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File: 1480591477546.jpg (8.06 KB, 160x160, 15203372_10207539264110264_389…)

No. 207053


former beste with lorena
is dumb and Looks like a old witch
married her pimp with 19 years.
Had a relationship with a 40 years old japanese before. but he didn't marry her.
Often seen at deai cafes

No. 207060

Despite her looking a little on the goblin side she still is fairly pretty and young,to bad she decided to waste her life away with a huge prick and suck old cock just to stay in Japan.what a waste of so much potential.

No. 207072

i have a mutual friend with her. interdasting.

No. 207073

what the fuck is interdasting

No. 207076

maybe my friend has some milk on her. i will ask.

btw does her daddy know what she does for a living?
[LINK REMOVED](read the rules)

No. 207088

All someone's gotta do is go to a police box,also known as Koban in Japan,and report her. Police will fast everything forward to Immigration, and tadaaaaa she is out of japan.I wonder if she has a backup plan in case everything blows up.

also LOL at shinjukublackswan

No. 207090


Are you talking about her husband when you say Old Cock? How old is he? Needless to say she looks old too. Isn't she 21 now? She looks tired, exhausted and dehydrated as fuck on that pic up there.

No. 207091

her husband is around 27,28

No. 207092

She has a spouse visa and it's allowed to engage in adult activities under that visa.

No. 207093


I am talking about the fake marriage.

No. 207094

If you have proof that it's fake go ahead. Otherwise police and immigration don't give a fuck. Same with Lorena. She still got back in despite being reported several times.

No. 207095

Holy fuck, she's 21? She looks at least 26, minimum

No. 207108

>she looks 26

Is this autistic 25-25-25chan?

No. 207109

She actually looks like she's in jer late thirties. But anyway, at least gaya got her sad boobs fixed, not like Lorena kek maybe that's why lorena is so angry

No. 207156

How is she a lolcow?

No. 207157

all of these random ass vendetta threads about obscure bitches in Japan is pretty weird…

No. 207167

dont forget her plastic surgery: 2 nosejobs, laser hair removal, lip injections, botox, scar removal, chin inplant, boobjob and fat transfer to make her eyes bulge at the bottom

No. 207168

holy shit. didn't know that

No. 207176

Goddamn how did she look before all of that?

No. 207177

Honestly though i don't think she could afford any of that, no matter how much hooking she did

No. 207180

her sugar daddies pay for it, must think she needs it

No. 207200

File: 1480629033835.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 356.13 KB, 1065x1475, 1472284679746.jpeg)

is she still trying to be a topless model? she looks terrified here

No. 207220

Those are fake? I'm impressed. Either they're nicely don't and natural looking or I'm just used to lorenas botched monstrosities and the overinflated balloons on the cosplay whore cows' chests

No. 207234

kek, who would pay for a saggy boobjob? she had a lift and they shopped the scars out

No. 207236

There was a video from that shoot and you could see the scars there.

No. 207237

Gaya doesn't even have milk.
This is turning into a long drawn out vendetta. She's actually a really sweet girl.

No. 207300

Yeah I don't see any problem with Gaya tbh

No. 207301

No. 207306

Getting pimped out by your husband sounds like milk to me.

No. 207307

No. 207309

If I'm not somehow mistaken, she had a breast lift, not implants done from what I can remember.

No. 207318

Yes but even a lift still leaves scars.

No. 207337

File: 1480640999987.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 148.45 KB, 750x1006, 1460992476344.jpeg)

Oh yeah, I know. She's definitely had work done to them and the scars are still very visible. I've just heard it was a lift and not implants, but who knows, it's plausible she might have had a small implant put in to give them a little more shape? Either way, here's a pic showing her scars for any of those curious.

No. 207351

Not that anon, but I do think that anon has a point. I'm 26, but she looks older than me for sure. Nothing wrong with looking mature though, it's not like she looks like 46.

No. 207363

Yeah, it's not like she looks ancient or forty. She just doesn't look 21. A person changes a lot after they hit 20 and 5 years usually make a lot of difference.
She could easily pass as a 26-27 year old.

No. 207421

How do you know that she got a chin implant? And the nosejobs? I only knew about boobs, injections and eyes.

Also to the boobs. In the beginning, she and Lorena got them injected every once in a while until lorena decided for a boobjob. Gaya got hers onoy recently

No. 207424

File: 1480654576791.png (2.82 KB, 208x208, download.png)

I'm surprised no one's called out on Lorena making this thread. KINDA funny that this thread popped up on Gaya who's well known already… But only when they stopped being friends, lol.
AND Lorena's well known to make threads of people she hates on here… Plus this person obviously has shit english like Lorena… All clues point that way lol.

No. 207428

Damn funny how people backstab each other,but then again who in their right mind would trust Lorena? I hope she spills some juicy shit on Gaya tho

No. 207435

That's a damn good point there anon.

Lorena is that you who made this thread? Can you tell us more? Why did Gaya and you break up? Kek

No. 207441

No. 207454

has she ever admitted that she's paying her husband for her visa?

No. 207556

I honestly don't care who made this thread, I am just shocked to read this about Gaya. I met her a couple times and she was such a quiet and shy girl. I knew she was married and thought it was weird for such a shy girl to be in a foreign country and to get married so soon at a young age. I never expected her marriage to be so fake though. She is young, immature and stupid. Her husband ain't many better. I don't see what's so great about Japan,so that you gotta whore yourself around in order to stay.
One day she'll realize it wasn't worth it. She thinks she is so smart and succeeded in life because she managed to stay in Japan. You're so smart, you open your legs for every man on the street….

No. 207776

Could we stop the slut shaming??
Funny how no one is talking about the other 100 sluts on tag. Gaya doesn't deserves this cause of her former friendship with lorena.

No. 207821

If Gaya doesn't deserve it, the other so called 'sluts' beside Lorena doesn't either.

No. 207829

I'm all for no slut shaming but come on, the reason why gaya is here is because of her relation to the bigger lolcow lorena (who probably made this thread kek). The other '100 sluts' on tag don't have secondhand milk.

No. 207858

I don't really see slut shaming here. Like, no one dislikes this girl for being a hooker. Some people here are rather worried about her.

No. 207881

I'm with the others as far as generally being indifferent that she's a hooker. I just don't get why she's a hooker in Japan, married/paying for a visa, when she could have stayed in the Netherlands where prostitution is legal and have a better life and more opportunities there.

I do think it's interesting as far as those speculating as to if Lorena made this thread. Gaya's body language in their threesome pics was very rigid and awkward, she didn't look comfortable at all. I've always kind of wondered about this girl's mindset really.

No. 208251

Gaya is weird and dumb

No. 208265

She probably makes a fuck ton more money doing it here where she is 'exotic' than in the Netherlands where it's cheap and legal.

No. 208267

If that were the case, shouldn't she be living in luxury? Her lifestyle seems very standard at best, but with a pimp visa husband, a language barrier, and keeping company like Lorena tacked on. I doubt she's making a "fuck ton" of money given what we've seen.

No. 208273

She makes more but can't hold onto it.

Another sad teenage Japan-obsessive who won't admit that Japan is not the dreamland they expected.

No. 208338

What is she spending her money on?

No. 208339

Giving it to her pimp husband

No. 208340

Surely she doesn't need to give that much to him?? Otherwise what's her incentive?

No. 208353

She gets a visa and someone to pay her bills, translate for official documents etc. She gets to stay a child. I've heard he "invested" a bunch of money too and lost it.

Also probably thinks they are in love.

No. 208370

Tons of surgeries and injections. Just the boob lift must have cost her the income of half a year as it was extremely well done. The regular injections for lips and eyebags and what not vary between 250-800$ each. Someone said she got permanent hair removal which is a long process that takes a fortune of money to spend on.

No. 208376

She should get some botox for her forehead. I know everyone's skin is different but having a wrinkly forehead with 21 years only. Damn.

No. 208378

Better get her nose fixed

No. 208457

Have you been to her house or seen her possessions? No, none of us have. So we can't judge.
But she clearly makes enough to work whenever she pleases rather than all the time. If she were in her home country she would be dime a dozen and fighting for clients for cheap prices.
Just saying it makes sense to do it in Japan than in her country.

No. 208461

she goes to deai cafes everyday

No. 208482

Hair laser removal is really cheap in Japan and what's the problem with that? So many people do it these days.

No. 208546

This is the girl who wears very cheap clothes, even when going to meet clients. We've never seen her wear anything nice, or have fine jewelry, nice accessories, etc. Sure, we haven't seen her home, but going by what we have seen, she seems to live fairly cheaply besides the plastic surgery. I'm just saying that her standard of living seems very average at best, when I honestly believe that she'd probably be better off in the Netherlands. It probably truly comes down to her just being a weeb at heart.

No. 208588

why does she keep pretending she is scandanavian if she is dutch??

No. 208594


she looks like a troll locked up in someone's crappy basement

No. 208652

File: 1480907087180.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1415x768, gb.png)

That is an awfully sad looking ass. Also, these definitely don't help make her look like she's making much. Her lingerie looks cheap, her shoes are beat, and the setting is pretty questionable too. She couldn't afford decent pics? Lorena is gross, but even she threw something better than this together for her site.

No. 208654

All of her pictures look like she doesn't want to be there. All half assed setup.

No. 208659

eww, she has acne on her ass. anyone putting their dick in that is just asking for an sti

No. 208660

Aliceinwonderland what an original escort name, especially in Tokyo Japan where there are a million Alice in Wonderland things.

No. 208662

You don't get an STI from acne. The acne isn't even that bad, she just needs to exfoliate more, but the girl def needs to consider doing squats. She has a pretty nice body otherwise.

No. 208668

it's well known she does bareback if you pay her enough. blisters is a sign of hpv and other infections

No. 208669

I don't think I'd go as far as calling slight blemishes that most people have throughout their bodies "blisters". You are being dramatic, anon. It's unsightly, but it doesn't look like a disease, calm down.

No. 208672

i don't know anyone that has this. you might want to get yourself tested

No. 208674

It's not unknown to get ass acne when you don't take care of your skin and exfoliate it on a regular base.

No. 208676

Why does she always put so little effort into everything? Is she depressed or something?

No. 208677

all she's amounted to is being a prostitute in a foreign country it wouldn't be a surprise if she was depressed

No. 208678

How many asses do you look at on an average day anon? Lorena, plz.

Probably told to do it by Lorena and/or her pimp husband. She looked awkward and uncomfortable in selfies Lorena took from their Korean threesome too.

No. 208688

File: 1480910281701.jpg (87.26 KB, 568x318, IMG_4681.JPG)

someone post the racist yellow face photo of her dressed up like this from her facebook, she blocked me

No. 208702

Where did you hear this?im on TAG and have never heard mention of this.

No. 208704

There is a thread about that now on tag. She has posted in it multiple times already but not said that she does not do it, just that her parents told her she was an accidental pregnancy. Everyone else in the thread has said they don't do it.

No. 208706

I followed that thread and can't find a post where she mentions to do it bareback. Any hint?

No. 208709

She doesn't openly admit it like Lorena but her ad doesn't say she doesn't do it like most hookers. I overheard her discussing it in a deai cafe. Send her a request offering extra money if you don't believe me.

No. 208713

No. 208719

Okay enough with the "vendetta" bullshit, I know you're the same person who has been posting in the gaijin in Japan thread too.You might just be that shiina girl. you think you're sticking up for a friend but you're actually doing more damage by bumping the thread idiot.

No. 208736

I don't typically post in that thread and don't know these people personally. Look at their grammar and way of typing? It's obvious it's OP throughout the thread. If I didn't want to bump the thread, I'd sage.

No. 208748

File: 1480914687640.png (5.66 KB, 435x76, lolorena.png)

Is that you, Lorena? You sound just like that anon that has "insider info" from Lorena's thread.

No. 208764

ok tinfoil chan, whatever you say. Having fun samefagging?

No. 208770

I don't know how people came up with vendetta as gaya has always been 'interesting' on her own since the first time she popped up online. She's just great in hiding behind other peoples backs. She'll act all nice and friendly, but if she finds someone who in her opinion is more popular and whom you might have talked ba about, she'll run to them and act all innocent and tells them everything you've told her. She's like a cat, always running to the hand which offers her the most exclusive food.

No. 208812

High fashion brand… lmao
Nobody else knows these brands anyways. They are not high fashion but cheap China clothes.

No. 208830

Prostitution is illegal in Japan. For everyone.
(I know it still exists and mostly isn't prosecuted, doesn't make it legal though)

No. 208838

It's not illegal but a grey zone. Vaginal intercourse for money is illegal. But whatever happens in between the sheets can't be controlled. And many places have a rule of offering a tip for full service.

No. 208865

Rich people stay rich by doing things cheap sometimes too. I know a rich family with 6 kids, they will happily blow out $2000 on a fancy meal with friends, but the kids still get hand me downs.

No. 208921

You people don't know these brands because they are local. Though some brands that select shop carries, such as DressCamp, are featured in Fashion News Tokyo edition (fashion magazine that feature run-way snaps from high-brands sorted by country)

Most of the clothes range from $500~$2000ish so not exactly "cheap." But not in the 10k range like Dior or LV or other world wide mainstream brands.

Price range is similar to Kenzo, or Comme de Garcons, Mastermind Japan etc.

If you haven't heard of them you just don't pay attention to fashion enough to know anything beyond LV, Chanel, Dior, whatever.

Back to Gaya wearing "cheap" clothes. I think she just like the styles of the local brands more than the staple high-brands. I mean why blow 10k on a well-known brand just for the sake of it being well-known?

No. 208941

Gaya looks cheap
She doesn't have fashion sense

No. 208957

We already talked about this in the sere thread if you think sth in the price range of kawano is high end you yourself can't have much idea about fashion. They're in the sale price range as LL and Glad News just as an example and those have a pretty low quality

No. 209050

LOL try again. Gladnews and Liz Lisa is around the $30~$120 price range. All you people go by is the discount on the webshop for shirts that are last years season of the resident brand . I'm talking about regular price in the actual shop for jackets, etc. If either of those brands had crystals studs on them they will fall off with one wash. The ones they use on the brands in Kawano don't and they use Swarovski crystals. Not to mention most of the stuff in there should be dry cleaned.

No. 209075

>they use reaul svarovski
Damn 'my little pony' does also use them. Svarovski stones are cheap af tbh

No. 209079

Squats may firm the ass, but getting big booty from squats is a myth. It only lifts up an ass, but if an ass is flat and there is not much to lift..

No. 209123

In Japan tons of shit should be dry cleaned. That's hardly a sign of high quality.
Also, just by looking at the pictures they have up on the Kawano HP it's pretty easy to tell they don't exclusively sell high end clothing. Pretty much on the same level as the brands you'd get at Marui if not cheaper.

No. 209156

Nice try there, Shiena, but it's still crap

No. 209257

I laugh everytime one of you blindly pretends you know who is behind the screen. Most of the time you are wrong including this time.

No. 209777

Seconding this, wheres the proof of the nose job and implant?

Going from OP's pic her nose looks pretty potato. I had a nose job and trust me, going under the knife you want to make sure your nose looks perfect.

No. 209802

No. 209834

All that thread proved is she apparently gets small procedures and both her and lorena are extremely deluded narcissists

No. 210476

File: 1481211115907.png (Spoiler Image, 136.85 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-12-09-00-29-38…)

Lol was this a not so subtle hit at lorena?

No. 210482

This is glorious. Has this guy also wrote a review for faketit lorena?

No. 210565

love it haha

No. 210665

There is no review about Lorena for quite some time now. Doesn't get clients I assume kek

No. 210780

I rather assume that she started to be a kyabajou again. Yet I wonder how she manages to do that as her Japanese skills seem even worse the mine and I'm on the level of 4yo kek

No. 210798

Yes lorena hasnt had a review since like the start of this year or the end of last year hahaha. No one wants her washed up pancake acne ass、mutalated tatas and stinky swamp pussy.

No. 210802

I doubt she can actually work in a hostess club with only having a tourist visa.

No. 210819

You can, but only in rather shady clubs or in 7th heaven, like eg heidi lotta did the first times when going there before she started off with prostitution

No. 210826

They are most likely not going to take her at 7th heaven. She is too fat…

No. 210841

she fat and has lots of tattoo all things the people at 7th heaven dont like lol..

Also>>210819 its a strip club not hostess

No. 210844

No. 210986

Nadine is still in japan?

No. 210988

For me it seems very unrealistic that anna is nadine as she'd never hang out with seres minion, except if this is the main cause for gaya and lorena to break up

No. 210989

U must be blind. It's 100% nadine

No. 210990


If you guys are talking about the same Nadine that I think you are talking about, then she is NOT in Japan at the moment. She is back home in Germany. I just met with her this past weekend.

No. 210991

Besides a purikura posted some time ago (these machines fuck up the face anyways) there is no real proof. I keep comparing the pictures and I don't see much of a match tbh.

No. 210992

File: 1481277344099.jpeg (93.85 KB, 633x822, image.jpeg)

If u don't recognize her, u must be blind

No. 210994

pictures are blurred. Besides that I don't get your obsession. Girl has no milk neither has Gaya.

No. 210995

Hi nadine
I know it's you

No. 210997

It is really annoying with all these "Hi bla bla bla…" Most of you act like embarrassing high school girls. You guys can not tell anyways most of the time.

No. 210999

Does anybody follow them on instagram? They are all private…

No. 211000

Nadine seriously has no milk. Gaya does have quiet a bit.

Anyone knows for which club gayas husband is working for currently?

No. 211001

File: 1481278667878.jpeg (81.08 KB, 442x1034, image.jpeg)

All the time someone mentions her, a whiteknight appears

No. 211002

All the time someone mentions Gaya, Lorena, Shiena, Kisu and consort a white knight appears. Do you see the pattern there?

No. 211003

Yep defending theirselves

No. 211004

The list can go on with both Blanka and Sandra as well. It is hilarious to me actually. You guys all read here and try to defend yourself on one way or another. This shit gets boring.

No. 211008

I personally think that Gaya has no milk as well. She is an Escort in Japan, so what? Having a japanese husband and paying him a certain amount of money for visa or whatever is no milk to me at least.

No. 211009

Only difference is Nadine is an obscure nobody on social media outside of lolcow.

No. 211012

>why did she split up with lorena?
>why does she ALWAYS look uncomfortable in her prostitution pics while she always looked happy in selfies before that?
>is her husband really her pimp?
>is she even with that guy still?

Nadine, is as said a nobody, so even if this IS her, why should anyone bother? She probably did it to pay off her student loans as she's not from a rich family

No. 211014

This still is not much worth it to have a thread here. Lorena is by far the only one her having real constant flowing milk. I am actually glad she cut off of her. If it is really true.

No. 211017

Someone being married to their pimp and paying him for a visa is not enough milk? What?!

No. 211018

So many eastern European women do the same here yet nobody brings them up here.

No. 211019

look for Anna summer on TAG

No. 211023

No. 211026

you can find some milk from nadine ;) because we all know she uses TAG

No. 211034

You seem to use it as well kek

No. 211270

File: 1481318862243.png (354.1 KB, 439x315, nadine.png)

Definitely Nadine. The pics showing "Anna's" chin/mouth match up with Nadine's kind of funny lip shape, and semi strong chin.

I'm personally indifferent to Gaya or Nadine. Lorena is where all the milk is at, but it is interesting since Gaya and Lorena were so close once. If Gaya is buddying up to Nadine, it could be why?

No. 211271

Nadine also got a strong personality

No. 211309

So many people have that kind of face shape. It's funny hoe often you are reaching out to proof something. Every few weeks someone brings it up and then it goes down again. Boring.

No. 211315

She is defending herself again

No. 211316

Sorry to break it to you but I'm not. I persons find it pretty disgusting that you guys try to out these girls here who have otherwise nothing to provide. Leave the TAG girls and especially Gaya alone for gods sake.

No. 211317

*personally. Stupid autocorrect…

No. 211346

Why is aminyan (aspiring kawaii aidoru) hanging out with Gaya the prostitute. Does that mean Aminyan is likely prostituting herself like others have said on here before. They just seem like an unlikely match tbh especially considering that idols need a squeaky clean reputation if they wanna do well.

No. 211348

A friend of mine that goes to temple with her told me amina told her that shes an escort

No. 211456

Most idols have a sugar daddy because idol money is super crap. But just because someone hangs out with a prositute doesn't mean they also do prostitution

No. 211465

Is nadine going to a language school?

No. 211590

i didn't know nadine and Gaya were friends

No. 211591

How do you know that amina hangs out with gaya???

No. 213371

Gayas husband asked me on gyaruru, if i wanna go to Hotel with him

No. 213372

Proof or it didn't happen though

No. 213428

No. 213453

Do you have screenshots or something authentic? Not saying that it didn't happen because her husband is a pimp.. but you can't just say that and expect us to believe you.

No. 213466

MTE sorry if im being retarded but i cant find nadine anywhere. Someone help?

No. 213470

Others have said it several times. A nobody with no milk. Some of you guys are so stupid

No. 213472

Sounds like Meririn to me

No. 213487

i feel like somebody must have a vendetta against her. Why is she always brought up then?

No. 213497

They should take their vendetta elsewhere and read the rules. Lolcow is not their personal army.

No. 213530

It's always the same person
Looks like she is obsessed with her lmao

No. 213540

Saw him with a dark haired gaijin around kabuki a few weeks ago

No. 213586

No vendetta i just want to know who she is, im just curious. Also lol at all this personal army shit jesus /b / died in 2005

No. 213661

Hes a known gaijin hunter so its not suprising

No. 213818

I don't know much about Nadine either. Not sure why people flip out about her on both sides, plausible that there's an anon or two with a vendetta, but there's just as many anons who seem so quick to defend her.

All I know is that she's done escort work in Japan, is from Germany, seems to be friendly with Gaya as of late, and Lorena dislikes her for whatever reason. She doesn't seem milky though, just a typical gaijin sex worker.

No. 214316

No. 214324

And? That's nothing new.

No. 214328

No. 214330

She wants to work at soap land but before she needs the right visa??? She is already married

No. 214332

I've never seen a foreigner working in a soap land. So I doubt they actually take one anyways. No matter what visa you have.

No. 214395

Sexpat detected

No. 214424

That's really weird, on a spouse visa there are no limitations concerning the type of job you can do. Sounds off.

No. 214436

But it's still up to the employer whether they want to hire or not regardless of the appropriate visa. Hiring a European girl at a soap land (where usually illegal activity occurs anyway) can attract unwanted and unnecessary attention from authorities. My guess as to why they refused her anyway.

No. 214524

Kisu is working in a soapland in kabuki

No. 214527

Are you sure it's not just deai cafe? I can't imagine anyone hiring this ugly horse face.

No. 214529

lol have you ever seen seaplane girls??

No. 214543

Wtf is seaplane?

No. 214579

Someone in a previous thread posted evidence for her working in a soapland incl a photo of her while fishing for customers

No. 214584

That must be a really shady one then.

No. 214589

never saw that

No. 214590

Yeah or not really a soapland but some kind of delivery health/massage/este/pink service, especially in kabuki. Seems weird having soaplands in kabuki

No. 214592

Theres several soaplands in and around kabukicho

No. 214594

can someone Show the link?

No. 214636

I looked up seaplane and NADA >>214579
Could you send us links or something?

No. 214712

Sorry It was soapland and it was autocorrected to seaplane. But basically you dont have to be pretty to work for soap.

No. 216724

Lol I wonder if she started checking herself or using condoms. I remember her admitting in a thread how she and her husband were in an "open relationship" because she couldn't resist fucking anything that pees standing up and also in that same thread explaining how it's fine that she never checked herself for stds because she's on the pill, only to have everyone else go "wtf girl the pill doesn't do shit against stds are you dumb". It would have been fine if she and her husband were both agreeing to an open relationship but fuck, one would think that if she loved him so much then she'd care enough to not pass him any shit she'd contract from all those other asian dicks. It seemed like it never actually occurred to her that there are other, far more serious things you could get from sex than pregnant.

No. 216748

He sleeps around as well. And I doubt he uses condoms with these other girls.

No. 216801

Thats funny cause on tag she takes the moral highground saying she tests herself monthly for stds

No. 216883

No. 216888

No. 217222

Not surprised if they're both sleeping with others as if nobody THEY'D choose to sleep with could ever have an std. These people are the worst.

No. 217230

Just stop.

No. 217730


Triggered n

No. 220154

File: 1482451122223.jpeg (81.28 KB, 617x872, image.jpeg)

No. 220289

Looking greasier than usual

No. 220303

Looks like she quit the lip fillers too. I wonder if she just can't afford them right now or she realized they weren't really helping?

No. 220612

No. 220798

Even with lip fillers her lips ar none existant

No. 223851

No. 223866

I wouldn't call her a men's desire…

No. 237559

Do you think it was a visa marriage?

No. 237858


You mean gayas marriage? Of course it was lol

No. 241440

File: 1485669271555.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5132.PNG)

Found gayas husband on a dating site

No. 241478

File: 1485674432161.png (98.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5133.PNG)

No. 241489

Can you scroll down and take a pic of the 恋愛・結婚 thing?

No. 241495

File: 1485676301511.png (115.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5134.PNG)

No. 241497

So he says he lives on his own? lol

No. 241566

What app is this?

No. 241697

lmaooooo 一人暮らし

No. 241701

Ew hes so not hot

No. 241705

From the nose up he looks pretty alright, but he looks like he has a somewhat severe underbite… still better looking than Lorena's first visa husband at least I guess?

No. 241716

Anything is better than lorenas visa rat with his graveyard teeth. But thus guy as you said us definitely what the japanese called しゃくれ

No. 260175

saw gaya in shibuya. she looks so damn old

No. 260190

No. 260197

Nobody here cares

No. 260203

she went with her husband. gaya went home but her husband was hunting gaijins lmao

No. 260210

So what?

No. 260245

hi gaya

No. 260250

I'm not Gaya you idiot!

No. 260326

are they still living together?

No. 275275

Idk if they hang out in person, but they are friends on Facebook.

No. 395637

No. 395644

File: 1506820764700.png (107.65 KB, 206x275, tumblr_oq04gmVDmE1s4s0zko3_540…)


Holy shit, my japanese is not very good but as far as I understand, he said she fucked like a fish and that even her BJ was "so so", also this

>Maybe if I fucked a real fish it would've been more enjoyable

No. 395943

omg hilarious
she wanted 40000 yen haha but at the end she only got 25000 yen

No. 395976

The background on the photo posted in this article reminds me of seres rathole

No. 396489

I zoomed in and it is Sere’s rathole. Lmao

No. 396494

Does anyone know where Gaya is from? People in the thread have said The Netherlands. But if she's actually Scandinavian I might have been kind of childhood friends with her, the age and looks fits.

No. 396507

She is dutch and not Scandinavian. She also grew up in the Netherlands

No. 396519

So, do they use that place as some kind of brothel???

No. 396522

Damn his ass is savage,he didn't have to do the poor girl like that.

No. 396540

Why not? Isn’t it her job to give a decent service for the amount of money she charges?

No. 396541

It's her job and for the fees she's asking for she should be a professional at it.

No. 396543

File: 1506933792477.png (187.7 KB, 716x1117, IMG_20171002_104134.png)

That's indeed a bad review. The guy is also making fun of her requesting 40000 yen lol…
Someone apparently posted a comment under the article asking for it to be removed. I also think it was unnecessary for the guy to add a picture of gaya

No. 396544

Gaya is trying to have the blog removed and is threatening to sue the guy who posted it! She must be reading here.

No. 396545

Girl never could stand honest feedback, not even back in her gyaru days kek

No. 396547

Okay, my mistake then. Thanks anon

No. 396570

I also think the picture is a bit too much but then she doesn’t hide her face anyways…

No. 396995

It seems to have been taken down
Anyone have caps?

No. 396996

It’s still there with the picture included

No. 397683

All these cows on this forum reads here, that review must got gaya in her feelings. Bitch charging that much and can't do a decent blowjob kek

No. 405040

Are they still living together? Saw her visa husband going after some foreigners in shibuya

No. 423660

Probably. Her husband chases foreigners so he can pimp them out like Gaya to fund his AirBnB business, while she needs him for a visa and because her Japanese is shit. It’s symbiotic, sadly they won’t ever leave each other.

No. 435378


Holy fuck, she talked a lot of shit on TAG about people there going to a cafe she works at just because some of the posters found out they could get cheaper dates there than contacting her to escort privately.

25000 yen an hour is fucking hilarious though. Shit, maybe I'd do it for that amount.

No. 435582

well maybe 15000 yen but not more

No. 435599

Wow, thats quite harsh but apparently it was like screwing a fish so its only fair.

20000 apparently is the normal market rate on PCMax? Ha. I should give it a shot next time.

No. 436144

No. 440533

File: 1512771926350.jpg (94.38 KB, 664x1024, 4f69f90151fd47e46692391383ba83…)

Gaya reminds me of Roller Girl. A sex obsessed airhead blonde with little education who fucks old guys for money. She even looks like her!

No. 440878

File: 1512827243677.jpg (25 KB, 300x400, 455Gaya_Vandenabeele5.jpg)

Old nose.

No. 476673

whats that for a photo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 495000

No. 495013

Using your wedding photos for your prostitution ad how classy

No. 495016

Her wedding dress was a hostess dress…

No. 495041

That’s not a prostitution ad? It’s just a model website.

No. 495637

How could her parents let her be a teen bride to a guy she barely knew for a visa.

No. 495702

Her father seems to be a little weird

No. 495717

It says model/companion. It's an escort/prostitution site.

No. 495748

Look at the "golf companion" section. You can have a model join you on the course and then to an after party. The expectation here is that the man hiring her then proposes an offer. It's a legal way to offer prostitution.

Most of these models don't have proper headshots. It's mostly promotional "hostessing" work and side offers from that. The gaijin models probably don't realise it when they sign up though.

No. 502528

Both her parents are weird , I was friends with her when she was 14/15 years old and told me often about her boyfriend being 35 or older and confirmed me both her parents accepted it , sometimes those guys also went to her parents place

No. 502641

That's rape. I think she said something about a guy treating her badly on her blog https://ameblo.jp/gayachanlovesyou

Not really sure what they expected.

No. 502700

I can't open her blog but if it's rape she kind of helped it her self , she often showed picture's(I wish I still had those picture's but it's so long ago they got deleted) where they looked so happy and I know she always talked about sex , she also asked my best friend if he was virgin or not , it was always sex related so I wouldn't be surprised if it ended bad one moment with they way she was

No. 502718

with parents like that (who would encourage their teenager to fuck a 35 yr old???) i'm not shocked she's always been overtly sexual.

No. 502754

A site that has "transgendered companions" section, not being a prositution site? How naive.

>Golf hostess

>After party companion

No. 503006

You're victim blaming. Doesn't matter what she did, a 14 year old can't consent to sex.

No. 503019

No. 503122

It's horrible if she is raped something nobody deserves But I also know she had more 30+ boyfriends and she used to talk all happy and openly about her sex life so if she did the same to the guy who raped her he prob though it was nothing bad because she was open about it , now I don't know if she did told him those kind of things but I know from friends of mine she used to talk about that to them .

No. 503124

Those are from around that time yes
But the ones with the guy are probably all gone as they were on some Dutch social media site which got deleted some years ago

No. 503131

A rapist is still a rapist, even if he manages to justify his behaviour to himself.

No. 503143

ah, you don't understand the concept of statutory rape. cool.

No. 503151

It doesn't matter what she did, no man should be going near a 14 year old. That's borderline pedophilia.

No. 503348


she got bullied because she is weird af

No. 503364

No. 503493

Sadly I do understand all about it.

Her parents allowed her to date those types so they should have protected her way before she starting dating those guys¿

No, the site was called hyves But the social media part got deleted and now it's for games only.

No. 503600

in her blog she writes about she wouldn't sell herself and now look what she is doing now

No. 503869

Lol, so it's ok for guys to sleaze on whoever they want? Men fuck children because they know girls like Gaya will be too naive to talk back to them and too eager to please to care about their own pleasure in bed. No grown woman would put up with it.

No. 508399

I see her irl walking in Shinjuku sometimes and damn she's ugly af even with all that surgery.

No. 508422

File: 1519055133250.jpg (68.7 KB, 770x433, 2127534.jpg)

Somehow when I see a picture of her ( especially smilling) she reminds me of some old Dutch porn star

No. 508752

she's always complimenting her own beauty on tag

No. 512083

How did you find her lolcow if you knew her before she was a hooker?

No. 547132

because I used to be on lolcow allot before hers was even made

No. 547616

Her own beauty?! She is ugly af

No. 547997

Anybody else have a sneaking suspicion Lorena is always the one who necros this thread? Just me?

No. 548342

She looks like a Neanderthal ..Everyome who thinks she’s attractive is blind

No. 548390

You really bumped this thread just to say that? Hmm…see >>547997
Don't want to pull the
>hi cow
but this just screams Sere.

No. 548498

And what are you coming here to comment then? Dumb cunt

No. 553080

This. Gaya isn't interesting or milky enough to need her own thread. She's just a boring yellow-fever girl stuck in a meh situation in Japan. If it's not Sere in here, it's someone with a vendetta.

No. 627823

File: 1530622265551.png (44.88 KB, 879x439, Untitled.png)

Why does she keep tweeting and then deleting the same message asking for tickets for some show and claiming to be an 18 year old high school student? Has her account been hacked or something?

No. 627839

is that really her twitter account?

No. 627854

that's her account

No. 627857

No. 627866

Some if those tweets sound like she is having a conversation with herself.

No. 630118

she replied to posts on lolcow

No. 815507

Why did Gaya quit escorting?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255730

File: 1623638174269.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 1668x868, gaya taniguchi.png)

No. 1274237

How/where are you searching/finding these? I want to see more…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1754626

She escorting again.

https://tokyoadultguide.com/threads/pretty-european-blonde-alice.28660/(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1768243

File: 1676417744220.jpeg (693.61 KB, 1179x787, 172C04B0-9EF9-4397-AF6A-4FC03E…)

sad to see she hasn’t been able to move out of sex work and still has to do this type of thing with a young child

why are there so many black spots on her photos? is she covered in tattoos now?

No. 1768482

Is she prostituting in Japan?(sage your shit)

No. 1788557

I don’t get it does she have an Asian fetish or something? Why does she only whore herself in Asia to Asian men?(sage your shit)

No. 1788563

she has a thing for japanese men. it's why she came to japan. her husband who pimps her out is japanese too

she's really dumb so probably can't get work elsewhere. not even english teaching as you need a degree for that. i don't think her japanese is even fluent after 10 years

No. 1788673

Just another 30yo weeb living out their poor life choices to "make it" in Japan tbh.

She's also kinda weird or somewhat plain looking by most western standards, but by Japanese standards She's an "exotic" blonde European which might have factored into Japan appealing to her so much too. Lots of basic white girls move there pursuing easy modeling work and end up in the hostess to prostitute pipeline like she and her bestie Sere did.

No. 1788678

She's also very quiet which allows men to project what ever they want onto her. Japanese men especially want submissive women with no personality of their own. They only want woman to serve them and to always be the center of attention.

I wonder what her future will look like. Most white models end up seeing sense and leaving Japan after a few years but a few get dragged down further like Lorena. Gaya doesn't seem to have much to return to as she moved to Japan right after high school from a small village so doesn't really know anything else in life. She's probably not going to leave her husband if they have a young baby. What will she do when she is too old for prostitution? I don't think many Japanese men would want an older white woman.

No. 1788900

I wonder the same for most prostitutes with zero job experience outside sex-work and limited resources available to them. Gaya at least seems semi-stable in comparison to others like Lorena, but it's really hard to say. I imagine she's going to just do like many of them do and keep lying about her age until men stop paying for her sometime into her late 40s. By then who knows if her husband will stop being a sad excuse of a man and pimping her out or step up and actually care for her, or drop her for another one of the "models" under his care. Seems like such an incredibly sad way of life tbh.

I do wonder if maybe she's hoping to meet a better man via her line of work to "rescue" her like many do.

No. 1877657

Wait she has a kid now?
Is she low on social media cause I can't find her anywhere.(necro)

No. 1877762

Moved to >>>/w/304921.

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