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No. 1753830

Previous thread:

Some notable happenings in previous thread:
>Dan getting roasted by zoomies on tiktok, possible trooning out on the horizon.
>PewDiePie is over Youtube.
>Ned from TryGuys cheated on his wife. Is kicked out of the team.
>Dream face reveal. Also accused of grooming.
>charlieissocoollike trooned out.
>Ranboo is a he/they now.
>Some more shit happened over at RoosterTeeth.
>Markiplier Onlyfans debut.
>Shane Dawson tries to make a 'comeback' that seems to have flopped.
>NikitaDragon faces charges for 'misdemeanor disorderly conduct and felony battery of a law enforcement officer', is put in the men's jail.

No. 1753842

finally, so Andrew Callaghan finally made a response video against the allegations made against him, confirming he did do it but he didn't know what he was doing was bad cause they gave verbal consent

No. 1753846

Still devastated about charlieissocoollike, what the fuck. He uploaded his first (and only current) video after the troonout.

No. 1753852

He looks ugly and his teeth are yellow, I bet they in the comments licking his troonshine limp dick though

No. 1753864

take if the MTF thread please

No. 1753881

Sorry for autism but wtf are the allegations against him?

No. 1753897

Sexually cohercing and raping young women at the different events he went to. Refusing to get out of cars. Trying to force drinks and pressure them. Etc. 20 + allegations and he’s admitted to parts of them being true already.

No. 1754173

One of his victims made their own response video in response to his made-for-the-public apology

No. 1754185

I like this girl and have a lot of respect for her since watching her TikToks a few weeks back. She comes off as very genuine and I like the way she speaks. I believe all accusers btw but the other girl who made videos about him did a poor job of expressing herself.

No. 1754194

Hundred percent. Same here, seeing the other girls videos first made me feel weird not due to misbelief but knowing that the public eye is super critical in high profile matters and unfortunately not being great at self expression throws legitimacy into the toilet for a lot of people, stupidly.

No. 1754245

>he didn't know what he was doing was bad cause they gave verbal consent
Such bullshit. Every woman who accused him said that they said No. Of course the reddit moids were falling all over the apology at first until others pointed out how the 'apology' was full of bullshit.

No. 1754442

So shilly d uh i ment phillip de Franco or however his name is spelled, he won't get any slack for the whole better help fiasco?

No. 1754473

SmokeyGlow and her husband divorced and when I saw the video pop up, I wasn't the least bit surprised somehow. Poor her though, having to tell everyone you know you are separating like, the month of your wedding ceremony, that's gotta suck.
What happened?

No. 1754606

File: 1674898005427.jpg (428.84 KB, 1200x675, 94375.jpg)

not recent, but it wasn't posted in last thread. Jenna & Julien married in November

No. 1754609

Congrats to Oliver Tree on his nuptuals.

No. 1754688

A stalker got into their house a month later and Julien pepper sprayed him to subdue the person before they could call the police

No. 1754721

any recent developments on the try guys situation ?
Ned seems to have disappeared from the internet(but he still seems to be with Ariel)

No. 1754749

Holy shit that's scary. I looked into it and everybody's okay, but imagine if she had a gun or was able to hide in the house without being detected. Really scary.

No. 1755095

Latest update is that Ariel recently removed her statement post from Instagram and a few other posts. Alex has a new job and is no longer working with the Try Guys. That's all though, it's been pretty quiet otherwise.

No. 1755100

Not to mention her miscarriage just before that. Poor girl.

No. 1755666

Charles has always given me a bad vibe. The way he constantly talks over her and he’s so condescending. When he literally admitted to being a narcissist on their podcast I knew it wasn’t gonna end well. At least she got away from him already

No. 1755668

Exactly how I feel, I always got weird vibes from him. She would sometimes talk about things he said to her in a 'jokey' way but it always seemed backhanded and belittling to me. Hope she has a good support system.
>literally admitted to being a narcissist
Christ. Talk about a redflag.

No. 1755815

Did you just wake up from a coma? That controversy is from 2018. It was spoken about ad nauseam by the commentary community and by PDF. Now Better Help has changed their policies and YouTubers continue to be sponsored by them.

No. 1756916

File: 1675123613975.png (41.12 KB, 580x418, firefox_a8e99h6rUl.png)

I have no idea where else to post this, but this happened
Apparently there were no signs at an intersection and they slammed into a truck

No. 1756924

Ugh i miss jenna. Cant stand cancel culture but i hope it was for HER better. Fuck zoomers for canceling her.

No. 1756950

I had no idea about that. I hope he survives.

No. 1756984

His girlfriend posted on her Twitter that he’s been talking to her and reading tweets so he seems to be out of the danger zone

No. 1757022

tragic. apparently it was a 4 way connected to a highway with no stop sign or stop light. his brother and friend died at the scene of the accident. it was a big rig that hit them.

No. 1757036

Why are you acting like this just happened? This is stale milk

No. 1757407

That's so sad, I hope he is recovering. I can't imagine how traumatic that must be, to be the only one who survives.

No. 1758646

anyone else feel like the latest philly d video was in poor taste? after the introduction, the only andrew tate clips put on and discussed were how the matrix is after him, ‘i’m innocent! you know i’m innocent!’ 'there are external factors…' it's just phillyd being dumb but lol

No. 1758662

sage because this isn't necessarily milk, but I used to watch iNabber's videos and genuinely enjoyed his commentary, but his videos feel fake, annoying, and contrived now, and he's constantly begging for clout. He used to be an enjoyable youtuber, but now he just… isn't.

No. 1758692

Same. He just covers the same topics over and over. How many times are we going to have to watch an update on someone who is completely irrelevant? James Charles is his most recent video and he hasn't even been popular since 2020. What I dislike the most is if Onision even clenches his arsecheeks we get a 30 minute update where 25 minutes is a recap of the Chris Hansen drama

No. 1758714

Exactly!! His content used to be quite enjoyable, and he seems to be doing better in terms of physical health (from an outside perspective), but man are his videos contrite now. I wish he would find some new stuff to cover, and stop begging for subscribers constantly. Maybe if he made better content again, he wouldn't have to constantly encourage people to subscribe.

No. 1758899

nobody cancelled her. she felt bad about her old content and wasnt enthusiastic about creating anymore and decided to stop.

No. 1760129

BONGS nothing much to say besides I LOVE this content. like, UK youtuber doing a bit about her own ridiculous culture. alizee is a classic example but is there any more? I know a handful (barely) of aussie youtubers who can do the same thing but it seems rare.
anyone have any reccs of more silly, lighthearted and fun channels or vids like this?
bit of cheeky bants or some shit please (ily bongs innit)

No. 1761533

Marzia is pregnant!

No. 1761535

Aww good for them,I'm happy for her

No. 1761536

Same, I was kind of wondering why they didn't have kids earlier. They were always treating their pugs like babies and I think Pewds had baby-fever for a while.

No. 1761539

pretty sure he said that she's been sick for a while with something, i really hope that she will feel good during and after her pregnancy. i was such a huge fan of her and she was my role model sort of growing up and i was excited to see her face in that video again too

No. 1761540

Aww, cute

No. 1761543

I think he meant morning sickness

No. 1761569

has anyone kept up with the ding dong and julian situation? any oney/game grumps fans. some weeks ago ding dong went off on stream and talked in detail about how he was treated by people working for the grumps around the dream daddy incident (him getting doxxed and outed to his family by game grumps fans because he criticised the game). matt from supermega also gifted him 150 subs but ding dong refused it and repaid him.
a few interesting points from a summary on r/rantgrumps:

>Matt has not been communicating with Ding Dong and Julian, except for a few rare occasions to make it publicly seem like they are still friends.

>Matt hasn't done anything heinous since but Ding Dong is disappointed he is still trying to to put on a show that they are still friends publicly.
>A lot of people at the Game Grumps office talked about Dream Daddy to Ding Dong and Julian including one who has a "80 paragraph email" they planned to send.
>Literally everyone who told Ding Dong to speak up about Dream Daddy threw him under the bus.
>When Ding Dong attempted suicide and brought it up 10 hours later, a response he got was, wouldn't it be funny if someone did leave a note and blamed Arin and Suzy. Ding Dong did not perceive this person as joking.
>It was thanks to Julian that Ding Dong remained sane as people constantly tried gaslighting him and denying things hours after they happened.

ding dong has since nuked his youtube and twitter and did a final stream on twitch.

No. 1761597

Wow he's really gotten rid of all his socials since this? That's wild, I watched this stream a while back and it didn't seem to garner that much attention, at least not enough to delete everything over

No. 1761598

All of this is old news though with the exception of the Matt thing. On one hand I sympathize with Ding Dong and what he went through and just being a shy person who had the spotlight thrust upon you but on the other hand, for a guy who says he just wants to move on he reopened old wounds practically unprovoked and added a little fuel to the fire.

No. 1761613

Dream daddy came out a long time ago why is his criticism about it relevant enough to make rabid gg fans make him want to kill himself?

No. 1761647

He’s talking about all that happened in 2017. Seems like the infamous DD 4chan stalker is actually someone he knew personally from the dream daddy drama that has made multiple threads to discredit him and constantly dox him. During the height of this drama, game grumps fans made it a spectacle by outing him to his family after a coworker outed him at the game grumps office after he made the dream daddy statement and made it awkward for everyone to even be around DD. And now because everyone is still afraid of the consequences to this day, DD mentioned how there are certain users that only watch their streams to spy on them incase they spoke up against certain individuals. It’s only relevant now because after DD and Julian were venting in a 15 hour stream, Bowblax, some dramatuber, is calling himself a martyr because he’s “helping DD and Julian” when they stated they don’t want people to start pointing fingers at those that did nothing bad to them. In the comments of this video everyone is already trying to pin things on random coworkers or even friends DD and Julian still talk to now. He already had another stream recently where he mentions how the rantgrumps reddit post had some things wrong which started people going on witch hunts again and that with people rehashing the information to make videos against game grumps, he decided to stop being online and continue working on wanwan games. There has also been the issue of not being paid during that time as a form of punishment against them and thats why they left GG/OneyPlays, they couldn’t afford to stay and they were being essentially blacklisted because of how much games now depend on creators for content.

No. 1761658

In the original stream he did about this he kept mentioning how the creator of dream daddy was the one being the most crazy about this shit behind the scenes and I just want to put out there that he's talking about Vernon Shaw. A man so universally hated by the Game Grumps audience that they had to make sure he stopped appearing in GG videos and made him leave twitter lol

No. 1761702

Good I'm glad he called Matt and everyone out. They all quietly removed DD and Julien from any of their immediate social circles because he didn't like how pandering and stereotyping it was. Imagine telling actual gay men they should pipe down about your fujioshi game. DDs criticism was completely mild too. How dare he not like the steaming pile of horse shit that was Dream Daddy, game grumps magnum opus apparently. The only thing sad about all of this is that actual creative and intelligent people like DD have to remove themselves from the internet while terminally online autists get to thrive because they weaponize their inability to be liked socially and harass people who say anything critical about the people they like or the things they make. Ding Dong was actually funny, his art and game were actually good and he was an extremely knowledgeable video gamer meaning he knew actually how a lot of old games functioned. He wasn't just a meme tier gooner like gg, oneyplays or supermega he was actually enjoyable to listen to. It's a real shame.

No. 1761745

I'm glad DingDong is gone off his main accounts. A paranoid, super sensitive person like him is not made for spotlight.
He once started streaming around 6 am US time, ranting with a voice like he's about to cry about someone making a «highly upvoted and commented thread» in r/Oneyplays that said that his streams are boring. The mentioned thread had like 7 upvotes and 16 comments at the time.
DD also often complained how little money they have with Julian, that they don’t have anything to eat, when he commissioned plenty of times degen furry art/animation of his fursona.

No. 1761748

DD wasted money on degen furry art instead of basic necessities like food? Moids gonna moid.

No. 1761752

File: 1675630971451.gif (Spoiler Image, 461.27 KB, 600x338, 547f243613.gif)

This, for example was commissioned back in february 2020. Artist’s prices were 15$ a frame. This animation has 116 frames.
Good to know on what he spends people’s donations.

Spoilered for furry muscle gain shit

No. 1761788

I've noticed a lot of YouTubers dipping their toes into lolcow content. It seems to have been gradually ramping up since the end of Keffals vs Kiwifarms, it's like these normie channels have just discovered a goldmine of content that isn't just Shane Dawson video #247. More and more normie channels are starting with Daniel Larson and other small time cows. I predict thos will lead to 2 things.

1) now that YouTubers have found a source of laid out "dirt" on everyone around them, normies are about to experience true internet bloodsports beyond what we've ever seen

2) a popular YouTuber is going to peak from a troon cow, start voicing opinions, and we are going to see some vicious lynchings

No. 1761801

Was it revealed what his face looked like?
How anyone is able to fuck a fat moid like julien is beyond me

No. 1761818

From what I know I think this whole thing is just really grey. On one hand Matt leaked the build to DD that basically butterfly's this all to happen, DD said they'd sorted everything out with each other, but he probably still feels some sort of distaste towards Matt since this caused the most traumatic period of his life. Matt donating probably had no malicious intent like how DD makes it seems, they seem to have very different ideas of friendship & work. DD said he'd liked to be friends again but Matt focuses too much on his career for it to work, which Matt is doing pretty well rn so you can't blame him for trying to make the most of it, (DD, Julian & Matt where meant to meet up when they visited LA but Matt was busy with preparing for tour) so I get both sides of the coin. It's shitty of Matt to let them down, then apparently ignore DD & Julian afterwards but it also seems like they aren't putting much effort in on their end either
DD in that stream said something like he would be taking his story to the grave, that Julian has a recording of DD speaking about everything that's happened with the Dream Daddy & GG stuff which would only be released when he dies. As much as he probably doesn't want to, I think it would be really good for him to fully come out/release the recording about it all, just to get it off his chest since it very clearly still affects him despite how much he wants to claim it doesn't but it'll be unlikely, maybe if he goes to therapy and works on everything it'll happen. I don't think many people like GG anymore & the only reason people ganged up on DD is bc GG is bigger, the fans where all tumblr kids & the whole thing was very confusing. Fans probably don't know the full public story, behind scenes apologies/clarifications have only been issued to few individuals apparently, I doubt it's even cleared up within those involved. I hope he gets the closure and peace he deserves

No. 1761819

File: 1675640448560.png (218.28 KB, 436x336, 1311.png)

Here's him with Julian
You can also find one old photo by googling dingdong face, it's the one with the suit

No. 1761822

i hate that they do this, because a lot of them are still TRA's, there's a really shitty TIM whose mentally ill and racists, but because he's a TIM some of the commentary bros, often try to defend him by whining about "transphobia" he recieves or some shit. I also HATE seeing fat ass ugly ass scrotes sitting around discussing bullshit. It makes me sick seeing fat ass scrotes like tipster or Deoreos talking about gossip like little fucking girls. Meanwhile I notice people always drag female "tea" channels and gossip channels but not the fat ugly fucks like Tipster

No. 1761872

i discovered dingdong independently of grumps or any other youtuber, never knew any of this or how deep it went. disappointing as hell, fuck GG.

No. 1761935

How did you know he actually commissioned that? Also who's to say how he spends his disposable income. Being an artist, the amount of money you get depends on how much work you get. On some days you get little money on other days, you get enough to commission degen porn.

No. 1762076

File: 1675661714568.png (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 1623x1604, EaqmHUBXgAQenIR.png)

>How did you know he actually commissioned that?
Because author's tweet said that he commissioned him. DD's furry twitter handles are FA_TimothyT, BrassBurro, DigestDonkey and a few more.
>Being an artist, the amount of money you get depends on how much work you get. On some days you get little money on other days, you get enough to commission degen porn.
Well, you shouldn't whine about how poor you are, that you barely have money to pay to one artist that works on your game besides you, on almost every stream. Then go and pay hundreds of dollars for some furry shit art.

No. 1762113

Man, I love Naomi jon but her music stuff is so bad. All her songs sounds like kidz bop songs and sound the same more or less. The intro was this to really good but then she had to ruin it with her cringe edgelord lyrics

No. 1762138

ayrt you'd be surprised. When normie channels found out about Chris Chan there were a dozen of them who, in the very least, said they would be calling Chris a he because he "wasn't really trans". That was extremely bold to do especially since social media at the time has devolved into madness over people misgendering Chris… and in a surprising turn indifferent non-terminally online normies weren't bending the knee on "hey you have to respect thos incest rapist pronouns because muh genocide". I think youtubers seen they could largely get away with that. So, when Keffals drama came along, more channels started to come out criticising him than Chris chan. The key here is that YouTubers who are actually reading these KF threads and gathering the evidence from them are far less likely to just come out the gate saying everyone is transphobic nazi

No. 1762167

I was not familiar with the situation, so I tead a few reddit posts about it. So, a gay streamer critisized Dream Daddy, gets outed as gay to his family and dropped by the streamer group, is that right? And he’s also a poor furry?

No. 1762169

Holy shit, I do like her, but I can never bring myself to listen to her music. This shit is so fucking horrible. I think this one could've had the potential of being your average shitty youtuber song, but the lyrics are too cringe.

No. 1762172

File: 1675676797271.png (1.21 MB, 931x731, 5.PNG)

Sage because it's not milk at all, I just wanted to say I hate her moid pandering so much.

No. 1762201

tom harlock is great for that exact type of thing

No. 1762204

Nonna, same. I always enjoyed her YouTube content, despite how basic it was. I really wish i could find similar content creators as her who focus on lifestyle and stuff for women, I always loved her blog too.
I often checked GG threads on Marzia because I wanted to know how is she doing. It had a lot of past milk, but in the end, when she started using social media a lot less the threads has t turned into nothing but SimplyKenna (from PULL) threads. People would always blogpost their confessions over how jealous they are, etc. But i think the most interesting part about those threads was that one of their IRL UK friends ended up providing proven information about them moving out to Japan, when a lot more info turned out to be proven by their later Japan-related video. Crazy. I wonder how these GG posters feel, they are probably on suicide watch.

No. 1762483

Anyone watch Life Plus Cindy (aka PleasantSims)?

She just uploaded this and I'm pretty shocked and sad for her.

No. 1762489

Gorl WHY are you broadcasting all of this online to strangers. I have BPD too but… that’s even more of a reason not to post very personal shit online.

No. 1762503

Arin and Suzy are extremely homophobic

No. 1762507

Anyone else notice how he said he'd never stop saying "whats up you beautiful bastards" only to never say the phrase since saying that?

No. 1762518

only thing I agreed with gg on was marzias immaturity. To me she just didn’t seem very maternal or motherly. Felix seems more into the idea of fatherhood despite his drinking problem. that’ll change I hope and she’ll be a good mom too

No. 1762546

What an overreaction. What's so special about the dude she's crying after? (I don't know anything about her/them)

No. 1762548

He always seemed like a pussy anyway, since he left her the day she found out she wasn't pregnant again.

No. 1762605

>drinking problem
Does he have one? I don't really watch his vlogs too much anymore just because I can't really stand jvlogs from anyone, but I do remember his whiskey reviews but then he talked about stopping them because he wanted to drink less. My memory is fuzzy though since this is all old content so I could just be wrong kek

No. 1762671

i used to watch her sims 2 videos, i think she’s hoping her husband will watch and come back, weird behavior

No. 1762691

Who's to say they can't? Anyone can complain about whatever situation they're in. That's more than half this sites posts.

No. 1762700

I do really like her as well but she has to be buying bots or deleting comments right? I can’t find a single negative one on this vid, they’re all kissing her ass. If Gabbie Hanna or someone like that released this shit they’d be torn apart, rightfully so. It’s really bad

No. 1762800

Has she actually been properly diagnosed with BPD and yet hasn't had treatment? Seems like she has way too much insight and sounds a lot like someone who has been manipulated to believe she's the problem until the point of madness (often by a BPD moid).

No. 1762829

Same, she was not the wisest person when she used social media and tried doing her mai-accents business, some things should keep being your hobby without trying to monetize everything around you. I watched only pewdiepie vlogs (not any of the reaction video bs and whatever) and he stopped drinking at least ~3 years ago, and tbh he looked like shit when he was drinking in comparison to now.

No. 1762883

She's never really talked about being diagnosed with any mental illness, only medical ones like PCOS

Her first husband also left her (maybe with another woman iirc) but I don't know how long that marriage lasted.

No. 1763071


never watched this girl before this but idk if I’m not thinking terminally online enough, but I have no idea why she would upload this. I get being honest and candid with your audience, but feel like she could have just gave a quick update on her community tab for now and even filming this, sure, if she gave it some time to make a more composed video, but her saying she’s impulsive seems to ring really true with this upload.
watching it made me uncomfortable, feeling like it’s not something the entire internet should be seeing, someone in such a wreck state of being. really do hope she gets some help.

No. 1763307

I mean she’s only got a few thousand subscribers, smaller followings tend to be much nicer.
I’ve never seen her before now either and while part of me feels bad for her part of me is also really uncomfortable watching her. Looking through her channel it’s obvious she has issues and was using blogs as a diary. These videos sound like she’s trying to convince herself of whatever she’s saying? Or even a way of trying to get her moid back. He seems like a massive doormat though.

No. 1763830

She has almost 2.7mil, what are you talking about?

No. 1764329

she said at the end of one of the videos it's for income, her only source of money is youtube, donations, and her husband

No. 1764375

kek dds tuba fetish honestly kind of makes me like him more, its just so bizarre and whimsical. obviously the inflation/stuffing/musclefag (and more uh visceral stuff) is pretty boring, standard furfaggotry, but the whole tuba thing just makes me lol and clap my hands with glee when i see it because its so fucking specific and unusual. i genuinely wish this fag the best with all his endeavours

No. 1764407

It’s so weird he’d go on 4chan and request art of it

No. 1764633

Looking at few of his recent videos, Pewdiepie seems much more bearable than when I last checked him out. He also dropped the ugly bearded hipster look. Good for them, they seem like a cute couple.

No. 1764862

I thought anon was referring to >>1762483

No. 1766942

Veronica made a very long video in response to the drama caused by Just Stop. She just talks about how RicePirateMick is a drunken asshole and Smokey is a bad friend or something.

Probably the funniest detail from it is that she briefly talks about Chris in the beginning and basically confirms that the unnamed ex she ranted about on Twitch one time was Chris. In the stream she talks about him being disgusting, treating her badly, keeping an ex around and talking to her in secret, and being bad at sex kek. Sad day for Chrisfags (including me).

No. 1766946

>him being disgusting, treating her badly, keeping an ex around and talking to her in secret, and being bad at sex

Honestly, I believe it. I have nothing against Chris but he does come off as an autist that doesn't know how to handle relationships.

No. 1766958

Never understood how anybody ever liked Mick, clear creep

No. 1766967

Anyone else see a rampant change towards minidocu series videos or profile ones like Coffeezilla or Windagoon? I like it tbh. I got so bored of everyone playing the same 5 games.

No. 1767054

Even for serious topics she still can’t help but use her shitty pornified persona. I believe Smokey more than Veronica because atleast she aired out the drama on twitter before and mentioned how drinking changed Veronica and how they still wanted to be around her. Even though Smokey and Veronica became closer after Chris dumped her, the drinking issue is always a brought up no matter the group. Veronica also admitted in a past stream in 2022 around August, to kissing others while dating Chris because she felt she wasn’t being taken seriously, although its known she likes to be touchy with others when shes drunk and that is what caused Chris to start getting after her for her drinking problem. She even used to say “you’re being difficult Veronica!” as a jab at Chris during certain streams and it’s a reference to what he would say when they would argue. I know kf has a thread on her that has a better timeline and old archived /co/ threads are good to cross reference.

No. 1767074

how narcissistic do you have to be to draw your own thumbnail of you being framed as the victim for your hour long drama tell-all? the arm that is supposed to be mick's (he has the sleepycabin tattoo on his forearm irl) is especially cringey.

glad to see there's at least some comments on that vid of people calling her a cheater and saying she's a pos

No. 1767173

No clue how someone can be this much of a covert narcissist and nobody sees it, autistic men really are as dumb as a pile of rocks.

Did she even mention her fiance she met when he was barely 18? lmao

No. 1767233

Honestly LS Mark got it worse than Chris or anybody else. She basically hooked up with him when was still in his teens, brought him to LA, dumped him to go back with Mick but since Mark didn't have any other contacts in LA he was forced to crash on Mick's place, and now she broke off with Mick (for real this time) and is now having the poor autistic kid put a ring on her finger.

No. 1767461

that thumbnail, it always bothered me how self-obsessed she is

No. 1767511

Even worse that in a recent podcast they were asked what they see themselves doing in 10 years and Mark couldn’t be sure on his future in animation but Veronica kept saying she wanted kids while staring at Mark the entire time. There’s also that Kellen Goff episode of their podcast where it was just them fighting each other on camera with Goff looking uncomfortable. The thumbnail also looks like they’re already tired of each other

No. 1767516

Did no one watch the whole thing? How could anyone believe Smokey? Veronica has caps of the whole thing and unhinged mick voicemails. Veronica is a shitty person and she admits it but everyone around her is batshit accept for the mark guy. He seems so clueless and pathetic.
I dunno how anyone can band around Smokey and believe her having any sort of victimhood when she’s a crazy obsessive bpd pick me. She tried to force herself on some other guy and then mick. And mick is just awful. He’s 40 something years old and still acts like a teenager.
I don’t understand the constant bias against Veronica. She’s terrible but everyone else involved is too. This whole thing is just a bunch of drama hungry autists picking one target with them being introspective enough to realize they’re horrible too.

No. 1767528

i feel like the bias comes from oneyplays fans, hes like a god to them especially kf users. everyone sucks in the situation and i only feel bad for oney and mark, mostly mark

No. 1767559

The crazy thing is I like oneyplays a lot and used to blindly follow the hatred for Veronica but it’s really fucked up and misogynistic. Seeing her point of view made me realize that Mick is the actual bad guy. Veronica was a fucked person and mick took advantage of that to get her. No one says shit about mick and that sucks.

No. 1767563

ayrt I agree with you, everything she showed about mick was disgusting. He is an actual creep and loser. I felt bad for her when she gave in. I know people are going to be like
>buh buh but she could have just said no
She did multiple times, but he kept harrassing her especially in her unstable alcoholic/ drug addict state. Idk it sucks, she sucks but Mick was such a weirdo

No. 1767574

what adds to me not fully trusting veronica in this situations Besides Everything Else is that somebody on kf leaked her patreon and she drew this ridiculous fucking thumbnail a whole month ago. so she's been planning on making a drama video about this anyways regardless of juststop "slandering her name" or whatever tf

unrelated but does anyone know who she was mentioning as chris' ex? i assume her being sick means she was the friend that he raised all the money for a few years back. veronica donated to that stream iirc. lmao

No. 1767608

Mick is apparently preparing a reply, can't wait for this to be dragged out more.

No. 1767642

I’m pretty sure she was probably tipped off that just stop was working on the video. I’d imagine having some stranger hitting up all your friends and acquaintances for juicy details would give away that they were researching for a video.
There’s just something really insidious about scrotes trying to drag your personal dirty laundry out for profit.
What would she gain from releasing a video about herself unprompted? Everybody already hates her draw more negative attention to herself?
On another note it was really fucked up that Smokey created the rumor that Veronica was clamming to have been raped by the Christ cuck she fucked.

No. 1767791

the bias is literally just her being a woman

No. 1767910

Is there any drama with Linus Tech Tips?

No. 1767961

I want to know who his ex was too

No. 1768007

Naomi Jon can't lipsync at all and it makes her videos so hard to watch. She has no idea what looks good on camera when it comes to trying to pretend to sing. I don't know if she needs to practice tiktoks or something, but I couldn't watch it. Even if the production of the video was okay, the main focus is her and if she sucks, the whole video is terrible to endure.

No. 1768079

Everyone involved in this is so tucking embarrassing but lame YouTuber nerd drama is some of my favorite milk so Im so excited.

No. 1768087


kek same. They're all like 30 and up with this demented drug party house behavior. I still feel bad for the Mark dude, he's young and retarded and Veronica put a lot of his personal info out there, i felt embarressed for him. Not to mention she cheated, Mick was weirdly intimidated by him, and everything else that happened to him

No. 1768150

Micarah Tewers is by no means a cow, she's great, but I really want to know why her and soldierboy broke up. Any anons have some intel?(sage your shit)

No. 1768233

Link the video. I like her a lot too and I feel really bad for her but I found vidrel pretty comforting because I’m also heartbroken kek. She was insanely out of his league and it sounds like she did a lot of pursuing so maybe he was just some middling scrote who didn’t appreciate her. Hope she finds someone worthy of her time.

No. 1768249

File: 1676418124692.jpg (337.26 KB, 519x388, 20230214_183937.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Ranboo is going to troon out soon. He's been wearing skirts and calling himself a coolgal for the past few months.

No. 1768250

File: 1676418267056.jpg (307.86 KB, 2048x1448, 20230214_184219.jpg)

His handmaiden fans are encouraging his cross dressing kink too. I blame Dylan Mulvaney for this.

No. 1768256

The only one I feel bad for in this is Mark, I know Veronica paints the thing to be the happiest relationship in the world, but how is it healthy for an alcoholic cheater to marry a guy that is barely a legal adult? Shit they didn't even got engaged, there was no wedding, she just took this kid out of his home country and apparently all is good and happy for some reason. Nonas maybe I'm just pessimistic but I don't see this marriage lasting that much.

No. 1768414

Yeah I don’t think their relationship is good and healthy either. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just got married to get him a visa and save money on traveling expenses so he doesn’t have to go back and forth during however long this will last.
What bothers me is her continued portrayal of being this evil bloodsucking harpy just because she’s a fucked up woman. None of these autistic losers are being held accountable for anything and are just dog piling her for the alleged sake of mark but that’s bullshit seeing as the just stop video basically leaked his private dms and humiliated him.
Everyone involved is terrible but mick and Smokey are the worst.

No. 1768417

I love her and she deserves the world. She is too good for any man but damn do i hope she can find someone who will love her devoutly.

No. 1768473

Nona you are not being pessimistic in assuming this marriage won’t last long, you’re being realistic. I think Mark is going to wake up one day and realise how fucked up this whole thing was. I’m betting they’ll divorce when he is 22 because Veronica will be 30 and he’ll see the situation for what it really is

No. 1768494

This was pointed out on reddit, but Chris and Zach referenced Mick's epic handshake power move a whole 9 months ago during the Sonic Heroes LP, three months after the Smiling Friends premier (Chris singing a song from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a clear reference to Mick). They giggle like gossipy schoolgirls over it as well kek.

No. 1768496

samefag, timestamp is 7:12

No. 1768513

The bias is that she's a toxic, cheating, alcoholic almost-nonce

No. 1768542

I went on the sleepycabin Reddit to see what all the fanboys are saying, and of course, they’re all shocked by everyone’s behaviour.

I listened to the sleepycabin podcasts and I thought they were all losers who judged, bitched and full of snobbery. Why are they shocked these bunch of arseholes are toxic mfs? Don’t get me wrong. I love their individual content, but as people… it doesn’t take a genius to see who they really are.

OT but the episode where stamper admits to drink driving constantly and all the guys don’t call him out on it. Totally normal, wholesome guys!!

No. 1768546

You get it. I used to listen to Sleepycabin and while the funniest episodes (imo) are the obviously stupid and yelling ones, some of the members did sound shitty and obnoxious. Mick, stamper, shad sounding the most like asses and annoying. Mick always seemed like he had a weird complex about trying to one up people. He had a divorce too didn’t he? I wonder what the real reason was

No. 1768548

Samefag, Chris always seemed the most chill and I’m kinda glad even for a moid he doesn’t have a lot of drama under his belt other than having gross hygiene (you can hear from sleepycabin or Oneyplays episodes, one of the things I remember is him spilling cat food and not cleaning it up but spraying it and it attracted bugs or something lol.) I think the ex was the girl he raised money for one time, so that’s nice of him and makes me kinda laugh that Veronica got so jealous over that. All these people are weird

No. 1768551

File: 1676462969468.jpeg (559.95 KB, 828x1235, B3A3618F-F876-4909-8590-455054…)

Samefag again, these are some tweets relating to that donation stream. (Saged for non-milk.)

No. 1768617

I've followed her for a while - she's dropped the PleasantSims (channel where she'd post Sims content; that's how I found her) part of her life. Since she's very much a 'homemaker' (a lifestyle she enjoys), she's mostly at home and I feel like the majority of social engagement she receives is from her audience of fans, which is why she shares so much. She went into a lot of detail about her traumatic childbirth + the death of her child, so this isn't surprising. I was taken aback when she told us that she and her husband were trying again for a baby so soon (I think it was within 3 - 6 months after losing their son). Neither of them seems to have had therapy for their loss, and with her personality disorder, this was just a really tragic recipe for disaster.

She seems really lonely in these videos, and I wish she could just catch a break.

No. 1768620

I don't who this is, but why would fujo minecraft fans push a guy to transition ?

No. 1768644

She had said before that she had liked him since the age of 5. Given her history of being a homeschooled hardcore Christian girl whose goal in life before YT was to be a wife and have babies, it's probably more than likely he got cold feet and wanted to fuck around on the military base.

I like Micarah a lot, but the video she posted before they broke up where she drove 13 hours to visit him at the base because she missed him was probably a red flag to him, and he realized he wanted to fuck around instead

No. 1768671

File: 1676473540156.jpeg (211.24 KB, 828x972, CCE90B22-EEAA-41D1-BBB0-3E9ADC…)

This situation is hilarious, good to see the comments on Veronica’s video are mostly against her, Mick Smokey and everyone else who isn’t Mark or Chris.

No. 1768674

Zoomer Minecraft fans are the perfect breeding ground for exactly that kind of thinking. It's basically the 2014 tumblr crowd of this decade

No. 1768679

I can't stand Sleepycabin to be honest. Its literally like walking into a farmhouse with animals who's sole purpose in life is to tear my eardrums out

No. 1768683

Let's face it though, Chris is only tangentially related to the drama and despite a huge opportunity for Veronica to portray him as in the wrong somehow or contributing to her mental distress, she never does and acknowledges she fucked up with him. That's the only slight hope I have for Mark and her working out, that they both get better somehow.

No. 1768685

Iirc Veronica has already cheated on Mark. I dunno, I think they shouldn’t be together

No. 1768729

How is her going out of her way to see her fiancé of two years a red flag? Moids will ask you to marry them then freak out when you bring up any of the actual logistics of marriage. I get it’s pick me shit for sure but damn, she’s an insanely gorgeous, smart, talented woman who seemed to adore this scrote and he just unceremoniously dumped her after several years of engagement. Obviously we don’t know what really went down but my guess is he knows deep down he’s just some lame nobody and doesn’t deserve her but spinner it in a way to make her feel bad about herself.
Listening to her talk Veronica is actually fucking delusional. The video she released is one of the most unhinged BPDchan things I’ve ever seen online. Even the most drama hungry channels have some levels of tact. There were tons of purposefully unflattering photos, DARVO, picture and videos taken months ago that were obviously going to be used for something like this if it ever went down. It’s such an embarrassing and indicting smear campaign that has only proven just how stupid literally almost everyone involved is. She only married Mark because he’s young, inexperienced, and has a passive personality. Mark’s only hope is to get the fuck out now.

No. 1768732

A lot of the comments under her video are pushing for Mark to get out and even telling Veronica if she really loves him she’d let him go because she already fucked up. Also a lot of comments talking about her cringey thumbnail, making it seem like she was caught in the middle and everyone wanted to fuck her or something while also making her some sex anime blow up doll.

No. 1768891

File: 1676490221182.png (49.15 KB, 460x523, poor mark.PNG)

That comment section honestly made me glad to see people still have common sense. This is Mark's first love, it was his first heart break as well, and like >>1767511 mentioned, she wants kids. For fuck's sake Veronica, you would put an immense pressure to a 20 year old guy and make him forever tied to you. I really really feel bad for Mark, he's too forgiving and naïve even if he was the most mature out of this whole drama. Hope he gets out soon, not even let her continue be a friend, leave him alone.

No. 1769009

File: 1676496849143.jpeg (870.96 KB, 750x3603, CF782996-0AFD-42C5-95B3-D0CA91…)

callmekevin chickened out of playing the hogwarts legacy game after he and his gf got harassed by TRAs.

No. 1769033

>How is her going out of her way to see her fiancé of two years a red flag
she drove 13 hours because she missed him, but based on the vid they had barely been apart from each other for very long. she seems like she would be a great friend, but an exhausting girlfriend. and yea she over shared in her most recent vid that she's bummed shes not a mother of 4 at 27, i think thats the biggest red flag.

No. 1769043

just another disgusting spineless moid

No. 1769162

No clue but I'm glad they broke up. I always felt they looked mismatched with his receding hairline and I always felt he was just tolerating her instead of fully leaning into her weirdness.

No. 1769224

Stamper literally murdered 2 people

No. 1769225

???? What the fuck? Sources? Not saying I don’t believe you given his track record but wtf I haven’t heard of this

No. 1769319

no one fucking likes stamper, anon

No. 1769365

Her video does imply that she decided n a whim to make the 13 hour drive right after he was stationed. That's something that would freak a lot of moids out.

No. 1769395

Sorry for spoonfeed i don’t follow any of them closely infact I didn’t know Veronica and Chris weren’t together anymore but where is mark from? Stationed?

No. 1769445

Mark is from Ireland and moved to LA to be with Veronica. I wish some nonny or kiwifag I know you’re reading this could make a timeline /summary of everything in Veronica’s video. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to since it’s so messy and all over the place. I got a headache from listening to it and listening to Veronica’s back and forth.

No. 1769628

Anon I think you're confused
>13 hour drive right after he was stationed
is referring to the first half of this post >>1768729 which is about Micarah Tewers. The second half of the post is about Chris and Veronica. Two unrelated situations.

No. 1769696

Yeah sorry I see that now. However after about 2 hours I’ve artistically compiled a rough timeline sorry if any of this info is irrelevant it’s basically a summation of her video but in a better timeline.

Listen I tried not to use pronouns and instead place peoples names to avoid confusion so if it comes off weird that’s why. This timeline is AS TOLD BY VERONICA. Possibly not factual.

Chris and Veronica date for 3.5 years; Veronica requests Chris stop talking to his ex, Veronica and chris fight eventually Veronica cheats on chris
Prior to break up mick would tell Veronica to leave chris
October 2020 first time Veronica talks to mark (as friends) they are planning to play video games together he was 18 at the time (according to veronica)
Around may 2021 Chris and Veronica break up and mick and Veronica occasionally hang out have drinks and talk shit about chris
June 2021 Veronica is invited to go on a boat with mick which Chris implies it means mick wants to get with her Chris then sends mick a strongly worded message about taking Veronica on the boat
Around summer 2021 Smokey comes to America to stay for 3 months with “Edward” who is Veronica’s YouTuber friend, smokey is a fan of “Edward” (which “Edward” sounds pretty shitty)
Summer 2021 Veronica Smokey “Edward” and mick all hang out at local bar (fantasia)
End of summer - Smokey’s living situation with “Edward” is disrupted because “Edward” is moving to be with his ex (around sept he moves)
Around summer 2021 mick is given 1 mil by a family member (nepo baby?) to buy a house (in La area I doubt that’s even enough) mick tells Veronica he has purchased the house with veronica in mind as mick thinks Veronica will live there with him (mick)
After mick buys home Veronica comes over to build furniture he jumps on Veronica trying to make out with Veronica and she almost has sex with mick but he’s too drunk to get it up (lmao)
Before Ireland trip (august) mick gives Veronica 300 dollars and when in Ireland mick ships Veronica an Apple Pencil and cigarettes because veronica forgot/lost hers
August 2021 Veronica visits mark in Ireland (believe first time they’ve met) mark confesses love at end of trip (veronica mentions not having known mark longer than a year at this point)
August 2021 mick working on a video gets the cast and crew he’s working with to shoutout Veronica and sends her videos (very weird?)
Early September 2021 Veronica starts dating mark
(So unclear at the timeline of when mark and Veronica first start dating because veronica uses a podcast mark goes on as proof that they were open about dating but that podcast was posted in March 2022 and she refers to butch Hartman interview for their podcast which was posted in November 2022)
EARLY September 2021 Around end of Ireland trip Smokey goes back to Costa Rica
September 7th 2021 mick confesses love for Veronica (very embarrassing stuff basically says shit like “I’ve never loved anyone before” which as a previously married person, wtf?)
Sometime shortly before Oct 28 2021 Smokey comes in to LA and stays with mick (where she will stay until January 3 2022)
Oct 10 2021 Smokey has some sort of confrontation with “Edward” where he says hes just not into her like that essentially
Oct 30 2021 mark visits La to attend Halloween party with attendees being Veronica mick and Smokey among other friends Mark and Veronica couples costume and are obviously together
Oct 31 2021 Smokey and “Edward” fuck at his hotel room despite “Edward” being in a relationship

No. 1769697

Nov 5 Veronica starts to second guess relationship with mark then breaks up with him shortly after (they went to see eternals and then Veronica and mark get back together)
Nov 6 2021 one of their friends last days in La so they have a party at micks so mick gets really wasted and starts making a fool of himself calling people and Veronica fights mick for micks phone so he’ll stop embarrassing himself then mick basically confesses love again to Veronica in a fairly creepy way and says that “he isn’t sure how long Veronica and mark are gonna last but he (mick) will always love Veronica” mick then says something similar to mark.
Nov 7 2021 mick denies any memory of the drunken night and thanks Veronica for taking his phone
Rest of November Veronica basically leaves mark at air B and B near her parents and drives up to get fucked up with mick and Smokey because alcoholic
November 2021 Mick gets a fucking dog in hopes of it being Veronica’s dog at some point? Idk it’s weird but from what I gather he’s a really shitty pet owner that leaves the dog with various people while he’s away and he only got the dog to sort of manipulate Veronica into caring about the dog? Idk weird Veronica says she doesn’t think he bought the house or dog with Veronica in mind that that’s just manipulation to try to get Veronica interested
Nov 20 2021 by this point Veronica messages mark saying that Smokey and mick have formed some sort of relationship although it seems mostly like Smokey and mick are just hooking up from my understanding (because again Smokey is still living in micks house and moids will fuck anything especially in close proximity)
Late November 2021 Mark and Veronica break up
Thanksgiving 2021 mick goes away for holiday and Smokey stays to watch the cursed dog of micks
Thanksgiving 2021 Veronica picks up mark and mark asks what is going on between them (being mark and Veronica) and Veronica tells mark she wants to date mick, after dropping off mark Veronica goes to micks and tells Smokey She’s interested in mick
Nov 27 2021 Smokey then goes behind Veronica’s back and tells mick that Veronica is interested in mick
Dec 2021 Mick and Veronica dating; mark still in La even using micks home for work
Sometime After mick and Veronica start dating Veronica and mick sleep in the same bed together for the first time inadvertently kicking Smokey out of the bed to sleep on the couch or something where Smokey plays music loudly til 5 am and basically makes her presence known the morning of the next day Smokey asks Veronica to watch some movie about a girl cutting and then smokey takes Veronica outside and Smokey shows Veronica fresh self harm cuts and says something like “I totally didn’t do this because of you and mick just having a #sadgirlmoment”
Dec 2 2021 mark and Veronica go to Veronica’s parents so they can work Smokey asks Veronica if she can fuck mick for closure
Veronica calls mick and asks mick what he thinks and mick says “I told her to ask you (veronica) if it’s okay” (lmao)
Sometime in December mick, strawberry mage, mark Veronica and Smokey go to natural history museum and mick acts basically flexes the relationship in front of mark and makes hints at buying Veronica an engagement ring (very cringe in the way Veronica recounts it)
Christmas 2021 Smokey spends Christmas with Veronica’s family, around this time Veronica leaves voicemail to mark saying she’s sorrry for everything
End of December 2021 mark goes back to Ireland and mark tells Veronica she’s wasting her life and basically has a substance problem
Between December 29-January 3 Veronica breaks up with mick
Sometime in January 2022 Veronica and mark are still working together because they’ve booked a guest for podcast
January 3,2022 Smokey finally leaves micks to go live with Twitter fan in Vegas which was the plan since Halloween mick and Veronica help move smokey and her shit. Mick asks Veronica if there’s someone else veronica says no but Veronica has been hanging out with mark platonically
January 4 2022 smokey asks why Veronica didn’t tell Smokey about the breakup with mick and smokey also messages mick looking to start where they had left off
January 6 2022 mick makes some insane skitzo reply to smokey asking him for a relationship basically saying blah blah blah Veronica is the love of my life (this happens around 43:40ish and probably the only thing worth watching in the video because it’s hilariously pathetic highlight is mick calling himself a clinging ooze)

No. 1769698

January 14 or Veronica watches micks cursed dog and when he comes to pick up the animal mick asks Veronica to talk and admits he got the animal for the wrong reasons aswell as Veronica tells mick she’s developed feelings for mark again and mick asks if it’s sexual and Veronica says that it is and mick says okay guess I’ll fuck smokey (lmao)
January 30 mick and Veronica get in argument after party where he yells at her (he mentioned Chris she mentions no one likes him essentially which is why people don’t talk to him) mick yells in Veronica’s face in front of smokey and mark
Feb 9 smiling friends (psychic pebbles show) party where mick makes “power move” to intimidate Chris being that of a weird smegma male handshake?, Smokey attended party with mick
Around Feb 25 2022 mark is currently back in America staying at air B and B; Smokey and mick are in Vegas
Feb 26 Veronica goes to her friend “Pedro” and “chandlers”(“Pedro’s” roommate) Veronica gets extremely drunk and doesn’t “remember” if she consented to fucking? “Chandler”( mark and Veronica are together although I’m not sure the date they started dating again) Veronica returns to marks air B and B after but the same night
Feb 27 Veronica asks “chandler” not to tell mark
March 1 2022 Veronica sends goodbye message to Smokey basically stating smokey is a bad friend and dissolving the friendship
Somewhere between February 27-March 9 (fuzzy on details) mark breaks up with Veronica (she did mention it prompted her to go to AA)
March 2, 2022 Veronica reached out to friend to go to AA with her (this is her rock bottom)
March 6-7 2022 mark finds out about “chandler” situation and asks “chandler” about it
March 8 2022 “chandler” lies to mark about what happened
March 8 2022 marks friend tells mark black out drunk is not consent (obviously) and mark talks to Smokey about it to where mark conveys that drunk is not consent(who by assumption starts telling people Veronica is claiming sexual assault)
March 8 2022 Veronica and “chandler” have some line of communication up until this date Veronica’s reasoning for blocking “chandler” is mark
March 9 2022 “chandler” sends text (to mark?) about how Veronica is shit talking mark and how Veronica wanted “chandler” for months and admitting the sexual act and confirming that he(“chandler”) knew mark and Veronica were together

No. 1769701

Also March 9 2022 chandler leaves voice message to Veronica asking why she’s telling people he assaulted her (honestly seems like he’s threatening her saying things like “I severely HOPE you do the RIGHT THING”)
()Greg picks up mark and Veronica and mark have some sort of intervention esque confrontation about the cheating
Late march 2022 Mark and Veronica are hanging out again (as mentioned they go and see uncharted which is out around this time) by this point mick and Smokey have a relationship? (This detail is fuzzy)
April 2022 Ireland trip where mark and Veronica rekindle relationship
August 2022 mark and Veronica wed
Early September 2022 mark and Veronica living together
Oct 31 2022 Halloween party at Veronica and marks Smokey spergs on Twitter about Veronica not making amends or some stupid bullshit
Nov 15 2022 mick subtweets Veronica on Twitter
Just op video released I think around January 2023 (Justop video in works well before nov 2022)
January 22 2023 mark reaches out to just op about the video basically confirming that daftpina puppeteered justop into making the video to smear veronica in some way? I guess?
Feb 13 2023 Veronica video posted
the video to smear veronica in some way? I guess?
Feb 13 2023 Veronica video posted

No. 1769710

Same fag as hell but tldr for me is that
Chris is sort of a gross boyfriend and probably a shitty one which probably eventually made veronica start to cope however she could. Chris honestly is not a strong protector which is why mick was even able to get close to her. Break. Mick is deplorable. Mick is manipulative, an alcoholic, weird and cringe. Mick saying that he never loved someone as much as veronica and having been previously married is pathetic. Not to say all marriages are rooted in love but it’s a little weird. People feel bad for mark I guess but honestly mark knows who he married, I think veronica probably targeted him because he’s an Irish artist on the come up and it reminds her of a more manipulatable Chris but who knows it seems mark did really support her and help her quit alcohol so maybe she really cares for him as a person. The reason I question Veronica’s feelings is because she doesn’t really know mark that long; the people itt who are saying veronica cheated on mark already don’t understand that they were on and off and she’s an alcoholic and I don’t believe could even possibly give true consent but who knows what really happened. Maybe she was chatting him up for a while before. The thing is Veronica was friends with smokey knowing that smokey was just trying to use her own friend Edward as a meal ticket and housing. Not to be a pick me but it’s shitty that Veronica didn’t tell Edward what Smokey’s intentions were, and I have to question if she sort of was friends and supported someone like that she’s probably very similar. At the end of the day. Who cares fuck moids but smokey is undeniable a user from a shittier country looking to better her situation. Veronica sucks but so does everyone else.

No. 1769713

I honest to God want you to explain how Stamper being a murderer means people have to be nice to Veronica when those actions do not at all cancel out the fact that veronica is in fact a toxic alcoholic almost-nonce. Not a single person here or on social media discussing the drama think Stamper is a good person, abusive people who pick out an autistic teenager for personal gain and fuck everything around them aren't the hill you want to die on

No. 1769848

Thank you so much nonny! I kind of wished you greentexted, but this will do. ♥ I agree with you though, I felt the most disgust for Mick in this whole situation, Smokey and Veronica both sounded shitty in their own ways, and to each other. I agree with the Mark thing and don't think he's as helpess as it seems. I've followed Oneyplays for a while and when it comes to Chris I don't think he came off as a nice boyfriend or anything. Maybe not abusive but yeah. I didn't like how in some letsplays with Veronica in them he'd call her a bitch or stupid or something. I might be projecting kek but I don't think a male should call his girlfriend those things even as a joke.

No. 1769862

I hate her art style. Also this drama is so trashy. I hate youtubers.

No. 1769873

>didn't like how in some letsplays with Veronica in them he'd call her a bitch or stupid or something. I might be projecting kek but I don't think a male should call his girlfriend those things even as a joke.

I remember in the lion king one I think, he like jokingly calls here a whore. It's obvious they're joking but I wouldn't be surprised if she low key didn't like it.

No. 1769874

File: 1676591796397.jpg (330.01 KB, 2048x1616, Ch4kBCL.jpg)

same, this is probably a nitpick but her anatomy is awful and her colors are really ugly and saturated. I also hate how she draws herself as a sex doll with balloon tits and a bubble ass. It's also weird that she draws herself a lot. I think her art looked nicest/cutest around when she was dating Chris. she made a lot of cute comics of them together. (not trying to romanticize their relationship though.)

No. 1769877

File: 1676592345360.png (Spoiler Image, 448.3 KB, 593x478, SPOILER_image.png)

samefag, this has both things about her art that bother me
>constantly drawing self
>bad anatomy
I also remember her saying that none of these characters are her, and that she'd never open an onlyfans (on her curiouscat, idk if she still has it) but she is perfectly fine drawing porn of herself. Kek

No. 1769889

Ive used this site for so long and have no idea how to green text or make body’s longer, I’m a lurker sorry

No. 1769895

File: 1676593480476.png (1.37 MB, 1792x828, 72122353-90CC-4FF1-ACD5-F14091…)

Sorry also same fag again but yeah like I forgot to say that like I agree with you I remember he used to call her smelly and like a bitch and dumb and even if that’s their relationship and whatever it’s sort of disrespectful and weird I can’t imagine how overtime that wouldn’t bother you, I think veronica is an opportunist who wants a niche popular artist boyfriend If mark was no one or had no potential she wouldn’t be with him

A few other things. I’m Irish born and raised in county Wexford and I live in Orange County now in California and some people may not understand that culturally Irish people sort of raised to marry young and make lots of children atleast in my family sorry for blog. So possible mark was hasty in marrying her for this reason. Beyond this a few updates to the time line.

The interview in Boston post chandler break up was on 30 March 2022.
Also picrel but in the justop video he didn’t fully censor the names and I am assuming that “chandler” is actually someone named Joe.
Also last thing I was unclear on how mark found out about the cheating having broken up with Veronica before she went to as on the 2nd of March 2022 but in the justop video it is revealed that he found out via smokey who told their friend sonnytm. Not sure if relevant but yeah.

No. 1769898

File: 1676593791487.png (2.33 MB, 1792x828, 59A62D64-7EB5-41DF-974A-74F1C5…)

In finality though I do want to say.

Something I love about Veronica’s video is how much spite and hate that is directed at ole smoketheshow. She pretty much rants egotistically about smokey being such a cunt and whatever it’s beautiful. But the level of petty to use this picture constantly when referring her makes veronica so likable to me. Kek.

No. 1769907

smokey was a whole mess of a person but I loved hearing how truly despicable and weird Mick is. I've always felt something was off about him so having it come out that he's a grimy weirdo was satisfying to me. I at least like Veronica doing that kek.

No. 1770013

The more I think on it I’m sure that veronica was leading on mick (why else would he send her money and Apple Pencil in Ireland) and leading on mark at the same time but honestly I don’t care? If the worst thing she did was be an alcoholic (gross) and lead on moids who cares? They low key deserve it. Beyond that these scrotes in particular are probably the most porn addicted scrotes out there look at the artwork. Animators are autists. Especially mick.
Does anyone know who Edward is?

No. 1770016

It’s been speculated Edward is Chris ray gun. I agree with your sentiment nonny

No. 1770018

Yeah Veronica was being an idiot due to her bpd tendencies and alcohol, but mick was such a weirdo. She should have dropped him at the first sign she was annoyed. I think she said she was aware of constantly hanging around him despite feeling pressured and creeped on by him so Idk. It’s just a really gross awkward situation, mark still decided to marry her even tho her and mick were affectionate to each other in front of him. In the end, mick is the grossest and Veronica was being a retard for a lot of it, alcohol induced or not. The other girl needed to get some actual help too.

No. 1770020

Samefag, what do you guys think Veronica should do after this? I feel like her putting all this dirty laundry out there including her own makes her seem untrustworthy especially in the animation industry she wants to get into. Should she just stay offline and keep doing her self work or w/e or do you think people won’t really care? I know the oney fanboys will never let her hear the end of it

No. 1770073

Thanks for the cultural insight, you're from the same part of Ireland as Chris incidentally, and he's in his 30s without kids which contradicts what you said BUT I think if he'd stayed in Ireland he'd probably be married with kids by now. He seems very family-oriented, always going back to Ireland to visit, and he talks about his parents with a lot of respect – even when he tells a story where his parents are the "bad guy" he still always makes the amendment that his parents were trying their best or being good parents, and that he was just a stubborn kid. See also the time he got mad at the main character in YIIK because he was rude and ungrateful to his mother lol.

No. 1770077

File: 1676612433095.jpg (150.26 KB, 1200x1396, download.jpg)

From what I remember, in an old tweet she mentioned that she's related to a Mexican drug lord who was big in the 80s (pic related) and while she claims the family cut ties with him, I don't doubt they'd be well off

No. 1770091

File: 1676614993008.png (263.36 KB, 2500x1156, D9B1D884-D147-41ED-8346-B2AB50…)

To be fair chris is autistic and I’m sure his mom gave up on him having kids kek wouldn’t you if your son associated with people who draw hentai?
To me this screams munchie shit? Leaky gut? Tons of munchies lie about having lyme kek. Eb is extremely rare I don’t get it. I mean it’s not Chris’ fault exactly but I doubt he had any verification of these diseases.
Hilarious that veronica uses these pictures of Smoke because veronica in my opinion is way more plain looking. It seems like Veronica must feel threatened by how she looks.

Some kiwifag is making a timeline.

No. 1770100

Chris is successful by internet standards, in that he can make a living and is generally liked and respected, but if I was him mom I would probably be confused and sad kek. Apparently Chris has held parties for Youtube people at his house before, meaning many people have rubbed elbows with him and nobody has anything bad to say about him. He talks about it during the RE2make LP (Cory tells a funny story about overcoming his social autism just long enough to say hi to Eddie Burbank).

No. 1770154

File: 1676625595227.jpeg (460.87 KB, 828x871, 3FAD4A14-1FE5-41BF-9E21-D79294…)

(Excuse my editing I used Instagram kek)
But this is hilarious to me. (Also her chibi-self is always drawn like this which is really off putting.)

No. 1770155

File: 1676625927334.jpeg (498.41 KB, 828x767, FB0FDDFC-6A04-4CE3-96D9-045CB5…)

Kek you reminded me of this. She’s allowed to not like her father but why put it out there with his face? When I first saw this this tipped me off she was a bpd chan or something of the sort.

No. 1770156

I feel like when people "joke" like that it's not just a joke, esp with loved ones. It's a way to say mean things and get away with it. (I admit I've been guilty of it too)

No. 1770296

Chris ray gun is so problematic kek he seems like such a cunt

The whole drama is pretty funny because at its center is this Mick and Veronica thing which like..
Mick is so obsessed with Chris that’s the only reason he’s even interested in Veronica. There is nothing special about her, he just wants some friend he viewed highly’s sloppy seconds no doubt to be able to taste his secondhand cum.
And Veronica seems to be some onlyfans lite whore who only dated Mick because he allowed her to be an alcoholic and the probability that he would take care of her. As soon as she questioned his future in being successful she left him for Mark [someone who has potential in the industry] yet again. Tinfoil I guess but if Mick was a more successful less problematic moid Veronica would still be with him today.

No. 1770304

They both like plain looking women nonnie. Not to make this about judging their appearances, I mean there's other ways Veronica could feel threatened by her, her looks is not one.

No. 1770341

It’s wild to me that Mick at his big age (40 or someshit) wanted to have a party house. God what a loser. Should have stuck to his jojo shit. He really got intimidated over Mark KEKK.

No. 1770374

God I know this is supposed to be stylised but what the fuck are those legs. Absolute coomer design, I would said a moid designed it if I didn't know better.

No. 1770461

File: 1676663052316.jpg (73.07 KB, 736x725, 2014950629be773d8b4341795afadb…)

Sorry to interrupt the Markonica drama, but does anyone have any idea what happened to these lot?
>the 4 biggest youtubers in the UK
>constantly collabed, lived with eachother, basically a group
>start a podcast in 2020
>podcast ends
>2 of them have essentially stopped posting to their 3 million + sub channels
>imallexx has replaced everyone with ArthurTV, Lewis Buchanan, and George Clarky
>George Memeulous is the only other survivor and he's barely hanging in by a thread
Given the history of Imallexx I'm convinced one of them has grooming allegations on the horizon

No. 1770470


WillNe and James Marriott still make content together and separately, they seem fine.

No. 1770474

James Marriott hasn't uploaded to his main channel in 9 months and WillNE is churning out complete dog shit. That's a huge abrupt step back from about a year ago when both were consistent and all of them were practically swinging out of eachother

No. 1770652

is imallexx the guy who still defended the false accusations against that guy slazo?

No. 1771006

I was just thinking that James hadn't uploaded in awhile. Is he focusing more on music? Or did he just disappear entirely?

No. 1771138

Yes, Imallexx has actually built up a lot of notoriety for spreading false accusations because he's done it several times before Slazo

He has a second channel where he posts live clips from Twitch streams that seem to be just shit versions of his main content. It's exactly what happened to WillNE. Spent years making consistent big content getting millions of views, Eboys has some some kind of trouble, now churning out dogshit to eat less viewers than before

No. 1771605

The farms are suspecting that it’s Joebarra on Instagram that is “chandler”
Mick said on Twitter he’s gonna post a response before the weekend but it’s Saturday so lol looking like there’s no comeback

No. 1771607

File: 1676794550152.png (65.81 KB, 584x414, Screenshot_189.png)

No. 1771620

File: 1676797229809.jpeg (52.98 KB, 358x216, E0491BD4-9C3E-47DF-9685-691761…)

Creepy ass psycho eyes.

Also link to the video:

No. 1771621

No. 1771680

Someone give us a rundown ?

No. 1771693

Basically Mick doesn’t deny any of of the weird, unhinged, or creepy things he does/says, but he clarifies some things like giving Veronica cigarettes bc she asked him to, and that he lent her his Apple Pencil because she said she forgot hers and he wanted to help her out, but he didn’t specify if he told her he was going to or not which makes sense on Veronica’s end it comes off weird if he didnt. He says he knows a lot of the things he does or says was his fault, either because he let his infatuation with Veronica get to him and he acts creepy and weird, or something he said was misunderstood because he said it in an odd way, or because of alcoholism. He apologizes to Chris and everybody else but says he was misunderstood in certain things. Tbh, it came off as him being like “omg I’m SOOO in love with Veronica I can’t control myself… she’s so amazing and fun and I couldn’t hold my feelings in, I was drunk off love” like he was a teenager or something. It was odd. I’m sure someone will breakdown everything even better than this.

No. 1771704

>He starts off saying he will not provide any receipts.
>Basically he reframes everything Veronica said about him in a more flattering light.
>He doesn’t deny any of the unhinged shit he did but his insistence of trying to portray his actions as more harmless than they really were was sus.
>He said Smokey had her reasons for airing out the drama but didn’t say what they were.
>He apologizes to Chris but said he felt justified at being angry at Chris at the time because he felt Chris turned all their friends against him and abandoned him.
>He read out this cringey letter to Veronica that he wrote to her a long time ago. The fact he felt the need to do that comes off as if he still loves her.
>He was malding that Veronica was not emotionally available to him after their breakup. He felt entitled to her attention because she was there for mark when they broke up.
A stupid detail that stuck out to me was that a road that he frequently drove on and ads for a random lawyer lady fueled his obsession for Veronica even more because he said he was literally surrounded by signs that reminded him of her.
>He also said he stopped drinking and has been five days sober since filming the video.
>The way he talks needlessly pads out the video and he essentially says nothing and all you see is a sad bald man with the sanpaku stare trying to rationalize his immature behavior.
Reading the comments was really disheartening because people are really sympathetic towards him even though he basically admitted to being a creep and just used manipulative language to downplay his immature shitty behavior.
>He refused to fully admit that he was orbiting Veronica and trying to get her to dump chris while her and chris were still dating.

No. 1771709

>A stupid detail that stuck out to me was that a road that he frequently drove on and ads for a random lawyer lady fueled his obsession for Veronica even more because he said he was literally surrounded by signs that reminded him of her.

God this was really weird to me. Mick was so creepy to her but of course the (((male))) fans are eating it up b/c “boohoo I was so in luv with Veronica …” and are making her to to be Thebad guy out of everyone.

No. 1771745

I always got a weird vibe from Veronica, am I wrong in remembering that she was a fan of Oney and met him at a Ren fair with Matt and Ryan? I think she even cut her hair short because that's Chris's type lmao. She seemed like such a narc, especially with the way she draws herself but everyone seemed to love her - probably because she morphed into a female Oney. Not surprised she's acting like a trashy teenager now she's fucking one. He looks like a child, get some fucking self respect, woman

No. 1771752

>cut her hair because that’s Chris’ type
Kek I remember him saying he liked pixie cuts but if that’s why she got short hair that’s hilarious. Yeah in the donation stream (for his sick ex )from like 2017 that’s going around, she donated in it.

No. 1771805

LS Mark is leagues more mature than Veronica or even Chris.

No. 1771809

Didn't you just catch up? Mick's the one acting like a trashy teenager here. He and Veronica truly deserve each other, hope Mark divorces her sorry ass.

No. 1771813

The fact that Mick is 13 years older than her too…

No. 1771895

File: 1676831487535.jpeg (233.91 KB, 717x1041, 969C31E6-0F96-41E8-8577-D09083…)

Seems like she was intent on doing all this way before hand so its not like the intial idea she gave off of being forced to respond. Someone leaked her Patreon sketch of the video she released

No. 1771901

This is so narcissistic and the anatomy is awful

No. 1772311

Samefag now the other farms are accepting Mick b/c he was “apologetic” and “talked nice about everyone” as if male creeps don’t do this when outed all the time. At least some kiwis see that Mick is a pathetic loser.

No. 1773741

File: 1677036370608.jpg (471.53 KB, 2048x1356, FZmtU20VQAA16Bb.jpg_large.jpg)

I found the sign! I knew exactly what Mick was talking about, these signs are all over LA/Burbank and it's Veronica and Basko.

No. 1774131

Jesus Christ this is actually hilarious. mick sounds deranged

No. 1774243

I don’t really care if veronica is unhinged or some clout chaser personally idc if she cheated on some moid or lead 2 on at the same time. I don’t care if she’s an alcoholic even if that’s pathetic. I think she’s uninteresting and bad at art but idc about the things other people seem to vilify her for.

However, idk how anybody can rally to mick. He is such a disgusting scrote. Even him making a video seems like fairly manipulative in the way he did it. Sad face on video. Professional filming and recording equipment. He literally reads the same shit she said and somehow people think he’s not that bad? Weird af. He didn’t deny anything? Except that the boat trip wasn’t him coming on to her? But he was already interested in her? It makes no sense.

No. 1774263

I agree with you. All the males and even the other farms are like “uhh ugh Mick said nice things and he was chill so he’s cool now” like mick didn’t come off as a creepy weirdo. They have an “evil slut” to villianize and she will never hear the end of it. Chris seems fine but everyone’s like OHHH BOOHOO POOR CHRIS over her current moid she cheated on and married. The (male) fans and orbiters of this whole thing are so retarded.

No. 1774555

To be completely honest in my eyes veronica comes off as kind of a sicko. I mean, of course she has the potential to change, everyone in this situation does but if she looks this bad even from her own side of the story I cant begin to fathom how terrible it was IRL.

So basically she starts dating barely legal mark, he comes all of the way to LA to see her, just for her to leave him for Mick and make him hang out at a shit hole house for like, the entirety of his stay.

When she said Mark was drinking until puking that made me feel horrible. As a 20 year old, I can relate most to Mark here. Being new to adult hood and having a bunch of FREAKS around you who don't act like adults is fucking scary. Especially when they're all in their 30's and even 40's! Mick is old enough to be Mark's father and he's out here hating??

He was basically just stranded there! I don't even understand why she got with Mick? She calls Smokey her best friend, knew she was fucking this guy and then she just drops her fresh brand new barely legal Irish BF to cockblock some other chick? It's almost like she revels in the fact that she was this guys first choice. Idk I find that pretty pathetic and fake. Usually if you know your friend is pursuing a guy, especially if she's crazy, you'd leave that guy alone, no? It just came off kinda weird.

Also, why are these 2 reasonably attractive women are giving this geriatric, washed up Youtube english dub voice actor pussy!!? What the fuck? Why?

It's not even just that stuff either though! like when she mentioned that Chris had an ill EX he was raising money for and she admits she cheated on him because of it..That's like, sociopath behavior I think? Maybe I'm wrong, but something about that ain't right.
Then after all is said and done with their relationship she goes off with Mick and Smokey and starts a club around hating on him? Thats really pathetic. she's like 30 fucking years old.

I think that she tends to rush relationships or something too. Because she says "He wasn't taking me seriously" but by that I think she met he wasn't ready to talk about babies or marriage. She's already talking about babies with Mark and dragged him to get married immediately after cheating on him. That is nothing short of insane. She doesn't need marriage or a relationship she actually needs a therapist. Mick, Smokey, and Veronica all need therapy. I just hope Mark gets out of this I have a feeling Veronica is gonna go full Squizzy one of these days.

The thumbnail also just screams "I'm just a bean UwU I only did it because of bad influences!" You're 30, you need to be responsible for yourself instead of pretending you don't have agency. I'd be empathetic if this was happening to a teenager but she's too old for this. The whole situation is a joke.

No. 1774696

Lol your Reddit spacing was giving me cancer but I was also chuckling
>Also, why are these 2 reasonably attractive women are giving this geriatric, washed up Youtube english dub voice actor pussy!!? What the fuck? Why?
They both sound mentally ill, I think Veronica said something like he enabled her alcoholism and Smokey related with him on liking someone who didn’t like them back so.. they ended up fucking? Smokey also seemed like she had some deep issues. Idk, I agree it’s really weird. Also Mick seemed like the bottom of the new grounds animators barrel, like he’s the last and desperate choice out of everyone in that circle

No. 1774720

I hate sound like a whiteknight but I’m tired of pick mes defending degen moids.
Veronica was an alcoholic when all this dumb shit went down. Part of AA is her taking accountability and knowing she was at fault and doing bad things. The fact that some of you can’t get around the coomer thumbnail says a lot. She runs in circles with degen coomers of course she has porn brainrot and feels the need to portray herself in an overtly sexualized fashion. She comes off as a bpd pick me cool girl type so I’m not surprised she panders to coomers with her art.
I know mark is technically innocent but it’s retarded to call him barely legal and basically a child. He’s a grown man that can make his own choices and can consent to whatever he thinks seems like an idea even if it’s to his detriment. Stop infantilizing this moid. He seems to have the money and resources to travel back and forth so he wasn’t trapped or anything. He chose to watch this shitshow unravel and sat through it and even essentially self harmed by forcing himself drink through it.
The whole mick and Smokey situation is fucked. Mick pretty much did the nasty moid thing where he hits on his close friend’s gf behind his back while also shit talking him and saying she deserves way better. Veronica said in her video Mick had fed into her insecurities of Chris keeping his ex around while also trying to coax her into breaking up with him. So imagine having a mouth breathing moid validate your delusions of being second place to your bf’s ex all while telling you you deserve better and should dump him constantly. Veronica also stated that one of her demands for staying in a relationship with Chris was for him to cut off this ex and he reluctantly agreed but he was caught multiple times going back on his promise which understandably came off as a form of betrayal to Veronica. I’m not justifying her cheating on Chris I’m just explaining the rationale behind it.
Veronica also mentioned that mick basically broke her down with time and she gave in and started dating him. She said she felt since he felt so strongly about her then maybe she was missing out on a big opportunity by overlooking him.
Smokey was horribly obsessed with Chris ray gun so I highly doubt her feelings for mick were anything besides settling for whoever would take her. Mick used Smokey the same way because he was obsessed and madly in love with Veronica so I don’t see how this is stealing someone away from a best friend. In hindsight Veronica seemed to have regretted dating mick which is good cause that means she saw it as a huge mistake. She also said she has a horrible habit of telling moids what they want to hear even though she doesn’t actually feel it or believe it because she’s driven by guilt which is a really sad pick me habit.
Mark knows full well what he’s getting into. He knows Veronica and what she’s capable of. He’s seen it all and still chose to marry her. Marriage isn’t permanent and he can always divorce her if it doesn’t work out but it’s kind of gross how entitled some of these fanboys and alleged friends are being by demanding they separate this instant. This marriage happened between two consenting adults and if they wanna fuck up their lives then that’s on them and no one else.
Veronica doesn’t have a history of domestic abuse or suicide baiting like squizzzy so comparing them is kind of fucked. If she did it would be everywhere just like this whole drama is right now.
Ugh I just wanna see the moids spill their spaghetti trying to justify themselves. Especially Chris ray gun. He’s a piece of shit but I doubt he’ll say anything about what he did to Smokey.

No. 1774740


No matter how hard you cope shes a shit person who was in control of most of her actions with or without drinking. She's trash.

No. 1774759

She started seeing him when he just turned 18, I'd say that counts as barely legal. Women first, always but nah Im not defending a cow like Veronica lol. LSMark is around my age so I am skeeved out by the fact that she was near 30 hanging around an 18 year old to later end up marrying him. That right there is freak behavior.

No. 1774774

I agree with your points and also think Veronica is a shit cow kek

No. 1774819

I genuinely think Mick is the worst out of all of them. Especially with his weird obsession with Veronica and Chris.

No. 1774853

File: 1677128924074.png (161.44 KB, 1080x447, Screenshot_2023-02-22-21-02-46…)

Pan Pizza/Rebel Taxi may possibly be trans?

No. 1774896

Lmao you're grasping at straws here. They're both consenting adults it's not like Mark was some vulnerable child.

No. 1774910

this is belongs in the western animatiors thread(as VA and cartoon reviewer drama is also allowed there)

No. 1774923


I'd die before I caught myself making the same arguments old moids make to justify going for 18 year old girls lmao but ok

No. 1774946

You got nothing except you’re seething jealousy that you’d treat Chris so much better and would gladly let his unwashed ass be all over you.
He was 18 when they started talking and 19 when dating.
Young moids are way different than young women. Most them have porn brain rot by their early teens so by the time they’re adults I don’t think they’re innocent children. Age gaps between adults is such a stupid thing to condemn someone for especially if it’s the moid being the younger one.
I agree she’s fucked in the head. I’m just tired of people flinging shit at her cause it’s clear they’re assblasted oneyplays fans. I don’t think she’s some evil predator though. She’s just a crazy bitch that’s involved in shitty scene that has some of the most degenerate moids in it and she’s the one taking the heat for existing. Her video was way to earnest and she didn’t hide her rage well so pissed off a lot of people as opposed to mick’s creepy uwu I’m just a bald baby man who thought he was in wuv uwu.

No. 1775041

Sam Taylor-Johnson???

No. 1775122

All I can take from this is that there is no way you can claim either Veronica's or Mick's side was better. You either think they're both shitty people or they're just flawed people trying to be better, no picking sides. It's like saying Scott Pilgrim is a good guy but Ramona Flowers is bad.
I do hate Oneyfags, though, poking their heads in and acting like Chris is some "uwu cinnamon roll" when he's just as much of a pornsick weirdo as Arin or Mick.
With regards to Mark, I do feel a little more sympathy since his only fault is not leaving. Then again, he's young, alone in LA and desperately needs contacts who can help him make videos (his only source of income). From what few videos of him I've seen, he seems the most normal if a bit autistic but if he got wronged not just once but twice (maybe thrice) by Veronica then he doesn't really deserve sympathy.

No. 1775133

I've already said it but god I hate the oneyfags being all sad about Chris and Veronica breaking up when it seems like he broke up with her and got over it. He's fine kek. Just want a million reasons to hate this woman. She sounds like a shit person but of course, since she wronged their god they're going to always harass her now even though chris probably doesnt give two fucks

No. 1775270

People getting sad about other peoples relationships ending is always silly to me. Relationships don't end for no reason, it's generally best for both parties in the long run.

No. 1775288

Mick is the biggest freak out of all of them but it’s obvious Veronica is still unhinged on her own. The alcoholism makes things much worse but in her video she tells on herself severely. The half apologies and deflections aren’t taking accountability at all. At one point she talks about how even though she admitted to cheating on Mark at least she’s not a home wrecker like Smokey, barring the fact they’re both trash. 20 years old isn’t a kid and I don’t believe they shouldn’t be held accountable for their decisions, but Mark is now in a situation most stable adults wouldn’t be able to handle. Mick is insane for sure but that doesn’t negate Veronica’s problems either. They all deserve to get the shit beaten out of them.

No. 1775327

I think by far mick is worse. He’s a middle aged man acting like a high schooler that just discovered love. He’s been married before too. It just shows that his relationships are all just shams built up on mania and obsession. I still agree Veronica is a retard but obvious untreated mental illness and addiction made her the way she is.
Her and Smokey’s beef is stupid. Smokey could’ve just moved on but instead held on to an obvious vendetta towards Veronica hence her constantly sticking her nose in Veronica’s business. She called Veronica an abuser and even made a false rape accusation rumor up to further ruin her reputation. (Although I kind of think what that Christ cuck did was technically rape.)
I hate that the excuse for letting all this drama out was to supposedly to protect Mark but it just humiliated him and put a huge negative spotlight on him.

No. 1775374

Guess which one of the people who falsely accused Slazo of rape got exposed for raping someone

No. 1775375

File: 1677191315569.jpg (83.88 KB, 1501x1440, 90whw596jd681.jpg)

Oops, dropped my pic

No. 1775379

No. 1775380

who nona?

No. 1775381

File: 1677192649207.png (19.03 KB, 630x408, rp.png)

No. 1775385

File: 1677193207921.png (168.66 KB, 777x1524, TwitLonger.png)

Forgot to add the last part but it's just
>TLDR: I was raped by Kwite, emotionally abused, deadnamed, called slurs and gaslit into silence for 6 years.

No. 1775502


Well there it is. I originally liked Kwite and thought he was really funny, I just assumed he kept his face covered up because he was nervous, so having that shelter helped to lighten inhibitions. But eventually, it became obvious that everything he is just because his friends/fans spoon-fed him all his material. I'm not surprised after reading this that he's manipulative and uses people to further himself. I think it's obvious nothing will happen to him despite this coming out, since goofy scrotes like this with their range of orbitors can't be knocked. Shame(learn to sage)

No. 1775509

just goes to show you cant trust any youtube gamer bro making videos in his basement.

god i hope scott the woz doesnt get exposed in my lifetime.

No. 1775674

What are you even on about? You’re 20 and it shows. You must not have much relationship experience. You think Veronica’s a bitch for cheating on chris? If a moid isn’t making you happy you should do whatever you want. Like call it justifying cheating idc but life isn’t so black and white where you have to believe CHEATING BAD! SLUT BAD. Chris is a shitty boyfriend probably addicted to porn, doubt he ever made her cum by his own hand. Men like this don’t deserve to keep women around? It’s evolutionary women seek out the strongest partner they can; Not unhygienic porn addicted moids who won’t give up their ex for you.
>I don’t understand why she even got with mick.
It’s called manipulation. Her boyfriend (mark) was distant from her and she had issues with him so she left him. Then mick through sheer consistent interaction convinced her to give him a shot. To which it lasted a month. Be serious. I know a months a long time in your “uwu I’m barely an adult” brain but gather some life experience and cringe at this viewpoint. To be clear I’m not saying veronica is a victim she clearly orchestrated her situation. She’s a mentally ill mess, But the men around her are much worse.
Mark is not a child. He said she’s the cheating type in his dms to Smokey. He’s aware. I’m sure mark is basically a younger more moldable version of Chris in Veronica’s eyes it’s more of a cope that she’ll never be with Chris again she’s clearly seething over it.
>>1775327 this reply is based

No. 1775701

> She’s a mentally ill mess, But the men around her are much worse.

Thank you. Smokey needed to get help too and should have fucked off bc mick or “”””Edward””” (Chris ray gun) weren’t worth it and both using her for sex esp mick being like “Veronica made me mad so I’m gonna fuck Smokey now” like? Mick is disgusting. He shouldn’t be forgiven because he used puppy dog eyes in front of a camera. Mark is old enough to get the fuck away from Veronica if he wants to.

No. 1775821

The best thing he can do here is not address this at all. Trans? Mental illness? Leaked his face? Homestuck fan?

No. 1776069

It’s funny how anons will go on about how justified the cheating was because Chris is shit, smelly, has a broken back so he can’t have sex, and then completely forget that in streams Veronica herself says she’s only mad at him for dumping her after she was caught cheating. She only cheated after seeing Chris talk to a sick ex out of insecurity so she was okay with all the shit she put up with, she just wasn’t fine with him helping a sick ex out.

No. 1776314

I’m not saying it’s “justified” but I would probably look for attention from someone else if he sucked. She’s not shitty for cheating, she’s shitty for not leaving him because she’s a leech, just trying to ride his coattails.

Side note though, are mick and smokey actually dating? Why aren’t they public in any way on Twitter? Seems she’s the only one who ever confirms they’re dating? Seems shady of mick

No. 1776381

Yes mick and Smokey are dating. They got together bc Veronica left mick. It doesn’t seem like Mick cares for Smokey at all other than sex.

No. 1776391

Anon she literally turned around and cheated on her brand new boy toy too. Quit coping. Bitch is unstable and would toss another woman under the bus so fucking quick. I dont understand what the reasoning for defending her is? Your man isn't keeping you happy? BREAK UP WITH HIM! Simple as. Is she sending friends here or something?

No. 1776784

Are you retarded? Joe having sex while she’s fucked up isn’t cheating? Even if it was premeditated I’d hardly consider it cheating. It’s actually sexual assault. I’m not defending her she’s insufferable for a ton of reasons like bad art, moid pandering pick me, clout chasing coat tail hanger, not interesting or special, among many other things like being a shitty fellow woman to her friends or her bpd meltdowns or even her like veiled dodging of accepting any personal responsibility but hardly is she a cow for cheating on two moids. Men do not deserve our loyalty or respect, have fun being a trad oneyfangirl tho.

No. 1776785

Same fag but maybe you think it’s up for debate wether or not she was sexually assaulted in some way. Sex via coercion is rape. Joe left a voicemail on her phone essentially threatening her for the rumors to which is a totally innocent action. Many anons agree she was sexually assaulted calling rape cheating is fully retarded but even if it wasn’t rape. The point stands. Who cares about loyalty to moids?

No. 1776860

No. 1776890

Never watched Oneyplays only know Veronica from observing that video and tbqh anyone would think that she seemed like an asshole along with Smokey and Mick I am extremely confused by the dickriding. Did she make something worth obsessing over. That is the only explanation I can come up with for this.

No. 1777586

No one is riding her dick. Everyone is conceding that Veronica is crazy, unhinged, and mentally ill. They just don’t think she deserves all the ire all the Oneyfags give her.
Tbh it goes to show since she’s not being manipulative and uwu nice in her video like mick was everybody is hating on her for being honest and not holding back on how she feels. She’s not being two faced or pretending that she’s on some sort of moral high ground like all the people attacking her are.
This whole drama just seems like a petty excuse to attack someone they’ve disliked for a long time with the excuse of doing it for mark’s own good.
It’s just a classic “shun the flawed woman but it’s not sexist or morally questionable guys because she’s evil.”

No. 1778250

No. 1782547

I never heard of this nobody before and all of a sudden she is popping up everywhere. In her most recent video she bought a car, spends money on random shit like tarot cards and amazon junk, and doesn't seem to work. Also didn't she say she was moving out? She keeps filming in the same house.

Smells like a grifter with hers baity vids asking for donations. Scam.

No. 1783308

the observe guy and his enby wife are such retards.

No. 1783353

She used to be a sims YouTuber but switched to vlogging and lifestyle content, I think the people interested in her are mostly people in the sims fandom.
She’s a messy bpdchan and isn’t necessarily scamming, but she’s for sure exploiting herself and her personal life for views. I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone, let alone a mentally ill person, to be documenting so much of their life.
Her husband allegedly left her for her bpd behavior, which includes her getting on the hood of his car to prevent him from leaving. She says she’s working on her behavior, her evidence of this is one therapy session. However, she recently admitted in a vlog to calling her husband’s workplace from a restricted phone number, which doesn’t scream improvement. Imo she’s kind of entertaining but most of her behavior is just boring, predictable, textbook bpd

No. 1783358

File: 1678074795732.png (856.89 KB, 746x774, grossmanwithcutedogs.png)

Observe and his wife had a pretty public break-up like a month or so ago. She was alluding to him being a narcissist in her youtube community tab + her instagram and got a lot of support in the comments. I would post caps but i revisited her socials and everything is deleted. I believe he only made one YT community post saying that they split up (picrel). Anyways, i loved hate watching his channel when his "nonbinary wife" was still around. He is just boring and retarded on his own now.

No. 1783418

they’re probably both narcissists. gendies and their enablers always are.

No. 1783430

File: 1678081813227.jpg (316.55 KB, 1080x1735, IMG_20230306_064405.jpg)

So, around 2 years ago I posted in these threads how this guy was a youtuber for a game I played (Arknights) and how he was a total cow. In the meanwhile he started doing more loud clickbait, getting involved in discord drama, he started playing genshin and stirring up shit and somehow he ended up in Asmongold and Charlie's group OTK and being a business partner for Starforge.

Fucking insane how just being a balding discordbro that rages on stream can get you so far.

No. 1783485

File: 1678088889241.jpeg (57.25 KB, 594x405, CA8E50EF-4566-4DB2-A0D7-D2F964…)

cp bump

No. 1783515

I used to enjoy her Sims content. Never really cared for her lifestyle vlogging. This BPD saga seemed to appear out of nowhere and now she's getting at least 10x the views of her normal vlogs. Maybe losing the baby tipped her over the edge but personally I'm wondering if it's a grift for donations. I doubt she was making any YouTube money after she quit the Sims channel. If it's real its a bizarre turn

No. 1783956

File: 1678148915107.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

oh fucking hell, its tectone on lolcow.

i dont think its his screaming that got him so far - he is a funny dude with a really good presence and delivery. he's also really good at hyping people up about the games he's playing. if any of his stories about having a theatre background in his past are true, id say it did pay off very well.

his real problem is, however, that he is literally chasing drama and in worst case scenario he will create it. he had this drawn-out shitstorm involving an other genshit creator named atsu. the entire thing was basically tectone making random shit up and his minion "gooseegg" trying really hard to imitate everything tectone does - which is jarringly obvious when you try to skinwalk someone like tectone. later i realized he repeats this sort of drama with a rando youtuber every few months and it always goes this way, too. exhausting.

the dude is obsessed with the idea of being a victim, tho. this one time he said he was raised by black people. then his very white dad pops up in a lter video. okay. in an other, that he has schizophrenia. then he was homeless. then his house burnt down. in yet another he's being bullied. fat chance any of that actually has basis in reality.

one of the few youtubers i actually MEAN IT when i say i believe he's narcissistic. like most narcs, he's very entertaining when in his element, but the moment he feels comfortable for long enough his tune changes for the aggressive.

No. 1784183

I don't think her BPD will ever be addressed properly. She's not updated her YT for a while, but posted on Insta that she's moving back to Arkansas with her husband? There's a pic of them holding hands in her latest post. She just found this therapist and she's already leaving the state, she just got a new car that cannot be taken out of state yet but she's moving, etc. It's really impulsive, and like you said, her husband left her because of this behaviour so it's rather strange. Her community YT page has a lot of fans concerned about what she's doing.

No. 1784199

Glad to see his wife left him. Dude is extremely irresponsible with money.

No. 1784228

watching this is sad. i remember watching her sims 2 stuff a couple years ago, i'd actually binge on it because i found it quite entertaining. i remember when she revealed she had no hair due to an illness, and now seeing her with a head full of hair but her life crumbling is so bittersweet. anyone got more info on her husband? what caused all this?(sage your shit)

No. 1784234

Oh wow I didn't see her Insta
This seems kind of out of the blue

When I first found her Sims content I thought she seemed so chill and normal.

No. 1784275

Wasn't his wife a twitter pick-me? Was there any milk about them?

No. 1784280

Why are so many youtubers narcissists, psychopaths, bpd etc.? The really bad cows and drama seem to always be from youtube. I guess it's because they like attention but is that all?

No. 1784288

The average sane person has less chances to be a huge youtuber because that requires a bit of obsession and insanity, it also depends on the field of entertainment they choose.

There is that grand illusions grandpa who just shows off his collection of gadgets and toys, and vsauce for science, Ann Reardon for food and debunking, they all seem down to earth and pleasant people. Then we have somebody like Mr Beast who has millions but sleeps in his studio and focuses his entire life on youtube, everyone who has met him says he's an insane workaholic. Then there's xQc who talks all day, he's a millionare but he showed his room and there's a pile of mcdonalds trash and dirt, living like a slob. And the worst case - the trainwreck youtuber like Nikocado.

I just think you have to be a bit narcissistic to look at yourself and talk, give your opinions all day and listen to yourself. And the draining lifestyle of frequent uploads burns them out.

No. 1784328

Oh my goodness! I love Ann Reardon–she has such good content and I really enjoy how down to Earth she is. Plus, I feel as though she is very appropriate with having her children on camera, and it does not seem forced in the slightest. She's a really good example of a quality content creator.

No. 1784439

from what i gather from this, it doesn't sound like this marriage was a romantic relationship much, it was for bureaucratic reasons

No. 1784746

>I listened to the sleepycabin podcasts and I thought they were all losers who judged, bitched and full of snobbery. Why are they shocked these bunch of arseholes are toxic mfs? Don’t get me wrong. I love their individual content, but as people… it doesn’t take a genius to see who they really are.
I'm so glad someone else says this.

Dunno if anyone here was in anime club during HS, but hearing parasocial dweebs talk about these unattractive, ugly losers as if they were their real friends and some how cool and not just a bunch of washed up twerps was hair raising.
I just wanted to discuss my clamp manga and not hear the new gossip of "oeeemgeee disha hear zaaaack said this to joooosh and he said this tooo miiike" from some braces wearing loser who thinks I care.

So no surprises here a bunch of losers who never would've gotten any attention on this scale if not for being on newgrounds at the right time to be the millennial generation's favourite global digital class clowns turned out to be breeding grounds for toxicity, drama and petty nerd shit.

No. 1784889

Everyone should watch and support HOI OIM ANN REAHDIN. She's legitimately wonderful.
Can't embed on mobile but
Women need to start respecting themselves. Stop fucking around with losers, never mind marrying one. Thank God they didn't have kids.

No. 1785244

Physics Girls / Dianna Cowerns health has been failing due to long covid and chronic fatique syndrome ME/CFS. Her husband is her full time caretaker now. Simone Giertz hosted the video update since Dianna is too sick to even respond to text messages from her friends, let alone film a video.

No. 1785257

I don't even care if she ever makes a video again, I just pray she survives and is able to function

No. 1785292


Fully agree. I love her content, and I love Simone. Classy, quality youtubers with interesting content. I hope Dianna gets better quickly–not even for the sake of posting a video, but purely because she seems like a kind soul. That's really sad to see.

No. 1785503

File: 1678369337565.webm (14.15 MB, 634x360, ODa4dKfuryjT5usq.webm)

Shane Dawson and his husband cheerfully announce that they purchased 12 embryos and are hiring a surrogate to gestate a baby boy and possibly girl

No. 1785519

Oh God no. I feel so sorry for the baby that will be born and the surrogate mother. Two faggots can never make good parents, especially if one of them is Shane. Why do they even want children? They're so narcissistic.

No. 1785523

remember when he laughed at a baby who was raped to death

No. 1785530

Shane has his own thread in /pt/

No. 1785690

Sorry i know shane has his own thread but ew… he even said "a baby is like a dog to me" kill him please.

Im not the anon who ppsted that shane video but still.

No. 1785696

File: 1678393160711.jpg (109.59 KB, 819x1024, 321.jpg)


No. 1785702

Go back to kiwifarms he was never unruined

No. 1785723

Obvious male post lmao. Ian was always a nobody cuck if you really paid attention.

No. 1785759

Ruined what? Some pedo-stached goon that hasn't been relevant since he was the content cuck?
You want to go suck a scrotes' edick for attention, go to KF.

No. 1785797

She looks like she's cosplaying Rizzo from Grease

No. 1785801

she deserves better kek

No. 1785936

Ian was an annoying incel faggot in his internet fame heyday. Him being the cucked OF boyfriend is genuinely a better life path.

No. 1786074

You realise this guy pees on her in the shower and then giggles right? There wasn't anything to ruin, people just think making content cop means you don't have any issues of your own when those most critical of others usually have the most issues themselves (name me one drama channel that doesn't have a nutcase in charge, and yes Ian is drama I hate that moids on YouTube get to claim they're "commentators" when they're commenting on drama). He was never cool, filthy frank skits were peak male immaturity and he wasn't the smart one there. His best content involved going after easy targets and half his videos didn't actually contain any real substance.

No. 1786906

File: 1678573992405.jpg (80.07 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20230311_172353_You…)

Kwite face reveal.

No. 1786912

Kek isn't this supposed to be the video of him addressing rape allegations? Why does he look so disgusting and unkempt?

No. 1786920

Not sure what I was expecting but I certainly wasn't expecting THAT. There seems to be a pattern with male youtubers.

No. 1786964

Is no-one going to talk about the contents of the video? Just his looks? Okaaay

No. 1786970

I will never care about this dude enough to watch a feature film length apology video, but you do you

No. 1786972

It isn't an apology video lmao. You do realize you can make youtube videos play faster?

No. 1786975

Give a tldr if u want us to talk about AINT no one watching some crusty scrote talk

No. 1786987

File: 1678584090869.jpg (139.02 KB, 756x1024, Fq-L_m5WcAI9d_t.jpg)

im watching it right now. basically the tif who accused him of rape didnt show any evidence so he dropped the entirety of their dms, they show her pestering him for sex and kisses and him awkwardly trying to let her down easily (i would fault him more for not setting clearer boundaries but they were both teenagers), he talks about how hes a virgin because he cant get it up to this day, and the whole thing seems to be about the fact that he stopped being friends with her because she was codependent and made him talk her down from her bpd meltdowns all the time so now she has some kind of vendetta against him. she posted picrel on twitter as her last ditch effort to convince everyone shes not lying but it doesnt even look real and all the replies are saying it wasnt proofread and is just the symptoms of ptsd copy pasted from google lmao.

No. 1786993

oh samefag but there was also a video made in 2018 after they stopped being friends where she tried to cancel him for not being a good friend i guess? she didnt talk about them having a sexual relationship at all in it and only brought it up now for some reason (presumably because her ego was bruised from being rejected)
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xZs50FWCgP6dC8GjWE3xrMMwTRPKM28O this is the archived version of that video from his evidence google doc.
she also tweeted about the video and set the replies to mutuals only and even all her friends dont believe her anymore.

No. 1787044

stuff like this just gives me second hand embarrassment. like imagine seeing your son on youtube making an hour long response video trying to debunk sexual assault claims made by a "male".

No. 1787069

Can ANYONE here explain to me why moids think this UGLY (legit repulsive) incel was ever a cool guy?
Unless you were a starfucker I know of literally no girl ever who thought this creep was ever anything but a weird stuttering incel.

No. 1787136

I used to have a crush on him but I was also severely mentally ill.

No. 1787227

>kwite face reveal
Oh my God. oh my god. I never cared about Kwite enough to watch his videos, but never from any of his appearances on other channels did I expect it to be this bad. Why does he look like that?

No. 1787288

As if it wasnt clear as fuck that he's a ugly peter lorre mixed with frankenstein looking weirdo.
Why do zoomers think weird moids hide their fucking faces and make "cool" avatars?
Y'all getting played by the ugliest of nerds.
Fucking THINK.(sage this shit)

No. 1787349

Because moids are ugly unclean and barely know how to dress themselves. Women facetune, excersize, put on makeup, spend thousands of dollars on hair/nails/skin and get plastic surgery to reap the reward of a stinky unclean man child. Teenagers would rather project their fantasies onto a voice than deal with the selection of males they have nowadays. All moids are basically neets. It's fucking bleak for moids but you know they'll just blame women for being dumb and not the absolute state of your average male compared to what an average woman is like.

No. 1787358

Normal looking, funcioning members of our society do not become a full time youtuber. kek.

No. 1787374

he could at least fix his strangy ass hair jesus christ

No. 1787657

this is honestly way better than i was expecting, i thought hed be a bald white guy with butthole eyes.

No. 1787828

Anon wth he supposed to do just not say anything and let people think he a rapist?? Lmao I'm pretty sure its reasonable to want to debunk that.

No. 1787947

File: 1678721087702.jpeg (113.31 KB, 1324x1195, 384F898C-1A52-489D-BD8A-907100…)

Additional info about the Kwite/Orion situation, apparently Orion went around to talked to other creators before Orion posted the tweet.

No. 1787948

File: 1678721151053.jpeg (54.45 KB, 600x939, 49A8BD16-537C-46FD-A480-E67EC9…)

No. 1787949

File: 1678721243641.jpeg (45.7 KB, 599x938, 46A6B811-82CD-4FB9-8C32-C523D2…)

No. 1788012

Well, now he's a balding mystery meat with butthole eyes. Is this really that much better?
He also looks like he got superbad BO.

No. 1788046

I like Drew and enjoyed the video, but this snippet disappointed me. It feels statement-y, he had so many videos to choose from and chose this.

No. 1788047

File: 1678731765728.jpg (149.71 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20230313_191953.jpg)

Sage for lolcow deleting my picture

No. 1788061

Well, he does look like the type to jerk it to sissy hypno

No. 1788069

File: 1678733352466.webm (1.64 MB, 1280x720, Hogwarts Legacy, JK Rowling, a…)

from the same video he's mentioning

No. 1788095

I just finished watching it cause I do like Kwite's videos, and I was ready to just cut him out after the allegations since they seemed reasonable. Even though I am usually on the side of the victim, she really fucked herself over. The discord messages she wrote to him were just reeking of codependency, the kind of interactions where someone just berates and puts themselves down constantly so you shower them with attention. It is very obvious that she was using the positive affirmations as a soother without using that towards building their own self-confidence. This type of behaviour makes a lot of sense towards her vendetta towards him.

While I don't really care what happens to Kwite himself, I think it's good to see their side of this because it really highlights these kind of people. I've known them in my life, and once they attach, it is really hard to get rid of them. There are people in this world that are addicted to the feeling of someone saving them, always having these codependent reactions so that they feel someone is always there. They get so addicted to this that they will never pull themselves up. Again, I don't think there is anything special or unique about Kwite's situation other than just happening to meet this type of person.

No. 1788114

Drew gives me an off vibe and has since he made that one reaction calling a woman a bitch for no reason

No. 1788162

File: 1678741238282.jpg (52.24 KB, 800x780, 1671100192054.jpg)

Never watched Kwite but feel genuinely bad for the guy.
>crazed horny tif is a weirdo to you
>let them down over and over
>Just stop being friends because clearly its not getting any better
>Tif makes it their personal goal to ruin your life because of it.
The whole situation is insane. I would be BEYOND gutted if I had to tell everyone online my sexual history just to dispell rape allegations. Especially as someone who was sexually assaulted in the past that would be humiliating. I was sexually assaulted by a couple of classmates in middle school and it messed me up. So I'm just angry that she'd fucking lie about that. Why? What is there to gain? And of course she's been called out and is sticking to it going as far as to whip up a fake medical document. What a fucking retard. I knew not to say anything about it because "BPD"+TIF in the bio. I had a feeling it could go either way.

No. 1788221

Orion's 30 seconds of fame must've been worth it for her to drop off the internet. Ironic. She called Kwite out for not responding fast enough, yet here she is, radio silence.

No. 1788287

File: 1678777231047.jpg (79.14 KB, 540x540, ae49a42af877d22c86ee15739efa21…)

bump, dont scroll

No. 1788295

File: 1678777861969.jpg (177.25 KB, 719x1169, Screenshot_20230314-200602_You…)

he, danny gonzalez and kurtis conner have amassed a huge zoomer fanbase who drool over them doing stuff like this. i always remember this post danny made on his second channel, he literally just read out a meme that had the word femboy in it. he seems a nice guy, the kind of well intentioned left leaning normie who just doesn't want to be mean. it's just still shocking to me how accusations of transphobia are such a big threat in our climate. you can bounce back from racism or ableism but "transphobia"? pretty much the cardinal sin, cancelled forever, no benefit of the doubt

No. 1788299

Ro Ramdin is a friend of nickisnotgreen who used to edit for Kurtis IIRC? So they likely know each other and Drew is shouting out a smaller friend/acquaintance.
I hope he doesn't make a habit of it though, I feel like a lot of youtubers in this niche started out funny and became completely braindead as soon as they realised you don't need to make jokes if you just react to conservative/redpill/manosphere tiktoks.

No. 1788311

File: 1678786486539.jpg (138.03 KB, 1280x720, hq720.jpg)

this annamarie forcino person seems to be kind of in this sphere of "weird" left-adjacent funnypeople commentators, and i refuse to click on her videos.
her name stinks of rancid tomato concentrate, dry sausage and grandma chin hair. the dumpiness, the flab, the greasy roadkill on her head, everything about her elicits this raging mean-girl hatred i've never felt before. i want to give her a bath and a haircut. i bet you all of my savings she's one of those girls claiming to be kweer just because she looks like 50 yo guidance counsellor full of baloney and antidepressants.

danny gonzalez and drew gooden (who's actually quite talented and intelligent imo) seem like normal people living healthy lives, it's a shame they feel they must bend the knee to gendies and trannies
kurtis conner is a contemptible unfunny poser faggot NLOB.

No. 1788333

Anon she’s literally a lesbian.

No. 1788348

lmao i knew it

No. 1788351

File: 1678794408381.jpg (255.65 KB, 1152x2048, coomer starre.jpg)

They are all sorta look the same to me

No. 1788353

ew you are right. bottom left is the stuff of nightmares

No. 1788396

which video was that?

No. 1788406

Lmao, that's a lot of hatred to harbor over someone else's unkempt looks. You're hilarious though and I get it, I've had those same feelings about Asmongold. Maybe she reminds you of a time when you didn't take good care of yourself or something; at least that's what I realized when I tried to figure out why I have SO much hate for a random WoW streamer with greasy hair and an addiction to McDonald's

No. 1788482

File: 1678818330357.jpg (96.95 KB, 1280x720, fupaccino.jpg)

it's possible. i simultaneously want to erase her from the gene pool and get her an exercise plan and a makeover, and i'm neither an anachan nor have i ever given a shit about fashion or even a cow's appearance.
haggard barefoot southern european great-aunt that fries shit all day in a muumuu + le qwerky nosering and ironic shirts in a delusional attempt to trick people into transposing her from the steepest depths of normie beauty standards into a parallel "alt and artistic" aesthetic hierarchy where she sits higher with "originality" as the standard and not fucking washing your hair + regurgitating ready-made platitudes and lefty nonsense to feel smarter than the people who didn't finish high school = nuclear fucking alchemic reaction that fills my entire being with the rabid fury of 1000 shaynatorium autists, and i don't even need to see her asshole.

No. 1788531

Annamarie Forcano has potential she just has to stop virtue signalling. She has her moments, but she just insists on drowning them out with "oh btw I'm an ally" humour. She's like a less charismatic Gabbi Belle

No. 1788638

I love you unhinged nonnies. You guys make my day. smiling face

"…with the rabid fury of 1000 shaynatorium autists, and i don't even need to see her asshole."

Made me kek so loud

No. 1788915


Life Plus Cindy's latest video…my girl has a new septum piercing for maximum BPD points. She's back with her husband and they took a road trip to Arkansas, her home state. She's vlogging in her car with her husband she's barely back together with. I can't decide if she's actually crazy or this is a big grift.(learn to embed)

No. 1789339

File: 1678924077067.png (738.13 KB, 1210x1454, 031354610045.png)

This clip of Idubbbz shitting on his former fanbase has gone viral on twitter. He might have grown as a person but his older content was catered to the socially inept, racist, basement dwellers.

No. 1789348

File: 1678925071345.webm (3.69 MB, 576x1024, vD-6FAydJs6jd2lf.webm)

No. 1789352

Weird how he’s so easily able to get back in woke normie good graces being on anthony Padilla’s stupid channel when he was the pinnacle of casual edgelord offensive humor with his catchphrase literally being niggerfaggot. I’ll bet anything if a woman did half of what he did she’d be shunned off the internet forever and wouldn’t get to defend herself or say she’s changed. It’s pathetic how men aren’t held accountable for their actions on the same level.

No. 1789356

Does he even have a fanbase? I feel like he just got on Padilla's youtube because of the creator clash thing. All i see online relating to idubbbz are former fans shitting on him for being a "cuck"

No. 1789371

He's so retarded. No shit your fanbase consisted of socially unaware losers, what other people was he expecting to like his videos? Normal people?

No. 1789382

I needed to delete my original comment because it wasn't saged, but you could tell over time that the contempt he had for his fan base was becoming difficult to hide. I don't know if it's really just resentment for the people he attracted or if he realised that the kind of content he created would lose steam so he had to change it up. Tbh, his content started off as pretty normie. During the days when he used to review kickstarter some guy called idubbbz niggerfaggot in a fit of rage and honestly, in the specific context, it was actually hilarious. Likely the positive reception from that video made him want to delve deeper into edgy shit for attention. It's also ironic that he would actually be shocked that his fans have no issue throwing around hard rs as if didn't accost Tana Mongeau and do the exact same shit he is complaining about his fans doing to him. Maybe throwing around racial slurs in public as a white man isn't the greatest idea? Will he ever confess his sins? Probably not because men get away with everything just like how everyone is forgiving jeffree star for the millionth time.

Yes he has fans or else he wouldn't be relevant.

No. 1789386

just so you know anon, deleting an unsaged reply doesn't un-bump the thread. might as well take the L and leave it up

No. 1789391

he looks so unwashed jesus i can smell him from here

No. 1789443

it was interesting to see how he was praised for supporting anisa showing her flat ass and swollen tits for money on the internet. his racism was swept under the rug by the same people he would shit on in his past videos all bc he likes being a cuck

No. 1789460

she kinda looks like rachel dratch

No. 1789464

they would send him packages of vomit and coyote urine. he’s just now realizing that they were worthless degenerates?

No. 1789537

didn't he interview and defend Sam Hyde not that long ago? I don't think he's changed

No. 1789647

Well he and Sam have a weird relationship where they're both kinda wary of each other but don't really want to make the first move. Him trying to make a content cop on Sam seemed like he was trying to do a gotcha on him but his questioning and needling was limp dicked compared to his other stuff and Sam was familiar enough with his content to try to put his spin on it. Its basically an "its complicated" status.

No. 1789688

I've noticed some terminally online people I know of who are or likely racist also saying how he's grown and changed and its been half a year over him saying the N word. A lot of them are troons/TRAs so we're to the point where they and their allies are getting excused for racism now

No. 1790510

Sure liked getting the money though lul. Must've been not that bad.

No. 1790944

File: 1679188701097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.87 KB, 1154x2048, FrhlIkQXoAAjOaF.jpg)

oh what the hell is John Wolfe doing

No. 1790953

Dude's well on his way to going full troon.

No. 1790963

John is 100% a chaser and on the way to trooning out. All this is a fetish for him.

No. 1790979

I didn't want to risk getting banned so it was worth it.

No. 1791030

He did a female cosplay some time ago for some charity thing and had to make a vid explaining himself later because the troons accused him of something akin to woman face, I kid you not. That's just his typical self, he knows female cosplay gets views and admited as much in vidrel.

No. 1791111

>he knows female cosplay gets views
why though?

No. 1791112

no, people were just weirded out by it and unsubscribed, thus cue the whining and bitching in the above video. he 100% has some weird fetish for it

No. 1791141

Oh don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to defend him nor I doubt he might be into some shit. The thing is he did cosplays like this before so it's not surprising that he would do it again, that's all I was saying. He did had some whiny troons though in his vid and I was just baffled that he had to make a video explaining himself instead of ignoring it. The video is literally a very long "I don't care, I didn't want you guys anyway" kek, so yeah, he is as whiny as the troon followers. He even got a few tims defending him, shit you never see when it comes to female streamers.
People think it's funny, thats what I'm guessing?

No. 1791166

It's very much like him to be this petty. I used to watch him on twitch for years before tapping out, partly because of the cross dressing, partly because he's rude as fuck/can't take an ounce of criticism or people questioning him in any capacity.

No. 1791197

Dude looks happiest when he’s cross dressing, genuinely concerning. I hope he doesn’t troon out for the sake of his pregnant wife

No. 1791247

Looks like he murdered and scalped a woman for this.

No. 1791488

I watched John Wolfe for his horror videos for a while and I can’t agree more with that. Because of the first weird cosplay I stopped watching, didn’t know Kimmy was pregnant. It seems like his dad passing took a toll on him mentally (retard tinfoil)

No. 1791720

>pregnant wife
>used to have short hair, new twitter icon shows it is layered and shoulder length
>one of the charity incentives was "I'll shave my beard!" as if anyone asked
this guy is trooning as we speak.

No. 1791968

>>1791030 He's never been good looking but good god is he ugly without a beard kek

No. 1792067

YouTuber husband isn't the most important one in the household right now and isn't able to truly take part in what his wife is doing along with the rampant porn use he must have is just a perfect firestorm for a trooning. He's probably starting with cosplay and shit hoping to get comments saying he looks like a pretty woman or whatever troons seem to think they'll be told in the form of compliments the moment they slap on some face paint and a dress. But instead they're turning on him and calling him ugly kek. He was probably hoping to ride in a wave of support into his transition but instead he's gotta be the full driving force of it against his audience

No. 1792187

File: 1679338466240.webm (1.1 MB, 640x360, nGFwAs-nz_qhYx-c.webm)

what did he expect?

No. 1792554

File: 1679396667925.png (62.5 KB, 376x428, 1333493436869.png)


yeah, been watching him a long time and his older videos where he looks at least a bit more put together vs slowly watching him grow out greasy, long hair, looking unkempt, combined with the female cosplays is a little sus.

No. 1792877

is one of these voices creepshow art?

No. 1793065

Kind of sounds like her kek

No. 1793156

Not even close, not nasal and fat sounding enough. I wish newfags would stop bumping this thread for any faceless female Youtuber. Shannon was recognizable by her voice first and foremost, if it was her you'd know so please stop the desperate reaching. This thread and her subreddit are just people clamoring for her to come back but whatever she's doing right now probably doesn't involve broadcasting her voice. Creepshow Art is dead.

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