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File: 1675328649787.png (2.14 MB, 2016x1512, PhotoRoom-20230202_085814.png)

No. 1759128

Who is colours?

Laura has BPD. Here's what we know:
•moved back to the UK from Canada after losing her job due to BPD antics
•"ONLY" has a police report against her from her old therapist… NOT a restraining order! (Much better)
•desperate for IP treatment so has decided the NHS has set out to kill her as they deny her ALL treatment
•making a habit of "overdosing" on uppers and downers and running to A&E for some treatment that the NHS are clearly denying her.
•blew up on an old friend for basically telling her to pull her shit together

Why does she get her own thread?
She was caught vendetta posting against some of our Pro-Ana threads and her PUBLIC Instagram account reflects an imageboard. Only she is allowed to bully others..publicly, on Instagram. But this evil site needs shut down, and she's reporting all of our "accounts"

Anyway. Take this plague here rather than the proana threads please.

See where she was put to Pasture here: >>1758905

No. 1759136

For context for people not from the pro-ana thread, maybe we should explain a little bit about her obsession with Laura and Han?

No. 1759143

This is unnecessary, there's no milk besides her sperg out in the ana thread.

No. 1759145

Let us have fun things

No. 1759148

No milk? She's had like four histrionic breakdowns within the past three weeks on lolcow alone. because a Nona found her public IG. Having her own thread will make her produce a milk factory.

No. 1759149

Ooooof, she’s gonna have another meltdown when she wakes up this afternoon when she sees this.

She is so hypocritical.
People would feel sorry for her if she had an ounce of something nice in her personality, but she has none so…

No. 1759160

Not forgetting her "apparent stalker" kek

No. 1759165

You can go on any social media platform and find millions of bdpchans having breakdowns over nothing.

No. 1759166

Nta but just hide the thread if you don't want to read it. Clearly plenty of us find her milky enough for a thread, gatekeep elsewhere we're not just going to drop a milky cow from being talked about because 1 or 2 nonas don't find her milky, that's dumb

No. 1759169

she's the most milk we've had since cece, let us live.
her insane bpd spergouts and her trying to prove to the internet that she totes is the sickest and craziest and totally self harms you guise is milk if you want it or not
personally i'm horrified bc of the threats she's made towards us and every time i see the police pass by i pee a little bit

No. 1759173

Thanks for the laugh, nonnie. I hope colours is ashamed that she has ruined your life by causing this level of fear-induced incontinence. She just needs to GET OUT OUR LIVES. Don't you worry though; she'll get hers.

No. 1759177

File: 1675338729510.png (500.58 KB, 554x691, Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 5.51…)

She's doing a great job of revoking our access to her life by leaving her Instagram as a public account. She made seven public posts after this one, kek.

No. 1759186

Will OP please post her socials?

No. 1759187

>>1759177 Post ‘em!

No. 1759188

No. 1759189

by the way, don't watch her stories or she'll block you and post screenshots of your account

No. 1759197


No. 1759206

For any nonnies needing a way to view her IG without her finding out I use iganony.com, it also lets you download stories

No. 1759247

Just went private kek she must have seen the thread. I still lose it over the maple leaf tattoo.

No. 1759256

Na not from my end, she does love the attention and drama, actually gives her a reason to play the victim card. She purposively creates drama

No. 1759259

I know this won't happen, but what happens if she actually makes good on her suicide baiting?

No. 1759302

Crap, OP here. Forgot about links as I made the picture and thread first thing this morning after waking up to the pisstake on the proana thread.
Ty to the anon who posted the link

No. 1759308

Not likely, since she declared that we'd killed her every fourth post. She cares about attention too much to kill herself.

No. 1759323

Then we won't be able to make anymore threads about her I guess

No. 1759346

Nothing, it's not illegal to be mean online. In some places you can be charged if you tell someone to kill themselves and they go through with it, but none of us have done that here, and I highly doubt the UK authorities would try to go after a gossip thread for being mean.

No. 1759537

File: 1675374699781.png (132.19 KB, 587x434, 7659.png)

For anons who want to catch up or read the Colours saga from the beginning but don't want to wade through the Ana threads, start here:

Some thread 88 posts that are potentially her, but there's probably more in older threads. Look for images posted from an ipod, whining about others getting medical care instead of her, boasting about harassing anachans and getting blocked, unsaged blogposting, strings of samefagging instead of replying to multiple comments at once, etc. Has an obsession with FlourishingFxiry.

Posts that are almost certainly her:

Anon calls her out and start of unhinged meltdown 1. >>>/snow/1734112
unhinged meltdown 2. >>>/snow/1735307
unhinged meltdown 3. >>>/snow/1735618
unhinged meltdown 4. >>>/snow/1740050

Discussions about her in thread 90:
unhinged meltdown 5. >>>/snow/1756680
unhinged meltdown 6. >>>/snow/1758639
Now we are here.

Gonna compile a compilation of some best quotes, but not right now because this took fucking forever.

No. 1759581

Mad props nona good recap& sources, this whole thing has been quite the ride. And I Dig having a thread just for this lunatic bc it was shittin up proana but also ,, cow status achieved for this one and interested to see where this saga leads. May thy milk runneth over

No. 1759604

Based nona.

Your response should auto reply to any nona in any thread that claims a thread is dumb or not milky.

Kek they act like someone is forcing them to browse every lolcow page or something.

No. 1759677

she's been quiet for a day now and although I'm sure she's just sulking, it would be ironic if she threw a big enough fit that the nhs actually detained her for the treatment she's been envying

No. 1759691

Bless you anon. I’m from the thread but I know it was a pain in the ass to wade through all that and streamline her unhinged attention tantrums so thank you for doing a solid for the people who didn’t live through it.

No. 1759972

I'm disconcerted that cunters hasn't made an appearance here. Perhaps she's finally getting that NHS treatment she's so desperate for!

No. 1759975

I think she went quiet for a few days the last time she threatened to kill herself also. Maybe to try to make us feel ~guilty~ because she's sure that we're as emotionally wrapped up in this as she is.

No. 1760036

You deserve an award for that nonna, thank you !

No. 1760037

She's probably just not seen it yet kek

No. 1760115

Excellent, thank you!! I'm laughing, she's going to be fucking livid.

She's seen it she's just busy calling the police kek

No. 1760366

Are you scared of being reported to the bri'ish police? I'm quivering over here.

No. 1760415

Why? No one here told her to harm or kill herself, any action she did was on her and her own choices, she would have done it anyways going by how unhinged she is and was just looking for someone to blame and use as a catapult into getting help. I've not seen any family or friends on Facebook mention anything, so assuming all is ticketyboo. Though how does Instagram work? seems like she's had posts removed from stories, those self harm one's and i believe as they vanished faster than the text only. She might be locked out of that public account.

No. 1760421

She's kidding, because colours flipped out and started ranting about how she's reporting "every account" to the authorities and saying we'll all pay kek. I personally can't wait.

No. 1760488

anon is joking

No. 1760857

File: 1675509578583.jpg (171.12 KB, 904x459, totsdead.jpg)

Nah, she's pushing up the daisies, just like Byuu. Jesus i wonder how many story posts alone she had in those 12 hours.

No. 1760859

kek, that's fucking amazing. So she's not posting on her public account to fake being dead because of the (waaaaah) mean anons but is posting obsessively on her tiny private account, probably about us. How predictable yet hilarious.

No. 1760888

Typical of her, cries wolf all the time no doubt still bullying the usual, never learning.

No. 1760890

Oi, stop roight there nona! Yew've been caught cyberbullying colours! I'm ganna 'ave to take yew down the nick, and I'm givin' interpol a bell roight now so they can take your arse to the slammer!

No. 1760947

Be sharing a cell together with Colours amount of bullying she's done kek

No. 1762177

Colours back to using both accounts kek

No. 1762484

Least Colours has learnt to make her account private even if she wishes to keep on bullying others on it they can't see it

No. 1762776

post caps
Any word about why she suicide baited then took the longest break she’s ever taken from social media? Apart from the obvious attention seeking did she DO anything?

No. 1762870

She just posted on her other social media account, she just did the usual and got discharged, NHS still apparently doing nothing

No. 1762882

Laura only wants help on her terms, she could quite easily work on getting back to her former life but chooses to not even bother trying, sad really she is totally blind sighted

No. 1762915

That's the thing. She's in her late 30s and she clearly used to be successful/very functional in life. Good degree, running at a high level, decent professional life. What happened to make it all go to shit in such an extreme way?!

No. 1762939

makes it so much worse that she stalks girls in their 20s. i get that they’re problematic in their own ways but cmon, colours, you’ve clearly at least had a bit of life with some semblance of normalcy. take a xanax or something

No. 1762963

>>1762882 >>1762915
Something only she can answer and resolve. Maybe bottling it up for years. Way shes going isn't the way forward, hopefully things will work out for her and she changes, no one likes a bully

No. 1763279

Least its private now so the girls don't know taken her long enough

No. 1763954

She can't spam the NHS kent anymore or pop up on random people's searches either with tagging, not that the nhs accounts probably even take notice of her. No one unsuspecting person needs to see that train wreck.

No. 1764408

File: 1675956243089.jpg (244.37 KB, 1080x1638, SmartSelect_20230209_101701_In…)

She must be posting a ton of shit, she only has 5 followers left

No. 1764442

She will be refreshing this page like nobodies business kek

No. 1764688

Patience is a virtue ladies just a matter of time until she goes public again. 5 people won't satisfy her Jupiter sized narc void for long.

No. 1764813

She's just waiting until the police have finished arresting all of us

No. 1764954

I had the urge to grab the spoofed police letter from the whole keffals debautical, and modify it, but eh.. effort.

No. 1766034

shes just an attention seeker, nothing wrong with her she looked absolutely fine at the race wearing her pants

No. 1766307

soon as this thread is dead there comes a nonsensical reply to literally nothing defending Colours lmao, attention seeking is RIGHT (and fucking stupid)

No. 1766740

So despite faking suicide and locking down socials, she's still kicking, she attended the cross-country run yesterday. Just hope it all works out for her in a way, had me rolling though.

Did you mean yesterdays? Got recommended the youtube video but didn't want to sit through it, i really need to clear out the runners herpes.

I don't think she's defending her anon.

No. 1766979

shes absolutely fine, wonders why she doesn't get what she wants because she doesn't need inpatient on the NHS, someone who can run 8k never misses a race yet kicks off on one about any Drs appointment and others getting help

No. 1767063

Imageboard. Post photos or YouTube links.

No. 1767107

File: 1676282219588.jpg (34.78 KB, 397x532, 11thfeb.JPG)

I didn't think it was milky enough to share, going by the listings she came in 34th. But it's funny she always seems to try and show as much skin as possible too, no visible cuts in sight either. Must be some pretty good coverage make-up that doesn't sweat/rub off. Wouldn't you think someone that self-harms would cover up their injuries with clothes?

No. 1767296

File: 1676305371889.jpeg (241.26 KB, 1512x2016, D00572A3-92E6-4BFF-9821-16B6B4…)

No. 1767302

File: 1676305640614.png (4.09 MB, 750x1334, E65D6669-BD28-41C6-A7F6-1B8E00…)

No. 1767305

File: 1676305794915.jpeg (218.23 KB, 1512x2016, 768A26A4-7578-4B57-821A-EC7D2B…)

No. 1767306

Do the cuts on her left arm spell Renee? Damn that's some teenage emo 2000's shit right there lol. And showing off the dried blood at an all ages event, get your shit together colors and wear arm warmers or something, there's kids there.

No. 1767308

How old is she, thirty, over thirty? And she's online bullying girls a decade younger than herself.. Must have been nice for the other competitors to witness this basket case showcase her new stripes.

No. 1767309

Who is renee? Her bully from high school? kek

No. 1767310

Is that a Canadian pubic tattoo

No. 1767312

Her ex therapist, she saw her for 2 years, by sounds Laura got deeply attached, texting any time of day (red flag). Laura got booted back to the UK, not sure what happened but she goes on about being betrayed. Fentasized about killing herself in a wood where she could gaze upon her ex therapists home, or otherwise leave a mark on her. Spouts rhetoric around "if i can't have you no one can", that she doesn't get to work and live while she is not next to here. Really fucked up shit.

No. 1767313

File: 1676306105676.jpeg (231.88 KB, 1512x2016, DB740841-AAC8-4032-AF08-E7FF8A…)

No. 1767315

She's either early 40's or late 30's

Her former therapist who she harassed and threatened to the point of her seeking a restraining order.

No. 1767318

File: 1676306262592.jpeg (180.78 KB, 1512x2016, BAD2EB65-3077-4ACC-8F39-2DA242…)

No. 1767320

File: 1676306463636.jpeg (166.79 KB, 1512x2016, D634A38C-E1E5-49E9-AA2A-84BC9D…)

No. 1767322

File: 1676306662642.png (4.5 MB, 750x1334, 7669C0C1-473A-4587-883A-879276…)

No. 1767326

>>1767296 late thirties, yh bullies anyone who has what she wants, just can't handle it.

No. 1767329

>>1767304 cus no one does like, thinks shes so good, elite but gets hammered by alot of ppl, never cheers for others

No. 1767330

Hardly looks like someone needing to be sectioned kek she wonders why NHS won't give her what she wants.

No. 1767357

A huge part of me is wondering if a certain someone was triggered enough by the "no visible self harm" and other anon she is fine remarks, that they needed to post multiple high-resolution pictures that I can't yet seem to find source for in public posts. What a sperg.

No. 1767383

Shes posted them on her own socials, someone who is able to attend races, regularly train, go abroad on holiday everything that she wants to do does not warrant being an inpatient so its no surprise that the NHS haven't given it to her and Laura's unwilling to try anything that has been suggested to her so is happy enough being in limbo

No. 1767387

She has no friends cus she doesn't care about anyone except herself and her sisters dog and is just pure selfish and mean. She bullies people on purpose

No. 1767391

Which ones? Her laura anne elizabeth FB, colors IG, and abandonned IG, are all private with very few followers. But now that i see someone who is following abandoned_borderline_aspd_narc i think i know who it might be, kek.

No. 1767402

I wasn't inferring a friend, i just didn't want to directly cause a hi cow infraction. She couldn't help herself last time a point about cuts was brought up, she posted unsaged i believe about makeup and other things. Then went on to have a meltdown.

No. 1767413

>>1767387 Only person that can help Colours is herself, shes got a therapist, family, roof over her head, things could be far worse

No. 1767580

Nope. Caught in a lie there, idiot. No pictures posted.

No. 1767581

File: 1676334547724.jpeg (349.02 KB, 750x1334, DFC49962-EDDC-4C61-8CE5-BA34D1…)

Go away Sophie.

No. 1767585

File: 1676334992419.jpeg (228.54 KB, 1440x1476, C7544724-61AC-4858-B588-79536F…)

Such a blatant lie just shows nobody can see shit. And all you do is make up crap. Who watches hours of videos of people running in a field because they’re so obsessed with the idea they might see one person cross their screen for a couple of seconds?! And then lies to make it seem like they have access to accounts that they clearly do not?! Pretty pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1767593

You can see what severe PDs look like inside someone’s head can you? You know it’s possible to OD and get up and race, or be in hospital and walk straight out and run, or race. You can’t know a thing from images of people running that you pathetically searches for because you’re so obsessed with seeing anything at all about someone so you can use that as a reason to attack them. ‘Oh look they posted a picture of the sky! They must be fine! They can go outside and see the sky! What a liar! Needs no treatment. So long, obsessed fan club.

No. 1767597

Oh hey colors
>You know it’s possible to OD and get up and race
Not with a real OD

No. 1767600

Samefag but if you're able to race and go about your normal life, care for a dog and such your able to get a job and put yourself in therapy. You don't need IP to improve your mental health.

No. 1767617

you don't need to go IP, you've got more help than most people ever had, many people don't even had one single therapist in their life, because they can't afford it or die before even having an appointment. It's also a fucking insult to everyone that ever self harmed for other reasons than attention that a person in her 30s is showing of fresh wounds like that. Ever thought about how triggering that can be, to young people, to recovered people, to parents that deal with children going through that shit? Ever thought about what image it gives away, how other people that hid their wounds and scars for years aren't able to be seen as normal people not suffering from bpd because there are cows that have to broadcast their self harm to the whole world? There is the possibility to run with fucking long sleeves. People can and should not hide their scars, they won't go away, so what, but fresh wounds, that's the behaviour of a 14 year old emo girl. Some people need to grow up and stop acting like everyone is against them while their biggest enemy is their own damn brain.

No. 1767627

File: 1676340229345.png (12.63 KB, 80x80, 1676334547724.png)

No. 1767779

the maple leaf pubic mons tramp stamp is fucking tragic kek

No. 1767780

you realize that people get admitted for suicide attempts when those attempts were potentially lethal, right? Someone who can run a race the next day after their one millionth overdose on sixteen tylenol or whatever is not at a level of lethality requiring inpatient treatment

No. 1767783

Whose Sophie?

No. 1767784

shes getting help, no ones saying she doesn't want help just not the help she wants as shes not that severe by the fact she can live her life. No if you are that bad you can't do that

No. 1767785

please explain why you can run races but can't be a cashier or sever or work some other similar job

No. 1767787

Someone update me connection between Sophie and Colours / Laura

No. 1767789

Knew it wouldn't be long before she craved attention and started posting pics of herself to get attention to justify her behaviours kek stop making shit up Colours

No. 1767792

Actually, it wasn't watching hours of footage. I got recommended a youtube video for the run, went on the listings and your name was there with your time and placement. Put the video 3/4 of the way until the first person started crossing the line. Sped it up and waited until like 30th, and you were there. And not Sophie, top kek. Can't speak for any other anons though. You weren't in the celebration picture for your team though, wonder why. And thank you for inadvertently confirming that it was you posting your self harm pictures here, oh i'm tittling.

No. 1767794

can you explain who sophie is? I hate asking to be spoonfed, but can't exactly look it up on her social media because it's private

No. 1767797

Damn who's shitting up the thread? You can reply to multiple posts in a single reply you know.

No. 1767798

spoiler: it's colours

No. 1767799

Sophie is friend of Laura kept trying to help her, called ambulance for her when she "took her own life". Laura turned and started bullying, threatening then claimed Sophie was stalking her kek

No. 1767810

Stop lying Colours you did

No. 1767873

>someone can run a race the next day after an overdose of tylenol
…I see those tylenol are actually having an effect.

No. 1767892

Perhaps its not as severe as you think as no its not possible to go and run a race if that bad. You do as you please constantly and try to manipulate others, if they don't do as you say you attack them stop playing the victim card Colours.

No. 1767990

Why would you share this picture with this unhinged response kek you really are a deluded maniac, girl.

No. 1768284

the real reason she wants to go back to canada is because otherwise she has to admit that she got a symbol of a country that doesn't even want her tattooed on her mons, kek

No. 1768800

Kek Canada will never let her back, only way shes going back permanently is to marry

No. 1768802

why can't she go there?

No. 1768803

Her record plus she actually convince someone to employ her which considering she hasn't held down a job for year doesn't seem like she ever will. Vancouver everyone knows her and what she did

No. 1768806

so she is native canadian? the country COULD let her back in but the city doesn't like her is that it?

No. 1768817

Nope shes British

No. 1768821

In that case the maple leaf tattoo is even more hilarious.

No. 1769052

No, she has literally no legal ties to Canada. She was there on a work visa for a while and then lost her job, I guess.
right?? it reeks of someone with a tramp stamp of their ex-boyfriend's name

No. 1771014

kek now her account only has 2 followers

No. 1771672

Least she finally learnt her lesson and has kept them private, taken long enough. Shes so self entitled its unbelievable

No. 1772176

She’s a self milking cow anyways. She brings her curdled nonsense to us

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