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File: 1442483234655.png (1.05 MB, 938x601, 1442414522776.png)

No. 33022

Aly once again goes to the hospital (which she called inpatient the first time even though it wasn't, and medical stabilization this time).

Aly continues to claim that her medical problems are not due to ED, despite losing weight. Her incompetent doctors continue to fail at everything.

Oh, and we're /snow/ians now! Sending all the super posi thoughts, #snowfamily!

Last thread: >>25478

No. 33055

File: 1442494263592.jpg (49.16 KB, 488x476, ahg.JPG)


What's with this stupid face thing?

Overwhelmed by the BS of the last few pics on her account tbh.

No. 33058

It's such a waste for Aly to be in the hospital for three days considering that the hospital is allowing her to have coffee, biscuits, etc. Shouldn't they be pushing Fortimel instead?

No. 33060

noooo why are we on /snow/ now?

No. 33061

Is there a thread for anas similar to Aly? I found a couple girls with a bizarre relationship with food & with each other (I thought they were lovers until one mentioned a boyfriend), who post night snacks the size of a candy rack at a grocery store and still look underweight. They are openly triumphing against ana, so these don't seem to be bulimic instagrams

No. 33062

they do B&J pints as night snacks, too
the amount of sugar these girls eat is unbelievable

No. 33063

It's funny that she didn't know if the hospital had fortimel when she had it regularly back in June.

omg I wonder if she is switching meals with the old lady in the room with her. lol

My guesses:
- At home she ate her biscuits alone and only ate the one she dipped. The rest go back in the bag. Bags of biscuits like that are normal (and often really large) in Italy and it's hard to tell how many are missing if others are eating them too.
- She never drank the Fortimels, like everyone already said.
- She only ate "fruit ice cream" - in Europe that's sorbet (in Germany it's called Fruchteis), no milk or cream.
- Things like croissants she posed with and didn't eat.
- Who the hell knows about the rest. We all know about her tiny bowls. As an example, I bet she never ate that cheesy pizza and just photographed it. Her mom seems to work all day so maybe her photo documentation was supposed to be proof for her mom.

No. 33066

If they're still underweight, they're not eating it. Or they're purging.

No. 33068

Or over exercising, or abusing diuretics and/or laxatives.

No. 33071

While writing in Aly-speak about beating anorexia? suspicious

No. 33072

Link plz.

No. 33076

File: 1442500074128.png (863.03 KB, 618x1264, Aly 9-17-2015 4.png)

>As you can see doctors already removed the tube since my blood levels have improved SO QUICKLY and if they will remain stable during the next 24 hours they are going to immediately discharge me


No. 33078

Those faces she's making… "look at me blowing up like a balloon!" Her face must really be looking nicer and more hydrated for her to be making those faces.
I doubt they weighed her today, but I wonder how much less she was, even with an IV overnight, and if she'd still be discharged tomorrow.

No. 33080

Well, it's not like she actually cares to get real help, so good riddance. But L-O-Frigging L that she said that.

No. 33090

No. 33091


they are not Aly-thin of course but still… who eats like that to recover from anorexia?

No. 33093

Hoooooly fuck that is creepy. They aren't lovers?! One of them literally calls the other one her "better half"…weird. I mean, that's great that they're such good friends and all, but they just seem a little enmeshed. Those night snacks tho, my jaw dropped. WTF.

No. 33094

oh wait, the boyfriend is "Da Capo" which is ice cream I think. lol derp maybe they are lovers
post here:

No. 33095

i wanna throw up

No. 33096

File: 1442502584017.jpg (29.75 KB, 618x173, no offense.JPG)

This message, ha.

A follower was admitted to the same hospital yesterday. I wonder if they'll have a meet up?

I hate aly being in /snow.

No. 33106

Those two are a couple. No idea how they can eat all that junk and not vomit just because of all the sickliness of the chocolate. Suspicious.

No. 33114

Those look like binges to me. One chocolate bar? fine. That's pretty normal. But they buy a lot of sugary stuff, so yeah….it's suspect.

No. 33116

LOL. It's cool if they are, whatever. Still, those night snacks…

No. 33117

Reminds me of that Intervention episode, I think it was Kayla. She had an obvious eating disorder and her and her friend would compete and binge/purge in the downstairs apartment. Apparently the family couldn't handle her so she lived separately in the house.

No. 33122

Their recovery seems centred around them being a couple. It makes me wince as much as the ana who calls herself sthing like recovering_for_my_boyfriend. Imagine when they have arguments or if they break up. If they're each other's main support (let's pretend they don't binge and purge), they're going to be FUCKED if they break up at some point.

No. 33124

Can someone post the hospital info here again? I speak fluent Spanish so I'm going to use google translate and hope that it translates to Italian better than English does, so I can send an email.

No. 33125

No. 33134

No. 33136

File: 1442505124283.png (2.87 MB, 1188x1176, Totally normal night snack.png)

Yeah, totally not a binge. Totally healthy. Not disordered at all. Yep, this is how normal people eat.

No. 33139

File: 1442505385565.png (973.17 KB, 930x596, ggggggggggggggg.png)

OT: oreo sandwiches girl is back and… loook her porriiiiiidge. 100gr of dulce de leche, cream cheese, 100 gr of oats and a banana. Looks disgusting. Someone in ask.fm told her it looked like a binge and she denied. BUT SHE'S AGAINST PINT PARTIES. Omg

No. 33144


Looking at the crap these people post makes me question if I'M the one with disordered eating. I feel abnormal that one chocolate bar fills me up and that I like plain porridge without added sludge.

No. 33145

I think you're thinking of Cassie from Canada's Intervention.

No. 33147

I think some of these "recovering anorexics" go crazy with the sweets because they've deprived themselves for so long. It's crazy to see shit like >>33136 and >>33139 though. I don't think I could eat that and keep it down if I wanted to.

No. 33148

i put things in my porridge, but only cinnamon and bananas and MAYBE some granola. But i feel the same about chocolate bars. I never eat more than one. Actually most of the times i share one. I feel these girls still have a distorted alimentation. It's not normal to eat like that. No one is really recovered i they keep eating like that.

No. 33149

Good lord anon I thought you posted someone's vomit in a bowl at first… (then I saw the bananas)

No. 33158

I'd love to know the full facts about Aly's latest admission to hospital and why they're even thinking of discharging her tomorrow.

No. 33165

Yeah I love cinnamon in my oatmeal and I can go for a bit of brown sugar but not tons and tons and tons of sugary shit.

Yeah, I really would like to know what the fuck these doctors think they're doing.

No. 33174

After these photos I decided that I think she's not in any kind of ED unit or program. I think she sees a general practitioner or nurse once a month to get her levels checked, and their job is to either okay her based on that or hold her til she's stabilized. Her levels stabilize, they let her go, they say "hey you are going to that ED treamtment we referred you to right?" And aly says "oh gosh yes I have a therapist" and skips off home to drink 8 gallons of coffee. Then she figures if her blood work is fine that she must be fine. But these doctors aren't equipped to treat ED, they are mostly just ER GPs.

The fact that Aly isn't act of in intensive ED care is like 100% her enabling moms fault at this point. Just like Ashs mom. Cut that girl off and drag her to inpatient.

No. 33182

I don't think anyone here believes Aly's at an ED hospital

Also, is there even proof Ash's mom is an enabler? We have to take anything Ash says with a grain of salt since she's delusional.

No. 33185

maybe offtopic but i want to share my favourite recovery account: https://instagram.com/caro.recovery/
everything looks SO FUCKING TASTY

No. 33191

File: 1442508559231.jpg (108.47 KB, 636x579, oooo.JPG)

Sounds like Ma Casati is so sick of this shit and had a word with aly.

No. 33193

No. 33196

Not that it's going to change anything.

No. 33199

how can a hospital be so incompetent?
It makes me legit worried for her. She probably actually believes she IS in real recovery because the hospital hasn't told her otherwise. :(

No. 33201

That look on her face just screams it too. But who knows if it will even do anything. The talk was probably more of a slap on the wrist. I doubt much of anything is going to change, especially since she has so many asspatters following her.

No. 33202

has anyone seen any other anas in Italy on ig? it'd be interesting to see what treatment they're getting.

No. 33203

Ashs mom is not like Ma Casati but she enables by letting her live with her and doing whatever else she does that makes ash feel like she can stay this way. ED is like an addiction. Ashs mom needs to tell her to either go into active tx or find someplace else to live and someone else's food to barf.

No. 33204

Wtf is that in their noses? Were they crying?

No. 33206


That other pic had something white up aly's nose. It's either a shitty camera or they're on coke.

No. 33208

Oh so that's where the extra energy and posivibes come from lol

No. 33209

File: 1442510716589.jpg (53.86 KB, 650x488, did-someone-say-cocaine-lindsa…)

and aly's poppin' eyes

No. 33210

It's not that simple. Ash is an adult yes, but Rebecca is her mother and I am sure Rebecca would feel guilty if something happened to Ash outside of the apartment. Also Rebecca might not be able to afford an apartment (she's a waitress, I think) without Ash living there as well.

No. 33212

What you going to say in the email?

No. 33214

Hoooooly crap that food all does look pretty amazing. How can anyone eat that many pancakes though? Is that normal? I'm not really a pancake person (waffles>pancakes, Aly would back me up here I'm sure).

No. 33217

yeah idk, i almost don't consume pancakes or waffles (i do once in a lifetime) but my boyfriend, if he ate breakfast, i'm sure he could eat pancakes everyday.

No. 33219

File: 1442512236996.jpg (58.03 KB, 564x575, ss.JPG)

Evening meal. Grim.

No. 33221

The first photo that showed something white on her nose I figured it was just a bit of food or a piece of a tissue, but now after a second one, I find it believable that she snorts coke. That makes me even more worried that she's going to drop dead. Coke + lots of activity + malnutrition is a recipe for cardiac arrest.

That hospital she is at is a fucking joke. They say they're increasing her meal plan and then they give her that sad little meal? Shit the only hospital stay I've had is 24 hours after I gave birth and all 3 of my meals were pretty damn large - full serving of some kind of protein, a couple of veggies (usually one carby one like corn or potatoes), bread with butter, and some kind of dessert.

How can this possibly be considered a full meal for someone who is being hospitalized for being underweight for Christ's sake?

No. 33222

"so damn oil-challanging"

omg no

No. 33223

What is that awful white jiggly thing? It looks dreadful!

No. 33224


She said it's a "full fat cheese square"

So dinner. Much calories.

No. 33225

God, I really hope she doesn't do coke.

I was also just recently in the hospital, and the breakfast they brought me was fucking huge (I didn't order it because I was admitted too late to be given a menu; they just chose shit and gave it to me). French toast, eggs, bacon, juice, milk, AND coffee, and I want to say there was something else, too. And it wasn't like I was there to gain weight. The meals they're giving her really do look like "diet meals."

Full fat (!) cheese square, anon!

No. 33226

the dinner they gave her makes me wanna kill myself

No. 33228

maybe coke is the secret to her long life

No. 33229

she will never recover, sorry. She's bitchy and denial. Sometimes i wish her dead.

No. 33230

Yeah, personal blog experience of hospital food. On psych ward you made as much toast as you wanted and helped yourself to cereal. Portions weren't massive but you got a dessert and if someone was discharged and there were spares someone could eat it if they wanted.

Don't wish her dead, just wish she'd fuck off with her fake recovery. Cardiac arrest imminent.

On medical ward they made your toast. Same food portions. I got handed an 8 pack of Fortimel to drink as I wanted because I'd lost weight being ill.

That hospital Aly's at has a worse menu than a fucking soup kitchen.

No. 33231

Oh yeah, on the medical ward they weighed me EVERY SINGLE DAY and I'm not even ED.

No. 33232

>>33219 shes not too smart posting the location of where shes at right. but yeah, why is she not getting ED specific help? this is useless, the place she's at obviously has no clue about how to treat eating disorders. at the very least, why aren't they suggesting she seek help else where???

No. 33233

From what I know of Aly's personality from her account, she's stubborn and a manipulator. I can't imagine for a second she'd take anyone's advice. Delete and block.

No. 33234

no doubt about that but her mother can take advice for her. im sure her parents still support her 100% so theres that. I'd tell her no more university until she got better. fuck that, her mother is enabling her. or father, who ever.

No. 33242

File: 1442513993030.jpg (3.59 KB, 322x255, crescenzacheese.jpg)

Stracchino di Crescenza Pronunciation: strah-KEE-noh Notes: This soft Italian cheese is mild and spreadable. It's great on pizza.

No. 33243

That actually looks good. Like. Italian mozzarella, but softer.

No. 33244

It looks like processed triangles cheese. Not a cheese person tbh although I like cheese that's got stuff like cranberries in it. Nothing mouldy.

No. 33252

I can't tell whether that anon is joking about the letter, but wow, that is a horrible idea.

No. 33253

I can't think of what there would be to say and I keep asking what anon wrote.

No. 33256

Well, I'm pretty sure something like that is against the site rules, and is a huge invasion of privacy.

But seriously, what are you going to say that this doctor cant SEE for herself with her own eyes? "She's emaciated!" Well, duh. "She's manipulative!" Watch any anorexic person with family for a few minutes and that's pretty apparent. "She lies!" Well, it's pretty clear she doesn't eat all she say she does.

This is probably a GP in a general hospital who is overworked, and who probably couldn't do more for Aly if she wanted to since the threshold for involuntary commitment in Italy is so high. Writing a letter will only make letter anon look like a crazy stalker. Seriously, step back and take a break, letter anon.

No. 33257

Aaand she has pericardial effusion which is another great factor. I suspect they're on coke too. Explains Ma Casati's tense look in some photos, Pa Casati's iron stare (cos he's definitely a Mafia Don) and the look of desperation on the brother's face. There's never anything around the nostril though, and that's usually where you'll see powder deposits. Maybe they're just really good at snorting coke though.

That family makes me sad

No. 33258

Crazy google translation could give them a lol moment or two though.

No. 33260

File: 1442516847882.jpg (27.58 KB, 460x276, marlon.jpg)

No…don't. I'm still lusting for Dante and

>he's definitely a Mafia Don

I don't want to start something with aly's father ffs.

No. 33261

Where did she say she has pericardial effusion?

No. 33262

Pericardial effusion is very common in adolescent girls with EDs and doesn't usually cause problems; most are asymptomatic. Mostly disappears upon weigh restoration. I'd be more worried about her chronically unstable electrolyte levels.

No. 33264

Or even without an ED. I had viral pericarditis. Was it painful? yeah, but harmless.

No. 33266

Dante works for Don Casati, that's what he was doing at the bar that day; watching over Aly. He's always somewhere nearby, we just got lucky seeing him in the frame that day.

It was a while ago (but earlier this year I think), she mentioned it in one of her captions (staring into the black hole of death or sth) but she's probably deleted the photo now

No. 33267

Oh Jesus, anon. The moistness is increasing >.<

I remember her saying she had heart problems and that's why she went IP last time.

No. 33268

File: 1442517949743.jpg (257.32 KB, 1072x1509, Screenshot_2015-09-17-20-24-36…)

No. 33269

Aly's parents need to make her choose, "go to inpatient/residential ED treatment, or GTFO". I mean, if you're willing to email the hospital, you might as well contact ma Casati, tell her what a deceitful liar her daughter is and if she doesn't give her that ultimatum, they might as well go casket shopping.

No. 33271

Y'know, they probably need someone to serve them drinks at Mafia meetings, attend to their needs etc… I think Dante must be under Don Casati's control, because in his role as a priest he has heard all the bad, bad things Don Casati has done, like looking at his daughter in the kitchen, and smuggling cocaine in Fortimel shipments…

No. 33272

ngggg >.< gaaaahhhh this is so horny.

(do continue)

No. 33274

Dante fantasy thread in /g/?

No. 33281

I vote yes.

I'm dang determinated to post on that cafe's fb page about Dante. Imagine - he's out there…somewhere…RIGHT NOW.

No. 33282

She said the white stuff up their noses is an app called "self healing". ???

Someone asked if they had septum piercings. Clown.

No. 33287

Yeah, we'll see how long this "doing more" lasts. Three days? Until Ma Casati is off her back?

No. 33288

Yeah, that was… confusing. It doesn't look like cocaine to me, but I haven't zoomed in or anything. IDK WTF the white is, nor why she's being cunty when asked about it.

No. 33291

File: 1442523468648.png (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 1440x2104, Screenshot_2015-09-17-16-49-50…)

Her mom's nose is all kinds of white weird zoomed in close, but I'm posting Aly bcos there's also some white by her cheek and in her mouth.
I know nothing about photo editing, if it has anything to do with that. Spoilered bcos nightmare fuel.

No. 33294

My guess is she has her arm there to hide her sternum.& Puffy face to hide some sickness lol

No. 33296

Aly replied to someone's question about it. No coke (in theory)! Apparently it's an iPhone "camera trick" due to "self-healing."
I'm assuming she means it's an auto-adjust, but what a weird thing. I've never heard of that before.

No. 33299

OMFG she looks like shit in this photo wtf.She'll become ashley in the matter of weeks

No. 33302

This comment she made about her weight loss is bugging me:

> No just 0.5kg! In fact doctors were not so disappointed

To me it sounds like she's expecting to maintain her weight. She's supposed to be gaining and she hasn't which is reason to be pissed off with yourself if you're trying hard to recover (as she pretends to be). It's her that sounds like she isn't disappointed that she hasn't gained.

The comment where she said the doctor said her fucked up bloods isn't her "fault" is weird. Are they admitting it's their fault because they haven't given her the correct nutrition on her "meal plan"?


No. 33305

File: 1442527424928.jpg (38.91 KB, 484x445, ss.JPG)

Ma Casati posted this on fb

#strenght #worrior

No. 33306

File: 1442527462467.jpg (41.24 KB, 970x340, Screenshot_2015-09-17-23-01-47…)

This "crying with laughter" emoji just says it all, she knows exactly what she's doing

No. 33308

Looks like the emoji's sweating with relief.

I wish I didn't hate her. She's just so obnoxious. How does she even have friends?

No. 33309

> Aly continues to claim that her medical problems are not due to ED, despite losing weight. Her incompetent doctors continue to fail at everything.

it's like the opposite spectrum of a HAES fatty

No. 33310

Oh I just realized its sweat not tears, yeah even more arrogant

No. 33311

I thought she didn't "know" about calories.

the lack of hashtag #inpatient proves she knows she's fucked up her plans. she doesn't want to draw attention to the fact she's in hospital…probably because it's not ED related ofc.

No. 33316

I have a theory about her tiny-ass hospital meals. I think she is still in danger of refeeding syndrome. I don't think she wants to die and gets spooked when stuff like this happens, so she's a bit more honest with her doctors about her actual intake and not her bullshitting-the-internet intake.

I have to believe that, because if a roll, a square of cheese, and a bowl of practically calorie-less vegetables is Italy's idea of a full dinner for patients in the hospital…

No. 33321

Wonder if she's getting nutrition through her IV. Aside from electrolytes.

No. 33337

I'm looking for hospital food pics from Italy.

This DOESN'T have Italy, but ffs Poland

Norway's is grim, too.

No. 33338

No way. I'm 99% sure it's just saline, maybe with some potassium or other electrolytes. If it had glucose or something in it, I'm almost positive Aly would have mentioned it because ~extra calories~.

No. 33339

File: 1442536487408.jpg (42.75 KB, 992x100, OSPEDALE GB GRASSI.JPG)

In reviews I'm reading, they have good food.

No. 33340

File: 1442536802106.png (4.07 MB, 3490x1940, The usual ton of zucchini drow…)


This is seriously my #1 pet peeve when it comes to Aly. No, that is not "drowned in oil." Jesus fucking Christ. Do you think your followers don't have eyes? (Apparently a lot of them don't, or brains, or something)

No. 33341

File: 1442536821936.jpg (89.42 KB, 534x403, another.JPG)

This sounds like aly's quality of food.

No. 33342

I think she's mistaking WATER for OIL. Looks overboiled to me.

No. 33343

>You are amazing Aly!! You are fighting so hard and it gives me the courage to fight hard too! Thank you!

Fighting so hard you lose weight and were hooked up to a drip. Inspirational!

No. 33344

In the States, hospital meals and the quality (or lack of quality) thereof vary wildly, depending on the hospital. I imagine that's the case with a lot of countries. I was looking at Aly's hospital itself in instagram pictures, and it looks kind of dinky and run-down to me.

No. 33345

This sounds like standard hospital food… do Americans get big macs delivered to their bedside or some shit?

No. 33346

Top tip for UK people - say you're vegan and order the ETHNIC menu. They bring gorgeous curries in!

No. 33347

When I had surgery on a broken arm the meal they gave me the next day seemed like the greatest breakfast of my life. But I was on morphine. Lunch was good, too :)

No. 33348

My hospital of choice has mediocre to decent food, but a good rule is to avoid the meat dishes whenever possible. They won't make you sick(er), but they're disgusting.

No. 33349

The food doesn't really bother me because it's not like you can't have someone get you something from the hospital cafes if one meal's particularly disgusting.

IF aly's not on a restricted diet because of the refeeding thing, she should get something decent brought in. I'm sure Ma would oblige.

No. 33350

(puzzled they've kept her on only two Fortimels tho)

No. 33352

After reading what an anon said about Fortimel Compact, I'm surprised they don't have her on regular fortimels.

No. 33353

I've been in a number of hospitals and there were always TONS of choices for food, and the food was actually pretty decent. Most or all of the hospitals in my area offer a regular menu and a vegan+gluten free menu, and you can kind of pick and choose from both. I've usually avoided the entrees, some of which sounded questionable, and loaded up on the side dishes - hot and cold cereal, yogurt, assorted types of fruit, green/"garden" salads, baby carrots, graham crackers (NGL, hospital graham crackers are one of my favorite foods; they're Keebler brand and they don't sell them in grocery stores, at least not around here), Kozy Shack puddings, brownies, stuff like that. I've never heard of everyone just being given the exact same shitty meal.

No. 33354

Yeah, that's assuming she actually wants to gain weight though. She clearly doesn't.

No. 33355

Why? Isn't it just the same number of calories in a smaller volume (more concentrated)?

No. 33356


Here's what I read. I don't science, so I'm just assuming that anon knows what she/he is talking about.

No. 33362

Oh wow, I missed that. That's crazy.

No. 33365

It was just saline, as >>33338 said, and the dumbasses already took it out. At least put her on fluids still?? So she knows how hydrated she's supposed to be.

No. 33370

I sent an email to the head coordinator at the hospital. not sure what to expect, i'm doubting it'll make any difference.

No. 33375

Oh god, my loins quiver

No. 33376

what did it say?

No. 33378

If I were a doctor and I received from an anonymous stranger an email with specific details of one of my patients, I might call the police. Especially if the patient didn't know the identity of the individual who wrote the email.

No. 33380

No you wouldn't, because you have knowledge of these things called the internet and social media and that it's not uncommon for someone to put their entire life online with one too many details that can cause them to be tracked down IRL.

I'm not the anon that sent the email, but if a link was included to Aly's Instagram account I wouldn't be concerned for her safety other than the fact that she's going to drop dead from malnutrition.

No. 33381

Thing is, I'd just be a doctor and the threat wouldn't be for me to assess. It would be for the police.

No. 33382

The people at the hospital get spam and weird shit from mentally ill people all the time. They won't call the police but they will also not spend an hour scrolling through Aly's instagram. They will glance at the email and delete it.

No. 33384

True, esp if the email was public. The whole thing was a dumb idea.

No. 33387

I'm just internally counting down until Aly posts a tube selfie.

No. 33401

sending an email expressing concern isn't going to make someone want to call the police.. lol aly has all of her stuff so public, 24,000 followers..

No. 33403

almost time for a six biscuits with american coffee breakfast. Will she be discussing her discharge today, or will she say that it's totally her own idea to stay longer and/or transfer to an ED unit?

No. 33422

File: 1442559369642.png (140.58 KB, 1128x460, Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.5…)

Latest Italian comment. Shitty translation brought to you by Google.

>5 biscuits are alice … But which ton! Because you have the constant need to pass everything you do for a recovery win, real recovery etc. Even when you eat a simple salad with a tiny piece of bread? I say but you see the other girls here on Instagram? They are much less serious than you and still eat 150 grams of pasta and garnish with second bread for lunch every day at least! But who are you fooling? Only yourself, every single girl here on Instagram does not believe you, you know that the disease has now fully taken hold even your brain! They read every post you make on you? But always with zero malice, just the desire to help and to make you understand that you're wrong but you do is not respond and lock all, now I definitely bloccherai instead of the answer but I have written it for you and to make you open your eyes

Ouch. Bet that one gets deleted fast.

No. 33426

I kind of wanted to say this a long time ago, every fucking meal is a huge oil soaked challenge for her… Sure, maybe it is but not this long. At some point when someone is recovering an apple is not a fucking challenge anymore, not when it has been nearly a year. It's just really telling that she is not eating.

No. 33429

She must think her followers are so fucking dumb. At least today she had the good sense to hide the broken end of the cookies so her lemmings won't immediately see that she had 5, not 10.

So… not tooooons of cookies. No, Aly, less than your usual 6-7 at home.


No. 33431

I want Aly back in /pt as well…

No. 33433

I miss Dante so.

Haha, yes!

No. 33435

Thanks for capturing this A+ comment. Yup, it's deleted. There's a surprise. It's getting so ridiculous I smirked when I saw her TON of 5 broken biscuits.

admin said he might change his mind at some point and return her to /pt. I hope so.

No. 33436

:O Admin is a BOY?!

No. 33437

Tbh, I'd missed that post on /meta and only found out in a Town Hall chat.

No. 33439

Well that won't link, but from /meta

>I have been ambiguous about my gender up until now, but to prevent confusion, I'd just like to inform everyone that I'm male. (Every other staff member is female.)

I prefer to preserve my anonymity as much as possible, but it feels wrong when someone assumes I'm female and to not deny it, so I think it is best to let everyone know.

No. 33442

Oh, well cool! :>

No. 33445

>Meanwhile I'm going to meet the dietician and the psychiatrist to decide the next controls/steps

What does she mean when she says "controls"? Tests?

No. 33446

Probably blood tests and checking vitals.

No. 33447

Well hopefully they decide to have her come in for a weigh-in and such more often than once a fucking month. Idiots.

No. 33448

I just looked at some of the Italian meanings of control and regulations, monitor, and manage seem to fit whatever she's trying to say. I think?

No. 33450

Yeah, monitoring her "progresses".

My thoughts, too.

No. 33452

File: 1442570626208.jpg (80.41 KB, 568x575, ffs.JPG)

She's going home today and she's on ONE fortimel a day now. Seriously?

No. 33453


Secondary reaction: we were obviously right about her dumping them. She probably admitted it and the dietician said, "Well, can you handle just one and we'll increase your food intake instead?"
And Aly bulged her eyes, grinned, and said, "Yes, absolutely" while thinking "I'm good at getting rid of regular food!"

Her face looks better in this picture. What a difference hydration makes!

No. 33454

File: 1442572396214.png (49.82 KB, 687x410, a.PNG)

No. 33455

She's contradicting herself, notice she says
>met the dietician and she changed my meal plan again
The plan just changed after she re-talked to her dietician. I'm going to say it's not all her fault because at this point, I do believe her dietician is a massive idiot.

No. 33456

Any predictions when her next IP admission's going to be? Before Xmas? It's going to happen and we know it.

I agree about her admitting she bins the fortimel, but how is cutting one out going to achieve anything? So much for #challenging #recoverywin-s.

No. 33460

A pint of water might help her absorb some of the lush nutrition from her dang delicious food, IP or another "bad bloods" admission before Xmas for sure!

No. 33468

that's a diet meal for someone with stomach problems

No. 33469

mozzarella is italian ffs

No. 33470

would ride that mafia dong

No. 33471

oh lord, i love that theory

No. 33472

holy fucking shit, can we have fanfiction about that?

No. 33473

Okay. The all-zucchini-all the time is officially driving me crazy. Do other Italians eat it as often? Aren't there better-tasting veg choices available for relatively cheap?

No. 33475


That makes sense….but if the meal plan has been increased as a whole, do dieticians typically adjust supplement doses?

No. 33476

I'm on my phone so I don't know how to quote, but the hanhudloe girl is really weird. I once commented and asked how she manages to eat that much in one sitting, and surprisingly she replied and said she often can't bring herself to eat throughout the day. Still I doubt she doesn't really eat those night snacks. I once calculated that one of her night snacks was around 2000 kcal

No. 33477

Yeah, they usually add more supplement drinks…unless they're trying to transition off of supplement drinks and onto "real food."

I really cannot believe that Aly went to the hospital for that short of a period of time and they let her go like she isn't on the fucking brink of death and is clearly incapable or unwilling to do what she needs to get better herself at home. What the fuck?

No. 33478

I wouldn't be surprised if they had advised her to stay and she just chose to leave as early as possible. I don't know anything about the Italian healthcare system, but I just can't imagine they would be happy to let her leave in the state she's in.

No. 33479

I'm going to work on something when I get home and post in /g/

No. 33480

beat it, just beat it

No. 33488

It's probably a general hospital that just stabilizes patients. As she worsens, these trips will become more frequent. Unless someone intervenes.

No. 33492

I wonder if they offered to send her somewhere else, like a proper ED clinic and she just refused. I also wonder how many of these meetings Ma Casati sits in on

No. 33496

So a coffee flavoured Fortimel with a coffee and then she's going to a cafe with her mum (so more coffee).

Damn. She doesn't need cocaine, she's already perma-wired.

No. 33504


If I was her parent, I would be doing whatever it took to send her to an ED clinic outside Italy at this point if it's true that Italian healthcare actually is so bad that there aren't any "real" ED treatment facilities there or this is how they treat severe anorexia. This is fucking ridiculous.

Yeah, I know here in the states a lot (most?) ED clinics don't even let you have caffeinated beverages, so it's weird to watch her get served coffee in the hospital and shit.

No. 33524

And i'm here just on a cup once a couple of days or else i get the shits, maybe that's her secret to be so spoopy lol

No. 33532

I have one cup every day, maybe two before noon if I'm really dragging. None after noon though. I wonder how she sleeps at night

(sage cause no1curr)

No. 33533

She probably doesn't sleep through the night. Anorexia fucks with your sleep, plus I wouldn't be surprised at all if she stays up at night exercising.

No. 33540

since she has listened to popular requests on her IG before, I wonder if we can convince her to wean off the caffeine and drink milk instead? It wont' be a whole extra meal and the calories and protein/fat would benefit her. She needs the calcium as well.

No. 33541


Weird how coffee gives some people the shits. I drink probably too much coffee, really strong, and it doesn't give me the shits. It goes straight through me though, so yeah, there's some toilet talk. It doesn't even make me feel more awake, just jittery sometimes.

No. 33542

Seriously though, she's an ungrateful cow. She can drink moonshine for all I care. She'll never take advice, because happy child Alice is always right.

Oh, look forward to the fanfic btw fwoargh

No. 33544


i know, but I sometimes feel terrible for her bc i know it's the illness feeding her delusions. :(

you're right though, giving her advice won't work.

No. 33546

File: 1442598576431.jpg (195.18 KB, 1200x624, image.jpg)

I was just browsing through her cover photos on Facebook and am utterly speechless…

No. 33548

File: 1442598660819.jpg (597.17 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpg)

Here are more of her oldies from her cover photos album… The tears mascara running down the face one is so cringe worthy. Get over yourself, Alice.

No. 33552

File: 1442598941939.jpg (220.97 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_2015-09-18-18-54-09…)

Have you seen her old #hashtags?! Full of yourself or what!

No. 33553


FFS keep posting the wrong links. It's on /g/. Let me know if you want more!

No. 33554

I read some of the hashtags when I first saw this account, but didn't see the STUNNING, HOT, MODEL ones. She fucking LOVES herself.

No. 33557

File: 1442599287134.png (686.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-18-18-59-27…)

Is this DANTE???????? (Her first cover photo on fb!)

No. 33558

NO IT IS NOT!!! dante would not be seen dead wearing those hideous trainers.

No. 33560

Aly and her mum might be wearing these little plastic inserts up their nostrils called "nose correctors"… They're popular in Korea and like the poor mans nose job lol.

No. 33594

GODDAMNIT she's having zucchini again for dinner >:(

At this point, if i never see zucchini again it will be too soon.

Message to Aly - other vegetables exist. Try them.

No. 33627

Straight out of hospital and she's eaten barely anything today. Even if she kept that waffle down - weight loss imminent.

No. 33631

File: 1442608661990.jpg (205.04 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpg)

I'm pretty convinced that this is what we keep seeing up her nose.

No. 33632


No. 33634


The second fortimel was apparently removed by the dietician (see her photo in hospital before discharge for details).

No. 33635

>>33632 yeah it was removed from her new meal plan, she said she wasn't starting her new meal plan until tomorrow yet she still took out the extra fortimel

No. 33636

>>33632 she wont start with increases but she is fine if she needs to take things away loool

No. 33643

Oh I get it now. Derp. You're right, didn't think about that.

No. 33649

LOL you guys! The white things in their noses are just photo glitches! They're so pixelated. It's so obvious they're glitches.

No. 33652


No. 33658

Ana points. Disorders are a mental illness YES but putting that on your profile is pure nobhead behaviour.

No. 33663

She said her admission to hospital wasn't ED related!!!! So why, suddenly is it on her IG account relating to her ED, such a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 33665

As the person above me said, ana points. Jfc though this is going to be a thing with her as well; she's now proud of her hospitalizations.
You know what though I'm just glad she's not calling it inpatient anymore.

No. 33669

Omg i was thinking the same, fuck you Aly and your fucking ana-points x2

No. 33674

No. 33686

Oh my god seriously?

No. 33688


No. 33691

i think it's a good petition

No. 33700

AMAZING! Signing that woo!

No. 33704

Letter anon should write a letter to IG

No. 33710

Please please please, someone who still has a throwaway IG account - send Aly the link to that petition!

No. 33713

Someone already put it as a comment on some of her pics!

No. 33715

But note that it's a MEDICAL HOSPITALIZATION guise, totally not related to her ED, totally not a relapse, totally not her fault, etc.

Fuck this cunt.

No. 33716

Late check in on this but wow that is a lot of sugar. The forhappiness gal isn't super underweight but hanhudloe definitely is spoopy. I'm guessing the choc bars and ice creams are mainly for decoration and the small/unwrapped candy pieces MAY go into the yogurt for consumption.

No. 33717

Also, European chocolate looks pretty good, how do I get my hands on some in North America?

No. 33718

Well they seem to be claiming that they eat all of that shit on the daily. If they do, they must be purging or else they'd be fat as fuck by now.

No. 33719

Didn't it used to be IP x 1 and NEVER AGAIN


I hate all this severe anorexia, medical hospitalisation x 2 then I'M NOT MY ILLNESS bs. Oh fuck off. She's as attention seeking as the dicks who write their amount of "suicide attempts" on their profile. Fuck off the lot of you.

What kind are you after? Tell me what it is and I'll tell you if it's worth the effort of finding it.

No. 33722

Yep, I was having a laugh about the "never again" part when I saw she changed it to x2. If these people didn't want to be identified with their EDs, they wouldn't go to such great lengths to advertise them. It's just attention-seeking BS.

No. 33723

More lols when people say they've just taken an overdose and they take a pic inside their screened booth waiting for treatment. I waaaant to diiiiiiiiiie but I feel okay enough to get my phone out, take a pic and post it to ig so people can see my paiiiiiiiin GAAAAAAAAAH

No. 33725

The Ritter brand and the Milka brand? I'm Canadian and we have kinder, Nestlé, Cadbury, and Lindt.

No. 33729

My regular grocery stores have an "International" aisle that has quite a bit of candy and chocolate from overseas. There's also a store here called World Market that carries a lot of stuff like that.

No. 33732

Ah yes, the fun kind of overdose that doesn't even result in having to get your stomach pumped and just results in a lot of attention and sympathy…SO EDGY

No. 33736

I've never had Ritter but Milka's nice. It's really creamy and smooth.

I'd send you some if this wasn't an anon thing, but it might be possible to source some in Canada. Milka's not too different from Lindt though tbh.

No. 33737

Ohhhhh there're a few sites you can get the bars from if you google Milka canada. Is there a London Drugs (lol) near you?

No. 33738

I'll keep my eyes peeled. Thank you both.

No. 33740

I can't even decide what my favourite brand of chocolate is. I want something that makes me orgasm, but I haven't found it yet. I'm never convinced expensive "gourmet" chocolate's really any better than something like Thornton's chocolate. The fillings are DELISH (!) but the chocolate always leaves me high n dry.

No. 33750

Nope, Shoppers only. Haven't seen a London Drugs in Ontario. Seems they're out west. We do have a London, so I thought you meant something local to that city, haha.

On topic - realrecoveryinspiration posted again! She was quiet during the hospitalization drama and I wondered if she'd been scared off.

No. 33764

I feel like the second hospitalization only made it worse. Now she's going to feel like she can restrict as much as she wants and they won't do anything except give her some fluids and sent her on her way

No. 33793

I agree, and the worst thing is she'll probably be right.
The problem with her restricting is not that she'll be stabilized and ignored by the hospital though. It's that she's going to kill herself. And because the doctors are apparently morons, they told her it wasn't her fault, so she wasn't even scolded for her own actions and won't see a reason to change them.

No. 33801

That petition won't do anything but if enough people report her Instagram will delete her account.

No. 33803

I feel like I've seen Milka in the local Italian centres here (Alberta, Canada) since they usually carry a bunch of European stuff. Worth trying.

No. 33808

Ritter is easy to find NE of the states, not entirely sure about Canada though. I think that I saw them in the Walmart in NB and NS when I went to visit family there. I've only had the dark chocolate marzipan and it's pretty good. Very sweet though, but that's probably due to the marzipan.
Milka was at Zellers and London Drugs, as someone else mentioned.

No. 33812

File: 1442635758887.jpg (46.76 KB, 621x132, IgHayley.jpg)

i cannot believe how many times this girl has OD'd. I have to wonder if girls like her would think twice before taking yet another half assed OD that will result in them being discharged in 72 hours or less if they actually had to pay for their health care. that is, if they didn't have the NHS. Most of the extreme attention seeking "look at me taking pics in the hospital bathroom with my IV" come from the UK. not all, but most.

No. 33816

This. I'm really surprised no one else thought it might just be pixels from her shitty camera phone.

No. 33817


How exactly does Instagram delete what gets deleted or not? By the food on there?

Sprout's account was 90% diet foods along with her skeletal frame so she obviously was a big red flag for them (as well as the risk factor of a lawsuit over her quasi-recovery eventually killing her and thousands of people encouraging it), but when they look at Aly's account it'll fool them unless they look deeper.

No. 33821

Pretty sure Sprout self-deleted tho.

No. 33822

>>33022 Who's sprout? ALSO WHO THE FUCK IS DANTE

No. 33823

File: 1442637924276.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1080, Dante! ^=^.png)

This man with beer is our god, Dante <3

No. 33824

*also that purple thingy is my attempt at making Aly look healthier.

No. 33825


No. 33826

Oh man, the original Dante photo. I miss him so!

No. 33831

He just wants his salad back T=T

No. 33832

you gave it nipples omfg anon lol

No. 33834

No. 33837

I just wish we could do some CSI shit to this pic to find out who Dante really is :( I'm so thirsty for our Italian Stallion

No. 33838

LOL I can just imagine all of us running up to him with a priest's cassock, telling him to put it on and that we all want to have sex with him :D

No. 33841

File: 1442639835172.png (341.04 KB, 592x388, cyr.png)

she has aged a lot, i'm assuming the lines above her mouth are wrinkles from smoking.

#pictureofhealth #realrecovery

No. 33842

this face makes me want to punch myself

No. 33846

Makes me want to punch my monitor.

No. 33847

Heeeeey @babydonthurtme_nomore, you're obv. A farmer; is that Chinese you're posting in Aly's comments? I can't cut and paste on IG so I can't translate, but I want to know what it says!

No. 33848

I'm not that person, but Google Translate says:
>It is how you die, if you do not stop. And the Uruguay Round of harm to others. stop.

Somehow I get the feeling that's not very accurate. Uruguay…? Any Chinese-speaking farmers around?

No. 33849

File: 1442641212870.jpg (19.91 KB, 320x320, Kissing-lips.jpg)

Not necessarily (but possibly)! I think just being malnourished and devoid of fat is what makes her look so old. If she had more fat around her mouth, those lines wouldn't show when she makes that face.

Lol it's so annoying! She doesn't know how to make a real kissy face. You're supposed to pouf your lips out like the girl in this picture! Maybe some people's mouth muscles just don't work in the same way as others? I don't know :s

No. 33866

File: 1442645486840.png (37.17 KB, 151x224, HIPP.png)

>using a shoop'd pic to show what a "real kissy face" is supposed to look like

No. 33868

That photo is shooped? I mean, I guess the lighting could have been adjusted but it looks like a normal picture to me.

No. 33869

*also I was posting it just to show the proper lip shape for a kissing face, I didn't really think about other factors.

No. 33870

I speak Chinese, but I'm blocked from Amy's account. mind posting the comments on here and I will attempt to translate? (Its very difficult to get anything but absolute garbage when youttry to Google translate Chinese.)

No. 33871


Sorry, autocorrect.

No. 33874




y chinese tho

No. 33877

where the fuck is this increase, she lost on the amount she just posted. day one as an outpatient failed

No. 33888

Another wtf "recovery" blogger is ballerinarecovering you should check her out. She eats literal piles of shredded cheese. If you scroll down her feed you see meals consisting of a pile of cheese between slices of bread.

No. 33893


(I'm not a native speaker, so please feel free to correct me if I have mistranslated anything. 我中文说得不太流利.)

>You still haven't eaten, have you?

>I really hope you have eaten, because you need the calories. Still I am right in expressing extreme doubt in this (that Aly is eating.) You have become so emaciated, you are spending time in this place (the hospital.) But you are only here in the hospital to cure your illness. You will not be able to begin living unless you eat something.

>ALY, if you don't stop this, this is how you will die. And you realize that dragging out your return is only hurting others? Put an end to this.

Basically, this person is saying what we are all thinking and saying on here. They are probably saying it in Chinese since ALy can't understand it, lol.

No. 33897

Look at all that fucking brown.it seems like this girl never eats vegetables.

No. 33898

My browser is being weird so I can't scroll down too much, but are you sure you're not looking at the pictures of spaetzle she posts? It kind of looks like shredded cheese.

No. 33899

I'm flying from the UK to Washington/Maryland area soon, I could always bring some then post it :)

No. 33902


No, I think there used to be more pictures, maybe she deleted some? A few examples:


No. 33905

OH! OMG LOL I totally misunderstood. I thought you meant in between the TIMES she eats pieces of bread, she eats a pile of cheese, like by itself XD

No. 33906

She went.. private?!? :(

No. 33907

Oh man :< I sent a follow request :s

No. 33908

Latest Post
aly_realrecover:FIRST #morningsnack of my NEW❗️meal plan ? has been a whole package of crackers ?? with some delish and fresh grapes beside ?? + EXPLAINATION?
▶️Since many of you keep asking about the "meal plan changes" here I am ? The dietician increased ⏫ the doses of carbs (pasta ? rice ? bread ? + added crackers) and fats (my always scaring oil ??) and removed one of the two supplements I was having ? I guess this will bring to a faster weight gaining and less fear about real food ? and even if it makes me pretty anxious ofc I'm going to follow the advices of a specialist ?? Hope I solved your doubts my #edfamily and send you all my motivation and strenght to KEEP FIGHTING HARD ?? #Togetherwecan face our fears! So let's do it, let's rock! ?

5 thin salt crackers and a few grapes. very real recovery.

No. 33913

File: 1442659336468.png (1.06 MB, 618x1301, Aly 9-19-2015.png)

Wow she deletes the posts talking about actual side effects that normal people experience during recovery (night sweats, in this case) and kept the ass-licking posts. How unsurprising yet bitchy. Screenshot is from a few hours ago.

No. 33914

About handu and forhappiness: They are not a couple, just really good friends, and handu is either weight restored or really close to be so (she mentioned that yesterday), but if you look through forhappiness you can see that she's still reaaally thin.
And they both eat the exact same (low calorie) breakfast/lunch/dinner all the time, so I guess it's not suprising that they can eat a big nightsnack without gaining much.

No. 33915

File: 1442659474154.png (1.07 MB, 615x1353, Aly 9-19-2015 1-2.png)

vs. now.

One thing I can't stand about Aly is that she never seems to even try to offer any real support or help to her followers. She just goes ahead and deletes everything but the ass-kissing and the occasional question to which she can say "I don't want to talk about that [bitchy emoji]" or "I already wrote about that in my last post [bitchy emoji]" or something.

No. 33916

Holy shit she's going to gain sooooo much with that extra what, 100 calorie (?) snack! And WOW, she ate a SECOND (!) breakfast, even though that's completely typical! AMAZING! Such #realrecovery super-posi-motivation!

No. 33917


No. 33918

It confuses me how they can post that stuff without feeling ashamed that people are gonna think that they're either purging or binging (which they obviously are, but I think eating any level of junk food would make an anorexic scared people would think that if they saw)

No. 33920

Wow. I'm going to have to be careful and not get my account blocked now. I'm always so tempted to comment on shit, but now, if she blocks me and I make a new sockpuppet account, she might not accept me as a follower ;_; What would I do if I couldn't see her morning breakfast cookie arrangement every day?!

Agreed. If I ate that much in one sitting, I definitely wouldn't be posting it online for the world to see.

No. 33932

I have a feeling that Aly went private because realrecoveryinspiration shared the petition.
looool she's scared her acc will get deleted

No. 33935

That's what I thought, too.

No. 33936

So this bitch deletes legit recovery questions but leaves comment w petition in it. Idiot.

No. 33938

File: 1442666891074.png (30.32 KB, 1028x86, Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 5.46…)

Yup. I wouldn't put anything beyond her, at this point. She really seems like a complete cunt, aside from her ED. I've known people with EDs who were really nice people, just irrational around food, so it's not like "being a raging bitch" is something she can't help due to her disorder.

No. 33939

File: 1442667601907.png (35.27 KB, 1114x90, Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 5.58…)

oh and inb4 "nightsnack is not in my mealplan [shit-eating grin emoji]"

No. 33943

I give it a day or two before she's back to public. Bitch is too attention-seeking and proud of herself to keep her account private.

No. 33944

Isn't her surname on that petition? If so, she probably made the account private in case anyone googles her. Or maybe a friend or family member found the account. I know I've considered telling her friends, but I think that's going too far.

No. 33957

Ritter is good, I like quite a few of their flavours. My fave is the white chocolate with crunchy corn puffs, it's sweet but also a bit salty at the same time, and so deliciously crunchy.

No. 33960

Hey, for those who are able to follow Aly: has she posted anything since breakfast? Her post count has been at 720 for hours, which is unusual.

No. 33964

I just threw up a little in my mouth. I hate cheese and I keep imagining just how much she must reek.

No. 33967

Hey, its babhdonthurtme_no more here. I don't actually know Chinese, but I'm just using it so ALY can't understand. She probably thinks I'm just worshipping her #strenght.

No. 33968

File: 1442680349452.png (280.49 KB, 719x970, 1431615233700.png)

You scamp. Is the comment still up?

Also, the irony of this post from Aly (from May)…nicked it from one of her earlier threads.

No. 33970

Oops, it's way older than May. But the point stands.

No. 33972

Ahahhhahahahahahahaha her instagram is public again.

No. 33977

File: 1442681910513.png (195.37 KB, 698x650, Screenshot 2015-09-19 at 11.57…)

What foods should we recommend for Sprout?

No. 33983

Why bother at this point? I thought she'd actually start getting better once she went back to school and had to start acting more normal, but instead we find out she's restricting even more now and had a shitfit meltdown in Target over her Starbucks drink having like 90 more calories than she thought (then she threw it out after paying for the thing!)

She used to ask questions like this on IG though she never was willing to "break" her food rules. She's gonna be stuck eating dry-ass feta wraps, quest bars, and exactly 6 Brussels sprouts forevermore.

No. 33986

Peanuts and tiramisu.

No. 33990

4 cups of coffee for Aly so far today (Inc espresso in Fortimel "sundae" cup). Trying to pee out her hospital gained water weight, probably?

And please, the crackers and the cupcake (super small) are a joke.

No. 33993

Crackers. Flour and water. So many extra calories.

No. 33995

File: 1442685296835.png (1.62 MB, 1200x1198, Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.5…)

That thing is like the size of my fingernail. It's a joke. I can't even believe they make pastries that small, and she takes an extreme closeup to make it look like it's the size of a normal cupcake or something. Ridiculous.

And the crackers - a WHOLE PACKAGE OF CRACKERS!!! I count 10 saltines (if you break them into individual squares). The interwebs says each saltine square is approximately 13 calories. 130 calories + that tiny handful of grapes = WHO THE FUCK DESIGNED THIS MEAL PLAN JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THAT IS NOT GOING TO LEAD TO WEIGHT GAIN

No. 33997

File: 1442685485311.png (2.27 MB, 1202x1206, Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.5…)

Still, I feel like her face looks a bit "softer" than usual or something. It's already going away, though. She just got fluids in the hospital, and it reeeeeally makes me wonder whether she's one of those anorexics who is literally afraid of water (I've known or heard of a ridiculous number, given that it is an established fact that water has exactly 0 calories). I doubt she drinks anything but her coffee, Fortimel, and the occasional alcoholic beverage. Seriously, bitch needs to drink some motherfucking H2O.

No. 34002

Woah she's really pushing herself to the limits with this booger size cupcake.

Lack of eyeshadow is an improvement. I honestly can't say she looks any healthier though. Still got the dead eye.

No. 34006

File: 1442685791268.png (2.15 MB, 1196x1194, Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.0…)

Ahhhh maybe it's the makeup. I'm so bad at telling "what's different" about people's appearances. At least when she was in the hospital her face looked a lot better, leading me to believe that she must be dehydrated as fuck most of the time.

No. 34012

She needs IP, not the "help" of other sick people who are her "friends." I hope a school official gets involved.
I have a friend who is a chronic case and she had to get 5 bags of fluid. I spoke to her when she was in the hospital and she was already planning ways to lose the water weight she had "gained." :(

No. 34013

Her lack of water consumption makes me think she's a scale hopper.

No. 34016

File: 1442686975051.png (1003.88 KB, 617x1086, A WHOLE PIZZA.png)

>therecoveryofemily: How can you eat a whole pizza without cutting it?

Ahahahah I bet the "whole pizza" is like 6 inches in diamater

No. 34017

I will never understand anorexics who fear these imaginary calories in water, especially ones that fear showers because of it. I was never so crayola, even at my worst.
But hey, maybe she has some weird necro fetish and wants to look like a mummy.

I look at this picture and think, "Why are these early 20-somethings hanging with a granny with fried hair?"

No. 34018

If this pizza is the last meal of the day (because no nightsnack right?) would it be accurate to say that her caloric consumption actually went down? Or does the pizza and oily eggs make up what was lost?

It's probably impossible to know without accurate sizes. I'm just loling now at the food she used to post before her hospitalization in June– breakfast with bread and jam, juice, milk and her usual coffee/cookies. Coffee encased in nutella. Sandwiches galore. All stuff you never see now. Such a waste :(

No. 34022

I don't feel like aly's bad enough to think water has calories if she's drinking coffee. I can't get enough of water. Guzzling that nature's nectar is an absolute pleasure for me and the reason I think she scale hops is because if I drink, say a litre in a couple of hours without a pee and weigh myself it looks like I've gained a pound or sthing. After relieving my bladder you can see the loss of water weight.

Looking dehydrated might mean looking skinny to her. Prefering to look like a dehydrated mummy specimen is probably the look she's after because healthy hydration to her = looking fat.

They pity her probably.

No. 34024

what's that

No. 34025

Jumping on the scales every minute checking her weight.

No. 34033

Lol, that's why I was having kind of hard time translating… Pls learn 2 Chinese, you are kind of embarrassing yourself otherwise kek.

If you want, I could write comments in legible Chinese instead.

No. 34035

Not faux Chinese anon, but I don't think the fakeness makes any difference. I've posted google translated into other languages and posted on her page. They were TROOF messages she obviously didn't bother to translate and I didn't get blocked.

Any language throws in really shitty translations even if it's a native speaker (discovered this on vk translating Russian).

No. 34036

Can other "instagrammers" actually see who you follow or do they only see the follower count/how many accounts you're following?? sry for OT , just thinking about making an account to lurk and comment

No. 34039

that's my account. i only made it to stalk her cus she blocked me on my other account lmao all i said was "we never see the food in your mouth"

No. 34042

If you're public people can see followers/following. If private, nobody can see that info.

No. 34044

I swear that pizza pic is the same damn photo she uses whenever she "eats pizza."

Has she decided for sure about postponing school yet? Was she going to live on campus? I see that being a recipe for disaster…

No. 34045

I think she's taking a year out. Last year she still lived at home, so I can't see she'd opt for living on campus. She seems too dependent on Ma C to do that.

OT but not OT, shopping in town yesterday was a nightmare. All the new students to the city are SO OBVIOUS. My stationery fondling fetish was really disrupted by 18 year olds shopping for ring binders and pens with their parents.

No. 34046

I don't think ginger is in school either, even though she moved to her current location because of the ice skating rink. :-/

No. 34050

i'm pretty sure ginger is in school bc she alwayysss posts school spirit stuff

No. 34051

Its still a very Kiki thing to do, but whatever.

No. 34052


I looked through her post-Labor Day photos and there is no mention of school or classes, not even a "breakfast before class" or whatever. I don't think she's enrolled :\

When was the last time she posted school-related stuff?

No. 34053

>>34042 are you sure that people can see who you follow? i can't see that information about others. I do have a public account, no wonder i'm getting blocked then ha
thanks anyway!

No. 34060

These kinds of petit fours are meant to be eaten, I assume, in multiples! You're supposed to eat like 3 - 5 of them to get a normal dessert, lol. Aah, it's so pretty, though jeez! <3 It's an "American" cafe, the portions should be huge.

No. 34061

her increase of extra oil + bread is probably only 300cal which is the amount of the fortimel taken away. this is the amount the lost weight on
fuck sake

No. 34062

They should be increasing her fortimels to like 3 a day plus large meals and 3 snacks to eat with the fortimels. Most fruits and vegetables should not be counted as real calories.

No. 34063

*and that should be the minimum. She should be encouraged to eat over the plan, too!

No. 34064

When I was inpatient and I had an increase, they would add ensures.. i was on two a day but mind you my breakfast alone was cereal with milk, 2 pieces of toast with spread and juice + one ensure. what's she on? 5 cookies and coffee? a subtracted fortimel. nice

No. 34067

I seriously have no idea WTF they are doing. Either the people making Aly's meal plan are retarded or Aly is not actually following what they're telling her to do and is making her own "meal plan" to make it look like she's receiving more proper treatment than she is. YOU DON'T TAKE AWAY A SUPPLEMENT DRINK IF SOMEONE HAS JUST LOST WEIGHT AND ENDED UP IN THE HOSPITAL FFS

Yes I mad

No. 34070

If Aly actually wanted to gain weight, or even just stop losing, she could EASILY add that "nightsnack" that isn't in her meal plan, or go back to having #pintparties like she used to (not), but it's pretty fucking obvious at this point that she has no intention of trying to get better. I hope she's on her way down at this point and her followers start to drop off the Aly-ass-kissing bandwagon as they realize what's up.

No. 34072

File: 1442702175375.png (13.8 KB, 556x48, Said Aly to Dante.png)

No. 34073

We're just watching someone killing herself. Docors are not just easily fooled, they just don't care at some point, i made that experience myself. If you're an adult you can walk out of the hospital if you want to and go ahead with your bullshit. It's just sad to watch and more than wrong how she portaits all this!

No. 34074

I think she's lying about the meal plan, either it doesn't exist or she's lying to her followers and her family about what the doctors are telling her

No. 34075

Omfg I was >>33943 and I guess even I underestimated her! She's even more attention-seeking than I thought, hahaha!

No. 34077

File: 1442702530716.jpg (38.27 KB, 557x294, ss.JPG)

Someone's asked her if she'll make it private again. As if. Haha.

Sooo, how is this an increase of bread? Looks like she pulled all the actual white fluffy part out.

No. 34078

Yeah, I really honestly wish I could do something to get this girl some help. She NEEDS involuntary treatment, IMO. She isn't going to do it on her own. But I'd bet she'd die before that'd ever happen.

No. 34079

> feel no guilt, anon. this is the job of her family and friends and so far looks like they dgaf.

No. 34080

bollocks, meant to green text this
> I really honestly wish I could do something to get this girl some help

my mouse isn't working

No. 34081

I really want to believe that they're trying to help her and she's just being manipulative and/or stubborn, but I worry that they either don't get how serious her condition is or they've just given up at this point.

No. 34084

>fried in double (!) the usual amount of oil ?
FOR FUCKS SAKE. Sunnyside up eggs can only absorb so much oil. Even if she did actually use twice the amount of oil, there is no way she's actually intaking more.

She's definitely going to die before that happens. Thanks to the second hospital admission, she thinks it'll be okay to restrict because she'll just be stabilized and sent on her way. Except… one of these times the monthly appointment isn't going to be soon enough to catch her.

No. 34085

We have enough former Anas here, so I wanna ask. can the family actually DO much? I always hear "oh if only her friends/family cared more!!" but honestly I believe there's nothing much they can do anymore at this point. She is a mentally ill person, and needs to accept that fact and work on herself. Her family/friends can provide mental support for that. But as long as she disregards her mental illnes and thousands of followers worshipping her real recovery nonexistant ass, there doesn't seem to be much you can do.

No. 34086

Maudsley. Although mere mention of the word summons hordes of ex-maudsley patients. gets popcorn. Watch.

No. 34087

Yeah, it has nothing to do with caring or not caring. There's only so much you can do when it comes to forcing people to eat or not purge.

At the same time though, her parents could set ultimatums or find a way to involuntarily admit her. There is more they could be doing, and it seems like they just aren't.

So I'm obviously on the fence.

No. 34088

Not ana or a junky, but it sounds a similar scenario to an addict. If they don't want to recover, they won't.

Very slightly similar thing, with cigs I've had everyone try to stop me smoking for years and years but I did't want to and I know it was killing me. I say was because I vape now so less chance of dying. (Still have a cheeky little cig now and again tho).

No. 34089

I'm the anon who, a while back, tried to read up on Italian law regarding involuntary treatment. If they get two doctors, I think it is, to say that Aly is a danger to herself and is refusing treatment (that's the clincher - it seems she's playing along but bullshitting her way through instead of outright refusing), they could force her to be committed for a short period of time. The involuntary commitment can be extended, but it all requires going through the legal system, and Italy seems to be really big on having the patients agree to receive treatment voluntarily and not get "locked up," so I doubt her parents could even swing it.

Works best with young children/teens. Although Aly is a ~joyous child~, she's too willful. I could never see that working with her. Also, Maudsley parents are generally fucking insane.

No. 34090

I'd say yes, if you let the person know and feel that you gave up on them, they have no purpose in trying or no need to hide so much. I was given up when i turned 18 so i never saw a reason to 'recover', family accepted it, friends left or just accepted it aswell. As being kinda old now, i have to admit that this is wrong! You should never watch your child or family member /friend die and just accept it!

No. 34091

Re: ultimatums, Aly doesn't have a job, so I assume the parents are paying for everything. They could EASILY say that they were withdrawing financial support and/or not supporting her returning to university until she actually showed some measurable progress. They could even say that she couldn't stay in their home and continue to starve herself or purge or overexercise or whatever the fuck she's doing, but I don't see Ma Casati having that level of resolve in her. Aly would probably cry and Ma would give in in a heartbeat. Papa, though, seems like a hardass. I wish he was more involved, although apparently he "caused her ED" (what's up with that, anyway? I'd like to know the full story, nosy person that I am).

No. 34092

>>33972 Loooool I assumed she'd put it back on public too. probably wasn't getting as many 'likes' considering she does all of those #edrecovery #2fabforana #realrecovery fuckin tags

No. 34093

>>34077 I am so done. I am so fucking done

No. 34094

File: 1442704073995.jpg (44.75 KB, 459x587, ss.JPG)

Ma C posted a link for Aly on her fb. To me it sounds like she's laughing at her daughter's coffee habit. That's a bit…not right. Should she be encouraging her to live for her coffee? Unless it's a way of trying to get her to not drink as much.

No. 34095

how the hell is she going to be comfortable with a healthy BMI range if 10 is her comfort zone? remember when she thought she was obese bc she got up to a bmi of fucking 14. she will never ever evvvveer ever recovery

No. 34096

Her parents should consult an attorney who specializes in health law and who could best position them to gather the resource and documentation necessary for involuntary commitment. We have attorneys like that in the states so I assume they're in Europe too.

No. 34097

And you know she's drinking it to stave off hunger and/or rev up her metabolism…yeah, great habit for Ma to encourage/make a joke out of

Nope. She won't. At this point, she'd have to gain literally like 50 pounds to be on the bottom end of the "healthy" range. Anyone see that happening? Anyone? Yeeeeah…

No. 34098

Yeah, the effects of caffeine on her heart too plus the diuretic effect. So many fucked people.

Aly's going to die. I know we say this about Ash, but Aly has too many health problems so frequently to survive as long as Ash does.

No. 34099

>>34085 they can go to court.

No. 34100

If you google, 'Aly_Realrecover' the petition comes up. hm

No. 34101

yeah but remember that's when she wasn't really recovering. that's when she was relapsing but showcasing a recovery so lol

No. 34102

Impressive amount of signatures considering! Can't wait for it to reach the target.

No. 34106

As fucked as it is, I don't think anyone's going to do anything about her coffee intake.
Italians drink a fuckloads of it IIRC, and it probably seems fairly normal.

No. 34107

Except nothing will happen when it reaches target. It's pointless except for spreading the word. And aly still has the comment w think under one of her pictures. I wonder if missed it due to her high popularity and all the comments she gets. Jesus.

No. 34108

Agreed. Best bet is to contact IG directly

No. 34109

The cliche of 'they won't change unless they want to' applies to a lot of mental illnesses, the pre-contemplative-cessation model doesn't apply as well to a schizophrenic or a major depressive but it can work really well with ED's and personality disorders as well as substance dependence.
Everyday they gotta make the right choice.

No. 34110

In some cases I think a person finds it's too much hard work to work through the problem. I KNOW it's hard work and the process of reaching some level of recovery can be slow, but sometimes it's like not trying is the easiest option. Some kind of avoidance thing. Yeah, I'm not a psychotherapist, but it's something I've found by experience.

Whatever, mental health treatment fucking sucks worldwide. If you can't get a decent run of intensive therapy then leaving a person alone to deal with it (apart from a token check up every month) isn't helpful at all.

No. 34111

Are you notyetdeadpool?

No. 34112

True. I'm just going to pour one out for all the lovely food that most likely went into the bin :(

No. 34114

Some family could've really benefited from that waste if she donated it to a food bank.

No. 34115

this is just getting so sad. she's either going to die in the next year or magically live forever as a skeleton like ash

No. 34116

just remember when she was supposedly having pint parties, then she ended up being hospitalized from a relapse although she was claiming to be in recovery and having those pints. her posting these pizza photos isn't any different

No. 34117

she's probably a pathological liar like

No. 34118

Remember her freaking out because she had a sore throat and she can't get sick because of low immunity? She's really got a deathwish.

No. 34121

File: 1442708777434.jpg (55.64 KB, 638x647, vk.JPG)

VK lolcows do not like to see self harm, yet think emaciated bodies are beautiful.

No. 34123

The treatment models kinda suck, and you're right that even those perceived as 'resistant to treatment' (ughhhhhhhhhh) still deserve long term intervention to be available and should at the very least be given whatever harm minimization strategies are possible.
Unfortunately the number of people requiring care and the number if those providing is is scarily disproportionate.

No. 34130

File: 1442712372861.png (228.7 KB, 603x606, s.png)

this is so so so beyond fucked

No. 34131

I wouldn't even know how to look for those sites. Those fetishists must lurk here. I know Ashley is friends with that old creepy one.

No. 34132

Eeep. I don't even want to know.

No. 34133

I've reported her most spoopy/thinspo-ish pics before and nothing has happened. I know she's deleted some on her own, but I don't think Instagram ever took any of them down because she claims she's a ~pro-recovery account~ so she's not "promoting self-harm." I highly doubt Instagram will do anything about her account, petition or no petition, reporting or no reporting. And, if her account gets deleted, she'll just whine about it and make a new one and keep doing the same thing day after day as per usual.

>wonderfully weak
I am going to fucking vomit. If anyone deserves a Lisbeth Salander-style ass-kicking, I'd say it's these guys. I just hope they keep their fetishism confined to the internet and don't ever go out into the real world looking for ~wonderfully weak~ young teenagers to encourage to starve themselves to death for the sake of fap material.

No. 34142

Maybe someone with a throwaway should tell this girl and Aly that their pics are being oggled by fetishists

No. 34147

File: 1442721617658.png (141.21 KB, 688x484, Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 9.58…)

ugh now I'm on Henry Roth's VK. he's such a hypocrite. he posts all this creepy fetish shit about spoopy bodies, then also some anti-ED stuff???

No. 34148

They're not ogling aly though. Maybe her face puts them off.

The blonde girl posted a hater comment to aly last week didn't she. She sounds gutsy enough to take the vk perverts on.

No. 34149

He probably gets off to the description of how beautifully weak they are.

No. 34150

I don't think it's even about the ER per se. There are guys who prey on vulnerable women and the ED is an obvious outward sign of vulnerability. Like, I knew someone who was IP and managed to "date" a guy who would visit her while she was still in treatment. Maybe he is a kind soul, but I think it's more likely that he likes being a caretaker. Same thing with those SOs who act as enablers on documentaries about obese people.

No. 34151

I should specify re: the first example that the person basically started communicating with the boyfriend while IP and their first "date" was at her bedside in the psych hospital.

No. 34154

Is he the one who has an ED too?

No. 34156

I think that's the old man with the ED who has a tumblr??

No. 34157

Sage for somewhat off-topic.

I feel like it's a really creepy power dynamic and it makes me quite uncomfortable. I started dating my fiancé when I was 18 and healthy. Over the course of the last year, I've had to deal with a fuckton of health problems that, when we entered into a relationship, he never could have known I'd be going through in my mid-20s. He had to step into the "caretaker" role some of the time while I was really ill (I was in a lot of pain and/or on strong pain meds much of the time and rarely left the bed). It seems much different when a person enters into a relationship with someone they know is already very ill (e.g., someone with terminal cancer or a very severe ED) and they know going into it that they're going to be the person's "caretaker" as well as their partner. It makes me think of that Rachael Farrokh woman's husband - I don't know if he knew she had a severe ED when they first got together, and maybe this is just me being overly suspicious of people's motives, but I got a really "off" vibe from him in the videos I saw of them together.

I'm not saying that I think that ALL of these caretaker/partners are bad people or anything, just…I think some of them have issues of their own and that it's not necessarily the most healthy dynamic.

No. 34159

Yep. And Rachael's boyfriend gives me the creeps BIG TIME

No. 34160

yeah he talks about being 115lbs at 6'2" or something like that

No. 34709

File: 1442726129593.png (58.82 KB, 586x379, rachael.png)

well for the update on rachael farrokh

No. 34725

These guys are horrible. How can they encourage these girls to slowly kill themselves just so they can fap? It's like those feeders only in reverse.

No. 34734

aaaaaand alice is private again

No. 34736

File: 1442729218057.png (116.06 KB, 1142x406, Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.0…)

(not like Aly is anything other than ridiculously predictable, but still)

So sick of this bitch's shit. Do you want to gain weight? Then fucking eat more. It's not rocket science. You've gone on and on before about how you don't care about ~extra calories~, so put up or shut up.

No. 34737

Meh. Won't be for long.

No. 34742

SHE FUCKING BLOCKED ME FOR ASKING "how do you eat a pizza without cutting it?" ???!!!?? I even resisted all my urges to say "having it cutted" bitch grow a pair

No. 34743

File: 1442733005880.jpg (31.05 KB, 512x342, ApexKek.jpg)

Oh anon. I am actually laughing out loud.

No. 34744

I think she only goes private during the night, so the haters can't post while she is sleeping.

Sneaky bitch.

No. 34746

Already public again.

No. 34747

Oh, good theory. I was starting to think Instagram was glitching, but that might be it.

No. 34748

She's still eating those damn cookies and nothing but. I mean, at least until she gets to have another lush (!) #realrecovery win, not remembering the fact that she ate this very same shit days ago and proclaimed #recoverywinn there, too.

Part of me wants to see this girl get better, but I can't see that happening any time soon, if at all.

No. 34749

Same anon, to clarify: everything is a recovery win, even if she has 'eaten' it many times before.

No. 34757

File: 1442747089889.png (220.56 KB, 1138x560, Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.01…)

>As many of you already noticed, I'm kinda "hyperactive" and even if it's not link to over exercise/moving addiction, could it be a consequence of my eating disorder? I guess yes.

"Hyperactive," but absolutely not linked to over-exercising/exercise addition, eh? I suspect she's burning off a lot of the (few) calories she does eat with "moving," and I highly doubt that she's going to just start lazing around now, especially given how much commitment she's shown to weight restoration with her MASSIVE (!) meal plan increase.

No. 34758

File: 1442747220624.png (2.98 MB, 1200x1200, Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.05…)

Also, wow @ how her style of dress has completely changed, presumably because she realized how spoopy she was looking and decided to try to flaunt it a little more subtlety…

No. 34761

File: 1442750399892.png (820.22 KB, 618x1143, Aly 9-20-2015 4.png)

OMG! Super challenging new meal-planned morning snack, guys! A WHOLE (!) package of crackers (~130 calories)! And - I apologize, I'm retarded - are those damsons? If so, that's maybe another 50 calories (probably less, they look so small). This is such a joke. She's going to keep losing weight.

No. 34762

I didn't think of that. Entirely plausible, and just so typical of her control-freakiness. So she will live in an echo chamber of blind enablers (and voyeurs) until she dies, or lingers forever shuffling around her grave like Ash.

No. 34763

Another mention of how she couldn't sleep all night.

No. 34765


The fact that she consults her instagram following (consisting of sick or deluded teenagers) instead of seeking professional advise about a probable major issue regarding her ED speaks volumes about the legitimacy of her supposed ~treatment team~ and her commitment to it.

No. 34768

File: 1442758073456.jpg (65.96 KB, 600x400, 00923.jpg)

I thought damsons or dark plums looked bluer than that with lines (the ones on peaches too that make them look like butts, don't know what they're called) too ? Correct me if I'm wrong.
I dunno, these straight up look like red grapes to me.
If they are then those crackers must be minuscule.

No. 34770

They sure as hell looked like plain old grapes to me. I was just scouring the internet trying to find the closest "plum" to what was pictured - I'd never even heard of a damson before. And yeah, that whole package of crackers is a joke. What an increase (did her caloric intake even increase at all if she ditched one of her daily Fortimels?)! Such brave. So challenge. Much gainz.

No. 34772

Those dark plums are dried and turned into prunes , so yeah a effectively a large grape

No. 34783

Looks like Certosa. And trust me, it is a magnificent thing, not dreadful at all.

No. 34784

Yeah, so she will just sign up again with another username.

No. 34787

I guess the idea is that fewer people will be able to find her if she starts over.

And look, 100 supporters! (not that it will change anything)

No. 34788

Nah, she'll use the same tags and all those other starving girls that look up to her will find her again

No. 34790


Why does she keep tagging stuff "ednos" when she's anorexic? Like, that is specified.

No. 34791

Followers and attention.

No. 34792

Same reason she used to tag stuff #girl, #girls, #blonde, #stunning and every other synonym for attractive.

No. 34793

File: 1442768317783.png (738.05 KB, 536x536, i bet he ships harryxdraco.png)

latest photo
yet again, he's nearly done, she's faffing about
i want to make more of these ngl

No. 34795

File: 1442768606385.png (741.16 KB, 536x536, dickin around.png)

No. 34797

Is she flipping off the wall or something? What's she doing with her hand

No. 34800

Little bro is starting to look so angry in all of these photos. That is the most rage-filled smile I've ever seen.

No. 34801

omg dat lil bro face i am killd

No. 34804

Crossing her fingers.

No. 34808


Bro's face could be a new meme.

No. 34813

His face is literally that of "internally screaming" though.

No. 34814

File: 1442774153816.png (331.22 KB, 280x650, [screams internally].png)

No. 34815

File: 1442774437326.png (277.14 KB, 280x598, Transparent Bro.png)

Also, here's my shitty transparent background bro image if anyone wants it. I hate to say it, but that looks like the face of someone who's been driven mad enough to go shoot up their school or something. I hope you're OK, lil guy.

No. 34816

No. 34817


I'm cackling so hard I almost choked on my crackers and grapes

No. 34822

As I was scrolling down and catching up, I thought, woah he looks like his homelife is about to make him go postal.

(or at least do sthing like stick his ice cream in her face).

No. 34830

wow, I just looked at her facebook… before anorexia took over she was all about taking seductive photos of her and her boyfriend. Her "cover photo" album is full of hundreds of different poses of them kissing. Maybe that's a thing in Italy, but it just seems a little much to me… and kinda cheesy. Anyway, that's all over now that her life is devoted to her ED. ;)

No. 34831

…Now she just takes creepy selfies with her poor brother instead.

No. 34837

Yeah, I'm worried for him. It can't be easy watching your sister go through all of this (and make you pose for weird photos for her weird Instagram to show off to her weird #edfamily).

The tags were so self-absorbed, too. She thought/thinks she's pretty hot shit.

No. 34846

File: 1442780750762.png (31.55 KB, 1058x94, Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 1.24…)

>I did not want to know the calories when the dietitian gave me food plan ?

She says this over and over. BULLLSHIIIITTTTTT.

No. 34847

File: 1442781704164.png (1.08 MB, 700x700, 1441471241592.png)

A person who's truly wanting to recover shouldn't count calories, you should just eat what you want like normal people do. STOP CARING about calories, just eat.

No. 34853

TBH it's really hard to "just stop" counting calories once you've started. Once that info is already in your brain, it's like you've picked up a second language. I can't look at food without automatically factoring in the calorie count.

No. 34863

Truth. 7 years ago my BMI was 29 and I started counting calories and exercising to lose weight. Slowly lost down to BMI 19.5 and I still mentally count calories to maintain my weight. It's really, really hard to switch that habit off and I've never even been underweight. So basically when Aly says she doesn't care about and doesn't count calories, she's fucking lying through her teeth. Her brain mentally calculates or at least estimates the calories of every damn thing she puts in her mouth.

No. 34871

i don't understand why the fuck her parents would go on a holiday if aly is in the state she is in, wouldn't they be worried? she should be in a fuuuuuccccccccckiiiiiing hospitalllllllllllllll

No. 34875

A serving of the 'premium crackers' (we have them in australia) which is four crackers, looks exactly like that, is 99 calories. so she's having 5. what the fuck nope

No. 34876

File: 1442784563913.png (161.11 KB, 720x720, IMG_20150920_172829.png)

Oy vey.

No. 34878

and then saltine crackers, for 5 (the amount she has) it is 140 calories. they look exactly like the ones she has too so goodbye

No. 34879

Yes, and the amount of fruit is less than before (or it is smaller/more lower calorie fruit like grapes). Otherwise Fortimel + fruit was about 400 Cal, now its…200? But supposedly there is more oil and carb intake at other meals (sure).

No. 34880

File: 1442785014578.png (372.03 KB, 545x393, aaaaaaaajaajja.png)

was this too mad or

No. 34881

Simmer down now

No. 34882

Damn son. She will point out she is eating 10 crackers (if you count the perforation) so is equivalent. You may want to modify that if you can.

No. 34886

I don't have instagram. But would someone mind pointing out to her that this is the same argument she used last time, you know, when she was losing weight even going over her meal plan? That argument don't fly now. Not to mention, her supposedly ED-specialist doctor isn't the one making her mealplan.

No. 34887

how fucking annoying must it be to be around her with the picturing..like 'alright selfie now'

the brother must be like, we've taken 3002302 of these, why?

No. 34888

>5 grapes and some crackers
For fuck's sake Aly

No. 34889

I always thought the PDA pics were way OTT, but then wondered if it's a cultural thing ~me and Dante lying on the sand, with the waves lapping our embracing bodies, lips locked~

Anyone else notice that on the day her parents aren't at home there really is visible oil (!) on the food and quite a good portion of bread. Straight in the bin!

Crackers are so dry. I hope it's encouraging her to drink some fucking water at least.

No. 34890

technically she is a HAESfag. small is a size.

No. 34891

File: 1442786712477.jpg (54.3 KB, 568x444, bacteria laden cup.JPG)

The roses are looking very unhealthy. Just saying.

No. 34899

File: 1442788892949.png (672.1 KB, 618x794, j.png)

it's literally a meal plan decrease. and in the photo she claimed to have had a croissant beforehand so what the fuck is djhgskjhgk what the fuck did i forget to mention she lost weight on the first meal plan, i am done

No. 34900

5 crackers is 15 g so she's having 30 g which is 150 Cal. Yeah, not enough.

No. 34901

If those are black plums, the Internet says each has 30 Cal so total is about 150 Cal…but those look so small…

No. 34902

so say it equals 300 cal, that's the fortimel alone. she's missing an entire banana, two plums, two figs, whatever she used to have on top of that. it's under what she used to have

No. 34903

Actually nvm, I am not proud of myself for this but I measured both the fruit and the closest cracker, and they seem to be about the same size (diameter) which is rather large for a grape. So it could be a plum variety.

All of this is besides the point though…even if her diet is now higher by 200 Cal a day (if she rly did increase other portions), is it enough for weight restoration? I think not.

No. 34904

why would they do a 200 cal increase. fuck

No. 34905

I've no idea how much they increased it, I was guessing, based on "double the oil" and other such nonsense. Her food looks the same to me. Good point about the croissant as well…she doesn't eat a pastry for second breakfast every day, sometimes it's just coffee.

No. 34907

I can tell her supposed meal plan is shit just by how hangry she sounds.

No. 34908

and considering she used to supposedly 'well exceed' the meal plan, she could easily just take those things away when showcasing her intake and if people question her she can just say 'i'm following my meal plan' and she'll still lose weight if you get me

No. 34911


Because I really should be studying instead, here's what appears to be Aly's intake –

- cappuccino w/ 7 cookies
- coffee ± pastry. If she eats pastry she has an espresso to "balance" the cals vs drinking a cappuccino - fruit and Fortimel (replaced by crackers)
- lunch
- fortimel
- dessert of some sort (plus coffee lbr)
- dinner

So besides the crackers replacing the Fortimel (ulimately bringing that meal down by maybe 100 Cal), the basic structure is unchanged.

No. 34913

TIL hangry is a word. Perfect for her.

No. 34914

File: 1442791474741.jpg (98.96 KB, 960x640, sphincter mouth.jpg)

late to the party, but Aly had those lines even before.

No. 34915

File: 1442791782805.png (424.03 KB, 707x330, skeleteeth.png)

Same anon. Her face could use a few pounds.

No. 34916

god she is 14 YEARS OLD what the fuck is wrong with these men, puke

No. 34921

Really? She looks waaaay older because she's so gaunt (shocking I know)

No. 34922

File: 1442792405952.jpg (92.38 KB, 289x330, Untitled-2.jpg)

She'd also benefit from some less horrific brows

No. 34923

I am irrationally angry about this meal plan "increase." It doesn't affect my life whatsoever, so I don't even know why I give a fuck, but damn, I am so irked right now.

No. 34926

Her "meals" are looking more and more bland, and that's how I judge calories tbh. Whoever told her to eat crackers is a clown.

I doubt she's ever taken care of her skin. If you're a smoker then moisturise at least.

Even when she was fuller in the face, she still has that fuck-off-I'm-a-princess expression.

No. 34927

File: 1442793425621.jpg (60.23 KB, 569x496, 1.JPG)

Sorry, aly. Your (disgusting) baggy clothes aint foolin' nobody.

No. 34930

Apparently they're fooling the few hundred people who give her "likes".

No. 34932

what's with her doing the fucking #edrecovery #anabitch tags
attention seeking for the wrong reasons, she just thrives off of likes and followers. fuck aly

No. 34933

Moisturizer isn't going to do her much good if she's a sun worshipper. No sunscreen = future skin leather. But who knows. Maybe Aly actually does damage control.

No. 34934

can we contact dante to pour some beer into her fortimel for the extra ZING (!) and calories #recoverywin

No. 34937

Her kissy face certainly hasn't improved over the years either.

No. 34939

She's a smoker, drinks nothing but coffee as far as we know, lives in a state of perpetual dehydration and loves to be in the sun. Jesus her poor skin.

No. 34941

So basically, her meal plan was actually lowered. Really, grapes and crackers to replace a second fortimel?
I am irrationally pissed off right now honest. I'm starting to hope Aly is bullshitting everything, and that this isn't her real meal plan.
Fucking grapes. And crackers. That is basically what people think anorexics eat. wtf

No. 34943


Wait what, I didn't know she was a smoker? How do you know this?

No. 34944

UGH same. I have never been so angry at something this irrelevant to me before now.

No. 34946

File: 1442798044225.png (1.06 MB, 932x591, HUGEEE.png)


No. 34949

This looks like dinner for a 3 year old.

No. 34950

She's posted photos in the past (some posted in these threads) of her snacks with cigarettes and a lighter in the background. She's even admitted in the captions that she knows it's a bad habit.

No. 34952

It's the Milan model lifestyle, innit.
#stunning #girls

No. 34956

File: 1442799538976.jpg (83.11 KB, 838x522, classy.JPG)


Couldn't be arsed to scroll through her fakerecovery account, but here's one from her other account.

She has FOOD as a hashtag.

No. 34958

Oh, thanks. She looks almost attractive in that picture.

No. 34961

Still dead in the eyes. It's a talent.

No. 34963

It bothers me that food is called a "dose". Mmm… medicine, so appetizing.

No. 34965

…how did you do that, that' magic.

No. 34988

By pure math alone, absolutely not.
She lost 0.5kg on the earlier meal plan.
Translating to pounds because Amerifag, so 1.1 lbs.
That's 0.22 pounds lost per week.
Now, if a pound is 3500 calories, that's 770 extra calories per week, and 110 calories per day that she needs to increase just to maintain. 90 calories over that isn't going to do anything.

She's not going to gain on this meal plan, and she's certainly not going to gain faster, like she told her mother (Uhm… speaking of which… that picture is gone now.)

No. 34990

Yeah, this is gone now. And because she deleted it, it means she doesn't have to do more in Instagram's eyes.

Her poor mother. She's honestly foolish and naive enough to think Aly is going to do MORE and exit the comfort zone, but nope. A few days later and Aly has already said "fuck that" to that.
She'll be back in the hospital in no time.

No. 34994

Comments like these are why I finally explained my Aly habit to my husband, so he could know what I'm always laughing at.

No. 35001

File: 1442810987047.png (1.13 MB, 618x1977, Aly 9-17-2015 6.png)

Ahh, it's times like this when I'm glad that one manifestation of my OCD is screenshotting just about everything. That fucking bitch. I really do wish she would be involuntarily committed. She needs it.

No. 35004

File: 1442813015091.png (276.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-21-01-19-29…)

I crack myself up imagining aly in charge of a red cross response in Africa. "Yes children here is a gallon of straight espresso and please do not eat more than 6 grapes because more than that is not in the plan."

No. 35007

File: 1442814174683.jpg (14.99 KB, 262x89, Capture.JPG)

Not sure if this is a farmer, but GOOD POINT. I hadn't thought of that.

No. 35008

Woah, nice work! Not only do they make her prettier, but they somehow make her look like slightly less of a snob!

No. 35009

predictions for the next hospital control?

No. 35010

October 29th…or if they want some extra spoopiness on Halloween, 31st October.

No. 35011

I've been wondering about this:
She seems to say in her posts whenever she has a headache, sleep problems, anxiety (which could be low blood sugar), etc… and she uses it to get more praise for soldiering through it and recovering from it with coffee and coffee-posi-vibes.
But surely she feels like shit most of the time now, wouldn't you think? Maybe she's still riding the starvation (and coffee) high, but even that won't prevent headaches, nausea, weakness, low blood pressure/fainting, chronic sleep problems, and the like. It's gonna get worse at this rate, too.
She's a bizarro world proana, bragging and lying about her intake and positivity but not mentioning any of the physical consequences, unless she gets hospitalized. ED related health problems give you major ana points.

No. 35012

Yes, that week. She's on the six week day hospital control plan.

No. 35013

*every six weeks, I should have said

No. 35014

She's got to be feeling shit all the time. I bet her whole waking time is fuzzy and she's constantly tired. Bet she has palpitations a lot too with all that coffee.

Pretty sure she's deleting comments atm.

No. 35016

does she care for this account more than her own family like what the actual fuck

No. 35027

She has to be lying about her meal plan.
Im my experience if u lose weight the first week IP you were put on fucking 3 Fortimels + meal plan. And if you gained the next time you lost one Fortimel per week but had to substitute it for a snack.
She is full of shit

No. 35028

File: 1442828266969.png (726.03 KB, 904x534, ad.PNG)

what is it now aly

No. 35032

Pretty sure roses are intentionally dried out. They're supposed to be decorative.

No. 35039

File: 1442833148760.png (169.51 KB, 1138x378, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.46…)

Yeeeeessssss, I have definitely noticed the ~increased doses (gag) of carbs and fat~ in your diet, Aly! I am especially inspired by your ability to eat approximately 130 calories worth of dry crackers.

Seriously, removing a supplement drink and replacing it with a meager amount of food? What the fucking fuck? I think/hope a lot of her followers who have EDs themselves will recognize this as bullshit because of their own experiences with meal plans. If Aly lost weight and ended up in the hospital, I'd expect her dietitian to add maybe a Fortimel and an extra snack or something to her meal plan. I mean, yes, eating "real food" instead of relying on supplement drinks is a good longer-term goal, but that shouldn't be the #1 priority when you're dealing with someone as underweight as Aly…

No. 35046

File: 1442833497255.png (109.79 KB, 1136x368, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.00…)

Also, for the record, she's going to take a break from uni, I assume for health reasons. She isn't doing nearly as well in her #realrecovery as she's making it out that she is. It sounds to me from her previous posts that she's basically been ordered to be on bedrest or close to it, but she's being "hyperactive" and possibly overexercising in addition to going out and about all day. I hope her parents and/or her alleged treatment team demanded that she pull the plug on going back to uni this semester. It doesn't seem like a decision she'd make on her own, and, unless I missed it, she never crowed about it in a post; she just referenced it in this comment.

No. 35049

File: 1442833707223.png (240.45 KB, 1136x564, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.06…)

Nevermind, she just posted about it. Screencaps in case she deletes this shit. She's admitted she's too sick/frail to attend classes anymore. And, my ass she's going to "do EVERYTHING possible to HEAL right now." Let's see them gainz over the next few months - I'm sure they'll be impressive.

No. 35051

OT, but how do you guys pronounce "anon?" like, i've heard it "ANN-on" and "ah-NON" and i'm SO CONFLICTED

No. 35054

Ah-NON, like ah-NON-i-muss for anonymous. Never heard ANN-on before.

No. 35055

Anon is short for anonymous, so I pronounce it ah-non

No. 35056

She might not experience all of those symptoms. She has fainted though and just blames it on the heat. Because nothing is her or her ED's fault, not even landing in the hospital.

As for your theory of anxiety caused by low blood sugar, I wouldn't say so. Of all things I've doubted that she ate/drank, coffee has never been one of them. Caffeine can directly cause anxiety, so it's probably that.

No. 35058

File: 1442837663432.png (854.14 KB, 617x1239, Aly 9-21-2015 5.png)

LOL @ comments. Sure, Aly, sure.

No. 35059

File: 1442838271509.jpg (335.34 KB, 1107x720, Untitled.jpg)

Dry. So dry.

No. 35062

well there's literally no oil on her lunch.

No. 35063

can't she atleast add fucking butter
think of it, it's like having a bun with chicken and zucchini

no butter, sauce, dressing, nothing. fucking nothing

No. 35064

Exactly. How do you make a bun without any source of fat? The bread would just stick to the roof of your mouth. Blergh.

No. 35065

and also, when i cook things and it browns like that, (the eggplant) it usually means i didn't use enough/any oil. >>35059

No. 35066

kek she's getting called out on the dry-looking eggplants.

I googled a recipe for roasted eggplants though (hate them myself) and the ones that are brushed with oil do look like Aly's….maybe it's a photo lighting thing.

No. 35069


Welp, they've been deleted.


No. 35071

That looks like zucchini (?), not eggplant.

Not that I'm giving Aly a pass, but check this, it also looks dry as hell but had some oil drizzled onto it before roasting: http://minimalistbaker.com/creamy-eggplant-caramelized-onion-dip/

No. 35073

No. 35079

Aly just nuked the comments on that post – your comment is obviously gone, but so are the friendlier ones.

No. 35087

Her most egregious lie yet!

No. 35097

I FUCKING know what eggplant looks like roasted with no oil, because that's how I cook it. Exactly like that. She's not fooling anyone, the fucktard

No. 35106

She BLOCKED an account I made last night to follow her AND I HADN'T EVEN COMMENTED.

No. 35107

Her boobs are bigger than when she was at a healthy weight but sure, Aly, sure it's not padded.

No. 35109

Are you using the instagram app? I think something might be wrong with it. I made an account to follow her, but now it says that there are she has no posts and when I click "follow," it won't let me. It also doesn't let me log on using a computer so there's that too.

No. 35112

The ig app's been weird for me for a couple of weeks - won't refresh feed, says some profiles don't exist, keeps logging me out BUT I'm logged in as that new account online and it comes up as if she blocked me.

No. 35117

That rubbery alien food looks like aubergine/eggplant to me because of the purple skin. Zucchini/courgette has green skin. Either way, that shit she's trying to insert her fork into is inedible. No butter/vegetable spread on the bread either. Lord have mercy!

No. 35119

(she JUST deleted a comment saying it looked dry)

No. 35127

File: 1442851268585.gif (1.58 MB, 600x307, anigif_enhanced-31546-13948557…)

Aly today.

No. 35137

File: 1442851638450.jpg (54.9 KB, 512x512, aly allday.jpg)

No. 35143

File: 1442852188083.png (212 KB, 634x554, IMG_20150921_121450_edit.png)


Dunno if this has been posted.

No. 35163

File: 1442854886585.png (704.46 KB, 656x668, IMG_20150921_125829_edit.png)


Sternum sliiiightly less prominent, or trick of the light?

No. 35167

oooh first time she's answered that.

No. 35172


>Over the meal plan? ? Yes it was! Straight before dinner? Yes again! And challanging too ? But IDC! ? Cause I'm #RECOVER -ing ?


No. 35176

File: 1442857875401.png (122.34 KB, 719x507, 2015-09-21 13.50.50.png)


No. 35177

File: 1442858389801.jpg (4.32 MB, 3296x5393, collage_20150921105759663.jpg)

Have you seen ginger's new barf? Lol

No. 35178

are those trolls or

i cant always tell with her followers

No. 35187

File: 1442861497105.png (328.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-21-19-49-25…)

These MUST be trolls, makes me laugh how obvious they are yet she revels in their "compliments" haha

No. 35188

I tilted my laptop screen back and it looks the same to me

No. 35200

Could they be sockpuppets?

No. 35201

Either trolls or anas who are following her for thinspo.

No. 35229

File: 1442869656517.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.51 KB, 1068x1248, Screenshot_2015-09-21-17-01-14…)

So I noticed the discoloring on her thumb in this picture and its similar to what I and other people have experienced with anorexia called Raynaud's phenomenon. IIRC Its where your heart can't pump blood to your extremities because its prioritizing vital organs over them.

I commented, hoping to get some sort of response that she knows what it is. It was something along the lines of "are you okay?? That thumb doesn't look good, did you injure it?" And she blocked me.

No. 35234

That thumb looks pretty gnarly. Something's obviously wrong with it. I can't believe she blocked you for commenting on it.

No. 35241

File: 1442870603160.png (83.82 KB, 1142x264, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.21…)

This is making my head feel like it's going to explode.
This is me right now.

No. 35247

ayy lmao you can see how cloudy the bubble cap is from all that over-using and washing

No. 35253

I still can't believe that's a disposable cup. Up until very recently I just assumed it was a reusable one because who the fuck reuses a regular disposable Starbucks cup like every fucking day for months/years? Ughhhhh.

No. 35266

She only ever ~goes over her meal plan~ earlier in the day when she can be sure she hasn't consumed too many calories already. #recoverywin

No. 35267

Sending you STRENGHT and MOTIVATION darling <3

No. 35269

I love how she uses a green straw to try an make it look like she's drinking actual Starbucks drinks from her disgusting old cup even though the straw is totally the wrong colour of green. Like wtf aly throw that damn thing out already before you get sick or something D:

No. 35274

File: 1442873886415.jpg (42.15 KB, 210x104, gunk.jpg)

Mmmm old drink crust

No. 35275


She's probably not actually drinking any of this stuff anyway.

No. 35300

Her comment is so bitchy. No one wants to eat unappetizing food. fuck off, ginger

No. 35301


3rd time. She's answered it before, it's only followers who passionately defend her who have problems with the period question.

No. 35304

Eww I didn't notice that ;_; did anyone else see the comment a while back where one of Aly's followers actually asked her to DM them with her address so they could send her a reusable Starbucks cup? I lol'd…don't think she took them up on their offer though

No. 35311

Jesus sky-diving Christ!
I don't think I've ever been so frustrated with someone I've never known.

No. 35322

I hate how she always starts out her morning posts with "hello ED family, how are you?" She obviously doesn't give a single fuck about how any of her #edfamily is doing. Does she even really follow or comment on any other instagrams?

Also, I hate how she calls pics "throwbacks" that are from like, a whole day ago. That is not a throwback. That is a pic from the day before.

No. 35329

She really doesn't English very well. If she cutted out the slang it would be less noticeable.

The number of accounts she follows has gone down since around that last hospital stay (haters?). She was following 90 for a long time, but a few weeks back it got into the mid-nineties, but since that totally not ED-related medical stabilization, I've seen it go to 94, 93, and now 92 or 91. I doubt she looks at anybody else's accounts, except to check if they're "fakes." She never even follows anybody new after asking for good #realrecovery with only positivity accounts to follow.

No. 35335

Ugh, I know. I don't know why she bothers to even pretend. She makes it obvious that she doesn't care from every other post.

It's worse when she says throwback and they're from a few hours ago.

No. 35349

File: 1442890039156.png (602.22 KB, 919x393, ging.PNG)

Ginger has been posting more body pics lately. Hopefully it gets some ED girls to reconsider their habits, because not even the spoopiest skelly wannabes would want to look like this. Her face looks like Gollum.

No. 35350

Oh and if you're not familiar with Ginger, keep in mind that she's nineteen years old.

No. 35353

File: 1442890761720.png (645.93 KB, 914x595, ging2.png)

Sorry for triple posting, but her face makes Aly look healthy and radiant by comparison.

No. 35359

I can't believe aly still follows this girl after she posted this lol


No. 35362

Diff anon but google translated:
>Avoid teasing and lie to others but above all to yourself, leave space profile if this is an obsession.
>It will not be a picture zooming to 100%, phrases like "recovery is worth it" "super oily dinner" and various other crap

>Who wants to understand understand, but please, stop lying (see previous post)

No. 35363

ngl I want her arms but that nasty food+overexercising to get to that point…

No. 35370

It's that hair, too. she's going bald.

No. 35373

I HATE THIS. Aly never gives any real help or support to any of her #edfamily when they comment. A lot of the time she deletes their comments, because it's always all about her. The "pretending to care" act makes me sick.

No. 35379

File: 1442897209528.png (107.8 KB, 1130x414, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.42…)

I wasn't one of the commenters in this pic, but now I'm wondering, were the pancakes supposed to be what put her ~way over~ her meal plan? This whole "I love eating extra delicious food on top of my meal plan! I just tell Ana to shut her mouth! I'm #recovering for real! Calories only count if you count them!"/"Nooooo I can't eat anything else on top of my meal plan! That isn't in my meal plan so I can't eat it!" dichotomy is driving me insane.

No. 35395

Most of the anas mentioned in this or the Ash threads look like they have progeria.

No. 35396

"darlings" "honeys" "ilysm"

No. 35397

File: 1442900236469.jpg (148.02 KB, 589x581, gingfood.jpg)

I honestly wonder how Ginger's stomach doesn't rupture. She eats a decent volume of food and gas-inducing food at that. I've been veg for years and I still can't eat like her in one sitting without looking preggers. I wonder if 70% of her diet is Gas-X.

No. 35398

elenasrecovery also commented on that zoomed in/zoomed out photo thing. aly is losing her lil insta mutuals now too looool fek

No. 35399

I imagine she pukes it all up, anon. (Veg here as well, what she eats is horrifying and gross.)

It's so sad she has such a terribly unfortunate face. Her hair is a pretty color and long, and her body used to look cute. But now.. she's just a spoopy, spoopy skeleton.

No. 35400

wtf is that green thing in the hot dog bun??

No. 35401

All we know is that it's not a cucumber and that it will be in #thefitvegangingercookbook. I'm not sure I want to know.

No. 35402

omg puking up raw vegetables and slimy shirataki noodles with mustard…she better not, I want to cry just thinking about it

No. 35403

Could be a courgette. I've never seen vegan food look so unappetising. All I see are plates and bowls of indigestion. I know she has "dips", but the dryness of her raw food makes me feel ill. I'm not into oily (!) food, but does she ever do anything half normal like grated carrot soaked in orange juice?

No. 35404

I disagree. Ginge is most definitely unhealthy, but her light skin and hair wash her out and make her look more ill. I'm not usually a fan of cosmetics, but she'd look better with a little brow pencil and eye makeup, some fringe to hide the forehead, and some normal facial expressions. Also, Ginge seems to stay hydrated and she doesn't smoke, so her skin looks better. Aly looks like a granny, Ginge looks like a preteen. Neither is a good thing, but…

Oh shit, did I just defend gremlin?

No. 35405

Well, that would explain why her stomach never looks like it's poofed out.

I didn't even want to bring attention to that horror. I've eaten some odd things, but that just makes me shake my head like Aly protesting against the deliciousness of her cheesecake. Nope.

No. 35406

>I disagree. Ginge is most definitely unhealthy, but her light skin and hair wash her out and make her look more ill. I'm not usually a fan of cosmetics, but she'd look better with a little brow pencil and eye makeup, some fringe to hide the forehead, and some normal facial expressions

Not really! Hah.

No. 35407

File: 1442901409943.jpg (33.96 KB, 360x480, blogger-image--2037292597.jpg)

She ate cinnamon toast crunch, once.
Raw vegan cinnamon toast crunch.

It's fucking vegetables with cinnamon on top, doused in almond milk.

No. 35408

File: 1442901535128.jpg (137.51 KB, 933x597, burnitwithfire.jpg)

Ging's hands look really discolored.

No. 35409

See, this and the selfies are the reason I can't follow her account. I wish I could throw myself into her life, but her account LITERALLY makes me feel ill.

No. 35410

it's probably a whole raw zucchini covered in some nasty stevia sauce or something, knowing Ginger

No. 35411

Noooo, why did you bring it up again? I'm so ~*triggered*~ by this.

No. 35412

Don't even need to eat that shit without having to reach for the Pepto Bismol.

No. 35413

The volume is suspect… I don't follow her account, does she post everything she eats?

Are there eating competitions that involve healthy foods? Like berries rather than hot dogs? If so, she should get on that competitive eating circuit; the veganism could be her gimmick. (But remember, vomiting = DQ via "reversal of fortune…")

No. 35414

Raw zucchini hot dog with clotted menstrual blood. My favourite.

Is that mustard on those noodles? That is way too much mustard.

No. 35415

Someone mentioned that it could be Raynaud's… Can it really make the hands that red? I have a very minor case, and my digits lose all of their color… though not every finger/toe at once.

Might she have an issue with compulsive hand washing, or washing things in very hot water without wearing gloves?

No. 35416

Does that watch she wears tell her how many calories she burns when she's running?

No. 35418

She doesn't post everything.

I think it's possible that she eats all of it. There are people who eat much larger volumes of food: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNgA06xE_Ng Presumably you get accustomed to it after a while.

It's not surprising that she's spoopy either. Her food is very high in volume but very low in calories. The noodles are 0 calorie shirataki. Anything that looks creamy is made of silken tofu or protein slop. Anything that's meant to be sweet is flavoured with stevia. I'm sure she's using low calorie buns. Her daily calorie intake is probably around 1200-1400, which would be ok for a sedentary person but is extremely low for someone as active as she is.

No. 35421

Hey, is gummibearprincess still on IG? I searched for her using many different spellings and couldn't find her. I'm too lazy to find which Aly or Ash thread linked to her last.

No. 35422


When I had it, it was on all my fingers but the tips had bigger white splotches than she has. I suppose it could be something else, but with her super low weight ive got to assume its related. Anorexics also get purple/red hands from poor circulation that isn't quite Reynaud's so it could be that as well.

No. 35423

It used to be gummybear_princess11 but looks like she changed the url. She's probably still spamming pics of Froot Loops and Capn Crunch on Frozen themed plates.

No. 35424

Scary thing in the bun aside, I'm surprised because some of this looks edible. The carrots don't look dried out for once. Her fruit concoction actually sounds… okay?

No. 35426

Yes it does. She posts picture bragging about the miles ran, and it shows calories at the bottom. It looks like the Garmin Forerunner.

No. 35428

File: 1442903964361.png (124.72 KB, 1124x460, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.3…)

Aly replied and I can't even deal with this bullshit. I AM SO TRIGGERED I AM RETREATING TO MY HUGBOX

No. 35429

File: 1442904412019.png (226.2 KB, 1118x718, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.4…)


She actually thinks she looks like she's gained weight, days after she was hospitalized and told she'd been losing weight. And she's "back on track" with her same calorie/reduced calorie (?) meal plan. Dear god. Goodbye friends I am dead

No. 35433

She does have two afternoon snacks! An ensure and a cake/waffle/ice cream, does she think we can't see the pictures? Or am I missing something?

No. 35434

File: 1442904829917.jpg (28.8 KB, 274x133, notdead.jpg)

I saw that too and was like WTF?? Yes, you SHOULD. You need the fucking calories, Aly.
Notdeadyetpool might have gone too far with this comment though. I feel a banhammer coming.

I think she was saying she doesn't because she doesn't always have something. But she's also saying she shouldn't because her emaciated ass thinks it's too much when it really isn't for weight restoration.

No. 35435

Every day she says "freaking second #afternoon snack!!" and 6 times this week apart from hospital day she's had something as well as a fortimel

No. 35437

Holy shit she replied! Notdeadyetpool is officially immune to the banhammer!

True, but perhaps she doesn't realize that. Or maybe it's because she doesn't really have the first afternoon snack. As for "freaking second," she has to make a big deal out of everything she takes pictures of so it seems like she's really eating it.

No. 35439

Random #throwback, but never mind about what I said here. Turns out that I was indeed banned. All for telling her that she looked dehydrated and should add a night snack. ( >>34927 )

No. 35442

You have to be really sweet to notice she looks beautiful and glowing!

Does this
>a wondeful day is waiting for me (Yes, I'm allowed to LIVE too

mean she's not bothering with her plan not to move around as much and is going to burn off some non existent fat rushing around?

At this point, I don't think I care any more.

No. 35443

Oh right. Looks like she banned me for following her. Must be banning accounts with no followers/pics. Paranoia increases for aly.

No. 35445

Her arms are disgusting.

No. 35446


No. 35447

someone wrote the same sort of thing

> actually_recovering: Im starting to not care.. and this is not like me… I literally feel to shout out "Well bitch go kill yourself, you're the one having a funeral!"… This isn't just Aly but also IRL… Girls go against well wishes, good advice and plain concern to the point when I feel like… you know what.. Im done trying to convince you. How about you just die and we'll see who's right and who knew more… But this is my personal rage talking and I sincerely apologize… It's frustrating to have recovered and you know what stage someone else is in but they wont listen.

No. 35451

File: 1442910591517.png (36.15 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20150914_0001.png)

Tee isn't an ounce of honesty in her emaciated body. She uses followers as things to make her no recovery seem real. She's just an awful person and not worthy of concern. She's in her own bubble and nobody's going to get through to her.

OT kinda. This is the ig problem I'm having. I follow this account and post on it online but this is how most profiles look on my phone. Soo not sure if aly blocked me or what. Not that it matters.

No. 35461

File: 1442915578636.png (1.98 MB, 1196x1198, Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.50…)

This #morningsnack is seriously like 150 calories. I don't believe she's actually consuming an "increased dose of oil." The rest of her food looks the same, except she's down a Fortimel. Tell me again how she's going to gain weight and #RECOVER for #REAL on this meal plan…?

No. 35463

Needs peanut butter on those crackers. Something on the crackers.

No. 35464

Oil (!)

No. 35472

I'm just curious to see what they do when she inevitably loses weight at her next Dr appointment

No. 35478

Whatever happens we won't get the truth. The hospital she visits a pro anas dream. She can literally continue her ED without being bothered by anyone.

No. 35479

Hypocrite Aly strikes again "no such thing as too much food" but earliee confessed she shouldn't be having two afternoon snacks sad face and won't eat night snack because it's not on the plan

No. 35481

File: 1442924277103.jpg (230.11 KB, 1074x1164, Screenshot_2015-09-22-13-15-55…)

No. 35485

As an actual Vegan Chef in the food industry, i find ginger's account to actually be incredibly offensive.
Working every day to change the mentality towards vegan food being "inedible vegetables", I always feel like she's exactly the type of person that proves otherwise…

No. 35486

Twat. (aly not anon). Seriously. Twat.

No. 35492

Gummy bear princess has been gone for a while, I have no idea where she went. Her and I skinnybeautiful2 used to be tight and I don't think she knows where she went either. Weird. Her account was a bit odd but she was a sweet girl.

No. 35493



It's like, people don't even bother anymore. Dissent will not be tolerated, heck it won't even be heard. So why bother?

No. 35512

As an actual Person With Eyes and Tastebuds I find her account to be incredibly offensive

No. 35515

>As an actual Vegan Chef

Marry me!

Maybe she realised that being on ig wasn't a good thing. Yeah, she seemed okay apart from her odd eating habits. She seemed to be hovering more towards healthier foods and less crap. Hope she's okay whatever she's doing.

No. 35516

File: 1442938051686.jpg (198.94 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

That she finally fit again? What the actual fuck? She didn't hide the fact that she LOST weight, so she's only like 2lbs above the weight she was before the first hospitalization. Omg I cannot deal with her.

No. 35517

Haha she is beyond a joke

No. 35518

File: 1442938534369.jpg (21.46 KB, 201x308, oh man.JPG)

Her face. She's NINETEEN.

No. 35523

File: 1442939076598.jpg (130.96 KB, 614x1245, Screenshot_2015-09-22-17-23-19…)

This is her 9 months ago,

No. 35527

I'm noticing her facade is slowly crumbling. She can't keep up with her lies anymore.

No. 35546


No. 35547

File: 1442942780225.jpg (32.31 KB, 346x530, Capture.JPG)

She hasn't said bloobs yet, so I didn't punch the laptop screen at that.

Someone asked where she bought her revolting top from and she said it's terranova brEnd, so I looked their clothes line up. Not sure if they're aimed at young people with appalling taste or old people who've given up on fashion.

No. 35548

No. 35549

It begins….

No. 35550

Oh partout_coton, what were you thinking, trying to be a reasonable person?

(on Aly w/couscous post)

No. 35556

Sad no one got screenshots. Aly deleted already.

No. 35557

fuuuuuck. i was just on my way to check it out.

No. 35558

File: 1442944456361.png (197.37 KB, 668x670, IMG_20150922_134133_edit.png)

She replied to a post from an Aly fan that said "I literally don't understand why you get hate, you're so sweet etc". P_C explained that haters weren't actually haters but people who were using their critical faculties, which is important in modern society and esp in a democracy. If we wanted a place that had no "hate", we'd be in North Korea. That was deleted (check out realrecoveryinspiration for further discussion on that). But then we get this as a followup.

No. 35559

I wondered why aly mentioned getting hating comments.

No. 35563

Aly's instagram isn't a democracy though, so the analogy isn't quite right.

No. 35564

A by that I mean, it's her page so she really can do whatever. It's frustrating but she has a right to delete comments she doesn't like. It gets my goat when she deletes questions from other people who really need help though (also answers to those questions from her other followers)

No. 35565

She deleted the pic of her eating the couscous thing with Ma C.

No. 35566

File: 1442945637080.jpg (86.91 KB, 809x460, Capture.JPG)

She says she ate "meat filled dumplings", ie ravioli. Will this be q be deleted? Betting £1 it will be.

No. 35567

I feel like her long winded hurrah's about how she must FIGHT (!) are becoming shorter and less committed

No. 35568

what.a.fiasco, my soul sister/brother

No. 35569

terranova is trash tier brand even in eastern europe where i live

it's hardly better than buying clothes in walmart

No. 35570

yeah, i loled at that comment.

i noticed they were cheap. idgaf about the quality, like it could be Primark shite, but the styles is so disgusting…which suits aly's personal style perfectly, so…

No. 35571

File: 1442946759843.jpg (35.48 KB, 355x200, Capture.JPG)


Btw, I will give props to Aly on that lunch plate. It is in fact huge (!) and substantial.

No. 35572

File: 1442946939424.jpg (18.29 KB, 257x114, ugh.JPG)

oh no. disappoint.

No. 35574

What does mind-meld mean?

No. 35575


:( :( :(

everything hurts
what is this universe even

No. 35576

"The Vulcan mind meld was a telepathic link between two individuals, allowing for the exchange of thoughts, thus in essence allowing the participants to become one mind."

No. 35577

Thank you :-)

No. 35578

File: 1442947268456.jpg (22.94 KB, 458x453, hastag hurting.JPG)

No. 35579

File: 1442947355056.jpg (53.4 KB, 352x411, Capture1.JPG)

The time to make popcorn is now.

No. 35580

@nontoxicnebraska thank you for defending me, honey.

WAITING for it.

No. 35581

lol@the craigslist comment

No. 35582

File: 1442947740751.jpg (27.69 KB, 342x155, Capture2.JPG)

For reference

No. 35583

Can you explain? Defending you?

No. 35584

When aly's getting some "hating" comments there's always a WK. Aly deletes the comments she doesn't like and thanks the WK for defending her.

No. 35585

File: 1442948142008.jpg (65.84 KB, 350x415, Capture.JPG)

Ah ok, got it. Agreed.

Well….what say y'all to this?

No. 35586

I bet Aly hates this! She hates people chatting between themselves on her page "that's what DM is for" she said rudely once when asked why she deleted a comment from a young girl asking for support from aly

No. 35587

I understand what that woman is saying but aly bangs on about food being the crutch of her recovery so she deserves all the critisism she gets. She never reveals her true feelings/struggles etc only how much better she feels after eating food

No. 35588

She's an aly defender who doesn't get why aly's account is wrong and damaging.

No. 35589

Did the nontoxicnebraska person delete comments? Or what's going on? The other girl mentions her as if she's replying to comments from nontoxicnebraska. Did someone catch the original comments?

No. 35591

Check out the last comment on her "fortimel starbucks cup " :D

No. 35594

Yeah, heh. But fuck that. She's rich enough to order one for herself online. How sad is it she uses a non reusable one tho.

No. 35596

No. 35601

File: 1442950410425.jpg (233.31 KB, 1080x585, Ig.hay2.jpg)

>Notdeadyetpool is officially immune to the ban hammer!

yes, very impressive. i gotta assume they're a farmer because of the 4 people they follow, 1 is Suicidal_bitch_fuckface and i posted a screenshot of her here recently.. could be coincidence but it'd be a big one.
the others are ginger, ryan reynolds and ugh, she who must not be named? aka the biggest pro ana of all. Hint: whannorexic.

sorry for to but.. notdeadyetpool, what do you think of suicidal_bitch_fuckface? i can't even begin to count the amount of times she's posted how/where she's going to kill herself, followers alert police, she's found/taken to ER for stitches or tylenol OD antidote, released, and repeat.
What i really want to know is, where do you draw the line between severe BPD and munchausens? because she clearly LOVES the attention.

No. 35602

Por que no dos?

Also: OT, but Ryan Reynolds' twitter is best twitter.

No. 35603


latest comment. do italians understand sarcasm? genuine question, because i know americans struggle with some Brit sarcasm.

No. 35605

File: 1442951491177.png (210 KB, 668x670, IMG_20150922_154932_edit.png)

Slightly OTT. Very slightly.

No. 35606

Question for the Italians here:

Is eating pasta with sauce not the generally done thing? In America we tend to have a generous sauce:pasta ratio. I know pesto is used in a much smaller quantity, but much of the pasta I see on instagram appears to be "naked" - just veggies/cheese thrown in.

No. 35608

File: 1442952151352.jpg (205.51 KB, 627x462, 4608564.jpg)

NDYP here. Sorry I haven't responded before, but I'm in deep cover. It's very intense. I fear for my life. I've been driven to emoji use to fit in with the #edfamily. If I make it out of this, I'm not sure I'll ever be the same. (Honestly, I just want to see how far I can push it until she blocks me. Probably not much further than >>35605)

I only started following suicidal_bitch_fuckface very recently, but yeah, she seems pretty…um…dramatic. Those gaping wounds, man. I think I'm going to have to unfollow both her and the Whannorexic for the sake of my smidgen of remaining sanity. Aly and Ginger are rage- and WTF-inducing enough.

Dos de que? And yeah, Ryan Reynolds is my favorite dork. He's the one who truly gives me #strenght.

No. 35610

Wow… I thought I didn't sound overly critical, but Aly blocked me (despite asking "don't you agree?"). I never had a problem with her or asked the question to start a fight. I honestly wanted to know why she's always taking close up shots. Given that she got so defensive, she probably really eats tiny portions and doesn't want to own that fact. Whatever.

No. 35611

She's been on a deleting spree

No. 35612

She knows she's on a losing streak, wouldn't worry she took long enough to delete posts I'm sure a lot of people wanted to know the answer to your question

No. 35613

File: 1442953150640.jpg (13.88 KB, 501x100, Capture.JPG)

Sooooooo predictable.

No. 35614

And I have to admit I've posted here before… But never meant to post hateful comments on aly's insta. I know recovery sucks, but she doesn't realize her constant "posi happy child vibes" are totally unrelatable! I doubt anybody follows her for real recovery inspiration :/

No. 35615

My hero! _

Do not lose your soul to the dark side. I will pray for you.

By the "dos" I was referring to BPD and Munchausen's, that someone mentioned upthread…maybe the girl has both?

No. 35617

File: 1442953343358.jpg (12.6 KB, 260x129, suuuuper oily!.jpg)

She answered an oil question.
1 tbsp of olive oil is 119 calories.
So 2 meals x 2 tbsps = 476 calories.
But that's assuming she's lapping up the oil that isn't absorbed by her food and yeahfuckingright.

2 tbsp doesn't sound like a lot? (Maybe I'm thinking wrong.) But maybe that's why her eggplant slices were so damn dry.

No. 35619

File: 1442953380571.jpg (15.08 KB, 554x112, fAKE i say IT WAS FAKE.JPG)

No. 35620

2 tbsp is a very respectable amount. If poured on pasta I think you'd see some oil runoff pooling at the bottom.

No. 35621



No. 35622


Did she say this on the pasta photo?? For the record - I am NOT a fake account, how would she even know? My account is private. Wtf (ignore this if that was not about my comments lol)

No. 35625

No the HUGE (!) plate of cous cous pic

No. 35626

2 tbsp is ~ 30 ml, right? That's a good amount, enough to sauté up a couple servings of vegetables, not just roast them.

No. 35629

Lol she declined the offer.

No. 35632

Oh ok thanks. I didn't see the comments on that picture unfortunately, but I don't understand how anybody could possibly believe she really ate that. A few bites maybe, but not more. A meal that size would leave someone recovering from AN seriously bloated and probably uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I feel bad for those who believe her lies.

No. 35633

Okay, I was thinking wrong. I always forget how big my tablespoon is, haha.

No. 35634

If she's eating in front of her mother, I was hoping she'd be expected to finish. But you never know, with her.

That plate is a lot of food for anyone, especially with dessert. If she finished it - I will shake her hand.

And some of the conversation on that post was mentioned above. Nothing too remarkable though.

No. 35635

I should clarify: if it's poured on that piddly amount of pasta that she has photographed.

No. 35636

I wonder why she deleted the pic with her mum though.

No. 35637


Didn't she recently delete another picture with her mum? Maybe she doesn't want to appear on her Instagram anymore?

No. 35638

File: 1442954485386.png (817.51 KB, 618x1215, Aly 9-22-2015 3.png)

Was it this one, or a different picture? I'm not sure why she's deleting these, either. Weird.

No. 35639

I went to take a ss and post it here because of how pissed off she looked and it was gone, so you could be right.

No it was one where they were both eating cous cous. Her mum was NOT smiling :/

No. 35640

Huh, weird, I guess I didn't even see that one before she deleted it. Did the comments get out of hand or anything? Maybe she realized her mom didn't look happy and it spoiled her ~super posi-vibes joyous child~ aesthetic?

No. 35642

I don't think so. It wasn't there long enough.

No. 35643

You sure it wasn't this one? I remember that comment from today (asking about next appointment)

No. 35644

Oh ok

No. 35646

It probably was. All the aly induced stress has given me false memory syndrome or sth.

No. 35647

Are we talking about this one? >>35001
Otherwise I'm not sure. But this one's deletion was pretty self explanatory: so that there's no evidence that she said she'd go over the plan.

No. 35651

No it wasn't that because I remember the coke up the nose/camera glitch, but I didn't know she'd deleted that one too!

It's probably the one anon posted with the prawns. It's been a long day.

This thread has the same effect on me as the Ash thread did. Hunger. I'm going to have some banana on toast. No oil, but SHIT LOADS OF BUTTER (!)

oH…just noticed the one bottle of water between her and Ma >>35638. Should've bought her dehydrated kid a bottle to herself.

No. 35652

File: 1442955363222.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-22-21-53-13…)

I took a screen-shot of this one she posted earlier today (11.30 her time) because it was unusual for her to post so early, are you talking about this picture?

No. 35654

It's gone from IG completely

No. 35655

haha, no! i'd remember her mum's face for sure. i could've sworn they both had cous cous, but i'm not going to ask her (not that i could).

strange, strange girl.

No. 35657

I'd be so pissed off if I was her mum, splashing the cash so she can eat out every day and she's somehow not gaining weight.

No. 35663

She doesn't seem to show signs of real wealth. Her bag is Guess, not Prada. Her shirt is terranova not designer. She hasn't been even to nearby Italian cities TVerona, Padua…can't remember the third…it was a question on her pancake post). The cioccolatitaliani dessert plac is a relatively inexpensive tourist trap. Yeah her lunches are nice and she does eat out a lot, but I'm not getting the crazy money impression. What am I missing?

No. 35664

No wonder she shops in that granny shop "you can have allowance money for clothes or posh food" decisions decisions

No. 35669

I scrolled down a little - it seems like aly deleted quite a few pictures with her mum? Thoughts?

No. 35670

Sorry for late reply. I was making toast.

It's her snobbishness and $400 necklace I base her wealth on, but of course the snobbishness is fake and she just had a bf who obviously had a bit of money.

She wouldn't even know what to buy if she could afford designer. She's rubbish at clothes.

Digesting #nightsnack and I'll have a think.

No. 35672

Maybe since the chat she had with aly she's refusing to place nice anymore, not taking any more bull sh*

No. 35673

File: 1442957050950.jpg (30.34 KB, 257x296, Capture.JPG)

How did this not get deleted?

No. 35676

That comment about her and her mum basically giving her a talking to has disappeared too! I'm suspicious!!

No. 35677

maybe her mom finally out her foot down and aly's lashing back by taking down all evidence that she actually liked her mother. Just in case she needs someone else to vaguely blame for her eating disorder

No. 35681

Eaten toast now.

I'm not sure why she's deleting pics with her mum. She messes around a lot when her food arrives - a shot of her tilting the plate towards the camera, a close up shot of the food, then a selfie with the food and her mum. I wouldn't be happy if that was my daughter doing that whatever bullshit excuse she uses.

she hasn't stopped her taking pics with her.

I can see why she deleted the ones where she's talking about how she's going to try really hard now (zzz) because…she ISN'T!

Without aly having a #breakdown and posting about how her mum's said stop taking so many fucking pictures, I don't think Ma C would do that.

I really don't know. It IS odd though.

No. 35682

Yeah, weird. Maybe this post was "sneacked" in while she was typing a response to the others. Dunno.

On the plus side, NYDP continues to live!

No. 35683


No. 35687

Ginger's hand is looking really weird, and no comment on where it comes from? I feel like she is getting crazier every day

No. 35690

She hasn't posted all day. I'm a little worried but I'm not sure if I should be or not.

No. 35691

No. 35692

Oh sorry. Spoiler pictures take a while to load on my phone for some reason. Given the fact she blocked the commenter who asked what was wrong with her thumb, I kind of assume it's ED-related. Also I've noticed she's been posting more full body shots late. Maybe she's at her super ana butterfly goal weight now… ?

No. 35693

She replied to a comment

No. 35698

Ginger is living the anorexic dream: living alone, can compulsively exercise at all hours, surrounded by food all day, has people around her expressing care and concern, no school or friends to intervene. Pretty sad, actually.

No. 35699

Her mum came to visit her and bought her appetite control crackers… Why?? She always seems to be in a bad mood after her dad's visits though. Maybe at least he is expressing concern?
She really doesn't seem to have a life outside of her disgusting food, compulsive exercising and her job at the health food store. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a bitch :(

No. 35700

For the same reason Sprouts mom lets her shop for food: to avoid the anorexic fury. And because she's probably desperate to see her eat anything/express any interest in food. It's exhausting to fight with an anorexic at every meal.

No. 35701

You're right. It's probably not like her mum picked out the items. I think Ginger is very very far away from realising she's sick… I wonder if anybody will intervene.

No. 35705

File: 1442964548878.jpg (16.55 KB, 289x101, 1.JPG)

No. 35708


If you check her old account, that necklace was a gift from her ex boyfriend. she's not wealthy.

No. 35711

I think people here like to pretend that she's wealthy so that they have another reason to hate her, tbh. She's middle class for where she lives.

No. 35723

File: 1442968175826.png (2.21 MB, 1440x1970, Aly's cinnamon posi-vibes chal…)

Aly's cinnamon cappuccinos make me think of those "cinnamon challenge" videos that used to be all over YouTube. It looks like an unpalatable amount of cinnamon. Does she really like the taste, or.. http://idealbite.com/cinnamon-for-weight-loss/

No. 35734

The person literally mentioned that in the second line of their comment.

My mind just drifts there because she throws away food without a second thought, and because she is constantly going out to eat with her mother. However, she could be doing that because she's never done a day's worth of real work in her life and doesn't realize the value of money.

No. 35735

Same here. I really hope the spoon was just for the picture and she actually mixed it in because otherwise, yikes.

No. 35736

This reminds me of that undressedskeleton girl who would put jello powder on her fruits and other weird shit.

No. 35738

jesus that cup is so fucking clouded, throw that shit away!!

No. 35743

No reason to hate someone if they were well off. I wish her family DID have more cash so they'd send her to some private clinic.

I will confess (Padre Dante) I'm really bad for cinnamon. I didn't even know it was a weight loss thing (in the past I ate BAGS of those German cinnamon biscuits). I chew Big Red until my mouth's sore. HOWEVER, that much powder on a coffee is ridiculous, like the top of the shaker came off.

No. 35753

I usually mix cinnamon in my coffee grounds before brewing a pot, so it isn't chalky and gross and sitting on top like that.

>padre Dante

Bless the anon who is writing that fic on /g/

No. 35756

I know! Anon should sell that on lulu. I'd PAY for Dante pr0n!

No. 35766

No. 35769

post it on myproana

No. 35770

File: 1442974978843.jpg (83.75 KB, 817x474, Capture.JPG)

I'm being judgemental. This anorexic got knocked up when she was spoopy enough to have to go to Denver Acute. What was she fucking thinking?

No. 35771

File: 1442975536219.png (592.49 KB, 1366x728, Untitled.png)

dat smile tho

No. 35773

File: 1442976270577.png (754.63 KB, 1366x728, grapes.png)

such calories
such fighter

No. 35776

Love how she claimed to have demolished all of this. Unless she means that she smooshed it around her plate with her fork, she has to be kidding. Does she seriously think that her followers would believe that she ate something that even non-ED people would feel incredibly full finishing? There's a few blind idiots who still linger on her insta, but otherwise puh-lease.

No. 35780

That's a good loophole! If she just ruined her food and tossed it in the trash, she wouldn't be wrong about demolishing it…

No. 35781

aw, some people made fun of her hideous food/asked what was wrong with her thumb/called her on the thigh-gap pose and it was just too much for fragile ging. Let's count and see how long her break really lasts.

No. 35782

Dat wig tho…,

No. 35784

Now I'm imagining Aly diabolically tearing her fork through her food.
The cheese is cutted. The olive squashing doned. And in the grand finale all is thrown outed.

No. 35785

That was God challenging her. She'll have this epiphany and come back in 3 days.

No. 35786

>stops having supplement with morning snack
>replaces with pear

No. 35788

i'm just astonished her fertility is good enough for her to get knocked up in the first place??

No. 35789

I'm guessing she thought the same. Or that the pill didn't work because the anorexia fucked up her natural hormones. Need more context before I can judge.

No. 35790

Oh my god you are so late. First off, that was posted here a few days ago, and second off, it was posted on MPA too.

No. 35793

Wtf. Hope she enjoys her miscarriage/severely retarded baby.

No. 35801

File: 1442984134432.jpg (44.36 KB, 504x498, 1.JPG)

She lives in ORLANDO. Some good pics of storms. I'm finding out more about her.

No. 35803

File: 1442985277896.jpg (27.93 KB, 258x266, Capture.JPG)

Nothing much to say about her. Her old pics look like she was doing well - eating pizza, looking a good weight, then she went to Denver when she was pregnant. She was sent home with NG tube and ate a bit of bread 4 weeks ago. Couldn't deal with it at home, went back to Denver. She's got subchorionic hematoma and today she's on a potassium IV.

The end.

No. 35805

File: 1442986194627.png (568.52 KB, 1366x728, oil.png)

u wot m8?

>tfw your aubergine is drier than the sahara

No. 35806

>mama c has eaten most of her salad
>aly hasn't even touched hers


No. 35814

toilet nigga 2.0

No. 35822

Have there been any recent pics of Toilet?

So far today: Aly held a biscuit over her coffee and took a pic of it. She then ripped open a jam filled croissant and took a pic of that too.

No. 35823

File: 1442993403492.png (41.76 KB, 1120x134, Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.1…)

Ahahahahahahahhhhhhh oh man dat cognitive dissonance

No. 35827

Love NDYP sneakily digging for info about the disappearing pics of mum and aly.

No. 35829

File: 1442994891650.png (1.02 MB, 2869x1076, I heart emoji extra calories.p…)

No. 35831

File: 1442995176893.jpg (20.22 KB, 562x125, sorry hunni.JPG)

Oh Jeez. When I saw the small image I thought she'd become an EncycDram page (can't say ED here without it being EATING DISORDERS).

The haters have begun!

No. 35835

File: 1442995870086.jpg (29.56 KB, 273x279, Capture.JPG)

No. 35840

NDYP such a charmer! Maybe we'll need to photoshop alys ma on the photos as well as Dante!

No. 35843

update: aly wishes everyone a ~ROYAL WEDNESDAY~ flexing emoji fist bump emoji

No. 35844

Running back from the market… Thoughts?

No. 35850

How the fuck is she not having a heart attack? Do she and Ashley have some sort of weird mutant gene that allows them to be spoopy as fuck and not die when tons of other people have died at much higher weights? I don't get it.

No. 35854

I thought maybe she was just using the slang and not actually running. But she says they were running back from market because it started raining like hell, so perhaps she actually ran?? How??

They must! It's not like they're engaging in less dangerous behavior than those other people. Ashley especially though because binging and purging is especially strenuous on the body.

No. 35855

File: 1443003559546.png (494.22 KB, 1050x525, croissant-vs-kipferl-edited.pn…)

No. 35856

I can't even take this anymore. The croissant just tipped me over the edge. Goodbye.

No. 35858

File: 1443004940883.png (904.2 KB, 1366x768, old pic.png)

found these old pics of her from her fb.

looks like this was before she became a ~fighter for life~ and turned into skeletor

No. 35865

Really sad. She used to have a nice body.

No. 35868

eh, its possible. i got pregnant at 5'7 100 lbs.
some people don't lose their period so easily. Think about it like this.. back in the day when we were hunters gatherers whatever, there would be times of famine. during those times it would've been bad if all the females remained fertile because there wouldn't be food to feed all those babies. but at least a few women had to remain fertile, even when emaciated, otherwise we wouldn't be here today.

No. 35869

File: 1443013235082.png (45.73 KB, 608x202, Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 5.55…)

>Be back in about a week
>Twelve hours later, posts two pictures of herself (a #PRAISEJESUS one and a #CRAZYMANICVEGANGINGER one)

Oh boy. Even I thought she'd be able to stay away for longer than half a day.

No. 35871

You've obviously never prepared aubergine. Aubergines suck up all the oil you put on them so for you to actually see the oil, you'd have to drench it in an unhealthy amount of oil.

No. 35875

Not that anon, but Aly's claiming that she actually consumes two entire tablespoons of oil at each meal. That's a lot of oil. And those things really do look dry as FUCK.

No. 35876

umh sorry but i consume a lot of aubergines and i roast them in the oven with no oil. And they look just like aly's

No. 35878

I can't believe how quickly she lost weight and became spoopy.

In december she still had friends, social life and a boyfriend.

No. 35879

File: 1443017899867.jpg (426.94 KB, 1000x667, grilled-aubergine.jpg)

I grilled aubergines yesterday. I used half a coffee cup of oil for two aubergines and they still looked like this pic. But you do taste all the oil when you eat them.

No. 35881

sorry I meant to quote >>35876

No. 35886

she hasn't posted anything since her #morningsnack, this is strange…

No. 35888

File: 1443020597454.jpg (66.07 KB, 1502x913, Capture.JPG)


What happened here?

No. 35889

I know, I was just wondering if she finally had that heart attack or something. Honestly, I hope someone took her to the hospital. I doubt that's what happened, but still. For all the fun I've poked at her and for all she gets on my nerves, I don't wish her ill.

¿Que? I hope they deleted; I'm going to be pissed if Instagram took their account down after all of the times I've reported extreme pro-ana/self-harm/suicidal shit and never seen it get removed.

No. 35890

There was no indication RRI was thinking of deleting the account. I last checked it maybe an hour and a half ago and all was as usual.

Hope Aly is safe :/

No. 35891

maybe pa casati finally had dante delete her instacrap and throw her into a #realEDunit

No. 35892

Gonna cackle (and be relieved, tbh) if her next photo is from a bed with a tube up her nose.

No. 35896

i still can access to her IG

No. 35897


No. 35898


Same. #recoverywinning!

No. 35899


Oh no is kill

No. 35901

Her insta is online for me :S

No. 35902

>>35897 aly's

No. 35909

Yeah Aly is still up. Another account, realrecoveryinspiration, that screencapped and discussed some Aly "hater" posts and gave examples of "real" recovery accounts, was deleted.

No. 35911

PRAISE JESUS SHE POSTED! Our Real Recovery Goddess is alive and well! Never fear, no one shall lack for strenght, inspiration, or posi-vibes on this great day!

No. 35912

Aly lives! Eats chicken and potatoes to celebrate!

No. 35914

I can see why Aly is addicted to posting this shit on Instagram. She gets nearly instant gratification and ass-pats and she doesn't even have to do any hard work, like actually dealing with weight gain…

No. 35916

do you even cook?

No. 35917

Yeah 200 likes in 10 mins is a hell of a drug. She gains like 100 followers a day, too.

No. 35919

Jesus Chist I got fuckin worried about her to be honest.
Anyways, any more ideas why she deleted so many pics of her mum from the past weeks? She usually posts a mummy-selfie every two or three days.

No. 35921

maybe her mother asked her, cause it could endanger her job?

No. 35922

File: 1443023614601.png (51.49 KB, 1110x126, Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.47…)

OT from the Aly subject, but re: suicidal_bitch_fuckface, my head is spinning from how quickly she goes from "I'm killing myself, I'm in the hospital, I'm sectioned, the sky is falling" to "Things are going so well! I'm going to go play with my ponies!"

(not reposting her stupid self-harm pic here)

No ideas, but I'm SO CURIOUS. I wonder if they had a big fight or something. I wouldn't be surprised. I can't imagine Ma Casati is anything other than at the end of her rope at this point.

No. 35924

File: 1443024398008.png (2.49 MB, 1200x1202, Yum.png)

This actually looks really good and I want to eat it

No. 35927

File: 1443025077958.png (64.73 KB, 720x267, 2015-09-23 12.17.25.png)

NDYP, I love you.

No. 35928

File: 1443025324576.png (174.56 KB, 719x473, 2015-09-23 12.21.07.png)

On what planet is this true?

No. 35929

I actually spat my drink out at her last post!! Laughing so hard ! You are 19 not 5!!!

No. 35930

But if Ma Casati is finally tired of happy daughters bullshit nd isn't taking selfies with her anymore wouldn't she also stop talking pictures of her fake #recoverywins? I don't know this whole mother daughter relationship seems to be so fucked up it's ridiculous. What is wrong with that woman helping her mentally ill daughter keeping up that facade of realrecovery.

No. 35931

File: 1443026427684.jpg (22.35 KB, 323x248, naileeeew.JPG)

Eeeew fingernail

No. 35937


No. 35945

File: 1443028287692.png (271.01 KB, 606x887, Punchable kissy face.png)

No. 35946

File: 1443028323735.png (401.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-23-13-05-22…)

Countdown to deletion…

No. 35952

Mother is back. Smiling as always.

No. 35953

Huh. It's a mystery.

No. 35957


- realrecoveryinspiration is gone
- actually_recovering has gone private
- the change.org petition is gone

Has there been a coup?

No. 35958

She's going to McD's… when is her next "day hospital control"?

No. 35960

I love that these things apparently get deleted (did Aly somehow contact the sites and get them removed?) but blatant pro-ana shit and gaping self-harm wounds stay up indefinitely.

~Whenever they tell her she needs to come back!~ Probably in like another month. Because one weigh-in every few weeks or month or so is totally a great way to judge Aly's progress and she's clearly doing so well on an outpatient basis.

No. 35967

I just… I mean I don't want her to die (obviously) but I wish she hits rock bottom (whatever that means) so that she is forced ip or just wake up and stop lying already.

No. 35968

She spent all afternoon cuddling toys, is that a normal thing to do? Maybe I'm out of touch with the kids these days!

No. 35970

Oct 14. She told someone on a deleted post.

No. 35971

this is such a good comment. aly either secretly wants to die, really is completely deluded or it's just a vanity thing with her. i don't really understand the psychology behind eating disorders and i'm sure it varies greatly from person to person but aly really seems to live for this online persona.

No. 35972

File: 1443031930037.png (96.87 KB, 712x376, canthelpyou.png)


Uhhh…RRI is back, and so is the petition.

Am I on drugs? Was it ever really gone?

Anyway. This was deleted. Hope she answered her in DM, but it's a small hope.

No. 35973

Eating Disorders eventually become so consuming that sometimes the sufferer believe that it is all they have? I mean she has lost intimate relationships, friends, trust of her family, her independence, and her studies. As much as she image crafts and postures she really isn't living much of a life.

Letting go of the "last thing you have" and being left with "nothing" is terrifying. "All of these people and opportunities have vanished in one way or another but my ED has always been here."

Mind you, this is only a reason and not at all a justifiable excuse for not recovering. She has to understand that starting with nothing can be a blessing, because of the countless possibilities that would be made available.

No. 35974

Jesus. Such a long time between appointments. I don't understand. If she wanted to (or even if she just didn't try hard not to), she could lose enough weight by then to land her in the hospital again, or even to kill herself. She doesn't have much of a (any?) margin. She's pretty much toeing the line of being on death's door. I just don't get why she isn't having at least weekly appointments.

No. 35975

She said her next apt was mid October

No. 35982

So a usual 1500 cal day then Aly? #realrecovery

No. 35983

File: 1443033587400.jpg (784.49 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20150923_143833.jpg)

Such a #recoverywin

No. 35984

Left is 7 weeks ago. Right is today.

No. 35987

Sometime, parents or sick children get a bit too comfortable playing the role of the long-suffering, saintly mother. It's not always a conscious thing.

No. 35988

File: 1443034527515.png (2.52 MB, 1824x1824, Photo Collage Maker_94WPVv.png)

Idk about you but I think Ma still looks like she's going to slap aly any second now

No. 35991

Those burgers look scary similar. Also, I hate how EVERYTHING is a #recoverywin, even if Aly eats it every fucking day with apparently no problems whatsoever.

No. 35995

Want to call her out on so much but lose my entertainment if I get blocked, NDYP work your magic it's funny to watch

No. 36000

tbh, anon, i'm not seein it

No. 36002


That forced smile, the rage behing her eyes, the brows.

these all scream "i fucking hate what my daughter has become"

No. 36014

NDYP, I love you.

No. 36018

File: 1443039709127.jpg (114.57 KB, 540x730, IMG_20150923_132030.JPG)

Just in case she catches the sublety. Nice one, though.

No. 36025

NYDP, you a great angel emoji

(actual comment)

No. 36031

File: 1443041128476.png (1.18 MB, 988x1406, TRIGGERED.png)

We'll see how long it lasts. Every time I reload my Instagram tab, I wonder if I'm going to find that I've been blocked.

No. 36032

That does look good. tiny potatoes?

No. 36039

Same anon.
Holy shit. All the emojis are in the same order.

No. 36040

No. 36055

llindaxoxo I feel you… that's how I feel every time I look at Aly's instagram too. :)

No. 36056

I get losing relationships, but if she gave up her ED, she wouldn't have nothing. She could go back to school, regain her independence, become closer again with her family and friends. She's a moron because anorexia is the only reason she lost all of those things.

No. 36057

Guess she didn't have a regular coke today. (I noticed because I was trying to figure out the difference before reading the second comment and noticed the "a normal coke wine glass" was gone.)

That drives me fucking bonkers too. Her definition of #recoverywin makes no sense to me.

No. 36067

annnnd deleted. I hate how things that are worded in a polite way are deleted. She's such a cunt. I hope she gets sectioned, tied down, and force-ng tubed. I HOPE IT SUCKS AND I HOPE SHE FEELS BLOATED.

No. 36079

Were you petting a different result this time? Or the last 3465456 times? She's not going to change and her account will never be deleted.

No. 36080

the worst part is tho that she has >25k followers

No. 36081

*expecting! Autocorrect

No. 36088

Damn, anon. You bitter or some shit?

No. 36097

Right? Aly is just a sick girl who is addicted to social media.

No. 36103

so glad you 2 agree! i posted the first screenshot from SBFF thinking "i hope someone else has seen this and is as intrigued? confused? as i am"
does she deserve a thread?

No. 36105

At this point, I don't care whether or not Aly recovers. I just want her Instagram gone. Don't bring anybody else down with your toxic choices, go for on your own.

No. 36106

Feckin autocorrect

No. 36108

Just popping in to say (as many others have), that NDYP is the best. I was checking up on Aly's instagram at work (it's a sickness…) and I was practically on the floor laughing at your comments. Keep 'em coming!

No. 36112

I'll be the devil's advocate for a second. I think Aly's instagram is unhealthy (mostly for her), but she does get comments from readers saying they were inspired by her to not count calories, or to try a fearfood, or to stay positive wrt their ED. Doesn't that count for something? I've heard Aly's supporters saying that people who are being triggered by her or are following her as thinspo carry their own responsibility and should stop following her on instagram and deal with their issues. That actually does sound like a more reasonable thing to do (for them) than to ask their trigger to gtfo off instagram. Of course, Aly needs treatment/therapy of her own and should gtfo Instagram for herself until she's sorted herself out.

So: Aly's positives vs. negatives. A more nuanced perspective needed?

No. 36115


No. 36117

File: 1443058752519.png (8.17 KB, 600x127, theskeleton.png)

No. 36119

so what exactly happens if 200 people sign?

No. 36120

Aly dies.

No. 36121

Ma Casati probs lets Aly take selfies with her because she knows her daughter is going to die anyway. Might as well have pictures take pictures while you can.

No. 36122

The skeleton is stopped.

No. 36123

File: 1443059298013.jpg (232.9 KB, 640x977, image.jpg)

I did a bit of stalking in Aly's old insta and I clicked on her ex-boyfriend's account. I wonder if his new gf is Ana. I hope not, I bet dealing with Aly was enough.

No. 36125

Anyone else think it's weird leaving photos of yourself with your ex on fb when you break up? Especially if they're kissy kissy ones?

No. 36126

(By that I mean aly leaving hers up on fb and ig)

No. 36127

ugh, and i just noticed he's kept his of aly on his fb

No. 36131

she used 2 look so hot tho

No. 36133

She looks normal to me. https://instagram.com/p/2hBVfEmPJ9/

I wish he turned out to be an ana fetishist. The drama would be delicious.

No. 36138

She also posts pics of mcdonalds https://instagram.com/p/7JWyX6mPDI/

Is Italians instagramming their McDonalds like when Americans take pics of sushi and shit

No. 36142

Nah, it's like Americans taking photos at Olive Garden. Italians do sushi photos too

No. 36146

It's just Aly being Aly.

No. 36147

she had a great figure. not sure how natural it was, but man did she ever fuck it up.

No. 36153

Could just as easily replace "figure" with "family".

No. 36154

This is so depressing.
How long ago is 132 weeks btw in months time?

No. 36159

its just over 2.5 years

No. 36163

No. 36164

File: 1443074083211.png (40.76 KB, 509x601, ah12.png)

No. 36166

ha! I wonder if she's seen it

No. 36167

Thank you, anon.

I feel conflicted. Aly needs to get off IG to focus on getting better, but also we will lose a cow.

No. 36169

her bmi cant be more than 12… how has her heart not stopped yet?

No. 36173

There are others out there.

No. 36174

File: 1443078852149.jpg (13.73 KB, 438x95, Capture.JPG)

> people who are being triggered by her or are following her as thinspo carry their own responsibility and should stop following her on instagram and deal with their issues. That actually does sound like a more reasonable thing to do (for them) than to ask their trigger to gtfo off instagram.

But they aren't dealing with the issues that're triggering them. Of course people can choose NOT to look at her account and be triggered, but idk, maybe she sucks them in with the food porn?

No posts from her yet 9.12am her time. Either her dad is staring at her in the kitchen, or maybe she's googling her username.

No. 36175

Me again.

I'll admit that even though the site of deep cuts are triggering for me, sometimes I'll actually seek it out and idk why. I don't think that shit belongs on ig, but then aly's pics are self harm of a different kind. Her face and body are triggering. Although it's less graphic than the mutilators, if she's not using her spoopy body as a before and after thing, flaunting her bones IS glamorising the harm she does to herself.

No. 36177

I'm glad Aly never posts pictures of her actual bones, no specific body shots of her weight loss, we get glimpses of her sternum but she doesnt go out of her way to show us her body

No. 36178

Like this

No. 36179

File: 1443081386675.jpg (25.47 KB, 335x351, Capture.JPG)

She knows hers isn't the body of recovery.

Idk why this girl throws these poses. I won't bitch because I suspect she's under 16 (can't remember). Kinda ironic that she blasts aly for her fake recovery when she uploads her own bonespo though.

No. 36180

(sorry, she's 14 - her bio's difficult to read)

No. 36181

Irritation took over a bit and I posted that. Whoops. She already posted breakfast so she may have seen it, but should I leave it up or delete it?

No. 36189

LEAVE IT maybe some of her followers who still believe her crap will google

No. 36191

File: 1443084405798.jpg (85.67 KB, 517x726, sreens44.JPG)

Missed calories? Wasn't her breakfast same as always?

No. 36194

Ah, good point.

I thought the same thing, but she mentioned she ran out of milk. Apparently that cappuccino is supposed to make up for the glass of missed milk, despite having half the calories of it. Guess she decided to do the same thing with her breakfast as she does with her morning snack.

No. 36196

She's so fake, it pisses me off so much. Like, she really doesn't give a shit about trying to recover.

No. 36200

She is ALWAYS having this cup of cappuccino after her 'breakfast'. Like…WTF she is making her lies and fake recovery so OBVIOUS right now.

No. 36202

She had a pastry yesterday too, maybe she's making up for those extra 121 calories by not having her milk today

No. 36203

Click on the location part of her post, her pictures ALL look the same! Thinking one espresso/pastry reposted several times??

No. 36204

Missed calories why not just have a few more biscuits rather than going out for a walk to get coffee

No. 36205

Oh my god you're right. I really don't know anymore WHAT of the things she posts she actually eats. Because we all know that she HAS to eat SOME of it. Otherwise she would've died a long time ago. I always thought that she is eating the stuff from bars and restaurants but throws away the meals and snacks at home.

No. 36207

so what happened with the email someone sent to the hospital or something?

No. 36209

File: 1443089457248.jpg (214.28 KB, 1078x1158, Screenshot_2015-09-24-11-08-16…)

Alys ma isn't the only one who's had enough of the clown act

No. 36210

I feel sorry for her dad. He looks angry and sad and just tired of life.

No. 36211

U love her dad. Not IN love. Just love how he hates this shit and makes it obvious while the rest play along.

No. 36212

I mean I love him not U though you may do too.

No. 36213

Yes I think we all love him and it's heartbreaking. He is watching is daughter die and his wife is smiling all the time.

No. 36214

Soo I'm german, same time zone as italy and its nearly 1 o'clock here. How many calories did she eat so far? 400 maybe?

No. 36219

File: 1443092689758.jpg (20.68 KB, 565x139, Capture.JPG)

Did ig delete realrecoveryinspiration or the owner?

SO she doesn't have milk as usual, so drinks another coffee which she usually has anyway, so she hasn't made up on calories?

Does she think people are stupid?

No. 36221

File: 1443093712162.png (115.2 KB, 1138x422, Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.04…)

>everything was so armonious
Sure, Aly. It really looks like it. I feel sorry for her whole family. Who knows what's up with her dad, but Aly blames him for her ED, and now she's making everyone close to her watch her die slowly and very publicly.

I do think she thinks people are that stupid. Some of her followers really appear to be.

Oh, and did anyone else catch this? Kek. Hi McKenzie. You sound pretty butthurt.
>Publicly state that you "had" an ED
>Admittedly be at an extremely unhealthily low weight
>Constantly post really fucking blatant ~thinspo~ images of yourself
>Act like you have no idea your thinspo shit is thinspo shit and get all righteous indignation'd over the idea that it might be taken as such
Yeeeahhh, no. I don't care what disease you have - the shots you take of your emaciated body are classic pro-ana ~bones are beautiful~ images. I don't believe for a second that you don't know exactly what you're doing. Get the fuck out.

No. 36223

File: 1443094595860.png (148.33 KB, 223x305, Untitled.png)

I only just noticed she got her own thread here. I read her ask.fm once and that was enough. She's a fuck up.

No. 36224

that was me ^

Did she get an account deleted? Just wondering because she's got a 2 after her ig name.

No. 36225

File: 1443094735996.jpg (39.51 KB, 418x467, Capture.JPG)

>don't get mad dear, just bear with it a little longer, she promised us she will get better

No. 36226

She needs to stop this bullshit. (That's what I think about Ma C, and probably what Pa is thinking about aly with her phonecam).

No. 36227

No. 36228

dat oil tho

No. 36229

File: 1443097141479.jpg (57.59 KB, 531x457, ew.JPG)

At times like this the ginge's food looks more appetising.

No. 36230

File: 1443097301232.png (654.41 KB, 1366x728, bun.png)

No. 36231

File: 1443097390411.jpg (122.79 KB, 499x337, screen45.jpg)

When she eats outside it's an extra?? How is that even pissible when she eats more outside than at home.

No. 36232

File: 1443097433731.png (43.67 KB, 256x256, delish.png)

she's really pushing herself there.

No. 36233

So is she saying pretty much every lunch snack and sometimes dinner is an extra? Every fortimel, every #second breakfast

No. 36234

File: 1443098023573.jpg (29.5 KB, 254x174, 446.JPG)

1. Why isn't that comment about the internet search deleted?

2. Wow. All that Junk food.

No. 36235

File: 1443098058818.jpg (163.27 KB, 631x537, THE MEAL PLAN.jpg)

and she doesn't count breakfast as a main meal.

No. 36236

I was just about to say that! Her 'junk food' was usual breakfast, couscous, crackers, and ravioli… I see NO junk food or extra food even?!

No. 36237

Yea her intake without extras is consisting of the cookie-breakfast, the cracker-snack, a fortimel and 10 noodles. But it's on her MEALPLAN!!!!!!!!

No. 36238

>is followed by specialists and dietician
>increases at all main meals
>breakfast is not a main meal

No. 36239

Those turkey slices have like 20kcals each! And no fat!

No. 36240

Everyday she either has lunch out or dinner out, so is she saying she has breakfast, one snack and one main meal a day. Everything else is extra?

No. 36241

File: 1443098560741.jpg (37.41 KB, 242x325, 4567544.JPG)

She doesn't understand a word

No. 36242

I want to take her out for a takeaway curry. Or a falafel or shawarma wrap loaded with hummus. It'd be delicious, and probably even be more nutritious than this.

No. 36244

Will you take me instead, please?

No. 36245

But of course!

…and now I'm hungry

No. 36248

Me too. Let's go! I promise not to fanny around taking pictures.

No. 36250

File: 1443099526843.png (39.33 KB, 256x256, hospital control.png)

Why hasn't anyone pulled her up on the fact she supposedly ate that bacon burger a few months ago?

Is brushing it under the carpet her way of admitting she didn't really eat one?

No. 36253

She had this as well, 3 months ago.

No. 36254

File: 1443100443534.jpg (156.86 KB, 1120x722, recoverywinning.JPG)

Oops. Forgot to attach.

This looks like a decent recoverywin, so another burger, three months later, is still a recoverywin?

No. 36255

File: 1443100569998.jpg (158.28 KB, 1115x718, Fries!.JPG)

And even better recoverywin! The same burger, with fries! ….10 weeks ago.

Now she's eating it with salad and calling it a recoverywin. Girrrrl, what did you do to this burger then?

No. 36256

This is the one I remember because it was the day before her weigh in. Didn't the other pic show her brother eating the bacon one and hers looked like a plain ol' burger?

She's so full of shit.

No. 36257

Do pathological liars like her ever feel guilt? I would feel tremendous guilt knowing that day after day the only thing in my life that gives me joy (I refuse to believe she doesn't get off on her 25k followers) is just a huge lie. How can she possibly feel proud or fulfilled by something she is not earning?

That fact solidifies my opinion that she's just a horrible person.

No. 36258

You're right. I'd forgotten that.

No. 36259

you've got me googling PATHOLOGICAL LIAR now.

No. 36261

Feeling guilt would imply that she's self-aware enough to live in reality.

I don't think she is.

No. 36263

>Don’t forget that the liar lacks empathy: As hard as it is to believe, it is true. The liar doesn’t have any consciousness of how the lying behavior may make you feel.

From what I'm reading it'd be difficult to tell unless you were face to face with her. It's all about spotting them using gestures.

>Pathological liars typically have trouble maintaining consistency in their life and do not live in reality.

No. 36269

File: 1443102465293.png (106.52 KB, 561x301, Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.22…)

Deletion in 4-3-2…

No. 36271

She replied to it! Added that cunty emoji at the end as usual.

No. 36272

File: 1443102867219.jpg (25.12 KB, 343x128, ref.JPG)


The usual.

No. 36273

She trusts her doctors…

No. 36274

…the doctors whose plan she apparently follows, loses weight and has to be admitted for IV fluids.

No. 36278

File: 1443104233867.jpg (59.64 KB, 331x372, boom.JPG)


No. 36292

Where is the thread on I'm skinny beautiful?

No. 36293

File: 1443108016116.jpg (66.36 KB, 1119x380, Capture.JPG)

No. 36296

Regarding her meal plan, while there's no way that she doesn't know her calories, she could be doing exchanges/shares/units, whatever you want to call a certain type of food: proteins, fats, starches, desserts, and so on. BUT with this type of meal plan, you're shown and given examples of how much one of these servings is. If she's on a meal plan like this, she's obviously bending the rules with the portion sizes. The cappuccino is probably a "dairy." The strawberry on top of a dessert she doesn't eat is a "fruit."
She wouldn't lose followers if she came clean and told the truth. They'd praise her for being brave enough to tell the truth.
And yes, I mad.

No. 36297

Claiming she has trust in doctors is taking away any responsibility she might have for herself, distancing herself from having to recover because "my doctors know what they're doing dont you think?". Once she takes ownership of her own recovery, she might actually start making some progress.

No. 36306

I'm legitimately amazed that Aly's petition has gotten 144 signatures.

No. 36307

it took me way too long to realize she meant "specialists"…but this is much more entertaining if interpreted as "if we don't trust socialists what would we do?"

No. 36308

Yeah, that made me giggle as well.

Why are none of her followers asking why her dad looks so goddamned pissed in that photo? Or is she just deleting them all? Because, Jesus, the man looks frightening.

No. 36309

in response to

No. 36314

I think she is deleting a lot. It's unusual that there are so little comments on most of her pics despite that big number of followers.

No. 36316

of course she is the only one who hasn't eaten any of it. of course. damn it aly.

No. 36336

File: 1443117701786.jpg (392.33 KB, 1440x1419, Screenshot_2015-09-24-12-59-10…)

She looks so damn sick here. Good lord. Definitely going to be hospitalized again next month.

No. 36341

What is that crust doing o__O

No. 36344

On the McDonalds picture I first thought she would look I little better but on this one her face looks thinner than ever…

No. 36345

"It's my doctors fault my meal plan was so low I lost weight but I'm going to trust them BC they're specialists and we have to trust them"

No. 36347

> I don't count calories!
> gotta make up for missed calories

No. 36350

which…she actually didn't, bc she drinks the cappucino daily.

btw i'm not as optimistic as to think she'll be hospitalized specifically for ED. If it didn't happen this far, it won't happen.

No. 36351


This bitch is doing all this shit just to torture her dad. This picture and her smug face…ugh.

No. 36357

As funny as this picture is I just feel so awful for her dad. :/ Her mom too, even if she is clueless. Maybe it's because he kind of looks like my dad.
EDs are the worst, I could never imagine putting my parents through something like that.

No. 36372

File: 1443124586223.png (42.77 KB, 1118x146, Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.5…)

I hate how she never just answers people's non-hostile questions, she has to do the "GOSH, I've already answered that, which you'd know if you'd been properly studying everything I posted" thing

No. 36376

I still can't find the thread on I'm skinny beautiful. Will someone post link? Pretty plz.

No. 36379

Wtf, you again?


Are you actually skinny beautiful?

No. 36380

lol it probably is, it's obvious she's lurking the fuck out of lolcow right now and freaking out on her insta over everything that's said about her

No. 36382

No I am not her but I'm amazed that someone her age has an account like that. I don't doubt she has chrome but her obsession w satisfying the pro Ana's is weird. And she claims she doesn't edit her pictures which is a joke.

No. 36385

well it doesn't look like you're from 'round these parts, pal…

No. 36386

oh because nobody NEW can come onto these boards..

No. 36387

I am new and to be honest, this places totally confuses the hell out of me

No. 36389

File: 1443127590283.jpg (26.65 KB, 328x154, qat.JPG)

Italian help needed pl0x

Google translate didn't make sense either

No. 36390

File: 1443127686222.png (159.63 KB, 1366x768, pie.png)

quick google search of the bakery she was at… 6 euro for a slice of pie? wtf???? even the 'slim' one is expensive..
I assume it's her mothers money she is wasting on food considering she has no job/no life in general/ lives in social media world

No. 36391

She went from being a uni student with a social life to a child babysat by her mom every day. Maybe that's what she wants.

No. 36392


– how many fortimals did they give you per day? I saw that you were only admitted one week. I don't know how you did that.. you have doctors? I mean even a psychologist?
Since we are being treated at the same hospital

No. 36395

Thank you

Interesting….so is Aly's treatment somehow not following hospital protocol? hmmm

No. 36396

She's probably been leaving AMA all this time.

No. 36402

File: 1443129361533.jpg (1.53 MB, 2832x1190, collage_20150924171449085_2015…)

#CRISPYMCBACON. From left to right, 10 weeks, 7 weeks, yesterday. Again, I find it strange how similar these descriptions are.

No. 36403


Why is it strange? They're all written by the same liar.

No. 36405

Fries and a normal coke → side salad and a normal coke → salad probably water (seen in pic)

No. 36412

Even on the McDonalds one I can tell she looks thinner by the way the corner of her smile tucks into her cheeks… does that make sense? But she does look better from the side than she does head-on.
In the pie picture though, good lord. She definitely lost all the fluids she gained in the hospital. Do her cheeks look swollen or is that the shape of her jaw?

Suffering. Pretty sure she pushed it up for the previous picture.

It's because she's so self-absorbed that she doesn't realize people don't have time to read every one of her captions. I'm being completely serious; she literally thinks that those who follow her read every caption and comment on her page.

No. 36415

What's the floating white thing near her mums face?

No. 36416

i wonder if she wears a wig. Her hair looks too good for an anorexic.

No. 36417

It's Ma's fork. It's a weird photo.

I've also wondered if it was a wig. Hmmm.

No. 36418

Have you got a speck on your screen?

No. 36420

Just looked odd with no handle

No. 36421

File: 1443134001088.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.41 KB, 1036x1260, Screenshot_2015-09-24-23-31-04…)

She's always had that hair haha nightmare alert!

No. 36425


I knew she was lying about her meal plan

No. 36426

I want to ride pillion on one of those bikes with Dante. My arms tightly holding him around his waist.

No. 36427


These pics are probably one of the ways she distracts her family from realizing she's not eating anything

No. 36428

funny how she hasn't taken a single bite of her burger and everyone else has almost finished.

No. 36429

same with this pic https://instagram.com/p/7kPoEuyqRe/
>brother's finished icecream
>aly hasn't started

No. 36437

She's become Ash. It is the fate of anas.

No. 36439

Not all, but I can't see Aly ever trying to recover. The way she's going, she won't live long enough to change her mind.

No. 36440

Either this girl is teasing her hair of she's got some mad extensions. Her hair went from flat to fat while her body went in the other direction.

No. 36443

She backcombs, plus there was that pic where her skull looked elongated and anons suspect bump its.

No. 36444

Ffs those fucking eyebrows

No. 36450

i thought "omg she's becoming ash" when she posted about spending the day cuddling some stuffed animals.

No. 36453

Yeah it seems like she's regressing instead of growing up…pretty soon she'll be eating with only baby utensils on baby plates, and then she'll go to eating ~mealplanned baby food~

No. 36463

oh god, why did i click

No. 36466

File: 1443142072712.jpg (334.19 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

Feel free to improve this or make a better one. I just made it in under 15min. Bc too much time on my hands.

No. 36469

There is no way that her mom is taking these pics and then Aly doesn't eat the shit. There is no fucking way. I'm assuming it's the only thing she eats that day or sth but seriously, why would her mother go on bying food for her and taking pics all the time if Aly wasn't at least eating a significant portion of it??

No. 36470


No. 36474

I'm assuming Aly purges.

No. 36476

>Don't add anything if diagnosed by BM
…Bowel Movement?

Despite that, I can already picture this circulating the internet with some people taking it seriously.

No. 36477

it's probably her mom's pie. Aly steals it to pose for her #instaselfie and then gives it back to her mom. then she hashtags #recoverywin and cons all the #edsoldiers into believing that she ate it.

No. 36478

btw this is brilliant

No. 36481

My best guess is that chart maker meant if diagnosed BN, as in bulimia.

No. 36483

So true, it's tragic.

Trying to figure out aly's score.

No. 36484

Oops, I didn't proof read ^__^;
But yes, I mean bulimia nervosa

No. 36485

Ahh, I am so proud that one of my life's greatest accomplishments thus far has been being (as far as I know) the original anon who posted about #assholegaps on lolcow dot farm

No. 36488

It'll eventually be a real thing among the Ana community. Sad but true :/

No. 36489

File: 1443148043543.jpg (37.6 KB, 500x334, scarred_for_life.jpg)

Oh. It was YOU.

No. 36490


lol that's what i thought as well, but i figured i was just paranoid.

No. 36491

File: 1443148279844.png (72.84 KB, 298x288, You are very welcome.png)

>"Post your asshole gap!"
>"My asshole is more visible than your asshole!"


No. 36492

File: 1443148438198.jpg (21.08 KB, 398x349, cant look.JPG)

No. 36493

The asshole gap. Loads of the pro anas are so strange about their intimate areas. They give detailed info about barfing and their pics are like an anatomy class, but mention periods or asshole gaps and they're all THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!

Jeepers Christ. What a hung up bunch of kooks.

No. 36495

File: 1443149688036.gif (1.96 MB, 360x240, icovery.gif)

No. 36498

If I have children, they won't have smart phones or their own laptops until they're older. Flip phones and supervised internet until then. Def. no tv either. Ugh. Social media is not good for sick kids like her and sprout.

No. 36499

Just don't have kids. Nothing but a pain in the ass.

No. 36503

Oh, duh. I thought it was either that or diagnosed "by a GP," rather than by a specialist, if that makes sense. And then, of course, BM was funny because I'm 12.

No. 36504

True. I'm actually concerned for her safety since someone posted screenshots from the fetishist site with her in them. Wasn't this gif posted in the Ashley thread? Why is it being posted here?

No. 36505

As the quote goes, "yeah, I was the world's best parent until I had children too."

Seriously, I'm sorry, but technology is going to be integrated into your child's life and there is nothing you can do about it. Don't ban them from free will, but discuss with them making responsible life choices. Discussion is key.
Otherwise, if they do suffer from a mental illness like anorexia, they'll find a way to look up "bad" things at places like school or their friends' houses.
So let them know that you're there for them and are willing to listen to them.

No. 36506

Yeah, I know. I'm nowhere near having kids anyway. Just…ugh…I can't help but think these kids would be so much happier and healthier without Instagram and predators like Ashley and the other pro anas.

No. 36507


Shit, kid must be tall because she looks far smaller than the 74 lbs she said she weighed 5 days ago.

No. 36509

Alright. I just always get… nervous, I guess, when I see people saying "I'm going to restrict my child to this and that" and seem unwilling to have discussion about it. That just leads to a child who feels unable to share stuff with their parent even if they are having mental problems, you know?

Of course, then you have the other end of the spectrum, which I would say is Aly's mother, where they're overly supportive of technology and social media. Her mother should not be supporting her Instagram as much as she does, and I can't believe she doesn't see that it's a problem. I mean, how do you not realize that your child takes a picture of every meal and that it's weird to take so many pictures of your child with food? Yikes.

No. 36510

Someone posted about her, so I thought I'd respond with relevant information. I suppose it is a bit off topic.

No. 36511

Yeah, I think the Duggars are a good example of what can happen when parentsgo to far in that direction.

No. 36512

File: 1443152153571.png (240.93 KB, 648x1583, anapoints.png)

No. 36518


So Aly's got…at least 75 points. Holy shit.

No. 36519

Hm. I think I messed up the points system compared to the original in >>36466

No. 36520

Original maker here: thank you for making it pretty <3

No. 36521

found out she was in san paolo hospital which also has an inpatient/outpatient eating disorders clinic.

No. 36525

We know.

No. 36526

I wonder what their criteria is for readmission

No. 36527

She wasn't admitted to the ED clinic/ward. She's only ever been put on the general medical ward.

No. 36529

How the fuck, though? How does this even happen? How incompetent do they have to be at that place? I am so baffled.

No. 36536

Am I crazy or was there a post about I'm-skinny-beautiful2 that doesn't exist anymore?

No. 36539

Post or thread?

No. 36541

File: 1443165669319.jpg (132.51 KB, 924x594, Capture.JPG)

BIG cookies. Not ordinary cookies she has every morning. BIG ones.

No. 36543

A POWERFUL breakfast was needed!!

No. 36547

Cookie monster would be jealous!!

No. 36548

File: 1443166217893.gif (1.02 MB, 399x229, tumblr_n88a4a9agd1rla0dyo1_400…)

No. 36550

File: 1443166240564.jpg (18.24 KB, 256x256, strenght.jpg)

Are you ready to fight?


STILL my favourite Sesame Street resident. No thoughts of extra calories as extras from his meal plan.

No. 36551

He is a true fighter and doesn't count the extra calories!

No. 36553

Why doesn't she ever have fruit or oatmeal for breakfast?

No. 36554


No. 36555

Not on her meal plan. Bahaha, just saw the above.

I was thinking how little fruit she eats. Doesn't get her 5 a day.

No. 36556

NDYP I seeee yoooou.

No. 36559

as if she doesn't calculate calories. anorexics are fucking brutally talented when it comes to calorie counting

No. 36563

Ugh this bugs me too, I've worked with three dietitians in my life and none of them would ever have said "Yeah, have the same measly breakfast every single day! Don't ever switch it up or increase, because it's not a 'main meal'!"

No. 36567

File: 1443175189586.jpg (105.83 KB, 911x281, 447.jpg)

Yes Aly, you are definitely back on track.

No. 36569

File: 1443175317497.png (13.52 KB, 662x54, Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 2.59…)

Ah! The truth comes out! I really hope her school told her "fuck no, you can't return in this state, you're a huge liability. Go get treatment, and then maybe you can come back." I've known people who had that happen to them in 'murica.

No. 36572

So for this fucking pie, she took one picture of the pie, one of her with the pie, and one of her mother and her and their desserts. Three fucking pictures in one meal. That's not even counting the rejects!
Conclusion: she must be annoying as hell to eat with, especially since she's a slow eater in addition to all of this.

(We already knew this but the pie bullshit just threw it in my face this morning.)

No. 36574

File: 1443179809907.png (847.89 KB, 718x676, spoopy.png)

Looks like she's back to pre-hospital levels of haggardness. :(

Although I see water on that table, I also see coffee?

Oh and: demonstration of plum innards as proof!

No. 36575

She might mean the hospital didn't think it'd be a good idea.

Lol @ her giving private English and Maths lessons.

THIS is the worst she's ever looked. Her mum looks like her daughter.

No. 36576

>going to give private lessons of English, Italian and Maths ✒️) and this day couldn't start more brighten

My day could use a little brighten.

No. 36577

That 14 year old's account is breaking my heart. Mom made her an appointment with a doctor "in a few weeks" because she fell as she couldn't feel her leg. WTF?? This kid has 1.9 feet in the grave. Are the parents blind?

No. 36578

Why does she do those ridiculous poses?

No. 36579

Maximum bone exhibition?

No. 36581

She's really, really sick in the head and needed professional help a looooong time ago. I feel really bad for her. I don't understand why her parents haven't forced her into the hospital.

No. 36582

File: 1443181820129.jpg (39.83 KB, 864x866, 6Typ85Bkc.jpg)

For you, anon.

No. 36583

File: 1443181895232.jpg (43.16 KB, 292x332, Capture.JPG)

Sounds like they've tried. We don't know her story. Her mum's thick as shit to write off the fact that this girl's got chronic diarrhea and hasn't taken her to ER.

How is HER SCHOOL allowing her to attend?

No. 36584

Ahhh, than you! My day is much more brighten now (((warm fuzzy hugz)))

No. 36585

because yelling and crying will solve the issue…

Ffs, they need to haul her to hospital. Then keep her there.

No. 36586

Aly's just written how she's eaten some leftover eggplants because she hates wasting food …

No. 36588

In this morning's cappuccino pic she said it was an old friend who wanted private lessons in the next few days and now she's calling it a job interview LOL. She is so desperate to seem more interesting than she is.

No. 36589

File: 1443184176884.jpg (119.05 KB, 308x382, Capture.JPG)

She can't even keep up with her own lies anymore.

Still can't get how haggard she's getting.

No. 36590

Still can't get over*

No. 36591

dat pink eyeshadow

No. 36596

Ash also wears pink eye shadow and it makes her look even sicker, if that's even possible.

Oh and the Italian comment by the person being treated at the same hospital as Aly and calling her out on her BS has been baleeted.

No. 36599

She's said that before and it's still funny every time.

No. 36601

Blocked probably. I would've asked that person for more details about her treatment at that hospital if I knew Italian. Still, deleting speaks volumes.

No. 36602

I bet the leftovers are all aly's. They've been in the fridge for weeks and she keeps reheating them and that's why they're all dried and rubbery.

No. 36603

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
>rubbery fooooooood

No. 36606

I wanna go to Italy, find Aly, strap her down to a chair and paint those disgusting nails right.

No. 36610

i don't understand why you would take so many photos of yourself when you look this disgusting. she's commented that she used to be more attractive. does she not see how much this has aged her?

No. 36611

Yeah, I went through her account last night and I just felt awful for her.

No. 36614

It's fucking tragic, honestly. Yeah, she posts "thinspo"-ish pictures. No, she shouldn't do that. She's 14 and really mentally and physically ill, though, so I don't expect her to make the best decisions in the world. I'm just worried she's going to die before anyone steps in and forces her to make some real changes.

IDK, I always felt like she was just kind of paying lip service to the whole "I looked better when I was healthier!" thing. It seems like she thinks she's pretty hot shit now, and all of the pictures get her TONS of validation ("OMG you're sooooo beautiful wow I wish I could look like you!" etc.) anyway.

No. 36615

Ash does it too omg. Is it coincidence or an attempt to look *~sicker~*?

No. 36618

Shiit! They were going to hospitalize her at 10-15kgs heavier than she is now, and she weighs 33.1kgs now? Poor kid!!! Stupid stupid parents! Take her to A&E now!!!!

No. 36628

And now she's a Teacher!
Not a lowly tutor. I should give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she doesn't know the difference between teacher and tutor bc she's ESL, but I prefer to think she's calling herself a teacher in the same sort of way that Ashley called a dental procedure ~Mouth Surgery~

No. 36629

It's definitely a trend among these ED cunts. Ashley had "mouth surgery", Erika had her "guts removed" and now Aly had a "job interview"

No. 36637

Speaking of, I was thinking that I want an Erika update. I want to see if she actually gained weight

No. 36652

Yep they all fucking exaggerate everything that happens.

No. 36661

File: 1443211129305.jpg (157.14 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Thin slices of 'peer' that would add up to less than half of the whole damn fruit if you put them together. Ffs, Aly. Eat the whole 'peer'.

No. 36692

i might have missed it somewhere, but, what is this girls account name? The macabre part of me cant help but be curious

No. 36701


No. 36702

File: 1443215262674.jpg (143.58 KB, 640x640, 11850317_1001888623206809_1243…)

Can't see any qualified ED Dietician prescribing a night snack like this. Recovering is about introducing and maintaining normal eating habits, and weight gain can be achieved without literally binge eating on chocolate bars as it seems Minnie maude is all about.

No. 36703

File: 1443215338745.png (66.95 KB, 1366x728, vv.png)

ha. so aly posts two videos then realizes that means she actually has to take a bite of the food.

No. 36708

File: 1443217162153.png (246.49 KB, 1280x768, Screenshot_2015-09-25-23-33-39…)

is this someone from here? It's pretty obvious this scenario isn't real and I'm not sure what kind of response it is trying to provoke from Aly. I don't even understand the request: "please tell her if she's a failure" for gaining on your mealplan, which should be a weight-gaining mealplan? And some shit about pasta?

I don't think Aly eats it all either (or she purges - not everyone gets chipmunk cheeks, guys). But posting confusing obviously f