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File: 1443021323349.jpg (53.47 KB, 720x712, 1012852_525761127473439_187520…)

No. 35893

No. 35894

Anyone know where the blouse is from on the picture on OP

No. 35895

In response to an anon from the previous thread
Her saying she came Canada to Japan isn't odd to me considering she is.. well… Canadian.
When you travel somewhere to you cite all the places you passed along the way?

No. 35904

File: 1443022431854.jpg (22.83 KB, 230x345, anna sui silk chiffon blouse_l…)

Anna sui

No. 35906

File: 1443022475876.jpg (101.83 KB, 612x612, 1.jpg)

No. 35907

File: 1443022511824.jpg (59.03 KB, 720x720, 3.jpg)

No. 35908

File: 1443022546385.jpg (86.49 KB, 612x612, 4.jpg)

No. 35978


She looks like a fairy. I love it

No. 35997

I adore this outfit and this look. She really should go back to being a normal model instead a Kooters clone.

No. 36026

gosh, I love Anna Sui's clothing so much.

No. 36027

She looks so beautiful here. why did she throw it all away?

No. 36058

Thanks for info! I agree with -Chad- in that one.

By that logic Taylor also suits white men more. But she has fetish for Asian guys and it's gross.

Being a commercial model is basically all she was doing in Hong Kong, but at least she was working. Now she is just enjoying the useless role of an old rich brat.

No. 36060

File: 1443045830326.jpg (90.68 KB, 815x396, image.jpg)

For the next thread's main picture, I wish we can have this comparison

No. 36063

Fucking hell, what happened to her cheeks?

No. 36066

Cheek fillers

No. 36084

holy shit is this for real? looks like she was stung by bees.

No. 36099

Could somebody post a link to the original video? I can't seem to find it.

No. 36162

No. 36165

Wrong link

No. 36264

No. 36265

Once people see this Sony video, nobody can ever deny she didn't modify her face.

No. 36275

Jesus she ruined herself. I know the full cheek thing is considered more kawaii but she looks absolutely bloated. Like her face is going to explode any minute. She's definitely had some other stuff done too. I'm shocked that she's even getting any jobs with the way she looks now.

No. 36290

She looks like she's made from wax, it is so horrifying. Only extreme self-inadequacy could cause such a dramatic change like this.

No. 36346

Cheek fillers ''settle'' and turn less bloated overtime.
They may have been fresh in that vid as in other videos since then she looks fine.

No. 36424

But what a bizzare surgery

No. 36447

Thanks anon !

No. 36448

Sorry anon, couldn't find a link via image search. Were did you find that pic?

No. 36467

Eh..Cheek fillers are actually really common among adults and middle-aged people in the west, though. Not usually her age unless there's something medically wrong, but many plastic surgeons only care about money and will let people like her slip through.

It's not like most people aren't aware that any surgery in the face, especially fillers and fat dissolving injections, cause some extreme-end swelling for weeks or even months.

I'm just personally surprised that she'd do a video so soon afterward.. at her age and with her career she should know better.

No. 36558

She never talked about this video or about that job. She's hiding most of her jobs, abx in all of the hidden one her face is or swollen and fucked from fillers, or her chin and jaw is huge and pointy.

No. 36570

hi steph

No. 36604

File: 1443190147529.jpg (143.64 KB, 960x960, image.jpg)

New picture

No. 36605


No. 36607

Say what you will about her crazy weebness, but she really does look great for her age.

No. 36608

… or at least she did pre cheek filling. Didn't even see that until now.

No. 36612

god, you guys act like she's 40 or some shit. how are you supposed to look at her age? old and busted?

No. 36616

If you're 12 then 28 is like elderly

No. 36704

Most people don't take good of their skin

No. 37670

No. 37685

plastic surgery can do wonders for anyone.
she had a pretty face before, but she wasn't satisfied with her classically beautiful western features.
tbh I know the feels, but the lengths that she's gone to seem–to put it gently–ludicrous.
the background in dietary/nutrition science probably does help, tho.

No. 37977

Thats not always true, 90% it does make someone look better because they are fixing their flaws. But that 10% fuck up their face because they have unrealistic ideas and expectations of beauty and it looks even worse when it looks unnatural. when its totally obvious youve had surgery done it just looks unnatural and wrong. If its obvious, it doesnt look natural and it wont look balanced which is what true beauty is, balance of features.

No. 40321

girl is doing the overdrawn upper lip thing like dakota now, she needs to stop with the copying. It makes my eyes roll. She's like an identity thief lol

No. 40470

That's a compliment for her

No. 40471

I was so distracted by the sides of her mouth being all messed up by fillers that this totally went unnoticed. She really is trying to be Dakota..

No. 40477

as someone who has had fillers… this isnt what its suppose to look like at all.

i think she is either on drugs, bulimic, health problems or has had more serious surgery that flares up at times depending on her salt intake (like when i got my jaw done it would look fine after a month but if i ate too much salt my entire face would retain water and swell up the next day, i only fully healed after a year)

but yeah, fillers dont look like this lol. not even the first day you do them. unless theyre putting her fucking fillers on her jaw (no one would do this)

No. 40504

File: 1444376890038.jpg (146.74 KB, 640x1067, image.jpg)

I actually agree that she had jaw reducing surgery more likely than fillers.
I mean, look at her original face…

No. 40699

Jaw surgery is very dangerous and has many complications/long down-time, not as many people have it done as it may seem. I'd be more inclined to believe that she got botox injections in her jaw.

No. 40702

it wouldnt look like that either. her cheeks are too swollen.

No. 40722

Maybe fillers and botox?

No. 40805

many people have it

No. 40894

File: 1444495770010.jpg (219.69 KB, 1080x1080, Konno Asami-583144.jpg)

If it's not, I'll delete this post, but is this Taylor with Konno Asami (former Morning Musume member, she's now a news reporter )? I found it on a Morning Musume picture board and thought the blonde woman looked awfully familiar.

No. 40898

Sure does look a lot like her

No. 40911

Yep, that's Taylor. I believe she posted this same picture on her instagram.

No. 40934

Yes, she did post the same picture on her instagram, facebook and twitter, before it was on konno's page.

No. 41085

She's so stiff and awkward looking, is she trying to have a small career "dancing"?

No. 42694


Anyone else notice how she's changed her voice to sound more like kotakoti too?

No. 42705

She really does! It's lower now! How many more things will she copy..

No. 42737

File: 1444788862930.jpg (115.91 KB, 728x1042, image.jpg)

This happened

All these j-bitches are so thirsty for fame, riding each other's dicks

No. 42738

File: 1444788969010.jpg (197.14 KB, 750x1024, image.jpg)

(Sharla also made a video with mh_audrey)

No. 42947

Also the waving in the begining of the video is a complete rip off of kota

No. 42968

If you're partnered with the same company as another youtuber, they'll often suggest/force you make videos together in order to promote them more so you'll earn them more money (and net yourself a small cut of the profits, such as 70% for them, 30% for you)

No. 43004


But have you noticed kota doesn't actually collaborate with them though?

I give kudos to kota for doing her own thing tbh. I think just being with Sharla, Rachel or Taylor would just fuck things up. No wonder she just keeps to herself.

No. 43038

File: 1444853020071.jpg (93.64 KB, 400x325, k.jpg)

Sharla reminds me of a hippo… idk why. Why are those j-vloggers always ugly anyway ?!

No. 43049

That's not nice anon. That hippo is a million times cuter than Sharla.

No. 43056

her outfit is really cute does anyone have an idea of where the blouse and dress is from??

No. 43061

File: 1444858701019.jpg (80.57 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

This is Taylor from her time in Hong Kong.

No. 43080


aw why dont you like sharla?

No. 43092

She looked her age here. How the fuck did she reverse her age appearance-wise so well? A shit ton of fillers or something?

No. 44102

I'm not that anon (I'm the one posting the pictures). You didn't ask me, but

Sharla is fine, imo. She's cute looking in her own way, but generally very average looking. She also has some serious round cheeks, maybe that's why anon posted the hippo.

I think her videos are fun to watch, the only thing that bugs me is that she seems kind of bored when talking in them. She always says "that's so cute" "this is so cute" and never really seems to have a proper opinion on things. Maybe she lost her enthusiasm?

No. 44104

Her current hairstyle does her a lot of favors. It makes her look younger, probably due to the bangs, which makes her face rounder. I believe she wears a lot of foundation though.. And her ugly eyebag makeup is done in a way to hide her actual wrinkles. And I guess she learned what settings and lights works the best for her face.

Oh, and probably fillers, or some shit.

I don't think that photo is the best though. There are plenty of photos from HK where she looks younger and prettier. She does look more mature in many of the photos, but not old.

No. 44132

her dog is so cute but i feel bad for it :( those dogs dont live very long lives

No. 44133

i also hate how taylor is like in her late 20s and wearing clothes that teenage boys would wear vans and long socks with a snapback?? fuck boy attire

No. 44367

>reverse so well

Her face looks right messed up with fillers in >>36060

No. 44369

File: 1444963755856.jpg (230.58 KB, 1365x2048, image.jpg)

One of the decent and average photos of Taylor from her Hong Kong working days

No. 44475

File: 1445010081231.jpg (46.72 KB, 360x480, blog, Konno Asami-584197.jpg)

No. 44478

Kinda OT but her hair is amazing

No. 44506

Okay but the wide-eyed yet still smiling, even if its slightly smiling, is so creepy. Taylor looks like a demon when she smiles with her eyes wide open, no offence

No. 44525

I know, right?
I'm like fuming with jealousy every time I scroll past her thread and see how long, thick and healthy it is :3(

No. 45208

Her hair is nice, but I cringe when I see that chopped front side part from when she blatantly copied Dakota's hime cut.

No. 45221

Eh, this is kind of irrelevant but long hair isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I started growing my hair out about 3 years ago and it's about as long as Taylor's now and it's nothing but a pain in the ass.
The amount of shampoo and conditioner it requires in the shower, tying it up every night, the daily morning brushing out and detangling, all the detangling products you have to invest in, the shower plughole clogging up every week, and my personal my hated aspect - the shedding.
You shed. A lot. Fucking everywhere.
All over your floor, it'll stick to your socks, you'll find strands in your butt crack, all over your clothing especially in the underarms of coats.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Expect to have them rip loads of out of they're lying in the bed with you chilling and they decide to roll over and shift suddenly and some of your hair is next to them.

It's a goddamn nightmare and not as kawaii as I expected it to be.
I'm cutting mine all off at Christmas. Pixie cut all the way.

No. 45236

Eh, it really depends. Short hair has always been more annoying for me to style. And when I had a pixie I had to get it trimmed really often or it would look weird and shaggy.

No. 45244


Ha, you know it's funny, when I had really short hair one of the things I would always complain about was not having many style options.

Now that it's long I still feel like I don't have that many style options. If there's one particular style that you favour, i.e. just have it down, you're always going to favour that style over any other so that's exactly the way I wear my own every day.

Man I'm just so sick of the shedding goddamn.

No. 45629

my car has a black interior and carpeting and my hair is light blonde so theres basically just a million strands of hair stuck all at the bottom and sides of the seats i try vacuuming it but it seems to fill with hair again bc i shed so much lol

No. 46783

seems like you've never had long hair, anon. it's not that hard to deal with, nor is it expensive. I've had butt length hair for years now and it's easier to take care of than short hair

No. 48052

File: 1445554529086.jpeg (216.96 KB, 1125x1636, image.jpeg)

I'm a fan of this Taylor fan. Is this one of you? He's constantly posting

No. 48136


Looks like she put more fillers on her face..

No. 48152

She was on Tokyo TV yesterday, should be able to find it on youtube

01:30 (23rd Oct)

No. 48153

lol, 97% of the Japanese in her comments are spambots with 0 followers

No. 48154

That's sad.

No. 48155

File: 1445595002221.png (372.16 KB, 1057x175, tyl.png)

I really want to make her a new YouTube channel banner; the one she has at the moment looks so amateur and tacky.

No. 48202

I'm fan of more than one of her fans. These old guys are constantly posting, almost all of the comments come from them. My favorite is the one that usually comments the last, on Facebook, and says something like "very pretty sweety sweety" hahaha

No. 48209

she drew it kek

No. 48410

I'm guessing she paid for Japanese follower bots.

No. 49218

Did she really have some jaw reduction surgery or is it just PULL-talk?

No. 49249

Sharla is almost 30 too
But i got no problems with her

No. 49253

If the other anon from the Kota thread wants to keep talking about Taytay I'm game

No. 49260

I wonder how much effort Taylor is putting into her Japanese. Don't get me wrong–I like that her videos are still in English. But in her recent video, when she's interacting with what I can only assume is her Japanese team, she speaks only English with them. She says like, maybe one phrase in Japanese.

Kinda makes it seem like she's not too serious about her gigs. I'm probably just reading too much into it, but it kind of reminds me of Kota when she first got to Japan. If you're there all day, everyday, you'd think you'd wanna practice more so you can communicate with everyone around you…

No. 50886

i think so too. especially since she isnt going for typical runway modeling, she is trying to fit into some niche she doesnt really belong, you would think she would try harder.
and she still does chinese subs on her videos… (or, ahem, pays someone to do it)

No. 51141

I like her videos, but I feel like she's not getting lots of gigs in Japan right now. Just some events here and there. Maybe it's just too soon to tell

No. 51144

She's a regular (albeit minor) model in Zipper now, isn't she?

I agree and I don't get it. It seems like most of the weebs that head over to Japan have no interest in learning anything more complicated than Rudimentary Weeb Speak 101.

No. 51148


I'm here anon.

Yeah, like I was saying. I personally think Taylor should invest in more mature clothes and get rid of the kawaii crap. Have kawaii YH but pieces like bags, shoes or sweaters. Not go full blown out in it…

No. 51151

File: 1445902965009.png (573.91 KB, 795x599, Clipboard01.png)

No. 51152

File: 1445903043303.jpg (474.13 KB, 1022x1600, 215272766.jpg)


I mean, body wise she's very tall and limp. Even reminds me OF Taylor swift tbh lol.

TS does have some pretty cutesy mature outfits though, Taylor should invest and there IS Japanese brands out there like Jill stuart, titty & co, Snidel who are mature but cute.

Kawaii internation did an ep called "kawaii pretty style" where it was more about AR magazine. A more mature look and not as cutesy like Dakota is featured in.

No. 51154

File: 1445903187914.jpg (307.43 KB, 1450x2177, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)



No. 51156

File: 1445903289677.jpg (67.96 KB, 416x594, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)

No. 51158

File: 1445903380809.jpg (69.09 KB, 310x577, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)


No. 51161

File: 1445903678368.jpg (59.17 KB, 480x360, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)


things like this

bit more mature and cute

No. 51164

All of this stuff is just full normalfag. I'm really not seeing the cute.

No. 51166


It does hold SOME cuteness to it anon. Like it said, it's MATURE. We're not talking Liz lisa (although SOME of the stuff can be matureish) and Ank Rouge here.

Her body time and height suits a more mature look. Like back in her Hong Kong modelling days, she looked A LOT better. I just said Japan DOES do cutesy but mature brands and listed some. She could easily model for those without that daft make up.

No. 51170

thats sad

No. 51182

She handled that idiot really well imo

No. 51224

Not everyone wants to look like a retarded toddler that got shit all over by a unicorn.

No. 51245


Your corresponding anon from the Kota thread here. Frankly, I'm kind of torn on this. I think from a casual perspective, what she's doing now isn't bad. I'd actually say I'm a fan of the contrast of cute and tomboyish that she's going for. But in terms of marketability, I can agree that it would be better if she wore outfits with more energy and femininity to them. Japan doesn't really go for tomboy types much (outside of anime tropes - like tsundere). If she were to dabble in something like mature himekaji once in a while, it would probably improve her chances a lot more. She has a great frame and long hair, she could do so much with it.

No. 51260

Taylor R has no personality and that's why she will never have a big success in Japan.

No. 51468

Eeeh, I feel like she has more personality than Dakota at this point, she posts regularly and seems to have a number of hobbies that she likes to share, etc. Her main flaw is that a huge part of her look is a direct rip-off of someone else and I feel that she'll never really get anywhere so long as she's trying to be Dakota 2.0.

No. 51481

She doesn't have more personality than Dakota, no way.
Dakota is rude, cocky, cold and she looks cute.
Taylor is mild in everything, doesn't have anything interesting, except she looks cute. Just being cute is nothing, it's one-night-stand entertainment.

No. 51482

I'm saying this from general Japanese point of view.
Speaking rude Japanese is way more interesting than DIY videos in English.

No. 51576

Agreed. Taylor has no unique personality trait that defines her.

With Dakota, the novelty of her talking in a rude/boyish way is keeping her (somewhat) relevant in Japan.

No. 51677

taylor is… 'safe'
she's perfect for catalogs, boring talk shows, and being a housewife

No. 51694

Yeah honestly I think she looks cuter and has a better body than Dakota, but she's boring as hell. If she has a personality it sure doesn't come across online

No. 51790

neither dakota or taylor seem to have interesting personalty's but atleast taylor does things like vlogs

No. 51792


Her vlogs don't do any benefit to her for Japanese market though, since they are in English, which is unwanted.
And Dakota does have more personality. Her language vs. her face.
Taylor's pure image is ok but it can't be more boring than it is.

No. 53065

She reminds me of a skinny PT in this pic for some reason…

No. 53140

No. 53287

Two boring ass vloggers teaming up



No. 53299

It was so weird watching her get ready for that youtuber party. Like "OMG MY NAILS ARE GONNA GIVE ME AWAY, THEY'LL TOTALLY KNOW WHO I AM!" Bitch, nobody even knows who you are.

No. 53323


Okay well, what do you guys think makes the "perfect tarento idol weeb model" then?

Apart from being anglo saxon aryan hitler looking.

What else? What do you think it is that makes a success there in Japan?

No. 53424

Speaking Japanese excellent is number one, second is promotion/how much support/money you have behing you, third is personality (the best is funny or shoking)

No. 53462



Taylor, if you're on here by any chance at some point.

1. Get some jap lessons and do it properly

2. Get yourself a gimmick, don't leech off kota pls cos it's done and used up

3. Get yourself a catch phase

4. well ur already rich so yh lol ur sorted

No. 54832

File: 1446817524816.jpg (85.98 KB, 632x604, ss (2015-11-06 at 08.44.28).jp…)

Looks like she's still doing the Kota lip.

No. 54836

File: 1446818095066.png (217.49 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-06-12-57-51…)

I honestly like Taylor but she's obviously buying her 100k followers on Instagram, and all these goddamn fake Japanese accounts. On every picture of her there's long ass comments done by empty accounts with Japanese (name).(surname)(random number) it's cringey. Accounts with 0 pictures, following or followers.

No. 54852

Oh my gooood, Taylor, fucking why.
You're so much better than this. Stop copying Kota's shitty style to a fucking T, especially when it doesn't even look good!
She's making herself look like shit (like Kota) and it's so stupid and unnecessary when she has so much potential to look gorgeous if she just stopped doing the dumb kawaii shit.
So much natural beauty squandered.

No. 54980

Wow, she's sunken to a sad level. I don't think she has any real followers from Japan.

No. 55057

File: 1446846996088.jpg (146.11 KB, 728x690, 1436389334225.jpg)

>those bangs
>kota lips
>that aegyo sal

It just looks so bad

No. 55065


For a second I thought she WAS kota lol

No. 55117

File: 1446856834963.gif (918.56 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n83a70DcmY1syplf0o1_500…)

Is there something wrong with her, like mentally? I just cannot fathom why she is doing this ugly shit. There's really no hope for her.

No. 55121


I FUCKING loved that moment on BGC <3

sorry, irrelevant

No. 55156

I think it's cute af.

No. 55157

No. 55162

I lowkey want that sweater she has on.

No. 55167

That's terribly sad.. but then again she has bought everything else in trying to be Dakota.

No. 55171

I kind of liked her in this video.
She seems cool to hang out with.
But yeah, dem filler cheeks.

No. 55173

File: 1446873551550.png (498.32 KB, 840x433, taylor.PNG)

I'm looking at her old videos and she used to be so pretty. rip in peace

No. 55178

If she doesn't shoop her videos, I think she looks way better. How did fillers make her jaw smaller?

No. 55203

I thought her personality seemed a bit fake compared to her other videos. Being silly and cute doesn't suit her in the least.

No. 55221

She really gives her age away in this video by talking about beanie babies and the spice girls etc. I'm not one of those people who think you should start dressing and acting like a mom once you hit 23, but it just seemed strange when she's been so keen to hide her age in the past.

No. 55286

I don't think she's smart enough to notice that

No. 55313

Wow, you're right, I can't believe I never noticed this. I just had a quick look through a bunch of her pictures and only came across two real looking Japanese accounts, one of which was a middle aged man. There were a few Chinese people commenting though. She really should have stayed in HK.

I compared her and Kooters comments and Kooter gets way more Japanese people commenting than her, even though she only has a fraction of the followers. She (Taylor) doesn't seem to be popular in Japan at all. I guess that's why she felt the need to buy Japanese comments, to appear more relevant there?

No. 55325

Seems like it because her chin is still the same saze ratio to her nose.

No. 55520

Good catch anon, most people probably didn't watch the video since it seemed long. How old is she pretending to be though?

Also her voice in her old videos is so low and normal compared to her new kota-voice.

No. 55539


tbh I'm 23 and remember Beanie Babies and Spice Girls.

How old is Taylor anyway? 28?

No. 55544

Uh, those are just spammers writing the same stuff. Pretty normal for people with lots of followers in Japan

No. 55545

Pretty suits her sooo much better than Cute (not that she's cute).

Honestly, I don't find her attractive anymore. She used to be so pretty, and I used to like her… But now she looks so average, it hurts

No. 55618

She's probably reaching 30. Each time I see something on this thread I get curious about how much money her parents are letting her use. Her work doesn't add up to the amount it costs to have her lifestyle in Toyko.

I'm trying to list the things I know cost a lot. Like her apartment, the surgeries, the dog, the food she eats, shopping high street brands, riding taxis, makeup and accessories, herself and the dog having regular grooming, even the constant travel to high cost places kek

No. 55626

And she always travels in business class, never coach.

She was born 1988, so that makes her 27.

No. 55628

As far as I know, she never really pretends to be younger than she is, she just kind of avoids talking about it too much.

No doubt her parents let her use a ton of money, but at least some of that travel and lifestyle is probably sponsored or paid for by employers. I'm mainly thinking the business class vs coach thing.

It must be nice to have parents who will support you while you live it up traveling from country to country by the time most parents expect you to at least have and be working toward a vague plan for your future.

Maybe I'm retarded but >>55157 and >>54832 are way prettier and less average than >>55173 imo. She looked pretty but basic. She actually looks cute now.

No. 55632

Her trips in business class that I've seen were personal ones. Most employers have policies where you have to pay for your own upgrade.

In Tokyo with the high cost of taxis a lesser known tarento is not going to get those covered either.

No. 55633

I mainly meant youtube/social media sponsoring. I think it's mainly parents though, yeah. I think her parents probably pay for her base life expenses so all her income just goes to whatever else she wants. Amazing how easy it is to find money even if you barely work if you don't have to pay rent and shit.

No. 55645

Let's not forget her manager went with her on most of her personal trips, which (among many other hints) means she is paying for manager as well.
Which is normal to do, if you have money.

But lol, paying all the trips for two :D

No. 55648

I agree. She was 'average' pretty before. Not even really a standout for a model or anything. She was also super homogenized. Super generic 'white girl' Even though with her face/hair she's copying kota I think she still has a personal style now and I'm really happy for her.

idk man it's super a thing where she was following society and now she's doing what SHE wants? So if you dont like it tough? Go follow some other generic whitegirl model. The japanese scene is healthier for her anyway because she doesnt have to try to be taller, skinner or anything that would really stress her out.

TBH I get so salty when people keep going on and on about her 'throwing away' her HK modelling thing. Now she doesnt have to worry about every mm gained or lost she can eat what she wants and how much she wants to. She obivously still would be staying 'slim' but not have to care about fitting into every runway show. Being a runway model is tough and dangerous (in health terms) as well as she even said in the past that a lot of her fellow models were on drugs and the such. You WANT her in that toxic enviroment?

So what if her parents are paying for her. That's their decision. I dont get why it matters at all since she is actually putting effort into working still.

She could have stayed chubby, loafed around at home and become some Canadian version of jersey shore white girl. The fact that she's doing things with her life and it's what she wants to do is important imho

No. 55649

I was wondering who was filming her around, I don't see a friend or family member doing that.

No. 55684


This tbh.
People need to stop talking about how she the away her high fashion career because she never had one in the first place, she's fat too plain for the Western market and I suspect she knows that too which is why she moved to the Asian one.

No. 55688

The thing about her daddy paying a lot for her is not funny simply because she's so rich, but because she recently wrote in comments of one of her YT videos, that she is fully supporting herself since she was 14, except for the education.
Which is a HUGE lie.

Second, her messages like "just be yourself" are terrible because 1. she's not "herself", she is a copycat + being unstabile in everything all the time, faking personaloty, style, lying about money, diet etc.; 2. In her videos where she was talking about her "being fat as a child an now being a model", message behing that can't help anybody, because the MAIN reason why she, such an average pre-surgery girl could get any modeling job (even it's basically all catalog) is, because her parents were always so supportive mentally AND FINANICALY - they paid her modelling scool, were bringing her around etc., THEY PAID FOR HER TO BE A MODEL.
It's not her talent.
So bringing up her very rich background is every time on point.
Without that money, she wouldn't be able to even be mildly known on social network, let alone livin outside of her country, let alone living in Tokyo with her expensive luxury lifestyle.

No. 55702

>she recently wrote in comments of one of her YT videos, that she is fully supporting herself since she was 14, except for the education.
Do you have caps of this? I want to see.

Honestly this is a very typical upper-middle class/rich kid mentality. I grew up in the upper-middle class and was one of the few who actually did have to work for almost anything extra I wanted and was cut off when I was 18 years old like a normal person. I did have a lot of privileges I was not immediately aware of until I began to talk to people who did not have the same types of privileges, which I doubt someone like Taylor really does much of since she probably mostly talks to other western models in Asia who are living a similar lifestyle to her.

A lot of people I have encountered are completely like Taylor in this regard and felt they truly sacrificed and had to "work" for "everything" because they maybe had to get a part-time job and pay their own phone or grocery bills in college or something but completely ignored when their parents bought them new clothes/cars or paid their rent/tuition/study abroad program and they would never ACTUALLY go hungry because their parents would help them out or let them move home, etc.

You see the same thing with a lot of famous rich people. "I started with nothing and worked my way to the top!!" – but then you find out their parents bankrolled their first major business venture or they had parents who worked in the entertainment industry and could introduce them to producers. Things like that which they take for granted because they don't really have any concept of how other people's lives are.

Video related.

No. 55703


Anon, she looks exactly like kota. Every single anglo weeb dolly looks like Kota and they're even getting told off fans that they look like her. It's not much of a personal style at all tbh it's just copying.

She's not gone viral and I don't think she's well known at all there. Just stating the truth.

Japan will be good for anyone it seems, all the models are basic and no effort is ever put in apart from shoop/lightening and photoshop.

Anon why are you stressing out about this?

Taylor copies the fuck out of dakota, good for her for moving to nippon and trying to get a fanbase despite Japan already having a dakota rose/white dolly.

At the end of the day anon, Japan has dakota. Taylor has already got enough money, had the attention before and overall, who really gives a shit?

Taylor is nearing 30 and Dakota is 22 going on.

Japan will find some poor other anglo naive idiot to dress up and claim they're a living doll in the next 10 years anyway.

No. 55726

This. Thank you it feels like I've been taking crazy pills I think she actually looks so much cuter now and used to look like a basic white trash girl.

What makes me sad about Taylor is she was too short to be an actual model but too fucking tall and lanky to be a cute doll.

I hope she gets more popular just because I really like her advice videos tbh.

No. 55858

File: 1447025834511.jpg (98.72 KB, 1279x714, hkh.jpg)

I still to date do not understand why people like to rag on Taylor.

She's much more interesting than Dakota, actually engages her fans, makes regular tutorials/vlogs that are ACTUALLY helpful as opposed to Dakota's useless, ego-wank vids, includes her family in her videos, shows herself without any makeup/styling in her vids regularly (something Dakota would never do), and tbh you guys should be rooting for her based on her older age given the fact I see posts daily lamenting your personal experience of the ageing process.
She's somebody that's actually out there and still trying to forge a career out of her appearance in an industry where youth is king where she could easily just find a sugar daddy and live out the rest of life sitting on her butt every day.

I could not give less of a shit that she's imitating Dakota because Dakota at the moment is just one big copy anyway, some kind of dull little mashup between Masakawa Tsubasa and Nakamura Risa and is weirdly creepy and secretive about her lifestyle. The fact she's discontinued producing videos at all shows how little she thinks of her fanbase, one must wonder if she really believes she's one of the elite now.

I just watched this little TV spot she did for MioMioTV Japan (comes in at about 4:00) and the little co-dance she did at the end was energetic and adorable, and the fact that she actually takes the time to learn how to do dancing shit (idk its name) is impressive to me because it must take a lot of time, dedication and legitimate interest to be able to memorise each individual move and co-ordinate it so well.


No. 55868

Yeah, relative to all the weeb e-celebs there isn't much to complain about with her. She seems pretty normal and not really arrogant.

No. 55898

File: 1447033546883.jpg (133.55 KB, 833x352, image.jpg)

>she recently wrote in comments of one of her YT videos, that she is fully supporting herself since she was 14, except for the education.
>Do you have caps of this? I want to see.

No. 55914

This but idk man so much jelly going on in this thread. It's so tiring of everyone pitchforking about her forcing their negative opinions down everyone else's throat.

It's never 'here's the good things but I think the bad things are overpowering' it's just 'I dont like her cause xyz'

I dont care if her parents pay for everything, how much (honestly very minor) surgery she gets, or whatever. She's trying to be inspirational. She seems to be really down to earth too. Like EVERYONE has faults and hers are minor at best. Compared to a bunch of people nitpicking at her life condition and choices. Ooooo she lied in a comment section or something. She's still a better person than Dakota and I give her my full support.

Then again people swore Dakota was gonna fade and kept talking shit about her and says she could 'never make it and should give up because she wasnt dolly because of XYZ reasons' so I'm willing to bet they're just wrong twice now.

No. 55933

Sorry but which video is this from? I don't think I have seen it?

No. 55954

Taylor was able to buy her way through life, including making her appearance younger though fillers, and follows the path other weebs took but uses money to speed up the process.

No matter what she choses to do in life, she's fully supported with money anyway. That's why I can't root for her.

No. 55962

If she was 100% 'buying her way through life' she'd be able to afford a full japan publicity team and could be on top already. She obviously has some real talent so stop ignoring that. Just because someone has a stable ground you cant root for them? that's some messed up way of thinking. Sure it's great to see people work their way up on their own but you're seriously just ignoring everything she's done just because she doesnt have to worry as much about failing?

Even if you have something to fall back on failing still sucks. if she was buying her jobs in japan she'd be doing better things than being on a show that airs at nothing o'clock and being in Zipper. Come on.

There are so many people who get fillers especially in Asian countries

Literally get over yourself.

No. 55965


I agree though, I do like that she is trying to do something with her life instead of being a complete waste of space living off her family money.

No. 56011


So you're salty because she has more money than you then.

No. 56021


I agree too, I mean she probably sits on her ass doing not much most of the time but meh if you've got the money to do so? Guess being a model is alright, she suits it.

C'mon most of us would do the same lmao

No. 56045

if i didnt know this is taylor, i would think this is dakota, looks soo alike

No. 56082

Again you? Did you write a love letter to Taylor yet? Did she respond?

No. 56090

Not true. She has money, but no talent so no matter what she can not reach popularity level in Japan. FIRST she must learn at least some basic speaking level of Japanese. She is on dead point until she fix that, no money can help this.

No. 56201

I partially agree, and that's what I meant when I said >>51468. I find Taylor kinda boring (and am frustrated by her weird take on "kawaii" fashion), but I find her effort endearing, so I do root for her. At this point Dakota doesn't really do any of those things that people were saying make her spunky and interesting, she doesn't really do anything at all. And I think that's one of the reasons why she dusted off her laptop and posted a video after a year, she's probably legitimately threatened that her doppelganger actually seems to be making headway (unlike most of the other ones).

Otherwise, I think it's stupid to discount her just because she's rich. Yeah, it's annoying, but it's not like she's achieved a whole lot because of it. She's just a minor model in Zipper. Anyway, I don't really think she'll get anywhere so long as she's obsessed with being bargain-bin Dakota.

No. 56365


Christ, I feel like she's trying too hard.

So fucking fake

No. 56398

File: 1447170539311.jpg (149.1 KB, 640x345, article-2689360-1F94D7CA000005…)

the same reason as why people ragged on this guy for trying to look like Justin Bieber. Nobody knows shit about him, except that he got surgery.

No. 56401

if she didn't do the anus lips, i think she'd actually be really cute here. i would actually prefer it over her look in >>55173

No. 56405

she's saying she fully supports herself now, not since she was 14

she said her dad hasn't paid for anything but schooling since she was 14, but her mom could have been, and most likely was, the one supporting her and her family if that was the case

No. 56410

No. 56433

And the Ken wannabe died too (from leukemia)..

No. 56456


He didn't get killed, he OD'd.

No. 56458

File: 1447183087243.jpg (142.48 KB, 600x600, human-ken-600.jpg)

The Living Ken who died was not Justin Jedlica/the one from TLC. It was pic related. Just clarifying.

Yeah this.

No. 56489

Human Ken died from cancer? Damn

No. 56521

She doesn't support herself fully now either lol;
Her dad is paying a lot of stuff now and then, if you followed her carrier in HK you would see how many times she mentioned him etc.;
even if only her mom was paying to her (which was not the case), the way she presented it would ve si sneaky.

But she did say many sneaky double meaning things many times do I would understand that.

But no, this was just a plain lie from her.

No. 56552

File: 1447205792554.jpg (96.24 KB, 640x881, 03fo1p.jpg)

No. 56553

File: 1447205802926.jpg (155.01 KB, 640x881, 03fo2p.jpg)

No. 56554

File: 1447205811871.jpg (188.68 KB, 640x960, 03fo12p.jpg)

No. 56555

File: 1447205819878.jpg (168.31 KB, 640x881, e03box01.jpg)

No. 56556

File: 1447205831658.png (345.23 KB, 395x543, Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.08…)

No. 56557

File: 1447205843644.png (347.5 KB, 368x541, Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 2.08…)

No. 56558

File: 1447205852156.png (304.65 KB, 375x570, Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.3…)

No. 56559

File: 1447205865048.png (358.51 KB, 369x573, Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.3…)

No. 56560

File: 1447205877787.png (328.18 KB, 379x543, Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.3…)

No. 56563

I'm confused.

Some anons are saying that Taylor has more personality than Dakota. Where? I don't find her to have any whatsoever. I'm not being lenient towards Dakota either; the girl's wet cardboard herself.

What makes Taylor have more personality?

No. 56565

Same here anon. I think it's pretty lulzy that she's copying Kota and that shows a clear lack of personality to me, not more.

No. 56596

That was really fake but worse was the dancing, she looked like a gigantic spider or something. And it must have been bad because they put a commercial or something during it.

She seems to be copying Kota's first adoptions of the mannerisms too. The difference is she can't speak any Japanese.

No. 57190

idk if this was ever posted here but I'm posting it anyway.

No. 57229

She looks really cute here.

No. 57231

Damn, anyone got pics of that sailor moon photoshoot?

She could be a perfect Usagi.

No. 57232

File: 1447373097893.jpg (369.11 KB, 1280x1280, bb5b8919.jpg)

No. 57233

I really, really link Taylor and I think she actually does make a lot of effort to produce good content and connect with her fanbase.

I actually started drinking a lot more water and drinking hot lemon every morning because of her, and it was her that introduced me to Cetaphil that pretty much wiped out my acne.

Also the fact that she naturally has the face and body that Dakota obviously wants makes me root for her even more lel

No. 57283


No. 57285

I wonder if this is Taylor..

No. 57288

Are you guys serious? Taylor laughs, smiles and engages the audience. Dakota sits there staring with big blank fish eyes, mumbles, and doesnt smile. Her 目が死んでる

No. 58397

> "root for Taylor"

No. 58411


Dude, come on, don't be "that" guy.

No. 60196

If Taylor was shorter and more petite, and could speak Japanese fluently, she'd wipe Kooter out in an instant. Imagine both of them on the same show lol. Taylor looks more like Dakota photoshopped, than the actual Dakota does.

No. 60487

No. 60518

im laughing at all the bought comments from fake japanese accounts
if you read them, they are make no sense lol

No. 60573

She uploaded a new video.

No. 60581

I thought this video was nice.

No. 60593

The one thing that I can say about Taylor (I've never contributed ITT before, just because I agree with anons above: she kind of has the personality of a plank–just another 'stereotypical nice white girl'. At least Dakota drummed up some controversy) is that she has a fucking great body, and I was always curious what her regime was.

No. 60598

her push-up form is horrible but whatever

No. 60798

In all fairness, you don't really have to do anything to get spam accounts to follow you/comment on your stuff regardless of the language. I often see these kinds of Japanese weight loss spam on model IGs, etc., and I've also received some comments like that despite being nowhere near instafamous.

No. 60801

HAHAH oh man, I went to look and I can't believe she would actually show this online as part of a fitness routine for people to copy. It's not even an exercise. I've never seen anyone unable to even do a decent range of motion in knee pushups before; they're already the weakling version of pushups to begin with.

No. 60805

Why would she wanna burn fat? She looks like a stick

No. 60815


Her bod' is fine and this is obviously a maintenance workout.

No. 60826

Because most of her viewers want to be thin kawaii models too, so she's just giving the content they crave, combined with the false hope that they too can be like her!

No. 60850

Ahh Taylor, stop with the gimmicky follower purchases and surgery. Of all the lolcows and snowflakes she's definitely the most genuine seeming - she doesn't need to try to be someone else but I feel like she does it because of her insecurities.

No. 63388

In her how to become a model video, she explained that followers count. Maybe she's just buying them to help get work?

No. 63853

Holy shit she looks so good in the first part of this video before she puts on makeup.

I wish she would do a more toned down natural look vs the kooter-lite thing she has going on.

No. 63996

She's even trying to talk like kooter.

No. 64035

The more I watch her videos, the more likeable she is. idk she just seems really genuine and just doing her thing. She's a lot cuter than kooter too.

No. 64070

Her videos are so boring though

No. 64073

Boring to us but im sure basic bitches and weebs And young/fat girls eat it up

No. 64088


damn i really like how she looked before

now…not so much

No. 64245

She looks so much better when she doesn't do her ~kawaii~ makeup.

No. 64305

Right? She looks great with no makeup. She really ought to tone down how much makeup she wears. She looks kind of scary with it on most of the time.

No. 64457

She's pretty relatable. I hope she gets at least some minor success in Japan. God knows she's nicer than Kota. On a side note, she's really around 170cm? She looks so much taller.

No. 64472

I genuinely like her, and damn, she looks gorgeous without makeup. Her usual makeup makes her look sick.

No. 64475

Taylor seems like a genuine person.
I check her Insta/Twitter and YouTube religiously now because she actually gives honest, straightforward advice instead of lying and being like "Oh I just have naturally perfect skin. My weight? Oh I eat what I want I'm naturally like this!" where she straight-up admits that she does a lot of cardio every week and has to count her calories to maintain her figure.

She recommended Cetaphil cleanser in one of her videos and it really is working wonders for my skin. I had no idea cleansers were so important.

She seems like the kind of girl I'd like to go to a café and hang out with and talk about beauty and diet and cinema and Internet culture.

No. 64520

Dang, I really like her. She looks so much better without her current makeup routine.

No. 64529

Suddenly lots of ass kissers ?

No. 64547

It's a little odd isn't.
>i had no idea cleansers were so important
Are you fucking kidding me? And how can people call her so "genuine" and "relatable" when she is copying Kota and had fucking plastic surgery to look like her? Something is off here. I don't dislike her but all that praise is just over the top and very unlike the usual comments posted.

No. 64551


Because people aren't tearing her apart for no reason they're asskissers? You must be a delightful person to be around.

The modus operandi of this board is not to be fucking bitchy and catty all the time, and in Taylor's case she has done literally nothing negative that's worth pulling her up on.

She seems like an overall chill gal.

No. 64552


>and had plastic surgery to look like her

Lol wut, Dakota doesn't have massive cheeks.

No. 64553


Why is it so hard to believe that some people don't know much about products like cleansers? If you've had good skin all your life that's something some of us never have to think about.

No. 64556

>The modus operandi of this board is not to be fucking bitchy and catty all the time
Oh but that's bullshit and you know it. Like i hate that stuff and Taylor is pretty cool in my book.
But some of these posts are just weird, you have to admit. All those people calling her so natural when she's had a ton of PS. Or her showing them tips that are common knowledge for anyone who has internet access and has ventured anywhere beyond facebook.
Maybe i am paranoid, whatever.

No. 64557

>oh but that's bullshit and you know it

What do you think /b/ and /g/ are for? This site is also fit general discussion you know.

And I'm at least one of those people saying I like her.

No. 64558

idk she used to really bother me when she first came onto the scene, trying to look like dakota and doing the whole "air head squeaky/robotic voice doll" thing but I'm really warming up to her now she's trying to drop the shtick a bit.
I'm enjoying her recent vlogs.

No. 64566

"Wahhh wahh I got 3 tiny pimples, time to cry infront of a camera"

"Believe it or not guys, I'm not actually perfect!"

No. 64567

I'm just confused, did she get injections under her eyes? I don't recall those bags on her old model photos

No. 64681

I agree. She really is a gorgeous girl and I wish she could see that.

This, plus Taylor lies about Hong Kong, shooping, money, and her fillers.

I think she just uses double-sided eyelid tape to create eyebags. I remember there being one close up picture of her where you can see the tape sticking out.

No. 64684


Kek this level of vitriol, you must really hate this bitch for having a bad day.

No. 64741

She's taller than 170 cm, but she's lying about her height and trying to appear smaller.
Just one of her many casual lies

No. 64747

File: 1448580546713.jpg (47.47 KB, 424x394, 1390456383107.jpg)


No. 64757

File: 1448586350719.jpg (162.88 KB, 1024x768, CQyde9zVAAE0gES.jpg)


Man you really have something against this girl don't you?

Here's a picture of her stood next to Konno Asami, who is 156cm, and both are wearing flats, so yeah, 170cm looks about right.

No. 64763

File: 1448587969923.jpg (106 KB, 640x640, 10175983_643826649000219_98800…)

Or Zelia Hong, who is actually 175cm.

No. 64766

She's trying to be relatable with the no-makeup vlog crying but I get why people are mad.

She doesn't have a tough life and she looks fine without makeup. Therefore it's hard to empathize with whatever problems she says she has.

No. 64771

oh my fucking god just because someone has a better life than you doesn't mean that they cant be depressed and have problems shut up.

No. 64772

You really don't know Taylor, huh? Taylor herself stated many times how tall is she, and it used to be more than 170. And this picture actually does not show how tall is Taylor. If they stand straight next to each other, you would see that Taylor is much taller.

No. 64773

I can't see what kind of shoes Zelia has here. But if she has same shoes as Taylor, than that Zelia is much taller than 175 cm.

No. 64775

I agree. It seems like she wants to be relatable and a perfect kawaii doll at the same time. It's obvious she does have actual issues with her appearance. She could've actually been relatable if she talked about those issues and admitted to shooping/getting plastic surgery.

No. 64776

this is funny because since Dakota got a free ride yall must thing other models are held at the same no-standard

I've had friends lose gigs because of pimples.

No. 64777

Idk she looks around that, I'm 173cm and I think she just looks taller because she's so skinny.

No. 64779


And the picture with Zelia?

No. 64780

if you compare her to Sharla you can tell that she's very lanky. she's got very petite features but just in a tall body

No. 64781

Did you guys not see the part in >>64245 where her agency measures her to be about 170 cm? I don't know Japanese so I don't know exactly how tall they said she is. Why would they be willing to lie for her? Wouldn't that give a bad image of them to any clients who want to work with Taylor?

No. 64783

File: 1448593879138.jpg (721.36 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled-1.jpg)


Like this?

If Konno Asami is 156cm/5'1" and Taylor is 170cm/5'5"… well that looks to be about a 4" difference, not 6".

No. 64784


People are so desperate to hate her they'll grasp at anything.

No. 64787

File: 1448594023407.jpg (199.37 KB, 1803x887, gdsgs.jpg)


Yup. Salty cunts get rekt.

No. 64795

>pull weeb who honestly thinks everyone believes being a moderu in japan is the only definition of a perfect life

No. 64796

Sometimes I wonder if Kooter and Taylor are fighting in this thread whenever it gets very active.

No. 64797


I'm probably the biggest Taylor whiteknight in this thread tbh.
She seems nice and it rubs me up the wrong way that people are trying to rip her apart for no reason.

No. 64801

So everyone here besides a couple of anon did a complete 180 of her because of one video?

God damn, you guys are some huge two-faced fucks. Just 9 days ago, most posts on this thread was against her, now y'all just lickin' ass

No. 64804

Lolno, I think what happened was the people who didn't like her 9 days ago (myself included) left because she's boring, some stans saw the thread abandoned and decided to bump it with praise, then the posters from before saw the thread bumped and here we are. At least that's how I see it.

Sage because this is a worthless thread and it shouldn't be bumped.

No. 64815

There's basically no milk to be had from this girl really. Sure, she lies a lot but that isn't interesting. She is cute, though I personally think she was much prettier before. Other than that? Not really.
It was kind of interesting when she underwent her transformation from pretty bland model to Kota-clone, but the results are a huge yawn. Both the stans and haters in this thread are pathetic.

No. 64819

In every modelling agency she has different height, but in every next agency she is shorter and shorter.
Also, her posture is getting worse adnd worse. She is always bent forward.
She used to try to stand up straight in photos, now her chin is always down.
(I also do that when I'm taller than some guy who is about same height as me, so I understand the purpose and I know chin down makes you look at least few cm shorter).

No. 64995

File: 1448657665183.jpeg (195.55 KB, 709x1260, image.jpeg)

Seems like she ditches the stupid baby alien shtick when she hangs out with normal/down to earth people like sharla

No. 65000

File: 1448658570613.jpg (142.57 KB, 577x851, kensyl2.jpg)


I don't know what makes you say that, she is always uploading images of her makeup-free.

No. 65023

ugh how does she stay looking so young?

No. 65028

Sharla looks a little cockeyed

No. 65033

Why are her cheeks so bumpy?

No. 65034


Because fillers-chan


No. 65056

Holy shit, I forgot how bad it was

No. 65057

I wonder how Sharla feels that Tay is too good to follow anyone on Instagram. Must be extra awkward when they hang out, and tay tags sharla in her photos

No. 65072

"Omg you're so cute!!!"
"Nooo, you are so cute!!!"

They're just loving themselves and being nice…

No. 65079

I think she has a bit of a wonky eye. Ive seen it before.

oh and i figured they are probably biffles because sharla, like Taylor, is pushing 30.

No. 65085

They are hardly "pushing 30."

No. 65095

Taylor is 27… Sharla is at least 27 or 28

No. 65131

Yeah, isn't her birthday coming up? She'll be 28 (Taylor).

Anon, you should watch her recent videos.

No. 65133

No, Taylor will be 27. She's still 26.

(Although based on her sad infantile behaviour it's hard to accept she is really pushing 30s)

No. 65155

Both old and both Canadians, both thirsty for e-fame, so I guess that's why they are friends

No. 65156

I know her username says 88 because she's born in 1988, but did no one else notice what she said in her "50 Facts" videos?

"I love the number 8, so I put it in my username" …….lol, as of

Sorry tay, u old af

No. 65162

I didn't watch the video because she's borig af when she talks,
but lol thanks for that 88 thing

"I love number 8"

No. 65163

Audrey and Mira are also old Canadians kek

No. 65634

File: 1448804050101.jpg (90.16 KB, 600x598, Untitled.jpg)

sweet jesus
not good
except for taylor's fans on lolcow

No. 65655


170cm is 5'7", not 5'5".

No. 65656

So apparently she got a lead female role in some Japanese tv drama series.

No. 65658

seriously? she barely speaks japanese

No. 65670

Here's her agency's news about it

Apparently her co-star is Yudai Chiba and the tv series will start in January.

I don't speak a word of Japanese and google translate is gibberish, so maybe someone could translate what it says in the articles.

No. 65672

File: 1448826424223.jpg (19.44 KB, 281x375, sim.jpg)


There's not that really many details.

It's a romantic love-triangle drama to be aired by TVTeito (old word for capital) called "She fell in love with a craftsman?".

It's airing next year, January the 6th as a New Year special, so I guess they'll be shooting over Winter.
With such a small timeframe it'll either be very short or very low budget.

This is a pretty big break for Taylor; I look forward to seeing it.

No. 65674


There's an article posted here discussing her having being appointed the role which goes on to discuss her Youtube vlogs detailing her childhood obesity/being bullied for being fat and fuck me the comments, they love her.


Dakota really better start watching her ass and step up her game.

No. 65682


Wow, course she'd be handpicked due to her being anglo and moderu obv. But I wonder why kota hasn't starred in any jap movies yet? She's better at Japanese and has been there longer. Anyone else think Taylor paid her way in or something?

Also, is this going to be like "My Darling foreigner" or something? Cept' with a girl?

Yudai Chiba IS pretty cute tho…

Both of them are going to look 12 playing their roles and they're like 30 kek

No. 65684

this is a terrible picture of her she looks like a floating head her lips are ugly puckered like that and her face looks fat and. bloated

I will never understand why she shoved shit in her cheeks

No. 65704

File: 1448835973388.jpg (669.16 KB, 2374x2968, webhead.jpg)


It's slightly better in the full size.

No. 65708

>Yudai Chiba
Isn't she taller than him?

I think Taylor got a role and Kota didn't because she actually looks like her photos, even if it's due to a ton of fillers keeek

No. 65715

thats kind of surprising.
yea theres actually one foreign woman that stars in a nip show and she doesnt even speak japanese. she literally learns the script in romaji

No. 65716

I think she paid her way in as well. I don't get why you'd want to cast someone who can't even speak the language and speaks awkwardly/like a robot on camera.

I wonder if her character is supposed to be a stereotypical dumb foreigner.

No. 65721

Charlotte Kate Fox spoke zero Japanese and got the starring role in Maasan so?

No. 65723

If you think 28 is old af you are not old enough to be on this website.

No. 65726


Yudai Chiba is taller than Taylor at 1.73, but not by much.

It isn't important anyway.

No. 65727

I have a theory that she actually can speak in Japanese but it's awkward for her to talk in still because we've seen her in places where she would need to speak Japanese? I assume she's waiting until she's properly fluent before she starts using it in videos.

There's no way she lives there and speaks 0 at this point.

Then again as
>>65721 said you don't need to speak a language to read lines.

No. 65729

Unless Kota gets major facial reconstruction to look like her pics, she won't be in any movies or dramas. They would have to edit her face heavily in every frame, or use AE for every scene she's in. Her Bravo sugar daddy doesn't have that kind of pull. He can barely get her gigs outside of Popteen anymore since she let herself get so doughy.

No. 65730


Her character might my even require much more than basic Japanese. It could be some sappy love drama about how true love overcomes any barrier including language.

No. 65732

but it's simple to write out the romaji for it though.

No. 65734

Taylor was 174 few years ago though…

No. 65735

Her manager, who is always with her, is Japanese and he speaks English with Taylor. She can't speak Japanese because she doesn't have to.

No. 65740

Is that the person always taking pics of her?

No. 65741

Yes, videos too.

No. 65742


But there would be no need if her character is a foreigner in Japan for some reason where she doesnt have to learn Japanese to stay there, so a character that doesn't speak Japanese could be part of the plot.

No. 65747

She only has to learn her character's phrases and that's all. Her manager will help her with pronunciation

No. 65752


I'm saying there is a possibility her character might not have more than very few ultra-basic Japanese lines at all.

No. 65754


And in one of her latest videos the staff at the agency measure her as 170cm on film how fucking late to the party are you.

No. 66102

Sorry, but you are late. She was 174 measured by agency much before 170 cm. She got "smaller" and got very bad posture AFTER coming to Japan. Otherwise she's too tall to be cute tbh.
Also, Zipper was introducing her this summer, in magazine they said she's 171.
It's only 1 cm difference, but they are not doing mistakes, Taylor's height is made up. She's taller.

No. 66109

Audrey and Sharla are friends too

No. 66111

She's so fucking bad at acting tho

It'll be interesting for sure

No. 66112

Is there footage of her acting?

No. 66113

Not professionally, but that "creepy doll" acting she did in her halloween video was really cringey

No. 66114


m8 you are fucking reaching.

You're actually trying to claim that she lost 1.5" from bad posture? What the hell are you smoking?

No. 66115

File: 1448856261276.jpg (359.82 KB, 1920x1082, afafa.jpg)


Hmmm yes, what terrible posture…

No. 66119

She looks like shit in that screenshot

No. 66132


She looks like a girl that's not wearing any makeup to me.

No. 66157

No, what I'm saying is, she is not 170, she's taller than that. But she is even standing hunched and holding her chin down to look more like 170 and less like her real height.

No. 66168

From the rounding off of her shoulders, and the fact that she's eye level with the camera filming her, it looks like she's standing up straight to me.

No. 66207

And how exactly do you know that she was measured 174 before? Just because some agency had her listed as 174, doesn't mean anything. Especially if they are trying to cater towards the more high fashion market, any agency would add more height to a model who is only 170, because that is way short for a HF model. That is common practise, any model under 175 will have some fake height in her comp card/ profile, unless we are talking about some Japanese agency concentrating on midgets.

No. 66210

I'd like to see Taylor meet Audrey, since Audrey has claimed to be 174cm or something… just to compare their heights.

No. 66259

hm… i thought they had met already. well… im sure they will eventually. seems like all the gaijin in japan are constantly up eachother's asses. just browse IG, twitter, and YT, they same girls all comment on each other's stuff

No. 66362

Compare pictures of her standing next to Japanese, like the ones from when she first appeared on tv, in that show with Indodeen .. Very bad posture tbh

No. 66363

Japanese is concentraining on "midgets", that's why they are trying to make Taylor smaller, because she's too tall for Japanese market.

No. 66364

They haven't met yet, but Audrey commented on Taylor IG how she saw Taylor on the street… Audrey is stalking people. I also hope they meet, it would be an editing party

No. 66385


Nah, I can't see kota being in any films or dramas. Tv and that's it.

No. 66386


Who cares? She's getting jobs and roles, could be a making of her for all we know. I'd rather taylor than kota tbh. I find tay more down to earth even if she is loaded and dropped HK for japan. Kota was aiming for china anyway until nippon took notice of her.

No. 66387


You can't get smaller.

Venus, Audrey and Taylor are ALL tall girls.

No. 66388


I know, I wonder. But at the same time though even if they used Dakota in this she would be just as shit and awkward anyway.

I say they start hiring people who are good looking, have acting experience (maybe modelling) and can speak the fucking language.

No. 66494


Tbh I can't understand anyway why people would hold dropping China for Japan against either Taylor or Dakota.
I mean overall it's a superior business decision, you're never going to make it as big in China as you could on Japan. The opportunity in China is just nowhere near as good.

Literally everybody here would make the same desicion. It's not a betrayal, it's smart planning.

No. 66531


I know. These dumb little cunts think 21 is "old" too. I wish the mods would just perma ban these childish bitches. Soon enough they will be 28 too. Time flies like crazy in your 20's.

No. 66533

27 or anything around is not old, but it's too old to pretend you are a baby.
And it is kind of lame if you're in late 20s and the only thing you're doing is posting about yourself on the internet, and trying to gain popularity in snowflakey way.
It always lame, and it's getting more lame as a person gets older, because less excuses.

No. 66547

I'm actually 27

And I didn't mean it in that general
sense, I just meant that she's way older than she wants people (and herself) to believe

Actually >>66533 said it very well

No. 66595

27…on lolcow..

No. 66631


>I'm actually 27
I thought you're Taylor for a moment
good lord

No. 66636

I'm pretty sure tons of us are not as young as you might assume

No. 66646


A lot of us started out posting on /cgl/ back when we were allowed to and PT was in her early 20s and we were in our late teens/early 20s. It's not like you suddenly stop being into things when you get older.

No. 66648

Sorry, I didn't realize that Sharla actually is 30.

But I wouldn't consider 26/just turned 27 pushing 30 personally. It's just mid 20s.

It's not old either way though so whatever.

No. 66951

File: 1449074066419.png (367.57 KB, 850x433, Screenshot 2015-12-03 at 1.32.…)

ngl I love Taylors vlogs, mostly just to see her cook healthy foods and Rosie. I'm so tired of seeing Sharla in her vlogs tho. Her voice annoys me and she looks haggard af standing next to Taylor.

No. 66988

its true. the same few girls all comment on each others shit, hungry for fame and attention

No. 66991

sharla is more dorky and definitely caters to weebs which is smart on her part if she wants to keep being successful. over 300k follows isnt bad
and some how mira still has followers… again probably weebs looking for any glimpse into glorious moon life.

No. 67031

I recently tested some anon's comment and it's true.

There are sooooo many empty accounts that post Japanese comments on taylor's instagram. So. Fucking. Many.

I actually liked her well enough despite all of the iffy things, but this just made me really disappointed in her.

No. 67032

I agree about sharla, she has gotten super boring and tryhard these past few years. She doesn't really have nay interesting content anymore, it's the same shit over and over. Oh, weird food! Oh, weird xyz fandom stuff! Oh, weird new place! Same recipe each video.

Also, it drives me bonkers that her catchphrase is HAY GUYS and the first thing she says is HAY GUYS so every fucking time you watch a video you hear HAY GUYS DING HAY GUYS. It finally got to the point where I had to unsubscribe.

No. 67045

loooo I know what you mean by HAI GUISE.

Sharla sounds so bored in her videos, and so monotone. "This is so cute, this is so yummy". It really annoys me. But I'm also annoyed by Taylor and the way she acts.. I don't know the word in English but it's when someone moves their hands too much and doesn't seem to know how to not sit still. Kinda like ticks

No. 67047

Mira is actually popular/known among foreigners/Americans in Japan who don't really know about j-fashion/that part of Japan since they're unaware of the drama.

No. 67050

i hate these newfags. you need to learn your place. many of us are in our 20s and thats not as old as your parents who had you as accidents.

No. 67056

Easy there, spergy. Heel.

No. 67189

Taylor is so creepy in her collab videos with Sharla. "YOU SAID IN THAT ONE VIDEO THAT YOU DON'T LIKE TOMATOS. I REMEMBER YOU SAID IN THAT ONE VIDEO THAT YOU LIKE KPOP" Never, "I remember that you told me that…" It's obvious that she is using her for views?


OT: jesus christ i hate her intro.
Is sharla or the rest of the j-vlogging crew (besides mira obviously) lolzy enough for their own thread on /snow? I've been thinking about making one

No. 67199

I dunno if there is much to say about her tbh, that's how boring she is. She's kinda old compared to the rest of them, has a fat face and is pretty chubby. Although, that's all just nitpicking.

There's no milk, I think.

No. 67211

If you make friends with someone via youtube that's how it is though? For my streamer friends most of our 'interactions' are watching each others streams so we'll often say stuff like 'in that stream you said xyz'.

As if you've never brought up a tweet or fb status a friend has made.

if Taylor was using her for views then she wouldnt need to go and watch her videos or anything. Stop trying to make her look vindictive

No. 67219

Maybe Taylor likes Sharla's videos, but they are definitely using each other for views, it's so obvious and so normal, esp from them

No. 67220

Oh but for sure Taylor doesn't like Sharla enough to follow her on IG hehe

No. 67221

But Taylor doesn't follow anyone on Instagram - probably to avoid drama

No. 67224

How does that invite more drama than posting vlogs with others/tagging others

No. 67239

Have you guys never considered that maybe they are just actually friends? Not everyone is a fake bitch trying to use people for personal gain like Mira.

I mean, I'll be first to say I never really got why people nitpick Taylor or any of these girls to begin with, like yeah they're weeby but you're probably weeby too if you're in this thread at all, so call me a white knight all you want, but this is stupid as fuck. Not everything is drama.

Jvloggers and gaijin have always and are always going to stick together because they all have something in common. This goes for basically every social group. You have to be a complete idiot to not realize that people who have something in common stick together.

Following/unfollowing someone will often get people talking about and making rumors about you (see: every time Kota or Kiki unfollow each other) but just casually not featuring someone in your social media anymore because you're not friends anymore is less extreme. This is probably something you wouldn't even think about if you didn't have a sizable following of people tracking your every move on social media, but you have to be realistic about these things.

Would you expect them to just not show videos and pictures of them hanging out with each other? How boring, since they all hang out with each other and that would just leave no content but selfies and food pics. People who follow multiple channels LOVE to see when people do videos together. They obviously know that but I don't think the next logical step is "they're just using each other for views!!!"

No. 67252


>kinda old

Anon she's 30.
Getting pretty sick of all these foetus-chans on lolcow…

No. 67253


The entire thread is dumb and full of conspiracists. There is no milk.

No. 67290

30 is basically a corpse. May as well give up on life, because it's over!!

Yeah, me too. I know some of them are just baiting people into reacting but I also know that the anon saying someone is "kinda old" at 30 was likely completely genuine.

I'm not sure what you guys think happens after you turn 25 but nothing changes, you're still the same person. Your life doesn't turn grey and boring and you dont suddenly feel like you should just give up and be a housewife.

No. 67307

She used to follow people - also few months ago Taylor asked people to post her picture on their instagram and to tag her, and she will follow them.
She indeed followed them at first, but after short time, she made her Instagram private and unfollowed everyone without any explanation.
And now she's cool because 0 following

No. 67335

>implying you have to follow someone on any social media to be their friend.

I dont follow my BEST FRIEND'S IG or twitter because she's mainly into stuff I dont really care about. Doesnt mean we're not best friends? How shallow and vapid are you?

No. 67337

proof or gtfo cause this is the first time I've ever heard of it

No. 67345

>implying Sharla and Taylor are not into same kind of stuff

No. 67348

Oh damn, I don't have will to dig through PULL, but there was plenty of screencaps for that. Idk if it's on this PULL because it happened about half year ago

No. 67349



Honestly the ones complaining about age you just know are grotty little newfags because to have been on /cgl/ during the golden years they'd have to been like 13-14… maybe even younger.

No. 67363

I'm 30 and I'm not even mad. Most people are talking about age in reference to Taylor acting infantile (which gets creepier when you're in your 30s vs. 20s) and the fact that she's trying to propel a modeling career in her late 20s when the industry has decided most modeling careers are over before you approach 25.

No. 67369


I think it's pretty admirable of her tbh, I really despise that aspect of the modelling industry. It almost borders on paedophilic in some cases.

No. 67371

It would be admirable if she stopped trying to appeal to pedos.

No. 67387


And how does she do that? She never dresses like a little girl or age-plays or does any of that shit.

You seem considerably emotionally invested in this girl and I have to question for what reason… it's creepy.

No. 67392

Lmfao if youre 30 you should probably be doing a lot more with your life than talking shit about teens and young women

No. 67395


Yes because shit-talking is something that requires 24 hours a day 7 hours a week.
I'm 24 and I sometimes check/post to lolcow during my lunch at university. It takes up less than 1% of my time.

And what are you doing on here Anon? Shouldn't you be in the mirror popping your acne, developing an eating disorder or asking mommy to go purchase you your first tampons now that you've finally become a woman?

No. 67408

Not only is it a bit sperg to use watching someone's video as a reason to remember such things, but jfc she looks like a blow up doll in this picture.

No. 67576

File: 1449213032704.jpg (176.78 KB, 768x960, image.jpg)

Hi Dakota

No. 67591

That fucking eyebag makeup needs to go

No. 67592

File: 1449220437297.jpg (148.12 KB, 1080x1279, 12353220_509288829249777_29447…)

Looks like she caked on a lot of dry foundation

No. 67604

File: 1449230016867.jpeg (22.92 KB, 493x335, apply-cold-water-to-the-burned…)


No. 67605

Dat overdrawn cupids bowwwww

Stop it Taylor it didn't look good on Dakota, and it doesn't look good on you either

No. 67607

wtf, it's almost pealing

No. 67619

Her hand looks old

No. 67621

That's because she shooped only her face here

No. 67630

Except the fact that Taylor looks actually like that, unlike elfgoddessu-sama

No. 67671

She doesn't though, Taylor's face keeps on changing all the time

No. 67672


>her hand looks old

No. 67753

Meh, she posts videos and her face looks the same. Maybe she changes because fillers

No. 67801

Does anyone know what she uses on her eye bags? Is it an eyeshadow?

No. 67822

Ask her to do everyday makeup routine video :)

jk, it's probably eyeshadow

No. 67823

Dakota also looked like her videos…

No. 67867

That inner corner of the eyebag on the right in the picture looks to be SO full of something. I want to stick a needle into it and pop it. It's fucking disgusting.

No. 67892

I don't know much about her other than from coming here and seeing comments about her being a Kota clone but I would rather support her than Dakota and honestly, I would absolutely love it if she managed to out-do Dakota in popularity especially if it's by stealing her style (which would be the icing on the cake)

It is a shame to see the comparison of her past pictures and her new face but I can understand why since living in Japan changes you and your style

And I certainly appreciate that she actually does more interaction with her fans and puts herself out there more than Dakota so she's a lot more professional and charismatic.

In short, I agree and I hope Dakota is envious and fuming at how Taylor is better than her.

No. 67902

Probably eyeshadow, I know putting sparkly clear lip gloss on top is a trick. And Etude House Shine Volumer and Canmake Lighting Liquid Eyes are products that specifically give this kind of effect.

No. 67908

Why would any self-respecting adult woman want to look like a giant child? this is disgusting

No. 67920

Because of complex from getting old

No. 67924

Thanks anon

No. 67931

She uses tape for the aegyo-sal and tons of shimmery makeup to make them sausages shine.

No. 71735

File: 1449999976405.jpg (187.44 KB, 1080x1160, Screenshot_2015-12-13-09-40-45…)

I'm not convinced that she's not receiving money from her dad. What model, with very little exposure like Taylor, can afford a pair of those shoes?

No. 71746

What is so special about these shoes?

No. 71749

Everything she owns is designer while her talent is spending money and surgery. We established that she gets money from her dad in the previous threads though.

No. 71751


They're designed by Kanye West- retail around $600, resell $800-$1000 iirc

No. 71759

so, is she done with being kawaii? she's been sporting the street rat look for a while now.

No. 71773

maybe those are chinese replicas

No. 71775

U gotta be trolling

No. 71798

>>street rat

Fucking kek

Thank you for making me laugh while I'm miserable on my period

No. 71800

Don't forget her sitting on business class when she travels between Tokyo and Canada (saw it in a vlog)

No. 71802

Triple-post, sorry, but her legs look pretty ana here (inb4 I get called fatty-chan by ana farmers)

No. 71971

File: 1450053921909.jpg (44.81 KB, 261x504, image.jpg)

It's just here though.
I'm dropping photo from the video filmed by her sister and still posted by Taylor (she still probably looks better than irl)

No. 71973

Holy crap. What a ridiculous price for such shoes.

She doesn't wear any replicas.
No need for it, and kind of embarrasing for her, I believe.

No. 72011

She doesn't use replicas. She drops a few thousand a month on her and her dog's salon appointments, these shoes are nothing.

No. 72057

How old is that video though?

No. 72126

No. 72879

The yeezy boost 350s retailed at $200 as I recall, so it's actually not outlandish, though maybe an unexpected choice for Tay. Here's the more pressing question: Why drop two hunna on sneaks to pair with that heinous taobao outfit

No. 72897

Holy shit, I cannot tell if you're serious or not.
She's being extremely comfy, why the hell would she have to be all preppy, you can tell she wasn't going anywhere fancy. Jesus christ, anon, you sound like the catty bitches in Berry's thread.

and what makes you think it's a taobao outfit.

No. 72903

The far more pressing question is how she got them. We had 150 pairs of them at the flagship in Harajuku, and 4000 people lined up for them…

No. 72928

You know people can buy items online, right…….

No. 72951

It could be mileage upgrades or depending on what her dad does, he uses his miles for her. I have a richfag friend whose dad does the same thing, he's at the top tier of their frequent flyer program because of his job and uses its perks on his family (their first to be upgraded, open access to lounges, etc.)

No. 72955

These shoes? Not really. They were crazy popular and limited. If she wanted to buy them online she'd probably have to pay a huge markup.

No. 72960

You seem salty that she managed to buy them.

They're ugly anyway, I'm sure you've got some nicer stuff in your closet already.

No. 72969

I've been checking out a few of taylors videos and, the more recent they get the more real she seems. Honestly I really like her. Her vlogs are varied and they are comfortable to look at. And I really like rosie! I don't get it, are we shitposting about her because of her surgeries? She's doing everything we've been waiting for koots to do.

No. 72977

This. I've grown to actually like Taylor whereas Kooter is still plastic and boring. I feel like a lot of this thread is people shitting on Taylor for her wealth and plastic surgery rather than any actual lolcow material.

No. 73000



lol as far as we know she only ever got fillers and those have obviously been reabsorbed.

No. 73004


So… You agree with me then? "Fuck you! I agree!" Kek

No. 73006


Me too, she's actually alright and I don't even get why she's a snowflake. At least she made a "how to become a model overseas video" because unlike Dakota who kept it all in the dark, Taylor tries helping other girls.

Notice how most the kota clones aren't as shitty and more normal?

Kota has calmed her ass down a lot but she's more tarento now than a model. People are bored of her I think.

No. 73020

Wasn't she the one who said stuff like 'I suit Asian men more because of how I look and I'm more attracted to them. Like my ex was Asian'

No. 73029


You sound excessively aggressive.

I was pointing out that you used the plural of surgery, surgeries, implicating that she'd had more than one procedure done when as far as we know she'd only had one.

Calm the fuck down lad.

No. 73030


Is…. that bad?
I only prefer Caucasian men. Gonna go make a thread on me Anon?

No. 73055

She was added as a snowflake because of her copying dakota. Not just looks, but every little trend.

Examples of stuff she did right after kota:
- Cut straight bangs
- Eyebag make-up
- Homecut
- Weird upper lip thing
- Fucking acting like kota in her videos

I agree, she's not as bad of a clone as she used to be (she was 1:1 before), but something is still off about her.

No. 73056


No. 73057

Oh and she seems to have deleted the videos where she's sitting in her room with too much lightning and very broken Japanese (the ones where she obviously copied kota). I guess she realized how awfully unoriginal and embarrassing it was.

No. 73063

She acts and talks like her a lot too.
Taylor is fun to laugh at because she copies kooter so much, has bad style, and makes bad decisions. I'm starting to think her fans are making her easier to laugh at too.
"Don't insult taylor!!! Her new video is amazing! She's so nice! And she's waaaaaaaaayyyyyy more likable than Kota!!!!!"
No, they are both unlikable but kota is actually interesting and not a knock off.

No. 73065

Everyone has a preference and there isn't anyone wrong with that what so ever. I hate people who want to try to make someone feel bad or that they're 'racist' somehow for not being attracted to a certain type of person. It's the same idiotic mentality trannies have against lesbians.

No. 73174

I agree.

Taylor wasn't saying she prefers Asian men, she basically just said that Asian men like her because she's kawaii.

No. 73283

oh I always thought the statemant was weird because of how she lumped all the Asian men into one group

No. 73294


Yeah, it was a huge generalization she made in that interview. But she's also sorely mistaken.
Asian men would like her more because she's a foreign, pretty girl and not because of her kawaii crap.

No. 73309


The others I agree with but I don't think you've actually watched any of her videos because you'd know that her and Dakota couldn't act any less alike.

In Dakota's videos she generally sits there wide-eyed, unmoving trying as hard as possible not to move around to much and avoids speaking.
Taylor actually moves around and smiles and is animated and shit; plus her videos aren't completely fucking useless like Dakotas.

No. 73317

Yes, exactly. And she is honest about her having to put in work to eat right and exercise because she used to be chubby. And that she edits her selfies etc. I can't see how their personalities are alike at all. Granted her first vids verr a bit awkward but I'm sure mine would have been too.

No. 73319

it's unbelievable that people defend the way she looks when we know it isn't natural. How come she isn't accused of being ana? She's definitely SOMETHING, because that body shape doesn't look especially healthy AND she works to keep it that way.

No. 73321


You think >>71971 is ana? She just looks like a regularly slim girl imo.

No. 73323

She's a professional model? Someone's never watched ANTP or any high fashion runway shows. You can tell that she's perfectly fine because of her energy levels and her skin is nice enough that she freaked out over a few pimples. She's not even as thin as Busuzawa

No. 73330

no, there I guess she looks normal. But in some of her pics (which i guess she photoshops) her legs look grossly thin

No. 73339


Because she doesn't look anorexic at all, she looks like she's on the low end of normal.

>she's definitely SOMETHING, because that body shape doesn't look especially healthy

You must be American right?

No. 73400

She tries to talk like her using a deeper voice, limited mouth movement, and jerky head movements. She tries to act boyish yet feminine and her videos are not helpful but general nonsense.
Kota's videos are more targeted and straight forward.
"here's how to do this hairstyle."

You knock off lovers are getting annoying. She's a cheap boring imitation of a certain snowflake. Fuck over it.

No. 73411

Thank you.

No. 73414

Why is it okay to kiss kota's ass but not taylor's?

No. 73421

Damn, you Kota lovers should step down a notch, people like Taylor, people like Kota, we could care less if she was a clone, there were plenty Kota clones and we didn't fawn over them, there's a reason why people like Taylor (sometimes over Kota).

Also, Kotas videos are 99% tutorials, where as Taylor is general shit, have you ever considered that people like Taylor for reasons other than tutorials ?

No. 73460

She denies it, but she edits her videos and pictures a lot, it's far from only using filters and simple apps.

The reason they like her is certanly not because of her make-up tutorials…

No. 73474

I pretty much doubt it, if you took the time to read Taylors' circle jerking, they state their reasoning for why they like her, and it's definitely not for her makeup tutorial.

No. 73495

I agree with this anon.

My theory is because Kota's fans couldn't "feel close" to Kota, they latched onto the lesser known copycat instead.

No. 73586

I can say that I NEVER liked Kota. tbh comparing Kota's and Taylor's videos is like comparing Michelle Phan to Ryan Higa imho. There's a completely different entertainment value that different people WILL like. There are TONS of Kota clones that no one cares about too. It's not her being a kota copy, a girl in japan, a model, someone with a cute dog, or whatever. People like her for different reasons. You realize that there are people who know who taylor is who have NEVER heard of Dakota right?

I think it's ridiculous to argue over why someone does or doesnt like Taylor. Just because you dont see how people can like a food doesnt mean you need to try and pick apart why they do and basically tear down their like because 'oh they only like Taylor because kota-senpai didnt notice them' it's ass backwards thinking.

No. 73649

I feel that way too.
Kota turned out fake which was an insult, and those who STILL stayed loyal to her are now left with a baby look chasing boring C list celebrity.
But latching onto her biggest copier seems low even for previous kota fans lol.

No. 73658

no, I'm not.
she's shitty for making her legs look skeletal in photoshop then. I wasn't sure she abused it to that level, but it is obvious now that I've seen the video still.

No. 73774

(…)Special Drama which will be broadcasted on TV Tokyo on 1/6 at 23:58(…)

If it was a series, they'd write "will be broadcasted from 1/6". So she'll be in what amounts to a made-for-TV movie at midnight on a weekday…

This actually answers the question whether she'll have to speak much Japanese. She'll play a Canadian who fell in love with Japanese craftsmanship and came to Japan, he'll play the university student looking after her. So I doubt she'll have to speak anything more than super simple sentences…

No. 73798

But Taylor is absolutely the best Kota's copy. And I don't know any other girl who could actully afford to do everything like her inspiration - to be model for some small J-market, to go and live in Japan and then start her "own" thing.

Look Seraphina, she's poor (average = poor). Instead of wearing the most expensive brands, she wears copies from taobao. Instrad of travelling around the world with business class and having a manager to take picture of her, she only once travelled out of country.
Instead of having money and support to live in center of Tokyo, she lives somwhere in Australia.

Seraphina is a fine copy, but 0 compared to Taylor.
And Tayor only in recent videos tried to drop the Kota image

No. 73804

This is exactly it, Taylor is a better Kota than Kota.

No. 73828


She'll really have to brush up on her Japanese then. Even the dude out of "My darling foreigner" spoke the language perfectly. C'mon Taylor, learn some sushi lang.

No. 73829

File: 1450540766462.jpg (30.81 KB, 300x426, balto7.jpg)


It'll be like this I think cept' younger audience and actors. Plus they have Taylor who is the perfect skinny anglo gaijin dream boat for any white woman hungry jap.

No. 73856

Not really. She's just another boring wannabe.

No. 73929

I agree she's boring and unoriginal, but she has all the expensive things Kota wants and actually looks like her pics in real life.

No. 73931

But that blonde girl starring in that recent drama didnt speak a lick of Japanese when she got hired… Her scripts were in romaji…

No. 73933

Ingrid Bergman also didn't speak any English when she was hired for Casablanca.

No. 73960

unpopular opinion: aside from the initial swelling her cheek fillers look really cute and i want them.

No. 73967

File: 1450605288701.jpeg (100.11 KB, 815x396, image.jpeg)

Are you sure?

No. 73972

etude house tear drop liner

No. 74058

What do you mean expensive things she wants? fuck are you talking about? Kota literally gets "expensive" things handed to her. And no she looks like a boring white girl with bad style irl. Just like Kota. Stop with the rose tainted glasses my god.

No. 74071

>aside from the initial swelling

No. 74072

>Kota literally gets "expensive" things handed to her
does she? where? where do you see that? you sound mad. kota is a wannabe rich bitch while she and her sister are really just white trash.
taylor has plenty of luxurious things in her lap. havent you seen her siblings' IGs or facebooks

No. 74118

they look as hard as a rock, it's awful

No. 74150

The lumps still look like shit when not in ideal lighting and she has to keep getting them redone.

This. Kota has yet to go to Paris on the regular or do anything lux. Their lifestyles truly are worlds apart, down to the family lifestyle.

No. 74160

>tfw when anon thinks VW is expensive crap when Taylor own chanel and Dior bags


No. 74164

There's some seriously passive aggressive person in her PULL thread, posting every god damn photo of Taylor and simultaneously tearing her down. Reminds of Kontra or Hachi in regards of what they did with Kota. Maybe it is actually one them, after moving their obsession from Kooter to Taylor.

And I bet she is ranting in this thread as well. So yeah, hi there, why don't you give us some definitive proof about Taylor's eye and jaw surgery? Something else than comparing edited photos to edited photos.

No. 74191


Yep, Vivienne Westwood is cheap as chips.
I have a store here in Newcastle that I occasionally pop into and even online secondhand bags will only set you back around £50 or a pair of authentic earrings you cab get for as low as £15 of you so a little bargain hunting.

Actually I might go have a look now, buy myself a new necklace.(that's not how you sage)

No. 74193

You should write a memoir, I would love to know more.

No. 74210


Sorry friends but sage is always automatically filed in on my mobile and it's a posting preference, not a stipulation.

Not even Admin-kun should be allowed to decide how users format their own posts. If i choose not to bump a thread for whatever reason that's my own desicion, not anybody elses.

I'm ready for my second ban now. Hellweek is going to be one wild ride.


I'll send you the manuscript wats ur email bby.

No. 74231

File: 1450725516580.jpg (97.56 KB, 520x780, charlotte_hwang_taylor_richard…)

No. 74304

File: 1450739668660.jpg (443.62 KB, 1278x975, kotalipz.jpg)

No. 74318

I cant tell if she is seriously this bubbly and retarded or its all a brilliant act

No. 74321

File: 1450742533976.jpeg (240.58 KB, 1536x1257, image.jpeg)

She wears extensions right? Otherwise dear god im a bit jelly

No. 74333

Thanks anon. I actually just got this.

No. 74334

I like you

No. 74345

I think she's said before it's all her hair. I'm envious as well. But she went and butchered her face and prances around with that poor toy dog that is bred to be cute but not live long. Pisses me off.

No. 74346

Lol. Her dog is gonna die if it gets anywhere near that plant. Hope she knows!

No. 74353

"If you want, take some ribbon, and hang your dog"

No. 74370

File: 1450757176965.jpeg (136.44 KB, 1280x800, image.jpeg)

She says no, but this is what her hair used to look like.. go figure

No. 74373

you mean.. her hair grew?

No. 74375

I mean, appears a lot thicker now.

No. 74379

Lmao this is giving me serious mezamashiTV vibes rn (Kota's first interview in Japan) because of her hair and the white couch.

No. 74402

these gaijin really love their thin, limp, greasy plastered down hair…

she looks really wide here. she's hiding a nice figure under dumpy weeb clothes. sigh. i'll never be over how she rejected her conventional beauty for a kawaii uguuuu~ aesthetic.

No. 74416

Her hair is real, not extensions. The curls just make it look more voluminous.

No. 74420


So it grew…

No. 74422

it's really just the curls that make it look voluminous, still, it is an impressive length. also, the hime cut doesn't fit her as her face is already on the thin side.

No. 74429

Her hair is long, but not especially thick, as can be seen in this video. I dunno why some people are so obsessed with her having extensions… like it is impossible to have long hair without extensions.

No. 74430

Thats not why the hime cut doesnt work
Its her big cheeks and strong jaw

No. 74432

And even if she did have them…wtf is so wrong with that? If it is extensions, they look very natural and well done. She takes vitamins and supplements for her hair and nails iirc. Not to mention she eats pretty healthily and is obsessed with nutrition.

No. 74436

File: 1450792711471.jpg (52.64 KB, 650x366, 1150732_650.jpg)

From the new tv-series. A few more in here http://www.crank-in.net/entertainment/news/40540/gallery/#0

No. 74437

File: 1450793923068.jpg (68.18 KB, 650x366, 1150729_650.jpg)

She looks really cute.

No. 74440

Wow on this pic she looks exactly like Dakota!! Scary

No. 74441


Id Taylor is older shouldn't it be the other way round.

Dakota looks like Taylor :^)

No. 74442

Even Taylor looks more like Dakota than Dakota

No. 74445

No, she looks like a blonde chipmunk.

No. 74448

No, because Taylor tried hard to look like Dakota, not the other way round.

No. 74449


Taylor naturally looks more like Dakota than Dakota does.

No. 74460

That's because Taylor doesn't look like her natural self anymore.

No. 74473


That's because you can't differentiate between makeup and real life.

No. 74475


>doesn't look like her natural self

What does this even mean? None of us had even seen her up until 2-3 years ago and she looks exactly the same only with longer hair and a different cut.

No. 74477

i think that anon means that taylors shooped pictures still look similar to her candids/videos. dakota's shoop vs real life looks like different people almost

No. 74514

Taylor from 3 years ago looks nothing like Taylor today. It's first because of surgery, and then because of shooping and makeup.

No. 74570

They're not extensions, and her hair has been flat ironed when it doesn't seem thick.

The thumbs look just like Kooter.

The fillered face looks so weird beside other people. I think her old face with the normalfag vibes would work better for TV.

No. 74608

I don't think people were thinking she has them because it's long, but because of that picture with the curls it looks really thick.

spoiler for being 32" bitch
When my hair was waist length I would have randoms come up and ask how many inches my extensions were. So I guess it's normal for people to think that.

No. 74678

I thought acting in japan a lot of actors/actresses are chosen by looks not skills

No. 74806

I think she looks great and can't wait to see it online hopefully. Will be interesting to see if she is more mellow in a tv series than in her videos. She has gotten more relaxed and real seeming lately. I agree that the videos where she would speak Japanese were very stiff and awkward. I've lived in Japan for 3 years and never taken a class speaking and yet I still speak Japanese more smoothly than her. It was really strange to hear it honestly. weird.

No. 74826


flan pls leave.

No. 74841


She's more genuine than kota, that's why she's likeable.

No. 74842


It looks interesting and will probably have all the amwf fans froffing at the pussy.

No. 74868

>that jaw
Her jaw was so wide before. I feel like she must have gotten Botox for v line as well. And not going to lie, it looks really good.

No. 74870

They are.

No. 74888

File: 1450951928598.jpeg (52.36 KB, 540x810, image.jpeg)

No. 74889

File: 1450951981000.jpeg (134.96 KB, 693x960, image.jpeg)

Chin while smiling

No. 74890

She was so pretty. She still is but now she looks fake.

No. 74901

Can you get results that drastic just from Botox?

No. 74949

File: 1450981858543.png (531.74 KB, 815x473, image.png)

She's probably been upkeeping it every 3-6 months so the results would be better and better. Also her jaw looks like it was mostly muscle making it big.

I really don't don't she does fillers anymore or if she does I can't notice them.

No. 74970

When comparing old photos to new ones, at least have the decency to use something unshopped. It is useless to compare some modelling shot to an instagram photo. All her own photos are edited to hell and back.

Also, if she had jaw surgery, then why didn't she have her chin shaved as well? The chin is still there. And these days she has the hime cut to constantly cover the sides of her face and jaw to make it look smaller and slimmer.

No. 74975

….whats wrong with her chin? its not even big wtf

No. 74981

Her chin looks exactly the same guys it's obvious she's tilting her head forward in the bulk of her selfies/videos.

You know it's not that difficult to rapidly change your appearance in your adult years? Even seemingly minor changes like a switch in diet or increase/decrease in exercise can end up producing pretty noticeable results in how your skin, hair and eyes appear (not size I mean the general health of them), and obviously she's completely modified her makeup style too.

No. 75092

Her chin is absolutely fine. It's just the obsessed people from PULL who are convinced that she got a jaw reduction surgery, because she has such a huge jutting chin and wide ass jaw (according to them).

So I was just wondering that if she had the jaw surgery, why didn't she fix the chin as well. Because her chin certainly hasn't changed.

No. 75096

Her chin changed a lot, it was protruding and sharp, same as her old jaw.
You start checking Taylor only recently if you can't see that. Her face is reconstructed.

No. 75105


Been following Taylor since she before she was even a thing on here actually.
I see no difference.

No. 75180

That is quite amazing then. She change SO MUCH and it's cute how innocent you are when you can't see something so obvious. It's also worring.

Can you post a pointy picture of her chin nowdays, somethis so pointy as >>74370 ?

No. 75193

Taylor an Dakota look so much alike… have they ever met each other before? Maybe one day soon they'll cross paths.

No. 75194

I feel like Taylor would be really nice to Kota, but Kota would snub her or something.

No. 75196

Taylor probably knows better than to shittalk Kota, but Dakota doesn't have to worry about her image as long as manager-sama is doing PR for her. But I can see Dakota being snobby or cold to Taylor if nobody else was around, there's no way her petty middle class white trash self could be nice to Taylor unless it was 100% fake since Taylor is everything she always wished she could be and have. Rich, tall, pretty, a loving family, no responsibilities, etc.

No. 75220

IMO because taylor and kota look so much alike, I do wonder (personality differences aside) whether they could be close friends seeing as they would be competing for jobs. I do wonder why taylor got offered a drama but not yet kota…

No. 75222


I think wouldn't end up well either.

Taylor would be kind but kota would just smile and do that thing where she looks like she's enjoying herself but it's just a polite façade. In that Cinderella interview with that tranny she mentally probably slagged him off. But with Taylor, despite kota having the upper hand due to popteen/manager/bravo ect I think kota would still be a bit self conscious.

I mean c'mon, Taylor is taller, slimmer, long hair which doesn't look fried and limp. Has done profesh modelling, is going to star in a shitty drama and yes kota has been there in Japan longer, she's been in tv appearances ect ect.

But I think Taylor somehow will do better. I just do. Not as much shit talk about her, she shoops herself ugly as a baby alien while being like 28 and looks better without it.

Taylor is rich, kota isn't.

Taylor is basically everything kota wanted to be.

I do just think Taylor will have a better outcome in Japan in the next few years than Dakota. Dakota I think will be there still doing her dolly PS thing. But I think something will happen.

No. 75237

Taylor has the money and connections to keep getting pushed for things like a drama or video work. I'm also guessing since she's older she's more professional to work with.

Plus she actually looks like herself in videos. Only thing she's worrying is about whether people catch wind of her true age, because she is getting too old to not be married yet by Japan standards.

No. 75270

speaking of, does taylor list her real age? (on social media, in magazines etc)
unlike dakota whose fake age is starting to get too old lmao

No. 75278

I think they both would act nice to each other but really salty inside. Like everyone else said, I think Kota would definitely be salty about Taylor being everything she wants to be. And I think Taylor would be really salty about Kota being younger, getting more attention, and being shorter/more kawaii(imo Kota suits this style much better than Taylor does).

No, not at all. She'll block you if you say her age. She used to say her age when she was younger and still living in Hong Kong though.

No. 75292


Yeah but even though Dakota is 22 and Tay is like 29 almost. Taylor looks GOOD for her age without the try hard kawaii look.

Look at her old HK modelling work it was like a couple of years ago and she looks good. She doesn't look haggard and washed out.

Kota has her baby face still but even just seeing her face on tv appearances she doesn't look that great. Sure she suits the style and Japan loves to shop the fuck out their models.

But at least Taylor can get away with doing professional modelling and look alright, plus her body is better and works out.

Dakota doesn't.

I think Taylor has had a better life and experience overall.

Dakota went viral once and still has jobs now, that's it.

Tay defo has better life.

No. 75319


Taylor is 27 turning 28.

No. 75346

File: 1451169155806.jpeg (730.78 KB, 680x999, image.jpeg)

Am I crazy or does this look like pre-kawaii-phase Taylor…?

No. 75398

It does look like her, and I think it is her because too similar… Did somebody make this as a parody?

No. 75412

>>75346 wow it really does look Taylor

No. 75417

Nope. That's the actual book cover. I wonder if it's an old job of hers since it looks so much like her. Could just be a girl with a really similar face.

No. 75418

Yikes, that's her alright. What an embarassing thing to be on the cover of.

Taylor went against her agencies' advice and wanted to go for the jobs Kota was going for (kawaii, talent etc).

The agency is right in that her old face and higher fashion jobs would maybe have paid more, especially since she's too old for the kawaii thing.

No. 75420

She's about the same age as Risa, and she looks really good, so I wouldn't say she's too old

No. 75457

I don't think it's necessarily to do with her age either. I get the impression that Japan (and Asia in general) likes their westerners to look, well, western. Look how popular Miranda Kerr is there, she's definitley not doing the whole uguu airien beibi thing. I think that's where a lot of wannabe's go wrong. The only westerner that being "kawaii" has had any success for is Dakota, and even she had a much more sultry and mature look when she was first discovered.

Taylor's old (natural) look was much more elegant and, ironically, would have probably worked much better for her in Japan. Look at how much work she used to get, in comparison to now.

No. 75461

because miranda is cute and doesn't look like typical westerner with aging makeup and angry/sexy image

i like that taylor has natural/youthful look and doesn't try to "look her age" (which is a ridiculous concept imo)

No. 75466

File: 1451218492588.jpeg (2.43 MB, 1984x1299, image.jpeg)

I guess my point was that the whole super cutesy moe IRL 12 year old anime girl thing just never seems to really be that well received by a Japanese audience when done by a westerner. Miranda is cute, but she's also sexy and not trying to be like a little girl.

I mean, I like how she doesn't dress or look her age too. But there's a happy medium. She just looked infinitely better (and was more successful) before she started trying to be Dakota/alien baby. She still looked super cute and youthful, but in a more…idk, elegant way?

No. 75470


Wow that really is Taylor alright. Look at the lower lip shape compared with >>75466, it's identical.

Even more so considering that when they were creating the book cover, to hire an underaged girl to shoot would have been controversial, so they would have had to find a female model that looked a lot younger than her age.

Nice catch Anon.

No. 75477


I agree.

Thing is when you're naturally cute it works, Dakota did have a natural appeal to her, Taylor has one and Miranda has it too.

But idiot weebs think brands and all that shit is the main priority. Instead of just being their cute selves (look at magibon even she has a naturally cute appeal despite her manky teeth and doesn't dress like a 4 year old).

Wannabes don't think of it. That's why they don't get anywhere.

No. 75478


Nah, Taylor isn't too old at all. Exactly Risa is like 27/28 and she does Larme better than younger girls.

No. 75481

File: 1451232307245.jpg (94.12 KB, 333x500, balto7.jpg)

No. 75482

File: 1451232406253.jpg (33.2 KB, 500x500, balto7.jpg)

No. 75483

File: 1451232567136.png (162.51 KB, 250x346, lkk.png)

Kota's peach john

No. 75484

File: 1451232631272.jpg (66.21 KB, 720x960, balto7.jpg)


this shit

No. 75485

File: 1451232654496.jpg (11.64 KB, 236x316, balto7.jpg)


this type of shit

No. 75486

File: 1451232693795.jpg (230.31 KB, 900x1200, balto7.jpg)


No. 75487

File: 1451232763846.jpg (212.06 KB, 580x435, balto7.jpg)

and this are a no no

No. 75488


Just keep it natural

No. 75499

she still fills her cheeks

No. 75745

she actually did a lot of random modeling for some kind of drugstore in Canada before she moved to China, where her photos featured her with cosmetics, etc. The author of this book probably just bought the rights to some leftover stock photo of her.

No. 76024

lol, her drama is a voice-over by a Japanese. She doesn't even talk.


No. 76041

Oh damn, that's going to be weird as fuck if they dub. I can't imagine they'd be able to sync the voice with the mouth movements.

No. 76099

They dubbed over her voice? That's terrible..

No. 76100

so is she supposed to be a white girl who grew up in nippon then?

No. 76117

Why wouldn't they? She doesn't speak Japanese. Plus it seems to be one of those storytelling dramas, with a narrator. idk, we'll see, but that is definitely not her voice.

No. 76133

I might be reading this completely wrong, but something about a girl named Marie from Canada, visiting Japan to make a report on Japanese craftmanship for her university.

But according to her own comment on the drama page, she claims she's the one doing the voice. So maybe? I guess it's pretty easy to pronounce rehearsed lines decently, as opposed to interviews and other stuff.

No. 76137

Sooooooo is the japanese in her videos just complete shit then? I thought it may have been passable but guess not

No. 76142

It's quite shit in her videos, embarrassingly bad in her first videos. In the drama clip it sounds fine, maybe a bit too hyped/fake. It's really hard to tell from just a few words.
We'll see soon!

Oh, and here's a Girls Channel thread about Taylor in the drama.

Some translations:

"This was pretty unexpected from TV Tokyo"

"Please use a Japanese person instead"

"Taylor is cute without modification" <- I think they're trying to say she looks shopped

"Chiba (the male actor) looks cute, but Taylor looks hazy"

"She looks cute, but compared to this photo, she looks different"

"It looks kinda fake when they use a beautiful woman"

"I don't know her talents as I didn't bother to read, but this probably won't be her big break"

"This sounds hopeless"

"Her eyes have been modified so she doesn't look cute"

LOL "She's giving me a Dakota Rose vibe.. I feel disgusted"

And a reply to that "I thought the photo (the comment above posted) was Dakota"

"Model of what? Self-proclaimed model? Instagram model?"

"She looks like Dakota Rose"

"She has a lot of videos on YouTube, but they look a lot like Dakota's style (hair, eyebag make up and so on). The style suits Dakota better"

"Her dark eyes look weird with blonde hair. I wonder if she dyes it because it's seen as wanted in Japan"

No. 76145

She really does look just like a shooped Kota in that clip. If I didn't know it was Taylor I would've believed it to be Kota.

No. 76168


>her dark eyes look weird with blonde hair. I wonder if she dyes it because it's seen as wanted in Japan

Er, do Japanese people not know that you can have blonde hair and brown eyes or do they believe that blonde hair and blue eyes are an exclusive package?

No. 76173

I think that person is just retarded.

No. 76213

I read it as, since she is dying her hair blonde (when she's naturally brown now), she could also keep her green lenses (which she wears most of the time).
People are just not used to Taylor being a brown-eyed girl.

No. 76224

Brown eyes stand out more with light brown and blonde hair. Japan is just stupid…

No. 76233

>"She's giving me a Dakota Rose vibe.. I feel disgusted"

Is it bad that I actually got offended for like 2 seconds.

No. 76243


Cos they're all obsessed with lighter features lmfao

No. 76246


When it comes to foreigners, most Japanese seem stupid as fuck.

No. 76248



Why don't they just use Dakota then if they really want her so badly? Infact, why isn't kota there doing dramas?

No. 76262


Dakota doesn't look like any of her photos and actually looks pretty harsh IRL with her pointy nose and nasolabial lines, but Taylor actually does look like her photos and has the sweeter, more gentle appearance, plus her age makes her better choice in terms of maturity/professionalism.

No. 76263

Are they really that stupid!? Dakota looks like a basic bitch irl and Taylor is actually pretty. They really do think all white girls look alike smh.

No. 76266


Lmao but then again anon must of the time we think asians look alike so… cant really blame them

No. 76272

Actually, it's a fact that Kota wants to have a personality (cold one, it's her trick), and because of it, her character doesn't suit for that innocente role. Neither director of drama, nor Kota's manager, want Kota to appear under such role.
Kota's personality is more similar to Rola. Rola wouldn't take a part in this type of drama either.

No. 76274


Yeah but Rola is more likeable and known. Risa Nakamura owns the doll gimmick.

No. 76407

Regarding her shoes, my SO registered for the lottery at 5 different Adidas stores in Tokyo on Tuesday 15th Dec, and won+bought them just 3 days later.

So no, those shoes aren't that hard to get in Tokyo. Idk why she'd flaunt them so much anyway

No. 76408


>wearing shoes is flaunting them

Do you keep your pair in a zip-lock bag in cryostasis in the antarctic?

No. 76412

I don't think she's flaunting them. She has so many clothes and shoes that these particular ones aren't a big deal to her unless they match her outfit. Chances are they are sponsored to be in photos or sponsor gifted like many of her other stuff.

No. 76471

Rola's funny, that's not anything like Kota

No. 76488


I just think she's into the kota loli dolli trend as a gimmick. Bet Taylor doesn't care for any of this kawaii bullshit really.

No. 76491

Morons like Himezawa, Venus, etc. cater toward Japanese subculture and they'll never be professional because the rest of Japan think they're as moronic as the Western countries they hail from.

Miranda Kerr is a great mix of beautiful and cute. Of course she's popular in Japan. She's plain attractive and the face of the most popular lingerie brand on the planet.

Dakota never went full weeb. The living doll crap was done fairly carefully and she dipped her paws in weeb culture for youtube views while mostly showing off a cute face with dolly clothes. It was a pleasant aesthetic.

Taylor has money and can indulge in proper branding, but we've all talked about how her previous persona was far more popular and successful. Taylor was aging well and her western features while looking young would have lengthen her modeling career. The creepy fillers and work done can look really harsh until it settles down and even then it looks a little off and veers off into subculture rather than appealing to mainstream Japan.

I think there's this delusion mixed in with westerns trying to model in Japan that goes a little deeper than "i am lik animu." It's this strange idea that Japan has an entirely different set of standards that will make them finally be seen as beautiful. I think they see these discount bin catalogs with plain jane girls and believe they can do it. But you can do that here in the west. You can model for hot topic by being into subculture or torrid or other niche areas of the industry. Somehow, in a weebs warped sense of perception they think their average looks are good enough when Japan idolizes high beauty standards as much Western cultures. That's why Miranda Kerr will be gorgeous to the Japanese and these weebs will be paying agencies to let them be a part of the "modeling" industry.

No. 76496

idk why everyone's shitting themselves over her shoes.
they're only a couple hundred dollars, which isn't at all unusual for brand-name boots or something. the only difference is that most designer shoes are actually pretty, while these are fucking hideous.

all I can think of when I see yeezys are 'those look like they smell like a sweaty locker room'.

No. 76504

I agree, she seems to have a normalfag sense of style. It's like she puts in more effort than normal to appeal to the target audience of young weebs. Buying a ton of kawaii shit works for now though, because people want to see cute status items and such.

No. 76510


Full agreement with you.

Yep, it's true.

Miranda Kerr with her dimples, beautiful body and hair shits over weebs like Venus and Himezawa.

You're right about Dakota too. She was never full weeb, she kept it subtle and casual.

That's the right way to do it. Advice to any pretty girl who has model potential, do it properly if you are aiming for Japan then fair enough but please don't be a weeb with loli brands and all that shit. Just be natural and normal.

Cute, natural and normal. You'll go a long way.

No. 76514


Well, why not? If it'll give you an audience then fair enough. She can always sell the kawaii crap anyway.

No. 76541

Didn't she gain her current audience by promise to follow them then unfollowed everyone? I might be thinking of someone else though.

No. 76556

Shitlord opinion coming through but tbh high fashion modeling is the only true modeling. Basically, if you're pretty, you don't have to fuck around with subcultures/niches like westerner-in-japan-kawaii, plus size, alternative, sports or men magazine modeling etc. The reason they go for Japan is that they're too ugly to cut it in the west. If all these girls looked like Kerr, they wouldn't give a fuck about Japan, they'd be walking proper fashion week shows in Paris and shit.

No. 76571

Yep, that's Taylor. She didnmt get all of her audience that way though. She paid Facebook campaign and in few days got tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, and with that she also got Instagram followers (but less than FB of course).

With that little Instagram scam + paid FB campaign = voilà, a weeaboo dream

No. 76572

Painful truth

No. 76674

no. you can be as pretty as you want but if you're not over 170 cm and skin and bones (also preferably sharp-featured) you will not be wanted in "high fashion".

No. 76680

What's the deal with modeling anyway? Do people wanna be models because they think that it means they are "pretty enough to be models"? I mean that's not even the case with actual hired real models. Most of them look weird and butt ugly, but they tend to have amazing photos.

No. 76682

lol do you even nihongo

They're just spammers advertising products, there's a ton under every popular instagrammer. It says something like "omg taylor thankk you so much for recommending me X product! It totally worked and changed my life! X product is super great~ Again thank you for introducing me and my friends to product X!"

No. 76690


Even if you have naturally blonde hair and still have hazel or brown eyes, they'll think you dye your hair or are wearing lenses. They just can't seem to comprehend that natural blondes without blue or green eyes are a possibility. I used to use those penpal websites when I studied Japanese and every time I would swap pics with a new penpal I got asked if I dyed my hair/wore color lenses/was hafu. Every time I said no they got more and more confused.

>But don't blondes have blue eyes usually?

>Sometimes, but not always.
>Oh, I see. So, why do you have brown eyes?
>…..lol idk, genetics?

It flustered a couple of them so much they stopped talking to me. Eeeythin got so much better when I started using pics of my dog instead.

No. 76692

Girls like Dakota and Kiki and all the other internet weebs think it's some kind of "proof" that they're prettier than everyone who isn't a model. They don't understand that literally anyone can be a model, it just depends on who is doing the hiring and what they need the models for.

No. 76699


Because anon, if you're a "model" you're considered as the alpha human aka most exotic and beautiful thing to roam the earth. That's why so many girls are desperate to be them plus attention, money and fame comes with it too :)

Just have a mixed baby with a tall black guy or spanish if you're pretty. Luckily it'll come out all exotic and with its height will already have a career awaiting for it in years to come. Here's to paying for college earlier!

No. 76713



True. Pretty much anyone posting to a Japanese audience or regarding Japanese content gets these. I've seen them all over, Funayama Kumiko, Kyary, Seto Ayumi, etc. Kumiko especially tends to get 90% diet ad spam comments on her pictures.

No. 76717

dakota's nose is actually her best feature, it's cute and dolly

>Dakota looks like a basic bitch irl and Taylor is actually pretty.

to me they both look the same, two americans with these typical but rather attractive american features, the only thing that makes them different is the look in their eyes - dakota's is devilish, taylor's is kind

No. 76722


Miranda is prettiest out of them all hands down tho

No. 76739

Taylor is over 170 cm kek

No. 76749


We've been through this a million times already, or are you still some salty cunt trying to claim that her agency is actually so desperate for models that they're willing to doctor her height with a faux measuring stand on camera? >>64787

No. 76754

Well yeah, being thin and tall is a part of being pretty.

No. 76759

that's obvious
not to mention she's the one that has naturally cute features without photoshop and kawaii ugu makeup

No. 76806

Her latest official hight is the one from Zipper introduction. It's 171. All her agencies list her as 172-174.

Statement that she can't be a high fashion model based on hight is out of point.

No. 76836

tall, no. there are plenty of women in the 160-165 range with fine as hell bodies, look at winona ryder or sjp. also, most runway models are not "thin" they are literally skeletal. not that being thin is even neccessary to be beautiful, just to be a (mainstream) model.
omg i know that taylor is (barely) above 170 cm. but women that height who become successful high fashion models ARE AN EXCEPTION, and they are all remarkable in some other other way. taylor on the other hand is bland as fuck.

No. 77064

to be a high fashion model you normally need to be over 180cm ideally. taylor is only like 5'6-5'7; way too short.

No. 77087

that's not true, i'd say from 176 cm upwards you're ok and the majority of high fashion models are in the upper 170s. it's not impossible to make it for shorter women, there's kate moss, cara develigne, sasha p. and others but as i said they are the exception.

No. 77233

File: 1451798208170.jpg (203.43 KB, 1080x1080, 10467939_1121560681188281_1661…)

She just uploaded this on Instagram. If genuine, it's a Fendi Peekaboo Bag. The price vary depending on size and such, but it's a pretty expensive bag. At least a couple of thousands for the smallest size

Anyway, they are actually made in very depressing ways.
Calf skin, lamb skin, Selleria, leather, Crocodile, etc etc.

I feel like
1) She wants to flaunt it, and her ~genuine bag~, because she doesn't know the leather is real
2) She doesn't curr because she's daddy's little gurl and can afford burando baggo
3) If someone comments about the leather, she might try to state it's a replica

No. 77239

She would be the kind of cunt who could care less about animal cruelty…

No. 77245


No. 77247

Take your PETA shit elsewhere, nobody cares

No. 77249

She probably got it as a present for Christmas from family. I don't remember her saying she's against using leather though, I'm sure she has a ton of leather goods.

It's funny that she still claims to support her lifestyle with her own money. Kooter gets more work than her yet lives on a more simple scale.

No. 77259

Cuz everyone here have the same opinion as you

No. 77262

Stop being such an immature child. There is nothing irrelevant about being appalled about animal cruelty you twit.

No. 77263

Of course not. Someone who cares about the wellbeing of animals doesn't buy a "teacup" poodle. Bless Rosie's little heart, but I really doubt that that poor little dog was bred through ethical means.

No. 77264

Of course**

No. 77269

File: 1451816160084.jpeg (137.48 KB, 732x824, image.jpeg)

Looks like she's growing out her natural hair color? Or maybe it's dyed in a way where it shows more blonde when her hair is down.

Maybe it's just the lighting. But I do know she's not a real blonde. Even her sister kept her hair brown, but dyed it blonde when Taylor started getting a lot of followers.

I always thought dark eyes with blonde hair looked nice (if it wasn't too blonde), but I bet she would look much better in her natural color. Opinions?

No. 77281


Couldn't care less*

No. 77285


>but I do know she's not a real blonde

The tone of her roots is actually still considered dirty/mousey blonde, by it natural hair always looks considerably darker by contrast when some of it has been dyed lighter.

No. 77286

Most blondes hair gets darker as they age tho.

No. 77288

Except she said this herself like 2 years ago (iirc, it was when she talked about going to the hair dresser). She wasn't trying to hide it.

No. 77289


Where? I've watched all her videos and never noticed this before and all of her current regrowth is dirty blonde.

No. 77291

How am I supposed to remember? It was sometime around when she went to Paris. Also she has deleted tons of videos so it would be really hard to find it

I'm not trying to argue this, I'm just 100% sure she said this at some point. Maybe someone can dig up that one childhood photo with her siblings? Although old lighting can be deceiving too.

>>her current regrowth is dirty blonde.

Alright, so she's naturally dirty blonde then. Looks brown to me. But either way, I just wanted to point out that the rest of her hair is dyed a lot brighter, and was wondering if she was thinking of stopping the dye and just let it grow.

No. 77295

>how am I supposed to remember<
>she said this 2 years ago<
Make up your mind.

No. 77299


Sage for selfposting but I watch a lot of Taylor's videos specifically because I can see that we have near enough exactly the same hair colour so I like to see how she coordinates her outfits and what makeup tones she uses as inspiration and I'm considered to be dirty blonde.

Blonde isn't necessarily that light platinum tone you frequently see on Nordic models, it comes in a variety of shades.

Gonna note that the picture of her >>77269 has been taken indoors with shaded lighting so ofc it's going to look darker. Mine can appear light brown indoors or when it's greasy from not being washed.

Why are we even arguing this again though.

No. 77300

No one is arguing, really, I just wanted to know how others felt about her hair, if they also thought she'd suit that root color on that photo or just stick with the one she has.

It's pretty OT, sorry, I was just curious.

No. 77302


Nah you're still OT and I guess it's not really like there's much else to contribute to the discussion.

No. 77749

it's true, if she's into anything at all fashion-wise it's tomboy lite.

No. 77778

but she wouldnt be a fabulous rare unicorn in japan if she has brown hair and eyes

No. 77852

Although now when she already cought some attention, she can do it.
It might be her plan.

No. 78139

Reminder: Her drama thing starts in 4 hours


No. 78164

File: 1452092274275.jpg (161.14 KB, 1920x1080, baefc495[1].jpg)

Any clips?

No. 78169

I'm recording random stuff in case it won't end up on youtube.

She's trying so fucking hard, and she's doing a lot of Rola impersonation like blowing up her cheeks while nodding.

It's really embarrassing (she looks good though), her voice is kinda ugly (she sounds like an old lady), and her Japanese is obviously rehearsed but broken

Btw it's not really a drama, just a long advertisement for various products and places

No. 78170

File: 1452094653111.jpeg (2.67 MB, 3024x3024, image.jpeg)

Her eye makeup is tragic as fuck

No. 78178

lolcow is so slow for me, check out #彼女が恋した職人さん on Twitter for photos

No. 78181

File: 1452096115791.jpg (43.94 KB, 599x337, CYC_95-UAAAKgML.jpg)

Someone noticed her Rola wannabe attitude

And they said "何故ローラ"
("…Why Rola?")

No. 78182

File: 1452096401923.jpg (31.83 KB, 599x337, CYDFDtLUQAA-_Kd.jpg)

No. 78183

File: 1452096906400.jpeg (2.94 MB, 3024x3024, image.jpeg)

Yudai really cute, too bad he looks 12

No. 78185

but how much of it is her and how much of it is the director? I'm not saying she's a good actress or whatever but chances are the director told her to use the Rola mannerisms

No. 78195

Does she have filled injections around her mouth? What the heck am I looking at?

No. 78197

No. 78209

I was trying to figure it out too. That's some weird ass puckering going on.

No. 78218

File: 1452102587913.jpg (315.65 KB, 599x337, sppoky-tY.jpg)

No. 78233

in case that you can read japanese, read the comments of the blog entry from the male main actor.

in nearly every comment peiple say "taylor is soooo kawaii" "she looks lke a doll" and so on. looks like she got lots of new jap fans. well guys, she made it ;)

No. 78234

Got about halfway through before I oils not stand it anymore.
I don't understand enough moon speak to follow but the acting was painfully forced. Her "crying scenes" are very cringeworthy. I get that her character is supposed to be OTT to some degree, and she had a lot of every but it felt incredibly and strangely forced.

No. 78235

Wtf auto correct.
*could not stand it
*energy not every

No. 78238

What else to comment on their accounts though? I wouldn't go on someone's social media and say "your surgery failed" or "you look plain retarded" even I do think so. If I would write a comment in Japanese, I would also say she's sooo cute. Because she is obv going for it and I don't want her to feel bad.
If I would meet her I would smile and take happy photos with her. It's kind of cool to contact with a girl whose funny appearance is commented in so many different way in forums like this and on the age threads.

No. 78248

where do you think you are?

No. 78249

haha you obviously never saw girl's channel

No. 78259

those foreign freaks, causing problems for everyone.
>>Yudai really cute, too bad he looks 12
and taylor looks like her 18 year old stepsister. imagining them as a couple is weird, to say the least.

No. 78266

If there's no thread on GC by the day, I'll make one. Hopefully people will see the Rola/Dakota wannabe

No. 78288


Aww I actually do like Taylor and want to see her succeed.

No. 78290

Me to.

No. 78309


It's so terrible, the eye bags have to go

No. 78311


Nah, he looked cuter when he was younger. Now you can tell he hit puberty. Those ears jesus

No. 78312


It's so terrible, the eye bags have to go

No. 78320

Why are you here then?

No. 78322

You must be new to this thread. I'd say at least half of us genuinely like Taylor and want her to succeed.

No. 78326

Taylor is boring and rich, but seems fairly naive and not really drama ridden. She's probably a nice person. The reason the thread exists is because she was a pretty western girl with a career in Tokoyo and got tons of plastic surgery and emulates Dakota.

Her situation is interesting because she's another example of gaijin in Japan. Not many of us wish her ill-will and we're all cringing at her bad fillers with a sense of second hand regret.

Whether she succeeds or not isn't a big deal to me because I'm just fascinated with how she's trying to become relevant in Japan.

No. 78328

a career in Hong Kong*

No. 78338


This isn't PULL dipshit, really don't just pile on any girl that has the misfortune of being posted here.

No. 78340

>and got tons of plastic surgery
she just got (bad) fillers in her cheeks, that doesn't even qualify as plastic surgery in asia and especially not as "tons of" it
not to mention they're mostly gone by now

No. 78350

Aw, relax, anon

No. 78379

Not that anon, but her fillers are apparent on more places than just her cheeks. >>78170

No. 78428

File: 1452141482041.png (578.44 KB, 934x597, Clipboard01.png)

She doesn't have eyebag fillers, they more or less disappear when she's not wearing makeup. I think she uses tape or glue, or something.

Also, loling at the Japanese comments telling her she looks better without the eyebag makeup.

No. 78429

This pic creeps me out cause she edited one eye bigger, but not the other one…

No. 78440

Oh I was talking about the 6 bumps, 3 on each side of her mouth.

No. 78442

nnnnnah they're still there, they're just not as "bulgy" looking without the highlighting.

No. 78443

oh no.
The cheek fillers look so terrible and obvious from these angles.

No. 78521

File: 1452178600881.jpg (117.54 KB, 656x243, filler.jpg)

>they more or less disappear

No. 78523


Those look like normal eyebags to me. I have those too and I've certainly not had anything injected into them.

No. 78525

omg these look really terrible
and why are they so low?

No. 78528

they look drawn or made with tape, they are not even protruding like they would be if she had them filled

No. 78532

to me it looks more ( and i think so ) that she has remove those eyebags in the pic. when you take a closer look then you can see that it is blurred under her eyes. and in her " bad day" video she doesn't wear make up too but her eyebags are still noticable. i have noticed that recently she edits those eyebags away from her pics and videos or let them be less noticable there

No. 78620

I don't think it s blurred bc she was trying to get rid of the eye bags. She would never do that bc eye bags are Cho Kawaii Desuuuu. It looks like she used eye bag tape and tried to blur it to make it look less obvious.

No. 78621

Serious question. How does she edit them?

No. 78626

File: 1452212617194.jpeg (34.97 KB, 270x546, image.jpeg)

Probably uses aegyo-sal glue strips and a bright pencil for shimmer/white on top

No. 78631

The before is so much cuter and fresher looking.

No. 78634

I dont see how it makes the eyes look bigger? Just bulgy and fish like lmao

No. 78637

Yeah I don't think it makes eyes look bigger either. However it is somewhat common naturally for east Asians at least so I guess some people see it on others and decide they would like the look of it on themselves. It does look cute on some people IMO but not when it is drastic and fake

No. 78642

It gives the illusion that you have big bulging eyeballs causing these eye bags.

No. 78648

That's why I wrote "more or less", most people have faint eyebags like that without doing anything. Also, if she is using tape to make them, it could be causing a faint impression on her skin like when people habitually wear eyelid tape. Personally, I just think she's kinda squinting her eyes a bit so that her eyebag makeup won't seem so fake.

No. 78663

Plus the first annoying thing about her (before the kotacopy-era started) was that tons of us noticed how much she forced her eyes open on every single selfie.

No. 78665

File: 1452221895256.jpeg (28.65 KB, 318x320, image.jpeg)

No i thought its supposed to make it look like you are always smiling (at least your eyes)

No. 78725

File: 1452227998964.jpg (1.07 MB, 2767x1888, aegyosaldumbbaby.jpg)

This and in theory makes you look more youthful since babies have it. Aegyo is also similar to baby in Korean.

No. 78765

It doeent work on white people or those with big eyes already. It just makes you look like you have huge bags under your eyes. Asian style make up is to enhance the asian features. It jusy doesnt work on others like it does on asians.

No. 78772

I think the aegyo sal is to make something that most Asians have a positive by making a makeup look that makes them look "cheerful"

No. 79043

Late but Sharla's voice annoys me as well. She sounds like she is talking through her nose or something.

No. 79289

File: 1452435666502.jpg (88.07 KB, 640x640, 12530755_798301820295711_16255…)

Some more pics form the Drama

No. 79290

File: 1452435685866.jpg (73.82 KB, 495x660, 141c114f-s.jpg)

No. 79291

File: 1452435699824.jpg (52.77 KB, 640x426, 3c9974b3.jpg)

No. 79292

File: 1452435719039.jpg (42 KB, 660x371, 5296d8fc-s.jpg)

No. 79293

File: 1452435753373.jpg (88.56 KB, 750x908, image.jpg.cbef9f33a9750daf6d39…)

last one :D

No. 79313

if they must dress taylor in lolita for the drama they could get a jsk that doesn't hit like a miniskirt on her.

No. 79317

what the hell, she looks so ugly

No. 79325

Are those fillers under her eyes and in her cheeks? This oddly makes her look like an old lady.

No. 79335

Yeah she keeps looking worse and worse I'm scared how she'll appear in her 30's.

No. 79404

IDK why this is called a drama, it's basically a long cringey string of commercials.

No. 79459

Wtf she looks like Brittany from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

No. 79515

yea thats probably the point. most of these shows are day time tv which means they are for lame, wanna-be actors or extended infomercials. only housewives or ancient people are sitting around home to watch these.

No. 79530

It's the kind of job she'd get from an audition, so don't expect to see her in more of this

No. 79533

I get that she was starting out but this was such an infomercial.

Also she seems to have a wonk eye like Dakota now that she's in a video she didn't edit..

No. 79645

unpopular opinion: this show kind of made my life taylor. just kind of.

sure her acting was a OTT but it seems like thats just how the character was written. her japanese rhthym was kinda bad but thats just because she memorized lines, without actually knowing japanese.

No. 79647

File: 1452550942375.png (229.87 KB, 660x371, tay.png)

Removed eyebags and cheek fillers just to see if its better

No. 79660

She looks a lot cuter here! Honestly, she should have put the fillers in her lips instead. Not like Kylie Jenner big, just a little bit to fill them out. She'd almost be a 10/10

No. 79692

Still weird looking, but better


No. 79695

Half the audio of her voice was with a voice over though?

No. 81181

I don't think the link to her drama was posted yet, was it?
She's supposed to be a kawaii but awkward Japanophile so to me the stilted way ok talking and OTT mannerisms made sense.

No. 81205

Is her beret Baby? It's cute.

No. 81244

File: 1452877700316.jpg (87.87 KB, 600x600, CYvep45UsAAUjs0.jpg)

looks like dakoo

No. 81252

Yeah, I'm sure it's from BABY.

No. 81258

Looks like Taylor starting to overshadow Dakota

No. 81264


It wasn't.

No. 81271

How so?

No. 81289


1 day

No. 81290


I wish this trend would end

No. 81292

Nah, Dakota has the age factor going for her. Either way I want Taylor to shine on her own, without being compared to Dakota.

No. 81294

She did that to herself.

No. 81304


Yeah I want Tay to shine on her own too. The kawaii look isn't… Why can't she just revert to Dakota's old baby doll look? She'd suit that and let kota play out the fetus pale alien thing instead.

No. 81313

I thought there was no voice-over. It sounded like her own voice throughout the whole thing.

BTW, since I don't speak a word of Japanese, can anyone explain why did she get angry with that bloke and smack him in the head?

No. 81325

Her voice changes from high pitched and fast to low pitched and slow, her real voice like on YT, pretty often.

No. 81326

lolcow-drama translation project begin plz

No. 81328


Eh the guy was going somewhere and didn't tell Taylor's character and she wanted to go with him, and he went without her.

I wasn't really paying attention properly but that's what she said p. much.

No. 81354

He was making fun of her for liking Japanese stuff, that she just jumped on the "Cool Japan" stuff because it was popular. And he insulted the necklace she was wearing.

No. 81379


I don't know what the fuck I was listening to then. Was certain I heard "一緒に行きたかったです".

No. 81432

That description matches up with her irl too.

No. 81451

She said that at another point but was talking to herself while clutching the necklace

No. 82675

That voice over :']

No. 83543

December Favourites ❆❅ + my secret to long hair

No. 83551


I like her hair colour here actually, it's quite pretty. Just hate her make up.

No. 83559

She got accident and can't move or she's just pulling Kota again?

No. 83569

Her dog is just too cute.

No. 83631

I think Kota had her hair like this.

This video is old and only now she's showing it. Combine with the very few selfies and covering herself means she must be refilling her face.

No. 83647


Her face isn't even covered though, and who makes a fake 2016 video earlier in the year just to post in case something bad happens to them?

I know some of you hate this girl but you're being ridiculous now.

No. 83654


hair bob

No. 83682


lol guys this isn't a fake bob, her hair is obviously tucked into the neck of her sweater.

O' lawdy the reach.

No. 83685

Who fuckin cares? Like Kota was the only one ever to do this with her long hair in the world? come on….that was a serious stretch to compare the two.

No. 83686

right, and you've never gone through a lull in your posting times before? Or covered yourself like she is or just not being as done up? The direction she has been going lately is more natural and more intimate with her viewers. So she looks more comfy in her videos. Seems fairly normal to me.
keep reaching though.

No. 83695


Glad their are others who see how ridiculous this is starting to look

>Taylor breaths


No. 83711

You have no idea how annoying these sound now. I mean, if she lied or started drama or whored herself out….but she's never done anything like that. So she got some cheek fillers, so she likes a certain fashion trend that another youtube happened to like as well…….OMG SHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD TO LIKE THE SAME FASHION STYLE! Just because she is blonde they compare her. So what…..there's a lot of blonde people in this world with long hair and bangs. Just stop I don't see anything really worthy of this thread or to make fun of her for. She's a cute girl, who is a youtube and model and happens to live in Japan. Woo. Just let it go haters. Let it gooooooo~!

No. 83719

No. 83733

No. 83737

File: 1453384899007.png (192.38 KB, 262x366, teira.png)

her legs :(

No. 83739

its not a drama girl its an extended infomercial
tho watching it gave me some feels

No. 83747


No. 83850


No. 83920

what? its from the video. go home your drunk

No. 84009

I really like the dress she's wearing with that striped shirt. Anybody know where its from?

No. 84048

She's so godamn ugly in this video wtf

No. 84113

She looks cute in this video, I hope she gets more jobs like this one or a real drama job

No. 84126

I'm Taylor's age and I envy the shit out of her. Her stay there fucks me up mane.

No. 84130

Holy crap, she's head to toe in BABY, I am so jealous and happy for her at the same time

No. 84156

I like Taylor because she puts english subtitles on her videos. Very few youtubers actually do that.

No. 84157

What an ugly girl…she looks like a toddler o.O

No. 84168

Her Japanese…. cringe

No. 84208

Kota's bob is nothing similar to Taylor's hair in this video, but my point was that she is stiff/trying to not move exactly like Kota!

No. 84259

Does she have to move a lot to make you feel like she's normal? Now we are criticizing her body movements? wtf? stretchhhhhhhhh

No. 84260

ugly? what planet are you from? xD Also why do you care? you don't have to look at her. Not everyone on this earth is meant to please you with how they look. If you think she is so ugly why are you staring at her? You're going to be so disappointed in life if that's how you look at people in general and talk about them.

No. 84264

File: 1453427953465.jpg (109.12 KB, 901x883, 1452043514589.jpg)

>she looks like a toddler o.O
>what planet are you from? xD Also why do you care? you don't have to look at her.


No. 84282

>tumblr/PULL/r9k/general autism

No. 84284

Is this Taylor or is this Sharla. The world may never know.

No. 84289

xD neither, but nice try.

No. 84309

I'm so jealous. I wish I could wear Baby all the time.

No. 84320

Have you even watched the video?
She's stiff af, nobody who's able bodies doesn't move robotic like that, except Kota and now Taylor.
Or she had accident, or has something to hide or is pulling Kota 1:1 again.

No. 84326

Why does everyone hate on Taylors post-surgery face? Personally, I think it's really cute. In her earliest videos she looked pretty average, like any other white girl.

No. 84341

The sudden bumps with stupid emoticons and Taylor's video right afterwards makes me question things.

Because her old face was fine and she should learn to love herself.

No. 84345

PULL members say that she has done surgery again. botox or hyaluronic acid in your face has to renewed every 6 Months. she did not show a close up selfie since a while. ppl think she looks stiffs and put her hair in her pullover bc she wanted to hide her scars from surgery and it is easier to edit a swollen face slimmer. i think some members on pull have proofen that she has done surgery again.

on the other side it is funny how many ppl still likes and supports taylor although she is a liar and edits her pics and videos af too. i guess when the little poor baby taylor cries or acts honest in her videos then ppl starts to buy every single shit from her. " oh, she cried. she got bullied. she has shown her face without makeup. oh my god! she is so cute and honest." God ! Taylor is a profi. she knows what to say and do to keep her perfect image.
when dakota or other snowflakes edit their pics and videos or even would have done surgery everyone would go viral and say how fake this person is. but just bc taylor is smarter in makerting herself ppl find it ok. i don't get it

No. 84350

>Because her old face was fine and she should learn to love herself

I'm starting to hate this site

No. 84353


then leave this website and if you like her so damn why aren't you going to make a taylor r fan page. no one say that you have to be here

No. 84354

Why? It's true. Nothing was wrong with her old face. Maybe you don't like the ~love urself~ thing, but Jesus, "love yourself" enough not to deform your face like she did.
Put your hand over the top half of her body. It looks like a mans legs in some lolita shoes.

No. 84355

Wtf you don't get scars from injections like that. Reaching much?

No. 84364

Go away you are a pull member youself.

Because Taylor is a natural beauty and she actually is nice, Dakota and the others are ugly fatties, just accept it, even if you look like irl kota kek.

No. 84368


haha , you are ridiculous. how can someone be a NATURAL beauty if this person has botox , cheek fillers and other things done on her face. she USED to be a natural beauty. but now she is a wannabe idol - skeleton - ugly person.

if you can't accept the truth then it can't be helped!

No. 84372

Fuck you Kota isn't even ugly. Kiki is ugly, that aside I like Taylor but with all the surgery she's had, we can hardly still refer to her as a natural beauty.

No. 84437


Literally fuck off you fat autismal sow. This is not "your" website it's OURS and nobody wants your cellulite spackled ass here. Back to PULL lardo.

No. 84443


gurl, calm your titts. never have wrote that this is my site. i don't give a fuck about pull or what you are sayin. so chill

No. 84463

> xD
get out

but you have a point. she's not ugly. just not dressing appropriately and doing the ridiculous alien baby makeup

No. 84504


>just not dressing appropriately

To be honest I fucking hate this mentality that you as soon as you hit a specific age you have to start dressing like an old maid.

If the clothes you're wearing suit you than by all means you should wear them, and Taylor suits her clothes.

No. 84511

Kiki is prettier than kota, she just needs a bleach blonde wig and her old scene make up.

No. 84520


Do you really believe that?
I think Kiki looks haggard as fuck. She's one of the few people I would honestly say could benefit aesthetically from putting a teeny amount of weight on to fill out her hollow, angular features.

No. 84563

> hate this mentality
i didnt mean it like that. i just meant she looks stupid with that makeup and her long spindly babadook arms and legs are frightening

No. 84573

Do you think her legs are distorted here because of After Effects? She had some really bad AE videos that were deleted.

No. 84578

File: 1453499896858.png (371.63 KB, 539x350, kikikota.png)

Yeah, she could use a little more fat and muscle, but shes prettier than kota, kota is doughy and has a boring face. both are aigh tho.

No. 84579


Thing is, Kiki suits alternative styles and kota obviously suits the soft dolly style. Whereas Taylor is lucky. She's lucky because she can pull of cute (not the ugly fetus shit she's shooping herself into) but Miranda Kerr pretty girly kind of cute and mature at the same time. So I think Tay is the real winner here.

No. 84580


Plus she's rich, actual model, nice face, tall ect. All the things kota and kiki aren't yet wanted to be.

Taylor has more experience than both of them put together. Kota is heading down the tarento route now, I wouldn't say model as much but she's still got jobs going for her. Taylor is a twat, she's an idiot for giving up that HK career so idk what she is now. But she WAS a decent model.

No. 84582

Agreed, Taylor is the best of the three, shes so sweet too. She should stop with the fillers, i would kill for her natural face.

No. 84583

this is a dumb question but what does doughy mean? like pale or just chubby? sorry im dumb :(

No. 84584


Yeah, it means like chubbyish, pale and bland.

No. 84585

File: 1453500709097.jpg (24.67 KB, 324x480, 240_01 - Copy.jpg)


fuck sake taylor

No. 84586

thank u bb

No. 84596

I always thought Kiki was naturally the prettier of the two sister. She was never a Photoshop queen, if I recall, just a Myspace queen. She didn't need to Photoshop because she's honestly already great looking.

Dakota, on the other hand, has an awkward cherub face and her eyes are not aligned right. She needs all that Photoshop because she is just not a stunning beauty or really even cute naturally. She's just very normal.

Taylor probably is the prettiest all around, but I think her fillers ruined her face so now that's irrelevent. She should've just learned how to use cuter makeup and kept her face like >>84585. Such a waste.

No. 84598


What? So she's versatile, why the fuck does that bother you.

What, you think that plain-jane look she got going there is going to get her more gigs? You're deluded.

No. 84607

Yeah I thought it was weird how stiff she was being until I noticed that her hair is tucked in to look short. If she moved her head a lot it would mess up the hairstyle.

No. 84639

No, you're deluded. Modeling agencies love that "plain jane" look because they are actually more versatile than a fat baby face, and can be transformed into any look that the designer wants.

Taylor is just a massive weeaboo and was willing to ruin her face and modeling career by being another generic, boring Dakota clone.

No. 84651


Funny because it wasn't her plain-jane look that got her a mini-drama.

If you think that >>84585 is more employable in high fashion modelling you don't understand shit about the fashion industry because any booker worth his or her salt would immediately pass over Taylor's portfolio. That's why she NEEDS the niche, it's only way she'll succeed, exactly the same as Dakota, and surprise, surprise, it's actually working for her too.

If I was Taylor I'd do the same shit too. She's pretty, but she's nowhere near fashion model pretty.

No. 84654

Not high fashion. They want unique and angular faces. Catalog shit, you just need to be attractive.

No. 84674

File: 1453511774969.png (227.59 KB, 588x424, chippy.png)

dat filler

No. 84676

Oh Tay no…she looks to be in pain. Are fillers painful?

No. 84677

No, you really don't even feel them. After injections you might have some swelling for 1-2 days and light bruising for 3-4 but it's not bad

No. 84682

I'm wondering where all her work is?

There are billions of photos (great photos) from HK, but we never see stuff from Japan.

Her Satoru composite is just filled with old shit from HK.

All she is now, is an instagram blogger who lives on her dad's money.

RIP Taytay

No. 84685


Anon, go have a look at modelling agencies. They ADORE fresh faces with a tweak of individuality.

It's a SHAME because Taylor had a good fucking career going for her, good model look and now she wants to look 5. The style doesn't suit her SIMPLE AS.

Half these kawaii ugu styles never fit weebs anyway. Only a handful who have the right look but other than that… NO!

No. 84688


Exactly, it's weird. I know Japan loves their blonde ugu models. Taylor isn't really featured as much… It's a shame because she would have looked good in certain brands with her old look.

She just looks totally awkward in these baby thrilly dresses and childish clothing. Dakota can at least get away with it, Taylor just suits a more mature look. It wouldn't be as bad if she skipped the eye bags, cheek filler and weird shoop.

Even so, idk what Taylor's aim in Japan really is. Idol? What? They've already got a Dakota.

No. 84690

What worked for Dakota ONLY worked for Dakota, though. And she is not doing high fashion. Only Japanese brands will touch her. No western brands would ever give Dakota the time of day, because she looks nothing like her photos.

Taylor in the past managed to get work from Anna Sui, an actual designer brand. She probably wouldn't manage to get it now though, because her face looks like she got a bad allergy reaction.

No. 84694



Tay actually got brands, good brands and she's thrown it all away for some dodgy-no-one-but-weebs-give-a-shit brands. That's what baffles me… she could have been gorgeous and modelled still. Look at friggin Miranda Kerr! She's in and out of Japan. They love her look and she's gorgeous without a shitty niche.

Even the Japanese are saying Taylor looks too much like Dakota and aren't that pleased. I know they let her off when they found out about her childhood weight gain and liked her for that apparently in some article before the drama released. But meh, once its been done then…

No. 84696

File: 1453515069739.jpg (17.28 KB, 240x240, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

If its all about niche… I think Peachymilk should be a model too! Cos shes dolly and ugu also!

No. 84697



No. 84698

>Funny because it wasn't her plain-jane look that got her a mini-drama.

It was an infomercial.

She's going for a niche but it's not going to sustain since she's past the age for foreigner to succeed at that in Japan.

Any work she gets now is due to monetary investment. Taylor could have been doing luxury brands and making some kind of returns on her dad's investment but alas she wants to be tarento.

No. 84754

She also modeled for other brands such as laneige, I don't remember the rest

No. 84755


No. 84789

So if these are infomercials, what exactly are they advertising? All I know is that the "storyline" is really stupid.

No. 84792

They were advertising random stuff, very blatantly like it was a commercial. Like they were eating some kind of dumpling near the beginning and they would do cut aways of pics of the product.

No. 84805

That's what she said and you are really stupid if you believe that for her short looking hair is more important than not looking invalid.
She's just hiding her jaw and neck.

No. 84806

Ew no, man face

No. 84827

Did you not watch it? Everything about it was about items.

No. 84846

idk maybe because even though her body is really nice and japanese people are like "wow such beauty! so slim!" its not actually their ideal look…

No. 84848

> Funny because it wasn't her plain-jane look that got her a mini-drama
ok maybe it was her money to afford a good agent

No. 84917


Nah, I don't think it's that.


She could have done? Lol didn't Kendall pay the VS to let her model for them? Not hating on Kendall btw just saying. If you've got money then you can do just about anything.

No. 84918


I don't think this niche/persona or whatever it is will last. Not really. I think maybe another three years at the most and she'll resort to something else or try another path. She'll be almost in her thirties by then.

I think ALL these dolly cows will dry up.

No. 84942

Her manager is really gorgeous!

No. 85010

I think so too.

No. 85042

Exactly my thoughts. And her manager seems to be the brain behind everything.

No. 85051

File: 1453603063998.jpg (34.45 KB, 736x413, orphan.jpg)

In this video she reminds me of Esther in Orphan.

No. 85059

what kind of men are you looking at. I know you cunts don't like anyone who is a webb but Peachywatever doesn't look a guy in any way

No. 85113

File: 1453638152281.jpg (48.52 KB, 500x742, peachy.jpg)

She looks like a faggot, like those japanese band members but less feminine in the face, sorry just my opinion

No. 85116

File: 1453639432953.jpg (2.47 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_0197.jpg)

I was going to post this earlier, but forgot. She was in the Hong Kong issue of Vivi 2016. No idea what it says though.

No. 85118

It's not her fault Japanese idol guys look like 12 year old girls

No. 85122

I guess youre right.. But i still think shelooks like a boy/man in the face, she'sprobably a nice peson tho

No. 85124

Peachymilk's face looks manly to me, too. I can't even figure out why. I think it's just a bit long and her nose is still too big?

No. 85125

Yeah, her face kind of does remind me of a visualkei boy band member. I think its the nose which is kind of a shame since I think she got a rhinoplasty. It still looks the same to me. Sage for OT, sorry.

No. 85127

>her face
but yeah her nose is too big for her face

No. 85128

File: 1453647627868.jpg (54.83 KB, 640x640, tumblr_ndr4cyOfU81rdecglo1_128…)

I don't think she looks manly at all, but I do think her nose is too harsh for her face. I think if I were her, I would've have my nose made into a cute, round button nose.

She did, but you can really only tell the difference in her profile.

No. 85146

>if I were her, I would've have my nose made into a cute, round button nose
It's not always possible, it depends on your nose shape and on how skilled is the surgeon. Nosejobs cannot drastically change your front nose shape, sadly.
Sage for OT

No. 85169

Only a really shitty surgeon would take away a relatively large portion of nose. That's the shit that makes nose jobs go bad. The more they remove, the easier it is to go wrong. That's why the best ones are generally the more subtle ones.

No. 85174

That's Jenna Marbles with her on the upper right??

No. 85182

Yes, when Jenna was in YouTube Tokyo.

No. 85186

she looks like Michael Cera.

No. 85187

samefagging to add that she's cute and all but her doing any sort of modelling in Japan would probably be a bust imo. I think she wouldn't get far because she has no expression in her selfies, and I doubt that a modelling contract in Nihon would make any difference.

she has two faces: the half smirk smile and the O_O am an elf rearu bahbiee ningyou desuu~~ look where her eyes are wide open.

No. 85188

What I mean by long is the area between her eyes and mouth is proportionally super long. Maybe it is all her big nose though since that makes such a huge difference.

Her face bothers the fuck out of me though because it seems like she should be pretty but she has an ugly weird mannish face.

No. 85196

Yeah, I agree. She seems to have moved on from trying to be a model there now though. She's completely stopped spamming her selfies on ig with Japanese tags and doesn't really post "modeling" pictures anymore. Lately she's been talking about how her dream job is to work at a Liz Lisa in Tokyo and seems to be aiming towards becoming a cosplayer there.

No. 85269


I love how every weeb that gets online attention somehow ends up in Japan.

Liz Lisa is just a normal retail job tho? Peachy probably can't speak Japanese anyway. Weebs all claim to but it's either basic Jap or weeb animu Jap.

No. 85277

She used to try to speak Japanese(not in videos but she had a blog) and it was very beginner level stuff. I think she quit trying to learn because she completely ignores the few Japanese comments she gets on her streams.

Here's one of her blog posts if you're curious: http://beautyexchange.jp/be_girls/peachymilktea/page/8/
This is the most she's ever really said in Japanese. She mostly just posts/posted pictures/videos on that blog and that's it.

No. 85290

Stop derailing already. jfc

No. 85988

Holy shit, guess we better retract what we said about Dakota watching her ass…. Dakota just got a drama too.

No. 85991

things better get real soon

No. 85992


I'm sure I saw something on her IG the other day about this… or so I thought.

It's funny because Dakota no longer gives a flying shit about people seeing her face. Now she's in dramas!

Oh my god.

I wonder how kaka feels about this?

Jesus, AMWF couples will be shitting themselves.

No. 85993


I wonder if it'll be as cringey as Taylor's? Somehow I don't think it will though. I think they made a mockery of Taylor and they'll give Dakota something good.

No. 86000

Since Taylor looks like Dakota, and this thread supposed to be about Taylor, the first moment, before I read it's written Dakota Rose, I though Taylor just got cuter

No. 86012

lol Dakota cuter than Taylor thats really funny

No. 86016


Tay must be furious

No. 86021

Yeah, I don't think it'll be as cringey as Taylor's was either. I feel like Kota would be way too embarassed/self conscious to take a cringeworthy role like that. I feel like Kota's character will just be a lot like her persona.

No. 86028

I'm rooting for you Tay! (if you see this)

No. 86030

dis gonna be gud. I hope it turns out cool

No. 86032

This looks like something anybody could do at home…

No. 86048

It's actually not a drama, it's another TV show, but this one is like a dating show.

Quote from the Kooter thread in /pt/:
>I ts not a drama.
>there are other episodes of the show featuring other entertainers, meeting, going on a date.
>the point of the show is that at the end, if the date went well, you see if they kiss or not
>hence "Last kiss" as the title

So basically Kota is going on a filmed date and at the end will decide if she wants to kiss the guy. Which she won't since she's secretly married/has to keep up her unattainable kawaii idol facade.

No. 86058

Uh, why would Kota be secretly married when she qualifies for an entertainment visa?

I swear this board is dumber than PULL sometimes.

No. 86061

Because she barely works enough to justify a spacious 2 bedroom apartment in Tokyo? Especially considering hardly anyone knows who she is outside of Popteen readers and pervy old men who cyberstalk girls like her and Venus and Himezawa on YT. Also she's letting herself go since she got decent at Japanese, to the point where they even edited her to look almost completely Japanese for a mobile phone commercial to make people think she's hafu to boost her image.

No. 86122

You don't know that. Doesn't have to be as pricey as you think, if she doesn't live in the middle of minato or shibuya.

No. 86141

The date is scripted anyway they will have to kiss since this show actually just shows off the ways people kiss

No. 86281

Did any of you promoted Taylor R's Instagram account because she promised to follow you? I had screenshots of that but can't find them anymore. Does somebody has screenshots maybe? It happened last year

No. 86695

She said on her Twitter about the time she moved into the 2BR apartment he lives in now that is in Shibuya. Also Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world to live, so yeah. She's got a Jap SD since the Ostrengas stopped sending her money and cooyright claiming everything that made her look bad. Even her contact links in her official website don't link to Cathy's accounts anymore, they go straight to her jimusho Hiroshi now.

No. 86707

There are cities in the US that are a lot more expensive than Tokyo, fool

No. 86708

Someone's never heard of New York City and the Las Vegas Stip

No. 86867


Dont forget london guys

No. 87191

> most expensive
a studio in manhattan is at least $2k

No. 87192

people perpetuating the tokyo is impossibly expensive myth… have never lived in a big city

No. 87203

I promise even small cities in Canada are more expensive than Tokyo. It blew my mind when I found out the cost of living in central Tokyo is cheaper than most of my home country.

No. 87383

I know… I watched one of those 'look how expensive an apartment is guys' type of vids and I'm like, WTF, it's cheaper than Melbourne.

No. 87388

i live in miami and a tiny ass one bedroom one bathroom apartments are around 1k-2k :( usually they dont come with a washer or dryer either

No. 87433

Seems like Dakota is being herself on a dating game type show while Taylor was in an infomercial. Not sure which is worse yet though.

No. 87439

Kotas is more exciting as milk but taylors is a better career choice?

No. 87440

Miam is stupid expensive. Like idk how people have fun there, let alone live there. I got 4 basic as fuck drinks there and it cost $100 without tip. It's bullshit.bin Japan I got 2 beer sized glass of redbull and vodka for $15 and you don't have to tip. I fucking hate Miami…..except for the food tho

No. 87463

Yeah and I've lived in Miami my whole life I'm slowly dying

No. 87518

File: 1454168510896.jpg (144.38 KB, 767x767, aklsjfhkjasbdfaslkdfjh.jpg)

being in a B-rate drama is way better than being in reality tv because people will assume that you act how you're scripted in reality tv. No one who watched Tay's thing went 'oh yes this is totally how she acts irl' whereas if they script Kota badly there will be people who think that's how she is so we'll have to see.

In actual Tay related news she's apparently on set for something again already so I'm excited to see what if it's just another fashion shoot or what.

No. 87519

She looks like an Amazonian sitting in that tiny chair.

No. 87729

File: 1454209782869.png (506.41 KB, 887x577, Clipboard01.png)

She looks quite nice here and a bit less "baby alien" than usual.

No. 88161


No. 88186

I don't agree. I-Is she just hawking down caramel?

No. 88192

Yes, because this new "drama" is just another infomercial. She tweeted about the tastes and posted several pictures of the product…

No. 88249

I really dont get yall. A few months ago it was 'Taylor will never get real work in japan cause she's just a kooter copy' and now that she's getting work (and seemingly on the just as/more consistently than kooter) it's 'oh it's just a commercial.'

I swear Taylor could be on the cover of every jfashion magazine and yall would still say 'oh but she's not on billboards' or some other crock.

No. 88263

wow what a fatass

No. 88265

… this is sarcasm right???
Also I dont think it's caramel. I'm pretty sure they're japanese style energy/supplement bars

No. 88277

I'm pretty sure anons are just poking fun at the fact that she kept talking about "FILMING MY DRAMA GUYS! WATCH MY DRAMA! BEHIND THE SCENES OF MY DRAMA!" and going on and on as if it were a full on drama when it was actually a made for tv movie (shown at like midnight kek) made to advertise travel spots.

And getting work isn't what matters. Getting -relevant- work is what is important.

No. 88302

ffff so jelly of her wardrobe

No. 88305

To be quite honest, If I (or most people) landed a job like that drama thing whatever is was, we would all say it was a drama to save yourself from explaining "oh it's not a drama, or an advert blah blah blah".

I know I would brag to the high heavens if I got that job. Big or small.

No. 88328

…they are rental clothes for modeling.

Not her clothes.

No. 88361

Aw, cute!
I hope you get the job, anon.

No. 88379

I'm with you in this. For some anons here nothing can be good enough, just because it's Taylor.

No. 88514

Thats the term for it in Japan though? Even made for TV movies are referred to as 'Dramas'

Also no one starts out with top billing gigs. If anything doesnt this proove that Taylor isnt paying to get work? If she was paying for it she'd be in higher gigs.

Also imho any work is 'relevant' work. She's not in some back alley fashion store like busuzawa. She's on TV and not on some show that's making fun of her shooping and calling herself a living doll like Kota.

She's doing well and it's time you just deal with it.

No. 88530


No. 88575

>If she was paying for it she'd be in higher gigs.

Depends. You can't pay absolutely everything. Higher things need a bit more od that than money. Unless it's about really huge amount of money. Then you can literally buy people, if you want to.

No. 88595

>that's the term for it in japan

Not the anon you're talking to but this is reaching. There is a distinct difference between an actual drama and an infomercial.

There's only so far one can go with financially supported representation. Taytay's biological clock is also ticking.

No. 88630

File: 1454405186429.png (306.2 KB, 269x599, image.png)

No. 88631

File: 1454405206110.png (229.13 KB, 371x510, image.png)

No. 88632

her calves look…muscular? or is it just a shadow?

No. 88636

She works out

No. 88638

Girl needs to learn to wear stockings or absolutely anything to cover up her legs. Her face looks like Dakota Photoshopped onto a drag queen.

Does anyone know what brand of clothing she's wearing here?

No. 88673

I don't work out, and my calves look like that because I'm kinda scrawny

No. 88692

There's no such thing as an hour long informercial with a plot idiot.

No. 88704

She looks fat

No. 88711

You must think that reality tv is real.

No. 88736

lol cut that shit out

No. 88738

There is a containment thread for wannabe ana's pls go there pls

No. 88739

Whoops I forgot, thanks for the reminder

No. 88834

She's looking fat, because she isn't as skinny as she likes to portray. In comparison she looks so damn fat, even worse than Dakota. So yeah, she looks fat!

No. 88841

i'm pretty sure that she's exactly as skinny as she 'likes to portray', her exercise videos would take a hell of a lot of AE editing otherwise. she's just wearing an unflattering dress here. taylor really needs to stay away from babydoll/empire-waist dresses. the stiff/flared skirt on this one is awful.
you sound bitter and crazy af, tho, ngl.

No. 88843

anachan anachan go away

No. 88851


Hey Ashley :^)

No. 89000

No idea, maybe MILK?

No. 89018


No. 89039

She is not fat but her legs are ugly

No. 89041

they just look tired

No. 89067

I have a feeling you must be one of those people from pull. Only they can say such silly things like you.

No. 89310

File: 1454550876754.jpeg (179.29 KB, 750x870, image.jpeg)

Another "drama"

No. 89313

File: 1454551261496.jpeg (68.29 KB, 600x900, image.jpeg)

Kek, it's related to the people behind the "Why did YOU come to Japan?" TV show, which is basically a huge joke of Japanese making fun of weebs. Nice job, Taylor. I don't know how serious I can take this "career" of hers.

She looks so mych like Kota, wtf

No. 89319

when you get on TV you can judge her career. She got two TV gigs in a row so she's obviously doing something right :T

No. 89329

Hnnng that coat and bag

No. 89343

At least Kota is smart enough not to be type casted in dramas as the crazy white girl with shitty japanese.

No. 89347

Dior bag?!

No. 89348

Her face looks like filler mush here.

I feel bad for her "gigs" though, they're unwatchable.

No. 89351

ID on her bag? Its cute as hell.

No. 89363

Kek, we're on lolcow, we do what we want.

And what do you know about me? Nothing.

No. 89477

Tbh it's actually not that smart to be a part of a TV show like the Last kiss (or what was its name). Compared to Taylor's drama it seems rather desperate. Taylor is doing really well these days, stop being salty and just deal with it.

No. 89483

Who is being salty? I actually like Taylor, but her roles really aren't that good.

No. 89484

OT but if this is what Japanese see of foreigners on TV, it's no wonder that they think all white girls are cute and pretty and want to emulate them lol.

No. 89512

Yes, you did sound salty. Anyway what would you actually want from her? To star next to Jun Matsumoto right now or what? What really isn't that good is your logic.

No. 89532

Calm your tits first? I'm not even talking about taylor at this point. I'd like her to star in some shit that isn't "white girl speaks weird japanese and finds out the true beauty of nihon because isn't our country special!" shit that TV Tokyo puts out every quarter.

The drama itself being shit was my whole fucking point.But go ahead, kiss Taylor's ass some more, it's pretty cute actually.

No. 89539

Some people like Tay and some don't. End of. Both of y'all deal with it.

No. 89545

> not that smart to be a part of a TV show like the Last kiss
ok high moral goddess, tell me more
who gives a shit
tv exposure is exposure
get over it

No. 89546

fuck this is so cute

No. 89561

Oh really? maybe you could learn how to read the whole convo not only bits of it to understand what's going on dumbass

No. 89689

When did so many start becoming complete asskissers? Did people forget she is a 27 year old woman who copied someone so much that some people can't tell who is who.
I understanding not disliking or liking her a bit but some people here seem to have their head up her asshole.

No. 89693

Shes not copying anyone, they are all the same, what Dakota did was not original, shes cuter and more original than Dakota, and we kiss her ass because shes actually a nice and pretty person.

No. 89701

Yeach same, I really really like Taylor cause meanwhile she might be way into a style that doesn't 100% suit her, it still isn't terrible, plus compared to Kota she's so much friendlier and more real. I think her personality is what I like the most, Kota makes me feel uncomfortable with her videos, Taylor makes me feel like I'm listening to a friend tall or something.

No. 89709

I really wish people would stop crying 'Taylor is a Dakota clone'. Real life Dakota looks nothing like Taylor at all. Also for a 'clone' Taylor sure does dress completely differently.

Taylor will ALWAYS be better than Dakota in my eyes because she actually cares about her fans and if you think about it, it should be the other way around. Taylor got where she is through connections (both her contacts within the modelling scene and her access to go around more due to money) not her fanbase whereas without a fanbase Dakota would have been onto the next thing by now.

Taylor's style change hasnt really been that much of a change compared to how she used to dress where as Dakota's style has been all over the place.

She's cares about her fans and actually interacts with them.

It's extra frustrating because people like you nitpick everything she does or doesnt do.

Also let's be real shut up about her age. Tsubasa is still modelling at 31. Modelling isnt about age it's about look not age.

No. 89730

the way people nitpick kooter, i don't blame her for not interacting with people. You hate the fact that everybody knickpicks Taylor, but face it, the only reason everybody wants dakota to make vids and interact with people is so that they can get more milk from her. Dakota is smart not to do that.

Hell, a lot of Japanese agencies are pretty tight about social media, so she probably can't even post what she wants. What next, are you going to bitch about taylor being better than tsubasa because tsubasa didnt @reply you on twitter?

No. 89763

Taylor asked people to promote her and tag her and in return she will follow them. Now she unfollowed everybody. Good job being carying about fans

No. 89859

Lol as if Japanese tv would have parts for foreigners that aren't self-mastubatory about Japan

No. 89865

I find the only way Taylor fans are capable of complimenting her is by talking about Kota lol

No. 89997

No because kota has the most basic everything, except her hair, thats below average.

No. 90118

New video.
I hate her taste in music, urgh.

No. 90122

anyone find this unnecessarily sexual lol

No. 90123

File: 1454796206769.png (606.44 KB, 845x613, Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 5.02…)

k but i doubt kota gets this much

No. 90147

File: 1454798436295.jpg (42.28 KB, 600x448, AtZdUgaCAAATCQG.jpg)

yeah i'm sure

No. 90152

This was already discussed in the old pull. The Japanese girl wrote a blog post about this day when she met Dakota Rose (she thought it's Dakota).

No. 90158

Lol, not surprised about that.
Was that anon even serious? Taylor doesn't even really have a following there. And there have been other white weebs (like pmt and Abi pop) that have been mistaken for Kota when they were in Japan.

No. 90203


No. 90243

Maybe it is because Taylor resembles Dakota's photoshopped faced more than Dakota

I'm sure if you got them walking together Japanese girls would rush to Taylor thinking she was Dakota and the real Dakota seething.

No. 90251

She looks like Sweet Dee (Always Sunny in PA) here.

No. 90265

Actually I believe they would take picture of both, because in general, if you are a white and in weeaboo clothes trying to be as cute as possible in that weird world, people will look at you and they will take pictures of you.
I'm the first one who would.

No. 90313


Kinda. I watched her lip video and all I thought was "Dakota…"

No. 90450

me too

I mean it's ok to get inspired by someone's style (ike Taylog got by Dakota's) but she really needs to find something that would make her stand out, otherwise she's completely replaceable.

Kota at least has her weird personality.

No. 90457


It's pretty creepy tbh

No. 90458


Always love how unimpressed kota looks here
like "the fuck away from me"

No. 90491

ah she's actually fricken adorable. I don't care anymore

No. 90534

Yeah there's something really off about this video, like it's trying to pander to men more than be helpful to young girls.

No. 90535

Seriously, just fill in her eyebrows on her and she wouldn't look so bad. She just didn't fill in her eyebrows.

No. 90549

Because it's easier to satisfy men than girls, men give more money and they drool more and she probably finds it more flattering (Taylor keeps even more creepy old guys as fans than Beckii Cruel used to)

No. 91375

I wish she would style her hair like this without the heavy fringe. She looks really really pretty with this style

No. 91377

Her new drama aired this morning, hopefully someone can dig up a link

No. 91393

No. 91581

why she's always paired up with such ugly guys? this one looks like he really needs to see dermatologist

No. 91696

Moonspeakers please translate.

Just by the clips she seems like she's doing another overly super kawaii~ gaijin role.

No. 91711

First vid)

Host: Tell us about your first love

Tay: When I was little, I was fat. There was a boy I liked, and he called me 'fatty'.

No. 91727

File: 1455224118634.jpg (141.23 KB, 640x480, 1433187663765.jpg)

those men were the only ones that were taller than her, thats why

No. 91734

Is this why Japanese people think all white foreign girls are cute and good-looking?

No. 91771


God forbid casting a normal looking foreign girl for these roles.

No. 91951

that was her "first love"? omg so tragick

and please, she wasn't that fat. her parents are the fucked up ones for allowing her to go on a diet for weight loss when she was prepubescent. If you are eating healthy, normal meals and exercising, but you weigh a bit more as a kid, chances are you'll thin out when you grow.

Seriously her "fat pics" and talk about being bullying because she was "fat" are so annoying because there were tons of kids much fatter than she was. They grew out of it. I was bullied severely as a kid and don't sit on youtube crying about it 20 years later after having achieved almost everything I wanted in life. She is desperate to be relevant and it's so obvious. "Look at me, I'm not perfect, I had some chub once but starved it off - check out my stick legs now, guys"

No. 92006

Oh so shes not allowed to be sad about being bullied as a kid just because you were fatter? Damn, you're really a piece of shit..

No. 92010

I absolutelly agree.

And if she really thinks being a bit chubby as a child is such a tragedy, she shouldn't try to inspire people with that. People should't think literally crying after that is ok. It's not.

This retard >>92006 is just Audrey or Taylor herself or some of those copypasta personalities.

No. 92027

I honestly wonder how much shit Audrey's been talking itt before she got her own thread and decided to be furendos with Tay.

No. 92029

File: 1455327729461.jpeg (74.2 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

>dips feminine fedora
Fucking chinks not representing fat and ugly girls like us guise
>tfw no asian bf

No. 92045

nope, i'm neither, just thought she sounded like a cunt

No. 92062

Taylor talking about being chubby as a child is her lazy way of trying to be relatable to young girls.

It's weird whenever she talks about how everyone should love themselves and blah blah when she loves herself now because of how she looks and the validation being a model gives. Even if it took a lot of money and support to be one.

No. 92137

I wasn't fat, not that it matters. I was bullied for other things.

Yes, it's her sad attempt at being relatable, I agree. It comes across as insincere.

No. 92152

The drama actually looks kind of cute. I think its about a serious hardworking not cute journalist finding a cute foreign girl to be a news reporter/journalist and the Japanese one has a crush on the producer who likes the foreign girl? But the Japanese and foreign girls are friends so they have to work it out?

The nips probably end up together cuz muh racemixing and Taylor goes back to the west or something

No. 92155


I don't think so. There have been dramas where they do have interracial couples, (My Darling is a Foreigner, Massan) for examples. But you could say there is a great focus on the comedy aspect of the foreigner not being acquainted with Japanese culture. So despite these couples exist, they're viewed "lesser" than a normal Japanese couple, media wise. I may watch it actually, because I support any foreigner's career in Japan, lol.

No. 92158

Apparently not. Because there are too many people on here who seem too tough but in reality they have problems with themselves. That's why they can't stand that Taylor no longer feels bad about herself. Too jealous, you know.

No. 92162

Please be a proper fan of Taylor and go to see that video on her channel - she start crying about it, literally.
>because she doesn't feel bad anymore
She shouldn't feel bad, of course! But she wants to express how poor her still feels bad and sorry for her younger self that is gone, and wants to get sympathy for that, which is so lame, and we are critizing that; nobody is saying that she should feel bad, for god's sake.
She should just shut the fuck up wirh her fake "poor lovely me" attitude and enjoy her wealthy life, since she is surrounded by people who do nothing but support her, as they did since the beginning of her life.
She is born with everything, and she had and still has everything.
It is so lame that she also wants to get sympathy for being "lesser", because she was never one of those.

There is no jealousy, just saying that it's not positive trait of hers that she is trying to persue people that she had a real hard time, which she didn't (as she said her parents did nothing but constantly supported her financially and mentally even though many modeling agencies didn't want to accept her, then her parents paid for Taylor's modeling school because she wanted that - whose parents can do that??), because it makes people feel unhappy (see all the comments under her video: "I love you Taylor, I wish I had somebody to support me, I am so lonely :(", stuff like that make not like her, why the fuck does she want to express so much how she was lucky but "I felt bad like you, but I escaped from that because of the huge love, support and money that I got and still have", and others will never have.

She should just enjoy her life and since she wants to be famous on the Internet as a supernice person, she should just let us watch her expensive clothes and makeup and travels so we can dream about it, but she should not fire up a dream that "it will be better because of love and money" because it won't, some of us might have money, some might have support from the family, some even moght have both, but for sure it's rare.
If someone has all of it + a dream of living like Taylor, if they actually decide to go to Japan, they will succeed 100%.

But yeah, that's not jealousy, and I hope that this long post explained you this other point of view, of somebody who is not fan of a Taylor, but I can also enjoy some of her content, although I can enjoy it less and less.

No. 92171

wtf is wrong with you people
bullying is bullying
kids dont give a shit if you are 10lb overweight or 100lbs over, if you are the least bit different you'll probably get shit. i wasnt even fat but hit puberty pretty early so i got shit on for years and it fucked me up badly for a while.
maybe you dont think its such a problem because you
a) had an excellent support system
b) had the opposite - an upbringing where showing weakness = failure and instead, suppressed your hurts into anger which you take out on people online.

taylor is very privileged and has some lulzy shit but her childhood isnt one

No. 92172

she has the rhythm of japanese but bad accent and pronunciation lol

No. 92189

lmao, but that is raging jealousy tho

No. 92219

File: 1455381370625.jpg (89.09 KB, 600x833, normal-girl.jpg)

Probably bait but I think >>91771 meant something like pic-related, not alien baby face Taylor R and certainly not fat uggos.

No. 92450

It sure is a problem, no question about that. But are you posting videos of yourself crying because people made fun of your early puberty? By middle twenties people get over that shit, especially if they are doing their dream job and succeeding pretty well at it. Especially if the bullying was body-based and they are modeling internationally. It sucks to think about the bullying but it's not happening anymore. It's been probably 15-20 years since Taylor was bullied.

Let's not forget that the crying happened in the middle of that "draw my life" video but she made sure to have a tear-stained face at the end of it for extra asspats and likes!!

No. 92482

Bullying isn't something you just "get over" because you get pretty as an adult, wtf.

No. 92485

I had to look up pictures of "fat Taylor" after reading this. Have to say she looks like a normal kid to me.

No. 92488

>projecting shit

You don't know anything about her childhood beyond 1 picture and 1 silly story that most likely is not even true.

No. 92517

She looks a little bit chubby but I'm pretty sure that's just baby fat

No. 92545

She was called fat when she was 9. Now she is 27.
I agree, wtf.

And who on Earth was not bullied for some reason, I wanna hear that.

And why she has to put the part where she is "crying", or that extra moment with a tear on face. It contributes to nothing, but to whoring for back pats.

No. 92549

I'm pretty sure she chose the worst/fattest picture of herself as a child, she was eating there. She still looks normal, agreed.
If rhe story she said was not true, that's even more fucked up than trying to show how she's crying now, after she has everything, and it is all given to her, nit achieved. Why is she crying though… Are you, Taylor's fans on this thread, also crying because you've been called names, now 18 years after that??

No. 92577

Gee idk, maybe it was painful for her?

No. 92584

Ah I didn't mean it like no foreigners get to date or be in relationships in Japanese media, but typically when pitted against an actual Japanese girl, the foreigner loses, because of the whole 'lesser' thing

No. 92591

Looks like an average suburban rich kid and baby fat from eating junk food. That normally goes away after puberty.

No. 92715

It already looks bad. I admire the fact Taylor is getting work (but I do like Dakota better), but… she's a bad actress.

She never knows what to do with her hands. She has no idea what response she wants from her scene partner. I know some of it is she's given these shitty, dumb blonde girls… but she has sparkles of good acting and then over exaggeration out of the wha-zo. I can imagine that works a bit more with modeling in some cases (specifically for smiling, cutesy shots), but for more serious ones it's all about being subtle. She has none of that in acting. :(

No. 92734


>She has no idea what response she wants from her scene partner

because she can barely understand the script lol

No. 92737

Here's a link to the drama if anyone wants to watch it.

No. 92739

The pink text in the black circle says "Japan Limited! Taylor R My private life in Japan Expose" The pink boxes just talk about what she's wearing, the numbered captions in black in the corners are just translations of her twitter/instagram/youtube comments. i.e. "I went to a dog cafe with Rosie! She loves her chicken vegetable risotto" In the middle circle it says "I'm continuing to work hard in Japan this month! I met a lot of new friends at all my events! I'm really happy <3"

No. 92740

Hey at least it's being broadcast at 9am instead of 2 am. They always take the white girls to fulfil their "foreigner falls in love with a Japanese man" fetish huh. All 3 shows thus far are about the same.

No. 92752

Going to translate some of the scrolling comments about Taylor

>Oh, it's this super over the top model again

>White girls always look best
>This girl is so cute
>The two have such a gap in appearance (Taylor's character and her bf character)
>So much more forward than the real interviews (referring to the why YOU come to Japan show)
>It's so difficult to watch without subtitles to begin with, then this foreigner speaking Japanese on top of everything

No. 92776


It's on-camera. She should have the script well in advance (at least a few days). Ask help from her manager, etc.

No. 92826


Okay, going to summarize the story, just the important bits.

>Taylor plays Lily, an American Girl who suddenly comes to Japan and cries about how her computer is broken.

>A reporter, Aya comes to her aid and asks her why she is here. She ropes her up into a program that details why foreign (aka American) people have come to Japan.
>Lily says it's to meet her ex-boyfried who she first met 10 years ago.
>This is the same man that Aya broke up with before the story starts. She doesn't find this out until much later.
>So Lily and Aya go to find this ex-boyfriend asking lots of people, whilst Lily details her about how they met and who he was. (Without revealing his name, because why would you do that, lol.)
>So she finally shows Aya a picture, and by sheer coincidence it's her ex-boyfriend too! Aya feels conflicted to help her but resolves too because Lily came to Japan for this one reason.
>Aya contacts a girl who works with Ryoutarou, (or Tarou, what Lily calls him because she couldn't pronounce it well when they first met.)
>She tells her that she and Lily are coming.
>Eventually they meet, and Aya is convinced that him and Lily will reconcile, which upsets her. But because she is selfless and wants the best for him, she's willing to let go.
>But actually he wants to marry Aya! She asks about Lily, and he tells her that Lily was her first love and the one he loves is her and so on.
>So they hookup, Lily bids them farewell and happiness and goes back to America.
>Since Aya is collecting footage from the whole ordeal, she forgets that she didn't get one last shot from Lily and the two chase after her.
>The end.

So it's a pretty standard story. Like a special or what not, not a long running series. Taylor's acting is okay, but I'm convinced she had to ham it up because of what the story is about in the first place. The main guy is totally passive, and romance-wise there's nothing much to it. If I had to give it a rating, I'd say 5.5/10 or something.

No. 92834

3:00 she does this weird speaking rhythm thing
she did it in the other show too
idk who told her to do that
sounds dumb

No. 92836

File: 1455453911957.png (245.1 KB, 480x363, Capture.PNG)

> せっぷくして
literally why

No. 92840

Posting this because someone just posted them on pull and some Taylor stans think this never happened.

No. 92841

File: 1455455703457.jpg (42.82 KB, 346x500, taylor.jpg)

No. 92870

File: 1455460097067.jpg (371.01 KB, 639x2355, scam completed.jpg)


No. 92880

you could bounce a coin off that forehead and send it straight to the moon

No. 92901

>White girls always look best
Because white/foreign girls normally look like this lol.

No. 92929

neither do u asswad

No. 92956

lol u mad bro?

No. 92967

Not the same person to who you responded but…
Is that what you write when somebody beats your argument? Lmao

No. 92974

That was unwatchable and the commercials for items was weird. Candles? keeek

I skipped around the video and it's like she cant stop making faces that are meant for selfies.

Is obviously the same person shitting up the thread.

No. 93016

File: 1455484108448.jpg (47.38 KB, 684x426, tay.JPG)

> Cries in a video for being bullied when she was a chubby kid.
>Gets fillers on her cheeks so her face looks fat and bloated.

No. 93018


No. 93080

No. 93106

File: 1455497862434.jpeg (88.33 KB, 750x506, image.jpeg)

For when she deletes it

No. 93117

I feel like she just got her fillers done again because they look fucked up again.

No. 93143

Her face is melting downwards.

The puffiness is such a contrast to the rest of her which is boney and spindly.

No. 93196

I have fat face and skinny body naturally and so does many of my friends. There's nothing weird about it.
You guys really need to expand your knowledge about body types. Every combination of features is possible.

And tbh I think she looks a lot better with those fillers, at least they hid her huge american jaw and made her look soft.

No. 93204

All her facial features don't look like they belong together anymore. Eyes, nose, ears cheeks, lips, all off different faces. There's no 'whole' to it.

No. 93205

shut up taylor

No. 93207

I know she just started, but she's really bad at acting. You can clearly tell she's waiting to spout out her lines, it just looks way too rehearsed. Perhaps she'd be a lot better in her native language.

It's also easy to tell that she doesn't really know what she's saying, she's only talking from manuscript memory. People who actually speak Japanese have the same accent throughout everything they say, but she slips so much, you can tell she doesn't know.

Idk, she's just coming off as an overwhelming/overexcited try-hard. I saw more Rola wannabe stuff in there too (blowfish face in the first izakaya scene with Aya). I feel like she's acting the same person as in her informercial.

No. 93214

it's true. her nose is now a bit to small for her new wider face.

No. 93215

File: 1455532918921.jpg (56.22 KB, 634x519, article-2347438-1A7B31AE000005…)

These fillers look horrendous, this doesn't even look kawaii. Why does she keep doing this to herself

No. 93298

The way they are practicing is that her manager is reciting the lines one by one to her and she repeats them until they are close sounding to what the manager said. That's why her expressions don't quite match what she's saying.

A dialect coach is typical when doing foreign speaking roles, but usually you have to pay for them…

No. 93401

File: 1455577680409.png (752.04 KB, 581x458, daddy.PNG)

>usually you have to pay
shouldnt be too hard with daddy's credit card

No. 93623


No. 93827

I saw you spamming few treads already, please stop

No. 93837

File: 1455663748019.jpeg (16.21 KB, 219x248, image.jpeg)

No. 93866

Jesus hop-scotching Crimbo.

No. 93875

She legit looks like my friend when she had the mumps. Why would you willingly do this to yourself?

No. 94053


No. 94054

living the life
looks like fun

No. 94056

she will look like constipated sausage in a few years when her face can no longer tolerate all the shit she does to it

No. 94057

I wanna be like taylor <3

No. 94058

File: 1455741246800.png (82.64 KB, 180x256, 1451519970470.png)


No. 94252

No. 94253

No. 94271

I really wish she would tell people who her surgeon is. I really need to fill my face in because it's so hollowed, and I need to get double jaw or chin surgery. Do you think she might go to SBC clinic or Shinagawa clinic? It even looks like she got her jawline reduced, because in her old pictures she had more of a square face. I really would love to go to her surgeon.

No. 94296

File: 1455767427308.jpeg (11.97 KB, 290x415, facee.jpeg)

>>93837 Why did you ruin your face, Taylor??

No. 94303

She no longer looks related to her sister.

No. 94330

Can't believe this was her.

No. 94365


I really don't understand what she's doing. She goes to Kochi with a couple of old people, to do stuff and let them take photos of her? It seems really weird.

Like why is she doing activities with old people instead of friends, or what?

Do you guys think she went there to film something, a new "drama" maybe? Her manager isn't even there.

Then she got this super old guy who is translating stuff for her. They seem way too old to be tour guides though.

No. 94367

Thinking about it, it seems like she might be doing something for an article, maybe in a magazine.

No. 94430

and what about that white girl translating in the first video lol
anyway i dont think its totally weird for her to fly across the country for a small job. sure they could have stayed within an hour of tokyo if all they wanted was a beach scene, but who knows…

No. 94431

i like her baby outfit lmao
the overalls

No. 94432

I'm pretty sure this isnt a trip but a series of Kochi photoshoots. She has several 'managers' actually and I guess the main one we know couldnt leave Tokyo so this other lady is one of the 'back up managers'. As well as the translator and the photographer. I'm assuming a magazine is doing a spot on Kochi or maybe Kochi is making a booklet or something.

It's not like she's there just for a trip so there's no way she'd be taking friends with her anyway.

But (being a filthy taylover) I think what her management has been doing is genius. She's gotten two high quality gigs being the westerner face of districts in Japan. If they keep going in this direction with her she'll probably become the foreign 'face' of several districts and that's really good for getting her other jobs, especially with Brands wanting to get that foreign/international appeal

No. 94435

makes me sad. i want nipland to stay pure

No. 94444

I laughed when she couldn't read or understand the (simple) fortune until someone translated. She really doesn't know Japanese. I wonder how she learned her lines for the drama…

No. 94562

yea i thought her japanese was a bit better. she knew the omikuji was bad luck "in love. right?" she knew the kanji for love i guess thats it lol
she's lived there a year now right? step it up tay

No. 94600

If she was a teenager she'd learn faster but she's past the age of picking up any language quickly.

No idea what's happening in the video though. The random other people explaining and narrating brought more value to the content than Taylor.

No. 94635

But she just looks like a generic white girl here

No. 94646

She would learn faster if she were actually studying. People in their late 20's and 30's can learn languages past baby stage easily if they are immersed and practicing everyday. She has been surrounded by japanese speaking coworkers everyday, so it's not like she's some shut in english teacher where she couldn't practice everyday.

You would think being on TV speaking the language would encourage you to hit the books more often

No. 94686

I can attest to that. Lived in montreal for a few years in my early 20s actually taught me french fairly well.

No. 94696

Sorry to bring up this like/dislike Taytay thing again.. but I can see why people like her. She wears cool/cute stuff, has nice long hair and her videos are by far more interesting than the generic jvloggers doing "WEIRD JAPANESE CANDY" videos.

Personally, I don't like her, but because of small stuff like how she ignores simple questions "How old are you?". I guess she wants to not officially say, which is fine, it just comes off as dishonest to me. And the same thing about her age, whenever someone asks she'll delete it, or ignore it.

I also cannot forget her kotacopy phase, even though it's over (I think).

Let's not forget her trying to hide her fillers. Like I said, I wanna like her, but I can't because I feel like she's too dishonest about some stuff.

No. 94987

One of my favs was when she posted her picture with Beckii Cruel and under the picture wrote "go follow her".
-Uhm, you first

No. 95000

She did? Wtf

No. 95053

Taylor said that for Beckii's Instagram, and Taylor is following zero people.
So no, she didn't. My fav

No. 95092

What exactly is she trying to prove by having zero followers?

No. 95158

No I mean, I saw that photo but I didn't notice the caption.

That she's too cool to follow anyone, I guess?
She's ~so popular and special~ that she can't ~choose her friends like that~

idk, it's fucking dumb

No. 95165

File: 1455977577038.jpg (76.15 KB, 290x415, leak1.JPG)

No. 95166

File: 1455977601850.jpg (50.41 KB, 290x415, leak2.jpg)

No. 95167

File: 1455977618542.jpg (47.75 KB, 290x415, leak3.jpg)

No. 95170

She looked so beautiful. Such a shame

No. 95171

She was SO pretty. And now she looks like a fat faced toddler :/

No. 95172

This thread is so fucking /snow/ with it's plastic surgery is teh evil shit.

She looked like a pretty girl before but boring as fuck. She is obviously happier with her after face so who fucking cares.