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No. 366110

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

No. 366167

how to make and maintain a good consistent instagram feed and make your photos better. yes, i'm aware i'm a loser.

No. 366174

Have a theme that you're into such as food, art, clothing and whatever

Taking photos is an art so experiment with angles and lighting. It also doesn't hurt to play around with filters, touching up photos aren't bad either


No. 366176


Sorry for samefagging
But how do people feel about WhiteKitten? There's thread on Kiwifarms but the same went for Todokaras and Einshine but I like the mindsets of both sites

No. 366177

I'd like to see a bitchin and eatin thread or just a mukbang thread in general.

No. 366182

There was a todokaras thread here?! Link please
She's so gross lol
I hadn't heard of Whitekitten before, only looked at the first couple of pages. Gross but I think it kinda lacks drama for this site? The Sigil person seemed to have potential tho.
Is there something in the later pages that's super juicy or something?

No. 366203

someone should make a thread about sssniperwolf

No. 366213

No. 366217


Yep and I know right?! But she's still my favourite

I just feel like Jewel AKA WhiteKitten has potential cause I'm so repulsed by his creation of W.O.M.B ( Womens Obedience and Maturation Bureau ) which is fucked up concept and I find it intriguing how whenever there's drama, the negative comments and accounts associated with it seem to disappear and most things I've found was because I would stalk the thread on KF . It may not be good enough but I'm willing to try and scavenge for some juicy stuff during some free time at lectures haha

No. 366219

maybe simplynessa15?

No. 366221

That would go in /ot/, not /pt/, newfag.

No. 366239

tumblr user jollywander

No. 366261

Thx anon.
WOMB and all that stuff is def fucked up, but a bit much and not good to sustain discussion imo.
Now, the stuff about drama and comments disappearing… that's interesting, I'd def be interested in reading it. Good luck scrounging up some evidence!
Also if you do make a thread, consider making it WhiteKitten + artists that accept commissions from him.

No. 366301

I want another Ember thread.
No, really.
She pretty much ditched the ana thing and now she's just absolutely hilarious cringe. She's currently pretending to be some sort of ghetto cassh me ousside type and it's hilarious and I want to discuss that with fellow farmers.

No. 366314

File: 1491465346108.jpg (319.98 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20170406_034737.jpg)

Someone pls get this plastic Frankenstein monster… Niykee, yes pronounced Nicky but spelled so much better… Niykee Heaton.. Progressive thot that used to sing Now just flaunts her massive plastic surgery fails via twitter/Instagram basically has a ridiculous fake body that gets enhanced weekly so she can look more black and ~ethnic. Her "best friend" /manager is also her plastic surgery/ Photoshop partner in crime and together they both legit look like retarded men in drag.
Ridiculous man face Frankenstein in crime Lauren :

No. 366316

File: 1491465601250.jpg (239.59 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20170406_034623.jpg)

She's so cringe I want to die. Basically will suck any black dick to get any deal at all. She Got migos somehow to do a collab w her last summer and right before they got "bigger" ditched her ass in the dust along w other producers/connects thus leaving her salty as fuck sperging out on her twitter for a time. She's basically like A worse version of Rachel dolezal if such a thing existed

No. 366317

I wouldn't really call that milk, she's just another uggo instaho. But idk how other users feel about it.

If people want to suggest cows, could they please leave links to their accounts?

No. 366320

>>366318 https://xhamster.com/movies/5911494/anna_marie_08.html

one of her incredible cringy nude videos.

No. 366322

File: 1491467452925.jpg (6.46 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

How about one about the Santa Monica restaurant freakout lady? Her name is Anna Storelli and she has 10 FB accounts, about 8 amateur porn videos have surfaced, a deranged Bieber obsessed twitter, a criminal past with profection orders, and another video has surfaced of her talking to herself about mermaids. It could get more milky since things keep surfacing.

I won't link all her FB profiles since half are duplicates with the same pics.


No. 366323


HOLY SHIT, and I thought that she couldn't get any worse anon. I say open a thread about her pls!!!

No. 366324

File: 1491468046104.jpg (15.19 KB, 400x415, IMG_20170406_034550.jpg)

Ugh yeah I know… Wish I had more info I'm just too ADD to lay it out. Idk she basically has sugar daddies and in the past included p diddy whom is rumored to have paid for her surgery. She started out as like a churchy acoustic ~good girl next door and slowly started skanking it up to a new level. She cries on snap and cancels shows if she can get club host gigs instead and sells literal plastic garbage bracelets for her "company" NBK (natural born killers?) For like 20$ and hoe tastic leggings… Had a tour called "bedroom tour" and basically tried to strut around in ridic hooters isque see thru clothes and shake her ridiculouy stiff and fake ass. I saw a video of like Okeechobee? Fest and it was beyond hysterical. I think her sugar daddy's and money is starting to fall thru and her gimmick of scheming up and coming desperate rappers is done BC she's been laying low. Also think she's gained some weight BC she's been in hiding only posting throwbacks and extremely bad shoops.epitome of appropriation

No. 366325

File: 1491468145517.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.25 KB, 720x957, received_10155176309103343.jpe…)

No. 366326

holy fuck yes yes yes yes i would love a thread on her

No. 366330

Spoilers please, I am at work.

No. 366354

Get back to work.

No. 366362

yesss, I was hoping someone would mention her! I usually don't care much about public freak outs but holy shit that lady acted batshit crazy that night.

No. 366387

seconded. she put so much time/effort into her ana persona and is dumping it all for this when she's almost 21.

No. 366392

This is embarrassing to see on the bus haha

You're welcome! That's a good idea, thanks anon bb

So another instahoe? Isn't there a thread about instahoes already? I mean you can post about her in that thread and who knows it may divide and she'll have her own thread..?

Please make the thread Anon, she's an interesting specimen indeed

As for the anon who requested links on people we bring up:
https://www.patreon.com/whitekitten (His patreon)


No. 366409

Me too. Its hilarious watching her transform her entire personality within a few weeks

No. 366415

Eh Niykee isn't just an instahoe she started off that way but …. She basically claims just bc she was born in south Africa that she's black and can say nigga etc… Shes progressively changed into white to wannabe black … She's most def a lolcow just don't have time to spread it all out so thats why I posted here… Hella better than some dumb freakout fat bitch that 4chan already doxxd and all her shit is already out there…. Dont understand the sensationalism over some mentally ill retard

No. 366435

Sounds more snow tbh, unless she's getting into crazy public arguments with people about all the shit you just mentioned.

No. 366449

No. 366590

Lonbon LonLon
The girl (excuse me now she's a boy and a girl) who is all about her mental illness and chronic illness.
She's got a thread on PULL
And actively acts crazy in the Kawaii fashion groups

No. 366635

She already has a thread in snow

No. 366737

Geheichou. He's already been discussed on the fakeboi thread (I think) but damn. I wanna see him discussed so bad.

No. 366739

Is he milky enough to get his own thread though? just discuss him in the fakeboi thread

No. 366835

Simon Benson/general fetlife freaks? I know some people in one of the Himeka threads brought it up before.

No. 366977

I would like this but a) I don't think many other people are interested, b) You need to already have a Fetlife account to look at things on there, c) there's probably more pervy weirdos on tumblr and we already have a general kinkster thread

No. 367049

FL is always good for a laugh but I don't know how many people you could get to screencap things because you have to be registered. Also some users put that legal warning on their profile so if they found it was being talked about here it might get us in trouble.

No. 367171

Seconding this.

No. 367346

File: 1491768437270.jpg (49.53 KB, 640x640, 176.jpg)

Chouchama https://www.instagram.com/chouchama/?hl=en
Just seems like another whitegirl weeb plus her face is very terrifying. She looks like a legit witch??? I would personally pay for her nose job if I could

No. 367347

File: 1491768765013.jpg (19 KB, 244x263, untitled.jpg)

No. 367351

why does she need a thread? Idgi

No. 367353

>Just seems like another whitegirl weeb
So why would she warrant a thread?

No. 367354

I wasn't sure and I'm new so I wanted another opinion lmao

No. 367440

Youtube volgger Raven Williams, she was on Rock of Love a few years ago and posts consistently records from her car. She's banned from Youtube every few months.

Walks around topless in LA often and constantly aggravates LAPD and records them
Ex prostitute
Homophobic and sends death and rape threats to people who try to give her advice
Sells milky expensive art
Says she resonates with gay people to an extent because she was "born attracted to white men"
Inconsistent and extreme, sometimes she says all women need feminism and sometimes will self-identify as a misognyist, used to support white nationalism

No. 367446

+ Her current youtube channel is "RavenMastersonTV". The video here is a perfect example of how she will lash out and yell. That probably wasn't even a dramatic reality tv thing, in some of her old vlogs she would freak out at random strangers. Like standing on the busy street outside of her apartment and trying to pick fights

No. 367507

instagram memequeens like 6sadpapsmear9, gothshakira and etc are really interesting to me (papsmear is a stripper) but i'm too lazy to dig up more info

No. 367543

There should be a thread for what reality tv people get up to hen their show ends. So many hilarious music videos.

No. 367708

File: 1491858691245.jpg (84.67 KB, 602x755, kayteellen.JPG)

does Katie Kelly (kayteeellen) have any dirt? her general looks and damn forehead tattoo give very strong snowflake/potential cow vibes.

IG: http://nullrefer.com/?https://www.instagram.com/kayteeellen/

No. 367710

I hope so. She's ugly as sin and I want a reason to hate her.

No. 367712


omg me too. i have a hate boner for "makeup artists" who don't have any work to show but their own faces and post a thousand selfies with a variation of the same look.

No. 367714

Is there something about Celestia Vega?

everything about her makes me cringe

No. 367720

I second this, I love that shit so much. Lest we forget Farrah Abraham blowin' all those boys away right in front of her damn baby

No. 367736

File: 1491864569827.png (476.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-10-23-38-59…)

Rich musician who voices her opinions about drama and does story times on youtube. Claims she hears voices, is one of a kind not like the other girls or any human actually. Gives 'no fucks' and is 'deep'. Trys hard to appear like not a try hard 3edgy5you kid. Bonus video for example https://youtu.be/fwO_ZuvCiOc

No. 367738

>>366301 wwoooaaahh. Yes i want a thread on her! I didnt oay much attention to her first threads

No. 367743


Really no milk on her. I've seen a couple of her videos and though she is fucking weird I don't think it is needed

No. 367755


can't we at least make fun of her a little bit for being a teenage tryhard who acts like she figured life out but actually is just an overgrown special snowflake child?

No. 367768

I think more general threads would be good, like instaho thread, twitch ho thread, "MUA" general, etc
also I miss the celebrity general threads but I guess they died for a reason lul

No. 367794

Why did they die

No. 367804

File: 1491878315004.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.91 KB, 768x960, IMG_1573.JPG)

Emily Lerae Smith is going to be on dr. Phil tomorrow. From the sounds of it he's going to show what a liar and psycho she is. If enough people are interested, we could start a thread for her?

Here's a preview of the episode from the girl who made the petition to get her off FB


No. 367806

Also the comments on this are gold

No. 367809

Jason Genova and another delusional "fitness" gurus.

No. 367856

Please spoiler this

No. 367861

I don't think I'd a good idea to explore someone with clear mental disability.
Now, Rich Piana and his ex wife Sara Heimis(Heimisdotrr in Iceland), and any of the 5 percenters, there's milk flowing beyond reality coming from them.

How about making a thread of Fitness and bodybuilding "gurus"?

No. 367862


Yeah, I mean Jason isn't autistic though. Just very stupid and delusional, I'm pretty sure the Genovapedia explores that. Jeff Seid used to be so milky, too bad he grew up.

No. 367868

One name. Infinite milk: Jason Blaha.

No. 367891

Yes! we can add Elgin since he is super alt right and looking for attention and the photoshop squad like Paige Hathaway.

Maybe we can have some quick updates about Genova.

No. 367911

I don't understand how Eugenia is not a cow. She knows exactly what shes doing jumping around in skimpy outfits, playing innocent and flashing her cooch to fetishists. It's just gross.

No. 367939

that's an insinuation. from what I've seen eugenia is sweet and not super problematic. she doesn't promote starvation to her audience (doesn't even confirm an eating disorder or complain about it) the only thing cow about her is her weight. it's like calling every fatass a lolcow.

No. 368011

It's kinda retarded wanting her to stop making videos because of the way she looks like. If she wants to be a skeleton let her. If you look at someone as emaciated as her and get the urge to purge/fast/damage your own body, you are the problem and not her.

No. 368023

i agree on this tbh she's so pretentious and she looks absolutely awful with her tryhard edgy makeup and hair and ~`*not lyk other grlz~!" mental illness shit

No. 368049

A Eugenia thread would go about as good as Venus' Thread…. constant fighting, white knighting and sperging

No. 368069

Eugenia also attracts ED-chans as we've seen in the Gerg threads.

No. 368113

what about sacconejolys on youtube? three kids and vlogging everyday for a few years. they vlog fucking everything. i dont know if there is any milk besides continously exploiting their children but i fucking despise them.

No. 368231

apparently their father made some weird innuendo to his oldest child, and is generally a creep to his teen fan base (not quite on onion level) there's a lot of info on gurugossip if I remember correctly

No. 368491

maybe a family youtubers general?

No. 368738

New thread for AxelAsh maybe?? The limit has been reached already.

No. 368831

Junkies general? This was tangentially mentioned in Luna's thread but I can't think of many suggestions for it. Though if anyone has any, it could be a thread idea with potential.

No. 368875

Adora batbrat, cajsa.murk, faeteeth.. they used to be friends! Think there is a lot drama

No. 368981


i second that. i used to like adora and read her blog because she didn't take herself too seriously, but her instagram is terrible. she constantly brags, panders and her look became super uninspired. she comes off a bit of a narc and i bet there's more than a few burnt bridges behind her.

No. 368984

Anna Storelli is suffering from untreated schizophrenia and is completely out of touch with reality; it'd be really tasteless to have a thread on her because she has no control over her behavior. She's severely mentally ill and operating on a completely different plane of existence

No. 369060


Well, so is asha and we have threads on her too.

No. 369061

not the anon from >>368984 but others are cows who give lots of milk. this woman is just talking in her delusions. so what. idk, gets boring real fast.

No. 369091

I think maybe it's the reason the Asha thread has died down so much tbh

No. 370199

File: 1492381006620.jpg (1.51 MB, 3988x3988, fb.jpg)

YES HER. she is extremely annoying. not enough milk for pt, but she'd be good for snow. maybe instead of her own individual thread, there could be one for popular alt/weeb/goth/etc girls on FB? anyone over 1000 followers

No. 370228

please do it, I'm in.

No. 370353

Actually I think she has a ton of potential for milk. Just yesterday on her younow stream, she force guested a 14 year old who was self promoting in the comments and talked her down super rudely. When the 14 year old responded to her rudeness (called her an "ugly-ass-bitch"- as a 14 year old does) she started to fight with her and sent her 18 year old best friend and her own minions to swarm the 14 year old's stream. (this isnt really that milky but it's a start)
Other things:
Once stated that she'd literally call the police on instagram when a youtuber accused her of saying the n-word.
Publicly shamed her own fans for calling her scumbag ex (who she publicly claimed emotionally abused her and basically wrote an album about)a scumbag.
I think she'd fit nicely in /snow/

No. 370408

I seriously want an ember thread.
admin pls?

No. 370417

Let's give it a shot. If it leads to the same outcome as last time, we'll close it. For now, go ahead.

No. 370562

File: 1492440218661.jpg (184.58 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_0100.JPG)

I 100% 2nd this. Have you seen her fucking music video for "cash" it's SO BAD and embarrassing and her song and singing is shit. I liked her tana vids but she try's to act edgy and black and is a teen4evar.

No. 370732

Wow. I would be interested in a thread for her also.

No. 371477

Alright, who would be some good ones to link? We'll have to start out with some fairly popular ones that at least have some milk, I can only really think of belle and aakkii

No. 371527

Fucking hell. Her cash video. Is she actually trying to have an edgy/troublesome aesthetic whilst directly referencing her own wealth? People have zero self awareness

No. 371937

Youtuber named "Linzor". She was scene before (apparently), now she's in Japan for a language course.

> save for 3 years for a language course in Japan

> not study one bit during those 3 years
> be shocked and offended when they expect you to know hiragana and katakana
> go to akihabara and complain about how everything is 'the same'
> buy bleach meant for japanese hair, don't read instructions and be shocked and complain when it burns your scalp

idk, she seems like those types who go into japanese fashion and culture for aesthetics then get weirded out once they go there.

No. 371950

File: 1492532928659.jpg (33.79 KB, 372x467, 23456.jpg)

wtf is wrong with that forehead

No. 372011

her friend is the same annoying shit. they did a video at a hentai shop, in which shooting video or taking photos is prohibited. it's just… stupid.

No. 372015

samefagging but why the hell does she sound so weird? like she has a really big tongue. i thought she had her tongue split and it was in the healing process. could fit her cheek piercings, but apparently she just talks like that.

No. 372292

maybe her tongue was stung by a bee

No. 372422

daddyofive maybe?

- they abuse their kids for cash
- get all mad at h8ers when called out for it

No. 372434

I think a family vlogger general, as i think somebody already mentioned

No. 372499

exploitation central: haschak sisters and mattyb

No. 372566

That is so fucked. Even if those kids did make a mess screaming bloody murder at them is fucked up. And swearing at them? Holyshit. That is abusive. You don't scream at children to correct their behaviour. At all. Who the fuck thinks that's acceptable?

No. 372584

wow, this breaks my heart especially for that one child who is constantly targeted… someone needs to make a family vlogger general. these people need to be discussed more……
how can people be 100% cool with the fact that these people are mentally terrorizing their children with these "pranks"

No. 372602

File: 1492606670622.png (Spoiler Image, 160.92 KB, 500x386, 1492343780309.png)

>Our names are Madison (15), Gracie (13), Sierra (12) and Olivia (10)
I wonder what the demographic spread of who watches this video looks like.

No. 372716

File: 1492622226850.jpg (42.12 KB, 863x573, 34567898765.jpg)

>whining how hard japanese school is
>claiming her friend is sick and thatswhy they skip school
>roaming all through tokyo while being "sick"
>wearing an outfit that looks like coming straight out of a cheap brothel

god why am i already so annoyed with her.

No. 372726


i get unreasonably annoyed with people who wear socks with sandals. doubly so if they're quirky hipster pieces of shit trying to make a ~street fashun statement~

No. 372772

Is she really wearing those house shoes outside? Indoors would be understandable, but if she went outside wearing them with those socks….

No. 372780

I feel so bad for the ginger son targeted so often.
That's abuse, how people can support any parent doing this sort of damage to their child/children is beyond me
I hope Child Protective Services sorts the family out

No. 372928

Why is she skipping school when her friend is sick. Damn she really isn't that clever. She annoys me so much I posted about her in the jvlogger thread in snow.

> I don't want this to turn into a study trip
> Goes on a study trip

Her friend sound like that too. I guess Swedes just sound really nasally.

No. 373006

Pretty much it'd just devolve into emilyologist drama again, though then again they both seem to have moved beyond the ana thing so who knows if it'd be that bad.

No. 373127

catholicnun PLEASE

No. 373136

I'm worried about this too. What Ember is doing is hilarious (imo) but Emily will try to insert herself again and that's just…eh.
I still want an Ember thread tho.

No. 373150

I was just reading that the bio mom called CPS on them and now they're frantically taking all of the videos down that involve the little one, "Cody". But from what I understand, there were videos of him being abused.

No. 373167

go to /g/ or /ot/ you fucking retard

No. 373168

Why are you being so awful to me?

"If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss"

This is my first time posting here and you call me a retard for that?

You're an awful and bitter person

No. 373170

Lmao are you new to imageboards as well?

If you actually took the time to lurk the boards and check the catalog you'd see that your post would fit some threads.
And you didn't even make a thread suggestion, you just started whining how you can't get a boyfriend.

No. 373171

look, showing feelings here isn't going to do you any good. Just move on, and post in the correct board.

No. 373172

Thanks but no thanks, i think i saw plenty of this place already to avoid it in future

And you're still and awful person and i hope your cats hate you for who you are

No. 373173

Im sorry, i didn't mean what i said about your cats that was terrible of me

But i still think you're a mean person

No. 373240

Are you twelve? I think you shouldn't come back.

No. 373247

your brother's friend is definitely gay

No. 373290


Most men aren't attracted to mentally handicapped people

No. 373332

Does anyone have a cow or a protocow they'd need help with? I like digging through huge archives of stuff like blogs to find new pearls. If you have someone, link them and their revelant platforms and I'll see what I can find.

No. 373355

Protocow : Persephone Narra.

A super obnoxious AMWF YouTuber posting shower videos of he husband. Recently self posted on PULL.

No. 373356

No. 373429

Has junky-business/satanicnewsandreview/heather ever have a thread? Does anyone know who I'm talking about?

No. 373446

Nope but you could've included some links or a small brief summary,anon

No. 373494

There is a thread but it's not very active.

No. 373516

Uffda, that thread was awful. I'm embarrassed I even brought it up. Thank you though.

No. 373570

can we have a better thread for SSSniperwolf plsss

No. 373602

What about a Hannah Pixie thread? She's a tattooer was dating some guy then cheated on him with Oliver Sykes who was also dating someone else. They end up together and actually getting married in 2015 but then Hannah cheated on him with some ugly old French guy named Guy. Oliver hacked her insta and exposed her for cheating and then she tried to kill herself. Weeks pass and after a lot of rumors she justified her cheating by saying Oliver cheated on her with strippers by letting them dance on him and that he had slapped her before. Now she's publicly dating Guy and Oliver, a 30 year old is dating a 19 year old Brazilian model

No. 373624

She's talked about in the modified girls general in snow

No. 374129

vegan community

No. 374452

Yes, please!
@adinaselin on Instagram who lives in my local area got breast implants when she was still underaged and in school. On instagram she is trying to pretend to be an "almighty natural vegan fitness beauty" but when someone on Instagram is calling her out for having fillers & breast implants she is deleting all of the the comments. She needs to get called out for being a pretentious bitch.

No. 374459

Lolcow isn't ur personal army lol. Does she do more than just have fake tits and make u jealous?

No. 374462

I'm following her as well, also same area and stuff, didn't know that she got breast implants but i don't see any milk? She's just working and in the gym the whole day..

No. 374514

Farmers who are cows themselves, like wildchild.

No. 374524

Who's wildchild?

No. 374570

Hi Vordy!
Wildchild isnt a farmer, he just hangs out in the discord.
Wildchild is an exkiwi who hangs out in the discord.

No. 374572

Some closet furry from the new zealand farms who sucked nulls peepee and then got banned because everyone found out he was a faggot so now he lurks imageboards in an attempt to gain more attention.


No. 374574

Thank you for your explanation. :)

Maybe you should discuss that with the named person and not in this thread, if you have a problem with him. Coward.

No. 374578

>responding to yourself
Ok, wildchild. Stay cringey.

No. 374582


Hi Vordrak! Why are you so upset today?

No. 374585

Vordy dear you still are this obsessed?

No. 374586

No. 374588

File: 1492976315061.jpg (29.57 KB, 620x372, LeaveBritneyAlone.jpg)


Not worthy of a thread, also, fuck off.

No. 374589

Ok, wildchild. Have fun touching kids in your fursuit and yiffing with 13 year old boys.

No. 374600

>>Farmers who are cows themselves

Let's start with you, because you're definitely proving yourself to be a bigger cow than anyone else here.

No. 374605

I'm the person who suggested wildchild, I had no idea about any of this, I thought they were some annoying attention whore girl who acts all "uwu !!!! im so nice and lovely!!! even though i use lolcow, im not mean ever not never ehehe!!!!" didn't know they were a boy or a furry or an exkiwi. Lmao yikes.

No. 374606

Also who is vord, if there is a thread for farmers who are cows it seems like both vord and wildchild belong there.

No. 374611

Not farmers and Vordrak is apparently a lolcow already, who stalks wildchild. Vordrak called random places in hopes of wildchild working there claiming wildchild is a pedophile.

No. 374613

Does he know wildchild personally/irl ? I'm curious about this drama now.

No. 374615


Wildchild has one or more obsessed stalkers who may or may not be Vordrak, but is most likely Vordrak, but they're all just as autistic who follow them around to various sites and act like >>374589.

No. 374617

Is there any basis to the claims of wildchild being a pedo or is just a random accusation, like is there any proof ?

No. 374618


No basis. Just a random accusation.

No. 374619


No basis to the claims that Wildchild is a furry either.

No. 374622

Vordrak calls everyone he dislikes a pedo. Wildchild is at worst a mildly annoying namefag, Vord couldnt find any trash on him so…. Theres no real drama even, just an autist who googles wildchild once a week or so to sperg at a new place.

No. 374626

Well, this was informative.
Wildchild since I know you're reading this, I'm sorry for suggesting you're a cow.
I really thought he was just another fake nice tumblr-esque girl using lolcow as a place to garner attention.
didn't expect all this.

No. 374644

>acting like anyone cares enough to stalk some nobody from kiwifarms
wildchild keeps mega sperging itt and calling anyone who knows he's a retard "vordrak" whoever the fuck that nobody is too. pretty sad.

yep only vordak uses the term pedo. are u done damage controlling yet?

No. 374669

be nice to Wildchild :(

No. 374670

Take this discussion to the Kiwifarms thread please.

Also, Wildchild is allowed to namefag in /ot/ and /sty/. We like Wildchild.

No. 374784

do we have an active kiwifarms thread? where's it at?

No. 374826

No. 374858

thought he was banned for namefagging. wot

No. 374916


It's Ok! I forgive you!

No. 375014

No, actually, 'who' is correct in the comment you're "correcting" here, pompousfag.

No. 375026

i feel like this is a poor decision that will lead others to think theyre important enough to namefag, esp bc they're shitting up threads in ot, but you do you…

No. 375036

File: 1493020619532.jpg (167.19 KB, 610x340, IMG_6244.JPG)

No. 375100

I have to agree. For example, some random in the Joy thread who sees their commentary as important enough to attach a name to, etc.

No. 375132


I think all of you are important. <3

No. 375198

I personally only think namefagging should be allowed/used is when a cow and/or someone directly linked to a cow is posting.

Anyone else who the fuck cares?

No. 375308

There should be an EMCP/Eugene Manning one since shit is hitting the fan with him right now

No. 375332

Someone in the Onision thread suggested a 'cows you know personally' for one-shot drama stories, but which board should it go in? I can't find the original one.

No. 375347

It's in /ot already

No. 375524

Could we have a general voice actor thread?

No. 375535

This would be a good thread.

No. 375973

is there any milk on david dobrick & friends? (liza koshy, jason nash, josh peck, the gabbie show). i've been watching their vlogs and i'm curious. is there a vlogger general??

No. 376430

Idk, but I hate his fucking face and his shitty friends. Liza's too tbh, and everything about Logan Paul.

A vlogger general might not be necessary since A) There's already a youtuber general in /snow/ and B) Most vloggers are just really boring, unfunny, white, annoying, or a combo of all those. But considering how many jvlogger threads there are, maybe it would be good.

No. 377332

Some people would argue that the US president is a lolcow, and he is a public figure with lots of online content. At the least, I'm sure no matter on your political beliefs, I'm sure all of us can agree that he has some personality traits that are a bit eccentric than not.

However, as it would function as a lolcow thread, and as the thread wouldn't be for everyone and it would increase the moderation time of people as people have different political beliefs, then maybe set a few ground rules such as no debating and have a separate containment debate thread deep in the reaches of lolcow farm where the mods don't go, and then have a free for all for those who want to debate.

Just an idea.

No. 377343

Hate to re-hash this one, but I agree. There's been a good amount of posters here who've been outed as cows themselves (not cows posting here secretly, but average posters with major cow characteristics) or even PULLfags & kiwi posters. There should be a thread to check that kind of shit. Even the exposers can be exposed. And no one should be safe from criticism if their cringy behavior warrants it. The OC thread was great (as an example) & even lately the mystery.jpeg thread has been so milky (even though she's a pol tard). But there should be a thread for "imageboard cows" or something. Idc who this wildchild is but tbh posts cringy, samefagging in this thread a lot, and calling random posts out saying "hi blah blah! I know it's you!!!!11" ….very vicki shingles-esque. But i think a general thread should be made for this topic, it could be great, but perhaps quite spergy if hurt fee fees occur with no self awareness of criticism being a 2 way street. And I hate to go against admin (it pains me honestly) but no one should be protected from this, no biases (if there's proof of cow behavior). Idk i actually enjoy threads like the piercedangel one & whatnot. I feel like I'm def not alone on this one if it was done in a proper manner w/ actual evidence and enforcement of rules.

No. 377411

I worry that such a clearly politically charged thread would attract shitposters from outside lolcow who would then spread to and shit up other topics. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen a website (blogs, mostly) go to shit after making a post about that guy.

No. 377782

On an anonymous imageboard, anon? how? sure, sometimes you feel like you can identify them samefagging or repeatedly being a lolcow, but you can never be sure. And even if, what next? It's anonymous.

Maybe regarding this out would be an idea to attach ip-bound names as on April's fool (the names were actually funny) or ip-bound IDs as in 4chan.

No. 378030

I don't really think that's going to work.. it would take a lot of effort and probably discourage people from posting on the board of their anonymity wasn't fully protected. Maybe we can have a thread where we just post screen caps of butthurt replies or something, idk

No. 378135


I support an anonymous farmer cannibalism thread

No. 378199

I wish I knew more about this Kat chick. This video is long but she works herself up into a tizzy. Shes telling the world to stop cyber bullying while she's cyber bullying some guy some guy named DJ Nelson for standing up for himself against her cyber bullying. Makes me laugh every time.

No. 378263

Is there any milk on Andi Autumn? I see her on Instagram all the time and she's cute but I get kind of snowflake-ey vibes from her the same way Dakota does for me

No. 378284

This is dumb and sounds like a good way to spam the website with non-cow nonsense and decrease traffic since people won't want to post anymore if at any moment a dumb thing they said could warrant their entire history being outed.
Sounds like you've taken things personally before and are bothered by not knowing who's who. Tough shit, it's anonymous. Admin gave us a gift with that Mystery thread, but that's because she was an obnoxious bitch and blogposter.

I suggest you be the first volunteer!

No. 378297

i agree with this fully.
if u wanna go somewhere like that just join kiwi lol

No. 378539

c-cristy ella, is that you?

No. 378583

Sorry for confusion, but I didn't mean just basic anonymous regular posters here on lolcow. I ment more like people who namefag or intentionally give up their anonymity. I wasn't really even referring to lolcow posters per se (bc basically everyone here is anonymous and abides by anonymity) more like poltards, b-tards, PULLfags, kiwis, redditors, CGL, etc. People who use usernames or names. People who do/say fucked up shit, butt hurt posters, those who power trip and use their namefagging for popularity and merit of posts don't matter to them, cringy/spergy posters, cow behaviors. That's why I thought maybe a "general imageboard cows" thread would be an idea. But thanks for your feedback anon!

Damn son. I was just giving a suggestion bc id seen others mention similar ideas in the past. I didn't mean people who are anonymous, stay anonymous, abide by rules, and are just regular posters, I wasn't referring to random anonymous posters who do one or two stupid things, that's why I referenced mystery, OrangeCitrus, & piercedangel. And I don't mean posters who use namefagging for it's said purpose here.

>Sounds like you've taken things personally before and are bothered by not knowing who's who

Super SUPER reaching & not true, I just thought it would be interesting to discuss annoying posters (who aren't truely anonymous). What's wrong with transparency, non bias, and giving criticism where it's definitely warranted? You say mystery was fine & milky. And that's exactly what kind of people I'm talking about. Just a general thread for all like her. That's like if I said to you "the only reason you wrote this is bc you are an imageboard cow & you take this personally". Plz.

>I suggest you be the first volunteer!

This is a thread suggestions thread, so I suggested a thread idea? Can I not suggest a thread idea w/o having some vendetta or personal agenda? It was just a suggestion, damn. I just wanted some feedback, not my head bit off.


No. 378663

anyone else want to discuss this guy?

Ultra cringy swedish nationalist pagan posturing bastard.

No. 378685

That's latsbrah and he's a troll. He's one of the most known trolls of bodybuilding.com/misc, what you're looking at is one of the longest running jokes in the bodybuilding community.

No. 378693

where is the trolling

No. 378697

Well you have to understand the /fit/ and misc culture to really get him, he does the AJ shtick. They play up an obnoxious machisimo character, just like Zyzz. He's even using Marseillaise phrases, which aren't exactly anti-left. He is a reactionary person, it's an entertainment act for a specific crowd. He's not intentionally baiting people, for example example honour the gods, love your woman, honour your country is an identitarian phrase. I've followed latsbrah since the misc days and all I can say, is that you can't troll a guy who doesn't take himself seriously. It's all behind a very specific context.

No. 378699

@lanaraintv / lana_rain maybe ?

her community is really cancerous
and she seems to be triggered about everything even thought she's doing porn with cosplays and does youtube fulltime.

she seems just a little bit odd.

No. 378738

Well when you have all the cam girls of the universe against you because of the content you make it's understandable why she's easily triggered.

But boy she makes some dough out of her porn cosplay on many vids

No. 378760

I actually have no idea who this chick is (she seems pretty young so maybe thats why..) Why does she have camgirls up in arms tho? Because of cosplay porn? There's so many who do that anyway so, why? She do like weird nymphet "daddy punch me" shit or what?

No. 378761

Definitely need a Lana thread. I had heard of Lana and figured more power to her for making so much money while being a cosplaying sex worker, but Jesus Christ. She is so fucking rude to other cosplayers and nerdy girls, the elitism wafts off of her

No. 378781

she gets easily offended by people who just give her tips on what she could do better and stuff.
Lana seems like a rude person who has no chill.

recently she just had a problem with some guys who posted her adress and such, because she was stupid enough to film her window. she rages pretty hard.

No. 378811

Lana rain self posts daily on 4chan. For months every day there is the same thread with the same photo of her asking "who is this" and it all started when there was some contest on the site she posts her porn at

No. 378877

I'd be interested in a general thread about tumblr beggars like Luna, Lobon, and Kiko. The ones that beg for money for shit they don't need, HRT (so, shit they don't need), abortions, rent money, or drugs and things like that.

There are so many of those people… I swear I see one of those posts every time I go on tumblr

No. 379005

Idk about anything else on that list but I'd be willing to donate a dollar to someone who wants an abortion (from a country where they are not covered) because the money usually comes full circle out of social welfare and taxes anyway if they choose to have the crotchfruit unplanned.

No. 379201

Have we had anything on Christine Sydelko and her friends? Not sure if there's milk but I find them annoying and it'd probably be a funny as fuck thread

No. 379229

They are really fucking annoying… About as bad as David/Liza, just in a different way.

No. 379270

File: 1493609979830.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-30-23-35-24…)

I do not feel personally like I have enough info on SaraMonsterKitty, but I know I can't be the only one to gawk at her. All of her social medias are "SaraMonsterKitty"
Claims to have a really high metabolism, but also has extreme dental rot and looks an inch away from death. Had an accidental baby with some guy who looks as though he could be on drugs. I am nearly convinced they both indulge in hard drugs. Live in Toronto, Ontario and are apparently raking in disability for her being involved in a car accident. I am not sure what is truth, and what I have read as speculation. Not much milk, definitely for /snow/. Gross, nonetheless.

No. 379273

YES. I would love a thread on her.

No. 379276

Yes! I've constantly questioned what the hell is up with her.

No. 379295

File: 1493614722003.png (Spoiler Image, 680.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170430-235434.png)

Is there any more milk on Mary rosenberger? She is sorta mysterious on Instagram but this is the first ebegging thing she's posted.

She did some modeling gigs but it appears she hasn't any work besides trying to sell off her art (which I think is nice) but idk was wondering if any farmers knew more about her to start a thread

No. 379357

Any plans for another thread for Isaki Tahashi? I'm shit at making threads. She announced in a video that her and Luis got a divorce in January, not sure if that's enough milk.

No. 379438

Id be interested in this too, but I'd have no idea where to start bc I havent kept up with her

No. 379470

please please please

No. 379555

I creep her all the time omg when i first found her instagram i went here to find her thread only to see she didnt have one kek
I don't know enough about her, but her photos are milk enough

No. 379577

They got divorced, sounds pretty milky. I'd definitely be interested in a new thread for her. Is she still seriously going by that stupid garbled mess of a "Japanese" name?

No. 379602

File: 1493676720688.jpg (70.44 KB, 640x960, fastmetabolismguize.jpg)

Damn I was considering some days ago whether to mention her in this thread or not. Glad I'm not the only one who's wondering what the hell is up with her.

No. 379623

I have so much to say about her. Did she get her teeth done, btw? I remember them looking like a total nightmare but now they actually look really great.

No. 379624

I've wondered whats up with her. Something about her rubs me the wrong way but I can't figure it out.

No. 379634

agreed first time i found her they were all rotting. I haven't creeped her in a while tho….She posts typical ana shit like platefuls of food with only 1 bite taken out of something yet she is bone thin

No. 379647

No. 379698

yeah she did get her teeth done recently ish she had a post on ig about it

No. 379701

Top kek.
Are you sure is self post?

She has a double personality or something, she acts kawaii with a edge online but she is really rude. I remember one time she started talking about how disgusting ddlg even tho she profits pretending to be a loli. Also, her "horny" faces are awkward as hell, shay-gnar style.

No. 379935

File: 1493752002527.png (535.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170502-140601.png)

Precisely Anon, she posts alot of nudes/videos on her insta for art(?). There's something off kelter about her and I wanna know what the hell is going on. She moves around a lot, I've been following her for like 3-4 years, she doesn't engage in drama but she tries super hard to be this neo-Frida Kahlo figure, even has the Mexican artist boyfriend that obsessively paints her.

No. 379950

I remember her posting something ages ago about a cute little care package her mom made her for a plane journey with coloring pencils and a sketchbook etc. and her mom saying something like 'isn't it wonderful to be an artist!!'
like her mom sounds super nice, but I can see where she got the idea that any boring twisted figure drawing or fabric-painted purse she shits out is actually worth anything lmao. and I always felt bad that her boyfriend was obviously so much more talented than her.

No. 379957

he's the one with an actual job at walmart while she stays home and lives off her art too

No. 379967

iirc she said she hated the bronx right after she moved there and a bunch of people were calling gentrification on it. all the while she had "bronx baby" in her bio which I thought was funny

No. 379969

Christine and her ilk are really fucking annoying, but I watch everything they put out. It's amusing content if you look at it in the right way.

No. 380017

She's live right now saying that she couldn't keep up with being a vegetarian because she's poor and you have to have money to not eat meat.

No. 380037

pfft, it's not that hard to avoid meat. did you see that she went to court the other day? I wonder what that was about

No. 380070

File: 1493775651865.png (754.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170502-203655.png)

>Mary youre from Arkansas for Christ sake…

Hm, I don't know but since she isn't telling Instagram what it is it's probably some kind of misdemeanor fine.

No. 380081

She looks like she could be Dasha's less attractive sister.

No. 380276

I scrolled back up when I passed that picture because I thought it WAS Dasha.

No. 380288

looks to me like dasha and too pooh had a kid tbh

No. 380336

She has their combined personality as well kek

No. 380339

yeah, most likely some sort of misdemeanor. ugh, she's so fake-positive it's transparent. she tries so hard to be this ~*art girl*~ but her art is so boring and talentless in comparison to her boyfriend andre's art

No. 380372

File: 1493835901833.png (354.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170503-132342.png)

Her eyes are a dead giveaway that she is vapid and narcissistic. her modeling isn't going anywhere, you can only be young once. Mary's art has zero personal effort, it's just not unique. Her work looks especially shit when she puts it on cheap canvas bags. She most likely feels insecure that Andre has an actual gift whereas she is just a brain dead model.
Also it's weird that she welcomes strangers to meet up with her whenever she travels somewhere under the guise of a "meet and greet". She's probably just wanting to score hand outs and pot.
Alot of her followers are urging her to accept 'donations'.

No. 380443

lol, on her video on youtube titled "what has been going on" and there's a comment thread about how she's even surviving in NY. this one bit of a comment really stood out to me though :
"Yeah fucking right honey, you ignored people's requests and complaints and concerns for months and months to a year or so and took their money and just kept ~doing you~. You made no attempts to contact these people back OR return their money, let alone send them what they actually paid for." she's scamming people for a living?

No. 380496

File: 1493856338160.jpg (101.73 KB, 478x518, ZNYcT6J.jpg)

Did anyone else ever get fascinated about the drama of old tumblr user Goldenphoenixgirl's almost ludicrously horrific story of being raised as a sex trafficking victim and facilitant? A ton of people doubted her and had issues with her attitude, and also urged her to report her foster parents and other abusers, still in the community, to authorities. (After all, she had posted tons of ostensibly innocent family photos of herself and numerous relatives to her tumblr.) Then in one order or another, she was seen verbally abusing/berating her boyfriend on a webcam accidentally left on or something, got doxxed and promptly deleted/vanished.

This post by some random tumblr user (https://mentalhealthwarrior.tumblr.com/post/113913961449/who-is-golden-phoenix-girl) is the main search result now. A few more images like this one are linked there.

I just always wanted to know if anyone else ever knew/read any more dirt, I've been curious for years!

No. 380497


sage'd because this isn't even really a thread request, old news really

No. 380530

Can't sage a sticky, right?

No. 380532

hmmmm i'd also like to find out how much of her story is true… who'd know for sure, though shruggu

No. 380544

File: 1493865578533.png (Spoiler Image, 535.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170503-134526.png)

I'm shifting through some of her things to confirm this, but considering pic related she most definitely is. That clutch is not worth 50 dollars. Besides how can she guarantee to take care of her customers if she can't even maintain her lifestyle? and asking strangers to help her be an "art bum" basically.

No. 380591

Is there a Charles Gross thread? He's a rich kid youtuber living in New York. I used to really like his videos but he comes off really conceited at times. He's also apparently in some drama right now but I don't care to watch the 20 minute vlogs he posts every day.

No. 380630

he's rich, that's why. Not really worth for a post about him.

No. 380699

he lives off his parent's money

No. 380752

So does every rich kid like him. Really, no reason to make a thread about one in a million.

No. 381043

mary is definitely worth her own thread on snow. i used to follow her and had to unfollow when she posted a picture of her crying in a moment of solidarity

No. 381123

Kek alright I'll post one up on /snow
I'm the Anon that posted >>379295

No. 381408

I dont know if NikkiLipstick would be relevant enough these days, but she seems kinda milky.

No. 381436

I asked about her once a long time ago, but everyone told me she was more or less delusional but not drama-wise, and just tried to run her tumblr shop or something.

I follow her on twitter but never see too much, lots of retweeting fan's pics and reposting stuff from her store. If anyone has anything I'd love to hear.

No. 381469

I just want to see a collection of her real self vs shoops because she manufactured a very false image early on. She literally photoshops a new nose on her face/a new body but doesn't really try to control her unedited self so I wonder what the point is

No. 382039

there was some drama a few years ago with people not getting their orders i believe, and she sells a bunch of overpriced shit she marks up that you can easily find on ebay for a few bucks. other than that i dont know much of whats going on with her. i did run into her very briefly irl once and she (no surprise) looks way different. shorter and fatter than her pics and her hair was a gross shiny wig.

No. 382053

File: 1494210560526.png (606.41 KB, 752x626, nikkilipsticknow.png)

This is what she looks like irl now apparently.

No. 382237

She's going for the Kylie Jenner look kek.

I swear every thot looks like Kylie, how do dudes keep track if they all look the same?

No. 382645

does anyone have details on the apparent feud happening between Dita von Teese and Mosh?

No. 382652

looks like Mosh stole Dita's heartframe burlesque act? that's all I know.

No. 382668

not a thread request but asking for advice: i have milk about a snowflake but since everything happened IRL over an extended period of time, i have no receipts and even if i did, posting them would out me in a heartbeat. i don't want to deprive farmers of delicious milk, how should i go about posting it?

No. 382671

do you have any proof of having interacted with them irl at all?
anyway, tell your story in the discord chat and another farmer can post about it from a third person's perspective (as a bystander) so nobody can recognize your typing style and stuff?

No. 382677


like i said, any kind of evidence would out me pretty quickly because we're both part of a small scene in a small country and even if an anon told it, receipts could instantly be traced to me because i went through an unique experience with her (unique as in she did not do that with anyone else than me) and my story concerns that period.

No. 382678

If she didnt do it to anyone else but you then there wouldn't be a flow of milk. I say just forget about it

No. 382805

inspired by >>382762 and >>382792, can we have a rock/alternative scene thread? do we have enough anons that are personally involved with the bands?

No. 382913

We'll you could just do a greentext story, and just tell what happened without receipts (if they would out you) or you could show admin receipts for them to confirm on your behalf w/o losing anonymity with a greentext story. Is it on an existing snowflake/cow?

No. 383063

On Tumblr unrapeable has a lot of milk going on, she's the average kinkster with no self esteem and her and her ex-mommy just broke up and she's having a melt down. They're also friends with that's-disgusting-Emily

No. 383149

showing receipts to admin-sama is actually a great idea, let me look for them. yes, it's an existing flake.

No. 383157

You can email through the address on the rules page or come to the discord!

No. 383291

Her Tumblr is deleted now. You got screenshots? What actually happened?

No. 383702

Can we get a thread on John kuckian going ?

No. 383710

I think there already is one, it just hasn't been bumped in a while

No. 383745

File: 1494687985675.jpeg (106.21 KB, 1252x1252, ELcYo5lB.jpeg)

Anyone remember this guy from DesandNate on YT? He's 26, but his style is still stuck in 2005. He makes youtube videos under his solo channel, CapnDesDes. Des and Nate is no more as far as I can tell. Is there any milk on him? Is he going the way of Onion or is his hair just horribly outdated?

No. 383762

hahahaha fuuuck man I remember this twink. I used to like him when I was scene back in the day. no milk as far as I know, just outdated hair.

No. 383791


this dude was fucking embarrassing. at least when onision was "popular" that scene/emo thing was actually cool. this motherfucker you posted was doing that shit in like 2010. i cringe just thinking about it

No. 383830

File: 1494699776642.jpg (452.03 KB, 1041x1099, Screenshot_20170513-132154.jpg)

He's still embarassing. Trying so hard to be relevant.

No. 383831

Des never seemed as ridiculous as nate to me. I remember watching them as a teen and finding out that Nate was dating Leda (Monster bunny I think??) and she was VERY young at that point.

No. 383944

wow, I remember watching their vids when I was a teen and thought they were really funny
I can't believe he's still sporting that stupid outdated scene hair at 26 and still clinging to yt

That too and when they broke up I remember watching a vid of her where she talked about how she was done with real boys and only loved Illidan from WOW and thinking wow that broke up really took a toll on her

No. 384002

Leda was somewhere around 14 at that time, and I was around the same age. Even I had to stay away from that kind of garbage after. I don't know why but even as a teenager the idea of this kid dating this adult man who seemed stuck in 2006 was just gross. Reminds me of the guys who graduated years before but spent their days hanging out around the grade nine high school girls. It's gross.

No. 384366

oh man sage for dumb but i remember becoming close with his girlfriend, Kendra, and they always had such trashy shit to say about each other. like he bitched that she "used him for sex and nothing else" etc. don't think there's any real milk, just a washed up dude who's trying to regain the small audience he had back in the day

No. 384567

What about a thread about cringey kinkster guys? the type of guys who are skinny as hell and they claim to be christian grey. I just got the idea from this guy in shay thread http://somepainfulspankings.tumblr.com/

No. 384647

There's already a thread for that in snow.

No. 384648

we need a new jvlogger thread in snow since the old one hit limit

No. 384659

No. 385495

File: 1495119268012.jpg (60.5 KB, 537x518, nm ew.JPG)

I know this one has some real milk. This chick changes her user name all the time. She has been copying/stalking someone for over a decade. She has blatantly copied photos, published mediocre poetry, and creates really bad make-up looks. Her husband appears to be some satanic metalhead who works as a stylist with Redken.
Please help me with this one farmers.
Here's a link with most of the drama http://navolger.tumblr.com/tagged/nichole-mcelhaney

Sage for I don't know how to start a thread

No. 385496

File: 1495119423419.jpg (101.25 KB, 895x576, 1.JPG)

samefag for screencaps of the chick she's been stalking

No. 385498

File: 1495119455248.jpg (104.29 KB, 893x579, 2.JPG)

No. 385499

File: 1495119472285.jpg (102.72 KB, 889x577, 3.JPG)

No. 385610

Goddamn she has some jowls

No. 385717

i second this

No. 385724

This crazy bitch definitely needs a thread. I've been following her antics for three years on Tumblr.
There's a rumor going around that she is the reason Segovia Amil left the Internet. At one point, Nichole had a Pinterest board dedicated to segovia. And her child is named after Segovia's book. It's weird shit, man

No. 386361

File: 1495294373044.jpg (35.4 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

what do you guys think about Simplynessa15?
Almost 2 mlns subs. She's quite problematic recently. Started as your typical lying story-timer (pic related lol), said her goodbyes to YT because she was suicidal, came back within a month with *~a NeW mE~* persona, completely magically healed from depression. Moved to LA, is whoring around and proud, publicly fighting with people (Tana Mongoose, recently Chandler Alexis), favourite of several drama channels.
I think she's got milk

No. 386477

Yeah so we can get more tweenys stumbling upon this site and shitting up the thread. Seriously look at Tana's thread. It is constantly being derailed by 12 year olds lol

No. 386659

I secretly love simplenessa expose/drama vids. Her drama is always so messy and she's basically 3/4ths the liar tana is, fake as shit and a shit friend with xtreme clickbait titles and bs storytimes. A thread might be good, she's involved in lots of drama all the time, plentiful and weekly milk.

But >>386477 has a point…
Her "fandom" is exactly like tanas. Age + maturity wise.

No. 386835

does anyone have any info on tumblr user cuntbarf? she's the one who did the period blood cookies. i searched the catalog and everything but can't seem to find her. she's deleted her tumblr and i don't remember her twitter or instagram.
not really asking for a thread but surprised she doesn't have one.

No. 387044

i saw this and immediately thought of lolcow:


>stupid bitch goes "vegan"

>starts looking skelly and loses period
>"periods are not healthy anyway hurr durr"

No. 387052

There is already a thread about her, you can post the link there:

No. 387064


apologies and thank you. i'll delete the original post if i can.

No. 387204

Is this a thread yet? I have good milk

No. 387507

File: 1495570166062.jpg (56.64 KB, 500x280, tumblr_mg12cpkbsC1re0pwto1_500…)

How about a Teen Mom general Thread?

These girls are endless milk. The terrible parenting, the drama, the crying.. where do I even start?

>was in jail for domestic violence
>now dating a man twice her age that has 5 kids, sexual assault rumors, was an addict for years and used to stalk her co-star Farrah.
>turned into a HAES fattie.
>Tried to punch Farrah on air. Her creepy boyfriend (to be husband) tried to punch Farrah's dad on air.

>already has a thread on here but it is dead
>did porn and sells fleshlights in the shape of her vagina
>called the police on her mom for physical abuse
>always fights with said mom
>breaks up with her boyfriend every other episode
>btw her boyfriend is amazing he is always laughing at everyone
>her mom now has a rap career. really.
>had more plastic surgery than Heidi Montag

>heroin addict, weed addict, who knows with this girl
>like 20 mug shots
>the best mom ever. Babs is so precious. especially her accent.
>on her third baby even though she still doesnt have custody over her first kid.
>domestic violence
>cant go to jail because she had to see Kesha, thats why she put feathers in her hair!

>poster child of white trash
>her husband was her step-brother
>suffers from mental illnesses so doesnt raise her kids. Randomly adopted a pig. Thinks having a horse will cure her depression
>honestly the most likeable of the punch tbh

>I take it back, this girl is the best.
>stable relationship, takes good care of daughter, earns her own money
>someone correct me if she is a cow after all

-always trash-talking father of her kid
>has like 10 kids by now because she just does not understand birth control
>not much milk I guess

>pain killer addicted (not anymore?)
>always crying
>cheated on her husband, cheated with her husband, got back together, cheated on him again
>her kids never listen and behave terribly really

>divorced twice
>makes everything about race
>always fighting in front of her kids

in general there's just a lot to discuss. Not only the shit they show on the show.. but they always pick fights on social media with fans.

Fans predict a lot before it airs on the show. There's much room for speculation.

Tell me if people would be interested? Also sorry newfag formatting

No. 387515

I second this. Though, I think we should make a general "TV-trash" thread. I would love to see any of the Housewives of so-and-so on here. I love this kind of garbage.

No. 387523

i vote this too. the milk is good but i hardly watch the show anymore and can't keep up with all the social media drama. a thread would make it easier to keep up

No. 387532

you forgot how kailyn also hit javi on air like more than once

No. 387549

You're right I totally blanked on the last few.

I agree a thread would help keeping up with all the drama and their lives are hilarious. There is also alot of quotable stuff in the show.

No. 387632


Also, melonpan thread?

No. 387849

Most of that is old though. Farrah is still a mess, but besides not liking who amber dates not much is happening? the only milk is kaylin is pregnant with a rappers kid now, and Janelle just now is at court for her kid finally. Neither of that is on the show yet.

No. 387916


There previously was one in /b/ I thought

No. 388519

Aakkii has had a thread for a while it's just not active >>273351

No. 388530

Another Twitch whore thread? Or ~i'm not like other girls :^)~ streamer thread? I see too many of them recently on twitch.

No. 388548

Sorry, I'm retarded and don't know how to link to threads. >>>/snow/273351

No. 388899

ToxicTears or even just a "goth youtube general" since i don't think there's enough material for her yet.

But i'm calling it, she's starting her downward spiral, she's gonna end up hitting full dramacow soon.

No. 388906

There's an alt cow thread, just post there

No. 388950

Can someone make a thread about "Winter Rose Nightengale-Nickerson"? There's lots of lulz to be had from her.

This is a sample of her writing, which I feel succinctly describes what she's like in general. https://pastebin.com/WqPT09AS

She had threads dedicated to her on the old Godawful website, and has her own ED article (https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiqwOvX143UAhXD4IMKHYkFDQgQFggmMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fencyclopediadramatica.rs%2FWinterRose&usg=AFQjCNEHQ9JBlgOaWj7qsrBD6VcCIeN9aQ)

She's relatively easy to track throughout her LJ days until about 2012 when she baleeted everything and went running to FB.

Aside from her general life of delusions and pettiness, she is also a big Munchie.

No. 388952

I forgot to add her facebook page- sadly, you have to friend her to see the awfulness: https://www.facebook.com/GwynGongjuHime

No. 389429

Ah sorry didn't see it :o thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

No. 389437


oh god, is this aged cow (ED says she was 40 in 2008) still producing milk? could be fun to watch a 50-year-old woman act like an autistic teenager.

No. 389525


CP please get rid of it

No. 389530

I'm traumatized.

No. 389532


That was actually the worst shit I've ever seen in my life. I have to go hug my dog now or something. I feel fucking sick.

No. 389537

Same anon. I know shit like this exists but it's the first time I've seen it. hugs

No. 389538


Same here. I knew it was out there but haven't ever seen any, never been around during a raid or anything like that. That was really, really bad.

I hope the mods are keeping a close watch on the boards right now.

No. 389823

What happened???

No. 389829

Is kiki back?

No. 389952

Some sick disgusting person posted a CP gif.

No. 390064


I saw a small child on the left side of the image on that post, assumed what it, and I've never NOPED so hard off a website in my life.

Mods: any way to up monitoring considering this happened in the middle of a Saturday? (EST, anyway)

No. 390137

File: 1495989602738.jpg (28.78 KB, 427x361, 18698155_10212941169626960_742…)

Little Berry Cosplay definitely deserves a thread. She's a lesser Momokun: fat, lazy, toxic and relies on the "thicc" thing. She also has leaked porn of herself including a video where she masturbates. Her "cosplays" are just bikini, female versions of male characters. She also brags about her follower count and is extremely bitchy whenever someone doesn't kiss her flabby ass. And just like Moomoo, has the habit of clapping back especially at other girls, especially when they're prettier than her. I'm sure there's someone else here who knows of her drama.

No. 390173

File: 1495992818949.jpg (270.14 KB, 660x1200, W99FWfz.jpg)

This girl? Don't know much but she sure has a um.. Pillow shape too her, not 'thicc' ugh
AT least she looks 40 years younger than Moo, tho she looks like 13 to me because of that

No. 390178

Apparently she also says she's from the "thot patrol" while she herself was a camgirl and only does "sexy" cosplays. And used her mother's terminal illness to get asspats. The more I dig, the more dirt I find

No. 390383

Could a farmhand step in and make a decision in the Onision thread about the relevancy of Tomato, and whether discussion of him needs to move to /snow/? Thanks.

No. 390446

jsyk there's a thread in meta for things like that

No. 390683

Thot patrol meme is related to the shkrelicord culture, but she's definitely not there?
That means shes riding on a meme she doesn't even understand.

No. 391854

File: 1496330215114.jpg (92.37 KB, 800x449, tmp_31834-800px-MateiPenis3815…)

Is anyone else interested in Mike Matei's current shenanigans? He's known for working with the AVGN/James Rolfe and he's completely ridiculous. It's pretty milky atm.

>Used the official Cinemassacre YouTube account to brag about his dick in the comments

>Then uses their (his/James') official reddit user account to post his actual dick with a ruler comparision to their official subreddit
>Deletes pic after a few hours and starts mass banning (he is head mod)
>Also giving mass bans/deletion over reposting cringy reviews that he's trying to scrub
>Currently defending himself as a random person, but using a username that Mike has been known to use

Supposedly James knew nothing about Mike's dicking around until a couple of days ago.

He also suddenly stopped making let's plays with an audience favorite a while back (everyone suspects it's because this guy was better at games than Mike.)

Other than that, he's proven himself to be extremely childish and lets even the smallest bit of power get to his head. I feel he has potential as a cow, but idk if there's interest in someone from the retro gaming community.

No. 391872

If there's milk I'd be interested in seeing it.

No. 391877

Maybe a thread for AVGN and anything associated with Channel Awesome? There's loads of cringe with all those nerds.

No. 391894

Yes, yes, all the way yes! I have little to no info about these nerds, even when I watch their content regularly. Only think I knew was the Mike Dick saga and nothing more. I'd love to get some more milk from them

No. 391896

I would be interested in this. The (former) members of Channel Awesome have been my personal lolcows for some time now.

No. 391911


Agreed. A general thread encompassing the whole Channel Awesome/Cinemassacre/AVGN crew would work out much better.

No. 392095

I remember there being thread(s) over on kiwifarms, that would probably be a good place to start if you wanted some content

No. 392299

Is there a thread for youtubers in the "unboxing" community? The way they flush their cash is morbidly fascinating.

No. 392486

There's a general youtubers thread, I'd just go there.

No. 392966

Is there a Yungelita/Emma Harvey thread somewhere in snow? There's plenty of milk on her.

No. 392970

there is. you can find it in the catalog

No. 392994

Is there one? I can't find a thread, but she was mentioned in the IG hoe general.

No. 393464

I don't think there is one but there really ought to be. Her whole fake "Elita Harkov" russian personality shit and her encouragement of incest and pedophilia is def worth a thread

No. 393505

Is there another Anisa Jomha / idubbbz thread? Last one hit limit, and I don't know if a new one is made.

No. 393589

Someone should do a thread about Corvaa. She thinks she is an "international pop star" and has a "hit single." She's entirely a cow, but she's not very well known. Please do this for me. I've been following her for years.

No. 393693

File: 1496741937335.jpg (78.2 KB, 564x846, IMG_2536.JPG)

There has been some crappy cosplayers fb has been telling me to follow. There is this one girl- tori yummai and her cosplay is beyond cringe. I dont get how she has so many followers? She doesnt get many likes on her post tbf lol.

No. 393703

File: 1496745280325.jpg (29.64 KB, 480x480, 15876048_570290746492826_24920…)

I can see why with a face so autistic
Any real milk tho?

No. 393706

File: 1496746515438.png (186.98 KB, 750x1068, IMG_2543.PNG)

Lol. She doesnt have any milk if you know what i mean ^^

She is definitely a bra stuffer. She is not busty at all.

No. 393738

Hate this cunt.
Her begging for money and piggybacking off her mom's sickness is appalling. Would love a thread on her.

No. 393745

No. 393779

Same here.. Can someone make a new thread for that?

No. 393843

TWO have been made since >>393505 because newfags like you who follow shit threads don't check the catalog

No. 393921

you sound like a lot of fun

No. 394061

File: 1496806681420.png (181.52 KB, 750x1070, IMG_2539.PNG)

Whats with her face

No. 394887

lovelypeach2001 on instagram
basically a run away 16 year old who each time brought back to her father runs away again to have sex with old guys for mcdonalds meals. the girl is clearly mentally unstable & her followers encourage what she does. she has ate her shit on instagram live and posted videos of her giving autistic kids blowjobs. it's really sick and concerning and if anybody can make a thread it would be nice to find out more about her.

No. 394893

Making a thread on a minor sounds like a really bad idea, especially if she is mentally unstable.

No. 394930

It's literally against the rules.

No. 394942

sorry i apologize for not taking thag into consideration, i guess i was leaning more towards the opening of a thread based on her due to the fact that you guys are good with finding out extended information which could maybe help this girl but she is a minor which is not okay.

No. 394947

> you guys are good with finding out extended information which could maybe help this girl

Don't do that.
It's okay if you want to help her but this is really not the place for it.

No. 394953

File: 1497018423830.png (622.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-09-10-22-41…)

I think she's saying she's 19 in this post?

Either way, that's probably the most disturbing thing I've ever seen on Instagram.

No. 394990

she was giving fake info to the cop because she's underage. she's 16 and her name isn't kaitlyn williams

No. 395036

I'm good at snooping. I went thru this girl's Instagram briefly and it was a wild fucking ride. Some parts really seemed to be theatrics though. Maybe try kiwifarms ?

No. 395410

File: 1497115872672.png (25.52 KB, 559x492, Capture.PNG)

Report it here for child sex trafficking and include links to the Instagram posts. I just submitted one. Make sure the very first link is the post with the police officer in it and mark the time of incident as June 7th.

No. 395748

Are we no longer allowed to make new threads as of now since hellweek's in session? If not then can there be a new Onion thread? Last one's full.

No. 395751

You only have to click on the red hellweek news banner and read, you lazy piece of shit

No. 395756


Okay, chill?

No. 395976

Anyone feel like making a thread for Eli of the Munchausen by Internet thread? He's fucking hilarious.


I just don't feel like doing it myself.

No. 396026

Randy Stair/Andrew Blaze– the tranny-bronie-autistic-otherkin-Colombiner dude who shot up his workplace and left a crazy Internet legacy behind him… hours and hours of videos…. his situation is full of milk and I'd love to see what our resident detective-anons can dig up

No. 396068

Is this the Onion fan shooter?

No. 396069

Can there be a "how to make money online" thread? Where people can discuss different websites online and which ones are reliable, give more, advantages/disadvantages

No. 396129

there is in either ot or g, but the OP was full of salt and it got derailed a bit. either way, shouldnt be on pt/snow

No. 396645

File: 1497427606486.jpg (72.92 KB, 680x450, audrey-hepburn-window-shopping…)

Anyone would like a thread to talk about vintage makeup, fashion, old films and just old stuff.

Or maybe there is a thread like this and stupid me knows nothing about it?

No. 396661

Can we have a thread on snow to bitch about whiteknights of various threads?

No. 396668


I second on a vintage thread!!

No. 396715

lmao lily or any of the other LoL twitch whores arent going to fuck you

No. 396987

I'd be down for a vintage thread like this in /g or /ot

No. 397065

Lol what? I requested a thread to talk shit about whiteknights Don't know what makes you think I want to fuck them.

Tards gonna tard.

No. 397079


Ok I made it, it's on /ot

No. 397128

Why are you so triggered

No. 397232

You must be that retard that doesn't know how to read and rages in random threads over things you think you've read.

Me soooo trigguhed!!!

No. 397653

No, thats me , nitpick-chan. I still think you're a retard for wishing Yumi to get a miscarriage and spamming that she's a rice farmer girl all day.

No. 397663

her insta is jamievulva.

No. 397686

Does anyone know what happened to the shay gnar thread

No. 397822

I think it was deleted but I haven't got a fucking clue why.

No. 397976

Didn't something like that happen before (but with another thread)?

You can still post about her in the camwhore thread, she fits there

No. 398007

I don't know where to ask. Was shay-gnar thread removed?

No. 398025

File: 1497714599553.png (664.87 KB, 774x594, no.png)

She's popped up on /snow/ a few times but I'm not sure if there's enough milk for her own thread so: Amouranth Cosplay

I also want to throw invadernoodles into the mix for her cringy instagram and Youtube videos. She has a decent following and a Patreon but not sure if there's a lot of milk since I stopped following her

No. 398061

seconding this. what happened?

No. 398091

Why does it look like she used a micro eyebrow pencil to contour her cleavage?

No. 398132

No. 398240

lol look at this retard, go home you retarded fuck

No. 398505

What do you guys think about victoria catholicnun? I used to follow her on tumblr a few years ago and she was pretty lulzy then and now she's just gotten worse

No. 398557

File: 1497851979785.jpg (91.53 KB, 1280x720, WinterStarcraft.jpg)

What's the dirt on WinterStarcraft?


As far as I know he has a girlfriend which has all sorts of drama potential. Someone as famous as him has got to have some juicy deets out there for us to find. He's basically a celebrity for the new millennium.

No. 398561

I've literally never heard of this loser in my life…. unless he's actually done something that warrants a thread no one is gonna care to "dig up dirt" on someone with a "potential drama whoring gf" try harder with ur self posts

No. 398562

This, never heard of the guy before. The thread would be as dry as the Cryoatic thread with a ton of conspiracy theories about his girlfriend, and everyone waiting forever for something to happen.

No. 398572

>What's the dirt on WinterStarcraft?

rule of thumb, if you have to ASK for details then they aren't worth a thread

No. 398579

I could call attention to the irony of calling someone a loser while posting on a chan site, or I could go tit for tat for insulting someone I'm a fan of or I could take the moral high road:

"Vibes of all kinds are contagious—for better or for worse"
-Google Interland, The Kind Kingdom

The whole point of these threads is to find out stuff you don't already know. If you already know everything about someone, and there's not chance you could learn anything new him or her would you take the time to read a thread about such a person?

No. 398596

should there be a knitemaya thread made in /snow/? she and geheichou are practically the same so there's been a lot of knite posts in gehe's thread and derailing it but knite probably has enough potential milk to start her own thread… can any farmers weigh in on this?

No. 398600

No, the whole point of these threads is to discuss the milky shit that cows do. Therefore they must already qualify as a cow to get a thread. No ones gonna make a thread on a random just to find dirt on them. Do it yourself and if u find anything worth discussing, or find it just keeps on flowing then come back, let us know why they deserve a thread and someone will make it.

Ur also so sad I called him a loser, Kek. Sorry to insult ur idol that u so desperately want to shit talk on here

No. 398642

>takes the moral high road

No. 398661

This thread is not for infighting.

No. 398983

File: 1497968748717.png (209.47 KB, 540x304, tumblr_orrhogGp5t1qf5lfxo2_540…)

Didn't want to bump a 5 month old thread but wanted to share who made the news over the Pulse club shooting one year memorial.

No. 398984

File: 1497968797326.png (188.85 KB, 540x304, tumblr_orrhogGp5t1qf5lfxo1_540…)

No. 398986

Oh. My. God.

No. 398987

is that … chris-chan? or who?

No. 398988

Lets not forget about that time he sold the sanic totem to some autist for $1500, and then tried to sell the classic Chris Chan shirt on ebay for $25,000.

No. 398995

Yep it's CWC shelling his comics at a memorial. He even was interviewed by the news.

No. 400361

I have a potential cow if anyone is interested. She's not really a public figure, just social in gym-rat circles, and a raging hellbeast. Aside for almost exclusively going for married or otherwise taken men, she likes to fatshame people while still being chunky herself despite religiously working out.

She likes to pretend she's the victim of the unfair whims of angry spouses and lovers, and then turns around and cheats on the person she is currently with. It may sound as if I'm exaggerating. I'm not- she always ensures she has a "backup" prepared.

Last one I knew of was a guy in a group of people she went to the gym with. Said guy is quite obviously married, as his wife frequently puts up pictures of their wedding day. Soon the guy and hellbeast begin leaving kissy face messages with little inside jokes (:* doodles!), and he begins to call her "babe" and inform her how much he loved her body. She starts leaving nauseating hashtags like #coupleswhotraintogetherstaytogether, and putting up pictures of the two of them together in the gym, him looking up from between her legs.

In order to terminate a relationship she's bored with, she will usually get messy drunk, break up with whoever she's with in order to cry on the shoulder of the person she wants to be with. Of course, this has to be at some sort of public event, like a party, so she has the maximum amount of witnesses.

I could go on. She's been a cow as long as I knew she existed. Her insta is private, and isn't follower hungry, so it could be hard to get added. I removed myself because I just couldn't take her shit anymore.

No. 400405

I think there's a "personal lolcows" thread in existence somewhere.

No. 400649

Fucking hell, this is in Charlottesville. I keep forgetting how close this guy lives to me.

No. 400855

File: 1498180222671.jpg (50.29 KB, 840x485, martin-shrkeli.jpg)

this guy?? his trial is coming up soon and i think he's a lolcow

No. 400965

he purposely trolls and makes controversy though so it's a tough call. Maybe general discussion in /ot/?

No. 400977

Yeah, I don't think he's ignorant of what he's doing at all, even if some things are lulzy as fuck.

No. 401028

Everything he does is 100% intentionally taking the piss

No. 401042

File: 1498193649922.jpg (92.9 KB, 625x468, 932c8ad424640e0a02a190b09c4e11…)

Can someone start a thread on European visual kei bands and how much they try to act like actual Japanese bands? Especially the guys seem to get some high up status of themselves that every weeb wants to bang them for being oh so japanese but also european (squint them eyes harder for a totally asian expression)

This group is amazing but obviously you have to be an artist desu to join desu desu


But look at that fuck tonne of white nihonjin, so kawaii

It is ULTRA cringe worthy, especially BatAAr who apparently "rocked Japan" in a shitty small venue which literally no one heard of them.


Their only credit to fame is being on Tekken 7

Endigo is a little whiny bitch, if you try and correct him on visual kei he doesn't want to know and his little stupid rim licking fans will come for you.

Patrik is an ultra cunt, thinks he has connections in Japan with Japanese bands, he really doesn't the only connections he has is with other vkei weebs like Yohio or Seike

I could go on for awhile but whatever..
We have gaijin in japan and gaijin hunter why not this??

Pic for attention

No. 401072

File: 1498198314310.jpg (197.65 KB, 684x1024, IMG_1278.JPG)

would anyone be interested in a thread on /u/eurasian_tiger, after seeing him in the aznmasculinity thread, i think the dude deserves his own thread in snow tbh. he's constantly freaking out about WMAF couples, hates asian women with a passion despite being married to a chinese woman (allegedly) and is the creator of all those awful blackpill comics (see pic)

No. 401089

I'm worried it's going to melt down into stupid arguments just like the aznmasculinity thread did.

No. 401098


i didn't even know this was a thing! they sure are milky, i hope there're some european anons who lurk in those circles.

No. 401138

The only ones I've heard of are Seremedy (Swedish), Cinema Bizarre (German, have had a few hits here and there), LoveX (Finnish) or something and that's pretty much it. They're all universally cringeworthy and should be gassed.

No. 401169

A friend linked me this video. I've seen this dudes music video before and it's popped up on Reddit in the cringe reddits quite often.

John 'jumper', some 20 year old emo kid that is dating a 16 year old (I think they began talking when she was 15 but not 100% sure on that). He could become a future onion. The channel itself is just a hive of cringe videos. I don't know much about him, but if anyone else has any milk about him it could warrant it's own thread.

No. 401184

Blatant predator. Look how he talks over the kid the whole time and how the kid parrots back what he says and mimics his reactions. All these scene fag dudes get into that fashion to prey on kids. This some Dahvie Vanity shit.

No. 401256

His girlfriend, Roxie, was constantly posting caps in her Instagram stories of anyone who disagreed with her and would send her fanbase to mass bully any person she capped.

Her IG is: https://www.instagram.com/itsroxielove/

I never got caps weeks back when she was doing that shit, but I'm sure she is still doing it and her IG is pretty milky/lulzy.

No. 401278

This is fucking gross. Where do they live? Wouldn't a relationship like this be illegal?

No. 401287

They bring up the age of consent laws in Florida and some loophole.

Johns Facebook says hes from Illinois:

Im going to assume the Roxie girl is from Flordia, https://www.facebook.com/roxie.love.7737

No. 401359


Jon moved to Flordia and currently lives with Roxie and she's now homeschooled while he's working somewhere.

No. 401429

it's 2017 why do people still act like this

No. 401488

I am hoping there are some anons too, I think Patrik hung out with a bunch of other gaijin in japan not sure if katie was a victim but some kid called jun met with him

Didn't Seremedy "disband" or something but yeah they pretty much should be gassed

No. 403014

File: 1498603290685.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1153.PNG)

Amanda brown, lives in Texas. Went from being a normal person but is now a meth addicted prostitute. She recently shaved all of her hair off and continues to post herself having sex with older men on Snapchat for money. lol cow in her own hometown. New thread potential?

No. 403015

No. 403053

This is mind blowing. What the fuck am I seeing? I want more.

No. 403078

File: 1498611134711.png (149.32 KB, 746x1126, IMG_1154.PNG)

She had sex with an old man in exchange for meth, weed, and other "necessities" and then claimed it was rape the next day after posting it all over Snapchat and bragging about the $70 she made. Proof is in the Facebook comments

No. 403081

File: 1498611506063.png (Spoiler Image, 99.25 KB, 750x975, IMG_1156.PNG)


No. 403082

Yeah I'm really digging this cow. A lot of potential.

No. 403086


I need to see more

No. 403088

File: 1498612223717.png (169.55 KB, 750x1247, IMG_1157.PNG)

For comparison: this came before the shaved head

No. 403094

File: 1498612710178.png (40.59 KB, 750x721, IMG_1159.PNG)

No. 403095

File: 1498612732372.png (51.74 KB, 750x298, IMG_1158.PNG)

No. 403140

This Amanda Brown chick needs a thread! I have been digging and it's a serious gold mine. On mobile, so forgive the lack of caps.

No. 403231

Wow, the only person Ive seen so far that would be able to kick Luna of her junkie cow throne.
moaar please

No. 403232

File: 1498641662635.jpg (37.9 KB, 495x408, Clipboard01ss.jpg)


No. 403266


Thread pls.

No. 403340

We need a new thread on dumdolly tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 403349

Stop asking, it's not happening. Go to /meta/ and see all the posts about it.

No. 403350

read the rules update.

No. 403402

All of what posts? Admin refusing to comment? Not who you were replying to but I also want to know why we suddenly can't talk about her.

No. 403609

it happened before, with Vicky Shingles. if they say they can't comment right now, they can't.

No. 403635

It's been commented to death, they can't speak about it right now. Sometimes the staff have things due to outside circumstances, they can't speak about. It has happened before and I'm sure they'll clear it out, when they're in a position that they can talk.
Vickster like other anon said, was one recent case.

No. 404086

File: 1498815872195.jpg (Spoiler Image, 612.43 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0316.JPG)

she's one fat chick that lives in a babydoll fantasy. Seems to be 18 and overall tries to act like an baby like Melanie martinez lol

No. 404113

Can someone link the desktop version. The mobile site looks so shitty on PC

No. 404142

Anyone gonna make a new momo thread before it gets locked for being at limit orrrr

No. 404148

Just remove the 'm' from the URL.

No. 404162

File: 1498834967970.jpg (31.73 KB, 564x542, 19622269_10212959689164745_324…)

do we have something on gamer/developers general? There is a zoe quinn thread only. And now notch got somewhat red pilled.

No. 404184

Seconding a game dev one or gaming industry one in general. Notch is simply like this these days.

No. 404214

what the shit? didn't this guy create the most popular kids game of all time? what the fuck is wrong with people

No. 404231

It's called satire.

No. 405803

Holy crap, this is amazing yet so disturbing. Thread pls!

No. 405867

so its sarcasm? either way, stupid move for someone so much in the public eye.

No. 405880

Agreed! Where's our thread?'

No. 406012

She hasn't posted anything in a while

No. 406014

File: 1499089029849.png (140.39 KB, 750x1120, IMG_1226.PNG)

No. 406026

so, can we not get a thread because she is in rehab?
sad face

No. 406033

Do we have a thread for the Mormon guy who sued Taylor Swift and is now suing Ariana Grande for discrimination because she didn't smile enough when they took a pic together?

No. 406042

File: 1499097773568.png (83.74 KB, 300x387, 300px-Russell_Greer-TryHard.pn…)


Russell Greer. He's hot rn over at kiwifarms, definitely milky. Failed paralegal and shelf stocker at Costco, tried to leglize prostitution in his state, tried to open his own brothel, thinks he's a 10/10 despite being a 4' manlet, facial paralysis means he drools and can't smile.

Tried suing Farah Abrahms, TSwift, and Ariana Grande but is willing to drop the lolsuit if they go on a date with him. Regularly creeps on instamodels and loses interest when he finds out they're in a relationship, telling them they could do so much better, i.e. they could be dating HIM.

No. 406055

Oh man thanks for posting this guy. I haven't seen this level of delusion since the homeless guy with the magic sperm.

No. 406073

What have you done to me anon? I've just wasted the last two hours reading his kiwi thread and I'm still going. It's the strangest shit show I've ever witnessed.

No. 406134

Holy fuck he looks like a male version of Mira.

No. 406138

Narlee vlogs. The girl that went to social repose's house. She's an absolute weirdo. She comments on Lainey and gregs videos now since social repose stated his boundaries. She also made numerous crazy videos after the milk thing with social repose and continued replying to EVERY comment in his comment section. I came across her vlogs, some are boring as fuck but others are a goldmine for cringey watching.

No. 406421

she sounds interesting

No. 406788

She's fairly interesting. Some of her videos are boring af, but like I said, cringe goldmine! I feel kinda bad because apparently she has autism, but listening to her ramble vlogs are somewhat interesting. Turning up to social reposes house was a bit weird, but ever since he and Jaclyn rebuffed her, she's like obsessing over Lainey and Onion. She started crying in a thankyou video about Jaclyn Glenn acknowledging her bars donation. She's a strange unit.

No. 406794


Shes like mentally disabled though and apparently has autism, ADD and depression. The Blargh covered her and the incident.

No. 406800

Doesn't excuse her for being a creep though, honestly.

No. 406934

I worked with a guy who was severely autistic and couldn't understand sarcasm, so if she is autistic like she claims then it doesn't seem surprising that she thought it was an actual invitation

No. 406950

that might've been a reply to me but i deleted my post, I ended up watching the whole video and i mean it's pretty clear she has autism. Although shes cringe, she seems pretty self aware and after her initial break down she seemed to realize that it was obviously her autism that made her think it was an actual okay thing to do and something he was inviting to happen…. My question is, why did her parents let her. she later met up with her dad and they talked about it and he apparently helped her understand that it was her autism at play and blah blah, but like…why let hr in the first place. I wouldn't say she warrants a thread though, shes atleast aware of her autism and seems like shes trying to learn more about it/understand it etc…. idk i almost feel bad for her lol

No. 407003


Have you ever met an autist? They don't recognize that they're being creeps unless you tell them.

No. 407058

She said that she did think of trying to contact SR before arriving, to check if it would be ok, but thought if she did that, they would dodge her or something. That seems pretty shit to me.

No. 407254

lolcows are pretty much all autists or narcissists so it shouldn't be a barrier to her getting a thread.

No. 407296

Nayrt but I AM an autist who knows many other autists and frankly, it depends. Yeah there are many who genuinely don't understand that their behaviour is inappropriate and that they're crossing boundaries that shouldn't be crossed, but I've also met plenty of people who were clearly aware that their behaviour was unwelcome but they did it anyway. It's possible for people with autism to be jerks who take advantage of the leniency extended to us.
My personal rule is to see how they respond to being called out and whether they repeat the offending behaviour afterwards. If someone is high functioning enough to be running around without supervision then they're high functioning enough to learn from their mistakes, so if someone is crossing boundaries again and again despite being told that's not okay, they're probably just a dick. Looking for loopholes is also a red flag.
I can't speak for this girl specifically, though.

True. If being on the autism spectrum exempts someone from being a lolcow then the number of cows on this site would easily be cut in half.

No. 407451

chris-chan is the all-father of lolcows and he's autistic. autism isn't really why he's so chronicled; it contributes to his eccentricity but he's a cow overall because of his deliberate lack of self-awareness.

No. 407569

File: 1499370463686.gif (1.03 MB, 278x148, E4JFzzD.gif)

Do we have an Evaxephon/Yanderedev thread?

(ripped these from the kf thread)

Mike Z senpai noticing him: https://pastebin.com/ZVftY1q2

His "fighting game" concept: https://archive.fo/33yOj

vertexwindi's summary of the whole situation: http://pastebin.com/raw/x65sckcy

I'll fuck off if this seems like a bad thread.

No. 407572

he's such a fucking loser and abuses his power with his personal army(see:him sending people to harass twitch to allow people to stream his banned game)

I don't know if that's enough milk to warrant a thread though.

No. 407759

The reason yandev has such little milk is because all he does is sit on his ass and play video games or watch hentai all day. I personally would love to see a thread about him but I feel like it would mainly revolve around stuff he's done in the past/stuff he has yet to complete now (in regards to his game)

No. 408080

File: 1499477946805.png (107.35 KB, 750x806, IMG_0964.PNG)

Maybe a lele pons? She's had some drama with some other vines "Amanda cerny" where she got caught and admited to deleting Amanda's Instagram photos, putting her account in private etc (dasha?) and I just recently came across this on insta, where someone called her out for her claiming to have chopped off and donated her hair only to reveal they're extensions by zooming in. She now deleted the original photo off of her Instagram. If anyone has any other milk on her I'm curious now!

No. 408171

Wooow, that is grimey. If you're gonna fake people out, at least attempt to be slick about it. What a dummy.

No. 408197

a lele pons thread would be interesting. there is a viner thread (in /snow I believe) and she could be talked about in there if she doesn't have enough milk for her own thread

No. 408347

Lele Pons has been discussed in the ex viners thread in /snow

No. 409969

File: 1499893580585.png (2.57 MB, 1654x846, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 17.0…)

Anyone interested in manosphere youtubers?
Davis MJ Aurini
>compared himself to Elliot Rodger
>requested 15,000 USD monthly to do a low quality video, the kind Red Letter Media laughs at in "the best of the worst" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJSGc2ylZe4)
>real life incel. Dress up like pic related and pretends to drink whiskey to look cool
>made a book (with a lot of self inserts) criticizing how feminism has damaged the traditional masculinity

>made a documentary with Aurini about Anita Sarkeesian vs the poor gamergaters (according to them, the real victims in here)
>admitted the only interaction he has with women is the stripper from a club near his house
>attempted to leave youtube because he didn't got the subscribers he thought deserved
>real life incel

>entire channel based in clickbaits
>obsessed with Anita Sarkeesian, he made +20 videos about her. Still mention her in not-game related videos.
>cannot talk irl. In a interview he got super autistic because is incapable to socialize with another human being

No. 410030

Whitney Wisconsin.

No. 410072

You forgot to mention the ubiquitous skulls, and him pretending to drink and smoke in his videos in a cringey effort to look refined.

No. 410287

>Look up Whitney Wisconsin
>Dog fucking


No. 410294

File: 1499970548583.jpg (45.89 KB, 810x455, IMG_3551.JPG)

I think she even got recently arrested for making dog fucking porn or something & her BF was arrested for child porn

No. 410514

Yeah unfortunately I saw a video of her trying to get her little dog to lick her vag. Vile human.

No. 410607

Would anyone want a thread about black tumblr in general and how histrionic they are. people like fandomshateblackpeople and stuff

No. 410608

I would be for it if it didn't run the risk of devolving into blind racism. We all know civil discussion on race here is almost as impossible as on /pol/.

No. 411345

I actually don't know if there's a thread about this girl, but I crashed with her videos in youtube and she is just weird, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about her?

No. 411346

Samefag here I just wanted to add this one too because it creeped the shit out of me

No. 411357

She's Mars Argo 2.0, super boring and milkless. Her manager/songwriter/composer is pathetic, nothing there either really.

No. 411360

I remember when she/her boyfriend tried to self-promote here, kek.
Anyway, the whole "thing" (That Poppy) is a boring, lowbrow gimmick put together by some guy (Titanic Sinclair) from a flop of an early 2000s band who thinks he's deep because he can make shitty, generic attempts at "weeeiiiird" videos with a pastel background. All of it grasps at the stalest, laziest, most overplayed tenets of pop/modern culture, and the music is lame as fuck, too.
It's like he watched one surreal film, perused the internet briefly in 2015 and finally decided he was an artist. Unfortunately, he isn't, and everything about him and his girlfriend's work is completely trite and uninspired. What annoys me the most is that they're clearly both so proud of themselves. You can feel the smugness emanating from each video, it's like you're being talked down to the whole time. They think they're on some next level shit, but they're about ten years too late.
They do still appeal to the occasional 4chan waifufag, curious child who's never heard of post-modern art, and basic teen girl who probably still stans for 2011-2014 "living dolls" and runs a "pink aesthetic" Tumblr blog composed of the same 12 pictures and song lyrics we've all seen, so I guess they're doing something right. I just wish they would go away. There isn't even any milk going on, just tasteless pandering. Watch their next video be about Lolcow or PULL, though.

No. 411373

File: 1500203464329.png (32.87 KB, 1340x108, sure.png)


yep and he loves catering his vids to ephebo's (pic related), meanwhile Poppy aka Moriah is actually about 23. They put a lot of work into tailoring her image into a young innocent blonde teen.

My question is why pretend there's no milk if you guys keep posting (specifically anon im responding to who wrote 3 paragraphs worth). Someone just make a topic already sheesh…

No. 411385

i wouldn't hate a topic in ot talking about mars argo, she was so fascinating, imo i prefer her to poppy.
i found her twitter a while ago and she seems kind of messed up mentally, makes me wonder what happened with her and titanic

No. 411396

>I remember when she/her boyfriend tried to self-promote here
Titanic has always been doing that. I remember back in the day I'd see people in the comments say "look at this fucking hipster brought me here."
He also used to do shit just to piss people off for attention, like I remember in the video "Our First Date" the description said that they just chewed the food and spit it out after since they're vegan.

>she was so fascinating, imo i prefer her to poppy.
Same. I also think she pulls off the creepy little girl thing better than Poppy does.

>she seems kind of messed up mentally, makes me wonder what happened with her and titanic

Someone hacked into his accounts and found messages between him and Mars about how he cheated on her. I think he cheated on her with Poppy since she stopped being friends with some people for associating with her.

No. 411505

Talking about the Poppy/Titanic/Mars situation is interesting but milk wise… it's lacking. And I feel like w/out IT the thread would be a little slow. Discussion would b good the first few days but I feel like it would die down after that. So idk about a thread but it would b fun to discuss

No. 411565

what a unique snowflake

No. 411572

>Someone hacked into his accounts and found messages between him and Mars about how he cheated on her.

No. 411592

Here's a video about it, the screenshots are shown/read 45 seconds in

No. 411601

File: 1500267344066.png (74.14 KB, 220x220, cc175a81ead3a1bffb8c5c7adac1af…)

8chan's yuriboard had a confrontation with Dynasty over using the 8ch logo on the credits page of something they had translated. They then went back through the post history of the poster than started it all on Dynasty. It's another mentally ill mtf that writes Sonic fanfiction and thinks that lesbians are evil if they don't want to fuck mtfs with dicks.

8/u/ has done most of the work, so I thought I'd share it

No. 411649

Interesting. If there's anything more on that, it could make good thread material, especially if more stuff about it comes out.

No. 411753

is that a male?

No. 411877

No. 414289

I actually wouldn't mind a thread about Titanic Sinclair.

No. 414305

jenna marbles? or joanne the scammer?

No. 414826

idk if anybody ever found out who exactly was behind euthaniseallwhitepeople but if so, making a separate thread from that main one might be worth looking into?

No. 415038

Please make! Who can white knight the batshit crazy that is ET?

No. 415960

There's a really old thread in /snow/ about that. If I recall correctly, people were speculating it was actually some black chick.

No. 416710

File: 1501183115158.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170727-201222.png)

Kinashen? Her photoshopping is /intense/

Also not the child, but the mum. I'm terrified about how much skin damage she's giving her daughter. I hope she uses a load of sunscreen.

No. 416716

She looks like a Wylona Hayashi clone, I wonder if she lies heavily with her looks too

No. 416728

I keep seeing this chick posted to some aesthetic facebook pages I follow. Every time I look at her I just chuckle at the amount of photoshop on her face. She doesn't even look human. Then people gushing over how pretty sure is, I'm sure she's a lot prettier before the alien she turns herself into.

No. 416751

She also claims to be Chinese.

No. 416929

not sure if it's been suggested yet but I'd like to see a thread about the tumblr wicca community. I'm just so tired of people bandwagoning onto things like that to be ~speshul and better than u~ until thing in question loses all it's significance…

No. 416989

We definitely need a new Tana mongoose thread. The last one is dead.

No. 417193

What about King Lim? The drama in the LA con community is really heating up around that dude. Three girls have come out in the past few days against him with receipts of him being a manipulative creep. Apparently a few callout posts have been made a year or so ago too.


There's way more links, can supply if someone is interested in making a thread.

No. 417563

Anyone want to make a thread about the anna campbell/natalia taylor breakup? or just a natalia thread– her newest vid has marina joyce vibes.

No. 417688


I'd be interested in this.

about that second link, I followed a lot of those kinds of hippie tribedemama people before, I read on one of them that she doesn't use suncream, they just wear hats and stay out of the sun at it's hottest points. :/

Anyone else still into this?? I watched their vids the other night and went to her instagram and tbh this is a shitshow i'd love to follow. The guy is such a cunt and manipulative ephebophile and I cannot believe people still openly follow the scene style in 2017 what is this

No. 417728

File: 1501453615103.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-31-00-20-46…)

I'm sad kiwifarms and lolcow won't give that butterbeast Jamie Leigh Fisher a thread, since she keeps shitting up her threads so it's best she's ignored.

She's a thirsty attention whore, lives with her parents and husband who's a pizza delivery guy, her makeup is atrocious, the hubby and her are smokers and fatties.

She interacted heavily with kiwifarms when she made a thread about herself calling out Lucas Werner and later Onision cause she lurks.

I think she's milky, and her sunny disposition toward being torn apart in threads is a facade, so it'd be interesting to see her sperg.

No. 417747

No. Bad anon. Bad. That was very naughty, now say you're sorry to the farmers and we will never speak of this again.

No. 417777


I'm sorry, you guys. I promise to never speak of this again.

No. 417831

Jamie has a thread at >>>/snow/287830 (a quick search will reveal) and she's a regular selfposter in the Joy threads.

If what you really want to do is complain about kf not allowing you to talk about her over there, this is not the place.

No. 417884

literally nobody cares about jamie leigh fischer. which says a lot when a very transparent anon posts in every thread with the same format.

is there really any milk from this? I assumed it was obvious that he was going out with mars argo who seemed more independently creative and kooky, they made mid 00s indie pop music and tried to start a quirky weird hipster show. Then I assume they broke up, and years later he started going out with a questionably younger girl who thought he's cool and he's trying to do the same thing again and go viral and it's not working. Tbh I don't think he cheated on mars with poppy because he seemed really infatuated with mars, and she's the epitome of the quirky punk-turned-indie hipster princess he's trying to embody in all his projects. i'm willing to bet she left.

No. 418202

Logan Paul/Jake Paul thread anyone?

No. 418303

there is a viners general in snow that they're being talked about in!

No. 418796

can we get some clarification on the nitpicking rule? some anons are using the 'no nitpicking' to derail the thread if they don't like what's being said about a cow. in the onion thread, we have always discussed his looks and now that lainey is a part of it (and is much more egregious in her use of shitty makeup) she's become a target too.

to me it reads like KF posters coming in and stirring shit but i have no idea. they always bitch about nitpicking, but w/e. any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

No. 418852

Jfc, I was the one mentioning nitpicking glasses frames, not from KF at all. Go ahead, sperg out all over her frames, i just didn't want her to go back to that annoying squint face because we know the Onions lurk. One post, not a derailment.

But can't help you on the post-baby loose stomach thing, who called that nitpicking? You can't shit up the request thread every time people call you ana chan, ana chan.

No. 419264


I dont think the two of them fall under "viner" much anymore even though they started out there. Tbh I think they belong in the youtuber thread more and even so they're so shitty the DEFINITELY deserve their own thread with all the drama circulating around them.

No. 419302

A new misandry thread.

No. 420180

File: 1502142608550.jpg (128.08 KB, 592x720, IMG_8804.JPG)

What about a thread on Dylan Wolver?

Facebook: Dylan Brianna Wolver
Instagram: mamafaeriexx

Recently got in a lot of shit for defending another girls racist Facebook post.
Gave her 7yo son dreadlocks, baths with him and sleeps naked with him.

No. 420182

File: 1502142641347.png (2.82 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8805.PNG)

No. 420191

Dreads aren't an issue. The other two sound like extreme attachment parenting. Doesn't look like much milk unless you want to make an over attached mom general.

No. 420204


She'd be a good fit for the boob Nazi thread if she mentions breast feeding alot

Dreads are an issue when they look as shitty as the ones her son has.

No. 420695

File: 1502188354586.jpg (134.61 KB, 600x554, 007c14ed-6302-47c4-98ec-e0f38d…)

I second this

No. 420696

File: 1502188474007.jpg (88.82 KB, 500x625, tumblr_osmmkgfzFM1qb89beo1_500…)

How is there no thread for Jesse Sunset aka Jesse Willesee yet? Ultimate lolcow. Pictured with gold teeth.

I'll make a thread if interested but here's brief rundown:

>he's the son/nephew of a Sky News presenter family in Australia. His father and uncle were big name presenters, the Willesee family

>30 years old but acts like a teenager / permanent manbaby / narcissist / creep
>wannabe artist, "conceptual art"
>male feminist aka creep who uses it to impress young girls
>one of his feminist "artworks" was where he had someone take photos of him taking dick pics "to teach men that girls don't like unsolicited dick pics"
>recently moved to LA to become "famous"
>sends himself complimentary anons on tumblr
>has decided to become a rapper in the last year
>tried to make a rapper schtick of "drinking windex" which is Gatorade poured into a in a windex bottle, makes a fool of himself
>known to manipulate and pressure young girls who follow him online into hooking up
>claims to be poor like a typical trust fund baby… yet lives in LA by himself, hasn't ever been known to have a job, smokes medical weed all day, denies his parents fund his lifestyle (but his ex verified hollabackhannnah verified that they do), claims he made all his money 5 years ago as an artist in Australia (lies)
>got his ex hollabackhannnah to become a snapchat premium girl who sells nudes and filmed a 5 minute "interview" where he asked creepy questions about her life choices and made her cry, framed it as if it was "empowering" and posted it on instagram
>hung out with h00kerproblemz (instagram) a while ago, tried to force himself on her and when she refused to fuck him, offered her money for it, she explained it all on video
>briefly dated pornstar/ reality show "star" Frenchy Morgan and got dumped after a few weeks
>in Australia he was a "weed activist" and staged many "conceptual" protests
>one of his "artworks" was smoking weed in front of Australian police stations
>another "artwork" he made during a recent Australian election was the word "VOTE" made out of medical weed containers he saved from weed dispensaries in LA. a gallery in Australia put it on a wall. his "message" was to vote to legalise weed, but the odd thing is that none of the politicians even had weed on their agenda.
>he was invited on a TV panel to discuss the medicinal possibilities of cannabis, contributed nothing to the conversation and stood up, removed his shirt which had the words "WEED IS NOT A CRIME" and walked off set
>he's a nobody wannabe artist but because of his family name he sometimes gets into the tabloid media (he calls himself a tabloid artist)
>uploaded his latest "song" on a pornhub channel which he calls "a work of art in progress", barely has any views and 100 or so dislikes
>only interacts with young girls on instagram, girls his own age don't respect him,
>those who do know of him in Australia see him as a immature creep, which is probably the real reason he moved to LA


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessesunset
Tumblr: http://jessewillesee.tumblr.com/
Snapchat: jessesunset

Here's his most viewed "song", look at the likes to dislikes ratio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71r_0t2ie-o

No. 420698

File: 1502189058979.jpg (57.8 KB, 650x366, 779905-0ef610d2-608c-11e3-81f1…)

No. 420699

File: 1502189544620.jpg (170.88 KB, 960x960, 18581601_658319807699417_15101…)

Ken Valentine / Lady Valentine


Actual name is Maddie Penner

> Buys followers on IG

> Incredibly narcissistic and self-righteous

> Always talking about positivity and now bringing other girls down, while simultaneously shit talking girls publicly at every opportunity.

> Brags CONSTANTLY. About being a "published model", about the amount of followers she has, about how #blessed she is (even though she's actually a miserable bitch putting on a front for the internet), about how much tips she makes at her shitty bar job, about how her fat emo boyfriend is the best man in the world, about going on vacation, about getting new tattoos, about her hair and the clothes she buys.

> Wears disgusting ratty extensions and goes on rants about how she gets compliments EVERY TIME she leaves the house, if everyone ever asks her about it

> Was a massive weaboo, then koreaboo, now she's on the nu-goth moon queen hype

> Because of the amount of followers she's bought she gets offered to promote for companies sometimes and then brags about it. Right now she's bragging about being asked to promote two £100 wigs. She keeps mentioning that they're £100 too, just in case someone forgets.

> Does awful covers of Lana del Rey and Melanie Martinez

> Talks about how important it is to be a good friend and a faithful lover even though she made one of her friends sleep in the bath tub while she was fucking a skanky korean boy in a hotel bedroom

> Gets a new best friend every week and makes public posts about how her ex best friends are bitches who betray her, even though she is the bitch

> Constantly makes statuses about being stalked even though nobody outside of her fanbase full of 14 year old goth girls knows who she is

> Makes shit youtube videos

> Is SO THIRSTY for internet fame and calls her followers "wolf pack" because she watched Princess Mononoke once.

No. 420702

thanks for the post anon, didn't know about this guy.

it reminds be of candy ken and even manages to be worse (never though I'd say that.)

I don't understand artists that randomly reference hello kitty, the chanel pattern etc. with seemingly no relevance other than to be 'pop'.

in that vid
>yoyo young andy warhol.

No. 420706

Messy Willisee spawn, I'm here for it.
He looks like Sydney personified.
Trivia but the Sex Party had a legalisation agenda afaik.

No. 420713

File: 1502192216039.jpg (160.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Candy Ken is fucking vomit.

If you didn't already find out Willesee has collabed with Candy Ken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BoeSfL05x0

And they have another track out soon apparently. Gross. Go back far in their insta archives for pics of them doing shit together.

I'll probably start a thread tomorrow, he's worth watching. He's such a trainwreck.

No. 420826

Who the fuck are the people they get to be extras or 'dancers' in their videos, are they not the true lolcows here?

No. 421106

File: 1502242058339.jpg (263.04 KB, 1242x1552, tumblr_op6fxxH7pN1qb89beo1_128…)

I don't know if they're the "true" lolcows but they are pretty funny.

This is one of them: http://hollabackhannnah.tumblr.com/

She was dating Willesee and she recently cut him off and has posted a whole bunch of dirt about him on her Tumblr

He also dated Jasmine Dreamer:

He seems to finds girls who are relatively broken, and breaks them even more, exploiting them and fostering their latent narcissism…. for his "art", then tosses them after he gets bored

Here he being a creep and taking pics with pre-teens.

No. 421150

We need a thread on this trust fund retard who exploits young girls for his gross image

No. 421157

On it, I'll work on a solid first post and make the thread soon

No. 421315


Yesss plz, there was drama between h00kerproblemz/Cassidy http://instagram.com/h00kerproblemz and him ages ago - he met up with her and when she shut him down he offered to pay her for sex because, you know, she's a prostitute so how could she say no, right?


There was a post on Cassidy's blog which has since been deleted unfortunately.

No. 421349

Is cassidy pimping out sex workers or what? Sure sounds like it

No. 421401


Apparently there is some drama between Cassidy and some other SW girls for Cassidy promoting "girls support group meetups" and basically using that as a pretense to get the girls that show up to shoot free content for her new porn production company. A couple of girls posted a 45 minute podcast the other day exposing her and it's pretty milky.

No. 421402

I used to really enjoy Cassidy/Anna but after her drama as of late, I'm beginning to become skeptical of her. someone should do a thread about her, or if she's not milky enough, a thread about all these instagram sex workers. alot of them seem to be white girls from a privileged background (no problem with that) who are just jumping on the bandwagon. meanwhile this time last year they'd be looking down on hoes/escorts. not saying Cassidy's like that necessarily, but a lot of the chicks she runs with seem to be.

now there's a bunch of drama re: Cassidy apparently not paying girls for working for her and being racist. I'm very intrigued. apparently she's married to a well off guy? anyone know who he is?

her red faced apology was extremely wack and uncomfortable. it was definitely one of those "I'm not sorry for doing/saying it, I'm sorry for getting caught" spiels.

I followed her/her content for awhile but I don't know the details about her life except that she used to live in London, she was a heroin addict and just recently detoxed off of methadone maintenance (not sure if it was successful or not).

No. 421405

yesss please someone do it. maybe I will when I get home from work.

Natalia/Ashley is an annoying little brat BUT I think Anna's milky as well. dropped out of college/left her dream job to follow Nat to OHIO. I know she was "in love" but come ON.

a few of Anna's close family members (at least 2 that have appeared in her videos) are addicted to heroin and when you point it out, her fans jump on you/Anna deletes your comment.

her whole family seems like total white trash but sweet and harmless enough. I feel bad for the girl, I think she was totally in the relationship 100% and I honestly don't think "Natalia" ever was. it was all about the views for her

and now I think she's trying to act weird and unhinged in her last video so that people will give her a break for ditching Anna - "omg guys, Nat is showing signs of mental illness! she may be having a skitzophrenic break!" look through her comments, people are saying it left and right. comparing it to her dad (which she highly exaggerated, imo)

Nat wants more views, more subs, more "fame" and to be able to claim insanity so no one can accuse her of being an selfish bitch :\

No. 421724

File: 1502331006977.jpg (9.91 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Those support group she does are creepy as fuck. Cassidy has mommy issues for sure. I bet she had a mom who ignored and never approved of her. Now she's externalising her trauma onto the world, assuming that all these other girls need to be "saved" too by creating this "inclusive" utopia for fucked up narcissists, but because she's inherently fucked up, she exploits these girls in the process and does it in the very toxic way.

You can also tell Cassidy never fit in with other girls growing up and has never left the rebellion stage (typical narcissist stagnancy), so she wants to group all these girls together and be "the leader", "organizer", "the boss bitch". If any of you watched the snaps from the meetups its pretty obvious that she was in control and the other girls were just going along with it for innocuous reasons.
>pic related

Cassidy literally making support groups where girls can "talk" about their traumas is the most self-absorbed shit ever because you know she doesn't care about anyone but herself. Having said that, she isn't really lolcow enough because she's so predictable, but I'm totally on board for a general messy instagram/tumblr sex worker thread

No. 421727

She had a mental breakdown when she found out Jasmine Dreamer wasn't a really sex worker and only dressed like one for the aesthetic. Hence her instagram slogan "My Lifestyle!!! Not an aesthetic!"

No. 421889

No. 421924

I used to think she was kind of cool. But the fact that she is obsessed with trauma, really irks me. She made an entire video about her mental health, including videos of her shooting up. Who fucking films themselves shooting up? And saves it?
Her support groups are just a way for her to talk about herself some more. Because there is NO SUPPORT after everyone has told heir stories, you can't have a group of women in a room talking about trauma and not help them afterwards.
They share their stories, then she has them shoot content and them pays them with exposure. She's a real piece of shit.

No. 421933

I remember that! I kinda agree that it's annoying when girls do that. not the dressing like a hooker part - dress however you like. and not all escorts dress the same. but the new wave of "I'm a sex worker!!!!" bandwagon liars down to the 18/19 year old girls posting memes like "lolz I want a sugar daddy!" when irl they would judge a girl who actually has one.

BUT I feel like Cassidy is a total gatekeeper and blew it out of proportion. I think she thinks she's the hooker of all hookers and no one else knows about sex work like she does.

I'm too lazy to find the number but whoever inquired about her relationship with her mom - as far as I know they had a decent relationship when she became an adult. same with her and her dad. she says when she was young her parents used to drink/party A LOT and would fight violently. her mom passed away less than a year ago.

we seem to have a few people interested in it so when I get home in a couple hours I'll make a thread - anyone have any suggestions for other IG sex workers to include in the OP?

No. 421935

hooker problems is a dirtbag but mamaissues annoys me as well. I'll save my detailed opinion on her for our post but she's no angel.

No. 421936

Mamaissues, Sanhopeless, Hannahgoddess

No. 421940

good suggestions I'll mention them all in the OP. i love Hannahgoddess! I will def include her bc I'm sure someone has milk on her and I'm not a stan who can't see her negative personality traits but in general I like her a lot. I'm totally expecting someone to tell me something shitty about her in our thread and ruin her for me tho hahaha. I get off of work at 4PM EST so I'll have it up in a few hours, unless someone wants to make one right now. will post a link here after I make it

No. 421977

File: 1502393408332.jpg (201.09 KB, 1200x1150, IMG_1782.JPG)

Hannahgoddess has a niteflirt page
And a twitter
Found it while the drama was happening, but I do like her for the most part.

No. 422018

I keep seeing this chick around.

She's had Drama with Venus/Margaret, Kanadajin3 and now the Islam community. I keep seeing her name pop up in threads all over lolcow.

No. 422042


I posted the ig sex workers post in snow, meet you there!

No. 422075

that's because it's self-posts. we don't need a thread for her.

No. 422103

Quinn aka lvangel69 (tumblr), flat earth lunatic, sugar baby, hypocrite

No. 422127


It would be awesome if someone did this (I wrote the original suggestion). I would, but I don't have enough time.

No. 422132

Post about her on the IG sexworkers thread. She is a friggen lunatic. She preaches about how we need to help others and the earth but all she does is travel around smoking weed funded by fucking some sugar daddy.

No. 422151

She also bullies girls a lot

When people called her out on the flat earth shit she acted like "she didn't really care"

She posted "proof" videos and it was literally these schizo videos made by potential white supremacists (talking about jewish conspiracies and "purging the jews to defeat new world order")

She also acts like human beings are a plague on the earth and that mother nature would be better off without them. yeah right that sounds like someone who cares about others lol. More like a nihilistic bitch

No. 422169

File: 1502433056268.jpg (95.37 KB, 540x675, 444.jpg)

Anna Bloda


42 year old European "artist" now located in LA and hangs exclusively with trust-fund Insta edgelords and still dresses as if she's 19. She's desperately clinging to youth and it's so messy. She always gets her tits out.

She has a baby daughter who doesn't seem to factor into her lifestyle one bit, apart from the occasional exploitive photo opp.

She's also casually racist. From the bio on her site:

>She is fascinated with women—mainly the black race, their courage, body expressions, primary instinct

No. 422192

>chilling with @jessesunset
Maybe a thread for this whole disgusting circle?
>the black race, their courage, body expressions, primary instinct
This is very eurofag, gross as it is. Jean-Paul Goude says the same kind of shit and he was married to Grace Jones.

No. 422235

went down the rabbit hole a little and the baby is (thankfully) not hers. is it a grandchild or godchild, I wonder.

No. 422252

File: 1502457231445.jpg (48.23 KB, 600x338, CjsSI0fXAAAq4Sy.jpg)

… does anyone give a fuck about a cam girl named Sabrina Nellie? I feel kinda bad bringing her up, but she's done a good job scrubbing the internet of all her old drama WITH THE EXCEPTION of her entries on TheDirty.

Anyways, I'm just really curious about her.


OH, I almost forgot.. some people may know her as the cam girl who shit herself while she was fucking herself with a dildo on cam.

No. 422253


lollllll um what ??? how did i not know this

No. 422259

She's been mentioned briefly on the cam whore general thread, there's not much flowing milk other than the situation with her kids & her shitting herself. Pretty much keeps a tight wrap on what she posts.

No. 422270

She has a thread in snow already


ctrl+f is your friend

No. 422496

cosplay fuccbois like Johnny Junkers

No. 423726


Please someone make this thread! I think there's a lot of milk that can and come out of this Natalia girl, I've been following her since she first claimed she was bisexual and she really is fucked in the head or personality or both.

No. 424100

File: 1502848072960.jpg (123.84 KB, 927x588, IMG_4342.jpg)

Carmen Callaway, the porn girl he was dating has already cut him off after learning that he exploited her for personal gain… check out the last comment (posted earlier today)

No. 424133

didn't he just get engaged? or am I thinking of someone else?

No. 425536

Maybe an MTF thread like the fakeboi general? The tranny thread in /ot/ is only for /r/passing and there are a lot more cow-ish trannies who get off on rping as girls on tumblr, ig, fb, and twitter.

No. 425609

where is jakepauls lolcow?

No. 425746

File: 1503209994341.jpg (154.54 KB, 960x947, IMG_5211.JPG)

Anyone interested in a thread for Mintyfrills? I might make one but I need help getting caps of her spergouts on facebook

No. 426008

why does lolita always attract these potato faced fatties?

No. 426080

it makes them feel petite

No. 426126

she is an amazing cow and is literally gonna become the next Luna. it is a tragedy she doesn't have a thread

No. 426581

he did. To the same girl he cheated on.

No. 426674

File: 1503395289353.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.02 KB, 952x873, cringe.JPG)

She's not really worth her own thread just wanted to share, posts awful lip-syncing videos and leaves the house looking like that.
goes by psychotichar.ley on instagram

No. 426695

File: 1503406419746.png (709.4 KB, 610x597, Výstřižek2.PNG)

oh god. the recent "skit" where she's tied up… i have no words. do people like this have no shame?

No. 426854

It's Ash in ten years!

No. 426856

Anon, I am shook. I agree it may not be thread worthy, but, this has me mesmerised. How do you get/continue to live/ and promote being this way? Am I right in reading this thing frequents cons? I am wide eyed in fear and left wondering.

No. 426923

Plus size fl cosplayer @psychoticharley… she's REALLY daddies Lil monster…

No. 427051

No. 427296

Has anyone heard of mindpower on youtube? She makes subliminals that contain hidden negative affirmations that really fuck you up. I don't know what her deal is, whether 'she' is actually human. All i know is that when i listened to her subs i would constantly get sleep paralysis, wake up with strange scratches and bruises, feel like i was being watched, always felt fear and anxiety, a sense of doom and foreboding, like my soul wasn't my own. It seems that countless others have experienced similar. Here is a video explaining things. It's all so fucking strange.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSvQ6_-QJc0(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 427321

>negative affirmations that really fuck you up

i used to try those subliminals ages ago (from other youtubers though) and they haven't done shit. i'm beinning to think these negative effects are just people's minds subconsciously cringing at them for listening to stuff like (taken straight from mindpowers channel)

>Be a World of Warcraft Mage in Real Life - Subliminal Affirmations

>Become a Female Elf Beauty DNA Combo - Galadriel
>Get Passionate Pink Eyes - Iris Eye Color Changer - Subliminal

>whether 'she' is actually human.

come on, that's over the top. she's just some person trolling YT and getting paid for views. all these subliminals are just a way for people to earn money from ads

No. 427333

In the name of science we should listen to her subs for a month and see what happens.

No. 427334

GWORL don't do it. It only took a few days for me to feel like i was living in a horror movie or some shit. Like at any minute that ugly bitch from Ringu is going to come crawling out of the tv. All i wanted was bigger eyes :(
>>427321 I hope to Christ you're right.

No. 427381

Ignore this samefagging shill. They're permabanned now.

No. 427871

I was lurking mars argo/titanic/thatpoppy but I really wanna know more don't have enough milk to start a thread though, can someone who knows more of them start one? I think it'll be pretty interesting

No. 427880

I'm pretty sure she cheated on him actually - he got caught cheating on his gf before Jane(who he is engaged to now)

He went through a really funny existential period of self doubt and being super emo. Jane cheating on him fucking broke him but I'm honestly glad it happened I really like his ex - she's a sweetheart.

No. 428033

Can someone /please/ give me the dish on Tenleid - I've seen her in multiple threads and I want to know the condensed story

No. 428089

Old cgl patreon hoe who got fat and photoshops her shit

Confirmed two face and shit talker that most people tolerate but don't actually like or want to get close to

No. 430364

well, then die.
One lazy reverse image search later and I have the name after 1 minute.

No. 431033

I would love a thread about the youtuber "hiding in my room" aka Daniel.
He is a half asian beta guy from the UK who is already 28 years old and still living with his parents. He has a weird fetish for asian women & worked several years in minimum wage jobs to finance his trips to japan. He is known for jumping on the first japanese girl he encounters and then sperging about them on youtube after the breakup. There also was some reddit /r/hapas drama he was involved with in the past.
Recently he got fired from his job at the petrol station for being lazy and ranting about his job and coworker per youtube (some stalker discovered where he worked and reported his videos to his boss) and also almost impregnated his single mom ex-girlfriend because he refused to use condoms.


No. 431264


No. 431285

Never thought I'd be so happy to see a website back.

No. 431328


No. 431620



No. 431765

File: 1505093865208.jpg (77.86 KB, 512x512, IMG_2072.JPG)

No. 431876

Back in in business

No. 435279

Can we have a conspiracy theories thread? You know, just for the hell of it?

No. 435281

Pls no. Plenty of other places for that, and it attracts the worst of the autism.

No. 435936

There's one in ot if you check the catalog

No. 440048

I'm pretty sure it's time for a thread on Wildchild considering that he just shit on everyone with his attention whoring and nobody really likes him anyway since he's an annoying piece of shit and he needs to learn that he's not welcome here.

I don't have his dox, but I'm sure somebody does and someone could make a thread on him and considering that he's been pissing everyone off for a while, I'm sure that there will be an overwhelming consensus for a thread to be made on him for being a mentally ill faggot and a total waste of space.

No. 440081

No. 440213


I know people have said that there's not enough milk and that what they did wasn't worth a thread, but I actually agree with >>440048 that it should at least be discussed or voted on.(samefagging)

No. 440376

Would love a thread on theproserpina

No. 440403

just because you spergs have a vendetta doesn't mean there's milk

No. 440405

Yawn. I give you kudos for at least moving your vendetta to a drama site instead of posting your a-logging suicide instructions and shit on a random forum (didn't you get banned for that?) but nobody cares about some discord faggotry with no milk for others to stalk.

No. 440412

File: 1506482955960.png (76.58 KB, 1333x586, yeuohrh.png)

>caught doing the same on CC

kek, maybe you're the cow.

No. 440424


Oh please. Its not like everyone else hasn't already been shit talking them, the difference is that you guys are cowardly and do it behind your back.

im sure people here feel the same. Can someone explain why wildfuck is immune from consequences for being a shitty troll? Its not like any of the messages were that bad considering and didn't do anything that they didn't deserce.

people have said that they aren't even mentally ill so instructing them to commit suicide shouldnt have affected them at all and people should keep that in mind that everything that happened was their own fault and a consequence of their actions.(Ban evade)

No. 440433

Why is it so hard for you to believe that you're the only one who cares this much? Enough to samefag on multiple boards to goad some Discord autist into becoming an hero? Sad!

No. 440438

genuine question: are you retarded? vendetta threads are against the rules and it's very obvious you have one.

No. 440439

so is a-logging and doxxing. Anon is just asking for a permaban.

No. 440449


if nobody cares then why would you be against them aheroing? lots of people from other sites feel the same way as I do, and the rest don't care if they do or don't.

it would prevent that autist from spreading their autism everywhere they go so I think it would be a good thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 440480


Oh, just fuck off and take your vendetta somewhere else. It's kind of a moot point, since none of us care about him.

We already know that he's an annoying troll and I highly doubt if he does come back, that any of us will welcome him with open arms which is kind of why your vendetta here is a moot point. We don't care about Wildchild and we care about your effort and vendetta to give them attention even less.

Honestly, you're just as annoying as he is. Wildchild has moved on from this place, just fuck off and move on with them to wherever they moved on to.

I'll be sure to get the point that Wildchild isn't liked by any of us if he comes back across, which is honestly why you need to stop all this obsession and move on.

We don't care if you carry on your vendetta towards them, just do it somewhere else since we're sick of it.

No. 440484


And before you accuse us of being cowardly two faced bitches, just know that I have personally let them know numerous times via PM that nobody there likes them, I'm sure more than once. I'm certain I'm not the only one.

It's not my fault that they were too autistic to get the hint leading us to get into this mess.

Nobody cares if you follow them, dox them, etc, just don't do it here.

No. 440493


>>just know that I have personally let them know numerous times via PM that nobody there likes them.


Assuming that they were in a psychotic state of mind.. then I think that answers the question of how they were able to believe we were plotting to murder them so easily.

No. 440506

she has one (it has died a bit lately): >>>/snow/21084

No. 440507

the lolcord sounds like a wild place these days.

No. 440513


Some of us just wanted to do some spring cleaning to a bad troll so the lolcord wouldn't be so much of a safe space, this vengeful asshat here >>440449 had to come along and because of him then things got out of hand.


He wasn't psychotic, he was most likely trolling you by pretending to be mentally ill. I can't tell you how many times I have to tell people that the last thing they need is encouragement or support which just feeds into the attention he wants. If he was really mentally ill then he would've taken our advice instead and taken his mental health seriously instead of ignoring it and constantly slapping all of us in the face. He was just an annoying troll, nothing more.

No. 440531


Why don't you PM them your problems and tell them how they aren't psychotic or mentally ill and don't need their medication not treatment because they're "just a troll" instead of bragging how you planned to bully a possibly mentally ill person.

If that really occured, you and everyone else who tried to do some "spring cleaning" aren't innocent and share responsibility

No. 440583


Can someone please give some sort of background on this person and explain to me why everyone hates them? What did they do? If you talk about someone in this thread the least someone can do is provide a background on them.

No. 440590

Wildchild is a spergy autist on the lolcow discord channel who is obviously mentally ill and shits up the place with paranoid ramblings and wholesome anti-trolling. They're annoying but there's no milk and they left after the salty anon ITT tried to fuel their paranoia by telling them everyone wants them to kill themselves in a painful fashion. For some reason, anon initially thought the lolcow containment thread on a girl imageboard would be the best place for their vendetta, then they got banned for doxxing and samefagging and moved to here.


No. 440595



That's it? Is that all they did? There has to be something I'm not understanding since they seem to be more hated than most cows.

Can someone explain what exactly they did to make everyone so angry at them? How did they troll everyone?

No. 440598

That's literally it. All Wildchild does is act like the "friendship officer" of the lolcord, teaching people their "I statements" to "get better at friendships" and filling up the server with political or paranoid rants about being scared of being gang stalked or forced into human trafficking. That Anon is incredibly pissed that people used to humor Wildchild until recently, when the majority of lolcord told them to take a break and focus on their mental health instead of spamming the server.

No. 440599


So, they were faking paranoia? I can see how that would make some people mad for a period of time.

No. 440600

It's not fake, they're legitimately troubled. The Anon is probably a Kiwifarms user since Wildchild got banned from there too.

No. 440605

Can we end the Wildchild sperg now? She's left discord, whether she comes back or not, I don't care nor do I care if she's a troll or not. Let the subject die, jfc.

No. 440610


Nobody likes that piece of shit retard anyway. How is he even still alive? With all the shit they started then I don't think anyone could care if they were alive or dead, but obviously it would be better for everyone if they were dead.

No. 440611

Wew calm that edge, you're contributing to this too by sperging about your weird hate boner for wc.

No. 440621


Lots of people hate him for being a retarded attention whore you dumbass. It gives me great pleasure knowing that they're going to die lonely, friendless, hopeless, and alone and to remind them every chance I get that nobody will ever like them and they should just end it for being a mentally ill faggot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 440630

I dont think theres a single person here who actually likes them or would give the slightest shit if they did commit suicide. there life literally has no real meaning or impact on anyone and the world really would be better off wit them gone.(a-logging)

No. 440686


Jesus fucking Christ dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? While it may be true that not a lot of people here would care too much if they did commit suicide, it doesn't mean that we want them too.

That went way too far, even for an a-log.

No. 440740

I would care if she died. Though she can be annoying at times, and sometimes I wonder if she mentioned her delusions for attention, I do think she is ill and I’m glad she fucked off of discord for a while for her own sanity.

I don’t get why people get pleasure from bullying someone obviously mentally unwell.

No. 440758

You were saying this same shit on Crystal Cafe too.


No. 440976

Maybe a Yungelita thread? She isn't really milky all the time but she has her moments.

No. 441362

I would love a thread discussing lolcows and flakes in the tumblr Sims community, but I don't have enough material gathered and don't want to waste the time if nobody is interested in reading/contributing but me. Anyone interested?

No. 441460

kek but who would get posted? i'm not active enough on there to know what the latest drama is

No. 441478


We all know it's you Tesco, you really couldn't have made it more obvious.


Sorry to bring it back off topic but does anyone know what happened to them or if she's okay? I'm a bit worried. Has anyone talked to her recently?

No. 441519

Pretty sure she's in the hospital right now

No. 442154

null thread when?

No. 442159

never, no one here cares enough

No. 442213


Null is just an edgelord who thrives on negative attention and most of the milk occurs on his own forum with his melomaniac leadership style when he's in a leadership position. He loves being talked about on other forums since in his mind it means he's important.

Plus, we don't really want the members of KF to start coming here either as a safe spot to speak freely/criticise Null without fear of being banned, or obsessively defending him.

He's a lolcow, but I would rather the members of Kiwi Farms not come here spreading their massive autism thinking lolcow farms is a safe place for them.

The last thing we need is a mass of autistic, Alt-Right, edgy trolls a-logging, doxxing and shitting up all over the place.

If you want a thread on him, he does have a regular thread on /cow/ and an equivalent of an lolcow thread on the blockland forums that I recommend you refer to.

No. 442253


There was a Kiwi Farms thread made around the time that KF went down a few months ago, that is deep in the recesses of lolcow farms. Someone could revive it from the dead if they wanted to.

There was a Null thread at some point but it got moved to manure, since Josh began attention whoring in his thread and being all "look at me guys, I'm Josh. Give me attention."

The KF thread can double as the Null thread if there's a need and someone wants to revive it.

No. 442257

No. 442313

Null don't admit it publicly but he HATES HATES HATES that he doesn't have a complete monopoly on lolcow websites. He started Lolcow LLC as a legitimate umbrella company for kiwi farms, lolcow wiki, and all the other random bullshit websites he's created such as lolcow.tv and many others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

He tried to get ED forums to do his bidding and they told him to fuck off.

He told Zaiger that he would host ED for him and he told him to fuck off.

He tried to show up here and win y'all over and y'all told him to fuck off.

At least part of his motivation for writing code for 8ch.net was the fact that he was given a global mod position that he abused by taking IP addresses of people talking shit about him and cross referenced them with users of kiwi farms and he begged JEWS to make him a mod of /cow/ but he knew better. He finally lost his moderator status when he threatened to rape and murder Swami over a minor disagreement and eventually he ran with all the user donations he received after not being able to do the job he was hired for.

Josh's endgame is simple. He wants to control the entire narrative in an effort to be the ultimate trollshielder.

No. 442333


I personally think he's worthy of an lolcow thread, but I want to hear what the mods or admins think taking into account that it may bring hoards of salty a-logging autistic virgins and cause him to start following users with over the top edgy a-logging again.

The farmhands and admin would definitely need to be sure to set ground rules and keep a close eye on the thread considering the autism and edginess of the members on Kiwi Farms is comparable to incels.

Certain actions that Null does such as stalking a certain member who shall not be named since she's been discussed enough, but is overall harmless, for over a year with over the top edgelording and a-logging is milky and indicative of a lolcow.

No. 442359

It was bad enough when a bunch of KF refugees turned up during the site closure to namefag and whine about how we didn't do things right. But I'd tune in to a thread about Null anyway.

No. 442360

The main issue is that sperg who's after him (hopkins??), who will shit up the thread with his 'theories'. He would have to be controlled so we could have a conversation. The previous Null thread (not the KF one) got moved to manure btw.

No. 442368

I think everyone can agree that Josh is worthy of a thread, the main question we need to ask is: would the thread be more trouble than it's worth? I think it would be rough at first and bring a lot of autism at first, but if the mods exercised a "no tolerance" policy for rule violations then I think most of the Kiwis would get banned or give up after awhile.

No. 442389


I dont think Vordy will be as much as a problem as people think he will be, he's easy enough to spot.

Null did give up on his a-logging here and on cc after a few days when his website went down so I think he'll obsessively check it for a few days and then give up when someone disagrees with him on KF and that diverts his attention. While he obsessively searches the internet for any mentions of him it's hard for him to spend too much time when he's also trying to spend as much time that he does constantly thinking of how to make money to avoid working/monopolize kiwi farms.

No. 442391

I feel like for the first couple days, when the autism is real strong, mods keep the thread on auto sage and have no tolerance for anyone who doesn't follow the rules and then once everythings calmed down, take it off auto sage but still keep a close eye on it

No. 442395

I mean obviously wait for the mods or admin to chime in before making the thread, but as long as we take precautions to keep the autism in check, have a no tolerance policy in check then i think it will be fine.
The worst thing that can happen is someone mentions his dreaded wc trigger word and he spends a few days sperging out and literally shaking from forum-based PTSD.
He may need to be banned on site if he gets too annoying, but I'm sure he'll provide plenty of milk and you know that the thread is going to have a long lifespan as Null keeps on fucking up, making failed projects, sperging out, and getting himself deeper and deeper into debt.

No. 442403

I would love a Josh Moon/Null thread. He's most definitely a lolcow and his thread is the only reason why I occasionally go to /cow/. Plus, I'm sure lolcow would be able to definitely deliver a higher quality of thread than /cow/
Not to mention the active internet presence other than kiwi farms that for some reason is rarely touched by /cow/ such as his Reddit and Twitter.
I'm a for a Josh Moon thread as long as it doesn't get too autistic and cause too much autism from Josh himself and kiwi farms members.

No. 442423

This was the last time there was a thread on null.


All that happened out of the ordinary is Josh showed up trying to win ya'll over while simultaneously "trolling" you and a bunch of his minions showed up to shitpost and feed the thread full of disinformation. As far as Vordrak goes if he showed up here all he would do is spam links to his blog and shower himself with praise.

No. 442429


Which is exactly why there would need to be heavy moderation, at least temporary.
I mean, he's an emotionally and socially delayed edgelord who has sacrificed his family, finances, and job prospects trying to live out some bizarre fantasy of being some "internet supervillian", who's antics include stealing $12,000 from a cripple after a project he was hired for ended up being a complete disaster, talking about raping a girl who was drunk and half unconscious, and ending up with a lolcow thread on blockland (which is way more autistic than having a lolcow thread on here) where he talked about how all women should be murdered and masturbating to nekoshota.
If that's not deserving of a lolcow thread, then I don't know what is.

No. 442434

File: 1506842445679.png (100.14 KB, 815x538, beingajew.PNG)

oh anon you forgot josh's new adventures in refusing to get a job

No. 442435


He has a new and bizarre project every few months, all end in utter failure. Remember the website that was just supposed to be a database of transgender people? Or the child porn blocker? 16chan?, now one of his more recent projects that he's trying to make money off is a VPN.

No. 442445

There's no doubt that Josh is worthy of a thread and I'm certain there's quite a bit of demand. The question is: what preventative measures can mods put in place to prevent the thread from becoming utter shit from Josh and his order of White Knights of Autism?

Is the thread even feasible or is Josh the only lolcow who's autism is even too great for a thread on here?

I think it's worthwhile to have a thread on him if they can find some way to keep the autism and shitposting in check, but the how is a discussion that the mods are going to have to have.

It's going to be a thread that's going to need some moderation, maybe not too much, maybe a lot, but at least some.

No. 442464

He's going to be in there in seconds. It happens every time.

No. 442580


I mean, if we treated him like a lolcow (which he is) and treat him the same as other lolcows when they find their thread then it shouldn't be a problem.
Josh isn't some big bad final boss of the internet who shouldn't get a thread because he may find it. He's just a cringy edgelord who doesn't go outside and probably hasn't talked to anyone in real life for over a month.
I'm more scared of my five year old nephew then I am of Josh, tbh.

No. 442607

Remember kids: Josh is the same faggot who's biggest achievements include being one of the most infamous members on BlockLand essentially a poorman's minecraft

No. 442621

I think a thread on Josh would be manageable if people just report and ignore blatant shitposting, namefagging, obvious white knighting, and possibly banning Josh and Vordrak on sight if need be.
The thread on /cow/ has a lot of shit posters but even that thread there is manageable despite /cow/ having no or minimal moderation.
As long as the farmhands check it and clean it up occasionally, and people report and ignore then it will be fairly manageable.
Worst that will happen is that there will be an influx of shit posters as KF members discover the thread and begin raiding which will die down within a day or two, a week at the most.
I really don't think the thread will be as bad as people think it will be as long as the moderators are fairly active and people report and ignore.

No. 442639

It would be nice to not have to go to /cow/ to follow up on him because I'm probably not the only one who finds that place a bit strange. Someone said that they were going to ask the mods if they were willing to approve a thread on him and be willing to take precautions? Should we ask on /meta/ to get their approval and ideas since his thread and ideas for it seems to be a popular idea? He should get a thread if only to clear up the thread requests.

No. 442644

can we make a matthew lush thread?

No. 442674

I'll be willing to make a Joshua Moon thread in a few days when or if a mod chimes in on their stance on it, if they're planning or willing to have it be heavily moderated for a few days, etc.
The reason the Kiwi Farms thread went to shit is because the mods just sort of left it as a "free-for-all" to accommodate the Kiwi refugees without the intention of it being a serious thread, or so it appears.

No. 443934


This is on-point, anon. For real.

I want a Josh/kiwi thread. He is an enormous cow. And there are former mods who you know would spill tea.

No. 443994


Wasn't there some drama between Josh and FramerGirl420? Like he went Stockingish on her or something? I think I heard he was living in Buffalo, NY which is depressing, it's a shithole imo.

No. 444283

Tiffany Joy Vine. Because zwnation is always going offline. Basically, she is the gift that keeps giving. Or tricia evans

No. 444493

I'm against a Null thread because it will only fuel his ego and he will send whiteknights and circle through proxies to cause maximum chaos. Even in the case he leaves it alone it will be shit up by alt-right scum, kiwifarmers, vendetta-chans and trolls. Best not to give him and them yet another platform. They can shit up another place. It's clearly documented that he has a history of hating lolcow for not doing to his bidding and accepting any of his thinly veiled offers of helping out to gain control. He can be a banned subject for all I care.

No. 444499


Good point, Josh really doesn't have as much importance as people think he does. As some anon pointed out, he's not some Mastermind internet supervillain.

He most likely won't even be relevant in a few years as he begins to run his site in the ground with the politics and mismanagement, although he will never give up or abandon the site as he gets deeper and deeper into debt, him and his site are slowly losing relevance.

As he begins to sense that his masterwork creation (kiwi farms), is beginning to decrease in popularity, members begin leaving, then his modding style and behavior will get more and more extreme driving more people away.

The best way to talk about him without fueling his ego or giving him a sense of relevance is to talk and discuss him in a closed chat/forum where he isn't able to see. It's the reason why he hated and discouraged members from participating in Skype groups.

No. 444503

thanks for your input, Josho

No. 444839

We have talked about this and decided it's in the best interest to not have a Null thread. Sorry to anyone who wanted it.

No. 448040

Anyone else follow Borokitty on Instagram? She's way milkier than even MooMoo at this point but IDK if there's any interest outside of the cannabis community

No. 448316

Could you drop some info on her? If she's milkier than Moo, I'm interested no matter the community.

No. 448514

Can we finally have a Lana rain thread? Anyone up for actually making it?

No. 449548


God there's really too much to even know where to start. Nearly every single day she starts drama in her story and her feed with other weed sluts, has a new fiance every other month, was literally shot by one of her 3 week fiances, called her best friend a coke whore last week and now is posting selfies with her again, now she's back with her "abusive" ex boyfriend after going through about 20 different dudes and getting one of their names tattooed on her ass, etc etc etc

No. 450625

File: 1508116915478.jpeg (21.41 KB, 356x355, kinomatika.jpeg)

I have posted some new material here in a general thread:

If someone wants to make an actual thread about it go for it. I have nothing more to post.

No. 450840

Is there a thread on the stupid shit that happens in that god awful community?

No. 450851

I'd be happy with a furries general.

No. 451564

File: 1508287122684.jpg (303.06 KB, 1153x854, yBHo5zA.jpg)

Anyone else interested in a /snow/ thread on ASMR Artists? Off the top of my head Karuna Satori and Tony Bomboni are some good jumping off points.
Karuna recently got a boob job after begging for money for dental work. She has a bunch of drama related to charging for personalized videos and never delivering. I am willing to try to put together a summery on her but I wanted to know if anyone else knows some other good people to look into or are willing to help out with putting together one on Tony/anyone else. I know he is creepy and whiny, but I am not up to date on the details enough to put one together.

No. 451874

I always liked Karuna's stories/asmr. Sad to hear that she got a bit money hungry :(

No. 451917

dianadew releasing fart porn and being on r/redpillwomen at the same time, ephemeral creeping on women on FB and taylordarling getting hacked by her boyfriend are the only things i know but that's all old. what's tony done besides being obnoxiously gay?

No. 452032

There’s just the general money whores. The cam girl like channels with some cute girl who moans and has a patreon so she can “Buy better equipment <3”

No. 452445

He whines a lot about how hard his life is, constantly begs for money, and talks about how smart he is while having the most infuriating grammer mistakes every other sentence. Also his poop jewelery. I would recommend checking out his vlog channel for a better idea. A lot of what I've heard on him I only really heard in passing so I would have to do more research before I actually put together an outline on him.
Same. It is a bummer this stuff is coming out.
Always good. People can add on once I start the thread. Anyone know the specifics or have any sources on the Ephemeral Rift drama?

No. 452752

Oh man, there’s drama on Ephermal Rift? He was one of my favorites back then. What happened?

No. 452834

There’s a PULL thread someone made that links to some sources for drama that has happened, including the ER drama and ASMR Darling drama:

No. 453133

I feel like there should be a general ASMRtist thread.
I know Karuna is a scammer , and I've heard others are pretty bad. I found so much ASMR drama on accident because of Karuna.

No. 453391

Looked at the thread..absolutely disgusting. He seemed like a mature quirky guy in his vids. Truly a piece of shit.

No. 453428


oh no, what Tony Bomboni drama?

No. 453451

We need a Russell Greer thread ASAP

No. 453538

Very on board for a general ASMR thread. A lot of the ones I actually watch/ listen to are a bit older and presumably more mature but I've watched bits and pieces of most of them and would love to read up on the milk

Also a furries general sounds like a laugh

No. 453979

Anyone know anything about a Streamer called Shytomb? Someone I'm subscribed to (but don't watch much) says the girl and her neckbeards harrassed her so bad it's not even worth it to create content anymore. I've looked shytomb over and I get the feeling there might be something there….but I'm unsure of where to look. Any suggestions?

No. 454085

I've been thinking a good Patreon thread for all the thots not milky enough for their own thread but still worth discussing. I only know of a few girls on there, though, and wouldn't be a good resource for making it. It would be perfect in /snow/

No. 454554

Guys, NeoGAF is imploding because Tyler Malka aka Evilore, the owner of the site, got some harassment acusations and some admins are supposedly pedos.

No. 455120

If you think it's worth a thread then make it you moron. Or at least post milk so someone else will want to start a thread.

No. 455288

> If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Have a nap, anon.

No. 457605

File: 1509304609326.jpeg (278.48 KB, 750x995, 06E04D8C-BD61-4207-9D0A-F1AC4A…)

does eclair/theawakened_ have a thread or is there a general patron/twitch thot thread?

No. 457801

File: 1509335899927.jpg (133.3 KB, 654x872, 48646546.jpg)

I proposed one at momokun's thread but no one said anything. I think that with patreon new rules would be nice to have a costhot/patreon thread for reports , links and general lulz. I offer to start with kittyhoney if anyone else is interested.

No. 457805

there is a cosplayer general but im an idiot who doesnt know how to properly link threads. its in /snow

No. 457810

did you mean >>354019 ? i was thinking more about a report thread, and not everyone at the general breaks the rules or is a straight out thot

No. 457811

god damnit the link isn't working properly? i think it's because we are at pt and the general is at snow.

No. 457897

Honestly she is a weird person I would love to see her on here m. She soft blocked me without a reason, I never wrote her or anything and she had multiple accounts on twitter already. Idk what’s up with her but she seems nuts

No. 457950

I almost think she should get her own thread with all the lulz from her twitter. Sometimes she’ll fight with her partner in public and she begs for money to pay “bills” almost every other day and then posts about new cosplays she’s getting/making

No. 458052

Which one, kittyhoney or theawakened?

No. 458117

>begs for money to pay bills
>went to twitchcon

No. 458312


No. 458474

File: 1509471077472.jpeg (190.87 KB, 750x1025, 6655DB00-F97E-43E8-BDDB-463954…)

Her public breakdowns are hilarious, please make her a thread

No. 458492

File: 1509474732931.jpg (197.15 KB, 1440x1072, 22496067_382079625543620_77335…)

Hope Lye / Steven Lye / Steven DIY

FB: https://www.facebook.com/hope.lye.3

- Used to claim to be a trans woman, then turned anti trans sissy radfem.
- Likes to sexually harass builders: https://smashinggenderchange.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/this-tranny-doesnt-bite-dealing-with-builders/
- Dickhead vegan
- Possible former neo nazi
- Possibly was arrested for fucking a sheep

No. 458733

File: 1509500539996.jpg (176.39 KB, 600x953, IMG_8435.JPG)

Oh no I remember him
Oh god
Please don't tell me pic related is him

No. 458737

its here >>>/snow/412721
have fun

No. 458873

We need more people like this on border control. I can only imagine being greeted by this face as encouragement for illegal immigrants and "refugees" to turn around.

No. 459734

Is this Thomas Mahoney drama worth posting about? He's a facebook famous meme dude who made nihilist jokes and partied with the 4chan crowd that got arrested for child rape and child pornography. His victim is the facebook troll that goes by Ann Frank, she was posting earlier defending him and saying she was the one at fault before everything got deleted.

No. 459986

I would love a thread on him, especially since more info is getting out every hour it seems.

No. 460280

No. 460289

Omggggg any news from her?????

No. 460294

I followed her for ages. She got so skinny and started dating some slightly older guy name Matthew. They got married and have a daughter named snow. She's suprisingly a good parent. She had red hair and bad eyebrows last time I saw photos and she's still very thin. She's not as narcissistic or flakey now but I haven't looked at her fb in a while. I remember she was heavily influenced by the Lolita movie for a while. All her recent shit looks like she's following the indie/hippie aesthetic. I remember her posting about putting a bed curtain in her baby crib and her dad commented saying needs are not a good idea for babies. It was pretty funny. I have a soft spot for Chloe because she was the first cow I folllowed on the internet. I found her weird phases really interesting even though she was cringey and full of herself.

No. 460296

Samefag but she also tried to suicide and made a fake news article about it too. I'm assuming she was trying to get Matthew back. If you look up Chloe cowlishaw suicide, you can probably find the fake article

No. 460374

child rape victim with obvious Stockholm syndrome. How low do you have to go?

No. 461040

new onion thread? ive never made a thread and dont wanna fuck it up lol

No. 461043

did lolcow just come back online? yeah we need one urgently

No. 461084

Can someone help remake an Elle Florence thread? The previous thread sucked on my part and has been dead since.

>Elle is a Canadian YouTuber and “lawyer” not to mention, shopaholic with a trust fund who deletes her detractors comments before they see the light of day and gets easily butthurt when people point out her flaws despite having “thicc skin” cus she’s a tuff lawyer (which she isn’t despite having a license). Also, she sells fake pearls as real pearls w/o no certification of authenticity and scarves from 3rd world sweat shops that make real and exotic fabrics.

No. 461468

Do we need a new Dasha/Cyr/Edwin/Mina thread? Milk's been pretty dry for a while now

No. 461538

Anyone got a bone to pick with Tenleid? I know this board has a lot of old cgl and she’s continued on her shitty photoshopping mega shady two faced bitch ways

She literally doesn’t have any real friends anymore because she treated her last ones like such shit and talks shit behind the back of pretty much anyone shit interacts with.

No. 461688

Raven's awake, although I'm not sure she's new threadworthy at this time? No 'milk' as such. A shitty video listing her piercings, ironically in front of the very couch. YT vid attached for curiosity purposes.

No. 461689

It’s an OLD video as you can see from lack of tattoos. Save it in case but let her be…

No. 461692

yeah I'm a bit slow on the uptake today. not fond of looking at her face too closely so the penny dropped for me after I linked it here. sorry folks.

No. 461695

No worries! You are right that she is coming back, I hope the anon who sets up the threads comes and sees because she did post on fb, started up her Patreon again and will post more soon! We are back in business

No. 461724

File: 1510112732304.png (458.77 KB, 800x1168, Screenshot_2017-11-07-19-25-39…)


OP anon here.

I suspect that she is tinkering with her Youtube account in an attempt to entice us into creating a new thread. I have already written the next OP, but I am inclined to not create a new thread until she produces fresh milk. Let her stew in her own sour curds.

She approved a bunch of comments asking what happened and where she is

She deleted the playlist about her relationship with Logan, but the videos are still up and are no longer private. [pic related]

She has made a large number of other videos public again including many of her most milky and salty videos.

The playlist about Josh is still private.

No. 461736

yeah I didn't think it was threadworthy, but silly me thought that video was new not old, otherwise I would have stayed silent. her thread is locked, maybe that's why she feels okay tweaking things.

No. 461750

I support this.

No. 461781

she's reworking her channel because she has a Patreon now and thinks her ass is worth at least $5 a month.

When she realizes nobody will pay to watch her content, she'll make milk

No. 461822

Just wanna notice that on her patreon avatar, her hair is lavender. Do we know someone who recently died her hair lavender? kek

Also, she wants her fans to pay up $30+ to see her saggy tits? Lord, she lost her mind.

No. 461854

30 bucks? We've seen Biggie Smalls too many times to count, for free. Nobody is going to pay to see a slightly older version of those lopsided floppers again, no wai Raven. You pay us.

No. 461862

Is this a real face??

No. 461988

File: 1510198663398.jpg (75.39 KB, 600x800, 290.jpg)

Yes but photoshopped, she's busted irl/without filters. When her Mei cosplay started getting popular /v/ would make threads about her and post pictures of what she really looks like and it's… bad.

No. 462038

What does she really look like?

No. 462120


There's a lot of dirt on her.

Doesn't make her own costumes and wont correct people when they comment on her "craftsmanship".
She uses and abuses her friends regularly for commissions, ditches them after the one use, shit talks them behind their back, then has a break down on her public accounts how she's so abused and has trust issues.
Sends her WK on other cosplayers when she dresses as a character they had already done or want to do while playing innocent in the process and ignoring call outs with soft blocking.

No. 462129

Do you know anymore anon? Or better yet could you make a thread with the info you have?

No. 462130

File: 1510248344377.jpg (28 KB, 352x359, imageedit_2_6620195794.jpg)

No. 462132

She looks like a tired housewife.

No. 462133

It's sad when you consider she's only in her 20s

No. 462134

where are all these 20 something’s getting these bad bags?

No. 462137

my guess is going to be bad makeup because i just checked her twitter and shes only 20

No. 462139

How would bad makeup give you eyebags? Creases I would understand but she has full on sagging skin under her eyes.

No. 462152

i feel like ive seen a lot of people get a undereye circle look by applying the wrong shade of concealer

No. 462164

You forgot to mention how she has Twitch, Patreon, and a part time job but still guilt trips people on twitter into paying her bills or giving her money to buy merch. She's always posting "If you love me you would help me pay bills/eat lunch/buy merch I have nooo money uwu" and then somehow has new cosplays/make up/wigs etc a week later

No. 462175

also recent break down on her twitch

No. 462177

She got a manager after making her Patreon that's in charge of getting her sponsorships and telling her to attend events like twitchcon and such. Which, she then asks for money to help her get there in the first place

No. 462178

That's hilarious and not surprising, do you have any details on that?

No. 462196

File: 1510263531535.png (604.82 KB, 935x599, Screenshot 2017-11-09 at 1.38.…)

I don't want to muddy this thread up but look at this. She even put "Editing and Cosplay by" like where are your eyebags

No. 462218

Speaking of her patreon. It seems like she's still in NZ since her goal for lasik on there links to an NZ site.

No. 462316

sage bc I dont have any receipts or anything, but I'm friends with her ex friend group and she stole a huge sum of money from her ex roommate and her family and decided that none of them were worthy of her friendship since none of them are cosplay famous

No. 462328

She looks super pretty here, eyebags aside. Good bone structure, small nose, full lips. Shame she's a piece of shit.

No. 462426

tbh yeah, that jaw/chin is what most try to shoop themselves into lol

guess you can’t have everything though

No. 462447

She’s already confined to the irrelevant costhots thread on /snow/.

No. 462538

I have really bad eyebags too, and I've had them at least since my mid teens. It's just genetic, changing skincare and diet doesn't have any effect. I think the only thing that can "fix" it is if you get a filler because it's basically just to do with facial structure (my eyes are really deep set) and lack of fat in that area.

The rest of my skin is actually really good, basically textureless and even pigmentation. It's just the damn hollow eyes which concealer can't hide.

No. 462568

Never made a thread before so I’d have to pass.

Yes, there’s a buttload about it. Drama with her family, her bf and her constantly fight/break up and then the next day back together like nothing happend, the begging for money when she has twitch/Patreon/pt job, meltdowns. The list goes on.

No. 462629

Thread in snow for all the myriad snowflakes in the kpop community? I don't like kpop so I don't know any of them specifically but anytime I see anything come from them it is always the absolute worst shit.

No. 462631


OP anon here.

Raven posted two videos on Youtube today.

The caption for one of them reads

>The video of where I've been and what happened to me will be uploaded on or around the 1st of the month on Patreon, and a week or so later here. Video 2 (the unrestricted version recorded earlier before I censored myself, including way more information) will only be available on Patreon.

Does she deserve a new thread?

No. 462635


Essentially she will be charging for milk at $5 and $30 tiers.

Does Patreon still open subscriptions without charging one's card? ie. Patreon checks the card to see if it is valid but does not deduct the fee immediately which allows people to use gift cards with insufficient funds to access content.

No. 462637


> does she deserve a new thread?

No. Not until she does something worthy of one. It's what she wants and it's too damn obvious. She goes missing because "so much stuff" and as soon as her thread goes under and people are bored of her shit she suddenly appears and has all this stuff to say.

She's desperate for people to pay 30 bucks for some bullshit story that will be clearly made up to make her a victim. She thinks all the "haters" will pay her for it. Not worth it.

I'll go ahead and give an idea of what bullshit will be said "so and so raped me and Josh didn't care/Josh somehow raped me through the computer/I was abused somehow/ Dorian did something he didn't do/etc. I totally tried to commit suicide but it didn't take so now I'm sad and I can't work or do anything so I have tons of other people taking care of me/I got a new pet and killed it".

Saved you al thirty bucks.

No. 462642

She said she already knows about this trick and is going to take steps to trickle feed the milk so it doesn't work.

I don't think it's even worth paying for. In fact, if she's hiding it behind a paywall when the YouTube ad situation has been like this for ages, I reckon it's going to be a big anticlimax.

No. 462643

Yeah, she wants to monetise the fact that she's a horrible human being. Bzzt, nope, not gonna pay.

No. 462644

>Nothing happened the way it was supposed to happen is all I'm going to say.

>I've already spoken to everyone who donated to the ticket so anything concerning money has been handled.

She stayed in New Zealand.

No. 462680

yep, she's hyping this drama, saying that she "might" put out the more gory version, and there will b a lot of interest in this story bla bla. no thread for you, Raven.

rape will certainly get a mention.

she stole the phone money, so I kinda don't think she stayed, myself.

No. 462697

I'm going to disagree with everybody and say that we should put up a thread.
She 'came back', she is gonna give milk in a few days.
Maybe with a thread up we don't need to flood this thread request with her shit.

No. 462698

the video hasn't been released yet though, so there's not quite milk yet surely?

No. 462708


It was it for me when she went to Twitchcon and did the WOE IS ME I'M SO BROKE /HOW/ AM I EVEN GOING TO AFFORD FOOD WHILE I'M HERE? HELP ME!!! Like bitch why are you even spending money to go to a con and can't afford food after the matter? She's the modern day panhandler, it's disgusting. I also laugh whenever a breakdown revolves around "how shitty" her boyfriend is and then they get back in a couple of days. I'm over this thot.

No. 462715


I read her recent tweets and I'm calling peddling for more money now that she's apparently moving out of her parents. She already had a hard time with money then, she's definitely going to have a hard time moneywise now.

No. 462720

Agreed, it’s retarded to move discussion about Raven to this board. If people are going to talk about her, talk about her in her own thread. Or actually just shut the fuck up until she does something. Talking about her here still feeds her appetite for attention, it’s not like she doesn’t lurk the whole site. And it shits this thread up.

No. 462724

What did the deleted post say?

No. 462725

My point is, there 'is no milk' but people are STILL talking about her coming back and the patreon, and the two pointless vids she released.
So, I stand in "Make a thread to talk about her pointless content" or "Don't talk about her AT ALL, especially, don't flood this thread with her shit".

Because, not creating a thread just to not give her attention, whilst avidly discussing her shit in here is stupid IMO.

No. 462730

File: 1510423644966.jpg (169.08 KB, 579x388, 12223.jpg)

No. 462732

I posted a comment here because I honestly thought it was her thread. Fuck, guys.

OP anon has an OP ready to go and is firmly behind not starting a new thread until the milk drops. I think everyone else should accept that and take all this itchy trigger finger to temp cow.

No. 462733

Aww she’s trying so hard to make it look like it doesn’t bother her that she’s on here

No. 462734


My thoughts exactly. She's celebrating getting an apartment but I'm 100% certain that's going to trigger more breakdowns if her relationship isn't already. She complains about money problems WHILE living with her parents? It'll be 1000x worse living on her own.

No. 462736

Yeah we’ll see how long her new place lasts until her “parents start leeching her for money” which is apparently why she’s always soooo broke with 3 sources of income and it’s definitely NOT because she keeps spending money on other stuff :( maybe her neckbeard army is funding the apartment for her

No. 462737

Does anyone recall how Eclair called herself an asexual and her bf got mad about it? Honestly he has a right to be pissed bc obviously that's not what he wants in a relationship and he's not wrong for wanting sexual intimacy (though he shouldn't like idk pressure her either, he should just leave and be with someone who wants the same things he does in a relationship). Lastly, how are you wanting to be in a romantic relationship but asexual??? She's literally dumb af.

No. 462738


And she complained the other day about "having to work on Saturday"… LMFAOOO Get the fuck over yourself, she complains about being broke then complains that she has to work……

No. 462742

her thought process is probably something like “why should i have to work when i have 40k totally legit neckbeard followers that can pay for everything i ask for if i just pretend my life is gonna fall apart if they don’t send me money it’s not fair to me!!!! :( dont they know i’m suffering”

No. 462751


I dunno how legit those followers are considering all she does is complain on her Twitter.

No. 462772

File: 1510440931225.jpeg (38.79 KB, 750x237, 9F0C01C2-0AE2-4EF4-AB28-CAF56D…)

Sage because I’m not sure how reliable this website is but I see it used in Momo’s thread sometimes

No. 462784


i chalk it up to "she's young and doesn't know what the fuck she wants"

No. 462798

File: 1510452142872.png (440.12 KB, 577x595, DUMBASS.png)

is this real life

No. 462806

is she really doing this in fucking sharpie? houston we have a retard

No. 462821


She's trying to get high off the Sharpie duh.

No. 462853

so have you thought about just making the thread?

No. 462921

Honestly should and go tally up how many breakdowns, reposting need for money, complaining about being broke and breakup/makeups with her boyfriend that occurs within every week.

No. 462930

File: 1510507667893.png (641.76 KB, 858x441, downloadfile.png)

No. 462932

I vote just make a thread for raven, do it in snow, put it on auto sage Idc, but one way or another people will be talking about her, and it’d be better if it’s in a place that is not the first thing you see on /pt/ it’s just feeding her ego and giving her what she wants

No. 462934


milk is milk anon

No. 462935

Who cares about her ego or if we're giving her what she wants?
The only thing that matters is that we get what we want and milk is flowing. I want a thread. I don't care where or how, but I want one. If some of the paranoid schizophrenic anons insist we have a very speshul thread that is never on the front page and is hard to follow ( Raven) then fucking fine.

I want to know what the fuck is happening in this photo, why Joshua looks like a lesbian, and if this photo is shooped, because while I didn't expect he'd be some manly man I also didn't expect Raven to be larger than him, espically in the noggin.

No. 462939


it's a screenshot from this vid

No. 462944

File: 1510511495626.png (1.12 MB, 1194x724, gnarm.png)

this is so uncomfortable to watch

No. 462945

If it won’t happen here, there’s always kiwi farm.

No. 462946

File: 1510512436196.gif (806.37 KB, 324x247, usZkZDX.gif)

No. 462947

He looks like he's being held hostage lmao.

But hey at least Logan is FREE!

No. 462950

I can't get over how she creepily touches people. It's so unnerving. Anyways I love that it isn't her child bride and the retarded yokel.

This dumb bitch really thought she could open up a patreon? She must have seen the dumb bitches from Momo's thread and thought she could make 10k a month? Hardly you old hag. Momo may look like a haggard bitch, but she still takes off her clothes for neckbeards in her early 20s.

I vote for a new thread. Raven desperately wants attention why not give it to her? Cows are cows because they offer information. We're here because they want us to listen to them. I, for one, don't view her threads on the toilet, I view her thread in the morning with a cup of coffee before work and the milk is top notch. I also want updates on Dorian and his fiance and even maybe Logan? Hopefully they'll go on with their lives but I enjoy hearing about their slow detox from Raven. She's in the US! Her precious cheetos and taco bell at her beck and call. It's glorious. New thread.

No. 462951

OP anon here.

Shall I post #8?

I am also transcript anon. The video is over 70 minutes long which will take some time to edit and proofread (extracting the subtitles and stripping the html is automatic, but the timestamps for each line must be removed manually as I currently don't have a computer with which to write a script process).

No. 462952

Please! I love how she addresses every post in lolcow in her 70 minute video. This is hilarious.

No. 462957

>>>/pt/462956 ask and you shall receive

No. 462962


Do we need a poll?

I am also poll anon.

No. 462973

Seriously, we are all she talks about. That is going to get tiring for Josho very soon lol.

I like how she had memorised nearly everything we had to say about her, Josh and Dorian.

No. 463002

File: 1510523089041.jpg (365.18 KB, 2048x1827, 1507454591779.jpg)

No. 463048

Thanks, OP anon!

No. 463191


Libby Withnall boring youtube middle age Mum that has a 20 odd year old daughter who was normal but now has the tism and refers to herself as they and changed her name to Athena as it's non gender,wears big headphones,uses a walker and carries around a stuffed animal.Tism daughter has moved her also special unemployed "girlfriend" into her parents house to also leach of her parents.Athena has never been diagnosed but LOVES being different hence the made up diagnoses.She is one fucked up mother fucker

No. 463225

File: 1510560664745.jpg (208.41 KB, 712x635, IMG_20171113_090942.jpg)

Would anyone else be interested in a /snow/ community thread about waifufags? I find their psychology really interesting. They are like crabs in a bucket except more fanatical and delusional.
Pic related

No. 463232

I would be totally down with that. Those people are so obsessed with their waifus like - they’re actually real

No. 463288


How the fuck is Athena agender? That's like saying it's cool to call Jane "Thor" when it should be "Thora"


No. 463300

After seeing a few mentions of GaB in GG Suzy's threads, is she eligible for a thread on /snow/?
I don't know if there's enough milk for a thread and it might look more like nitpicking, but she tends to sperg on Twitter about having no money to live in Japan and begging on Twitch and YT for donations.

No. 463386


No. 463458

a thread on youtube storytime 'animators'? almost all of them are carbon copies of jaidenanimations, domics, and theodd1sout.

No. 463556

No. 463620

File: 1510639107808.png (113.59 KB, 425x290, logo.png)

Catch up and get mind refreshers of old scene peeps at stickydrama.com and take a stroll down memory lane!

No. 464037

Yes please! I would be super on board for that.

No. 464091

I need more of these freaks

No. 464307

yess give me more

No. 464427


Okay, I will get onto that in next few days. I'm collecting screenshots of posts of interest for a good start.
Glad I'm not the only one interested in the community!

No. 464501

I'd absolutely love more. I love unironic crazyness like this.

No. 464579

Bless u anon my sides are in orbit

No. 464664


didn't know i needed this but pls make

No. 465550

is there any dirt on Kassandra Leigh and Twinzik Cosplay? KL is the proto patreon whore, she was putting her naked underage body on deviantart back in 2000s and always came off as such a bitch in the comments. i can't imagine she doesn't have drama. Twinzik seems pretty good at managing themselves but i remember some anon offhandedly saying "oh those two has so much shit but it's OT" in a Moo thread. when you're as deep in cosplay community as those two, you're bound to have done some shit imho.

No. 465585

Kassandra has a ton of vintage drama I could dig for if a thread is made, but does she have any interesting current drama or would it just be another hurr durr patreon whores thread?

No. 465738

can we get a thread about tumblruser sixpenceee? im curious about the child slavery deal, especially after the "you are all my little neuro experiments <3" stuff that happened a couple of years ago.

No. 465864

Seconding the sixpenceee thread!

No. 465876

File: 1511080541035.png (379.39 KB, 462x764, 11.png)

Has unbelievable amount of Plastic Surgery that she denies it.

> Was on Kardashians spin off Dash Dolls

> Trust fund baby
> 90 people viewer streams
> Dated Ronnie Radke when she wanted to be a singer
> Dated Hair Jordan when she wanted to be a youtuber
> Dating Ice Poseidon now that she wants to be a streamer
> Faked being Drugged/Raped
> Faked Car stolen
> Yells at her parents on stream

Her youtube and twitter all under Caroline Burt, go watch the Cringe.

There is so so much more.

No. 465878

Here is video of her getting called out by Hair Jordan infront of Ice Poseiodn for seeing him while with Ice


No. 465879

I used to read sixpenceee but the only drama I remember is people getting upset about stories/posts that used mentally ill people for horror (like ~*spooky bipolar guy killing everyone) I'm interested!!

No. 465883


I just want to know wtf this is about. I have t heard this before.

I stopped following them when they kept getting called out for posting false information/"internet science but not real science" shit. No point in following when most of it is bullshit.

No. 465896

Her family in another country have servants. People assumed she meant adults but then she talked about how she doesn't condone child labour and the children that work for her family are happy to do it or something. I think she dodged questions about whether they were paid fairly iirc.

No. 465933

Yep she admitting to keeping child
Slaves in her home country and that they were thankful to work for them. She also stole posts from smaller true crime and paranormal bloggers and posted material she didn't have permission to post, like a ghost story this high school teacher used to tell to his students that was recorded and poster without his consent and it got taken down but she kept reposting links. Girl is a mess.

No. 465989

I didn't even know who she was until I saw this all over my Tumblr dash. She said her uncle and aunt had a small child working in their home and how the kid should have been in school but instead they worked. When people got upset she defended it as being normal and that the kid's family needed the money and how SHE didn't condone it but she couldn't do anything.

No. 466017

Can anyone please make a Abby Brown thread? Shes homophobic, emo kid stuck back in 2008 with bad tattoo decisions. I feel like she always has something new drama wise but not experienced enough to make a thread.

No. 466042


No. 466055

File: 1511134389569.png (90.7 KB, 540x541, IMG_0298.PNG)

So, I decided to go glance around Tumblr for some of this sixpenceee drama because that child slavery shit was a legitimate shock and I am surprised I hadn't heard about it.

Came across this instead, ffs.

No. 466057

Well, you know, all those self dx'ers out there, they might as well have someone who's just as full of shit there to act as their 'therapist'

No. 466303

Would love to read some milk about 'gaming' camwhore Celestia Vega tbh.
Just check her Twitter, that's fucking disgusting.

No. 466625

File: 1511274164255.jpeg (132.54 KB, 564x960, FFD6C3F9-37B2-4952-81DB-7C1FBE…)

Yves Orage
Tumblr: maa-iingan

>Poly trans queer disabled spoonie mentally ill vegan witch

>Also an artist/Model but only seems to create porn
>Ran away from home for a better life but is somehow surprised when life is hard with no source of income
>Does appear to have at least one legit medical issue which apparently requires medication to prevent death, made no plans for how to sustain this
>Is currently begging for donations as “he” has been raped by “his” roommate
>Has been begging for donations for some emergency or another for months, but spends what they receive on HRT and cigarettes
>Says the police exam invalidated them but is happy to use “his” vagina to f*ck boys, film it and sell it
>When donors point out that “he” is chronically ill yet smokes and is using emergency funds to buy cigs, accuses them of being ableist

Posting this here as I’m not sure there’s enough to qualify for a thread. What do you think, farmers?

No. 466642

I followed them for awhile but had to unfollow because the begging got on my nerves. A thread in snow would be cool.

No. 466694


I could definitely compile a /snow/ thread for her if people are interested!

IIRC she decided not to go ahead with the 'sixpenceee heals' thing and gave a slightly sketchy apology for it, and she keeps backtracking on the child labour thing so I'm not sure it'll be super active or anything, but it might be nice just to have it there for easy info since all the tumblr call-out blogs about it have a bit of a sjw flavour to them.

No. 466863

please do

No. 467081



Probably should've spaced out the fucking greentext but I hope it's alright

No. 467382

No. 468416

What about a thread on Skinny Gossip? I've been lurking there for a while for the lols, and wow what a shitshow. Everyone who's not underweight is fat by their standards and many users openly talk about eating under 1000 calories a day, but at the same time violently deny the possibility of anyone posting on there having an ED. When someone on Urban Dictionary created a definition for SG, a member felt the need to create another definition saying that they're totes not pro-ana guiez, just people striving to better themselves by starving.
The said community is also very cult-like and easily butthurt. Apparently to gain access to the site you have to DM a picture of yourself to the admin, and whoever speaks badly of the forum even slightly is verbally lynched. I saw a thread for a model, and at first everyone was like "She's so beautiful, thin, flawless"… until said model made a comment on her insta basically telling another model to ignore the bad comments on SG. This was enough for the community to do a U turn on the model and say that she has a bitchface, not actually that pretty, has fat legs, is a spoiled brat etc.
And I'm sure there's more

No. 468470

>And I'm sure there's more

The best bit of "more" would be that the owners of the site got doxed and are the most basic of fucks. Skinygirl is a plain wannabe model and her man is a balding chubster. Funny that, considering a good chunk of their forum is calling actual supermodels fat and ugly.

No. 468583

File: 1511739554038.jpg (33.01 KB, 480x495, horrorcutie.jpg)

Would any farmers be interested in a thread for horrorcutie? I'd start a thread in snow but I'm not familiar enough with starting threads.
She essentially got tumblr famous for her overly shooped thinspo pictures she always posted. Now she seems to be your typical wannabe tumblr "sex worker". Sells her nudes and premium snapchat but apparently she's burned a bunch of people. She started camming at one point and claimed to be IN LOVE with it but quit after like 3 days. She's apparently working as a stripper now.
She honestly just seems like a train wreck.

No. 468585

I feel like there's already too many posts about Tumblr-famous girls that turned to sex work? They're boring as fuck and don't deserve any more attention. You're probably selfposting anyway

No. 468593


Try looking into some of the ‘General’ threads and see if she falls into one of those. Like the Cam girl thread or the attention whore thread or sex worker thread. I’m pretty sure those exist you might just have to search for them.

No. 468605

File: 1511745518967.jpg (175.58 KB, 640x480, 1504814198236.jpg)

Logseux/Kathryn Lockley-Brown?

No. 468648

literally who.

No. 468680

Can someone make a new thread for Luna Slater? The last one is too full.

No. 468710

Used to be a big 4chan shitposter, especially in /cgl/.

No. 468750

If you’ve got actual milk would be interested in seeing it, but agree with other anon that she doesn’t deserve her own thread.

No. 468809

I don’t have the talent to really sell this lolcow but this fat, bucktooth blind tard is Baby Samantha. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mGXzguDO34E

She has a degree in counseling, but chooses to live in a nursing home with her 600 pound “big sister”,a big fat virgin lesbian named Jessica.
Baby Sammie likes dolls and snacks and playtime, so she looks for people who like that shit and instead runs into yukky sex having people:https://matterstosam.wordpress.com/2017/11/19/alternative-liifestyle-of-ageplay-may-be-triggering-to-those-with-childhood-abuse-did/

She absolutely has thrown her life away by mobing into this nursing home there is so much drama here

I worked at an agency she quit and became fascinated with her shitshow
This fucking cunt thinks she’s a counselor and attracts other lolcow types to her, maybe somebody talented can do something with all this content

No. 468810

Her hamuniverse Girlfriend Jessica is also a lolcow

https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=5s&v=Xw4RFi1r2CY(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 468834

More a question for mods, but I was wondering if the sissies and fetishists in lolita thread could be moved to /snow/ for more traffic. Also it seems like the people talked about there fit better than in /g/.

No. 468845

Second this.

No. 470935


She cracks me up and is actually really pretty but crazy af. She claims to be a medusa gorgon divine piscean sybil witch lesbian but is actually obsessed with men. All of her posts are misspelled and/or written in broken syntax. She seems to have quite a following, at least on a dead/dying platform, and recently went to see a "spiritual healer" and may begin some ancient healing practice

No. 470945

anyone interested in making a (1) beauty gurus general thread, (2) drama channel general thread?

john kuckian (drama channel) recently launched his makeup line and the community is fucking losing it

No. 470967

omg i never thought id see her here. i used to follow her (she's had multiple urls all variants of the same thing) and see her posts a lot in like, 2012 or 2013 but don't really use tumblr anymore but i just checked her blog. she's always been beautiful and her body was my goal for a while tbh, but the OTT goddess stuff mostly just feels like it's in the vein of the exaggerations a lot of her peers/friends on tumblr would use to refer to themselves - i don't know if many of them are still around, but they all used to talk and post like her.

she has had some pretty bad experiences with men from what i remember from following her early on, but she just has bipolar + has been severely depressed and on tumblr for a long time. her blog is essentially a weird personal blog - i assume she just has a "following" because she's used the site for so long, along with her core group of friends on the site, and she's good-looking.

she's generally pretty sweet even though she lashes out a lot, though i remember her being super paranoid sometimes & i assume that she prob doesn't post as openly enough about her personal life anymore for there to be any milk

No. 470968

Seems like a good idea for /snow/

No. 471024

I'm down for a new beauty gurus general

No. 471681

File: 1512367394109.jpg (44.76 KB, 570x435, 1512358728268.jpg)

No. 471695

Compared to a huge chunk of what is considered "regular" porn, this is tame. It's just a chick having her fun. I am not gonna shit on her videos in the sea of the choking, slapping spitting, degrading filth prevalent these days. This is saner than most of what the porn industry churns out. I'm sad that the views on female sex in porn are so twisted that she gets posted here for ridicule, and not for example those millions of "daddy's".

No. 471711

I think the fact that there are “millions of Daddys” is the reason they don’t get posted here. We all know it’s the most normie shock-factor fetish rn, we can’t post everyone. I get why anon has done it, it’s still weird to post a video of yourself riding The Joker on the Internet…

No. 471736

Meh, I watched two of her vids, she's masturbating in a perfectly normal boring way with a dildo. The setting, costume and doll just seem like added quirkiness for the video, sort of a slightly more creative porn "plot"/setting.

Might be it's just because I'm old and not captivated and fazed by sex stuff any more, but I still don't get how this is lolcow material.

No. 471791

Is anyone else interested in a thread about Taylor Nicole Dean?

She used to put out videos I enjoyed but has been on a downward slope since e-fame. She's a borderline animal hoarder, (supports bad practices, manhandles animals for 'cute' Instagram posts, didn't realize one of her fish jumped out of its tank for weeks, preaches about adoption while buying designer snakes, buys impulse buys animals).

And then there's the drama, recent highlights include moving into an apartment after a shitshow involving twitter fights with her parents and her moving in with and accuse rapist, abuser, addict. Oh, she also doesn't have furniture yet but decided to 'adopt' 2 2week old kittens.

No. 471795

I didn't even recognize her, I watched a few videos of hers when she was still blonde. I'd be interested.

She obviously has no idea how to take care of kittens and she shouldn't have kept them. One of them looks like it has flees, she apparently have them a bath (unless it was a flea bath which she didn't mention you should never bath them), they don't have a heating pad etc.

No. 471798

Any interest in a thread on Sexy Vegan?

He recently appeared on Dr. Phil [video related].

He has been banned from Youtube several times but continues to create new accounts. He posts on Instagram at an unbelievably manic pace.


KF started a thread on him last year, but surprisingly it never really picked up.

No. 471805


I'd be interested, I've watched her for a while and wondered if there was any milk.
I don't understand how someone can take on so many animals and give them all the care and attention they deserve, whilst actually maintaining a life.

No. 471806

i've been keeping up with the drama too. she's dating jonny craig, a musician i actually used to like before i found out what a piece of shit he is. three of his exes recently spoke out about the abuse they went through. he held one of them down and tried to shoot her up with heroin, raped all of them, etc. they tried to warn taylor and she blocked them all and got in a twitter fight with her parents when they expressed concern about her relationship.

and the kitten thing pisses me off too. she's never owned a cat, let alone two 2 week old orphan kittens. she's handling them way too much and flaunting them for the camera while they scream. kittens that young sleep most of the time and shouldn't be that loud unless they're cold. which they are since they don't have a heating pad. feeding them when they're too cold can kill them.

No. 471809

>Johnny Craig

wew that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. I haven’t been reminded of him since whatever that jeans selling or some sorta pants issue

No. 471811

Considering she constantly complains about being too depressed to get out of bed, really makes you wonder about their care. I think she's at 26 pet at this time?

No. 471985

File: 1512439723003.jpg (62.67 KB, 640x640, 21480096_514805868858177_49248…)

Are we ever going to get a thread for this hoe? She seems extremely milky and she's one of those "boobie" streamers. She makes embarrassing cosplay videos and made a video where she pretended to go on a blind date with 5 men dressed up as Tracer and they seemed to be visibly uncomfortable.

No. 471989

seconding this

No. 472002

I agree, has the same frozen Barbie face in every picture she's worse than cersie lanister.

No. 472094

She's the absolute worst. She loves to talk trash about other girls at cons. Calls them ugly and the men are of course "Gross and thirsty". You can also get a peak at her attitude on twitch and youtube. BITCH!

No. 472095

I’m not sure if this has been talked about before, but would anyone be interested in a Taylor Nicole Dean thread? I used to like her but she is definitely an animal hoarder made rich by YouTube, spent thousands of dollars on a snake and fish, has had several animals die from preventable deaths, was in major twitter drama with her own Mom, and on top of all the animals she already has she adopted two 4 week old kittens and one of them just died… I think she means well but dear god stop

No. 472096

Samefag ^
Oh shit sorry just saw this…

No. 472157

Geez, she looks so bitchy.

And jfc, look at her clothes. She literally makes herself look like a cheap whore.

No. 472163

Yeah, someone actually just needs to take the plunge and make the thread, seems like the interest is there. Everyone's been warning her about the kittens. And now even if the authored lives it's gonna be even more socially stunted, it needs to be homed into a cat family. I doubt she even looked, because that's what a rescue would have done.

No. 472204

jesus i can't believe one already died. she said it had fading kitten syndrome. well fading kitten syndrome is commonly caused by hypothermia. she obviously didn't do enough research to keep the kittens as warm as possible. a shame. the other kitten definitely will have social/behavioral issues without a mom or siblings.

anyone willing to make the thread? i haven't heard of her until maybe a month ago so i don't know all that much about her. aside from recent relationship and animal drama.

No. 472208

I’ve never made a thread before, but I watched her n the beginning of her YouTube career.
Some basics are;
Worked at PetCo, says she was the smartest one there and knew the most about animal care but no one would listen to her because she’s too pretty to know anything

Against breeders yet buys designer animals she has no experience with

Had a hedgehog die, said she’d never buy another one because breeders are bad. Then buys two more.

She’s had a decent amount die do to negligence and inexperience.

Impulse buys trendy animals

Doesn’t work anymore due to mystery illness and she is just too sick and mentally ill

Dating a creep. Her mom tried to protect her and she blasted her on Twitter

Has a “therapy dog”

There’s more but I’m too tired to think anymore

No. 472212

thanks for the info anon. give me some time and i'll do some more digging and hopefully come up with a halfway decent thread.

is it cool with y'all if i throw quite a bit of jonny craig info into it? he's a terrible person and i think it's worth showing just what kind of person she's dating and supporting.

No. 472279


Yeah, it would be good to include him in the thread, seems like he has enough milk on his own.

Did anyone get screenshots of the Twitter stuff with her Mom? I had a look on both of their pages but it looks like it has been deleted.

No. 472287

her mom deleted all her tweets it looks like, but there's still a little of taylor's responses about what was a happening. i'm gathering those for the thread

No. 472344

No. 472865

Can we have a thread on Rob Dyke? Ever since he’s been hit with the ad-pocalypse and got a Patreon account, he’s starting to show signs of greedy behavior and rarely uploads. Comments on his latest video say he’s making 110k a year through Patreon and merch. Almost in every video nowadays he bitches during the beginning and the end of his videos.

No. 473262

Oh boy I can't anymore with that guy. I kinda forgot he even existed because he uploads so rarely, and he seems to have discontinued almost all of his interesting series because all I see now is boring and repetitive TOP FIVE MYSTERIOUS SPOOPY SHIT NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN-like videos like once a month or so, each with endless rambling about "muh patreon and also thanks audible for making this video possible". Meanwhile he earns almost 10k a month from his patreon alone. I unsubscribed long ago.

I wouldn't mind a thread but I don't think it would hit off, being an Onion-tier greedy fatass alone isn't really milky.

No. 473615

Any new info on PT?

No. 473772

I wouldn't mind a thread about him either.

No. 474141

Holy shit. The day I see a childhood friend and former neighbor on fucking /pt/ my day has truely been blessed, thank you sooo much for this anon. I can die peacefully now.

No. 474143

File: 1513004899877.jpg (85.47 KB, 600x600, IMG_0003.JPG)

Samefag but pic related is the Caroline Burt I knew. Before whatever the fuck she did to her face. I've known her since she was basically a baby (she's like a year older than me) literally grew up in the same hood until her late late teens. Wanna know a secret? She lost her virginity at age 12 to a boy in Italy while she was on vacation with her parents. They were staying in this shared rented house thing. She ended up having to share a bed overnight with an Italian teenage boy and she fucked him in bed with her parents literally in the next room sleeping. She also use to flash her bra and tits to every male in the neighborhood regardless of how young they were, as well as encouraging other younger females to do the same, well into her teen years because "it was funny". She would tell everyone her home passcode then act so surprised when people snuck in. Got sent to a "rehab boarding school" for bitches with bad behavior in wilderness during her EMBARESSING ASS attempt at being the new "it" MySpace scene gurl~
She DOES NOT have a trust fund. She has rich parents but her house was only worth 1mil. But not trust fund level. And her parents work for the government in DC like everyone else, nothing really special, but they're sweethearts and angels who just wouldn't put up with her lying ho ass. Your welcome. /end sperg

No. 474268

Holy shit, if that is true that is disgusting.

Now she leeches on to famous people and is embarassing herself in a whole different community and acts Autistic to match her BF who is mildly known on youtube.

What the actual fuck happened to her face.

No. 474311

File: 1513041102746.gif (480.64 KB, 500x342, tumblr_nbg7x7BucH1to907do1_500…)

https://vampirefreaks.com/following/jet You don't have to sign up to view the user profiles. ["(5435) users are following jet."] Jet is the webmaster / founder of VF. Vampirefreaks is a hot topic type version of myspace.

No. 474321

i didn't know this place was still up and running tbh. its still as cringy as i remember it 10 or 12 years ago.

No. 474327

File: 1513042559226.png (60.7 KB, 1400x311, 150776075393470-17.png)

Oh btw, I guess that I was wrong. Some of the profiles are protected if a person isn't a member of the site.

No. 474364

Raven has to have a profile if it's cringy as you anons say

No. 474371

File: 1513053473082.png (Spoiler Image, 348.66 KB, 815x947, 150776075393470-23.png)

OH LORD! [ source of this screen cap is vampirefreaks.com/top_pics_weekly] It's really easy to search around. If you know her usernames, you can enter them in and see if anything comes up. Example: vampirefreaks.com/user_name

No. 474373

wtf… does she not have areola?

No. 474375

File: 1513057498670.png (27.8 KB, 1400x344, 150776075393470-27.png)

Idk. [source of screen cap vampirefreaks.com/forum]

No. 474382

File: 1513058956768.jpeg (72.69 KB, 960x640, B01FB370-5DF8-43FF-9C4F-A1CC37…)

Anyone interested in a thread about “S” from the LA lolita community? I’ll be willing to make one next week. Her spergs on cgl and the lack of being selfaware are entertaining. Hell, maybe we should make a whole thread on the LA lolita comm in general.

No. 474384

File: 1513059319520.png (227.08 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-12-12-00-12-23…)

Minors are not allowed to be posted. She looks under 18 yrs of age. Please read the rules. [Source of screencap vampirefreaks.com/bands](USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 474395

You have the wrong person. Idk what that is but Stephanie is 30 years old

No. 474446

That's incorrect, you can post 16 and up, just not full names. Read the rules and stop with this VF shit on every post. This isn't how the thread works, newfag.

No. 474467

>[Source of screencap vampirefreaks.com/bands]

why tf are you posting that on ever post? gtfo you autistic newfag

No. 474515

have fun getting banned.

No. 474534

we def need a thread on this girl she is basically a lolcow she is def /snow/ material. Even her mom is super embarrassed of her and has called her out plenty of times and the fact she is dating ice poseidon (who got banned from twitch, he is another big lolcow as well). As soon as he started dating her his streaming career plummeted she basically ruins everyone she associates with. Some Ice fans proceed to call her "caroleech" because she is basically leeching off from ice.



No. 474550

Both the mother and this caroline woman are unhinged and awful. It just looks like typical L.A girl drama though
Slap it on TV tier crap

No. 474561

you would be very surprised how far the rabbit hole goes, in the surface yes it looks like some dramatic has been who loves the attention but idk this girl has a lot of milk potential specially due to the guy she is dating at the moment. two very toxic people making poor life choices

No. 474575

I agree. She was a fucking awful child, an even worse teenager, and now a retard adult. I repeat. Literally would flash her tits to neighborhood boys under the age of 10 even 7, when she was a child and teenager. She even got me and my friend to do it by pressuring us when we were 5 years old. She’s fucked in the head. And is a massive attention whore, I predict great milk from her shit career that can’t help but to domino. And I think the reason she fucked up her face was because her face was basically always fucked up, she had super low self esteem bc of her nose and lips since forever. As well constantly lying and stealing money on a weekly basis kek

No. 474583

File: 1513112466194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.35 KB, 576x768, cF2VEBZ.jpg)

lets not forget this little incident back in 2013, she even once threaten to sue the person for posting this image online

No. 474596


Agreed, I'd be down for a thread on her and Ice, they both seem to be milky as fuck.

No. 474601

I absolutely thought this was tana mongeau

No. 474622

nope its def caroline

No. 475186

File: 1513300341939.png (2.2 MB, 1648x1212, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 22.5…)

Anyone up for a fitness related thread? Especially for Matthew Kline (@shallowking on ig) he is a douche selling fake supplements and have a plastic wife. He buys followers, likes and pays random people for making "fan videos" for him. A few months ago he claimed to be a world champion fighter (very generic) and shoot a lot of videos of him ridiculously throwing bland punches while carrying a customy-like fighter belt, then he call out a UFC champion to fight with him and that he will be going to his gym to kick his ass (like street fight). The UFC guy thought that was a joke because what kind of delusional roided guy would be asking to be punched by a UFC champion but showed up anyway. Matthew went to the UFC guy gym but a few hours before and practically escaped when a friend of the UFC champion was making fun of him saying he would call his friend since Matthew showed up early. When the UFC fighter showed up, Matthew was gone. Everything was streamed and it's really cringy since you can see how he's shaking while recording lol https://www.unilad.co.uk/sport/this-is-what-happens-when-a-bodybuilder-takes-on-a-ufc-champion-in-a-fight/
More recently he called out Conor fucking McGregor to street fight, saying that he was going to Dublin just for punching him. Apparently he went to Dublin (he said the fight was going to be the 9th) but yesterday someone (him) tweeted in his account that he is dead lol. Probably he is faking his own dead.

No. 475242

First off, this dude is a joke and nobody in the fitness community call him a bodybuilder. Dude is even smaller in Person and GOD HIS MOUTH IS MUCH WORSE LOOKING.

I’d rather see a thread about his wife, she is that MySpace minor celeb, realsexiibarbie and she’s tried to pimp out some girls a few years back on her own cam website for Vegas girls. Now she has a baby with that dude and for every baby pic she posts, she also posts 10 pics of her butt.

Also, she has an e-book for butt workouts in which she is wearing stripper high heels right under a smith machine.

And their company, RockHardBody has laced supplements and hire “Instagram models” who even photoshop their products next to them to make advertisements - And lets not forget her butt and tits are fake and she’s says she uses one of her supps to enhance her curves.

They’re both pathetic, but even so I just resumed everything they done in the past and there’s no real need of a thread.

She also has a post about her on The Dirty.

No. 475336

Anyone willing to make a thread for Smiley/Fringe Wizard? he already have a thread in 8ch's /cow/.

No. 475346

should we get an OT thread for tempcow for farmers to just talk shit about things on the site/gossip/bond/love etc.

No. 475349

Why not just use /ot/ on maincow

No. 475354

no liveposting and i think anons really enjoy that feature on tempboard - not quite like discord as you have an identity of sorts, temp still purely anonymous

No. 475483

just make it on /b/

No. 475504

Is there anything we can do about these threads that are being made this morning? It looks like someone from /r9k/ linked a bunch of their users to lolcow and they're making unnecessary threads that are annoying

No. 475908

We need a thread for TheAnimeMan

No. 475971

As much as i'd love a video on that fuck he has no milk at all. Unless you have some proof to show.

No. 475999

Aki has a dead thread in snow and there’s a YouTube general. Keep it there.

No. 476030

I’m dying to see this. I would bet she’s got a lot of milk. I’d love a thread on her!

No. 476260

would anyone be willing to bring back the dasha/mina threads? new milk just spilled

No. 476298

If the old thread isn’t locked find it in the catalog and spill ur milk girl

No. 476302

if i recall well the thread maxed. Would be nice to present new milk in a new thread. I like dasha's drama, I follow her on snapchat only though and know nothing about the new milk? Anon, it's not that hard to make a thread, go for it if you have milk

No. 476357

I would make the new thread but I don't know the milk! Willing to copy and paste the old intro into a new thread with your milk added on? Would appreciate it, or I can make a basic one

No. 476487

basically dasha made a post about someone unnamed photoshopping themselves to look thinner/denying a possibly ED and someone commented "mina" and she liked it which prompted mina to sperg out about dasha's obsession with her and dasha replied by saying it wasnt about her, she knows lots of people who the post couldve applied to, also spoke out about her own past with her ED

No. 476503


No. 476505

stop cross posting from c.c

No. 476509

I'd be up for it, anon!

No. 476521

I'm really into crazy plastic surgery cows, so it sounds great. Also, what is the actual order of the changes in these images?

No. 476645

Does anyone know about biohacker/opiate addict/genderless Lepht Anonym? She was featured on a BBC3 short documentary this year about her self mutilation and inserting computer parts under her skin, and she was the star of her small time YouTuber boyfriend's Masters documentary about transhumanism - except they both lied about their relationship status to his university tutors because they didn't want it to look like he was encouraging her to chop herself up.

No. 476762

Yes! Definitely need a thread here.

No. 477315

Anyone wanna revive this old thread?

No. 477644

I was wondering if there was ever a thread about Drachenlord? maybe in /int? he's soooooo fucking milky and disgustingly hilarious. I wish there was more English speaking people to translate everything he posts online. if you're interested look up his house tour and when boneclinks went to his house… it's so sad but so damn funny in a sick way

No. 477657

Kek a fellow german anon. I once found one but it had just one reply or something cause nobody was interested. I guess except boneclinks no one from outside germany was ever interested in him

No. 477658

I'm actually American but my significant other is German. we would watch all these videos together and laugh our asses off. I seriously DIE laughing at that fat bastard. he thinks he's the coolest person ever born and it kills me KEK

No. 477663

Oh I see. I'd love to introduce him to more only-english speakers, also most relevant videos are already available subbed from the boneclinks era. So we could open a thread in snow and see if people enjoy him. I could imagine it working out if we'd provide an easy introduction to all the drama, I've been following it for over a year now.

No. 477721

File: 1514019005921.png (668.54 KB, 932x521, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 12.4…)

i came here to request the exact same thing, dasha/mina/cyr drama isn't crazy or anything right now but i still wish there was a new/active thread because they're all so fucking dumb that it's always entertaining no matter how milky it is or isn't.

i kinda forgot about them but i went to hs with this girl that's done some shoots lately with dasha (pictured left), one came up on my feed and i was like oh shit she either really shoops herself like crazy or she's just gotten heavier since i last saw her. and then i go to her insta and see one of the exact same photos blatantly photoshopped and she has the photographer tagged and everything like she doesn't even care that she's openly being fake/ butchering someone's work. which is hilarious to me given >>476487 like she's really one to talk huh

anyway i'd make a new thread but i don't know all the milk and i'm mostly a lurker/ have never made one before so i'm hesitant to

No. 477726

She and Mina had some drama again because Dasha said Mina starved herself "back when they were friends" and that she should stop acting "body positive If she's anorexic".
Dasha doesn't seem to understand that being a real model contains having to watch your diet

No. 477740

I'm interested in a dasha thread but perhaps she's better off in snow due to not actually being that milky in recent months? What do farmhands think?

No. 477746

tbh i think snow fits them better these days so i agree

No. 477873

File: 1514074743227.png (428.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171223-181628.png)

Does anybody know anything about this woman?

She records her daughter's doing skits I'm assuming she puts them together herself. It's creepy and I'm wondering if anyone here wants to look into this more with me

No. 477923

Is anyone interested in starting an otherkin general as well as drama that goes on within the anti-otherkin community on tumblr?? (Only-on-tomblr for example)

No. 477937

Yes definitely.

No. 477973


No. 478071

i think i'm going to try and make a new thread after all, only thing is i haven't really kept up with anyone other than dasha. i'll do links and all that, but any major details i should include in the intro that are new and not covered in the old thread?

No. 478110

Cyr tweeted about Edwin and Damien after they walked pasted each other in LA and Edwin was surprised and said "what the fuck" or something

No. 478111

Also Mina mentioned in her recent instagram selfie that someone told her they were going to curse her that day.

No. 478128

can we have a thread about the drama between Scarfing Scarves and Ask Japanese? Tyler did a series of videos related to CathyCat and her relation with the Leighs (yes, the pedo-Leighs) and Ask Japanese complained to YT twice about copyright breach, were it was none:


No. 478130

Okay but quick question: is anyone still into axelashe? I miss her fujoshit cringey antics

No. 478164

i think she finally realized that the only way to stop being talked about on lolcow was to go on hiatus. and pretty sure the only activity people found was boring af. I miss her crazy looks, and the stories, but i honestly hope she's getting some help and changing herself for the better.

No. 478188

Seconded a Lolita drama thread would be amazing to see

No. 478208


No. 478298

File: 1514305403230.jpg (96.15 KB, 1023x681, scB036L.jpg)

any interest in a thread for celestia vega? youtuber/camgirl now with a porno

No. 478349

she already did a porno? I thought she was going to wait until she had a million subs. Holy shit. Girl is ruining her life.

No. 478352

She also sucks keems, wildspartanz, and idubbz dick on the reg on twitter, it’s full of tweeting at them “I love you daddy” “punish me daddy”. Her content is shit too

No. 478353

I know this is old, but can you post any links? Or at least to the documentary?

No. 478390

Here's a very short BBC piece.

No. 478444


Oh shit, I know this one. Don't have much milk on her but PLENTY personally on the boyfriend.

No. 478461

so a dual thread?

No. 478474

Rob Dyke thread has been made!


No. 478524


I'm interested. I don't use twitter so haven't heard what she's been up to since the league thots thread was active.

No. 478626

a thread on her would be great, shes total trash.

No. 478741

Why did it flop so bad though? It's not like ugly girls don't sell porn, and she doesn't seem horribly unattractive. Is it that even her followers think she's straight trash and chose not to support her by buying it?

No. 478743

The camera was so far away from the action, more focus on the male actor than her, camera angles meant what viewers wanted to see wasn't actually viewable. That and it was rather boring and Zzz worthy.

No. 478764

Her entire online image is based on her being "super kinky" saying she loves being choked, fisted, rough sex etc. Her porno was just incredibly boring and vanilla with like 2 different positions and filmed from about 6 feet away. Not to mention she looks SO much different irl and in videos when she can't edit herself.

No. 478862

File: 1514733757701.jpg (113.69 KB, 600x600, snowgoblin.jpg)

Can we have a thread for fitveganginger? She's back online and is now on youtube:

No. 478863

One already exists and was updated with her social media yesterday >>>/snow/163049

No. 478865

Thank you, anon.

No. 479074

Fucking mods there is CP being spammed!

No. 479120

File: 1514848096429.jpg (1.14 MB, 2500x2097, 1514845408286.jpg)

No. 479287

In light of recent events, what does everybody think about a thread for Jake/Logan Paul?

No. 479296