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File: 1493682731305.png (20.43 KB, 600x600, logo_png_facebook_by__caamiilo…)

No. 302400

This thread is for girls (or guys/tumblr gender) on facebook who are at least somewhat popular, in most case weebs and alternative girls. Don't talk about anyone with less than 1000 followers, this isn't for personal vendetta.

No. 302401

I'll momentarily post some girls and links for examples.

No. 302405

File: 1493683083090.jpg (62.09 KB, 601x960, 17620511_1218848948213932_5351…)

Belle Kirschner
17 year old "little" who takes pictures in lingerie and being touched on the boob by her 20 yo "daddy". constantly posting pictures of the same few outfits in groups, especially DDLG groups. Has been accused of telling girls to kill themselves, and seems like a typical 4chan slut. Not a ton of milk, but annoying and fun to nit pick.

No. 302411

No. 302414

Careful anon she's under 18 so pushing the rules of posting about minors, not to mention this whole thing stinks of a personal vendetta. Frame it as 'Facebook girls' but it still reads as a vendetta

No. 302418

File: 1493683790311.jpg (110.98 KB, 960x960, 17883512_808802909286295_32799…)

the thread was not my idea

No. 302419

sorry about that, here is the link >>>/pt/371477

No. 302430

Back up what you say with screenshots , not just words and a picture of some girl.

No. 302432

File: 1493684279142.jpg (43.87 KB, 540x960, 18195008_418418095209423_68385…)

Aakkii Cera
another 17 year old, an sjw who shows off her fat body and armpit hair constantly, and smoked her cats ashes. constantly talks about smoking underage and being a slut

No. 302433

if i post the pictures of her in lingerie is it cp?

No. 302439

No. 302441

Her page says she was born in 1996. Do the math.

No. 302442

look at her latest post, where she asks people to guess her age and then says 17 is correct.

No. 302443

when i saw this on the front page for a second there i thought that was a picture of a younger axelash

No. 302446

File: 1493684757879.jpg (32.37 KB, 514x619, 56543.jpg)

what the fuck is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

No. 302449

the tumblrinas who aren't trannies look more like guys than the fakebois

No. 302451

If all you're complaining about is some alleged underage girl who has risqué photos and no real milky screenshots of her being a self righteous cunt, or saying she supports older men dating younger girls (17 vs 20 isn't even that big of a stretch) why even post about her? This thread is pointless and either a vendetta post or self post.

No. 305900

File: 1494077314600.jpg (33.97 KB, 612x960, 18221590_1259085550856938_5723…)

apparently this is that bell girl's kanna cosplay.. i dont really know what to say about this

No. 305910

isn't this the girl who said it was normal to have worms in your vagina on facebook? lmfaoooo

No. 305912

File: 1494081104215.png (82.66 KB, 697x626, IMG_2036.PNG)

No. 305916

Very, very little on the internet has caused me to gag. This is one of those things, however. Holy shit.

No. 305920

PTSD blowfly girl flashbacks

No. 305924

She's 17, spoiler that shit and kill yourself while you're at it.

No. 305927

File: 1494084313396.jpg (33.09 KB, 721x719, IMG_4456.JPG)

Annoying tumblr feminist girl on FB that goes by Shy. She is in early 20s. Made a fb group for feminism, but only use it to gossip and talk shit about other girls. Her fb statuses are all contradictory and a massive cow if you have her added. She likes to bully girls irl and online over differences in political opinions. She has a very heightened sense of self worth, and has this irrational strong hate towards white people (white women specifically)


No. 305934

File: 1494085015296.png (57.24 KB, 750x564, IMG_4457.PNG)

Comment on a post about people voting for Trump that ends up having their planned parenthood messed with. she always manage to bring up something about white women. It's hilarious.

No. 305935

File: 1494085256406.png (488.04 KB, 488x853, cm2.png)

This girl. She's a swedish "model". She used to be a massive weeb and hang around every asian guy she could find in the swedish weeb communities, call herself "the queen of asia" and has even tattooed kanjis of some of her asian friends/aquintances on her arm. Nowadays she just likes to post cringey pictures and anti-feminist rants on her facebook (in addition to talking about how intellectually superior she is).

No. 305937

File: 1494085417281.png (17.98 KB, 750x150, IMG_4458.PNG)

She is also friends with Micky Moon. Sooo… cows stick together I guess.

No. 305938

File: 1494085463034.png (43.27 KB, 750x336, IMG_4454.PNG)

No. 305939

File: 1494085493863.png (36.38 KB, 750x344, IMG_4455.PNG)

All the white women hate but also feminist.

No. 305949

not exactly sure why white women feel they need to be liberated from oppressive hair standards since long, fine hair hasn't….ever been politicized. but alright it's "white woman hate"

No. 305962

Yeah because every white woman has long fine hair lmfaoooo retard

No. 305975

no white women are trying to be a part of the "natural hair movement" find something else to whine about

No. 305996

You sound like you haven't been around a white person for 5 minutes. I have plenty of white friends with natural ringlets and curls that cannot be brushed.

No. 306021

I guess you probably haven't heard of the discourse of a few years back about a white woman talking about her 'transition'. Can't find the original article but this sums up the controversy pretty well.


Here's another.


..And here's another from a white lady so it's a little more palatable for you.

Not to mention maybe the mothers of biracial children might be involved somehow? There's a well known white mother who blogs about her children's hair care, and you'll find almost nobody comes after her. The people who cause the most stink are the people like in the article who feel an innate need to be included because their hair has some kink in it and their only surmountable negative experience is someone calling it frizzy or a puffball.


No matter how comparable hair textures may be, the movement roots are beyond just hair care. There's also self-acceptance and deviating away from societal norms of what's appropiate in terms of hair.

Until your friends have been called bald headed, have worn perm on their scalp (that can lead to chemical burns), have the nape of their neck called a kitchen, or worry that flat twisting or curl manipulation is the only way for people to accept their hair - you can miss me with this whole 'hair can't be brushed' talk.

Not previous anon by the way, just a person tired with this whole 'white people have curly hair too!1' Of course they do. But at the end of the day if they choose to straighten it, nobody's going to accuse them of not loving themselves or pretending to be another race.


White woman with curly hair can read and study the regimens as they please, but I don't really see the need in them being figureheads in a movement popularised by black woman. As many have and will continue to say, it's more than just hair.

I'd suggest watching Chris Rock's "Good Hair" or the countless videos people have made on YouTube.

Sorry for small blogpost.

No. 306030

>small blog post
>like, 8 paragraphs
Please. I don't even disagree with you, but can you atleast learn to sage this bullshit.

wtf even is this thread? why are y'all still on Facebook?

No. 306036

This is a really long winded way to say "you can't sit with us"

No. 306042

Sorry I knew I forgot to do something. I could care less about this thread contents.

If that's what you got from my post then you already believe that all white women will ever receive from the movement is hostility.

No. 306047

take your race sperging to /ot/ you're derailing an already shitty thread

No. 306081

People like this girl posted is the reason why people think negatively of the movement. Have her on fb and all she does is bitch about other women. she could use her own section with the amount of milk.

No. 306117

File: 1494107456242.jpg (8.61 KB, 245x193, 18222137_10209243562552908_556…)

Oh my god what

No. 306317

It… It's completely normal. And only common among people who are continually getting worms to the point that they are laying eggs in their vagina as well as their anus, which happens with lack of hygiene…

No. 306319

White women ARE only receiving hostility. I swear, we are never moving forward because everybody has to overcompensate. The vast majority of non white women are now deeming it completely acceptable to talk about how ugly white women are constantly to the point that it denotes their so-called "feminism" and becomes just as bad as the racism they're complaining about. This "movement" is being carried by hate and bitterness and it's no wonder we can't get a lot of others behind it. Done derailing.

No. 306324

I'm the person who posted >>305927
This is one of the reasons why I posted her here. Other than her being a treasure mind of milk. She preach about women's rights and women sticking together but every chance she can get, puts down white women, attacks white female commenters who ask simple questions. Etc. she lives in. 50-50 black white community. Got daddy issues but never actually encounter actual racism.

No. 306327

Is this is a thing that actually happens? Or is she retarded and just had a yeast infection?

No. 306332

Don't try to reason with white women, it's a waste of time. They're as ignorant as their male counterparts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 306337

>The bitterness that's holding back an important movement continues to ensue

One day you'll realize that you're part of the problem.

No. 306340

It's rare. And is caused by when you get worms–pinworms–and you continue to be unhygienic and gross, and they migrate into your vagina.

No. 306348

File: 1494136178221.jpeg (50.8 KB, 450x450, get this.jpeg)

Vaginal pinworms/threadworms is a thing, but only in children. If she's seen them in her vadge she probably has them up her ass but sometimes they get lost and crawl towards the vagina.

Eggs can be under her fingernails and, you know, she scratches her vadge?

Either way she needs to buy some powders from the pharmacy. Gross gross gross.

No. 306390

omg thanks
>feels sick after reading
>anxiety starts
>googles how to never ever catch worms in my butt that may crawl in to my vag
>never leaves the house ever

No. 306421

File: 1494153452428.png (832.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170506-034945.png)

So you guys remember " that internet girl " she lost a bunch of weight and now sells shitty fit pendants in instagram

I met her in Adelaide all that she does is beg for money online and hype her anorexia

No. 306429

This bitch has some Kim possible tiddies

No. 306443

>But at the end of the day if they choose to straighten it

Omg hun you're only making yourself look more ignorant. These girls can't straighten or brush their hair you dumb racist bitch. Go back to Tumblr.

No. 306447

Seems like you're ignorant. Yes it's possible to straighten even the kinkiest of hair. If I can straighten my thick kinky hair, all your friends should be able to - even if they choose not to. Stop getting up into your feelings and calm down.

No. 306452

I'm perfectly calm, I just hate tumblrinas shitting this website up. Stop derailing threads with your ignorance and take it to the shitty "black hair" thread instead.

No. 306456

Of course you are. Others have derailed this thread just as much (you too) so I don't see why you're making it your issue to bring it back on topic. Have you contributed yet?

No. 306464

File: 1494159958348.gif (546.54 KB, 320x240, tmp_29554-IW8simF-810347197.gi…)

Did you know that you can report posts instead of making yourself look like an asshole?

No. 306470

Those triangle tits? I bet she has no chest.

No. 306494

danielle hunt

No. 306528

I grew up with this girl for a portion of my childhood… Sad seeing what she's turned into, she is a horrible person.

No. 306755

Just don't stick your fingers in your mouth or scratch your junk with dirty hands and you're good.

No. 307670

are you sure thats kanna? the hair is so different

No. 313961

is sharpie on your eye safe? im honestly curious lmao

No. 313962

File: 1494933377235.png (366.53 KB, 527x613, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 7.14…)

No. 314065

why isnt danielle hunt in this thread

No. 317270

those boobs scare me

No. 317274

File: 1495291202412.jpg (55.04 KB, 662x811, 18557226_1271656962933130_1869…)

fake weeaboos being called out
I believe this may have happened befor with her cosplaying as DVA but never having played overwatch

No. 317275

did anyone see that drama about cylyna/lilith? most popular FB girls I Knew were talking about it. There is an article here: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2017/05/06/guilty-wolverhampton-parents-caused-or-allowed-multiple-fractures-to-their-11-week-old-son/

No. 317359

most of her cosplays are this level of inaccuracy >>317274

No. 317364

How does that even happen?

No. 317372

at least it isnt mariah-levels of lewding up kanna

No. 317416

this is absolutely disgusting. how can anyone announce they have vag worms to the world ??????

No. 317418

How can she even be so offended by this, I agree with how it would have been much better to just use her normal hair instead of a completely random wig. she argues that cosplay should just be for fun, but keeps spamming pics of her cosplays in groups? :/

No. 317455

who? is this a self post or can you provide info

No. 317791

File: 1495333898779.png (597.83 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_20170521-102538_01.…)


Boo hoo
Got called out for being a weeb so plays victim to soothe her pathetic ego

No. 317793

File: 1495334052011.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4913.PNG)

She is the one that is making the cosplay community cancerous as fuck. What is she even on about!
Also pic related of her.

No. 317836


Get comfy. This is a long one

No. 317888

Jfc why can't this stupid attention whore just admit she thought the lilac wig looked better with the costume? It's obvious she doesn't give a shit about accuracy or cosplaying, and is only in it for attention. I agree with one of the FB comment, she needs to learn how to take criticism rather than being a crying little bitch. She is editing her statement saying "I should've said it was inspired"….but like, she blatantly call the cosplay community toxic for point out the wrong wig color, and in the end she is saying it's inspired? Bitch. Your fucking costume is 100% the characters costume. Wtf is inspired? I don't even know this hoe but she is so annoying. She is ruining the cosplay community because it's full of people like her who is only in it to look "kawaii" and brownie points.

No. 317980

What a tragic body…

She looks like a weeb, so is probably just mad that asian guys generally prefer white women.

She doesn't seem very milky to me. Cute girl though.

These people are fucking cancerous…glad I never got into cosplay.

You take cosplay way too seriously anon. It's a hobby for most people, chill.

No. 317983

I just don't condone girls that can't even admit to a mistake without insulting a group of people.

No. 318095

"You take cosplay way too seriously anon. It's a hobby for most people, chill."
Not the person you replied to, but how is that even cosplay? She just shouldn't have called it cosplay in the first place

No. 318101

hi belle

No. 318105

I agree with you, Anon. It's funny how much in-drama there is in the community when everyone looks like a freak to the outside world at the end of the day. I can't believe that girl typed in all caps about needing to buy a new wig, what a baby.

No. 318122

there's in drama cause we're all people and won't all get along. cosplayers aren't a collective.

No. 318137

hi belle

No. 318222

File: 1495392281934.jpg (43.16 KB, 960x639, 18446850_1267148920050601_7743…)

probably cos shes never seen without mile-length falsies

No. 318267

All fine and good, but screaming "NOW I HAVE TO GET A NEW FUCKING WIG" because some chick posted a photo is just cringe to me. This girl would look like a freak to any 'normal' person regardless of her wig shade lol

No. 318301

…anon, i dont think you understand sarcasm.

No. 318307

File: 1495396432003.jpg (71.32 KB, 640x472, 1410127065142.jpg)

saw this in another thread and thought it summed this up well

No. 318324

"you're gonna poke your eye out"

No. 318327

oh hell no, I have a phobia of worms, if this happened id shoot myself

No. 318363

exactly. if she's gonna spam her pics in every cosplay group, she should be ready for people to have something to say about her cosplay KEK

No. 318421

Sage for no contribution, but a few weeks ago I hung out with a homeless guy in Portland who said he was tumblr/facebook famous. He had kind of a pretty boy look and claimed that he used to be addicted to heroin but got clean and was trying to get a job, that he lived all around the world, and that he has autism and PTSD. He said that girls online send him stuff because they have a crush on him. Anyone know who this is? He was a bretty cool guy.

No. 318439

tbh I have no idea who facebook famous guys are. i know the weeb girls but i wish there was a list or something because i feel dumb

No. 318468

File: 1495409512508.png (70.22 KB, 750x736, IMG_5106.PNG)

She is major catfish. Outside her photos she looks pretty masculine/ have a longer face etc. caked makeup

No. 318471

File: 1495409934424.png (90.15 KB, 750x702, IMG_5111.PNG)

No. 318508

This just strikes me as major vendetta tbh. OMG she took some bad photos including >>318222 which is at a purposely unattractive angle and doesn't settle for having a "long man face" (kek) so tries to look attractive.

stated that she is 17, but someone else said she is in her 20's. Which is it? If she's 17, no matter how annoying she is, she shouldn't be posted here.

If she's an adult, then where is the proof that she is a DDLG and is telling girls to kill themselves.

Either give proof that she's a bitch or GTFO.

No. 318535

yeah its pretty obvious someone looks shite without makeup if they dont show you their full face w/o makeup at the beginning of a tutorial

No. 318543

File: 1495415765715.png (138.67 KB, 564x328, fordaddyuwu.png)

she deleted the post where she was called out for telling people to kill themselves just like she deleted the post where people called her out for her shit cosplay

No. 318787

Hi belle
The first one is from a video. Nice try.

No. 319269

i dont even understand why a girl who looks 25 would put on clown makeup for 'Daddy'

No. 320040

what qualifies as fbf? 10,000 followers? ?

No. 320311

jfc this is Anastasiya Shpagina-levels of makeup illusion.. guessing she's a solid 4 with a bare face.

No. 320313

the top right one really shows how plain she actually is… sad

No. 320775

File: 1495652294480.jpeg (217.02 KB, 1363x2048, image.jpeg)

I looked her up and this was the latest pick
Why would she upload this? Her face is making me cringe .

No. 320791

she looks fine. the outfit is tacky as hell but at least she looks well put together.

No. 320888

not who youre replying to, but i think they meant the facial expression. the eyes look a bit wonky and it seems strange that someone who probably takes 10000 similar pictures would chose that one. .

No. 320926

File: 1495663128068.jpg (220.04 KB, 960x1200, C-D7VxlWAAAd5kL.jpg)

WT Snacks's (of 4chan infamy) girlfriend, Beck Attack. Gag me with a spoon.

No. 320931

File: 1495663311462.jpg (49.16 KB, 480x800, 10303786_10200948170465290_434…)

No. 320991

This is cancerous
…and this really plain

No. 321002

Holy fuck, I had such a big crush on him back in the day. Brb gonna kill myself

No. 321023

Damn, I was just recently wondering what Snacks was up to nowadays. I can't believe he's dating someone who isn't Luna-tier.

No. 321025

with a nose like that, she shouldn't be wearing glasses. .. she looks like squidward

No. 321026

i dont believe for a moment she's 17. she's probably just a 23 year old pedo panderer trying hard to be a cutie underage girl

No. 321063

People are talking about Bell on PULL now. And she came up on CGL because of the kotori "cosplay"
Also, I found this on reddit "I was Belle Kirschner(fairly famous Facebook girl)'s friend when she moved here in primary school, although I knew her by her actual name (Belle is the second name in her double-barrelled first name). She eventually found another friendship group, but whenever she had news/gossip she came to me, and vice versa. We don't talk anymore, which is a shame as we shared common interests like art and literature and she was really fun to talk to. EDIT: Also, Birdy left my school the year after I went in."
I believe the first name is Mary, if you go back to the beginning of her facebook people call her that.

No. 324333

Lol I remember being friends with her on Facebook but I blocked her when she tried to defend white supremacy, wearing nazi eagles etc.

No. 325452

did she really do this? I thought she was very liberal

No. 325476

What an idiot. Does she even watch Love Live or know what it is?

No. 327077

anyone else see her get called out for copying Sarah fitzwilliams

No. 328048

fake weebs are the new gamur gurlsss

No. 328376

File: 1496495504911.png (137.68 KB, 479x384, purple.png)

No. 328378

File: 1496495672496.png (40.04 KB, 497x125, traps.png)

people probably think she's a trap because she literally looks like she could be a guy when she isnt as caked in makeup https://scontent.fbed1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/12987162_947515555347274_1595330911517936413_n.jpg?oh=ada0c680624a2afa41dfa2bc8ce5b0a2&oe=59E95A95

No. 328383

That fucking scene hair. I thought we all left that shit in 2008.

No. 330471

why is she still posting this "cosplay"?
i'm honestly just confused, you'd expect someone would want to just delete that stuff and move on, is she trying to generate more drama and attention?

No. 333390

File: 1497111258110.png (687.56 KB, 865x734, uguuu.png)

No. 333463

did she use a skin blurring filter? when it shows her close up she's covered in freckles, she never shows herself applying foundation. Her skin looks really strange, like the shadows look odd

No. 333469

link to video?

No. 333474

No. 333496

File: 1497127350696.png (282.33 KB, 515x406, beyourowndisneyprincess.png)

i dont realy dislike her even
but i think she should stick to selfies

No. 333497

lmao, her eyes keep going to the left in her intro

No. 333613

in both her vids she seems to always move her eyes way too much, idek if shes nervous or trying too hard to be cute

No. 333614

why wouldn't she brush her teeth, ew

No. 333732

She probably thinks being a trap means, being too good to be true.
From the way she responds to that comment, she acts as if it's a compliment.

No. 333733

She got no lips

No. 333734

Why does she pronounce rimmel rimmy-elle?

No. 333765

File: 1497190166750.jpg (64.55 KB, 639x960, 18838923_1282099961888830_4730…)

she probably likes it cos trap can mean you have a flat chest
sorry belle you're not a loli

No. 333766

File: 1497190285114.png (259.62 KB, 480x432, ew.png)

brits always have the worst teeth

No. 333768

probably why she rarely wears lipstick lmaao

No. 333770

File: 1497190626953.png (394.33 KB, 744x601, Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 10.1…)

she's trying to be a cute pure girl now… you don't look young, bell
i think she should stick to her more alt girl style, compared to those girls she is very cute. this doesnt suit her mature face.

No. 334005

those bangs look a little greasy imo

No. 334431

File: 1497286894904.jpg (60.19 KB, 639x960, 13445557_980866195345543_42430…)

she looks kind of ugly in this pic, im surprised she posted it , is it just me, or are her thighs chubby or fat?

No. 334440

A samefag has been banned.
If you must post many times in a row, at least sage it.

No. 334460

Her legs look fine, quit being anal about nothing.

No. 335092

File: 1497382684448.jpeg (64.82 KB, 450x800, image.jpeg)

no I agree with that anon. her thighs look weirdly big for her body

No. 335096

Her legs look normal? She has pretty average looking proportions overall.

No. 335097

File: 1497383245755.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 11.54 KB, 320x129, image.jpeg)

Belle got in some drama with a friend of mine and blocked her. The screenshots she sent were very odd to me? Apparently she knew Belles WK boyfriend
She was nearly crying because she liked Belle so much, she wouldn't tell me what happened though
I usually lurk here but I thought I should post this because her boyfriend seems like a dick

No. 345676

this is so vague and unless you have more information on the situation this barely counts as "milk"

No. 345678

File: 1499112749264.jpg (72.75 KB, 600x400, bc2WsaGz.jpg)

sage for reaching but she looked so much like peachie

No. 345775

Peachie at least looks like a human/cute

No. 345878

it's not the most flattering picture of Peachie but she is clearly more naturally adorable, and I think a lot of it is how genuine and sweet she is. perhaps belle would look cuter if she was sweeter on the inside, she might try to avoid saying all of the mean things she thinks but she certainly never tells her 'daddy' or fans to hold back when attacking others for her

No. 346282

File: 1499204819658.png (33.26 KB, 118x108, Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 5.45…)

in her latest picture, her face somewhat reminds me of a fish, i don't know how to explain..

No. 346287

File: 1499204911244.jpg (68.76 KB, 1000x603, Oscar-Shark-Tale.jpg)

No. 347443

im 15 i use to admire aakki and belle then i realize aakki just wants attention and is just tumblr and belle is just jessica niggri 2 and ugly without makeup but u dont have to be men(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347465

go back to tumblr faggot

No. 354401

File: 1500347909257.png (31.14 KB, 548x153, underagefindom.png)


No. 354578

tbh theres milk from literally every member of this group

No. 354952

File: 1500421206598.png (362.52 KB, 960x697, slaayqueen.png)

No. 354956

File: 1500421728200.png (92.77 KB, 346x500, caught.png)

At this point she deserves her own thread there is already a (dead) one on PULL for her

No. 355122

File: 1500438707548.png (112.09 KB, 515x278, literallywho.png)

another anoying fb person
there is a thread for him on pull

No. 355124

File: 1500438735465.jpg (46.42 KB, 375x500, trannynightmare.jpg)

No. 356510

File: 1500608742802.jpg (55.15 KB, 960x606, belledrama.jpg)

No. 356530

I know a lot of people hate her, but I do like her strange face. It gives me kind of dollfie uncanny vibes. She's not what I'd call pretty in a normal sense, but unusual.

That being said, I don't really know what characters would fit her, though. So far none of what she's cosplayed really suits her and are all these cutie weeb characters or super pastel looking. She needs to do something like Tharja or Celestia Ludenberg who makes almost creepy smiles.

No. 356534

File: 1500610378067.jpg (67.53 KB, 640x360, cde92a28caa2eff433377c62f93070…)

tbh I think if she did a real Kotori cosplay, it would suit her. She did a Nico one (incorrectly compared to the original art of course) that was awful on her because of the mature strange face on a Loli type character, paired with how long/tall her body is. Her appeal is most likely her "strange" face because most girls who are prettier in a common way go unnoticed. I think she would be great at cosplaying characters with box-y/'winged'/narrow eyes? I have absolutely no idea how I can describe it but pic related

No. 367403

are you serious. peachie looks like a potato and the girl on the right is actually conventionally attractive. you must really hate the girl to make up a lie like that!

No. 371988

File: 1502663053502.gif (1013.98 KB, 270x266, 1365709074461.gif)

>peachie looks like a potato
are you serious, anon?

No. 371993

Peachie is cuter than that hoe
and genuine

No. 392848

Peachie is kind of weird without her wigs cause her face is fucked up from her condition. In any case peachie is super cringy and annoying.

No. 392850

I agree, her makeup makes her look dumber too.

No. 392880

Yeah right? I remember on /cgl/ when she'd get posted everyone commented how her weeb makeup made her look like a weird baby.

No. 400928

I was friends with Belle on facebook a few years back, I was a fellow fbf. She blocked me when I told her her dreadlocks were CA. Lel

No. 400939

File: 1507559084039.jpg (142.52 KB, 960x638, 13307300_971585372940292_77014…)

True. In reality she has a super long and masc face.

No. 400967

What in the shooting stars fuck is this

No. 400969

having watched that it's pretty obvious that she shoops/her make up only looks good in pictures, irl she probably looks like a drag queen

No. 401029


Exactly what I was thinking. She's completely unrecognisable, why would she even put this video up? Terrible PR stunt considering her main act is the 'animu fantasy girl' to pander to weebs.

No. 401032

File: 1507576150032.png (370.95 KB, 950x522, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 20.0…)

Are Belle and her bf even together anymore? By the looks of his fb he's a total weeb with yellow fever. He's hanging with this asian hottie who's look surpass Belle's in almost every way. Seems sus

No. 401036

File: 1507576562110.jpg (75.72 KB, 720x960, 20993087_1820568531301569_9590…)

Ooooo his fb says single. Tbh who would continue dating horsefaced Belle with this right in front of them?

No. 401521

Her bf is a snack tbh

No. 401581

Honestly even if she does look odd without wigs/makeup, she's still probably the most drama-free youtuber/"Public Figure" type Lolita ever to exist.

No. 401662

When i only saw the preview of this thread i thought that this >>401032 >>401036 is the horsefaced girl… With that mask of makeup anybody can look somewhat attractive

No. 401741

because that looks like a man, moreso than Belle by a mile.

No. 401948

File: 1507731207447.png (36.88 KB, 521x241, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 15.1…)

Goran needs his own thread fucking hell. I think it's good he broke up with belle, he clearly has yellow fever

No. 401951

Fucking iconic

oh my god im weeing

No. 402092

File: 1507742463643.jpg (65.13 KB, 960x540, 19986_1000309516687788_5899936…)

Fuck this is cringe. No one is good looking enough to absolve this kind of fuckery

No. 402508

File: 1507819374124.png (501.79 KB, 1269x407, Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 15.4…)

Belle actually made a fake account to post this. I can't even imagine the thought process behind this, did she really think she wouldn't be found out.

Can we please get her a thread

No. 402509

File: 1507819455383.png (54.55 KB, 525x99, Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 15.3…)

Oh my god. She even edited the date of the cover photo to say it was from 2010 to add authenticity to the fake profile. Fucking wild af

No. 402510

I think she's genuinely insane

No. 402555

Exactly. I love how Goran didn't even reply, like he probably knows it was her.

No. 402729

File: 1507847713141.png (327.04 KB, 890x446, Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 23.3…)

I'm shocked that the comment went a full 24 hours without being challenged but I suppose Goran already is aware of Belles antics, but despite her deleting the comment a bit after it was posted here, her devastating attempt at seduction has been forever immortalised in this other comment.

She must really still like him. I couldn't imagine pulling something like this on an ex, I would have been torn to fucking shreds. Still shocked no one else called out her fake profile though.

No. 402730

Wow belle, 10/10 antics on how to get your bf back. I'm sure his knees are weak after this truly romantic, non-stalkerish gesture.

Belle is a fucking creep. I hope she leaves the guy alone.

No. 402924

Why was Alice's comment baleeted? Goran is probably scared shitless of being put on blast by Belles army of white knights if he hasn't already.

No. 403024

her face is mad busted even wit photoshop

No. 404417

When I was in love with my ex, I would have done anything to get him back or his attention. But this is just fucking crazy and reckless.
Belle, he knows it's you you utter fool

No. 404450

Exactly, she's got so much at stake to be doing shit like this. She's gonna be exposed to her 80,000 -adoring- fans

PS she probably thinks people follow her because she reckons she's pretty but in reality it's because of her fetishised cosplays. She's more of a momokun level than anything else she just doesn't realise it. All thIs bullshit gets to her head. Belle you're not pretty, people just eat up cosplay lol

No. 409077

Belles mouth is so low down on her face she looks like a horse. Her ex bf is out of her league

No. 410227

File: 1509111840972.jpg (59.51 KB, 540x960, image_proxy.jpg)

>posts various creepy, pro-rape bullshit like this on Facebook
>think rape should be decriminalised even though he has a wife and kids
>he posted this in response to an Independent article woman being beaten and bruised during sex
>the drama would have ended here had he not made so many cringey attempts to intimidate people/threaten anyone who spoke out against him
>anyone who shares a warning post about him is getting their post removed because Dan is reporting it
>Dan is now feverishly googling and looking himself up on Facebook in order to report posts made about him
>is failing lmao
>is clearly absolutely fucking devastated that he's been reported to his workplace, police, and now his pro rape bullshit is viral
>keeps on sending cringey messages threatening people who criticise him with the same copy and pasted bullshit about how hes being 'harassed' lol

I'm part of a facebook group where the post about him went viral, and a bunch of people have reported the cringey emails/messages he's been sending to those who have complained.

I'll post said messages in the thread.

No. 410228

oh fuck, i meant to post this as its own thread WHOOPS @mod please delet ___

No. 410267


No. 415110

File: 1509819007791.png (272.48 KB, 550x504, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 18.0…)

goran is sharing all this sad relationship-y stuff on fb. Still in love with that cringey catfish I guess

No. 415111

File: 1509819045187.png (155.77 KB, 519x489, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 18.0…)

No. 415112

File: 1509819052662.png (109.52 KB, 506x481, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 18.0…)

No. 415164


Cripes! Get yourself together! His gf is so beyond cringey and below average looking, the only reason she got likes on her pictures is because people eat up cosplay or to laugh at her. No one finds her attractive.

Pull up ur socks Goran, ur way out of Belle's league. She should've considered herself lucky

No. 415167

*ex gf lol

No. 415171

File: 1509822446510.png (347.49 KB, 610x558, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 19.0…)

"I'm still trying"

He's still trying to date Belle again??? He could be getting at least 6/10s with his looks (if he ditched the anime crap). Why settle for an uggo like Belle, lmao.

Love yourself dude

No. 415187

Holy shit…is that Belle's ex bf, the guy to the left in black and white?? He's fucking gorgeous lol what was he doing with a photoshopped troll like bella lmoa

No. 416221

File: 1509993931805.png (74.08 KB, 592x339, Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 19.5…)

This made me think of Belle, always going on about ~muh tiny body~ but im pretty sure Goran said shes 5'6 which is fairly tall for a woman. like wtf is she talking about. shes so desperate to be something shes not

No. 417772

File: 1510095697648.png (33.6 KB, 868x555, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 22.5…)

I messaged the Emma Williams account that Belle made and lo and behold, a few weeks after the message was sent, it's deleted. The entire account gone. Jesus. The whole thing was sloppy anyway, at least ask a mate to do it instead of orchestrating a really dodgy catfish account.

Also Goran is clearly hung up on her. Did she make that comment just to add insult to injury or is she obsessed with him? Sounds like they ought to just get back together

No. 421199

File: 1510435229408.png (967.68 KB, 1084x1127, amberlewis.png)

I know one that's particularly gross

> special snowflake af

> "I'm so unique and randum XD"

> slutshames every other girl and has her claws into her bitch-whipped bf who is equally as arrogant, posts heavily Photoshopped slutty photos for attention regardless

> every other day some kind of whiny holier-than-thou status about why everyone else is inferior but she ditched her best friend for a boy and is notorious for being a horrible friend

> regularly makes "purge" posts that say things like "comment if you care about me or I'll remove you" then proceeds to talk about how she doesn't ~care~

> "you're all just jealous!!!" mindset when called out, is in her twenties or some shit

> calls herself an artist but all her work is just copied off other artists or directly from official art

> generally an unpleasant toxic person, always saying how she doesn't care what people think then makes a status nearly every day about everything wrong with everyone else

> terrible tacky cosplays and fake gamer girl attitude

> thinks every man fancies her and is putty in her hands, whores about but expects her boyfriend to not even look at other girls or else you guessed it: another long passive-aggressive status aimed at him about why she is so SPECIAL and how men are USELESS, also their wall convos are milk alone sometimes

> and finally, if anyone tries to call her out she's known to delete their comments then dm them to be quiet aka don't let people know what a foul person she is

I'd unfriend her but she causes more drama to people who unfriend her for someone who claims they don't care than you tnink and sometimes milk is good

honestly there's a lot of us who think she's a terrible person but we just keep quiet

smh at every girl like this though, you make the world a less fun place please stop

No. 433917

File: 1511906989362.png (173.44 KB, 547x446, Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 22.0…)

People are still commenting asking if she's a dude.


I wonder if she's figured out that it's not actually a compliment and that she genuinely isn't that pretty/looks like a dude.

No. 434234

yikes. She really does tho. That is not Kawaii.

Is she still Belle Delphine? Will she change it again in hopes of avoiding a chris-chan tier fate, lol

No. 434264

It took y'all like 20 days to even update about this boring bitch, how tf is she going to be chris-chan tier?

No. 434317



>Pedo ex bf
>deluded about how 'pretty' she is

She'll never be Chris-chan, I don't think anyone will but she's pretty fucking retarded and has some minor parallels to him.

Maybe it would just take a few trolls to bring out mega autism in Belle, lmoa

No. 434474

We post other people here for much less and this insecure, ignorant bitch fucking belongs here.

No. 440068

someone commented a link to her gifs on her facebook and she quickly deleted it

No. 440846

this so cringey oh my god mods please make this into a banner

No. 441140

File: 1512859015327.png (85 KB, 750x896, IMG_2345.PNG)

How about Instagram? There doesn't seem to be a thread for it. This girl is so damn salty about other attractive women doing things "the wrong way" http://instagram.com/justgirlygymmemes

No. 442081

theres nothing wrong with white supremacy its just a fact of life. both the right and left agree it is a thing that exists. thats why phrases like "check your white privilege" exist. because its a privilege to be white, you won the genetic lottery.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 499103


Do you have the link to the gifs still?

Last I heard she was selling fake nudes loool

No. 499115

tbh though, she's in shit shape and she can try to roast those thottos all day, she's still a DYEL chubchub. She posted a video of her Deadlifting like 65kg and she probably weighs that.

I laughed at her flexing and her bro-tier lifting with a baseball cap.

Thank you for the laughs anon. She is an edgelord /pol/ circa 2011.

No. 499137

File: 1518215995332.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1826, 20180209_233519.png)

Oh my god, how salty can one get

And you know what's even funnier? All these insta girls she tries to makes fun of actually look fitter than her. It's so cringy how she's trying to be "one of the guys" with the way she writes and memes.

>girls wear their hair down at the gym for attention!!

>does the same shit
Okay lol

No. 499152

File: 1518217553429.jpg (49.41 KB, 720x960, what the fuck.jpg)

what about aakkii? she needs a thread cuz shes 18 now lol. shes the chick who smoked her dead cat and had maggots in her vagina. heres her fb https://www.facebook.com/aakkii.kelly.3

No. 500094

File: 1518300551577.jpg (76.68 KB, 1200x656, DOqzUYfV4AEc1Qh.jpg)

SHIT. Beck Attack is a personal lolcow of mine. She went to Japan a couple weeks ago because she's got hookups with her uwu chiptune friends and all of her updates during the trip were either borderline fetishistic or dumb as fuck.

"Japanese people wearing Japanese clothes! ;w;"

No. 500098

>smoked dead cat
>maggots in vagina

please spill the milk, like wtf did I just read

No. 500101

does anybody know about an infamous leftbook admin Nix? I've heard of people mention Nix, but people mention her like she's a urban legend. I guess she blocks a lot of people?

No. 500854


she doesn't need a thread she needs a lot of therapy jesus christ wtf

No. 514437

Holy fuck I remember her from when I used to use Facebook, she literally live streamed herself smoking her dead cats ashes so, and in quote, "he would always be inside of her"

No. 524310

>>302400 has anyone heard of joanna darling though? an obnoxious, self absorbed 19 years old, a very wanna be lana del rey who photoshops her photos and is always posting statues to seek attention



No. 524311

File: 1520545650020.jpg (48.51 KB, 960x509, 26992253_1811349312270408_5498…)

this bitch is always talking about how she lost weight when she did it in such an healthy way, telling people to starve to lose weight as an advice, do not expect her to be your friend for more than a few months after she is tired of your compliments

No. 524319

File: 1520545879181.jpg (67.39 KB, 960x856, 16684310_1388351517903525_5268…)


she got popular because she swore she was lana del rey's twin sister and kept coming every picture lana posted obsessively.

No. 524322

File: 1520546026698.jpg (21.56 KB, 750x649, 18403496_1496991893706153_4130…)

she is one of the fakest persons ever and you'd ditch you if you don't fall into her shit show where she can only receive compliments from strangers online

another dumb ass bitch who has an option with dating old men and lolita who will most likely not be dated by anyone with a rational mindset because she is dumb and her humour sucks. she thinks she is the most artistic person in the world, dreaming about being famous for being a fake moron who only posts the pictures she has retouched so badly so you can't see her extra skin.

No. 524326

File: 1520546126889.jpg (53.66 KB, 859x960, 26165401_1782690401802966_4691…)

on top of it all, she claims she was raised as a pagan and she is a witch lol, jumping to the other tumblr girl trend, she recently made a post on facebook talking about her ed and how bad she feels about it, believe me when I say, it's just her seeking attention because her following has been decreasing.

No. 524327

File: 1520546198159.jpg (49.48 KB, 960x960, 18194751_1482717018466974_8036…)

another witchy bitch who only cares about how she gets famous and does little nothing for a living so all she can do all day is sitting on her computer to pity on herself so her many followers worship her and try to make her feel better.

No. 524350


Slow down samefag vendetta-chan

No. 524355


does anyone know the skirt on the right though? its cute

No. 533621


yeah, this anon really despises her for getting so much fame. I honestly find her cute even if shes(sounds) bit of a ditz. If more qt grills were doing ahegao faces. I'd look their way too.

No. 533623

oops, i meant about bella

No. 537588

So, where are Belle's nudes at?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 539366

I actually went to secondary school with her, and she was in my year. I tried to send her a friend request but she deleted it. She used to be sweet but now she's turned into a slut

No. 539370

She just started a Patreon and it's the cringiest shit I've ever read, and is basically just her selling nudes and taking money from desperate men. Literally for her cheapest tier she says "I'm going to use this to buy something that makes me happy like candy! ^_^"

No. 539452

File: 1522168240738.jpeg (67.22 KB, 657x527, DD9F08E1-5964-4023-837D-88A527…)

Ugh belle what have you done you used to be nice!

No. 693088

There actually are no nudes in the patron sets, which is even worse. Just one pic of her with her legs open wearing shorts, with an emoji over it for extra protection xD

No. 720032

File: 1540362469485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.42 KB, 640x799, 1540354114904.jpg)

uh no she posts her nudes lol

No. 730485

that's photoshopped. she doesn't post nudes.

No. 730487

belle is kinda cringy, but she's kinda funny, and she's definitely not ugly.(necro)

No. 749484

This thread is a vendetta circle jerk no one gives a fuck y’all are ugly and your boyfriends cheated on you. Look in the mirror and appreciate how pathetic you’ve been since high school.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 749571

Was that in Lymington?

No. 904509

File: 1576087337302.jpg (58.04 KB, 958x959, embarrassing photoshop.jpg)

Tesah Jordin Vanover not annoying, but outlandishly photoshops her pictures and the supposed 'superior gender' scrots actually believe it's real. these shoops are really embarrassing


No. 912936

Her thread is here: >>909749(necro)

No. 992999

File: 1592959565853.jpeg (149.24 KB, 958x958, E8EF0694-21E9-469E-AE3F-5BDCEA…)

Alongside FB she was cyberstalking a young artist on an art site with two other girls 11 years ago when she was 14. Feels no remorse about what she did to this day, her old art account still up.

Is not Australian, actually Canadian from Nova Scotia. Narcissistic, currently in hiding. Overweight, possible FB cow?

FB: https://m.facebook.com/courteneylikescats?tsid=0.4500718126461484&source=result(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 993011

Hahahahaha I forgot about this

No. 993014


No. 1129329

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