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File: 1425934255445.jpg (68.76 KB, 500x333, tumblr_nhha6tPcQJ1qik1p8o2_500…)

No. 17720

Previous thread >>10724

What you should know

-She hates Aminyan's guts and tried to get perks to turn against her using fake screencaps

-Whiteknights herself and posted her personal information to prove someone wrong on her old thread

-Tried to get Bibi and Himeka/Mono to derail her thread and make it about Aminyan

-She is friends with Bibi and Himeka/Momo despite calling the latter a cheap whore

-She runs the Kawaii Black Girls page on Facebook, even though she lacks any sense of style herself

-She bandwagons whatever will make her popular

-She doesn't take criticism no matter how constructive it is

-Supposedly in Special Ed classes at her school

-She's apart of her school's Feminist club

-She can't handle arguments and sound logic

-She use to spam her nudes on 4chan

-Her boyfriend has her convinced he's 22 when he is actually older than that

-She deleted her spacekin blog after failing to get people to doxx a girl she disagreed with


tiny-stardust.tumblr.com (her new kin blog)

pudinsesu.tumblr.com (kawaii blog, littered with anti-white and anti-men post)

milkpuddin.tumblr.com (nsfw)

imoutoppai.tumblr.com (her original blog, you can only see the post via the app)

twitter.com/sailormicky (her old twitter)

twitter.com/uchuu720 (her new twitter)

twitter.com/mimimyun1 (her private twitter)



Be sure to screencap any lulz you see because she tends to delete posts often to cover her tracks.

No. 17721

File: 1425935090670.jpg (79.1 KB, 445x967, Screenshot_2015-03-09-16-57-33…)

The post that made her delete her second spacekin blog.

No. 17722

File: 1425935340177.jpg (28.83 KB, 800x214, Screenshot_2015-03-08-15-36-51…)

No. 17723


Okay, that's pretty funny. It's awesome when her bullying backfires on her dumb ass.

No. 17724

File: 1425937821423.jpg (122.67 KB, 768x877, Screenshot_2015-03-06-19-08-15…)

I highly doubt any of this is true

No. 17725

lol reminds me of quirks flipping her shit over some guys telling her she has pretty eyes because CATCALLING

the dude maybe poked her once or something

No. 17726

Huh, she really did delete her tumblr. But isn't that where she gets all her asspats and everything?

No. 17727

She talks like a tough person but wouldn't even win a argument. She was like was ready to go off on people today but couldn't even do nothing when people on tumblr curse her out.. Nothing but a pussy she needs her ass beat seriously

No. 17728

This is so beautiful
I hope there is many more backfiring events like this in store for stupid Micky <3

No. 17729

Seeing as how Micky was making fun of an Asian girl.. and I'm 99% sure in her other thread she was the "PANCAKE FACE GOOK UGH GOOKS I HATE ASIANS" anon
I think she's wickedly jealous of Asian girls

No. 17730

No micky claims to be half asian

No. 17731

And that person in the other thread was pretty annoying you'd have to admit.

No. 17732

File: 1425944190994.jpg (131.84 KB, 640x974, image.jpg)

Micky's porn blog is beyond creepy. I don't understand how she or that Momo/ Himeka / baby–chan girl always claim to be feminists against sexualization of girls, but are into almost child porn and post nudes of themselves. Neither of them are really SJW. In Himeka's and Bibi's case the SJW thing is just convenient for them("I can post porn of myself !! I'm trying to be body positive" or "older people need to stahp sexualizing teen girls!!!! u all r racist imma pray 4 u!!!!!!!") but in Micky's case, she's just really stupid. If you read anything Micky writes she's just repeating things she's saw other people say.

No. 17733

It was barely a little over a year ago but micky used to say "what about the white peopleeee" or make rape jokes or talk about how feminists are bad. She doesn't have a mind for herself.

No. 17734

Ew, what the fuck? That makes me so uncomfortable. That's really hypocritical to claim you're against sexualizing young girls and then run a blog like THIS. Looks like borderline lolicon in the header image, too. Barf.

No. 17735

She isn't though. She's jealous.

No. 17736

You guys may not know this but she likes roleplay rape but she is against rape. Explain to me how does that make any sense??

No. 17737

Yeah it was annoying that's why I'm assuming it was her.

No. 17738

KILL ALL RAPISTS, IM A FEMINIST! but i love pretending to be a rape victim in bed ehehhe >u<

No. 17739

I don't think that. I think she lost a Facebook argument to that girl, felt stupid so called on tumblr to be her personal army.

No. 17740

Himeka is like that too. She reblogged a post along the lines of "Anime is bad because it sexualizes young girls." But at the same time will reblog lolicon pee porn.

No. 17741

>He's being an annoying fuckhead, he must totally want to fuck me~~
Lmao, she really needs to get off her high horse

No. 17742

Having rough sex fantasies isn't the same thing as supporting rape. She's a hypocrite in plenty of other ways, though.

No. 17743

It isn't uncommon to be jealous of someone yet claim to have certain features of the person/people one is jealous of. Look at PULL for examples.

No. 17744

File: 1425948745691.jpg (165.97 KB, 558x814, image.jpg)

The black girls are Kawaii page, a page made to counter act Micky lurks Lolcow. The commenters aren't that bright. Lolicon isn't a "fashion" lolita is a fashion. Lolicon means pedophile in Japanese.

No. 17745

I was under the impression that Micky runs that page, actually. Did someone remake it after she supposedly "closed it down" or something?

No. 17746

Kawaii black girls is micky but after she deleted some of the admin's aminyan posts they realized how crazy she was and started black girls are kawaii

No. 17747

It doesn't really seem like they are confused from that cap…

No. 17748

>pokes me every day for an entire hour
This is biggest exaggeration of the year.

No. 17749

I dont even want to click that image because it looks underage and making me so uncomfortable.

No. 17750

I hate that obnoxiousness… Any woman who has ever been a victim of rape or sexual assault can tell these bitches that their fantasies aint cute. You can say "I really like rough sex" but rape fantasy is very extreme and it's creepily the norm in Japan.

No. 17751

File: 1425962329677.jpg (60.18 KB, 768x897, Screenshot_2015-03-10-00-34-43…)

No. 17752

I feel like people don't get the whole idea of what a rape fantasy is. It isn't rough sex with their partner. Its someone taking them by surprise, maybe sneaking in to their house, maybe with a mask, being forceful, possibly tying them up and then having sex with them. It is key points of rape except you're consenting to your partner surprising you with it since you know it is your partner and you get turned on

No. 17753

It's a fantasy yes, but the whole rape thing is too much. Real rape is the worst thing a woman can go through and that shit isnt going to be gentle and exciting. What this girl wants is rough, but consenting sex with a partner, but to call it a rape fantasy is too much.

No. 17754

I laugh at people who want knives. I am almost positive you they won't ever be able to use it if they needed it in a heat of battle. Most knives are worthless, esp if they're taken from you - even used against you. I'd rather run away or learn how to use my own body (fists, fingernails, biting, kicks etc) as a weapon.

No. 17755


I thought she was saying she needed a comb. I assumed she saw the light at the end of the tunnel and was finally going to comb her ratty ass hair. Got my hopes up.

No. 17756

I agree. I have gotten raped once and I have rape fantasy fetish (before and after the rape). Its not like I want to be actually raped I want my partner to overpower me/etc in the way you described. Its hot because its my partner and not a stranger doing it against my will. ty for someone understanding finally

No. 17757

You are a fucking liar.

No. 17758

Holy shit no. No rape victim is ever going to want to do some rape fantasies. Are you serious?

No. 17759

I got raped by someone I dated. It was outside, in the dirt he hit me and whatnot. not sexy, felt cold, uncomfortable, horrible etc

Rape fantasy- my partner overpowering me at home, when i know what he is going to before hand, he does not hit me etc. It doesnt mean I think real rape is sexy. I now usually use the term 'overpowered' sex instead of rape fantasy since people don't seem to understand and think it means I want to be abused

No. 17760

I dont think you have to tell any woman here that rape is uncomfortable and not sexy. It's just how you're wording out sounds really fake. Sorry if it really happened to you though.

No. 17761

english isn't my native language and I type maybe sounding weird when I mean to sound serious.

I just explained myself since it prob sounded like I was like 'raep is super hawt i wanna get raped again!!' because that is not the case and i'm pretty sure no one is like that. Thanks anon

No. 17762

No prob. Didn't know English wasnt your native language. My apologies.

No. 17763

Someone posted a thread about her on /soc/ recently.

No. 17764

archive link?

No. 17765

How come her hair never stays down?

No. 17766

Because her hair is a fried mess

No. 17767

No. 17768

She probably made that thread herself

No. 17769

Yeah, agreed. The logic that role-playing rape is similar to actual rape in any way is flawed. People don't seem to understand that women know that role-playing rape is nothing like the act of something non-consensual and violent. Of course they know the difference! (Also, not just straight women have rape fantasies, so I don't know why feminism is brought into it.) Recently I realized I like rape fantasies because it mimics rough sex, so, I like the idea of one anon calling it "overpowered" and might hijack that, as it seems more appropriate. (Mostly just semantics and denotes the same thing, I still like it somehow.)

My perception might be fucked, but am I the only one who thinks that just looks like a slim woman in a hyper feminine bedroom? Don't get me wrong, the lolicon anime shit around it can definitely make one feel uncomfortable, in conjunction with that picture, because it's obvious what the vibe's going for. On its own though… it looks like something that could be taken by Arvida Bystrom, or some shit, haha.

I swear god people who want these just want to take pictures of it so they can be apart of the cool bad bitches tough girl gang kawaii club on tumblr. Unless you're good with hand-to-hand combat a small (seemingly flimsy) knife like that doesn't seem like a great idea. Yes, it's concealed. Yes, it's kinda cute. Still seems obnoxious so many people had to post about it. I'd want something sturdier and a little bigger, honestly. Just keep the shit hidden in your pocket, it's all the concealment you need.

Sorry for talking, sorry for the off-topic.

No. 17770

Looking at the 4chan thread, she is/was a minor when the pics were taken, right?

No. 17771

The differene between rape fantasies and actual rape is that with a fantasy, the act is wanted and performed by a man you trust and are attracted to who you know will not hurt or try to kill you, hence making it only a fantasy, it doesn't glorify rape just beause a woman wants someone to dominate her roughly and show some force in bed.

No. 17772

Please shut up with your OT agendas

No. 17773

What? Yeah, I know. Everything I wrote agrees with that.

No. 17774

Aminah is trying so hard to ruin Micky

No. 17775

I love how aminyan's official Tumblr has no notes. goes to show people see how fake she is ^_^ she's not even idol. She's just self claiming what she's not. she's not hired by anyone, works for no one. She's on her own. She's only working with an agent. Hajirai Rescue interviewed her coz the manager wanted to advertise his own group on tv.

I'm positive aminyan is self fagging here to ruin Micky's life, and also whiteknight her own ass.

There's no way she has any persistent whiteknights.

No. 17776

You're not fooling anyone Micky

No. 17777

Lol you dumb shit.
Nice try.
Dont you have to go pander to more fat neet pedos???

No. 17778

but micky there's nothing to ruin because you're nothing

No. 17779

Ami doesn't even need to do anything, Micky has already ruined herself.

No. 17780

didn't her and himeka use to tag their nsfw photos as jailbait?

No. 17781

Hey Himeka. Tell your girl micky to go back to being fingered at mcdonalds. Aminyan said she was on a radio show, magazine and even if she just got off her ass it would be doing ten times more than you ever have.

>Notes on tumblr

That's what really matters to you? I think she only started that tumblr when she came to Japan. Of course she wouldn't get that many notes especially since it looks like a text blog than just reblogging weeb bullshit like you do.
>hajirai rescue
She said on her Facebook she denied getting in because they wanted her to do gravure. Shows she has some character unlike you who would show your tits for LINE stickers.

No. 17782

Guys I think this is himeka. Himeka is jealous of aminyan so much. How do I know she's jealous? She never mentions Ami's character, any proof for her being a bad person or shit like that. She always says trivial things like "she doesn't get notes on Tumblr!!!!!" The jelly is strong.

No. 17783

>ruin Micky's life
>Lolcow thread
>micky herself brags about being on McDonald's dates and getting fingered at mcdonalds

please post again. keep the Keks coming.

No. 17784

She still does.she also used tumblr to find men to send her cash on PayPal but tumblr got her paypal and blog deleted for child lornonograhy. she doesn't know a lick of Japanese but went to the Japanese side with the idea that they would be more submissive to her incest pedo pee play complex but instead they just leak her conversations and tweet them or call her a nigger and her sister a fat pig.

No. 17785

>she still does
Tag her pictures as "jail bait" I meant. she also stole her mom's credit card a few years back to buy shit on cosmates or some cosplay website and then scammed the site because they shipped it out and she cancelled the credit card payment. she's literal horse shit.

No. 17786

File: 1426290687612.jpg (53.71 KB, 640x367, image.jpg)

well this goes to prove she's in special ed.
She also is fat why is she eating a blizzard. She's already said she's 200 lbs, sees nothing wrong with getting fingered in a mcdonalds and eats whole pizzas. Guess she's aiming for diabetes.

Oh and if you want to find the twitter of her school's "feminism club" (lmao) it's @wlcfeminism

No. 17787

You know you're desperate when the worst you can say about someone is "HURR DURR NO NOTES ON TUMBLR!"

No. 17788

the only support Himeka and Bibi and micky get is from tumblr hug boxing. they're all fat and ugly and sluts which is what tumblr stands for.

No. 17789

did she actually get fingered at mcdonalds?

No. 17790

So is anyone working on blasting her and the dumb pig to her school?

No. 17791

File: 1426317577851.jpg (141.73 KB, 768x1048, Screenshot_2015-03-14-03-04-57…)

She knows she's not anywhere near a medium, so why would she make up a story like that?

No. 17792

File: 1426317723849.jpg (5.54 KB, 275x61, 1425635489078.jpg)

No. 17793

>i have hella oppai lol
No bitch, you just fat.

No. 17794


No. 17795

Those things are "one size fits all", I even have seen people with F tits wearing those.

No. 17796

her parents know she wears these?

No. 17797

Knowing her, it's probably got stains on the back or she ripped a new hole in it or something. Her bf said it "looked good on her anyway", so it's odd that she's choosing to sell it now because of the size.
I'm getting really tired of seeing this retarded meme sweater.

No. 17798

File: 1426377542162.png (32.42 KB, 612x311, 62346d44bf6b0b6449c696c47c964d…)

A little more readable.

No. 17799

Why does she keep deleting her tweets?

No. 17800

going to vomit.

No. 17801

Lolcow is watching

No. 17802

Why is she bragging about getting fingered at Mcdonalds of all places…ew

No. 17803

Maybe she gets turned on by junkfood? lol.

No. 17804

wouldn't surprise me if she likes the exhibition kink

No. 17805

No, she just lacks dignity

No. 17806


I wonder how long it'll be before she deletes this

No. 17807

File: 1426617010669.jpg (115.18 KB, 800x1085, _20150317_142450.JPG)

She'd be able to spell if she spent less time taking pictures in her school's restroom.

No. 17808

She looks nicer than she normally does.

No. 17809

Because you can't see her face lmao

No. 17810

Damn, she needs to lose some fucking weight.

No. 17811

File: 1426657675922.jpg (49.92 KB, 768x396, Screenshot_2015-03-18-01-26-18…)

You can tell she just learned what that word means.

No. 17812

File: 1426659760448.jpg (88.8 KB, 679x791, Screenshot_2015-03-18-01-32-58…)

"my kin type is soooo *~unique~* and *~spiritual~* gaiz" Her acting like being spacekin is something spiritual and deep is so annoying.

No. 17813

File: 1426694658765.jpg (79.22 KB, 763x646, Screenshot_2015-03-18-11-55-22…)

She says she hates confrontation but

-She's harassed Aminyan and her friends multiple times

-Constantly starts petty arguments with people on her Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr

-She recently tried to get a girl doxxed

-She tried to get other people to beat up Aminyan

So, so much for that lie.

No. 17814

The fact that she calls herself thot bread makes me all types of sad. It's like you can feel her lack of self respect through the screen.
And you can also smell it.

No. 17815

ugh please stop

No. 17816

It must smell like wet garbage

No. 17817

File: 1426740321613.jpg (115.16 KB, 768x920, Screenshot_2015-03-19-00-36-56…)

>we're oppressed

She realizes she lives in a country where she can freely whine on twitter about "muh oppresshun", right?

No. 17818

^ I think you and I know both know what she means by oppression.

No. 17819

File: 1426770629628.jpg (44.97 KB, 768x400, Screenshot_2015-03-19-09-04-41…)

Does anyone have any details on this?

No. 17820

8th grade?
Well, that fucking says something about Micky. Gross.

No. 17821

8th grade? are you serious micky? go get help

No. 17822

File: 1426788865901.jpg (108.88 KB, 727x1001, Screenshot_2015-03-19-09-34-01…)

No. 17823

File: 1426788938435.jpg (77.65 KB, 715x599, Screenshot_2015-03-19-09-34-15…)

No. 17824

What's with the smile emote? Is she somehow proud of it?

No. 17825

I will never understand how she is popular, she looks all fucked up in the face.. She looks like a ugly dog, no MATTER how much.. I mean HOW MUCH weave she got in her hair, her fucking hair never looks down.. Her boyfriend is like 40 years old, every outfit she wears looks so fucking.. Look like a fat kid wanting more school but know they can't for their clothes and be knowing it's too short and this bitch doesnt know anything about fucking space if you ask me. All she could tell people is to search on Google. I see why her father is barely in her life now because I wouldn't want to be around her stupidass and her mother who really doesn't pay attention how much of a bitch her daughter is.

No. 17826

It's not even about her weight, she wears everything small and her breast is too big. she one of those bitches who want fit everything. Stupid bitch.
I wanna spam her tumblr with so much hate so she knows I hate her with a passion.

No. 17827

it's sarcasm anon….

No. 17828

the more she tweets the more stupid she is. I want to hear her talking about the whole space thing so she can't google it

No. 17829

She posted another of her nudes on /r9k/:

No. 17830

just got linked this shit

No. 17831

File: 1427081254198.jpg (38.54 KB, 800x297, Screenshot_2015-03-22-23-05-23…)

I wonder she feels she needs to make up stories.

No. 17832

File: 1427084246818.jpg (51.69 KB, 448x341, Screenshot_2015-03-22-23-42-49…)

"everyone clapped for me"

No. 17833

I just imagine her as that one fat black hysterical woman screeching in the audience.

No. 17834

It's like every SJW feels the need to make up shit. Or overplay it. For some reason I don't believe she said anything.

No. 17835

File: 1427091609796.jpg (32.44 KB, 556x256, Screenshot_2015-03-22-23-42-15…)

Her health is absolutely shit.

No. 17836

wow well here's a reason why she looks like shit.

No. 17837

And do you want to know who was in the back of the crowd clapping the loudest? Barack Obama.

No. 17838

File: 1427134193697.jpg (42.07 KB, 800x398, Screenshot_2015-03-22-23-21-41…)

No. 17839

she's such a 11 years old

No. 17840

wtf does that even mean.

No. 17841

what the fuck is the point of this post?! Stupid cunt. no woman would ever want her anyway.

No. 17842

File: 1427152383591.jpg (58.02 KB, 800x502, Screenshot_2015-03-22-23-06-29…)

No. 17843

File: 1427179966123.jpg (29.02 KB, 800x261, Screenshot_2015-03-24-02-48-26…)

No. 17844

File: 1427182799409.jpg (13.87 KB, 394x138, Screenshot_2015-03-24-02-31-47…)

Does anyone know anything about the person she's referring to?

No. 17845

No bitch you need to drink some fucking water. Without any sugar in it. Holy shit how disgusting.

I bet her piss looks like whiskey

No. 17846

Is this the same girl who had nudes of her playing a blue Nintendo DS and had a mirror with the Pokémon logo on top?

No. 17847

No. 17848

Was she already legal by then?

No. 17849


What is with this bitch and McDonalds?

No. 17850


She isn't legal now. Fuck do you think?

No. 17851

that's where she likes to get fingered

No. 17852

If black people can use the n word, then so can any other race lol and it isnt that bad

No. 17853

they say no they can't because they're referring to themselves.
and lol
it is kinda bad tbf

No. 17854

File: 1427248366206.jpg (126.19 KB, 576x1024, image.jpg)

No. 17855

Its kind of like how your friends might jokingly or endearingly call you a bitch, ho, slut but if some random person not within the group does it, it pisses u off.

No. 17856

File: 1427256691668.jpg (128.48 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She will be okay. She wouldn't have these problems if she didn't show her ass on the Internet.

No. 17857

that's really scummy though. i dont care who the girl is, that's disgusting to be talking about female nudes like trading cards.

No. 17858

> Mciky

Did… did she actually spell her name wrong on Facebook or is this a ~quicky qurl~ thing?

No. 17859

File: 1427261869152.jpg (51.98 KB, 699x375, Screenshot_2015-03-25-01-00-52…)

Could you all imagine the shitstorm that would ensue if someone else made a report?

No. 17860

Am I gonna get arrested for clicking on that?!

No. 17861

Mike speaks the truth.

No. 17862

I don't even mind if white people use the N-word as slang but even I could do a better job of blowing people the fuck out about it.

No. 17863

Nah, it was just a retarded 4chan thread. It went on for 200+ posts and the mods didn't even delete it despite at least two people (including me) reporting it for illegal content. I guess they didn't think she was really underage because she has big tits and is chubby.

No. 17864

I seen the photos of her…
she look like a wild monkey omg.

No. 17865

When you hear blacks and hispanics (esp in the ghetto) say nigga in almost every conversation like it's an adjective or verb, then it's very hard to argue why it's a bad word or why certain people can't say it. I live in spanish harlem and I hear that word all the fucking time. I don't personally use it, but there is not a day that goes by when I don't hear it.

No. 17866

She had a red sharpee marker and fingering herself with it and it look like she was lving it.

No. 17867

So I read the thread on Micky's Facebook about this. I have no sympathy for her. She's tried to get people doxed for no reason, called this guy a pedophile(he's a creep but Micky's boyfriend is 8 years older than her she has no right to scream pedophile), and how did he get her nudes in the first place? Micky used to sell nudes for milanoo cosplays so I'm not sure why she's surprised they're public.

No. 17868

File: 1427329714027.jpg (165.71 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

This is the "Panda Chan" or Taylor Smith everyone is talking about. She has a fucking kid like Asia Lockhart(another huge weeb attention whore) and I think micky will have a kid soon because black people do that kind of shit. She looks like an abomination but gets praise from the otacoon community because she's slutty, a weeb with Toonami tastes in anime, Tumblr kei shitty fashion, and she's light skin. A lot of girls like micky or this Taylor girl have high egos because the black weebs praise them for having light skin. They're fat and ugly as shit though.

No. 17869

>because black people do that shit
hey now, thats not cool

No. 17870

Depends on context. Black person calling a black person "nigga" is ok, and I think a white person semi-ironically calling another white person "nigga" is fine, for the reasons you state. But there's a lot of racial undertones if a white person calls a black person nigga or nigger.

No. 17871

She's fugly and needs to brush her hair.

No. 17872

Though a lot of times white people think that when black people say nigga they mean nigger, it has two completely different connotations, with the latter meant to be used within the group, and the former used by outsiders as an attack.

So for non black people to get upset at not being able to used nigger, knowing the history of the word in the U.S. is fucked up. To be upset at not being able to used the latter makes no sense either. You can use it, but why would you want to if you're not part of black culture (not in terms of where you live, but being profiled as a "nigga" or share the history of what that word signifies for black people?

I know a lot of black people who say nigga was meant to reclaim the word nigger and used as a term of empowerment. For non black people to want to jump on that is fucked up considering they didn't need this type of empowerment.

No. 17873

Yeah man, teen mom didn't even have that many black people

No. 17874

Take the OT to /b/

No. 17875

I think she's pretty, though it sucks that she had a kid so young

No. 17876

also there are many black people that chosen not to use that word ever. Anyone not black that uses it are disrespecting them.

No. 17877

Perfectly constructive discussion here but this'll probably go off the rails after a few more posts so please keep this stuff to /b/.

No. 17878

This girl is underaged, please stop posting or linking nude pictures of her. Next person who does so will be banned for a very long time. I assume you want this place to stay online.

No. 17879

Yeah, I personally don't care if a white kid or any other non black wants to use the word nigga, but why would you want too? Do you feel that excluded?


does anyone have a general idea of where she lives (projects? Upper class gated community? ) depending on where she lives, she has a point. Healthy food is More expensive than junk food around my neighborhood for example. But I still try and eat healthy. And besides, her parents should be feeding her better, don't they see she isn't healthly?

No. 17880

She lives in Detroit.. That's all I know :o
You guys are aware that she is 17 years old and in the 12 grade I believe.

No. 17881

She doesn't want to give up eating McDonald's and being a gross fatty, that's all.

No. 17882

She's totally the opposite of a kawaii idol naow~ it's a shame, because if she lost the blubber she wouldn't be half bad at all.

No. 17883

File: 1427333518143.jpg (105.16 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

What do you all think?
Do Jay look like a type to be trading nudes?

No. 17884

File: 1427333898243.jpg (198.7 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

This person made a good point about the nudes drama also to panda chan until she got mad and deleted the comments

No. 17885


>calmly asks her to explain her reasoning

>"wahh wahh stop being mad! you're too negative wahh!"

What a whiny brat

No. 17886


Ok, his nigger has to be at least 40

Madthad, Micky, and now this guy. Is Michigan some sort of special black weeb hell?

No. 17887

Aminyan is from there too. There's a ton of black weebs in the Metro detroit area for some reason.

No. 17888

Is this a trick question?

No. 17889

I hear young black teens and hispanic teens use it all the fucking time. Why dont they stop using the word altogether if it's 'so bad' ? All the elderly black people who live in my building never use the word, and really shake their head at the young kids who do. I feel bad for them.

No. 17890

File: 1427348703854.jpg (60.47 KB, 640x341, image.jpg)

I guess she is trying to forget what happen yesterday

No. 17891

She actually stole this from a tumblr post she literally has no original thought

No. 17892

File: 1427355265636.jpg (109.42 KB, 633x920, Screenshot_2015-03-26-02-59-32…)

Eww what the fuck is going on with her crotch?

No. 17893

so glad i don't have to see her awful self ever. Imagine that crotch walking down the street ugh

No. 17894

…Is she even aware that the top she is wearing is from a sibling incest hentai Dōjinshi? -__-

No. 17895


Considering she's heavily into dd/lg, I'm pretty sure she's aware.

No. 17896


No. 17897

it's not a doujin…not everything is a doujin.

No. 17898

Dont you mean manga? Doujin means 'fan comic'

No. 17899

doujin means self-published work, actually.

No. 17900

Oh! Thanks for that correction, anon. Pardon my ignorance.

No. 17901

File: 1427464486595.jpeg (13.87 KB, 306x306, 10691691_729571107114182_32689…)

just noticed this. It's pretty bad but even then it's still a bit generous in comparison to what she looks like irl. lol

No. 17902

File: 1427474528726.jpg (43.33 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

Micky's true colours. I hate how she screams equality but laughs at people just as weird as her.

No. 17903

This is the thing I hate most about her
She is in no position to laugh at anyone, so I hate how she feels like shes somwhow better than anyone.
Like with her "LOL I'M SPACEKIN BUT OTHERKIN WHO AREN'T ME ARE SO WEIRD OMG!" Like seriously. She's at the bottom of the barrel with all the rest of them.

No. 17904

>>17902 >>69860
And a lot of furries aren't even otherkin they just have fursonas and maybe wear fursuits. So by default she's already "weirder" than a lot of them. Girl thinks she's a nebula or something smh. Most furries are harmless anyway, albeit a little misogynistic as a whole. They're nice, though, and loaded lol.

No. 17905

This. There are lots of otherkin in the furry community, but most just have fursonas and don't bother anyone.

No. 17906

What a cunt bag. I never had an issue with furries even though in not into that hobby

No. 17907

Yeah, really. She's in no.position to mock anyone.

No. 17908

she's into incest and thinks she's from space but furries are the crazy ones? lol

No. 17909

File: 1427658103883.jpg (13.26 KB, 522x100, hahamicky.jpg)

the problem is that they doesn't fit you

No. 17910

tank tops, leggings, crop tops, skinny jeans, thigh highs. all things micky knows she shouldn't wear but does anyway.

No. 17911

File: 1427693508684.jpg (127.55 KB, 800x1023, Screenshot_2015-03-30-01-16-42…)

>complains about Kai being aired

>says it's not 2006

>names anime that aired in 2006

No. 17912

File: 1427694101232.jpg (63.58 KB, 500x500, image.jpg)

>complains about DBZ

This bitch has seriously gotten on my last nerve jfc

No. 17913

>watching dubbed anime on Adult Swim unironically
>watching dubbed anime

Yeah, no kidding

No. 17914

File: 1427725463008.jpg (109.61 KB, 800x1011, Screenshot_2015-03-30-01-16-12…)

I'm sure they are just as disgusted about her being spacekin.

No. 17915

How the fuck do you watch adult swim iconicly?

she's not the fattest black girl I've seen in a pair of leggings, but I wish she'd stop.

No. 17916

File: 1427751751282.jpg (75.58 KB, 446x537, Screenshot_2015-03-30-17-33-12…)

No. 17917

File: 1427751868670.jpg (69.65 KB, 800x558, Screenshot_2015-03-30-17-37-45…)

She says she was in the middle of having a panic attack but it went unnoticed by everyone and she made it all the way to the bathroom? I call bullshit on this story.

No. 17918

>I just tried to educated them

No. 17919

She should try educating herself first.

No. 17920


>I was having a fucking panic attack

>yet managed to just walk out of class
>and grab all my stuff


Exactly, holy shit
"evil str8 cis white boys didn't tag their slurs so I was triggered!!!11 ;_;"

No. 17921

some should "educate her" about people with ACTUAL anxiety issues.

No. 17922

Why do people on tumblr feel compelled to tell stories about things that literally never happened

No. 17923

Because making shit up on the internet was always a thing. It's just easier to get caught now because it's easier to track down people through fb, IG, tumblr.

No. 17924

>I was so mad that I took that test
She took that test so good during her huge panic attack.

No. 17925

File: 1427779868093.jpg (29.54 KB, 620x227, Screenshot_2015-03-31-00-59-07…)


No. 17926

Here we go.

No. 17927

how she gets into a relationship at all baffles me…

No. 17928

It's because she's easy.

No. 17929

File: 1427836849456.png (397.69 KB, 1023x676, 1398881454905.png)

No. 17930

File: 1427860870269.jpg (26.26 KB, 271x383, Screenshot_2015-03-31-23-50-46…)

"I'm multiracial but mostly black" then you're just black, dumbass.

No. 17931

>there's a cult inside of me

Aw man now she's ruining Purity Rings.

No. 17932

Purity Ring was already ruined 3 years ago by other Tumblr tards.

No. 17933


Wow, she is such a whiny cunt. How hard is it for her to follow dress code? If that's how she reacts to school dress code, she's never going to get a decent job.

No. 17934

I do think it's really shitty if that actually happened, but why the fuck does she have to speak in memes when trying to talk about something serious? (That feel when___, that feel when___, uugh.) I hate that so much, just talk about your feelings like a normal person and not as if you're a tumblr/4chan meme drone.

Also, if I were her I probably would have just mocked the two dumbass dudes by saying in an obviously sarcastic voice "why can't we have a straight pride parade??!!" Just quote the stupid shit conservatives say and laugh at them, it gets your point across without getting too emotionally invested.

No. 17935

She is obviously incapable of not getting overly emotional as evidence by the link here >>17933

A teacher asked her to change her clothes and she got mad and went to the girl's bathroom. I don't see why they haven't suspended her yet.

No. 17936

You have to remember it was mentioned that she was in the special ed. program. Idk about her school, but in mine if the non-spec. ed. students do something like that, they get into trouble or like tested. If you're already in the program, they just take it as 'they can't control their emotions' or something, and leave them be. Want to avoid parents I guess. shrugs

No. 17937

She's still a kid. Kids are dumb and like to repeat things they see.

No. 17938

school dress codes are usually really shitty and sexist though. like, wearing a tank top is not okay if you're a girl, even if it's 99degrees out.

No. 17939

File: 1427942725647.jpg (145.95 KB, 800x1042, Screenshot_2015-04-01-22-38-14…)

No. 17940

File: 1427942803504.jpg (68.11 KB, 800x557, Screenshot_2015-04-01-22-37-32…)

>Jimmy Chews

No. 17941

Thanks for the screen cap, anon. Thigh highs shouldnt be an issue unless her skirt was way, way too short.

No. 17942

She is a mess. So annoying.

No. 17943

File: 1427944860378.jpg (122.56 KB, 800x1085, Screenshot_2015-04-01-22-37-44…)


Micky pls go

No. 17944

This girl is the epitome of a thot.

No. 17945

File: 1428020313780.gif (1.91 MB, 253x450, tumblr_nm72rey3iy1upd7zqo1_400…)

No. 17946

File: 1428037326497.jpg (142.59 KB, 800x1008, Screenshot_2015-04-03-00-51-35…)

She could at least clean her room and she has an unfortunate shape.

No. 17947

File: 1428092676290.jpg (116.23 KB, 800x961, Screenshot_2015-04-03-16-11-12…)

She's only one tweet away from getting into an argument with her boyfriend and them breaking up.

No. 17948

they only care about that shit when they need a reason to justify themselves when they act like idiots
and good thing i'm not alone, that tumblr makes me feel uncomfortable too because its purposely looking for porn of girls who look underaged. but they get by the technicality that these chicks are technically legal

No. 17949

her room is so dirty is gross like her

No. 17950

She looks like she's topless in new profile picture on Twitter.

No. 17951

File: 1428195075062.jpg (111.11 KB, 800x1000, Screenshot_2015-04-04-20-31-03…)

No. 17952

what's going on here?

No. 17953

Micky used the "Yarinka" person's song that was making fun of weeaboos in this video.

No. 17954

File: 1428200728391.jpg (79.6 KB, 800x623, Screenshot_2015-04-04-22-16-20…)

No. 17955

shes shaped like a capital p lol

No. 17956

I actually feel kinda bad here? Like she genuinely didn't know the meaning of the song, and the writer just went on her videos and shat all over her.
Idk if they are professional song writer or not(never heard of them since this), but if they are, that's some bad PR business right there.

No. 17957

>But scully, aliens
fuck, this bitch isnt even old enough to know what X-files is or grow up with it. She needs to stop.

No. 17958

She deserved every rotten word thrown at her.

No. 17959

>josip on deck
lmao how cringeworthy

No. 17960

But wasn't this song written by josip on deck and not this yurinka person. If you go to his youtube channel he looks like a genuine otaku.

No. 17961

File: 1428414801276.jpg (38.05 KB, 800x294, Screenshot_2015-04-07-09-46-57…)

No. 17962


Yeah, but still, it says a lot if you're even more of a basic bitch than the chick whose on her second lolcow thread.

Yarinka's in the wrong here

No. 17963

Why is everyone so obsessed with this bitch suddenly?

No. 17964

They consider her some kind of positive role model in the feminist community. Much like Azealia Banks or Lena Dunham.

No. 17965

File: 1428476776752.jpg (31.94 KB, 603x169, Screenshot_2015-04-08-02-39-11…)

No. 17966


No. Stop it, you retarded faggot.

No. 17967

File: 1428562525064.jpg (12.38 KB, 592x91, Screenshot_2015-04-09-02-20-06…)

No. 17968

File: 1428572201564.jpg (29.39 KB, 800x172, Screenshot_2015-04-09-05-29-38…)

Nobody cares about how you react to us. It's all about how much of an ass you make of yourself in general.

No. 17969


>bullied and harassed aminyan

>acted like she was better than other black girls for being "mixed"

>made fun of girls who wear weave

>called other blacks coons and the n-word

She's the pot calling the kettle black

No. 17970


Lmao tf is this useless ass video? She even tagged herself as if she's someone everyone knows about.

No. 17971

>see, i'm not stupid! i know big words!

No. 17972

File: 1429409953897.jpg (105.95 KB, 800x756, Screenshot_2015-04-18-22-08-56…)

That definition is pretty racist.

No. 17973

Anyone and everyone can be racist. Is this honestly this fucking dumb? It's the same mentality as black people can do no wrong.

No. 17974

I get so tired of hearing this definition. Just keep it simple: if you're a racist, you're a racist.

No. 17975

No. 17976

File: 1429888159021.jpg (34.87 KB, 800x289, Screenshot_2015-04-24-11-04-01…)

>back problems

The only reason she wants it us so she can smoke it recreational anywhere without repercussions.

No. 17977

that's not a definition, that's a circular statement.

No. 17978

speaking as an anon from a weed legal state, that's not how it works. If you smoke outside your house you can still get in trouble.

No. 17979

File: 1429904139754.png (402.56 KB, 576x864, 11188388_879600382105085_17538…)

No. 17980

File: 1429904214679.png (307.44 KB, 576x864, 11148593_879601618771628_29492…)

I feel like this is going to be a disaster

No. 17981

Those prizes are so shitty-looking.

No. 17982

>Kawaii black girls
>uses what looks to be a hentai image or something from FAKKU

No. 17983

Both of those can be bought easily on eBay.

No. 17984

Pretty sure that's where they're from - or Aliexpress. Bag is like $19 and under and hat is $6 and under.

No. 17985

This is very true. Also its called an MMD card not a weed card lol.
>back problems because of boobs
no Mickey ur just fat

No. 17986

Late to the party but anyone know why she always has some kind of sticker on her nose or drawings on her nose in her pics?

No. 17987

i used to do that too bc i found my nose horrible looking so maybe she's doing the same? idk

No. 17988

What shitty prizes, especially considering this is a outfit coordination contest. I mean a pinned selfie or a selfie used as the cover? Really? And the top prizes look cheap and crappy.

No. 17989

File: 1430107745667.jpg (92.55 KB, 800x684, Screenshot_2015-04-26-23-33-42…)

No. 17990

File: 1430246044359.jpg (100.55 KB, 800x969, Screenshot_2015-04-28-14-27-50…)

No. 17991

File: 1430246101123.jpg (37.97 KB, 719x876, IMG_20150428_142803.jpg)

No. 17992

Are those actual statistics she used or did she just pull that information out of her ass?

No. 17993

Being white doesn't automatically guarantee success in life. A lot of rich white kids are drug addicts and never even finish school. This bitch

No. 17994

Why would anyone want to be friends with this racist bitch?

No. 17995

She definitely pulled that from her ass.

No. 17996

but PoCs who dont do that shit still wont get a chance to succeed at life

No. 17997

You have to work to succeed in life.
If the kids on tumblr would pull their head from there ass they would see you have to work for everything. Yeah some people have to work harder than others, but thats fucking life, you suck it the fuck up and move on.

No. 17998

File: 1430413570316.jpg (127.08 KB, 800x942, Screenshot_2015-04-30-12-51-12…)

Her Twitter is filled with nothing but Tumblr grade stupidity.

No. 17999

File: 1431117192320.jpg (156.27 KB, 960x640, 11160009_10204471965784814_726…)

Top kek

No. 18000

Lol at those generalizations. They need a history book.
Oh wait, I'm talking about Micky and Tumblr… best let them wallow in their stupidity.

No. 18001


She looks so gross.

No. 18002

>>18000 I'm going to play devils advocate with this one:
History is being rewritten everyday. She's bitter, however she's not too wrong. It's always been "black and white". The west is the worst when it comes to history and especially black history. It's not taught in Public school, only "white" history is. Get it. Why does everything have to be "tumblr stupidity" to you people? Whitewashing has been going on for centuries.

No. 18003


You're kidding right?

No. 18004

>The west is the worst when it comes to history and especially black history. It's not taught in Public school, only "white" history is.


Micky pls go actually learn something in school and stop wasting time on Tumblr.

No. 18005

Nice try. Actually, you appear to be an idiot from what I can see. Idiot doesn't know what whitewashing is. Go take your stupidity else where you tumblr obsessed twat.

No. 18006

Would you look to ruin the thread and except a debate loser?

No. 18007


No. 18008


I don't see what they said has to do with Tumblr, but this isn't the thread for this. Go to /b/ if you want to discuss that.

No. 18009


Destroying public property in the of feminism is pitiful. On top of that you can see she wrote on spots where tried to cover up previous graffiti.




No. 18010

"Hi hi hi~ My name is Micky Moon! I love everything pink and sparkly and I love making people happy ♥ Please take care of me and please be nice to me! " (her description)

You gotta be nice to her but she doesn't have to be nice back apparently.

No. 18011

File: 1432453707782.jpg (93.55 KB, 416x1059, Screenshot_2015-05-24-02-01-28…)

Is her boyfriend aware that she posts stuff like this?

No. 18012

>my boobs got too big for this one
Why do fatties always say this

No. 18013

more like her belly did

No. 18014

she hates white people so much because she hates being black

No. 18015

but really its because she has a man-ish face. black girls can be kawaii as fuck. but she sure as hell isnt one of them

No. 18016

getting fingered at mcdonalds is the most classiest thing i read from her

No. 18017


It's annoying because tumblr feminists would be like "st0p slutshaming!!!" there is a difference, having no class and fulfilling your needs without people needing to know. None of us wanted to know about her growler biting up his fingers at Mcdonalds… Jesus

No. 18018

This is why I agree with literally nearly everything Tommy Sotomayor says… Coming from a black, blacks needed to divide light skin and dark into separate races of their own then bitch about it. It fucks me off so much.

No. 18019

>any year
>agreeing with tommy sotomayor on anything ever

No. 18020


I already know what he'd say about this hair hat bitch tho

No. 18021

This is the reason why I repel myself away from these hair hatted bitches. Always "woes me for being black" or "woes me for having dark skin" and "but white gurls do it too" oh fuck off.

This goes to show, there is still white racists but tbh the biggest majority of racists is African Americans. The weave wearing, ones who feel like they need to divide "light/dark", always crying racism at nearly everything and getting upset over someone even pointing out they're black.

Micky is just a 'DNA' meaning, dick n' attention. She already gets the dick but she's more thirsty for attention than anything. Real BT-1000 right here.

Kawaii hoodrat needs to gtfo the internet and do something worthy with her life. Plus, she needs to STOP wearing shirts that are too small for her! I cannot deal with big breasted girls wearing shirts which are beyond too small for their bodies.. It doesn't compliment her in the slightest!

No. 18022


Not this shit again. Look, it's already been said a thousand times, if you're going to be OT take it to /b/ that's why it's there.

No. 18023


Well then lets take it

No. 18024

No one cares or knows what you're even on about, stop bumping threads just to shit them up with racist fedoracore comments.
Also, stop trying to make "hair hatted" and "BT-1000" happen. It's not going to happen.

No. 18025


Well, you best go find Micky and tell her to stop being a hairhat then to go find her long lost edges because it is happening. She's making it happen. So unless she quits being nasty and shapes up into a decent human being, hairhatted BT-1000 is going to continue. If you don't have a clue what I'm going on about, I suggest you watch some of Tommy Sotomayor's videos. Cos this bitch is everything that's wrong with female African Americans.

No. 18026

>tommy sotomayor
Please get the fuck off

No. 18027

File: 1432520009643.jpg (62.12 KB, 800x425, Screenshot_2015-05-24-22-10-17…)

I'm surprised she hasn't gotten a kidney infection yet.

No. 18028

Playing GTA with a 9 year old, period. Wow.

No. 18029

File: 1432767550360.jpg (40.91 KB, 795x350, Screenshot_2015-05-27-18-47-00…)


No. 18030

Kinda OT, what is up with this huge trend of tumblrites and being into DDLG? It's been around forever, why is it all so popular now?

No. 18031

File: 1432779146694.jpg (143.41 KB, 800x1110, Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-03-47…)

Her ask.fm is a mess

No. 18032

Because Lana Del Rey and nymphet fashion idk. I think its gross when underage girls call themselves little and say they want a man in their 30s. The guys who buy into it are nasty too but I'm sick of people being like "teenagers don't know right from wrong or something as basic as age of cobcent uwu". Stop saying they have zero fault in what they perpetuate because then you'll only create people like this who think having CP is okay.

No. 18033


Most of the women he speaks about ARE practically Micky's and its no surprise either

No. 18034


Exactly, it's fucking wrong. I can't wait until that trend dies.

No. 18035

All these rachet grease faced attention whores in the tri state with Asian envy

When are they going to admit they all hate eachother

No. 18036

No. 18037

File: 1433154847354.jpg (19.65 KB, 539x223, 11377359_855292381173746_26248…)

They don't even have the same posts and the other page has better variety, unlike hers.

No. 18038

File: 1433198472400.png (20.79 KB, 794x141, Screenshot_2015-06-01-18-29-31…)

>its embarrassing

The only thing that's embarrassing is her lying about her race. She knows she is fully black, why does she keep claiming otherwise?

No. 18039


Oh, no. I cannot be doing with these black girls who claim they're mixed when they're not. Being black isn't a shameful thing, she doesn't look mixed either. A lighter tone but definitely not mixed.

No. 18040

File: 1433203379036.jpg (46.97 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n8mvoiIdo91r8efu6o1_500…)

I'm not one to defend Micky, but she could easily be mixed. Black genes are very dominant, and there's more than one way to "look" mixed, honestly. Pic related is half white.
There's nothing shameful about being black, but stop with that one-drop rule tier "If you look mostly black to me, there's no way you're anything else! You're just black!" bullshit.

No. 18041

It's been stated in the previous thread she's fully black.

No. 18042

It's only been speculated.

No. 18043

No, she's definitely fully black. She had a video of her mother on her Instagram, and she was black and Micky has stated her father is black. She deleted the video of her mother off her Instagram, more than likely she didn't want to get fully caught in her lie. There is nothing "mixed" about her.

No. 18044

She could easily have grandparents who aren't black, or either one of her parents could be mixed, anon.

No. 18045


"Could" is the main point there. But we should simply have solid proof of either possibility before we state anything as fact.
It sounds creepy but if you found a picture with her parents then that could help. It will end this debate. If not, we are just going back and forth between "Maybe"

No. 18046

She's not going to post a picture of her with her parents because she would have to admit to lying. She's like Berry or Wylona. It was already stated she posted her mother before but deleted it. It's obvious she trying to cover up the truth.

No. 18047


>"My great grandma was liek 1/3 native american lolol im so mixed"

Honestly micky don't look mixed at all. I'm looking at that hair and them features, she looks like a typical black girl, just lighter skin.

No. 18048

There's literally no fixed way to "look mixed", there are mixed people who are darker than her and have straight hair and mixed people who are lighter than her and have frizzy hair.

No. 18049

Agreed. Literally every black American has 15-50% white blood in them due to being in this country so long. There's no point in stating it. If one of your grandparents is white you're still black. Black girls who claim to be mixed(or actually are mixed and won't shut up about it) are solely after attention.

No. 18050


What attention though?

Idk, white people who claim to be Native American are more guilty of that shit IMO.

No. 18051

Black people treat biracial black people a hell of a lot better than other black people. White people may not understand it but amongst blacks, mixed blacks are of creme dela creme.

No. 18052

Second post morr pics of her I don't want to make an fb to just to see this shit.

No. 18053

You could easily make a separate thread for that.

No. 18054

This is a false statement.
Black americans treat them WORSE, they have this belief that people who are light skinned mixed or anything else believe they are "better than everyone else". for example; I wasn't allowed to sit at the "black table in school because I was a "fake black" (as quoted by them).

Yes, whites are guilty of claiming to pretend-ian, but can easily get away with it because they are whites.
I always usually call them out by asking who was native american in the family? They claim "my great great great grandmother"-. THAT ISN'T NATIVE AMERICAN ANYMORE. Bloodline is literally whitewashed by now. YOU ARE WHITE.
They make up things about their bloodline to appear "exotic" and interesting.

No. 18055

You must be white or mixed and have some complex. Mixed and lighter skin black girls are always treated better. Always. They're sometimes called arrogant, but for the most part they're the closest thing to whites. Most mixed black people are rejected by their other half and their black half accepts them. If this isn't true, how come most black female entertainers are mixed or 1/4 white? Beyoncé, Rihanna, Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana… Of course little snowflake mixed people play the "I'm mixed nobody accepts me!!!" But black people treat biracial people like royalty which is why so many black girls lie about being mixed.

No. 18056

You being a "fake black" probably had more to do with how you acted. The black table at my school would allow white girls to sit there if they acted a certain way. I hate mixed people who whine about being oppressed. Most of you would be accepted if you felt comfortable with your black side.

No. 18057

Case and point, you don't know me but then you make generalizations about me. In what way am I arrogant? Also the media has nothing to do with what I've stated. The first comment was that blacks treat light skinned blacks better. I said it is false, whatever complex you might think I have I not the point. It's FALSE STATEMENT.

No. 18058

Is* sorry typo. I'm on mobile

No. 18059

sounds like you have the "complex". FYI Blacks aren't running media, The Zionists/khabalists (fake jews) are. This has nothing to do with how Light skinned people are treated in school.

No. 18060

Also, in my early stages of schooling I went to an ALL black school. The way people act is much different than being in a mixed school. You just admitted you only allowed white girls could sit at the table if they "acted a certain way". Do you not realize how you just proved my point further?

No. 18061


Actually, most mixed people are comfortable with their black side. I'm half black/white, totally fine with either side. I was taught to love myself from a young age, not to self hate. Despite African American mothers who still go on about their babies 'nappy hair' and 'I can't wait until you're older so you can get a perm'. Not saying it's all black mothers who are like that, obviously not. But there is STILL that attitude today. Yet they'll go on about being mixed with this and that but look full black.

You know what… I'm so fucking tired of the race thing, I carry on with my day to day life, I don't need any of that bs included. I'll just educate those who think they know better and think I'm 'self hating cos i'm mixed with black'.


No. 18062


What I hate in the media is that mixed women are claimed as BLACK yet they're mixed. But whenever an actual black woman, FULL black is in the media modelling people are confused like "why is she so dark?"

I get that some countries just see mixed as black because well, yeah, darker skin and it's tanned from white. But you get yellow and blue, you'll get green. You get a dalmatian and a poodle, you'll no longer get either of those get either breed. You'll get a mongrel. Simple as, mixed isn't the same. It's something ELSE.

All I am trying to do here, is support black women of a darker complexion receive the same equal view lighter blacks get or mixed race people.

I get it's just easier to say "black" and Obama, I mean he's mixed but people just say "black" plus, Bob Marley was mixed but it was just easier to say "black". They're all mixed people. They're NOT black.

This girl, Micky, really needs a reality check. She needs to stop with this 'mixed' shit and just accept, she's full black. Lighter tone, but she's black. She was born black and she'll die black.

No. 18063

Mixed is black. When they call mixed people niggers or shoot them dead on the street they're black. Now stop being OT and give more details on Micky.

No. 18064

Maybe you were just being a sensitive lil shit bitch

No. 18065


Mixed ISN'T black.

Mixed is neither black/white or whatever else it is. Mixed is it's own thing. A mixed person is NEITHER.

A black person is BLACK. Asian is ASIAN. White is WHITE and so on.

Americans WILL refer mixed people to blacks, black people over there especially so that they THINK they're on the same level as mixed people because apparently there is this… barrier where if you're lighter, well then. You got yourself a treat! It's fucking stupid.

But yet some blacks lie about being mixed? But they're mixed right, not black? But mixed is black so… then they're black right? Pfft. What a joke.

Mixed people are mixed.

That's the end of it. It's not the same thing, it's just roped in and taught that it is, when it isn't.

No. 18066

No. 18067

How about we end this by saying micky is black. She has a light skintone, but she's black.

No. 18068


claps Yes, let's end it here.

No. 18069


Admin, I usually don't ask for this, but can you please, please get rid of these posts? They aren't contributing to the subject of the thread and honestly belong on /b/ somewhere. Seriously, I'm tired of wading through this.

No. 18070

Literally all America's black people are mixed with white or Native American, anon. A little bit more whiteness doesn't turn them into some sort of fucking alien.
Calm your shit.

No. 18071

Admin please get rid of this Tommy Sotomayor shitposter

No. 18072


Mixed IS mixed.

Black IS black.

If you have two parents of a different race, you're mixed. END OF.

No. 18073


If you bothered to watch the video, you'd understand.

No. 18074

Never mind, you're the tommy sotomayor shitposter. Common sense won't work on you.
I didn't realize at first until I noticed you defended that bullshit video right after making this post.
Admin pls ban

No. 18075

Please keep highly derailing posts to /b/, or restrict them to one post per thread instead of posting the same thing repeatedly and excessively.

Please report these posts in the future. Reporting is the fastest way for me to see these. We did not receive reports for any of these posts.

No. 18076

Catcalling is horrible though

No. 18077

But we all act like this.
People on lolcow laughs about furries too.
Come on, we laugh at furries and think we have morals.

No. 18078

White people dont experience racism like non-white (racism toward white people barely exists imo and im white lol) but being proud of no matter what race you are, is not and cannot be racist. Seriously what the fuck

No. 18079

File: 1433305290878.jpg (349.14 KB, 1280x960, 2015-06-03-00-17-50_deco.jpg)

Why does she keep begging for random strangers to buy her stuff for doing nothing? Doesn't she have a boyfriend that she can ask?

No. 18080

File: 1433385603095.png (17.47 KB, 799x123, Screenshot_2015-06-03-22-34-19…)

She's probably not even going to finish the semester before dropping out.

No. 18081

>calling it uni even though she's American


No. 18082

wat? I call it uni too
uni = UNIversity
it's just shortened lmao

No. 18083

There are colleges and universities (which can be considered different from college sometimes) in USA, ignoramus.

No. 18084

Yeah so I'm American and have been for many years and literally no one calls "university" uni. We pretty much all call it college. But whatever.

No. 18085

It will be really weird when one day, you leave the house and realize other people have different experiences than you.(please don't derail)

No. 18086

Ah yeah, what I actually meant was "literally no one except tryhards who want to seem different and more intellectual call it uni in America." Forget what I said before.

No. 18087

Wow is almost like other people don't live in the same country as you. Wow. How bout that. Everyone in the UK calls uni uni. Wow.

No. 18088


In the UK you leave primary school (elementary) at 11 and start high school at 11 then finish at 16 (in some schools its 18) but mostly it is 16. There is NO middle school. At 16 you're officially an adult, so the law states. You're legal to have sex, you can learn to drive at 18 though. You can get married at 16, leave home and work. But most people can't afford it, so we stay with our families until whenever… government problems, benefits, ect

At 16 you start college, you gain your GCSES in the last two years of high school. Big exams, you need them to get into college and university. Grade C is a pass grade over here.

College is two years, it's free. But if you have to re-take exams in college then you pay for it yourself. If you miss out on college in the future, for e.g your 20's you gotta pay for college courses yourself which can be pretty fucking expensive. So it's best to go while it's free as a teenager.

University at 18, but not everyone goes. Like myself, I'm 21 and only just starting this year. Not everyone has made their mind up at 18 and some just want to work like I did. But yeah, university you PAY for £9,000 a year. But unlike America, you can pay your debt off once you're earning over 21,000 grand a year after your university course. It comes out with tax ect like a phone bill at the end of every month.

University courses over here were actually 3,000 grand a year before 2010. But greedy bastard David Cameron (Conservatives) wanted to boost the prices up. Caused riots and angry students rioting. I so could have paid off my student debt by now if it was still 3 grand a year… Fuck.

But yeah.

It's university over here guys, just how it is. Every country has their own word for things. Not changing it either because saying 'college' would just sound weird when college and university are two different things over here.

No. 18089

>someone's not the same as me?
>must be a tryhard! my experience is the default!

No. 18090

>you can learn to drive at 18 though
It's still seventeen, not eighteen. You can apply for your provisional license two months before your seventeenth birthday.

>here is NO middle school.

I used to think this until I moved to the south, and there are middle schools. My bf went to one. They're just not commonplace

>Grade C is a pass grade over here.

Nope, D is the lowest pass grade, but very few places will accept lower than a C.

No. 18091

LOL it's try hard to call it 'uni' when refering to university vs calling it a more inappropriate term (i.e calling 'UNI'versity college which are two different things).

No. 18092


Well, back when I was in school C was a pass grade. Unless it's changed SINCE then? I don't even know. All of that was standard when I was leaving school.

Like I said, some places are different. But that's the basics of being a student in the UK. It's nothing special.

In my school and college it was RARE for a D to be a pass grade. Most of the time it IS a C which will get you a pass.

No. 18093


Americans should just call it college and brits call it uni, simple as omg.

No. 18094

It has different dialects everywhere anon. Tbh people call it uni when they are having fun, or being highly informal.
I believe in the continental mainland. (I'm still US just not in the states) College have certain majors/minors while some accomodate GED. Universities are larger and has different college majors under its name some having GED also.

No. 18095

Teachers just say that to ensure students meet the minimum standard for most colleges/unis etc, the government officially recognises a D as a pass, as do all of the exam boards and governing bodies. It's just a shit pass and wont be accepted anywhere.

No. 18096

sry for confusions
I wasn't calling it try hard I was saying how silly it is to call it try hard since its just an abbreviation of the proper term (ofc dialects vary into this tho)

No. 18097

Ffs the admin >>18075, was just in here saying to not making derailing, off topic posts. One per fucking thread. Can you all not read?

No. 18098


i was just replying to someone, then they replied to me so i replied and then it became chaos idk

No. 18099

No. 18100

File: 1433773980020.png (89.45 KB, 800x735, Screenshot_2015-06-08-10-00-49…)

I bet she's been the one derailing the thread.

No. 18101

File: 1433782873889.jpg (93.32 KB, 720x1280, image.jpg)

No. 18102


She doesn't look white at all tho.

No. 18103

She's currently doing a live stream kek

No. 18104

She still can't blend her real hair with her weave for shit.

No. 18105

wait how can you see that, she has a weave?

No. 18106

File: 1433795690952.jpg (243.23 KB, 720x1280, 2015-06-08-16-31-49_deco.jpg)

It's been pointed out before in the previous thread. I circled where you can see it doesn't blend. It probably won't ever blend because she doesn't take care of her hair.

No. 18107

She needs to take her ass to the salon

No. 18108

You think with the money she's flaunting around like in >>18099 she would go there but she's probably going to waste her money on something stupid. How did she get that money anyway? Does anyone know?

No. 18109

Micky is white trash she probably got it from graduation money though.

No. 18110

All that for graduating from special ed classes?
>>18100 it's funny she denies it even though more than one person has confirmed she was in those classes.

No. 18111

She complains about looking too white and being "white passing" and talks about how she doesn't look black at all and how she wishes she had darker skin. she obviously doesn't look white at all she looks black as fuck. She's not even as light skinned as she appears to be, she just uses filters and editing to make herself look lighter or sits by a window when she takes selfies

No. 18112

Also she has the ugliest voice ever. Everything about her is manly as fuck which is why I find it so ironic she tries to be a little kawaii girl.

No. 18113


after hearing kota's english voice in that recent video put up, micky has an even manlier voice

my god

No. 18114

File: 1433815832897.jpg (123.7 KB, 750x1268, image.jpg)

probably not even her money tbh

No. 18115


her life savings how cute

No. 18116

This looks like something Berry would do to prove how "super rich" she is.

No. 18117

That rilakkuma looks fake too which I'm not surprised by kawaii attention whores that look for the cheapest kawaii toy

No. 18118


it was only until like a year ago i realized my rilakkuma was fake… like i actually did NOT know, honestly i was so slow until my friend went tokyo and brought me a rilakkuma, a real one back and i was so surprised…

but yeah it looks fake

No. 18119

That's definitely fake. She probably goes on ebay and gets anything kawaii she can so she can show it off without realizing it's a cheap imitation.

No. 18120


I can't lie and say all my plushies are real, some are fake. Not always had the money, however it looks like Micky has enough money there for real ones… whatever she chooses to do with it, not my business.

No. 18121


So, you're saying it's not a realkkuma?

No. 18122



beary funny

No. 18123

she should def use that money to fix her hair

No. 18124


She should just go natural, I know going natural is like the new on-going trend right now but believe me, it's much better. Straight hair doesn't suit her anyway.

No. 18125

Its not that straight hair doesnt suit her shes just not doing it right

No. 18126


there is that and it'd probably just be easier/cheaper going natural, was for me.

but then again she needs to look 'kawaii' with weave ugh

No. 18127


depends on how fucked her real hair is. She seems lazy anyway so she'd probably be better off getting a chemical relaxer every 4 weeks instead of trying to grow out her real hair.

The extensions would probably blend better if she washed and blowdryed them every once and a while, so it has mprr volume and doesn't look so bone straight.

She should deep condition her real hair too, because it looks dry.

No. 18128


> mprr

> more

No. 18129

No. 18130


It's a shame, relaxers are terrible and she may actually have a nice curl pattern too. But yeah, kawaii and laziness probably.

Aye, she does need a good deep condition. It's like chewed up straw.

No. 18131

Yeah she really should just go natural, her hair needs a fucking break

No. 18132

File: 1433979105047.jpg (19.11 KB, 353x314, image.jpg)

the fuck

No. 18133

That's really gross.

No. 18134

I think this is a joke about splatoon……

No. 18135


Why are you grossed out? You should expect this sort of shit from this bitch

No. 18136

Where did she post this?

No. 18137

No. 18138

No. 18139

File: 1434031059516.jpg (50.99 KB, 750x384, image.jpg)

long sigh

No. 18140


> im straight but i think girls are pretty

There we go micky.

No. 18141


remember back in the myspace era where scene kids used to have "im bi" in their profiles then would say "im bi but i like guys more than girls"


No. 18142

and im a bi-pan-hetero-homo-romantic asexual. yawn

No. 18143

>obviously porn came up

This is such a terrible lie, schools have porn blocked on their computer and in 4th grade? Kids aren't thinking about that kind of thing then. Why doesn't she just come clean and say she's claiming it for attention?

No. 18144

No there were loopholes around that. I would know because I remember the school computers and firewalls

No. 18145

Micky pls go

No. 18146

I'm not Micky moron. Admin can confirm I remember back in elementary to high school there were loopholes around such things but if you were caught exploiting loopholes, you were punished.

No. 18147

Porn can also pop up in Google Images, Deviantart, Tumblr and other sites as well without warning at times because people don't tag the pics as porn.

No. 18148

You used "I", try again Micky.
Quit whiteknighting. No kid in the fourth grade would know how to use a proxy and the computers have a safe search set. I highly doubt someone who can't even spell correctly and more importantly, in special ed, could get around that especially at the age she claims.

Get your head out of your asses and just accept that she's a liar.

No. 18149

idgaf about mickey but i'm much older than her so i went to school long before, and in middle school circa 2002 we all fucking knew about proxies. it's really not hard to believe kids younger than how young i was at that time would know about proxies.

No. 18150

Admin can confirm I'm not Micky.

How does saying "I"=Micky? I was just stating my personal experience to support the statement. Your logic is very backwards.

Sometimes safe search does not filter everything.

No. 18151

I was not talking about proxies. I was talking about using google.ca instead of google.com for example to find images, or go to safe, non-pornographic sites like fanart sites which can have smut that isn't caught by the system yet. Your paranoia is annoying me. If you're that paranoid, ask a mod to confirm

No. 18152

>you're being paranoid

No, you're obviously whiteknighting this girl. She wouldn't know anything about in fourth grade and special ed. They don't even bring that up in the fourth grade. Not to mention teachers monitor the students while on the computers.


>your logic is backwards

I said her story was a lie then you said

>No there were loopholes around that. I would know because I remember the school computers and firewalls

>I would know because I remember the school computers and firewalls

>I remember the school computers and firewalls

>I remember

Nigga gtfo if you're not even going to lie right.

I'm getting tired of you idiots clogging up every thread with bullshit. Hell, the admin already said to stop derailing this thread.

Now either contribute to the thread or gtfo out.

No. 18153

Not the same anon
You either went to a school that didn't allow you to use internet or your just trying every way to nitpick on this girl for no reason.

This argument is unnecessary. THERE ARE loopholes n school. I was in school and I remember some kid looking up "hotboyz" (rappers) and getting literal "hotboyzz" (gay site). Scared the kid we had an computer class meeting about this via 8th grade. Shut up and move along. you are the one wasting everyones time.

No. 18154

>You either went to a school that didn't allow you to use internet
Wrong, I did but I know how it works and there's no way she's being honest.

>or your just trying every way to nitpick on this girl for no reason.

See my pervious response. I don't know where you whiteknights came from but you need to go back.

Now, stop fucking derailing >>18075 , the admin, already said to keep that shit on /b/.

No. 18155

I think this anon is Micky and trying really hard to distract others from discovering she is Micky

No. 18156

Sharing my personal experience to back up a claim is whiteknighting? Kek.

No. 18157

I am not fucking Micky. I wouldn't want to be that gross piece of trash.

>personal work experience

Yeah right, you're just making excuses for her and they aren't even true.

No. 18158

I hate when people start unnecessary crap and then throw "take it to /b/" as a stupid defense mechanism. YOU STARTED IT. You don't know how EVERY SCHOOL is so stop shoving your opinions down everyones throat.

No. 18159

For fuck sake, admin can you just delete these posts?

Everytime I get on here the thread is derailed and nobody's posting any lulz about the cow.

No. 18160

I didn't say personal work experience. I said personal experiences that happened to me.

You started the derailing and now you're ordering us to stop derailing lmao

No. 18161



I kinda wish Micki would be more like PT woth the interaction with "fans" shit. It'd be awesome if she cammed on tiny chat, so we could see how uggu she is in real time.

No. 18162

She posted a link to her live stream on Twitter.>>118598

No. 18163


But she's totally ok with her current boyfriend who is 25/26.

Here we go with the lies again

Wasn't she dating her current boyfriend then?

No. 18164

File: 1434179807669.png (114.28 KB, 759x759, Screenshot_2015-06-13-02-24-26…)

No. 18165

When micky was 13-14 she would lie on Facebook about being 17-18 to get with older guys which is why she earned a bad reputation. Can't blame the guys if she lied about her age. Back then she wasn't into "kawaii" shit at all but rather scene. She was a huge scene kid and it wasn't until she worked at the same place with aminyan that she started the kawaii shit. When aminyan left her ex a long ass time ago, he started dating micky as a replacement. Micky is still with that guy today.

No. 18166

When micky was 13-14 she would lie on Facebook about being 17-18 to get with older guys which is why she earned a bad reputation. Can't blame the guys if she lied about her age. Back then she wasn't into "kawaii" shit at all but rather scene. She was a huge scene kid and it wasn't until she worked at the same place with aminyan that she started the kawaii shit. When aminyan left her ex a long ass time ago, he started dating micky as a replacement. Micky is still with that guy today.

No. 18167

File: 1434226825476.png (34.02 KB, 710x214, Screenshot_2015-06-13-16-15-33…)

She really shouldn't be giving out tips with her hair looking the way it does.

No. 18168

File: 1434232223311.jpg (366.85 KB, 1280x960, 2015-06-13-17-48-00_deco.jpg)


No. 18169


Where the hell is her damn mother? Like seriously? Your 13 year old?

No. 18170

Her mom either doesn't care or doesn't know.

No. 18171


Why on Earth would you put "lol" after stating you sent nudes at the age of 12 years old, which is far from a teenager, to an adult male in his 20's? How the fuck is that lolzy? It's just fucking creepy and wrong, like she's proud of it.

No. 18172

File: 1434252688028.jpg (20.42 KB, 371x426, image.jpg)


No. 18173

Looks like the drawings from my pre-teen years. All the effort and 'skill' in the eyes and no where else.

No. 18174

the face is copy-pasted from somewhere but i can't put my finger on it… but it's pretty obvious considering it is perfectly symmetric while the rest of the drawing looks like a bad meme.

No. 18175

File: 1434345157344.png (71.17 KB, 571x772, Screenshot_2015-06-15-01-02-42…)

What is going on with her face?

No. 18176

No. 18177

i think it exists
i date both genders but im only sexually attracted to girls

No. 18178

lmao dat blur

No. 18179

she regrets it now tho

No. 18180


You know what guys, she looks like a black version of that dumb blonde chick whos besties with shane dawson…

No. 18181


Micky don't look shit like Trisha Paytas

Also, obvious derail is obvious

No. 18182

well its actually not a bad comparison cause they both have the same face shape and their eyes are really spaced out.
They're also both really dumb and annoying
That does seem like an obvious attempt to derail tho

No. 18183

Haha this is that anon that was butthurt people said they liked Trisha in a /b/ thread so they come here for an excuse to post her which failed because mickey doesn't even look like trisha. I'm fucking dead.

No. 18184

same terrible weave game at least

No. 18185


Not bashing Trish btw.

But yeah exactly her and Micky look alike!

- dumb af

- spaced out eyes

- same face shape

- weave

- tanned

- fat

- thinks they're cute

- kinky/sexual ect


No. 18186

>- tanned
Lmao Micky is just black

No. 18187


>friendly reminder

>stay woke

She is cancer. Also her voice is deep.

No. 18188

She sounds like a fucking dude

No. 18189

File: 1434587039400.jpg (40.36 KB, 600x1067, CHvXrHfVAAAZ9cS.jpg)

>look at how white I am

>greasy face

>hair looks like a helmet

What a mess, and has anybody else noticed how beady her eyes are?

No. 18190

Why did she say this? Is she trying to start a fight? I hope she gets beat up

No. 18191


Not trying to be… Alright, I'm gonna be rude.

I'm part black myself, so–not sure if that makes it any 'better' what I'm about to say here, but why is it when black girls get into the 'kawaii style' whether it's Ulzzang/Gyaru/Dolly they always FUCK it up.

The make up is never right, they always wear things that never suit them or are simply just too bold for their complexion. Why can't they just seem to find a decent hair style and ditch the plasticy wigs? What's with the horrible contact lenses too, I mean ffs. I think only Barbarakim ever suited hers but even then only just by a notch.

Not saying all but most black girls seem to fail at this style. My god.

No. 18192

I'm not sure why micky is so pissed but I think she heard that on Tumblr. Anyways she is really putting on weight. She didn't used to be that big. It's sad to be honest.

And I think most black girls who do kawaii things either don't have the money to buy actual quality wigs and makeup or since there's just less black girls in that fashion the amount that are actually good are super low. There's Vivi but she's photoshopped from hell to back. A lot of black women also don't have soft features that are necessary for this style. I noticed that Aminyan has a pretty small nose and if her nose were like micky or someone I think she would have a much harder time.

No. 18193

Is this supposed to be her? Lmao does she really think that is her skin tone?

No. 18194

Man. She looked like she'd have a lisp. Wow.

No. 18195


True, true.

My friend is mixed, she has a small button nose, round face and is quite doll-faced. She doesn't dress 'kawaii' but likes pretty, cutesy things? Like… for e.g floral dresses, cute wedges and pink handbags. She's rather slender and tallish too. Doesn't wear weave, has curls out most days. Make up is just natural.

She suits that look a lot… I think it DOES depend on features more than anything. Even with white/asian, if you've got the cute face and features the style WORKS.

No. 18196


Mmm, ashamed of her dark skin. Lightening herself up to fit the 'kawaii mould'. It's so sad.

No. 18197

Lmao right, her nose and mouth isn't like that either she's fucking delusional

No. 18198

I think it just looks bolder on black girls naturally because we tend to have more exaggerated features, so any mistakes made are basically magnified times 10. It doesn't help that there aren't that many black people into "kawaii" styles or Jfash to begin with.
The black gyaru scene has gotten a lot better if Instagram is anything to go on, though.

No. 18199

A lot of black girls are fat too, and can't commit to pro Ana like a lot of the crazy white weebs will. So Fat + bad makeup + synthetic cosplay wig + bad walmart coords +wide nose = disaster.

No. 18200


It's already been stated more than once to take OT to /b/ that's what it's there for.

No. 18201

File: 1434593183253.jpg (82.9 KB, 500x667, tumblr_m9j4rw4iwo1r8llc5o1_500…)

But there are tons of pro-ana black chicks.
Pls go

No. 18202

Nah 75% of black women are obese.

No. 18203


It's a shame, I see some FINE black girls on pinterest under that 'natural' tag and some are kawaii af

No. 18204

Racist-chan, fuck off already

No. 18205

I'm a black woman and I'm saying for a fact black women are obese by a large majority.

No. 18206


Admin has stated to not derail threads, learn to read.

No. 18207

File: 1434595317861.jpg (322.73 KB, 1024x768, 7147248361_d72237a3a6_b.jpg)

Micky is chubby but not fat. Trish is not like micky. Also how do you know if trish is dumb? She trolls in most of her videos. She acts dumb lol I think trish looks very cute without her heavy "porn star" makeup and shes not a bad human being like micky

No. 18208

Anyway, let's stop derailing the thread. This is her trying to be magibon

No. 18209

Description: Rawr (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)
Tags: #black ulzzang #purple hair #kawaii
This is from her pinkuhoney tumblr

No. 18210

File: 1434595614404.jpg (700.09 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n4t7s7EkGY1tnvbhpo1_128…)

oops heres the pic

No. 18211

it's fucking gross she follows lolicon tumblrs about lolis and flat-chests like wtf

No. 18212

She is dumb, you cant really think that everything she does is 'trolling'. It is too easy an excuse to all the pathetic videos she does for money. She actually thinks she can do music and put a bunch of money into shitty music videos now on top of trying to exploit serious situations like someone having cancer. If she was not so annoying to watch she would be a good lolcow.

No. 18213

I don't think she's dumb. I think she can be smart. I think she acts dumb and do those music videos to gain easy money, that's really all. She's not a bitch, she's not a scammer, so no, she wouldnt be a lolcow. She was not serious when she made those music videos.

No. 18214

File: 1434597699461.png (42.35 KB, 800x446, Screenshot_2015-06-17-23-14-44…)

No. 18215

sure micky sure
you like to see animated little girls cute. also, who the fuck looks or read loli hentai to just say they're cute? If you would only find lolis cute then you wouldnt be looking at loli HENTAI. she disgusts me

No. 18216

File: 1434604743828.png (35.03 KB, 774x411, Screenshot_2015-06-17-23-42-46…)

No. 18217

i thought she was like a total sjw? why is she declaring this nasty shit on twitter

No. 18218

Stop being such an oversensitive whiny baby. God.

No. 18219

File: 1434610658452.png (34.88 KB, 787x398, Screenshot_2015-06-18-00-40-34…)

She must not be self aware at all.

No. 18220

She wants ~*ecchi ageplay lolicon babygirl "onii-chan" hentai mangacaps baby bottle pixel*~ credit AND ~*sassy SJW unfriendly black hottie "it's not you, it's your eyebrows"*~ credit at the same time.
Someone tell her you have to dramatically downplay one side to have them both before it's too late.

No. 18221

File: 1434613902572.jpg (281.52 KB, 960x1280, 2015-06-18-03-43-54_deco.jpg)

No. 18222

No. 18223

>smacking tongue
>double chin
>voice of a 50 year old
>sounds like she's about to cry
>uses tumblr mumbo jumbo to explain basic ideas

No. 18224

>those jumpcuts

I think the worst thing about this video is that she doesn't even say anything about improving yourself. The whole thing is basically, "don't change anything ever about yourself, no matter how shitty or obnoxious it may be."

No. 18225

She's no longer "just chubby" as someone said before. She's full blown fat nearing obesity. Micky didn't used to be this big and while cringe-worthy she was reparable and could've looked pretty. Now she's let herself go.

No. 18226

That choker makes her look like she has a double chin.
She's just turned into a hambeast, hasn't she?

No. 18227

She used to be cute back in her pink hair phase.

No. 18228

Couldn't watch it for more than 30 seconds, too much tongue clicking.

No. 18229

File: 1434659773096.png (30.98 KB, 800x362, Screenshot_2015-06-18-15-21-31…)

No. 18230


Oh boi

No. 18231

File: 1434661925192.png (41.41 KB, 800x404, Screenshot_2015-06-18-04-23-40…)

There is some hilarious shit on her old account.

No. 18232

WOW her voice is way fucking deeper than I expected it to be

No. 18233

I still remember her following me with that blog a couple of years ago and following her back out of courtesy and suddenly my dash was flooded with suggestive photos of real life children and her talking about how she has a fetish for pissing in diapers but is ~totally pure and innocent ^.^~. Is she still trying to sell her underage nudes in the lolita tag these days?

No. 18234

File: 1434675547355.png (24.44 KB, 800x297, Screenshot_2015-06-18-17-40-09…)

No. 18235

File: 1434675628802.png (21.72 KB, 791x313, Screenshot_2015-06-18-17-43-08…)

No. 18236

File: 1434675788952.png (25.56 KB, 800x277, Screenshot_2015-06-18-15-21-50…)

No. 18237

File: 1434675961463.png (42.71 KB, 798x401, Screenshot_2015-06-18-03-31-49…)

No. 18238


she needs to shut up and find a job

No. 18239

And now she idiolizes that body type

No. 18240


Fuck is all this shit about?

No. 18241


No. 18242

I wonder what she considers "sooo skinny"

No. 18243

File: 1434687723684.png (23.73 KB, 800x271, Screenshot_2015-06-18-22-11-04…)

This sounds suspicious as hell

No. 18244

Happy somebody is posting this. Micky dramatically changed from making 4chan rape jokes to being a SJW she literally just copies things she hears.

No. 18245

lol wtf does that even mean?

No. 18246

That she likes lolicon but no real child porn.

No. 18247

File: 1434692765896.png (43.84 KB, 800x419, Screenshot_2015-06-18-22-41-17…)

No. 18248

File: 1434695478524.jpg (80.59 KB, 960x786, 2015-06-19-02-27-21_deco~2.jpg)

No. 18249

File: 1434758333074.jpg (167.66 KB, 1266x1266, 2015-06-19-19-55-14_deco~2.jpg)

Why does she keep making herself so light?

No. 18250

she's a self hating black

No. 18251

File: 1434761218974.png (23.9 KB, 800x300, Screenshot_2015-06-19-02-08-50…)

No. 18252

File: 1434763841568.png (121.06 KB, 776x775, Screenshot_2015-06-19-21-19-01…)

It's like she deliberately tries to get into an argument with people on Facebook.

No. 18253

If I understand the situation correctly, I'd be sorta mad too with that Manami. I mean, just because the majority of women in America has it better than people in Europe or Asia, doesn't mean we can't complain.
It's like goin to a fancy restaurant. You order your food but get it half done or burned to the plate. Are you gonna take it it are you going to complain(in the country's case, make the situation better)?

No. 18254


Firstly, if she had to answer you, like all black girls who do lighten themselves will say "Cos I'm light skinned" or "I wanna look lighter to bring out my features". Second one, I can't argue with because everyone does it nowadays regardless of race. Not that it's self hating but it can make you look better I guess, like e.g removing eye bags, laugh lines or whatever whether you're Asian or White.

Nah, Micky would say the first line. Cos she is a weeb who is 'into Japanese culture' so she wants to fit in and look cute.

I mean, TheLovelyIfy does it too and she's darker than Micky! But she's pleasant, doesn't rile up shit and is down to earth, whereas Micky isn't.

Both do it to enhance their features, just like everyone else does. I think people just point out they're 'self-hating' simply because they're black.

But other than that, I think Micky is a self-hater not by lightening her pictures but because she keeps referring to blacks as "niggers", black features as bad and white people are bad.

Now I KNOW some African Americans (generally ghetto ones) use "Bitch/hoe" as the term 'female' and "Nigga" for 'male' or female in this case. But even just the term 'niggy-chan' for her father shows she's been dragged up, not brought up properly and I bet her mother is also as bad. Especially since she said her mother calls him that too. Lack of respect for right there.

I've had a look through this thread and she is no doubt insecure. Needs attention, always mocking being black, like it's a bad thing? She isn't proud to be black. Not when she makes a mockery out of it most of the time.

Plus as nothing better to do but bash whites all the time, I'm not white myself but I can clearly tell that she thinks they're 'superior' than her even though white people aren't, that it's an old shitty mentality the world seems to believe. She has to lower white people to her miserable level in order for Micky to feel good about herself. It's not that white people are bad, it's just people like Micky who must put whites down (bring in the race card, bring up slavery, shootings and anything else). She knows its all a go right now on the internet, that shit is on fire over on tumblr at the minute. So she can milk it, use her 'black kawaii queen' status as an advantage to being 'so oppressed' and for once in her sad life bring whites down and raise manky fucks like herself up a notch.

She'll never change, it's just how cunts like her are. How the typical African ghetto American woman is or 'black kawaii queen' in her case.

I hope she keeps self hating, I hope she keeps making a twat out of herself. It'll only drive others away from her, people like her. They deserve each other and to be away from normal people.


No. 18255


I highly doubt her mom calls her dad niggy-chan.

Sometimes kids lie on the internet. But i do think she's a self hating black, and the fact that she stalkes this thread and actually internalizes all the comments about her looks doesn't help.

She got good advice in the last thread, but instead of that she chose to listen to the people who talked about how ugly she is or whatever.

No black girl who's conformable about herself will whitewash herself to "bring her features out" that's just the excuse they use, because they don't want to say "i think dark skin is ugly".

She's a self hating black. Tragic, but oh well.

No. 18256


"Nigger nose" Yes, because she knows she is black and that black people tend to have broader/bigger features. It hurts her, it absolutely kills her knowing she's black. That she isn't all 'dainty and kawaii' like asian/white girls.

Face it Micky, you were born black with fucking black features and you'll die black. Why? It's because you were born a nigger. So get over it, face it. Don't be ASHAMED of it. Stop being so insecure over what you ARE because being black is NOTHING to be insecure about.

fucking hell

No. 18257


Maybe not, she could be lying for all we know.

But yep, she doesn't like herself. I say fuck her and fuck ones who are like that, infact any race of people who don't like their race. We should concentrate on the ones who don't care about it and let the self haters suffer. It's cruel but no way you can help them, only they can help themselves until they see sense.

No. 18258


I'm sure the 'tumblr feminists' would pat this so-called 'tumblr feminist' on the back if they saw this.

No. 18259


It probably kills her when she sees black girls who are skinny with small noses too. Which makes the hate brew even more. The thing is she isn't even ugly just fat with bad hair and a bad personality. If she just got some weave and lost weight she'd be pretty alright.

No. 18260


Exactly, we all have different views on what is and isn't pretty.

But yeah, like Aminyan for e.g lol

No. 18261

>It probably kills her when she sees black girls who are skinny with small noses too

More then likely another reason she hates Aminyan.

No. 18262

You beat me to the punch.

No. 18263

File: 1434832034536.png (36.03 KB, 800x389, Screenshot_2015-06-18-17-44-08…)

No. 18264

File: 1434835031289.png (23.13 KB, 800x276, Screenshot_2015-06-20-16-58-12…)

Yet, she's a feminist, hilarious.

No. 18265

Oh my god. Someone show these to all her tumblr friends lmao

No. 18266

File: 1434837600776.png (42.44 KB, 800x343, Screenshot_2015-06-20-17-04-26…)

No. 18267

Why aren't these tweets accessible from the account?
Earliest post was her following Wikileaks and Anonymous (lmao).

No. 18268

The ask.fm link leads somewhere totally different…

No. 18269

File: 1434838704847.png (135.54 KB, 800x1006, Screenshot_2015-06-20-17-57-08…)

try typing her current name their and a word, something should pop up

This should work

No. 18270

No. 18271

File: 1434839514773.png (37.64 KB, 800x323, Screenshot_2015-06-20-18-28-44…)

No. 18272

File: 1434842745617.png (32.23 KB, 800x310, Screenshot_2015-06-20-18-26-01…)

No. 18273

um no Micky is fat as fuck

No. 18274

She always brings this up and brags about how "light skinned" she is. She thinks she's superior to other black girls just because she's slightly lighter than the average black girl. She needs to stop bringing up that mixed shit too, like no you're black and nothing else

No. 18275


Yep, you see the self hate? She doesn't love her dark skin, she doesn't love herself because of her dark skin. So she has to say she's light skinned, despite having 'hatred for white ppl cos dey is evil' but she still looks up to how wonderfully white they are. She hates them because it's something she can't ever have. Since she is just another brained washed black woman who still believes in that old sad same mentality that 'lighter looks better'. It's what they would teach in slavery, black women would teach their daughters it and bitch about how nappy their hair is. But if you had a mixed (to the master) or light skinned baby, oh my. It was such a gem, that baby was like a treasure. It's so fucking sad.

When girls like her say they're mixed all I do is laugh. Anyone see any signs of being mixed in her? I see none. All I see is black features on a black woman topped off with some weave.

I hope if she ever finds this, sees it and is hurt. I hope it hurts her because Micky needs to know. Self hate isn't cute, putting dark skin down isn't cute and bashing black people, what she IS is not cute.

She needs to get her head out the clouds and take a reality check.

No. 18276


Glad we agree, aha.

But yes, I've seen Aminyan without the filter/lightening and she's just basic black too. Cept, she looks happy.

The reason why Micky dislikes Ami because she's happy, nicer, smaller/slimmer and is doing well for herself. It's because of that nose and her face. I mean, I do think black women have quite dolly faces naturally anyway. Rounder faces, fuller lips and sometimes wider eyes (idk black people are all different, whether from a certain part they originate from or w/e) but Ami has that nose. That SLIMMER nose which people would associate being a 'white nose' or a 'cute nose' because white/asian people tend to have smaller features whereas black have bigger/wider and have been taught they're 'not pretty'.

That mentality is in her head, so she doesn't like Ami because she has these cuter and smaller features. Having that baby face, smaller body which drags in an audience. Whereas she doesn't. Bigger built, more weight on and bigger features. Automatically Micky feels like shit. Btw I'm not saying that weight on, bigger features or bigger built is bad. I'm just pointing out Ami and Micky's differences is all.

But yeah, that's why she doesn't like her.

No. 18277

Micky isn't dark skin. She isn't as light as she filters herself but she is light skin. Aminyan is slightly darker than micky but she looks more darker because she doesn't use lighting filters. Micky's real life skintone is light but not much lighted than ami's

No. 18278

And aminyan used to be chubby which is why micky called her a fat bitch. She's only gotten skinny as of recent

No. 18279

File: 1434856475527.png (68.53 KB, 800x799, Screenshot_2015-06-20-16-52-36…)

She's probably going to end up bleaching her skin

No. 18280

File: 1434856740517.jpg (302.24 KB, 960x1280, 2015-06-20-23-17-34_deco.jpg)

No. 18281

This is so fucking cringy.

No. 18282

File: 1434860265098.png (25.99 KB, 800x295, Screenshot_2015-06-19-01-51-00…)

No. 18283

File: 1434861080070.png (25.38 KB, 800x275, Screenshot_2015-06-21-00-07-55…)

No. 18284

this. she's not DARK but she's definitely not anywhere as light as she puts on or considers herself to be

No. 18285

not really, she looked disastrous and she can't pull off those kinds of hair colors to save her life, She's always trying to do things that absolutely do not fit her at all. although she died her hair black as it should be there's still a bunch of fixing her hair and general appearance needs. She always looks fugly but she should def not go back to that phase whatsoever

No. 18286

Hey Totemokawaii.

No. 18287


The self hate is still tree though regardless. Aminyan is doing well for herself, Micky isn't. Also all that feminist bullshit she soaks up from tumblr is a pile, if she really did "support" other girls she wouldn't bash them. Hence another reason why I cannot take tumblr feminists not Micky seriously. It's such a pile of my hole.

No. 18288

There* jfc phone

No. 18289


She never looked cute, it was all filter that helped her achieve a slight tint of being cute.

No. 18290

File: 1434883566914.png (36.76 KB, 800x380, Screenshot_2015-06-18-22-22-58…)

No. 18291

I thought micky was bi though…she used to say and brag about eating her ex's pussy. Knew it was all a lie.

No. 18292

When did she say all that?

No. 18293


Probably bi-curious at the most and just wanted to try pussy

or saying shes bi to be cool and edgy lol

No. 18294

She's not ugly. She's actually pretty for a black girl.

No. 18295


"For a black girl".

Really? You're implying that most black females are ugly with that statement.

No. 18296

I am personally not very attracted to black girls.
I'm sure you can be, they're just not my thing. I like Asians.
I see very pretty black girls, just not very many.

No. 18297


what's with all these newfags lately.

No. 18298


I tend to think Asians and white women are glorified heavily. Thus, the world doesn't tend to see black women as beautiful.

No. 18299


No. 18300


Fair enough, that's your preference. I understand and respect that.

I think it's not even black women that's the problem, it's their attitude half the time. African American women I'm talking about, the ghetto type/horrid type. You all know what I mean. I think because people see more of that than the decent black women out there, it puts other races of people off.

This is why ratchet needs to go.

No. 18301

We're attracted instinctually to people who look similar to us.
Whites and Asians both have straight, flowing hair, smaller noses, smaller breasts and butt, tend to be shorter than black women.
It's easier for whites to be attracted to Asians than blacks as blacks don't look anything like us.

No. 18302

yep. idiots.

No. 18303


"For a black girl."

See what you did right there? So, you're basically saying the black race, the black woman isn't pretty or decent to begin with. Please, don't ever say that again. It's disrespectful.

I actually go mad at African American women a lot (the ghetto/ratchet) because of the way they show black women up. Making a mockery out of them, making them look fucking terrible to the rest of the world. I want black women to be more appreciated, seen as lovely. Not as some hoodrat piece of shit with bad attitude and bringing up race into every conversation before beating someone to a pulp.

A lot of damage and hurt as already washed over the black community already. We don't need statements like "For a black girl" knocking around.

I understand you may have just said it off the top of your head, willy nilly. But it can be really offensive.

Please, just remember that.

No. 18304


Exactly, they're similar. Not the same, Asians are POC too. But they're SIMILAR.

That's the attraction right there.

Black is foreign, alien almost. So it's difficult.

Honestly, I do wish it wasn't foreign but it's just how it is. In a sense though, I can understand why a lot of black women (NOT ALL) act the way they can/do. With comments, actions ect. I mean, it's hard when your race of people have ALWAYS been considered the dogs dinner of the planet.


That's the thing, they're considered it. Not by everybody, but by beauty and judgement.

If media started to show black women, actual black women in movies instead of using mixed women then maybe, just maybe black women will start gaining more lime light. Before anyone starts jumping down my throat, mixed isn't black. So, don't. I know what you guys can be like.

Something needs to happen, more and more representation needs to happen with black women.

No. 18305


Your ignorance is silly. Do you go to Stormfront?

No. 18306

I feel like there isn't such thing as POC for Asians.
They're not oppressed for being Asian, honestly.
POC should be reserved for those being oppressed.

No. 18307

I'm not being racist, im explaining biology..
There was safety in people who looked like us. We're going to trust them more, no matter what.
I'm sorry you can't accept basic biological psychology

No. 18308


It's however way you go about it tbh. I see Asians as NOT white, because they're not. Similar but not white. Two different races of people.

No. 18309


"Black ppl aint safe dawg"

Here we go, here we go…

Azn and white are best races evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!11

No. 18310

Oh my god, are you so ignorant you're refusing science?
I'm not saying they're not trustworthy, I'm saying they don't appear to be from a biological standpoint.
You are why humanity is failing.

No. 18311

Early in the development of the white race, white people saw Asians, mix-bred with them, ect.
They're more familiar than black people genetically and in the minds eye.

No. 18312



This is literally what I could find off of Stormfront. It's sad how many black girls/women have to constantly feed in to this bullshit. And we are told to believe that we're ugly because pale skin and stringy hair is considered beautiful in society. I feel bad for the girl who everyone is referring to in this thread. She's clearing self-hating, but only because of what black women are being thread through media.

No. 18313

File: 1434928533781.jpg (20.24 KB, 480x360, 1421802526783 (1).jpg)

>Please, don't ever say that again. It's disrespectful.
>But it can be really offensive.


>I feel like there isn't such thing as POC for Asians.
>They're not oppressed for being Asian, honestly.
>POC should be reserved for those being oppressed.

Have you ever heard of the Japanese internment camps? What about the huge human trafficking problem affecting south asian countries? Have you ever actually been outside of your house, bro?


Fucking off-topic bullshit.

I'm fucking sick of the tumblr invasion. This is lolcow, this is a *chan type image board, this isnt a ~*safe-space*~ for all of you insecure, brainwashed social justice warriors to hop on your soapbox and explain to everyone how terrible is the plight of POCs. I DON'T FUCKING CARE. There's a board called /b/ for you to shout off all your fucking retarded opinions about race and social justice and all your hurted little fee fees on, but /pt/ is strictly for lols.

Please don't try to tell me how "just because it's a chan board, doesn't make it right tee hee~!" because that completely doesn't matter. Go to /b/.

Sage because this is fucking retarded.

No. 18314

Go back to tumblr or /cgl/ or pull, wheever you came from, you stupid faggot. If you are going to comment in a thread please read up on the lolcow first instead of flying in here like an angry sjw hog complaining about ~muh racism~

No. 18315

File: 1434928672843.jpg (518.61 KB, 1200x628, tumblr_ng2looWPgT1rlo1q2o1_128…)

No. 18316


Ironically, people hate me on Tumblr because they assume I'm racist. Go figure. ;)

No. 18317


"we white n azn we so beautiful cos u dark n uglyyy"

I'm so sick of hearing about this shit and that shit mentality, ugh.

No. 18318

File: 1434929622609.png (235.26 KB, 647x611, actualfaggot.png)

hey bakurasgirl, can you please stop shitting up every single thread with your shitty nonsense? (also who the fuck uses their real email address on lolcow)

No. 18319


Hey, you wanna know something? That's not actually my website. This is an email. Not the name I use for actual websites. I don't use this email much, dear. Try again.

No. 18320

File: 1434929875434.png (275.17 KB, 663x637, isthisyuguiohorsomeshit.png)

I really doubt that, 'dear' ;^) please continue trying to cover up your extensive yaoi fanfiction collection.

sage for OT faggotry. This board gives me cancer.

No. 18321

We all know micky is a self hating black. I mean, how could she not be when she has kawaii asian and white girls to compete with? She says she hates whites because thats how yoy get fans on tumblr, but deep down she wants to be like them.

She thinks she's ugly because she's black, but she's just ugly. It's actually pretty fucking sad to watch, because I've been down that self hate road too.

I actually do wanna reach out to her somehow, and tell her its okay to love the skin you're in without putting anyone down. I mean, she's like… 17 or 18? She's so young, and getting older with this mentality is gonna destroy her. She's gonna turn into Asha.

No. 18322


This is so hilarious. Alright, believe what you want to believe. Anime from Japs is far from my forte, darling.

No. 18323

Admin can you please delete and ban these people? It's already been stated OT and derailing don't belong here and should go to /b/, but no one's listening. I swear it gets worse and worse every time.


No. 18324


She needs more self love

No. 18325

You do realize you have to report posts to bring them to Admin-sama's attention, and not just cry their name when you're upset?

Also, why should I get banned for telling people to get back on topic? Kindly kill yourself.

No. 18326


How is talking about micky and what her problem is… off topic?

Cry more, fag.

No. 18327


Oi, the fuck am I being banned for? grow up and grow some balls

No. 18328

They have been reported and so have these. The admin came in before and said not to fucking derail the thread. >>18075 Gtfo

No. 18329

File: 1434933474088.png (447.2 KB, 1053x613, mickysalienstyle.png)

Ah, I see. Thanks for all the content you posted about Micky~ you aren't contributing to the problem at all!

Fucking cancer.

No. 18330


She's really tacky, I can't believe she thinks that looks good.

These are mine btw

No. 18331

Please stop derailing.

For now, I am going to forbid any race-related discussion*, positive or negative, in this particular thread (just this one, not other threads) from now on. It seems impossible for it not to go wildly off-topic the moment someone brings up race. Use /b/ instead.

We'll eventually come up with a better way of handling threads that go off-topic for 50+ posts.

* I suppose with the exception of things the girl explicitly says/does herself. So just no "speculative" or opinionated race-related discussion.

No. 18332


Well, she is black tho.(true)

No. 18333

File: 1434936043394.jpg (21.65 KB, 547x188, image.jpg)

top kek

No. 18334

File: 1434937086568.png (210.11 KB, 1024x1643, Screenshot_2015-06-21-18-36-04…)

She probs saw this and is now jumping on the "i hate dd/lg" train

No. 18335

No. Micky is just a little fat. Nothing wrong.
if you think shes fat as fuck then you have a distorted image of bodies tbh

No. 18336

"im a black women and people preferring white women and asian women offends me greatly" cry me a fucking river

No. 18337


I don't think Micky is fat either. From the looks of her photos, maybe what's making her look bigger is her breast size. But because she doesn't look like a holocaust victim as how most on this site aspire to be, that's why they say she's fat.

No. 18338

Is micky still in her nymphet phase?

No. 18339

I agree anon. It's really disturbing. If girls are not (trigger warning) "curveless" and stick-thin, they're automatically fat.

No. 18340

Maybe she just hates the community and thats all? Is rexuality her?

No. 18341

Micky has admitted to being between 170-190 pounds. That's nearly fucking obese. Sorry Americans have such a warped view of body size.

No. 18342

File: 1434944537680.jpg (29.93 KB, 271x527, Emaciated.JPG)


You're very right, anon. This is how everyone should look like. This is completely normal.

No. 18343

Says the faggot who actually writes anonymous in the name field.

If you think a teen girl being 180 pounds is normal youre drinking the same Koolaid PT is.

No. 18344

She's tall, you dumb non-american pro-ana.
Does she look fat to you?
170-180 isn't fat for a girl of her height.
It's not fit, it's not thin, but it's not fat.
This is why I dislike you Europoors.

No. 18345

shut up leah.

No. 18346

Not European.
Go to /soc/ faggot. Anyway micky is 5'6". 5'6" and a weight of 185 is a bmi of nearly 30. That's bigger than fat. That's at risk for obesity. The average woman should be 19-25 on bmi scale.

No. 18347

Isn't she taller than that?
I was told she was around 5'8?

No. 18348


And being 50 pounds as a teen is somehow normal by your standards, yes? Anorexia must be lovely. Imagine the cocks one could shove in an emaciated asshole. Tailbones are amazing. It's like sleeping with a corpse.

No. 18349


Hello, dear!

No. 18350

Imagine fucking Reek from Game of Thrones.
So appealing.

No. 18351

No. 18352

Pointing out obesity is not advocating for anorexia. There shouldn't be either extreme.

No. 18353


You can see here she's fat >>17999

No. 18354


She looks very, very top heavy, but not obese.

No. 18355

Her stomach sticks out further than her chest.

No. 18356

Nah, she used to be a part of it and say shit like "daddy wipes my pee and fingers me after !! Teehee!!" You can find the screenshots in the earlier thread or the other thread

No. 18357


wtf is this samefagging nonsense?

(also I've in love with the fact that "trigger" is now in comic sans. based admin-sama.)

No. 18358

I'm beginning to think it's just Micky trying to white knight.

No. 18359

Nah, the address in the email field belongs to some other cow.

No. 18360

Does the cow have a thread?

No. 18361

File: 1434964040872.png (34.99 KB, 800x252, Screenshot_2015-06-22-04-40-53…)

Is she participating?

No. 18362

underrated post

plus, don't you all remember her ghastly nudes with her udders swinging freely? that pretty much sealed the deal for me that she was fat.

No. 18363

File: 1434967747442.png (25.07 KB, 800x282, Screenshot_2015-06-22-04-42-46…)

>udders swinging freely
That made me want to vomit

No. 18364

File: 1434990492288.png (24.14 KB, 800x286, Screenshot_2015-06-22-04-49-31…)

No. 18365

File: 1434990557549.png (33.37 KB, 800x334, Screenshot_2015-06-22-04-43-29…)

No. 18366

File: 1434990642259.png (41.3 KB, 800x368, Screenshot_2015-06-22-05-01-10…)

No. 18367

File: 1434994450729.png (31.21 KB, 800x331, Screenshot_2015-06-22-13-29-38…)

She does realize that a good majority of westerners use otaku in a different context than the Japanese do, right?

No. 18368

File: 1434995022300.png (66.35 KB, 800x661, Screenshot_2015-06-22-13-29-46…)

No. 18369


These are some low standards.

No. 18370

File: 1435008860607.jpg (97.73 KB, 960x1280, 1979381_713228215490684_436137…)

No. 18371

is your crotch hungry girl cuz its eatin your shorts

No. 18372

It's so awkward how most of her clothes are way too small for her. She is really in denial about her weight. And what's with that weird sticker placement. Is she hiding something?

No. 18373

I actually like this picture.

No. 18374

Why? It's just a blurred mess.

No. 18375


Maybe she's hiding some sort of hole in the shorts. Maybe her fat is spilling out from there.


Is it because you can't see her face? Home girl looks like she smells.

No. 18376

Hiding extra fat most likely

No. 18377

>Maybe her fat is spilling out from there.
>"Huh, my shirt rolled up and my stomach's poking out in this photo"
>"Better put a heart sticker on it! That's discreet! :^)"
I will never understand this sort of shit. If you don't like how something looks in a photo, either you delete it and try to take a better one, or you try your best to shoop it until it looks less shitty. Failing that, crop it out. Don't put a sticker on the problem area and expect no one to wonder why it's there.
She's even lazy at being fake, jfc

No. 18378


She's not that advanced in meito yet :)

No. 18379

Is her camera dirty, or is it the mirror? Or is this a shitty filter? Or all of the above?

No. 18380

I feel this could have been way cuter without the dirty cam and/or filter. Oh and the highly possible camel toe.
Anywhoooo, I kind of like her in scene/layered razored styles. But that's my personal taste.

No. 18381

It's most likely all three.

No. 18382

File: 1435034246367.jpg (18.78 KB, 275x255, 1429416632046.jpg)

>she's obese
>even if you dont know her height
>not realizing 170-190 can be healthy depending on your height
pls stop ana-chan
inb4 fatty

No. 18383

clean your mirror, fuck

No. 18384

She says she's 5'6. There are picture in both threads that shows she's big. She's even posted about not liking exercise and water, and only eat junk and fast food.

No. 18385

I know but what i dont understand in lolcow is if a girl is chubby or have 30 pounds plus then shes obese but you guys think stick-thin very skinny girls are attractive and healthy wtf
i remember her post about she couldnt eat healthy food because it was too expensive

No. 18386

File: 1435035286796.jpg (63.64 KB, 532x641, obese_532_1505287a.jpg)

ya she's fat but not obese.
this is obese. anyway, is she still with her bf?
i wonder if he looks her tumblr

No. 18387

File: 1435035396328.png (42.67 KB, 900x190, Screenshot_8.png)

so now she dislikes black men?

No. 18388

File: 1435035490448.png (84.87 KB, 894x379, Screenshot_9.png)

Or maybe non-white people could do something about it instead of whining. what the fuck can white people do about it? Nothing. If you dont like something then change it yourself

No. 18389

File: 1435035628126.png (43.26 KB, 880x249, Screenshot_10.png)

No. 18390

File: 1435035686691.png (21.42 KB, 893x140, Screenshot_11.png)

so she's not motivated enough to lose weight, thats why she "can't"?

No. 18391

File: 1435035846576.png (35.27 KB, 500x224, tumblr_ng3048C2B31u04llqo2_500…)

No. 18392

this is her tumblr http://strawberrybby.tumblr.com/
it's listed from her blogger profile

No. 18393

Whites are taller than blacks and Asians are genetically further away from us than blacks.

No. 18394

File: 1435036134879.png (226.96 KB, 1387x721, Screenshot_12.png)

what is seapunk??

No. 18395

And science proves that people are naturally attracted to big tits and big butts. lol

No. 18396

Okay, I just calculated her BMI and it's over 30, officially obese. Go have a period over it you fucking cow.

No. 18397

File: 1435036364168.png (322.88 KB, 1641x858, Screenshot_13.png)

this is her wishlist
She mocked her room mate for being a furry yet she has this in her wishlist

No. 18398

File: 1435036468241.png (128.92 KB, 951x604, Screenshot_14.png)

>you dont think shes obese, you're a cow!!!!
i'm not mad. her BMI is not 30.
She's a tiny overweight, that's it.

No. 18399

File: 1435036678973.jpg (21.51 KB, 338x332, 1395353042431.jpg)

also even if she was 5'6, her BMI would be 27,4.

No. 18400

no pepe memes anymore pls

No. 18401

She's 190 and 5'6". Either way she's fucking fat

No. 18402

File: 1435037379902.jpeg (5.45 KB, 203x249, download.jpeg)


Didn't you know? This is the only thing acceptable here:

No. 18403

File: 1435039316681.jpg (53.08 KB, 600x900, tumblr_n7v94yk9b21r33r0fo1_128…)

wheres her nudes at tho and isnt she like 18

No. 18404

I wouldn't say obese either, but she's fat, slowly moving towards obesity.

She's not 5'8. I also doubt she remained 170 for so long with a shit diet and Zero excerise. She has to be at least 195 to 200 at this point.

No. 18405

She's 190 and 5'6". Either way she's fucking fat

No. 18406

nah there's a thread for making fun of that too
all bodies are bad bodies here

>head in jar masterrace

No. 18407

That's not her, her blog is creamymelo.tumblr.com

That room mate is her sister

No. 18408

File: 1435046717283.png (28.69 KB, 495x423, fatuglyslut.png)

She's 190 and 5'6".

No. 18409

>Seriously thinking that micky moo cow isn't fat
You've already outed yourself as a fatty. When you gain a pound of fat, your body makes seven new miles of blood vessels. This means your body must work harder to pump blood through all of these extra new vessels, which strains your heart and reduce oxygenation and nutrient replenishment in other tissues. Enjoy having one of your limbs amputated so you can defy beauty standards lol.

No. 18410

File: 1435126243065.jpg (81.29 KB, 640x549, image.jpg)

No. 18411

File: 1435126437521.gif (922.37 KB, 245x250, tumblr_mxgu0vQgNc1r8iz23o4_250…)

No. 18412

What made her send that?

No. 18413

Wrong Both sound like you've never seen black people before. African genetics have the tallest people and some of the most shortest people. Try again.
Africans generally have mono lids. The first asians were black. Asians (now, but not all) are equivalent to looking like blacks with paler skin. Take your bigotry and idiocy somewhere else.

No. 18414

File: 1435139887467.jpg (333.68 KB, 750x547, sasquatch_genome6.jpg)

People of the Kalahari, africans and asians are of the same genetic traits.

No. 18415

File: 1435139997732.jpeg (7.87 KB, 268x188, images.jpeg)

No. 18416

File: 1435144957211.png (137.55 KB, 615x599, 615px-9_Cluster_Tree.png)

The tallest countries are……
1. Netherlands
2. Sweden
3. Denmark
4. Norway
5. Estonia
Noticing a pattern here? Scandi are the tallest.
Eye shape has nothing to do with how genetically similar one race is to another.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18417

nigga GTFO here with your afrocentric behaviour, the saudis over here have afroblood too but thats because our ancestors fucked your women. Africans aint shittttt and thanks for giving me nappy hair >.>(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18418

Not to be Tumblr but what exactly do you expect non-white people to do? Kill and/or enslave all white people? lol

No. 18419

Can you please kill yourself

No. 18420

crackah blacks and whites look more alike than asians and whites

No. 18421

no. what now?

No. 18422

Stop posting forever.

No. 18423

Does your nurse know you're here?

No. 18424


Hope you know this place is like a watered down version of ED. Don't expect them to care or take this seriously. It's all for shits and giggles :B

No. 18425

>because what he said is true

No. 18426

File: 1435167245626.png (32.99 KB, 800x257, Screenshot_2015-06-24-13-08-37…)

Their standards must be really low if they're her work there.

You all need to read >>18331

No. 18427

Micky made a post about how girls that brag about not wearing makeup are trying to be special snowflakes and it pissed her off lmao
What she sent isn't wrong though and I'd even go on to say Micky looks shitty even with makeup on, just slightly less shitty

No. 18428

>Micky made a post about how girls that brag about not wearing makeup are trying to be special snowflakes

She should just come clean and tell everyone how she's majorly insecure.

No. 18429

File: 1435180825946.jpg (31.12 KB, 551x231, image.jpg)

No. 18430

right lmao she's indenial about everything about herself

No. 18431

File: 1435182101686.jpg (59.81 KB, 640x788, Hide_and_Seek.jpg)

her, of all people saying this
a loli is pic related
resemblance is uncanny
>i'm getting wendy's what do you want
>eeeee soooo sweeeet
>hurry up bitch
wow, her desperation for an older man to make her feel like a loli is REALLY sad

No. 18432

What's her boyfriend's real age anyway?

No. 18433

File: 1435183639016.jpg (92.08 KB, 600x800, IMG_0913.JPG)

she talks so much shit about white girls yet tweets these pictures

No. 18434

>thinking i am fat
fucking lol

No. 18435

But in her blogger profile, she listed that as her tumblr so yes it's her

No. 18436

That's not her, she hasn't update her blogger since she deleted all the old blog post last year.

No. 18437

I think she's jealous of white girls.
She hates herself but want followers so she makes this "im an independant superior black women and im the best" yet shes constantly retweeting cute white girls so

No. 18438

thank you anon for the info!

No. 18439

Your ignorant on what I meant by my comment. Eye shape wasn't what I said. What I was saying was that Asians are descendants of africans. They are closer to africans and mexicans than they are to white so the racist asian had know clue on what they were talking about, (as much as they hate it asians, mexiacans, etc.. share a similar bloodline whether they want to believe it or not). All Asians bloodlines are from africans. The one being the people from the kalahari desert the oldest race on earth. Genetics and racism is what separates us today.
Also note; When I said africans have some of the tallest people. I was referring to the tusi tribe, the dinka, and he sudanese people with some men towering 213cm +.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18440

nobody gives a fuck.
since when did lolcow became /pol/ or some shit?

No. 18441

Since when did lolcow turn into a racist pot of stupidity? How about you take your own advice. Obviously the person who responded to me cared since they answered so if YOU didn't care back off.

No. 18442

No. 18443

how bout lets laugh at micky instead of agruing

No. 18444

I'm a 5'6 thin girl and 120lbs. she must be fucking huge.

No. 18445

>boohoo im offended by "racism" online!!!!
shut the fuck up. You're whining about some stupid shit. Racism is not "bbbUT SOMEONE ONLINE DIAGREED WITH ME AND OMG HE PROBABLY SAID THE N WORD WAHHH".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18446

File: 1435187779395.jpg (11.86 KB, 320x337, 7b2.jpg)

No. 18447

i'm 5' and 120lbs
you make me feel fat anon

No. 18448

Again idiot, my post wasn't about you. I responded to a comment, the commenter responded back to me. IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT THEN stfu. Simply. Now you are being a twat.

No. 18449

File: 1435189814625.jpg (25.12 KB, 560x330, I can already hear their cries…)

good job anon, you just gave a snowflake PTSD

No. 18450

ooohhhh shut up

No. 18451

File: 1435191995340.png (26.65 KB, 800x350, Screenshot_2015-06-24-20-21-19…)

She talks a lot of shit for someone who doesn't like conflict.

You all need to read this >>18331 because I'm sure the admin is fed up with this. Go to /b/, there's a race thread there.

No. 18452

4 posters were temporarily banned from /pt/ for derailing. Please keep the thread somewhat on-topic. The banned posters may post in /b/.

No. 18453

I wonder if she thinks passive aggressive tweets make her look tough

No. 18454

File: 1435195383300.png (341.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-24-21-21-50…)

Is micky having thoughts of her own?

No. 18455


Abloo bloo.

Eh, your chubs. Oh well, as long as you dress nicely you're good.

No. 18456


It's more than likely she's repeating someone else's words. You know that girl can't be original to save her life.

>Even I, a spacekin, identify as literally giant balls of gas and dusk clouds floating around but I still identify as girl.

She is just a big joke.

This person is a joke too.

No. 18457

File: 1435266967490.jpg (82.95 KB, 960x540, image.jpg)

"Micky isn't fat"

lol ok

No. 18458


Tbh her tits make her look fatter

No. 18459

And her back. And her fat.

No. 18460

Jesus I keep forgetting how fucking huge she actually is. Her face doesn't really show it.

No. 18461


Yeah but the tits DO make her look bigger. Noticed big tits and broader shoulders automatically make you look bigger anyway?

No. 18462

That hair and tight top doesn't do her any favours.

It looks strawy, too flat and dry. Plus the colour doesn't suit her. I'm sorry but I do not think bright coloured hair suits dark skin. Make up, but not hair.

Top is too tight, shows off lunch lady arms.

Makes me lol how she lightens herself up and when we see her it's like ordering a dress from china, it never looks like it's supposed to in the photographs.

No. 18463

She's wearing two bras.

No. 18464


makes her look hench

No. 18465

File: 1435272073227.jpg (304.99 KB, 792x1008, fat_she_hulk_by_greasystreet-d…)


Like the Hulk, but she more this lol

No. 18466

File: 1435272133856.jpg (20.82 KB, 384x511, tumblr_mtofqp0mn01qim3pko1_400…)

Regardless she's still fat, her face in her recent video looks super bloated.

No. 18467

That's being too generous.

No. 18468

Why does she look so much lighter than IRL here? Shoop?

No. 18469


bathroom light and filter

No. 18470

Always fucks me up when people draw fat girls who still have hourglass figures.
Even worse when they claim a fat hourglass is "just pear shaped".

No. 18471

Did she ever respond to this post?

No. 18472

bright colored hair does suit dark skin imo
it just doesn't suit HER
and she's not necessarily dark skinned but yeah

No. 18473

That's definitely not her real skin tone Lol. She is living a lie. Reminds me of creepyyehas edits.

No. 18474

Yea she's not dark just not as light as she wants to be. She could always go the fanbingbing route and bleach the shit out of her skin until she looked like a reanimated corpse.

No. 18475


>Makes me lol how she lightens herself up and when we see her it's like ordering a dress from china, it never looks like it does in the photographs

Best analogy for mickys appearance ever

No. 18476

she could always just dress for her body type, and she would look better. When fat people wear clothes that fit them they don't look as bad. And there are cute clothes for fat people out there. She won't even do that though, she should just lose weight.

No. 18477

Yes, and she just acted like a little bitch like she usually does when someone comes after her "ooooohhh why are you being sooooo mean I didn't even do anything to you :((((("

No. 18478

>she should just lose weight

She won't do that either. She's slowly going to turn into a black PT.

I wonder what she's going to do when she ends up in a fist fight with someone because she tried acting tough outside the internet.

No. 18479

she would get her ass beat SO quick
I don't know why she makes these passive aggressive tweets and posts as if she's even about that life at all. Just the slightest bit of conflict and she becomes so mousy. Everything about her is an act.

No. 18480

Seriously if she wore clothes that suit her, went natural and stopped editing the fuck out of her pictures/lightening her skin she could actually look nice.
She shouldn't try applying extensions herself, she should save up money and get tracks sewn in. I don't think she should wear long hair unless she loses weight though.

No. 18481

Fat girls look even fatter with short hair.

No. 18482

So I took a relook at the Kawaii black girls pages and they really need to get standards. Black girls need to learn how to do makeup and coords better. I'm black but this tumblr pity party shit needs to stop.

No. 18483

Agreed. They make me ashamed to be black tbh

No. 18484

well she looks fat either way lmao but she seriously should consider going completely natural and not perm her hair use any heat styling or extensions and just give it a rest. Not only would she look better but her hair would be in way better shape, she does a fuck ton of shit to her hair and then complains that it doesn't grow or that it's fried smh

No. 18485

Micky's page or the other page?

No. 18486

Both in all honesty. Someone asked Micky why she didn't post aminyan or why she deleted the post other admins did and she said "I don't post people who I don't think are cute".most of the girls on both of those pages aren't cute. Some are but most are below average or aberage.Stop ass patting mediocre people. That's why micky and delandra have such big egos.

No. 18487


It seems most black girls are ashamed to be black in order to fit European standards. Stop being ashamed of yourself and your race. It only makes other races get an extra laugh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18488


No. 18489


You cared enough to respond.

No. 18490

You are wrong and you are attempting to derail the thread. If you want to argue your opinion go o /b/ and keep it on micky. Micky isn't a representative for all black people. I can say the same for whites considering the fact that whites are mostly posted here. You are barking up the wrong tree biggot.

No. 18491


Heh, I'm actually black. Yet, I see this behavior from black girls often. In no way was I attempting to derail the thread.

No. 18492

You were attempting to derail because you used bait. Your opinion is wrong, so let's g back to Micky. You want to debate go to /b/. As admin said before.

No. 18493


Tommy Sotomayor was right.

African American women (ghetto type) are a mess. Jfc(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18494

No. 18495

File: 1435366179873.png (79.42 KB, 594x777, Screenshot_2015-06-26-20-37-32…)

Why does she add stuff she can't even fit?

No. 18496

To resell it for more money probs

No. 18497


>generic-ass bodyline maid outfits

That taste ugh

No. 18498

She got Totemokawaii taste. Now all she needs to do is bitch at high-end designer fashion and how designers should be abused and starved for making expensive things she was never obligated to buy.

No. 18499

File: 1435405757392.png (89.69 KB, 800x944, Screenshot_2015-06-27-07-38-05…)

What are her streams even about? Why is she having one so early? It's embarrassing she would even do a stream with her hair looking like a helmet.

No. 18500

Are there any pictures of her with just her natural hair and not her helmet hat extensions?

No. 18501

Her pink scene hair stage…

No. 18502

Why does it look like that? Extensions?

No. 18503


Well its puffy because home girl doesn't know how to use a hair straightener.

I wish she'd get a keratin treatment or something since she wants to wear it straight all the time, she'd look way better.

No. 18504

I'm trying to troll this fat piece of garbage. Tips for maximum response?

No. 18505

File: 1435467952673.png (22.68 KB, 800x296, Screenshot_2015-06-28-00-53-01…)

Anything about her appearance, her boyfriend, or her calling Himeka a cheap whore only to turn around and act like her best friend.

No. 18506

File: 1435494090957.png (104.52 KB, 723x543, Screenshot_2015-06-28-08-15-32…)

No. 18507

That doesn't look like amina at all

No. 18508

File: 1435537770483.jpg (35.28 KB, 640x230, image.jpg)

I'm laughing so hard.

No. 18509

File: 1435537885631.jpg (24.08 KB, 640x162, image.jpg)

No. 18510


she wishes

No. 18511

i'm sorry how are you guys saying she's not pale for a black girl? i dont care for her, but she's not actually ugly, and she isn't dark.

No. 18512

she's not pale for a black girl, lmao.
>she's not ugly
sure you aren't Micky
and she's not dark, but she's definitely not pale in any way. the pale skin you see in her pictures is just shit tons of editing

No. 18513

C'mon, she really isn't ugly, just average. Ugly would be something like Mira and ginger girl.

No. 18514

Someone denounce her blackness lmao

No. 18515

File: 1435543298080.png (26.23 KB, 579x457, Screenshot_2015-06-19-19-46-59…)

>she really isn't ugly, just average.

>has a bloated man face

>greasy skin
>beady eyes that are too far apart
>straw hair

No. 18516

Implying that all dark skin women are somehow ugly and that light skinned black girls are the only good looking ones…based on your comment here.

No. 18517

Oh my god stop posting already, or at least stop filling in your e-mail. No one here wants to know you.

No. 18518


Doesn't bother me, Regina.

No. 18519

she really does have super beady eyes that are far apart, like a fucking crab

No. 18520

File: 1435544124248.jpg (36.26 KB, 400x267, image.jpg)

No. 18521

her face isnt mannish at all. that's a deliberately shitty screencap. get real. she's a dumbfuck, but come on. greasy skin doesn't mean you're ugly. 3 bucks for blotting papers and it'll detract from her "ugliness" in a second. please. her eyes are fine. she's not ugly, and she's fairly light skinned. she def lightens herself, but it doesn't mean she's not light for a black girl.

No. 18522

have you watched that video along with all her other videos lmao

No. 18523

i have, and i don't think she looks mannish at all.

No. 18524

Ok, whiteknight. The image for the thread shows her face clearly, and you can obviously see she has a manface and beady eyes.
Here and here too

No. 18525

File: 1435546646533.gif (1.91 MB, 259x197, 1417406796428.gif)

Hi! micky
we all think you are man-ish and not light for a black girl
ebony skin is gorgeous, actually. unless you have some self-racism from that poisonous anime you watch. And when a girl like you tries THIS hard to look lighter it's really pathetic and your ancestors are probably rolling in their graves right now

No. 18526

No. 18527


>And also also I find it kinda funny that some people who dislike me call me a gorilla and a nigger and other racial slurs and that i photoshop my skin lighter, and then other people tell me I’m not black and I stop trying to “act black”. Lmao is there no inbetween? :)


>Hello bitch ass anon, I know Micky personally and just because she's light skinned doesn't mean that her parents aren't black.

>Come off anon or you're just as irrelevant as your opinion. Hoe.


>My hair is actually naturally an afro cx but I straighten it. I don’t do a very good job of it tho so that’s why its fluffy.

She's lying through her teeth. She knows her hair is fried and super damaged.

No. 18528


>Can someone help me out? So sometimes when I’m sleeping, right before I wake up, my body starts to feel like it’s vibrating and then it starts like i’m being pulled away fro my own body and I have to fight back the vibration. It feels very scary and negative.

Sometimes after this happens I’m left with sleep paralysis, hallucinations, or my vision would be really messed up (like the way your eyes feel after someone takes a picture of you with flash…x 40)
Am I have a seizure? Getting abducted by aliens? Being forced into astral projection? Wtf is going on?
#astral projection #my sister has epilepsy so that's why i'm ondering #alien abduction #lucid dreaming #sleep #sleep paralysis

No. 18529

No. 18530

File: 1435620442792.jpg (13.6 KB, 380x275, image.jpg)

>her face isn't manly
right. Anyways…

No. 18531

Her face isn't manly though. She has weird face but its not manly…..at all.

No. 18532

Why the fuck are you so obsessed with stating that her face is manly?
If you want to a-log her so much go all out and call her 'literally' hitler already jfc

No. 18533

Is she crying or is that the lighting?

No. 18534

File: 1435626793623.png (204.66 KB, 437x331, CItO3HfUwAAgC6m.png)

No. 18535

File: 1435628557912.jpg (7.19 KB, 125x125, this is true.jpg)

why is it so hard for you to face the fact that everyone else but you thinks she has a manly face

No. 18536

In width, her nose takes up about half of her face. Men have bigger noses.

No. 18537

I wonder if what kills Micky is the fact that she doesn't even have a bad face, she's just a fucking hamplanet.

No. 18538

I don't even care about the cow but your comment struck me as some of the dumbest shit I've seen today
Men have all different nose shapes

No. 18539

File: 1435630717730.jpg (11.84 KB, 200x243, 960.jpg)

lol no
nice try, skeleton

No. 18540

jeje, me gusta

No. 18541

I am only the first post moron. Why are talking as if we are the same person. Her face is not manly and like the second anon said I don't know why you are so obsessed with that.

No. 18542

You're a fucking idiot……

No. 18543

why are you so obsessed with trying to prove that her face is not manly?
because that's YOUR opinion
MY opinion is that she has a manly face

No. 18544

no se de que hablas pero me gustan los esqueletos

No. 18545


No. 18546

no1 curr
im making a post to show i dont care
because i dont
totally not being pissy about it

No. 18547

File: 1435697514398.gif (38.74 KB, 440x330, tumblr_nqqixkdk2E1u05sbmo1_500…)

Holy shit,how many filters are on this picture?

No. 18548

how much do you want to bet her fee fees were hurt by this thread (i know she reads it) and now she is going overboard on the filters

No. 18549


No. 18550

File: 1435744625434.png (131.64 KB, 800x1015, Screenshot_2015-07-01-05-00-56…)

No. 18551

Her hair looks so bad omg

No. 18552

lmao why do you care so much calm down Micky

No. 18553

File: 1435851414426.jpg (18.19 KB, 398x337, image.jpg)

No. 18554

Wtf is wrong with her eyes?

No. 18555

File: 1436087826772.png (44.87 KB, 496x421, tumblr_nqylimbXnS1u04llqo1_500…)

No. 18556

File: 1436087936223.png (31.93 KB, 504x279, tumblr_nqylimbXnS1u04llqo2_540…)

No. 18557

This is Photoshop piece of garbage.grainy piece of shit.

No. 18558

Even if those screenshots are real they aren't that big of a deal, why is she clinging on to this

No. 18559

The font in the second screencap where Ami supposedly calls her "attention starved" looks all wrong lmao.
Not even Photoshop-tier, more like fucking MS Paint

No. 18560

I think she used inspect element.
I could get on my computer now and edit some Facebook messages of "Ami" calling me a fat faggot lmao

No. 18561

>Suddenly everyone in this thread is a photoshop expert but can't even look up the EXIF data.

lol you guys are delusional.

No. 18562

It is pathetic the way she is desperately clinging on to the whole "Aminyan bullied me" crap.

Even if it is real, it is clear Amina has moved on. This girl needs to do the same.

This entire thing just screams jealousy. She is jealous the Amina got to go to Japan to study and attempt to be an Idol when she is still stuck filming porn in her bedrom

No. 18563

No. 18564

they can't even lie right lmao.
at this point they're just obsessive and it's borderline freaky.

No. 18565

Because its the only thing she has against amina and she wants to drag her down to the mud with her

No. 18566

It is just really sadshe is trying so hard. I highly doubt any Japanese fan of Amina is going to ask her about thieso called bullying she apparently did however many years ago.

In fact, I wonder just how many of Amina's japanese fans even know this girl exists.

No. 18567

File: 1436141782853.jpg (35.2 KB, 590x273, image.jpg)

this bitch needs to get over herself

No. 18568

what she thinks she's "high yellow" now?
bitchhhh pleeeaseee

No. 18569

i like to think her mom was being sarcastic and making fun of her

No. 18570


jaundice is so kawaii uguu~

No. 18571

your standards can't be very high when you're Micky.

No. 18572

this bitch not even yellow. what is her deal.

No. 18573

Gtfo Micky

No. 18574


>I'm willing to make a video

Nobody wants to see a fake video of fake screenshots.

No. 18575

Interesting that she won't address the fact that the profile pic was taken a long time after this "argument" went down lmao

No. 18576

>I think you talk a lot about being positive, but making false pictures and dwelling on someone you didn’t like from years ago isn’t exactly that.


No. 18577

She's a terrible liar

No. 18578

File: 1436154609179.png (92.15 KB, 463x748, Screenshot_2015-07-05-23-45-15…)

No. 18579

File: 1436154893871.png (99.28 KB, 480x674, Screenshot_2015-07-05-23-31-10…)

No. 18580

tbh did anyone actually CHECK to see if the screen shots were real?

No. 18581

That explanation makes literally no sense.
Does she "uwu" whenever she's angry and her lies are getting exposed?

No. 18582

Those messages are from February this year and she had that aminyan account deleted like 2013-2014. Micky stop lol.

No. 18583

No. 18584

lol she can't even use screen capture

No. 18585

Huh, so for once she wasn't lying.
I want to know the full story here though. Looks like she just denied bullying a lot, and that in itself isn't proof that she bullied her. Ami's definitely a bitch in sheep's clothing if this is legit tho
>"Gerald DID call you a slut"
>dat 2011 "I hated you because I used to BE you" apology
>"I'm not stupid. I have people on the inside telling me what you do."
>"Fine. I'm giving my lawyer your email."
>M: "But I didn't tell him" A: "Then ask him why he said he did" M: "I did. He said he didn't" A: "I'll screenshot it because he's lying" and then it doesn't come up again
Pretty weird.

No. 18586

If ami's name on Facebook isn't Ami nyan then why is it showing up like that in Micky's inbox

No. 18587

If ami's name on Facebook isn't Ami nyan then why is it showing up like that in Micky's inbox

No. 18588

According to Micky, it's an "old account". idk man, but the fact that she actually opened it on her FB instead of filming a screenshot and saying "So you see guys this is real 100% and now you know because I'm filming it uwu" is what makes me think it's legit.

No. 18589

okay, but how is all this from feb 2013 but has a July 2014 avatar?
uh, and why are her dates like that?

and again, Mickey, what's your point? get over it. it's been years lmao. what was the point of archiving these messages??

No. 18590

Where is the url ? She didn't show it.

No. 18591

facebook automatically archives certain messages and micky probably thought she'd need them some day. like today.

No. 18592

ami DID make a post on tumblr yesterday saying the pictures were fake

No. 18593

she could've edited the screen cap like we all thought she edited those pics

No. 18594

She just cherrypicks certain points of conversation between them, even when, if you look carefully, they don't align together. She's purposely showing certain things the way she wants to make Aminyan seem horrible instead of just admitting to being a piece of shit and wanting to drag Aminyan down because her own self-esteem is lacking. Micky's tweets, ask.fm, and tumbler posts have shown more outright maliciousness than anything. All this video told me is that Micky has a victim complex and will go as far as wrapping the truth to make herself seem like she's the one getting bullied.

No. 18595


Oh boohoo you got into a fight with someone four years ago micky. Get over it.

No. 18596

She goes on and on about being positive and kind and how she doesn't care about Aminyan but still went way out of her way to try and make Aminyan look bad. She also deleted her ruru-chan tumblr.

No. 18597

Probably just changed her name.

No. 18598

No. 18599


Looks like she deleted her Twitter, too.

Poor baby.

No. 18600

She's using her old twitter account again.

No. 18601

but ami nyan did say on that tumblr post that amina du jean was her only account. she really was lying.

No. 18602

Micky's tweets were brought up from like 3 years ago and were posted, but shit ami nyan said 2 years ago suddenly doesn't matter?

No. 18603


Micky stop lurking and fix your hair.

No. 18604

she isnt asian
why can't she accept that?

No. 18605

>Micky's tweets were brought up from like 3 years ago
Micky we all know you still talk shit about the girl, quit crying.


Can she even fit into their clothes?

No. 18606

link? these bitches have so many accounts that i cannot keep up

No. 18607


No. 18608

Micky changed her facebook language to leet speak

No. 18609

facebook doesnt keep pictures from different times according to messages
if thats what you mean

No. 18610


Great, now she's buying those Aliexpress/Toabao edgy asian try hard clothes from those shitty stores… Total tumblrina and I reckon the tshirt she's bought will cling to her and not fall loose like she wishes while the skirt hits and covers the kissing of her thighs…

It's not gonna look kawaii guys

No. 18611

Why do you care what the Damn girl wears lmao "tumblerina clothing " some of you say such cringe worthy things.

If those screen shots are real aminyan basically blew up on her cause she's pretending to be half Asian right?

No. 18612

Reposted on YT in case she deletes

No. 18613

sorry it's only in 720p, shit might be blurry

No. 18614

jesus christ. I understand you think Micky isn't attractive but god damn. You sound like you have beef with her or something. I mean she's pretty chunky and fat but she's not extremely obese and those clothes aren't bad looking imo

No. 18615

the way she says "i've always wanted to punch micky" makes it seems like ami really did not like her for a long time? It really makes me curious.

No. 18616

Dint micky make a lot of anti black comments back in the day? Even doe she's black. And something about a boy trying to make micky Jealous by going after aminyan Maybe that's why.

No. 18617

yeah she did. i used to be friends with her on facebook a few years ago and i had to delete her because she the shit she posted was ignorant as fuck. I re-added her out of curiosity and she seems to have really changed her shit up.

No. 18618

Not that anon, but Micky doesn't buy clothes that fit. She has deluded herself into thinking she's only "slightly chubby" when in reality she's huge. It's not like she has a healthy diet either. She doesn't drink water and she spends most of her time eat junk and laying around.

She made anti-black comments until around 2013/2014. Then she started act more like Himeka with the whole "problack, antiwhite" ghetto tumblrina sjw thing.

No. 18619

those stores she bought from go up to like 2XL I think though

No. 18620

And apparently Micky is dating Amina's exboyfriend so that definitely puts things into perspective
also there's this https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/6847690

No. 18621

File: 1436342486847.png (100.98 KB, 476x608, ami.png)

so she did use that account

No. 18622

They do, but she probably will still buy a size too small for her.
You're about 3 years too late with information. Amina stopped caring her ex and Micky dating around 2012 when it happened. Micky posted about that /cgl/ on her twitter and here and her boyfriend laughed about it.

You're kind of late, we already saw the video of the messages between Micky and Amina. Micky basically just cherrypicks the whole video.

No. 18623

You guys read her post wrong. She said since she had the user name Amina duJean was when that particular profile picture came out. Not that she never had the name aminyan. Idk why people trying to catch her on something lol.

No. 18624

that thread is wild lmao is it all true? I'm not surprised about that old fb cause I recalled her having a fb but I wasn't Sure since she wasnt popular. Why would she hide that, It's all Petty shit she Did in the past

No. 18625

hey ami

No. 18626

No, it's just stuff Micky made up.

Micky gtfo

No. 18627

her lying about it in that post tumblr post makes me real fuckin suspicious. maybe we should make an ami nyan thread lol.

No. 18628

She had over a thousand friends on that old profile though. Did she think everyone forgot?

No. 18629

Micky gtfo and go to /b/ there's a thread for her so you continue to stroke your hate boner there.


>I actually had some leggings that I accidentally spilled bleach on, so I cut them into shorts.

That's some real trailer trash shit there.

No. 18630

what the fuck did amina delete this post? i can't find it anywhere

No. 18631

She deleted a bunch of post idk why. Maybe to cover her lie? I don't think It's worth much of a thread doe.

No. 18632

Shee deletes a lot of posts that are slightly controversial. It's image control.

No. 18633

Nah micky your thread is lulzy enough.

No. 18634

It's not gone. It's still there.

>My name on Facebook is Amina duJean, and has been so since I’ve had this profile.

>The so called date from this conversation and when you uploaded this picture initially was February. February 2015? My name is Amina du Jean on Facebook and Ami nyan is only my fanpage.

>It couldn’t have been February 2014 because that picture wasn’t even taken then, and I’ve had you blocked on Facebook for years.

Now, fuck off, Micky.

No. 18635

how lulzyy is it that anyone that questions anything is assumed to be micky

No. 18636

Micky, Bibi and Himeka are incredibly sad. The more Aminyan improves with her idol career in Japan, the more they target her. Will they ever rest and realise they're pathetic ratchet hood rats with nothing going for them?

No. 18637

if you consider her ear bleeding singing voice, ratchet lace front, and awkward music video improvement then by all means

No. 18638


Still better career choice than whoring out to thirsty neckbeards online because of their blatant daddy issues and doing borderline CP shit for the attention in which they crave.

No. 18639

Even with all that she looks better than Himeka lol

No. 18640

Probably not, they already went full retard recently

You just can't move on, can you?

This. I don't get why they talk about how she looks. She's cute and unlike them, she takes care of herself. She also practices her dancing and singing.

No. 18641

she does in the face, but i prefer himeka's body type over amina's though. she's like a fucking twig lmao

No. 18642

hey ami

No. 18643

c'mon. you're just nitpicking at this points. there's honestly a million "cutting pants into shorts" tutorials on youtube. idk if you can call that trashy.

No. 18644

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks this. Honestly I think she's anorexic or something. I remember a long time ago she tweeted about her diet affecting her menstrual cycle. That's seriously fucked up and she needs some help.

No. 18645

holy shit that is so fucking crazy. haha i really wanna know if any of this is true.

No. 18646

just stuff micky made up? what makes you think micky had something to do with that thread? proof?

No. 18647

wait what boy trying to make micky jealous? where did you get that from?

No. 18648

I kinda wanna know who made the first Micky thread lol.

No. 18649

her tweets seem all in Japanese and talking about periods seems kind of crass. Since she's modeling her body type fits that perfectly. She's still not as skinny as Yuka or something though.

No. 18650

3 white knight posts after another. Micky is that you

No. 18651

No. 18652

She can't go a second with starting shit with others.

>Kumicky Chii

What the fuck kind of name is that?


No. 18653

man that shit is embarrassing

why do angst ridden teenagers think they will have an objective point of view on the opposite sex

No. 18654

File: 1437051901316.jpg (35.17 KB, 302x150, 1360170343757.jpg)

No. 18655

No. 18656

Her obsession with Amina is fucking creepy.

No. 18657

File: 1437241547938.jpg (54.93 KB, 960x960, 11201912_725864034227102_47883…)

The blur gets worse and worse with every picture.

No. 18658


her nose is huge..how unfortunate. It's the size of two noses.

No. 18659

Yeah, and her room is dirty as hell.

No. 18660

this. she's salty cause she's an ugly bitch that will never get anywhere in life. I don't particularly care for either of them but Amina is adorable and more successful than her left thumb will ever be. She's everything Micky has ever wanted to be but will never be

No. 18661

File: 1437303091203.jpg (156.01 KB, 720x720, image.jpg)

Literally every picture she takes of herself she has to edit the shit out of until it's pixelated lmao #growingupugly

No. 18662


Tbh though I think Micky could be her own success and do better in life if she got off the internet, did something worthwhile, found a job and some friends tbh and cut out the shitty personality

most lolcows on here could do better but they aren't helping themselves

No. 18663


>Micky could be her own success and do better in life if she got off the internet, did something worthwhile, found a job and some friends tbh and cut out the shitty personality

You know she won't do any of that. She wants things to be handed to her and has e-fame as her biggest goal.

No. 18664

File: 1437346980751.jpg (58.74 KB, 768x960, 11760245_840729239339517_64670…)

Somebody drew fan art of this picture.



That's awkward as hell

No. 18665


>dat tiny nose


No. 18666

File: 1437364127497.png (413.09 KB, 768x960, sempai dont run away from me.p…)

i made it more accurate

No. 18667

the nose is still too small and normal looking. Go wider.

No. 18668

>that filename

Top kek

You should make the eyes smaller and far apart

No. 18669

File: 1437371909366.png (167.04 KB, 768x960, space babe.png)

guys, maybe her space kin stuff if real

No. 18670

File: 1437432397846.jpg (65.33 KB, 720x960, 15829_726908020789370_57627302…)

No. 18671

File: 1437432513391.jpg (62.21 KB, 720x960, 10553344_726907937456045_67348…)

She still doesn't know how to dress. Her shorts are too tight and her hat is too small. Her shirt is close to not fitting either. Why is she so sloppy?

No. 18672


Doesn't suit her. Knew that tshirt would git her too well, lol.

No. 18673

I find it hilarious she angled her mirror to try and make herself look slimmer, but you can still see her gut hanging over her shorts and her gross fupa.

No. 18674


Ahhhh yes, the mirror angles to accomplish that 'thin' look.

It doesn't work for her though, too much thigh meat and her arms give it away.

Not foolin' anyone. Christ why not just take the picture normally instead of doing angles to make it more obv?

No. 18675


She would look a million times better if she would embrace her damn size because we all know she isn't going to try and lose the weight.

No. 18676

She's too far in denial about her weight. She thinks she's a kawaii thin girl and not a sloppy fatty.

No. 18677

this literally looks exactly like her

No. 18678

it isn't that her hat is too small
her hair is too big
girl needs to work on her weave game

No. 18679

File: 1437559176219.png (76.13 KB, 300x200, We had to do the pledge in my …)


>girl needs to work on her weave game

That's her real hair at the top.

No. 18680


>those loops

>that cutting

She put no effort into making this at all.

No. 18681


>thinking micky would try at anything at all.

No. 18682

Someone else pointed the shitty loops out in the comments and her response to them was "i kinda did that on purpose to give a glitchy, messed up vhs tape kinda feeling ;w;".
aka she left it like that because she was lazy.

No. 18683

Regarding Micky's song… I don't know, but isn't the VHS-vaporwave musical appeal is that its supposed to be loopy in the first place? Its the appeal of vaporwave music in general.

No. 18684

Yeah, I don't know why I expected anything different.

>to give a glitchy, messed up vhs tape kinda feeling ;w;

What she did isn't even close to sounding like distorted audio on a vhs.

No. 18685

This is what decent vaporwave sounds like. What she did sounds like she recorded elevator music, cut it lazily together and upload it. There's no flavor to it.

No. 18686

the worst part is, thats her best song on there

No. 18687

File: 1437892217498.jpg (63.83 KB, 960x960, 11796372_730394823774023_52379…)

Why does her face seem so off?

No. 18688

File: 1437892636803.jpg (35.16 KB, 640x640, 1169236_901940466533644_257310…)

>dirty room

>stringy looking wig

>clothes are too small

>still has mirror angled even though we know she's fat

How is she not embarrassed by this?

I forgot to mention, even with the blur at 200% she still can't get her hair to blend with her ratty weave.

No. 18689

I will never understand people who have filthy rooms and take full bodied photos with all their junk in the background and on the floor.

No. 18690

I think they genuinely don't notice. It's what they're used to seeing, so it doesn't look out of place to them

No. 18691

OH naaah! My room is filth and I always angle my selfies so it can't be seen, or I take them in public places instead. I think they just don't give a shit about it. But they know it's there.

No. 18692


I know, it's trampy as fuck. I remember some videos kota did and her room was messy, I used to think "christ clean up" you know, it's not difficult. Just makes you look scruffy, if you hide it hence diff angle then fair play but don't go showing how much of a messy fuck you are pls

No. 18693


That badly parted fringe though, that pout and ears on her head. How old is this girl?

Her legs and body… Her upper body is just huge and her legs look like chocolate fingers that have been stuck to each other after melting on a hot day…

It's just terrible.

How she thinks she looks good I'll never know. People who find her attractive must have lost all five fucking senses.

No. 18694

Isn't she turning 18 next month?

No. 18695

File: 1438022170438.jpg (136.16 KB, 640x989, image.jpg)

>I look very bad in candid photos
When will she realize she just looks bad in general, there's just no super bright lighting or 5 filters to save her here like in her selfies.
Also she literally looks like a grown man trying to dress like a little girl

No. 18696


So we've now got an ana-dolly-chan-black girl and also a fatty-i-want-to-be-kawaii-chan-doll black girl


No. 18697

Was she at a lolita meet wearing this? How is she not embarrassed by how bad she looks?

No. 18698

had to do a double take, actually thought this was a guy.

Now Im really self concious about my posture

No. 18699

You know she must have thought she looked somewhat good to upload that picture.
Scared to see what she looks like in the candids she doesn't post.

No. 18700

File: 1438024699624.jpg (90.62 KB, 750x1000, FB_IMG_1438024367471.jpg)

No. 18701

File: 1438025087862.jpg (63.94 KB, 1138x640, FB_IMG_1438024385796.jpg)


the look on the girl's face that's next to her is hilarious.

No. 18702

what a kawaii group of young ladies

No. 18703

File: 1438026292160.jpg (81.9 KB, 1138x640, FB_IMG_1438024420553.jpg)

If you look closely you can see her shirt is entirely too small for her.

No. 18704

File: 1438027079279.png (638.9 KB, 956x1400, Screenshot_2015-07-27-12-55-20…)

She's the only cute one out of everyone, i feel so bad for her

No. 18705

File: 1438027729506.jpg (151.74 KB, 1151x2048, FB_IMG_1438024459262.jpg)

She looks so fed up.

No. 18706


Her smile and optimism: gone

No. 18707

>that much weeaboo trash

No. 18708

File: 1438028885690.jpg (52.57 KB, 493x615, or1go~2.jpg)

No. 18709

oh god
why did i click the thumbnail
whY! that bumpy arm and zit

No. 18710

kill yourself

No. 18711

Not that anon, but what's wedged up your ass?
Did you even enlarge the picture? Or are you bitter because you have acne ridden arms too?

No. 18712

No. 18713

It's one zit and her arms look decent. Get off the crack pipe.

I fucking hate insecure fatties like you who nitpick the shit out of everyone to feel better about themselves. And cut the tUmBlRSpEak.

No. 18714


>her arms look decent.

Yeah, maybe for a mother of four. Not a 17 year old girl.

No. 18715


You're quoting the wrong picture i think.

No. 18716

everything about her is so fucking gross she looks like she stinks I'm embarrassed for her

No. 18717

her legs are literally always stuck together and she has acne on her thighs, she literally has no lower body and all this shit ton of upper body

No. 18718

not to mention she's worn those clothes like 50 thousand times lmaooo

No. 18719

Well.. I guess she's the best dressed one there, but that doesn't say much. They're all so terrible. The one on the left looks like she's wearing child's dress over her petti. Is that upside-down pentagram separating the boobloaf on the right made out of shoelace? Is that a college campus? None of this is okay.

No. 18720

File: 1438109727852.jpg (49.65 KB, 640x852, FB_IMG_1438108591916.jpg)

No. 18721

File: 1438109778503.jpg (52.91 KB, 640x852, FB_IMG_1438108575464.jpg)

No. 18722

File: 1438109852519.jpg (66.23 KB, 493x667, 11754761_1659318454281207_1402…)

No. 18723


A bunch of land whales dressed in children's clothing kek

No. 18724


This is how cosplay events always turn out though. They usually involve the most unattractive nerd fatties and geeks in the local area and then they all collide in a great big mess.

I walked past a ton of them the other near here where I live in the UK and I wanted to just laugh. It was the same, fatties, terrible costumes and disaster. It's like a global thing.

No. 18725

Duds wtf thats not acne on her leg that just looks like some marks. Are you all perfect? Damn. Also even if it was body acne isn't the persons fault. I knew a girl with HORRIBLE acne on her back and arms and that is hard to fix. Yes Micky is fucking stupid but the nitpicking is ridiculous. What is this PULL?

No. 18726

Hi Micky

No. 18727

Are you fucking retarded

No. 18728

Hi Micky

No. 18729

Can u just stop…i hate when these summer newfag children come here and start shitting up the place fuck

No. 18730

>trying this hard to fit in

No. 18731

No use arguing. Disagree, and you're "Micky". That's your life now.

No. 18732

lmao, why does she have a recorder attached to her backsack?
she is way to old for that

No. 18733

It's so she can be a *~kawaii loli desu~*.

No. 18734

Its true anon. I was once accused of being mickey, my skin got darker,my eyes grew far apart, my hair became fried, I gained over 200 pounds and suddenly started smelling like unwashed vag

No. 18735


No. 18736

help me i don't want to be micky HELP MEEEEEEEEEE

No. 18737

no one is trying to fit in on an anonymous imageboard. you're the only person trying hard with that stupid statement.

>projecting this hard

No. 18738

she literally looks like a man thats so tragic smh

No. 18739

File: 1438137814442.gif (4.19 MB, 320x240, Disgusted faces thread mfw i h…)

You still see her gut hanging over through her overalls and how her shirt is five sizes too small.

No. 18740

This is my new favourite gif.

No. 18741

i guess all those times that her boyfriend took her to mcdonalds finally caught up with her

No. 18742

File: 1438143411588.jpg (176.66 KB, 720x960, big_thumb_a7c05bf4c27eec65db26…)

No. 18743

Damn anon, u was right

No. 18744

Every time I see a picture of her with shorts on I cringe. They are tight af… Wouldn't her crotch hurt after awhile? Or get a yeast infection from having the crotch of her pants so far pulled up?

No. 18745

So many ratty wigs. wtf

No. 18746

This photo is my gym motivation for tomorrow.

No. 18747

This gif is amazing.

No. 18748

Damn…I always thought you guys exaggerated on her weight but..yikes.. she has a frog body.. her face is okay imo.

No. 18749

Yeah, she's a complete butter body, but she becomes completely ugly when she smiles showing her teeth. But that's just my opinion. She looks better if she smiles with her mouth closed….with makeup on…..And filter…..And Photoshop I guess.

No. 18750

>She looks better if she smiles with her mouth closed….with makeup on…..And filter…..And Photoshop I guess.


If it takes all that fit her to look attractive then she's actually ugly.

No. 18751


All she needs is a paper bag over her face, and a gym membership anon. And Jesus, lots and lots of Jesus.

No. 18752

File: 1438194817556.png (128.71 KB, 630x954, Screenshot_2015-07-29-13-05-52…)

No. 18753

File: 1438194896106.png (109.5 KB, 407x919, Screenshot_2015-07-29-12-55-03…)


Toppest Kek

No. 18754

Black girls are so cute, petite small lips and big eyes <3

No. 18755

>black girls
>petite small lips
You're kidding, right?

No. 18756

whoever this is is trolling all the threads, just ignore them

No. 18757

File: 1438207628431.jpg (155.13 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 18758

File: 1438207858568.jpg (175.22 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 18759

File: 1438207969426.jpg (177.84 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 18760

File: 1438208011960.jpg (196.2 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 18761

File: 1438209175746.gif (471.96 KB, 226x309, popcorn_jon_stewart.gif)

i hope this turns into a straight up ratchet brawl between mick-donalds and black-"panda"

No. 18762



Best part is she made a whole thread about Panda on her and forgot to crop out her profile picture when posting. I don't get how this girl just sits around shit talking then when the moment comes to show she isn't just talk, she acts scared. It's like she knows she's gonna get beat up.

No. 18763

inb4 a video comes up with two adult black women in japanese kindergarten outfits fighting over who gets the drug dealer bf (i'm not sure if he is the drug dealer that used to hit on her while she was with her last bf but i think it might be him)
btw, she said "my dealer" when talking about him so she definitely uses drugs (micky)

No. 18764

Micky's bf is a drug dealer?

"I'm telling con security" they are not about to act like her bodyguard. She's going to get told to not come to the con if she can't handle her own personal drama.

No. 18765

I would seriously love to see a weeb fight.
Especially hoodrat weebs omg

No. 18766

well i remember right before she got in her relationship she kept saying "how her dealer was sending her shirtless pics of himself" and how he kept hitting on her

No. 18767

Maybe she was talking about a different guy.

No. 18768

File: 1438334079970.jpg (121.58 KB, 961x455, image.jpg)

Micky put this on facebook. Isn't this slut shaming? Taylor is a total hoodrat and annoying as fuck but she and micky are literally the same.

No. 18769

Micky is such a hypocrite. She talks about being against slut shaming but then does this. Why is she still talking shit anyway? Didn't she already run off scared when Taylor said she was gonna fight her for talking shit?

No. 18770

This image really portrays how stupid both of them are. Micky's a shitter but does anyone else think Taylor is worse? The "im so tuff im gonna beat yo ass fite me irl guurrrl" attitude is beyond annoying and ratchet. She is so low class and I feel sorry for her kid.

No. 18771


At least taylor isn't a fat bitch who bows the fuck out whenever someone says anything that ~scares/triggers~ her.

No. 18772


She is a hypocrite but tbh almost every girl slut shames anyway

No. 18773

She's jus mad because the Taylor girl looks better than her because she actually has a nice body at least. Mickey looks like a disgusting apple beast.

No. 18774

File: 1438387181367.jpg (92.19 KB, 600x484, image.jpg)

We can have a whole other thread on her aswell
omg. Weeaboo hoes while I dye my hair blue and wear cat ears, and she acts like a hoodrat. "fite me!!1 curb stomp Ya"
but this is my Micky thread. Also. I find it funny how Micky only cries slut shaming when it's directed at her, but then slut shames other girls. bravo Micky, you big ole manatee!
God I hope they get in a kawaii hoodrat brawl, complete with gangster slang. Omfg, that would be amazing

No. 18775

Why do so many "kawaii" black girls act so ratchet? The only one that seems to be half sane is that ami girl. But Taylor, Micky, Himeka, Bibi all have pink and magical girl hello kitty crap, yet they are all like "bitch, fight me. I'll bring my gun and knife and I'll ruin you, bitch I'll ruin you!"

No. 18776

because Ami wasn't raised ins t

No. 18777

*in the hood.

No. 18778


They're ghetto hoodrats in disguise. They act all cute and innocent but switch to nigga motion when they're pissed off.

No different to the usual hairhatted hooligan, still fat, a cunt and bitchy. Only they wear kawaii clothes and that's it.

You can take the hoodrat out the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out the hoodrat.

No. 18779

File: 1438445089900.jpg (60.2 KB, 720x1280, 11822129_10207730493848776_173…)


>yet they are all like "bitch, fight me. I'll bring my gun and knife and I'll ruin you, bitch I'll ruin you!"

Bibi, Himeka, and Taylor, sure. But Micky isn't that brave. Not mention she lives her life in the suburbs behind a computer screen. You saw how scared she got when Taylor told her to actually fight her. She went as far as to try to get convention security involved. Micky fakes being a ghetto hoodrat for popularity. If she tried that around real hoodrats she'd have been jumped by now.

>using hairhatted

You're supposed to be banned

No. 18780


Well they are hairhatted, the fuck ton of them all wear rotten weaves.

Not even nice weave either.

No. 18781

Calling out someone for wearing a weave doesn't get you banned here. Quit trying to make it about race, faggot.

No. 18782

why would calling someone hairhatted get them banned? im guessing you have no idea what that word means

No. 18783


It's basically some black girl who's butthurt over the word.

A guy on YT called Tommy Sotomayor came up with the term 'hairhatted hooligans' meaning: rachet black women who act ghetto and wear weaves a.k.a hairhats.

He isn't wrong, they are KIND OF like hair hats lmao. I don't blame him for showing up their raggedy thug asses either, they deserve it.

If he saw how Micky/Bibi/Barbie and some of the other hood kawaii cunts on here act, he'd make a mockery out of them too. Good, I'd praise him.

No. 18784

Yes, I am familiar with the word and Tom. He's pretty great. That anon was busting a nut over nothing.

No. 18785


Mm, he isn't liked much by other blacks from the hood and ratchet bitches because he calls them out on how they act. You can't tell them how to act.

No. 18786

Barbie/Micky/Bibi/Himi and all the other kawaii hoodrats need to remake this tune

No. 18787


lmao they should all do the chicken wing dance

No. 18788

No. 18789

Why haven't you fucked off yet? No one likes you, all you do is derail threads with racist bullshit.
No one cares about Tommy Sotomayor, he's a fedorafaggot and so are you.

No. 18790

it's on topic, newfag.
>forgetting where you are
obvious bait or extremely retarded