecting to see this evening… wtf is going on. pls shay do something milky

No. 1523659

I need a drink

No. 1523662

File: 1652077783469.jpg (182.03 KB, 1300x1183, woman-comforting-depressed-fri…)

you and me both, nonita

No. 1523663

File: 1652077843836.jpeg (60.69 KB, 800x450, A86DCFDC-CE89-4CD3-97BC-6DBD53…)

No. 1523667

File: 1652078479716.gif (660.57 KB, 282x200, depressed-tom-and-jerry.gif)

This discovery in a nutshell. I'll pour you one as I down two. Bleak.

No. 1523668

File: 1652079028806.jpeg (66.33 KB, 622x877, 36EC558F-D9BD-4167-B440-8DCAD5…)

I am speechless, my soul hurts, my heart weighs heavy, this thread is cursed.

No. 1523675

File: 1652080391860.jpeg (63.34 KB, 567x545, D8D0A915-CC85-42BA-94DB-348E08…)

When I thought we got the most out of Jason R. Womack this shit comes out to light… It’s too early for this, time to daydrink, please pour me one as well nonnies.

No. 1523680

samefag my bad, meant greyhair. Like i said, it’s too early for this…

No. 1523694

Stream your suicide

No. 1523697

I hope any other whores reading this thread are paying close attention to this. This isn't really a "shayna attracts the worst kind of people" situation, this is truly your average customer. These are the men who are "empowering" you so much. Shayna and sw'ers like her use every excuse they can find about how all this stuff is just fetishes but look what happens when you single out a fan. It's not a fetish at all, its something they want to be a reality. If you do DLG or incest or noncon fantasties-anything fucked up. These are things these men actually want and you're just playing into it validating their sickness for pennies. That poor daughter of his.

No. 1523700

”It’s just a kink, it helps people not act out their taboo fantasies, it doesn’t mean they would actually want to fuck their daughters it’s just a kink”

No. 1523702

retard don’t sage your reply so we can bump the moid out

No. 1523720

if this were to make Shayna quit sex work all together, I would forgive everything she's done; come to Jesusm, Shay

No. 1523721

it’s 4am for me what the fuck is even going on anymore

No. 1523724

Shay with no makeup and hair up looks like Dani Cohn's mom Jennifer Archambault lmao

No. 1523729

this is the most depraved shit, what the fuck

No. 1523747

this wins, this takes the cake. craziest lolcow thread in history

No. 1523759

what cp?

No. 1523761

Regular cow to horrorcow in 8 hours. Speed record.

No. 1523762

Yeah Idk how she wouldnt have realized? If it was a random coomer that just lurked quietly Id understand, but he was constantly interacting with her, buying her stuff, and tweeting things on other e whores pages like Shays that were red flag indicators. She never clicked his profile and scrolled a bit? I mean an anon figured out his identity in a day and they don't personally know him. Seems weird as fuck even if shes dumb…

No. 1523766

really wish i fucking died before this

No. 1523767

Trannies posted some cp a few hours ago in pt and ot and mods r asleep so I’d just stay away for the night, weird it happened at the same time as the greyhair shit but it seems to be a coincidence/sign from God that all moids are a disease

No. 1523769

i think she probably knows it’s him which is even more fucked up, let’s be honest it’s less likely he’s been hiding these urges all these years and she’s been blissfully unaware, he’s probably been SA’ing her and her sisters since she was a child and she’s too stunted or brainwashed to snap out of it, which is horrifying. She looks to be about 40, I can’t imagine dealing with the same abuser for that long, it’s possible she even thinks it’s consensual at this point because she’s an adult but he obviously has been grooming/coercing her since she was a child if that is the case.

No. 1523781

File: 1652092938657.jpeg (40.56 KB, 452x678, A588ACAD-F547-4FDD-91C9-F19179…)

Save me from this nightmare RM, help me to banish the moids from this cursed thread.

No. 1523787

if she knows it's him then why did she suggest privacy for her address when he wanted to buy something for her. or maybe this is part of his disgusting RP. either way, if she knows or doesn't know, both variants are insanely vile and vomit inducing. this guy needs to be killed or at least locked up and forgotten about

+bump to get the moids out

No. 1523790

I guess its valid that in either scenario of knowing or not that she wouldnt want him to know where she lives?

No. 1523793

Sorry nonnas bump to get something off the front page

No. 1523802

Nonas, sorry for bumping. Trying to move things from the front page.

No. 1523810

File: 1652094992918.jpeg (994.23 KB, 1125x1410, 6212413F-DC55-4F9A-9FDC-9F1663…)

No. 1523814

File: 1652095108333.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1315, 395692B9-C4EB-4924-B37B-AA3424…)

No. 1523818

File: 1652095233631.jpeg (174.84 KB, 1440x1440, 1823794C-DFF7-43D5-8B53-6489BD…)

moids make me sick

No. 1523822

File: 1652095351740.jpeg (33.95 KB, 320x321, 44B1FAF7-50A0-4C9A-84E0-0EEEEE…)

No. 1523830

File: 1652095679064.png (3.16 MB, 1955x1022, E9F1301A-8A46-4B14-9BA5-989AF4…)

No. 1523832

well checking this thread is going to take me to hospital for excessive vomiting as well, what the fuck did i just read

leaving unsaged bc apparently we have more moids being moids here, i'll take my ban like a woman kek

No. 1523835

File: 1652095808168.jpeg (103.9 KB, 962x518, 4A9F3B3F-6472-4BAB-B313-E37F2D…)

I really want to know her current measurements

No. 1523846

the room is on fire so i’ll take this chance to bone rattle. I think she was BMI 18/19 in the first pic, you can see her sternum bones, and currently I would say she’s about BMI 32 if not higher. Measurements are tough because she’s a fridge but I’m guessing she went from a 25 inch waist to a 36. As for weight she’s 5’5 so she probably went from 115lbs to very well pushing 200, anons who disagree are probably fellow midgets

No. 1523847

File: 1652096435332.jpeg (49.97 KB, 567x484, A6FB6C8E-C492-4877-9800-9A444C…)

No. 1523851

kek nonna i know you had that edit saved and ready to go for months in preparation for smth like this bc it’s from like 15 threads ago i appreciate u

No. 1523859

File: 1652096884892.jpeg (20.42 KB, 215x274, 026DA547-EC76-4826-A6A3-629DB9…)

No. 1523862

File: 1652096947261.jpeg (141.04 KB, 1440x779, B75E7F5F-82FD-4F52-9E45-D9E3A8…)

No. 1523863

File: 1652096993462.jpeg (70.6 KB, 452x962, 1D3E8CCE-A39B-461B-810A-5221BB…)

bumpin amen

No. 1523875

File: 1652097325879.jpeg (283.87 KB, 1242x2058, 25E19883-852B-401F-856C-3182B8…)

No. 1523879

File: 1652097483271.jpg (85.94 KB, 828x498, FBF1ED3C-01BE-469E-955B-7C56E1…)

No. 1523882

Anon that's what she wants you to do

No. 1523884

File: 1652097680360.gif (433.11 KB, 220x220, well-done-good-job.gif)

Shayna is furiously masturbating to your posts.

No. 1523891

>implying her dried up vag feels anything ever

No. 1523893

Mike Slack, do you talk about your daughter like this as well?
Mike Slack, ewhore dad, ewhore supporter, pedo fetish fucking weirdo kid groper? Micheal Slack, grayhair_notold

No. 1523900

Let’s be honest he’s a fucking boomer who can barely use Facebook this is just some chronically online moid who’s mad we sometimes talk about trannies on one thread

No. 1523902

i am michael slack and i am furious at how shayna has ruined my daughters life. i will be suing.

No. 1523903

File: 1652098086225.gif (468.61 KB, 220x223, troy-community.gif)

When you're away for a day and come back to a shitshow. Thank the gods above I never manage to be here when the actual cp is. All men should fucking die. Bless the nonnies for taking action

No. 1523906


No. 1523907

Lol oh Micheal Slack, Mike Slack, father of whores from Missouri. You aren't him but if you were, it's all your fault Mike Slack of Missouri, aka grayhair_notold
You ruined your own flesh and blood

No. 1523912

File: 1652098444153.jpeg (54.95 KB, 314x443, me.jpeg)

how dare you post my daughters photos and say my christian name.(farmer pretending to be one of Shayna’s coomers)

No. 1523914

Wow Mike Slack are you really flipping us the bird all the way from Missouri? You touch your kids with that finger?

No. 1523918

Honestly, this has to be the tranny just trying to larp as this boomer, then again, most trannies are boomers so he can get in character quite easily.

No. 1523919

KEK the fingernail i can’t

No. 1523920

Not all trannies are boomers, but all trannies are definitely LARPers

No. 1523921

it’s not the fucking tranny lmao nonnies are just off one bc mods have bigger fish to fry, the span text walls im not sure

No. 1523925

I'll entertain the ridiculous notion you're actually Greyhair Oldgeezer and say tough shit. Your daughter signed up to be a whore online publically. Maaaaaybe your gross ass shouldn't have been following, retweeting and commenting on her stuff you fucking degenerate incestuous pedophile

No. 1523926

i will be suing you.(farmer)

No. 1523927

File: 1652099149986.jpeg (5.43 KB, 227x222, 1646837923009.jpeg)

that looks - painful
this is farmer level accurate
Fucking Christ not again
ofc her coomers are more vile than her. No surprise here.
I hope youre doing better nonnie

Not saging to bump that shit off the front page

No. 1523929

File: 1652099250448.gif (45.06 KB, 90x90, go-ahead-ego-nwodim.gif)

No. 1523930

good luck with that

No. 1523933

KEK this is the best cow crossover for this situation

No. 1523938

File: 1652099897112.jpg (16.07 KB, 300x225, 10-04-2001-len-small.jpg)

No. 1523947

so who cowtipped? not mad that you did btw

No. 1523951

right spill the deets before mods get around to /snow

No. 1523958

How the hell is Shayna been paying for all this hospital time. I doubt she has insurance cause it’s so complex to set up as and she’s so lazy. But also payment plans are deceptive and complex. She’s been at the hospital overnight like three times this year she must own at least a grand or two.

No. 1523961

As stated numerous times itt it's assumed since she is still under 26 she is still on her parents insurance.

No. 1523962

she’s obviously still under her parent’s insurance, if her mom or dad has a cushy job it usually covers children until they age out at 26 which is fast approaching

No. 1523989

If mods don’t bother to confirm whether or not this is the real gray hair, I guess we’ll know if he suddenly stops engaging with Shay on twitter

No. 1523994

He’s active on Twitter now & included Shayna in his daily good morning post, I don’t think he knows what’s going on yet.

No. 1523999

You guys thought that was the real grey hair…….’tarded

No. 1524000

Yep, just came to report this too. Still following her accounts and simping for her as of an hour ago

No. 1524005

i wonder who’s gonna break the news first, his daughter who obviously knows now and is probably having the worst day of her life, or Shat doing the right thing and cutting contact for once in her life, she lurks so she’ll know all about it either way

No. 1524012

File: 1652104841773.jpeg (60.62 KB, 828x406, 1253CF98-74AB-4575-AE03-F4ECAF…)

Two questions,
1. Is his Facebook gone? I can’t find it
2. Does Facebook’s search engine auto-suggest popular search terms because if so, kek

No. 1524013

What will we do without all the Monsters Inc gifs?? kek

Either way, I hope it's a shitshow. I genuinely wonder if his daughter knew that was his account. Whole thing is absolutely disgusting

No. 1524014

I'm really curious how she found out, lolcow is pretty niche on normie internet I thought. So someone must have sent her the thread directly right?

No. 1524017

I’m sure someone messaged her with receipts to let her know last night.
It’s cowtipping but tbh I don’t blame them, I’d want to know if I were the daughter. I just hope cowtipper anon shares more info on how it went down soon, though if they had direct interaction with Gnotold’s daughter they may not share the details out of respect since it’s such a fucked up situation.

No. 1524019

File: 1652105817535.jpeg (356.98 KB, 960x1440, 6757E76E-1643-4149-AC84-B01E4E…)

Someone must’ve cowtipped,
putting my tinfoil cap on but there could also be a possibility Mike Slack and his daughter are in a groupchat with shatnus

No. 1524021

I’m all for retarded tinfoils but im hesitant to see his daughter as anything other than a victim at this point she doesn’t seem too bright or stable and I hope the best for her, that being said if she allows her children to be around him it’s no holds barred

No. 1524026

Topkek at the image but you’re fucking dumb for that tinfoil

No. 1524030

File: 1652106701196.jpg (279.98 KB, 2224x1286, Mike Slack of Missouri | @GNot…)

As of 14:16:45 UTC, Monday, May 9, 2022, the profile is still there.

No. 1524031

ty nonnie, should probably do the same for his Twitter we have the username confirmation with his tiktok/face in it so there’s no denying it’s him for posterity

No. 1524034

Do you honestly think she’d cut ties with her second biggest supporter? You’re assigning principles to Shayna she’d never consider

No. 1524038

File: 1652107154519.jpg (1.09 MB, 1310x1628, Mike Slack of Missouri | @GNot…)

He’s still on Twitter as of 14:38:41 UTC, Monday, May 9, 2022

No. 1524040

the iq keeps fucking dropping itt

No. 1524041

It’s like they’re just as depraved as shatna and her coomers, really gross

No. 1524042

Fucking kek. Needs the “Battle Born Photography” changed to “Incest Porn Photography.”

No. 1524048

i’m not necessarily saying she will be morally outraged and activate keyboard warrior mode, but as has been discussed itt countless times she doesn’t actually have these kinks, she wants money and coiner attention, maybe I’m naive to think she’ll at the very least have a visceral disgust and nope out.

No. 1524049

IDK, maybe I am just too pessimistic but I feel like there is no way this woman doesn't know she was interacting with her father. Maybe she needed to figure out the privacy option so she could hide it from her husband. If one of her coomers started sending shit right to their house he'd probably get suspicious or angry.

No. 1524052

She's not giving up someone who gives her pennies and 1 of the usual 3 comments she gets on twitter

No. 1524056

I still can't believe this isn't some kind of fever dream.

On an aside, are we safe now? I've always been lucky to not be around when degenerates attack the site, so I'm currently just jumping around old Shayna threads avoiding exiting onto any of the main pages.

No. 1524060

She seems pretty dim anon, I can believe she never figured it out because A) she’s not smart and B) who the fuck will EVER think their own dad may be some coomer on Twitter? She probably never considered it a possibility. I think her father WANTED her to figure it out though, so he dropped hints about his oldest daughter & shit. He probably hoped it’d turn into some physical affair like whatever happens in weird incest porn where a girl is “discovered” to be a slut.

No. 1524065

Had a day off the thread, decided to pop on for some light reading on the train and now I am having to practice controlled breathing. I highly doubt this will change anything for Shay, she's too empty headed to grasp a situation in any sense if it doesn't actually affect her. Imo she'll think 'well he's not my dad' and continue her depravity

No. 1524066

If she knew I don’t think she would’ve deleted all her stuff, she would have probably ignored the dm on Facebook/Twitter and blocked who ever messaged her about it

No. 1524068

She would care about other people knowing

No. 1524073

same i was incidentally spending the whole night awake and right as everyone was still reeling from the greyhair shit but heading to bed there was a BLAST of cp and weird shit and none of it feels real

No. 1524076

That was my thought too.

No. 1524077

> maybe I’m naive to think she’ll at the very least have a visceral disgust and nope out.
Don’t take this the wrong way but I think you are. Think of the latest tweets from Shayna, the momma and dadda ones, she’s depraved. Mind you, I don’t think she has these kinks but she loves the little attention it get hers and I’m sure she also loves thinking she’s open-minded and smarter than us because “actually, I’m an adult” followed by a spiel on how kink shaming is wrong or some other bullshit. I agree with >>1524065 that she’ll think “not my dad”. The only times Shayna has decried deplorable things is when she wasn’t being paid, she doesn’t do it because she thinks it’s morally wrong but as an opportunity to lecture her audience and be perceived as “good”. If she believed there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, she wouldn’t have brother-sister content.

No. 1524085

Oh my Christ, I was not expecting this shitshow.

I can't imagine what's going through that poor girls head.
What an absolute sicko. Fuck you Mike slack.

No. 1524088

I don’t think she knew because of her deleting spree. No one would ever expect their dad to be funding their SW “career” buying content and jerking off to it. I doubt these SW ever go through their following or coomers because most use fake info or don’t have anything unidentifiable unless you actively look.

I feel like Shayna will read this thread, ignore and at most just stop liking/responding to gray hair.

He’ll never figure it out unless someone DMs this to him but I feel like he’s a coward and will ignore it.

I hope guilt consumes him, he’s got guns, he can just turn it on himself. I hope his daughter gets therapy and never speaks to him again

No. 1524092

It seems at best she was open with him about her onlyfans/twitter "work" and she may have given her money for lights like he said, but she didn't expect he would look at and buy her porn.

No. 1524094

you guys are being naive as fuck to think he hasn’t been abusing her since she was a baby, sick fucks are sick fucks and will go as far as they’re allowed and she was once as vulnerable as a person can be.

No. 1524096

File: 1652109857909.jpeg (295.81 KB, 693x491, 5BF2B0ED-13A6-4321-839C-B207F9…)

He commented on her photos on suicide girls with his name and face. I’m shaking.

No. 1524099

File: 1652109935948.jpeg (329.45 KB, 828x1130, F417A2C9-1490-41D7-801C-D6653B…)

>Frankly, I will be SHOCKED if anyone takes me up on this. But weirder shit has happened in my life

No. 1524100

There's no way he's her father, anons made some mistake when digging. No fucking way, absolutely not. No one would do this, there's no way.

No. 1524101

oh god i'm going to kill myself i hate this so fucking much this is so disgusting

No. 1524102

if that's his daughter, he's without a doubt been abusing her for a while. the picture anon posted earlier of him and his kids is going to make me throw up, the way he's holding them isn't accidental.

No. 1524103

File: 1652110104338.jpeg (29.49 KB, 828x218, 7CD6D677-A198-4CBE-B5CA-029333…)

He started his SG account right after she did and his first account activity was interacting with her.

No. 1524105

they said they wouldn’t but they literally posted pictures of her face in pictures of her with her dad walking her down the aisle at her wedding, and it’s the same face and tattoos as the woman taking nudes

No. 1524110

i just saw this as well. is there anyway to see when he uploaded his profile picture to the site? it looks like she stopped posting in 2020. did he upload his profile pic after she stopped using the site so that he could potentially attract (barf) other suicidegirl models? it would be impossible for him to have that pfp the whole time and her NOT know?

No. 1524111

samefag but she also has a tattoo that says ‘daddy’s little girl’ that is shown prominently in her porn

No. 1524112

Its his actual daughter, you idiot. Her wedding photos were posted upthread.

No. 1524113

well…we've always said that she attracts degenerates. it's official, this guy is worse than womack.

No. 1524114

You know what you’re right,
I overlooked that to her this is normal and that’s what grooming is she might be dealing with immense pain and can’t escape him. He’s also a gun toting freak so I feel like if she did stand up to him/dob him in he’d try scare her into submission :(

And this is what Shayna tweets about wanting, it’s disgusting. His daughter is a victim and you’re right — likely has since childhood.(:()

No. 1524116

this is so fucking sick. for some reason this is the worst part of it for me. the fact he made his twitter and this account JUST to follow his daughter. it's fucking vile

No. 1524118

tinfoil but i wouldn't put it past him to have made her make the onlyfans

No. 1524120

This is giving me Joseph Fritzl vibes. This poor woman. I hope Shayna never forgives herself for enabling and condoning pedophilia

No. 1524121

Makes me want to cry, this is the darkest shit ever and yes it’s the exact type of scrote that consumes the depraved porn Shay makes. I hope someone in her life finds out about this (not suggesting cowtipping) that can help her get away from her dad and more importantly keep her children FAR AWAY from this insane fucker. Truckers…always fucked up. Bet most of Shay’s coomers are transients.

No. 1524122

I know nonnies don't want to accept it but this women knows it is her father. She was groomed and molested her entire life and actively put her children in danger after that. The world is a fucked up place.

No. 1524123

File: 1652110667523.jpg (34.47 KB, 589x464, Capture.JPG)

body type athletic that's a joke but is the furry suits and clown costumes a joke as well

No. 1524124

Shayna's too fucking stupid to realize its what she does. She's hardcore in denial about it, too. She doesn't have enough self awareness to feel remorse.

No. 1524125

My fucking god. We’ve seen some fucked up shit in the history of this cow, but this is… the next level of fucked up shit. At one hand I’m glad we found out and the poor girl is most likely aware, but at the same time… What the fuck. What a trainwreck.

No. 1524127

This. There's no way she doesn't fucking know based off of picrel alone. >>1524096

No. 1524129

This. Shay is going to pretend she never saw. She literally can't afford to lose any of her coomers, especially ones that comment and send her money sometimes.
The worse thing is that Shay might legitimately not even care. She might even be jealous that girls dad was so, forgive me, hands on in supporting his daughter in sex work. Shay also is a fucking weirdo about her own dad so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1524130

I don’t want to hear about how the pedopandering is all ‘just a fantasy’ ever, ever again

No. 1524133

there's times that i wish cowtipping was accepted. this is one of them.

No. 1524135

well I'm wondering bc it would be definitive proof that she knew if the pfp was uploaded first

No. 1524136

Oh like the video scenarios Shay posts for porn all the time? B-but its just fantasy and kink! These people aren't actually pedos and rapists and incest groomers!

No. 1524137

Sage your shit and its literally right fucking here. >>1524096

No. 1524139

he could have later changed his pfp once she became inactive on the site bc he also posted some weird personal ad on there, it literally does not say right there when he uploaded the pfp which is why i'm wondering if there is any way to see on the site if this is a second pfp. saged

No. 1524142

i wonder if anyone here would have made this connection if this scrote didn't brag about buying his SW daughter gear for camming kek they really tell on themselves

No. 1524143

If her parents like her, that is. My parents kicked me off health insurance at 24 lol(no1curr)

No. 1524144

File: 1652111240682.jpeg (Spoiler Image,417.58 KB, 828x998, 3F062B50-DE1C-4060-8F6D-907412…)

No. 1524146

no one gives a fuck about what your parents did. shay's parents are known to take care of her when they can and when she allows them.

No. 1524148

Why are some of you still denial about her knowing? Both posts are from a course of two days and he was interacting with her on twitter where we also know he had selfies. Its like you're addicted to being contrarian for nothing.

No. 1524151

File: 1652111764399.jpeg (275.86 KB, 1442x1080, F9E42482-1E68-49B7-B2E1-EEF975…)

I don’t know if she knew or not, but she obviously was abused by him as a kid. These are both from her Facebook page. Not to mention the way he’s grabbing her and her sister with them both pulled into his lap as teenagers in that picture up thread.

No. 1524152

ayrt and lmao at this sphere of people who continue to support this trainwreck of a person. paying hundreds of dollars so your kid can blow her asshole out on camera for a sex predator and then stop into the ER to get it stitched back up, over and over

No. 1524153

was just wondering if sg had the option like fb to see when new photos were uploaded/added because i have never used/gone to look at this site before, i am not trying to be contrarian nonnie calm down

No. 1524158

Not trying to deny the abuse, but also how do we know she isn't another version of shay who hates her mom and wants attention from her dad? Greyhair often badmouths his ex-wife to other whores on twitter. Do we know how old she was when they divorced?

No. 1524162

the fact that shay's father isn't following her sex worker accounts, maybe? this girl was abused, no doubt about it.

No. 1524163

Her SG has been up for two years, anon. There's no way she doesn't know by now.

No. 1524165

What does shay's dad have to do with mike slack's daughter and how she was impacted by mike slack and his ex-wife divorcing, anon?

No. 1524166

Yep she ignored the Ellen shit, she didn't see a issue with fupaul having kinks that involve her acting and dressing like a child while he had childern. Like it's been said before, shayna is the type of women who turns a blind eye to shit UNTIL others care.
If someone with followers calls out Grey or Ellen (which i doubt) she'd cut contact or not post about them publicly.
She's the kind of woman who'd get in trouble for doing nothing when she knows something disgusting is going on. Or only speaking up when they cross her. She doesn’t care as long as they give her attention money. No doubt there’s legit pedos in her audience.

No. 1524167

i’m not trying to be dramatic or moralfag but there are a small number of moments in your life that define who you are. This is Shayna’s. She has multiple outs, both of her parents would take her in, feed and clothe her at the drop of a hat and she could get an education and move on from this entirely. Or she could take the path that requires the least amount of self reflection and feign ignorance and continue doing what she’s doing. She has quite literally made a deal with the fucking devil and this is her last chance to escape.

No. 1524169

She's not going to take it. She's depraved and cannot be salvaged.

No. 1524171

Anon you’re really trying to shift the blame onto this woman’s unknown mother when we know her father gets off to porn of his own kid, bought her sex toys and consumes porn of women acting and dressing like babies in diapers?

No. 1524172

yep if she logged on after that point. if she didnt know she definitely does now. and if he did groom and abuse her then she must be dealing with some super difficult trauma symptoms right now. i really hope she and her children are safe now.

shayna if youre reading this, this is what your sexual 'kinks' actually are. abuse. you can justify doing what you do by saying oh it's just a consensual kink but these guys arent incestual just consensually. your tacky cheap lingerie and boxed wine isnt worth contributing and profiting from abuse and incest

No. 1524173

File: 1652112617254.jpg (2.47 MB, 4634x13030, Mike Slack of Missouri is also…)

No. 1524177

>but also how do we know she isn't another version of shay who hates her mom and wants attention from her dad?

read what the original anon said, tard.

No. 1524178

How am I trying to shift blame by asking if there are other women out there similar to shay? Especially when you guys have seen how sex workers are. This is like when vivi showed up and suddenly everyone kissed her ass, but any other day its boo on e whores.

Being skeptical =/= shifting blame.

No. 1524180

> my beard is the only hair that should be between your legs
This fat bald divorces old molester thinks he’s a catch for real kek

No. 1524184

No, see it's only moral when we call Shayna a fat useless whore who wants to fuck her dad. Say that about any other e-whore and it's bullying and means you hate women.

No. 1524187

You’re a retard. We aren’t kissing anyone’s ass. This woman is in a woman in an extremely fucked up situation at the hands of her own father. No girl wants to be fucking molested by her father. Stop that scrote train of thought right now

No. 1524189

idk, it's a different situation considering he's proudly into incest porn and follows his actual daughter and her sex work accounts. sorry we don't jump on every sex worker we see like rabid animals.

No. 1524190

>sorry we don't jump on every sex worker we see like rabid animals.
A bigger lie has never been told on this site.

No. 1524191

File: 1652113029113.jpg (476.07 KB, 1166x1417, ideka .jpg)

She also posted picrel, it makes me think she understands being victimised. I feel someone who believed this, wouldn’t be friends with their abuser dad?

No. 1524192

Anon please hide her profile picture

No. 1524193

Like it matters now.

No. 1524195

No one here knows anything, you're all just constructing an entire narrative about her being molested when she's an adult who willingly interacted with her dad on her porn accounts. She also lets this man around her children.

No. 1524196

>most of the women my age either look much older or just have not taken care of themselves […] I don't think I'm grotesque
listen you disgusting piece of shit, you're worse than grotesque, you're any womans worst nightmare. kys now

No. 1524198

I think anons are just assuming what is the likeliest scenario - either she didn't know (doubtful with the SG screenshots) OR she has been abused and groomed since childhood. It is a less likely scenario that an adult woman willingly engages in such a fucked up incest situation with her father UNLESS there was prior abuse. Sure it might happen sometimes but it's less likely.

No. 1524201

It’s not always that simple anon. Lots of woman who were victims of incest still interact with their abusers because they are family. It’s an extremely complicated situation and I don’t think we have the right to judge her for still being Facebook friends with her own father

No. 1524202

That or he wasn't around and she sees his depravity towards her as a positive. He was never there for her or did anything for her. She went into sex work because she needed male attention. Gee, sound familiar? And, to her there's no distinction about this being okay or not. Her mom could've been similar, but apparently we aren't allowed to talk about that or speculate despite the fact that the entirety of this thread has been speculating what sent shayna to the hospital yet again and if this chick was molested. So, okay then.

This. I can't believe that some anons really are just taking the molestation theory as fact because muh moids. As if its totally unheard of for someone else on the planet to share the same mindset of shayna and pick-me's like her. If she was groomed, that's fucking awful and gross, but she's still letting this dude near her kids knowing what happened to her. And, she more than likely does know that he followed her sw accounts.

>we have no right to judge!1!1
This is a site where all any of us do is speculate and judge others based off of conjecture.

No. 1524203

The way you retards act so moral about everything as if we're not all here combing through the details of Shayna's life to criticize her and her disgusting life. Shayna was "groomed" as a teenager on tumblr by grown men, Luna was "groomed" by her mother's adult drug dealer as a teenager, how many other cows have sad backstories?

No. 1524205

Idk why everyone is thinking Shaynus will be horrified to learn that this is who she is taking money from. For the past however long this woman has been fantasising about having sex with her own dad. She has repeatedly made videos of herself masturbating while thinking about being in the exact position that Mike Slacks daughter is in. This is who she is guys, she is a pedophile, she is sexually attracted to children being raped by their parents and she actively seeks out other pedophiles to perform for. Her gf Ellen Dresel is also a pedophile and seeks out childcare work. The “dad” she always talks about will be one too the signs are there in how he makes her dress and also the dates he takes her on. This is her circle, it’s who she is and who she feels sexual attraction to. Idk if she was always a pedo or if it is a shocking consequence of her trying to be a whore but it is who she is now and there’s no point in pretending otherwise. I wish her neighbours were aware. What if there are kids in her building?

No. 1524208


I assume most are from an abusive background or developmentally behind in some way. Literally this board and others like it are just forums for people mocking retards

No. 1524209

Venus was also pimped out by her mom, but god forbid you say that shit.

*retards mocking retards

No. 1524210

Alright cowtipper, you already did the deed so might as well tell us what she said

No. 1524213

I hope she doesn’t, some of you are so bitchy and shitty about this woman. Why should she get banned telling us details kek get fucked

No. 1524214

i forgot every anon is the same person! all of us are a hive mind!

No. 1524215

agreed, there’s a bigger than tiny chance that this site is going completely to shit after today so catching a ban probably won’t mean much, I’m so curious if she had any explanation or it was just seen as read and then blocked

No. 1524220

Go back and read your own post, then take a look at what you just said.


Or like >>1524195 said, you guys just constructed a narrative and want to feel moral about something today. Same shit happened when Vivi showed up despite the fact that literally the thread before she did she was being clowned for how she looked and how she lived.

No. 1524224

I think they just really dislike her and that's why they choose the more insulting assumption.
>inb4 you criticize shayna
I won't deny I dislike her

No. 1524226

man follows his own daughter on a sex work account after making it obvious that he's got an incest/molestation kink and we're not allowed to assume he likely molested that same daughter. okay, makes sense.

No. 1524229

Of course this website is bullying weird people online and a lot of them have depressing backgrounds, but if Luna and Shayna's fathers followed their sex work accounts I would start feeling really bad for them. Surely you see the difference between a young woman being influenced by men on Tumblr or a teenager being groomed by her mother's drug dealer (which btw I have seen a lot of people take pity on Luna, for example when she did that creepy piss video most farmers were depressed by it and thought it was too far) and a girl who was likely molested by her father since her childhood who otherwise hasn't exhibited any cowish behavior. if you don't see the difference maybe you are in fact the retard…

No. 1524230

who on this planet doesn’t have a sad backstory?

No. 1524231

Where did I say you weren't "allowed", anon? Am I a janny? Have I redtexted you and silenced your ass for six hours? No. I backed up what another anon said because, realistically, none of us know anything about this woman. We're all speculating, even me. I'm allowed to disagree with some of you and I'm allowed to wonder what this person's quality of life was after the divorce, what their mother was like, and how often Mike Slack was even in her life. I'm allowed to point out how hypocritical some of you are just like you're allowed to assume I have scrote thinking because I questioned some things, such as why this person still lets this man around her children.

No. 1524234

There is literally an entire thread dedicated to clowning sex workers on the birdy app.

No. 1524235

If you want to draw the line at "only feeling sorry for sex workers whose fathers follow their sex work accounts," then you do so, but that doesn't make you any better than anyone else making fun of e-whores.(infighting)

No. 1524236

she has no pictures of him with her kids. I don’t think they are close

No. 1524238

If hardcore edgy anons try hard enough, they can convince themselves and other farmers that all users of this site think like them

No. 1524240

You're such a good person for only talking shit about the approved cows on LC! Congrats!

No. 1524241

File: 1652115131813.jpeg (252.46 KB, 750x908, D4D7A307-163F-42AE-A452-9D6340…)

Guess she’s gonna keep her ass in that hospital room watching Disney movies until they physically remove her

No. 1524242

Okay, and?

No. 1524244

Pat yourself on the back, nonnie.

No. 1524245

I mean that's not my only line and I don't report threads that I think are making fun of people that are too sad to make fun of. It's all relative and if you choose another line fine, I was just explaining what I see as the difference between Shayna, Luna, and this girl.
girl please nobody here thinks they are a saint but if your reaction to someone feeling pity on a cow is to get angry and lash out maybe you need to reflect a bit on what matters to you.

No. 1524246

I will, and?

No. 1524247

no anon, you see if she's friends with him on facebook, it could in no way be her attempt at keeping tabs on him! it's definitely because they're the absolute bestest of friends!

No. 1524249

you sound retarded, keep reaching

No. 1524251

Where is the evidence he's her father? I've been following this thread and I'm still not seeing where the smoking gun is.

No. 1524252

what do you mean? i'm not reaching at all. obviously if someone is friends with another person on facebook, they have to be close, right? that's the only explanation. no one has ever once kept someone they dislike on facebook.

No. 1524253

She’s one of the girls in this photo >>1523400

No. 1524257

My bad, you're right. We should close down the sex worker general and dole out the pity party bags to each of them. I'm sure all of them have also been groomed and we just don't know it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1524258

I need nonnies to understand that Shayna really doesn't want 98% of the shit she "Claims" she wants to happen her sexually. She doesn't have 98% of the kinks she claims she has. She was all cool with fupaul slapping her around, but when they broke up suddenly she was traumatized by it. Even when they were off and on she pulled the, "It's different when a big mean man is actually doing these things to you, Kink isn't always fun uwu."
Whenever she actually has to go to the hospital she wants sympathy and doesn't enjoy it. Yet she claims she has a medical fetish. She doesn't want to fuck her dad, all her fetishes are to get money, attract scrotes and look edgy and different. If Shayna were to meet people into that shit and not the weirdos she meet, she'd NOT want to stay around.
She is a disgusting pedo panderer, but not because it turns her on. She probably isn't going to care about this because-
>>"it's not my buiness"
>> They are adults
>> Lolcow lies
>> …
it's that simple. If others care then she'll began to care. Until then she'll ignore this. Unless he makes her mad, then she'll make it seem like she always knew he was gross and "people" told her shit about him.

No. 1524260

okay you are clearly the superior edgy bitch who can make fun of whoever, and whatever she likes without ever having anyone disagree. Again if you react to these very normal responses by lashing out in anger maybe you feel guilty or something. Not my place to say anon, but my conscience is clear even though I think Shayna is a fat diaper shitting retard.(infighting)

No. 1524261

No. 1524262

I really have no idea what are tou trying with this? Okay, you think it's either all or nothing and this woman could be just as bad as Shayna, or whatever else it is. And farmers are being hypocrites, like, okay? What now? What do we do about it? We can't talk about this Mike guy being the epitome of disgusting?

No. 1524264

no nonnie, because his daughter is a sex worker we instead have to shit talk her instead.

No. 1524265

You have to be 18+ to post here

No. 1524267

Assuming someone is underage just because they don't agree with you? Wow, never seen that before.(infighting)

No. 1524269

File: 1652116199702.jpeg (161.61 KB, 828x578, 02809F7B-68B8-44AB-8DF0-4F4134…)

No. 1524270

It’s your retarded attitude, not disagreeing with anons kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1524273

>"Look girls I validate my daughter the way your fathers won't validate you for your choices!1!1!"

No. 1524274

was a sex worker? Didn’t she stop in 2020 as well? I’m busy not being a NEET and can’t check if the dates line up rn

No. 1524275

This infighting is retarded and isn’t getting you two anywhere. Kindly stop it here and stop shitting up the thread

No. 1524276

Meant without judgement, just questioning it and trying to hear what other anons thought.

No. 1524277

She quit in May of 2020

No. 1524278

I'd agree normally, but its not like shayna has posted anything beyond asking for more money. Anons are bored.

No. 1524282

What. The. Fuck. When the old man sees this, or if his daughter confronts him, we're either going to get a milk explosion or total silence

Oh please, Shayna would see this as either A) he sees her as a daughter or B) he is choosing her over his daughter. She's a pickme

No. 1524289

This, except I'd say Shayna does have some interest in it. For her it's not about her own dad or abusing actual children, it's how it makes her feel special and cared after in the position of the child. Its root isn't even sexual, but psychological as it is for most of these women. That doesn't justify any of it or the pandering to actual sick fucks, but the difference lies between the women making this shit and the men consuming. Not to say that there aren't women who have been groomed or gone through experiences that led their desires to be worse, but in 99% of cases their fetish is different than it is for men. Because men are sick and their fetishes are a product of male minds that target real victims. And that's exactly why Shayna is wrong for pandering to them instead of seeing the reality of what they are. If she came to understand the cause of her fetishes it might also help to get rid of them. I'm only saying this because I disagree with anons who believe she's a bonafide pedo, but the entire thing's still fucked up.

No. 1524291

yeah, exactly. just the other week she fled vivi's house because she was kissed non-consensually and a guy propositioned her for content lmao. she was even too scared to meet womack irl when she lived in oklahoma, and he would have 100% dropped top dollar for a sexless date

No. 1524296

Do you think Shayna knows this? I actually believe you're right, but do you think Shayna (or similar people) actually acknowledge this?

No. 1524297

It’s always the nastiest most ugly men who judge women for body hair and their appearance. Go die Mike

No. 1524298

File: 1652118051937.jpeg (349.96 KB, 750x1521, F4459AA1-61B2-4782-930C-E48A31…)

She refers to him as Dad on Facebook as well

No. 1524302

File: 1652118240988.jpeg (461.08 KB, 1242x1058, 116917D7-217C-4213-863A-36D2C8…)

Her stories are never even exciting she always only talks about the past? Nasty because she has porn dedicated to brother sister incest

No. 1524303

She's the girl on the photo of Mike holding two girls in the left as her tattoo matches the girl whose SW photos are being posted. Both also are friends on Facebook, she refers to him as her father numerous times on Facebook, and again, her tattoos match to that picture of him holding two girls (and in the comments he says they are his children). She has a different hair color than she does now in that initial picture everyone was looking at. Her last name is different because she got married.

No. 1524304

File: 1652118321628.jpeg (311.65 KB, 750x1019, 630EE36F-D22E-4D48-B9BB-9A0702…)

No. 1524306

Anons are retarded and keep asking hOw aRe tHeY rElaTeD put two and two together.

No. 1524308

File: 1652118501797.jpeg (492.84 KB, 1170x1307, CB895CDE-4D9E-4019-9981-6CB8E5…)

Why is she making this a big deal?

No. 1524311

File: 1652118580996.jpeg (446.2 KB, 828x1301, BE857A35-7526-4652-9390-3083D6…)

I’m sure Mike Slack loves when Shay talks about her family members and little girls on her sex work accounts.

No. 1524312

The way she keeps saying “lil bro” and “lil girl” is gross

No. 1524313

Shayna knows what she does and doesn't like physically but emotionally she LOVES the attention. I kinda feel like when Shayna does shit she thinks, "I'm going to go viral, omg he thinks i'm so hot! I'm so famous!" and she's always high/drunk whilst working. She's the type who does things she's uncomfortable with if she likes you enough. Or if she feels she's getting something out of it. With Vivi, she didn't like her enough (if at all), probably wasn't all that happy with the boyfriend because Vivi was around and probably jealous/comparing herself to Vivi.
Do you think if shayna could do normal porn, or just "Smile" and go viral for being "pretty" she wouldn't do that? Maybe some flashing here and then, but she'd cut out all her "Kinks". She'd give up this pedo-pandering shit. No more diapers or paragraphs.
Do you think if Shayna could find a handsome guy her age, who'd treat her amazing vs. ANY of the gross scrotes she claims she's happy with now, she wouldn't chose the hot boy her age? Shayna doesn't truly like what she does. She's just in to deep, and it's the only way she knows how to get attention at this point.
In another timeline, Shayna could've had a normal job and just dressed really slutty and show a lot of skin and be happy. She wants one person to love her and to be seen as desirable & pretty by everyone else. She's not someone who wants to sleep with a lot of men or have a lot of interaction. She could literally get what she wants from dressing in a tight dress with a bra showing cleavage at a walmart. Or just walking her dog. She doesn't have to do all this.

No. 1524317

I wish I had the tumblr post she made about how she’s not really that into kink but if it keeps someone around she will do anything for them. Anyone remember what I’m talking about? It’s buried somewhere in the early threads but I can’t find it

No. 1524321

She does more than “keep track” but you’ve decided you’re right. I don’t think anything else posted of their interactions will convince you otherwise. By the way, she does have pictures of him and her kids.

No. 1524329

This scrote just described why he orbits Shayna. I know she thinks these "Old men" see her as the moon and the sun. That she's the hottest thing they've ever seen. Nope they know they aren't catches. That actual hot girls with standards who want money aren't going to pay them much attention.
So they go for the Shayna of the world. Average/below average young girls they could see anywhere. She attracts what she is, below average/average men who think they deserve better because they exist. Just like Shayna thinks older men have LESS standards and will spoil her because her age. These dudes think women who look like Shayna have less standards and can throw a few dollars in hopes for some attention. He doesn't even take care of himself but thinks he's entitled to better looking women. Just like Shayna doesn't take care of herself but expects fame and money.

No. 1524333

The amount of paragraphs anons are writing. It’s not that deep. Shayna won’t quit sex work. She hates women stop trying to support her, she’s a piece of shit

No. 1524334

Except my post wasn't about supporting her or her quitting. You don't have to read it.

No. 1524335

File: 1652119441558.jpeg (151.1 KB, 1242x1009, 275BBEA5-7E92-43BA-BABF-67E106…)

She loves sexualizing brothers and sisters
Sick fuck

No. 1524337

I’m not saying you specifically but all the people saying she should quit uwu
Who cares let her continue being a train wreck it’s funny and she deserves it

No. 1524339

She’s fucking annoying. That’s not even exciting. Okay she got dropped off in a limo. Whatever. Who gives a fuck about your high school memories? Shayna is so boring she has no personality and isn’t even into the kinks she says. She literally has no enjoyment in life besides eating

No. 1524340

Then after she posts her Frankenstein’s monster moobs.

No. 1524342

Weird how she brings up her brother and a childhood memory at this moment, regardless it's weird to talk about your family and a random little girl on the same account you make porn about incest and pretending to be a little girl.
It's also disrespectful, I'm sure he doesn't want his sister he probably doesn't talk to a lot, texting him about some dumb shit, JUST to post about it on her sex work account. No respect at all.

No. 1524346

File: 1652119924118.jpeg (251.71 KB, 1170x932, 0D61976A-C6EB-45F9-9BD6-7D7308…)

Yes, bring kink into the Roe V Wade disaster

No. 1524350

Does she ever shut the fuck up about anything related to her personal takes/politics? Like why tf does a coomer who wants to pay for porn want to hear about abortion? Like she just spits out the same talking points she sees from other sex workers/woke Twitter. She has no thought of her own.

No. 1524353

She can't go viral showing her body, she can't go viral with her smile, she can't go viral with her porn. The only way she can go viral is her making tweets about current events. Notice she only retweets well written shit, but only speaks when she has something "Clever" to say about a topic. She doesn't care, it's all about going viral.

No. 1524354

File: 1652120290113.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1255, D0FE907C-FA48-4986-A70E-B77EF8…)

Why tf is she three different colors? I can’t breathe

No. 1524357

File: 1652120347713.jpeg (858.65 KB, 1242x1360, 3668CF7B-C12C-4386-A57F-D18113…)

>I’d prefer not to talk about it anymore
Because you’re lying. Alcoholic deadbeat

No. 1524358

That blurry fat arm shop and blurring her face so much she no longer has a nose. Her face is very "your aunts fb profile pic."

No. 1524359

is this bitch serious? she wears diapers, shits herself, talks about her dad raping her and has an irl incestuous pedophile as one of her top followers kek glass houses much

No. 1524360


No. 1524362

She probably has that vomiting/stomach issue that heavy weed users get & it's exacerbating her stomach issues from alcoholism. Pair that with her mayochup MRSA ass and she's got to be infected, rife with pus and other disgusting rot from her stomach to her colon. She's going to die soon if she keeps this up. Never seen someone my age be hospitalized so frequently for consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. I bet she regrets never bathing now that she's a walking carrier of god knows how many diseases and pathogens.

No. 1524365

She's actually freezing her ass off that's why lol she didn't bother wearing some clear shoes or anything to protect her feet that could be shooped out later.

No. 1524366

you don’t stay in the hospital even overnight for cyclic vomiting syndrome. she has covid or something else going on or she’s completely lying like her bullshit psych ward stay.

No. 1524367

kek anon

No. 1524377

No. 1524393

Fucking disgusting, I'd like for her to say this out loud in front of people who have no choice but to wear diapers when they're in the hospital and feel dehumanized because of it.

No. 1524411

I hate this atmosphere that ehwhores give these kind of men where it’s a sage space to regularly shit on pubes and aging.
>irl I’m a dweeb who doesn’t know how to talk to women
You’re a sicko and the grossest most beer bellied Uggo I’ve literally ever seen. You’re pathetic and need to pay only to have a sliver of “intimacy” from what you call “average looking” women. I cannot stand this shit. Should we make a depraved coomer general?

No. 1524413

Ratmon is a porn obsessed scrote. he's probably contributing to similar stuff like this in korea. begone

Why does she look weirdly photoshopped in here?

No. 1524415

Nothing shows that a guy is a closeted pedo creep more than sperging over women his age being “too old” and not liking body hair. Someone get the firing squad for this one

No. 1524417

Its more pathetic because its like a secondhand experience memory. She didnt have the limo experience or anything, it was something her brother did and had a memory of that she just heard about later. Shes trying to relive something through someone elses experience lol so bleak.

No. 1524418

File: 1652126161928.jpeg (256.91 KB, 750x1092, C9B94651-A4A2-4307-98CE-4F1358…)

zap_man68 is greyhair. He’s left comments on his daughters myfreecams as well

No. 1524420

hehe LSP,clever 3 likes this dumbass bitch probably forgets about literalrape ‘everyone who has a CNC kink’ YOU FUCKER S YOU MOTHERFUCKERS I WILL RAIN HELLFIRE UPON YOU!!!

No. 1524423

While the lingerie is an improvement as it contains her gunt and floppy tits, it seems to contradict the whole "wolf girl" thing she said she was going for. She tried to get claws (even though they werent accurate) and had the tail too. Why would a Wolf be wearing clothes? She just looks like a retard wearing furry ears that fell down.

No. 1524432

Christ, it looks like she only did SW for a few months and her father was her main customer/coomer. I’d quit too. Also seems like Mike Slack only joined and started posting onto online porn spaces after his daughter started doing porn. Gross.

No. 1524434

File: 1652128746737.jpeg (685.87 KB, 1170x1536, 7610AB25-92F8-404A-ABC0-380AB5…)

No. 1524453

So he bought his daughter camming equipment and sex toys, monitored & interacted with all her accounts, and even commissioned content from her? Please tell me anons aren’t naive enough to still believe she didn’t know who it was. He was very obviously pimping her out.

No. 1524454

It’s gross to even mention her family members in any context on her incest/pedo kink SW account

No. 1524460

He’s a pedophilic hideous old uggo with a poorly maintained beard, but he feels entitled to young hairless women. Fucking pathetic kek

No. 1524461

File: 1652131571478.jpeg (358.15 KB, 750x2449, DEFB36C4-DB44-4CD4-8DDB-49C6FE…)

Kek I’m glad her coomer is calling her out

No. 1524467

>@gnotold: haters are gonna hate
resisting the urge to alog

No. 1524472

I absolutely remember this, but I feel like it was part of one of the very early threads that got deleted for "family stalking." She said she would "always keep coming back for more" because she was addicted to attention and didn't have any real fetishes.

No. 1524473

Yes that was it. I don’t think it was from the deleted thread because I wasn’t around for that one. If anyone somehow has that screenshot I will be forever in your debt

No. 1524476

Well you’re ugly and it’s your job to be hot but you’re fat and look like you stink

No. 1524479

Knowing this extremely deep and dark secret about two random complete strangers is fucking with me. They are real people who live their lives with this secret and have families and friends who have no idea what’s going on. And now we all have the burden of knowing this thing that no one is supposed to know. The internet was truly a mistake

No. 1524489

Eh, as 'murricans it's fairly likely that their family knows but fights like hell to stay cognitively dissonant. It's a very American thing; knowing you have pedophiles and incestuous abusers in your family then doing nothing about it out of shame and fear that you'll be looked down upon by others. That selfish image based thinking and shame/fear drives most people to just let it happen and act like it's not there.

No. 1524497

Sage for derail but this isn’t a uniquely American phenomenon. Just look at Japan, the whole idea of “saving face” keeps a lot of people from bringing this kind of ugliness to the light. Honestly I can’t think of a single “civilized” country that handles these topics adequately.

No. 1524513

Yeah this isn’t an American thing at all, it’s a human thing. Having worked with child trauma survivors in different countries, incest & pedophilia are far more common than people think, but families keep it a secret to protect their reputations. Except in cases like Mike Slack, who was dumb enough to broadcast it all over the internet.

No. 1524515

What is even trying to say with this? Implying that breeding kinktards are irresponsible perverts who don’t practice safe sex and regularly get arbortions from their kink can’t sit well with that community.

No. 1524519

she's trying to make a quirky "joke" about how the abortion ban is bad and sad but only because of the poor breeding kinksters (i'm pretty sure)

No. 1524524

File: 1652134947212.jpeg (685.54 KB, 1170x1405, CBDDEC68-AC7F-454B-B6CC-8D4A2A…)

Oh God. Cant wait to see her squeeze in this

No. 1524532

File: 1652135573216.jpeg (261.77 KB, 1242x710, 8D8DD6A0-50E7-4897-ACD9-F32AB2…)

I’m still somewhat disappointed that gray hair didn’t delete his account in panic after he exposed himself jerking off to his daughter’s nudes

No. 1524533

File: 1652135630036.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 806x1485, 91B114D6-382C-4DCA-A2E2-5C3650…)

She bought the most grandma looking lingerie. And why white? Everything that’s white ends up dirty.

No. 1524534

Why would he? He did it out in public. He's not ashamed.

No. 1524536

Shooping goes crazy

No. 1524538

what is with the bizarre editing on both of these pics where she looks poorly superimposed into each shot? it literally looks like she's floating on top of the pics

No. 1524541

He probably doesn’t even know. There’s no proof that there was any cowtipping, granted she did delete her shit as soon as it came about on the thread but maybe she didn’t say anything to him and he’s unaware

No. 1524543

I doubt his daughter confronted him

No. 1524544

>doing nothing
Kek, many families actively take steps to shut up the victims, i.e. threatening them, telling them they are breaking up the family, etc.

So it's really common for victims to say nothing.

No. 1524545

As if makeup would make you look pretty

No. 1524546

She must actually be sick because this editing looks like shit. It’s so obviously shopped and blurry to the point where she looks like she’s in a different resolution then the background

No. 1524553

Something about this looks so fake… Like she was photoshopped into the picture.

No. 1524556

I literally know a family that is exactly as you describe and they are Dutch. I don't know where the hell you got the idea this is an American problem and now just a disgusting human being problem.

Anyway, I find it hilarious that she doesn't mention Ellen coming to visit her at the hospital at all. Why is the scrote taking care of Noodle? I wonder how long until they both get sick of the munchie and bail. Also the fact that she is saying how she doesn't want to talk about her condition more makes me believe she is straight up lying and doesn't want to get caught not being able to answer questions. She'll be right back to drinking and smoking the day she gets out of the hospital too.

No. 1524574

Samefagging since everyone is on my ass, yeah of course it happens elsewhere. These hicks aren't from Japan though. Never said it was exclusive to America. I'm not gatekeeping CSA and mistreatment of victims kek. Jfc derail harder for no reason

No. 1524580

the girls are fightingggggg

No. 1524585

Why bring up being American tho kek just accept that you're wrong and don't respond

No. 1524586

File: 1652140467460.jpg (85.11 KB, 1089x1226, 1652016067856.jpg)

No. 1524587

She's going to look like a raw sausage in this.

kek. The two back rolls are still clearly visible.

The image is badly edited but the weird lighting is because the snow is white and it doesn't absorb light, it reflects it. Light gets reflected from the snow which then gets reflected off Shat's pale skin back into the camera lens. The background is darker and darker colours reflect back less light into the camera.

No. 1524595

File: 1652140991185.jpeg (2.5 MB, 1242x1533, F1FA63AC-B868-4FB2-9814-F53B14…)

Shayna: I don’t lurk uwu
Also Shayna: blurs her face wrinkles because we point them out

No. 1524600

This looks worse than what happens in a high school photography class.

No. 1524606

Is it just me or does her thigh look super long in the back

No. 1524607

I can’t wait for the photographers unedited version

No. 1524613

fucking kek maybe im just sleep deprived from the raids but i see exactly what you mean it’s like her leg is curling around herself like a spider

No. 1524619

File: 1652143214183.jpg (60.08 KB, 500x328, tumblr_l6nweizgz81qcm16uo1_500…)

She's Lucille Bluth-ing it here, her face is so blown out and indistinct she's fuzzy.

No. 1524620

It’s from attempting to poorly slim and elongate the right leg

No. 1524641

anyways nonnies just a reminder that Shay has taken her vow of silence with Satan and his daughter-fucking ways so speaking for myself at the very least i will have even heartier keks at calling her fat, retarded, and ugly

No. 1524683

File: 1652150795384.jpeg (169.97 KB, 750x898, 2F6E7B2D-3ED5-4F92-AB23-E150D3…)

girl the audacity of editing yourself like this after u outed yourself kek

No. 1524689

Kek. Ok, lardass. This MIGHT work if your "photographer" didn't post the unedited shots.

No. 1524697

File: 1652152213849.jpeg (138.45 KB, 1137x888, 0AC34263-BAD2-498B-A55D-50A3F5…)

I really want to see the unedited pictures. But I can’t find the photographers Twitter

No. 1524699

I'm not hitler but I'm pretty confident that hitler would NOT smash

No. 1524700

File: 1652152553760.jpeg (969.29 KB, 750x1200, 62ED0999-8F2D-4509-8442-F0E8E8…)

He hasn’t posted them yet, other then the one posted up thread a couple days ago

No. 1524704

File: 1652153029425.jpeg (101.7 KB, 435x314, 5412ECF9-DC8C-405A-BE37-DCA3FA…)

Bimbofication? more like seth roganfication

No. 1524705

why did he posted it kek this isnt even a good picture not even photographically or artsy

No. 1524713

File: 1652155040393.jpeg (375.07 KB, 1242x1362, 8953FB19-9073-463B-829F-EA166F…)

Is this the screenshot you’re thinking of? From the third thread

No. 1524715

File: 1652155780736.jpeg (37.21 KB, 549x558, 3E9E8DAE-4F0D-4681-8D2A-0E6D12…)

Holy fuck I haven’t been online since the vivi saga, what a thread to come back to. Sage for blog and thank you all for my evening reading material. What a shitshow.

No. 1524729

the photographer is also shit. anyone can make a decent photograph when they have a nice scenic background and this guy can't even do that.

No. 1524734

Yes, thank you. This is such a dark post, but I think it really illustrates why she does what she does despite not being a very sexual person

No. 1524766

I know one person with cyclic vomiting syndrome and he just stays home for a day or two when a cycle happens. I guess it’s not impossible that she needs to be at the hospital but it seems like a stretch

No. 1524792

Didn’t think a Shayna thread could get this dark. Regardless of her knowing about her dad or what, it’s so sad and grim.

No. 1524829

>>1524269 Late tinfoil but do we think it's possible he got his daughter involved in suicide girls or at least suggested she do it? Suicide girls at a glance seems like nude modelling, camming and onlyfans is the next step. Fucking disturbing but I wouldn't put it past him. And it would make sense if he encouraged her from the beginning. She could very well know it's him following her accounts as a supportive parent

No. 1524833

The only real modeling is done in LEGIT art studios and the runway
Suicide girls r a collective of overweight tattoed whores with a pick me attitude. They arent models. Someone shld takethem out

No. 1524836

Learn to Sage

No. 1524840

My father has cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and he goes to the ER at least once a year, because he throws up so much he ends up dehydrated and eventually gets tears which cause him to throw up blood. If you're a chronic user for long enough, things can get pretty bad if you're sensitive to it.

No. 1524857

Can you not get a prescription for anti-emetics in the US or something? to stop you from throwing up so much you need to go to the hospital

No. 1524872

Didn’t ask + didn’t sage + you sound male + get banned

No. 1524896

>Can you not get a prescription for anti-emetics in the US or something?
nta, but it's extremely difficult to get them prescribed in the US, yeah, the only one they want to give out, as a last resort, is Zofran, which unfortunately is known to cause further nausea in some people

No. 1524903

I feel like shays there for a mental health stay. She likely got looked at and they would’ve seen her BA, enzymes etc were shoddy and compared with how much she’s there they probably want to monitor her mental health because she’s a BPD girlie

No. 1524919

Take satisfaction in knowing most of the other girls he shoots, he is paying, while shayna is, at best, getting a shitty free photoshoot, at worst, paying for this garbage.

No. 1524921

Spew your ignorance elsewhere, you know absolutely nothing.

No. 1524935

File: 1652190746726.jpeg (264.47 KB, 1242x1521, 02EC2F5F-4782-436D-AE4B-A0C210…)

Ironic she re tweeted this when she’s not ever going to be “that” bitch, she’s just a bitch who calls women ugly, bitches and stinky when she can’t even get her MRSA treated or brush her teeth

No. 1524968

Weird tinfoil. If you are admitted to a hospital for mental health reasons they will typically take your phone and put you in a ward that specializes in mental health care, and it looks a lot different to a regular hospital ward. Especially if you are staying there for as long as she has.

No. 1524984

You can but cannabinoid hyperemesis is notoriously difficult to treat. It doesn’t respond to most anti-emetics and the medications that do work are usually controlled substances.

No. 1525005

Here's an interesting treatment idea: don't smoke weed.

No. 1525009

Thank you Captain Obvious, I was talking about if you’re already throwing up.

No. 1525024

Why are you booing her? She’s right! Sage your shit tho

No. 1525046

If she's still in the hospital, it isn't from "throwing up" too much. they get the vomiting under control, get her re-hydrated and send her on her way. She's clearly detoxing off the alcohol, which sometimes requires a number of days in the hospital to get your body stable enough to leave. Some chronic alcoholics can't even walk while detoxing because their bodies are so fucked up and vitamin deficient.

No. 1525063

Yeah I assume especially since she doesnt want to talk about it, there's a lot more going on. Even with good insurance, the hospital wants you out as soon as possible. They need the rooms to keep treating people especially with covid still being a thing and people go to the er and icu for way worse things.
They sent my friend home after barely 2 weeks and he still had a broken foot and fractured spine and could walk or get up on his own or go to the bathroom. And they tossed him out. He had good insurance too. Any time Ive gone, they examine, administer med, iv hydrate if needed, then send you on your way as soon as the med kicks in.
Theres more than she's willing to say if shes staying there going on 3 or 4 days. If it was just even severe vomiting they wouldve hydrated her, given her meds to take home, and sent her out. An overnight at most.

No. 1525073

I agree, something is weird. I had great insurance and I was wheeled the fuck out of the hospital and dumped in a car with a prescription for painkillers about 30 hours after major abdominal surgery. They really like a fast turnaround, and I can't imagine almost any amount of vomiting would warrant such a long stay. Don't think it's mental, but something is up. Is it possible she has already left the hospital and is just milking the idea that she's there for pity?

No. 1525081

If she's possibly prediabetic she would also be vomiting and she would be there until her numbers were under control and she can see a dietitian and endocrinologist. With how she eats and drinks I could see it becoming an issue if it's not already.

Most likely she's just a POS waisting as much of their time as possible.

No. 1525085

It’s still fucking retarded for her to still be there. I think she’s lying about still being in the hospital. She just wants to have an excuse to NOT work. If you’re detoxing you can do that at home. There’s no need to be at a hospital. Buy gatorade, ginger ale and water. I’ve dealt with seeing someone with alcohol withdrawals. They’re annoying asf but there is nothing you can do to help them. They just have to suck it up. It’s their fault for drinking so damn much. She’s such an annoying bitch

No. 1525086

True. They’re all ugly and just have hella tattoos so moids can think they’re cool and edgy. Take them out sounds scrote-y but I agree nonetheless

No. 1525099

Shes lying the only time you might be in there long enough is if its heart issues. (No hospital wants to be sued)

Bitch is milking it for all she can

No. 1525103

You sound retarded and need to sage but, honestly, based. Suicide girls are just edgy “woke” pick me’s.

No. 1525138

File: 1652208927878.jpeg (244.52 KB, 750x717, 1FDC9914-D324-4455-A72B-2955E9…)

No. 1525149

> i hate going this long w/o working
Ma'am? I'd actually venture to say she's working more than she normally does by the sheer amount of times she's posted that link banking on people feeling bad for her. All she does is complain about the community, post a heavily smoothed over photo for free, beg for money, and find every excuse to not do her job.

No. 1525150


Zofran is not hard to get, at all. If you tell your doctor you are frequently nauseous they will give it to you. It works for most people and if Big Shaynus was truly in the hospital for that they would have tried that first. It can absolutely work at the beginning stages of CHS. But it's moot because for her to still be in the hospital over vomiting, she would have to be so sick/dehydrated right now that she would not be posting any kind of selfies. I care for hyperemesis patients, she's not there for hyperemesis.

No. 1525153

Tinfoil but how do we know she doesn't have BII from the zombie tit?

No. 1525167

this bitch has 100 more pressing issues before breast implant illness. she doordashes daily for two people, never drinks water, is an alcoholic and chronic smoker, takes benzos for all that we know but you really think her issues are coming from that lil implant in her trash dump she calls a body? i don't think so

No. 1525179

Hospitals don’t keep you this long even after pushing out a baby. Bitch go home. They’re not forcing you to stay.

My guess is she will be home today. 3 days is usually what insurance will pay for.

No. 1525180

I wouldn’t be surprised if she is home by now and just doesn’t want to work and wants more pity money

No. 1525182

Shayna is a bitch but you're wrong about alcohol withdrawal, it can cause seizures and death and usually has to be treated with benzos. But I think something else must be going on, if she went to the ER because of withdrawal they would have sent her home with medication by now

No. 1525187

Diabetic ketoacidosis can cause constant vomiting, and by the looks of this bitches lifestyle it wouldn't be surprising if that is what happened. When people go on dka they usually have to stay at least a week in the hospital, there's a high risk of death if untreated

No. 1525206

everything is a lie with this bitch, its boring how predictable she is. and if she got that puking syndrome why is she still fat? lol

No. 1525210

File: 1652215279123.jpeg (245.21 KB, 750x1657, 2929FA76-7112-423E-A2C0-68A91E…)

What the fuck Shayna. You’re not a fucking baby you’re a grown ass alcoholic pill popping overweight loser

No. 1525215

damn i cant believe gross diapered whales still feel ashamed in their own “community” kek i thought the sick mind was all they need.

No. 1525230

shes in their getting her zombie tit fixed or having her pussy boil lanced, she just used covid and the chronic puking bs as an excuse

No. 1525236

You get kicked out of the hospital basically the same day you have a baby if nothing went wrong and it wasn't a c section. They ain't keeping even a few hours, nevermind for 3 days, over a lanced ass boil. That's like a drive thru appointment

No. 1525237

one of the suicidegirls ITT who doesn’t like shat because competition

No. 1525244

She must love being in the hospital. Free food, attention and she doesn’t have to get off her flat ass. Most ppl would hate being confined to a bed-this portly bitch relishes it. I know she never really moves in her day to day life, except to maybe let the dog out. How many days is this? Her muscles must be atrophying even more. What a sad sack of shit

No. 1525251

LOL stop

No. 1525255

File: 1652220193614.jpeg (290.91 KB, 1284x984, 4FB233FF-3226-4B9C-8E0F-747CE5…)

it’s really stupid that she never purges/archives old content. $3 for hundreds of vids and pics, yet she tries to claim her whole “vid collection” is over $700. sure, jan.

No. 1525256

File: 1652220306050.jpeg (206.71 KB, 750x794, C14779CE-1285-4C66-B1B2-9CE95C…)

No. 1525258

topkek, Nonnie I was thinking the exact same thing

No. 1525259

I knew it. She’s just there so she doesn’t have to work or do anything. She’s leaving because her insurance doesn’t want to pay more than 3 days for her vacation.

No. 1525261

File: 1652220911294.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 1049x1779, C9FE6D1E-A201-4376-AE09-E5FA79…)

Hundreds of the same outfit/pose, hundreds of the same video just in a different outfit. Her only fans is a snooze fest. If I was a coomer I would want to see a variety of different things. Every “kink” thing she does is half assed/ lazily done. No sex at all. She’s one of the very few sex workers who don’t have sex. Which is good considering the risks of stds and pregnancy. But for someone who’s such a “kinky bimbo anal whore” she doesnt get around much. Even just going live and acting like a virtual gf for loner losers would improve her content. She’s so lazy and bad at her “job”

No. 1525263

File: 1652221097851.jpeg (287.74 KB, 750x882, 90291EEF-108B-481D-B21D-81414E…)

No. 1525273

i well never get over how jarring her face is next to her clothing/hair. I would say it’s unfortunate that she has the face of a creepy old man but it matches her pedophile personality
>>1525263 >juice in a sippy cup
of course shayna would be one of those retarded mothers giving kids juice instead of water/milk like it won’t rot their teeth just as fast as Mountain Dew

No. 1525277

File: 1652222128953.jpg (108.9 KB, 685x1076, FB_IMG_1652222004144.jpg)

reminds me of shayna

No. 1525283

she would be type two, not type one, she is not in dka

No. 1525287

I just said zofran is the only one you people will hand out, and I didn't say she was there for it either.

No. 1525297

It’s More so the implication that “muh real models” aren’t uber pick-me whores

No. 1525298

Totally ot but I’m going to be labeling the threads with important sagas to put in future threads because there’s so god damn many to keep track of. There’s Vivi saga, Sol saga, Dawn saga, Diet saga, Psych ward saga, the various Fupa break up sagas, Oklahoma move saga, what am I forgetting?

No. 1525300

the iconic reveal that she was still sucking fupapas chode when a farmer spotted him in a reflection. truly an unforgettable moment in shaynus history

No. 1525316

I'll give you all the five dollars in my savings account if you remember which thread that was in

No. 1525318

Kek or the time a nonnie saw them in the wild getting pizza together

No. 1525323

that and the thread where people were cross analysing pictures of penis with picture of Fupauls penis to see if they were matching up like a killers thumbprint left at the scene if a crime

No. 1525324

No. 1525327

Holy shit, thank you so much anon; I'm so sorry, I owe you $5, I forgot my wallet

No. 1525328

No. 1525331

Cow spotting is always iconic kek

No. 1525332

Psych ward/break up/ it was fupa the whole time reveal was such an iconic moment in Shayna history

No. 1525345

File: 1652230582392.jpeg (162.12 KB, 455x1280, AF4F581F-342D-47FF-816C-F0D287…)

How much of a coincidence would it be that she’s in the exact same hospital gown with the same stupid fake freckles drawn on her face in the photo she deleted in the hospital the other day and the one from the hospital 8 months ago?

No. 1525346

that’s a snapchat filter, nonny.

No. 1525347

You right, total tinfoil, I just noticed going through that old thread

No. 1525359

This bitch isn't even 26 and goes to the hospital as often as a old sick person. Ain't she even a little bit scared?

No. 1525362

You can still go into DKA with type 2.

No. 1525365

oh no you upset the fat trailertrash with ugly tattoos, kek

No. 1525366

She's barely 200 pounds and 25 years old, she's not fucking diabetic

No. 1525367

No. 1525368

i totally agree. my bet is on the zombie tit

No. 1525370

File: 1652232060482.jpeg (611.9 KB, 2506x1521, 8294DFA6-26D9-4BA4-AF6A-64121F…)

Tubby Mattel

No. 1525373

To be fair, anyone can have diabetes. Doesn’t have to do with just age and weight

No. 1525375

Not shay and it's her thread. stfu and stop derailing

No. 1525379

File: 1652233249781.jpeg (267.7 KB, 1339x1080, D12A9E0A-187E-4234-B1B3-B39349…)

kek some farmer is trying to start a grassroots campaign against Shayna on Twitter. Nonnie your heart is in the right place but this is embarrassing and only fuels her ego

No. 1525383

you only get type 1 if you’re born with it, and type 2 only happens after eating like shit for a long time. it’s not diabetes.

No. 1525386

I miss the discord milk. One of you Twitter whores make yourselves useful and infiltrate

No. 1525389

It’s probably Soy, he liked it. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s hiding behind a blank account

No. 1525390

Did she claim Soy “abused” her? I don’t think so she just acted like he betrayed her and that was “traumatising”

No. 1525391

not abuse, but she did try to claim he assaulted her just like with Vivi.

No. 1525394

No this person seems to have no idea what they’re talking about. Since when it’s she following and retweeting “known minors?”

No. 1525398

she really looks like seth rogen

No. 1525403

she’s been outed for it on twitter a few times right after chastising other SWs for doing it on accident. she also turned her tumblr into a porn page knowing she had a shit ton of minors following her, exposed them to kink on purpose, then blamed them. she’s also retweeted loli porn multiple times recently. she can never take responsibility for anything.

No. 1525407

File: 1652237029212.gif (144.48 KB, 340x340, 1630024903609.gif)

kek are you the cowtipper?

No. 1525411

A few threads back someone showed her retweeting some gross kink shit off a minor who had (minor) and (17) in their bio

No. 1525412

File: 1652237388731.jpeg (147.62 KB, 570x1280, 01A68397-94ED-48C6-A5AD-706BCA…)

No. 1525413

It was hardly full blown following interactions but she did interact with one briefly oh and the 14yo she told to take some dick or something

No. 1525415

Home in her dark hovel, I thought sex work paid to keep the lights on kek

No. 1525418

Ikr? I think some did but were too stupid and got sussed

No. 1525425

Isn’t Sol a britfag? Cause that’s how they spell “recognise” in the UK

No. 1525429

He is, would make sense since he liked it and is tagged in it. They made a point of mentioning assault and clearing his name

No. 1525434

What, no wine? Lol

No. 1525446

Was contemplating going through the entirety of her threads and this sealed it kek.

No. 1525481

Truly FBI level work. Is Shatnus going to become the new Chris Chan?

No. 1525482

File: 1652244558712.jpeg (Spoiler Image,422.51 KB, 750x1030, E79CCD10-00A2-4249-9702-050170…)

Why is it so lumpy under the implant tit

No. 1525483

the flab monster

No. 1525484

It looks like a bed ulcer to me but I’m not actually intelligent enough to diagnose so

Regardless, why would she share this? If she didn’t get hit in a manner to cause it, it’s clearly stemming from a medical reason

No. 1525485

Bed sore saga soon? She’s such a lazy slob

No. 1525486

Thats a super gnarly bruise to not know how you got it what the fuck is wrong with her. She's pretending for attention or shes actually fucking retarded.

No. 1525493

Dry scabbed lips, layers of callouses on feet, beer gut bursting out of clothing that’s too small, too small skirt cutting off circulation, cellulite covered thighs jiggling, old discharge from two days ago in snatch, smelling your own sweaty b.o. damn I’d hate to be in Shayna’s body.

No. 1525497

I mean with Shatna anything could be bullshit. Though assuming she goes to the same er each time, it could just be coincidence. I assume they have a few patient gown patterns, but probably not a huge variety.

No. 1525512

It's not a pressure ulcer, it's just a bad bruise

No. 1525515

She probably tripped and fell while she was withdrawing from sugar and booze

No. 1525551

Holy fuck that was me. I always look at glasses reflections or any reflections in general in cow photos lmao

No. 1525614

Most diaperfags are fatties what is this retard on about

No. 1525627

Sooo this just reads like they're admitting they're actual paedophiles attracted to literal babies and traditionally infant features and not body posi bs, kek.

No. 1525636

I didn’t realise that I was reading something about the pedo kink and not something about people being weird about actual babies having fat. Until I kept reading

No. 1525650

Not a suicide girl, I'm literally featured in museums around the world. There are more genres to modeling than runway, like commercial, lifestyle, art, etc.

Not being a moron like you doesn't make someone jealous sweetie. Sorry you're too ugly to know that I guess.

No. 1525655

> featured in museums

Wow anon you sure showed us. Really put people in their place. Gosh darnit, all that museum exposure.

No. 1525656

You mad because I'm not a jealous fat slob covered in shitty tattoos?

Or because you were wrong in your assumptions? You really that angry that you can't learn about something and would rather in-fight?

Go off I guess ugly cunt(sperg)

No. 1525657

Nta but I just know you’re fat from the way you type

No. 1525658

NTAYRT but you realize that some people don't need shitty "exposure" because they're actually working, right? You also understand that the person they replied to said their type of modeling was valid by their weird standards
>>The only real modeling is done in LEGIT art studios

Legit art studios and museums are respectable, unlike suicide girls, camming or porn or whatever YOU do.

Some people in these threads are so blinded by their tiny bubbles. Amazing.

No. 1525660

kek how does a fat person type?

No. 1525665

New copy pasta from a retard who takes everything on an anonymous board personally kek

No. 1525674

Usually reddit spacing doesn’t stand out or bother me but the tone really takes the redditfag over the edge here

No. 1525675

Defensive, overcompensating, grew-up-ugly syndrome brand of NLOG speech. Possibly a wannarexic edtwt newfag. Hot girls never had to defend their hotness because they simply know they’re hot lol this retard chides suicidegirls not because they are products of male gaze. The real intention is to highlight their modeling fantasy as better in comparison in a clear jealous bitch manner. Mainstream models are just skinnier whores who also suck dick for clout. And you’re still not one of them.

No. 1525676

File: 1652275476005.gif (1.16 MB, 480x261, B04421DB-CC65-466C-A529-A662FC…)

No. 1525681

No one ever mentions this and I'm surprised by it because it's so obvious.

I had a look at Shayna's old threads recently and she has really declined mentally and cognitively. She used to go out and do things and she was coherent. She can barely string a sentence together and get out of bed nowadays. It's as if she is brain damaged.

No. 1525682

they put abstract images in museum so checks out. 'sweetie' - either a fatty or a tranny

No. 1525685

File: 1652276965236.jpg (96.25 KB, 461x682, Wien_NHM_Venus_von_Willendorf.…)

Omg, Venus of Willendorf! I love your work!

No. 1525701

She took doesn’t have her pinned post anymore for some reason

No. 1525702

File: 1652278920291.jpeg (269.66 KB, 1170x545, 781A1404-5152-4DF4-96ED-510C26…)

I hate people

No. 1525713

I bet she feels like shit getting replies like this when she wants caring sweet attention but this is all she can get bc it’s all she attracts. These degenerate losers don’t care about you Shayna, you’re just in the same class as them. Internalize it ♥

No. 1525728


Part of me feels like she isn't intelligent enough to differentiate between ass patting pity and coomers cooming while giving her half assed pity. All attention is good attention to a girl like her.

No. 1525729

We didn’t ask

No. 1525735

Nona that's not entirely accurate. Yes, most of the time type 2 is a result of unhealthy habits, but even with a healthy lifestyle you are at risk of type 2 if e.g. your parents had it. Taking specific meds can also cause it.
But well we know why shayna has or will get it kek

No. 1525746

and you can get type one from being shivved in the pancreas; shut the fuck up no one cares stop derailing

No. 1525753

Shayna has siblings? I’ve been reading these threads for years and missed this

No. 1525758

a lot of these info was in the first thread i think, i missed that too

No. 1525761

her brother is actually the one who showed her parents and schoolmates that she was hoing
he kind of seems like a piece of shit tbh

No. 1525764

God idk why this grossed me out more than normal shayna thread, sorry for spoonfeed but does anyone know the age difference?

No. 1525769

She also has a step sister I think on her dad’s side

No. 1525770

she's something like 6 years older than him iirc

No. 1525771

He’s not a piece of shit, he was being an annoying little brother. And their relationship seems fine if she was just texting him the other day about that stupid limo thing

No. 1525774

nah he was being a piece of shit, I'm allowed to think whatever I think

No. 1525781

If I found out my sister was being a cam who’re I would tell my parents so they could talk to her. Especially if it’s with diapers and cages and the incest shit. You seem like a salty OF hoe who doesn’t wanna get exposed when that’s a very obvious risk in your line of “work”

No. 1525785

>calling random kid a piece of shit for something he did when he was like 12
Were you an only child? That's pretty typical shit for brothers and sisters. Plus it was probably embarrassing for him too. Example- his sister doing weird porn inside a dog cage on her known tumblr.

No. 1525786

If my sister was prostituting online or anywhere else, I would never show her classmates, it's shameful, he wanted to shame her. You're right, what a sweet little brother.
Also, if you call someone a whore after one post, everyone can tell you're projecting

No. 1525787

Cute how both of you ignored that he showed lots of people, not just their parents trying to help her
Are you like, surprised? That two bad apples fell out of the same tree? Why?

No. 1525797

You can say what he did was shitty but that doesn't make him a piece of shit. He was a younger kid who saw his sister doing what he probably thought was heinous shit, and then reacted. And I thought his friends told him about it, not the other way around.

No. 1525799

In the earlier threads when she claimed all the “abuse” in high school, she mentioned having to watch her brother after school. She said what grade it happened in and I just can’t remember

No. 1525802

I thought his friends saw it and told her brother? I could have it backwards though. I know it’s mentioned in the early threads

No. 1525815

Yeah that's what I >>1525797 thought too. Because I sincerely doubt any young sibling would want to give his friends access to her nudes.

No. 1525825

Kek a fat ugly whore typed this.

Bed sore saga I'm here for it. Clearly she didn’t have covid and I honestly think she forgot she mentioned that she had it

No. 1525844

Sorry I had to repost because I kept messing it up and then I forgot to sage kek. But yes, his friends showed him and he showed his parents. He did not show a bunch of other kids.


No. 1525864

No one "deserves" OnlyFans subscribers kek, it's called the free market and most people aren't depraved enough to pay to watch obese slovenly adults shitting in a diaper. Take the hint and get a fucking job.

No. 1525867

I will never be able to understand why Shayna would rather shit her fat self in diapers than just get a normal job where she doesn't have to be humiliated all the time. All this just for a little bit of attention.

No. 1525873

Even her doing the chicken dance at a strip club would be better then this. At least she's around other people and could get quick validation from crust buckets who come in. If she must use her body for money. She could do so in "better ways".

No. 1525875

you're right, but she's far too insecure and sex repulsed to do any real in-person work. she can't photoshop her ass boils and jaundice in real life!

No. 1525880

File: 1652290206810.jpeg (203.23 KB, 750x528, 4F7EE2AD-2465-4DCA-BF4D-7F1734…)

Ellen this is just depressing. If she wasn’t a piece of shit pedophile I’d almost feel bad for her

No. 1525887

Literally paying for friends topkek ugly dumbass

No. 1525888

I don't get it either. She specifically chose one of the more obscure & fucked-up niches of porn to cater to (ABDL) and now complains about being broke. Even if she doesn't have the intelligence or drive to quit sex work and do something better with her life, she could at least try appealing to the (way more popular) BBW market. But she'd have to clean up her hygiene and develop a better work ethic to be successful there. So instead she's trying to guilt trip coomers, one of the most amoral populations on earth, into paying her just to exist on some body-positive bullshit - as though moids who pay women to degrade themselves care about that. I'm praying for a cow crossover with Park Avenue Pinup, if only bc they're the two most delusional SW cows on this site.

No. 1525890

Good god. I read the shit like this and it's obvious Shayna, Ellen and a bunch of these desperate whores just want normal boyfriends. Coomer sickness of the mind makes them this desperate.

Holy shit if her and Kathy ever "worked" together. So much milk.

No. 1525898