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File: 1501109016267.jpg (492.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 361206

ex vegan mukbanger nikocado

what he do ? you ask?
>yelled about how he wanted to eat dog in thailand
>has a sloth and other pets he treats like shit and feeds his crappy food
>promotes obesity and enables "hungry fat girl"
>use to be vegan and now makes videos clogging his arteries
>complains about being sick all the time and wondering if he's gonna die but the whole reason he went vegan is because of an illness
>has army of fans that flip batshit the second you say "hey you shouldn't feed your animals avocado or taki ramen"
>always feels attacked and plays victim
>uses the homophobia card when someone calls him out
>claims his boyfriend is sick and he needs to pay medical bills, but a few days later brought a pet sloth and buys junk food for mukbangs

what do you guys think of this youtuber ? is he cow worthy?

No. 361209

he talked about wanting to eat dog at 16:20

No. 361218

No. 361242

my first impression of him is that he is an attention whore (one could argue that this is the case for many youtubers, but this guy screams it. He makes fucking mukbang videos.)

He doesn't really say anything of real value in terms of his observations of a country he hasn't been to before. He comes off as judgmental more than anything else, and not surprisingly, extremely prejudiced.

>always feels attacked and plays victim

uses the homophobia card when someone calls him out

One thing I cannot stand for the life of me is when people who are part of a group that experiences discrimination, then goes on to treat another group like shit.

No. 361244

I think what ticks me off most about him is that he lies about money needs and how he wants to eat dog along with treating his animals carelessly

No. 361245

File: 1501115130908.png (1.26 MB, 1864x533, wow.png)


No. 361247

That plus the fact that he acts like he has to be on youtube as though it were a life or death situation despite the fact that people leaving negative comments on his videos have apparently made him suicidal.

No. 361252

This video is gross, I remember it being in my recommends forever.

No. 361264

"so cruel"
man he has an army of kids defending him the second someone calls him out for the awful shit he did
something tells me his parents spoiled the fuck out of him

No. 361272


Oh god.

Lol idk why he mentioned the "healthy" food he ate without mentioning how it was cooked or how much he ate.

Also, if you're not happy being fat, start changing your diet, work out and lose weight. He's upset because he wants to continue eating the same shit and stay the same/lose weight.

No. 361286

why… just….

also wasn't heart attack grill originally supposed to be some healthy restaurant but americans never took it seriously so he amplified obesity as kinda a reverse psychology message?

No. 361297

All of this is manufactured to get him views and $$$. This isn't genuine milk, this is like milk pumped full of false growth hormones.

No. 361312

File: 1501121448742.gif (Spoiler Image, 4 MB, 480x360, bouncy.gif)


Hardcore resisting the urge to immortalize his giggles…. Like I did to vexxitard's tits. kek.

No. 361315

dont forget paid for an exotic pet license to be able to buy and own that sloth.

>eating arbys

if only he knew how we "make" that food and how we "clean"
fucking gross. dont eat at arbys

No. 361325

if thats the case then thats even more milk
some of it is growth hormones, but a lot of it is true milk such as him lying about what he does with money and treating his animals horribly

No. 361463

I think tkat said it best. Nick is a fat attention whore.

No. 361465

No. 361468

omg I will never not laugh at this. And I wonder why we don't have already a lolcow banner of this gif?

No. 361473

I remember when he was part of vegan youtube. He was just as crazy as the rest of them, so seeing him go from THAT to THIS is so hard to grasp. Like what part of his brain just fucking broke?

No. 361501

his brain was clearly already broken if he was part of vegan youtube.

No. 361513

He's an obvious attention whore. He got popular by jumping on the whole freelee raw fruitairian BS that was popular a few years back and now that she and her clones are being called out as scammers he's jumped ship to doing mukbang videos.
His new thing is appealing to feeder / weight gain fetishists as this is obviously his main demographic. If you look at the angles he takes his videos from and his bawwing about not knowing why he is getting fat it really plays into that community. Also he posted some video of his gut on insta where he used a filter to make it look bigger (you can see the door warping in the background) and possibly has a pillow or some shit up his shirt

No. 361516

File: 1501154731878.png (612.1 KB, 1080x1486, 20170727_122304.png)


Dropped pic sorry

No. 361558

Wasn't he supposed to make a video with Trisha paytas?
It honestly kind of disgusts me how you can go from militant vegan to eating so much greasy shit and meat. He looked better when he was thinner imo. Also are sloths legal to own in Columbia ?

No. 361594

File: 1501168047618.jpg (58.91 KB, 480x480, 13597656_1111649798891413_9965…)

he use to be a tiny bit attractive before he become a raging gay fatass

from what I've heard he pissed of trisha paytas

No. 361598

Wait do people really make mukbang videos in fast food restaurants? lmao what.. how hard is it to get delivery or take out. Ugh.

Also mukbangs can be interesting if the person is knowledgeable of different cuisines or well-traveled/cultured. Not to mention the entire Korean trend came about because of viewers living vicariously through the streams due to heavy restriction and dieting culture. It's the country with the highest suicide rate which is related to one's success based on appearance. Koreans basically WISH they could eat that much and that's why mukbangers practically became celebrities.

This just does not translate over to western culture very well considering its already known for indulgence/lack of restriction and the highest obesity rates in the world.

Watching a white person stuff their face full of fast food is like every day in America. Just go sit at any mall cafeteria and you have hundreds of real life mukbangers.

No. 361599

the most popular mukbangers are asian or mexican anon

No. 361808

I've never eaten at Arby's before (even though there's one not even 10 minutes from here I live) but thank you for ensuring that I never will.

No. 362273

Pretty sure he pissed of Trisha

No. 362287


The fucking worst.

No. 362334

File: 1501263930240.gif (1.68 MB, 480x270, touchmytitties.gif)

Fuck it .. Its happened, I've immortalized his titties too.


If I had the foggiest idea on how to edit it to fit the banner I would.. But i'm pretty tech stupid, and only know how to upload/add captions on websites like giphy…

No. 363122

File: 1501367539474.jpg (39.25 KB, 660x371, ActivistsXwithXpetXdogsXhanded…)

why did he seem so excited about wanting to eat dogs in thailand? that kinds strikes me as racist/generalizing

plus don't most of the countries that do eat dog also have a big community of people there trying to end it

No. 363150

hungry fat girl, it's not the onions that are gonna kill you

No. 363185

I know it's an overused term, but this shit really has the most punchable face. I don't see much difference now from when he was vegan.

Not only is he fat and swollen from excessive sodium, but his face is puffy from purging. His fake-cry videos are unwatchable.

I'm glad his sloth bit him.

No. 363377

> I only ate half a pizza today
> After I eat this, I'm going to have Panda Express
What is actually wrong with him? He's scarfing down this food like his life depends on it and drowning it in dressing. Then he shows off his belly at the end…this whole video is so bizarre and kind of hard to watch.

No. 363385

100% confirmed for feedee/ feder fetish.
Either that or he's trying to gain weight so he can make a weight loss channel when this fad gets old

No. 363421

The guy who created HAG used to own a fitness center and legitimately hates fat people so much that he wants his restaraunt to kill them for their poor eating habits. It's easier to give them more garbage instead of waiting for the to make the decision to change their lifestyle.

>"It's a sacrifice that has to be made," he said. "Somebody has gotta stand here and say, 'Screw it. Wake up, world. You're fat.' No, I'm not going to call you plus-size. I'm not gonna say you're portly. No, you're fat. Lose some weight, or just hurry up and die and be done with it."

No. 363844

>brags about gross, misshapen body
>dips a fucking egg roll in ranch dressing
>the moaning
this guy is GROSS. seriously who's watching this shit? if it is feeders, why wouldn't they go watch some qt korean boipussi binge instead of great value Sheldon Cooper??

No. 363857

File: 1501485181953.jpg (54.68 KB, 579x960, IMG_6739.JPG)

holy shit, this is so fucking gross, there's no way this isn't fetish material.. i'm pretty sure watching this took ten years off my life

No. 363887

I can't tell if he's putting on an act or if he's drunk/high off his ass in this video. He's usually annoying but he's acting straight up fucking weird here.

No. 363932


less than 0:30 in:
> flopping his fat gut in screen
> "that was not a fart, that was a spring"
> calling himself mis piggy-wiggy avocado

He just seems like his weird, autistic ass, attention-seeking self.

The "fart call-out" seems like how Trisha Paytas called him gross for always burping and farting in one of her recent-ish videos.

No. 363948

to me this video really looks like a bad trisha paytas caricature, he even did the kissy thing she always does. or am i just seeing things?

No. 363980

the fact that in the title alone it says
>(not for kids)
definitely a fetish video….
honestly wonder if he's getting off to himself doing this tho kek

No. 366243

honestly, this guy is mentally/physically unstable. he should go see a doctor.

No. 367376

File: 1501989285209.png (649.75 KB, 1015x593, 2017-08-05 (1).png)

this guy has better cleavage than me… also he crying about being pre-diabetic, next video more disgusting mukbangs. He is so gross.

also says it's a thyroid problem when previously says he has an amazing metabolism

No. 367380

File: 1501990566341.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.79 KB, 500x415, e2a409fc0adb01bc56f45fd7ae4ea2…)

God I know what it is! His over the top dramatic character he puts on display reminds me of that gay guy from Reno 911 played by Nick Swardson

No. 367394

this guy is scum and mentally off. I don't think people understand just how unhealthy he is. He does several mukbangs a day sometimes. ALL of his meals are huge. This former vegan glutton has turned so ravenous that he literally was upset that he couldn't find dog to eat while in korea. Dogs shouldn't necessarily be higher than chicken/cow but the fact he wanted DOG shows that everything is just for shock value and money.

Not to mention how much he cheats on his husband.

No. 367413

My Vietnamese friend told me that dog is very common, like street food iirc, but she could've just been fucking with me

No. 367429

>Not to mention how much he cheats on his husband.

No. 367493



around 2:45 it begins to get discussed

No. 367495

holy shit, he cheated on him with 12 guys and gave him an std?

No. 367575

that was an April fool's joke, apparently.

No. 367581

most likely just fucking with you
I have relatives who lives in vietnam all their life, while it is a thing there sadly, a lot of people just avoid it or try to stop it


No. 367792

The fact that he couldnt find it at all just shows what an idiot he is, and that he had no friends there.

No. 367827

mukbangs are fun when people know about the food and the cuisine, this guy is legit just a fat fetish channel. I would punch him if I met him.

it's also funny that every non-asian mukbanger visually gains weight over time

No. 369236

why do people encourage this shit then the second you say hey thats wrong they bring up the whole "well why do you only care about peoples health if theyre fat" argument

I swear hungry fat chick is like the polar opposite of eugenia cooney, they're both gonna die in a few years, I kinda wanna see both of them on superfat vs superskinny

No. 369305

It's sad to think about how pretty Wendy would look if she wasn't morbidly obese, if she keeps eating the way she's eating she might honestly die.

No. 369311


mourning over the loss of her potential hotness is kind of low on the concern list

No. 387857

….did this boy really blame healthy foods for making him feel sick?

No. 387870

I don't care if they're fat or skinny, I find mukbangs and any kind of "LOOK AT ME EAT THIS MOUNTAIN OF FOOD" shit both pandering and obnoxious. I wish people would knock it off, it's so fucking embarrassing to see this kind of disordered eating on display.

No. 387891

ame tbh, and if the person is already fat it makes them look stupid

not gonna lie though, some of the things nikocado makes look delicious

No. 387929

It looks stupid either way.
Stupid because we know the waifish asians have a spitbucket under the table or cut so they can go throw up, but they're willing to do that for monetization bux.

No. 397546

File: 1507077474396.jpg (192.84 KB, 1047x1800, 6Ry6HEy.jpg)

He's made another channel and is trying real hard to look dramatically unstable, or whatever the fuck he's been doing for views (trying to get this new channel monetized)

He melted a stick of butter to refry KFC in and I'm not surprised. I wonder how much he'll balloon up in six months or a year.

No. 397565

ick, he's gunna be single real soon

No. 397831


I don't think his boyfriend is bothered by it (god knows why…)

Nick make a video confessing how he cheated with 12 guys and caught an STI, and Orlin actually sat next to him in the video. He seems pretty off himself and he's worn wigs and makeup in videos too.

No. 400909

"muslim food"

No. 400998

Publicly humiliating himself and cutting his lifespan in half just for the chance at a meager income from Youtube… Pathetic

No. 401028

Really kind of makes me sick that he’s using mental illness and his eating disorder to try to make money on YouTube.
You think kids watch this and try to be like nick?

No. 401119


Unlikely, any that do pribably have underlying issues of their own. I'd love to know what his viewership demographics are. Honestly who is watching this shit.

No. 401559

File: 1507655489942.jpg (440.21 KB, 778x900, DhSRtV1.jpg)

I'll thank the dumb fan for posting on the comments about the 8:15 stamp, where he's out of frame and says "I'll suck your dick later"

I'd be so concerned about any kids watching his content, it's not 100% wholesome because he's definitely acting out more weird feeder fetish behaviour.
Normalizing this level of gluttony is disgusting too. He shouldn't have ad revenue.

No. 401574

i participated in this attention whore's 5 awesome vegans collab channel back when he was even more irrelevant (and riding a different train desperate for views), ask me anything

I'll start with: he's a gigantic narcissist and a scammer.

No. 401697

Oooooh girl,

1. Is his relationship abusive? I feel like he takes advantage of Orlin. Not sure how long they've been together/if you can answer this.

2. Explain scammer milk plz.

3. Explain narcissist milk plz.

4. Do you think he is now a fat fetishist? like, playing it up for people to get their rocks off to, or do you think he's just stupid about his weight and habits.

5. Was he always this crazy? Any armchair diagnoses?

!!!!! Thanks for protein filled milk I need it.

No. 410119

So…he just got deported. He overstayed his tourist visa and his marriage visa was also rejected.

I feel bad for laughing at this video but he's so overdramatic. He knew that he could only stayed for 180 days and he broke the law.

No. 410160

He has a video of himself crying damn near every week. It's like the boy who cried wolf, I can't bring myself to feel bad for him watching this video because he's always crying about something.

No. 410174

File: 1509099340391.jpg (64.95 KB, 885x692, dumbass.jpg)

I really hate this guy. He's such a greedy disgusting sellout swine.

I don't have the video but I remember when he was early in his ex-vegan days, Trisha Paytas said on a younow stream that creeps with feeder fetishes pay really good money (behind closed doors of course) for vegans to break their diet and eat meat on camera.

Even back when he was vegan he would always use the most vulgar sexual tags on his generic mundane videos. I even have a screenshot saved from back then. This guy would do ANYTHING for money. He has no morals.

No. 443680

Video is titled "I'll tell my own story bitches"

I'm bumping this thread because I think this is interesting since shit has been going down lately (even worse than before).
Some people believe his milk is fake, what do you guys think?

His latest drama videos have been about his deportation and calling the country where he willingly chose to live in, and where his own husband is from, a shit hole; he got way too many exotic animals and now they're giving him problems, plus Orlin (husband) is being accused by some loons of being abusive because he walked in the room and saw Nik recording again and looked mad/very upset. It definitely has nothing to do with the fact he keeps exploiting their relationship online, obviously lel.
Lots of people have grown tired of him recently and are done with him.

Also he showed up in amberlynn reid's (which is pretty popular and milky but idk why never was relevant here on lc) comment section today and seemed to be fine and laughing. Will post it if I find it again.

No. 443681

File: 1513235072262.png (849.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171214-030301.png)

Found it. Also this is saged in case newfags don't realize it.

No. 443821


On Twitter he's been crowing about making-up with Orlin with a rooftop pizza date.

The comments on his video are largely critical of how he is handling himself.

No. 444419

Fake. He does this. He wants to be a female mukbang queen. He copies Trisha all the time. Hate him

No. 446518

Trish made a vlog about people trying to copy her lifestyle. Do you think she was talking about Nik??? Do you think she's read this comment and started her rant about it??? Is Trish a famer???

No. 446527

No, she's just a dumb hoe

No. 460050

I gagged

No. 471069

back at it again with the attention whoring

No. 471104

god, it's one thing when women attention whore but when men attention whore it's always cringier and more unsettling when men do it idk why

No. 471106

He's like a male hell version of Trisha Paytas, and she's pretty much the queen of crying on camera.

No. 471115

Haven't seen this kid since his vegan days. God damn has he ballooned in size

No. 471132

I’m being 100% real and ow the 3dge but its humans like these I wouldn’t mind if they died.

No. 471830

File: 1516078658995.jpg (43.58 KB, 634x344, owie.jpg)

>throws empty cheetos bag

He's not deleting shit! He cycles through these "tragedies" on a regular basis, he just wants his followers to beg him to stay and shower him with compliments.

Seriously it's so over the top and almost aggressive when men do this. I used to know a guy who would get like this sometimes with seemingly little provocation or warning. I didn't know if he was going to continue on with the tantrum or start hitting people. I don't talk to him anymore lol.

No. 472236

Doesn't he have like a dead pet or some tragedy to think of to force actual fake tears? Instead of just splashing water on his eyes before filming and tensing his face into his fat neck to make it red?

I figured he wasn't actually facing immediate deportation. He's so desperate to become an internet carwreck like Trisha but it comes on so heavyhanded.

He deserves a trophy for the most infuriating face and personality combo though.

No. 472290

i happened to stop by one of his younows one time and he was sitting there looking glum and shoving avocado in his face. he sullenly said that he HAS to be there because he’s under contract with younow, even though he didn’t want to be. when I suggested he just make the best of his situation, he blocked me. and his fans supported his decision to “not listen to the hater.”

I don’t know what planet this kid is living on but with YouTube cracking down on mukbangtubers he’s in for a very rude awakening.

No. 472818

What's youtube doing with mukbangers?

No. 472920

File: 1516157143178.png (30.56 KB, 724x212, Screenshot (68).png)

When cows collide. Yumi is in the comments section of his, hopefully last youtube video

No. 472925

mukbangers promote an unhealthy lifestyle and normalize a feeder fetish

No. 472934

At the end he dares people to go see the amount of hate he gets. His video is full of people going "… what hate?"
He blames youtube because they aren't giving him ad revenue, ad plays right away on both of his videos.

He's so immature. He just seems upset youtube wont give him more money for being a fat fuck. So instead he is blaming his fans

No. 472946

Yes, but anon was asking what specific actions is YT taking against such channels and content. I'm curious on how they are "cracking down" on mukbangers as well.

No. 472953

Ah I see what you mean. Yeah, people with those kinds of channels won't get ad revenue or be in their google preferred program. So less money and views.

No. 473171

there’s some hubbub that food review channels/mukbang channels are being put out to dry after the logan paul drama. honestly who can even tell anymore. plenty of people are jumping off the Youtube ship at this point and if avococko wants to go I say let him go.

No. 473488

what happened with his sloth?

No. 473683


He gave her to a rescue org last year after she accidentally bit him and it was becoming evident that they could not provide her with the optimum environment.

Over the weekend I got suckered (yes, I feel shame) by his most recent clickbait video about being "taken to court by Youtube." He set-up the bait via the title of and pinned comment for a recent fire noodle video which he claimed Youtube took down. He wasn't actually "taken to court" as a defendant. His video was used as supporting evidence in an infringement lawsuit.

No. 475392

File: 1516374111100.png (51.64 KB, 680x420, what.PNG)

what the fuck is going on

No. 475402

File: 1516375644649.jpg (11.41 KB, 251x242, 1400961574709.jpg)


Guess binge eating a lot of grease carbs and sugary shit is bad for your health, shocker

No. 475420


ughh i am so fucking sick of him, the motherfucker is so incredibly transparent. i follow him on twitter because it's so dramatic and am actually so shocked at how anyone can be this self absorbed and immature. he reminds me of how i was when i was like 11; exaggerating everything for attention. it's a pity party with him 24/7. he has PTSD from """his heart stopping"""? i can fucking guarantee with 100% certainty his heart did NOT stop and he was NOT at any hospital. when he released the video about his deportation and pretended that he has like 24 hours to move out, i already knew it wasn't true and he would stay longer. he makes everything so overly dramatic that it's actually disgusting. i really want to punch him in the balls

No. 475456

stress herpes. now that's a new one.

there's dramatic, there's histrionic, and then there's nikocado. i hope he get the help he so sorely needs.

No. 475811

THIS FUCKER- I SWEAR. so he just died and come back to life and the doctors just let him out of the hospital like that?? what kind of bullshit? does he think people are retarded?

No. 475812

he passed out and his heart skipped a beat. so much for dying nikocado.
sorry for samefagging but this faggot pisses me off to no end

No. 475927

I've never heard of this guy. But omg watching him cry on youtube is so bizarre. Like I'm an emotional person but this is OTT. Also his twitter is hilariously dramatic

No. 476020

It's so weird because he might have a mental disorder. He just has a desprate need for attention

No. 476022

Now that I have your attention, listen to me ramble and give me ass pats

No. 476024

He got really weird and started having these breakdowns. All while recording himself eating.One video I remember is the chik fil a one. I was like wtf is this ?? Last video I saw of his he was crying about having to leave colombia. I don't know what happened with that. I'll never watch another video.

No. 476186


In >>475811 he says he has 24 days left before he has to leave. He will spend 60 days in the US at his parents and then return to Colombia. He and Orlin have a lawyer to file his marriage visa this time. Nothing tragic. He is not being barred from the country.

He admits that he needs to gain control over his emotions and says he will be going to therapy while he is in the US. Even if he went three times a week while he is there, that wouldn't be enough.

He was adopted as a child from Ukraine. He may have experienced trauma and/or abandonment which would explain his histrionic personality disorder. He was in intense therapy as a child.

No. 610900

all aboard the motherfucking crazy train

No. 610987

Jesus fucking christ not this shit again

No. 612267

File: 1529139544746.jpg (36.65 KB, 1140x357, wow.jpg)

No. 612684

Yeah, in recent events its being assumed (cause of course he won't talk about it directly but will still make a 20 minute sob video about it) that Orlin is forbidding Nik from seeing him because of his HIV getting worse, and that Orlins family are filing the divorce papers on Orlin's behalf.

No. 612693

Wait what, is orlin his husband and he has HIV?

No. 612739

Yes, Orlin is his husband. He has "an autoimmune disease" which very clearly means HIV.

No. 612843

oh god, that cant be him? can it??how much has he gained over these years?

No. 612852

poor, poor orlin. that’s fucking awful.

No. 613002

oh wow this guy is fucking sad lol why would you ever do that to your own body

No. 613207

this guy is my inspiration to diet

No. 614590

File: 1529369960888.jpeg (434.56 KB, 1440x1344, Screenshot_2018-06-18-18-55-07…)

First, clickbait title by making it seem like they were back together recently. Second, way to go on respecting your dying husbands fucking wishes on not posting things on social media he asked specifically to keep private.

No. 614594

File: 1529369996550.jpeg (199.09 KB, 1440x1630, Screenshot_2018-06-18-18-54-40…)

No. 614595

File: 1529370021295.jpeg (196.24 KB, 1440x1652, Screenshot_2018-06-18-18-54-58…)

No. 614608

According to the youtube comments Orlin is going off about something on Nik's instagram pics

No. 614637

File: 1529372413912.jpeg (636.11 KB, 1440x1892, Screenshot_2018-06-18-19-36-06…)

Saw that to but this is his most recent picture, his other ones don't mention Nik either. So unless the comments are being made on Nik's photos? I'm not accepted to follow him so I'm unsure

No. 614649

Disgusting no wonder his husband doesn't want to have a visit with him in his final days (if he is indeed dying).

No. 615615

I still think Orlin isn't dying, this is all a ploy for more followers
Apparently he posted a deleted video of him and hungryfatchick funnel feeding eachother which was deleted but here are some highlights. What nasty degenerates

No. 615638

They can't even pretend to call this mukbang anymore. It's not. Thats feeder porn.

No. 615652

>Thats feeder porn

Here's a short 18min style doc about it, for anyone interested in watching. Vid related. It's titled "Inside the hungry world of feeder fetishes".

No. 615736


Feederism thread when.

No. 617923


this video was so repulsive i couldn't finish it, this fucker literally eats bees and their eggs within the beehive jesus

No. 617925

put yt videos in the yt feild thing

No. 618594

All the kids in denial about this in the comments are hilarious "nooooo it's not AIDS it's aUtOiMmUne DiSeAsE like lupus or diabetes" Girl please. I mean it could totally be made up, I don't doubt that for a second but no one would be vague about having lupus or diabetes.

No. 618681

>but no one would be vague about having lupus or diabetes.
This was my thought process as well. If someone has a 'normal' autoimmune disease, they almost always say what it actually is. I mean obviously they don't NEED to or anything, but given how high-profile HIV/AIDS is, people generally want to clarify that it's not something that severe. It's not like there's a stigma about having lupus. The vagueness makes people assume it's something to be ashamed of.

No. 620633

I sent a follow to orlin on insta and he approved it immediately, he's posting smiling pics of himself and shit, I think this is all fake shit.
Nick is prob the most disgusting person, eating bees on screen/ . Sick fucking degenerates

No. 621452

No. 621462

Wasn't the reason that his HIV was getting worse? In that case, it's possible to treat by stabilising on medication and de-stressing. It might require a hospital stay. But I don't know why people converted this into "AIDS" in this thread? These days it's not likely to get or die from full-blown AIDS if you have access to HIV treatment.

Anyway, this could be the reason for him looking ok at this point. It's probably bad for his health to stay with this nutbag.

No. 621463

This video would have been better if he binged on a shit ton of food at the end while crying.

No. 621508

When he put the phone down and reached off screen I was 110% sure he was about to come back with a McDonalds bag

No. 621535

File: 1529980447959.png (607.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180625-223239.png)

Orlin's insta

No. 621543

some dude pointed out that orlin gets the house, the car and the pets while nikocado is left with nothing other then his obese body and eating addiction lel

No. 621849

Holy shit what is even going on at this point?!

No. 622069


Is Nikocado's story coming to an end?

I feel like we're in endgame territory.

No. 622110

Honestly I feel bad for Orlin. His boyfriend because this gross, obese disgusting American he can't relate to. You can't be happy with a person like that who throws a tantrum about cleaning supplies. Misery likes company, but I'm happy Orlin decided not to stay.

No. 622131

God he's so disgusting. I'm surprised he didn't break up with him sooner.

No. 622136

Idk who this guy is but his thumbnails always make me want to throw up.

No. 622297

We have a new installment in this saga.

If Orlin is indeed in the end stage of an illness for him to divorce now is an attempt to save his family from Nick barging into the country and claiming everything after his death. He wants to handle the division of assets while he still can rather than just hoping for the best outcome for his family who I'm sure are the ones actually caring for him right now.

I do too, he seems nice enough and had to witness his husband turning into a screaming fat guy on the internet for a job.

No. 622473

Orlin uploaded this video yesterday, he basically says the viewers only see 10% of their relationship and that he wants to set Nick free. If this is true I think that being away from each other for an extended period of time left Orlin wanting less drama in his life. And if this is all a stunt they will get hate rained on them without mercy.

No. 622482

And this video from today, Orlin doesn't want to be on Nicks channel anymore and he doesn't want the unpublished videos Nick has to be uploaded either. People are being critical in the comments because he put this out publicly and telling him that he should've just called or texted Nick instead.

No. 622485

Whats wierd is that there were comments on past videos where people were arguing about which ailment it could possibly be. Was leaning towards the big one, but these descriptions are oddly specific and not symptoms of that.
If he's stressed, his organs shut down, and he bleeds everywhere. The vegan fruit diet is strange, because it keeps the disease in check, but just odd. He can't have calcium, can't have half of the amino acids, no lysine, very little iron. Aldo, he says he asked his mom about the disease, and its supposedly really rare, like there's not much known about it, and 1 in a million people are born with it, according to him.
Just seems like, with all those specifics, it's not hiv, but rather some other disease.

No. 622785

Do we have enough clues to figure out what it might be? Other than what was mentioned in Nick's latest cryvideo, what all do we know about Orlin's symptoms? I'm just so curious because they're beating around the bush so much.

No. 622831

At first I thought unchecked diabetes, but that wouldn't explain the ""rare diagnosis"" bit. Maybe Bright's Disease aka glomerulonephritis.
>renal failure
>dietary therapy including not eating meat, limit protein and uptake fruits and veg
>certain vitamins from food make the condition worse
>not curable

Take your pick though. You've basically gotta look for rare autoimmune diseases that could cause kidney failure. The diet part is what's throwing me off since I'm not sure if that's Orlin's tinfoil diet science or a legit recommendation.

No. 623090

In his new video, Nics saying that orlin just disclosed the disease on his insta, but it's set to private.

No. 623135

This is such a shit show.
I can't imagine how tiresome it must be to live with someone so instable as Nick, and I know a lot of unstable people.
I'm willing to bet he was making drama with Orlin about him not eating enough fastfood with him, if the rare disease thing is true, and Orlin got burned out of fucking up his health with the crazy gringo.
Or maybe it's all an excuse and Orlin just finds the obese avocado too disgusting to keep married to.

No. 623155

I feel terrible that his crying makes me laugh, it just all seems so staged like who the fuck films themselves ugly crying during a breakup unless they're Trisha Paytas? It's so unnatural and bizarre

No. 623158

It's just spiraling out of control… what the fuck is this

No. 623164

This is the anger stage.
Bargaining next.
Didn't someone here get an accepted follow? post a cap.

No. 623167

gotta make sure to stretch that breakdown to 10 minutes

he's just exaggerating for attention

No. 623343

File: 1530162311377.jpeg (435.96 KB, 1440x1794, Screenshot_2018-06-27-22-59-36…)

Christ, he's a fucking mess.

No. 623351

where is nick living now? the US?

i'm feeling for his neighbors right now if they have to hear him scream his way through meltdowns all the time

No. 623359

Yeah i assume he is, considering the non stop sobbing about getting deported a while back and that wasn't even close to getting resolved.

No. 623364


He is holed up in a hotel room in Thailand.

No. 623378

Screw caps? Proof pls?

No. 623383

He has said in a bunch of his most recent videos that he is in Thailand.

No. 623413

Oh my GOD am I greateful for Nick's utter and total mess of a meltdown! This is THE breakup of the summer!!! Trisha's breakup was such a let down but good that someone is picking up the slack!

In actually revelant commentary, he has gone all private on all his social media and seems to be blocking people right left and center as well as deleting comments as fast as his fat fingers can type (on IG at least).

No. 623554

No. 623574

Accepted anon no mention of disease on orlin's insta. Just break up msg and then some flowers with generic caption

No. 623672

So Orlin was suicidal at the thought of being with Nick and Nick is just thinking about himself. omg what a narc. cuz it's all about you Nick, screw how you make other people feel.

No. 624449

File: 1530298917272.jpg (101.49 KB, 1188x442, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 11.0…)

No. 624471

man this is like the third time he claimed he died and came back to life. He is basically Margret. Orlin is legit dying but he has to blame Orlin for giving him so much stress he died
"He isn't that sick gaiz! Fell bad for me! He is killing me with stress!!!"

No. 624473

I don't think you'd be okay psychically immediatly after flatlining and coming back to life… that's extremely serious lol, at least learn to lie better. He is so blatantly lying its not even remotely funny, just so so sad

No. 624611

New vid just out. To those wanting drama and a show, you got your tea. Damm.

No. 624653

he already took it down, anyone watchit?

No. 624677

File: 1530313650943.jpg (42.81 KB, 977x537, snottyundies.jpg)

AAH! I still have it open on my browser!

A synopsis:

The video alternates between him raging in daylight to him crying in a dark room. In both clips he is shirtless. At night, he cries and wipes his face in what can only be a pair of underwear.

His raging is about people judging him for being 'public about his breakup on social media' and that 'no one knows him' with a large dose of 'you shouldn't complain because social media is why you even know of me'. The bits where he cries, he rocks back and forth and wonders if his ex cheated on him.

He also tard rages about Orlin having their pets and 2000 in his underwear drawer.

I'd definitely rip the video if I knew how to do it. Absolute worst case I'll film it with my phone but the quality will be absolute garbage.

No. 624683

yeah, nothing noteworthy just the usual clickbait. it kept jumping between him screaming at the camera about how "PEOPLE DON"T KNOW MY LIFE SO FUCK OFF" and then crying

No. 624686

Fucking hell can someone just delete this human. Like I’m not trying to be edgy but seriously

No. 624689

what's the video titled?

No. 624725

I'm transcribing the first 90 seconds of the video.

Video title:
Catching my husband going behind my back

Video opens with a series of titlecards on a black background. The text reads: 'In this video I will explain to you the truth the reality the reason and the lies. Again, this video is inappriopriate for kids. I am posting more videos about this situation on my 2nd channel before Orlin strikes this one down. Click the link below to go there. If you want to. Thanks.

[It's daylight, fatty boom boom is standing in a kitchen, shirtless, clearly in full on psychotic tard rage mode but feeling sassy.]

The video cuts into him talking so clearly he put this up mid-rant.



[Cut edit]

I wanna see you! I wanna see you! Iwannasewyeeeew!!! I'MNOTEVENPLAYINGWITHYOU!



Uhwunnaseeeewyeeeew your fuckig morning routine!! You brush your teeth, you put on yer diedor-d- duh, you shit out your coochie and you take a dawyum shower and you add some Korean fire noodles, boiling, scoiling, water in your eyes and then AND THEN you can deciede to call me dramatic!

[Cut to evening/afternoon. The light is dim and fatty is sitting on the floor in all his Zoidberg glory. He is sobbing, snot clearly featured dribbling from his nose. He is in another room, a bed is in the background.]

He sobs.

'He waaaaa-aaah-ahsss just perfeee-eeeee-ct. And even if his teeth got in the way, he is so [unintelligeble] [Im guessing he is saying he was handsome? and something about someone being experienced or being an experience??]'

[Zoidberg sobs, sniffles and claps sadly or maybe his titties make the sound]

'[Mumbling] It's not my faaaaaauuuult I haaave a biiig diiiick.'

[Sobbing again]

'And he always says he doesn't want to talk about it but dig it out like surgery like his grandma's [unintelligable] He said I can just get dentures and pull them out it doesn't even matter he can take the dentures out to suuuck my diiiiiiiick.

[More sobbing, mantitties bounce}

This is just the first 94 seconds of the video.

No. 624732

File: 1530315588645.jpg (277.26 KB, 800x494, lifeimitatesart.jpg)

lmao im sorry but………….

No. 624759

Anon, bless you for doing this, but.


> Uhwunnaseeeewyeeeew your fuckig morning routine!! You brush your teeth, you put on yer diedor-d- duh, you shit out your coochie and you take a dawyum shower and you add some Korean fire noodles, boiling, scoiling, water in your eyes and then AND THEN you can deciede to call me dramatic!

Did he put noodles in his eyes at some point? What's he trying to SAY?

No. 624765

the video is back online

No. 624793

There's a video he posted yesterday I think. 7 minutes long. He gets spicy stuff in his eye by accident. Doesn't even look like it even got in there, but he overreacts as always.

No. 624809


The way his tittes giggled in it can rival that dude that defended Margo back in the day. If it wasn't so horrible to look at, I'd gif the jiggle.

No. 624900

I can't wait for him to be completely off the internet. He's crazy

No. 624910

Is this the same video, or did he change anything?

No. 624912

I love you anon, this is honestly better than trying to listen to him wail

No. 624914

it's the same video… guess after deleting it he was still foaming at the mouth and jiggling his titts in narc range and reuploaded it… even though nothing makes sense in this video. At one point he even repeats
"If it wasn't for me he would be DEAD!!!" like Orlin owes him his life or something

No. 624935

I think he is going to get evicted soon if he keeps screaming like that.

No. 624953

I wish we could spoiler yt videos, he's such a fucking eyesore. Everything about him is gross.

No. 625131

File: 1530334505575.jpg (107.05 KB, 667x405, drama.jpg)

I know he's a drama queen through and through but it seems extra messed up that he he's so dramatic about health issues considering what Orlins been going through. Also with Nick most of his issues are either extremely minor or self inflicted. It's like a toddler who mimics someone else who is getting more attention than them.

No. 625132

He really does the most to make himself look as revolting as possible his thumbnails, I hate it.

No. 625133

And in that not for kids video in the beginning he's flailing around the floor because he has a bloody finger and needs some stitches while Orlin who has a disorder that causes hemorrhaging is being calm throughout.

No. 625384

He's probably one of the most obnoxious and melodramatic people I've ever seen.
He literally said before that stress has a severe effect on Orlin (to the point of almost killing him) and that Orlin said that Nik was causing him too much stress. Orlin even tried to harm/kill himself just to make the relationship end, and yet Nik claims that everything was alright before??
None of this makes sense, either Nick is lying about everything or he's the most stupid person in existence.

Even in the past I never liked Nik but at least he was skinny, energetic and talked about actual life stuff in his mukbangs.
Over the last one or two years he just became a disgusting fat slob who's only capable of crying and talking about how much he loves cheese.
I understand Orlin, how could anyone be attracted to a greasy manchild who eats multiple butter sticks a day and throws so many temper tantrums?
Good that Orlin ended it like this, doing it in person would've been scary as fuck seeing as how Nik acts now.

No. 625415

OMG this is so bad. This person needs to be off the internet. Is he really having a breakdown about not having his dick sucked enough (or what is he even talking about)? His poor husband must have had nerves of steel and deserves admiration for staying for so long. Imagine their everyday life.

No. 625416

Also, why doesn't he go back to the USA when he wants to "go home" so desperately? Is he staying because the divorce is not finalized or something?

No. 625419

This shit is terrifying and I can barely understand a word he's saying.

No. 625427


He is currently in Thailand. Orlin and what Nik calls "home" is in Colombia.

No. 625570

That and his parents won't return any of his calls as well. They probably don't want a man baby living in their home
At least when he was younger he was fit, bright, playing the violin, doing shit with his life.

No. 625653

>Imagine their everyday life.
I don't even want to begin to imagine. He must have been waiting for an opening to bail. He's nice and safe back at his home. Nik can't barge into his life. He's fully protected. That must be such a relief.

No. 625662

File: 1530380750681.png (109.61 KB, 1075x584, giphy.png)

>I'd gif the jiggle
You or anyone can make gifs, in general. This website is great. It's free and you don't have to have an account to use the site. I too am not interested in viewing his moobs. Anyway here it is. https://giphy.com/create/gifmaker

No. 625904

File: 1530395466108.jpeg (41.88 KB, 550x560, 4359517F-E245-4BAF-A5DC-A545EA…)

Come to papa gimme a kiss

No. 625984

So you know how Orlin and his family told him NOT to post the videos he made talking about them? He started uploading old videos he never showed to pretend everything is peachy

Also new note, Orlin is no longer his sweet angel who is tragically dying from a mystery illness. He is a cheating slut who is trying to bring his channel down and ruin his life. This is extra funny because they broke up in the past because Nick was too much of a whore and slept with everything that moved.

No. 626027

It's honestly so disgusting that nik exploits and overdramatizes any medical issue he has while Orlin is dying of a serious illness. Has to make literally everything about him, entirely self-serving and self-absorbed

No. 626058

Hilariously, he's still using the same copy paste description that links to Orlin's channel. Wonder if he's going to notice that or not

No. 626147

he's aware. hoping that his fans go after Orlin.

No. 626172

I mean Nikocado Cryocado is being pretty shitty, but Orlin isn't a saint and I don't think he's any less of an attention whore tbh. Both are airing all their dirty laundry on social media regardless if Nik is being his usual drama queen about it.

No. 626183

Orlin keeps asking for nik to leave him alone. Orlin doesn't want any dirty laundry aired out. That's all nik's doing. Now all Orlin has to do is ignore the troll that is nik and try to privately get his shit removed or leave it and move on.

No. 626238

>Orlin doesn't want any dirty laundry aired out.

Which is why he broke up with Nik in a very public way via social media and then proceeded to make a youtube video about everything.
If that's what you call 'ignoring the troll' and being mature, yikes.

No. 626270

Isn't "Orlin broke up with me via social media" what Nick is saying though, so people would feel more sorry for him? I doubt Orlin just made a public post about the break-up without saying anything to Nick first.
And I think this is a pretty civil post from him, considering Nik's antics:
The Youtube videos are probably unnecessary - but on the other hand, Orlin probably wants to take the public route in case Nick does some shady shit and the whole thing isn't just Nick's psychotic echo chamber. I can understand that.

No. 626326

>If that's what you call 'ignoring the troll' and being mature, yikes.

No. I said that NOW all orlin has to do is stop feeding the troll. Nik is a troll. He needs to begin to stop giving Nik what he wants. I said that orlin should start to handle his business in a private fashion, if he wants anything of his removed off the net. If that is not possible then he needs to leave it and move on.

>Orlin probably wants to take the public route in case Nick does some shady shit and the whole thing isn't just Nick's psychotic echo chamber. I can understand that.

That's good. That way all this is documented. If anything this is all going to continue to blow up in nik's face the more he acts out.

No. 626359

The problem with that is Orlin's condition is stress related. Orlin tried to break up with Nick face to face, but instead of accepting it Nick would hug and kiss him, pull out his phone, and pretend everything is peachy and makes plans to hang out with Orlin's family. It was nuts.

Right now Orlin's family is handling most of the divorce stuff, having Orlin do the minimum. It was probably advised to him to have the bare minimum contact with Nick for obvious reasons. The only clear message is "We are getting divorced, we aren't together, stop posting about me and my family."

No. 626378

File: 1530460974362.jpeg (71.98 KB, 492x492, 3ECC9EB5-4EF4-461A-81C8-8C2469…)

How do you know all this

No. 629674

New video. Also:
>Eye makeup
>That cringy opening

No. 630469

Watched a few older videos and Orlin name drops his auto immune disorder as microscopic polyangitis.(Namefagging)

No. 630474


Niko also brags about "scandalousness" in this video.

No. 630483


Vasculitis was on my short list based on Nik's description (autoimmune, extremely rare, circulatory dysfunction, end stage multiple organ failure).

No. 631214

I seriously think that he should get some profesional help especially with this shit happening. He's going downhill

No. 631263

This is fucking legendary. Oh my lord

No. 631522

What is that stuff that he's eating? Also he's so disgusting with the sounds he's making and how he's licking his fingers constantly, etc., that I can't really watch it. Are normal people who aren't feeders/fetishists really watching this shit? Bleugh.

No. 631757

new video that finally isn't some old filler crap from a long time ago
bitching and crying about how ugly he is and about how thais are "fatphobic"

No. 631790

Lmao, am I the only one who thinks his crying is extremely hilarious?
I don't know if he does it on purpose or what, but it's just the fact that everything he cries about is so melodramatic! Like who cares if Thai people think he's fat? He would still be the outsider in that country even if he were thin because he's WHITE.
Or god he could always move back to an English-speaking country.
Hahahahahaha! Omg. Just who fucking cares.
Asians are fucking blunt like that. Deal with it or lose the weight Nik. Jesus.

No. 631875

I really wish iDubbbz would do a Content Cop sketch on this loser.

No. 631888

So tears in your ramen noodles huh? Never thought of that! Looks like I don't have to depend on water anymore!

No. 632704

another video where he ""splashes"" more shit in his eye and overreacts on camera like a tard

seems old because his head isn't shaved

No. 632724

i want to fucking kill myself whenever he shows off the food and rearranges it around for the thumbnail and makes that weirdly sexual face… with his nasty chipmunk mouth agape and his eyes almost watery. it looks so grossly fetishistic and he legit looks like a major junkie getting ready for a fix… ew

No. 632867


It's the flesh of Durian fruit. It's a very strange fruit that is described as tasting like custard and almonds. Different plants produce different tasting fruits. They can taste oniony and if you watch the video of him tasting them he says a certain variety tastes like a chocolate iced coffee. It really makes me want to try it.

No. 632991

I don't understand why he's even in Thailand? Is that supposed to be some sort of "vacation" for him or what? He's holed up in his room with junk food anyway, stuffing himself, so I don't really see the point.

No. 632994

Thanks for the answer. I really couldn't watch the video without skipping through it, as the sounds he produces while eating are triggering me (apart from his meltdowns and crying about random nonsense). He behaves like a pig. I wonder who his target audience is. Like there couldn't be that many gay feeders around.

No. 632996

He seems seriously mental. Like he should be in a mental hospital. His behaviour is not normal and if someone so unstable lived with me, I would be scared. At one moment, he seems OK, then switches in an instant into a tantrum that would fit a 3-year-old. He could just grab some bottled water to rinse his eye or something. Instead, he pretends like he's dying and doesn't know what to do. How could Orlin even stay with him for so long? I feel more and more sorry for him for having to endure this.

No. 633061


He hates the US. He and Orlin travelled to Thailand together. Being there now allows him to wallow even deeper in the misery of happy memories. In his most recent video he is even staying in their old apartment.

No. 633585

Fucking this.

I laughed my ass off when he was doing that tard face and the sauce splashed on his eye lolol Even his noodles won't have his bullshit

No. 633610

Orlin just deleted a video of himself wearing a wig and eating some peculiarly crunchy noodles. The consensus seems to be that the video was made to throw shade at Nik.

No. 633712

It seems to me like he's doing it on purpose so he would have a reason to act crazy on camera. Who constantly splashes a sauce in their eye? It happens suspiciously often for him.

No. 634397

File: 1531407828385.jpg (463.07 KB, 992x1367, Strangely appropriate ad place…)

Wish I has seen that. Was it on his YT or his insta?

Also, saw this ad for avocados before nicks vid, and thought it to be wildly appropriate ad placement lol.

No. 634432

File: 1531410094529.jpg (357.67 KB, 1878x1216, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 4.46…)

Nicked from KF.

No. 634443

He certainly has a liking for chubby-faced boys, doesn't he?

No. 634502

At least he looks slightly less dead inside compared to Nick.

No. 634506

Honestly, I don't know why Nick has white knights. Who would want to date him? He's vile in both personality and body. And when they were taking a break didn't Nick country hop and post about every guy he fucked? That and Nick had a problem with cheating. Who gives a fuck if Orlin is posting his love interests?

No. 634531

You can be the most pathetic person on the internet, but even then, you're still going to have some white knights. I don't understand it either.

No. 634533

Also, he says that the guy is "friend" - it doesn't automatically imply that they have an intimate relationship. Who knows if Orlin even wants that with his present health issues.

No. 635056


Apparently he lied about the health issues being so severe otherwise he wouldn't have posted a video of himself eating fried Ramen.

No. 635192

I really hate how dumb he can be. It takes forever for him to start eating his noodles because hes taking thumbnails. His cheesy noodles start to congeal as they get colder and colder.

Then he takes a bite. He pulls so hard on a coagulated mass, and then this dumb ninny blows on his noodles, like they are hot and steaming. The whole time he keeps pulling, and blowing on visibly cold noodles. The fuck, its not hot, you just had a bite.

Grinds my gears. Just like when he ate the sweet bean bao, and he dunked it in soy sauce and moaned about how good it tastes. No bitch no. Those two flavors don't jive. You clearly don't know what you're doing.

Or when he pointed out the spicy chilli paste on the table somewhere in Asia. He said the tiny ants mixed in was the traditional way. He didn't even dip his food in the paste, but scooped out the oil floating on top and dipped his food in that.

Just. So. Dumb.

No. 635268

I read about the disease and is it possible that he's in remission now? Because it's one of those types of diseases that tends to return, but with treatment goes into the remission stage.

No. 642145

>The most important video I've ever made
>Over 2 hours long

No. 642216

Has anyone watched this?
I'd be interested in knowing what he said about Orlin and the 'boys he's been talking to' or whatever but I can't deal with watching him stuff his face for 2 hours.

No. 642243

File: 1532089798016.png (600.37 KB, 800x1110, Screenshot_2018-07-20-05-25-00…)

Meanwhile, on Orlin's channel.

No. 642265


>I'm allergic to Durian. It made me fat.

>I've been starving myself.
>I said Orlin had a autoimmune condition not THE autoimmune condition.
>Met a friend.
>Starving myself for 2 weeks made me skinnier.

No. 642872


One guy in the comments said that it could have been the bee dying that triggered his anaphalactic shock. He said that he was so sick he had to go to the hospital at 4am because his throat was closing up. Nobody even thinks about the bee sting. I didn't either until I saw that random comment in the comment section.

No. 642873

sting not dying lol

No. 642991

Wait so why did these fags give up veganism? And why did nick stick with the avocado thing if he turned into one of those weird antivegan exvegans?

No. 643150

Is Orlin trying to get back at Nick by pretending to be him now? What.
According to Nick it's supposedly because vegan mukbang videos didn't rake in the money like eating utter crap does. Orlin was a fruitarian to ~keep his autoimmune condition in check~, but considering all those videos of him eating junk, who even knows.

No. 644112

Keep trying to get past the first hour, damm! It's a relief to not have a crying mess vid.

That said, boy, did he D R A G that Divine Munchies girl! Think he's referred to her before, but not in name. Not this time! He called her out for being fake, and nailed the imitation to a tee.

Guess she got super thirsty when she found out they were in Thailand (?) together and kept harassing him to collab. He kept ignoring her, because he claims that Star repeatedly tried to shut down his channel,and now that her views have dropped, she's getting desperate. His words.

I'll say this about her, she got her own huge bag of problems, I do agree that shes got screws loose, her manic moods have to be indicative of something.

But bless her heart Nick sure don't think to well of her.

No. 645924

No. 647495

drama queen

No. 658561

new video where he's crying how he only lost one pound while he burns a pound of noodles

No. 658649

Good luck to him with trying to lose weight while he keeps stuffing his face with junk every day. That one pound is probably after he took a shit.

No. 658685

He's sociopathic enough to know his highly punchable face is what draws a certain part of his audience to watch this. His coughing and gagging are absolutely disgusting.

No. 659461

This is what I don't get - I find him absolutely repulsive, to the point that I haven't been able to finish any of the videos linked here. Who actually watches this shit?

No. 660178


Believe it or not, he has a bunch of "fans", meaning people who are buying into his feux crying routines. Simply put: he's doing this because he wants sympathy. He's not really depressed or trying to "reach out for help". If only idiots would quit posting comments on his videos like, "Oh Nik, my heart bleeds for you!", Then he wouldn't post videos of himself crying anymore.

No. 660224

File: 1533786586359.jpg (162.53 KB, 1072x1473, _20180729_205651.JPG)

No. 660234

File: 1533786966577.png (434.71 KB, 563x884, Capture.PNG)

No. 660262

There's no way that at least a food part of this isn't a stunt. Orlin could've emailed him and Nic could've done the same. It's all just for more money but with another account added to try and double it.

No. 660320

so over this faked drama

No. 660650

File: 1533837360757.jpg (269.82 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20180809-135506.jpg)

No. 664858

How can anyone believe this bullshit? he's so manipulative jfc

No. 664987

File: 1534320159955.jpg (113.7 KB, 1186x820, Capture.JPG)

He's at it again

No. 664991

File: 1534320326231.jpg (116.82 KB, 1176x820, Capture.JPG)

More attention seeking I guess since god knows what that caption even means

No. 665012

I can't even laugh at this shit because it's just so fucking bizarre.

No. 665043

That's some a-grade word salad.

No. 665230

god, this photo. it's going to haunt me.

No. 665530

I don't know if he is actually mental or just trying to get attention

No. 665543

Damn, Orlin made the right decision holy shit just look at that mess (i can't wait for a new video)

No. 678752

i was going to ask if he died or something but it looks like he just finished eating an entire costco chicken an hour ago

No. 678774

why are all his thumbnails so fucking vile?

No. 679701

File: 1535968861768.jpg (72.86 KB, 438x777, Capture.JPG)

Alleged new man - I bet they'll turn out to be just friends

No. 679719

God he has such an unfortunate face

No. 680042

omg around 33min he says that his dream collab would be with amberlynn…….. imagine

No. 680162

That 5head tho

No. 682473

His fake spasming about getting something in his eye is just retarded

No. 682488

Jesus Christ I fucking missed it. Nic had an Instagram story saying he wants to eat pussy and "don't knock it till you try it!"

No. 686313

Old upload, starting with Nik and his ex arguing.

No. 686459


Damn this is just sad and not in the boohoo way. Orlin has said he doesn't want any more videos with him in them uploaded, and he puts this up?

Just because there are lots of beeps over them talking to hide information, he's still talking about Orlin having cancer or a brain haemorrhage or something.

It's fucked up. No wonder Orlin dumped him.

No. 691877

New boyfriend?

No. 692220

File: 1537397237124.png (638.43 KB, 866x481, wtf.PNG)

how is it humanly possible to have such a disgustingly weird face? hes looks like a rat, it really gives me the chills.

No. 692230

What's with that lump on his cheek? It sticks out so much. Did he get some shitty Thai fillers to cheer him up?

No. 692237

If he doesn't have the herp.. he'll have it now.

>btw as everyone knows, nick has herpes. LOL!

No. 693320

File: 1537514832673.png (697.45 KB, 929x602, Capture.PNG)

He's drunk instagramming again

No. 693324

Do you think he just fakes this for attention and to elicit concern?

No. 693459

He definitely is, and it's getting boring really fast. Is videos currently are really boring, can't compare with the shit show saga that was the orlin break-up. He knows he has to fake a meltdown every two months or people lose interest.

No. 693502


And yet unfortunately it's an effective method - he's steadily gaining youtube subs, wouldn't be surprised if he hit 1M in a few months with the current trajectory

No. 705844

Is he drunk in this? He has to be, right?

No. 705904

It's kind of smart almost. People LOVE seeing others be miserable, messy and completely dysfunctional online (hence why places like LC and KF exist). A fat dude crying hysterically and rambling while eating noodles is peak entertainment depending on what you're looking for.

No. 705970


He's literally gained 100k subs in about a month, clearly there is a niche for hysterical man babies overeating and weeping into giant portions of gross looking food. His clickbait titles are getting worse though, his "my mom" video recently was literally Orlins mom from ages ago.

No. 708653

File: 1539159028560.jpg (122.12 KB, 1166x747, Capture.JPG)

JFC why

No. 708676


how can someone somewhat decent looking can end up like this?when he started his channel he looked nice and almost likable and now he is a disgusting pile of fat.doesnt he go back to his older videos to remember how he looked like?doesnt he feel bad?if he doesnt,he is really a fucking mess

No. 708729

Also, why is his face so red? He looks like he's going to have a heart attack any minute.

No. 708735

He always edits his face to be more red, even in the thumbnails of his videos. I have no idea why he does that, probably to look extra disgusting.

No. 708869

I'm going to assume it's part of something fat fetishists like. Many obese people seem to have very red faces so that's what I'm guessing he's imitating. Not that he isn't medically obese, but I'm thinking super moribidly obese people over 400 pounds

No. 713340

In the comments he says that he's back in Columbia with Orlin. I don't see why he can't be straight with his viewers about where he is and just keep some kind of chronological updates.

No. 714691

File: 1539748671777.png (376.05 KB, 507x939, tosh.PNG)

what reason is tosh.0 having him on the show for? sounds fake

No. 714724

Can we talk about how gross his recipes are? If we can even call them that. He cooks the most unappetizing shit ever. I need to make a collage of his creations one day lmao.

No. 714798

there was a rumor some time back that thats how he knew hungry fat chick
she's a known feeder who even does "stuffing" porn and actual porn, and it was rumored that nik was one of her feeders and she was paying him so i wouldnt be surprised at all if he's into that for himself too

No. 714827

His beloved "cheesy noodles" look disgusting and that sound it makes when he plays with it.

No. 715177

Someone posted this video on KiwiFarms. What in the actual fuck is going on? The noises in the background make everything so fucking creepy. Looks straight out of an horror film. Also he looks disgusting, I'm 100% sure he must have been/be into feederism, there is no way someone who's not would make this video.

No. 715902


cursed video

No. 720473

File: 1540423098539.jpg (87.31 KB, 765x428, nickontosh.jpg)

The Tosh.0 appearance actually happened. He came off a bit more normal than I thought he would've. He says he's just an emotional guy but I think we all know he exaggerates the histrionics for views. I'm surprised he didn't shove Tosh away from all that food.


No. 720476

File: 1540423243062.jpg (9.09 KB, 284x100, nickstags.jpg)

The video tags on the comedy central are appropriate lol

No. 722095

8:57 - "That looks like muscle, but it's just water weight"

14:08 - "I have a lot of water weight"

And he pats himself on the back for being healthy & getting vitamin water kek

No. 725369

ok so he's back in colombia?? and he's back with his husband? but in the title he calls him 'ex-husband'? what is this this cringe montage i am dying can anyone decypher this to me?

No. 725371

samefag but in his previous video he says that he's back with orlin and that he'll "explain everything later". then posts this bullshit pity-porn with zero explanation as to what happened. just included them cuddling and kissing in bed at the end. literally WHO DOES THIS

No. 725373

accidentally reposted the link, my apologies

No. 725454


He's been a clickbait asshole for a while. They likely worked it out a while ago but are using it for as much exposure as possible - Orlin's renamed his channel to Orlin & Nikocado and it has some of Nick's mukbangs on it.

It's working though, 6 months ago he was at about 650k subs and now he's only 50k from 1m.

No. 726044

He "explains everything" but not so much

No. 726614

Their relationship seems so toxic it would be better if they broke up for good.

No. 726649

File: 1541365172521.jpg (106.25 KB, 1069x835, kiki.JPG)

Thanks for the TL;DW, Niko…
KEK Orlin must be more retarded than Nick

No. 737164

More clickbait… he's moving back to the US but couldn't announce it without making it sound like he's breaking up with Orlin again.

No. 744983

I haven't been able to get myself to press play yet.

No. 745028

so when is he going to admit he's an active member of the feeder community?
he literally gets paid by guys that masturbate to fat people eating to make these videos, especially the ones with kandy

No. 748424

His views must have started dropping again

No. 748430

he's so pathetic, no wonder youtube wants to nuke his channel kek he had to flee to orlins

No. 748440

What a fucking waste of eggs and noodles omg
Is he trying to get an acting career?

No. 748449

fucking lol

No. 748453

He's hinting Prissy P and her brother are the reason why he had a mental break down. What an asshole. His acting just sucks balls at this point. He's on par with a toddler

No. 748493


Surely this is old though, because it's with the white walls in his filming room in Columbia. He's been back in the US for a while now.

No. 748561

my apology to nikocado

Nikocado Avocado 2

Published on Nov 2, 2018

No. 748563

File: 1544715812448.png (584.8 KB, 800x1176, just stop nick.png)

No. 748565

File: 1544716221657.png (524.58 KB, 800x1181, mukbang suicide.png)

Two channels of daily gluttony!

No. 753414

Mega income, not meager.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 753415

Mega income, not meager.

No. 755521

File: 1546044482759.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, 8B2E0503-E1CE-4CD3-B669-8A2154…)

I randomly stumbled on this old ass pic of nikocado. Crazy this is how he used to look.

No. 755775

Has anyone been following all the drama in the YouTube ASMR world with Veronica Wang? It's a lot. Nikocado has been doing videos on it on his second channel.

No. 755785

File: 1546099244291.png (37.17 KB, 310x82, 154609918288342402.png)

I watched it.

Veronica wang would lose her damn mind if a thread was made about her on lolcow. She would completely and totally flip her shit.

No. 768390

Mega income, not meager.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 793980

HE made a video saying he has nothing inappropriate

on his channel yet he says racist and sexual stuff

No. 806530

How do you all feel about this video?

No. 806604

you keep posting this video around the place and asking this same baity question. talk about the video yourself.

No. 806640

Not going to watch it but that guy's hairline is tragic

No. 806772

Eh I get the feeling he's leaving something out. He shows convos they had together on January 9th 2017 and then from January 17th-20th where he didn't get any response. What happened in the time between? He then jumps to undated clips of her saying she doesn't know him or is grossed out by him. When he showed those twitter dms and clicked on her icon you could see that he wasn't blocked by her. Is it possible they had talked more but he's not sharing that? Maybe but we'll never know for sure. I do think he's exaggerating when he says he's been harassed by Trishas viewers continually for 2 years and that he's been silent this entire time when he was the one only who publicly brought up the collab that never happened.

I will say Nikocado is weird about his eating collabs. I still remember seeing that video he did with Hungry Fat Chick where he fed her melted ice cream through a funnel. He's been wanting to collab with Amberlynn Reid for about 2 years now. I've seen him in her younows talking about collabing while AL gets vague about it, she'll mention in passing the possibility of meeting with him. In this past year she has gained a lot of weight and has difficulties breathing while standing, her situation is dire. A light hearted mukbang between the two of them sitting in front of a massive amount of food is not what she needs at all and Nick would basically be enabling someone into the grave if it were to actually happen. It wouldn't be viewed positively for either of them. All I'm saying is that I think Trisha got creeped out by him and changed her mind but she should've been direct about telling him no rather than pretending she hadn't talked to him at all. Overall I guess I'm team neither on this one.

No. 852941

The surprise is not that he's binging with Trisha but that he's officially a whale. Dude is killing himself with food.

No. 852973

western "mukbangers" don't know how to do it. you're either not supposed to eat all the food and just make it appear like you have, or you have bulimia. otherwise, well this.

No. 853445

it's so cringey how he keeps trying to make physical contact with her and she's clearly so uncomfortable.

she sure made her bed, huh.

No. 853726

but he made his too. he can never complain about this again.

No. 867965

Just discovered this guy through What ever's video and JESUS what a train wreck of a human being. Did his ex-husband divorce him after he started getting cringy and fat, or before and he just became this way as a result? This dude clearly has some trauma he hasn't dealt with at all, to go from healthy and vegan to killing himself with food. He's so disgusting, the way he cries on camera and the way he eats… just wtf.

No. 878317

Apparently, Nick met a fan through Grindr, they met up in new york. He deleted the video.
but here's the note from this HORRIBLY edited reupload.

Dude said he was a big fan. Nick invited him to do a mukbang.

Nick said that he'd thought they'd just eat and then fuck.

Said he ordered food, the dude was really picky.

Nick spent $130 dollars on the meal. Nick said he was willing to do everything because he just wanted to get "fucked" or "Sucked" I couldn't tell what he said

Nick said he even texted the guy before and asked is he attracted to "Chubby Guys" or is it just because it's him. Dude said yes.

Then NIck said the dude showed him guys he was attracted too, they were skinny, blonde w/ blue eyes, Which Nick said, "which he could never get with"

Then he said he started talking about politics and Nick just wanted to fuck.

Said the guy said he hadn't had sex in 4 years (He's 24) and Nick called him a loser for that.

Brags about being happy for being "married" again.

Said he wasted 6 hours.

Then he said the person told him he was very shy and waits for the person to make the first move.

Nick then said that he'd touch his leg, put his arm around him, he complimented him and he didn't compliment him back, at all.

Nick keeps trying to get him to come onto him but the dude didn't seem interested.

The NIck goes on about how he had SO MANY THIN CUTE GUYS who are into feederism and want to feed him. Begging to stroke his belly and turned on by him being jiggly.

Then Nick said, that the guy "Sent videos of him watching him eat burger king jacking off"

(sounds like a lie to me. Nick wouldn't asked him if he was into feederism if he KNEW he was, I also feel like Nick would've mentioned this earlier.)

He said the dude sent him nudes.

He texting the guy throughout the video, "you were supposed to come over to, flirt, show affection and "Jack off? Get off?" Nothing happened"

3 more hours went by after they filmed the Mukbang and nothing happened.

He's SO happy he's not dating and he's married.

He talks about how he's supposed to be "ready" for sex and that he's not going to grab it because "me too movement"

He asks the dude if he has a type, The dude admits he has a type. THIN, THIN, THIN.

Talked about their favorite pornstars, dude didn't like his favorite pornstar.

Then Nick whines about wasting his time, being with someone whose not attracted to him and who won't touch him.

He called the guy a loser, and said it made him appreciate Orlin more. He says even the people he enjoys still make him more grateful for Orlin.

They both talked about how they both had "flings" (Orlin and Nick)

The dude says "he's sorry for the miscommunication and he should've left earlier"

Got mad that the dude called him dramatic. Says he's very upset.

Said the dude scooted away when he moved closer. Said he's not going to make a move on someone whose not into him.

He talks about "harassment moves"
He then says, "If I were to put my hand on his junk, while he wasn't doing anything reciprocate me…" and then started to ramble.

sorry if this is hard to read, the video was edited really fucked up.

So all in all, Nick made a 40-minute video, upset he met up with a fan to fuck, the fan didn't want to fuck him and he deleted the video.

I really would like to know how crazy Orlin is to deal with nick, but then again, they both fuck other people I doubt they even talk much.

I also wonder if Crazy Nick just hooks up with guys without checking status? He seems like the type that doesn't check to see if they are clean or not.

If he has so many hot THIN guys who want to feed him and bang him, why doesn't he go for them??

No. 878368


Bless you anon for sitting through that, I couldn't do it.

No. 878580

he also copyright struck someone for uploading the video.He made a response video which he also deleted.

He basically tried to erase everything he could about the video.

No. 878613

He got kicked out of Colombia for cheating whilst on a partner visa

No. 878663

dont understand why anyone would want to fuck that thing
not only due to how fat, ugly and revolting he is physically but also the amount of stds he's confirmed to have

if i were a gay guy the only youtuber id be persuing is brutalmoose

No. 878690

broke up again, funny how they break up a few days after the whole drama with the grindr date.

and WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ORLIN? Did nick give him HIV or Herpes or something??

Nick always brings up how Orlin has these health issues but never fucking says what.

Just fucking say it.

No. 878887

My recollection is that Orlin has kidney disease.

No. 879945

He’s lost it

No. 879971

This is the only video of his I've actually found funny or entertaining. I was cracking up for the first 5 minutes but it was way too long to watch the rest. How he keeps up that act for such a long time I'll never understand. Must be exhausting.

No. 880064

File: 1571088163953.jpeg (41.27 KB, 600x600, QEg5ZPXb.jpeg)

I wanna punch him so bad lol this i why I hate drama club kids with a passion.(a-logging)

No. 880567

This is for his feeders I guess.

No. 880597

This guy is fucking disgusting, wish I could block his channel from youtube suggesting him.

No. 880666

File: 1571192781830.jpg (2 MB, 209x390, OM1jAhs.jpg)

He should try acting I laughed way too hard at this

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