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No. 1742308

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1742376

File: 1673494438090.jpg (658.4 KB, 2560x2506, 23-01-11-22-14-29-566_deco.jpg)

Girl I went to school with. I checked up on her and was sad to see she trooned out. She looked so beautiful before.

No. 1742403

sage for OT but I have a mutual whose based on 99% of issues but for some reason she won't comprise in being "respectful" towards troons TIMs and TIFs, her logic being that gender is a social construct

her exact quote
>i don't understand the obsession with upholding the category of woman, which is social and constructed around inferiority and subordination to masculinity. femininity is the 'other' and will always be inferior to the universal masculine. 'woman is not born: she is made' as dworkin said, so female liberation can't be achieved as long as the concept of womanhood and manhood remain untouched, since they only institurionalize male sexual domination. sex and gender reinforce each other and women's oppression has both a biological and a social component. while it's primarily sex based, it is reinforced by the hierarchy of gender. it's reductive to ignore any of the two, because anyone who is born female experiences misogyny, regardless of how they identify as, but so do the people who are percieved and 'pass' as women. i agree with catherine mackinnon's stance for the most part, she offers a way better explanation than i could ever do in a few paragraphs.
>i believe in gender abolition, so different sex characteristics will be treated as neutral, without being assigned roles, since this always leads to oppression. but until we achieve a genderless, utopic society, i think that gnc people should be allowed to express themselves how they want, which includes dysphoric trans people and their right to transition.

No. 1742427

it seems like she hasn't examined what drives people to transition because in all cases it ends being pathological and dysfunctional, plus I don't think she has researched and evaluated the safety profiles of the medications and surgical procedures, which are dreadful. also how does transitioning itself not reinforce a binary?
the social component of women's oppression is merely an epiphenomenon of their biology, which is inescapable (unlike for TIMs who may opt out at any point).

No. 1742432

samefag but you can also point out to her the absolute paucity of any valid neuroscience studies backing up the existence of transgenderism, there is simply no good evidence for distinct biomarkers nor have any consistent patterns been observed in trans-identifying individuals besides comorbid mental illnesses and developmental disorders

No. 1742434

People who "pass" as female (men) don't endure lifelong misogyny like women actually do. Maybe a tiny iota of it once they've transitioned, but they don't grow up with it, they're not actually shaped and informed by it. They're just mildly inconvenienced when they experience "misogyny" and tbh most of it is people treating them poorly because they're a tranny. If you look like a freak you get treated poorly. Your friend is regarded

No. 1742444

Yeah "transmisogyny" is in 99% of cases just plain old homophobia because 99% of trannies don't pass and just come off as really fucked up gay guys to normies/conservatives

No. 1742504

>Transsexuals, and transsexually constructed lesbianfeminists, drag us back to answering such old questions by asking them in a new way. And thus feminists debate and divide because we keep focusing on patriarchal questions of who is a woman and who is a lesbian-feminist. It is important for us to realize that these may well be nonquestions and that the only answer we can give to them is that we know who we are. We know that we are women who are born with female chromosomes and anatomy, and that whether or not we were socialized to be so-called normal women, patriarchy has treated and will treat us like women. Transsexuals have not had this same history. No man can have the history of being born and located in this culture as a woman. He can have the history of wishing to be a woman and of acting like a woman, but this gender experience is that of a transsexual, not of a woman. Surgery may confer the artifacts of outward and inward female organs but it cannot confer the history of being born a woman in this society.
>One should be able to make choices about who one wants to be. But should one be able to make any choice? Should a white person attempt to become black, for example? The question is a moral one, which asks basically about the rightness of the choice, not the possibility of it. Should persons be able to make choices that disguise certain facets of our existence from others who have a right to know—choices that feed off others’ energies, and reinforce oppression?
>Ultimately, women must ask if transsexually constructed lesbian-feminists are our peers. Are they equal to us? Questions of equality often center on proportional equality, such as “equal pay for equal work,” or “equal rights to health care.” I do not mean equal in this sense. Rather I use equality to mean: “like in quality, nature, or status” and “capable of meeting the requirements of a situation or a task.” In these senses transsexuals are not equal to women and are not our peers. They are neither equal in “quality, nature of status” nor are they “capable of meeting the requirements of the situation” of women who have spent their whole lives as women.
>Transsexually constructed lesbian-feminists challenge women’s preserves of autonomous existence. Their existence within the women’s community basically attests to the ethic that women should not live without men—or without the “reconstructed man.” How feminists assess and meet this challenge will affect the future of our genuine movement, self-definition, and power of being.
Send her a pdf of the transsexual empire. Whiteness and blackness are also socially constructed and it's obvious that no one should be advocating for transracialism and for black people to stop calling themselves black.

No. 1742611

File: 1673524519623.webm (997.99 KB, 576x1024, 1650804219066.webm)

these are the same women who read yaoi and obesseded over her "gay boys" as teenagers

No. 1742650

Why did the trans craze start? I remember that a decade ago or so, trans people were unique exceptions and were rarely taken seriously. Now they're seen as The Most Oppressed group ever, and even daring to question their logic makes you a fascist.
What made this shift happen? Is there a hidden agenda to promote transing people? I don't see what the benefit of having tons of trans people is, besides $$$ for doctors.

No. 1742661

If you are interested by how it started, the transsexual empire is a great read. https://archive.org/details/transsexualempir0000raym

No. 1742678

Tried talking to her about, this was her reply
>has it ever occured to you that the social manifestation of oppression is gender, which is a metaphysical concept that often reinforces the rigid distinction between sex categories and not the other way around? womanhood is a political, patriarchal construct before it's biology, i don't care about gatekeeping and defining womanhood because its a mark of oppression - read mackinnon for reference. i believe in gender abolition because it's the only way to achieve female liberation. feminism has infinitely bigger concerns than trans people anyway, so please forgive me anon for not obsessing over something that's almost a non existent issue where i live, when sex trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault are victimising the women in my country on the daily.

No. 1742711

Women are 32% more likely to die with a male surgeon. That risk isn’t present for AMAB.
We have a different frame and immune system and weren’t used in med studies till 1993 or as car crash test dummies till 2022 which means female car crash victims were 26% more likely to die. Your friend sounds idealistic and stupid. She’s grandstanding to feel safe but if we lose the ability to define our biological reality in law we lose the ability to fight for our specific needs based on physiology.

No. 1742721

>sex trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault are victimising the women in my country on the daily.
You cannot state that these issues affect women specifically if you refuse to acknowledge women as a category that can be defined by some other means than identity or performance.
I'm sorry your friend is a retard, nona.

No. 1742723

I swear she is intelligent and based on the other issues, just has a blind sport regarding troons

No. 1742731

Transsexualism/transgenderism necessarily reduces female existence into flat stereotypes of personality traits and outward presentation. Being female, from girl to woman, is an entire life experience beyond that.
Gender, as an oppression marker, and the biological differences that made way for oppression, will not be abolished if we spend time reinforcing its very structure to validate others.

No. 1742735

She doesn’t sound based. She sounds like she still thinks negatively of females and assigns femininity and submission to our reality. Is she the type to think transwomen can compete in female sports because if not you’re saying women are weaker for example? It sounds like she still hasn’t escaped societal conditioning.

No. 1742769

>the social manifestation of oppression is gender, which is a metaphysical concept that often reinforces the rigid distinction between sex categories and not the other way around?
That's why we want sex-based rights. Women could stop calling themselves women but they will still need sex-based rights because they have a female reproductive system, they have different needs than men. How can women fight for those rights if they can't define themselves as a group and organize? They can't. You can't protect a victim if you refuse to identify the perpetrator. Men are the perpetrators. Your friend is blaming women by refusing to understand that TIM are men. Women shouldn't have to prove who insult, assault, rape and kill them. Victims shouldn't have to share safe spaces with their perpetrators. Stating the obvious that women are physiologically different from men doesn't mean that they are inferior to men. Even in a perfect world where misogyny and sex-roles don't exist, female humans still have different needs. Is it dehumanizing to recognize that women have on average smaller heads, so they would still need smaller hats? By wearing a hat that fits my small head, I'm accepting the reality that my head is small, not that I'm dumb because men believe that women are dumb because their heads are smaller. lol

No. 1742861

File: 1673545007805.png (60.94 KB, 1061x700, 1639341269819.png)

No. 1742882

sage for no contribution but I find it very interesting that literally every ftm troon I know in real life are all the same sort of superwholock fandom type. Zero originality in any of them

No. 1742902

Anon this isn't an outstanding opinion at all, adjacent beliefs were common among older TIFs about a decade ago, before AGP propaganda created the current obsession for the evil TERF boogeyman and turned gender abolitionism into a "TERF dogwhistle".

>until we achieve a genderless, utopic society, i think that gnc people should be allowed to express themselves how they want, which includes dysphoric trans people and their right to transition

This right here gives me straight up nostalgia. Maybe I was just blessed to interact with a privileged bubble of TIFs with braincells but the first specimens I met were more or less blackpilled abolitionists who either thought we were too far gone and would never obtain this so called genderless society, or were tired of working towards an utopia they would never witness for themselves and decided they'd rather find a solution for the present time. Permanent solution to a temporary problem, sort of, but since the temporary problem would likely last beyond their lifetime, they considered it the best course of action. Non-binaries would have had no arguments for their existence if not for these people honestly (although they don't even need arguments anymore…)

No. 1742909

This is just extremely naive idealism that disregards the feelings of actual women for a minute percentage of mentally ill men. Sad she is interested in these topics yet insists on being such a handmaiden. Love the condescending reddit "has it ever occurred to you," tranny dickriders love that one, as if their fucked up worldview is just so intuitive.

No. 1742915

>privileged bubble

No. 1742978

Why did they troon out if they thought gender was bullshit?

No. 1743004

Omg I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that this sudden influx was abnormal.

No. 1743061

Now ask his friends what he calls you when you’re not around

No. 1743205

File: 1673562782082.png (476.38 KB, 727x609, the bulge.png)

~ t h e b u l g e ~

No. 1743238

Exactly. To anyone else she’s going to be his girlfriend with her female name for as long as they’re together.

No. 1743241

How do people write and draw these things without shame? There is no amount of money you could pay me to talk about masturbating to gay ships and going into specifics.

No. 1743263

This book (Genderqueer) has literally won multiple awards and ignited a culture war across north america where people fought for the right to keep it in/out of highschool libraries

No. 1743266

imagine fighting for the right to keep t h e b u l g e in school, because god forbid teens go to the public library or some free comic scans site on their own time

No. 1743272

Even if you showed a devout Christian all of the places where the Bible contradicts itself, and made a list of 100 reasons why Heaven and Hell can’t possibly exist, they’d shrug and say something like “God works in mysterious ways, you just gotta ~believe~, Anon. I hope you accept Him into your heart one day.”

Think of your friend as a religious extremist but with trannies. She’s gonna keep believing in gender identities no matter what you tell her if she’s committed to those beliefs hard enough, because otherwise a bunch of inconvenient truths about the reality of men’s oppression of women would come crashing down around her. Some women don’t peak from merely listening to feminist reason, they have to be personally sexually harassed by a greasy moid in a dress claiming woman status before they’ll agree that the TERFs have been right all along.

No. 1743279

nta but this is so sadly and unfortunately true. well said.

No. 1743299

>womanhood is a political, patriarchal construct before it's biology
Why the fuck does she think patriarchal structures exist in the first place? To control a woman's body is to control her progeny. Women have been subjugated throughout history because we're the sex that gives birth. Gender roles and stereotypes are just tools to reinforce that biology-based oppression.

Your friend is a smug, pretentious pseudo-intellectual and she sounds insufferable. You must be incredibly patient to keep someone like that as a friend.

No. 1743302

You couldn't come up with a more succinct description of AAP if you tried.

No. 1743383

nta but what other issues? i agree with the other anon saying she sounds pretentious but she also sounds quite young and naive to me, i feel like she's got to be under 25 and maybe with time she'll come to see things differently.

No. 1743388

File: 1673578756274.jpg (396.7 KB, 2750x1660, tiftimeline.jpg)

Got myself a computer, so I coloured in my TiF timeline (and fixed the first one's orangutang arms ok kek)! Share this helpful info graphic with your friends!

No. 1743411


No. 1743414

>because anyone who is born female experiences misogyny, regardless of how they identify as, but so do the people who are percieved and 'pass' as women.
The argument that only the men who actually pass as women experience misogyny, whereas anyone born female no matter how they present themselves experiences it, proves that you only experience misogyny when people know or think that you're female, it's not related to which gender stereotypes you fit. Which is why
>i believe in gender abolition, so different sex characteristics will be treated as neutral, without being assigned roles
is a weird take. Sure, things would be better without gender stereotypes but it doesn't mean that suddenly sex characteristics would be treated as neutral and equal. Being female in itself is what has negative connotations for men, and the stereotypes about women are just an extension of that. Also, I can't imagine what kind of mental gymnastics you need to do in order to say "I believe in gender abolition but I support the trans ideology and transitioning", there's nothing that reinforces gender more than that.

No. 1743422

based and way too accurate

No. 1743466

>you only experience misogyny when people know or think that you're female
I wouldn't even say that tbh. Misogyny could be directed at a man who passes as female but deep down he knows he's male and the insults don't truly apply. A tranny can hear the most horrific things about women, like that we're inferior or stupid or only exist for sex, and be comfortable in the knowledge that he has a male brain and male body and he will never internalize those beliefs about himself, only about other women. He can't 'experience misogyny' just because someone mistakes him for a woman, he can only witness it.

No. 1743474

She sounds retarded

No. 1743531

File: 1673595638008.jpg (7.21 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg-9.jpg)

No scroll porn bump

No. 1743593

No "feminist" tranny gets offended when women are insulted and generalized, because trannies don't even see themselves as women. They know misogyny is only targeted at "cis" women, not their own inclusive definition of woman. Every trans wammyn is literally misgendering herself in her head 24/7.

Something to tell your libfem friends. Once you pay attention to this, it cannot be unseen.

No. 1743647

Great point, it would indeed have been more accurate to say "misogyny directed at" rather than "experienced by". Not only they will never internalize it but a lot of them enjoy it and claim to feel euphoria from it as it's a sign that they "pass".

No. 1743824

>manipulating the bulge
so she stimmed her lips and clit? lmao

No. 1743832

It's so funny, down to the awkward way it is phrased. "Manipulate the bulge", yeah that is the sex to do, mhm.

TIF has this bizarre obsession with packing to the point they freak out at the prospect of going through airport security, meanwhile I doubt anyone has ever looked at someone's pants to see whether they're a man or woman.

No. 1743842

File: 1673639510806.png (37.52 KB, 1091x346, 1638811410019.png)

IF my my sister did this, I would never speak to her again

No. 1743843

Sorry but what's the issue with Greg? It sounds like OG Greg died? That would be ghoulish.

No. 1743873

i’m ntayrt but it sounds like greg is the tifs dead nephew and his parent objects to the name

No. 1743919

Ohh wow, thank you my brain misfired, I thought the two are teenaged sisters and the nephew is one of their parents' sibling's child.

I don't even know why, my own sister has children lol

No. 1743924

Tell her that woman means female human in the way that mare means female horse and ewe means female sheep.

No. 1743946

And on the other side of the coin, TIFs will pretend to get offended at misandry to affirm their LARPing but they know deep down it doesn't apply to them.

No. 1744066

Honestly straight women are beta cucks hell bent on hyperhumanizing moids so it's normal for them to be genuinely butthurt on behalf of the opposite sex. Another glaring difference between male and female troons.

No. 1744068

This is necrophilic straight women erasure

No. 1744076

File: 1673655935895.jpeg (396.19 KB, 1668x1723, F9081C00-27B8-43DE-B3ED-D52617…)

I wonder why she got nominated for playing a woman

No. 1744077

File: 1673655986182.jpeg (255.35 KB, 975x1120, 74A40CC5-4ACC-4B4B-BAC7-641C7E…)

No. 1744089

They can't be this delusional, right?

No. 1744090

I don’t get why they’d need to wear it to the airport. If you know it’s just going to make your life harder, why do it? If you must have it why not just keep it in the suitcase? They cause these issues themselves.

No. 1744093

I notice this too. They get mad when you leave them out of generalizations about men. Bizarre.

No. 1744105

File: 1673657596270.png (7.28 KB, 219x97, Screenshot_1993.png)

No. 1744106



No. 1744133

embarrassing. i noticed all these actresses soft trooning have this girl next door look. thin lips, big noses etc not hollywood bogged. same with bella ramsey, emma corrin etc you won’t see sydney sweeney calling herself non binary that’s for sure.

No. 1744165

File: 1673661213571.jpg (130.81 KB, 1241x886, 34538.jpg)

I saw Bella Ramsey said this and every libfem on Twitter is acting like she's a trans icon. I don't care what people call me either, does that make me a TIF now?

No. 1744176

Because if they don't wear it they die from gender dysphoria.

No. 1744209

File: 1673664246736.jpg (674.99 KB, 1600x2824, GettyImages-52384174.jpg)

Omg this king was so ahead of their time

No. 1744211

You see ladies, every time you put on a sport bra, you grow a penis and the world sees you as male! The more you know!!

No. 1744221

that image just flooded me with nostalgia holy shit

No. 1744227

File: 1673665328667.png (84.87 KB, 632x488, playingwomen.png)

Never forget

No. 1744234

i feel like part of the reason for all these actors coming out as nonbinary/genderfluid/"call me anything" is that it's a business strategy to increase the amount of acting roles you'd be eligible to be cast in

No. 1744242

I don't know, I doubt there's enough roles to warrant such clowning, I think it's just a fashionable brain worm these people get. Artsy ultra liberal people are probably more at risk than the average person.

On a side note it's really annoying to read they slash them (the only modern tranny movie I watched, it's kinda funny retarded) pronouns in a text, it's confusing and creates ambiguity about who is being talked about.

No. 1744297

File: 1673670624157.jpg (92.99 KB, 640x862, young-jamie-lee-curtis-6.jpg)

Huh, she has a good point you know, I definitely always thought you needed long hair and makeup to be an actor. I'm glad this woman with shorthair and thick eyeliner wearing a skirt over her pants is there to be the first non hyper femme woman in Hollywood truly groundbreaking stuff

No. 1744309

DAYUM had no idea jamie lee curtis was that hot back in the day

No. 1744310

File: 1673671927748.png (60.37 KB, 957x199, Screenshot.png)

I brought up body size and these was her responses

No. 1744313

You have the patience of a saint, that's all I can say.

No. 1744338

>>1741554 in the last thread mentioned a hypothesis that TIFs prefer fat blue haired characters and neg on that tif welcomic with the 5 way stereotype poly yaoi webtoon.

The blue haired fatty tif is not only attainable. These are deeply insecure NLOGs we're talking about here, so if the TIF character is hotter and gets all the boys, she's competition.

No. 1744348

An anon earlier in the thread described this as pretentious pseudo-intellectualism, and that's probably the best way to describe her responses. The most you can do is drop these hints and question things, your friend is definitely not going to change over night but there's a possibility that the points you are making about the trans bullshit will affect her eventually.

No. 1744367

Is she implying that past their prime = past 18/high school age? (I'm esl)

No. 1744373

You're basically trying to convince a fundamentalist Christian that Jesus isn't real. You're never going to get through.

No. 1744379

The audacity of saying "I don't think you understand how gender and sex are constructed" right before implying that the differences between women of different sizes are comparable to the differences between men and women lmao. Men's and women's clothing sizes aren't the same, men and women don't have the same fat distribution, men don't have female hips and breasts etc. Sure as a woman you can wear loose sweatshirts and t-shirts from the men's section (men almost always look ridiculous in clothing fitted for women though), what's her point? How is all of this an argument in favor of trannies? If anything they're the ones who think that putting on a skirt makes them a woman.
Also, off-topic but damn, I would be so irritated to argue with a friend who writes like this in private conversations. The whole "i- :crying emoji:", "let me introduce you to clothing sizes, bet you've never heard of that before!!", "you're just saying stuff" etc., doesn't sound like a genuine debate and more like a teenager/TRA being defensive on Twitter.

No. 1744391

She's barely 20, a film studies major and overly online, I don't expect her not be like this but I swear she can be smart and has great taste in aesthetics

No. 1744394

>She's barely 20, a film studies major and overly online
> I swear she can be smart
Well it's either one or the other nona, and I'm only half joking

No. 1744401

that is so fucking patronising, insufferable.

No. 1744511

File: 1673702321176.webm (5.99 MB, 1280x720, Transphobic Guardians of the M…)

They finally made a FTM version of the bathroom defense PSA

No. 1744534

Kek nobody gives a shit even if the most obvius woman goes to mens bathroom.

No. 1744655

I know you meant it jokingly but they should decide which they hate more: not having a fake dick in their pants or missing their flight because a TSA agent saw they had a foreign object in their pants. If they’re that desperate to wear it, they could leave it in the suitcase and get it out after going through security. I guess it’s a victimization thing.

No. 1744656

Omg I’ve been trans since 2002 and didn’t even know it.

No. 1744657

Sounds like she's permanently a twitter fag, I'd say friendship-breakup with her (if she doesn't do it for you already)

No. 1744658

I mostly go to the men's in pubs or any nightlife place because the woman's often has a big queue. No one has ever even looked at me weird. Even in a little rural conservative place.

No. 1744660

I was going to say this same thing. I’ve used the men’s room at concerts and at bars because I had to go, didn’t want to wait in line, and literally no one cared. I think one guy gave me a weird look once and that was it. I told him I had to pee and didn’t want to wait and he just shrugged and said he couldn’t argue with that.

No. 1744663

Shame her adopted son became a hideous shrek in shein wear troon

No. 1744723

you should know that AAP is for homosexual TIFs and AHE is for heterosexual TIFs, so that comic is AHE

No. 1744752

i nominate this beauty as next thread pic already

No. 1744803

File: 1673728127778.jpeg (520.45 KB, 1245x1042, 18BFDF6C-24F2-4A94-BA37-8D001E…)

FTM culture being what was popular among teen girls a few years ago. Also id-pol is just a marketing tactic nowadays no wonder corporations adopted it quickly

No. 1744818

>Yaoi fetishizers who treat gay relationships as a playground
>Said by a straight woman trying to larp as a gay male
So her problem with fujos is that they aren't hardcore (deranged) enough to prove their commitment to the gay male fandom with a tit chop and name change? Literally how is that better than just being a fujocoomer? Because woman bad? And pretty sure gay males don't seethe over yaoi fetishizers, they're moids.

No. 1744885

One of the comments on this was "does a girly little dance". Do they not realise how female they behave? I honestly don't understand.

No. 1744957



>i am not like these yaoi ftms!!!! i am a REAL GAY TRANS MAN

cope and seethe

No. 1745103

This is hilarious. This person is probably no older than 14. Let’s hope she grows out of it

No. 1745149

Classic example of a hit dog hollering, kek. I'd pay to see her try to explain why her mansona is more valid than the others

No. 1745156

>I haven't for decades
She's probably in her 30's or 40's, unfortunately. I see stay at home mommy TIFs swarm around subs/posts for or about gay fathers all the time indulging in their LARP and complaining over how hard it is to be a true and honest gay man raising kids, always with a healthy dose of NLOGism thrown in.

No. 1745204

They don't, lmao. Most actual gay men aren't even aware that fujoshis exist because they're jock/normie types. Gay scrotes who do know about it are ambivalent at worst and fudanshis at best.

No. 1745221

Jesus Christ, I can't even tell what she's trying to say here. We're trying to say that the historic basis for oppression is the physiological differences between men and women, and her rebuttal is
>But clothing sizes!1!
What the fuck about clothing sizes? If you're shaped like a brick and you can shop in the men's section, good for you. But some of us have wider hips, larger breasts, or are pregnant. We have to settle with whatever crap is in the women's section because it's what fits. But clothing is such a minor issue compared to all the other shit we have to deal with. I'm not even sure why she brought it up or how it's relevant. Is she trying to say that women are functionally the same because she likes to shop in the men's section? Good lord.

Women have a higher mortality rate for basically every common disease because scientists historically only used male subjects in clinical trails and only describe male symptoms in textbooks. We're often forced to choose between children or our career because scrotes still barely contribute to child-rearing in this supposedly "post-feminist" country where there's no public childcare. In many states, women now have to carry a fetus they can't afford or care for to term, sometimes without exceptions for rape. Feminine hygiene products are taxed as luxury items. Companies will often decide whether a woman deserves a promotion or extra work based on how likely she is to get pregnant/start a family. And that's just in Burgerland. When people kill newborns in India, it's because they have vaginas, not because of how the babies will probably identify as adults.

Your friend is profoundly retarded and you're wasting your energy even discussing this topic with her.

No. 1745228

You could just ignore the suggestion and move on. Reeing about "fake ftms" doesn't make you more real than them, it just screams of insecurity in you.

No. 1745230

it has all the nuance of a myspace post crying about emo/scene poseurs circa 2008

No. 1745232

As well as how safety equipment, crash test & CPR dummies, and PPE have largely been made with only the male body in mind, leading to higher likelihood of female injury.

No. 1745242

Call me bitter but enby women make me seethe with how they act like they are so special and different and other women are beneath them, and they are also self aware enough not to fully commit to the fakeboi act even though it seems to be a pipeline with many fakebois.

No. 1745272

That's the girliest shit I've seen in a while, the mere fact that she needs a sports bra, the wide hips, the makeup and hair style, the sweater she's wearing at the beginning of the video, the way she wiggles all over the camera when wearing the sports bra. She has short hair but she's way too girly to eve be called a tomboy, no way in hell I'd cross her path irl and think she's a FTM.

No. 1745273

>Also id-pol is just a marketing tactic nowadays no wonder corporations adopted it quickly
not really, a lot of ""woke"" products fail, especially in entertainment. It's something pushed by some high class people with a savior complex, particularly the owner of the Aladdin algorithm used in stock, who pushes this onto companies who want a good light in said algorithm. I know it sounds schizo but trust me, rich people are fucking weird

No. 1745274

The music cracks me up every single time.

No. 1745362

Does she wear oversized masks to protect other from covid? Does she think that female workers should wear ill-fitted protective clothing and risk their own and others' life? Your friend is in denial. I'm way taller and bigger than her and most of the time I can't wear men's clothes because I'm not shaped like a man. By refusing to name the problem, she is gaslighting women and actively supporting white men.

>The problem is that most PPE is designed for men, so finding appropriate sizes and shapes for women can be a struggle. Protective Clothing is often manufactured to a standard male model, rendering it a poor fit for women as well as for some men from specific ethnic minority groups. The same can be said of other types of PPE, including boots, eye protection, hard hats and gloves.

>When the pandemic hit, Caroline Criado Perez was inundated with messages from female healthcare workers telling her that their PPE – things like masks and goggles – didn’t fit. In this first episode of her brand new investigative series, join Caroline as she goes on the hunt for missing data and asks: can we fix PPE?

That's why TIFs calling themselves men is ridiculous and fueled by internalized misogyny. They are denying themselves the possibility of liberating themselves from men. They can't conceptualize a free woman. Being a woman is intrinsically negative. It's the absolute opposite of feminism.

No. 1745411


/r/truscum is very funny to browse because it's full of they/thems going "i'm real and these other NLOGs are just larping"

No. 1745505

Not disagreeing but the idea of PPE only fitting white men is ridiculous, plenty of Asian countries where women and children had proper masks and PPE for decades

No. 1745515

Why white men in particular?

No. 1745517

File: 1673806372795.png (120.56 KB, 927x1077, 5CCDFE41-20D4-4A97-8ACC-470404…)


No. 1745521

I don't believe there's no PPE for women, I do believe that companies are too cheap to buy it and instead opt for "unisex" which ends up being male clothing under a different label. That's what my company did.

No. 1745528

Fucking Christ

No. 1745529

File: 1673808084998.png (4.1 KB, 304x115, 2023-01-15_19-40-48.png)

Huh? That's a strange thing to wonder about, even stranger to not ask if it comes to mind, yet stranger to associate it with patriotism.

No. 1745530

Religion is so poisonous to young female minds, a lot of this shit applies to non-homeschoolers and just to girls who had religious upbringings.

No. 1745532


No. 1745545

There is a demand for women fit PPE, but it costs extra and most companys rather purchase mens/"unisex" garments with shortend legs etc. or'womens lines' where the only changes are direction of jacket openings, then invest in their female employees.

No. 1745575

File: 1673815724814.jpeg (448.02 KB, 1170x2015, 1E9ECA0E-0E6E-4B60-9917-C495C8…)

Literally a whole identity attached to clothing which is unnecessary because I’m pretty damn sure women wearing suits wasn’t abnormal when she was growing up

No. 1745576

File: 1673815772456.jpeg (376.48 KB, 1170x1950, 4A31EDAA-44B7-4982-8E0B-F638E3…)

No. 1745578

File: 1673815989585.jpeg (453.7 KB, 1170x1963, D799BB79-596F-4443-9AE3-7D3925…)

Which was most likely not an issue for her. She grew up in an environment where women wearing dresses, pants, hoodies, wasn’t weird. I’m pretty sure she grew up with a handful of tomboy characters in tv as well.
I really do not understand where people like her are coming from when she focuses on clothes to that extent. No was that the US was that strict. Maybe it was her parents but schools and their community impact individuals more than family/household according to this one psych course I took.

No. 1745594

Of course she’s a “plural”

No. 1745671

File: 1673827450417.jpg (14.62 KB, 236x354, 74224c775cba5f8b08480137e687c8…)

These people are so milquetoast and uncurious they don't even explore pop culture outside of current top 10, just watch Kardashians and listen to TSwift and think that's all there is. The only literature they're aware of is Harry Potter. They're incredibly sheltered, that's the only explanation.

No. 1745695

Narcissism too, they think they're the first and only ones to discover you don't have to be locked in by stereotypes. But paradoxically still follow those stereotypes like thinking you're Not A Woman if you wear a suit.

No. 1745793

ot but she was so fucking hot here. How did we go from androgyny being cool to this hellscape of neogenders where short hair and pants mean you have to be either a man or genderless.

No. 1745904

God damn it, why do the cute ones always have to be so retarded?

No. 1745918

it's the fucking worst. there were so many celebrities in the past that flirted with androgyny but didn't make it into a big spectacle. even boy fucking george has come out against the current iteration of trans rights activism being regressive and reinforcing stereotypes

No. 1745923

Are these people from abusive households or something? Since when is a western woman wearing a suit new or rebellious? You can wear what you want because you don't live in a country that forces women to wear head coverings or face death. You have always been able to wear what you want. You rebelled 0.

No. 1745926

>easy to ignore glaring math defecits
sadly spelling and vocab didn't turn out well either lmao

No. 1745933

Nah I grew up in a sexist household, of religious first gen immigrant parents, and I didn't turn out this retarded.

No. 1745934

>I'm so good at playing women but also i'm so special and Not Like the Other Girls!!!
like stfu you're just another female actress playing female roles.

No. 1745967

File: 1673859967718.jpg (46.47 KB, 486x612, Dietrich_1930.jpg)

I could give you a mirror
To show you disappointment
I could give you a history
Could you ever listen in to me?
- Annie singing to gendies, probably

No. 1745976

File: 1673860912327.jpg (66.21 KB, 573x600, jager.jpg)

i love it

No. 1746101

she reminds me of kyle rittenhouse

No. 1746136

Idk why but this gives me same depressing mentally ill vibes as the pooner drawings. Like I feel a little sick and sad for the girl who drew this. Growing up religious will really do a number on you.

No. 1746148

Lmao, like a bartender would even care that much.
>No whorish spaghetti straps and short shorts
Oh lord. Yeah, definitely a child growing up in a conservative religious household.

No. 1746156

File: 1673889295650.jpeg (1002.71 KB, 960x1400, 3F13E976-3672-4330-9113-E5BD45…)

No. 1746178

Theres legit TRAs who say having PCOS is on the "intersex spectrum" and therefor youre born nonbinary… like bruh

No. 1746191

We all know male troons without dysphoria can develop it after they start taking estrogen. It might be a similar story for some women who have unnaturally high androgens due to PCOS. Instead of treating the hormonal disorder, they treat the gender dysphoria. The absolute state of women’s healthcare.

No. 1746195

I was once that TRA many years ago. It was a very shortlived and pea-brained idea to have in my head. It's like PCOS made me feel like I was less of a female because my testosterone levels were higher than average. "I don't look conventionally attractive, I don't like to wear dresses because they don't look good on me, I have my period a few times a year and I think they suck, and I'm balding. It seems like I'm destined to be NB. That explains everything!" I was also very mentally unwell at the time if it wasn't obvious.

No. 1746199

>superwholock fandom
There was a group of these girls when I went to high school, they were such fanatics and many of them are trans or lesbian now. Always assumed they were regular straights bc the only thing good about those dreadful shows was the cute/oddball guys.

No. 1746203

File: 1673896085707.jpg (23.52 KB, 500x380, flat,800x800,075,f.u4.jpg)

>Twitter user claims there's no "good queer representation"
>Everybody and their mom mentions Heartwhatever as sample.
>No one seems to mention Boyfriends and their toxic story.

Both stories sucks, but do Boyfriends get a pass because the author is ftm?

No. 1746207

File: 1673896568181.png (203.97 KB, 620x595, Grace Jones.png)

I see your Annie Lennox and I give you another androgyny queen.

No. 1746210

heartstopper is a netflix show and was a popular as a book before that. boyfriends is a webcomic by a twitter nobody and regularly got blasted, mostly by other ftms.

No. 1746241

Heartstopper was not a book/novel, it was a comic as well before the tv show (originally even a webcomic), but the author wrote some popular YA books before. I remember I read Radio Silence, but it was before I fully peaked, so I can't say anymore if it was insufferably woke.

No. 1746261

same anon and sorry for OT, while I was looking up the author, I found this funny thing about some changes she did in her first book, Solitaire:
"In the very beginning, Becky and Evelyn are talking about the Harry Potter Snily thing, in the 2015 version, Tori says something along the lines of 'So would it be better if Harry didn't exist and there were no movies or books?'. But, in the 2020 version, she says that we should just get over it."

lmao ofc

No. 1746345

IIRC Webtoons is going to release an animated version of Boyfriends, so is just time to be known outside of Twitter and Tumblr.

No. 1746383

She is so striking. I adored her in Conan, for her physique and intimidating presence.

No. 1746431

alice oseman's books are full of cringy modern day references and are preachy as all fuck, loveless especially was a fucking nightmare when it came to it - each and every single character in the book was insufferable in one way or another and there were multiple scenes of the lgbt head 'owning' a terfy gay a in a very r/thathappened way

not to mention her self-insert character in loveless is basically an aroace version of a fakeboi who's of course, into fanfiction, masturbates to it, and wont shut up about it given every opportunity to talk about fanfic and how horny she is for it.

No. 1746433

I don't get how zoomers are now saying you can be asexual and jerk it to porn, enjoy sex, etc. It's such brain rot. I don't even know how they can justify it.

No. 1746440

wanting to be special combined with terminal NLOGism to the point where even when you have your special LGBTQ membership card you'll do anything to be the specialest in the cool kids club

No. 1746443

File: 1674060346442.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, B9DDBE8A-5824-40DE-B87E-E05DDA…)

TiFs are too easy to spot. Username and tattoo lol

No. 1746448

Is that fucking Bakugou? Why would you want that tattooed on you for the rest of your life?

No. 1746477


No. 1746482

This bitch couldn't look up the answer on google? Then again she wouodn't be able to karmafarm and get reddit attention via a selfie showcasing her dweeby chinese cartoon tattoo.

No. 1746545

Two women I admired so much growing up as a lesbian and tomboy. I wore a suit to my friend's highschool prom and felt great. It never made me any less of a woman not to wear dresses and heels. We've gone backwards since the 80s.

No. 1746550

I used to work with a FTM tranny at starbucks who got a new tattoo every week. It was insane. they have such poor impulse control. No wonder they fell for this trans agenda.

No. 1746611

It was already starting to emerge in fandom spaces by 2010 or so - I was into Homestuck then and that fandom had a ton of fakebois and enbies even then. It was considered a niche cringy tumblr SJW thing then though. I don't know how it broke containment and went mainstream so quickly.

No. 1747955

File: 1674094477596.png (Spoiler Image, 559.68 KB, 540x696, Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 9.13.…)

this makes me want to die. WHY would you not get laser hair removal first?

No. 1747977

looks like trident

No. 1747983

The thing is that she had a part of her body flayed to create a non-functioning abomination that vaguely looks like a penis if you glance at it from a distance out of the corner of your eye, and that has a better than 50% chance of making her permanently disabled.

The answer is probably something like "I couldn't afford it" or "My doctor said we can do that later" or "I can just shave it, it's no big deal".

No. 1748022

File: 1674103435050.png (13.89 KB, 550x125, Twitter.png)

I used (and still am) a tomboy. I swear these tifs would be the same people that tell me I'm a "man" because I have "different" hobbies and because men clothes are more comfortable than dresses and heels. I'm not less of a woman for it.

No. 1748052

I keep thinking about that a lot because what do they do if their native language is not English but something like Spanish/French/Russian where you have to gender almost every verb/adjective? Do they constantly try to force themselves to use the masculine/feminine version of the word? My native language is gendered and even in my tif phase I would still use the correctly gendered words in my head when thinking about myself or other trannies.

No. 1748055

File: 1674110509820.jpg (671.95 KB, 1080x1999, IMG_20230106_000420.jpg)

We already know that agp smirk means narcissism. But why do tifs always have this retarded grimace?

No. 1748071

SORRY FOR THE BUMP hope all of my lovely nonnas are having a great night.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1748087

It has to be some in joke, they look so girly

No. 1748088

It's okay anon, you can say she. And I doubt it's a joke, these people are not self-aware enough for that.

No. 1748090

nta but can you please stop being retarded and constantly going
>it's okay to say she
whenever nonnas are using "they" to refer to a group. In this instance referring to the "tifs who always have this retarded grimace" having an "in-joke" and looking "girly".

No. 1748093

what >>1748090 said, I was referring to "they" as TIFs plural

No. 1748098

Does anyone know what happened to testosteronejew/rylan, aka that tif that got a botched top surgery done shortly after mocking detransitioners and their medical issues? I've been trying to find an update to this but her twitter is gone or changed handles and I'm not familiar enough with her to track it down again.

No. 1748099

sorry, the influx of tiktok newfags is messing with me, and i was thrown off by the fact that anon took it as a joke when there have been a million cases of tifs being dead serious "femboys".

No. 1748100

File: 1674120106855.jpg (38.82 KB, 645x361, efb332e7f11563ec38ff34f514f5ad…)

I've noticed that unattractive, insecure people tend to double down and make ugly faces intentionally. Eg the soyboy gaping face, fatties like Pheebs who take incredibly unflattering photos of their double chins, etc. It's like pre-empting insults, "you can't call me ugly because I'm being ugly on purpose!".

NTA but to be fair, it's a pretty easy mistake to make and I respect commitment to misgendering.

No. 1748113

I'm french and would he/him myself even in my head and to be honest I still do it, not an easy habit to break.

No. 1748154

Sage for sperging.

My native language is gendered. I always used swapped gender to refer to myself since I can remember myself and never had any issue swapping language for somebody else. Might be controversial, but I strongly believe grammatical gender is related to the concept of gender as a whole. Language shapes the way we think and perceive reality around us in really subtle ways and gendered language works the same as other types of gender conditioning, hence why objects perceived as feminine are often described with feminine adjectives and associated with women/femininity; and vice versa. Same works with names too. Many, if not most, names are gendered because they have heavily implied gender stereotypes behind their history and etymology.

Neither changing names nor swapping pronouns feels like a big deal that requires mental gymnastics to justify doing so because the whole thing on itself is same as wearing pants instead of skirts: it's all aspects of gender construct and swapping language (which, once again, does shape the way we perceive things) is a normal thing for gender non conforming people or even as just a way to break stereotypes imo. That is also why I think misgendering isn't a thing altogether, there's no "wrong" way to refer to oneself or people around you since gender isn't real.

I am however aware that we don't live in vacuum and that apart of subtle gender markers pronouns still refer to sexes, so I use sex based pronouns to avoid muddying waters and I do misgender trannies at every given opportunity. I might be reading way too deep into this, but could it be that the way society treats name/pronoun swapping nowadays became a part of general reactionary knee-jerk reaction thanks to TRAs? These things usually work like pendulums, one side getting radically insane inevitably breeds radicalized opposition. I did notice through past 10 years that the louder trannies are, the more gender conforming a lot of self-proclaimed gender criticals become on average. The way pronouns and names are treated nowadays is just one of small ways it manifests. We have people who think that changing them somehow makes you biologically a whole different entity, making the opposing side to believe there's no way for people to swap pronouns and change names without massive cognitive dissonance and delusion.

No. 1748177

pronouns are (at least in English) an essential tool to describe biological sex, not gender. it's not the same as a personal name. anyone can be named anything, but precision and clarity of language are required when describing what is happening in our world and to whom. pronouns are as much a social construct as the word "woman" - are you going to start proposing that there's no wrong way to use that word since gender isn't real and blah blah who cares? as if there's something wrong with words having concrete meanings and as if WE have a problem for disagreeing with people's decision to use them incorrectly. get real

No. 1748179

File: 1674135580270.jpg (121.01 KB, 1080x492, Screenshot_20230119-152420_Ins…)

It's cause it's from her skin, which already had hair and will grow more hair especially due to testosterone. They try to take a piece of skin which doesn't have too much hair but of course it can still grow hair later. So this happens. Even if they do the laser from what i read it doesn't help much?

(About the image) Not really milky but i've noticed every time someone randomly drops into a conversation to say their name it's some flavor of troon. I just click on the profile and see pronouns or the trans flag right away. Like here the context was a video of Spencer's the store and she just jumps in to say it's her name in a quirky way. I've seen this happen now so many times, in non trans related places, such a weird way to validate yourself?

No. 1748197

It's true that the hair would slowly come back over time, but that picture was taken too shortly after the surgery for that to be the case I think. I've also seen plenty of these people simply not bother with hair removal, it's not uncommon.

No. 1748205

there exists languages that don't have sexed pronouns and yet biological sex hasn't disappeared in those cultures. like i get what you mean but honestly you sound kinda retarded

No. 1748211

Why do they get surgery to mimic a circumsized penis

No. 1748212

>> I strongly believe grammatical gender is related to the concept of gender as a whole

Gendering words is related to gender?? Well fuck nonny that changes everything!

No. 1748213

Aside from the fact that they're admitting that "masc" and "fem" are just aesthetics, but isn't this predatory?
"Oh so you don't find me attractive, huh? Then I'll transform into the thing you like, so you will like me and I can't take a no."
Almost scrotal behaviour.

No. 1748231

File: 1674145568424.jpg (123.39 KB, 1500x1000, 90-Day-Fiance-The-Other-Way-TL…)

Any nonas here 90 Day Fiance fans? The franchise will have it's first couple that consists of a trans person. A American TiF is moving to Colombia to marry her girlfriend. When I first saw the trailer for the upcoming season I thought something was odd about the American Gabriel. Tuesday I learned that the weird feeling I got from Gabriel was because "he's" a transman.


The franchise has already had gay and lesbian couples so it was only a matter of time before we get a trans perosn. Looks like the major storyline for the Gabriel/Isabel couple will be Gab coming out to Isabel's parents. 90 Day Fiance has gotten very trashy these past years so this season of The Other Way should be very interesting.

No. 1748246

The only masc outfit she has is that goth pants with the tank top lmao, she wears it in all her videos lately. I think she's in this "masc phase" now to prove to the haters that she is not just a sparkly girly fakeboi, but we all know she rather walk around in tacky lingerie and rainbow makeup all the time because that gives her the most attention

No. 1748250

I guess this is the build up to the "American Scrote and his Thailand Lady Boy bride" which I assumed would've happened by now. Im really really surpised they haven't already had that coupling, but this is the warm up.

No. 1748260

the brown hand making heart emoji lmao

No. 1748271

nta but I'm pretty sure she was talking about for a common example cats being seen as female and dogs as male because in many languages those nouns have the female and male gender respectively. Because of the grammatical gender we start associating gendered traits with those animals etc.

No. 1748316

to be fair it's a general trend where women show themselves in both styles so it's like "wow she looks so good in both" but ofc tif gotta gender-ify it

No. 1748374

File: 1674161138433.jpg (55.29 KB, 296x1125, ecf7f6b953fd09c601408f8dcc7448…)


No. 1748382

>girl is when long hair and no abs
>boy is when short hair and abs

No. 1748395

>are you going to start proposing that there's no wrong way to use that word since gender isn't real and blah blah who cares?

I don't think you read my post in full.
>I am however aware that we don't live in vacuum and that apart of subtle gender markers pronouns still refer to sexes, so I use sex based pronouns to avoid muddying waters and I do misgender trannies at every given opportunity.


Yes, this is exactly what I meant! Indicated by this bit
>Language shapes the way we think and perceive reality around us in really subtle ways and gendered language works the same as other types of gender conditioning, hence why objects perceived as feminine are often described with feminine adjectives and associated with women/femininity; and vice versa.

Ways language shapes the way we think has been talked about god knows how many times in various different contexts, ex. we know that sexist, pornified language is a subtle way of shaping a mind, especially among porn addicts. The way we talk and think about ourselves is crucial when it comes to mental health, be it inducing illness and sabotaging yourself through negative talk or recovery through reshaping your mind by simply switching words that bear specific connotations.

Combine that with the fact that we live in a world where cultures are inherently built on sexism and gender is shaping our perception of sexes through socialization, clothing, activities, etc. I don't think it's a stretch to assume that language itself isn't free of gender and every negative side that comes with it. And frankly, I don't understand why so many people are afraid of exploring this idea. If anything, diving deep into watching troons further highlights this issue, one of the most common examples of it in English being tifs preferring to be called "handsome" as opposed to "pretty". They don't change anything about their appearances (usually), and yet the way you call them matters because a lot grew up in conservative areas where "pretty" carries heavier implications. These descriptors are gendered, and connotations trigger them, cause dysphoria, etc. Of course, alone these words (or gendered languages, or whatever) don't do much, but they're clearly a part of a greater pattern of social constructs and interactions that builds sexism piece by piece.

No. 1748465

I made the mistake of watching a “masc vs fem” trend compilation and jfc the cringe. Putting a shirt or baseball cap on does make you “masc”.

No. 1748470

>yet biological sex hasn't disappeared in those cultures
obviously not, because language can only change our perception of reality. but in English, pronouns are one of the most fundamental ways in which we can describe reality of the dynamics between the sexes, and pretending that this doesn't matter and that you only use them correctly out of some sense of practicality for the cause is ridiculous.

No. 1748474

Geez, no wonder they’re always grifting if they spend their money like that.

No. 1748515

Sheila Jeffreys recorded that she was disturbed by TIMs calling themselves lesbians in the 1960s. By the 1970s Janice Raymond wrote a whole book about the issue of trannies and how they will eventually have a major clash with feminists. In the 1970s, a TIF called Lou Sullivan was raping gay men by deception, campaigned to get homosexuality removed as a requirement for gender transitions, and formed an organization for TIMs in the 1980s.

Third wave liberal feminists in the 1990s starts accepting "tran women are real women". Liberal feminists win out over the radical feminists after the "feminist sex wars" which debated the morality of pornography. This turns radfems into a massively hated group in the male-dominated landscape and sends them underground ("ree radfems tried to take out porn!"). TIMs start clashing with traditions that were established during the Women's Liberation Movement starting around the early 2000s, like trying to get Michfest shut down and forcing Dianic Wicca to accept men.

Transgenderism grew massively and was normalized on Tumblr throughout the 2010s. Tumblr was THE libfem hotspot and really brought social justice activism to the mainstream. So it's really been something that has been growing in strength over the decades and after same sex marriage was made legal in the US, a lot of people were looking for something new to advocate for.

No. 1748519

it’s the grimace or a myspace angle thin-lipped pout as they struggle to square their jawline and hide the fullness of their lips.

No. 1748522


Cats and dogs being associated with gendered stereotypes is not linked to their grammatical gender in many regions.

While the link may exist in some places (Germany?), I would not call it common. The top 4 Romance languages do not have that grammatical gender distinction, for example, and are some of the most spoken languages on earth. Doesn't stop us from associating cats with women.

No. 1748528

In my country we don't see cats as female or dogs as male. We just see cats as clean and dogs as dirty lol.

No. 1748529

*formed an organization for TIFs in the 1980s.
Sorry, made a typo

No. 1748558

That shit would feel like fucking a cactus

No. 1748569

Don't worry, it can't get hard. These things consist of fat tissue rolled up in skin with no internal structure. Unlike penises they also aren't anchored in the body, they just hang there and you could probably rip it off if you fell weird.

No. 1748636

>being seen as female and dogs as male
What country do you live in where this is the case? Or did you just make this up? I'm a native English speaker and I've never heard of this outside of people here claiming men don't like cats (which is not only not a stereotype anyone in wider society knows but it's no based in reality).

>because in many languages those nouns have the female and male gender respectively

No they don't and if they do it has no relation. The names used in grammatical gender are misnomers.

No. 1748678

In German it’s like this, the word for “dog” is masculine and “cat” is feminine. It happens a lot with languages that have gendered objects

No. 1748682

I know plenty of americans who thought dogs were boys and cats were girls of the same species when they were very young children, stop with the blanket statements nona

No. 1748684

Nta but it's crazy to me that that happens honestly. I mean I believe it but that's so odd to imagine

No. 1748776

gendies never fail to surprise me whenever I dare to think they can't get any dumber.

No. 1748823

File: 1674217583073.jpg (20.3 KB, 339x232, 1-s2.0-S1743609521004653-gr7.j…)

Not entirely true, nonnie. Some have a pump fitted inside them that simulates getting erect. So it can get "hard", but not from sexual stimulation.

No. 1748826

You're using one of the only languages where this is actually the case as your example. It's pretty uncommon in gendered languages for cat to be a feminine noun.

When lolcow was down and we all flocked to crystal.cafe, there was this one anon in the bunker threads who was saying violence against cats is more common than violence against dogs because we stereotype cats as female, and people hate women. That comment caused a lot of discussion and infighting and a lot of comments in this thread are reminding me of that one. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same anon, honestly.

No. 1748830

wtf, what human would willingly have all this plastic shit inserted into them? Who would want to willingly have sex with mutilated skin stretched over this plastic? Who wouldn't immediately get turned off by waiting while their partner squeezes their "balls" to pump up the mutilated skin plastic tube? I'd be terrified that it would rip off inside me while having sex.

No. 1748835

Some have a bone implanted too, but those are very rare because while the normal version has virtually guaranteed severe side effects, that one is even worse.

No. 1748837

> violence against cats is more common than violence against dogs because we stereotype cats as female, and people hate women
That's such an insane take kek, 2X people truly are a special breed.

No. 1748841

My language has no gender and no gendered pronouns, but it's still pretty common for little kids to think of cats as female and dogs as male. It's less about the grammar and more about cultural stereotypes.

No. 1748856

Omg just like the real thing!
Tifs make me so sad because they would put this into themselves out of pure hatred of womanhood.
That Ezra bitch two years ago made a tiktok about she didn't like how she was sexualized by men and now she wants people to refer to her as a man. Terrifying.

No. 1748875

Kek especially because tons of dogs get abused, but that doesn't mean people hate men? It's so retarded to associate certain animals with womanhood.

No. 1748880

NTA buts it’s a British suffragette thing. Cats even became a symbol for the women fighting for their rights and for a time the most popular animal seen. It just wasn’t as popular as more known symbols like the colors. (Edited because it’s early and I’m dumb kek)
Here you go
>>At first, cats were an anti-suffrage symbol. In the 19th century, cats and dogs had gendered associations. Dogs, known for being active, were associated with men, and cats were associated with women, who were expected to remain within their designated sphere of hearth and home. Women who deviated from social norms were sometimes portrayed as hissing outdoor cats, the antithesis of the placid housecat. Anti-suffragists feared that men’s masculinity would be diminished as women entered public life. As a result, cats often appeared on postcards that depicted men forced to perform “feminine” tasks such as the laundry, childcare, or cooking.

No. 1748884

Yeah but the idea that men target cats with the idea that they're woman associated is insane.
I doubt that cats are abused more to begin with, google finds no such statistic. In many islamic countries, which are some of the most woman hating in the world, it is dogs that are seen as ritually unclean and treated poorly by many as a result.

No. 1748892

Breaking gender roles by doing nails, I guess

No. 1748894

She's so repulsive. So many of these genderspecial people cover their faces in shitty piercings and ugly make up and wear what appears to be random things they grabbed blindly from the trash. And they so often look like they stink.

No. 1748901

do you think places without sexed pronouns aren't able to articulate these different dynamics?

No. 1748904

women's genitals are literally called "pussy" in english

No. 1748907

In a lot of slavic and semitic languages cat is a female noun, where is it not?

No. 1748921

Do you also refer to dogs as cats because you're so quirky and liberated from convention, unlike those regressive biologists, who apply labels according to their technical definitions?

No. 1748928

Spanish and French? El gato, le chat
Feminine version exists but the default/neuter for nouns that have both genders is generally masculine

No. 1748934

I really don’t get this pet derailing. I’m sure anyone psycho enough to abuse a cat would also abuse a dog and vice versa.

No. 1748937

Yeah I really don’t get why so many Aidens style themselves like that. I’m not a TIF, but if I was I’d at least try to look like an attractive man. Looking like a junkie street urchin with crusty facial piercings doesn’t make you look more masculine, just repulsive.

No. 1748942

sorry but this is so retarded what exactly is your problem with what she said? and i admit i am also confused because my native language doesn't have any gender or gendered pronouns at all so i genuinely don't get how exactly is female liberation or being able to talk about differences between women and men and their lives or whatever depended on them

No. 1748947

Maybe stop calling things you don't understand retarded.

Using language correctly is the norm. Deviating from proper usage of sexed pronouns, and sexed pronouns only, while claiming to be above gender is self contradictory. If you really did not care you would simply use words with their proper definitions and move on, instead of making a show of how you use them wrong on purpose.

Misusing words muddies and confuses conversations. Without a common idea of what words mean you cannot communicate.

No. 1748992

>in their natural habitat
She wouldn't last a day in the woods

No. 1749050

File: 1674242654538.jpeg (544.68 KB, 2334x1213, 128119DD-A91E-40B1-9D05-764E75…)

I always appreciate how bad their explanations of gender identity is and why they’re not women. The rest of her comment just goes on using a nickname/name analogy

No. 1749058

>Looking like a junkie street urchin with crusty facial piercings doesn’t make you look more masculine, just repulsive.
They probably always wanted to look that way. Pretending to be men gives them license to do it.

No. 1749061

File: 1674244522160.png (702.01 KB, 1164x924, hygieneisfemale.png)

Living in a slob apartment with crusty dirty dishes gathering mold in the sink is gender affirmative care

No. 1749065

Instead of skinning a tif's hairy strawberry skin arm isn't there a way to at least grow some arm skin with stem cells? Imagine having a sock of flesh that's not only non functional but can have ingrown hairs all over.

No. 1749066


also samefag

>gncmen just get called soyed, only Aidens have a monopoly on tranny victimhood

>11-16 are the most important years of your life, no important interpersonal development re: yourself and the way you relate to people happens after then

>forced concentration camp feminization did not work b/c autism and internalized toxic masculinity

>having personal autonomy and being able to walk around at night isn't feminine

I'm too lazy but the same user has another comment on the same thread were the future trans genocide is brought up and forced in pregnancy of Aidens is discuss as Aidens are the ultimate soldiers against white supremacy

No. 1749084

thank you for your input. i thought what they were doing before was really normal too.

No. 1749092

>thanks to my autism
>also thanks to my autism
So she realizes she's more masculine due to autism but comes to the conclusion she's really a boy? Does she think she's just magically both as if autism isn't the main issue?
>By transitioning I feel like I'm getting that little boy back
Stop. Also at the end, did she just say that transmen are the gay best friends of female friend groups? That literally explains so much, that is literally the motive for transitioning.

No. 1749104

>we get gender dysphoria from doing the dishes and society tells us we're dumb and misogynistic
Based society??

No. 1749129

Portuguese and Italian too. It's a male noun in most Romance languages, as a general rule of thumb. I think with that said, women tend to like cats more than men do, but I also just think women like animals more in general. Hell there's even studies to show that women find men who own pets more attractive.

I don't understand how trans individuals, regardless of bio sex, are so disproportionately diagnosed as autistic (like 50-70x more than the average population) yet it doesn't ring alarm bells in anyone. The two have such heavy correlation but it's considered taboo to mention it.

No. 1749141

Nah I've seen screencaps of tifs mentioning it, they just for some reason act like it's comorbid or something and nothing else clicks for them

No. 1749147

> but I also just think women like animals more in general
Is a mutual thing since most animal feel more comfortable around women than men

No. 1749177

File: 1674257272231.png (38.3 KB, 667x334, bigender.png)

This person sounds young and naive to me and I wish I could tell her this is a totally normal female experience without revealing my terven nature. Unfortunately everyone commenting is telling her she's trans and to look into nonbinary shit. So far the terms genderfluid, genderqueer and demigirl have all been mentioned kek

No. 1749178

>sometimes I wear pink and makeup
>but lately I've been gasp wearing blue and not putting on any makeup!!
>that's it! I'm not a woman!

No. 1749180

What stuck out to me personally was
>im comfortable in my own body
>so im not really a female

No. 1749181

I thought demi stood for something you are not, like how transwomen are men, demigirls are boys.
Has Kikomi gotten the blessing of the gender cultists?

No. 1749183

..what is the bone made out of? Surely it's not some sort of bone donor situation (at least yet. uterus implants are becoming more and more talking about)

No. 1749184

Two months on tranny discords and she will have crippling gender dysphoria and tell her parents she will kill herself if she isn't allowed to cut her breasts off immediately and ideally start testosterone injections and her parents will send her to a therapist who will say "you are monsters, would you rather have a dead girl or a thriving boy" and off she goes to mutilate her body for life before her brain is even halfway mature.

No. 1749192

What if it's a chicken leg bone

No. 1749194

Don't medical devices need to be replaced every ten years? How the hell would that work with something like this?

No. 1749198

It's been too long, I don't remember. I think they use cadaverbone but I feel like there were methods for harvesting bone from their own body too.

No. 1749205

It's been discussed many times before, but trannies completely infested that fandom. Early on it was mostly TIFs, but these days it's mostly TIMs. There are a lot of insecure zoomer girls who say that Dave "transed their gender," and now LARP as gay men. He's literally just a Tumblr sexyman, and they modeled themselves after the character they wanted to fuck, just like AGPs do. Hilarious, really.

I love to look at a "ghey man uwu" TIF and try to guess which Tumblr sexyman she's skinwalking. I know one girl who basically just LARPs as Carlos from WTNV.

No. 1749209

File: 1674261591649.jpg (31.33 KB, 628x283, 213812.jpg)

Aiden: I'm just saying that gay men should have sex with trans men!

People: You sound like a conservationist with "gay men should have sex with women"!

Aiden: But when I do it, is cute!

No. 1749214

The one time there's something that actually sounds like bisexual erasure going on (instead of the regular cries of bi erasure because a gay person was mean to a bi woman and her soyboyfriend) and it's the queerlibs perpetuating it and the irony goes right over their heads. Naturally

No. 1749255

i always read "bigender" as "big gender"
it usually ends up being an appropriate designation

No. 1749298

File: 1674272051511.jpg (70.24 KB, 1080x376, Screenshot_20230121_033333_You…)

I'd honestly be offended if people spoke about me like this, like i'm a retarded baby.

No. 1749300

i stg i had to hide this retard from my pinterest feed like 10 times

No. 1749303

They have to write so awkwardly to signal that they're using the pronouns. In normal speech you never use third person pronouns to refer to someone you're talking to.

No. 1749305

Only 14 year olds type like this online. Look at the profile and I guarantee there's FNAF or gacha life shit. Youtube is plagued with fakeboi children

No. 1749329

File: 1674275574071.jpg (101.1 KB, 355x472, Interior_of_a_school_in_Cairo_…)

It depends on the language, in my languages cats do have a masculine pronoun and are generally well treated and cared for, dogs on the other hand are hated(due to Islamic influence)
like the one thing about Islam is its fondness for cats

No. 1749330

File: 1674275597430.jpg (395.14 KB, 1745x2048, FbHkrgkUUAILp2j.jpg)

>TIF Transwashing a young male character + slight Ukeization/Feminization
interesting combination

No. 1749332


Bold to assume they’ll still be alive after 10 years kek

No. 1749353

File: 1674278661613.jpeg (145.71 KB, 646x783, 21BFA64D-CAE7-4F43-BF40-B30592…)

The TIF I know at my college posts poetry on Tumblr about the male gaze and how she desires sexual attention and hates for herself for it, makes Snapchat stories about hookups, and “ironically” makes the same joke where she says “I hate women!” tons of times while being extremely left. I’m so fucking tired of it. I feel extremely bad for her seeing that she clearly hates herself but I also wish every side of the political coin didn’t hate women.

No. 1749375

Bisexual isn't trendy anymore. Straights who want to be special just call themselves gay or lesbian now that the terms have been bastardized to include people who exclusively fuck the opposite sex.

No. 1749377

The Spanish words for cat and dog are both masculine and you don't modify them even if the specific animal you're referring to is female, but the words for kitten and puppy do change based on the gender of the individual animal.

Literally everything is gendered in Spanish, including inanimate objects. That's why "Latinx" is such a retarded term. By that logic, you would have to stick "x" on the end of literally everything to make it PC.

No. 1749386

File: 1674282113231.png (50.74 KB, 538x474, its not a phase dad.png)

The mental illness just radiates off this post, good grief. Her hair is falling out and her first response is not "holy shit these drugs are making m sick," it's "reee being bald means I look like my dad, who I hate now because he can see that I'm sick and doesn't enable me!!!"

Unsurprisingly She's also a ~gay trans man~ who LARPs as a Jew.


No. 1749391

>>1749377 what are you talking about? you can literally just change gato to gata and perro to perra also you can just say cachorro/a although maybe you're referring to a different word?

No. 1749400

File: 1674283899634.png (723.53 KB, 628x3829, malding straight girl.png)

Picrel is the same cow. TL;DR: Straight girl tries to LARP as a lesbian and later as a gay man, gets angry when she doesn't fit in with actual gay people, and finally lashes out at other women (mostly lesbians) for it. I love the bit where she joined an LGBT Facebook group because she "felt fruity" despite being a straight woman, then turned around and got all "nOt AlL mEn," when the women in the group (many of whom have probably been mistreated by men) say that they dislike men. She wants to be oppressed so bad, but when she encounters actual responses women have to oppression, she can't handle it.

This is one of the things irritates me most about troons and spicy straights. They shoehorn themselves into spaces where they don't belong, and when they don't like the culture of those spaces, they demand that everyone else change to accommodate them. And typically, they do change to avoid being branded as bigots, but in doing so they alienate the people the space was originally for. Then you end up with "lesbian" spaces full of AGPs and "gay" TIFs where it's verboten to say a single critical thing about scrotes.

Finally she closes it off in true tranny fashion, basically saying that FTMs will kill themselves if there's not enough positivity for men.

(Sorry for the editfails, jannies)

No. 1749403

nta, you can but you don't actually have to like with some words.

No. 1749404

I think it might also be a regional thing.

No. 1749422

Tifs truly are the useful idiots of men's rights movements

No. 1749444

of course not. but the confusion generated by misusing an extremely well-established and important part of the English language is value-neutral - it's not a fault or a sign of bioessentialism, unless you're going to start arguing that the words "woman" and "female" are also problematic for the same reasons. the person who started this whole argument said that radfems are radically insane extremists for their opposition to pronoun-swapping (because "pronouns = gender" and "gender do not real") and that simply isn't the case.

No. 1749447

thanks anon, reading this clogged up all my neural synapses with cringe. she wants to be seen as a real man until the lesbian/bi women’s group suggests that being a man makes you more privileged than a woman or “””non-man”””” (and therefore she should leave the group for women and “non-men”) then it’s REEEE! akshually it’s ME who is the most oppressed group on earth. pure narcissism, I can’t feel bad for this girl one bit.

No. 1749449

nta but gender is not the same as gender roles. it's just another form of the word sex that also describes life-stages, age, etc. that's why anon said you sound like an idiot. gender as a concept has very little to do with gender roles as they are intrinsically tied to sex but are based around gender due to what i said about gender referring to age/life-stage (ie a girl and a woman have different gender roles, but they only have gender roles due to being female) radfems want to reject gender roles, but gender itself is a useful language tool to describe various aspects of the different sexes.

No. 1749459

File: 1674296381945.png (331.79 KB, 1228x1200, 1674176610768.png)

God this is fucking embarrassing, mao would have sent this delusional retard to a fucking labor camp

No. 1749479

File: 1674300350754.png (162.89 KB, 614x471, bodyhorror.png)

They take the bone out of the person's leg like in some kind of horror movie. It's called the fibula free flap technique. Imagine walking with that leg post surgery.

No. 1749492

File: 1674303275248.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1145, cats.png)

No. 1749495

Dogs are hated because they are dirty. Even in Europe dogs were historically seen as savage and distant. European perspectives on dogs only changed when the rabies vaccine was invented and pet ownership of dogs became widespread. In a lot of developing countries, dogs still have a bad reputation because packs of them go running around and bite people.

No. 1749505

Doesn't make sense really. Both animals are dirty and cat scratches are generally more harmful because they carry more bacteria. Cats can also catch rabies, they hunt wild animals just like dogs (actually now they do it more because cats are allowed to free roam more). In my country (europe) people used to eat cats, but not dogs because they were considered valuable for work, and dogs were always seen as great domestic animals (think of how many royals kept small lap dogs as status symbol).
I still dislike that women are compared to any animal. Animals are animals. Female dogs and male cats exist, the cats = women and dogs = men association is retarded and based off of nothing. Everything female will always be better than any male counterpart.

>one thing about Islam is its fondness for cats
Not sure if I'd praise islam for its "fondness" of cats while they consider women worse than dogs and about as "dirty" because of periods. But in islam-dominated countries people kept good care of some dogs like sighthounds.

No. 1749510

Dog dirtiness is on another level

No. 1749532

Do you think of "Person" in German as female too just because it's "die Person"?

No. 1749536

> But in islam-dominated countries people kept good care of some dogs like sighthounds.
again it depends on the nation and even region, Islam began with tradesman of Arabia where cats were already prized as useful companions to deal with mice and rodents, In my country dogs are only prized by a small handful of people who live in the frontier region

No. 1749537

God I wish I loved anything as much as Muslim moids love cats kek

No. 1749541

so many commies are pro troon & i struggle to get why.

No. 1749543

nta but i know. It goes against the whole materialism philosophy which like a huge part of communism. they just want free shit and to not work

No. 1749559

It makes no sense since communism is all about material reality. Reminds me of how the OG radical feminists themselves had Marxist backgrounds and split off from most of the leftist organizations they were in because they were so male-dominated and sexist.

No. 1749566

File: 1674313190182.jpg (223.79 KB, 1024x948, 1673884273003.jpg)

It actually seems to go even before that, Orwell wrote this in 1939

>The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice. He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism; or, still more typically, a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Nonconformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting.

>To this you have got to add the ugly fact that most middle-class Socialists, while theoretically pining for a class-less society, cling like glue to their miserable fragments of social prestige. I remember my sensations of horror on first attending an I.L.P. branch meeting in London. (It might have been rather different in the North, where the bourgeoisie are less thickly scattered.) Are these mingy little beasts, I thought, the champions of the working class? For every person there, male and female, bore the worst stigmata of sniffish middle-class superiority. If a real working man, a miner dirty from the pit, for instance, had suddenly walked into their midst, they would have been embarrassed, angry, and disgusted; some, I should think, would have fled holding their noses.

No. 1749584

Personally I'd take a tiny bit of mud over a dead rotting (probably deseased) carcass and litterbox paws on my counter any day kek

No. 1749640

Good numbers of Aidens don't want to be men, they just want to be bastards.

They don't have what it takes personality-wise to stick to the archetype however, so they put on their clown costume, act like brats and hope the LARP is convincing enough (it's not)

I think these greasy commie types are more incel-like and their whole feeling of being an oppressed class or whatever comes from being unfuckable (especially when it comes to TIMs) and having only one screen on their gaming setup

No. 1749642

It makes sense because dogs are dangerous and cats aren't. They also tend to bite you and spread disease while cats stay away. I don't think you understand that without feral dogs being illegal and dealt with, there would be packs of feral dogs roaming the streets eating and killing and threatening. Just like there is in most countries today to some extent or another. Prior to bourgeoisie having fashion accessory type pets, dogs were treated as any other animal. And somewhat denigrated for their uncontrolled behaviour and submissiveness they tend to respond to retaliation with (compared to other animals). 'Dog' is still an insult in British/Commonwealth English, much less other languages. Dogs working for a specific purpose, like pest control or hunting or herding or guarding or tracking, were always respected and looked after in any culture in the world, but not in the same way as this pet thing we have now (which is quite unique and stupid).

No. 1749650

Yeah, and the fact that the commodification of "gender aesthetics" through surgeries, pills, clothing, etc is something that can only exist in a hyper capitalist society.

No. 1749660

As someone who likes both cats and dogs, I have to agree. Dogs might be dirtier in the literal sense because they go outside, but cats' saliva has so much more bacteria in it, and like you said, they walk on tables and countertops.

There are a few threads in /ot/ for this topic if you anons want to get deeper into it.

No. 1749665

hey why the fuck are we arguing about Islam and cats in the fakeboi thread?

No. 1749667

Don’t forget communism, these tards are also debating communism here kek

No. 1749669

reminder: not a mental illness!

No. 1749697

>trauma this trauma that
God I hate these people, your father disagreeing with your self harm isn't traumatizing you retard, histrionics are so annoying.

No. 1749707

lol'd at the duality

No. 1749722

I don't think this is an ftm, just a libleft guy who wants to appease troons. And the MLM in his bio stands for marxism leninism maoism, not men loving men kek

No. 1749750

Not gonna bother reading the whole essay but this annoying cunt always has some stupid shit to say whenever she crops up in these threads. I did notice she wrote it's not entitled for her to want to date a cis kweer man, does that mean she's also okay with lesbians and SSA leaning bi women wanting to date other actual women? Also can someone please tell her being an MRA isn't going to make her one of the gay moids. Men really don't care about you that much, Brittany

No. 1749761

File: 1674344215010.gif (1003.88 KB, 500x281, f0df6c531ff1a00e6c8ec5d6ec0add…)

>they just want free shit and to not work

Ignoring that they have to share their free shit and work for it.

No. 1749765

File: 1674344351322.gif (489.63 KB, 210x110, lol.gif)

They don't want bi-pan guys because that means their partners still see them as woman. Nothing more like REAL gay people to reinforce they're a man. Which explains also why they don't date each other neither.

No. 1749767

Trans men are even dumping their long-term trans men partners for guys who aren’t transgender so there’s that

No. 1749772

File: 1674344820277.jpeg (85.26 KB, 554x554, 642B886D-BA37-4847-887C-CF31F1…)

That's traumacore for you, kek. They base their entire personality around trauma rather than seeking professional help. I've never seen anyone who suffers from trauma brag about it so much like TIFs, TIMs and gen Z as a whole do.

No. 1749778

KEK that picture is so funny.

No. 1749788

Could be because some communists view capitalism as responsible for all the ills in the world including transphobia. To them there will be no discrimination of any kind in a communists society.

Or maybe the pro troon commies aren't real commies just anti-west. It's like those "atheist" that bash Christianity all day but won't dare criticize Islam. They're not really atheist, just anti-Christian.

No. 1749801

Reminder that not only gender, pronouns and sexual orientation, but also ethnicity and political ideology are things you claim for yourself as an "identity", for aesthetic and in-group signalling purposes. they are not things that describe the person claiming them in any way nor need have any connection to reality.

No. 1749820

you annoying dykes can't go one day without bringing up phantom 'bihets' who've hurt your feelings just by conceptualizing themselves within your brain kek. rent free. you should go back to twitter

No. 1749838

Responding to a post from yesterday just to complain about annoying dykes again, lololol. Now who's living rent free?

No. 1749843

Me too; the trots I knew in the late 90s early 00s were pretty terfish, saying that after The Glorious Revolution homophobia and sexism would be abolished so trans people would stop existing. Things changed so fast once it all turned into a tumblr/twitter aesthetic.

No. 1749855

AYRT I'm bi but okay. Chill and dilate or alternatively eat a vagina

No. 1749876

>To them there will be no discrimination of any kind in a communists society.

That's true… You'll go to the Gulag no matter what you identifies like.

No. 1749887

Shining path (Sendero Luminoso) is a terrorist group who fucking terrorised my country from 1980s to the 2000s. They made car bombs, blew transmission towers and murdered thousands of people. I knew fakebois were retarded but I wasn't expecting this. I hope her parents throw her to the streets to starve and die

No. 1749895

All gay men I know in relationships with TIFs are just bi men who call themselves "gay" because they mostly have sex with men or want to make their delusional girlfriends feel better.

No. 1749901

I think dating a TIF automatically erases any male's claim to being gay simply by the fact that TIFs are female

No. 1749906

Yeah, and they are clearly bi but most bi men hate identifying as bi. They flip between calling themselves straight or gay depending on the situation.

No. 1749911

The transandrophobia tag has so many bizarre posts with no connection to reality and the women there are all such extreme male worshippers. They're also eternally mad at the Baeddel clique.

No. 1749916

could you post some examples

No. 1749926

I've taken care of people who had that procedure done, except they were cancer patients whose tumors completely disfigured and ruined their faces. People who had terrible accident get them too. These troons are insane jfc

No. 1749940

File: 1674359436305.png (49.36 KB, 1195x297, 32144945.png)

No. 1749945

And for the rest of us? The 99% who have to deal with the effects of extra testosterone: embarassing body hair, ovarian cysts, reduced fertility? Very fucking euphoric, not.

No. 1749946

Highlighting the fact that troons actively seek out unhealthy hormonal imbalances like munchausen patients doesn't seem like a good look to me

No. 1749949

File: 1674360296041.png (35.02 KB, 487x496, 56546150441.png)

"anti-man sentiment" kek

No. 1749957

File: 1674360748968.png (28.89 KB, 294x348, 223151133.png)

TERFs are "violent misogynists" like men?

No. 1749960

TIFs defend men harder than TIMs will ever do for women. Hm, so curious as to why that is…

No. 1749977

Statics on female on male violence vs male on female violence say otherwise kek

No. 1749985

I'll take derailing about communism and cats over derailing about fujoshis literally any day. At least it's a different derail for a change.

No. 1749989

"transandrphobia" It's just misogyny

No. 1750005

Seconded, I never even fathomed that so many words could be spilled over the godforsaken topic

No. 1750037

File: 1674370255287.jpeg (345.73 KB, 1124x836, 9347ABDC-A6FB-4D14-877B-2CCDE6…)

talking about fujos is not derailing cause there's a huge overlap between fujoshis and FTMs, like you have thousands of posts of TIFs admitting they were fujoshis themselves

No. 1750041

If anons started talking about yuri in the MTF thread it would be derailing. Just give it a rest already.

No. 1750060

It's not really the topic itself so much as it is a bunch of anons reinventing the wheel every single time it gets brought up, like the same talking points get rehashed every time and no new insights are ever gained

No. 1750067

This, and also it's not funny, interesting, or milky. It just wastes everyone's time.

No. 1750072

funny how they think they wouldn't be oppressed in communist society when for some curious reason communism always tends to slip into killing your political opponents and just generally fucking people over, almost like power hungriness is built in the ideology, but these authority worshipping bastards always gonna whine about how it wasn't the real communism lmao.

No. 1750077

File: 1674376116646.png (74.33 KB, 138x275, 1660425505881.png)

cp bump

No. 1750078

that's commies for you, always worshipping killing and destruction!

No. 1750133

ntyart, its not discussing yaoi directly, but discussing when yaoi consumption turns to pornsickness. And we do discuss pornsickness and the effects of consuming male-gaze shit like moid made yuri and hentai in the mtf thread a lot

No. 1750136

kek is this not satirical???

No. 1750137

what's funny is that Shining path started out as idealistic university students but the reality of war made them go insane, they started selling drugs to support their operation and did acts such as boiling baby alive

No. 1750139

File: 1674388379921.png (310.58 KB, 548x637, 1674362177708.png)

No. 1750149

School shooter physiognomy

No. 1750185

"treatment for pcos forces bodies back to gender binary"
They can't be this retarded, right? PCOS isn't a fucking aesthetic. How about diabetes and heart attacks?

No. 1750220

>I still cling to the term nonbinary because it makes other queer people view me as a more complex person

This seems to be it for a lot of troons. They're plain janes who wished they had attention and think barging into the kool kwerky kweer club will give it to them. You can be a complex person as a woman but they're too regressive to even think about that

No. 1750240

Soooo if that’s the case, which one is worse? Males who actively take out their anger on innocent people by becoming shooters and murderers because a girl didn’t want to fuck them? Or women and girls who have been harassed, assaulted, raped, etc. letting themselves have a voice for the first time? Yeah. Something’s not computing.

No. 1750246

Grrr terfs say mean words online that's CYBERBULLYING

No. 1750251

File: 1674409699523.png (89.47 KB, 740x631, testjewtweets.png)

late but it looks like she deactivated on december 5th, there's another comment alleging that it was so she could deal with the legal issues privately

No. 1750291

They're literally cysts, what the fuck. Treating the condition isn't "forcing people into the gender binary," it an effort to give women relief from intense pelvic pain and other debilitating symptoms.

No. 1750306

i’ll be waiting for her quiet detransition

No. 1750356

Thank you so much for responding, she's connected to someone I know irl so all of this has been oddly personal. She's fucking foul for mocking that detranser but what that surgeon did to her is worse by a mile. I saw those pics circulate on tumblr and was shocked. Ironically >>1750306 I think this will only solidify her trans label. I know that sounds backwards but I think the trauma of this surgery will create a sunk cost fallacy. Before going dark, she made a few vicious tweets ripping on the terfs who expressed concern for her and questioned the validity of this surgeon. She had a gaping septic hole in her side and still found time to get assmad at feminists for pointing out that these surgeons are experimental at best, butchers at worst.

No. 1750363

File: 1674427180985.jpg (46.92 KB, 534x460, 5809.jpg)

Is like that "Manhunt" book written for a TiM. Is "thriller" and "sexy", but full of misogyny from women and TiF. You would think a "pro-LGBT" book would save TiF too if they're men, but alas, the author do not felt that way.

No. 1750372

Sage for unrelated but I wish I could fuck the guy winking

No. 1750398

Her and spacelazarwolf >>1749400 should battle it out gladiators style for the title of Ultimate Jewish Larper TIF Cow

No. 1750433

Who doesn't want to fuck Edge, nonnie?

No. 1750438

Give me Austin Theory.

No. 1750463

how so? I've wondered about many things in my hometown

No. 1750505

>girls are just as likely to be terf as boys are to be a chauvinist

god I absolutely wish, sounds like a great delusion to live in

No. 1750554

File: 1674459632211.png (33.27 KB, 590x273, 2023-01-22 233739.png)


The TIFs are losing their minds over this tweet

No. 1750556

File: 1674460040372.png (4.11 KB, 544x56, lol.png)

Damn, that's too spicy for Europe.

No. 1750563

We honestly live in a clown world.

No. 1750569

Europeans are retarded.

No. 1750574

The only way a terf would be violent is if "she" was a transwoman kek

Being trans is just being a misogynist. You have men who think women are such simple creatures they can just morph into one with some makeup and breast implants, they don't think we have our own special circumstances and needs - we're just "weaker, dumber but prettier men", what misogynistic men have been saying for centuries. Then we have the tifs who hate themselves for being female, and they hate the female body so much they do everything they can to not seem like a female anymore. The biggest trans "enemy" are good ol' feminists fighting for women's rights, yet there are no "trans-exclusionary radical meninists" being blamed for anything despite men being the ones who abuse them, kill them, and the ones who have all the political power.

No. 1750625

File: 1674475614079.png (463.58 KB, 1187x656, Screenshot (58).png)

No "Benji." People shouldn't have to give you $15,000 just for being a troon in a household where one of the traumas you claim is that your mom hugs you. Stop making furry art on instagram and get a real fucking job.

No. 1750626

Why do these people always need tens of thousands of dollars to move out? I would understand a few thousands for a deposit or something but that's more than a year worth of rent for anything she could reasonably aim for.

No. 1750627

Because it's about greed and entitlement. She has a harder life than you because she is a girl trapped in a gay twink body kek. gib mooney!

No. 1750631

Do these tranny gofundmes get traction anymore? Everytime I see vague gofundmes about "surgery" or abusive households, with ugly tranny selfies alongside, I scroll past.
This one only got $100 in 20 days so it seems at least for TIFs there is no interest.

No. 1750633

People never cared about tifs, it's always been the tims who get all the money

No. 1750634

I think it's mostly because tifs' following mainly consists of braindead 16 year old tiktok users who have no money.

No. 1750649

Because most of the time it’s not only for that and they will impulsively spend it on things like fast fashion, toys, games, tattoos, and the like. I’ve seen so many TiFs who do this and a week after they get money post things they’ve been buying. I don’t know if they’re just rubbing it in donors faces with the excuse of “I deserve nice things too don’t I after all I’ve been through” or if they’re really just that stupid and lack the foresight to see how it might look to people.

No. 1750758

One of my uwu traumas is that my parents were rarely physically affectionate, where's my $15k kek

No. 1750776

This was the answer too >>1749209

No. 1750778

I think is a mix of both.

No. 1750807

They're so into scaremongering eachother about terfs lurking everywhere.. There's barely any of us but they wan't to be the minority so bad

No. 1750990

their language is always so extreme. what "violence" is going on in their mind, exactly? also notice how chauvinists are on the same level of bad as terfs to her

No. 1750997

She's obviously not dysphoric and good thing I live in a country where to get hrt you have to go through some years of therapy, I don't want these selfhating girls running around with a patchy beard and a weird voice.
Freaky how she went from heavy makeup and showing her tits in a lacebody suit to this, it took less than a month.
Testosterone is totes okay uwu

No. 1750998

File: 1674526443173.png (162.94 KB, 1407x701, screenshot-2023-01-11-23-20-28…)

This is just plain sad, even by reddit standards

No. 1751004

They absolutely do. There was an anon here who got like a thousand dollars worth of stuff just by saying she was a TIM on TransSanta. The TIMs get all the money, probably from other TIMs and chasers. The TIFs get nothing, because at the end of the day they're still female and society hates actual females.

No. 1751010

I don't get it, she got sexually assaulted, but she would rather be around moids, which are capable of hurting her again, than around women? It's weird. This kid needs an actual therapist and not whatever gendercultist faggot is brainwashing her.

No. 1751015

Right, I wonder how her therapy sessions are going because just from this post alone she has LAYERS of trauma and shit that's wrong with her. I feel really bad but at the same time have a strong wtf reaction to her post, doesn't help that it's on reddit where she'll probably get the worst possible advice

No. 1751135

I feel so sad. I wish she'd do a video of "I'm doing things you're afraid to do to show you that it's ok, today I'm being gender non-conforming without damaging my body with unnecessary cosmetic surgery and pharmaceuticals"

No. 1751140

If this was an mtf post I'd immediately suspect fetish… yeah I think there's something off about this.

No. 1751277

>embarrassing but it felt kinda nice
your instincts aren't wrong

No. 1751386

File: 1674565741114.jpg (293.38 KB, 2048x1024, FFDNGYFXMAEtJpr.jpg)


I actually know of this person from other circles and they used to date an old man. I remember they made some art of themself and him and he was balding with grey hair in the image. She even had a disclaimer to not talk badly about her relationship and the age difference. She'd later on in her instagram story cry about the fact that she lost followers. Think its safe to say that relationship didn't work out since she doesn't mention him anymore.

Guaranteed the old dude said what ever she wanted to hear to take advantage of her. Lmao. I can't believe how badly this tranny shit deludes their minds.

No. 1751397

It's not just the terfs tbh there are a few gay guys who for some reason are dragging him.
As the old saying goes, be gay do crime.

No. 1751429

File: 1674572866208.jpeg (524.67 KB, 1170x2158, 5EB1292E-2FAD-456B-9768-8C2469…)

You can pretty much get away with saying very terf or gc talking point and talk shit about gendies and spicy straights if you call them tenderqueers on tiktok.

No. 1751441

Native my ass. If they went on the rez they’d get called white and mugged.

No. 1751477

She did mention him awhile back. I follow her in some art circles. Their breakup was messy and she was as expected "devastated" and even ended up deleting her account or trying to migrate over to a new one. Obviously it didn't work out because she ended back up on her serval account. No screenshots since it was awhile ago but at the time I remember thinking why this barely relevant furry artist freaking out about "changing" and apologizing to her audience kek. Guess now I know why. Scammy gofundmes she deletes when her "family is doing better". How can you go from being so in danger living with your violent abusive family you need 15k from strangers but on a whim you can delete it and say "things are better now jk". Like the fuck.

No. 1751489

He’s clearly part native. Saying someone ‘isn’t native enough’ based on their appearance is racist colonialist bullshit designed to erase and whitewash cultures.

No. 1751498

Goooo baaack

No. 1751517


Why don’t you go back to where you came from?

No. 1751534

She's so girly it's hilarious. I also love how non of them dress like actual males, this is such a fakeboi look.

No. 1751536

Nta but please shut the fuck up with the twitter shit and integrate.

No. 1751572

whoa that's a lotta buzzwords

No. 1751586

File: 1674589710614.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1170x1807, 0D76F1C1-AD15-44B4-B97C-E8BA46…)

Checked-in on one of my personal cows. Appropriating TiM culture with workplace restroom nudes.

No. 1751604

Italian Il/un gatto, cat is masculine. In German die Katze/eine Katze, cat is feminine. In English it's neither because English doesn't have explicit gendered language like romance languages and lacks rigid rules unlike Germanic, but as others have said cats are metaphorically compared to femininity and cats are often allusions to feminine things most are scrote brained fucked up shit designed to lower and to dehumanize women like cat-fight, cougar, being catty, sex kitten, pussy being vulgar degrading moid slang for woman's genitals etc.

No. 1751645

File: 1674599263615.jpg (732.17 KB, 2880x2880, 20230124_222042.jpg)

Randomly saw on twitter. These sheltered retards think if a couple doesn't conform to stereotypes, the couples are secretly kweer themselves, or are straight couples made for kweer people.

Are they aware of this pattern, that they cling so hard to stereotypes that anything outside their narrow expectations must be omg so gayyyy? Is that why they have to screech and cry that they're so progressive? Or is it that they're genuinely amazed when something normal is really progressive compared to their regressive minds?

No. 1751651

They're not afraid to insult 'tenderqueers' because they know that 90% of nonbinary/genderqueer people are women. It's funny in a strange way to see how even in the trans community tifs are not given even a fraction of the respect tims are. So much for TME privilege.

No. 1751668

True but they also call women bitches, call ugly women dogs etc. Referring to women as animals is pretty universal.

No. 1751670

they just don't want to get called boring by their queer hivemind twitter friends for liking het so they scream bi4bi t4t

No. 1751686

that guy's skin is somehow glowing whiter than that of my anglo ass and i don't even go outside

No. 1751702

They see any healthy or interesting straight relationship and call it "bi4bi" as if bi women don't face a lot of violence in straight relationships and bi men aren't totally insane.

No. 1751704

This is just "queer heterosexuality". I don't care how much they like some het ship, it's still not gay.

No. 1751705

Just straight with extra steps.

No. 1751708

You can be Native and have light skin, and a lot of Natives had light skin naturally even before mixing with Europeans (because Natives share common skin gene variants with East Asians) but this man is white passing as hell. Kim Kardashian looks more "ethnic" than him and people always Kim K a white woman.

No. 1751715

Fetish post. Probably written by a man. What a weird fixation to details about wetting their pants.

No. 1751746


i feel like most irl bi women are way more likely to date straight men than bi men tbh

No. 1751757

A lot of bi women are just straight women faking it, whereas a lot of bi men pretend to be straight and would never ever confess to being bi

No. 1751759

Bisexual men are rare as hell compared to bi women. When I think of bisexuals, I always think of bi women. I forget bi men even exist.

Also, I'm straight and it's weird that the bi women I know always complain about how horrible straight men are and yet they always choose to date straight men even though bi women are fucking everywhere. They could just date each other and yet they don't. Idk.

No. 1751763

Bisexual men are just as common as bi women are. It's just that most bi men would not admit to being bi. Some bi men will literally fall in love with other men but still convince themselves they are actually straight.

No. 1751770

Bi men aren't rarer imo, it's just that a lot of straight women mistakenly call themselves bi and a lot of bi men call themselves straight.

No. 1751782

It's ridiculous that people insult each other over shipping straight pairings in the first place. If I didn't know better, I'd assume that these people were middle schoolers, but most of them are adults. Why do people think that they have to tailor all their hobbies to fit their political beliefs? It's okay to enjoy "problematic," or even just less diverse media. You're not a bad liberal for liking a white character or a straight pairing, Christ.

The relationships I like most in fiction are the ones with an interesting dynamic and/or involve character development. The gender of the characters is irrelevant to me so long as they're well written. Enjoying fiction is just a hobby for me, and I generally try to keep it separate from my sociopolitical beliefs.

No. 1751823

go google nahuatl or bolivian people. shes whiter than 90% of latin america. burgers do really believe 1% of some random ethnicity heritage actually makes them ethnic or some shit.
is this ambrose??

No. 1751845

I've actually been seeing kweer retards calling people who say words mean things and their ridiculous identities don't make sense tenderqueers as if tenderqueer doesn't apply to their mogai tumblrtard self. Especially tims crying that twans wammen are the most oppressed and everyone else is a tenderqueer for not treating them like gods 24/7.

Shouldn't this be in the spicy straights thread or the fandom drama thread? There's nothing milky in the second half. It's almost as if they're so obsessed with t4t and bi4bi because no matter how much they want to be gay men in gay relationships deep down they know they're straight women who can only ever relate to m/f couples but still want their kweer brownie points.

No. 1751848

This is kind of off topic and a somewhat pointless question but do you or anyone else in this thread know where the "tender" in tenderqueer comes from or anything about the etymology of this word? I get that it's because they're overly sensitive and whatnot but the word "tenderqueer" comes off as so odd and specific to me, or like a bizarre variety of chicken…

No. 1751852

I thought the word was "trender" because being trans is the new thing at the moment. Not sure why the r was removed. Someone must've misheard it and that got passed around.

No. 1751867

File: 1674633431795.jpg (59.91 KB, 500x750, IMG_2700.jpg)

Nta, but why would you compare Native American ethnic groups in the US to Latin America? I agree that the dude just looks like some Euromutt, but there are Native American ethnic groups with lighter skin complexions. There's thousands of Native American ethnic groups and they are highly diverse in appearance with the major genetic split being between North and South America.

Picrel is Rico Lanáat’ Worl who is Tlingit and Athabascan.

No. 1751912

Tenderqueer is a play on the word genderqueer. It's just the term "softboi" but applied to specifically trans/"queer" people. So someone who puts on a soft and tender demeanor but is actually self-serving and manipulative. It doesn't have anything to do with trenders. The kind of people who use this term don't believe in trenders anyway.

No. 1751956

File: 1674651573877.jpeg (495.75 KB, 828x1368, 52890CE7-4CE6-4F3A-AE15-C3530B…)

This was a gnc dyke a few years older than me that I really looked up to growing up. So tragic to see her subject herself to this, she was such a sexy soft butch now she looks like a retarded baby in her early 40s great job lady… feminism and shit….

No. 1751984

No. 1751995

Just an older dyke I looked up to growing up that is now cosplaying as a giant baby, sure we all know at least one

No. 1751997

Bi people of both sexes overwhelmingly end up with straight people of the opposite sex. Openly bi men are uncommon and a lot of bi women avoid bi men anyway because they're scared of sexual diseases. A lot of bi men also avoid bi women because they stereotype bi women to have mental issues (like BPD) or consider them to be uglier on average than gay men and straight women.

No. 1752001

Tif scars always look so painful. The left breast (our left) looks so botched, but the other one probably is too, we just cannot see it from this angle. It looks like if she lifted her arm the seams would just come undone. She's in her 40's? She lasted this long with boobs, why now get rid of them and risk complications? Mental illness.

No. 1752007

nitpick- but doe her face looks swollen to anyone else? trans people seem to have an allergy to brushing their teeth so it wouldn't surprise me

No. 1752013

As a bi woman I feel like bisexual men are even less trustworthy than hetrosexual men. More opportunities for them to cheat on you and they're even more likely to bring back STDs.

No. 1752018

She wasn’t even a double A, it’s honestly so sad, she was such a strong advocate for gnc woman’s rights, I lose touch with her over covid and suddenly she’s larping as a giant baby?

No. 1752103

File: 1674666070414.png (425.59 KB, 652x783, 57.png)

this brand of tifs is absolutely the craziest one, at least the other fujotroons with ugly haircuts are trying

No. 1752110

It doesn't matter how much they delude themselves, society will never see them as men. No one they interact with will ever see them as men. Just ask these "real men" why there's such a huge push to put TIMs in women's prisons, but no one wants to put TIFs in men's prisons.

No. 1752113

It is very clear to me TIFs never want to be men per se. They never even try to integrate into general male circles, manospheres, etc. (Whether men will accept them as men is another issue, but the point is the TIFs don't really even try.) They just want to cosplay men, then hang in queer circles where everyone automatically validates and affirms each other's delusions. They just want to walk around looking like men, without actually being men. They "live as a man" as in how a man would be in their imaginations and yaoi comics, much like men who are love interests in commercial romance novels written by women. These "men" don't exist except in women's imaginations. No men really acts or talks like that. But in romance novels they offer women a bit of fun escape. For TIFs, it takes a different turn. They become "men" as they imagine, not as a romance novel love interest, but a pseudo-females found in BL and they assign the word "man" onto it, then call their transed selves "men". None of it has anything to do with reality.

No. 1752115

Yup, most TIFs I know don't even want to be around men. They hang out in lesbian circles just like they did before transitioning, or else they date other TIFs and pretend to be totes gay boyfriends. Occasionally they'll date straight men, but they'll still pretend it's totally kweer & gay. Other than that you rarely see one with stereotypically male interests or hanging out in male spaces. Meanwhile TIMs are rabidly obsessed with being in private spaces with women and perpetuating female stereotypes. VERY telling.

No. 1752168

Stop fujo sperging

No. 1752170

I think this can further prove the point they want to escape misogyny from external sources, strangers, not from those close to them. I know a TIF who hangs around other women all the time and one would think she'd randomly start getting passive aggressive with her peers like "It feels like everyone still sees me as a woman" but it's not the case. Those types of incidents really only happen in online circles of bored TIFs with nothing better to do.

No. 1752182

Now lesbians need to step up and say this about transwomen. this is getting ridiculous, and i agree with him.

No. 1752193

They have, and they got completely lambasted for it. Just look what happened to all of the subreddits that only allowed real lesbians.

No. 1752249

That TiF that wrote Genderqueer was hugely into yaoi.

No. 1752264

How would they hang out around men? All their interests are exclusively female. I spend my time in mixed sex circles and I've never seen one, while TIM are common.

You have to ultra feminine in order to become aware that TIFs exist outside of social media.

No. 1752281

There's a subset of TIFs (specifically the autistic straight ones) that are/were into it. We've established this many times.

Much like how AGPs base their view of women on portrayals written by men for men, the reverse is the case for many TIFs. They aspire to be the idealized version of men depicted in media with a female audience in mind, if not written by women to begin with. The fact of the matter is that most straight trannies (TIFs and TIMs alike) are disinterested in emulating or even just understanding the opposite sex as it actually is in reality. Some TIFs do LARP as chauvinist men, though, but that's more just the internalized misogyny and NLOGism showing through.

No. 1752382

File: 1674691325220.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1170x1906, 21495E9C-9972-482C-AF0D-6FFE5B…)

Why are they all the same

No. 1752387

This is a joke..I hope.

No. 1752396

What's the mascara supposed to be? Penis? Porn? Yaoi?

No. 1752402

File: 1674692393316.jpeg (56.95 KB, 258x658, CE7769A5-980E-4BF5-A1F0-8C480E…)

Shit goblin from my town who moved away and changed her name, says she's trans and non binary but doesn't show any sign of being either, publicly admits to eating her own shit and has been known to send videos of that, also pretends to be a SJW as well as trans because she needs to be quirky and unique

No. 1752410

>caption: "this isn't about mascara"
It's depressing that so many of them are open about the fact they have experienced sexual abuse but none of them are willing to look around them, seeing that ALMOST ALL OF THEM have been, and don't see that their trauma is being exploited by the medical industry

No. 1752421

That grimes tattoo on her legs yuck. Girls like that are a dime a dozen these days.

No. 1752475

If this is someone talking about CSA in the form of I assume head or otherwise this is not milk, just sad

No. 1752480

File: 1674697342401.jpeg (289.83 KB, 828x1424, 3C3F619D-CD4B-42E5-B516-6562D5…)

No. 1752487

i'm so glad i'm not a child right now
90s kids uber alles

No. 1752488

I didn't know TIFs liked Grimes so much

No. 1752495

Those poor other children have to put up with getting to know what the word "vagina" means because their classmate's dad has one.

No. 1752510

>He’s clearly part native
lol how? he could pass as a local in my country

No. 1752514

I thin k part of the motivation is to silence people who try to call out fake Indians.
>so what if I'm not signed on any rolls and look 100% white, I'm still native and you're racist!

No. 1752532

I actually love the TIFs that don't try and make the other TIFs seethe. Like go on Aiden, explain how her delusions are crazier than your delusions. At least her delusions didn't make her destroy her body.

No. 1752554

File: 1674707107822.jpeg (59.24 KB, 1241x549, 498E8947-AA4F-4DC1-96E3-20C2CE…)

She also has a grimes stan account, an eating disorder romanising account and an account where she's just cringe and complains

No. 1752604

she has a bluey profile picture. it's like mlp again, this time tifs are loving bluey, giving them gender vibes and all because the main character is blue dog girl that gets confused as a boy because of her fur color. thankfully, they're still small in terms of being a community and all, some still make yt edits on bluey being gender-something whatever that gives them euphoria or sth.

some don't like it though

No. 1752650

>"trans people aren't groomers, how dare you imply such a thing! but anyway i'm teaching my small child about sexual organs for no reason other than for my own affirmation and fetish"
A kid in kindergarten doesn't need to know the word vagina. The vagina is not the vulva and it's not related to peeing, it's part of the sexual organ which a kid that young shouldn't have to think about at all. All they need to know is if anyone (adults especially) tries to touch you there they have to tell mom and dad right away. But the fact that the kid knows that her "dad has a vagina" is even worse, she told her kid details about her own private parts. I really think there's a portion of trans identified women who aren't "dysphoric" about their sexual parts, but rather hyper-fixated on them. Such as Buck Angel who proudly did porn as a transman showing everyone what parts she had.

Her kid immediately shouting it out loudly to everyone literally proves she doesn't understand the implications of private parts, or that they are private. If one of the kindergarten teachers, or another parent/uncle who happened to be around was a groomer and heard that, guess which kid they will now know is an easy target?

No. 1752669

its a tiktok trend where people refer to mascara as a euphemism for semen/penises, so they show up on the algorithm

No. 1752699

Late to this but I wanna punch your friend in the face. She sounds like shes simply a misogynist who sees women as inherently inferior and masks it with TRA shit sprinkled with some cherrypicked bits of radfem theory here and there. yada yada women don't exist they are a conspiracy theory by the patriarchy!!!11 women exist to serve men!! So she'll dress up like a clown, cut her tits off and then will use her newly adquired "maleness" to feel superior to normal and GC women and will treat them crap. I have known a handful of these bitches, consider cutting ties with this massive loser.

No. 1752710

Finally someone who knows what they're talking about regarding the bi issue.

No. 1752713

>my daughter publicly outed me

Ah, yes, because she was totally inconspicuous and unclockable with her tranny symbol tattoo on full display

No. 1752715

File: 1674735645966.jpg (137.55 KB, 896x1392, 20230126_131633.jpg)


No. 1752720

File: 1674736721305.jpeg (745.69 KB, 828x1628, 917487A0-F508-43D2-8626-E943AE…)

Have a scroll through her tiktoks, she’s disgusting and I feel so sorry for her daughter having that thing as a “dad”

No. 1752723

TIFs also like Bluey because the dad character is actually a good parent and they always go crazy for fictional father figures.

No. 1752738

>decide to look up old highschool friends to see how they're doing
>the girl who was a butch lesbian who was used by girls going through a bi phase, trooned out and is now a "he/they"
>all the girls who were in the alt scene are now either they/thems or she/they or she/he/they
the others always did stupid shit for attention but the butch lesbo made me a little sad, she was always extremely insecure. another one lost to the gendie shit

No. 1752743

fucking kek'd at "comments are off because of toxic people"
Who's gonna bet those tOxIc people were saying that gender is a big pile of steaming shit and that girls can also "be blue" without falling into troonism?

No. 1752744

File: 1674740025091.jpg (344.5 KB, 2400x800, 79Y5QfFIcX3AUNX.jpg)

ngl she probably "passes" better then 99% of TIFs, but the eyes always give it a way, Tifs always have a certain “light” in their eyes that real men don’t have. That’s what usually clocks even the most masculine looking ones(picrel) for me.

No. 1752747

Agreed. These TIFs are the ultimate proof that all their TRA buzzwords words and definitions don't matter and it's hilarious watching all the infighting it causes. They even call the transmeds TERFs now too.

No. 1752754

So wait, the mascara thing means she was SA'd at age nine by her own dad? Makes the remark about "boys not using mascara" sound really off. Also SA was probably the reason she drew penises. Fucking sad.

No. 1752755

It's related to eyelid skin, men have more of it and it's thicker. There was an actor who got an eye lid correction, but the surgeon wasn't used to doing this to men, so cut off too much. He ended up with weirdly feminine looking eyes.

No. 1752757

This shit is bothering me lately but I can't put my finger on why:
I've seen a kind of TIF who dates boys, then identifies as asexual, reads a shitton of yaoi and then indentifies either as nonbinary or men.
It's too specific to be only something I saw and I wonder if there's a correlation.
Do they fantasize too much about their yaoi couples? Don't they realize that men are not like that and those men are written by females and if they were real they would be the most insufferable faggots and they wanna identify with that? It only proves their femininity: having no fucking idea who actual males are and they larp as a fiction.
Don't get me started about how many tifs love heartstopper or that crap called Killing Stalking.
Yaoi works are usually either full of rapey tropes or boring shit ass YA novels, with no in between and not an ounce of realism (I had my phase in high school) and I rarely see "nb lesbians" reading yuri.
I know there's no correlation in identity and taste in fiction but I find it quite sus if you ask me.
Sage for little blogpost and shit english since I'm not native.

No. 1752758

its just autistic self hating girls with yaoi brain rot, don't think too much about it

No. 1752760

File: 1674745330337.webm (5.12 MB, 320x576, cUv1gskfRsh2JdOt.webm)

honestly, anything is better than ending up like vidrel

No. 1752772

Imagine transitioning into Kyle Rittenhouse.
They need to make another version of this where leftist activists chase her down the street and jump her because they think it's Kyle. Then they steal her wallet and see the ID saying it's not only the wrong person but also a female, ending with them shrugging it off and saying "Shouldn't look so much like Kyle if you don't want your ass kicked."

No. 1752794

Okay that's defenitely fake, why didn't they know each others "gender" after three months? Were they both using she/her pronouns despite identifying as male? That's just dumb, words have lost all meaning nowadays

No. 1752796

Joshua Moon's flamboyant gay cousin

No. 1752811

I can believe that they correctly identified each other as female while thinking they themselves are true and honest men kek. What I can't believe is they didn't sperg about being trans from the jump, trannies can't help themselves from doing that.

No. 1752852

File: 1674755997204.jpg (340.46 KB, 1442x1250, gE4M2LcNjQA.jpg)

what's category of TIF is this ?

No. 1752856


No. 1752857

No. 1752861

interesting choice to bat eyelashes at the camera and twirl about in a whimsical ethereal cottagecore dress just to be all UH UH HUNNY (sassy hand emoji) MY BUSSY SLAAAAAAYS MY MAN'S DICK ON THE DAILY (nail polish emoji) YAS GOD. I guess that's what happens when you have more wardrobe budget than personality?

No. 1752866

It always kind of baffles me when girls who are actually pretty troon out. Obviously troon brainrot can happen to any type of person, but so many frumpy TIFs transition because they think they'd make attractive men. What's the logic with TIFs who were already pretty, beyond them just being mentally ill? Pickmeism?

No. 1752868

Lmao this is the girl that would skin walk Simply Kenna

No. 1752870

pickeism and not having any other personality points to make them likeable.
You can see either autistic girls or "just pretty" girls transitioning because they can't fill their head with normal to everyday things, so they just think what they could do with their bodies.
While autistic girls have a condition that loops them into "fixations", these girls are just craving attention and will jump on every bandwagon.

No. 1752934

She's one of the stunted anachan thembies who are afraid of gaining any weight because they're terrified of being perceived as a normal woman (which they are) instead of some nonsexual manic pixie dream girl so they troon out with the lowest effort possible so that they can pretend that people don't view them as a woman, AKA so that they are not viewed in a sexual manner like a woman. They still like getting male validation though because they're just NLOGs at their core so they love making retarded "ummmm he loves me cuz my THEMUSSY is too good!" It's like they think trooning out is a loophole to be NLOGs and desperate seekers of moid validation in a "respectful" and "acceptable" way. Imagine if she was just a normal woman bragging about how her bf loves her pussy. She'd be branded an evil hettie bitch whore pickme by all the braindead kweerio he/they girls because how dare a woman make corny jokes about her bf liking her pussy, how dare a woman joke about her pussy! No, she says that he loves her THEMUSSY and it's now suddenly acceptable among internet women because she used retarded kweerio buzzwords and shit.

No. 1752937

Ezra is so sad case. Their first videos about "Doing things that you're afraid of to show it's okay" were nice, but then it became.. This mess.

No. 1752944

She needs a thread of her own.
Totally dysphoric trans man in bra and skirt buying flowers and being totally valid!!!! I need testosterone for my crippling dysphoria!!

No. 1752948


Yes please Ezra needs her own thread at this point, she's becoming worse and worse

No. 1752956

Ezra: showing you it’s ok to ignore basic biology

No. 1752973

No. 1752982

Okay but we all know she's gonna microdose that shit. She probably wants a lower voice but I absolutely do not see her walking around with a beard. She's the kind of fakeboi that wants to be a fairy twink

No. 1753118

I'm gonna share something personal and lmk what y'all think. So I had an uncle who was married and had 2 kids, but his wife divorced him and they estranged themselves from my family when I was a baby. So I pretty much forgot these people even existed.

Fast forward about 23 years. My mom gets a DM on Facebook from some guy. The DM is something like "It's me, your brother's ex. Just letting you know that he passed away last night." My mom was understandably confused. So it turns out his ex wife completely transitioned, has a beard and a new name and everything. Here's the weirder part. My female cousin, her daughter, is a complete TIF too. They transitioned together. My uncle knew all of this bc he was somewhat involved in the kids' lives, but he was too ashamed to tell anyone. I feel really bad for him, knowing that his biggest secret was revealed by his death (unexpected, aneurysm at age 49)… I imagine it was painful for him to hear his ex wife call herself a man and see his daughter do the same.

Anyway, I have never heard of anything like this where the parent and child transition together. Judging by pictures I do think my cousin started when she was still a minor. Do you think some form of abuse occurred or do they share a genetic mental illness? Btw, at my uncle's funeral my grandmother kept loudly asking where the ex and daughter were while they were standing there the whole time kek (the trans thing was a bit much for her)

No. 1753138

File: 1674770868416.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.89 MB, 4096x3276, why.jpg)

No. 1753166

File: 1674771700393.jpg (357.93 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_Twitter.jpg)

what a lovely couple

No. 1753226

This is strange but I remember seeing at least one tiktok weirdo where both the mom and daughter transitioned. I think parents play a huge role in whether their child transitions so it's likely they both just drank the kool-aid.
Such a strange thing to happen to your family, I like that your grandma just refused to process it "where are they?" kek

No. 1753227

File: 1674773581420.jpg (Spoiler Image, 541.29 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20230126_174621_Ins…)

Ugly TIF floatyspacecat has become an ugly drag king which is weird to me because if she says she is a man, why her drag persona would be also a man? Spoiler image because ugly

No. 1753235

File: 1674773783107.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.18 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20230126_174733_Ins…)

She is also obsessed with the idea of Paul Dano being a fat TIF

No. 1753271

Whats the point of giving him a tit chop scar if she's gonna draw him with fatty tits anyway

No. 1753353

This looks like a wikihow illustration

No. 1753392

They like doing feminine things but hate the idea of being a woman because a woman liking feminine stuff is typical, but an enby doing it is "special".

No. 1753474

>eating her own shit and sending videos of it

I'm going to need some context here nonny. Didn't know she was britbong either, going by that pic she looks 'murican

No. 1753527

No. 1753627

File: 1674803507641.png (21.24 KB, 1018x398, fujo recipe.PNG)

Anon explained it really well a while back. Basically it's the combination of autism, living in a fantasy and trying to cope with the fact that the society sucks for women.

No. 1753629

File: 1674803942557.jpg (Spoiler Image, 464.68 KB, 1920x1440, ezra-butler_0007.jpg)


Of course Ezra Butler has an only fans where she sells her tits but wants everyone to believe she will get the chop lmao

No. 1753632

These kids are so fucking predictable

No. 1753647

As a Danofag this is so offensive and foul yet the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I checked the account out and wasn’t surprised to see that this person literally has an autism creature tattooed on them.

No. 1753656

This happened to someone I know IRL too but I don't want to give too many details. The long and short of it is the parents divorced because the mother is crazy, and both the mother and daughter trooned out.

No. 1753660

Right, seeing these types is making me worry whether one could actually die from second hand embarrassment.

No. 1753665

sexual trauma

No. 1753679

she is serving mtf horrorcow so… congrats on passing??

No. 1753712

File: 1674824119285.jpeg (27.58 KB, 827x407, E9D187D8-00E0-4ED0-B98B-48750B…)

She somehow used to be grosser and publicly admits to eating her own poop and stomping it down the shower drain

No. 1753716

File: 1674824349570.jpg (212.56 KB, 1543x1536, a09.jpg)

>eating her own poop and stomping it down the shower drain

No. 1753729

>Encourages having an eating disorder
>Eats poo rather than food

No. 1753732

File: 1674829291853.jpeg (704.93 KB, 828x1523, ABF9F9FF-09CB-46F8-AC9E-2661CF…)

says the pickme with an extremely coomer icon. There are tifs into bimbo aesthetics but I can’t believe they’re retarded enough to believe that the world will perceive them as male despite dressing up like a porn star.

Like miss, your misogyny is showing

No. 1753734

I had hoped she was shitposting but she's actually genuine

No. 1753856

File: 1674841502333.jpg (178.81 KB, 1080x733, No u.jpg)

She's one of "those" annoying twittards who learnt gender and race theory all from twitter, makes sense that she's delusional

No. 1753899

File: 1674843243658.jpg (131.15 KB, 720x897, 1579272222515.jpg)

bet she's dating(or will end up dating) some ugly pale white dude IRL a well

No. 1753923

>stomping poop down the shower drain
moids call it a brown waffle

No. 1753962

File: 1674847084482.jpg (56.95 KB, 800x442, stfu.jpg)

>I headcanon Bluey as a FTM because she's quite tomb-

Let girls be tomboy, please!

No. 1753995

I've never seen this show or heard much about it. Isn't it for toddlers, like Cocomelon or Caillou?

No. 1754006

It's what you deserve for having shit taste.

No. 1754035

The light in their eyes is a soul. Men are born without them, so it looks weird when they have one.

No. 1754097

She's the female equivalent of an mtf who doesn't make any effort to pass and talks about his "feminine dick". I hate this kind of tranny the most

No. 1754103

It's peppa pig but with dogs, a nice color palette and more meaningful stories.

No. 1754131

File: 1674857055092.jpg (791.28 KB, 1080x2164, IMG_20230128_005920.jpg)

That feeling when retarded gender specials take over lesbian tags. Like you don't even consider yourself a woman, why call yourself lesbian? I feel like it's some kind of a trick to avoid troonsbians or something.

No. 1754221

with that herpes? no thanks

No. 1754267

she is really hot…it's always so unfortunate when even the attractive ones fall for troon shit

No. 1754278

File: 1674867789895.jpg (351.26 KB, 720x1161, Screenshot_20230127_195834.jpg)

Furries are now giving their fursuits mastectomy scars

No. 1754285

File: 1674868582706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 644.64 KB, 1152x2048, why.jpg)

And I thought putting massive boobs on fursuits was the worst that could happen

No. 1754286

Isn't it weird since they usually just have fur there. At least from what i've seen, is it that other furries don't have nipples except the tif ones? kek
And don't mastectomy scars ever heal or fade like normal surgery scars or why do they keep doing things like this and drawing them everywhere? If they don't heal how is it going to look like a mans chest?

No. 1754298

After two years and taking good care of the skin the scars can fade, and you can do treatments to lighten the skin. But even if the color matches the skin there will always be subtle signs of the surgery.

Here's the fucked up thing though from experience. When I went to collage I met a few ftm who didn't wash, clean the sweat or let the scars breath. You can actually smell the rot from a few feet away. When asked why they didn't take better care of themselves they said "it hurts to much to move and take off my shirt. Sides, it'll leave pretty cool scars heheh"
Like they were making it worse on purpose just because they thought the scars were cool

No. 1754353

>it'll leave pretty cool scars heheh

I have a burn scar and is not the coolest scar at all. Cannot imagine having a gross scar under the tits.

No. 1754362

The butch tag on any social media is a mess. Has the one on Tumblr always been bad? Butch, twink, femme are labels that seem to only be an accurate description of someone gay if another uses it to describe them. Like a rite of passage.

No. 1754393

It's self harm culture made socially acceptable and assisted through the medical establishment. No goth teenager could haver dreamt of hurting themselves even remotely like that AND being allowed to openly parade and brag about it like the woman you are talking about. They even get socially mandated praise for it!

No. 1754440

I think I hate the fetishization of mastectomy scars worse than anything else about this community. It reminds me that like male AGPs, they’re just coomers at the end of the day.

No. 1754486

I really like butch/masculine women and I feel like every time I see a cute tomboy it's a tif. Every fucking time it's a fakeboi. We truly are going backward.
I could even deal with the gender bullshit for a cute girl, after all, it's just a phase, but what if she loops her tits off

No. 1754593

Dating is already so hard as a lesbian, now we have to deal with a portion of dykes trying to be pretend men and horribly disfiguring themselves while gross men in dresses are trying to invade what few spaces we have left.

No. 1754613

File: 1674899525695.jpg (35.34 KB, 781x126, bleak.jpg)

"Mom it's not a phase!!1!"

No. 1754655

Is this on YouTube? It's something I've noticed, YouTube comments skewing super young and so many kids casually just announcing their age. Even on content that's not remotely aimed at kids. Seems very dangerous.

No. 1754669

It's the new generation. All you do online is under your real name with your face attached, ideally with age and location tagged. It's one reason why the internet is such shit now, people have to maintain their face and play social games even there now.

No. 1754714

File: 1674916182518.jpg (24.4 KB, 423x423, FMj3eG_X0AIQWuX.jpg)

Back in our old days when you had to lie when someone asked you a/s/l.

No. 1754801

It's a comment under Etza's video. With her retarded behavior no wonder a lot/most of her viewers are children.

No. 1754859

File: 1674928811713.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.68 KB, 804x957, 6DB23757-AF0A-4A10-9BC0-8ACD1E…)

Lmfao what is going on here

No. 1754891

When I was a kid I'd pretend to be 18 when I was 11 and pretty much never gave personal details of myself… Nowadays kids list their whole mental illness, triggers, weaknesses and location on their little blogs, it's very dangeorus

No. 1755274

File: 1674957102130.jpg (575.95 KB, 1080x1737, Reddit.jpg)

Not sure if this belongs here, but just sounds so horrible being a young tif realising she's a woman but dating another tif who doesn't support her but questions and puts her down like this? I assume this is not the only time something like this happens now. I've seen posts that the girls wanting to go back to normal nearly always feel like they are liars and lied this whole time and afraid of how the people close to them will react. "Needless to say i reacted very poorly" Why? She says it like the girl did something wrong to her personally by overcoming the fakeboi phase. So mentally ill, both of them need therapy and not hormone therapy.

No. 1755333

One is a fetish, the other an identity, whic is which though?

No. 1755360

File: 1674964772109.gif (1.24 MB, 257x200, 1505826510612.gif)

MTE Seeing all those cards with triggers, "DID" people with "headmates" (that happens to be imaginary friends that resembles any animu character that live in their imaginary world like bff) and all the jazz just makes me feel like a boomer.

No. 1755376

It finally happened to me nonnas. I misgendered a customer at work and her family got upset with me even though this individual looked to be 16 and butch. I honestly thought this controversy was overblown, but no, I actually had someone upset that I misgendered an obviously female human being. This is the second peakening

No. 1755379

Interesting that if people "react poorly" when someone they raised or have been married to for decades says they're trans, it's just those horrible selfish cis people being evil, but when the tables are turned, they're the ones making it all about them and destabilising their gender identity.

No. 1755380

File: 1674966419988.jpeg (548.82 KB, 750x1177, C0CB3DC3-248B-46A5-B2AF-BB0ECD…)

wow that's depressing

No. 1755387

painfully obvious bait

No. 1755392

nta but i don't even know if you're replying to op or the reddit poster

No. 1755393

I dunno nonna, I know a lot of TiFs in that age group who act like this. Very toxic and need to be avoided.

No. 1755405

I believe it. That’s exactly how my ftm friends and their company behave (in our 20s). Currently distancing myself from them.

No. 1755467

File: 1674975879272.jpg (1.2 MB, 1125x2042, b.jpg)

I get some sort of mix of both schadenfreude but also sadness when I see TIFs meme themselves into thinking baby age regressing will help them cope with being a woman. Some of them like pic related are probably very mentally ill and traumatized, while other ones like >>1754859 are just like the MIF age regressing pedos and it's purely for cooming.

No. 1755470

File: 1674976162122.jpg (226.71 KB, 1125x1205, 9.jpg)

>pfp of an asian man being infantilized
>just entered adulthood
>username is a childrens cartoon
>goes by a common trans name that is also the name of a cartoon little boy
Almost a perfect blend of the average internet pedo and average tiktok TIF
And yes that was on MY fyp lol. I don't give likes or search up tranny shit it just always finds a way to me

No. 1755472

File: 1674976440361.png (528 KB, 598x615, ts.png)

And just in case any Anons somehow like Taylor Swift's bland music she had a TIF in her recent music video.(derailing)

No. 1755473

I wonder if their ever will be woke discourse about how TIFs infantilize asian men

No. 1755474

File: 1674976896250.jpg (178.26 KB, 1024x1466, taylor-swift-bruno-mars.jpg)

I'd love to see a pic of Taylor standing next to "him" she towers over most men, how small would that TIF be next to her

No. 1755480

>she can never understand my gender and body feelings because she understood that she is a girl and cis
Yeah because if you detroon that means you were never a troon and so can never understand troon shit because being a troon is a supernatural calling and not a thing that can be thought about and understood, you need to experience RIGHT NOW or you can never understand and should get out of the way and let troons do what they want.

No. 1755482

kek if it was a male you would get fired
anyways good job nonna, maybe if this teenage girl will get "misgendered" often enough she will consider dropping the cult

No. 1755485

I'm completely unfamiliar with taylor swift and thought she might be queerbaiting with the title "lavender haze" on top of using a TIF in her music video. She said she heard it on mad men though.

No. 1755490

Nonnie I am dying what the fuck is this. How can anybody look at this and say "yea I want to be this teenie tiny funny thing that looks like a retarded kid next to women and men"

No. 1755491

Stop derailing the thread with Taylor Swift or take it to /ot/.

No. 1755657

Don't scroll, CP.

No. 1755704

File: 1674996512005.png (201.92 KB, 607x1007, sdad.png)

Even when whining about height they don't come across as seething men

No. 1755705

File: 1674996546145.png (256.23 KB, 604x579, nope.png)

Average male height in vietnam is 5'4, so even if she was born in the vietnam she'd be the equivalent of a 5'6 male in the west kek

No. 1755712

File: 1674997068211.jpeg (271.61 KB, 922x1561, 21F77523-81F6-405D-8DF7-A72A96…)

Not sure if she’s been posted here before but this is a cow from over in the pro-ana thread. Hayden. A troon so ugly that nonas have decided to spoiler her face from now on kek

No. 1755716

wow I have never seen someone so feminine and masculine at the same time, yet look so ugly

No. 1755717

That's just Bruno Mars, not a TIF, what are you on about? Unless Bruno Mars is secretly a TIF but I sincerely doubt it, he's just a short man. I guess it leads FtMs into thinking they can pass when they see a man this short though, even though 90% of men are taller that him.

She's really called Hayden? I have never met a moid with this name in my life, only TIFs. I don't know why you'd make yourself so clockable with your name alone.

No. 1755726

Bruno Mars is just short because he's Asian

No. 1755844

File: 1675010813944.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.91 KB, 441x641, gq168.jpg)

This is "queer art" that libs are fighting to defend be shown to kids, two fujocoomers pretending to have gay male sex

No. 1755845

Why do children need to see sex acts? Who does that benefit?

No. 1755867

Go back to pol

No. 1755874

>16 and butch

There is your answer.

No. 1755885

pedos of course. sometimes pedos give cartoons of sex acts to kids to normalize it. This is literally that.

No. 1755897

she looks like jonny craig

No. 1755907

So this girl started dating a tif and based her entire identity on this one person's troonism, becoming a tif herself. Now the first tif is detransitioning it's sending her into a spiral kek. Good, I hope it wakes her up too.

No. 1755926

File: 1675019614096.jpg (62.99 KB, 839x423, Tumblr_l_1347678237904013.jpg)

No. 1755930

sometimes I wonder how many t4t “gay men” couples are just butch4butch lesbians escaping “girldick”

No. 1755934

lesbian? what world do these people live in?

No. 1756054

kek you may be onto something anon
mtf can't scream transphobia to lesbians if they're trans as well

No. 1756100

It surprises me she'd even be able to say "AFAB for AFAB" without getting lectured somehow for being exclusionary

No. 1756124

File: 1675036163820.jpg (28.82 KB, 492x518, DIRzukMV4AIMKdn.jpg)

>Intersex people ask to trans people to do not use these terms since it belongs to them since they ARE born with two genitalia.
>TiF/TiMs: I was assigned as a girl but I always knew I was a boy! I'm like you!

No. 1756129

funny how these people will scream about how gender and sex are different, and yet… will get so mad at you if you say you don't want to date them based on their genitals.

if gender and sex are so different, how can you be mad that someone doesn't like your genitals? almost as if, by acknowledging that you have those genitals… you also acknowledge that your gender is intrinsically tied to your genitals. Otherwise, it shouldn't feel like an attack on your 'identity', because if gender and sex are so different, how can you get mad when someone isn't sexually attracted to whatever defines your 'sex'?

No. 1756186

They just think their made up gender identities are more important than their genitals, and their genitals mean nothing, so they can totally be a pupgender demiboy and fags will want their vaginas because it belongs to a BOY you guys. And get offended when no "cis" person feels their delusion. If fags don't see my vag as a boy's that means they don't think I'm a boy, how transphobic!!!

No. 1756205

File: 1675044073207.png (864.77 KB, 1126x2048, chrome_screenshot_167504344915…)

fucking morons. if you believe you're a man hard enough then you'll magically become infertile? ugh

No. 1756206

>funny how these people will scream about how gender and sex are different
They don't even do this anymore. TRA's whole base ideology completely shifts every couple of years. Now they don't even want to admit biological sex, they genuinely want everybody to think it's completely normal for "women" to have dicks and there is literally no difference between a woman and a man if they both call themselves "woman".
Similar to how the general accepted thing was that "people are born gay/trans" but now there's starting to be a push for "umm actually your sexuality/gender can change". They probably do this because they realized that they can get away with more bs now and in my example it's probably an excuse for why it's totally normal for girls that never showed signs of being gendies suddenly to suddenly get ROGD, or for the even schizoer gendies to get new genders every month, and maybe also a preemptive cope to explain away detransitions

No. 1756211

The worst are gay moids or the occasional lesbian handmaiden who vocally hate terfs and argue about how it's wrong to have a "genital preference". It has to be projection and insecurity on some level.

No. 1756250

what a fucking idiot. he thought he could magically just cum in his gf and the testosterone would act as free birth control. like im sure the comments are kissing his ass but he absolutely SHOULD feel deeply guilty for impregnating a 19 year old student in a state with anti abortion laws.
im trying not to get too mad but god what a horrific situation

No. 1756270

File: 1675051259896.gif (2 MB, 286x186, awhell.gif)

Even then, nothing stop them to buy condoms.

The lack of Sex education is quite worrisome.

No. 1756275

i really hope that that's the case, i want to believe

No. 1756338

The term is super lesbian.

No. 1756377

why do you keep posting this in every thread? the comic has been discussed in length ages ago.

No. 1756390

What the hell is going on here?

No. 1756524

I tend to wonder how many of those people might actually be bisexual, and because it’s not a big deal to them it shouldn’t be a big deal to gays or lesbians. Before anyone comes for me about “bisexual people don’t want to be with trans either”, I know. I’m bi myself. But it’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with for people like that thinking everyone can just turn off their genital preference, unless they’re really just gays and lesbians who are brainwashed beyond belief.

No. 1756525

This is what made me peak, because I was more understanding when they said things like “gender is what’s in your brain, sex is what’s in your pants”. I could work with that in the past even though it sounds stupid saying it now. The moment they started to shout that TiMs are really biologically female and TiFs are really biologically male is the day my brain tuned out because it makes no sense. What’s the point of transition if that’s the case? This is why shit like >>1756205 happens, because naive, desperate people really believe HRT is magic and really turns you into the opposite sex. It’s so stupid.

No. 1756526

It’s depressing as hell though, even if it’s a work-around. When gay marriage was legalized in the US, I thought things were going to get better for lesbians. The TQ wants to destroy everything, all the things SSA people worked for over the years. Feels like we’ve gone back to the past where you have to keep being a lesbian a secret to protect yourself.

No. 1756565

I think some are genuinely "monosexual" and are vocally supportive as long as they don't have to date them, those that end up in a relationship with troons are bisexual even if they vehemently deny it.

No. 1756603

It's a lot of brainwashing and grooming, and a lot of them just fall into "straight with extra steps". Straight women can be attracted to feminine or GNC men, but it doesn't suddenly make them a bisexual whose been repressing it for years or a lesbian because they date a TiM. A type of stockholm syndrome exists for sexuality and kinks, you can bully and force someone into liking something they otherwise wouldn't naturally through bombardment and desensitization. Compare it to getting off to worse and worse things because of porn overconsumption.

No. 1756682

>genital preference
It's not a preference. I get what you mean but that phrase is like saying "gay lifestyle".

No. 1756734

File: 1675111072272.jpeg (293.33 KB, 1170x899, A163A022-CCF6-412C-86F8-979D66…)

Wow so special not a universal female experience at all

No. 1756781

Wow give the NLOG award of the year to that one lol. Does any woman WANT to have a period? They’re messy, painful, and annoying. It’s not like we get excited to experience it, at best it’s something women just learn to bear and tolerate and at worst it makes some women’s lives a living hell. Why are these girls so fucking stupid and narcissistic?

No. 1756800

Not her but which threads are the comics discussed if you remember? I’d love to read this getting ripped into shreds kek

No. 1756810

Not to mention some gay people really do just hate themselves that much and think other gay people should too (or assume they do). To me it's similar to gay people who are supportive of institutions or parties that condemn them, or the ones that choose to try conversion therapy. It's fucked up and I feel very fucking sorry for them but it's not right to pull other people into that shit or promote that kind of self hatred.

No. 1756816

Texas is really just trying to force women into being broodmares at this point. Their sex education is shit and they don't allow abortions, which basically guarantees that teen girls will get pregnant and their future will be destroyed.

No. 1756822

Unironically a clever strategy. Literally just be a normal woman and say, "oh, I'm a pre-everything futch trans man into other futch trans men. T4T!" Because apparently genital preferences are fine if it's T4T. Using TRAs own retarded ideology to get away with being a normal lesbian, kek.

No. 1756827

File: 1675116372227.gif (1.37 MB, 320x194, 1425142607370.gif)

Not mention also when doctor or people do not even bother in think "if it hurts so much, there's something wrong with your body", but "you are only faking it". If a period is quite hurtful, there might be endo or pcos.

But nooooo, women love have periods, only tif can hate them.

No. 1756831

Trannies are narcissists and aren't attracted to anyone but themselves, so any sexual or romantic behavior they exhibit towards others is a performance to acquire validation. They project this performative view of sexuality onto everyone else, and that's why they think sexuality is ~fluid~ and orientations are just ~genital preferences~. Dylan Mulvaney is a good example. He recently decided that he was suddenly attracted to women (whereupon his homophobic parents rejoiced) after living as a gay man most of his life because fucking women has now become the best route to validation. Narcs don't feel love; a gesture of affection is just tool to them.

No. 1756926

In about 4 days all of Twitter will accept this as fact. It takes just one post if “new flag” or “new sexuality dropped” and twitter will act like it’s been part of their Qweer History since Stonewall.
kek nona

No. 1756990

File: 1675129334054.jpg (102.97 KB, 1080x1120, 1674700849189.jpg)

AYRT I'm bi too and imo the term genital preference only makes some sense when being used in a neutral way to describe a bi person with a preference, like I prefer pussy but it's not a requirement for me. A lot of troons who are obsessed with hating "genital preferences" seem straight with a fetish for lesbians (TIMs) or gay men (TIFs), but as for woque folx who aren't troons but still hate the thought of someone not wanting the opposite sex's genitalia I have no clue what's going on really. Semi-related, picrel is a gay dude I saw on Twitter recently.

No. 1757129

This is definitely against the TOS, what the fuck.

No. 1757139

Did nobody tell her that every woman feels uncomfortable with her period

No. 1757207

Here: >>1540757 and in the thread after that is where most of it can be found.

No. 1757214

>where the parent and child transition together.
It's becoming more common. Here's a 5 year old story from a major news outlet covering a mother/son transition.

Here's one from the Truly channel. This one is a mother/daughter transition.

I've seen a pic that was making the rounds on social media of a father and his small son who both trooned out.

No. 1757231

Glad that account is suspended. God I hate living in Scotland. We have a tranny footstool female first minister and the country is choc a bloc with insane FTM and MTF blue haired trannies who they let into womens prisons so they can rape the women there. I was in a queue at the post office yesterday and there was teenage girl who was obviously FTM trying to pass as a male with a shaved head, and a disgusting smelly MTF troon in those ugly stripey Claire’s socks and platform shoes with a disgusting troon voice. Wish these freaks would crawl back under their rock.

No. 1757271

I'm sad thinking of the life of the child if it gets to be born. Sadly they are in texas, I hope she gets an abortion.

No. 1757275

File: 1675169111922.jpg (700.31 KB, 1440x3038, bd8-f1fbe8565cf5.jpg)

Reminds me of this case about a 10 year MTF transmodel(basically a pedophile's fantasy), the boy's biological mom (the dark haired mustached one on the right) started dressing him in girls clothes when he was 4 and was telling everyone that he was trans, she claimed the biological father wasn't acceptive of his identity and tried to force him to wear his brother's clothes. The father lost custody and the mom (Dee McMaher) later got together with another woman, the mother later "came out" as a TIF and other woman came out as an enby. So these two are now parents of McMaher's two sons and the enby's baby

also despite being 10 and on puberty blockers the boy still looks more masculine then his TIF mom

No. 1757276

That's incredibly fucked up, I hope the judges who decided this shit suffer hell on earth.

No. 1757277

this in turn reminds me of tiktokers admitting they don't want a cis child or are "secretly" hoping for a trans one

No. 1757299

what they are doing is wrong but

>envy and jealousy of the real male in the family.

This pickme comment took me out.

No. 1757308

In that context it does make sense, since the two women are LITERALLY trying to become men, but their son is being beaten into a disturbing caricature of a girl.

No. 1757311

except its not because of that considering if they had a girl then they would also force her to become trans (trans-man). Also sage.

No. 1757314

Sorry, I usually post on /ot/, so I forgot to sage here.

We don't know whether they would troon out a girl, so that's speculative.

No. 1757341

I'd rather have TIFs calling themselves lesbians than TIMs doing so because they're at least not delusional enough they're still aware they're female and hopefully exclusively female attracted.

No. 1757342

the point is these two women who wear traditionally male clothing and are taking testosterone are still less "masculine" then a 10 year old on puberty blockers, what makes him male cannot be changed and its something his mother can't even posses, the width of his jaw, the eyes, the wider shoulders and slightly larger proportional skull size

No. 1757354

>if they had a girl then they would also force her to become trans (trans-man)
NTA but I don't see how this would indicate that they don't want to be men. If anything, that makes it sound like they're such giga pickmes that they think all women should strive to be men, on top of feeling spite/jealousy toward biological males.

No. 1757486

File: 1675190364891.png (27.5 KB, 771x138, Capture.PNG)

Sims 4 added top scars in a free update. It's for teen-adult males only (Maybe you can use it on any body type) I hope so, because I plan on using it for like a breast cancer story line and I hope it doesn't show up for random sims

No. 1757489

File: 1675190466798.png (34.36 KB, 762x146, Capture.PNG)

oh and binders kek, I'm going to use all this shit for my own story that has nothing to do with troons, I may share to watch them seethe.

No. 1757492

File: 1675190697928.png (690.49 KB, 754x423, Capture.PNG)

kek of course they used an obvious scrote in a wig to "Promote" the shape wear, which makes me feel like it's some kinda tranny tucking underwear? He looks fucking amazing, lol.

No. 1757507

kek at least they made realistic trannies I'll give them that

No. 1757518

they've been pruposely using fat/weird looking sims to promote shit tbh. The funniest thing was they made a non-binary sim for the High School pack. They gave her a MALE frame but she's biologically female. I guess they didnt know how to show she was non-binary like they do with the scrote they throw in a wig. So they said, "She's a female sim but with a mascline body type".

No. 1757571

File: 1675195867488.jpg (140.54 KB, 921x856, FnwOK9dXwAE1KOR.jpg)

How do these people have lives, jobs, careers, friends ect when theyre always on the verge of breaking down crying at any little comment at any point

No. 1757574

so this person has shown all signs of accepting this person yet has a valid critique of some aspect of their ideology and somehow the tranny interprets this as them "denying their existence" or whatever. This is like the core of why it's so hard to work with troons, any slight amount of criticism is literally considered the difference between life and death.

No. 1757583

its so dumb. like im assuming this is coming from some aiden who doesnt pass, but really why should ftms get mad at this? they shouldnt care about getting pregnant ffs. if theyre serious about sticking to the larp they should just be like 'okay not my problem lol' whenever issues about womens reproductive rights or pregnancy come up bc that is exactly how your average moid would act, but no instead they take it as a personal insult and an attack on their gender identity

No. 1757588

Is like this ancient image of a yaoi fan hoping for her son to came up as gay.

No. 1757598

> How do these people have lives, jobs, careers
They usually don’t kek

No. 1757857

File: 1675207383853.jpg (Spoiler Image, 970.43 KB, 1080x2019, _Instagram.jpg)

Why do they all get their tits out and then write they/them in bio

Reposted to spoiler image

No. 1757903

File: 1675211596973.jpg (242.62 KB, 1164x1132, FnPWrZiWIAQWlU-.jpg)

sage for mild ot but seeing oliver twist ass TIFs try to be "threatening" will never not be funny

No. 1757991

>"But we are innocent people!".

No. 1758016

Lmao actually no I won’t kill myself, but statistically several of you will

No. 1758021

File: 1675222573490.gif (700.07 KB, 828x1299, 1675190433125.gif)

Awwww, they look so cute! such big boys

No. 1758035

TIFs live in a bubble, holy shit… Girls are in the boys section of the toy store all the time. This looks bad on the mother's end since this really shouldn't be a huge deal to her kid. A lot of young women who get their first paychecks buy toys from the boys section if they want to, that's what I did, and it has nothing to do with wanting a dick. No wonder the TIF dream is heavily advertised to minors since adults know better.

No. 1758040

Yeah this is honestly just sort of disturbing to see, i always spent my money in the boy's section as a kid because it had dinosaurs and pokemon. I thought there was a push to stop gendering toy sections in stores too, so to emphasize it just feels especially regressive

No. 1758087

File: 1675229289516.jpg (793.49 KB, 1164x1132, kys.jpg)

Quick fix

No. 1758112

Sims promotes top surgery and breast binding for teenagers. Disgusting.

No. 1758137

OT but why is she in a robe in what looks like a target? Like thats worse than the people who wear PJ pants to walmart.

No. 1758143

Three girls I went to my highschool with are now on T.

No. 1758186

>mfw you out yourself as controlling and abusive in your wholesome tiktok
Like this is so self explanatory, the idea a kid (or anyone) needs to transition before they shop in a certain aisle is absurd

No. 1758198

File: 1675249741194.jpg (25.73 KB, 480x240, zoe-terakes-on-joining-the-mcu…)


Troons confirmed for Marvel. Though, interestingly, it's for a shitty Disney+ that no one will actually watch, rather than a proper movie, and it's a nonbinary they/them, rather than a hulking Chad-jawed gigahon.

Presumably because it's easier to sell a girl with short hair than a dude in a dress to the lucrative Asian market.

No. 1758200

this lol, either the parents were strict about gender norms, or that TIF never actually cared for the boys section but is now buying some toy cars to validate her new identity (sooo different from the girls! definitely a boy!)

No. 1758215

File: 1675251682112.png (60.38 KB, 1050x700, 66666.png)

Some FtMs literally just seem like extreme heterosexual women to me. Like male attraction to the core


No. 1758235

>she said men can't get pregnant and this made me shake really badly and want to cry
This is so funny though, I mean this is no different than a Karen being horrified that you have a satanic image on the band shirt you're wearing. Satan is objectively evil and wants to punish all good Christians like her, how could you wear that! It's against the gospel!

I don't know why these people admit so openly that they are mentally frail and can't think for themselves.

No. 1758237

For teens. "Kids don't transition medically, it doesn't happen!!!! We totally never encourage it either!!!"
I actually considered getting the sims 4 because I enjoyed the sims as a kid, but this has put me off it completely. Not gonna support a game actively promoting child mutilation.

No. 1758238

It's so funny how they crave male validation so badly like her fiancé is obviously forcing himself to get the words out so she doesn't get upset and she's squealing over it like some teen fangirl

No. 1758253

File: 1675258010069.webm (7.8 MB, 576x1024, 1646105991680.webm)

meanwhile IRL

No. 1758357

Nonnas do you ever believe energy vampires are real? Like, people whose presence is so tiresome, irritable and draining that you feel empty inside after listening to them talk for 44 seconds?

No. 1758359

He "hesitates" because most decent people struggle with lying to someone's face.

No. 1758360

absolutely, though i feel like i want to fight this bitch

No. 1758410

File: 1675274128265.png (48.79 KB, 717x409, e.png)

TIFs are so ridiculously girly that I still don’t understand how the male brain shit makes sense to these retards, Its like being a "boy" made enjoying feminine and straight things cool to them.

No. 1758413

no lie, tifs are more feminine than the average woman. they're all hyperfeminine in their mannerism

No. 1758423

>you don't have to be bi to call yourself bi, it's just words teehee! Give him a kweer label ans you'll feel better about dating him!

No. 1758450

>these are not my PREFERRED pronouns…… these are my pronouns.
What is this anger? If you're this triggered by the term "preferred pronouns" then go take it up with the trannies who invented the phrase? This isn't a hateful slur that we forced upon you and your pronouns. Your people did this.

No. 1758516

>he's experimented with cis guys before but dicks aren't really his thing
Ah yes, moid pretending to be gay to get easy pussy. That totally doesn't happen all the time at all kek

No. 1758526

I got this on my FYP and the mom describes herself as a 'crystal mommy' and the boy toy the daughter picked out was… Minecraft kek. It's like she was a typical girly kid and only developed an interest in Minecraft because all the other TIFs online are into it.

No. 1758543

Oh so this is just the new revamped iteration of the "indigo children" of yore

No. 1758550

File: 1675286848507.jpeg (813.7 KB, 1170x1289, 3E9D544E-13E6-45CB-AAA6-27C5AE…)


No. 1758552

Trading one internet trend for another. If it weren't for the pubestache, she'd just look like a regular stone butch girl lmao.

No. 1758557

File: 1675287504616.jpg (105.83 KB, 1600x1068, s-l1600.jpg)

Same. I loved rubber lizards and dinosaurs as a kid because I liked animals in general. I was in middle school when the silly bands craze hit, and I recall plenty of boys wearing them. Slime used to be considered a "boy toy," before it got popular with kids on Youtube. Adults are incredibly out of touch with what children actually like; the most successful toys have generally been things with broad appeal.

No. 1758560

only PREPS shopped at american eagle, she was always a poseur

No. 1758567

A lot of people were annoyed that they cast the ugly kid from Heartstopper as Wiccan, but I'm just so relieved it wasn't a tranny. Turning gay characters into TIFs is becoming alarmingly common. Sorry to the fans of whatever comic book character the TIF ends up playing in Ironheart.

No. 1758579

File: 1675288871858.jpg (203.17 KB, 1080x900, Screenshot_20230201-225930_Twi…)


No. 1758624

File: 1675291883988.jpg (611.55 KB, 2880x2880, Collage_1.jpg)

Who looks at this dog eared (the droopiness on either side) ugly shit and thinks yeah I want that

No. 1758629

>of in bio

Every time.

No. 1758652

Trust me. No one sees these women as patriarchal menaces, just brainwashed people. But honestly, the ones who try to sound the most stereotypically misogynistic are funny because they’re like small dogs who bark a lot but never actually do anything. And the fury they have at not ever being taken seriously just makes them seem even more female because wanting to be taken seriously when you’re a woman is an extremely common desire.

No. 1758675

File: 1675295042290.jpeg (85.1 KB, 828x809, 0061F5ED-E513-4F17-819E-FF4FE1…)

You don't respect transwomen because they're "women" and hate yourself, I don't respect them because I'm a terf. We are not the same

No. 1758713

Okay, soft boiis: is ironic joking about sexism based and hilarious, or does it cause horrible life long trauma and "Damages that will NEVER be understood" because it's so evil and cruel and unacceptable? Pick a struggle, ladies

No. 1758802

I'm afraid of The Last of Us series doing this, specially because the canon troon in the games is a sexually abused child so the trooning out make sense in her case.

No. 1758828

File: 1675303290686.gif (1.82 MB, 300x264, fMiwV8h.gif)

>We are a canvas, let ppl do what makes them feel godly

They wouldn't be saying that if that person were mutilating their arms.

No. 1758866

I'm kind of conflicted about this issue because I would never want a woman who had a mastectomy for breast cancer reasons to feel like she's "mutilated." But I still think TIFs having unnecessary surgeries is unhealthy, mentally and physically.

No. 1758889

Nona, is like comparing a child getting facial surgery after being mauled by a shitbull with some pick me removing the fat from her cheeks.

No. 1758901

I agree, i more meant to point out my problem with associating mastectomies with mutilation in general

No. 1758921

They only care about the men part because “misogyny and misandry are exactly the same uwu”. If this doesn’t prove feminism is being crippled by MRA-sympathetic mindsets like this, nothing will. And perhaps, it never will. Transgenderism is really mainstream nowadays and it makes me feel really hopeless sometimes.

No. 1758924

There's always some anon bringing this exact argument up in like every thread. Voluntarily cutting your tits off because of "gendie feels" is mutilation. It's not necessary, unlike with breast cancer, which is necessary.

No. 1758931

You'd have to be dumb to compare a mastectomy due to breast cancer (an actual life saving surgery) to wanting to completely remove, not just reduce, your breasts.

No. 1758973

It's more an issue with associating the absence of breasts, disregarding context, with mutilation. I don't think it's helpful for women who've had mastectomies and it probably just eggs on TIFs because its a cool edgy metal word

No. 1758976

File: 1675307745761.jpg (419.12 KB, 929x1687, 16.jpg)

every fucking time
Why are trannies obsessed with trying to claim their past partners are ~gay~, also I love when they try to be all like gotcha on men they had sex with because haha now youre gay because i am actually a man!!

No. 1758979

that vid's been posted a few times and anons have discussed the answers to that if you'd wanna peruse the past few threads

No. 1758984

Okay, replace breast cancer with osteosarcoma and breast with legs and see how retarded your argument is.

No. 1758999

Except a mastectomy for breast cancer saves women's life while mastectomy for "my breasts make me feel like I'm trapped in this body" are not the same. The first is for a physical pain and women feel empty without their breasts.

The second they don't understand the risks of removing healthy tissues and how the result will screw their mind even more. See that pic, by sample. Without the nipples it looks like an alien, that's something no right woman in their mind would want to look if they have to get a mastectomy for cancer.

No. 1759012

Get over it

No. 1759043

This just screams “i’m easily influenced by the internet”

No. 1759049

God it reminds me of how now the man is in a queer relationship and is so queer now cos the girl decided to troon out so hes totally not straight cos hes dating a troon.

No. 1759069

But who is dimitri

Only one I can think of is dimitri from fire emblem, whom I've seen some people infantilise as a soft tortured boi uwu which I can see a tif get behind

No. 1759070

File: 1675317751850.png (517.47 KB, 1156x1940, 16.png)

The only ayden I know and have interacted with IRL was a 31 one year old work colleague, she is married to a man and has 1 child, as cringe inducing aydens can seem online seeing one IRL is on a whole other level, she is an adult woman who calls herself a "boywife" and claims to be in queer relationship with her husband, Its an astonishing thing really, I don't know if she was into BL(likely was) but she was a shounenfag, into mha, baruto, demon slayer(anything flavor of the week)

No. 1759080

File: 1675319564440.jpg (72.67 KB, 491x341, Screenshot_20230202_013049.jpg)

>American Eagle
That's Hollister you walnut. Saged for irrelevant retardation

No. 1759084

Wow. Fake scene and fakeboi.

No. 1759087

sorry i didn't pay attention to lame PREP brands!

No. 1759091

so basically the same thing. kek

No. 1759095

This reminds me of when I was watching my bf play TLOU2. I heard there would be a trans person but I didn’t know any other details. So for half of the game I literally thought Abby was a TIM, explaining why she was so buff kek

No. 1759129

File: 1675328745542.jpg (182.24 KB, 1080x932, Screenshot_20230202-100447_Twi…)

It is the one from Fire Emblem kek

No. 1759156

good god those eyebrows. everything about this person bothers me, especially the "you will use those pronouns, or you will not refer to me". okay, she.

No. 1759158

i recently downloaded the sims 2 from an abandonedware site and it's the best. back in the early 2000s when most gendershit was unheard of and publicly mocked

No. 1759159

She looks so crusty. I bet she stinks.

No. 1759161

what if i obliged and did it in front of them and changed the course of their lives forever

No. 1759309

The game is freeware and if you head to the Sims thread they’re doing a walkthrough on how to disable those items

No. 1759350

In addition to what other anons have said, part of what makes cosmetic mastectomy "mutilation," is the experimental nature of it. Doctors can't seem to agree on a consistent way to perform it, and results vary wildly. This is the case with all SRS surgeries.

Removing part of all of the breast is a pretty common part of treating advanced breast cancer. The surgeon doing that isn't taking advantage of someone's mental illness for a quick buck, he or she is doing what is necessary to keep the cancer from spreading.

No. 1759363

I think mutilation vs mastectomy is like the difference between murder and killing.
Both can lead to the same result, but the context makes a big difference in how they're regarded and treated.

Also it's normal to feel dysphoric about surgery aftermaths. It's not "whatever" to have parts of your body cut away. People don't do that because they like it, but because they have to choose between either that or death.
IMO that underlines how looney the people who WANT that for effectively spiritual reasons and how depraved the people who do it for them are.

No. 1759384

Is it ok if you are a girl but want to dress androgynous or masculine sometimes but not do any of the hormone stuff and use they-them pronouns?

No. 1759393

I can't fucking stand this shit it's so insidious and obnoxious in a way I can't fully describe but I fucking hate it. Yes Olivia you are totally retroactively queering these dudes. Slay.
This has gotta be bait lol but yeah anon it's fine, I promise the police won't come to your house or anything. The only pitfall is that sometimes people assume you're a troon anyway.

No. 1759429

Not just a troon, I assume that everyone who uses special pronouns is an obnoxious retard I want to avoid.

No. 1759434

Yeah I made a point of avoiding anyone with preferred pronouns and my life became immensely more rich and peaceful, in a way i'm glad that cluster B's developed such a a great system to make them more avoidable

No. 1759452

File: 1675368308458.jpeg (445.71 KB, 960x1116, 7A00092F-A517-4ABC-B2FD-ED8A0C…)


No. 1759460

Yes. It's called being a tomboy/gnc woman, wear whatever you want and present how you want without being indoctrinated into the gendie bs. For using "they/them", don't be retarded. You're a woman, a she.
How anyone can look at this degeneracy and not immediately think mental illness is beyond me.

No. 1759462

it's really painful to me that this probably isn't satire of TIF stereotypes

No. 1759480

Omg OT but isn’t this the guy who claims he’s straight even though he’s dating an MtF.

No. 1759492

The guy who made that keffals kiwifarms comic and then was in Keffals dms sucking his non existent dick? If so then I think? Or there's another person with a similar style dating a MTF who talks about his boyfriends cum leaking out his ass while talking to his parents

No. 1759850

File: 1675396502131.png (732.87 KB, 743x731, noooo.png)

idk if this has been posted before but this such a downgrade, it makes me sad. Actually the whole thread is sad


No. 1759863

if she shaved the pubestache she'd be so fucking hot. this is a travesty

No. 1759866

… that’s not a downgrade if you like masc women. I’m not into mascs but the scene queen look is tired, the new look is too plainly dressed though which is sad if she loved the bright colours prior.

No. 1759872

yeah i definitely see it as an upgrade minus the pubestache like the other anon said. scene queens all look the same, they're like anime characters

No. 1759891

What's with TIFs and chains? They either are wearing them, using the emoji, or have them tattooed. Is it symbolism that they're chained to their own delusion and pain?

No. 1759901

This was literally posted yesterday, newfag. You can't be bothered to scroll up just a little?

No. 1759944

File: 1675407061222.jpg (612.38 KB, 2160x1803, 46868rr5853753775e77e575e75e7.…)

I swear fakebois seems to think that reality is like a 2D anime world, where a simple change in clothing and a haircut can just completely negate noticeable sexually dimorphic characteristics and features
>usernames also ends with "fujo"

No. 1759955

The Last of Us 2 live action tif will need to be a 10 year old for the story to work (as they need to be a child compared to Ellie/Abby).

Showing that a preteen girl is trans because she didn't want to be forced into an arranged marriage and conform to the horrific treatment of women in a literal cult is not going to go down positively for viewers.

No. 1759977

Just a wholesome whimsical webcomic of two mutilated women enabling each other’s mental illness

No. 1760015

this dude cried about people who use the word degenerate unironically lmao

No. 1760044

Could you post it, that sounds hilarious

No. 1760096

File: 1675435672232.jpg (149.54 KB, 1058x1058, c1qpf8vr13541.jpg)

One of the top rated posts on r/FTM

No. 1760104

I love that one of them is fucking bald. Jesus Christ.
The scars and bodily decay comes across even in such a simplistic art style because it's very important to her to show off the in-group markers.

No. 1760105

Why wouldn't that go down well? Some ftms might not appreciate that motivation but no one listens to them. Progressive idiots and mtfs suggest women simply identify as men to escape FGM and other abuses. Escaping objectification and abuse is an accepted reason to transition, that kind of plot tracks with the progressive narrative.

No. 1760118

This is supposed to be genuine? This is not supposed to be grotesque at all? This is FOR trans activism?!
I hate this.

No. 1760152

No one gives a shit about you in the gym, aiden, you just wish you were the anime "trap" main character that everyone gawks at and you're not

No. 1760361

File: 1675458939734.jpg (332.17 KB, 1047x624, Screenshot_20230203_151418_Twi…)

this shit makes me want to A-log. female is when dress and male is when hoodie.

No. 1760364

samefag but, bitch you're literally just wearing a sweater. this shit fills me with rage.

No. 1760372

Are you telling me a real man drew this and not a FTM? That makes sense. It’s just disgusting fetish art then.

No. 1760484

maybe they're staring at you because they're guys at a gym and you're a girl lol….

No. 1760485

File: 1675468140071.jpeg (376.59 KB, 828x1193, CFFD859A-CFCC-48EE-AEA6-04BA52…)

was this tweet from this retarded nonbinary theythem rat talking about “i dont see the point in sex segregated bathrooms” posted? seriously what is it about theythem women ?? she has been raped herself too so you’d think she’d KNOW the importance of female only spaces & the risks it reduces but her excuse was “akshually ive been raped before & that never stopped my male abusers!” so .. what now? women like you just roll over & give them free reign? the fuck?

No. 1760486

im another faggot replying to your post asking you to hand over the goods

No. 1760487

File: 1675468212274.jpeg (375.36 KB, 828x1110, BE2FA7EB-8F6E-46A0-B4D9-2BBABD…)

No. 1760489

she looks identical except that she got better less tryhard hair and lost the gaudy makeup + cheesy lingerie, honestly a glowup in this case

No. 1760490

I think she's lying about having been raped as a way to "gotcha" those other women.

Anyway her point is retarded, with that same logic we might as well legalize rape because having it be a crime didn't stop her rapists hurr

No. 1760508

So dismissive. I can’t deal with women who put men above other women like this, especially when it’s related to rape and abuse.

No. 1760518

I hate to say this but I REALLY doubt she was raped via penetration, she just seems way too casual and flippant about it all compared to any survivor of serious PIV rape that i've known (i know that for some cases this can be a coping mechanism and i don't want to downplay her suffering but she gives me sus vibes). Non-penetrative sexual assault I would believe though.

No. 1760533

Yeah, people lie about all kinds of shit online, so I won't believe something happened just because they say it did. That doesn't mean I straight up assume people lie, there's always the third option of suspending judgment.
In this case it doesn't matter whether anything happened to her personally because it has no bearing on the question, and her bringing it up so flippantly serves no purpose beyond trying to browbeat her opponents in this discussion into silence, because what are they supposed to do, tell her she's full of shit, or that her experience is irrelevant (I agree with both statements)? She can make a whole circus about that if it happens and can smear the people she's arguing with as being evil and not really feminist because they don't fall to their knees and kiss her feet even though she claimed the biggest victimhood in the conversation.
Either way she doesn't need to actually defend her position with arguments anymore and "won" the argument in a twitter sense of "winning".

No. 1760748

They like being called this because no one says "handsome young man" in a derogatory way. Men often say ladies condescendingly and "young lady" is synonymous with Male perversion and rude behavior. I work interacting with the public. If a Male calls me a "pretty young lady" I immediately am on the defensive because they don't see me as human, it's never a complement. Misogyny effects their transition very much, no matter how hard they deny it.

No. 1760770

She has an onlyfans

No. 1760807

Every time. Most if not all of them do this when they gain some followers.

No. 1760814

Way to throw all dignity and privacy into the trash for 30$ a month.

No. 1760838

That's a big fucking leap to claim you know what someone intends and always treat it with hostility. I'm guessing you're someone who wanted to transition at some point and that's why you use this to legitimise it. No, most ftm are porn addicts just like mtf.

No. 1760868

File: 1675510684297.jpeg (526.69 KB, 1170x2099, 64285449-1BB5-499B-A224-5EFA8B…)

This is supposed to be a cardigan in a masc style

No. 1760876

Ntayrt, but what the fuck does porn have to do with what anon said? I absolutely agree with her. When a scrote calls me "little lady," or "sweetheart," it immediately raises my hackles because it's infantilizing. I had a male coworker who called me "pumpkin," and it used to unnerve me.

Trooning out to escape misogyny and doing it to be a yaoi boy or whatever aren't mutually exclusive, nor is the latter a requirement for it. A lot of trannies are just autistic or extremely self-hating homosexuals. I'd definitely say that a large portion of the straight TIFs are into BL or slash, but misogyny plays a role in every TIF's "transition" to varying degrees. Accusing anon of being a TIF for thinking that is TRA behavior.

No. 1760877


They were the ones barking the loudest about evil men in the 2010s (eg she-ra creator)

No. 1760885

Looks like a kid who walked into her parents' closet and threw on a bunch of clothes to play pretend as an adult.

Boy is when you stop shooping your nose and waist, apparently.

No. 1760886

> Looks like a kid who walked into her parents' closet and threw on a bunch of clothes to play pretend as an adult.
Spot on.

No. 1760899

File: 1675515226983.jpeg (176 KB, 828x1130, B482099B-2964-4E7B-9557-9B831B…)

Trannies are so entitled. Here are some TiFs pissing and whining about how a children’s video game is the worst thing to ever happen in their lives. I am not sure how to create a long collage with these so I’m going to make multiple posts

No. 1760900

File: 1675515283701.jpeg (258.3 KB, 828x1305, 01821169-A945-4A62-8381-794D6D…)

No. 1760901

File: 1675515375363.jpeg (213.12 KB, 828x1237, 764A33CF-6131-44B0-8BE1-785FB4…)

No. 1760908

Man is when you take off makeup and put on clothes appropriate for the public eye

No. 1760914

>censoring JK Rowling's name
kek the irony

No. 1760918

They're so divorced from reality, kek. I wish I could take normal people for a tour of tranny spaces and just show them what these people are like where they are completely open about everything. Normies brains would explode from peaking so hard.

No. 1760920

Of course it is! It's awesome.

No. 1760942

File: 1675522059538.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 363.13 KB, 1536x2048, 2AE3708E-1F5D-451A-90C1-2E5D79…)

Calls herself a femboy

No. 1761018

Why the fuck so many tifs end up whoring themselves up on of? I understand when tims do this (because men troon out to get sexual attention in the first place) but those sad traumatized women? I thought women troon out to escape sexualization/harassment. Also, they would make much more money if they got bolt ons instead of chopping their tits off. And who the fuck buys it? Men date tifs not because they are attracted to them, but because they are easy pussy. On of every whore is 3$, so why pay for something weird and deformed?

Kek nonna where have you seen 30$ onlyfans thots? They are all 5$ at best.

No. 1761056

TIFs reach a point where they come too close to de-trooning and need enabling, sex 'work' is shilled as a good thing in their cult circles, and they get to pretend they're owning TERFs/society as a whole/other, lesser women who still identify as female. Before trooning out was common these girls would brag about cutting themselves on 4chan before going down the junkie prostitute route.
Men will coom to humiliation porn. Obese HAES kweens, TIFs, junkies are all the same to them. They like to dangle their $3 subscription in front of the most desperate women to watch them fight for it.

No. 1761071

>it's just a little video game, it's no big deal
>if you can't do and say exactly what we want over this little video game, it's a very big deal

Which one is it, "Dylan"

No. 1761082

They wanted to whore out since the beginning but doing it as a "female" is disgusting and misogynistic. honestly i don't blame them with how men treat women online so them doing it as a "man" is somehow revolutionary and quirky and free from slut shaming.

No. 1761097

no man has ever stood pigeon-toed to look "cute," and it 100% always looks annoying anyway. fuck anime for bringing this scourge to the west.

No. 1761104

>before she donates to hate organizations
>organizations that hurt people
????? What hate orgs is Undesirable no. 1 donating to? I seriously want to know and I wonder why nobody is talking about this evil woman using her money to fund evil organizations. That is very serious. First things first, lets start naming these evil orgs that probably hurt so many…
Also kek at this retard talking as if the video game industry is not full of companies that actually hurt people and by people I mean women. Are they planning on boycotting blizzard already or a TIM needs to get fired for it to happen?

I'm honestly losing more and more sympathy for TIFS each passing day. They are the ones doing TIMs dirty work. It's funny how they can't see the roles didn't change at all, they look like married straight women doing all the house chores while their lazy husbands have fun. Still stuck in the same old dynamics.

No. 1761189

>I would like to also mention the anti-semitic undertones
>because just being a bigot isn't enough
Lol so a female-only bathroom is bigotry but not antisemitism? Or is antisemitism bigotry-plus? Pretty messed up to imply that ANYONE could be more oppressed than a stunning transwomyn.

No. 1761314

saying video games cause violence would get you roasted for being an uninformed boomer… except when it's about some tranny's feelings. then video games are srs business like literally killing people guise!! how come they aren't mad about games like gta or something?

No. 1761327

is that another TIF or just an unfortunate looking dude ?

No. 1761362

Picrel she doesn't give a shit about the boycott which seems to be failing anyway.

Half the time they cope by making the characters tranny softbois and ignore all the sexist voice lines, like TF2. The other half they're quiet about the games that make them piss themselves like wolfenstein because the large fanbase will laugh at them. The outcry about Rowling in the past has them braver about this I guess.

No. 1761364

File: 1675566354484.jpg (382.19 KB, 946x1430, JkRowl.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 1761388

The thing I hate the most about gender specials is how they smugly smile while saying the most passive-aggressive shit ever. It irritates me so much and it seems like they all do this. I guess that's the point?

No. 1761393

I have a theory that trooning out is not only about avoiding being a woman but also avoiding being an adult. Most of the tifs are autists obsessing over cartoons and anime and other childish things. When they reach 18 they realize they have to be adults now and do adult things soon like getting a job and paying bills and watching cartoons all day is not an option anymore. So they pretend to be "boys" and call it "second puberty" like they are 12 again. Trooning out is like hardcore age regression. Also, that is the reason why so many of them end up on onlyfans, because that is how they can get money (as they assume) without having to search for an actual job.

No. 1761396

No. 1761476

File: 1675590583206.jpg (92.1 KB, 1080x333, Screenshot_2023-02-05-10-47-43…)

One of my (gnc) friends posted this and it's sad as fuck….
BL really makes female brains deteriorate.

No. 1761483

File: 1675591853234.jpeg (87.99 KB, 888x499, 68D692DE-AB13-4B5B-90CD-174536…)

No. 1761486

I have never met a single REAL gay man that calls himself a faggot as much as these straight women with erotic target identity inversion call themselves faggots. At this point any time I see some "gay man" online identifying as a faggot or using the word faggot it's like, yep, that's just an edgy troony straight woman. They want to be oppressed and othered soooo badly but can't just settle for misogyny. Nooo, they have to be faggots because tumblr and twitter and tiktok have eroded their brains. Oppression is just a trend to them. They don't like their unfashionable oppression so they think they can turn into a different oppressed demographic that's more privileged because male.

No. 1761516

Kek this should become the next threadpic.

No. 1761562

Gays say faggot more than anyone else. They usually use it as a pejorative for other gays. I wasted years as a faghag and got blackpilled on gay males. If the 2nd bootycall of the day isn't putting out, he's gonna get called a faggot by the guy trying to fuck him. But you're right they probably wouldn't call themselves a faggot, especially since they all identify as tops

No. 1761596

They probably didn’t give a shit about what Blizzard did either.

No. 1761599

She’s great, and to take her point farther, there’s not a single human creation in this world that doesn’t have something “problematic” behind it. You could get upset about the slave labor that comes from clothes or electronics being made, you could get mad at an endless amount of artists or authors or any celebrity because almost all of them have some kind of dirt attached to them. It’s absolutely insane that all this woman has done is defend other women and donate to a buttload of charities and she is essentially Hitler, but every male celebrity who has abused women or children or minorities or done any other fucked up shit is just let go. TRAs have the most fucked up priorities I’ve ever seen.

No. 1761604

File: 1675615336801.png (430.71 KB, 413x2000, hugbox.png)

Fall all the hyper wokeness of TIFs, when they actually try to be the end up tryingto conform to every sort of superficial western standards of manhood and masculinity and comically fail
for e.g their stupid pube beards, many men in Africa and Asia are incapable of growing facial hair and yet they are still undeniably male, the male populations in South East Asia are shorter then most women in the world and they are still undeniably male and there are even cultures where men wear make up and make themselves beautiful but they are still undeniably male

No. 1761605

File: 1675615378490.jpg (643.72 KB, 2658x794, 1646232470122.jpg)

native andean men are short, hairless, can't grow beards and sometimes they let their hair grow to a length superior to the average of latinas, but not even a tourist seeing them for first time can confuse one as a woman, because they have the rectangular anatomy and features that all males have

No. 1761614

Based Emily lmao

No. 1761620

File: 1675616349293.png (486.83 KB, 850x898, 1659710936090.png)


No. 1761643

I think generally anyone who says they thought a man is a woman or a woman is a man is usually coping, trying to be passive aggressive and neg that person or use it as an insult. Personally I can instantly tell someone’s gender even when they are in the 99.9th percentile of trannies or androgynous looking people. I’ve heard guys say young prettyboy celebrities or kpop singers look like women to them, but 99% of the time it’s just some salty racist asshole trying to neg those guys because those prettyboys mog him to infinity and he’s insecure about his own masculinity and hella bitter about it.

No. 1761668

Kek, Emily is the only one actually trying to help not letting the TIF go around thinking this is in any way a good look.

No. 1761694

File: 1675625926799.png (561.45 KB, 864x1365, Screenshot_20230205-203712~2.p…)

the only woman who ever fooled me is Dylan Mulvaney's friend. I couldn't believe she wasn't a troon, but I'll take the L on that one.

No. 1761703

god i hate faghags

No. 1761743

File: 1675629806385.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1918, 0490B1A5-D7E1-4068-B701-08A76E…)

Idk if this belongs in the MtF thread or here but barf

No. 1761746

I REALLY wish we could as a society decide that certain people are not allowed to have children.

No. 1761749

if society would be able to decide that, only the most aggressive and rich people would have children. I'm waiting for something like Children of Men, everyone just goes infertile, would solve a whole lot of problems.

No. 1761763

Japan has a forced sterilization law for people seeking medical transition irrc

No. 1761796

How did you become friends? She seems so off-putting

No. 1761802

That would make sense because those hormones have to be awful to a developing fetus..

No. 1761803

knew her since middle school, recently her and her boyfriend broke up and you know how things go with chronically online people that just eat whatever the gendies shit out

No. 1761996

it's unfortunate that children of men is viewed as a tragedy instead of a benefit

No. 1762003

File: 1675656001954.webm (1.51 MB, 320x432, 26Y9CRxWh-yrgcvq.webm)

1 year on T and she still only sounds like a 13 year old boy(at best)

No. 1762025

and yet she is somehow more nasally and high-pitched than i sounded as a 12 year old girl

No. 1762026

File: 1675657448189.jpg (16.14 KB, 500x300, 1559284765304.jpg)

And they're not even afraid to use faggot/fag when a gay man says he doesn't like vaginas, but poor of them if someone call them "straight" or tell them "you're still a woman".

No. 1762027

samefag but none of these bitches learned to speak from their chests

No. 1762031

emotional dysregulation - learning to take the heat after talking shit should be taught in schools

No. 1762106

It sounds like she's progressingly getting a cold. Also somehow a Boston accent(?) by Week 40

No. 1762119

Doesn't India have an issue with female infanticide? Maybe they should get that shit solved before they start trying to virtue signal about supporting troons.

No. 1762122

The world needs fewer enablers and more Emilys.

No. 1762253

Anons who use Tumblr, have any of you gotten trannyshit in your "for you," feed despite never having liked or reblogged troon shit? Just now, I saw three different comics about mastectomy on my "for you" feed. It's so creepy.

No. 1762265

To clarify, it’s not “forced sterilization” on its own; that’s the wording that TRAs use to cry about it and make it sound insane. They just require you to medically transition or get the chop if you’re a TIM before changing your legal gender. With all of the sex segregated safe guards built into things like public baths, some doctors offices, spas, etc., they can’t be legally letting a bepenised individual waltz around Brie to the 女 on his family registry. Hilarious, because most of them want to do this and more in the first place! But once it’s required, it’s inhumane and scary and horrific? The added fucking irony of getting called a TERF when you voice some opposition to the gender doctor approved, potentially-sterilizing hormone experiments in the west too kek.

No. 1762273

File: 1675693884463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.21 KB, 632x403, Screenshot_20230206_151637_Chr…)

Why is it always the lesbians who have to bear this shit, why do these fuckers not call themselves gay or "queer"? You can't have your cake and eat it too.
(Sorry for the spoiler, I can't post screenshots otherwise)

No. 1762331

But wouldn't that be "transphobic" for the trans man? Kek

No. 1762342

File: 1675702782808.jpg (662.86 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20230206_165824_Red…)

No. 1762358

File: 1675705113714.jpg (27.21 KB, 601x183, Снимок.JPG)

>sexuality isn't a choice
Hey, what about transphobic genital preferences? I guess when we talk about an aiden and a straight male, this isn't a preference but a indisputable fact isn't it lol? pathetic

No. 1762362

File: 1675705898510.jpg (434.67 KB, 1848x1792, I_just_wanna_play_call_of_duty…)

a tale as old as time

No. 1762364

You just know that if this was a woman with a TiM, they'd be warning her about how breaking up with him would make him 41%. Fucking Reddit.

No. 1762374

File: 1675707253292.jpg (23.42 KB, 568x149, Снимок.JPG)

Yeah! Or that he was suffering all his life and she should understand poor-poor him. He's the victim.

picrel is also hilarious. It ok to be het and wanting a family when you're men, but if you're a woman - call yourself lesbian.

Aidens are one of the most pathetic group I swear. No one cares about them, and they just refuse to see this.

No. 1762377

It’s infuriating to see this. My only hope is that tifs start noticing this pattern, realize they’ll never escape misogyny and detrans.

No. 1762378

When a guy comes out as TIM people will tell his gf to hang on in there, not to give up right away, to work on it and that's its so incredibly brave for him to even come out. To be super supportive and gentle and coddle them through it

When a TIF comes out, run away from this horrible liar, this manipulator, gtfo of there right away and cancel all plans. So so manipulative of them to lie!

The gender roles (their og gender roles) are still very much at play in the replies and its painfully obvious. Go on, call her manipulative bitch. You know thats what you want to say but you can't kek

No. 1762379

Can someone explain to me why these people are always instantly acting like the partner in question just had a magic spell change them into a legitimate male or female? How can you hear your female partner call herself trans and then go, “welp, I’m not gay so I can’t be attracted to her anymore”, knowing that she will likely not even go on HRT or anything and just want brownie points. I want to believe that the partners this happens to are smart enough to play along so they don’t get cancelled but also want to escape so they don’t have to deal with the insanity. It’s pretty intelligent now that I think about it. “Yes, honey, you’re totally a man. I’m straight though so we can’t be together anymore.” In private he’s probably thinking he dodged a bullet.

No. 1762380

He claims she came out only 24 hours ago but says she plans on having ALL the surgeries. Something isn't adding up. But then he also says there were no hints.. and goes on to say she kept asking him questions like "what if I were a a man, would you still love me??" Is that not a strong hint?

They both sound retarded

No. 1762386

lol is 'boyclit euphoria' a thing now?

No. 1762403

File: 1675711420578.jpg (19.4 KB, 512x384, 3OQfRNF.jpg)

>Op partner sounds manipulative

That's pure manipulation.

No. 1762408

probably because the people doing this sort of thing are always a part of the alphabet army (usually self-proclaimed ‘queers’ and lesbians) and will always infantilise themselves to avoid having to take responsibility for their shit taste in partner. whereas the current convo about het women in both ‘radfem’ and ‘kweer’ woke circles dictates that they are apparently partaking in their own oppression via their attraction to men and thus deserve every bad thing that happens to them sexually and romantically.

No. 1762430

File: 1675714683747.png (171.53 KB, 399x625, pi948.png)

This happened to me on Amazon

No. 1762580

You are partaking in your own oppression if you are intimately involved with a man. Shut up.

No. 1762583

nta but you're not going to convince anyone being so hostile, like i agree with you but chill

No. 1762657

File: 1675741046283.webm (1.23 MB, 432x768, Feeling_like_skater_boy_o9uxoz…)

How can she even think she looks male in anyway?

No. 1762660

i feel like these people think their slight amount of facial hair will somehow override all of their other overtly feminine features

No. 1762713

Ok but why does it look tasty

No. 1762726

Not on Tumblr but Aliexpress loves to show me pronouns pins which would be useless because we don't speak English in my country

No. 1762766

cotton candy bubble tape…or fruit by the foot

No. 1762790

File: 1675754439418.jpeg (401.23 KB, 2048x1503, 360F415F-CB0B-438B-89BE-943E45…)

She’s convinced she’s Hitler reincarnated as a super cute yaoi gay transguy and pretends to know German with google translate.. she also used to defend pedophilia on tumblr before getting chased off. She’s in the process of scrubbing her social media again right now.

No. 1762793

File: 1675754714515.png (119.56 KB, 838x622, Screenshot.png)

I think she maybe trolling to an extent, I mean just look at her Amazon page

No. 1762798

Kek what the hell, I thought only TIMs were the ones to become nazis.

No. 1762799

She sounds like an elderly chainsmoker and looks like she aged five years.

No. 1762814

I would agree with you except for the parts where all of her social media is public and connected to her family and she accidentally doxxed herself in multiple different ways. She claims she remembers being Hitler and shooting herself from a nightmare when she was 5, has been on multiple medications that “never worked,” complains about commies and doctors over medicating her, and she’s obviously an extremely self hating lesbian between going off the deep end after breaking up with her ex and having porn playlists of nothing but women laying eggs.

No. 1762818

File: 1675757712322.png (1.48 MB, 1056x740, felixcipher.png)

Her tiktok is a wild ride. Some highlights:
>from an upper middle class American family
>is 21, still lives with parents
>bedroom is decorated with very stereotypical "oriental" decor
>parents buy her pokemon cards, trips to disney, and lots of ugly boots
>claims bipolar and autism diagnoses at 19
>top surgery at 19
>was dating some fat TIF but broke up within the last year
>ex might have been living at parent's house with her
>used to or still does horde snakes, one of which is clearly obese
>wrote some awful fantasy book with self insert half demon character
>seems to have spiraled further in the past year resulting in the weird hitler larping
There are also some videos where she clearly has excessive bleeding scratch marks all over the side of her face. One of which she's in the car with her mother who is acting like nothing is wrong or unusual about any of this.

No. 1762821

Samefag, but also forgot to mention that she's been on HRT for at least four years now, which means her parents allowed her to begin to transition as a minor. It seems like they also paid for her top surgery and for the publishing of her book.

Definitely caught that vibe too. She made a tiktok saying the ex called her manipulative and made a point to say that she obviously cared because she "bought stuff for them". I do wonder if the hitler larp was beginning and that's why the other TIF bailed or if the hitler larp is a direct result of the break up.

No. 1762855

you know what, I do think this is a rare case where a self ID'd person is mentally ill

No. 1762859

KEK her face is bleeding because she scratched her pimples.

No. 1762913

I think Hitler would rather reincarnate in a dog than whatever she's trying to do.

No. 1762918

pretty transphobic of them to assume women can't have facial hair kek

No. 1762921

I can't stop laughing at this picture. Somehow I blame Hetalia.

No. 1762936

File: 1675776948349.jpeg (194.65 KB, 717x450, F5699A55-41F2-408E-A23A-783F01…)

No. 1762943

faghaggotry and its consequences

No. 1762947

Don't most 21 year olds either live in a college dorm or with their parents? Of all the bizarre shit this woman does, why is that relevant?

No. 1762965

Sure, girl

No. 1762979

Probably because of this tifs particular relationship with her parents

>parents buy her pokemon cards, trips to disney, and lots of ugly boots

>seems like they also paid for her top surgery and for the publishing of her book
>excessive bleeding scratch marks all over the side of her face…she's in the car with her mother who is acting like nothing is wrong

No. 1762980

Here's a friendly PSA that woman can be gay, but if you're attracted to men you sure as hell ain't. Besides fags she/her each other all the time and none of them cry like this, you're not very good at the larp are you.

No. 1762986

File: 1675782354286.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 665.92 KB, 1440x1525, 8D6025A9-2AAF-413D-92B8-47948C…)

made the mistake of looking at her insta and of course she has onlyfans

No. 1763009

What in the eastern european grandma is that shirt?!

No. 1763010

File: 1675785270289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 506.14 KB, 1080x1849, IMG_20230207_185109.jpg)

Words cannot describe how much I hate this retard. I know I have already posted her but she is so retarded and homophobic. I wish she killed herself. Okay I need to stop following her, it's not worth my personal milk.

No. 1763012

File: 1675785376596.jpg (184.87 KB, 1080x1148, IMG_20230207_185137.jpg)

At least someone is not completely brain dead

No. 1763013

File: 1675785421240.jpg (106.11 KB, 1080x485, IMG_20230207_185123.jpg)


No. 1763020

It also seems like she’s a NEET, which makes it worse. It’s one thing to live with your parents while you’re in school or working and saving up for your own place, another thing to just be wasting your life away on foolishness on your parents’ dime.

No. 1763036

Kek show me a non-neet troon. Nobody except for kfc would hire them and they think they are too good for this.

No. 1763053

From a tiktok comment deep dive people were saying she's half ethnically jewish. Imagine hating yourself so much you try to become both a female man and a jewish nazi.
I saw someone say they worked with her at Starbucks at one point and she now works at Tokyo Joe's (I think it's a small restaurant chain but I've never heard of it)

No. 1763138

She did like a rape joke made by a male about having separate weight classes in bathrooms/shelters to prevent sexual assault so yeah I’m guessing she’s lying as a “gotcha”

No. 1763253

"lesbianism in the caption"
So they're still women lol

No. 1763312

What the other anons already said. I considered leaving it out, but it's relevant because her parents clearly coddle her, buy her everything, and seem to see no wrong in her behavior. It's kind of like pixielocks except the other personalities happen to be Hitler. Kek

No. 1763326

The troon who tried to take kiwifarms down (not keffals, the one who worked at google)

No. 1763336

has anyone called her a terf? that's kinda terfy haha

No. 1763563

kek nonna both of these characters are originally male, but she headcanons them as tifs. She is beyond salvation kekk

No. 1763640

I guess that Ezra gave up the trans man thing.
She got a fuckload of backlash and she's coming back to wear makeup, she stopped when she changed her pronouns.
She's so predictable lol

No. 1763643

Honestly its better then going down that path and starting hormones

No. 1763678


No. 1763684

>I'm not a woman but I am a lesbian
Make it make sense. Or do they mean they are still lesbians because of sex based attraction. If so, why doesn't this same shit apply to TIMs

No. 1763742

'trans masc lesbians exist read queer history' i love when they use their own retarded logic against each other

No. 1763776

she even stopped lowering her voice lol what a loser

No. 1763778

they say shit like this because to them woman is not "woman"
"woman" means "non-man"
I actually heard shit like that and I know people who are enby (sigh) but have the lesbian flag in their room because "they're not a man".
You have to catch these hands if you call women "non-men" in front of me.

No. 1763785

A woman who takes testosterone and cuts off her tits is still 100% female. Nothing can ever change the fact that women are women, so it's common for them to still identify as lesbians after all that. They all say "trans women are vawid!" but would never actually fuck one because they know same sex attraction is real lmao

No. 1763808


"And he's nonbinary, but we don't identify as men"
Sure Jan

No. 1763819

>Doesn't identify as men
Isn't the whole point is being genderfluid is that you identify as a man as well as a woman and it fluctuates?

No. 1763901

>trans masc lesbians exist and have been getting top surgery
Yeah, they're trying to "transition" from gay women into "straight men." It's called internalized homophobia, and isn't really something we should be cheering on as a "valid" identity.

No. 1763939

why do they identify as gay women of they're trying to be straight men

No. 1763948

This makes me so sad, the word woman really has become a slur. Being a lesbian seems to be okay, even female pronouns are okay for many of these genderconfused girls and women, but calling themselves women? No that's very uncool apparently. You have to identify as some "(trans)femme", "(trans)masc" or genderfluid entity. Please don't let it take until next generation for all this nonsense to become uncool.
It's weird: they hate the term men because genderwoo includes criticism of "cis" men as the ultimate oppressors so they define everything as non-men but you definitely can't be a woman! The bad word!

No. 1763976

You guise! Just because she's a trans man doesn't mean she can't wear make up and lingerie anymore! Transmascs don't owe you masculinity uwu

No. 1764018

File: 1675897162823.png (1.65 MB, 824x1091, Screenshot_20230208-145634.png)

Nonbinary women are never trying to be men, they are just uncomfortable with body fat and using different labels to cope with misogyny. 90% of trans mascs never use the "man" label, but everyone else pushes it on them because they need a comfortable box. look at Eliot page

No. 1764066

She also has an ovipositor/egg laying fetish, rather ironic but not unexpected kek.

No. 1764081

Saw this girl on my fyp a while back, don't understand why she didn't just get a breast reduction to look porportional hacking off her breasts make her look childish imo, since shes really short, which i really hope wasn't her goal.

No. 1764088

Different anon but because she isn't you so of course you don't understand. Self titty hate is a thing. Don't have to be trans for that

No. 1764097

>they define everything as non-men but you definitely can't be a woman! The bad word!

Right they claim to hate men but hate women even more so any woman centric definition they define as men centric instead. Your sexuality is either loving men or non-men. So progressive…

No. 1764139

File: 1675911494865.jpg (662.82 KB, 1429x1630, EqvhQKdWMAAP-kT.jpg)

apparently this goes way back, even in Dykes to watch out for there were "bisexual lesbian" characters and gay transmen

No. 1764140

File: 1675911742726.png (504.23 KB, 1011x465, Screenshot_14.png)

damn it's incredibly frustrating to see this discourse have such a history

No. 1764145

it seems way too common, like every case I read of "lesbians who transitioned into trans men" often end with them identifying as gay(i.e actually straight)

No. 1764150

I actually remember an interview posted some time ago by a fomrer butch lesbian who became a "gay trans man", according to her becoming a man made her realize how "soft" she really was, that though she seemed masculine as a woman but compared to real men she would always be soft and small and it made her appreciate the masculinity of real men and she realized she was also starting to be attracted to men in a way she had never felt before.

No. 1764156

man thats fucked, christian conversion camps would love to hear it

No. 1764171

It could also just be simply the effects of testosterone. I’ve known a lot of women who went on testosterone. Maybe four or six at least. Every single one of them, without fail, immediately developed incredibly severe, full body cystic acne that never goes away. They’ve all become moody, aggressive people who are difficult to be around. It’s honestly why I’m so confident that we’ll see the transgender craze end- as more and more people undergo hormone treatment, we’re going to see more and more damage and sickness caused by it to the point where it’ll become unignorable. But It makes me so sad that so many people, especially trans identified women, will have so much unnecessary pain and long term damage inflicted on them until we get to that point.

No. 1764214

I have 1 friend on testosterone and ever since she started she's been messaging me about (previously very rare) psychotic episodes multiple times each month, and they're fairly severe. I know elevated testosterone is part of the reason for the higher prevalence of schizophrenia in males. Estrogen is hypothesized to have regulatory antipsychotic effects when it is at healthy levels in the body.

No. 1764258

Actually high doses of estrogen also have extremely dangerous effects on the body. such as blood clots, certain cancers, and high cholesterol though testosterone side-effects are more immediate and noticeable

No. 1764269

File: 1675926546980.png (14.51 KB, 540x88, evabraun.png)

Apparently the Hitler TIFs ex is going around telling people that she made her roleplay being Eva Braun during the relationship.

No. 1764273

>"bisexual lesbian" dating a fat, balding, neckbeard who obviously fetishizes lesbians
Sparrow would have her own cow thread for sure, kek

No. 1764282

File: 1675928141755.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

>Apparently the Hitler TIFs ex is going around telling people that she made her roleplay being Eva Braun during the relationship.
so wait, she identified as a male and made another TIF pretend to be Eva Brain

No. 1764291

>eva brain
kek. But yeah, that's what the ex is saying I guess. Apparently the ex has a tiktok too, but I don't use the app so I cannot confirm.

The comment was found in RTG's comments for this video. Hitler TIF is either going to be run off the internet from the attention or double down on the ridiculous larp.

No. 1764339

File: 1675944211709.png (498.95 KB, 1080x560, 1663300697231.png)

has this guy always existed

No. 1764346

File: 1675944982781.png (33.34 KB, 1182x242, 1675944246169.png)

Just saw this on /ot/ about how a TIF that is a self-proclaimed truscum is using the farms and despite knowing that she'll never be a true male and afraid of TIMs, she still defends this shit.

No. 1764356

interesting how t/nb people will claim clothes are genderless and then present masc or fem through clothing

No. 1764365

That’s a very narrow way of thinking. Through a podcast I found a community of a lot of gc people who are definitely not radfems yet they’re highly critical of trans everything and a number of them used to be fully supportive. There’s a post right now on the podcast’s subreddit where someone is panicking over peaking, more or less.

No. 1764367

What is it About peoppe that makes them completely reject the idea of being straight? Is the self-hatred on tumblr and progressive spaces that bad

No. 1764382

Coming from those brain rot internet spaces, yes. To them being white, "cis" and straight is like being in the lowest hierarchy and too normie, boring, "not us". Who wants to be that when you could be one of the cool fandom categories and be part of the club? It’s bad there. The need to feel special and meaningful, to be part of a "tribe" and suffer together from whatever oppression the group focuses on, is strong in the ones who lose themselves in these spaces.

No. 1764405

Nonna post caps. Or at least share the podcasts name!

No. 1764421

File: 1675957756301.png (45.89 KB, 965x434, ohnoImpeakingaboutroons.png)

The podcast is blocked and reported. The co-hosts still believe in True Trans but they both catch hell for questioning the narrative about troons e.g. acknowledging that detransitoners are thing, that affirmation only is bad idea, most of the studies done on troons are crap, etc.

No. 1764425

wouldn't it make more sense for them to be bisexual though.

No. 1764430

You sound like a recently peaked person, welcome to sanity!
If you look a little closer you'll see that trans people are hyocrites about literally everything they say

No. 1764516

File: 1675968909467.png (101.88 KB, 763x555, 1675908985560.png)

No. 1764523

A lesbian woman with breast removal surgery and higher testosterone is still 100% a female. Nothing homophobic about this

No. 1764532

Based gay man. Degenerate OP mentioned she owned Killing Stalking and can't fucking figure out why gay men don't like her.

No. 1764534

typed out on an iPhone by a company that definitely doesn't hurt. people.

No. 1764559

>Killing stalking
kek how are these people so unaware. How do they not realise they all dress the same, act the same, and read the same shit comics and then call themselves gay men even though they have literally nothing in common with them

No. 1764584

File: 1675974245224.jpg (100.83 KB, 1080x1885, Foe6i_xWAAAp-NH.jpg)

No. 1764590

>I showed my friend evidence I fetishised his identity and was surprised to find he was put off by this
Also assuming it's a cismale he realised at this point he got memed by a spicy straight and she actually wasn't "queer" at all

No. 1764598

I feel like people are tip toeing around the elephant in the room here whenever it comes to """former butch lesbians""" turned """gay trans man.""" This has nothing to do with women/people rejecting the idea of being straight, nothing to do with testosterone, nothing to do with wanting to be special or apart of some cool oppressed club. It has everything to do with bisexual women and their disturbing never-ending obsession with identifying as lesbian, passing off their experiences as lesbian experiences and bringing penis-loving into lesbian spaces. It's so fucking annoying how these women refer to themselves as "former lesbians" or "ex-lesbians" you were never a lesbian you fucking dickhead, you were a kinsey 5 bisexual who felt that because your opposite sex attraction was weak you "might as well" just adopt the lesbian label. Ofc as usual, they all end up going back to men and the "lesbians just need the right dick" myth prevails. There is a reason why alongside transgenders, most of their biggest & strongest supporters are bisexuals.

No. 1764599

Kek looks like she's a) not injecting it right and b) likely having a reaction to something that her body isn't supposed to produce in high quantities. Because biology.

No. 1764616

holy shit batman how does this even happen? are those bruises or bloodclots? either way i agree with >>1764599 - it looks like op isn't injecting it right which is bananas because they literally teach you how to inject it when they prescribe it + outline what area is safe/unsafe to inject, especially for leg shots which have a higher risk of injection issues than stomach shots. this person should be asking the doctor that prescribed this to them, not randos on reddit, since this is most definitely user error

No. 1764745

nayrt but kek yes this is exactly how peaking starts. you feel a bit guilty for it at first and catch yourself using they/them etc automatically out of habit but once you get into the swing of it it feels good and like a huge relief. i wonder if this sub will catch a ban for not troon ass kissing sooner or later

still not 100% sure what bi lesbian is supposed to mean but assuming it means a bi woman with a preference for women, how come their male exception is always a soyjak? you'd think their standards would be higher

No. 1764793

File: 1675995010546.jpeg (361.55 KB, 750x1522, 50CAAA8B-92CB-41AB-8D3E-16A136…)

> Now these people who could've possibly been allies or didn't have an opinion on trans people now think trans people are annoying privileged crybaby gen z'ers who just want to control people.
where is the lie?

No. 1764803

File: 1675995509967.jpeg (941.98 KB, 1170x1236, ACA35261-13F9-4146-B66C-60FE51…)


No. 1764817

What the autism is this shit.

No. 1764824

Bullying is needed sometimes. Bullying is okay sometimes.

No. 1764843

File: 1676000393215.png (4.17 MB, 750x1334, A7064635-5A67-428E-919A-8D1E3F…)

what is with the tifs always trying to look like little boys?

No. 1764850

They relate more to children—often fictional ones—and the desire to be freed from the miseries and awkwardness of having developed a post-puberty female body and its societal expectations, than they do to actual men. They always feel upset and awkward in rooms full of average run of the mill men because being a TIF isn’t really about them relating to men.

No. 1764877

Autogenyphilia and autoandrophilia goes hand in hand with autopedophilia.

No. 1764912

File: 1676010897028.jpeg (177.36 KB, 1125x863, 59F09453-4647-4262-A11C-BEA06F…)

What kind of a fucking idiot shows a work aquintance their yaoi porn hoard with ”Killing Stalking”

No. 1764915


No. 1764921

Confused by the reactions itt, is the gay man in the story not a TiF?? All the gay men I know are into way worse shit than Killing Stalking and I've never seen males say stuff like "toxic gay porn" which is very zoomer twitter rhetoric. Seriously, if you look up and gay porn art made by men, you will find something more outrageous than anything she listed almost immediately.

No. 1764937

I assume it's a "cis gay", but it would not matter if it's a TIF though. Showing your porn to anyone is weird.

No. 1764938

Gay porn is written very differently compared to yaoi, so yaoi tends to disturb men. It's some sort of uncanny valley effect. Some gay men are really good at snifing out yaoi/gay porn written by a woman since, well, the characters don't 'feel' like men. Kind of like even the most physically masculine tif could never pass as they lack the male socialization.
It's a different thing to read porn made by 'your kind', with fetishes that appeal to you, vs porn made by and for women, with fetishes that appeal to them. Like scrotes can never write yuri without putting their weird fetishes and male gaze into it.

No. 1764941

Painter in the night is also really rapey and violent. Weird rare moment when you actually feel bad for the man in a situation.

No. 1764950

yaoi disturbs men, actuall gay porn disturbs women

No. 1764953

Same anon I get that I don't like mine due to my back pain but this I stated that mostly cos she did it to fuel her non biney bs, seeing how she was before she most definately would've been fine and happier with just a reduction and did not have to go full tit chop for validation from tifs and their supporters.

No. 1764960

>little boy
Is it the overalls? Jfc, women wear these all the time in the summer and spring. This is a nitpick, nonnie. The only thing that makes this outfit bad is the amount of shit brown overwhelming the colour palette. Do you not leave your house in the summer?

No. 1764963

Very rarely do they want to actually be men. Boys on the other hand are goblins, chaotic, carefree, bugs etc