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No. 1818000

rules https://lolcow.farm/rules
newfags https://lolcow.farm/info


previous thread: >>1800695

laura was finally discharged after years in an institution. anons wage in on how long she will last. [>>1811005] [>>1816061]
enara became a cyborg by swallowing batteries [>>1801797]
kate, a newer ed-twitter cow, is still a narcissist who thinks “filter” is synonymous with “skincare” [>>1801919] and appears to be auditioning for a contortionist job [>>1807182]
much debate was had about the legitimacy of Dorian’s spoop claims, and whether she was actually as thin as EC. [>>1816144]
niamh advertises that she only eats berries [>>1800955] and continues shamelessly bodychecking on instagram [>>1816083]
hxn cries and posts an IP low weight photo [>>1815472]
alice seems to be doing well in recovery [>>1811776]
nikol is still hating bigger girls [>>1802470 ] while eating ben and jerrys by the gallon [>>1804663] and she is a proud muslim, suddenly. [>>1811308]
paris can’t eat chocolate because she is too dainty and small and anorexic, the world cries in unison [>>1806008]
zara has graduated from pro ana scumbags as she commits to not posting bodychecks anymore, we wish her well. [>>1802772]
Darcy returns with a recovery larp [>>1805615] but appears to be allergic to her own bullshit [>>1816045]
josie announces that she has the beetus and wants everyone to know she hates the word obese [>>1807930]
babybicep begs for money [>>1810864] while larping recovery, and is gifted a nintendo switch. [>>1813494]
ganer used to be a skelly, guys [>>1814018]
EC stays pro ana posting, and baits her concerned youtube audience [>>1814216]
emily pierces her nose with a chicken nugget. [>>1816101]
BECCA HAD A TOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [>>1801868] [>>1810437] [>>1808585]



No. 1818002

>>1818000 sorry for the shit thread post, nonnas, i’ve never made one before. the pic is just a collage of edits from the last thread, credits to those anons.

No. 1818005

File: 1682872115974.jpg (41.67 KB, 590x541, fuckingnewfags.JPG)

Can we remind newfags to not be retarded and read the rules? The anon who wrote these posts made an account just to goad cows with links to the threads. (@MooMooByatch), normally it's these sorts who are very much cows themselves.

And thank you for the thread OP, doing the lords work.

No. 1818006

File: 1682872240674.jpeg (110.18 KB, 1029x853, IMG_2496.jpeg)

decided to catch up with miss “Ana Face” Kate and to no surprise, she’s still portraying someone desperate for male validation. the tweet here about her dad really puts the cherry on top of this milkshake… sure explains a lot, Kate, like how you’re a 25 year old mother who brags about hickeys to their following of minors and pervs.

don’t worry, kids, if you want a boyfriend all you have to do is starve and puke!!!

also, personally, i would be concerned bringing men around my kids if they were anorexia fetishists proclaiming shit like “i love how tiny you are.” ana fetish typically isn’t a far cry from pdo.

even if the guys she’s dating aren’t full on fetishists, it’s WEIRD and sounding mental alarms.

No. 1818007

File: 1682872383752.jpeg (58.67 KB, 1125x715, IMG_2494.jpeg)

samefag, but kek how kate can claim she isn’t proana when she posts shit like this

No. 1818008

ffs what do ppl gain from cowtipping …

No. 1818046

bump because people are still checking old threads

No. 1818193

No you did great, thank you for the thread nona

No. 1818219

File: 1682901412849.png (573.67 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230429-141537.png)

No. 1818220

File: 1682901532546.png (124.3 KB, 1080x1089, Screenshot_20230429-140249~2.p…)

No. 1818222

File: 1682901636847.png (600.01 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20230429-141646~3.p…)

No. 1818223

File: 1682901757940.png (638 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20230430-013719~2.p…)

No. 1818224

File: 1682901878565.png (132.66 KB, 1080x1163, Screenshot_20230429-140240~2.p…)

No. 1818225

i’m weirdly happy for zara, hope she keeps up not being a twat.
niamh can now be the pro ana brat terrorising scotland. she posted on her stories about an offer for studying nursing next year (2024) at edinburgh uni- stitched herself up there because any one of her 15k plus followers can easily contact occupational health and report her, and i’m willing to bet a lot of them would

No. 1818260

File: 1682906397685.png (1.53 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230430-215715.png)

No. 1818262

what did she do in the jumping/dancing video?

No. 1818267

But then we wouldn’t get glorious milk and niamh trying to study nursing while eating only strawberries and strain posing in her college gear or whatever

No. 1818271

File: 1682908936458.webm (1.53 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

She's also dipping her toes in the pro self harm sphere, using her dog as a prop to showcase her cuts.

No. 1818291

File: 1682913225866.png (444.73 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230430-223619.png)

No. 1818293

a couple months ago she had a similar back and forth with people in her tells trying to point out that she gets an absurd amount of money from the state compared to many people on disability and her just repeatedly arguing that her life is surely the most tragic thing ever.

Enara is fucking infuriating with her inability to ever admit that some aspects of her life aren't the worst ever.

No. 1818304

File: 1682915547276.png (13.41 KB, 759x176, Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 11.3…)

Ah yes, because the typical person on disability can afford to buy a car and spend extra on upgrades. Baffling that she can get a car loan if she has no income from working.

No. 1818307

File: 1682915891083.png (25.67 KB, 758x289, Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 11.3…)

Scrolled further back and found out that apparently she flies business class, fucking kek

No. 1818308

I'll stop posting screenshots now, but I desperately need an ausfag to explain how much money people are allowed to accumulate on disability there. It just seems insane to me as an American, since here your disability will generally cut cut off once you accumulate $2k in savings. So you literally could not have $3k to spend on a phone.

No. 1818310

File: 1682916226962.jpeg (169.85 KB, 1170x2103, 935A03A0-8343-4DF9-9826-588813…)

Enara pretending her privileged borderline ass who gets treatment every time she as much as thinks a bad little thought isn’t actually privileged because she lives in a rental. Mummy and daddy must be funding her life because the disability pension wouldn’t cover private rental, private health, her huge car loan and her totally not fake assistance dog plus her ridiculous habits???

No. 1818311

Ausfag here. Quick google tells me you can have up to $504,000 in assets as a single non home owner over age of 21 with no dependents which is pretty significant

No. 1818312

I have no idea if that seems as insane to the rest of the world, but my immediate reaction as an american is "holy fucking shit"

Her parents must be topping off her income a lot, but I guess that's okay because she's allowed to have a bunch of assets

No. 1818313

Fellow Ausfag. Yep around half a mill in assets is correct. Usually the payments are so low that it's near impossible to accumulate savings (source: broke single mum) so she must be raking it in the get all this shit

No. 1818314

Just out of curiosity, I tried to run some numbers for Enara's likely income from the government

DSP - max rate is $1064 since she doesn't have kids
DVA - she's said that she gets payments from them for disability. If she gets the special rate because her disability is from her service (which I believe she's said) then that's $1,676.20

I don't think she can get the extreme disability payment because she's under 65?

So it seems like it tops out at $2,740.20 which is a lot but still doesn't seem like enough for all of her spending

No. 1818315

File: 1682917237031.jpg (156.46 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230501_142822_Chr…)

Same ausfag. This is full pension rates. She could potentially be getting rent assistance (I don't know her living arrangements but thats easy to fake a rent cert)
Plus a bunch of other supplements for phone bills, car rego. $$$

No. 1818316

starting to understand why she thinks it's great to drink a lil bleach and swallow batteries to keep the money and attention coming

No. 1818317

How does she qualify for vet pension?

No. 1818318

She was attacked and raped while in the military by another serviceman, so my understanding is that she's considered 100% disabled due to ptsd from that

No. 1818319

File: 1682917549624.png (14.13 KB, 756x173, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 12.0…)

No. 1818320

File: 1682917659581.png (11.78 KB, 763x153, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 12.0…)

No. 1818322

File: 1682917784448.png (15.05 KB, 758x340, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 12.0…)

No. 1818323

File: 1682917864198.png (29.67 KB, 758x341, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 12.1…)

A year ago she said she almost qualified for total impairment, so my guess is that she's managed to qualify since

No. 1818324

They don't make it easy to get disability pension here, and there endless hoops to jump through to stay on it. No wonder she has an endless list of diagnosis. She needs a new one everytime they say she should be rehabilitated by now.
Hence the 'new claims' for SH and suicide kek

No. 1818325

File: 1682917948470.png (12.47 KB, 754x164, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 12.1…)


No. 1818326

"female sexual dysfunction" fucking mega kek

I like that she's also added in TMJ, an extremely common problem that really does not stop people from working

No. 1818327

Got to get those points up

No. 1818328

File: 1682918190878.png (20.71 KB, 755x267, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 12.1…)

Enara's treatment team: "so, we notice that you pick up ideas from al the time you spend reading about mental illness"

No. 1818329

>”BPD and narcissistic histrionics aren’t tolerated here”
Laura, Fiona and the girlies at Glasgow priory beg to differ

No. 1818336

Classic munchie shit

No. 1818343

You’d think getting raped by gunpoint by a superior as she claims would give her an ultimate diagnosis of severe PTSD and yet she hasn’t listed that?? Surely that would be the reason for the payout. I’m not one to dispute rape claims but…? Also hasn’t listed the wildly obvious borderline personality she has

No. 1818354

That's incredibly sad, it explains a lot. Poor girl.

No. 1818375

Omg nonnie that’s the first thought that came into my head too kek. Don’t forget Legohead and Han too!

No. 1818393

Yeah, that is one of the stories that Enara has told very consistently and that I believe happened pretty much as she tells it. If you look back through some of her older stuff, it does seem like she's reluctant to talk about it and like it really messed her up.

On the other hand, her munchie bullshit and anorexia larping is still funny.

No. 1818394

duh that's why fi had to go autistic instead

No. 1818395

File: 1682932174466.png (278.65 KB, 465x583, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 4.09…)

How/why do so many of the australian munchie crowd seem to end up with indwelling catheters? I don't really understand how you can fake bladder retention, but I also don't believe that most of these people have all the medical problems they claim. Are they just, like holding their pee and begging for catheters?

No. 1818397

File: 1682933817294.png (569.7 KB, 1080x1956, Screenshot_20230501-031735~2.p…)

No. 1818398

File: 1682933850436.png (765.24 KB, 1080x1953, Screenshot_20230501-031800~2.p…)

No. 1818399

File: 1682933895052.png (737.69 KB, 1080x1941, Screenshot_20230501-031752~2.p…)

No. 1818401

File: 1682933940081.png (609.63 KB, 1080x1954, Screenshot_20230501-031743~2.p…)

No. 1818402

File: 1682933977219.png (559.42 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20230501-031811~2.p…)

No. 1818403

File: 1682934051667.png (741.06 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20230429-140304~2.p…)

No. 1818406

who is this … never seen her posted before/scrolled recent threads but i could be blind.

No. 1818415

Is that Josie who totally has diabetes from her anorexia and not her 50kg weight gain kek love seeing the anas go full munchie

No. 1818423

File: 1682942168123.jpeg (39.78 KB, 750x1027, 0A7ABDB9-51C4-4AD5-A4EC-2A49D1…)

Guilt grift from Darcy

No. 1818425

Cringe. Imagine being a mother of two and acting like this. She's what 5'6 as well? 'tiny' okay.

No. 1818428

everything would be okay if you shut the fuck up, logged off, and practiced self respect for once in your miserable life

No. 1818440

File: 1682947424347.jpeg (357.62 KB, 1170x2176, IMG_8278.jpeg)

Always confused by cows that just stay the same size even if they’re in “treatment”

No. 1818446

For the long standing people on here does anyone know what happened to….

Aimee corner
Buddies mum
Of half my life
Seth ( obnoxious owl or something)
Ababy (Australian - newish)
Courtney (?cordigal cat? Now a cow but I liked her and she vanished

Or what people like smorven and the twins are doing now.
Is Paris still making daft tictoks?

For anyone who wants something a bit ‘ different ‘ … follow Foodie Besuty and her back story and the reaction Chanel’s on you tube….. it’s good entertainment- expensially the reactions

No. 1818455

it is indeed

No. 1818467


Morven is still Morven… living in Egypt, in ‘denial’

No. 1818531

quit asking to be spoon fed and look yourself.

No. 1818560

What kind of ward is she staying in with 80+ year old people?

No. 1818654

No way. Wouldn't have thought that.(sage your shit)

No. 1818660

General hospitals would be an example, her account is private so couldn't really hazard a guess. But you can be put in with elderly pretty much anywhere, whether mental health related, organ related wards, care specific, or resus. Poor dears though, needing rest and recovery and you have some twat causing issues.

No. 1818681

If she’s “eating”, they’re not going to tube her. She could be completing her tiny meal plan and won’t be enough to gain weight. They real weight gain comes from the feeding tube formula and the nutrition supplement shakes.

No. 1818718

In her defense, her fatass probably wouldn’t fit in a standard seat.

No. 1818724


Gross, WTAF. Who wants a catheter and to haul their smelly piss bag around with them everyday?!

No. 1818727

That doesn't make any sense. Any competent eating disorder treatment program will prescribe a meal plan that will go up until the person is gaining an adequate amount of weight and would eventually tube her if she wasn't completing the meal plan. She's probably just in a general ward or whatever and that's the only reason she has any control.

No. 1818730

File: 1682979118126.png (455.89 KB, 1051x588, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 5.12…)

Apparently Katy wants to move to NYC. As if she would ever be able to get more than a tourist visa as a severely disabled (by her eating disorder) adult who has never worked or supported herself.

No. 1818731

Alone or with family? Permanent

No. 1818734

what? it's a joke about her being in denial, she isn't actually in Egypt

No. 1818735

Tried couldn’t find anything. I’m not on IG anymore.

No. 1818738

File: 1682979287923.png (393.78 KB, 432x671, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 5.15…)

As usual, Enara is always well enough to do something that she actually wants to do and that earns attention.

No. 1818740


Haha, thank you for clarifying for anon

No. 1818747

Am I the only one that can’t open or watch videos posted here. Missing out on the milk

No. 1818750

Tbf when she was at Wandi you can tell she gained a few lbs there but then lost it all immediately after getting kicked out or leaving. It’s cause she’s so spoop that 10kg either way still looks spoopy as fuck

No. 1818751

Samefag I’m guessing she’s dropped out of nursing….

No. 1818756

File: 1682980539379.png (176.18 KB, 540x689, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 5.36…)

No. 1818758

File: 1682980659863.jpeg (227.97 KB, 1170x2140, IMG_8309.jpeg)

I can’t believe that internet strangers are willing to take mental health advice from a skeleton

No. 1818766

File: 1682981055185.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 213.54 KB, 1170x2148, IMG_8314.jpeg)


No. 1818767

your autism is showing, nonnie

No. 1818772

nta but the subjects of these threads all lead lives of such ridiculous privileged splendor that i can see how the confusion arose lmao

No. 1818774

File: 1682981434203.png (144.4 KB, 429x637, Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 5.50…)

Has anyone else noticed that literally all of Enara's presentations and papers are about "lived experience of x" where x is suicidality, bpd, etc? She tries very hard to argue that her interest in studying suicide isn't about herself but very transparently uses her "scholarship" as a way to literally ask people to listen to her talk about her struggles

No. 1818806

File: 1682984186002.png (131.1 KB, 603x1044, hjgfdsfghjkkjhgf.png)

Aw damn I hope it's not something I did when converting and uploading, can you click the file to download and watch it that way? You're not missing much it's just her petting her dog while getting her wrist scars in full view. I'll post a screenshot.

No. 1818809

I can watch it, so the issue is on anon's end and not your end

No. 1818813

Lol she said her cousin lives there but she’s acting like she can just up and move there whenever she wants just because she feels like it. That’s not how US immigration works, but her brain is mush at this point so it’s no surprise.

No. 1818815

I actually kinda hope she does try to move and finds out that, shockingly, she is not a desirable public burden

No. 1818816

Not Aidel going to an American ER. Hope she has the cash to pay for that stabilization before they boot her back to the streets because if she doesn’t have insurance that’s all she will get, along with a massive bill that is. Our system is crumbling and expensive as it is we don’t need foreign munchies bunging it up even more and paying for it on top of it.

No. 1818818

Aidel has to be loaded, she managed to pay for ACUTE and months of residential treatment as a Canadian

No. 1818823

i can never see them either, even after downloading, not just you dw

No. 1818833

Are you both using desktop? The videos only work for me on my laptop not on mobile for some reason.

No. 1818867

still don‘t get why she keeps being posted. i mean yeah some good ol milk, posing with toobies, bragging with traumatic interventions but nothing that others wouldn‘t on a daily base.
she‘s a sweet and lovely girl btw. and nothing too milky imo! maybe someone vedettafagging but else? idgi

No. 1818870

> still don‘t get why she keeps being posted
> yeah some good ol milk, posing with toobies, bragging with traumatic interventions

No. 1818873

> but nothing that others wouldn‘t on a daily base.

No. 1818877

congratulations, we post other people doing that stuff too!

No. 1818882

ok i get you. but seriously she‘s just one of the the million anachans being in hospitals and throwing tantrums, getting tubes and restraint. compared to others i‘m kinda missing the cowey personality and narcissitic tendencies. she‘s still so young, she really has the sweetest personality

No. 1818907

True I don’t know anyone else that can rack up 30k multiple times on Gofundme. She may not be loaded but her relatives are.

No. 1818995

I know what hospital that is and if has a standard meal plan which is more than adequate to gain at least 1kg a week if not more. She's compensating in one way or another.

No. 1819000

File: 1683014415218.jpg (196.45 KB, 828x1472, 344800519_922102585723108_8533…)

Sage for not milk just an observation, but Niamh looks awful and her hair looks like it's in that hair loss phase where it gradually falls out and the new stuff that grows in doesn't have enough protein so it just grows short wispy baby strands.

No. 1819023

Aidel just got some potassium in the ER and is home.

My mind continues to be boggled by the idea of her hanging out in the United States paying out of the ass for healthcare when she could just go. back. to. Canada. She's not even in treatment anymore, just hanging around her relatives' house eating and puking.

No. 1819024

File: 1683018823271.png (133.39 KB, 426x668, Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 4.13…)

sorry, dropped screenshot

No. 1819050

File: 1683027674200.jpeg (220.58 KB, 998x1973, E0AAEC0E-9050-4702-95C3-964FD5…)

This girl is an absolute joke. She’s literally obsessed with hospitals and nurses. She once even found out where the nurses Christmas party was and stalked them. There’s a video on it. Classic BPD behaviour. She will be discharged one day and then only 3 days later she’s back in. And that’s not only happened once but over and over again. It’s like she had such an obsession that she can’t keep out for more than a few days. Also, notice how she only really posts whilst hooked up to wires and tubes. And GUESS WHAT!? She isn’t underweight. Isn’t anywhere NEAR being underweight!! If anything probably more on the higher weight side of healthy. Honestly don’t know why nurses allow her to get moddy coddled the way she does. But I’d you’re looking for a new cow…. Well this is the one

No. 1819051

File: 1683027812265.jpeg (377.71 KB, 1170x2376, 222D9230-20D9-4E70-94F7-C1F23F…)

No. 1819052

File: 1683027916990.jpeg (387.62 KB, 1170x2405, 405E0251-26B9-494C-A4A4-146CD2…)

No. 1819053

File: 1683028012764.jpeg (424.39 KB, 1170x2399, C6A32A35-E0C8-4A39-8915-600D76…)

No. 1819055

File: 1683028142396.jpeg (366.3 KB, 1170x2390, 55161E22-21C3-483E-BCF4-29E473…)

No. 1819056

File: 1683028296688.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, 9E07231F-3BF3-4C23-8A53-AC2AA1…)

And here’s the proof they found out where the nurses party was and turned up (COMPLETELY ILLEGAL) and SCREAMS BPD

No. 1819058

is this chick still up to this shit. i stg she was mentioned threads yonks back wasn’t really gold star cow material but this one’s been playing anorexia when it just classic bpd cow behaviour CONSISTENTLY now she’s kinda re emerging as a potential cow

No. 1819059

aus cow too so we know the milks creamy
I think she’s from qld too so probably part of the new farm looney tunes

No. 1819060

File: 1683028852640.jpeg (271.19 KB, 1170x2372, 8D34AE4C-BF77-45A0-8C47-23B3CF…)

Likes to say she’s super malnourished but that hair looks long, shiny and healthy as anything… She also pretends she a teeny skelly which she most certainly isn’t. Honestly EVERY post she makes is about her ED. She’s honestly next level OBSESSED. Lives and breathes the attention she gets

No. 1819061

File: 1683029107298.jpeg (241.65 KB, 1030x2237, 9658BC09-C1DF-4ED6-9691-5A590B…)

Yup she’s from QLD and she hospital shops. I used to live in QLD (Brisbane to be exact) so I know QLD hospitals and which are which and just looking at her hospital videos I can see she’s now hopping between 3 hospitals in just the last 2 months. Once the current one stops admitting her she will move to the next

No. 1819071

I don’t get it either. She’s constantly complaining about how her family ignores her, like take a hint - they’re sick of your shit and you’re imposing so leave already?!

No. 1819072

Both of them have been posted before iirc. They’re both annoying, always in and out of hospital and to Ed but never uw. The one on the left is married FFS it’s pathetic I feel bad for her husband. But showing up to your nurses xmas party is just beyond fkn weird. I’m sure they think they’re friends with the nurses but those nurses are defo talking mad shit about them and hope they never have to see them again.

No. 1819143

"oh no, all I do is live at my relatives' house for an extended period of time, cook a bunch of b/p food in their kitchen, and gentle rattle my skeleton all over every family gathering. Why don't they like me very much???"

real head-scratcher, Aidel

No. 1819277

File: 1683054744207.jpeg (189.54 KB, 1170x1876, IMG_9665.jpeg)

attention guys “ana is her drug” but she adds recovery hashtags

No. 1819278

darn forgot to sage

No. 1819298

Colors of the dark behavior.

No. 1819317

File: 1683061025584.jpeg (231.69 KB, 1170x2394, F23C06A5-1C9B-4805-945F-D6D9CE…)

Lauren has never been underweight but Rachel all of a sudden got scary thin… Like skeletal. So I can understand why she’s in treatment

No. 1819331

>she really has the sweetest personality
people with sweet personalities don't threaten medical workers and nurses and get into physical fights with them

No. 1819340

yeah, anon needs to supply evidence of a "sweet personality" if they want anyone to take that claim seriously.

No. 1819363

She’s doing the ponytail to make the hair loss more obvious, so predictable

No. 1819381

File: 1683068994820.png (369.13 KB, 469x766, Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 6.10…)

"crazy to think that a few years ago I would never have posted this"

You've been posting this basically every day for the last year now, Ham, nobody is shocked.

No. 1819385

Sometimes wonder if she pays for the nice comments. No way normal people want to stare at that for more than a few seconds

No. 1819411

This treatment centre she's in is not an ED specific, it's a private facility mostly known for addiction. She wouldn't have to follow much of a regime when it comes to meals. Since it's not ED specific it's sort of left to the pt to follow meals, do snacks etc. I thought if you don't show some kind of improvement or the behaviours get worse they d/c you. I'm quite surprised they took her on the first place tbh. They never used to take spoops but perhaps insurance and if she's medically stable?

No. 1819414


What was she in the AIS for?

No. 1819424

Bless you op kate's fucking airplane bodycheck makes me kek every time thank you for including it in the collage ily

No. 1819492


This is how I look, a few weeks postpartum… it’s rough going kek(learn to sage)

No. 1819494

File: 1683081619264.png (59.99 KB, 423x671, Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 9.41…)

Enara entirely missing the point, as usual.

No. 1819500


This woman is insufferable smh

No. 1819503

File: 1683082294895.png (71.45 KB, 423x683, Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 9.52…)

won't she lose her benefits if she works? or is her military benefit permanent?

No. 1819506

this shit is crazy, they’d absolutely end up with a Do Not Readmit warning where I work for stalking

No. 1819511

genuinely can't tell if she's stupid or just thinks everyone else is stupid

No. 1819513

Sage your shit

No. 1819515

Who's the other cow?

No. 1819518

What's with Kara and stalking/harassing skellies?(see previous thread). Is she missing her old underwear skellie days? I thought she moved on from recovering.chii to "living".chii. doesn't seem to be living much if she's obsessed with skellies. Kek. Also how does she look people in the eye in life- her naked ass pictures are all over the internet.

No. 1819520

With DSP in Aus (I'm assuming it's you're to your level of impairment) you're 'allowed' to work a crushing amount of hours a week (ie.15hr) but Centrelink will take a percentage off, so she'd get 50c or 80c to the dollar (I dunno exactly). If you continuously work those hours or more you will either lose the benefits or be re-assesed to be fit for work. You're supposed to get re-assesed every 2 years but I assume with her lengthy Dx list and other supplemental payments she probably got a 'lifetime' pass so to speak. On that note though, those on DSP are not supposed to go on Holidays w their money etc (phones no shits given obviously) If she's getting $2k+ a fortnight, she's sitting prettier than most who work 30+ hrs a week

No. 1819521

Never heard of being medically stable if you're that underweight.. you can have safe labs and vitals but once they see your BMI it's a no you're not stable

No. 1819522

imo, kara is the eating disorder equivalent of a dry drunk. She's kept her weight stable at a "high enough" weight for a couple years now, but she clearly hasn't emotionally let go of the "glory" of her skelly days yet and is still wistful about it and is secretively living vicariously through other anas via social media while hiding it from her boyfriend, parents, etc and pretending to be Totally Recovered

No. 1819523

Samefag sorry for autocorrect autism

No. 1819524

how on earth does she think she could hold down a job when she regularly spends weeks at a time in psych units and swallows batteries whenever she feels the impulse

No. 1819526

You definitely can be. As long as bloods and vitals aren't critical (you basically don't need medical admission) then the insurance and centre are good with it (gotta cover their ass)

No. 1819527

File: 1683084937333.png (770.21 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230502-233549.png)

No. 1819528

File: 1683084968231.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230502-233557.png)

No. 1819529

File: 1683085016726.png (94.94 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230502-233606.png)

No. 1819530

Hol up…skelly undies days… is this the same girl that slept on the couch and wouldn't change clothes and wore crusties for fuck knows how long?

No. 1819532

some of her shit is milky, but this is pretty boring typical ana shit

No. 1819534

no, kara just posted a lot of pictures of her emaciated body in her underwear

No. 1819537

Huh. maybe it's different in the US. Most centers start saying no when it's a BMI of 15, you're lucky if they take you at a BMI of 13 , and totally in the woods if BMI 12/11 and under

No. 1819538

Wouldn't put it past her tho.. always wondered how she is in her unglorified real life. We know she's a balding narcissist but that's all

No. 1819541

Do all of the super skellies just end up at specialized places like denver acute? or like what happens to them generally, if you know

No. 1819543

there are some specialized places that will take them (ACUTE, Radys, UNC Chapel Hill, sometimes places like Princeton or Rogers or Melrose or similar, depending on exactly what's up with them medically) and otherwise they usually end up in medical hospitals to gain a little weight first.

No. 1819544

If you have insurance maybe acute , if not they just stay that way until something happens.

No. 1819545

File: 1683087131839.png (518.46 KB, 1076x1539, img.png)

for you, nonna

No. 1819551

File: 1683088317940.gif (7.81 MB, 600x1067, img.gif)

Thankful that Kate is dishing out gratuitous eagle content in between desperate sounding tweets about the spaces she's been hosting

No. 1819552

File: 1683088455503.png (163.35 KB, 423x668, Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 11.3…)

She literally couldn't even go one night without calling an ambulance at her academic conference yet thinks she's fit to work as a nurse.

No. 1819554

Shit I wish I could just call a number for some delivery benzodiazepines lol

No. 1819558

no, no, enara gets nothing and everyone is horrible to her and neglects her

No. 1819559

Haha oh shit my bad, let me just re check my privilege

No. 1819562


Please, stop trying to make that stonerexia girl happen, it's not going to happen.

No. 1819568

This is hella creepy. Not sure if it's illegal but it's super creepy and weird.

No. 1819572

She literally skips the point of the msg 100% of the time which is manipulative in itself.

No. 1819575

Personally I think she's 100% happening.

No. 1819576

File: 1683092330009.png (2.02 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230503-013848.png)

No. 1819577

please stop posting all of these screenshots with zero commentary and minimal milk

No. 1819591

I've seen this happening a lot lately and it just makes me think self post or cowtipper

No. 1819592

Samefag but I lk think the stonerexia (the name alone is milky) is self posting. Seems like something they'd do to feel valid and sick. Waiting for the 'omg I'm on lolcow, such victim, ass pat me

No. 1819599

That suicidal but some antipsychotics and sleep cured it enough to have the clarity to go to a conference so as to not waste money? Tf? And in guessing her history was noted when she called an ambo and sent whoever it was out instead. Give her what she wants in the least detrimental way to the health system. Wait and repeat

No. 1819622

File: 1683101637998.jpeg (176.21 KB, 915x915, A2F25561-0B94-4944-A458-A66AD9…)

babybicep said on her tt she used to do these miniature watercolors but lost her passion for them. yikes she was quite talented but all that’s in the bin now that she’s a skelly with no drive and ambition

No. 1819630

Yeah, I've had the same feeling that it's self-posting (and that some of the attempts at discussion are too, especially the comments about how sweet her personality is) but didn't want to outright say that because people also get annoyed by accusations of self-posting

No. 1819632


Apologies, I keep forgetting. I’m relatively new here and as mentioned, I’m a few weeks postpartum, the baby brain is real!(no1currs)

No. 1819633

File: 1683103218737.png (104.1 KB, 426x677, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 3.40…)

Don't worry, Enara heard you and she's back to being suicidal and sending her psychiatrist emails about it!

Obviously someone who studied suicide (and wrote a thesis about it) and is giving a related presentation at a conference can't possibly know any coping mechanisms for suicidal thoughts and needs instagram to help. As if she wasn't already getting enough input from professionals and didn't claim to do research in this field.

No. 1819635

So she's studying nursing/mental health, whatever she's self reporting and calling it study, yet doesn't know what skills to do for being suicidal or where to get help? Kek ok, just post for the ass pats and uwu Also, how do you fo from suicidal last night, to being ok for a conference (because you didn't want to waste money) to suddenly being suicidal again that evening? So convenient. Her poor fucking psychiatrist

No. 1819638

Enara getting invited anywhere to perform her purposeless sob story reminds me of an episode of the Golden Girls where Rose gets invited to read a letter she wrote about world peace, because it was so dumb they thought an actual child wrote it

No. 1819639

Kek thanks for that reference nonnie

No. 1819678

Eh they're average at best. Said it before but I've seen better multiple times on etsy.

No. 1819681

nayrt but it's miles better than what she does these days

No. 1819686

ACUTE doesn’t take Medicare, Medicaid, or TRICARE. So if they don’t have private insurance or aren’t crazy medically unstable and admitted to hospital, they just rot at home

No. 1819705

She is trying so hard to look thin kek take a breath!

No. 1819707

not really saying much tho is it?

No. 1819718


The crusty draugr you mean is Bella (Thane.of.windhelm or something similar)

No. 1819726

i was thinking this too

No. 1819729

Yes! Oh man, that permanent groove in the couch and crusty undies was…. disturbing

No. 1819730

Her face looks more trans and ugly than usual but she actually looks like she's lost a little bit of weight. Is she ReLaPsInG kek

No. 1819833

your ass looks trans

No. 1819846

No one cares, integrate and stop reddit spacing

No. 1819902

these have got to be conferences that accept basically every submission, right? I can't imagine her producing competitive research

No. 1819917

Thanks anon, a thread is a thread!

No. 1819922

Kek I didn't even notice these when I saw it on her story the other day. What the fuck is her mum actually doing letting her daughter dig her own grave over exam stress? Kind of a-logging but I seriously hope she gets shit results and realises that maybe living in fantasy frozen fruit land isn't giving her brain the nutrition it needs

No. 1819950

same way niamh thinks she’ll study nursing. DELUSION

No. 1819954

also niamh is 100% playing up the exam stress for asspats, she’s not even doing the same standard of exams most people her age are.

No. 1819958

she won’t get shit results because she has zero life other than studying… as besides obsessing over her body and gross clothes, she has next to no friends or social life whatsoever.

No. 1819961

she won’t get shit results because she has zero life other than studying… as besides obsessing over her body and gross clothes, she has next to no friends or social life whatsoever.

No. 1820025

i agree, might be selfposting. or vendettaposting. because again, nothing too special or milky. if we’ll start posting every single anachan that’s throwing tantrums about tubes or forced recovery in general, this page would be flooded.
but the other comment was 100% not her own, i actually defended her.

No. 1820086

Seems you're in the minority

No. 1820111

legliftlaura went from posting 24/7 to complete radio silence immediately after getting off 1:1 and i don’t think it’s because she’s living her best life, methinks i was too optimistic on behalf of this cow

No. 1820146

I'm not from the UK so don't really know the types of exams so just wondering what she is doing differently to her peers? She keeps saying "higher" so I assumed it was advanced.

No. 1820177

What a waste of views and followers. Also did Han ever actually go to treatment and for how long?

No. 1820179

no, she cried on camera while eating mcdonalds in the car with her mom for about a year

of course, if you ask her camhs had a hospital bed with her name on it and she bravely fought her way out

No. 1820181

File: 1683171719230.png (210.28 KB, 1054x616, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 10.4…)

The beginning of Ham's recovery

No. 1820183

File: 1683171796709.png (537.1 KB, 1055x667, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 10.4…)

This appears to be the earliest half-clothed picture

No. 1820184

So she calims she's always overcoming and in recovery but still not doing outpatient? Therapy and group support should be kind of a lifetime thing when you have mental illness and dont seem to be doing much else but make the appearance youre going to college. I wish she'd fill her life with something else

No. 1820185

File: 1683171845623.png (716.46 KB, 1057x664, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 10.4…)

Midpoint of recovery

No. 1820186

File: 1683171887912.png (726.89 KB, 1051x665, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 10.4…)

The beginning of the McDonalds recovery arc

No. 1820187

File: 1683172006859.png (865.93 KB, 1193x687, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 10.4…)

Cured with no therapy other than fast food with mom

No. 1820189

File: 1683172054322.png (1.12 MB, 936x794, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 10.4…)

Last screenshot, but her feed has been like this ever since

No. 1820190

I don't want to put down everything she does but I feel she can easily change gears at this point to not living with the label of recovery warrior with all the attention she now has. It's harmful to stay stuck in "this is my ana story and my body now" forever.

No. 1820214

File: 1683178374646.png (838.64 KB, 803x908, Screenshot 2023-05-04 153124.p…)

sage for non-milk, but i just saw that Elzani now has a bf.
the kicker is that they look so much alike I literally thought it was her cousin or some shit

No. 1820215

you're not kidding, his smile looks just like her smile

Good for her, though

No. 1820248

File: 1683183226801.jpeg (227.32 KB, 1170x2057, 03EB1A6F-2A27-4AE7-93C7-03D5AC…)

tw jumpscare” kek at least she’s self aware

No. 1820260

If you told me that was her brother I'd believe it. Or Ham with a male filter.

No. 1820262

File: 1683185345196.jpeg (202.82 KB, 1179x2086, IMG_4580.jpeg)

why she keeps doing this face is horrific

No. 1820264

File: 1683185383736.jpeg (160.31 KB, 1179x2096, IMG_4016.jpeg)

like, NO. just no

No. 1820266

She's going to get gnarly smile lines and marionette lines making that face as often as she does with the obvious dehydration signs and malnourishment.

No. 1820283

That's one way to deflect questions about why you look like shit in your stories lately… she looks like a mom screaming at a teenage fast food worker. Tragic to think that is actually still a teenager.

No. 1820306

This is the true jump scare

No. 1820313

opinions on katiestatonfitness preaching recovery when i think she's got orthorexia, asks for fear foods and gets around eating them, eats wrap pizzas, wears size 4 jeans, has to flaunt abs in the middle of winter i don't know something off about her(this is an imageboard, sage your shit)

No. 1820327

I’ll never understand why folks decide to take a pic of themselves, whilst crying

No. 1820329

C’mon nonna you know why…it’s an enormous attention beg. I had a friend who would post dramatic snap and insta stories when she was mad at someone knowing they’d see it. I’m talking “you never hear from me again I’m turning my phone off” level dramatic; the crying is the same thing. It’s so embarrassing and manipulative but mostly it’s just funny.

No. 1820339

Queen of this was, ‘crying Emily’ kek. I’m happy to see she’s doing well now though

No. 1820340

come on, anons, sage if you're not posting milk

No. 1820341

File: 1683197563543.jpg (123.52 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230504_202022_Ins…)

Enaras going off the deep end.
Hospitalisation due to suicide attempt in 3, 2….

No. 1820342

she's waiting until she gets home, as usual.

No. 1820343

Oh shoot, I’ve been typing ‘sage’ in the subject field ffs

No. 1820355

I actually burst out laughing seeing this thanks nona

No. 1820357

drawing chipmunks is favorable over being an anachan lolcow, yes.

No. 1820374

she missed a lot of school because she was inpatient but still I’m pretty sure doing highers at 17 is pretty standard. I hope she fails tho kek, get in her anachan brain that living off of 50 calorie smoothies isn’t enough to fuel her brain

No. 1820378

Scottish farmer here;
Our exam board (SQA) works by a credit system (SCQF).

To keep it simple and stick with what is available in public high-school (she goes to Leith high-school but I'm not going to check) there are:
• National 4 (24 credits, level 4)
• National 5 (24, level 5)
• Higher (24, level 6)
• Advanced Higher (32, level 7)

She's in her last year of high-school, for me in 2017 the average set of exams we had were 5 highers, or 3-4 highers and 1-2 advanced Highers respectively, or your national 5 resits and whatever space you had left on your timetable for highers/advanced highers.
When you sit your National 5s, if you're too thick to sit an exam, then drop you down to National 4 so it's all based on in class grades. The rest of them are based on your final exam, which is one or two papers.

There's also college or uni access courses which are worth more points and there are lower level qualifications but I've never known anyone stupid enough to need to sit them.

I don't know how many highers niamh is doing but either way if the stress is real or played up they're not that important because you can resit in any public college for FREE because we live in Scotland, like, calm down.


No. 1820382

It’s giving Paris

No. 1820385

She looks like she’s trying to go for the Alysia look. Those face folds are going to become permanent if she keeps it up

No. 1820386

Kek she’s not crying. You can see in her eyes how fake it is.

No. 1820387

Fuck that's pathetic. I wonder how many photos she had to take before she was decided that was one that made her look the most pitiful kek

No. 1820388

Where’s the milk?

No. 1820391

legitimately thought this was a picture of gabby petito the vibes are so creepy

No. 1820394

File: 1683207142448.jpg (266.36 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230504_143207_Ins…)

"One more exam"
Hasn't she only sat two subjects?
So she's doing maths, English and one other Higher? Yeah that's bare minimum and below average, especially for how ~academic~ she is

No. 1820402

She did biology too, most uni courses require 4 highers so doing 4 is pretty standard

No. 1820441

Incorrect, Paris wouldn’t dream of even touching fries! Heaven forbid, she might absorb some of the oil from them!

No. 1820474

yeah, last year maybe, and most scottish students sit at least 5 in 5th year (niamh is now 6th year) everyone else her age will be doing advanced highers. i reckon this is niamh trying to convince us all how clever she is- not smart enough not to post your university and chosen degree to all your followers though?

No. 1820505

No one gives a fuck about her exams

No. 1820506

I am generally curious to see a day in the life with Paris. She complains all day about how her life sucks but she doesn’t do anything? Like has no one told her that maybe leaving her childhood room once in a blue moon and motivate herself to do something besides take pics and post about how miserable she is might actually help her feel less miserable?! I don’t get these parents who just let their kids live in their bedroom and do absolutely nothing to get them out for years on end. Like her parents are keeping her sick at this point.

No. 1820544

here you go: wake up, mope about in bed, set up phone to film yourself looking sad, moan on social media, spend money on weird stuffed toy, photograph cat, moan on social media again.

No. 1820567

you forgot going ton mcd’s or coffee shop with mum & brother and have them film her

No. 1820582

File: 1683231857904.jpg (286.84 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230504_212520_Gal…)

It looks like Becca has a tube in this pic? Did anyone know she had a tube this time last year??

No. 1820637

File: 1683235746534.jpeg (133.88 KB, 1170x2394, 0B2413BE-FBB4-4352-BF3D-D5366F…)

Enara has admitted that she’s desperate to be hospitalised long term. She is so fucked up. All she wants is to be in Hospital long term with nursing attention. Photo 1 of 2

No. 1820638

File: 1683235797396.jpeg (128.89 KB, 1170x2387, 5F7A2577-3A96-46B4-A00C-243BFD…)

Enara admitting to wanting to do something drastic to end up in hospital long term photo 2/2

No. 1820641

File: 1683236321217.jpeg (64.8 KB, 1164x333, 2B46B083-FD73-43F5-A69D-F0A578…)

This post is Enara again, I just cropped her 500000 word “I’m so miserable” ramble to the good bit… Says she’s contacted her dietitian because she’s “scared of food again” after a day of eating “nothing” but yogurt, coffee and oh, lollipops (soooo Anorexic). This girl is a joke and all she wants is attention attention attention

No. 1820658

File: 1683237499703.jpeg (936.51 KB, 4095x2730, AF261BD6-BB50-4896-A914-F9CD4C…)

What is going on with Kate?? She has gastric sleeve surgery (first pic is before gastric sleeve) then she lost a shit tonne of weight and claimed having an ED (middle photo) and now she’s looking obese again?? I didn’t think it were possible to re-gain the weight after weight loss surgery but man she’s gained a LOT in a short time… and STILL claims ED (just got discharged from a refeeding admission)

No. 1820668

This is basically impossible to read?

No. 1820674

File: 1683237750866.png (948.26 KB, 1170x2532, F4212EE5-4006-40AF-B644-0C7D19…)

For reference to my above post, this was like a week ago she was in for “refeeding” despite being obese again

No. 1820675

File: 1683237651294.png (948.26 KB, 1170x2532, 9A8F43E5-7C97-4D31-96CC-447B92…)

For reference to my above post, this was like a week ago she was in for “refeeding” despite being obese again

No. 1820714

it's actually really common for people to regain a lot of weight after weight loss surgery. If you don't make progress on the emotional/mental stuff that led you to overeat enough to become morbidly obese, you probably won't stick with the post-surgical diet and will slowly stretch your stomach out again and be able to regain a lot of weight. That's why on a lot of the weight loss TV shows like My 600 lb life, the doctor will make someone lose a significant amount of weight before surgery - that's supposed to help screen for people who are actually able to make the necessary lifestyle changes and increase the chances that they stick to the diet and keep the weight off.

No. 1820741

Was she ever even a bit underweight?

No. 1820743

that photo and >>1820183 are the thinnest she's ever looked in photos that she's shared. I really feel like someone tried to take the "scared straight" approach with her and her parents by explaining all the things that can happen if you have a bad enough eating disorder and they interpreted it as being true for her at that moment. So "you could end up in hospital" became "there is a bed with your name on it" in her mind.

No. 1820824

does anyone know what time her dietitian removed it??

No. 1820859

Oh shit nonnie! I vaguely remember her mentioning the time once, twice… maybe three times? I think we’d need Lyn the dietitian to come and confirm that for us all, kek.

No. 1820880

ntayrt but the point was to showcase that someone was cowtipping on twitter, you don’t need to read the screenshots that were tweeted to understand that it’s against the rules

No. 1820938

Kara's boy friend is a ghost. We hear about him but we don't see him. Avid imagination this one. Needs to keep her life seem interesting after having to give up her spoop identity and not getting anymore asspats for ReCoVeRy

No. 1821034

Huh. Anyone have pictures of this boi? Now I'm curious who would put up with this self obsessed and obviously mentally unhinged chic…

No. 1821038

she's never posted a picture of him. She's said before that he doesn't want to be on her social media, which honestly seemed reasonable to me given that her social media is an ed-focused account with a ton of followers but maybe I'm being naive by believing her.

No. 1821044


are you sure she's had weight loss surgery? I did a quick search of her tictok and I can't find any posts about it

No. 1821050

File: 1683269048771.png (68.71 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230505-024447.png)

No. 1821051

File: 1683269242238.png (573 KB, 694x747, Screen Shot 2023-05-05 at 1.48…)

wake up babe, new fake tears just dropped

No. 1821067

Ham isn't an anacow anymore she's just an embarrassing wannabe who just posts pics of her gut. Not milky

No. 1821071

Ooo good eye nonnie do we know who the little duck farmer is?

No. 1821072

she's never actually been anorexic, but people have had fun making fun of her for a long time now. If you don't enjoy it, scroll past or post some other milk.

No. 1821073

File: 1683271439458.jpeg (40.33 KB, 1179x758, IMG_4645.jpeg)

No. 1821074

how on earth do you just know the profile picture of an account with 6 followers

No. 1821086

ntayrt but you can just go through the cows followers usually and play spot the profile pic

No. 1821092

Diagnoses listed in bio, of course. She's not any better than the cows herself.

No. 1821093

File: 1683276569946.png (732.02 KB, 1242x2688, 10E4E4DC-95FB-4BB5-AA13-6E8222…)

laura looks so drugged up i kind of feel bad for her

No. 1821102


she ALWAYS has her mouth hanging open. something is definitely off.

No. 1821103

Ikr even the name screams tumblr anachan cow wannabe

No. 1821145

Kek my bad, it is my 2014 "tumblr" account that I cleared out for farming and clearly the retardation took over last night when the site kept failing to resize the image.
Embarrassing tbh
But not as embarrassing as the 8 people who've requested to follow the account, that's how I knew I had fucked my crop.

No. 1821160

Kek. Imageboard
Name and shame the followers

No. 1821174

File: 1683298179922.png (186.22 KB, 2016x1512, besties.png)

I declined most of them until I realised what was happening but here are two of my new best friends

No. 1821183

sage for rambling. new to the world of ana scumbags on lc. I follow edtwt scum usually. anyways. enara is absolutely infuriating, the point of all of these benefits is so she can seek the help she needs and be rehabilitated so she can return to the work force. even severe PTSD is able to be managed so she can get at least a part time job kek. what a cow, happy to have glanced at snow for once

No. 1821243

File: 1683306522106.jpg (271.02 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230505_180750_Ins…)

Abby seems to be making some real progress, but I can't help fantasising about her becoming the next Ham with the likeness of coffee-shop 'challenges' at the beginning

No. 1821251

That's the dumbest connection . But I'm curious how you think she'd be the next ham.. in what way? Identity crisis?

No. 1821254

File: 1683308311648.jpeg (65.23 KB, 1170x665, EE617C64-5A66-430D-968D-AC4294…)

shes so obviously not recovering, when she gets inpatient in 2 weeks nobody will cry for her

No. 1821256

nice way to post a bodycheck niamh with the baby photo to remind us you lost weight!!(don't post pics of underage kids. Deleted image.)

No. 1821258

Kara has a pretty admirable record of lies so wouldn't be surprised
"I don't post on lol cow" yet she does.
"I'm in recovery" losing weight instead
"I regret posting before and Afters" yet keeps them on her pages
"I'm recovered" sticking to minimum BMI and posts body checks on stories ..

No. 1821259

Do you know what this word means, anon?

No. 1821262

she just answered the question for them, if she was recovering she wouldnt have been so defensive

No. 1821264

>can't wait to see you back in hospital with a nose hose you ugly rat
[ >>1799572 ]

No. 1821267

knobby kneed in every photo, but definitely not body checks

No. 1821279

Kek, excuse me? It's more the comparison that's the body checking aspect but that bottom left photo? That's not even an "outfit" babe that's just pure "look at how skinny I am"

No. 1821296

File: 1683313074404.png (2.04 MB, 2016x1512, abbygoesfishing.png)

Hi, I'm Abby, I'm a self obsessed narcissist and I love banging my head!
I love long stays in the hospital, challenging biscuits (they're hard to puke) and sneak attacking my nurses with purging !
I don't really know if I'm bi or lesbian, I guess I'll just take whoever I can at this point. Hmu x

No. 1821300

File: 1683313286829.jpg (144.73 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230505_200225_Gal…)


No. 1821302

File: 1683313400572.jpg (138.24 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230505_200222_Gal…)


No. 1821306

File: 1683313510353.jpg (149.67 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230505_200207_Gal…)


No. 1821313

Sorry to ask to be spoonfed, but whats her tiktok? I literally can't find it anywhere.

No. 1821314

you're weird

No. 1821320

I think you've forgotten where we are, it's brilliant.

No. 1821324

Anon.. it's in the threads OP.

No. 1821326

I ducking love the autism in this thread.

(Autocorrect doing me a relevant solid with ‘ducking’ there)

No. 1821337

Nyart but I can't make that link work, nor can I find an active account when searching for that username

No. 1821364

Ayrt no, she's weird. All of her photos on her dating profile are showcasing her headbanging wounds
I'm just correcting the profile

No. 1821365

ayrt i was being sarcastic sorry, been a long day

No. 1821366


Is this a legit profile? Oh my god, the photos. Also she is closer to 5 6 than 5 8(sage your shit)

No. 1821373

this is hilarious because lous.recovering is literally the girl that self-posted in the last thread

No. 1821406

Classic anachan move, pretend like you're recovering while obviously not recovering.

No. 1821418


No. 1821419

Reminder not to go flock the account, it has like 300 views per video so it'll be really obvious

No. 1821427

Ayrt. Yes it's her profile that came up on "HER Lesbian, bi and Queer dating app"
I wish 5 miles was more like 50

No. 1821430


No. 1821431

File: 1683327561849.jpeg (273.13 KB, 1242x1993, 43E40FE8-5454-4AEB-BB7E-6FEAF8…)

some niamh info from edtwt

No. 1821438

What’s Kara’s socials again?

No. 1821443

No. 1821447

I'll never stop finding it funny how stupid edtwt users are. "Water logged" for "water loaded", kek.

No. 1821449

She's @living.chii on Instagram

No. 1821450

that's true, but I feel like her style is more denial or distorting the truth rather than making things up outright. It would be pretty ballsy to make up a boyfriend that you live with on your public, fairly popular social media. Seems like a high chance that someone who knows you IRL calls you out, especially when you know a bunch of people from being in treatment a lot who probably follow you.

No. 1821452

samefag, but just to be clear: I think it would be hilarious if she was making up the boyfriend. I doubt it, but not because I think highly of Kara.

No. 1821459

Her voice infuriates me, no end

No. 1821527

She was once hospitalized for a year from 2018-2019 allegedly for anorexia but she never looked like a low weight and simply just refused to eat and be tubed and given a meal plan for months on end. It was definitely a Bpd scenario as she seemed to just want to stay in hospital for the attention.

Mind you this was when she was still underage so they're obliged to act on patients who won't eat even if it is just for attention.

Except now she's in her twenties and the act hasn't stopped.

No. 1821622

File: 1683351109523.png (388.28 KB, 430x670, Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 12.3…)

apparently Aidel is back on drugs

No. 1821624

File: 1683351169497.png (101.31 KB, 430x673, Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 12.3…)

Maybe that explains her weird as fuck skin?

Unrelated: her parents must be fucking rich. Does anyone know what they do for work and why she's not with them?

No. 1821626

Thought this was elliot page when scrolling by kek

No. 1821628

Babybicep was suggested to me on Instagram reels and she actually seems nice. I watched some of her videos. She doesn’t seem like a cow, unless I’m missing something. Yes, her entire page is bodychecks, but that’s just how she looks.

No. 1821637

File: 1683353944061.png (109.22 KB, 431x677, Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 1.19…)

Cue stunt to get admitted any minute now.

No. 1821668

No, it isn’t. The links for her acc hasn’t been updated in forever.
Thanks nonny.

No. 1821672

File: 1683362678095.jpeg (130.58 KB, 640x1054, 0DCEECFF-D655-475D-BAE0-4E2134…)

Her stomach looks absolutely disgusting. The skin is so mottled and haggard looking.

No. 1821673

File: 1683362717873.jpeg (97.16 KB, 640x948, C14B4968-6ABD-4732-B370-36BBA4…)

The difference Niamh is they’re a healthy weight and you look like a 60 year old woman before you’re even 20.

No. 1821674

She’s doing nursing at Edinburgh but she’s taking a gap year at first so she can have a job. She wants to be a mental health nurse. Imagine that lmao.

No. 1821679

File: 1683365495899.jpg (49.95 KB, 506x482, 345035956_547334154227997_1363…)

What's that weird blood spot above her bellybutton?

No. 1821685

File: 1683366712353.jpeg (45.21 KB, 640x938, BD88633C-0E2C-464C-BADA-7BD83F…)

I SAID NO ONIONS!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1821686

Maybe she's going full BPD on us and tried to pierce it herself

No. 1821687

Maybe she's going full BPD on us and tried to pierce it herself

No. 1821690

Pretty sure she said it is a hot waterbottle burn kek

No. 1821691

Nothing, she just looks like a fucking idiot or a toddler who’s just getting used to their legs

No. 1821719

Her dog looks so sad and bored, I don’t even really like dogs but it makes me sad that he’s stuck with her as an owner, a bpd head case who probably has anger issues.

No. 1821729

like nonna >>1821690 said, damage from hot waterbottles, something very normal among anorexics

No. 1821730


that shirt literally looks like the kind of paper shirts hospitals give out when they take away your clothes

No. 1821738

File: 1683378541655.jpg (132.47 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20230506_140958_Ins…)

No. 1821755

Doing a piercing yourself makes you BPD? Kek ok non

No. 1821895

File: 1683392735312.png (157.44 KB, 1150x2048, FvdU5KIXwAAvPwJ.png)

I don't care how anemic you are, you don't get that many bruises on your legs unless you're a dancer

No. 1821898

File: 1683392995125.png (104.15 KB, 528x851, Screenshot 2023-05-06 130834.p…)

Or it could just be from shooting videos for her onlyfans?

No. 1821910

Maybe that is some sort of self harm?

No. 1821951

File: 1683397942851.jpeg (96.57 KB, 750x1305, 33375BF0-F3D5-48AE-8FA8-664F9F…)

I didn’t realise there had been a ‘attempt’

No. 1822016

Fuck her. She didn't want to kill herself. Maybe she thought about it bc her life is ~such a tragedy~.
That girl never felt real pain in her whole existence. Someone should punch the shit out of her that she has something to cry about for once. The attention seeking is next level shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1822030

wake up babe, new Ham lore just dropped

As far as I know, she's literally never mentioned this before. If it's true (IF) then maybe the "hospital bed with her name on it" was for suicidality because she was a minor, not ED. That might actually make that part of her story make sense.

No. 1822036

File: 1683407956969.png (212.66 KB, 1000x806, alogging.png)

No. 1822039

oh my god, anon, this is beautiful

No. 1822048

Does anyone have an approximate thread number for around when Enara started being discussed? I'd like to read about her introduction/lore. Thanks and have a peachy as fuck weekend.

No. 1822059

she has mentioned it before, i was looking through her ig to find the post but can't see it. if any other anon has a screencap of it please post

No. 1822076

retardanon here, someone explain this

No. 1822078

all the choices are "A: Log" because the person they responded to was a-logging. "A-logging" is a slang term for expressing an unreasonable amount of hatred towards someone, comes from the name of "Anthony LoGatto" who makes unhinged rants about Chris-Chan.

No. 1822084

any nonnies out there who can weigh in on pre-attempt becca? was she always this batshit crazy or did her attempt scramble her brains into something even worse? her precise tube timing obsession feels deeper than anachan brain rot, it feels like there’s legit something wrong in there. i feel like if there were any signs of developmental disabilities someone should have caught them long before this. i’ve only been around for a year or so idk what becca was like before. maybe i’m just too optimistic about baseline functionality for these cows

No. 1822088

kek ty i was like what’s “a wood”

No. 1822090

i believe she jumped off a bridge thats all the brain damage and sections. Whatdoesnt add up is that shes been in hospitals for years while Paris had a major bridge jump and severely chronic (whatever you call it) anorexic but shes in the community. Uk system confuses me

No. 1822091

Lmfao same

No. 1822100


Paris (with the full agreement from her mother) disengaged with any services psych or medical.
But her mother is weird- she’s the one who used to video paris, seems to be totally supportive of and perpetuating her anorexia, and follows paris on insta and TikTok.

No. 1822102

Yeah, the difference is that Becca (and other similar people) wants to be in services/hospital and will act manipulatively to stay there while pretending on social media that she wants to leave, whereas Paris and a lot of the other long term skellies genuinely don't want to get help and will refuse everything they can and try to conceal risk factors that might get them held against their will. It's very revealing of who likes the attention of being mentally ill vs. who is genuinely severely mentally ill and does not want help

No. 1822117

Nta but that is pretty common for bpdchans, not having the forethought to plan for a piercing, make an appointment, go get it done professionally. I've known many bpdchans who would just jab themselves with a sewing needle and shove an earing through it and end up with some terribly placed infected mess.

No. 1822118

>We survived the attempt
"We?" Did her mom attempt too? lol

No. 1822120

File: 1683418777475.png (574.19 KB, 608x633, Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 7.20…)

The face of someone whose type II diabetes has nothing to do with her weight.

No. 1822135

it's a trend where you talk to your past self, so "we" means present Ham and 16 year old Ham

No. 1822163

Guess that explains her cat scratches. What baffles me about those too is that they're mostly away from any arteries and on the outside of her arm. Carving attention seeking idiot on her forehead would've been less work.

No. 1822166

kek that Ham has put 1,000x more effort into her social media about her tragic life than into her attempts to actually larp

No. 1822207

You're retarded

No. 1822212

T. A bpdchan with terribly placed infected piercings

No. 1822222

At least Eugenia uses “my mom and I” half the time, Han is also an awkward giraffe that can’t funtion without being merged with their parent like EC. There’s still hope as she’s only 18 though…

No. 1822256

Yeah and her bladder issues totally have nothing to do with her caffeine intake either!

No. 1822285

Shes fast on deleting comments so still big chance. Who knows. Just mindboggling that a normal human would want to associate with the likes of Kara by choice.
This is the Kara that would leave horrible comments on sofia(happygutsrecovery)'s posts about how she deletes her own comments so her followers won't follow Sofia. The brainrot and ego tho.
Poor Sofia is dead. I wonder how Kara feels about it. Probably happy altho if it was me I'd feel sick and guilty to my stomach. But Kara is Kara. A narcissist and a loony case

No. 1822286

Why would a hot water bottle cause that?

No. 1822288

very ot comment but I just love how nonna took the time to go to edit this screenshot but decided not to crop it but to badly censor the other comments

No. 1822289

it's a burn. if you put them directly on your skin for too long, you'll burn yourself

No. 1822291

I am sceptical about it being a hot water bottle burn, looking them up on Google and they look pretty gnarly. She must have had the tiniest part of the bottle on that area. It does look like a spot as it's behind the flap of skin around the belly button as opposed to on top.

No. 1822293

File: 1683443243867.jpg (364.1 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230507_080621_Gal…)

Becca had genuine anorexia that she was put in the Dudhope unit for. I'm sure it was this hospital she was sexually assaulted on more than one occasion, with the last on resulting in her taking her leave from the hospital to jump off a car park.
She's always been funny at reminding us of the little details, like her blood sugar being 1.4 or her dietician lyn removing her tube at 12:12

No. 1822294

Ayrt when you screenshot, there's a popup that you can immediately edit the screenshot. I quickly cropped (muscle memory at this point) and decided to wiggle out the irrelevant comments. It took less than 10 seconds all in to screenshot and post so I definitely didn't "take the time" kek

No. 1822295

Agreed, she's had hot water bottle burn I'm the past. What, a single droplet of boiling water leaked and sat on one spot above her belly button? Press X to doubt

No. 1822297

Most people don't self harm with the intention of killing themselves.
Not defending becca or others like her but i'd argue wanting attention so badly you put yourself into a hospitla by any means possible is not normal and is indicative of being fairly unwell mentally.
NTA but plenty of normal teens have poor impulse control and do their own piercings and tattoos kek

No. 1822298

I mean, what else do you think it is? I can't imagine she's done anything very interesting to get a lil boo boo spot so it's hard to get that curious about it.

No. 1822301

Wow that's a lot of whiteknighting

No. 1822302

yeah, i def don’t doubt that some horrible shit happened to her, both in and out of treatment. it’s just so many little things — like her smile that looks like it’s a bit pasted on, the general tube obsession, the precise timing, the way she types, the identical tube selfies, to name a few— that really make me wonder how many (or how few) cylinders are firing in there.

No. 1822303

I agree that Becca is definitely not all there. I personally feel like she's been that way since before her attempt, so I think it's just whatever was originally wrong with her and not brain damage

No. 1822304

Disagreeing with you is not whiteknighting

No. 1822305

You didn't disagree with me, and it's still alot of whiteknighting

No. 1822310

damn, Josie really fucked herself over with the munching. She's talking about a permanent catheter now too (all while filming "a day. in the life") and spending thousands of dollars a month on garbage beauty products so she can live her influencer delusion, all while not working and having "respite" admissions. kek.

No. 1822314

It's called truth anon. It's not v whiteknighting of your just stating facts or alternative opinion. Where tf have all you retards come from. You sound like a 12yr old

No. 1822333

Sage for blogpost but I always supported Han because she was too young to handle all the hate. I like this thread, and I lurk it since the pandemic but I thought you guys went too far into bullying a 17 years old. Yesterday under her reel I wrote a supportive comment barely mentioning this forum ("LC", it wasn't even explicit) and she deleted it. WHAT THE FUCK.(cowtipping)

No. 1822335

ok but still got questions about the system! can they still do a mhaa despite her mother not want to? her life is in danger and no one can act?

No. 1822336

come on, anon, you said "sage for blogpost" and then didn't sage

No. 1822337

who is going to decide to do a mhaa if she's not seeing any doctors and her family isn't trying to get her hospitalized?

No. 1822339

'Sage for blog post' then doesn't sage

No. 1822340

Stop trying to cow tip dipshit
No1curr about your bleeding heart for Ham

No. 1822341

Stop trying to cow tip dipshit
No1curr about your bleeding heart for Ham

No. 1822342

File: 1683455356237.png (603.68 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230507-062220.png)

No. 1822343

File: 1683455396998.png (1.37 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230507-062249.png)

No. 1822350

I'd say it's fairly standard teen behaviour to pierce your own ears or whatever, but jamming a safety pin thru your belly button or piercing your face screams BPD. it kinda depends on the piercing.

No. 1822356

says someone who treats herself shitty enough to have to be hospitalized about it

No. 1822358


Who is this?

No. 1822368

File: 1683464897099.png (191.84 KB, 1080x1080, retard.png)

No. 1822373

File: 1683465881151.png (163.98 KB, 1554x1920, rules.png)

No. 1822374

why do people constantly ask who is this when the username is in the fucking picture

No. 1822380

Lol incredible, amazing work nonna

No. 1822404

As the non that posted about the tipping, these have made my day kek thanks nonnie

No. 1822417

it’s not, dumbass

No. 1822454


It’s not though. That’s the name of the saved story folder the story has been put into.

No. 1822499

File: 1683482013055.png (635.13 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230507-133346.png)

No. 1822514

why tf does it matter if it's men or women restraining her

No. 1822517

Trauma, dickhead

No. 1822519


No. 1822521

Trusted to wear socks? What an achievement!

No. 1822543

File: 1683485480505.jpg (356.22 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230507_195144_Ins…)

Oh, come on now, Zara. You've graduated. No more subtle hints at how your pure belly only takes water and meds…maybe eat before travelling or something idk

No. 1822545

File: 1683485550907.jpg (430.02 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230507_195312_Gal…)

Set your alarms nonnas, Beccas cheerleading videos are going live soon

No. 1822582

File: 1683489528283.png (840.53 KB, 932x2000, x.png)

No. 1822596

1. Selfpost
2. Of course men are going to restrain you in the mens ward. What a retard.
>Only saying that because she's fuckin chonky when she malingered her way into a diagnosis.

No. 1822604

I think I'm having an aneurism trying to understand your green text, nonna…

No. 1822606

AYRT I meant that she malingered her way into a phony diagnosis and now is crying about being fat (ala Leglifter Laura).

No. 1822611


No. 1822626

Which diagnosis?

No. 1822631

Big yikes. Id hate to be her. And not only because of her nose

No. 1822636

File: 1683495795585.jpg (253.47 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20230507-144231_Ins…)

The og leg lifter >>1822606

No. 1822639

File: 1683496046510.jpg (228.41 KB, 1064x1324, Screenshot_20230507-144545_Ins…)

No. 1822640

File: 1683496097837.jpg (101.69 KB, 544x1170, Screenshot_20230507-144606_Ins…)


No. 1822644

File: 1683496296446.jpg (157.24 KB, 1077x1224, Screenshot_20230507-145029_Ins…)

Who won? Laura or Kara ? But seriously what's with the leglifting stunts

No. 1822645

that's Becca, though, who I think most of us agree was Batshit Crazy before any of her admissions started

No. 1822672

File: 1683500027711.jpg (137.47 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230508_082213_Ins…)

Grizzo dropping Ana merch now her foray into anachan territory is done. Can't post underweight selfies anymore so she's trying to capitalise in a different way

No. 1822685

not to add she is also writing an e-book based on her recovery experience. /cringe

also, shes eating bare minimum, low fat foods and going on runs not even a month after returning home from hospital/treatment. much recovery…

No. 1822687

File: 1683501732892.png (1.31 MB, 1270x1323, Screenshot 2023-05-08 092243.p…)

sorry, forgot pic.

No. 1822688

File: 1683501782156.jpeg (187.43 KB, 1170x1090, IMG_8509.jpeg)

Stefania’s popping her collarbones every chance she gets

No. 1822691

she spends so much time posing for someone who has never been visibly underweight (inb4 bone rattling accusations: healthy looking thin isn't the same as underweight)

No. 1822703

File: 1683503166785.jpeg (218.37 KB, 1170x1789, IMG_8513.jpeg)

She looks like it here a bit, but she’s not severely underweight. The only reason she was tubed for so long was because she refused food specifically to get the toob

No. 1822760

Why is it always the fat girls who pull this "uwu so mentally unstable I can't be trusted alone uwu" larp.

No. 1822762

I wouldn't be shocked if she was 5-10lbs underweight. Depending on how you carry it, plenty of people don't look start "looking underweight" until there's a larger gap.(sage your shit)

No. 1822766

that's fair and I didn't really mean to make it a thing - I meant more that she posts a ton of shots where she's trying to look thinner than she really is

No. 1822802

“5-10 pounds underweight” and unsaged… Stefania is that you?(hi cow)

No. 1822841

How is Aidel a munchie

No. 1822843

Doctor shopping? Internationally??

No. 1822845

Do you know what muchie is short for? Aidel doesn't induce illness, she's just an anachan with a drug addiction. Traveling for healthcare or even doctor shopping doesn't mean you're fabricating/faking illness.

No. 1822846

She needed a crowdfunding campaign to be able to afford treatment apparently, but based on how much it raised in extremely confused on what money has been sustaining her all these months later, after soo much treatment and medical care

No. 1822847

Pretty sure it’s short for munchausen’s

No. 1822850

kek, yeah, I know what it stands for. My point was that she isn't fabricating illness, she's just being a typical noncompliant anachan.

No. 1822851

Clinging onto any last hope for a treatment centre to be the fit someone needs isn’t really doctor shopping. She’s not shopping for a shiny diagnosis or malingering like that term is actually meant for

No. 1822855

I've been wondering if she's a dual citizen and is on someone's American insurance. I think Canadian citizens can only stay in the US for six months at a time unless the have a work visa / residency and she came December 13th. So she only has a little over a month left before she's overstaying. If she's looking at going to monte nido, she must be planning to stay longer.

No. 1822857

Did you mean to reply to me?

Literally the text that google shows you if you ask for a definition:
> Munchausen's syndrome is a rare psychological and behavioural condition in which somebody fabricates or induces symptoms of illness in themselves.

Munchie is short for Munchausen. It came from threads mocking people who faked illness to get feeding tubes, ports, surgeries, drugs, etc.

No. 1822858

Woh, multiple times?

No. 1822859

Some classic munchies are:
- Kelly who picked at and infected her legs so many times that she ended up with a double amputation
- Jacquie who died after her intestines wrapped around a GJ tube she didn't need
- Paige who ended up with a finger amputation and now lives in a nursing home always claiming she's about to die
- bunch of idiots who claim to have POTS and MCAS to get ports and IV benadryl

Now, does that sound like Aidel?

No. 1822860

No I didn’t mean to reply to you, shit sorry. Too sleep deprived, this whole time I thought I was talking to an anon arguing that Aidel IS a munchie, meanwhile you and I are in agreement kek time for bed

No. 1822861

kek, oops, I thought that might be the case and just went for it anyway. Sorry anon!

No. 1822862

We’re in agreement. Sorry I’m overtired and thought it was the anon who called Aidel a Munchie that I was replying to

No. 1822895

steak and nuts aren’t low fat nonna

No. 1822901

THOSE were the good ol' days…
Thanks for all the happy memories!
There's nothing like some double, over-the-knee amputation after all that Kel put us through, hehe.

No. 1822905

got any links? sounds worth reading about them

No. 1822926

Imagine sitting and editing like 15 photos together thinking you’ve done something. You people are straight up projecting, you should use your own photos at this point. Its fucking sad on your end. The bet that you’s are all overweight sad and lonely fuck ups is almost certain lmao get therapy or kill yourselves. The world doesn’t need anymore shit cunts, got enough(sage your shit)

No. 1822933

How's steak and granola low fat? She's actually doing pretty well..

No. 1822935

Kek, so basically
>You're all fat!! Kill yourself!!
How unique, haven't heard that one before

No. 1822940

You got that from what I said sooo maybe your brains also telling u something(unsaged emoji)

No. 1822944

Y’all should do a big live stream and off yourselves one by one!! You’d have a HUUUGE audience

No. 1822947

so your message here is 'you are all terrible people for saying mean things, kill yourself'?

You, uh, see any hypocrisy in that?

No. 1822950

It’s not “saying mean things” be so fucking for real

No. 1822951

Oh anon, who is this we are graced with the presence of? Can you please stop fucking up the entire sight and just write sage in the email field for your autism going forward. Thanks in advance.

No. 1822952

Either go to fucking therapy and sort your deep engraved problems out in ur life or end it! :)(shoo)

No. 1822953

>How dare you all come onto an anonymous gossip site and gossip! That's horrible! You're the worst people ever!!
Anyway I bet you're fat and you should kill yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1822954

And no In advance x

No. 1822957

At least the rest of us can write semi-coherently ("engraved" for "ingrained", kek).

No. 1822958

Yeah, you probably need 50mg more per day of sertraline or something.

No. 1822960

Aw, the dumb baby deleted this genius comment:
> I’m probably 50mg lighter than you but pop off!

No. 1822961

File: 1683536606667.png (218.37 KB, 1554x1920, Ben_.png)

Come on, anon. You're almost there.

No. 1822970

It's definitely a tiktok zoomer, the lingo gives it away.
>sooo (eye emoji)
>be so fucking for real
>passive aggressive smily face and exclamation point
>pop off!
I'd also take bets for a Twitter anachan. Either way it must suck to have no personality or vocabulary outside of what social media deems popular at the current moment, it's sad really. A complete waste of a generation, I blame big tech.

No. 1822971

Fucking kek, you are my favorite anon

No. 1822972

i think anon probably meant trans fats. i had a brief look at her profile and not one single thing made me think she isnt still restricting/over exersizing on purpose.
also, that portion of protein on her plate alongside a spoonfull of rice is laughable. my 6yo sister eats more than that

No. 1822989

also gotta be someone disordered since it’s the classic thing of calling everyone here fat as the worst possible insult kek, maybe niamh

No. 1822995

Accurate, people who come here with their main insult being that we all must be seething fatties are so embarrassing. Like is it such a difficult concept to grasp that most people know how to feed themselves properly without being either overweight or underweight. They're just showing how much of their life revolves around food, what a pathetic existence.

No. 1822996

File: 1683542937880.png (815.74 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230508-064935.png)

No. 1822997

Oh yeah fucking right lol, she's always in bright hospitals with no sunglasses or eye covering. What a malingerer

No. 1823006

Have you seen/heard from Paige recently? I dont think she's posting (not that I know of but I don't have TT) It's unusual considering how much she used to post. Super curious as to why

No. 1823011

Britfag here, but wtf does she mean by, “cause of my special”. In England you rarely get a side room, in fact you rarely get a fucking bed on a ward atm, usually chill in a corridor for god knows how long until there’s a space. If you’re gonna cry about not getting single-room treatment, maybe don’t chomp down on inedible objects. Swear half of these cows would shit themselves if their treatment was by NHS guidelines kek.

No. 1823013

Beat me to it, I have the same question? Is it like the vulnerable persons act where vulnerable people get to have a responsible adult with them?

You're welcome lmao I decided to make the raids a bit more fun

No. 1823016

File: 1683547921879.webm (2.41 MB, 576x1024, Untitled (1).webm)

I really hope this video works for everyone lol, but the way Stefania cries is so funny to me. This is from an old tiktok where her toilet is overflowing and she's upset about having to go to the dentist the next morning. I trimmed it cause the original is like 2 minutes long. But the way she curls her mouth like a smiling fish without making any crying noises and then suddenly gasps for air just fucking kills me lol. Sorry this is mean and nitpicky but I couldn't resist.

No. 1823018

Hahaha kek the video plays fine for me but I wish it didn't, what the FUCK is she doing

No. 1823046


You’re 100% self posting, no one is critiquing anyone’s nutrition as closely as determining they aren’t eating trans fats specifically, wtf. Humans aren’t supposed to have trans fats anyway so woopdeedoo

No. 1823322

Thoughts on lique faith and or Amy bronwen ellis? They are two extremely ill women with anorexia in their later life both avoiding recovery for the most part. Lique even waited for a hospital bed, which is what her channel was about, only to leave. In other places she would be forced into treatment so idk what’s happening over where she lives.. same with Amy, she is a Brit or smth so i think they have laws about that too i not super familiar any sperg over

No. 1823325

Yeah it’s cause they need 1:1 supervision so they don’t do dumb shit or try to leave.

Also if she was really photophobic she wouldn’t have that big light on above her bed.

No. 1823326

Like eat batteries

No. 1823327

feel free to post some milk, but we're not your personal investigators

No. 1823329

I’m not looking for people to look into them. I was just curious as i never see people mention them. New anon here

No. 1823331

a seriously friendly piece of advice: learn how to sage and stop putting anything in the name field.

No. 1823333

she's doing the usual enara thing where she distorts everything to be as serious as possible. So "headache that makes light kinda hurt" becomes "photophobic"

No. 1823334

just put the word “sage” in the email box when u write a message and don’t put anything as your username. Don’t worry many new farmers dont know this stuff

No. 1823336

you're gonna have to include usernames. Other anons might know who these people are, but I don't and I've been reading these threads for a long time

No. 1823347

I’ve been wondering this for a while but do people ultimately wish for the people on this forum to recover? I remember lurking and reading about users graduating or something. Like what is the goal,

How did this come about? Was it like people who were just sick of fake recov accounts?
Genuinely curious

No. 1823348

unfortunately we can only explain the hive mind to people who follow the rules

No. 1823349

I saged…..i think

No. 1823350

File: 1683583950114.jpeg (168.84 KB, 1179x2017, IMG_4614.jpeg)

forgot to post this a few days ago, but imo nikol actually seems to look good?

No. 1823352

I don’t think that’s a new picture? I’m pretty sure that’s old, wasn’t the TikTok video only like a month ago?

No. 1823353

you did now!

There's not a "goal", it's just a gossip site. I think most non-horrible humans are happy to see people get healthy and do better, so most people here are happy to see cows stop attention-seeking and work towards more meaningful goals in their lives (which could just be stuff like "enjoying time with their families", not like super ambitious goals). Some of the meaner and/or less likable cows probably have fewer people rooting for them because they just kinda seem like genuinely bad people.

A lot of the "point" is just to poke fun at the truly ridiculous and transparent attention-seeking stuff that gets posted and to point out when people are being disingenuous. There's no intention to interact with those people directly. Think of it as a celebrity gossip site.

No. 1823355

Thanks for the explanation anon :)(:))

No. 1823359

This is pretty old news but it was genuinely a shock when i went to visit my folks and none other than fi, finding fi, holdings on the to. Needless to say im disowning my parents and cutting off all contact from my fi Stan parents

No. 1823360

*tv lol

No. 1823361

Ausfag here, we use the term “being specialed” to mean 1:1 nurse care, normally for patients with dementia or delirium. Idk if that’s what she means but even then we sometimes still use shared rooms if it’s not distressing to other pts

No. 1823362

damn you might be right. i was used to her posting mainly old skelly pictures, so i assumed it‘s a current one

No. 1823366

That’s kinda like how she was when talking about the time b4 her ed. although she could have just lost back to that. It’s a shame she feels she needs to be skelly.

Although it looks as if being Muslim has made her more optimistic about her life

No. 1823367

just save your blogposting for your diary ffs

No. 1823368

Just saying.. it was pretty weird

No. 1823376

I thought it was a larp?

No. 1823393

why do you care? im not the one you replied to but i thought it was an interesting anecdote because it illustrates the reach that these "recovery" influencers can manage to attain even beyond people in their own age group

No. 1823395

I am the one they replied to and as a new farmer i just kinda put it down to… oh i guess the rules are that strict. Also
I agree! It’s nuts, i know she was on to another time like 5 years ago b4 her relapse

No. 1823396

No. 1823397

I didn't think it was really egregious blogposting either, but c'mon anon don't use stuff like "b4"

No. 1823400

Maybe she's no-no casted on both arms. Will be interested to see when she comes back

No. 1823425

anyone know what’s up with cece these days ?

No. 1823437

hi cece("hi cow")

No. 1823463

Cece would at least know how to sage

No. 1823464

they just don't grow newfags like they used to

No. 1823467

Which anon called that Enara would do something retarded for attention and to stay in the states a little longer?

No. 1823468

File: 1683597164644.png (415.06 KB, 430x702, Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 8.53…)

Honestly, I hope Enara does end up in a DBT program and actually makes some progress on her BPD

No. 1823469

Enara is in Australia and made it back home to her state before swallowing shit, are you thinking of Aidel?

No. 1823475

File: 1683597912829.jpeg (317.41 KB, 1170x2178, 7EE41E52-4774-4BE2-919D-099FB8…)

Has she ever been posted?? Gained a shit ton of weight but eats the oddest foods seemingly to ease macro tracking. (who eats a pack of ham??) Reminds of of ganer meals. Maybe it’s just an English thing lol.

No. 1823478

kek, sorry britfags but I have to agree that most of your food is unappealing to other people

No. 1823479

File: 1683598104221.png (4.92 MB, 1170x2532, 55C0DB99-C28E-4B5B-9AAD-DF5F6D…)

How one can promote recovery and diet culture at the same time is truly beyond me…

No. 1823482

File: 1683598235162.png (618.76 KB, 696x707, Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 9.11…)

I can't stop laughing at this one.

No. 1823486

File: 1683598587343.jpeg (226.79 KB, 1170x1310, C7889850-34CA-4D84-BBC6-FE063C…)

Lmfaooo I’m struggling to find the difference… it’s truly giving ganer x ham

No. 1823488

They're both perpetual victims, Lique especially. They've been given so many opportunities to get better yet choose to live the sick life while complaining about the affects of anorexia, and yet still doing nothing to make it better. Lique wastes services that should go to people who genuinely need it, home care nurses, free hospital equipment meant for paraplegics. Even took a spot in hospice and overstayed for months, not to mention the multiple gofundme's where the money supposedly goes to recovery only for her to not recover. Amy is just a brat. Living at home while starving herself and making her elderly parents care for her, I remember a tiktok of hers from a few months back where she said she screamed "shut up" at her parents multiple times like a petulant child and then excused her behavior with no apology because she's "ill" uwu.

No. 1823501

Is it possible to musclerattle? She’s clearly flexing on the left.

No. 1823510

No. 1823517

my thoughts exactly, the body is the same. she is just tensing her muscles and posing like a dollar store Jesus on the left.

No. 1823522

that’s the point of her post though. that it’s the difference between relaxed and flexing like hell for the camera…it’s not a ~*before and after transformation*~ comparison

No. 1823527

File: 1683601878180.jpeg (142.06 KB, 1151x1041, 1683598587343.jpeg)

topkek. cant unsee now…

No. 1823530

Point of comment is flexed of unflexed doesn’t prove to show much difference on her body lol

No. 1823533

Samefag. Hence causing the point of her post to be entirely missed.

No. 1823546

Not sure if the thread knows, but apparently one of the fags selfposting in here had a meltdown on their instagram stories that they were being targeted on lolcow, now a bunch of wannabe anachans with their stats in their bios are posting about how ~shameful~ posting here is. So expect more unsaged whining newfags coming in here to "put us in our place" or some shit kek

The self posting was so obvious too. Same shitty cropping on every image. Even if it somehow wasn't self posting, it was clear it was the same single person posting, and none of the thread even gave a shit or took the bait

Nothing like some good ol self victimization

No. 1823549

>apparently one of the fags selfposting in here had a meltdown on their instagram stories that they were being targeted on lolcow

No. 1823551

oh, is this the stone-whatever person that nobody gave a shit about?

No. 1823553

File: 1683603752456.png (9.08 KB, 958x207, Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 10.4…)

guess so

congrats on making fun of yourself, I guess?

No. 1823557


No. 1823558

weird way to say you want someone to stick it in your butt, but okay

No. 1823560

I wouldn't even say their name or post screenshots, since this is exactly what they wanted by self posting here so many times, with absolutely no one giving a shit. They clearly want all the attention they can get

No. 1823561

I really don't quite understand the motivations behind self-posters beyond being terminally addicted to attention and thriving off of a steady stream of spite while poor nutrition eats at their brain. It's really bleak, like go get a life and/or some more therapy you self-posting fucks. You'll never be able to lead a fulfilling life if your self-actualization depends on the comments of anonymous internet strangers. but i digress, go caress your lawn

No. 1823562

true. I guess the only thing that stings more than people making fun of you is people not caring enough to make fun of you.

No. 1823569

Toppest of fucking keks, my good anon. I don't have anything more to add but your reply was gold

No. 1823583

She called it herself. She straight up said she couldn't wait to SH when she got home. My guess is she knows the Cairns hosputals are sick of her shit and will send her home after patting her on the back and giving her some attention. Canberra nurses might have treated her like an actual mental patient and held her in the MHU.
Shes building to inpatient, but she's not ready to commit kek

No. 1823586

I laughed when I read her saying that she "does better in inpatient". Yeah, 'm sure you do better with a constant stream of attention, Enara.

No. 1823646

This has to be on the next threads banner nice one nonnie

No. 1823648

When someone posts with no caption I immediately think selfpost or fellow cow/tipper. Kek and agree it's not hard to crop a photo. You're showing your faggotry

No. 1823649

Kek is Canberra no one lives there the ward was probably empty

No. 1823654

Lol josie @stronglongblack or whatever privated her account after being posted last time, she definetly lurks here.

No. 1823656

File: 1683618717507.jpg (52.39 KB, 1079x558, Screenshot_20230509_174912_Ins…)

What's with all the munchies claiming to love books all of a sudden? Like, they're all pseudo intellectuals only reading what's reccomended on tiktok… Also she changed her bio to "broken bladder"…. like, it changes every few months with whatever new illness she chooses… I wonder why she doesn't say she's T2D, could it perhaps be because she's fat now and can't larp anorexia anymore? Kek

No. 1823659

Add ganer next to Jesus and we’ve got the holy trinity

No. 1823661

Kek yes nonnie can we buff jesus up a bit?

No. 1823664

File: 1683621833374.png (763.47 KB, 1170x2532, CAD72E90-ACFB-448D-8893-6EE1C3…)

Why……. Just, why???????

No. 1823675

People who point out that they like "books" in their bios are so goofy to me, like it should be assumed that everyone reads books regularly and this shouldn't have to be pointed out as some novelty lol. at least specify which genres you're most interested in or list some of your favorite authors/books/stories/etc. to look somewhat legit.

No. 1823680

File: 1683623737677.jpg (122.82 KB, 1080x1006, Screenshot_20230509_184524_Can…)

I'm sorry nonnies I had to. Forgive me

No. 1823712

people put stuff in their bio to indicate that it's an interest/hobby of theirs not to "point it out as a novelty". also imagine listing your favourite books in a one-line instagram bio. kind of a retarded post nonny

No. 1823713

that's not really what i'm saying, to me it feels like listing that you like books is equivalent to saying you like breathing or walking, it's so mundane it should be assumed so what's the point in listing it, it adds nothing

No. 1823714

File: 1683630501564.png (1.09 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230509-070910.png)

No. 1823715

Okay stop bickering, I mainly meant the broken bladder bit is stupid, a few months ago it was broken tummy, it's been basically everything. Also, she's totally copying that Jess girl, only now Josie is the fat one. Also just wondering, does anyone know of any other Tasmanian cows? It seems really weird to me that there's so many, it's such a small place.

No. 1823717

File: 1683630537518.png (850.18 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230509-070902.png)

No. 1823720

File: 1683630871259.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2113, Screenshot_20230509-071445~2.p…)

No. 1823721

Ty for your service

No. 1823722

wtf i would be both horrified and insulted if this creature tried to judge me for my psychiatry acumen, like bitch you haven't been able to work out how to get yourself to eat for years, how dare you you think you can be in a position to assess my abilities

No. 1823734

I can reassure you, with great certainty, that normal people in Britain Don’t eat packs of ham.

No. 1823737

Speak for yourself

No. 1823743

Reps for Jesus. No need to ask us for forgiveness, I'm sure you already have it from our swole saviour.

No. 1823744

Fucking Christ. Maybe she’d be better off, this is ridiculous.

No. 1823745

File: 1683635183004.jpeg (363.59 KB, 2048x2048, 644249E1-DD4D-4484-A5BF-7C6BE2…)

Kate seems to be friendly with this account, he comments under her photos and she likes them/follows him back. Dude is your average alt-right account but with added edgy gore. I'm not spoilering because the "blood-spatter" in that one image is actually like a fruit or something, disregard that. Is she not worried about one of her libtard she/they followers being like "uhhh moots you follow her?" type cancellation tweet?
sorry for crummy crop, phonefag

No. 1823756

kek I wonder if she looks before following back men who compliment her. She is following a couple men like that in her quest to find a sugar daddy via edtwt

No. 1823762

A rare moment of gratitude for her, hope she means it and is actually going to start utilizing the resources she has access too.

No. 1823764

Samefag but I just saw this >>1823717 after I posted my message lol, jfc she never learns

No. 1823765

I eat at least 1 pack of ham per day.

No. 1823766

Oh that's kinda funny actually. I wonder how much a sugardaddy going by the name of "Nick Gurr" could possibly better her life. I'll have a look through her following list later to find the other likeminded men. There seem to be a lot of them perusing edtwt for women and girls to harrass.

No. 1823767

Wtf… that's outta left field. She is so weird, I feel bad for her kids.

No. 1823773

File: 1683638934030.jpeg (228.25 KB, 2048x2048, DCF597AF-7559-4531-98CA-17DBFD…)

She has two girls, there's no way they're gonna stand a chance once they figure out what's going on with mom. Doesn't take long too, I was under 11 when I realized my mom was anorexic and she wasn't an alcoholic, tinder-dating bulimic who cries in the bathtub either. In a lot of Kate's bodychecking videos, you can hear children's shows playing. All it takes is having a kid walk in on her eagle poses. Also again sorry for the crummy crop, the white line is a break between two separate tweets.

No. 1823801

File: 1683642690211.gif (5.68 MB, 640x360, IMG_8761.gif)

It’s giving this guy, from Come Dine with Me

No. 1823810

This is probably obvious and I'm showing my autism, but is his name not a play on words for the n-word?
Is she that desperate for attention?

No. 1823815


How is this not being removed by twitter like idk if that video is real or not but that's more messed up than most serious skellys

No. 1823835

at least she got rid of the chewbacca shoes. the shoebaccas, if you will

No. 1823847

yes this is a play on the nword, a lot of 4channy types will use this. she seems deranged. i hope the kids extended family will help raise them into normal people…

No. 1823855

File: 1683648205068.png (228.55 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_1011.png)

Oh wow, didn't catch that. I think you're right nonna.
There's tons of content that's way worse, especially on the East Asian side of shtwt. Users generally try to keep this type of content within their respective twitterspheres, where there's a policy of blocking versus reporting, since everyone is "just venting." Plus, things have gotten (supposedly?) more lenient since Elon bogarted Twitter.
Her non-edtwt follows are weird. Includes Catholic red-pill lady, a ~Scandi Daddy~, and an Actual Nazi. Some minors here and there.

No. 1823859

I eat packs of ham. #brithamfag

No. 1823861

>East Asian side of shtwt
How bad is that side?

No. 1823867

thanks for posting this nonny. exactly what i thought of, just too lazy to make any effort for searching this. made my day

No. 1823870


Wait she’s sitting on her bathroom floor where her toilet is overflowing?! Gross kek.

No. 1823876

Amy is disgusting and an insufferable cow. Bitching that she can’t get services to help and whining constantly about getting donations for treatment that we all know she isn’t going to accept or stick with. Another societal leach with no care for her elderly mother, who she should be caring for at this point. Her dramatic outburst with her elderly mom pushing her through the store while she complains about being angry they didn’t have a good selection of clearance food for her to choke down and puke back up 5 minutes later is the makings of a great daughter. Some of these people need to realize you can be sick and also at least a semi-productive member of society.

No. 1823887

File: 1683651288979.png (Spoiler Image, 395.46 KB, 391x863, Screenshot 2023-05-09 125432.p…)

I'm not sure it's quantifiable? But it's more like this (this being fairly tame, respectively).
Gore/Blood/SH. Click at own risk.

No. 1823889

nta but i can't imagine how awful you'd be treated in an east asian country with obvious self-harm like that when most countries there frown upon even having tattoos

No. 1823899

This just looks pathetic, like if you're going to 'decorate' your neck at least try and go over major arteries so it at least looks like you tried

No. 1823900

Luckily it's not weird to stay covered up in those countries, for modesty and/or to minimize sun exposure, so it doesn't seem as weird for people to hide. But yeah, mental illnesses, disabilities, and skin defects/imperfections are way more stigmatized.

No. 1823905

She rocked up to the ER with a suitcase kek. Preparations much?! She must have her go-bag constantly packed like a pregnant woman ready to give birth.

No. 1823906

File: 1683652857068.png (Spoiler Image, 488.08 KB, 2016x1512, whore.png)

Edited on bus sorry nonnas. I can retouch later if anyone wants a better render kek(spoiler your unsaged autism)

No. 1823910

Why did u take the time to even make this in the first place it sucks

No. 1823913

sage your literal shit and/or don't bother posting

No. 1823928

What’s funny about sexualizing/pornify her like a scrote would?

No. 1823931

File: 1683656029034.png (Spoiler Image, 247.01 KB, 924x1155, tryagain.png)

Made me laugh

No. 1823935

Ya ha ha soo original we were all thinking it n therefore didn't need ur shitty visuals,thx

No. 1823936

Let people laugh

No. 1823948

You’re most welcome haha

No. 1823952

as someone who has lived in an asian country, yeah it’s very stigmatised kek i can’t imagine

No. 1823958

I mean, we also don't need your semi-literate opinion, but here we are.

No. 1823963

File: 1683659799512.png (2.94 MB, 828x1792, E2AADB40-312B-436C-8EF2-1F67C9…)

What happened to niamhs knees

No. 1823964

File: 1683660143771.jpg (226.59 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230509_202222_Ins…)

Niamh confirming what exams she sat. Yes. Below the national average for your final year of high-school but soooo academic.

No. 1823966

dunno, could be a self-harm thing, she's posted photos showing cuts on her wrists recently. i doubt anemia is solely to blame for bruises that severe

No. 1823975

She probably just fell? You don't even need to be anaemic to get a bad bruise from a not-so-bad fall

No. 1823977

tinfoiling that she fainted from low blood sugar and injured herself, OR during aggressive purging sessions as she kneels before the porcelain throne and her bony knees knock about

No. 1823995

File: 1683663693575.jpg (176.21 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20230509-221534_Tik…)

Just found a slightly better looking version of ham.

No. 1823996

What a fucking retard

No. 1823998

Tbh she probably just bumps into things etc and when ur malnourished as she clearly is you tend to bruise easily/they take longer to heal ..?

No. 1823999

not all self harm is done with suicidal intentions, and it isn't always a cry for help either. It works as a self-soothing behavior by releasing endorphins, plus the act itself can be cathartic for people who experience overwhelming dysregulated emotions centered around self-loathing/disgust. I'm not trying to justify it just explaining that its not as simple as people slicing up specifically for attention. Most people with scars have deep shame and regret surrounding them and would do anything to avoid advertising them to the public. Of course social media functions as a honeypot for this exact sort of attention-seeking behavior and you will only see the most obnoxious self-harmers.

No. 1824000

Uhhh there’s plenty of people that don’t read books. This is such a nitpick thing get over it

No. 1824007

AYRT, I was; my mistake.
She lost weight quick.
Ham looks perfectly normal (despite looking dead behind the eyes). Take your selfpost elsewhere.

No. 1824013

She’s phrased this so stupidly and in such an Americanised way I have my doubts about her getting the results she needs, but she’s saying she sat 4 A-levels and most people do 3 or 4 A-levels.

No. 1824016

Dumb American here, but isn't there a difference between Scotland's highers and A levels? I thought highers were only a year long and easier.

No. 1824028

Highers and A-levels are often compared because of their difficulty level but they're from totally different exam boards
So essentially 4 highers is about the same as 4 alevels difficulty wise but up here, most folk in their last year of high school sit a minimum of 5 highers, or some highers and some advanced highers, which are a step higher in education. If that makes sense? There's a better explanation up thread where the initial grade debate took place

No. 1824032

Yes, and those people are terminally retarded. NTAYRT but reading is something any non-inbred functional human being does.

No. 1824033

Samefag, sorry, I should have mentioned. They're the same difficulty, but in S5 or S6 (the last two years of high-school in Scotland) you get one academic year to prepare and learn all the course material for the exam at the end of the year.
I'm not certain how it works with A-levels, and if they get longer to prepare.
But the lower level (comparable with a GCSE) is a national 5. You pick your subjects in S3 and sit the exam in S4 so you actually get longer to prepare for the easier exam

No. 1824036

thanks! Sorry for making you repeat yourself, but I think I understand enough now to know that Niamh is achieving at a slightly lower level than the average student but not ridiculously so

No. 1824041

Considering her mental health, getting back to school to complete any exams is an achievement. So 4 highers is actually really good for her. It's just the way she brags about her super high predicted grades. It's much easier to get all A's when you only have 4 subjects kek. A true scholar would've put the "fashion content" on the back-burner for exam season kek

No. 1824042

Yeah, I didn't mean that as a particular judgement about her. It's just useful context for me, as a dumb foreigner, to know where she's actually falling in the scheme of things.

No. 1824076

File: 1683668850466.jpeg (247.2 KB, 1284x2392, 8F8C7844-2F1F-4406-BB6B-AC6240…)

sage bc non-milk, want to bring some positivity to this thread. i remember rosie being posted on some threads a while back. i completely forgot about her until she came on my feed today and she actually looks good!

No. 1824079

File: 1683669110162.png (505.74 KB, 1353x1053, Screen Shot 2023-05-09 at 3.51…)

Eugenia dancing it up on vacation for the ana fetishists. I dont want to sound like a Eugenia fag but I'm legit curious if she doesnt see herself properly and thinks she's fat in these videos.

No. 1824088

File: 1683670231170.png (286.64 KB, 750x1334, AA8E4076-13FF-4810-A3FF-AE33E1…)

Saged because I’m hoping it’s a troll rather than a new larper but came across this struggling anorexic on tiktok and the sauce around her mouth is sending me

No. 1824110

She definitely doesn't see herself as fat. That's just a generic representation of anorexia. If she did, she wouldn't be camwhoring to fetishists 24/7. She knows her emaciation is her main source of income.

No. 1824112

How many has smorven got?….
Do they do one in head banging or being a total twat?

No. 1824129

you guys sit and straight up eat entire packs of ham? just ham? weird flex, but okay.

No. 1824130

The concern itself if enabling. For example, "if all these people make videos about me becuase I'm soo skinny there's no way that I'm not skinny, I'm definitely thin! And to maintain this I should…x y z"

Whatever she does to maintain her weight at that point

No. 1824131

hula zombie from sims 2???

No. 1824132

Oh no I forgot to sage!!!(emoji)

No. 1824136

1) You can delete posts
2) Don't use emoticons, jesus

No. 1824138

File: 1683677079022.jpeg (438.32 KB, 1170x2391, IMG_8585.jpeg)

She’s actually a really fucked up person. She can starve and abuse her body with over exercise as much as she wants but influencing others with that is gross

No. 1824147

Nothing wrong with a couple emoticons anon(no emojis.)

No. 1824150

I know she’s been at this for years but why has it suddenly gotten so much worse and blatant recently??

No. 1824163

this newfag/farmhand interaction is a work of art

No. 1824175

Newfag here. Can someone enlighten me on why there’s a no emoji rule???(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1824178

why don't you go read the rules (link at the bottom of page) before asking to be spoonfed? It's part of a general rule about integrating and following board culture.

No. 1824179

samefag, but if you think people are getting grumpy it's because there's a huge influx of newfags who make zero effort to lurk and figure out how to fit in before shitting up threads.

No. 1824182

I get that it’s board rules but it doesn’t explain why bruh stfu I did read the rules before asking.

No. 1824190

> "bruh"
Like I said, it's a general rule about integrating. The point of an imageboard like this is to be anonymous. When you post in a way that makes you stick out (like using emojis), you make it easy to tell which posts you wrote and aren't matching the local culture. Same idea as not walking into school wearing a bikini. Wearing bikinis is fine in other contexts but you're going to look really dumb in chemistry lab.

No. 1824195

Using emojis or particular typing styles (“bruh”) makes you potentially identifiable to other users and defeats the purpose of anonymity. For future reference, /meta/ should’ve been more suitable for this kind of stuff, not the anachan thread. Please try harder to integrate.

No. 1824196

For whatever reason, I really enjoy the obese "anorexics" who just go on and ob about how sick they are while never losing weight. Like the opposite of the severe anorexics they think they are.

No. 1824204

Yea got it after you’ve explained sorry about the dumb question.

No. 1824206

Wonder what it takes to be a “qualified” personal trainer. 2 MCQs??? Becca could probably pass that

No. 1824207

File: 1683689700101.jpeg (334.79 KB, 1170x1956, 77C59B10-603C-476E-8CC1-A1FBE4…)

Dharma seems to be doing exceptionally well too…

No. 1824209

dang, she looks so healthy now

No. 1824236

If she keeps going like that, more like under the ground and worms and maggots dancing instead.

Sorry for the macabre comment but it's reality.

No. 1824241

Nonna…. no.

No. 1824273

She must be freezing

No. 1824281

Damn, didn’t even recognize her. Happy for her.

No. 1824285

My first thought too, kek

No. 1824288

Is there a link/thread/page anywhere to help my dumb ass out with the lingo used here please? e.g - anachan. I don’t want spoon-feeding but just wondered if there was

No. 1824291

Yes nonna, there's a thread in /meta/ for technical help

No. 1824292

Anachan anorexic

Skelly a severe or critical anorexic or just one who looks boney

Nose hose a nasogastric feeling tube

Kek = lol

Sage, the crucial act of putting the word sage in the email tab as not to disrupt the kingdom of lolcowia

The rest are pretty obvious
context wise, just try unspoilering an image or reading the replies or previous comments

No. 1824296

>lolcowia ?
Ma'am please never say that again. I cringed so hard

No. 1824304

No. 1824306


Wow! Good for her. Nice to see cows doing well.

No. 1824320

File: 1683710575310.jpg (58.49 KB, 1080x884, foto_no_exif.jpg)

it's sad that eugenia cooney healthy is the first thing that comes up
When you search online
Like that's the last thing anachans want to be

No. 1824325

nona I am fucking cackling at the other searches

No. 1824327

Nice image. Very subtle.

No. 1824345

File: 1683714806177.png (234.07 KB, 750x1334, FDEDC482-D070-4989-A3C0-0D7C5C…)

Anyone remember Mary? (Couldn’t use toilet paper mary).
Now she’s trying to call out others on insta while posting her disordered meals. Gave me a laugh…

No. 1824346

File: 1683714889685.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 784C1E58-0E0F-4DEF-BCC4-C95CF6…)

2/2 a ‘pizza’.
Bonus points that the cheese is protein cheese (90% less fat).

No. 1824349

Fuck me, that is not pizza. Its not even fucking cooked.
Just add some lettuce and tomato fold it in half and call it a wrap at this point. That's depressing

No. 1824351

How come we are always ripping on anachans for not eating junk. Fat isn't good for anyone >>1824346

No. 1824353

I think I know that chicken
…it's like less than 100 cals for half the pack kek

No. 1824355

Don't turn this into a fitness board >>1824353

No. 1824360


Oh behave.

This quest to rid instagram of ~recovery~ content would be admirable if it wasn’t so hypocritical.

No. 1824361

Follow the rules of the site before telling others to behave

No. 1824373

And which rule would I be breaking oh great minimod?

No. 1824379

They're honestly my favorite, I wish more of them were discussed here

No. 1824383

File: 1683719728235.webm (3.59 MB, 576x1024, f75ac41c3621d3e6948b9133dd52d5…)

She's not been brought up in a few threads but @cptsexyd was discharged from medical, then put into a psych ward, and has now been discharged again.

No. 1824384

File: 1683719869344.png (162.73 KB, 1554x1920, PhotoRoom-20230510_125828.png)

Lots of love from


Mod x

No. 1824385

Can you quit the reddit spacing and cringe posts? it's obvious which posts are yours in the thread.

No. 1824386

Oh waaaaow.
Imagine adding an extra space by accident then 2 spaces to indicate that I wasn’t replying to the previous anon.
Much Reddit. Very rule break.

If we’re going to talk actual rules, minimodding and nitpicking do come under 1.5 and 7.1 (respectively) of the actual rules.

Can we get back to talking about actual cows now or..?

No. 1824387

Not judging, but doesn't that clock icon mean that it's your recent searches? trending searches are below, so these certainly aren't top. Hope you're okay anon and get that sorted.

No. 1824388

NTA, but can YOU quit telling people off for "reddit spacing". you complain every single fucking thread and its more annoying than someone who is just trying to make their TEXT posts in an easy & quick to read format on an IMAGEBOARD.

No. 1824389

File: 1683720842283.jpeg (195.16 KB, 828x1412, IMG_0911.jpeg)

Good question, I’m not sure if Smorven has any academic qualifications. She rejected and continues to reject every avenue of support offered to her and has essentially thrown her whole life away just to be thin and in control of her family. I’d say it was a shame but she’s so rude and pedantic I’m not actually sure what she’d contribute to the world.

No. 1824390

File: 1683720936499.jpeg (49.76 KB, 500x377, IMG_0912.jpeg)

Shut up and integrate rather than shitting up the thread

No. 1824391

I've only done it this once, but maybe eat a sandwich anon you sound stressed and hangry.

No. 1824398

I’d be so interested to see her secret Ed Twitter which knowing her she’d 100% have

No. 1824402

fat is an essential macronutrient retard. eating no fats is the one of the biggest reasons so many anachans' hair falls out

No. 1824403

Cope. Your hair won't fall out if you don't eat them kek

No. 1824404

File: 1683724131858.jpg (75.45 KB, 860x701, foto_no_exif (1).jpg)

(continuous shitposting)

No. 1824406

This one is not 16+. Leave her alone.

No. 1824417

You're telling me that's not a 40 year old woman?

No. 1824418

What in the god awful millennial meme is this

No. 1824423

Yeah that's pretty common for people who have lost a lot of weight, not sure why you're shouting about it lol

No. 1824426

You're probably who it's about then. But yeah kinda mid meme

No. 1824427

Nta but how is that cope? Healthy fats are essential, are you one of those "carbs only" anachans like Freelee?

No. 1824429

Smells like summerfags in here

No. 1824430

File: 1683728363094.png (910.03 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot 2023-05-10 101521.p…)

Natural fish

No. 1824436

Her hands aren’t as skeletal as they used to be .
Didn’t she go to school in the US for a while ?

No. 1824437

Bit like scarlet who moved to Australia

No. 1824446

File: 1683730974496.png (9.86 KB, 591x252, Screenshot 2023-05-10 110226.p…)

Right, because it's totally just the ed and not the narc behavior and bpd

No. 1824475

Pizza?! What kind of Pizza has mayo/salad cream spread on the base? and raw cheese? calling an open wrap a "Pizza" while criticising other people's disordered meals. Kek

No. 1824522


She’s on a strict CTO where she is basically forced to maintain a BMI 20 or so. If she loses any she’s back to the unit She used to work full time in Starbucks so she is capable of normality

No. 1824543

Most of them do the weirdest shit to hide it…I mean, just look at that pterodactyl in the thread pic

No. 1824586

…Because they aren't eating 'junk' in order to be skinny. You also generally need fat to live, anachan.
Don't insult the fish from shark tale like that, have some decency.

No. 1824587

She is glowing and her skin and hair look amazing! Always love to see an inspiring recovery where a woman’s beauty returns to them

No. 1824589

looking at this makes my teeth hurt. funny she uses the filters made for fugly people but hey if the shoe fits

No. 1824597

your brain primarily consists of fats and is thus fueled by consumption of fats, you're telling on yourself, retard-chan

No. 1824630

shut up Ham is my favorite cow she's so silly

No. 1824645

File: 1683754811249.jpg (258.13 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230510_224122_Gal…)

Guess who's made their tiktok public

No. 1824658

No. 1824660

the username is in the picture

No. 1824676

Someone skipped science in high school. Brain runs of sugar not fats. Something like 25% of our sugar intake is used by the brain

No. 1824679

we get it, you're the best ana

No. 1824694

File: 1683759609370.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 287.43 KB, 1170x1762, FBDF47A9-F2A1-4D10-B8E3-CC4526…)

Spoiler because wtf is this… I’ll be getting nightmares for sure

No. 1824700

Don't most places let the patient have some say? I'm sure I've seen people only have to maintain like bmi 16?

No. 1824701

To prevent dissatisfaction and therefore relapse

No. 1824719

I can't stand. As someone who grew up with a very disordered mom there's no way her kids won't be picking up her habits and what she's doing. Kids are very perceptive and smart, much more than we think. If you have kids you have the moral obligation to fucking recover instead of spending your day in a platform for proana teens. God she's pathetic

No. 1824756

No one could've possibly guessed that thing is not over 16, holy shit

No. 1824758

is she trans or does that drag queen make up just make her look like one?

No. 1824761

We also need context for why she's being posted, selfposting newfag.

No. 1824766

You need context for why Abby is being posted? youre the newfag

No. 1824767

No. 1824788

That’s not Abby though

No. 1824791

She’s already been posted before hence the lack of explanation sorry nonna, didn’t know u couldn’t keep up

No. 1824792

File: 1683770851899.png (168.55 KB, 1048x586, Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 9.08…)

Isn't it? Here's a picture from her Instagram from three days ago, note the little braids with metal

No. 1824795

My bad. Thought the anon was referring to another post. You’re right that’s Abby for sure

No. 1824797

File: 1683771017754.png (163.32 KB, 662x793, Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 9.10…)

same braids, five days ago

No. 1824805

Yeah the brain consumes more sugars proportional to other organs but that does not detract from the fact that the brain does consist primarily of fats at the constitutional level and does require fats to maintain full-functioning capacity

No. 1824832

I don't think shes trans, its just the makeup. Shes definitely off the rails though. She has absolutely no self-awareness, and wants to be a nurse. She also constantly moans about herself & how she cant notice her weightloss, yet posts photos showing weight loss, so she must know theres a difference.

No. 1824856

girls like that get accused of body checking all the time. also if that's how she thinks she looks she's completely insane. she's gotta be like 5 bmi points lower than all of them.

No. 1824863

Oh hey Freelee, have you fully recovered from that dental cleaning that nearly killed you last year? Kinda seems like the carbs only lifestyle isn't working out too great for you.

No. 1824864

What’s funny about it?

No. 1824866

you're fucking retarded and should avoid giving nutrition advice

No. 1824869

it's no use, that anon can't understand you because they eat zero fat

No. 1824870

ntayrt, but all I can think of when I look at it is someone clicking on her butt while yelling "enhance, enhance!"

No. 1824871

kek this, fraudlee the bananer gurl is the ultimate example of sugar not being the answer

No. 1824927

She also talks all the time about being in recovery but then announces every time she hits a "new low"

No. 1824936

i absolutely can not stand her and her halloween mask face and repeating body checks. but never heard her claiming she‘s in recovery? it literally says in her bio „not in recovery“

No. 1824953

File: 1683790721909.jpg (174.15 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230511_083954_Gal…)

>Self posting newfag
I'm actually offended by that kek how retarded do you need to be to need CONTEXT for Abby? Anyway. She used to be so pretty, what has she done to herself?

No. 1824964

Holy… I didn’t even recognise her for a second there

No. 1824966

File: 1683793758964.jpg (287.46 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230511_092939_Gal…)

Looks like Niamh must've bought the Ganer Cookbook and is trying out a new mush recipe
Sorry but what the fuck is that, it looks rank

No. 1824971

File: 1683794367479.webm (3.52 MB, 1074x2046, Screen_Recording_20230511_0932…)

Is she hinting at being on pingers here or am I tinfoiling too hard?
The "flash" (red eyes) then "too hyper to sleep"
(Too high to sleep?)

No. 1824976

Tbh it looks good, but I like mushy soups

No. 1824990

All low cal vegetables and the broth looks too clear to have fat in it. She's eating saltwater vegetables I'm sure.

No. 1824996

File: 1683797637515.jpg (454.5 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230511_172054209.jpg)

In don't think this cow has been mentioned yet (she's 17 going on 18) medically_morgan
Ausfag who has pretty bad EDS but also has an ED so claimed.
She loves a hose and loves to post about it. Loves to do throwbacks and montages of her time in hospital. There's a pic on here where it says her Doc said "You have seen the worst this system has to offer.." which is utter BS. She's recently been d/c from Hollywood hospital. The only specialised private hospital with very few beds (mummy and daddy's insurance I assume) Before that I think she was in the children's hospital which is fucking amazing. Never been public, never been CMH, never been on a public mental health ward, gets tubed all the time. Her trope is 'A teen girl struggling with…" and some weird shit about 'bringing an army'. Not so much obvious as other headbanging diaper wearing cows, but it's fake positivity used to broadcast her ED and tube and the huge struggles she's had… often/ always with a tube.
Sage cause I dunno if she's milky enough lmk

No. 1824999

File: 1683798192898.jpg (496.46 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230511_174340223.jpg)

Same fag
Gotta get that ambo pic to prove how supa sick you are. Like who tf does that? Of you're well enough to document your adventure after being in an ambo then you probably don't need the ambo. Apparently she was so sick she needed wheelchair.

No. 1825019

File: 1683804228089.png (6.05 MB, 1170x2532, F7A8A0CC-AC81-45C5-94DD-D32E68…)

she looks awful

No. 1825022

File: 1683804635332.png (893.29 KB, 875x980, lc.png)

No. 1825025

Why are so many of these cows British or Australian (especially Australian—such a random country KEK)? Proportionately speaking there should be way more Burgerfags. Is there something in the water over there turning teenaged girls/young women into lolcows? Kek

No. 1825029

I think you answered your own question anon. Americans are disproportionately fatter than everywhere else. I'm sure there's plenty on a BED thread if that's a thing

No. 1825032

That doesn't make any sense. Bongs and Kangaroos are quickly catching up in terms up fatties. Not only that but there are only 25 million Ausfags to Burgerland's 330 million population—even if 90% of all Burgers had 30< BMI there should still be more American anachans than Australian ones, and probably more than the ones in Bongland. I also rarely see Canadian anachans posted with the same frequency either, even though they too have a larger population than Australia.

No. 1825035

Sorry but where is bongland?

No. 1825042

Figured you're probably a newfag. Bongland = UK. Bongs = Britbongs = British people. I'm sure another farmer could post the image showing where the name came from but I don't feel like it.

No. 1825044

Should have clarified I'm not the anon you replied to. Also I've gone through literally every scumbags page, I just don't remember bongland !

No. 1825046

It's -chan speak, you won't find it referenced on any scumbag's socials unless they regularly use imageboards.

No. 1825061

I guess there's also a financial aspect. It seems like you can reasonably live off disability benefits for being an ananchan in the UK/Australia/New Zealand and obviously you're not paying for the hospital admissions where you get asspats. Long-term American skellies get pretty inadequate disability payments and unless their families have money will end up on medicaid which doesn't cover residential treatment for eating disorders so no fun asspats to blog about. So while there obviously are long-term skellies, most people probably realize after a while that it's fucking grim and change to some degree if they can. Or they end up like Ash, young and living in a shitty nursing home.

No. 1825064

So they're all welfare queens? I'm all for universal healthcare in the States but seeing cows on here abuse it makes me somewhat glad we don't have it, and if what you're saying is correct they have less incentive to be lazy and focus on actual treatment.

No. 1825080

File: 1683810154526.jpeg (214.76 KB, 1170x2026, 15D3AF51-4FCD-4273-B136-5CF4F4…)

Are we considering momsfav to be a retired cow?(namefagging and unsaged)

No. 1825081

I meant these pages, like the scumbags thread specifically. Also its like, only referenced once, from what I can see. So that's pretty obscure. Sure it was like 10 threads ago, but it's still kind of random.

No. 1825089

If you lurk anywhere else on the board you'll know that calling British people Bongs is not obscure at all kek

No. 1825091

Aww it makes me so happy to see her smiling, I love her tbh

No. 1825127

Haha no this is like round 7 of "recovery". We are all just patiently waiting for the next one, she's so predictable

No. 1825147

Morven doesn’t get to have a say because she’s used of tens of thousands of pounds in public services for her inpatient stays, therapy, medical interventions and support workers when she’s at home.

No. 1825148

Looks like zucchini, carrot, green beans, leafy greens of some sort (kale or spinach would be my guess).

(pardon my autism, I like to cook)

No. 1825151

It looks like the gruel they fed povos in the workhouses, made of scraps from the compost bin. It doesn't matter which yummy veggies are supposedly in that pot, I'd rather eat my own arse.
Besides, if you're having LEAFS in your soup at least blend it… even seaweed in miso makes me shiver. why would you want something the texture of a shredded condom in your soup, I'll never understand.

No. 1825153

File: 1683816688498.jpg (296.21 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230511_155216_Gal…)

23:31 pm x

No. 1825187

Omg shut the fuck up with this rules shit and bring milk

No. 1825231

File: 1683825093206.png (574.15 KB, 1080x1747, Screenshot_20230511-181033.png)

not milky but Laura is actually… consistently improving?

No. 1825250

actually middle class to upper class people in a society that has universal healthcare so they have the time/space/ability to malinger in their ED?
you fuck up your health in America - not much recourse.

No. 1825256

From this post it sounds like it, but she's said a lot of things. I can't imagine her ever being "well". Especially since her very first mention in these threads was a self post calling "Laura" an attention whore kek

No. 1825287

your autism is showing

No. 1825297

File: 1683833147798.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 144.73 KB, 1169x1774, 04872BCD-FDDC-48C5-B547-050D34…)

My good lord… feel as though it should be spoilered. My appetite is gone

No. 1825302

I don’t know, I have a feeling this could be her last for at least a few years

No. 1825304

Viewer discretion is advised

No. 1825307

Agreeing that leaves and a stock cube don't equate to soup isn't autistic kek

No. 1825316

> if you're having LEAFS in your soup at least blend it…even seaweed in miso makes me shiver

Sounds pretty autistic to me. Leafy greens in soup is normal. Light soups are also normal. I guess when the milk is dry enough, people will just sperg about their personal preferences.

No. 1825317

I think the more people from that country that use this forum, the more people from that country naturally get posted. So there’s probs a lot of Australian and British anons here

No. 1825319

File: 1683834940428.jpeg (188.35 KB, 1170x1856, 351DBCFD-0360-44AE-B31D-808613…)

Dunno if she’s been posted before but I’m screaming, crying, throwing up

No. 1825322

oh god

No. 1825328

Wtf is this - she is learning to walk again from her attempt, but can go to a cheer competition? Make it make sense. American hospitals would never let you just up and leave for a day not even to take a school exam. This is so strange.

No. 1825330


Saw this and immediately came here to see if it had been mentioned.

Very risky of her lollll

No. 1825333

File: 1683836173078.png (707.27 KB, 1088x683, Screenshot 2023-05-11 155846.p…)

kek sorry nonna, just can't get over kate's incessant filter abuse

No. 1825339

And the bone pain is AGONISING and it's so neglectful of the hospital to start weaning her off of her opiods because apparently they don't have a point when they say "you're able to travel 4 hours a week by coach by yourself, and compete in cheerleading so even if you're saying your pain is executing you can either start acting like it or give up the drugs"

No. 1825340

File: 1683836829314.png (626.79 KB, 1088x683, whoswho.png)

Is that ronnie radkes mugshot?

No. 1825344

File: 1683837278544.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.07 KB, 1125x1985, IMG_5154.jpeg)

At this point, I think their parents are hoping the stress of travel will off the twins, otherwise I see no point in all these trips. Also that filter gives her jumpscare quality so spoilered.

No. 1825346

Or, more grim, they're trying to give their children as many experiences as possible before they (the twins) die

No. 1825353

Taking the scenic route to the grave

No. 1825354

make a wish trips for middle-aged anorectics kek

No. 1825368

File: 1683838809384.png (52.98 KB, 588x494, Screenshot 2023-05-11 165346.p…)

Kate's once again acting like she doesn't bully children who respond to her posts with anything less than a "slaaaaaaay queen mother" kek

I'm unsure about who she's subtweeting here, but (tinfoil) I think this tweet is more about defending her right to interact with the fetishists and nazis that compliment her semi-nude bodychecks than anything else

That or it's about @lmndrp_ (only because Kate retweeted one of her bcs) who doesn't obsessively like every single compliment on her posts

No. 1825370

talk about a fucking jumpscare kek this is a miserably accurate comparison

No. 1825381

She filmed herself crying over the bolus…while the nurse is doing it…

No. 1825397

How is this milky?

No. 1825429

I never knew what she looked like while moving, so awkward. Most of us did this when we were like 15, and did not upload it. Is she going for the "Smegeh quirkiness"? If so, she nailed that level of cringe.

No. 1825434

You love Sydney? That’s kinda weird she’s not a good person kek

No. 1825435

what does sydney actually do other than post her skelly face? I have like zero opinion about her as a person other than that she has no desire to stay healthy

No. 1825437

Sorry meant she had no redeeming qualities she posts online to love

No. 1825439

ah, yeah, gotcha - she's the anachan equivalent of beige

No. 1825443

Was this the news spreading on cows getting graduated and Moms trying to save her own ass?

No. 1825445

is momsfave even out of php yet? It doesn't count as recovery if you can only do it when someone is watching, sydney

No. 1825455

Honestly sometimes curious why her face is so fucking bony compared to others the same size

No. 1825457

File: 1683848321124.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.11 KB, 645x906, IMG_8642.jpeg)

No. 1825465

Lucius? Is that you?!

No. 1825468

I don't think there's really an interesting explanation, she probably just has big ass cheekbones, dehydrates herself which makes her skin much tighter to the bone, and doesn't purge so no swelling to flesh them out a little

No. 1825506

Dehydration does that to the skin?

No. 1825507

Yeah, some of the firmness/plumpness of your skin comes from the water in the cells in the skin and underneath. That's why people get that sunken eye, pinched look when they're dehydrated.

No. 1825516

straight outta azkaban

No. 1825521

She’s not on her box for a start. Very much “models doing ballet”

No. 1825528

who gives a shit? being bad at ballet isn't milk

No. 1825556

I'll put my money on she just wants to lose all that weight so she's acting nice enough to stay out of the hospital so she can ~relapse~ with her anorexia

No. 1825558

It kinda is when it’s combined with posting videos of your restrictive diet…. Notice many cows are all obsessed with that pure ballerina aesthetic. Anon’s just mocking her because she doesn’t seem to actually do ballet

No. 1825566

>Most of us did this when we were like 15
Well her brain development could be stunted from the anachanning, she does act more like a young teen than someone who just graduated

No. 1825567

isn't she 17? that's not much older than 15

No. 1825569

I don't know I just think she's funny and seems sweet, despite the embarrassing anachan attention seeking behaviors

No. 1825570

I meant she acts closer to 13/14 when I said she acts like a young teen, but yeah that's true she's not that far off.

No. 1825619

File: 1683872820371.jpeg (283.99 KB, 1125x2101, C6C0E7A9-B306-49D4-9D57-7BF537…)

This one popped up on my FYP today. Good to know she still has that smug smirk while bleeding the government (and NDIS) to support her hobbies. No tube in this video, though I’m sure she’ll be flexing it soo. (1/3)

No. 1825620

File: 1683872856965.jpeg (347.36 KB, 1125x2107, DFA1E401-5507-4EC8-B7FC-BE5D6B…)


No. 1825621

What Niamh still doesn’t realise is that starving herself makes her uglier instead of pretty. She looks like dry dead rat.

No. 1825622

File: 1683872969772.jpeg (355.13 KB, 1125x2101, 1437B610-8624-49E2-BA4C-58FB02…)


No. 1825637

>I can't wait to see you back in hospital with a nose hose you ugly rat

No. 1825639

File: 1683876081090.png (528.4 KB, 1512x1512, PhotoRoom-20230512_082214.png)

Repost because it's funny and relevant again

No. 1825647

Are those tights inside out? And did she cut a hole in legwarmers and pull them down to make those ballet things that go half way down the foot? Lol it's like a dollar store ballerina getup

No. 1825648

does anyone remember her most recent instagram username? I tried to look for it but none of the usernames I half-remembered were correct.

Also - did she ever get the g tube she wanted? If so, that could be why the ng is gone.

No. 1825650

The point shoes are fresh out the packet too and don’t fit her arch, why do all anachans feel the need to make balletcore their personality

No. 1825653

Certainly looks like that. She claims NDIS pays for her ballet stuff. If they are real, she is just leeching money off hard working taxpayers.
I think she goes by @tamzin.et.al now. She disappeared for a while there. She did have the g tube for all of about 5 minutes and removed it herself cause it was causing such an inconvenience on her precious ballet. Straight back to the nose hose and now she puts it in as she pleases. Clearly doesn’t need it, cause if she did the g tube would still be in. >>1825650
It’s all the rage now with the anachans… who makes the best daintiest ballerina.

No. 1825657

Ah yes that’s the term I was looking for. Those itsy witsy ballerinas, oh so dainty

No. 1825659

Your probably better just eating the food at an inpatient program.
Ng tube is like continuous calories idk why anachans like it

No. 1825660

Omg the bent knees

No. 1825662

File: 1683882904458.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 652.86 KB, 3061x2156, 5461B064-7F86-478B-A9D2-77DE12…)

Ballet queens of lc

No. 1825678

Are you some sPeShUlL sNoWfLaKe to know about those matters, nonna?

No. 1825679

File: 1683886662487.jpg (294.89 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230512_111756_Gal…)

Six whole stone !! 38kg or 84lbs, you're welcome in advance for the conversions
Holy shit though

No. 1825680

No. 1825681

Beautiful. Rendition of black Swan coming to theatres soon

No. 1825682

Yes but being bad at ballet and pretending you're good at it to look dainty and delicate is very milky. Cry about it and move on nonna, you're not going to enjoy the same milk as everyone else in the thread. There's hundreds of us, so either farm what you do find milky or stop being the fun police and let people laugh

No. 1825683

Nta but she's probably just familiar with ballet, you're comment is more snowflakey than hers lol

No. 1825686

She grew a Niamh

No. 1825694

>spoilering cause fat
>lost my appetite
>other posters replying with cringe takes
It’s really obvious that the vast majority of posters in this thread still have an ED

No. 1825697

Never said it’s because she’s fat though a girl of any size posing like that in worn out knickers and a shirt isn’t exactly the most sightless thing.

No. 1825699

File: 1683889577414.png (487.8 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230512-062303.png)

No. 1825706

Is this what she practices 100% of the time for the years she’s been institutionalized? Because it’s all she seems to be able to do. (She can’t even put on pants apparently)

No. 1825731

Anon it's gross because half a pussy lip is out get a grip lol

No. 1825734

File: 1683894863225.png (852.23 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230512-082716.png)

No. 1825735

File: 1683894919819.png (368.6 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230512-082850.png)

No. 1825736

File: 1683894955646.png (364.79 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230512-082921.png)

No. 1825737

Sorry but… which cow is this?

No. 1825738

File: 1683895052030.png (373.89 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230512-082946.png)

No. 1825755

right? why are some nonnas making nasty comments on physical recovery? it loses the whole point kek. and I'm not only talking about this specific picture

No. 1825759

She's put her actual cunt out on the Internet. That's what's nauseating.

No. 1825760

>>1825706 learn to sage

No. 1825762

No. 1825763

no i agree but as i said i wasn't talking about this post in particular

No. 1825765

Nta but that comment was saged lol

No. 1825769

>>1825765 Huh, I think quoted the wrong post kek

No. 1825772



No. 1825800

File: 1683903855242.png (111.01 KB, 752x1070, 8480106949.png)

it is too funny that a scathing dirt post about Kate exists on The Dirty from 2015. it's so poorly written but i'm laughing pretty hard at the last line
>She always talk about how amazing her ass is but it’s all left over fat from the weigh she lost using drugs so more guys would fuck her

No. 1825801

Is a girl called EDB off YouTube still alive? She was a dr - vanished- or is she back IP?
( friends with Fi)

No. 1825832

Ty, I had a feeling it was but I didn't know she used to be a nurse so I thought I'd ask

No. 1825844

>>1825800 is it me or she literally looks pretty much the same weight as she is now (maybe a few pounds heavier). perhaps she actually struggled w postpartum binge ed and is now just lost the weigh from it and claiming to have ana?

No. 1825846

A strong early contender for next thread pic anon. You have my vote and my keks.

No. 1825852

The forced tik tok detox did her good but I don’t trust her ass for a second. Plus bone face is the only thing that gets likes.

No. 1825857

sorry for this question but do all purgers come with swelling face?

No. 1825862

most, yeah. it's caused by the enlargement of the parotid glands (one of the salivary glands), the medical term for this phenomenon is sialadenosis

hope that helps nonna

No. 1825877

No. 1825887

File: 1683913893338.jpeg (323.44 KB, 1179x1955, IMG_4973.jpeg)

so this is the story about Niamhs bruised knees that‘s been discussed here a few days ago.

No. 1825897

nta but as someone who’s never had an ED I still found the picture funny kek and it’s not because of her size

No. 1825903

Genuinely curious as to what people without anorexia think of anorexia and anorexics in general.
Question really for anyone

No. 1825908

just lurk these/past threads and any takes you come across that either make you go “what the fuck are you on about nonnie” or just sound ignorant about what EDs are like/involve are generally how people without EDs perceive disordered behaviors

No. 1825932

thank you although my question was if there are people who purge but still no swelling? idk im following a skelly on TT (non milky) that shes always in hospital for potassium but her face is skeletal

No. 1825935

isnt it the one who fought and spread rumors with the NZ anorexic with the 100 alters something?

No. 1825960

recovered bulimic here. my bulimia was quite severe and my face was never swollen. sometimes for a few minutes after purging but it always disappeared. so to answer your question: yes.

No. 1825965

it depends a lot on how they induce vomiting, how long they're vomiting for and how frequently, etc, and then also just some individual biological variation. basically like anything with the human body, the answer is "most things are x way, but sometimes it can be y"

No. 1825966

samefag, but there are also other ed behaviors (like laxatives) that will tank your potassium. so it's possible that skelly isn't purging but is using a lot of laxatives or something else that's tanking her potassium

No. 1825972

File: 1683919147478.jpeg (405.3 KB, 1284x2645, IMG_0039.jpeg)

How is this not a valid question when you’re shoving donuts and ice cream down your gullet everyday? Tubes are for people that can’t eat by mouth not to try and pretend you’re anorexic FFS

No. 1825975

File: 1683919598925.jpeg (350.31 KB, 1284x2220, IMG_0043.jpeg)

Cue the predictably predictable validation of being the sooper sickest in all the land kek.

No. 1825985

frankly, that you all seem really fucking mean lol

longer blogposty answer: i've never had an ED but i've lived with two people who have. One of them was a bit of a chubby chaser, despite her own anorexia (and was a preference that had developed before it started). The other had ARFID to the point where she lived entirely off of soylent and frozen pizza bites, yes she was quite wealthy and could afford that. She was also prescribed amphetamines and seemed completely in denial about any link between her diet, low appetite, and constant fatigue/low energy. I lived with her for 3 years and watched her lose all her friends for one stupid reason or another as everything I liked about her personality slowly faded away. Neither of them kept much food in the house (or ever did dishes), which ended up making me eat less too. Both of them seemed fucking miserable basically all the time. Obviously these doesn't encompass the full spectrum of eating disorders, but they do inform my perspective quite a bit.The first one has been in recovery for a year, has frequent triggers, and really struggles with how a healthy weight looks on her–I've gathered from these threads that it's pretty common for weight to concentrate around the stomach/organs at first before redistributing, which seems to be what's happening to her. I have no real opinion on anorexics as a whole but the ones who shame others for how their body looks during or after recovering are the scum of the earth.

also for the record, as a non-anorexic, I basically cannot tell the difference between BMI 16 and BMI 20, or BMI 15 to BMI 10. People look scary, old, normal, or obese. It's not that deep.(blogpost)

No. 1825986

valid point although ill never get how laxatives can make you skelly. like they can severely dehydrate you

No. 1825987

I mean, you get skelly by not eating that much. You can both not eat that much and take laxatives at the same time.

No. 1825988

Wow that's a lot of words that I'm not going to read nonna wtf

No. 1825993

whats the point of this blogpost nona. no one cares

No. 1825995

it‘s because they can‘t. you‘ll absorb the exact same amout of calories whether you take laxatives or not. you get dehydrated, perhaps lose some water weight and the food „leaves“ your body faster. but you can‘t actually get skinny or lose fat.

No. 1825996

inb4 blog anon tells you "but they asked"

No. 1825997

There was no proof of that in the original screenshot, just her doing 'ballet.'

No. 1825998

imagine a world where you had just kept scrolling past a single image that nobody gave a shit about, instead of turning it into all these posts that nobody gives a shit about

No. 1826005

would save us all so many threads

No. 1826030

File: 1683925011338.png (87.52 KB, 761x404, gKcSXLS.png)

No. 1826036

File: 1683925932187.jpg (135.97 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20230512-101530_Ins…)

I've never seen someone so vain in my life. She's really about looks isn't she? New before and after coming right up for the sweet sweet attenhunnn. Sorry for the jumpscare.

No. 1826037

No. 1826039

>>1826036 im confused

No. 1826040

Kara has been thinking/talking about getting a nose job for forever, like literally over a year, and this is a mock-up from a surgical consult for how her nose could look after surgery. She's done this before and has never actually gone through with the surgery.

I don't really know why anon is so mad about it because, I mean, Kara has a kinda aggressive nose and it's not that ridiculous for her to get a nose job if she wants one?

No. 1826042

Your post style is so obvious
There should be a single line break between the number and your comment to properly integrate.
These all seem like the same person:

No. 1826043

Poor lady is one big blemish. Her anorexic mind which has wrecked/wrecking her bones and sht , then baldness, now her nose. I'd feel bad but she's proven herself to be a monster

No. 1826044

She unironically would look much better with her original nose, the "improved" version looks bizarre to me, just overly long and unnatural-looking, plus it makes her face appear more masculine and elongated

No. 1826045

Out modern Pinocchio. Maybe if she didn't lie so much her nose wouldn't be so big…

No. 1826046

wtf this girl looks a healthy weight in all pics. Why was she even in an ambulance or tubed? These places have really turned into a money making scheme if they accept anyone like that

No. 1826047

atyrt, I definitely wasn't advocating she get that particular nose, kek. Hopefully she'll say no like she did with the last surgeon and find someone who can work with her face better if she really wants a nose job.

No. 1826048

the people who develop this mentality i'm sad for, obviously. i can understand some of the reasoning for its starting and how it could quickly get out of control. the warped perception of self (when they genuinely think it's an attractive look, or that going even skinnier would be) is a part i think most people can relate with in some way.
for the ones who know they have a problem and lean into it for attention, the general intersection of eds/social media, competitive comparison, fostering this in younger girls, etc (basically anyone who would be discussed here) that fades away fairly quickly. harming just yourself is one thing, indirectly harming many others quite another.
also personally i find the fake-anas and fat-anas funnier, the real skellies can get too spooky and i feel weird laughing at poorly maintained necromantic constructs who are visibly on their way out. the munchie aspect is more interesting to me than their weight, although a lot combine both.

No. 1826049

Has she been posted in previous threads? IZ don't see any other mentions of her in this thread.

No. 1826050

Oh yeah i know, I just kinda said that on the off chance she might lurk here and see it. I just love hooked noses and I hate to see people feeling the need to alter them

No. 1826054

File: 1683927693085.png (217.74 KB, 1051x586, Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 4.40…)

Okay, so as much as I think those posts might have been bait posted by Ria to get us to call her fat, I do want to make fun of her dumb munchie bullshit.

"first degree AV block" is generally asymptomatic and benign. Lots of people have this and don't know unless they get an EKG that happens to show it. If you do have it, you just get regular EKGs to make sure it doesn't progress. No treatment required. She probably had this already and it has nothing to do with her ED.

No. 1826056

Funny you say that because she just came out of a private stay in Hollywood…Perth's version of New Farm Clinic (Ramsay psych). That's the only way these cows can get their prizes
Repost because I'm a tard and forgot to sage

No. 1826057

imagine being a paramedic dispatched on an emergency call for imminent self harm and when you get there enara just wants to talk about playstation games

No. 1826069

File: 1683929253658.png (5.58 KB, 587x111, k.png)

ah yes, my favorite law of thermodynamics: compulsively throwing up steak and salad

No. 1826071

i’m the anon whose post you replied to, i started lurking because i followed laura and am sometimes here out of morbid curiosity kek, some cows posted do seem pretty attention seeking but if you mean anorexics in general i don’t have anything against them

No. 1826076

it's just you she looks chubbier there

No. 1826077

File: 1683930701697.jpeg (513.24 KB, 1125x2045, IMG_5184.jpeg)

Ffs is this ganer trying to hint at selling merch?

No. 1826085

Pretty sure that’s the one
(Forgot to sage original reply)

No. 1826086

File: 1683931810587.jpeg (243.91 KB, 1150x2048, FvE62e0XoAIJR6R.jpeg)

just you, she's definitely chubbier in that 2015 pic.
this pic is from the beginning of may (just had to tweet a post-purge selfie with vomit/pieces of food on her face kek)

No. 1826088

Emoji’d her face out but not her vagina… I mean come on, she must know that this is going to get attention, surely?!

No. 1826099

File: 1683933112933.png (2.13 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_1795.png)

No. 1826101

File: 1683933372766.jpeg (206.56 KB, 1170x1369, IMG_8661.jpeg)

Stefania body checking and relapse baiting for her next ERC vacay

No. 1826102

she's already back in a php program

No. 1826103

Was it not her step down from res?

No. 1826104

I don't think so? I think she came home, bopped around in outpatient for a bit, then started PHP. It's possible I misunderstood though since she's often light on details.

No. 1826105

And she’s relapse baiting, let me clarify, for getting a toob and exercise band again. PHP isn’t enough for her theatrics

No. 1826107

oh, for sure. Stef requires maximum pity. I'd pay money to hear the opinions the ERC staff have about her.

No. 1826108

ah, yeah, you're right that it's a step down: https://www.tiktok.com/@smennella/video/7228769539209579819

(fucking annoying Stef voiceover)

No. 1826112

File: 1683933939000.png (107.68 KB, 453x722, Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 6.26…)

Not Stef looking completely normal when she's not posing like an idiot. (And of course she should look normal after so long in the hospital on an ng tube)

No. 1826146

Girl, get some sleep!

No. 1826148

She's definitely still underweight, just not drastically so. But yeah that posing she did was really ridiculous.

No. 1826151

She carries more of her weight in her lower body imo

No. 1826153

agreed, if you look at her legs/thighs they look 100% healthy weight and then she doesn't carry a lot of fat in hr torso so her collarbones are always prominent

No. 1826155

Oh ok, I don't think i've seen any pics that clearly show her lower body

No. 1826156

File: 1683938495629.png (126.06 KB, 1066x614, Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 7.42…)

kek at Stef posting some tube pics to remind us all how sick she is

No. 1826162

File: 1683938702397.png (227.18 KB, 278x474, Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 7.45…)

Yeah, she doesn't really post pictures with her lower half so you have to watch her videos

To be clear, I'm not saying she's overweight or even on the high end of healthy. But I do think she's a pretty normal/healthy weight.

No. 1826163

File: 1683938798102.jpeg (77.72 KB, 443x1395, IMG_8536.jpeg)

No. 1826165

Hm, I guess I'd still put her at about 17.5 - 18 bmi.

No. 1826166

that's around the lower end of healthy, so I think everyone is agreeing. I personally think she's a little higher, but I also don't want to play the "guess some person's bmi" game

No. 1826169

File: 1683939483128.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 461.22 KB, 1125x1606, IMG_5185.jpeg)

EC looks particularly dead and ghoulish here. Like the heat is slowly drying out her corpse.

No. 1826170

love that there's still been 0 evidence that she actually entered into one of the parks

No. 1826172

With how obsessed Stef is with being sick it’s almost a bit creepy how much she hangs out with kids with cancer and fills her account with them. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but idk

No. 1826173

Her insta account

No. 1826175

no, you're dead on. She loves wearing cancer kid style beanies too. Just loves surrounding herself with the trappings of illness.

No. 1826185

if she sleeps she’ll lose the eyes of ana

No. 1826187

No. 1826189

anon you responded to

No. 1826190

These photos look particularly edited compared to her other posts. Like the sharpness/warmth/contrast or something has been put all the way up. She must look ghastly irl if she thinks she needs the edits

No. 1826219

Do share the milk nonna even if you claim it’s non-milky

No. 1826221

Do videos here never play for anyone else?

No. 1826244

Finally someone else posts her! God she is infuriating and it will forever boggle my mind how she convinced a surgeon to give her a peg tube. The most fucked

No. 1826245

Ntayrt but yes, because I know at least I posted her in the last thread.

No. 1826246

gotcha, sorry for assuming it was bait then. She seems fairly milky.

No. 1826247

Where do you see vomit or food

No. 1826248

When your own father calls bs on your ed.. kek

No. 1826252

Only plays on desktop

No. 1826268

>but I didn't notice it was the green man
>I ran across the road to get across before the green man went away
That's honestly cute how she calls it "the green man" but she better retire that phrase in the next few years cause the whole "babytalk" thing is so cringe on adult anorexics.

No. 1826279

File: 1683956095481.jpeg (55.69 KB, 750x1227, 50A495F6-5FFC-4059-A6D3-29B30D…)

No. 1826298

She travelled to LA from Aus for like 3 days to get those shoes fitted.

No. 1826299

kek, wtf, isn't she living off disability or whatever? how can she afford to go to LA?

No. 1826309

We all call it a green man? Tf

No. 1826311

No. 1826312

Oh shit really? My bad, no one calls it that where I live

Relax lol, sorry for not knowing how things work in Scotland or wherever Niamh is from.

No. 1826320

And take photos of you.

No. 1826327

She drives me crazy because she never seems to explain things. She went to a 1 or 2 day dance intensive and shoe fitting and then raced around in ubers going to Walmarts to buy squishmallows…that's it…that's what she did when she went to LA. She never explained what warranted this trip or how she afforded it. She then soon after became homeless and it was some scandal but she never explained anything about it. I'm also yet to find out the tea about her and being the mosaic. I know or assume enera gets tonnes of money from the defence force but I don't get where her money comes from, disability and NDIS keep a roof over your head and help with your disability, they don't pay for trips to LA or squishmallows.

No. 1826347

didn't she try to fundraise to get private healthcare at some point? I remember there being a gofundme run by the third friend / her former roommate (who sided with mosaics) that said she needed money to pay for therapy, a dietitian, etc.

No. 1826348

>>love that there's still been 0 evidence that she actually entered into one of the parks

How come? EC showed in one of her last videos that she went to Tri-Circle-D Ranch, which is one of the attractions inside Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

Also, in the picture she is literally in front of a giant Mickey Mouse bush and you can see the sign of Disney behind, too.

Here is the video. If it was not for Eugenia, it is a pretty good video, that looks like a very cool place to go.

No. 1826353

I posted her dad calling her fat, I found her in another thread iirc. She’s annoying AF.

No. 1826354

Are you blind? On her nasty face.

No. 1826355

Most of her pics are in front of Disney vacation signs which iirc aren’t in the parks themselves, but around the resorts to get you to sign up for a timeshare.

No. 1826356

File: 1683976623287.png (609.53 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230513-065128.png)

No. 1826357

File: 1683976684295.png (381.34 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230513-065539.png)

No. 1826358

File: 1683976711162.png (319.19 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230513-065547.png)

No. 1826372


The thing is and I've said this before that although in the short term ngs mean you don't have to touch any food. Ngs also are continuous and mean that you are continously consuming calories throughout the day which as somone who had ana in their teens is even more scary than eating a muffin or something idk

No. 1826381

File: 1683980816955.jpg (160.22 KB, 1080x1080, 346111826_238292062216585_1425…)

is this the first time Ham's admitted she's larping?

No. 1826382

Watch her video, EC is inside the park.

No. 1826386

The thing is that, first of all, having disordered eating is not the same as having an eating disorder, although often times the first leads to the latter.

And second, the problem is not that Ham had an eating disorder or not, because nobody can know that for sure except for herself, but the fact that she called that ED anorexia, which was not (as much as Tess Holliday and some larpers on this thread want their EDs to be).

No. 1826484

how can you know for sure she didn't struggle with anorexia(sage your shit)

No. 1826493

Because her bmi was never under 17

No. 1826498

She says herself in one of the other slides that she was diagnosed with "atypical anorexia" aka osfed (or ednos if you want to use the older name). So we know because Ham said so.

No. 1826511

File: 1683998103958.webm (4.78 MB, 1080x2044, Screen_Recording_20230513_1811…)

Laura is clearly our current winner for length out of hospital
Honestly what a sad, pathetic life you're living Abby

No. 1826529

AYRT here. You can read DSM-IV and DSM-V, they both require a BMI below 17. Here is a link:


Again, a low BMI does not invalidate any eating disorder, but, again, that is not called anorexia nerviosa.

Maybe they say that because it sounds more glamorous than having an unspecified eating disorder or because it looks more validating to society.

I don't know what is going on in their attention seeking minds.

No. 1826537

ayrt - yeah, I was agreeing wit you that she's never had anorexia. "Atypical anorexia" aka anorexic symptoms without satisfying the weight requirement fall under EDNOS/OSFED.

No. 1826542

I know she's on the Disney compound, but she's only taking photos around hotels and auxiliary attractions, nothing inside the parks themselves. I only pointed it out because it's obvious that she lacks enough strength to venture out farther than that.

No. 1826544

Ntayrt but we use the ICD as the diagnostic manual
Cba checking the differences as there probably isn't much but just to make people aware that the DSM isn't generally used under the NHS

No. 1826557

File: 1684003327298.jpeg (131.75 KB, 828x1428, 5C2B2B11-3D03-4420-890C-5B1804…)

How many times can this girl try to convince people she’s okay when she quite obviously never engages in proper recovery

No. 1826561

out of curiosity, if you're a bong what do people call it where you live?

No. 1826569

I don't recognise this one. What was the last thread she was brought up in / has she ever been?
Can you give a summary of her background nonna?

No. 1826575

I recognize her. I don’t think she’s been posted here though. I used to follow her maybe in 2018. I think she was vegan? No real eating disorder posts but just a constant denial about how underweight she is.

No. 1826580

>>it's obvious that she lacks enough strength to venture out farther than that

Yes, you are probably right on that, anon.

Her brother and her mother are, or at least were, crazy about Disney, and they used to go on a family trip at least once a year. But, as you mentioned, Eugenia won't be able to do much.

I don't wk EC but still, it's nice that she went outside for some days at least, far away from that cave of hers.

No. 1826603

Her hair is lovely though tbh

No. 1826616

File: 1684013838233.jpeg (117.86 KB, 750x1334, 381141A4-DD00-4D84-9089-06296B…)

@oliviabynature, used to run an ED community recovery account. Then started work as an Instagram lifestyle influencer, in full on denial of her ED. Went through a gym phase while emancipate. Seemingly recovered (physically) last year, had a massive relapse, FINALLY admitted she had AN last year but she is not with any services and doesn’t seem to have gained an ounce of weight judging by her emaciated face. Used to post spoop tiktok bodychecks but toned it down after being called out for posting shit like this. Still raking it in but now cashing in on the ED posting FDOEs and the likes while walking around having made no recovery progress since this was posted last year

No. 1826617

*emaciated not emancipate lol

No. 1826618

But yes she LITERALLY spent years pretending she didn’t have an ED while building up her influencer account, constantly dodging the question and was underweight years on end, all that changed was the styles and trends she followed - not her body

No. 1826663

Eww that’s disgusting behavior

No. 1826664

File: 1684018905297.jpeg (207.89 KB, 1170x1931, IMG_8696.jpeg)

pretty sure Stef snoops here and had to remind us of her toob and collarbones

No. 1826668

But does Grackle / Grace have an ED?

No. 1826681

learn to integrate and no. not every slim person has anorexia

No. 1826696

She literally has the healthiest relationship with food that I have ever seen

No. 1826703

She might have previously had some kind of ed becuase in alot of her videos she does the 3 meals and 3 snacks thing that ed people have to do

No. 1826704

Mainly the three snacks thing. Having three meals is normal

No. 1826710

File: 1684024376412.png (340.01 KB, 424x656, Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 7.32…)

It really irritates me that Enara acts like she's so naive/uninformed about how anything medical works yet simultaneously tries to really sell herself as a nurse who is so knowledgable that she's published, invited to conferences, etc.

Like, come on, Enara. There's probably a note in your file saying that they should only admit you for the bare minimum length of time unless it's arranged in advance to avoid incentivizing impulsive self-destructive behavior for the sake of being hospitalized. That would be a pretty typical care plan for someone with BPD.

No. 1826711

Also it seems elzani modeled alot of her behaviour on a warped perception of grackle. The way they both interact with their parents is…. interesting.

No. 1826712

Someone asked about her a few threads back. Her ig was not private back then and she had been active there quite recently, still looks the same and pretends to be in recovery.

No. 1826714

No, I think maybe a year ago or so she said she was never underweight. I don't remember if at any point she ever used the words 'atypical anorexia,' but it seems like it'd be up her alley.

No. 1826715

File: 1684024873316.png (193.29 KB, 698x700, Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 7.42…)

it's literally the next slide

No. 1826721

What is wrong with how Grackle interacts with her parents? Yes she’s 25 and still lives with them and enjoys spending time with them. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think her relationship with her parents is great and I wish I had ones like that.

No. 1826724

literally was just posted here >>1826710

No. 1826735

File: 1684027827572.png (143.92 KB, 1170x2532, 1A047BE8-56F9-4059-AF6A-2BF024…)

this babybicep chick is starting to get under my nerves. at first i was like she’s just another skelly but kek this is attention seeking behavior

No. 1826752

File: 1684029814180.png (116.9 KB, 421x672, Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 9.04…)

Guess what's back, back again

No. 1826766

File: 1684031047244.jpeg (358.97 KB, 1170x2142, D39C5E62-E65A-4D47-A326-718986…)

Yea, sure be true be you but why has it always got to be so outright repulsive with her…

No. 1826768

File: 1684031181811.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 217.36 KB, 1170x1172, 31EECFAF-811C-4DD2-ABC4-7D5E86…)

Spoilered because.. need I say more

No. 1826770

She’s absolutely insufferable, what a self entitled asshole

No. 1826771

She's THAT girl who keeps her phone in her underpants

No. 1826773

I’ve been saying she’s awful for a while but then am accused of being some jealous rando who’s name I forget tbh

No. 1826774

Her face and expression always infuriates me. It’s as if she’s manifesting that 2010 tUmbLr gOrL aesthetic and failing to achieve it.

No. 1826780


She was misappropriating her self managed NDIS funds but recently got busted, had her funding cut severely and got given a delegate for her funding to be used to specific purposes aka therapy. She made some wild accusations on fb that are absolutely unfounded about her “homeless” situation. But she used the funds for LA, ballet classes, alter wigs and outfits and a cruise. A lot of people were reporting her to NDIS and also her go fund me.

No. 1826781

do you have any screenshots of any of this? I believe you because it sounds very on brand but god damn I'd love to see some of it