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File: 1496232919211.jpg (140.3 KB, 1200x1200, lily 2.jpg)

No. 326094

Old threads

Yuri Kim also known as Lilypichu, Lily Ki and lilyraichu is a 26 year old korean American known for making mediocre lol videos and showcasing her fake loli voice. She is obsessed with appearing as a sweet innocent little girl, basically she wants people to believe that she is a pristine anime girl. Pushes loli agenda because pedos and weebs are the only thing that gives her attention. Lily is also joined by her band of wks that shit up any board or forum that says anything about their sweet goddessu.
With now hsgg not taking her shit anyone broke up with her and kicked her out.

>lurks here despite saying she doesn't check hate forums and doesn't care

>sent nudes out to guys before yt fame
>fake shy
>cheated on bf
>physical assaulted someone at anime north
>loli/pedo pandering
>fakes her voice
>wants/tries to be a real life anime girl
>sends white knights to attack
>pretends to be a teen/lies abt age
>has a boyfriend for literally years that she keeps top secret
>She dumps him for HotshotGG
>Suddenly she wants to shout from the top of the world that she has a boyfriend
>huge weeb
>doctors advise not to perform jaw surgery
>she insists anyway and now she has to get braces for another year or two
>still had to get plastic surgery funded by donations/hotshot
>claims its for her career but refuses to use her own earned money as investment for her dreams
>zero difference in her voice pre/post op
>has a "sexy mature" yt channel called lilyraichu
>trying to be a VA but has a shitty ugly fake voice
>gets triggered when people call her yuri or ask her age
>needs people to dress, style hair and makeup for her to look like a useless lil girl
>thinks depressions and forced clumsiness is charming
>has an ed to maintain her loli body basically a korean yumi king
>baits for comments abt being a cute loli anime girl
>selfposts on r9k complaining about people talking about her despite being an internet personality
>She always says she's insecure so people will like her and will give her compliments
> She dresses in kawaii/children style, like a character from an anime so people will find
>showed off her feet during a stream in exchange for goods
>always shows off/talks/mentions her flat animu loli chest

White knights believe that

>it is never her own fault, always gotta be someone elses

>lily can never be responsible for anything, she can only be a victim for everything
>Disregards proof and everything said about lily
>admits that lily is not good looking after her cosmetic surgery
>shits up any board that speaks about lily
>obsessed with defending her

Observations from other farmers

>white knight believes Lily

>Lily says rumours don't affect her
>lolcow talks about how it does
>white knight believes lolcow over Lily
>whiteknight claims to be trying to get "other people" to not believe da ROOMORZ
>white knight himself believe the rumours and assumptions talked about it
>patrol all forums that talk about lily

White knights rumored to be ayasuna, eaguru danny, jummychu


add anything else I missed

No. 326095

File: 1496232989773.jpg (16.15 KB, 275x275, lily.jpg)

No. 326099

File: 1496233200366.jpg (436.22 KB, 719x729, 201705311305648016.jpg)

Is she dating her manager or something? They are vacationing in Taiwan together

No. 326100

File: 1496233246566.jpg (338.94 KB, 720x724, 201705311527784553.jpg)

>Also 26 and still wears fucking bows

No. 326197

File: 1496244224351.png (3.05 MB, 1920x1080, pichu.png)

Lily is in Taiwan at the moment for Computex. She was on Destiny's IRL stream earlier with her manager if anyone is interested.

Here are the VODs:
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/148444383 [01:17:30 onwards]

I'm too lazy to time stamp; I watched most of it but nothing too interesting happened, really.

No. 326218

File: 1496246188994.jpg (84.04 KB, 720x535, IMG_20170531_115231.jpg)

Lmao Lily or the wks are asking "questions" on her ask.fm and she's responding to them lmao. Either way it's pathetic.

She's trying so hard to redeem her image
I think it's convinent how gmalily starts streaming, posting vids, egging for donations, posting alot more selfies just overall interacting on every social media platform after she got kicked out. Definitely she was dependant on George to some extent.

No. 326219

Also she shops her face in alot of her selfies hence why she sometimes looks wonky, who are you trying to fool lily?

No. 326221

Did she get fillers on her nose bridge? It looks like a weird l shape

No. 326234


She pulled this shit when she first discovered the forum too. Only answered a few questions it was clear she opened it just to address this thread. Now she's doing it again in her usual round about way, if she paid rent I bet it wasn't significant (like 50/50) because if it was she wouldn't be living in a shit hole she has now. Not to say it's bad but just a serious downgrade, it's been how long and she STILL doesn't even at least have a bed frame? her room still looks bare as heck, I wouldn't put it past lily that it's just a way to increases donations.

I just find it weird she was all to quick to proclaim she ~single~ and hotshot was all to quick to kick her out. Like if it was the simple fact that they are just growing apart than I don't see why she couldn't stay with him for a few more months to properly move out

No. 326243

She's too immature and full of pride to do that. She got dumped, no way is she going to stay around as George's ex-gf. It's hilarious because I'm pretty sure she's still living with other CLG people now.

No. 326260

Look, as much you hate Lily, attacking someone for wearing bows is fucking retarded lol. If I were to be an internet personality, and it's a cute one, I'd go the whole extra mile

No. 326267

Jesus Christ are we still doing this?

No. 326289

>not putting clickable links

are you fucking retarded

No. 326291

are you the same fashion retarded anon that doesn't know what uggs are and thinks jcrew is baby clothes? If you don't know how to dress yourself don't criticize others for it, you just look stupid.

No. 326307

>Whiteknights also like to pretend to be other anons to make it seem like not everyone thinks lily is a loli obsessed e hoe

>whiteknights do a shitty job at convincing people otherwise


No. 326418

File: 1496266621224.png (63.79 KB, 574x360, IMG_0696.PNG)

Lily's s wonderful person you just don't get her!

No. 326426

Lilypichu isn't /snow/ material. She doesn't sell her nudes. She doesn't attention whore. She doesn't back stab or scam people. She doesn't beg for money or gifts. She doesn't use people. The only MILK you have is just Greentext stories from 4chan's archive, old pictures of her, and old screenshots of forums she used to post on (everyone did cringey things when they were a teen). That thread lasted for over a year and had over 1000 posts. There was no MILK in it. The break up was mutual and Lily didn't freak out about it. Since there was no legit reason to trashtalk Lily all you women can do is poke fun at her appearance and voice. Lily isn't faking her voice. She stated multiple times that if her voice was an act she would have stopped years ago because of the threats and harassment she gets from it.

No. 326430


how do you know her new home is a shithole? Don't think she posted a video tour of her new place. It's expensive having a nice home.


Over 60% of that list is false information. There's nothing wrong with asking for proof. Don't start a thread with speculation and misinformation. Milk should be believable and be backed up with evidence. Otherwise you're just making things up just to have a reason to publicly trashtalk Lily.

No. 326433

File: 1496268339379.jpg (127.26 KB, 500x954, must-protect-all-the-fair-maid…)


Refer to this >>326307

No one is gonna stop talking about Lily.

No. 326435


At least other /snow/ threads post some proof.

No. 326436

In the last thread the wks tried to justify Lily's loli bullshit by saying that she was molested as a kid hence why she acts like one now

No. 326439


That wasn't a whiteknight. That was a troll.

No. 326440

File: 1496268810498.jpg (205.14 KB, 1024x1024, DBI3NZCU0AAvLBy.jpg)


No. 326442


What's so bad about this? She's just having fun taking pictures with Booth Babes. Have you never had fun pictures taken of yourself before?

No. 326443

I'm starting to think these threads are made by a schizo
>inb4 whiteknight

No. 326444

File: 1496269045763.jpg (138.18 KB, 335x860, CYMERA_20170531_181706.jpg)

In these pics it looks like lily is running out of hair on the top of her head poor yuri

No. 326445


They're made by people that don't bother to factcheck anything before posting. Most of the stuff listed is real.

No. 326446


her hair is just thin. She isn't balding.

No. 326447

I'd be embarassed if I'm 26 and I pose like a fucking retard on pictures and dress like I'm 8.

No. 326452


I know it's a shit hole butthurt anon because I live in SoCal and know exactly what area she is in.

And maybe if you bothered to read the following sentence I said it's a shithole compared to the place she was living before.

Yeah it's expensive to live in fucking socal and simple houses are go for WAY more than they should be, it's not my fault she wasn't an adult and worked out something with Hotshotgg. She can't even bother herself with getting a bedframe so don't defend a grown as women who did this to herself.

No. 326457


All we have is a picture of one corner of her bedroom. There's no visible cracks, mold, peeling wallpaper, insects, or holes. The home is okay as far we know. Maybe she doesn't have a bedframe because frames are expensive. She moves around a lot so setting up a bed and bedframe would take too much time. Or maybe she just prefers not having a bedframe. Nothing wrong with not having a bedframe. Saves money and makes the room look more spacious.

No. 326459

File: 1496269771371.jpg (142.29 KB, 480x640, 201705311171839799.jpg)

Lily wishes she was a jap girl so people will blindly worship her. Her ancestors must be so disappointed.

No. 326461

Her knights are gona be like THAT'S THE WAY SHE IS, SHE CAN'T CHANGE IT.

lol no. She just wants attentions from weebs and pedos becuz they are the only demographic that will care about her. Sad.

No. 326462

I'm trying to look at the photos in a loli lover kind of way and I just can't see how ANYONE might find her cute/attractive.

No. 326482

literally everyone has this… have you ever seen the top of your head…

No. 326503

Hers makes it look like shes balding

No. 326585

>jap girl

Are you the same retard shitting up the LoL whore thread with your anti-asian racist shit. What tiny cute little asian girl stole your boyfriend, please let us know.

No. 326597

File: 1496282294889.png (970.24 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-05-31-21-55-36…)

She wants to be known for a loli in everyway, irl, social media and video games. I remember when she played an mmo with hsgg she would pick the loli/kid characters

No. 326599

File: 1496282392091.jpg (71.42 KB, 290x290, CYMERA_20170531_220007.jpg)

No. 326605

WOW a wannabe loli league streamer who caters to pedos, weebs and the yellow fevers, cheating? what a fucking surprise

No. 326606

easy, she's asian, race fetishists will find a steaming polished turd attractive if it claims to be the race in which they are fetishizing

No. 326630


where are you pulling this out of? Do you mean in game/ranks or in her relationships? Be more specific, this isn't a place for your to sperg your thoughts randomly and expect others to understand. Provide caps or well written theories so others can add onto the discussion.

No. 326647

Unless there is proof (esp about the cheating) I'll just assume someone has an unhealthy obssesion for lily.

No. 326668

Yeah… it's you white knight.

No. 326673

Do you seriously call everyone that asks for proof a white knight? I just want proof, if all the stuff you posted is true then she could even be a cow. But this is just a boring obsesion, isn't it?

No. 326677


That's a long list of things that's going to need to be backed up with proof. You women are just posting pictures and making fun of her appearance and overreaching for things to banter about.

No. 326679

Why do you need proof for? Go get a life and let us losers talk shit. :^)

No. 326680


If there's no proof that she's a Snowflake/lolcow then this thread is violating the rules (off-topic posting).

No. 326685

If you call anyone who doesn't believe you blindly a white knight, you're as bad as lily

No. 326687

I think misguided anon is talking about when behkuh cheated on her exes(which could be during the time she dated george/hotsogg)

No. 326691


>has a boyfriend for literally years that she keeps top secret

>She dumps him for HotshotGG
>Suddenly she wants to shout from the top of the world that she has a boyfriend

What would have been the point of mentioning her old boyfriend? She was getting internet famous and as she was getting more popular she was getting cyberbullied. Maybe she didn't want to put her boyfriend in harm's way. Especially when trolls tried doxxing her, calling/texting her cellphone, and raiding her IRC.

No. 326714

>loli/kid characters
>playing Sona

Also, Annie is usually always, OP. JFYI.

No. 326732

I think anon was trying to push the idea she cheated on her ex bf for hotshotgg but I don't think they understand that
"for someone to cheat on another, they have to be in a relationship"

Yeah, it's fucked up of her to immediately dump her bf for another dude. However, it's a bit of a reach to say that's cheating. Gold digging perhaps. Unless they can provide timestamps/caps discrepancies, then lily at most can be toted as kind of fucked with relationships.

No. 326751

So by your logic if you get groped and no one saw it means you never got gripped and you're just reaching.

No. 326759

Holy shit that's literally not what he was saying are you fucking retarded

No. 326762

I didn't say that's what he said though. Projection much?

No. 326789

what. you must be doing mental gymnastics to get to that conclusion.

No. 326794

That's not how projection works. Pls lurk more.

An example of projection would be this vendetta chan pushing their own insecurities into low quality posts. (low quality posts just gives lily more sympathetic points btw, stop that shit)

How to make a proper open discussion-> see Onision threads
>his wife tweets and reblogs sad shit
>anons infer and discuss this
>by logic, they rightfully think that she is sad because of onision/billie/etc

You can't have a thread by constantly fighting other people just because they don't blindly eat your shit up. Put in an effort, stop being fucking lazy. This thread could thrive and people could contribute more if you stopped grabbing the low hanging fruit and tried harder.

I would honestly love to see this thread thrive because there are bigger topics that we can discuss on Lily here: her streaming clique held together by popularity leaching, her weak attempt to switch from internet personality to artist but failing, but yknow yeah sure lets talk about her greasy balding hair. Whatever.

No. 326845

>calls someone else fucking retarded
>makes a wrong assessment of what was said and calls someone else a retard for their own misunderstanding

Sorry you feel the need to ~project~

No. 326873

relationships, I assumed peeps would know since the only mention of cheating in the thread is on her boyfriend, it seems all girls like her cheat on their partners

No. 326890

GOD her face is so fucking ugly holy shit

her boobs look saggy sag here, guess her and yumi got a lot in common

No. 326931

File: 1496327031537.jpg (622.22 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2926.JPG)


we can talk about this and waiting for the video to drop.

I work part time at sephora, that cocoa makeup she posted is like 45 bucks. And it was clear she got other new things from the photo she took, Lily is at it again.

No. 326933

File: 1496327541163.png (795.22 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2925.PNG)

>le proof for the wks

No. 326939

Are you sure you weren't the one that accidently spilled the beans and now trying to cover up for it? l0l I'm pretty convinced.

No. 326941

File: 1496328336596.jpg (280.6 KB, 711x964, CYMERA_20170601_104540.jpg)

What is this about?

No. 326945

No. 326954

this would be a nice ad if lol was for toddlers

No. 326968


>those black sneakers

>that school uniform type outfit
>that hair bow
>her awkward posing


No. 326977


HELLO DANNY. Aren't you afraid the cops are gonna find all that CP on your computer?

She's such a greedy beggar, gross.

No. 326982

File: 1496334391631.jpg (190.13 KB, 720x973, IMG_20170601_122459.jpg)

Lily looks like an average cute ish chinese girl in this though yet again maybe it's because I'm use to seeing head-to-toe surgery koreans

No. 326986

File: 1496334669989.jpg (131.77 KB, 720x897, IMG_20170601_123019.jpg)

What is she trying to do now exactly? She can't voice act for shit, mediocre drawing, music skills
And she makes boring as fuck videos.

It seems like she's trying to do everything

No. 326989

She has no talent, no future. She can't even leech off pro league players like Pokimane because she's ugly and crazy af.

No. 326996

File: 1496335481892.png (73.02 KB, 640x730, lily post.png)

On her ask.fm

No. 326997

File: 1496335582759.png (10.78 KB, 656x170, lily 2.png)

She doesn't like her real name Yuri because it doesn't sound childish and like a loli

No. 327006

File: 1496336698021.jpg (3.51 KB, 371x136, download.jpg)

If lily doesn't like the "hate forums" why doesn't she simply not go out of her way to look for them?

The thing about snowflakes I don't get is that they go searching for things people are saying about them just to bitch about it to their fans on social media.

Kellyjean, emiru and lily are good examples for this

No. 327022


She doesn't browse /r9k/and lolcow, but if someone links her the threads she will look because any concerned person would want to know what others are saying when there's a thread of over 200+ posts. Like what possibly could people be talking about you? Are they posting any personal information? Are they leaking pictures/videos?


Her name is Lilypichu. She gotten used to being called Lily since it's a shortened version of her online handle that people have been calling her for years.


What's wrong with this? She cleared any misconception people had about her without acting immature about it.


What are you trying to do? You're just screenshotting her most recent social media posts and nitpicking.

Lily looks okay in this picture. Lily knows that she's not super attractive. Are you just hating on her because "she looks average" ? What do you look like? Do you look down on everyone who isn't super attractive?

No. 327031

Had a read through of the screenshot. Tbf she doesn't say she's struggling financially but says she is not as well off as before. Even final paragraph mentions not needing donations. Claim it's reverse psychology if you will (I'm sure a lot of these shit posters will do so.)

If she cheated on Danny I don't think he would go out of his way to defend her.
Oh God, I remember seeing this before videos so often it was unbearable.

No. 327032

File: 1496339090191.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, 5bf (1).jpg)

No. 327034


Don't see anything wrong with the ad. People just seemed shocked by the voice and didn't expect a light-hearted take on League Of Legends.

No. 327036

Don't blame you since you like cringey stuff

No. 327039


It wouldn't be "CRINGEY" to you if it was voiced by someone with a more natural mature sounding voice.

No. 327046

Lily will never fuck you unless you're a white professional gamer. Just stop defending her.

No. 327050

>1 year and 1300+ posts later
>still no proof

No. 327096

sure retard

No. 327103

>helping parents buy a home
>[she is] financially not doing well

That's a lot of bull, it doesn't seem plausible even with all the streaming/youtube income that she could help her parent put even 20% down towards a home in SoCal(estimating 100k usd at the least)

The post she made is more to garner sympathy. Ie: "my life is so bad here it is x,y,z,a,b,c etc etc"

No. 327106

if I dont have glasses she looks fine but when I zoom in she looks like an ugly chinese mom who works at a gas station

No. 327110


Even with what little money Lily makes it doesn't mean she isn't trying to help out her family. Don't think Lily has opened up about having a job so it's not like she makes minimum wage and works 20-40 hours a day. Whatever she makes from donations she saves up and gives what little she has for living expenses and helping out her family.

No. 327119

File: 1496350115840.png (17.07 KB, 1600x900, lily 2.png)

Is there ever a time where lily doesnt talk abt wanting to be a loli?

No. 327123

File: 1496350614658.png (7.58 KB, 513x119, lily 2.png)

No. 327150

Do you live up lily's ass?

No. 327152

File: 1496354942153.jpg (105.78 KB, 641x1200, DBNPYJUVYAIlJIb.jpg)

Is she wearing circle lenses while wearing glasses..?

No. 327155


She's at a convention. It's okay to wear non-prescription eye contacts with classes.

No. 327162

She looks fucking stupid.

No. 327169

>Don't think Lily has opened up about having a job so it's not like she makes minimum wage and works 20-40 hours a day.

I didn't say she had a job or was arguing for it. I said it isn't rational to think that her parents would seek her for financial help considering her current revenue streams aren't stable.

It's more likely that her parents bought a new home and Lily used that as another bullet point into why her life isn't where she wants it to be.

This is speculation, so please read carefully before replying next time.

No. 327173

People do this all the time. Are you going to call minzy and CL fucking stupid?

Putting circle lenses with glasses is common, just because you don't do it because you're a unfashionable troll doesn't make it auto-stupid, stupid.

No. 327195

I mean near enough everything in this thread is baseless speculation, some far-fetched. I would say your conjecture here is reasonable compared to some other stuff these guys have been sperging out.

No. 327204

Lol I'm sitting here laughing my ass off reading these wk's trying to defend her. I met her several times, she doesn't give 2 shits about her "audience", everything she does/says on social media is for monetary gain. The fact that she said EVERY time she made posts about her hardships she'd get bigger donations proves my point, you gullible "uuuwwwwuuu lily waifu" weebs will never open your eyes.

No. 327216


Report this thread then. I'll wait.

No. 327231

Wk:PROOFPR000FFFFFFF!!!!!111!! YOU DON'T KNOW LILY SHES NOT LIKE THAT!!111@@@!! SHOW UR FACE!!!!1111@#^$£÷€=,#¥2£

No. 327306

Just a thought, but maybe stop victimizing yourself and stop complaining about wks and maybe contribute good content? You're acting like lily when people don't immediately kiss her ass and honey that aint cute.

No. 327564

Yes, because anonymous people are trying to be cute on an anonymous armour crafting website designed to house only the bitchiest crafters.

Smells like a newfag to me.

No. 327615

File: 1496412951999.png (360.75 KB, 1138x417, oh u lily.png)

Lily has been really pushing it with the promotions after she and george broke up, swear she didnt have this kind of banner when they were still together

No. 327626

File: 1496414086737.jpg (363.35 KB, 714x714, 20170602-698168550.jpg)

Yuri def looks 26 years old

No. 327627

File: 1496414225868.png (267.13 KB, 505x526, nice ign.png)

how many times has yuri mentioned loli/little girl shit for the past years she's been on the net?

it's pretty sickening and strange to want to associate yourself with such an image..

No. 327814

File: 1496432324715.png (126.27 KB, 339x226, capture ff.png)

I saw this on destiny's stream wtf is up with her nose? did she stick a piece of plastic in there? or did she just get really bad injections??

No. 327815

File: 1496432346673.png (190.1 KB, 419x271, capture ff2.png)

No. 327861

lmao bitch i just said focus on the topic at hand instead of being triggered and claiming you're being silenced, take a chill pill

No. 327862

also the fact you focused the word "cute" is fucking hilarious

insecure anon pls learn to love urself

No. 327863

It's called bad contouring anon, if you used makeup you would know

No. 328013

Oh noes whatever will I do!

How darrre I focus on what the other poster mentioned!

All this focus on cute when you could have ignored it makes you seem insecure too!

To be fair, when someone gets a nose job that middle flap tends to go in, it does look like that. Maybe it's the angles tho.

No. 328019

.. woah maybe take your own advice great job staying on topic itt btw!

And I didn't say I was being silenced, might want to get your brain checked out, you seem to be seeing things. Wonder what ad home you'll throw this time!

No. 328105

File: 1496459615649.png (191.83 KB, 355x400, oAQ8omj.png)

reminds me of xiaxue's nose pre 2nd nose job

No. 328119

has she ever washed her hair or face in her life? whats with her lizard lips? most white girls nowadays have bigger lips than she does lmao

the funniest part is that she calls herself a loli and tries to make herself look like a little girl, did she think just cuz her tits are sad and her ass is flat means she's a loli? her middle aged mom face says otherwise

No. 328123

why are you so triggered lmao, u arent lily you cant act victimized u cunt

No. 328125

at least sage your autism mongoloid

No. 328318

File: 1496486564960.jpg (168.13 KB, 1024x1024, DBXiSqaUQAELEeZ.jpg)

Is there ever a time where she's not doing the v sign?

No. 328337

The contrast between how these two women present themselves is really odd imo, considering they are probably the same age.

No. 328480

File: 1496511729224.jpg (55.79 KB, 298x600, selfie.jpg)

I doubt lily can get anything else after that crappy phone game, she was lucky to have even got that gig.

No. 328487

File: 1496512124290.jpg (34.69 KB, 400x300, asian-rhino-before-after-9.jpg)

I never knew contouring could make your nose looks like there is a badly placed implant in it lol

No. 328518

File: 1496515980497.jpg (63.85 KB, 800x450, xajgnrk4cmb99g7afofg.jpg)

You're trying to prove that her columella has been pulled in with this shitty quality stream cap when we have a recent HQ picture where her columella is not pulled in >>328318 Lily doesn't know when to stop using highlighter and contours.

Just admit you don't know what the fuck contouring is.

No. 328562

Now we know which anon you are. Go back to school in your ugly ass pink sequined uggly midwestern boots. And you know what their post meant so why are you twisting it into something it's not? Quit shitposting.

No. 328565


Lily is probably older… This is so weird.

No. 328571

sage for ot,but Nicki Minaj looks like a monster…

No. 328577

that's because she is one euhehehuehe

No. 328630

> Go back to school in your ugly ass pink sequined uggly midwestern boots.

lmao this projection, chill the fuck out sperg.

Your constant insecure shit posting on this and the LoL thread is getting fucking annoying.

No. 328719

>chill out
you mean yourself?
>me in the LoL thread
lmao okay, honey. unless you're wearing couture which i know your dumb ass can't afford, stay the fuck in your lane and quit talking about fashion like you're some sort of goddess you ugg wearing mammoth. you know everything i said to be true. get btfo and spend more money on those uggly boots ya got

No. 328746


Lily is taking voice acting classes and has a wide vocal range. She also has a manager and is famous with the League Of Legends community. She'll find something. Most voice actors start with small gigs. A lot of anime voice actors started off doing adverts for radio commercials or

No. 328747

amateur hentai flash games. She'll find something.

No. 328748


Even if she doesn't find a big voice acting job she will at least have a chance with composing music for a show/videogame/etc.

No. 328751

So has she done anything besides being ugly and stupid? Where's the milk

No. 328753

seems like thats been the question for the last ~1300 posts

No. 328864

File: 1496585083580.jpg (159.73 KB, 720x506, AirBrush_20170604095801.jpg)

>omg guys look ima animu girl that can't drink!11!

No. 328865

File: 1496585146082.jpg (35.39 KB, 1024x576, gtyblp7im2npmowgfxpgauzwnb4qsi…)

What Lily wants people to think

Anime isn't real Lily, it's time to live in reality.

No. 328871

File: 1496586821443.jpg (122 KB, 720x737, IMG_20170604_101811.jpg)

Farmers, I have a crazy tinfoil hat theory to propose.

What if Lily is actually the white knight?

The knight sure knows alot of details about Lily almost like follows her every actions

There isn't any defending posts when she's streaming

The flight to taipei to santa monica is 14 hrs, she left on June 3rd and came back on June 4th. She sleeps for a few hours and when she's up she posts a pic on twitter.
Coincidentally the protection comments start flooding in around the same time frame, the reason why the knight disappeared for roughly 2 days or so was because lily was packing/around people and the flight. Comments when she was at the convention could had been typed when she was alone or in the wr or someshit. Who else would know everything and detail about Lily's life? To me it's no other than Lily herself? What kind of friend would invest that much time, effort and energy + stalker levels of knowledge about her life?

No. 328872

File: 1496586900560.jpg (161.27 KB, 697x996, IMG_20170604_101916.jpg)

Why isn't anyone defending her right now? It's because she's asleep. She's been pretending to be other people on this board and her own white knight thinking it won't be so obvious

No. 328874

File: 1496587193942.jpg (148.44 KB, 720x761, IMG_20170604_103820.jpg)

When they left for Taiwan

The wk would sometimes leave the board for a day or two before returning with a barage of comments defending or justifying Lily. And once again they match up to whenever Lily moves around e.g when Lily moved out of hsgg house.

No. 328876

Lily sais this is a hate forum and so does the white knight

Ofc Lily isn't going to admit she's done anything wrong, Idk who would stick around someone so strongly despite knowing their shady history.
Who the fuck has all the dedication and time to protect Lily? No exes ever did it, it's no one but herself.

No. 328881

File: 1496588424103.jpg (28.65 KB, 636x358, rxduoliromifjj0yp51w.jpg)

I feel bad because this whole time her friends ayasuna, jummy, etc, was used as a scapegoat or disguise for her shit posting antics. No friend is going to actively search out every and any forum looking for negative commentary about their friend. Let's say even if they do, they usually leave after a day or two after being called out and ridiculed (ex. Ahripop's friend defended her on lolcow and pull, she left after people made fun of her looks and the wking) Farmers made fun of the supposed knight and "he" still stayed stronger than ever. That's because it wasn't him in the first place.

That's the end of my theory, sry for the grammar mistakes as I'm typing this on mobile.

No. 328958


I like your theory since it makes sense tbh, I still think she has some wks who help her when she does come to the forum tho.

Honestly I'm just waiting for the mods to reveal which posts are hers already with red text. Same for the league thread too.

No. 328999

Forgot to add that there was another friend called rae left after getting mocked, he only lasted for a few posts

No. 329039


That would be fuckin amazing. We already know she posts on r9k and checks here obsessively, posting in the LoL thread.

No. 329045

Do you think lily is the type to wait for the 3 minutes for ramen or eat it way past that time when it's soggy? She probably forgets and eats it when the broth is all gone, UGH what a slut

No. 329048

This is one of the strangest posts I've read on this website.

No. 329082

File: 1496607951550.png (831.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-04-16-26-20…)

Lily's watching lcs right now so she can't wk herself atm

No. 329083

No. 329096

Thought /r9k was debunked as not her.

Otherwise, IF, and only if, the times match as theorist OP stated it's a plausible theory.

No. 329125

out of curiosity i remember there were 2 r9k posts that may have been hers. was it both of the posts made or just the second one that was posted immediately after the one that lolcow found?
sorry i didn't know that the r9k theory was debunked

No. 329159

Im sure she had 1-2 real posts and the rest were fake

No. 329164

pinion reading the thread was that it was made too obvious to be her. More likely than not it was someone pretending to be her to create milk.

No. 329209


It wasn't debunked, just her WK screaming "prove it was her!"

No. 329214

File: 1496621669450.jpg (452.93 KB, 1920x1520, 4qvmNMM.jpg)


I still think this thread was her.

No. 329233

waiting for her boyfriend to cheat on her? LMFAO I'M WAITING FOR HER TO CHEAT ON HIM

No. 329237

I don't even like lily but whoever made this seriously must not have a life. Lily is annoying and that's it, these threads are such bullshit.

No. 329253

IIRC the one saying that the person who wrote the thread got her age wrong has a point though (post says "not even 25" when she's 26)

No. 329255

i never believed the /r9k/ thread was her. not everyone is stupid and autistic enough to vent on an anonymous internet forum when they have close to 1m subs.

i know that some of you guys would probably do that in her situation, but you need to stop projecting. it's (pretty good) b8 and you all fell for it.

No. 329275

Lily probably uses tide unsteady of bounty, fucking plebeian

No. 329281

I'm pretty convinced that this is lily trying to throw us off.

We've gotten a wide varity of different comments on this board and never something as strange and trolly as that

These kinds of comments started popping up after the theory

Idk what lily is thinking

No. 329297

File: 1496630466446.png (679.16 KB, 588x589, Lilypichu_uguubear_animeexpo.p…)

All these egirls are the same, either instagram slutty like emiru, pookie, etc.. or they are like lily and try to pull the loli innocent animu girl shit

Funny thing is they all say "I'M NOT LIKE EVERY OTHER SLUT!" when infact they are doing the same exact shit.

Aka I want fame, money, attention, compliments, how boring.

No. 329401

No. 329406

File: 1496650138678.png (68.53 KB, 894x595, cfeRtXi.png)

white knight destiny here to the rescue

according to him, lily's age is really creepy personal info. so yeah guys, don't talk about her age it's super duper personal.

No. 329414

Umm.. why are you so triggered and defensive? You're just entertainment while I get home via train.

No. 329415

File: 1496651452531.png (17.41 KB, 803x143, DHjY758.png)

No. 329417

>contour is expensive

Lmao lmao lmao don't think you're fancy for using ~contour~

No. 329418

File: 1496651569929.png (69.48 KB, 582x313, 4LCnIxz.png)

lily on suicide watch

No. 329419

I always thought it was her on r9k defending herself. Very plausible. Maybe she'll try to change the times now haha.

No. 329422

Cutting and pasting is not hard nor does it take very long. Kids do it in play school.

No. 329426

i hope we find cream.

No. 329455

Lmao lily is trying so hard to defend the proof

dumbass lily wanted to showcase her 'va skills' and no one buys it lmao
I'm glad people are waking up.

No. 329468

Say what you want Lily, everyone knows now. It's pretty ridiculous how she's says "it took me years to develope this low range"

No. 329540


Hahaha I was in her guild too! Wonder who this is exactly. She was batshit insane but she did always have an uguu cute loli voice.

No. 329565

It sounds a lot more natural here compared to her clown anime voice

No. 329586


idk why she even does this. she constantly looks out for anyone hating on her then draws everyone's attention to it to paint herself as a victim. grow tf up.

No. 329594

some of the posters here need to grow tf up too. problem on both ends really.

No. 329661

The point in the video where she goes "I can" is when it sounds the most natural. Both her squeaky and her "deep" voice are straining on either end, but that part is right in the middle.

No. 329706

she probably buys her underwear in fruit of the loom packs KEK basic bitch

No. 329708

>thinking coutour is high class

L O L WHAT GARBAGE 3RD WORLD COUNTRY DO YOU LIVE IN, anon I feel so sorry for you

No. 329737

Honestly you can tell she just constantly googles herself and looks for negativity so then she can cry about it. She barely responds to any praise, but if you look at her reedit profile she constantly seeks out and responds to any hate she gets. Guess her whole image is based on being a sad sack who thrives on butt pats and pity.

No. 329745

Those actions reveal the most about her person. The way she handles hate/criticism shows how not bright she is

No. 330461

Sometimes I wonder how new you posters are to not realize lolcow came from lolita culture.
>omg she wears a bow at 26 lol

So do I. I wear pastel garbage from AP's NEWER releases.

That aside, her face looks shapeless in this pic.

No. 330462

ignore the lily sperg, they live in a 3rd world country and think juicy couture is good

No. 330463

I considered this, but lolcow mods have outted peeps from defensing theirselves before. I think if she was that obvious with WKing herself then a mod would have sniffed it out just by seeing so many posts from the same IP defending her and then suddenly a Taiwanese poster defending her when the California IP vanishes.


No. 330488


Eh, right now the mods are short handed, no one has been really checking any of the threads, it takes alot of work to reveal people. It took the mods a very long time to get the evidence for kiki. I am convinced the wk is lily because right after the theory came out the WK stopped coming around. And also the evidence was pretty compelling

No. 330506

or maybe, just maybe, the "wk" just finds your tinfoiling so stupid they decided not to refute your mental illness ass. But it gets you off at night thinking I'm ~*~LILY UGUU~*~ then have at it l m ao

No. 330673

>decides to refute anyway but also stops WKing


No. 330691

can you please at least sage your autism before bumping a thread with nothing relevant to the thread

No. 330756

Lol, the difference with Kiki and everyone else is that Kiki went the extra mile, both by trying to be a frequent foster and hiding in the boards, and avoiding shit left and right.
I don't believe lily's defending herself on this thread, and if she was, staff would have investigated it. It generally doesn't take long to have a whiff at if someone's samefagging/WK

>but they are shortstaffed!!!

I'm 99% lilysperg reported the thread more than once, and most definitely would have done something about it.

Jesus fucking christ, this thread's as bad as the Berry ones. But at least Berry's threads had actual discussion about her photoshopping.
You're bashing someone for fucking wearing a bow, I'm all for discussing but quit fucking reaching and speculating weird shit

No. 331295

File: 1496924019837.jpg (185.45 KB, 1024x1024, DByuIDXUAAAAyUR.jpg)

Does she bind her chest or is she really that ♡~uguu flat~♡?

No. 331296

So suddenly everyone finds lily not to be cringey anymore? I think her shitty voice acting and loli agenda to be pretty milk worthy.

No. 331364

You can hear the real tone of her voice when she clears her throat.

No. 331368

>drops video a bit ago
>doesn't discuss much of anything, the opposite of her fb post

Wish I could say I was surprise, I was hoping she would go in depth like she said. Would of been nice to know what really happened. I would say she doesn't really have to tell her fans if it wasn't the "I'm single" post and all the heart break shitty doodles she did/change is for the better yada yada.

No. 331400

My neckbeard ex said she "proved" her voice was real with this video, she didnt prove shit, she just used a different lower voice, I dont even understand how she thinks or anyone else thinks its proof

No. 331526

Normal people take pictures like this all the time… do you not have an insta? This is getting on creepy levels. What's next? "UGH HOW DARE SHE BREATHe?!"

No. 331531

They just asked a question what's wrong with you?

No. 331803

Lmao sorry you're retarded Satan

No. 331836

File: 1497008925741.jpg (303.42 KB, 720x808, AirBrush_20170609074349.jpg)


Does Lily live with wendy now?

No. 331910

The nitpicking in this thread is so ridiculous. I hate Lily for certain reasons but there's seriously nommilk on her.

No. 332132

Be careful anon, lily sperg is going to accuse you of being a wk or lily herself

No. 333243

the delusional weebs in this i can't

"I know a lot of asian grills, most of them tend to have high pitch voices, so yeah i can believe the anime voice is real."

…no we don't omfg it's only native japanese girls, do you not find it weird that ONLY japanese girls are known to sound that way? not korean, chinese, viet, etc. it's because they train their voice to be high-pitched, just like lily fucking did

No. 333482

File: 1497126249815.gif (3.47 MB, 260x260, 1qo41v.gif)

Lily is so ~clumsy~ and kawaii~♡!

Lily still lurks here, she can't stop obsessing over what people say about her.

No. 333528

they weren't even talking about how the picture was taken, they were talking about if she was actually flat, wtf is wrong with you

No. 333582

wk doesn't know how to read, that's why.

No. 333629

yellow fevered fucks are blind can't see past fakeness, as long as they're azn, they can be faker than the kardashians voice, body, and personality wise and get away with it

No. 333650

Let's be real now - do you expect that deep voice coming out of her naturally?

No. 333695

File: 1497157950353.jpg (39.05 KB, 1080x876, DCAMYa_UMAAnXol.jpg)

Jummy has been really stepping it up since lily is single now, too bad he's not the pedo oniichan of lily's dreams

No. 333696

She is an ADULT woman in her mid twenties, so yes.

No. 333736

File: 1497183438974.jpg (141.09 KB, 621x544, 201706111336332187.jpg)

What's up with her dog? Why does it have such big ass dark circles under it's eyes? Is it suppose to be like that? (I know nothing about dogs.)

No. 333744

it's dried tears, prolly has allergies or something. she should be cleaning it…

No. 333756


Dried tears? Really?

My dog gets a lot of discharge from his eyes except its more… akin to normal human discharge/sleepy stuff. Like watery looking. Not really dark and scary looking like that. The vet said it's completely normal, and called it dried tears.

Although he is a black dog so something like that wouldn't show up. But Christ, seeing that picture freaked me out. It looks demonic, hopefully it is nothing.

No. 333760

File: 1497189866277.jpg (152.64 KB, 1300x971, Adorable-White-Pomeranian-Dog.…)

Lily's dog looks really unkempted and disheveled. Does she even clean or groom her dog?

No. 333762

yeah, it's called like epiphora or something. when dog's eyes are irritated it happens.

No. 333764

File: 1497190160710.jpg (388.37 KB, 720x1015, CYMERA_20170611_100817.jpg)

Is she not over hsgg? She still has some pictures and videos of him up on social media and yt

No. 333790


She said she isn't taking it down because memories and such.

I'm glad she didn't take them down it would make her look like she's playing the victim, it was bad enough for the first week of her being single there was constantly heart break doodles and "it's going to be okay" motivational posts.

No. 333792


i swear to god, if she removed them, there would be some autists jumping on her over that.

good for her for keeping them up. i didn't expect it after her gue$$ im $ingel stuff on instagram or whatever. breakups are hard.

No. 333794

samefagging and saging but you shouldn't delete photos unless it was a messy breakup. good on lily for being an adult!

No. 333850

>deleting all pictures of your ex after a breakup

Wow anon you're dramatic

No. 333893

its so obvious thats her natural voice

No. 334206

Mods can you please autosage this thread until something actually happens. Every time I see it on the front page I get excited that something new happened to Lily but it's just a bunch of retards infighting or regurgitated nitpicking.

No. 335755

File: 1497495467901.jpg (235.28 KB, 509x611, 20170614161190273.jpg)

She did delete a few things with hsgg in it did she not?

Sorry to disappoint anon, if you want 24/7 explosive drama you should head over to the pt cows if you're bored, snow cows are more tamed.

Lily should calm down on her eyebrows, lolis don't have thick monkey brows. Kek.

No. 335760

Seriously. She's probably already fucked a few guys since being single and he isn't one of them lol.

Hi Lily.

No. 335797

I feel like I have the same vocal range as Lily. I can make a very similar nasally high piched voice and all the voices she does in the "deepest voice I can do" video. This really leads me to believe that Lily is making her voice more pitchy than it naturally is. My voice is kinda high but I don't sound like an uguuu kawaii loli like Lily is making these losers believe. The nasally tone gives it away.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 335800

Nobody fucking cares about your blog post

No. 335804

>In times of zero milk, when a thread is mostly speculation, it could be put on autosage until a moderator undoes this when there's fresh drama.

>Nitpicking, armchair psychology, and absolutely baseless speculating must be saged and kept under control. Endless tinfoiling about e.g. Taylor's or Dakota's income or specific shade of hair color must stop and will be punished

> all posts that only consist of "hi [cow]" or "lol" or "underrated post" will be removed and punished with a short ban.

No. 335806


Is it so hard for her to look up a tutorial on how to do makeup/drawn eyebrows in general. YouTube is right there. You pretty much never use black to fill in your eyebrows. You use a dark brown if need be, like no wonder everyone has to do her makeup because if she does it herself this is what happens.

You would think after all those times of others doing her makeup either for a photoshoot or just to hangout she would learn.

No. 335823

New fags don't know the diff between pt and snow.

Even better; she could get em feathered, I'm sure her gang of betas can help her pay for that.

No. 335824

I wouldn't mention those things if I wasn't trying to prove a point

No. 335840

You proved nothing. We already know her voice is fake

No. 335850

she dated hotshotgg all while making tweets about dating george and shit, she literally dated both at the same time, and has been known to have fuck loads of side dudes with a lot of her relationship partners, there's tons of proof just visit her twitter and social media, then look at all the times she tweeted about george or hotshotgg romatically, unless she just happened to have that much on and offness between two guys, she def cheated

for the tons of side dudes claim, it's quite obvious, she's just like any other wannabe loli league streamer, or most attention seeking female streamers who try too hard to be cute

No. 335875

There are two kids of streamer girls
>wannabe loli
sub catagory
"Bros" but they all turn out to be undercover sluts

No. 335993

Are you actually inbred?
George and HSGG are the same person

No. 336202

well fuck, I remember she was posting about dating one guy and another guy, it started with a J i assumed it was HSGG

>>335875 and they're all awful people, at least the sluts are honest about it though

No. 336203

She did not cheat, she broke up with the guy and dated George immediately afterwards. Which is horrible but does not count as cheating unless anon can provide time stamps or other evidence.

No. 336207

I feel like it may be cheating, I mean how else will they instantly get in a relationship like that if they weren't already doing something while she was with the previous

No. 336224

I guess your bf flirting up a storm with another girl then dumping you then officially gets with her isn't cheating.

Scumbag logic.

No. 336257

Looks clean enough to me. I just see a dog. I think you're reaching

No. 336272

okay but wheres the caps where they've been talking during her previous relationship, right now you're just speculatin \g

No. 336313

unless lily comes clean and posts all the caps to twitter to prove she's was cheating, it's impossible to get but I think to anyone it would be obvious she is a cheater, she also exhibited all the behaviors of a cheater

No. 336327

I didn't see a video of Lily being born, therefore she must be an alien/doesn't exist.

What's up with your logic?

No. 336330

those are illogical claims with no reason to believe though

lily, show the behavior of a cheater, is part of the community in which is known for cheating, and has one of the tell tale signs of a cheater which is getting in a relationship with someone they were "friends" with immediately after relationship number one ended, as if that wasn't enough proof, unless shes the type to jump into a relationship after one or two days, there must have been some kind of unfaithfulness before they broke up

No. 336341

We've never seen Lily have sex therefore she's a virgin. I've never seen the warts on my std ridden friends vagina therefore she's a liar and doesn't have stds. So many ridiculous "I din see nuttin" claims you can make that would be wrong and not prove y doesn't do x.

Kind of weird how people are asking for a private convo as proof.

No. 336342

>>336341 lol it's >>331400 ex

No. 336580

where are your receipts? cus I've looked and there's nothing that alludes she was flirting with george while going out with her ex

No. 336581

by your logic because you're posting about lily all the time and lily is a narcissist according to my detective skills you're actually lily.

Hi lily, fuck off lily. Stop shitting up /snow/.

No. 336612

I fucked Lily and she is pretty bad in bed.

No. 336626

sure lily, you fucking try hard, kys

No. 336717

Umm there's no pictures of Lily having sex therefore she never had seckz!!!!!!1! Pure angle!!

No. 336816

do you… not know how relationships work? do you think she just went to the store one day, saw a guy then broke up with her secret bf and started hitting it off with george and putting him on top of the world for one day and they started dating straight after she broke up with the dude? You don't need to see it for 100% to come to the conclusion it happened, with that logic 99% of murders would be in jail because "oh there's no straight up proof or a video of them murdering someone therefore it didn't happen"

No. 337129

File: 1497728089381.png (46.5 KB, 590x471, Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 7.20…)


Don't bother with them anon, they clearly don't know her dating history. Which is pretty blurry from 2009-2011 when she was on /v/ all the time and such.

From what I remember in her chan days she had that one neckbeard(there was most likely other guys, maybe not her boyfriends but there would always be new selfies floating around on the boards of her/ webcam screenshots) that gave into her loli shit, than from 2012-2013(?) she dated Dan Kim.

I don't know when she started going out with George, but if someone is saying she cheated/jumped into a relationship after breaking up I believe it. She's one of those people who constantly needs someone to stroke her insecurities (at least from when she was very active back than). The moment she was in a chatroom if all attention wasn't on her she'd fucking find a way.

No. 337131

As someone who knows Dan Kim I can tell you you're full of shit because he's always disliked her.

No. 337145


Really? I call bullshit on you, either Dan Kim was fake as shit and hung out/met up with lily on more than one occasion with her friends, drew stuff for her, @ a bunch for no reason. Or you're saying he dislikes her now, after being friends.

Here's a few public announcements of them meeting/replies from lily.






Cupcaketan, Dan, and Shureria were all friends and hangout/skyping/chating together.

So to say dan straight up hated her off the back is a fucking lie, and this is me mainly using twitter and not using other stuff of them interacting and being close.

No. 337210

Actually when George and behkuh broke up some cunts on the lol vg thread kept suggesting to date Lily. I can't be arsed to lol for it but I'd believe there's something like that in archives.

I was like lolwut when they started actually dating

No. 337211

Ah the classic: "My uncle works at Nintendo!"

No. 337235

Apparently the RO server he was endorsing a few years back closed because Lily wasn't into it anymore https://boards.fireden.net/vg/thread/10147618/#q101654256

No. 337270

You mean hotshotgg? Yeah, he made GGRO for Lily then abandoned it when she got bored.

No. 337301

He was being fake as shit and has her blocked etc. He was only her friend because of Shurelia.
He does! How did you know??

No. 337316

>He was being fake as shit and has her blocked etc. He was only her friend because of Shurelia.

your evidence where? take off your tin foil hat ffs youre just as bad as sandyhook non believers

No. 337318

lily shut the fuck up no one cares

No. 337342

Dear lord, are you hearing yourself right now? Your 'evidence' of them dating has been some tweets between each other of drawings. If we're going to accept this we may as well push forward the theory she also dated Ken Ashcorp and Jummychu. Posting SS of any Skype conversations would just allow the relevant parties to identify me and frankly I'm not stupid enough to out myself for the idiots on this thread.

No. 337363

>hurrdurr do you have evidence of this
>so you cant get evidence that means im right

its like im on pol and everyone took the red pill except its a retarded pill wow, lily go the fuck to sleep youre irritating and no one cares

No. 337443

File: 1497778615012.png (85.21 KB, 750x549, IMG_0996.PNG)

Apparently the dude in the vid looked like Jummy. The links gone too.



No. 337444

Or you're a nobody and looking for attention online.

No. 337501

>Looking for attention behind an anonymous name

No. 337565

Lmao this is the weakest shit

Go to therapy lily

No. 337614

hope you don't mean me (the anon you're replying to) cuz I doubt lily would try to prove herself a cheater

No. 337731

Lily stop posting here you're irritating, literally nobody cares about you but yourself. It sucks you broke up with your boyfriend but fucking deal with it.

No. 337858

Look, I can go into a random thread anonymously and be hostile for no reason and I would get attention.
>muh anoneemuzz
Lmao. You're still a human behind the name. Trips don't lie.

No. 338008

I understand sometimes people on lolcow are seriously deluded and misguided but you have to realise where the fuck you are. This is a place specifically dedicated to bitch and vent about social influencers, what the fuck did you expect? If someone is going to be blindly hating on another person and as wrong and stupid as it may seem to you, no amount of reasoning from your end is going to change that. So how about fuck off, stop trying to white knight and let this place be? Like literally what did you expect to achieve here. Just go back to fapping lolli lilly pls

No. 338141

lily stop talking about yourself

No. 338227

I understand how
sounds like lily but
how does
sound like lily? they're literally proving her a cheater, that would mean most of the anons who posted on the thread are lily

No. 338350

Did you even read what I wrote you dumb whore? Maybe if you chilled with your blinding envy of twitch sluts you might actually comprehend my point. Do us a favor and off yourself please.

No. 338352

your stupidity is literally triggering me. i hope you live your entire life in pain, sitting in the dark, being the fat and ugly loser you are, just nit picking away at some random whore's every flaw to feel slightly better about the existence you lead because that is the only fulfillment you will ever get. you sad pathetic loser.

No. 338596

kek lily chill out, you're not being kawaii

why are you so mad at being found out lily? isn't this what you wanted kek

No. 339732

File: 1498178376156.jpg (86.03 KB, 1024x768, DCfmMSdVwAAACOU (1).jpg)

How many guys has been to Lily's room at this point? Kek

No. 339734

File: 1498178628500.png (279.07 KB, 720x633, Screenshot_2017-06-22-20-41-40…)

Not accurate. Missing wonky fake chin

No. 339735

File: 1498178727610.jpg (267.76 KB, 854x1200, DCgGFkUUIAADWnE (1).jpg)

Pretty funny how Lily still obsessively checks her own forum and talks shit about herself LMAO
Good luck on your shitty 1999 tier phone game.

No. 339736

File: 1498178749422.jpg (106.62 KB, 760x688, DCc_KGvUQAECw-L (1).jpg)

No. 340210

lmao lily you're such an obsessive bitch, no one cares you're boring as fuck.

No. 340447

TBH I wouldn't mind if she cheated: hotshot cheated on his gf to get with behkuh so… he deserves it.

No. 340610

Lily has been hanging around Destiny alot ever since they got back from Taiwan, does she really miss white dick that much?

No. 351875

dude she and destiny have been talking long before she and hsgg officially broke up.

No. 361175

File: 1501105360428.png (14.13 KB, 487x184, ss (2017-07-26 at 03.39.52).pn…)

whens she's too lazy to come up with her own ideas >.>

No. 365047

File: 1501652917810.png (243.62 KB, 333x1173, AcCMyoc.png)

posted in the league thread by mistake, my bad

she still can't resist selfposting…

No. 365065

You mean, I can just post her stuff on 4 chins and have everyone blame her for self-posting?

This is fantastic news.

No. 365095

Except that isn't 4chan.

Lmao I saw that shit. Embarrassing.

No. 366257


>IMGUR filenames

that's not her post her artwork here.

No. 366340



No. 367373

She has been sticking around Destiny even more so after the hsgg break up. Dude. Lily just can't get enough of dat skinny white cock.

No. 368660

At the beginning you can hear her real, non anime uguu voice.

This video is cringy af tho. She goes around following people with her ~moe melodica~ then stops and runs away like pic related when they notice her. Grow up, you're 25 ffs.

No. 368963

her fans are pointing it out in the comments but theyre STILL trying to justify it with "shes out of breath" lmao. theyre in absolute denial. so sad.

No. 372463

well considering most her fans are weebs with loli fetishes, they're going to want to pathetically make themselves believe "but but ANIMU LOLI GIRLS DO EXIST WITHOUT FAKING IT!!!!"

No. 375512


Her real voice is at the beginning until they say "Is this Lily?" Then she goes back to the animukawaii voice.

No. 402083

You're all very dumb. I don't even understand why there is so much hate for her. She's sweet, cocky, likes asian style, considering she is asian, and is NOT faking their voice. Who the fuck would fake there voice since they were 14? Also, if you all even watched her who are hating on her, who the fuck would fake their voice infront of their family? I don't know. I'm a huge fan of Lily and I find her inspiring. She has good and bad qualities like every other human. She does her job to have fun and entertain, she's not a fucking pedophile. Also, taking screen shots from when she was 15 isn't really justified. She's 26 now, she's an adult.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 439366

She just made a video with the rest of her gaming house where they basically trash talk female streamers for about a million years.

Honestly I have more respect for these twitch titty streamers because at least they don't try to cover up (literally) what brings people to their stream.

Fucking lilypichu and even pokimane just do the most abhorrent bullshit in order to draw people in and they lie about it being an act. Disgraceful

No. 439367

Also I guess the titty streamer that got targeted by her made a response video. That's how you can tell these bitches crossed the line, getting filth like that to reply to them.

No. 439369

No. 441075

Lily really did cross the line. I used to be a fan but I grew bored of her content and I decided to give her another shot because I was bored and I stumbled across OfflineTV (which btw their videos aren’t good and they seriously try too hard) and their titty video and I was disgusted. I seriously felt so bad for the girl that they trashed on. izombiez or something like that. I saw the video response on her and she was obviously hurt. She made a valid point that it’s hot af in LA and she wants to be comfy in her own damn house. She enjoys streaming so let the girl be. I feel like lily secretly enjoyed the topic because she’s flat and always getting made fun of because she’s flat and wanted to pick on an innocent girl who I don’t know if they ever met and I don’t think that’s right. Yeah I get it there’s some girls that do titty stream and don’t even play..they just want attention but like for the ones that actually try :/ not cool lily. Plus she gave a half assed apology and (correct me if I’m wrong) did OfflineTV even apologize? They didn’t even take down the video like wtf?

No. 441078

Also disappointed in pokimane for engaging :/ I liked her but now she’s on my shitlist(btw did she even apologize?) these people are public figures like why the fuck are they swooping so low?

No. 446583

Know is kinda manipulative with people and somehow fake her personality a lot for viewers but… she did actually assault someone at anime North? literally can't find anything online.
Do softcore porn for money(aka prostitution): totally fine.(FUCK RULES)
Faking voice(highly doubt it, since i know two asian girls IRL that have similar voice)so totally fine\don't break any rules: disgusting, should be banned. Pander to pedos(people really believe this?)
'murrican IQ in action. LEL.
Also, this girl was totally wrong. She don't do any type of content other than show cleavage and dancing. Aka Titty streamer. And the crying was absolutely faked, and you can clearly see that.

No. 447708

Well Lily apparently nailed herself a spot in this group called Interlunium who voice acts and sings. She doesn't impress one bit, with her voice sounding so flat and fake. It doesn't match the character she's given at all, even more less that she's pretending to be a 17 year old model when she's 26 close to her 30's. She sounds so bad compared to the other VAs that I wonder if they included her just to make her look bad.

No. 447717

File: 1513701168089.png (703.51 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-12-17-20-36-54…)

Yeah I saw that too. It's a joke really. All those years of her "working hard on those expensive voice acting lessons" and here all she has to show is her bland speaking voice that makes the character dead.

Also her faking hitting her head on her microphone on her stream and people going "aww poor clumsy lily she's so cute" makes me cringe

No. 447750


Don't know about her assaulting someone so it might be a baseless rumor.

She obviously fakes her voice. Her voice may be slightly higher-pitched, but in her former streams and videos, she sounds like she was on helium trying to be cutesy. On pretty ugly little liars site, someone has compiled video comparisons of her voice over the years, that's already a lot of proof but people want to wk and protect their precious little lily and not believe anything unless there's "proof".

Why would she be fake crying? She's a decent streamer girl with big boobs but she doesn't flaunt it around and pad it up like tons of other girls. People have feelings you know?

No. 447929

Lily's role in Interlunium is a joke tbh… Compared to everyone else she's the only one that sounds dead and fake. If she had put more effort she might have pulled it off…but I'm sick of reading comments like "lily dating simulator" from her thirsty pedo fans.

No. 447964

That's also why i think is not fake. She is 26, her voice got deeper. If she was just faking it, the voice would remain stable over the years. And let's be real. Her voice is not exactly "super cute", is actually an high pitched nasal voice and pretty annoying. And why she should fake crying? Viewers? She is a shit streamer, that create her viewerbase around her big boobs, you can literally see a video on her twitter where literally one guy say something about her breast and she got triggered and go apeshit. Like she literally wait for somebody talk about her breast. And cry when somebody say one thing bad about you is not "having feelings", is having some kind of personality disorder.

No. 448078

Wait till Lily lurks through this forum and posts an update about how butthurt she is for her voice being so.bland.

No. 449757

The amount of thirsty and deluded fanboys in her fanbase is unreal, it makes me cringe

No. 450184

>it changed overtime therefore it's real

surprised some people still think the baby talk was real

No. 454794

Every time I hear Lilypichu I cri

No. 458074


The past threads have been baseless rumors and petty nitpicking.

No. 463325

Lily hasn't been really impressive with what she's been doing lately, so obviously there'll be nitpicking because people see that she isn't doing good. There's been people who have tried to offer criticism and even advice when it comes to Lily but it gets rebuked and automatically get wked because she wants validation.

As for rumors, you can already see from examples of videos and streams of what she does

No. 463541

I used to be a fan of Lily (her little doodle videos were cute and I didn't mind her voice) but after seeing the stuff she does (comparisons of old videos of her fake high pitch voice and now), it made me think to myself: why haven't I realized it before? A 26 year old full grown adult who's still trying to be like a cute child is so bizarre to me now.

No. 464836

Lilypichu fakes having small boobs to cater to her "fanbase"

No. 470927

Lilypichu and Pokimane's relationship is so cringey now that Lily is more relevant as a part of OfflineTV. Them being passive-aggressive to each other and "I love you!" Lily part is almost like Lily is trying too hard.

No. 535690

ur voice doesn't magically get deeper in ur mid 20s, moron. your vocal cords are fully developed in mid teens sometimes early teens in girls.

there's already been proof in all these lilypichu threads that she fakes her voice. have some common sense and please take a biology course.

No. 655057

I've done 1Can we have a tech come to peace with yourself too anon!

No. 773540

File: 1548809736326.png (685.05 KB, 640x643, lp.png)

I cannot believe this woman is what? 30 now, or is she older? Still trying to be a cute loli with a fake voice kek.(necro)

No. 774195

She tries so hard to be an irl animu character it's so cringe
She should just accept that she is 29 already

No. 774466


Everytime i start respecting her for dressing / acting like her age she decides to fuck up. All of this stupid complaint over e-girl meme (literally. Whining over e-girl meme even tho there are thousands of 'em around just bcz ITS SO RELATABLE. AND TOXIC. AND I WANT TO BE PROGRESSIVE AND SHOW HOW SUPPORTIVE AND OWO I AM.), uwuu-acts and GUYS IM A HUGE CONTENT CREATOR BUT I WANT SOMEONE TO BOOST ME FOR DRAWINGS … Will she ever actually grow up? Lmao, i still wonder whats up with her head.

No. 774554

Lilyfakevoicechu,Pokithot, Trashemiru and all the other egirls love trashing on other egirls because they think they are better than everyone else and they feel threatened by the competition. Dat autisimo incel ~attention~ too good.

No. 774652

This lmao. Especially
when she made fun of ethots on one of her streams, completely unaware that she's a pandering ethot herself.

No. 796443

2 years later and you guys still have no dirt on her. Pathetic.

"She turns 29 years old this year and she dresses like Animu! OMG CRINGE!"

No. 796447

Yeah, her thread died cause people lost interest or whatever. Why bring back an old thread to complain that we don't care about her anymore? The last post was two months ago FFS. I hate when fans randomly find ancient threads about the people they stan. It's always the pathetic idiots who sound like they're 12 too

No. 796760

Because blind autists like you ignore the evidence. Sorry to say your uwu wannabe animu girl queen is still a fake ethot.

No. 829977

Not very sure what is all this about… I mean if you don't really like a certain streamer or someone… Just dont't watch their thing or don't even look at them… Is there really a need to create a blog just to express out how much you hate a person…? I mean jeez did she kill your family or something?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 829994

Can you please shut up? No one cares about that NEETy womanchild anymore. Are you trying to give her attention because she's not relevant anymore? Lol(y u no sage)

No. 892228

Apparently her current boyfriend cheated on her(necro)

No. 892276

File: 1573562199630.png (42.64 KB, 739x419, lily1.png)

If you're going to necro, at least post receipts.

No. 892277

File: 1573562220001.png (21.7 KB, 476x205, lily2.png)

No. 892303

File: 1573568846605.jpeg (203.4 KB, 2184x1353, 592BFF9C-3FC3-4D53-BFF1-FD28B4…)

Wow, I never thought I would see Lily’s thread bumped here again unless she was finally marrying albert.m since she’s 27-28 and she seemed happy with him.

This is actually kinda depressing because when she met this guy she was already kicked out of hotshots home and trying to better herself. She stopped the cringy Loli dressing and started to seem more like and adult and I thought it was thanks to him and her new friends….

But those same friends are using her whole situation for attention whoring and Sarah Lee happily fucked her man while pretending to be her friend as well. I honestly hope she just moves out of LA at this point she can’t seem to weed out who’s genuine and who’s not.

No. 892306

Holy shit I can't believe this exist rip lily

No. 892312

File: 1573570167717.png (479.74 KB, 1322x779, exposed.png)

The two of them had a secret google doc they used to talk so it wouldn't show up in their text/chat histories. The 200 IQ cheating strats.

No. 892315

File: 1573570395215.jpg (58.86 KB, 610x561, albert rip.jpg)

Shame, Albert seemed like such a Nigel, but now his friends are calling him a snake and a sociopath.

No. 892328


Honestly they never seemed like a awesome-great-best couple like everyone tried to make it seem. Lily was the only person who showed any actual affection, especially for the past months when he always looked like 'FeelsCringeMan' whenever she would try to make another attempt in milking their relationship in public. He always seemed more happy around that avocado cheating girl.

Idont know why people adored their ship. He always seemed off and Lily obvi used him as emotional baggage. It was her mistake on dating her own fan as soon as HotShotGG kicked her from their house. In my opinion Lily should leave Offline TV because it's a place full of immature retards and it will always remind her of Albert. Why bother hanging out around LoL streamers anyway? They are filled with nothing but leech and immaturity (oh wait).

Feeling bad for her, but knowing her previous actions she won't leave offline tv or move on unless someone actually kicks her butt. Because she always prefers to pretend that problem doesn't exist (eg. her problematic server filled with snowflakey mod team).

No. 892340

File: 1573572955791.jpeg (229.59 KB, 750x748, 9A10A006-1C11-4C87-89A1-6999E9…)


I never thought they were some “goals” couple just the Lily seemed genuinely happy so I was like this guy must be cool but Lolololol nope. I feel like that was most people’s thought process..

I’m curious what happens now with Sarah and Albert. Lily is obviously not going anywhere, it’s not like she can anyway the whole point joining that group was to be like a game grumps kind of thing. She can’t make it as a content creator alone. She didn’t finish her degree in college/education, she didn’t pursue voice acting (we all knew she never would) and never got a “day job”.

As shitty as it is to say yeah I agree he did look happier with Sarah, and Sarah is like a mature version of Lily straight down to the singing and how she carries herself.

This girl essentially wasted her 20s attention whoring for e-fame and relying on others to get ahead and now she’s stuck there being in the house now.

No. 892429

File: 1573583259865.jpg (115.56 KB, 768x1024, natsulilychu.jpg)


> She can’t make it as a content creator alone.

> She didn’t finish her degree in college/education, she didn’t pursue voice acting (we all knew she never would) and never got a “day job”.

Oh, right. I forgot. Thanks for pointing out.

I think It would be best for her to move on from being a content creator and live a normal life, eg get education and forget that such dumpsterfire ever existed, because being popular on the internet has always been affecting her quality of life and mental health for sure.

But knowing her she will never do that because of doormat personality and laziness in general.

I can't help it but sometimes feel bad for her. But at the same time it's only her own fault.

Can't imagine how she is gonna live now with her popularity and age. How long is she gonna stream and live anyway?

No. 892595

File: 1573605895196.jpg (111.1 KB, 760x858, apology.jpg)

He's released an apology and all her underage weeb fans are turning the white knighting up to maximum thinking it's their time to win their waifus heart.

I have a sneaking suspicion she might take him back though since they're still being publically nice to each other, she's a doormat and puts her public image before her emotional health.

No. 892604

Doesn’t look like she’s hurting for money and by the looks of her frugal life style she’s saving it(compared to poki constantly buying Brando). She gets paid to do ads on twitter often and those often go for 10k.

But yeah LA and the influencer group is toxic as hell for her. The entire group including Albert were in japan and she changed her flight to leave earlier.

No. 893831

Albert did nothing wrong. Things were done and feelings were hurt. Even so, Albert and Sarah Lee should not be treated like criminals. Sure OfflineTV didn't respond to the situation the best they could have, but they were in shock. Lily wishes no harm to be done. Let's just put all this behind us and let the parties involved handle the situation themselves. Albie is still very much loved. Please be kind to everyone. Stay comfy.

No. 893848

>Albert did nothing wrong
He literally cheated on her, anon. Why'd you bump the thread to moralfag? Are you new?

No. 893854


He cheated , but it doesn't necessarily mean he was a bad person. He felt bad for it and people need to stop hating on him so much. He should be safe. He and Sarah don't deserve the harassment they are currently getting.

No. 893857

File: 1573834752855.png (109.17 KB, 1488x658, plagarism.png)

Apparently Destiny helped Albert write his apology and Sarah basically just copy and pasted it for hers.

No. 894843

>Lily was the only person who showed any actual affection, especially for the past months when he always looked like 'FeelsCringeMan' whenever she would try to make another attempt in milking their relationship in public.
I just took him as the sort of reserved introvert that's only ever comfortable being affectionate in private. Like he would have acted the same way around anyone. Totes agree she probably needs to stop rebounding though. At least until she's found herself a more stable career.

Does Destiny have milk? I don't trust that boy at all.

No. 900450

So funny haha(necro)

No. 900499

All ship with lily shouldve floated haha

No. 904032

I just read this whole damn thing and I still see no damn milk, just speculation and self sucking off. Come one people!(necro)

No. 911636

File: 1577698125940.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2560x2560, 478DD5C2-CFD9-4539-80C6-8682C8…)

He’s doing okay

No. 925666

Where did u find that pic of Albert.

No. 935044

File: 1582331142046.jpg (78.75 KB, 750x732, ERSWlf-UUAAlJz8.jpg)

I dont know if shes trolling for her fan base to ship them or they're actually dating. But good for her I guess.

No. 935047

File: 1582331377857.jpg (20.2 KB, 680x244, ERRhD4hUUAMJIbi.jpg)

samefag but here

No. 936298

Poor Michael. Lily is mentally unstable (probably has BPD among other mental illnesses) and after the honeymoon phase wears off, he'll start to slowly notice and get sick of her. It's gonna be really interesting to see how this relationship plays out. We're in for a ride.

No. 936314

File: 1582546750566.jpg (334.75 KB, 699x1244, 20200224_131522.jpg)

What are you thoughts on this relationships, anons? I personally think it wont last awhile. It was obvious that Lily will jump on the first guy she meets again because its always been like that ( she started dating Albert shortly after George).

Does anyone knows anything about Michael's ex? All I know it sounds similar to one ot fanship names 'Mily' and it triggers him so he asks to use something else.

I find their attempt to hide their obvious relationship stupid: imagine milking your couple the same way you milked Liberty, telling people to.not ship them, keep saying that he is too young for you, a 29 year old woman, and that hes nothing but little brother to you and….

No. 936323

Noo michael, I feel bad for him

No. 936336


My thoughts are basically for a literal decade she hasn’t grown up or learned anything from her past relationships. The insecurities this grown woman has is even more apparent by every update we get from her lore.

Instead of healing or processing her relationship she jumped on the nearest guy that gives her attention and has some kind of Internet notoriety. Something she’s done consistently. Shes just obviously dependent on others no matter if it’s platonic or romantic. The kid is already being shilled on her channel, why couldn’t she date someone with no internet presence for once or keep it under wraps? I don’t even think the guy will even give it a full year personally unless lily is still a doormat.

She knows she’s nothing without a popular internet boyfriend, and the fact her fans are calling her old now is hilarious to me. I’ve essentially grown along side lily, everything people pointed out in the past has been coming true. They aren’t even assumptions anymore. Lily is still the lazy attentionwhore she’s always been but it’s sadder now.

If there relationship doesn’t last long she’ll just hop to the next semi relevant guy.

No. 936389

Lily is desperate for dick and a uwu romance. Bitch is 30 and she tries very hard to make people believe she's a teenager. Keep getting those plastic surgeries done, it ain't gonna save you sis.

No. 936391

Isnt he 19?

No. 936402

He's 22. Sorry if this is nitpicky but holy shit he needs to do something about his acne. I really doubt with his resources he can't get that shit under control. It just looks painful.

No. 936436

incredibly stupid to assume he’s never tried to do anything about his acne anon. many people have severe cystic acne and even accutane doesn’t kill it off, or it comes back after their drug course is completed. some people are just extremely unlucky esp. with genetics and hormones when it comes to acne.

No. 936442

Michael's ex's name was Mickey (he mentions her briefly here: https://youtu.be/OslFWEX2wTQ?t=86)

They dated for 4 years and broke up towards the end of 2018 i believe, or maybe in the beginning of 2019 (he either mentioned this in the OfflineTV relationships podcast of some other video).

No. 936444

His acne is most likely due to too much testosterone because when he didn't work out at all, or as much, he had little or no acne. Also he's shown an acne face wash in a video before. Not sure what else he's trying to do to get rid of it.

No. 936465

I thought lilywhorechu started dating disguisedtoast right after Albert's cheating came to light

No. 936523

It's been 4 months and the relationship ended with him cheating. What do you mean it's too soon? Albert has always been a disgusting clout chaser, his first email to Lily shows that clearly now. Apparently she's been going to a therapist(not Dr.K) so her moving on quickly is probably cus of that help

>why couldn’t she date someone with no internet presence

>She knows she’s nothing without a popular internet boyfriend

albert was exactly both of those things and look how that ended up LOL

if we're looking at clout/money, lily is way more financially secure because how often michael gets demonitized. OTV did a money ranking and it was something like Poki>Toast>Scarra>Lily>Fed>Yvonne. Fed makes at least 10-40k a month.

idk i just think it's a weird nitpick with the amount of money/fame she has, she could've gotten a chad but she's going for a tiny man

No. 936542

Exactly. People love to nitpick Lily but she's hardly a cow anymore.

No. 936546

Still a flake

No. 936558

As someone who disliked lily before, after the cheating drama I'm more sympathetic. Like look at this clip of her and Albert:

What a fucking dick? He's so immature, it's no wonder why he cheated. He was tired but made a really shitty passive aggressive excuse to get away from the group.

No. 936602

This was so difficult to watch holy fuck. And then she starts cleaning some random spot on his case after??? It's like watching a dog get kicked then run back up to try and cuddle.

No. 936781

I fully agree with you, anon. Been watching Yuri since 2010. People who WK just don't know her at all. Even though Yuri is not a cow anymore, she is still proudly wearing her special snowflake status. I feel pity for her, because she is gonna be in her 30s and she never took proper care of herself.

No. 936820

since this thread is active again, did anyone else catch the dr.k interview?

an anti sent her parents, ex, and others a 10 page letter irl, letter chan are you still posting? lol

No. 937255

He won't cheat on her, and she won't cheat on him, but they'll probably peter out in a few years time when he matures throughout his 20's and she's still completely unchanged.

No. 937335

This thread is both interesting and freaky, it's like a fucked up timeline of Lily/Yuri's life and it disturbs me how increasingly curious i get the deeper i go.

Wonder how this thread will go years from now lmao.

No. 937982

I'm still confused how is she a cow or even a flake?

No. 938150

It’s probably the same sperg who constantly REEs about wks and brings up the same 10 year old points.

Lily has really mellowed out and all the stuff that made her a cow don’t apply anymore.
-stopped using a fake loli voice, has voiced games and anime(no main chara role yet though)
-being a gold digger- she broke up with a millionaire and then dated a starving artist. with no clout. Literally the opposite of a gold digger. She and hotshotgg are still good friends(he appears at their parties a lot)
-SHES ALMOST 30!!! I don’t even know why this is an insult or issue, why do we demonize older women lol

The only instance of bad behavior was a podcast about titty streamers and poki/lily said something that brought people to attack another streamer. But that had more to do with male streaming culture using women words against other women iirc.

No. 938201


How do you guys think Michael's and Lily's relationship will turn out?

I'm guessing there's a good chance it wont due to the age gap. And how Michael will mature as he gets older. 60/40 odds of it going for the long run imo.

Michael is still so young, there's a night and day difference between a 22y/o and a 30y/o guy. What if his preferences in a partner change? and what if he wants kids?

Lily's stated multiple times that she never wants to have kids which could cause severe complications in the future of their relationship.

Just some curious speculation…


No. 938204

He’s 22, I’m pretty sure he’s old enough to figure things out. He’s also had previous relationships so it’s not like he’s a newborn child

As for if they’ll last, I think with online couples there’s this expectation that they need to stay forever. Looks like they’re just dating and having fun, can’t speculate much on a 2 week old relationship.

If anything I think there’s something wrong with the OTV fanbase. For example they doxxed toast when they were trying to get more info about his relationship.

No. 938208

I know plenty of girls with very high pitched voice. I never understood the problem people had with her voice

No. 938215

Of fake voices in their friend group, Sykkuno's voice sounds the fakest. But people don't give a shit enough to call him out.
Before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ2YOYZVm2Q
After: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXnmHTSi3F8

No. 938290

Wow, that's actually impressive. Imagine the amount of effort shifting his vocal range that far actually required. I don't even see this as fake, that requires active practice to do.

No. 938484

That voice sounds super forced to me. In comparison Lilly sounds very natural to this guy

No. 938880

Sykkuno aka Thomas is super manipulative. His soft anime boy act is a ruse, he badmouths people and mocks others behind their back. The fact Lily is still friends with him, and a lot of other toxic people, disappoints me.

No. 938891

She’s definitely using the relationship for the views to some extent hence why everything has been kept sort of secret and why she continues to bring him on etc etc.

I think they’re cute together but in reality (and as another anon mentioned) the age gap is full of differences, though Lily hasn’t matured so it probably doesn’t matter too much at the moment.

No. 938960

I disliked her at first but I agree she's mellowed out quite a bit. Also, being 30 does not mean you're incapable of having fun, I don't know why that's being constantly used as an insult.

The thing that weirds me out the most are the people calling her by her real name as if you have any sort of real association with her, but I guess those are the same people who've been watching her for ten years and convinced she will always be snowflakey. There's some kind of humor hearing maturity comments from them but I'm just happy for her and Michael.

No. 938963

Everyone in OTV is using him as clickbait and honestly if he doesn’t mind why not exploit for that sweet ad revenue lol. MR fans are starved since he only uploads monthly so at least fans are benefiting.

I saw in a highlight video that Lily was going to become a “ruthless business woman” this year, and her content definitely shows that: weekly uploads with thumbnails/ streaming everyday vs sporadic uploads/streaming once a week. We usually critique lily because she was aimless and didn’t have direction, but I think she’s finally doing that. I do agree I think some people in her group are toxic and talentless,

No. 939203

I give this relationship 2 years at best, and I predict Michael will be the one to call it quits as it feels like he'll mature faster than Lily. He seems too genuine and grounded compared to her. Her clinginess and stagnant nature will be the downfall.

No. 939314

She's been growing in both twitch and YouTube exponentially and I honestly think most of her past criticism isn't relevant to her anymore. Maybe a few years ago but I see them working out long term.

No. 940755

Hot take: Lily dumps Michael to get back together with Albert

No. 940767

>she's immature so it's alright
That's the worst excuse for age gap relationships. Normal people her age already have families, but she goes after a kid who's still ridden with acne. She really should know better.

Those girls are likely faking it too, anon.

No. 940893

The age gap isn't even that big, especially when you consider that they both live and essentially work together.

The main difference is the expectations you have at that age or more so the expectations society has of you/relationships at that age. For all we know, they don't want kids.

No. 940995

Normal people her age have crippling debt too, what’s your point lol

What are you 18?

No. 941033

Not everyone is fake like you anon

No. 942529

Holy shit this is the saddest thing I've ever seen. I've stumbled upon this site/thread randomly, and seeing all the targeted hate here with all these incels looking for every single detail to hate on someone is just so.. fascinating to me. This is so crazy, I literally just imagine these people sitting in their dark ass room rubbing their hands together like fucking goblins - orgasming to the thought of another day loathing someone so they can feed their fragile ego and forget about their insecurities for the 5 seconds they typed an anonymous hate comment on the internet. Buddies, please do us all a favor and DON'T shoot up a school. Also don't kidnap girls; and learn to love yourselves.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 942804

File: 1583688675735.jpg (61.64 KB, 600x475, internet_white_knight_colored_…)

No. 946969

You guys ever wonder how Albert feels knowing that one of his friends is now probably sleeping with his ex? and that probably everyone is now shitting on him and saying that Michael is better than Albert.

No. 946973

I hope he feels like shit

No. 947038

He deserves it tbh

But the dude looks like he’s doing fine, he’s attending parties in LA and a close friend said he’s coming back soon

No. 953669

Does anyone else get the feeling that her relationship with Michael isn't real? Like it's just one big act.

Hopefully Michael doesn't get hurt if it's really like that.(necro)

No. 953698

Maybe they're both in on it for PR reasons

No. 953719

Why the fuck do you treat Michael likes he’s a baby? Isn’t he like 23? Pokimane is the same age but nobody worries about if Hassan is using her lmao

No. 953731

Treat him like a kid? Fuck no. They're both adults I don't really give a fuck who's using who.

I just dont want him to stop making content just because some e-girl broke his heart or some shit.

No. 956735

File: 1586510532570.png (66.66 KB, 214x252, yjrfjyht.png)

when she's not wearing make up, circle lenses and control her angles. That's whay she looks like(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 956816

You sound salty as fuck lmao “Wow women use make up to look better! PHONY!!!”

No shit, welcome to society. post again when she actually does something milky.

No. 957100

Why is he manipulative? Any proofs? He does seems like a pretentious 'fanboy for clout' type, considering how much he changed his voice to sound the way he does.

No. 962477


When did he say Mily sounded similar to his ex/ask people not to use it? I didn't hear that.

No. 976449

Post more Albert updates. I really do hope he's doing ok.(necro)

No. 976465

He’s a rich kid, no matter what he’ll have his parents to fall back on

His discord friends says he’s planning to come back but they’ve been saying the same shit for 3 months. Fuck Albert, cheaters deserve to burn.

No. 987599

Wer did u get this?(necro)

No. 987628

yo does anyone have good proof on her faking her voice? i have a friend who disagrees and says "she's a voice actor" in response to the statement lmao.

No. 987644

Lurked for a bit and didn’t see much but am I the only one who tinfoils that Lily is trans? Her fake voice sounds like every trans woman I’ve ever met + jaw surgery is a major component of facial feminization surgery. Her performative innocence and femininity reminds me of how most dudes LARP being a woman. Also, Albert seemed super gay.

Could just be a woman pretending to be Loki Waifu sure, but the voice really throws me

No. 987651

As a person who was hanging out around her even back when she tried to pander to 4chan (and her fanchat) with maid pictures and such, I want to say… You are brainwashed. She was never a trans and never will be one. She is just a 29yo woman who doesn't care too much about her appearance. She had horrible gummy smile problems if you look at her oldest pictures, which is why she did a plastic surgery even though she would still keep hiding her face w a mask because of her insecurities and instead of choosing to do make up and take care of herself, she would always make her friends do that during her loli-pandering times.

> Her fake voice sounds like every trans woman I’ve ever met

implying trans people actually sound like high pitched uwu-chans. It's easy as a hell for any girl to make the same kind of a voice.

About acts… She is jebaiting people into pretending to be a soft, uwu, innocent anime-chan like she's always been. There are a whole lot of uwu-tubers that do the exact same crap.

> Also, Albert seemed super gay.

Okay, then why did he cheat on her with other woman? Anon, please, take your meds.

(( Though to be fair he cheated on her because the other girl seemed like an actually normal, mature Lily replacement with a nice singing voice. ))

No. 987850

Stop drinking the kool aid anon, she's just ugly

No. 996771

I can't belive this exists, How muc time to people have(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 996845

I really like Lily and the OfflineTV crew. It definitely seems like Michael is a rebound for her but then again she was cheated on so she gets to move on at her own pace.

No. 998274

Hot take: Lily got into a relationship with Michael Reeves to make Fed back off.

Now that Fed is gone, they're going to break up.

More of a shield than a rebound. Still being used. Sucks for him

No. 1014332

Yeah, I don't care if the admin banned him (vpns exist anyway moron) I agree with every fucking thing this person said. You people are garbage. What's sad is you likely know you are garbage and choose not to do anything about it.

Also, this thread sure didn't age well considering every thing in here turned out to be false as fuck. Be jealous of success all your life from your parents basement you autistic fucks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1014358

No. 1014366

Awwww, you really want to be Lily's mod , don't you

No. 1024093


I guess this was the time the sexual harassment happened?(necro)

No. 1024098

yeah must've been. and god, looking at this pic without context, it looks like a girl with her father on a family vacation

No. 1034744

>Lily has really mellowed out and all the stuff that made her a cow don’t apply anymore.
LOL. Just because she got boring doesn't mean all the stuff she did doesn't apply to her. She's still an insecure attention whore who dates guys with money/clout to bolster herself who still fakes her voice and trash-talks other girls, sold nudes and has age regression issues for which she desperately needs a therapist because she still acts "kawaii" and dresses like a fucking retard child at 30. There are plenty of threads which document her attention whoring via posts she made, her fake voice and when it breaks, nudes and all the other stuff.

No. 1034745

And of course at 30, she's dating a younger guy in his early twenties. Nothing wrong with that age gap, but when you look at Yuri's mental age regression issues, hating her age, acting and dressing "kawaii", it's no surprise she'll date much younger. She probably struggles to relate to guys her age more and more the older she gets and the more she stagnates mentally.

No. 1034747

This must be the same white-knight from like 3 years ago lmao. I don't know any "friend" who would white knight that long and insist that everything is fake in this thread, when it doesn't take even 1 braincell for anyone reading this thread to see there is documented evidence. I can only assume that it was the cow herself.

No. 1054164

Albert's back

No. 1057630

wow omg its not my fault mykull likes me. i intended to be single. all the time yknow.

No. 1058270

He seems like a nice guy

No. 1059722

Her green haired friend is kind of a complete mean bitch?

What a narc, barf.

No. 1060134

Wait what about the video makes him a narc? lmao who is he snitching on idgi

And aria/green hair is one of those egirls that are popular by association. She hasn't done anything milky but she doesn't have any talent that makes her stand out either.

No. 1066351

Sykkuno did not become popular until he adopted Lily's uwu wholesome personality and started leaching off Valkyrae and OTV. His ex got baited into talking about their relationship on a drama channel and she did not have anything positive to say about him. He seems like a calculative, manipulative leech. Ignores his friends with no clout, complain about having no friends to the popular streamers to sympathy bait his viewers.

And it works.

No. 1066470

Can you link the vid where his ex talks shit about him? Lmao this is so surprising to hear. I've only started watching a little bit more of OTV (mostly just exposed to them whenever they stream with Jacksepticeye) and while I haven't really been interested in Sykkuno, he really does come off as 'uwu soft baby' lol. Would've never expected this from him.

No. 1066511

Holy crap, lily is 28?! I had no idea about either Michael (22) or Lily's ages. I thought they both looked and acted like little kids so I assumed they were both like 20-21 while playing up the 'uwu kawaii' deal to appeal to teenagers. Yikes

No. 1066715

i cant believe theres so many people that would rather spend their time on forums hating a personality that doesnt concern them in any way. Youd rather be here interpreting and stalking their lives, instead of living your own life.

You could be learning how to maintain a car or tweak the settings if youre into that, cook an actual good meal, play videogames, smoke weed, get drunk, learn to play an instrument, discover music that you dont hear over and over on social media and radio, meet some girls or guys, etc.

Make friends and decide whether they are manipulative, look ugly, use a fake voice, act childish, use filters, photoshop themselves instead of some random girl or guy on the internet that youll never meet or associate with

No. 1066724

File: 1603501944241.jpg (33.69 KB, 480x360, 1550044939036.jpg)

No. 1066750

We laugh at people we think are funny. It ain't hard to understand you retarded turnip.

No. 1066760

Because once you’re past a certain age you’re not allowed to do things? People like nyanners and himepen are uwu pandering thots, lily is comparison is normal.

No. 1066820

No. 1066840

Yeah no this is complete garbage, Animoji is a cloutseeking incel loser fuck

No. 1066863

Are you still stalking this thread? How pathetic of you. I bet you got notifications on. And if it was PULL you wouldn't dare making an account, because you are such a pussy that prefers spamming the same shit on the same thread all over again. Get over it.

No. 1072878

so last night lily's friend aria, who just moved in with her, was drunk throwing up on her own stream for about twenty minutes (she had a bag strapped to her face to cover it/collect the vom but i'm pretty sure puking on stream is still against TOS?) and when aria finally ended stream, she raided lily's side channel, lilypi2. instead of even feigning concern, lily seemed really, really irritated that aria was not only interrupting her game of tft but bringing attention to lily's "secret channel" (which anyone who is even an occasional watcher knows about) and that chat was acting like they "needed babysitting." idk but i found it really strange and out of character for her kawaii uguu i-care-so-much-about-my-friends persona to not even pretend to be worried. i know they have other modes of communicating besides twitch but seriously? not even one other person in that house FULL of streamers went to aria to help her end stream while she's literally puking on cam? just seems really messy to me, gave me a bad vibe

No. 1072879

No. 1072883

Because why the fuck is she puking on cam? I agree with Lily if she was getting annoyed. Aria should've gone to bed, all she does is attention seek while being completely unentertaining.

No. 1072916

Aria is usually out of drama but since her break up with johnny she's been absolutely attention seeking. If I were in Lily's situation and my friend was being a fucking idiot I wouldn't tolerate it either.

Another stupid thing aria did in the last couple of months was adopt 2 cats, 1 was from a breeder that was so genetically fucked it needed constant care+money. Aria does not have a consistent streaming schedule and her main mode of income is patreon baking. Why the fuck is she so irresponsible?

No. 1072922

oh i agree that it's supremely annoying, i'm just surprised none of her so-called friends did anything to stop her from getting potentially banned. maybe it would be a good wake-up call for her, though. didn't know about the break-up or the cats; all these people sound like huge disasters

No. 1072946

Despite the voice change, his early league of legends video were among one of the most positive, along with anklespain. He's not a great league of legends player, and you can see him lose many games in those early YTand take it pretty positively. He had one of the largest league followings among 8-9 year old kids before he took his 2 and 1 year hiatus, that he was welcomed back by them (as an OG legend) when he became a full time streamer in 2019. I think despite the uwu now that he hams it up sometimes through anime, he's definetly improved his confidence at least in terms of physical appearance. It was hard to get him to do a face reveal.

I don't doubt there's a bit of mischievousness in him, you can see it in his playstyle and it does get him in trouble, I don't think he's a horrible human being, and there are much worse role models out there on twitch (ninja who just rages when he loses, like any competitive gamer) , or on YouTube (conceited meat heads like Logan Paul).

Lily is her own thing, and I can't really defend her. There's many recent mainland immigrants from China in our region (Los Angeles) who have that baby doll phase/person. I know lily is Korean and they do that too. It's not unique to east Asians, it's just really amped up here in LA. See Paris Hilton, Kardashians, princess syndrome among our middle eastern, the entire adult entertainment community and so on… Her voice seems trained but not out of the realm because you can see those like Tinakitten who legitimately sound like that. To the person who suggested she is trans, no. Mtf have the hardest time correcting their voices.

I guess growing in LA you meet all kinds of people chasing fame and you can see how it gets to them. The offline TV crew I'd rank as middle of the pack compared to all the servers and waitresses waiting for their big break. As for really bad figures, there is much worse here. I pretty much see violent mentally ill people screaming at the sky, so yeah. And like 1/5th the male population did time in the slammer for violent crime.

No. 1073003

If I was Lily I'd be pretty pissed off with a grown adult woman getting drunk enough to puke on stream. That said, it's fucked up that nobody went to check on her. Even if they were all pissed off with her it's stone cold to leave her on her own if she's that bad.

Aria was a ticking time bomb. Never getting the view counts of her friends (usually <1k), not having a particularly good stream, and coasting along on OTV + Co's fame.

On that note, should we bring this and general OTV stuff to the Twitch General thread?

No. 1073049

Otv is known for not giving a fuck about others as long as it doesnt give them clout. They didnt care about their womens safety until metoo became popular.

No. 1073449

tbf scarra, poki, lily are contracted to stream at certain times by twitch so it wouldn't be good to take a break to take care of someone being an attention whore lmao

No. 1075598

I watch their streams. Chat is constantly doing the "Sykkuno is sad", "X needs help" BS. I can't blame Lily for not taking it seriously. Besides Aria's an adult and puking isn't the end of the world.

On the Animoji/Sykkuno vid. Yes, Animoji is a Fed-simp incel, but the source isn't. Someone posted screenshots of the convo with his ex on the OTV subreddit. His ex claims
1) He lied to his fangirls early on about being single, which is why she broke up with him.
2) He would constantly make up stories about other people.
3) Her friends would try to involve him in things, but he would blow them off.
4) He would constantly talk shit about Lily, but also follow/stalk her online.
5) He has two permabanned alts on League.
6) All her friends ditched him once they heard about everything.

I believe his ex; in the screenshots she says she doesn't want her name out there. The whole clout argument in this case is BS, IMHO. Also, Sykkuno has a history of being a massive creep and his chat of being toxic as F. His chat were toxic before he blew up; JadeyAnh complained about it. He also broadcast the fact Jade had been messaging multiple guys and called her 'really popular'. He gives off major incel/'nice guy' vibes. He sympathy-baits to no end and feeds this really shitty fanbase. He's a clout-chaser and a manipulator.

No. 1075764

I feel like sykkuno discussion would do better in twitch gen since lily thread is kind of dead.


But yeah I do believe his ex. Sykkuno is a creep, you can see it especially from old vlogs where he would randomly show up to "see" Lily. At their first meeting he gave her a bouquet of flowers while he may have been dating someone during that time. He's averaging 40k viewers per stream and is on track to becoming the next fed/face of twitch.

No. 1076147

Sykkuno is in Lily's orbit, so my gut tells me stuff about him belongs here. I mean, she made his career. Without her connections and clout, he'd probably still be streaming to a few hundred viewers.

On the flower thing; his ex did mention that Lily was the only person she knows of that Sykkuno gave flowers too unprompted; his ex had to ask him for flowers. Don't know if Sykkuno was in a relationship; the flower thing happened in 2013 and he was in a relationship with the screenshot ex from 2015 to the beginning of 2019.

As for the relationship between Sykkuno and Lily; I can't tell if he orbits because of some nice-guy/incel thing, because he's a clout-chaser, or both. He supposedly used to talk shit about her all the time, but also semi-cyber-stalked her. It's also curious how he supposedly reestablished contact with Lily just before he started streaming. It gets even weirder when you realize how much he tries to pattern himself after her. Lily complains about 'people thinking they know her', relationship backseating, so what does Sykkuno do when some guy in chat in a Minecraft stream a while back says Sykkuno is streaming early? He goes on a passive-aggressive rant about not liking it when people 'think they know you.' Lily is an INFP, so what is Sykkuno? Supposedly an INFP as well, even though Aria said he was an INTJ. I'm sorry, but I call BS; such a drastic change in how you view the world/personality-type is extremely rare. It's all weird and creepy. What makes it worse is that at least Lily and Aria are aware that Sykkuno has talked shit about them, and other people, in the past, and about other weird shit, but still continue to associate with him. Then again, Lily seems to really want to overlook the negative in people. Besides, they'd be kind of screwed even if they wanted to attack him publically. His fans, a lot of whom are toxic AF (it's like a weird mixture of lonely teen K-pop stans and weebs and incels), would attack them for "being jealous" or "looking for clout" or "bullying poor Sykkuno". I mean, look at how a lot of Fed's fans still defend him, and Fed is far worse than Sykkuno. Sykkuno is just a manipulative creep who'd be a shitty bf because of how much he lies and is a shitty friend because of how much he lies, shit-talks behind people's backs, and only makes "friends" with people who can advance his career. Fed is a predator, manipulator, and extortionist who could have easily ended up facing criminal charges and/or litigation if his victims had been less forgiving. In any case, my gut tells me that Sykkuno will fall in the not-too-distant future. Probably not as dramatically as Fed, but my guess is that his friends will start to pick up on things. Even if they don't; I don't see his persona having long-term sustainability; he's getting close to 30, is he going to keep up the forever-single, uwu persona when he's 35? There are three possible outcomes that I can think of for him 1) His friends wise up and start to slowly drift away in public while doing it more drastically in private. 2) He ends up dating a streamer, is a shitty bf, and she talks to her friends, who talk to their friends, etc. 3) His streaming persona becomes even creepier because of his age. It's gonna be fun to watch.

No. 1077098

Back to topic. I don't think Lily's a lolcow. She just seems to want to ignore reality when it comes to shitty people. I mean, saying she wants Fed to come back? Really? Same with Sykkuno; she's been told and still chooses to be friends. Her life, her choice. It's just really fucking weird.

No. 1077108

Agreed. The last discussion we’ve had that was anywhere near milk was maybe the fake voice lolibaiting debate. She just doesn’t do enough to be more than mildly cringeworthy, which we could fit into twitch general.

No. 1077670

Yeah her voice isn’t an issue when people like Nyanners exist lmao

No. 1077703


Besides, it's stupid AF to get hung up on fake voices. Do normies piss and moan that Gilbert Gottfried's stage voice isn't his real one? Streamers are performers. Even if Lily did fake her voice, I don't see what the big deal would be.

No. 1102816

In the past, it was at least exaggerated to be more cutesy. Maybe because she's a weeb, or has adopted "cute" into her persona to overcompensate for her insecurities, but she doesn't force it as much over the years. It almost sounds natural sometimes now.

Even if it is still fake just not as high, she's kind of stuck. She uses the voice around her friends IRL, on stream, etc, she would get the absolute shit roasted out of her if she returned back to her natural pitch.

No. 1102821

Can you at least sage your whiteknighting? Go back to PULL.

No. 1102871

You misunderstand, if they were from PULL they would be beating a dead horse with: 5 page long voice circle jerk, reposted compilation of pre-surgery, and testimonials from PULLtards “real bf” that says she’s cringe

No. 1102880

Anon-chan, you haven't been on her PULL threads for awhile then. It turned into nothing but circlejerking over how poor of a little, fragile child she is after Albert cheated on her. It ended up being nothing but praise, and whenever there was a fuck up, everyone would blame Pokimane. Twitch general is a primeexample of Pokimane thread on PULL, with the post such as 'SHE LAUGHED AT THIS LETTER, SHE IS A SOCIOPATH!' that was posted in Twitch thread.

No. 1102901

kek. I don't understand the need to whiteknight in a dead thread.

No. 1103171

Anonchan, in those same threads pullchans were claiming oppression because people were saying nice things. “B-but what about her voice!!! It’s fake” dead horse

No. 1104167

if lily and michael ever broke up i just know that lily will jump next to sykkuno lol they both sus

No. 1104294

No way. George/Albert/Michael all had way different vibes than Sykkuno does. I think he's too similar to her for her to be interested.

No. 1104514

Watched one of her latest stream clips because anons claimed her voice wasn't that bad anymore. My god. It sounds painfully strained, almost to a point where it makes me want to clear my own throat.

No. 1117888

Lol, they don't even interact that much on stream anymore. Besides, Sykkuno's ex told Lily on at least two occasions that Sykkuno had shit-talked Lily, and other friends, and about his weird incely view of her (check Twitch General 2+3 for receipts). He's the epitome of the nice guy.

No. 1131178

i just noticed sykkuno and aria only interacts on rust when sykkuno isn’t streaming. and most of the time sykkuno is playing with aria off stream like on raft etc. i remember one time aria said on her stream that they kinda “dated” way way back but lily was actually supposed to be with them but smth came up and lily wasn’t able to come so it ended up just the two of them. also idk if it’s true, i saw on twitter that sykkuno might possibly be moving/roomies with aria in vegas? hmm ~~~~~(newfaggotry, necro)

No. 1147572


You do know there's something called clickbait, right? Aria knows that if she calls being left alone with Sykkuno a 'date', she'll get more exposure vía Twitch-clip views and Youtube videos.

If you think you remember a tweet, post it; something like that probably wouldn't have been deleted.

Again, Aria knows that Sykkuno has talked shit about her in the past (her ex confirmed she told her), so she'd have to be really pathetic to start a relationship with him. It's one thing to ass-kiss Sykkuno for clout when you know he's a d-bag, it's another to date him.

No. 1205204

well, I guess Lilypichu has finally found her place. Have been keeping up with her throughout the years and this seems to be as stable as it gets for her. Shes in a recprocative realtionship with a partner that agrees with her beliefs, shes sorted out her lolibaiting tendencies because of Michaels toilet humor and shes even got a second dog to worry about now.
Lily is not a good person, I wouldnt want to be a friend to her, but shes found her group or rather, subtracted the ones keeping her down from her group I should say. Shes still going on about depression and shit but shes learned to accept that shit will be thrown at her regardless of whatever the fuck she does. It took her reaching her third decade of life, but at least shes matured slightly I guess. If her biggest concern is raising her new puppy, then thats good for her I guess. I though Michael would break up with her after a year or two but they're still going strong, and I'd be lying if I said I still think their relationship is fake. Shes accepted that shes not pretty, shes accepted that shes not a good streamer and shes accepted that her reputation is beyond salvaging at this point. I'm still not going to watch her regular streams, but the highlights are pretty cute I guess.
Looking at my own post in retrospect, Michael is probably the best thing that happened to her, to the point that I believe she doesnt deserve someone like him.(necro)

No. 1243665

>showed off her feet during a stream in exchange for goods

i havent seen any proof of this despite searching. fucked up for the foot fags everywhere.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1261183

Anyone have the prettyuglylittleliar archive for her ?(necro)

No. 1261190

this isn't milk

No. 1261204

No. 1386254

The amount of people on here that are just jealous of Lily because she is naturally cute and sweet is hilarious. Y’all know you could never be like her so you hate her. Not everyone has to fake their personality to appear nice. Jealous weirdos. I hope you guys have grown up over the years or else this is embarrassing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1386258

The only one infantilizing Lily is you. She’s not a child, she’s a grown woman. You just sound very passive aggressive, bitter, and jealous towards her. You can’t say one good thing about her without saying “I guess” or following it up with an insult. She is a fully grown woman who is successful with or without Michael. She doesn’t need him, but she chooses to be with him. You sound obsessed with her but she doesn’t even know who you are. It’s so weird. She’s so talented and has a really good personality. Why are you hating?

No. 1386259

It’s so funny how y’all think you guys know these people but you only know them from short clips of their life. You don’t know them at all. They are purely content creators. This is the epitome of parasocial relationships going toxic.

No. 1386260

Their relationship seems to be going great lol. You’re cringe dude. Get a life

No. 1386267


how embarassing

No. 1386309

What is with all these white knights necroing old threads lately?

No. 1387882

It’s clearly an anti trying to revive threads, not a wk. they have to be actually brain dead to type the way they do unironically

No. 1416982

File: 1642165191742.png (28.17 KB, 598x369, bGJ39JGoAP20.png)

No. 1417163

I can not get over how every single e-celeb complain about noesy people speculating about their relationships after pretty much putting their whole lifes online for everyone to see.

No. 1423966

Don't you fucking dare say "cute and sweet" on an e-girl if you don't know the historical baggage those words have online(necro)

No. 1458715

File: 1646514134068.jpg (269.8 KB, 1012x1038, 20220305_155129.jpg)

Found her old chat logs with danny. Lily was such a whore

No. 1458761

if 30yo women having sex is whore behavior then yeah, okay retard

No. 1472270

every time a retard bumps this thread, the more i sympathize with the cow more.

No. 1494311

File: 1649233932816.jpg (77.89 KB, 1080x346, 20220305_155146.jpg)

Looks like lily's white knights have permanently infected this thread. Lily isnt the innocent girl she wants to make you believe

No. 1494344

You’re retarded.

No. 1494358

No. 1494426

>it’s fine if she fucks animals, it was 10+ years ago!

No. 1494488

Edgelord humor like this was the norm back in 2008. You need to be 18 to post here, hun.

No. 1494502

I'm her exact age, I was an edgy teen back in 2007, and I would have side-eyed the hell out of this even then. sorry if you fuck dogs

No. 1494694

Anon who even cares what edgy shit she said as a teenager that long ago? If she never actually fucked a dog and doesn't act like that anymore WHO CARES.

>inb4 Lily stan

I actually don't like her and think her fake ass voice and baby personality are cringe so I'm fully disappointed at this type of non-milk being posted.

No. 1675792

lily back when she was doing lewd requests
not that innocent.

https://soundcloud.com/athousandbirds(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1676022

Wow a 30yo woman does lewd things? Shocker

No. 1676305

>10 years ago

No. 1676385

Wow a 20yo grown ass adult does lewd things, call the cops

No. 1676749


No. 1716647

Sup lily(sage)

No. 1810456

File: 1681758246657.png (Spoiler Image,37.29 KB, 260x275, 1449287798400.png)

No. 1810510

File: 1681763428975.jpg (Spoiler Image,292.74 KB, 2080x3000, lilypichu.jpg)


No. 1814734

Second pic not her. First one is real tho(sage your shit)

No. 1834359

File: 1685039895470.jpg (468.27 KB, 2202x1728, Untitled-1737cf58f13df16c7.jpg)


No. 1834362

Is this photo really milk? Literally any bikini on the beach is more revealing lmao

No. 1834377

>sent nudes out to guys before yt fame
Lmao, yes??? Nearly everyone has done this. How tf is this milk to anyone other than middle schoolers in 2007?

Someone sent a low quality pic of their back over a decade ago, wow shocking

No. 1834797

How'd you know its from 2007?(sage your shit)

No. 1834805

>>1834797 they don't, retard

No. 1834809

NTA but she was clearly just using hyperbole

No. 1834916

So you dated her for a hot minute 16 years ago and you’re still obsessing about her online? Keep on rocking freaky dude. She’s probs married with kids now and doesn’t even remember you.

No. 1835796

Except i know for sure that pic is from 2007 so someone here knew her personally or its lily herself making these posts(learn to sage and not necro)

No. 1836046

Look at that blackberry ass phone, what other time could it possibly be from.
Don’t you think what you’re doing rn is weird?
No one knows or cares who this is or what she did almost two decades ago.

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