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File: 1485405649700.gif (2.24 MB, 275x275, 1479204296602.gif)

No. 240048

Kim Dao is still insecure, now in Australia with her BF and sleeping with one eye open to watch out for Melodee

Sharla is self conscious about her weight while hiding behind her favorite hoodies and shower shoes. ~Korean~ fiance confirmed.

Taylor is travelling/settling back in her huge house with her Asian Austin Powers

Mimei was outed for being a slob and living in a dump. She's now moved.

Bii went and got her nostrils fixed instead of fixing everything else on her face.

No. 240051

Last thread >>186467

No. 240069

What will Kim do with her YouTube career when she officially moves back to Australia? She's boring af, the only reason she got popular was that she's in Japan.

No. 240081

im hoping she gets surgery to stay relevant

No. 240087

I still don't get how Sharla has a fiance. She's so fucking negative and upset all the time. She's one of those people that will have a perfect day and still find something to nitpick about. How can anyone stand that for an extended period of time?

No. 240097

I'm just wondering how he stands her man-voice and constant 'hurhurhur'laughing all of the time

No. 240133

She eats like a man too

No. 240170


No. 240209


Like Wengie ?
Kinda hard to top that dorito chin.

Also if Kim leaves does that mean she can't be talked about in the Jvlogger thread anymore ?

No. 240215

Someone should really tell Sharla she looks terrible with those glasses

No. 241349

anyone else super disappointed at sharla's level of japanese abilites;;
after her most recent vlog it's obvious she likes to pretend she's much more fluent than she is;; i mean about comprehension and speaking she's prob near fluent but pronunciation/intonation is SO BAD. like damn even kanadajin has a better pronunciation than her

No. 241428


I don't have the know-how to know if her Japanese is good but, how comes she worked in one of the most important Japanese movies (Godzilla) if her Japanese is not good. This is a big movie with a good budget, one has to think they will hire someone qualified for the job, isn't it?.

No. 241429

File: 1485667357549.png (323.65 KB, 692x317, Y6YckYg.png)

they look the same

No. 241442

File: 1485669506125.png (273.6 KB, 844x389, Screenshot.png)

Sharla's vlogs in Korea are so gross. It's just her looking at gross hoodies and sweatshirts and being a stalker Koreaboo.

>I want to get fluent in Korean sumday guiiiiize!!!!


No. 241637

Am I the only one who finds it kind of disrespectful to write on walls

No. 241657

File: 1485718844759.jpg (93.87 KB, 733x803, 6d502ad7a6ba3939d3ca5f7c0dba96…)

Kim looks better tho

No. 241703

Because as far as I remember she only worked on the English parts of it. You don't need Japanese to teach someone English lines.

No. 241747

Finding Sharla's real last name felt pretty anticlimactic.

No. 241751

Nah she looks like an actual skinwalker

No. 241834


yeah she worked on apparently teaching english and translation, and like i said, her comprehension is good, but her pronunciation is garbage

No. 241868


Well yeah, but she has to communicate with the actors and crew in Japanese even if her job was to teach some english phrases, why hiring someone with barely any experience and "garbage pronunciation" (not my word). There must be professional English coaches out there in Japan.

No. 241870


Never understood why she kept her second name and last name in secret, is very easy to find, now even more because she is in a couple of movie credits.

No. 241895

why do you type like you spend all your free time on pull;; and tumblr;;

No. 242147

File: 1485800544055.png (1.02 MB, 1702x872, rachhosed.png)

So Rachel is now modeling AND acting. Wow, what a talent she is.

No. 242223

Haha the gif in the OP is so funny.

Sharla no hate, I actually like some of your videos but no one gets such an orgasm with a piece of bread from the conbini.

No. 242225

Connections I guess. About her pronounciation: I've rarely met native English speakers with great pronounciation skills when it comes to Japanese, so it mostly gets overlooked.

No. 242318

LOL what is this from??? omg

No. 242322


connections, seconded.
besides like it was mentioned above, native english speakers speaking in Japanese often don't have amazing pronunciation, however if you compare Sharla and Loretta it's extremely easy to tell how bad Sharla's is. Or Dakota. I don't like Dakota but there's no denying her Japanese is amazing.

No. 242326

I made it with Imgur, which is probably why it's so grainy

Newest video

No. 242328

Dakota actually sounds 100% Japanese. I'm actually really jealous. Only weebs who don't know Japanese would beg to differ.

No. 242331

she doesn't sound 100% japanese, she sounds like a foreigner who is really really good at japanese, but not a native at all. tbh you sound like a dakota worshipping weeb

No. 242334

Or people who have heard other foreigners that speak better Japanese than her. They exist. She's lucky she knows slang and has good pronunciation and intonation. Her vocab and sentence structure are at or below average.

No. 242362

File: 1485825516835.jpg (6.5 KB, 275x240, 1472586200447.jpg)


No. 242363

I speak pretty good Japanese, but there are those god-tier foreigners who really are on the level of an educated native Japanese person and they always blow me away.
Dakota speaks well enough, but not like an actual Japanese person.

No. 242451

Agreed, her vocab and grammar are messed. The mistakes she makes are due to only mimicing what she hears and using gtranslate, as opposed to learning properly.

No. 242549

>>tbh you sound like a dakota worshipping weeb
If you have problems complimenting someone you don't like on something, then I feel sorry for you.

No. 242601

It's not that hard to learn to properly pronounce Japanese actually. But I guess since Dakota is American, it is a bit impressive, since Americans tend to have a twang in their Japanese pronunciation.

No. 242651

for people who don't have certain sounds in their native languages (i.e "ry" combo in Japanese, like ryu or ryo etc) it's super difficult for them to learn, but yeah, with practice it can still be done.
Dakota's pronunciation is fantastic, but I agree her grammar isn't top tier. Sharla, however, has 0 excuse for being in Japan for 10 years

No. 243034

That Sharla GIF is making me LOL!! Hilarious

No. 243097


A lengthy video of her eating and having an "orgasm" can be made, lol. I guess she enjoy food or everything she eats is awesome.

No. 243116

I thought this too lol then I got kinda saddened by it. It seems like she's the type of person to comfort eat. I haven't read into Sharla much so forgive me if she actually does and I just don't know.

No. 243413

I had to watch the video source of this, good lord!

No. 243556

Please make that video!!!
I need a cringe fest!

No. 243557

Isn't Kim in Australia now? Why is she still hanging around Japan?

No. 243763

What happened to Einshine and nyansai's IG accounts? Did I miss something??

No. 243766

holy shit Joey doesn't follow him anymore, Shine and Kat created new account and Joey is dating the fugly akidearest? Man I've missed so many things #fuckinguniversity

No. 243795

anyone watch sharlas new video?
i dont even need to watch to know how boring itll be

No. 243796

What happened? Einshine is trouble.. never liked him, he's rude to everyone. There's something off with him..

No. 243799

Apparently he's not the guilty one. He created a new YouTube account and he's going to stick with one theme. His old account has lots of ghost followers from his Minecraft days and (I think ) he wants to get rid of the Einshine name /persona. Joey started dating that fugly YouTuber (ok he's not hot but I thought he had better a taste when choosing a girl). Something happened between Shine and Joey, they argued and Joey moved to another place. Now he's just a clingy, pathetic, cheesy guy with a hentai fugly waifu. She's now 24/7 on his videos and streams and people is really bothered (if they liked her they would be subscribed to her and if they aren't is because of reasons) Shine also asked people to stop coming to attack him. Things didn't end up well and he barely knows Aki. He also asked people to stop saying he's in 'that squad ' because he's not and will never be.

No. 243800


Shine really does adore h3h3, idubbbz, and filthyfrank

No. 243817

>how come you dont record with (sharla/joey) anymore?


straight from the boys mouth himself o boi

No. 243829

Thanks anon. Idk I still think he's an asshole. He's rude to his fans and girls, he criticizes women often… ugh no, sorry I have this weird feeling about him.

I couldn't care less about Aki and Joey but I don't judge her by her looks, love works in mysterious ways.

No. 243832

It's like he's trying to be cyr but is not edgy or hipster enough to actually go there lel.

Either way, good on him for just cutting them out tbh. Better that than doing fake yt videos for views.

No. 243960

A friend is going through a similar situation and I can't stop thinking it's what happened to them. In my friend's case, his former best friend brought her boyfriend to live with her. They're like 5 people in the flat, 6 with him. Nobody likes him, plus he's really gross. They argued with her, they told her he can't stay. Things went worse and she started to behave like a child,she even said something bad about the deceased grandmother of my friend's boyfriend. Then my friend left because she said she was going to leave but changed her mind and said she wanted to stay
I don't know what happened to Shine and Joey but I feel like it was due to Aki. I don't think Shine is jealous, it's not like he has a crush on Joey from what we know he's straight. So I think maybe he said he doesn't like Aki and gave his reasons and Joey started to behave like a drama queen or Joey wanted to bring Aki frequently to the flat and Shine and Kat don't wanna haver her around too much (and Joey started so be a drama queen). And about Sharla, if I were him I'd also cut tied with her. Ok Shine is not the most mature guy on earth but Sharla is too fake and I can't stand her OMG SOOO GOOOOD and the way she talks avoid everything. I even find Sharla more fake than Bii.

No. 243961

About* sorry I'm still sleepy

No. 243977

Yeah my instinct is Shine's the problem one. His whole general attitude comes off that way.

No. 243979


Although he is cringe and what I have seen so far of him makes him look like an autistic sperglord regurgitating 4chan talk, I can totally see why even someone like him wouldn't want to stay with Aki's annoying fat ass. I wouldn't want a room mate that farts infront of me, brags about hentai and is very loud. Plus isn't shines roomate the complete opposite? I'd personally like to live with people I can tolerate, but I can also see shine getting a bit overly pissy about it. But still, I just can't tolerate Aki and I only see her occasionally across a screen.

No. 244015

just watched the video of this and surprisingly enjoyed it.
it's way better than the other stuff i've seen from them, which was boring af.

No. 244027

I could stand Shine as a flatmate as long as he doesn't interfere in my life too much, but Aki? Going to have breakfast and having her talking about hentai, boobs and dicks? Or talking about the best fuck of her life? And farting while I am eating my cookies? I would not be able to live with her, I'd leave on the first week. This says a lot about Joey, by the way.

No. 244050

File: 1486145420425.jpg (599.65 KB, 1119x933, ckej5FW.jpg)

Is that pubic hair on Kim's cheek?

No. 244091

>So I think maybe he said he doesn't like Aki and gave his reasons and Joey started to behave like a drama queen

Omg anon listen it's ok if you are Shine's fangirl but it's always a problem when your best friend doesn't aprove your relationship.
How would you feel if your friend start saying hurtful things about your bf/gf's body? that's RUDE, and please we are talking about Shine, do you think he just "gave his reason" in a nice way? pfff he probably shit talked her like never before.

Anon, only because you don't like Aki bc she's a hentai weeb it doesn't mean that SHE is the problem, if you don't like your best friend's gf you should keep it to yourself or talk to your friend in private, you just can't start trashtalking her and expect that your friend is not going to be mad at you, in fact that makes YOU the problem simply because it's not your damn business who your friend loves and fucks and you should respect your friend's relationship (unless she/he's abusive or something extreme like that).

"His reasons" my ass, Shine is an asshole who judges women based on their looks.

Yeah… I have the same feeling.

No. 244152

>asshole who judges women based on their looks.
do you know what site you're on?

I didn't anywhere where Shine said something about Aki's body, or did I miss him trashing talking about her?

If anything it's probably both aki and shine that were the problems, and if one or both dislike each other they shouldn't be subjective to live together- And it was Shine and Joey's place right? One's relationship that is brought in after does kinda matter.

No. 244165

>asshole who judges women based on their looks.
Welcome to lolcow, we do the same. Are you a newfag?

>I didn't anywhere where Shine said something about Aki's body, or did I miss him trashing talking about her?

I think he hasn't said anything about her publicly, if not PULL would have discussed it and I haven't found anything.

No. 244166

What video is that from?It's probably a make up brush fiber

No. 244192

He sounds so salty about other youtubers and the stuff they do. If he really doesn't like Joey and Sharla anymore, I'm just wondering if it's really due to their behavior, and not just his.. Jokingly ranting sure, but he seems to rant on and on and on about the slightest things that annoy him.

No. 244210

>do you know what site you're on?
>Welcome to lolcow, we do the same.

That wasn't the point and it's not an excuse. I'm talking about Shine not lolcow, different topics.

It was an hypothetical situation, anon was like "Joey is such a drama queen" obviously something bad happened there, not just a "I don't like Aki", I doubt Joey decided to move to a different place and ufollowed Shine just because he's dramatic.

No. 244212

I'm not super versed in his videos but his style and ranting is a total red flag.

No. 244223

I remember someone said Kim was going back to Australia, so Bii is also going back? Or is only Bii and Kim stays?
Sharla: >Gonna miss you so much but I'm really excited for your move to Australia! I hope you have an amazing time there and I'm really looking forward to the vlogs because I know nothingggg about Australia and I've always wanted to see it!! PS IM COMING TO VISIT

No. 244246

Kim is also moving back to Australia to live with her boyfriend. I hope they fall off youtube after moving back, they had nothing to offer besides the fact that they live in Japan.

No. 244683

mentioned above that yeah, shine's roommate is a total sweetheart who seems to quiet and calm and clean, so it was probably a shock to him to find out about Aki.
honestly I am a girl but if my friend were to like fart near me or even talk about hentai a lot I wouldn't be pleased. Besides it does say a lot about Joey too that he'd be able to handle that. I always got the "never showers" vibe from him ; _; i mean I do like Joey, but those vibes are strong for me;;
Shine and Kat seem very clean? Idk maybe it's weird haha

No. 244709

oh yeah, Joey looks dirty. His hair is always greasy and he doesn't really seem to take care of himself
Shine's hair is fucking damaged by the bleach and he should give his hair a break but at least it looks clean.

No. 244873

omg yeah;; he should let it grow out to its natural colour and then maybe redye but i agree at least it looks clean;;;

No. 245028

Man, Bii looks really different without makeup.

No. 245042


Not sure if being ironic with this shit.

No. 245045

She looks scared to eat that.

No. 245342


;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;; (:

but in any case bii does look like another person sometimes without makeup, but i feel like if she stopped with the duck lips she'd be 100% prettier agh

also i second the fact that i hope kim falls off the radar. she's incredibly boring

No. 245421

idk why the shine fan girls are showing up but he's just as fake as kim and sharla, if not more so. he's just pandering to the edgy 13 year olds by using his cringey humor. Go suck onisions dick if you think shine's personality is any more real or less catty than other jvloggers.

No. 245676

She was only in Australia on holiday, she isn't back permanently.

No. 246102

File: 1486412533200.jpg (90.37 KB, 745x424, nomnombitchface.jpg)

No. 246139

It looks like the chin on the girl to the left is barely there.

No. 246145

The girl on the left has weird head and face shape. She looks like a bad cartoon character

No. 246238


i feel like its partially really bad lighting. sharla looks pretty bad too

No. 246382

File: 1486444247352.jpg (298.37 KB, 1106x338, x0Rp9Q7.jpg)

No. 246409

So it's been exposed that shine's a pedophile and overall really shitty person.
I wonder how bad sharla's judgement of people is? First kanadajin and now shine.
Granted she dropped them but I wonder if it's because she's nice so tries to give everyone a chance or if she ignores their shitty traits until she realizes that it's out of hand and could potentially harm her own image.

No. 246420

File: 1486452406368.jpg (168.71 KB, 750x575, IMG_2726.JPG)

>Plant based
The Taylor-copying intensifies

No. 246428

She didn't have to ignore their shitty traits because she shares them. She dropped both Mira and Shine only once it became clear people were questioning her online nice girl persona because of who she hangs out with.

No. 246438

The girl on the left is ChoNunMigookSaram a vlogger in Korea.

No. 246495

Whats happening with the girls..?
I don't care for Shine. Hes irritating. This thread is dull… also more sharla eating gifs plz!!

No. 246506

>>246145 Fucking christ, can we post actual good conversation instead of desperately trying to shit on every girl that ever appears in a vlog? It's not entertaining, it's pathetic. Cut that shit out.

Back to the actually interesting conversation, anyone who's defending Shine and saying Aki was the problem should go to pt and read Shine's thread. I'm hoping Joey moved out because he had some idea of what was going on in that house.

No. 246596

>She didn't have to ignore their shitty traits because she shares them.

Uh, Shine is an actual pedo. Mira is Mira.

No. 246607

I want to stab people who lick their fucking fingers REEEEEE

No. 246613

Being a pedo is not a "shitty trait" it's being a pedo & obviously not what's talked about it that comment.

But good try pork-chan white knight.

No. 246617

I wonder if this anon + all the others whiteknighting for Shine read his /pt/ thread and are feeling really dumb and shitty now, kek.

No. 246632

Not everyone who points out your stupid hyperbole is a wk.

Those posts were really specific and sudden. I thought it was him defending himself tbh.

No. 246662

File: 1486492522874.jpg (12.45 KB, 165x74, snotty.JPG)

this face she's making triggers my punching hand

No. 246692

File: 1486496761658.gif (1.94 MB, 500x209, tumblr_o1j3vkrcBf1sx2peuo4_500…)

It's allowed here, so we'll keep talking about it.

ChowhateverSaram looks like a horrible Lois Griffin. Girl has a fucked up face and an even worse hairstyle.

No. 246729

damn did sharla pick that picture on purpose it's literally making me homicidal

No. 246735

it's her fucking thumbnail. my spine itches, honestly.

No. 246769

Does anyone know Sharlas education background?

No. 246781

True, shine's a completely different case from Mira. It's just their previous connection to sharla makes me feel like she's a shitty person too, but no one has exposed her yet.

No. 246833

>Plant based
>Hello I am Sharla/Taylor. I am not vegan, I am plant based. I don't fuckign care about animales because the Chanel bag/leather jacker looks so good on me and I don't want to be killed by real vegans. I'm just plant based because I don't wanna get fat :)

No. 246837

I don't see a problem with this tbh

No. 246990

every time i see this gif of her eating it fucking triggers me so bad and idk why

No. 247232


No. 247520

Sharla claimed the original reason she turned vegan was because she was watching some videos about chickens and was so distraught over it that she could never eat or use animal products again !!
For her to backtrack now and suddenly become "plant-based" despite ~caring so much about animal welfare~ is pretty suspicious.

No. 247534

her story always seemed so fake, how do you make it to 30 without knowing where eggs and chicken meat comes from? what mass factory farming is like? that animals don't enjoy it?
is she retarded or something?

No. 247637

Hilarious, I am okay with Taylor (since she already had a primarily vegetarian diet for her modeling jobs) but I have to admit they're both jumping this "vegan" trend.

No. 247778

Taylor was on the Gluten free hype as well for a while. It's obvious that she is not intolerant, seeing what she eats outside her home as it's incredible difficult to eat gluten free in Tokyo restaurants.

No. 247787


Sharla is not plan-based though. I don't buy the Vegan thing either, she comes from a vegetarian family, she knew about animal cruelty and all that stuff for sure. I think the reason she turned vegan was to lose weight, probably motivated by her coming wedding. She even said she wanted to lose weight for the wedding dress, "I want to be comfortable in summer clothes" and so on. I think is obvious she is not 100% happy with her body but boggles my mind why she didn't think about making exercise, I guess that takes some effort and willpower.

I think she looks good in any case.

No. 247907

She looks like a black Jane from Daria.

No. 247920

>Why would you suddenly care at 30
I'm not defending Sharla or anyone who jumps on the vegan bandwagon, but despite being a vegetarian for 25 years, I only just found out this year about the true situation of egg farming (beak burning etc). I knew it was bad, but I like omelettes so I never looked into it further.
Sometimes people just don't want to know, so they don't research stuff. And even then it's easy to be turned off short-term from animal products until eventually you 'accept' it, and just repeat this cycle for years.

No. 247923

No one asked for the blogpost

No. 248008


I doubt your parents asked for you either.. The high price of a broken condom.

No. 248055

Not the other anon, but could you all at least sage your blogpost and petty comebacks please?

No. 249409

File: 1486875816664.jpg (243.06 KB, 1920x1080, x2sGaD5.jpg)

Better than her frikin hoodies if you ask me, lol

No. 249475

She looks like a mom who just discovered her weeb side.

No. 249568

telling people, that you're gluten intolerant is a good way to cut out refined carbs, which helps stay lean.
i feel like a lot of people do it for that reason.
also, being gluten-free seems to help if you have IBS.
and i'd rather be telling people, that i have some food intolerance, than that i have IBS.

spot on.

No. 249595


Gotta love how she covers her legs but is OK with cleavage.

No. 249616

There is no cleavage…

No. 250154


There is some in the video, it's not all in your face, but there is some cleavage.

No. 250372

I guess we have a new jvlogger.

No. 250429

Omfg she's not as cute without the harsh angles and lightning. Her face looks like a blimp.

No. 250525

looks like she's concealing her unattractive bits and accentuating her flattering ones.
makes sense tbh.

No. 250536

Does every single Jvlogger get a complimentary pair of those same damn pair of glasses as soon as they touch down in Japan?

No. 250717

Lol this girl is butt ugly. Where is that one stan who wouldn't shut up about her being prettier than Taylor now lmao

No. 250722

What is wrong with her nose?

Also anyone else thing it was really rude to make half the video ranting about a homeless man?

She comes across as so snotty and privileged holy shit.

No. 250723

Hi there, still here, still not a "stan." I just prefer this girls looks over Taylor's. Get over it

No. 250738

I used to like her, but she's becoming so fake

No. 250762

This girl is as snotty as she is ugly. Her face looks like a moldy caved in jack-o-lantern tbh

No. 250766

you mean sophie herself? lmao

No. 250767

This chick seems offensive in multiple ways, including her face.

Meanwhile, actual homeless in Japan are like..

No. 250903


Sharla: "everything is going wrong" plus a thumbnail with her hugging her cat. I wonder how many people was misleaded by the click-bait title. Funny thing is the video is probably not going to do that much better with the click-bait title. Please Sharla your are 31 years old.

No. 251212


she got a nose job a while back, there's some videos about it on her main channel i believe

No. 251807

File: 1487131121106.png (508.39 KB, 371x658, d56057852ca608a1a520677d77b8e1…)

Rachel looks really cute as a brunette. She should dye her hair a darker colour. I also don't like these blue contacts she's been wearing in all of her videos, they're really shit and her natural eyes keep popping through.

No. 252358

File: 1487204923378.png (36.65 KB, 612x307, penis.png)

Please no! Her natural ginger hair color is to die for!

>Also did anyone see Sharlas gross comment on Taylor's valentines day video? puke

(for those who don't get it, mushrooms look like penises)

No. 252363


lmao I doubt Grandma Sharla meant it in a sexual way, you know that bitch just LIVES for food

No. 252368

Taylor cooked portobello mushrooms in the video. They looked delicious. The first sentence wasn't related to second in that comment.

No. 252370

In an older vlog she and taylor were talking and laughing about how mushrooms looked like penises so I guess it's an inside joke.
A gross one at that.

No. 252388


even if they were i seriously doubt she meant it as a sexual thing.

No. 252389

this new jvlogger sophie or "peachmilky" whatever is mad ugly honestly. in all her videos she only films herself from one angle, and now she is filming at different angles and it's really not doing her any good

No. 252519


She's been around for quite along time, where have you been???

No. 252546

She's slowly being brought into the main jvlog crew now though. You'll probably see her in the next group hangout video or something. She can take Micaela's place since she seems to have dropped off the face of the planet.

No. 252683


i mean "new jvlogger" not new youtuber. i know she's been around for a while

No. 252714

Most of the jvloggers film themselves from one angle to be honest…

No. 252807

there's no way she meant that comment in a sexual way.
mushrooms are legit delicious.

No. 252869

This person popped up on my recommended list and thought it would be interesting for you guys

>Named Taylor

>Works full time in Japan

No. 252874

At least she is prettier than Michaela.

No. 252875

This girl has been around for a while, she's friends with that girl from the tiny apartment and Osharegirl.

No. 252924

She's part of the quiet/normal jvlogger crew. Their videos are a bit boring but comfy. I like them because they are normal girls doing normal shit and they actually explore Japan together which is so refreshing compared to "SHOPPING IN SHIBUYA!!! JAPAN!!!"

No. 253723

File: 1487391979712.png (2.88 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_0376.PNG)

The return of Kim's crusty ass lips

No. 253746

Why does she have matching warts on the corners of her lips tf

No. 253755

Infected dry cracky lips

No. 253791


No. 253797

>this level of nitpicking

No. 254036

So many clothes for Sharla to wear in her videos…

No. 254051

Yet she only wears like 2 outfits

No. 254071

It's not nitpicking if she's a SELF PROCLAIMED BEAUTY GURU and her lips are DRY AS FUCK

No. 254074

File: 1487471438241.png (1.3 MB, 1849x915, Untitled.png)

Is Sharla dying? The fuck is going on with her eye

No. 254110

File: 1487477196333.jpg (374.24 KB, 1280x720, UMihtHy.jpg)


I don't think anything is happening, is just lighting and maybe makeup, she usually does a decent job with her eyes but she has dark circles and bags under her eyes, maybe lack of sleep or she is getting older (obviously).

No. 254115

She probably never heard of lip balm before… her lips are horrible!

No. 254122

File: 1487478079288.jpg (277.82 KB, 1011x683, A1ipSiN.jpg)


I have the feeling she is going to have really bad looking eyes when she gets older, take care of yourself Sharla and sleep more.

No. 254125


I bet it will be unorganized and messy very quick, we didn't need to see her underwear.

No. 254135

Then again Michaela is boring af AND doesn't live in Tokyo. I bet if she moved there people would start watching her again, overlooking the stale bread personality.

No. 254612

Pretty sad considering she did a video on a HUNDRED kbeauty items but her lips look tragic.

No. 256597

Did Sharla seriously expend +25.000 yen dyeing her hair plus extensions?. And to think she said not long ago she couldn't afford the bullet train to travel to Tokyo.

No. 256622

It's necessary for her transformation in becoming a model like taylor, duh

No. 256631

If she went to that Nalu place that they all go to, she didn't spend that much. The fact that they all go there is obvious they give them either free or heavily discounted services because of the views + increased customers they generate (Wow guyzzz!! Look an English speaking hairdresserrr!!! Sew guddddd!!)

No. 256893


Some months ago, "I'm sick of extensions, I want to grown my hair long", then she cut her hair shortish and now back to extensions, she is so fickle.

No. 257545


jesus christ no. mica is bae

No. 258267

File: 1488080509054.jpg (407.59 KB, 640x726, IMG_0513.JPG)

Tranny-chan 2 years ago and now

>comments are all YAAAAAAS QUEEN your makeup looks great

Damn and I thought we were the men's ones

No. 258268


No. 258274

File: 1488080770166.png (6.2 KB, 185x185, 40F32559-5CE4-41DE-A90F-C4A787…)

Those lips. She looks like the joker from that ancient batman tv show

No. 258295

she's looking pretty rough lately

No. 258332


You pick the worst frame possible in a video where her makeup was awful, congratulations, your comparison is useless. She was better looking years ago, that's for sure. Taylor and Bii or how to be a beautiful woman and ruin it.

No. 258345

She doesn't look any better in motion in that video tho

No. 258368


The point is she doesn't look like that under normal circumstances, is just a bad video, if you want to make a legit comparison, there are better ways to do it.

No. 258473


she could lose 10 lbs sure, but even chubby mica is cuter than that venus-tier living doll

No. 258572

When she says "…… IN EVERYTHING" one more time I'm gonna snap

No. 258579

Living proof that you do not need to hop on every bandwagon just because it's trendy
jfc Bronwyn wtf

No. 259732

Am I the only one who's curious how Sophie (Peachmilky) can afford living in Tokyo? I mean it doesn't seem like she and her boyfriend got a job there?

No. 259747

never heard of the concept of saving up money???

No. 259748

I think she's been saving up for this for about a year or two since she was planning on doing the same thing before her ex bf broke up with her last year.

I also think someone mentioned in the goth thread that Kaya hangs out with her because her family is rich?

>I mean it doesn't seem like she and her boyfriend got a job there?

They haven't gotten one yet. Iirc, she said she has enough to live off of for a few months and that she wants to enjoy the time they have before they have to work.
Speaking of the job thing, I'm wondering what they're going to do for that since neither of them speak Japanese and I think they'd still need a degree to teach English

No. 259758

But that raises a bigger issue of their circumstances of getting into Japan in the first place. You need a work visa in order to work in Japan and that's hard to get.

You can't just move to Japan and live there, they need to have a purpose. If the government finds out that they came on a vacation visa with intention to work without figuring that shit beforehand, it could restrict future access to Japan for them.

No. 259760

Probably working holiday visa.

No. 259761

I haven't actually watch one of her vids, but if she's from a country that does working holiday visas, she could be doing that. Not to mention her youtube channel could give her a chunk of change for extras.

No. 259777

Yeah, she confirmed that she's on a working holiday visa

No. 259824

I know that she saved up money, but not enough for a whole year? So that's why I asked..

No. 264171

File: 1488794299811.png (532.88 KB, 850x476, uh.png)

Sharla's fiance in the mirror. Look at the way he's dodging when he realizes he can see himself.

Judge for yourself: https://youtu.be/TUT2Bx3JhGk?t=3m56s

No. 264223


Ok. He doesn't want to be on camera. What's the big deal?

No. 264453

On a optimistic note, Sharla finally looks like she's losing weight

No. 264641

File: 1488861920910.jpg (126.1 KB, 1200x676, U0Ix997.jpg)


Is that really him?, maybe is someone from her agency helping her to film. In her last thumbnail he looks like he has longer hair and maybe a goatee or beard?.

No. 264716


Again this hoodie?, she used it 2-3 days ago for the vlog she posted today, and she is in a live stream in Tokyo today with the same hoodie, I'm not going to suggest she is dirty but for a public person like her, she should change her clothes more often.

No. 264738

Don't you know the Sharla Hoodie meme?

No. 264758

Looks like he is wearing those black masks that have gotten popular recently in that thumbnail.

No. 265206


Black masks?.

No. 265232

a medical mask, stop being fucked retarded

No. 265528

File: 1489002491872.jpg (48.15 KB, 499x500, s-l500.jpg)


Speaking of retards, it's beauty product, not "medical"

No. 265532

File: 1489002663792.jpg (1.4 KB, 112x90, images.jpg)

Not sure if you're trolling, but this is probs what the anon meant. they have 'em in fabric and diff patterns.

No. 265549

Yeah cause Sharla's fiance would be wearing one of those beauty facial masks outside in broad daylight right? It's called "context" retard.

No. 265604

what are you fucking retarded?

No. 265743


He might care a great deal about his skin.

No. 265757

Jfc… Google "black mask" in Japanese, 黒マスク, you idiot.

No. 266010

File: 1489055302974.jpg (141.42 KB, 837x1200, RoWCjwm.jpg)

Micaela has serious issues if she has to go this far to reply comments she dislike or disagree.


No. 266013

It's not like she's spewing fat-logic, she looks thin enough for me. Good on her for being comfortable with herself without worrying about fatshaming.

No. 266025

Awwww she has a really cute shape. If she toned up a little she'd look fantastic, but as is she's fine. The chick bothering her is probably a jealous weeb, since she/he/it keeps harping on about Micaela's Japanese bf.

No. 266029

lol. A bunch of the jvloggers have been receiving Chick Tracts in their fan-mail and it seems they don't know what it is. Ah to be that innocent. Also bonus points for either stupidity and or brilliance to weeb in the Taylor's video comment section who referred to them as "Christian manga".

No. 266031


can u explain? wat r they/

No. 266032

No. 266044

This is petty as fuck, but Micaela's sloppy lipstick application in her last few videos is triggering me. Since I'm pretty sure she reads here:

1. Line your lips.
2. Apply lipstick
3. Blot with a tissue
4. Apply second coat of lipstick.
5. Blot again. Done.

No. 266049


She looks fine, but I doubt people is calling her fat judging her upper body. This kind of reply says more about Micaela than the person telling her she needs to lose weight.

No. 266605

Well to be fair, I've never heard of it either. Maybe it's because I'm European, idk how popular that is in the other western areas. I can just say that for my area, people probably wouldn't know what the fuck it is(and looking at that wiki, I can see that's a good thing).

She looks totally fine.

No. 266613

Oh I wasn't criticizing them for not knowing, just envying their innocence. At my uni there is a certain non college affiliated asshole who keeps dumping this shit in our mailboxes and in our community centers.

No. 266729

She dropped them when she couldn't use them anymore, not because of their personas.

No. 266738

The people railing on at her are clearly insane, but you're kind of right. If you're going to be a professional internet personality you need to be able to let this shit roll off you without needing to post risqué "i told you so!" pics to retaliate. Literally textbook example of Feeding The Trolls.

No. 266740

She has that thing Tom Cruise has with his front teeth

No. 266741

>Rachel looks really cute as a brunette.
what the actual fuck are you talking about

No. 266742

>clicks through
>"PeachyMilky Vlog"
>closes window immediately

No. 266744

it's 2017 this constant "milky" whatever shit with weebs has got to stop sometime

No. 266882


Just going out on a limb here.

I think they are saying that in their opinion, they think Rachel looks good with darker hair.

No. 266891

her nosejob looks fucking weird

No. 266924


Whose nosejob?

No. 266962

I'm assuming that they're talking about that Peachy chick.

No. 267009

peachmilky had a nosejob

No. 267060


Ah, Not familiar with her, and the comment came after one about Rachel, who also had a nose job. Got confused.

No. 267547

File: 1489246990977.jpg (391.08 KB, 1015x599, LnkQbJl.jpg)

Nice change Sharla…..

No. 267550

Who tf still gets strips of unnatural color in their hair? What year is this

No. 267561

Literally tons of Japanese girls

No. 267562

A lot of people dumbass

No. 267563

people stuck in 2004 with the taste of old fashioned mall goths

lol sucks to be you. have fun with your unique, fried tumlr hair xDD

No. 267582

is it me or did her hair get worse looking

No. 267588

A lot of people. Calm down, princess.

No. 267589

offended samefag with weird colored highlights detected

No. 267634

Chill out, what you yellin' for? (Seriously though first picture looks better / more age appropriate.)

No. 267794


Your detector is broken. You sound like someone who desperately wants to try it but is too much a slave to the opinions of strangers to try.

Suck to be you.

No. 267834

if she toned up a little her A cups would turn into 0 cups.

No. 267898

Her arms are getting a little chub but she's lucky since she has a nice hourglass shape in her waist. She looks pretty cute and would be bangin' if she got fit.

No. 267917

you faggots are triggered

No. 267937

I'm sorry if I offended you, your limp faded-out streaks look cool though I promise

No. 267940

Hi Sharla.

No. 267992

i actually enjoy internet personalities or celebs interact with haters, as well as fans.
even if that is through an unusually sassy (for a jvlogger) post. shows personality.

probably true. would be worth it though, i think.

lol what? wouldn't sharla say something in favour of colourful highlights, since she just got them?

No. 268006

I meant the 3 comments talking about how it is popular.

No. 268055

He smashed Sharla

No. 268056

But passed Micaela

No. 268073


is this what having zero self awareness is like? insufferable

No. 268078

He just wants to ride off the fame of all the vloggers who are generally friends with eachother. He acts like he doesn't care about how many subs they have but you notice he choses everyone who is already friends and have done colabs. I guess that is one way to get famous

No. 268274

Sharla: Smash
Toph: Smash
Simone and Martina: Smash
Micaela: Pass
I'm pretty sure he's quite familiar with all of them, but I do notice that he doesn't really give any personal reasons behind his passes. Possibly to avoid drama.

No. 268332

Simon and Martina?

is he blind

No. 268397

He looks in the mirror everyday and thinks those brows are ok so apparently

No. 268477

TBH I think he based it off of personality.

No. 268481

her voice is so damn annoying and of course she's wearing her same old pink hoodie.

No. 268482

she would lose so much weight just by taking a shower…

No. 268489

I've always kind of liked Sharla but smash or pass… how tacky.

No. 268565


So this is why she does her hair so much:

"I hair model for Nalu (not actual modeling, they just use my hair pics on their social media etc) so I get my hair done for free."

No. 268595

She did the same wig video as Mira did. Did you guys notice how shitty the wig actually is. Sharla didn't show the small fried bits like Mira did.

No. 268600

Is it just me, or does Nicole look fairly uncomfortable when Taylor shows up?
IDK, I get the vibe she wanted it to be just her and Sharla, for her birthday..

No. 268620

probably not, all these attention hos love bottom feeding off of each other. nicole is probs the same way.

No. 268662


Nicole looks like a normal girl is she a jvlogger?.

No. 268890

shes a totally cunt she sleeps with everyones boyfriends and make sockpuppets to defame everyone else also she doesnt eat her crust

No. 268900

lmao wtf

No. 269219

>also she doesnt eat her crust
Haha wtf

No. 270090

I haven't really been watching Mimei's videos recently, but I just watched one since her hiatus and she's looking a bit different. Not sure if it's the hair, the lighting, or what, but she just looks… brighter? Healthier? Did she get work done or something?

No. 270144

She did get her hair done recently, but I don't think she got any sort of extreme cosmetic treatment. Tbh, I think she looks better now that they moved to the new apartment. I would look kind of dingy too if I had to live in a cluttered old space. Plus I think the "break in" / family incident or whatever it was made her constantly stressed since they worried they would come back, so maybe now they're less stressed. But I noticed what you mentioned too

No. 270147

Does anybody know and info on the past drama between PDS and PDR?

No. 270153

kek. please post if you're for real and you have evidence

No. 270200

I lost my shit and burst out laughing when I got to that part.

No. 270212

They're brothers with sibling rivalry, the younger one is more successful than the older one, what else is there to say

No. 270213

>not understanding a troll post

Kill yourself you're retarded

No. 270752

No shit, hence why I laughed because I was taking it half seriously until I read that part.
Cool your boots, friend.

No. 274083

How big is Sharla's house?. She is saying they sleep in a bunk bed and she often films in a room with a bunk bed too. I'm surprised they don't have a normal bed, I guess their house is small with only one bedroom?.


No. 274134

Sounds pretty normal for Japan

No. 274139

Very normal for Japan and Tokyo.

No. 274166

is there anywhere I can find a list of all the jvloggers on youtube? I know theres alot of smaller creators (better?) but the only ones I can find are these same girls/the big ones. I remember seeing some girl talking about the struggles of having fake boobs in japan which was interesting also two twins who do purikura videos .. I have a genuine interest in Japan but I'm over the same people all creating the same content shopping…cafe..pokemon..zzz

No. 274172


Yeah but didn't they move out of Tokyo for the extra space/cheaper rent? They must be really strapped for cash if they still only have a 1 bedroom

No. 274227


They moved to the countryside and they live in a duplex, obviously we don't know how big is the duplex but I'm surprised they didn't get a normal bed, a couple sleeping in a small bunk bed can't be very comfortable, but maybe her house is small.

No. 274229


Taylor said in one of her videos, Sharla's house is more or less as big as hers, obviously it was a lie.

No. 274233

Have you checked out Tokidoki traveler? I really like her content.

No. 274515

I'll just throw some "lesser known" (or should I say rarely mentioned) names at you so you can have a look
Hope you find something you like :)
I enjoy all of their content

martina ojousan
tokidoki traveller
jason is lost
internationally ME
Life where I'm from
Charly in Japan (mostly food related)
Shinichi's world (Shinichi from TabiEats)

No. 274517

>Shinichi's world

I fucking love Shinichi, boy has gone through so much.

No. 274522

sorry about that

right! shit always happens to good people

No. 276322

Bernie Low (beanmylife)
Jenny Silver.Tokyo
Kristina Grace
Strawberry Mochi
Tokidoki Traveller
Kazuko from Japan
Japan with Regan
emixlea's life in Japan

Cassie Mitchele
Hide in Osaka
Janglish Jerry
Blinchik in Japan
You, Me, Japan
Ronin Dave
That JapaneseGirl
Natalia Natchan
Lisa Sometimes
Wherever With You
Sandra No Sekai

No. 276325

Some of them no longer live in Japan. HannahInJapan and ThatJapaneseGirl moved to the US I believe.

No. 276427


Kazuko from Japan moved to Vancouver BC.

"Life where I'm from" is pretty good. I posted about it once on one of the Miranda threads as an example because that girl is only 10 or 11 years old and makes better looking and more informative vids. She also better in front of the camera (natural and relaxed, not all cringey-as-fuck like Miranda).

No. 276609

Is it just me or does anyone else find peachmilkytea's voice insufferable? (Same with kimdao, are they from the same cesspool?)

You'd think if you wanted to become a famous blogger you'd try to cut down on that sharpness a bit.

No. 276885

her dad actually makes the videos though

No. 276891

No Kyde and Eric?

No. 277044


True, but she's still more personable and articulate than Miranda.

No. 277047

File: 1490452754018.gif (3.36 MB, 327x240, Sin-título-3.gif)

Happy Girl. The video was pretty good.

No. 277062

and he makes the videos because she wants to do it (most of them anyway)
at least he said that in one of his videos

No. 277660

Does anyone know where Bii is going or why is she leaving? Thx

No. 277677

she looks pretty adorable here

No. 277720

Australia, to be with her boyfriend

No. 282063


this is actually really cute

No. 282064


ive no idea what happened there

No. 282504

File: 1491103269361.jpg (204.15 KB, 1080x1080, hMbudUC.jpg)

Is that really Sharla?, maybe is just me but she looks a little different from how she looks on her videos, is just angles what make her look that different?.

No. 282565

she literally looks the exact same from her videos? if anything Micaela looks like different person

No. 282567

Eh, Micaela got fat recently though. She made that butthurt video about it.

Sharla's always been a little chubby.

No. 282625

File: 1491131798549.jpg (187.16 KB, 877x261, OeDo00O.jpg)


I get why you think she looks different, she can look slightly different sometimes but is really not. Sharla benefits tremendously when she films with high angles to flatter her "jaw/cheekbones/double chin". Also, lenses can make you look fatter or thinner than you are in real life.

No. 282639

Her extensions are gone, so the shorter hair makes her look more fat-faced and old. Plus she isn't drowning in favorable lighting.

No. 282658


1st and 2nd pic are from this week.

No. 282672


Sorry I meant 1st and 3rd pic.

No. 282716

What's your point? Still different hair and light.

No. 284326

so, i watched some recent videos of sharla. when i first discovered her i kinda liked her content, but after a while gave it up because she's so fucking insincere. it irks me. her only description about anything japanese is "sssooo goood" and after a while it just becomes annoying. i just can't shake the feeling that she doesn't care about anything nearly as much as she says she does. she's sometimes condescending too. i mean, sure, she should be able to freely state her opinion on things but she doesn't though, and that's it. instead of saying "hmm, i don't really feel like this is something i would go for myself." about like a japanese food or sth, she just says "wooow, it's kinda weird though hahaha but it's interesting! haahah sometimes japan is so weird!" and i just.. can't stand her attitude. i do think she's pretty though, hope she figures out someday that curly hair suits her better.
btw: how the fuck is her japanese pronunciation is SO bad? like, really, BAD. in her video where they went to parks with her fiancé i was really shocked at some of the things she said. like, 0 improvement.

No. 284329

sorry, meant wavy hair

No. 284815


I think she has no clue what to do with her image to be honest, I remember some months ago she was excited to cut her hair short, no long after that she went for extensions, now again short hair. Is the same with clothes. I think she can look really good with the right clothes and hair for her body type but I guess she doesn't care about this kind of stuff or nobody close to her is encouraging her to "do better".

No. 284822

..she doesn't look fat at all?

No. 284903

File: 1491394613893.gif (287.84 KB, 487x496, 9l8sQNa.gif)

What a transformation.

No. 284940


Wow.. She looked better without that horrible makeup/false eyelashes.

No. 284963

File: 1491403588921.png (55.51 KB, 366x500, IMG_7904.thumb.PNG.f15673af28f…)

she looks cute as heck in the posed pic.
Also - https://twitter.com/No5yuurin/status/839025360595345408

Obviously she shouldn't wear glam daily, but I do think a bit heavier makeup would suit her. Well, more than her usual plain eyeliner+mascara.

No. 284966


Having eye makeup makes such a big difference on her. The lips look horrible though.

No. 284995

those BiiBii style tranny lips….

No. 285003

File: 1491410957280.png (566.92 KB, 529x704, Unnamed image.png)

She look so pretty in these! Her eyes pop so much. Honestly I'm a little shocked.

No. 285039


Really? They make her eyes look droopy to me. Like she is bored or about to fall asleep.

That makeup just doesn't work on her..

No. 285041


Same anon.

Not really criticizing Sharla. Just the chick that did that makeup.

I'm guessing she is supposed to be some kind of makeup guru? I just know not to follow any advice of hers.

No. 285065

Eh, I think they look nice. You rarely see Sharla dressed up in anyway or looking "sexy" or even feminine. She looks a bit jacked up in >>284903 but the angle isn't very flattering. She might do well with a less dramatic lash but overall, I think it's an improvement for sure.

No. 285067

I think she looks super cute

No. 285075

Clearly we posted it at the same time, anon! Jeez. I removed it.

On second thought, the contour looks kinda bad in the actual video. I think the artist is using some whitening filter on the instagram pictures and is making it appear less harsh.

No. 285076

File: 1491417370512.jpg (91.43 KB, 378x594, 988b1211faf642b8e0621ed482cb34…)

I think she's cute but the after reminds me of Jinkx Monsoon

No. 285208

A huge step up from her usual shit tbh, she should stick to this look as it makes her eyes look age appropriate. The eyeliner and lashes are bit heavy though.

No. 285213

IA, this is much better than how she usually looks which is like a lazy teenage girl in a pink hoodie. It suits her, she looks pretty for once. Sharla is not cute or thin enough for no effort tbh.

No. 285217

they both look like dragqueens

No. 285235

the tails of the brows are too long it makes her look sad. The eyelashes need to be shorter and the lips can't be overdrawn beause her mouth is big and it makes her look a bit crazy.

No. 285239

Thank you! The eyes are a bit too heavy on the black and the red lipstick makes her look like a clown. If she did less of it, it would look better.

No. 285527


Exactly! Less is more. I must be getting old because I truly do not understand the trend on makeup that looks like it was applied with a trowel.

No. 285935

Anyone saved that doujinshi video Mimei deleted?.

No. 287026

This video shows the weakness of almost every Youtube beauty guru. They can put make-up on themselves, but they don't know how to put make up on others.

I can't find it either, but it has to be mirrored if it was shared with the doujinshi artist. I saw the video in my feed and didn't watch it, because I always feel uncomfortable when people make fun of stuff like that. I feel bad for the artist, and Mimei and Duncan really need to get over themselves. They're always criticizing everyone and everything, and then they play victim when it happens to them.

No. 287051


What doujinshi video? What did they do?

No. 287135

Mimei made a video of her and Duncan pretty much making fun of a Yuri on Ice doujin. It's common knowledge amongst fandoms not to do things like that so people got upset. Namely, the doujin artist. Mimei took it down but she and Duncan started whining and making it seem like they're the victims for having to delete the video. Mimei even had the gall to say "I hope they take down their doujin if Kubo sensei asks"

No. 287540

File: 1491743383638.png (153.65 KB, 1440x988, Screenshot_2017-04-09-15-59-42…)

what's up with mimei, does anyone know?

No. 287542

File: 1491743442505.png (301.81 KB, 1440x1526, Screenshot_2017-04-09-15-59-24…)


there's also these ones

No. 287583

File: 1491748338562.png (58.75 KB, 439x484, TRX5ypW.png)


Maybe related?, not sure how that random user in one of Taylor's vlogs could know about it, though.

No. 287589


So say this is true, why would Taylor drop the friendship too ? ( Though it was pointed out that Mimei was taking jabs at Taylor in videos )

I wonder if because of her fighting with Sharla everyone just sided with Sharla including Tay. Mimei use to hang out alone with Tay, but not anymore.

No. 287601


That could explain why we barely see Kim hanging around Tay's group also, Kim seems to usually side with Mimei when shit goes down, I think.

No. 287617


I don't think Taylor have any real friends in the group but Sharla. How many times Taylor went out with Mimei?, probably not enough to become a real friend, the shame probably with Bii and Kim, they are friendly or "youtube Friends", without the camera they are nothing, specially in Taylor's case. I do think Sharla and Micaela are genuine friends though.

No. 287621

I'm sort of undecided. It seems like they're still following one another on social media as of now and I also don't know what they would have drama about.
On the other hand, if it is Sharla, I wouldn't exactly be surprised. Mira was 99% at fault during that whole incident, but I think it was also found that Sharla was privately talking shit about her. Maybe she carelessly said some things about Mimei and it got back to her.
I also don't understand how all of these "adults" are always caught in pointless drama. If you don't have to work with them or see them every day, just cut them out of your life.

No. 287627

File: 1491751676122.png (41.85 KB, 1022x184, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.2…)

Also, sorry fore samefagging, but Mimei also posted this on Tumblr a month or so ago.

No. 287641

Yeah, a lot of this is speculation right now, but I wouldn't put it past Sharla being the main instigator of most of the group drama.

She has major queen bee syndrome and I bet whenever someone tries to do something without her/gets more notoriety than her she probably flips her shit. Remember her texts with Mira? They were just as catty as Mira's messages.

No. 287652

I get the impression that Sharla has a 'quantity over quality' mentality about friendship. She meets with anyone who has a social media presence in Japan (for example, she met with Jill even though they have nothing in common), and even though I'm sure a lot of that has to do with business, I also think she likes the idea of having a lot of friends. The problem is she doesn't know how to maintain any of those friendships outside of a mutual exchange relationship (like making videos together or going to Youtube events together).
There are a lot of benefits to being friends with Taylor so right now they're the closest, even though a few years ago Mimei had one of the larger channels and she and Sharla were really close.
I don't know, I'm not saying Sharla is evil or malicious, but I think she probably isn't a very good friend to have if you don't have anything to give in return.

No. 287657

Yeah and I noticed that she hops on all the YouTube channels that visit Japan to make collab videos

No. 287695

Yeah. She's definitely the most business minded of all of the jvloggers, since collabs usually net higher viewer counts, but what I don't understand is where all her money goes. I'm hoping that she's rational enough to think that yt isn't forever and she's saving a lot of it. Either way, it's really obvious that her friendships aren't genuine and she only really works with jvloggers who are at the top of the group and leaves everyone else behind. Remember when Micaela was bigger too and they were such best friends? Now we haven't seen them in like a year together.

I really hope Emma (tokidoki traveller) doesn't get dragged in with them since she's becoming a bigger jvlogger as well (especially since it was Kim who found her new flat)

No. 287708

Yeah, I'm feeling it's Sharla, too, knowing that she did actually talk shit behind someone (I don't remember who but she was saying some bad stuff in the messages found out during Mira accident), also she just has this certain persona which makes me think she's a real bitch on the inside. I wish Mimei would spill.

No. 287710

sorry for samefagging but

lol @ her making herself the spokesperson for Japan in Evan Edinger's video

No. 288194


I think that is because she is the most social one of all of them and most people want to collab with her because she has this "sweet/fun" girl personality on her videos (fake or not) plus she obviously is popular to some degree. I think plenty of people want to make videos with her because of that, I don't think is her seeking collaborations all the time.

No. 288239

tbh the couple videos where Mimei and taylor hanged out, it seemed awkward and forced. Mimei even rolled her eyes at Taylor once in a video lol I'm assuming it was the first time they were meeting and someone came up with the idea of "might as well make a video together and get some views!"
they just never seemed to click

I think Taylor's only true friend is Sharla, and Sharla basically gave Taylor the footstool to the jvlogging community.

No. 288246

They've known each for over a year and have hung out multiple times. I think that's just Mimei's personality. You are really desperate for some drama from Mimei and Taylor it seems.

No. 288285

I like Bii, but I feel like she is going to change her style a lot over the next few months. She looks very washed out & girlish compared to what is in fashion in the west at the moment.

No. 288406

Is she even considered a jvlogger anymore?

But yeah, she seems really into Korean fashion, which is a lot more girlish than most Western styles.

No. 291369

Speaking of Bii, I went back and watched her earliest available video. She looked so healthy back then. Nice hair, nice skin, nice make up, etc. Now she almost looks sickly, and it's probably due to her style as mentioned. So I'm actually excited for a style change, she'll look a lot better.

No. 292145

I think Kim is finally moving to Australia after announcing it months ago.

Emma just posted her video and she said she got Kim's light ring because she is moving (is kim not going to vlog anymore or is she just going to buy a new one?)

No. 292203

He looks more feminine in this

No. 292205


That background music is something else. I love Fruits Basket, but it's overpowering her talking lol.

No. 294155

This Swedish girl moved to Japan and started Japanese school and she's already complaining and wanting to go home after not even a week, lol. I guess Japan didn't live up to her unrealistic expectations and she actually has to study.

No. 294229

could you imagine being so privileged like did they just go on a whim

No. 294250

She claims to have saved up for three years. If that's true then I don't understand how she couldn't learn the alphabet or some basic Japanese during those three years to prepare herself for her studies.

No. 294441

For real? Why not prepare before coming to Japan? Almost all schools recommend you to study hiragana and katakana in your own before you go to Japan. What do they expect? Not sure if this is her first time in Japan but i find it weird that she didn't first went here on a holiday for like 2 weeks or so and actually experience Japan a bit before deciding to live and study there.

No. 294446

Cringiest shit I've seen in years. https://youtu.be/kPVmggwe3-s

No. 294459

Jesus, there people really are retarded. Anyone with some common sense would study the basics beforehand so they could start learning more shit at school and survive daily life.

No. 294467

Hiragana & katakana is so easy to learn, too. It would take at most one week before she is comfortable with it. Talk about being rich and entitled, god.

No. 294904

Damn, you'd expect this kind of video back in 2008 and even then it's cringy as fuck.

No. 295267

File: 1492709748904.jpg (204.29 KB, 1080x1080, 16906719_182398082274215_64589…)

By now I expect Sharla to go full slav soon.

No. 296556

Hey does anyone know who victor is talking about in the first part of this video? He says a big jvlogger got kicked out of japan, but pretended that he wanted to leave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeaXerqxf1E

No. 296575

Jesus she dresses so dumpy. How can someone who does so many shopping videos and presumably has so much clothes wear the same shit in such bad ways

No. 296621

File: 1492873285329.jpg (69.53 KB, 500x375, 1rNdnN2.jpg)

she's already halfway there with the adidas tracksuit

No. 296728

she uploaded a video a few days later called SKIPPING MY JAPANESE SCHOOL FOR THE DAY like how stupid can you be

No. 296782

does this girl have some kind of speech impediment? she's slurring her words in english, her japanese must be a nightmare.

No. 296794

wtf.. has sharla some sort of (new developed) mental illness? or is she sick?
she looks more awful as time passes by and i think her hair starts to thin out.

No. 297190

my god this girl is so cringey

No. 297192

just sounds like a Swedish? accent.

No. 297367

yeah she claims its a swedish accent, her friend has the same retarded way to speak. but lets be real, pewdiepie is also from sweden but never spoke like that.

No. 297368

Some people have a stronger accent than others, what a surprise.

No. 297369

Damn, Michaela looks like such a catch compared to Sharla and she's wearing a god damn flower crown headband, still wearing the same smudged lipstick for a decade, and got those goofy chuck e cheese animatronic cheeks. Sharla needs to dress up.

No. 297370

still sounds like she is retarded and if she constantly has a dick in her mouth
surprise, even normal accents can sound like shit

No. 297383

I can't fucking deal with the stockholm accent. Even when they speak swedish it sounds like their mouth is full of oil. Please leave your fuzzy cum-gurgling sound out of the english language, it truly does sound retarded.

No. 297416

I was looking at her mouth to see if she has a split tongue or something.

No. 297418

>goofy chucky cheese animatronic cheeks

You deserve lolcow gold for this.

No. 298989

New video up and Sharla still keeps lying about her level of Japanese and being a translator. Like, girl, after 10 years of total immersion you should be ashamed of speaking like that and you were only an assistant to an actual translator once.

No. 298992

I can't believe Micaela makes Sharla look cute and thin. Like wtf, Micaela's chub near her chin is so distracting.

No. 299013

She didn't tho? They both look overweight and unattractive.

I wonder if there are any fillers in Micaela's cheeks, they seem unnaturally bloated. Almost Taylor level.

No. 299022

They look like Taylor's older, less attractive sisters. It's kind of weird how they all adopt the same style. Generic blonde foreign girl #1, 2, and 3…

No. 299052


Sharla has plenty of chub in her face, her cheeks, jowls and so on. If you watch only her face you will think she is overweight but she is fine, she only need to lose some kilos. Micaela looks different, like she is sick and her face got bloated.

Both look good anyway, not everyone can be a top model. I think they look more attractive than Taylor, in their own way.

No. 299058

the op gif is triggering, what an annoying face

No. 299137


Micaela gained a shit ton of weight in the past year.

No. 299236

Micaela stop overusing that hideous headband!!!

No. 299251

Listening to the video, I think we don't even need to address to their weight for milk. Jesus, Sharla. At one point where they talk about Japanese phrases they didn't know the first time they came to Japan, Micaela says "Looking it up" and Sharla says outright "Copying it" I lolled. Also Sharla looks quieter in this video, wonder why.

No. 299533


dunno why but i find micaela's awkward twitching rly cute.

No. 300149

i noticed they all dont hang out in a group anymore wonder what happened (i never see taylor and sharla with kim or mimei)

No. 300159

Damn, I noticed she looked a lot fatter in the face but thought it was a lack of special slimming lenses or filters.

No. 300248

holy shit, after not watching Micaela for maybe a year, she got f a t.
Sure I've seen her twat defending herself about her weight kek. But god dam she's left herself go.

And sharla, you and your vocal fry have never made me skip through the video so fast before.

No. 301483

Sharla is a bitch. When I found out what she did to Mira I stopped watching her. It became obvious that she really was just about quantity rather than quality when she started making colabs with every single YouTuber she could after the Mira drama. She only hangs out with friends to make videos. What kind of life is that? Taylor seems like a nice girl but I don't understand how she would want to stick by a girl like Sharla. It makes me wonder if Taylor is really on the inside a girl who enjoys gossip herself. We know that Micaela was involved in that too. It really is the three queen bees. Mimei is good for staying away from them. I am sure they are angry because Mimei doesn't want to be part of the drama. They probably envy mimei because she has a strong Japanese fan base. If you check on Twitter the amount of mail she gets daily it is amazing. She doesn't get to upload as often because she is out enjoying her life instead of spending every second blogging about it and acting like she is enjoying life. However, Mimei is still following Sharla on Twitter. It could just be so that nobody would notice….

No. 301485

Get a hobby Mira, it might help you get over what happened two years ago.Everybody has moved on. The only person who seems to still care is you. Just move on with life,Jesus.

No. 301520

File: 1493560573107.png (258.46 KB, 436x390, uIy65yB.png)

Is this tattoo new (Sharla)?.

No. 301527


Here's a pro tip Mira: everyone knows when it's you posting because there is literally not a single other person on the planet that cares about who hurt your feefees.

No. 301530

Wow this is the first time I have been called Mira yet it must be the 3rd time that I have said Sharla is a bitch for what she did to Mira. I am not the only one because people in here have said it other than me.

No. 301535

it's not that Mira, your tells are just so obvious.You would think that by now you would be less noticeable smh.

No. 301656

Within those two years she got a nose job etc. don't think it's just makeup

No. 301949


Not new.

No. 301953

Did she force herself into Taylor's pj pants?

No. 301958

Kim is moving so they probably don't see the point in pretend-friending with her anymore since she won't be a jvlogger, Mimei had some sort of drama with Sharla and now doesn't hang out with her (and presumably Taylor by proxy) anymore.

Tbh I'm getting ready for the third gen of jvloggers to rise, Sharla's been stagnating and the rest have kind of falling off the map except for Taylor who doesn't even really fall under the jvlogger crew because she doesn't pander to weebs (as much as the rest at least)

Emma just hit 100k so she's probably going to be the next one to either join the group or bring up her own friends who are jvloggers to become the next main jvlogger crew.

No. 301971


Kim and Taylor made a video together no long ago, is on Taylor's channel.

No. 302026

Emma is so cringe tho. All of her videos are her trying to be quirky or 'deep' its almost embarrassing

No. 302028

I've been thinking about this as well. There's only so many videos about themed cafes, snacks, and Pokemon that they can make before it becomes a mediocre cycle that burns out. And Taylor doesn't pander to weebs, but she's a formulaic Youtuber who copies the larger Western channels, including the annoying clickbait trend.
I like Emma because her content is at least somewhat new (even though she's a little spastic), but I think it's funny that IRL she's friends with the popular Instagram accounts who make fun of jvloggers. She seems like a nice person though

No. 302032

What, sharla and mimei fell out? Reciepts?

No. 302037

>IRL she's friends with the popular Instagram accounts who make fun of jvloggers. She seems like a nice person though.

they're all little fake bitches who talk shit about one another while acting nice in public.

No. 302091


Settle down Miranda. Just because no one is buying your e-begging ploy, no need to attack others (that's what caused your trouble in the first place)

No. 302111

No hard proof, just a few vagueposting comments done by Mimei earlier in the thread and people noticing that she hasn't hung out with any of the jvloggers in a while (and she hasn't mentioned or spoken to Sharla online or something?)

Hah is she? That's kind of weird. Whenever she hangs out with her friends in Tokyo over half are jvloggers (most are in the low thousands, she's the most successful of her group) and the rest are instagram art fags. Joey was also in the background of one of her videos as well so I'm assuming she's friends with him.

I like her because she just seems really normal. She goes out, gets drunk, has fun, etc. Not this pseudo child-weeb personalities that the rest of the jvloggers have become (never really going out at night, only going to cutesy cafes or theme shops, etc.). Like she's a regular 20 year old in a city having fun. I just wish she'd commit to a better upload schedule.

No. 302145

The people I'm referring to probably do like Emma, because they were spending time with her before her channel had more than a handful of videos, but they've made fun of the concept of jvlogging before. Which I find ironic considering they just take pictures of Japan, which is practically the same medium. But then again, I find a lot of jvloggers to be annoying too.

No. 302565

So the first time Sharla got pink roses was for her birthday and that was a present from Taylor, pink is her favourite colour. Someone needs to step up his fiance/boyfriend game.

I'm not that much into flowers but at least I have done it a couple of times, the colour and type of roses my partner likes not some random red roses.

No. 302781

File: 1493737214243.jpg (271.86 KB, 651x584, OwyTglS.jpg)

Chill Micaela, is not the internet is just some random people. Is really that hard to ignore?

No. 302791


" I'm so much happier and healthier than before "

>Can't ignore one fat comment/ dedicates an entire post to it…

No. 302793

It would be better if she just showed the healthy food she eats, showed how she works out etc. as a demonstration of having a more positive lifestyle than before, rather than go on a defensive rant whining about how she used to be "gaunt" and claiming people making passing YouTube comments are "obsessed" with her weight gain.

No. 302808

I am so happy and confident now! ~goes on to ignore a gazillion good comments and acts like a victim of boolling over one or two shady ones~

At lest it's not another underwear selfie.

No. 302867

She's been on YouTube long enough to know that this kind of comment is bait, but responded anyway. All you have to do is block them and move on. You can even filter out words in the comments.
I mean, I do feel bad for her to some extent, because having people point out you've gained weight sucks. But you don't have to project that onto everyone

No. 302881


Has she actually even been really thin ? Like Taytay thin or is she just trying to sugar coat her weight gain ?

No. 303215


That underwear selfie, and I think it was the second one she did, pretty much tells you she need help, or at least some moral support from his partner or friends, you can't go that far because one or two guys get under your skin. You have to be better than that.

No. 303294

kek seriously, no fucking evidence of her "eating healthy" or "work out". Or maybe that is too much for her to edit and compile into one video.

She used to be thin but nowhere near tay's weight. Now she's about to hit Sharla's weight if she continues her so called diet. I think she's in denial about her letting herself go.

There's a ahem big difference between how you see yourself in the mirror vs how you actually look when someone takes a picture of you.

No. 303314

I think Micaela just has an unusually high body fat percentage for her weight and she thinks it's ok because the scale can't tell the difference between meat, bone and lard.

No. 303334

anyone have these underwear selfies lmao sounds hilarious

No. 303336

she has been posting stuff on IG story of homecooked food and liking cooking because she gets to know what she's putting in her food, etc.

and it does seem to be pretty healthy. i know she ate healthy in aya.

but like… that aint all she's eating, she wouldnt have put on so much weight that way. i feel like she was binge eating but is getting into healthier eating now because she realises it was a problem, so she IS actively trying to lose weight or at least eat healthier… meanwhile trying to convince herself and everyone else shes fine with her body.

she's clearly not. let's not forget she also just started antidepressants. whatever she's going thru, she's not ok atm.

No. 303349

one has been posted before → >>266010 I don't know about any others

No. 303354

Anti depressants can cause weight gain. That could be a factor too.

No. 304940

anyone see Mimei's new video "A Day in the Life in Himeji, Japan" full of shade towards Taylor. What the hell happened to Mimei for her to be such a petty, entitled, twat?

No. 304957

I kind of feel like Mimei has always been pretty low key nasty. She's super insecure but simultaneously acts like she's better than everyone else. It's not the first time that she's thrown shade.

No. 304975

shes been fat for like a year and just started antidepressants like a week ago

i'm guessing whatever shit supposedly went down with sharla and mimei, mimei just assumed taylor talked shit too or w/e. it's weird tho bc kim obviously doesnt have a problem with taylor, because they just made a vid together? idk

her and duncan are bitter elitist brats tbh. i thought they were cool but they just seem like really negative and draining people to be around. no wonder they dont really have any friends besides one another

No. 305047

this video has such a bad energy to it. it's not like I like Taylor's twee shit but these two seem to undermine each other, even.

No. 305522

She made an update that she quit school, and she sounds whiny.

No. 305526

lol wasnt she only going to be there for 3 months anyway

No. 305560

Jesus she sounds like she has a mouth full of peanutbutter

No. 305571


No. 305579

As somebody who is Swedish myself I have no fucking idea why her accent sounds like this… I can hear the swedish accent but she also sounds like she has her cheeks filled with cottonballs??

No. 305614

File: 1494036691270.png (275.92 KB, 1200x1659, Stitch_(Lilo_&_Stitch).svg.png)

okay but why does her voice sound like stitch

No. 305650

She is so fucking naive, "I didnt wanna learn japanese online, I didnt wanna learn japanese in sweden, I wanted to learn it in japan like a true japanesu"
Well tough luck kiddo, foreign schools expect you to learn basic language knowledge before you go anywhere, ESPECIALLY when you choose a country whos general english speaking is so low.. "they didnt tell me I had to learn hiragana and katakana before I came here, so like the mindless lazy drone I am ofcourse I didnt do it, I dont work unless somebody helps me change my diaper"
Everyone who has studied japanese knows that learning hiragana and katakana is the easiest part and something you can easily learn by yourself.
I don't know how you can prepare for this for a year and not figure this out?
I do believe japanese schools are bad at communication with foreign students, because they dont have the same kind of education system and mentality as the western world… in sweden where she is from you get everything spoonfed to you in schools and if you complain you get feedback, japanese schools expect you to be much more individually aware and do things yourself.
She is such a baby, she blames everything on "they didnt tell me this", as if there is no such thing as figuring things out yourself! and WHO the fuck gives up on their FIRST DAY of school!? And leave after some weeks? Even if it was a hellhole, if you paid for it you would at least give it a few months, my god!
"My dream of learning japanese will never be over" get stuffed, jesus… you gave up after 1 day of learning japanese, you will never learn it girl!
Everyone knows japan is infamous for hard working mentality with strict discipline, its their stereotype… how can you "prepare for years" and not realise its gonna be hard?

Sage for ranting, I got rustled by this stupidity

No. 305652

I would be insecure and bitter too if I looked like Dory I mean Mimei..

No. 305669

Especially hate the part where she says they couldn't catch up because her friend got sick so they skipped school that day. Except that they skipped to go shopping and her friend didn't look sick at all.

No. 305684


Fucking knew her face reminded me of something !

Honestly I think all of the Jvloggers are either ugly or plain Janes. Half the time they only look decent because of the thick beauty filters and overly cranked brightness them slather on every video/picture.

No. 305718


Honeslty, I'm enjoying the videos because of the location and to catch up to the drama but this girl to me sounds like a literal weeaboo. Coming to Japan thinking the wonderful land of nippon will all be smiles and rainbows. It will be perfect desu and she won't feel uncomfortable at all not knowing a lick of Japanese !
I used to go to an international school who had a curriculum more advanced than North America but my Japanese friend and her brother were already much smarter and more ahead than most students. The Japanese have strick dicpline. I remember she had to attend school on Saturdays with another small group of Japanese kids on top of our school work.

It's so blatantly obvious this chick just wanted a trip that came right out of a manga. Man. If I saved up and waited for 3 years I would have studied for at least a year to be able to talk to those around me.

Sorry for blogpost.

Tl;dr: weeb finds out nippon is not her fantasy and she should not be so dumb when Japanese schooling is harder than her Swedish school

No. 305729


Meh I've seen this behavior before when I studied abroad in Japan too. Every semester there was like one or two people just couldn't hack it, broke down, and jumped ship and went home. I knew a couple of students that knew 0 Japanese, didn't even knew Hiragana but they busted their asses and memorized it to catch up to what the school expected at the lowest level.

Hiragana/katakana is such an easy and straightforward alphabet to memorize, it's pretty much stupid proof. I can't believe she couldn't even bother to do that much. Even I memorized it a couple of days when I was like 12 lol. I can't believe she's complaining about the alphabet system lmao

She should've just traveled as a tourist instead of studying abroad

No. 305793

I really don't like Mimei or Duncan. They always seem to be criticizing others, but then get butt hurt at the slightest negative comment towards themselves.

No. 305798

whos seen taylors new video where she literally makes her ugly rich bf fly a helicopter to macau FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF TRYING ELEPHANT-SHIT COFFEE

is this real life???

vegans are mad tho lol

No. 305875

Yeah I'm genuinely not a fan of them as well. Mimei is very similar to Sharla where they're never really happy, something always has to be wrong or nitpick about something. But heaven forbid you criticize them or something they do and you'll never hear the end of it.

Also I didn't get the zoo bit. You know zoos in Japan are largely shit and bad for the animals and yet they went anyways and kept looking around/making themselves sad. Just fucking don't go in.

No. 305876

So when is she going to end up working at a host club?

No. 305892

i completely agree. she's so fucking entitled. she knows nothing about japanese culture, why was she even interested, i wonder?

her salt in this video went right over my head, i couldn't understand what she was talking about. but after reading all the threads about this group, i really do see her having a pity-party almost every week. she's always saying things like "this week was really hard :(" or "i cried all day today but we're going to go to xxx!" like, dude, just press the red button and record a video about what makes you this salty then be done with it. i don't understand why she's teasing it. i guess one has to have a certain amount of integrity in order to do that; and i don't know if she does.

No. 305901

What bothered me the most is her little "my dream of learning Japanese will never be over!!!!" Bitch, please. You have kids who teach themselves the whole fucking language because it's their 'dream' to know it–if it was really your dream to know Japanese you'd be teaching yourself that language since you were 12 just like any other weeaboo. To act like it's your ~dream~ to learn a language and then not even work for it and then hope the school will just spoon-feed it to you once you've saved up enough money? This girl is ridiculous.

No. 306554

Ughh THANK YOU! why do they have to constantly throw themselves these pity parties and then throw shade at people. No wonder you are so unhappy, you are constantly shitting on other people to the point of driving yourself into these dark places.
Also its really true what you said about the zoos. Why would they go somewhere intentionally to feel like shit. People like this honestly piss me off so much all they do is momentarily care about some issue and then they complain that they have no money and their lives are sooooo difficult that they can't do anything to actually contribute positively for the issue they care about soooo much issue
>Sage for ranting, this shit just really pisses me off

No. 306855

This girl's voice is so fucking funny I can't handle it. I just watched it a second time and it gets funnier every time she says "Loweeser" in her Stitch/Kermit/text-to-speech-software voice

I mean honestly as corny as these swedish girls are I think they're getting dragged a little too hard by their monolingual 'merican viewers… immersion isn't a very successful approach for the kind of beginners course they thought they were taking and it sounds like a scam if the nature of the program literally wasn't conveyed to them in the application materials. shrug

No. 306857

As someone who hasn't kept up with Mimei's Shaylor drama, can someone explain where specifically in this video the shade is?

Besides the "i have to get this video to a certain length" bit. I honestly found this video too boring to watch in full.

No. 306875


The walking out of apartment door camera set up, the louis vuitton bag, bagging people that don't edit blogs and produce 20min garbage blogs, the mimei walking scene. It was all elements of Taylor vlogs but it could also be taken as nearly every other vlogger as well. Abroad in Japan did a send up of those vloggers as well recently.

Mimei doesn't follow Sharla on Social Media anymore so that's leading a lot of people to think something has gone down.

No. 306878



Abroad in Japans send up of "vlogging".

No. 306907

File: 1494202296551.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170508-010810[1].…)

Was Taylor always following 0 people on Instagram?

No. 306908

yes she always had

she comments on other jvloggers and replies to jvloggers on her own pics but she doesnt follow

No. 306909


Yea, she does now.
But when she first started doing YouTube and trying to get popular, she followed a lot people. After she got a solid following on IG and YT she unfollowed everyone lawl

No. 306916

Yeah. It was the source of some minor milk/posting in earlier threads last year, but it might've been Kikisperg

No. 306924

Her bf's fobby voice is literally the ultimate turn off, and that's without having to see his face. I don't know how she can stand it.

It sounds like there are two groups now, Mimei and Sharla and people picked sides, however the jvloggers are mostly leaving town anyway.

No. 306995


They're so boring anyway. I like the new vloggers who actually do shit and leave their apartments instead of staying at home filming their mail.

No. 307059

So apparently PeachMilky is getting surgery in Korea. Does anyone know what for?

No. 307065

Kek, thought that was Talyor.

No. 307091

He did another one on his secondary channel. Dude is a master of subtle comedy.

No. 307107

Apparently she got it done like a month ago since she posted about leaving Korea on the 18th of April. If it was something done to her face, it would make sense since she didn't post any newer pics until over week after she posted about leaving. But I don't see any difference in her face in her recent pics at all. Maybe she got something done to her boobs? Iirc, she has talked about wanting a boob job before

No. 307109

I wish this girl was trolling, i can't handle that username

She's probably getting her nose done. Which is a bummer because even though it's protrusive
it suits her really well imo.

No. 307110


I think she got her boobs done, I mean that's what I assumed her friend meant by this tweet lol


No. 307130

She already got her nose done lul.

No. 307135

She already got a nose job and it suited her a lot better than the dragon nostrils she has now. It was a big beak but it wasn't bulbous and it looked better than what she has now.

No. 307162

y'all some bold faced liars. her nose is and was horrible and ruins her otherwise cute face. I hope she's getting a second nose job

No. 307164

File: 1494228024855.jpg (6.62 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

I have to say that I agree. All I see is this.

No. 307849

This is a before and after profile view of her nose.

It more so seems like she just has a small face and her nose takes up most of it. I wouldn't be surprised if her surgery was related to her jaw.

No. 308570

Did this PeachMilky chick also get work done on her body? I've noticed her body looks kind of synthetic from her outfit videos (when she was modeling the one piece bathing suit).

No. 308588

Well she uses a general skin smoothing filter on her videos, so that could be why

No. 308598

I agree with you when it comes to her natural nose. But I feel like I'm the only one who thinks her current nose isn't too bad. I don't think it's perfect on her face (I think she'd look better with a cute, round button nose), but I think her surgeon did the best that could be done with what she had.

I think she may have gotten her boobs done because of >>307110
But you won't notice it in that video because that was filmed like a month before she got whatever she got done.

No. 308703

new from meenaise

No. 308704

mimei's new video titled "letting go of toxic relationships". it's quite serious, it's apparent she feels genuinely bad. i'm also 99% sure this is about sharla/taylor.

No. 308710

samefagging, sorry. but i strongly feel like mimei reads here. if you're reading mimei, this is coming from an actual viewer who (mostly) enjoys your videos. good for you for making this video. i'm glad you chose to do this and not hint at it all the time like you were doing. it's apparent you weren't happy with some of the people that you've come across. i hope you'll keep on being more open like this if something's bothering you, not hint at it all the time.

No. 308724

she is totally trying to cow-tip Taylor and Sharla here after she failed to get a reaction out of them with her last video. She didn't need to post this at all, she had nothing to clear up to her viewers considering the drama wasn't public so I'm sure she only did this to get a reaction from the others.

No. 308727

she might be trying to get a reaction from them, but how is she cow-tipping them… here? with this video? genuinely asking.

No. 308764

No. 308796

someone already posted this… literally only 4 posts up

No. 308804

You can tell she's going through hard times, and this video and her last video seem like she's really trying to get help with her situation.

I just hope she realizes that she needs to work on becoming better herself. Because the whole Yuri on Ice thing really showed that not only did she not realize she was wrong (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think she ever truly apologized), but she was not considerate of the feelings of the artist, or the Doujin community after the fact.

So it makes me think that she may have a problem with relationships in general and needs to take a look at her role in whatever toxic relationship shes in (Duncan seems the same way tbh). I'm not saying Taylor, Sharla, or whoever hasn't done anything bad here, but it seems like Mimei needs to do some personal healing herself and then get new friends.

No. 308808

File: 1494384523955.jpg (55.14 KB, 642x535, biitwitter.JPG)

Bii just posted this on her twitter. Sounds related.
I'm inclined to agree with person who replied to her.

No. 308809

Samefag but, Mimei wasn't at Bii's goodbye party was she?

No. 308813

Man it's so cringy to me how they all go back and forth like this. It's so passive aggressive. Why not just talk it out with each other or bitch at each other and let it go? The passive aggressive tweets and jabs and videos are so childish…oh well at least it's entertainment for us lol

No. 308814

File: 1494385112934.jpg (49.8 KB, 642x355, Capture2.JPG)

No. 308815

Mind explaining what the Yuri on Ice thing was?

No. 308822

Mimei made a video with Duncan making fun of some Yuri on Ice Doujin. The video got back to the artist, and they were extremely upset. She then took it down. The PULL thread, pg 14-15, explain it in detail with tweets.


No. 308824

File: 1494385637104.png (31.25 KB, 633x313, mimeimilk.png)

emily who was friends with bii and sometimes hung out with the jvlogger crew responded to one of bii's tweets

No. 308827

No. 308829

File: 1494386112106.png (65.85 KB, 639x524, mimeimilk2.png)

ugh at this point just fucking say what happened…

No. 308830


What even is this? There is no content and just flowery words about "what doesn't kill you make you stronger".
Take your subtweeting to twitter Mimei and there is no need for a video

No. 308831

File: 1494386220260.png (17.57 KB, 590x126, 1.png)

there we go.. looks like mimei sent out some threats?

No. 308833


I feel like Mimei and Duncan are the type of people that are all or nothing in relationships and will cut someone out if they do the slightest thing they perceived as wrong.

No. 308834

I mean, Mimei might be trying to get attention, but Bii is straight up being a bitch here. For the clueless viewer, Mimei's video could have just been about her experiences in life in general. She didn't drop any names, she didn't give a time frame; only people who understood that it might be about Sharla/Taylor/Bii? are the ones who watch them all, and are interested enough to keep up with all their social media. Bii is doing the exact same thing she's blaming Mimei for. If she was all better, why isn't she contacting her in private? Ugh, they are all insufferable bitches.

No. 308838

This ganging up in an instant makes me really uncomfortable. I'm not saying Mimei is in the clear but I'll never like these kind of people.

Sage for samefagging

No. 308841

At this point I'm fed up with almost all of the jvloggers. I'm not taking sides because they all seem childish and petty, but these tweets annoy me. And honestly, how is Emily even relevant to this? She's just adding to the drama to make herself relevant.

The funniest part about all of this is that it's a small world, especially for foreigners in Tokyo and especially for people who are all on social media. This is all going to end up biting them in the ass at some point when they should have kept the drama to themselves.

No. 308845


This bunch of Jvloggers are mean girls who insist they're not the actual mean ones.

Every couple of months there is a drama with one of them. Kim Dao & Melodee Morita, Hanami Party drama, Mira drama.

No. 308846

I realized that Mimei only does videos alone, or with Duncan now. It's pretty obvious why she doesn't hang out with her usual jvlogger crew, but what about her Japanese friends?

I think they're all bitchy and I wouldn't touch that drama crew. But unlike Taylor, or Sharla, I don't think I've seen Bii pop off like that unless it was about her appearance. I agree she should have kept it behind the scenes though, it makes for great drama, but not worth ruining your reputation, or an ex-friend's reputation. Especially because Mimei seems depressed, and all the public accusations must be terrifying to see.

No. 308847

File: 1494387427965.png (21.14 KB, 589x183, 2.png)

I know Toph was in a lot of the jvlogger's vlogs, but I never followed Mimei, were they friends at one point?

No. 308848

gotta love the "I say it to their face!!!" said via super passive aggressive tweet

No. 308849

File: 1494387648683.png (180.6 KB, 591x618, 3.png)

i shouldve checked his twitter before i said shit lol
apparently toph has beef with mimei toooo

No. 308851

Right??? "Ugh stop making yourself a victim"
Then proceeds to act like a victim in a series of tweets.
God….these girls kek

No. 308854

I don't think Bii is making herself the victim at all. It's pretty clear she's defending whoever Mimei is going after.

No. 308856

I think a lot of her Japanese friends (such as Shohei) are friends with Duncan, so I don't feel like this situation will change that.

They're all Tweeting these things in the moment because it's become an online jumping, but they're so caught up they don't realize how trashy this looks. Sharla, Taylor and Mimei only hint at these things because I think they realize how bad it looks

No. 308857

Even though Mimei didn't mention them, it looks like a lot of people in the comments already think its about Sharla and Taylor. Bii's tweets only made it obvious. I feel a storm coming.

No. 308858

Taylor and Sharla haven't said shit about this. Not even hinting.
And tbh if Mimei sent or had someone send emails threatening their careers, that's pretty fucked up

No. 308860


Yeah. This has been building up for a while and the viewers have noticed. We've been talking about it here for at least a month if you read up thread.

No. 308861

I find Mimei to be insufferable and caustic but like.. I don't really get the big deal about the doujin thing. Especially if the yt vid was in english. Like how did the japanese doujin find it, and why were they a big enough pussy to get butthurt enough to claim that they would "stop making doujin". I don't care about "but it is dishonorable within the culture!" Like… that fandom is stupid then! If some shrill bitch on yt was criticizing my homemade cartoon erotica I'd probably think it was hilarious

I sincerely want someone to explain it to me in logic that's not polluted with acting like Japanese people are from another planet. I don't see why her viewers were so personally offended on behalf of a bunch of elitist pervs.

No. 308862

it was posted to her jp account not her en one

No. 308863

Thank you. That clears many confusions up for me

No. 308864

Artist and writers are often very protective of their work no matter what culture their in. Its one thing for an artist to share their work in a public space and receive criticism, but it seems that the convention was the only place that artist shared that doujin. So it was meant for the eyes of that community only. I wouldn't stop making doujins over it, but I can see why the artist was hurt.

No. 308865

I was referring to the way Sharla has passively brought up drama in the past, not this situation in particular. But yeah, I shouldn't have included Taylor as she's only responded to criticism in that way and not other jvloggers.
Also, I'm taking what Bii says with a grain of salt until they finally spill the tea and offer proof. Otherwise this is just a glorified high school cat fight

No. 308869

I think this is all a glorified cat fight without the proof. They need to directly address the Mimei situation without the passive aggressiveness, or not say anything at all. I don't really like Mimei, but this doesn't make them look good either. I hope Taylor and Sharla don't say anything either.

No. 308875

I mean– even hurt seems like an overreaction to me, if your career (or even hobby) is drawing hentai. The only valid concern I could anticipate is the artist worrying about getting sued for copyright violations (for the likeness of the characters)– that I'd be genuinely pissed about, and if this artist is making any kind of significant income or just personal gratification from their work, I can see why they'd be pissed at Mimei endangering their artwork by potentially bringing it to the attention of the franchise's copyright holder. Especially since it sounds like Mimei's criticism is just "tee hee its GAY!!!"

Bii & Toph's tweets are so histrionic. >"sigggghhhh such a shaaaame"

Mimei's vid is ridiculous but they honestly remind me of my middle school friends cyber bullying one another on xanga

No. 308881

I've always liked the vibe mimei gives off, she seems a lot more genuine than all the other j-vloggers. It's difficult to know who's in the right here though.

No. 308882

I have the feeling that Mimei try to reach Sharla and Taylor for some support and they turn their backs on her. No matter what, Mimei, Toph, Bii and Emily look like petty childs with all this tweets and videos. Deal with it in private.

No. 308885

I'm losing any sympathy I have for Mimei and in general I can't stand 90% of the jvloggers already.

It looks like there has been drama brewing for a while and instead of keeping it private seemingly like Sharla and Taylor and Kim have been doing it, Mimei keeps bringing it up and looks to be trying to do it first so she comes off like the victim.

But if you have multiple people coming forward saying she's been sending threatening emails (to people who don't even seem to be big names like Toph and Emily), it makes you wonder what the fuck Mimei's doing/what happened for her to do that.

The emails had to be some sort of takedown notice or maybe there was some agreement they made on the business front? That's the only reason I would see "threatening email" to make sense. Because if not then it would literally be a friendship threat email which is so fucking Middle School and makes Mimei seem even more retarded.

No. 308887

I have to agree for now.. Don't care for any of the jvloggers but Mimei is looking pretty guilty of some sort of wrongdoing. While it definitely does look like the other jvloggers are ganging up on her somewhat, no one is coming to Mimei's defense at all, which makes it seem worse for her
I really hope someone will bring out receipts if these threatening emails are true, that would easily shut down any speculation.

No. 308892

Me too, although I don't follow their twitters so I don't know how she's perpetuating the drama like anons are saying. I've liked how she actually knows Japanese fluently and has had proper jobs with that, whereas the other jvlogger divas are there for glory and to buy weeb merch without studying the language much. Even Sharla who also has been in Japan for years still speaks with a shitty western drawl (though Sharla's still one of the other jvloggers that seem nice to me).

I also liked in the video where she talked about her horseface how people should be happy with the looks they've been given and there's no need for plastic surgery, something most of her friends do. I also think her moe husband Duncan really helped soften her vibe up from the divas, as she seems like the dominant one in the relationship.

No. 308900

Not at all?
Doujinshi are not meant to be scanned or uploaded online, which is one issue if she showed the drawings in a video.
Otherwise, I think any reasonable person would be hurt or freaked out if their work was uploaded somewhere just to be made a mockery of. This wasn't a "laugh with the artist", it was "laugh at these drawings, they're soooo funny!". Also, the doujinshi was created to share their passion for the characters with other like minded people, not thousands of random people on the internet who are just there to laugh at some porn.
Artists are also generally, as another anon mentioned, very protective of their work. It is something a great deal of love, planning and years of work goes into. It is a craft, and even if it's just "hentai", it's still their craft they poured their love into.
Doujinshi artists are independent artists, and a lot of them have jobs non-art related jobs, so all their free time usually goes into curating their craft.
What Mimei did was an incredibly disrespectful thing to do, and goes to show she does not care about other people's work or feelings.

No. 308901

File: 1494396335298.png (203.91 KB, 1214x716, Screenshot_2017-05-09_19.57.33…)



No. 308903

File: 1494396386128.png (398.27 KB, 1166x1326, Screenshot_2017-05-09_19.59.35…)

Unlike Bii and Toph, PDR says outright who started this drama and she FUCKING BLOCKS HIM

Passive aggressive bitches are all bark and no bite

No. 308905

I don't like the way bii or any of the other jvloggers are going about this but mimei was the one who started it with her fucking video lol

No. 308907


No. 308908

True and honestly, I wish we could hear both sides of the story. The way Bii and Emily make it sound, Taylor and Sharla met with Mimei to air some grievances one of which presumably was not liking insta pictures (stupid) but I sort of doubt that was the end of the conversation because not even Sharla and Tay are that shallow. I would bet that the constant sharp digs at Tay that Mimei kept making in videos probably came up and who knows what else.
It takes two to tango.
I'm actually gonna believe Bii, on this because despite being boring as hell to watch, I actually think she is generally one of the more adult and responsible of the Jvloggers and both Mimei and Duncan seem like the of their emotional development ended in junior high school.

No. 308910

>not even Sharla and Tay

of course sharla is, and tay not following anyone on insta,NOT EVEN HER OWN BESTIES, is enough evidence to show how much instagram means to her

No. 308912

I know Mimei is his wife, but can't Duncan let his wife fight her own battles for once? Also, I can't believe this is just over liking Instagram pictures, because that would be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. This should have been a small argument at that. If this is truly what happened, everyone is an idiot including Mimei.

No. 308915

I'm sure it's not. No friendship dissolves just based on that not even a mostly "fake" one.

No. 308916

she can't fight back because they BLOCKED her

No. 308920

I thought only Duncan was blocked. If Mimei is blocked that's a pretty bitch move by them.

No. 308922

File: 1494398341860.jpg (177.72 KB, 617x563, 170510.jpg.d548c4a9c509e750c88…)

For those wondering why Mimei's husband PDR has been inserted into this drama

>she was blocked

>she has no voice

No. 308923

It seems like she was blocked after the video came out. I mean, if Mimei really cared, there's phone and email and texting. Mimei and Duncan clearly want this to be a drama so they can vilify the other vloggers. They are both so fucking extra.

No. 308924


OK Bii

No. 308925

you're right we don't know for sure when they were blocked, however I for one WELCOME THE END OF JVLOGGERS and if it takes two idiots to kill the entire bunch then SO BE IT

No. 308927


I cannot wait.

No more fake friend picnics and hair salon selfies
No more "vegan" Budha Bowl recipes
No more videos of their cats looking bored
No more shopping hauls of shitty kbeauty brands and childish clothing.
No more vlogging days at home opening their mail

No. 308931

lmao looks like taylor and sharla are going to just ignore this and let dumbass Bii fight their fight for them

No. 308932

Maybe this will get Taylor to move back to Hong Kong. She seems more interesting there.

No. 308933

I really can't stand biibii's blowfish lip ass. When will this dumb bitch realize she's not a fucking jvlogger anymore, nobody cares about you,stop trying to insert yourself into drama. She's so dumb because if she would have kept her mouth shut nobody would have proof on who the video was about smh.

No. 308940

has Mimei's real name ever been revealed?

No. 308946

She's not wrong though. Just fucking call or meet up with them IRL. I feel like nowadays people expect everything to go down on Twitter when like, these people know each other IRL. Just fucking talk instead of relying on the internet.

No. 308951


>>308923 here. Also not Bii.
I'm just pragmatic.
Sage for ot.

No. 308956

Yeah well biibii should practice what she preaches or keep her mouth shut. She's talking shit on twitter too, and to make it worse it's about something that had nothing to do with her, she's so damn self absorbed that she can't get that through her thick skull.

No. 308958

So Sharla is the fake vegan?, who is vegan among Mimei's friends, or I guess ex-friends, Taylor is not vegan, she always says she is plant-based, so I guess this was all along Sharla vs Mimei. I think it was hinted early anyway, something about Mimei helping another lvlogger when her camera broke, and that is Sharla because there is an old tweet about Sharla saying thanks to Mimei because she let her borrow her camera.

No. 308961

This is one of the funniest things about this whole situation.

I think Bii learned the hard way that you don't stand up for someone that hasn't stood up for themselves, and that it's okay to look out for yourself. Now she has tarnished her reputation when she didn't have to.

It sucks because people are expected to stay out situations that don't involve them, but then they're told that they're part of the problem if they say/do nothing. So I understand her and the other vlogger's need to defend their friend, but it really was the wrong move to do.

No. 308969

is her reputation really tarnished though?

idk, i don't think she was trying to involve herself in this necessarily but i think she was just trying to defend her friend.

there's gotta be more to it than 'not liking instagram pictures', that is sooo stupid.

also, just because they blocked mimei doesnt mean she has no voice. she could always make tweets and just not tag them.

mimei is the one who kep ttrying to mke this public in the first place, its her own damn fault, and if her OWN HUSBAND only has the excuse that 'booo they didn't like her not liking their insta pics' to defend her, i think that says enough.

theyre all immature idiots but i think mimei is definitely in the wrong here. taylor and sharla are doing the smart thing, bii shouldnt have spoken out but she seems the type to voraciously defend those she cares about, and hell it makes it milkier for us so i thank her for that.

No. 308970

Yeah well that's what she gets for standing up for her "friends". I mean if bii was smart she would look at how sharla turned her back on mimie, a person she has been friends with for more than four years. But then again I highly doubt bii stuck her nose in this for anything other than attention. I honestly hope that Venus avoids all of these bitches like the plague, just stick to hanging out with Taylor.

No. 308973

i thought venus unfollowed taylor on instagram and twitter

No. 308978

Has bii been losing views now she's not in Japan? Maybe she needs the attention.

No. 308980

she has lol

i did think that maybe she involved herself because she misses japan and just wanted to feel included again.

No. 308983

File: 1494410590320.png (306.59 KB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_2017-05-10-12-53-03…)

In the mentions of this tweet, I think, Duncan replies a fan with this tweet of Mimei. I can only understand "Friends told me that they wanted me to see liking and commenting more, I can't believe this 21st century world!" or something like that. Anyone who can properly translate it would be appreciate it. The date of the tweet is February.

Bii, you are so ugly and irrelevant. You're not even tweeting once, you've tweeted about this, what like 8 times? Are you that desperate for attention that you're giving info Mimei didn't even come close to giving? Saying that Duncan shouldn't speak for Mimei when you're speaking for Sharla? Jeez, go get another cosmetic touch-up, or 10, in your face because you look like a proud member of the MTF trans community.

No. 308984

Sorry for shit English, not my native language and I just woke up

No. 308995

>complaining over Bii when Mimei's the one making videos on it


No. 309000

I think Mimei is just not very confrontational and doesn't stand up for herself (except for dropping hints and vaguetweeting). Everyone seems really immature in this situation though, I don't really have a problem with Mimei's video in theory but it doesn't seem like she confronted them clearly.

No. 309001

Mimei didn't make a video about it. It could have been about anything, at any time of her life with anyone. The only example that she mentioned was from elementary school (showing that this was not just about a petty fight). I think she just wanted her subscribers to know that she's having a hard time.

Bin made a bunch of bitchy and passive aggressive tweets. So what's your point?

No. 309002

At least mimie was involved in the situation. Bii was sticking her lopsided nose where it didn't belong

No. 309004

Sage for samefag, but she also mentioned that they just left her crying at some point so there was definitely some other shit that went down.

No. 309012

“ Human relationships are hard, aren't they.
I was told things like "Like my instagram posts more!If you don't, we're not friends! Comment too!"
Really? I can't be bothered with 21st century friendships. ”

No. 309016

I don't know. I feel like a lot of people have had the experience of falling out with a friend and having their entire friend group side with one person or the other. It doesn't prove who's right or wrong. And Emily and Toph barely know her, so all of their information is coming from Bii.

No. 309025

It is Sharla. 100% Sharla.
The queen fucking bitch bee herself. Mimei please! for the love of fucking J-vlogging. Expose the bitch. She has done this in the past and she will keep doing it.

No. 309038

I agree. It seems like this whole thing stems from an issue with Sharla. Taylor and some of the more irrelevant jvloggers are just collateral.
And I'm not blaming Sharla without knowing more about the issue, but after all of the shady things that came up after the Mira incident I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 309039

I think bii and some of the other flunkies bullied mimie too. That whole twitter situation made me honestly want to punch bii in her damn face , I have no respect for her.

No. 309041

Does anyone have screen shots of the SMS between Mira and Sharla? The one where Sharla is trash talking Mimei. I remember they were posted somewhere but I can't find them on here.

No. 309045

There's something I don't understand.
In her video Mimei hinted at things that happened in jvlogging community (or so BiiBii tweeted) but the whole video started with her talking about bullying. Is she implying they were bullying her? Into what, liking and commenting and getting along on camera?
BiiBii also implied that Mimei made someone threaten the clique. I have never followed her, is thi BiiBii some sort of paranoid snowflake or can she be trusted?

No. 309048

It is the same thing that Mira has talked about. Ganging up on other YouTubers and gossip behind their backs. Micaela and Sharla have always been about that. THIS JUST IN! PDR san is not following Sharla on Twitter! He was before but not anymore so I am now 100% sure it is Sharla.

No. 309051

Well, yes. But Mira isn't reliable to my eyes. That's why I'm asking about BiiBii's credibility.
Also I never saw the screens between Sharla and Mira, I'd like to see them. Does anyone know where they are?

No. 309054

I think the central players are Mimei vs Taylor/Sharla.

The other jvloggers observed from the sideline - but Bii has no tact and decided to insert herself in the situation because she thought Mimei was bitching about her friends in the latest video.

It looks like a lot of people who arent in the jvlogger inner circle also know about the situation - Toph and Bii's friend who arent friends with any of them also commented about the situation on twitter.

So since so many people know what happened I wish one of them would come here anonymously and tell us what really happened.

No. 309055

I am not going by what only Mira has said but by the actual text messages that were leaked between the two. Sharla made Tweets about Dakota rose and Venus angelic in the past.

Bibi looks Asian but she says that she is white. It is possible that she does not know where her ancestors are from but common now. PDR and Mimei are way more trustworthy people. They don't ever get involved in drama.

No. 309059

Now I really, really, want to see them.
I kinda enjoy Sharla's videos (befor Taytay came in the picture) but she's coming off not so nicely since the Mira thing and I'm starting to suspect she's some sort of Blair Waldorf.
PDR seems trustworthy to me too, to be honest.

No. 309063

What the hell does Biibi's race have to do with anything?

No. 309066

I searched on Google and I could only find this one
Somebody made it by posting some of them together. I honestly can't find the originals. Does anyone have it saved?

No. 309069

Thank you! You can't really read the smallest ones, but I'm getting the gist of it.

No. 309072

No. 309073

Okay I managed to find some. But honestly there were more. Someone came in….somewhere and dumped a huge doogie of J-vlog drama leaked chats that really showed Sharla's double side

It starts from
10 months ago No. 146469

No. 309085

File: 1494424244191.png (92.21 KB, 620x515, voX3y1e.png)

At least one jvlogger is supporting Mimei and he knows the clique.

No. 309091

Thank you kind strangers. That was quite the read…

No. 309094

Yeah okano tv,strawberry Mochi and maybe a few others are the only jvloggers who manage to stay out of drama

No. 309095

holy f.
sharla is queen bitch.
i never really paid attention to her because she looks like a frumpy grandma.
but damn she hides it well.

No. 309096

tbh i'm relieved she has at least someone on her side

even if she's equally in the wrong it's just gross watching all these people gang up on one person.

No. 309098

Honestly I hope the new generation of jvloggers aren't this vapid and toxic

No. 309099

No. 309100

File: 1494425390235.jpg (106.75 KB, 720x525, Screenshot_20170510-150904.jpg)

No. 309101


Oh no….
Run Mimeim run. Thats not the help you want.

No. 309104

File: 1494425653080.png (1.56 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1409.PNG)

Jesus Mira sit your ass down

No. 309107

i hope mira is the first one to make a video about all this behind the scenes drama. get that ball rollin.

No. 309119

File: 1494426458976.png (975.53 KB, 800x1200, meanjvloggers.png)

sorry for ms paint job but kek

No. 309121

she's got a point though.

No. 309122

It would be such a plot twist if Mimei started doing colabs with Mira. Sharlas subs would drop faster than her sexual attraction is dropping.

No. 309125


you are doing gods work, anon! lmao

No. 309127

Someone should Tweet that to Sharla. Bitch has me blocked so I can't

No. 309129

tweet it to mira too. she might retweet it and start loosening some lips.

No. 309131

How do these dumb bitches not get tired and embarrassed of all the drama they create online? I didn't even do this shit when I was a teenager, god help the 30 year old bored white housewives in weebland

No. 309135

Fuck you, Mira. Go back to your thread.

You guys are really fucking dumb if you can't see how many times she has posted in this thread in the past hour. She's hanging out in her own thread and on Twitter right now too.

I want to watch this gorgeous disaster too, but hop off Mira's taint.

No. 309141


No. 309145

Yeah none of this stuff is new. This is Mira fam.

No. 309151

tbh I can't see mimei and mira doing a collab, as far as I remember duncan hates her to death

No. 309157

Mira is circling like a shark that senses blood, but I think Mimei is smart enough to keep her distance.
All Bii achieved was making a bad situation worse. Callouts only work when you have proof and you go about it in a more high-minded way rather than catty Tweets. She should have let Sharla fight her own battles.

No. 309160

Am I correct in thinking Kim Dao is still friends with Mimei?
I remeber a video by Sharla where they were at the youtube space in Tokyo and Kim was barely answering to Sharla. I think it was a bit after Kim's video about racism and Einshine's parody. I can't find it or I'd link it, sorry.
But it made me think: is it possible that Kim distanced herself from Sharla when she agreed with Einshine's video on twitter? And then maybe reported something mean Sharla said about Mimei to Mimei herself. And everything went down from there.
What do you guys think?

No. 309163

If someone is looking bad right know is Toph (amadofu), his tweets are so stupid and childish.

Sharla and Taylor have agencies for their channels, they don't want this drama to explode, they will remain silent, unless Mimei makes a video with all the facts, or better said, her side of the story.

Sharla and Mimei have a long story, there is plenty of room for issues pilling up over the years but I have no clue why is Taylor involved in this.

No. 309169

i think if anything bii has made this whole situation worse for the queen bitches Sharla and possibly Taylor.

she confirmed Mimei was indeed fighting with the jvlogger crowd and it is probably because she didnt like Sharla's instagram pics enough (HA HA HA)

and now it is out open in the public everyone might really see Sharla and Taylor for who they really are.

yeah it looks like they still hang out and follow each other on instagram. i always thought kimdao was a boring potato but if she didnt join in on the bullying of Mimei I have some newfound respect for her.

No. 309171

File: 1494428875497.jpg (90.15 KB, 588x575, bitch.jpg)

Here and the Mira thread in /pt

No. 309173


The funny thing is, that pic of Sharla with the text messages were from the text with Mira.

Where Mira talked about creating fake account to shit talk Mimei

No. 309175

He's literally speaking in like, the type of fake chinese analects that high maintenance chicks would post in their myspace profiles. "You cannot suck the venom out of a snake!" lmao corny ass bitch

No. 309176

It was Mimei she wanted to shit talk? I thought she ment that russian youtuber.

No. 309177

WTF I am a little taken back. I am not Mira. I don't think Mira comes on here. If she has in the past I am unaware. I have been following the drama and I am just simply a person who is on Mira's side. If you have a difference in opinion I would like to hear why…but otherwise I think shutting out people simply because they disagree with you or are on the other side of YouTube politics that is…well..

No. 309178

honestly I doubt Mimei will lower herself to Mira's level, she's not that desperate.
For me, Mimei was always sticking like a sore thumb between the jvloggers. I don't think she's >better< but I do think she's different from them, and wanted to fit in, but after all she can't sit with
"cool" girls lol. They clashed about something stupid - yeah, I can believe the reason she and PDR stated, because most likely the beef was already ongoing, just in the shadows or behind Mimei's back. They just wanted a reason to exclude her from the group, and I think she tried to distance herself either - I remember several vlogging parties she bailed on with a silly excuse. So, in my opinion, they were on poor terms for quite a while, and unresolved shit just hit the fan.
I wonder what Rachel thinks about it. She's close friends with Sharla, isn't she, but at the same time I don't (Want to) think she's as petty as the rest of the clique

No. 309181

You are getting it wrong. The texts are between Mira and Sharla but the side that is talking shit about Mimei was Sharla, not Mira. Mira was the receiving end.

No. 309182

I'm seriously doubting any of them are actually friends. They now seem to me like coworkers who mooch off each other and pretend to be on good terms.

No. 309186


We already knew there was some problems between Sharla and Mimei after Mimei tweeted about the camera thing.

No. 309188

Now that you mention it. I remember the YouTube subscriber party at the space. Mimei tweeted about it that they were not invited. Sharla could have invited them but she didn't. They were posting about it. It must have meant that Mimei has known about Sharla's attitude for a long time but has kept quiet about it. I guess she just couldn't take it any longer.

No. 309189

File: 1494429760758.png (103.59 KB, 315x255, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.2…)

Nah when she's actually trying, Rachel is easily prettier than everyone except Taylor. Anyway in my experience R&J seem more mature than everyone else and probably won't get involved.

Lowkey though I'd fucking LIVE for that crusty old gimmeaflakeman to make another one of his drama vlogs on this situation like he kept doing when Mira's shit hit the fan.

No. 309190

>They just wanted a reason to exclude her from the group
this. i think the "not liking instagram photos" was their excuse to exclude her. they bullied her because she is an introvert and an easy target.

No. 309192


Yeah, I'm no fan of Mimei's but I don't think she'd be stupid enough to have anything to do with Mira

No. 309193


No, Mira tried deleting messages from it to make herself look innocent, she was the fake account chick.

No. 309196

Mimei seems like a whiney little bitch who hides behind her asshole boyfriend. Sharla seems like a fake bitch who manipulates people so I don't take her side either. Bii is just defending her friends there's nothing wrong with that. If anything I love how confrontational she is compared to everyone else who is so passive.

No. 309197

>I am just simply a person who is on Mira's side
literally go home mira. If you really are a rando who wants to hear why no one likes mIra, go watch Rachel & Jun's video and hear about all the insanity she wreaked some time back

No. 309198

If she deleted messages than where are the originals? I think no matter how many messages you delete, you can't deny the fact that Sharla is trash talking Mimei in these texts. She is also suggesting that they make a fake website to trash talk girls. Even if Mira deleted her side of the conersation, Sharla still said these things. When these conversations were leaked, Micaela came on lolcow to defend herself. Some of the screen shots are between Micaela and Sharla (trash talking Ashiya). Micaela almost wrote a book on here about how 'girls will be girls' and not really owning up or saying sorry for what she did. She admits they are real conversations so this isn't just from one sourse.

No. 309199

I feel like Bii is the biggest bitch out of all of them.
The way she's instantly trying to get people to back her up in ganging up on Mimei.

No. 309200

can you even call it a confrontation if it isn't said directly to the person it's intended for?

No. 309209

Hi Bii

Really if you think about it, If Bii wasn't so passive aggressive in those tweets then this wouldn't have been so obvious.
Especially since Sharla(/Taylor) wrote nothing of it. Bii didn't need to defend anything she could've shit talk mimei privately

No. 309212

Lmao at Bii Inserting her irrelevant ass as if anyone cares. crawl back into Aussie oblivion Bii, where you belong.

No. 309214

We didn't even quote your posts yet and you're already taken credit for them! God, you are slow. You're using those misplaced eclipses again and you still can't use idioms correctly! It's "taken aback". ABACK.

Leave Mimei alone, you depraved opportunist.

No. 309218


You fucked up again, Mira. You lose. Go to bed.

No. 309220

File: 1494431198697.jpg (18.72 KB, 190x316, miratext1.thumb.jpg.9df3781346…)


From Mira's phone:

Mira's text in Blue Sharla's Grey

No. 309222

if they stopped being her friends because 'she didnt like their Instagram pictures and comment often' then Taylor should not be in that 'squad'.

No. 309223

*ellipses. Fuck.

No. 309224

File: 1494431319305.jpg (14.71 KB, 195x236, sharla1.thumb.jpg.2713f674498c…)

From Sharla's Phone: Sharla's text is blue, Mira's Gray.

Notice the "HAHAHA She blocked my fake account" is missing from Mira's version (and yes, any idiot knows that you can delete individual messages from send or receiver from the phone)

No. 309225


Why did you deleted that bit about your fake account getting blocked Mira?

No. 309234

In those texts Sharla is shit talking that russian youtuber and calling another one fat or something like that. She complains about Mimei's behaviour but doesn't call her names like she does with the others.
Mira deleted the part about her fake account being blocked because it would confirm that she had indeed made sockpuppets accounts.

No. 309241

Bii made herself look like an idiot. No one made the connection to her, until she posted. Taylor and Sharla are still quiet (of course, Sharla is the head-bitch, she knows when to stay silent)
And this Toph guy - who the hell is that even? - made himself look like the biggest jerk ever.
The jvlog crew is so pathetic. Like, how relevant do they think they even are? This whole drama was entertaining at first, but it's going down to kindergarten-leven now, so… rollseyes

Mimei was an idiot too, but now with everyone ganging up on her, she will get more sympathy.

But Bii, oh Bii. You weren't even that relevant!Does she really believe that the jvloggers are her friends and by defending them now they will stick up for her when she needs it? :D

No. 309244


Shit talking is more than "calling names" Mira.

But at least you admit that you lied about making the sock-puppets and tried to lie to hide it.

Over in Your own thread, you admitted you aren't fluent and have no interest in videos in fluent Japanese.

You are making progress. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to correcting it.

No. 309245

This. Bii has gone and opened a can of worms that I bet Sharla and Taylor wanted to keep closed from the public.

Its gonna seep into the public sooner or later.

No. 309248

I wouldn't be surprised if they started to give her the cold shoulder now, it would serve her right too

No. 309250

Honestly, with Sharla protecting her brand this much, I would expect something like this to happen.

No. 309253

Mimei is like a rainy day that never ends. Everything makes her Feel Bad and Hurts her Feelings. Everybody is out to get her all the time, the people on the street, the sunlight, her in-laws, the own clutter, her friends, the animals at the zoo, she is in a perpetual state of victimhood and can't fucking stop talking about it all over the place.

I apologize, I cried a little today, again, because I am such a Sensitive Person. I can't get along with anybody. But it's not me, it's Everybody Else.

If by any accident she felt good for one full day, she would go on and make a video about how bad it makes her feel and how she "cried a little" that she was so happy when she didn't mean to.

No. 309254

The whole Jvlogging community is disintegrating.

If they don't end up leaving Japan, they start drama with other YouTubers when their content gets stale. One by one, they reveal themselves to be trashy, petty losers like all the others.

There really should be a maximum 3 year visa stay for these Jvloggers. They've become vermin. Is there anyone left that isn't a creep, or friends with a creep?

No. 309258

Nope, I'm not Mira.
And I'll give you reasonable proof. Why would Mira downplay something bad Sharla did? I mean, she isn't very bright, but isn't Sharla the bad guy to her?
Also, my last sentence has really good grammar and just states the obvious. And those are things Mira sucks at.
Maybe I shouldn't bother correcting you, but English is not my native tongue and it was hard to learn it… it's kind of offensive to be taken for someone so bad at it. D:

No. 309259

Sometimes I think she has mental health problems. And I don't mean it as a nasty comments, I'm genuinely wondering.

No. 309265

can we stop the sharla vs. mira discussion?

everyone knows it wasnt just only mira, she was just shallow and dumb enough to let it get out of hand and let it intervene publicly.
i think everyone on here agrees anyway that sharla is a sneaky bitch, that hasnt changed a bit in the last 3 or so years. and im cautious about everyone she calls her "friend".

No. 309269

So Mimei is hiding behind Duncan, but Sharla isn't doing the same with Bii? And he said himself that the only reason he responded was Mimei was blocked, and then she blocked him too. Shes a coward

No. 309271

They are the kind of people who would be losers in their own country so they go to Japan to be cool except they can't speak proper Japanese and have zero personality or people skills so Japanse people don't want to be friends with them and they have no other choice but to stick together. Add isolation and eventual depression to the mix and it's no wonder it ends up like this.

No. 309272

I think she suffers from depression. It won't go away, but can be reasonably managed. However, she is not managing it properly and she really, really needs to get off social media while she tries to get it together. I assume she can't take extended time off work without possibly losing her job. I get how such a mopey person would be incredibly annoying, but Biis's being straight up cunt. She made everything worse.

No. 309274

Wouldn't this be classified as depression? I mean, it can be a drag to spend your time with someone who's a downer, but I'm not going to blame someone for being sad all the time.

No. 309276

If she is indeed suffering from depression those people are even worse than I thought.

No. 309280

>boo is just defending her friends
Yeah but she's throwing fuel on the fire and making an ass of herself. From the uninformed point of view (which is basically everyone, because fuck if any of us really know why Mimei is so mad at Sharla) Bii just looks like a holier-than-thou bully who's trying to herd her friends & followers into shutting on Mimei

No. 309282

Lmao sorry, *bii

No. 309283

Completely OT but she did this thing where she'd follow back a fuck load of her followers during her kawaii ugu Kota phase. Her reasoning was that she wanted to see her followers loves and faces or whatever. Pretty ironic now she's too precious to follow her bffs.

No. 309286

Depression is no different than any other illness, it is her responsibility to take care of it and get therapy and medication, not other people's obligation to pussyfoot around her unstable self.

No. 309287

god id really love to know if taylor was a secret top bitch like sharla.

she acts so kind with everyone in vids - always buying presents and little gifts

if she really stopped talking to mimei because mimei didnt like her instagram photos … farrout!!

No. 309291

Not saying that Bii did good but Mimei has to learn how to take care of herself and making her feel better is not anyone's obligation, I mean the world is full of assholes that won't care about people's feelings and she has to learn how to deal with it.

No. 309292

Mimei is the only one of the Jvlogger crew that comes off as genuine to me (except Maybe Rachel and Jun? But I don't really watch them much). I'm not surprised she doesn't fit in with the others, they all seem so phony and like they'd say nice things to your face and then tear you apart behind your back.

No. 309297

So why does she keep making shady bitchy videos referencing other jvloggers all the time? If she's so nice?

No. 309298

>"She's so confrontational"
Indirect tweeting about someone 8 times in a row and circle jerking with Toph about how terrible "that person" is is so brave, sure.

No. 309301

Stop being so dramatic she made one video talking about toxic friendships. She didn't use any names, pictures ,anything. And if your talking about the video with the camera thing, that could have meant anything.

No. 309302

That video could have been about anyone and no one would have been the wiser until Bii lost her shit on Twitter.

No. 309303

even before bii went on her twitter rants people were already speculating in the youtube comments that it was about Sharla and/or Taylor.

while i don't necessarily agree with what bii did or how she did it, mimei knew damn well what people were going to guess it was about

No. 309304

She has been shading Taylor in her videos and tweets for ages now. This video is just the most recent one that Bii reacted to after witnessing her victimhood/bitchy personality switches for god knows how long.

Was everybody just supposed to ignore it for… another year? Two years? How long before people are allowed to be fed up?

No. 309308

File: 1494438435934.jpg (20.57 KB, 589x138, kujgvfht.JPG)

maybe Bii was ~inspired~ by this and just wanted to make difference lmao

No. 309311

Um, you talk to them privately like an adult. Not block them and then tweet about them

No. 309312

Well, aside from people that read here or on PULL the others had no clue. Someone was thinking something was happening between Mimei and SharTay but no one would have guessed BiiBii was involved. Or that the whole clique had problems.
BiiBii should have actually been superior (by not commenting at all publicly), instead of just pretending to be.

No. 309314


Bii, just stop.

If she hadn't made those tweets the video would just have been left as what it is, speculation. But now that she's practically confirmed/exposed her 'friends' she's on here trying really hard to defend her actions so that she doesn't fall out of the crew. Is it so boring being in Australia for you?

No. 309315

Well bii is just as bad, the cunt could have at least @ed her lol. And Taylor was smart not to go public, biibiibotched is a buffoon

No. 309317

I agree, she should have let Mimei look like a sad loon all on her own like the rest are doing.

No. 309325


I honestly don't think Bii was involved, and was just one of those cowardly friends that picked sides and ditched a friendship over something that didn't involve her.

Bii just comes off desperate for some relevances.

As for the claims of Mimei shading Taylor.. The shit she mocked in her videos is shit almost every vlogger on the planet is guilty of " trash content" "poor editing" and "20min garbage vloggs" and load of tacky tryhard shots. I think people are getting desperate for Taylor to be 100% involved in drama. We still don't even know if her beef was with both or just Sharla. At the moment I feel like Taylor probably just did the same as Bii and picked sides.

No. 309336

Not really, no. Her fans have been speculating about it in the comments for a while as there has been little activity between Mimei and the other vloggers. And normal viewers sometimes do read the comments.
Hasn't she made comments in videos about credit cards/wealth as well as the "real tokyo apartment" tour? I could be reaching, but her timing for posting videos often makes people think it's about the main jvlogging crew

I'm really starting to think a lot of people here are relating too much to Mimei and letting it cloud their judgement. Yes, Bii is trying too hard to get attention, but Mimei really did start this whole thing. It's wishful thinking to expect her fans to not notice the tension brewing between the vloggers and for her to post videos now made them more suspicious. It's not "it could've been about anyone" because her timing made it connect in people's minds to current drama.
She plays the victim way too much and LIVES for the sympathy comments. Remember when she had the issue with her inlaws and they tweeted at her that she should've kept it private? Same thing with the doujin artist. All she had to do was apologize but she kept making snarky English tweets but dared not post them in Japanese.
Now imagine how she is in private if that's how she is in public. I'm sure she's annoying as all hell to deal with and these vloggers aren't real friends. She should've realized this and not put so much faith in them. And yes, this sounds like victim blaming because believe it or not, you do have to take responsibility for yourself in the real world and protect yourself against bitches like these.
How old is Mimei anyway?

No. 309350

Nah. For like a solid couple of months now Mimei's fans have left comments in her videos asking about Sharla/why they weren't friends anymore. She vaguetweeted a while ago about losing friends or something and since then people clearly connected the dots to Sharla since they didn't interact with one another anymore.

It was obvious to anyone who paid attention really.

What I think is happening right now is basically everyone is picking/picked Sharla's side for reasons. I think the main reasons are that Sharla is arguably queen of the jvloggers (gets the most views, interacts with YtJapan offices, seen as the 'face' of jvlogging), has been there longer than most, regularly deals with other vloggers and has given a lot of them boosts in ratings through her collabs. They basically don't want to deal with the top cow of their herd. Mimei's fucked herself over unless she has really strong receipts since she doesn't have as many fans plus she doesn't have the backing of other accounts.

Maybe through Duncan she can get the Jap support but weebs don't care about Japanese youtube so it probably won't matter much.

No. 309358

I don't know if someone already saw this, but Mira has a new channel. I found out by checking a shady account that commented on her comment on Mimei's video.
(The account in question is "Jasmine Johnson", which also follows very random channels. I saw it on PULL: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2722-mimei-and-duncan-pdr-san/?page=37 )

No. 309360

No the queen of jvloggers is Rachael ,hands down

No. 309362

Who the fuck is Rachael

No. 309366

No. 309370

Rachel isn't really a jvlogger. She runs her channel with her husband, plus they only upload once a week. Jvloggers are vloggers/do those 'day in the life' videos.

No. 309382


I'm not relating to any of them. Its just at the time she made those comments she was still hanging out with Taylor and they seemed good. She made comments about "actual affordable apartments" and pronunciation as well as one off set comment about how expensive the blender Taylor has is without actually mentioning Taylor by name. To me it seemed more like envy then shade. She wasn't really belittling Taylor (?), but more ogling at Taylor's wealth.

Taylor has a habit of undermining her wealth, and making everything she has seem "normal and totally affordable" for everyone. When in reality a lot of Taylor's possessions are pricey af.

At the end of the day non of them are real friends. Sharla only sticks around Taylor for the free room on board, pampering gifts and views. Bii sticks around because she's an irrelevant tranny without them. Taylor's just a over grown retard that wants to be one of the loved popular girls. Mira lingers around like an unwanted dingle berry holding on to her last hair of relevance. ( Albeit nobody is friends with Mira, but she follows there lives/Social medias religiously ) Mimei is looking for people to have as group therapy rather than just friends. All the little shit squirt channels are just trying to get their names out there on other people expense.

No. 309386

No. 309388

this must be the best J-vloggers description i've ever read

No. 309410

>Taylor has a habit of undermining her wealth, and making everything she has seem "normal and totally affordable" for everyone.

Okay but that, coupled with the fact that Taylor is really, really good looking, is the entire reason that anyone watches Taylor. I'm not here to see some normal girl do normal things, I'm here to see a hot girl blowing hundreds of dollars on drones and toast-shaped plates and topshop rompers and overpriced macarons and tiny ridiculous birthday cakes for her tiny ridiculous dog

No. 309418

Excellent analysis anon.

Honestly the most pathetic was lovelymilky and toph jumping on Bii's bitching bandwagon and trying to get their no-name channels out there by being nasty. SAD.

No. 309419


Well duh…

My point was about Mimei being envious of Taylor's wealth as that is what Mimei has made remarks about. I've yet to hear Mimei comment about Taylor's looks, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was envious of that too… For w.e reason.

Honestly though, I don't find Taylor to be all that pretty. Idk man, I dunno whats going on with her face or if it always looked the way it does, but it truly looks like uncooked pizza dough in every candid shot. She only looks decent with 65% of her face covered by hair or in controlled settings/pictures taken by herself. I don't trust pro shoots as they always edit the pictures, I mean just look at how amazing Dakota looks in professionally edited pictures…

No. 309434

Taylor looks just normal imo. Never found her that pretty. I mean, come on, her face… what did she do with it?

None of the jvloggers, except maybe lovelymilky (?), is stunning. And none of them seems to have an endearing, charming personality :D

No. 309441

take a look at your life man

No. 309442

Idk Chris is pretty stunning

No. 309455

File: 1494446945032.jpg (146.2 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)


Not sure if she counts as a jvlogger (She was and then moved to Canada with her boyfriend) but Kazuko (Kazuko from Japan) is very pretty and seems like a genuinely nice and good person. That maybe why she doesn't really seem to fit with the rest of the jvloggers.

No. 309456

She looks stunning :-)

But I'm thinking more of our beloved jvlog-clique

No. 309468

Lol anon said she's not as petty, not 'not as pretty'

No. 309470

take a look at what board you're on

No. 309484

Just some tin foiling here :

With the mention of "threatening emails" and "Sharla borrowing a camera" off of Mimei.. Is it possible that Mimei had footage left on the camera she took and Sharla just decided to use it without permission ? Which left Mimei threatening to copyright the videos if Sharla didn't remove it ? and maybe things escalated when Mimei also refused to comment and like there content on demand .. ?

No. 309506

It makes sense that Mimei didn't like any of the jvlogger crew insta pictures. She's salty and bitter. Not that it's a huge deal and should have blown up to this drama. But considering all the shade she threw at Taylor and whoever else in her videos and constant passive aggressive tweets it's like she never liked any of them anyway so why is she so hurt? Don't start shit if you can't handle it. She knew what she was starting making that video. Of course Bii and the rest of the gang are going to get defensive and tweet shit. It's all so immature and could've been completely avoided if Mimei had balls and confronted Sharla or whoever it was about it firsthand.

No. 309510

File: 1494451125808.jpg (27.38 KB, 750x283, bhcHDOE.jpg)

but what's the appeal of confronting people firsthand when you can make vague tweets instead?

No. 309530

Does sharla have her own thread in here? Like other than the Jc loggers one obvs

No. 309536

No. 309539

I never like or comment on any of my friends Instagram photos, and I am an active Instagram user. I must be the fakest friend there is!

No. 309540

File: 1494453073515.jpg (68.43 KB, 750x738, 1435506308444.jpg)

it was bulbous and even though the new one isn't perfect it's a lot cuter than before tbh, I'd choose it over the old one in a heartbeat

No. 309548

this is so cringey

No. 309552

Who summoned Sperg-chan?

No. 309557

Does this girl come off as really full of herself to anyone else? Every time I've tried to watch one of her vlogs I get put off by how much posing she does for the camera and how obsessed she seems to be with herself. Also I find it odd that she barely shows the people she's with other than her boyfriend.

No. 309560

They can make nostrils smaller?? Oh shitttttt

No. 309589

What if Mira was innocent all along and it was all just Sharla? lol

No. 309591


no lol
it was mira, pull has a good sum with all the evidence in her thread

No. 309596

I was thinking this… Well, I don't think Mira is innocent, but I was wondering if Sharla was the ring leader and Mira played along to be liked and got in over her head with the socks to try and impress Sharla. And then when shit went down Sharla played victim, etc.

No. 309599

File: 1494457356459.png (428.14 KB, 700x562, mimei.png)

Yeah tbh I'm not getting the hate Bii is getting in this thread (though yeah immediately going on attack mode was dumb on her part) when Mimei is also pretty vaguebloggy/drama tier.

I just did a quick scroll down her twitter feed and found this stuff in about 6 minutes, I'm sure a fan whose been following could find more.

It looks like the only person she's hung out with since January was Kim once in January (she posted a picture of them on Intl Women's day but I don't think it was taken that day) but other than that she only hangs out with Duncan. I think that's probably also why she's been vagueing so long, the jvlogging crew were probably her only friends since she's a hardcore shut-in, so losing that little irl interaction was probably a huge blow. She needs to go out more and make actual friends that aren't fake internet ones.

No. 309600

Oh and forgot to mention; the video is from when she quit her agency (leading reason is because Duncan did it? She really needs to stop living for him)

No. 309601

I got the impression they kicked her out because they see wives as extensions of their husbands and not as individual people and that she didn't really want to leave that agency.

No. 309603

Not liking or commenting on social media posts doesn't make you salty. I forget to do it half the time with my friends. It's not a big deal and doesn't indicate anything other than you probably didn't see the post.
And there's a difference between being defensive and being malicious. Bii is just stupid and doesn't understand how to callout people.

No. 309604

Mimei and Duncan are both able to dish it out, but then get mad and snarky over criticism.

Its strange because Mimei seems to be depressed herself, but she can't seem to empathize with other people and understand when shes wrong.

However, she must not be that bad, because all of her friendships only seemed to fall apart recently. Maybe be a combination of her being depressed and being envious of the other jvloggers?

Isn't strange how someone like Kim dao can get so many sponsorships, and someone like Mimei can't? Especially since Mimei can probably speak and read the best out of all of them, and shes thin, so clothing companies should love her. Also, she's the only one to advertise to both an English and Japanese audience. I know she just did that Wego one, but it seems like she can do so much more.

Does Japanese Youtube like Duncan again? I know he had that scandal when he called out those Youtubers who taught bad English. Didn't everyone avoid him, and then he dropped his agency? I saw him recently in some other Japanese youtuber's dance video, so I'm assuming they're accepting him again?

No. 309608

Do you have a link to that dance video?

No. 309611

As far as I remember Duncan always had a solid Japanese fanbase but not as big as his brother/friend/whoever was his collaborator. (never really followed him and mimei much)

There was some drama that had him on the shitlist bit it was a while ago.

No. 309613

Japanese YouTubers have little scandals all the time. They're usually able to bounce back like everyone else. Duncan has a group of people he always collaborates with, so I don't think it really effected him.

No. 309614

It was some dance video parodying a Drama opening, I'll see if I can find it.

I see, I don't follow Duncan so I was curious.

No. 309619

>Its strange because Mimei seems to be depressed herself, but she can't seem to empathize with other people and understand when shes wrong.

That sounds like some kind of personality disorder not just depression.

No. 309620

No. 309626

No. 309627


Agreed, I almost never spot my friends post due to the large IG accounts I follow constantly posting every hour. Plus I also follow over 200 people who are always posting. I would get it if they were upset about Mimei not texting them/texting back, but not liking statuses and IG pictures is a petty thing to get upset over.

It sounds like they treat Mimei as if she's their number one fan, or a leader of their fan club(s) and she'll be demoted if she doesn't idolize them the most.

Bunch of petty piss babies.

No. 309630

It makes sense in context of promotion. Their youtube is their job and when they make videos together/hang out it's business so having them support and promote her but not having her return the favor is kinda shitty.

No. 309631

What did I just watch.

No. 309632

I used to not like my Friend's Instagram posts much because I used my likes as my favorites. Since they introduced the private saving on Instagram I will like anything now.

No. 309639

Yeah it could've been a promo thing, not a liking thing. I know Sharla/Rachel/Taylor/whoever would often repost and comment/like each others videos on twitter.

No. 309641

if you watched the video the agency was equally controlling over both of their content and overstepped bounds

Also bii is a fucking plastic muppet whats not to hate

No. 309644

I think Mira had a history of that before Sharla. (In the Mira thread)

But I guess birds of a feather. . .

No. 309655


Problem is we don't know if it was strictly business or them being salty. I still either way find it to be something stupid to fight about.

Mimei also has the lowest amount of followers out of the 3 on Youtube and IG and what also seems like the lowest amount of views too. If they were actually genuinely friends I find that this shouldn't have really even mattered as much. I don't recall them promoting Mimei loads, I mean Mimei did when they actually collaborated and vis versa.

Friendship doesn't mean its your obligation to promote them even if they do so for you. Unless there were terms agreed upon and Mimei didn't fulfill her part, then I could understand.

No. 309656

>Friendship doesn't mean its your obligation to promote them even if they do so for you.

Yeah…I guess I view them as networking buddies not friends in the way normal people are.

No. 309671

I was checking out Hajime's latest videos after posting this one, and he is getting over 100,000 dislikes on his newer videos. Anyone know why hes getting disliked so much?

No. 309687

There was drama about him cheating on his girlfriends. He took a break because of that and hasn't uploaded a video since that came up. It was on Japanese TV as well.

No. 309696

He cheated on Yuka and she talked about it on a stream casuing him to admit it and do an apology video.

No. 309713

I feel like Sharla/Taylor and Mimei are posting here. Also I think Sharla/Taylor's constant silence did Bii dirty.

No. 309724

You're not going to quote any of the posts that you suspect are them? Why do you say that?

Bii just wants to fuel the fire because everyone is forgetting about her Facebank-looking ass. Mimei is a melodramatic dork, but they all should shut the fuck up instead of drawing more attention to themselves.

No. 309738


Mira had a history of sock-puppeting behavior going all the way back to Canada

No. 309741

That's what I thought, thanks for confirming

No. 309749

File: 1494466130795.png (564.51 KB, 641x731, Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_7.57…)

also mimei and her "toxic friends" all have contributed one way or another to bullying people (even if its koots)

No. 309750

File: 1494466150682.png (156.97 KB, 436x500, Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_7.58…)

No. 309751

File: 1494466194358.png (127.95 KB, 630x502, Screen_Shot_2016-07-18_at_7.57…)

sorry for same fagging. butyeah got these images from a pull thread

No. 309752

Bitches were all salty dakota didnt want to be in their weeb circle, but i think the specific reason dakota is so antisocial is because she learned at an early age how internet drama makes shit hit the fan and that involving other people in your internet presence will make that almost inevitable

No. 309755

wow could he get a suit that fits any worse

No. 309757

Hes a Youtuber, its probably the only time hes needed to wear one lol.

No. 309770

Japanese suits are all very odd fitting due to their rules. I have a female suit as well and it fits like a sack because I'm not allowed to show any curves so it's one size up to be all straight on my body.

No. 309772

File: 1494467514855.png (225.42 KB, 1274x722, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.48…)

this guy is such a fake-ass loser. spends his whole night talking shit on twitter and acts like he's the biggest badass bitch in the world for it, then deletes it the second it gets backlash and pretends it never happened. ofc all after saying it's mimei thats the cowardly snake.

pot, kettle, etc.

No. 309785

bitch, where?

i think taylor looked pretty pre-surgery, but she heavily butchered her face.
especially the cheek fillers were too much and just look awful.

No. 309787

What is supposed to be incriminating? The oringial story from Mira was that both her and Sharla got harassing mail from the Dressgirl company. This message isn't Mira telling Sharla to make fake accounts, it is Mira telling Sharla to comment on Rachels Dressgirl video.

No. 309793

Sharla being able to produce one chat message doesn't prove anything. If Mira had a fake account then what was the fake account?

No. 309802

Fuck off Sharla. You fucking use your friends one by one. Sooner or later, pushing up your bra for Hikakin and other big YouTubers won't get you any more famous. Mimei is a reputable person and people will see right through the words as to who did this to her. The piles of text messages of you trash talking your own friends is larger than you will ever become.

No. 309816

I will let you guys in on a big secrit. Sharla loves to post on these forums. She has been doing it since she moved to Japan. She has been two faced for a very long time.

No. 309819

And where is the proof of this?

No. 309821

…did lolcow even exist

No. 309826

She did it on Prettyuglylittleliar and YouTube. Sharla is a big time busy body. Do you remember when Magibon was big? Sharla was one of those girls who went to other girls videos and trashed them for the make up they wear and for being fat. Sharla is most insecure J-vlogger and she hides it by trashing other people. Mimei said in her video that people who have been hurt often hurt other people. Sharla was bullied as a teen and she didn't fit in. She used to dress all visual rock emo goth style.

No. 309828

>big secrit
kek, sure

isnt she living in japan for around 10 years now or something?

not doubting it though, in one of the messages she also talked about opening threads and stuff on 2ch

proof or gtfo

No. 309834

Check the Mira threads

No. 309836

I remember during the whole Mira gate thing sharla
popped on PULL and all the bitches in the thread were gushing and fangirling. Even Kat made a few appearances asking for money for a lawyer.

No. 309838

You have never seen Sharla's old pictures? Maybe she deleted it but she had a bunch of old videos where she talked about her love for Japan and how she never fit in with the Canadian kids.

No. 309845

File: 1494471873354.png (212.77 KB, 1636x964, 1458206316365.png)

No. 309846

File: 1494471896881.png (152.5 KB, 1462x990, 1458206487644.png)

No. 309849

File: 1494471960730.png (46.81 KB, 679x283, 1458207168907.png)


For anything else see the Mira threads in /pt/ or PULL

No. 309851

I think Kat inserting herself into the feud between Sharla and Mimei (and also trying to profit from it in the form of subscribers) is similar to Emily and Toph latching onto Bii's Tweets. Nobodies trying to take advantage of an opportunity

No. 309853


What does this prove? I am sorry I don't quite understand your proof. These screen shots don't tell any story about her sock puppeting/hating/doing anything. Let alone do we even know that those comments are directly talking about Mira?

No. 309857

Hi, Mira. And you're also here, like a fart cloud that never dissipates.

Show those damning messages and screenshots, you butthole.

The funny thing is that all those kids were into programming and highly experienced with computers too. Wrong crowd to go up against. I wish I could have seen the evidence they had against her. Her beta bf deleted it all.

Well, yeah. She's an opportunist POS too and equally dumb, maybe dumber, than Mira. She gave the awesome gift of The Blackface photo, but nothing else. She is a damn gnat.

No. 309859

No. 309864

What is it? The "mira files" that Kat released?

No. 309869

Mira already released the second half of the conversations. Sharla was playing Rachel at the same time playing Mira. Sharla promoted the fight. None of the stuff Sharla said was true. Someone posted screen shots of this shit a year ago. Next.

No. 309882

Anyone else unsubscribe after this? I unsubscribed from Bii, Sharla, and Mimei. I've wanted to for awhile because they've been so boring, and this was just the last straw. Still subscribed to Taylor though, I still like her and regularly watch her videos.

No. 309890

kek, this is obviously complete fake, since her real name is Mira

No. 309904

We know her screen name online was Miranda. There is no denying this. But is that her actual name? because I remember she had a video where she flashed her gaijin card and it said Mira.

No. 309910

Yes I've always thought that ever since I started watching her, which is when she created her jvlog channel. She used to look at herself in the camera way too much, now she's gotten a bit better and is looking at us/the lens. But still she's constantly preening her hair and doing selfie shots of walking around. I think she'd look better without the doll contacts.

If you guys want less known cute jvlog hosts showing expensive/interesting things then watch Chottomattenet, Wherever With You, and tons others an anon mentioned >>276322 here. Chottomatte is my favorite, an adorable little girl and boy are the hosts. Their dad is loaded as fuck and they get to do a ton of fun stuff. They describe what they're doing, how food tastes, and how their school life is very well.

No. 309923


Sharla borrowing a camera from Mimei was a long time ago, I doubt there is anything to see there outside Mimei saying "you needed help that time and I helped you" which she did on a tweet but without naming Sharla.

So Bii deleted her tweets?.

No. 309928

i was being sarcastic.
I think it's possible she might have had it changed after her wedding with visa-kun 1.0

No. 309943

We know she changed her last name to Nagayama. There is no evidence if her using that last name before 2013. She showed her first name on the gaijin card paper. Her first name was Mira and last name was blocked out.

No. 309983

>Bitches were all salty dakota didnt want to be in their weeb circle
That was a wise decision, tbh I'd stay away from them too.

No. 309990

Was it ever revealed who was posting on this board from Japan? I remember admin said something about it awhile back

No. 309991

Yeah, Micaela came on here a while ago to defend herself. The posts are still up.

No. 309992

No. 310015

Uh… lots of people are posting from Japan, including me. What are you talking about?

No. 310017

I wish Taylor would wise up and distance herself from them too,because even if she had nothing to do with this it's making her look bad as well. But I think she believes her and sharla are best friends, but how many best friends has sharla run through in the past five years?Maybe I'm wrong,I just feel like tay is being used by sharla.one wrong move and she might be the next on the chopping block.I also wonder if any of these girls are gonna remain "friends " when they leave Japan.

No. 310020


If Sharla is using Taylor, Taylor is also using Sharla, to begin with Sharla introduced a lot of people to Taylor, let's not forget that Taylor was desperate to meet people. Let's not pretend the others are saints and Sharla is the mother of all evil, all of them have skeletons in their closet and questionable behavior from time to time.

No. 310025

Don't be obtuse. Mira is obviously short for Miranda and you rarely(or never) find a person that ELONGATES their first name. Miranda is her birth name, but she changed it. Her ex-boyfriend used to call her Miranda exclusively. It's illogical to have called her that if she had always been Mira. How difficult is that to understand?

Sage for feeding the troll.

No. 310030

yeah, wow. i bet there are thousands of gaijin in japan interested in lolcows….
dont kid yourself.

No. 310036

at least half of the jvloggers are posting in this thread atm. if not most of them.

No. 310037

in this thread
on this board

No. 310081

File: 1494503529517.png (1.35 MB, 1282x1116, hmm.png)

Do you guys remember that lame "skit" taylor did with Micaela and Sharla.

Where Taylor awkwardly shouted at Micaela on the street "youre stealing my best friend" about Sharla.

And then in the restaurant in another lameass "skit" Micaela said to Taylor "Do you want me to order for you because I know you cant speak Japanese."

Do you think this was throwing shade at Mimei? About Taylor stealing Sharla from Mimei, etc.

If it is, Taylor might also be complicit in the bullying of Mimei too.


No. 310084

Agreed. I am just skimming and see too many posts that sound personaly defensive or angry for it to be a farmer.

Taylor and Sharla aren't talking about vegan dishes all day, of course they're all in on it.

No. 310085

lol right after they deliver the "Do you want me to order for you because I know you cant speak Japanese." bit Tay goes "BOOM" and uses an explosion effect really similat to the one PDR uses in his intro.
So this could be the bullying Mimei was talking about.

No. 310086

yeah but i thought Shartla was the lead bully and Taylor was the follower but the fact she put the skit in her own video makes me wonder if she was a leading bully too. She acts so kind and sweet in videos, but this makes me think she has a really nasty streak she is hiding.

I reckon both sides have been throwing shade for a while but we just didn't pick it up from the Shartay side because it was more subtle.

But seriously, that skit is just like an inside joke, none of the viewers had any idea what this skit was about at the time, but it makes sense in this context now we know what is going on.

No. 310088

Where the fuck did you get that exaggeration from? Just go on Twitter or even GaijinPot to see that Jvlogger drama is talked about by more than one person, or the Jvloggers themselves, in Japan. Do YOU even live here? I already know three expats that are anons here. Your question was stupid.

This is also true. First world foreigners in Japan love foreigner drama. But I'd wager about 80% of the posts are from Miranda.

They should all just have at it in a boxing special on WOWOW.

No. 310099

i meant that she was probably able to change her first name, too.which is why she is keep on harping about how that is her "real" name. We all know she was born as Miranda Ann Constable

god, stop discussing with mira

No. 310105


Well, Don Tardo, the first pic is her user page that shws her picture, her name, and screen name.

The second two reference her by those names.

There is tons more info on the Kanadajin threads on /pt/ (The place to be discussing her and not shitting up this thread.

GO read, you lazy fuck.

No. 310116

I don't think it was mainly to attack Mimei, I think they were messing with the whole Shaylor joke and how Sharla and Taylor can only be bffs.

No. 310118

This reach. This is Taylor we are talking about. She isn't clever enough to be that subtle with shade.
Besides as far as I known, the whole idiotic concept originated between the three of them on twitter. At least that's where I first saw them acting retarded about it.
I agree.

No. 310127

>And then in the restaurant in another lameass "skit" Micaela said to Taylor "Do you want me to order for you because I know you cant speak Japanese."

Didn't watch it but its no secret that Taylor can barely speak Japanese

No. 310134

>Was it ever revealed who was posting on this board from Japan? I remember admin said something about it awhile back

>Yeah, Micaela came on here a while ago to defend herself. The posts are still up.

She put her name on her own posts so it was clear it was her. I think maybe admin was talking about a different girl?

No. 310144

Would an anon mind explaining why Sharla has anything against Mimei? I've read some and watched their videos but can't keep up.
From watching their channels etc Mimei seems like a nice and genuine person, same with Micaela. Bii seems irrelevant. Sharla definitely comes off as someone who uses people and I'm not sure why all these girls flock to her. Taylor is just boring and her meme videos are annoying, but I wouldn't have thought she was a bully, just a simpleton.

No. 310154

>a big secrit

>Sharla loves to post on these forums.

Tbh I think all of them read and post here.

>She has been doing it since she moved to Japan.

For example? other different than her posts in pull.

>She has been two faced for a very long time.

Kek this is not news.

No. 310169

That's the thing. We don't know what happened that made them drift apart. But it seems to be something that caused Mimei to be hurt and salty.

No. 310177

Well based on what we see online and leaked conversations, they've always had some differences, I think it all started literally years ago when Sharla complained about Mimei being nice to Ashiya, a Russian youtuber who Sharla used to hate.

No. 310178

think a moment about how much you and your bff are alike.

sharla and taylor are bffs. of course taylor is just as shallow and bitchy, if not even more.

No. 310181

What a juvenile mindset to have. Best friends don't have to always be in lockstep with each other.

No. 310182

File: 1494528565718.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170427-203044.png)

So Michaela was being her usual sadness self and deactivated her twitter for a but last month. Didn't stop her from posting this thru IG

No. 310185

File: 1494528678003.png (746.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-30-08-21-26…)


credit PULL. jeez what the fuck are jvloggers doing to themselves

No. 310187

Can it be Japan that's making them so depressed? That or depressive/maniac/bipolar people flock to Japland for some reason.
Chris is to be excluded from this thought.

No. 310195


Well, that's brilliant:"I was diagnosed and prescribed meds for depression but never bothered taking them."

Well, they don't work to well sitting in the bottle.

No. 310198


Them hairy legs

No. 310199

It is mostly just a placebo anyway.

No. 310203

because you wouldnt accept and like people that you didnt click with.

No. 310204

Japan attracts immature socially unadapted people who believe their mental issues and emotional instability are their "personality" and them being "introverts". They don't do shit to fix themselves because they believe it's everybody else that needs fixing.

No. 310210

fake or did she just already deleted it again?

No. 310212

KEK I love you, anon.

>What if Mira was innocent all along and it was all just Sharla? lol

Very unpopular opinion bc Mira is very unlikeable, however, yes this could be the case, it's a fact that Sharla acted wrong too.

No. 310216

>yes this could be the case
no, it could not be the case that it was "all just sharla"
sharla was probably not any less bitchy but miranda did all of what she was accused for ahnd there is plenty of proof about that.

No. 310228

>no, it could not be the case that it was "all just sharla"
And that's why I said
>It's a fact that Sharla acted wrong too.

It wasn't "all just Sharla" but Mira could be innocent of certain accusations.

>sharla was probably not any less bitchy

Probably? She went to PULL knowing how much Miranda hated it lol do I really need to put ALL of the examples of Sharla being bitchy? And I'm not talking only about Mira..

>but miranda did all of what she was accused for ahnd there is plenty of proof about that.

Some of the evidence is not exactly reliable.

spelling mistakes are not exactly proof of Mira using sockpuppets, it could be someone else copying Mira's writing style or spelling mistakes, that's actually really easy to do.

No. 310236

Go away mira

No. 310239

I heard Japan can be a little depressing depending on where you come from, due to culture.

No. 310250

I think it's a bunch of people with untreated depression trying to “find themselves” and it's in Japan bc that's what's “cool” or something so they think that it'll rub off on them

No. 310251

Japan is depressing to a lot of people because of how closed off people are unless you root into a community. People don't really talk or look at anyone else in most areas and it gets really lonely.

No. 310259


Opposites can be friends, but you do tend to gravitate to like minded people more. BUT in all honesty I think their friendship is a sham. I said it once, and I'll say it again, Taylor is only good to Sharla for room on board,free shit and subs boost. Sharla is only good to Taylor because Sharla makes her feel popular and important. Taylor's obsessed with her self image so much that she can't even form an opinion on anything.

I remember in a video she made a comment about how girls are cattier than men and some femi-loon flipped on her calling her "sexist", then Taylor kissed ass and apologized to everyone because she "was totally wrong and shouldn't call women catty".

No. 310284


>It wasn't "all just Sharla" but Mira could be innocent of certain accusations.

No, you are not innocent.

>do I really need to put ALL of the examples of Sharla being bitchy? And I'm not talking only about Mira..

Yes, but actual proof like unedited screenshots (Most people have the full ones, so it will blow up in your face again if you try that.)

But you are starting to suggest your own guilt, so, making progress

>spelling mistakes are not exactly proof of Mira using sockpuppets

Yes they are, no one rapes the English language quite like you do (Miranda is the only person to ever use this defense. Dead giveaway)

No. 310288

>No, you are not innocent.

Dude stop being paranoid, I'm not Mira.

Sage for useless.

No. 310298


I think one of the jvloggers are here..even I didn't think you were Miranda, just someone trying to pinpoint Sharla's actions in all this, even I would like to know. Mira types no where near your level..if she started then God forbid…

No. 310300


Opps, I made a typo :p

No. 310304


Different Anon, I think all the Jvloggers are in some form or another guilty of being shady or a bitch and there is no arguing that. Mira, however, takes the cake for being the absolute worse of them all and going to extreme lengths to be a bitch. Personally I lowkey think they all come here to vent when they're having personal issues with one another. Like when the thread goes dead and suddenly someone felt the need to bump it and rant or make repetitive insults.. Of course thats just my speculation .. ( Unlike Kiki we can't tell regular Japan anon from sneaky Jvlogger )

No. 310309

sage goes in the email field, friend.

No. 310332


Oh definitely. Generally people who talk shit behind people's back and manipulate others and start drama to make themselves look like the saint will always be paranoid of someone else doing it to them. So they'll always visit sites like these to see what others are saying about them, they need that validation that they are the best gaijin. No wonder the creatures in the jvlogging crew just fit together, they're all the same type of people. I have a new respect to those in Japan that have gone out of their way to avoid them. It seems like that's what Rachel, Jun, Simon & Martina, and Melodee (to name a few) have been doing so far and good for them! They seem to be enjoying their time a lot more than these girls and producing more interesting content as well (which may be from them not having to cater to the jvlogging clitch).

No. 310343


Then where is your evidence?

No. 310344

If Mimei finds that lame video which could represent the feelings of a 12 year old as bullying, I don't think Taylor is the one with a problem. Seriously?

No. 310355

I agree the only shade Taylor throws in her videos is "funny" shade at her viewers like the video she made about going to ikea with her dads credit card. Any time sharla makes a video without Taylor (or visa-versa) and with someone else ie micaela the fans are like "omg no shaylor 4ever" "are u and tay still friends?!!!!1!" Blah blah.

No. 310359

Shaylor < Shartay

No. 310387


Exactly. Taylor makes little jokes all the time. Like the house tour with the little fence thing "for keeping Rosie in there or Kim Dao"

It's a joke (and that was before Kim moved)

No. 310398


I've read those series of IG stories from Micaela when she first published them. I'm glad someone took a screenshot of them because I really wanted to comment on them here. I noticed her formatting of the text (she places them in random places in each photo) kind of reminds me of a manga. It's like she's in a depressing story inside her head and projecting it through her IG stories like this. I really hate how she always complains about her life, how depressing she always sounds, it makes me think that she's not even happy with her marriage. I mean she has a cute Japanese husband, an adorable Prussian Blue, and a Shiba Inu to call family. Wtf is wrong? You don't vlog nearly enough to be exhausted with Youtube work. If you need a social media break, don't shut an account down only to replace it with another. I never really got this girl.

No. 310411

You can have the perfect life and still be depressed. It doesn't always have to do with your surroundings.

No. 310489


Who the fuck is this nobody? Toph is just some lowlife with barely 11k subs, what right does he have talking shit about someone he barely knows anyway?

No. 310496


Didn't say that. I was implying that she was just like Sharla and Taylor, the type of girls that like to complain but do nothing about it.

No. 310501

Gonna have to side with >>310411 on this one. Does she still teach English? Unless her husband isn't her breadwinner I'm assuming that YT isn't her primary job any more. I get the vibe (from linked vid especially) that she's kind of sick of media in general. Which is understandable because she's been ~JvLoGgiNg~ for an actual decade…

No. 310508

There are a lot of depressed people on Youtube in general. It doesn't matter what niche you search, what race the person is, how successful the person is, etc., mental illness attacks everyone. Youtube is a job where people can do what they want and stay at home. So its no wonder it attracts people like this.

What I don't understand however, is how how these Jvloggers find it hard to make other friends. There are so many vloggers, and all you have to do is message them and ask to hang out. That's it. PeachMilky is a great example of this. So why stay in a friend group that treats you horribly? No one deserves to be treated like shit, or to be lonely, but you also have to be proactive getting out of that situation.

Sharla may be a bitch, a user, and quantity over quality person when it comes to friends, but she isn't afraid to hang out with different people. If you go through Sharla's channel, you will see she has done videos with people of different genders and different races. If the Jvlogger girlsquad suddenly ditched Sharla, she would probably still be okay because she interacts with people outside her clique.

No. 310518


It might be, and this is just a guess, cause Sharla might really be the Regina George in this group, the clitch can't really hang out with new Jvloggers until Sharla has'screened' and approved of them first. It may be that if anyone of the crew attempts to hang out with new people that could run the risk of irking her to the point of stirring up drama Regina style. You can kinda see that mentality when she's smack talking with Mira about Mimei being nice to Rachel. So in order to not fall out of the group no one attempts to contact other vloggers cause why would they? They have Sharla to do that for them and they probably think they have it all already, standing above everyone else cause they've already been accepted into the holy jvlogging circle-jerk.

No. 310519

File: 1494554087857.jpg (94.72 KB, 819x1024, C_jCn33WAAA3ixr.jpg)

Speaking of pmt, not sure if anyone still cares anymore but she definitely got a boob job, pic related.

No. 310529

File: 1494554464019.jpg (41.58 KB, 500x333, aizudezu.jpg)

No. 310534

It wasn't my intention to make Mira look better, it's just that I don't trust Sharla..

>Personally I lowkey think they all come here to vent when they're having personal issues with one another.

Yeah definitely, and not only itt.

>Perfect side boob
>Perfect round
>super smooth skin

She looks like one of those anatomically impossible anime figures. I like her but sometimes she abuses beauty apps.

No. 310555

I loved Duncan's reaction after Bii's tweet…

>Are you talking about your fake vegan friends, accusing my wife of being a fake friend for not liking their instagram pics?


Tbh these girls are just OBSESSED with their online career. everytime there's drama, it's for something related to their social media shit, confirming they just use each other, ~~friends~~ my ass.

No. 310592

I remember when everyone was discussing whether or not they were vegan in order to seem trendy.
Taylor eventually said that she was only plant-based after getting a lot of negative comments, but that's why you don't insert 'vegan' into the title of every other video if you aren't actually vegan.
I also doubt that Sharla is completely vegan. A lot of food seems too 'MMMM SO GOOD' for her to pass up when the camera isn't on.

No. 310599

I also remember Taylor saying in a video that she was gluten intolerant, yet is eating out a lot. It's not easy to find gluten free restaurants in Tokyo on a daily base and many Japanese don't quite fully understand that type of allergy.

No. 310614

>gluten intolerant

That's a good one. Everything she eats in HK and Paris would have her sharting all day.

No. 310639

she said she was only gluten sensitive….
but yeah, she jumped on that hipster bandwagon.

she is not even gluten sensitive.

No. 310651

She said no one specific video (not sure if I can find it) that she is intolerant and therefore eats gluten free. I think it was the national azabu haul video.
But in her next video she went out with her boyfriend to eat vegan burger.

No. 310706

then she either backed down from that or isnt very consistent. I remember a video where she specifically said, that she was never tested for gluten intolerance but that she just feels bloated from it and therefore is trying to avoid it.
remembered that one wrong it seems, that was about milk. yeah she says she is gluten intolerant, which is bullshit with all the gluten stuff she eats.

vegan rant: 7:23
milk rant: 9:08
gluten intolerant: 10:25

No. 310707

>not sure if anyone still cares anymore
literally no one ever did

No. 310710

No. 310711

File: 1494566852817.png (178.01 KB, 266x469, pear.png)

She's openly told everyone she had a nose job, has she had other body jobs? Not counting whatever she recently went to Korea for, as these image are old. The swell on her hips and ass really do seem like an anime figure's, not sure if it's possible to be natural on such a petite girl.

No. 310714

It's called PhotoShop, Anon.

No. 310719

That's my image, I took a screencap of her in the Himifashion video. Her body's actually like that, the question is how.

No. 310736

I think there's something going on between Taylor and Venus too.. Venus is not following Tay anymore on instagram and Taylor is not following Venus on twitter..

No. 310739

She looks like a weird alien. Just a few surgeries away from Bii status lol

No. 310757

Yeah she definitely got a boob job, just compare >>310711 and >>310519
The rest of her body looks natural to me, she has a nice body, face and personality but she always has that same boring expression on her face and heavily shops most of her pictures, don't know why if she already looks like this.. >>310711

No. 310769

>Gluten intolerant

Kek I remember when she played that card, I was like.. sure Tay rolls eyes… Just mention some benefits, no need to further explain why or have a big reason for it.

Sigh* they say too much bs sometimes, but well, at least they are trying to eat healthy. Sharla dropped some weight.

No. 310804

File: 1494572235714.jpg (Spoiler Image,218.61 KB, 754x1555, uRirDK4.jpg)

I can attest to the fact that a lot of people I know in Japan were depressed or socially awkward in their home countries. I'll count myself in that shy, awkward bunch. Not only is Japan on the opposite side of the world for most of them(far away from their problems), but they may imagine Japan, with its reputation of politeness and nonconfrontation, will be somewhat more forgiving of their new start. But the new start is only successful if you're ready to change the negative mindset or behaviors that were hindering you back home. Then there is the fact that so many expats take comfort in the foreigner community, but never distance themselves enough to integrate with native Japanese. They look at themselves after a number of years, and even though they made some friends and know Japanese culture/language well, they're still hanging out with mostly foreigners or only their Japanese spouse. They still don't have deeper bonds to Japanese people. They're still an outsider or token gaijin in a group.

Some people end up more lonely and isolated here than they were before.

Mira can write up a bible, like above, if she feels like it. She can even go a paragraph without misspelling a word or using cringe-worthy slang if she is focused enough.

It's spelled Oops. Two o's. Mira also spells it every time with two p's, even though it's not pronounced that way… hmm.

Didn't Taylor unfollow everybody, though? However, it could have something to do with her loyalty to Sharla and somebody here wrote that Sharla never liked Venus.

No. 310809


Yea chipmunk taylor is full of shit, can't blame people when they rant she's not vegan. A huge chunk of her early videos were all vegan stuff and emphasized how she can't eat gluten. She rode the trend hard. Then after she got popular enough, then all of sudden she's like "I'm not actually vegan!!!!! I have to eat nonvegan stuff at work!!!" to now she doesn't give a fuck anymore. She's so fake, she'll do anything for popularity

No. 310819

The cut of the bathing suit is just making an illusion, her figure looks normal.

No. 310821

She's always been upfront about being "plant-based" (most likely to stay skinny) for health. "Vegan" is just more of a buzzword. She clearly still "gives a fuck" because she's still wasting tons of money going to trendy western vegan cafes when she could take advantage of all of the other delicious food Tokyo has to offer. Criticizing her is all well and good but no need to rewrite history.

No. 310857

I guess I just don't get whats so special about Sharla. Shes average looking, boring, middle class, her Japanese is just ok, and she seems to have access to the same amount of resources that the other jvloggers have. Is it because she's popular? Maybe the whole Mimei thing will knock her down a peg.

No. 310861

>Didn't Taylor unfollow everybody, though?
On instagram? yes, long time ago but I was talking about her twitter, there she follows her friends.

I'm asking because some days ago anons pointed out that Venus isn't following Tay on instagram, so I checked their ig accounts and this is what I found:

>Venus unfollowed everyone on ig except Manaki, Tsuruko and a very few others.

>someone on ig asked Taylor if it was true that Venus stole money from her. Then the comment disappeared.

>Kim Dao first, and then Sharla unfollowed Venus on ig.

>Taylor unfollowed Venus on twitter.

>However, it could have something to do with her loyalty to Sharla

but why now after months of friendship? Anon that makes no sense.

>somebody here wrote that Sharla never liked Venus.

They have a picture together from years ago though, but yeah Sharla was there with Einshine when they made the video making fun of her.

No. 310862

Sharla doesn't like that Russian chick either but Taylor wanted to hang with her and sharla awkwardly tagged along.

I don't think Taylor gives a shit what sharla thinks because she hangs out with who sharla perceives as "lesser" people(Venus, Russian girl, this random California Asian chick recently) all the time

No. 310866

>someone on ig asked Taylor if it was true that Venus stole money from her. Then the comment disappeared.

did venus steal money off taylor?

No. 310868

Fuck no, that was clearly an alt account(who the fuck has some religious figure as their insta icon)

My guess is
-rando stirring shit
-margo stalking on alts

But I do have to say it's odd that Taylor unfollowed Venus on twitter right after Venus unfollowed everyone. The chain of events go kind of like this

Venus unfollows everyone(instagram) > Venus follows 6 people(which include Taylor) > Venus unfollows 3 more people(this includes Taylor) > kimchi dao. Sharla unfollow Venus on instagram > Taylor unfollows on twitter

No. 310871

lol at these trouble makers starting rumors.

i wonder why they stopped speaking though, it looked like they had a nice time on vlogs. i guess we'll never know.

No. 310872

Mmmh well she was one of the first Jvloggers and actually made some good videos, but little by little she started to act catty towards other vloggers and can't stand when other white girls in Japan start getting attention, she feels like she's one the "the original Jvloggers" and everybody else is just a try hard or a threat to their channels.

tay wanted to hang out with Ashiya? Lol when?

Oh no it's just a weird comment I saw on instagram, a person asked that and said that it was a rumor but then the comments disappeared.

I thought it was a super weird coincidence because it was few days after Venus unfollowed everyone except Manaki and Tsuruko.

No. 310875

I don't think Margo would randomly post just 1 comment and stop right away, when she starts saying shit she doesn't stop and the writing style was different, also troll accounts are usually more persistent, but yeah definitely it was someone's sockpuppet.

I wonder what was that about.

>i wonder why they stopped speaking though

Yes this is another detail that makes me believe that there's something going on between them. But who knows.. I guess time will tell if it was just a coincidence or something really happened.

No. 310876

Ashiya bumped into Taylor during Taylor's vacation with her mom

Last month(?) or so as hiya appeared in Taylor's vlog with sharla tagging along, they went to purikura. I'm on mobile so I can't link the video but Taylor hasn't been uploading much so it should be easy to find

No. 310877

Since we found out how important instagram is to fake vegan(sharla) recently and how insecure Kim dao is over the numbers of her social media accounts(accused melodee of buying followers), instagram is probably their ENTIRE WORLD

The fact Venus didn't follow them back probably struck a coord and they probably had a bitching session that convinced Taylor to unfollow too

No. 310878

Tbh I think it was something else (could be a different reason, not the money rumor) Taylor seemed to be really supportive of Venus, and I don't think that she would just unfollow her bc Kimchidao and Sharla had a "bitching session" about their instagram numbers, that would make Taylor a terrible friend.

No. 310882

I think Tay was supportive of Venus because of her subscribers. And she was under even more attention when Tay started reaching out to her because it was around the time she had just ran away from home.
Tay was leaving very encouraging messages under Venus' videos, and it must have been hard to resist her, being almost all alone in Japan and trying to change her style of videos.

No. 310883

Thanks anon!

>and it must have been hard to resist her
What do you mean with this part?

No. 310885

I mean that being in a foreign country alone for the first time, without parent supervision (even though she IS better off without her mum) can be scary. Although Japanese people are nice, their might not be the warmest, so making friends can be hard. Job wise, she risked not getting her channel back, and it must have been scary risking to lose your only income. And lastly, being free from her mum's control she was trying to change her content to one of a more human, relatable, human being. Long story short: it bet it wasn't the easiest time for Venus, nor the time when she was feeling the most confident.
Not a fan of either of them, these are just my impressions.

No. 310887

I cringed but I never really saw her diet as very weird. The gluten + lactose free trend is very big right now with upper middle class white girls (have to deal with them daily) and they are very skilled at going to places that will cater to them by just throwing cash or making extremely complicated orders.

It's also why she always goes to the same restaurants all the time and why when her boyfriend orders in she always gets something different/cooks separately. It's just the latest diet trend that nutritionists to the rich have also linked to their "feeling sad and depressed" to further sell it.

Yeah I don't think it was Sharla/Kim who broke off the friendship. Either Taylor or Venus said something to the other which made them feel awkward, or maybe even they stopped because of fan hate? Remember all the comments Taylor got when Venus was in her video? Maybe they thought it would be better to not put their friendship so publicly?

No. 310889

I understand but that has nothing to do with the fact they unfollowed each other. They are supossed to be friends, why would you just unfollow your friend? She said several times how much she loved to be with her, so it makes no sense. Definitely something happened.

No. 310893

Yes, it has. But I was saying that Tay was reaching out to Venus for her followers, I don't think friendship was ever there to begin with. I mean, honestly, Venus doesn't seem like the most sane, trusting, person to befriend.I was trying to say that considering the difficult period she was having, it was easy for Tay to get closer to her, being extra nice and supportive.

No. 310897

Oh I see your point anon. Anyway, I still think something happened behind the scenes. I guess time will tell.

No. 310899

My theory:
something like taylor continually berating venus to "hang out and film" and venus, who is not a vlogger at all, probably was looking for just some actual friendship not on camera. While taylor was just looking for footage and followers. Venus ducked Taylors invites a few too many times, taylor eventually gives up, unfollows bc she thinks venus is a snob, and here we are.

No. 310915

i would agree. it makes a lot of sense. i dont think taylor was really being genuine about their friendship but it was more like a networking thing to her, like it is to almost every other jvlogger.
since venus is no jvlogger it makes no sense for her. she's not even living in tokyo. she probably was looking for real friends, not understanding how fake the jvlogger community in tokyo is.
also i think it's fascinating that all of this happened during the same time mimei's husband ranted about how the fake vegan friends ditch people because they dont like enough pictures on instagram.

No. 310916

>doesnt seem the most sane, trusting person to befriend
why? there is literally no sign for that.

No. 310931

I usually don't follow this thread but it keeps bumping to the top. Got curious and read a little. I thought Mikaela had permanent residency but on her Insta she is talking about a visa renewal of 1 year?

No. 310937

It could also be that Venus wanted Taylor to do something a bit more on the weeb side and she didn't want to do it anymore. Venus really panders to weebs while Taylor tries to do regular vlogging and not so much the whole "____ IN JAPAN!!" types of vids and generally seems to be super embarrassed of her early yt days, so maybe Venus was pushing for one of her more typical videos instead of the awkward vlogging ones she did with Taylor and Taylor refused?

No. 310974


Doubt it. Taylor panders to weebs too with the whole "quirky kawaii girl living in Japan". Taylor's also mentions Japan in everything when ever she gets the chance to. "Cafe …IN JAPAN" "Hair salon… IN JAPAN" "TOKYO SUPERMARKET" She literally inserts "Japan/Tokyo" in everything she does, yet never does anything unique to that country/city and only does american themed shit. Don't forget about all the cringey shit she does still do like making a Bell cosplay, fake twerking on camera and shitty skits.

I think the first theory is more accurate about Taylor only seeing Venus as a networking project rather than as a friend. They literally have nothing in common despite Taylor spewed about how "alike they are and similar their past experiences are".

I sorta feel like Taylor may be even a huge bitch off camera, I mean look at who she chooses to surround herself with .. (Kim, Sharla Bii ) Now with the rumours/speculations of her unfollowing two people over not getting enough attention on social media ? I can't help but to think she's probably just a self absorbed fat head who thinks she's better then everyone.

No. 310975

This video was annoying because she presented it as being broad universal advice as if primary school bullies and salty/catty acquaintances or "fake friends" are the worst thing that can happen to you. Out of context of the jvlogger comm, this sounds like general life advice to a 10 year old.

Idk it just makes her seem like she came from a privileged or sheltered background if that's truly traumatizing to her. I understand being hurt over friendships ending but when you're already 30, it's like shouganai?? I really don't see the need for a video.

Should probably mention that Mimei is my fav vlogger out of the bunch but this melodrama is so infantile.

No. 310985

yea i think it was probably a networking friendship in taylors eyes. I really wonder what she is like off camera - i wish mimei or duncan or someone would come in here and spill !!

No. 311019

lmao okay I just got caught up with the drama over the last few days

I actually can't believe the fucking milk. I honestly thought Sharla was going to kiss ass and lay low since she almost got exposed via the mira drama.

The foreshadowing was too good. I saw the caps of texts between Sharla and Mira last year and was wary ever since. But I legitimately thought Sharla threw Mira under the bus to save face and keep her clique. Now it seems like Taylor was just the collateral she needed to put herself above the rest.

Basically the timeline I've imagined is like this, correct me i'm wrong though anons

>Mira and Sharla meet at language school (?) about 7 years ago

>They start making yt videos, both huge cunts behind the scenes
>After a few years, the crew starts taking shape (miceala, rachel, mimei)
>The rest of them dislike Mira, Sharla follows suit
>Mira drama occurs, boosts Sharla's viewership
>Drama dies down, Sharla still thriving off the pity points
>Taylor is new girl in town, clings to Sharla for views/networking
>They become queen B's of jvlogging, giving Sharla free range w/ the community

No. 311022

Also something I noticed, Miceala was one of the first to defend Sharla against Mira, even if >>309750 reveals they were all bullies, and she's still clinging to these girls despite her age >>310081 the fact that she still goes out of her way to collab with Sharla makes me think she's also blinded by her desperation for views.

Why would anyone genuinely want to hang around Sharla (who's clearly insufferable behind closed doors) and Taylor who will be ~sassy and sarcastic~ while putting you down. It's actual Mean Girls garbage.

sage for samefg

No. 311037


Sage for my own confusion.

How does >>309750 reveal that they were "bullies"? I don't see that at all. What am I missing?

No. 311038


Exactly. I don't care for Sharla or Taylor but Memei just comes off looking like a whiney turd.

No. 311060

I just recently came back to this thread and am not surprised in the least Mimei is getting wrecked.

Sometimes girl politics allows the mousy or introverted one to be the pick for the slaughter. She seemed like a home body in the first place, where Sharla, Micaela, Taylor etc. were ~Instagram Model Wannabes~ who put themselves as extrovert.
Even if Mimei is blowing this out of proportion why aren't the lot of them coming to her and apologizing? Or berating her?

No. 311064

in this regard im glad vens keeps them out of their life. she seems also introverted and insecure and would probably just the next one.

No. 311068


Nothing to apologize for and not worth the effort to acknowledge..

Makes sense to me.

No. 311069

wow shave the fucking legs ffs!!!

no wonder why Sharla and Micaela were trash talking Ashiya.

No. 311070

>why aren't the lot of them coming to her and apologizing? Or berating her?

lbr she probably isn't capable of handling either without bursting into tears and looking like she's a step away from suicide. you can't argue with those types like with normal people

No. 311073


Sorry about that; you can check my ping, I'm typing from O.C. Cali. I didn't even notice I made the mistake with the two p's x.x Guess I was tired lol.

No. 311079

I find it a little bit odd how it is a unpopular opintion. Everytime someone brings it up that Sharla might have been the one to pin this all on Mira there always is one or two people in here who bombard the chat with "Hi Miranda" and never really add to the conversation. I have seen the "evidence". I have heard both stories. Sharla's story keeps changing and has many holes in it. Now that Mimei has become a new victim of the similar backstabbing/behind the back trash talking I am convinced that Sharla was more involved than she got away with. Sharla was the one who made Rachel and Mira fight and nobody can deny that because it is right in the conversations between the two.

No. 311081

Mira is a bit crazy though isnt she? Mentally unstable/cannot tell the truth?
I never followed her but just by skimming her summary page on PULL.

No. 311082


This. I thought the same thing. Someone's trying to point out that Sharla might be more involved than she seems to be and immediately some anon comes up and says 'Hi Miranda'….seems really suspicious to me too.

No. 311085


Nothing to apologize for is a broad statement. They've definitely done something.

No. 311089

could be Sharla. keeping quiet about the drama on sm, protecting reputation on the sly.

No. 311090


No. 311091

Sharla probably wanted Taylor to hang out with Venus to gain subs. When she was gossiping about Ashiya with Mira and Micaela she wanted to "get info" on her.

No. 311095

there has been a wave of new members on PULL. how much do you want to bet the entire jvlog circle is bitching about one another here and there right now?

No. 311098

Why are you people so paranoid? Is weed so easily available where you live? Tell me and I'll move there!
Jokes aside, I think in Sharla vs Mira people blame it only on Mira because she really proved to be untrustworthy (with the fake accounts), stupid (in many of her videos), not very kind at all (in her videos and also in the screen where she demands Kat for her pictures) and so on… I mean, she come off as the bad guy.
About Sharla you can have your suspicions, but nothing is for certain. To me she seems genuine only when she's eating or playing pokémon, but I have no proof of her "fakeness".

No. 311099


I've noticed that too. There is one on Mimei's/Duncan's page where they are hardcore defending Bii's and Emily's reactions on twitter. Hmm….I wonder who that could be.

No. 311100

>new members

C'mon anon, you know they have years old accounts and are well integrated there. These girls know gossip forums like the back of their hands.

No. 311101


lawl, 'genuine'…sure Sharla.

No. 311102

Micaela and Sharla are both fucking two faced cunts. Someone needs to make a fucking exposed video. Where is Vexxed when you need him? This is the shit that needs to go big and viral. We have the screen shots of Sharla and Micaela trashing Ashiya.

No. 311104


What? What is the "something"? Shit that vague is as close to nothing as you can get

No. 311106


Not to mention screenshots of Sharla trash talking with Mira about someone, think it was Rachel when Rachel was starting to get more subs than her.

No. 311107

Sharla is the head bitch that will grab anyone to talk shit about the other jvloggers. Grow up girl, you're 31.

No. 311108

>To me she seems genuine only when she's eating

And even then she comes off as over the top fake. A fatty who seems fake about liking food, now that's an achievement.

No. 311109

I've literaly just wrote that I can trust she's showing something real ONLY when she's either stuffing her face or being a nerd.
Seriously, where do you buy weed? Or can't you read?

No. 311110

Why would they? They want to be on top. They know Mimei wont talk. Mimei doesn't want drama so she wont mention the names or go into detail. Someone else has to step in and spill the goods. Till that happens Sharla will just go on her own rampage of colabing with anyone who is willing to be in her video so she can show off how "popular and cool" she is. #vegan vegan

No. 311112


Even when she's stuffing her face she's not real. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SOOOO GOOOOOOD" Literally the title of this forum.

No. 311116


Miranada's story has changed, repeatedly about damn near everything. Even from simple shit like her claim she never reads here or PULL then saying that she HAS to read these sites in her e-beg stream.

Sharla's has been pretty consistent unless you show me specific example of how her story with Miranda changed.

Miranda can't tell the truth even about insignificant things and there is dead solid proof of her sockpuppeting. (Chat logs between her and Kat and Her and Sharla with Miranda admitting to using fake accounts on both).

Is Sharla completely innocent? Most likely not, the truth is usually inbetween the two sides of the story but she is far more credible than Miranda.

People jump to the conclusion that you're Miranda because you have done nothing but offer vague crap with out providing one link, pic, shred of anything to corroborate what you claim. (Just like Miranda does with her sock puppets).

Don't want to be mistaken for Miranda? Provide evidence to back your claims. (saying "there's stuff all over" is not providing evidence. It's making a vague claim.)

So get to it.

No. 311118


You may not be Mira, put you have got to be off you nut to bring up Vexxed as the answer to anything other than how to grow man-tits.

No. 311119

You say that…but what if Mira DIDN'T actually make those accounts? The only "reputable witness" was Sharla. The only "evidence that could not be shown" was the evidence from Sharla. Sharla was the sourse of everything.

No. 311120

>no proof of fakedness

You claim others lack comprehension but it's been repeatedly mentioned ITT that there are caps of Sharla trash talking multiple people. She was literally just as bad as Mira when they were best friends.

No. 311121

No proof of fakeness? I am sorry did you miss the leaked conversations where Sharla tries to make Mira make a forum so they could bitch and trash talk people?

No. 311122

> sourse
So are you Mira or one of the jvloggers LARPing as Mira?

No. 311123

File: 1494609418496.gif (888.96 KB, 245x219, fc0ef9071dfda2237cc0d08b110649…)

>>Why are you people so paranoid? Is weed so easily available where you live? Tell me and I'll move there!

I guess living in Japan for 10 years has made you completely naive to the effects of Marijuana, Sharla

No. 311126

She did. In one of the screens she wrote to Sharla that Rachel had blocked her fake account.
Then you have the typos.
Not hard proof? Watch har response video. An innocent person would show proof of her innocence, and would probably a tiny bit angrier than she looked like.

No. 311129

my first thoughts when I read that post too lmao

No. 311130

>Mimei doesn't want drama

Mimei does nothing but drama-bait all the time

No. 311131


TOP KEK xD Srsly.

But hey, we must be smoking, crazy bitches, right Sharla?

No. 311132

She was trash talking people, I do remember. A guy that she called fat (which is not nice at all) and a russian girl, which she called prostitute, i believe? Not saying she actually was, she was calling her names, I think.
Those things are not nice at all. But she wasn't friends with them, right? So she wasn't fake to them. She was bitching about them with her firend.
I mean, if they were her firends or she was hanging out with them, show me and I'll gladly call har fake.

No. 311135

Nope, I'm very well aware of the effects of marijuana. Also, I'm not Sharla. I've been accused both of being her and Mira since yesterday… which makes no sense. Hence my questioning your paranoia levels.
Not that I can prove I'm neither of them, but my grammar is rather good and I basically called Sharla an overeating nerd a few posts up. So… who's your dealer, people?

No. 311136


>Sharla's has been pretty consistent unless you show me specific example of how her story with Miranda changed.

"Mira released my address online, I am getting threats" 3 years later "Mira posted my boyfriends picture online"

"I want to keep negative people out of my life" 3 years later "mimei wont like my instagram posts enough she is a fake friend".

"I have to move lots because stalkers just show up at my house" months later ~~still at same house~~

No. 311139

File: 1494610600874.png (91.55 KB, 640x960, 1466592915472.png)

In another screen cap Sharla even said she'd make a fake account herself to prove that they weren't hanging out with another vlogger.. because apparently views and reputation is so important to her that she'll try to push out those that she deems unworthy. This is proof that she regularly shit talks other vloggers to keep them away from her circle of ~success~.

No. 311140

So you have 1 text that shows Mira admiting to 1 fake account. What about the multiple messages where Sharla insists on making more fake accounts, need a fake account, need to deport Ashiya, need to make a website to trash people?

No. 311144

File: 1494610827161.jpg (32.79 KB, 631x400, 1466594471480.jpg)

This is sharla at work trying to manipulate Rachel. Speaking in the exact same manner she spoke to Mira, except the person she's trash talking this time is Mira herself.

Sharla tried to rid herself of accountability with her relationship to Mira, but as you can see by the evidence she's always been an immature shit stirrer.

No. 311146

Sharla shit talked way more than just Ashiya. Though she shit talked other people who were not her friend, she did shit talk Mimei for accociating with Ashiya. If that is not proof of being a fake bitch then I don't know what is. Where is the logic behind this? Is it okay to shit talk people as long as they are not friends with you? If that is so than Mira did nothing wrong either if those were actually her fake accounts.

No. 311149

isn't this from A LONG time ago?
I get that Sharla is a bitch, Mira and the sock puppets, Mimei and the victim, Taylor does whatever the f is good for Taylor…
Do you people have any new thing to add to the conversation?

No. 311152

Where are Mira's response to this? I remember somebody got in contact with Mira and posted a ton of new leaked chats. I can't find it in the other forums so was it on PULL?

No. 311154

A long time ago does not mean we will forget Sharla. Are you upset that people will finally find out what kind of shitty person you have been?

No. 311155

Is that from Mira's phone? I honestly can't trust that girl… But let's say I do, for a moment. It could be she was trying to make Mira take action against that russian girl (Aisha?) while she played safe.
Again, I admit she is bitchy about people that she finds… bothering? I don't know exactly. But that's not being fake, that's being a bitch. Aisha wasn't her friend, was she?
Mira made an account to sabotage Rachel, that at the time she was in contact with and in good relations with. That's being fake, and fucked up too.
Maybe I'm phrasing this wrong, I don't know. I'm not whiteknighting anyone.

No. 311157


Wow….she really is Regina George.

No. 311158

I remember that part about Mimei. But that's not shit talking. She was complaining about something a friend did and she was mad about it. She didn't call Mimei names like she did with that guy or Aisha.
I honestly don't see where the shit talk is in there, with Mimei, but it might be me.
Also, you all never ever shit talk about people you don't like? I thought this board was about that, basically.

No. 311159

We have already been through this before so either read back and catch up or don't post at all. Micaela already came on here and admited the conversations were real and that it was harmless girls chat and people should be forgiven.

No. 311161

Wow Sharla just give up.

No. 311164


Now I know you are full of shit. There are screen shots of her conversations with Kat when she was asking Kat to use her picture.

No. 311165

I found some.

They start from post
No. 267712

No. 311166

File: 1494611951272.png (605.42 KB, 1200x675, sharlainjapan.png.6d79b53353f9…)

Right, it's totally fine to be starved for e-fame to the point where you're prepared to betray your friend circle or cling to others who are famous in a heartbeat while running your mouth about all the hypocritical views you have on people.

She's cool, anon.

No. 311167


As Shown here >>309220 and here >>309224. Mira deleted bits from her side of the conversation to make herself look "innocent".

Which makes everything "soursed" (spelled like Mira spells it) suspect as she has already show she will alter things to try and make herself look better.

No. 311168

i honestly wonder if sharla is a legit sociopath/psychopath
i cant imagine any of the other big jvloggers (abroadinjapan, rachel etc) acting like her to keep others down
and her behaviour seems just so fake/scripted, from the way she talks/laughs etc.

No. 311169


As said in >>311116 Where is that? Where are the screen shots? Prove it, we will not take your word for it Miranda.

No. 311173

I think this also goes to show how long Mimei has been ticking off Sharla's nerves. Now that they've mostly all surpassed Mimei's level of subs and general popularity. She had no problem isolating her from the group and making stupid excuses about instagram likes/comments being the reason Mimei wasn't enough of a 'real friend'.

I mean, we don't know if instagram is the full truth yet but doesn't seem like much else happened.

Just because Sharla is full of shit doesn't mean anyone thinks Mira is innocent. They're both liars but I can still kek at those caps even if Mira's responses are missing.

No. 311179


It is in the "Mira files" that Kat posted on PULL. Sharla shows the magical evidence that Mira has released her information however the information is her boyfriends picture. 3 years before Sharla posted on Twitter that Mira posted her address online. Address turned into boyfriends picture.

No. 311183

in the mira report is hard proof that at least 123japanese as well as that kirakira77 were her accounts. it's at the bottom of her own thread.

No. 311186

Just to help you out anon.

There was a legitimate interview/article where Sharla claimed she's had to move house every 3 months due to stalkers. Farmers pointed out that she obviously does not move that frequently and how long she's stayed in each apartment etc.

The other anon who's accusing you of being Mira seems to have missed out on a few threads. I had a reference point for every example you mentioned. The backtracking ITT is unreal.

No. 311188


Funny you should use the Mira files, because the entire beginning is Miranda and Kat talking about Miranda using her Pic for a sockpuppet account (That you claim the Sharla txt were the only "sourse")

Posting a private pic of a boyfriend is posting private information. And it shows that Miranda actually did that. You disproved your own point.>>311179

And the pic, prove that they are from 3 years apart. That is not proof of anything.

No. 311191


Provide the link then, if it's so easy to find..

No. 311193

It doesn't show anything. It shows a screen shot of 4chan of an anon posting "is this Sharla's boyfriend?". The picture isn't even visible. For all we know she could have posted it herself or someone else. There is no proof that it was from Mira's IP address.

No. 311194


That pic is weak. The only thing similar is the curtains, which don't stay with the apartment. The tenet usually hangs the ones they want.

This is some sad reaching here Mira

No. 311195

No. 311196

I'm suggesting that you read all the previous thread on here and PULL.

I'm assuming the vast majority of posters here have been following the drama for the last few years, if not you have catching up to do. Simple.

Why do you expect to be spoon fed?

No. 311198

I think it is bast your bed time Sharla.

No. 311199


Are you stupid? No one doubted the article, where is the proof that she doesn't move?


No. 311200


Because Taylor's a fucking pussy and would never own up to being an asshole if she was, and Sharla's a spineless cunt who rather someone else take the fall like Bii who jumped in.

Why not leave it to sound like it wad Bii who had the beef with them and not Sharla and Taylor. Besides Mimei was both of their friends for so long she probably has shit loads of dirt on both Taylor and Sharla so why would they want to tick off the bomb.

Imagine if Mimei exposed dirty doings of Sharla's that nobody knew of, or exposed that it is 100% fact that Taylor had cheek fillers ? That would fuck up their image.

No. 311201

Can't provide your "proof". Got it.

No. 311202

face palm
Someone put this kid in time out.

No. 311204


All that stay the same is the curtains which the tenet takes with them. Try again sweetie.

No. 311206

>or exposed that it is 100% fact that Taylor had cheek fillers

You honestly think anyone gives a shit about that?

No. 311207

Whoever's been on the hardcore defense for Sharla has been deleting their posts and fucking up replies.

Red flag for being nervous and rushing to reply in a fit. Seems personal. Not to mention most of their arguments are plain stupid.

No. 311208

Wow are you really that fucking in denial? Do you think that someone has the money/time to move every 3 months AND be as lucky as to find a appartment that has the exact same window?? wow that is some funny shit.

No. 311210


SO you have no proof is what you are saying.

No. 311212

File: 1494613828318.jpg (81.93 KB, 508x405, balloontay.jpg)

dude. we already know for certain taylor 100% had cheek fillers. we dont need anyone to tell us. just look at this bloated balloon face.

No. 311215

Sharla it doesn't help with your weight staying up this late at night.

No. 311218


Talking out of your ass with no evidence. Got it. Thanks.

No. 311220

She looks like a literal child in that photo.

No. 311225

Since when is not reading past threads a viable argument to claim there's no proof?

Are you new here? We expect you to do your homework. Why would we re-post everything thread by thread.

No. 311229


Taylor cares. Of course everyone here knows, but her fans are in denial and believe her when she says she's had nothing done.

Though I do find it odd that now Farmers think its 100% confirmed, when in the Taylor thread some of yall were going loopy comparing her to J-Law. ( Unless that was Tay and the Jvloggers coming to argue her case.)

No. 311230

she looks like she has some bad case of liver disease..

No. 311235

i know she had them done because myself and many of my friends have also had them done. once you have had them done yourself you can spot the facial changes that occur in other people when they overdo it.

and for the people who dont know how the face changes after youve had fillers i think its obvious she looks completely different to how she looked before she became a "dolly".

No. 311246

People with facial lines that 'make them look sad' get fillers to fill those "wrinkles". I once saw a girl who has hamster level like Taylor. She became addicted to them and used the wrinkles as an excuse

No. 311255

File: 1494615409079.jpg (19.26 KB, 490x325, killitwithfire.jpg)

yea a few of my friends got addicted and have destroyed their natural beauty. of course i would never tell them to their face but its obvious that the people who overdo it have body dysmorphia. i just hope i never reach that point…..

No. 311262

File: 1494615691731.jpg (560.11 KB, 2448x1836, 1489970985260.jpg)


Taylor has some deeply rooted issues with her face. She's obsessively concealing it with hair or overdoing it with fillers.

Though, she looks like she's been toning down recently … Or editing it more.

No. 311267

Same. Once you've had it done you know where to look for the signs of contouring, or attempts at contouring. Especially under the eyes when smiling.

For Taylor it's especially noticable from the side and not front-on. She's making most of her contouring decisions with the doctor based on how she looks straight on as opposed to all around.

She should just admit she has things done here and there, and give big sister advice to her viewers. She already idolizes Kylie and the Kardashians, her fans would be supportive, because it's her body and her choice.

No. 311269

Not to white knight, but I'm actually more surprised by how much Taylor is getting wrecked despite there not being any concrete evidence of her doing anything. Especially on PULL where people just seem to hate her.

I mean I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor didn't like Mimei because Mimei has been trash talking her. I would have dropped Mimei as a friend the moment she starting sneaking in little jabs towards me.

And there is literally nothing to go on with Taylor and Venus's relationship besides the social media unfollows. And honestly, people unfollow for a variety of reasons, so it doesn't mean anything until you have the full context of the situation.

I know that all we can do is speculate, but people are really starting to get witch hunty now without much to go off of. At least the reason why Sharla is a bitch and not to be trusted is clear as day.

No. 311273

>>311154 me? who do you think I am?
all I'm saying is that she MUST have NEW shitty things right now. I personally think her life is crap and there is a lot more crappy things about her than old dramma. I've been following other youtubers drama since forever and all of them manage to create more. Sharla is so boring now that even her "haters" became boring as well . I would have love to know about her way before you know, when she was promising.

No. 311275

Has taylor had her nose done? it always looks more downward-angled in these really old photos and upward-angled in her videos

The cheeks are too much, but whatever she's done with her chin/lips/nose is working for her though

No. 311278

I find her to be genuinely creepy. I know a lot of farmers are up her ass in her thread. But I get such weird vibes from her. I don't usually bitch about vloggers without pinpointing why I dislike them but I just feel so uncomfortable when watching her vlogs.

Although, as this thread shows, anyone who's "close friends" with Sharla is pretty fishy. Taylor will often be jokingly petty (her sense of humor involves putting other people down) and now that we know Sharla is legitimately like that behind closed doors.. well.

I wouldn't say everyone that hangs with Sharla is guilty by association, but I definitely don't think Taylor is in any way innocent when it comes to ~mean girl high school~ mentality bullshit.

No. 311279

Can you reverse fillers? I always look at Taylor and Bii and wonder if they could reverse some things they've had done.

No. 311280

I don't think the followed was what she was after

She collabed with some random American Asian chick the other day

No. 311283

i suspect she has also had botox on her jaw. i had a friend who had a square jaw like hers and got some botox done to make it more "v-line". im not 100% sure with taylor though but i think her jaw shape did look like it changed for a while.

yes fillers need to be topped up every so often. they are naturally absorbed by the body eventually.

No. 311285

to me she just seems like an awkward rich girl that probably didn't have many friends growing up.
I wouldn't say I'm up her ass, but I like her and I don't understand the hate she gets.

No. 311286

Krist Soup? She has half a million subscribers on her main channel and another 100k on her new vlog channel.

That's not exactly a random nobody, it's still more exposure for Tay.

No. 311294

Their followers don't overlap though, they're both very different

And tbh 500k in the YouTube world isn't a lot, so soup chan is kind of coming out of no where. Maybe they're bonding over coming from rich families? Idk

No. 311296

>people unfollow for a variety of reasons

There is literally only one reason you unfollow someone in this specific circle. It's to passively say you're not friends or in agreement with them.

Depending on where they are, you can wait for them to absorb or have something injected to dissipate them. Better to just let it absorb, it won't take long.

Eh she has her mother and sister and cousins, she's not alone really. She was just surrounded by normalfags in suburbia and wanted a more exotic life.

No. 311301


I've read them, I can't find the claims you you make. Since they're so easy to find, as you claim, shouldn't be any trouble for you to find.

Unless you don't know where they are.

No. 311302

File: 1494617537680.png (21.84 KB, 843x166, Untitled.png)

Sure, but she did just comment this on her latest video. She could be lying, but it looks like they still talk.

No. 311307

Alright i'll try to help, you're clearly confused.

I am the anon you are currently replying to. However, I am not the same anon that originally made some statements that you disagreed with and wanted proof for?

What exactly can I find for you that will stop you from trying to constantly derail the thread?

Sage because this is getting old

No. 311309

File: 1494617792688.jpg (206.44 KB, 1200x801, whysojapan_texan_in_tokyo_grac…)

All this drama and realization these bitches are all two faced really made me miss her.

No. 311334

Well that confirms it's more of a business relationship really.

No. 311335


The "proof" that Sharla didn't relocate beyond the shitty pic that doesn't show anything.

The screen shots claiming to show her:
"mimei wont like my instagram posts enough she is a fake friend". (Her saying it, not third hand from somoen else husband.

No. 311339

Well, this will kill Miranda's hope of the "Sharla is evil" attempt to squeeze back in for views:

(Stolen from PULL)
Amadofu/Toph spilled some tea over on his Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/videos/141907328

Here's some keynotes and some approximate time stamps
I apologize now for the huge and messy post but I know some people will prefer not to watch the video

From the 7 minute mark
The drama has been "in the making" for a long time, nearly a year
The people in Japan that know whats happened have been expecting this to come
Toph's goal wasn't to "jump in" to the drama but to not let Mimei play the victim and let people know she isn't guiltless
Toph doesn't care who side you pick
His friends are not free of guilt either, no one is totally guilt free but Mimei is not the victim she claims to be
Mimei is one of the nastiest people he ever met

At the 10 minute mark
He says it's OK to like who you like on YouTube, it's not wrong to enjoy them
But be aware of who they actually are
Mimei puts on a 100% positive persona and it's a red flag for suspicion
Take everything someone does with a pinch of salt and have realistic expectations
No one is 100% nice, everyone does nasty things
People script and edit their videos on YouTube so it's easy to be fake
He wasn't trying to stir the pot but it was wrong for Mimei to play the victim when everyone involved is a villian in some way
Toph admits he's a bitch and says that it's better to just straight out admit the fact and not be fake

At the 13 minute mark
Toph admits he's was pretty messy on Twitter, but he's a messy person
Another issue with the YouTube community is the fear of not being able to say what you want out of fear of repercussion
Toph felt comfortable saying things on Twitter because YouTube is not his job so he wouldn't feel the impact (unlike Sharla or Taylor who have a bigger audience)
He lost 50+ subscribers but he doesn't care, he prefers Twitch now anyway and YouTube is just a hobby
He mentions that haters can't "threaten to destroy my YouTube channel" which sounds like a jab at what Duncan has apparently said

At the 15 minute mark he talks about the YouTube community, it's hard for me to type out but amusing
It sounds a little bit like a reach to PULL because of speculation
"If you're going to come for people, come correct bitch"
He has witnessed some of the drama in person

From the 17:50 minute mark
"It's a lot of passive aggressive-ness, a lot of finger pointing and a lot of playing the victim"
"It's done by people who pretend to be super nice even though they shade people all the time in their videos, they shade people on twitter"
"But people still think that they're the nicest person ever"
When he met Mimei in person a long time before any of the drama and he had no reason to think poorly of them, his first impression of Mimei was that she was "cold, pompos and rude"
So his opinion of Mimei is not negative because of the drama involving his friends, it's from his own experience with meeting Mimei
Mimei talked crap about Toph behind his back after only meeting him twice and Toph was nothing but nice to her

At the 19:40 minute mark
Toph reads a comment in the chat about different drama that involves death threats to those involved
He says there is similar things happening in this community of drama, they're not death threats but are pretty big and aggressive threats (possibly from Duncan)

At the 20:50 minute mark
He has noticed some comments on the video of people not buying Mimei's guilt, he admits it's better to say everyone is mean rather than one side is good and one side is bad

No. 311340

tbh this all just sounds like one girl is a passive aggressive child with a victim complex, mad that someone she doesn't like doesn't want to deal with her (wtf, isn't that what you want?) and all of us are just enjoying a drama show
and Mira is shoving her ugly ass into it for no reason

No. 311349

Thank you anon! This was fantastic. So its just as everyone thought, this whole group is messy.

No. 311352

Kek that Toph seems to be like the kind of person who comes here to trash talk the community tbh

No. 311362

Lol I hate that first they start drama and block people and after a couple of hours, they act like as if nothing happened and avoid the topic and lie again and get pissed off when people make "rumors" about the shit they started in the first place…

No. 311365

tbh, i always liked them. their videos were calm and like a breath of fresh air after all the "WTF JAPAN LOVE HOTELS WEIRD CANDY" videos with all the same time-lapse sequences. i felt kinda bad after reading here that they also were kind of shady in the past.

holy shit i never actually followed taylor and never saw her "before" photo. WTF. and here i was thinking that her face was too ~~kawaii~~sugoi to be real. seems that it wasn't. wow.

No. 311380



Why are any of these bitches friends if all they do is fucking fight and throw shade ?

Fucking petty piss babies.

No. 311390

File: 1494620596326.jpg (67.47 KB, 778x583, C9akk4BU0AEXP5Q.jpg large.jpg)

I can barely make sense of all this, sounds like a lot of nothing tbh.

No. 311398

He basically said they're all fake. That they put on a nice persona for the camera while throwing shade at others. That was for Mimei, but to me also confirmed that the skits Tay made were aimed at Mimei.
So if this has been cooking up for a while, maybe nothing major happened? They just don't stand each other and ended up with bitter feelings.

No. 311402


ALSO like to add :

>Proud to be a bitch and I'm upfront

> I'm not scared

- doesn't even say what happened
- Doesn't even name drop except for Mimei
-Vague explanation that once again only shits on Mimei.

He should spill the tea or stfu.

No. 311410


She's still a lazy fat and depressed loser though.

No. 311411

Well, even if he is not scared of losing subscribers (if you believe it) maybe he's scared of losing his friends in the clique?
I mean, he just said they're all horrible, but maybe he does like to be with them?
I don't know… also, if it's a cat fight there's little tea to be spilled, might be all he said/she said, sassyness, bitterness etc…

What could he have to threaten them? They actually trusted Mimei enough to revel secrets to her?

No. 311413

Some people just live for the drama. AKA Twitch drama 101, and I'm sure Toph fits right in.

No. 311415

Grace was also caught self-promoting both here and on PULL during Mira drama while pretending to be somebody else. Nice to see her back to her old ways with new drama on the horizon.

No. 311419


If thats all there was, is just some he said/she said bullshit, than why bother saying anything about it and ending it on that note.

To me this would make Mimei neither wrong or right.. She was bullied, but was also a bully herself. She's both the victim and offender.

Also, this makes me wonder if this is what Taylor has really been crying about a lot lately ? She mentioned she bursted into tears in the car with her bf because "sometimes Youtube tires her".. ( Bullshit if you ask me ) She's been having more "shitty/sobby" days then usual.

No. 311421

I don't really watch her videos much. Has she been crying on camera or just saying she cried?
She might be sad about this, or maybe she's riding the pity train.

No. 311427

and this

No. 311430

this actually makes me sad. was it proved by admins? in any way, damn, you really can't trust anyone on youtube.
>Nice to see her back to her old ways
for a second there i thought you meant that she came back online which made me check twitter and youtube lol

No. 311431

one girl ?
you sound like bii or kim or whoever from the jvlogger community.
they are all passive aggressive cunts with a victim complex.

No. 311433

If he doesn't care what side you choose why not spill the beans on the others too?

Clearly, he wants whoever to be against mimei, if everyone's a messy he should just straight out admit the facts

No. 311434

The one skit she made? You mean. The friends skit had nothing to do with Mimei. I'm telling you, Taylor doesn't have the intellectual capability to throw shade subtly.
Toph seems to understand that as an adult, in the dissolution of relationships no one is blameless. I don't think he was confirming anything specifically so don't jump to conclusions. He just meant that youtubers script to show their best face to world, which should honestly be obvious to anyone with critical reasoning ability.

No. 311435

I don't remember seeing her cry on camera but she isn't very happy

No. 311437


She hasn't cried on camera, but has mentioned a few times as of lately about feeling down or tired or crying. If its the drama thats bringing her down I wonder what it is they say to her to make her feel bummed.

Wouldn't put it past Sharla to make sly remarks to Taylor to make herself feel better about being so damn dumpy. Though, I think we all have those friends who nitpick " your lipstick is uneven, you look bloated, that looks ugly on you.. what? I'm just trying to help. " ..

No. 311439


she cried a bit on camera in her video about Rosie's operation. It's even in her thumbnail.

No. 311440

Is Mimei really pulling a "be my friend or else I will ruin you" on the group? If she was fine with their dirt while hanging out it makes her no different from them.

No. 311444

Then she's no better than Mimei. Why are women of their age crying over passive aggressive bullshit? Is it because they feel isolated in Japan and depend on each other's friendship? Or are they just willing to fake emotion to impress their viewers?

No. 311448

>faking emotion to impress their viewers?

Bingo. Depression and booling~ is the new cool kids thing.

No. 311452

crying about your pet getting into operation has nothing to do with self-pity though and is completely understandable.

No. 311453


Agreed, however crying about Youtube being emotionally draining does seem a bit self-pitying.