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File: 1424372801412.jpg (113.12 KB, 689x520, aas.jpg)

No. 19043

From established career in Hong Kong to being a copycat nobody in Japan
From modeling for Lancome to this shit
I'll never understand it.
Discuss Taylor R

No. 19044

Quarter-life crisis.

No. 19045

File: 1424372968007.jpg (57.26 KB, 612x816, tumblr_nfj5pssqkW1qeu77so10_12…)

Forgot to add: she is 27 years old

No. 19046

I didn't know she was 27, I thought she was about 22 O_O

No. 19047


She denies how old she is if I recall.

No. 19048

Other than being too old for a kawaii schoolgirl image and blatantly copying Kota, what's interesting about her?

No. 19049

She really isn't interesting, personality or drama wise (she's drama free IIRC)
I think people just like to see what weird picture or video she will upload next. She's essentially shot herself in the foot because she went from having a conventionally pretty look to a super basic and bloated "kawaii" look that doesn't even suit her.

No. 19050

The old picture of her, she was gorgeous. She looks like Natalie Portman.

No. 19051

Can't really hate on her for not "dressing her age", she can pull it off far better than most of the girls ten years younger than her that attempt this look. I will say it's a significant downgrade though.

I don't get how this whole bloated face with creepy little beaky thin grandma lips is supposed to be cute. Dakota looked far better before before she started doing it as well.

No. 19052

jesus christ, she's so fucking scary
her eyes are wayy too huge.
this isnt cute. i never found her attractive.
it's really creepy.
white girls need to understand the reason why asian girls do this kind of makeup is because their eyes are small to begin with.
this girl already has big eyes so it's not cute, it's seriously creepy

No. 19053

btw i meant her "kawaii look"
she looks gorgeous on the left pic though

No. 19054

Me neither.
You don't need big lips, but just full lips.
Full lips are cute and makes people look young.
Thin lips make everyone look older
Small full lips are fucking adorable though i have no idea why thin lips is considered cute? Most of the girls with babyfaces i've seen have full lips, yt video related (she has big lips but they're full)

No. 19055

Just gonna point out that Mexican and black girls do this shit too. We've had entire threads about them.

Anyways, Taylor has been a Dakota clone from day 1. She's just gotten more bold about it.

No. 19056

She had a career before Dakota.

No. 19057

The only reason it looks super weird when she tries to look super youthful is because she's tall (5'7" or 5'8") so she has this baby face (she totally had fillers) with this lanky body and it's just disturbing.

No. 19058

I have a feeling this sort of shit just comes with modelling/living in East Asian countries and trying to blend in to match their beauty standards. Dakota pulled the same shit even though she literally got her fame in East Asia from fitting into the western standard of pretty to begin with.

No. 19059

I meant day one since she was discovered by PULL. Obviously she got more attention after copying someone else so she went all in.

No. 19060

No that shit always looks weird.

No. 19061

You're right. I meant more of her dressing the way she does and trying to look as young as possible but her whole look, esp the eyes, is just weird looking.

Yeah, she's always kind of gone for the kawaii look but ESPECIALLY recently she's trying way too hard to look like Kota. Same haircut and color, similar style, and even similar mannerisms in vids. Her old look was nice and she showed personality in older videos. Idk wtf possessed her to do this, but it's sad.

No. 19062

Finally a thread about her. I find her quite interesting in her craziness, but the pull thread is repetitive and full of sjws. Although there really isn't much drama surrounding her, but she is still pretty lulzworthy.

No. 19063

Funniest part is her posting in japanese on Weibo all the time ever since she got into this phase.

No. 19064

my god, i thought the right pic was Magibon with bleached hair for a second there.

No. 19065

File: 1424381133425.jpg (83.15 KB, 480x640, FDBFNGX.jpg)

It's true that to an extent they do have to change to fit into an Asian market, but I feel like the living doll act that many of these girls puts on is doing the opposite. Not that many people are actually into this, it's just creepy and weird.

To my knowledge, the typical image of a cute/kawaii girl in Japan is more like this (pic related). This pic is from an image search of かわいい人 (cute person) and most of the girls look similar. Dakota pics also pop up though, so she must be doing something right that these other girls aren't.

No. 19066

File: 1424381289563.jpg (69.42 KB, 690x690, 1348039033492.jpg)

No. 19067

I totally see where you're coming from. The problem with Taylor and a lot of girls who hop on board try to take all the cute features (big eyes, puffy cheeks, pursed lips) to the extreme. Her natural cheeks are round–why did she get terribad fillers on top of them?

No. 19068

Ughhh her dancing is so bad. Is it normal for models in Japan to branch out and do dancing vids or is that more reserved for aidoru?

Her room tour video is weird. The way she hardly moves her face when she speaks is just so bizarre and she just keeps her eyes so wide the whole time.

No. 19069

File: 1424381643181.png (9.34 KB, 687x129, Clipboard01.png)

So apparently Taylor's company wants her to cut the kawaii crap but she refuses. Smart business practice, Taylor. (Screenshot from PULL)

No. 19070

I never understood that either. Some people who are model-thin end up with somewhat sunken cheeks, but hers weren't even like that.

No. 19071

She sounds like an old weeb tbh.

No. 19072

Cringed hard reading this.

No. 19073

Hope she enjoys being kawaii more than having a job.

Such a shame because she was so pretty, now she is nightmare inducing with those fillers.

Is she trying to be Asian? Because that's what it sounds like..

No. 19074

when is her birthdate?

No. 19075

ffs, why are you using your name?

No. 19076

lol that's not my name. I'm the OP of a new thread about a lolcow named Devon Sweeney, and I keep forgetting to delete it from the name whenever I post.

No. 19077

LOL I get you now. Sorry anon.

No. 19078

ummm her lips are fucking huge. how is this a good example?

No. 19079

Jesus, that dancing. The fact that she has no skill whatsoever is completely offset by the fact that she looks 6'1 imitating children's dances

No. 19080

she's not interesting, she just photoshops and is a Kota copy cat, just that. Is like if someone makes a thread about Andy Autumn because she's also 27 and dress like kawaii uguu but they don't have drama.

No. 19081

There isn't really a reason for Taylor R to have her own thread here, she just keps getting mentioned in the Dakota and Kirsten threads.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Taylor googled Dakota, found this board, and started mentioning herselc trying to drum up attention among the kawaii drama board, since Dakota would have never gotten as famous as she did without /cgl/ constantly discussing her in multiple consecutive threads.

No. 19082

who is andy autumn?

No. 19083

How is this different from having a Kittyphina thread? She's also a Dakota copycat.

I think it's hilarious that Taylor was a busy model in HK, but she's too deluded to gain success in Japan so she put on this kawaii uguu aidoru persona and even fucked up her face, and now she's not really getting substantial jobs. Now her eyes won't shut close and her cheeks look like Ikea meatballs. She had to hide for a few months because her face was bloated as fuck.

No. 19084

Andi Autumn is some model based in Hong Kong with half the eyebrows.

No. 19085

Ouch…this is just sad…
Her old video was actually good.

No. 19086

Kittyphina doesn't need a thread here either.

I feel like PULL users come here when they don't want to try to start shit under their own usernames.

No. 19087

Jesus christ. What the fuck. She looks fucking awful. Maybe it's the picture with the glasses, but she looks like a chubby faced 3 year old boy in that photo. Not cute at all.

Wish she'd ditch the dolly/kfashion look. She looks like a classic beauty normally. Makes me sad.

No. 19088

I believe she's 26. Born on December 14, 1988, that's why her username on YouTube is TaylorR1488.

No. 19089

And that changes nothing so wtf

No. 19090

File: 1424398792041.jpg (56.75 KB, 900x900, vague bitch.jpg)

It changes a fucking year

No. 19091

That makes a lot of sense because her sister posted a birthday picture for Taylor 9 weeks ago saying Happy Birthday.

No. 19092

Correct me if Im wrong…but she left Hong Kong to become….a model in Japan??? Why modeling in Japan is a better choice than one in China?

No. 19093

Because she wanted to be a kawaii elf goddess like Dakota.

No. 19094

So her and 1 mil. other people…

No. 19095

For the most part, she's a really pretty girl. Looking through her instagram, I felt pretty jealous of her, because she also has a nice body and wardrobe.

Then I watched her room tour. HOLY FUCK? She looks almost exactly like Dakota, and she even did that shit thing with her top lip. Her japanese sounds really bad, too. Some of her outfits are also really age inappropriate. I'm all for wearing what you want, but she looks so ageplay in some of her dresses.

i could've been a fan if i didn't watch her videos… she looks so much prettier in her modelling pics

No. 19096

lol "Asian style" doesn't exist. Being cute isn't the only thing Asians like but of course a foreigner would think this. Many people aren't really into that kawaii shtick and prefer clean or classy/mature. Unless she's only talking about the Japanese of course…

No. 19097

File: 1424407770414.jpg (129.08 KB, 600x400, Clothing-in-Japan.jpg)


Agreed there is no "asian style."
I don't think all of Japan, China, Korea, exc dresses kawaii. Can you imagine a whole country pulling the kawaii shit? Instead of salary men wearing clean cut mature clothing they walked around in pig tails and school outfits? Noooo nooo.. Tay Tay like… do you mean lolita style? School girl? Age play? Look at this snapshot of Japan… where is the kawaii? I think it is really a small percent. Like how you sometimes see an emo kid walk past you here in the USA. But you don't see other countries referring to emo style as "western" style… wtf does that even mean?

No. 19098

Exactly. Taylor's response kind of reminds me of Dakota's "explanation" for why she was interested in Japan when they interviewed her for the first time on Japanese TV. She said something like, "I've always been interested in Asian fashion because it's cute and frilly and girly and American fashion is so boring in comparison."

It's just a silly mentality to have because no matter where you go, "mundane" fashion is the norm and alternative fashion isn't. Yeah, Japan came up with a lot of styles of street fashion but a lot of those styles have western inspiration lol.

No. 19099

right. People in asian countries wear tshirts & jeans just like everyone else but that's 'boring' so of course if doesn't get as much attention.

No. 19100

Considering all the BS they post about Taylor on PULL, yep.

No. 19101

okay so now she's a 26 y/o weaboo trying to look like a kawaii anime child. not much better.

No. 19102

tbh as another anon says she looks way cuter than people 10+ years younger who try the same thing. It seems her age is the only real gripe people have, which is funny because if she lied everyone would think she is 20ish.

No. 19103

she doesn't look cute at all in this style it just looks awkward as fuck. look at those cheek fillers. looks like her head is on the wrong damn body.

she looked 10 times better before this shit and anyone sayin otherwise is just trying to make themselves feel better about also being a grown ass white woman trying to be a kawaii uguu child move to nippon and become a moderu.

i mean damn, that's like half of pull. not surprising since alot of the members come here too.

No. 19104

I guess anyone can look kawaii with cheek fillers and kotakoti duck lips.

No. 19105

I agree with what you say about her physical features, I'm specifically talking about the clothing she is wearing.

No. 19106

File: 1424416827858.png (968.28 KB, 1020x606, amwf2.png)

She looks more like Audrey.

No. 19107

File: 1424418194443.jpg (104.8 KB, 505x1010, 03bz17pz.jpg)

I agree. I think if she stuck with her "old" style she'd actually have some popularity in Japan. And why I say, "old," in parentheses is because she was always trying to be kawaii, pic related. Even in China she was wearing circle lenses and opening her eyes as wide as possible for some of her shoots. We just never saw it because they'd shoop her eyes/iris back to their normal size. And it was less extreme as it is now, obviously. I think she would've started shooping her pictures and dressing like she does now if China was more accepting of it. I think she said that in China, people think she's weird for liking kawaii fashion or something like that. Not like it's any different in Japan, but most weebs are delusional enough to believe that everyone's kawaii in Japan.

No. 19108

she blocked me on instagra`m bc I mentioned she looked like kooter, oops.

No. 19109

>your husband looks like nickhun
bitch no

No. 19110

Why the fuck is she doing her eyebrows like this? They look awful, like two straight but jagged rectangles stuck on her forehead.

No. 19111

> but most weebs are delusional enough to believe that everyone's kawaii in Japan.
True. Moreover, kawaii fashion itself isn't that weird in China depending on where you are, and Hong Kong is a different matter altogether (you can't really throw them in the same pot). If anything, they're weirded out by a foreigner going for that dolly look or she was doing something wrong. Taylor just sounds like a weeaboo like 23781 of the other lolcows here but started worshipping Japan at an older age.

No. 19112

Weird, I said it too (in a very rude way) and she didn't block me yet. In fact, I did it many times. No idea. I did with Wylo too. She deleted it but didn't block me. I got blocked my Kiki and Himezawa though.

No. 19113

The one thing that bothers me is that they all believe kawaii is the way to go. But tbh, people in Japan say kawaii to just about anything.

They fail to understand that beauty is way more than kawaii. If Taylor had stuck with her own looks, she would have become so much better and popular. Surely people think she's cute but it won't really get her anywhere. Because it isn't unique.

No. 19114

I think japanese girls do dress more cutesy than americans. But its not extreme like pink hair and big ass circle lenses but casual cute.
Long black hair, light makeup, pink blush and lips.

The look is a lot lighter and innocent than what girls in.america try to do when they get dressed up.

No. 19115

Bruh have you been to America, or are you American? Cause you see girls like that everywhere. Same for the clothing,
You must be some weeaboo.

No. 19116

Yep. You see it here and in other countries too. It's not a style that's unique to Japan. Besides, not all Japanese women try to dress cute and innocent, either. Oneegyaru and rokku gyaru aren't cute and innocent and they're pretty popular styles.

No. 19117

Stupid mobile. I meant to quote ffs

No. 19118

I live in america and maybe because ive Only lived in small towns i noticed women do not usually wear skirts or dresses or makeup. If they do wear makeup its dramatic and whorish like little lotte or kim k.

The only time girls get dressed up is when theyre going clubbing and they look like theyre doing a kim k cosplay.

Japanese girls wear dresses and skirts even if its cold as shit.

No. 19119

Another example of casual cute. Notice what the girls are wearing in this commercial.

No. 19120

her skirt is wrinkled as fuck

No. 19121

I kinda like Taylor. I like her figure, her dance is not too horrible compared to all those "omg best gaijin idol" who are plain uncoordinated.

I like how she still is a huge weeb despite her age but she needs to tone down the weebness like before. She was so perf ;__;
I fucking hate her make up now, her tacky glossy hot pink lips and ugly eyes.

No. 19122

Sorry to drag on this OT but uh, why would you think what happens in tiny towns is gonna be the norm across this massive ass country? Look at literally any city and you'll see more diversity in clothes, sheesh.

No. 19123

I don't hate Taylor either and will probably still be a closet weeb for awhile, too, but you've got to admit that her throwing everything away in HK just to go to Japan and NOT be successful is pathetic. Yeah, she's still got her agency in HK and I think in Thailand too? But, honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if her Chinese fans started dropping her. She uses Chinese subtitles in vids still but it couldn't be more obvious that she's all about Glorious Nippon and cares more about being kawaii than landing serious gigs. Her life, though.

No. 19124


what… the… fuck
that's just sad lol

No. 19125

Yeah I think we're on the same page. Plus she's older than Dakota and copying her so much, there's no denying, it's really pathetic to me. It makes her look like those cringy old women trying to look like ghetto teens.

She fucked up. She should have kept her weebs tendencies toned down and blend in with regular models.

No. 19126

she sounds robotic
also lol the stereotypical chinese music

No. 19127

Ew she is a badly ageing pile of cringe. I can't finish reading this thread, I need to cleanse my palate with something less depressing.

No. 19128

File: 1425776644085.png (388.35 KB, 720x468, taylor.png)

where can I find the video of the screenshot on the right? She looks more like shooped Dakota, than Dakota ever could (and I think it's because she has a slimmer head)

No. 19129

Holy fuck. I thought the image on the right WAS Dakota. Took me a full 10 seconds to realize it wasn't a comparison shot of Taylor vs Dakota.

No. 19130

oh idk…check her YouTube??

No. 19131

lol sorry, I didn't realize it was that room tour one.

No. 19132

Damn, she could beat Dakota at her own game if she started watemarking jer pics "テイラー" or whatever and shamelessly riding her tags on YT and Tumblr/IG. She knows how to model, isn't a chubster and seems like a happy, sociable person. She could out-kota Kota.

No. 19133

What are her tumblr and instagram names?

No. 19134


Mira thought that too. Even argued with people about it until someone told the dumbass it was Taylor.

No. 19135


I ALMOST thought it was Dakota too, but then I saw the smile and there's no way Dakota could ever smile like that, she's too worried about her nasolabial folds looking more prominent. Shes like Dakota's evil twin, except Taylor is the happy cute version.

No. 19136

File: 1425780240447.jpg (84.63 KB, 800x475, tmp_13490-_20150307_175643-234…)

I got bored. I don't follow Dakota or Taylor so I didn't have many pics to choose from.

No. 19137

that's a horrible comparison. the angle is terrible.

No. 19138

File: 1425781458149.jpg (222.1 KB, 904x607, tay.jpg)


No. 19139

How depressing is it when a perfectly good looking young woman prefers looking like a damn Who from Whoville rather than, you know, an actual human being. Initially, I really liked Taylor. I really did. But I'm really not feeling this adult toddler look she's going for.

No. 19140

it's bizarre how Taylor even filled in her cupid's bow to imitate kota's chicken lips

No. 19141

Well like I said, didn't have much to work with. Just what was in this and the Kota thread.

It's hilarious how ppl are like "Taylor is such a fake this is so sad" but when Dakota did the exact same thing, it's perfectly fine. JFC girls, if you think Dakota is so much better and more perfect at it then why you all so worried about Taylor doing her hair and makeup a similar way?

No. 19142

you're the same anon from the kotex thread arguing the same thing, aren't you?

They're both fake. But one of them is the imitation of the other, and chose being fake over her career. Kota chose being fake because of her career.

Now which case is sadder?

No. 19143

I hate both of these trainwrecks tbh.

No. 19144

also taylor is nearing her 30's trying to be and trying to convince people she's a teenager

No. 19145

tbf Taylor does look younger than her age, if we didn't know she was 26/27(?) she could easily pass for 20.

No. 19146

Yep lol it's a slow night & i've got the flu so im in a shit mood anyway, might as well enoy being miserable since I cant do anything else. It's cathartic.

I still feel like kota is sadder, just because of her entire life being so depressing and image based bc of her parents, and her shit personality. Just going on looks, I still think Taylor suits Dakota's style better. I like Taylor better than Dakota bc even though she pulled a dumb cunt move by ruining her career to be a "living doll", at least she seems to be enjoying herself and isn't a bored looking sourpuss all the time like Dakota.

Tbh I would like Dakota if her attitude wasn't so shit, her style is cute objectively, but lately her kawaii desu shoops are getting worse and worse. I hate whoever or whatever made her think "blurry bug eyed bleached alien baby" looked cute.

No. 19147


Bitch will delete the question if you ask how old she is.

No. 19148

I agree. Hate on her if you want, but her age really has nothing to do with this. She could easily pass for 22ish without the shoop. (In fact she looks younger than a lot of 20 year olds.) Every time I see someone bitch about her age in regards to making dancing videos or her wardrobe I think they are retarded, because chances are she pulls it off better than they ever could when they were/if they are 5-10 years younger than she is now.

No. 19149

Taylor is everything I wish Dakota was. She seems more outgoing, posts a lot of blog entries and a lot of photos and just seems overall like a more interesting person.

Dakota dropped the ball and Taylor picked it up and ran with it.

Also, I absolutely love that it pisses Cathy and Dakota off.

No. 19150

Eh, gonna gave to disagree with you on that one. Her wardrobe doesn't bug me, but the extremely weeby dance vids are embarrassing because her dancing is terrible (even though someone said she had a bg in ballet?) and, honestly, most people over the age of 20 don't do that UNLESS they're well known for it.

I used to feel that way about her, but her alien baby looks kinda just ruin it all for me. She had a good thing going for her in HK and she decided to move to Japan…why? Because she loves kawaii fashion? Hasn't done her much good. I mean, it's her life, and I won't pretend that I'm not jealous of the amount of money she has/the shit she gets to do. But man, when you're approaching 30, it's not exactly smart to try to start a fresh modeling career in a new country–no matter how young you look or how much shit you put in your cheeks.

No. 19151

I agree that I could understand about the annoyance with the weeb dancing, but I think she rocks the uniform look and also her other outfits (which is what I am mainly annoyed with when people go BUT YOU ARE 27 TAYLOR… just stfu she looks good)

No. 19152

holy fuck sorry for being OT but i have a friend named Audrey and her boyfriend is named Aki

No. 19153

well, it's not like she moved without any job prospects lined up. It's pretty obvious she had shit planned out with her Chinese agency in regards to getting her signed with someone in Japan. Also, as previously stated, age has nothing to do with it.

No. 19154

i'm not even that anon but no, american girls dont do this makeup style because looking cute and innocent isnt popular in america.
In Asia it's about making your eyes look big, in america it's more about doing that sexy cat eye.

No. 19155

I agree.
In North America, girls are less "girly" than in Japan. not saying it's bad tho
inb4 weeaboo or racist

No. 19156


I agree. I think if she had stopped trying to look younger and younger after a certain point, she probably could have looked better than Dakota.

But now she acts like she's fucking Benjamin Button. Next thing you know she'll be looking like a fetus.

No. 19157

Did Taylor ever finish her college education? I know she was studying nutrition for a while. It would be kinda refreshing to hear that she has her degree, but just does this modeling stuff for funsies.

No. 19158

>she rocks the uniform look

i think she looks lanky in it tbh.

Anyway, Taylor was hired as a model because she is legit pretty unlike Dakota who basically scammed her way in with shoops. But what I don't understand why Taylor wants to lower herself on Kooter level?
You already are a model, you have a fanbase, you get nice jobs etc. Dakota has a fanbase but also a huge haterbase, doesn't really get a lot of jobs except popteen and that tiara milly shit brand. She is not that well known either except on the weeaboo part of net.

And yes Taylor is nearing 30, it's great she looks younger but why would a model (again, with a career) in her late twenties want to copy kooter? And the worst thing is she is trying to 100% copy her, way of talking and all.
What's gotten into you, Taylor?

No. 19159

she addresses everything in this interview quite well:


I guess she legitimately likes the dolly style and her agency in HK doesn't like her in it.

No. 19160

I really hate how people are trying to make their lips like kooter's anus lookin ones.

No. 19161

I hate how I can't click on links on thia board because all I ever get is "504 - over quota" until a week after it stopped being relevant.

No. 19162

Wouldn't it be hilarious if Taylor had connections in Bravo or Popteen and there was a plan to wash Kota out and replace her with Taylor? Think about it:

>China: Remember Taylor, you have to copy her exactly! Everything she does, you must do exactly the same, but better! Hurry now, there isn't much time left! You must outshine Dakota Rose!

>Taylor: I'll do my best! pats cheeks

Stranger things have happened, imo. It would be like the plot of some bad doujin, kek

No. 19163

She needs her own thread tbh

No. 19164

She doesn't have tumblr, her instagram is https://instagram.com/taytay_xx/

She was probably doing that only to get student visa in China.
So she most possibly didn't finish it, but if she did, and is hiding it just to look like a young student, not some old smart girl, then she is really an idiot.

No. 19165


Child, please.

No. 19166

New to this thread but how does Taylor seem to have a lot of money? Also someone seems to be filming her most the time.

No. 19167


Her family is loaded with money. Each sibling of hers has an expensive ass car.

No. 19168

Not only normally expensive, but Ferraries (plural) and other same level of expenssive cars. Taylor's younger brother even complained on his instagram how police didn't want to let them go because police officers couldn't believe they own Ferraries.

No. 19169

That sounds hilarious, I want to see pics of their rich lives. Though I do wonder who Taylor lives with that takes pics of her wherever she goes.

No. 19170


If you ask the retarded Candy-chan on PULL she'll say it's some random passerby.

No. 19171

I was going to bring her up actually.
What's her deal? Why is she trying to crawl up taylor's ass?

No. 19172

File: 1425809518999.jpg (143.91 KB, 1024x599, cops.jpg)

No. 19173

File: 1425809755135.jpg (158.03 KB, 1023x609, dad and blake.jpg)

No. 19174

File: 1425809818907.jpg (210.6 KB, 1024x610, blake ferrari.jpg)

No. 19175

File: 1425809841887.jpg (178.96 KB, 1024x599, carly's car.jpg)

Taylor's sister's car

No. 19176

Where do they live? Damn, I wonder what the dad does to get so loaded.

No. 19177

LOL! To be honest I could see it happening, but Taylor is so much taller than the other girls. They tend to choose teens who are smaller and younger.

No. 19178

It's kind of sad because without shoop she looks far better than Dakota, with it she just looks like another clone.

No. 19179

File: 1425824807071.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-03-08-15-18-28…)

Stalking her family's insta accounts, I ntoiced tay's older sister likes to copy her

No. 19180

File: 1425825427152.jpg (142.32 KB, 720x704, IMG_20150308_153402.jpg)

also taylor has kiki legs

No. 19181

bitch's sister is younger, like 22. and blake is 21 or some shit.

No. 19182

File: 1425826300607.png (669.58 KB, 950x533, timthumb.png)

Old Tay pics

No. 19183

File: 1425826318908.png (323.01 KB, 950x533, timthumb (1).png)

No. 19184

File: 1425826400276.png (331.72 KB, 950x533, timthumb (2).png)

so she decided to combat kooter's shoop with plastic surgery

No. 19185

File: 1425826569689.png (329.73 KB, 950x533, timthumb (3).png)

taylor RICHard got money for surgeries, but our poor kootz has to resort to shoopz

No. 19186

Also did she shave her jaw?

No. 19187

She does shoop her eyes and forehead a lot larger tho.
No, she wouldn't have been abel to post photos for a very long time if she would have had that done.

No. 19188

girl got dem cheek fillers and eye enlargement late last year. she had time to hide for recovery in japan.

No. 19189

File: 1425828966461.png (540.7 KB, 800x510, sokawaii.png)

No. 19190

You can't enlarge eye sockets via surgery and they still look the same without shoop.

No. 19191

File: 1425829738695.png (300.92 KB, 512x460, Sketchbook102.png)


No. 19192

File: 1425830073211.jpg (109.49 KB, 680x510, T07.jpg)

goddammit taylor

No. 19193

File: 1425830303546.png (455.4 KB, 695x504, eyes and cheeks.png)

Taylor did something to her face for sure.

No. 19194

Naa just lenses and eye make-up. Her cheeks for sure though.

No. 19195

That and added to the fact she makes sure she keeps her eyes wide open at all times

No. 19196

That must be tiring and straining to the eyes as hell!

No. 19197

The one on the left is hella shooped too but it looks so much better. She would probably suit going for an edgier Cara Delevingne-esque look, the uguu shit is just bad. Especially considering her age.

No. 19198

I think it's probably just because she's scrunching her nose up in the left one.

No. 19199

File: 1425831696907.png (423.6 KB, 500x512, not scrunching.png)

No. 19200

Something is going on with her cheeks there.

No. 19201

White and privileged to the fucking max.

No. 19202

Oh shit so this is the girl I use to follow on tumblr, I had to unfollow this girl because she was getting super SJW.

No. 19203

Guess that explains why she doesn't seem too bothered about not getting much work in Glorious Nippon. Yeah, Kota shoops herself to shit and doesn't take care of herself like Taylor does (Heath & fitness wise) but at least she's landing jobs and (seems to be) paying her own way. I'm not saying Taylor can't be self sufficient, but damn, it must be nice to have such a cushy life to fall back on as soon as the modeling career dries up.

No. 19204

The dad works at KIA, so that explains the cars.
Their parents are not together anymore.

No. 19205

Forgot to mention Glanbrook Auto Sales.

No. 19206

Her dad owns a car shop. They are insanely rich.

No. 19207

Owning a car shop doesn't make you rich at all, just saying.

No. 19208

File: 1425846879063.png (549.17 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-03-08-21-18-28…)


No. 19209

…what the fuck?

No. 19210

File: 1425847015705.png (3.04 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-03-08-21-32-54…)

pic in question

No. 19211

LMAO, they probably don't recognise her anyway with the surgery.

No. 19212

How sad do you have to be to not recognize your own daughter?

No. 19213

Yeah, seriously, wtf. It's funny but it's also really sad. I mean, at least he's trying to be supportive but that looks NOTHING like Taylor. Not even the same race.

No. 19214

You mean photoshop, she had no surgery, only cheek injections.

No. 19215

File: 1425848081347.jpg (243.93 KB, 910x715, allin1.jpg)

all in 1 screenshot in case it gets taken down

No. 19216

I'm lost. what kind of cosmetic enhancement did she get, and when?

No. 19217

She got fillers which gave her chipmunk cheeks. I believe it was in the fall of 2014? Someone on PULL (probably kontrakoti? Bless them) did a timeline that shows the super bloated cheeks. It's not as bad now as it was. She mostly just shoops.

No. 19218

No, but Ferraris and a big house do (check Carly's Instagram when she's in the house)

No. 19219

Is this Taylor's profile still existing? What is instagram of her dad? LOL!!! Does he have some pictures of her? And what was that Aylor's instagram? Omg this is golden

No. 19220

Kek. Oh fuck, look at those chipmunk cheeks.

No. 19221

Aww, poor dad has no idea what his daughter looks like. Most parents won't really recognize their kids past a certain age (how old is she?) combined with their reading vision going bad.

But the car thing… if he works at a dealership and the kids got stopped b cops, it's possible the kids don't own the cars and are just driving stuff that's for sale.

No. 19222

The dad got the Glanbrook business from their grandfather. It's been running for more than 40 years, from what I read online.

Also I never would have thought Taylor came from a biker dad, lol.

No. 19223

bruh, don't justify it. a parent not recognizing their kid is pretty low-down.

No. 19224

That makes sense, there's a bit of old-not-ancient money in some of the spending going on.

No. 19225

You can see her hard as rocks cheeks here: https://vine.co/v/O1ZJ3OU23zj

No. 19226

That is way too puffy, like she just had got some kind of fillers done. Luckily they absorb back into your body, if she stops getting it she will look normal over time.

No. 19227

Jesus Christ, she's hamstering it up there.

No. 19228

whether her sister is younger or older, doesnt even matter. her face is very amture looking and she cannot pull off kawaii uguu for shit. its even worse that taylors attempt. carly needs to stick to preppy white girl sigma sigma kappa

No. 19229

I agree, though I think she only dresses like that when Taylor's around. I could see Taylor getting her all that stuff so she can be the better looking one.

No. 19230

Carly looks like a mom trying to be young. it's embarrassing.

No. 19231

The fuck is wrong with her ears?

No. 19232

man, her fashion sense is terribad.
those lapels are huge, they look really clownish.
Her legs are great, but ankle socks don't flatter them in the slightest, either.
I can see where she was going trying to bring out the pink in her printed skirt by matching the shoes, but there's no pink anywhere else in the outfit, so it looks unbalanced. And she could at least curl those twintails.
Come on, Taylor, we know you've got the skills to look cute au naturale. Why so tryhard?

No. 19233

Her sister is 22 years old, going by the date she posted her 21st birthday thing on instagram. So she's younger.

No. 19234


She sticks them out like a dumb shit to resemble an elf, but looks more like a gnome.

No. 19235

No. 19236

File: 1425938532479.jpg (75.64 KB, 649x960, taylorr.jpg)

Hahaha that was uh, interesting. I wonder if they both saw that thread and what they both thought. I imagine Kota fuming and Taylor being fucking ELATED.

I feel like if Taylor wants to look cookie cutter and kawaii, she should stick to this look. She's still pretty shooped but I think those contacts and that hair look really nice. And when she doesn't have a mouth full of acorns, her face is really pretty.

No. 19237

Dakota's shooped pics are cuter, problem.is she looks nothing like them IRL and since she's trying to be on TV a lot lately, it's getting more and more obvious. Her face is really round, her jaw is kind of wide, and her eyes are nowhere near as big as her photos even with eyelid tape and circle lenses.

Taylor on the other hand, despite all the jelly Dakotards ITT saying her chipmunk cheeks are ugly and so is she (you all know Japan eats this shit up, right?), can actually look like the pics she posts, as well as move her face and be expressive without having to shoop out or cover her cheek lines with her hands.

If Taylor can pick up on Japanese quickly and get herself on TV I can see her stealing Dakota's shine, since her modeling career is all but ending and her real living barbie doll gimmick no longer holds water since she is being compared to her shoops on TV.

No. 19238

>since her modeling career is all but ending and her real living barbie doll gimmick no longer holds water since she is being compared to her shoops on TV.

Here I mean Dakota, in case it was unclear. Sorry for double post!

No. 19239

Taylor pulls off the look well, but I don't know…Dakota is more petite than Taylor, so it kinda works for Kota a bit better (imo).
Wish Taylor would drop the doll/kotacopy look and try something else. BUT THAT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN ANY TIME SOON.

No. 19240

Taylor is taller but there's no way Dakota is thinner. Have you seen her pudgy belly? She knows how to hide it pretty well with clothes, but she's a bit of a chubster.

No. 19241

I feel like I'm one of the few people who think Taylor doesn't really pull off the kawaii look. It's not so much her face, but her body/height play into it as well. The chipmunk face looks really strange on her skinny, tall body. I prefer the way she looks with more mature, feminine looks. Even though Kota definitely isn't dolly and doesn't look a thing like her shoops, I personally think she pulls off the kawaii look better.

No. 19242

Petite doesn't mean thin/that she's skinnier than Taylor.
What I mean by petite is that Dakota's body frame is smaller than Taylor's.
But no, I realize Dakota's body is much "softer" than Taylors.

No. 19243

I agree with you, Taylor didn't look bad though before those horrendous cheek fillers and when she wore just sailor fuku. The mix of what she has now is just really awkward. I think she'd be fine if she toned the kawaii down.

Though, she would be gorgeous if she just accepted the mature look. I honestly think even if she got some fame in Japan, people would have to at least feel a bit weird about how shes copying someone else to almost clone standards. It's not even subtle inspiration, it's like she's trying to suck Dakotas soul out of her body and replace her as a person. Next she'll get a name change to KotaKoti and the change will be complete.
Is there a tumblr word for this yet? Transkoti maybe.

No. 19244

Kotiqueer tbh

No. 19245

>I think she'd be fine if she toned the kawaii down.
Even before she went 100% kawaii baby, I still thought she was pretty. The ott kawaii baby thing comes off as extremely desperate to me.

I definitely think she'd be a lot more successful than Kota if she accepted the mature look. I don't get why she can't just be kawaii on her own time and be mature/feminine for her job. I mean modeling isn't about how you want to look, it's about how the people you work for want you to look.

No. 19246

>Even though Kota definitely isn't dolly and doesn't look a thing like her shoops, I personally think she pulls off the kawaii look better.

I know I'm,probably the black sheep here and I almost hate to say it but I don't think her unshooped face is very cute- I don't mean she isn't cute overall, because she is with all the lenses and makeup since she knows how to use it, but without all that she looks really… plain?

No. 19247

She could also go full silence of the lambs and take her skin to wear it down the catwalk.

Well, looking at this thread and how she was raised she has a spoiled mentality. She doesn't seem to understand that with the type of job she has/had she doesn't have a choice in what she wears or looks during the job. In the screenshot above she's saying how her company wanted her to cut it out and she wouldn't. For her age she is very immature.

No. 19248

Makes sense. If her agency dropped her right now, nothing in her life would change. I don't think she feels all that passionate about modeling either, I think she just enjoys the attention.

I'm wondering why her agency hasn't dropped her yet, they want her to stop being kawaii and she isn't getting any jobs.

No. 19249

I know virtually nothing about the Asian fashion world, but I wonder if her agency just kinda begrudgingly accepted her spoiled attitude because she's a blonde white girl.

Ugh, I was kind of rooting for her before but now I'm just captivated in that whole "can't look away from a train wreck" kind of way.

No. 19250


I honestly don't know how or if shes actually getting jobs now since she went out to get those gross fillers. Or if she even told her agency she was doing such a thing or if she just showed up one day and try to play it off like nothing.
I would think a agency would be very upset at one of their models changing their face like this. Especially if they had jobs already set up with the old face.
I'd understand maybe a little botox to soften up the face a bit, but not two large lumps on both sides of her face.

No. 19251

In an interview she did right before she moved to Japan, she said she was moving there for a job opportunity she had lined up.

No. 19252

That never occurred to me, actually, how they might react to the fillers. Because that's a BIG difference and it could potentially be breach of contract. Unless, of course, they asked her to do it–which I doubt. It doesn't suit her face or gangly body at all. She should let them die down and go back to a more mature look. Japanese people would still fawn over her tbh.

No. 19253

Petite normally refers to shorter, not thinner…

No. 19254


She probably told them the same thing she told a follower of hers. That it's just fat and that she'll be going on a diet.

No. 19255

File: 1425964882686.jpg (108.99 KB, 500x618, tumblr_lrykgknQQw1qfr6dxo1_500…)

I agree with you, I really don't think she pulls off the "kawaii" look or looks younger than she is. Maybe in her shoops, but not in candids or irl.

I don't get why she can't just tone down the kawaii a bit and go for more of an onee look? (Pic related) I think it just goes to show how much she knows about Japan, those kawaii stereotypes are probably all she knows. You can still be kawaii in a more mature way like her old look used to be. I really think she's having some sort of age crisis.

No. 19256

File: 1426005059215.jpg (80.08 KB, 640x640, 10724968_748953418474243_24165…)

She's so cringeworthy. It's ok if she likes cute stuff and dresses in a cute and youthful way, she's young after all. But wearing school uniforms when she's 26 or 27 yo is just retarded.

No. 19257

> Since I want to do more TV work now rather than modeling, I really need to speak Japanese fluently and well.

She wants to be a tarento now, like Dakota.

No. 19258

God, can she have a mind of her own instead of following in Dakota's foot steps? She may be prettier than her irl, but Dakota will always be better. She was the first to do the living doll crap.

No. 19259

File: 1426009170135.jpg (27.4 KB, 400x535, TaylorRichard-13-_shuw.jpg)

>I really don't think she pulls off the "kawaii" look or looks younger than she is.
I agree, especially with the looking younger than she is part, she just looks like an average girl her age without the shoop, lenses, makeup, and stuff.

I know it's never going to happen, but I love the look in this pic on her.

I don't think the age and kawaii fashion are an issue either, there are many women who look good in it. Even the seifuku aren't that bad,they really just emphasize how lanky she is. I think the way she does kawaii fashion just screams desperation. Iirc, she went on a tv show with her hair in ponytails, in a seifuku, and did a ridiculous/childish dance. And I know I keep bringing it up, but the way she always keeps her eyes wide open also screams desperation for Japan to love her and her kawaii animu eyes.

> When I was little my mom often dressed me in very girly things
I'm pretty sure someone on pull posted a some pictures she deleted from when she was a kid where she wasn't dressed all kawaii/girly. And she didn't even have that "kawaii" baby face that she shoops on herself.

Also is it just me who thinks her shoops resemble foreverkailyn? She sometimes shoops herself with that long, chubby, beauty-blender-shaped head that kailyn naturally has.

No. 19260

I could only read so much of the article before my brain cells started committing suppuku
The lolcow is strong with this one

No. 19261

File: 1426011283375.png (29.39 KB, 632x163, Clipboard01.png)

Pretty much confirms that Taylor doesn't care if she gets work or not because she can always just fall back on her rich family. Must be nice.

No. 19262

Exactly, no one likes a knock-off. It just makes you seem awkward and uncomfortable.

But really, it irritates me so much that these girls think they're tv-worthy just because they're blonde, white, and moderately pretty. Neither Taylor nor Dakota have anything interesting to talk about or any real talents, what are they going on tv for? Give Japan some credit, it's not that foreigner starved.

No. 19263

>I lost jobs as a model but gained jobs as a blogger

What kind of idiocy…

No. 19264

Damn, this privileged cunt.

No. 19265

Just goes to show she doesn't take this seriously, even if she has been doing it for years. It would be one thing if she was actually being paid to blog/blog and had interesting things to share.
Models worth their slag wouldn't want to lose jobs, especially not at her age. She has a youthful look (when she's not literally trying to look like a god damn baby) and whiteness on her side (being in the Asian market and all) but she's still closer to 30 than 20. Shit's not gonna last much longer. She's spoiled as fuck to think like this.

No. 19266

Salt not slag. Weird autocorrect.

No. 19267

Taylor also has a very bubbly personality. I think girls would find her more interesting and relatable.

No. 19268

Bubbly and fake.
The most interesting thing about her are her lies.

No. 19269

File: 1426051787175.png (333.54 KB, 512x507, wtf.png)

Who the hell are the ones who does the photo comparisons on PULL? I just checked out Taylor's thread for the first time, and (pic related) are you serious??

Sometimes I feel like the girls on PULL have never taken more than 1 selfie of themselves. At least 60% of the time the ~drastic difference~ in these photo comparisons are just something as stupid as lighting.. I'm not seeing anything in this picture. Not even the angle or expression is the same.

I take a lot of selfies, I can actually select two of them from a folder of radically different conditions that would have these people thinking they were "shooped to hell and back". This is why I don't want to associate with PULL. It's embarrassing as fuck because it makes you think that they've never taken a photo outdoors, and one indoors.


No. 19270

File: 1426052142112.jpg (280.05 KB, 800x497, taylor.jpg)

this is how your photo comparisons should look in order for PULL to not suspect that you shoop.

No. 19271

PULL is literally mostly crazy, jealous girls calling every popular girl they have a problem with "shooped". They're right sometimes, but half the time they're just grasping so hard
>"Guys I think that chair in the background looks awkward! Definite proof she shooped her nose!"

No. 19272

No. 19273

I think she was spoiled as a child and has the "what i want i must get" mentality.
She saw Dakota and wanted to be her (have her fame), so at the ripe age of 27 she just left everything she had in Hong Kong and called daddy to send her money for Tokyo

No. 19274

oor maybe she just had the means to go along with what she wanted? she has her own money from modeling too. I don't see how having the ability to move to another country, and wanting to means that you were spoiled as a child.

btw she's 26, and started copying Dakota 25. neither are old.

No. 19275


Dakota is a fake and a liar too and her fake Japanesu personality is still shit. Try again.

No. 19276


Excuse me, but are you Candy-chan by any chance?

No. 19277

I agree. In fact I feel a lot of pull bitches are in this thread (esp kontra koti).

The main noticeable thing taylor does most often is squish her photos together horizontally, which makes her face more oval instead of round/square. (Which is dumb because she is gorgeous.) But a lot of the comparison pics look different simply because of differences in makeup or the lighting.

If you do overlays her features still match. The only questionable thing is her cheeks increasing in size.

No. 19278


I agree. Besides her cheeks and eyes(And the stupid elf ear bullshit) I don't really notice anything else about her features that are scary as shit.

Her eyes look like they're going to pop out someday and her cheeks look like she's allergic to kawaii.

No. 19279

25-26 is considered "old" for fashion models, though, regardless of how young you look or what you put into your face. And you can think what you want, but the general consensus here is that she's spoiled. I mean, she even admitted to losing tons of jobs because she wanted to pursue "kawaii."
She already looked cute in her Liz Lisa and contacts when she was in HK. Her going to the extreme like this is odd, especially considering that she's not some petulant 16 year old. Like, fuck, if I was a model and 26 and still got jobs I would hold on to that as tight and as long as I could. She would rather look like an alien baby. Her prerogative, but it's a stupid one lol.

No. 19280

The age part was speaking in general. Nothing about either comments was talking about fashion models.

And second, I'm just saying that packing and moving to another country doesn't mean that you're spoiled. Rejecting a few modeling jobs also doesn't mean that she's going to have no money to support herself and live off her dad.

No. 19281

Maybe shes trying to kawaii it up before shes 30. U can only b young once.

No. 19282

>defending someone
>on lolcow

Okie dokie then.

No. 19283

"Taylor also has a very bubbly personality. I think girls would find her more interesting and relatable."
The fuck? Yes Dakota is fake but SO IS TAYLOR. Her first characteristic is not "bubbly", it is "fake" and then "liar", and then "copycat". Same as Dakota, except Kota is not such a copycat.

No. 19284

Your Kotaboner is showing.

JFC, Taylor is dumb for pulling the kawaii shit but goddamn, Kota fangirls are just being so unnecessarily sandy about it. They really must feel like Taylor is a threat to Kota.

No. 19285

Many comparisons there are just to show Taylor from the same day/in the same dress. Not everything is to shop shoops. But she does shoop a lot.
The thing is,Taylor constantly deletes her photos, even ahe somehow force her agencies to delete her photos. That's why PULL is collecting them.
As soon as one picture from her past is posted, she deletes 50 others, in hope it won't be found.

No. 19286

There is no way she can affort all the big travells (in business class), apartment in Tokyo in center with a view, and other parts of her reall fancy and expenssive life, just from her modelling money, and she is barely working anymore.

No. 19287

Taylor is a more legit model than Dakota because she didn't rely on fake fame alone, so she obviously look like her shoots. The team behind the shootings probably never heard "She's the famous Taylor R, you better shoop her like this to keep her image" and it's obvious she doesn't have much to photoshop besides her eye's size.
Unlike Kota she's thin and had a pretty good face.

It's still stupid to think she doesn't shoop her pictures, everyone does. It's just not as drastic as Dakota so it's ok.

No. 19288

One thing that Taylor shoops waaaay more than her eyes, is her shape of face. Her face is extremely square, her chin and jaw are very sharp and her face is quite wide and big.
In all of her shoops her face is very narrow and oval. Lmao

No. 19289

File: 1426092261098.jpg (69.17 KB, 640x640, 11055394_806869436017471_21406…)

Still think she has some age crisis going on cause no 26yo woman with a relatively succesful career wants to look so retarded.
And ew I'm so done with this fucking eyebag makeup trend. ANd the gnome hear, jfc.

No. 19290

In this pic it is even more visible that she actually shoops her ear into that shape on purpose.

No. 19291

I wish the "backward hat" thing would finally die, not only is it not doing her any favors but it hasn't been a thing since the 90's.

No. 19292

Itmakes her look stupid as fuck. She looks great with bangs, I have no idea why she likes to shove her hair all the way back and hike the hats up to make her head look bigger.

No. 19293

That's not Taylor's taste, her manager told her to do so.
Backward hat thing is not enough kawaii for Taylor to do it spontaniously.

No. 19294

In China or Japan? Because I haven't seen that trend in any of the Jfashion blogs I follow.

No. 19295

Did she say her manager is making her do that? Because that's really random and it doesn't do her any favors.

No. 19296

File: 1426147654304.jpg (184.85 KB, 800x954, tmp_26665-_20150312_0104051904…)

Looks like she's getting some modeling work in Japan!

No. 19297

This was one event a month ago or so, not modelling. She was just standing there with her head down trying to be as short as possible because she is a giat comparing to everybody around her…

No. 19298

What event was this?

No. 19299

Some Lancome event, I think they were promoting new mascara. She just came there as one of hundreds of random people.

No. 19300

File: 1426784026826.jpg (139.66 KB, 660x660, 5cd3564a-s.jpg)

Her sense of style is really terrible…

No. 19301

File: 1426784179394.jpg (146.09 KB, 660x660, ed01aea1-s.jpg)

… and that jacket looks like a bulletproof vest.

I don't know wtf is going on with her face/hair/head.

No. 19302

damn, she looks awful

No. 19303

that picture is really unflattering.

And her baby face hamster cheeks are too much

No. 19304

I can definitely see what she's trying to do stylewise, but for some reason it's just not working. Maybe the colors aren't right or the shirt is too baggy. I don't know.
She looks like Chris-chan browsed /fa/ and decided to put together his own cool, effay minimalist outfit and put it on an actual girl.

No. 19305

her legs look bad

No. 19306

She holds her self like a retarded child that's why the outfit looks even worst then it does.

No. 19307

Sorry to be asking again, I searched her blog for lancome and looked in all her fb photos but I can't find this pictures source. I really want to know where she got the dress she's wearing. Any help is much appreciated.

No. 19308


Bitch looks like she got trapped in the early 90s.

No. 19309

You should comment on her photo "What happened to your legs?"

No. 19310

90s fashion is trendy again for a while already.

No. 19311

I showed this picture to boys at my college and asked how do they like her style, before seeing pic they asked who is she, I said, one cute girl from the Internet. I showed the pic and they started to laugh with few comments, the one that all of them said was that she has legs like chicken.
All in all, boys didn't like the pic, and when I showed the closer one, they asked what the fuck is wrong with me, why am I watching those nightmare pictures.

Well I see how it could be cute, but it is ugly at the same time.
You know, like dogs who are increadibly ugly and at the same time cute because so ugly

No. 19312

I dont like Taylor either, but when boys are judging a girl on her looks and shit, it kind of makes their point pretty invalid.

No. 19313

boys know shit tho, if the girl is sexy they will say shes cute if not well…

No. 19314

This thread is starting to smell like ESL samefag.

No. 19315

yup, esl samefag also came off as a girl in her early teens

No. 19316

I feel like /cgl/ links them to us or some shit.

No. 19317

this outfit would have been fucking cool if she wore different bottoms and kept the black/white thing going on. but srsly she can't pull this style off anyway looks like someone dressed her up and she scared.

anyone know where the jacket/hoodie thing is from bc i like it.

No. 19318

it's the knees. they look old and knobby.

No. 19319

There is a thing called taste, which is possible to have without having to consult a group of idiot boys.

No. 19320

>Thinking boys opinions validate shit


No. 19321

Don't be upset, we all anyway agree she looks messed up and tasteless

No. 19322

Like getting the opinion of boys who really only have the capacity to say yes/no to sleeping with her makes a difference about anything. >>19311 sounds like either a guy or not old enough to be on this site.

No. 19323

>knowing anything about style
>their opinions mattering
top fucking kek

No. 19324

File: 1426940916172.jpg (95.55 KB, 640x640, 11084669_1552387598382791_1545…)

dat fucking 5head

No. 19325

File: 1426941218904.jpg (149.93 KB, 640x640, 11024400_367385066800661_43121…)

>Just bought some new art supplies
>casually walking in the middle of an avenue with my new art supplies

No. 19326

She had too much of a baby face in my opinion.
I liked her old look more, she looked more mature but also more prettier and aesthetically pleasing.
Now she looks like someone severed a 3 year old's head and glued it to adult body

No. 19327

She's fucking wasting that lovely hair by looking like a hoodrat alien baby ugh

No. 19328

I agree. I personally love the cutesy babyface look, when it's natural and on other people. It just looks freaky as fuck on a model's body/very thin body. I get wanting to dress in a certain style because you love it, but Taylor just needs to let it go.

No. 19329

she doesnt get model jobs so she has to take these photos

No. 19330

Inflatable doll style looks better on her, at least she looked fuckable, now what the fuck is this
She is good only for lolz

No. 19331

Her forehead is much more bumpy than it should be. She should hide it, not show it lol

No. 19332

Seriously, I wonder who is taking all these pics for her? It's kind of hilarious.

No. 19333


No. 19334


Can you imagine a tripod setup in the middle of the fucking street lol

No. 19335


Now that you point it out, some of her videos have a tripod look to them, super still and very low angle pointing up.

No. 19336

This styling makes me think of Justin Bieber. It's douchebag chic.

No. 19337

eeegh, I think she is taking these photos so she has stuff to blog about. Dakota failed at being interesting in regards to posting regular blogs, and blogs with photos. It is pretty obvious Taylor studied Dakota's mistakes and learned from her.

No. 19338

Definitely. Especially with the backwards hat.

No. 19339

I hope you are joking. This is not a tripod, it's a human. Probably her manager because she has only 1,5 friend.

No. 19340

She should try better, because Taylor's blog enteries are impossible to read, that's how boring they are. Kota at least still has Ameba, Taylor's completely failed

No. 19341

I always though she avoided good fitting clothes on purpose. To cover her lanky body so if she stands by herself she will look more like a 10 year old

No. 19342

File: 1427057509059.jpg (83.66 KB, 640x640, 10584740_1027647027265389_1608…)


No. 19343

ugh do people not know that being able to see the whites of your eyes from above the iris points to a psychological disorder?

No. 19344

File: 1427057642454.png (619.93 KB, 633x439, taylorshittyheader.PNG)

Here you can see her artistic skills.

No. 19345

wait, what?

No. 19346

File: 1427057979538.png (850.56 KB, 559x559, art~.PNG)

more art~

No. 19347

her valentine idea was so lame lol
she bought boxes of pocky and shoddily sewed mangy fur on it to look like a teddy bear or something? idk it wasnt cute

No. 19348

No. 19349

Yes, it shows disorder. However, she does it on purpose and thinks it's cute lel

No. 19350

I'm crying, this is hilarious! Please bring more

No. 19351


h-h-h-hey guisssssse….. I hope you all are doing well… So today I found out about Taylor, and I totally saw Kai's conehead in Taylor's shoops of herself too.

No. 19352

I made better shit in gradeschool.

No. 19353

File: 1427079661046.jpg (90.74 KB, 640x640, 11082501_799763163406566_14465…)


This thread is mostly full of jelly, so I eagerly await the fallout.

No. 19354

so Zipper got their own Kota haha

No. 19355

This whole Taylor thing made me realize I wasn't just being a simple jelly bitch about Dakota. It doesn't bother me at all seeing Taylor get work in Japan. She's laughable now but she's had a legitimate start as a model and didn't rise to the top by bullshittery. I'm ok with this.

No. 19356

Doesn't make her fail shoops less lulzy.

No. 19357

that is exactly how I feel. She may have adopted a copy-cat look, but she seems to be a better overall model. I am actually kinda excited to see how Zipper styles her.

No. 19358

Imagine Kota reading Zipper and then 'who s dat betch' but I'm sure she already knows about Tay hahaha I hope her modelling will be better than Kota's

No. 19359

Would be more funny if she was like "Oh, when did I model for Zipper?".

No. 19360

Is there an introduction page where it statea how old Taylor is?

No. 19361

I can see this taking off for her, bc unlike Dakota she can pose and move her face to look cute and natural instead of just stiff and awkward.

What kind of mag is Zipper? Popteen is mostly for schoolgirls and kawaii fashionistaa with English blogs, but I've never heard of Zipper (tbf I never heard about Popteen until Dakota got in it either).

No. 19362


She's going by "Taytay" (テイテイ). I can't decide if I like it or not, Taylor is an ~exotic foreign name~, I feel like she should stick with it.

No. 19363

As long as she's cute and white and sells mags nobody cares how old she is. Even if there was it would probably work to her advantage, she could be some "ageless beuty" or something, like how Koti is the "real barbie".

No. 19364


Make her face look cute? Wtf, have you seen the pictures of her eyeballs popping out of their sockets?

No. 19365

>she can pose and move her face to look cute and natural instead of just stiff and awkward.

The thing is, she doesn't do that anymore. In recent pics she has a sameface (widened eyes, stiff face). She is trying hard to copy Dakota while not realizing what she did before was better.

No. 19366

Have you seen any purikura, ever? Japanese people love that shit. Kooter still shoops her eyes that big in her blog pics.

No. 19367

sup taylor

No. 19368

I'm talking about her pics in the magazine, not ones she just puts on Instagram. She may pose and look like a derp in her own pics, but she knows how to follow directions on a shoot. And I mean, come on, it's Instagram, agencies don't really scout or recruit models off Instagram.

No. 19369


Not Taylor, but 'sup PULL.

I hate to use that card but JFC I don't understand the hateboner for this girl, everyone licks Kota's clit or else, but god forbid anyone say anything constructive about Taylor. Is it because you feel that she's a threat to your poor white trash Cindererra Dako-chan? Seriously, fuck.

No. 19370


This. I don't like OR dislike Dakota, I liked her makeup style and her shoops, and Taylor has a similar style so I like hers too. It's like people think Dakota has a copyright on being a kawaii white girl model or something.

No. 19371

>everyone licks Kota's clit or else, but god forbid anyone say anything constructive about Taylor. Is it because you feel that she's a threat to your poor white trash Cindererra Dako-chan? Seriously, fuck.

Honestly I don't like Dakota and I dislike her current style even more. When I see this girl, who is already legit pretty and knows how to model, get cheek fillers to look like to have a head like a 3 year old and do absolutely everything when it comes to copying Kooter's style…It just makes her look pathetic in my eyes.

No. 19372

That's kind of sad. Neither of them are doing anything particularly important or noteworthy, and unlessyou live in Japan you don't have to pay any attention to either of them- and even if you do, your odds of stumbling across eijer of them in the media is slim. Seriously, it ssema like you need to take a break from the site for a while and work on yourself.

No. 19373

Haha, I'm glad it wasn't just me, some pictures I just see a skinny kai with tiny butthole lips, lol.

THIS. I don't think anyone here hates her at all, they just find this whole thing pathetic.

No. 19374

>they just find this whole thing pathetic.

This would be believable, except Dakota threads don't get nearly as much "lOl hi dakooter" or "ugh shes so trashy and fake and she looks nothing like her pics shes a tryhard weeb bitch with no future" that gets spewed aout Taylor. Make whatever excuses you want but the simple fact is, the majority of Taylor hate is just irate Dakota stans being devastated over someone else doing what she did. It's way past the "she looks nad and acts like an idiot" point to just being spiteful and vindictive and it's fuxking annoying. I'm all for Taylor crit, but not for blatantly shitting on her because she's doing what Dakota did (and why not? If it worked for her, as basic and controversial as she is/was, it could work for Taylor too).

No. 19375

Why? Just because I criticize her for copying Kooters look even though she doesn't need it?
You sound very butthurt

No. 19376

candy-chan detected

No. 19377

Also almost everyone on this board is basically a nobody and people still shittalk about them, this is lolcow ffs

No. 19378

If Taylor is a real famous model, she would not be so hilarious in her desperate attempts on every step for little attention.

Dakota is succeeding so it's hard to shit on her, even she is such a fucking faker and her personality is a zero, much worse than Taylor, but she has results.

Taylor doesn't (for now at least) so she is a real lolcow

No. 19379

Idgi so now we can't laugh at her lulzy edits and weebness?

I think it's inevitable make comparisons with Dakota. She's not copying her ALL the time, but she clearly does it sometimes (e.g. in her room tour video she acts/talks like Dakota and she even did her makeup to look like her. She also did that text-with-an-anime-background thing Dakota always does).

I don't like either of them, both look ridiculous, but Taylor also makes me lel bc she's near her 30's and is stuck in this schoolgirl look and draws 6yo kid level manga characters.

No. 19380

Agreeing on this.

There are kpop and kpop artists who are in their early 30's but look early 20's. Dara from 2NE1 is known as an ageless beauty herself.

No. 19381

>> kpop and jpop

Lol typos.

No. 19382

Yeah, asians tend to age really well, I mean look at PT.

No. 19383

She is Asian??!?!?!?

No. 19384

she's haafu. didn't you realize?
her dad left before she was born, but one day he'll return from the kawaii homeland to rescue his long-lost daughter. he's probably like a famous rock star or a fabulously rich CEO or a prince or something.

No. 19385

IMO she looks better than Dakota, even if she is a copycat.
She looks stupid as fuck when she's allowed to style herself, but she's definitely not a bad model.

No. 19386

Zipper is pretty much the same as Kera, just with the difference that the styles in there are usually whatever is popular in Japan's alternative fashion atm, often it looks like Tumblr.

No. 19387

>Dakota is succeeding so it's hard to shit on her

Dakota is on her way out, I'm afraid.

>Taylor doesn't (for now at least) so she is a real lolcow

Are you trying to imply that Dakota being "successful" negates her being a lolcow? LOL, she's one of the main reasons this board exists! Also Taylor was more successful than Dakota before anyone even knew who she.was, the only reason nobody here cares is because she didn't become.famous for being a raging weeaboo.

Imo Taylor wanting to be a kawaii girl in Japan just isn't cringeworthy to me because of her age or beause she "copies Dakota", because not only does she probably not have to ever worry about money since her family is rich, but it seems like now she's doing what she wants to do while she's.still young looking enough to pull it off, and I can't hate on anyone for that. Lots of anons here want to act lIke your life ends at 25 and it's pretty annoying. 27 isn't old for a person by any standard.

No. 19388

They're both fucking lolcows

No. 19389

Oohhh I think I get what's happening here. Now that a 26 year old lady is becoming "succesful" in Japan being a kawaii baby alien all the +25 dolly wannabes and weebs have their hopes restored and think that if Taylor can live the kawaii dream~ maybe they can too. Kek.

No. 19390

I doubt people who tolerate (at best) Taylor here want any fame from being a kawaii models, at 25 you already figured your career.

Like previous anon said, I don't dislike Taylor as much as Kota because it seems that she somehow "earned" her jobs, she looks like her pics and to me that's enough. I really disliked how Japan rewarded Dakota for being a liar basically and nobody was bold enough to say "Really tho ?? This bitch looks like nothing she sent us!"

No. 19391

Taylor is 27, not 26.

No. 19392

>I really disliked how Japan rewarded Dakota for being a liar basically

Dakota making it to Japan on nothing but photoshop and lies was actually the beginning of what broke me of my "Nippon is the holy land of truth and happiness desu desu" weeaboo phase. I was so flabbergasted that they couldn't see the difference, then someone on a forum mentioned how Japan still laregly ignores what happened at Nanking in WWII and I started reading about that and watching docus and that was the final nail in the coffin. Japan is fucked and Dakota is perfect for them tbh.

No. 19393

Oh no, I was not implying that Kota isn't a lolcow, of course she is, I just said that Taylor is a real lolcow as well, just for a bit different reasons. But both of them make me laugh (even Taylor makes me laugh more. She is just hilariously lame, while Kooter is even scary because of how psyhotic she is).

No. 19394

Yeah… you should read about Nanking from sources that are not from UN, then you would completely understand. Those bones are not Chinese

No. 19395

True kek

No. 19396

What bother me is that nobody can bash anyone in public. I mean it's pretty polite and nice I guess but at least in Europe you can express your opinion on a tv set like they did on the french tv show.

I'm pretty sure they all realised how fugly and bland she looks next to her tumblr era pics and other models know about circle lenses and photoshop.

No. 19397

I live here and honestly I'm often tired of how HUMBLE and SINCERE everyone is. I love the politeness but I feel like they often lie about shit because they're too scared to have their own opinions. You could feed them dog shit and they'd think it was 美味しい!

No. 19398

Taylor's fucking hilarious. She's a real life model who's slowly killing her career because of how big of a weeb she is. It just doesn't get much better than that.

No. 19399

She could go so far with her rich white privilege and looks but instead aims for the bottom.

No. 19400

>fucking faker
>zero personality

you know, hating dakota just because she started her career as a photoshop wizard doesn't make her look bad, it makes you look like a jealous gaijin 3DPD who's bitter because your #livingdoll selfies didn't get picked up by an international modelling agency instantaneously.
baww more, you ludicrous cunt.

and her personality is supposed to be tsundere, or at least unexpectedly un-girly, thus the use of boku & gruff/rude speech in her televised appearances.
which admittedly aren't happening much anymore, but it's not like any other model in the world is required to have a 'personality' anyways, jfc.

not even a fan of kota, just amazed your vagina isn't raw and bloody from the years of being chafed by sand.

No. 19401

This. A little off topic but fuck all those eating shows. I'm tired of seeing Z list celebrities barely even lick the food before making a scene about how it's the best thing they've ever had in their life. The content of variety shows is usually interesting but if I could just turn off the "ehhhh"s and commentary from the panel that'd be fantastic.

To get back on topic, I just don't see Dakota fitting in with that. Taylor might since she seems to be nice despite being an lolcow. However, Dakota is vile inside and I don't believe she's changed and especially not to the levels of humbleness and asskissery needed to succeed on Japanese tv.

No. 19402

I saw the magazine today and it has her doing some sort of "This is Japan! wow! Amazing!" 2-page spread. Not much modeling (yet)

It does say that she's going to go to Harajuku on the next issue.

It's aimed at 20~somethings who like street fashion. KERA is just…too alternative-y

No. 19403



Stop doing this, it's tired as fuck. Saying "I'm not a fan of Dakota, but-" doesn't make you look any less like a whiteknight when you get that needlessly catty. I swear, 8ch is right, lolcaw has gone to shit. It's like they said, it was funny when it was actual lolcows instead of just cute girls getting shat on by jealous femanons for mostly superficial reasons andbthen maybe some actual ones. The hest example of this I feel is how often random shit like noses and chins get bitched about.

No. 19404

lol hi kooter

No. 19405

You anon really entertained me because not only everything you wrote is wrong, but first, I'm not gaijin :D :D

No. 19406

>Dakota is vile inside and I don't believe she's changed and especially not to the levels of humbleness and asskissery needed to succeed on Japanese tv.

This. And really, jer being on so many shows in such short succession does seem like she's doing well on TV, until you realize every show she's been on has been owned by the same network. Someone's plugging her, and to be quite honest I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn she was dating or just outright fucking some guy who works there to get her on the shows. Who knows what she might sink to in her desperation to stay relevant in Japan.

No. 19407

They all have connections to Bravo Models, so far she got all her jobs only thanks to them.

No. 19408

So then she could be banging somebody in Bravo. There's no way they would work this hard for this long on any other model.

No. 19409

No one gives a shit.

No. 19410

lmfao people have been saying this non-stop for 3 years, and it's never happened! Suggesting she's fucking her way to the top is a new low though. Go back to PULL, jelly cunt

No. 19411

Doubt it but according to other models working for them their contracts are usually for quite a bunch of years and of course they try to make the best out of it after they made the dumb decision to sign her without seeing her "live" first.

No. 19412

I remember when one of the PULL users who was OBSESSED with Kiki, literally on her tail 24/7, made a video and self-posted on PULL. Jfc that was ugly… If I looked like that, Kiki would be a goddess to me too, and I’d probably be shitting on her for it. That’s what makes me think that anons that invest too much hate on a particular girl, are actually just some ugly girl whose jealousy is getting out of hand.

“throw a brick to a pack of dogs, and the one who barks the loudest is the one who got hit!”

No. 19413

Nobody hates her, we only make fun of her bad shoop and if you don't like that you are on the wrong kind of site.

No. 19414

lol shut up dakiki.

No. 19415

She's nowhere near the top, she's D list at best.

No. 19416

You know there's a fucking Dakota thread, right. It ain't this one. Go to the fucking dakota thread if you want to talk about her

No. 19417

There's a problem with that, though. The Dakota thread is mostly either neutral or asskissing, and since Taylor is sort of metakoti and they see her as a threat, they keep coming in here to whteknight her. The thread can't sttay on topic because idiots constantly keep coming in here from the Dakota thread to defend their purinsessu.

No. 19418


So go to the Dakota thread and balance it out ffs

No. 19419

See Taylor is such a copycat that she even can't have her own thread here

I'm always confused which one is which

No. 19420

you can borrow my glasses. your eyesight must be quite shitty

No. 19421

This right here is why we can't have a Taylor thread without Dakota. As soon as theconvo gets away from kooter and back on topic some shitlord Dakota stan comes and does this shit.

No. 19422

lolcow is a place specifically designed to exercise cattiness.
>but that's NEEDLESSLY catty

are you twelve or what
>implying they don't have boards just as 'needlessly catty' or worse, see the MRA network@gamergate

tbh I think Taylor does 'Kotakoti' better than Dakota does.
Dakota's photoshops these days have gotten so artificial-looking that they're no longer believable at first glance. The only way someone can have a face like the one she gives herself is if they've resorted to plastic surgery. Taylor seems to have no problem with resorting to more 'extreme' measures to maintain that image IRL, though–such as cheek fillers or extreme diets– whereas Dakota has set such an impossible standard for herself that she can't maintain her image without computer editing.
I think that both of them probably have some kind of body dysmorphia, and they're getting worse with age.

However, it's not my cup of tea. I prefer the older photos of Dakota. She looked more 'doll-like' when playing the part of a mature young lady imo than she does now as lolicon bait.

No. 19423


No. 19424

Holy shit this video just made me realize Taylor is the same girl from that awful ghost face miku dance vid.

No. 19425

>Holy shit
Shit…so much cringe.

No. 19426

For further lulz, compare her voice and face in that vid to this one. She's gorgeous in the old one but it really showcases what aftereffects is capable of.

No. 19427

>Omg finally someone who doesn't speak in a high pitched "kawaii" voice


No. 19428

ugggh what the fuck. I got caught off guard after the dance when she was puckering up her lips and keeping her eyes open as wide as possible. Why do girls think this is cute? Maybe I'm not into the whole Japanese kawaii culture, but I cannot be attracted to girls like this. They look like creepy children.

I cannot believe Taylor is around my age (26/27, right?) She's disgraceful.

No. 19429

Wow…I mean her whole fairytale thing was cheesy, but what a fucking cutie.
Perfect oval face shape, nice nose, wide doll-like forehead without it being a kaka five-head, large eyes and glowing skin. Her voice sounds mature and she doesn't have that annoying valley girl-like accent a lot of young girls have.

I bet her modeling agency is crying about that kawaii shit. She had this naturally beautiful face with a great mix of cute, youthful features, while being tall and lanky. What a fucking waste. I bet she could have furthered her career in China and been a household name.

Sorry to sound like a faggot fangirl, but she really had a lovely look that would have bridged commercial asian fashion and international high fashion.

No. 19430

>What a waste
Agreed x 1,000, anon. She lowered herself so much for Japan's standards of 'beauty.'

No. 19431

Oh my god, you're right. I remember seeing this vid on cringe threads and thinking it was just some high school weeb. Seriously? Hatsune Miku? Not only is she a weeb, she's also so entry level. Imagine showing this video to someone who doesn't know about Taylor and telling them that the person in the video is an actual model!

No. 19432

>She's disgraceful

That is a bit much, isn't it? Sure she's weeb as fuck, but she isn't disgraceful.

No. 19433

Her face is not oval by any means, she has a perfect square face. Her jaw is very strong and chin is pointy, and her face is bigger than kawaii models should be so Idk wtf is she doing now, because her real face is exactly what is wanted in high fashion industry. She looked million times better in Cindarella video. Why is she such a lolcow now, I have no idea

No. 19434

I'm also into kawaii fashion and I don't even get it either. I'm really into the whole big eyes/dolly look but it looks pathetic when it's forced. And while Taylor definitely isn't old/isn't too old to like cute fashion, it's even more pathetic seeing someone 7-8 years older than I am do this. What Taylor is doing now is what I'd expect out of someone my age or younger. I definitely think she's having some sort of age crisis.

I agree.

She also doesn't have big eyes at all.

No. 19435

File: 1427376714555.jpg (239.19 KB, 945x478, tay.jpg)

Jesus christ I didn't know there was a tutorial after the dance bc when she uploaded it I wasn't able to watch more than 10 sec. I'm cringing so hard omg
She looks gorgeous here! This princessy/romantic look suits her soooo much better than that fucking schoolgirl/weeb/gnome look…

No. 19436

this is breaking my heart

No. 19437

The way she talks in that Miku tutorial video looks like she is chewing her huge baby cheeks from the inside
Just cringe

No. 19438

Wow. Her mannerisms are so similar to Kota's.
Also dat hair, yikes.

No. 19439

File: 1427383589632.jpg (104.18 KB, 660x660, 8d0d2d5b-s.jpg)

So japanese.

No. 19440

File: 1427383744559.jpg (155.67 KB, 960x1280, 22721373.jpg)

>I am actually kinda excited to see how Zipper styles her.
Zipper models style themself, just saying.

No. 19441

No. 19442

Sailor Moon x Tralala collaboration clothes

No. 19443

She bought those herself, not to mention that replicas of them are all over ebay for ages already.

No. 19444

oh lawd

the way she's covering her mouth when she eats/laughs is what a lot of japanese women do

No. 19445

To be fair, a lot of women in general do that, lol.

No. 19446


Exactly. Boyfriend took similar photo of me and last time I checked I wasn't even feeling japanese.

No. 19447

This. Plus, I think this is one of the more infectious mannerisms, so being in Asia around asians could've subconsciously gotten her to do it. While a lot of women do it, I noticed almost all asian women (at least where I live) do it

No. 19448

I think it's popular in Asia because it's considered "cute" but I think most women do it out of general self-consciousness

No. 19449

Taylor is doing it because she is Japanese real Barbie.

No. 19450

Don't get me wrong, I know this is a common thing that even non-Japanese girls do, I even do this myself. But I think Taylor is definitely doing it because it's kawaii.

No. 19451

And she didn't do that in any of her photos from when she was still in HK.

No. 19452


This. After all the other shit she's done to fit in in Japan, is anyone really surprised?

No. 19453

I agree with you as well. Someone will probably say that we don't say this about Kota since she does it as well. But there's a huge difference between both of them, Taylor desperately tries to be kawaii whereas Kota can't even be bothered to try at all.

No. 19454

This is really sad, because she's a naturally beautiful girl who had everything going for her. What on earth made her want to ruin herself and her legit modelling career?

No. 19455

It seems that it started with her chinese fans comparing her to Dakota who "betrayed" them, now she does the same, lol.

No. 19456

I dunno. But she's got a screw loose to throw away a modeling career for nipland.

No. 19457

ugh those cheeks

No. 19458

Her cheeks are not bad, but her eyes seem too puffy, but… I don't mind her, she did her job well

No. 19459


She looks so fucking stupid with her cheeks like that

No. 19460

She made herself look fat… why?

No. 19461

I know I've said this before but all I see in this video is a "kawaii" skinny foreverkailyn with a normal amount of space between her nose and lips. Is this shit really considered kawaii? She looks awful.

No. 19462


No idea. The girl's not the smartest cookie when it comes to her appearance

No. 19463

File: 1427403060505.png (445.39 KB, 619x473, taylor.PNG)

No. 19464

She used to be so pretty.

No. 19465


Maybe some weeaboo is wearing her skin…. that's the only explanation I can come up with for why she would ruin herself.

No. 19466

She definitely looked beautiful then. But I can get why she'd delete the Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty videos, those looks were hideous.

That being said, her pre-weeby tutorials weren't really all that great imo. The way she speaks/acts in them is robotic, her music choices aren't all that great imo, and she does tutorials for basic things you wouldn't even need a tutorial for. (ie, the last video I watched was of her putting some of her hair in braids, pulling them a bit to make them thicker, putting hair chalk on them, and then she tied bows over the hair ties) Wasn't she a nutrition student? Why doesn't she do informative videos on nutrition instead of basic hair/makeup looks?

No. 19467

she's definitely gotten cheek fillers or something done to her cheeks

No. 19468

All valid questions, but unfortunately she's been deemed incompetent to stand trial and will not be asked any of them.


I think she has big eyes for a white girl. Sure they're not huge, but they're a bit bigger than average. Wide and round which is enough for asian beauty standards.


Her face looks a bit oval when facing front in the first pic (sans weeb). But I get what you're saying when you describe it as square. I suppose it is. I think her face doesn't have any extreme face shapes so it can kinda look oval, square or heart shaped depending on angle and some slight photoshopping. Either way, it's probably best described as slightly square, but it worked well for photography (which is why some companies go for extremely square man faces with western models).

Her tutorials sucked, but they aren't in the dimension of weeb shit tier they are in now and she looked good back then. Guess it's like pixy. I used to think she was fat and ugly when she was posting her red hair/sweet lolita coords that kinda matched decently. Now people look at those, including myself, and feel like she's fallen from grace.

No. 19469

File: 1427410433412.png (377.4 KB, 683x471, wefewte.png)

Ehh, I think she has pretty small/average eyes. The circle lenses, makeup, and angles just make them appear larger.

I do agree though, her old videos were a billion times better than her new videos.

No. 19470


no kidding

No. 19471

I wonder what kind of alien bug eyed shit you're used to that makes you think her eyes are small ffs

No. 19472

File: 1427411274732.png (193.54 KB, 350x280, zurg_3405.png)

I think so is all, anon

No. 19473

Small eyes? Yeah right…

No. 19474

The face on the left is definitely square. Kind of look like a witch

No. 19475

Im pretty sure she doesnt think that. Cute asian style is a thing because theres a difference between cute japanese clotges and cute american clothes.
However she should have said "japanese style"

No. 19476

Its less weird to like cute fashion in japan than in china. Kawaii is popular there lol dont deny it anon

No. 19477

Maybe she just prefers to look cute? Who cares if she changed her style? People change, so what. You guys act as if any girl that wears cute makeup and cute dresses is weird, wtf

No. 19478

I think people on here just want everyone to look and act according to their liking.

No. 19479

god, not again please

1. She LOOKED cute. Now she doesn't, her face looks bloated and ridiculous, her makeup is getting worse and her edit are lulzy. And she's becoming a huge weeb, which is very very lulzy too.
2. We don't want her to look a certain way, we just want to kek a bit.

No. 19480

Well said.

Changing style is not lulzy in itself but turning into a huge weeb in late 20s while shooping more and more, claiming it's angles and saying "I'm a model, my agency tells me to stop being Barbie but I want cuz I fit Asian men better", is milking lulz

No. 19481

"But I won't", obviously

No. 19482

To some people she still looks cute, just deal with it.

No. 19483

Not that anon, but that logic. You want people to deal with it because people think she's cute, why don't you deal with the fact that many people think it's pathetic?

No. 19484

Those aren't small eyes, bro

No. 19485

Weeaboo is a bad drug, Jesus.

No. 19486

Did she do some fucked up stuff to her lips too?

Why are they always sucked in?

No. 19487


kek, seriously why do people keep forgetting this isn't PULL

No. 19488

Anons, she can do whatever she wants. We can't stop her. In fact, we want her to continue. We want to appreciate her former cute look, shake our heads and then lulz at her fucking hideously grotesque kawaii.

And we care. We care a lot. Here, at lolcow.farm, we care. <3

No. 19489


We care <3

No. 19490

File: 1427445270818.jpg (137.6 KB, 717x871, IMG_20150327_093101.jpg)

Found a candid pic of Taylor on her bro's instagram

Dunno when it was taken tho

No. 19491

she has big pretty eyes just not creepy big like she edits them. do you live around alien eyed folks or something?

No. 19492

It's not a candid, they were posing.
It's from her sister's wedding, in Canada, the fat one (on pic) was getting married.

No. 19493

Wearing hat backwards makes you a hoodrat now? lmao. I like the outfit, she just can't pull it off.

No. 19494

Those fucking braids are so messy and just don't fit her. Wtf is she even trying to do?

How is she a model and can't even put an outfit together? Idk how she's gonna make it modeling for zipper with her shitty wardrobe and mixing/matching skills. Compared to Seto Ayumi and other zipper models her aesthetic is complete trash.

No. 19495

File: 1427462474391.jpg (83.97 KB, 640x640, 11098327_825922714155178_17126…)

she should consider buying a new cap

No. 19496

taylor and those ugly ass hats. wtf

No. 19497

this should be a feel macro

No. 19498

I hope she will continue wearing those caps and start saying yo, yo, yooo

No. 19499

She already ends all her sentences with よ so what more do you want from her

No. 19500

I think she's really trying to play up her ~American!~ ness.
Backwards baseball caps, oversized sweaters, shorts and these long braids…it's all got kind of a 90's grungy feel to it, I think that's what she's going for. Childlike but also tough.
To Japanese it probably just looks like hipster fashion, but to anyone used to Western style it's kind of in the uncanny valley between that and a j-fashion look.

Still, it's preferable to those awful faux-fukus she was wearing before.

No. 19501

ot but it would be more correct to say cute Japanese style as opposed to Asian style since Asia is composed of many countries

No. 19502

File: 1427539709796.jpg (54.25 KB, 500x667, 20140310205136827_500.jpg)

i think she could actually be trying to emulate ayumi's style a bit but in much less colorful and more boring way. It i see those shitty cuffed jean shorts again i'm gonna rip my eyeballs out lol.

No. 19503

so she wants to look like a scary blythe doll in ugly clothes…

No. 19504

File: 1427565609269.jpg (67.83 KB, 600x857, style_streetstyle.jpg)

It is more like she wants to look like the average "streetstyle" style.

No. 19505

But this was the fashion trend in many places across the world since about 2013, especially in the U.S., Canada, and South Korea

No. 19506

U.S. & Canada would both include the demographic she's looking to copy.
S.Korea has a love affair with copying North American celebrities and styles, although American culture is globally influential and one of the U.S.'s greatest exports.
Why the 'but'? You're pretty much paraphrasing the post you quoted.

No. 19507

No, she should consider burning that cap and all the ones she has like it. It looks stupid when she wears them like this. That "grungy 90's babydoll" thing she's trying to pull off isn't working, tje sailor moon coord she did for Zipper with the cardigan and blue skirt suit her much better. She should focu on cutesy pastel skirts and stuff, grunge/soft grunge isn't kawaii.

No. 19508

File: 1427622226156.png (385.85 KB, 500x510, tumblr_mj2yk6ro221r9pu6wo1_500…)

omg she is one of the zipper models right? so cute! idk how talyor got the spot though, she is really boring….

No. 19509

I'm pretty sure most models don't actually chose the outfits they wear for their shoots, so being a model doesn't necessarily require (or imply) a good fashion sense.

Do Japanese people even know what "hipster fashion" is? I was under the impression that it was only a thing in the West.

No. 19510

Actually "hipster fashion" goes under street fashion and is very popular here, especially among guys in their mid 20s. They don't call it hipster though, and it doesn't look 100% like your white stereotype hipster, but it's there.

No. 19511

Zipper is a aomoji-kei magazine, meaning the contet is mainly streetsnaps and streetstyle fashion of what the models wear in their daily lifes.

No. 19512

True, the models in zipper actually do have to style themselves a lot. The point is also to gain fans for their own personal styling and 'aesthetic' I guess. People look to specific models for different styles within the magazine; Taylor doesn't fit this.

No. 19513

because the post said:
>to anyone used to Western style it's kind of in the uncanny valley between that and a j-fashion look

I wouldn't consider this close to j fashion because it is more American than anything else, despite how popular it may be in Japan

No. 19514

is that actually taylor???
she looks old… i mean her age…

No. 19515

File: 1428410400102.jpg (61.47 KB, 494x660, tay1.jpg)


New pictures showing her allergic reaction look.

No. 19516

File: 1428410480717.jpg (79.41 KB, 640x640, tay2.jpg)

dat cap again

No. 19517

ew she looks like my 4 year old niece
if she was a zombie

No. 19518

she looks better than before. reminds me more of an ulzzang

No. 19519

i always got an uncomfortable feeling when she put chinese, japanese, or korean subtitles and shit or even tried speaking those languages. im not saying shes not allowed, but it all just seemed forced…

No. 19520

I get that feeling as well with her and many other weebs trying to get attention in Japan/Asia. For her, it may have to do with the fact that it gets harder to learn new languages as you get older and she does speak quite awkwardly in English as well.

No. 19521

I'm more annoyed with little weeb shits that put 日本語OK! in their instagram profiles without speaking a word of it.

No. 19522

I feel you so hard. There are some girls on yt who will title their videos in Japanese but literally won't even bother trying to speak the language or adding captions. What's worse imo is they ignore Japanese people who don't just comment saying "かわいい." It just screams to me that you only want fans from Japan and genuinely couldn't care less about them. I know of normal youtubers who don't care about having fans from specific places who will at least try to respond using google translate or something to show appreciation.

No. 19523

I think I just hit the nail on the head of what I really feel of all these girls trying to get attention in Asia, or anywhere else for that matter. It's not genuine with any of these girls, even Kota for that matter. Sure they may genuinely love j-fashion and stuff, but they clearly don't genuinely give a shit about Japan/Japanese people.

No. 19524

There are people like PeachyMilkTea (some boring monotone weeb girl) who tags her own selfies with #peachymilktea …in Japanese

No. 19525

she does it with her videos as well. I feel a bit like a bitch because she does seem nice but she was one of the people who I was talking about the entire time. I know just because someone has blonde hair and likes j-fashion, it doesn't mean they're a kota clone, but she feels a bit like a kota wannabe to me tbh. She obviously doesn't speak a lick of Japanese, but tries to get attention there because it worked for Kota. Her eye makeup tutorials are literally titled in Japanese, like a tutorial for western eyes/features is really going to be any help to Japanese girls.

No. 19526

I feel a bit like a hypocrite for saying that it's forced when they speak Japanese but it's annoying when they don't. For example, if Taylor was doing nutrition videos and promoting them to Asians, it wouldn't bother me at all. It's really the obvious fact that none of these girls give a shit about being helpful they just want attention and the popularity Kota got. I hate how making beauty and fashion videos has just became a thing that many girls who aren't good at/helpful with either do for attention.

No. 19527

Why does she look like a creepy toddler?

No. 19528

She was recently in Japan, and said someone in Harajuku thought she was Dakota. I don't blame them.. White girls who are into j-fashion and use the same kind of makeup often look so similar.. I think she is very pretty (after her nosejob) but dear fucking god, she is boring as hell.

I really wanted to follow her on IG but her tags piss me off.

No. 19529

peachmilkytea said that same thing, that in her trip to Japan someone in Harakuju asked if she was Dakota. Can these people not distinguish features? Makeup aside, the three of them look nothing alike.

No. 19530

i don't think they can. because otherwise they would see the difference between photoshopped version of Kota and the real her

No. 19531

Japanese being racist? no way

No. 19532

she's using Weibo again, she used to 'tweet' in broken Chinese and English, and then changed to Japanese. RN is using Weibo in Japanese and sometimes in English, it's like she wants China as a second option. She wants to keep her chinese fans, if she fails in Japan, where is she going to go? China

No. 19533

she looks retarded

No. 19534

I was talking about peachymilktea….

No. 19535

Anon got confused because some girls mistaken Taylor as Dakota

No. 19536

This aegyo sal shit needs to die. It just makes these bitches look like they're retaining water.

No. 19537


No. 19538

I think she's pretty as well.
I think she's boring online because it's inoffensive and she'd probably get more negative attention if she showed more personality. There's really not much you can say you don't like about her because she doesn't show much personality. And I really don't blame her for this at all tbh, I'd most likely act the same way if I were an online personality.

No. 19539

>I hate how making beauty and fashion videos has just became a thing that many girls who aren't good at/helpful with either do for attention.
Whenever I go on YT for makeup tutorials I have to dig through all of the boring college girls who are clones of each other and only make videos to get easy fame and money, their only qualifications being that they wear simple makeup everyday.

Back on topic, do you guys think that Taylor's career will last? Seems like she is getting jobs but you'd figure Japan would be able to get their hands on a prettier white girl that doesn't dress like shit easily. The gaijin thing is really all she has, and that's not going to last forever.

No. 19540

File: 1428483645677.jpg (48.92 KB, 384x500, img_02.jpg)

I don't think she'll even get to Kota's level of fame tbh. Kota's only where she is now because:
>her tumblr era shoops
>she seems to have a grasp of the language
>the "living Barbie" title
>without shoop she's still cute
>and a lot of Japanese people seem to find her personality/the way she speaks interesting
Whereas with Taylor:
>when she was posted on that forum talking about Kota, many Japanese people found her babyface alien shoops ugly.
>Taylor's older so learning a language is going to be much harder for her. And the way she speaks other languages is so awkward and robotic.
>she has nothing other than being a gaijin and Kota clone going for her which is going to get old very fast
>without shoop and fillers, she isn't kawaii imo even with the fillers. She looks like a gorgeous model instead. pic related
>on top of that, the magazine she models for now, is more about the interesting style of the models and from what I've seen, her style isn't really all that groundbreaking.

No. 19541


If she doesn't like her face looking like that can't she just give it to meeeeeeee!

My god! She was so beautiful!

No. 19542

can someone recommend a tuturial for this make up? I'm not asian but I have "asian eyes" so I'd like to give it a try.

No. 19543

File: 1428494423539.png (667.18 KB, 500x709, tumblr_myzygcU4uU1s6hmdgo1_500…)

I agree, usually western models in Asia would never have a chance at modeling in the west, but I could definitely see her in magazines here.

You mean like gyaru eye makeup like in this pic? All you really need to do is wear circle lenses, false lashes, and mesh eyelid tape if you have hooded/tapered eyelids like I do.

No. 19544

oh, Ineed to try that eyelid tape. never heard of it in europe (europe is a make up desert compared to the US and Asia).
false lashes and circle lenses on the othe hand would be a little too much I guess… thanks!

No. 19545

>without shoop she's still cute

without shoop I think Taylor is cuter. In her candid pictures she comes out looking like a real model. Without shoop Kotex does not.

No. 19546

I'm not stanning for anyone, but I'm behind Taylor if it means finally taking the obnoxious Ostrengas down a peg.

No. 19547

She isn't any better than them.

No. 19548

she's just as bad and her butthole mouth is annoying to boot

No. 19549

No problem, since circle lenses and lashes are too dramatic for you, you can just curl your lashes well and use a lengthening mascara. Just the lashes and eyelid tape alone would make a huge difference.

I definitely think Taylor is better looking than Kota without shoop. Kota's just more kawaii than Taylor, but Taylor's a tall gorgeous model compared to Kota, if that makes sense. Like Kota definitely pulls off the kawaii little girl look better than Taylor since Kota is shorter and has a chubbier/rounder face than Taylor. The toddler face that Taylor shoops on herself is so creepy looking on her skinny, tall body.

No. 19550

yeah, but without Kotex Taylor would not exist

No. 19551

Taylor has had a pretty successful modeling career in HK before Dakota started. Her trying to emulate Dakota is hurting her.

No. 19552

Yeah, I was referring to the current Butthole Mouth ALien Kotex 2.0 Taylor

No. 19553

File: 1428514736124.jpg (82 KB, 495x660, taylor1.jpg)

No. 19554

File: 1428514857560.jpg (76.53 KB, 494x660, taylor2.jpg)

No. 19555

these girls need to stop trying to act like dakota she's the true queen

No. 19556

She appears in this video from Sony, it was filmed in November.

No. 19557

File: 1428517246666.png (923.02 KB, 934x512, cheeeeeeeeeks.PNG)


No. 19558

Yikes. That's the first time I have really felt her cheeks look crazy.

No. 19559

Read on PULL that some days ago she made her IG account private and proceeded to unfollow people. She was following almost 200 people and now… O.

No. 19560

She looks like she's been stung by bees!! Taylor, what the fuck!?

No. 19561

File: 1428518853286.jpg (50.61 KB, 498x476, parkbom-after2.jpg)

She looks like a white Bom

No. 19562


No. 19563

she fucked up her whole face. Tay, if you're reading this; you're ugly as fuck and you can't go back to you natural face, that's how surgery works; it fucks up everything and make you look like a monster ♥
What a pity, you were so damn pretty

No. 19564

is somebody able to tell if she really had surgery? and if so, what exactly did she do?

No. 19565

File: 1428521183086.jpg (56.14 KB, 670x338, hurf.JPG)

fillers and aegyo sal
An I think she could be allergic? Her face looks so bloated. Compare that to this:
u r so blind if you think she has no surgery done

No. 19566

holycrap. she looks awful!

No. 19567

and *

No. 19568

Shit, Negroes.

What is that thing?

and she's probably not really allergic. Plastic surgery needs months and months of healing to reduce swelling. She's just having post-surgery swelling.

This is….


No. 19569

>>This is….
it is very sad
My friend is lol'ing haha I sent her photos before and after Japan and told me she was really pretty, and now looks like the fetus of an elf

No. 19570

Maybe it's time to put it down, anons? … :(

No. 19571

I have relatively bigger cheeks due to babyfat on my face (though not as big as our taytay's fillers) and I hate them.
I can't believe she made her cheeks so big why why whyyyyyyyyyy

No. 19572

Her legs (knees) look bad, kinda like old lady's legs.

Also those boot….why?

No. 19573

Except she won't. She's about to be 30 in another year or two and she's practically unknown in Japan. She can still be a model, but not in the same kawaii category as Kotex.

No. 19574

Hahahaha. Good for her. She had a good modeling career in HK with a nice face and she threw it away for Nipland. She deserves to look like a demented rodent.

No. 19575

I always wondered about this, is it racist when they don't have nearly as much exposure to white people? Media and foreigners in popular big cities aren't enough to go by if you aren't in constant contact with them

No. 19576

her crazy person Asha eyes hurt to look at

No. 19577

It also looks as though her cheeks are hard.

No. 19578

No. 19579

No. 19580

iron your clothes, tay-tay.

No. 19581

jfc is this for real?

No. 19582

God damn, she looks like a monster.

No. 19583

Yup. And she chose to do this to herself.

No. 19584

Jesus christ you know I originally thought you guys were just lying when you initially said she'd had cheek fillers, like the Dakota nosejob rumours because it's pretty clear now that it really is her natural nose, but fuck Taylor really did get cheek fillers didn't she?

No. 19585

I think she's still pretty =)

No. 19586

File: 1428531783658.png (939.16 KB, 858x465, ugh.png)

why are her cheeks so lumpy too? Like did she actually have an allergic reaction or did she go somewhere low rate? The latter would be strange but she should have the cash to go somewhere highly rated

No. 19587

File: 1428532165817.jpg (41.42 KB, 484x363, carmens nose.jpg)

It's strange how overzealous she got in getting surgery, like most people start off with something minor, like a nose job, but then there are people like these two fucks who butcher themselves from the get go and there is almost nothing that can be done to salvage it.

Like, people with body morphic disorder would actually think this is a good idea, or stupid desperate fucks who crave attention. The sad part is that now all she'll gain is negative attention.

In that 5 sec clip of her she actually looked sad after the initial smile.

No. 19588

Or bulimia. I was bulimic in my late teens and when I show photographs from that time to my friends they won’t recognize me because my face was so swollen. I even had to be hospitalized once because my left cheek kept growing (looked like mumps). what I wanted to say: bulimia can change your face structure completely because it fucks with your lymphatic system. that would explain why the cheeks are so low.

No. 19589

That nose job is so bad! Holy crap

No. 19590

I agree
Imo taylor pulling the kawaii look is fucking ugly
She looks like an alien with her too big lenses. Her face isnt cute at all. She has a mature face
While when kota does it, she looks cute imo

No. 19591

Stop acting like taylor is some kind of kawaii bubbly nice angel, jesus christ.
Theyre both fake

No. 19592

If she did had an alLegric reaction…wouldn't she go to the Hospital instead of y'know a video?

No. 19593

Taylor is prettier than kota but taylor tries to copy kota
Its obvious taylor feels intimidated and jealous of kota lmao thats so low
Anyway, taylor is fucking ugly with her lenses. Shes an alien

No. 19594

>why are her cheeks so lumpy too?
I asked my mom about it since she works in a dermatology office and she said it's caused from a bad job.
I definitely think she went somewhere low rate. Other than what I just said, most good plastic surgeons and dermatologists will refuse to do certain things because they know it won't look good. No one would want to go to the same person responsible for that.

No. 19595

Haha, she used to be prettier than a lot of people. Now she's ruined her face and looks better than no one.

Yeah, i wonder what kind of surgeon or whatever she went to?

No. 19596

Holy fuck she looks like shit. Also, this hairstyle is gross and looks horrible on almost everyone.

No. 19597

Maybe a shitty one in China? Long long time ago I saw a t.v show and there was a woman who got her booty done in China and one of the buttocks was bloated and aching. After the doctor checked her, he sent her to a plastic surgeon in the U.K. They put the surgery time, and the doctor told that one of the silicone bags exploded, and the silicone wasn't high quality, so it caused her all the trouble and allergic reactions. Her body took it as an invader and wanted to take it off the organism. Maybe Tay's fillers aren't good quality and causes that reaction, because my aunt's best friend has fillers (she has deep wrinkles around her eyes and convex cheeks) and her face isn't that bloated. lol

No. 19598

>>this hairstyle is gross and looks horrible on almost everyone.
yeah, well, I have a similar hairstyle and it suits me but it's so fucking boring, so I want to cut it asap

No. 19599

Funniest thing is that she said she gained weight and that that is causing her cheeks to bloat and she has to go on a diet. Sure Tay sure.

No. 19600

Ikr, I don't get how she thinks she was fooling anyone. They look like they're rock solid and she would have to gain a ton of weight in order for her to get a face that big.

I'm really hoping she doesn't get any more, or do any other stupid shit to her face, and end up like Hang Mioku.

No. 19601

I dont understand people putting silicone in their body anyway. Why not just exercise and build muscle and have a banging body like that? Makes me shudder to think about plastic garbage exploding in your chest or anywhere else.

No. 19602

Oh man, seriously?

I hope she gets more fillers. It's funny watching her go downhill this fast.

No. 19603

How can she honestly think this looks good? Gurllll

No. 19604

maybe she developed extreme bulimia?

Bulimic cheeks look all swollen like this

No. 19605

I don't think so, it looks like fillers. Saying she has extreme bulimia is going too far, anon. She doesn't look like someone who has developed extreme bulimia.

No. 19606

she's taking a selfie inside a taxi…

No. 19607

anymore photos with the new cheeks? i cant believe this. what a dumb bitch. so much potential ! so much more potential than dakota! i wanna slap her if this is how shes walking around now.

apparently someone asked why shes gone all gugu kawaii and she got all angry and defensive saying she prefers to look this way. dumbass…

No. 19608

File: 1428577415048.jpg (95.97 KB, 1280x960, www.memrise.com.jpg)

not the same anon but this is how (extreme) bulimic cheeks look like. why do you think she doesn't look like someone who has developed bulimia? in the first year you won't notice anytging except for the cheeks. rotten teeth etc. come much later…

No. 19609

Oh but I didn't mean just having long hair and wide bangs. I meant whats disgusting is that ugly baby silky gross greasy thin kotex wannabe hair. I hate that shit

No. 19610

File: 1428578134480.jpg (148.36 KB, 760x221, bulimia face.jpg)

Bulimics can and do look 'healthy' since the damage is mostly inside. Some can even be overweight.

A lot of the damage is done to the teeth, organs etc. but one 'visible' thing is the cheeks

No. 19611

> Wants to look like a living doll
> Ends up looking like a fucking minikeum

Well I guess it worked though.

Everything in this pic is horrible. Aside from the obvious, lumpy waxy-looking cheeks, her stupid aegyo sal make-up is too harsh and looks way too dark in this lightning, which just reinforce the puffy cheeks effects.
The lipstick ain't helping either, it's like she blew super hard inside her mouth and got a weird coloration.
It's a hot mess.

No. 19612

Nah, not bulimia. I had bulimia for about 7 years (sorry for talking about myself but like, it takes one to know one) and although you can have swollen lumps around your jawline and even in various areas of your neck, they aren't small and hard like this–definitely a very obvious botched filler job. She better hope that she only got temporary fillers and not fucking silicone shoved in her face or something.

No. 19613

Yeah but carmen's nose ended up like that because of cocaine use, it atrophied because her rhinoplasty wasn't fully healed (which can take some odd years) and she relapsed into addiction. I don't give a fuck about taylor but I truly feel sorry for carmen. you can say it's her own fault but damn that shit really really sux. on taylor it's just hysterical.

No. 19614

File: 1428580185630.gif (4.99 MB, 1620x888, output_bhFuAZ.gif)

Did a rough before and after. Angle doesn't match up 100% but it's sufficient to see how much her cheeks have expanded

No. 19615

she could also be chewing on her cheeks, it's a nervous OCD habit that makes them swell up and makes it difficult to eat

usually coupled with bulimia and/or anorexia

No. 19616

have you people never seen what fillers do to your face before? that looks nothing like chewing on your cheeks wtf

No. 19617

I know.
She just overdid the fillers & it fucked up her cheeks hardcore.
She's not fucking bulimic or "chewing her cheeks"
There doesn't have to be a million reasons for something OBVIOUS happening.

No. 19618

can the vomit and skeletor chans get the fuck out?
srsly. y'all seem to love armchair diagnoses.

No. 19619

I still can't believe someone would do that.

Did she get into some kind of midlife crisis? In her late twenties?

No. 19620

god what's your fucking problem. we are making different suggestions for why her cheeks are so swollen. is this some science-board on which we have to deduce the one and singular truth?

No. 19621

Occam's razor. I mean you all can think of 101 reasons why her cheeks are the way they are, but I personally find fillers a hell lot more believable than bee stings, chewing on cheeks, chipmunk otherkin, or whatever other shit you are reaching so hard for.

No. 19622

I have a hard time believing any of the people commenting that they think she's bulimic are actually vomit and skelator chans because bulimic cheeks do NOT look like that. Hell kooter's look more like bulimia bloat than that lumpy porridge ass mess lol. It's clearly fillers.

No. 19623

It's definitely a midlife crisis and maybe a bit of bdd. She's considered old in the modeling world and she's been hiding her age a lot lately. Didn't she block people who wished her a happy birthday or am I thinking of someone else? She wasn't always hiding her age since her birth date is in her yt username, TaylorR1488.
I'm thinking she may have bdd since normal people don't do this. People in their right mind would get something done that isn't dramatic since they don't want to look like a monster. A sane person who wanted a fuller looking face would get a tiny bit of filler, Taylor got a fucking shit ton in her face.

Seriously, the girls in the examples that anon posted have cheeks that look like you can pinch and they'd be squishy. Taylor's literally look rock hard.

No. 19624

File: 1428585207887.jpg (27.39 KB, 576x315, kl.JPG)


lel, 1488 is also code for white supremacy.

I'm sure she didn't meant that, but it's kind of funny to think of her having secret agenda.

No. 19625

my problem is you fucking idiots. why the fuck would you assume she has an ed? y'all the reason rumors are started. plus, her cheeks are an obvious fail at some form of plastic surgery….
no bitch. it's a board for laughing at imbeciles like Taylor, and ripping them to pieces.

please. stop reaching ffs.


No. 19626

well I think bulimia is more likely than cheek fillers

No. 19627

File: 1428586046154.jpg (28.87 KB, 660x370, IMG_20150327_190034.jpg)

>>fat cheeks
>>side effect of bulimia
>>side effect of injections

she must have bulimia omgg!!!

much more believable than her having plastic surgery!!

No. 19628

> NO U
are you 12?

No. 19629

Anons, u r all taking this too far. Her face is bloated bc of fillers, NOT bulimia. Stop with rumours. Her whole face changed, not only her cheeks.
THIS -> >>19614 is the result of a woman that had a modeling career in Hong Kong but her dream was to be an aidoru in Japan, so she fucked up her whole face to fit in the kawaii image. Bulimia? Srsly anons? the aegyo sal is bulimia too, right? And some makeup. Yup, sure.
Taylor wants to look like a teenage but failed and looks like a upgraded Park Bom. So sad.

No. 19630

The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that she's incredibly beautiful and keeps shoopin' her face into some strange weeb alien tbh

No. 19631

lol I'm one of the anons who suggested bullima and I personally think face fillers are likelier but I don't get what the big deal is?! like…this is a side for gossiping and you go "don't spread rumors" wtf? I think it's funnier when there are more suggestions. don't be mad.

No. 19632

Actually she could be bulimic since she said she wants to lose weight to lose her cheeks

No. 19633

Probably a mix of both tbh

No. 19634

No, this was after the fillers. She never had any fullness to her cheeks before the fillers.

No. 19635

K, just seen the surgery thing. I hope she didn't, if I looked like her I wouldn't even think of having surgery O___O Damn
Also, I think that the japanese creepy alien cute style does only look good on asians

No. 19636

fuck off faggot youre so mad

No. 19637

File: 1428597795893.png (34.25 KB, 632x282, pocky.png)

Yeah, she said that in a comment on the pocky video (now deleted). She looked super different and bloated bc of the fillers.

No. 19638

File: 1428598314676.jpg (416.63 KB, 1134x798, pockyvideo.jpg)

from the pocky video

No. 19639

File: 1428598622517.png (1.29 MB, 968x768, taylormv.PNG)

Btw, I'm guessing she got the fillers some time in september, because she filmed this MV at the beginning of october and she was looking terribly bloated.

But I'm a bit confused because the sony video was filmed in november and she looks even more bloated. Is it possible that she got fillers twice?

No. 19640

She injected a whole ball of plastic in those cheeks

No. 19641

i've gotten fillers before, and they recommend getting them 2x in the first year. you have to keep getting fillers anyway. they told me probably every 2-3 years after the first year. they were for eyebags, though,so not sure if it's similar.i just know your body absorbs a lot of it the first time after the swelling leaves

No. 19642

Ooohh, that makes sense, thnx anon.

No. 19643

File: 1428599495130.gif (395.03 KB, 500x277, tumblr_lf34y2X5dr1qfccvpo1_500…)

No. 19644

lol, it's sunlights from PULL. She writes super long posts defending Taylor there saying "I don't wanna argue with you guys", except here she is more rude.

No. 19645

File: 1428600689839.png (1.05 MB, 853x512, sf.png)

Oh wow, look at how bulimia affected raven. I can't believe anons here would even suggest fillers when it's obvious she's purging to get rid of those rock like cheeks she's always had.

No. 19646

if it were fillers, wouldn't they have started to go away by now? how long has it been since she started fucking with her face?

No. 19647

you're a fucking moron lmao

No. 19648

it's a stupid suggestion. there. done.

No. 19649

Bulimia doesn't make the apples of your cheeks rise like fucking bread. It makes your salivary glands swell. Your salivary glands are not in the apples of your cheeks. Give up.

you guys
please utilize common sense
You can touch-up fillers. It's not a one-time thing.
If it's any sort of silicone she is FUCKED tho.

No. 19650

lolno. that retard is adamant that Taylor's swollen face is totes natural. why would she defend the filler claim?

No. 19651

very obvious she went to a cut rate, back alley plastic surgeon for this shit. you can even see the lump where filler was improperly injected to fill her nasal folds. i really hope she didn't use something permanent for this shit

No. 19652

Anyone know of that plastic surgeon that fucked up Priscilla Presley's face? He used industrial silicone and basically pumped her up full of jiffy lube, as well as other "clients".

Always be suspicious of any doc using silicon, or variations where they market it as "silikon-1000." They claim there's a fancy new microdroplet technique that keeps it from fucking up but that's not true. The scar tissue just builds up and forms hard, uncomfortable, sometimes painful lumps that have to be surgically extracted and completely fuck up your face forever.

No. 19653

LOL do you think bulimia also gave her those aegyo sal as well. Cause they weren't there before. NOPE DEFINITELY NOT FILLERS.

No. 19654

Lol sunlights in Taylor's PULL thread is hilarious. I don't even have a PULL account and I know it's her just from the dumb shit she says. Don't even need to check username. Why the fuck is she so obsessed with Taylor.

I wanna get her dox and milk that. She's more lulzy than Taylor imo.

No. 19655

File: 1428616565274.jpg (40.67 KB, 400x400, wowoowo.jpg)

Man, she used to have potential.

No. 19656

She's so annoying

No. 19657

She really is. In her last post in Taylor's General thread, sunlights wrote 'reasons' of why Taylor could have her swollen cheeks. One of sunlights's ideas was 'obesity'. She is an idiot

No. 19658

The user sunlights is a bitch. She has no points, and only argues in blind defense and makes herself look stupid in the process. She won't last long on PULL.

No. 19659

what a disaster…

No. 19660

could be silicone.
And yeah, if you want you can touch-up your fillers whenever you want, but you will fuck your face more lol it's a procedure you can do like who's going to buy bread to the supermarket. Like botox, you can inject even in your house (not yourself, but a specialist)

No. 19661

It says she's 24 in her profile, but her defense sound even worse than TotemoKawaii. Someone really needs to dox her

No. 19662

she looks like lolita Joker with that chin and jaw.

No. 19663

yes OBVIOUSLY, but i'm pretty sure what with the THOUSANDS of fucking comments on youtube, and the lack of modeling jobs, she won't continue this

No. 19664

>>with the THOUSANDS of fucking comments on youtube, and the lack of modeling jobs, she won't continue this
but now she's a k-awa-ii instagram user and gets thousands of followers :( if she stops people will unfollow her bc she's not a k-awa-ii elfu idol :((
jokes besides, I hope she stops this shit
I think she was pretty, I hope it's not too late… but I think that maybe if the fillers fades away … her face will be like the Lumpy Space Princess.

No. 19665

sunlights is taytay pretending to be her own gullible fanbase.

No. 19666

Wouldn't be surprised

No. 19667

Sunlights also claims that Taylor has a massive jaw and fat face naturally, so she'd never plump her already much bloated cheeks and make them even bigger. Yes, certainly… I bet Taylor got all those modelling jobs in HK because of her über manly Ridge Forrester -quality jaw and trembling lard-filled cheeks.

No. 19668

I'm starting to believe that sunlights is actually Taylor. I think she has said some delusional ass shit like this. While yes, her face is wider and square shaped, she has a very slim face and defined jawline. No matter how thin you are, if you have a chubby face, you're going to have a bit of a double chin.

No. 19669

if penus and kooter had a baby

No. 19670

i dont think this girl knows what she had. she was just as pretty as shooped-dakota imo.

No. 19671

looks like she had a fat graft in her face

No. 19672

File: 1428725018494.jpg (84.91 KB, 960x720, 603700_1382533135384182_654457…)

Poor baby.

No. 19673

Poor baby. It fainted out of fright from looking at Taylor's horrible gremlin face.

No. 19674

Taylor did that thing a few months ago where she followed people who reposted a photo of her and now she's unfollowed them all… She should give back to her "fans" not run away from them.

No. 19675

It's ridiculous that people still try to act like she's any better than Kota. I get wanting to see your friends and things that interest you on your feed, but she should've never did that if she didn't want to follow them in the first place. I really hope these fans don't put up with her shit, especially since she just used them to get more fans/attention.

No. 19676

I just can't get over how she destroyed her beautiful face!!

I just showed my boyfriend before and after pics and he can't believe it either. This is obviously plastic surgery gone very badly.
She looks so bloated.. I'm sorry guys I just still haven't gotten over this

No. 19677

Holy shit WTF happened to her????

No. 19678

that's what we're all thinking

No. 19679

lol if I were one of these fans I'd unfollow her asap bc what a bitch

No. 19680

Never mind her cheeks, what the hell happened to her chin? Has it always been like that? Because it's almost at PT level. On their own, the cheeks would have been weird and ugly, but in combination with the chin she looks terrifying, like a creepy gnome or Santa elf gone horribly wrong. Plus it makes no sense either, I can see why someone might believe that full cheeks = youthful and cute, but a giant chin?

I seriously hope it's reversible. She looked better than Kooter before surgery, and still super young even though she's in her late 20's. Not totemo kawaii 6 year old baby alien youthful, but just like a normal, pretty, young girl. What an absolute fucking retard.

No. 19681

File: 1428763542518.png (136.31 KB, 333x428, Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 10.2…)

It's always been like that.

No. 19682

That hairstyle really, really does nothing for her.

No. 19683

it makes her look her age

No. 19684

I think she only looks like her age there due to the lack of giant alien circle lens, lack of aegyo sal and that odd grandma blush.

No. 19685

File: 1428776186750.jpg (85.46 KB, 400x292, eyes1.jpg)

No. 19686

for most people who wear western makeup trends it takes to make them look older

thats why taylor looks her age here in comparison to the japanese/chinese/korean make up trends she follows

No. 19687

And what exactly is a western make up trend?

Piling on tons of makeup is going to make you look old and bad no matter what age you are.

No. 19688

is it just me or are her eyes absurdly high on her face?

No. 19689

Western makeup does differ from Asian techniques.

Western is focused on making you look "fierce" and older, whereas Asian is more focused on making you look youthful and cute. The way you apply makeup is different in a lot of aspects but that's going off-topic.

No. 19690

File: 1428791411536.jpg (1.52 MB, 1210x1208, 5mwq5h.jpg)

She really isn't wearing western style makeup at all really tbh, it's just not her dramatic kawaii baby alien makeup.
Here's a picture she took that same day.

No. 19691

Have you never watched makeup tutorials? They differ exponentially because of the over all look they are after. Even when western makeup looks are meant to be natural, the type of foundation they apply is usually matte as opposed to the more dewey or shiny ones seen in east asia, as well as much more pale. In the west people love contouring for the most part and typically don't limit it to just the nose.

There are different styles between China, Korea and Japan but all 3 don't go after the "basics" of the west.

No. 19692

i think both east and west love contouring, but in the west its for a dramatic, super sexy face whereas in asia, they do it just to create a slimmer face (theyre obsessed with slimmer faces… everyone thinks their face is so fat. ever seen those weird face massagers and masks and stuff?

No. 19693

File: 1428794590995.png (293.87 KB, 512x343, omg.png)


No. 19694

This is just sad.

No. 19695

her head is a fucking ball. Looks like a blowfish. This is not pretty o_O

No. 19696

She looks like a woman in her 30s who went through unfortunate plastic surgery. Oh, wait–

No. 19697

I dont think you can divide makeup trends by saying western and eastern. Lots of people in the U.S (at least where I am) want to look younger and have a fresh face look. It really depends on the individual person.

No. 19698

…………that still doesn't chnage the fact that many of the products used are different

to look younger many western women usually think applying bronzer would achieve this

No. 19699

That tends to be a Cali attitude though. Most woman just want to hide their dark circles and have long, full lashes.

No. 19700

Yeah but people don't contour in the east like they do in the west, most people like to put blush on the apples of their cheeks rather than their cheek bones

koreans even HIGHLIGHT that little undereye bag, whereas westerners never do that.

bright lip colours are not that popular, only very subtle and gradient, not too many harsh lines.

even the emphasis on eyelashes is different, east asia doesn't put as much emphasis on long, full eyelashes as the west does.

the eyebrows are the biggest thing though, in the west people like arched brows that taper like crazy, whereas in korea most people like to have a very little arch, very uniform thick brow, it makes for a more youthful appearance. also i dont think the eyemake up is as heavy. i think the heaviest east asian eye makeup is childs play compared to what i see in the US

No. 19701

I see your point. I never liked piling on the makeup, even though I live on the east coast of the U.S. Never wanted the cake face since it always looked uncomfortable and bad for your skin.

No. 19702

File: 1428814938188.jpg (176.14 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 19703

File: 1428815055026.jpg (12.04 KB, 400x70, image.jpg)

No. 19704

File: 1428815134859.jpg (186.12 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)

No. 19705

File: 1428815262298.jpg (30.3 KB, 626x276, image.jpg)

Her surgeon must be a monkey bc wow this is so fucked up. Looks like a worm hahaha

No. 19706

Most women put work into getting rid of eyebags and then there's Taylor, getting shit surgery to make them permanent, all for the sake of being a kawaii desu model

No. 19707

ugh, looking at that makes me sick.

No. 19708

If I had silicones in my eyebags, I would rub my eyes nonstop.the thought of plastic being so close to my eyes makes me cringe

No. 19709

Could be silicone but aegyo sal are fat injections. So maybe her aegyo sal is the fat of her tummy or arm lol

No. 19710

"Nobody will notice if I fuck up my face"
—Taylor Richard, 2014. Delusional, weabbo and ex-pretty woman that gave up on her beautiful, natural face to become a ka~waii 12. years old Canadian princess that "loves" Japan.

No. 19711


are those fillers removable/reversible/whatever? because she's gonna look (even more) weird as fuck in her 60s

No. 19712

I believe they fade with time, like Botox. I think it's pretty much the same thing as Botox? If I'm wrong, please correct me.

>Tfw you've considered getting them because under eye wrinkles at the tender age of 21

No. 19713

depends. if she got implants she has to get surgery to remove them. fillers like hyaluron and botox fade away within 6-12 months just like lip injections.

No. 19714

not even such a bad idea at the age of 21. I heard if you get botox early it's like prevention and the wrinkles don't get as deep as they normally would. I was thinking about getting botox against glabellar wrinkles. I don't really have those wrinkles butI tend to frown my eyebrows unconsciously and botox paralyzes the muscle. but after seeing taylor I'm scared. maybe we should make a PS-thread on /b/ ? would anyone be interested?

No. 19715

Yes, please make one

No. 19716

same here, I'm 23 and one side of my eye has worse under eye wrinkles than the other because I sleep in the fetal position on that side, plus I used to scrunch up my eyes and rub them like crazy

Ugh but if I get any work done I hope I won't feel as desperate as Taylor

No. 19717

File: 1428920878913.jpg (64.03 KB, 640x640, 11117143_383132915204840_20641…)

Pic is ok, but that caption makes me think she lurks this board and PULL.

>Tell me I can't, Then watch me work twice as hard to prove you wrong. Have a great Sunday my friends

No. 19718

Don't feel bad about wanting or getting work done! It's those who lie or deny their procedures that piss people off.

No. 19719

>Tell me I can't, Then watch me work twice as hard to prove you wrong. Have a great Sunday my friends
Taylor you can't get more fillers
-Tay gets fillers x2-

No. 19720

woah i never thought about this affecting your face! i'm sleeping on my back forever now lmao.

No. 19721

If that's her real hair, I'm envious. I've always wanted long hair like that. Back on topic; it does sound like she lurks or has someone report info to her from here.

No. 19722

Being that young, you still have time to soften the wrinkles with proper diet and creams. Don't worry too much about it. We're all gonna get wrinkles soon enough.

No. 19723

It looks like her real hair! Unless she has some really, really good extensions that is. I will admit I've always been super jelly of her hair. It doesn't look very full though, does it? Whenever I see a girl with a full head of natural, long, beautiful hair, I skink up into myself a bit because I feel insecure about my own short, damaged, gross hair. ;~; let's cry together anon

No. 19724

Too bad she ruined her nice hair with fucked up plastic surgery

No. 19725

What? You can't get a plastic surgery for hair!

No. 19726

her face looks like a fucking uncooked turkey

nice hair over an uncooked turkey is still just hair draped over an uncooked turkey

No. 19727

Her hair follicles look thin, but she still appears to have a lot of hair. My sister and a few friends have hair to their waist or longer, and at that length, a lot of peoples hair looks thin. I think it might have to do with the weight interfering with possible volume or just how it looks proportionately.

No. 19728

File: 1429039615064.jpg (80.51 KB, 640x640, 11123873_1640234902856699_4342…)

This hairstyle she's wearing all the time showing her gnome ears looks kind of stupid.

No. 19729

File: 1429039639434.jpg (111.83 KB, 640x640, 11084999_1415872588729712_6711…)

No. 19730

File: 1429039671189.jpg (90.25 KB, 640x640, 11116645_441230276033734_17590…)

No. 19731

File: 1429039704322.jpg (86.04 KB, 640x640, 11116943_874763225903846_57230…)

No. 19732

Waiting for the day when Kotakoti fans start mixing up images of Taylor and post images of her to their blogs.

Taylor will hit the roof kek

No. 19733

Already happened sorta.
It most notably happened when Mira(Kanadajin3), was asked about Dakota on Twitter, and she showed a picture of Tay instead.
Does it count though? I mean, Mira gives f'ed up info at the same time.

No. 19734

I'd still love for us to hear know Kota's honest thoughts about all this, but we never will.

No. 19735

ahaha oh shit I thought that was kota for a sec

No. 19736

Well I do recall someone telling Kota they thought they saw her walking a dog around, and then it wound up being Taylor and Kota was weirded out that she had a "clone" walking around in Asia. She tweeted about it IIRC?

No. 19737

File: 1429116255561.png (525.09 KB, 896x484, dakotaylor.png)

No. 19738

Taylor looks cuter…

No. 19739

rofl, I like you.

No. 19740

The woman on the left is crazy cute.

No. 19741

If I were Kota, I would be really on guard around Taylor. She's so creepy. She's 10 years older than kota for goodness sakes!

No. 19742

I think Dakota is prettier but I'm not really into the chubby faced kawaii uguu shit.

I do think Taylor is gorgeous when she's actually being a model and not a weeb.

No. 19743


Generally I think Dakota is cuter but Taylor looks superior in that particular shot.

Maybe it's just the blur.

No. 19744

I wonder if she even knows about her beyond that one incident. I can't imagine her prowling the Internet for kota clones or to scope out other gaijin models. I mean, she IS Cathy's daughter so who knows? I certainly don't think she's grown past that but rather that she just doesn't give a shit. She's Dakota Rose and Japan is STILL fawning over her. I don't think she considers anyone a threat anymore, not like she used to. If she can still ride on the "real Barbie" shit all these years later, I think she'll be fine.

No. 19745

You heard wrong because it does not prevent wrinkles, I've heard it can actually make them worse over time

No. 19746

I agree. She actually looks cuter most of the time.

No. 19747

Tay vs. Koots

I'm for kooter. Imagine seeing kooter in person instead of a model. Whether you think she's cute or not, basic bitch or not, you'd always see her as fairly pleasant to look at. Now you meet Taylor in real life…bloated stretched out skin and puffed out eyebags reserved for ethnic women with long wig-like hair. Holy shit I'd be so scared.

Speaking of which - has anyone here met a person who has had extensive plastic surgery? I did and it's pretty weird. They look so off. People desperately want poreless skin, but if you see a person without pores in person it's kinda slimy and gross.

No. 19748

In Seoul I saw a woman with a ton of stuff done to her face. Way over the top. Come to think of it, she did look kind of slimy. Dewy would be the nice way to say it, but she looked unreal in a bad way. She wasn't even ugly… She just looked cg if that makes sense

No. 19749

you only meet the gross people with extensive plastic surgery because the people who did a good job look natural.

people who get fillers are often stupid. ive seen some of the most beautiful faces ruined with fillers because they get them, and then their insecurity kicks in and they get more. they're supposed to last year but you have girls going every 3 months. fucking crazy.

No. 19750

too bad she injected her face with 5 pounds of silicone and fat from her ass, she'll never be cute again

No. 19751

this. it freezes the muscles under your skin, it looks good at first, but then the muscles get weak from not being used and the skin loses elasticity, making it sag, requiring face lifts.

No. 19752

File: 1429135520633.jpg (78 KB, 640x640, 10665530_1571607286423979_1933…)

I'm so done with her face, especially her fucking eyes, not cute at all. Well, at least she changed her hairstyle and is not showing her leprechaun ears.

No. 19753

Looks like a kawaii Stevie Nicks…

No. 19754

Nah. Uncooked turkey chan is busted as fuck now. Nowhere to go but gravure.

No. 19755

real barbie showdown!
seriously though, taylor couldve snatched up dakotas spot if shed played her cards better.

im waiting for them both to gtfo

No. 19756

tbh i think she looks cute. but i think she would look much better if she got a nose job instead of all those fillers, because her nose looks like a potato

No. 19757

File: 1429183691737.jpg (91.34 KB, 640x640, 11111549_831853493549491_16274…)

Her face…

No. 19758

Her body reveals her age, while her face looks like a child's face.

So fucked up.

No. 19759

File: 1429188198211.jpg (32.64 KB, 400x306, 54db8ddfb0e2d_-_tbmodelingdosa…)

What's up with the weird leaning back and no-neck posing? Is she trying to make herself look shorter? Taylor, you're a model, get it together!

She really needs to stop hating herself and own the fact that naturally she's a gorgeous, tall model.

No. 19760

File: 1429191683175.jpg (56.69 KB, 960x679, 554313_10150812188849761_19891…)

Old pic

No. 19761

she was so pretty wow, what a waste!

she has really great long legs, I'm pretty jelly actually

still, she makes a better dakota than dakooter ever did

No. 19762

Idk anymore man, I love Taylor and I think she could have modeled the pants off of Koots, but now she just looks so… Not good anymore. And her attitude about it stinks, I almost want it to be endearing but it just comes off as shitty. Like she could have been so great, but she willingly doesn't want to be. I can't fathom what must be going through her mind.

No. 19763

>ethnic women

sorry I just hate that term, we all have an ethnicity

No. 19764


>implying telling someone on lolcow that you don't like a certain phrase will change anything

No. 19765

>forgetting that this half of this thread is made up of people critiquing Taylors appearance because they don't like it anymore, as though thats going to change anything

No. 19766


>forgetting pretty much every lolcow thread is at least 50% shitting on someone's appearance

No. 19767

File: 1429197232299.jpg (62.25 KB, 960x679, 530340_10150812189364761_18971…)

Taylor in swimsuit

No. 19768

wtf is with you people and your obsession with potato noses? she doesnt have a fucking potato nose. a potato nose is a nose like OC's or Quirky, a lumpy mass on your face, taylor has a straight, narrow nose. is this some sort of fucked up projecting? you hate your nose so much that you find fault in everyone's nose that you see?

No. 19769

File: 1429198764840.jpg (3.9 MB, 2448x3264, 6.jpg)

Gonna drop some old pics too bc I'm sick of her current face/edits, I need a break.

No. 19770

File: 1429198858823.jpg (120.75 KB, 719x719, old7.jpg)

No. 19771

I agree, she has a normal nose which looks proportional for her face. For all the things you could say about taylor, this is not something to pick apart

No. 19772

File: 1429198910730.jpg (190.17 KB, 960x960, photo-25.jpg)

No. 19773

File: 1429200283186.jpg (97.07 KB, 640x640, 11143012_1624005457831017_1081…)

She looked so cute here…

…but then you look at this and… nope.

No. 19774

Her old face was so enviable.

No. 19775

Her eyes are absolutely freaky now, and sadly her hair does not suit her face shape anymore. I am still a fan of hers, but damn, it is a bit tragic…

No. 19776

File: 1429201469636.jpg (195.56 KB, 350x525, p.jpg)

No. 19777

super kawaii magical purincessu here

boring 30+ year old business lady here

No. 19778

I find that pic of her at the top in the baseball cap to be incredibly unnerving. She looked so much better before. I wonder if Venus will end up like this in 10 years (pursuing Asian plastic surgery trends in an effort to keep her fans/look younger).

No. 19779

Right?? At least she looked like a person and not a damn Dr. Seuss character.

No. 19780

I agree with you and think at this point people are just trying to bait everyone, its better to just ignore the nose comments when they don't apply

No. 19781

she looks self conscious here

No. 19782

wow, she looked so beautiful.

No. 19783

She looks like a gangnam unnie (= girls who abuse plastic surgery in korean. They're called like that because gangnam is where surgeons have their clinics)

No. 19784

"I don't like sexy looks, I prefer Barbie look" that outfit is sexy imo

No. 19785

Depressing. She's like the poster child of "faces of weeb" or something. Someone should totally do a series like that. Like faces of meth except with japanophiles. Starring kooter and Taylor.

No. 19786

File: 1429214169983.jpg (398.97 KB, 1006x551, taylor_cap.jpg)

When she looked cute and pretty with a cap vs. Now

No. 19787

File: 1429214507830.jpg (579.49 KB, 850x850, heli_.jpg)

Btw, here's the full pic

No. 19788

I do like Taylor, but I agree with your calling her gangnam unni, she definitely looks like one (I personally think now her features and her phoshopped pictures look like she's trying to fit into Korean beauty standards rather than the Japanese ones).

No. 19789

God she's so adorable.

No. 19790

Agreed! And I want her shoes :(

No. 19791

I'm the anon you're replying, maybe she wants to go to Korea since Japan doesn't give a fuck about her?

No. 19792

Fuck same, anyone know where she got them from?

No. 19793

File: 1429223029413.jpg (80.05 KB, 720x1031, _20150417_001949.jpg)

The shoes are from Liz Lisa, but the picture is from 2013 I think.

No. 19794

>Liz Lisa
Wtf, what size feet does she have? (She's a model and all, and I'm her height, but I guess she has smaller feet than I do)

No. 19795

Her feet look normal sized, I'd say maybe a size 7? You'd think height and feet size would correlate, but it surprisingly doesn't. Foreverkailyn is like 5'1 I believe and she wears like a 9 or 10. I believe pt also has big feet as well? I feel like if she did have small feet, she would've mentioned it as it would be another reason why she's Asian. It's really weird. Sorry for getting ot.

No. 19796


Satoru Japan: 24 cm
Starz People (Hong Kong): 37
B&M (Toronto): 7.5

No. 19797

>cute spring dress
>nice shoes
>backwards hat
What is she even doing? I want to burn all her stupid hats.

No. 19798

File: 1429442098562.jpg (78.25 KB, 640x640, 10683795_1609361992612872_7162…)


No. 19799


Me too. Wtf is with that hat? It's not even cute! It's ugly and adds nothing to her outfits wtf

Also that eyemakeup underneath her eyes is awful. Why would you ever play that up? Jeesh I can't believe we're the same age honestly. She needs to grow up and accept getting old or she's going to be 30 and still trying to act like a 19 year old waif and nobody is going to respect that

No. 19800

Did she have surgery on her eyebags? They look pretty fucked up.

No. 19801

File: 1429445920473.jpg (56.49 KB, 636x358, video-undefined-1E4F0A81000005…)

well sounds like korea is perfect for taylor

No. 19802

I'm convinced she's had under eye fillers.
It looks particularly fucked on her inner left eye.

No. 19803


Yeah that whole "dewy skin" thing is super popular there but I don't see the appeal. I think it just makes you look greasy.

No. 19804

It could be actually! I also noticed that inner part of left eye, there is always a big fold

No. 19805

It's tape, you can see it clearly.

No. 19806

Dear Lord, what fucking happened here.

No. 19807


South Korean woman obsessed with Miranda Kerr gets surgery to try to look like her.

No. 19808

and lands up looking like a granny.

No. 19809

It's like South Korean women have nothing better to do than be creepy stans and get massive plastic surgery.

No. 19810

Her eyebrows really annoy me. Like all her facial features are made to be all cutesy, with the wide open eyes and small pouty lips and chubby cheeks… but then she's got these flat, low down, very solid brows. It makes my face feel uncomfortable looking at it, like try opening your eyes wide and smiling cutely and then frowning your brows as much as possible, this is not a natural position IT UPSETS ME DANGIT

No. 19811

She has normal brows, but she's been drawing and shoopin them straighter b/c lol azn trends.

No. 19812

worlds most annoying face.

No. 19813

When was she at Niagara Falls?

No. 19814

She looks soooooo much better without bangs!

No. 19815

Don't know exactly, those pics are from 2-3 years ago.

No. 19816

Srsly her body is freaking pretty. She's fucking the aesthic up with that woman-baby head. Theres still hope though because nothing she's done is really permanent….

No. 19817

..it's not. It's just shiny from bulging.

No. 19818

File: 1429532255512.jpg (75.22 KB, 640x640, 11142218_1600561640230901_2158…)

No. 19819

File: 1429532278608.png (32.82 KB, 459x204, looklikedakota.PNG)

and a couple of comments

No. 19820

o jeez I seriously thought that was dakota until I scrolled up and realized this was the Taylor thread

No. 19821

I just want to pop her under eyes like bubble wrap

No. 19822

bitch changed her race

how she do dat

No. 19823

any idea what lenses she is wearing pls

No. 19824

Imagine gross puss coming out.

No. 19825

Imagine gross puss coming out.

No. 19826

File: 1431807685617.jpg (112.46 KB, 1024x768, CECsHTyVIAAvvl6.jpg)

i was looking at her twitter and saw this fan art lmao

No. 19827

??? what?

No. 19828

File: 1431819488053.jpg (211.02 KB, 500x750, large.jpg)

this photo reminds me so much of this kooter pic. i might be reaching, but it looks like taylor was trying to emulate it.

No. 19829

oh my god, this is hilarious. are we sure a "fan" did this? because it almost looks like a caricature making fun of her stupid expressions and ridiculously huge eyes.

No. 19830

Aren't a lot of her Chinese fans pissed off at her for completely ditching them for Japan? The name sounds Chinese to me so it could maybe be an old fan making fun of her, idk tho.

No. 19831

her cheeks are disgusting. why would she deform her face like this? i hope those fillers are not permanent.

that surgical aegyo-sal looks horrific. aegyo-sal is "in" right now, but it'll pass like any make-up trend.

she might be able to play up the kawaii thing for a little bit longer, but she'll just be too old to keep it going for much longer. what is she going to do when she's a 30-year old non-model with silicone shoved in her face to look like a fat-faced asian baby? this is just so sad when you look at how gorgeous she used to be.

also, what's the point of looking like dakota?
if they want someone who looks like dakota, they'll book dakota (but to be fair, even dakota doesn't even really look like "herself")

No. 19832

How much did her family pay to get her into Zipper?

No. 19833

When did she delete that cringeworthy Hatsune Miku video?

No. 19834

Good riddance. Shit was terrifying.

No. 19835

What made you think her position was bought?

No. 19836

How long does it take fillers to go down? Because now that it's going into summer, you can say it's almost going on a year now, right?

No. 19837

I think it takes like 6-8 months to go down.

No. 19838

File: 1433172978382.jpg (50.49 KB, 575x477, lulz.jpg)

She's the most annoying "kawaii uguu internet godesu" I've ever seen.
I mean, there's nothing really simply cute - and not awkward - or cool from that second Kota kawaii persona she shows online. Not saying she's a freak inside (after all I don't know her personally), but I just don't understand why she wants to be Dakota sooo hard. If she just inspired herself a little from Kota's looks, that would be okay, I'm pretty sure a lot of young girls interested in Kota's look do it. But Taylor does EVERY MOTHERFUCKING LITTLE THING like Kota. Does she have any confidence, any personnality ? To me it seems unhealthy tbh…

No. 19839


Taylor actually looks way cuter here though.

Dakota looks…. weird. Like a re-animated corpse.

No. 19840

Bitch u crazy. Taylor doesn't look better she looks more mentally ill. Anyways, Taylor looks less photoshopped but that makes it all the more scary…

No. 19841

I actually agree. But in general I think Kota is much more kawaii and Taylor's shoops/the look she's going for is ugly. I think Kota would look so much better if she laid off the intense lighting/brightness.

This may seem like I hate Taylor, but I just don't think she suits the kawaii little girl look because she naturally is a tall gorgeous model who looks her age. Kota really isn't anything special when it comes to looks, but she suits the kawaii look perfectly imo.

No. 19842


If you seriously think Dakota looks better than Taylor in this picture >>19838 you have exceedingly poor taste.

Usually Kota is cute as a button she looks like a fucking goblin that last video she uploaded. She turned down the contrast and the vibrance too much.

No. 19843

this post nailed it

No. 19844

Well I'm not going to argue about which one is "cuter" because they both look god damn awful. We'll leave it at that.

No. 19845


Tayulor is taller, unusual face, Dakota is shorter and has a pretty face

Same hair colour, different eyes.

I wonder if Taytay will chop her bangs like kota's now that shes copying amo and risa

No. 19846


thank you, anon.

No. 19847

File: 1433198114970.png (42.94 KB, 438x156, Clipboard01.png)

Not so fast, she put up another one

No. 19848

omfg. I just watched it, it's just a reupload but she deleted the ending part where she shows how to get Miku's hair or something like that. I get why though, the camera was up close and her makeup was super harsh and she looked really scary.

No. 19849

I've noticed she does some of the really popular dances on nnd (Yokai Taiso, Because it's Warm, Galaxias) I'm taking bets that she does this one soon

No. 19850

File: 1433789790409.jpg (118.06 KB, 800x565, LOLLZ.jpg)

Lol she probably deleted the Miku Hatsune hair tutorial part because everyone was talking about how awkward and fucking retarded she seemed here. The most annoying thing was her fake little girl shoujo character voice. If you watched the complete video I'm pretty sure you know what I mean xD Compared to her normal adult woman voice while talking english this is shocking as heck.

And another comparison pic because I love doing dat shit <3

No. 19851

>that file name
Go back to PULL

No. 19852

File: 1433852426955.gif (202.2 KB, 800x450, 915.gif)

No. 19853

Is she modeling for Zipper magazine and no one cares or did she disappear after her intruduction?

No. 19854

There's something viscerally cringey about the aegyo eyes. I envy the woman on the left and pity the one on the right.

No. 19855

First one.
Taylor also wrote that her dog booked a job at Zipper.

No. 19856

File: 1434509215894.jpg (135.69 KB, 660x438, cchannel_movie_20150522_015-th…)

dancing like a retard

No. 19857

nobody cares

No. 19858

These kinds of dances don't look right on tall or lanky people… Not just saying that because of taytay… These cutesy things really only suit tiny people without looking like a freak show

No. 19859

She tries too hard to be the anime idol stereotype, now I only wait for her to release a CD with tons of autotune singing.

No. 19860

No. 19861

her face is so gross with those fillers. i actually get mad every time i see her because i cant get over how she ruined her looks. goddamnit.

No. 19862

File: 1434546615044.png (640.44 KB, 598x612, Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.09…)

wtf is wrong with her anatomy

No. 19863

It's because those 'boots' are actually slippers.

No. 19864

File: 1434547381256.jpg (Spoiler Image, 327.94 KB, 660x990, xmilk-2016ss-20150612_011-thum…)

Dropped my pic.

No. 19865

Milk looks so tacky to me. Yuck.

No. 19866

What do you think it is that makes this so?

No. 19867

Depends on the season, usually it is only overpriced feminime casual clothes but this collection looks like fabric thrown together with christmas decoration.

No. 19868

File: 1434550511555.jpg (38.21 KB, 408x546, 36.jpg)

OT. They have some nice pieces, but sometimes their coords don't work for me. I just don't like Milk's aesthetic as a whole because it's confusing. Can't explain myself very well, I apologize.

No. 19869

long arms and legs flailing around wildly.
that kind of dancing is supposed to be tight and neat, not flail-y.
shorter arms and legs = more compact, refined and controlled dance moves

No. 19870

I get what you're saying. Conversely, that's probably why I like seeing people who have really long arms and legs do ballet, because the movements aren't as sharp and usually involve accentuating the length of one's appendages.

No. 19871

This. There are other models that actually have cutesy babyfaces, but the whole cutesy thing would still be just as weird on them as it is on Taylor.

No. 19872

exactly! long limbs is great for ballet.

No. 19873

File: 1434586664612.jpg (96.3 KB, 640x640, 11288183_829221330501436_11094…)

From Zipper's Instagram

No. 19874

clicked this from the front page thinking it was a new picture of kota.

No. 19875


I seriously thought this was dakota for a minute

No. 19876


I remember Audrey Hepburn wanted to be a ballerina apparently. But due to her poor health from the war and long limbs, she would never make it apparently. So she took up to acting, best choice for her.

Taylor again, long limbed. Suits modelling professionally and not for animu cartoon doll bs

No. 19877


Dang, me too. Scrolling down and only stopped because I thought Kota's thread updated.

That outfit though… urgh.

No. 19878



That's why Taylor was more suited and successful doing proper modelling and not for Japanese magazines where they're all standard; short, small-limbed, baby faced and 'similar'

Taylor was her own, being if you get me? She had a LOOK.

Taylor can actually model whereas Dakota suits just photoshop and looking cute.

That's the difference.

The kawaii baby doll one wanted to BE a model and the other who suits being a model wants to BE a kawaii baby doll

Both want what they don't suit

No. 19879

She looks so top-heavy because of the frills and the high waist.

No. 19880

This is what's so tragic, Taylor was gorgeous and successful then ruined it.

No. 19881


ikr im actually jelly of her old self!

;< dammit

No. 19882

Audrey Hepburn was a ballerina but changed her plans after she was hired for Gigi iirc.

Taylor looks scary as fuck as an anime-wannabe. She's like those fucked up dolls with glass eyes that stare into your soul.

No. 19883


wow she looks cuter sans-fillers

No. 19884

Me too because such ugly clothes/coords are usually worn only by Dakota.

No. 19885

damn. people say that lolita looks like little girl's clothes, but this literally makes Taylor look like a toddler. It's the cartoonish size of those ridiculous buttons…

No. 19886

this video is hilarious to me because her friend looks so not into it while Taylor has clearly practiced this routine for hours.
There are even points in the video where you can see her "bff" rolling her eyes.

No. 19887

File: 1434651169044.jpg (123.75 KB, 960x486, 0d570313.jpg)

Aren't you reading her eye rolling a bit wrong though? While taytay is overacting the kawaii, Tais is acting moderately and more "believable" cute and succeeds imo. She gives off "natural" cute vibes that fit the song just right.
Idk but taytay reminds me of Akira from Wixoss, fake on many levels…

No. 19888

her Japanese is so… Weird. And not just that she speaks like a robot, there's something else. I think it's because she keeps adding yo after every fucking sentence

No. 19889

File: 1434664200377.jpg (340.22 KB, 900x588, dako.jpg)

can we start a social media campaign to have dakota and taylor shoot together

No. 19890

She is a Dakota try hard but at least her videos are way more interesting

No. 19891

She always looks like she's straining to keep her eyes open as wide as possible

No. 19892

Is she doing the queen of kawaii's Lalala no Pipipi dance?

No. 19893

how old is this chick again? i think it was 23? idk.

No. 19894

She turned 27 this year.

No. 19895

oh ok.

No. 19896

She will turn 27 but isn't yet, she was born December 14, 1988.

No. 19897

How long has she had those cheek fillers? She looks like a chipmunk beside that gorgeous girl.

No. 19898

I thought it was January 4, 1988 because of her yt username TaylorR1488. I looked at her ig on both those days and she got tons of comments about her birthday on 12/14 so I think you're right. Idk though because she ignored them all. Where did she share her birthday?

No. 19899

File: 1434687374222.png (226.51 KB, 370x400, Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.40…)

In magazine articles while she was still a model in China.

No. 19900

Oh okay, thanks!

No. 19901

She's really boring, I follow her on Weibo and she only posts in Japanese and sometimes in English

No. 19902

yea who is that girl she should be the model.

No. 19903

She is a model iirc

No. 19904

Forgot to add: she's taiselize on ig

No. 19905

Very pretty, love her skin tone and bone structure.

No. 19906

File: 1435156827927.jpg (143.33 KB, 640x1165, image.jpg)

Wish my game was as good as Marco's.

No. 19907

What happened to her going to unicersity? She said she is studying nutrition. Left it for kawaii japan dreams?

No. 19908

I remember that she wanted to model to fund her studying.
But it looks like she dropped that plan which is really sad.

No. 19909

Who gives a shit anymore, the girl is obviously dumb as fuck. Even Uni couldn't save her.

No. 19910

ikr, as if a degree means something nowadays. It's literally something you buy.

No. 19911


pretty much, nowadays its about who you know and not what you know.

kota is perf example

No. 19912

File: 1435272330614.jpg (106.25 KB, 640x640, 11377911_674486456014952_68190…)

I can't believe she looks at this and thinks it's a nice picture that she should upload, it's bizarre looking. And… that's her hand, right? (It doesn't match the face at all.)

No. 19913

File: 1435272566993.jpg (101.29 KB, 640x640, 11357879_996006573744349_13863…)

While I'm here I'll just add some of her other new ones from Instagram. She'd toned it down for a while, but she's going way over the top lately.

No. 19914

File: 1435272686213.png (500.84 KB, 861x575, Clipboard01.png)

Taylor is adamant there's no shoop going on here.

No. 19915


What is with the white eye liner under her eyes? They look so weird… Just some natural eye shadow, contacts and mascara is enough. Everyone who is into this fad keep putting that fucking horrid white liner under their eyes -__-

No. 19916

I still can't get over her chipmunk cheeks, they look terrible

No. 19917

File: 1435273257484.jpg (186.25 KB, 640x640, 11333733_816784415102973_13971…)

I'm genuinely curious why she would post a picture of her wardrobe malfunction. Like covering it makes a difference?

No. 19918

To be fair, it was done by a make-up artist for a shoot she was doing. I hate it, too… The jewels are quite cute, though.

No. 19919

it doesn't look good on eyes with double eyelids

people with monolids tend to have natural aegyosal, but along with an eyeshape that makes lining that area with white shimmery liner look nice

No. 19920

>international shipping avaiable
The place where she got her dog from seems really shady but then again, they get sold as toys…

No. 19921

Taytay's rich daddy is funding puppy mills :(

No. 19922

She really fucked up her face with the implants. This looks god awful compared to how beautiful she was.

No. 19923

File: 1435287381475.jpg (84.43 KB, 962x597, taylorcchan.JPG)

I'm surprised nobody posted her videos from
C channel yet. All the videos(except the one with Rosie) are exactly like Kotakoti's videos, down to the robotic personality and setting

No. 19924

I looked like her a few days after I had surgery to get my wisdom teeth out. Sadly I didn't put on sugoi eye bag make up to complete the look.

No. 19925


urghhh it's so forced and fake and stupid when she says "ah, one more thing (ah, mou hitotsu)" with that fake ~ooh i just remembered something~ face as if it wasn't all scripted.
I dunno why it makes me so mad. I used to like this chick ffs

No. 19926

Whenever I see those really small dogs that's all I can think about.

No. 19927

Her hands are clearly model-like in the traditional sense. Like she's a VERY long and lanky girl. She doesn't fit that petite look at all. She always literally looks like she's two different people stitched together.

No. 19928

No. 19929

I actually think she looks very good. But sometimes I feel her appearance borders on silly like the eyebrows appear too low and angry and her eyes appear too big sometimes

No. 19930

File: 1435380603158.png (347.69 KB, 714x404, wtfhands.png)

…her hands are feral.

No. 19931

They look like old lady hands…

No. 19932

>dat pronunciation

No. 19933

It really fucks me up how much she wants to look like Dakota even though she's the one with the better facial structure.

No. 19934

She's way more photogenic than Dakota but egh her voice. I'm guessing she knows cantonese more.

No. 19935

I've never thought she's actually wanted to, tbh. I think that she was at a point where she had become exasperated at not having reached the level of fame she aspired for. I also think that China was never her end goal but thought that it would be an easier route to Japan.

When she saw that Dakota, some girl who was obviously photoshopped but still accepted in Japan despite her real self looking worse than Taylor, she probably snapped and decided that "if she can do it, so can I". Especially considering Kota was going for a look could have pulled off before naturally.

Tayllor probably figured that one of Kotas selling points was her age and thus underwent this transformation as well as following all these trends to make herself more likable.

I don't think she realizes just how fucking fake this comes off as. It's one thing for people to speculate and wonder what your real personality is like (using Kota as an example, people wondered whether she was just acting like a bitch or not) and another for people to see right through you and wonder why the fuck you're pretending to be 7 yrs old. It's gross.

Idk why she can't act like herself, we saw a lot of her in her original videos. People would have grown to really like her. SHe didn't come off as pretentious, just a girl who liked makeup.

Now though… and honestly, many of us have said Kota is where she is mainly because she's white (not making this as much about race as I am about her appearance itself). Its the same for Taylor. Even though her ps is so obvious, she imitates anime characters and speaks atrocious Japanese, she's good enough to keep getting small gigs.

As you said, it's fucked up that she does look better than Kota (though Kota does have her moments) but won't get to Kotas level. She's old and fake.

No. 19936

The baby face she got after fillers, doesn't fit her lanky, model body. She could have tried going for the "tall and cute" look (which she was basically doing in China) but instead she went full retard and decided to copy Dakota.

No. 19937

what I don't get is how Taylor got it into her head that she couldn't be popular in Japan with her original face? i mean that's what got her the modeling job in HK. are beauty standards really that different between China and Japan?

No. 19938

I think you're right. I was thinking she was just a total weeb who just wanted to live in Japan because of kawaii stuff, but thinking about it, even that comes off as pretty fake. Like if she was really into the whole kawaii thing, she wouldn't be hipstery one day, cutesy the next, edgy, then feminine, etc. I'm not saying she has to stick to one style/she can't be into more than one style, but she insisted on being kawaii 24/7 in China and now in Japan she seems to be trying a bunch of styles out to see what sticks.

The sad thing is, if she stuck with the cute, feminine, nutritionist model thing, she definitely could've become much, much bigger than Kota.

No. 19939

Wow, this video is depressing. She's like an empty shell, too self-aware and afraid to do or say anything wrong. I get that model jobs aren't all that glamorous but this seemed like a heck of a boring one. It's like her identity is entirely detached, she lost her natural appeal.
I got the impression she likes kawaii stuff. Look at the crap ton of kawaii items she blows her money on, eg in her room tour.

No. 19940

Jesus fuck, why is she doing that fucking face. She must have lost all self-confidence after moving to Japan. God forbid her from being herself (though, I guess this is herself at this point).

No. 19941

She could have been a nice respectable EDUCATED young adult WOMAN, making informative videos
but instead, yes went full retard alien baby

No. 19942

File: 1435407197690.jpg (65.74 KB, 640x854, img-50f9fd37415f977f56385168a1…)

The sunglasses are Dior's so real and cost like $500

No. 19943

File: 1435407255366.jpg (195.03 KB, 1200x1600, img-ef754507a63df3270ff0062a07…)

No. 19944

File: 1435407298088.jpg (191.92 KB, 1200x1600, img-9885a3bc46aa555c5322e9c43a…)

No. 19945

File: 1435407394422.jpg (49.84 KB, 640x640, img-c3203756d730663285a90d4ac5…)

No. 19946

I don't know how much she earns from her modelling, but her family is really rich so I guess she (they) can afford it.

No. 19947

File: 1435407788486.jpg (38.99 KB, 351x534, s.JPG)

blast from the past

No. 19948

I hate to be that guy, but, she looks so strange in this photograph.. It's not very flattering for her to do her lips like that.

No. 19949

or maybe her nose angle, sort of reminds me of a

No. 19950

This thread makes me so sad. She was so beautiful, and judging by her old videos, she had a nice genuine personality too. But now she looks lifeless, as if weeaboo was a deadly disease or something. You can't see that shine in her eyes anymore, she looks so try hard and uncomfortable all the time.

Japan, not even once.

No. 19951

>I believe they fade with time, like Botox. I think it's pretty much the same thing as Botox? If I'm wrong, please correct me.

It's not even a little bit similar. Botox is a portmanteau for botulinum toxin. It's a weakened version of the toxin that causes botulism, which is pretty deadly under normal circumstances, as it paralyses all of your muscles.

No. 19952

I'm jelly of these kinds of shoots. I wanna wear fancy things for no reason other than to be gawked at

No. 19953

They're not, for high fashion models. However kooter isn't high fashion and Taytay wants a piece of that "tarento" thing now.

No. 19954

You can get discounts easily, but her dad supplements her and she's fine for money.

>You can't see that shine in her eyes anymore
Exactly this. The weeaboo disease means circle lenses and dead eyes.

No. 19955

I don't see anything wrong with her hands wtf. They are just very slim and long. When you're skinny so are your hands…….

No. 19956

i hope she got fillers and not a fat graft.

fat grafts go down within the first 3 months, but after that, they're permanent…

No. 19957

Nah anon meant this is before her fillers. (Or, if she has them here, they're not so noticable.)

The other girl is also a model, probably a friend from Tay's HK days.

No. 19958

I kinda get this vibe that Taylor started copying koti to get more fame, but then he gradually started actually like the style and doing it makes her happy so now she's sticking with it.

No. 19959

sure shes older than kota but shes cuter with better hair

No. 19960

File: 1435853331109.jpg (29.82 KB, 640x253, 000.JPG)

I'll say her recent workout videos aren't half bad and she talks with normal voice.

Instead of copying Kota's retarded doll looks and dancing to stupid anime songs like a kid, she should stick to a more mature but still cute look and vlog about lifestyle, workout tips, recipes etc… Basically go for the women in their 20s who still want to be cute (interested into cute fashion) and youthful, but not childish and retarded.

At least she is more honest than Kooter. While Kooter shoops herself thinner, claims it's her "genetics" and that she eats whatever she wants, Taylor does not.

What I'm trying to say is: Taylor, leave Dakota to middle schoolers and find your own originality.

No. 19961

idk, I can see why you'd say that, but…the girl on the right is model material. she gives off very normalfag vibes. If the average attractive person was roped into doing this video, that's probably the way they'd perform it. Taylor is clearly going for an 'entertainer' role. She's practiced the gestures, she has over-the-top expressions, it's a performance that suits the weeb audience she's trying to appeal to.
The girl on the right clearly doesn't give a shit about pandering to Taytay's following.
they're both attractive, but Taylor is the type of girl to dance around in silly costumes for attention whereas her friend looks like the average 'model type' who's just in HongKong to tool around in her early twenties.

No. 19962

>the girl on the right is model material. she gives off very normalfag vibes. If the average attractive person was roped into doing this video, that's probably the way they'd perform it.

This is why the video is so hard to watch. Half of the screen is someone trying hard with her maw hanging and eyes so wide open, while the other is just… cute and naturally pretty without trying.

No. 19963

File: 1435860694152.jpg (113.3 KB, 594x387, Squads Across Europe Compete B…)

ah she looks like on of those pageant girls or cheerleaders who have to make crazy faces to keep people upbeat…. or at least keep peoples attention… pic related certain grabs attention and lolz

No. 19964

LMAO too bad the cheerleader effect doesn't work when it's just two of them.

No. 19965

File: 1436469281004.jpg (41.08 KB, 250x333, tumblr_nr8iqs01IM1s4ks8ao2_250…)

recent zipper magazine

No. 19966

File: 1436469618841.jpg (39.96 KB, 250x333, tumblr_nr8iqs01IM1s4ks8ao1_250…)

sorry its small

No. 19967

How do you guys know she is 27 years old?

No. 19968

People usually put their birth date/year in their usernames and her yt username is TaylorR1488 (although she just has the day and year she was born. Her birthday is 12/14 as seen here >>19899).

I think her birth date was also put in a magazine when she was still in China.

No. 19969


few years and she'll be 30 weeeeeeeee

No. 19970

>that moment when 1/4/88 is your actual birthday

feels bad

No. 19971

Honestly, I'm one of those people who feels kinda bad for Taylor. Obviously she has a lot of insecurities (why else would you get enough fillers to look like a chipmunk?) and stuff, but this video was really stupid.

Yeah, she used to be kinda chubby, and kids probably made fun of her for it. Newsflash though: Pretty much everyone gets bullied at that age. I dunno why she almost gets to the point of crying about it.

Then she segues into how her parents are there for all her lessons and recitals, like… Damn. You're lucky enough to have all those things AND a supportive family. Not every girl gets modeling lessons, ballet lessons, etc… Kinda makes the whole "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF U PUT UR HEART IN IT!!!!" Seem cheap. Of course you can do anything you want if your parents are stupidly wealthy. I doubt that she'd be able to make it overseas without their help.

Also, she's always wanted to be a model but didn't realize that she'd have to share a house with them and that she'd be constantly criticized and around drugs and EDs and stuff? C'mon.

Also, her drawings are pretty bad. I know that's mean, but it's true.

On a positive note though, her fillers seem to be going away. She's getting back to her normal self again, which is great. Hopefully her face will stay that way.

No. 19972


She seems happy now anyway, shame she tries looking alike an alien baby in her pictures/videos/self though.

Kota will never do a video like this, we all know she's been through some right shit and to be honest, it'd be more interesting to hear kota do a video about this/kaka/life/sadness instead of Taylor R tbh. Like I'm not saying Tay shouldn't cos yeah she should. But there isn't any drama surrounding her. I'd be defo more interested if it was kota doing this instead. Won't happen tho.

Love how Peachymilk jumped right in kek
(we all know PM wants a piece of that LD model in Japan syndrome)

No. 19973

File: 1437590278956.png (992.14 KB, 1575x353, jhkjjhhkj.png)

I want to know how she lost all that weight. It so hard to break old eating habits when you have a sweettooth like me.

It annoys me that she felt like she had to do the whole uguu babyface thing because her original look was a breath of fresh air among the "living doll" types. Its especially apparent looking back at her old videos like the gwiyomi one.

Taylor seems pretty smart about her career moves for the most part though. Reliability is an important quality for models in Japan and being able to feel like "oh, with just some effort in exercise and makeup I can attain this look too" is what sells. Ofc kota would never do something like that. She doesn't like telling people where she gets her clothes, makeup, or even that she wears circle lenses. Everything is zipped lips top secret with her. People will grow tired of this artifice.

No. 19974

I find her pretty likable, not going to lie. Her alien baby look is a downgrade, but she has the personality that Kota is lacking, it she seems to by actually trying.

No. 19975

I agree with everything you've said. Especially on the drawing thing, she draws the exact the same way I did in middle school.

Yeah, same here. Taylor honestly isn't that interesting.

Also pmt pretty much comments on every single kawaii girl's/jvlogger's videos.

No. 19976

I don't feel sorry for her at all lol. Poor little rich girl was fat once. Is that supposed to make me believe she's a better person or something?

No. 19977

Yeah, same here. I honestly think it's pretty stupid/childish of her to harp on it and almost cry about being called names as a kid. It really shows how good she has it if that's the worst experience she has to talk about.

No. 19978

The crying sounded really shmoozy and fake too lol

No. 19979

Her parents probably hired a nutritionist and a personal trainer to help her lose weight, they definitely have the money to do so. And it only took her six months to lose weight and start modeling, which seems too fast to do on her own as a kid. They also fixed any self image issues she had by taking her to modeling agencies and other things to achieve her dreams. So I don't see why she's crying about getting bullied all these years later when she had all that support from her family. That overly dramatic music in the background dint help her case either.

No. 19980

Kinda late but I meant to write relatability and not reliability

No. 19981

How rich is her family? Getting a nutritionist and personal trainer just so your kid can be a model seems like a very stage mom thing to do, if its actually true. Like Ostrenga stage mom nuts.

No. 19982

Actually that in particular sounds like a normal Rich Mom thing.

No. 19983

Not that anon, but her family is super loaded. Everyone in her family has super expensive cars, her brother said that cops wouldn't leave him alone because they couldn't believe they own Ferraries.

No. 19984

This shit is exactly why there is no way I could ever feel sorry for her lol

No. 19985

Shit they really are rich as fuck. Is that how shes always going to Paris and where the fuck ever in europe? I wonder what her parents do for a living.

No. 19986

Her father sells brand cars.

No. 19987

Yeah, I just watched the gwiyomi video. I find her way more prettier there, without the straight bangs and lenses.

No. 19988

Is losing as much weight as she did in 6 months possible for a 12 year old??? IDK since I have no experience with weight loss. Maybe with her parents help, but since they had a gym membership I'm assuming they got a personal trainer, since the gym my parents go to lets you have free sessions with a personal trainer.

No. 19990

if she's so rich why is her fucking mic for her youtube videos trash?! do you hear this shit taylor??? have you replayed your videos? i can't even hear what the hell you're saying. YOU HAVE MONEY. WHY?!

No. 19991

with taylor? LMAO details PLEEEASEEE

No. 19992

with who?

No. 19993


No. 19994

Is it that fucking hard to check the post chain she replied to? She was talking about Audrey

No. 19995

read it like 5 times but clearly i'm just retarded
was honestly hoping it was taylor anyways

No. 19996

Who the hell is Audrey

No. 19997

Yeah, no. The "chain" is full of OT shit nobody wants to sift through from 4 months ago. How hard is it to just say "no, not Taylor"?

No. 19998

Now when there's talk about how rich she is, isn't it funny that her family name is Richard? :D

No. 19999

No. 20000

deets please

No. 20001

Taylor Richie Rich

No. 20002

File: 1437639881454.png (154.12 KB, 499x247, tumblr_lrs023S4KQ1qbph67.png)

No. 20003

Audrey errased/moved her instagram? Probably because she's obsessed with reading lolcow, PULL etc. and he noticed she's a potential

No. 20004

Her husband is ugly. But ugly japanese wants to marry

No. 20005

Uhh that's common for blogs even here in America.

No. 20006

Didn't she also request her old PULL thread to be closed? Wah wah, people online need to be able to handle this stuff if they're gonna post their own pictures, family and especially when you associate yourself with and keep commenting on snowflakes Instagram accounts. Audrey was all over kittyphina for instance.

Anyway, sage for OT

No. 20007

She is?

No. 20008

Okay so several posts about her, not even bad ones, get deleted almost at the same time as she removes/deletes her instagram…
Is it possible she's the admin here ….or perhaps that she was posting to promote herself then realised she'd be IP tracked maybe? Doesnt make sense for such a few innocent posts to be deleted, especially at the same time

No. 20009

The #amwf (asian male white female) tag really makes me feel sick.

He's a fucking human being with a personality and needs for chrissake, not a fucking accessory with a 'Made in Asia' tag. To use someone's race to promote yourself on social media is about as low as you can go(and basically screams Japanophile marriage, not love).

No. 20010

I was the second one posting her name and I also deleted it (since I felt it was a bit too much, to correct the first poster by adding her middle name), so definitely not her

No. 20011

She needs a thread tbh

No. 20012

Oh sorry, was hoping for some juicy revelation haha

No. 20013

yes!!!!! also she only hangs out with more known "models" in japan

No. 20014

On PUL L or /b/ suuuuuure, on /PT/ nah.
What makes her "cow worthy" other than reacting bad to criticism and fetishizing her husband?
>Inb4 "Lolol she's a weeb and deletes shit x'D"

Or is there something I'm missing?

No. 20015

Her 'model' title and importance is almost nonexistant aside from a few random gigs over the years. She looks completely different unshooped, though, and has a really sour personality so there's that.

What's her backstory? Sorry for the OT…

No. 20016

Make an Audrey thread on /pt, /b, wherever and I'll provide milk. She's a weeaboo and flaunts her Azn husband anytime she can.

She's also trying hard to be friends with Taylor R so they can weeb together, kek.

No. 20017

i think it should be on b

No. 20019

Bullshit. No guy would be on here shitposting crap like this about some unknown woman no one gives a fuck about.
You're a woman, and I'm starting to wonder why you hate this chick so much.

No. 20021

looooooooool bullshit meter through the roof!
There's not a thing you've written that a ~GUY~ would say.
She already knows what you're doing since she deleted her instagram, and if you're this stupid I don't think it's going to be long before she figures out who you are, ~GIRL~
This is way more precious than all the "inside drama" you're spilling. I hope you keep us updated on what happens after she calls you out!

My money goes on a cat fight. Someone put it on youtube plz.

No. 20023

Audrey Theresa, stop.

No. 20024

This is too funny.
For real though it is pretty stupid to post about someone at your workplace when they could easily figure out who you are. I'm not complaining but I don't see this ending well. You probably shouldn't have mentioned you worked with her.

No. 20025

I think that's why they tried to misdirect with the "guy" part. tbh that stood out to me, too.

But seriously this is way off topic. Start a new thread.

I wonder if her family even knows what she's doing.

No. 20026

Yeah no your grammar is too terribad for you to get a job anywhere. If you're going to out of the blue use elipses for no reason at least use them correctly. Fuck your shitty tildas too. Why do girls on here always use them like that?

No. 20027

Audrey and Taylor are both rich Canucks. Why haven't they bonded already.

No. 20029

I just looked at Audrey's polaroids on her agency portfolio and damn does she look different than in her IG photos.

No. 20031

Aud probably only deleted her public account

No. 20032

New Audrey thread on /b
Please give us milk

No. 20033


Wait did something happen? Why did they both delete?

No. 20034

Link for Audrey's thread:

No. 20035

Hmm not going to work like that, threads in /pt/ link only to /pt/.
The number is
but on /b/

No. 20036


No. 20037


Typical white weeb in Japan.

- thinks they're amazing cos they're white

- have japanese male arm candy

- followers

- money

- thin

- blonde and has the same look as every other miserable kotakoti weeb lookalike


pls fuck off

No. 20038

No, I didn't. I meant you. Your grammar is awful. You don't have a job anywhere, mate.

No. 20039

Stop posting about her in here, she has a thread in /b/ now

No. 20040

File: 1438311851214.jpg (126.44 KB, 528x640, IMG_3982.jpg)

Taylor wrote a blog on her site about how she lost weight and it's one of those typical drink water and portion control believe in yourself posts.

The tags
Alright then.

No. 20041

>honey boo boo

The photo looks like it was taken in like the 90s to boot.

No. 20042

It is from 90s. Taylor is turning 27 this year.
She had weight problems when she was 7-9 years old.

No. 20043

Kinda looks like Honey Boo Boo

No. 20044

>and it's one of those typical drink water and portion control believe in yourself posts

So, exactly how you lose weight then?
Are you fat?

No. 20045

lol that's what I was thinking too
how do you think it's done? the magical weightloss fairy descends from the sky and melts away your hulking fat rolls?

No. 20046

I just thought it would be more personal.

No. 20047


i enjoyed her pics!!
even though she sometimes did lulzy OTT makeup, and hung out with andy autumn, and was ~*livin the tokyo life*~

No. 20048

> ALL she does is speak about.. how whenever she goes out people CANT HELP BUT hit on her
ah, this was in a blog post ones (blogs gone too btw)
idk maybe she has low self esteem (dont we all)

No. 20049

File: 1438767694656.jpg (165.78 KB, 640x653, image.jpg)


No. 20050

her "manager"

No. 20051

This thread should go to /b/.

No. 20052

Literal sex doll.

No. 20053

This is pretty cute

No. 20054

her face
oh god

No. 20055


her face
oh god
is cuter than mine

No. 20056

her face
oh god
is cuter than mine
when im taking a painful shit

No. 20057

tbh this is kind of true.
as long as you're a semi-attractive, conventionally dressed female with an average-to-low BMI, there are going to be scumbags out there in the world who try to pick you up or catcall you whenever you leave the house.
obviously, it depends on the area as well. areas with high populations (large cities generally, low-income shopping districts, nightlife zones, tourist attractions, etc.) are going to have a higher ratio of scummy dudes hanging out. I'm not sure if they think they're being funny by catcalling girls or asking them what color their panties are…or worse, they think their 'pick-up lines' actually should work and get angry when they're ignored or asked to stop. these are the really persistent ones, like the ones that will follow you to your car, beg for your phone number, etc.
I live in a medium-sized city with a high population of 'POC' men (whites are actually a minority within city limits) who think this kind of cocky 'player' behavior is attractive to girls. The other day I saw some really drunk Arabic dudes literally harassing the cashier at the grocery store, commenting on the size of her breasts and asking when they could pick her up after her shift. I can only imagine what it's like in Japan, where the population is way higher and sexism is supposedly rampant.

No. 20058

Is it possible that she's self-concious of her height? She always looks a bit awkward and lowers her head in pics, and I've met a lot of Japanese people, even the guys are short.
She probably towers over them, which makes her feel less kawaii.

No. 20059

I think she's self conscious about it as well. I think it's really obvious she is in this pic >>19757

No. 20060

I agree. She's not even all that tall but you can tell she can't accepted her height. It's most likely the fact she's obsessed with being a supa special kawaii girl. Sorry Tay. She can inject all the fillers she wants but cutesy girls don't tend to be around 5'9" in high heels.

No. 20061

It may be to get a better angle on her face too. I know I look slightly better wo my him tiled down

No. 20062

I don't think this happens in Japan. You must live in a poverty stricken ghetto shithole tbh. In be4 uggo I'm not hot but I haven't even heard of this happening except from tumblr.

No. 20063

Laughing so hard because only fat asses think losing weight is some magic trick when it literally drink more water, eat less garbage, move more.

No. 20064

Not even same anon, but this shit happens a lot. I know tumblr is garbage and exaggerates shit, but women are harassed a lot, on the street and even at work. I worked in a hardware store for a year and i couldnt deal with the snide comments during my shift from the locals. Don't make light of it.

No. 20065

Sorry for double posting but I had a friend who lives in Indiana who worked at a gas station shift and some guy followed her to her car in the empty lot and wouldn't leave until she pulled out her mace and threatened to use it. She's short and isnt what you'd call very pretty, so half the time is is just about guys being pieces of shit and hitting on any woman they can. I'm actually happy if it hasnt happened to you personally, anon, but it happens to a lot of women. And it gets to you after a while when the comments are hard to ignore.

No. 20066

Where in Indiana was your friend? Sounds like a common occurrence, I've heard a similar story.

No. 20067

I don't remember the exact location, but it's out there. Like horse ranches and farms galore.

No. 20068

File: 1438856331788.jpg (120.33 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

She looks sick but I think it's just less makeup

No. 20069

File: 1438857197526.jpg (211.88 KB, 672x640, rotated.jpg)

Rotated for convenience

No. 20070

It does happen. Tumblr exaggerates everything, but that doesn't mean women don't get harassed a lot. You don't even have to be pretty.

No. 20071

She looks like her old photos and a lot like her old self + her sister

No. 20072

It's like Kota had a growth spurt to look like a 17 year old boy, but her face stayed the same. I've never looked into her, she's so creepy wtf.

No. 20073

File: 1439428999318.png (24.67 KB, 822x110, Capture.PNG)

She posted this on her "Harajuku Fashion" video. Pretty interesting. I wonder if Kota was told to raise her voice by her agency, too?

No. 20074

I'm glad she's being honest about it at least but didn't she start doing that before? And wouldn't it have nothing to do with her YT vids?

No. 20075

Her try to talk even higher than she already tries was a serious failure and so many people made fun of her, she had to say that. It is probably true that it was demanded by her agency, same as it is for sure encouraged by the same agency or the manager to say to people that she had to do it.

No. 20076

her voice… this is a robot

No. 20077

I'm a little surprised she said fuck because it's not very kawaii and innocent.
I looked in the comments and she already explained the high pitched voice thing a year ago, I guess she's still getting comments on it.

No. 20078

File: 1439547242939.jpg (255.75 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpg)

Taylor, I honestly like you, but what is going on with your mouth? :/ it looks like you have seen up the sides.

No. 20079


No. 20080

No. 20081

File: 1439547818774.png (744.26 KB, 748x666, j.png)

dis sum joker level shit

No. 20082

I love her hair

No. 20083

Me too. It looks healthy and strong. But is all of it real?

No. 20084

File: 1439553356117.jpg (66.35 KB, 570x426, o-SOUTH-KOREA-570.jpg)

No. 20085


It looks real enough. I like it too, it's nicer than Dakota's that's for sure.

No. 20086

File: 1439585803301.jpg (17.95 KB, 220x293, t02200294_0487065012688852880.…)

old photo

No. 20087

her hair and makeup look really fucking good here. jesus christ.

No. 20088

She had a few surgery done to her face, but this looks fucking disgusting.

No. 20089

… I will never understand why some people choose to ruin their face like this.

No. 20090

I think it's mainly looking odd because half of her lip is covered with concealer+the filter makes it less visible.

No. 20091

this would be amazing if she didn't have the dumb expression.

No. 20092

She's going to end up like Park Bom

No. 20093

I'm not denying that Park Bom had plastic surgery, but a lot of her facial bloat is caused from a medical condition dealing with her lymph nodes.

No. 20094


She eats very healthy so it's probably real and her own.

No. 20095

She could destroy Dakota with the living doll shit if she stopped acting and styling herself like a baby and went back to this look. She's taller, thinner, prettier, can actually model and looks like her pics. If she would just stop acting like an uguuu desu jackass with those shitty fillers and stop puckering her mouth (which looks retarded). She could do sooooo well for herself but it's like she'd rather be another alien baby clone on the internet than an actual beautiful model. And she could so easily be the latter yet chooses the former. God, she's so frustrating!

No. 20096

God I'm so sick of butthole mouth. It makes people look more unattractive to the Nth degree. Makes your face look fatter, your nose bigger, etc. Thin lips are unfortunate and I don't know why people insist on trying to make theirs look that way when it makes you look very far from """doll""" status.

No. 20097

I agree 100%. It's ugly every time, Dakota does it but she shops herself so hard to look like a toddler & removes so much detail/blues the pics so much that it's not even the most annoying feature.

No. 20098

File: 1439729556625.jpg (228.03 KB, 700x895, monlily-larme-bridget-apron.jp…)

Definitely. If she did her makeup like >>20086 and picked a more mature jfashion, Japan would love her. She should try otona kawaii or larme kei (as long as its more mature looking like the left and middle outits in pic related). Especially larme kei, since its getting more popular and has that soft girly look she likes. I think pastelbat pulls it off decently even though she has a mature face

No. 20099


Yeah larme kei is much better, it's much more mature too but also very cute!

Taylor is very slender so she could pull it off nicely.

No. 20100

she'd be the kawaii taylor swift kek

No. 20101

Oh man, larme kei is really cute and you're right, it would suit her.

Certain sub styles of gyaru would look nice, too. And, depending on how you do it and how well you take care of yourself, it's a style that holds up as you age, too. I saw a blog post not too long ago about gyaru in their 40s. (Obviously they were more conservative, but still notably gyaru.)

No. 20102

I have no sympathy for her and i don't care if she succeeds passing dakota or becoming japans favorite white girl.
She was successful before but then she decided to kill her career in hopes of becoming famous in japan and ruined her face.She dug her own grave and i hope she continues to fail.
It's weird because i was in SaSa today and i saw a picture of her advertising some makeup.

No. 20103

No. 20104

I'm sorry but tall, skinny people look really silly when they dance.

No. 20105

File: 1439737078780.jpg (64.16 KB, 815x584, image.thumb.jpg.c3877e55f621cc…)

idk I really love this picture of her

No. 20106

Why the fuck did she throw away a perfectly good modeling career?

No. 20107

She was cute and average in the original photo. Wow… Now she's literally a pointed chinned freak from a 1970s anime.

No. 20108

I will always be super envious of her hair.

No. 20109

This beautiful - what did she do to herself?

No. 20110


she became… 'kawaii'

No. 20111

when i see stuff like this, i just can't. she trying entirely too hard. This garbage i can't unsee

No. 20112

All this time she's been hiding and this is what she produces? Ok Taylor…

No. 20113

File: 1440043254298.png (283.05 KB, 417x529, cheeks.png)

No. 20114

Man, shes so awkward to watch. She just looks like a grown ass wearing kids clothes jumping around like a moron in the middle of the street.


No. 20115

>grown ass woman**
my b

No. 20116

2nd hand humiliation watching this.. im about the same age as her and she looks like a dumbass. I really wish she would realize she couldve actually been something to aspire to years ago. This girls is just not cute in the way she wants to be. This doesnt fit her at all, she is already at a fucking midlife crisis. Imo she needs help.

No. 20117

Those are not kids clothes and why cant she wear what she wants?
I dislike taylor but seriously.

No. 20118

And youre right. Woman.

No. 20119

She can wear what she wants. "looks like" the clothes from a 10 yrs old sounds acurrate. think it proportions playing a part in that.
Oh ! and fact that we know shes about to be like 30.

No. 20120

It's not that I think she cant wear whatever she wants, I'm just saying she looks like an adult wanting to look like a child and failing. Her clothes by themselves don't look like kids clothes (my bad for not wording my post better), but like >>20116, I really, really don't think she suits the kind of look shes going for. She looks strange and kind of out of place in them. I hope I'm kind of making sense.

No. 20121

ive seen grown women in japan dress like this tho lol
i mean she does look retarded tho

No. 20122

you're right anon!

No. 20123

why does she want so badly to be like kota?
i mean what the fuck

No. 20124

Taylor is making Kota look good.

No. 20125

No way. Taylor is what Kota wishes she looked like irl; thin, actually attractive, long and healthy hair, etc.
Taylor does some cringy weeb shit but at least she actually looks like her pics in real life.

I also just had a realization that her and PT are only born a few years apart, yet they don't look anywhere near the same age. Crazy.

No. 20126

She probably thought her
modeling career
would be over soon anyway.
So fuck it.
But the clock still ticking.
They'll replace
her with the next
paler, younger,
gaijin anyway. Same with Kota.

No. 20127

She's so gross.

No. 20128

Why did you spoiler this? It just makes it harder to view properly since it enlarges to twice the size of the screen.

No. 20129

File: 1440053957994.png (1.63 MB, 1379x1415, Screenshot_2015-08-20-01-10-28…)


Sorry but im having a hard time accepting this as what she look like "in real life" compared to what she used to look like. Fucking aged backwards. Hm. Ok.

No. 20130

She's cute and all, but her feet are gigantic. How is she able to find shoes in Asia..?

No. 20131

link? <:

No. 20132

Her shoe size is 24 in Japan. That's definitely not large. Quite average for Japanese girls, so I'm surprised she isn't wearing 25 or 26.

(Most shoe size convert charts online are wrong. 26 is EU 39/40, so 24 is about.. 37, I think.)

No. 20133

She's one of the ugliest weeaboos i've ever seen in my entire life.
shes uglier than venus or kota
she looks like a fucking creepy alien doll thats going to kill you
she doesnt even look human. jesus christ she scares me so much

No. 20134

File: 1440060963980.jpg (52.16 KB, 600x733, trr.jpg)