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No. 1757944

No. 1757946

File: 1675214893829.jpg (20.59 KB, 280x222, Fn0xW8zaQAEpDh8.jpg)

remember when the only pedos we had on Nickelodeon was Dan Schroeder

No. 1757953


He says it's not typical plastic surgery, so what kind is it bc he didn't get into an accident.

No. 1757962

i think if i were a kid and saw this i'd think this was some weird ass clown character.

i also think my dad would cancel our cable subscription.

No. 1757963

File: 1675216306373.png (160.43 KB, 1160x656, 85496792849.png)

I haven't seen this posted, but Trump recently stated all the trans related policies he'd implement ASAP if reelected. Could you imagine the lolsuits that would ensue?


No. 1757964

wtf i love Trump now

No. 1757965

He just sees through their scam because he's also a scam artist, he just doesn't prey on children (as far as I know, and I mean financially in this case)

No. 1757969

File: 1675217556066.png (250.9 KB, 648x952, Lexi on Twitter.png)

Posting this just makes her get more followers kek

No. 1757971

File: 1675217689772.jpg (388.43 KB, 720x1258, Screenshot_20230201_030912_Fac…)

nobody gasses up mediocre men like women

No. 1757972

File: 1675217710726.jpg (375.54 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_20230201_030522_Fac…)

No. 1757977

Is she the same one that triggered all the trannies by making hair art in the shape of female anatomy? Glad to see she's still doing it, good work gurl

No. 1757978

File: 1675218518178.jpg (28.16 KB, 494x453, form.jpg)

Jfc that makes me sad to see the Sims franchise that I loved as a child being filled with woke shit. They ruined it. There already was the "gender update" which basically allowed people to pick and choose sexual functions and physical features (and which was probably used by 0.1% of the players), but now they added the option to make non-passing and scarred trannies + promote chest-binding? Awful, plus this is the only form of illness that has been put in the game which shows that this is not "inclusivity" but pure tranny propaganda and special treatment at that point (not that I think that disabilities/illnesses should be added to the game). I wonder how they market that shit to literally anyone that isn't an American living in a woke city. I hate the team working on the Sims and I hate that you cannot catch a break from troon shit anymore, even Japanese games now ask you to pick a "form" or whatever instead of a sex when you create a character like in picrel (tbh I don't know if that's a thing in English but it sounds super unnatural in my language). Ugh.

No. 1757982

samefag just realized that this is off-topic and simsfagging sorry but I will add that EA has TIMs and drag queens promoting the game and doing official lives. Imho they put all these trans options because of the TIMs working on the game, not because the majority of the players actually cares, as per usual.

No. 1757983

yeah, Sucks that she lost followers because someone targeted her because she posted JK Rowling.

No. 1757985

did anyone dig into Dylan's past and find out if he's got some eating disorder? Why is he obsessed with skinny waifs, why is he wanting to model and pretend to be a ballet dancer? He looks vile and his stick insect body is nothing that should be peddled to girls or women. Women cannot have that shape without severe malnutrition, why is that being celebrated on the runway when underweight models are supposed to be banned?

No. 1757987

It sounds weird to me too, and English is my first language. The American localization for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp changed gender into "style." So now instead of "what's your gender," it's "pick a 'style.'"

No. 1757993

Still it looks like if she doesn't even care.

No. 1757995

laetitia is amazing and it makes me so happy to see a woman not surrender to the tra mob no matter how many times she's "called out" for being a radfem. handmaidens can seethe

No. 1757999

so glad i gave up the sims 4 literally less than a year after it came out. sims 2 best game

No. 1758000

"alt" troons always put zero effort into their makeup and outfits kek alternative fashion is when wear black t shirt amazon sweatshop choker and beanie

No. 1758002

troons were non-passing ever since they added the first gender update. if you chose the "masculine frame" option and changed the gender to female it would just be a big hulking sim man with bolt ons. pretty realistic i'd say

No. 1758003

You can use your eyeballs to dig into Dylan's past and assess that he has an eating disorder.

No. 1758008

calling a portrait of JK Rowling hate speech is pretty unhinged. Also "this radfem aligns herself with terfs" no shit idiot

No. 1758053

hopelessly ngmi

No. 1758145

File: 1675236481511.jpg (332.29 KB, 1080x970, Screenshot_2023.jpg)

>he just doesn't prey on children (as far as I know, and I mean financially in this case)
Nona, he used Mar-a-lago to pimp out girls to Epstein and he also raped a 13 year old girl. When she tried to sue him as an adult Trump harassed her into dropping the lawsuit. It's good that he's calling out big pharma but never trust a moid. He's only doing this to appeal to his base because he's washed up lol.

Back on topic, here's a man crying over a lesbian blocking him on Discord.

No. 1758146

File: 1675236636915.png (689.97 KB, 1234x1520, deadtranny.png)

Troon joins the 41% because the NHS didn't rush through his 'care'. Oh well.


No. 1758148

I work for the NHS in a GP practice and troons are some of the most draining, irritating patients we have
Waiting 3 years to be seen by the gender team is nothing, the waiting list average is 4/5 years and what these idiots don't seem to understand is by stomping their feet and threatening 41% because they don't wanna wait they're just proving to some consultant that they're not mentally stable enough to undergo surgery/ receive titty skittles and deal with the aftermath
Sage for blogpost

No. 1758151

whats this???

No. 1758154

>"Couldn't tolerate his life being put on hold"
I loathe troons' entitlement so much. Fuck people who are on borrowed time due to illnesses or needing transplants. Their lives being "on hold" aren't as important as the troon who needs life saving [cosmetic] surgery. So much more important than needing a dumb old kidney. Rest in piss.

No. 1758156

File: 1675238572241.jpeg (402.06 KB, 1284x1587, 42AD30AE-9479-4AE4-B485-C68476…)

No. 1758157

Could have spent those 3 years on actual therapy and he would have still been alive and not felt the need to transition anymore

No. 1758161

Why is it always 'Alice'? If it isn't 'Lilith', it's Alice.

Why do these fuckers all have the same names?

No. 1758163

I am really enjoying all the seething and coping over the Hogwarts Legacy game from the pronoun people.

Seeing comments about how it 'looks mid anyway' when all the footage of the game shown off so far objectively looks amazing and the overwhelming majority of people are really hyped and excited for it.

It's the biggest case of sour grapes I have ever seen.

No. 1758164

File: 1675241821547.gif (1.29 MB, 480x360, 624-1.gif)

"Enjoy your video game, I legitimately don't care. I'll just be here loving and supporting the trans community by refusing to fund a bigot."

No. 1758173

2 of those years were a global pandemic? omg yes totally the fault of the nhs for not dropping everything to give this man what he wanted. Now, he should have been in therapy - i agree with that - and the mental health support in the uk is abysmal. But nah bro, just look at how many people died from covid in 2020-2022… and how many people couldn't get literally life-saving surgeries.

the narcissism.

No. 1758177

Troons will scream transphobia but this is a standard wait for the NHS. There are plenty of people in physical agony, even losing their mobility but still having to wait for years. Based terf BBC for posting this article in the current climate.

No. 1758178

I mean, I don't want to get too excited because while it does look loads of fun, WB do love to obnoxiously monetise games and ruin them that way. But I think it says something that they literally could have just farmed out any old shit, stuck the Harry Potter label on it, and known it would sell.

The fact that they didn't do that, and have created something that has so much gorgeous attention to detail, such high production values and really looks like a labour of love for all involved suggests to me that hopefully the hype is justified.

No. 1758179

What's crazy to me is that it will be possible to make your own character trans (I also heard that there will be a trans NPC but idk if that's true) so buying the game is more pro-trans than pro-terf at this point. Trannies could see this as a win or whatever but they still have to act like they're victims it's ridiculous.

No. 1758181

Same, they're having meltdowns over realizing people didn't actually ever care about their screeching over JK Rowling and Harry Potter. They've always been in a tiny but vocal echo chamber with their few normie friends politely nodding along to be nice to the oversensitive mentally ill person. They're only now starting to see it.

They get extra bitter because so many of them loved and enjoyed Harry Potter as kids and they'd love to play this game, but they've been so loud about it being bad they now can't ever play it without looking ridiculous and hypocritical.

No. 1758184

Trans characters are usually not necessary at all (having it as a playable option) because it's like "do you want to play as a girl, boy, or mentally ill girl or mentally ill boy?" when troons would just pick their "preferred gender" anyway. But this one time it's hilarious if they include a trans NPC, all this raging about transphobia only to have the game have some actual positive representation of trans people. And all the screaming about "they want trans people to die!!!" only for the game to be kind towards trans people will make them look even more insane and overreacting.

No. 1758185

I follow this one troon. He was always extremly depressed and tried all the possible ways to cure his depression, including troonery for the last few months… obviously didn't help. Finally, after like 5 years of whining he got some medication that actually helped him A LOT, but then he found out that taking these meds inhibits estrogen to properly work in his body so he stopped taking the medication and now he just continues crying on twitter about how it's hard being a transbian. I had to get if off my chest, it's insane!! He'd rather be a miserable troon than be finally happy. There must be some part of a brain that these people are missing that they can't see clearly.

No. 1758187

>Trans characters are usually not necessary at all (…) when troons would just pick their "preferred gender" anyway
Exactly, it doesn't make sense unless you purposefully want a mismatch between your character's appearance and sex, and in the case of Hogwarts Legacy it seems like it's going to be exactly that, because it will be possible to pick a voice, a body type and a dorm placement, so possibly a male character in the female dorms. It's a game so whatever I guess but it really highlights what troon shit is actually about.
>only for the game to be kind towards trans people will make them look even more insane and overreacting
Great point lol

No. 1758192

Yup. There was a post on Reddit (forget which sub but it was one of the big ones like r/entertainment or r/games) where people were discussing the game. A few tards were screeching about how the game is going to FAIL MISERABLY AND MAKE $0 and getting a ton of upvotes. Surprisingly though a lot of people who live in reality were pointing out how that won’t be the case and how the game looks pretty good, and they were actually getting upvotes too. I went back to that post like an hour later and a mod deleted every single comment in favor of the game and stickied a comment stating that if you support the game you’re a transphobe. Kek I hate Reddit.

No. 1758193

Reminder that reddit actively protected a literal troon pedophile admin when it came out he was a pedo, and banned the word "groomer" to help protects the groomers and make it harder to protect their child victims. That's the kind of people who go there.

No. 1758217

Reddit hates women. Though there are quite a lot more people on reddit speaking out in favour of JK Rowling depending what subs you go on

No. 1758236

I feel like a lot of misogynic homophobic or religious right wing moid types will cape for JK Rowling right now because they hate troons more than they hate women and want to wind them up, but I don’t expect their support in any other feminist discussions.

No. 1758260

Reading just the headline, I assumed he had SRS complications and because he couldn’t get it fixed.

No. 1758261

Terf islander here. It is notoriously hard to get an appointment for anything at the moment. Forgive me for having more sympathy for those with actual terminal illnesses struggling to get treatment. I has to wait 2 years on CAMHS before I got therapy and meds pre covid, I also had an elderly neighbour who died during lockdown as her dialysis was delayed, wheres her article?

No. 1758271

File: 1675261864062.png (195.19 KB, 1080x1316, based.png)

Laetitia is amazing. Not only is she beautiful, talented, articulate and smart, she's from the Ivory Coast and that triggers the fuck out of them. The comments on her ig are really funny, it's full of instantly clockable troons talking down to her, presumably because she's a black african woman and they can't go mask off and call her misogynist slurs. The woke argument just doesn't work with her and they just can't comprehend that. I love her.

No. 1758272

Dude the only pedophiles are the ones transitioning kids.

No. 1758275

I hate this dude. I especially hate how you can almost see up his skirt in this video and the way his other posts have his moobs hang out in dresses.

No. 1758277

am I reading this right? She blocked him after sending 1 pepe to him? I think in order for something to be harassment you need to send multiple hurtful messages she just blocked him when she figured out that she couldn't agree with him being trans. Aren't trans people the ones encouraging blocking terfs she literally just did the work for him

No. 1758278

File: 1675262779365.png (727.68 KB, 1255x636, 1490B64A-0B96-4291-A8EF-E11B7F…)

Did anyone see the leaked Tinytoons reboot episode? It’s where bugs bunny teaches the class to do drag. The tiny Tasmanian devil is an enbie while baby duck and bunny are gay for each other.

No. 1758279

File: 1675262805965.png (751.71 KB, 903x499, 627C8720-A4D3-49CA-991D-E4752A…)

No. 1758281

File: 1675262902324.jpeg (790.39 KB, 828x1572, 7D27ABFB-03E1-4F69-92B2-9CA05F…)

i hate this guy lol hes such a creep

No. 1758282

I hate that pedophilic entitled fuck, hope he 41% soon

No. 1758286

what. the. fuck.

No. 1758288

it's the same in many other countries, you have to wait up to a year in my country to get therapy and there aren't many outside programs you could get help from and most of them are christian. While when you are a troon, there are so many organisations that will help you for free while you wait for your place. Same goes with the costs that will be covered by health insurance. If a woman wants smaller boobs because of real, physical problems, no chance or a very long, hard fight, if a troon needs hair removal, well, he can get it paid, as if his life depends on it. I need new glasses, let me tell you how much money they give me, nothing, if I would want to change my gender, well, lucky me, they would pay so many damn things. So no sympathy from me for any troon ever whining that no one helps them, it's just not true.

No. 1758300

The only time I ever agreed with his is when he admitted he was ugly and couldn’t get women to like him because yes he is ugly and a gross pedo freak

No. 1758301

I do find this annoying but it’s not necessarily new. Other games have used things like “body type 1” versus “body type 2” for male or female bodies going back further than when trans really gained popularity. I do think now it’s likely in order to pander though, because I think the ACNH version of this is was put in to pander to westerners who were complaining.

No. 1758303

It’s pretty insulting. And even outside of medical issues, people have to put their lives “on hold” all the time for a million different reasons. What makes them so special?

No. 1758304

I had a laugh this morning when I took a glance at reddit and saw a promoted ad for Hogwarts Legacy. I hope it ruins some days since so many subreddits seem to have made a blanket policy that you can’t speak about the game or she who must not be named at all. It’s all so fucking stupid, and it shows how pathetic men are that they can’t handle seeing discussion about one thing that upsets them. Meanwhile women have to see misogyny at every fucking turn and in every comment section on every platform. It’s inescapable. They would never make it as us nonnas.

No. 1758305

She’s amazing, and she understands oppression in a sense that none of these people ever will. I love that she sticks to her beliefs and continues to not give a fuck when they try to bring her down. I can’t believe someone called the hair art of JKR “hate speech”. In that case, the celebration of any moid is hate speech to me since there isn’t a single famous one who hasn’t done something problematic, usually to women.

No. 1758306

It's funny to me because for a bunch of moids that are into programming, they sure don't make a lot of programming. Like, they could easily make a whole videogame with tranny themes since most of them are just neets in caves with a ridiculous amount of free time. But they know they can't do it because they're too busy cooming and hating women.

No. 1758308

Well, there was that one who made the game where you were supposed to violently murder terfs. I think it was on Steam, but I don’t remember the name or if it got taken down.

No. 1758312

The game industry is laying off a bunch of moids and troons cause they aren't doing work.

No. 1758317

Yeah, some anon posted screenshots and everything in another thread. It looked like absolute shit. Which is extra funny because they will never be able to make anything worth it to compete against stuff that's well done like the Harry Potter game.
Trannies are so far up their own asses and rot pockets that they need to only relate to tranny shit, they will never be able to write something that normies would like, because just looking at the flag is enough for the average normie to stop feeling identified with whatever is going on in the screen.

No. 1758323


No. 1758324

No. 1758328

LOL please 41%

No. 1758330

If they were you wouldn't call them "trans women" you'd just call them women and you wouldn't have to repeat "trans women are women" like a giant cope. They're males.

No. 1758331

File: 1675268600876.jpeg (208.33 KB, 1038x1015, 17BA24C8-A789-49AD-9344-CC28A2…)

Don't reply to bait, nonnies. If anything, it's probably some retarded moid saying the chant before posting gore and child porn like usual.
Not all trannies, but somehow always a tranny.

No. 1758333

wouldnt need the ''trans'' infront of women then.

No. 1758352

Sage for blog but TIMs literally want the world to revolve around them and their every want and need and don’t give half a shit about who dies in the process. Teacher I have told us about a former student who “self identified as queer” (code for twink who troons out in five years) give an entire speech about how everyone to stop donating blood until the Red Cross lifted restrictions on lgbt donators. this man baby is so fucking entitled and self important that he wants sick people to not receive life saving blood and just die because he got his fee-fees hurt.

No. 1758382

Please be a joke. I can't stand the idea of enby Taz.

No. 1758383

He admits he lost family and friends over it, he was probably too big of a coomer freak and they didn't want to support him so he cut them off for being twansphobic

No. 1758388

I love that this troon will always be ugly and if he doesn't get some handmaiden then he'll be forever alone t4t

No. 1758403

Come on now. That's a male.

No. 1758406

Wasn't this the trans criminal that detransitioned? I think someone posted about it some threads ago. >she is cute
This misgendering is literal violence, unlike swinging an axe onto random people

No. 1758436

They think black women are similar to them so expect us to "understand ". Black women are naturally terfs. So our most black men, even the ones who fuck troons on the low, hide them because they are men and they know they are men. It's partially due to homophobia but mainly because most trolns are gay men. Not pretending to be lesbians. It's easier to accept that a gay man is trooning our in the black community to escape homophobia, then it is to try to force black lesbians or even straight women to date a man who says he's a woman. The only thing stopping certain cultures of men from being transbiens is sadly homophobia but also the intolerance of troons who don't know their space.
Troons also don't go into black woman spaces because the ones who do are gay black men/hats. That's why lipstick alley and even urban ig pages are able.to get away with calling troons men qnd having comments against troopers. Troons still think that black women accept them because the loudest ones are all non black agps who don't interact with many black women who aren't handmaidens or assume we are a hop and skip from a scrote anyway.

No. 1758437

Same anon, so many errors sorry phone posting
>are not ours
>troons not troopers

No. 1758443

File: 1675277450134.png (733.19 KB, 720x1320, Screenshot_20230131-103714~2.p…)

Not sure if this dude has been posted yet but here he is. Can't believe people on TikTok are saying you're a bigot if you call him a man when he looks like that. Legitimately looks like an average feminine gay man.

No. 1758446

They are also leaning heavily into the old, racist trope that black women should be everyone's emotional support animal. When black women refuse to play that role and call them out, they throw weird, racist tantrums.

No. 1758456

At least he's in a men's toilet.

No. 1758457

This story is very obviously missing some things because "Let me get this straight:" isn't a complete sentence, let alone enough to qualify as harassment on its own. Checked the post, everyone's saying idgi, and msmagik replied in the comments:
>Personally, I know I was being harassed and can't really prove it without sharing more info than I would care to online, but
Interesting! How much do you wanna bet the full sentence was "let me get this straight: you're telling me you touch kids?" or something?

No. 1758468

I love openly sneering and laughing at these types of dudes in public. What are you going to do, threaten to rape me in the middle of a crowded store? Beat my head in with a pipe like in your anime girl memes? Oh right, we're not on twitter. You're gonna go home and make a tiktok about the meanie terf who laughed at your spinny skirt instead.
I noticed that too. "Let me get this straight" sounds like the start of a much longer sentence, one he isn't willing to share because it puts him in a bad light.

No. 1758484

Normies don't give a fuck. I live in the UK and whenever I go through London I travel via Kings Cross which has the Platform 9 3/4 trolley and the Harry Potter shop and it is always so so busy. I'm surprised I've never seen any attempts to picket it, but I don't think they'd dare because it's 90% foreigners and families who honestly don't give a shit and want to enjoy their product.

No. 1758493

Northern nonnie here, last time I went to York there was a huge queue to get in the Harry Potter shop, tons of tourists.

No. 1758506

Usually when bugs crossdressed in the old cartoons, it was to prank people. But whatever, let's have him teach kids that offensive caricatures of women are Fun.

How hard would it have been to just teach kids that it's okay for boys to wear dresses instead and leave out all the crap about drag culture?

Are they putting stuffing in his pants to make his butt look bigger? Gross, what the fuck. Why even include that aspect of it if you're trying to portray drag as wholesome?

Looney Toons already technically has an "enby" character in the form of Tweety, right? Tweety's technically a boy, but his gender has always been vague. Why not stick him with "they" labels instead?

Or just don't sloppily apply a woke coat of paint to a hundred year old IP in the first place, lmao. Mel Blanc is rolling in his grave.

No. 1758508

File: 1675283424204.jpeg (99.29 KB, 1170x762, philosophytube.jpeg)

PhilosophyTube has provided the world with a new image to add into that one collage

No. 1758511

Funny I just started following her the other day. She’s awesome and she’s been getting a lot of shit these past few days, so I like all of her tweets replying to screeching troons in solidarity

No. 1758515

I agree with you I think people are kneejerking reagarding that picture. Maybe saying select an avatar would have sounded more natural than pick a form. Saying pick a sex doesnt really matter much since you cant customise the mc in FE games

No. 1758518

it was just a reskin of an already existing game like castle terfenstein or somethign

No. 1758520

the state of the audience.
i dont follow breadtubers too much, was philosophytube well-like before he transitioneed? i get the sense theres no way he wouldve snagged his own show before he trooned out

No. 1758522

i have so much one sided beef with this guy purely because he wears a madotsuki sweater in like 80% of his tiktoks and the idea of trannies coopting yume nikki fills me with rage

No. 1758538

Put this with making Babs and Buster twins and the bad voice acting as reasons not the watch this.

No. 1758539

This shit drives me insane because trannies online ALWAYS act like they're being held back and the wait times are somehow fixable when in reality, no doctors here specialise in this shit.

They love to take pictures of empty gender clinics acting like it's some TERF conspiracy when it's actually that nobody fucking works there. There are no doctors for normal care, much less speciality gender HRT bullshit

No. 1758542

I'm black and this is pretty much true. Though, younger black women are more likely to tolerate troons because they think they're flamboyant gay men or drag queens. I never met a black AGP before but the HSTS ones are camp as fuck kek and they will tell you that they're just men in dresses if you talk to one long enough.
> It's easier to accept that a gay man is trooning our in the black community to escape homophobia, then it is to try to force black lesbians or even straight women to date a man who says he's a woman.
Disagree, it's better to be a gay man than it is to be a tranny. Lesbians actually have a harder time being accepted in the black community because of the rampant sexism and homophobia. I love studs but there's a reason why most of our lesbians are GNC.

No. 1758558

File: 1675287576726.png (958.04 KB, 720x1251, Screenshot_20230201-091523~2.p…)

Both of these guys are absolutely morons but the one on the left is annoying as hell.

No. 1758562

where the fuck do you even find this? this shot looks like it came from a da fetish page

No. 1758566

I know even most edgelord redditors will parrot TWAW (either because they recognize it as the anti-feminist MRA movement that it is, or because they're fag chasers who know they have more chance at fucking a tranny than a real woman) but are none of them sick of the troon dictatorship going on over there? All mods seem to be troons and they're so sensitive and dramatic they consider every game or media that portrays them as anything other than fuckable moeblob anime traps as transphobic.
Not surprised at all but holy shit that's repulsive. Who?

No. 1758568

As a non-You Tube watcher I had never heard of him before he came out and it somehow made news.

No. 1758572

Aimee Challenor, I think? Son of a convicted (furry, "little") pedophile.

No. 1758577

every single sub that has ever criticized troons has been banned, so if redditors are sick of it, which they probably are, they can’t say anything.

No. 1758583

>Not surprised at all but holy shit that's repulsive. Who?
Amiee Challenor. This Youtuber gives a quick rundown of the events, although he uses preferred pronouns.

No. 1758586

It seems like the audience is 70% fat girls. Which is weird because most of the Choob fans I know are AGPs or Reddit neckbeards.

I could be wrong, but I think all of his clout pre-troonout was through association with better known breadtubers like Hontra and Hbomberguy. Breadtube is basically the new Channel Awesome in that a bunch of randos are riding the coattails of like two or three creators people actually give a shit about.

No. 1758588

lmaoooo why is it that women are less likely to 'hate crime' you huh? why is it that they'd lock themselves in a stall away from you? why are they inherently afraid of you, you hulking neanderthal?

No. 1758593

lol this guy's youtube was mentioned like a thread or two ago, I don't think anyone linked to it but this is the last video he posted
>while I would be lying if I said I didn't have a chastity fetish I have no one to actually do it for
>unfortunately my dick is small and my balls are also small
He then talks about carrying a chastity cage around with him in public. remember this person is a totally real woman and not a repulsive failmale with a severe porn addiction!

No. 1758607

She: I know how female circumcision work in my country and other countries in Africa and I hate how many of you think girls should start to identify as "boys" so they do not have their vagina mutilated.

These fuckers: Bu- but there are women with dicks!!

No. 1758610

So some men online are actually being silenced and feeling oppression by men, but still whine about the effects of projecting their own madonna/whore complex instead of focusing on peoole who really do control them? Really

No. 1758614

Even animals can tell the difference and always react to men differently, especially if they have a history of abuse. Wonder why that is also and who benefits from oppressing women to ignore instincts that alert them to danger

No. 1758631

You're right, Tweety was always ambiguous, sort of like the bird in Charlie Brown was. They made Sweety (Tiny Toons Tweety) into a weird aggressive NLOG "feminist."

Taz is an enby who moves in with Babs and Sweety. "They" dump trash in the room, try to poop in a chair, eat the refrigerator, and repeatedly leave the toilet seat up. Why again is this character NB when it's acting male (as it is in canon)

No. 1758637

Don’t forget how men now want to compare circumcisions done in clean, sterile environments to girls in third world countries having to go through FGM with no anesthesia and purely to keep them from feeling pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, some of the reasons for male circumcision are stupid, but it’s enraging that they want to pretend they are similar. Especially when so many of them are lining up to have their dicks removed anyway.

No. 1758638

I'm so eager for the stories about troons being upset that a traumatized dog doesn't respect their identity as a woman.

I volunteer at a bird shelter and there are two parrots who cannot stand men. One can't stand women. It's pretty important for the right biological sex to clean and set out food/water in those aviaries, because macaws and cockatoos can do serious damage in a real attack. i wonder if troons would insist on visiting the men-hating macaws.

No. 1758641

This reminds me of my (male) friend's cockatiel who liked being the only girl. She'd always try to poop on me.
But yeah, I'm sure someone will try to cry transphobia when rejected for adopting a dog who has trauma issues from being mistreated by men. Dogs don't care about your wig and fake boobs.

No. 1758648

lmao yes birds are amazing but too smart for their own good. it's crazy how sometimes they don't seem to know the sex of their own bird-partner (there are homosexual couples) but yet react strongly to human men or women

No. 1758658

File: 1675293780605.jpeg (32.52 KB, 656x667, brendan fraser it's all so tir…)

sage for ot but this dude sat next to me in my lecture today. He had longish hair, sounded kinda effeminate, basically average awkward young stem guy. we had to do some group work and write our names down
of course

No. 1758661

>they don't seem to know the sex of their own bird-partner
they know.

No. 1758667

File: 1675294225582.png (379.44 KB, 1216x1272, 12821982199.png)

>I can’t believe someone called the hair art of JKR “hate speech”.
It's pretty fucking bizarre. I also took a quick look at her twitter replies and they are mostly about her race and how "colonialist" she supposedly is. And a bunch of fanfiction about JKR being super mega racist.
They don't really understand that the people cutting up the genitals of "people with vaginas" (aka female children) don't really care about gender identity at all. And then they accuse feminists of "reducing women to their genitals" for saying that women's oppression is sex-based.

No. 1758681

Im going to start calling troons "People with Neovaginas" not every person with a neovagina is a trans woman, it can be a non-binary person as well. I want to see how they feel about that.
If "person/people with a vagina" is acceptable so is "Person with a neovagina/people with neo vaginas".

No. 1758682

that's fair, worded it poorly. Still confused about some (not all) of the mating ritual behavior of the homo couples but in the end yeah you're right

No. 1758686

File: 1675295981292.jpeg (662.04 KB, 1170x1306, 6B7C3EAF-8864-4EA2-B356-05F71A…)

So, Nikita came back after another mental breakdown and apparently has an onlyfans now showing off his dick? I was pretty sure he got it removed, so no idea if this is just a pr stunt.

Still wonder if he fucked that model dude he hired as a bf

No. 1758693

It was mentioned in the last thread but the sims have had way too many updates adding stuff for Troons. Their game is almost unplayable with bugs and shit yet their main concern is adding disgusting top surgery scars and chest binders! So happy we can add scars to show our female sims were mutilated, it’s just what the game needed!

Fuck that game, I’m going to enjoy this Hogwarts game.

No. 1758698

yeah thats fake, if he does have a dick I doubt it's that big. The whole tranny celebrity thing isn't a big deal UNLESS you being an annoying TRA. Nikita wants to be black twitter/world wide paris hilton/kim k famous. None of this is going to get him anywhere. Maybe some rapper chasers will hit him up and he'll expose them for clout, but end up being hated and laughed at even more.
Jeffree is currently trouting out some NFL player he's dating and refusing to show his face, you can tell Nikita wants that. These stunts are wack and played out. He looks disgusting and nobody cares you are a man. He isn't even one of the troons people point at anymore to go, "look? This tranny passes" even though he didn't and was ugly ass fuck and clearly a scrote nobody cares

No. 1758699

back when i was a handmaiden i saw a video in which he said he wasn’t going to get more surgeries than he’d already had, implying he didn’t want to get the chop.

No. 1758700

I hope that shit isn't randomized, I also think it's only for male sims, because female sims have breasts and you know the Sims team isn't going to make a "flat chest" for tif sims. When they can just say, "TIFS are women, so just just us the male form and make it feminine. Which is even more funny because they use the male body type for TIMS as well, they don't even use the female sims. They want you to know it's a fucking troon by using male sims and giving them the "feminine" body type

No. 1758701


claiming jkr "despises her for being black" is a HUGE stretch

No. 1758704

In fact I see that coming, Nikita will date some chaser rapper (probably an up and coming one, not someone well established, someone "known but not really) and it'll be a whole
>She's a woman, I aint gay type of deal that'll get them both a lot of good attention with the wider internet but bad attention with the urban sides, who haven't embraced the trooners. The reason I assume it'd be a rapper is because rappers/athletes are huge chasers or like some youtube famous black scrote and easy clout magnets. People like BlueFace (who is bisexual His girlfriend outted him) who'd actually fuck, cheat and treat him like shit while dating him but generate attention. There Nikita thats your next stunt retard

No. 1758710

Yeah I’m in a few women-oriented subs and whenever a troon announces themselves they usually just go ignored. The other day someone posted “Would you ever peg your boyfriend” and some guy commented “I’m trans so I don’t need a strap-on to peg and I do it often hehe”. Barf. Or posting their man chest in the sub meant for women with small boobs to gain confidence… pisses me off. Like nobody actually wants them around, but they know even downvoting the troon for being in our space is taboo and looks bad for the sub so people just don’t engage.

No. 1758711

Ethel Cain? I know this sode profile anywhere. Nonnie did you encounter him in the wild?

No. 1758716

ironically, JKR actually recently donated thousands of pounds to save over 100 female lawyers and their families facing murder in Afghanistan, but hey! troons say JKR is horrible, so… JKR must be evil

(when, in reality, we all know JKR does a fantastic deal of humanitarian aid and good, and speaks up on behalf of real women)

No. 1758738

File: 1675300332533.jpg (9.62 KB, 200x211, 343.jpg)

Waaaaait wait wait wait lmao is he wearing a fucking corset? And can't close it in the back because of his massive man frame?

No. 1758740

all fun and games until the right feels more impowered to take women's reproductive rights away. i don't know why some of you think that a man who is a known for being incapable of telling the truth, who has had several SA charges lobbied against him and who is besties with actual nazis is your friend. Trump will say what he has to certain people to get elected and scrape your boot licking ass off at the curb the minute your vote is cast. trump wants whats best for his buddies and his buddies include plastic surgeons and the rest of the rich white men in this country. the troons will kill themselves, you dont need trump to expedite the process.

No. 1758745

no one is actually saying that

No. 1758758

i think the zipper tits are only available for the male frame because the female frame has a bra on. to this day, i have no idea how to make a trans sim even if i wanted to. i was surprised to see that the troon from the high school pack has a male frame but also tits, how do you do that? and as for the pronoun shit, i also have no idea how it works because i thankfully don’t play the game in english.

No. 1758764

also, you can bet your ass every townie will be walking around with the stupid eye ring, the binder, the tucking leggings, and a bunch of your worst cc.

No. 1758772

File: 1675301388595.jpg (51.44 KB, 602x507, ofc.jpg)

Yeah sure Jan, no matter how many pics of old men in a dress flashing outside we find, we made that up

No. 1758781

File: 1675301775441.png (70.15 KB, 302x377, Capture.PNG)

they added "Custom gender settings" years ago, when I was changing shit, I went to the troon teen's house. I went to her settings. Saw she was a woman but they gave her an mascline build. She still has breasts but she's just shaped like a scrote. Same for male sims. They'll get this weird body type if you make them have the feminine build, they'll have "breasts" somewhat in certain clothes, but it looks weird unless you really edit it.

No. 1758782

File: 1675301843227.png (266.95 KB, 592x479, Capture.PNG)

No. 1758783

File: 1675301947789.png (216.12 KB, 534x452, Capture.PNG)

No. 1758794

File: 1675302284788.png (238.91 KB, 648x439, nonbinary.PNG)

also sorry to sim sperg but they gave the non-binary troon, a mascline build, she PEES STANDING UP and she can't have kids kek. She's non-binary she's not a TIM

No. 1758827

he pees standing up, it’s a male sim and he’s supposed to be a tranny. same with morgyn ember.

No. 1758829

they say it's a nonbinary sim, So I assumed it is a female sim, who is nonbinary, then again you are right. Maybe it's a Tim Nonbinary sim. It's confusing

No. 1758830

that’s so weird. so if i check “pees standing up”, the bra disappears?

No. 1758833

so it's true to life then lel

No. 1758843

That too. And let's not mention also how a failed circumcision in a kid made the doctor tell to the kid "let's raise her as girl instead". https://embryo.asu.edu/pages/david-reimer-and-john-money-gender-reassignment-controversy-johnjoan-case

>nobody is keeping cisgender women from speaking on anything

The hypocrite is over 9000.

No. 1758844

File: 1675303618937.jpg (56.34 KB, 720x841, Fns3DNmWQAAjdRa.jpg)


Proof we women need to start being more aggressive if we see a troon in the women's washroom.

No. 1758850

>feminine frame (aka female)
>can get others pregnant

>masuculine frame (aka male)
>can become pregnant


No. 1758852

File: 1675303734278.jpg (186.72 KB, 613x767, 613px-franklin-benjamin-loc-he…)

Big ass head

No. 1758862

So they acknowledge that scrotes are still a much bigger danger to them than TERFs are and yet all they ever bitch about is how awful and evil TERFs are? gee, wonder why that is.

No. 1758887

File: 1675304567298.png (86.3 KB, 219x234, Abigail Thorn on Twitter.png)

No. 1758891

File: 1675304680679.jpeg (377.01 KB, 750x854, DB3C0795-0E19-4A72-B0C1-746F62…)

>i’ve been dating a guy, except i didn’t know he was a guy. we’re not having sex until marriage.

No. 1758897

File: 1675304818099.jpg (127.16 KB, 827x1118, Fn7IiQfacAAUDRU.jpg)

>he is starting hrt soon
>didn't know he was trans
is this some tranny's wet dream lol

No. 1758898

Ben Franklin shares an uncanny resemblance to Kevin Gibes kek.

No. 1758903

File: 1675305002316.png (88.81 KB, 817x499, Fn7ILXmXEAAJUT1.png)

Reminding you again that the thing that never happens is happening once again

No. 1758904

File: 1675305099765.png (28.94 KB, 652x205, troon.png)

>troons get free surgeries
>they still complain

No. 1758909

This has to be some guy making fun of trannies. There is no way any TIM would get a blue lives matter tattoo.

No. 1758916

File: 1675305453171.jpg (689.77 KB, 2063x2675, Fn0BtUVWAAIAUay.jpg)

when they fucked up hid ffs did they make his eyes smaller? Or is that just the editing software on his phone?

No. 1758923

I always thought Morgyn was meant to be a TIF. Maybe I'm wrong. Does Morgyn also pee standing up?

No. 1758925

File: 1675305689611.jpg (516.11 KB, 1428x1799, Fn0uF3gXoBc_Zkw.jpg)

>the hover hand and trying to hide his disgust face
>the way the tranny stands trying to pop his fake tits out

No. 1758939

what do you mean? a middle aged white troon is exactly the kind of guy who would get a blue lives matter tattoo.

No. 1758944

File: 1675306348170.png (Spoiler Image, 397.18 KB, 656x659, Twitter.png)


No. 1758947

File: 1675306471035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 452.65 KB, 1536x2048, Fn0n2YYaUAEaSfa.jpg)

No. 1758952

File: 1675306637117.jpeg (257.74 KB, 750x1318, 43725597-E465-4B1D-B412-0396C0…)

found the troonsbian.

No. 1758962

I genuinely hate these stupid faggots so much. Any time a post on that cursed sub mentions pussy OOHHHH here comes the XY cock-haver cock-lover brigade to tell OP that um um ummmm girl cock is also okay and acceptable, pwease if any other trannies who are willing to RP trannoid sex in the comments please ASTERISKsuck-my-feminine-penisASTERISK! I'm so fucking glad they're essentially sterilizing themselves. I wish each and every trannoid on reddit a very merry 41%!

No. 1758970

tinytroons trooniversity

No. 1758974

File: 1675307700066.png (41.26 KB, 677x366, Twitter (2).png)

>Canadian Nurses are getting sued stating Biological reality

No. 1759001

File: 1675309227398.jpg (57.62 KB, 640x692, cb895d5f720af37d5f82a7d87f2dbe…)

No. 1759008

ayrt, Its social suicide in their political circles. Anyone who even vaguely suggests that the police aren't a completely and totally evil task force of puppy kicking psychopaths is called a white supremacist before they even finish their sentence.

No. 1759014

reddit doesn’t count as a social circle.

No. 1759017

That tranny is on some type of stimulant. Check out those dinner plate pupils next to the normal moids eyes.

No. 1759019

KEKKK. I might have lol’d

No. 1759030

KEK good catch nonna, you're right

No. 1759032

Looks like facetune gone wrong

No. 1759055

omg lmao this cannot not be satire. his stance.. the contrast between his body and the bikini..

not just popping his moobs out but voluntarily putting them on the other guy, ew

No. 1759057

Unfortunately there is a whole subset of AGPs who are hypermasculine and usually have or had jobs in military or law enforcement, so it might not be a troll.

No. 1759098

They're all narcissistic pedophiles, so they either name themselves after goddesses because they have delusions of grandeur or they name themselves after underage characters.

No. 1759103

Kek he bought the most popular synthetic wig on Amazon. It's part of the starterpack like Troon socks at this point

No. 1759107

File: 1675323733127.jpeg (306.78 KB, 1096x845, 005F075C-CCA5-40A5-A938-E96B0D…)

Bump cp

No. 1759120

How is the corset staying on? It doesn't even look like there are strings holding on for dear life.

No. 1759121

lmfao, I'd love to teach that parrot a few more phrases

No. 1759126

There is no way a guy would date another guy for one and a half year without noticing his "girlfriend" is a pre-HRT guy with a dick. It's either a troon asking how he can improve his fantasy world roleplay and have his pretend boyfriend care for him in his little AGP fantasy world, or a faghag TRA who made it up to feel good about herself for posting "wholesome inspiring content" for the poor troons. I lean towards the latter as a female virgin zoomer TRA wouldn't understand how revealing even light intimacy is and that 2 males dating for that long without sex and saving themselves for marriage is unheard of.

No. 1759127

I mean he's not fully wrong, troon sexuality and AGP fetish IS the same thing for them

No. 1759192

File: 1675340813633.jpg (64.17 KB, 388x502, a6wf64aw68f4a.jpg)

AI generated poem I thought you would enjoy.

No. 1759195

What a wonderful poem. I imagined it being proudly recited by a beautiful, cherubic child to his grandparents, who all clapped delightedly.

No. 1759207

You're living my dream nona, I want to adopt a based cockatoo.
Every hamster I had as a kid hated my dad, I'm sure there is a more rational explanation a to why but I wonder if they somehow knew he was an abusive pos

No. 1759218

Macaws can break bones with their beaks, so I invite any transwomen into that aviary! Actually, I'm going to investigate a little bit and find out whether any visitors have insisted on entering the sex-segregated aviaries. (One day a week there's a day when the public is allowed to visit under supervision.)

Nonna, check near you, maybe there's a shelter around. They always need help here. The birds really live like royalty - fresh food 3x a day, aviaries cleaned everyday. It's loud but fun, sometimes I wear those earplugs for loud parties & it cuts down on the noise.

No. 1759227

File: 1675348631220.png (78.17 KB, 655x370, Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 14.36…)

They just can't help crossing the lines. Every teacher I know has locked-down social media with fake names, no way to see details unless you're their friend etc. Whereas this guy -


No. 1759234

Based parrot, not understanding legal forms as a bird is twansphobia!

No. 1759283

File: 1675353692468.jpeg (941.26 KB, 828x1523, 300676D5-FAAF-4A02-9F42-6B766E…)

Pinhead irl troon

No. 1759285

It’s so fucking annoying. Meanwhile, you go to gay male subs and the moment a TiF announces her presence or whines, they’re instantly pushing her out. Male privilege at play.

No. 1759286

File: 1675353982825.jpeg (52.43 KB, 750x337, 50815A88-C48B-4EB5-9BAB-B53759…)

No. 1759290

>my spicy brain made it too difficult for me to live with others long-term
That is male speak for "I'm an abusive scrote EL OH EL".

No. 1759291

What happened to the distinction between private and personal? I don’t remember my teachers ever speaking much about themselves except maybe to mention their spouse or kids every now and again. I don’t understand why teachers now are so intent on oversharing or trying to indoctrinate kids instead of teaching them critical thinking and the course subject.

No. 1759301

When I was in middle school some kids found a teacher's spread in playboy from the early 80s and made xeroxes to post all over the school. She got fired and shamed. We live in different times. It was so scandalous and evil to everyone that this woman posed for nude pin ups. The same people who demonised her would probably support open male deviance today

No. 1759312

>my spicy brain made it difficult to live with others
I hate how he phrased this so much. You have personality disorders, Bradley. If they were bad enough to have you be to the point of homelessness "spicy" is a fucking understatement.

No. 1759326

Lmao, based gaybro.

No. 1759335

>spicy brain made it too difficult for me to live with others
sir, if you simply put the level of dedication into therapy that you do into coomer retardation you might not have this issue

No. 1759344

I wonder how the sentence that starts with "I get incredibly …" ends.
Terrifying, obviously dangerous nightmare rainby men seem to get more help and e-donations than the women who get abused by them. I see it all the time on local social media and it sucks. Tryhard clothes and piercings, along with their "spicy" (unacceptable) behaviors, make them totally vulnerable and oppressed I guess.

No. 1759358

the only thing helping him pass is his unusually wide hips. some men are genuinely just born with wide hips and small shoulders and he's one of them, but his body is still visibly male and it'll only get worse with age. the way his hips rest on his body is male, they're situated too low and in a way that makes him look like he has horrihle posture. he started posting this shit when he was 16 and sexualized himself like crazy and then started tirades against pedophiles… im not victim blaming him for the weird sexual harassment he HAS experienced but he obfuscates his age and tries to pass himself off as a twenty-something when he's really a stunted child. when he's actually 24 or 27 he knows he's going to hit the wall HARD.

No. 1759376

He’s got that John Boyega body lmao

No. 1759382

File: 1675361782594.jpeg (919.2 KB, 1170x1661, 79292DC9-52CC-4079-A329-238F0F…)

Playing vidya is literally murder gais

No. 1759385

I'll happily play this childish game if it means that every troon will stay the fuck away from me out of sheer fear.

No. 1759387

I think times are different now; I am always shocked and horrified by how much people share publicly on social media, it is so weird and, in my opinion, inappropriate. I think a lot of people no longer know how to be professional, everyone just shits where they eat; it's why I don't want to go back to a conventional in person job if I can avoid it.

Then again, my middle school sex-ed teacher in the 90s brought in videos of her giving birth for the class to watch so there was that.

I had a gym teacher in high school who was in a porno from like the 70s or 80s, some boys found out and would sometimes tease her about it but thankfully it never went further than that for her.

No. 1759410

How is playing a video game "throwing massive public tantrums"? Harry Potter is one of the most popular franchises in the world. Hogwarts Legacy is currently the best selling game on steam. Buying and playing this game has nothing to do with transsexualism.

No. 1759419

Throwing massive public tantrums you say? You mean the one thing troons are good at and have been doing since the first announcement of the game?

No. 1759422

That's fucked. Where was it leaked? I want to hate watch it.

No. 1759424

It's on kimcartoon I think

No. 1759427

File: 1675365890889.png (1.41 MB, 1520x858, trans teacher lydia lamere.png)

this is him apparently

No. 1759432

File: 1675366113369.png (75.58 KB, 512x512, 270008c8-28e0-48ca-b6d5-fc7648…)

bugs don't deserve this

No. 1759451

Kek, the tranny colors dogwhistle.

No. 1759463

Topkek. This is so fucking funny and better than anything else I’ve seen from this bot.

No. 1759467

This is actually art.

No. 1759482

It’s not. They’re the ones throwing tantrums. There’s a reason you can’t even mention the game anywhere without TRAs flipping out and calling for your cancellation. Take Reddit, I’ve seen a lot of normies bring it up on there and then get really confused when they get banned for that. No one who is normal about things is throwing a tantrum, just trying to talk about the game like regular people. It’s so dumb.

No. 1759489

I'm so petty that I'm probably going to buy Hogwarts Legacy twice, one for me and one for my daughter. I'm not even planning on playing, but troons can stay mad.

No. 1759500

I saw a screenshot on kiwifarms saying that JK Rowling is gonna call her a bunch of racial slurs although that same faggot was calling her a c00n. Don't they curve stomp troons and gays in africa???? No even trying to race-bait.

No. 1759503

They do worse for less in Africa. A lot of troons around the world have this weird American-centric belief that everywhere with white people has extreme evangelical beliefs that nowhere else has. Leftoids and troons are 100% convinced that places live Africa, South America, the middle East, are all some kind of LGBTQ+ inclusive genderless paradise that got poisoned by ebil euros. There are places in Africa where if you are gay you will literally get beaten to death by an entire neighbourhood trying to vanquish you to protect the area from satan

No. 1759525

>The last two lines

No. 1759533

File: 1675374108482.png (447 KB, 864x1186, Screenshot_20230202-220910.png)

it's actually written by some guy on twitter, @Huff4Congress. He admits it and moreover, it is too clever to be AI. There are obvious tells.

No. 1759543

We are as well. Bf playing on pc and I’m playing on PS5 for the PS exclusive side-quest thing. Sorry troons I don’t think this game is gonna fail

Kinda disappointed now but it makes sense. Out of curiosity I just put the same prompt into chatGPT and it basically told me I’m a terrible person lol

No. 1759573

And that women have less rights than men, periods are seem as disgusting and shameful to the point women, specially girls have to live in huts for 7 days and "there's a third sex that evil cis euros tried to delete" when is someone being a trannie.

No. 1759594

This is beyond "adult jokes in kids cartoons"

You guys know what fluffers are? The women behind the scenes in porn that suck the mans dick to get him hard…

And porking is making that face.

Not to mention they are "stuffing" his butt…

So you have a child aged duck, wearing a costume that says fluff, stuffing a teachers butt.

This is straight pornography in childrens peogramming and i am disgusted that they put looneytoons down this trash shoot.

No. 1759600

Carry pepper spray. See a troon in the potty? Pepper spray him. People ask why? He tried to rape me. No cameras means that you win no matter what because he got pepper sprayed and they cant prove he didnt try to assault you.

No. 1759602

I want it so bad, maybe I’ll buy it for my birthday.

No. 1759605

and if they tell you he’s a woman who tried to rape you with “her” penis, say you didn’t notice he was trans because he doesn’t pass.

No. 1759606

File: 1675381019918.jpeg (559.41 KB, 828x1159, 653C47CE-3D56-49F5-9980-E97830…)

Rest of the post for anyone interested. He’s looking to crash at a strangers place for free for indefinite amount of time

No. 1759608

That's pretty dumb.

No. 1759612

If you spray pepper spray in an enclosed area you’re going to be hit by the fumes along with anyone else in that bathroom

No. 1759615

you did point out things I didn't see before, so thanks. And I agree with you, this is fucking gross.

To be entirely accurate, I think all the toons are in college (not sure if that means everyone is 18+ though). That's Buster in the woman get-up, not Bugs (Bugs, the teacher, did a drag thing but it looked different). I couldn't watch the whole thing because the voice acting is pretty bad, but I watched the Bugs drag part and the part where Dizzy moves in with the girls and makes their life living hell, as men tend to do. And the part where Buster is exposed as a man. Another creepy thing is when Bugs does his drag bit, he suddenly throws off all the clothes (so he's technically naked). it's nbd since he's a rabbit and normally naked, but in that context (the clothes flying off), it gives a weird wtf is he stripping?? feeling. I think that could have been avoided if he'd just ditched the clothes off screen and returned. I can't explain why it feels wrong to see him rip off his "woman" clothes, but if it makes me feel weird, I think a kid would have the same reaction. A lot of stuff I saw as a kid made me uncomfortable and now I realize that there were gross sexual references in a lot of old cartoons. I watched old eps of Rocko's Modern Life because Rocko was so cute, but fuck that show is so messed up and I knew it without even knowing why. Chokey Chicken? Cows getting pleasure while being milked? The episode where they go to Heck is ok though.

No. 1759621

Ayrt. Youre welcome.

It doesnt make it better that they are colleged age. Teacher and student relationships should remain proffessional despite anything else because of the nature of a school being an educational safe space.

Teaching this new generation of already retarded zoomers (god why do i have to be a zoomer..?) that this type of personal relationship with a teacher is okay, is not okay. It paints college in such a poor, immature light. No college proffesor in any respactable, normal college where kids are there to learn, is going to do some ridiculous performance like that unless they are a troon. In which case you should hear all the alarms going off in your head and not "oh i saw this in cartoons when i was a kid, some people just be like this."

I hate everything so much rn.

No. 1759622

Samefag sorry. Forgot to add…

Conditional brain washing starts young and is almost always subliminal. If i ever have kids, they are going to watch 1998-2005 pbs kids shows. Fuck this porn sick patriarchal world.

No. 1759629

he said it not me

No. 1759635

Yeah sadly i know this… but tazing can just piss them off. If you go to the extent of pepper spraying them, people might believe you more because they will see it like "wow, she knew pepper spraying in an enclosed area would make her suffer too but she rather suffer pepper spray burns than get raped, he must have ACTUALLY tried to hurt her!" Either way the point is to scare them away from womens restroom.

Women have babies for christ sake! If pussy ass cops and COs can get pepper sprayed directly, us women can take residual spray if it means fughting the troons and getting them to leave the womens restrooms out of their coom!

Which nonas are following me into hell! Are we gonna take one for the team or what?! (Sorry for the retardation i just try to make myself feel a LITTLE bit better about this shit ass topic/thread)

No. 1759637

Knowing men, they will call you retarded and not care.

No. 1759640

Both of these posts sound like deranged troons trying to false flag lol

No. 1759649

If you're buying it on steam and not playing it just post it here so one of the nonna's can play.

No. 1759650

i get you, nona. i too say stupid shit in these threads to blow off steam.

No. 1759652

File: 1675384646304.jpg (38.95 KB, 600x416, Fn-d14caQAYckRJ.jpg)

john stone

No. 1759653

File: 1675384673133.jpg (158.66 KB, 1170x881, Fn-Hg6xXgAY4W-9.jpg)

future tranny

No. 1759662

Are there any female-only no-MTF-trannies-allowed websites left besides here?

No. 1759666

There is the Giggle app but its always got legal issues because trannies are trying to sue and ban it for only letting women in.

No. 1759671


No. 1759672

What, so the trannies can invade them? Also, sage if no milk

No. 1759679

Can't stand the black libfems getting mad at Laetitia for "dedicating art to a white woman" while they're out here saying men can be women and that white TIMs are similar to black women.

No. 1759681

Now you're just reaching. It's gross enough as it is that they're padding his butt, you don't have to add on bathsalts-tier takes about how the bag filled with fluff is referring to fluffers.
Also nice Reddit spacing lmao.

No. 1759697

File: 1675388054374.jpg (29.16 KB, 719x236, FnyKfKHaEAEbD6y.jpg)

Hey kid just dm this rando on the internet…

No. 1759699

Big debate on twitter being hosted right now about Gender vs Sex


No. 1759701

Just entered and its erin reed talking about gnc women wearing pants lmao.

No. 1759703

File: 1675388417860.jpg (155.34 KB, 1080x1307, Fn_WXkAWIAAv1T1.jpg)

He learned about filters?

No. 1759708

File: 1675388641979.png (409.1 KB, 677x448, Twitter (3).png)

phelps fucked this ugly tranny kek, look at the difference between his profile picture and the video

No. 1759709

File: 1675388740480.jpg (263.03 KB, 1213x980, Fn5KGXwXEAQK5mH.jpg)

I'm laffing, this is his "paparazzi photos" from the same video

No. 1759713

thanks for the link. i've been listening for awhile now and of course TRAs are constantly trying to interrupt/talk over speakers. erin reed & keffals both tried to talk over kellie-jay a moment ago, typical male behavior.

No. 1759715

File: 1675388963730.jpeg (301.05 KB, 750x1512, B5989187-D393-4AA0-A20A-01F5EB…)

nonas, which one of you poisoned this feminine, submissive, loving, nurturing?

No. 1759717

File: 1675389003702.jpg (462.59 KB, 1536x2048, Fn8TqrNaMAAToe8.jpg)

>21.k likes on a picture he filtered to hell and back

No. 1759729

The moderator needs to be firmer.

No. 1759738

keffals is being an absolute idiot kek

No. 1759744

Having Keffals on to help with representation is completely tanking them. All of my own feelings aside, it's so hard to listen to. At least Alejandra and Erin aren't screaming "suck my inside-out dick". Unless I missed it. Whew.

No. 1759745

the way this discussion is made up of 90% men

No. 1759747

keffals constantly trying to dunk on people is so beyond embarrassing. also him asking someone who founded gender ideology, someone else mentioning john money, and keffals screaming at them to shut up/calling them a cuck was top fucking kek. bro lost his shit to defend a literal pedophile.

No. 1759750

File: 1675390511364.jpeg (216.06 KB, 750x671, 76C11940-AA48-4C2C-9189-96D61F…)

> lil breast buddies

No. 1759753

File: 1675390684251.png (15.89 KB, 399x173, 25345435.png)

samefag but keffals when nobody cares about his shitty opinions and insults kek

No. 1759756

File: 1675391006274.png (338.75 KB, 689x749, on Twitter.png)

the audacity

No. 1759765

Loads of men get off to women being sexually assaulted and hearing women talk about their trauma.

No. 1759770

finally they kicked keffals kek. jesus christ he shouldve been kicked hours ago

No. 1759772

Oh schools definitely do enforce these boundaries, at least in the UK. My teacher friends always have super private/psudonymous social media as their workplaces insist on it. Troons just can't help grooming kids.

No. 1759781

In many African countries lesbians get "corrective rape". It's horrific.

No. 1759784

File: 1675391827415.jpg (76.99 KB, 1000x1000, Fn-khsXXwAAN0I3.jpg)

muh anime catgirl

No. 1759791

No. 1759793

What happened?

No. 1759794

Was thinking the same, the conversation went from negative effects of puberty blockers to "Hi, I specialize in victims, you wouldn't believe how much of a victim I am. Hoo boy, if only you have seen the horrors, me, a victim, have seen." The narcissism on full display. None of it was even relevant to being trans other than the conversion therapy.

No. 1759795

I opened the link out of curiosity and could tell a tranny was speaking first off. Yeah, you want to use the bathroom in peace? Do it at home.

No. 1759799

Ayrt, and I just deleted my thing on accident! But, right? Victimhood is their identity. Let's all be real here.

No. 1759801

he said "hey chris i've fucked your wife" to billboardchris like the moid he is

No. 1759808

girl KEK thats a tranny. also, of course, he had to mention genocide a moment ago.

No. 1759809

I came into this late but I noticed the troons and TRAs never actually address the points brought up by the gc peeps. They just do some 'woe is me' bullshit that boils down to 'it makes me feel bad when my delusions aren't validated.'

No. 1759812

>"Like, you like, don't check their chromosomes! You can't, like, actually tell whose trans!"
We can spot you from a mile away, hon…

No. 1759813

lmao my bad! i read the word 'lesbian' and thought words meant something to troons

No. 1759817

They are utterly oozing their XY narcissistic egos out of their putrid mouths. Yes, they are very clockable. Better up those filters and never step outside, hons.

No. 1759820

Diff anon, but kek! I also thought that one was a chick with a deep voice for a split second when he started talking. Then the word victim was used 60 million times and I was like oh nope, that's a man.

No. 1759840

literally every 4th post on this subreddit is just like this one. how anyone can spend more than 10 minutes on there and not realize they're all pornsick degenerate fetishists is beyond me

No. 1759869

File: 1675397557718.jpg (634.85 KB, 1000x700, 1671406933912.jpg)

The male chromosome is transphobic kek

No. 1759874

I wish this was real

No. 1759894

What is this, a medieval king's court? No one poisoned this guy. He probably just got sick from all the bathtub horsepiss pills he's been buying from weirdos online.

No. 1759899

This is an imageboard.

No. 1759903

File: 1675402097749.jpg (162.12 KB, 1440x1793, Fn9MkifXkAIyznd.jpg)

So feminine. Wow

No. 1759910

is it the light or is his nose lopsided? lmfao he looks like the sissy white male prototype
it's really interesting how being trans isn't genetic either, it's just that if males can be openly pervs/cds/sissies, they will!
that's why you see the whole spectrum of moids transing, from a homophobic 7 year old to a stocking loving 70 year old.
i wonder if the lack of religion in moids lives contributed to this. in my opinion they've always been sick like that, it's just that now they can do it openly

No. 1759917

>that show is so messed up
You forgot the scene where Rocko work's as a phone sex operator then realizes he's talking to his middle aged neighbor, Mrs Bighead. I didn't get the joke till I was in my 20s.

No. 1759919

It had some decent talk, but was largely stuff we already knew. Mostly men talking, Kara Dansky spoke a little, but not nearly enough. Amy Sousa was there, and barely got to speak at all, which sucks. Kellie-Jay Keen came in and spoke briefly, interacted with keffals no less, though i wish she had told him to fuck off.

Speaking of our little fake farter, he was there being cringy, interrupting people, trying and failing to troll, and being a nuisance while the moids in charge let him. He finally got kicked temporarily for yelling "I FUCKED YOUR WIFE" at Billboard Chris. With what, keffals? We've all seen your prolapsed looking stinkditch. All you've fucked is yourself with that botched surgery.

No. 1759920


Very interesting essay written by a detrans male debunking the "gender unicorn" diagram.

No. 1759927

How has nobody made the joke "Tiny Troons" yet

No. 1759932

File: 1675406093039.jpeg (186.29 KB, 1419x829, Ex_Q1L1WEAAG41k.jpeg)

kek, this already happened

No. 1759943

you'd assume this was the case, but also there are a lot of them who are neo-nazis or ex-neo nazis, so this doesnt shock me. also that fucker is a white 42 year old in the burbs, essentially the exact demographic of people that would get a blue lives matter tattoo.

No. 1759946

File: 1675408256024.jpg (869.92 KB, 2736x3648, 1p6t44kzxpfa1.jpg)

He got 2 for 1 on rope

No. 1759948

Is he an idiot? It sounds like he drank too much booze for too long

No. 1759952

i don't know anon, a lot of religious men have done a lot of bad shit. i don't think religiosity plays any part in this.

No. 1759957

It is incredibly common for TIMs to have had a "nazi phase" at some point. The trans community is completely aware of this too. The nazi-to-trans pipeline is a common meme on places like egg_irl.

No. 1759961

>that room
Wouldn't even have needed to post his face to be recognisable as male

No. 1759970

NAYRT but while I agree that religion or lack of it doesn't have a huge role in all this, I think a lot of people transition for community, which religion has. A lot of young people are lonely and directionless and being accepted into the speshul oppressed gang of troons gives them goals (idealized transition body), greater purpose (fighting against oppression) and new friends who share the same mentality. Same reasons as the online alt right pipeline, which is why there is so much overlap.

No. 1759974

I think most people transition because it makes their dick hard (much euphoria) when they dress in female panties, not because of community.

No. 1759976

The reason they're comfortable to live out their fetish is because of community

No. 1759982

So ew the amounts of comments saying he looks just like Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Portman. In what fucking world!? Natalie Portman is hot and Audrey Hepburn has delicate gamine features. He just looks like a younger Caitlyn Jenner.
Also his nose is botched as fuck.

No. 1759987

You're both right. There is no single unifying factor for trans people because it's not a real thing. Isn't that funny though, rather than asking "what is a woman" ask "what is a trans person" and after examining all of them you'll find that there is absolutely nothing that defines or unifies them.

Sorry for sperging but…
You'd think at least "a trans identity" is what makes them trans. But nope, that would mean the people who haven't yet realized they are trans aren't trans, as they do not identify as such. And that goes against the "you were always trans" narrative. So what if you change it to "someone who at some point in their life identifies as trans". Again doesn't work because that would include all of the detrans people. "Someone who at some point in their life identifies as trans and never stops identifying as trans"? Well that would exclude all the trans people who at some point detransitions only to then retransition. There are also trans people who have realized they made a mistake but they are so far gone they stop identifying as trans, but keep living as a trans person and still having it as their outward identity.
Ok so "someone who identifies as trans at some point in their life, and ultimately keeps identifying as trans even if they at some point stopped believing it". Nope, that won't cut it either because you can never know who will detransition in the future. And you can't know who will detransition only to transition again. What if someone identifies as trans their whole life, has a mental breakdown one day when they stop believing they are trans and kills themselves. Did that mean they weren't actually ever trans, or did they just have a bad day?

And you don't need gender dysphoria to be trans anymore, nor do you need to believe you are the opposite sex for real, nor do you need to actually transition. Being trans is not a real identity.

No. 1760012

It's a combination of pornsickness, dehumanization of women as a class, male exploitative behaviour "people are more accepting, they better accept what makes me horny or I'll chimp", and male social power being utilized to indulge in perverse behaviour to the point of destroying society by harming it's backbone of women, the ones who don't chimpout and have the personality most suited to cooperation and society building.

No. 1760014

* using greater acceptance of differences and stereotype breaking to indulge in fetishes because if something exists it should only exist to benefit the moid, otherwise it shouldn't exist, which is why these types of moids are also less altruistic in regards to things they do not think they can personally benefit from, like caring about abortion rights and class issues because they are not women nor poor, also demonstrated in making every minority problem like racism for example to have figure heads more like them aka black trans women rather than just black people as became with movements in america, also exhibited in the other end of the spectrum with rightwing scrotes (as they are all the same people regardless of beliefs, narcissists).

No. 1760026

File: 1675424452294.jpeg (893.03 KB, 1242x1861, 3D0DCBC0-B15F-4522-88FE-B13448…)

I 100% believe this (ignoring the fact that yes you can be white and be from Portugal). The reason troons have made it this far in becoming the most protected minority is by going out of their way to destroy anyone who steps out of line. Feel bad for this person

No. 1760030

he's been larping Audrey for a long time and it makes me want to a-log. She was talented: dancing, languages, acting. She later donated her time and money to charities. She didn't believe she was pretty and was embarrassed about her bony shoulders + nose. Not to mention that she survived WWII by eating tulip bulbs and secretly raised money for resistance efforts as a child. This man does nothing and is a vacuous narcissistic attention whore. He is the antithesis of Audrey Hepburn. And he doesn't look like her at all

No. 1760031

Not to mention being the class that controls most positions of power in the world for millennia, males. It's literally just scrotal privilege but with a coat of paint. It's why women can have rights removed while men are pandered to at the determent of both the future (children/those traumatised like women by being housed with rapist scrotes) and society. Just the retards in power trying something new pretending it's organic and totally not a top down push.

No. 1760039

File: 1675426104068.png (466.48 KB, 1081x2843, chrome_screenshot_167542598984…)

Rent free

No. 1760040

File: 1675426112979.png (1.74 MB, 863x1497, Screenshot_20230203-130050.png)


adding Stella McCartney
Cameron Hughes
Julie K Nails in NYC, who had to beg for her credit since Dylan forgot to mention she did his nails for the reveal.

I wouldn't mind having a list of companies and brands hyping up Dylan either. Just a quick look and I see these in his comments:
Barbie (guess he's gonna get a collab with a legit kids' toy brand, gross)
Paris Hilton

No. 1760043

Handmaidens and virtue signallers love blowing smoke up tranny asses with obvious lies and compliments that don’t reflect reality. Kind of like how tons of girls pretend Ellen Page is such a handsome/hot man even though she looks like a ventriloquist dummy. It’s hilariously patronizing kek.

No. 1760046

File: 1675426793492.png (544.83 KB, 864x1271, Screenshot_20230203-131618.png)

Larp started in 2013

No. 1760050

It feels like it would be easier to ID companies that don’t drink the troon kool aid,

No. 1760054

Or you can ask "What is a man?". I've never seen that.

No. 1760060

this thing's the only one that makes me genuinely want to a-log. i want to stop hearing about it and seeing its ugly puppet face.

No. 1760070

Skinwalking sends shivers down my spine, it's even worse knowing he's wanted to skin her for so long

No. 1760072

YWNBA (You Will Never Be Audrey)

No. 1760073

Kek so is Dylan not getting HRT or laser hair removal cause he plans on detransing once the hype is over and continuing to live life as a facially botched but otherwise regular aging twink?
This is what makes me especially seethe about the "terfs are nazis who cause the genocide of 4 million trannies a day!" bullshit. They themselves openly admit to being ex neonazis and we're supposed to forgive and forget because "that was her past self! she was traumatized from having been raised amab!" or some bullshit about how we should have sympathy for literal white supremacists because "innocent widdle white boys get groomed into being racist, they just don't any know better!!". But a tranny can just post about feminists being nazis and say calling a man a man is literal genocide unironically and everyone will side with them. It actually disturbs me. Every lie they make up about us is pure projection so we seem insane when we point out it's actually them who are the real nazis.

No. 1760075

you know this is going to kill dylly more than YWNBAW kekkkk

I know you're going about your every day lives just randomly commenting on this thread but FUCK, you nonas make me laugh and make it not all seem so dark. what's that thing again about tragedy and comedy? I'm glad the comedy is so fucking GOOD

No. 1760076

He looks so much older and masculine than before what the fuck kekk

No. 1760086

well, I'm also traumatised by being raised by my parents, so it would be okay if I'm a terf and a nazi, right? They can go fuck themselves, honestly, most of them don't have any connection to WWII and what nazis did back then, they probably don't even have grandparents that could tell them stories how it really was. And they go on and on about how they will be killed all today like they were all killed back then, even on holocaust memorial day they had to make everything about themselves, while they have a whole fucking week where everyone talks about them, how they feel, how great they are, how much they fight, they have so much attention and support, if every other group of mentally ill people would get that, they could get help and improve their lives, but troons want to stay the victim, always.
Sry for the rant, I'm just so tired as a german woman being called a nazi just because I don't agree with troons.

No. 1760116

His nose is fucking botched wow

No. 1760124

he says he's on hormones and has had some hair removal treatments but man I guess he had to hurry up and get his face cut up while he can cash in.

I hate the trend of trans models. ffs women have enough pressure to be bone-thin. Now we have fashion designers seeking moids like Dylan out. No breasts, no hips, no thighs, and tall. It's what they always wanted.

No. 1760128

File: 1675439979954.jpg (158.62 KB, 1080x766, Screenshot_20230203-110021_Goo…)

KEK look at this moids review for giggle

No. 1760133

This. Why the fuck should we respect any moids who identified or empathized with nazi ideals? Then they have the nerve to turn around and call US nazis when we just want a world where women can be treated fairly and feel safe? Fuck them all. They should take some fucking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions and stop projecting them onto people who actually experience oppression.

No. 1760136

File: 1675440687318.jpg (711.37 KB, 1080x1479, dylan.jpg)

got curious to see how dylan looked before twink death quarterback tackled him and jfc. his teeth are still freaky and fake but if you scroll through his insta you can see exactly when he got too insecure about his wrinkles to keep posting

No. 1760137

File: 1675441032496.jpg (277.97 KB, 1440x1278, Screenshot_20230203-111324_Gal…)

I don't know how to upload tiktoks lol but I've been getting more and more GC and peaking videos recently. this girl was stitching a TIM who was telling lesbians that if they have a genital preference they need to "keep it to themselves" because it hurts trans feefees and makes them feel excluded from the lesbian community. most of the comments to the stitch were other women agreeing that TIMs need to shut the fuck up and stop acting like pushy men, it was amazing. there's definitely a mass peak happening.

No. 1760157

Kek the feminine urge to neg your wife

No. 1760172

File: 1675443907626.jpg (251.96 KB, 720x1312, Screenshot_20230203_180228_Fac…)

No. 1760173

File: 1675444038462.jpg (96.64 KB, 720x1046, FB_IMG_1675443759810.jpg)

No. 1760181

This reminds me. Do we know anything about Dylan's past relationships? Why have no ex-boyfriends come out to spill tea on Dylan? I remember he mentioned dating post-transition but nothing about his love life pre trans. What about people he hung out with pre trans?

No. 1760192

I feel so bad for this daughter that her mom is this dumb. Dumb enough to trust a young boy THAT much, dumb enough to ask facebook for parenting advice. And so damn dumb she wouldnt just "omfg, youre never allowed over at our house or around my daughter again and im telling your parents." Like what kind of retardation is this world coming to.

No. 1760200

File: 1675445551553.jpg (79.04 KB, 490x625, Screenshot 2023-02-03 113031.j…)

what the fuck is up with all the "y'all just want to hate on this pedo/axe bandit/raytheon employee because they're a trans woman!!!"-esque posts lately? i've seen people walking back pretty much every moral and/or political stance in favor of TiMs. surely this has to be peaking some people

No. 1760203

File: 1675446518323.jpeg (99.15 KB, 750x1093, BE3206D4-EB5C-42C3-A52B-A23AD2…)

In what universe does he

No. 1760205

File: 1675446555835.jpeg (132.01 KB, 750x973, 3AEAD9A0-1DD4-4BCF-9136-9BDE71…)

Look like her???

No. 1760206

File: 1675446637032.jpeg (565.52 KB, 750x965, 01A2212D-DD9C-48CA-96FB-FBB6D9…)

Or her??

Is it autistic facial blindness at play or what the hell are these troons drinking?

No. 1760224

Narcissism is no joke, it's terrifying what egoistical maniacs are like

No. 1760231

Men have been nasty and perverted since the beginning of time, but "brave and stunning trans women" are only a social phenomenon in the internet age because they can create community and then advocate for it together. They pull in any young person by any means possible so anyone who has an unstable sense of self is vulnerable to the cult.

No. 1760251

Funny how for people who want vaginas so badly they love to show off their meat n veg.


No. 1760258

I'm pretty sure Dylan's said he's never been in a relationship in one of his videos.

No. 1760260

Are all these companies giving him shit or asking to collab, or are they just places he's ordered clothes from he's flaunting on his stories like they're throwing him freebies and care who he is? There's a difference, just.

No. 1760263

As a Jewanon I'd love these people to actually research what actual genocides have been like. Not just the Holocaust, Shoah, Porajmos etc but the Rwandan genocide, the "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia and Myanmar.

You think anyone was fuckin offering Anne Frank a deal with Cetaphil? Letting some Tutsi widow interview the Rwandan president? Fucking lol. These men think any slight against them is akin to mass murder, but even what a lot of ordinary women go through every day would have them crying for donations on livestream.
Pussies without pussies, every one of them.

No. 1760264

based app, sensed moid phone

No. 1760267

That's…. a look.
I 100% thought he was wearing pink dishwashing gloves there. Tinsel as scarf is interesting too. He looks like a homeless person was given PCP and told to pick an outfit.

No. 1760268

File: 1675451045560.png (970.55 KB, 1082x2193, chrome_screenshot_167544952329…)

Posie Parker invented the definition of a woman?

No. 1760270

really? bc he claims a lot of things "for the first time" but then we find out that he means he hasn't done those things as a "girl"

Maybe he was just into hookups as a gay man though, idk. I refuse to believe he's never had a boyfriend.

No. 1760271

i think men do it to erase their past and get a high position on the oppression stack and the coom is just another bonus

No. 1760273

I completely agree with you. Coopting actual genocides and horrific tragedies for their cause is one of the absolute worst things about mtfs. and yeah, it's nearly always mtf troons doing that. Reee they're oppressing us! They don't give a fuck about anyone else, past or present. They even made abortion rights about themselves. Psychos.

No. 1760277

he hasn't said about Stella, so idk. Other things have been marked as ads or gifts. MAC sent him a cake for his birthday. Milk did all the makeup for his reveal and sponsored it somehow. I don't know how much of a difference there really is when all this shit leads to lining the pockets of a literal nobody who decided to mock women and get paid to do it.

No. 1760284

men just have to ruin goth, punk, decora, egl, every alt female fashion with their dicks.

No. 1760285

THANK YOU I've been noticing this too, specifically with the younger gen z girls who otherwise would have been the perfect demographic to get sucked into the troon agenda. In fact, some of them were, but they're waking up. Obviously the tiktok algorithm feeds you what you want, but the comment sections don't lie, the TiMs are for sure getting pushback from young girls.

No. 1760304

File: 1675454478880.jpeg (271.17 KB, 1170x2139, E4109936-D9D5-4BA8-8932-32AC4E…)

same anon; more mass peaking evidence.
Grantelisikes has gotten a lot of justified hate due to his “ew tampons!!” tiktok. The top comments in some of his tiktoks have young girls saying stuff like picrel, it’s amazing.

Her comment was the most liked too. And all of the people agreeing were also pretty young (like high school) when i looked at their pages.

No. 1760306

File: 1675454892779.jpg (38.64 KB, 480x480, cojoied.jpg)

He's so wide he looks like those two conjoined twin girls

No. 1760308

why post these already made fun of girls to compare them to a troon? moid behavior.

No. 1760310

Extremely tasteless post

No. 1760324

File: 1675457060953.png (1.08 MB, 1324x1190, Capture d’écran 2023-02-03 à 2…)

both of these degenerates are troons. cant make this shit up

No. 1760325

the op of this post is on the right side lmfao he aint no fucking black too

No. 1760327

File: 1675457208732.jpg (269.25 KB, 1400x1104, lOFEpeb.jpg)

I think there's actually another one like this where someone's friend/family member's dog barks at men only and also barks at the their manwife. Picrel is another one I found, but I'll see if I can find the one I'm thinking of as well.

No. 1760334

File: 1675457482138.png (7.67 KB, 660x622, eye-charts-330x311@2x.png)

"Denial is not only a river in Egypt" is not enough. These people need their eyes checked.

No. 1760335

>website dedicated to shitting on certain women
>NOOOOOO you can't just make fun of Women!!!

No. 1760337


No. 1760340

> he's a great judge of character
I bet that it's not that he's a male but it's also that this troon is an actual rapist and the dog is picking up on it.

No. 1760342

File: 1675457705655.jpg (35.96 KB, 853x480, x480.jpg)

In other stories, people would warn OP that the dog is telling them the dog is warning the person is dangerous. But in this case I bet they're saying OP or the dog is transphobic, like that King of the Hill's ep where Ladybird attack the black repairman because she hates repairmen, no because she hates black people.

No. 1760344

Transacial is on its way in, after all lol.

No. 1760345

File: 1675457999995.jpg (78.46 KB, 1410x508, animal abuse.jpg)

I'm still looking but I just keep finding more lovely comments from this lovely community of lovely people.
> Fido doesn't like trans person
> Time to send Fido to the slaughterhouse
wtf …

No. 1760346

File: 1675458020266.jpeg (29.38 KB, 396x343, male.jpeg)

kill yourself tranny

No. 1760351

Nta but agreed, we should have a radfem coalition for jewish women or holocaust victim descendants so we can call them out every time they fucking misuse "nazi", "Holocaust", or comparing themselves to a group of Jews. We need to start becoming more aggressive against the "nazi" narrative because it's not true in the slightest for most women who are uncomfortable bc of trannies. I recommend we also do the same for black women (since that's their other chess piece) and at the very least start screenshotting all the times they compare themselves to various oppressed groups throughout history.
HOLY SHIT that's an actual comment with 23 upvotes, oh my god. They are insane.

No. 1760358

Literal psychopaths kek. The poor dog is giving them a reality check (biologically they are all men) and of course they respond with violence like the moids they are.

No. 1760362

I can tell you first hand that dogs absolutely recognise danger and have a special sense for people with dangerous intent. That's why you always hear about dogs who bark at moids, it's never "oh my dog only barks at women". That retard has a dog pointing at danger shouting "RUN BITCH RUN" at the top of it's dog lungs

No. 1760368

And someone should send him to the 50s for a lobotomy trial.

No. 1760370

File: 1675459250766.png (89.32 KB, 1280x874, 4534623623452345.png)

Don't mistake me for defending troons who actually get hurt feelings about this, but this is a joke subreddit for not serious comments. They may not be funny, but we should keep the hate authentic. They make themselves look bad enough without us scraping the rotten fruit off the floors of their "comedy" spaces as disingenuous examples.

No. 1760383

It makes me rage whenever trannies say they face genocide or that TERFs are Nazis. How fucking dare you compare your situation to that hell. Fuck you. Not to mention, it's such a dangerous precedent to dilute the meaning of these words. They need to be checked again and again.

No. 1760399

File: 1675461391007.jpeg (3.06 MB, 3024x8092, 714FF610-FAC9-4BCD-903B-CED314…)

>i pass

No. 1760401

Seriously if biological sex doesn't matter then fuck medical science as well, no horsepiss for you! Why would you need it anyway since you're already a true and honest woman simply by saying you are? Fucking bleak. It used to be they were alright with saying they were trapped in male bodies but we've speedran the insanity and now biological sex doesn't exist anymore. Post-postmodern queer theory hellscape. I hate Foucault and I hate Butler in particular.

No. 1760403

I always thought Weird Al was underrated

No. 1760410

File: 1675462289424.gif (984.24 KB, 177x99, horror movie door gif.gif)

No. 1760420

Is he so autistic and faceblind he can’t see how undeniably male he is

No. 1760435

File: 1675463598583.jpg (222.47 KB, 1080x1660, 655.jpg)

Not much milk but this is an alcoholic troon off of a gaming discord. Looking like he crawled straight out of a dumpster. Why do they all have the most giant and obvious male facial features

No. 1760436

No. 1760440

File: 1675463902240.jpg (21.62 KB, 500x279, tZ3OrjM.jpg)

aw fuck, I was in such a hurry to find the post I am thinking of that I didn't see that; sorry, I'm retarded and didn't read, thank you for pointing it out

No. 1760442

its a shame. i like moids with long-hair. he'd be cute if he wasnt a troon.

No. 1760448

probably. i think these autistic troons are so faceblind they literally only identify if someone is a woman or not by dress and long hair. they don't notice body shape or facial details and they are genuinely baffled when women can clock troons by features they can't even pick up on.

No. 1760461

I think you must be right because I see so many of them that are so certain they're unclockable and it's weird because I literally have never seen or met a single one that managed to pass in anything but a photo. Even a filtered video tends to give them away. I can't tell if they're actually that stupid or if it's all just part of the gaslighting lol.

No. 1760477

lmao thanks for this anon

No. 1760480

File: 1675467962582.png (556.05 KB, 616x460, tenor.png)

>"Kill that transphobic dog"

No. 1760491

File: 1675468563622.png (739.73 KB, 899x842, scrotepolitican.png)

I'm here to present you some news from dear old Germany. One of our troon politicians got this tattoo. 80% of the people commenting on it on twitter are like "well, at least he wasn't for mandatory vaccinations" or "it's his own decision" or "okay, it's clearly a tattoo about two sides of the story". Scrote ( Markus Ganserer is his name) posted it on his instagram account that is connected to his political work. He gets paid thousands of euros every month for his work, taking a spot in parliament created for a woman and this it what he is presenting to the public. He was also they guy giving an interview in a female sauna, having a speech as a lesbian and he is the guy that can't brush his teeth. It makes me so mad, I couldn't get a job some years ago at certain places because of glasses or scars and he gets a fuck load of money being just a fucking scrote with a wig.

No. 1760512

You just know he speaks in that obnoxious sing-song Mickey Mouse voice.

No. 1760514

This is hideous. Such a coomer he had to get a tattoo for it. I honestly don’t really understand the symbolism he’s going for other than the fact that it’s two images in one.

No. 1760515

There's something so voyeuristic about this. The fact if he sticks his arm out it looks like an elegant woman from someone else's point of view, while at the same time it looks like a woman touching herself to him… there's definitely some connections you can draw there to his transition as a whole. Men are really into that two sided kind of thing too, I'm not surprised in the least. Imagine if a female politician got and posted this.

No. 1760519

Did Contra ever get the chop?

Sorry for the weird question, but I've been out of the BT loop for a long while. I know he's still legit insane, an opium druggie, had plastic surgery and shit, but I'm wondering if he ever went the extra mile?
Last I remember was that he was somewhat self aware of the fact that no lesbian (or woman really) really wants to date a tranny, and he also had some realization that he never actually wanted to fuck guys (lol). Also something about how he'd rather khs than detransition.

No. 1760521

This is disgusting and I hate this guy so much. I saw his whole "te-he I am a woman belonging in the women sauna" photoshoot and it was so gross. The ass-kissing by handmaidens was annoying as well. My mom and I always mock him lol. He is a grown-ass man with children and would never get his dick chopped off but is going on about "I, as a lesbian blah blah". Fucking disgusting moid who is supported by clown world Germany, simply ridiculous.

No. 1760524

Yeah he did

No. 1760532

I still can't believe that, out of all things you can get addicted to, opium…

No. 1760534

there were rumors that phallosophy tube had sexually assaulted him, is there any proof?

No. 1760539

he got his chin chopped off but not his dick

No. 1760558

Oh shit that explains a lot. Well he's past the initation stage so no wonder all he can do is get high, suicidebait on ig and make a video every 6-12 months. Although I heard he started streaming.

I'm not as initiated as some really dedicated farmers, but I think PT's opening post and some older Breadtube threads on lolcow have the info.
Afaik, Nick was asked about Olly in some live ~2020 and said he no longer spoke to "this person". Apparently there were rumors that they dated for awhile I think. And there was some story about them filming together and Olly groped hontra's gynecomastia "tits" as a gag and it really traumatized him or something?
And according to some timelines, Olly came out as TW around the same time they stopped talking. Some people were speculating this was a power move on his part - if Nick calls him out he risks to damage the look of the trans movement he was building for so long.
I don't know what's going on now but apparently they're both in too deep with estrogen and surgeries, and still not talking to each other. The BT grift appears to be dying for a while now. Ironically they both tried to be trans activists and make the trans experience look positive, but ever since they transitioned they've become exponentially more insane.

Best case scenario, they both burst like an appendix (figuratively) and the spilled pus causes a sepsis in the zoomer trans movement; peaking many-a-youngins.

No. 1760568

File: 1675473254908.jpg (334.33 KB, 2880x1800, FoAE0T6XgAATXQq.jpg)

he went on national tv looking like a bloated mess

No. 1760571

I don't recognise this troon, who is it?

No. 1760578

India Willoughby. If you have a twitter account chances are he has you blocked even if you've never interacted with him.

No. 1760613

> And according to some timelines, Olly came out as TW around the same time they stopped talking. Some people were speculating this was a power move on his part - if Nick calls him out he risks to damage the look of the trans movement he was building for so long.
fascinating. i hate both of them, but i love their dumb dick measuring beef.

No. 1760639

File: 1675479443680.jpg (870.1 KB, 2048x2048, Fn6iR62WQAAXtid.jpg)

They just can't escape the moid build

No. 1760642

I think he tweeted about it before, basically asking his followers who was the best neovagina surgeon in LA. Correct me if I'm wrong though

No. 1760664

File: 1675480890467.jpeg (7.27 MB, 3120x4160, 97D00E74-A0AE-470D-A3F3-B5952B…)

very woman

No. 1760672

Why are they so autistic lmao. Pretty sure those guys were laughing at you, dude

No. 1760689

File: 1675482960983.png (8.18 MB, 3274x1400, pedo.png)

I sometimes skim through fighting game tournaments and speedrunning events spotting trannies for a quick laugh. They're mostly just disheveled cringey weirdos, never anyone I would actually bother posting, but this dude is seriously horrifying.

Has a dozen posts about his lactation fetish, which is gross but whatever until I scrolled further and saw he had actual children he was feeding his breast "milk" to. I'm so fucking disgusted and outraged, I've only seen this like once before and that was just some anonymous reddit larp. This is child abuse and no one will do anything about it. He even posts blatant yuri pedo shit and seems to be in some kind of poly situation. You just know more is going on behind closed doors if he's open with all of this.

No. 1760729

he gives me the shivers. Yuck!

No. 1760735

The actual mom's tell all book is gonna be a bestseller i can tell.

No. 1760739

File: 1675487596536.jpg (105.16 KB, 1024x1024, FoDXSlqWQAYmnwS.jpg)


No. 1760759

Omg anon completely skipping over the horrifying lactation fetish part of your post, but I just recently got into watching speedruns and I was so horrified to find out that every time they mention a girl name getting a new world record or discovering a new trick, it's a troon. The girl names haven't been an actual girl even one time. The state of that community man

No. 1760765

>mom weight
Sir, you did not gain that weight from carrying children. Those poor kids are drinking a man's synthetic hormones. This isn't even the first troon to do this, really sad and scary honestly.

No. 1760811

im a substitute teacher and i dont even tell the kids my first name, my age, nothing.

No. 1760830

omg I am in a neighboring country and I didn't know he still had his Pimmel. wtf. I need to read about this guy.

None of that yet over here except probably at the university. My university covered up a huge sexual harassment / attempted assault thing involving students and graduate employees because it was primarily homosexual harassment and they didn't want a scandal. Professor was dismissed but not fired and continued to harass while getting paid for a couple years. He was also into crossdressing (though not trans I guess) and would get drunk in the women's bathroom. He vandalized property, stole, and slandered students who reported him. Someday I'll post about it anonymously somewhere but I want enough time to pass. They literally didn't want a media shitstorm and allowed him to harass and defame the accusers on the uni dime. He said he was discriminated against for being gay and "part woman"

No. 1760839

he is also still officially a man and hasn't changed his name, because he doesn't want to go through the process that is necessary to change your name and gender in Germany. Guess that's why is fighting for the "Selbstbestimmungsgesetz". It's not the only troon politician we have, but German politics are fucked up anyway and I hope I'm out of here before the next election.

No. 1760844

It isn't just the build. It's the ugly face too. I'd say his build is the least of his worries, too. He's too tall for the dresses he's chosen. I'd say he should be concerned about flashing people but we all know they aren't.

No. 1760846

What the hell is wrong with German moids (both normal moids and TIMs)? What happens in Germany that makes them like that?

No. 1760889

I dont know nona, I guess society here is just much more accepting of moids being degenerates whereas women police themselfes if they misbehave but not the degenerate moids. Its tragic really

No. 1760902

File: 1675515587250.jpg (234.95 KB, 1080x850, Screenshot_20230204_135421_Twi…)

To stay on the topic of Germany one of the biggest gaming youtubers Gronkh got canceled because he essentially said he doesn't care about what JK Rowling says about tims and was gonna play Hogwarts Legacy regardless (was)

Picrel is him tweeting how he's busy deleting threats and insults in his inbox, classic

No. 1760919

From the coomer perspective the arm/leg looks so small compared to the hand that the picture actually looks like a pedo molesting a kid, which is disgusting but also very context-appropriate.

No. 1760923

It's so telling when people who aren't trynny cultists ask what JK actually said that was so bad and trannies never ever tell them, they screech and throw insults, and then some third party posts a link and the normal person is like "WTF, THIS is why you are all so mad? That's insane, there's nothing objectionable about her statements!".

Nothing peaks people faster and harder than interactions with trannies.

No. 1760925

File: 1675520923117.jpg (24.75 KB, 1080x307, IMG_20230204_172759.jpg)


No. 1760926

File: 1675520962195.jpeg (177.76 KB, 750x413, FA27AD6B-DD35-4FA8-A901-21208B…)

An old man found out he had a fetish and then died boo fucking hoo

No. 1760930

File: 1675521256244.jpg (250.64 KB, 1536x1920, gkimqdjbd1ga1.jpg)

At this point I'm pretty sure troons have pushed out all the actual women on r/dykesgonemild. They keep bitching about lurking TERFs downvoting everything. Warms my heart to know I'm making a difference!
This dudes band should be called The Bulges

No. 1760931

>colonial gender policing
Yeah, Western Europe is famous for its restrictive gender roles, unlike Latin America or Africa or the Middle East.

No. 1760932

File: 1675521324721.jpeg (268.16 KB, 750x748, F3718468-2631-46F0-8815-F185EC…)

t4t is so ugly, the way Tims will always be men despite their best efforts to be feminine

No. 1760939

File: 1675521966717.jpg (249.71 KB, 1080x782, Screenshot_2023-02-04-17-44-45…)

Is that a troon or an insane level of nlogism

No. 1760944

This is a tif (also a sex worker)

No. 1760949

I have come to realise that what is so clockable about troons is the hip/leg angle. It’s always a near perfect vertical line, whereas even women with narrow hips have an angular hip/leg. I worded that horribly but I’m not sure how else to explain it kek

No. 1760958

It's so annoying. I try to support female streamers when I see them (especially in speedrunning since it's overflowing with moid stench) but there's nothing worse than opening a stream only to be greeted with that nails on a chalkboard troon voice.

No. 1760965

So I'm assuming the threats and insults are from mad trannies? But he still gave in and won't be playing the game? Pretty weak. What kind of message are you sending if you let yourself be threatened into submission by an insane minority, especially since they have zero proof for Rowling's alleged transphobia and so on. They need to be ignored, not given more power.

No. 1760967

even though he is weak this whole situation helped me to begin peaking a few friends. They agree the trannies are completely overreacting and how its laughable to constantly portray J K as Hitler himself

No. 1760983

File: 1675528370013.png (291.97 KB, 677x579, not even trying.png)

No. 1760985

File: 1675528540902.jpg (182.28 KB, 753x1280, FoEE4GNacAAnuID.jpg)

It's not

No. 1760989

He got a picture of a "woman" (probably meant to be himself post srs) masturbating and is proudly posting it online? Wtf is wrong with people that they think that's a person they trust in politics

No. 1760994

All of these troons don't realize their friends are lying to them about passing
So you're saying if I were to pretened to be a troon on reddit I can shitpost about them in that sub without getting banned? Interesting

No. 1760997

I guess he wants to save a little bit of his life. I don't care for streamers, find twitch and stuff annoying as hell, but I read up some comments and I understand that he just gives up, he is after all not a woman and probably not used to online harassment. Interesting for me is that mostly moids sided with the troons, talking about how JK is stupid or insane and some nasty insults and when some women came along and told them why we think the way we think they would ignore them, after all it's just not their problem and they will never understand. At least I found a lot of streamer troons I could block on Twitter.

No. 1760999

File: 1675529642395.webm (8.25 MB, 1080x1080, 10000000_178742431539459_67479…)

No. 1761002

File: 1675529807799.jpg (1.47 MB, 3165x4096, FnlicJmXEAAypSr.jpg)

lol-ing at his hand placement

No. 1761005

no, no, dear nonna, you are misunderstanding it, it's just a woman touching her shoulder and you seeing a woman masturbating means your mind is just too focused on sex and gender (that is actually stuff people wrote). And there aren't any German politicians you can trust, so why should he be different, but yes, he is a special breed of disgusting.

No. 1761006

Thanks nonno, it's sad that a woman says shit like this but I don't feel bad for her

No. 1761017

Have there even been any actual studies on the nutritional content of drug-induced MTF "breast milk"? PL but I was once on medication that made me lactate, and it didn't even cross my mind that it could be anything like the breast milk made by nursing mothers because I didn't have a pregnancy.

No. 1761025

I seriously doubt the troon can get barely any ‘milk’ out of his gynecomastia. It’s hard enough for natal moms to successfully breastfeed and takes a lot of perseverance and patience. Due to lack of resources and support, many moms just don’t stick it out. Whenever I see these post I just roll my eyes as it’s such a larp it’s just unbelievable.

No. 1761030

No but if there was, they'd have 100 % lied to make troons feel better.

No. 1761032

File: 1675531659497.jpg (293.33 KB, 1080x1872, FoIxheCWYAAFB0S.jpg)

>foot shortening surgery

No. 1761033

File: 1675531938141.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.96 KB, 1079x1933, FoIxhyvXEAELkm3.jpg)

mangled toes nsfw

No. 1761034

I was more thinking anyone trying to do a study would find themselves bombarded by angry messages and false accusations to try and get the study shut down in case it didn't show the result the troons wanted (it definitely wouldn't is my guess).

Similar things have happened with the rabid CFS community when doctors tried to study effective treatments.

No. 1761036

>my respect for all disabled people..

Dude I don't want your respect, I want you to enjoy the crippling arthritis you get in your feet before you hit 50. You have no one to blame but yourself.

No. 1761037

File: 1675532305368.png (363.1 KB, 641x607, 12467.png)

No. 1761038

File: 1675532524897.jpg (81.29 KB, 1066x600, FnpmESPXgAAk7ZE.jpg)

Translator note: Interesting means ugly

No. 1761040

I hate them, there are women with large feet, there is nothing not feminine about having larger feet. As I was younger I was so ashamed of my shoe size, there weren't nice shoes around in my size, I even looked into shortening surgery and tried to hide them every time I went swimming, but I realised if you aren't a tiny woman you just have larger feet and there is nothing not womanly about me. They just pick some cliche how a woman should look and what we should be insecure and ashamed of and create an identity out of it, mocking every real woman if they keep that feature and not feeling insecure about it.

No. 1761041

These doctors are going to hell lmfao

No. 1761044

File: 1675533041466.png (444.97 KB, 679x855, TroonyToons on Twitter.png)

They're riding on the gravy train with these retarded troons.

No. 1761045

these doctors live in nice mansions with a nice amount of money, kek. I always found it fascinating that plastic surgeons won't have any surgeries done on their own bodies as most of them aren't in any way good looking, guess they know what they are offering. Wish I were said doctors, troons would be my most loved customers.

No. 1761046

Sir you look like a busted pizza shop dumpster.

No. 1761047

File: 1675533218245.png (435.94 KB, 677x470, Twitter (2).png)

No. 1761067

>Trends for you
It's not trending for everyone nonna, it's just a personalized algorithm showing you content based on what you viewed before

No. 1761083

So what's happening here besides a troon going insane?

No. 1761091

I’ve seen shoulder surgery (narrowing/widening) and surgery to make themselves taller/shorter but it’s my first time seeing this one. Like what’s next, hand surgery?

No. 1761095

All of that to go down 1 shoe size?? Whats the point when it hardly does anything, 1 shoesize really isnt the worlds biggest difference and he still has pretty big feet.. which women also totally can have, these scrotes are insane

No. 1761096

File: 1675537097448.jpg (125.65 KB, 828x1253, FoJD7_lXgAA0Ibs.jpg)

It's the washroom tranny from a few months ago I think. The tranny got blocked by a woman from entering the women's washroom.

No. 1761115

File: 1675539227355.jpg (33.77 KB, 1006x595, e45753e3356ceb63b358f2c73a5542…)

>are biological women jealous of trans women

No. 1761124

I'm only jealous of their male privilege, that's all

No. 1761127

I love her too! at first I used to see her get retweeted by radfems because she used to post about female issues. It's so funny that she didn't even know or care about troon ideology - until TRA twitter knew of her and kept replying "this is trans exclusionary" under her posts. I remember she posted about wanting to take a break from twitter because the vile messages she was getting in her DMs. So I understand how she stopped being nice in her replies to trannies. Love to see it. I hope more women just stop all the niceties and tell them like it is.

No. 1761129

aw hell yeah i am so jealous that i don't get to have a neovagina that grows hair and stews pus inside itself. i would also kill to have a shorter lifespan in a butchered, vomit-inducing body.

No. 1761134

It sounds like his foot was already a wreck, I am not sure this was a cosmetic surgery, I think he's just "euphoric" that his orthopedic surgery shortened his foot slightly.

No. 1761144

Who is the actual mother of these poor children?

No. 1761179

I don't want to post a pic, but a news article with a man with falsies on was going around using she/her pronouns. I go to the Facebook comments sections and it's full of people calling him out for being a violent male masquerading as a woman and calling the news out for using she/her pronouns, tons of people making fun of him. Maybe there is hope

No. 1761185

>I dont want to post a pic
Nonnie… imageboard. IMAGEboard

No. 1761186

Lately there have been a lot of newfags posting links alone or refusing to include pics of their sources. It's particularly bad in the tranny threads and it's driving me insane.

No. 1761187

Kek my dog only barks at men. My husband and I lived with two TiFs and my dog loved them. I told them that she was abused and doesn't like men. They were so butthurt about my dog liking them. It was almost as bad as when I asked one of them for a tampon or when my husband slipped up and called the they/them one "she".

No. 1761193

It's pretty common for rescue dogs to be wary of men, because the vast majority of animal abusers are male. I volunteer at a shelter, and I've seen animals come in after being treated appallingly by scrotes. One dog was so emaciated she had to be fed through a tube, and another was seized by animal control after the owner hit him with a meat tenderizer. I've heard of animals being chained to outdoor doghouses year round, and of people surrendering old dogs to get puppies instead. Nauseating.

Maybe if moids are tired of dogs hating them, they should stop treating animals like shit.

No. 1761194

File: 1675549736236.jpg (3.51 MB, 2000x2800, bKzuVLx.jpg)

The only thing I'm envious of (because that's the correct term here, not jealous), is that these men can get their permanent hair removal covered by their health insurance but I have to deal with my lady beard and excess body hair the old fashioned way because I'm too poor to afford permanent removal.

But what else is new? Men whine and get whatever the want, women present a logical and calm concern and we get a slap to the face or a punch in the mouth.

I don't know about everyone else but whenever I try to include an image, either upload or imgur, it'll take several tries before it posts without an error. Maybe the newfags can't figure it out.

No. 1761201

How in the name of Jesus H Fuck is this legal

No. 1761203

File: 1675550454467.jpg (528.81 KB, 719x2235, Screenshot_20230204_233941_Fac…)

No. 1761209

Love how he's going to need a mobility aid probably less than 10 years down the line. The size of your feet is and should be proportional to your body. I know it's popular these days to claim tall, especially lanky/skinny model type women are "manly" (or heaven forbid "clocky"), but I dare these trannies to call those any of those women masculine to their face. Genuinely cannot believe we let tall women feel bad about themselves or less feminine simply due to the fact they make men feel emasculated and insecure. I love tall women. The fact they can simply exist and look beautiful no matter how they dress yet even a 5ft tranny will always look like an ugly male.

No. 1761220

all this for one shoe size smaller? lmfao men are so fucking insecure

No. 1761230

the outfit was so nice until the pantyshot like control yourself.

No. 1761234

File: 1675555149788.gif (1.54 MB, 400x225, childabuse.gif)

No. 1761237

Jesus I nearly shit myself this looks exactly like my ex (who is probably a tranny now anyway since he was going that way kek)

No. 1761240

Trooned out Adam Sandler

No. 1761252

Sage for blogppsting but I just need to vent!
I married one of the least threatening scrotes out there. An ally to feminist issues and all the buzz (im stupid I know). I am pregnant, and my pregnancy is high risk. I have not been able to continue working. I basically rely on my husbands income.
Now, thats just context for the fact that my husband wants to name the baby a gender neutral name in case it comes out as trans later in life…
What the hell.

I suggested names in my native tongue or from relatives. But no. Then he made me explode because it _seemed_ that he cared more about a hypothetical troon child than giving the actual child a nice name. Eventually, he figured out my stance on troons.

The discussions have gotten so bad. I am in hell. My body is decaying and he just hyperfocuses on what if the baby is trans…

No. 1761259

>the outfit was so nice
I don’t think we’re looking at the same image.

No. 1761260

"interesting" is the correct term i guess, kek.

No. 1761273

some of them start off as programmers but as they go further along the trans path they give up on programming for "'girl stuff "

No. 1761277

He is a complete and utter catfish, i have never seen him outside the context of his twitter profile picture.

No. 1761282

Bunion surgery is a normal orthopedic procedure. Toe shortening is not.

No. 1761283

Check to see if he’s a porn addict, and report back in another thread on /g/ or /ot/ to not derail more

No. 1761284

File: 1675559555902.jpeg (234.2 KB, 750x1428, 0D2CFE10-37C7-4953-B777-E271B1…)

why are trannies surprised that transphobes stalk their subs? they post the most retarded shit imaginable.

No. 1761285

The same reason it's legal to file down healthy teeth and replace them with veneers and a lifetime of dental issues. Money. But if it wasn't legal here they'd GFM and go to Thailand for it or something anyway.

No. 1761290

Tell him even if the hypothetical trans kid has a neutral name, they will 100% refuse to use it if they are trans, such is the concept of deadnaming. Tell him it's more "empowering" for trans kids to choose their own name.

No. 1761293

File: 1675559980814.jpg (263.4 KB, 720x1600, 43.jpg)

Sage because yeah, but I thought you might find this amusing

No. 1761312

File: 1675561490506.jpg (10.34 KB, 275x203, 1585357745353.jpg)

The XY in all of it's glory

No. 1761319

its better than what we usually see here is what i meant, still something that you see on a 6 year old at a birthday party but better than the neon shit

No. 1761331

ofc its Montreal

No. 1761383

File: 1675570737956.jpg (35.03 KB, 720x720, FnzhBqIaMAI4Tfc.jpg)

>you married a troon simp
divorce babe divorce

No. 1761385

File: 1675570861280.png (400.53 KB, 677x661, Twitter.png)

the fuck is this?

No. 1761386

Why is it always Canada? Breastplate teacher, Keffals, Jonathan Yaniv… does the trauma of being Canadian and fucked by your government 24/7 mindbreak people into trooning out?

No. 1761395

Maple syrup overdose

No. 1761397

This shit is why I'm never having biological children. It gives moids to much power over you.

No. 1761398

She can't. She's unemployed and unable to work. For the time being, she's trapped, which is probably why her Nigel chose to go mask off.

No. 1761404

Canadians aren’t traumatized lmao, Canada has one of the highest living standards in the world despite their constant bitching & moaning. These are just overprivileged moids doing overprivileged moid things.

No. 1761417

…so this woman(?) Decided to make this tiktok about grant giggling like a retard asking where tampons go as if everyone doesn't already know what there use is and where they go because…

iTs tRanSpHoBic tO sAy tHaT!1!!1! How dare she bring up women without access to FEMININE hygiene products
And saying that transwomen who BTW don't menstrate no matter what delusions they have say they do should be able too because dySpHoRiA

"Straight Men keep sanitary products at their houses!!!" Yeah for WOMEN in there lives that use them dip shit

"ALL DYLAN AND GRANT ARE DOING IS SYMPATHIZING WITH WOMEN REEEEE" by buying tampons to keep for….collection?? Fetish?? Didn't grant hold it up and giggle like a retard asking where it went? As if everyone doesn't KNOW where they go?

"They're going out of their way to educate themselves on the community they are now apart of whether you like it or not they are part of our community" they. Don't. Menstrate. They're not apart of shit. They can wear all the extensions and makeup they want, they don't menstrate.

Refers to transwomen as our "new little sisters"…okay

This Troon argument is literally "wOMeN aReNt bEiNg IncLusIvE tO uS"
While constantly demanding worshipping language("menstruation products" acts (covering for them when they get clocked) and treatment (teaching them womenhood)

Get a grip

No. 1761425

https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRGMxyQC/ hilarious how she said she isn't actually puerto rican because she's "transphobic" and proceeded to pronounce every puerto rican food wrong.


Girl bye


Another black woman mammying herself out for a white man who has made it clear he hates not just women…but brown women

https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRGMqxVa/ well yeah it's the south(imageboard)

No. 1761429

please add screenshots of what you're talking about, or you can download and convert to webm and upload here.

No. 1761431

He definitely jacks it to tranny porn if he's this focused on a very statistically rare, hypothetical trans baby.
ten years ago hardly anyone was trans(exual) and it was basically considered to be a very low social status alongside prostitution and homelessness (and those statuses being intersecting, and still intersecting from my observation)

So this is akin to worrying about what your future child's stripper name might be. Hope and pray this fad is well over by the time your kid might consider it, and that your kid is mentally well and strong enough to resist pedo groomers that might try and influence them.

No. 1761433

god I fucking hate newfags

No. 1761439

File: 1675584355444.jpeg (162.17 KB, 1125x798, 184FD0FA-63A9-4040-A0F6-A5B33E…)

No. 1761441

>served cunt
Definitely how women refer to themselves and not seething gay men kek.

No. 1761442

He is bisexual but retarded and homophobic, looking for a way to avoid acknowledging that he is attracted to men.

No. 1761444

Divorce and seek refuge from your family, relatives, nonna. Save yourself and your child from that troon simping moid.

No. 1761446

then what do they want to look like? it's funny he says this because those "wallace and gromit" looking women will always be beautiful, womanly, truly female while he needs makeup and filters to barely resemble the visual idea of a woman.

No. 1761452

File: 1675585594698.jpg (103.5 KB, 1080x607, FoDTVs5XwAETa-6.jpg)


No. 1761456

It’s so funny how the troons describe women they don’t like is very much like how scrote men would say about women. Ywnbaw trust me

No. 1761459

Is this a billboard? How many normies know what a TERF is? I would imagine most people who saw this would assume it's a tagline and TERFs are some type of magical monsters you fight in the game.

No. 1761461

Expecting parents don't think about what if their child turns out gay let alone transgender. Like the other nona suggested check his browser history, he may be visiting r/egg_irl. Your husband is either gonna troon out himself sometime after you've given birth or he's gonna groom your child into being trans.

No. 1761466

i feel like it's just woke shit. a real troon in training would know that if their kid troons out they get to pick their own unique snowflake name

No. 1761467

are you guys retarded? rayne is a woman lol it’s literally in her twitter bio and she’s not a tim, she’s like 19 she’s just stupid

No. 1761470

I still find it funny how big game studios get away with sexual harassment and rape and shit and no one would vandalise their stuff but JkR is literally Hitler to them

No. 1761472

File: 1675589993644.png (749.56 KB, 1251x2048, chrome_screenshot_167558988211…)

>I ended a week long and very attached relationship
Lol, she probably barely knew you. So delusional

No. 1761473

It is the most scrote thing in the world to have a room in our house that is entirely empty except for a mirror and MTG play mats on the floor

No. 1761477

File: 1675590635192.jpeg (392.87 KB, 933x2048, B9CB8C0F-4222-4310-A73A-605186…)

this is quite literally word for word something you’d see on an incel forum.

No. 1761479

File: 1675591044165.jpg (107.84 KB, 720x924, FoMQ_enakAECYfd.jpg)

Man pretending to be a muslim woman waving the antifa flag

You cant make this shit up

No. 1761480

this retard would fit in so well in iran

No. 1761484

>week long and very attached situationship
>week long
>very attached
Guarantee they don't even know this person's surname.
Seems like if even someone in the polyfreak community can't gender them correctly, they look like a man and need to suck it up

No. 1761485

it's like proof that they only care about pronouns to bitch and shame others. how did he know they were even talking about him? he just immediately assumed so he could get upset.

No. 1761487

>My hatred comes from bad experiences
>those bad experiences are checks notes women getting angry he catfished them with facetuned dating photos, and being escorted out of women's changing rooms
Yes, definitely on a par with the lifetime of assorted traumas women have inflicted upon them by men

No. 1761488

Astounding. This man could lose his mobility or even worse both his feet all just to be ONE shoe size smaller. Plastic surgeons must be laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of these delusional troons

No. 1761493

there are really a ton of Canadian cows, more than there should be in proportion to the population up there. Not just troons but in general. And then people assume because of their accents that they are from the US. I feel like a weird pro-US person when I correct this but I'm low-key intrigued by how that nation manages to hide its degenerate nature. People blame the US for influencing and empowering troons but just look at what Canada does! Jonathan Yaniv's endless problems with the law, and he isn't in jail? He continues to terrorize women and be a racist assaulting piece of shit. Canada won't take any action against troon shit. They embrace it.

Is Canada the Austria of North America? Well no, people know that Austrian politics is like kids cheating at board games, the country is so tiny and has no real power. but still. Reminds me of how Austria manages to convince everyone that Hitler was German and claim great German composers as Austrian. Canada wants people to believe its cows (troons and otherwise) are US citizens, it's a tinfoil but I see it happen online all the time. (btw I'm from Austria, just telling it how it is here). However trans stuff isn't really a thing here yet, only non-binary but not with surgeries. Usually women who are sick of watching all the nepotism and old boys stuff here. I think my country has an inherent distaste for unnecessary surgeries on a healthy body, health culture (wellness vacations, "Kur" treatments) is very big here and in Germany too so there's more of a cultural opposition to hacking up your body. But that's just my personal perception.

No. 1761494

agreed kek. TERF is purely an online thing, mostly twitter too

No. 1761495

someone should x out the "don't"

where is this? asking for a friend

No. 1761497

I always find it even more pathetic when the people reeing can't even write basic English properly (if they are native speakers). Apparently it's too hard to put an apostrophe in "don't" when you're seething.

It's in Dublin. Sorry for reddit link, I'm walking my dog, not sure if there's another source

No. 1761508

mother looking at her newborns vs
him looking straight down the camera says plenty.
He has no love for those poor babies.

No. 1761510

as a nona in dublin, I wish I could go fix it.

No. 1761531

Normies either won’t know what this means or it will make them interested in the ideas of TERFs. Most normies don’t actually care that much about woke shit and will read a wiki saying “TERFs assert that trans women are not women” and go “hmm yeah I guess they’re not really, back in the day we used to just call them transvestites and that was enough. Crossdressing does seem really different from being born a woman, and isn’t it mostly gay men who do it anyway” and then move on with their lives. Twitter/tumblr addicts are preaching to the choir here because anyone who isn’t already a rabid JKR hater is someone who will never care. I’ve seen normies try to jump on the LGBT support train late, go to a local pride event, and just go home shocked at how weird and pathetic MTFs all look and how they wear weird schoolgirl costume type clothes and seem mentally unwell.
TRAs love to harp on about how many British TERFs are “old women” implying that any woman above age 30 must be out of touch with women’s issues (kek) and therefore not be allowed to have any opinions on their own sex. But the truth is this reflects that only people who live and breathe TRA shit and unthinkingly consume everything regarding it every day actually buy into it. Normal women walking down the street never really do and only nod in agreement about it out of pity, not out of genuine belief in the dogma that penises can be female.

No. 1761542

It makes me so happy how mad they are. I'm contemplating buying the game for all my friends.

No. 1761544

>TRAs love to harp on about how many British TERFs are “old women” implying that any woman above age 30 must be out of touch with women’s issues (kek) and therefore not be allowed to have any opinions on their own sex.
Yes. The misogyny is insane. As if at 30, we should shut up? Most women have been so brutalized by male privilege and culture that they need until 30 to find a measured voice of their own. I feel extremely protective of every woman younger than me, and the elderly. Those around my age are my peers. But at an ancient 31, why the fuck should I not have an opinion about what teenage girls have to put up with? Why shouldn't I worry about whether an old pervert will get placed with my grandmother in a nursing home? Elder abuse and rape are often not even talked about in these conversations but it's not just kids who are at risk when men troon out. I feel least at risk because I'm relatively young, healthy, and able to fight back. But kids and elderly women can't. Old women have always taken care of communities and watched out for younger women. That's how women are.

No. 1761545

Germany pioneered tranny surgeries back in the 20's before the mustachioed kraut was in power

No. 1761547

I really fucking hate the modern left. Retards like this are going to keep handing republicans more offices. Their brand of trash is only trendy and enabled because the establishment uses them.

No. 1761556

Okay. These are the same guys who whine on reddit the moment they get home from having a bad day because women can go out in anything and still look like women while they look like moids no matter what they do. It’s always cope when they say these things. We’ve seen the countless times they talk about women just existing near them and how much it made them seethe or want to kill said women.

No. 1761560

I swear to god, only a predatory scrote can turn the trauma he inflicts on others around on himself. It sounds just like the men who are “afraid of women” because “what if she accuses me of rape out of nowhere!!” Wow, you’re invading women’s spaces as a member of a group of people who has historically oppressed women, then turning around and calling them the oppressors. I wonder why women don’t like that. If we are so scary, stay in your own damn changing room or ask the staff if they have a single-stall bathroom you can use.

No. 1761572

Nta but I love you nona. It took my entire twenties to untangle myself and heal from what men had done to me and I’m still working on it. The idea that you can only be a full person for ten years of your life (because before 20, you’re just a teen who knows nothing and at 30, you’re an old washed up hag) is asinine. What are you supposed to do for all the rest of your life if that’s the case? Like you said, a lot of women go along with what they think the world (read: patriarchy) wants of them in their twenties and don’t find their own voices until their thirties or even later in many cases. I’ve noticed myself becoming much more protective of younger women the more I’ve healed from my own trauma. Men will never understand this since they very blatantly get off on our trauma, as we constantly see in this thread. Sometimes I’m convinced that the ageism from these people is just another method to try and turn women against each other and discount the opinions of those who are older (not even 30s, but from much older women who have lived through similar times and have appropriate knowledge to share). The reality is that I’ve always felt safer and more in tune with other women of any age and background than I ever have with a man, even one who has a similar background to me. My trust of men was already almost completely shattered, but TiMs (and incels, but they’re one in the same) have been the group of men to completely destroy it. They are their own worst enemy and I second what this anon said >>1761531 when she mentioned normies meeting TiMs irl and being instantly turned off from them due to their behavior, words, and hygiene. Most people can recognize that a grown man in a schoolgirl outfit is not mentally well, and the moment he opens his mouth to talk about evil JKR or how he wants headpats it only goes downhill from there. I also think most women develop a sense of what makes men predatory and can usually identify that something is off. TiMs are destroying their own movement because they don’t know or care about the extent that women have learned to read and understand how male predators work. It makes me breathe a sigh of relief to see that younger women are seeing it earlier and earlier like was pointed out here >>1760137, but the sad thing is that they’re being exposed to porn-addicted boys and men at younger ages than ever before. All we can do is try to be there for each other.

No. 1761603

most women just shut up in their 30s, it's just the way it is with the life that is "meant" for women. I'm in my 30s and I've met some old school mates recently and every single one of them is married and has children, none of them had anything to say about current political events, society, etc, they just live their lives the way it was taught them they should live it and that most of them having a job is only because the guys don't earn enough so that they could stay at home with their children. And I still feel shocked by that development, yes, it's okay to marry and have children, but I thought that my generation would be creating women that think and maybe find other paths, but no, they mostly grew up to be like their mothers.

No. 1761616

What marrying men does to a MF. I'm sorry I had to get that out.
The single most important thing you MUST do is become mentally strong. It's YOUR baby, and YOU'RE risking your life for her. What HE thinks couldn't be any less important. You need to respect yourself as the owner of your baby by God given right, then make him obey you. Go offline, get in a cab and make your way to the municipality. Name your baby and come back. When he gets pissy and starts acting like aliterally little scrote just hit him with a heavy household object. If he screams hit him again. Repeat until he's silent. I believe in you!

No. 1761625

Anon, wtf? That just sounds like they don't care about petty internet drama or don't want to be fired from their jobs during a cost of living crisis for having the wrong opinion. Not everyone feels the need to be terminally online and loud about it, you know?

No. 1761626

So, can't he leave biological women alone and date other trans people? Both are women, what's he difference?

No. 1761628

>be conventionally attractive TERF
>"You are a cis normoid stacy who has known nothing but privilege all her life, of course you lack empathy. You get as many gender affirming procedures as we do sis, look at [insert literally any cosmetic/makeup here] you use!! You feel so threatened that we're gonna take all the male attention you're used to getting"
>be average or conventionally unattractive TERF
>"Shut the fuck up you ugly bitch you're just jealous of us hot trans girls you will never serve cunt girlie"
Clown shit lol

No. 1761631

Exactly. It enrages TRAs that older women simply have more experience with misogyny and how dangerous men are and therefore are less likely to buy into the idea that being a girl is just a personality and outfit, rather than a lifetime of oppression and unique experiences based on which kind of body you were born in. It takes a lot of naivety to see people saying “cis women WRONGLY think womanhood is painful, but trans girls see it as fun and happy and being pretty spinning in a skirt! Wow, trans girls have so much to teach us” and not roll your eyes at how utterly stupid that is.
Ask old women what womanhood has been like for them and they’ll often talk about things like being harassed their whole life since childhood, the pain of pregnancy and childbirth as well as the rewards of raising their beloved children, the sufferings of inequality in their home and marriage, work discrimination, being seen as stupid and lesser and as sex objects. Being constantly pressured to be beautiful and sexy and having men want us to be like porn, having our needs ignored, having to fold laundry while the baby cries nearby and your husband watches TV. Older women have expressed all these things to me on this topic.
Meanwhile stunning brave trans women will talk about liking dolls as a kid, being bullied for wanting to wear a dress, being attracted to sissy porn and wanting to emulate porn, and hating evil cis bitches who are “an outdated model of women and wish they had designer vaginas too.”
TIMs’ biggest problem in life is that men see them as feminine men—when they put on a dress instead of a tshirt and jeans. Women’s biggest problem in life is that men see us as women and therefore oppress and hate us no matter what we wear or do.

No. 1761632

>After all the foot should be 7mm smaller

No. 1761633

Repackaged incel logic every single time. Every MRA incel from 5 years ago is now a trans lesbian with an anime icon and they say the same things as ever with slightly different terminology.

No. 1761635

File: 1675618471348.jpeg (240.29 KB, 960x585, 88A65D45-0225-49FD-AA54-61BD42…)

No. 1761636

File: 1675618554583.png (43.15 KB, 1300x480, Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 12.34…)

Is .276 inches seriously worth risking your ability to walk?

No. 1761637

That's a TIF.

No. 1761640

The more oppreshun the better, most of these things LARP as disabled anyway

No. 1761661

Something about the name "TransyTalk" really annoys me. Sounds like 50 year old "sissies" named it

No. 1761663

File: 1675622267563.jpeg (104.15 KB, 474x800, nowill.jpeg)

I guarantee that asshole is going to have painful scar tissue forever.
Men collectively outsource having a conscience to women, and expect women to patrol potentially misbehaving men like children, though they absolutely WON'T take correction from women. The end result is that they really fucking hate older women, knowing that any older woman has been telling scrotes "no" for decades. Older women also remind them that they are just animals AND mortal, so offensive. Modern societies are all built around women doing and hiding all the animal parts, so men can disassociate and live like little kings.

No. 1761673

Sorry if this is blog-y but as a tall woman with ~27cm feet it's almost impossible to find women's shoes in most stores that fit. Getting men's shoes is much easier at this size (and less expensive because it's not a special big size).

So not only is this idiot mangling his feet and risking any number of surgical complications, but he also still won't be able to/ will have a lot of trouble trying to fit women's shoes. A lot of shoe stores only carry up to about size women's US 10, or ~26cm. Plus since women's shoes are designed for the average woman's foot size, a lot of the time shoes won't look as nice in a large size as they do in a smaller size because it was designed with that size in mind. All that it to say this guy must have brain worms to be this stupid. 7mm??

No. 1761683

I love you too, nonna. I'm also still healing, and I needed time to peak, too. But we can fight back together. We have all the time in the world to shine. Fuck misogyny and fuck all the artificial gold stars men get just for existing. We're a fucking galaxy.

No. 1761695

File: 1675625996486.jpeg (326.03 KB, 750x1881, 99C35E0F-BD70-4EC9-90B1-BFDAF4…)

where is the petition for women who don’t have access to abortion to be accepted as refugees in countries that have legalized it? i’m so sick of this attention seeking bullshit.

No. 1761700

Okay and where are the trannies gonna stay? There's nowhere to fucking live in Canada kek maybe they'll be offered ethical assisted suicide! That would be so thoughtful of the Canadian government ♥

No. 1761704

always "accidentally" misgender a troon at least once to make sure they don't want to date you anymore

No. 1761710

Abort and divorce

No. 1761713

File: 1675627524721.jpg (103.74 KB, 1080x970, FmHfB_9XgAEb4qV.jpg)

I mean wearing a bra to sleep is stupid and uncomfortable but I dont think youre gonna DIE from wearing it while sleeping lol, everything is so dramatic to these idiots

No. 1761715

I think I can judge way better how my old school mates developed than you can. But thank you thinking that everyone who talks about something else at a private gathering than their children has to be terminal online, there is a lot more going on outside your four walls than just internet drama. But I don't want to fight with you, I just told what I experienced so far.

No. 1761716

Or if a bra is so tight that you feel you are going to “die” from not being able breathe.. it’s not your size. But they obviously never want to hear that.

No. 1761718


No. 1761719

I will consider anyone who does shit like this a fetishist, no excuses.

No. 1761723

He's probably wearing some tiny bra stolen from a sister or girlfriend, like 32 band around a 45 chest or whatever, I wear bras pretty constantly including while sleeping and it is not uncomfortable at all. Well we can hope he suffocates due to his fetish

No. 1761724

File: 1675628384326.jpg (184.2 KB, 1080x1339, FoNBIBbXEAArhTw.jpg)

Youre right literally noone on planet earth REALLY sees you as a woman and they never will because you are not and never will be

No. 1761729

how is the current reality that gay troons can just say the most misogynist shit about women and handmaidens will retweet and say "yaaaas slay" like what went wrong

No. 1761730

lmfao anon are you Canadian? Where do you live? Canada is fucked up, no one can afford to live here anymore except the ultra wealthy and no one can access the health care because we don't have enough doctors/nurses to provide care.

It's because Canadians are "nice". I moved to British Columbia from California, and I will tell you Canadians are not nice, they are "polite"; as in they will never be honest to your face, but will talk mad shit behind your back. That's why this shit gets so much traction here, people just pretend to be nice; and a lot of them are probably closet weirdos themselves or handmaidens who desperately want to be nice.

Babe, this was already posted >>1761472 and you don't need to hide their username. Why are you trying to protect them? They posted it publicly, they can live with getting exposed.

Women have been conditioned to accept abuse, I guess, and even to "enjoy" it.

No. 1761734

nta but most of my old friends (millennial) are frozen in time, like whatever they knew, personality, interests, hobbies when they were in their teens or 20s is it. Nothing new and stuck in the past like an old person, it's rare among millennials that they keep up to date with new information, the world, music, movies whatever they are like in a time capsule. I prefer to know what'a going on and keep moving forward but I definitely see the same thing you describe, I actually avoid people my age since this behaviour seems deranged to me. Acting like retirees in their 30s.

No. 1761736

A bunch of people in the comments are pointing out that trannies are more likely to turn guns on themselves than use them on other people, but there are plenty of other retards going full NRA, with one even parroting the old "good guy with a gun," nonsense. This is why males are more likely to experience gun deaths. Pure Darwinism.

No. 1761737

File: 1675629245285.jpg (257.9 KB, 1080x1834, Fnwr27IX0AAERnl.jpg)

Whoops my bad, I didnt see it was already posted! I took it from a screenshot on twitter, thats why the username is deleted

No. 1761738

why is this giving me lillee jean tho

No. 1761739

Boomers do the exact same shit. It's not a "millennial" thing, it's a "peaked in college/high school" thing. You just happen to be friends with a bunch of losers.

No. 1761741

So many insane and unhinged thoughts are being posted on tranny Reddits every hour. Thoughts that previously men would only tell to priests.

No. 1761750

That was kinda my point, they are acting like boomers/old people before their time I am not friends with these people anymore hence mentioning I usually avoid people my age, but I still see their posts and updates online every so often
I think this might be the first generation to check out this early, when I was a kid I never saw people in their 30s as out of touch old people, but that's what I see from a lot of my old friend groups from school and hobbies.
Anyway just backing up anon who experienced similar when meeting up with her friends.
It's honestly a relief to talk to people who are living in 2023 (aka 'terminally online' according to one anon) some millennials are, but it's not common. It's like trying to communicate across dimensions trying to talk to the ones frozen in time. If they do have any cultural knowledge it's surface, like they will be stuck at 'trans women are women' without any further reflection, also infuriating, meanwhile anyone who is paying attention peaked years ago.

No. 1761753

Haha holy shit anon, this post escalated fast

No. 1761760

ot but how do I avoid this? Like I definitely still listen to the same music as I did in high school, out of sheer laziness and not wanting to pay for streaming services…

No. 1761761

File: 1675632302731.jpeg (131.61 KB, 1000x640, 3a27aa8d-fans-stand-and-cheer-…)

Well shit, now I have to buy the game.

Kek the duality of tranny

No. 1761766

There's nothing really wrong with it. Just be yourself and don't try to conform with what random people want you to be.

If you want to experience new things, go and do that, and if you don't, then don't. Both are fine.

No. 1761768

god i love her
i want to be as graceful and articulated as her and help women around the world
i'm so proud of her i wonder if she reads emails or letters

No. 1761774

File: 1675635630117.jpg (361.36 KB, 554x445, 20230206_040650.jpg)

T4T couple in all its glory, the flamboyant TIM and the dishevelled looking TIF. Trandia indeed.


No. 1761775

File: 1675635891214.jpg (428.77 KB, 2048x1536, Fnz0AIQXwAcjvKX.jpg)

two golemns

No. 1761776

This is just depressing.

No. 1761777

Famously so, or at least she used to. She probably has people filtering her mail for anthrax or tranny jizz bombs but I'm sure she reads actual fan letters still.

No. 1761778

>21 and 23

No. 1761779

File: 1675636108924.jpg (62.65 KB, 600x900, FoO-uxjXkAUjOGn.jpg)

why is he at the grammies? His hairline looks disgusting and he looks worse in the video

No. 1761780

It’s so depressing when women throw away their early twenties to become a baby machine. Especially depressing when said women is simultaneously mutilating herself.

No. 1761781

the ghoul on the right looks like a darker alternate universe's jim carrey

No. 1761782

File: 1675636329917.png (169.22 KB, 293x307, r.PNG)

i'll be honest, he doesn't look "Bad" like a drag queen 50 year old, but his hair line bruh. he looks like a botched scrote which he is

No. 1761783

His hair and makeup team couldnt have put some fake hair on him to get a better hairline than this for such a big event?? Whats all that sponsor money doing?

No. 1761784

This photo is depressing. The TiM looks like he has to be the center of attention at every given moment, even while his female partner is pregnant. Meanwhile, the TiF looks dead inside. This picture really encapsulates so much about how TiMs and TiFs try to escape what they are but never can. Stereotypical moid making his wife’s pregnancy about himself while she takes on the brunt of everything. Incredible really.

No. 1761785

>Troid posing triumphantly with arms raised and a billowing sparkly dress
>Miserable looking pregnant tif slouching below with hands in pockets and a thousand yard stare
Sums up tif and tim dynamics pretty well.
That is the most masculine hairline I've ever seen lmao

No. 1761786

File: 1675637246304.png (3.54 MB, 1280x1082, DCD56271-3A94-41F2-A6C2-DEBA8E…)

>he doesn’t look bad
are we looking at the same picture nonnie?

No. 1761787

can we please have a thread on this asshole? I hate him

No. 1761789

he has literally no reason to be at the grammies. right? am i missing something?

No. 1761790

It literally looks like a mockery of their entire movement. The man is doing the whole “womanhood is when skirt go spinny” thing and the woman looks exhausted while she is displaying her pregnancy and showing a facet of what womanhood is actually like. It reminds me of that tumblr post where a TiM asked his female family members what womanhood is and they gave answers about female oppression and what women want to fight against, but then his girlfriend (or wife, can’t remember) answered by spinning around in a dress. And somehow his wife doing that in order to kiss his ass was more meaningful than hearing about the experiences of any of the other women he was supposedly close to. Not going to lie, the photo is peaking me even more than I was.

No. 1761794

File: 1675638062454.jpg (143.59 KB, 1080x1175, FoNabznXgAAmWyb.jpg)

Boohoo, nobody wants to date a freak what a big surprise

No. 1761795

Is it me or is he trying to skin walk Bella Hadid? I mean with the hair and pose and all

No. 1761799

Incels are so fucking annoying and I do not feel bad for them kek. I wish more of them went t4t sooner rather than harassing lesbians.

No. 1761800

>I'm tired of lesbians not dating men in dresses/with long hair/plastic surgery
Will men ever respect the word 'No'? It can come from women literally not sexually attracted to any man at all, yet they still attempt to bargain for attention as if the 'no' is negotiable.

No. 1761808

Lol, I think you're onto something. Considering he had been trying to skinwalk Audrey Hepburn, I wouldn't put it past him to pick a more contemporary successful woman to skinwalk as well. Gross.

No. 1761809

Kekk he does
It's very depressing to see women in countries like india or brazil trooning out because you know why they're doing it but this straight t4t is grim. Their retarded husbands always look so happy with themselves but the tifs look exhausted. How do they think they changed anything? It's a straight couple with the exact same roles and no reversal at all but a man wearing skirts and makeup, there is no significant positive change in this dynamic to deem it revolutionary like they pretend it is. Women are still treated like shit and our only value is still in our reproductive capabilities… how can they still not see that we are oppressed by our sex? I hate this world.

No. 1761811

>he doesnt look bad

wash your eyes

No. 1761812

reminds me of a fraternity "joke" I had the misfortune of hearing once:
> no means yes and yes means anal
Men are their own worst enemies; they say shit like this and then throw tantrums when women don't want to be near them.

No. 1761813

Why do so many straight men like anal anyway? Isnt it just more disgusting and the woman derives no pleasure from it? But then again thats probably what they like about it

No. 1761817

i have NEVER ever seen this energy being put toward male abusers in any industry. like for example johnny depp, did someone vandalized one movie poster with him appearing in it ? NEVER. fuck those scumbags, i hope that game will reach the first position in sales

No. 1761820

abort and divorce, you dont need to waste your time with a child with this shitty economy and with an awful husband. enjoy your life at the fullest alone

No. 1761826

Yeah, anal is meant to be degrading

No. 1761828

when she started speaking more I sent her an email saying that she was amazing and she's speaking for so many women all over the world etc not her but her team emailed back saying that she got a lot of email but she was grateful for the support etc idk if it was automated, probably it was, but made me happy nonetheless

sage for ot

No. 1761836

Anon, you need to seriously consider abortion. If this kid of yours show any hint of being gender non-confirming your husband is going to trans them. No one should be having a child with him.

No. 1761838

The amount of women supporting j.depp legitimately shook me to my core. I have no clue why so many women have impossible standards for women but none for men

No. 1761841

Not the "radfem" tranny I found on fb getting pissy that he got clocked and kicked out of a "terf" group despite being "in on the cause". Bozo read Dworkin once and thinks he gets the pass.

No. 1761842

Women still openly adore Chris Brown too

No. 1761844

The fact that he vaguely resembles millie bobby brown is terrifying in two levels. One being him doing it is ick and the other being that millie got groomed into looking like this.

No. 1761848

Of course he has to be in a group, he can't just support the idea while living his life.

Same with trannies in sports, they scream and scream about not being allowed to do sports, but even under the most hardcore nazi rules they are allowed everything, except participate in competition events for the sex they aren't.

Really makes you ponder what their actual goals are.

No. 1761850

Wish they kept the same energy against other bourgeoisies but nope, they'll just pull out the "i can't escape from the capitalist system" card. Lining Bezo's wallet more is more acceptable than buying game from an IP made by the evil terf to them I guess.

No. 1761853

honestly this means nothing as every german person i've met is fucking deranged

No. 1761860

I think you have the story wrong. A woman is asking her husband (crossdresser) versus her female family members. I'm pretty sure that's the original.

No. 1761861

Why didn't he get a hair transplant? Yeah it takes time to grow, but this looks terrible. You can see where his hairline really is meant to be.

No. 1761862

Ugh, that makes it even worse.

No. 1761865

It is best selling in steam global (not even released yet). Most people don't give a damn about troon drama with JKR, they just want a good game of their favorite childrens book. But the game will probably get review bombed because thats what trannies do with stuff they don't like..

No. 1761883

getting invited to all these events is just fueling his obsession with cosplaying a woman. hes not talented, hes not special, hes just trans smh. token tranny to fill the diversity quota

No. 1761893

>there are really a ton of Canadian cows, more than there should be in proportion to the population up there. Not just troons but in general
This is something I have picked up on this also. Many people will blame liberalism, but i do recall a Canadian streamer stating that a lot of places in Canada are very backwoods and have a lot of crazy people living in those towns. I am not Canadian so i can't really speculate accurately.
Bro is literally an incel with extra steps lmao.
I appreciate you contributions but one of the video links are dead, this is precisely why they demands webms and not links unless it's to youtube.

No. 1761902

austrians also have freud who is arguably to blame for all of this but i appreciate your perspective

No. 1761903

dublin is already so pozzed it's not worth your effort, i was there in june for bloom's day and every place was flying not only the tranny pride flag but the version with the intersex circle with it

No. 1761907

He's everywhere now. Fucking why?

No. 1761910

A TIM I know of told a young child that it was her fault she was groomed, and I when I called him a “him” and said he exhibited male behaviour, a bunch of women turned on me. I’m watching it all unfold now, but nonnies why has it gotten so bad? Why does anyone need to respect a grooming apologists feefees after he didn’t hold back the putrid filth he said to a hurt child? I’m not hurt by being betrayed, I’m hurt by the state of things. I was raped by a TIM, if someone wanted me to use any pronoun but he/him I’d kill them with my bare hands.
Sage for blogpost.

No. 1761914

File: 1675650550977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.48 KB, 940x976, Chinese practise of foot bindi…)

>Not using the Chinese foot binding route

Ha ha, what a coward.

No. 1761917

IKR the difference between a man and a woman's health insurance price in my country is so excessively ridiculous because BaBIes!.

No. 1761923

File: 1675651188784.gif (4.75 MB, 640x554, 1655433502437.gif)

I hope your able to stand your ground on the subject, it's really difficult being the only sane women amongst handmaidens and troons.

No. 1761931

File: 1675651711981.png (362.71 KB, 677x687, Twitter.png)

>I look good in a bikini

No. 1761934

File: 1675651879193.jpg (86.48 KB, 896x1006, FoI-ITmaQAAlZzZ.jpg)

Just what we need more men out bathrooms. Why isn't he suggesting the opposite for himself, going into the men's room makes it unisex too, if they are so called woman right?

No. 1761944

I don't know why Philosophy Troon's narcissism surprises me still but it does every single time.

No. 1761958

That sex pest thinks normal men are thrilled to use the female bathroom. Most would feel awkward and embarrassed.

No. 1761962

this alone has convinced me to work on my depression if only to make troons feel even worse

No. 1761963

this should be cause for immediate euthanasia

No. 1761965

of course bumfuck ugly men find solace in covering up every part of their body, but still they must die

No. 1761966

these troons always claim to have "high cheek bones" when in reality only 0.00001% of them actually do in a male model sense

No. 1761969

Please crush those weaklings beneath your iron fist. They deserve to be punished by any means possible. Have no mercy, and force them into an uncomfortable state of self-awareness that leads them to question their life choices. Destroy them. Immediately.

No. 1761970

he hired people to inundate every kind of media on his behalf. He is a vile abuser and addict. No sane person, without his absurd PR stunt, would back him against Amber. Everything was so absurd that I had to stop reading any of it, it made me cry at one point to read how people judge a woman who had so much proof of being abused. Humans are shit.

No. 1761972

Also all nonnies should learn firearm disarmament immediately. Don't let these fuckers take you out, open carry and fire the fuck back on them.

No. 1761974

this is why women should force their men to take strap-on dick regularly

No. 1761975

imagine what one of us could do with 1/100th of the drugs Freud got to take without fear of arrest

No. 1761976

he's a queen and example for us all!! Why? because he decided to troon out after not getting any musical theatre jobs during covid. so naturally he has a tampon fetish and gets tens if not hundreds of dollars in free surgeries and luxury goods. What an amazing man who never did anything for someone in need. What an anorexic mantis larping as a woman. I eagerly await his downfall.

No. 1761980

File: 1675654736988.jpg (648.01 KB, 994x1655, IMG_20230206_003557.jpg)

Pedophile behavior.

No. 1761983

File: 1675655010844.jpg (112.92 KB, 576x1024, snapshot.jpg)

kek he fucked his face up

No. 1761989

worlds would be toppled

No. 1761990

and he will only get worse!

No. 1761993

this is one case where i would take advantage of self-id territories and call myself a man

No. 1761998

File: 1675655597383.jpg (75.41 KB, 700x866, Fn8tOIsWAAIcHUi.jpg)

And call the health insurance "transphobic" because they don't want to recognize me as men.

Fuck him and the women that are defending them. They should be ashamed to care more the feels of a grown ass man roleplaying a woman than a child abuse victim.

No. 1762006

I can't understand why he stereotypes femininity but at the same time fails to do basic things to make his face feminine. full lips, fake eyelashes, something to disguise the growing beard, nose contour, less curved eyebrows, these are all relatively simple things to do with makeup but still he is unable to do it.

No. 1762012

He has teeth like a Rob Liefeld drawing.

No. 1762017

exactly, no reason at all. i wonder if at some point he'll realize his only purpose for being invited to places is validation points and virtue signaling. it's like adding someone disabled into the football team; he's being coddled.

No. 1762024

File: 1675657370537.jpeg (189 KB, 1242x984, 8655673A-C529-4B69-B12E-3D8CE1…)

Sage because it's just a random review from some random server but KEK
>If I can't join the only one women-only discord server that doesn't accept trannies, I will kill myself!!
Like there's so many discord servers tagged as "women-only" "girls-only" "ladies-only" that accept trannies, enbies and any other flavor of qwertyfags that it's honestly just moids being bitter because they can't invade a women's only server, they're like this with everything and people (other moids, pickmes and spineless women that need better friends) accept this shit.

No. 1762028

Didn't a certain schizo painter burn books specifically pertaining to tranny ideologue? If that's the case at least he was of some small use.

No. 1762030

I hate so much that troons get to use "you deny my existence/my right to exist" when you question anything about their ideology and normal people nod and think that is a valid point and you need to shut up and have blind faith.

There is no evidence for it, it's literally all made up. Your "gender identity" lives at the North Pole with the Allah and the Easter Bunny.

No. 1762032

Men are so fucking emotionally fragile holyshit.

No. 1762033

i hate when people act like they need their hand held to the easiest solution. i know for a fact this person knows sports bras exist.

No. 1762035

sounds based, I want in

No. 1762037

I’d actually love to see the response of gamer bros if a TiM played Lara Croft.

No. 1762038

i would love to know who this is

No. 1762039

Japan has the right idea making these fucks sterilize themselves as a requirement to transition. I fear for these kids born from TiFs but this kid is gonna have a TiM dad too. There's no way this child won't be fucked in head or a trans kid.

No. 1762042

He's a plant. There's no other explanation. Dylan is promoted to spread trans propaganda. He's been doing the x days of girlhood stchik for less than a year but has met POTUS and is now at the Grammys.

Has any influencer every met POTUS before?

No. 1762045

I believe this but WHY is trannydom pushed so hard? Is it really a depopulation project? I'd believe it at this point honestly

No. 1762047

saving this image, that's my motivation to deal with my depression and shit from now on, hope I ruin some troons day by looking amazing, being happy and having everything they dream about (except for milk out of my breasts and pregnancy, I don't want that)

No. 1762049

But if it was a depopulation project, then the stories on Reddit wouldn't be so much about male trannies having like 3 kids before trooning out and shit like that. Also, lots of these moids freeze their sperm and shit so they can have kids to abuse and/or abandon. I honestly wouldn't mind if this was a project to reduce the population if women wouldn't be getting throw under the bus.

No. 1762050

bro as long as it has bolt on tits, lip injections, and hair extensions like robbie white scrotes wont even notice the difference

No. 1762054

here it's the same for men and women, you just pay more if you don't have children, no matter your gender. That's also a thing I hate, I will never need health care for pregnancy, children or in vitro fertilisation, why can't they cut it out of my health insurance and I get something in return, something I need, glasses, therapy, dental care or so. But that's another topic, would be nice if they would pay for hair removal, like they do for troons.

No. 1762055

Same, viewing it as a depopulation project at least lets me view it as having one positive aspect but you're right none of these men are actually willing to give up their traditional roles

No. 1762056

this is legit why i don't have health insurance, plus its such a hellscape i hope i just die as soon as possible

No. 1762059

am I allowed to tell them to kill themselves, am I, please say yes. I'm so over it, I've had depression and suicidal thoughts for the past 20 years and no one cares, except if I would cry that I'm a troon and they have to help me, because if not, they are transphobic and the reason why I feel like I feel. This whole suicide baiting is one thing that made me peak so hard, one relative of mine did that my whole life, still happy and healthy, so if I meet people like that, I just run, I can't deal with that shit anymore. (Sry, I'm tired, sleepless and I wish they would all just jump into a volcano)

No. 1762065

tell them to kill themselves and provide them with a step by step process

No. 1762066

we have statutory health insurance here, you can't just opt out, you have to pay, no matter what, except when you are rich enough, than you can do what you want. So, I have health insurance and I don't use it, because nothing I need is covered by them and I still would have to pay it on top out of my pocket. So much for the amazing health care system in my country…

No. 1762067

actually providing the process is unnecessary, they already are well aware lol

No. 1762068

goddamn that is horrible, i'm sorry your stuck in a situation like that, it would make me low-level pissed all the time

No. 1762069

oh, I read a whole book about suicide and methods and percentage what worked and what not so much, a volcano would be best (not tested in said book, but who could survive that). So yes, I could do that, I could help them, kek.

No. 1762071

believe me, I'm pissed 24/7, but I'm trying to start focusing my energy of feeling pissed all the time into energy to get out of here. I believe a woman that is allowed to feel angry and doesn't suppress those feelings can and will go places, lol.

No. 1762072

you will, and i wish you look on your path to get out of that shit

No. 1762073

>I think this might be the first generation to check out this early
Can you really blame them or even wonder why? Everything is getting progressively worse for women and in all forms of media everywhere you turn troon politics are shoved down your throat. You can't even escape it in the workplace, or schools with forced inclusion workshops. Honestly if they're genuinely happy checking out and living a quiet life I respect that.

No. 1762077

File: 1675661854475.png (328.83 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)

thank you, nonna

No. 1762078

I have honestly wished I wasn't straight so many times. Lesbian drama is its own issue, but at least it's moid-free.

No. 1762085

File: 1675662589960.jpeg (60.59 KB, 750x679, 1663848543338.jpeg)

An infamous Austrian painter, sorry I wasn't more specific. I swear I've heard somewhere (possibly in this thread) that he didn't just burn useful books he also burnt tranny garbage. In fact this thread actually taught me that modern troons originated from delusional "progressives" in Germany around the 1920s. If cancer like this was really going on it's no wonder people were driven into the arms of a dictatorship.

No. 1762086

Serial killer behavior

No. 1762089

That's interesting, I'll have to read more into that theory. If I figure out who the artist is I'll make a post here.

No. 1762096

i can‘t believe you still don‘t know who nonna is referring to, americans really lack proper education. said failed painter also wrote his own book, which is one of the most infamous books ever. and he stole charlie chaplins moustache.

No. 1762100

Not that person, but the og post was like "some painter schizo who burned books" and im p sure there are tons of those now and not one person wants to know their names. Lamest set up to clown on someone for not knowing martha stewart ever

No. 1762102

I guess because the anus is tighter than the average vagina, and the scrote can focus on his own pleasure since she likely won't get any.

No. 1762104

Samefag, sorry, replied to wrong post. That was meant to be in reply to 'why are men obsessed with anal?'

No. 1762105

If there was a thread for "child actors coercively molded into underage sex objects", MBB would be the poster child. Poor girl.

No. 1762114

Fear not nona, troons are also triggered by women who choose the childfree lifestyle.

No. 1762115

I think it's because troonery is backed by Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex. Troons can cry all they want about muh rights but money is on their side and I think that's why their movement has gained so much traction in the last 10 years.

No. 1762116

File: 1675667173056.png (770.19 KB, 1012x784, Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 06.31…)

I know this is likely clickbait but the publicity over it makes me so mad . I hope they try this and I hope the resulting lawsuits are crippling so they never dare try again.


No. 1762120

i hope they all get infections

No. 1762121

They’ve been saying this for years, it’s still not happening lol

No. 1762125

Imagine a tranny trying to squeeze a baby out of his neo-vagina.

No. 1762128

His overzealous agent pulled some strings as always. Same reason why this Literal Who got to meet the POTUS when his only claim to fame was being a troon for five months and obsessively documenting it.

He seems more like a plant every day. The troon lobby benefits from a "harmless" HSTS being the public face of trannies because it keeps attention off all the sick and twisted shit AGPs do. Normies only support troons in the first place because they erroneously believe that MtFs are exclusively attracted to men and only "come out" after getting the chop. The second you specify that you're talking about pre-op troons, normie support completely vanishes.

No. 1762133

File: 1675668974324.png (555.56 KB, 898x1102, wikicollage.png)

Ehh don't be too hard on the Institute for Sexual Science, they didn't know what they were getting into with the troonshit. They were also progressive in a positive way:
>…the institute advocated sex education, contraception, the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and women's emancipation.
Also, they were responsible for some of the earliest progress towards reducing the stigma of same-sex attraction, in a much less forgiving era:
>Hirschfeld — who was homosexual himself — viewed homosexuality as natural and inborn, rather than an illness. The experiments were in fact intended to demonstrate the biological basis of homosexuality in the influence of sex hormones.
>Different from the Others (German: Anders als die Andern) is a silent German melodramatic film produced during the Weimar Republic. It was first released in 1919 … Anders als die Andern is one of the first sympathetic portrayals of homosexuals in cinema.
Some aspects of what they did and thought were pretty fucked up (by today's standards especially), but given the time period and attitudes and knowledge and understanding of the era, they deserve a bit of slack imho, what they were working towards was a big step forward from how things were before

No. 1762136

This. Before trannyshit was in vogue, drug companies could only sell HRT to post-menopausal women for a handful of years because most doctors wean patients off of it after three-to-five years to mitigate the stroke risk. Trannies, however, take HRT their entire lives and they don't give a fuck about stroke risk because they think they'll automatically kill themselves without hormones. And bonus for drug companies, it would be a lot harder for trannies to sue them because they're using the drug off-label. They're the ideal consumer base in that they're basically a captive audience of idiots with no recourse if the drug companies screw them over.

If you look at a lot of tranny studies, you'll notice that a shockingly high number of contributing doctors have declared conflicts of interest with Pfizer, who owns the patent on estradiol. Pfizer literally puts those doctors in high paying positions on its committees because the doctors push the troon narrative that helps Pfizer move more horse piss.

No. 1762142

you know some people can recognize dry humor and play along with the joke for the amusement of onlookers like you, so ungrateful

No. 1762147

I don't understand the whole concept of biological offspring at all costs, so this whole "womb transplantation" concept doesn't seem logical for me, but well, I hope they try it on some troons and they all die painfully and very slowly.

>But a transwoman might, in theory, want to keep their womb for longer as part of treating their gender dysphoria by allowing them to menstruate.

Sure, menstruating is the only thing that makes a woman a woman and every single woman not being able to will have gender dysphoria and feels like a man.
Maybe they could, well, adjust medicine to the female body first, so that we get treated properly for once or search for a cure for cancer? There are more urgent problems than a troon and his feelings.

No. 1762149

It's weird to me how straight men can simultaneously be so disgusted with sex between two men, yet they beg women for anal. Do they think women's buttholes are different or something? Or is anal only acceptable to them when it's happening to the lowly females?

Also yeah, receiving anal is more pleasurable for men than it is for women, because women don't have prostates. Maybe men obsessed with anal are just self-hating closet bisexuals lmao.

No. 1762160

Dylan froze his.

No. 1762163

I can imagine that they like the position, behind the woman, looking down on her, controlling the situation, not having to see her face. They might feel powerful and they can't get a woman pregnant from that, so no strings attached, no need for a condom that would strangle their large dicks. But I don't know, never talked to a straight man who liked anal.

No. 1762166

It's because literally every porn video uses the anus and vagina interchangeably, porn is effectively, since they watch it since childhood, sex ed for men so that's what they think sex is. If every porn video had a man, idk putting the woman's hair into a scrunchie or some random shit they would all be doing that too. Just morons moroning

No. 1762171

File: 1675676493698.jpeg (658.12 KB, 828x1248, AD5AAE33-3576-4A33-9A3F-836680…)

No empathy here, just self-pity for not being abused?

No. 1762174

Idk what rapehons or manmoders are, but this person is so so close to being self aware. I almost feel like this is fake/bait written by an actual woman bc they never admit to this stuff

No. 1762180

This. It increased in popularity coinciding with it featuring in porn.

No. 1762186

He looks so fucking old lol

No. 1762195

File: 1675680146383.png (616.73 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20230206-103859-308…)

I saw the journalling post and I just knew.

No. 1762197

If a woman looked like this they would not get modelling work with big brands and sponsorships from all sorts of companies. Doesn’t it make him dysphoric to know all of what he has is because he’s not a woman?

No. 1762199

I know it is a quackery and this will never happen, but imagine if instead of wasting resources o. research to give porn addicted AGPs uteruses, they used for something useful, like researching about PCOS and treatments for it, more research on synthetic organs and other things that could improve millions of lives.

No. 1762200

A rare NLOM (not like the other millennials)

No. 1762203

This is tinfoil territory but I also believe it’s because of other consoomer shit. Now they can sell useless accessories, handbags, heels, makeup and cosmetic surgeries to males too. It doubles the clientele.

No. 1762205

Such a man handwriting kekek everytime

No. 1762206

Ah, I see like with most things it wasn't so black and white. It's unfortunate they were perpetuating such harmful ideologue whilst also being so helpful to society. They really were ahead of their time in a lot of ways if only we lived in an alternate history without the tranny shit.

No. 1762209

>big Pharma and the medical industrial complex
>consoomer shit
They are misogynistic men. It isn't that deep. Men aren't renaming prostitution to increase condoms' sales or the STD testing market. They want to hate women because it sexually arouses them and maintains patriarchy.

No. 1762210

File: 1675684872172.png (1.07 MB, 863x1032, Screenshot_20230206-125930.png)

he looks a lot worse in other photos. here's one but the rest are here https://www.instagram.com/p/CoTcqOxLSPe/

Please don't ban me for not screenshotting all of his crap. His mouth and smile are so male. The rest looks like a plastic mask. His hairline is botched…

No. 1762212

File: 1675685443909.jpeg (244.94 KB, 750x1185, B150F18F-11D3-48BF-A833-DCC84C…)

All women just wank to themselves or thibgs that make them think of themselves, atleast according to Buffalo Bill here. Am i right fellow laydays?

No. 1762214

I feel like this video was really just him talking about how he masturbated using his barbie wand dick and seeing how people reacted to it

>"trans people would make great parents because they teach self-love, confidence and courage"

lmao dude where? I'll almost buy "self-love" because he is the most narcissistic man I've ever seen, but I don't think narcs can teach it to others because it would take away the focus from themselves, something they are incapable of handling. Being trans in itself is hating your real body and true self so much you create an entire fantasy character to project onto, there is no self-love there, there is no confidence nor courage. It's insecure cowardice and self-rejection at the core.

Has Dylan ever expressed actually having dysphoria? He'll refer to it in other trans people saying "surgery can be life-saving" etc but I don't remember him ever saying it about himself? He has the flattest man chest in history and loves showing it off. He calls himself in a bikini sexy, he's a clear case of AGP. Your average troon will throw tantrums and have meltdowns over being called a man but he doesn't seem to care. Is this because he is fully aware he is a man just acting out a fantasy? Maybe part of his fetish is making real women upset?

No. 1762215

A woman wrote this, it would kill their boners if they admitted women undergo sexualization that dramatically alters our safety and worldview, plus a troon would never type IWNBAW, call themselves a rapehon or a male invader, their boners would invert into their bodies at that point. Way too much empathy and self awareness to be real, but a good strategy overall.

No. 1762217

Baboon ass lips are on the way out

No. 1762218

Nonnies I have been using male restrooms on a case by case basis for over a decade. I have a weak bladder and have to pee a lot and it’s not uncommon for there to be a line to use the women’s bathroom, meanwhile there’s no line to use the men’s and there’s always a stall available cause dudes just piss on the wall toilets. I don’t make eye contact with any guy but I can see their discomfort in my peripherals. Maybe I should start making eye contact.

No. 1762219

File: 1675685833124.png (283.34 KB, 574x604, Tfdggg.png)

Troon "pro-shipper" turns out to have been grooming a young girl and sharing cp

No. 1762222

Oh well, if SIX women he dated said something, then, sure, a serious research is invalid.

Btw I once saw a big group(thousands of members) of people saying that all vaccines have microchips in them. I guess they're right after all, aren't they?

No. 1762223

I wish I wasn't an autist, not for the struggles I face but because I don't want to be associated with these gross autist troons

No. 1762224

Yeah for real who is weirder, the 30 year old who sticks with the media they like or the 30 year old who's bumping cardi b and watching euphoria? I would rather tear my nails out with pliers

No. 1762226

File: 1675686515916.jpeg (262.33 KB, 750x749, CD0AEF04-034C-4B28-AFD4-894F09…)

>>We are cute and look cis!!

No. 1762227

File: 1675686561586.jpeg (174.32 KB, 750x952, 855BBD53-5854-4393-B75D-7D17EC…)

But he looks like this.
Do they all have autism causing face blindness?

No. 1762230

File: 1675686908799.jpeg (417.54 KB, 750x1039, E108E8C3-9E12-4F8F-8879-A46EDF…)

this made me so happy!

No. 1762233

File: 1675687109388.png (795.27 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230206-093603.png)

Jesus fucking christ. Imagine getting like this over a damn game

No. 1762237

>offensive content
>Harry Potter

These people sound like right wing Christian moms from 2002

No. 1762238

What really makes me laugh about this whole boycott is the fact that the game sold really well despite the outcries of troons on twitter

No. 1762240

>most people think we all look like men in dresses
>the reality is we look cis!
How is anyone this stupid. MTFs are absolutely ridiculous with this whole thing they do of claiming they pass so well that no one can possibly tell they’re trans but also simultaneously they’re at constant risk of literal violence for being trans (which, IF actually no one could tell they were male before, would be mostly solved by them not suddenly taking out their dicks on unsuspecting men, which is sexual assault). And then the literal violence they mean is usually just getting called a guy by a well-meaning cashier or waitress, because the violence stats are a bunch of privileged white men stealing stats from poor black gay prostitutes, who are the vast majority of the actual trans victims of physical violence.

No. 1762243

>jkr:"sex is real", game contains troon options
>stance firmly rooted in a disregard for human life, offensive product
ok lol. keep peaking people with your bullshit

No. 1762245

trannies don't keep up with trends. They gravitate toward bimbo and bimbo alt girl stereotypes. The more misogynistic the better. Dylan's day 3 of being a girl video started with him saying he's a bimbo and hanging out with that Chrissy bimbo woman from tiktok

No. 1762246

File: 1675689072712.jpeg (809.08 KB, 1125x1529, girlhorny1.jpeg)


No. 1762247

File: 1675689113487.jpeg (974.52 KB, 1112x1969, girlhorny2.jpeg)

2/2 Imagine mansplaining what it feels like to be "girl horny" ..to a woman

No. 1762248

This. There is plenty of documentation that the massive boom of this movement and the degree of its social contagion through social media and other internet spaces used by adolescents is from campaigning, funding and astroturfing by the pharmaceutical industry and other self-interested businessmen. Now depressed teenagers will be SSRI AND hormone dependents for life AND they’ll spend as much money as possible on cosmetic surgeries and revisions forever.

No. 1762255

Oh wow he is in his 20s. He looks not a day younger than 35.

Having an eating disorder and taking off label medication for aesthetic purposes apparently ages a man before his time.

No. 1762256

I like how every statement about JKR literally ever is just conjecture because there are zero quotes, screenshots, or actions to back up their insane claims like "a callous disregard for human life"
>"well documented"
>but magically never documented

No. 1762261

I hope all of them boycott twitch, that would be wonderful. None of them are there to criticize the game, all the attention and money goes to people who don't give a shit about troon ideology. Would be perfect!

>These people sound like right wing Christian moms from 2002
Which is funny because they'd call those moms terfs

No. 1762264

File: 1675692570438.png (772.21 KB, 772x510, 56776576576765.png)

More grammy awfullness… I dunno if this is the right thread to post this but I mean theres several trannies including Kim petras looking less womanly than the drag queens

No. 1762268

Man.. there's something about Sam Smith that gives me so much dark vibes. He's like some sort of demon of gender represented in human form.

No. 1762270

I'm watching someone playing the Hogwarts game on stream and there is an obvious Troon character. Female in appearance with a male voice, I thought the game was bugging and the voice got messed up but no, they just wanted it to be a clearly trans character. Some people in chat were saying that it's going to make JK Rowling so mad when she finds out. JK Rowling doesn't even hate trans people, they just love to twists things and be as dramatic as possible so that they can play victim.

No. 1762271

>female with a male voice
Why the heck would they put a tranny in that game? It takes place in the late 1800s

No. 1762275

They're even pushing their dumb JKR bad shit in gay irl (and getting pushback). The comments and upvotes say it all.


LC won't allow for the image to be posted. Caption is:
"I think people who preorder hogwarts legacy are bigots"
"Me too"
2 guys being affection as the last panel.

No. 1762279

File: 1675695077364.jpg (299.04 KB, 1080x1009, Screenshot_20230206_145122_Chr…)

Such babies.>>1762275

No. 1762282

File: 1675695909204.jpg (464.92 KB, 1528x1977, FoRGXb-aAAINeHW.jpg)

No. 1762290

Okay how would this even work? A man's pelvis hole isn't as wide as a woman's, also out of an open wound that doesn't have the elastic properties of a vagina?

No. 1762291

I think I agree with these nonnas. I don’t know why, but the writing style seems more female to me in addition to what they said. It’s like how even here we can clock TiMs by how they write even when they’re trying to use our words to blend in. I know there are programs that can detect this kind of thing too, might be interesting to run it through one of those and see what it says.

No. 1762293

>Jk Rowling
>ultra-right conservative
What fucking planet do these people live on?

No. 1762294

If they say it enough then maybe people will finally believe them because if everyone parrots that it must be true!1!1!

No. 1762296

>Wanting sex despite having serious surgery
>Ignoring doctor's recommendations
>Forcing his partner to have sex
>Making said partner uncomfortable
>Having mantantrum and being dramatic

Wow such a brave and stunning female reaction

No. 1762298

Never ceases to amaze me just how very male TiMs are in every single way. Of course a scrote thinks he knows better than a surgeon and of course he is manipulating someone into sexual shit they aren’t comfortable with.

No. 1762299

if it somehow works they'll just do c-sections

No. 1762301

File: 1675697579641.png (1010.64 KB, 848x1447, Screenshot_20230206-142135~2.p…)

Meta got Dylan into the Grammys. Tiktok (the company) pays for his luxury hotel at Pride in NYC and other shit. I guess the push is coming directly from social media.

There's no reason for Dylan to be at an awards show, especially not for music. But he's everywhere now, gurning and eating up the attention. I'd rather a first-year high school band student get to go than this man child.

No. 1762302

I think he’s making shit up because I’ve never met a woman who masturbated to herself in the mirror except for exploration purposes, since exploration of the vulva and vagina is not something typically encouraged but ends up being how some women learn more about those parts of the body. And that isn’t getting off to “your own likeness”, that’s discovering how things look and work down there. If he’s not making it up, then idk how he managed to find the six women in the world who masturbate like troons. I hate how they push this idea. I’ve seen them equate women getting in nice lingerie and feeling confident and sexy in it to AGP and as women have stated over and over and over, those feelings are almost always rooted in how the partner will perceive her rather than her being sexually attracted to herself, which is 100% a TiM thing.

No. 1762304

It's an offshoot subreddit from 4chan /lgbt/. A lot of troons there are more self aware in calling themselves AGPs and rapehons but they also have a special kind of incel-like misogyny.

No. 1762305

>source:my ass
Meanwhile, she's helping female Afghan lawyers escape from the Taliban

No. 1762306

In what world is that considered "freaking cute"?

No. 1762307

Seeing the juxtaposition of the post with the selfie made me guffaw. How do they think they look like real women in any way?

No. 1762311

Of all the things they make up, the insistence that it's just a ~woman thing~ to get off to yourself is truly the most infuriating and insane. The thing about knowing women who have corroborated this idea is such a lie too. They'll say anything to avoid admitting that they have a self destructive fetish

No. 1762314

>female partner supporting him financially
She’s never going to make it.

There was a really amazing comic posted about this a while back, but I think it was in OT. It was by a woman who was describing her experience with sex and how for all of it she had to focus on being on display and how that’s what made her feel good in a way, but once it was all said and done she had no clue what she actually liked. When troons bring up the “women have AGP” thing that’s what I always think of. Does anyone know the one I’m talking about? I’ll try to see if I can find it but I’m not sure where to look since it’s been months since I last saw it. They don’t realize that a woman’s sexuality has been so commodified by the male gaze that many women have gotten to this point of being unable to discover what brings them pleasure because they’re so focused on how they look according to patriarchal beauty standards.

No. 1762318

remember when they did this with rats and despite literally sewing the male rats to the female rats to create the right hormonal environment it was a massive failure with only 3% of the offspring surviving

No. 1762319

That song they won for is dog shit. Every performance of it is so cringe and embarrassing. Not pushing the envelope, risque, or controversial at all. Just more hyper-sexualized, fetishistic, consumerist, satanic panic "ooooh so edgy" crap. If it weren't for the gender identity of these two ghouls, the song would've been a passing TikTok trend. The emperor truly has no clothes. Call me when one of these trannies or enbies do something truly bold and interesting.

No. 1762320

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. The rat thing was like a massive metaphor for how TiMs latch onto women’s kindness and women’s movements only to drain them of resources and bring them down with them.

No. 1762322

File: 1675699669543.jpg (42.62 KB, 607x613, Capture.JPG)

>describing her experience with sex and how for all of it she had to focus on being on display and how that’s what made her feel good in a way
you talking about this comic by dakota bardy?

No. 1762325

I'm glad they're focusing on the real issues at twitch, it's not like it's filled with men who hate women and an astounding amount of degeneracy

No. 1762327

Yes but we weren’t speculating why they transition but why are they pushed so much by the media. I guess it might be combination of male coomer nature and naive handmaiden praise.

No. 1762328

Yes, thank you so much. I had just found it again too and came to post but was glad to see someone else knew what I was talking about. Here is the link to the full comic for any nonnas who want to read it.

No. 1762332

I think nonna chose that panel specifically because it’s probably how tims want to seem like they’re really women and say all women are agp. The comic is more accurate (at least for a lot of women in straight relationships) in that many women have learned to see themselves the way men do and view sex as a performance for the man instead of focusing on their own pleasure since the man rarely cares anyway. The bottom line is troons will never understand this but still want to equate this to how they feel about themselves being fuckable.

No. 1762348

>But at an ancient 31
Late 30s corpse here, but as you approach 40, if you rid yourself of the misogyny related to women and age, you can become a badass. The idea that I no longer cater to men's coom dreams of a young, fresh woman is freeing as fuck. You can talk down to men because they're younger and watch them seethe. I make sure to mention their age a lot, talk about feminist view points, and look at them in disdain any time they say something stupid. I am a trannies worst nightmare. Working in academia is especially fun for me and the new pronoun wave. Tranny coworker thought I was the same age as him, 27, (no I'm not a woman delusional enough to think I look younger than I am, they're just faceblind) and I always talked about us being the same age until I told him I was in my late 30s and he got angry I thought he was that "OLD." I got offended and made a complaint about him being ageist and he had to speak to our supervisor. Play the game, anons, especially as you get older and they can't become infatuated with you.

No. 1762349

If Tiktok is owned by China, and Tiktok payed Dylan to go to the Grammys, does that mean China is paying Dylan to go to all of these American events and show himself in public?

No. 1762350


For real though, what’s wrong with liking the stuff you grew up with? I still keep up with new releases from groups I have always enjoyed, and occasionally find music that’s new to me that I enjoy. I tried TikTok and it was weirdly addictive and just made me feel like shit so I quit scrolling. I’ll take my own peace over being up to date on zoomer trends that literally only last a week any damn day.

No. 1762353

i can’t wait to see the identity crisis meltdown when mainstream social media stops making money from him and finally drops him like the bag of shit he is.
Imagine the egotistical high he is feeling rn getting all this publicity and having all these luxuries paid for, one day soon it’ll be ripped away from him and he’ll be dropped on his ass to live the rest of his life as just another botched tranny no one wants anything to do with

No. 1762355

Nah, he'll jump the destransition train, milk it until it'll dry and find something else.
Hell, look how botched he looks. He'll make millions by (now tranny) handmaidens who'll pity him(but who encourage him now kek)

No. 1762357

and where is their outcry about games from companies that did harm women? They want to be women, then they should start caring for that and never ever play a game by Blizzard or Ubisoft again. They are just a bunch of whiny moids and hypocrites, hope they find another hobby and stay out of video games altogether.

No. 1762360

they must have never seen an ultra-right person, kek, for them JKR must be the same as Hitler or Stalin. Hope their children get all a copy of Harry Potter and love it more than they love their parents.

No. 1762375

I'm anon with the old school mates I find it very much okay to keep alive what you liked as a young adult, I just find it not understandable that you don't experience what goes on today or that you won't even have a look at new stuff, especially if you have time for that. While I grew up, my parents and many other adults knew shit about the internet, even though it was one of the big developments of that time and I would have wished for them to just get some knowledge to be able to guide me (I've seen some shit, wish I wouldn't have). And that's what I just don't get, why have children, live in the past and not knowing what is going on outside your own bubble. Your brain is capable of learning new information and reading up on stuff and I would want to know what is happening around my children and around me.

why should it be wrong to listen to the same music you liked in high school? I and many others are doing the same and it's been years now, I still found new stuff (mostly music from the 50s to 70s, kek) and added it to the things I like. I think we should stop avoiding the things we liked in the past, if it makes you happy, it makes you happy and if it doesn't hurt other people (like blasting Nu metal at 3 am so your neighbours get a heart attack), enjoy what you enjoy. If you still want to find new music, youtube is helpful, never paid for a streaming service in my life, there is always a possibility to find stuff for free.

No. 1762382

this is the only time i've experienced positive emotion while reading this thread

No. 1762383

'it's just a joke' excuse only works if you're a man apparently. why is this freak watching baby videos anyways? it's so annoying how white men troon out so they can act like they're 'less evil' than white women.

No. 1762385

What are the chances of him leaving in peace if it had been two women, not men? I think at best, he would've verbally abused them or tried to get them kicked out for discrimination.

No. 1762390

kek why did they make his hairline more male?

No. 1762391

File: 1675709722631.jpeg (129.27 KB, 972x1457, 1D6C0158-88B4-49E5-B005-343DD1…)

Here’s Dylan’s full fit. Look at his bobble head lol.

No. 1762393

imagine if women banded together and made this much of a stink over every objectifying representation of women in videogames

No. 1762395

File: 1675710157030.jpg (219.79 KB, 850x400, QRvOify.jpg)

I agree this is why most dudes are into it, but why did it start featuring in porn? WTF is the source?

These retards heard something to the effect of picrel and completely misunderstood what it means, but they'll never figure it out because they're men and they think they know everything and are always right, even about things they can never and will never experience first hand.

No. 1762397

No matter how much surgery he gets, he will never fix his male skelly fridge frame.

No. 1762399

>I agree this is why most dudes are into it, but why did it start featuring in porn? WTF is the source?

My humble tinfoil: it started with just a small category(just as teens, milf and trans, that has grown in numbers thanks to deranged moids)
As we all know most moids that look at porn fry their brains, so they got bored pretty fast with piv and wanted something different(and not illegal), and anal was the answer. This made a big demand for this kind of porn.
And now, because there are so many videos of anal porn, moids just thing that assfucking is the norm.

No. 1762400

kek is being horny just a social construct now too

No. 1762404

he looks even more uncanny at a distance. his head doesn’t look like it even fits his body kek

why was he even invited to the grammys? i know the grammys are a joke but still is it not an event for musicians? do they count his flop book of mormon musical “career” as him totally being a singer? how is being a troon and making some tiktoks enough to get invited?

No. 1762407

ask Meta, they got him there.

vidrel: Female construction worker calls out Dylan. The moid's remarks add a little bit to it so I used this 'reaction' instead of her original vid. But ofc she owns him on her own. Can you imagine Dylan actually doing anything strenuous?

No. 1762412

Nicki Minaj did it first anyways. She got the grammies in an uproar with her performance of Roman’s revenge which was far better than just “uh I guess we’re in hell” .
Let’s see if Tim and Ham get banned from the grammies for this. If not it shows the preference for troons over black women.

No. 1762419

I never seen this performance before. It makes the Unholy performance even more laughable. No stage presence. No story arc. No talent. Those trannies could never do this, but they don’t even have to try and will still be given all the flowers

No. 1762425

yeah people shouldn’t bother to include “blasphemy” in their performances if they can’t follow up with a story. We all know Ham and Tim went to hell for gluttony but if they could have just explained it that would be good.

No. 1762427

ayrt and I agree - I'm from one of those cultures. women are expected to do every single thing related to housework - cooking cleaning and even lifting… while being pregnant. while men do the cooming and that's it. this picture is literally that dynamic but in rainbow colours. it triggered me in a way kek.

No. 1762428

huh ? Hogwarts Legacy contains what?

No. 1762434

The thing is, they can still have biological children. They can father children the traditional way, or have their sperm frozen before transition. But no, they want to take every aspect of womanhood away from actual women. Just wait, within a decade they'll be claiming menopause when they hit their 50s. They're already claiming to be "barren women" like they have been cruelly deprived. They only want children to perpetuate their fetish, not to be a "mother".

No. 1762443

File: 1675716898182.jpg (177.33 KB, 899x2048, FoMU3T9aUAAuqxv.jpg)

Any takers for this brave and lovely petite little lady?

No. 1762465

Literally reminds me of that hilarious gif of that guy shaking his head at the troon teacher trying to enter the women's restroom. Any anon have that one? Women need to stop coddling these men. if i were that women, I would have laughed in his face and thanked the men for barring him.

No. 1762470

Once again, zero screen shots exist. Oh, do they mean they're made because she's using her OWN money to fund children's orphanages and women's shelters? It's funny af to me because I know several gay men and women who are huge HP fans. Only terminally online tiktok and twt idiots believe this nonsense. Once again, where are the CAPS?

No. 1762488

File: 1675720808786.png (111.81 KB, 574x475, 645654564546546.png)

Okay I know Keemstar is a fucking jackass, but if this is true then thats fucking hilariously sad

No. 1762491

why did nerds have to become such aggressive moralists, like another anon said it has such bitchy uptight church moms circa satanic panic vibes

No. 1762492

samefag but the TRA obsession with ideological purity also aligns perfectly with fundamental/evangelical christian purity culture

No. 1762496

File: 1675722489332.jpeg (141.3 KB, 1080x1446, 65AF3DD1-AFBD-45AE-8A73-1F4F18…)

Lol there are people on Twitter crying hate crime over this fictional characters name right now

No. 1762500

KEK, JKR really be giving people brain rot by simply existing

No. 1762501

Here’s a clip of dialogue from the game featuring sirona. The voice is…pretty great honestly

No. 1762502

Interesting how nobody pulls this shit with the countless IPs convicted male criminals get royalties from.

Harrison Ford never had to apologize for supporting child rapist Roman Polanski, but just liking a few tweets by JKR was enough to put Mark Hamill on the chopping block. That's the kind of world we live in; it's apparently more okay to rape thirteen year olds than it is to be against chemically castrating them.

No. 1762510

File: 1675724139069.png (747.47 KB, 1082x2887, chrome_screenshot_167572411392…)

Based sister

No. 1762512

>she might find it nice that my middle name is after our sister

Literally skin walking his dead sister. There are truly no words…

No. 1762513

>admits that his sisters recieved more abuse than him and that he ran away from the situation instead of helping
>"but I suffered too!"
We all suffer, everyone suffers, but god damn how fucked up do you have to play victim to your sibling you know was being abused. Based sister, I hope her life improves.

No. 1762515

File: 1675724742028.jpg (113.14 KB, 1075x1434, Screenshot_20230206-200249_You…)

This character is actually hilarious, no way the person who had the idea for this is a trans ally

No. 1762516

What an incredibly male thing to do, denying his escape of childhood trauma and benefits from male socialization because "acktually, I'm a girl!" and then his sister is getting married and he tries to make her wedding all about him. Good thing she cut him off, you just know he would've shown up there and try to get oppression points from the whole family and start some drama.

SIRona kek

No. 1762519

"Unholy" is an awful song anyway. When I found out these two stooges made it, I wondered if the "unholy" and "dirty" references were about fucking troons

No. 1762520

I refuse to believe this creature is 27 and not 37 -47

No. 1762523

Don’t forget David Lynch, Wes Anderson, and Darren Aronofsky all came out in support of Polanski as well

No. 1762524

the face doesn't really read "male" to me, but maybe I am just used to older graphics where any non-bombshell stereotype looked a bit like a plain Jane peasant stereotype. No offense to peasants or plain women characters.

I'll have to listen to the voice at home

No. 1762526

idk, not really? I see it more like dogma - there are all these required beliefs and you must recite the litany or you are Bad. Purity culture in certain evangelical sects (and let's be real, other religions too) is mostly about policing women's bodies and sexualities, viewing them as property that must be "unblemished" to be valuable, etc. That's not really in line with anything related to trans ideologies.

No. 1762528

Another day ending in 'y'.

No. 1762531

waiting for these same fucks to create a WoW or Overwatch tracker. for them to create a minecraft tracker. five nights at freddys? I mean come the fuck on, nearly every game dev has done something shitty yet these fucks stay silent. these idiots are psychotic

No. 1762532

where does it say he's a 'pro-shipper'?

No. 1762535

>callous disregard for human life
it's funny bc that's exactly how pro-life right wingers talk

No. 1762538

File: 1675728501005.jpg (95.5 KB, 660x371, Helga gun transphobia.jpg)

>the trannies name is Sir

No. 1762539

File: 1675728559299.jpg (94.11 KB, 1204x590, FoS1nVNXwAIohlp.jpg)

Gaming review website doesn't do it's job because of muh transphobia

No. 1762542

I think the joke is that the character's first name is SIRdona, not that the character has a particularly masculine face or anything.

No. 1762544

the lip sync is off this video gives so much creepy vibes because of that

No. 1762545

they had to lock themselves lmfao

No. 1762549

File: 1675729764829.jpeg (336.99 KB, 828x863, BD800F84-B19E-441B-B4B8-61A09A…)

they keep reaching lmfao

No. 1762551

I mentioned the lack of screenshots in a discord because the topic came up, I think it's a good way to encourage people to look for evidence if they just eat up the JKR is an ebil terf narrative, because normies 100% haven't seen actual evidence themselves. One of them answered he'd have to look up the tweets in question (lmao good luck). They are completely clueless. The good thing is they are annoyed by the TRA mob and just want to play their HP game even though they kind of believe that JKR did something bad.

while it grosses me out that they pander so much to them by including trans characters, it will eventually help peak more people because the game's so obviously trans inclusive yet they're acting like Hitler made it

No. 1762558

what a waste of a nice dress. it looks like shit on anorexic lord farquad.

No. 1762561

ugh. why would they pander to this fucking cult? now this game pisses off everyone equally.

No. 1762563

anime trap is the only representation they accept. fucking delusional

No. 1762572

I guess to me the TRA movement does police women's bodies/sexualities, except it's in an inverted way to the purity culture. In the case of TIFs it implicitly promotes GNC women to masculinize themselves instead of living as a woman who deviates from the norm. Then you have the whole cotton ceiling thing which is essentially TRAs asking lesbians to be pure true and honest believers in tranny nonsense by fucking mutilated men. And you often see MTF using trannyism as a way to get away with their worst moid behaviors, impregnating their TIF wives and being useless to them (because being pregnant is cool and non-trad if you're a "man"). It really is a very insidious way of controlling women, it may not be perfectly in line with christian purity culture but there are certainly echos of it there.

No. 1762579

I'm seriously starting to believe that there are no "extremes" in ideologies, they're in a circle and the more you go to one side, the closer you get to the side you supposedly hate.

No. 1762592

Ah, I know this as a female Indian name so I missed the obvious there, thx. Supporters can just accuse the seethers of being racist. There's also this period products company called by the same name, and the made a ridiculous (and offensive) video about how periods have no gender and blah blah blah. It's actually really bad and brainwashy, I recommend watching it

No. 1762594

>Just more hyper-sexualized, fetishistic, consumerist, satanic panic "ooooh so edgy" crap
thank you I thought I was going insane because everyone was gushing about how groundbreaking the unholy song/video is. As if religious references aren't common in song about sex. As if pop isn't a hypersexual genre to begin with. As if naming a bunch of brands isnt the norm for mainstream music
where was this energy for Rockstar Games and their several sexual harassment accusations?
>five nights at freddy
I have seen so many fnaf fans saying that supporting jkr is literal genocide while being aware of fnaf's creators view but separating the art from the artist is only allowed when the artist is male. I have also seen several South Park fans boycott JKR which is rich

No. 1762611

Thanks I hate it. How do people not see that calling women things like “menstruators” and “uterus-havers” is regressive and bad?

No. 1762614

>I suffered to(o)
While admitting he ran away and didn't stand up for them and was generally a shit brother. I wish him a very botched genital reassignment surgery

No. 1762626

Are you implying Dylan is (mis)using Ozempic for weight loss? Wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1762632

I love you nona!!!

No. 1762636

You mean stuff like not knowing what's going on in politics, news, the wider world etc? Some people just never get interested in that. I find it puzzling too, but they just don't have the same curiosity drive as most people I guess.

No. 1762641

File: 1675738836581.jpg (62.09 KB, 1196x180, 5sTllua.jpg)

Saging because it's not exactly milky, but still funny and pathetic to me that the only insult they ever have for women is misogynistic crap like attacking her appearance or relationship status.

I am also a late 30s bitch, it fucking rules; can't wait to get older and even more "undesirable"

No. 1762653

nta but the hormones are definitely off label at least

No. 1762673

File: 1675742935296.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 346.91 KB, 750x2679, 1FE0B5EF-6932-41B1-A903-FE0181…)

gross on so many levels.

No. 1762677

File: 1675743344962.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 434.39 KB, 750x2694, F105D2EF-7408-4A32-BF8F-0DAF5E…)

are they seriously deleting accounts for posting their shit results and how they regret them?

No. 1762680

File: 1675743727257.jpeg (325.48 KB, 750x2445, C1B05264-FA09-401A-BC47-18B756…)

i think this legit is the ugliest man in ever seen kek

No. 1762684

File: 1675744052580.jpg (45.09 KB, 749x499, FoTlQPraEAAplYq.jpg)

No. 1762685

File: 1675744076094.jpg (285.71 KB, 1340x1877, FoQMKl7aMAEIvLQ.jpg)

Mr. Bean

No. 1762686

File: 1675744123595.jpg (263.85 KB, 1279x2030, FoUgRW-aMAAtA8h.jpg)

skirt go spinnny xD

No. 1762687

File: 1675744170929.png (363.64 KB, 677x657, Twitter (2).png)

trannies gonna tran

No. 1762688

File: 1675744282111.png (128.73 KB, 679x806, Twitter.png)

Jasman is complaining that the tranny that voicing the trans character in HP sounds like a tranny. KEK

No. 1762689

File: 1675744373003.png (40.94 KB, 704x359, (She_They_Ze_Xe) on Twitter.pn…)

I want to access vulnerable women because I must infringe on women wherever I go!

No. 1762692

>me me me ME

i think adding a troon voice actor would end really well. it will cause trans people to lose their shit over a sign of support and people will see how impossible they are to please

No. 1762693

File: 1675744764520.jpg (291.65 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20230207-153207__01…)

Sorry if this is slightly ot, but in light of why the drama is occurring I thought it was relevant to post here. I don't think anyone needs confirmation that the faggots bullying people for streaming the game are literally just unhinged troons. No one normal even gives a shit.
>Twitch chat bullies streamer couple to the point of the girlfriend ending up in tears and needing to take a break
>Schizo faggots create a website to catalogue people who're playing they game so they can "unsub" (viciously harrass) them
If this doesn't peak more normies to the rampant tranny entitlement idk what will.

No. 1762695

File: 1675744877149.png (769.8 KB, 1162x1042, troon0.png)

No. 1762696

File: 1675744889736.png (566.94 KB, 1004x539, 1675721363390951.png)

Anyone got early access to the game yet? How is it nonnies?

No. 1762699

For the same reason they cram historically incorrect minorities into any period piece. Muh diversity points. At least I can't blame the game developers they were just trying to offset some of the undeserved backlash.

No. 1762701

File: 1675745441298.png (2.46 MB, 1156x2279, tranny18.png)

No. 1762705

Moid with a fake vulva doesn't even know that labia aren't always the same size.

No. 1762706

Considering showing off a boner was the point of the picture, what could this moid have on his wall that needed covering up with an emoji?

I almost gave this one a pity point for having washed his hair too.

No. 1762708

It is peaking them - seen a lot of people making purchases out of spite and posting their receipts in response to this hysteria. The twat who made that website is facilitating harassment; he ended up muting his Twitter post regarding it because he was getting clowned on.

The sad thing is, GirlfriendReviews, the streamer couple that was harassed by these freaks, tried to preemptively do damage control by denouncing JKR and also pledged to donate to tr*ns charities. This is why you don't pander to terminally online freaks like this. Unless you kowtow to their bullying completely, you can't win and will be labelled a disgusting bigot.

No. 1762710

File: 1675746360794.png (5.82 KB, 392x106, Wet Wipe Buffoonicorn's Twitte…)

more like a half dozen lol

No. 1762711

If a TIM was really at risk of domestic violence, or any other potentially life threatening situation, you'd think they'd gladly take a place at a trans-women-only shelter because it's a refuge and surely the staff there will have specialist knowledge and skills particular to trans issues.

Someone actually fleeing domestic violence wouldn't throw a tantrum because they didn't get to go to the shelter that the actual women went to.

No. 1762714

File: 1675746556075.jpg (273.93 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20230207-160546__01…)

If this comment is true I'm fucking dead

No. 1762716

looks like a rotten jack-o-lantern. what's worse, fat old troons or young troons that are so genetically unfortunate that they look old?

No. 1762719

Twitch should make a announcement indont care if they even denounce JKR, just say that attacking and planning harassment over a video game isn't allowed on the platform. I know they won't but nobody should get harassed or their chat spammed for playing a game. They have games made by men who were accused or actually did gross shit all the time. Like if you want to complain whine on Twitter someone targeted harassment is harassment.

No. 1762722

Same anon, like I bet if 4chan did a gayop where they spammed emotes or something on a woke game twitch would step in. It's fucking retarded and pisses me off because I have a feeling it's going to cause me to dislike the few people I do because even if unpolitical they are basically forced to give money or apologize for playing a game. So many will bend for the troons

No. 1762735

File: 1675748718803.jpeg (442.25 KB, 1170x1191, F56D5BC3-C1CD-4972-A9EC-9C1484…)

It’s always bullying mild mannered normalfag female streamers. If her boyfriend was the only playing like the dozens of males playing the game right now, they wouldn’t have dared. GFR has a lot of normie fans so this surely wakes some of them tf up.

No. 1762736


No. 1762737

File: 1675748934168.jpg (230.26 KB, 828x1195, erin.jpg)

can a kind anon remind us of what this TiM did to his wife? (the lawsuits, etc)

No. 1762739

GFR learning the hard way that trannies operate like literal fascists. No amount of pandering and placating will pacify them. There is only absolute submission.

No. 1762755

Are the comments saying she deserves it?

No. 1762757

>"cataloguing us for our behaviour is genocide because you're making an online list for people to harass us, take down kiwifarms"
>"these people are playing a game. Quickly, lads- I mean, ladies! Let's make a list of people so we can harass them"
Do we know who the new Troon Moon is at least? We need someone to hold accountable when one of these streamers has a pipebomb sent to them by a tankie

No. 1762763

Most of it is thankfully on their side. It’s the same sentiments on Twitter. They made a mistake harassing wholesome internet couple that normies relate to. You see twitards literally saying like “We WARNED them to not play the game so now they PAY”, displaying monstrous self-awareness and honesty.

No. 1762764

File: 1675751048426.jpg (428.53 KB, 800x591, 23jUgEs.jpg)


I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned, but Bethany Hamilton, the professional surfer, says that she won't be competing anymore due to the World Surf League's new transgender policy. It makes me so happy she's speaking out about men competing in women's sports. Proud of her. I hope this peaks a lot of people, troons don't want a "third category" because then they can't beat women like the violent seething misogynists they are.

Sorry nonnas, I don't know how to embed videos.

No. 1762765

Skin walking an 8 year old. Unhinged.

No. 1762767

Idk but one of my best friends shares this guys TikToks to her ig stories like every day and I’d love to know the tea.

No. 1762777

I can't even tell which ones are drag queens and which are trannies. They all have heads shaped like Lego men.

No. 1762780

This is fucking creepy.

No. 1762782

jk rowling got divorced because her husband was beating her, jesus christ what a piece of shit thing to say

No. 1762783

File: 1675753766424.jpg (488.93 KB, 2048x1510, PhotoGrid_1675753605042_edit_1…)

Devs went to effort of making a trans character that was clearly made using the female face and body shape options, but it's too ugly for the beautiful tims

No. 1762786

He looks like if John Oliver trooned out.

No. 1762787

true, but i'm not even sure that it's actually helping. putting obvious trans stuff in the game kinda reinforces the link between HP and transgenderism, it gives TRAs more opportunities to talk about troons in twitch chats/youtube comment sections even though it's (supposed to be) irrelevant to the game. plus TRAs are never satisfied and they're already saying that the trans stuff in game is just a way to distract people from JKR transphobia. maybe it would have been best to have no troon stuff (except for "body 1, body 2"). oh well, as long as the game is doing well and trannies are seething!

No. 1762789

It's in the OP of his Kiwifarms thread. You're welcome for the spoon-feeding.

No. 1762796

He did a whole video showing off his twink torso while saying now he compares himself to supermodels (god the narcissism! wtf) and wants to skip meals. So female, right? As if putting that ugly praying mantis on the runway in a dress isn't showing girls that men triumph in the fashion world. They'd love to use men to sell clothes instead of women.

Fuck him and what he is doing to society, and fuck every brand working with him. In any other thread on lc, I'd be called fat now, but this isn't the case - I had severe AN as a child and teen & I still have BDD. The loathing for any curves on my own (objectively slim) body has remained. I hate the HAES movement but even I see that we need more sizes and ages of women represented and celebrated in media. What we don't need is a man in a dress saying how he wants to skip meals because that's #relatable

No. 1762802

I've been seeing the talking point go around that there's a bunch of stealth trannies and intersex people among well known runway models. some of them are so freaky looking that I wouldn't necessarily be surprised, but I'm wondering how true that is or whether it's made up cope.

No. 1762806

I think Sirona means Goddess of Light tho. Sirona is not a slavic name so no it wouldn't mean Mr. Girl (sir ona).

No. 1762807

Sirona is the beautiful name of a beautiful Celtic goddess of healing and I'm excessively pissed that they gave that name to an ugly tranny

No. 1762808

back at the days it was also considered as twansphowbic

No. 1762813

it was voice by an actual tranny. he didnt voice trained as we can see kek

No. 1762827

It's just like trannies to choose ill-befitting names. But at Hogwarts we use last names, so everyone just calls him Ryan.
Intentional and hilarious.

No. 1762833

his fupa is sending me into a spiral, it’s so fucking foul

do you mean this, nona?

No. 1762834

The hogwarts legacy situation is making many people come out against trans logic, myself included. And my woke "friend" just started grasping for straws and saying that I'm like the KKK for saying men should be allowed to wear make up without that indicating that they're trans.

No. 1762835

You are my fucking idol

No. 1762836

File: 1675759296625.jpg (406.45 KB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_20230207_103803.jpg)

Update. The character's name is transphobic because Sirona has the word 'Sir' in it. Someone pointed out that as an Irish character, Sirona fits as it is a Celtic goddess name but was shot down as being unable to see the 'transphobic dog whistle'.

No. 1762838

They can't reach for anything slav becacuse in slav languages
sir = cheese
ona = female pronoun "she"

Sirona is not an offensive name, wtf are they on about

No. 1762840

Yup I think so too. I made a terf alt twitter account to support other vocal terfs including JK Rowling. I think more and more of us are starting to get fed up with it.

No. 1762841

>my woke "friend" just started grasping for straws and saying that I'm like the KKK for saying men should be allowed to wear make up without that indicating that they're trans.
They're truely a picture of sound mental health kek

No. 1762842

File: 1675760038928.png (7.97 KB, 377x95, emily.png)

Beautiful brave trans girls can only be named things like Alice, Zoey, Emily, etc. OBVIOUSLY anon. Anything else is a literal hatecrime!

Tbh, kind of funny "lady emily" is trying to judge the character's name when he chose the most generic overused name by TIMs even as voted by TIMS.

No. 1762843

yes, exactly what I mean, especially if you decided to have children you should at least know something about politics or youth culture. But I guess, like you, I'm just too curious and if I could, I would love to know everything, kek.

No. 1762845

File: 1675760870934.gif (410.84 KB, 220x207, little-britain-funny.gif)

Lady Emily is literally a transphobic character lmao

No. 1762847

kek. I forgot about this show anon ty

No. 1762849

Sir does means Sir in slav too though. Like the Knight Sir. At least in my slav. Cheese is syr. But the name is Celtic so slavic languages are irrelevant.

No. 1762850

I don't get this "make up is only for women thing", I grew up among guys wearing eyeliner, nailpolish and lipstick. Today, all of them are still men, don't question their gender and never have. Honestly, I hate it, I want guys wearing make up and skirts back without people assuming that they are non-binary or women.

No. 1762851

In southern Slavic it's sir, but since you speak a slavic language you know that "sir ona" makes absolutely no sense

No. 1762852

I recommend all nonas watch some Emily Howard videos, it's amazing how spot on they are about how troons act now: terrible feminine outdated clothes, bad makeup, loudly telling everyone they're a "lady", pathetic need for attention, has another "lady friend" with obvious facial hair, obsessed with doing stereotypical "lady" things, refers to his male parts as "lady testicles" etc

No. 1762853

yes, yes, and in the future, we aren't allowed to say German anymore, because there is the word man in it and it's not genderneutral. Can we remove troons from the internet?

No. 1762856


Kek. I was trying to place what Dylan reminds me of.

No. 1762868

File: 1675764523185.webm (4.48 MB, 480x270, eaHulYzjhzqrTcW2.webm)

This is a giant man wearing lipstick and a cheap Halloween costume, claiming to be a "mother" and admitting to grooming 2 young children

No. 1762871

I thought trans women are women. Why is he stating his she/her pronouns? LOL

No. 1762872

My guess would be drawn child porn

No. 1762873

File: 1675765219151.jpeg (307.77 KB, 2048x1905, 126B4E95-E8FF-45FD-824D-DEF427…)

Just wanted to show off this stunning specimen

No. 1762874

File: 1675765268260.jpeg (450.13 KB, 828x939, F0768D97-1ED1-4D4A-B5C9-9658CD…)

Wonder why he has no friends?

No. 1762875

File: 1675765314487.jpeg (92.82 KB, 768x960, ECFDDEE8-7FA9-4F83-9B25-DAF809…)

I’ll stop now, but he’s got dozens of these

No. 1762877

Oh nooooo the horror! Its not like a lot of women, including me, pretend to be men online to not be harassed. I would do the same irl if it was possible without fucking up my body. I dont think any woman cares if they are called a man.>>1762701

No. 1762881

That TIM is only one year older than me and looks like he is pushing his forties,wth
Coomerism and the Y chromosome are poison kek

No. 1762885

now i'm just hoping that they don't modify the troon name in a patch or something.

No. 1762886

File: 1675767425684.png (116.44 KB, 653x538, rent free.png)

okay this is getting scary, like I saw that one streamer was literally doxxed for playing Hogwarts Legacy

No. 1762890

You could also just… log onto twitch and see who's streaming it…
So much effort for nothing

No. 1762892

"that wizard game" is very "he who must not be named"-energy, they can't even bash the game without referring to how great JKRs writing is kek

No. 1762893

Handmaidens say shit like
>it's not taking away anything from me by using inclusive language. It's not only women who menstrua