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File: 1675328649787.png (2.14 MB, 2016x1512, PhotoRoom-20230202_085814.png)

No. 1759128

Who is colours?

Laura has BPD. Here's what we know:
•moved back to the UK from Canada after losing her job due to BPD antics
•"ONLY" has a police report against her from her old therapist… NOT a restraining order! (Much better)
•desperate for IP treatment so has decided the NHS has set out to kill her as they deny her ALL treatment
•making a habit of "overdosing" on uppers and downers and running to A&E for some treatment that the NHS are clearly denying her.
•blew up on an old friend for basically telling her to pull her shit together

Why does she get her own thread?
She was caught vendetta posting against some of our Pro-Ana threads and her PUBLIC Instagram account reflects an imageboard. Only she is allowed to bully others..publicly, on Instagram. But this evil site needs shut down, and she's reporting all of our "accounts"

Anyway. Take this plague here rather than the proana threads please.

See where she was put to Pasture here: >>1758905

No. 1759136

For context for people not from the pro-ana thread, maybe we should explain a little bit about her obsession with Laura and Han?

No. 1759143

This is unnecessary, there's no milk besides her sperg out in the ana thread.

No. 1759145

Let us have fun things

No. 1759148

No milk? She's had like four histrionic breakdowns within the past three weeks on lolcow alone. because a Nona found her public IG. Having her own thread will make her produce a milk factory.

No. 1759149

Ooooof, she’s gonna have another meltdown when she wakes up this afternoon when she sees this.

She is so hypocritical.
People would feel sorry for her if she had an ounce of something nice in her personality, but she has none so…

No. 1759160

Not forgetting her "apparent stalker" kek

No. 1759165

You can go on any social media platform and find millions of bdpchans having breakdowns over nothing.

No. 1759166

Nta but just hide the thread if you don't want to read it. Clearly plenty of us find her milky enough for a thread, gatekeep elsewhere we're not just going to drop a milky cow from being talked about because 1 or 2 nonas don't find her milky, that's dumb

No. 1759169

she's the most milk we've had since cece, let us live.
her insane bpd spergouts and her trying to prove to the internet that she totes is the sickest and craziest and totally self harms you guise is milk if you want it or not
personally i'm horrified bc of the threats she's made towards us and every time i see the police pass by i pee a little bit

No. 1759173

Thanks for the laugh, nonnie. I hope colours is ashamed that she has ruined your life by causing this level of fear-induced incontinence. She just needs to GET OUT OUR LIVES. Don't you worry though; she'll get hers.

No. 1759177

File: 1675338729510.png (500.58 KB, 554x691, Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 5.51…)

She's doing a great job of revoking our access to her life by leaving her Instagram as a public account. She made seven public posts after this one, kek.

No. 1759186

Will OP please post her socials?

No. 1759187

>>1759177 Post ‘em!

No. 1759188

No. 1759189

by the way, don't watch her stories or she'll block you and post screenshots of your account

No. 1759197


No. 1759206

For any nonnies needing a way to view her IG without her finding out I use iganony.com, it also lets you download stories

No. 1759247

Just went private kek she must have seen the thread. I still lose it over the maple leaf tattoo.

No. 1759256

Na not from my end, she does love the attention and drama, actually gives her a reason to play the victim card. She purposively creates drama

No. 1759259

I know this won't happen, but what happens if she actually makes good on her suicide baiting?

No. 1759302

Crap, OP here. Forgot about links as I made the picture and thread first thing this morning after waking up to the pisstake on the proana thread.
Ty to the anon who posted the link

No. 1759308

Not likely, since she declared that we'd killed her every fourth post. She cares about attention too much to kill herself.

No. 1759323

Then we won't be able to make anymore threads about her I guess

No. 1759346

Nothing, it's not illegal to be mean online. In some places you can be charged if you tell someone to kill themselves and they go through with it, but none of us have done that here, and I highly doubt the UK authorities would try to go after a gossip thread for being mean.

No. 1759537

File: 1675374699781.png (132.19 KB, 587x434, 7659.png)

For anons who want to catch up or read the Colours saga from the beginning but don't want to wade through the Ana threads, start here:

Some thread 88 posts that are potentially her, but there's probably more in older threads. Look for images posted from an ipod, whining about others getting medical care instead of her, boasting about harassing anachans and getting blocked, unsaged blogposting, strings of samefagging instead of replying to multiple comments at once, etc. Has an obsession with FlourishingFxiry.

Posts that are almost certainly her:

Anon calls her out and start of unhinged meltdown 1. >>>/snow/1734112
unhinged meltdown 2. >>>/snow/1735307
unhinged meltdown 3. >>>/snow/1735618
unhinged meltdown 4. >>>/snow/1740050

Discussions about her in thread 90:
unhinged meltdown 5. >>>/snow/1756680
unhinged meltdown 6. >>>/snow/1758639
Now we are here.

Gonna compile a compilation of some best quotes, but not right now because this took fucking forever.

No. 1759581

Mad props nona good recap& sources, this whole thing has been quite the ride. And I Dig having a thread just for this lunatic bc it was shittin up proana but also ,, cow status achieved for this one and interested to see where this saga leads. May thy milk runneth over

No. 1759604

Based nona.

Your response should auto reply to any nona in any thread that claims a thread is dumb or not milky.

Kek they act like someone is forcing them to browse every lolcow page or something.

No. 1759677

she's been quiet for a day now and although I'm sure she's just sulking, it would be ironic if she threw a big enough fit that the nhs actually detained her for the treatment she's been envying

No. 1759691

Bless you anon. I’m from the thread but I know it was a pain in the ass to wade through all that and streamline her unhinged attention tantrums so thank you for doing a solid for the people who didn’t live through it.

No. 1759972

I'm disconcerted that cunters hasn't made an appearance here. Perhaps she's finally getting that NHS treatment she's so desperate for!

No. 1759975

I think she went quiet for a few days the last time she threatened to kill herself also. Maybe to try to make us feel ~guilty~ because she's sure that we're as emotionally wrapped up in this as she is.

No. 1760036

You deserve an award for that nonna, thank you !

No. 1760037

She's probably just not seen it yet kek

No. 1760115

Excellent, thank you!! I'm laughing, she's going to be fucking livid.

She's seen it she's just busy calling the police kek

No. 1760366

Are you scared of being reported to the bri'ish police? I'm quivering over here.

No. 1760415

Why? No one here told her to harm or kill herself, any action she did was on her and her own choices, she would have done it anyways going by how unhinged she is and was just looking for someone to blame and use as a catapult into getting help. I've not seen any family or friends on Facebook mention anything, so assuming all is ticketyboo. Though how does Instagram work? seems like she's had posts removed from stories, those self harm one's and i believe as they vanished faster than the text only. She might be locked out of that public account.

No. 1760421

She's kidding, because colours flipped out and started ranting about how she's reporting "every account" to the authorities and saying we'll all pay kek. I personally can't wait.

No. 1760488

anon is joking

No. 1760857

File: 1675509578583.jpg (171.12 KB, 904x459, totsdead.jpg)

Nah, she's pushing up the daisies, just like Byuu. Jesus i wonder how many story posts alone she had in those 12 hours.

No. 1760859

kek, that's fucking amazing. So she's not posting on her public account to fake being dead because of the (waaaaah) mean anons but is posting obsessively on her tiny private account, probably about us. How predictable yet hilarious.

No. 1760888

Typical of her, cries wolf all the time no doubt still bullying the usual, never learning.

No. 1760890

Oi, stop roight there nona! Yew've been caught cyberbullying colours! I'm ganna 'ave to take yew down the nick, and I'm givin' interpol a bell roight now so they can take your arse to the slammer!

No. 1760947

Be sharing a cell together with Colours amount of bullying she's done kek

No. 1762177

Colours back to using both accounts kek

No. 1762484

Least Colours has learnt to make her account private even if she wishes to keep on bullying others on it they can't see it

No. 1762776

post caps
Any word about why she suicide baited then took the longest break she’s ever taken from social media? Apart from the obvious attention seeking did she DO anything?

No. 1762870

She just posted on her other social media account, she just did the usual and got discharged, NHS still apparently doing nothing

No. 1762882

Laura only wants help on her terms, she could quite easily work on getting back to her former life but chooses to not even bother trying, sad really she is totally blind sighted

No. 1762915

That's the thing. She's in her late 30s and she clearly used to be successful/very functional in life. Good degree, running at a high level, decent professional life. What happened to make it all go to shit in such an extreme way?!

No. 1762939

makes it so much worse that she stalks girls in their 20s. i get that they’re problematic in their own ways but cmon, colours, you’ve clearly at least had a bit of life with some semblance of normalcy. take a xanax or something

No. 1762963

>>1762882 >>1762915
Something only she can answer and resolve. Maybe bottling it up for years. Way shes going isn't the way forward, hopefully things will work out for her and she changes, no one likes a bully

No. 1763279

Least its private now so the girls don't know taken her long enough

No. 1763954

She can't spam the NHS kent anymore or pop up on random people's searches either with tagging, not that the nhs accounts probably even take notice of her. No one unsuspecting person needs to see that train wreck.

No. 1764408

File: 1675956243089.jpg (244.37 KB, 1080x1638, SmartSelect_20230209_101701_In…)

She must be posting a ton of shit, she only has 5 followers left

No. 1764442

She will be refreshing this page like nobodies business kek

No. 1764688

Patience is a virtue ladies just a matter of time until she goes public again. 5 people won't satisfy her Jupiter sized narc void for long.

No. 1764813

She's just waiting until the police have finished arresting all of us

No. 1764954

I had the urge to grab the spoofed police letter from the whole keffals debautical, and modify it, but eh.. effort.

No. 1766034

shes just an attention seeker, nothing wrong with her she looked absolutely fine at the race wearing her pants

No. 1766307

soon as this thread is dead there comes a nonsensical reply to literally nothing defending Colours lmao, attention seeking is RIGHT (and fucking stupid)

No. 1766740

So despite faking suicide and locking down socials, she's still kicking, she attended the cross-country run yesterday. Just hope it all works out for her in a way, had me rolling though.

Did you mean yesterdays? Got recommended the youtube video but didn't want to sit through it, i really need to clear out the runners herpes.

I don't think she's defending her anon.

No. 1766979

shes absolutely fine, wonders why she doesn't get what she wants because she doesn't need inpatient on the NHS, someone who can run 8k never misses a race yet kicks off on one about any Drs appointment and others getting help

No. 1767063

Imageboard. Post photos or YouTube links.

No. 1767107

File: 1676282219588.jpg (34.78 KB, 397x532, 11thfeb.JPG)

I didn't think it was milky enough to share, going by the listings she came in 34th. But it's funny she always seems to try and show as much skin as possible too, no visible cuts in sight either. Must be some pretty good coverage make-up that doesn't sweat/rub off. Wouldn't you think someone that self-harms would cover up their injuries with clothes?

No. 1767296

File: 1676305371889.jpeg (241.26 KB, 1512x2016, D00572A3-92E6-4BFF-9821-16B6B4…)

No. 1767302

File: 1676305640614.png (4.09 MB, 750x1334, E65D6669-BD28-41C6-A7F6-1B8E00…)

No. 1767305

File: 1676305794915.jpeg (218.23 KB, 1512x2016, 768A26A4-7578-4B57-821A-EC7D2B…)

No. 1767306

Do the cuts on her left arm spell Renee? Damn that's some teenage emo 2000's shit right there lol. And showing off the dried blood at an all ages event, get your shit together colors and wear arm warmers or something, there's kids there.

No. 1767308

How old is she, thirty, over thirty? And she's online bullying girls a decade younger than herself.. Must have been nice for the other competitors to witness this basket case showcase her new stripes.

No. 1767309

Who is renee? Her bully from high school? kek

No. 1767310

Is that a Canadian pubic tattoo

No. 1767312

Her ex therapist, she saw her for 2 years, by sounds Laura got deeply attached, texting any time of day (red flag). Laura got booted back to the UK, not sure what happened but she goes on about being betrayed. Fentasized about killing herself in a wood where she could gaze upon her ex therapists home, or otherwise leave a mark on her. Spouts rhetoric around "if i can't have you no one can", that she doesn't get to work and live while she is not next to here. Really fucked up shit.

No. 1767313

File: 1676306105676.jpeg (231.88 KB, 1512x2016, DB740841-AAC8-4032-AF08-E7FF8A…)

No. 1767315

She's either early 40's or late 30's

Her former therapist who she harassed and threatened to the point of her seeking a restraining order.

No. 1767318

File: 1676306262592.jpeg (180.78 KB, 1512x2016, BAD2EB65-3077-4ACC-8F39-2DA242…)

No. 1767320

File: 1676306463636.jpeg (166.79 KB, 1512x2016, D634A38C-E1E5-49E9-AA2A-84BC9D…)

No. 1767322

File: 1676306662642.png (4.5 MB, 750x1334, 7669C0C1-473A-4587-883A-879276…)

No. 1767326

>>1767296 late thirties, yh bullies anyone who has what she wants, just can't handle it.

No. 1767329

>>1767304 cus no one does like, thinks shes so good, elite but gets hammered by alot of ppl, never cheers for others

No. 1767330

Hardly looks like someone needing to be sectioned kek she wonders why NHS won't give her what she wants.

No. 1767357

A huge part of me is wondering if a certain someone was triggered enough by the "no visible self harm" and other anon she is fine remarks, that they needed to post multiple high-resolution pictures that I can't yet seem to find source for in public posts. What a sperg.

No. 1767383

Shes posted them on her own socials, someone who is able to attend races, regularly train, go abroad on holiday everything that she wants to do does not warrant being an inpatient so its no surprise that the NHS haven't given it to her and Laura's unwilling to try anything that has been suggested to her so is happy enough being in limbo

No. 1767387

She has no friends cus she doesn't care about anyone except herself and her sisters dog and is just pure selfish and mean. She bullies people on purpose

No. 1767391

Which ones? Her laura anne elizabeth FB, colors IG, and abandonned IG, are all private with very few followers. But now that i see someone who is following abandoned_borderline_aspd_narc i think i know who it might be, kek.

No. 1767402

I wasn't inferring a friend, i just didn't want to directly cause a hi cow infraction. She couldn't help herself last time a point about cuts was brought up, she posted unsaged i believe about makeup and other things. Then went on to have a meltdown.

No. 1767413

>>1767387 Only person that can help Colours is herself, shes got a therapist, family, roof over her head, things could be far worse

No. 1767580

Nope. Caught in a lie there, idiot. No pictures posted.

No. 1767581

File: 1676334547724.jpeg (349.02 KB, 750x1334, DFC49962-EDDC-4C61-8CE5-BA34D1…)

Go away Sophie.

No. 1767585

File: 1676334992419.jpeg (228.54 KB, 1440x1476, C7544724-61AC-4858-B588-79536F…)

Such a blatant lie just shows nobody can see shit. And all you do is make up crap. Who watches hours of videos of people running in a field because they’re so obsessed with the idea they might see one person cross their screen for a couple of seconds?! And then lies to make it seem like they have access to accounts that they clearly do not?! Pretty pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1767593

You can see what severe PDs look like inside someone’s head can you? You know it’s possible to OD and get up and race, or be in hospital and walk straight out and run, or race. You can’t know a thing from images of people running that you pathetically searches for because you’re so obsessed with seeing anything at all about someone so you can use that as a reason to attack them. ‘Oh look they posted a picture of the sky! They must be fine! They can go outside and see the sky! What a liar! Needs no treatment. So long, obsessed fan club.

No. 1767597

Oh hey colors
>You know it’s possible to OD and get up and race
Not with a real OD

No. 1767600

Samefag but if you're able to race and go about your normal life, care for a dog and such your able to get a job and put yourself in therapy. You don't need IP to improve your mental health.

No. 1767617

you don't need to go IP, you've got more help than most people ever had, many people don't even had one single therapist in their life, because they can't afford it or die before even having an appointment. It's also a fucking insult to everyone that ever self harmed for other reasons than attention that a person in her 30s is showing of fresh wounds like that. Ever thought about how triggering that can be, to young people, to recovered people, to parents that deal with children going through that shit? Ever thought about what image it gives away, how other people that hid their wounds and scars for years aren't able to be seen as normal people not suffering from bpd because there are cows that have to broadcast their self harm to the whole world? There is the possibility to run with fucking long sleeves. People can and should not hide their scars, they won't go away, so what, but fresh wounds, that's the behaviour of a 14 year old emo girl. Some people need to grow up and stop acting like everyone is against them while their biggest enemy is their own damn brain.

No. 1767627

File: 1676340229345.png (12.63 KB, 80x80, 1676334547724.png)

No. 1767779

the maple leaf pubic mons tramp stamp is fucking tragic kek

No. 1767780

you realize that people get admitted for suicide attempts when those attempts were potentially lethal, right? Someone who can run a race the next day after their one millionth overdose on sixteen tylenol or whatever is not at a level of lethality requiring inpatient treatment

No. 1767783

Whose Sophie?

No. 1767784

shes getting help, no ones saying she doesn't want help just not the help she wants as shes not that severe by the fact she can live her life. No if you are that bad you can't do that

No. 1767785

please explain why you can run races but can't be a cashier or sever or work some other similar job

No. 1767787

Someone update me connection between Sophie and Colours / Laura

No. 1767789

Knew it wouldn't be long before she craved attention and started posting pics of herself to get attention to justify her behaviours kek stop making shit up Colours

No. 1767792

Actually, it wasn't watching hours of footage. I got recommended a youtube video for the run, went on the listings and your name was there with your time and placement. Put the video 3/4 of the way until the first person started crossing the line. Sped it up and waited until like 30th, and you were there. And not Sophie, top kek. Can't speak for any other anons though. You weren't in the celebration picture for your team though, wonder why. And thank you for inadvertently confirming that it was you posting your self harm pictures here, oh i'm tittling.

No. 1767794

can you explain who sophie is? I hate asking to be spoonfed, but can't exactly look it up on her social media because it's private

No. 1767797

Damn who's shitting up the thread? You can reply to multiple posts in a single reply you know.

No. 1767798

spoiler: it's colours

No. 1767799

Sophie is friend of Laura kept trying to help her, called ambulance for her when she "took her own life". Laura turned and started bullying, threatening then claimed Sophie was stalking her kek

No. 1767810

Stop lying Colours you did

No. 1767873

>someone can run a race the next day after an overdose of tylenol
…I see those tylenol are actually having an effect.

No. 1767892

Perhaps its not as severe as you think as no its not possible to go and run a race if that bad. You do as you please constantly and try to manipulate others, if they don't do as you say you attack them stop playing the victim card Colours.

No. 1767990

Why would you share this picture with this unhinged response kek you really are a deluded maniac, girl.

No. 1768284

the real reason she wants to go back to canada is because otherwise she has to admit that she got a symbol of a country that doesn't even want her tattooed on her mons, kek

No. 1768800

Kek Canada will never let her back, only way shes going back permanently is to marry

No. 1768802

why can't she go there?

No. 1768803

Her record plus she actually convince someone to employ her which considering she hasn't held down a job for year doesn't seem like she ever will. Vancouver everyone knows her and what she did

No. 1768806

so she is native canadian? the country COULD let her back in but the city doesn't like her is that it?

No. 1768817

Nope shes British

No. 1768821

In that case the maple leaf tattoo is even more hilarious.

No. 1769052

No, she has literally no legal ties to Canada. She was there on a work visa for a while and then lost her job, I guess.
right?? it reeks of someone with a tramp stamp of their ex-boyfriend's name

No. 1771014

kek now her account only has 2 followers

No. 1771672

Least she finally learnt her lesson and has kept them private, taken long enough. Shes so self entitled its unbelievable

No. 1772176

She’s a self milking cow anyways. She brings her curdled nonsense to us

No. 1814460

File: 1682363220029.jpg (9.54 KB, 352x132, threaddeletion.JPG)

It seems as though thread #90 has been nuked from existence.

No. 1814462

File: 1682363263580.jpg (61.4 KB, 696x741, AiringKnickersPublicly.JPG)

And who on earth uploads public photos of them in their knickers?

No. 1828837

File: 1684317649353.jpg (192.13 KB, 1350x659, KekNonniesWereRight.JPG)

>Je refuse!
It was inevitable. She opens her IG to public because she needs the attention. She complains about lolcow being evil, "yet i don't post there!", she thinks she's somehow better because she openly follows people, and obsessively takes posts and alogs? Funny lass.

No. 1828850

File: 1684319290777.jpg (62.87 KB, 483x401, scaringCAHMs.JPG)

She basically went into a CHMT with cahms area, she kicked off, started recording to try and play a victim because she got asked to leave and now is asking everyone to pass around the video. Having difficulty uploading though.

No. 1828854

File: 1684319679611.jpg (115.52 KB, 1078x892, WhyLauraWontChange.JPG)

And this sums up why unless she wakes up she'll never change, too busy whining about other people instead of actually working on herself. By sounds she's already had DBT, it's not hard to go back over skills you have and find out self-help things to do to help self-regulate to be stable enough for actual help.

No. 1829213

Just being a delight, as ever. It’s crazy when you can tell someone behaved badly even when they’re the ones recounting the events.

No. 1829263

It was incredibly funny how clearly you could tell from this video that she's become such a nuisance that they've given the reception staff a plan to deal with her and don't allow her any unplanned contact

I would not be surprised if they've called the police to get her to leave before.

No. 1830469

File: 1684518302889.jpg (45.75 KB, 640x640, 340013113_567408618703227_8470…)

Seems like she's gone private again. She said she never had anyone mention a restraining order against her, yet she uploaded her ex therapists last notes on her which mention a restraining order. I wonder if NHS Kent would ever get to the point of discharging and saying not to step near or police will be called.
On the bright side now she can whack up her pictures of her using a sex toy without anyone bar her few followers needing eye bleach, grim moments there yesterday.

No. 1833974

Sage bc no info and borderline armchair but honestly i think the main reason the nhs arent as willing to help her is because she keeps demanding IP and isnt open to IOP or outpatienT and because she’s had access to help in the past but doesnt bother to work on herself and just blame shifts. With limited resources, they likely dont want to use resources on someone who doesnt make any actual efforts to change her thought patterns and behaviours and only wanta to self victimize and not ever recognize when she may be im the wrong.

I cant speak for npd or aspb but bpd is fairly treatable, but she doesnt really present herself as a promising case.

I used to want inpatient (when i was like 14) because i thought it meant people would take my pain seriously, and because it would let me escape from the real world, and more importantly because i thought other people could fix me. She needs to realize only she can fix herself or else she will never get the support she needs from others because it will never be built on an adequate foundation

No. 1834428

Even private treatment (The priory) has said no to her now. If private companies won’t take your money they really must believe they have nothing to offer you. Probably same for the NHS. In her quest to show them just how sick/severe she was and how IP was the only thing that would help, she probably caused the opposite effect…them thinking they have nothing to offer that she hasn’t already tried.

Probably the difference between her and all the people she hates, they hadn’t had any treatment or interventions before this.(sage your shit)

No. 1834437

Also, definitely don’t condoning her behaviour or whatnot but I do feel a smidgen bad for her. It can feel pretty bad when the help you get isn’t what you think you want/need, so if no one helps you.

No. 1839668

File: 1685714906674.jpg (71.43 KB, 367x904, unhinged.JPG)

Recent updates are, Laura is still obviously really obsessed with the farms and cows (Leglift Laura, Enera, new one Effy). Screenshotting so much and commenting on her stories.

Also Pic Rel, she can't see why she's refused help? Maybe they should pack her off to broadmore.

No. 1839670

File: 1685714992771.jpg (289.42 KB, 1109x904, SomeoneAbusiveBeingIgnored_Wel…)

It seems as though they've stopped responding to her outside of any appointments if she's still with services.

No. 1839684

File: 1685716848410.jpg (588.29 KB, 2110x2988, LunaCOTD.jpg)

Apparently, Luna had been sliding into her DMs, safe to say she probably is a farmer.

No. 1839691

File: 1685717177376.jpg (106.05 KB, 640x1136, 350906215_150735771228951_6811…)

Imagine reeing about people/lolcow so much on Instagram that you exceed the daily limit on the regular. She should crack a book open, there's DBT manuals and worksheets out there for free. If only she'd put some energy in trying to help herself, but nah "everyone else's fault that she sticks a twig in her bike as she's riding".

No. 1840105

File: 1685773343899.jpg (22.66 KB, 640x1136, MultipleAccountsTopKek.jpg)

The fact she has multiple accounts on the go dedicated to this shit, and getting locked out of multiple for posting that much? oh lordy.
I did at points feel bad for her with the NHS as it's not an uncommon trap to fall in, but i think i've lost any and all sense of that.

No. 1840107

File: 1685773550234.jpg (161.49 KB, 1070x908, multpleaccountsx2.JPG)

And it's not like she makes her multiple accounts hidden, they're blindingly obvious. I think she gets off this attention because without it she's not validated. So hesitant to post, I can just see her rabidly refreshing this page despite barely any updates and saged so it doesn't get bumped.

No. 1840194

File: 1685792150720.webm (2.33 MB, 718x404, Laura Bestow.webm)

Her obsession for here and the cows really runs deep, and it seems like she has an issue with run2flyforever/runbumraces.

No. 1841653

So how many accounts are there? I didn't see this one posted before. Is it just a changed name?

No. 1841758

I need to have another trawl through but so far on IG: (Not counting the RMT account/old abandoned accounts, she had a Twitter, still has her Facebook). At this point I wouldn't be surprised if she had more IGs.

No. 1841766

Shit, sorry to samefag, @abandoned_borderline_aspd_narc missed the c off the end. Too late to delete and repost.

No. 1843378

File: 1686306944652.jpg (89.79 KB, 749x717, COTD_VagueThreat.jpg)

Laura has been vague posting about revenge against the NHS, and now posting about wanting to do something at NHS kent chmt today. I really hope it's just her ree-ing into the void for what it's worth.

No. 1845914

File: 1686673969796.jpg (179.32 KB, 1118x1308, ColoursTouchingTheShit.jpg)

Safe to say, colours touches the shit as a "farmer". I'm wondering what on earth she expects a mental health hospital will do for her, for most people they don't help. They keep you in, then boot you out, no therapy, no treatment. It's just a safe space until your crisis is over. There's "not enough funding in the UK" for anything else. She's already had DBT, already on medications, does she just want to be locked away with no future prospects like the one's she mocks. I don't get it. And given how agressive and vindictive she is towards the NHS (as per her constantly lashing out, i shudder to think what she's like in person) i can see why they'd think it's not safe for the staff, nor useful for her. She's digging her own pit. I don't get why she thinks it's a good look to be sharing her DMs with "effy", someone she equally obsesses about on her IGs.

No. 1846141

idk who effy is but stuff like this truly shows colours is just scum. even if these other people didn’t get IP the nhs wouldn’t give their beds to her

No. 1846188

She will never pass a criminal record check to get back into Canada after her behaviour with her ex therapist… that she is STILL obsessed with.

And they certainly won’t take her back as an RMT.

As for healthcare in Canada, delusional woman, there aren’t enough resources for Canadians. Over 1M BC residents are without a GP. What makes her think she is allowed to jump to the front of the queue. She was pinked by VGH because she was dangerous. And she asks why the NHS want sweet FA to do with her. It’s laughable really.

No. 1846492

I've just come across this woman and she's gotta be the most toxic narcissist I've ever seen. The entitlement for IP treatment is unreal considering she's in the UK and they don't even have resources to help people dying from anorexia let alone people who are getting along alright (not dying). The dms to that effy girl are delusional, she's just sperging because effy is in treatment and she thinks she's the only one who needs it. There are people much worse off than her who can't get treatment. Sorry for the rant but the narcissistic entitlement of this cow is next level

No. 1846615

The entitlement coming from someone who's ostensibly in her late 20s is absolutely mind-boggling. If you've been a revolving door patient then you should very well know that private practices have a right to refuse you service, especially if you're not getting better and there's other people who would be more than grateful to have the help you don't actually want.

No. 1846679


She’s late 30s

No. 1846736

Apparently we are all evil and cruel for pointing out the obvious. Has she never heard of the saying if you can’t take it don’t dish it? The fat shaming is unconscionable.

Oh and since she is lurking in the shadows, I can guarantee she is on file with the police. She herself admitted that her therapist was advised by them to take out a restraining order. Criminal record? Likely not but then it was never said she had one. Only if charges pressed. But she will certainly have a police record. Every time they have been involved in any of her antics a file is created and a report written. She doesn’t appear to believe me? I encourage her to google cpic and prime. I don’t envision a return to Canada any time soon.

No. 1846738

i’ve noticed colours mainly obsesses over laura, han, and now enara too all of whom are often disussed in proana scumbags threads and since she religiously reads these why does she not go after others like niamh i wonder

No. 1846742

May be if she starts being nicer to people the NHS will help her. But when she’s a cow to anyone except the dog what does she expect?

Throwing tantrums never worked as a kid. Does she really expect any different as an almost 40 year old?

No. 1846764

AYRT, holy fuck

No. 1846864

Indeed, if you're constantly threatening anyone in the NHS it's no wonder you're being refused treatment. And then to publicly tag the NHS in your online threats to boot - over multiple accounts, wow. People don't take kindly to hospital staff being abused. And i still don't get what she expects treatment to do for her, "i just want the same as xyz!", she's an older person than the kids she takes the piss out of, normally chances are given to the young as they have a more optimistic outlook. She admitted DBT doesn't work for her nor coping skills (so by sounds she's not even ready and willing to put in the work), all which PD units will probably be based on. Maybe she should just throw money at betterhelp at this point, kek. Or start on the gofundme grift, given she's "uwu i can't work i am too super sick, but i can go and do runs and obviously interact with people", save up for private treatment and there you go.
Scrolling through UK NHS PD units, they all seem to be DBT focused. Why would they waste the time if it's never helped you? And she should have the skills, she just needs to go and put the work in and practise/work through them. Maybe get a few new books or two. But by sounds, she won't and it'll be "all your (anyone's bar herself) fault". It apparently takes a good few years of graft with the skills for it to fully stick, if she's not even bothered with trying then what is actually the point?

No. 1846903

She's not bothered putting the work in. She wants to be locked up and for someone to do the work for her which is probably why she isn't getting treatment. She's not critical to warrant being sectioned and I'd guess that she's a non compliant patient when she is in hospital. NHS doesn't have any time for people who don't want to engage. She acts like she's dying when shes just your average slim build person

No. 1846931

She seems to be glued to this thread. Since you lurk here, hi cow, the reason you're not getting treatment is because you are non compliant. Being an asshole isn't a personality disorder. stop being so aggressive and bitter. You're not getting ip treatment. Get over it. Get private therapy and actually work on yourself rather than attacking every other person online. Grow up

No. 1846954

No one gets angrier than a Narc being accused of something they definitely did

No. 1846960

I don’t get why she keeps harping on about Canada. She’s not Canadian is she? What makes her think she can just waltz in and jump the queue ahead of millions of people? If she thinks the NHS is terrible she obviously isn’t up to date with the medical state of affairs elsewhere. Cow likely got “help” there because the police got involved and they’re surely bound. Problem is she’s cried wolf so many times that can anyone blame the NHS for not prioritizing her? Oh and the fact she’s an absolute cvnt to them. She seems to think having a police record for all her intakes and stalking isn’t a problem. Pretty sure Canada isn’t going to say oh sure, you’re grossly unhinged and have made absolutely no contribution to earn the right to services but come on in! Delusional as she is toxic.

No. 1847014

Id feel sorry for her if she wasn't so HORRIBLE to other people. This isn't a competition of who is the most unwell or who needs treatment the most. She doesn't seem in touch with her own reality. Best thing for her is to just pay for private therapy and fix her shit

No. 1847031

Oooo it’s all kicking off on her Instagram. She doesn’t want our lies and conjecture. I guess the truth hurts. Laura - get a fecking life and wake up. Doesn’t like being told Canada doesn’t want her skank ass either because of her BS.

No. 1847034

“You’re all mean, cruel and bullies. You don’t know me”

Goes off to her multiple IG accounts to be mean, cruel and a bully to people she doesn’t know anything about. The irony.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

No. 1847035

“You’re all mean, cruel and bullies. You don’t know me”

Goes off to her multiple IG accounts to be mean, cruel and a bully to people she doesn’t know anything about. The irony.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

No. 1847044

Kind of like she didn't know that Effy girl she attacked? Ffs

No. 1847070

File: 1686849277984.jpg (127.16 KB, 782x589, walloftext.jpg)

Are people even saying she's pro ana, she brought herself into the pro-ana thread kek, and her sperg outs made her feature all the more amusing. And having looked back at some of her pictures, she was very well at Year 11/GCSES, few other school age photos. So i'm wondering when on earth this super cereal weight loss period was. She's lost weight since some of her healthier pictures in 2012, so it's not that she's "as recovered as she's going to get" ed wise. Gotta keep running off those calories it seems. And if her attempts were really that serious, wouldn't someone HAVE to know?/there be medical attention? I am wondering though if she does get "help" aka. locking up, sedating, and staring at the TV all day she's going to balloon up like Laura, they can be twinsies. It'd be a case of stupid games stupid prizes, because can anything help her bar heavy medication or labotomy?
Granted if she's not deep down in her ED/pro ana/not wanting to get well, then all her constant body checking/posting lingerie must come from the narc side of eye-fucking herself basically.

No. 1847073

She was included in the proana thread for attacking girls with anorexia getting treatment while she didn't. She's not proana. She's just a regular asshole with a victim complex and an entitlement issue

No. 1847079

File: 1686850819611.jpeg (135.3 KB, 1169x1499, IMG_8663.jpeg)

“Hey Canada I’m a crazy stalker. My former therapist was advised to take out a restraining order. They’re one of many people I obsess over. Can I come back?”

Canada: new phone who dis

Streaky mascara is baaaaaaaack.

No. 1847109

Anyone else having a hard time wondering why someone would “need” the person who apparently destroyed them?! Makes zero sense.

No. 1847126

It's all a part of NPD i think and it's cycles of abuse, wasn't Onision the same? She sounds like she developed a very unhealthy attachment to the therapist. She both simultaneously feels like she needs Renee to fill her lack of self-worth/make her whole/fix her, but wants to destroy her for all that she's (in her head) done i assume. She should never have let her text at any given moment in time, yikes. I thought therapists usually have strict healthy boundaries in place?

No. 1847141

Therapists are typically taught about transference and countertransference I think so I’m not sure what happened here. Perhaps she was a newer therapist still learning the ropes and perhaps not aware of whom she was dealing with. Narcs & sociopaths are very good at gaslighting - perhaps Renee felt that this was simply part of ongoing care for her patient

No. 1847255

do we have any info on exactly what she and renee were doing that led to that obsessive attachment? were they just texting outside of therapy sessions or was there more

No. 1847409

File: 1686904341902.jpg (94.19 KB, 640x640, 348592521_942638066953063_6146…)

I'm not too sure I've bumped into it yet (going to see if there's anything in the stuff i saved), i wish i saved the context of the pic rel. But to the person they note that Laura would:
>She'd talk as if she was in a relationship with her
>repetedly text/email/threatening suicide or she would sleep with men.
>Had no remorse, and instead she said something (image cuts off). "She was wed at ther-" and "this is how she wanted to get her attention".
>"calls ex therapist from love"
Maybe it was some form of relationship, or just completely one-sided. I thought i saw a post about Renee getting married so it probably was one sided but i could be misremembering.

No. 1847410

File: 1686904414073.jpg (46.95 KB, 640x640, 340187103_2667310836742574_807…)

Also this little gem of artwork, the notice me senpai runs deep.

No. 1847444

Probably because they're all BPD too, or have mental health problems closer to what Colours has herself. She's jealous.

No. 1847478

And she expects to move back?

No. 1847481

Wasn’t this some trainee therapist, “ V”? Doesn’t mention her any more so hopefully escaped Colour’s clutches. Imagine being that patient that’s like genital warts, you can never truly get rid of them.

No. 1847482

Definitely one sided - Pretty sure Renee was her therapist and she become obsessively attached, and talks about her as though they were in a relationship, beyond therapist/client. Renee got scared, refused to work with her any more and so Laura stalked her, found where she lived and tried to manipulate her with threats of suicide etc and blames Renee for ruining her life, I think there were also photos of her previously in a race and she had Renee's name carved into her arm it's not suprising the poor woman was terrified

No. 1847487

The therapist was advised by police to take out a restraining order so definitely one sided. I’m not sure how Colours can possibly believe that that makes her a worthy candidate to go back there for the help she claims she is entitled to. I kind of want to feel sorry for her but after watching how horribly she bullies others (and they’re all younger than her) who are fighting their own mental health battles… bitch please. Grow the fuck up. You’re almost 40, not 11.

No. 1847501

File: 1686922654192.jpg (71.58 KB, 599x599, 335762485_203286522297086_2063…)

You're right, the cuts were here: >>1767296
I wonder how much she seethes that Renee will probably never see "the labours of her love". No one here would ever share them/get involved, I'm sure Renee would never seek her out either.

No. 1847506

Don’t anyone let this woman near their rabbit. Jeez. This is the stuff of nightmares. Spoiler alert: it’s not actually the NHS who are vile and evil.

No. 1847511

Out of feigned interest, how many times has she pulled that ol’ gem “I probably won’t be around much longer” (or variations thereof)? It’s all a bit monotonous isn’t it.

No. 1847512

>condensed me to death

No. 1847514

Imagine complaining about ‘malingering bed blockers’ when you’re a cluster B cow constantly bothering doctors and taking away attention from patients who need help with your endless self harm and suicide attempts.

No. 1847516

Instagram allows so many of her sh and suicidal ideation pics, her accounts and bullying in at least 3 of her multiple personality accounts. She’s too busy gloating to her 4 followers to realize something obvious; like everyone else insta don’t care about this cow.

No. 1847517

Did they churn her into butter?

No. 1847521

I feel really sorry for emergency room doctors. Their job is to treat people who are physically unwell, not coddle unhinged nasty nutjobs. I was a cleaner in a hospital for a while a couple years ago and you could always hear these nasty unhinged patients who had OD’d on paracetamol or whatever giving the doctors and nurses abuse, puking all over the floor instead of a bowl right next to them, storming off or threatening suicide AGAIN when they don’t get what they want and physically attacking nurses trying to help them, intentionally pissing and shitting themselves in bed and stuff when the toilet was right next to them and they could walk. They just exist to annoy people and make other peoples lives hell tbh. They’re absolutely awful and I guarantee nurses and doctors despise these people just as much as anyone else, but their job means they can’t openly show this. Theres no amount of money you could pay me to put up with the kind of shit they have to endure.

No. 1847531

The whole “I demand treatment” one minute and the “treatment doesn’t work” the next that makes me laugh. So why the grand performance every. single. time?

No. 1847534

Yup. The eternal conundrum of a chronic attention seeker.

No. 1847564

She never specifies what treatment she seems to think is going to fix her in the PD inppatient ward she is so desperate to be admitted to - they will be focused on dbt which she keeps saying "doesn't work" and she has done it so many times before so other than wanting to be hospitalised and away from society, she just wants attention and validation and thinks that getting that will "cure her" in a way that all thr previous treatment she had didn't work.

No. 1847565

File: 1686928339548.jpg (32.21 KB, 773x288, Renee1.jpg)

Too much time on my hands it seems, found which Renee, Laura even left a one star review - shame there was no description though. She's been at it for a while, pretty to boot, so it probably is one-sided.

No. 1847571

That poor woman. All that education and training to help others then has to deal with that whackjob, after simply doing her job. You couldn’t pay me enough. Colours should be ashamed but what am I saying, narcs never are.

No. 1847608

File: 1686932547089.jpg (202.6 KB, 1453x911, councilloringIG.jpg)

It seems like she's still posting to the company as of 11 weeks, they don't even seem active on there.

No. 1847615

One would hope that the clinic & therapist have finally filed a restraining order against this PoS

No. 1847642

File: 1686937872271.jpeg (127.47 KB, 1170x1292, IMG_8678.jpeg)

Is flight of dragons also her? Seems super fishy that two people would be basically saying the same thing when all the other reviews for Renee are stellar. What a garbage excuse for a human.

No. 1847646

File: 1686938953464.jpg (61.36 KB, 981x646, flightofdragons1.jpg)

It seems more than likely, christ how many IG accounts does she have? We should run a betting pool at this point.

No. 1847647

File: 1686939294034.jpg (76.08 KB, 685x561, moregooglecaptures.JPG)

And more posts on duckduckgo back it up. '85 must be her birth year.

No. 1847660

Anyone else find it amusing that she bullies fairy and yet basically had a similar dumbass name? Perhaps someone should message that clinic. Although it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. No wonder this person can’t get better. They don’t want to. They are hyper focused on bringing down everyone and everything else to their cesspit level.

No. 1847778

At least twice in the threads she was in, #90 and I think a couple before that too.
>Perhaps someone should message that clinic
Don't encourage the retards.

No. 1848151

a fate reserved only for the creamiest of milk

No. 1848252

File: 1687029077201.jpg (196.42 KB, 1220x926, popthemcollarbonez.jpg)

>"I am not pro ana!"
Pop those collar bones anymore and you'll throw your back out. She must be locked out of her other accounts to be using the stories on her "dedicated hate account", she's delusional to think the others aren't though kek.

No. 1848267

I think this milk has curdled

“I’m gonna post photos of myself because I seek constant attention…. To my blocked accounts with barely any followers”

Alrighty then!

No. 1848270

Is she now a wannabe Daenerys?

No. 1849322

File: 1687187873853.jpg (570.59 KB, 2187x3245, kids.jpg)

Decided to scroll back and archive some things, just need to put them together. But noticed colours earlier had a narc rage around kids, their IP experiences, and being "offered everything". Kept posting up kids pictures.

No. 1849323

File: 1687187928507.jpg (726.01 KB, 1928x2659, Nurses.jpg)

Also seeking out posts about overworked NHS/nurses and shitting on them and the NHS. Had more narc rage when people started to stand up to her.

No. 1849346

File: 1687190853897.jpg (268.95 KB, 1023x1291, TherapyRelated.jpg)

I can't imagine what will help her at this point, there's posts about how medication doesn't work - she refuses anti depressants etc. Posts about how dbt and cbt are useless, how much of a danger she was and super cereal sick compared to everyone else, sounds like she wasn't using any skills if she was cutting during sessions (wtf - surely that'd be an immediate boot? is canada THAT soft?). People giving up on her because they realize she's a lost cause. There's posts about her being told she might want to try and be screened for autism (from the nhs).

No. 1849393

Bang out of order. I don’t get live two shits what her issues are. Time for that file to be incinerated

No. 1849658

this is disgusting behaviour to put it lightly, I know people with BPD who of course suffer because of it but manage to not terrorise others in their lives, so all this awful shit colours does is in fact her fault, she needs to stop blaming it all on BPD. the only IP colours needs is prison imo

No. 1849829

File: 1687238791750.jpeg (179.68 KB, 1170x1724, IMG_8704.jpeg)

She a malignant twat. Simples. The fucking irony of this post of hers too. Ashe doesn’t deserve any help. Karma is a bitch huh?

No. 1850011

This point was made by Enara, the chronic battery eater.

No. 1850197

I think it means the irony of colours criticizing someone for posting photos of their underwear? I’ve lost count of the number of photos of colours wearing hers and making my eyes bleed. Kek

No. 1850198

File: 1687289055244.jpg (138.42 KB, 1213x906, NTAbut.JPG)

ntayrt but she's always going on about how others should be kicked out for behaviours, yet she still did behaviours when she was getting help in Canada, in front of recovering patients, bloody hypocrit. She doesn't need higher level of care, nor futher help because she's unwilling to even do the work. At least it seems like Enera does volunteering between the shitshows, supposedly, what does Laura contribute to the world at large between hers? I do wonder if Enera is going to die from misadventure with the batteries and other shit though.

No. 1850210

Did you catch the her using pink sex toy stories? didn't know if to upload or not, part of me felt like "well if i had to see it.." but at the same time i didn't want to potentially cop a ban for it. Took me a moment to register what i was seeing.

No. 1850327

Barf. If she’s that desperate for people to see that tripe she can start in only fans account. I can only imagine it was like watching a raw Turkey getting stuffed. I’m actually dumbstruck as to how she thinks anyone would find her a turn on.

No. 1851141

File: 1687432794969.jpg (19.99 KB, 486x160, ohnoes.JPG)

Oh noes, her attention-seeking overdoses aren't giving the attention she wants. Does she not see the hypocrisy?

No. 1851142

File: 1687432886676.jpg (186.43 KB, 485x1119, 1to1IP.jpg)

And it's interesting to know she was offered help, but obviously she wanted to throw up all the red flags from Canada. "It MUST be IP. It must be with a sole therapist because i hate people, much trigger."

No. 1851149

File: 1687434527090.jpg (178.93 KB, 485x968, KnockingBackDrinksScaringLocal…)

Nothing better than knocking back the booze, and scaring the locals for your daily dose of attention. Poor kids if any saw her.

No. 1851156

Presumably she doesn't realise that in an NHS IP setting she would be expected to be up before 11am to attend groups etc so there is no difference between that and taking the help offered to her. And the expectation that she have her own therapist who works JUST with her and no other patients? It just shows that she has been offered loads of treatment since she has been in the UK, group therapy and even day therapy but has rejected all the support offered to her because she is so fixiated on IP treatment without ever explaining why she thinks being on an IP unit which will offer DBT, which she has already said doesn't work, because that is the treatment for PDs will magically cure her and then she will be all better an DBE able to return to Canada and get on with her life. That's….not how it works, and they aren't going to offer her IP when she makes it so clear that her aim is to be hospitalized and refusing to engage with any other options especially as she HATES other people so much and is jealous of them working with HER therapist that she would be a risk to other patients, they aren't going to risk putting other people in danger just because she is determined to be unnecessarily admitted to hospital

No. 1851169

Canada has its own mental health crisis. They can’t take care of their own let alone some mewling quim of a freeloader whose constant narrative is “I deserve the help I don’t actually give two shits about more than you”. I fluctuate between finding her incredibly tiresome or entertaining. The latter isn’t a compliment for Laura either. kek

No. 1851330

i get the sinking feeling she has been offered this kind of help and understanding time and time again and just sort of used up her chances with NHS. she can't face that so she acts like others getting their chances are getting some sort of special treatment that she never had. she did tho. it reminds me so much of older highly personality disordered women who hate and abuse their daughters out of jealousy that these girls still have their whole life of opportunities ahead of them. and the older woman copes to frame it in her mind as some nefarious favoritism the girl has been hogging and sucking up all her life. rather than recognize every person, especially children, should be offered their own share of grace and chances. and even if losing your shot wasnt fully your fault, it's certainly not this girls fault ! very patrick eating his chocolate bar wondering why spongebob got more.

No. 1851452

If colours spent as much time working on herself as she does hiding in the shadows on here and harassing/bullying others she would probably be able to live a relatively healthy life. Her grandiose overinflated ego will continue to be her biggest barrier. Perhaps if she was nicer to the people she constantly abuses and yet still expects help from she would get it? Isn’t that the standard rule of customer service? Act like a c*nt and we’ve the right to refuse service. Also how many insta accounts is she spewing the shame shit to?

No. 1851461

I don't know? Only one is public?

No. 1851694

File: 1687524850271.jpeg (269.94 KB, 1170x1997, IMG_8723.jpeg)

Dr. Laura is showing off her secondary degree in biochem/pharm. lol Must get the added weight barb in too. Heaven forbid anyone is thinner than she. Does this woman have a job or is she just continually mooching off the tax payer?

No. 1851710

Mooching off the tax payer essentially, she doesn't have a job (that'd cut into her chronically online and running time), it's why i found it funny that Enera at least has volunteering going for her. Laura blames "muh personality disorders!", nah you're just a someone that feels like they are above everyone. Volunteering is beneath her.

No. 1851811

Until her desire to be the centre of attention gets the better of her. 3… 2…. 1….

No. 1852162

At least 3 of her accounts had multiple posts (not counting the boat load of stories as par the course) yesterday. And that's just the one's we know about, the flight of dragons account is currently active too.

No. 1852183

do you think colours realizes that enara is in a different country and is not, in fact, getting any treatment from the nhs?

No. 1852184

I think it's the fact she's getting any help at all, regardless of where she lives. She could be getting a lobotomy and she'd be like "Waagh where's my lobotomy?!". If it was truly about wanting something that works, she wouldn't be aiming for the clear revolving door that does nothing and would actually put some leg work in/trying to help herself.

No. 1852764

File: 1687689701441.jpg (Spoiler Image,240.84 KB, 2272x944, LaurasSexToyReviews.jpg)

Tried looking at the accounts she mentioned, and couldn't see lewd pictures of them using the toys, just reviews and gags. "Just showing rabbit ears", erm mmkay. Then she shouldn't mind if i post stuff, because it's just rabbit ears.

No. 1852766

She’s busy abusing Fairy today. How many times is she going to tell us how “destroyed” she is?

No. 1852771

File: 1687690988362.jpg (80.85 KB, 976x590, IfThisIsTheOutcomeOfHelp.JPG)

I really don't get it, if she see's this constant cycling as the outcome of "help", why is she begging so badly for it? Is there actually an example of someone with NPD or even BPD in general benefitting long-term from being locked up in a psych unit? And she's not one for medication or thinking therapies or those using coping skills, she probably hasn't tried MBT but that's about improving the ability to understand your own mental states and those of others, somehow i doubt she'd do that because others are "beneath her". I still don't get what type of help she expects from the stretched NHS.

No. 1852774

Colours is back online. She obvs couldn’t stand no one seeing her self harm posts and raging about us on here. Saddo.

No. 1852777

File: 1687693127154.jpg (70.73 KB, 756x648, NewLabelDropped.JPG)

Seems like she's trying to self-diagnose with something else now too (PTED caused by bullying). Maybe she should take the advice on their pages, ring the national bullying helpline, she might get help there. But damn you were fast at noticing, had updated something slightly prior to your post and all bar two of the accounts were private, it's down again now.
Imagine treating someone with their ex therapists name repeatedly carved upon their arm too and them demanding you be their sole therapist? I'd nope out really quickly, the NHS staff aren't paid enough to deal with that level of bull.

No. 1852786

File: 1687694333128.jpg (172.88 KB, 1406x866, SuicideBaitingPriorToRace.jpg)

And it seems like she's still suicide-baiting prior to races, maybe she should start a shtwt account, she'd fit in with the emo kiddos. My god she's making me feel old though whacking out the scooter songs, never took her as a Happy Hardcore kind of person. She should listen to the Logical song, unless she takes it as a doomer way then maybe not.

No. 1852892

File: 1687705646231.jpeg (261.56 KB, 1169x2018, IMG_8736.jpeg)

“I have a human biology B.Sc that was very biochem heavy”, “a professional qualification….in a registered healthcare field” This still doesn’t make you a pharmacist or a Dr you Cupid stunt. Stay in your fucking lane. One thing she is right about… she’s sick. But not in the way she thinks. I think someone needs to call the WAHmbulance for her. Does she ever STFU? Also why does she always pencil out her name yet uses her name for one of her handles. Those qualifications aren’t showing her to be all that bright. Lol

No. 1852896

File: 1687705831735.jpeg (Spoiler Image,240.71 KB, 1169x1740, IMG_8735.jpeg)

Why does she think people want to see this on Instagram?

No. 1853069

Calling other women cunts is really the cherry on top of that shit-cake.

No. 1853092

Isn’t there that ol’ saying “if the cap fits….” Our poor Laura really should wear that cap. She still ranting on her (currently) only public account about how no one deserves treatment more than her. Or that she’s soooo done. Change the bloody record woman. Thinking you’re entitled to “help” doesn’t mean you actually are.(sage your shit)

No. 1853099

i wouldn't care if she's not working and collecting benefits cause she's either too mentally unstable to hold down a job, or bc the stress or time commitment of holding down a job is too detrimental to her mental health at the moment. many have been in that place and volunteering isn't required to make it acceptable for me.

but yea ideally in that situation you would be committing yourself to better habits like spending less time online and triggering yourself and spending more time on various forms of mental rest and mental - emotional self care until one day you can be productive and stable enough to start volunteering or take on part time work or even some kind of meaningful creative hobby to start with

No. 1853109

tbh i understand this mentality to a certain degree, it's similar to shit like bpd splitting, rejection sensitive dysphoria and even when someone very depressed gets obsessed with perceived injustices as their primary source of mental stimulation and it becomes addictive. if any of you reading are going through this on some level i can only suggest the best first step is to find a new alternative source of interest and passion. it can replace that internet drama dopamine chain with something a lot or a little less toxic and more fulfilling, which can really build from there. seek out self indulgent media. the kinda of stuff you loved as a kid or teen. at that point you're better off fixating on shipping anime men than fixating on how everyone online and irl is slandering you and out to get you. sincerely

No. 1853142

So she goes running and does races with her arms on show, with Renee cut into them for everyone to see? And freshly carved pretty regularly? I seem to remember she wears tops which don't cover her arms - How isn't she embarrassed? Self harm scars are one thing but cutting the name of the therapist you stalked into your skin. when you are almost 40?

No. 1853222

This type of shit makes me believe she really could snap and seriously hurt someone. It's good that professionals don't want to touch her with a ten foot pole, they deserve safety.

No. 1853499

File: 1687785910509.jpg (31.28 KB, 1280x485, posts.JPG)

It seems as though her ClusterB account has been either deactivated or banned. But it seems as though she's been using her "non-hate" account, happy for her, if she just focused on that instead of her perceived reasons to sperg out life would probably be brighter. I did wonder earlier what would happen if she didn't have the cows to focus on all the time/she put time into something actually productive.

No. 1853596

ClusterB spewed so much hatred that ok Evan only hope. I would assume an account for each personality? Sad thing about her “normal” account is she’s still got the arrogant belief she will go back to Canada. She’s still carving her ex-a Canadian Therapists name into her arm. So nah. She’s still a cow.

No. 1853598

Should read “one can”.(sage)

No. 1854106


Thankyou OP for this glorious offering. I've just discovered this thread today and colours is now my new personal fave. She makes Enara look like a contributing member of society and sane by comparison.

What a cunt.

No. 1854600

It’s kind of laughable that colours tries to hide her SH art work on some of her Instagram pages and not on others. A woman of many personalities I guess?(sage your shit)

No. 1854821

File: 1687957244110.jpg (16.69 KB, 780x232, vero.JPG)

Yikes, she makes her whole identity around her personality disorder - who would have guessed. Nothing was shared here but it gave me a chuckle, wolf pup. Finding dribs and drabs of things online, but nothing really noteworthy. OISNT stuff is pretty interesting to dip into.

No. 1854849

File: 1687962765853.jpg (87.99 KB, 978x595, letter2.JPG)

"I need to convince them they can't handle me so i can get what i want"

No. 1854850

File: 1687962802150.jpg (67.65 KB, 963x586, NobodyGetsWhyIWantToBeCoddled.…)

Her sisters realize she needs to put in the leg work too if she wants to get better but obviously she won't.

No. 1854852

File: 1687962904142.jpg (75.83 KB, 942x616, SumsItUp.JPG)

And it boils down to, if she's not banged up, drugged up, having a sole therapist then she's not validated as being super sick and special/needing high level of care.

No. 1863233

File: 1689203809400.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1978, IMG_8995.jpeg)

and gets money despite having contributed sweet FA to anyone or anything in the UK and STILL complains. Colours is determined to take “the nhs abused me” to her grave me thinks. Give it a rest woman, christ.

No. 1863346

Inpatient services exist for BPD, but just the fact she's well enough to try and get the help for herself shows she's unlikely to get anywhere with that. She wants both the attention of being IP, and the magic pill where she doesn't have to put any work in herself.

No. 1863367

File: 1689213300335.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1474, IMG_8894.jpeg)

She also expects everyone else to pay for it.

No. 1867872

File: 1689785772068.jpg (259.66 KB, 534x792, SlashingFaceOnCam.jpg)

It seems as though Lauras been referred to an online peer support course, whining that she can't handle waking up in the morning and that everyone else's problems yet again don't compare to hers. And then hearing a comment on Fairy's posts she talks about her current fantasy of slashing her face during the zoom meetings to really show them. I smell more bridges being set alight in the distance, and Fairy probably should have some sort of protection order for her by sounds.

No. 1867884

File: 1689786332589.jpg (321.66 KB, 1160x888, SlashingFacesEverywhere.jpg)

I wonder if she knows a part of her therapy would probably be to integrate with others, learn to develop empathy, and to cooperate in groups. You don't help a phobia sufferer by teaching them tricks on how to avoid things for example. They're not going to cave and give into her disorders demands.
Also i think she's posting in the other thread, finally used her two brain cells to figure out how to ban evade or was just never perma banned like she claimed in the first place. Tinfoil but she's not screencapping those posts like she normally would reeing about how stupid people are talking about her, and the talking style is bob on. Still actively lurking as she's screencapping other posts like normal.

No. 1868008

What's the deal with the "account restricted" banners in some of these screenshots?

No. 1868058

Essentially she's in Facebook jail. Facebook restrict people's accounts at times for breaking community standards, so it seems like she can post for now, but only she can see them. I know her Instagram accounts gets restricted for spam a lot as she complains about it and then opens new accounts. I'm not sure if facebook is the same, or if it was self-harm/abusive messages etc that did it. She seems to have had it on posts for a few weeks now at least, so I'm wondering if she's rocked it up to a 60-90 ban or it's a permanent thing (or she's had repeated back-to-back bans).

No. 1868062

oh, I see, those are screenshots of her facebook posts that she's putting on instagram. sorry, I'm slow and didn't understand (it looked like you were logged into her account but your prose didn't read like her, kek, so I knew I must be misunderstanding something)

No. 1868263

I wonder what she did last night, her abandoned_borderline_aspd_narc account is banned, she's down to the colours & dragons one for hate posting but they're deactivated (does anyone know if temp suspensions or anything does that?), her laura_bestow_orophile one is still up and active but not a hate posting account. And so are her defunct accounts. Wonder if she went on a mega sperg out.

No. 1868374

File: 1689870277800.jpg (47.19 KB, 640x1136, ILayUponABedofBlood.jpg)

I don't want to samefag, but it seems like her accounts are back. What a pity. Either it was a glitch on Instagrams end (her narc account is still coming back as Nill via the API oddly but it's now visible), and the accounts have been reactivated. And pic rel - maybe she should just sleep in the bathtub at this point and carry her own cleaning products, or carry kids bed wetting covers if she was actually concerned about staff wasting their time and money on products to try and get stuff clean/replaced.

No. 1868468

File: 1689889419018.jpg (25.9 KB, 640x1136, ThenStopSpammingHate.jpg)

Novel concept, stop being retarded with making obsessional spam posts about Laura, enera and co with constant nitpicks and post photos of moutains instead. She wouldn't have to complain about IG limitations nor make umpteen accounts.

No. 1868508

File: 1689896276057.jpeg (522.53 KB, 1198x1798, IMG_9113.jpeg)


Colours, since you’re here, you’re basically a cvnt to the very people you scream won’t help you. I don’t need an A level in English language to see that and neither does “this woman”. Kudos to her for calling you out on your shitty behaviour. Take some ownership for once. You wonder why no one wants to deal with you. You claim to be smart (and often smarter than all the “idiots”). Yeah? Not so much. Kek

I’ll await the mascara streak photo because everyone is so mean to the biggest bully in the room. Boo fucking hoo.

No. 1869073

contrary to what colours claims, the nhs is way too patient kek if it was me or any average person and colours was threatening to terrorise these sessions and cause such a disruption I would absolutely not give her any help and make sure she stayed far away

No. 1869524

What exactly is her idea of REAL help? Getting a therapist who is assigned exclusively to her, who Colours can obsess over and turn into her new "fp"? Getting the hospital all to herself with staff who continually tell her how sick, special, and courageous she is? She rejects and spits on all help offered to her in any form other than the twisted, fully enmeshed patient/client relationship she wants.

No. 1869525

her Canadian therapist gets flown over and locked in an IP unit with her, no other patients

No. 1869555

Does she think that inpatient units let you sleep in? She'll be in for a rude awakening if she ever gets in, up at 8am and no lie ins without a good medical excuse. Couldn't sleep? Tough.

No. 1869556

do they really let you sleep until 8am in the UK? A lot of US units start waking people up at 5am for vitals and such

No. 1869558

To be fair, some group therapy can be a real drag like an hour of listening to people complain about their depressing lives full of problems they've created for themselves- but the point is to be able to help each other, give insights and then realise how you can apply those same insights to your own situation. It's always easier to help others than to try to help yourself. Even if there are some real sad sacks in group. Colours is exactly the kind of person who needs to learn to Play Well With Others and not develop another parasitic relationship with an individual therapist.

No. 1869560

I'd be fairly surprised if this is an NHS MH provider. They don't tend to share emails of clinicians for "safety reasons" and knowing what Colours has been like before it's easy to see why.

Vitals don't tend to get taken in psych units in the UK, at least not in the same way they are in medical wards (in which case they do start before dawn). Maybe it's different in acute ED treatment, but I've never known it to happen in general psych.

No. 1869566

Honestly, I think this is a pretty accurate picture of what she wants. The problem is that even if she was to get it, I get the very distinct impression that it wouldn't fix anything, but would simply be used as a source of narcissistic supply. Her whole identity and sense of self-worth is tied up in her obsession with going IP, because unless she has that supply, she will continue to feel empty and to hate herself. Her reaction to her therapist after the therapeutic relationship ended is a classic response to a source of narcissistic supply being cut off.

The problem with this aspect of NPD is that all sources of narc supply eventually run dry, whether because they simply cannot give anymore, or circumstances change. She has been IP many times in Canada, as she's so fond of reminding people, and it clearly didn't help her at all. Despite all her insistence to the contrary, it's not any more likely to help her the next time she goes. No matter how many times she goes inpatient, no matter how much individual therapy she has, no experience is going to give her narc supply indefinitely, and so she will have to admit over and over to "feel better" (as she obviously did in Canada).

Everything she does (seeing herself as a perpetual victim, lashing out at others, believing that only One Special Specific Thing will fix her and nothing else can ever help) is designed so that she never, ever has to face any truths about herself. Narcs can't handle that. The truth is that she doesn't want "real help" - she wants her supply, and she'll do anything to get it. I wonder if hospitals in the UK know this about her and that's why they won't admit her. If they're that smart, they get hella credit from me

No. 1869760

Not all places make you get up and stay up. They can do medical checks then just leave you to sleep. It depends on the type of hospital or unit etc.

No. 1870119

Yeah, possibly if you are woken early for vitals etc you'd then be able to sleep, but there will usually be an expectation you attend groups and stick with the structure and routine of the ward, they are going to expect her to be up for breakfast, not provide her with meals to her schedule. She won’t be able to stay in bed til midafternoon and have the ward revolve around her, in the way she seems to think. She hates the zoom group because the focus isn't on her and her perceived severity of her PD in comparison to anyone else's struggles - she simply doesn't care because all she wants is validation that she is the sickest ever and deserving of the most specialist treatment with a therapist just for her, because she believes she is above everyone - as shown by her comments about being better than the lady who sent her an email, based on her grammar. She still hasn't said what treatment she thinks is going to magically fix her, when everything that has been offered to her previously hasn't worked, and her goal is to be IP with no actual explanation as to why being locked in hospital would be beneficial, except for the attention she would receive. And she has already said repeatedly that she is a danger to other people in the ward, because she gets jealous if she has to share therapists etc, and especially with those recent threats to slash her face in group therapy, she is not going to be someone welcomed into an IP environment - especially when she also poses a risk to the safety of the staff, with her documented aggressive behaviour and public self harm and stalking her ex therapist, with her obsession to the point she has carved her name into her arm. I can't imagine therapists are lining up to work with her but she still can't see that she is creating all these problems for herself!

No. 1870219

The one who has a restraining order out against her? The medical system in Canada is as broken as it is in the UK it seems. So I’m confused as to why she thinks anything would be any different from dealing with the NHS. Plus no one wants to deal with someone who is unstable to the point that, as a professional, you’re concerned enough that you’ve to take out a restraining order against them. Even if they’re empty attention seeking threats such as carving up your face on a zoom call. Oh well, today we are back to bullying others, mascara streaks and her wanting to die. She’s consistent if nothing else.

No. 1870474

does anyone still have access or is colours totally locked down again?

No. 1870484

Yup. Basically unless you're sick (like, with a virus or something) you get up at 8am or whenever and are not allowed back into your room until the evening. There's lots of downtime, but they expect you to be in the common areas during the day and until the night staff handover.

No. 1870485

ETA: there are also regular group checkins in IP psych and she won't be able to get out of those. Even if it's not "group therapy" she'll still have to listen to everyone else's problems three times a day before being allowed to air her own histrionics.

No. 1870486

It would be beautiful irony if she did get admitted somehow, did her usual threatening shit, kept getting sedated and drugged up by staff to control her, and ended up as fat and gormless as Laura

No. 1870655

If she's been reading this thread as well as the pro-ana one, it wouldn't surprise me if she's locked down again. Truth is a serious ego blow for narcs and she might need time to come up with umpteen more reasons why we're wrong and she's right. kek

No. 1870805

PD units in the UK and how to get help?

No. 1870806

sorry, did you mistake this thread for google?

No. 1870807

No. 1870821

this exactly, given how much she hates on laura precisely for being obsessed with IP surely that would be a cautionary tale for her

No. 1870822

well at least she saged

No. 1870832


No. 1870947

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought of that. Wouldn't wish it on anyone, i can't imagine how soul-destroying it'd be to give up something you held dear (dance, running/mountain climbs in these cases), but she's essentially begging for the same outcome. It'd be funny to see karma in action.

You make it so hard not to "hi cow". How was your 1 am rant last night before furiously refreshing the thread? Maybe you should try horlics.

No. 1873570

File: 1690784154791.png (16.89 KB, 455x81, Screen Shot 2023-07-31 at 1.17…)

I noticed that colours has a new follower on this account. I've always assumed that her only followers are her other accounts, so do we think there's a new one out there?

No. 1873614

No, she never afaik follows her other accounts. I've not yet bumped into a new one but there very could well be. Trying to remember who was on that specific account - shame IG reworked their API, she had bpd IG/meme accounts following her, sometimes people from lolcow try to follow her when she's public and they get removed.

No. 1877365

File: 1691360922389.jpg (416.67 KB, 1170x1875, GoToBed.jpg)

Complains about Fxiry & Enara and their selfies. Yet how many times do we need a pic of her flexing in front of a mirror? No one cares. Just go to bed.

No. 1877410

The anachan body only makes her even more of a nightmare person. She's legit one of the scariest cows on here imo

No. 1877445

File: 1691371490149.png (784.04 KB, 1170x1759, KettlePotBlack.png)

She’s going off on a right rage at Laura tonight (and the NHS in general. No change there). Though I lol’d so hard at her accusing her of “always posting the same thing” [photos]. Scary AF for sure.

No. 1877594

Well she does always post the same thing. Old dance poses and always the same 3 poses or videos of the same routine.

No. 1877739

As do you colours. If you’re gonna criticize someone for doing stupid shit at least make sure you’re not a hypocrite Kek

No. 1877758

Is posting the same old body checks, ugly cry face mascara photos etc, any different than recycling old photos when it comes to predictability and repetition? It’s the same old shit, different day.

No. 1877879

My pictures are taken on the day,as I am now. Fairy posts 4 year old pictures over and over. She's not even that person anymore. 4 year old pictures over and over. The same ones. It's called instagram, not 4 years ago gram.

No. 1877899

And that's what my life is; shit. crying. Not much else. Don't look if you don't wanna see. You know it'll be private again and you'll be whining.

No. 1877903

File: 1691462863748.jpg (808.51 KB, 1170x2000, HypocriticalBitch.jpg)

But Laura, NO ONE gives a shit about your shit like you deliriously believe. Why do you give a flying f@ck what the time stamp is on her posts? Yet here you are criticizing someone for doing the exact same thing you do. You play the narc very well. Stop being such a c*nty bitter hag and perhaps people wouldn’t run a mile from you.

No. 1878146

your life is simple enough, you sleep, mope about, snoop on others & bitch about em, go for a run, cut, sleep. Same can be said about you, you don't like ppl getting help cus you feel you deserve it better then perhaps just stop looking at it.

No. 1878292

“You know it'll be private again and you'll be whining”

Dun dun dun. Oh no, whatever will we do??? Grandiose narcissism in all its glory. She’s mildly entertaining I’ll give her that. But laughing with and laughing at are not the same thing Colours.

No. 1878322

If you don't give a shit why are you looking and reading and posting? Don't you have anything better to do?

No. 1878324

Definitely not doing the exact same thing as Fairy! Give one example of something I do that's the same as her.

No. 1878325

If I'm so boring why don't you all go away and stop looking, stop posting about me? Obviously you find me interesting because you continue to stalk me. I thought everyone had agreed; you don't want to talk about me, I don't want you to talk about me…How about …..Nobody talks about me?!

No. 1878372

How about refusing to cooperate with therapy in an attempt to get better?

No. 1878387

>>1878324 You're worse than Fairy, you just want to abuse and bully everyone around you, throw your toys out the pram when you aren't given what you want

No. 1878388

File: 1691543972152.jpg (1.08 MB, 1170x1935, DearDiary.jpg)

Like you stalk all those people? Looks like another health care worker needs to be afraid, very afraid. Perhaps don’t use Instagram as your Dear Diary?

No. 1878396

Talking about replacing the therapist she stalked with another victim!? Yikes..

No. 1878407

>>1878372 Lets face it she doesn't want to get better, she loves playing the victim card, thrives in it.

No. 1878410

>>1878324 you both sponge off the state kek

No. 1878464

File: 1691555269520.png (1.71 MB, 1170x2000, ItsAlexForrest.png)

Not just once either. That’s some scary shit. And yes she does have control, she just chooses not to because that doesn’t suit her narrative.

No. 1878514

she needs prison or if its all an act which very well could be as how come if it suits her she is absolutely fine, can run up mountains, go on holiday abroad, be a bridesmaid if she was genuinely struggling. Ppl like that don't deserve any more help as shes had so much and not willing to try anything at all, just a waste of money, be different if she actually WANTED to get better

No. 1878572

A lobotomy?

No. 1878815

Cmht denied me all treatment every time they assessed me for something. They always turned around and said 'actually no.' No treatment to cooperate with.

No. 1878816

At least I don't fake anything…Oh wait…..I think I feel the spiders coming…….

No. 1878817

I don't sponge. I've worked in some job or another since I was 14, alongside school etc. In 2 countries. And paid all my taxes. I've paid my way my whole adult life, often 2 jobs at once, so sorry not sorry I'm going to claim benefits now for the first time ever because I need them. What has Fairy ever contributed?

No. 1878821

I want to get better so I can get the hell out of here.

No. 1878823

>>1878815 stop lying you've even posted your notes that say you have rejected group therapy etc, all you want is to be an inpatient. Why on Earth do you think inpatient will work when it never did in Canada, you have to be open to change and you just aren't. You live the life of luxury doing whatever you want, you don't want to work.

No. 1878824

SO MUCH?! This country has given me NOTHING. Except abuse. How many years and placements has Fat Fairy had again?
And when I go abroad it's because my sister lives there. I ruined my other sister's bachelorette and almost ruined the wedding too. It's not like I just somewhere and I'm fine. All the same shit still happens. You just pick and choose what you see.

No. 1878825

Inpatient in Canada did not have any form of treatment or therapy. They just hold you there. There are no groups or therapists or anything. You see a psych and sometimes they change your meds. Other than that you are just held there and do whatever you want all day. No structured treatment plan or activities or anything. It's containment and stabilization I guess. But yes that was helpful to a certain degree. Much more helpful than OP groups which NO I didn't decline, I was told I couldn't do them.

No. 1878826

>>1878824 you keep yourself safe enough so you do require urgent attention. You are able to run, go abroad, you choose not to get up but you could if you wanted. The UK have given you so many opportunities help wise, you have refused them because they are not what YOU want. Not talking about others the discussion is about you. You had additional help and support in Canada and if anything its made you worse so inpatient sounds like the worst place for you to be not to mention staff and other patients. The country also is giving you money to exist, so you aren't homeless, don't have to get a job so count yourself fortunate.

No. 1878827

The notes from cmht here? THEY rejected me from group therapies. I told them my previous difficulties yes, but they denied me all treatment and kicked me out.

No. 1878828

>>18788225 yuo say you can't get up before 11am what do you inpatient in UK is going to be like, you will have group therapy, again you say nope not willing to do in the community so whats any different as an inpatient? You don't want to share therapist, well you will be doing. All the barriers you put up are big red flags stopping you ever being accepted as an inpatient, thats why you are too dangerous but it hasn't dawned on you which is surprisingly considered how "smart" you say you are.

No. 1878829

I do require urgent attention. I just gave up going to the hospitals because they abuse me and kick me out and it's not worth it. So I just hurt myself and don't bother doing anything about it. Hopefully one day I won't wake up or the bleeding won't stop. But nobody helps me here even when I used to go so why get treated like shit and not get helped? Plus it's too far away to get there myself. I do stuff all the time but nobody gives a shit so why should I? There's nobody left to tell anyway.

No. 1878830

OMFG the uk has given me NOTHNIG. Seriously. Wtf do you think they've given me? You are pulling stuff out of your ass! I'm denied everything. Now look at Fairy. That is someone the uk have given everything to.

No. 1878831

>>1878829 you bully people, hows that going to work in an inpatient setting? You refused help when help was called. Only person you are hurting is yourself, why would anyone care, its a dog eat dog world, hard enough getting by without worrying about others on top. Wise up. You are fucking up your own life, no one elses.

No. 1878832

>>1878830 you posted the notes up, you have been offered community support, the UK give you subsidised medication, you are on benefits, alot of countries you would get nothing, Canada got rid of you completely yet you think they want you.

No. 1878841

So you can run up and down Mount Snowden, get up in time for the race start yet refuse to for counselling or anything hospital related. Help yourself then you will find others will start to help you again, whilst you want everything on your terms expect nothing.

No. 1878844

They didn't 'get rid of me completely' I had a work visa which ended. They are time limited. I can't get another work visa until I can work again.

No. 1878846

I haven't refused anything hospital related or any counselling. And the race started at 2pm so haha to you.

No. 1878847

'community support' was a peer group which was online which I was kicked out of because it was so completely wrong for me. And also 'community hubs', the nearest of which is over 90mins away and I have no way to get there. I'm in the middle of nowhere with no train station and one bus an hour to the nearest town which stops running at about 2.30pm. So no I can't use 'community support' as there is none here.

No. 1878858

File: 1691624613041.png (39.53 KB, 1170x180, RunDanaRUN.png)

They don’t “kick you” out of things for no valid reason you stupid bint. Perhaps they caught wind of crap like this. I used to think you were a malignant narcissistic sociopath but now I’m thinking psychopath. Health care workers have a right to be scared of dealing with you.

How long before you’re carving Dana into your body? At least Renee might get some respite?

No. 1878865

as always, you seem to think everyone is expected to give you something. And you won’t stop your temper tantrums until you get your way. After your behaviour with your former therapist? Trust me. There won’t be no new visa for you!

No. 1878866

You sound like such a child. Grow up. I don’t care how many mascara streak selfies you post lamenting about how shit your life apparently is as a part of your insane attention seeking. But but but you claim you are nothing like the others. I’d be eye rolling so hard if I wasn’t laughing my head off rn kek

No. 1878879

I don't think I'm a psychopath.

But KEK do you realise I'm writing about Dana Scully? Are you even old enough to know who that is?! She really has nothing to fear.

No. 1878881

But that was pretty funny. This Dana has nothing to fear.

No. 1878904

Psychos never do……

No. 1878905

Uh huh. Heeeeeeeeeeeere’s Colours (and yes most people are quite aware of the X-Files you twit but we all know that you are not referring to Dana Scullly). Are Fairy and the others not entertaining you enough tonight so you’re hanging out on your own lolcow page? Each to their own I guess.

No. 1878963

>>1898844 you convince yourself that Colours, no one believes it, your work could have kept you on, they didn't, speak volumes. You big up Canada but they did the dirty to you. Stop lying you have refused, you have publicly said that, the check in was 8am or did you get your Daddy to do that for you, poor bloke, tries so hard to please you yet you slag him off too. So you can get to Snowden miles away or any races of your choosing but anything medical related nothing. You have money to get a taxi, there are ways if you were that desperate but you LIKE pretending your the victim.

No. 1879486

Look; you literally understand and know NOTHING. My work in Canada could not keep me on after my work visa ended as it would be illegal to work after that date. I could have applied for a new one yes (and they would have had to sponsor it again, or someone else would and the process took 9 months the previous time so I'd have to leave anyway). But I literally could not work so I couldn't ask a company to stick their neck out and sponsor me again and pay a shit ton of money when I literally couldn't work. I need to be able to work to get a sponsored work visa, duh. When the visa ends I cannot legally work, nor is my healthcare covered, nor can I get benefits from the government. You are allowed to stay an extra I think 3 months after your work visa has ended but you cannot work, claim benefits and healthcare is no longer covered. So it made no sense for me to stay on as a visitor, with no access to healthcare or meds unless I paid huge amounts of money I didn't have. I was not 'kicked out.' The visa ended and without any income or savings and with access to healthcare ended, I had to leave. When I can work I will go back.

About the Snowdon race and me doing it…..Again you literally know almost nothing. My father was not staying in Snowdonia with me. I wasn't entered for the race and it wasn't planned. I didn't even know it was that weekend but for some reason that was the only time rooms were available. I didn't ask for anything; my dad booked it for me and told me I was going. I thought I'd just go running a bit and he wanted to see if I could live on my own. Someone I know in the running community from when I lived near there found out I was in town and we met up on Friday evening. He asked if I wanted to run the race. It was a big favour. It wasn't guaranteed that I would be allowed a late entry as he would have to check with someone else who he could not get to talk to until the next day. The weather was so bad the race was almost cancelled and the final decision on whether it would go ahead would be made at 11am on the day, very last minute with the race starting at 2pm but mountain weather is very changeable. This just happens with mountain stuff. I could only ask for a late entry once the race was confirmed to be going ahead. So everything had to wait until 11am. I don't know anything about any 8am check in. Everything was thrown off by the weather and everyone was waiting until mid morning to know if the thing was actually happening at all. At 11am it was confirmed that the senior race was going ahead (juniors were cancelled) and the guy I know had to drive over from where he lives because he was marshalling anyway. He was in town at 11 so he saw the guy he had to speak to and got me my entry. I got my number and I went to the start area. So there you go. You don't know mountain racing, you don't know how it works, You don't know the ins and outs of immigration and my visas and work. You don't know basically anything about me until I tell you, yet you all make up random shit for some reason and think you're the expert.

Don't talk shit about things you don't know because you weren't there and you don't have any knowledge about what you're talking about anyway!

I do not know why you idiots like to make up things about my life that just are not true and assume you know everything. It's fucking annoying.

No. 1879487

Well I was in fact referring to Dana Scully. Why the hell do you think you know better than me what is in my brain?

No. 1879488

Still up are we? For someone who complains about getting up before 11am its no wonder you do, you make it hard for yourself, no attempt to help yourself

No. 1879490

>>1879486 with your history of stalking and bullying you really think they will have you back! You offer nothing to Canada and will not be welcomed back.

You prove the point you can be up before 11am when it suits kek. No making up, you put your life out there for all to see, you want to be like that ppl will do as they please with it.

No. 1879514

Of course I'm going back. I have no criminal record, nothing to stop me except I need treatment to be able to work.

And I was up at 11. Just about.

You're all annoying. Just fuck off.

No. 1879515

>>1879514 cus 11am is early for someone who doesn't work nights or anything….. You gotta have something they want, you don't, with your record you don't think your therapist getting a restraining order won't be picked up kek

No. 1879527

they almost definitely kicked you out because you were threatening to self harm on camera and were being rude to the other patients. And we know these things because you posted a note from one of the group facilitators where she said as much.

No. 1879528

my brother in christ, have you heard of "just turning off your computer and not reading things that other you"

No. 1879529

you're not going to get better if you keep sabotaging everything you're offered because it's not long term inpatient. You said earlier that inpatient in Canada was mostly containment and not many groups … that's how it is everywhere, colours.

No. 1879530

>>1878847 you said yourself you were purposively going to do whatever it took to get kicked out because you think it will get you inpatient (newsflash it won't)!

No. 1879533

File: 1691718907785.png (499.89 KB, 1092x620, Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 8.57…)

yet you think not having to work is "winning the lottery"? Doesn't sound like you actually want to work. (sidenote: when did colours start posting about enara too?)

No. 1879534

File: 1691719276002.png (369.3 KB, 577x740, Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 9.03…)

receipts, 1/2

No. 1879535

File: 1691719397081.png (402.75 KB, 592x731, Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 9.03…)

receipts, 2/2

No. 1879536

why can't you work? Like, what symptoms prevent you from even being a retail worker or barista or whatever? You seem to have the energy and executive ability to regularly run, so why can't you put that effort into work?

No. 1879538

File: 1691719681986.png (739.96 KB, 750x701, thumbnail_All the colours of t…)

Wtf is this pose?!

No. 1879545

I have a lot of things they want, mainly my Canadian specific qualification and experience. And for the millionth time there is no restraining order. I have no criminal record everywhere. Go do a search or whatever.

No fuck off. You're all annoying me.

No. 1879548

>>1879545 quick online search and it will soon put any employers off you. Your qualification will be out of date, you aren’t working and so will have prove proficiency. If Canada is so great why are you still in the UK? The UK has done apparently done nothing for you but you stay?!

No. 1879559

Trust me. You are ON FILE for your behaviour with your ex therapist. So you haven’t been criminally charged (why not absolutely astounded me with your psycho behaviour so you should actually count yourself lucky) but you are still an entity on a police system. Those files can be accessed and read. They are called police reports. And trust me, stalking & harassing her will NOT get you a visa you dumb delusional twat. Lol

No. 1879590

what happened to the online group therapy?

No. 1879591

one that shows off the ribcage

No. 1879593

funny how she claims not to be a pro ana scumbag while posting blatant body checks

No. 1879622

maybe this is some weird tribute to our queen PT, pose looks similar just way more rattle rattle.

No. 1879636

>>1879538 she looks like shes taking a dump! Shes not even very athletic looking, no wonder shes not up there in races

No. 1879711

File: 1691764970824.jpg (566.33 KB, 1170x2080, CompletelyWrongForMe.JPG)

Someone else posted the same screen shots (with the blocks removed) above I believe but I decided to go Full Colours like she does with the very people she claims she’s nothing like yet is possibly worse. But hey it was “completely wrong for me”….

No. 1879813

I don't read this as "kicked out", it seems more a "please don't come if you're going to self harm on screen".

No. 1879840

>>1879813 people have tried to help her and been patient, SHE wants to be kicked out as she believes its the way to getting inpatient.

No. 1879850

>>1879813 she wants to have 1:1 IP with therapist, have everything done for her but still be allowed to do what she wants such as exercise everyday.

No. 1879858

perhaps if she used the money for a private therapist instead of treatment for a running related injury she'd be better off. Also if she looked after herself better she would heal quicker and wouldn't need as many sessions.

No. 1879885


Imagine posing for selfies in your underwear in your treatment room using your therapists mirror. Oh wait. I simply wouldn’t. Ironically it’s always the same poses too. Just like fairy.

No. 1879946

Because I can't go anywhere else until I can work.

No. 1879952

How do you know I don't? As always, you all make stuff up, think you know things that you don't, and just are plain dumb and annoying. You think you know my life from what you see on an IG account. But you don't. But you'd rather make stupid things up, clearly.

No. 1880017

Without meaning any offense, I think if you saw a private therapist you'd post about it.

No. 1880020

Wah wah wah. Give it a rest will you? It’s about time you learnt how to adult. Stop acting like a child and perhaps you’ll be treated how you so childishly demand. Stop being such a fucking mooch, blaming everyone else for your shortcomings and take some ownership for once. You might find that life actually isn’t quite as shit as you perceive once you do. Nobody likes whiners. You are A grade.

No. 1880026

She would also become obsessed with, stalk and harass them before carving their name into some body part.

No. 1880033

File: 1691803735248.png (1.13 MB, 1170x1903, BodyShamer.png)

Colours is upset about being body shamed. Oh. The. Irony. It sucks doesn’t it Colours. Imagine how those girls you abuse and body shame time and again (as you “just think about genetics”) would feel if they saw what you post. If you’re going to label people here as evil, cruel, liars and idiots might I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror rather than taking a selfie in one.

No. 1880042

>>1879952 how much the tax payer giving you if you can afford all that you do?!

No. 1880045

>>1880033 abit like you like Colours then isn't, hurts doesn't it, perhaps if you stopped bullying others it would massively help. No athlete poses the way you do, clearly you have issues.

No. 1880046

get off social media Colours stalking others and actually work on improving your own life.

No. 1880303

Hit a nerve have we Colours. You don’t weigh nothing, who knows what weight you are lifting, does it really matter? You still don’t look a healthy athletic build which isn’t conducive to running quick, no wonder you’re injured

No. 1880356

Lol all the runners you posted up are HEALTHY physically and mentally, can you really say the same about yourself?

No. 1880357

except potentially Sifan who is a bad example as more than likely on drugs

No. 1880359

You think any of those runners abuse their bodies like you do? They also don't post pics in certain angles to purposively look slimmer, they eat whats right to train and fuel their bodies and mind, you don't as you admit to not doing so.

No. 1880385

>whines bullying kills on public account
>has MULTIPLE accounts dedicated to screenshotting and scrawling all over them with disparaging messages daily.
>Sends pretty awful messages to people in private. (I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if she sends abusive messages to others via the the anon apps too).
Narcs playing the victim after throwing rocks sure is a sight to see.

No. 1880475

Ever occur to you that I only open that one IG account sometimes and I know all you obsessed fans of mine will be all over it? So now there are things I post and things I don't? Because I hate your grubby mitts all over my life.

No. 1880476

You don't know running and you don't know all their histories then, clearly. Some are healthy, some have had eds which they have talked at length about.

No. 1880480

I took a pause before posting her because of her Oregon Project past etc but I really want to believe she is clean. She has been away from Salazar for a long time and still clearly at the top of her game without him and has not failed any tests. Hopefully she is genuine.

No. 1880482

Afford what? I get less than £700 a month.

No. 1880489

But when you guys do it it's fine? You're all allowed to go online and hate on people, as you're doing right here, and it's all fine? But I do it and it isn't?! I don't understand your hypocrisy. You're posting on lolcow to hate on me and say I'm a bad person because I do the same thing you do!
ANd I don't doxx people like you do or goad them to hurt themselves and laugh at it. I don't wish death on people. I don't find out where cows live or their names or all their other social media and make obsessive posts counting how many posts theyve made in a day if I can't get access to their accounts. I don't seek out where they work and study and watch outside videos of them doing their hobbies. I just look at them on IG. But you lot have done all of the above to me. YOU are the stalkers.
And for the record I don't hate people randomly and I don't hate people for being fat. I hate Fairy because she is taking up resources that could be used for me by faking and taking way more than her fair share. I say nasty things about her weight because I hate her for her actions. If she was discharged and not taking all the things I need with her malingering I wouldn't give a shit about her or her weight or what she was doing, because it wouldn't affect me. When people are getting so much help that I need, especially when they're faking and malingering then I am going to hate on them. If they're not doing that then I don't care. Thought you'd have worked that out by now. I don't just see a fat person and hate them. I don't care. But if someone I hate is fat then I will use that as a weapon, yes.

No. 1880491

So if you know it hurts then why do you all do it to me? I can't understand your hypocrisy. you hate on ME for hating on others. But you hate on others all the time and are way worse than me because you harrass and doxx people and goad them to suicide. So what gives you the right to tell me I'm bullying people like Fairy? You probably post her on the other thread and come on here and have a go at me for saying basically what you just said yourself. That I just cannot understand. You accuse me of bullying yet you come on this site to bully. You're worse than me.

No. 1880500

>>1880476 and you do? They have recovered from their eds, listened to therapists, got help unlike yourself who never listens and at leasts attempts to try

No. 1880501

>>1880491 you want harm to come to some of the ppl you do. You caused someone you bullied to try to take their own life despite trying to help you

No. 1880503

'not athletic'…. What's that supposed to mean?! That's wtf I don't get?! How do you want me to be 'more athletic' ?! Genuinely I don't know why people are saying this. How the fuck do I not 'look athletic?' You can see every muscle I have. What more do I have to do?

No. 1880504

>>1880503 athletic is one of opinion and means different things to different ppl. You really think you are athletic just because you post yourself in different positions to make yourself look skinnier. Athletic doesn't equally skinny.

No. 1880505

This is my whole point about why I am always upset with stuff; I WANT HELP. and this country refuses me.

No. 1880506

Well genuinely what was the person saying when they said 'she doesn't look very athletic'?! That insinuates I'm fat.

No. 1880510

>>1880505 You have been offered help in this country, sometimes you have even been turned it down. You don't listen, try, are a danger to other staff and patients, are keeping yourself safe in the community what don't you get? You look at the God damn negatives constantly yet your life could be much worse. You are not appreciative of what you have got.

No. 1880511

I have no idea what you're talking about. Who I 'bully' is who you bully; a few people I found on IG. I've never goaded anyone to commit suicide but plenty of people on here have tried to get me to kill myself.

No. 1880512

>>18800506 it doesn't insinuate you are fat, why are you so obsessed with size anyway. Being athletic doesn't mean someone is skinny.

No. 1880514

>>1880511 You have caused someone to try to take their own life, you got sighted as the main contributing factor, you have no idea the damage you cause with your actions tagging people, hounding them

No. 1880515

Nope I have been offered help and then had them turn around and say 'actually no you can;t have that.' Why do you make shit up? You're not in my life and at these meetings and assessments. I have not been given any treatment; all of it was denied when they did the assessment, or even by people who have never met me and based on inaccurate information. WHy do you think you know all this? It's my life and I know what happened. I've never declined anything. I'm desperate for help and denied it all here.
But you're annoying me now. Fuck off with your lies. WHy do you make things up that you know absolutely nothing about? It's weird.

No. 1880516

Well who then? Because I've never heard anything about this. Just more BS you all make up about me.

No. 1880517

I'm not but why did they say it? Like I have no idea what they mean.

No. 1880518

>>1880515 you were offered help numerous times, rejected it, cus its not what you want or at the time you wanted it because you had to go on holiday. You post it all up all your medical documentation, doesn't take a genius or any amount of searching. Type your name into a search name like any prospective employer will do scare em right off hiring you

No. 1880520

>>1880517 cus you aren't athletic just cus apparently you can see your bones thats ill, unhealthy not athletic

No. 1880522

Nope I never do those question box things. I don't believe they are anonymous. And idk who or what you think I'm messaging in private but you're obviously making that up too. I don;t know why you have to make up things that are just not true and act as if you know my life.

No. 1880523

>>1880516 not everyone boasts about their mental health status and puts it out there for the world to see, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You think you are so perfect and come across so entitled its unreal

No. 1880526

>>1880522 stop playing the victim you have sent vial messages to many people clearly as not just one person has brought it up

No. 1880529

Nope I have never been actually offered any help or treatment here. And wtf are you talking about? Of course I wouldn't decline it. It was refused by them. Do I have to go find all the letters again?! I don't know why you all like to make up lies about me but I'm getting sick of it. I was sick of it a long time ago. You waste my time. Of course I never declined any treatment; they always turned around and denied what they had just offered. And going on vacation? What? Why are you still making things up? Just go away. I know the people that look at the account I open are all haters and trolls so obviously I only put things on there I want you to see. I don't put my whole life on there now you've all got your claws into it. But clearly you think I do. There are loads of things I don't put on there, BECAUSE I know you're all looking.Duh.

No. 1880531


No. 1880533

Just more BS you're making up. I have never goaded anyone to suicide or pushed them to suicide or suggested it or anything. So stop making up crap and go away. You're wasting my time.

No. 1880534

>>1880531 you are weak, frail looking if anything, not athletic, you wonder why you aren't getting over your injury, why you aren't as quick cus of how you treat your body

No. 1880537

>>1880529 stop lying Colours, its known ambulances have been called and you at least once have declined going in because you wanted to go on holiday, your mental health so bad evidently and you're so desperate for help you opted to go on holiday yh whatever

No. 1880539

Also I feel like one of you is Sophie because I'm pretty sure nobody else on lolcow knows or cares about running or the athletes I posted. So own up or fuck off. Actually both preferably.

No. 1880543

>>1880539 wtf is Sophie?!

No. 1880550

Clearly Sophie is here. I'm fucking sick of this but since you've brought it up this is what happened;

I was telling Sophie that the crisis line number never worked and they said 'we are not a crisis line.' She called the number, apparently to see if it worked. Apparently it did work, but she lies so who knows, anyway she ASKED FOR AN AMBULANCE which I did not need as I was not in crisis at that time, just having a conversation! It's possible to be mentally ill and not need an ambulance constantly , just as it's possible to have cancer and not need an ambulance constantly. Doesn't mean I'm not in need of treatment, means I was not in crisis at that time. Also bear in mind this ambulance took 6 hours and still wasn't even here, I recieved a text from the ambulance service saying that it was taking a long time and I should either make my own way to hospital or, if I didn't need it at this time, I should call and cancel the ambulance. So I called and cancelled it. I did not request it in the first place. I was not in crisis. And yes I had to go to Italy in 2 days FOR MY NEICE'S BAPTISM which was put off for 3 years because of covid. My family would be extremely upset if I didn't go and mostly they do not understand or know the extent of my issues. I didn't 'decline help because I wanted to go on vacation', I cancelled an ambulance which I hadn't called, didn't ask for, was not in crisis so didn't need, was taking all day anyway……And I've been to hospital enough in this country to know that they will only take me to one hospital 'in my area' which has no psych, according to them, and I will be kicked out without even being assessed. If I go to any other hospital then I am 'out of area' and they also kick me out for being out of area. I don't care how many times people tell me 'that doesn't happen in the NHS.' Yes is does. Every time to me. So fuck off. I thought Sophie was out of my life. Get out of it.

No. 1880551

A psycho med student who thinks she knows how everything works and therefore that I am lying because my experience is different than what she thinks.

No. 1880552

Fuck off Sophie

No. 1880556

You mean 'cited'. But you still didn't say anything so I call bullshit. I've never told anyone to hurt themselves but people on here have many , many times laughed at me and goaded me to commit suicide. Go back and look.

No. 1880557

File: 1691887988111.jpeg (595.32 KB, 750x864, image0.jpeg)

>>1880551 don't know or need her when we got aka Dr Colours do we!

No. 1880558

>>1880556 just cus you don't tell someone to go kill themselves doesn't mean you haven't contributed Colours, funny thing is you bullying people means less space as inpatient as others get in before you but also you are seen as a threat to staff and patients with your antics kik

No. 1880559

>>1880550 the only liar kinda looks like you Colours and not Sophie seeing as the crisis number works?!

No. 1880560

Well who did I 'bully into IP then?' Clearly nobody. ANd no the crisis number doesn't work. Call it and they say 'we are not a crisis line.' My dad has done it many times too to check. They say they don't do crisis or interventions.

No. 1880565

Know what? You can all fuck off. Why are you so interested in making up fake shit about my life? And your defence is 'you say mean things about people.' But……So do you! I mean that's why you're on this site! To bully me. I'm on it to try and get the truth out to counter your lies about me. Your logic makes no sens. You think you're good people and I'm bad when you bully and doxx and hound people WAY worse than me. I just repost their posts on my IG.

No. 1880567

And now you've wasted so much of my time because I'm constantly trying to put right your fucking lies about me. And since this is MY thread I can say YOU shitted up MY thread. So
stop it and fuck off.

No. 1880570

>>1880560 not everyone documents their life on social media for the world to see colours, most ppl don't want the attention. so "Sophie" got the crisis number to work and you and your dad it doesn't, yeah sounds plausible kik

No. 1880576

Seems like Sophie could be the future Renee!

No. 1880577

You clearly don't understand how FPs work. Sophie is NOTHING like Renee. And don't you dare speak about her because you have no clue. Sophie is just someone who wouldn't stop hounding me and telling me I was lying about the NHS.

No. 1880585

>>1880577 kinda seems like Sophie was onto something. Renee got a restraining order out against you yet you still madly obsess over her, seems like you have a thing for healthcare staff

No. 1880605

For the millionth time there is no restraining order. Sophie was never my 'healthcare staff', she's someone I used to know through running.

No. 1880607

And I hate Sophie for messing with my life.

And who supposedly got into IP then because of me? You don't have anyone do you? Making shit up again? If someone got into IP and got help when it should have been me…..

Just all fuck off. I'm sick and tired.

No. 1880612

Where's your proof of any of this? You just make random shit up.

No. 1880727

I really do hope that Renee gets a restraining order, given Laura kept harassing the counselling services there and mentioned Renee by name. It shouldn't be hard for them to put two and two together for the safety of their staff. Seems Laura is dead set on going to Canada.

I believe it, given there's evidence here of the sort of stuff you say to others in private DMs. You love to share them to your accounts too. Your manipulation would possibly work in your favour - IF you didn't document things so readily, fucking onion-boy tier.

Also, why not try better help? I hear they're wonderful, kek. You're probably on housing benefits, PIP, and probably umpteen other benefits for being out of work given you're already £700 a month. You can shell out for an online therapist, it'd keep them and yourself safe, can be done anywhere. They do concessions for the mentally disabled who cannot work too. You need to let IP go, at best they're containment services in most places. If you're truly interested in change, it starts with you trying to let go with the IP obsession and the obsession with the cows online. And for the love of everything, quit with the knickers thinspo poses, you're getting too old, surprised you're not throwing your back out doing it. You say oyu're not pro ana yet, you clearly are. Which of the boards did you used to frequent back i nthe day out of curiosity?

No. 1880749

anyone shed any light onto Sophie and Colours, is she even real?

No. 1880750

>>1880607 everytime you bully Fairy she does something you don't think you play ANY part in that Colours, theres many others, but yes you contributed to someone trying to take their own life

No. 1880751

>>1880727 Laura will never be allowed to permanently live and work in Canada, she has too much red tape to contend with, just put her name into search engine all her antics are on display. If Laura really wanted to get back to Canada she would at least have been trying to get better herself by now and nothing whatsoever

No. 1880752

£700 a month when u live at home with parents ur raking it in

No. 1881238

Boy, this bitch really thinks she’s the ideal form of an athlete. I don’t even know where to begin. >what’s more athletic that’s this?
Hahahaa almost anything girl, almost anything.

No. 1881278

shes just obsessed either with ppl therapists, healthcare staff or running and her "athletic build". She loves the attention, pretends not to.

No. 1881311

There are no restraining orders or charges or criminal records. I’m not pro-ana (didn’t that die in the 90s?!) Never have been. Why would I WANT a horrible illness and think it’s a good thing? Why would anyone?!
There is no proof or anything to say anyone tried to do anything because of me so you’re just making it up. Provide evidence or you’re all just lying. As usual. But you forget all the times YOU bullied and encouraged ME to kill myself?!

No. 1881313

So you work for the Canadian government now do you? You literally know nothing about immigration and visas so why do you all make up so many lies?

No. 1881316

Dude you think Fairy gives a shit about me? She doesn’t know me, I don’t know her. Her behaviours only occur when loads of staff are around so she can get something or more hospital. Nothing to do with me. You think a person is upset at what I write but your whole nasty thread doesn’t do a thing?! You are so hypocritical. LOLCOW has been named in lots of suicides. I haven’t. I can’t believe you come on here and WK everyone in your pro ana thread against me! You just don’t make sense. You’ve been attacking those people for years. I’m not even interested in about 80 % of them. And give me proof of this supposed suicide attempt because of me or it didn’t happen.

No. 1881317

Literally why do you make stuff up? I don’t get housing benefit, I don’t get PIP, I don’t get anything except Universal Credit. Not that it’s your business. Why don’t you demand to know what benefits Fairy gets, with all the new stuff she’s always buying?!
And you don’t know whether I have a therapist anyway so stop making up BS lies and thinking you know my life.

No. 1881325

Did anyone actually tell you to kill yourself? I know I haven't, I can't remember seeing anything though i'm sure given this type of board there might be passing joking comments. I'm glad you stopped wasting ambulance service times on your BPD antics. But Renee does deserve safety from you, if she didn't have a restraining order back then - she should have one now. I hope her company is on the ball and paying attention to staff safety. You will however have a form of record, everyone who has involvement with police etc will have records.
You're applying for PIP, good luck with it - just don't slash your face in front of the panel whilst going through the tribunal. Surprised you're doing so well on UC when there's families barley scraping by because they've been shoved from legacy benefits to UC. Though it begs to wonder, what are you spending £700 on as a single adult in Kent? How much are the taxpayers paying for medication you piss down the drain, or blades? travel for runs? Expensive running shoes and the likes? And if you have a therapist, great, I hope she's helping you learn to use coping skills to keep your Narc / ASPD / BPD traits in check and is keeping you at arms length. But i don't see any evidence of that as you're still here, going through clear cycles. I await the next woe is me, seeth posting, etc.

No. 1881332

>>1881316 Dude you don't know anyone on this site yet throw a strop threatening and all sorts. The person was in hospital and its not for me to go and air their dirty laundry, if they wanted you to know they'd have told you, as it happens they actually didn't because they know that you're like

No. 1881333

>>1880751 clearly you don't know about the Canadian system anyone involved with the police a report is filed and the dealings with you've had with them Canada will not have you back thank God

No. 1881334

>>1881325 why the flexing in abnormal angles to try and showcase how "skinny" you are? why are you so bothered what size you are, whether you are athletic or not?

No. 1881360

Yes they did. I posted stuff I was doing; pills and cutting and people were laughing and telling me that I needed to take more pills because those wouldn't kill me and I needed to cut more and try harder. People have definitely goaded me and told me to try harder to kill myself in real time while they're laughing at me and telling me to do more and more.

No. 1881362

What travel for runs? I've been to Wales once. My dad organised and booked it and drove me there in his car. Otherwise he drives me to training or if I can get to a station I get public transport.

No. 1881363

You have no idea what I do really and what I spend my money on. You have to have been here 2 years for PIP so I wasn't eligible. I spent a lot of money on driving lessons, not that it's any of your business. And you literally don't know my life and the ins and outs so stop talking as if you do.

No. 1881365

I call BS. It would have been all over lolcow with you gossiping. Since when have any of you respected anyone's 'not wanting people to know'? If any of this was true then it would have been posted.You're lying as usual. And I haven't spoken to anyone, fought with anyone except you trolls or ever told anyone to hurt themselves. So yea; Bullshit.

No. 1881367

>>1881362 so you can get to appointments you just cba but can for running, talk about priorities

No. 1881369

>>1881363 you still not passed yet?

No. 1881371

>>1881365 call it what you want Colours not every suicide or attempt is on Lolcow, you don't think what you do to others isn't hurtful or all, you even went for an NHS worker

No. 1881372

'Not for you to air their dirty laundry' ?! That's all this site does! But suddenly you develop a conscience and won't name names? It would have been all over if it was true. I've never seen someone on lolcow 'respect someone's wishes'. And you all dug into my life and doxxed me so why would you suddenly feel bad about posting some person who went to hospital because of something someone said? All of lolcow would be crowing about them and calling them pathetic. When you were wondering if I was dead you never had any reverence or sympathy of conscience; Just laughed that maybe I had died because people were mean. You were all vile. And still are.
So yea; names and evidence or it didn't happen.
And you're not an immigration officer and you don't know the ins and outs of my life, clearly, because you spout lies. So you know nothing about what I'm doing or going to do.

No. 1881374

I didn't 'go for' anybody. Certainly no nhs worker. Wtf am I supposed to have done to 'an nhs worker' ? I haven't done anything and don't have contact really with any nhs workers. I have nothing to do with them. They just deny me everything and are evil to me. And lolcow can't resist gossip like that so it would have been all over if anything happened. You're lying.

No. 1881375

Yes thanks

No. 1881376

>>1881372 no one thought you were dead ever because all you did was go private and it was obvious as you have no self restraint to stop posting on various platforms. You call out others for lying but you're speaking to various people whom not all could be liars, lol kinda fun as all you do is lie

No. 1881377

>>1881375 so you have never had a go at, posted on any social media platforms nothing on ANY NHS workers volunteer or otherwise?

No. 1881378

What appointments? I used to go to cmht appointments but they kicked me out. The GP and dentist are walking distance. But yea I don't have any appointments to get to now there is no cmht.

No. 1881379

>>1881378 you declined any outpatient as you couldn't get there, your words

No. 1881380

I've posted I hate the nhs all the time. There isn't one I hate more than any others. They are all evil to me. I literally have no idea what or who you are talking about. I don't have any nhs workers personally helping me. And how would you know anyway if some random person was in hospital?

No. 1881381

I didn't decline anything! How many times! Yea I said I don't know how I'd get there. I'm in the middle of nowhere and I'm not driving and there is no train station and barely any buses and my sleep is a mess.

No. 1881382

I don't lie. I haven't lied about anything on here or anywhere else. Why would I?

No. 1881383

Untrue. I had incidents with police before in Whistler and had no problem getting more visas since then.

No. 1881384

So apparently I bullied a farmer and they tried to commit suicide and nobody said a thing about it and all of lolcow came together to support this one person and WK them against me? Yea very plausible.

No. 1881386

>>1881380 you have personally hated on at least one NHS worker who was a volunteer so stop lying Colours

No. 1881387

>>1881386 people talk, most people have friends

No. 1881388

Why is anyone bothered with what size they are? I've said I had eds most of my life and they don't just disappear from your brain. Doesn't mean I'm pro ana. That's just a stupid concept anyway. Whatever Nikol or Kate are saying; that's 'pro ana'. Trying and wanting to have an ed and encouraging it and saying 'it's a lifestyle chioce' or whatever. I'm just trying to live my life and eds don't just disappear so yea I have warped thinking. I don't think you ever completely recover but I'm not about to drop down dead or try to get recognition or (god forbid) a tube stuck up my nose.

No. 1881389

Who then? Because I have no idea. And how do you know and why do you care suddenly? You're the one posting on a hate site. But yea who? I literally do no have a clue. And I haven't done anything. I hate all nhs in general. I don't know any volunteers.

No. 1881390

Yet nobody posted this milk and made a big thing about it. So again; bullshit.

No. 1881392

>>1881390 not everyone is on lolcow most of the public don't know about it, believe what you want Colours same as you not ever lying, kek you have even been warned by your local NHS trust about your comments on your social media

No. 1881398

cmht are nothing to do with me. They denied me everything and won't help so they're irrelevant. But how the fuck would someone off of lolcow know some random nhs volunteer being in hospital anyway? I certainly don't. So stop lying.

No. 1881399

>>1881398 no one said it was an NHS volunteer

No. 1881400

Well then who the fuck are you? How do you supposedly know about it? Why do you care? And if nobody knows about this supposed secret attempt and you have no proof and no names then why are you posting it?

Someone red text this bitch.

No. 1881401

Someone did.

See you lot can't keep your lies straight. Just stop making shit up.

No. 1881403

someone can't read

No. 1881405

File: 1692028428897.jpeg (5.42 MB, 3264x2448, 6B072A7E-7B68-428D-BEF6-32E91A…)

Have a pic of my dirty screen. Someone clearly said it was an nhs volunteer. Right here.

No. 1881408

>>1881405 yh that you have bullied an NHS volunteer theres proof of that for all the world to see on your social medic channels, or you denying that?

No. 1881412

stop using your diagnoses as an excuse to bully and threaten others Colours go and improve

No. 1881413

Who?! No I have no idea what you’re on about and why you’re all suddenly so righteous anyway.
I just don’t get that about this site. YOU can all bully and write horrible things, WAY worse than me, like wishing people death and to be human trafficked etc, but you’ll post horrible stuff on the main thread and then come on here and have a huge go at me for saying that Fairy is a malingerer, saying I’m bullying her and I’m so evil……Yet you just came from writing the same thing about her on the other thread. How do you get to be so nasty on there and then come here and act as if you’re kind and never said a bad word in your life and you need to protect the cows from ME?! I do not understand the dichotomy.
And no I don’t remember attacking any nhs volunteer. I just remember the whole of the nhs being evil and abusive and lying to me and denying me care. I don’t think I’ve ever come across any volunteers.

No. 1881414

With no treatment, no care, no help? Yea sure I’ll just magically get better.

No. 1881416

Name and proof or it didn’t happen. (Well it didn’t as far as I know. So stop making up random lies and leave me alone).

No. 1881423

I don’t get why you’re so interested in me anyway. I’m boring. I don’t swallow socks or keys or batteries. I’m not in the ER every single night because nobody gives a shit about what I do. I’m supposedly boring and a banned topic that nobody wants to talk about so………. Stop talking about me? I don’t know what I do to interest you when you’ve got all Fairy and Enara’s antics to gossip about and all your little teenage ana queens. Really why do you care about me compared to all that drama over there?

No. 1881424

File: 1692030926172.jpg (305.28 KB, 750x1034, IMG_0814.jpg)

>>1881413 you bullied someone you had never even met in the comments

No. 1881430

>>1881414 so you haven't learnt ANYTHING from any therapist, healthcare person in Canada or in the UK at all? You seem dead set that inpatient is the only way forward, why, it didn't work in Canada, what makes the UK any different when apparently you and the NHS hate one another

No. 1881431

That was a general hate against all of cmht, obviously. I have no idea who that person is. And why have you got year old posts of me? THAT is stalkery and obsessive and weird.

No. 1881433

>>1881431 you wanted proof you got it and yet apparently you don't lie kek surprisingly you remember when apparently you didn't, not the first time either as we both know. Just cus i don't keep proof of EVERYTHING you do doesn't mean things didn't happen Colours

No. 1881555

File: 1692043310264.jpeg (116.36 KB, 1024x643, a.jpeg)

No. 1881618

Because the UK has specialist IP for Personality disorders where you go and get treatment. Canada was just general psych IP and there was no therapy, no treatment in IP. Duh

No. 1881623

I asked for proof of me supposedly 'going for' and 'making an NHS volunteer try to commit suicide.' You posted an old post by cmht where I apparently made some comment about cmht on the post but I have no idea what it was and neither do you. I know I've never 'gone for' and nhs volunteer and tried to make them kill themself. I didn't 'go for' whoever the hell this person is. I couldn't care less who they are. I hate the nhs in general. No idea who the person pictured is. This is not proof of me 'making an nhs volunteer kill themself.' Which didn't fucking happen. I'm sick of you and all the lies.

No. 1881624

Well hi Helena/Luna. You're the biggest 2 faced cow I ever 'met.' I know it's you because nobody else on lolcow had access to this account. And this was clearly a long time ago because that's not the name anymore. But seriously dude, what you do is really scummy. You make actual friends with the cows in real life; the real sickest ones, and meet up and travel around and then post all about them on lolcow? That's seriously disgusting behaviour. When I went through my account and got rid of basically everyone I didn't even suspect you but got rid every ed related person apart from a couple I completely trust to not be on here……Lo and behold after I removed you I was suddenly blocked on every one of your accounts. So weird. Other people I removed either didn't notice/care or messaged me and asked what was happening. But you immediately outed yourself. True scumbag.

No. 1881627

Or possibly Sophie but I'm leaning more towards Luna because I'm not sure, unhinged as she is, that Sophie is obsessed enough to keep years old screenshots of my IG posts. I think even she has better things to do with her time.

No. 1881631

Anyway I'm sick of you trolls wasting my time. I really don't know what you see in me but you can't see it now so…….Bye. Go bother someone else.

No. 1881671

You seem to be proud of this fact. Trust me. It’s not anything to brag about. You won’t be returning to Canada that as much can be guaranteed.

No. 1881674

I will. If I don't die here first. Otherwise I will go back to Canada. You are all ridiculous. Don't talk about things you don't know ie the important things in my life.

I've had enough of you. There is no reason for me to waste my time justifying myself to people who don't have a clue about anything and just want to hurt me. So just go away and be wrong somewhere else.

No. 1881757

>>1881623 ffs u don't read do u Colours, no one has said trying to make n NHS volunteer try to commit suicide, yes other ppl its known you have by your antics, screen shot abuse etc. You continuously lie and don't even remember your own lies. U think ppl are that obsessed with you, in your dreams, you don't think ppl make copies, phone saves things automatically etc

No. 1881760

>>1881674 No idea why you don't just go to Canada right now seeing as its so perfect, instead wanna use this country and rinse it dry whilst slagging it off.

No. 1881829

There’s no way they’ll let her back in. She seems to think umpteen police reports for mental health breakdowns and harassment of her former therapist don’t mean anything. I can guarantee that they do. She thinks she is smarter than anyone else (classic narc trait as is not being able to keep on top of their lies so they cover it with yet another lie). She is convinced she is right and we are wrong. Our treatment of her is evil but her exact same treatment of others is a-ok. She’s gonna be in for a very (un)pleasant surprise when she tries to apply for that visa. Perhaps she should invest more time in working on herself rather than crying wolf on here and abusing people on IG? I always thought that when you want something in life you had to put in some graft and work for it? Not spend every waking moment blaming others for YOUR shortcomings?

No. 1881937

Thanks for sharing this! I'm. assuming the account has blocked her, as she hasn't commented on any of their recent Posts, but having a skim through their account is a goldmine of Laura hurling abuse at the NHS!

No. 1881939

The PD IP units in thr UK may offer therapy, but they focus on DBT therapy which you have said you've done and that it didn't work - Why would they offer you a admission when you have told them so many times that DBT. isn't going to help you?
Especially when you would pose a threat to other patients, you won't be given a Individual therapist employed solely to work with you and have told thhen you will be jealous if they work with any other patient and your reaction will place them at risk, and also if you can’t get out of bed until the afternoon, you will miss half the tharapy on offer - and if you ARE ablt to be up and attend therapy while IP then you also would have been able to accept the day patient admission you refused with the same therapy just because it wasn't IP.

No. 1881967

Yes someone literally said I made an nhs volunteer commit suicide. I already posted a picture of what they said but just read up the thread. That is literally what they said. All lies

No. 1881969

Nope they haven’t blocked me. They just don’t give a shit about me. Just shows you how evil cmht is.

No. 1881971

Do not accuse me of lying because I don’t lie. Just go away. Get a fucking life. I didn’t tell anyone to kill themselves, clearly. And you know nothing about immigration so why do you pretend you do? What does it even matter to you that I’m going back? I don’t understand your fascination with me but it’s fucking annoying.

No. 1881975

Because I need to be able to work to get a work visa. I need to get treatment so I can work again. If I just go to Canada now I’d be a visitor and no entitled to work or get healthcare. So that wouldn’t be a very smart idea. And you’ve got a fucking nerve saying I’m ‘rinsing’ this country when I get absolutely zero help and only constant abuse here.

I’m sick of you all and I’m done with you. I don’t owe you any explanations or any details about my life. Go bother someone else and stop your ridiculous lies.

No. 1881978

I don’t lie. I have never refused or declined treatment. This country gives me no help or treatment, only abuse. I’ve never told anyone to commit suicide or wished death on anyone. I don’t have any criminal record. Getting work visas for Canada is not a problem WHEN I can work. I barely get any money from the government. I live in the middle of nowhere so I can’t get places easily. The nhs gives me no help and just throws me out. You don’t know everything about my life and all you do is make up lies. I don’t owe you anything. I’m done. Go bother someone else.

Fuck off and leave me alone.

No. 1881979

>1881969 abuse at NHS staff yes but no one said you caused an NHS worker to try to take their own life. Please learn to read Colours and process it.

No. 1881980

You get money from the government, subsidised medication which other countries you wouldn’t.

No. 1881981

I’m done with you. Fuck right off and get out of my life. I have no idea why you’re so obsessed with me but you don’t know my life, there are loads of things you don’t know. Stop making up bullshit. You’re pathetic. And turn it the other way: apparently YOU are allowed to say nasty things about people but then you pretend you’re all angels and I’m evil?! YOU made this whole thread literally to bully me and you’ve dug up my whole life and doxxed me, tries to get me to kill myself multiple times whilst laughing at me. I have never done anything like that to anyone. I’m done here. Go away.

No. 1881982

You don’t lie, oh please Colours. Just because you don’t tell someone to go kill themselves doesn’t mean you using other ppls pictures and tormenting their size, mental health, posting how horrible they are hasn’t contributed particularly when the individual named you as part of the reason.

No. 1881983

I have no idea what or who you are talking about but maybe I remind you: ‘image board.’ You’re not giving me a name or proof so I have no reason to believe you. I don’t lie. You are the scumbags.

No. 1881984

Except you have, as is evident through your posts. You make it seem like things won't work because it's not exactly how you want them to be. You were offered group therapy, even if it was a group call, you self sabotaged it by threatening to put others at risk. Again, what do you expect IP to do? DBT "doesn't work" group therapy "doesn't work", anything they offer "won't work". Because it's not some 1 on 1, deeply connected FP bullshit, which won't help anyways. Suck it up butter cup. And you lie through your teeth, you deny a lot in which you actually post about, and please, scrolling through post history isn't stalking.

No. 1881985

And that’s exactly what you’ve done to me. You don’t see that? How hypocritical can you be?! You go play hate on the main thread then come here and WK everyone you just attacked from ME! How can you actually live with that duplicity?

No. 1881986


Fuck off.

No. 1881995

You've sent some awful messages, wasn't it han and effy? can't remember who else. You've directly bullied people and shared it on your IG for the world to see. And you're coming here, rather than people DMing you. You choose to see this content. And you even participate given you post in the threads. So what's that now? both posting directly to cows, posting to your IGs and posting/contributing here? who was supposed to be the big bad bullies again? You're even stoaking your own thread, this could have died out long ago. Let's face it, you want the narc input. I'll iterate again, change starts with leaving all this (including obsessively following the cows) behind. But you won't even do that super simple step.

No. 1882009

You are aware you are speaking to many different people so not everyone is culpable.

No. 1882010

>>1881986 part of getting better is owning your flaws

No. 1882032

“I do not lie”

Says the liar acting aggressively & defensively lol. Lee telling yourself that Laura. You’re only gaslighting yourself at this point.

Ok then, does “inflating the truth” sound better? Guess what. STILL. THE. SAME

No. 1882063

You don’t have to be an expert in immigration, it’s right there on the bloody website. She likely is and will be medically inadmissible for literally everything that’s written there.


No. 1882084

Have 3 immigration lawyers in my immediate family and live on the west coast. She’s going to have a very near impossible time getting another visa to come back here.

No. 1882308

File: 1692138606009.jpg (609.43 KB, 1170x1594, LauraBDenied.jpg)

But “haters gonna hate” apparently. The 4 D’s of narcissism: deny, dismiss, devalue, divorce. At least there’s some boxes colour’s checks. But she needs to add a 5th D, DELUSIONAL

No. 1882602

"Who says you can't go home?", she should ask Shamima Baggings, kek. But you aren't owed citizenship to Canada, you aren't even owed access to a country in which you pose a threat to another human.

No. 1882640

Colours trying to get into Canada through marriage visa arc when???

No. 1883038

kek how have I only just found this thread. She’s not even relevant enough to be a proper cow but I can’t stop reading

(posted from my iPod)

No. 1883139

This is a pose to see how many of her torso bones are visible. Not pro-ana, my ass.

No. 1883140

It's really fucking rich to watch you complain about how hurtful people here are towards you, when you have no problem being equally hurtful to others. You just don't like it when people disregard your feelings the way you disregard theirs. News flash: You are not the only human in the world with emotions. You just think yours matter more. (Hint: They don't.)

We see through your hypocrisy and bullshit.

No. 1883167

Shes so rude to even those who are trying to help her, she needs to grow up and act like an adult, her dad is a hero for putting up with being treated how he is

No. 1883562

File: 1692322325681.jpg (381.61 KB, 1170x666, RunReneeRun.jpg)

Or she becomes insanely obsessed with them, like her ex-therapist. This is batshit crazy talk. Is anything truly fixing this?

No. 1886023

File: 1692664393314.png (76.41 KB, 1165x350, Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 7.35…)

kek, that IP admission colours wants would probably put her over this projected cost threshold

No. 1886283

How much do you think Fairy has cost the tax payer so far?

No. 1886300

Its not a competition Colours, Fairy doesn't want to go to Canada, you do

No. 1886473

Fairy doesn't want to get better and have a life. I do.

No. 1886487

For someone who wants to get better and have a life you certainly don't seem to do much to try and progress that? you're still stalking the cows, still on the farms, probably haven't bothered looking into doing the DBT work again. If you put an ounce of energy into seething about others, you'd probably be somewhere by now. Heck even starting a vomit-worthy onlyfans for pennies would be more productive than what you're doing, and you'd be one step closer to paying for private I guess.

No. 1886498

You have no idea what I am or am not doing. I don't know why I'm even giving you a reply.

No. 1886566

so what are you doing, then, colours?

No. 1886660

Why the hell would I tell you stalkers? You really think I'm going to tell you about my life?
What are YOU doing?

No. 1886680

No it doesn't. There aren't two body types - fat or athletic. You can be skinny and not athletic.

No. 1886682

You literally posted the email from your therapist after you threatened to self harm on camera in online group therapy. It's not that you haven't been offered help, it's that your behaviour means you're asked to leave for the sake of other patients who actually want to get better.

No. 1886683

I'm not sure you can be kicked out of A&E for being 'out of area'. I live nearest to one hospital, like everyone does, but have attended a few other A&Es based on where I was staying at the time and they never denied me treatment.

No. 1886684

To be fair, Sophie seems to tick a few lolcow boxes herself. This is the first time I've seen her mentioned.

No. 1886687

A fuckload, but she's a British citizen using British taxpayers' money for her NHS treatment. Like you, she'd be turned down for a visa to Canada.

No. 1886712

Immigration Canada isn’t in the habit of giving visas to people who set off alarm bells. It’s right there on their website. People who stalk their ex-therapists and carve their name into their skin aren’t high on their list of people to approve believe it or not. You’ve set yourself up for failure from your social media alone (and your narcissism means you will always share this shit to the masses because you crave any and all attention). I thought you were smart? Will you stalk and harass them too like you do the NHS, fairy et al. when you’re denied?

No. 1886728

>>1886684 anyone got any deets on Sophie

No. 1886743

Colours accused Sophie of stalking her, Sophie called an ambulance for her it seems, they fell out

No. 1899517

File: 1694920824686.png (282.11 KB, 1098x689, Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 10.1…)

It appears that colours managed to fuck things up with her running club by being her usual unhinged self.

No. 1899520

File: 1694920883139.png (57.03 KB, 239x352, Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 10.1…)

I can't really tell what happened from her vague posting, but I'm guessing she did something insane and they called an ambulance and then asked her to stop coming to events or something

No. 1899522

File: 1694920917799.png (376.86 KB, 593x724, Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 10.2…)

She also caused a huge disturbance by having a meltdown in public in an airport

No. 1899524

File: 1694920971960.png (343.33 KB, 744x607, Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 10.2…)

No. 1899552


Someone link me this account(spoonfeeding request + lack of sage)

No. 1899554

learn to sage or read the username off the screenshots that include it

No. 1899606

File: 1694934831600.jpg (264.94 KB, 903x539, grippySocksVaccay.jpg)

I'm dreaming of a grippy sock vaccay. Just like the one's i used to know~

No. 1899607

File: 1694934932148.png (129.91 KB, 479x252, Laura2SpiderArch.PNG)

I did wonder if Laura#2 is starting up her copycat spider arch. Or if she's on that much drugs that the withdrawals actually set her loopy.

No. 1899608

File: 1694935129784.png (693.78 KB, 593x747, Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 10.1…)

Amazing that someone who openly says her only goal is to be hospitalized doesn't see the hypocrisy in whining about others wasting the NHS's money

No. 1899609

File: 1694935286767.png (107.6 KB, 475x464, Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 2.24…)

This is some deeply unhinged shit. Yeah, the NHS totally made you invisible.

No. 1899612

File: 1694935436439.jpg (261.21 KB, 976x422, exercise.jpg)

She seems to reminisce a lot on how over in Canada they let her over-exercise to escape dealing with the days, feelings, thoughts and life, needing constant control of her body. Apparently gave her suppliments after but it doesn't change the fact in those moments of exercising you're lost in an escape.

No. 1899613

File: 1694936540045.jpg (244.39 KB, 838x580, wellYouDo.jpg)

Laura purposefully going out and scaring the locals, probably with more cuts and screaming. She is starting to looking like a crackhead. And the screaming at the airports and having more fantasies of slashing throats (Enera copying) at the airport was something. She probably really needs to have a meds evaluation and be detoxed, least that's a route that you can potentially get treatment for.

And speaking of treatment, Lauras probably going to be lurking soon. "Dr K's guide to mental health" is up on 4chan if you figure out how to use google and torrents. The ADHD modules and meditation might help you, no idea if the other modules are relevant but hey - free. Gives you something do other than rage-scrolling social media. Or maybe go to their discord and someone might gift it to you, they seem a friendly bunch. Do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

No. 1899623

File: 1694939097558.png (838.98 KB, 1087x573, YouCantForgetME.PNG)

Still harassing her old therapists too, they're just hiding her comments, kek.

No. 1899624

File: 1694939479058.jpg (75.29 KB, 508x411, CC.jpg)

I don't get why they haven't blocked her yet. They're hiding your comments, they're not going to be checking out your "public IG where sperg out". Safe to say they've acknowledged you, hopefully they've put safety in place for Renee and just like your own self-filling prophecy they'll not respond to you and this again makes you feel invisible. So much self-caused shit.

No. 1899644

was this while she was visiting her sister in Italy? I'm dying to know how the sister felt about the visit.

No. 1899653

2 days ago. Her holiday abroad was over a week ago i think, mix fof running trips then the few days at her sisters. There was a post saying she's feeling alone and ignored there straight after saying she's at her ssiters and that no one is checking on her or asking if she's okay. Also It seems like between the runners club having to drop her (having her on the team looking like a slashed up mess isn't good for anyone involved), people that know her have been calling ambulances day after day, and the randoms on the street when she's out there seeking attention calling ambulances and taking pity on her. Must be costing the NHS a fortune on ambo rides transport.

No. 1899670

File: 1694954833371.jpg (184.41 KB, 549x762, At1212onXX2019.jpg)

Samefag but found what the #RememberTheDate-esc moment was about. It was probably when she was kicked out of therapy. Reminds me of that girl with the feeding tube remembering the date and time of tube insertion. The therapists aren't going to remember they discharged you on a specific day back in 2019, nor should they care. And the follow-up posts complaining about not being seen, not being replied to, just being blocked out makes more sense. They don't owe her attention for her harassment.

No. 1899716

File: 1694962539775.jpg (224.11 KB, 436x1090, threateningsewerslide.jpg)

Threatening randos in Facebook groups because they were praising staff at the NHS for helping them and their loved ones in regards to running and athletes, whilst making a fuss making it all about her and her "nhs abuse". She got booted, messaged the admins or mods and told that she's anhero-ing over this random chap. Her list of people to blame must be ridiculously long by now.

No. 1899731

File: 1694964465330.png (165.46 KB, 690x668, suislide.PNG)

>Laura posts this.
>Laura wonders why she gets kicked out of her running club and ambulances called on her. Screaming with alcohol bottles in videos in a field.

No. 1899756

File: 1694968746392.mp4 (10.69 MB, 720x1280, ScaringWalkers23Aug23.mp4)

Warning: volume, screaming like a banshee. Smashed bottles, throwing them around, what seems like hitting herself with them on a walkers path. Multiple videos like this. "I dunno why people keep calling an ambulance!! i keep posting these things publicly too! along with suicide threats! but no idea why people worry about me!!"

No. 1899902

It's either, "Why are people worrying about me? ~rage~" or, "No one's worrying about me! ~rage~". Seems pretty clear what the theme is here, and it's not any kind of grip on reality.

No. 1899913

This feels like a prelude to attempted mass murder or something. Thank God we don't sell guns legally over here, and she's too posh to know where to buy them on the street.

As cruel as this sounds, she thoroughly deserves a punch at this point. She needs to know that people won't tolerate this shit and… oh, fuck it. Nothing's gonna get through to her, is it?

No. 1900162

>do you even know what date it is?

What's so shocking about August 27th? Does she expect a counselling service's social media manager to know the discharge dates of all their patients? She's so self important.

No. 1900169

Between the airport lunacy and this public display of contrived crazy it's pretty obvious she's trying to get sectioned.

No. 1900277

Props to the admin for not even engaging with her threats.

No. 1900413

I almost guarantee that they've had crisis committee meetings about how to manage her.

No. 1900479

File: 1695073045542.png (407.24 KB, 683x567, huzzah.PNG)

Huzzah, she's back to posting cringey music with lyrics on top, this time with hospital pictures. Back to wasting taxpayer money on ambo rides, fingers crossed for her though, hopefully they'll drug her up and she'll get her wish of being Fairy/LLL.

No. 1900508

honestly, it's kind-of impressive that the nhs seems to see that inpatient treatment won't help her and holds firm against her attempts to escalate. Although she can't see it, that shows a hell of a lot more concern about her wellbeing than it would to just let her live in a hospital and throw fits forever.

No. 1900971

File: 1695156070919.png (1.35 MB, 1214x754, ProAnaAWearingKidsClothes_UWU.…)

Sometimes grown adults really want to wear and brag about wearing kids clothes. Totally normal.

No. 1901034

NGL, that's a cute tankini. Bit fucked up it's a kids' one though.

No. 1901051

The question really is why are some companies making kids' sizes so big these days? But swimwear is also very elastic. It's not really that shocking.

No. 1901183

>Asks for a childs' cuff a the hospital
>"Why are they making child cuffs so big??"
Same energy with the humblebrag. Yet it fails because you had to stuff yourself into the cuff and it doesn't function properly. What are you doing shopping in a John Lewis kids section anyways? The two piece looks bizarre riding up on an adult and having to force yourself into the bottoms/barely covering yourself. The hsoulders are tight not because of your supposed "broad shoulders", it's made for a literal tween. But i hope you feel so absolutely adorable, precious even.

No. 1901230

Embarrassing that she makes such a big deal out of saying she ISN'T pro ana, yet is bragging about wearing kids clothes at the age of almost 40

No. 1901231

Also the constant body checks, exactly the kind of photos she would complain about "fairy" etc posting.

No. 1901291

I think you’re confused. Marie was the one going on about children’s bp cuffs.

No. 1901294

And this bathing suit doesn’t come from John Lewis. Are you quite alright? You’re ranting on about things that are completely untrue.

No. 1901300

Come on! It’s meant to be funny! Yea it’s a bit too small. Because it’s made for kids! But what 9-10 year old is 5’7? Clearly kids are not actually this size so the sizing chart they’re using is ridiculous.

No. 1901307

File: 1695220847614.png (193.43 KB, 394x661, Cope.PNG)

So you might have got it from another kids section? Are you quite alright there? You still went into a kids section, or on a kids site, just to buy something that looks like it's made for kids. Brand name was funny though, did the term FatFace draw you in? ana chans are a funny breed.

No. 1901312

If you look at the models, there's barely any mid-drift showing and the bottoms cover quite a large chunk of them/properly cover them. Not going to post pictures because they're kids. One review on the FF site said the 10-11 was a perfect fit for their tall 9 year old. But either way they're not a full-grown woman nearing 40 trying to fit into kids clothes kek. And you're right, it is funny, absurd even, just not the way you'd hope.

No. 1901319

File: 1695222606013.jpeg (1.87 MB, 3264x2448, 63943972-C3C5-4A2D-B9E6-A4CB75…)

Fat Face is a store selling both adults’ and kids’ clothing. I was with someone who really likes that brand. I’m not particularly into it but there was a sale rack. A tankini for under £10.
Of course it doesn’t fit an adult the same as a child. But why pass up a cheap swim suit that you like because of what the number on the label says?

No. 1901320

I’m sure when kids wear it they ARE completely covered. Good. Kids wearing bikinis, crop tops etc seems weird and not right. But this is how it fits on me and I’m gonna wear it. Don’t you have anything better to bitch about? I’ve got running shorts from like 15 years ago. Is that a great topic of conversation to you too?

No. 1901323

Most middle-age adults don't buy kids clothes just because they're reduced to squeeze themselves into kek. That's some cope.

No. 1901325

Why do you care? Go get a life.

No. 1901326

File: 1695224039640.jpeg (176.35 KB, 637x747, 2170EAD7-CA76-448E-A646-DC98E7…)

No. 1901349

You're both right. John Lewis is a department store that sells various brands as well as its own products, Fatface among them. Fatface is a popular mid-price chain here in Britland.

No. 1901368

Colours: fuck off don’t talk about me
Also colours: consistently does ridiculous attention seeking bullshit that is obviously going to be noticed in a negative way

I sometimes honestly can’t tell if this woman is trolling or if she is genuinely deluded.

No. 1901539

I genuinely want you to go away and stop talking about me. I don’t want your attention.

No. 1901605

Oh but you do you malignant twat. Hence the million accounts, posts, selfies. That CONSTANT need for attention. It bothered you so much that no one posted about you for weeks that you upped the ante on your social and hoped people were looking. You’re right about one thing though - why DO we care? You’re a nobody (guess that makes you right about two Kek).

No. 1901630

And even if, for whatever reason (?!), a woman in their 40s bought a takini for prepubescent girls - just wear it! It's the way she brags about having squeezed her body into a kids swimsuit, proud to announce that it is for kids aged 9-10. Not pro ana, yet acts as though it's a huge flex to be wearing clothes for primary school kids, and taking loads of body check selfies while wearing it, because she thinks it proves that she is thin.

No. 1901678

does it not break some site rule for colours to be replying to her own thread all the fucking time?

No. 1901813

File: 1695299947825.jpg (164 KB, 498x439, courtitis.jpg)

Pretty sure cows often get banned for it, but i'm assuming this is some form of containment thread so no idea if it applies.

Wonder why Laura bangs on about how it's illegal to deny treatment, when you need a pretty solid case that the treatment is going to be helpful rather than harmful to both staff and patients. She could always go to court though. The NHS don't get paid enough to deal with her bullshit though.

No. 1902213

it's extremely funny that colours clearly intends to use her colours instagram account to bully people, but keeps being thwarted because she gets annoyed by the idea that people are (shock gasp) reading her deranged public posts and then makes the account private, saving her targets from having to read that shit.

No. 1902231

I'm glad they don't have to bump into her whilst private, but she's vile really and sends messages to cows anyways. She's shared screenshots of the things she says before when she can control the narrative and make herself look the victim/hard done by. I just find it funny her overinflated and delicate sense of self >>1901326. Narcs need a supply, she never stays private long because she needs something to feed into her cycle. Without it she's empty. And whilst we laugh, I don't think anyone actually cares THAT much if she never gets posted again. It's not a threat or a gotcha. I just wish farmhands would ban her for the laughs in general again, it's obvious who she is in the main PAS thread because she can't help self-inserting herself and her whining or vendettas against the cows.

No. 1902232

File: 1695365059572.png (246.32 KB, 797x819, SafetyBoundariesLiteralDiscrim…)

She seems to think that her club putting in boundaries for safety is literally discriminating against her. She can't handle being told no, thank god she's not a bloke.

No. 1902781

File: 1695450799530.jpg (1.14 MB, 2235x1632, dischargeletter.jpg)

Oof it's essentially confirmed that the PD unit can't provide support - there's nothing they can offer. Due to Laura not wanting to engage in a safe manner with groups (to work on empathy, sharing coping skills and all the benefits that actually come from group work that would benefit her PD recovery), and the very real risk of her constantly contacting 1 on 1 support and escalating staff boundaries putting them at risk, she's not suitable for that specific personality disorder unit. And obviously it's not a wake up call for Laura to self-reflect, she feels scorned and to her it's obviously it's the units fault and holds no personal accountability. At least she's got her family's support as much as she keeps pushing them away, maybe they'll find a private unit somewhere, fire up the gofundme. I doubt the NHS were writing out of the blue, I'm assuming she's either been hammering on at them still, or her family have, or emergency services and they had to send out the discharge letter. Not everything is a personal intentional dagger to the heart.

No. 1902795

Sorry to samefag but it is making me wonder what the rest of the letter says, it's alluding to that there is some sort of support available, but it's very specific in nature such as job support, hobbies etc. but boundaries have to be in place. It's just all in all because of her specific presentation there's nothing they can offer for the personality disorder, they can't magic up something and hey know inpatient won't be of benefit - which obviously Laura seethes over because to her it invalidates her somehow as she said. Suprised she hasn't gone full seething stalker mode/doctor shopping though and found wherever LLL lives and moves there to apply to that specific NHS area/units.

No. 1902798

One part of it definitely seems like they're telling her what she needs to do to show enough progress for them to offer her their services again. Like, some specific goals to show she's learned how to not be a fucking danger to everyone else.

No. 1903000

Recognising that some conflicts/negative emotions you have are part of the BPD is a huge part of the therapy process. Mentalisation-based therapy is used a lot in the UK now, but I can't see her getting on well in group therapies where she can't be the therapist's pet/object of all attention. I've been in groups and there's sometimes been That One Person who has to disrupt it for everyone else. She's that person, and will be until she decides she wants to get better. Where is her rock bottom though? You'd have thought that would be now..

No. 1903003

You can't have someone threatening to attack other patients never mind the actual healthcare workers, never mind her history of stalking, bullying and attacking people

No. 1905855

File: 1695921274819.png (148.64 KB, 1131x480, off_didntagewell.PNG)

Reading thread #90 (archive) again and are at the part of her hypocritical sperg out, i can't tell if this was foreshadowing or if the club actually knew what she was like and were just tolerating it until they had to intervene. If she was showing up to races constantly slashed up with her headcannon waifu's name on her arm.. it's not a great look and probably could be triggering for other runners/distressing.

No. 1905880

File: 1695924249608.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.45 KB, 640x1136, 1675304650945[1].jpg)

Image attached also from the archived thread. Also did anyone get a knock on the door from Ben in the end? kek.(spoiler that shit)

No. 1906534

Theres an archive? Where can I find it?

No. 1906700

No. 1906795

>Spoiler that shit
The shit that's literally in thread OP image unspoilered. Duly noted for next time.
The threads not going to link that way i'm afraid anon, i've tried before. The site modifies the url as it's been submitted. Easiest way i can see of explaining how to get there bar another URL shortener is:
Open up https://web.archive.org/ copy the thread URL from this page. Paste it in and change out the number before the html with 1751458 and submit.

No. 1907506

Jesus. It’s like a still from the Walking Dead.

No. 1909684

File: 1696585819286.jpg (46.6 KB, 640x1136, tenaious.jpg)

Holy hell that dedication to making phone calls. I wonder if she hounded the NHS this much?

No. 1910382

File: 1696697877420.png (1.3 MB, 1170x1731, DoesntWorkThatWayLaura.png)

Well she seems to think she will be back there very soon Kek. Pretty sure immigration doesn’t work that way Colours. The way you abuse people surely must tell you why no one wants to be around you.

No. 1910442

>>1910382 Canada are welcome to her, keeps everyone happy. She should just book a ticket and disappear. She chooses to self contain herself rather than move out, pass her driving test. The club are hardly abusing her when she started it all off, the world doesn't revolve around her and they have to think of the other members.(learn to sage)

No. 1910538

Everyone except the therapist she wants to stalk there.

No. 1929889

Colours thinking once inpatient she can still run kek

No. 1935894

File: 1701389181552.webm (6.09 MB, WaitingRoomTeLaTet.webm)

Really not sure if this is okay to post now, but here's the subbed video. It's whatever happened prior to the video for them to already have had enough with her/them having to move CAHMS clients away.

No. 1935896

File: 1701389959409.png (332.09 KB, 352x620, PlxShareVid.PNG)

The "Please share" video mentioned was a very clipped-down version of it which was essentially cut out after the cahms bit so you don't see that the NHS are trying in some way to help her and that she's having reviews and appointments even if it's not productive in the way Laura wants.

No. 1935911

Laura thinks the whole world is out to get her and everyone abuses her

No. 1935937

Literally not. No appointments, no anything. That video was the last time I was there and the last time I had anything to do with them except for the ongoing complaints and other processes against them which are being handled on my behalf by someone else. I can't even remember when this was but a long time ago. I do not have a cmht, a psychiatrist or any mental health treatment from the nhs and never have had any treatment from them since I got here. Things were suggested and then they went back on their word and said actually no you can't have anything. Every single time. I've told you and you just don't listen and make up your own lies even when the truth and proof is literally given to you. I don't know how so many of you can be so dumb sometimes.

No. 1939934

File: 1702027413234.jpg (92.11 KB, 640x1136, 408552261_940580940990112_6924…)

Can you imagine using the treadmill and having someone with earphones in, unable to regulate their volume, singing Garbage Bleed like me, Lucy at the gym, or some messed up yet inspirational to her 2000's songs. Heck, given she likes The Used maybe A box of sharp objects, good old screamo music.

No. 1944969

Listening to this, it's pretty obvious that you misinterpreted the conversation because you were extremely emotional and triggered. Near the end you literally made up a phrase that this woman supposedly said to you (she didn't say the words you claim she did, and that's clear upon an objective viewing). While these people have no idea how to interact with you while you're highly emotional, you also can't expect to have productive conversations with them when you're in such a reactive state. Honestly, they should have tried to calm you down, but they also should have set boundaries with you long before they did so, because that conversation was never going to benefit anyone. Unfortunately, the video "proves" nothing except that you were totally unable to think logically in the moment.

If you misinterpreted her words while she was speaking to you, and you misinterpreted the letter you got even though the words were right in front of you, it makes it incredibly difficult for us to believe anything else that you say about these people.

No. 1945565

The issue is that laura only hears what she wants to hear. She has been offered help, declined it as she claims it doesn't work as she has tried it in Canada. Even if she has she needs to show she has tried it in the UK. If she was made an inpatient she would put patients and staff at risk by her actions. There is no reasoning or speaking to Laura. Staff are quite frankly frustrated and annoyed at her behaviour. No one wants to deal with her as she threatens to sue.

Monday everything was fine, she had a running group, she was positive, Tuesday she has tried to take her own life again. In the past when an ambulance has been called she has refused to go which is why her and Sophie had a disagreement. Hopefully Laura is alright and gets the help she requires.

No. 1945585

File: 1703105288845.png (78.96 KB, 291x569, 416AM.PNG)

She was "okay" this morning 4:16am, i thought going by her posts she didn't attempt but obviously could be wrong? I hope she is okay, though i don't get how she could be so functional past few days (despite nothing physically changing) only for it to fall apart just because she's not validated, nature of the beast?

No. 1945590

she will have at least cut, not sure by how much or depth wise. She obviously got turned down for something NHS wise but she still has so much going for her, her sister, her sisters dog, a running group, she has ample amounts of money judging by her spending habits of new shoes, Pandora charms, goes on holidays.

No. 1945610

File: 1703110119624.jpg (200.99 KB, 782x498, maidstonepolice.jpg)

Could this have been her?

No. 1945621

If it is shes managed to get transport as it not THAT near to where she lives

No. 1945946

Just to let everyone know Laura is physically fine and is with her parents at home safe

No. 1946034

God Laura turns everything anyone says into a hate onto her. Who cares what you spend your money on, its an observation! You really don't realise how lucky you have it and just look at everything you don't have.

No. 1946517


Always plays the victim even when ppl are genuinely concerned. Another "attempt" when she is physically fine. She is so ungrateful, has she ever even heard of the word gratitude!

No. 1946560

Shes a spoilt privileged brat who should thank her lucky stars her family haven't disowned her the way she treats them(Sage)

No. 1947879

Non contribution. Image board.

No. 1947890

>>1947879 thats why I didn't sage it. Just look at her account, currently in Italy, always has new running shoes, clothes, going away, charms for her bracelet, yet acts like the world is against her. The stunts shes pulled shes lucky her family have stuck by and allowed her to stay rent free

No. 1947907

File: 1703714638517.png (26.24 KB, 355x683, selfaware.PNG)

Is she at the Italian sisters? That poor kid (or does the sister not care?), who would feel safe about having someone who is slicing themself up and impulsive around their kids at all, even if they're family. Someone wouldn't have an abusive drunk playing with their kids, why a cluster B nightmare with a hair trigger? Imagine the trauma from it.

No. 1949194

File: 1704057853834.jpg (416.15 KB, 1532x1430, ToddlerRant.jpg)

Why on earth does she sound like a toddler, without knowing full context her posts read like a little kid who had a cat nick food off their plate or told no to dessert. But hey, shoes! Back to whining. I thought this account was supposed to be about the good in her life?

No. 1951125

File: 1704479387765.jpg (60.38 KB, 640x1136, 416269683_1330665100900751_861…)

This actually made me laugh. There's been a few "who is this stupid farmer?!" from her posts recently as she shares icons that slipped through on other threads, but this one tickled me. Please newfags, don't make the attempt so obvious. They removed the "THE NHS CANNOT BE TRUSTED" from bio too since her screenshot, kek.

No. 1951469

And i guess she didn't want her last name to be associated with her antics, she's changed name to "allthe coloursofthedark" again and @laura_orophile. Guessing she's ditching her "it's a positive account! uwu" persona.

No. 1953456

How long til she messes things up and shows her true colours at the new athletics club?

No. 1962821

File: 1707136243271.jpg (692.53 KB, 1839x408, SallyC.jpg)

Just thought I'd bring some of Laura's posts from the other thread to hers, kek. Is she angry that Sally supposedly turned her life around somehow without being shoved in an institution? That it shows Laura could unfuck her own life if she chose to? Tickles me to both want to be friends with someone all whilst posting personal stuff online to the boards.

No. 1962824

File: 1707137185888.png (21.37 KB, 1806x112, LayUponABedOfBlood.PNG)

Some people scratch names into their arms, others go full hog and mean damage. Shouldn't be asking for tips though colours.

No. 1965517

File: 1707826434971.jpg (789.87 KB, 1200x2136, BloomingGrimCycle.jpg)

Damn her daily cycles are so blooming grim. From romanticising IP as if the end goal is to be institutionalized, to lashing out at her local community (hopefully she was smashing bottles in the woods instead of in town again - but surely locals see her as a crackhead or something by now. And then getting angry that nothing came out of it). If the volunteer at Shout didn't swiftly close out chat I'm sure she would have lashed out at them too if she hadn't already. Then the constant selfie eyefucking, and eventual suicide baiting. It's enough to give anyone whiplash, imagine if she actually put her energy into something that's not self-absorbed or attention seeking.

No. 1965598

Hi Helena(hi cow)

No. 1968014

File: 1708449289864.jpg (315.85 KB, 1145x1128, 1600posts_AndThenSome.jpg)

This oddly tickled me, celebrating "1600" posts, and then some. And that's just some of the accounts we know of kek.

No. 1974154

File: 1709991503230.jpeg (830.19 KB, 1125x2202, IMG_7254.jpeg)

Came across colors in the wild today!
Commenting on a Facebook page asking for feedback on mental health services in your area. Talking about the ‘lucky favourites’ she obsesses over.
There was another comment where she said she was kicked out for being too complex and unstable.. but of course failed to stalking her ex therapist, threatening to cut her face in group on camera, being offered help and refusing anything but IP etc etc etc

No. 1974168

she's still being discussed, but in this thread >>1933243 now

No. 1974274

Why not discuss her in her own thread?

No. 1977871

File: 1710847741415.jpg (996.8 KB, 2044x1672, BuhMahCows.jpg)

This tickled me, when AI gave her a question about not using mobiles or technology for a day whether she could do it - she could only draw on "well, i did it whilst coddled in IP! i can do it then!" only to stay up to daft hours again archiving cows. She's addicted to devices, and the input from it, no wonder her brain is fried beyond repair.

No. 1978036

>>1977871 shes so desperate for attention, the poses, posting everything up, she lies so badly everyone is just laughing at her

No. 1978333

File: 1710959467497.png (92.87 KB, 460x407, Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 6.32.…)

Colours thinking she doesn't lie, really kek! She ever been in seclusion in UK cus its not how she describes it but more akin to Canada

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