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File: 1441159663852.jpg (151.54 KB, 307x461, bogus recovery.jpg)

No. 25478

Aly has deleted her ig life prior to her NEW BEGINNING where she faked a new real recovery!

People calling her out on her recovery and her jolly full or motivation right now captions.
Aly isn't giving a shit about hurting comments but deletes them anyway (because it's HER account and she can do what she likes hmkay).

Will we ever see Dante again?
Will we ever see food enter her mouth sphincter?
Will she ever learn to paint her nails and use eyeshadow properly?

Loving you all into pieces…

No. 25479

Last thread

No. 25480

I'm only here for the biscuit pics

No. 25481

File: 1441161564649.jpg (34.05 KB, 459x465, yikes.JPG)


No. 25482

File: 1441161606343.png (970.39 KB, 596x586, ging.PNG)

Here's one of Ginger's latest creations. That cracked, moldy thing is supposed to be a pie. The thing that looks like ice cream with raspberries is protein powder slurry.

No. 25483

I still can't believe she's completely deleted all of her posts leading up to her ~*~new beginning~*~ in the hospital. What a lying cunt.

No. 25484

God I've been going through Ginger's blog and it's a fucking trip. This post is particularly mindblowing. I don't want to spoil it by including a picture. Before you click this link, just think about what raw vegan cinnamon toast crunch would look like. Just cereal with almond or soy milk, right? Wrong, fucker


No. 25485

File: 1441162108138.jpg (25.72 KB, 367x140, Capture.JPG)

I was late to notice this part of the caption on her most recent facehugger chest selfie, but - 19 years old, and she has to savor every moment of a snack with mommy because she won't see her for a few hours? She's more dependent than the youngest grade school children. Her parents are 100% enabling her, if they were to give her an inpatient-or-gtfo ultimatum she'd cave in an instant.

No. 25486

I bet her brother gets pushed out of everything with HER being the centre of attention all the time.


No. 25487

I don't understand. Is she like mentally… "different"? Why does she always look like this. Not trying to be mean but genuinely curious. Haven't read in the past.

No. 25488

File: 1441163589435.png (1.86 MB, 1222x1222, Aly 3-21-2015.png)

Oh hey, I just realized I have a bunch of Aly's old OOTD photos saved…just sayin'

No. 25489

That looks like it tastes terrible. Does she even know what the actual cereal tastes like?

She believes normal selfies are narcissistic, and manic selfies are not because they are taken to spread joy. Just like Jesus wants her to.

Edit: Deleted due to formatting + sentence structure.

No. 25490

File: 1441163950456.png (2.03 MB, 1208x1196, 3.png)

Oh look I even have some fake pint parties saved

No. 25491

File: 1441164006213.png (847.3 KB, 608x966, 7.png)

She used to look so, so much better. She's aged horribly over the course of a year or so.

No. 25492

Wow, she almost looks normal here. Is this pre-ED or from her actual-recovery phase?

No. 25493

File: 1441164687365.png (460.12 KB, 262x1152, 5.png)

That one was from not long after she began her Instagram account. I think she was saying she was "recovering" from eating disordered behaviors at the time, but then she never really admitted to relapsing, although she obviously did. I don't know if she was ever in "actual recovery."

It's sad. She looks like a fairly healthy young girl there (and here).

No. 25494

It's obvious she had an ed in both of these pictures

No. 25495

Her style is really cute here. I like it better than how it is now.

No. 25496

Her face looks so different compared to now

No. 25497

Her face looks so cute. It actually looks real where as right now her skin looks I guess strechy/thin. I hope she realizes how much happier she could be. And of course admits to everything so other people can see what real recovery really does look like. Poor thing..

No. 25498

That is so gross omg she literally just dumped raw vegetables in a bowl of milk and tried to call it cereal wtf

No. 25499

Lmao that's what I thought too. And then she posts a recipe like we can't take a look at the photo and figure it out.

No. 25500

Has no horseface and now she does smh

No. 25501

This description has finally made me realize WHY she keeps reminding me of Farrah Abraham

No. 25502

What the FUCK

No. 25503

Obvious? Really? My perception may be warped, but she looks pretty damn normal to me.

No. 25504

Her ice cream recipe is frozen cauliflower and pea powder. What the fuck. What. The. Fuuuuuuuck. Is this why vegans are so bitchy, because their cereal is vegetables and their ice cream is also vegetables?

Also, is stevia actually healthy?

No. 25505

Probably not in the quantity she uses.

No. 25506

See, that's what I would figure. 15 or 30 drops of anything isn't healthy.

No. 25507

I think she looks slim but normal in the bathing suit photo but on the sick side in the second photo.

No. 25508

File: 1441166927302.jpg (208.77 KB, 768x1049, wp_ss_20150901_0001.jpg)

I found the fabled oil.
Glad i got it before her deletion spree.

No. 25509

I think vegans would probably disown her. I've seen some comments where they're saying CAN YOU PLEASE DROP THE #thisiswhataveganlookslike TAG.

Even the rare time I've met someone who only eats raw food doesn't pull the crap Ginge does.

No. 25510

I love how she uses the lesbian emoji for her and her mum.

No. 25511

File: 1441167176512.jpg (16 KB, 565x119, Capture.JPG)

Aly will no doubt call this a "fake account" despite the girl having 1.3k followers.

No. 25512

Holy fuck, Aly actually looks like a teenager in those old pics. A little chub on your cheeks really does take decades off your face.

No. 25513

Also it bothers the fuck out of me that she doesn't fix her damn hair. Pls visit a hair salon for a long overdue touch-up or at least blend it well enough to make it look like a proper ombré if that's the look you want to pass it off as.

No. 25514

File: 1441170355745.jpg (34.43 KB, 445x594, 1440979277292.jpg)

jesus christ look at those fucking skeleton claws

No. 25515

Yeah, your perception is pretty warped. NonEDfag here, she looks sick in both pictures.

No. 25516

Not really sick (non-ED here too) but very thin either way, as in probably underweight but not disgustingly so. Like it could be natural, but for most people it isn't. She looks good either way.
But, she has older pics where she looks much healthier AKA bigger.

No. 25517

It would probably just fall off.

No. 25518

File: 1441174543559.jpg (151.34 KB, 599x597, alyyy.jpg)

Ugh that fucking bowl she always uses. It's TINY. Look at the size of her rice! It's like a fucking sauce bowl. And she always uses it, every fucking day for all her homemade meals. Not only does she barely eat (if she even eats it) but it also points to some major OCD, same thing with her fucking cookies, blablabla

No. 25519

That looks like dog food.

No. 25520

I do think she was recovering for a few months in the beginning, which would be about June 2014. However, a few months later, she relapsed and never looked back.

No. 25521

Oh my god what? If she only has that one sauce bowl, maybe it's an issue. But using the dishware you have at home is not OCD in any fashion, or everyone would have OCD.

No. 25522

File: 1441182762122.jpg (207.03 KB, 912x597, bullshit.jpg)

"I'm going to post an ice cream selfie instead of use one of my usual posts so it looks like I ate more than I did!"

No. 25523

File: 1441184082805.jpg (117.29 KB, 640x862, image.jpg)

Has anyone seen this girl? Future Ash perhaps?

No. 25524

Ash's last two posts are so typical of that borderline victim shit. "Waah wah everyone is rude and asks me about my eating disorder and no one sees me as a person, woe is me" posts seven selfies of emaciated ass, a post about playing animal crossing instead of recovering, twenty pictures of binge foods

No. 25525

Her bullshit makes me so angry. I am so sick of seeing her pull off parts of food with her fingers or hover food over her lips and be like SEE IM OBVIOUSLY EATING. when the fuck is her mom gonna step up and hospitalize her? When will one of her damn weigh ins end in a feeding tube? It is insane for me that no one is stepping in again.

No. 25526

I'm sick of seeing her still get away with this shit. Someone in her family needs to grow a fucking pair, this is disgusting behaviour on both Aly and her family's part.

No. 25527

File: 1441190056572.png (422.28 KB, 444x572, aaaaaaaaaa.png)

This is a girl from tumblr who is now recovered. Do these girls realize they look so much more youthful, and a LOT better with a fuller face and healthy figure? boggles me.

No. 25528

Looks like she pulled the chocolate off the one side facing the camera and not the other side.

Her teeth need a good whitening toothpaste at the very least. The stuff for smokers.

No. 25529

Some of them do, some of them can't see it because what they see in the mirror is not an accurate representation of how they actually look. However, having an ED isn't a logical choice that one makes because they think it will make them look better to others, especially not in the face.

No. 25530

File: 1441194212091.png (1013.03 KB, 618x1845, Aly 9-2-2015.png)

At least people are calling her out on it, and she's admitted that she's deleted all of her old pictures. She's starting to look more and more like a liar and I love it.

No. 25531

File: 1441197743160.png (33.87 KB, 1136x108, Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.40…)

Ask questions and/or make statements that make Aly uncomfortable = you are a fake account

No. 25532

I know it shouldn't, but the extent to which this cunt deletes comments really grinds my gears

No. 25533

You are not alone.

No. 25534

"everything was too delicious for words…couldn't even remember the taste"


No. 25535


That's because she didn't eat any of it.

No. 25536

How frequently does one usually get weighed whilst in the recovery process? (actual recovery, I mean)

Just wondering, as she says she's gaining. To our eyes it's obviously not true, but is there a scale feeding her delusions?

No. 25537

usually twice weekly whilst inpatient. the fact that she's being weighed monthly is unbelievable especially in her state

No. 25538

also shouldn't someone in aly's state be seen weekly in case she loses weight on her meal plan due to 'hypermetabolism' and is in need of an increase. 11 weeks on the same intake with no evident weight-restoration just makes me wonder.

No. 25539

Technically yes but she's an adult and they can't really force her to any of that

No. 25540


Ugh 6000 calories girl defending her has a feeding tube. Someone plz help her see through alys bs

No. 25541

what if someone really really wanted to find dante? just hypothetically…how hard would it be? i think i'd freak the fuck out if we got another pic of him, no matter how he looked in it

No. 25542

File: 1441205697680.jpg (212.56 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

…and now I wait for the block & delete.

No. 25543

Someone in the Dante thread on /b/ searched through all the cafe's pictures on Facebook and IG to see if they could find him. I don't think they found anything.

I hope he wasn't a random tourist cause if he is a local we can at least have some hope he'll pop up. I guess we can look at pictures posted by the surrounding restaurants/cafes to see if he's there.

No. 25544

I bet she read the post in this thread about how it's telling that she only describes her food's appearance & the way it's prepared, and never the flavors, texture, or anything related to actually EATING it.

No. 25545

Wow I didn't even realize she was doing that til you said this. That's really true.

No. 25546

i was weighed every morning in residential (renfrew). i think day program patients were weighed 2x a week, and intensive outpatient at least 1x a week.

I'm really starting to doubt Aly is seeing an ED specialist, or any doctor at all..bc she'd be inpatient, or at the very least, in an ACTUAL day program that runs at least 5 days a week and provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
If Aly is being followed by a "team," they are the most incompetent team ever.

No. 25547

After her first outpatient visit I realized she was never in a special program. I think she went to the ER who stabilized her enough to relieve themselves of liability and they only ask her to check in once a month. They probably don't make her undress to weigh in and she always eats McDonald's the night before and probably puts quarters in her underwear or something. They see an insignificant gain and say that it counts and send her home.

No. 25548

File: 1441210321246.jpg (66.7 KB, 640x640, 11201576_525554817611171_15989…)

>Strwaberry flavor Fortimel Compact iced shake

Did Aly… just put Fortimel into a plastic Starbucks cup, or is that her euphemism for any calorific drink…?

No. 25549

Italy doesn't have Starbucks and she's been using that dang cup forever for her lush drinks.

No. 25550

Oh god, I thought that your were just bullshitting at first, but I googled to confirm what you said and holy shit. That cup must be ancient. That's so foul.

No. 25551

Aly's just finding all the way to slowly kill herself it seems.

No. 25552

I can't imagine how much bacteria must be lurking in there.

No. 25553

File: 1441212243576.jpg (84.16 KB, 333x354, 3.jpg)

Today's #actionshot and SECOND (!) #AFTERNOONSNACK was so irritating I couldn't help myself.

No. 25554

That shoop is terrible.
She couldn't shoop the other side of her waistline inwards because her arm was in the way, kek.

No. 25555

In the US, a lot of inpatient programs, some residential programs, and even some day treatment programs will weigh patients every day. For someone who's just having outpatient appointments, getting weighed once a week or so wouldn't be unusual, but someone in Aly's condition shouldn't be at that "low of a level of care."

At least weekly. It's also ludicrous that she's been on the same meal plan with no increases and she clearly isn't gaining weight - or, if she is, it's at such a ridiculously low rate as to be insignificant. When everyone keeps crying "hypermetabolism!" I guess they're forgetting the fact that, if she had an actual dietitian who knew the first thing about EDs, Aly's meal plan would be being increased to combat the hypermetabolism…

>If Aly is being followed by a "team," they are the most incompetent team ever.
This, exactly.

No. 25556

File: 1441214261265.png (161.37 KB, 540x406, tumblr_nrdo35EibN1rllo7mo1_540…)

The fuck is that moldy pie thing?

No. 25557

I'd contact the cafe he we first saw Him at on facebook. It's Italian, but fuck it, I might ask in English. See how brave I feel later on. I'll have to include his pic of course.

No. 25558

I thought I was the only one wishing so hard to see Dante again [heart emoji] hahaha ily guys. I'm a Pastaland citizen too, brb going to find him

No. 25559

She's done that several times, and yes, she did put her semi-frozen Fortimel in a cup. (Telling you it's semi-frozen so you don't ask for the recipe. :) Jk, I'm not rude like Aly.)

No. 25560

I don't know if Aly is actually smart enough to shoop. Her ribs are weird so it wouldn't surprise me if her hips were too.
Some people's hips do naturally look like that, where the emaciated body curves in right above it, but that doesn't explain why her other side isn't curving in as well.

No. 25561

my hips are asymmetrical too but i'm not spoopy so it's less noticeable

No. 25562

File: 1441220213720.jpg (199.13 KB, 1062x888, Screenshot_2015-09-02-14-53-05…)

Loving this person calling her out on her #MacDonalds #RecoveryWi. I would never have the patience to do it in such a level headed way.

No. 25563

Send me some Italian to write and I'll post it on fb.

At this point idk why people are trying to save her life. She won't go to hospital until her organs fail or something.

No. 25564


Awesome posts.

No. 25565

Bodies are not necessarily symmetrical. The difference is just less apparent if you have padding over your bones.

No. 25566

Yep. It may take years (remember people like Ash who cling to life after years of being spoopy as fuck), but eventually, Aly WILL have a wake-up call, probably in the form of some sort of organ failure. I can't imagine her bones are in anything other than horrible shape, her heart and brain are likely atrophied, and who knows about how her other organs are faring. Living at that level of spoopiness is simply not sustainable in the long run, so even if she's "feeling/doing fine" now, on the inside, she's still damaging her body. She could also just go to sleep and never wake up, or have a heart attack during the day, or something. I hope, for her family's sake, that doesn't happen.

No. 25567

She seems to be out and about a lot, She must go to bed really early or at least be very tired all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a stroke or passed out, fell and broke her hip or something. She pisses me off beyond words, but I really want her to wake up and do well, if only for the sake of her impressionable followers and her family.

No. 25568


Yup. It wouldn't surprise me if she has arrythmias due to electrolyte deficiencies, exacerbated by the caffeine from her coffee. She also mentioned "water around her heart" - pericardial effusions are found in 20-30% of the teen girls who were studied in the literature. (There wasn't any symptomatic heart failure though)

No. 25569

File: 1441225058325.png (692.78 KB, 810x359, Untitled.png)

She's deleting comments on the lobster pic. Ffs.

No. 25570

Both are mine (changed the name between comments to hopefully keep her from calling me an intentional antagonist). Needless to say, I got blocked regardless. Oh well.

No. 25571

File: 1441225473262.jpg (96.21 KB, 559x529, Capture.JPG)

I can't remember which pic this was on, but I'm sure it's not there now either. (Bad google translation).

No. 25572

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!! Nuke facehugger from orbit.

Well, you could hardly expect any different with Aly.

No. 25573

well thats fucking nasty.
there are a couple super low calorie/vegan ice creams on the market
one is called wink or something and its made with peas IT TASTES LIKE SHIT
ginger, please stop. #tnotveganfood

No. 25574

her face looks more like shmegma

No. 25575

I just calculated her intake for the day and it's about 1500, including fortimel drinks

No. 25576

Such mealplan.

I mean, that's an acceptable amount of calories for a fairly sedentary female of normal weight. One really, really hopes the nutritionists and physicians know that Aly would need more than that.

No. 25577

Wouldn't be surprised if she drinks those Fortimel's on that window ledge/balcony so she can tip it out of the glass.

No. 25578

The fact that they're doing monthly check-ups is beyond me. And when people question it she says, 'do you think you know better than my dietician, ask them' she mentioned the person at the clinic's name was 'abe' once. I think I want to ASK them. It'd probably be impossible to find where she's 'going' though because she will die at this rate

No. 25579

She's 5'6, right? Assuming a BMI of 12 (75 lbs) and no exercise, she needs to consume about 1440 calories just to maintain her weight. So even if she eats everything (hahahaha) and doesn't exercise, she's effectively not going to gain weight. It would take her about two months to gain one pound.

No. 25580

Surprised no one has found what treatment centre she's at

No. 25581

I could have sworn she did mention something about passing out frequently right before she went "IP" the most recent time

No. 25582

File: 1441229616493.jpg (36.94 KB, 335x341, Capture.JPG)

The map says the location of the place she goes for check ups is here, but I can't zoom in.

No. 25583

And TBH her BMI is probably in the 10-11 range…

No. 25584

File: 1441230047972.jpg (72.45 KB, 866x512, Capture.JPG)

This is the closest to the insta pic location.

No. 25585

No. 25586

No. 25587

No. 25588

No. 25589

same location.

No. 25590

She claims to have seen the black hole of death multiple times though, which should have been a wake-up call. If it's true, there is no hope for her and she will die.

No. 25591

Same location for all the hospital pics.

No. 25592

File: 1441230777055.png (104.41 KB, 1096x407, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png)

well there's a website there.

No. 25593

I've already had a look at the docs names for Abe haha

No. 25594

She did, but she blamed it on the heat.

No. 25595

Two stars. Explains a lot.

No. 25596

http://www.ao-sanpaolo.it/reparti/disturbi_alimentari/ this is their outpatient eating disorders thing. hopefully you all have google translate

No. 25597

Never without it. I was just looking at their facebook page.

No. 25598

File: 1441231435626.jpg (17.57 KB, 189x93, Capture.JPG)

don't know why, but this made me laugh

No. 25599

Well. I think we nailed that one.

No. 25600

That was fast.

Nothing specific on the site though; it's the usual boilerplate about multidisciplinary care and support.

No. 25601

I'm so fucking pissed with these cunts who think that their EDs are somehow special and unique, that their bodies work differently than everyone else's, they need different treatment for their super-special anorexia, etc. Nah, fuck you Aly. Millions of other people have gone through treatment for anorexia. They gain weight and stop looking like a spoopy skeleton with 1.75 feet in the grave. It doesn't even take that long for weight gain to show. If you don't gain weight on your meal plan, your meal plan is increased until you do gain. IT DOESN'T WORK DIFFERENTLY FOR YOU, ALY.

No. 25602

>>25601 Exactly. And she won't begin to recover until she stops making that excuse for herself. She even said once that she's on a slow gain plan because fast gain really freaks her out and this is the best way for her to manage. Fucking DUH it freaks her out to gain weight rapidly, that is how anorexia works. And significant weight gain in a short period of time is how recovery works. Deciding you can set a pace at a "comfortable" rate isn't recovery at all, it's enabling a disease that's based on having to maintain all control of your weight and intake. It's catering to the fears, not confronting them.

No. 25603

She wanted to gain slow. They pandered to her on that one because she probably had a hissy fit. She needs to gain fast. She'll have to deal with it like everyone else. Jesus, I could knock her grinning teeth out.

No. 25604

Tbh they'd probably pop out pretty easily at this point…

No. 25605

Seriously, her "treatment" is practically worthless. If the anorexic is controlling the weight gain process, they're not recovering and they're never going to.

No. 25606

Yup, and for all her #recoverywins she says she won't eat fried food or chocolate because they're fear foods. If she's so fucking motivated why doesn't she try? Mmm all that Lindt she was pretending to eat. I looked forward to her chocolate #nightsnack which never really happened.

No. 25607

File: 1441233335527.jpg (40.03 KB, 554x288, and.JPG)

the scrutiny continues

No. 25608

water retention is actually a sign of healing so it makes me shake my head when she says 'since leaving hospital i haven't had problems with water retention' YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR FOOT SWELLS UP AFTER IT BECOMES FRACTURED? THE SWELLING MEANS YOUR BODY IS GOING THROUGH A HEALING PROCESS fuck

No. 25609

File: 1441233517325.jpg (20.7 KB, 539x196, ok.JPG)

Remember she thought she looked like Dumbo with the "bloating" on her face. That's the best she's looked for a long time.

No. 25610

Even gaining slowly, at this point, she should have gained a decent amount of weight. Tomorrow it will be 7 fucking weeks since she entered the hospital. Even if she was gaining a measly pound a week, 7 pounds would show on someone as emaciated as Aly. At least in her face. She's looking worse than ever.

And yeah, I'll admit, maybe I'm just bitter because I was in treatment for anorexia as a teenager and I was made to gain close to 50 fucking pounds over the course of a few months. I was about as spoopy as Aly was starting out, but I didn't stay spoopy for very long getting fed an actual weight-gain meal plan (I think I got up to like 3500 calories/day at one point).

That weight you gain when you're recovering from anorexia, let me tell you, it most definitely is not fucking invisible. Nor is it comfortable or fun or whatever. It sucks. But when the alternative is dying…yeah.

No. 25611

her intake is 1000 calories off the MINIMAL recovery guidelines right, but even 2500 is recommended for people over 25, people under 25 are recommended to recover on at least 3000

No. 25612

Don't feel bitter. You're alive and soon she'll be dead. She hasn't got the balls to go through the discomfort and getting her head around gaining. That's if she even wants to recover

No. 25613

recommended by who?

No. 25614

I went to a day programme and these were the amounts recommended. I gained 500 grams - 1kg weekly on about 3000 until i was able to respond to hunger cues etc.. >>25613

No. 25615

There're still spoopy pictures on her other account. Has she forgotten about that one?

No. 25616

Probably thinks no one is going to pay attention to it so she doesn't bother. That, or she forgot her password.

No. 25617

She's going into the 11th week, I think, not 7th…that's why people are more and more exasperated as its almost a quarter of a year now.

No. 25618

This disordered bitch actually inspired me to cook Italian food for dinner tonight, I'd never thought to put ricotta cheese in my pasta sauce but it's actually quite good. I'm eating a huge (!) bowl of it right now and ofc I'm also eating an unpictured piece of soft cloud emoji white bread bread emoji and everything is drenched in oil sake emoji.

Seriously, I wish I had an Italian mom to cook food for me every night, Aly is just squandering everything in her privileged life as she commits slow suicide right in front of her family's eyes.

No. 25619

Oh shit, you're right. I'm stupid. Tomorrow will be 12 weeks, not 7. That's absurd. She should have at LEAST gained like 10 pounds by now.

True. I honestly hope she finally pulls her head out of her ass and decides to really, really, REALLY "real recover," but I think it's going to take something drastic to change her mindset. She seems like she's so used to lying and manipulating at this point that it would probably be pretty hard for her to turn things around and start being completely honest for once. For me, it took the fear of death - knowing that death was actually imminent, feeling my body shutting down, suddenly finding myself unable to even walk, watching my family freaking the fuck out, etc. - to shake me out of my starvation-induced daze and cause me to start eating again. I don't know what, if anything, it'll take for her.

No. 25620

3.5 lbs/week minimum is accepted weight gain. She should've gained around 40 lbs by now.

No. 25621

Hah…hahahahahah oh man

No. 25622

~ 1-2 oz cream cheese melted into pasta sauce = amazing. You may have to add more seasoning though.

No. 25623

THIS, especially
>it's enabling a disease that's based on having to maintain all control of your weight and intake

No. 25624

I did a quick google and found a source that recommened 1-1.5 lbs per week, although I imagine for someone as sick as Aly the recommendation could be higher. BUT. Even if we use the loosest criteria of 1 lb a week for Aly, that means at her last weigh-in (8 wks in) she should have gained 8 lbs (3.6 kg) and she only gained 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg).

I predict that this is the visit where she officially loses weight and they she either a) goes back to the tube or b) tells her followers she gained but keeps the amount secret and refuses to answer further questions, and also alludes to a bad mood without specifying why, and from that either continues to waste away or winds up involuntarily in hospital after stroking out.

No. 25625

At her weight even 1.3kg is a huge improvement, I don't think they'll put her back on the tube at all. Worst case scenario is, she stayed the same weight. They don't tube you for that.

No. 25626


Are you serious? She's not even gaining. She's had two black holes of heart problems. She's losing weight. Get some new glasses, heh.

No. 25627

Not gaining =/= losing.

No. 25628

Well, duh. That's what I said SHE. IS. LOSING. and not gaining. She's not staying the same weight, she is losing weight and therefore not gaining weight.

No. 25629

Different anon, but you say that like it's some kind of accomplishment…at Aly's weight, even maintaining is dangerous. It's amazing she's avoided major complications thus far, but she could literally just have a heart attack while out walking with her family or go to sleep and not wake up.

No. 25630

1.3 kg in that length of time, especially at her weight, is a fucking joke. She needs a proper doctor and a dietitian.

No. 25631

I'm guessing that's why she isn't sectioned or being forced into recovery, she's just agreeing to the bare minimum and there's jack shit they can do about it.

No. 25632

No it really isn't, it doesn't matter if she is losing or maintaining or gained two freaking pounds, she is in danger unless she puts on a suitable amount of weight.

No. 25633

It's only Aly's word that she's gaining, and it's not like she's a hive of truth. When she was admitted to hospital in June, that was all covered up as if she had a decision to make and she was all brave and decided to get treatment.

Then it turns out they'd told her to go to ER because she was so ill and her heart was bad so that's why she "decided" to go.

She probably went in to get stable with the water on the heart or w/e it was then checked out.

That hospital, if it's the one she's at (above) have all those therapy things for parental relationships, but it doesn't seem like she's even doing those which is stupid if she blames her r/ship with her dad on her illness.

All she does is get her bloods done and some kind of therapy she's mentioned twice (not recently).

No. 25634

Yeah, seriously. 1.3 kg is nothing. It could easily just be a meaningless fluctuation from water retention/poop/etc.

No. 25635

Actually, many of the tube-happy type of hospitals/programs do tube you if you're maintaining your weight but not gaining.
Not that Aly's maintaining, or that she's being seen by competent professionals, just sayin'.

No. 25636

File: 1441247256045.png (2.21 MB, 1440x1429, smile into the coffee cup! .pn…)

I like how it looks like she's just going to plop that minimuffin into her coffee, wrapper and all.

No. 25637

She seriously does look spoopier than ever. Jesus Christ.

No. 25638

That blue shirt/top is fucking foul.

No. 25639

File: 1441247908311.jpg (7.81 KB, 191x159, image.jpg)

Bitch's cup looks empty. Either a waiter/waitress had not yet filled it, or she only asked for half. Either way, no sign of coffee or some sort of "residue" as evidence that there was ever coffee in that cup. Maybe just posing for the camera.

No. 25640

File: 1441248421007.jpg (44.06 KB, 559x550, HUGE.JPG)

You can see where it was filled to in the close up shot she does to make the muffin look big.

If I was given that coffee I'd complain.

No. 25641

Isn't that an espresso shot?

No. 25642

Looks like it. All 19 calories of it.

No. 25643

100-CALORIE #RECOVERYWIN!!! No restriction for this joyous child!

No. 25644

yet the mini muffin remains untouched :(

No. 25645

In Aly-speak, "no restriction" means "food was painstakingly photographed for Instagram followers' pleasure" and "eating" means "holding food near one's face and/or smiling at it."

No. 25646

I'm pretty sure such a statement was neutral. There's nothing about it that suggests belief or emotion of any kind. Just putting that out there.

No. 25647

my grandma has smoother hands than this bitch lol

No. 25648

File: 1441251179634.png (37.85 KB, 542x645, lol.png)

little ash update, ayy lmao dat backpedaling

No. 25649

Yup, and that's exactly what it is because she bloats herself up with McDonald's the night before.

No. 25650

And probably the only time she doesn't load up on laxatives.

No. 25651

Ash is just nasty to everyone. Poor anon was probably trying to find the right way to word her question and really didn't mean any harm. Bitter spoopy.

No. 25652

She looks like she has progeria

No. 25653

File: 1441258164431.png (29.53 KB, 732x433, wut.png)

She's trying to change her future now, but not by recovering. It is possible she is trying to evolve into a higher skeleton being, and start the spoopy skeleton uprising. I fear for the future.

No. 25654

Lol, this cunt isn't trying to recover. She's a spoopy skeleton forever, remember? She's ~different~, her illness is ~different~ she's a special snowflake that can't recover.

Eat shit and die, Ash.

No. 25655

File: 1441258837951.png (13.58 KB, 522x242, positivelol.png)

She loves her some food..

so she can purge it all.

No. 25656

File: 1441261870570.png (56.42 KB, 1130x178, Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.2…)

And on today's episode of Comments That Aly Will Never Answer, we have this gem…(from a farmer I'm guesing?)

LOL @ 18 pounds. I seriously think she's lost weight.

No. 25657

File: 1441262583291.png (233.78 KB, 1142x770, Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.4…)

Here's another that will probably be deleted within minutes. Fuck you, Aly. You're actually doing real-world harm with your stupid internet antics.

No. 25658

Is is possible she actually thinks holding it or pretending to eat it will cause her to consume calories? Some anorexics think you absorb them through lotion right?

ot but I had a sexy dream about ashley last month.. I'm not even gay. I was so ashamed.

No. 25659

File: 1441263516246.png (83.15 KB, 1120x264, Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.4…)

And another. More and more people are questioning her "meal plan," especially wrt: her breakfast. I love it.

I can see Aly being so crazy that she thinks holding a cookie would cause oil to soak into her skin.

I'm sorry about your dream. That sounds traumatizing. I'm glad that none of the lolcows have yet appeared in my dreams, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

No. 25660

just you wait anon. I pray for you it is not Asha

No. 25661

there are some anorexics who dont even bathe thinking the "salts" (lol wut) from the tap water will make them fat. Imagine the putrid scent of vomit and BO coming off these bitches because "muh gains". I pray Aly at least has the decency to use a moisturizer for her leather.

No. 25662

No. 25663

People with this mentality have a severe mental disorder… not really something to mock or laugh off.

Laughing at lolcows for the stupid things they do is one thing… mental instability that they didn't ask for is another

No. 25664

Are you new, anon?

No. 25665

I've had a dream about Ash maybe 2 months ago, she was living in my house and I wasn't able to get her out of there no matter what, she wouldn't even talk to me, just sit around all say, she also wrote and recorded a song about her struggle, but she would not let me listen to it, then one day she told me she's going to "a museum" (probably Target), so I started searching for the CD it took me hours, but I found it. I looked through the bedroom window and saw Ash coming back, I had little time left, she was moving so so fast, I pushed the CD into a player and waited, suddenly she kicked the door open with all her angry skeleton power, but it was too late, the music was playing and it was Frank Sinatra singing about the joy of p/b-ing chocolate covered donuts…

No. 25666

*all day not all say

No. 25667

Are you 13? This isn't your personal dream journal Jesus Christ.

No. 25668

sorry ash

No. 25669

not taking a shower because you think it will make you fat is a stupid thing to do, so is thinking you can absorb calories though your hands.

tmi-ing about lolcow dreams is a tradition going as far back as cgl ya newfag.

No. 25670

Haha, or 0.3kg of water retention from the Maccy D's the night before and a 1kg weight tucked into a hem or sock. She looks spoopier than ever.

No. 25671

Shockingly, it's still up, as is the cookies comment.

No. 25672

Waaaaay back when I though Ash was cool, I had a dream that we went shopping at target and bought a bunch of Hello Kitty shit and ate ice cream. Then I came to lolcow.

No. 25673

She definitely did not eat this muffin. You're going to peel the paper back before you eat it or dip it anywhere.

No. 25674

You could gain 1.3kg in half an hour just by having a meal and drinking some water. That's absolutely nothing.

No. 25675

Sounds like you made that up. Just saying

No. 25676

Aly appeared in one of my dreams a few nights ago. It was just her face. The floor was covered in worms in that same dream. Idk just thought I'd share since we're sharing dreams ft. The Spoopys

No. 25677

you can gain that much after eating dinner anon.

No. 25678


Yeah, I can wake up seven-eight pounds lighter than I went to bed…

No. 25679

File: 1441308879174.jpg (23.49 KB, 560x141, speshul.JPG)

This girl pisses me off.

No. 25680

Your stomach can hold up to 5 pounds in waste. Wouldn't be surprised if Aly stuffed her face hours before seeing her doctor(s) and doesn't poop to show them that she gained weight and is *~realrecovering~*. Would she really be that clever, though?

No. 25681

FUCK this comment made me mad, too. These people who think it's "completely obvious" that she's eating what she's photographing are so fucking dumb. Are they there with her watching her eat it? Morons. And the "haters" being jealous because they gained weight faster than Aly is (even though I don't believe she's gaining weight at all)? Are you fucking kidding me? Aly's rate of "weight gain" is ridiculous and clinically unacceptable. It's not the rest of the people who have a problem - it's Aly.

It's super fucking easy to fake weight gain if your doctors aren't savvy to the tricks. The problem is, she'll keep looking spoopy as fuck, and eventually someone (I'd hope) will wonder what's up when she's "gained" like 15 pounds and looks exactly the same (or worse).

No. 25682

Or just drink water… 1 liter is approximately equal to 2.2 pounds and NO CALORIES :o

No. 25683

i wanted to say that, but I was afraid that someone was going to yell "Cassie!!!" From Skins. Speaking of, I hate how anorexics Worship her on tumblr.

No. 25684

File: 1441316851977.jpg (167.54 KB, 639x920, image.jpg)

This is just another reason why I wish this bitch would have her account deleted. She's lying to everyone and it's actually harming people who are clearly to blind to see that Aly is in no way following a really meal plan. Sorry it's cut off but you get the idea

No. 25685

The funny thing is that it's not even obvious she's eating. She NEVER takes pictures with food actually in her mouth!

No. 25686

File: 1441321908034.png (199.03 KB, 1124x648, Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.10…)

Yeah, this fucking killed me. Aly is such a horrible example for people who actually want to recover from their EDs, yet she's held up as the ~*~#1 Recovery Goddess~*~ by all of these retarded followers for some reason.

No. 25687

Once again, Aly's total intake for the day hovers just under 1500 calories.

Even if she did eat everything, unless she stayed in bed all day, she'll never gain on that. And we all know she's up and about.

No. 25688

Way to go, Aly.

No. 25689

You know Aly's going to read the first few sentences then think tl;dr. She'll ignore it or write some dumb ass comment about how she should read her captions for motivation, or tell her it's her mind making her bloat and she needs to be strong like she is to stop it hurting.

No. 25690

same. TMI TMI one time i weighed myself before and after i pooped and i lost 4 pounds

of shit

No. 25691

File: 1441327708624.jpg (140.2 KB, 640x735, image.jpg)

This photo kills me. That's the face of a mother who would like to just finish her fucking dinner instead of posing with it. Love how she's starting eating and Aly's all "smile at the food and everyone will see the proof that I'm eating!" I wanna push her face in that nasty roll and hope she inhales some for her own good.

No. 25692

>>25691 Sorry for OT but I genuinely want to know what a lobster roll from McDonalds would taste like. I shudder.

No. 25693

Why is she always looking downwards making the same face?

No. 25694


Aly looks at her food as if it was a literal human turd she was forced to pose with for a modeling gig.

No. 25695

I don't know but for me, that was the saddest part of the photo. Her mother and her are taking a picture together, and all Aly can think about is the food and looking like she's eating it, rather than taking a nice picture with her mother.

No. 25696

Daaaaaaamn, those skelehands tho

No. 25697

i've never eaten it but one of my friends tried it, she said it just tasted like salt and mayo

No. 25698

File: 1441330127946.jpg (3.58 MB, 1205x1500, PINTPARTYYYYYY.jpg)

Ah good, I still have these pics on my computer. For reference, here are some of the ~*~pint parties~*~ Aly faked and recently deleted from her account. Image was posted many threads ago.

No. 25699

File: 1441330280023.jpg (1.64 MB, 1500x1500, SEE SEE I bited the dessert th…)

She used to be so enthusiastic about eating junk food. Now she just eats her boring cookies and fruit and salads and pasta.

No. 25700

File: 1441330350644.jpg (1.14 MB, 1500x1500, OCDelicious!.jpg)

And one last one for now. Throwback to the days when Aly "ate" tons of candy bars and chocolate.

No. 25701

>used to be

No. 25702

ur ana is showing anon

No. 25703

How long before Mom snaps?

No. 25704

Is it bad that I like the ~aesthetic~ of these pics? Same with the 7 cookie teacup ones. Too bad the food just goes to waste.

No. 25705

*used to pretend to be, sorry
Not sure what you mean about the pasta, tho.

Nah, they're aesthetically pleasing, just repetitive.

No. 25706

Shhhhhhh don't trigger her. Chocolate and confectionery are her fear foods.
How quickly we forget. I'd forgotten those neatly cutted in half chocolate bars.

No. 25707

Wtf does she mean by that? That other recovered anorexics are "still ill" and jealous? wut?

No. 25708

I'm having a pint party right now. Except I'm not a recovering spoopy and I'm not going to eat the whole pint to avoid a stomachache.

No. 25709

Ignore her, she's a nobhead.


No. 25710

so you're just a fat girl eating ice cream out of the tub in front of your computer while you make fun of other girls?

No. 25711

so you're a spoopy ana who's jealous they can't eat ice cream and not have to barf it up?

No. 25712

I've been repeating in these threads for ages that while Aly is definitely thin, she also Shoops herself even thinner. No one listens.

No. 25713

Nothing fancy, just cookie dough

You can be a skinny person and still enjoy eating ice cream though?

No. 25714


No. 25715

File: 1441335097599.jpg (19.09 KB, 566x121, Capture.JPG)

I don't think a video of aly eating would actually prove anything though. Obviously she's eat something. She'd choose a salad or something.

The proof she's eating would be weight gain. She looks spoopier so therefore, she isn't eating.

Case closed.

No. 25716

People can eat ice cream out of the tub without being anorexic, bulimic or fat….. just saying lmao

No. 25717

Laxatives. I'm convinced she's on laxatives. She's even eating figs and those make you shit.

No. 25718

We're all making fun of people. It's lolcow, newfag.

Also am I the only one on mobile? I don't think I could stand in front of my computer refreshing this thread every hour, lol.

No. 25719

I'd forgotten how much I hated to see those lids face down (or would that be face up?) on that blanket.

No. 25720

They look disgusting. The lids, I mean.

No. 25721

I only come here on my laptop. I leave a browser window open and do other things online.

No. 25722

No. 25723

I'm guessing bc there's always a bit of melted icecream on the inner side of the lid

No. 25724

I know, it's horrible. It makes me cringe. Just like Aly's chipped nail polish, and when she puts one of her cookies facing the wrong way.

No. 25725

OT journal shit so ill keep it brief, but this thread legit helps me eat every day and makes gaining weight more bearable. Thank you all.

No. 25726

Reading this makes me happy. Keep up the good work, anon. You rock.

No. 25727

HOLY SHIT. She looks sicker than ever in this picture. How is ANYONE buying that she's recovering?? Are they blind?

No. 25728

Your anorexia is showing, bitch.

No. 25729

File: 1441345924242.jpg (15.4 KB, 297x83, Capture.JPG)

So she finally admits she's not fully complying with her meal plan.

Good grief, Aly is restricting more than ever. Today she's down to four breakfast cookies, one snack (three measly figs), two very lite meals, and a bunch of metabolism-boosting caffeine no one told her she could drink. She called the sprinkle of cocoa powder on her cappuccino an overload of chocolate, for goodness sake.

No. 25730

Always mobile over here, never home enough to sit on my laptop, but always got time to post a screen shot on the go lol

No. 25731

Laxatives aren't actually going to make her lose weight, though.

No. 25732

Yeah sure, ALY EATS WHAT SHE POSTS. But her intake isn't as much as people think. IT WAS ONLY 1500 CALORIES!!!!!!!!!!!! She would've been on 3000+ whilst inpatient

No. 25733


No. 25734

Loooove that she went on an "DELETE EVERYTHING" spree. Autowin for us! I wonder when/if the truth will ever come out …?

No. 25735

Maybe but why would that stop her from gaining?

No. 25736

Has anyone here ever had a meal plan?
Do they ever specify, actual quantities of food?
I mean I'm guessing it varies a lot but it seems irresponsible not to include quantities, when someone is suffering from anorexia. It's pretty easy to fool yourself into thinking you're recovering otherwise.

No. 25737

Yeah I'm on a meal plan at the moment. They do specify quantities of food.. For example, my dinner consists of:
-red meat (pam size) or chicken (3/4 hand size) or legumes (1 cup) or 2 eggs etc
-Vegetables (1 cup)
-rice (I cup cooked) or pasta (1.5 cup cooked) or 2 medium potatoes

My meals are way more flexible and I don't measure now that I'm pretty much weight restored (yaaasss) but for someone like Aly, her dietitian honestly should NOT be allowing her any flexibility with portion sizes due to her high risk of refeeding syndrome!! Also the meal I gave above was even higher when I was more unwell (+ a glass of juice and dessert) so her meal sizes honestly confuse the crap out of me. And I've never come across a dietitian who would just give supplements for m/t and a/t with merely a piece of fruit to go with it… 11 weeks in most dietitian would have her on a ~400 calorie snack + a supplement!

No. 25738

This is why I have a hard time believing that she's even seeing a dietitian or on a meal plan at all. If she actually is seeing someone, they shouldn't be practicing.

No. 25739

That's because the/your proof hasn't been definitive, anon. It's never been "there is an actual curved fucking wall." It's "there's a bit of blurriness by her legs in a picture that's not the greatest quality overall."

No. 25740

I have to confess I wasn't here for a longer time because of personal shit. I missed you guys and ofc I missed DANTE.
And I hoped her account is closed…but god wasn't with me.

No. 25741

I skipped a few threads bc tl;dr
After Ash had gone dry, I moved on to the first Aly thread, then I just stopped lurking for a while

No. 25742

In all actuality, her account isn't violsting Instagram's rules, and false-reporting (unkess she decides to post more thinspo-esque photos) isn't going do much about it. I want it as much as everyone else, though.

No. 25743

This is the oldest trick ever, I'm assuming most people in this thread are familiar enough with EDs to not be like that.

No. 25744

Her Mom's smile looks so forced. She's already eaten some of her sandwich, and aly is just staring at hers and making people take pictures, she must be frustrated. I wouldn't be surprised if Aly blackmails her à la "I won't eat it if we don't take a picture!"

No. 25745

What kind of self-respecting dietician prescribes milk and cookies for breakfast, every single day, with no deviations? Is anyone still buying this? Damn. She's gonna have a heart attack with how much coffee she's drinking and how malnourished her body is.

No. 25746

I don't think Aly knows this, but a huge part of recovery involves GAINING WEIGHT. She has the *~positivity~* mentality down, but that means shit when she's not actually physically recovering.

No. 25747

It's probably FAKE positivity anyway, so she doesn't have ANY part of the recovery down.

No. 25748

I've had meal plans, and they had room for a lot of flexibility within a basic framework. For example, for the carbohydrate portion of a meal, you could have two slices of bread, two waffles, a bagel, a cup of rice, a cup of pasta, etc. I wasn't allowed to eat the same thing multiple days in a row, nor was I allowed to have coffee. Going and eating random shit on top of the meal plan sometimes would have just screwed things up just like skipping something would have. You're put on a meal plan so they can track how much you're eating and gaining, and if you're eating a different amount from how much you should be, it obviously gives a totally different picture of what's going on.

No. 25749

Eating the same meal every day is boring af, but Aly wouldn't know that since she doesn't eat her food. At least change up your breakfast if you wanna keep up this charade.

No. 25750


Not sure if posted before. Wonder what Aly will do when she can't fool anyone anymore.

No. 25751

Hahaha oh my god she actually made her mom take a video of her eating a waffle. I wonder what her mom's reaction to that request was. The only way this could be better is if she randomly recites the pokemon lines a la Ash.

No. 25752

It's so fucking stupid though, since all it "proves" is that she ate food once in front of her mom. A single video doesn't prove that she is following an ED-specialist-approved meal plan, gaining weight, not throwing up or throwing away some/most of her food, etc. I don't know why people wanted a video of her eating so badly.

No. 25753

There it is, it's up. So weird to hear her real voice. Honestly though it looks like it's painful for her to eat that bite

No. 25754

It does look painful. And it's one fucking bite. WOW ALY. You really showed them. You proved that you ate (and didn't even necessarily keep down) an ENTIRE BITE of food. If that isn't #RealRecovery, I don't know what is.

No. 25755

At the rate she chewed that little bite it must take her forever to get through her meals. I wonder if she counts her chews.

No. 25756

File: 1441385281193.png (42.56 KB, 1106x136, Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 9.46…)

Someone else noticed. The chewing does look pained/forced, like she's struggling to get it down. Odd, since waffles are supposedly OMG TOTALLY THE MOST LUSH AND DELISH FOOD EVERRRR!!!

No. 25757

Hah, that comment was up for all of a few seconds before she deleted it.

No. 25758

Uh oh her acct is going haywire for me. Anyone else getting that? I'm not blocked but it's saying there's nothing posted

No. 25759

Honestly that is fucked up to delete that

No. 25760

She chews like a hundred times too!

No. 25761

File: 1441385461693.png (520.55 KB, 519x601, OAR6baF.png)

omg those "expression lines" i'm gonna have nightmares with her spoopy corpse face

No. 25762

agree too

No. 25763

File: 1441385509027.jpg (7.07 KB, 139x362, images.jpg)

No. 25764

LMFAO she force fed herself. Way to show us haters.

No. 25765

Wtf, I can basically see the tendons in her face.

No. 25766

And all it shows is that she can manage a BITE!

No. 25767

She looks so unnaturally scared. That's sad.

No. 25768

I wouldn't be surprised if she ate slowly on purpose so whenever her companion gets frustrated and wants to leave she has an excuse for only having a few bites

No. 25769

She looks like she's about to hurl

No. 25770

Damn it actually does look painful for a few seconds there, I almost feel bad for her. She looks pissed off.

No. 25771

Incredible to think she's only 19.

Oh god, imagine if Dante had been in the shot and we saw him in motion. That's all I care about at this point. He's the reason I check her photos.

No. 25772

The number of people blowing smoke up her ass over that video is insane. I would be ashamed if people gave me that amount of attention for something so ridiculous. It is honestly like watching adults cheer on a baby eating a disliked vegetable.

No. 25773

This is a little OT, but I LOVE the thread's main photo!

No. 25774


that's basically what I eat anon, you ever make fried rice or anything?

No. 25775

Shes shaking in that video ):

No. 25776

That video is so sad. This is the first time I truly feel bad for her.

No. 25777

I'd feel bad for her except she's a huge cunt so I don't.

No. 25778

Tbh–and this might just be me–even in the video she looks like a snob.

No. 25779

File: 1441398089770.png (1.26 MB, 908x1080, Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 1.16…)

Wow, she sure looks like a little blondie happy child (!) who is super enjoying that LUSH waffle!

No. 25780

her video was hard to watch. She looked SO uncomfortable in front of the camera - and what anorexic WOULDN'T feel uncomfortable or vulnerable if they were being filmed EATING??
I really don't know why she took up that random person on their suggestion of taking a video. I think she just really wants to be IG / maybe youtube famous? 90% of the time eating disorders are very private so I don't understand why she makes hers so public…
oh right because its REALRECOVERY and she has to get the haterz (concerned family and doctors) off her emaciated back

No. 25781

That's the face I make whenever someone offers me food I've never had before and I end up not liking it, but have to swallow it to be polite. Like when a Swedish friend gave me a tiny rolled up granola with chocolate that's popular there and it had coconut flakes, which I am not a fan of, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I ate it forcefully.

No. 25782

Wtf, did this person get deleted or did they terminate their own account? I call bullshit if IG did it.

No. 25783

It was made by an anon in the last thread. It HAD to be the main pic!

YES! The way she holds her arms and hand when she's eating she comes across like a snob. Her voice is really irritating and I heard only one sentence and it's nothing to do with her accent. Just a horrible voice.

They sound good. I love coconut flakes in things.

I noticed yesterday when I was in town I leeched some free wifi and ig told me the account wasn't there. I came home on my laptop and it was there. Now it's gone. Hmm.

No. 25784

It's still up, just changed name to instagram.com/realrecoveryinspiration/

The account owner reads this thread because they changed the name right after the first link was posted.

No. 25785


Thanks. Having problems logging into my account. I can never remember passwords ffs.

No. 25786

Got in. I like the links to real real recovery accounts. Thanks to the owner for making that account.

No. 25787

Her expressions throughout that video remind me of reality shows where someone has to eat something disgusting like insects, but they're pretending they're all ~tough~ and powering through.

No. 25788

What the absolute fuck is up with her eyelashes? I don't mean to pick apart every single bit of her, but is half-lashes a thing or??
(And being fair, it looks fine when her eyes are open, but close, it looks weird to me.)

No. 25789

File: 1441407697142.jpg (79.14 KB, 1772x724, HEY, OP.jpg)

It's definitely a thing.

No. 25790

That fucking claw on the table.
I swear they'll never stop freaking me out.

No. 25791

omg you're right, she's going "okay, okay, I have to choke this down, chew, chew, chew, DON'T GAG, chew again, come on, you can do it…" while trying to smile

No. 25792

I hope she recovers and makes all you jealous harpies butthurt. She'll be a normal weight in all time and you'll all be left bullying her for being too fat or some shit.

No. 25793


No. 25794

I feel kind of awful she's stepped up her lying and manipulation to this level to convince everyone she's actually eating and even gotten her mother to partake. Why DOES he mother perpetuate this? I feel sorry for the poor woman but if I hadn't refused to play into this charade after the 10,000th photo, I would when my dying daughter asked me to video her choking down a bite of waffle.

I'd like to see a real recovery account where the user documents every meal as it is when its presented, and when they're finished, an honest before and after series.

No. 25795

A lot of anorexics have rigid rules about eating, including things like chewing a bite literally a hundred times.

No. 25796

She made more the next day without the coconut flakes because she said a lot of people didn't like them and she joked about how picky we were. They were delicious, I wish I'd gotten my hands on the recipe.

No. 25797


I'd be a giant cunt too if I was that hungry all the time lmao

No. 25798

If she really wanted to "show" people she's eating she could do a timelaps of her eating the whole thing. Not just a shot of her taking forever to swallow a bite.

No. 25799

Yeah! :D Then a timelapse of her going about her day for the next two hours to make sure she doesn't purge, lol.

No. 25800

File: 1441411015327.jpg (5.92 KB, 224x225, mmm waffles.jpg)

Aly, you are truly beautiful and inspirational.

You're so cute

You're adorable!

WOW Ally!!! you are soooo beautiful!! wow. <3

Aly ur amazing

No. 25801

No, no. Those make sense. The large eyelashes are on the outside, which makes the eyes more appealing. Her fake eyelashes are on the inside, or more towards the nose, and then they just stop. What I meant was, is that a fad or something?

No. 25802

Actually, most of us (myself included) would be very happy if she recovered.

No. 25803

I can only imagine the heartbreak inside her poor mother when Aly told her to record a video of her taking a bite of food because the internet doesn't believe she is actually eating. Her mother must have thought "I don't blame them…", having watched her daughter get more and more emaciated the entire year.

No. 25804

lol @ "jealous," whyyyyyy

yes I am sure she will be at a normal weight soon, given her rate of progress thus far

No. 25805

I just want her to stop lying and making other people feel like shit. It'd be great if she could be an ACTUAL positive role model instead of the sham she is now.

No. 25806

Ma Casati is looking younger with every picture that Aly takes with her.

No. 25807

Like >>25802 said, most of us would be happy if she recovered. Seriously, faking recovery is 90% of the problem we have with her is that she's not actually recovering and problematic behavior brought on by that.
(The other 10% being minor annoyances like her nails and make-up.)

No. 25808

File: 1441415681261.jpg (45.17 KB, 620x400, 8407535.jpg)

Well well well, well done!
But did you also do a poo, Aly-boo?

No. 25809

that'll be her next video

No. 25810

She drinks a lot of coffee… Enough said

No. 25811

File: 1441418006255.gif (295.43 KB, 700x704, 1440568632050.gif)

why… would I be jealous of that skeleton? I'm very happy being healthy and ED-free lmao.

No. 25812

I'm jealous that I'm not a young woman who is extremely dependent on my mum. I'm jealous that I can't eat delicious food even though I really want to. I'm jealous because she has an eating disorder. I'm jealous that she has serious health issues that require hospitalisation and tube feeds. I'm jealous that although at university she can't come up with any ideas of what to do with her spare time. So much to be jealous about.

No. 25813

You forgot to call us fat, lol.

No. 25814

And American. That's the other big insult here.

No. 25815

link to the video?

No. 25816

You new here?

No. 25817

No. 25818

File: 1441423668814.jpg (56.47 KB, 494x591, ccc.JPG)

No. 25819


There seems to be at least one person stripping in the background. If only it were Dante.

No. 25820

sure, she's eating. but she's still not eating enough. she's honestly only having 1500 a day.

No. 25821


Also, Aly's probably adding coffee to her milk to speed her metabolism or maybe it's just a habit because espresso is so infused into daily Italian life or both. Anyway she should replace her daily coffees with hot chocolate! I don't think it's nearly as much caffeine and you also have to add sugar, PLUS even plain cocoa powder has calories. The amount of milk would be a lot more, too.

No. 25822

She looks sooooooo uncomfortable being forced to chew and swallow — You can tell it's not all just on-camera jitters. She really does not like food or eating whatsoever.

Of course, this of course comes with the ED territory, but the fact she so often states the exact opposite on Insta … It's just painful.

No. 25823

Would someone like to explain to me where 1500 came from? That seems like a number someone pulled out of their ass.

No. 25824

And that is why she is nowhere near recovered aside from the obv weight
Point of recovery is also loosing ed behaviour i.e. chewing a hundred times and cutting everything into very small pieces

No. 25825

She looks like she's eating a bug.

No. 25826

The thing I hate most about her is that she can afford to go out almost everyday yet obviously never finishes her meals.

No. 25827

At one point she's like shaking her head "no no no" like she can't even fake it for the camera, she looks like she's in horrible pain. I feel really sorry for her now, but it's not an excuse for her behaviour.

No. 25828

That video didn't help. She looks so uncomfortable, and not just because she's being filmed - it's like a huge fucking deal for her to swallow that one bite, there is no fucking way she has eaten all those meals she posted before.
I imagine she broke down after that video, she sure looks like she was going to. :( I really hope she gets some actual treatment.

No. 25829

Would anyone be able to save the video just in case she decides to take it down?

No. 25830

File: 1441441291637.png (152.62 KB, 1146x500, Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.5…)

I just saw this on one of her older posts.
>cuntiness intensifies

It's horrible, isn't it? The way she does that little shake while she's chewing, before she swallows, it seems like she's doing everything in her power not to just spit it out. And waffles are supposed to be like, her favorite food or something?

No. 25831

We're calculating her meals/snacks, anon. The other week, someone calculated it and it came to around 1500. And the other day, when I calculated it, it was something like 1486 so I just said that it was "just under 1500 calories."

No. 25832

No. 25833

That waffle looks delicious. If anything proves that she's not enjoying or eating very much, it's this video. She's just suffering through it.

No. 25834

File: 1441451245802.png (81.71 KB, 1102x272, Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 3.58…)

Awful Google Translate translation:
>How can you still be so lean? If you eat all that places a bit 'of weight you should resume :( I wish you heal, you were beautiful before dca
>My underweight was (and is) serious; first to have visible results must replenish the internal organs; thanks of encouragement however :)

I was "severely underweight" for a long time, too, and when I gained back the weight I'd lost, WOW! It was visible! My bones stopped protruding as much! My face wasn't gaunt anymore! My pants stopped falling off! Fucking amazing! But Aly's body works differently from everyone else's, apparently. Pounds and pounds and pounds of weight go to those organs. It's amazing. They must be grossly enlarged by this point. Sorry, this one thing is my pet peeve and every time I see someone use it to defend Aly obvious lack of weight gain, I go into a HULK SMASH rage.

It does. It looks amazing, and she claims it's like her new favorite food or whatever (it's so funny to me, as an American, that she just now discovered waffles and is so in awe of them…), so it's funny to watch her choke a bite of it down like it's a spoonful of live insects or something.

No. 25835

It's especially ridiculous to believe that it's "all going to her organs" before any weight gain shows because she was clearly gaining weight in the hospital! If anyone wants to prove she's lying, all you have to do is point this out to her.

No. 25836

File: 1441451845199.png (1.09 MB, 632x1076, 8.png)

Yep, and she clearly gained weight before (see her pictures from around a year ago) after her initial bout with anorexia.

No. 25837

More proof that if Aly gains weight, she'll look absolutely stunning. Like your typical stuck-up rich girl, yes. But much less painful to look at and be a #real inspiration for girls in recovery.

No. 25838

Yeah, she was so pretty when she was healthy! Plus she's DEFINITELY not doing the psychotic MinnieMaud thingy so it's not like she ever has to worry about becoming obese or something.

No. 25839

File: 1441454330310.jpg (22.85 KB, 627x226, Capture.JPG)

Big sighs.

No. 25840

That Starbucks cup could do with a wash!

No. 25841

File: 1441458974309.png (146.88 KB, 1134x424, Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 6.13…)

This meal plan shit makes me so angry. What kind of a fucking meal plan would have someone eat almost exactly the same thing every day with nearly no flexibility? Why couldn't she swap the Fortimel and fruit for something else? And people back her up like it makes some kind of sense.

No. 25842

File: 1441459628217.gif (6.59 MB, 480x360, internet_lies_arthur.gif)

But if she says she's gaining, it must be true!

No. 25843

Not sure if it's been discussed before, but wouldn't your body hold on to any calories for dear life after a period of starvation? Like if she's eating all this food then…

No. 25844

Shit like this is why I don't feel sorry for her.

No. 25845

Metabolisms are weird. After a long period of starvation, if you start eating more all of a sudden, you may have your metabolism speed up and become very inefficient, burning off a lot of what you eat as heat. Some people end up needing like 5000+ calories/day to gain weight, but if this was the case with Aly, her "nutritionist" would have been increasing her meal plan appropriately.

Some people, when they start recovery, end up gaining a decent amount of weight fairly quickly while not even eating that much. Their bodies do seem to "hold onto any calories for dear life." I'm not sure why people react to starvation differently. I do know that it's common to become really, REALLY hungry once you increase your intake, because your body is like "PRAISE THE LORD THERE IS FOOD! I better try to get all of it I can before this bitch starts starving me again!"

Aly doesn't talk about this "extreme hunger," the GI problems that every single person I've know who went through ED recovery experienced, the body image struggles, the feeling of realizing your clothes that you wore at your lowest weight no longer fit, or any of the "downsides" of recovery. Maybe because she isn't experiencing them, because she isn't fucking gaining any weight.

Yeah, she's a flat-out bitch to her followers.

No. 25846

File: 1441477193091.jpg (17.43 KB, 626x125, ss.JPG)

No. 25847

She has talked about extreme hunger in the past. Obviously it's all gone now, but apparently during her first recovery, she experienced it, and she gained several kg within so many weeks. It scared her, so she relapsed.

From February to June, she claimed that's why she was gaining weight slowly, though obviously she was losing weight. Now she's pulling the same bullshit, but using different excuses, like "muh organs!!" ugh.

No. 25848

Ugh, Jesus the fucking Instagram ED community is toxic.

A certain girl who gets pissy and threatens to call the cyber police if anyone mentions lolcow started to cut down on her giant 1,000-calorie pints and all that since she's weight restored, and everyone attacks her on her ask.fm and she's she's relapsing.

They literally try to fatten up everyone but themselves.

No. 25849

Of course. They want to be the thinnest, it's more a big competition than a support network. Every ED sufferer I know (myself included) gets off on other people being fatter than them to a certain degree.

No. 25850

get help, this shit is sick.

No. 25851

Yeah, no. I was a binge purge subtype anorectic and I never got any pleasure from other people being bigger than me. And there certainly wasn't any competition or competitveness for me. I just hated my body so much that I thought being skinny would make me feel better. But I could never see myself as thin as I was so I kept losing weight and eventually I got so overwhelmed with my life that I started seeing a therapist.

No. 25852

This is just my personal experience, I wasn't trying to say that everyone is the same. The "recovery" community is really toxic, and there are a lot of people who are competitive, even if others might not be.

No. 25853

At least I'm not the only one who is unexplainably obsessed with this man we've only seen one picture of. Not knowing more is killing me, wtf is up with that? Have we hyped him too much? This is so weird.

No. 25854

Well, I do agree with that. Social media and recovery don't belong together.

No. 25855

I really do only check aly's feed to see if he's on her photos. I said I'd write a comment on that cafe's fb page to ty to find him. Not really sure what to do when we do find him (posi-vibes!). I fancy him more the more I think of him.

Unless it's a moderated mental health forum, mental illness should be kept off social media. It's way too self indulgent and there're battles to appear the most fucked up.

No. 25856

File: 1441490797548.jpg (95.57 KB, 621x453, oh god.JPG)

The spawn of aly.

Note sugar free Red Bull on her recovery account. Exists on salad and fruit. Nice work.

No. 25857


How she says
>gorgeous piece of bird.

Such an odd way to describe her egg

No. 25858

Good lord, I thought that was another typo, though a weird one.
Her entire description was just disturbing. But even as an Aly spawn, at least she's able to describe the food outside of looks and sounds like she's actually eating it.

No. 25859

Her knowledge of English language is admirable, but her spelling mistakes are funny. Why isn't she writing in her own language though?

If she's following what aly eats and intends to do the same, I wonder how long before she starts complaining to her that she's gaining so much weight? I hope she does gain because it's what she needs AND it'll prove that aly isn't eating what she says she is (as if there was any doubt).

No. 25860

I'd volunteer to follow Aly's meal plan (excluding meats) as an experiment, but I'd rather not clog my arteries from all that LUSH(!) oil and delicious looking desserts.

No. 25861

I don't think those foods can clog arteries. I think maybe an excess of hydrogenated oil can especially if it's combined with smoking/excessive drinking and maybe being really fat but otherwise normal fats and other foods don't clog arteries.

No. 25862

This is mean, but…
Oh my god, that chin! She could defecate from it. /meanmeanmean

No. 25863

Ok ginger.

No. 25864

I'd do it with the non meaty/fish stuff also, but I'd rather have something else of the same caloric value (and more nutritious) than the desserts. I just don't get off to desserts.

I imagine her mouth/teeth feel pretty grotty most of the day if she isn't brushing often (doesn't look it) with a sugar build up.

>inb4 hi ginger

Aly's breakfast would be a problem as well because I like toast and jam or porridge. Different culture or w/e but biscuits do not make breakfast (and neither does raw veg in soy milk).

No. 25865

File: 1441506868212.gif (451.94 KB, 420x233, chinny.gif)

No. 25866

Too lazy to look at Aly Wannabe's Insta. Does she have a major butt chin?

No. 25867

File: 1441508899542.jpg (24.96 KB, 330x375, ss.JPG)


No. 25868

File: 1441509222927.jpg (43.08 KB, 400x315, image.jpg)

Well damn..

No. 25869

File: 1441510677239.jpg (18.58 KB, 241x273, Untitled.jpg)

Ahhh, this ~*triggers*~ me so bad. You have to spoil that shit!!1
This is all I see!!

No. 25870

Howdy Ho! Get some fiber in your diet.

No. 25871

File: 1441511314438.jpg (43.47 KB, 500x550, ss.JPG)

Contouring fail.

Bad make up aside, she seems like a nice person. She just swallowed Aly's bs.

No. 25872

Is it just me or does it look like someone blended Aly and Ginger's faces together?

And added a butt chin?

No. 25873

File: 1441511622102.jpg (57.16 KB, 530x563, yoga.JPG)

No. 25874

Cannot unsee.

No. 25875

Personally I think she looks like a more teenage boy - y Chloe Sevigny, lol.

No. 25876

File: 1441513270793.png (118.02 KB, 1122x322, Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 1.17…)

So much bullshit. She doesn't have a fucking meal plan. Or, if she does, she's not following it. I'm so sick of this bitch.

No. 25877


Aly's day was about 1200 today without lunch. I have no idea what lunch was because she didn't post it (or if she even ate lunch) but if she did her intake is probably right at around 1500.

No. 25878

It's not like meal plans are super individual or anything is it? Other than calories, some have to eat more/less but generally speaking it's not like a fucking blood type diet/astrological chart/whatever the fuck

No. 25879

What's the deal with MinnieMaud?

No. 25880

She posted lunch. It was some eggy mess.

No. 25881

They're not. She's being fucking ridiculous. It's totally absurd.

No. 25882

Usually everyone gets the same meal-plan at i.e. inpatient treatments.

No. 25883

What? Is it so special? Is everyone else gonna get poisoned if they use your "meal plan"? She's so full of shit.

No. 25884

There's some anorexic chick who keeps ranting about how it's bullshit and anyone who does it is a wannarexic fatty unlike her tragically beautiful waifish ass.

No. 25885

I just can't help imagining this man going obliviously about his daily business whilst some random girls online dream about riding his dick, call him Dante, have kinky fantasies about him as a priest and just generally are completely starved for more pics of him. I love it.

No. 25886

To get more followers, I imagine. The English-speaking ED community is much bigger.

No. 25887

Omfg as a priest?! You know, I never fantasized about him before reading this but oh god as a priest <333333333333333

No. 25888

File: 1441537502436.png (378.4 KB, 1142x204, italian priest goatee.png)


googled pic related, seems legit

No. 25889

MM is very new and WAY too connected with HAES. I know some people claim MM has really helped them a lot but I just can't feel good about a recovery method that was created by someone who honestly believes someone can naturally have a BMI of 40 and think it's healthy. It has some good points and for me the jury is still out when it comes to whether or not people can eat 3000, 4000+ calories and maintain a healthy weight indefinitely (I really hope that's true!)…but the HAES thing bothers me SO much.

No. 25890

File: 1441543504525.jpg (101.51 KB, 540x720, tumblr_novysscY7m1t1cqf6o1_540…)

she does sort of look like michelle

No. 25891

File: 1441543614299.jpg (455.34 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_no42ivlOIu1t1cqf6o2_128…)

only a lil bit though. it is sad how spoopy she is. on her blog, she said she is 5'8 and 68lbs :(

No. 25892

I keep wondering how his wife/girl friend (if he has one) would react if she found out about us, lol!

No. 25893

Oh that's weird. I thought you were only supposed to eat that much until you get back to a normal weight.

No. 25894

You mean 86lbs? She's clearly very underweight, but 68lbs would be pushing it lmao

No. 25895

She'd nearly be reaching Ash-level of spoopiness if she weighed 68lbs bc 5'8 is pretty tall

No. 25896

No. 25897

File: 1441546764430.jpg (20.24 KB, 622x130, ss.JPG)

Aly realised she gets more comments and adoration when she posts videos. Ugh.

Eating a whole pizza. That'll definitely happen.

No. 25898

She'll choke down 2 bites of a gluten free low calorie pizza and get showered with adoration

No. 25899

Idk, I've seen some people who weigh around 90 at that height and they look skinny but not ana tier. I think she just has a pear shape that makes her lower body look heavier. Compare her legs to her upper body https://instagram.com/p/5YMYiZMkz7/

No. 25900

File: 1441548813660.jpg (25.65 KB, 322x335, ss.JPG)

God this girl is boring. Endless captions asking if she looks like she gained while telling people she lost weight and asking how much they think she should gain. Wondering why her heart feels "funny" and shit like this:

>Fuck speedballing isn't fun at all my heart feels fast and slow at the same time plus I'm tired just fuck my life. Codeine+caffeine horrible combo.

Fuck this shit.

No. 25901

My thirst for Dante is hella real tho, I need more

No. 25902

File: 1441549918021.png (333.47 KB, 409x440, spop.png)

i dont know…. she looks pretty damn spoopy here

No. 25903

File: 1441549971628.png (219.83 KB, 308x462, spop1.png)

this chick is 5'8 and around 90lbs. that shadow midna girl looks far skinnier than her. her legs are insanely thin.

No. 25904

You missed out on a great thread, anon!

No. 25905

Actually, no.
Ash is 5'1, right? She's like 38 pounds or something, which is a BMI of 7.6.
This girl, 5'8 and 68 pounds is a BMI of 10.6. Not that far fetched, considering her arm is as thin as Aly's, whose lowest admitted BMI is 10.9.

No. 25906

>Fuck speedballing isn't fun at all my heart feels fast and slow at the same time plus I'm tired just fuck my life. Codeine+caffeine horrible combo.
What a dumb cunt. She's just trying to sound hardcore. Speedball? Lmao. Cough medicine that you can get otc like almost anywhere and coffee?

No. 25907

>i love how you fight and not gain endless!
This shit right there.

No. 25908

How do you know how much Ash weighs? I know she is crazy skinny but she's never outright stated her weigh or bmi, as far as I'm aware.

No. 25909

Depends how much a skeleton and damaged organs weigh. What was the average weight of a dead teenage holocaust victim (even though Ashley is an adult, her body never developed past the young teen stage bc EDs)? That would probably be her weight.

No. 25910

My uncle died of an accidental speedball overdose. Codeine and caffiene is not a speedball. IIRC, his od was a combo of heroin and something else.

No. 25911

Sorry to hear that, anon

No. 25912

Slightly OT, but there was a girl on Dr. Phil in 2008 who was 28 and similar spoopy levels and history to Ash, she was 60 lbs. I'm not sure how tall he was, maybe 5'5". She ended up going to Renfrew multiple times, but still hasn't recovered.

No. 25913

Thanks. I was two at the time so I grew up never knowing him. I hate when people online try to prove how ~hardcore~ they are by pretending they do drugs. Hard drugs are nothing to joke about.

No. 25914

Aimee Moore? She is actually doing much better but she has complications from her ED.

No. 25915

Yes, that's her! I've actually been looking her up after posting my comment, and she looks so much better compared to when she was on the show, even if there is a long way to go. Good for her.

No. 25916

Yes! She's an example of a real fighter. Shelley from Thin is also doing well.

No. 25917

she used to be (may still be) addicted to meth, coke, and speed. though i'm not sure what 'speed' is, to be quite honest.

No. 25918

Ash actually looks significantly spoopier than her. I could believe that she weighs ~40 lbs.

No. 25919

Are there any recent photos of Ash?

No. 25920

Lol what a dumb cunt. A real speedball is coke and heroin injected at the same time. It's really dangerous (isn't that what killed belushi?)

No. 25921

Probably on her (private) Insta. Some farmers follow her, but she literally never changes. Can't lose weight because, what's there left to lose? And same wig, same personality, etc. she's getting hangrier, though. But that's it. She's getting there. Probably won't be able to get out of bed by herself soon and that's when Ma Issacs will probably just let her die there in peace.

No. 25922

Sorry, anon. Heroin has been making rounds all the way up the East Coast, and it's a mess; a ton of kids ruining their lives, for nothing.
A speedball is heroin and cocaine, which sounds like a dreadful combination.

No. 25923

She's almost never posting photos anymore, the last couple just showed her face and arms. I think she's winding down.

No. 25924

Speed refers to meth by itself (except in the case of a speedball)

No. 25925

Sage for ot, but speed is usually amphetamines i think actually.

No. 25926

Wow, I just looked up that Aimee Moore and she actually underwent deep brain stimulation in May to treat her ED, I had no idea they used that for anyone except epilepsy/Parkinson's/tourettes patients. I am really interested in the outcome of that.

No. 25927

Meth is short for methamphetamine. It's an amphetamine.

No. 25928

Damn, that's extreme treatment. I have respect for people who have the courage to undergo that or electroconvulsive therapy.
That shit is brutal.

No. 25929

File: 1441562338458.jpg (25.08 KB, 768x259, amphetamineMolecule2014jpg.jpg)

Speed usually refers to amphetamine specifically, not methamphetamine.

No. 25930

Meth is to speed what crack is to cocaine, to oversimplify things.

No. 25931

I remember someone stating her weight as 38 to 40 pounds. But now I can't remember if they were basing that on another skeleton's weight or not, I'm sorry.

No. 25932

File: 1441566554034.jpg (24.55 KB, 421x378, ss.JPG)

So Aly posted an 8 second video of her swallowing a bit of cheesecake.

No. 25933

Just saw that too. I have to be honest, it actually looks like she's enjoying the taste.

She shook her head back and forth the entire time she was talking, so I think that's just part of her mannerisms. (As in, in the last video, even though she did look like she was disgusted/horrified, the "no no no" head shake may not have been part of that.)

No. 25934

It's much less painful to watch than the last one. Good job Aly for realsies.

No. 25935

Keep it in perspective, guize. That was one mouthful for a video she made for 100 "ur adorable" comments.

No. 25936

File: 1441567205098.jpg (46.17 KB, 441x611, image.jpg)

Idk if It's because im a slut for cheesecake so I usually eat a slice in under 7 bites, but that was a small chunk.

No. 25937

I can only take small bites because the texture gets to be too much otherwise.

No. 25938

File: 1441567490132.jpg (62.95 KB, 594x590, cheesecake.jpg)

No. 25939

It's pretty rich though, I have a huge appetite and I still eat cheesecake in little bites

No. 25940

yeah i looooove cheese cake but the sweetness overwhelms me quickly so i have to eat it slowly or with fruit to maximize my cheese cake eating experience.

No. 25941

Idk, if I'm out somewhere and having cake, I like to eat it in tiny bites to enjoy it for as long as possible. She's also probably really self-conscious, but it's not necessarily weird.

No. 25942

She looks like she's in a nursery. Why is there a teddy bear at her side?

As for the small bite thing, it's probably a posh thing.

No. 25943

Maybe if she made a YouTube channel or livestream with videos starring her and her snacks/meals, she'd get asspats and maybe recover for real because it's not like she can spit her food out on a napkin and she'd love the attention. But then again, she might relapse bc weight gain.

No. 25944

it looks like a ~cutesy/kawaii themed cafe maybe?

No. 25945

File: 1441569863154.png (48.73 KB, 276x288, Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.03…)

Anorexia fetishists have returned.

No. 25946

I was under the impression that the 'appeal' (if you can call it that) of speedballing was that the two counteracted each other's post-high effects.

I could be totally wrong on that but as was already stated, that shit killed Belushi.

No. 25947

her account is becoming a freak show. who the fuck wants to watch a fully grown adult eating a cupcake

No. 25948

File: 1441572574356.jpg (28.89 KB, 640x203, image.jpg)

ok her voice isn't bad but it's not soft. But then again, my definition of soft is Princess Bubblegum.

No. 25949

Disgusting pigs.

No. 25950

Nah, there's nothing stopping her from throwing it up as soon as the camera's off

No. 25951

My whole dad's side had addiction issues. My grandparents were alcoholics as was my dad. So it is not surprising that my uncle was also the same way.

My grandma refused to believe her son did drugs even though my dad found a used needle in a paper sack. My uncle said he was holding it for a friend.

No. 25952

Imagine waking up to Aly pulling you near her bony bod while she whispers about the food she's "eaten".
And Ash's wheelchair squeaking in the hallway, getting closer to your room while making angry noises.

No. 25953

She could do a myfreecams where she gets tipped to eat.

Btw, it's refreshing to see a forum of anons who are clueless about drugs/non users. Users bore me shitless when they bang on about it.

No. 25954

nah fuck this her recovery is pissing me the hell off now

No. 25955

Yep. I'll believe it when she's not poppin bones everywhere.

No. 25956

It's some sort of American - style cafe. If I were in Italy, I would NOT go to an American cafe, lol.

No. 25957

There was a thread about Dante as a priest?? If you're talking about the regular Dante/Aly threads, I didn't miss those, I just didn't sexualize Dante until someone mentioned him as a priest, lol!

No. 25958

Not according to the MM guidelines! 2500/3000 cals a day is the absolute MINIMUM amount for life and they strongly encourage to go way over the minimums especially during recovery (with some people eating over 10,000 during extreme hunger episodes). Basically according to MM you're supposed to be eating whenever you so much as think about food.

No. 25959

Why does she name herself after a character who spends 99.99% of the game being fat?

No. 25960

Ew. Starving yourself isn't good but neither is purposely stuffing your face until you physically can't eat anymore.

No. 25961

what's HAES

No. 25962

healthy at every size

No. 25963

Yeah, it just becomes another food prison :/ The best kind of ED recovery I can think of is learning how to eat as normally as possible, there's no need for so much excess.

No. 25964

the thing that bothers me about HAES is they're all gung ho about being "healthy" at BMI 30+, but as soon as someone naturally underweight/slender proclaims their health, it's like NOPE NOPE ABORT ABORT

No. 25965

Wtf is American style? The only themed American cafe I ever went to was the Ed's Diner chain in London where it was like sthing out of Grease.

I always fantasise about someone I like being a priest. It's so fucking horny.

No. 25966

I don't know, lol! A cafe that serves American food?

Yeah, me too. Attractive priests are one of the sexiest things in the world, holy fuck <3

No. 25967

Not in the weight restoration stage, though. Eating 1500-2000 isn't enough.

No. 25968

File: 1441585763180.jpg (17.77 KB, 629x124, ss.JPG)


Anything for asspats.

No. 25969

Oh of course during weight restoration you have to eat way more.

No. 25970

Okay I was creeped out by the image of Aly but I lost it laughing at Ash omfg anon

No. 25971

File: 1441596533075.png (112.64 KB, 1160x376, Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.25…)

Look at this shit. Fuck you, Aly. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

No. 25972

Part of me feels really sad for this girl (I remember her other comment also), but another part of me is thinking that this isn't really a struggling girl, but rather a well-meaning person trying to get Aly and her fans to see the potential damage of her account. This is fine by me, but as an empath, it fucks with my emotions, haha.

No. 25973

Yeah I thought the same thing. Either way, it's super shitty of Aly to be acting in a way that could cause people to feel like that.

No. 25974

ot but im pretty sure midna was some weird imp thingy rather than fat

No. 25975

This it's clearly not real

No. 25976

What's up with ED girls always having overplucked eyebrows?

No. 25977

File: 1441616390178.png (303.28 KB, 1144x1120, Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.53…)

I love how more and more people are calling her out on her breakfasts (and eating in general) now. Poor Aly, so much deletion work to do ;_;

No. 25978

Extra weight lolzzzzz

No. 25979

what happened to ashley and erika's IG and tumblrs?

No. 25980

No. 25981

her bmi is higher than that for sure.

No. 25982

Why isn't her face all skull like and old like the others?

Her legs are hella bandy. I know ~thigh gap~ and all that, but in general, bandy.

She likes to flaunt her spoopiness for sure.

No. 25983

their eyebrows were too fat

No. 25984

It's usually in the styles of American diners from the 60s, that kind of thing. At least where I'm from.

No. 25985

I hate how she always calls herself a "little blonde happy child." WTF is that? lol

No. 25986

some people just don't loose fat in the face. genetics I guess. there's this documentary about anorexic kids and some of them are spoopy but still have baby faces. maybe it's comparable to fattys who have slim faces? just the other way round?

No. 25987

I don't understand how she musters the energy to delete so many comments. I'd presume the amount of not lush (!) deletions she has to make would deplete what little energy she has left

sips oil emoji

No. 25988

She's as immature as a child. I honestly believe she'd have problems living independently.

No. 25989

Sage for OT but I thought that this thread could use something a little less depressing:

No. 25990

I just looked at her ig she mentioned. She's totally gorgeous, but I worried when I saw a pic of her lying on a beach looking a little spoopy. Clicked on it and realised it was sthing like 65 weeks ago.

She's done amazingly well.

No. 25991

File: 1441648854894.png (338.1 KB, 679x923, Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.5…)

Jesus fucking Christ. Sprout figured out her blended iced Americano is 110 calories instead of 10

No. 25992

>in a fit of anorexic fury

No. 25993

Are you punkin' me?

No. 25994


I thought you'd done that on PS WTF HAHAHAHAHA

No. 25995

File: 1441649498180.png (28.75 KB, 664x91, Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.10…)

No. 25996

File: 1441649505954.png (1.87 MB, 1198x1198, Not this shit again.png)

I feel bad for finding this shit hilarious.

No. 25997

> I’m no longer having a morning snack (due to school – we have a no food policy),

Pretty sure they'd make an exception with her being anorexic.

This pic makes me sad. It reminds me of Dante and he's not there.

No. 25998


Totally adds to the comedic value. Vivienna. WHAT?

>I’m going to see if I can manage to somehow get to Sprout’s

That'll be six sprouts (no apostrophe).

No. 25999

I'm samefagging to fuck here but idc. DANTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 i see you <3 my heart, my love, my very being <3

No. 26000

File: 1441650218614.png (73.42 KB, 320x308, <3.png)

No. 26001

She was but she was chubby and had a potbelly.

No. 26002


Fucking Vivienna, trying to make my drink not taste like shit with her "calories"

No. 26003

Thinking imp midna is fat

Your anorexia is showing.

No. 26004

>internally screaming
>frantically googling the calories in the base
>In a fit of anorexic fury

omg this is too over the top to be real

No. 26005

File: 1441651307536.gif (470.02 KB, 350x200, Tantrum-Throwing-a-fit-Veruca-…)

>Then, all Hell broke loose

No. 26006

She needs to be IP. Nothing about that situation is healthy at all. I'm surprised the school hasn't inquired into her health (maybe they have? I don't follow her blog).

No. 26007

"It reads like a wannarexic's Sprout fanfiction," I typed as I chewed my sugarfree gum pensively.

No. 26008

File: 1441651945932.jpg (11.12 KB, 266x221, googling base.jpg)

>frantically googling the calories in the base

No. 26009

And wow, she's turning 17. She's going to be a chronic case unless she gets some help soon.

No. 26010

Her writing is so overblown and dramatic.
The rest of this post is really concerning, she even admits she's restricting a lot. She needs to be IP if 100 calories send her into a fit like that.

No. 26011

File: 1441652088984.gif (362.13 KB, 475x347, much sp00py.gif)

>In a fit of anorexic fury

No. 26012

File: 1441652282762.jpg (7.54 KB, 187x270, eilish and mommy.jpg)

That happy ending tho

> I’m hoping my mom and I can spend some much needed time together, maybe going shopping or just hanging out at home.


No. 26013

File: 1441652414352.jpg (75.28 KB, 627x624, puke.JPG)

Aly ate some neon yellow toxic sludge. Just a small bowl though.

No. 26014

She's Italian, I'd expect better pasta choices than this shit.

No. 26015

Bought my first quest bar so I can understand why spoopys swear by them. I'll eat it when I get home. I have a bad feeling about it already!

No. 26016


Spoopys eat them because they can get the flavor of their "fear foods" without the full on guilt of it. Quest bars are marketed as a health food, so they carry less junky connotations than actual cheesecake, oreos, or cookie dough.

No. 26017

YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. You have to be ill THEN recover, not do recovery first!

I saw a Cliff bar (no Quests here) in the vegan cafe last month and had a look at it. I saw the calories and thought, fuck that I could have a Snickers instead.

No. 26018


I'll havr a cliff bar after a workout cause nutritionally its more valuable than a snickers and I don't feel like having candy after working out. They def taste like shit for their calorie density though.

No. 26019

File: 1441653608945.png (854.53 KB, 1450x480, mojo_dcac.png)

What flavor did you get? IMO, they're all shit except for the Cookies and Cream one. I liked the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough one the first few times I ate it, but now it makes me want to barf. Same with the Mint Chocolate Chunk.

I don't really like regular Clif bars but I think the "Mojo" ones are pretty damn good.

No. 26020

I can understand they're good for after sport or w/e. Tbh, I don't eat junk food any more anyway but I'd go for these protein bars instead after a workout (if I wasn't a lazy cow).

Those bars are really expensive here (as is all health food).

No. 26021

Yeah I don't feel OK with paying more than $1 for a bar. I can't believe anyone pays like $3 for the little tiny ~organic raw vegan superfood fair trade natural goodness~ ones.

No. 26022

Quest bars for the price, are WAY overrated. My favorite Protein Bar is the cookies and creme Power Crunch bar, because it tastes just like a sugar wafer.

No. 26023

Is that supposed to be macaroni and cheese? Looks like mustard, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

No. 26024

On average a protein bar is £2 here (3.05USD)

I just noticed they sell boxes of Quest Bars - 12 for £34.99 (53.44 USD)


No. 26025

saffron she said which probably explains the colour, but ew.

No. 26026

It's the cookies & cream one! I'm home now and I took a bite. It's alright, not a fan of the aftertaste. I'll finish the rest later.

No. 26027

Warm it up, OP! Quest bars are kind of gross.

No. 26028

Are they chewy? Crunchy?

No. 26029

I'm late.

No. 26030

They're chewy like a protein bar, but the cookie bits make it crunchy.

No. 26031

As a Questfag, Quest bars are hard. Sometimes there's hard bits in it like nuts, but that's about it. Imagine a 5 year old let Play-Doh sit out for days and you decided to bite into it.

No. 26032

Replied to the wrong post.

No. 26033

I'll give em a miss then I think. Mmm though, the smell of Play Doh.

No. 26034

that's only if the wrapper has been punctured, they get stale. otherwise, they're soft like a dense cookie.

No. 26035

Isn't saffron like super expensive?

No. 26036

Not if you only buy enough to cook with. Aly is not that wealthy judging by the pics of her house that were posted here (ostensibly from her personal account). I'd say she's middle class where she's from.

No. 26037

File: 1441663736523.jpg (53.09 KB, 366x380, sssssss.jpg)

how must her family feel seeing their child in this way? anorexia is terrible

No. 26038

File: 1441664687314.png (245.06 KB, 228x452, aal.png)

like honestly

No. 26039

Looking spoopy even while wearing a chunky sweater. That's kinda sad.

No. 26040

Christ, those bottom ones…I think her face looks the worst in those of any I've seen yet. Her making that stupid kissy face is truly a terrifying sight.

No. 26041

Maybe her parents would have more money if Aly didn't throw it in the garbage.

No. 26042

She even lost weight in her NOSE.

No. 26043

Is the top photo her before ana?? she was actually very pretty. It's so sad to see how like this now. It seems like the damage might be too far to fix either.

No. 26044

File: 1441670293873.jpg (16.99 KB, 645x121, b.JPG)

When a 13 year old inpatient with a feeding tube calls Aly the best fighter. What can you do?

No. 26045

File: 1441670652865.png (2.21 MB, 1148x1190, Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 5.02…)

I just found this girl through Aly's comments. Her food makes me feel like crying and/or having a heart attack: https://instagram.com/radbexous/

She's only 13, but damn, if she keeps eating like that forever…ugh. Her diet is like a fatty's wet dream.

>yes I'm at a healthy bmi. No, I was never below a 18.5 bmi. Yes I have an eating disorder [anorexia nervosa] even though I'm not underweight.


That's really sad. I hate that these young girls actually look up to Aly.

No. 26046

She's only 13? She's talking about getting her periods back. Who're all the people she's bitching about? Is she a troll?

No. 26047

Girls can start their periods as early as 8/9 but personally I think it's pretty obvious this girl pretends she once had an eating disorder in order to have a 'recovery' account, an easy way to get a lot of attention for herself and her pictures of food. It's one way to be a 'foodie' I guess…

No. 26048

File: 1441672297609.jpg (187.98 KB, 1435x1614, trag!c.jpg)

No. 26049

At 13, 18.5-24 bmi isn't really applicable as well so she could be overweight from the sound of it. also that pic is gross

No. 26050

hahahah i always take a look to this account and i can't believe what she eats. She's gonna have a heart attack by her 30 or at least become an obese girl / bulimic. Everything she eats is so gross…. i wanna puke

No. 26051

God that gif gives me such strong ash vibes

No. 26052

this girl is always commenting things like "is this enough?" in other accounts, and she comments this even when the amount of food / the meal is just a normal meal. Maybe not full of fats and oil and sugar, just a meal a normal person would eat. I can't stand that. I mean, recovery from an ED is starting eating like a "normal" (i mean, not-ill) eater. Normal eaters don't have such a gross sandwich for afternoon tea or whatever. Or froot loops with melter marshmallows wtf.
She's getting the concept of "recovery" wrong.

No. 26053

i mean i believe it's good to have treats in moderation, or to have a day where you indulge more because it is normal to do so. i believe if you're consistent with a balanced intake then obviously a chocolate bar or a bowl of ice cream time to time wont have an impact on your weight or lead to any health issues. i mean if you're restoring weight your body does need all of the energy it can get and i do agree with that, it's important to 'face fear foods' of course. but i believe it's more ideal to adjust to a balanced intake, a lifestyle that'll be long-term. if you're balanced 80% of the time then it also wont make an impact if you go drinking with friends on the weekend for example. if you're consistently eating junk on a day to day basis with absolutely no balanced meals whatsoever that's not exactly great….i know the recovery community hate hearing this after they're weight-restored because they think it's a competition of who can eat the most and stay the smallest but honestly. healthy eating, fibre and good fats are important. indulging is normal but not 100% of the time 24/7 shit

No. 26054

File: 1441675947030.png (407.59 KB, 603x397, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.png)


No. 26055

Oh my god, her face is so much fuller here and her body is still so spoopy. Her whole body must match her sternum, now.

No. 26056

I thought of her today when I was buying porridge oats. Next to the bag there was dried carrot and beetroot muesli. Not sure if I'd touch that with a long stick, but maybe it's nicer dried? Thought of ginge. Too many things make me think of this thread.

No. 26057

that's sad, she's developed an eating disorder in the opposite direction

No. 26058

god she looks like she walked out of an awareness campaign for some fucked up genetic disorder

No. 26059

She's banging on about god more than usual as of late. Can't be good.

No. 26060

File: 1441676883220.jpg (101.21 KB, 954x768, image.jpg)

This is what I think of every time I see the ManicGingerGremlin.

No. 26061

what the hell? who honestly eats oreo/cream cheese/dulce de leche sandwiches? she's going to get type 2 diabetes if she continues eating that shit everyday.
i have a sweet tooth but all of that shit looks disgusting. maybe it looks appetizing to honey boo boo and thats it

No. 26062

Can I just say that I tried this and now I like it…idk what's wrong with me. I'm my even vegan.

No. 26063

*not even vegan

No. 26064

Wow, that looks so disgusting.

No. 26065

this girl is always commenting things like "is this enough?" in other accounts, and she comments this even when the amount of food / the meal is just a normal meal. Maybe not full of fats and oil and sugar, just a meal a normal person would eat. I can't stand that. I mean, recovery from an ED is starting eating like a "normal" (i mean, not-ill) eater. Normal eaters don't have such a gross sandwich for afternoon tea or whatever. Or froot loops with melter marshmallows wtf.
She's getting the concept of "recovery" wrong.

No. 26066

File: 1441678283102.jpg (49.93 KB, 300x250, jesus NO.jpg)

No. 26067

okay, that deserved a 2nd post ;)

No. 26068

banana and dulce de leche is nice (i'm from argentina, it's very common to eat that as a dessert) but bananas + oreos + ddl IN A SANDWICH? It's almost impossible to chew!

No. 26069

also, cream cheese with dulce de leche is amazing, but all the ingredients mixed up are not. I think the problem there are the oreos… and the bread.

No. 26070

How?? Don't you get your period at puberty? I got mine as soon as I turned 13. Any younger seems really fishy about the foods you've been eating.

No. 26071

File: 1441678688244.jpg (24.21 KB, 402x306, Capture.JPG)

No. 26072

yeah, banana and dulce de leche sounds great, oreo and cream cheese could be ok (cheesecake?) but everything mixed together and slapped between two slices of white bread is gag-inducing

No. 26073

i got my period at 11 and a half and it pretty common in my country to have your first period between 11 and 13. Any older it is uncommon, but younger is more common

No. 26074

>Love her
I actually had a capt crunch and pixie sticks sandwich when I was 11 or 12 and loved it. I don't think it would sit too well with me as a 27 year old though.

No. 26075

Never had the sammich, but I'd regularly like the mix of fizzy sherbety things with coke. I'm not surprised my mouth is full of metal.

She's the only reason I watch that film.

No. 26076

I got mine at 9 and I used to think I was a really weird exception but it's actually surprisingly common. Puberty is only considered precocious in girls if it's before age 7

No. 26077

How long has that girl said she's been anorexic though? Say she started mensturating at 9, that's only a 4 year time span for her to be underweight enough for them to stop and then to recover and start again. (Maths genius!)

It sounds too odd to me.

No. 26078

That would be possible but it is way more likely she's lying

No. 26079

actually she says she's never been really underweight "This is my weight restored body, yes I'm at a healthy bmi. No, I was never below a 18.5 bmi. Yes I have an eating disorder [anorexia nervosa] even though I'm not underweight"
This is a little bit rare. I know you don't need to be too underweight to be diagnosed with anorexia eventough it's the most important diagnose criteria but i find it very rare that she was never below her healthy weight and she "needs" to eat all the crap she eats. Besides i find it a little weird that she lost her period not being underweight. I dont now

No. 26080

she's argentinian!
I find very strange her eating habits. It's not what we tend to eat here, it seems like she's trying to imitate american eating habits with all that pop tarts and things we can't buy here. Poor little girl, she'll end up obese

No. 26081

I lost a lot of weight over 2-3 months (being mental and not being able to feed myself) and I skipped two periods. As soon as I was fed again in hospital and the weight came back fast it came back.

SOOO it's possible to skip periods that way. I wasn't spoopy level thin, but I'd lost a LOT. Maybe she did that (or yeah she's lying).

No. 26082

As soon as I was fed again in hospital and the weight came back fast it came back.*

the weight came back fast, the periods came back

sorry for being Yoda there

No. 26083

DEAR GOD. Do people really fucking eat like this?! How do they not feel sick to their stomachs all the time? Soooooooooo much sugar…I mean, I love caramel and chocolate and shit, but not all at once, all the time. Jesus.

No. 26084

I don't know how she does it. Like pigging out over the Christmas/New Year period, eating crap is enough. By Jan 1st you want something normal inside you. Might just be me, but ew.

I hope she brushes her teeth regularly.

No. 26085

That's what I'm trying to figure out. People were telling her she should eat healthy, but as you might guess..
>I'm in recovery! It don't matter what I eat!

No. 26086

How wonderful. Aly's got a new milk froather. Zzzzzzzzzz.

No. 26087

File: 1441702184338.png (26.97 KB, 1128x112, Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.48…)

I find it really creepy how obsessed some of these people are with how much other people are eating, what they're eating, what their meal plan is, etc.

No. 26088

Yes and you can go through puberty from 8 onwards. Are you okay, anon?

No. 26089

Is she? I didn't think it was possible ,it's pretty consistently been at least twice per post ha! #godisgood

No. 26090

i find it really weird how she changes the table cloth everyday when showcasing her biscuits. when i went to a day programme for eating disorders a common thing that they'd teach us was to break our OCD-like behaviours/daily routines. a lot of the other girls had 'structured' their days a bit like aly does. i mean normal people have daily routines of course but people don't usually wake up, change their table cloth, set out their food biscuits around same way their picture perfect coffee and then picture it for instagram, and then get the same heart shaped bowl, with the same fortimel etc etc etc the same routine and yeah sure, she's following a meal-plan but she has to learn to break her routine. i don't think it's recovery if you're comfortable

No. 26091

that's like fatpeoplelogic right there

No. 26092

File: 1441711718954.jpg (69.92 KB, 433x644, image.jpg)

Good morning, wonderful farmers. Here's a shot from Aly's newest video. This was taken the moment she took a bite from whatever that is and her eyes got huge.

No. 26093

Dat arm and sternum.

No. 26094

omg she takes such a tiny bite and then looks so fucking shocked, wtf? does she think these videos are supposed to demonstrate normal eating behavior?

No. 26095

She wants people to know that she actually eats what she posts.

Except she doesn't. She just takes 2 bites of it.

No. 26096

Looks like her "therapist" is a psychologist from here: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=it&u=http://www.ao-sanpaolo.it/curarsi/psicologia_clinica/&usg=ALkJrhhity1pFITZE5Uuz5xbIEOjJ13ZUg

They don't seem to have any special ED services (unless I'm just not seeing them listed), so I wonder if she's just seeing general providers who aren't very informed about EDs and would be easier to trick.

No. 26097

an italian anon should call them and tell them to get their shit together

No. 26098

Is there a reason Aly eats out for like, every meal? Is it a cultural thing in Italy?

No. 26099

Mommy probably takes her to her favorite restaurants on purpose so she'll eat something because I doubt Aly cooks for herself (it's tiny, gross shit when she does) and Ma Casati might not like to cook? But idk if it's just an Italian thing. I wonder if eating out is expensive in Italy.

No. 26100

It's possible to have one's first period waaaaaaaaaaay young. See: Lina Medina, who GAVE BIRTH when she was 5 years old.

I think you're confusing breast development with menstruation. Breast development before the age of 7 and/or menstruating before the age of 10 are symptoms of precocious puberty.

No. 26101

she took this video herself it seems

No. 26102

The earliest that people get their first period is 9, but there's definitely been younger. I was a late bloomer (compared to everyone I know) and got mine 5 months before turning 14. All my friends got theirs when they were about 10-11 and I remember feeling left out of all the period talk, lol.

No. 26103

Damn, that looks disgusting. Maybe they have BED with restriction on the side, but don't want to admit it because anorexia is so romanticized and the "cool" ED to have.

No. 26104

Damn, she looks terrible.

Also, is that lanugo on her arms, or just regular hair? They look fuzzy.

No. 26105


It's funny cuz you can see how she's supposedly taken a bite of the other end and is now taking a bite from another area and I know that eating around things or eating in a weird way is a behaviour lmao aly looses

No. 26106

Gurl's gonna start shaving her face if she doesn't already. She'll evolve into Fuzzy Spoopy.

No. 26107

You can enter puberty early, anon. I got mine right around the time I turned 11.

No. 26108

Realrecoveryinspiration is deleting their account today. Someone talked them into it on a previous post.. I didn't see anything wrong with it. Not sure why so many people have to get so butthurt all the time

No. 26109

That bojangles person needs to keep their snout out. Why delete an account because she likes her own way of "dealing" with aly?

These videos aly's making. It's going to be another regular thing. Oh dear.

No. 26110

"OMG Aly ur voice sounds like angel orgasms!!" "Ur really recovering I'm so proud of u!!" "U eat 4 real!!"

No. 26111

All her videos are super depressing because (a) the scared, painful way she eats just shows how disordered she is and (b) no Dante :(

No. 26112

File: 1441734458048.jpg (125.37 KB, 934x599, Capture.JPG)

Is she parodying herself?

No. 26113

…is that what Italians think a hamburger is? A grilled ham steak with bread on the side? Or is this just Aly being Aly?

No. 26114

tfw you see the small image and think this is a raw hamburger with faint grill marks

No. 26115

I don't think she's changing the table cloth. It's probably just a place setting mat. It is odd that she changes it so much though because it's not like it's actually dirty from her six cookies.

No. 26116

Many other countries eat a hamburger without it being a sandwich.

No. 26117

hamburger in europe (or at least the places ive lived in) is just the meat itself. bread may or may not be included.

No. 26118

She didn't say hamburger; she said ham burger. Burger can be another way of saying patty, so she's perfectly fine here.

No. 26119


No. 26120

Damn, her captions are defensive as hell lately. It's pathetic.

No. 26121

"As you can tell by zooming in with a microscope, there is OIL (!) on the lettuce passive aggressive emojis"

No. 26122

I was hoping no one caught that, lol and sorry. First deletion, I meant to correct myself, but then forgot what I was going to do. Second deletion was because I remembered.

No. 26123

Somehow tempted to eat only the things she posts on her insta for a month to see how much I would loose.

No. 26124

File: 1441742719818.jpg (85.7 KB, 640x619, stating the obvious but.JPG)

NO WAY is this a plate she eats from whatever she says. She made the pasta tubes look big by close up, and that curve of the "plate" means it would be saucer size.

The only time she pictures a full plate is when she's out eating with her mum because she has no choice.

No. 26125

Adding - that uncomfortable feeling knowing she arranged the pasta so it lines the edge of the saucer…er…plate.

No. 26126

With all the desserts it would be the most delicious diet ever

No. 26127

but, alas! not one for those who can't rely on their parent to fork out for the fancy meals.

No. 26128

>Yes I have an eating disorder [anorexia nervosa] even though I'm not underweight

probably self diagnosed. because no, you can't be diagnosed with anorexia nervosa without being underweight. Its no surprise she eats like someone following minnie maud. When you can't force yourself to become anorexic, you can always get attention by pretending to be in "recovery"

No. 26129

ugh. MrBojangles needs to stfu. i can't believe i even responded to him.
I'm sad realrecoveryinspiration is deleting bc "a lot of people see it as hate" or whatever. like, you had to know Alys many WK's would try to tell you off when you made the account. IGNORE THEM. you're doing a great job.

No. 26130

File: 1441748465737.jpg (90.5 KB, 631x657, Capture.JPG)


>I do not support this forum

So? As ally says stop following then. Have a nice day :)

So what a few people don't like the account. Fuck em.

VK skinny fetishist Dave posted this (pic). Of course he prefers her spoopy, but I looked her up and she's done really well in recovery.

No. 26131

File: 1441749201250.jpg (57.42 KB, 600x600, Capture.JPG)

Would you think this is the stage aly's at? I'm only going by the sternum, but this is how I imagine she must look now.

No. 26132

>no, you can't be diagnosed with anorexia nervosa without being underweight"

You can now. DSM-V eliminated BMI requirement. way too many people with obviously anorexic behavior were getting put in ed-nos b/c of the strict BMI cut-off in DSM-IV.

No. 26133

(adding to my comment above): although BMI is still used as a guideline for classifying as mild, moderate, or severe.

No. 26134

uhh sorry but Eating Disorders are actually mental illnesses. they're not choices. saying this chick looks better with a a fuller face/weight gain is pretty dumb, like no shit of course she looks better when she's not suffering from an eating disorder…thats like saying that's like saying to a cancer patient 'ew dont u think u look way better with hair!?" no one has a say in developing an illness. i thought i looked much better before my ED too.

No. 26135

Is that girlnah?

No. 26136

No one actually said she looks better.

Henry Roth said she looks better thin.

Poor comprehension skills there, anon.

No. 26137

Sage because i'm an idiot and didnt scroll up. Yeah looks similar to Aly.

No. 26138

This makes me happy. I hope she continues to feel as good as she looks. THIS is recovery.

No. 26139

File: 1441750371101.jpg (46.56 KB, 270x369, p.JPG)

Yeah, I like her honesty, like how she talks here about how she still has a bit of a ritual thing going on over food.

No. 26140

>You can now. DSM-V eliminated BMI requirement.

No, you cannot. Its astounding how many people think the DSM-V removed the weight criterion, it did not. If someone fits all the diagnostic criteria for anorexia except for "significantly low weight," they would be diagnosed with Atypical Anorexia, which falls under OSFED, formerly known as EDNOS.

"Restriction of energy intake relative to requirement, leading to a significantly low body weight in the context of age, sex, developmental trajectory, and physical health."

"Restriction of food intake leading to weight loss or a failure to gain weight resulting in a "significantly low body weight" of what would be expected for someone's age, sex and height."

Significantly low body weight is first on the list of criteria for anorexia nervosa every time.
Why do so many people think "the DSM-V removed the weight criterion for anorexia"?? The only thing removed from the diagnostic criteria for anorexia was amenorrhea (the loss of menstruation).

No. 26141

I've got to admit, this girl is looking amazing now. >>26131

No. 26142

As far as I know, the amenorrhea requirement was removed and I think people might be confusing that with BMI.

No. 26143

i lost my menstrual cycle when i began restricting and i was at a 'healthy' bmi and i went to a doctor for help they didn't deal with me as gratingly as i wasn't underweight. i then kept going and ended up going down to 70 pounds.

No. 26144

File: 1441751609867.png (1.1 MB, 933x597, Congrats!.png)

WOW! Congratulations on your engagement, Aly! :D

No. 26145

File: 1441751796884.jpg (10.03 KB, 288x407, tiffany ring or gtfo.jpg)

OMG!!! That's beautiful news. Wishing you both a lifetime of wedded bliss, aly <3

No. 26146

The difference in her face is incredible. She looks like a zombie in her spoopy pics.

No. 26147

True. It was a weird requirement. I spent several months with a BMI in the 11s and I never stopped menstruating. I know a lot of people stop menstruating at much higher weights, sometimes even when they aren't underweight. Also, men.

No. 26148

Wait, wtf?

No. 26149


Hahahaha, anon shooped the caption
Nice job though, I was confused as fuck for a sec


No. 26150

yeah, but they aren't defining "significantly low weight" as 17 or under, yes? That is my understanding and why I say they removed bmi…"low weight" is still part of it but the definition of "low weight" is more flexible.

No. 26151

LOL I'm sorry but I couldn't resist :D

No. 26152

*and thanks!

No. 26153

My lowest BMI was 16 something and I never lost my period. It's weird how bodies work sometimes.

No. 26154

Damn. That means she's still single and therefore could possibly get it on with Dante.

No. 26155

File: 1441752969508.jpg (24.07 KB, 295x299, dante.JPG)

I mean, she's obviously thinking of him.

No. 26156

i think removing the specific 17.5 BMI criterion is where they foolishly got the idea that they can be diagnosed with anorexia even if they're not underweight. But any diagnostic criteria you look at for anorexia in the DSM5 will list "significantly low weight for age/height/development" first. They basically just gave doctors more autonomy/room for judgment when it comes to deciding what constitutes significantly underweight.

when someone says "I'm anorexic even tho I'm not and never have been underweight," like oreo sandwich girl, i assume they're self diagnosed. bc any actual MD would tell them that they're wrong.

No. 26157

When I was just finishing the shoop, I thought of superimposing Dante's face on the girl's but I was too lazy lol.

No. 26158

Dante's too good for her :(

No. 26159

File: 1441753470188.jpg (59.37 KB, 406x255, delish.jpg)

No. 26160

removing the specific 17.5 bmi and saying "you can have anorexia nervosa even if you're not underweight" are 2 very different things.

for a teenager who's always been on the leaner side, a bmi of 17.5 is not likely to be considered "significantly underweight". while for an adult, a bmi of 17.5 might be considered significantly underweight. It depends on age, sex, growth charts, medical complications, and the doctors discretion. Thats why you can't self diagnose. Even as a licensed mental health professional, I can't diagnose myself.

No. 26161

I was diagnosed with anorexia with a BMI of around 14-15 and still got my period every month. Now that I'm "weight restored" nothing has changed.

No. 26162

I can't deal with the videos, they make me so uncomfortable. I think it's sick that she's making them. I've never seen something like this before and I'll be happy never to again. Honestly, filming yourself taking a tiny bite and chewing until it's dust isn't recovery. And the comments are just wrong too. She's 19 not 3. Stop treating her like a rare caged cunt. I ate a fucking corn dog at the fair yesterday, & and no one patted my ass, because THAT is normal.

No. 26163

I'm pretty sure she shared the other half with that girl she was with, so the end facing the camera is the cut end. I wonder what her friend thought when she had to sit there and watch Aly take that uncomfortable video?

The wide eyes make me rage… she took the tiniest bite ever. No way she tasted enough to have any kind of reaction like that.

No. 26164

File: 1441759893451.gif (42.08 KB, 271x200, 200_s.gif)

No. 26165

She said it was her friend's bar, so I think you're wrong. Her "friend" probably gave her one and continue to work. (It's hilarious how much "free" stuff she gets, like an extra dash of chocolate, thinking it's the good will of the people. Nope, it's because they can tell you're dying, Aly.)
Anyway, from what I can tell with pictures, pain au chocolat are tiny, just like every other dessert Aly has. I cannot explain why she has an already bitten/cut side facing the camera though.

No. 26166

I was under the impression she'd gone off somewhere to do the selfie video because of the way she whispers. Now THAT'S fucking bizarre it it's what she did.

No. 26167

Life is hard when you only have one picture of Dante.

No. 26168

in Ash news, Ash's insistence that no one judge her ever apparently does not transfer to her "friend" who allegedly has too many abortions (also does Ash listen to Rush Limbaugh or something? This scenario is exactly the kind of hypothetical (and unlikely) scenario my dad uses to justify why abortion should be illegal).

No. 26169


No. 26170

check ash's tumblr

No. 26171

oooooooh turns out it was a PARABLE from St Ash to make us think twice about judging her! Reeeaaaally makes you think, woo boy, what wisdom.

No. 26172

File: 1441772957234.jpg (57.63 KB, 510x540, Capture1.JPG)

No. 26173

File: 1441772995169.jpg (53.41 KB, 506x431, Capture2.JPG)

No. 26174

Shes mentioned that having children is a sensitive subject a long time ago. Maybe that's why she's so cranky about it?

No. 26175


>she should do whatever she wants

>she should have that right taken away

>I never said she was a horrible person

>she's both lazy and selfish

No. 26176

I imagine that's just another excuse for her to act like a victim. Poor me, I'll never have children. I can't feel sorry for her. And thank god she can't have them, anyway. She'd be the most narcissistic mother. Her kids would wind up like Erika's poor kids, constantly having to soothe her bad moods and being shuttled from house to house.

No. 26177

the dissonance is strong.

No. 26178

The super cool thing about Erika though is that she's actually recovering and mentioned the highs and lows that come with recovery, unlike Aly who makes it seem like it's all a unicorn fart.

No. 26179

I told her this in message, but she'll never publish it. If you force someone to have a child that does not want one, the child will possibly grow up resented. Is it really worth forcing a child to live its life like that just to teach the mother a lesson?

No. 26180

File: 1441789582243.jpg (207.67 KB, 934x595, self-worship.jpg)

Jfc Aly's practically worshiping herself here.

No. 26181

small portion aside i'd eat a gallon of that shit, it looks so gooooooood

No. 26182

Every day, she has to eat out with her mother. She is almost 20, yet has to have her mommy take her around every day. I also realize she eats out more than she did before.

No. 26183

She's talking in third person now. The hunger must be driving her insane at last.
Croissants are pretty #delish though.

No. 26184


I was just talking to my mom about this… her religious conservative coworker thinks the same thing about the morning after pill - that fucking thing isn't an abortion, it's not like you make a baby right as the jizz goes in you. Even my mom thought you needed a prescription. I have had to take it twice bc of stupid condoms, the first time I really had to think about if it was a big deal or not - the answer is NO it is not ending a pregnancy lol. I'm sure things would go much better IF all the bad at planning sluts were taking plan B all the time but I'm sure the actual problem is they don't.

No. 26185

There's people who stop menstruating due to obesity as well. It made no sense to have it in the first place.

No. 26186

Why is she putting "she" and "woman" in brackets? Is that a poor attempt at being ~trans-inclusive~ or what? Why even bother given the content of what she's saying.

No. 26187

It's possible that she's just very close with her mom. I'm extremely close with my mom and I usually go with her when she goes somewhere. My sister who's 13 and a half years older than me is the same way :D

No. 26188

Calories and portion sizes are calculated, set to gain 1kg a week or else maintain. Eat orally the food offered on the meal plan or else it's substituted with a supplement drink ie carbohydrate portion equals half a bottle.

No. 26189

Must be blooming expensive too, wouldn't her mum be pissed off at not only spending a fortune going out to eat every day but then for her daughter to not even consume it just poses and smiles at the plate.

No. 26190

You can have disordered eating and a distorted body image at any weight. Also being physically recovered from a low body mass doesn't mean someone will be mentally well. That's why "recovery" based on eating pints of icecream and junk is just foolish.

No. 26191

maybe her mom is trying to be helpful by taking her fun places and doesn't really have anything else she feels like she can do?

No. 26192

She's probably desperate and sick of seeing her daughter so spoopy so she's doing what she thinks would be helpful

No. 26193

File: 1441805214714.jpg (12.1 KB, 281x99, ss.JPG)


>you look around and see everyone else doing the same.

That place is DESERTED. She's hallucinating as well!!!

No. 26194

It's the man who complains about not liking the feeling of using condoms not the woman, dumbass.

Abortion. It's HER body she can do what she wants with it as Ash would say.

No. 26195

I guess they can afford it, or else she wouldn't do it. She probably feels this is the only thing she can do so aly will eat.

No. 26196

I've heard some of my girl friends that they hate condoms and that's why they're on birth control. I don't have access to birth control so my partner and I are fine with condoms and we know how not to get pregnant. Also, morning after pill can be an option (never have had to use it, thankfully). It's expensive but so is raising a child.

ANYWAY, back to Aly's barely bitten croissant.

No. 26197

One of the ways Plan B stops pregnancy is to stop the fertilized egg from implanting. If you think life starts at conception, whether or not the egg has managed to implant is sort of a moot point.

However, Plan B can also stop pregnancy by keeping the egg from being released from the ovary in the first place, or keeping the egg from being fertilized. It depends on when you take it.

Woman here. I think sex feels way better without a condom.

I wonder if [she] has actually had more than one abortion, or if Ash is making up dumb shit in her mind, being trolled, or believing idiotic rumors.

also, lulz @
>She seriously shouldn't have that right anymore.

Ash seems to be under the impression that pro-choice people think abortion is murder but that it's okay to murder a handful of babies. Yeah no.

And, assuming [she] lives in Florida, abortion sure as fuck isn't easy.

According to https://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/sfaa/florida.html

>A woman must receive state-directed counseling and then wait 24 hours before the procedure is provided. Counseling must be provided in person and must take place before the waiting period begins, thereby necessitating two separate trips to the facility.

>Health plans that will be offered in the state’s health exchange under the Affordable Care Act can only cover abortion in cases when the woman's life is endangered, rape or incest, unless an optional rider is purchased at an additional cost.

>Public funding is available for abortion only in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest.

>A woman must undergo an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion; the provider must offer her the option to view the image.

Condoms (or, ya know, the pill) are much easier to deal with.

No. 26198


This would be, what, the second or third time? If you're so easily cowed, why bother to take a stand? She's either got the courage of her convictions or she doesn't. I hope she doesn't delete it because I don't think it's a hate forum, but that's up to her.

No. 26199

Isn't plan B like…$50? that's really not expensive at all.

No. 26200

And this leaves out the abortion itself. The pill is a multi-step process that takes several days, results in heavy bleeding and cramping, and can have a bunch of other side effects like vomiting and having diarrhea. AND it requires a followup visit. Surgical abortions take 5 to 20 minutes + prep time + recovery time (about an hour). Some women continue to having bleeding/spotting for up to a month and a half afterward, and you're not supposed to have sex for a week. Having a followup appointment is advisable.

Thinking that having multiple abortions is less of a hassle than using condoms or the pill is dumb as fuck.

Then again, Ash's brain is starving, so I guess I should expect her to be this fucking stupid.

No. 26201

>You can have disordered eating and a distorted body image at any weight

i didn't say you couldn't. i said you can't be diagnosed with Anorexia if you're not underweight.

No. 26202

Yeah, $50 for Plan B, $40 for the off-brand. Fun fact though: Plan B always has a coupon on their website to save $10, so it's the same as buying the off-brand!

No. 26203

Ugh, my boyfriend believed the whole "abortion pill" shtick too. I had to correct him immediately (though he doesn't know I've taken it before, since it was before he was in my life).

No. 26204

My conclusion from all of this is not only is Ash a personality disordered racist, she's also stupid and anti-choice. Added to list of things to think about whenever I start feeling sorry for her. Maybe if she hadn't starved herself to death she could leave the house once in a while and have a modicum of political awareness instead of parroting whatever shit brain dead dropouts around her say.

No. 26205

Same here! I'm an Italianfag so I can find the exact same products. If I can stick to it

No. 26206

It's a Florida thing. I don't reddit, but the Florida Man sub makes me lol

No. 26207

how lucky i am to live in a country where contraception pills are free (even to women with no health ensurance) and emergency contraception pill ("plan b") is also free in hospitals and public health centers

No. 26208

It's noon here, I hope you all had healthy lunches or dinners ladies and gents. Eating keeps the skeleton army at bay.

No. 26209


People who criticise the (now rather vague) weight criterion of A.N. don't realise they totally undermine the EDNOS/OSFED diagnosis. It's usually those who desperately want to join the imaginary ~anorexic club~ and that's why they fight against their "boring", "not as serious" EDNOS/OSFED diagnosis.

They argue OSFED just isn't taken as seriously, but when I saw my GP about my eating disorder a few years ago, my diagnosis wasn't more specific than "eating disorder" because I didn't see a psychologist or psychiatrist, and still my doctor (who sees a lot of ED patients) urged me to start therapy or residential treatment.

Back to Aly, what's the "wonderful news" she wants to share - is it the fact she went to that Expo thing again which is ~such a big step~?

No. 26210

>They argue OSFED just isn't taken as seriously
I have to agree. Anorexia is the "cool" ED to have, and it's what's usually shown in the media, etc. Most ED support groups are focused around anorexia and bulimia as well.
But it is what it is, if you're not anorexic, you're not anorexic.

No. 26211

File: 1441822166702.jpg (112.26 KB, 973x609, 7UvPAVD.jpg)

"i ate three slices for dinner" => "i didn't reach 1500 cals!"

well, sorry to tell you "anorexic girl", buttttt each slice must be AT LEAST 450 cals. Sooooo…unless she hasn't eaten anything over the day (which i dobut bc she says she followed her hunger) i don't think she's doing the maths right

No. 26212

Looks like a cheesy ass hole.

No. 26213

>well, sorry to tell you "anorexic girl", buttttt each slice must be AT LEAST 450 cals
that's a small thin crust pizza. a slice of regular crust pizza with meat is usually only ~300

No. 26214

yeah but that's super oily & super cheesy. I'm from her country and here pizzas are UBER CALORIC

No. 26215

I'm wondering if she meant 3 slices total between them? That'd be super dumb of her to phrase it like that, but it adds up, at least.

No. 26216

>what's the "wonderful news" she wants to share

Yeah, she's going to the food festival again tomorrow. Wonderful news. I was hoping she had a place at an ED clinic. Oh well.

No. 26217

Yeah, that pizza actually looks gross. Then again, I'm used to NY pizza and maybe it's different in Italy.

No. 26218

her intake is at 1300 today what the fuck

No. 26219

she looks adorable now

No. 26220

I agree that it's low, but how can you even estimate the calories on that risotto? You can't even tell how big (er, small) the portion size is or what's in the sauce or anything.

I think Aly is either not on a "meal plan" at all or has been given a meal plan and just isn't following it. There's no fucking way a dietitian would give her a meal plan like what she's been eating.

No. 26221


1/2 a cup is 300cal

No. 26222

OMG it looks so delicious to me. Italian pizza is my favorite though because the crust gets soggy from the sauce and cheese when you're eating it with a fork and knife and it's SO yummy ohh <3

No. 26223

Ehhhh it varies depending on the ingredients, though…unless it's out of a package or from a restaurant and you've read the nutrition facts (sorry for nitpicking, I don't know why I even care how many calories are in her fucking risotto)

No. 26224

File: 1441849304900.png (Spoiler Image,530.37 KB, 588x566, what the fuck is this.png)

the shit she eats actually looks revolting.. she's like the opposite of ginger

No. 26225

I think this looks delicious. It's yogurt mixed with oreo cookies! I don't like the fake cream from oreos but I love the cookies and I already love yogurt mixed with cereal so this also looks good, lol.

No. 26226

Ehhhh it probably tastes good but it looks like a mess ;_;

No. 26227

Well, yeah I guess :/ It would be better with chocolate teddy grahams.

No. 26228

Oh fuck I love Teddy Grahams.

No. 26229

I'd eat it!

No. 26230

Unless you know what's in it, you can't really estimate it like that. It can vary wildly.
But I guess we can agree that aly never gets above 1500 cal anyway.

Looks disgusting on pictures, but I guess it's more appetizing in real life.

No. 26231

File: 1441897846696.png (627.79 KB, 931x557, 875ggy7.png)

Someone just had a birthday.

No. 26232

I'm all for girl power and bringing each other up and shit, but Ginger is just not cute. Like, at all. Her face looks like an adult but also like a little girl and her child body doesn't help. I'm sorry.

No. 26233

A normal selfie wtf Ginger

No. 26234

Yeah I never thought she was cute, but jesus it's just good to see her smiling like a normal human instead of those terrifying manic expressions or those ones where she's staring vacantly into the heavens #godissogood

No. 26235

File: 1441901355120.jpg (28.86 KB, 387x210, 1 honesty.jpg)

Today Aly is boring as usual. She was nervous about EXPO but oh wow overcame her fears what a surprise gosh so shocking oh my god.
It's seriously so boring to never see her struggle. She'll admit to anxiety but never to giving in to it and that is just unrealistic. She just shouldn't bother "confessing" nervousness when it literally means nothing. But then, she wouldn't get as many ass-pats.

At least back in the day, she admitted to not always following her meal plan. (See picture)

I'm also sick of the "Restriction after X?" question because it's always the same. What annoys me the most though is when she says "Not even a thought!" It obviously was a thought or she wouldn't mention it.

No. 26236

She looks…normal.
Her face is really unfortunate, but this is so much more bearable.

No. 26237

I'd like to think that aly started out as a genuine person, but the attention she got went to her head and she just got caught up in lies.

No. 26238

File: 1441902883325.png (87.43 KB, 1160x266, Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.29…)

lol'd at this comment, she really does look horrified while she's eating and I don't know what the fuck she thinks those videos are going to prove except that she's supremely uncomfortable around food

No. 26239

About the "Restriction?" thing…
It really grinds my gears.

No. 26240

JFC, she looks 12 in this picture.

No. 26241

I know anorexia is irrational, but I roll my eyes every time one of them says they're going to become ~obese~ if they eat 3 cookies instead of 2. Don't they know it's actually pretty hard to become OBESE? It literally takes years of uncontrollable junk food and zero movement to become a literal whale.

No. 26242

And she nearly always says it in the captions that go with her daily fruit photos. There's so much suspense between waiting for
> "restrict after staring at a croissant? Nigga please. I'm #realrecover -ing"
and waiting to see whether the 50kcals of fruit will be in her "deep" heart-shaped bowl or if it will be in her hand, and then, whether it will be "already bitten"

No. 26243

Excuse me, I meant to say "already biten."

No. 26244

Anyone got updates on ash? That thread has gone quiet

No. 26245

No. She's still rotting in her chair as usual.

No. 26246

Hahaha fair enough!

No. 26247

No, it takes less than a year and I would know and I'm not even a binger T-T

No. 26248

body goals

No. 26249

File: 1441926174849.png (949.07 KB, 805x704, kek .png)

I'm going to stab this bitch with a fork made from caterpillar dicks i s2g

No. 26250

ana pls go

No. 26251

The word DELISH triggers my rage now because of Aly.

No. 26252

Yeah, some people are just objectively unattractive and she just isn't…nice to look at.

No. 26253

LOL a "biiiiiiiig" plate of Barilla Piccolini pasta for kids.

No. 26254

It makes me rage, too, anon. That and "lush." I don't know what I'll do if someone describes their food like that in real life. Probably explode.

She thinks anything is big, though. A micro-pastry is a HUGE (!) #recoverywin and a tiny personal pizza is a WHOLE HUGE (!) pizza!

No. 26255

It's a side plate innit. Unless the family don't own full size plates, that's really bad if her parents allow her to eat from one of those.

Jamie Oliver used to say it a lot. Don't know if he still does, I can't watch the lisping cock, but he first turned me off the word delish.

The words MEAL PLAN are the ones that get me raging. Any time she mentions it and I see that fucking book emoji I want to shove it up her scrawny ass.

No. 26256

She does think anything is big, but my mind just went to the worst place. As in, thank god she doesn't still have a boyfriend.
>Sucked my boyfriend's HUGE (!) delish penis and swallowed a LUSH load of his cum! sake emoji
Next entry:
>Restriction after semen? Not even a thought!

I seriously can't even tell if this is even funny or just gross I'm sorry

No. 26257

LOOOOL it's like me XD

No. 26258

Don't forget the super up close picture of the cumstain on one of her ratty placemats

No. 26259

When I see Aly use the word "lush," it reminds of when I speak French or Spanish with a native speaker and he informs me that the word I'm using is old-fashioned or very context-specific. I've never used "lush" to describe food. Maybe a particularly verdant landscape. She probably looked it up in a dictionary and uses it all the time because her vocab is kind of limited. She writes in English about as well as I speak French and I only took one semester and never studied abroad. I can get my point across, but I miss nuances.

No. 26260

Also, unlike Aly, I would never correct a native speaker, or pretend to know more than he or she.

No. 26261

picture of micropenis next to a toddler-sized dinner plate This penis was SOOOOO huge and OILY but I still took it ALL into my ass!

No. 26262

I'm pretty sure you're exaggerating / have BDD anon.

No. 26263

Get help. Your brain is very sick.

No. 26264

Sadly, no. I was already chubby to begin with (5'6 and 165ish lbs) and getting to 186 happened really fast. I went from 165/170 to 230 lbs in like a year and a half. I was eating a lot more junk food than usual but I never had binges. It was just eating more high cal food more often. It's frighteningly easy to gain weight by just being lazy/careless with food even without a binge disorder.

No. 26265

If you were already chubby then I understand. My original point was mentioning that the ~obese fear~ in anorexic and extremely thin girls is just ridiculous though. Mental illness is scary shit.

No. 26266

So you went from overweight to obesity in a year and a half. We're talking about a thin person thinking they're going to get obese by eating an extra cookie. It obviously takes more and longer than that.

No. 26267

File: 1441937057529.png (94.77 KB, 1134x290, Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.02…)

kek, I feel like losing it and posting shit like this all the time but don't because I know I'll just get blocked and have to make a new Instagram account to follow dear Aly

No. 26268

I didn't even bother creating another throwaway account on ig because the temptation to sperg out on Aly is too high (as I discovered already 3 times).

She'd have the vk fetishists asking her to film it, "yeah lets see you lick it, do you swallow? i don't believe you".

One date to a restaurant with aly would kill any idea of passion. Imagine having to sit with her taking endless selfies and pics of the food, then watching her eyes pop out every time she puts a nibble of food in her mouth.

No. 26269

File: 1441938881485.jpg (11.96 KB, 251x102, troof.JPG)

I wish you could "like" comments on ig.

No. 26270

File: 1441940530557.jpg (150.01 KB, 640x883, image.jpg)

This commenter is right pissed & it's great. Pretty sure them nails are janky as fuck because that bitch is constantly picking at her food and shit. I'm interested to see what she says about her monthly weigh in, another 2kg gain I bet, such #realrcovery. Her and ParisMelody should hang out since that girl has gained about 2 actual pounds in her "recovery" in over a year or so. It's scary to see that these girls have found a way to stay barely alive for so long. They both seem to live for their followers and their disorders and nothing else. What a life that must be..

No. 26271

Isn't her weigh in really soon? A trip to McDonald's no doubt.

Her followers leave comments that make me think that most of them are mentally challenged.

No. 26272

It's bugging me that she calls a juice a smoothie.

No. 26273

File: 1441942356456.jpg (146.54 KB, 640x640, proof of size.jpg)

I wonder if she realizes that there's still pictures of her plate on her personal account.

No. 26274

I just saw this comment and came here to post it. ROFLing over it. Slow clap to you.

No. 26275

It's on the 16th! I, too, predict a trip to Mcdonalds. I also predict either a "I am totally gaining I gained 1 entire kg and my team is magically satisfied with that" or a "I am being hospitalized again"

No. 26276

Curious: has Aly deleted any of the tube pics? I imagine not because attention.

Ginger just posted a picture of her father looking utterly defeated. There's another one where he looks like he has tears in his eyes. It seems like in Aly and Ginger's case, the dad's can't pretend everything is normal.

No. 26277

No. 26278

Defeated fathers are a sad sight…

No. 26279

tbh that plate looks pretty normal sized to me

No. 26280

thats like half a banana cut to pieces fitting one half

No. 26281

That can't possibly be half a banana, it's way less.

No. 26282

I get bananas that're small like that but it looks like she's cutted the ends off. I've noticed some of her fruit is damaged sometimes (middle class people skimping and buying cheapo after use by products) so perhaps she cut the manky bits off.

No. 26283

seeing his pissed/exhausted expression juxtaposed against ginger's manic gurning makes me feel squicky

No. 26284

He should hook up with Sprout's mum and Aly's dad. (Not sexually. He's Christian).

No. 26285

File: 1441987149023.jpg (85.06 KB, 1014x372, um no.JPG)

Posting this as "lunch" is ludicrous. She really thinks people believe she eats that in the space of 3 hours?

No. 26286

i find them kinda hot but i'm a sadist so

No. 26287

I find vulnerable men a turn on. Kind of why I'm hot for priests probably. Watching a man cry is sexy.

No. 26288

she looks like someone who might have been cute as a kid but sort of lost it along the way

No. 26289

File: 1441987897714.jpg (77.86 KB, 540x542, IMG_20150627_193608.jpg)

you see how mum's drinking/has been drinking hers? You see how her mum's halfway and she isn't?? ugh dis bitch stop faking pl0x

No. 26290

I'm not surprised. Seems Aly hasn't learned how to use a straw yet.

No. 26291

Straws not even in her mouth ffs

No. 26292

What's that white thing up her nose?

I love juices. I could exist on them. Carrot and ginger.

No. 26293

Her mom is sipping. Aly isn't. Look at the straws.

No. 26294

Not really. It will take years to get to be 350+ lbs or something, but you can go from a normal size to obese pretty quickly if you binge-eat.

No. 26295

Has the school year started where Aly lives? Shouldn't she be busy with school and not being babysat?

No. 26296

File: 1441994660420.jpg (6.65 KB, 259x194, number 6.jpg)

So she had Ma C film her eating crepes and she's banging on about not being a number in her caption.

No. 26297

She was attending a university a while back but idk what happened.

No. 26298

I know lots of European unis start around end of September/beginning of October. Dunno how is it in Milan.

No. 26299

It's mid-late September here in the UK. I live in a major city and it's just started being invaded by students come to study here.

No. 26300

File: 1442008831627.jpg (248.32 KB, 640x640, collage_20150911145208527_2015…)

Pre ED, post hospital and today.
Yeah #realrecover-ing LOL

No. 26301


Yep, get ready for the rich chinese students, random muslims and wankers with their ukuleles

No. 26302

Oh my goodness, she used to be so pretty! She looks like Alison Harvard in that pre-ED pic.

No. 26303

Even pre-ED, she wasn't even near chubby. Aly claimed she always had BMI between 17-18, and once she gained few pounds and reached BMI of 19 she went crazy and spiralled into anorexia.

No. 26304

that bottom pic. she looks fucked. i bet she's up all night exercising or sthing.

No. 26305


Isn't 19 low in the healthy weight category? Her dad and brother are slim, so I think she picked up that gene. Her face looks so old. Her eyes so WEIRD.

No. 26306

Yup, under 18.5 is considered underweight.

No. 26307

I just did my BMI. It's 18.2 and I'm ONE POUND underweight. Oh noe.

No. 26308

Cool, no one gives a shit

No. 26309

Look. I don't give a fuck how much aly is apparently eating if she's not gaining any weight. that's not recovery. you have to meet an amount that fits the requirements for your body to restore weight in order to recover. she writes about how she wakes up with headaches, it's probably because she doesn't eat enough and she's fatigued for all we know. even if she's eating, i once again don't give a fuck because it must obviously not enough and it's infuriating because she's preaching 'real recovery' when real recovery is GOING THROUGH THE SHITTY PHASE OF WATER RETENTION AND BLOATING AND HEALING AND RAPID WEIGHT GAIN not living as a skeleton. I was IP after being at a BMI of 12.6 and I was hypermetabolic, I gained 1kg initially and then I lost weight after the next week of following meal plan 1, THEN MY DIETICIAN UPPED MY MEAL PLAN, AND SHE ENDED UP INCREASING IT 3 TIMES OVER THE COURSE OF 5 WEEKS and I was gaining properly on meal plan 3. I am so infuriated I have no words. I used to get weighed twice weekly too, and I had OBS and blood-tests done daily, along with a bone density scan.

No. 26310

That's so fucked up and sad
From normal teenage girl to freaky ana to walking corpse

No. 26311

fuck this i'm sick of her

No. 26312

Yeah, she was and could be so pretty :<

No. 26313

Oh god I think it's a booger.

No. 26314

Well fuck you. I've got 26k followers on my insta recovery account and all I posted was my first ensure fortimel.

Either that or she's snorting some kind of powder.

No. 26315

what's with the monolids? she doesn't have them at a healthy weight, is that a side effect of the weight loss or am i seeing things

No. 26316

I think it's just a the video. She appears to have normal lids in pictures where she's not stupidly staring at her food.
(For those who don't know what monolids are since I didn't, top is monolid, bottom is not: http://media.photobucket.com/user/surgicalpathology/media/eyelid/eyelid1.jpg.html?filters[term]=double%20eyelid&filters[primary]=images )

No. 26317

I cant stand how she pulls her sunglasses down her nose. Super unflattering on an already ugly face.

No. 26318

File: 1442035523922.png (119.7 KB, 674x505, Screenshot 2015-09-12 at 12.22…)

>legit curious about these, Google
>Sprout just so happens to like the lowest-calorie one at a whopping 120 calories

Sprout is so disordered, Instagram was good for her because once in a while people called her out on her shit, but on her blog all she has are fans praising her for how well she's doing. Congratulations on somehow being alive after maintaining a skeleton frame for two years, Sprout.

No. 26319

can we just leave sprout alone? I don't even find her lol worthy, just sad to be honest

No. 26320

I always thought it was some freaky thing she was doing with her eyeshadow. Now I think it's because her eyes are always puffy, but idk why.

No. 26321

That link comes out as some pink splodge of germ looking microscope thingy. Did you mean to link to this:
That bottom one is double eyelid with an Epicanthic fold. I've got that because of Asian heritage. Aly hasn't got monolid or the fold. Her eyes just look puffy and tired.

No. 26322


OH it's called a monolid because there's absolutely no crease! I always thought it was just overlapping the actual crease and the top of the lid was sitting on the eyelashes, LOL.

No. 26323

There's a tape some monolid women use to give the look of a crease. It sounds like it'd be really annoying (especially since I can't stand wearing false eyelashes). Eye shadow for monolids must be so difficult. It aint too great with the fold tbh.

No. 26324

Actually, ever since I gave up on Western eyeshadow tutorials (they are all about "faking a crease" with dark shadow) and taking inspiration from Asian tutorials I'm much happier with how my eyeshadow looks. I don't even have full monolids, just puffy eyes with a very low crease.

No. 26325

Slim gene

Ur fatlogic is hanging out.

No. 26326

File: 1442055797548.jpg (50.92 KB, 287x321, done.jpg)

Oh wow, even the emaciated 14-year-old is done with Aly's shit.

No. 26327

Yikes, wtf? I did mean that link, and thank you for fixing it!

No. 26328

File: 1442055957253.png (23.05 KB, 834x136, not right.png)

No. 26329


are priests vulnerable?
is dante a sensitive guy with a lot of feelings?

No. 26330

I lol'd for real.

No. 26331

OHH priests <3 Gabriel Byrne in Stigmata omg <33333333333333333

No. 26332

Me @ aly

No. 26333

rush this farmer to the damn hospital asap

No. 26334

She looks so cute in top left. Bottom is completely busted, I'd think she was 40 or something if I saw her out.

How much do these cost? Why would you eat this? Just scramble an egg, it takes five minutes. But I guess that's too many calories for her.

No. 26335

Crap, I work at Target and I forgot to check, haha. I think it's something like $2. Definitely not worth it when frying up an egg and throwing in veggies and cheese is so easy.

No. 26336

They buy t because they think the labels are accurate regarding calories when they really aren't. There have been a few instances of people sending food to labs and finding that the caloric value is greater than advertised. It's really just an estimate because unless it's something super uniform (like a beverage) each batch will be slightly different and it's not uncommon for there to be differences depending on the site of manufacture.

No. 26337

I feel sorry for her. Maybe it is because I've experienced ED on my own skin, but even if it's been over for like, 5 years, I have teary eyes every damn time I look at girls like Aly and Ashley. It's just sad to see a woman becoming a walking corpse. Just sad.

No. 26338

>under 18.5 is considered underweight

for adults. BMI is even less accurate for kids/adolescents. and yea, the super happy blonde child is still an adolescent for a few more years. Its not unusual for a teen to be healthy at a bmi of 17-18.

No. 26339

She just looks so ill in that group photo, her chest her face :-/ wish she could see it! How long will this carry on?!

No. 26340


> I'm no more the "anorexic girl"

How can she even write this?

No. 26341

Ash turns 25 soon.

No. 26342

She admitted she struggled today, but as soon as she'd eaten all was forgotten. Infuriating!

No. 26343

I wonder if she'll make it to 30.

No. 26344


Pretty? Girl, are you blind?

No. 26345

It's called having preferences.

No. 26346

Wishful thinking?

No. 26347

Damn, I started following Ash two birthdays ago and I didn't even think she'd make it to one more.

No. 26348

It's quite an improvement, considering her past. And her video was quite nice, she had that "no no no" head movement again but maybe it's just a thing she does, I have some weird little movements I can't control either and I don't have an ED or anything.
That being said, she looks horrible and clearly hasn't gained any weight so…

No. 26349

Not really an improvement. She's been doing the "I'm struggling but food made it better!" bit for months now, since people accused her of never struggling. The only difference now is that she talks in third person about how "Alice wanted it!" If anything, I'd think that's worse…

No. 26350

File: 1442141178054.jpg (69.21 KB, 524x558, aly no.jpg)

(also he looks hella uncomftable k e k )

No. 26351

File: 1442141415344.jpg (94.75 KB, 828x542, ahahhahahah.jpg)

"deeeep"O h MT y G oD aly get ahold of yourself that shit's average

No. 26352

File: 1442141863332.jpg (40.42 KB, 480x512, tumblr_lx6qudlIsS1qe0s8zo1_500…)

She should have a mug of hot chocolate every day like this!

No. 26353

File: 1442141992704.jpg (94.54 KB, 365x265, dejContenu1Visuel.jpg)

Or at least like this. Wouldn't this be a great breakfast for her? She could eat the cookies as an after breakfast dessert :>

No. 26354

File: 1442143960178.jpg (8.88 KB, 133x53, Capture.JPG)

You can see it in his eyes…
he is tired of this shit and wants to get out

No. 26355

OMFG that's what I thought too! EAT, ALY, FFS.

No. 26356

Oh no, she's saves cups like those for coffee in the hospital.

No. 26357

File: 1442153833576.jpg (39.65 KB, 411x406, eat shit.jpg)

no aly you do not need to slice up your banana into your speckul fruit bowl and arrangE IT SYMMETRICALLY JUST EAT IT LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING JFC

No. 26358

dat wrist tendon :^(

No. 26359

That's how eating disorders work though. You just have to pull yourself together like Aly said.

No. 26360

>Really, weather sensitivity sucks Am I the only one who suffers badly bc of that?

No, Aly. Most people are. You're not special. Stfu about it.

No. 26361

Step 1: eat and stop giving in to the anxiety because it won't go away
Step 2: eat
Step 3: sit through the anxiety because this particular bout will pass
Step 4: realize you are not special and this is common

No. 26362

her new video: "other day, utter crap."

now you can't unhear it.

No. 26363

I think she does look sort of… excited in that one? And like she doesn't totally hate having to eat. I kind of felt sorry for her when I saw that one :(

No. 26364

As someone who has am anxiety disorder (eds belong to that family) this is a huge party of treatment: being familiar with the anxiety and learning to sit with it until it passes. I hate this modern health movement that teaches people to avoid the anxiety and everything and smugness that makes them anxious. No one gets anything done that way…you don't get better you just stagnate.

No. 26365


What "modern health movement"? Exposure therapy is basically the go-to method for EDs and many (but not all) forms of anxiety.

No. 26366

they were talking about anxiety avoidance, aka distraction instead of feeling it and knowing what it is

No. 26367

I'd be uncomfortable too if a skeleton had its claws around me and tried to kiss me with its mouth anus.

No. 26368

ash should do this instead of complaining she doesn't have any energy on her tumblr.

No. 26369

can anyone tell me what is being said in the comments on her newest video?

No. 26370

That icecream is literally untouched. What did she do while he was eating his? God, this is so infuriating.

It's probably one of those 200ml cups you get in most restaurants.

No. 26371

"I don't want to be on the fucking Internet."
I hope her brother discovers 4chan.

No. 26372


By modern health movement I meant encouraging people with anxiety or other mental illness avoidance and self-diagnosis instead of seeking treatment and dealing with the mental illness. Exposure therapy and CBT strategies have been around a while anon, and I wasn't talking about those.

No. 26373

File: 1442178909476.jpg (101.56 KB, 497x881, image.jpg)

I attempted to photoshop ash lol

No. 26374

I'm pro-life and she sounds like a fucking idiot

No. 26375

File: 1442184267305.jpg (95.18 KB, 631x553, 2.JPG)

Haha - YES!

That hand movement she does is so annoying.

She was taking pics of course so she didn't have to eat.

No. 26376

She's going to Disneyland with Jackie.

No. 26377

YOU GO GIRL (now please, please, please seek professional help so you don't die yourself)

I am loving all of these comments. Aly's façade seems to finally be crumbling.

No. 26378

I thought she looked excited too? Or at least, she looks a bit more comfortable in front of the camera (but she still looks awkward as fuck)

No. 26379

Well if she has been starving herself, she probably is excited to be eating that food, and it probably tastes amazing. I highly doubt that she's eating anywhere near enough to gain weight, though, even if she's indulging in all of these lush, superlicious, delish treats. Er, I mean, "recovery wins."

No. 26380

I've never heard of this. Who would encourage self-diagnosis besides tumblr users?

No. 26381

I guess when you said "movement" I thought you meant something that was happening in clinical and academic settings rather than social media.

No. 26382

File: 1442191180824.png (2.21 MB, 1456x2976, Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 5.34…)

Aaaaahhhhh people always look so weird in video stills

No. 26383

Gah her hair is so fried

No. 26384

File: 1442198619516.jpg (48.28 KB, 626x264, ss.JPG)



No. 26385

I was really hoping you'd be wrong, but it looks like you called it. Videos are indeed going to be a regular thing.

No. 26386

I'm sorry but oh my god no.
That make up is way too heavy and dark, anon, especially for her pale skin. You also need to fix her eyebrows because the pencil look has never looked good on anyone.

No. 26387

When Aly deleted all of her posts before June, her post count went down to 690. That was a few days ago, and even though she posts like 7 pictures a day, it's at 698. I wonder what the hell she's deleting now.

No. 26388

I wonder what brought her to start making them in the first place.

No. 26389

To prove to all "the haters" that she really does eat what she posts. Eats a whole first bite. We'll never see her eat the last bite of a meal.

No. 26390

True, but I guess Instagram only allows 15 second videos. Honestly I hope she doesn't discover YouTube and start making longer videos of her eating because the one video where she was struggling was just painful.

No. 26391

you meant the German ones that she deleted? Basically all the same stuff we discuss here.

No. 28725

Why was this moved?

No. 28740

Yeah, i thought we all agreed aly was pretty lolcow-ish?

No. 28741

I don't know why it was moved either…

No. 28752

I personally don't think it belongs in /snow/. Especially if Ember's fucking thread is still in /pt/.

It seems like some mod is on a kick of moving threads wherever they want so there's a bunch of new threads in this board now.

I guarantee Dakota's thread will be moved too, just to appease the assholes who constantly bitch about it.

No. 28769

What does everything stand for? Like snow, pt, b, g..
I never knew. And now that this is moved I'm even more curious

No. 28776

File: 1442210961198.png (16.84 KB, 498x320, ?.png)


No. 28784

Ember's thread was moved too.

No. 28785

oh boy.

No. 28789

It does feel as if a mod is going on a moving spree because way too many threads got moved from pt to here. What is even left on pt at this point?

No. 28790

Pretty much all is explained there.

No. 28792

File: 1442212444655.gif (446.21 KB, 250x194, tumblr_lzjzdpl4Qp1qm6oc3o2_250…)

No. 28800

newfags fucking everywhere.

Anyway, especially with this spree of moving threads, I wonder what is the main difference between what that belongs in /pt/ and what belongs in /snow/. There isn't even a clear distinction in the rules between the two types of threads.

No. 28804

I'm not sure, either. The distinction between a "snowflake" and a "lolcow" seems pretty fuzzy. I liked it better before /snow/, TBH. It meant that I only had to check one board for my dramu fix instead of two.

No. 28808

I guess the only distinction between what belongs in /snow/ and what belongs in /pt/ is that "snowflakes are not nearly as entertaining as lolcows." And it is entirely up to the moderators to determine where a thread should be.

Which makes sense, I guess.. But Aly's thread is almost always on the front page of /pt/. Usually it's more obvious to me if a thread doesn't really belong there, but I guess I'm just a lowly poster, so I don't have any say in what goes where.

No. 28809

File: 1442219008544.png (183.52 KB, 1140x494, Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.06…)

Holy fuck, she is so full of shit it's unbelievable. No ED specialist with a lick of sense would keep a severely emaciated anorexic on such a minimal meal plan for MONTHS while they shows no signs of improvement (and are possibly even deteriorating). It's pretty normal to have your meal plan increased every week, sometimes even more frequently, and that goes for EVERYONE, not just super special ~extreme anorexics~ like Aly. She's far from the only anorexic who's gotten down to a low BMI, and I don't understand why she thinks she's such a special case.

If she was in a treatment program here in the US, she'd be expected to gain ~1-3 lbs. per WEEK. If she wasn't gaining weight, she'd have her meal plan increased. She'd be having regular meal plan increases regardless, ESPECIALLY since she's so underweight. If she has been eating what she claims to have been eating, there's no way on earth she'd be at risk of refeeding syndrome after months upon months of eating all of the "superlicious" food she posts pictures of.

>This is the FIRST part of real recovery since it's hard to a girl who suffered for such a long time of anorexia to follow a diet. The intake is linked to my high level of underweight (doctors agree that they can't immediately fuel my body with an higher intake or it will get mad and it will risk to be damaged).

Aly, you are a fucking moron and a liar.

I've known many people who have been anorexic for FAR longer than her, and, upon entering treatment (at "high level[s] of underweight"), they were able to become weight restored in a matter of months. That's the typical course, not languishing in a state of extreme emaciation for the better part of a year while claiming to be eating and gaining weight. Just as an example, I was diagnosed with AN over 12.5 years ago; I maintained a BMI ~14 for many years and then recently dropped down to ~11 after a combination of an illness and a relapse. I started working with a dietitian and I've gained the weight I'd lost and more in the time Aly's been out of the hospital. I shouldn't get personally involved in this, but it makes me really fucking mad to see her spreading this complete bullshit around and having at least some people actually believe it. THIS IS NOT HOW RECOVERY WORKS, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

I'm going to stop foaming at the mouth over this and go actually eat some food. I'm not going to photograph it, and it's going to enter my mouth and pass through my digestive system. Magic.

No. 28814

File: 1442226534248.png (339.94 KB, 1170x820, Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.24…)

More fucking cuntiness from Queen Ana.
>As some of you may know, to follow a diet given by specialists is not that easy to a girl who suffer/suffered of an ED, so pls stop telling me that "this is not enough" since doctors' aim is NOT to blow me up like a balloon but to restore a too-long-time-underweight body first. They know what they're doing: it's a long process but it's working
How fucking insulting to her followers who are on meal plans with two or more times the calories she's eating. She's so special she gets to "gain weight" at the rate of like 1 lb. per month, but her followers have to "blow up like balloons." She wasn't underweight for all that long. Look at the women who are in their 40s, 50s, even older who have had anorexia and been severely underweight for decades. I hate these bitches who think their anorexia is so unique and special that the normal protocols of ED treatment, as well as the laws of nature, don't apply to them.

No. 28833

Yeah, her constant "I've had SEVERE anorexia for MANY years" is so obnoxious. I mean she's quite underweight, but she's not unusual for someone with AN, and she hasn't been ill for very long. It's been like 2 years including her actual period of recovery like a year ago.

And the fact that she has NOT actually been ill for very long is relevant to her treatment, because the earlier in the disorder someone has real weight restoration, therapy, and remission/recovery the better their lifelong prognosis. The longer she fucks around maintaining a low weight and ED behaviors, the harder it will be–physically and psychologically–for her to REALLY REALLY #realrecover if she ever does decide to attempt that.

No. 28840

in recovery for anorexia at a bmi as low as hers, she'd be eating upwards of 2k calories per day..they make you eat TONS. and its not exactly the healthiest food. full meals and snacks every day..its sad theres people in the community that believe she is recovering, i dont know blind they can be. especially when aly looks more and more emaciated with every photo…

No. 28841

File: 1442241212523.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-14-15-28-19…)

She's deleted every single photo from before hospital, but compare the photo of her white striped jumper two days ago and 14wks ago, absolutely no difference. And facially looks more frail now.

No. 28842

File: 1442241258638.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-14-15-29-52…)

No. 28852

Yeah, I have known people who were in recovery who had to eat 3000, 3500, even 5000+ calories/day. Some of them were drinking like 8 fucking supplement drinks along with their meals and snacks…

Jesus. That's really telling. I simply don't understand how people can tell her that she looks better/healthier now.

No. 28853

OT, but I'm surprised to see Aly moved to /snow/ after 7 or 8 straight threads about her

No. 28855

My best bet is that she doesn't believe that herself but is trying to convince the people who follow her of it. I think most anorexics are aware that to recover they have to gain weight and that you need to eat. A lot.

No. 28856


Me too.

Comments pulling her up on her inconsiderate caption though.

No. 28870

I almost think that's one of the reasons she's been dicking around for so long, is so she can claim she's been anorexic for years, rather than just a year. I mean, she's not exactly ashamed of her ED–quite the opposite, she seems proud. Due to that, she's going to keep faking recovery.

Yikes, she does look even worse now.

No. 28873

White and Asian women are seriously fucked up in the head.(underage/insufferable)

No. 28888

File: 1442253015251.png (909.36 KB, 596x589, pghj.PNG)

Here's Ginger's latest meal of apples(?) covered in dirt and eggshells

Inb4 tumblr/pull/mpatards take the bait.

No. 28889

File: 1442253099442.png (756.89 KB, 571x586, selfie.PNG)

And her latest #veganselfie. Her legs look shopped to me, look how the one on the left bends…

No. 28892

I'm bothered that this thread was moved. If anyone belongs on this board it's Kaka.

No. 28894

Maybe she just has weird knees?

No. 28895

I moved the thread myself. I intend on moving some more threads as well.

I will provide a clearer description of how /pt/ and /snow/ are separated later today. Rule of thumb: ED girls other than Ashley generally belong in /snow/.

This post is a good example of one of the reasons I moved it.

No. 28901

File: 1442257283437.png (1.53 MB, 619x3159, Aly 9-14-2015.png)

Yeah they are. I'm surprised Aly hasn't deleted the comments yet. I'm also surprised that there are still people defending Aly's "weight gain" after three fucking months of this "new beginning" #realrecovery bullshit. Do they not have eyes?

No. 28912

I feel like the only boards that are going to be left in PT are Pixyteri's and Kooters at this point.

No. 28920

Even fangirl living_for_rap is getting concerned.

and Penus. I hope /pt/ isn't just going to be lols at mentally ill people like Margo and spawn, Ashya, Pixy at the expense of them being funny mentals. With Aly (and some others moved) they're ridiculous because of their damaging behaviour. Still, not my board so I'll hush my mouth.

No. 28922

File: 1442260731296.jpg (13.35 KB, 552x103, yeah how come.JPG)

Her explanations just don't wash with some people and that gives me some hope.

No. 28929

Some people. I just wish it was all people.

No. 28939

Guessing that notdeadyetpool is a farmer? Whatever, love them.

No. 29077

You moved it because newfags exist? lol I'm sorry but that doesn't make any sense.
I get how Aly is more of a special snowflake rather than an lolcow, but just give that reason rather than blame users.

No. 29082

>You moved it because newfags exist?
No. Rather, a contributing cause to its movement is the type of posters in this and similar threads (such as Ember's). It is not the only reason, though. This one definitely also isn't as bad as some of the others when it comes to posters.

The number of threads in /pt/ will continue to decrease, though it will certainly not be restricted to mentally ill people.

No. 29137

Is she puffing her cheeks out like an idiot in that "OMG my cappuccino is as big as my head" picture to illustrate how she feels about ACTUAL recovery, or as she calls it, being "blown up like a balloon"?

No. 29140

Is she supposed to be blowing on her HUGE cappucino or doing a kissy face and trying not to look so gaunt?

Apart from her ED, this girl's got some other mental illnesses going on even if she denies it.

No. 29141

She must dread getting up every morning knowing she has to spend hours deleting the previous night's comments.

It makes me rage how she has a "bad wake up" when it's cloudy outside. I mean, I know she has zero life and zero responsibility but oh boo hoo poor little princess looks out her window and sees clouds and is all depressed.

No. 29143

She's lucky she gets as much sun as she does in Italy. UK is raining every fucking day. She's intolerable. I expect all she does is complain.

No. 29147

So who is this friend that Ash hung out with?

No. 29299

Jackie, duh. No one else would come near that vomit-smelling mess.

No. 29302

Ah, gotcha!

Right? Like gosh, I wish my life was so easy that the worst thing to happen during the day is that there were clouds.

No. 29303

Who the hell is Jackie?

No. 29730

Everyone was new at some point…

No. 29986

Legit mentally challenged only rl friend of Ash.

No. 30012

(I'm >>29077) Yup, and newfags is the term for all new people, not just uninformed ones.
Tbh I had never been to /snow/ until this thread was moved here, so maybe I'm not fit to call someone a newfag either.

No. 30013

A large discussion was held in https://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta tonight with about 40 users, and though there were some opposers at first, there was near-unanimous agreement that this thread should remain in /snow/.

No. 30035

Oh yes I was pretty much agreeing with you lol. Like everyone is new at some point so yes you are right that it wouldnt really make sense to have that be the reason.

No. 30036

Gotcha lol. I thought you didn't like the term newfag. My bad!

No. 30039

Nah, she just has weird knees.

Plus, let's be real here: Ginger would not photoshop herself thinner. Getting thin is not her goal. It's eating and being healthy, and unfortunately, she's ironically doing it to an unhealthy extent. She's skinny (well, emaciated) because she overexercises and doesn't get enough calories.

No. 30040

lol yeah those comments are all still up, I wonder if Aly just didn't go back and look at the comments on her old posts or what? sloppy sloppy

No. 30054

Aly woke up to a panic attack (who cares). Isn't her weigh-in today?

No. 30061

I wonder if she'll share her weigh in info. I honestly do hope one day it's actually healthy. It's hard to tell how much worse she's gotten though since I used to go off of her sternum… it always seemed to get more noticeable. :( as far as her face I can't tell personally. It seems worse than her hospital pics but how much worse is hard to say.

I wonder if in her mind she actually has tricked herself into believing she's getting better. So when she defends herself she feels she is 100% in the right.

No. 30073

>omorrow I'm going to the usual Day Hospital Control but this time I'm scared like hell I'm FREAKIN affraid of had lost weight during the last month bc of too much movement/too low calories diet

No shiiiiiit

No. 30074

You plan on explaining why?

No. 30075

I don't get you people. She shares her struggles?
>No one cares.
She doesn't share her struggles?
>Well, she needs to. She'spainting a false view of recovery.

Seriously, pick one.

No. 30078

Aw, that's sad. No one should get involved with Ash, it never ends well.

No. 30082

It's hard to take anything Aly says seriously since she's obviously lost weight over time yet still pretends she's gaining. She SHOULD be freaking out, she knows she's lost some weight most likely and is scared of getting caught.

No. 30083

So how is she gonna bitch everyone out for saying she doesn't eat enough, and then say she's scared of the weigh in.. because she doesn't eat enough???

And go on and on and on about how her diet is fine because ~muh meal plan~ but then blame her weight loss on her meal plan?????

And then block everyone who says "uh isn't this exactly what everyone was trying to tell you"????

No. 30086

I'm waiting for her to delete the caption and block herself being a hater to herself.
Apparently she's not lulzy or a famous long term scammer and doesn't fit the guidelines for full blown lolcow. :/

The padded bra on the accompanying pic though. Jeez.



No. 30087

Oh and ash gets lolcow status because of her longtime shitty behaviour.

No. 30088

Excuse spazziness of that post with numbers. My phone's being a dick.

No. 30089

File: 1442321364548.png (1.9 MB, 1196x1198, Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 5.15…)

Well, it really looks to me like she's lost weight, but I don't know how vigilant the people weighing her are. She might easily be able to fake some weight gain, but it's just going to get harder and harder for her to keep that up as more time goes by. I've had some healthcare providers insist that I be weighed in only a hospital gown, no underwear, no jewelry whatsoever, and I had to do jumping jacks to "prove" that I wasn't hiding any weights anywhere (I guess they figured they'd fall out if you stuck them somewhere, unless they were up your ass - I wonder if anyone ever tried that?). I've also had healthcare providers weigh me with all my clothes on, including my 20-eyelet Docs and peacoat with my iPod, cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. in the pockets. What you're wearing combined with water weight, food weight, and poop weight could add up to like…I don't know, maybe 10 pounds one way or the other. Just one reason why Aly should be being weighed MUCH more frequently than she currently is is that you can't get a very accurate picture of someone's weight if you only weigh them once or twice a month since your weight naturally fluctuates so much.

Fitty dolla says that her "doctor" or whoever she's seeing at ~Day Hospital Control~ tells her to go straight to the hospital, do not pass go, do not return to university, do not keep fucking around and pretending to gain weight while teetering on the brink of death. Whether or not she goes, and whether or not she posts about it on Instagram, I can't predict. If she doesn't get hospitalized soon, though, I'm afraid she's going to fucking drop dead. I hope tomorrow is a wakeup call/intervention for her, but I have the feeling that she'll find some way to wiggle out of actually having to take any real steps toward REAL recovery (not to be confused with her BS #realrecovery).

She's so contradictory and all over the place, who the fuck even knows. Her meal plan is ~right for her~ and she's gaining weight just fine and being monitored by a bunch of specialists who are super happy with her amazing #realrecovery progress…buuuuuut she's scared to death that she's lost weight. I'm scratching my head, too.

I was going to comment about the padded bra. It looks so ridiculous on her emaciated frame. No one's going to think that's natural. And daaayuuumnnnn, those baggy pants…quite a change from her old look of super-tight clothing shirts and miniskirts that showed off her skelelegs. The way she's posing also kind of makes me think of Zoolander.

Oh, and this dessert is so fucking tiny it's absurd. Look at how huge that raspberry is.

No. 30090

you'd be surprised, many AN girls put weight on their vaginas

No. 30092

Holy shit anon, you said literally exactly what I was about to say about how tiny is and the raspberry for comparison.
Raspberries are usually not much bigger than like the top half of your thumb.
Who the fuck does she think she's fooling. Fuck sake.

No. 30094

Wow, that LUSH dessert must be a whole 40 calories!

No. 30095

File: 1442325612626.jpg (8.28 KB, 300x248, 416F66RTE0L._SX300_.jpg)

Are you serious? Jesus, I've never heard of anyone doing that. Weights strapped to legs, rolls of coins, etc. I've heard of but…what do you even put in your vagina? I'm picturing one of these things and just cringing.

No. 30096

I had to laugh my ass off when I saw her "eating" the baby spoon and her English is horrible.

No. 30109

File: 1442328912189.png (22.39 KB, 726x288, lol.PNG)

off-topic but another forum has a thread about ginger that i follow, one of the users there found lolcow and got triggered

No. 30110

There are those little round metal weights you use for old-fashioned kitchen scales.

No. 30111

GOMI? It's a stupid site anyway.

No. 30114

yeah, their ginger thread is much more active than the discussion here so i check it from time to time. it's an odd site, they all seem to be 30+ years old and they will get really mad if you call a fat person fat but any other aspect of their appearance/life is fair game. kind of like the inverse lolcow. sage for offtopic

No. 30115

gomi confirmed for fat soccer moms

No. 30116

Gomi has said some pretty nasty things about ginger that make this site look tame. Someone sent ginger the link to gomi and they were all ashamed for like 5 min lol.

No. 30118

The funniest thing is that Partypants (owner/mod of GOMI) is actually in her 40's, yet pretends to be much younger.

No. 30119

Yeah I've seen people saying "What a stupid little bitch, I want to smack her" and stuff along those lines. Like wtf? She's a teenager with an ED, just laugh at her horrible food and dumb selfies. IDK why they get so mad at her.

No. 30128

Did you see the creepy psychoanalytic essay some gomi user wrote about ginger on p 230 of the thread? Too big for me to screenshot.

No. 30129


Partypants needs her own thread. She gets sooooo butthurt and posts nasty, mean shit about all kinds of women when like… her life is objectively way worse than theirs. She's a middle aged fat women who runs a site dedicated to talking shit about people but is on such a high horse.

Most notably Natalie Jean(who is definitely a tryhard bitch don't get me wrong) but Alice talks SO MUCH SHIT about her on her thread when Natalie is cuter, skinnier, wealthier, etc than her

No. 30132

File: 1442337011096.jpg (10.59 KB, 224x224, conventional is safe.jpg)

>nice and normal

No. 30134

We (or rather I, since I wrote the comment) didn't give a shit about her panic attack because it's always solved with positivity and cappuccinos. It's annoying as hell.

However, Aly proved me wrong today, for once! She struggled, admitted why, and has a viable plan to help with it. THIS is the kind of struggling that I want to see. Not just vague "Anxiety but superposi thoughts pushed it all out!" She might actually be growing as a person, might actually be somewhat recovering.
Don't get me wrong though; she has a long way to go. This might be a step in the right direction though.

No. 30135

Agree. Not only that, but she also neglects her animals, apparently.

No. 30136

File: 1442338618723.jpg (371.5 KB, 925x772, weigh in tomorrow.jpg)

Y'all are slacking, by the way. I know we're in /snow/ now, but screenshots, people! I suck as screenshotting long captions so I didn't want to do it myself, but oh well.

No. 30138

That dog doesn't want to be there.

No. 30139

What kind of forum is GOMI?

No. 30142

A more passive-aggressive, work-safe version of lolcow that pretends to be PC. But they're just as good (at times better…in a creepy way) at digging up info on the subjects of their gossip.

No. 30143

That's a pretty good description. I left GOMI a long time ago because everyone tends posts about them. Like in The Fit Vegan Ginger thread.

"oh I had an ED just like Anna and blahblahblah"

No. 30147

File: 1442340762965.jpg (20.94 KB, 622x132, 1.JPG)

I can't take long screen shots for some reason, but I'll do some and stick em together on paint.

This picture is awful. She looks like either a bad tranny or an old woman in a wig. Those clothes.

I solve my panic attacks with valium.

I don't believe she's any intention of gaining weight. She's freaking out because she's got weigh in tomorrow and needs to cover her tracks why she's still emaciated.

Same old I'M STILL FIGHTING ON caption when, in reality, she isn't. She's as manipulative as Ash, but in a different way.

For some reason, I also suspected she wouldn't go back to uni. Can't really say why, but maybe because she's so consumed by her ED life and doesn't show any signs of being the least bit interested in her studies.

She's DETERMINATED, but determinated to do what, idk.

When I went to GOMI the time the ginger's thread was mentioned it just seemed a place for bitter mumsy people. It's like the majority of members are older than here (even though I'm the gramma chan) and they took the conventional route in life and they fucking hate it although it makes them feel safe so they take their frustration out on there. Only they try not to come across as a bunch of cunts and we don't care. (Of course I could be wrong).

No. 30149

File: 1442340970400.jpg (47.88 KB, 616x393, thatll make a big difference.J…)

#fighting for #recovery with a BIG apple

No. 30152

A big already bitten apple! must be true she's chosen #realrecovery #howCanIfakeGainsWithNoMacdonalds

No. 30156

File: 1442341802248.png (11.4 KB, 292x123, mli.png)

No. 30336


Agreed on the thread.

I've wondered for the longest time what the fuck PP's damage is. This would actually explain a lot.

Remember when she begged people on her old blog for donation so she could go and get wasted? I think it was discussed on the Blogtalk forums before it closed.

No. 30337

She's waiting on the Lord.

No. 30339

The armchair psychoanalyzing at GOMI is pretty appalling, esp. the things about ginger that they were insinuating about her and her family with no evidence.

Wait, you're racist granmma-chan??

No. 30340

I just screenshot and post in paint too, lol. That's why I say I suck at them. There are others who take fine screenshots though, so I wasn't sure why they didn't post. Not a huge deal though!

As for Aly's panic attacks, I doubt they're serious enough to warrant valium. She pushes through 98% of them with superposi thoughts so they must be mild, if they can even be considered panic attacks.
Of course, you're right that she's spouting the same stuff. I'm just surprised she'd admit she lost weight before the fact. If anything, I expect her to go to her weigh-in and "have a breakdown" because she didn't realize she wasn't eating enough.
Then again, this gives her the option to claim the meal plan increase as her own. She's never going to recover if she doesn't give up some of her control issues.

No. 30343

File: 1442344191689.jpg (36.9 KB, 288x113, 6.JPG)

noooooo, not racist gramma-chan. wasn't she a friend of Ash's? i can't remember where she came from. no, i'm old but not racist.

aye, she probably gets feelings of heightened anxiety on waking, but erm coffee?

Upside down, ginge looks like a demon btw.

No. 30346

File: 1442344405658.png (318.06 KB, 301x488, g.png)

I need to learn how to do PS. Paint's shit.

No. 30353


Agreed about PP/Alice. She'll try to give fashion advice and she's always conspicuously smoking and drinking and affecting this ~*edgy*~ attitude, and it all comes across as really insecure and juvenile, but everyone kisses her ass. She does literally the same things she attacks bloggers for, and seems totally oblivious to it.
I read GOMI for the internal drama as much as the blogger snark tbh.

No. 30354

Oh, make her a snowflake. I want to know more.

No. 30359

Fuckkkkk now I'm imagining clenching your vag to try to keep in like 2 kg of metal weights while you get on the scale


No. 30363

I'd read a gomi thread, not just partypants but all the people who post there. Ginger's thread is the tip of the iceberg, there are some HUGE (!) LUSH (!) train wreck threads on there and some of those women are SUPER (sake emoji) invested in blogger's lives.

No. 30365

if i could put Aly on 1 med, it'd be zyprexa, aka Olanzapine. It'd reduce her "anxiety", but also make her ravenously hungry and super sleepy.

No. 30370

File: 1442346634970.png (636.64 KB, 692x524, Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.4…)

Dear god
>Strawberry coconut basil protein nice cream
Why, Ginger, whyyyyyy

No. 30375

"Nicecream" has become one of my ~trigger words~ now, along with "lush," "delish," "superlicious," and "nooch." They trigger homicidal rage and a desire to put my fist through my computer screen.

No. 30380

Aly tonight: I won't eat night snack because it's not in my meal plan

Aly yesterday: #realrecovery/ recovery: I often talk about the capability to go over my meal plan with extras and moments of freedom

No. 30385

She admits her meal plan is too low yet won't eat over it?? JFC Aly make up your damn mind.

No. 30389

File: 1442352197022.jpg (7.04 KB, 225x225, has no soul.jpg)

Why is it brown??

I was wondering if her comment about losing weight etc this morning is because she knew she couldn't load up on bulk at McDonalds. Not that there's anything to stop her pigging out tonight (after all she's admitted to binging in the past). Yeah, infuriating how she does this >>30380

Here is something that I need to know. Why is binging not BINGEING. I get the thing about not having an E before an I, but when I see binging I think of bing-ing. Someone needs to alter the dictionary and allow the e.

No. 30390

remember all those time she'd reply with, 'I am gaining' or 'i have gained' now all of a sudden it's, 'i think i've lost weight' she's deluded and a liar.

No. 30391

"bloobs" and "cuke" do the same to me

No. 30392

Actually, it could be either! I use binging because it feels more natural, but bingeing is also perfectly acceptable. The dictionary acknowledges both ways of spelling as well.

No. 30393

I heave a sigh of relief. Bingeing. Typing it that way feels like a warm, cozy blanket being wrapped around me. Nice.

No. 30394

I'd like to see the day Aly actually apologises to all the people she's blocked or been pissy with over their concern. That'd be a sign of #realrecovery to me, although she might've always been a big bitch in life so…

No. 30395

File: 1442353744724.jpg (35.9 KB, 652x262, lost in translation.JPG)

No. 30402



No. 30408

Her hands look more disgusting than ever here, and you can see her hipbone sticking out of her shirt.

I mean, she's in the shot doing a model pose, so obviously it's artistic. Gotta remember she worships herself.

No. 30434

Why does she have so many veins in her face?

No. 30437

Nm, I'm a dumbass, I didn't realize that the image was flipped upside down and I have the same veins on my eyelids.

No. 30449

She's wearing baggy clothes but she still looks spoopy as shit. Her head is wider than her body.

No. 30453

File: 1442362158093.jpg (384.64 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nup112yNOV1upnbl4o2_128…)

I wonder why she changed from wearing skin tight clothes to show off her spoopiness to wearing baggy clothes? Does she think it makes her look like she's gaining? AND WHY DOES SHE WEAR HER PANTS SO LOW?

Posted the latest Ash in pt, posting here. She's doing the blown up like a balloon thing.

No. 30454

Me again. I HATED those jeggings, but I DETEST those harem things.

No. 30458

Because realrecovery means shopping at Chico's.

No. 30463

File: 1442363442225.jpg (42.88 KB, 450x563, 570148339_3842.jpg)

I had to google Chico's. Is it a granny store because it's like the catalogues we get with clothing for the over 50s?

No. 30468


day before weigh in: oh no i'm not gaining I THINK I LOST WEIGHT I think i need to increase

No. 30470

Those are also on my ~trigger~ list.

OK, I lol'd.
Yes, it's a middle-aged/old lady store.

No. 30472

Anyone here believe she doesn't count calories and doesn't obsessively weigh herself? No, me neither.

No. 30475

I am having a hearty chuckle over all of the times she went on and on about "extra calories? don't care!" "restriction after a SUPER caloric lunch? no way! this is #realrecovery!" "going over my meal plan for this superlicious (!) HUGE #recoverywin? dang yes!" etc.

No. 30476

The lulziest comment came today though:

>Even tho the struggles (last post) I WON'T give up FOR SURE and I'm even more motivated to FIGHT instead So #morningsnack from early has been a biiig and super juicy apple

Fighting hard with a fucking APPLE.

No. 30479

I never understand why places like school or the doctor's office sometimes ask you to be weighed or have your height measured "with shoes". "Height with shoes"??? None of that makes sense!

LOLOLOL! You know what kind of fucking ice cream is nice? The REAL kind :>

Also, Ginger blocked me on IG! I feel like a big fat fag for not saving a screenshot of my comment and I forgot which photo it was :P Someone else commented about how she looks healthy or something and I replied that anyone (especially any doctor) who thinks she looks healthy has a totally skewed perspective.

No. 30480

She wears her pants low bc she's gangsta.

Plus, harem pants don't have belt loops and that shit's probably falling off. She's deffo trying to look "bigger" for instagram. Even after she stopped with the jeggings, she was wearing off-shoulder tops and such; then it took until like last week for her to realize that maybe she'd catch less shit if she stopped flashing sternum. It's probably hard for her to not show off those bones she's so proud of.

She's good with choosing photos that don't show her upper arms, even in sleeveless tops, though the fact that she's out sleeveless in public (and I doubt she had cover ups over her bikinis for that entire seaside holiday) makes me think that she's not trying to hide her lack of gainz from anyone BUT people on instagram. Her poor family probably gets to see her without all the coverups.

Today I was at a superstore getting groceries, and I saw some flowy, paisley pants that made me think of Aly. At checkout I saw a lady in her 20s who was wearing flowy paisley pants similar to the ones I saw on the rack. Maybe it's a thing right now? I don't follow fashion trends, so i wouldn't know.

No. 30482

My doc's the same as other anons. I get weighed wearing combat boots and coat. Sometimes I wonder if they've got some special powers to actually know how much specific articles of clothing weigh. Then I realise he's just a lazy twat who hasn't got time to wait for me to take my stuff off.

All of this I say HELL YES.

I haven't seen pants like Aly's on anyone under 55. All her clothes look like she bought them from the local market who cater for the mature woman.

No. 30484

File: 1442367477154.png (353.35 KB, 960x540, jesusfuckingchrist.png)

I seriously hate her so. much. so much. Either night snack IS in your plan and you're just ignoring it, or it's not in your plan but you're still choosing not to "go over" (hint: a night snack is in a real fucking plan).

The cognitive dissonance is just…RIGHT after she posts that she's worried the plan "isn't enough" (because it MUST be "the plan" and not HER) but night snack is not in her plan so, oh well, what's a girl to do, la dee da.

I wanted to login and call her on her bs but IG isn't letting me sign in right now. Will give 1000 nightsnacks to whoever does it.

No. 30488

I'm blocked but seriously debating with myself if I should make just one more account to post at her.

If anyone here as an account with no followers, you should give your url here and others can follow so she can't call you out on "fake" account. I'm going to make mine private and upload shit loads of crap to make it look real.

No. 30489

some docs will just automatically deduct 3 lbs or so in their notes to account for your clothes. But I feel like with an anorexic person they shouldn't be so cavalier with it, esp with the propensity to hide weights and such.

No. 30491

I prefer it. At 5ft 1in I need all the height I can get. I get you though, it fucks ~charts~ up n shit.

No. 30492

I just googled sample meal plans for ed recovery. They ALL have a night snack.



Most sound like the nicest part of the day = peanut butter, bananas, granola bars…

No. 30493

re: getting weighed with clothing, footwear, and even coat… I think it's pretty standard, at least in the States. Not only is it quicker, but in most cases, +/- 5lbs or so doesn't really make a difference. If you have an ED or tend to be underweight or significantly overweight, it's probably not the best way to be weighed, but that's how it is, LOL.

No. 30494

Lol, it makes no sense to me.

Yeah, it's inaccurate. Even if you're listed as taller you still know it's because of your shoes, lol.

They may as well just dispense with measurements and take one look at the person and determine their general size XD

No. 30615

LOL. An apple. Wow. I am impress.

Oh my god. My head is going to explode.

No. 31533

She said in one of her comments that the meal plan was low to allow for extras and such. If this is actually true, I think her doctor was thinking she'd add extra snacks almost daily maybe? Perhaps she was too stupid to pick up on that, and the doctor was stupid for trusting her.

No. 31534

Worst part is that it's not even that big! That's a normal size apple IMO, but then again, we're in different parts of the world. I'm sure I'm comparing her apple to my GMO apple.

No. 32019


No, it's not.

No. 32553

I wanna know where Aly gets her push-up bras. I could use some non-surgical fake tiddies to make up for my lack of boobs.

No. 32559

If true, those "professionals" really are stupid as fuck to just trust an an anorexic (especially one as severely underweight as Aly) to, of their own accord, regularly choose to eat snacks above and beyond their meal plan. If the weight gain meal plan is so low in calories that it results in weight loss even with occasional extra added snacks, it's a shitty meal plan. I can't figure out how much of this crap is Aly lying her ass off and how much of it is incompetent/underinformed/manipulated ED "professionals" at this point, though.

No. 32565

File: 1442377946810.png (2.5 MB, 1192x1192, Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.23…)

"Linguini" where? I'm assuming it's "lingui-NO" or some shit made from zucchini and stevia? And then…
>strawberry-hummus-sprout sandwich?
>green hairballs??
>eating raw celery with a fork???
Ginger pls, you're killing me here. The French "fries" look astonishingly palatable, but they probably taste plain as fuck.

No. 32575

File: 1442380270885.png (809.85 KB, 897x517, gb.PNG)

aw :( poor aly

No. 32578

She always takes a close up of the plate so people cant see how small the portion is. it's so annoying

No. 32586

It IS annoying! She shouldn't be preparing her own meals period. She should be eating exclusively stuff that either her mom makes or from a restaurant because all of her "lush (!) oil" is so minimal and she doesn't know how to make normal, non anorexia food.

No. 32587

I dunno, it looks pretty good, the green things look more like falafel. I would eat some snap peas or some other vegetable but I don't hate celery. There should be more calories there but would eat/10.

No. 32588

Of all the nights to, for once, not eat a small amount of pasta, tonight's the night. She always bloats herself up on McDonald's, so it'll be interesting to see how much she admits to losing.

No. 32595

She lost half a kilo, but of course her doctors are still happy, smh. So… does that mean she lost… half of her gainz from the day hospital control (hospital or hospital badge emoji) six weeks ago?
So much #recoverywin

No. 32601

There is no fucking way she only lost half a kilo. She MUST be faking weight. She looks so much worse than she did getting out of the hospital, and during her first weigh-in in July.
There's also no fucking way her doctors are happy. I don't believe it. Her dietician is going to increase her meal plan on their own, but of course, Aly will claim it as her own. This bitch just infuriates me!

No. 32603

Wonder if that massive hoody had anything to do with it! Doctors not disappointed with a weight loss?! Can they not see her??

No. 32610

Imagine that! The hospital isn't too happy with the fact she's still losing weight! If only they had made a better meal plan dern it!!

Also anyone else notice her basically admitting that she made up her own meal plan?

"I'm going to change my meal plan FOR SURE" ummmm thats not your job to do that????

No. 32612

File: 1442403599213.png (345.2 KB, 720x720, IMG_20150916_073705.png)

Womp womp. "May have to be rehospitalised". What a shock, whoever saw that coming?

I'm a horrible person, but at this point I would have lost it with her. I can't believe people can still be supportive and forgiving even now.

No. 32613

"living_for_rap@liveloverecovery i think she is doing good and when she increases her mealplan everything will be alright. And if people tell her she walks all time it is good for her to know what she is doing"wrong" ❤️"

What the hell else does she think people have been trying to get across to Aly for the last 3-ish months? They were blocked for their efforts. Now the rest of her enablers can walk on eggshells and do the fake posi-vibes ohgodplzdontblockme suggestions. Enjoy.

No. 32620

I hope they keep her longer this time.

No. 32623

This actually looks pretty good, besides whatever that green shit is. I'm surprised she actually ate real bread and french fries. I mean I'm assuming those ARE real french fries and not fucking fried eggplant with 70 drops of stevia or something.

No. 32625

All is going well on that side apart from: inpatient admission, bad bloods, weight too low, going on a tube
Seems to be going reallllly well

No. 32629

File: 1442408221804.jpg (285.05 KB, 1074x1513, Screenshot_2015-09-16-13-53-19…)

No. 32632

>This is not an ED hospitalization
>my weight still is too low
How delusional can you get?!