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File: 1682800576386.png (3.16 MB, 1556x2108, coquette thread3.png)

No. 1817676

Coquette aesthetic or "Doelet/Dollette" is the neo Nyphette fashion trend between young women on social media. It's exactly like nymphette, only that it's apparently "less pedophilic" just because they said so (read: hypocrisy) even though the way they fantasize about Dolores Haze and obsess over being petite is exactly the same. They also dress the same and gave the same makeup, even posting the same crap Tumblr did 10 years ago.

They claim to be morally better than nymphettes, but in fact they’re just the same. They still glorify Lolita, still are into DD/LG, still romanticize abuse of women. After they realized they can’t pretend to be morally pure and better than nymphetes anymore, they now call themselves „toxic girls”, „girls who are actually the problem” and „female manipulators”, even though the only people they’re capable of manipulating are their parents.
Coquettes spend entire days on „girlblogging” (reposting same 10 pictures of Lizzy Grant taken from pinterest), making idiotic whisper memes, posting fawn pictures, posting thinspo and calling themselves „waifs”, even though most of them weight 60kgs, and tagging everything with „Alana champion lily rose depp lana del rey”, even when it has nothing to do with those chicks.

Cows & stuff discussed in previous thread:

>Dasha- polish/russian-larper, aryan waifu, abuses Photoshop, wants to be tradwife and shames women for taking sexy pics whilst shoving her tits in the center of every selfie herself.

>Ethel Cain - trans Nicole Dollanganger sdbbydoll larper, uses the current coquette wave to make „career”. Writes awful Nicole/nymphet themed texts with addition of misogyny. Photographs himself in white dresses, face obscurred, which appeals to tumblr idiots, or does trailer park shoots. Makes music that’s awful, styled as very bad ripoff of Lana Del Rey.
>Alida Simone - DDLG obsessed pedopanderer since her tumblr days, obsessed with calling herself „childlike”. Quit school and all opportunities to live with old scrotes, racist, friends with nazi chicks, attacks other girls but always victimizes herself bc uwu they bully me bc i’m so pretty~ Now forever depending on old scrotes mercy and prostitution, but still desperately trying to romanticize her dire situation and view everything through Lana Del Rey angle. Old receipts/past milk: >>1732754, >>1732755, >>1732757,>>1732761, >>1732762, >>1732764, >>1732766, >>1732770, >>1732771, >>1732773, >>1732775, >>1732776, >>1732779
>ezotheric.zara, priviledged coquette & trad larper from Afghanistan, but actually living in westernized, non-traditional family. Sperges about being „adolescent looking”, boasts people confuse her for 17 year old (as if it’s something unusual when you’re in your 20’s). Now married to old scrote and pregnant. makes perhaps most ridiculous coquette tiktoks
>Stolenbesos/Coldstonedreamery – another LA rich party girl suddenly turned top trending photographer. Known for taking shitty Terry Richardson tier coquette pandering pics and hanging around semi famous people. Turns out she’s known because she fucks Cobrasnake >>1730747, >>1730750 Calls her pics ”Dissociative pout aesthetic” and „lobotomy chic” >>1729438, >>1729756, >>1729759
>Ethel Cain’s (real name Macon Horner) old youtube and pinterest accounts >>1618927, >>1618954
>Ethel Cain confesses to being a wincest shipper >>1622989
>Dasha claims she’s half polish, except her polish sounds like shit >>1623344, >>1623414 polish anons have serious doubts, but who knows
>Patrick Bateman, our lady of coquettes >>1626546, >>1626559, >>1626608
>Helena (angel-hel)’s Ginger tier nonsense >>1621932, >>1622052, >>1623416, >>1627446, >>1627456, >>1735848
>Helena cries out about Mina’s video about coquettes on her ~girlblogger~ account (which she promptly nukes shortly after to pretend she ~doesn’t care about this tacky coquette shit~) >>1627586, >>1631262, >>1627607, >>1631320
>Helena’s baby’s first cocaine posts >>1730648, >>1730656
>i’ll just call this Dasha bullshit >>1623556, >>1626417
>Alida Simone DOESN’T get engaged >>1624943,>>1623880
>Ethel Cain hangs out with Lana’s zoophile boyfriend >>1629064
>Dasha plans to start Onlyfans >>1633831
>Helena discovers she was posted on lolcow and can’t stop obsessing over that ever since >>1642780
>Ethel Cain seethes about lolcow too, shame that what ~triggered~ him was just some unrelated random laughing >>1649457
>Ezotheric.zara turns out to be pregnant and married to some old scrote >>1666331
>Ethel Cain comes to runway in pyjamas >>1667556
>Helena still fondly reminisces about her 2 minutes on lolcow, except nobody mentioned her again in months >>1668883, >>1668893
>Ethel threatens to send a trad army against drake >>1694081
>Dasha finds the thread >>1706943, >>1706944
>Coquettes found CC. Miners, accept our condolences >>1715773
>…because we deal with the same shit >>1741817, >>1742763
>Helena tries to be cOoL and rAndOm on the internet and posts herself doing coke >>1730774 but the real star of this video is some fatty walking around the room and looking like this limp-wristed tumblrfag >>1730781, >>1730849, >>1730786
>Helena gets unhealthily excited over being posted on lolcow again, shame that she didn’t enjoy a comment about her limp daddy buddy >>1777726
>Alida’s sloppy sheincore shoot with her „bestie” >>1732615, >>1732617, >>1750235, >>1749201, >>1749200
>anon’s investigation over Alida Simone’s „job”: she’s whoring out in LA, involved in one of those casino traffiking circles >>1732625, >>1739726
>Alida’s crystal astral „daddy” who „cares” for her so much she resorts to prostitution >>1740635, >>1740692
>this oldman hand pic tells everything >>1736370
>some embarassing coquette selfposts >>1776550, >>1776970
>Alida admits everything anons were speculating about, wants to leave evil LA. But not because she was used and abused by traffiking prostitution casino ring! No, she’s done with LA because her shein bestie robbed her. >>1779241, >>1777897, >>1777898 Also no, she won’t do anything to get out of this situation, she’ll go along glorifying this cute Lana life in „the underworld”, except she’ll just talk about Jesus. >>1779828
>More on Alida getting robbed by Kamilla >>1781536, >>1781544, >>1781545, >>1781549, >>1781554, >>1781566
>Alida without Photoshop >>1787010, >>1787536
>Alida’s elaborate post about her shitty scrote who, as you could expect, invites chicks over when she’s not around >>1798225
>…but you can still find a way to romanticize it, right? Just slap on Lana lyrics! >>1798915
>no comment >>1780745, >>1780746
>Ethel Cain does angry spergout because people don’t buy his shit >>1812183, >>1812184
>Photoshop nightmares >>1764666,>>1765346, >>1664198, >>1675590, >>1675594, >>1750560, >>1750561, >>1751349, >>1751532, >>1751665, >>1804436, >>1804440, >>1660504
>coquette nonsense >>1682916, >>1650723, >>1618057, >>1618058, >>1618059, >>1619348, >>1634405, >>1677051, >>1702534, >>1702541, >>1702548, >>1722568,
>top coquette retardation >>1801630, >>1801631, >>1801633, >>1804117, >>1804125, >>1741817, >>1682761, >>1647743, >>1653382, >>1668896, >>1702524, >>1730866, >>1758250, >>1758263
> coquette fashion that just rips and comes apart before you even wash it >>1673414, >>1673416, >>1673419


Coquette aesthetic thread #1: >>>/snow/1410169
Coquette aesthetic thread #2: >>>/snow/1616017

No. 1817834

Great thread, OP. This has to be one of the saddest "communities" I've seen in a while.

No. 1817896

Thanks. It's been 4 years already of this shit hasn't it? Wonder when they will inevitably grow out of it. IF they grow out at all. I mean nymphettes grew out/fell out of fashion, but since it's not just retarded teens being coquettes, they might as well not.

No. 1818466

File: 1682952875799.jpeg (64.19 KB, 1170x782, C0FA3BFD-6FF7-48BD-9C29-E641E3…)

No. 1818509

wasn't part of her thing that she was a prostitute? I'm also fairly certain she also had a boyfriend before this one, the biker gang looking groomer, tf she mean "1"?

No. 1818578

File: 1682966351526.jpg (88.13 KB, 720x1119, 20230501_195801.jpg)

Dasha back at it again. It's weird for someone who goes out of their way to push a very sexualised image of themself going as far as she does with the way she edits but still insist they look underage

No. 1818613

"You didn't see me irl"
topkek. Dasha, no fucking 16 year old looks that botched from surgeries/fillers etc.

No. 1818680

I swear cockettes are even worse than troons for their autopedophilia and fetishization of *~femininity~*

No. 1818687

That twitter rabbithole is so cringe. A bunch of incels (probably fat Indian guys) using AI generated Chads and Alain Delon pfps, promoting eating disorders and posting 4chan takes.

Lmao, the Y chromosome should certify as a disability at this point.

No. 1818696

She’s deluded if she thinks she looks like a teen. Looks like a bogged 35 year old Chav from Essex.

No. 1818702

how embarrassing

No. 1818971

She really thinks marriage changes anything. Still probably gonna get cheated on

No. 1818974

Them being autopedophilic only proves that they revolve their life around male validation/male attraction to them it's like they are lacking something on the inside. Wonder what they are gonna come up with as they age. Tradthot shit? Some spiritual trad shit?(I would say spiritual men or relationships are even more creepy than average scrote/relationship…) Or going full pickme mode and continuing this LDR larp dream girl/private pornstar coolgirl.exe not like the boring feminists! and filling up their faces with fillers?

No. 1818975

Bet you all of them irl look like the average grown woman especially their faces. It's impossible to look like a teen while you're an adult. I think that's simple logic.

No. 1818978

File: 1683010400067.jpeg (95.09 KB, 677x831, Fu4_c5IWIAgrgTm.jpeg)

They think they are gonna get some goddess treatment when they breed with those spiritual pedo scrotes they find while it's probably gonna look like the picrel. They need to stop romanticizing this stuff so much and be realistic cause when @alidasimone went off priv I saw so much trad shit in her likes and even Andrew Tate.

No. 1819013

She’s lying. Born again larp doesn’t mean you’re not a used up whore with baggage.

No. 1819150

I feel like the coquette to trad pipeline is gonna become very real in the next few years. They are already half there with their hang ups on femininity and wanting moids to control them.

No. 1819371

this would be a flex if the guy wasn't drinking carbonated piss

No. 1819781

File: 1683130290143.png (5.69 MB, 808x20243, 893f.png)

The "sensitive young woman" thing we discussed last thread's counterpart is "sensitive young man". If you look it up either as a hashtag or the words themselves, it's immediately obvious the types of accounts pushing it. Same grift from the Indian guy behind Milady/Rohit guy and his fellow rejects, lots of failmales using that to describe themselves and slowly edge themselves into this scene.

No. 1819786

File: 1683131160999.png (2.13 MB, 2688x3092, evms.png)

One of them stealing some muscular white man's photo and presenting himself as a pro-ana male. Once again, coping browncels and trannies attempting to groom underage girls (especially targeting white ones for their shit). At least two people in the "coquette"/"edtwt" scene clocked him. Sorry for the weirdly-spaced collage, I didn't feel like posting a bunch of screenshots one by one.

No. 1819794

Third world countries shouldn't have internet access, I'm sick to my stomach of these browncels larping as white men or nazis on twitters.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1819801

Its always Indian guys as well, why is that?

No. 1819838

Coquette detected

No. 1819953

Arranged marriage + misogynistic culture + millions of male virgins + access to Western porn = deranged sexpests. They also fetishize white women as sexually loose (due to said porn) and this awkwardly on-the-nose wignat LARP is their attempt to lure them in.

No. 1820203

>they think white women are loose due to porn
Nta but they're stereotyped as depraved whores in non western cultures to deter sons from marrying outside the culture. They see white women as incapable of being a tradwife or adding anything of value to the family in the same way women from their own culture can. The moids don't think so either, that's why they chase white women and marry in their own culture. It's unfair but it's true

No. 1820398

>they think white women are loose due to porn

There's porn categories for every kind of women these days. Porn is not the only reason this stereotype exists, let's be real. Most third world countries didn't go through a Sexual Revolution like the US and western Europe did. Hook-up culture is almost non-existent in most Third World countries and even developed countries like Japan or Singapore.

>The moids don't think so either, that's why they chase white women and marry in their own culture.

I guess you haven't seen 90 Day Fiance. It isn't rare for Arab and African men to try to marry white women so they can come to the west. I personally know a middle aged white American woman who was trying to get her younger Bengali boyfriend to come to the USA.

No. 1820419

not complicated at all, Internet is relatively cheap in south Asian+High amount of English speakers+Sexually frustrated virgins in their 20's who will have to wait for their 30's to get married and who exposed themselves to porn everyday
Bengali really, lmao those guys are like 5 feet tall

No. 1820462

Ayrt yeah they marry a white woman for a VISA and then immediately run away or have an affair. Eastern moods dgaf about western white women beyond what they can gain from them. They gain status from dating white women, they get visas from marrying them, they get the porn experience from sleeping with them, etc. To these moids white women are just a loophole where their deviations against their culture don't matter because to them it's just a white woman so it doesn't count

No. 1820478

a lot of times they have another family in their country of origin that is hidden, wife, kids. they get that lucrative job in the west then bail.
one way to tell is if they refuse to let you meet their parents/family, you are being used.

No. 1820677

How's it any different from western men getting mail order brides from other countries? It's just people using each other. Many marriages and relationship are to some degree transactional.

>>1820419 Why do you single out South Asian men? Hook-up culture is normalized in the west and you still got white boys addicted to porn.

No. 1820835

It's no different, moids all over the world try to buy and sell women - especially women they view as unprotected or lacking in cultural value. For Indian moids, it's white women. For Scandinavian moids, it's Thai women etc. etc. The behaviors aren't different, just the cultural expressions of said behavior.

No. 1821019

I'm not saying Indian men are some one worse, I'm just stating the reason your more likely to receive a creepy text or comment from an Indian guy rather then let's say a German, Congolese, Brazilian or Indonesians man, is because the Indian has more access to the internet and is more likely to understand English.

No. 1821049

File: 1683268986758.jpg (92.99 KB, 720x1061, 20230505_075446.jpg)

Someone is catfishing as Dasha to scam people lmao

Ayrt I don't think it's any different and didn't state anything in defense of white/ generally western men. The topic at hand was eastern moids so I spoke specifically on them. If you want a specific answer on western moids, then yes it is slightly different in the sense that they're usually complete incels using their position to exploit women from poor countries into what are often highly abusive relationships. They stereotype eastern women as "good" because these men think traditional women are just women who don't bite back as opposed to the nightmare ugly whore western women who can do things like call the police or act on concern for our safety when dealing with abusive men. I didn't think I had to list out the nuances of my opinion on east vs west moid but if you're asking retarded questions then, in short, they're horrible in every direction

No. 1821085

Its like the whole passport bros thing, these women are from poor nations and an American Dollar is worth a lot, these women have to provide for themselves and their families and their willing to put up with a disgusting fat american for a safe and comfortable life.

No. 1821407

Sorry for my autism but the cyrillic h is literally an equivalent to an n. Can't even larp right. Proper cyrillic would look like "Cawa." (Other Slavnonnies are free to correct me if I'm wrong)

No. 1821481

not a slavanon but i do study russian and i noticed this too. she wrote her name with a mix of cyrillic and latin characters and it would sound like "dasna" b/c she used the cyrillic n as an h kek. is it meant to be some kind of joke or is she too stupid to google translate даша?

No. 1821897

Slavanon who had russian as additional language at school, you are correct kek. I hope she didn't try to claim she's half Russian? Or half Ukrainian? I know she larps hard as half Polish but also something else.

No. 1822165

I think solely Polish is what she's claiming (which is even funnier, given that Polish uses the latin alphabet).

No. 1822233

File: 1683433818220.png (39 KB, 574x666, 1644765184249.png)

she might have switched to claiming solely polish now, but she definitely used to claim to be russian, as in born in russia. she said she was from novosibirsk oblast. and she would pretend to speak russian with google translate, only to be called out by russian anons for the botched grammar, like >>1442207

No. 1822246

Damn who knows whats true. I'm from Poland and me and other polish nonnas had doubts about her polish posts before. Tbh i'm YET to see actual polish girls obsessing over coquette thing and seriously boasting online how ~slavcoquette~ they are. (Maybe because they know damn well being slavic isn't being ~sexy tardwife nymph roaaming in the woods in russian hat~, kek.) Maybe i just never came across such places, but i feel like thankfully coquette isn't popular at all here. Whenever i come across deranged coquettes like Dasha claiming they're Russian, then Polish, then something, i immediately have suspicions tbh

No. 1822908

did anyone save ethel cain's childhood video? it isn't on yt anymore

No. 1823125

>coquette isn't popular with the slavs
To be honest it is but not necessarily in the form the people itt take. A lot of the aesthetic posts being passed around are from well known Russian anachans like Kate Kusmina (Kosmine? Kosime? Some of you will remember which it is), Valeria the irl Barbie that's been around for years, and Polysavuun. I think the difference here is that they're not calling it coquette or doing the trad larp but are 100% doing everything else except those two things (lolita larping, pro ana, the same fashion, modelling, being a fairy or some shit)

No. 1823141

File: 1683565259105.jpeg (165.38 KB, 1125x1830, 7891D21E-9E93-43BF-806C-D3E717…)

Wish I could tag Alida Simone kek

No. 1823755

Based on my observations, there are a few accounts originating from Eastern European/Caucasian countries that appear genuine. However, they are outnumbered by the abundance of LARPers from the US and UK who engage in LARPing. It's worth noting that this phenomenon is often linked to local pro-ANA culture, and not really referred to as coqueete.

No. 1823820

Of course, you're both correct. there are some examples like you mentioned. It's much smaller amount than UK coquettes and larpers tho - it didn't grow out into a local trend (yet). But like you said, if there's anything it's under different category more so than coquette. Like polish proana circles were notably hardcore and unhinged on Tumblr circa 2011/2012, not sure about now. On the other hand, tradlarp isn't popular in my country from what i see. Also what about other countries? You don't see coquettes boasting about coming from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania etc etc. These larpers are very specific about their allowed list of slavic countries to use kek
One more thing i noticed, coquette isn't seen in the wild, really. You don't see coquettes running around in the wild, dressed in coquette shit. I know, the coquette style is a "broad" subject bc it could be anything sometimes even just some lacy white nightslip, but still. I feel like it's a style they wear once in a while not everyday… or not at all. It's an "aesthetic" that doesn't really exist. Like, it's all just happening online, on their pinterests.

No. 1823850

>You don't see coquettes running around in the wild, dressed in coquette shit
I've seen about 2 of them irl and I live in the capital city of my country where I'm constantly seeing people dressed as faggots on a daily basis. For whatever reason they are absolutely a rare breed offline, and I can't really figure out why because they're the least offensive dressers out of anyone that I see doing something like cringe looking curly hair TikTok demonia boots girls

No. 1823851

>You don't see coquettes running around in the wild, dressed in coquette shit
I've seen about 2 of them irl and I live in the capital city of my country where I'm constantly seeing people dressed as faggots on a daily basis. For whatever reason they are absolutely a rare breed offline, and I can't really figure out why because they're the least offensive dressers out of anyone that I see doing something like cringe looking curly hair TikTok demonia boots girls

No. 1824646

File: 1683754835721.jpeg (103.09 KB, 1170x950, D8C4624A-4B88-40FF-B842-51DE41…)

because a relationship with an old man fixes everything

No. 1824703

>sisters on the divine path
literally what the fuck does that mean kek at first i thought she was talking about Christian nuns

No. 1825008

It is obvious why you never see them in the wild.
They are fatter and older than they shoop themselves, and everyone, including them, knows it. They don't look like their pictures.
These girls are ashamed of themselves not being those skinny blonde slav princess ballerinas they idolise. It is not sustainable to look like that every day. Even the "russian barbie" girl uses a TON of photoshop and looks like absolute shit in candids. Can you imagine all that filler and botox in motion?
They LARP online because it's the only way they can hide that they're extremely average women who just won't get picked unless they're into the submissive trad wife shit. And even if the guys for whom they tear each other apart meet them IRL, they'd probably realise they've been catfished.

Also slight blog. I am russian. From Siberia, actually. I have ever seen anyone genuinely russian act that way or even LARP that shit. I'd say most common categories of young women I meet here are your typical "instathots", koreaboos and militant feminists.

No. 1825013

Is she still with grandpa Orion? Where is she living atm? I thought she made a big point bout leaving LA and "the underworld"?

No. 1825132

File: 1683814709510.jpg (248.68 KB, 1078x1537, 20230511_161819.jpg)

Big words for a pedo whore

No. 1825225

File: 1683824273259.jpeg (205.11 KB, 1125x1683, IMG_9471.jpeg)

does anyone have that pic of her next to a swastika drawn in the sand? i remember it from her PULL thread

No. 1825262

kek bitch was dating a neo Nazi, and she admitted it herself. That and she was besties with two chicks who were openly into right/nazi stuff. Idk if i can find the video screens, it's probably long deleted but from the old PULL summary:
>Simone is bigoted (antisemitic and racist)
>Use to draw swastikas on the ground as mentioned by a user on the second page (issued an "apology" according to a user and did it to "freak old people out")
>Shared Hitler memes with her friend Brooke who supports far right ideologies (melbdun on Instagram, 60sdaisy on Tumblr)
>Fell in love with a neo Nazi (who unfortunately abused her but she has now broken up with him, we shouldn't go into too much detail about it tbh but just know that she herself said he was a white supremacist)

No. 1825285

File: 1683831497212.png (42.63 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20170123-162845.thu…)

samefag, here's a sort of ~i'm sorry magic & light~ bullshit statement, if i find more i'll post.

No. 1825342

She's talking about other crack hoes to split the rent with like that girl who robbed her and ran off

No. 1825343

Ok she's obviously insane but this rant is kinda accidentally based kek

No. 1825379

File: 1683839581367.png (604.9 KB, 679x6017, tu3x.png)

>The aryan brotherhood in South Carolina and parts of Florida we're obsessed with me, would stalk me and wanted to use me as a sacrifice. I had a Native American boyfiend and they wanted to kill me because I was with him
Why does this have the same energy as the "gay jewish nazi cult" scam from 2020 lmao

No. 1825398

OT but that bitch is chunky.

No. 1825420

This is a masterpiece

No. 1825562

Wtf I love this. Tumblrfags stop scamming for 5 minutes challenge.

No. 1825623

kek that's just perfect

No. 1825631

Wait she really said jealous lmfao girl you're not getting rid of your (old moid) cock breath ever I'm not jealous of that esp

Yeah same as >>1825285 like I understand it but she's fake as hell and pedo. She's literally liking sex trafficker tweets and pedo tweets all the time

Lord I understand what she said in that thread deeply(without the whoring yourself yourself to a moid) part and what she means maybe without the examples she gave of how a woman life should like bc I see it a lil differently

No. 1825785

File: 1683902171565.jpeg (76.08 KB, 616x1095, 1AEF7A33-BB29-4B94-AC3C-76EFF8…)

she’s a victim of white supremacist groups but happily compares herself to some bullshit aryan alien race star seed shit lol

No. 1825805

File: 1683904695669.jpeg (214.92 KB, 1170x1925, EE4CCEE9-E580-4543-AD0E-C3ACCE…)

samefagging i cant find her old PULL thread screenshots from when she was drawing swastikas in the sand and admitted her bf was a nazi but she still has this post up from that period of time lol why would a teenage girl love ww2 movies? the friend she made the nazi jokes with and was an actual nazi sympathizer is also tagged here.

No. 1826308

She's also obsessed with wanting to come across as a natural blonde - that blue eyed, blonde haired, super fair skinned look she's consistently going for. Can't have even the slightest bit of her natural brown hair showing in her roots. She's such a vain cunt. Talk about insufferable.

Also, it's pretty messed up that she wants to have babies with an old crinkled up grandpa who already has revealed pedo tendencies. Like really? You wanna have kids with a man who pursued you after seeing you on the sidewalk as a teen, while he was middle aged? Least, that's the story she gave - that he saw her on the side of the road first, (I think she was on her bike or something) and said how much he had to meet her. Then they somehow bumped into each other at a restaurant or bar whatever. Just imagine if that was your dad, ogling after a 17 year old. Or going after your friends. I'd kick him in the gonads. (She claims she was 18, but it was before her 18th that he saw her on the side of the road) And she fails to see this even now? When will she ever see it for how it is? This man was a predator. He also was the one who fed her psychedelics when she was still a teen. This was risky as hell. He's not out here looking after her like she claims. Drugs that potentially are why she comes across as tho she has a screw loose and she was way too young at the time to be exposed to drugs like that from someone who should know better. It did something to her, as it happens to some people, not all. He never looked out for her during that whole saga in LA, where was he then??? Not to mention, he was doing all of this while she had no guidance in the form of a parent. He instead, took advantage of her. I could go on. And this is the issue that I have - she hasn't woken up about any of this at almost 23 years of age. She still is projecting, she behaves like she doesn't have any intelligence or grounding at all. And it's fucking ridiculous. Those two together make me want to barf and I pray they never breed. Talk about cringe. I literally can't look at her shit without getting riled up.(sage your shit)

No. 1826314

File: 1683969519200.jpg (32.93 KB, 375x591, go_back.jpg)

The majority of "-core" aesthetics that have emerged among Zoomers exist mainly as a social media identity rather than genuine subcultures that exist in real life, reflecting a shift away from the more cohesive subcultures that died around the late 2000s.

No. 1826318

It's kinda weird how a lot of Alida's friends mimic her. Some even buy her second hand clothes, then pose the same way as her in photos. Or edit themselves so hard to look like her. That's not a friendship, that's freaky and stalkerish. I'd post examples but I don't wanna call anybody out. Idk why she doesn't get weirded out by this. If my friends started doing that, I'd be like wtf. Creepy.

No. 1826335

She sees blonde hair, light eyes and skin as "Light and Angelic".

No. 1826462

>hook-up culture is almost non-existent in most Third World countries and even developed countries like Japan

No. 1826463

>Wonder what they are gonna come up with as they age.
Most of them have npd and narcs don’t take ageing well. They will probably latch onto some hideous betabux and keep bogging themselves until they die on the operating table. If they ever have daughters they will probably abuse them and be insanely jealous of them (every narc mom I have heard about either sees her daughter as sexual competition and abuses them or sees them as an extension of their own desirability and pimps them out to men early) I just hope they never breed

No. 1826468

>why is it always Indian men
Because the coquette aesthetic appeals to them a lot. Indian men worship white women probably more than any other race of men, even they will openly admit this. Indians white worship a lot due to the historic caste system hierarchy. And the coquette aesthetic is right up their alley because they love bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, either underage looking girls or glamorous with lots of makeup, gold jewelry etc.

I’ve noticed all ethnic men fetishise white women but they tend to prefer different types. East Asian men like those simple, natural, whitebread, slavic looking girls with dirty blonde hair like Ella Freya. Indian men like waifish teen girls with peroxide hair or glamorous aryan looking women like Elsa Hosk and Rosie Huntington Whitely. Black men like baddie types. Etc. Of course I am generalising but after lurking male spheres online these are undeniable trends and most of them will even tell you this themselves.

No. 1826500

>Wonder what they are gonna come up with as they age
The Nicole Dollanganger calf threads are a good indication of what happens when pedo panderers age. They move on, and develop a different vintage aesthetic to BPD style build themselves around. Some of them will keep the pedo pandering larp going and build resentment towards young people as they age

No. 1826510

She'll realize when she grows up to 30 and realizes that she can't fool any pedophile anymore since no older man wants to date someone over 25. See, that's the problem with basing your entire personality on being young and pretty. You won't have a baby face forever. I feel like that was Lana del Rey's problem too, almost all of her old songs are about being young and beautiful and dating guys. People liked 2012 Lana because she was attractive, young, she had a nice voice. Now that she's old and fat, it's just not the same. The difference is that Lana is successful and a millionaire, and she has a career. Alida does nothing for her life, she doesn't have any hobbies or talents, she hasn't finished high school and she has no money. All this being uwu tiny is going to destroy her when she grows up

No. 1826535

Saged but I think what you're seeing is that they like white women that still somewhat resemble women of their own culture. Asian girls are generally small framed and according to Asian beauty standards should have a very young face (koreans even get cosmetic surgery to put fat under their eye like a child), so young looking blondes suit their taste. Black men like baddie types because they emulate black culture but are still white. Very strange indeed

No. 1826540

nta but they see white women as dumb easy sluts because of porn, and they're incels wih "trad" values so they want to beat/rape/control them like they're allowed to do to indian women. it's not "worship", just subjugation.

No. 1826548

File: 1684002734711.png (101.33 KB, 896x719, Kashmi.png)

Interesting perspective, In my country, women from lighter-skinned ethnic groups are frequently targeted and abducted. There exists a "marriage trade: for Pashtun and Kashmiri wives, as they are considered a more desirable, lighter-skinned ethnic group, and Pakistani (and Indian Muslim) men often have a strong desire for them.
This is also a factor, men in India, Africa and the Middle East grew up with western porn and American sex-comedy films, they really do think white women are extreme nymphos because they grew up seeing white women in American porn online and are told by their culture their own women are meant to be extremely chaste. Then when they get turned down they get super offended that a supposedly no standards white woman would still reject them rather than realizing actually in reality white women don't fuck anyone who asks.
This is a big part of what contributed to Rotherham and other child sex trafficking groups in the UK. Men from Pakistan grew up being told white women are all easy nympho sluts, so they didn't see it as a big deal to force literal 13 year olds into rape and prostitution.

No. 1826555

Nta but my first exposure to this sort of thing was in high school when a saudi arabian exchange student was asked about something that surprised him about the U.S. and he just said "i thought everyone would be sluts!" He almost sounded a bit disappointed lol

No. 1826639

They pimp out their daughters and raise their sons to be literal rapists. Coquettes and the creepy old groomers who orbit them should all be sterilized.

No. 1826642

All moids fetishize & sexualize women of different races. They see their own women as possessions to be hoarded/defended, and women from other tribes as exotic prizes to be conquered. Human males are violent apes and the Y chromosome is a genetic aberration.

No. 1826882

It’s both white worship and general misogyny against women. White women are seen as easier and more sexually accessible than Indian and Muslim women, but at the same time brown men definitely do idolize white features and think they are more beautiful than their own race.

This is true and white men do it just as much to Asian women, latinas, Indian women etc. what’s disturbing is many racist scrotes have fantasies about raping and enslaving other races women as a way to spite the races that they deem as inferior. I’ve even seen racist white scrotes say they want to fuck black men in the ass and trannify brown men not out of sexual attraction but simply out of hatred. The Y chromosome is a genuine birth defect.

No. 1826887

File: 1684053886059.jpeg (254.24 KB, 1242x1614, 4FECE408-24DB-4CEF-B473-F06E7C…)

Just saw this and remembered why I hate men lol. They’re all race obsessed pedophiles.

No. 1826969

She has the eye fat procedure mentioned in >>1826535. It's so sad that the Asian version of BBLing the shit out of yourself is doing whatever his is + shaving your skull to be more round

No. 1827031

>Hook-up culture is almost non-existent in most Third World countries and even developed countries like Japan or Singapore.
I don't know where you're getting your information from but you're extremely misinformed. This is just simply untrue.

No. 1827060

nta but its genuinely true, I think that only South Korea is the only Asian country with a pervasive hookup culture, while most other nations in the region tend to prioritize dating. It is quite uncommon for young people outside of the Western world to openly acknowledge engaging in premarital sex.

No. 1827092

>It is quite uncommon for young people outside of the Western world to openly acknowledge engaging in premarital sex.
Sorry anon but you are completely misinformed on this topic. As someone who has lived all over Asia I can assure you hookup culture persists in basically every country except strict Muslim countries (and even many of the young people there have premarital sex and affairs and stuff). Saying Japan and Singapore don’t have hookup culture is laughable.

No. 1827093

File: 1684079507293.jpeg (68.46 KB, 948x533, C0DBDDFF-CF1B-44EA-A2B0-C8A4FC…)

Apparently this is her before and after.

No. 1827178

This is definitely editing but God that makes it worse knowing that whoever edited it, be it herself or someone else, has gone out of their way to make her look like a child

No. 1827234

No, it's not true at all. I can't believe people think this. Is it the language barriers causing this or what

No. 1827300

I think people are talking at cross purposes here. Obviously people are hooking up everywhere, but they’re more or less likely to be open about it depending on where they live.

No. 1827589

Most Asian women don't look like that. Do these 4chan fags never leave their basement?

No. 1827593

"Sensitive young man" is a BAP phrase.

No. 1827608

File: 1684155569651.jpeg (56.54 KB, 1170x712, 2C970553-F07A-40F4-B8DE-623338…)

and everybody clapped lol

No. 1827638

>Do these 4chan fags never leave their basement?
I think we both know the answer to that question nona.

No. 1827641

File: 1684158255505.jpeg (369.99 KB, 2788x1172, 4C10B181-9121-44BB-BF11-4EB6CD…)

It’s not someone else editing it nona, she got plastic surgery and edited the pic to look more childlike herself.

Japanese women have taken it to the next level recently. They purposely try to make themselves look like almost unrecognisable creepy fetuses. I was actually shocked looking some models I used to follow in the 2010s and seeing how they present themselves on their SNS.

Pic rel is the same woman in an unedited video vs her instagram pictures.

No. 1827643

File: 1684158527421.jpeg (511.91 KB, 2905x1426, A27172E2-79A2-4722-91A7-A5F987…)

And this is a gyaru I used to follow, 2012 vs 2022.

No. 1827645

File: 1684158924579.jpeg (483.17 KB, 2925x1404, 0B64DFD2-F8D3-485F-8A5E-7F9FAF…)

Another one, 2012 YouTube video vs from her 2022 instagram.

No. 1827646

File: 1684158965689.jpeg (213.96 KB, 1133x1450, EDED5824-F96D-47D8-A3F8-373168…)

Same woman.

No. 1827730

What a self-inflated, ego-tripping fag.

Wonder what she'd do if her real life dad started dating a 17 year old, if she'd see that differently then.

No. 1827742

Idk about asia but hookup culture is huge in the third world, and openly engaging premarital sex has always been super common, even before "hookup culture" showed up.

No. 1827751

Jesus, can she not

No. 1827761

File: 1684170817666.png (247.46 KB, 1336x886, the ultimate cringe.png)

Nonnas how long has been Alida with that Onion moid already? i'm looking up her old PULL thread cause i'm bored and finding some long forgotten stuff. Isn't this the same scrote as >>1787019 just not as fat? If so 1) she started dating him at 17 2) he posted a lot of weird ~nazi sympathizing but ofc not really teehee~ shit

No. 1827764

File: 1684171110481.png (272.16 KB, 374x3336, the ultimate cringe2.png)

It's like 4th person close to her (1 being ex bf and 3 dumb ig friends i think) having same Hitler related "humor" like Alida…
Included other screens from pull, last one is aa drawing of "his ex girlfriends", a horse with a vagina, but i decided to cut and spare you from this retardation.

No. 1827766

File: 1684171428032.png (52.46 KB, 540x500, xtc.png)

she was also apparently trying to meet up with XXXtentacion. Already after all the allegations on him came out, ofc.

No. 1827776

She really saw A$AP Rocky in the National Anthem music video and thought this was an opportunity to further walk the patch of Lana

No. 1827789

These women who gravitate to men they know abused other women honestly disgust me. Like flies to shit.

No. 1827798

this rippertoshreds guy was one of alidas orbiters until they apparently had a falling out (according to her old PULL thread) but her and onion did start dating when she was underaged.

No. 1827806

Ah right my bad. Her scrotes are always literally the same

No. 1827825

So many of them are attracted to alt right guys. I have anorexia and everywhere I go online related to eating disorders it's full of these nazi coquette bitches, there's a huge overlap with tradwifey shit…. it could be such a nice little harmless aesthetic, why do they have to taint it with racists and women abusers(no1currs)

No. 1827832

Where do you think the aesthetic comes from nonna? This isn’t some unfortunate detour, it’s been about glorifying pedophilia and pandering to trashy 4chan moids from the beginning.

No. 1828030

Jesus all these guys plus the one she was friends with and engaged with on IG, who posted disgusting shit (forgot his @). She really is a pig…

No. 1828227

That fucker Rion should be in jail for getting with and soliciting heavy drugs to a minor. But she insists he's "a good man" and is "protective" and takes care of her. Wasn't so protective when she was being sex trafficked. Heads should have been rolling, but he wasn't even around and had girls over while she was gone. What a shitshow.

No. 1828244

I stand corrected. Apparently, or so I was told, she wasn't a minor when he gave her the hallucinogens. I think they're illegal in Florida anyway.

No. 1828506

Don't go to pro-ana online spaces then?

No. 1828859

File: 1684320171981.jpeg (247.13 KB, 1170x1878, IMG_5733.jpeg)

No. 1828861

File: 1684320201906.jpeg (141.08 KB, 1170x1896, IMG_5734.jpeg)

No. 1828862

File: 1684320236525.jpeg (197.96 KB, 1170x1942, IMG_5735.jpeg)

No. 1828928

nta but if you use social media you'd notice that it's become increasingly difficult to avoid it. The problem isn't people going to ED spaces, it's that ED spaces have stopped being a niche things and are expanding to a point now where they're overlapping with other communities. That's why you see so many EDtwt posts go viral these days. Normies who previously didn't know think pro ana shit existed outside of Tumblr are forced to see pro ana shit at random and are sharing it around in horror and spreading it even further

No. 1828988

Time to chop off some cock n balls.

You can be abused, even at 90 years of age.

Problem is, most men are stupid when it comes to reading the signals. They're not gonna be able to tell the difference if you're uncomfortable or not. If you're grinding on his D and then suddenly don't want the D, but don't flat out say no, he's not going to tell the difference (if he's the typical). In saying this tho, he's still in the wrong if he can't see that you're not into it at all, even without saying no. He needs to be castrated if he's much older and should have enough life experience to know better too. But it doesn't matter about age. Like I said, you can be manipulated and abused at any age. Also, she's a target for these types of pricks. She had no proper parenting or guidance whatsoever before this shit could ever take place.

I wish Alida would stop hanging out with clowns. I get they are the types that aren't considered boring and all, but omfg. School-shooter types, pedos, rapists, bimbos who skinwalk her every move. She's got to stop. Go hang out with more intelligent people already. They might not be "unique" in her eyes, but at least they'll be sane. Seriously. She's surrounded by a circus. It's too much. Wish she'd tone it down. I mean, we all took one look at that SuperKamilla's Insta and immediately were thinking, nope. She can't read people at all. Like a moth to a flame to all the headcases out there.

No. 1829000

She is in a circus and she's the Ringmaster..
Is she talking about Onion?

No. 1829111

This is my observation; I could be wrong. To Simone, being desirable = beauty + it makes her the centre of their universe if she's noticed like that. (Feeling attractive, sexy, alive and special.) It draws out the feminine against the masculine. What she doesn't get is that guys don't see it the same way, generally speaking. When they desire you, they want to fuck you. That's it. They don't want to rescue the damsel, or worship the ground you walk on. They see that behavior as easy street. Whereas she wants the fairy tale; the hero come-save-me thing (I think that's obvious by a lot of things that she says). So when that goes too far, well, this kind of thing happens. I see it all the time. It doesn't make it right. But she leads them on in the most blatant ways, intentional or not; all in the quest to be wanted. It's a dangerous game. I hope she realises this now and puts up some boundaries. I'm not blaming her for any of it, it's sick and turns something innocent into something vile. These guys are monsters. But the coquette thing draws in those types of monsters.

No. 1829332

File: 1684373900741.jpeg (233.87 KB, 1400x1867, IMG_4065.jpeg)

would the memes and post style that bella hadid posts be “coquette”? i feel like a lot of models are into this ethel cain coquette shit. a lot of coquette i’ve seen is just girls that are into audrey hepburn or lana del rey and like pink but on twitter it seems to be a retarded pro ana white supremacy thing. the ethel cain brand coquette seems to be super popular with celebrities now. that shitty adidas brand “praying” that sells weird child sized coquette shirts is very popular with this brand of celeb.

No. 1829434

The Ethelfication of pop culture rn strikes me as so bizarre because it's almost like the very niche Nicole Dollanganger girls from 10 years ago are suddenly becoming the trend. This is not at all a new aesthetic but for some reason Ethel with one EP and one bad album has managed to make it mainstream. I'm honest to God amazed we don't see more Soren or Kayla Day level coquette cows since it became more widespread

No. 1829616

late but that girlreactionary account is strange herself. one day she’s a radfem and hates all moids the next day she’s a uwu soft black girl who has a ton of white men fawning over her. i can’t take her criticisms of coquettes seriously but they come from a place of a resentment (they’re white and get white men so she feels like she’s in competition with them). i see this a lot on twitter nowadays

No. 1829617

*because they come from a place of a resentment

No. 1829763

Ethel and tumblr nostalgia ruined it imo. Most of these coquette girls were normies who liked pink colors, ariana grande, lana del rey and old movie stars. Ever since those whisper or tumblr style memes with lazy or pro ana captions became popular it became unbearable and something different. The coquette girls we used to see were sane but now almost half the coquette girls are rotting pro ana freaks that romanticize the shit Lana and Ethel sing about, of course secretly pro ana models love that

No. 1830210

File: 1684485196408.png (54.77 KB, 279x491, xxxtentacion1.png)

Old milk but forgot to post these in relation to these screens. Here's her whiteknighting XXXTentacion, who cares that he abused his gf (and apparently killed a few people as it turned out lately) when he "repented and made up for his sins with his music"! he "contributed" to the world so its all erased!1
It's been a while ago, but i really doubt she'd react differently today. For Alida, abuse is only abuse when said abuse happened to her.

No. 1830212

File: 1684485284897.png (31.7 KB, 355x487, xxxtentacion2.png)

No. 1830213

File: 1684485397997.png (62.23 KB, 565x498, xxxtentacion3.png)

No. 1830218

16, how was she even allowed to meet up with him? Where were her parents? Oh that's right, her mother was off busy doing heroine and allowing heroine addicts to live in their house and her Dad clearly didn't give a shit. Her Dad was friends later on with her old grandpa boyfriend and didn't see anything wrong with it. I get that her mother died due to alcoholism, and I shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but there's no denying she was a shit parent and they play a huge part in all of this.
No excuse in the end because Alida never grew enough braincells to see what was wrong with all of it either, as time went on. Unless, she literally has low IQ and has trouble comprehending and learning.
Anyone remember when she carried around blood viles and drank blood?? Her parents let her do whatever she wanted. Old farts would flirt with her and she would flirt back, in front of her mum, whilst being a minor. Drama, after drama, after drama, to this day. Then, she romanticizes it all. Either she is genuinely intellectually impaired, or she gets something out of it. Because when you're scared of or traumatised from something, you run away from it - not toward it. She tries to find a matching song lyric from Lana to line up with everything that she does.

There are so many sub-genres that fall under the umbrella of coquette and they're all trash. Roleplaying pedophilia and incest. Thinking it's cute.

No. 1830233

Her usernames 'Snuffiepuppy' and 'Jumpropejailbait'. Snuffie as in Snuff? Snuff porn? She was underage calling herself jailbait and referencing choke porn or strangle porn? That's so messed up on so many levels…….

No. 1830267

Bro gives me serial killer vibes

No. 1830274

File: 1684495748696.jpg (37.04 KB, 500x680, Bike-Fall.jpg)

THEM: psychopaths, druggos, pedos, abusers, clowns n jokers.

ALIDA: "I want them to be my best friends." proceeds to befriend or date them


ALIDA: cries Why am I always the victim! adds lana lyric that matches current crisis into Insta post


No. 1830352

iirc this psycho was her guitar teacher/short time bf and was something like 36.
Don't know how true it is but she also claimed she went with a 30-something yo stranger to a motel to take white trash pics when she was 15 or 16. (the one of her in pink dress sitting among plastic guns and money, holding a gun and honestly giving creepy vibes bc she looked obviously underage. i'm sure its somewhere on PULL). Her parents were redneck trash who never cared, but she's truly a living empitome of this >>1830274

No. 1830360

Her handmaiden friends also enabled this relationship. Crazy
She "defended" him as early as the past 2 years again tho

No. 1830362

I think shes just evil cause shes 23 atp and still into pedophilia so fucking blatantly. Typical handmaiden with a snarky evil attitude about her handmaidenerism

No. 1830379

another russian nona here reporting with blogshit
>I have ever seen anyone genuinely russian act that way or even LARP that shit.
from what i've seen, they're mostly on niche telegram channels lusting after femboys and calling themselves "femcel radfems" (while complaining about their exes and reposting trannies like ethel cain). also obsessed with western coquette crap (my year of rest and relaxation, "iconic femcel" movies like black swan and perfect blue, etc). but yes, no one irl acts like this and i live in a major city.

No. 1830386

But in her words, she is "God's favorite" and we are all just jealous because she's so pretty. She put up a story a couple of days ago with a song "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" with a pic of herself. I really have to start taking screenshots but I usually couldn't be bothered at the time. I have a bunch of people I hate watch on social media because they're like a reality tv show when I'm bored.

No. 1830443

File: 1684516557988.jpg (32.25 KB, 800x800, Funny-Squeeze-Popping-Eyes-Out…)

God those surgically implanted eye pouches make me want to barf every time i see them, looks like one of those toys you squeeze and their eyes pop out

No. 1830457

Randomness → If anybody here has seen the show "The Boys", you just know that these Coquette-type girls would latch onto the character Homelander if he was real.

No. 1830464

File: 1684517820251.png (5.77 KB, 495x116, HL.png)

Okay, sorry about the double posting, but it turns out this is an actual thing and they have already latched onto that character. lmaooo

No. 1830725

i don’t understand how most of these trad wife coquette girls are even able to feel attracted to these ugly old balding men.

No. 1830939

File: 1684587265222.jpeg (66.48 KB, 1170x757, 28D83E9E-17F1-4905-8299-8F01CC…)

which old man “gifted” her a porche because it wasn’t Orion(don’t use emojis )

No. 1830961

Why would you pray for a car, when you don't even have your driver's licence?
Jesus isn't Santa fucking Claus.

No. 1830968

Meanwhile some guy is dying of cancer, praying to Christ for help. But Jesus Christ is busy giving some American bimbo her Porsche.
And the person who gifted her the Porsche is sitting there like, wtf fair go. I gave it to you, not Jesus.

It's so funny cos she wants people to be jealous of her but she only makes herself look stupid and vain / materialistic yet again.

No. 1830970

File: 1684590958747.jpg (105.92 KB, 1001x949, LMFAO.jpg)

She should buy one of these and put it on her new car.

No. 1830972

Does she even go to church?

No. 1830973

File: 1684591400018.jpeg (208 KB, 1170x1975, 35FBFCD8-3929-427B-BC01-8060AC…)

this is so funny lmao alida is delusional as hell i know the royalty are trash don’t get me wrong but there’s no denying she sounds like a schizo in so many of her tweets

No. 1831014

Ok but Alida's Porsche Jesus needs more ~coquette~ outfit, add some ribbons or pink kawaii accents or Chanel/Blumarine label onto his gown

No. 1831039

File: 1684600557162.png (352.58 KB, 564x998, Jebus.png)

When you're Coquette and Jesus gives you some new wheels.

No. 1831137

File: 1684611718246.jpeg (343.7 KB, 1170x1974, 32C3421E-A458-431C-984B-D0855C…)

did she move in with a sugar daddy or some shit

No. 1831166

Taking bets on how long it takes for her to have a falling out with whoever she's currently hanging out with and whoever gave her the Porsche. She can't hold a friend for longer than a few months, unless they don't live near her and she only sees them for visits. Wonder what the next theatrics are going to be.
Also, every time she starts off a new saga, she uses that Lana song "Now my life is sweet like cinnamon
Like a fucking dream I'm living in."

No. 1831170

File: 1684615595739.jpg (15.05 KB, 460x295, they are soulmates kek.jpg)

she's still with baldy
relationship mustn't be that great tho or she'd be with him, in the very least in the same state

No. 1831204

Tf shes so disgusting and piglike and probably gonna pull out a victim card somewhere in the future to avoid taking responsibility and other women are gonna defend her just as they defend her and her relationship now or see her as a victim desperately

No. 1831205

Women are getting killed and tortured everyday by moids and she's out there sucking pedo dicks

No. 1831408

File: 1684659352714.jpg (147.54 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_2023-05-21-10-55-04…)

This bitch must be mentally retarded or deranged there's no other way

No. 1831413

>Lip filler migration

No. 1831432

File: 1684666761972.jpeg (252.97 KB, 1170x1965, IMG_5799.jpeg)

No. 1831433

File: 1684666824764.jpeg (246.96 KB, 1170x2002, IMG_5800.jpeg)

Schizophrenic posting

No. 1831439

so this is how she got a porsche and a house…LOL. back to selling her body again i guess thats the real job she mentioned? very christian of her to suck dick for money.

No. 1831443

I don't get it, aren't these middle aged moids embarrassed or even scared of being seen with a girl like her? He does seem like the type who pays younger women, but the stereotypical "bougie" sugarbaby who's considered hot by his colleagues/business partners (think Jessica Clements) not some wannabe toddler?

No. 1831444

There's nothing racist or delusional about the fact the royal family is associated with pedophiles, or that the Clinton's were caught doing dodgy shit in Haiti by actual Haitians. Simone is retarded but this is factual.

No. 1831458

File: 1684673634812.jpeg (228.33 KB, 1170x2033, A50383FD-6A12-42A5-A31B-35CA4F…)

No. 1831482

This is actually really creepy and she seriously needs to be careful. Why does she do this to herself? Just why? My skin is crawling. I know that she is really annoying, but I'm genuinely concerned. Do NOT take the Porsche and get the hell out of there. People don't just gift you a Porsche and expect nothing for it. These gifts will be held over her head. If not now, one day..

No. 1831494

She was just literally talking about rape and being groomed. And yet she posts this, "I love when men say "whoah" right when they see me… hehe". No. Stop. You don't mean it. You do not love that at all. Anything for money I guess, as it seems that's what it comes down to. She talks about Christ, when she's selling her soul to the Devil. Christ doesn't offer you a Porsche. The Devil does.

No. 1831497

She was going on about the pedos in the royal family etc and yet here she is with some bloke who looks like he could be best mates with Jeffrey Epstein.

No. 1831514

Rion must get off on being a cuck

No. 1831545

File: 1684679388890.png (46.3 KB, 156x219, 001640.png)

Btw the lana song / lyrics she put to that story were 'You can be the boss, daddy
You can be the boss
Bad to the bone, sick as a dog
You know that I like, like you a lot
Don’t let it stop
He had a cigarette with his number on it
He gave it over to me, “Do you want it?”

And what is up with her hair lately? It looks like plastic horse hair or like she had a two layer haircut. Her extensions are yellow and a diff colour to her mullet up top.

No. 1831564

I have a good feeling the guy is just letting her use his Porsche, but it's not hers. You can't flex that though.

No. 1831580

I've got a front row seat, just waiting for the next round of

No. 1831697

She’s such a fascinating cow for me, especially the way her mental illness allows her to create all these lofty spiritual fantasies around being a hooker.

No. 1831700

Severe peroxide abuse has destroyed her hair, many such cases in LA

No. 1831810

File: 1684706852689.jpg (64.09 KB, 720x678, 20230521_232801.jpg)

Dasha admitted her lips are fake

No. 1831979

these seem fake idk. the “kk!” i feel like a grown man would not fuckin talk like that(sage your shit)

No. 1832004

When he died a ton of random SWs were dropping screenshots of him in their DMs texting like this and trying to meet up. It's probably real, but she was also one of many.

No. 1832068

Treating women like a meat/toys that can be bought lol
She's narrating her life with ldr songs. That's from where she gets those ideas idk if she's autistic or deranged
At some point she's gonna have to develop some self preservation cause moids don't plan on not being shit ever. She has no awareness of age gap relationships involving a teen girl being actually bad

No. 1832069

It's so easy to tell if someone lips are fake or not by just looking at their side profile. You can see it here >>1831545 in the upper lip

No. 1832071

Hell it's that ldr song. I thought it's a different artist, ITS OVER

No. 1832187

Dasha replied to it an called him handsome. Please.
Wait shes talked about pedos again whilst being a pedo lover herself? This girl is psycho, its quite entertaining I hope she gets exposed in the future for who she really is

No. 1832201

She was already posting other texts with Xxxtentacion when he was still alive, and he was known for texting underage girls especially tumblr famous. No idea if they met for real, but she was one of the many indeed.

No. 1832204

This woman could be sisters with Trisha Paytas, they look so much alike. When she first came up on my feed I thought she was Trisha.

No. 1832211

Preachy monologue incoming, but I just have to say it…

It's kind of ironic how lolcow is the only place that has any common sense at all when it comes to Alida, and can see through all the bullshit. Meanwhile, everyone else encourages her behaviour in a fake manner. Just like this Dasha example >>1832187 ((As if she truly believes he is handsome… Dasha and Alida are just following each other because of this thread and it makes them feel better in a pack. Nothing about it is genuine. Nothing about Alida is genuine - she attracts what she puts out.))
One day she'll end up dead or in a far worse position than she has ever been in before, and most of her friends, family or followers clapped her all the way along in that direction. Don't they realise that she's come close to death before, doing this?? More than once, might I add. They all encouraged her the whole time. Even with the sex trafficking incidence that people here saw through right from the start.
And she herself, arrogantly swipes any negative feedback away. She will even do it all the more, just out of spite.
I don't know why she has never opened up her own boutique (it would have gotten so popular and succeeded, she could have turned it into a franchise if she put her mind to it). And I don't mean an Instagram shop, I mean one in the physical. She could have saved enough to have all she needed by now, to do something like that. Or study art, or fashion, or whatever her interests are. That's how she could have "expressed her true self". But no, she goes right out of her way to avoid anything 'normal'. Because that is being a sheep and she's a u n i c o r n.
She is rotting on the inside and the cracks are really starting to show now. She says that she "loves to play with fire", when no, she cannot handle it when it burns. She, in that moment, wants to suicide. And when her youth fades, and men no longer want to gift her anything or pick her up out of those moments, when she becomes invisible, she's going to break.

If this was a real job, her boss wouldn't have his arm around her like that…. he'd be up for sexual harassment if that were in the workplace.

You could be onto something there..

No. 1832274

All that effort and time spent on looks just to get with such a mediocre greasy old man. Sad.

No. 1832276

It's all the shrooms & drugs, she's got brain damage. She'll be in a home with dementia by the time she's 40 at this rate

No. 1832288

So much truth in this. She only gets with old decaying ballbags so that she feels the superior in looks. & when something goes wrong she can play the "but i'm just a little girl & you're so much older than me" card. The older the guy she can get, the younger that she will feel. She would feel insecure & threatened if she got with some hot guy around her age. She'd feel that too if there was a much younger prettier girl than her in the same room. It's that & their $$$$$

What is her mission exactly because I've never seen her do anything ever that didn't benefit herself.

No. 1832650

Who wanna bet he's married or taken and she's still gonna suck him then post a story with "the other woman" playing

No. 1832651

Didn't she used to go to old moid houses as a teen cause she liked their attention or something? Did she even knew their relationship status?

No. 1832753

File: 1684833321355.webm (342.27 KB, 348x480, why are older women always so …)

this girl posted herself on r9k yesterday she claims she likes CP and spends all day on discord talking to pedos…how do we save her from this path?

No. 1832762

is this a child or is she using a filter?

No. 1832788

there seems to be a filter, as her facial proportions look exaggerated and unnatural. still, she could be a young teenager.

No. 1832795

What thread?

No. 1832807

Don't bite guys, this is a troll post. r9k is a closed thread from 4chan. Known for meme references. They're trying to have a go. Nice try tho. Alida is actually older than me by almost 5 years (no1currs bout that), but your point is mute. She's not a child anymore (same goes with all the others), so this is a fail troll attempt. Try harder next time.

No. 1832810

>r9k is a closed thread from 4chan. Known for meme references.
i refuse to believe that you've spent any significant amount of time on imageboards, you sound like you're 45

No. 1832813

lmfao this guy is just mad prob because his grandpa is on lolcow now thanks to simone

No. 1832820

https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/73414593 here. This girl calls anyone who disagrees with her "old hag" and "jealous"

No. 1832821

what's the possibility of the moid in the ss being here? He might lurk too

No. 1832831

>>1832753 >>1832810

gtfo you stupid ballbag.

No. 1832842

kek they're all either literally ugly or mid and filtered to hell, it says a lot about our pickme society

No. 1833087

Pickmes stay losing. Always doing the most to get the least. Most of these gross old moids marry “respectable” women from their own class, and those women get access to all their wealth. Meanwhile girls like Alida get used as cumrags and thrown away without a second thought, and still believe they’re winning because they got a tacky gift or some money.

No. 1833303

File: 1684901490366.jpg (142.45 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_2023-05-24-06-07-32…)

This whole bitch(alida) needs to be thrown away look at her likes on Twitter

No. 1833307

Hope she continues dating horrible men because there's a chance that they can do me a favor.

No. 1833647


>i refuse to believe that you've spent any significant amount of time on imageboards

That's because I don't, but oooh you got me there…
Least I'm not out there roleplaying incest sex with my Dad at 23. Puke.

No. 1833667

That would be perfect for Alida because she wouldn't even need to try to switch her brain off in that situation, she doesn't even have one to begin with. Her whole existence has been around men, her camera, mirrors and I bet she doesn't even know basic math.

To get jealous you need something to be jealous of. Lots of beautiful girls from social media aren't on forums that are a far cry above Alida. It's not about looks. Alida isn't even physically perfect. That's why she works so hard at it and can only get with redneck boomer coomers. People here hate on her cos she's a cunt and has inflated herself out so far that she truly believes she's God's fave and a literal angel.
I mean get a grip already. Nobody anywhere else calls her out on it, so might as well be here. Is she entertaining? Sure. I'll give her that. She's a fukin clown. Arrogant as all hell too cos most people would've deleted their social media by now or toned it down instead of rubbing it all up in people's grill. But she's a narc, so she just gets worse with it all.

Listen, I don't want her to suicide, don't want her to end up dead in some alley. But she doesn't listen to anyone who tries to help her and does the opposite like the arrogant prick that she is. So fuck it. She reaps what she sows.

No. 1834109

File: 1684987996874.jpeg (108.76 KB, 1170x1192, D50DA0EC-D745-4624-8018-A17B22…)

No. 1834117

File: 1684989137490.jpeg (208.38 KB, 1108x1398, F0CBAE7D-A531-42D7-A35D-2F0E86…)

samefagging but it’s getting annoying watching alida lie and contradict herself so much. she lies almost constantly and makes 0 sense. she’s pressed about conspiracy theories but always liking Andrew Tate’s post despite his ~alleged~ involvement in human trafficking.

No. 1834119

File: 1684989289724.jpeg (121.54 KB, 1170x1095, F3280FA4-DDC1-4399-9401-6C837E…)

she’s never been a nazi or racist but again, in her likes is something completely contradictory to that.

No. 1834216

Why are these girls acting liking liking lana del rey is a niche thing like she wasn't one of the biggest pop stars if the 2010's? See so many of them on instagram pretending to be deep and analysing her songs and pretend they are the only ones that get it. Girl, she was played on ever radio get over yourself

No. 1834250

Somebody please enlighten me wat the fuk Alida does and ever has done, to be equated to an "Angel on Earth". She claimed that she is a real angel, and so her faggy followers that feed into her narcissism now call her that too? All I've ever seen this cunt do is stare at herself in her ph cam all day long. That's it. Unless I'm missing something here. I don't see her curing diseases, helping others who need it etc etc. She's addicted to social media like the narc that she is, it's always about her, and that's about it. Most things she does go against the Bible anyway, but hey she's still God's fave coz in her mind she thinks so. She gave herself the title. Must be true then. Alright. Sounds legit.

No. 1834255

I've seen this too. Somebody on twitter this morn said "Lana is so underrated……"
Alida's a two-face. She has this image she wants to be projected and seen as, but then there's who she really is. It shows when she falls out with people all the time, if they spend enough time with her. It's why she bounces from place to place and burns bridges with anybody she's with for a set amount of time. She's leaving a trail of people who can't stand her, behind her, everywhere that she goes. Proof in itself.

No. 1834271

There's some quote from the bible, beware those who claim they are the 'angel of light', as even satan himself will parade as such and those who follow him.

Have people noticed too that Alida is editing or using filters to make her skin appear whiter in recent pics as well?

No. 1834272

^^ not claiming that Alida is Satan btw because that's just stupid. I just found that amusing.

No. 1834282

That came up for me too at the time! That was the moment I unfollowed her as it left a bad taste in my mouth. I admit, I used to really like her but I started to feel uncomfortable with many things she would say here and there. She's not the same on Twitter as she is elsewhere. Least that's how I felt. She talks so differently there that I thought it was a fake acc. I also was wondering why she was getting so aggressive, I couldn't see any haters anywhere and as time went on I was wondering why she kept doing that. Then I found this thread out of googling curiosity and it all made sense. I also get grossed out by the whole ddlg thing.

No. 1834284


No. 1834313

These people who complain bout it being an unfair battlefield when we're anon and they're not. When you strike up any beef with them or give them any criticism at all from your actual real account, they block you. So, eh, what else you gonna do. I take my beef here instead

No. 1834326

Imagine being this pathetic and dull. Most guys would prefer a more spirited girl with an actual personality and independence about her. If a guy had to do everything for his girl because she's that inept and slow, he'd get the ick and want to escape her so fast.
Give him something to work for, or he'll tire of you real quick. Make it exciting at least. Nobody wants to date a mindless automated golem.

No. 1834548

There definitely is no ~Love~ or ~Light~ on her Twitter, that's for sure. She's almost angry on there; very hostile and sarcastic most times. Not sweet at all really.

No. 1835031

That or they delete your comment or send their minions after you. I ended up with one of her followers lecturing me an essay about the 'Divine Feminine' for 50 years. They're like Alida's fodder, she sends them off to fight her battles for her. And what you say doesn't even have to be anything brutal, could just be some small opinion - one sentence.

No. 1835107

File: 1685126871070.png (12.01 KB, 468x798, capture1.png)

like this? all it took was 2 words n they got triggered
they all came running out of the woodworks lmfao
bunch of tards n clowns
alida sets them all off. i'm just waiting for them to all charge in here one day to give us a bashing cuz it's coming..

No. 1835129

>What is her mission exactly
Her mission is to take out the Illuminati with various tiktok videos and Lana songs.

No. 1835198

You're only allowed to praise her.

No. 1835278

File: 1685144419929.jpeg (115.83 KB, 1125x763, IMG_9993.jpeg)

>"i was never a nazi"
>captions post with a spin on trump's "make america great again"
>likes >>1834119

No. 1835318


No. 1835321

I thought Alida was Mexican. She looks like a Mexican girl with peroxide hair.

No. 1835409

File: 1685163552891.jpg (113.7 KB, 1080x801, Screenshot_2023-05-27-06-58-14…)

It's that bitch who's dating an old disgusting moid. HELL. Those whores are filthy

No. 1835418

honestly thought that was a troon

No. 1837543

File: 1685468672740.jpeg (209.58 KB, 1170x2013, 704A86A3-A2FB-45A9-8166-5504BA…)

are her and Onion in an ~open~ relationship or something

No. 1838260

File: 1685541219504.jpg (306.48 KB, 1080x2397, Zombodroid_31052023035237.jpg)

Spotted her under this tweet… the last tweet is a rt I found on her acc, do alida only becomes friends with other pedo lovers?

No. 1838417

She’ll be 30s and malding in no time

No. 1838447

imagine wanting to own "30 something hags" so badly you get duped into getting pumped and dumped by ancient liches and burning your only avenue of social support

No. 1838451

File: 1685560991011.jpeg (116.77 KB, 828x926, 910D88C4-307B-48D3-882F-FECDEE…)

Harvey Weinstein dupe

No. 1838632

alidas gotten so fat

No. 1838647

File: 1685577699072.jpeg (118.81 KB, 826x1630, IMG_0360.jpeg)

I now just noticed that app depop added a “coquette” tag and this is the first thing I see. I am convinced this is clearly a children’s top as well, gross.

No. 1838667

She looks like a 40 year old guidette hairdresser from New Jersey, kek.

No. 1838671

Sharing your microbiome with fat old men will do that to you.

No. 1838688

File: 1685580987295.jpeg (345.43 KB, 4561x1128, FB75AF8A-F7CE-462B-A797-7DD5EC…)

It’s hilarious how uggo, masc and sloppy cockettes are irl, but desperately try to project this hyperfeminine pixie nymph uwu image for themselves.

Ch111oe genuinely looks MTF, has a manlier jaw than Bruce Willis and is literally built like a brick. Alida’s nasolabial folds are devouring her alive and she is also a member of the doughy tranny body club. Nina looks like middle aged taco vendor. Dasha looks like a British Asda mum with £30 lip fillers. They’re all such a mess. Top kek my sides.(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1838726

File: 1685585141221.png (599.48 KB, 898x1078, 2023051611258.png)

Ch111oe edits compared to he real face makes me kek

No. 1838743

Trumps a fag but I miss when nazi actually meant nazi

No. 1838749

They all just look like trailer trash, but not in the glamorous lana del rey way that they think they do lol

No. 1838762

God she’s actually hideous, RIP

No. 1838766

File: 1685588072429.jpeg (441.69 KB, 2023x2949, 4FA26EDB-3900-4538-A6B3-BCAC75…)

Bitch how can you live with yourself lmao

No. 1838767

That’s definitely a man. Sorry, but my troon radar is pretty accurate.

No. 1843312

Many of these types of women are predatory. Yes, there are older men out there who deserve what they get - where both are taking advantage of one another. But there are younger women who prey upon elderly men who are losing their faculties - dementia, terminal illness, and the like. They are extremely abusive too in these situations. Not saying all women who date older men are predatory, but I have seen many who are and could tell you a real life horror story or two about them. These types want to seem innocent and cute, when in fact they are aggressive hunters and this is their power move. Tbh, I don't think I've ever met a coquette girl who is actually gentle and sweet - they're mostly aggressive, self centered and defensive beneath the exterior they try to project.

No. 1843343

anon they're all self-proclaimed femcels alternately saying they're celibate because of how much they hate men ~zOMg lUlZ misandry rAwR! nd 5 mins later whining about not being able to get a man (possibly Patrick Bateman or Edward Cullen, for younger zoomers). Most of them are underage to 24 yo, fat and very noncoquette like in appearance. They can't even wear their beloved, most desired coquette clothes from their pinterest boards, much less running actively getting men left and right and "ruining poor mens lives" or whatever.
Unless you mean Alida, but it's not a story of evil bitch Alida stealing grandpa's rent, it's old scrotes ruining her life. Or rather, Alida constantly repeating this >>1830274
and ruining her life herself.

No. 1844046

File: 1686400203676.jpg (76.18 KB, 843x1200, OTFvsbD7vn3GLpvN7rvnZb3rUYUkJ4…)

more unshooped ch111oe. how can someone have such an unfortunate waistline??

No. 1844131

Idk but my sister has a F cup with no ass

No. 1844331

File: 1686438038378.jpeg (370.5 KB, 1525x1930, 0A1AD04D-175A-450D-A1A4-807EA5…)

Dash aged 20 years overnight

No. 1844332

Chloes tits are fake

No. 1844335

Is this the ‘Russian genes’ at work? Everyone knows Slavs hit the wall at like 20.

No. 1844405

It’s strange to see someone with absolutely no hips or waist to hip ratio.
That coupled with her bogged face and Quaqmire chin makes her look like a tranny.

I’m starting to think coquettes fetishize femininity in the same way troons do because they don’t feel feminine looking irl.

No. 1844474

Squidward looking bitch

No. 1844531

File: 1686460657463.png (166 KB, 532x825, jesus is cruising.png)

LMFAOOOOO now this is gold. Alida put Jesus in her new wheels.

Don't wanna be an ass for no good reason, but can't help myself - she is dressing like such a granny lately with her pearls and florals. I know it's a trend rn with a lot of brands and it's not as though it looks bad but it's a huge turn around from a couple months back. Alida has this habit of going 0-100 in a heartbeat and then back down again 100-0, all in the blink of an eye. Talk about whiplash.
But I think this is why she's so entertaining. She's all over the shot, does the weirdest things and puts on a show. Funniest shit to me. Actually this whole thread is a comedy show.

No. 1844617

she should buy a plastic saint Christopher, a patron of driver/travellers/whatever to enhance the christian larp

No. 1844623

She'll prob do that now. Put in some Jesus disciples too and line em all up on her dash.

Wonder what / when her next larp is gonna be after this one.

No. 1844843

File: 1686522257149.jpeg (240.99 KB, 1170x1872, IMG_6251.jpeg)

No. 1844879

>betabux plea in Jesus name

No. 1844880

I don’t get it…is she advertising herself as a Christian findom?

No. 1845040

Holy fck you're right, betabux incoming

No. 1845082

Alida: " women are the most precious thing on earth "

Also Alida: consistently throws shade at women over 35

That stupid book that she reads and bases her life on, called The Sophie Code, reminds me of a cult. To me Alida's just gotten more and more creepier over time.

No. 1845085

Kek is this cottagecore? grandmacore? anotherzoomerbullshitcore? Or is it meant to be her take on "how christians dress"? Bitch christians wear normal clothes, some of them just wear their prettier dresses to church just cause it's an occasion to dress up nice. unless she's larping a certain area ultra catholic circles with hardcore-covered dress codes etc. It feels like she chose that dress deliberately to fit her new "aesthetic" rather than her everyday wear
>Take me to the bank
Yay findom/sugaring in the name of Christ!~ Holy consummerism!
Idk good for her if she found Jesus and all, but her way of "cultivating" is one of the weirdest & milkiest things. The betabux in the name of Jesus… Parkavenuepinup chick should rebrand as well kek

No. 1845086

She says she's not Christian but is a "follower of Christ". So she basically just took Jesus out of the religions and prays to him for more more more money and free goodies. Like he's fkn Santa.
Dear Jesus, gimme gimme. Amen.

No. 1845097

You know what. I'm starting to believe that Alida might be a hoarder. She never stops collecting stuff and putting it all out on display. If she even buys a new pen, gotta set out it so people can see it and create a video of it to put in the gram. Everyones gotsta see the new pen. If she manages to stay in the one place for a substantial amount of time, she'll accumulate so much shit n clutter. In her last kitchen, she couldn't put anything in the cupboards. It all had to sit out. So there was Jesus everywhere, & pink shite. Pots, pans, clothes swinging around on the rafters, put em in the cupboards already.


I think she mighta mentioned God. But that was back when she was talking about God & Jesus being inside of us. Then that morphed into something else, and Jesus isn't in us anymore. Even Mary got a mention and was in her kitchen too with the rest of the shite iirc. But atm, it's all J$sus. It's her current version of manifesting

She gets all these ideas in her head from folks on the internet and blends n warps it, to come up with her own mashed up version. Then her hardcore followers, do the same and start trying to talk like her and look like her. Suddenly they're all into J$sus and the divine feminine and whatever horseshit she comes up with.

No. 1845126

Nvm, I forgot. She does mention God. She said she's 'God's fave' not that long back. So he is still in the picture. He's just not a highlight. Or maybe she sees them as the same thing, who tf knows. The holy trinity Jesus God n Santa

Her followers that are jumping onto the current bandwagon with her. You see em in her comments and they've completely done a full 180 with things they say. Like when she was in LA massaging dudes for cash, they'd be in her comments hyping her up, cheering her on, hooray sex work, get that bag gurl, divine fem powa, but then you see the same people in her current comments talking about morals and Jesus. Like a hivemind.

No. 1845164

ayrt, i deleted accidentally. That makes sense, I think it would be pretty weird if she praised Jesus but didn't believe in God etc
It's pretty funny to think she still has psychos following in her footsteps. i imagine they're different psychos that those from 2018 though, probably a bunch of 15 year olds.
>get that bag gurl
It's the same now but now she wants that bag from christian scrotes

No. 1845206

this is the cringiest thing i’ve ever read. like what happened to her… she used to be interesting and kinda cool when she was younger and now she’s just so boring and plain. she’s acting very insane but not in a ~lana del rey~ way, it’s just very sad and all of this religious shit it’s obviously just a coping mechanism. also that dress is ugly as fuck. she needs to get a therapist asap.(sage your shit)

No. 1845224

She saw a video of Lana at church and decided to copy her. These hoes are literal NPCs with mommy issues. Why does mommy issues seem to be so prevalent in cockettes, even moreso than daddy issues?

No. 1845285

It's almost as though she feels the need to constantly put a costume on. She can't just relax and be herself without some kind of aesthetic. Maybe she feels she'll turn invisible if doesn't have an elaborate theme surrounding her. It just always feels like an act. Or maybe she isn't this way outside of the internet. Hard to know when I haven't actually met her. She also seems to be heavily influenced by people around her. When she was hanging out with the racists and hard right-wingers, she was influenced by them. When she was living with Rion, she was influenced by him and became spiritual and hippie-like in beliefs. When she had that friend who loved fairies and renaissance festivals ~ she too was into fairies and medieval things. When she went to LA, she became like many girls there ~ fame hungry, money lusty and trampy. When she was living with her friend who has the toddler, she wanted to be a mother. Now, she's into this. She also gets heavily influenced by the internet and trends.
But in the end, she's only human and she can't sustain all of these acts 24/7. She's constantly morphing into something new, claiming that she's discarded her old self or healed or put the pieces back together. When she hasn't at all, because she's always doing this and there is never an end to it.
Unless she is just naturally a theatrical person and should be on stage or screen to expel all of that energy. She's always seeking an audience.

No. 1845721

That’s just normal BPD behavior anon. No personality or stable sense of identity, latch onto aesthetics and fads as a substitute.

No. 1845732

It feels as though no one around her has picked up on this. She'd probably get so defensive and offended if anybody mentioned this to her though. This could be why she's always ending up in bad situations. She really does need to see a good psych.

No. 1845829

She is currently hanging around with investors, finance and Stock people, and is subsequently talking about banks/investing etc. I think these people may be connected to the friend and her much older wealthy husband that she was staying with after the LA drama. Hence, the change in personality and warping into someone else again.
I don't know if these new people are good influences on her or not though. I am guessing they are much, much older than her. So that could also count for her suddenly being so old fashioned in looks and beliefs. Super gross if any of them are trying to get with her.

No. 1846164

File: 1686700243179.png (741.08 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20230612-145901.png)

I saw this as a suggested account on insta and about died. I know it's ironic but it reminded me of the toilet roll photo

No. 1846175

Lmao I hope this is ironic

No. 1846356

File: 1686729294617.png (518.8 KB, 594x612, coquette cheese.png)

And so began the coquette cheese touch frenzy.

No. 1846407

That's weird because a vast majority of them are mega BPD so you would assume (BPD people all being copy andbpastes of eachother for the most part) that coquettes have massive daddy issues. Part of being coquette is an obsession with older men so if you want a good guess it's probably a combo of BPD mommy and shit daddy. Example: Dasha says her dad is in jail but her mom is also a cruel nutter

No. 1847473

Mother issues would explain why a lot of them hate older women.
Alida for example jumps to the conclusion that all her haters are older women. All of these coquettes believe that anyone who criticizes them, has to be an older woman; the old hag nemesis.
They also talk about older women being in competition with them for the older men and losing; in that real spiteful way that they do.

No. 1847530

And by "older women" Alida always meant women over 18, kek. Wonder what's the new start level now that she's 20-something herself.

No. 1851098

File: 1687426319981.jpeg (159.65 KB, 1051x1763, D4BF8615-E9F2-4EE4-A1A7-FA0F45…)

Chloe still shooping her ass and nose like the childcatcher’s

No. 1851099

File: 1687426470769.jpeg (24.09 KB, 367x470, D13011C7-054F-4C26-B25F-021C68…)

These overly scooped out noses, I can’t.

>hashtag coquette

>hashtag daintynose
>hashtag fairyprofile

No. 1851514

File: 1687483790821.png (800.1 KB, 727x1024, image_2023-06-22_183133068.png)

No. 1851706

Alida posted a snippet of a song (using that word loosely) by her. Guess she wants to make music now
Tried to upload the screen grab to Dropbox but keep getting errors

No. 1851925

Damn I need to see this. She's prob just copying off her friend Brooklyn now. But I guess Brooklyn was always skinwalking as Alida (idk if she still does) so it cancels out.

No. 1851949

Ayrt tbh that fits in well with my idea of these girls being raised by BPD mums since I fully believe that a BPD mum would live in constant catty competitions with their own daughters. Funny enough, the mother of Dolores Haze was a bit like that

No. 1851952

No. 1851968

File: 1687561228781.webm (4.26 MB, 560x832, wtfff.webm)

Alida vs Superkamilla

No. 1851978

lmfao this is priceless. it's got it all

try-hard white chick trying to rap. check
voice editing software. check
put-on creepy voice in attempt to sound like a baby. check
cringe lines like being daddys white tiger. check

this is the equivalent of that artwork that rion made her that time

this is coming from a chick who said she doesn't listen to Adele bc "she doesn't sound like an angel and i only listen to angels". alida gets really weird about music that isn't lana

im just imagining all her fans downloading alidas future music saying how beaut it is and how talented she is

it would b different if she was making this for fun. but you just know she's got it in her head that she's going to sell an album or two and get famous eventually from a singing career. imagine being this arrogant and full of yourself

No. 1851984

File: 1687563698721.jpg (269.9 KB, 1039x1594, FoYdbR-XEAccmeW.jpg)

No. 1852085

Wasn't Dasha not actually Russian but larping as Russian? The "hit the wall at 20 years" stuff is pretty misogynistic too

No. 1852087

The background beat still has the audio copyright watermark on it lol

No. 1852238

Is the second one trying to sing like Yolandi Visser? I'm surprised Yolandi doesn't come up more with coquettes since she's also a pedopandering anorexic

We don't know tbh. She was claiming to be half polish at one point, and then nonnies were pointing out that she spoke Russian about as well as Erlita Harkov speaks Ukrainian (so Google translate basically). She's more than likely Eastern Euro saying she's Russian for some weird reason

No. 1852716

Why did you assume that anon was only talking about Russian women? Russian men experience extreme twink death

No. 1852717

I think she’s half Brit and half Polish living part time in Poland and part time in the UK. I recognised some of the houses and countryside pics she posts and it’s definitely British countryside, but other times it seems she is in Poland (not unusual for Polish diaspora to go back and forth between both countries and we have a lot of Poles here too)

She’s definitely not Russian at all, Russian and Polish is a really rare combo, my best friend is Russian and I asked her to read some of the stuff Dasha typed in Cyrillic and she just laughed and said it was nonsense Google translate words.

No. 1852718

Also her Polish is shitty and kinda garbled too so this is why I’m certain she isn’t a native Polish speaker. I think she’s just a British girl with a Polish mum.

No. 1852908

File: 1687706196937.jpeg (155.54 KB, 1170x1169, 42D3A808-A76F-4951-89FF-5DB5B8…)

i literally could hardly get through reading this what is she talking about

No. 1852909

File: 1687706259086.jpeg (215.11 KB, 1170x1539, C96070BC-B3E6-40D9-8398-28C29C…)

same fagging but this is just sooo funny all of these tweets together what is going on in her mind

No. 1852982

the sheer narcissism of thinking she's an aesthetic icon just because she's all over pinterest is mind blowing. also, little miss aryan princess isn't fooling anyone by saying she's african. maybe like .3% african, but we all know she wouldn't get a dna test done because dA gOvErNmEnT.

No. 1853010

>but other times it seems she is in Poland
Polish anon here, could you maybe post some photos of her that makes you think she was in Poland? just curious. I remember her posting pics of the inside of one of polish baroque churches, but these were probably taken from google.
>Russian and Polish is a really rare combo
Poles generally dislike Russians, even if they learn this language/have Russian friends etc there's always, even if its the slightest bit, of overall lingering sense of distrust/dislike for them because of the history reasons. So imo it's rare for Polish to be oh so proud of being half-Russian, or larp online as Russians. But ofc different people, different cases. Idk if she's half Polish (maybe someone in the family) but prob not aa native speaker, and definitely not Russian

No. 1853141

Her dad was a white South African. In other words, probably Dutch.

She needs to lay off the psychedelics along with all that weed she smokes. She's so against other drugs, yet she continues to take those, even though it's dangerous if you're prone to psychosis. She'll end up like a zombie, like those she sees on the streets in the US if she's not careful. Because this shit will only get worse as she ages.
If you keep peering into the void, it will start looking back at you. She'll become completely untethered one day from all reality.
She thinks it's cute trying to come across as imaginative and dreamy all the time. But it's downright off-putting. Everything about her is one big facade.

So she either is going into some kind of psychosis and needs to lay off the drugs (being that she's got mental issues already) Or she is putting on an act and making these things up (isn't actually seeing anything at all, but is pretending to) to come across as cute, whimsical, unusual or Alice-in-Wonderlandy. Which wouldn't surprise me at all, being that everything about her is an act. I honestly can't tell which it is.

Or a third option – I guess there really are aliens in her back yard that fuse with metal when she shines her torch on them…. yea…. nah…. give me the footage.

No. 1853158

File: 1687737244460.jpeg (340.25 KB, 1284x2103, IMG_7213.jpeg)

Here’s her latest tangent before she potentially deletes it. She preaches about love and light and the universe but is getting so outwardly hateful

No. 1853170

Alida is seriously starting to show her age, getting all political and fighting people on Twitter.
I noticed that she deleted a lot of things that were controversial and that made her look bad, but she can't help herself and is starting to do it again.

No. 1853174

Shame her Dad didn't put this much energy into raising his daughter and protecting her from pedos and drug abusers within her own home as a teen. Even guiding her away from onion instead of becoming best buds with him.

No. 1853186

File: 1687740113311.jpg (9.97 KB, 524x86, 20230626-085534.jpg)

Honestly, this is a REALLY low shitty heartless thing to say, especially coming from someone so privileged.
War conscription, yay!

No. 1853243

File: 1687746889601.jpg (18.72 KB, 1126x129, lItTlE wHItE gIrL.jpg)

Alida newsflash: you're not a little girl anymore. You're a grown woman. Get over it already.
You're also not even little. You can't play that card anymore.

Also, love that she bought herself a blue checkmark on twitter.

No. 1853406

what is she even trying to say… girl you’re white(sage your shit)

No. 1853426

This nonsense at her big age is just symptoms of schizophrenia beginning to show. She should get that checked out.

No. 1853431

I mean she's right though in this case, whites and south asians are being systematically attacked, looted, raped and murdered in south africa, its extending to actual indigenous african groups as well as the Zulus, I had an Uncle that had a restaurant that was burned down by Bantus.

No. 1853469

File: 1687782685096.jpg (138.63 KB, 1080x1358, 20230626_142946.jpg)

LDR is a perfect example of how being a super pickme coquette doesn't give you more than what other women get, her bf is hanging out with some pornstar pigs lmao every male they date fucks them over but they still keep chanting like a schizophrenics: "I'm a dream girl perfect coquette maneater men love me and never forget me cause I was an angel in their lives" meanwhile those men forget they exist as soon as they stop sucking their dicks. Is it all worth it?

No. 1853471

Her obsession with thinking other women are jealous of her also sounds schizo

No. 1853479

She should be careful being friends with those who mimic her, as mimicking is a form of jealousy/rivalry.

No. 1853486

File: 1687784717580.jpg (36.03 KB, 1080x535, Screenshot_20230626-140604_Chr…)

i don't trust girls who have an onlyfans while claiming to be trad and christian

No. 1853488

Lol she’s 100% right though, this isn’t the place to cry about moids fulfilling their intended purpose

No. 1853490

I think Lana is so high all the time she barely even registers reality. She is obese and looks awful these days and all her bfs have been dogshit and not even sexy. I agree cockettes are delusional though, every scrote they date is garbage and always ends ends up cucking them anyway but they keep screeching about being maneaters who men can’t stop falling in love with kek. They’re all smoking copium.

No. 1853517

if women belong in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant then men belong on a battlefield.

No. 1853518

File: 1687788780110.jpg (945.79 KB, 2584x1788, fk1fkf.jpg)

I unironically agree with this take, men were meant to ejaculate and then die in battle when they are young, not grow old and make art or philosophy or have politics.

No. 1853577

They mimic each other idk if that’s rivalry it feels more like flattery. They look similar too

No. 1853684

For me I would be creeped out if somebody was mimicking me; jealousy or otherwise. In saying this though, if we are referring to Brooklyn, I don't think she is problematic in any way and I don't get a creepy vibe from her. She is also definitely talented. There are others who do copy Alida in an obsessive manner and it's clear there is something darker there. But I don't think these are her friends as such. I get that people follow her aesthetic (especially when she was younger), but there sure is a vibe that is off with some of them.

No. 1853733

it's a cycle of tards copying each other. alida copies shit, others copy her and so it goes on. like a cult of copycatting and rehashing

No. 1853734

This opinion is based but she's probably a giant pickme who will backtrack

No. 1853742

yep she does that. she's back with onion rn so she'll prob backpeddle from what she said here. she goes back and forth between falling all over herself for scrote attention to wanting to shred off their ballsacks when it all turns sour

No. 1853889

>>1853186 can't stand this cow, but she's right for once, your vibes are strange

No. 1853989

Alida might be about to fall out with her current crew. I can feel it in me bones. Esp when she talks about being surrounded by "free masons". I could be jumping the gun here, she could be talking about other folk she's hanging around, but I'm all ready for the next round of shite. Cuz her grandma ways are boring me out. Altho her fighting n ranting about politics and religion on the twits makes for pretty solid viewing

No. 1853997

Plus I wish she'd put up some alien footage. That would be fckn hilarious if that ever happened. Just imagine that
Well imma lay off this thread for a bit, so keep me updated I don't wanna miss any of tha goodies(learn2integrate)

No. 1854035

She’s just trying to seem special by copying Valeria, anon

No. 1854212

Just rename this topic to Alida Simone, you guys are so jealous of and obsessed with me it's insane. I'm seriously praying for you, even you can discover your divinine femininty deep in your soul behind your wrinkled foreheads! But first you need to stop hating on other women just because they are younger & prettier than you <3


No. 1854226

File: 1687880242524.jpg (22 KB, 540x360, 360_F_302786816_aLtnculDTrlG5e…)


No. 1854233

Weak bait


God this thread is depressing

No. 1854245

why the fuck is this thread infested with troons?

No. 1854279

I don't know what's more sad. The idea that its the real person posting on their thread, or someone pretending to be that person for bait.

No. 1854293

File: 1687885386267.jpeg (243.58 KB, 1138x1706, DED128CC-303B-484D-AB4F-0B7C0F…)

Lana looks so awful these days. The fate of every cockette minus the money or fame, becoming a fat bogged middle aged narc.

No. 1854294

Why does this look ai generated

No. 1854315

Theres so many other things in women that deserve critique outside their looks it's actually patriarchal and self hating to judge women appearance or even accuse them of jealousy which makes everything about female competition like male desire is the only source of power women have which is not even theirs. Actually what they deserve critique for is their patriarchal behaviors and their whoredom which makes them a losers like look at all the shit they normalize using their mouths as a fleshlights for men who cheat on them and completely normalise this sado maso shit and women being treated like a trash who will forgive everything(derailing)

No. 1854317

File: 1687886599360.jpg (145.06 KB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_2023-06-27-19-24-37…)

The way she's blatantly lying?

No. 1854322

true as fuck but this is the coquettes thread on lawlcow unfortunately a huge part of threads like this are just weird misogynistic low blows

No. 1854386

thats what she gets for being racist

No. 1854392

Don't worry nonna, it's just one jealous troon doing all the body sperging. Coquettes are easy enough to mock for being pedo pandering pickmes, who cares if they're hot or not?

No. 1854397

Can someone tell me why cockettes worship her so much apart from her ~fuck me hard while I smoke cherry cigarettes in the trailer park~ songs. I genuinely don’t get the weird cult around her. I find her lyrics and subject matter so cringey. I like her voice and a couple of her songs but she always seemed like a gross insufferable person and she’s not any more talented or unique than any other woman in the music industry. Also got dragged to one of her concerts once and it was just a bunch of gay twinks who kept screaming YASSS MOMMMMM every two seconds and it was incredibly annoying. She doesn’t even look ~cockette~ and she weighs like 300lbs now. I don’t get the fascination.

No. 1854410

She writes her own songs unlike many other popstars. Also she can play guitar. I don't like her lyrics either but I like her music.

No. 1854445

yea yea alright pipe down. not my fault you're top notch entertainment. you put yourself in the spotlight ring center of the bigtop circus. this comes wit tha territory. you could set all your socials to private n only add your mates n fam but you want a stadium filled audience. not all of those folk in the crowd are gonna applaud u. this is the downside to wanting too much attention and showing off like you're on a reality tv show

wasn't gonna clap back at this but can’t help myself

No. 1854454

No what's sad is you bitches having 3 topics with thousands of posts slandering me out of jealousy because I'm prettier and have a more pure feminine essence. How much do you hags weigh? Be honest(retard)

No. 1854456

I know that setting my profiles private is what you jealous hags want but it's not gonna happen. I get more love from people than you can even imagine

No. 1854469

Not enough love if you're on here arguing with anons on a fuckin Chinese soap making forum

No. 1854472

Someone sent me the link on twitter and I'm kind of intrigued by how deranged and nit-picky you people are. Projection of your own low self-esteem I guess(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1854473

Is this the Alida clan invasion happening? Took a while. But they should try coming in all together instead of one at a time, it'd be more effective.
Ya'know when you see movies and the villains all come in one by one into the fight, & you're thinking the whole time, why they not coming in all together?

No. 1854476

Imagine being 23 years old and still using photos of yourself at 16 because that’s the only way you’ll get attention.

No. 1854477


I'm just imagining all of the lurkers with their popcorn right now lmao

No. 1854482

Um chile anyway so…(integrate)

No. 1854485

File: 1687900209843.jpeg (131.02 KB, 1170x1450, IMG_0007.jpeg)

>a little white girl
>23 years old
>linebacker shoulders

No. 1854489

I don't think Alida thinks she actually is pretty. Otherwise why would she spend so much effort and time telling others that she's pretty and why would she work so hard, every single day to cover herself up? Fake eyelashes, fake hair, make-up constantly, filters over her photos, is overly pedantic about every part of her body. When she argues with others, it always comes down to looks.
Most girls love makeup, yes, and we love to do our hair, etc. But she uses these things instead not as tools, but as a crutch. From her waking hour, she works hard at her appearance. That's some deep insecurity right there.

No. 1854492

I'm a fatty hag with tig ol' bitties

No. 1854497

>The "whites" are going through a genocide

No. 1854499


No. 1854508

No one posts her new pics cuz she looks weird with all the filters and she looks old now. She looked way better when she was 16 cuz she had a young face and the aesthetic she had made more sense cuz she was a teen. All of this ~little girl~ thing is not cute anymore when you’re 22+. Maybe it was in 2015 when all tumblr was obsessed with ddlg but like nowadays is very cringy. She needs to grow up and start acting like the grown woman she is. It seems like she got stuck in 2015/2017 cuz that’s when she was in her “peak”(sage your shit)

No. 1854550

lmfao this thread is popping. right when i was bout to dip out of it for a bit.
was wondering if some of these radfems are a part of alidas fanclub too. don't get me wrong, you can say your piece but imma get suss on it becuz that's how they all talk(learn2integrate)

No. 1854551

Isnt Alida Mexican?

No. 1854552

Sage for no milk but how the hell are any of these things related to coquettes?

No. 1854565

we got sidetracked & derailed

No. 1854567

File: 1687907228922.jpeg (151.63 KB, 1080x1769, 47EVQTy.jpeg)

No. 1854594

So Alida is living on a farm, because of this 'Farmer's Daughter' 'Trad' coquette trend.
I'm out of the loop here, but isn't the farmer's daughter coquette trend fairly recent?

No. 1854614

Alida really didn't do herself any favours by posting that. Oof for all the curvy older women who may actually like her.
>but first you need to stop hating on other women
Proceeds to hate on other older women in the entire world; that of which don't have anything to do with this place.

The divine feminine isn't for them I guess.
She seriously dug her own grave even further here.

No. 1854625

File: 1687916497486.jpeg (78.69 KB, 661x1008, 2.jpeg)

1. filtering the shit out of your photo
2. printing out said photo
3. pinning it up on your own wall

No. 1854658

You are retarded and/or coping if you think only moids care about appearance and the fact that you view other women's opinions solely through the lens of hetero male attraction is something you probably want to unpack.

No. 1854680

Alida's always ragging on other peoples appearances. She gets what she gives. I get that two wrongs don't make a right, but eh who gives a fck bout that when it comes to this cunt(integrate)

No. 1854713

>the fact that you view other women's opinions solely through the lens of hetero male attraction is something you probably want to unpack
Kek anon, for a post using the word "patriarchy" multiple times you'd think they'd see the irony. They're either underage or it's bait.

No. 1854744

File: 1687941733931.png (52.87 KB, 513x1113, 1832255.png)

Somethings going down on Alida's tiktok. She's really starting to grate on a whole lotta people with her preachy shit takes lately.

No. 1854753

None of your responses make sense

No. 1854755

Wait so shes back with the old pedophile? So she doesn't "want a girlfriend anymore? Is she gonna stop pretending to be bi now

No. 1854788

It requires very little effort to sound like her cause those trolls do sound like her. No wonder why if she's literally blatantly lying about her lip fillers and still liking sex trafficker tweets. She's totally immature and evil like this

No. 1854789

>open some windows
Do people actually need to be told this?

No. 1854816

Only one is mine and if you follow the replies it makes perfect sense.

No. 1855095

She is talking about being back with her "Daddy", so I'm guessing that means Rion? They seem to be so on again, off again, on again.

No. 1855312

God, women like alida are so insufferable I only know one or few women who are almost like her who are also into that schizo masochist divine feminine thing and are full of shit just like her behind the mask they put on it's mind blowing how contradictory it all looks they just talk and talk about female submission and reek of female pornsickess to the point that it becomes nauseating like look since brain is maturing and I'm becoming an adult I realize how burdening and harmful all of it was and still is since it's most if the content we find online as women since our early teens just submission and submission and being a blowjob giving pig(her fucking playboy page is about it plss what a sado maso pig) and women are jealous and jealous of me bragging about this weird hierarchy and how other women are lower than them because they aren't pretty young masochistic or men dont pick them,
men and men and men and men and men and men the main fucking topic, men are god men are god, coquette Lana del rey daddy shit over and over again all over social media. I never knew I'm gonna say shit like this but I'm praying for her downfall what a distressing bitch(Here's some punctuation for your unhinged blog: ,,,....!!??)

No. 1855315

Someone post a good quality picture of her side profile because it completely exposes if someone has lip fillers or not through the upper lip sticking out and looking like a bump besides that I might remember seeing her side profile on a live stream once long time ago and her lips sticked out soooo much I was shocked she looked like pig or blow up doll 100% lip fillers case closed it's getting boring because humans never looked like that naturally even black people lol? Their lips don't stick out

No. 1855348

She has lip fillers you can see the puncture site half the time. Not to mention most old fags remember her photoshopping her baby photos to have bigger lips back in the day

No. 1855564

File: 1688071167733.jpeg (209.61 KB, 1242x1804, FCEB71CE-8760-4469-A2DA-37690C…)

Dasha (if that is her real name) is really looking rougher by the day

Guess pickmes age like milk

No. 1855609

kek that's why they try and lock some scrote down before 25, but still stay posting for more male attention which is very traditional obviously

No. 1855611

kek that's why they try and lock some scrote down before 25, but still stay posting for more male attention which is very traditional obviously

No. 1856092

File: 1688155872291.jpeg (87.25 KB, 1170x798, IMG_8870.jpeg)

me when i'm delusional and lie like a rug

No. 1856119

if this really happened (obviously not but lol) it’s bc she dress like a kid, trying to look younger, not because she looks underage lmao it’s very evidently she’s over 23. plus ain’t she 5’7? who she tryna fool

No. 1856157

Reality about aging is going to run her into the ground. It will be her downfall, which is pathetic as sin. This 100% did not happen and is only to pander to coomer men. DMV workers do not give a single fuck about someone's age. Do you know how many teenagers they get a day? No older woman would giggle at, let alone grab other women to join in, at a fully grown woman just because she got her age wrong by a couple years. If anyone were to laugh at her, it's because she's a taller very clearly adult woman attempting to dress like a sexualized toddler.

No. 1856161

I love when cow's share their fantasy scenarios because it shows how they get zero human interaction. DMV employees handle your legal government information… they're not questioning anyone's age.

No. 1856224

Kek so true. i cant imagine a group of women less likely to fawn over how young someone looks (by yeah what, a handful of years?) than the type of women who have worked at every DMV i have ever gone to. They’re not whimsical ladies, very business oriented, and they literally see your legal age on all your documents.

No. 1856374

She sounds autistic and it makes her relationship seem even worse like holy shit a 40yo man taking an underage kid that's obviously neurodivergent and pornsick and turning her into his private pornstar for YEARS. I hate this society for making those young cunts think they are mature just because they can suck dick, making them so confident in their non existent maturity

No. 1856464

This was my exact immediate thought kek. Does she think the DMV works like a liquor store where they card people if they look young? The DMV won’t question any legal paperwork that has been handed to them and already verified by the government. Not to mention they’re used to 14-16 year olds applying for permits. Lying through her teeth again, pathetic.

No. 1856465

File: 1688215596009.jpeg (266.45 KB, 1170x1518, IMG_4792.jpeg)

No. 1856466

File: 1688215630536.jpeg (149.58 KB, 1170x1040, IMG_4801.jpeg)

No. 1856944

The uptick in born-again virginity shit is hilarious. You can't erase being a literal prostitute from your life.

No. 1857423

Hey ummm did you fat ugly cunts know that people can change? It's almost as if people can find God and repent for their past actions. You have no right to fucking shame people for their pasts when they're working on themselves. Fucking cunts 💗🌻

No. 1857424

No. 1857425

Oh and thanks for screenshotting one of my blog posts. You're only gonna give me more followers. Have fun dying alone and unloved 💗💗💗

No. 1857428

Yeah I know you're probably fat. That's why you feel the need to attack Alida for no reason because she's prettier than your ugly pimply ass could ever be. And if you're trying to call ME fat then ummm, no. I weigh 98 pounds and I can fit into kids clothes

No. 1857430

No. 1857433

I genuinely can't believe how full of hate you people are. Does it make you feel good to pick apart random girls on the internet just because they have God in their lives and have right leaning views? Because they're pretty? Because they're lighthearted and arnet cynical and hateful all the time? Did you cunts know that some people have KILLED THEMSELVES because ofnwebsites like this? How would you feel if a bunch of people stalked YOUR every move and said nasty hateful things about YOUR appearance or attacked YOUR religious beliefs? Huh? It wouldn't be so fucking funny I guess. One day one of the girls in this thread will end up killing herself and it will be all your fucking faults. Have fun living with that for the rest of your miserable lives

No. 1857435

And by the way, whoever posted that screenshot of my blog, I hope it makes you fucking happy that I'm getting endless hate anons attacking my lifestyle, calling my fiancé a groomer, calling me a fetishist and making fun of my mental health. Wow let's make fun of an innocent little girl who did absolutely nothing but talk about her life and her relationship how fucking cool and edgy

No. 1857436

"little girl" kek.

No. 1857437

And I know you fucking fat ugly dykes are just jealous because I have a much more loving and fulfilling relationship than you bitches are even capable of finding. My fiancé loves me and nourishes me and appreciates all I do for him and he's treated me better than any other man. I'm happy and loved, you people are gonna die alone in your parents basement(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1857440

Ma’am so many anons here have lives and don’t pretend to be a baby because they’re unable to cope with growing up. The bar isn’t that high.(took the bait)

No. 1857441

Oh my goodness! You have to be trolling, no? Maybe it would come as a surprise to you that many of the girls commenting here are close to your age if not younger (oh dear!) and yet wiser. You are free to be happy and do as you please…I can guarantee you a block function exists on whatever platform you choose. Also the ability to private your accounts? Nobody deserves to be harassed or stalked but this website exists as commentary over what is posted online. With that being said if you were so happy I wonder why you’d post here and make fun of other girls? Is appearance and a man the only important thing to you? You aren’t a little girl anymore I hate to break it to you, so its best to ignore these things and go on living with your pedophile boyfriend. Anyone is free to change and get better but Alida is manipulative and a pedophile, she has put it out there for the world to judge and see. God would not accept a woman who sold her holes and puts other girls down. Do you know how many little girls get abused and raped? Do you feel good knowing you girlies pretend to be little to cater to those same men that fantasize about raping a child? Its sad that pretending to be a baby is what gets you off.(took the bait)

No. 1857444

Don't engage with bait. Report and move on.

No. 1857481

File: 1688394666509.jpg (178.1 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20230703-153018_Chr…)

right wing twitter's bike at it again

No. 1857482

File: 1688394690457.jpg (509.82 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20230703-153057_Chr…)

what she was replying to

No. 1857950

I wonder if she just gets jealous that every guy who messages her ends up in a relationship where they actually like someone insteading of choosing her. This isn't the first time she alluded to a guys in a relationship messaging her. Why would you post it on Twitter for attention instead of just messaging the girlfriend quietly? She makes it so obvious that she's an enthusiastic participant in these affairs by avoiding the gf herself

No. 1858411

Thanks a lot you fucking cunts. thanks a FUCKING lot. My ask box is filled with death threats and rape threats because of you fucking ugly cunts. Do you know what it's like to wake up to HUNDREDS OF MESSAGES telling you to fucking kill yourself and people threatening to kill your future children too? Do you know how that fucking feels? I showed my fiancé this thread by the way and he is NOT HAPPY. Consider this the last night you can post here because you're going the fuck down(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1858412

And to whoever just told me that my fiancé is cheating on me, you fucking wish bitch. Sorry but he is against cheating and fat ugly cunts aren't his type

No. 1858418

Bait ^

No. 1858420

Nope. Not bait. Ever since my blog got screenshotted on here I've been getting insane amounts of anon hate and I know exactly where it's coming from.

No. 1858427

>blog created 8 days ago
>not bait!!!!!
Summer couldn’t end sooner

No. 1858430

Good you deserve it

No. 1858431

Oh so just because my blog is new. Wow that makes perfect fucking sense. I bet you're gonna die alone in your parents basement eating nothing but mcdonalds every day because no man will ever love you.

No. 1858435

if you're gonna sperg out at least sage the idiocy. putting yourself out on the internet will garner hate in some form regardless, you wanna talk about dying in basements but you're on a forum crying about meanie weenies anonymously shit talking on your blog lol

No. 1858440

I didn't ask to be posted to this thread so I don't see why I need to follow your rules. Anyway, I just disabled anon. I know most of my anon stalkers are coming from here. And by the way? I have all of your IP addresses. I'll be praying for y'all(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1858443

Who is blogchan? Like what blog is she even talking about idk how "all the hate is coming from here" when I can't even identify who this anon is or what/where her blog was posted here. It usually is her scrote or bestie or whatever sending 98% of the hate, you'd be surprised at the insanity of individuals versus the illusion of a crowd. Ergo, nobody here gives a shit and you should look at your scrote/bestie/whoever. If the blog is tumblr you can't send asks unless you're a tumblr user which cuts out a lot of people. But from my observations "hate" usually comes from one or two people and sockpuppet/anon/whatever pretending to be more. Unless you go viral on Twitter or Tiktok you will not ever get hundreds of people hating on you.

No. 1858448

That's exactly what I was about to say. I have no clue who this person is? The only thing I can find is this >>1854567
and it doesn't even say who that is or where it's from?? So weird.

No. 1858452

I’m not giving the URL because no one gives a fuck and this moid clearly wants attention but >>1854567 was created 8 days ago and has been generally antagonizing tumblr at large by reblogging popular posts with GC, pro-life, anti-feminist comments. Maximum amount of effort to outrage-farm by spending 18 hours a day on tumblr for the past 8 days. Much trad.

No. 1858463

It's just bait. They're not even getting hate we're on a little known imageboard for women, on a borderline irrelevant thread filled with cows. I don't even know who they're larping as but it's obvious they're just desperate for attention.

No. 1858466

yea, i looked through her tumblr a bit and she's made a few posts, like some anti abortion post, that caught the attention of a lot of radfem blogs. Thats probably where all the anons are coming from, not here. She's causing her own problems but also trying to bait here for more kek

No. 1858509

File: 1688547290847.jpg (216.07 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_2023-07-05-10-53-39…)

No. 1858515

A bit late on the stooping part.

No. 1858516

File: 1688548675491.jpg (572.54 KB, 1080x3904, his-most-precious-angel.jpg)

Pretty sure the anon is her

No. 1858524

guys watch out here comes her fiancé!!

>username his-most-precious-angel
Looks like the calls are coming from inside the house on this one.
why are rw larper women like this? It's so obvious that she's doing this so she can cry to rw scrotes about how ebil feminists are trying to dunk on her for being an uwu trad kek this is incredibly embarrassing classic BPD behaviour trying to get scrotes to coddle her

No. 1858561

God wants every good christian girl to be online on a Tuesday night shrieking about fat ugly cunts ruining their sparklebuzz

No. 1858605

The way she talks about God is so fucking weird like as if he’s the ultimate ~daddy~ to her or something. She’s a headcase kek

No. 1858884

File: 1688592138321.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1407, 98F054F1-85CE-45E5-92E5-43A7AB…)

She was gifted a Porsche apparently (lies) >>1835321
Mexicans are way more attractive. Whitetrash through and through

No. 1858885

Let people enjoy things. You sound bitter for no reason. Lana has some retarded fans but her music is good. And she’s beautiful.

No. 1859054

Alida should have her own thread this one isn’t even milky anymore. Dasha is just annoying. Alida is the one who keeps spiraling downwards and not growing tf up.

No. 1859187

File: 1688642158365.png (816.23 KB, 1080x4250, coquette1.png)

No. 1859188

File: 1688642205010.jpg (155.58 KB, 1080x1141, coquette2.jpg)

No. 1859189

File: 1688642236678.jpg (110.63 KB, 1080x682, coquette3.jpg)

No. 1859196

Is this person even milky? I feel weird giving attention to someone who came here baiting and begging for it.

No. 1859201

This is the funniest shit I’ve ever read. Equating patterns of outfits to Christian faith I can’t lmao

No. 1859217

No. It’s just some moid troll looking for attention and getting it.

No. 1859253

If you really don't think this was a self post (and they're continuing to self post), I've got a bridge to sell you. Just report and ignore the bait.

No. 1859304

The entirety of her spiritual awakening was centred around her wardrobe palette

No. 1859860

File: 1688761716858.jpeg (369.86 KB, 1051x1002, EF0A68B1-9E6E-4E8B-9171-68F0A2…)

It’s a man just looking for attention, many such cases.

No. 1859871

twitter/tiktok refugee spotted

No. 1859885

File: 1688767219637.jpeg (194.07 KB, 1080x2400, 7V7B9iJ.jpeg)

Why is she so obsessed with becoming the next Alida Simone?

No. 1859897

>body that will always look youthful and delicate
Kek someone needs to send these freaks to a camp to be educated on actual human aging. It’s genuinely scary to me how many younger people consider 25+ to be over the hill. Society was a mistake.

No. 1859930

>a big heart full of love
We really need to just start being blunt with BPD girls I can't take this anymore. The most jealous prett venomous people alive but they larp as angels

No. 1859935

This thread became cancer

No. 1859942

File: 1688774924849.jpeg (422.76 KB, 1125x1751, IMG_7447.jpeg)

found in “her” likes, so much for being christlike and pure

No. 1859945

File: 1688775319428.jpeg (985.38 KB, 1125x2037, IMG_7449.jpeg)

saged for part 2 >>1859942

No. 1859979

File: 1688778616953.png (329.88 KB, 1080x1051, niyd8wz.png)

No. 1859980

Obvious moid is obvious. Can we please just stop talking about this self-posting literal wanker?

No. 1859981

File: 1688778886720.jpg (246.76 KB, 1080x2026, verychristian.jpg)

This is 100% something a christian girl uwu would like, sure. I don't know if that's a larping moid or really a brainrotten woman suffering from terminal moid-pleasing disease.

No. 1859983

File: 1688778993056.png (98.68 KB, 1080x500, DPUBKJD.png)

Ok last post. He said he's calling the cops kek

No. 1860019

that coomer moid pretending to be a tradwife is obviously selfposting here and baiting farmers on that blog looking for attention, stop giving him what he wants

No. 1860067

Her early music is a product of its time. No one was doing that bimbo new americana trailer trash lolita thing at the time, at least within the realm of popular music.
Her music has matured a lot since then and her music now is a billion times better than the born to die stuff.
There’s no reason to hate on her for having the most insufferable and embarrassing fanbases ever. That’s completely out of her control.

No. 1860101

This person is one of those volatile Alida followers I mentioned earlier - one who creepily mimics her every move. These are the types she seriously needs to be careful of. It feels like right now, they are trying to get her attention by doing this. Psychopathic vibes, gives me the chills. Their 'blog' is so vile too. But Alida continues to cradle these types of weird people. It wouldn't surprise me if this person is in her messages right now, saying how they've been targeted on here too, just like Alida.

No. 1860215

Her music is trash stop coping lol.

No. 1860220

The fact her liking trump makes a "nazi" is laughable. She is actually just a beautiful girl and Im sure everyone typing on this thread is fat with no life and would KILL to look like her.

No. 1860221

you ladies and incels on this thread truly need to get your own lives

No. 1860223

You terminally online people just mean and sad how you desperately are trying to find the worst angle possible of her and say "this is how she actually looks" Even the hottest girl alive will look bad at certain angles.(thank u for ur wisdom)

No. 1860224

Her tits and shoulders are HUGE. How could she ever think in any world anyone would believe her waist could be that tiny?

No. 1860226

Her face is beautiful but almost looks trans without all the filters because of all the work she's had done. Makes me scared to do anything to my face!(Seething coquette calling us incels and enjoying talking shit about Chloe in the same breath)

No. 1860229

Anyone have anymore unphotoshopped photos of ch111oe or chloewastak3n I want to see how she actually looks so bad

No. 1860568

What’s her name? Saw her on tumblr and knew something was off(unsaged spoonfeeding request)

No. 1860771

You're right, even if a coquette is seething at you for saying that.

No. 1860818

Coquettes are so easily detectable on this site aren't they, all you need to do is tell Lana Del Rey is cringe and wait.
>There’s no reason to hate on her for having the most insufferable and embarrassing fanbases ever
All the mentality of coquettes was adopted from LDR's cherry trailer trash daddy bullshit, so if you mock them, you mock Lana Del Rey. It's not "stupid coquettes" that "ruined" Lana Del Rey, she always sucked. For the very same reasons as coquettes do.

No. 1861955

File: 1689041470903.jpeg (83.41 KB, 1080x601, M4vRklm.jpeg)

No. 1863404

Holy fuck, kek. imeverywoman420 is in her orbit? When cows collide

No. 1863951

Yeah I know you think it's cool to make fun of my love life but guess what? I've moved on from him and I am focusing on my healing journey. I'm only allowing love and light into my life and not demonic influences like him. Y'all should try it too(emoji)

No. 1863990

Imeverywoman420 is a legend she's just terminally online and hypersexual. Nothing to be ashamed of

No. 1863995

She's also an idiot. I am not sure how anyone can stand her.

No. 1868482

She is but she's endearing and still very young and has real potential if she just gets out of her room and socialises with normies a bit.

No. 1870494

Lovesickbrat and her friends have been leading a smear campaign against this girl in the tumblr coquette community. She decided to accuse this girl of being a racist for no reason other than she was jealous and then she and her nasty friends all harassed this poor girl until she deactivated. She's nuts(learn2integrate)

No. 1870537

Ive always had a feeling lovesickgirl is one of the biggest idiots in this "community", well definitely the most immature one, but my brother in christ bring in some caps

No. 1870554

Imeverywoman420 was fucking with a married man and called his wife boring, she's one of the most retarded pickme bitches on tumblr. She's too average looking for that embarrassing behavior, pathetic.

No. 1870906

she thinks she is empowered for letting men pump and dump her

No. 1873085

File: 1690716648334.png (1.53 MB, 888x1376, coquette paul dano.png)

Kek saw this on coquette tumblr and came here to post cause it gives same vibes as coquette Mads Mikkelsen smoking a cigarette. sorry danofags, guess coquettes have claimed him as well

No. 1873276

I specifically remember that girl actually being pretty racist on her blog. Not sure if it was a jealousy thing as she never showed her face.

No. 1876728

File: 1691265288812.jpeg (845.31 KB, 750x1056, IMG_1135.jpeg)

I know I am replying 2 months late but I was sifting through the following of a moid I used to know when I noticed he followed this woman that looks like the type of shit that would appeal to 4chan men with her disturbingly weird facial expressions. She willingly decided to recreate her own photo of herself as a child.

Sage because she doesn’t really fit the thread’s description of dressing coquettish (and I don’t know how milky she is) but she still fits for the pedopandery faces she makes.

No. 1876736

File: 1691266181011.png (1.29 MB, 1011x1012, 280E39B5-F3F7-4F26-A9B0-A54618…)

Obvious selfpost is obvious. You look like a monkey and pulling weird faces won’t hide your jutting ape mouth and maxillary excess.(hi cow; bizarre bait)

No. 1876749

ntayrt but i highly doubt this a selfpost. she's a popular tiktok ethot that caught a lot of flack for her pedopandering in the past. as far as i remember, she had a boyfriend who sexually harassed underaged girls.

No. 1876837

are you retarded that’s hannah kae. popular for going from a baddie tiktoker to a pedo baiter

No. 1876937

Do you have proof of this? I’ve been following her for like two years and I’ve never seen any of that

No. 1877043

Nta but in a thread where multiple people have self posted because the focus of the thread is women who thrive on "oh no, the radfem website is angry at me, help me rw moids! I need someone to tell me they're all fat ugly feminists so I can feel better than other women", you don't think this non-coquette in the coquette thread is a self post? I'm a retard an even I knew straight away this mfer was self posting for attention kek

No. 1877152

It just reads as some newfag posting some ethot she hates/wants to talk about despite not finding the right thread. It could be a selfpost but it's less likely given her large following.

No. 1882521

File: 1692161060299.jpeg (205.94 KB, 1125x1118, IMG_2547.jpeg)

Sage as this is old, stale milk (it’s from 5 months ago) but I need to sperg. I’m so over these dumb broads using Lolita aesthetics and imagery related to exploitation of young girls and sexualizing it while pretending it’s sooo intelectually provocative. This cunt obviously named her mid attempt at hyperpop after one of the most horrific cases of trafficking in this decade (but she’s a Red Scare-adjacent meme page owner so crawling on the floor and pretending to be 14 for a moid is normal for her ig). And these women are closer to 30 than 12, neither Humbert Humbert or Epstein would like to fuck you so stop embarassing yourself.

No. 1883189

what is this Ayesha Erotica shit, this unintentionally looks like 1999-2001 euro dance CD single cover kek

No. 1884587

File: 1692486331774.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x2045, IMG_7590.jpeg)

No. 1885283

Aging like milk(learn to sage)

No. 1885332

Will never understand why women put a target on their backs driving a car like that is such a liability it’s telling everyone who sees it that a woman drives it and makes you much more likely to get broken into or for criminals to lurk until the female owner gets back.(still hasn't learned to sage after countless sage bans)

No. 1885421

Yooo, the pillow face is finally here. Not even saying this because I dislike her she just looks effing botched… and what’s up with those crows feet? Oh well

No. 1885467

Honestly I would assume a fat weeb male owned that vehicle

No. 1885493

She looks stoned. Her eyes look like pissholes in the snow.

No. 1885535

>assuming any attractive woman would sleep with a marriage man and mock his wife
Delulu. She probably was jealous of the wife.
I dislike this type of burnt blonde hair so much and I'll never understand why all coquettes go for this look.

No. 1885580

There was a girl who made a really funny asmr video a few months back that was parodying bitchy pickme cockettes but the uploader privated it :( sad because it was hilarious and also quite nice to listen to.(:()

No. 1885592

>I dislike this type of burnt blonde hair so much
Same! I never understood it either.
She could have her own natural hair, all the way down her back, full and healthy, without the need for extensions. But she wants to have blonde hair. As she gets older, her hair is going to revolt even moreso and it will start breaking off even more and falling out. It is her life and her hair, so she can do whatever she wants with it. But in my opinion, she's killing her hair and her natural hair would be far more beautiful. She doesn't need to be blonde to be special.

No. 1885631

She looks prettier as a brunette anyway, at least her old pics with darker hair it looks that way to me

No. 1885642

Agree. I don’t get the “speshul appeal” of bleach blonde hair when a) it doesn’t suit a lot of people and b) natural hair color often looks much better. It makes me think of Lindsay Lohan back in the day when she was bleaching super crazy even though her natural color is one of the most gorgeous shades of red I’ve ever seen and it suited her best.

No. 1885647

I'm so annoyed at myself for not screenshotting Alida trying to get noticed by Elon Musk on Twitter. Now she deleted it. But she was asking him for money lmfao
NoToiCe ME ElOn IM SpEcIaL
What's the point in blonde hair when it's all fried, yellow and crusty.
Color is not what makes hair beautiful. Its health, shine and thickness etc.
Funny you mentioned Linday Lohan because I was thinking of Nicole Kidman who did the same thing.
Alida will never be able to have the long hair of her dreams, without extensions, unless she ditches all that nasty bleach.

No. 1885675

Yeah you’re right re the health and thickness being big factors in natural hair being more flattering. There are some people who pull of platinum and care for it well but most people who do it don’t have the money/dedication to keep it in optimum health. Nicole Kidman! Yes! U get me lmao

No. 1885711

File: 1692629313858.png (11.52 KB, 589x90, tard1.png)

This would never happen because she wouldn't be able to control the camera angles and filters.
Also, is everybody excited for her new track? /s
Bets are on that she changes her voice in an attempt to sound like a loli on it.

No. 1885739

File: 1692633463369.png (92.68 KB, 588x370, tard2.png)

Guys she doesn't infantilize herself.
Side note: she was taking shots at people with tattoos the other day but deleted that too.

No. 1885745

File: 1692634073468.png (568.25 KB, 506x816, tard3.png)

Another side note: She was also being snide at women who do OnlyFans and the like, yet her Playboy account is still up and running? Why wouldn't she shut that down? Guess it's different when she does it…

No. 1885795

Not to be like anachan (ortho-chan? I’m a fitness nutcase ok) but ULTRAkek at her body in this pic. She looks so haggard in the face, her hair is beyond fried and so brassy through the mid section to the ends, and her shape is…shapeless. She has no muscle tone at all but she’s not thin either so she looks dumb as fuck in her little “coquette uwu baby” gear. You love to see it.(not your personal blog)

No. 1885812

File: 1692641160889.jpg (218.3 KB, 635x636, capture-20230822-034548.jpg)

If she didn't show photos of herself as a child, I would have literally thought she was trans. She also has really masculine shoulders.
She's a giganta with big hands and a boxy build, so when she attempts to dress like a "baby girl", it's so bizarre.

No. 1885826

Oof. Is there any more tragic build than having a waist that’s wider than your hips?

No. 1885831

Oh jeez lmao that ratio. I don’t like calling natal women “tranny looking” but…yeah…she has the kind of build that looks best slim/athletic, emphasis on the athletic, but I know it’s not uwu baby Lolita wannabe to work out and have ugly gross MUSCLES kek (never mind that working out doesn’t generally give you huge bulky man beef). She’s in for a rude awakening around 25-26 if she doesn’t get a health/fitness routine. She needs to start doing ab routines at the very least to manage that area.

No. 1885841

genuinely looks like oli london. i can't help but feel bad for her

No. 1885858

It's always women shaped like this who larp as children and I'll never understand the correlation

No. 1885892

tmi but i was shaped similar to this (narrow hips) until i started taking birth control for my endometriosis in my 20s. i assume its something hormonal for her too because holy fuck that's unfortunate for a cis woman.

No. 1885961

She’s insecure in her femininity because she’s built like a bag of sand and has the brain of an angry facebook boomer redneck. The whole uwu baby nymphet thing is compensation for how rough she looks and how unfeminine she really is.

Coquettes are similar to trannies in how they fetishize femininity + fragility to a parodial degree, both sides do it because they feel like they have to prove something to everyone who’s looking at them.

No. 1886117

Oli London, she really does! Now I can't unsee it!

No. 1886124

Yeah that's exactly why I would have legit thought she was trans. The way she looks, her body shape and also the way she behaves. Especially how she fetishizes femininity. She's so overdone with dressing up too that it comes across as a bit Drag. Her hair always looks like a wig, big fake eyelashes, always over-the-top. The over exaggeration of being a female, it is like a cross-dresser performance.

No. 1886177

Well there's definitely something terrifying about tall ass woman (? she must definitely be at least a good couple cm above 170) with kinda wide build (not fat, just idk, spacy - not frail waif~) and face that reflects aging prematurely, but who dresses like a child and thinks she's such a young dolly uwu. Idk it's like dressing a giant in toddler clothes. But it's not just the dress, it's her whole behaviour. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane tier except much more uncanny.

No. 1886184

Alida has a barrel body and man boobs.
Her pillow face is getting worse too.(non-contribution nitpick)

No. 1886278

Idk if I would say it’s full on barrel but her face is ULTRA pillow. It reminds me of Piper CJ who also pretended to be a lot younger to do OF under her real name like a retard, and has one of the pillowiest filler faces since Lana Del Rey kek

No. 1886280

File: 1692709529496.jpg (114.98 KB, 736x724, 69483c9e3910a9f1b6bf567634ce87…)

Stinks of coquettes vendettaposting in here today. Anyway, I keep seeing shit like this pop up in the film faggot side Pinterest. I'm kind of impressed by how they've managed to build a whole sense of self around consuming media but still manage to not be nearly as interesting as any of the characters in these films

No. 1886284

File: 1692709918704.jpg (68.74 KB, 736x736, 595562e653bf955f11722e9601d00d…)

>uwu men like the guy from Taxi Driver
It really does come off as so tryhard. The funny thing is that girls like this have been thriving on Kiwifarms for years, I have no idea why coguettey femcel types don't aim for kiwiscrotes instead of dysgenic /pol/cels

No. 1886357

I often wonder what coquettes were like during school. Were they the outcasts, loners or were they popular? There were none at my school, and nobody that I know of turned into a coquette.

No. 1886363

Soft blog but I was best friends with a total coquette or whatever the 2000s equivalent was. (Am sorta an oldfag, we were in HS from ‘06-‘10). She was really really beautiful in my opinion, was short and petite but had a pretty serious eating disorder, both bulimia and anorexia, and she was obsessed with Lolita’s measurements in the book. She constantly wore the sort of outfits that would emphasize her waifishness and looked like doll/baby uwu shit, constantly infantilized herself. She was also a scene kid for a bit and was a pretty talented artist so she hung out with the arty kids, but she constantly was getting involved with the grossest most hideous older losers. Like guys in their early twenties when she was 16-17, idk if she went older when she got older bc we stopped being friends. Last I saw, she’d gotten fat as fuck and super haggard, looks a lot like Laura in the proana cow thread.

No. 1886440

My tinfoil: The older coquettes were probably same bland but probably popular in school, well adapted chicks/trendchasers who did the whole "indie hipster glasses-i-dont-even-need & starbucks as my sole identity" thing in 2011, then the same girls dressed in Nirvana smiley face/alien print shirts and grid tennis skirts from American Apparel/F21/Dollskill in 2014. IF they were old enough AND skinny. If they're socially adapted, they move on and abandoned tumblr long ago, if they never moved on they probably found coquettes through EDtwt or something.
Now, the younger coquettes obviously were too young to remember this (some of them were literally 7 year olds in 2013) so they glamorize that whole tumblr past. A lot of them are fat but larp as anachans. Either way, none of them were true outcasts imo, just bland, boring girls without personalities who just look up to others and can just copy-paste whatever they think is "cool" and daydreaming about becoming these cool people is all they have. They must be widely insecure and dysfunctional in some way. There are outsiders/ weird/bullied people who usually grow up some personality, are creative, inventive, original in certain ways and they don't follow trends to be accepted. And then there is this BPD/BPDwannabe flavour of outcasts without a shred of personality who just scroll through pinterest boards wishing to be someone else, to get that desired like from select few skinnier tumblrinas with bigger following.

No. 1886470

Whelp, I can answer that. I was a coquette back in the days of the Tumblr teacher crush community (definitely not the TCC most people remember from those days lol) and to be honest it's just something you age out of. I was 14 to 16 just like every other girl in the same phase as me, and just like me people developed different interests or just stopped caring because we were too focused on graduation exams to have time for nlogging. It was mostly just having an ED (remember this was also the pro ana tumblr years) and crying online about how we would never get our teacher crush to fall in love with us no matter how many Mary Jane shoes or winged eyeliner we wore kek

No. 1886768

>14 to 16
The creepiest thing in this all is the difference of attitudes of 14-15 year olds and say, 17-20+ croquettes in all this. "Older" coquettes like to pretend it's hugely ironic, self deprecating, consciously sarcastic "we know we're carbon copy girlbloggers we're all the same here, we know we cringe but still" (whilst also 100% believing in this shit, thirsting for validation and praying to become coquette ideal). They're dumb af but it only makes you laugh, not feeling pity.

Meanwhile, majority of these blogs made by 12-15 yo girls are seriously depressing. I found one written in by someone from my country, and seeing mixing all those coquette female manipulator terms into my native language was aeven more of a trippy and weird experience tbh. These girls 100% believe in this shit. The tone difference is incredible. They're naive, insecure girls who wonder how to starve themselves without parents watching, dreaming about being female manipulator, bimbo, whatever the fuck it's life aspiration to them. Obviously, it's nothing new - same shit happened to teens in 2012 proana tumblr days, so its just next spin of same circle. It's just this difference that's jarring. I can see coquette becoming something that even younger teens strive to be. I couldn't see it in 2019/2020 when it was a bit more niche, but i can now.

You know what's the difference between this and nymphets, Lolita larpers and teacher crush fads? They all burned out pretty quickly. all these people quickly grew out of their nymphet phases. Whereas with coquette, i feel it's only streching out and it never ends. They're same idiots stuck in the same shit, watching same movies over and over and posting same whisper memes. this will be 2025 and coquettes will be still "thriving" (kek)

No. 1886777

I graduated last year and the only place I ever see any coquettes is online. I don't think it's caught on in my country yet, or it could just be that it wasn't a thing in my small town and I need to get out more. Most in my class were into Pinterest, not Tumblr so much. I saw the trailer to Lolita a few years back and I just remember being grossed out by the old guy. I think a lot of us would have wanted to puke just thinking of flirting with any of our old man teachers.
But also, uniforms are mandatory here (and so strict the skirts had to cover the knees) so there wasn't much room for self expression. I guess balletcore was kind of a thing though.
So now I'm wondering, which countries have more coquettes.

No. 1886807

It's a virtual fashion only. Only present in these girl's heads, and on their pinterest boards. I don't go anywhere near TikTok, but i'm sure there are zoomers flailing around in meticulously styled Shein coquette outfits, so they are the ones actually owning some coquette bullshit irl. Country wise, coquettes like to think that Slavic countries are overfilled to the brim with ~etheral blonde bimbo fairies running around in russian hats and rolling around in snow next to their forest fairy lake wooden cabin full of AK47~. Slavfag here and nobody walks around like that, nobody knows what is "coquette" either. French people are laughing hard at their "dreamy french ballerina" delusions as well. So my bet is America. And only America.
Maybe britbongs. seen some German coquettes as well

No. 1886812

Yea, most I've seen online seem to be American.

No. 1886815

>forest fairy lake wooden cabin full of AK47

No. 1886817

File: 1692788984683.jpg (25.24 KB, 588x115, 202913.jpg)


No. 1886946

Ayrt I think the big difference between coquettes now and lanafag ~nymphettes~ back in the day is that for myself and other girls at the time it was nothing deeper than a phase. It was something we did before 16 like goth or swag, and then just realised we were retarded and stopped. These days they're all fucking 20+ for some reason and making it so serious, wasting their college years larping as an anorexic deer with 0 self awareness. Weirdly enough back in the lanafag days nobody was even nearly as pedopandery as they are now. I have no idea why that's so much worse these days

No. 1886950

Nta but good point, I'm a slav too and I've never seen coquettes here. Most women dress normal and some in bolder or edgier styles. I don't see much "uwu fairy" larp.

No. 1887337

Alida would carve her own face in the side of a mountain if she could. Or erect the world's largest statue of herself for people to worship.

No. 1888379

File: 1693006769235.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1683, IMG_8302.jpeg)

tbh it’s hilarious how alida is antivax but also fine with getting injected with criminal amounts of lip filler

No. 1888606

File: 1693045555703.jpg (64.92 KB, 240x370, 01.jpg)

I have noticed that too. Her lips are…. different and botched. It seems really obvious now that she has lied this whole time about not getting them done. I have seen comments on Instagram of people who went to school with her and even they say her lips never looked like that back in school. They have changed a few times now. Why lie though? I can't help but feel there is something different about her face overall too and I can't work out what it is exactly.
She lies so much about a lot of things.

No. 1888640

Her eyes look soulless and dead inside.
So she's living back with her "Daddy" now and must have had a falling out like predicted with the last people she was with.

No. 1888649

File: 1693052997206.jpg (29.5 KB, 461x177, 222914.jpg)

midlife crisis man
onions meant to be around 43 but he's always trying to play off that he's still 18 or something

No. 1888655

File: 1693054186681.webm (1.12 MB, 656x860, ew.webm)

This is a clip from an old video (soon after they first dated) and IT GROSSES ME OUT SO MUCH. The way he's ogling at her, his creepy voice. She was 17 when he first saw her and wanted her.

No. 1889097

File: 1693131683048.png (1.38 MB, 806x1364, coquette fantasies.png)

Why oh why is tumblr throwing this shit at me
Dying at all the idiots in the reblogs going #so true #mother has spoken #yes that's so deep

No. 1889124

ew that's sick on so many levels…

No. 1889235

File: 1693166007646.webm (797.58 KB, 504x572, 01.webm)

She was asking how much we weigh, when she looks like she has a big beer gut. Her friend really did her dirty putting this one up.

No. 1889627

EWWW what the fuck? rion is definitely going to cheat on her soon now that shes porking up and aging. also unrelated but she just posted about seeing lana in tampa. ill be there too so if i see her ill make sure to take photos of how she really looks LOL

No. 1889688

he already cheated on her when she was in LA lmao

No. 1889691

File: 1693247271892.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1149, 1693148679369.jpeg)

LDR vibes

No. 1889705

I really don’t wanna be nitpicky but those under eye areas?? Good god, she’s too young for her under eyes to look that rekt. She has nice clear skin but those eye bags are gonna be Shayna tier in another year or two if she doesn’t do something kek

No. 1889724

Is she fucking pregnant?

No. 1889730

I thought she looked kind of like she had a bump too…I really hope not for the sake of any child sadkek

No. 1889813

This! Whyyy is she back with him again, after that big rant that she posted.
Looks like she's already having problems with concealer creasing into lines beneath her eyes. That's not usually an issue until over 40 or around that age. Which is funny considering she made fun of older women with their wrinkles and all.
This made me laugh so hard. She's going with Brooklyn I believe.
I wonder if she ever gets jealous of Brooklyn. She has natural long blonde hair that Alida desires so bad, is talented and prettier. Not that it all comes down to looks, but I do wonder if she ever feels threatened by her. She is also growing in popularity. She has the potential to steal the limelight from Alida.

No. 1889934

Brooklyn definitely outshines Alida. She's not going to like that for long.
She's going to be showing off so hard when she sees Lana. She always goes on about how Lana went to her first the last time she saw her, because she's the ~prettiest, cutest~ and how this pissed off all the other girls around her. If Lana ever gives more attention to Brooklyn (esp with her music career), and if Alida's not front and center anymore, she's going to get so jealous.

No. 1889939

Not to mention she's already copying Brooklyn, claiming that she's going to be releasing music as well. Doing that whole cringy thing where she copies whoever she is hanging with again. I'm guessing Brooklyn has had a musical background, Alida hasn't. Suddenly claiming she's going to be a singer too, jumping into someone else's career and dream is so weird. Brooklyn will let her, because she adores her and seems to have always looked up to her. But over time, if Alida starts taking over or turns on her, I don't know how much she'll put up with. Plus it's risky for Brooklyn to do this at this stage of her career. Alida has a lot of followers, yes, but she's also got a lot of people who can see through her controversial bullshit. With Brooklyn being this close to Alida, it will either gain her popularity or turn people off of her. Releasing music with her, is a risky move imo. But we'll see. It's juicy tea for us all the same.

No. 1889946

Should we make a separate Alida thread? Idk if she's milky enough though.

No. 1889994

I vote yes, she's always been milky

No. 1890022

Eh, she's not as consistently milky as other cows, so people would just bump thread once in 2 months with some low tier irrelevant shit tbh. At the same time, Alida is the most milky cow of THIS thread, so coquette thread will be dead if you separate her.

No. 1890365

File: 1693349021484.jpeg (282.75 KB, 1125x2000, 7597E003-756B-46A0-8FF8-21DC56…)

someone is lurking kek

No. 1890372

>”I’m tall”
Press x to doubt, what is she like 5’7, 5’8? I guess for someone who larps as a child that is tall kek

No. 1890374

I thought she looked pregnant, too. Weird because she just got back together with her old bf so who's baby is it?

No. 1890396

the comment didnt even say anything about her being ugly? it just implied she looks nothing like her photos. shes such a narc its pathetic. she has no work experience and refuses to have any responsibility. the world revolves around alida and who loves her and how dedicated she can be to her roleplay of the month or whatever character she is larping as. she exists to be adored and admired, and uses people as a means of meeting whatever end she needs to meet. the light and love spiel is such bullshit. hate is not a good thing and shes correct in that, but if alida is the one to hate it is okay? shell get a wake up call as she gets older and has no male or fans to fund her lifestyle.

No. 1890476

sage for commenting on a 3-month-old post but does anyone actually think it's attractive? her neck on the right gives me the creeps, it made me remember some transformations in Parasite Eve for ps1 kek

No. 1890513

the only thing quivering at that concert will be her big ol' jelly belly

No. 1890515

File: 1693360618407.jpeg (313.71 KB, 900x900, 3AEEDC00-68C0-4AB9-BF64-35C6FD…)

It’s funny how Alida always accuses other women of being old & wrinkly when she looks so haggard for her age. I know 45 year olds who look fresher and more wholesome than her. It must be projection, since it’s glaringly obvious her genetics and lifestyle aren’t going to age well. And continuing the Lolita LARP into your 20s is extra retarded and pointless since you’ve already aged out of preference for the pedo moids you pander to. She’s looking less baby doll and more Baby Jane lately.

No. 1890530

File: 1693362341555.png (37.15 KB, 589x352, tard.png)

Get over it you spoilt puss.
You have your shit open for all the world to see. You've also got a huge lineup of people you did dirty or treated like damn trash over the years. Don't pull the innocent card, pretending you're sweeter than you actually are. You're a narcissist and a manipulator.
Elon's got his own thread, if it makes you feel any better. Maybe if you run crying to him again he'll notice you this time.

No. 1890536

Her Twitter has completely changed, as to how it used to be. It was so volatile and mean, and now she's pretending to be sooo nice and cute. It is kind of manipulative really. And if she ever does say anything hurtful about anybody (like being mean toward people with tattoos and things like that), she deletes it soon after if she is called out. Same with the tiktok comments, after she attacked people for liking a certain style of music. She deleted them all. She is constantly cleaning up after herself and then creating this cutesy image.

No. 1890537

This made me actually laugh out loud. This is so…sad. Trying to pull a “I’m so sad and sensitive” when it’s clear she’s anything but. Clearly the comments about her wrinkly Shayna eye bags and weird filler face and strangely fat stomach are getting to her but instead of reeeeing like she prob is in her little sad child bedroom she’s trying to really milk it for poor whiffle bullied pretty girl victim points this is hilarious to me. Girl I know you don’t want to but grow up kek

No. 1890538

Samefag but I hope she lurks the Shayna threads and knows what could be just around the corner for her. She could very easily be in Shat’s boat in a few years; fat, addicted, aged beyond her years and fucking ugly bottom of the barrel scrotes for pennies.

No. 1890543

>How much do you hags weigh? Be honest
Not as much as you apparently >>1889235

No. 1890546

Every time someone goes up to Alida to get a photo with her, she's going to think they're from lolcow lmao

No. 1890695

Sounds like she’s becoming one of those ‘bitter jealous hags ’ that she used to rant about(sounds like you don't know how to sage)

No. 1890930

"Sensitive"? Yeah sure, guess someone as insecure and unstable as her would be "sensitive" but that doesn't mean she's also not a raging bitch that has been bullying people online for almost a decade kek she wants to talk about stalkers yet she's a wannabe Lana Del Rey skinwalker. She's called women fat and her whole schtick is based on "other woman are old ugly bitter hags". No one gets continuously posted on LC and PULL because they're just so nice and kind.

No. 1890934

Miss "everyone tells me I have a child's body!" forgot to mention it's because she has the shape of an overweight toddler.

No. 1890976

>I am 10x more beautiful
>I will tower over you
>my aura will make you quiver
Who talks like that? How embarrassing..

No. 1890988

On her driver’s license that she posted, she listed herself as 5’7. She’s not petite but she isn’t towering over anyone either kek

No. 1891038

Also, how short does she suppose the average Lana concertgoer would be kek like is she seething imagining a bunch of girls who are 5’1-5’4 and saying she’ll “tower over them” is some kind of hilarious cope?

No. 1891138

Kek so its suddenly "i'm tall, i will tower over you"? I thought Alida wants everyone to think she's uwu little girl? Choose one lol

No. 1892161

I've never seen Alida wear pants. It's as though she's afraid of them. Scared that someone will think she's too manly if she's seen in a pair of pants.
I guess coquettes never ever wear pants.

No. 1892382

Or maybe she’s afraid of her weird body shape kek if my hips looked like that I prob wouldn’t wear pants either

No. 1892416

She is repelled by pants the same way vampires are repelled by garlic.
To find a coquette, all you have to do is hold up a pair of pants and watch them all recoil.
That's true too, maybe they would look weird on her.

No. 1894368

File: 1694090229375.jpeg (359.29 KB, 1170x759, D1DC0268-CF77-4722-B08F-E436D7…)

every thing she says is so cringeworthy why does she come on lolcow so much

No. 1894429

What goes around, comes around. She's getting fat shamed and getting wrinkles early, because of all the fat shaming and age shaming she's done throughout the years. She can dish it out, but can't take it.
There's a whole lotta copium going on, on her twitter atm. Gotta keep up the facade that she's like an innocent 5 year old (that baby talk "don't be mean, treat me really nicey’s" what the actual fuck what a retard). Anybody who can't see what she's doing by now has got to have the iq of a thermos.

No. 1894479

Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that Alida has this weird fixation with her own eyes? Like we get it, they're blue.
She's always talking about them and eye-posing. Whenever she has a confrontation she'll say things like 'look into my blue eyes', and she makes sure to shine light on them in videos to have them reflect and will do this thing with her eyes that I can't even explain properly because it's that weird. I don't know how to describe it. Just another thing she seems hyper fixated on.

No. 1894556

File: 1694113285307.png (993.18 KB, 812x720, tumblr1.png)

Jfc just calm down and stop talking about it, if you're so unbothered. I get it, she's uncomfortable with these comments but posting shit like this only makes it look like she's thinking about this and seething 24/7.

Looked up what's going on with other cows mentioned in past threads just to have a break from seeing Alida and…
1. Wtf why is Ethel Cain everywhere. WHY was he pretty much adopted by Florence Welch
2. Helena is in the hospital, bc of implied suicide attempt(?) Posted 2 videos from the hospital and it weirdly seems like she did this just to show off her bandaids.

No. 1894564

File: 1694113614246.png (2.44 MB, 800x1476, chloe.png)

3. Where the fuck did Ch111loe come from? She just appeared out of thin air with horrible shoop fail Russian bimbo pics and now she's posing for shitty LA brands like Igirl etc. She lately did some awful photoshoot with Moni Hayworth, same bullsht photographer who shot Arrow De Wilde and Maggie Dunlap's fake snuff videos, and fucking kek what is that. Is this what is called "photography" now, blurry shit depicting botched/photoshop fail bimbo with random family. Much shocking, so transgressive

No. 1894567

File: 1694113868454.jpg (625.61 KB, 1080x1080, xtumblr_490d0e22773b68b5ffaf24…)

4. Also can't undestand why is this chick getting such traction in LA artfag circles, is she a nepo baby? Her subpar photos are popular among coquettes, and now she shoots popular models/celebs/LA nobodies who think they're somebodies etc. She just takes pics of random girls or herself with pumpkin spice lattes and pink nightslips, that's all.

No. 1894744

>”my proportions are tiny”
Lmao clearly not. Imagine being this obsessed with trying to look like a 12 year old girl. Also tf is a sugar tummy that is so gross and autopedo sounding tbh. Like how some little kids have baby fat stomachs. Nah, you look your age and also retarded because of your fried chicken yellow box bleach ass looking hair and your saggy eyelids. Tbh she should try a honey blonde with good low and highlights bc what she has is not it.

No. 1894879

Alida is being so sickeningly faux nice on all of her social media right now. I will never like her, because she pretends she's a child, whilst being with an old man, her Daddy. Doesn't she get that there are literally little girls being sexually abused by their dads and here she is, this privileged bitch, playing pretend sexually abusive scenarios for fun. That's not and will never be, cute. I will always hate her for this. This is why I'm here. She's a disgusting pedo / incest romanticist and she can go rot in hell for all I care. It's like roleplaying child porn. Even if they are consenting adults, it's messed up and I hate how many people support this behaviour. Rant over.

No. 1895043

its pathetic because shes 23. shes a grown woman and glorifies the relationship with her groomer pedophile boyfriend (who cheated on her and will do it again with someone younger as alida continues to age) to UNDERAGED FOLLOWERS. she knows this and she likes it though. after all she is following lanas footsteps! and she gets to play dress up and doesnt have to have a job or have any responsibilities so its not like she cares. shes been spoiled her whole life and loves that. before orion, her dad took care of her. but it wont last long…one day she wont have people to use or men willing to fuck her or fall for her little girl larp so she’ll be stuck working at waffle house and selling herself once again. she only became a christian once she had regret about seling herself for money but the sad thing is she’ll have to resort to that again or sell her soul to a cheating pedophile. but again this is what she likes, shes no dummy. if it means getting materialistic things and getting to throw money at cosmetic procedures and the likes shes delusionally happy. maybe one day she’ll see past such surface level things but all she truly knows is this online persona and obsession with her looks. i think it just irks me because young girls look up to her and do not understand.

No. 1895735

Alida’s popularity is solely hinged on the popularity of like three pics from like seven years ago. Literally no one is trying to emulate her ex hooker turned born again virgin act nor the botched fillers/fried hair. If she can’t sell herself anymore because of the trad larp
then she’s stuck with her pedo bf supporting her in the meantime because she has no other marketable skills besides being someone’s mid life crisis. She probably tells herself that we are all jealous and ugly when it’s really that it’s entertaining to watch someone so close to a rude awakening.

No. 1895820

Alida since you read here, you should really consider dying your hair dark brown/ black. I think it would suit you very well and make your eyes pop. That way you can give your hair a rest from all the bleach.

No. 1895890

I wonder if she realizes posting onion only likely has help lead all the underaged Loli coquette girls who follow her, to him, giving him so many followers of hers… I remember girls used to post on her shit like “where’d his page go or, he’s private? “ anyway.. sickening really when u think about it, she basically helped a pedi get endless new supply

No. 1896091

File: 1694366960442.jpeg (811.88 KB, 3464x3464, 55D5E25E-814E-4870-8D30-DF1E91…)

sage for sperging, but i think she's talking about the essence system. if that were the case, she's beyond delusional. she is 5'7". small floral prints look too busy on her and highlight her broad shoulders and ribcage.

if she's not talking about the ingenue essence, then she's still retarded because she's about to turn 23 and is in no way innocent or nearly as naive as she's trying to present with this born-again celibate christian larp in reality, she's pretty calculated and has convinced herself that she's a master manipulator.

No. 1896306

Her twitter is literally all about herself.
Omg her self infatuation is through the roof! She's not humble at all. Grandiose Narcissist.
I also hate that she's using children with cancer as a means to gain brownie points and to virtue signal. When you volunteer and help others, you don't have to make a big announcement about it to score points on social media. When you help others, you don't proclaim it for admiration and attention. You do it because you care and it doesn't matter if nobody sees.
Also, if you care about children, you'd stop pretending you are one whilst roleplaying incest / pedo sex. Condoning child rape with your midlife crisis creep.
>Alida’s popularity is solely hinged on the popularity of like three pics from like seven years ago
Soo much truth in this!

No. 1896318


I want her to get into the Kibbe system soooo bad. She's gonna have a 4 alarm meltdown when she finds out she's a flamboyant natural and not a romantic

No. 1896319

I'm sorry but I wanna kick Rion's nuts inside out. I feel like shoving him away and telling him to date women his own age. I was kinda hoping Alida would find someone else while she was away from him. I mean, she was always fighting with Rion, what makes her think it's going to be any different this time around? She projects and romanticises him and can't see him for who he really is. Plus he's going to make her do psychedelics more again and she's probably going to be lost forever into the ether. He's going to mess her up. She doesn't need drugs, she's already floating away and has no grounding AT ALL.

No. 1896335

>I think my photography is hyperfeminine. When I think of my photos, I think of softness, ribbons, girls’ hair, the colour blue, night-time, low contrast, hard flash and girls just laying on the floor.
I don't know how this photographer is any different or groundbreaking to others I've seen before in this genre? The pretty innocent looking girl in a dirty unsettling scene. Making you feel like she's either with a psycho or she is the psycho.
That old photo of Alida with the gun and money in the dirty old hotel room, is kinda like that.

No. 1896371

REALLY late on this, but your posts have got me over thinking/analysing the past few days. Coquette in general feels like a sub-genre of horror to me. So, you have the seemingly innocent angelic faced young girl with her pale pink dresses, bows, flowers and lace (swans, does, angelic imagery abound) rebelling to be with old predatory men. Throwing caution to the wind. Contrasting all of the beauty/purity with gore, unhinged personality types, unsettling dirty settings, weaponry, sexual abuse etc. Like being in silent hill or liminal space, with the fixation on the angelic waif girl/doll within that setting. The lost girl in bows however, might be the monster you need to be wary of and not the one who needs protection at all.
You get this from photos like what Maya produces >>1894567 and the imagery that they (coquettes) are all drawn to and post on their social media. Their movie selections, or men preferences (any older psycho male figure). It's toxic because they want to play out this whole thing irl and romanticise all of it.
I think this is why Alida gained popularity years ago, because she had that angelic innocent face, but it was contrasted with eerie and sometimes dangerous events or places. It was like a horror movie playing out irl. She doesn't do that anymore, but she's still horror-y and uncanny as she pretends to be a girl under 10 and she's still really unhinged in many ways. She also has the whole innocent exterior, yet contrasting interior.
I went back To Alida, because I was thinking to myself, is she even coquette anymore? And I realise that yes, yes she is. She can also be sooo creepy at times.
Sorry for my big fat essay.

No. 1897955

File: 1694678953063.jpg (18.65 KB, 500x374, F2-g1z0akAAS27L.jpg)

← This is the vibe some of her photos give. But yea, nothing groundbreaking. But it's why her pics are popular among coquettes.

No. 1898511

File: 1694754761894.jpeg (960.59 KB, 1170x1733, IMG_2184.jpeg)

such a waste of her youth

No. 1898568

Imagine dating an old creep just to fit into Lana's songs and aesthetic. He's that type of loser who ends up going after his teenage daughter's friends. He makes her look so bad, so why is she bragging about him all the time.
Imagine their sex, even when she was a teenager. She would be pretending she's a child, while he is getting off on that. This dirty old man while she's stuck in her delusional world. Omg I want to puke. I can't look at them. It's like, anxiety inducing.

No. 1898585

File: 1694772524474.jpg (215.89 KB, 1400x1050, onion.jpg)

bros having a midlife crisis
he's always trying to play off that he's still in his 20s
they both have mega aging issues

No. 1898617

THIS is her boyfriend?????????? ULTRAKEK. Some dude in his mid-late 30s who looks like he stinks of weed and has late alimony payments???? This is not the “daddy” type guy, this is as sad as Shaynus thinking Fupaul was daddy. I’m laughing so ugly into my cereal.

No. 1898628

this is really pathetic…5 years? didnt they break up for a while when she was having sex and seducing men for money in los angeles casinos as orion was bringing her own little girl followers to his house to fuck?! what a messy relationship between two pedophiles. orion is 40+ at this point its fucking sick. i thought alida was intelligent and knew her worth LOL nope shes just a delusional narc dumb as a bag of rocks. maybe shes just going to let him cheat on her so long as she doesnt have to work a real job. well, until a younger prettier girl he finds on instagram takes her spot and she gets kicked out. he probably reassures her its not going to happen but these men play by the same rules. alida should know that and run, but she loves to be the victim of some fairytale gone wrong.

No. 1898673

>Making you feel like she's either with a psycho or she is the psycho.
Idk if he's a psycho, but Maya is fucking Cobrasnake. He's one of those Terry Richardson tier moids photographing "hipster indie dollskill party" type stuff in 2014 and sexualizing everything. Idk if there's any dirt on Cobrasnake and don't care to search but he gives these scrotey "aging fuckboy photographer" vibes. idk anyone else has this impression? can't explain why but he just does
I had an impression Orion either introduced her to that casino sex dungeon "work", or was all fine & even encouraging her doing it, all the while bringing other chicks around, then he dumped her while still fucking some other chicks (which triggered all the crying in my car to Lana song posts). Then she moved out? And now what? I've lost count of their breakups

No. 1898709

She's 22 right now… 5 years ago she was 17. They probably waited until she turned 18 to make their relationship public (if I remember correctly, her birthday is in October). That disgusting pig is a pedophile. We know she's not as innocent as she presents, obviously, but a man who dates a 17 year old girl is a creep and a pedophile, who deserves to go to jail. I wouldn't be surprised if no woman his age would want to be with that ugly, probably childish bald guy, I don't even think Alida was really attracted to him, she just wanted to live her ~Lana del Rey moment~ and let herself be manipulated, just because he's older and thought it would be “cool” to date a creepy old man. My God, every time I see him I get so disgusted like… He knows what he's doing messing with a vulnerable teenage girl. I hope for the worst for that relationship, and that Alida opens her eyes and dumps that ugly parasite. He'll probably end up cheating with someone younger as soon as Alida turns 25, or even sooner. When she's older she'll realize she wasted her youth with the most mediocre guy ever.

I wonder if Alida would date a 17 year old when she's in her mid 30s. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't, that's when you realize how weird and gross it is. I also wonder if she thinks about these things, or if she's so brainwashed by that rat and Lana's songs that she thinks it's okay.

No. 1898716

File: 1694792461848.webm (2.2 MB, 500x652, 0.webm)

onion must get off on being a cuck

No. 1898722

She was 17 when they dated and they definitely waited until she was 18 before they announced it. According to her, he approached her and wanted her first. So there is this old guy (he was almost 40), going after a teenager still in school years. All of her 'fans' condone it and encourage it. Then she pretends it's a beautiful relationship and projects onto him so much. But when they're together for a while, they start to fight and she wants to get away so bad. He's around 43 now. The icing on the cake is how she pretends she is a toddler at the same time as all of this is happening. It was already a messed up situation from the start, but when you add that into it too… it's all-round freaking disgusting.

No. 1898747

I don’t get why this guy and guys like him are appealing to young girls at all tho? When I was a retarded 16-17 year old I was swooning over 18-20 year old like, band bois or cute college athletes (I know ugh) not…whatever this dude is? It doesn’t make sense at all like he’s…….so stinky looking.

No. 1898756

i wonder if its a ghislane and epstein situation? alida recruits her underaged followers to go follow orion as she did in the past and she lets him fuck them in exchange for alida not having to work? i wonder if hes still secretly messaging and fucking them when shes on her vacations? dont know why she does this pure angelic larp when shes letting this smelly pedophile fuck her. really sad that she supports pedophilia but when its convenient for her she’ll virtue signal about how girls need to be safe and protected. shes going to get called out FAST when she tries to break into music or acting. the racism, bullying, pedophilia and pretending to be a toddler etc.

No. 1898764


Did she learn to open her eyes or is that an operation they all do?

No. 1898776

File: 1694800864838.png (15.78 KB, 582x115, wtf.png)

Because it's right up there with racism and sexism. Nina is one of those opinionated stupid people, who believes she's more intelligent than she actually is. All she does is drink all the time and hang out with her decrepit 55+ year old geriatric "boyfriend" who looks as though he's going to have a stroke any day now. She's literally just an alcoholic stay-at-home freak who sits on social media all day with the most brain-dead takes on pretty much everything. What a pathetic life honestly.

No. 1898780

Ummm hello…???
>since racism/sexism has been eradicated
Is she living under a rock??

No. 1898786

Pretty much, she exists only to be parasitic to a geriatric. That's it. That's her life. The epitome of pitiful.

No. 1898792

Same I get the ICK if any old man even looks at me. Or any lusty guy. Seriously, don't touch me you old fool or I'll put your dick into a vice.
Also, they all get drained of any personality or talents when they base their whole existence around these boring old men. Like limp gollums, programmed to be nothing more.
And it's all time limited. When they age, these men will have their eyes on other younger girls all over again.
Unless like in Nina's case, if the man is mega old, they will probably die, before that happens. Then she'll just take all his money and move on.

No. 1898798

File: 1694804328060.jpeg (234.09 KB, 1170x503, IMG_2190.jpeg)

her math isn't adding up

No. 1898809

Delusional. She's as big as the man next to her. It's sad seeing girls that try so hard but come out looking pigly and pathetic. She looks cheap.

No. 1898817

imagine trying to justify a pedophile… girl he was only interest on you because you were a teen. also 18 is very young and 19 is still a teen too. he’s a pedophile doesn’t matter how much she’s trying to cover him up.(sage your shit)

No. 1898828

Exactly. He only got with her because she was so young. She should take some time and let that sink in, because if that's not one big red flag then I don't know what is. That is one HUMONGO flaw in his character. It's not love, because if she met him and was the same age as him. He wouldn't have given her the time of day. And if he's out there noticing young teenagers on their bikes on the side of the road, you just know he's going to be noticing OTHER teenage girls on the side of the road.
Five years of such a 'beautiful relationship', and yet she was fawning over other men for a year of it.

No. 1898838

Ew he’s a fat old bald malding redneck. Now I see where her boomer Republican Facebook meemaw style rants are coming from now.

No. 1899061

I think the more people call him a pedophile the more she likes it cause she's into taboo and pedophilia, how does no one realize that pretending to be a child actually is a sexualization of children. She actually exposed him to the whole world with that anniversary tweet and this pedo creep(alida) claims that a 40yo having sex with a 18 is not "adult intimacy" what a fucking scum. Then what it is? It is not adult because the female I'd basically a child? Is this another part of her pedophilia kink? She's literally getting off to those anons messages calling him a pedo because that's what she fucking likes about him and she will protect him cause she wants to be like "you're an old man and I'm a little girl, this is our secret I will protect cause it's true love. You're a god to me daddy scrote"

No. 1899174

I think Alida's future is gonna look a hell of a lot like Luna Slater, with the way she's ballooning out and the amount of drugs she's probably doing. She's already got the borderline personality disorder and the ugly groomer boyfriend who openly cheats on her.

No. 1899267

It's probably going to be more like Shayna. Alida already bases her personality around older men, she's half way there

No. 1899483

File: 1694916485153.png (27.28 KB, 587x166, Screen Shot 2023-09-16 at 9.24…)

Crazy that she thinks she deserves to be in a movie because some teens repost her old photos on pinterest. She seems to have no skills, no education, and spends her time posting delusional takes on twitter. Bleak

No. 1899484

embarrassing, kek. reminds me of this one time some other 'influencer' on tumblr or something was like "I want to be in a Netflix original, do your thing internet" and everyone was like…what does that mean

No. 1899610

She's the type who would only want to be in a movie for the fame, not the acting craft itself.
She would end up in those really shitty low tier movies, because nobody would cast her for anything good. She would get eaten alive in that world, and wouldn't be able to handle ANY criticism at all.
But then again, maybe she would go far as she's got the whole narcissism thing you need to survive in Hollywood. She also would be the type to suck a lot of dicks to get to the top. Anything for fame and fortune.

No. 1899689

She'd be considered too old for the types of roles that she would have in her head. She'd have to come up against fresh faced 18 year olds that prob have acting experience. She just wants to be in a movie for the most shallow of reasons. She'd fall flat on her face so hard plus she expects everyone to love her. She's only got a select group of people who like her, majority of people hate that narc personality shite in people so she'd get even more hate than she gets on here.

No. 1899702

Alida would hate acting school and think it was useless (plus to be a good actor you have to have the ability to fall into any role, even the 'ugliest' of characters, you can't always be cute). I can guarantee you she thinks she can just get an agent, get called for an audition and get a cast into a movie. As easy as that. Because she's that 'pretty'. She wants to be like a Marilyn in movies.

No. 1899746

tbh she'd fit right in with all them narc sociopathic cunts in hollywood. she'd prob get addicted to cocaine like them too.

No. 1899761

If she really wanted to be an actress, she should have invested in it since she was a teenager, when she was in her prime. She should have finished high school, taken acting classes in college and maybe she would have been able to achieve something by now. But she spent all her youth behind old men, who contributed nothing in her life, romanticizing her life as if it was a Lana song when her life really sucks. Now she's getting old and desperate because she's realizing she has nothing to her name, only some teens on pinterest reposting her old pictures. Her life is so sad. Sadly, she is already old for Hollywood and at that age it will be hard for her to get cast in good movies, or in the roles she would like to have (she probably wants to act as a uwu little girl like Natalie Portman in Leon the professional). As they said before, there are so many prettier younger girls with real talent and passion that will be cast before her. She thinks that because she is "pretty" she can have it all, how sad. She’s not even that pretty and popular anymore

7 years ago she was told she looked like Angelina Jolie and now she thinks she can be an actress too lmao. The difference is that Angelina is actually talented, had connections in the industry since she was born and started acting at 16. Same with Natalie Portman and all the starlets that the coquettes idolize(sage)

No. 1899770

does she think being an actress is just being pretty and cute on camera? it takes months and years to make a movie, many actresses suffer in the process but they like it because they were born for it. being in the industry is not for everyone, it is a serious and difficult job, it is not like taking a video for tiktok or instagram. she has never acted in her life, she doesn't know anything about it, nor has the talent to do it. In order to learn acting well she needs to take classes and it will take time, she will probably be able to take difficult roles when she is 26+, and that age is death for croquettes(sage your shit)

No. 1899804

She is just delusional completely as to her perceived “value” and attractiveness. She has no talent that I can see, and she is…much as I hate this term…mid. She doesn’t look like a Hollywood prosti-tot like she imagines, either. Maybe she did once, but she already looks worse for wear. Her nasty scrote is just going to suck her remaining youth from her and move on to someone who is underage again as soon as he gets the chance, leaving her to spiral and hopefully get therapy and see how misguided she was.

No. 1899807

Acting is a difficult job and requires good work ethic, it’s also impossible to break into and get any sizeable roles without good connections and experience since you were a kid. Alida is a lazy loser and a moocher, looks ugly without her usual trowel full of tacky makeup, she can keep dreaming but her actress fantasy is never going to happen kek.

No. 1899812

A problem with Alida is that she's so used to saying "I want this" and getting it. Whenever she falls, there's always people there spoiling her too, so she never learns how to truly survive by herself. It's at the point now where she is so entitled. "I want to be a movie star, give it to me, I would be the best" attitude. Or "I want to be a singer now and change the entire industry with my songs, give it to me now". Never working hard toward anything. Even now, she's not working, and yet she has all this money to afford dresses from Selkie. Because she wants them. What Alida wants, Alida gets. But all of this has turned her into such a horrible ungrateful human being who just gluttons for more more more.
There are people out there, going to acting school, honing their craft, holding 2 jobs at the same time but still struggling financially, for years trying to make it. And here comes Alida who thinks she can get into a movie without any experience or work toward it at all.
She also squeezes herself into one aesthetic only (she could never bring herself to play any role outside the pretty one in a movie) , and manipulates all of her videos and photos. I could imagine her sitting there telling them to use special effects on her, or editing out any wrinkles or making her eyes bluer, etc. She's so stupid and spoiled. But a part of me wants her to try, because that would be so much tea for us. I always want her to do these things, even release a song, so we can milk the moo.

No. 1899813

Another watered down version of Petra Collins, Sofia Coppola-inspired, done million times before and even more boring.

No. 1899840

>I can’t understand why she is getting so much traction
Because she’s fucking some PR guy obviously

No. 1900320

File: 1695048233440.jpg (347.64 KB, 590x771, tard4.jpg)

vicious cunt of the day award goes to..
damn, these nasty bitches really have it in for older women

No. 1900323

being desired sexually by males is humiliating. can't understand how these women not only stomach it but idolize it

No. 1900325

She's calling 50 year old women gross? She's the one literally fucking a 55+ year old sickly looking man.

No. 1900328

I giggle so much imagining women like this when they reach their 30s. If they don’t get serious therapy they’re gonna have a complete break with reality not being able to cope w the fact that nasty old scrotes who fetishize female youth no longer pay attention to them. And then then insane plastic surgery arcs begin. It’s what they deserve.

No. 1900332

Alida has said before on a Live, that by the time she is 40, science and tech will have ways to stop ageing completely. She honestly believes she isn't going to age or face any issues at 40.
Toxic levels of vanity! Her face will be so botched with surgeries by then, thinking she's giving herself eternal youth, grasping onto anything to try and stop ageing.
She thinks she's the princess in a fairytale, but these types of traits come from the evil witch. Oh the quest for eternal youth.
She is so "mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

No. 1900337

LMAO HAS SHE REALLY oh that’s rich. So she’s the extreme flavor of delulu. Amazing. She will never feel fulfilled and content with her existence. Love it.

No. 1900341

she looks hapa no wonder she is mentally ill(racebait + lack of sage)

No. 1900364

File: 1695057246877.jpg (447.22 KB, 962x1737, Screenshot_20230918_191434.jpg)

Nice racebaiting. You blind bitches think anyone with pale skin and cat eyeliner is asian.

Her handle was "leader of albanian mafia" before but idek if she is, lots of people online love larping as eastern european and joke a lot about albania for some reason.

No. 1900374


she's going to have a rough time when she ages. won't even have a loving companion because instead of normal men who go for women their own age, she picks shady scumbags who'll ditch her for a 21 year old as soon as she gets a grey hair

No. 1900382

File: 1695060741028.png (964.77 KB, 597x1004, 1.png)


No. 1900385

imagine bragging about fucking old men but not even being able to pull desirable ones. sad!

No. 1900392

He literally looks ill to me, like he's got 5-10 years left in him max. He's like that in every video/photo. My Great Grandpa looks healthier than he does.
Also, puke.
I can see why her and Alida are friends, they're both so vain and arrogant and STUPID.

No. 1900395

these dumb bitches, it's all fun and games until they wake up to these old farts having a stroke or heart attack. guess thats what some of them are hoping for - so they wind up with all their $$$. can't see any of them sticking around if they have to be carer to them when they lose all their faculties.

No. 1900434

When did society start to designate disgusting fat old boomer fucks as desirable? Like what kind of sick disgusting psy op is this. Let me guess the fat disgusting old boomer execs in Hollywood are trying to promote this and these mindless NPC drone bitches eat that shit up.

No. 1900436

Lol Alex Jones is that you

No. 1900449

dude looks like he's full of cholesterol

No. 1900450

File: 1695070408304.jpeg (165.01 KB, 1333x2000, E1F7586F-84E6-4AE7-ABE5-1CAFE2…)

Salma Hayek is over 50 and looks better and more desirable than her. She looks like a tranny with really bad surgery, also idk her age but she looks 30+. She thinks old men want her because she is "prettier" than an older woman? Lmao someone get her out of that bubble, they only want you because you are easy and accessible. She probably just wants attention and the only ones giving it to her are ugly ass men

No. 1900455

funny part is that most of them don't even have a lot money lmao. most of these girls give everything to these losers without getting anything in return, it's hilarious. they are just sucking and taking advantage of their youth until they get old, then they will throw them away and look for a younger and prettier one

No. 1900504

Exactly this. Don't go bragging about getting with an older man who obviously has nothing going for him.

It'd be a bit more understandable to brag if the older dude looks like a male model and has money that he spends on you and not you spending money on him but these guys are just….. Usually overweight , thin hair , terrible facial hair , not much money , etc. I honestly wouldn't care about younger woman using or just being with these men but I can't stand them when they promote pedophilia or infantilize themselves and or others.

No. 1900623

File: 1695090219142.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 12.31 KB, 168x300, IMG_8118.jpeg)

So do any other anons think that Alida looks down syndrome and fucking ugly? Her face is puffy with these beady, far apart eyes and a fat nose. Is it plastic surgery??? She looks special needs…No clue how much longer she can attempt to get men to pay for her lifestyle when shes fattening up and getting ugly FAST! Guess we can see her at the local Mcdonalds in a few years back to selling her body for money shooting up heroin and glorifying it? She needs a wake up call. Wonder what her father thinks of her lifestyle? Or her brother and Madison?!

No. 1900731

She just looks like a pig, you know what they say… Your looks reflect your mentality and that is what she is mentally. She won't care about aging, she would sexualize herself, suck dick, dehumanize other women and claim superiority over them cause men pick her even if she looked like extremely old, saggy and fat. She would just get hair extensions, do her nails and slap some make up on cause she's this type of a woman that only cares about performing femininity but dgaf about taking care of her health or appearance in any other way you know like those fat thot women that get those fake nails and lashes as if it fixes anything. Nothing will ever stop her because mentally she's born a piglike patriarchal cunt her pedophilic bf is a perfect match for her, he looks like a boar. Imagine kneeling in front of that pig looking pedophile. She likes Andrew Tate, the biggest abusive misogynistic rapist and one of the other male she used to praise was Russell Brand who just got exposed for being a rapist but she 100000% doesn't care.

No. 1900737

Tbh, I always struggled to see what others saw in her. The first time I came across her, was in 2020, the start of the pandemic. It was on Pinterest and everyone was saying how extremely beautiful she was. I just couldn't see in her what everybody else seemed to. I guess we all perceive things differently. To me, her face was very pudgy and her lips were overdone like two great big blubbery sausages. I love big plush lips, but hers were way over the top. I never understood how people loved her hair too, when it looked like a giant mess ~ a nest made of cheap plastic. Sometimes I could see beauty there, but it was always when she had the extreme filters on. Still, people were raving about her.

No. 1900756

File: 1695121979271.jpg (153.59 KB, 645x799, tumblr_7ae60044db4fc35fdc6cf2c…)

Fashion designers are just officially fully leaning into balletcore pink pilates creep coquette bullshit huh

No. 1900759

If ur born good looking like salma hayek ur not gonna suddenly look ugly when ur older unless u totally let go off urself like gaining too much weight or doing drugs..

No. 1900762

(that top lolol) Yea I noticed that too, it's growing, seeping into everything noooo. I'm seeing coquette balletcore cottagecore etc, more and more in the fashion world.
Most of the people into balletcore, don't even do ballet.

No. 1900775

It’s a lot like when equestrian fashion was having a moment, supremely annoying to someone who actually rides just like I’d imagine it’s irritating to see all these retarded young women wearing balletcore. Urban Outfitters just emailed me about some ultra coquette garbage collection they just put out and I finally unsubscribed to their emails kek

No. 1900789

Why would anyone want to wear ballet shoes in their tits?

No. 1900799

I'm surprised that coquettes don't swoon over Hunter Biden. He's a disgusting pervert who looks like he doesn't shower and he was probably friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Guess he's not ~trad~ enough(pointless, unsaged)

No. 1900814

If Epstein was still alive, all of these coquette girls would be into him, for certain.
If he had a twt, Alida would be trying to suck up to him and get noticed by him like she does with Elon and others like him.

No. 1900843

Anyone else feels like… these trends have no end. I mean these specific trends. I thought Y2K throwback etc will come and pass quick, like all throwback do but look. Y2K/00's/bling resurgence, as well as coquette & balletcore are "hot new trends" in media in 2019 or 2020 and it's 2023 and it's still "hot new trends" now. Over and over. Every month medias announce "Y2K is over! Ballerinacore is the next best thing!" …except they're screaaming about this for 3-4 whole years or longer. Time is standing still if it comes to these trends, fashion world is really stuck in time
I don't care for runway but even look at this coquette Blumarine brand, they're recycling same fraying pink jeans & pink miniskirts every year
They do swoon for Euphoria series though

No. 1900856

Omg YES! These styles are sticking. Just when you think it's over, they come back again. What makes it worse, is it's all gaining even more traction and popularity. Which is why it won't stop.
It feels as though fashion has no innovation anymore. It's always copying off of other designers or what is trending on social media. It's so annoying. I see the same dress or skirt repeated in various ways, a million times over.
I hate too that every time I see a bow in hair, I automatically think coquette. They took bows and ribbons and claimed them, so now I can't see anything else but coquette.

No. 1900989

there's little innovation for anything anymore. everyone is banking on nostalgia.

No. 1901122

Makes it all the more hilarious when time inevitably comes for them too. What a sad way to waste your youth, kek.

No. 1901150

File: 1695184771843.jpeg (208.49 KB, 1170x724, IMG_2316.jpeg)

posted after retweeting some shit romanticizing being a suburban housewife

No. 1901151

File: 1695184839423.jpeg (762.47 KB, 1170x1441, IMG_2317.jpeg)

No. 1901160

The problem with this is that they trust a man will treat them well. Any grown woman who's dated around will vouch that men are trash and women need to stay informed. But since these ~coquettes~ are just the insecure mediocre girls from school who got a thotty wardrobe, predatory older men who will go for the ugliest girl as long as she's a teen, insecure and needy give them the validation they craved their whole life.

No. 1901246

This. Imagine thinking a scrotey will treat you well when even Angelina got abused and dumped

No. 1901787

File: 1695279982133.png (8.61 MB, 2164x2720, 9th circle of hell.png)

Nonnies, i present you a coquette nightmare
The way these idiots made me resent ribbons, cream/pink slips and stuff. These ribbons are almost ominous

No. 1901830

Lmao!!! That looks so stupid.
They look like spiders coming down on webs with long legs.
I hate that I can't ever wear a ribbon in my hair anymore; don't want to be mistaken as being coquette.

No. 1901863

OMEGAKEK looks tacky and gaudy.
coquettes really are creepy fucks.
which is ironic b/c they always think they're angelic. but this type of shit is just demented. the bows on the walls remind me of the ribbon toilet roll holder plastered on the wall with sticky tape.
just wear a black ribbon with skulls or something on it. or navy blue ribbon. any colours they consider masc. they might have claimed the bow but only in what they consider to be 'delicate' 'fem' colours like pink and white.

No. 1901873

IRLs don’t know what coquette is and won’t assume anything from a ribbon. You sound chronically online.

No. 1901886

True that. >>1901830 Wear a ribbon that is thicker not super thin, non-pastel colors and doesn't have those pieces of lace hanging down. Honestly nobody knows of this shit irl and won't take you for a coquette especially if you wear normal clothes not for example Miu Miu bag with cream slip & ballet shoes ONLY kek. That being said, I have 2 nice pink ribbon hairpins but i'm simply tired of seeing them online/in shops/runways etc. Even plain chain stores like H&M have them. Visually overfed for now lol

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