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File: 1481065810930.jpg (185.52 KB, 750x1269, evaisableist.jpg)

No. 209739

>completely oblivious to her stupidity, goes on and on about how she is better than every single person
>gets REAL made at porn blogs for reblogging her nudes
>she continues to post nudes which is what she calls art
>Appears to be completely NEET with no social life outside of tumblr; although at one time claimed to study
>talks about wanting to look prepubescent but sexualizes herself by wearing heavy make up and lingerie
>pro-ana but pretends to be anti-pro-ana even though she runs a pro-ana blog
>cannot fathom being accountable for past awful behavior so she pretends it never happened even though there is proof
>throws a shit fit, guaranteed, at least 3 times a day.

I see a milky future for this cow..

No. 209742


did i do this right? am I missing anything? she's all sorts of awful, I had to narrow it down.

No. 209747

File: 1481066347938.png (8.2 KB, 603x181, evachilldude.png)

lol yeah yeva, don't get so easily offended like oh em geeaa

No. 209748

links would help

No. 209749

add social media links.

No. 209752

all her accounts are linked here
she has a look book for her "art" aka selfies and an insta.

i think the tumblr is a great source for milk though, considering she doesn't turn off anon and answers almost ANYTHING even though she'll be completely off topic, she will definitely be rude and some how make herself seem superior to you.

No. 209754

File: 1481067217912.png (Spoiler Image, 266.45 KB, 482x391, evanudes.png)

>i don't get it why do porn blogs reblog me
>i'm so fat and ugly and i hate my tits

sure, eva.

No. 209757


She looks like Lady Gaga's ugly sister…

No. 209758

File: 1481069153953.jpg (78.77 KB, 750x880, IMG_2655.JPG)


No. 209766

File: 1481069991366.jpg (177.27 KB, 750x1290, IMG_2654.JPG)


No. 209768

Also her weird obsession w Columbine and she talked shit about Nicole Dollanger for romanticizing it but if you look through abb's Columbine tag you can clearly see that she also romanticized it kek.

No. 209770

File: 1481071033769.jpg (164.99 KB, 750x1276, IMG_2656.JPG)


No. 209772

how did she romanticize it? Jw because I couldn't imagine romanticizing that and I am on mobile & can't look through her blog atm

No. 209775

File: 1481071453686.jpg (182.5 KB, 750x1278, IMG_2653.JPG)


sorry for so many posts but this is her classic behavior
> reblog obviously sick girl,goals
> gets called out, denies it
> says she "only looked at like 5 pics and didn't realize it" but look at the fuckin header and all of the posts

she is delusional or lying if she thinks she has an art blog.

No. 209783

File: 1481072414500.jpg (245.37 KB, 1439x1070, Screenshot_20161206-165237.jpg)

No. 209784

File: 1481072541635.jpg (1.29 MB, 1435x2407, Screenshot_20161206-165357.jpg)

No. 209785

Sage for yelling just like omg ugh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 209789

File: 1481072982564.jpg (258.56 KB, 1406x1261, Screenshot_20161206-165309.jpg)

This is… just……. lol. She also referred to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as "babies" and reblogged the photos of their dead bodies frequently.

No. 209793

Who gives a shit if it's a meme. It's a meme, and it's Columbine related. I wouldn't even care if she didn't drag someone else for doing the same type of shit. She's a hyprocrite plain n simple.

No. 209807

it grosses me out that she finds this funny, especially in a time where mass shootings are becoming more and more common

also, we know from past snowflakes (guess who I'm thinking of?) that romanticizing serial killers/murderers is mostly just a trend for attention, so I was not at all surprised when I learned this about yeva

No. 209856

I'm convinced the reason she hates on Nicole is that she can be the only edgelord who's "passionate" in columbine and have that whole grunge dolly cemetery vibe going on. And yeah, it's pretty gross. She shames people for being sexual, but idolizes garbage like this.

No. 210049

File: 1481128819157.jpg (98.3 KB, 750x1032, IMG_2686.JPG)

No. 210061

File: 1481130596762.png (24.21 KB, 510x322, Untitled.png)

oh wow now shes just milking herself

No. 210062

wait is this even her blog???

CW 222???

No. 210063

File: 1481130694336.jpg (162.33 KB, 750x1300, IMG_2690.JPG)


No. 210064

this is the thinspo blog that tags pro ana content that yeva claims she looked at, reblogged from, but somehow still didn't know was a thinspo blog

if you look at all four of the 1-4 images in succession it makes more sense

No. 210065

File: 1481130944309.jpg (157.55 KB, 750x1230, IMG_2691.JPG)


why post or reblog the images in the first screencap if you're so triggered by dd/lg content? what other implication do those images have

No. 210067

Plot twist: She's actually cementdoll

No. 210068

I think the second image in the first screenshot is a screencap from the virgin suicides but the fist image looks a little rapey tbh

No. 210092

the lack of self-awareness is astounding.

No. 210104

someone fill me in on cementdoll?

No. 210114

File: 1481143470015.png (839.43 KB, 1165x847, 1111.png)


No. 210140

her response when someone was like "wtf" was "omg people need to stop getting so offended" LOL LOL

No. 210153

That is a still from the film Lolita.

Incidentally, one of Acidburnbaby's favourite films.

Lolita, the filmatisation changes the story from a child predator preying on an early teenager's secuality to a story about a teen vixen ensorcelling a grown man.

No. 210157


i'm like 95% sure that's the only book she's ever read. and I'm only 50% sure she actually read it.

also, dam this bitch MILKS HERSELF

No. 210191

Man I swear that screencap is the scene from the virgin suicides when the youngest sister slits her wrists in the bathtub (hence the blood in the pic) could still be wrong though

She uses lolita as another accessory to make her different and unqiue and she is better than u bc she knows tha true meanung beind tha book!! Like I get it people who refer to humbert as "daddy" are annoying but people who won't shut the fuck up about the true context behind the book are just as bad and they just want to show off how smart and insightful they are

No. 210193

she literally posted a gif of the rape scene saying "she's so beautiful" or some shit and like mentioning how the actress was a minor then too
>says lovely like cassie from skins~

No. 210197

ABB-is-a-cunt has been taken down lol guess shit got ~real~ i bet she was like "do you know who my father is!?!?" (we don't but she would say that)

No. 210202

Did she do this recently? I haven't seen that gem yet

No. 210204

i saw it once i scrolled a whiiiile but ABB-is-a-cunt had reblogged some old milk that aged like fine wine.

anon, post that shit.

No. 210206

She is accusing that cementdoll girl of sending herself asks but I'm so sure abb does the same thing. she barely gets notes on her text posts and doesn't seem like a very popular blog but she is constantly getting asks? Something isn't adding up

No. 210210

my theory is that she literally does nothing but make drama on the internet her life doesn't seem to have any other purpose and NEVER mentions friends and doesn't talk about her family (although mommy and daddy support her and she lives with them)
she could at least use some school she is dumb as a rock i feel like she had a bad ethics 101 teacher if or when she attended part of a semester of college

No. 210218

File: 1481157325654.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 312x240, tumblr_n9p6gnIKXR1qmxji1o1_400…)

i know ew but this is the gif she posted she's a psychotic hypocrite

>how beautiful

>she was so young

No. 210221

sage for the large tinfoil hat but what if she made the hate blog and all of this shit she's so bored and narcissitic she wanted all this attention and you have to admit her asks are 50% ass pats

this is what she seems to dedicate her life to this shit

No. 210223

File: 1481157793237.jpg (203.17 KB, 750x1148, IMG_2728.JPG)

No. 210225

Wow she really goes off on the dd/lg blogs for reblogging this type of shit and she goes and does it too????? Where is this girl's logic at? Also I find it funny that these girls always reblog the 1997 film and never Stanley Kubricks rendition. Placing my bets on its bc these girls have only watched the 1997 movie and never watched the older version or read the book even though they like to pretend that they have. Also the 1997 one fits their damaged little girl aesthetic much better..

No. 210227

I'm almost positive she's actually cementdoll lmao

No. 210234

yeva get that disgusting face of yours out of here!!!!

No. 210237

File: 1481158503427.jpg (259.27 KB, 750x1286, IMG_2729.JPG)

No. 210242

File: 1481159077695.jpg (225.51 KB, 750x1278, IMG_2730.JPG)


how exactly are you going to shit on people who don't conform to ur perception of gender roles but simultaneously expect ppl to respect your sexual identity as an asexual? obviously gender and sexuality are different things but the way they don't conform to one of two (that's where binary comes from btw) categories should help you wrap your head around the concept. ffs

I have truly never seen someone with such a huge ego possess such little self awareness

also… I know if yeva ever finds out that she's discussed here she will have a fit about how she "literally can't believe anyone would waste their life on this website instead of making art or doing something productive, wow, truly a shame" but I have half of her blog screencapped and it took like 5 mins. know what takes a lot of time? taking pretentious, faux candid blurry, dark pictures of yourself for your pathetic blog and calling them art, lmao.

No. 210245

what if there was a blog that copy pasted her words exactly etc and she read it and HATED THE PERSON

cuz she would. she doesn't seem to recall all the awful things she's said and she blabs so much haha

i mean fuck tipping cows but that'd be kinda funny

No. 210250

she makes a TON of posts about murdering people and wanting to kill everyone. when mass shootings or massacres happen she always makes a post like "I don't get why everyone gets so upset about these things"

I know she hates everyone but what if like her mom or her best friend was a victim of a mass shooting? would she care at all

No. 210269

she claims to "not have feelings"
and says shit like this
and despite all the criticism, she thinks she is right about everything and above everything..
her art is just photos of herself
obsessed with her looks and persona

NPD anyone???

No. 210271

File: 1481163007625.png (28.95 KB, 515x358, blindassbitch.png)

lol okay whatever with this cement doll thing who cares but that line, she really has no sense of how she's being perceived

No. 210281

she reblogs like 200 posts per day and that's not even counting her personal posts and those shit shows of asks she gets she really lives her life through her blog it's pathetic

No. 210357

File: 1481184581094.jpg (26.54 KB, 511x157, dhsfs.jpg)

actually she loves her~

No. 210413

>so so lovely

she's this most contrived person on the internet.

No. 210415

File: 1481201101983.jpg (822.69 KB, 1439x2459, Screenshot_20161208-044052.jpg)

Uh… what emotions? Lmao I don't see how taking selfies and slapping crummy filters on them cam be considered as "art". Her obssesion with this girl is really weird too and she even copies the way shr does her makeup

No. 210416

File: 1481201278539.jpg (905.04 KB, 1438x2456, Screenshot_20161208-044719.jpg)

No. 210422


she's such a creep i doubt that violet girl even knows who she is. i tried looking at her blog but it was boring as shit. but i guess that's what yeva tries to hard to be.. boring? wtf y'all

No. 210528

was she also cemeterygoddess???

No. 210529

No. 210533

File: 1481222077329.png (7.69 KB, 471x130, Untitled.png)

omg that's like 3 lies

1.she doesn't study shit
2.she doesn't have friends
3.all she does is talk about herself

No. 210562

I think we should all just come to the conclusion that she is actually cementdoll lmao

No. 210563

edit: she is cementdoll and all of the fake pages affiliated w her

No. 210743

i think this might actually be true but its so crazy

No. 210782

File: 1481252270194.jpg (968.05 KB, 1436x2409, Screenshot_20161208-185513.jpg)


No. 210783

is that safe for work??

No. 210788

File: 1481252752914.jpg (803.63 KB, 1437x2439, Screenshot_20161208-185438.jpg)

She's wearing a teddy in the photoset, and not a "bodysuit". Teddies are definitely not supposed to fit baggy. They fit very snug around the waist area and, as you can see, that's where it is the baggiest on her. The chest area also hangs very low, putting money on the crotch region is probably droopey as fuck. Who knows what the size of the thing is, but it's definitely way too big for her and she feels the need to find excuses for it.

No. 210792

damn she looks like she walks the streets

No. 210793

Uh idk? I see nothing sexual about it besides her wearing a lingerie piece. But her skin is covered up, and she not making any suggestive poses, so I didn't think to make it into a spoiler.

No. 210799

File: 1481253457419.jpg (969.34 KB, 1436x2429, Screenshot_20161208-191506.jpg)

Sorry for the spam but I came across this too, which she also posted today, and if this isn't pro ana then idk what is lol

No. 210805

nah bro it's ok i was making fun of yeva continuously violating her own ideals and being completely oblivious to it

No. 210948

i'm crying at the cemeterygoddess-is-a-cunt blog OMG
i don't think she made them herself, though, i think someone's got a personal vendetta against her

btw >>210533 she's a criminology major, she won't tell anyone now because she knows that it's fucking inappropriate to call mass murderers "babe" and study criminology lol

No. 210987

does she shoop her legs longer? the proportions look really… weird?

No. 211130

i still think she only says that cuz she tried to go to college once and failed cuz she's dull as a rock.

No. 211299

File: 1481323229611.png (29.73 KB, 524x387, Untitled2.png)

GOD she is such a contrived piece of shit

No. 211300

the camera (iphone) angle is from the floor and she's wearing those platforms. her legs are kinda long probably cuz she's 5'8 but this angle etc makes her look so weirdly skewed like her abdomen isn't existent

No. 211314

>"extremely meaningless and of no value"
>wants to work in fashion industry
oh my god she cannot seriously think she's above people who enjoy being with other people. Ahaha she believes a society she wants to have a fashion magazine in is shallow. what the fuck

No. 211339

this dumb bitch has submitted at least 10 nude/lingerie selfies to porn blogs & used to reblog the shit out of them, she literally did the same shit she apparently despises for others to do. what is wrong with her honestly

No. 211357

someone just tipped her, wonder how long her rant about it is gonna be

No. 211368

is it just one person tipping the cows these days? it feels like it's one buzzill doing it.

No. 211370

>>209749 her last name is aghekyan

No. 211371

File: 1481335244766.png (11.32 KB, 524x231, loving the smell of your own f…)


No. 211387

People who think they're so artistically deep but don't have one artistic bone in their body are the absolute worst. All she does is sit on her computer all day and post photos of herself, which are nothing special. Anyone can smear dark makeup on their eyes and wear frumpy lingerie and take selfies. Her diary tag is just filled with self loathing posts or her passing judgement on other people and they're usually just a couple sentences long. How tf is this girl gonna write a "novel". She should really pick up an actual art form, or hobby at the very least. Buy a fucking canvas and paint some shit, or take actual photographs of stuff other than yourself. I swear you can always spot a fake artist a mile away by how how fucking big their ego is and how much they glorify themselves.

No. 211392

oh gosh now she's gonna come in here with her holier than though dull ass soulless hypocritical opinion..
careful girl, we will tear you down.

No. 211401

File: 1481339151549.png (41.71 KB, 519x389, writing.png)

wtf is she writing then???

>i've been working on my vocabulary for years

haven't we all been doing that since we were like in pre school? her responses don't even make sense

No. 211403

So yeah Lolita probably is the only thing she has ever read, if she's even read it. If she's read as much as she said she has, she would have pretty decent vocabulary. She writes as well as I do, and that coming from me, a retard, who never reads.

No. 211412

File: 1481340775318.png (333.95 KB, 666x340, art.png)

an example of her writing ewwwww

there's a bunch they're all awful and i doubt any of the images are actually hers it's so bad like 14 yr old pro ana garbage wtf

No. 211426

This thread feels like a self post…. and why do most of the replies have her typing style?

No. 211434

Agreed. Glad I'm not the only who noticed that.

No. 211435

It's not lol

No. 211436

"I want to lose weight" Deep.

No. 211438

To a T. She talks like an edgy 11 year old outsider in middle school who just discovered creepypastas and now thinks everyone is beneath her because she's ~so different from society~.
Is she a high schooler or stuck in that sort of high school mentality? I cba to look through her blogs to find out her age. Pretty much every young adult these days is into (or appreciates) art, photography, fashion, and other basic hobbies like that so why is she acting all holier-than-thou over it?

No. 211443

File: 1481347093332.png (47.68 KB, 756x460, selfpost.png)

>The letter "I" alternates between capitalized and uncapitalized
>Sentences are randomly capitalized or uncapitalized
>Frequent run-on sentences and comma splice errors

No. 211533

Lol no, there might be a samefag in here but it's not a self post, she's an insufferable cunt and i have been waiting for this thread for awhile lol

No. 211548

This thread was made because she was continuously being posted on the Nicole Dallanganger's Calves thread, and I doubt she would even post herself there since she hates Nicole and doesn't affiliate herself with that group. Also I feel like if she really did make this thread, she wouldn't even hesitate to bitch about it the second it was made. Look at how she reacted to the acidburnbaby is a cunt blog. I think the reason she hasn't confronted this thread yet is bc she's flabbergasted that we're right about her being full of shit, and a poser intellectual so she probably doesn't know what to say.

No. 211577

she always says "older than 18 but younger than 21" and people have said she's 20.

I don't really know anything about her past tho if anyone knows where else to dig? obv she had many blogs before this one but cemeterygoddess was deactivated etc i don't know where to look

No. 211594

Someone on here that she used to submit nudes to porn blogs which she may have done on the cemeterygoddess blog but who knows

No. 211607

File: 1481398202228.png (226.51 KB, 500x414, tumblr_o9z19eSu6Z1u15o7bo1_500…)

vintage cemeterygoddess selfie lol

No. 211614

File: 1481399977575.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 480x320, https://68.media.tumblr.com/42…)

a couple months ago when she was submitting these kind of photos to all the popular submit blogs lmao

No. 211616

File: 1481400086076.png (813.75 KB, 640x541, IMG_0915.PNG)

No. 211617

File: 1481400435955.gif (Spoiler Image, 671.35 KB, 480x270, https://68.media.tumblr.com/1d…)

yet she wishes death on those who post nudes ???

No. 211619

File: 1481400583890.png (Spoiler Image, 79.03 KB, 750x1010, IMG_0918.PNG)

No. 211626

why even own an article of clothing like that if you're not a stripper or even a sexual person???

No. 211627

sooo dollanganger doppleganger tho LOL

do you think she would still back having posting these as "art" cuz like omg no girl

No. 211628

btw have you just saved these since then or is there a yeva-is-a-shitcunt database??

No. 211629

File: 1481402143604.png (27.23 KB, 515x528, evaisarapist.png)

holy blind racism and complete disregard for white privilege

she's so uneducated and like, i wouldn't reinforce that idea so much on someone who doesn't claim to be of such a high level of intelligence I bet her IQ double digits

No. 211632

A couple months ago woooooooow. God guys didn't you know that posting gifs of you spreading your ass cheeks apart IS art????

What she said was fucking retarded and cringy but "white privilege"? Keep that shit on tumblr.

No. 211636

That's sad. Been about two years and she views the world as her loner high school life. Says a lot about her really. She's gonna have a hard time getting a job because I know she doesn't have one if she's this shut in. Cunt's living off mummy's money

No. 211637

I swear I've seen all of these pictures of her circling on tumblr which is crazy bc I would have never put the two together she also looked a lot healthier in these and they're only a few months old

No. 211641

i'm sorry she's just so cringy i want to tear her down but i understand the 'white privilege' go back to tumblr sentiment ! idk why she infuriates me so much

but i love her blatant racism, she's just milking herself and reinforcing her cow identity

No. 211642

Anon please go back to tumblr or pull and stay there
Wow the cringe, you can tell how uneducated eva is because of this post.

No. 211645

I'm honestly so surprised she didn't get dragged for that post and response. She is truly blessed she didn't go viral on tumblr over that shit lol.

No. 211646

>uses a collective term 'they' to refer to an entire race
next up:
>those people
>i'm not racist but

inb4 go back to tumblr etc i'm just pretty sure she's never met a black person

No. 211649


i saved them but you can just go to bootyoptics / cynegetic / womenexcelllence tumblrs and search her acidburnbaby name and all her submissions show up

No. 211650

lol that's so funny her whole existence is a contradiction

No. 211658

she's throwing a ridiculous shit fit on tumblr right now i'm making popcorn

No. 211684

File: 1481407899280.png (Spoiler Image, 437.03 KB, 1119x539, evaporn.png)

proof she submitted herself to porn blogs lmao

No. 211707

lmao she's obviously trying so hard to appeal to tumblr and be ~poc friendly~ but the entire thing just sounds like she's creepily fetishizing black girls. "WATCH people criticize me for THIS" she's such a fucking martyr

No. 211756

File: 1481416722706.png (17.48 KB, 522x226, evasbigblackdick.png)


also she's okay with this comment? okay about people posting about sucking dick on her blog?
ok yeva.

No. 211762

lol now she's posting nsfw shit to 'condition' herself into liking it?

No. 211767

I wonder if her "Asexualilty" comes from her harbouring guilt from being a skank online and submiting her naked body to porn blogs run by neckbears. She probably started gaining unwated attention from it and became sex repulsed and now wants to look like a prepubescent child.

No. 211814

File: 1481426331399.png (Spoiler Image, 63.04 KB, 750x629, IMG_0931.PNG)

she made this "yvette-slade" blog as an """experiment""" to prove that people on tumblr don't like anything but nudes lmao

No. 211815

File: 1481426391982.png (Spoiler Image, 155.19 KB, 750x1233, IMG_0933.PNG)

wow she's so deep

No. 211817

File: 1481426475102.png (Spoiler Image, 89.47 KB, 750x878, IMG_0945.PNG)

"don't sexualize me!!!!!!"

No. 211818

File: 1481426599235.gif (Spoiler Image, 975.26 KB, 480x270, IMG_0943.GIF)

it's art !!! not gross porn like some girls post

No. 211820

what a rétard

No. 211825

More like to garner even more attention and do I see her using lolita in a sexual context

No. 211849


No. 211855

>psychotic retarded girl with uggo face somehow hits genetic gold and gets awesome body but decides to do stupid shit with it like submit porn pictures and pretend they're not porn

I know it's irrational, but I'm angry. Sometimes the most undeserving people get all the good shit.

No. 211911

Same anon, she has perfect tits and I am very salty about it.

No. 212042

File: 1481474868386.png (14.58 KB, 498x205, pooryeva.png)

no long drawn out response to this one huh?

also her blog is currently like half nsfw shit

No. 212087

She didn't delete it and got rid of the tag lol

No. 212119


the only "bad" thing that happened to her was that lots of porn blogs reblogged her tits… but??? that comes with posting your fucking tits online it's not like anyone was harassing her

everything this retard does is for attention/notes/followers it's absurd how much she cares about that goddamn site

No. 212147

she literally spends her every waking moment reblogging and posting selfies and throwing shitfits on her tumblr. i wish i could see her past bullshit.
Hilarious that nudes of her are still cycling out there.

No. 212794

File: 1481584066165.png (Spoiler Image, 96.97 KB, 750x876, IMG_2088.PNG)

Waaaah I'm so obese

No. 212800

I'm not a pro ana blog!!!!1

No. 213416

File: 1481665385663.png (32.34 KB, 750x399, IMG_4542.PNG)

No. 213423

File: 1481665587092.png (75.44 KB, 750x511, IMG_4543.PNG)

it's like she thinks this type of shit will make her any less of a pro-ana blog. "look at my 6272729 'body check' type photos i post a day and tag with things i know anas will search, but don't compliment me on anything!! i totally don't showcase my figure for asspats!"

No. 213445

File: 1481666447802.png (72.09 KB, 750x635, IMG_4544.PNG)

Good God there's nothing more important to her than that camera she's only going to use to take more terrible selfies.

No. 214647

lol okay yeva, it's canada, i'm sure you can get someone to see you for free or some shit (sage for being a pissy american)

No. 214650

Sage but yeah all mental health care is free in Canada (or at least ontario)

No. 214653

so where tf did she pull $200 from? for the asspats/excuse to not pursue treatment?

lol she's so dumb
>i'm getting treatment for everything now
>but i'm not planning on recovering any time soon

No. 214658

From her ass.
My local health care unit offers eating disorder treatment, drug counseling, and other specialized care and it's still free despite being a tiny one floor unit.

No. 215065

File: 1481898416812.png (Spoiler Image, 99.71 KB, 746x977, IMG_2230.PNG)

Isn't it funny that she thinks she's just too good for "shitty" counselling even though she can't afford private counselling because she doesn't work and sits in her parents house posting thinspo all day lmao

No. 215068

File: 1481898915949.png (211.25 KB, 750x1281, IMG_2232.PNG)

Part 1 of 2. Another way she contradicts herself is her most recent attack on sex workers who post asking for money (which I also don't agree with but not the point) when she literally does the exact same thing (see part 2)

No. 215069

File: 1481898952743.png (149.59 KB, 750x1275, IMG_2235.PNG)

Part 2 to the above post.

No. 215078

File: 1481900122770.png (291.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0955.PNG)

So. Self. Contradicting.

No. 215079

Slight off topic, but unless she lives in a shitty province, it isn't just "counselling" but, there are a range of professionals and hospitals dedicated to that and it's free
And if she's considered a high level danger, they'll help her almost immediately.
Fuckin' cunt.

No. 215099

Canadian here, and I've never encountered "free" psychologists.. There was a free youth place, but once you're over 21, no cigar. Every place I've been to has been $150+an hour, the only place that has "free counselling" as far as I'm aware is the hospital, which you gotta like attempt suicide to get one "session" lol. There's also a religious place that offers "affordable counselling" but counselling and psychology is really different.. psychologists work with mental illnesses, and counselling is just generic problems anybody has.

Maybe I live in a shitty province but that's just my experience w Canadian mental healthcare.

No. 215146


She's 19/20 at the most. This would mean she gets it for free, right? Regardless she's an idiot and fakes mental health problems for pure attention and sympathy because she's a sociopathic loser

No. 215148

File: 1481914071892.png (132.84 KB, 750x1160, IMG_2236.PNG)

This is just too funny. Hello Eva because we know you're reading this right now you piece of shit

No. 215180

I'm from Ontario and this is how it's been for me and a lot of people I know. It really depends on how good your insurance is - yes we're all covered under OHIP but it almost never covers anything to do with mental health (therapy, medication, etc.)

No. 215221

File: 1481925983923.jpg (587.02 KB, 1438x1371, Screenshot_20161216-140534.jpg)

Ok we get it you're obese

No. 215243

I also don't think it matters to her because it's paid for by her precious mummy and daddy and she just used that as an excuse to be like "I tried to get better" ugh ew such cringe
I'm speculating her parents are well off if she can live at home and do nothing as an ''adult''. Idk where else she would get money.
I think it's safe to assume she is 100% NEET

No. 215689

File: 1481934830108.png (236.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0978.PNG)

God she's so fucking dumb I can't even find the words to describe it

No. 215692

did she get hit on by a scummy guy or 2 because of her submitted porn pics and feel that she was taken advantage of? is that what happened?
the complete and aggro 180 she did in terms of nsfw blogs feels like she didn't think ahead to how strangers would react to her displaying her body in a sexual manner. then when she realized the consequences of her actions, felt violated and lashed out; absolving herself of responsibility.

speculation on my part sure, but damn she flipped quickly enough.

No. 215717

That's also all I can think of too
Like boo hoo motherfucker

No. 215751

File: 1481947231963.png (Spoiler Image, 121.67 KB, 750x1146, IMG_0949.PNG)

posting nudes is horrible and everyone who does it is the scum of tumblr except for when she does it because then it's body positivity! what a dumb fucking cunt

No. 215815

lol i'm speculating that an IRL found her and hit on her or something along those lines tbh

No. 215940

File: 1481989021236.png (251.26 KB, 750x1286, IMG_2275.PNG)

Once again saying how she wants to kill people who like sex. What a psychopath.

No. 215946

Did she forget that she only exists because her parents decided to fuck?
Be as *~asexual~* as you want, but don't act like that's how everybody should think about sex

No. 215949

>don't have souls
can't tell if she's trolling
sage for tinfoil hat but what if this is another of her social experiments
as in trying to be as anti-sex and homicidal as possible just to see how pissed people get (it looks like she's the only one getting pissed tho)
because I have a hard time believing that this discourse is meant to be serious or that she unironically believes in what she's saying

No. 215953

Nah I think she's completely stupid and arrogant. Her persona is so embarrassing.

No. 215956


they're not cute. didn't kill that many people. and they were overall boring betas. why this bitches pretending they care about them?

No. 215959



>pic of skeletor with a filter

pick one

No. 215960


>Well i'd love to just be reborn as one of that's all

the fake deep is so strongggg

No. 216000

File: 1482001363333.png (121.02 KB, 748x1071, IMG_2276.PNG)

Does anybody else think it's hilarious how hateful she is to anybody that isn't herself lmao the guy is probably looking at you because you're in his fucking way you loser

No. 216006

>#like naomi campbell
Hope she gets reborn as Precious lmao

No. 218165

File: 1482270659266.png (184.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1007.PNG)

She posted her amazon wish list lol I bet she wouldn't mind if creepy men bought her sexy clothes she'll indefinitely take damn near nudes with

No. 218174

That $3,000 camera is on her wishlist lmao like someone is actually gonna buy that shit for her. Also who would spend 30 bucks on that cheap slutty school girl outfit anyway.

No. 218201

I cant believe i read through her blog what a fucking unbearable brat
Also she sounds a lot like she has NPD and anorexia. Also what's up with all those "ooohhhh my gooddd how i hate menn!!!! one guy looked at me mwah mwah i bet he wants my hot preteen body mwah mwah what a jerk!!" like… literally go fuck yourself you whiny baby.
She also seems to have 0 friends, as she never speaks of them even though she only ever talks about herself. Also just a little emotionally unstable, probably jealous of people capable of bonding with other people, therefore those "I WANNA KILL EVERYBODY!!!" and romanticizing of beta males like Eric and Dylan.

No. 218208

File: 1482279476700.png (64.45 KB, 532x219, imageedit_1_8390210010.png)

>can't make friends & probably drives people away and/or makes everyone hate her because of her shitty ass attitude

No. 218211

I know, isn't she just rotten? Also simple as fuck I don't think she's ever read a book, we have our doubts that's she's actually read Lolita. Also her blog is p much thinspo, pro Ana, and lingerie pics of herself she calls "art" omg click her writing link it's hysterical she's completely oblivious to it too it seems

No. 220120

Idk her but those two posts are based

No. 220133

Yeah those are the only posts she's made that I've agreed w so far. Not sure why anon decided to post those. But she probably has dozens on recent posts that totally contradict those two tbh lol.

No. 220197

eric and dylan weren't bullied, they were the bullies.
i hate this inaccurate narrative.

No. 222924

File: 1482901306439.png (89.91 KB, 750x748, IMG_1063.PNG)

She is just such a snobby little brat wtf so embarrassing

No. 222926

File: 1482901746862.png (85.44 KB, 744x601, IMG_1064.PNG)

I feel like she would romanticize hitler and use this explanation to try to get away with it

No. 222957

>not even an ounce of self-awareness or irony in her response

No. 226931

File: 1483482150915.png (49.38 KB, 787x462, Screenshot (29).png)

sorry to bump a thread that hasn't been in a week but i thought this was releavant

No. 226983

Wait so was cemeterydoll not a catfish fish afterall?

No. 227005

LOL still didn't apologize for being awful to anyone who pays her anything but a compliment!!

Also she's posting a bunch of nsfw/bondage and heroin shit now?

Lol she truly has no personality besides being nasty she's probably unbearable to be around

No. 227015

Well you can tell that the bitch has no friends because she has dedicated her entire existence to taking photos of herself… by herself, and being an edgelord on tumblr. She was probably one of those assholes in highschool who thought she was better than everyone else because she's sooooo different, but there's literally hundreds of girls on the internet who are just like her.

No. 235089

Her "vent blog" if anyone's interested
It's the same as her other blog though?


No. 235091

File: 1484492608310.png (194.22 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1214.PNG)

This is pretty lulzy tho she's such a dumb person

No. 249009

Bump because scrolled through this girls blog today and she's super fucking milky and lulzy

No. 249231

She's got two right now for no reason I can imagine..
The other one is fragile Bambi
She's just trying to hype herself up

Also she posts all her "writings" on photos she didn't take and doesn't credit them lol
She is such a dumb person too

No. 254362

File: 1487527450377.png (238.05 KB, 750x1167, IMG_3454.PNG)

Do you think she actually reads what she is saying before he posts it?

No. 254365

File: 1487527725477.png (249.52 KB, 750x1131, IMG_3455.PNG)

When she plays the victim card because she triggers other people's EDs lmao

No. 265536

File: 1489003054657.png (228.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1597.PNG)

Sorry to bump an old thread, was redirected here from the ana-chan board

Eva is getting shit for her dumbass "uwu i'm a pure asexual angel" act today.

When told she's being shitty, she blames it all on her trauma and starts the whole "but what about meeee" bullshit.

It amazes me how fast someone can go from "you're threatened by my purity, cry about it slut" to "I didn't mean to hurt anybody :("

No. 265539

I was honestly waiting to see how long it would take her to even piss off the pro-anas of Tumblr. She seemed suspiciously… fake-positivity for a while.

No. 265543


She throws a pity party and acts like she fucking hates herself when someone makes a good point when they call her out, but then gets all buddy-buddy with everyone sucking her dick for being a shit person.

She's such a fucking priss. Ugh.

No. 269164

i got her deleted for posting pro-ana shit. now she's at the URL lolitabambi and back to posting pro-ana and nude girls

No. 269172

Lmao recently like today?
I also noticed she's Acidburnbabyy too

No. 269175

File: 1489455763189.png (89.76 KB, 750x727, IMG_1930.PNG)

No. 269198


just when i thought no URL can be worse than bloodz 'acid' 'burn' 'baby'…

No. 269209

She says it's cuz she thinks acid burns are so cool

No. 269534


But I thought she was triggered by all things NSFW?

No. 269537

She claims by posting and looking at NSFW she's "desensitized" herself she did that in a matter of a few days, again, she claims. So she can reblog their stuff but they connot reblog her ?

God Eva no one gives a fuck about you and your super intelligent eating disorder ugly face

No. 270982

File: 1489703319373.png (165.02 KB, 750x1153, IMG_3656.PNG)

She makes such a big deal about anybody who's remotely NSFW following her because they're all scum of the earth but she posts these pics and tags "cynegetic" who we all know runs a blog specifically for girls nudes. Her ED mustn't have been enough to get her attention so she's reverting back to being a ho.

No. 270996

Gotdang she finally turned off asks/anons

No. 270997

Couldn't find that tumblr why would she tag that???

No. 275078

File: 1490199666193.png (112.57 KB, 750x739, IMG_2088.PNG)

Lmao so edge much originality

No. 285919

Anyone else got more info/nudes of her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285952

dude go back to fucking r9k you're shitting up every thread asking for girls nudes

No. 288470

File: 1491834950985.png (132.63 KB, 750x1210, IMG_2364.PNG)

Ugh every now n again I see her bullshit, it's so cringey.
All cuz someone told her that thinspo isn't body positivity.
Reminder she gets scummier everyday.

No. 294978


No. 316927

File: 1495241099900.png (106.64 KB, 1044x530, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.43…)

this is the worst shitshow rambling i've seen her post in a while.

No. 329948

she's apparently having drama with some other random bitch called girlrejectsgod
will post screenshots

No. 329949

File: 1496726868763.png (164.64 KB, 1052x956, Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 1.24…)

eva being a hypocrite + slut-shaming + just ignorant is why all this is happening

No. 329951

File: 1496726982705.jpg (114.59 KB, 750x788, eva u fucking idiot.jpg)

No. 329952

File: 1496727018995.jpg (129.08 KB, 750x775, tumblr_or3ydkUlCE1w05x8so5_128…)

she posts ^ but then posted this at some point

No. 329958

oh hey, that's the chick that started following every fitness blogger she could just to insert herself into the existing drama and self-submit herself to a "truth blog" lmao

No. 329965

really? i've been following her for about a year and a half now and i never heard anything about her being on "truth blogs"

i also find it funny that she'd follow fitness blogs when she's admitted to not working out at all before. she's so desperate for attention and a tiny bit of relevancy that it's hilariously pathetic at this point.

No. 329966

Yea, you can still find some of the asks by searching "lol" since the owner doesn't tag stuff, it's only a few tho; https://lord--swoledemort.tumblr.com/

I actually messaged the owner to tell them not to post anything about her since she's not relevant to the community

No. 330019

File: 1496739535665.jpg (33.21 KB, 546x398, reversz.jpg)

she thinks reverse racism is real oh my god

No. 330090

those are tiny lines… of what looks likes really stepped on baking powder.

No. 330098


"Reverse" racism isn't real, but racism is applicable to anyone of any colour, because racism doesn't just mean institutional racism. Get a dictionary or fuck off back to Tumblr.

No. 330139


you need to go back to tumblr hon, this isn't the place for you.

No. 330176

File: 1496768581654.png (105.53 KB, 770x518, Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 1.01…)

holy shit lmao she's so obsessed with herself that she's already checked this thread that was dead for a solid month. i'm dying.

No. 330180

Considering how I sent the ask about her a few weeks/month ago, this confirms her lurking here.

Just do the fitness community a favour and fuck off.

No. 330187

Could be ketamine to be fair.

No. 330484

Someone in the general pro-ana idiots thread mentioned MPA, and it made me remember a few months ago when Eva said she'd joined that site. Did anyone ever find her account?

No. 330644

She's becoming irrelevant, so no.
But feel free to dig through the mpa cancer if you like

No. 330717

username on MPA is lolitafawn

No. 331661


What is MPA?

No. 331692


No. 438625

i sent tumblr an email and they terminated her orginal account. she has been continuously accusing me of stealing her ideas and journal entries

No. 438651

is she accusing you on cadaverouscervine?? i haven't seen any posts about it

No. 438813

>438651 i dont think she's posted anything about it on her accounts. she has been accusing me in private on tumblr messenger

No. 438895

This explains why I've stopped seeing her ugly mug on my dash all the time, nice. Guess she's still a raging cunt.

And lol, she's been copying shit from other bloggers, it's the only reason why she got "popular".

No. 440016

Is no one going to talk about how fucking retarded she talks in her posts now in order to stay relevant? She used to have perfect grammar, but that’s all gone out of the window now for the sake of being relatable.

No. 483497

File: 1517106780245.png (520.2 KB, 933x582, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 04.2…)

now she is reblogging xanax pictures a lot and seems to have a new addiction to the movie "Thirteen"
people are calling her out on her lies and hypocrisy a lot,but could just be farmers
not sure if anyone mentioned this,but she changed her url again

No. 713878

File: 1539658870701.jpeg (231.4 KB, 1125x723, 33D0926E-34B8-4F3A-B14E-37A479…)

necroing this dead thread to say that she's back to making post after post about how perfect and amazing she is while sprinkling in a few woe-is-me ones occasionally. she's gone back to acidburnbaby (but now acidburnb4by for some reason) and i expect she's gonna try and become a spoop again soon.
pic related made me roll my eyes so hard. if she were so great at socializing, she wouldn't make posts about not relating to anyone, and everything being boring / everyone being the same. she wouldn't have absolutely no friends. makes me wonder if she's trying to come across as sociopathic.

No. 713912

shut up eva you're irrelevant and always will be.

No. 713913

shut up eva you're irrelevant and always will be.

No. 713921

Eva shut the fuck up, stop trying to be relevant here and go back to reporting girls on tumblr that you’re jealous of kek

No. 715039

wait did someone call her out for reporting girls because she's a jealous horseface lmao

No. 720131

File: 1540386147075.jpeg (240.73 KB, 1125x1319, 7D203CBB-FBC2-4B81-8BD0-F8C4E3…)

this is hilarious to me. yes, eva, that woman that photoshops herself to insane proportions when she's really an average — or "fat" in your mind — weight would love to be your best friend. it's not as though you would fall out with her within a month of competing to see who can be most thinspo. top kek.

and inb4 "shut up eva" i'm not her, i just think she's been milkier than usual lately lol.

No. 720133

She’s such a cow. She’s one of my personal faves, I check her blog every once in a while for keks when I’m bored

No. 720795

She made a weird ass post about Violet Ell not too long ago. Someone asked her was Violet Ell Russian (something like that) and Yeva responded with "WELL, she lives there but she is a mixture of different races" Violet is Russian, lmao. I thought her response was really weird and apparently Yeva is Russian, I always thought she was a self-hating girl of Arab descent but apparently not. Yeva also gets real giddy if you acknowledge how Russian she is. I wouldn't want to be friends with her personally, knowing that if you share similar thoughts to hers she'll make an assload of textposts accusing you of copying/stalking her and being a "shallow brainless moron".

No. 721316

File: 1540513015377.png (109.31 KB, 750x706, Image-1(4).png)

Oh god Eva is the cringiest psuedo intellectual her starvation has made her even dumber all the time

No. 721391

File: 1540519393382.jpeg (378.64 KB, 1125x1071, 8B6BB247-3CDF-46A0-B8C8-578A2C…)

She's currently getting flooded with angry anons after this dumbass post and it's hilarious. Photodump incoming.

No. 721394

File: 1540519616897.jpeg (576.05 KB, 1125x1789, 4C78017F-BC75-4095-B455-117867…)

No. 721395

File: 1540519638078.png (479.64 KB, 1125x2436, 3107D69C-4570-452B-A995-C7102F…)

No. 721396

File: 1540519693239.png (432.56 KB, 1125x2436, 15D5DAF7-3E47-40B7-BDF9-D7132A…)

No. 721397

File: 1540519779871.png (563.37 KB, 1125x2436, E0EB67A6-2FF3-462E-BF99-3721D9…)

and then she backpedals hard like usual

No. 721520

tbh some of the replies are pretty damn cringey too. that first one ignoring what she's talking about - which I can actually understand, because people who treat weed like some magical religious icon are cringey af - or the one after talking about 'being threatened by intelligence' … from people who smoke pot all day?
Just looks like a bunch of retards having a slapfight to me.

No. 824941

File: 1561147687209.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, 1561147209066.jpg)

screenshots read top row first. there we're a lot more anons but this is a good summary.
no idea why this thread keeps going dead when eva, or acidburnfawn, as she's calling herself nowadays, is jst constantly milking herself.

screenshots show her saying she wants to do heroin, even tho she's never done anything heavy at all, contradicting herself & after the drama is over posting an 5dgy s/h picture of her "man", which she immediatly deleted, then reposted a day later.

No. 824961

it keeps going dead because there's nothing interesting about you, eva. big deal she wants to try heroin lol provide real milk pls

No. 825074

This is kind of Luna Slater-esque it's just somehow even dumber
This may be potential milk her Tumblr is a wreck

No. 825868

i came here because i was curious if this shit was gonna be updated.
Her ''man'' is actually my bf, who i've been with for 15 years. he's been off heroin for 10. He got drunk one night, played with her head, and not only did she fall for it, but she has totally lost her shit. When we were friends all she did was constantly ask me about him and what heroin was like. Now she lives in a fantasy world where he's going to go a thousand miles to Toronto and shoot her stupid ass up with H after being sober for 10 years.
This bitch is absolutely fucking insane. He sent one picture to her and that cut is something that happened at his job, he didnt do it for her, and she has CARVED HIS INITIALS INTO HER THIGH.
She has escalated from having gone full retard to full fucking insane retard.
Neither of us expected her to completely lose her hold on reality. I noticed nobody has put up the pic of his initials in her thigh, but i'd be more than happy to post it, mainly because I hate this cunt now for what she's doing.

No. 825869

File: 1561354712547.jpg (22.17 KB, 480x360, Evaretarded.jpg)

Here's my proof right here.
Psycho ass bitch.

No. 825876

>coming in here to admit you get cucked by your bf and acting like you have a right to talk shit when you admit to willingly fucking with her.

Besides the obvious 'who?' & 'why would anyone believe you?' All you're admitting to is cowtipping and your supposed bf sounds like a lovely person who while in a commited relationship "messes with the head" of some unstable chick he knows apparently has a destructive crush on her, gg whitetrash.

No. 825893

Uh anon, your bf sounds like trash for someone in a "committed relationship"

No. 825925

your bf sounds like total trash and so do you

No. 825934


Your bf sounds like the shittiest person in this situation and you're the retard for not seeing that. You realise if you break up he'll be playing these abusive mind games with you next? Get better standards in men

No. 825978

you people are literally on a lolcow talking shit about her and what a retarded person she is and you're going to act like you've never fucked with anyone on the internet before? It's not my fault she fucking fell in love with him because he was nice to her once she went fucking beastmode with the shit. The fact she turned on her 'friend' so quick yeah why not, why wouldn't he fuck with her? She obviously has no moral standards when it comes to friendships or she wouldn't have starting trying to whore herself out to him so fast. It's not like I didn't know about every single fucking part of it.
Talk shit about my relationship, call me retarded, white trash,whatever it is you wanna do, but i'm not the one carving someone i've never met's initials in my thigh, pretending someone elses boyfriend is mine, and not to mention the 8482328347289 other things on this fucking page which list why she is such a massive fucking retard.
If you read this Eva, I genuinely hope someone does shoot you up, I hope you get addicted, and I hope you end up with scabies, eating out of a dumpster, homeless, before you finally fucking accidentally kill yourself. Your weird 40 year old married manfriend probably keeps ditching you because he finally got a clue you aren't going to fuck him (but im sure you would if he gave you money since you're so obsessed with finding sugar daddies), or he probably just got bored. I have never met anyone as fucking fake as you. And by the way, your friend maddie was METHED OUT TRASH. If she was such a 'pure, beautiful soul' why is it when you search 'milktar' on tumblr you get a video of her shooting up meth with a smile and a hashtag #tweakernation? SO INNOCENT. SO BEAUTIFUL. SO PURE.
Her art was trash and I"m fucking glad she's dead and I hope you follow her out soon. Say what you will about people talking shit about me on this thread, but i'm not the one with a whole lolcow dedicated to how retarded I am, and at least I dont have a whole blog full of lies pretending to be someone i'm not. You constantly change who you are, you were in film school complaining how basic everyone is because they only know about marvel 'not real films' and you didn't even know who someone as simple as Kuberick was? All you do is complain about how miserable your life is while you spend all your parents money on expensive clothes you only wear once just to take stupid pictures and retarded gif-loops so you can get validation and attention..then what? you sell them on etsy? You say you're an artist but how? Selfies aren't art, bitch. You don't sing, you don't paint, you don't create shit. You just whine on tumblr when you literally have nothing to complain about, your family has enough money you're constantly vacationing in Europe. You asked me "why don't you ever talk about Kurt? I mean, he was so deep. He has such a pure face" shut. the. FUCK UP EVA. I don't know why I wasted 2 years being your friend and listening to your fake fucking problems. Shoot your heroin and die already, but it isn't my boyfriend that's going to do it you delusional psychopath. Stop lying to your fucking followers and stop lying to yourself.

No. 825984


You come off as threatened here, scared of losing your shitty bf. And a rant that long makes you sound fucked in the head. You could at least sage your insecure ramblings

No. 825992

Yeah I think we are pretty accepting audience when it comes to actual milk…like just state the facts n leave out your feelings and post some evidence of else we have no reason to believe you. Like this is hilarious if true but not with that tone and lack of evidence.

No. 826018

Nah dude i'm not threatened by anything, and the only thing i'm insecure about is my ability to trust others.
Thats the whole reason she and I were friends in the first place. I knew she was vapid and dull but she could at least relate to how people can be shitty and how hard it can be to find someone of any real value, which is pretty ironic given the situation, and probably why it makes me so angry.
When she started getting a weird interest in my bf wanting to see pictures of him and asking about his former heroin addiction I got a little weirded out and I made a group chat to see where it went. He told me immediately she is not who she pretends to be and even though she is superficial and not all that smart she can be a snake under the right circumstances, and it was at the point she was saying she wanted to visit irl that I should be a little more cautious of her because she is the type to turn on a person, bail on, ditch, etc. I didn't want to believe she was two faced or would turn on me like that but he said he could easily prove it and he did.
I'm just angry. I'm just angry I was dumb enough to waste 3 years being her friend thinking she had the potential to grow out of her privileged box and experience real life one day, I thought she could grow into a really interesting person that I could have a real and fun friendship with. But not only did she turn on me, but she did so in the worst way, and then vomits all over her blog about "her man" , posts pictures saying "his hands are so beautiful, he cut them for me" (that happened at his job, what the fuck?") going on about how they are Kurt and Courtney, How he is'grooming' her (what the fuck? for what? she's 22? what the fuck does she even mean by that shit), that he's "abusive and destructive and they are totally dangerous together" and how he's going to "give her her first shot and protect her". It was a shock to me, it was a shock to him, we had no idea she was putting all this shit all over her fucking blog. He started drinking, pretended to be interested in her just enough, told me she would not even inform me he was doing this – and she didn't. not only did she not tell me but she obviously reciprocated and CONTINUED TRYING TO GET WITH HIM THE NEXT DAY WHEN HE WAS DONE AND OVER THE SHIT.
I don't know what kind of proof you want, all I have is that thigh pic and a notepad document of a bunch of relevant anon's she answered, I haven't been back to her blog so maybe she's deleted them by now but I don't know.
I was friends with her when this lolcow came up and told her not to worry about it, but jokes on me, because you were all right.
I'm not here because i'm threatened, i'm not here because i'm insecure, i'm here because she was supposed to be my friend and she fucked me over and went complete fucking loony toons, and i consoled her over you people, when you were all right the whole fucking time. My bf is not trash, all he did was prove something to me I should have known years ago. And maybe I am a little fucked in the head, (who isn't), but i'm not on a blog with thousands of underaged followers glamorouzing heroin, trying to turn a methhead crackwhore into some brilliant artist and saint, and i'm not telling my friend she needs to go on vacation because I think i'm going to go off with her man and do dope.
She is a piece of shit.
I should have paid more attention to the content posted here when it was created instead of taking up for her.
I'll be over this in a couple of days, but for now i'm angry; and this lolcow exists. 2 + 2 = 4.
I'm done now. I've explained my piece, you guys say whatever you want to, but it doesn't change the fact she's an awful fucking person.
I'll come back in about 6 months, maybe by that time there will be screenshots up where she finally shot H and died.
Until then, i'm satisfied with my bitching.

No. 826042


Holy shit anon are you writing a book

No. 826051

i want a thread on
>>825978 anon over here at this point

No. 826053


So your bf messed with her head and you're somehow surprised that she's acting all fucked up afterwards?? That's kind of what mind games do to unhinged people you two geniuses

No. 826074

Ikr, does it count as cowtipping to respond? kek

No. 826546

same… this is much more entretaining than Eva. Imagine being a middle-aged woman (or worse a young woman dating a middle aged man) and "allowing" your boyfriend to seduce a 22 yo for the keks ?

No. 831103

File: 1562138962979.jpg (670.14 KB, 796x2561, Screenshot_20190703-092642_Tum…)

No. 831218

Yo more milk on this chick please. Cow beef best beef

No. 831882

File: 1562252104230.jpg (230.09 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20190704-165137_Tum…)

holy shit eva you're a 25 yr old, unintelligent, insecure womanchild that lives at home & spends her time making low quality gifs of herself & dreaming abt shooting up heroin. please don't act like you have ANYTHING figured out.

No. 832411

She made a Tumblr for her "mans" and it's clearly just her reblogging shit she's really living this fantasy

No. 846937

File: 1564629256054.jpeg (188.1 KB, 640x995, 3538A115-212D-4C63-B91A-BD171E…)

why is she smoking in a playground during the day? edge points?

No. 846938

File: 1564629304790.jpeg (44.14 KB, 640x426, 710FB305-B586-485C-8127-49CF9F…)

the stuff of nightmares.

No. 846941

File: 1564629557724.jpeg (118.8 KB, 640x727, 90F88541-5E16-44D4-9BFC-944625…)


No. 846973

Bump the thread with useful info, like her boy toy Joseph dumping her

No. 847225

whats her new URL>

No. 848015

File: 1564847914988.jpg (303.37 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190803-165834_Tum…)

She's at acidburnfawn and still posting bodychecks

No. 848020

File: 1564848190935.jpg (492.68 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190803-165815_Tum…)

No. 848813

She doesn’t look like a creepy doll. She looks like a busted 40 year old crack whore.

No. 848815

File: 1564978657278.jpeg (45.21 KB, 199x224, 1E6CDF35-B0D2-4492-9AE2-AF7D03…)

Her dermal zone looks so fucking saggy for someone her age, and it looks like she’s hiding her jowls behind hair

No. 848826

Op is a fag. Get a life. I find it funny that people with no lives want to make themselves feel better by picking apart young women who are more attractive and have a lot more going for themselves then you do, and you're jealous so you want to bring her down into the gutter with you. Sage.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848829

> You’re just jealous!!!
> “Picking apart young women that are attractive and have more going for them than you”

Eva post confirmed. Hello cow

No. 848837


This is 4chan you dumb newfag.
Go back to Reddit where everybody agrees with each other and lives the hive mind. Fucking twelve year old.(Newfaggotry, necromancy, ban evasion)

No. 848839

This is Lolcow… Eva are you ok? Stop overusing the lingo in an attempt to sound like a seasoned site user

No. 848840

How did you evade your ban? Kek

No. 848845

Troll asked me how to do something 0/10
Oplcow, this isn't Eva. You're a weird and evil nobody with no life. Straight up. Nobody wants what you got lol

No. 848847

You don’t know who I am, but you’ve made it painfully clear who you are, Eva/acidburnfawn. How did you figure out how to hide from mods? Nobody here would defend Eva besides… Eva herself. Lol

No. 848849

Words of a desperate shill with no purpose in life

No. 848850

> you’re a weird and evil nobody!
> oplcow I SWEAR I’m not Eva
> can’t differentiate between a rhetorical question and a real question

so much kek

No. 848851

Don’t bump the thread to give attention to this dumb broad. It’s obvious that’s all she’s looking for.

No. 848852

I know, that’s why she necroed it with a selfie of herself. Don’t worry, I’m saging

Eva is this the attention you were after? Or did you want everyone to talk about how doll-like you think you look?

No. 848855

Why are basement dwellers so bitter? Makes no sense.

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth because you censor it like the media censors does in order to cover up for child sex trafficking rings.
You people are the scum of the earth, end of discussion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848857

File: 1564990896653.jpeg (18.77 KB, 240x210, 0BEE6234-11B9-4FF6-9A9D-A527D5…)

Damn your mental health has really taken a turn for the worse, hasn’t it? What are you on? Do you realize every time you bump this thread, we know it’s you sperging I’m self defense…

No. 848858

In* self defense. Look at me, forgetting to sage too.

No. 848859

Whatever keeps you in your purpetual delusional mental state, i'm all for it

No. 848864

File: 1564991397357.gif (1.75 MB, 352x352, 6C481A6C-6F37-4474-8C55-253107…)

> you guys are so deluded
> you cnt handle the truth the media covers it & so do you!!!
> some jibberish about child sex rings

this is actually really amusing, thank you for making a fool of yourself on lolcow yet again. You’re some of my favorite milk

No. 848865

Saging because you're starting to realize that you have no life

No. 848867

You do realize that you're romanticizing the fuck out of Eva, don't you? You sound like a jealous stalker straight up. I'm Eva's friend and I don't even romanticize her like that like.

You're a delusional psycho stalker is what you are

No. 848868

File: 1564991736984.jpeg (77.28 KB, 750x463, ECB41C47-BB26-479A-B3B5-1D4D34…)

Not saging because you’re desperate for attention, even bad attention, fucking kek. You do realize appropriate saging is a rule here Eva?

No. 848869

In what way has this idiot being romanticized here? She’s literally being made fun of and laughed at. And no, you’re not Eva’s friend. Nice try. You’re the cow.

No. 848870

Your whole Aura, is basement dweller who jerks off to pictures of girls who look like Eva. That's your ENTIRE AURA.

No. 848871

Even if I had a penis it’d go limp at the sight of a troll like you, luckily I don’t have one. This site is mostly female. I know telling yourself it’s all incels on this website makes you feel better about it, but in actuality it’s mostly girls laughing at you sweetheart

No. 848873

You're a dumb person asking a dumb question right now. Bite the hand that feeds.

you guys are depressing as fuck and I seriously doubt you're having fun right now

No. 848874

What. The. Fuck. Does that first even mean? Have a hard time believing you're not a 12 year old LOL

No. 848877

File: 1564992352615.jpeg (155.71 KB, 566x763, 035961F3-4DD4-41AE-93AE-532B9B…)

> your entire AURA is BASMENT DWELLER because you don’t worship my uwu cute womanchild crackwhore blog & face!
> please tell me I look like a doll! please! being a butterface sucks
> please give me attention! I’m so desperate I’ll argue with everyone on a site making fun of me!

No. 848878

What I'm confused about, is how you think that, that's making fun of somebody.

Get a sense of humor you dull wit cake face

No. 848879

What kind of logic is that Eva? You know that we don’t want dickpics. And uploading a picture of a penis you found online won’t make us believe it’s not you posting. You are so transparent little acid burn fawn

No. 848880

Since you're so good at stalking people you can figure out who this is really easily

No. 848881

You’re essentially making fun of yourself by posting here, bumping the thread, and replying to anons in your own defense. Lol

No. 848882

You know what your problem is? You don't know what the truth is. My name is Mason you stupid cunt

No. 848883

Sure Mason (Eva)

No. 848884

I would divulge information to you but I'm afraid you're going to stalk me also

No. 848886

Fucking kek. Eva nobody believes you and you’re making yourself look more pathetic than you did before. If you weren’t so attention hungry you wouldn’t be in this predicament right now. Stop posting about yourself here and stop trying to argue with people on sites that are meant for laughing at people like you. Go work on improving yourself honey. You’ve lost this battle.

No. 848887

I'm going to tell you how dumb you are right now. I've hinted three times and very obvious places who I am. Nointerestinu on Tumblr because you're fucking pathetic and nobody is afraid of you

No. 848889

You sound schizo and you’re not even making sense. Again, you’re only making yourself sound like an idiot and amusing the rest of us

No. 848891


Somebody doesn't know the meaning of words. Somebody get this twelve-year-old newfag a fucking dictionary

No. 848892

LOL so you’re larping as what, your bf, to defend yourself here? Even better. Didn’t you make him his tumblr or something? I don’t even care if it really is Eva’s bf here making a fool outta you both.
Still a kek fest

No. 848893

The world is not as small as your dumb opinion

No. 848894

File: 1564993845110.jpeg (164.02 KB, 750x905, C265DF43-BCE4-4492-959D-56A18A…)

Reference for other anons. Looks like Eva has either cried to her nasty tumblr orbiter looking for someone to come here & whiteknight or (my personal favorite) Eva is larping as her own boyfriend to defend herself further

No. 848895

You should probably try contacting me so you can stop sounding like a fucking broken record who doesn't know which way is up

No. 848896

Why would I want to contact you? I’m content here, laughing at you.

No. 848897

Are you going to make mountains out of molehills your entire life?

Have fun trying to be successful

No. 848898

Good have fun laughing alone in your room to yourselfwith nobody to relate to because nobody wants to be your friend

No. 848900

I’ll have fun laughing at you here while I’m on my lunch breaks, when I’m on the toilet, in between business calls, and so on. You have fun obsessively refreshing this page waiting for someone to make fun of you again, lol

No. 848902

And I’ll have more fun showing my friends screenshots of the trash the keeps me laughing

No. 848904

I think you're missing the point here, nobody cares about you. We all only care about Eva I think that's obvious.

No. 848905

We all care about laughing at Eva here, you’re right!

No. 848908

It's sad that bending over for the man this many years has gotten you where you are right now; In a fucking gutter with no fucking life except for making fun of others.

No. 848912

Do you even know what site you’re on? This place is for laughing at people like Eva. We care about laughing at her, not about defending her

No. 848913

I know what this site is better than you you GOD DAMN NEWFAG

No. 848915

anon I think that's enough, stop giving her attention

No. 848916

I'm a dude you hooker. And I got a life, so peace out you degeneates

No. 848918



looks like eva freaked out because someone called her a 40 year old crackwhore with saggy jowls, not a “doll” like she fished for. kek

No. 848920

Uhhh admins are we going to do anything about Eva/her orbiter sperging here and ruining the thread?

No. 848921

1. I was typing with my dick
2. You sound like my 3rd grade teacher
3. What's your Tumblr, I'll show you my dick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848923

Remember when you already tried crying to your PC police to make things better? They're powerless

No. 848924


aw, i thought you left? no one wants to see your flaccid junk, eva/mason

No. 848926

You mad bro because your PC police can't fix this issue of reality that you're dealing with?

Nobody wants to live in your brain fog

No. 848927


No. 848928


no one’s PC here but you’re ruining the thread with useless sperging, so just go and save yourself the humiliation lmao

No. 848933

this is getting boring, at least say something interesting Eva before you get banned

No. 848934

You. Are. Mentally. Handicapped. Lying to yourself won't change anything. It's really obvious, the way you lie to yourself in order to create a false narrative

No. 848964

File: 1565008199439.jpg (356.3 KB, 1200x1200, 1469584479450.jpg)

>You don't get to see my girth

No. 849033

File: 1565016739928.jpeg (119.73 KB, 605x374, 8F052687-687C-421B-8D77-65FC83…)

No. 849051

File: 1565018098063.jpg (176.81 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190805-160540_Tum…)

You say you're not pro ana but it's okay to have young girls look at pictured of you where you contort yourself to look thin and "not all thinspo is pro ana"

No. 849052

File: 1565018163442.jpg (232.76 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190805-160606_Tum…)

And you openly admit to using myproana. We all know it's not exactly a recovery forum.

No. 849053

File: 1565018216448.jpg (244.6 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190805-160324_Tum…)

Still posting photos of your underweight self and trying to look like thinspo, yet you're not pro ana

No. 849058

File: 1565018322773.jpg (385.66 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190805-160500_Tum…)

You can't tell me this pose isn't pro ana. And she follows & reblogs from thinspo blogs

No. 849192

Meant to be funny

No. 849194

You people don't want the heat so you stay out the kitchen.(ban evasion)

No. 849280

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Learn to sage Eva

No. 849285

Sooo back in my sadbbygirl phase me and Eva were actually mutuals and i talked with her once or twice

She has a rape kink and was looking for quote on quote real rape videos since everything on the internet was fake

sadly i do not have the receipts anymore because i deleted the old blog i used to run

but take my word on it shes way more gross than just an anachan

No. 849309

File: 1565042932232.jpg (4.12 MB, 3264x2448, 00100sPORTRAIT_00100_BURST2019…)

>>We talked once or twice

You know her so well

Like I said, you ignore the truth because you can't handle it(ban evasion)

No. 849342

I remember this girl following me on some cringy trauma blog I used to have years back. I knew about her thread, so I just ignored and avoided her like the plague.
Nice to see she's still insane and even shitting up her own Lolcow thread years later.

No. 849355

>>Cringy trauma blog a while back

Admitting you've changed, but ignoring the fact that other people change also.

You must have been glamorizing trauma or had none because you thought it was cringy and make fun of people for it.(ban evasion)

No. 849359

omfg. sage your shit. no one cares about this dead thread

No. 849360

How many posts until dead?

I forgot how to sage(ban evasion)

No. 849469

This is fantastic because I also remember her “purity” phase when she condemned other girls and mutual for having kinks or enjoying sex.
I was also in the sadbby niche on Tumblr back then, we probably know each other lol.
Glad someone else remembers her antics

No. 849471

ahhh Mason, she hasn't changed a bit. 30 seconds on her blog confirms that lol

No. 849483

File: 1565085392753.jpeg (135.48 KB, 750x633, 505CBA15-0146-4179-8B28-297557…)

He’s not even her bf, he’s friendzoned lol. What a cuck.

No. 849500

Jesus. The whole time when she was posting nudes I thought she was decent looking trash, and that’s where her narcissism comes from. But this is even better, vendetta of a butterface, she’s angry at the whole world because some women are actually desirable, and nobody wants to even look at her if she doesn’t cover up that uggo face. So unfortunate.

No. 850294

File: 1565259549785.jpeg (93.67 KB, 640x716, 23F92339-5808-404C-BD49-4CAB33…)


No. 851746

File: 1565559455234.jpeg (309.28 KB, 448x634, D6F61850-5736-44BA-82C0-268369…)

haha she's not a spoop anymore

No. 851787

she looks good, whats your point?

No. 851865

I think their point was she’s not a spooky skeletal figure the way she makes herself out to be. She’s at a healthy weight with meat on her bones. She poses to look anorexic.

No. 851945

She's showing signs of being pro Ana but never claimed to be anorexic/spoopy herself

As for her poses I don't know what you're talking about considering literally every single woman who cares about her appearance and takes full body pictures, does poses to make her look more thin, but you're gonna waste your time if you turn 80% of women who have ever taken full body pics into lolcows

No. 851992

Hi cow(read the rules)

No. 865830

I do have to correct you on this. She has admitted that she was anorexic and constantly talks about “recovery” I don’t think she’s actually recovered though because she keeps posting pictures of her old self saying shit like “my thighs used to be soooo tiny” I think she’s thirsty for the attention she used to get from the Ana community(necro)

No. 865919

File: 1567947612543.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1922, 04317B8E-2802-4CE4-A402-6D5DD5…)

she definitely still craves the attention of the pro-ana community; it's one of the 2 main things she's constantly complaining about on her spam. the other is just her whining that she wants a rich sugar daddy and/or only a rich man to be with so she can have money and "work on her art in peace." it's very different from the persona she has on tumblr, the aloof one wherein she doesn't give a shit about love. the only other thing she's bitched about thus far is how miserable she is while on a family vacation across europe. more screenshots coming.

No. 865920

File: 1567947868779.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1859, E614B29C-CC83-4C71-A3BB-6E2FF0…)

if she doesn't have a therapist she should use some of mommy's money that's wasted on these trips for one. then maybe she would learn how to function in normal society and keep a sugar daddy around.

No. 866061

She already changed her username, incredible. Guess she really does lurk

No. 866483

I’m sorry this photoshop is so bad. Kek. How is this not obvious to her followers? Shame

No. 868163

I don’t really see any photoshop?

No. 886455

File: 1572396603591.jpg (364.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191030-014335_Tum…)

Why does she always have the worst takes?
Eva, Angela is a tease. That's like, the point.
Also, we've all seen your nudes, don't pretend you're better than her.

No. 886481

File: 1572398870849.jpeg (265.82 KB, 1124x1647, BD4A7EA3-16AF-42B3-94B0-C55617…)

How stupid does one have to be to believe anorexia and talent are linked

No. 886499

are you serious w this

No. 887017

wow I didn't know that this board existed I'm Mutuals with this girl on Tumblr and even though we reblog each other's posts I've always found her really narcissistic and she seems to genuinely think she's incredibly intelligent more so than anybody else and she's just fully delusional and I always found her aesthetic matched mine but as a person she's absolutely awful

No. 887266

KEK she thinks being skinny is a talent because she got notes on Tumblr from anachans and creepy old men. Clearly, no one actually pays her any attention. She's always plugging her shop and Instagram and still complains about how she's not reaching her audience. Your audience died with the rest of 2012 Tumblr Eva. You're not doing anything different. Being a "born in the wrong generation" fag and reblogging grunge posts does not make you ~unique~. Just another cookie cutter I'm Not Like Other Girls wannabe. You're a grown woman, get a job or a hobby instead of posting the same pictures of yourself all hours of the day and maybe you'll get some fulfillment out of your privileged life.

No. 890097

File: 1573118257197.jpg (243.47 KB, 1079x684, Screenshot_20191107-101657_No …)

No. 891100

File: 1573325238071.png (258.93 KB, 750x1334, 6A5E22CE-B78E-44F0-B67D-EE039E…)

This vapid bitch is going off because someone has the same username as her lol. Said she wanted to start her overpriced shitty emo brand with that name. Posted the person's account so her asslickers could attack the person. One of the in the comments said they should report the account. False reports all because REEEEE I WANT THAT USERNAME.
(RP- Forgot to attach photo)

No. 891101

File: 1573325273634.png (44.52 KB, 225x400, 57BD893C-B53A-42A0-AB0E-93413C…)


No. 891102

File: 1573325413377.jpeg (297.52 KB, 1242x1060, 530B0BBA-FCFA-4C1B-814E-25FE76…)


No. 891104

File: 1573325634557.jpeg (339.14 KB, 1242x1104, 604E2DDE-A2C8-419E-8B90-62BD25…)

"I'm the only sooper real artist there is" rant, accompanied be her being jealous of Billie Ellish because Billie has the aesthetic and style that she wants, except Billie's actually talented and well known.

No. 891106

File: 1573326124358.jpeg (336.75 KB, 1242x1441, 7821CDF8-3845-4C0C-BD17-94A297…)

Only a few people calling her out on her bullshit. Rich how she wants to slutshame a girl's pictures when she submitted nudes to NSFW blogs and has similar photos to the girl.

No. 891363

File: 1573382312472.jpg (1.17 MB, 2048x2048, 1573381953419.jpg)

This is the funniest thing to me. Eva really think fawns are like, her thing, to the point that she dms someone who just so happens to have the same username as her because "she also stole my blog title!!", which is literally just babyfawn.
Cue anons calling her out.
Also Eva thinking she doesn't have a lifeless, 'dead' aura in her pics

No. 891365

File: 1573382770862.jpg (419.61 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20191110-114227_No …)

"Rich accusations"
Eva, show me one not rich, unemployed 20-something year old that thinks 35$ for a hand me down are 'super cheap'.
That anon seems to have hit a nerve. Do you guys think deep down she feels bad about literally being the female equivalent to the lazy slob living in his parents basement?

No. 891406

Thanks for posting collages anon, couldn't figure that out. Doesn't she regularly go on vacations? She wastes money on overpriced edgy clothes and paints shit on her expensive clothes. An unemployed adult buying 1 clothing item over $100 constantly is obviously affluent or at least is babied and taken care of by their parents. She's gonna find it hard to adapt to the real world outside of Tumblr when her parents cut her adult ass off.

No. 891642

Her parents probably won’t ever cut her off, though. She’ll just continue to be a cunty entitled NEET whining on tumblr about how she’s better than everyone else until the end of time.

Which is kind of funny. You know she can afford to go to school or hire artists and web designers for her “brand.” She just doesn’t, because then she would have to watch it all fail and face the music that she’s not talented, smart, or special at all.

No. 895448

File: 1574202498947.jpg (540.66 KB, 1079x1688, Screenshot_20191120-232628_Tum…)

I love how she calls this a 'business professional' look. She's so out of touch with the real world.

No. 898632

Hello cow. I was the guy she was dating, so to speak, for a few months there. The one she painted out to be some kind of abusive heroin addled master confidence artist before she completely deleted all trace of me from her Tumblr. Home for the holidays so I have some time to kill. AMA.

Also hey Eva, how've you been? When last we left off all was not well.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899216

File: 1575041307283.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, image1.png)

She's "moved on" from Tumblr to Instagram and her posts are a!most unbearable what a shifty stupid person

No. 899219

File: 1575041601436.png (780.53 KB, 750x1334, image0 (1).png)

Her sperging about how she hates NASA is hilarious. She's such a tryhard. Also going on about how she wouldnt use social media if it wasn't for her trying to promote her "brand" which is I guess what all the airheaded rambling is?

No. 899242

She’s more delusional than she is a try hard. She truly believes we’ve never been to the moon and that we have been modifying the weather

No. 899324

God she's such a cunt. Lying about never being an ED blog, lying about being recovered, lying about not being proana. She's a fucking airhead. She still reblogs her old body checks and thinspo. Can't wait for this vapid bitch to get off the internet with her 'I'm the only real artist in the world! Everyone copies me! I'm original and oh so tormented uwu' act. She's a privileged adult with no life experience. Her entire personality is an act.

No. 899420

File: 1575066884299.png (3.75 MB, 828x1792, 538AB0A6-53A7-4D09-B1B2-ED2455…)

So which conspiracy theorist’s asshole is she trying to climb up inside? The HAARP conspiracy is old and retarded; a hallmark of people too stupid to comprehend science. This girl has never had a single original thought in her life, so I doubt she just came up with this on her own.

No. 899425

She most likely heard about this from somewhere like Tumblr and started to regurgitate the info on a different platform so she could look deep and interesting. She's done that before with her "Hijabs are beautiful I wish I could wear them but I'll continue to wear the same skimpy outfits" discourse (which she actually meant burkas or nijabs but ok). Just another attempt to look like she's so sick and done with the oh so evil world.

No. 899497

File: 1575074693526.jpg (726.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191130-004228_Ins…)

She's one of the most annoying cows going, the conspiracy theories grind my gears too because she's so clearly just posting them to be ~crazy~. she really really annoys me. im sick of seeing her face on my feed all the time, she's really ugly/plain and she let the notes from her thinspo era go to her head… she seems to be realising that literally nobody cares about her outside of her skinny legs and she's right lol

No. 900596

File: 1575307754358.jpg (950.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191202-182609_Ins…)

Is she trolling? I refuse to believe someone can be this stupid oh my god.

No. 900598

File: 1575307837281.jpg (544.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191202-182739_Ins…)

I don't know your cousins Eva, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that they are talking and making fun of you irl.

No. 900600

Her and the girl with the pink hair (Freya?) also on snow have a problem with using a completely non receptive format like Instagram Stories as a therapist. Honestly they'd be better off ranting on Twitter where less people will see it. Of course a stalker will watch your stories to see where you are and what you're up to. If you don't want stalkers you have to avoid feeding them.
Girl ranting online about how vulnerable and insane they are accompanied by selfies = stalker juice

No. 900718

Dumbasses with an inflated sense of self importance always want to scream stalker when someone finds out something they didn't want to be known by them. You're really going to go on a sperg to randos that only follow you for body checks because your cousins didn't play therapist with you? You've got to have the patience of a monk to stand a conversation with this one. I don't blame them.

No. 900857

File: 1575352879628.png (14.66 KB, 67x120, image0 (2).png)

Shes truly starved her brain into useless goo

No. 900920

File: 1575368264199.jpg (1.36 MB, 2048x1818, 20191203_111335.jpg)

I used to exclusively know her through tumblr, so IG Eva is very new to me.
Does anyone have a theory on why she does this all of a sudden? Is this the image she pictures will work for her "brand"?
Also, while TumblrEva wasn't nice, IGEva is outright rude. It's like all of her ugly personality is showing when she can't hide it behind reblogging pictures of bunnies and knifes and slavic people drinking alcohol.

No. 900938

Eva is genuinely one of the dumbest people I have ever seen. She was friendly towards me so I followed her, but had to unfollow after only two weeks. Her special combo of extreme retardation and mind boggling arrogance makes her impossible to like.

Not sure if already mentioned, but she used to be popular in the pro ana tumblr community around 2011 when her url was iamthebloodywalrus. It's amazing that she's somehow only managed to go downhill from that lol.

No. 900940

samefag, but considering her selfies still have the same background it seems safe to assume she never even moved out of her parents home. The parts of the house she's shown makes them look very affluent, so she's clearly a spoiled, lazy brat.

No. 900955

She's a jobless adult that mooches off of her parents so she could go on free vacations and whine about how the world is a meanie. Funny how she's always begging for money for people to buy her overpriced shit clothes when her parents have money. They raised a lazy, spoiled, pretty much useless druggie to believe that she's too special to ever have to deal with the real world.

No. 900996


She follows countless anachans on Instagram. She's still "marketing" toward that group despite her weight gain, because she's vain as hell and loves to feel speshul and spoopy!

No. 901031

File: 1575397508192.jpeg (75.21 KB, 750x667, F794C622-7B20-4DB6-A025-6CB4FF…)

This is her private ig. I’ve tried requesting but always get denied.

No. 901085

Does she actually do drugs? Cuz while that would explain her idiocy I think she only posted drugs in her Tumblr for aesthetic and clout and to impress boys which is all equally dumb and airheaded
Pretty sure she's just starved herself that stupid.

No. 901086

I highly doubt she actually does. I haven't kept tabs on her in a while but a while back she had this embarrassing phase where she posted a ton about how she wanted to get into xanax and harder drugs, pretty much just for the aesthetic. She then said she had never done any drugs and she got a lot of anons rightfully telling her to fuck off with that utter retardation which seemed to only fuel he awkward mid 20s ''teenage'' rebellion.

No. 901512

File: 1575461366431.jpg (351.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191204-130750_Ins…)

Next up: emotionally stunted person that's been mentally stagnant for at least the past 5 years and has never experienced anything truly bad in their life judges others on how their very real trauma affects them

No. 903898

File: 1575942885716.jpg (838.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191210-011610_Ins…)

Trying real hard to still look as spoopy as she used to while simultaniously mentioning her friend who OD'd to get attention. Classy.
Also posting an underwear pic again while conplaining in her other stories that ppl only follow her when she posts lingerie & how that's gross. Can't even keep her story straight for 24h.

No. 903899

File: 1575942971061.jpg (832.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191209-191109_Ins…)

People are shallow rant #5273883

No. 903900

File: 1575943106723.jpg (385.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191210-011554_Ins…)

Aaaand another one

No. 903901

File: 1575943317705.jpg (309.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191208-043201_Ins…)

If my daughter ever tried to pull half the shit she does, I'd certainly not let her live rent free at my house only to have her spend her mid-20s moping around all day at home taking bodychecks with shitty lighting
But like "i'm not rich" "i'm not privileged", cry me a river, eva

No. 903902

File: 1575943492889.jpg (460.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191210-030418_Ins…)

Asexual nudity repulsed nonshallow ana qween posting another underwear picture featuring her self harm to 3.7k followers. Is this supposed to further develop her brand or…

No. 903947

File: 1575950232001.png (300.85 KB, 750x1334, image0 (3).png)

She's obsessed with this one model that stopped posting 4 years ago and seems to have made a whole narrative up about this poor persons life what a creep

No. 903994

File: 1575965739038.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 1976x800, this hoe i swear.png)

i follow her on ig, didnt know she had a thread. anywhore.
i noticed she legit posted a photo of her in lingerie with a (bleeding) self harm mark then in this photo there is more and continued to basically post updates of her self harm. someone msg'd her this on tello.

i have followed her long enough to know about how her friend died and i followed mads also but i am dead tired of her bringing up mads death. i forgot the cap from before >>903902 about the tattoos.

No. 904258

File: 1576022655411.jpeg (163.03 KB, 828x1693, CB995183-1F4E-4A1A-98C7-79E21C…)

At this point it’s obvious she’s trying to show off her self harm

No. 904280

"but its self expression guise uwu" when its legit >>903902 just not zoomed in

No. 904550

File: 1576096557630.jpeg (714.98 KB, 828x1445, BD375FFD-2BD3-4BC8-86D2-94C109…)

No. 904551

File: 1576096603848.jpeg (584 KB, 828x1423, CA0A9D65-8BAE-4D74-8780-3E3812…)

What exactly is she trying to prove here, uwu ‘im mentally ill’

No. 904606

File: 1576109172408.jpg (636.81 KB, 1080x949, Screenshot_20191212-010339_No …)

post got deleted for very obvious rule breaking, cue her not getting it & throwing a tantrum lol

No. 904652

>I'm so hurt

Sure bitch but I thought you were "so numb"

She reminds me of a lazy ass ginger Bronson trying to hide living in her fancy parents house living off their money.

except ginger pulled off the facade and actually produced "art"

No. 905865

File: 1576409076834.jpg (74.22 KB, 540x960, tumblr_8c837c9cc7c2f71e6e49758…)

She says this is a "poem" by her.

Also she claims to have left Tumblr but just posted pictures of herself like 20 times in a row there.

No. 905942

….why did she blur the skin around her vag? ….kay

No. 906209

File: 1576506830508.jpg (440.73 KB, 1075x856, Screenshot_20191216-153258_No …)

How can you manage to look so old in your early twenties?
Are those jowls I see? Also, she's been posting a shitton of cringy selfies lately. This is one of 5 posted just within 24h.

No. 906262

She's def got bulemia face

No. 906267

File: 1576521639899.png (219.33 KB, 592x446, vell.png)


Violet Ell didn't stop posting lmao, she's alive well and pretty active, she just focuses more on photography than modelling.
Thats pretty delusional from Eva.


Looks pretty alive to me.

No. 906914

File: 1576642874789.jpeg (211.14 KB, 828x1538, 8DDB8DE2-F01D-4B27-BCC1-DDFD9D…)

No. 906975

File: 1576664839972.jpg (48.31 KB, 640x426, b7qWpKx.jpg)

Violett Ell is a whole other can of worms of crazy and terrible photoshop, only someone as dense as Eva would think this is a totally real and ethereal anorexic girl idol

No. 906977

File: 1576664996976.jpg (290.58 KB, 472x318, WcDv6WC.jpg)

even kelsey could do a better job than this

No. 906978

Even if you like anachans, this looks absolutely fucking disgusting.

No. 907445

File: 1576749211093.jpg (581.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191219-105159_No …)

This is so cringy.

No. 907446

File: 1576749322205.jpg (771.38 KB, 2048x933, 20191219_105327.jpg)

Just ignore me being an incompetent newfag I meant to post this one showing the whole interaction.

No. 907451

how is someone so ugly and annoying at the same time?

No. 907904

File: 1576857049462.jpg (713.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191220-165134_Ins…)

I thought she was pretending to be Russian?

No. 907913


Michael Hussar is notoriously thirsty and does this with his young female followers all the time. Cringey on both sides.

No. 908236

Do you have any Links showing this? (aside from that super cringe shit above). Not that I’m doubting you, I like his work and am super grossed out to hear this

No. 909019

File: 1577105718150.jpg (515.97 KB, 1080x978, Screenshot_20191223-135317_No …)

I'm very confused by this topic she keeps sperging about. Is she mad not every single follower watches oe interacts with her stories…? Does she not understand the concept of Instagram? I'm just at a loss as to what the fuck she actually wants from people. How does she have any genuine followers acting like this

No. 909021

"I totes have shit going for me, guysss"

No. 909023

File: 1577106240207.jpg (271.11 KB, 1079x635, Screenshot_20191223-140432_No …)

Forgot to attach right pic AGAIN

No. 909139

So is that to say this ugly retard thinks instagram and self care is her job? Or does she actually have a regular job like any adult her age should? Considering she still lives at home and has an iq of 80 I find it hard to imagine her ever doing anything sensible and age appropirate.

No. 909197

File: 1577139043547.jpg (309.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191223-223547_Ins…)

She apparently wants to be a housewive anyway. Though it seems to me she wants that without wanting the partnership that goes with it. Like, you gotta be someone someone wants to marry first… can't see that happening for her.
Even "just being a housewife" requieres certain skills, like keeping a home, cooking, (usually) raising children. She just doesn't have any of that. All she does is take pictures of herself.

No. 910400

File: 1577404211619.jpeg (435.23 KB, 828x1691, 8EA1DAE6-59CE-42D0-8B1A-CD6ECD…)

No. 910404

File: 1577404280140.jpeg (312.89 KB, 828x1710, B220B17F-FA40-4AAC-8A8B-868BBF…)

No. 910469

What a fucking idiot

No. 910691

File: 1577470944137.jpg (448.33 KB, 1079x634, Screenshot_20191227-192201_No …)

It sounds sooo not genuine when she says stuff like this tbh

No. 910905

File: 1577540708275.png (564.13 KB, 1242x2208, 2A3619FF-CAED-41FE-8695-D2436A…)

Back to tumblr and apparently now Christian

No. 910906

File: 1577540937465.jpeg (470.25 KB, 1215x1725, ACC7BD73-9C3A-4F92-A05D-EF5264…)

No. 910907

File: 1577540972175.jpeg (427.82 KB, 1242x1440, A6229548-F185-4C7D-8E09-B639FA…)

Oops forgot the second part

No. 910931

File: 1577551298256.jpeg (409.9 KB, 1125x1589, 8471F1EC-CAAB-4260-95F8-E9C135…)

You left out the parts where she's only into Christianity for the aesthetics and to further her special, pure acey bean uwu persona.

No. 910933

Such a hypocrite. 'I only care about the soul' 'I only find skinny bodies not repulsive'.

No. 910979

lol her narcissism and inflated view of her intelligence is the dunning-kruger effect at work. peak pseudo intellectual

No. 926061

File: 1580431376013.jpg (366.49 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20200131-013921_No …)

I refrained from posting for a while because around Christmas E posted this (for her) surprisingly self aware text on tumblr about how "she's sorry if she ever hurt someone by posting bodychecks" and while she stayed in her lane for a bit she's fully back to making a fool of herself now.
Between calling everyone shallow, hinting at having a job and posting at least ten bodychecks a day, she's back to spewing about conspiracy theories on her stories.

No. 926062

File: 1580431510506.jpg (586.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200129-035034_Ins…)

I wonder what it is. Apparently still leaves her with enough time on her hands to dress up in cheap lingerie and take wanna be bodychecks all das that don't get enough attention anymore because she's not as spoopy as she used to be

No. 926064

File: 1580431592325.jpg (317.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200129-234705_Ins…)

She's so dumb that sometimes insults don't even register as insults in her head and she just goes ahead and posts them/reacts nicely kek

No. 926075

File: 1580433448225.jpeg (299.42 KB, 1125x1356, EDF5B340-0C0C-4508-8507-4664EB…)

Anon you forgot to mention her most recent controversy: she’s antivaxx

No. 926100

Oh no I didn't even know about that one. Fits the picture though.
Eva really is the most infuriating cow for me for some reason. I can't put it into words how much she annoys me. And she just keeps giving me more reasons not to like her.

No. 926491

File: 1580515634754.jpg (214.78 KB, 1075x646, Screenshot_20200201-002241_No …)

The nerve of this talentless spoiled brat kek

No. 940070

File: 1583197806814.jpeg (957.93 KB, 1125x1979, 0F72087E-D73C-4477-9D26-EA3791…)

she posted about this tiktok on her ig story pretending to be thankful for the support — as though her blog isn't still an ed vent blog and she's not getting off on the attention.

won't let me attach it: https://vm.tiktok.com/grL8bp/

No. 940328

That support she feels is actually her ego stroking herself by reliving her proana days. She's gained weight which is good, but she's still posting body checks and denying that she was ever a proana blog, despite posting body checks, talking about her stats and reblogging thinspo.
And it really is rich of her to deny being privileged. Normal families don't have the means of taking vacations to Italy and fully supporting their jobless adult daughter while they buy her overpriced shit clothes that she'll just sell on depop. She never grew up from her tragic sad bby edgelord phase and now she's got a superiority complex because she listens to Bones and 'hates' the world lmao. She's the only true goffic kween in the world in her delusional head.

No. 949959

File: 1585244152590.png (24.25 KB, 659x211, flex.png)

literally the only reason why she stays with him

No. 949975

Exactly. She's always ranting on her IG about him complimenting her too much and not understanding her ED/relapses — just yesterday she'd said she was about to break up with him because of it. She probably misses that junkie that treated her like shit.

No. 950010

File: 1585254252720.jpeg (553.46 KB, 1967x1024, 0D343F9E-CE50-4419-AC6B-BFCCCF…)

actually capped these yesterday but didn’t post because the thread was dead. imagine being with this insufferable cow. she posts this stuff almost daily.

No. 950022

"Waaaaah I feel so fat! Buy me this overpriced shirt and maybe I'll feel better! Definitely not though. Depression and having an ED are my only personality traits". God imagine being the loser stuck in a sugarbaby-esque relationship with such a selfish and self absorbed person.

No. 968806

Just going to throw this out there: eva aghekyan(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 968811

i feel so sorry for this cow. she does absolutely nothing but go on tumblr all day. it's so depressing

No. 968813

samefag but i'm pretty sure she's only mentally ill/anorexic for something to do all day. like if she posts about weight loss or gain at least shes posting about something. really tragic

No. 970441

She’s not even good at being anorexic anymore, which is what makes it funny. She just sits around all day and complains about gaining weight and then blames it on her hypoglycemia like some HAES heifer. Same excuse Amberlynn Reid uses. She’s basically like “starving myself is hard so I don’t do it at all but still totally anorexic, guys!”

No. 980832

File: 1590771746409.jpg (361.83 KB, 720x1280, 20200529_175245.jpg)

"Did the corona virus isolation not teach anyone anything about the importance of finding peace within you" was part of the caption of this absolutely retarded take from columbine blogger acidburnfawn

No. 980869

Is that her leg on the left or a hammy grandma arm

No. 984713

i love how she thinks black americans are all waiting for her advice on the matter

No. 986693

I found this page moving bookmarks. I see it was updated fairly recently, though, and I have nothing going on right now,so time to put some truth some lies.
I warn you, the following post is long.

No. 986694

Ok this is long as fuck, but If you have nothing better to do (Or you're Eva herself, I don't think you're capable of reading more than a paragraph, anyway.)
Here we go:

Oh. My. God.
I didn't know this still existed.
Alright, first I'm gonna explain that I was deleting a bunch of accounts and things, and I was going through bookmarks to see which ones I wanted to keep/transfer. When this showed up I really couldn't believe it still worked. That being said, I'll go ahead and embarrass myself. I am that very girl who was friends with Eva, and was dating Joseph at the time. Yes, I came here and ranted on like a maniacal retard, but because of everything that was happening at the time, I was ….. beyond drunk, not to mention barred tf out. This is old ass drama, but as I scrolled through the page (intentionally passing my long ass cringe as all fuck posts) I came across an image of an ask she answered pertaining to the situation.
Now I know all you assholes are gonna tell me to gtfo nobody gives a shit, I still want to clarify some shit cause this bitch is both insane as fuck and the dumbest person I've ever known.
I'm not gonna make excuses for coming on here and acting like a 12 year old sperging out like some fatal attraction BPD retard,
but I do have aspergers ( ha ha, I know ) and was drunk, barred out, and due to the circumstances, lost my shit.

Now, Eva, do you actually come visit your own cow page? Cause if you do, people are about to find out how much more
you lie,lol.

First off, the truth between her and Joseph is pretty simple.
Yeah, I went to a psych unit… my meds were all out of whack and Wellbutrin made cry 24 fucking 7 which is enough to drive anyone mad,
but my boyfriend had turned into a total fucking alcoholic and I was far away from home and family. I had already broken up
with him once before and went back home, but he moved into his brothers (sort of) large house in a smaller town, got a job, and
said he was really ready for it to work for us.
Being the retard that I was, I forgave him for his shitty behavior and decided to try it out. I mean, he actually had a
fucking job, it could be a really good thing.

Now I know you're already bored, so I gave a little background, lets get to the more interesting and relevant stuff.
When I initially drove to MN from MS, yeah I had xanax, but if I was barred out then, I don't think I would have made the trip.
And let's not forget the most important part that she conveniently leaves out…. he ASKED me to go there.

She also says she was "somewhat" friends with me. She messaged me all day, every day, and got pissed if I was busy and didn't respond.

She conveniently leaves out the part that Joseph and I had known eachother for almost 15 years. I started a group chat and because she
always always claimed to be so sex repulsed, I wasn't too worried about it. Despite her being fluent in zoomerspeak and never
reading an actual book except maybe Lolita, and him dumping one of his more recent girlfriends literally because she developed
anorexia and was literally too skinny, I personally thought this was gonna be some pretty funny/awkward shit to observe.

Joseph was never a saint but me being a too forgiving dumbass just glad I wasn't in MS anymore gave him the benefit of the doubt.
One thing leads to another and he starts trolling her and she falls for it and does dumb shit like carving his initials on her thigh.
The more he drinks the more fun it gets, someimes I was asleep and she was IM'ing me like normal, he was acting normal, etc. Then the worse it got
the guiltier he felt so then hed drink more. Before you know it he has her practically worshipping him, doing what
he says, telling him her secrets (hint: she likes grandpas to $$$ for her…………………..PURITY, OF COURSE.)
She was even going to meet up with this guy somewhere, as she was very obsessing with 'sugaring', and last I heard,
she actually got raped – but J could have been making that up for all I know. I know the sugardaddy thing is real,
because she talked to me about it obsessively.

She knew from me talking about him that he is Bi-Polar and has insane manic episodes, and is completely unhinged
when he is drinking while manic, and she was very well aware that this was happening as I told her he admitted to
be having a midlife crisis. (I'm 31 at the time of writing this, so he is 34..I don't remember how long ago this
was, but I just had to give an accurate rundown on it, since this poor girl doesn't seem to have changed or grown
literally at all, but anyway).

This gets more interesting, I promise.

Both of them were being dirty scumbags to me at the time, seeing as how she was still messaging me about the same
retarded bullshit – complaining about her pansexual followers, ddlg followers, this was sometime too right after
her 'friend' Maddie OD'ed, but we will get to that later.
She complained about the dumbest most superficial zoomer shit, and had 0 self awareness. She was/is a huge
hypocrite – The was she answered tha ask about me, is so full of condescending judgemental BS she can't possibly
be the same person saying she's the purest, sweetest little nonjudgemental fawn
on the face of the earth is she? She has NO idea who she is. She says she isn't a pro-ana blog, but used to tell me how to starve
She also says Joseph was afraid of me, codependence, etc…. then why did he move back down to MS with me? He
literally chose to do that. There are just so many reasons as to why this is BS. It could have been a tactic he
used to fuck with her in the head, but if she had any piece of a brain she'd know it wasnt true, simply by talking
to me like I said, all day, every day, following me on snapchat, etc.He certainly didn't behave like someone who
wanted to get rid of me. When we got into fights and I tried to leave, he wouldn't even let me.

Between the time I came back home for the holidays and he moved in with his brother, something messed him up.
He was used to doing inside work, journalism, etc. Now he has some job moving boxes around outside with his
brother or some shit, which he didn't like, it felt degrading, blah blah. Also, his brother being the biggest
Jew of all Jews, installed a big ass fancy bar in his house, with unnecessarily expensive liquors. Stu0pid
fucking thing to do when you know your brother is moving in and has had an alcohol and ( 10 years prior )
a heroin problem.

So I move in again with him and his brother, but his manic phase is already on the uprise.
This is when everything went to shit. He'd get drunk, bullshit with her for hours, I'd get pissed off, we'd
fight, etc. etc. One of the few times he was sober he apologized, said he needed help, but he was depressed
because he was "getting old" and she was young, incredibly stupid, and therefor really easy to manipulate.
Once I saw her posting his pics on her blog, saying it was her boyfriend, they were in love, and the incredibly
cringe comparison to Sid & Nancy and Kurt & Courtney, and that bitch was so obsessed she CARVED HIS INITIALS
IN HER THIGH? I was already packing my shit. When I heard this BS plan she had that they were going to
fly to NYC together and get high on heroin? How beautiful it was? He was going to oh so lovinly give her her first
She and I had talked before about how he has been on suboxone for 10 years and has so little interest in heroin,
and even if he did he couldn't get high. She asked me for pictures a lot throughout our friendship, and hindsight
is 20/20. She always liked the ones he was in the most.She always asked a lot about him, but I didn't think it
was odd, because she was always saying what a good couple we were.

I was never happy about her friend Maddie dying, but I found it incredibly strange and showing of just how super
ficial and fake she was, because she pretended to be so offended, so appauled by drugs, and less than two months
later she's glamourizing it, fetishizing it, and having fantasies of running off with her friends boyfriend who
has been off heroin or 10 years, getting high with her and getting hot and bothered by the thought of him
shooting her up.

As far as the psych ward, yes, as soon as I got home I checked myseplf in and got my meds right.
As far as roach filled gutter, how kind of you eva, not privledged, trust fund rich girl sounding of you at all
but no. My parents are old and live in a trailer that had a bug issue at on point.
I, however, live in a brand new apartment, I'm happy and healthy, and I'm not with Joseph anymore,anyway.
He moved here with me in my apartment for a while, but didn't like the heat and due to the job I had at the
time, we barely saw eachother. Also, he cant get his suboxone here. So he moved back up north. I don't know
if he's still drinking or not, we are taking an extended break from eachother, and I am not interested
in relationships, nor do I hook up or date, so i'm pretty content here alone…you know, making actual art
not whatever this clout chasing bs excuse for photography this skeleton with a built in fleshlight does.

Glad I found this while going through bookmarks because I had fun reclaiming my sanity and clarifying
things as they really were. I just wish I had screenshots of our conversations, cause she talked
hella shit about nigroids, so major kek seeing her suck BLM's dick – not surprising, though.
She literally hasn't changed at all, other than somehow managing to get a little bit worse.
This is long and probably nobody read it, but I enjoyed writing it.

tHaNkS FoR cOmiNg To My TeD TaLk


No. 986700

also one last thing
I just noticed that last pic is from tik tok
man she used to bitch to me all the time how much she hated people who only cared about followers
and not 'real art' like her or some kind of bullshit..and this thot is on tik tok?
could she get any less self aware
i honestly dont think she knows how to pump gas
guess ill come back and check again in 10 years when shes still desperate for fame and makes a "look at all my expensive overpriced clothes'' YT channel

No. 989847

File: 1592619639992.jpg (183.95 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200620_031707_com…)

Eva has gone full conspiracy nut and is complaining about maths and science. highlights incoming

No. 989848

File: 1592619662242.jpg (207.54 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200620_031630_com…)

No. 989851

File: 1592619719954.jpg (401.29 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200620_031639_com…)

complains about people who treat science as a religion .. while peddling her vague spiritual mumbo jumbo

No. 989852

File: 1592619741751.jpg (418.05 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200620_031641_com…)

No. 989853

File: 1592619781189.jpg (402.6 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200620_031652_com…)

No. 989854

File: 1592619805125.jpg (414.11 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200620_031658_com…)

No. 989855

File: 1592619955586.jpg (336.33 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200620_032417_com…)

Oh yeah forgot this gem
$50 for a Skype call so she can tell you that your vibes are whack

No. 1014715

File: 1596105456612.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, B6F8034C-9B4B-4155-A355-DEA91E…)

Eva was posting about how she thinks her friendships feel more like cults and how she’s always wanted to be in a cult since childhood. 24hrs later this is posted.

I feel bad for cult survivors; she is glamorizing cults. I know 2 people who have had family members get caught up in cults it’s not positive of glamorous.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1014717


No. 1014741

File: 1596113281296.png (157.22 KB, 529x828, cult.PNG)

Eva talking about her cult(???)

She plans on including her close friends/instgram following

No. 1015090

From the look of her notes, No one cares about her "Cult"
God complex strikes again

No. 1015331

File: 1596238049469.jpeg (219.06 KB, 750x960, B3B5F9A3-62BA-49B2-9EA0-5788AE…)

Is this whole cult thing just about some married man she wants to be “cult buddies” with ?

No. 1015404

This bitch is so fucking stupid. It's irritating that she's either so good at holding up a facade (as asinine as it may be) that she wont let anything or anyone steer her away from whatever delusion she's hellbent on selling to her followers, or she is actually such a dense retard that she can't see what an absolute clown she looks like.
Also, does faux spirituality inherently come with weight gain? or is this just her knew cope…

No. 1015586

>i'm a lonely gold-digger with no friends regurgitating qanon bullshit i halfway understand for attention because i'm a skinnyfat butterface now and 90% of my following is wannabe anachans.

No. 1015631

shes close to 30 sounds like she's trying to break up a marriage "He's married but i want to be his cult buddy" sure Jan.

No. 1016974

File: 1596504450142.jpg (14.16 KB, 316x316, 73107748_182639789533508_77555…)

circa 2018 a random fb image made its way to tumblr to evas brain where she decided it was Her Idea Her Brand Her Original Thots.

No. 1016978

>>1015404 she couldn't figure out how to reup on anorexia so she had to go another route to gain cult followers I guess

No. 1017071

If you look through the notes of any of her tumblr posts, most of them are proana blogs that by some miracle manage to still exist and follow her in the year of our lord 2020, since God knows she hasn’t been ana-thin in years. So she just keeps reblogging her old photos to convince people she’s still thin, they like her retarded posts, and she continues to take that to mean that her delusion de jour is interesting or has value. That’s the only form of human interaction that she gets.

But to answer your question, I think she really is just that fucking stupid. That’s the only thing interesting about her, really. I’ve never seen such an unintelligent narcissist.

No. 1017626

People with narcissism are smart.
Clinical Narcissists know how to manipulate people, they how to take advantage of people’s weaknesses and use that to their advantage. Eva obviously has no idea how to do this.
A real narcissist would have an actual cult following.
She is a little girl playing make-believe hoping other adults will praise her and believe all the shit she makes up.

No. 1017638

covert narcs are pretty dumb, tho

No. 1017772

File: 1596595335623.png (479.57 KB, 481x909, Annotation 2020-08-04 223952.p…)

She likes to pretend her parents aren't wealthy but this is the neighborhood she lives in? Delusion, honestly.

No. 1017858

Not wealthy but above the poverty line in the GTA.
Not like it matters, she's 27 and still has never left home or had a job.

No. 1017883

If <<suffer for purity>> and <<acid burned fawn >> are her original ideas why won’t she release the proof? She said acid burned fawn is based off a book she wrote didn’t she?
She could easily self publish.

No. 1019156

File: 1596820618584.jpeg (889.83 KB, 1125x1936, 1596816179777.jpeg)

Stolen from the pro-ana scumbags thread, but this is a potential milkstorm if the right people see it.

No. 1019291

File: 1596830746198.jpg (1.62 KB, 112x112, yehno.jpg)

No. 1019420

File: 1596842859751.jpeg (846.99 KB, 1125x1919, FBF9ACA5-74CD-4AED-AE1D-4EFC6F…)

She's always captioning things with this same tired, vague rhetoric reworded 20 different ways but this time it's with an obviously bruised ego.

No. 1019769


lol is she a Qanon truther now

No. 1020260

her house is literally worth half a million dollars if i’m remembering correctly lol

No. 1020306

Yep. Absolutely insufferable.

No. 1020328

File: 1596982896851.png (1.06 MB, 1668x2388, AD1FD680-4F2D-4AAA-80CF-C2FF26…)

No. 1020419

eva watched fall of cabal and got into "deep tiktok" and yeah now shes getting into anti trans and anti black alt right rhetoric.

i wish someone had access to her close friends story.. can only imagine whats going on there considering she used to he quite vocal on her main and has basically shut up since she announced it/got called out by sicksadgirl

No. 1021190

File: 1597147107403.png (486.12 KB, 750x1334, F297C965-9156-4E13-AB6B-4407B6…)

No. 1021191

File: 1597147135435.png (643.25 KB, 750x1334, 2BF553AA-D9A7-4B39-8A24-BFBA33…)

No. 1021196

LMFAO trans people gave her anorexia? God, I really wish I could pick her brain because sis is bonkers.

No. 1022919

File: 1597425689533.jpeg (742.19 KB, 1125x1938, 013AD8A7-4AE6-47BD-93C0-3ADA28…)

Kek, retarded cowardly cunt can't take the heat.

No. 1022920

File: 1597425742945.jpeg (837.4 KB, 1125x1938, 05E2D8E6-E171-432C-925C-ADDA9A…)

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