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File: 1674763962556.jpg (97.44 KB, 600x404, ez.jpg)

No. 1752972

Ezra Butler is a british content creator.
Originally a normal woman and making videos about hating being seen as a sexual object (link: https://www.tiktok.com/@lemon.squezzy/video/6927297352759774469) , she initially tried a genderspecial persona with clown makeup and now fully identifies as a trans man.

>She makes videos about doing normal things to show "is totes okay uwu" that go from getting a cocacola to getting testosterone.

>Despite not showing dysphoria at all and wearing tacky Victoria Secret lingerie outside, she's starting testosterone
>21 years old, talks to her audience like they were kindergarten children
>"I get misgendered but that doesn't bother me teehee"
>Made a video about a fictional scenario about how she is rejected because she's "fem" and then putson a half assed male cosplay with binder because apparently gender is aesthetic
>She decided she was a trans man in two weeks.




No. 1753014

File: 1674765648407.webm (2.14 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

I really hope that at the first shot of T she regrets it and she goes back to being a based woman

No. 1753020

She'd be fun if she didn't catch the gender social contagion. If she didn't do any cringe gendie stuff this thread would not have been made.

No. 1753021

Video where she believes she's a true trickster for letting people misgender (read: correctly assume her gender and not being able to read her mind) her.

No. 1753180


I'm pretty sure there's more reasons to your "misgendering" than your apparent makeup here.

No. 1753185


Right? I actually liked her stuff when she started the series of doing things that are scary to show it's okay. There were some that I actually felt comforted by, but her trooning out just repulses me

No. 1753358

Apparently being herself despite the pressures placed on women was too scary even for her.

No. 1753618


She has an Onlyfans.
Such a dysphoric boy and not a girl desperate for attention uwu

No. 1753622

File: 1674803191317.jpg (Spoiler Image,581.35 KB, 1920x1759, ezra-butler_0015.jpg)

And with this, with no doubt, she's doing all of these for attention.
She makes money with her body, a mutilated torso will only attract unhinged chased moids, she's only slow cooking her audience into believing she has dysphoria for that sweet attention. Sad.

No. 1753628

No waayyyyy
I fucking knew there was something off about her overly wholesome persona. She attracts so many young insecure teenagers with her videos while being an increasingly bad influence on them..

No. 1753641

Literal groomer.

No. 1753645

She's only 21 and her body is already covered in trashy piercings and tattoos.

She should go on test any day now, which will add body hair, frog voice and chronic health conditions.

What a way to treat yourself.

No. 1753646

I’m so glad someone made a thread for this bitch.
I didn’t think much of her (didn’t really watch any of her shorts) until I did. There is no way she is dysphoric, why do people think it’s so trendy uwu to troon out? Surely you can’t just sign up to a doctor and they prescribe you testosterone with no question?
I feel sorry for actual dysphoric people, this is just taking the piss.

No. 1753676


Honestly I was wondering how she even has money for everything, she gets new tattoos and piercings so often, and being 21?

No. 1753965

This is quite specific, I mean, popcorn at the cinema is so fucking expensive, why do that if you're not gonna stay there lmfao, just get regular popcorn

No. 1753980

>Surely you can’t just sign up to a doctor and they prescribe you testosterone with no question?
Yes, it's like that. It's easy to lie about these things. Anyway, all trannies are mentally ill. Some trannies are more mentally ill than others, but they're all the same thing: retarded.

No. 1754005

>this bitch
>I feel sorry for actual dysphoric people, this is just taking the piss.
Go back.

No. 1754014

It's not unusual for girls who have experienced sexual assault or molestation to both seek out male attention and hate that attention. She's in a weird tension between the two. This is a textbook case of what is so terrible about women and girls transitioning in response to misogyny. She isn't learning to respect herself as a woman and love her body despite male hatred. She's internalising both the sexualisation and hatred, then seeking to escape it by becoming her persecutor.

No. 1754021

So is her trooning out in response/tied-in to her losing weight? She doesn't look like this photo anymore.

No. 1754037

oh what a punchable face
nta, people can be "dysphoric" and that's sad

No. 1754096

Quite possibly. She said she had ED in the past so she just transitions (pun intended) to another form of self harm.

The onlyfans though?? YIKES

No. 1754101

Maybe, but the OF was still active very recently, those are only leaks.
Anyway yea, being trans is another form of control and self harm on the body so this is just sad.

No. 1754125

Not surprised considering one of her "doing x thing to show it's okay" tiktok's was buying a plan b pill and it's not hard to guess why she needed to buy it. Like I get that you don't want a child but it's so gross to be like look everyone my bf coomed in me last night but it's okayyyy.

No. 1754132

File: 1674857056562.jpg (334.64 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_2023-01-28-00-03-04…)

Talking about the boyfriend, this is her latest update on onlyfans crom yesterday wtf

No. 1754133


To be fair that one can be awkward to ppl in general. Especially younger folk, it's one of the actually 'better' ones she did in terms of content.
But I don't understand most of the shit she does. "Going to buy flowers for myself", "going to get a(nother) tattoo!" "Getting a(nother) piercing!" "Ordering food!" it's fucking ridiculous.

her trooning out is just sad. specially cause she seems to be happy to flaunt her tits to everyone with her outfits, not just OF

No. 1754139


oh yes, lets do sex videos with my boyfriend, and i doubt it's gonna be even trying to mimic any kind of man-to-man interaction, even if she's uWu femboi!

No. 1754150

I wonder if her boyfriends now knows he's "gay" lol, cumming into a vagina without proper protection and still having to validate your mentally ill attention seeking gf

No. 1754160

File: 1674858264911.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2235, Screenshot_20230127_142149_Tik…)

yall this is her "boyfriend", she's a troon too.

No. 1754165

If she's fucking a woman…. with a vagina…….then what was the plan b for….. what is going on here….

No. 1754166


what really gets me about this was that she complained the pill cost 10 GBP.

No. 1754167

maybe ezra is whoring her out for some more £££

No. 1754168


Of course it's a troon too. How else they could be uWu kawaii gaysss, with a real man? With actually male physique? No guy would fall for that

No. 1754172

ayrt here, the plan b tiktok was a few months ago now so it was probably for a random hookup before she started dating her.

if i had to guess "isaac" is who inspired her to start identifying as a man instead of nonbinary.

No. 1754179

Of course they're heartstopper fans, they're larping their yaoi fantasy

No. 1754230

Wow if that’s true than Ezra is a bigger whore than I thought, what woman with self-respect would let a random man cum in her without protection. With that kind of care I bet she didn’t even ask if he had any std’s or not.

No. 1754270

Right some of them I can see helping someone with social anxiety, like leaving a store after trying and not buying. Some of them are just dumb though and it's bound to continue getting dumber with the troon thing

No. 1754611

Yes that was my sentiment; >>1754005 calm your tits

No. 1754767

Lol at TIFs that believe that automatically cutting their hair and not washing or combing it and looking smelly af makes them "pass".
Very Little of them look clean or showered in general.

No. 1755377

File: 1674966085146.png (1.14 MB, 769x1014, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 11.2…)

These nachos look disgusting, can't wait for the weight gain saga

No. 1755378

File: 1674966127153.png (1.08 MB, 776x1032, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 11.2…)

You'll never be a real man

No. 1755493

I’m so glad to see girl Dylan Mulvaney has her own thread!

No. 1755738

Not a single y chromosome in this pic
Also of course they're gay Boys, they are larping their yaoi fantasy, despite getting creamed in the vag. Very gay.

No. 1755741

I took a look at her friend ±
~noturprettyboy~ ig, she def looks like an annoying edgy teenager but she has a cool tomboyish style and she's actually really pretty. Maybe I'm too old but it annoys the shit out of me that in 2023 the coolest thing you can do is check out of womanhood like fuck all of what our predecessors went through to get you the rights you have now when you can call yourself a scrote i guess

No. 1756027

"I have dysphoria but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at my HIPS that I like to emphasize with a totally manly corset! I also lower my voice unnaturally and I sound like I'm sleep deprived but this is to sound masc!!!"

No. 1756043

I actually watched a few of her 'doing things to show that they're not scary' TikToks. 95% of them seem to be about ordering food or eating in public.

It leads me to believe most of her fans have EDs of some description.

No. 1756143

it sucks because the original concept behind her videos was really nice, and she looked like a really pretty girl. now, she's just following the social contagion because she knows it'll bring her views and false validation and comfort. she's probably deeply unhappy with herself, so she feels the need to completely change everything. newsflash: being a 'boy' won't magically make you happy. it's not dysphoria, it's depression.

No. 1756462

It makes me cackle about how she acts like your stereotypical fuckboi as if those weren't the most repulsive males that come out of a straight girl fantasy lol

No. 1756489

How did a woman like this come to think she's any sort of "man" i just don't understand is it the internet fame from kids she gets or what. And people who link her youtube videos, i wanna see but i don't wanna give her views

No. 1757250

File: 1675163170628.png (1.02 MB, 693x1082, Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 5.47…)

She reads Lolcow everyone

No. 1757251

File: 1675163192759.png (1.38 MB, 942x1394, Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 5.50…)

How can a shirt "give gender".

No. 1757253

What's that thing between her breasts? I thought it was a birth mark but it looks so different there.

No. 1757260

"I found out I'm nonbinary by being around other nonbinary people"
"You're neither female or male"

Ezra, the only people thinking that your gender defines your personality are you "queer" friends. Actual lgb people have a personality besides their sex. You're being brainwashed into thinking that becoming a life-time patient and donating a lot of money to butchers is gonna make you who you really are, but it's the "Queer People" who fabricated that reality for you to sell you an actual conversion therapy (nuh uh, you're not a girl, you're a boy, give money), you dumb bitch

No. 1757261

She's missing the entire point lol, it's not a secret Ezra, but since you're making money off your tits why lying to people about mutilating urself if obviously like them lol poser

No. 1757264

good, hope she will realize how stupid she sounds. Have a good time!

No. 1757267

That's dirt.

No. 1757279

That's not Mickey Mouse that's just TIT DIRT

No. 1757280

>Actual lgb people have a personality besides their sex
I miss the days before spicy straights and troons

No. 1757349

This is so sad.
Wearing a binder because oh no me tits but no problem with a skirt and totally girly top.
Ezra you look like a freak. Not a man, a mentally ill woman.
Anyway yeah, she had/has? an eating disorder and the Trans Train documentary was 100% right: in the last decade, being anorexic was the new panic in between mentally ill girls that wanted total control over their bodies, now it's binder and hormones

No. 1757449

How is any of this milk? It's regular aiden cringe. You sound like seething truetrans tifs with your
>muh people who ACTUALLY have dysphoria
If there's no milk she belongs in the ftm thread, the state of this board jfc

No. 1757457


But she just said clothes don't define gender, how does this one give her gender?

No. 1757464

Y’all isn’t exclusive to tumblr or twitter. Agree otherwise. She belongs in the tif thread

No. 1757474

god, it's almost as if people forget that women can be more masculine… but also? her idea of 'confidence' seems to be directly reflective of the same type of behavior that she, and so many of these other types like her love to label as 'problematic'.

No. 1763811

Stolen from >>1763640
But where did her 'low voice' disappear so fast lol

No. 1763826

I'm curious, does she have any confirmed boyfriend ?

No. 1763941

On her onlyfans she talked about a boyfriend, but I don't know whether it's a man or a fakeboi.

No. 1763942

Her look is so fucking ugly, it breaks my mind to perceive her.

No. 1763983


Her boyfriend is a troon aswell from what we last had in the thread about her.

No. 1772574

File: 1676910176305.png (666.48 KB, 706x1245, Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 11.0…)

Advertising degeneracy to her mostly young audience. Pedo.

No. 1795897

>> 1763811
why the fuck does she do that little spin?? trying to look cute uwu but it just comes off as extremely retarded.

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