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File: 1684134776376.png (2.1 MB, 2016x1512, proanasb95.png)

No. 1827446

Welcome to the 95th level of hell.

*previous thread: >>1818000


Laura seems to be doing well? Sans the lifting leg "lip" incident… Becca had a tube. Niamh causes much debate as she's too ~fragile~ to know how to cross a road successfully. One anon admitted to having a severe fetish for Brits, finding them all adorable ( >cute ) for calling the signal for pedestrians on a pelican crossing >The Green Man. Her academics continue to be studied by the farmers, as she sits a below national average set of exams making it much easier for her to achieve the aesthetic "all A's". Abby was discharged from the eating disorder admission only to allegedly overdose and end up back in general for a night or two. She made her tiktok account public and the brain damage is so obvious. Not just that, but she's shown that she used to be genuinely pretty. It's hard to believe this gremlin used to look like that. Ham confirms she never had anorexia at all, as she was never underweight. Ganer hints at merch. Radio silence continues from Hxn, not even being brought up in the last thread. Becca had a tube. Becca also admitted to gaining a whole 6 stone whilst inpatient, continues to complain about "agonising" / >excruciating bone pain but competing in a cheerleading competition during the weekends she spends at home, which takes a round trip of about 5 hours via public transport. The ward are reducing her opiods and she's not happy about it. Did you know she had a tube by the way? Elzani has a boyfriend, Aidel has a white knight. Enara has selective >photophobia and shows off her impressive collection of hospital bands (pictured). Zara unfortunately makes a brief appearance after reminding us of her lacking diet, using puking on the bus as an excuse to say she only had her medication and water in her stomach. momsfav eats a cookie (pictured). Kate continues pterodactyling and cosplaying as Ronnie Radke behind the incessant filter use. Babybicep gets called out for doing the 2014 tumblr thigh gap stance. Rachel Farrokh [ >>1826957 ] has relapsed and is going strong on the Autism train (choo choo). Becca had a tube.

One farmhand red-texted >Shoo which is appropriate for all of the blog posting and infighting going on. Shut the fuck up about your life. and >sage your literal shit


No. 1827495

The perpetual reminder of beccas tube sent me. Thanks nonna

No. 1827514

tHe GReEn MaN

No. 1827545

Does baby bicep have any other SM apart from IG?

No. 1827547

Why is Zara singleton mentioned in the list of social media links? Did I miss something?

No. 1827553

No. 1827554

i don't think you did, i'm also confused why she's listed there

No. 1827555

i know she has a tiktok account fs

No. 1827565

Forgive me for being a dumbass, but what does not putting ‘sage’ in the email field do? As far as I can tell, it just turns the word ‘anonymous’ green… am I completely missing something?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1827577

She hasn’t been removed since her graduation from the thread. I mean elzani’s link is there and she hasn’t been a real cow in at least a year.

I think maybe we should clean up the links for next thread but idk if that would just lead to dumb infighting over who still counts.

No. 1827596

Could anyone tell me which thread in which becca was first mentioned? Thanks

No. 1827599

it bumps the thread to the top of /snow, which is annoying for everyone else browsing for new content if you were just posting a comment and not actual new content.

No. 1827629

Farrokh has very little to say in each video so her frequency has significantly decreased. She also does this annoying thing I saw another anon talk about where she separates herself from her body to avoid accountability. The school thing is also shocking

No. 1827637

File: 1684157722697.jpeg (264.17 KB, 1170x2010, IMG_8733.jpeg)

Might’ve found a new cow @green.leem. She’s in and out of inpatient despite barely being underweight and always has a smug look on her face about being there kek. Seems to be attached to IP and being babied by staff, and posts in a way that makes her the victim every time

No. 1827639

Kek I can't win, a few threads ago like 92 or something I "cleaned up" the links and got shouted at by anons because they couldn't check in on past cows for updates
I'll clean them up again next thread

No. 1827642

File: 1684158368324.jpeg (264.71 KB, 1170x2006, IMG_8736.jpeg)

No. 1827644

File: 1684158579165.jpeg (394.19 KB, 1798x1691, IMG_8746.jpeg)

No. 1827662

She has a punchable face

No. 1827689

Ahhh ok, gotcha. Thank you

No. 1827692

Is she only on TT now? Or back on YT?

No. 1827699

She has tiktok?!

No. 1827703

Just checked the tt and she is more active on yt. Even tho there is like a post every month and a half

No. 1827803

Who is Mary_, Rainsrecoverie, recoverylifeofmi, littlelivruns?

No. 1827807

Learn your cows nonna, it's not elzanis sister satara, its good old emetephobe cough bullshit OG zaras facebook link

No. 1827811

File: 1684177085253.png (291.69 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_8750.png)

The attention seeking reeks with this one

No. 1827835

File: 1684181884207.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20230515-161809~2.p…)

there is something truly wrong with this bitch

No. 1827839

Oh phew I was starting to forget what time it was removed

No. 1827845

File: 1684183741463.jpeg (197.63 KB, 947x2048, FwIW36GWcAACkxU.jpeg)

she has to be buying shit that doesn't fit on purpose. all these new dresses and all they do is accentuate her deflated chest

No. 1827849

File: 1684183969777.jpeg (157.44 KB, 1150x2048, FvdU5KIXwAAvPwJ.jpeg)

like girl we get it, you're underweight, but you're not so spoopy and dainty that you can't find clothes that fit you anymore. anyone can buy clothes 2+ sizes up.

No. 1827857


the hovering hand lmfao

No. 1827866

that's her brother kek. weirdest, piss-poor censor on that picture

No. 1827868

ill be honest she doesnt rlly look underweight, some people just have prominent chest bones. the rest of her body looks pretty normal

No. 1827872

Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I have weird chest bones that stick out too, even when I'm slightly over weight

No. 1827873

she definitely carries most of her weight in her legs and hips, and her chest bones were sticking out at higher weights too. she's BMI 17 or 18 or something right now

No. 1827897

File: 1684189076052.jpeg (23.84 KB, 750x208, C6D22C3D-5F40-4D5A-8C07-C936D5…)

Looks like Kate wants to take youngdumbhoneybun’s place in the ALR reaction circuit. This would be such a milky cow crossover.

No. 1827903

Thought I was the only one who thought some peoples face are just appear so punchable lol, another being @/danifernandez.go

No. 1827907

File: 1684189932088.jpeg (468.33 KB, 1170x1882, A944F82D-A1DD-4795-BD0F-8E363C…)

Samefag. Wonder why she’s not posted more. Constantly posts wieiad filled with healthy foods and body checks but claiming to be some recovery WaRrioR conquering all her fears foods. Img shows her punchable face lol

No. 1827932

Trying to steal Niamhs' thunder with those bruises, holy shit.

No. 1827933

Who in their right mind would post this shit online

No. 1827938

File: 1684195003472.jpeg (350.73 KB, 1536x2048, Fvo8O-rWcAMxDYv.jpeg)

The daily drinking and purging can't be helping but this seems a bit much for just anemia. She says her legs "just look like this" and that nothing happened. https://twitter.com/baasickate/status/1655702059415478273/photo/1

No. 1827949

don't care, she's fat.

No. 1827951

She’s either getting beaten or is punching herself.
Those bruises done happens with anemia

No. 1827952

nta, but ok unsaged "anachan" what's youre bmi? you give me the vibes of a fatass edtwt larper lmfao

No. 1827958

Dani is fat?
She’s not like a total skeleton anymore but that’s pushing it.
I also follow Dani. She’s been on a “weight gain” journey to get her period back for years. She hasn’t gained a pound because she obsessively goes to the gym. Also she cries a LOT.

No. 1827991

File: 1684202002115.png (192.62 KB, 2016x1512, rattlerattle.png)

No. 1827994

Dani’s unsaged derailment plan is working stop falling for it

No. 1828003

this is just how it looks when youre malnourished and an alcoholic, anything you bump into leaves a mark

No. 1828015

She gives mad “look mom no hands!!” vibes. Constantly seeking appraisal for the most minute accomplishments- if you can even call it that, kek

No. 1828022

File: 1684205537395.jpeg (124.27 KB, 828x1395, A419691A-2F78-4D22-A007-922AE2…)

Oops sorry
Okay dani, you’re a fat cow go away can’t wait to see you cry about this in your next video

No. 1828119

File: 1684220321471.jpeg (495.28 KB, 1170x2152, 465DCFDA-3892-42CD-A75C-5B89F6…)

glad to see people finally taking about this cow. i’ve been following her for a while and she’s been “in recovery” for literal YEARS while gaining probably five pounds. also she constantly cries about being poor and having no money, basically begging for sympathy, yet she goes to starbucks almost every. single. day. to get a literal black iced coffee and danish. like girl you’re spending near $100 a week on shitty food and then setting up gofundmes to e-beg for some mysterious “pain”

No. 1828120

File: 1684220442928.jpeg (279.79 KB, 1170x2233, D98F907C-56C2-44BC-9DD4-20EFAB…)

No. 1828121

She was a star of older threads but she isn't doing anything milky now imo. Most anachans only gain the absolute minimum amount of weight they have to, so she seems to be doing better than most.

No. 1828125

A wisdom teeth extraction costs $1.5k?! Where on earth is she front? Can anyone confirm this cost

No. 1828128

Yeah nonnie surgery is expensive. Prices will range depending if it’s in the chair or in a hospital but in Aus that cost would only cover hospital fees, not surgeon or anaesthetist

No. 1828147

File: 1684229949174.jpg (196.87 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230516_104020_Gal…)

How exciting is this. Can't wait to see an almond and some cucumber

No. 1828150

File: 1684230132095.webm (2 MB, 576x1024, 079b7120234e3485e6ce79ddd83cda…)

What is happening

No. 1828181

kek standing on a bathroom cabinet just to make sure the light from the window shines through and accentuates her thigh gap

No. 1828200

That's pretty cheap for the US, where Dani lives

No. 1828209

I was thinking the same, if I saw her on the street i wouldn't think she was underweight

No. 1828211

she's nowhere near fat lmfao. I'm pretty sure I know which anon you are and your insecurities are showing. You should honestly consider getting help because you clearly have disordered thoughts

No. 1828213

Yeah, her bruises would stand out more than her figure. If I saw her in her gigantic dresses, riddled with bruises with her jaundiced eyebages in the street, I'd assume she was a street walker or someone addicted to a substance.

No. 1828214

The only thing worse than TikTok is a pro-ana beeyotch on TikTok

No. 1828216

Street walker is spot on lmao

No. 1828231

Nikol litrally just posted a random video of herself filming her friend or a stranger without them knowing.
Calling them thinspo for their thighgap.

She lucky her acc is private id be soo mad if I was her friend

No. 1828238

File: 1684245225616.jpeg (223.45 KB, 1170x1890, IMG_8777.jpeg)

It drives me insane when cows use baby language

No. 1828240

File: 1684245267358.png (173.25 KB, 1107x577, 095502.png)

so dewy and light

No. 1828241

Why is she so smug in every post kek

No. 1828251

Does she know what a beauty blender is?

No. 1828276

kek i think not, also wondering if she's lurking because she already deleted her middle-schooler-discovers-bronzer video

No. 1828281

I paid almost $1500 for a single crown in the US WITH insurance. Idk where this bitch lives but $1500 sounds like a steal for oral surgery.

No. 1828287

I wouldn't be surprised if she was kek

No. 1828294

She has become a bit less insufferable as of late. She used to defend her actions to the high heavens in comment sections. “It’s not a body check that’s just what I look like” “I prefer the taste of diet yogurt” type shit.

No. 1828415

No. 1828435

My favorite thing about dani is that she pronounces sourdough as sourduff.

No. 1828441

Jeez, bulimia face is real.

No. 1828468

File: 1684272209036.jpg (252.82 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-05-16_17_24_04.jp…)

sounds like your life Paris

No. 1828473

File: 1684272300116.png (6.1 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_9765.png)

Ah yes, yet another opportunity for Niamh to flaunt her disorderedness while “recovering”. A mere 192 calorie lunch (nutritional info on previous story)

No. 1828532

File: 1684277367365.png (335.92 KB, 750x1334, D94CC6BA-4C6D-404C-ABCC-3C1581…)

she’s wild for posting her bodychecks on her main ig

No. 1828540

Her practices are unhealthy purging starving etc, and I don't doubt that she has an ED she undoubtedly has ana, but she doesn't look that much underweight. Maybe it's bc of the loose skin,there is this chinese girl on edtwt that used to be 90+ over kg and even when she became extremely underweight like less than 40 kg you couldn't tell from her bodychecks alone bc of all the loose skin.
Might have to do with the height too, like when I had an ED my legs which are short looked normal, chubby even, but you could tell from my face that this wasn't the case. Same with Kate and that Chinese girl their faces look emaciated.
I doubt Kate wants to become a skelly or endanger her life. Probably gonna stay at the weight that she is and cry about it to her fetishists and the other retarded anas who idolize her. She and nikol are the worst type of anas.

No. 1828545

i think she’s more addicted to the praise, looking like she’s suffering so people will care about her, and being idolized by children and fetishists than she is concerned with being a spoop. the bpd is strong with this one

No. 1828546

Thanks for this one OP gave me. ahuuuge kek.

No. 1828580

What are the things on the right side of the plate?

No. 1828588

File: 1684285990722.jpg (Spoiler Image,153.28 KB, 1920x1920, SOHOUX59RG.jpg)

Ash having a hard time w Mothers Day. Maybe if she wasn't such a cow she might still have a relationship with her but instead she 'lives' alone w her cat and only interacting w people online… scamming other cows to send them Food

No. 1828589

Same fag
Apologies for autism and forgetting to spoiler

No. 1828592

steamed dumplings

No. 1828599

you gotta be a special kind of retarded to not know what dumplings are

No. 1828602

Holy shit. Is that the tumblr anachan that has anorexia like for 10 years now? I remember seeing her as a teen, then as a university student and now as a slave working adult AND SHE STILL THE SAME COW after all those years?? Larps about the same things, terminally online, says I have to get better for 10 years straight now, bodychecks in every given opportunity. This is fucking sad damn, but still doesn't stop being a cow. Can start by deleting all of her anachan accounts and going out of her house.I'm in awe and amazed by both her and Eugenia for surviving hunger games for so long.

No. 1828606

File: 1684288561577.png (843.44 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230516-215658.png)

No. 1828607

File: 1684288600520.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230516-215536.png)

No. 1828608

File: 1684288721816.png (587.89 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230516-215447.png)

No. 1828613

yeah that's her though it's been at least 15 years, probably closer to 20 for her. she's a bit older than eugenia

No. 1828621


why are you calling her a slave working adult wtf?

No. 1828625

not milk related but damn this is the fastest I’ve ever seen a new thread made

No. 1828635

it was really quite impressive

No. 1828638


No. 1828640

Ntayrt but I’m pretty sure she’s referring to herself lol

No. 1828671

is she in hospital? and thats her 1:1? why is she allowed to wear revealing clothes and bodychecks in hospital? im so confused

No. 1828679

File: 1684296519048.jpeg (110.18 KB, 750x1020, 4D1152F0-A7B5-49E2-AC00-DD0D89…)

this bikini top trend seriously looks extra awful on these anachans (skimpy is a proana Kate orbiter/sidekick)

No. 1828682

File: 1684296665765.jpeg (Spoiler Image,183.05 KB, 1170x1792, 873C42C9-B12D-4B1D-8EFA-65E543…)

Spoilered bc I can’t even begin to describe how absolutely horrendous she looks. Her face looks as if she’s been possessed damn…

No. 1828688

The bruises aren't delicate angel fawn, it looks like she has leprosy or something.

No. 1828695

File: 1684298447406.webm (7.91 MB, 576x1024, Untitled.webm)

She's acting like she's drunk or brain damaged, and the way her jaw moves strangely looks like mdma use, but her pupils look normal?

No. 1828696

File: 1684298492239.webm (2.19 MB, 576x1024, Untitled (1).webm)


No. 1828697

That’s because she’s faking it Because in her world it’s cool

No. 1828700

Yeah I was thinking that too, she's probably going for some Skins/Euphoria bpd character style but it just looks awkward and embarrassing the way she flails around alone in her bathroom.

No. 1828728

File: 1684303504355.jpg (302.55 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230517_070412_Gal…)

Ntayrt but it looks like OP is putting up a comparison of in vs out of hospital?
You're welcome kek. The proana threads normally go up that quick but I didn't make #94 so there was a delay
See pic for >nutritional info on previous story

No. 1828731

>when I had an ED

No. 1828791

File: 1684312282080.jpg (134.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230517_180103_Ins…)

Jump scare holy fuck

No. 1828806

Nayrt but if you replied to it then you obviously do, goofy

No. 1828809

If she's actually high, this definitely isn't pingers but some other hard-drug, which would be quite concerning. And if she's faking then I might actually die from second-hand embarrassment.

No. 1828810

File: 1684314933615.gif (6.05 MB, 498x280, ecstacy-dancing.gif)

No. 1828813

File: 1684315056552.jpg (253.43 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230517_101801_Gal…)

Unfortunately Beth had deleted the tiktok by the time I saw it (so you can't interact with it/the comments are all gone/it doesn't load fully)
But I bet that's who this is about

No. 1828815

Good catch nona, it kinda sounds like it could be about Abby. Didn't Beth have a tiktok where she was doing the weird mdma jaw thing too?

No. 1828816

Kek, people on m always think they look so cool when in reality they look like methed up speds

No. 1828821

beth actually was on drugs in these videos. they were in active addiction, but they have been clean for a while now.

No. 1828822

Same thing whether Abby is faking or not, it's cringey as fuck to record yourself rolling (or fake rolling) and post it to tiktok kek, they're both attention seekers, like all cows

No. 1828824

yeah you're right it is, but addiction makes you do fucked up shit and beth has already apologised for that if i remember correctly

No. 1828825

File: 1684316695924.webm (1.44 MB, 1440x1440, 20230517_104349.webm)

Yes. They must have been posted in the ProAna thread that was taken down (#90 I think?)
So I'm glad I could find these to put them back online kek

No. 1828827

Yet she left it on her tiktok for months? Was she high that whole time? Kek, no need for her to apologize, I'm not the moral police I just think it's milky

>They must have been posted in the ProAna thread that was taken down (#90 I think?)
Aww that sucks, the whole thread deleted and it was so funny too. I asked in meta and one of the admins said she doesn't know why it was deleted or who deleted it but there were no takedown requests, which is so weird it makes me think one of the scumbags is on lc staff and didn't like something that was posted kek, like how is it that a whole thread gets deleted without one of the admins knowing about it?

No. 1828828

Correct, the point is that Beth thinks that Abby is romanticising these videos of Beth in real, genuine & dangerous addiction and is copying the "motions" of being high because she thinks it's cool. Beth is saying she's moved on and worked hard on getting sober from the addiction and that Abby needs to stop LARPing an addiction because she's wanting to follow in Beth's footsteps

No. 1828829

Tinfoil that Beth is admin and doesn't want videos of the past dredged back up so deleted the whole thread after a few new ones had been up so we didn't notice

No. 1828834

File: 1684317600170.webm (584.61 KB, 576x1024, jhgfdgvhbjnm.webm)

I just realized I have a copy of the original tiktok lol

No. 1828835

Honestly not even that far fetched of a tinfoil, I guess we'll have our answer if this thread gets deleted in a couple months lol

No. 1828836

Dumb af anon here again, what does ‘ntayrt’ stand for/mean please? I’ve googled it, to no avail

No. 1828846

It means "not the anon you replied too."

No. 1828853

Thank you!

No. 1828855

File: 1684319910182.png (33.92 KB, 1269x670, 000063830.png)

actually finding her tumblr would have resulted in so much milk. she really did give it away like candy

No. 1828860

File: 1684320188709.webm (2.14 MB, 576x1024, 73cf8e385ae362957c45865902ebbb…)

I have it too, as well as this one. The iconic vape-rophone

No. 1828870

I wouldn't want to hi cow, but it was seeming awfully likely. Decided to go and look and sure enough her profile is no longer private and she's still seething about legliftlaura, other cows here, constantly reposting things posted here. Instead of actively trying to help herself it seems. Did anyone hear back about what happened to thread #90 (why were we sperms)?

No. 1828893

Damn i missed this before posting a reply, thanks for trying to find out anyways. I wondered if it was anything potentially legal due to colours sperg out and her suicide baiting at the time, but it did make me wonder if a cow is a farmhand and just wanted something hidden as non of the other colours spergs and her thread are still up. There could have been an accidental deletion or glitch, but i would have thought it would have been replied about if that was the case?

No. 1828986

File: 1684338394448.png (422.72 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230517-111723.png)

No. 1828996

If it's TikTok couldn't she just block Eugenia? or would she still see the content?

No. 1829004

File: 1684339874969.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1948, Screenshot_20230517-120511~2.p…)

No. 1829007

if she blocked her she wouldn't see her content so i'm just as confused as you are as to why she hasn't blocked her already

No. 1829010

why do we keep posting dani? she's not milky anymore imo. she did use to post triggering stuff but rn she's not so why not let her live

No. 1829011

You have a tripod set up at SBux I don’t know why anyone would stare like you’re a freakshow kek

No. 1829024

File: 1684341290530.jpeg (286.01 KB, 1170x1590, IMG_0204.jpeg)

No. 1829028

File: 1684341344513.jpeg (55.09 KB, 1117x675, IMG_0206.jpeg)

No. 1829087

File: 1684346460423.png (2.13 MB, 1080x2175, Screenshot_20230516-221000~2.p…)

No. 1829091

File: 1684346741770.jpg (320.63 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-05-17_14_06_47.jp…)

No. 1829198

Good for her. Maybe she can be an inspiration for other cows to recover, since she proves that you can only accomplish things when you recover.

No. 1829212

abby talking about posting a WIEIAD is laughable- will she also show the binging and purging? or just the uwu anachan nibbles of melon and other shit

No. 1829246

>4 years of it doing fuck all
What is prozac supposed to do for anyone who is actively starving their body? That's why she's anxious and depressed, she doesn't need prozac she needs food. Anachans are retarded lol

No. 1829266

fOoD iS meDIcIne

No. 1829288

Those are vitamins and an antidepressant. Coming off of antidepressants suddenly can cause stuff like hallucinations and psychotic breaks. Prozac is fairly hit or miss anyway.

No. 1829318

File: 1684371866192.jpeg (49.03 KB, 750x546, C8A0748A-8792-4E07-B623-9AF1BF…)

Kate is drunk and going full retard on the timeline

No. 1829323

File: 1684372223321.jpeg (46.27 KB, 750x449, 90B45934-ABF4-4B4E-B16E-89D41D…)

Acting like her heart isn’t capable of failing at 30 due to her illness. Between the purging, alcohol, lax abuse, whatever drugs she’s using, vaping 24/7, not getting enough nutrients…

No. 1829325

she's so delusional about what she actually looks like, you're NOT UNDERWEIGHT BITCH.

No. 1829329

she is clinically but just barely. I get that she lost a lot but she’s so delusional

No. 1829333

File: 1684373971204.jpeg (108.65 KB, 750x1085, 4DB58509-4E76-4E3B-B7D7-C67AB7…)

kek what about her OWN young daughters watching their mother starve herself for attention. she needs to take a good look in the fucking mirror and focus on something other than sticking her ass back for a gap.

she’s just feigning outrage to seem like she’s not a horrible influence. always fishing for asspats

No. 1829344

File: 1684376093954.png (3.01 MB, 2000x1600, CEAA6ED8-B39C-4415-BCC4-EEE9F9…)

Anyone remember landwhale Ana larper Liandra? Photo #1 is her tiktok. Mentioned a few threads ago when the Walden Inpatient Amerifags kept making TikTok’s about their summer camp adventures. I happened across pictures 2 - 4 a little while ago and saved for a rainy day. She dyed her feed a fun color…such struggles with MuH GaStRopeResis. But the real keks come in pictures 5 - 9 on a sponsored Facebook post by ACUTE that I figured would have some fun comments under. It did not disappoint. We find our nose hose landwhale taking on the fat phobic ACUTE pigs, and promptly getting harpooned by someone in the comments. Enjoy.

No. 1829356

Imagine learning to sage and fucking integrate

No. 1829360


No. 1829361

No but any idiot knows being underweight is going to cause problems, and not getting the vitamins and minerals your brain needs to function can cause anxiety and depression. That's why the first thing most psychologists tell patients with anxiety is to make sure their eating enough food, getting enough sleep and exercising. It's not even a theory or an idea at this point it's just common sense. And stop with the outdated spongebob meme already.

No. 1829362

She's saying she has gastroparesis too. That's impossible right?? To be that fat and have both a paralysed stomach and anorexia??

No. 1829381

File: 1684382610521.jpg (196.34 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20230518-060225_Tik…)

The Chinese girl, do you perhaps mean cheungfuny aka Amy? She's deleted her Twitter I belive so I only have screenshots from her tiktok

No. 1829388

sorry i don't eat dumplings that look like pure shit so i didn't recognize them

No. 1829421

I'm so done with the **~AtYpIcAL aNoRExiA~** bullshit.

Last thread an anon >>1826544 pointed out that in UK they use ICD diagnostic manual (link below), so now almost any eating disorder can fall under that category.


That's why fat cows around the world claim to be anorexic while, at the same time, spoopy anachan cows pretend to be fit and healty.

No. 1829436

Shocking…. The fat sow is calling ACUTE fat phobic for not accepting obese 'anorexics'? Disgusting that she thinks she warrants the same treatment as people who are severely underweight and on the verge of death!

No. 1829438

I don't think she's coming off cold turkey

No. 1829440

Kate sweetie, u actually have a higher chance of having a stroke at thirty than someone who weighs 300lbs. No actually you're right, the constant alc abuse, bp-ing, and smoking definitely won't cause you any problems

No. 1829449

Being underweight isn't the be all end all.

No. 1829450

Didn't say it was, just that it's not going to help whatever anxiety or depression Niamh has.

No. 1829474

File: 1684407395255.png (381.7 KB, 750x1334, 3F2C803F-ACE8-4704-82F2-8DA005…)

Niamh: I’m doing really well don’t associate me with the Ed community
Also Niamh: it’s lunch time but I’m not hungry - and next story - “I just need to kill myself”
The obvious relapse baiting but aggressiveness toward anyone who dare bring it up is sickening

No. 1829487

That’s great! It’s always nice to see people recover - it’s not easy and she has clearly worked hard at it.

No. 1829489

Literally every psychiatrist will tell an underweight ana that their meds won’t help their anxiety and depression if they aren’t eating enough food. People that never had anxiety or depression will absolutely develop symptoms if they are underweight/not eating enough.

No. 1829498

File: 1684412827644.jpg (207.51 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20230519_001905_Ins…)

What an #anawarrior

Jokes aside anyone know why her face is so puffy? If you look at some recent posts of hers it's so swollen.

No. 1829511

bulimia makes your parotid glands swell. if you continue that lifestyle it basically deforms your face and gives you permanent chipmunk cheeks

No. 1829545

File: 1684418549154.webm (12.91 MB, 1000x1818, Screen_Recording_20230517_1419…)

Not the samefag but here's the video

No. 1829548

File: 1684418631721.webm (6.85 MB, 1080x2316, Screen_Recording_20230517_1419…)

Between niamh in the kitchen and abby in the bathroom, I'm convinced it's something in the scottish water bring Mad Cow disease upon our anachans

No. 1829561

File: 1684419668314.jpeg (199.33 KB, 1170x2120, IMG_8807.jpeg)

She is so unfortunate looking kek

No. 1829564

Just saw Niamh’s twitter and literally everything revolves around either food or her body. And she says she doesn’t want to be associated with the ed community.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1829567

Imageboard (please I don't have twitter)

No. 1829576

File: 1684428988059.jpeg (Spoiler Image,79.76 KB, 1400x700, 31E5A362-0687-474B-94D6-4B7C3E…)

No. 1829599

Also perfect timing considering Zara had a bunch of tells about how nurses need physical/mental examinations so deem them fit to practice…and now Niamh doesn’t want to be a nurse anymore

No. 1829609

You're not missing much anon, account started 15th May and there's not much posted. Not much different than what people do over Instagram where they share pictures of food either.

No. 1829611

File: 1684430375863.png (149.45 KB, 513x1066, Screenshot_20230518-181955.png)

ntayrt but here's some of her tweets. pretty boring imo

No. 1829612

File: 1684430448518.png (19.57 KB, 590x504, zzzz.png)

She's being deliberately obtuse about this. People are talking about your own daughters, Kate. They're not reading your disclaimers on your ED Influencer twitter account. You don't have to tell your daughters to starve for them to notice that their mother doesn't eat around them and is covered in bruises.

"Mommy wants to be sickly and thin because she needs attention from men and teenagers on the internet and it's more important to me than setting a healthy example for you and not warping your little brains are, but don't be like mommy!"

No. 1829648

I agree on the first take only. It's really fucking sad seeing young kids morbidly obese and barely being able to move around. But it's as sad as seeing them anorexic, in and out of ED centers and wasting their teen years throwing up instead of going to school or having fun with friends.
Meanwhile Kate in reality doesn't give a fuck about them she just wanted to fatshame someone to feel validated for starving. Kate's case does scream postpartum and probably grew up in a horrible house and got brainwashed that women's purpose in life is catering moids. But that doesn't excuse you being a cow Kate grow up!

No. 1829696

Are those her real teeth? They look like dentures.

No. 1829728

she's been binging ALR + landwhale reaction channels lately and getting up chikara transformations's ass kek and her most recent screenshots all have the youtube miniplayer in the corner with an ALR reaction channel video playing. this drunken outburst is pure regurgitation of talking points she's heard in those vids in an attempt to establish a base to start her own channel from, and act like it's because she gives a shit. and the anachans are eating it up

No. 1829881

it's funny that people constantly say farmers are just jealous of her because she is so pretty.. I genuinely think she is extremely unattractive. And all the stupid faces she pulls only makes it worse.

No. 1829904

Learn to SAGE and INTEGRATE, dumbfuck.

No. 1829905

No. 1829928

Ana face is crazy.
It's milk, retard.

No. 1829932

Nayrt but I think you're the dumbfuck. How exactly was their post not integrated? and why should've it been saged? It was milky

No. 1829966

Ty nonna, I'm the original poster and I'm so confused by this newfag and their minimod attempt, I want to make a meme out of it somehow
I HATE the 2014 >dumbfuck SPONGEbob tEXt

No. 1829986

I just noticed all the red hospital bands in the banner kek nice touch nonnie

No. 1830009

File: 1684454026659.jpeg (113.73 KB, 1170x2011, IMG_8830.jpeg)


No. 1830011

File: 1684454089659.jpeg (96.94 KB, 1170x1890, IMG_8831.jpeg)

No. 1830031

I swear all Abby posts should be spoilered at this point. Absolutely horrifying.

No. 1830039

nta but amy's insufferable but also vaguely entertaining kek her twitter's still there I think but it's less active now

No. 1830042

Niamh actually said she needs to kill herself??

No. 1830057

Marie is back and she looks….scary.

No. 1830060

File: 1684458843863.jpg (367.57 KB, 1920x1920, All in.jpg)

Do we still think Darcy is "All in" ? I don't see much difference

No. 1830061

File: 1684458904507.jpg (280.92 KB, 1920x1920, Knuckle.jpg)

That one knuckle…

No. 1830063

could be all in
but also all out

No. 1830065

File: 1684459449991.jpg (618.06 KB, 1920x1920, 202305101_092239324.jpg)

One of our headbangers has graduated…Uni? In a wheelchair. I'm not sure if she's still ip it seems to look that way

No. 1830066

File: 1684459849899.jpeg (249.55 KB, 1170x1851, IMG_8835.jpeg)

Apparently she went to the hospital based on her post last night, but then on her tellonmy says that she isn’t on a meal plan or tube fed. Guess they’ve given up on her

No. 1830070

File: 1684460012188.jpeg (149.22 KB, 1170x2035, IMG_8767.jpeg)

No. 1830071

Btw she’s an adult so don’t come at me about the age thing

No. 1830076

isn’t she on bed rest and also said she doesn’t shower because of lack of energy?

No. 1830079

She looks SO bad. She now has the extreme skelly face.

No. 1830080

File: 1684461398492.jpeg (286.02 KB, 1125x1561, IMG_5386.jpeg)

This just in: Ganer ate a normal(ish) looking pizza. Stop the presses. Bury the 11 o’clock headline. We’re running with “Ego-inflated, ana brain rotted body ‘builder’ eats human food”

I mean, there might actually be cheese and sauce and bread in there, you guys. How much do you think she’ll cut down on her slop and rice cakes to make up for this?

No. 1830100

She looks like a character from The Dark Crystal

No. 1830126

Omg, this killed me off hahahaha

No. 1830150

Her parents definitely need to ship her back to ACUTE

No. 1830153

File: 1684471017752.jpeg (27.57 KB, 828x385, 7A07DEA3-E2DD-41D4-9E78-A42D7C…)

Isn’t she 19? Did she get held back?

No. 1830154

Actually she is 20

No. 1830178

Mods are retarded, they just don’t like us posting about certain people so will ban you when you’re following the saging rules. It’s milk, so I don’t sage.

I’m deliberately not saging this out of spite.(you need to be over 18 to post here)

No. 1830184

How mature of you. Go back to eating sand on the playground

No. 1830192

File: 1684480207549.webm (4 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

Nta but yeah in this vid, she didn't sound all that serious though

No. 1830204

Is it just me or have the mods been a little weird lately? Like, it's starting to feel like soviet russia here.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1830205

Her singing is so cringey and retarded, I don't know why she posts it

No. 1830206

Just you.

No. 1830207

Aw she looks good

No. 1830209

File: 1684485181351.png (156.53 KB, 932x2000, PhotoRoom-20230519_093346.png)

Sans the disordered need to burn it off, sure

No. 1830225

File: 1684489371548.png (6.14 KB, 511x199, Screenshot (20091).png)

Holy shit guess who I just found commenting on Nikol's tiktok

No. 1830226

File: 1684489407561.png (1.19 MB, 1648x845, Screenshot (20092).png)

Samefag, Eva Hazen kek, talk about a blast from the past

No. 1830228

File: 1684489463560.webm (1.33 MB, 576x1024, Untitled.webm)

Guess she's not Muslim anymore kek

No. 1830246

its because everyone who posts in here acts retarded. go look at any other thread and you'll see the difference

No. 1830255

I only eat soil, u stupid bitch. Sand makes my tummy hurt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1830260

Yep, I merely asked a question about saging and got, ‘put out to pasture’… bearing in mind, that I actually did sage the post(take it to /meta/)

No. 1830265

That pizza looks as bad as her tRaInInG pRoGrAm.
After that she will make herself suffer for that extra calories, I'm pretty sure.

No. 1830268

et voilá!
that evil fat has to be purged

No. 1830290

Ah yes…classic Eva morphing into whatever trend aesthetic she thinks will attract her a man
She doesn't belong in proana scumbags anymore but this cow crossover is big kek
she had her own thread that was spammed &locked right before her Muslim larp..she's still milky nd I sometimes wish someone would make another thread for her..bitch is messyyy

No. 1830294

She wasn’t graduating uni, it was Norways National Day which is a really big celebration in Norway and most people dress up in these dresses called “bunad” and goes out on the streets or whatever. So she isn’t graduating, I mean does she even go to uni or anything?

No. 1830298

File: 1684499846990.jpeg (238.78 KB, 1170x2391, IMG_7975.jpeg)

I don’t know if this one have been talked about here, probably a long time ago but does anyone know what happens to this girl? She just disappeared out of nowhere. She was super skelly and I think she was milky with all her “low calorie” recipes and all the tiktoks in hospital with shorts and stuff. She even flashed herself one time or even more I don’t know

No. 1830307

Some people think she died

No. 1830317

File: 1684502797211.jpg (Spoiler Image,295.48 KB, 1080x1965, Screenshot_20230519_225326_Ins…)

This girl is just a complete proana fetishist at this point.
Just begging for attention for her skelly body

No. 1830320

File: 1684503050051.jpg (Spoiler Image,256.49 KB, 1080x1931, Screenshot_20230519_225857_Ins…)

Samefag. The tip comment on the post is another fairly milky cow who I think has been mentioned in passing here. Body checking all day, posting her weird fucking binge food cake thing that looks nasty

No. 1830324

File: 1684503456824.jpg (236.89 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20230519_093723_Ins…)

Luka deserves to be in this thread. Pretends to be in recovery yet posts ana pictures daily.

No. 1830325

File: 1684503644039.jpg (149.04 KB, 1079x1174, Screenshot_20230519_094141_Ins…)

Wow anon. I thought the same thing and just posted her also.
Didn't see your post above

No. 1830355

File: 1684506025991.png (372.98 KB, 584x645, floortortilla.png)

it really does look like she dropped it on the floor kek

No. 1830365

i fucking hate these anachans always saying YUMMY die

No. 1830368

File: 1684507496245.png (29.56 KB, 470x781, yummmmmm.png)

ayrt, bit of an alog there kek but the ingratiating behavior is definitely annoying as fuck. i can't believe someone asked for the recipe of something where the ingredients are so plainly visible. and amidst all of the exaggerations about how ~yummy~ it looks, we get a special appearance by one of Kate's many ana fetishist followers in the replies

No. 1830372

File: 1684507632059.png (Spoiler Image,390.74 KB, 1846x612, LUKA ♡ (@lukascout) •.png)

body check much(sage and spoiler your shit)

No. 1830374

i don't think you even need to call someone out on it when they're not trying to hide their behavior at all kek

No. 1830393

Thanks for the clarification nonnie I just saw fancy cape/gowns and assumed school

No. 1830395

You could guarantee all the creepy vk fetishists are following her and she's probably making bank from them

No. 1830401

Does anyone know her real name, I assume she's Australian given the Coles products? was going to snoop around but I'm struggling to find more than she's had at least two accounts so far (poena_ and po3na_).

No. 1830406

Yes you retard, maybe because you can just read the rules instead of asking to be spoon-fed

No. 1830410

she was mentioned in thread #78 >>1549888 and in OP for #79 but not discussed within and summarily abandoned. and of course she's australian. she has a brandy melville "australian edition" clothing haul and an obvious accent. not sure what you're expecting to find with her real name, since it's highly unlikely that she would have been using it for any milk-laden accounts.

No. 1830429

This bitch makes me want to learn Russian just so I can discover what the hell is in that nightmare bread concoction of hers.

No. 1830431

It's mostly to find potential real accounts/obits etc. I saw no one really talked about her when she was brought up other than "she looks weird" and then dropped, it seems like some of her TikTok was scrubbed so i was wondering if anyone knew if she at least used her first name anywhere. Will probably drop it if i can't find anything by tonight.

No. 1830447

nayrt but I'd like to look up her name to see if she actually died or not

No. 1830456

File: 1684517176538.png (2.17 MB, 1080x2054, Screenshot_20230519-132650~2.p…)

No. 1830465

File: 1684518086765.jpg (214.79 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230519_184202_Tik…)

Danielle allegedly

No. 1830473

File: 1684518683855.png (208.94 KB, 1080x1440, legolaura.png)

Legliftlaura? I only know Lego Laura

No. 1830479

Oh my god, wow. Poor thing.

No. 1830490

File: 1684520304974.png (8.02 KB, 250x210, Screenshot (20104).png)

Kek what the fuck is this miss scoliosis? Tryna throw your back out?

No. 1830491

Samefag forgot to tag and it won't let me repost >>1830456

No. 1830500

File: 1684521010915.png (14.95 KB, 469x669, 045.png)

her first name is danielle, allegedly

No. 1830505

File: 1684521601727.png (702.5 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230519-144057.png)

No. 1830507

samefag. willing to believe they did/do actually know each other. sienna's tt user is siennagbl, same as her ig, search that and you get her pinterest, has pics of her friends, they're in queensland aus.
if you rifle a bit, those friends post on tt w/ #edsheeran, and their own pinterests have restriction meal pins etc.
no links or pics bc they're all kids.

No. 1830525

Filename is kinda sus, sis

No. 1830542

File: 1684526230521.jpg (16.65 KB, 374x396, kk.JPG)

I don't feel for her, play stupid games, win stupid prizes especially when you're doing ti for fetishests. But i feel bad for the family. Brothers confirmed she's passed and must be rough losing your big sister.

No. 1830553

File: 1684527216497.webm (5.16 MB, 576x1024, 43d0c1f83358c1900d58c0dbd93b94…)

Someone make it stop (don't make it stop)

No. 1830557

she’s not particularly skelly just so unhinged it’s frightening. the makeup, the head bashing marks, the insane body angles, the faking being high or drunk… she needs locking up or some serious serious therapy

No. 1830563

She had it coming. She only had herself to blame.

No. 1830564

File: 1684528413820.png (263.25 KB, 1080x897, Screenshot_20230519-163228~2.p…)

why does she do this

No. 1830580

File: 1684529528202.jpeg (233 KB, 1170x2057, IMG_8837.jpeg)

It’s interesting that she started to post again after she got admitted for being too skelly

No. 1830582

What’s that blue strap

No. 1830583

File: 1684529712663.jpg (302.33 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230519_212421_Ins…)

Kek beat me to it. Here's this one instead

No. 1830584

Why aren’t your bans working?(sage your shit)

No. 1830588

I think it's just a purse strap nona

No. 1830589

I've barely ever heard of perma-banning on lolcow
You're not special enough for the mods to care about, just an irritating little scrote bringing in some comical derailing. It's fun to see you red texted over and over again. You won't get a speshul ban for being a retard nonna, sorry.

No. 1830590

File: 1684530741901.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.96 KB, 1200x800, gallery-1466183971-annabelle.j…)

No. 1830592

Oh shittt anyone remember her last name

No. 1830596

Van Asten

No. 1830597

File: 1684531280282.jpeg (97.89 KB, 722x1106, IMG_8839.jpeg)

The texture seems medical like a blue mask so I was wondering if it was for some ana complication

No. 1830598

File: 1684531479536.png (369.62 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230519-172403.png)

No. 1830599

File: 1684531511445.png (151.09 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230519-172418.png)

No. 1830600

File: 1684531540009.png (69.72 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230519-172440.png)

No. 1830615

Rattle rattle…

No. 1830634

It looks like the strap for a holter monitor, which is like a 24-48 hour EKG that stays on in a purse-like pouch.

No. 1830641

File: 1684535737204.png (706.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230519-233549.png)

Han doing a tik tok live in a vest top clearly for one and one reason only

No. 1830644

van asten. brothers name is kade

No. 1830656

File: 1684537073135.png (201.49 KB, 1757x1050, Screenshot 2023-05-20 085128.p…)


please for the love of all anons, can a USAfag visit her on the 23rd and take pictures to prove if she was indeed shooping her pics to look more skelly or not.

one down, 2 to go… next up EC, then the Lich Queen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1830658


samefag, i forgot to post this from the funeral home:

"Visitation will take place on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church, 411 Vandenbroek Street, Little Chute, from 2:00 p.m. until the time of services at 5:00 p.m."

No. 1830666

File: 1684537640452.jpg (449.81 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-05-19_19_07_49.jp…)

looks pretty skelly in the pics her brother posted

No. 1830667

she was and she still photoshopped herself skinnier it was sad. i forgot what threads had her on them but they were from years ago. called herself kelsey on the account. fading.kelsey i think

No. 1830671

damn, for the first time I really hope she gets herself together. if it's even possible.

No. 1830693

Are the fit of her clothes bad or does she just look so unkempt all the time??

No. 1830694

I did but I still don’t understand what the big fuss is about! Calling somebody a ‘retard’ purely because you can hide behind anonymity, go you

No. 1830701

The fact she calls that dry ass looking baked dogshit bread is bad enough. Then she goes and eats it with an entire slab of I think cottage cheese? Fucking disgusting

No. 1830703

it's not a holter monitor, it's a telemetry unit. It's basically the same thing, but patients can wear them for basically indefinite periods of time as long as the doctors feel they need constant information about their heart rate/rhythm.

No. 1830707

2014 EC twerking methhead edition

No. 1830721

I noticed too. I called an anon (presumably one of the mods) a hag and they permabanned me. I appealed obviously because that’s stupid and it got lifted

No. 1830723

I still don’t understand how she looks 10, I recall she said she never went through puberty but does that happen often

No. 1830724

a lingerie line?? i’m dead

No. 1830730

Kallmann Syndrome is a rare condition that prevents people from experiencing puberty, or causes them to experience only partial puberty (it also causes them to have an impaired sense of smell). It is estimated to affect about 1 in every 10,000 men and 1 in every 50,000 women.

So either she has that or she’s lying.

No. 1830731

No. 1830733

She’s trying to imply she’s been sooper sick since she was young

No. 1830734

It’s also because she infantilizes herself and dresses like a kid

No. 1830740

I read on her tellonym she’s “dating” a guy she met online. Wonder who.

No. 1830743

I think it’s shooped. The eyes are too big for the face surely. Like yeah still spoopy but it just doesn’t look right

No. 1830744

Fuck she died yesterday? Jesus you nonnas are quick

No. 1830749

She almost always has a filter on but there’s a huge difference in her appearance since her post in October.

No. 1830766

File: 1684552774445.png (775.82 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230519-232022.png)

No. 1830769

File: 1684553037793.jpg (169.94 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20230520_125345_Chr…)

She looks like she was attacked by a cat.
Hot tip Enara. People might believe this isn't for attention if you chose a drug that could actually do damage

No. 1830813

It’s a filter, using a infantile hairstyle and posing

No. 1830816

File: 1684563519577.png (202.59 KB, 1000x806, lots.of.png)

Not saged because I want the whole site to see how tapped in the head you are , freak.
She's dead ? It doesn't matter to anyone except you if she used photoshop when she was still alive because she wouldn't be dead if she was exaggerating the actual disorder…and wishing death upon other cows? You must be new here. And you're not welcome.
I for one do not want to see a picture of a DEAD anorexic on the site

No. 1830817

File: 1684563868680.jpeg (40.41 KB, 828x1177, 36207A01-8887-488D-A12F-E909A0…)

She’s just asking to be a-logged at this point
My worst gripe with her is how incredibly maliciously manipulative she is
OD on relatively harmless stuff just enough to get attention, let a battery sit in her system for just long enough to do some damage but not die, scratch up the surface of her skin for obvious signs of suffering (since she’s not spoopy or sick looking in any other way) and because of her background she uses her knowledge of it all to even get medical personal to her face to face fastest, refusing to adopt coping strategies for those bpd urges. I don’t know I feel like what she does should be illegal but since shes mentally unwell it’s just.. tolerated? it’s so insane.
Have a cute ash pic as an apology for my rant

No. 1830818

I use this word in real life too, retard.

No. 1830832

File: 1684565598850.jpg (148.35 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230520_162140_Ins…)

Shes already deleted the story and then made a passive aggressive response to someone calling her out

No. 1830837

Is it confirmed that she herself was doing it for fetishists and it wasn't just other fetishists reposting her images in that context?

No. 1830838

lol at the wavy tiles and line to her right, this is massively shooped

No. 1830842

Kinda off topic but did dora and ro fall out or something? Haven’t thought about dora in a while and just checked her ig, ro doesn’t follow her on any accounts

No. 1830846

Someone contacted Onlyfans over twitter and they had a response that she had given her ID and was verified for the account, so it's not looking great. I think a friend posted here about it too last few threads saying that she was going to stop and give recovery a proper go?

No. 1830854

sorry but that would be kind of fucked up if anyone actually did it. now is not the time she's passed. let her rest and her family grieve

No. 1830855

Probably some ana fetishist, very creepy and sad tbh

No. 1830856

You want a cookie or something? How was this supposed to make it any less horrible?

No. 1830859

Pic was posted days ago. If you're ranting like that about Ash id assume you haven't known of her too long.

No. 1830860

Oh piss off back to tiktok or wherever you're from, it's not uncommon language on lolcow so perhaps this isn't the site for you

No. 1830862

How retarded can you get. Ntayrt but >have a cute Ash pic as an apology for my rant
With the quoted number >>1830769 clearly showing nonna was ranting about Enara and posting a picture to make it a little less annoying.
If anyone is new here, it's you.

No. 1830868

File: 1684574396602.jpg (367.94 KB, 1920x1920, 2890520_1709306.jpg)

Babybicep's 'preaching Tedx' style reels grinds my gears. So many of the spoops do it when they're suddenly "all in recovery " and the calf anas eat it up. Don't be giving out life and health advice when you're spoopin and not making much if any effort to improve your own health. But if you do want to pat her ass and stroke the last three strands of hair she has, she has wish lists! I mean you can't recover properly without random people buying you things on the internet that do not aid in recovery at all. In fact some might say that asking for people to buy you protein powders and supplements is dangerous and enabling. I'm not sure how Mario or an obviously overpriced hoodie will help…but hey, it just might uwu
All you 'life coaching' cows can fuck right off. You KNOW what you're doing with your disingenuous speeches and 'care for others'. It feels like I'm being talked into a MLM any time I see her videos. Recovery shouldn't be a grandstanding, soap box, money earning business. These spoops have turned it all into a job. If only they put that much effort into recovering that they do in scheming they might actually be able to recover. Anyway thanks for coming to my TedTalk

No. 1830870

She’s such a fucking loser lmao not to a log but like this is literally the female version of a Reddit basement dweller

No. 1830885

well holy fuck this is gonna be one FAST cremation

No. 1830891

Don't forget the scale, just what every 'recovering' anorexic really needs.

No. 1830893


nobody needs an $180 scale. this disgusting, entitled bitch brings out the hatred in me too, this is the cow who really deserves to drop dead.

No. 1830925

File: 1684584605529.png (2.14 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230520-081021.png)

No. 1830930

Does this mean someone from her family is gonna have to log in and close her OnlyFans? I feel bad for whoever’s job that would be.

No. 1830946

Omg I just noticed that. I wonder what she schooped

No. 1830954

File: 1684588742745.jpg (265.19 KB, 1080x1921, neffer-tity-food.jpg)

I was also curious what neffer_tity_food puts in that cake, and I fell into a beach-themed proana rabbithole. If you click on the link she posts with her recipes, it brings you to this site. Crammed with emojis, it advertises "3-D sound meditation", "How to lose weight without suffering excessive hunger", "How to return the female cycle without gaining WEIGHT and fat", "How to become a little copy of yourself", a collection of her orthorexic recipes (including the cake), 10 different diets for different metabolisms, and some nonsensical ramblings about hormonal systems, muscles, mitochondrial youth, and workouts. Her full program is called 'marathon-5', and to access any of this info you need to pay to become a club member(I can't figure out what the cost is, only half of the site is translated). Sadly, I never found the cursed cake recipe (which she claims is 20cal/100g). I have more screenshots if anyone's interested. Apologies if this was covered in past threads. She's just so offputting. Almost ghoulish.


No. 1830964

tinfoiling here but it could've been a case of something along the lines akin to dora still being deep in ed tendencies and ro wanting to unfollow. Ro seemed to have genuinely taken her recovery in stride and it seems that she's fully graduated from proana cow now tbh

No. 1830979

She looks like a bobblehead so I'd assume her shoulders

No. 1830980

This took me way too long, top keks nonna

No. 1831006

What’s Dora up to now?

Going back but I sometimes wonder what happened to the people who were in the ED ‘community’ on IG 10 years ago ( very different to now) and if they ever recovered.

No. 1831010

>cursed cake that's allegedly 20cal/100g
I'm very curious what this cursed ana cake is this made from, cause that's just scientifically impossible kek

No. 1831024

her cakes look so horrifyingly dense, they're probably 90% psyllium husk or some other kind of indigestible fiber

No. 1831036

Sounds like a recipe for constipation

No. 1831040

Wouldn't it make more sense to make normal low calorie cake, idk even just jelly-only cheesecake and get just a small piece a day instead of oddly huge looking portions of "20 kcal" cake that probably tastes like styrofoam mixed with forest ground, that will prob make your stomach feel worse. Idk this cake gives sinister vibes, like you'd get poisoned

No. 1831052

How TF do you think she shooped facial bones ffs.

No. 1831053

Most anachans who shop are terrible at it so honestly I doubt it

No. 1831055

kek Kate is on some serious damage control right now, set both her account and her backup to priv (and changed her backup from @kaatespo to @skinnykaate). not sure if it’s because of the HAES tweets or because people seem to be calling her out in general this week

No. 1831060

She seems to douse things in sucralose, no idea if that sweetener is one that makes you shit but if so i guess it balances out. The sheer amount of various flavourings, colourings and sweetners she seems to use seems grim.

No. 1831061

File: 1684603121123.png (183.41 KB, 1125x2436, 2B0C6666-9680-4AE3-AF6F-6D7618…)

Okay sorry for the amount of photos, I'm a phonefag and making them into a single image became unreadable. But from what I can glean, it seems like Kate is hiding because she got called "transphobic" by some dick-sucking "lesbian". I think people started piling on her after seeing the threads about cancelling her, kek. It's one of those "trans women are REAL WOMEN" accounts, and Kate's take is actually based as fuck.

No. 1831062

File: 1684603162837.jpeg (158.16 KB, 955x1400, 962B839D-92B7-42DF-B5F5-06DBF2…)

No. 1831063

File: 1684603218304.jpeg (25.58 KB, 315x564, F4C2A602-5561-4EBA-B2DD-F28ACD…)

These next two images are merely the screenshots from the above tweet, sorry for the quality but it isn't my doing.

No. 1831064

File: 1684603240287.jpeg (31.16 KB, 840x433, 373F7FC5-D294-4330-A254-59A56C…)

No. 1831070

ntayrt, but Kate tweeted about her support for trans people the other day, says she goes to trans rights rallies in Ottawa or whatever, so not sure what her actual take is. It seems more like she supports them as a whole but isn't aware of what is or is not a "transphobic" take, as opposed to being secretly totally anti-trans.

No. 1831074

File: 1684604254880.png (30.17 KB, 749x649, IMG_1397.PNG)

kek Kate follows Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson on her main ig so there's that

No. 1831076

The background is so warped there’s no way there wasn’t some shop

No. 1831090

stop WK her nobody cares

No. 1831093

A rare based take from a retard

No. 1831097

she infuriates me kek how am I WK her? i'm just adding context for her current twitter drama. she's retarded regardless of what her viewpoint on this is

No. 1831099

she clearly has major daddy issues so this all makes sense

No. 1831101

That didn't really seem like a wk though?

No. 1831135

kallmann syndrome is not the only condition in the world that could delay or prevent puberty

No. 1831138

Anorexia stunts puberty too alot of critically ill ed patients look very young despite being 17 18

No. 1831147

File: 1684612814619.webm (2.13 MB, 576x1024, e8eeed1aa9d52238c6fbe507506f17…)

This just came up on my FYP, reminded me of zara when she was a monkey, too.

No. 1831176

File: 1684616272623.jpeg (55.57 KB, 750x514, 39E35B32-DC62-4A7C-B60A-2CF4D0…)

i’m not sure if she’s been mentioned before but these selfies look like screenshots from a blowjob video and it’s too funny

No. 1831178

Who is that?

No. 1831179

A random ethot by looks. Scrolling through her feed all i see are other thots and food.

No. 1831183

What a retarded and awkward way of bodychecking

No. 1831185

That reminds me of n2f and her chemical syrups. I still don't understand why she had the 0 calorie syrups with regular junk food that she purged anyway.

No. 1831186

Maybe this should be called, ‘lolsheep’ for you then, if you have to follow the crowd, what with the word ‘retard’ being lolcow lingo. Have some individuality about you ffs.(retard)

No. 1831195

File: 1684618441371.jpeg (156.19 KB, 828x1355, E15FF12B-F164-40DA-A4D8-2CE5F7…)

Back in hospital soon for Niamh

No. 1831215

so she hates women, cool

No. 1831251

Nta but shut up already you oversensitive retarded autist(infighting)

No. 1831264

Holy shit she deteriorated quickly

No. 1831272

I mean are you surprised it’s basically her job at this point

No. 1831277

teens have a higher metabolism than our ancient seed cows do, so it’s not too surprising that she got skelly again quickly on her diet of blended berries

No. 1831295

Did you guys know there’s an Ed Recovery Snark page on Reddit?

No. 1831315

one of the larger (20k+) edtwt accounts, big proana influencer vibes a la Kate minus the bpd bitch thing. mostly a huge idiot

No. 1831316

not surprising given how dependent she is on male validation. every other woman is just competition

No. 1831325

>teens have a higher metabolism
I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that she's a teenager and isn't actually in her mid to late 20's because she looks much older.

No. 1831352

>Have some individuality about you ffs
>learn to integrate
Which one is it lol

No. 1831366

Defo not oversensitive, or offended by being called a retard, just pointing out that the majority of people wouldn’t hurl this at someone in irl. Nah, I’m not autistic, nice try though.

No. 1831368

Only the post about individuality is mine. I haven’t told anybody to, ‘integrate’ double standards aren’t my thing.

No. 1831370

She’s hoping to start college in September right? At this rate, she’ll be inpatient instead

No. 1831372

The only purpose any of these mongoloids should have being within one hundred feet of a college campus is to be a living example of what not to do if you have any self respect and also maybe provide insight of what it will be like to deal with hospital patients for anyone in nursing school

No. 1831379


She’s having a gap year so plenty of time to go into hospital and then come back out again, I’m sure she’s aware of that. She’s not stupid so she knows the route she’s headed down tbh

No. 1831382

it's clear that's what she wants

No. 1831383

Shut the fuck up

No. 1831384

Can you guys just fuck off already.
Take your little lovers spat elsewhere.

No. 1831399

File: 1684657907946.png (529.74 KB, 828x1792, 635D2C58-371B-4265-BB56-EBC0A4…)

We all knew it was going to happen

No. 1831402

I get Hila Klein vibes from her mug

No. 1831405

No she didn't, she's been relapse baiting since like #90. She's had her Berry bowl and body checks going all exam season so a pretty average pace for like 400kcal per day

No. 1831406

Defo planned a gap year for one final nose hose holiday

No. 1831409

Kek wave goodbye to that collagen wee spoops, in the words of Zara, looking forward to seeing her become "haggard" just like the rest of them

No. 1831414

Don't disrespect Hila like that

No. 1831422


Lmaoooo she was literally responding to EDtwt accounts & was following one or two herself & posting fucking smoothies which were 90% ice 10% fruit. Fuck of Niamh “Idk what I’m doing wrong but let me post my body check, show I’ve walked for 3 hours and hold my dress tight behind my back and show my 120 kcal lunch ”(sage and emoji)

No. 1831424

ok true but sage your autism pls nona

No. 1831426

she needs to sue whoever gave her that botched ass lip filler kek

No. 1831427

integrate newfag

No. 1831435

File: 1684667264087.png (64.87 KB, 467x507, bargainbotch.png)

kek she paid $750 to look marginally different but also somehow worse

No. 1831436

She looks awful at the moment. Just dreadful. She’s very pretty when she’s not being disordered, which she clearly is.

No. 1831437

Is she seriously asking for a fkn scale?! What in the actual fuck!

No. 1831441

File: 1684669867832.jpg (31.52 KB, 1080x299, Screenshot_20230521_212203_Twi…)

Anyone know the @?

No. 1831442

was @kaatespo now its @skinnykaate

No. 1831445

File: 1684670926489.jpg (263.35 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20230521_130605.jpg)

not debating that Fi has made progress, and i know she will blame her AuTiSm - but whilse she is eating more, other than the usual usual thick chocolate coated protein/energy bars and bakes, most of her meals are pasta and sausages, with a few tiny pieces of broccolli/cucumber. a while ago she said she was challenging pasta and that's why she ate it eveyy day for a week, but now it seems or form the majority of every meal..

No. 1831447

File: 1684671022840.jpg (262.16 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20230521_130627.jpg)


No. 1831448

At least the emphasis is on the pasta and sausage rather than veggies. The reverse niamh dish.

No. 1831449

good for her actually

No. 1831461

would you sage that fucking shit like everyone else, fucking retard bitch

No. 1831463

Let her have pasta.
Better than all that toothache bars.

No. 1831485

she might really be autiscic and just fixating on one type of food. Good on her for at least getting some decent sized meals in.

No. 1831512

Eeww.. She already had giant lips before and now they look ridiculous. I can't wait for this trend to be over.

No. 1831522

Ntayrt but can you stop getting so pissed off at Niamh being milky/a cow and thus getting posted unsaged ? Like get a grip. This is the pro-ana scumbags thread. Niamh is currently dominating it with her antics (which most of us enjoy gossiping about) so it's not surprising that fresh milk is coming in often? Sorry that it's niamh and that's bothering you kek

No. 1831541

Is it just the embryos in the thread that are finding her milky?

No. 1831549

she seems to be doing really well!

No. 1831565

Help, no. I've lurked since #73 and thoroughly enjoy neef and her rat face

No. 1831566

please learn how to integrate and sage

No. 1831567

File: 1684680438627.webm (Spoiler Image,7.25 MB, 576x1024, b89944c67d6d084562983aa1fe9c4d…)

Caption was something along the lines of "let me know if this was helpful"

No. 1831568

File: 1684680514078.jpg (320.01 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230521_154035_Tik…)

Samefag 2/2
The comments were mostly "no, wtf" and this was her response

(Disclaimer: I follow her incase she goes private again before you get angry)

No. 1831573

No? I genuinely don't understand how you don't find her milky. I've been here for over 20 threads and I find her very milky

No. 1831578

The fact that she asked if she should post wieiads and pretty much everyone said no, yet she still decided to post one and now is mad for getting hate?? Like cmon Abby what did you think was going to happen. And the manipulating in the caption "I'm never going to post a eat with me again sob "

No. 1831635

You are the idiot that is posting all that shit. Your shitty way of writing gives it away, retard.(infighting)

No. 1831641

then lurk moar, noob

niamh stuff is being posted by a single fucked up vendetta-chan. everybody should know about that by now.

No. 1831648

Explain how her blatant relapse flaunting is different from, let's say, cece? Are you triggered every time you see her because she's young, not an eyesore, thin and still losing weight?

No. 1831662

Considering there's been 2 people saying they've enjoyed niamhs milk


No. 1831664

File: 1684691304606.jpeg (64.43 KB, 1170x529, IMG_8898.jpeg)

So I’m assuming she’s on palliative at this point

No. 1831667

File: 1684691618025.png (810.85 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230521-134708.png)

No. 1831668

File: 1684691668169.png (407.35 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230521-134816.png)

No. 1831669

File: 1684691700165.png (355.25 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230521-134853.png)

No. 1831671

File: 1684691736871.png (342.42 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230521-134925.png)

No. 1831672

File: 1684691773509.png (326.11 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230521-134941.png)

No. 1831678

Games and prizes, Enara. Games and prizes.

No. 1831684

File: 1684693575988.webm (4.91 MB, 576x1024, d39823afb2fdbcb7f20b03c5d0dc99…)

Couldn't resist the excuse to post more retarded bodychecks, could you, Abby?

No. 1831696

File: 1684695040842.jpeg (203.65 KB, 1170x1239, IMG_8902.jpeg)

Sounds like Marie has posted a DNR bracelet

No. 1831725

File: 1684699862241.png (38.31 KB, 750x1334, 320BCD7D-5E68-40B5-9F69-4ECD70…)

The fallout from this one is going to be nuclear kek

No. 1831737

File: 1684700492561.jpeg (263.01 KB, 1170x1986, IMG_0181.jpeg)

Her tshirt

No. 1831739

She just likes pasta, notice how the foods she "challenged" herself too are tasty foods. The autism is an obvious larp, the symptoms suddenly appeared after she realized she can't be a spoop forever and has to find a new personality/identity and she couldn't go back to her old paracetamol overdosing ways. Wish she would just outright say "I like pasta so I'm eating it" but no she instead has to make up some bs about fear foods and this being her safe food kek

No. 1831765

It was a whole thing a long time ago when she first posted about it. I have to say, instagram really gives the impression that psychiatrists in Australia hand out diagnoses much more loosely than in other countries. For example, there are a lot of people who claim to be diagnosed with anorexia who would not get that diagnosis in other countries because they're not underweight.

No. 1831767

Yes. She basically stopped posting in October and just popped back up super spoopy, but was discussed before that.

No. 1831770

File: 1684703811137.jpg (310.79 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230521_221636_Ins…)

what the fuck abby? "Maintenance plan" my arse. At least there's more colour than niamhs berries.

No. 1831771

what the fuck is in that cup

No. 1831772

I'm not even sure I want to know

No. 1831773

File: 1684703933844.webm (14.66 MB, 720x1280, Untitled.webm)

She seems uncertain about whether she wants to go to uni for nursing, so I guess her future plans are kind of up in the air right now

No. 1831774

maybe it's a … really weirdly thick and chunky attempt at a bloody mary? ergh

No. 1831775

>uni for nursing
No thank you, says Niamh. >hospital for nosehose, please!

No. 1831776

Yeah that actually makes sense. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if she manipulated her way into getting the diagnosis of SE-ED, as opposed to, for example, EDNOS. It's just very hard to believe she'd actually struggle with SE-ED, because psychiatrists rarely ever diagnose it and severe enduring means she has her ed for 7+ years and has tried all types of therapy with little to no progress, which I don't believe to be the case

No. 1831780

Not her just showing off her ironing board chest whilst doing the fucked up Ana age-regression thing the entire time. Bait, and I'm biting

No. 1831781

What the actual fuck?? She has to be fucking joking. Why would she even post that

No. 1831782

Yeah seems like it tbh, we're in for a milky summer

No. 1831783

that plate across from her doesn't look much better either. What the hell kind of restaurant are they at?

No. 1831784

Looks like hummus with beetroot or something

No. 1831785

I don't think it is because there are vegetable sticks in it lmao. I think it's hummus or some other dressing

No. 1831786

File: 1684704405532.png (99.64 KB, 467x527, Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 4.26…)

Mosaic made it to Canada and is apparently going to be there until early August. Amazing how she's so fragile and in need of constant medical attention until she wants to spend several months in another country.

No. 1831787

Maybe this is regional, but people put all kinds of shit in bloody marys. The chunkiness does make more sense with a dip, but what the hell is she supposed to be dipping in it? She definitely doesn't have enough stuff on that plate to eat even a small fraction of it. Which obviously works for her but makes no sense for the ordinary person ordering that.

No. 1831789

File: 1684704551091.jpg (150.08 KB, 828x1792, efk2pzfgo21b1.jpg)

I just skimmed this out of curiosity and saw someone posted a story of Niamh's that she deleted, mushrooms on a food scale. She's relapse baiting so hard, bet she's loving the attention

No. 1831799

you've probably never seen a bloody mary then

No. 1831808

Is she posting this because it’s magic mushrooms? The funky mushroom comment

No. 1831819

No those are normal mushrooms, I think she's just calling them funky cause they look cool? The reason she was posting this is likely to show the scale though

No. 1831832

she made sure to delete the original photo and repost it with the scale blocked out… slick, niamh… really slick…

No. 1831840

Yeah, as soon insta is up I’ll see if the dnr bracelet pic is up still. I didn’t cap it earlier.

No. 1831878

File: 1684713869649.jpeg (184.21 KB, 1125x1681, IMG_5427.jpeg)

No. 1831885

It's pretty hard to imagine doctors recommending a DNR for a 20 year old with anorexia. I can much more easily imagine that she wanted one (for whatever reason) and they assessed her as having capacity, rather than doctors encouraging her to opt for one. Either way, that's pretty fucking sad and I hope she chooses to accept more treatment and live past 20.

No. 1831898

With all her bs motivational life coach 'live love laugh eat pray love'energy, has she actually said what our how she's getting treatment? Is she getting any? Or is she 'finally going all in on my own' lie they like to tell themselves.

No. 1831899

File: 1684715543307.png (114.33 KB, 431x699, Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 7.33…)

Zara asking for meal plans? I thought she refused to use them and was doing sooooo well.

No. 1831900


This is a ed related image board, no one cares about the political views of the cows. Please let's not bring that debate here.

No. 1831901

If you have the money and the insurance… you can get any private psychiatrist to sign off on a dx basically. Go to a CMH and you'll have a hard time getting dx with the legitimate MI you have

No. 1831906

File: 1684716161199.png (456.68 KB, 470x645, Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 7.43…)

Speaking of gross restaurant meals

No. 1831913

please take your meds

No. 1831914

Is getting a DNR bracelet a common thing with EDs? I’ve genuinely never heard of this

No. 1831915

if you've reached the point of palliative care or hospice, sure. Pretty unusual for someone that young, but I guess she has had a lot of intensive treatment and been sick for a long time so maybe they agree with her that further treatment is futile? It's all pretty confusing because she hasn't shared many details. I do know that she's been involved in some legal battle about forced treatment since fall and I don't think she's in the hospital entirely voluntarily right now.

No. 1831916

Nta but
>This is a ed related image board
Kek no it's not, are you new? And this thread is for milk related to the pro ana scumbag cows, Kate being a tranny dickrider or getting dogged on for being "transphobic" is milky, get over it.

No. 1831917

It's probably for ED related complications.

No. 1831918

File: 1684718073989.png (9.8 KB, 777x197, Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 8.14…)

same anon, I might have been wrong about the current legal situation… this is the most recent comment I can find about it, but it's from two months ago and I guess was dropped at that point

(a doctor started the process of commitment and her parents fought it for her - or, at least, that's what it seems like from her vague posting)

No. 1831919

File: 1684718143441.png (22.24 KB, 769x522, Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 8.17…)

No. 1831920

Even if she pulls "this is research for uni" out her ass this is wildly inappropriate and unexpected from the Holy Preacher about recovery content

No. 1831921

File: 1684718343415.png (25.39 KB, 426x261, Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 8.20…)

No. 1831922

would you mind posting the full description as well, please?

No. 1831924

Oh zara set up an anonymous (and ethical) way for people to submit their meal plans then. The brainrot is loud with this one.

No. 1831926

I'm pretty nervous someone is going to tell Marie she's being discussed here and she'll stop posting. No way to prevent it, but damn I'm going to be sad if it does happen.

No. 1831937


someone sent her a tell saying they love it when she uses the word wee to describe small things, and now she keeps using it, it's going to get old very fast

No. 1831940

I thought she already knew and self posted once?

No. 1831941

wait how can marie be legally forced into inpatient but not people like EC or am I missing something

No. 1831942

yeah, that's why I'm worried. Maybe she'll like the attention and keep posting, though.

No. 1831943

Different states. Marie lives in Minnesota where it's pretty easy to get a patient committed for an eating disorder compared to other states. At least one of the treatment centers there, Melrose, does it pretty often and usually has a few legally mandated patients on their inpatient unit.

No. 1831944

(if you're not a USfag, maybe it's important to say that the standard for commitment is determined by state law and precedent, not federal. So someone can be committed in one state when they'd be released in another. Can also really depend on the doctor(s) that you see.)

No. 1831945

Marie is under a treatment team that cares about her and Eugenia hasn’t seen a doctor since birth(excluding her 5150)

No. 1831946

Marie's parents also seem to give a shit

No. 1831947

A little bit but if they really cared, they wouldn’t have fought the doctors to keep her outpatient.

No. 1831948

true. they have sent her to acute and other programs before, so I'm curious what's changed

No. 1831949

Is that her last name -alson?

No. 1831950

Yeah, she whited out her actual first name (Marie) because I guess she doesn't like it?

No. 1831953

File: 1684721228857.jpeg (87.66 KB, 828x1448, 049B38D9-4ACE-467B-9DD7-F92CF4…)

It’s Watson. Also friends with Laura? I wonder if they actually met at a center.

No. 1831954

File: 1684721365624.png (61.91 KB, 431x624, Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 9.10…)

imagine thinking that enara doesn't eat. jesus, the internet rhetoric about weight/calories has made some people straight up stupid.

No. 1831955

File: 1684721389814.jpeg (138.51 KB, 828x1166, 90549D53-A97B-42CA-B37F-0863C6…)

lmao Laura please

No. 1831956

Dobby's weeb sister

No. 1831957

that makes sense, yeah britfag here kek

No. 1831958

File: 1684721555468.png (491.05 KB, 471x779, Screen Shot 2023-05-21 at 9.13…)

Truly an #edwarrior

No. 1831959

Surely to fuck this is satirical because its worse than abbys

No. 1831960

Pardon my retardation, but is this Marie?

No. 1831961

Yes it is

No. 1831964

It’s serious

No. 1831966

Why does Nikol always post bikini pics of her friends!??? And shirtless men. That’s not very halal of her.

No. 1831990

Letting your 20 year old daughter die doesn’t seem like giving a shit

No. 1831992

I mean, I think it's probably complicated. She has a twin sister who seems pretty normal, off at college doing age appropriate things. She's talked before about having giant meltdowns and throwing things at her parents and whatnot when they try to get her to eat.She's been to a bunch of programs and immediately refuses to eat and gets spoopy again when released. They tried to get her to go to community college and she had public meltdowns and eventually dropped out. And this is just what she's telling us. I'm not saying the parents are perfect (as if I really know anything about them) but I get the sense that Marie has put them through a lot of shit. As much as it's mockable when the cows do milky things, severe anorexia like this is still a tragedy for her family and not something they can ultimately really help her with if she's fighting tooth and nail the entire way. It seems pretty common that eventually the ultra spoop family members get worn out.

No. 1832064

no, i've been around since the og threads and find her milky. i just don't sperg out about if i think she is or not.

No. 1832065

still struggling to get how this girl is interesting. the lips are meh but could very well be worse and $750 in cali is reasonable. her content is bleak and boring. she’s not a spoop and doesn’t post any more outrageous content than the expected bodychecks and retweets of other skinny girls with the occasional sjw bullshit sprinkled in. a dime in a dozen on edtwt. tinfoil but whoever brought her up must have a massive hate boner for her

No. 1832066

I've lurked since like thread 9 or 10 and I find Niamh pretty milky

No. 1832073

There is one prominent clinic/doctor/murderer in the US who pushes hospice/DNR and stopping treatment for chronic anorexia.

No. 1832077

who do you mean?

No. 1832078

You can’t just leave us hanging like that

No. 1832080

Say the name

No. 1832082

I suspect it's Dr. Gaudiani (who used to be a doctor at ACUTE and now has her own private-pay practice that does outpatient stuff), and their opinion is based on this paper: https://jeatdisord.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s40337-022-00548-3

In which case I think it's a misinterpretation of the paper. It's about three patients who were treatment-resistant, had life-threatening eating disorders, and absolutely refused treatment even after courses of legally compelled treatment. There's a pretty big difference between saying "after a while maybe patients should be allowed to decide they want to refuse further treatment when even legally compelled treatment has failed and they're willing to die" and advocating to put everyone with a chronic eating disorder on a hospice trajectory.

No. 1832084

In particular, the proposed criteria in this article are:
1) A diagnosis of anorexia nervosa.
2) Age of 30 or older
3) Prior persistent engagement in high-quality, multidisciplinary eating disorder care.
4) Consistent, clear expression by an individual who possesses decision-making capacity that they understand further treatment to be futile, they choose to stop trying to prolong their lives, and they accept that death will be the natural outcome.

Marie is 20 and would not meet these criteria.

No. 1832086

do any of you nonnas still have access to porgie? what happened to her? i miss those updates

No. 1832133

marie makes herself seem so sweet dainty uwu that i can’t imagine her doing all this damn..

No. 1832148

File: 1684755869815.webm (1.69 MB, 473x602, testingcloudconvert.webm)

I don't know why this oddly tickled me, why would you wear a dress that you couldn't fill? It just reminded me of a catwalk video where people were walking around in off-floating clothes.
Scrolling through the sheer amount of products she's pushed over the past few years, I'm pretty sure the reason why Tatyana's "bread" is so dense is that it's mostly oat fibre, may have some psyllium husk in there as a binder, can't remember the name of that other jelly stuff and casein. But looking at her trying the various gloopy concoctions, it's turned my stomach a few times. I don't get why you'd do it to yourself or how you could delude yourself that it looks amazing. What's more depressing is that it seems like legit people have piddled their money down the drain for her advice, more money than sense.

No. 1832155

File: 1684758063367.png (2.31 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230522-082102.png)

No. 1832156

I guess Abby’s new goal is “Niamh clone”

No. 1832160

File: 1684759092493.png (93.33 KB, 466x875, Screenshot 2023-05-22 083526.p…)

Kate went from "dont be like me" to "starving tips coming soon" real quick. Deleted her HAES tweets before coming off priv

No. 1832169

File: 1684759438037.png (4.3 KB, 484x209, Screenshot 2023-05-22 083829.p…)

said she's trying to recover but just posted videos of her ass sticking out for the gap, is preparing a starving tips thread, and posted yet another before and after
the "hopefully not" in the tweet is referring to someone saying she could die from health complications from when she was up in arms about fat people

No. 1832172

She posts that stuff online? If anything it seems like she’s proud of her sooper sick status and showing the DNR bracelet was part of it. Yeah it’s still sad but milky

No. 1832179

File: 1684760864028.jpeg (186.92 KB, 1170x2089, IMG_8928.jpeg)

Anddd now she’s showing it off on her bigger account

No. 1832181

File: 1684761295805.png (289.74 KB, 906x923, kira.png)

she really does look like a gelfling

No. 1832183

I've not seen these things before but don't do them dirty like that, they're too cute to be compared to the anatomy skeleton in the other pic

No. 1832185

they are cute but look pretty funny sometimes too, but >>1830100 brought it up and i can't unsee it

No. 1832189

File: 1684762376960.webm (Spoiler Image,1.9 MB, 576x1024, dcd40ef219a011f88e385d64a9659c…)

I wonder if the staff know she's been taking pictures of them for her silly little bodycheck tiktoks

No. 1832194

Holy caterpillars!

No. 1832195

ayrt. She's mentioned all of it on past accounts, now lost to deletion I guess. I definitely think that Marie is milky and have been one of the people posting her. The only thing I don't think is so black/white is her parents.

No. 1832198

I wouldn’t doubt Marie lurks. She probably loves it when people talk about her because she “lives” off of attention. Marie is going to take whatever attention she can get before her final breath.

No. 1832199

bitch no, YOU'RE delusional. i still say she doesn't look underweight, it's so embarrassing that she thinks she's so skinny when she's really not. isn't part of having an ED not being able to see yourself as skinny? she has the complete opposite issue! she thinks she's much smaller than she actually is.

No. 1832206

Lol. I thought it was Niahm at first.

No. 1832208

Holy shit nonna I didn't notice until you pointed it out. She really is a mini-niamh

No. 1832213

literally thought this was Niamh before I saw your comment

No. 1832216

File: 1684769771132.png (107.64 KB, 471x884, bones.png)

she does look slightly underweight, mostly because of the poses and I think that if you saw her irl she would look pretty normal (aside from bruises and leg discoloration). but all of the side effects of starving, lax, purging, and chemical dependence make her feel sickly which probably translates to feeling skinny for her

No. 1832226

File: 1684770588719.jpeg (44.04 KB, 1170x551, IMG_8929.jpeg)

No. 1832240

She just looks like the average bong druggie, kek.

No. 1832255

I truly feel like if hospitals and inpatient programs in other countries were like the ones in the us and didnt allow phones, like half of all these cows wouldnt exist.

No. 1832261

God damn this skeletal, shriveled humanoid isn't "cute." Take off the pink clothes and Laura fits right in to a cadaver lab.

No. 1832267

I'm a burgerfag and I always thought it was weird that majority of ana cows are UK. I'm sure the phone access has to do with it. I wonder why they don't take their devices away?

No. 1832272

Something something freedom. And UK units keep them for ages.

No. 1832282

This pose looks like she's laying an egg kek

No. 1832285

the UK units seem to let them stay underweight or gain weight extremely slowly for ages, also, which makes being there seem like a fun manic pixie girl adventure to a lot of the cows, imo. If they were actually required to gain ~2-3kg/week like they are in the united states, then they wouldn't be so excited to spend months there.

No. 1832289

I'm a US dumbass but what is the point of keeping an anachan in a unit for a year plus not gaining weight

No. 1832295

File: 1684777766858.png (1.69 MB, 932x2000, kek.png)

Kek which one of you was this, you've made my day

No. 1832297

Money, money,money. I'm not certain how it works but the hospital get a cut for every tube passed etc

No. 1832298

Not like she doesn’t broadcast her physical health all over the internet

No. 1832302

Hell if I know. You would think they'd have an extra incentive to keep costs down since the NHS is paying for it.

No. 1832307

Like wasn't fi back in the day in a unit for two years doing fuck all? As a usfag the nhs is wild

No. 1832308

Ugh no, leave her alone. really not wking just think people need a reminder to stop fucking with good people who are just struggling a lot. They’re not cows!

No. 1832328

nah kira is too cute for this slander

No. 1832336

Fi has no doubt single-handedly cost the nhs millions but she does seem to have gotten her shit together a bit. This might be unpopular but I think the autism larp is less obnoxious than spending years in hospital.

No. 1832349

But didn't you know anon? you can be healthy at every size now. You can't judge a landwhale or a dog toys health by how they look. kek

No. 1832369

File: 1684783738896.jpg (159.1 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230522_202956_Ins…)

I mind actually end myself from the second hand embarassment the next time she does this

No. 1832389

Money definitely also plays a huge role in this but I think (as far as I know) another reason as to why they keep patients for longer than in the US is that in the UK they also focus on the mental aspect of eds as well as the physical. In the US it's just weight restoration but no mental support

No. 1832391


No. 1832396

File: 1684786620972.jpeg (50 KB, 750x692, B042BB8A-207F-4910-9EAF-63422D…)

kek she’ll recover for Zach but not her kids kate is the best mom

No. 1832438

File: 1684790298655.jpeg (211.46 KB, 1170x1888, IMG_0202.jpeg)

Im just gonna put aside the fact that Paris has created yet another video, eating the same thing and bullying herself because i need to ask, who dresses like that to eat in their house Mcdonalds?

No. 1832442

Can people post at least whose video it is for those of us without a device that lc allows videos to be watched on?

No. 1832448

File: 1684790936143.jpg (80.12 KB, 1178x592, katecringe.jpg)

She posted this nasty bodycheck video of her ass and is losing her shit tweeting "15 yo mean girl" type of posts implying da haterz are just jealous… ex fatties truly are the worst
Sure everybody is jealous of a 25 year old with 2 kids who has to whore herself on only fans and picks up fights with anorexic teenagers online… I feel so sorry for her girls, I hope they don't get cues from her eating disorder but kids are very perceptive
I'd feel so embarrassed if this was my mom, oh my god

No. 1832453


wait, i'm actually shocked she didn't include "exactly at 12:12 p.m. by Lyn my dietitian"

No. 1832456

kek that’s too rich, she loses her shit at any comment that’s not sucking up to her

No. 1832460

File: 1684791992804.jpeg (103.1 KB, 750x1116, 65DBFE93-F5F1-4B45-A679-B3A99D…)

samefag, now shes acting like this is the same as her literally interacting with fetishists and promoing her OF. frankly i wish her therapist the best of luck

No. 1832465

there is literally no way that she's a 00

No. 1832466

I believe it because of vanity sizing lol a 00 today can be like a 2 or even more depending on the brand

No. 1832476

File: 1684793831264.jpeg (191.45 KB, 1170x2066, BCB7B234-B074-405E-AB35-4088C8…)

I’m case you forgot!

No. 1832477

Sorry didn’t see this earlier but the screenshot I posted should stay simply because of her insufferable smile if u can even call it that. Kek

No. 1832479

No, this made me chuckle. Exactly what she does.
Constant. Fucking. Reminders.

No. 1832481

File: 1684794171024.jpeg (111.95 KB, 1080x957, FuuR0hJWwAIYeoc.jpeg)

Found this on edtwt

No. 1832482

does anyone know if becca ever had a tube?

No. 1832483

File: 1684794213240.png (68.61 KB, 1080x1226, twt.png)

No. 1832485

File: 1684794319173.png (237.14 KB, 864x670, jeans.png)

ntayrt but she buys a lot of clothes off of amazon so i'm sure she has a distorted view of sizes
this is american eagle's 00 (they run fairly true to size imo) and a rare picture of kate not sticking her hips back kek

No. 1832487

Still looking big boned Kate.. kek

No. 1832488

File: 1684794547363.jpg (182.89 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230522_230935_Ins…)

Jesus, ok alana. I really hope someone has access to her private edtwt account, if this is what she is starting to post on main. I'm pretty sure she blocked me kek I can't find the username but I'll keel looking

No. 1832490

Welcome to the NHS.

No. 1832494

clothing sizes are a whole lot of bullshit. It's my job to make clothes and the official chart for sizes is way different from what brands sell. I'm German, and you have, for example, a size 38 from H&M, if you go with the measurements it would be a 40 or 42 from the official charts for dressmakers we have and if you go to France, the 40 will be a 44. Clothing sizes mean nothing and you still have to consider the height of a person. I will never be able to wear a size 00 because I'm not like 1,55 m (5 ft). Kate looks like a normal, healthy sized woman who had children, that will ruin the mental health of her children if she won't stop her eating disorder bullshit.

No. 1832513

Because paris has nothing to do all day except wallow in self pity or try to get sympathy. And her food choices are still weird. Does she still count 97g of strawberries?
At least when she did longer YouTube proper vlogs they were vaguely decent.

No. 1832521

File: 1684799159149.png (Spoiler Image,394.64 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230522-193351.png)

okay this annoyed me, she hadn't added any water or anything to the mix yet, so she could easily just cover it and save it for another day. but she has to make a video dumping it in the trash. must be nice to be able to be so wasteful for best anorexic internet points. and her mom follows her right? i would be so pissed if i saw my useless adult child wasting my money like this

No. 1832523

Yes her mum follows her- very weird- think she just encourages paris and her Ed to get benefits.

No. 1832524

File: 1684799631015.jpeg (142.22 KB, 1204x2130, IMG_8833.jpeg)

I wonder if I’ll get a reply…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1832526

More likely blocked!

No. 1832528

don't touch the shit

No. 1832531

I’ve interacted with her on and off for years and I try to be patient and understanding but this really got my back up tonight. I’ve tried to word it fairly ‘nicely’ but she needs some home truths

No. 1832532

What, the fuel muffins?

No. 1832534

She’s ‘seen’ it… doubt I’ll get a response

No. 1832535

Read the rules and don't cowtip, newfag.

No. 1832536

File: 1684800301299.jpeg (Spoiler Image,419.41 KB, 1125x2043, IMG_5437.jpeg)

While I’m glad EC didn’t opt for the finned costume and have her smother push her around in a wheelchair, that outfit is hideous. Kekking at the moe’s spergy comments tho.

No. 1832538

File: 1684800572915.png (61.87 KB, 424x629, Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 7.10…)

teehee, just zara sharing a list of things she's never eaten because she's such a pure true ana

No. 1832540

Ironically, this is the most BPD thing I've ever seen, from the awkward sexual dancing to the insistence that it is the worst medical condition ever

No. 1832543

I’m aware of the rules and I’m neither brigading or harassing, Paris

No. 1832547

she must be autistic

No. 1832550

the size smalls from whatever amazon fast fashion sellers she’s getting stuff from have warped her mind. she seems to only have her kids around half the time, so that’s a blessing for them.

No. 1832552

the fat activists were right about one thing: former fats are insufferable

No. 1832556

could she suck in any harder? pathetic abby.

No. 1832571

File: 1684804190534.png (166.51 KB, 1280x720, dishittakeit.png)

her narc ass freaks out at the slightest criticism, has a bitch fit, then tells everyone how much she loves and cares about them and dirty deletes incriminating evidence
"i have never said anything negative" kek

No. 1832575

File: 1684804575501.jpeg (126.87 KB, 1429x900, 1679756689513.jpeg)

samefag. that time she screenshotted a pic of a kid on tiktok and blasted her to 20k followers because she dared insult the almighty kate

No. 1832577

Apparently, @amybronwenelis on IG died. Saw it in a @channyeats post.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1832580

File: 1684805306151.png (15.21 KB, 467x451, girliepop.png)

right on cue, kate's my favorite cow

No. 1832585

File: 1684806143115.png (354.36 KB, 412x692, Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 8.43…)

Han is back

No. 1832599

File: 1684808197189.jpeg (70.26 KB, 750x931, 8A9971DE-4758-4D17-8BB4-59D682…)

has marie just accepted her fate oof

No. 1832600

File: 1684808283699.jpeg (123.9 KB, 1170x1778, IMG_8936.jpeg)

Why the cutesy emoji it’s insta not Ed twit…

No. 1832601

I mean, yeah, agreeing to a DNR means you've accepted that you might die

No. 1832602

Wow Abby's really tryna fuck her entire life and body up all in one summer huh

No. 1832603

File: 1684808635569.jpeg (208.98 KB, 828x1447, 8B95A3DC-2949-405B-85F7-E90600…)

Not Ed related but wtf
I think she’s been posted here before

No. 1832609

Nta but it's Abby's tiktok, she's dancing on her dresser. It's pretty non milky but here's the link https://www.tiktok.com/@abbyboba4/video/7233409138083089691

No. 1832630

File: 1684812124877.png (461.58 KB, 750x1334, 07285172-6373-4586-BD2C-06CDC7…)

kek when will she learn that sucking in just makes it worse

No. 1832635

File: 1684812403162.jpg (262.17 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230523_125348_Tik…)

This sums up Abby right here. Pretending shes unhinged and channelling Lisa from girl interrupted. Tumblr wants its ED trope back.
Well Abby noone gives a fuck if you're dead inside, but you look dead on the outside that's for sure

No. 1832639

Why does every mentally unstable woman online think she’s eternal CoolGirl Lisa? You’re Brittany Murphy hiding chicken carcasses under the bed at best.

No. 1832644

File: 1684813279504.png (569.44 KB, 1170x2532, 5AE559DB-9F9B-419B-ADCD-5DB5E2…)

Saged bc not really milky but I’m surprised she’s self aware lol 1/2

No. 1832645

File: 1684813448927.jpeg (181.39 KB, 1170x2274, A1CFB6DE-9B92-4305-B626-47B821…)

she’s the one that straight up ate a pack of ham on its own. Didn’t think it could be worse but here we have exhibit A. LoL 2/2

No. 1832646

Yuk, it's even that nasty formed roll ham that's slimy and disgusting. Buy some fucking leg ham off the bone at least.
I'm hoping that's a snack because that's 300 calories maximum depending on what the goopy blood clot is. This belongs on shittyrestrictionfood

No. 1832648

nonnie cmon thats clearly ketchup

No. 1832652

I thought it was jam but now that you've enlightened me, that's ketchup alright. Ganer cuisine.

No. 1832653

kek, nonnie, why was jam with ham your first thought

No. 1832656

Ayrt The image wouldn't load in any decent quality. I thought cranberry sauce at first, because tomato sauce/ketchup would just make it even sadder.

No. 1832670

File: 1684818540752.jpeg (204.33 KB, 1170x1985, IMG_2435.jpeg)

Saving Amy died fyi

No. 1832678

You never know with these people

No. 1832691

damn is georgie really not porking around anymore? larpers like >>1829344 were always my fave, watching actual skellies is too depressing and feels like a death countdown

No. 1832713


I actually liked Amy, I liked how she raised awareness of the illness and shared the harsh reality of eating disorders too.
I hope she’s at peace now, it’s sad the cards she was dealt.(sage your shit)

No. 1832715

I feel bad but at the same time it's kind of like play stupid games win stupid prizes. She's had ample opportunity to recover but instead chose to wallow at her parents house while verbally abusing her elderly mother and making her dote on her like a child and push her around in a wheelchair. All while excusing her vile behavior by saying "oh my eating disorder is shouting at you mom, it's not me I'm not like this" like no bitch you're a grown ass woman take some fucking accountability. Usually I'd post a video but tiktok won't let me download her vids for some reason so I'm linking a vid where she's telling her mom that her eating disorder is very angry with her mother for not letting her look at the junk food in the store she wants to binge/purge on, and her mom looks so drained and just doesn't bother replying probably cause she know it'll just start a fight. https://www.tiktok.com/@savingamycymru/video/7229224441203395866 This isn't even the tip of the iceberg for her shitty behavior, I remember a tiktok of hers from a while ago of her admitting to screaming at her mom but then quickly excusing herself by saying "Ana's angry it's not me" fucking miserable and pathetic cow she was.

No. 1832729

oh wow
very well said. at some point she realized her ed was killing her and despite coming to that realization she didn’t put more effort into recovery. eds can be really strong, there’s no denying that. but to put her family through what she did and her manipulative behavior was really shitty. this was on her.

No. 1832732

Looks like it could have been sepsis that tipped her over the edge

No. 1832742

Cause they will inevitably relapse if you don't keep them underweight.
Harm reduction is more effective than recovery

No. 1832754

File: 1684833562141.jpg (326.97 KB, 1079x1861, Screenshot_20230523_170641.jpg)

Anyone a Norwayfag and can explain your IP protocols or how long syndrome can stay in the hospital for (and once again seem to not gain weight although tubed)
Amalie seems to have been IP for 2months…ish? Or in and out a lot
Is she on a medical ward? Long term ward?

No. 1832757

Thank you for asking this, I've been wondering what the background is with this one too

No. 1832781


Isn't Marie autistic though? Maybe that's why she has meltdowns that seem out of character.

No. 1832797

File: 1684842247677.png (902.89 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230523-054237.png)

No. 1832798

File: 1684842277190.png (496.84 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230523-054246.png)

No. 1832802

File: 1684843137687.png (67.39 KB, 471x637, cck.png)

keanna the bpd god is on a roll, nonnies! she's hungry for more negative attention after last night and made a curiouscat. milk must flow

No. 1832834

She has two daughters and acts like a wannabe popular high school girl online…depressing

No. 1832835

her stomach looks like a starving grandmother

No. 1832849

It hilarious when two anas fight. Their fights and insults are like who has more loose skin, whos spoopier, who starved more lmao

No. 1832884

File: 1684859167544.png (443.04 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1458.png)

agreed, seriously the best fights
"you don't know what it means to starve!" "we're all sick tho!"

No. 1832889

Go to the ana thread in g and look her up online. People who do not fit the "strict" criteria in the paper were offered her "treatment".

No. 1832892

is adhd the new cool autism diagnosis for the bpd anachans?

No. 1832894

>says that on edtwt
>full of starving anachans who eat twice a week max and already have osteoporosis since 17
She can't be that retarded

No. 1832895

Pretty sure she isn’t in Denver though which is where the Dr is

No. 1832898

File: 1684860849103.png (108.85 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_20230523-174945.png)

kate said this referring to the picture in >>1832460
so fucking weird that she would mention her daughters in that way

No. 1832901

No, adhd has been passé for years now. I've been hiding my diagnosis because every retard claims to have it.(no1currs)

No. 1832902

She ain't wrong in that take though. Many anachans pamper to pedos by wearing kids clothes and acting childlike which is super gross and disgusting. Her example was bad though I understand your point,like just mention it's smth a kid would wear no need to mention your daughter wearing it.

No. 1832903

Imagine having such a nice natural set of lips and doing this…

No. 1832917

File: 1684863874871.jpg (137.01 KB, 1240x1187, IMG_1483.JPG)

Yeah, it's a bad example. the person she's fighting with is young (19) and the underwear in question just has an innocuous strawberry print and doesn't act in that childlike manner. Kate's the one peddling to fetishists, who likely end up following her followers (and with almost 30k, you can bet that plenty of them are minors). It was definitely weird of her to bring up her daughter.

Let's talk about Kate's onesie though kek

Hate to break it to you nonna, but she is quite literally that retarded

No. 1832927

all that I found in that thread was a link to the exact same paper that I posted. If you're going to make claims like that, show some receipts. Otherwise it reads like scare-mongering.

No. 1832928

that girl she's fighting with looks like this insane isabella person that got chrischan into prison.

No. 1832933

Like Marie tbh

No. 1832974

kinda dumpy and chunky

No. 1832987

imagine posting this and claiming that you're underweight

No. 1832995

File: 1684874214911.png (85.14 KB, 1518x1444, drg.png)

No. 1832997

File: 1684874299669.png (85.01 KB, 1396x772, critics.png)

Bonus: many qualified people disagree with her views. Even if they otherwise support assisted suicide.

No. 1833057

No. 1833058

Kate's meltdown and picking up a fight with everybody is hilarious oh my god.. She's such a good addition to edtwt, in the worst way possible!

No. 1833060

Does she think she's the only person in the world who's lost a lot of weight lol, and does she think she's the only person who lost it by starving? What an ego on this failed onlyfans thot, can't imagine having main character syndrome with 2 neglected kids and the only people who give her the time of day are ed twt faggots and men she lets in between her droopy pussy flaps.

No. 1833063

Thought she was wearing a diaper, why is her gunt area so chubby?

No. 1833072

File: 1684878574718.jpeg (104.83 KB, 750x966, 180CED96-DD6E-4306-B55F-EF1A3B…)

hands down my favorite cow at the moment.
ganer better watch out kek

No. 1833084

It's hilarious how much she shows her pancake flaps. Like she's so prideful she actually doesn't notice that her boobs look like a rolled out tube sock full of quarters.

No. 1833097

i think she’s probably pretty proud of how deflated they are because it makes her feel emaciated even though she’s not

No. 1833106

File: 1684881304283.jpeg (100.17 KB, 750x1093, D9A19106-2D56-4810-A457-274892…)

She’s got some big ol’ chunky hipbones

No. 1833110

caught me before I deleted it, I see! kek leave my sock account in peace

No. 1833111

I deleted to not expose your sock, just found it mildly funny

No. 1833136

she’ll never lose the fatty bellybutton. Maybe she can find some panties that are high-waisted enough to hide it, she can even pull them up over her hipbones to feel skinny

No. 1833144

That makes me wonder, is it usual for autism to appear with one twin and not the other? Or could her sister’s be more mild and that’s why she’s functional? I guess question for the medfags here

No. 1833147

they're fraternal twins, so it's no different than one sibling being autistic and the other not

No. 1833152

Does anyone know what happened to ‘Lottie lives ‘ on YT?

No. 1833155

File: 1684885667219.jpeg (Spoiler Image,61.09 KB, 828x532, 13AD94E5-3D65-453E-9038-A7FBE6…)

Possible horrorcow material. This might be too heinous to even post here, and his Twitter account got suspended, but his Curious Cat is still up and I have a feeling he’ll just create a new account.
>self proclaimed necrophile/erotonophile/sadist on edtwt
>stans Joseph Fritzl, Wolfgang Přiklopil and Ariel Castro and he wants to replicate what they did
>wants to see girls get raped by dogs
>has a gf who he fantasize about raping and murdering
>supposedly made a video of him fucking a sheep’s heart
>also has a son with his ex who is a couple of months old
>felt disappointed when his sister survived a car crash because he wanted to fuck her dead body
I have a feeling that this is just an edgy TIF larping as a psychotic serial killer to validate her genderfeels, but on the off chance that it isn’t, this needs to be reported to the cops. I send them two Curious Cat messages accusing them of being a TIF and they didn’t respond (I assume this doesn’t count as cowtipping because they haven’t been posted here yet), yet they respond to all the messages telling them to kill themselves. Sus

No. 1833156

what the fuck does this have to do with pro ana scumbags

No. 1833157

No. 1833158

are you lost

No. 1833170

File: 1684887558405.jpeg (222.08 KB, 1079x1630, D4F59BCF-239A-4A1F-A01D-8DD81B…)

Kate will say literally anything in a narc rage spiral
(crossed out their faces for her!)

No. 1833182

Idk wtf this is but if there’s a thread with psychos like this please link it

No. 1833206

This person was interacting w edtwt so I think that's why they were posted. Disgusting

No. 1833207

File: 1684890970892.png (27.73 KB, 421x494, Screen Shot 2023-05-23 at 6.37…)

zara being a hypocrite as usual

No. 1833227

Noonie is right,this fag comments to extremely spoopy anachans and shtwt. Tweets/thinspos/self harms seen her before, her profile was full of gore and shit. Smells like edgy emofag who wants attention but really creepy ngl. I think they said once that they had ana or that they love edtwt, watching the anas bc its fun to see someone slowly dying and the skinnier they became the closest they are to a corpse. Might confuse her with someone else but yeah no wonder freaks like her lurk on edtwt.

No. 1833231

Samefag,I think she was commenting/following that really weird (in a sad way) unicorn anachan ugh forgot her name.

No. 1833232

lucinda, the one with legit schizophrenia

No. 1833235

Yes that one thanks nonnie!

Is she still alive? Just checked and she hasn't posted for over a month and was in hospital for a while.

No. 1833237

I don't think anyone knows, she's been radio silent and there's no friend updating about her this time. Could have been hospitalized, I guess.

No. 1833243

File: 1684895055212.jpeg (112.79 KB, 750x1083, CCE37A72-E181-4470-8D8A-B05231…)

I just realised how much more emaciated marie looks than just a few months ago in the videos she used to post wtf

No. 1833250

This is either a self post or feeding into her desires, kek

No. 1833257

she's got that ugly ass baby monkey look that zara has

No. 1833259

it's like zara had a baby with momsfave

No. 1833260

File: 1684896704979.jpeg (207.55 KB, 1170x1723, E132ABD4-5EAA-4665-8FA8-360BA9…)

Kek the classic hovering thigh. Definitely just a post to show off some “ice cream”

No. 1833269

i’m not marie kek, but in hindsight i see how reading my post would feed into her ED

No. 1833271

fuck you're right lol

No. 1833274

I think her leg is on backwards. might need to get that checked out

No. 1833276

just casually removing one of my legs from my long skirt like a well adjusted human being

No. 1833285

File: 1684899517051.jpg (84.14 KB, 1045x835, Screenshot_20230524_113541.jpg)

"Felt cute.. might delete later"

No. 1833287

she basically literally only started posting again because she wants to show everyone how spoopy she got before they make her gain weight

No. 1833289

I don’t know how she’s going to gain weight if she’s not tubed.
Someone at that weight can only eat like a granola bar a day.

No. 1833292

nah, a lot of the mega spoops can refeed with actual food if they're willing. For example, most patients at ACUTE don't get NG tubes unless they refuse to eat. She probably couldn't handle big piles of vegetables, but she could drink ensure/boost/whatever and eat calorie dense foods that are easy to digest. All the drama on ED instagram/twitter/etc makes it seem like you need ng tubes for refeeding, but you really don't in most cases. (Some people will need it for physical reasons, but it's a minority)

No. 1833302

>I have a feeling that this is just an edgy TIF larping
sounds like ambrose, that one TIF on edtwt that got outed for trying to be a trans patrick bateman LMFAO

this either has to be a troll or some mentally ill middle-aged scrote or both.

crazy how anachans think being compared to the craziest shit is a compliment.
>"i look like a monkey?? omg suuuu skinny!1!!1!"
>"i look more haggard than my grandma? amazing!1!!111 they're all just jealous!"

No. 1833304

I can’t picture Marie actually willingly drinking ensure or eating anything. She asked for a DNR bracelet and she has no plan of recovering.
Also those ensures do make you gain waaaay more than a tube or food.

No. 1833308

kek you realize that the tube feed formula they use is generally more calorie dense than ensure, right? Weight gain is all about calories, it doesn't really matter whether you physically drink them or have them slowly pumped down your throat to the same place anyway.

Marie isn't going to willingly do anything but that's psychological and not a physical inability. That's all I'm saying. If they tube her, she'll just sabotage it anyway.

No. 1833313

We had boost plus or ensure plus and Jevity.
Ensure Plus is enriched with calories from carbohydrates, fat and proteins. Jevity is enriched with fibres.
So they may be similar in calories, but ensure has tons of fat and carbs.

No. 1833315

look, nobody except anachans actually gives a shit. The point was that Marie is likely physically capable of eating enough to gain weight, she just refuses to.

No. 1833375

File: 1684917779937.jpeg (235.14 KB, 1170x1980, 7EF66975-CAFA-4C90-8D5F-913658…)

rachrelrising/babybicep STILL looks like this. girl i thought you were “recovering”??

No. 1833379

File: 1684918753522.jpeg (224.69 KB, 1157x1829, IMG_0228.jpeg)

is that oximeter as earing?

No. 1833381

But guyyys like she was sick for a week, so all her progress was lost guyyyyys.
She said she was posting old videos for a while because she didn't want people to know she's lost weight again. But it's not a relapse, she was just "sick" kek

No. 1833384

She’s on the garner body builder shit wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped dead

No. 1833387

To be fair she's looking better in that regard than most who end up with ab seperation following 2 kids. Can't quite tell if it's a rattle to say she's got a "fatty bellybutton" (assuming you mean the mummy pouch).

No. 1833392

Apparently pulse & oximeters can be worn on the fingers, toes or ear lobe, it's just more common for the fingers.

No. 1833416

She looks like someone punched her in both eyes. Given her repulsive personality I wouldn't be surprised. There's probably a queue. Seriously tho, she has to keep looking that because otherwise how else will she beg and play on misplaced sympathy to make sure deluded people buy her shit and fund her grifter lifestyle?

No. 1833419

File: 1684926018837.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.77 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230524_202317_Twi…)

Loose lips sink ships.
This is the whole foot, not just the toe

No. 1833420

ntayrt but you’re right nonnie, her stretch marks and loose skin are minimal for the size she was and having had two kids. it might not be a bonerattle but it’s also not part of what makes her so insufferable. her spoop delusions are pretty lulzy though

No. 1833427

Totally normal to lay your legs across the center console kek she’s pathetic

No. 1833428

She actually looks like she’s getting worse IMO

No. 1833429

I’ll never understand the lack of self awareness. How TF do you look at that pic and think, this is a good one to post instead of let me pull my crotch out of my bat cave vag for the sake of everyone who will se this. So embarrassing.

No. 1833431

Jesus that girl is ran through goddamn, guess that dirty post was right about her fucking any guy that looks her way

No. 1833433

Ayrt. It was a whole video of her turning around in penguin pose. If I knew how I'd put the whole thing up, it's on her backup acc.
Those things are flapping in the wind coming out of her gaping anorexia vagina

No. 1833434

Samefag. Didn't reply properly, excuse my retardation

No. 1833435

Nona is correct. Even single digit death skellies at ACUTE can refeed with just food. Probably 8 times out of 10 the toob is for food refusal, not uwu refeeding syndrome. It's really not as common as anachans make out. Obviously caution is needed, but that's what being in a hospital is for. Monitoring.

No. 1833436

>If I knew how I'd put the whole thing up, it's on her backup acc.
Please post it lol, her twitter is privated. Save the mp4 then convert it to webm using this site https://www.veed.io/convert/mp4-to-webm then it'll be a postable format

No. 1833443

ayrt, ive had one kid and lost about 50lbs after (no1curr) and have lots of stretch marks but once your belly button stretches out like that theres really no going back. It does shock me how much she shows off her loose skin in her body checks bc while yes it shows how much weight shes lost, it also makes her look haggard as hell. Not mommy shaming or whatever, just seems counterintuitive for an anachan

No. 1833452

File: 1684930851321.webm (541.1 KB, 502x510, penguin flaps.webm)

Thanks nonna. Hope this works

No. 1833454

That's not a camel toe that's a camel knuckle

No. 1833455

Ty nona it works perfectly, why is she moving like that it just highlights the loose skin, also kek at her tensing her neck to show the tendons

No. 1833456

That sad saggy ass

No. 1833457

Caption is "how I'm going to bc from now on"
Shes trying to be funny after getting reamed on twt for her weird bc of her ass

No. 1833463

File: 1684932196496.jpeg (393.76 KB, 1170x2391, IMG_8177.jpeg)

Does anyone know if this girl still is alive or not? She haven’t posted anything for a while

No. 1833472

File: 1684933035953.webm (721.14 KB, 750x960, 4932661.webm)

this is the video >>1833457 is referring to in case any nonnies missed it. captioned "hate me love me but its cute"

No. 1833475

her ass isn't nearly as unsettling as seeing her cunt flaps in her hiked up leggings

No. 1833477

File: 1684933358187.png (111.01 KB, 752x1070, 8480106949.png)

this one? it's a great piece of kate history

No. 1833480

File: 1684933456263.jpg (57.88 KB, 750x702, IMG_1521.jpg)

samefagging but in classic edtwt influencer girlie fashion, she got twitter blue kek

No. 1833495

File: 1684934322138.png (326.01 KB, 413x737, Screenshot 2023-05-24 224758.p…)

>in person she looks like a truck hit her
Still accurate

No. 1833503

File: 1684935391679.jpeg (119.23 KB, 1170x1999, IMG_8935.jpeg)

Yeah but at this rate she’s going to die. I wonder if she’s on hospice at the hospital

No. 1833504

The way she stands and poses gives me major Ember Whann vibes kek

No. 1833506

File: 1684936068544.jpeg (214.92 KB, 1170x1971, IMG_8955.jpeg)

The little ribbons on the side while she has a DNR.. anachans are truly unhinged. And agree with >>1833287 she started posting to show her followers who also obviously have an Ed how super sick she is

No. 1833512

she is NOT 108lbs kek

No. 1833524

her priv (https://twitter.com/skinnykaate) has her at 111lbs, but even then…kek

No. 1833525

It's believable if she's 5'4 or under tbh

No. 1833529

she also claims to be 17 bmi

No. 1833532

File: 1684939988052.jpeg (465.76 KB, 1170x2051, IMG_0236.jpeg)

has this been discussed?
Zara giving advise and recommendations upon meal plans for an EDU?

No. 1833534

To save nonas calculating time kek mathfag here 108lb with BMI 17 puts her at 5'7 or 8 which I also don't believe so…which is it then?

No. 1833536

She’s 5’6”. I can believe she’s in the 110s, especially with how much muscle she must have lost fasting for 5 days at a time for months.

No. 1833538

File: 1684940523672.jpeg (60.33 KB, 750x1228, 00C2CE49-EA7F-443B-81D0-C62B74…)

she was either rounding down or never posted her renpho screenshot from BMI 17, which i find hard to believe

No. 1833544

Saving amy died from sepsis I belive.
This was yesterday after she made a tiktok telling her audience she had extreme temperatures and was feeling weaker than usual.

No. 1833563

imo this is believable. 17.7 is just BARELY underweight, and she has a lot of loose skin which likely makes her look bigger; yet, you can definitely see a little bone. this is also probably a fasting/early morning weigh in so she's probably closer to 110 having eaten.

No. 1833565

does anyone knows where she got such infection though?

No. 1833569

does anyone knows where she got such infection though?

No. 1833570

File: 1684944661188.png (11.99 KB, 508x268, Screenshot (20172).png)

I think it sometimes just happens to people who are severely underweight and in poor health. What's weird is no one called an ambulance for her, she said she had felt that way for a few days at the time she recorded her last video.

No. 1833571

Why do these places ask non-credentialed anachans like her and Fi for input on anything other than attention seeking and body check posing?

No. 1833579

could have been a UTI, a gastrointestinal infection, or an injury or something that got infected. a weakened immune system would make it more severe, and patients with AN show reduced fever responses to infection, which can lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment, so it can get serious pretty quickly.

No. 1833588

thank you anon! i knew it was a dangerous infection but had no idea you could catch it from such things

No. 1833604

it’s not necessarily advice just input. and patient focus groups or input is kind of common nowadays, and don’t see how this is pro ana scumbag material? zara is pretty calm and dry lately.

No. 1833607

File: 1684948956751.jpg (235.71 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230524_182403_Gal…)

Abby in season 8 of skins uk confirmed

No. 1833609

File: 1684949055668.webm (Spoiler Image,667.5 KB, 576x1024, ebcffcd9b0b535b07de67e709f08da…)

Me in secondary school drama class when the wound makeup came out

No. 1833610

a=have you been missing lately? anons generally agreed zara is both looking and behaving much better, gained weight, apologised for being insufferable.. and her response here is pretty accurate tbh, rater than saying some shit like ‘it’s their choice’ to appease her audience. idk i feel a vendettachan might be trying to drag zara back into discussion (niamh maybe bitter that she’s now the target of all the shit/)

No. 1833614

She still looks terrible IRL. Better, yes, recovered, far far from

No. 1833615

File: 1684949283700.jpg (Spoiler Image,155.05 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230524_182903_Gal…)

2/2 on the substances

No. 1833617

File: 1684949459408.jpg (271.65 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230524_183150_Gal…)

Sorry but this is a regular mug is it not?

No. 1833618

File: 1684949498577.jpg (254.95 KB, 1500x1600, stock-photo-human-skull-with-t…)

No. 1833620

Did you mean to reply to >>1833506 because Niamh doesn’t look like that yet

No. 1833623

Honestly the lack of upper lip is giving bare skull vibes so fair comparison

No. 1833664

Oh my god why would she even post this? I would be so embarrassed

No. 1833673

Yeah totally agreed. Where I live even the most emaciated patients don't get tubed. The only way to get tubed is if you end up in the ICU but if you're in an ED clinic, you don't get tubed no matter how spoopy you are.

No. 1833680

I can't do this rn… How did she not get embarrassed posting this?? Btw props on the file name nonna lmao

No. 1833681

She's in treatment

No. 1833699

What the actual fuck, why would she post a self harm wound that is clearly fresh??

No. 1833706

Attention kek

No. 1833716

she so much prettier when she doesn't smile, every time she shows her teeth she looks like a wretched beast

No. 1833718

I think this is probably the first time in her life she's not overweight so I feel like she doesn't even care about loose skin. She sees herself as super spoopy and hot, she's high on confidence due to being an ex fat so she doesn't care
Personally I don't think she looks bad or the loose skin looks bad, it's her personality that is completely insufferable. And as I have mentioned in this thread before I think when you have kids like she does the very least you can do is try to get your shit together because kids do notice your disordered habits even if they are not obvious and they pick up on it. She has 2 girls which makes it even worse

No. 1833745

File: 1684956632552.jpg (394.13 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230524_203148_Ins…)

Such as…you?

No. 1833755

Without the teeth she already looks like one.

No. 1833761

Marie confirmed for brain damage

No. 1833773

why hasn't she had braces? or a retainer? Scotland do dental care on the NHS up to age 26.

No. 1833775

File: 1684959233921.png (82.29 KB, 1080x565, ZZZZ.png)

she didn't confirm brain damage," she confirmed she isn't functioning well bc of an extremely low bmi. also, this is an imageboard.

No. 1833776

juicy bit of beef for you all, abby has been accused multiple times of copying other patients at the Edinburgh kids unit just to get a BPD diagnosis. Obsessed over patients with BPD (beth in particular, hence beth's posts about her), researched it and essentially played up to it in every way possible to get that precious label. Think she's bashed her head so much now she's actually done real damage

No. 1833777

She's gonna be full on horse mouth when the anachanning causes gum recession and her teeth get even longer looking

No. 1833779

literally, kek

No. 1833780

"10/10 do not recommend" kek

No. 1833784

I feel like none of this is new information

No. 1833796

File: 1684960171159.jpg (97.41 KB, 932x1024, IMG_1529.JPG)

Agreed. The issue isn't that she's a mother with an eating disorder, or that she's on OnlyFans, or her loose skin, or the eagle/cat in heat poses, or that she's 25.
It's her narcissistic behavior, her pride in displaying disordered behavior in front of her kids, constantly getting into fights with teenagers and bullying kids, proana content with a "fanbase" that includes plenty of minors, exposing those minors to the fetishists and NSFW accounts she lets follow her account, posting triggering videos in recovery communities, etc.
All of that makes it easier to drag her for the things that are otherwise not that big of a deal. It's all gone to her head. She's sick, but plenty of people are sick without being scumbags.

No. 1833814

does anyone know where marie is from? she has an american accent which threw me off. also she looks kinda rich, her house is gorgeous

No. 1833820

She's from the US, Minnesota iirc.

No. 1833821

Minnesota. see >>1831943 (i'm telling you to lurk moar nicely)

No. 1833879

It’s part of the recent drive for participation in menta heath services, which means including service users in service shaping and design >>1833604
You’re right but the way she’s going about it doesn’t seem to be transparent. It reads to me like she’s trying to pretend she’s coming from a professionallangle

No. 1833880

Maybe she’s kicked out from melrose tbh. Wonder which hospital she’s at now and if she’s on hospice

No. 1833912

File: 1684966264491.jpeg (215.56 KB, 828x1238, 39BC008B-32C1-4650-B3D2-E26F21…)

Ham was posted on reddit, I guess a lot of people feel the same

No. 1833937

if i remember correctly she mentioned going inpatient.
In Greece though they dont take your phone

No. 1833938

But anon, she's not big-boned!
She has a short waist and has an apple shape.

No. 1833943

File: 1684968882951.jpeg (145.87 KB, 828x1669, 44D17645-1311-4EF0-A508-D5B06F…)

LMAO the fuck is this???

No. 1833948

never seen those pictures where she looks "much better"… i doubt those exist. she didn't look any better in the last pictures posted here

No. 1833951

love the super careful positioning to not get her legs in the mirror so she doesnt have to edit them twice

No. 1833966

File: 1684970803320.jpeg (99.99 KB, 828x1010, 3FF3516D-1229-4F82-8931-F6B554…)

Kids these days.

No. 1833997

don’t post kids. also, who cares? just a run of the mill edtwt teen bio. one of thousands.

No. 1834000

It’s just a bio.

No. 1834062

File: 1684983300922.png (754.48 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_1839.png)

Juliana is in her 30s. She lives at home with her family. She has no job or career. She has no kids. She is constantly in and out of the hospital. Making jokes and showing photos of her sickness are her favorite activities. She has no interest in recovery. It’s all a game. This women is getting old and doesn’t appear to have any genuine interest in anything besides being anorexic and drinking coffee. She just single-handedly destroys her life and appears to enjoy it. She’s a total waste of resources.

No. 1834084

I’ve been following her for years on Instagram. Her dad had ALS for years and passed away last year. I can’t imagine how hard it was for her growing up like that. She will never recover. Her dad was the only amount of joy and hope in her life. She’s going to live in hospitals for the rest of her life and die too soon.

No. 1834088

I've followed her for a long time too. There's a lot of tragic stuff in her life that I feel genuinely sorry for, but she also comes across as a pretty rude person on Instagram and pretty inconsiderate towards others. Like, she seems like she'd be an unpleasant person even if she didn't have anorexia or any of the family stuff.

No. 1834093


what is her insta?

No. 1834101

She is rude, but most mid 30s seed patients are. I’d be bitter too if my life was as shitty as hers.

No. 1834103

No. 1834115

Thought this was Cece at first and got excited, then disappointed when it wasn't, but then excited again cause she sounds like a milky cow kek

No. 1834127

File: 1684990052771.jpeg (108.25 KB, 1170x929, 08F29A50-8EF7-4052-9D10-34D87D…)

why do you stupid cunts always feel the need to cowtip? genuinely what are you getting from it?

No. 1834136

Whomever it was is a cow themselves

No. 1834144

File: 1684992971124.jpeg (110.3 KB, 1170x1242, IMG_1297.jpeg)

edtwt is divided with Kate

No. 1834145

Her side profile is so strange, she's got like a tiny looking mouth that resembles a fish, and a very weak chin. It's mouth breathers physiognomy

No. 1834161

lol just a sidenote but during my anachan era i worked at starbucks and always ate that spinach and feta wrap because it's the lowest calorie meal item you can get. all my annoying non-disordered coworkers would rave about how it's the only "healthy" (low calorie) thing we could eat.

No. 1834166

No way. She would have to be 5 foot nothing to be 108 lbs and a bmi under 18.
The math ain’t mathing

No. 1834181

File: 1684999375023.png (13.88 KB, 734x268, 2 2is4.png)

Not to defend an insufferable cow but how is the math not mathing?

No. 1834182

that anon appears to just be bad at math because they seem to think she'd have to be very short ("5ft nothing") when obviously the bmi corresponding to a given weight gets lower as your height goes up.

No. 1834184

I had the same retard moment as the discalculia anon when I was trying to figure it out. I put it down to my first thought being 'fuck she must be really short if she weighs 108 and still looks that average'. Then the retardation took over

No. 1834185

File: 1685000222257.jpg (144.46 KB, 1080x2031, Screenshot_20230525_170643_Twi…)

Here you go nonnas.
Shes given us the receipts
49kg is 108 lbs

No. 1834201


i really dont wanna be that anon, but…
DAE miss the days where discussing BMI resulted in a ban?

all this BMI sperging is getting out of hand and shitting up the thread.

No. 1834202

right?? No one is going to believe you only went on lolcow to check if you were being posted.

No. 1834204

I'm the same height as her and I honestly find it really hard to believe she's 49kgs. Obviously people store weight differently and she might have a lot of muscle mass (which I doubt kek), but I'd say she's 52-54kg.

No. 1834211

I don't understand what's on her forehead?

No. 1834212

it's a self-harm wound from head banging

No. 1834213

Omfg I am horrified.

No. 1834215

File: 1685009335986.webm (13.88 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_723165941009811379…)

This was posted on another thread but thought it could fit here. This woman basically dedicates her entire TikTok to "healthy eating" but it's basically a parade of her showcasing her disordered eating along with inspirational music kek. Vidrel is one that she did of her wedding which went pretty viral and had a lot of people calling her out for having an "eating disorder themed wedding".

No. 1834223

This is pretty bleak. Imagine essentially ruining your wedding day by letting your ED have full control.

No. 1834225

whats the username?
Those tasselled boots are as bad as the food choices. Plus bloat pills? wtf

No. 1834226

Random tiktoker who shared what she had out as her wedding day, obviously blew up. An article says it's @thefitfatale

It doesn't seem as though she has an ED though. By sounds she has some digestive issues/allergies, and wanted the wedding to be inclusive for others who have issues/allergies. Grim though, can't imagine why you'd offer tablets for bloating either, surely if guests had issues with that they'd bring their own. unless it's an insider humour like some chronic illness people have.

No. 1834257


i wouldn't call a screenshot of a bmi calculator a reliable receipt. she's not underweight, absolutely no way. and isn't she in the US? why is she using cm and kg? i really can't stand this cow.

No. 1834263

File: 1685022461693.png (12.56 KB, 481x329, xskate.png)

She's Canadian. She posts scale/renpho pictures too. She's 108lbs but with low muscle tone, and since fat is less dense than muscle, she looks bigger than you might expect. Skinnyfat is real, and BMI isn't an infallible metric, so we don't need to sperg about her BMI to know that she isn't the spoop that she acts like she is kek

No. 1834285

Bit like smorven then ! Even down to head banging.

No. 1834289

I can't tell if Marie is actually suicidal or just really caught up in her ED and in denial of the eventual. she seems very resigned to her fate though.

No. 1834349

Most likely a mix of both. At this stage of an ed, life gets so unbearable and miserable. I'm guessing she truly sees no other way out.

No. 1834379

File: 1685041747358.jpg (87.92 KB, 554x1200, kate.jpg)

That's what she gets for spending her days bickering with teenagers online lol
Also how selfish of her to pretend her eating disorder doesn't affect her kids and it's a silly little diet. Anyone with an ED including myself (no1cares i know) can attest that living with disordered caretakers influences on you a lot. Instead of spending your days in a community like this full of underage people promoting pro-ana content you have the fucking moral obligation to recover or at least don't engage with this content specially as a lot of her followers are underage teenage girls
There are many places online one can go for support and venting that doesn't include bodychecking, posting your ass, humblebragging, picking fights with 15 year olds and promoting pro-ana shit

No. 1834382

This is fucked and a completely disproportionate consequence for her. Good luck on your recovery you definitely need it if you think this is in anyway justifiable. She's just a random mentally ill bitch on twitter

No. 1834385

>I left an abusive relationship a year ago
So she let her kids grow up around an abuser because she wants to take dick from every guy that gives her an ounce of attention? Yeah what a great mother, outstanding. I'm sure her daughters won't grow up to be anorexics with daddy issues.

No. 1834387

I don't think this is justifiable and we know very well how CPS works. Many cases of children who are severely abused, malnourished and CPS does nothing. I bet and hope for the sake of the kids they actually don't do nothing, I just said that's what she gets for exposing herself, her kids in a community of edgy teenagers and doing the shit she does. Actions have consequences even if I don't agree with them

No. 1834388

Not defending the person who reported her because that is an overstep, but realistically it won't result in anything. In Canada they're much more lenient on what constitutes a parent losing custody of their child, they may just tell her she can't have strange men in the home and she has to tone down her internet use. But even then they can't force her to do that it would just be a recommendation.

No. 1834402

>I feed, clothe, and bathe my children!
You have to do that by law, retard.

No. 1834404

What are you even saying? I get not liking someone or their actions but you're implying that it's extremely easy to leave an abusive relationship or something.

No. 1834412

Not what I was implying at all, just that she clearly wasn't financially tied to the relationship, it doesn't seem like the abusive moid was the father of her kids, yeah it's hard to leave an abusive relationship but at the same time it's a lot harder for 2 young girls to have to be around an abuser.

No. 1834431

how do you know she "wasn't financially tied to the relationship"? You don't have to have children with someone to be financially dependent on them and/or for them to be controlling your access to your money.

No. 1834452

ntayrt, i agree it’s not an easy thing to do at all but if someone’s responsible for young children they better be ready to do those difficult things otherwise don’t have kids

No. 1834461

Agreed this is horrible. She has questionable behavior for sure but CPS involvement even when results in no action is absolutely traumatizing for children. It can also potentially put them back into the hands of their abuser if they get sent back to their father (I’m assuming he’s the abuser here but idk). Having an eating disorder does not make someone an unfit parent. Not to mention this taxes an over burdened system and diverts resources from those who really need it. Unless there is direct proof of abuse it’s wildly inappropriate to report to CPs S just because you think someone’s a shit parent.

No. 1834487

far be it for me to defend kate but you sound ignorant, nonna. leaving an abusive relationship can be really fucking hard because the person is, well, being abused. i'm not speculating on whether she's telling the truth or not because she doesn't have the best track record but if she is then good for her for managing to leave when she did and for taking her kids out of that situation while they're still young.

No. 1834492

File: 1685053621775.jpeg (317.37 KB, 1170x2061, IMG_8989.jpeg)

No. 1834494

The person who tweeted that lives in the UK, and judging from her retweets and follows, is a minor.
In order to submit a report, she would have had to call the provincial family and children's services agency. It is highly unlikely that she actually contacted them.

No. 1834497

I wish she'd let her mom or some other relative raise these kids, it's not that she has an ed but the fact that she fucking binges and purges in front of them thats immensely fucked up, even if they are toddlers its gonna harm them somehow, and the revolving door of hookups with random men.

No. 1834501

File: 1685055069369.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230525-185159.png)

No. 1834509

why are all her photos look like shes in a phiychotic break?

No. 1834523

Am I crazy or is every single body shot been clearly edited between her thighs to create a thigh gap. It’s always way brighter in that area and usually missing the sideboard/floor/wall break.

No. 1834545

So ask the parents to watch the kids and get on welfare until she has enough money to leave, she clearly has family that could've helped. I'm not saying it's easy but her using that as an example of being an outstanding mother is insane, it's the bare minimum to make sure your kids grow up in a safe home. Great she left the relationship but it isn't the flex she thinks it is.

No. 1834549

I don't think anyone here thinks she's even an okay mother, but both things can be tru eat once: she can be a shitty person and mother and abusive relationships can be a lot more complicated to leave than you're making them out to be. If it was simple, then people would always immediately leave.

No. 1834551

I know they're complicated and I'm not making it seem easy, just that leaving is always better than staying. I've seen plenty in my family, and they'd never use leaving as a bragging right on twitter. It's just something they had to find a way to do to keep themselves and their kids safe.

No. 1834632

How tf is she trying to say she has a SEED

No. 1834714

File: 1685074035360.png (394.01 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230526-000654.png)

No. 1834718

kek, I was about to post this. How on earth could Enara, who admits to making suicidal gestures when not actually suicidal and who calls an ambulance for anti-anxiety PRN be abusing the system? Real puzzler there.

No. 1834744

File: 1685077206407.png (15.74 KB, 769x267, Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 12.0…)

Remember this?

No. 1834745

File: 1685077259954.png (8.16 KB, 770x194, Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 12.0…)

Enara doesn't!

No. 1834769

Kek maybe she’s taken up headbanging and that’s why she can’t remember 2 weeks ago

No. 1834777

Is Dorian really pro-recovery? the glee with which she talks about how her first forray into her ED makes me feel she's not really over it. she's also still super underweight

No. 1834802

in that video she was, but if you look at the recent ones she's put weight back on.

No. 1834804

Ugh that one yawn. Always recommended to me along with EC bonelord kek the irony. It's funny that anas never let go of their addiction or move on with their lives even after "recovery". And agreed might not be spoopy but I bet she still purges once in a while. She is funny at times though, I give her that.

No. 1834806

>It's funny that anas never let go of their addiction
yeah it's almost like it's a mental illness

No. 1834816

I don’t think we need to post about Dorian anymore.

No. 1834820

she's definitely a cow and let's be real, her videos about the super duper sekrit ana meetings where girls purged american candy in public bathroom for all to see among other things shows she still has an idealized view of it. also her hinting at her secret purging methods and how good she felt doing it is definitely encouraging teen girls to do the same. all this ''it tastes as good coming up as it does going down'' crap. it feels shes presenting her bulimia (past or present) as this cheat code to eat while still losing weight. whether that's her goal or not is irrevelant but it does come across as such

No. 1834834

I wonder how some of the head wallbangers managed to make their wounds look like a forehead vagina.
The wall is flat so maybe they hit it near a door and it ended up looking like that? Or maybe a furniture? It's definitely not a flat surface.

No. 1834837

File: 1685092118663.jpg (108.99 KB, 1079x754, Screenshot_20230526_170128.jpg)

A YT named Hannah the Horrible has made a video about Kelly. Lolcow and KF are mentioned in the 9.50 mark.
"Lolcow farms got a hold of her story as well as KF. If you don't know or are not aware Lolcow is pretty much like the evil website that no public figure ever goes to unless they are a masochist. Like it's just one of those websites that you just avoid of you have any sort of following whatsoever on the internet because people are ruthless, everybody's anonymous, and is pretty much a troll site where everybody nitpicks and not even holding outside accountable, you know for the mistakes or wrong actions it's like actively trying to cancel people because they get joy out of cancelling people and the drama it makes them feel better about their own pathetic lives…"

No. 1834839

File: 1685092592905.jpg (174.99 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20230526-171631_You…)

Samefag sorry forgot to post link


No. 1834840

File: 1685092615762.jpeg (305.77 KB, 1170x2067, 8F9BE78B-EA71-42DD-8FBB-A9BD3A…)

kek @ dani fernandez justifying her orthorexia and safe foods by going “i’m poor”

No. 1834841

File: 1685092670790.jpeg (335.67 KB, 1169x2049, 9DDA0320-6A79-4012-B84B-2CFC47…)

soz forgot to sage this. anyways exhibit 2 “i’m autistic”

No. 1834848

I came here to post this. HannahTheHorrible is one of my favourite creators, her content is usually well researched and to her credit she's one of the very few people who covered Kelly well, BUT it is disappointing to see her highlight a few spergs in the threat nitpicking Kelly for her looks instead of how nonnies were 100% correct that Kelly was a mega munchie. She does not at all credit the fact that nobody would have known Kelly is a manipulator who lied about abuse/rape/trafficking if lolcow didn't pick up on it

HUGE criticism of the video: she says lolcow is about harassment instead of holding people accountable. Kelly was wasting blood, something that can save a life and is NOT an abundant resource, because she wanted attention. Mental health is nobodies fault but their actions are their responsibility and I think coddling/enabling/excusing people like Kelly is naive as hell. I'm saying this because I know Hannah will inevitably come and see if her video is being talked about.

No. 1834852

Unless she paints Kelly as the true horror cow that she is the video is worthless. This woman cut nerves out of her own leg on video.
I'm actually surprised a bigger name hasn't done a documentary on her yet. Never seen a worse case of Munchausen/whatever the hell is wrong with Kelly that would make you amputee yourself.

No. 1834865

So why did she come here? Did she talk about kiwifarms? Because that sounds like the kiwifarms write up folks give it. At least fucking research before spewing bullshit. When I saw the thumbnail I knew she talk shit about lolcow. I feel like she's one of those woke people who probably tried to use lolcow/kiwifarms to make videos on shit, but felt bad for using the site or something when she saw words she didn't like

No. 1834869

I could have lived my life without knowing this story. Holy shit this might be one of the most grim stories I have ever heard of. I think I’m going to be sick.

No. 1834873

There’s an incredibly long Imgur album that documents her scab journey in case you want to feel even worse today

No. 1834875

anybody know Kelly‘s current Instagram?

No. 1834877

>lolcow doesn't holdpeople responsible
How the fuck are are we supposed to do that, and why is that any of our business kek. We are not these nutjobs' parents or case workers

No. 1834885

BTDT already I think I’ve found my new diet. It’s fascinating but also so incredibly disturbing. She’s got the crazy eyes though so it shouldn’t be too shocking. I’m more interested in knowing if her mom really made her fuck and eat an animal. I actually knew a girl in college who picked her legs like that and the earlier pics look very similar, now I’m wondering if she ended up with the same fate as Kelly kek.

No. 1834891

File: 1685101886918.jpeg (24.04 KB, 828x235, IMG_9808.jpeg)

i wonder if that’s true (found on reddit)

No. 1834898

There’s never been any evidence of her binging and purging within view of her kids. Not defending her honor, but there’s no need to make shit up when she’s obnoxious enough as is.
I can’t comprehend that everyone believes that some teenager in the UK called a Canadian CPS office and filed a report with them. Can you not imagine how retarded that kid would sound on the phone trying to explain her reasoning and going off about Twitter and TikTok beef? And saying she “sent” a report when there’s no online form to submit (because think about how easily that could be abused)? If anything this situation is a net positive for Kate because even her critics have come to her defense.

No. 1834908

people in her thread speculated that she'd be unable to not pick at her stumps. I 100% believe it. She needs her hands cut off not to be morbid. It's the only way she'll stop.

No. 1834956

this is extremely funny because the foods she eats are fairly expensive. Also, what the hell, is that strawberry and potato? Or is the potato-looking stuff actually dried apple or something that makes sense?

No. 1834970

Not trying to WK (dani is objectively obnoxious), but that's baked Japanese white sweet potato. They're very sweet and creamy, and go well with fruit and yogurt.

No. 1834998

The new Niamh pictures.. the hair omg it's that lanugo???(sage your shit)

No. 1835002

you‘ve gotta be kidding. learn how to sage and post the pictures or stfu

No. 1835004

Exactly. She probably is underweight but flabby looking due to loose skin and a total lack of muscle tone. Ironically she’d look smaller if she hit the gym and gained some muscle, but that would cut into her all-important “act deranged and bully children on Twitter” time.

No. 1835012

File: 1685120134412.jpg (236.74 KB, 1079x1121, Screenshot_20230527_045455_Ins…)

Nta that didn't sage but here you go. How pretty.(sage your shit)

No. 1835014

pretty sure lanugo is darker. looks like normal peach fuzz every woman has

No. 1835015

thanks anon, I guess I'm uncultured and had never heard of a japanese white sweet potato. It looked like a russet to me!

No. 1835019

i don't think it's lanugo, usually it lays kinda flat on the skin and is a lot finer, like peach fuzz on steroids. some people are just hairy lol

No. 1835041

File: 1685122683887.jpeg (23.68 KB, 750x1181, 160593BE-D696-405D-B6F7-F4B3D5…)

antagonizer of teens, olympian anterior pelvic tilter, and queen ana herself, baasickate, has been viscously bullied into deactivating her main account (her priv @skinnykaate is still active)

No. 1835044

Kek, lanugo is not darker. I'm 99% sure that's lanugo and not peach fuzz

No. 1835054

No, you can actually see the goosebumps she has

No. 1835097

Hah I thought it was some weird ana combo, as well kek(sage your shit)

No. 1835110

lanugo is fairly fine, but it's not always dark - depends on your natural hair colour.

No. 1835130

File: 1685130469705.jpeg (538.47 KB, 1170x2016, IMG_9012.jpeg)

Already predicting the ERC vacation

No. 1835132

Because if she gets a bit underweight she instantly goes to treatment kek

No. 1835147

File: 1685132363587.png (113.17 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230526-161927.png)

No. 1835150

File: 1685132409784.png (112.54 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230526-161948.png)

No. 1835151

File: 1685132438632.png (704.28 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230526-161824.png)

No. 1835154

File: 1685132761737.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230526-162632.png)

while holding a camera above your head and making unhinged faces

No. 1835192

I wouldn't say she's pro-ana blatantly at least not in public but it's pretty clear she's stuck reminiscing her spoopy sick past even if she talks about it as something bad. She can't let it go, I don't believe someone can be recovered and still focusing on eating disorders this much to the point it's the topic of almost all her videos

No. 1835195

update on kate, her twitter is deactivated

No. 1835223

File: 1685139275568.png (275.63 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230526-180512.png)

No. 1835237

jesus she's like a caricature of bpd at this point

No. 1835238

she announced on her priv that she’s making a new acc entirely

No. 1835239

Non if you continue to post shitty uncropped photos without a caption were just gonna call self post
Hi Cow(hi cow)

No. 1835240

Actually you could be a lurking cow friend because the two images time wise are only <10m apart

No. 1835245

File: 1685141686914.jpg (159.75 KB, 1920x1920, Moo.jpg)

Same cropping 100% wifi within minutes of eachother
Crop your shit and if you are a cow traitor bring more milk

No. 1835250

File: 1685142521704.jpg (172.17 KB, 1868x1682, Lactose.jpg)

Hi Enara(hi cow)

No. 1835270

>>1835019 shes literally emaciated its clearly lanugo

No. 1835286

Kek she is not emaciated

No. 1835331

File: 1685151295368.png (417.68 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20230526-161043.png)

No. 1835332

why post her? she's gained weight, seems to be focusing on other stuff, and almost never mentions her ed anymore. Her only real connection to ED stuff is still being friends with Emily who also seems to be moving on.

No. 1835396

I know we all love to hate her but this photo does make her look underweight, even if it’s just the angle.

No. 1835449

File: 1685174955756.png (714.47 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20230527-040415.png)

No. 1835456

Do they even have an ed

No. 1835463

kek she wants to be eating chinese but it also ‘ relapsing’ with her ed.
and deliberately going to hosp and then complaining ur there ……

No. 1835464

who gives a fuck

No. 1835471

SEED allegedly from swallowing batteries and drinking little milk cartons along with Chinese food.

No. 1835490

She looks so horrible at the moment. Just awful.

No. 1835500

Jealous ana chan alert

No. 1835502

You cropped this image more but it's still you Enara(hi cow)

No. 1835509

Not that much of a fan of hi cow or speculation unless there's more solid evidence, but it's a possibility. Their time zone is certainly that of EST, which going by conversion includes Canada. The resolution is the same, just the height cropped slightly, and there'd be no need to crop out the top unless it was to conceal something whilst also rotating.

No. 1835510

Enara is Australian kek

No. 1835512

She was in Canberra recently, maybe a bit of dyslexia on your part anon kek.
There was one post which lined up with Aus timezones, but theres also lots of Ausfags here that could have posted. Honestly wouldnt put it past her though, shes admitted she loves the attention, negative or not

No. 1835513

Has she been to Canada or something recently then? or is my brain just making shit up. So anon is off the mark completely. The anon posting Enera is more than likely in an EST timezone. Australia is UTC+8 onwards.

No. 1835514

File: 1685187589114.jpg (92.44 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20230527_211037_Ins…)

Evidence of such attention whoring

No. 1835515

Sorry for the deleted post, I probably did miss read somewhere. And agreed, wouldn't put it past her to self-post here to garner the negative attention and then to play off on it.

No. 1835531

I bet ur still the same anon who posted the uncropped screenshots without captions but now u just learned to crop, kek. Stop posting random irrelevant shit. Lauren is not a cow anymore

No. 1835532

Ur still enara, just quit the self-posting already(Hi, Cow.)

No. 1835536

the only reason i said this is bc my arms look the exact same and i'm not underweight kek. like i said some people are just hairy

No. 1835538

no1curr about your lanugo anon go back to edtwt

No. 1835540

>I have literally never heard of MH professionals offering to help those with BPD!

>standard care for BPD is minimal admissions because of attention seeking behavior

>Obviously I know that, but I need to be inpatient all the time because I'm special

Kek this is quite literally textbook BPD

No. 1835581

File: 1685199749167.jpg (286.12 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230527_160358_Gal…)

Niamhs monkey fur being addressed in her own comments

No. 1835583

Nosehose vacation not too far away from the looks of it

No. 1835620

I wasn't gonna bring this up, but does Enara even belong in this thread? I feel like her deal is far more suicide baiting/self harm bullshittery than pro-ana/wannarexia. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1835633

she posts about her ED all the time

No. 1835646

Yes she belongs in the proana scumbags threads because she larps a "seed" regularly

No. 1835648

File: 1685208278223.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, BF8F25B8-09C1-41D2-B01F-3369B7…)

Anyone know which post this is referring to? There’s so many it could be any of them kek

No. 1835650

She's right about the hair, the comment below is pure sperg

No. 1835652

There were several, but I'd assume any posts with her fresh head fanny but it could also be the caption of her Instagram post that was something like "starting the day with coffee and a .5"

No. 1835654

File: 1685208633611.jpg (155.31 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230527_183138_Gal…)

Samefag for reference

No. 1835659


i was wondering what she meant by that? is she talking about medication when she said .5 or something else? and maybe she meant when she posted pics of her meals the other day, the meal from the restaurant that looked like mainly just vegetables?

No. 1835686

She's alluding to being addicted to street drugs. If the Tinfoil that she's coping ex cow Beth, it could be a .5g of coke, or mdma.
No chance in hell there's any remorse for her dainty meals but larping a drug addiction could easily have her getting dropped by her pals

No. 1835695

damn she already looks like she's approaching her 30s…

No. 1835697

File: 1685214369075.png (347.67 KB, 750x1334, 8AB36A10-AE58-4BE9-90A2-C54F0A…)

How unhinged can you get? Between the maxi pad forehead, the fresh sh bandages, the disaster of her makeup, the body checking, the standing on her laundry basket…she’s gotta be one of the most grimy catastrophic cows out there currently. Reminds me of a more narcissistic & bitchy version of N2F.

No. 1835699

File: 1685214487536.png (92.61 KB, 816x709, Screen Shot 2023-05-27 at 2.08…)

This italian anachan is giving all the headbangers a run for their money with the sheer amount of bandages she's ended up covered in

No. 1835733

I think she means the camera angle .5

No. 1835736

File: 1685222250063.png (195.17 KB, 401x529, Screen Shot 2023-05-27 at 4.17…)

What the hell, she literally had her 1-1 (so presumably a nursing assistant or nurse?) cut her hair. What is going on in your hospitals, Canada.

No. 1835742

Idk about you but the camera setting you're talking about is .6 on my phone and looks more fishbowl than this.
She was definitely alluding to a line, especially considering the whole "maybe it was the substances" tiktok. I can't remember if I posted that one tbh but I'll double check

No. 1835744

File: 1685223356961.jpg (236.15 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230527_223644_Gal…)

Samefag I clearly didn't concert the full tiktok but I also admit I'm not looking very hard

No. 1835746

Is there any proof? Did she disappear from social media?
If yes perhaps they restricted her internet use after the amputation. If I were her doctor I would 100% get the people caring for her enforce something like that, less attention may result in less destructive behavior
Also I’ve heard that there are pills for the skin picking disorder maybe she got put on those

No. 1835750

Yeah she also lied saying that we love to doxx people here constantly. Depends on your definition of doxing but posting addresses and such is literally against board rules, full names aren’t. Also how do you get over the way she speaks it’s quite jarring for me to listen to her cadence

No. 1835790

File: 1685231077888.jpg (278.83 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-05-28-01-43-14…)

Sorry if that's not milk.

No. 1835810

File: 1685233955060.png (851.72 KB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20230527-203143.png)

No. 1835850

File: 1685238133168.jpeg (101.39 KB, 1170x1611, EBFB1F56-5F06-4B56-BDB5-CB931D…)

babybicep’s horrid new hair. she’s balding so badly and now it’s even more accentuated with the color. she looks like bridget from Trolls

No. 1835851

File: 1685238295309.jpeg (153.65 KB, 1170x1733, 74FF12F9-2C34-4FE9-8A06-1B1987…)

featuring her begging for pity and calling herself ugly in response to that schizophrenic old anorexic nurse maureen sabiski’s comment

No. 1835859

"would an emotion management program help?" says the person who claims her out of control emotions lead her to regularly engage in potentially life threatening behavior

No. 1835873

It’s honestly not that bad if you exclude the blue part

No. 1835874

now? lol sorry Rachel, you've been ugly for awhile

No. 1835878

File: 1685242740597.jpeg (118.72 KB, 828x1345, 6A4A6382-D0F5-419D-A71E-402BA9…)

I had no idea Rachel looked like a normal( or excessively muscular) person at one point. I thought she was Ash tier forever. I wonder what happened in between when she took this photo and January when she came back.

No. 1835912

File: 1685247799939.jpeg (315.62 KB, 922x1918, AC3FC74B-AEF9-45DB-8EBC-0F0159…)

It’s a little weird that someone claiming to be starexie submitted an entire exposition to the curiouscat of the girl Kate was having that mid-off with

No. 1835915

File: 1685248212472.jpeg (41.27 KB, 750x596, 26626569-F466-4ADD-A01E-938934…)

So much for taking a break from edtwt!

No. 1835931

Shes still posting on her usual account too

No. 1835934

File: 1685254088350.jpeg (75.18 KB, 1125x495, 2559F9E2-2142-404A-B1C8-85E0FC…)

If she actually cared about “hate” she was getting she would turn off comments, block people, stop reading lc etc. It’s such attention seeking behaviour

No. 1835940

Actually niamh your suffering brings my life an abundance of joy. I'm not sad at all. Keep it up, we will see you back in hospital with a nose hose in no time you ugly rat

No. 1835942

get a grip, anon

No. 1835951

File: 1685256727005.jpeg (122.88 KB, 1170x1939, 69DA33DF-8020-4693-AA2F-6F11A8…)

I like how the second anyone questioned her weight, she updated it by 2 pounds. Oh yeah, it was two pounds throwing everyone off!

No. 1835981

File: 1685262648648.jpg (104.1 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20230528_180052_Ins…)

Stop cowtipping you dumb cunts.
You're just giving her what she wants

No. 1835990

File: 1685263628615.webm (13.51 MB, 576x1024, 1b45b2faf70cddd3673cccdc821449…)

Abby rambling on tiktok. File was too large so 1/2. Her voice is way deeper than I had imagined, and doesn't fit her ditsy airhead persona at all

No. 1835991

File: 1685263671319.webm (19.38 MB, 576x1024, 1b45b2faf70cddd3673cccdc821449…)


No. 1835996

File: 1685265071151.png (816.58 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20230528-050731.png)

No. 1836002


i feel that way about rachelrising. her voice sounds so deep and so much older than she looks and what i expected

No. 1836018

Enara always talks a big game about losing a lot of weight very quickly, etc etc, but she's never posted pictures of herself where she looks anything but overweight and you can only "lose a lot of weight very quickly" so much before you stop looking so overweight, even if you start at a very obese weight. So while it does happen that someone is very fat, develops a restrictive ed, and loses a bunch of weight but is still fat, that happens over the course of months not years and years and years like Enara is trying to pretend. If you literally don't do anything but drink some supplements like she claims, you'd lose a bunch of weight no matter what. No antipsychotics can keep you obese if you're not eating.

No. 1836019

same anon, but also it's gross that she's taking pictures that include her sitter's face. Maybe he doesn't want to be on your instagram, Enara.

No. 1836021

File: 1685267294011.png (44.99 KB, 427x517, Screen Shot 2023-05-28 at 4.48…)

Enara's health care is apparently all free because she managed to get a gold card (https://www.dva.gov.au/health-and-treatment/veteran-healthcare-cards/veteran-gold-card). Reading the criteria, she must have it because she's managed to be assessed as 100% disabled. Maybe another motivator for her self-sabotaging to keep herself from being seen as fit to work ever again.

No. 1836022

File: 1685267349390.png (26.15 KB, 388x243, Screen Shot 2023-05-28 at 4.50…)

No. 1836027

Kek yeah…two lbs ok
That sleeve is a real an eyesore

No. 1836028

I think you need to calm your tits down vendetta-chan, go eat a sandwich. Starting to make me question the other "anons" that are supposedly finding her milky.

No. 1836029

thank you!!! it's fuckin hideous, i think that everytime i see it, but i've never seen anyone else mention how ugly it is before lol i knew i couldn't be the only one

No. 1836034

Reminds me of Emma Wolfe, the journalist on ssvss. I always thought she was lying as she claimed to vecrecovered but delve deep into eating disorder journalism

No. 1836037

God forbid someone shares their opinion on a sm platform..

No. 1836042

File: 1685271462429.jpeg (85.15 KB, 750x1147, 83CAC311-9E7F-487B-9AE6-C8D34A…)

She’s updated it to 111 and now it all makes sense kek that third pound really clears everything up. Looking at this bc gave me vicarious lower back pain.

No. 1836048

She looks deformed, such body goals..

No. 1836056

File: 1685274570541.jpg (209.05 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20230528-125002_You…)

According to a commenter on lique faiths page she is doing worse in the hospital.

I hope she lives.

Update: she refused tube feeding and if the doctors are correct she will die soon

No. 1836060

File: 1685274823362.jpg (230.97 KB, 1080x1821, Screenshot_20230528-125243_You…)

Here is the previous update>>1836056

No. 1836072

File: 1685277580034.jpeg (145.31 KB, 1024x1024, 6FFD1862-2D03-4260-8A1E-3E5F14…)

She’s been mentioned before I think tiktok is @oliviafrostyy she runs like an influencer vibes kinda sm where she just posts pictures of random shit like flowers and cafes but then also clothes I guess and she addressed her anorexia a while back but yeah

she looking very much like Alice nevin did a year or so ago. Also channeling niamh with the hips and (lack of) belly visible

No. 1836081

Is she milky or just sick? Her having a social media presence isn’t automatically milky

No. 1836089

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but who is this? I haven't seen her mentioned before or maybe I've just forgotten who she is

No. 1836130

go back to tiktok and edtwt, zoomer.

No. 1836139

i didn‘t know her either, if you google lique faith you‘ll find her

No. 1836148


No. 1836156

File: 1685293272448.jpg (33.72 KB, 1125x386, Lique faith has passed away.jp…)

Lique faith has passed away.

No. 1836158

File: 1685293590418.jpg (20 KB, 555x312, ReverseAmberlynn.JPG)

Damn, i'm probably going to hell. It reminded my of Amberlyn briefly - never announce you're going on a weightloss journey, you'll never lose weight. Never announce that you are totally not going to die from anorexia, because well.. RIP to the lass.

No. 1836190


20cals/100g?! Must have overseen this, when I checked it out. But I've been wondering too, what this cake is made of. Have been following her IG acc @neffer_tity_food and @neffer_tity_marafon for some time now.
I thought that those cakes are made of buckwheat…

No. 1836225

Fucking kek at this cow crossover

No. 1836231

File: 1685304682923.jpg (281.12 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20230528_211207_Ins…)

What the FUCK has ganer put on her plate? These baby shit drizzled greenbeans are a new addition, surely?

No. 1836238


I think that's green asparagus…