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File: 1443067865742.jpg (155.49 KB, 950x616, cheaphoe.jpg)

No. 36266

I figured why not? Anons love drinking milk from Raven. There has been brief mention of Adora and Toxic Tears here. Why not have a thread for cringe found within the goth/alt scenes in general?

No. 36600

Love this topic idea, anon! There are a good few that come to mind alright - ToxicTears being one of them. Adora isn't nearly as bad imo, but she's extremely annoying.

I think one of the worst ones has to be Joji Victor Grey aka Gutterface/Starsinthegutter aka Kazakai. The amount of crappy shit they've done is insane from scamming people out of their BJDs (which are super expensive!) to faking parents' deaths for sympathy so people would stop asking where their orders are (as well as dropping off social media and claiming sickness/hospital visits when fans ask about their orders too). It seems once a persona has gathered enough of a negative rep, it gets abandoned for another on another social networking site.

No. 36738

Maybe post some pics with each girls name and a small list of what makes them cows or snowflakes? I'm interested in this thread. I want to get more into these scenes, but want to know who to avoid and their brands of crazy.

No. 36769

bump bump cause I wanna know too

No. 36774

Who the hell would want a t-shirt with her face on it???

No. 36860

File: 1443290919746.jpg (57.46 KB, 450x450, sebastian.jpg)

This chick annoys the fuck out of me.

No. 36865

I used to be friends with Sebastian before she was ever even slightly known online. She was a pudgy moonfaced shy and quiet chick with no personality of her own. She had no friends that weren't her "online bffl" of the week, and she'd always try to get this semi-popular ugly slut Cherrie Angel to promote her facebook. Eventually she did, and now we have the pink haired manbeast of today. She used to be uglier, believe it or not. But she deleted most of her old pictures and videos. She is a haggared sloth with no makeup on. Very unfortunate face.

No. 36867

You're so right about the no personality. I remember when she was ripping off some elitist death rock chick so much. You could tell she desperately wanted to be in that crowd. It's fucking sad really.

No. 36868

File: 1443294450612.jpg (322.87 KB, 960x960, tumblr_npkec1s4OW1s310c6o1_128…)

Do any of you guys keep up with itsblackfriday? I used to think she was pretty okay, but it rubbed me the wrong way how she recently ditched her long-time fiance to go live in Germany with a new boyfriend (and tried so hard to sound 100% innocent of any wrong doing).

I agree that you shouldn't stay in a relationship/situation that isn't making you happy, but the way she went about this sounded so tactless. (PS, great thread idea, OP).

No. 36869

I like her more now than when she was trying so hard to be the gothest goth in the world, but she still comes across as really self-righteous (which can be pretty annoying). Now I just think she's boring more than anything else, I don't really have issues with her.

No. 36870

Yeah I follow her. I thought the same. She gives me the impression that she could be a bitch if she wanted to be. But all in all, she's okay.

No. 36899

Top kek at #gothgoths thinking they are intelligent and creative when people like Adora get 87,800+ views for a 6 second video of her walking and smiling. If this was someone like Taylor getting attention for something so inane people would flip shit. But because Adora is ~alternative~ and looks young for her age / looks "cool" she gets a free pass for acting like a twat.

No. 36927

I used to like her until she started posting blatant thinspo

No. 36929

Not to mention, she has three children. Then she had a video where she claims to show her "secret" for being skinny, complete with fingers around upper arm thinspo move, and warns against ed's.
She's like in her early forties and reeks of crazy.

No. 36965

Is Adora trans? (I'm not even trying to throw shade, I'm asking as a legitimate question.)

No. 37016

Naw, she's just 42 years old and severely underweight. She looks and sounds like the goth alternative version of my birth mother. They're both just underweight and only caring for the appearance of their skin and not the quality. Plus she has really hard features so it aids in that manly look.

No. 37024

File: 1443342399709.png (593.08 KB, 596x452, kazlovesbats patsy sebastian.p…)

>elitist deathrock chick
Patsy (the one in the middle). When she was active she could have her own thread on here. Basically
>I never had a babybat phase I always looked better than everyone from the start
>my parents were goth when they were younger
>dating some 20-something year old while she was 17,18 (i think they're still together)
>super elitist, doesn't like people that don't fit her goth image
>apparently started drama with other goths when she went into the Christian Death tag on ig and started talking shit about people that liked Valor and bragging she had an original pressing of Only Theater of Pain
>after drama made deleted ig profile and started a new one put kept on private was rude to people that tried to follow
>obsessed with The Cult/Ian Atsbury
>generally felt she was the best goth ever

No. 37025

File: 1443343040272.png (457.02 KB, 1029x367, patsy marian.png)

I also found this about her on tumblr.

No. 37034

Yep, that's her. Sebastian was like the little fish that swim and eat the parasites off the big fish. She once wished she could be exactly like Patsy. I don't really know any drama around Patsy because when she was 'active' I never really gave a shit, but I always found it funny how Sebastian latched onto people for their goth status. Top kek.

No. 37035

I can't remember what it was, but I swear Adora shitposted on "goth makeup" and how people in the goth subculture look all the same. And she claims it's a 'joke' but she's done it more than twice so it ~obviously bothers her goth black soul~

Also some shit about wanting/pretending to be albino. Yeah that's cute, considering real albinos actually get hunted for their skin.

No. 37036

File: 1443351402701.jpg (29.69 KB, 586x586, sebastian2.jpg)

I just went on Sebastians IG https://instagram.com/sebastiancolumbine/

This picture though. She has less ass than Miley Cyrus.

No. 37040

I only saw a bit of the drama through her instagram, which i followed because i geniunely did like her outfits. I think there was more in the actual goth scene out of the internet. All i heard was that she stole boyfriends but I didn't care enough to pry.
She still does the albino thing pretty often. I think it's #AlbinoAdora (or vice versa)
She doesn't look bad though, flat but not gross. Is that a thigh/butt dimple or lighting?

No. 37045

Yeah. I wasnt saying she looked gross. But I didn't realise someone could be that flat behind.

No. 37046

Eh, I've seen much worse.

No. 37136

i used to work with a woman with an ass so flat, it's pretty much inverted. straight up hank hill ass.

No. 37220

File: 1443412705670.jpg (96.08 KB, 680x1024, blegh025.JPG)

LOL Patsy was the biggest cunt. She was a scene kid, so I had hearty keks when she claimed she never had a babybat or altnnewb phase ever.

No. 37226

Holy shit. The keks right now. Does anyone know what happened to Patsy it seems like she disappeared off of the internet.

No. 37227

File: 1443413981046.png (279.9 KB, 601x312, Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.15…)

She deleted all her social media as of now. Last time I saw any of her photos, she wasn't doing much except being a greasy edgy pot smoker and with her totally kewl new brown bf.

No. 37228

She broke up with that other guy? I remember they were "totez in luv and made 4 each other" Last time I saw her was at a concert I went to in LA and they were both there but not too close together but I didn't think anything of it.

No. 37230

Some anons were asking her ex on Tumblr why a long time ago and he said that the relationship "ran its course." Even though they've been together since she was jailb8 and were living together, she somehow found someone else like a month later, kek.

No. 37236

Damn that's crazy. She seems like a really cold person in all honesty. What his tumblr, I know his soundcloud and I like some of the stuff on there.

No. 37238

File: 1443415369459.png (592.71 KB, 567x570, Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.40…)

Same person you were replying to. At least she's let the "most deafrawk person evar" thing mostly go. ta-dah

No. 37239

tumblr: walkin-with-the-beast
I was a lurker around the internet deathrock/gothrock "scene"

No. 37240

Shit that was the guy she was with at the concert, no wonder the ex looked awkward. It was pretty dark and I honestly thought he was a girl. She looks so young without makeup

No. 37241

File: 1443415893871.png (251.77 KB, 235x580, Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 9.50…)


also, just dropping off a prehistoric taylor james- achem- Sebastian-not-named-after-Columbine-shooting

No. 37242

Wow, that's gotta be tough. Yeah she's pretty baby faced.

No. 37243

Never would have guessed with the way she did her makeup.

No. 37263

I like her and I love her style, but yeah, it seemed a little ruthless how she obviously left him for another guy

No. 37264

Toxic Tears is really boring and plain looking, she is definitely not goth and doesn't look it at all

I also hate Jillian Venters

No. 37300

So this is what she looks like now? Huh. She actually has a pretty cute face.

No. 37301

I find it odd the stages of which Toxic tears goes into. Like I remember a couple of months ago she obsessed with pink and was saying how much she likes cute pink things and kawaii shit.
>secretly a weeb
But then again she's friends with that other Irish Youtuber (PeachyMilkyTea) who is the biggest weeb out.

I also think she's pretty insecure. I don't know how long her youtube career will last because she always complains about rude comments people make and stuff.

Lastly, why do Toxic Tears and Itsblackfriday make make-up tutorials? No offence but their make-up sucks shit. It looks dodgy on camera, can't imagine how dodgy it looks in real life.

No. 37345

So that's her real name, huh?
Yeah, puberty hit her really hard, it's ridiculous.

No. 37484

She is so unfortunate looking and dumb. I tried to watch her videos and she really just seems unintelligent and rude

No. 37486

The dumb pink shit was the only way she can differentiate herself with any other goths, but she's a tryhard so it didnt work out

I really don't get the hype around her. Not my style I guess

No. 37541

>definitely not goth

No. 37684

not the anon who you're replying to, but I agree 110% with him/her.
XTT seems like someone who bases her personality&lifestyle around trying to fit into a certain stereotype/aesthetic/subculture, rather than basing her appearance around her own interests/hobbies/personality.
I.e. the pink 'kawaii' shit phase.
She also was quick to hop on the living doll bandwagon when that was at its peak.
Plus, all of her outfits are just…OTT and yet basic. Everything she wears somehow manages to look like it came from Hot Topic, or at best an edgy middle-schooler's sketchbook. She wears things purely for shock value, then acts surprised when people stare or catcall or pay attention to her because she's wearing fucking ridiculous cyberlocks, a vinyl corset, and 5-inch platform boots to go walk around with her friends.
It's like those lolitas who are wearing a full AP set to go to the grocery store and then get pissy when people make comments or pay attention to it. 'IT'S JUST CLOTHES' yeah, but it's not exactly a commonplace style, especially not to the level that she takes it, don't blame normalfags for being baffled by your fashion choices.
Also her drawn-on eyebrows look awful, and her 'modelling' career (esp. when she was overweight) is a fucking joke.
Everything about her screams tryhard. She claims to like 'kawaii' shit but I don't think she's ever mentioned an anime that she likes or where this stems from.
I also seem to remember a 'home decorating' post where she totally ruined the beautiful antique fireplace in her (boyfriend's) home by painting it in ridiculous colors.

Also, she likes to play the part of 'innocent mama goth dispensing advice', but she was an active member of PULL in its initial Koti-obsessed phase (that's how I first became acquainted with her), so I wouldn't be surprised if she managed to migrate over to lolcow…so. Beware selfposting/white-knighting itt.

No. 37686

Oh. You know way more about her than I do lol I don't really follow/watch her videos so I wasn't aware of all that. Does she at least listen to goth bands or do you think that's also just her trying to fit the subculture.

No. 37812

I don't know if anyone remember this, but remember when she asked people for money for moving house through a gofundme? I think it was around early 2014. I remember there was some drama that people were concerned she was spending their donations on other things. I also don't remember how much she "raised" either…

No. 37832

she actually has a gofundme(?) again for the same reason. The landlord sold the house they're currently in and no one will rent to them. So she started a fundraiser again so people can donate
She says it's because of they way they dress that no one will rent to them. How hard is it to buy/rent a nice outfit, pull your hair back in a bun and wear regular non goth makeup? You can look "normal" for interviews not gawf lyfe 24/7

No. 37840

Anyone know what happened to Murderotic? Kinda lost track with her when she got into all the autism-stuff.

No. 37841

As far as i'm aware her boyfriend works. I wonder how much money she makes off her Youtube. I wonder how much she spends, also. She's always going on how she wants things, linking her wishlist everywhere in hope that someone will buy her shit. Ugh.

Autism stuff? Do tell. I know nothing about her.

No. 37843


Well I don't follow her that much anymore because I stopped using all social media for a while, hence my knowledge of her is patchy. But I do remember she was working at some place that was related to makeup (Mac?) and started having panic attacks (about being afraid is she'll stop loving her fiancé or other weird stuff) and she wrote intense posts about it. Then she started seeing doctors and she seemed pretty adamant that she has something off the autism spectrum and again shared it all online…

Now I have no idea if she's still engaged and she's being super mysterious about it if asked. And I have no idea if she got a diagnosis and what it was. She was so open about everything and now she's like a brick wall and I'm not sure if she was just seeking attention.

No. 37919

I love how her 'no mirror makeup' challenge looks almost identical to her look with a mirror. Just terrible.

No. 38030

I think the worst part about her makeup is her eyebrows. Without those terrible eyebrows her eye makeup (at least in this picture) looks neat.

No. 38036

Love this thread. Y'all should check out Dani Divine on facebook. She's and alt model(serial selfie taker for the most part) who is constantly going on about her amazing ass, which is barely above average for a white grrl.

She also posts click bait links promising "naught shower pixxx ;) ;)" that end up giving you malware and no pics.

Did I mention the whack-ass tit job?

No. 38042

She honestly doesn't look all that bad, I think she's fairly attractive. Not a 10 but shes not hideous

No. 38045

didn't say she was ugly, just obnoxious.
I think the clickb8 posting got her banned/suspended a while ago bc there was a long stretch of time I saw nothing from her. speculating tho, ofc

No. 38167

Honestly she has a decent ass though. Her face bothers me the most. Why do so many 'models' have one facial expression? Guess it doesn't matter when the main emphasis is on your (fake) tits and ass.

No. 38408

lmoa she never changes her expression
"professional model"

No. 38542

she is so plain without so much heavy makeup, why do people do this

No. 38563

File: 1443848397815.jpg (60.97 KB, 601x447, sugarpillpalette.JPG)

lol Just wait for it. In the next week or so we're going to get bombarded with hundreds of thirsty #gothgoth reviews, tutorials selfies etc involving the Edward Scissorhands eyeshadow palette. I'm calling it right now.

I never understood this mass fan worship of Tim Burton in the goth scene. Do people really lack the drive to seek out non-Burton things of a similar aesthetic that badly? His works aren't terrible, but they aren't masterpieces either. Got to hand it to Sugarpill for knowing how to make mint on the desperation of goth girls who want to be #insta trendy kek.

No. 38565

File: 1443849391230.jpg (47.7 KB, 597x604, thesadsoundofkek.JPG)

Apologizes for the double post. But also wondering what experiences fellow farmers have with gothgoths in within there own community?

For instance this sad bitch in my community got this large idiotic tattoo she's going to end up spending a small fortune on getting covered up or removed in 2 years time once the novelty of it leaves. She works as a ~MUA~ and charges local normalfags hundreds of dollars to show them how to do shit they can learn for free. Nobody ever calls her out this naturally. She's also working with a woman who scams people $130+ for bedazzled bras and fairy wings.

No. 38570

I think that tat is cute.
I'm madly in love with cats and would get something along the lines.

As for goths there isn't a huge scene in my state expcet for the fetish goths.

No. 38572

I think it's because he was really that first one to have that scary/spooky but still cute in it's own way vibe in a children's movie get big. Add on Danny Elfman and it's pretty goth catering. I'm pretty biased though because I do love Tim Burton, I think his older (and smaller works) are quite amazing. And as a musician myself I admire Danny Elfman.

I hate that palette though. I never would have know it was Edward Scissorhands without being told. I would like to see if DracMakens could do anything with it though.

No. 38573

Post her tumblr

And no, I hate clubs so I dont really interact with any scene or community. I just go to shows and mind my business. I only have like 2 other goth friends and they're the same.

No. 38594

You mean the 'fetish' goths who worship William Control KEK

I think that palette is pretty ugly, honestly. I don't like the shades at all and would have no use for it. But yeah, whatever sells I guess.

Honestly that tattoo is pretty cute but not my style. Is it holding a pill? That's the lame part. Too edgy 4 u. Seems a bit too Jeffree Star esque and god, I hate that cunt.

No. 38599

Here's her instagram post:


So she actually got the logo of a makeup company tattooed?

No. 38636

Only the two shades on the right are even close to "goth" colors. Looks like clown colors tbh

No. 38664

The logo is the logo of Sugarpill cosmetics, which made the Edward Scissorhands palette.

No. 38665

Its not supposed to be a goth palette anyway. The colors are inspired by the film itself, which is actually really bright and colorful.

No. 38908

Goth or not, what a fucking ugly palette.

No. 42382

File: 1444720370833.png (197.56 KB, 541x638, Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.1…)

I want more milky snowflake water. I thought the mild shitstorm about Sebastian's comments about some black guy was bretty gud. I can't find some of the more explanatory posts but here is her apology post.

No. 42606

From what I remember, she said she wouldn't date a black person because she's not really attracted to black people.

No. 42748

Haha she's such a retard

No. 42818

My god. People are so fucking weak these days.

No. 53648

I am very assblasted that SC has the nerve to put frivolous shit on her Amazon wishlist, nothing but cheap bdsm looking wear and ~mangu~. As if she doesn't already buy enough overpriced alt-in-a-box already.

No. 54340

Usually I like Toxic Tears but in this video she's absolutely fucking ridiculous.

She's gained SO MUCH weight and at around 6:15 she talks about how she got a job in retail and couldn't deal with 6 hour shifts of being on her feet without a break. (obviously because she's so fucking lardy that having so much weight on on her feet was painful and 6 hour shifts are NOTHING).

They fired her and now she's crying about it and how terrible her life is on youtube. All because she had to move house with a month's notice and didn't find what she wanted first time. Her Dad's kind enough to let her and her bf and her cat stay with him until they find a place and she's complaining about how shit his house is.

I cannot stand people like this.

No. 54345

LMAO dat double chin doe
I love seeing people as self-obsessed as she is gaining weight.

No. 54375


She blames it on some medication she took years ago lmao. Fair enough some meds make you gain but she stopped them a LONG time ago and she's still getting rounder and rounder. Lay off the cake Kaya. Go jogging or something.

No. 54387

Remember when she was like 13?

No. 54455

>wall scroll falls
>i hate this house
Jfc i hate when people are like this

No. 54473

This person annoys me because I don't think this is how multiple personalities works.

No. 54481

It isn't. She's fake as fuck.
She has her own thread here: >>22923

No. 54487

That's the Sugarpill logo

No. 54491

i'm so sick of seeing this video floating around everywhere. I've seen a few documentaries on youtube about different types of mental illness, and based on that youtube is pushing this video like ~already baked~ bread. fuck. I have no idea how "alters" works but this woman is just utterly moronic. god damn.

No. 55283

You know what makes me laugh? She blames it on that, but always instagrams herself eating chocolate and eating out and basically eating a shit load of fatty foods. Then she's like "bawww i can't lose weight!" - she's barely fucking trying. Going to the gym once and stuffing yourself full of truffles isn't going to change shit. I hate people who expect weight to fall off them, you work for that shit.

No. 55331

I remember months ago she was bragging about how she's always at the gym and posting pics of healthy food and how much weight she lost. She did this for around a month and then gave up because she wasn't losing weight quick enough, and now she's back to crying about being a fatty while stuffing herself with fatty foods and sitting on her ass all day. Still amazed at her losing her job because her fucking fat feet hurt. I bet she's got cankles.

No. 55348

Are people who do this aware? I wonder what actually goes through their heads. My weight fluctuates too, but i'm so aware of it - if i feel like i'm over-eating, i cut down for a while. It really isn't that hard, just basic science and nutrition.

No. 55364

File: 1446926457165.png (395.25 KB, 731x427, SHAME.png)

Her in a recent videos vs her 3 years ago… :/

No. 55409

Yeah she's gained SO much weight. I reckon she's around a UK 14/16 which is pretty heavy honestly. She should aim for 10/12.

No. 55608

Nah, I'm a size 14/16 and trying to lose some weight. She doesn't look as big as I do, maybe just size 14UK maybe?

No. 55647

Atleast you do something about it rather than complain 'wahhh i'm so fat buy me things from my wishlist ;___;'

No. 55652

She shat on every goth girl with black hair and makeup. Said it looked bad and uncreative. People got really pissed off and so she decided it was a "joke" to try cool the tension

No. 55665

I don't even think she's that good with makeup. I can't stand drawn on eyebrows that are like crazy arched and thin. It looks ridiculous.

No. 55837

Adora's style is tacky as fuck and she should PROBABLY shut the fuck up about what other people do. Like sorry not everyone wants to bedazzle their fucking face and look like a fucking drag queen.

No. 55955

File: 1447049520511.png (725.52 KB, 938x582, eyebrows.PNG)

With more "normal" looking eyebrows, she looks a heck of a lot better. Adora's narcissism though is still not even through the roof, but through the o-zone layer. I extremely dislike that personally.

(She had a beige eyebrow and more neutral look in a photo for some shoot but it's either deleted now or lost to the selfies of time).

No. 64953

Anyone have any thoughts on the new kota_morgue/rottenmorgue drama? The bitch got banned from MFC for doing a show where she's covered in blood and swinging around a plastic baby by the umbilical cord and people are freaking the fuck out. The whole thing screamed tryhard.

No. 64972



Holy shit, people still use that word? It's like the goth version of "fucking normies"

No. 65058

File: 1448671774025.jpg (23.7 KB, 300x400, Smell.jpg)

Sebastian looks like Smell from This Is England

No. 65100

Ew, why? Is this newer or older?

No. 65101

Lol, except Smell is cool as fuck and Sebastian is a poser.

No. 65102

File: 1448684844599.jpg (8.88 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)

This piece of shit. Patsy Marian.

No. 65180

this is a picture for ants

No. 65226

Anyone else tired as fuck listening to Toxic Tears moan about how broke and depressing her whale life is while begging for amazon wishlist gifts? It's super obnoxious.

No. 65227

Her face in the 2nd part of the picture looks like she's smelling a fart. Kek.

No. 65594

kek. Good, i'm glad this daft bitch couldn't see The Sisters of Mercy if this is what she's like when things don't go her way. How about just enjoy the fact you're in Germany to begin with you over entitled cunt?

No. 65617

Holy fuck. I'm a huge Sisters fan and this video enraged me like no other. And the fact that she actually cursed the band out on their facebook page is so damn rudimentary.

No. 65624

>>Sisters singer can't sing due to illness
>>She curses them out of it on SM saying 'ermehgawd people have spent a lot of money to come a long way to see you. You're awful people for cancelling'

And yet, if Sisters went on with the show with Andrew's illness or mustered up a replacement singer on short notice, Sisters would still be berated on SM for it.
>>'Ermehgawd people have paid a lot of money to get here to see him, and he's not well/you put in a replacement. This is not what we paid for'

There's literally no way for them to win in that situation. Honestly what is she expecting them to do that would please everyone involved? Shit happens, it's life. Get over it!

No. 65625

She comes across so stuck up. Holy crap. How can people stand to be around her?

No. 65627

It's so funny how like that same weekend she saw Christian Death. Like yeah, missing SOM really blows but at least you got to see another legendary band? Even though Rozz is dead, it's still a great opportunity not many people get. It's so disrespectful.

No. 65628

Does anyone know any goth/alt etc bloggers/youtubers worth following? The well known ones seem to be incredibly stuck up and it's annoying.

Anyone noticed how TTs bf uses the tag "toxic tears boyfriend"? lmao thats just sad

No. 66765

File: 1449013287134.png (153.58 KB, 560x347, Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.38…)

I don't know how she is now, but she was a real piece of shit during her Qween of Deafrawk days.

She'd go around being the DR police and attacking people online if someone didn't meet her standards of exceptional deathrock lineage. AKA "my mommy spoonfed me everything and I didn't have babybat days even though I was a scene kid when I was 13." <See earlier posts.

No. 66767

File: 1449013846329.png (67.3 KB, 305x416, Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.49…)

Some moar from a while ago.

No. 66821

I made literally ONE post about toxic tears on my blog. It was just my honest opinion (which I was asked for) and not at all insulting. Then I got harassed by her and her whiteknights with scores of messages, day and night, for three whole days.

It's not like I got butthurt about it, but jfc what is wrong with these people?

No. 67184

Anon who wrote about Toxic Tears- what did you say (or think you've said) that made her whiteknights come after you exactly?

No. 67209

It's an Edward Scissorhands palette with only one dark color? I don't even understand it. I like Sugarpills makeup and how they are vegan and cruelty free, but Amy lost me with this one. I'm a huge fan of that movie too.

No. 67210

What a self entitled bitch. Plenty of musicians have cancelled shows because of illnesses. it isn't new. It sucks, but it isn't new. I couldn't see one of my favorite bands back in 2002 because they weren't able to get a visa in time to play in the states and then broke up a few years later. Shit happens.

No. 67212

She saw Christian Death and got to meet them. She's entitled. And I still think she's a massive cunt for leaving her fiance while dating another guy immediately after.

No. 67341

toxic tears has always been annoying af to me, I'm kind of glad that other people are starting to notice how fame-thirsty she is.
I like goth culture, but the way she represents it just makes me cringe, goddammit. I could excuse it from a 3edgy5me tween but not a fully-grown adult woman.
also I hate her fashion choices. her aesthetic seems to be purely overpriced hot-topic shit.
the only reason I can think she possibly has fans that babybats look up to her because she actually does all the retarded shit that their parents keep them from doing.

No. 67353

File: 1449165350637.jpg (20.4 KB, 578x218, begging.jpg)

She also begs so fucking much on her twitter. Oh I want this~ I want that! Then next tweet is her adding it her wishlist. Beg harder, Kaya.

No. 67370

Cringing at that. And the things she's begging for are dirt cheap too i.e. why would you bother wishlisting a $7 lipstick? Surely she could buy it herself? Especially considering you can buy NYX stuff for cheap in pharmacies in northern Ireland…

No. 67372

at least she stopped posting thinspo

No. 67383

They're not just cheap things. She has stuff like a macbook on her wishlist, then cries about how hers has a shattered screen. Honestly, I don't understand why she doesn't invest in a new computer, seeing as youtube is her 'job'.

No. 67384

Because now she's overweight, yeah.

No. 67497

File: 1449192913101.jpg (21.56 KB, 300x518, 300x300.jpg)

All I can think of is the Madam from Zombie Strippers

No. 67599

Holy shit this is so awkward.

No. 67606

Oh my god. Also the video where she does her makeup - she LOOKS her age without all that ridiculous make-up.

No. 67614


No. 67616

Patsy is now a disgusting pot head.

No. 67618


No. 67620

File: 1449234190524.png (321.49 KB, 701x463, Screenshot (47).png)

holy shit

No. 67624

Lord have mercy

No. 67625

No. 67626

File: 1449237764786.jpg (11.47 KB, 197x196, fuck.JPG)

No. 67629

She looks like an orc.

No. 67632

is that tilda swinton

No. 67990

ngl i'm strongly attracted to this guy in the video.

No. 77471

76432 >>76452 >>76742

No. 77817

Even if she doesn't expect freebies. It's still disgusting how spending thousands of dollars on makeup means getting special treatment from the company? Fuck off.

No. 77824

>>77817 you sound jealous

No. 77876

Drac seems nice and she works her ass off. She's highly creative. Maybe if you did make-up videos like hers, you too would get 'special treatment'.

No. 78019

Putting makeup on your face isn't "hard work" though? How does Drac Makens owning 80+ lipsticks benefit society at all beyond one small niche of thirsty tryhard goths on the internet who are desperate to poorly emulate her? By that logic anons let's just give every nice person on the internet free stuff so they can continue to look cool and talk about stupid shit then?

No. 78022

She has a huge following and is well known, on top seeming to be a nice and genuine person. Brands give to her because they want advertisement. Why so salty? Did you try to be a make up guru and fail?

No. 78029

File: 1452044164478.jpg (122.27 KB, 500x750, tumblr_m0rahdF0wQ1qloowto1_500…)

It's so funny - I knew Patsy in high school and she wanted to convert me or whatever the fuck. But then her and her friend started going around saying they wanted to pull my septum out of my face for some reason? Yeah -
It's funny to see even after all these years…(we were 15) she's still a massive cunt- and she's so much so that people in a community know and talk shit on her…it's just crazy to see from other people.

I thought maybe she changed…
but as usual…
pretty girls still make graves.

No. 78144

She does youtube ontop of a job, also editing and also having her own social life. It's harder work than you think to be consistant and creating new ideas. I don't -love- her personality or particularly like her make-up looks but I can respect her because she seems nice and is consistant. Why don't you try it and have your own little ugly babybats copy you if it matters to you so much?

No. 78177

>tfw your teeth are darker and yellower than your foundation

i have no idea who this person is but that looks terrible

No. 78223

File: 1452103512957.png (322.03 KB, 766x414, omfg.png)

No. 78492

I personally don't like Drac, not saying she's not a hard worker or anything but I just hate her voice and her general face.

No. 78493

I went on her wishlist about a few months ago and she had Manic Panic powder foundation on her wishlist. Not even the good stuff, either, but the one made more so for POC goths, so it would look like shit on her. I don't get it. She can afford that spooky box shit, but not cheap makeup? FFS

No. 78553

Looks like TT is trying to de-fat! She's keeps posting tbt of when she was thinner

No. 78570

She looks like she chain smokes with teeth that yellow.

No. 78571

She's ugly and she seems like a spoiled fat shit tbh.

No. 78573

not a surprise. it's getting harder and harder for her to cling to the title of ~edgy alt goffgoff model desu~ with every pound she gains.
not that her modelling career was ever going anywhere in the first place, but it's just getting kind of pathetic to watch now.

No. 78574

isn't she doing the whole ~fitgoth/healthgoth~ thing or did she drop it because people didn't give a shit? I think she only ever posted one video about it, but then again I don't follow her.

No. 78607

I literally give it a month or two. She'll back to sitting on her ass again.

No. 78820

She probably will tbh. She can never be arsed to blend her damn makeup let alone do something pro active. Does anyone know what happened to her job at lush? Wasn't she whining about actually doing work???

No. 78824

She got fired because she was lazy or in her terms "had pain in her feet" fucking please. I've worked 12 hours no breaks on my feet before. Yes it hurts. But get over it.

No. 78837

Is this recent? She looks like a typical tumblr nu goth, im surprised she isn't upset about that since she was the ultimate gawth.

No. 78838

I think she did say that she was a smoker.

No. 78839

You just sound like you're trying to start shit in order to keep this thread alive. We need real altcows in this thread, not random goths you don't like.

No. 78846

That is so fucking ridiculous. If she actually got some comfortable shoes instead of ridiculously high shoes that cost a shit load.

No. 78870

To be fair, everything she has said about the foot problems sounds like plantar faasciitis and it is incredibly painful to deal with. The courses of action are taking inflammatories, and if that doesn't work you have to take cortisone shots in your feet. Worst comes to worse you need actual surgery to fix the problem. They try to sell you expensive insoles but they never work anyway. I don't blame her for not wanting to work on her feet if that's the problem. Shit fucking sucks. I've had days where they've been so bad that my boyfriend had to carry me to the bathroom. I've been taking inflammatories semi-regularly and it's been helping a lot so I can admit that her letting it go on this long is ridiculous.

No. 78873

Except she didnt go to the doctor about it so it probably isn't that?

No. 78874

Care to contribute?

No. 78943

I have been, but there's not much right now. If I find something I will definitely post it here.

No. 79316

>amazon wishlist
>wink wink

Also, she looks like Robert Smith here. That eye makeup. Chubby cheeks. Kek.

No. 79327

except she manages to walk around to various coffee shops & she can go shopping in the mall & she can work out at the gym but as soon as it's time to actually do some real work she can't bear to stand up?

No. 79359

Lol this.

No. 79833

File: 1452604484754.png (731.52 KB, 836x658, hair.PNG)

Her hair looks rather greasy in this video. You can see the dandruff buildup. She could have at least put in some dry shampoo

No. 79933

Holy shit the amount of Photoshop in that thumbnail, topkek

No. 79934

I still think it's funny that she had to move back to her dads because she couldn't be a fucking adult and look decent enough to get another house. Like how hard is it to not look like you stepped out of The Addams Family for something actually serious???

No. 79937

I feel like people who refuse to tone it down for work or other serious situations are insecure? Maybe this whole goff persona/style is all she has and is scared what people will think of her if she looks "normal"?
I could be wrong ofc

No. 79954

god, she looks like a completely different person. not in a good way.
weight gain has not been kind to her.

No. 79967

ooooooh shiiiiiiiit

No. 80403

man… those chins…
she needs to get rid of that hideous black eyeshadow and do a nice cat eye instead, thicken those horribly skinny eyebrows and lose 50lbs. oh, and having a wash would be a good idea too.

No. 80414

File: 1452711668099.jpg (81.68 KB, 713x694, shut up fatty.jpg)

all i see here is

"noooo you can't do this! all the free stuff is for me, i don't want competition!!!"

No. 80443

looking at her tumblr thumbnail makes me cringe.
I never thought she looked 'good', even back in her ~heyday~ but this kind of rapid downward spiral is just…I was going to say 'depressing', but no, I've always hated her since I first saw her insipid, attention-starved posts on PULL and now it feels completely validated. fuck this bitch. i hope she eats herself to death.

No. 80523

>shut up fatty.jpg

As if she's trying to make out she isn't in the 'business' for free stuff. It's what her channel consists off. Either free stuff from companies or free stuff from her pathetic subscribers off her amazon wishlist.

No. 83622

File: 1453338271385.png (152.45 KB, 346x465, Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.03…)

Adora is being kind of a twat as usual.

No. 83624

File: 1453338329040.png (65.49 KB, 343x264, Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.05…)

No. 83625

This Marylou girl points out,quite amicably, that the employing an image of a morbidly obese woman as a preface to "I like my hip bones and rib bones so i need to lose 5 kilos" post is in poor taste, and Adora literally redirects the conversation to stroke her own ego– how she's naturally skinny, has done so much to help anorexic girls "learn to become thin the healthy way" etc.

I myself am pretty fucking skinny and this shit grinds my gears

No. 84023

Tfw I was one of her & her bf's best friend. Fucking hell. You know I could reveal 1000 things about her and her boyfriend because I truly know how crude it is mentally actually hanging out with them can be.

No. 84031

do it do it do it do it do it

No. 84034

One of the biggest things I fucking hated was their living conditions. I mean I get they were both young (Kaya was 20 and Jake was 21 at the time. Around 3 years ago this was) but jesus their house was a fucking horde-vest for dirt, grime, litter and reptile shit. Plates and food were all over the carpet. They had a bin of course but would they use it? no. The kitchen stove was infused with whatever shit was on it. Their microwave didn't even have a fucking door… (Ayy gimme cancer b0ss). But yeah that's all I'll say for now. Had to let some rant out over all these years.

No. 84035

Also used to be best friends with jake and kaya
House was literally stinking, used to just leave stuff lying about for years, actual filth and food about everywhere. Actually got them thrown out of a house once. They always have been scum beggars. Have LOADS more if interested 8)

No. 84049

please dish.
I feel like I always knew it. Kaya alway seemed like she was trying to present this image of her home as a 'tasteful' goth lair worthy of the Addams Family, but somehow I really didn't see that meshing with how lazy she was when it actually came down to working. I was always curious whether she was getting support from her boyfriend, family, or just living on welfare.

No. 84056

At the time both weren't working. Well Jake was working as a fire alarm safety person (I don't know the profession title) but that lasted for like a week. So both Kaya and Jake were jobless for the time we knew them. Their finances were £130+ (give or take a few) of the government tax money as many other countries do. I remember they tried giving up their souls for some medical test for a new headache tablet/Cure for aids and for 3 months they had to not each certain foods and Jake fucked up by eating a muffin lmao. So they lost out on the money for that. Honestly you wouldn't believe the other shit they also done for money.

No. 84057

You will have a good chuckle at this one. There is so much shit people never hear about these two.
They used to act physically repulsed at anyone who was over kayas weight. Now she's a fatty 8)
They act nice to everyone they meet but they are 100% not like that. They can't resist to make fun of people or talk about them. Even her mate Sophie before they became friends she used to fucking hate her cause she did YouTube videos. Fun info she used to do "financial domination" she made people drink piss etc and they paid her for it. She has a guy as well who posts on her Facebook all the time who is her personal money bank. Dude buys her all sorts of shit when she posts her wishlist. Used to come to their stinking house and smell her feet for money. There is way more just on mobile atm.

No. 84087

Financial dom? No fucking way. Honestly i'm not suprised at the house smelling like shit and her general bad attitude, but man, I can't imagine her being a financial dom. Always regarded her as a bit of prude over her distaste of saying how 'not all goths are into bdsm' or 'calling your partner daddy is creepy' lmaooo.

No. 84094

I grew an extra arm in their old house. (Keep in mind this was the house before they started the MAG shit) Now that I think about it they have been kicked out of every house so far. Obviously I don't talk to them nor do I keep in touch on their lives but as far as I'm aware I didn't know they lived with Kaya's dad. She was more in communication with her mum more but ah well.

I wouldn't say she was into bdsm though. All she did was have guys come over and sniff her shoes etc. Nothing too extreme like BDSM lmao.

No. 84096

Please, more if you can. This is too rich kek.

No. 84099

Yea I used to go to theirs with a few friends to drink and she never even hid that she did it to us. I would have linked you it but she deleted it years ago. Also a time when they had no money (jake didn't think people pay for electricity in Northern Ireland and had 2 grand debt from electricity alone) he phones his dad acting upset that they needed 30 quid for shopping and electric. They really didn't have anything. So they spent it on take out and jake got a game. Asked me a day or two later for money cause they had none. Their gaming channel is jake trying to get famous because kaya is. Hes raging his shite music didn't take off like her shite channel did 8)

No. 84103

Yeah some fucking how there was £2k debt of electricity because Jake didn't think people paid for electricity in Northern Ireland when he moved over. Probably the reason why they got kicked out.

Pro tip - The game was Soul Caliber V

No. 84104

From their latest house? HOLY SHIT KEK.

No. 84106

No, not their current house. This was the house that they were told had a month left to find a new one, Before they started their gaming channel. This was around 2012-13

No. 84109

Oh okay. Haha. What moron doesnt believe you have to pay for electricity? Like how thick do you have to be? Or privlege? I wonder what both Kaya and Jake's background is with their parents and whatnot.

No. 84111

File: 1453409696460.png (203 KB, 789x436, tmp_2259-When i was just a lit…)

No this was the house before when I was friends with them. Jake doesn't talk to me or another friend cause I didn't invite him to my house one day for my birthday cause my housemate hated him. Literally couldn't make this shit up. There is so so so much more if I can be fucked typing on this phone. Slow as fuck

No. 84163

Oh god this is glorious please tell us more when you can

No. 84310

not to detract from the tt dramu, but does anyone here know what casey strange (strachen) is up to? Is he still bitching about his ex-girlfriend? when is he gonna snap and shoot up a school so we can have access to his ~ultra rare~ Christian Death media?

No. 84374

Please more when you can.
Who is this? Never heard of this person.

No. 84482

File: 1453482902808.png (12.17 KB, 512x255, cuck.png)

personal fb:www.facebook.com/Malchik1334
"rozz williams scholars society": www.facebook.com/RozzScholars1334

He's a self proclaimed expert on Rozz Williams and Christian Death. He owns a bunch of rare photos, videos, recordings, etc. of Rozz and brags about how no one will ever get to see them. He gets photos that he owns taken down. He thinks he invented goth and crust punk, even though he's in his late 20s/early 30s. He's an admitted racist. He thinks you have to be a Nazi to be punk, but can only ever talk about GG Allin and that photo of Siouxsie with the swastika armband. He's a misogynist. He lives in his mom's basement where he regularly argues on tumblr with teenagers and stalks his ex. Apparently she cheated on him or some shit.

Pic related, it's him reblogging a JtHM comic strip from his ex.

No. 84487

Lmao so he stalks and reblogs his ex's content and writes captions of how much he hates her? What a sad individual.

No. 84489

Also has a face only a mother could love.

No. 84493

What worse is that according to his facebook, it was 2 years ago and he's still reblogging his ex's posts on Tumblr saying how awful she is of a human being. Looking at her Tumblr, she doesn't seem to be replying to any of them. The guy has a fucking problem.

No. 84495

Yeah, he seems mentally off. Who the fuck actually does that and think it's normal practice?

No. 84526

Unholy Shit, toxictears looks like a walrus now. Used to follow her a few years ago

No. 84618

Contrary to what she says to practically everyone her photos are ridiculously photoshopped. She tries so hard to be a model when she either pays for shoots or does free ones. The wishlist shit has been going on for so long. She really does only post it to get people to buy her shit. There was something she was adding to her wishlist so she said shes gonna post it to see if someone buys her it. The only thing them two want to do is scrounge as much free shit as possible. I'm also nearly 100% that the only reason she is friends with that girl Sophie is because her family is rich as all fuck. I'm hanging with a friend later who knew TT so I'll make sure to post more if he remembers other shit

No. 84678

Also Jake will suck his own dick if he could.

No. 84689

Got reminded of some gems. There was a guy who brought TT food and then cleaned their entirely filthy house for them. I mean it was fucking revolting. He was allowed to then smell her feet and take pictures of her feet. It's everything they do just to try and make a living by doing literally fuck all. Will post more if I can be fucked. This phone is a nightmare to type on.

No. 84816

What I find hilarious about TT is she's trying to fool people in that she's this fitness freak at the moment while also instagraming sugary fat soaked foods. That's not how weight loss works.

No. 84818

As far as I'm aware her bf goes to the gym and looks okay. Are they in a LDR or why isn't she going with him?

No. 84820

She has to go at night because she's insecure about people looking/judging her. Who gives a fuck?

No. 84826

Now thats a lame excuse. No one gives a fuck about you at the gym unless youre doing dumb shit. Shes goth shouldnt she be used to people looing at her? lmao

No. 84830

Well presuming she doesnt wear a shit ton of makeup she probably just looks like another fatty going to the gym.

No. 84837

No they have lived together for almost 5-6 years now I think.

No. 84838

Any more questions you'd like to know anons?

No. 84849

how old actually is she? she's so obsessed with not telling people her age. shit like "i'm not THAT old… people think i'm older than i actually am" like she wants everyone to believe she's still a teen or something.

No. 84850

Lmao yeah she really doesn't want people to know… Fuck me I can't even remember how old she was when we hung out with her. She is definitely either 22 or 23

No. 84853

too old to be being a whiny bitch on the internet

No. 84854

No mate she will never be too old for that. She has to make money off the droves of morons who watch her cause shes too lazy to get off her fat cankles to stand and work

No. 84869

hope she pulls ber shit together already

No. 84944

A video about something that was sent to her for free…

a few seconds in a box pops up saying "I have a mailing address now! If you want to send me anything, the address is in the description!^_^"

Is she serious…

No. 84946


She has always been like that, Surprised she only got a mailing address now.

No. 84950


It's totally fine with companies sending out free shit, we all get it. They give a free box of products to big name Youtubers and other personalities and they'll make a video about it spreading free advertising. It's a win/win situation.

But making a wishlist just to be a greedy cunt because you know people will buy you shit is low. Everyone would love free stuff. Can confirm from myself and a friend who have been with her in personal, she has said she adds items because she hopes someone will buy her it.

No. 84954

Dumb bitches like this are so fucking narcissistic. NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO ANYONE ELSE AT THE GYM. If people are at the gym, they're trying to get their sweat on, not oggle goth cows. Literally no one cares, TT. Grow up and pull your head out of your ass.

No. 84955

kek. Her boyfriend is far worse with the shit he has said before.

No. 84964

I wonder if she ever gets insecure because of that. Like "Oh my bf and I used to make fun of people and now I AM that person. Does he make fun of me? Does he think I'm ugly when I'm on top of him, grunting like a gorilla and sweating burger grease?" and then she sheds one single goffic blood tear and resumes eating a handful of lard.

No. 84965


She used to have an average body size when I was best friends with her and I've heard from numerous friends who knew her before me that Jake would pressure her to lose weight. I bet he is fucking raging hard now lmao.

When I was in their house they used to watch America's next top model a lot and when a girl was on who was skinny, I mean like.. under 9st (126lb) they would say how disgustingly fat they were. Of course even more disgusted by anyone bigger than them. It's ironic their new best friend John and his girlfriend are quite big people. Makes me wonder if they have changed their personalities since then. But they are definitely a match made in heaven for each other. They love each other and more importantly themselves… a bit too much.

No. 84967

Something else displaying their pure laziness and how disgusting they are. Their other snake Yuki was out of its cage crawling on the sofa. Motherfucker was a huge snake and it pissed all over the settee cushion, Kayas solution to this was to flip it upside down. Not even wash it. It never got washed. Some people who stayed had to sleep on that thing. The floor was worse so that wasn't an option either

No. 84969

oh wow I had no idea, tought he was ok but then again never really gave a shit about any of them…
Guess TT will have to keep shoopin her pics and her bf will tolerate her because she brings him in mlre views or some shit

No. 84973


There is a lot people don't know about how they are just by watching them online but I suppose can be said for any Youtubers. Can't say I'm happy to experience it all in person kek

Jake is one of those people who HAVE to be right and only his opinion matters. I would say that me and my friend here were one of his first best friends after moving to Northern Ireland to live with Kaya, he didn't seem to have any other friends but us so he would tell us and show us a lot about him as a person.

No. 84986

Nah I doubt they changed, they're just keeping the fat hate to themselves cuz TT looks like a keg.

No. 84996

I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this. I like Sandra, but she very recently broke it off with her boyfriend/ex-fiance (they broke off the engagement, and got back together). And according to her time line and the upload schedule, her new boyfriend visited her in Sweden after a week of them breaking up.

No. 85000


kek, he looks half her age and surprised how… different he is from her.

No. 85084

Her ex is pretty attractive and chill. This guy is the opposite, gross and in your face.

No. 85094


Fucking hell, watching her latest video with her rebound ex is cringy. He already looks like a possessive creep.

No. 85102

Personally both are unattractive but i can atleast admit the new guy has a creepy persona about him idk i don't like him.

No. 85402

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJn_-M9oGfM they have no chemistry and it's super cringey…engaged after 5 months…Okay

No. 85410

Anyone know any deets/accounts to Drac Makens boyfriend? She posted on instagram that he's native american and I kinda wanna see/stalk.

No. 85491

I just came here to post this

is she gonna leave the country and dump this one too or

No. 87177

I wonder if TT just gets depressed and binges when she hangs out with PeachMilkyTea, she's practically half her size just compare their legs in this https://youtu.be/MPx9DsyMlks?t=6m22s

No. 87183

She fucking looks like she has gigantism. She's huge.

No. 87185

Oh my God, go to 2:14 and look at her scarfing that mochi like she's never been fed before. TT you need to stop!

No. 87193

Her teeth look weirdly yellow here. She makes PeachyMilkyTea look really nice haha.

No. 87202

maybe she'll get her shit together in germany, who knows. she has to learn german, get a working permit and learn to tone it down in professional environments. germany isn't some kind of magic goth land where you can make a living by making youtube videos. yes, there are tons of goths there, but they usually have real jobs where they dress normally.

No. 87210


> get her shit together in germany

yeah i take that back, i just saw the video where she got spontaneous tattoos at a convention. i'm all for body mods, but why spend money on them when you're in debt/unemployed?

> her bf getting an iron cross tattoo on his finger

isn't that considered a nazi symbol by normie germans or has it been reclaimed? any actual germans here to confirm? i know that you'd never get a job in austria with that tattoo because it could just might mean that you're a nazi and employers don't wanna risk that.

No. 87215

Ugh anyone see all that stuff TT got for free on instagram from someone? It annoys me because she doesn't deserve any of that. Just continue to scrounge free products off everyone Kaya, god forbid you ever get a real job and pay for shit yourself.

No. 87237


Read some of the comments above. Me and a friend who used to be her best friend from years ago commented on what she is really like.

No. 87273

I couldn't believe that. How does she even do it? Her video content is boring and repetitive at best, makeup skills are about equivalent to a 13 year old and I have not seen anything close to an interesting personality from her yet here she is being gifted makeup that you will never see her wear unless it's black or red (because she's oh so goff).

No. 87274

She's terrible with makeup too. Even if she gets high end stuff, it would still look the same as nyx or cheap makeup because she's shockingly bad at it. Kind of annoys me.

No. 87305

I call this karma, though judging how she tagged the brand and Kat Von D she's looking to get it replaced.

No. 87309

Anything for freebies!!

No. 87350


Such as letting guys come to her house and smell her feet and shoes.

No. 87415

The Iron Cross was a medal used in the German military long before Nazi Germany and is still used in the German military today.

No. 87943

She should have worn sleeves to cover up those flabby arms.

No. 88271

>isn't that considered a nazi symbol by normie germans or has it been reclaimed? any actual germans here to confirm? i know that you'd never get a job in austria with that tattoo because it could just might mean that you're a nazi and employers don't wanna risk that.

It is a symbol still used in some old emblems but in general, most normies will consider it or link it to Nazi Germany. Doesn't atter that the iron cross has been around for way longer, but there's a reason they abolished it and as said, most normies will probably only link it to Nazis or maybe Rocker gangs sings (which isn't much better).
If someone gets it tatooed on their finger, a visible place, you can bet it will look suspicious to most people, and will certainly not enhance your chance to get a job in most places. It is linked too closely with WW II history for most people.

But it isn't a medal that is used anymore?
I think it is on the same page as a swastika. Sure, the swastika is not Nazi exclusive and still widely used in other cultures, but in Germany it is still mostly linked to Nazis, and you will never not be judged if you have a tatoo of it. No matter for what explanation.

No. 89808

all she does in this video is contradict herself and come across as a whiny entitled brat


"a hormone made me puffy"
"i'm dehydrated"
"my well-paying job made me feel sad"
"i have severe depression"
"fluoxetine made me gain 60lbs in 2 months"
"i kept gaining even when i stopped taking them"
"i have hideous stretchmarks on my arms, legs, boobs and belly… BECAUSE OF THE PILLS!!"
"i go to the gym and nothing happens"
"i eat healthy all the time"
"but not at the weekend!!"
"i work out harder than ever before, every day! but not the weekends"
"i'm proud of myself"
"but the pills have screwed me up and i can't lose weight"
"i know about health and nutrition!"
"people say i look thinner but i don't think i do"
"the scales say i haven't lost weight"
"idk what to do! doctor won't help. they give me useless meds"
"they tell me to join weight watchers club but i don't want to"
"i don't overeat"
"doctors are patronizing and useless to me"
"i already know all there is to know about being healthy"
"people tell me i look fine but i don't wanna hear it"
"i'm MEANT to be skinny"
"everyone tells me what to do and i hate it. don't give me advice"

No. 89812

ffs seriously? what is she expecting, to lose 70lbs i 2 days or what? I hate people like that.
If youre not fucking around (too much) youll see a change.

No. 89832

"I eat healthy all the time."
>buy me chocolates off my wishlist!!!
Yes that's why your instagram has so much junk food splattered all over it. I bet she's a secret eater. I bet she doesn't show even 1/4th of what she eats in a day. If she's off the pills she should have no excuses to lose weight.

No. 89836

She claims in the video all she posts is "cheat days" kek.

I bet she's lying though, or she genuinely does think she eats healthy but is still eating shit, 'cus i doubt she knows much about nutrition tbh.

No. 89837

She literally looks like she eats 'fatty' healthy foods too. All I see is her eating avacado. Yeah it's a good fat but it's still a high fat. 1/5th is 50 calories and it looks like she consumes one or two every meal. She just needs to go on low-carb low fat diet with lots of greens and have protein superfoods.

No. 89848

File: 1454710413265.jpg (66.64 KB, 640x640, 12523591_1679566135626088_1295…)

the portions she eats are humongous too. one meal looks like it could be shared between three people.

No. 89850

File: 1454710455358.jpg (62.21 KB, 640x640, 12424880_1739654552931204_2055…)

if she knows everything about healthy eating and nutrition then she should know that portion size plays a big part too

No. 89852

did she use a whole cucumber kek

No. 89857

This would make sense if she's on the keto diet (you get your body to run on fat instead of sugar so you have to eat quite a bit of fat) but if she's eating chocolate and stuff then she can't be (at least not properly). If you eat too many carbs/sugar your body goes out of ketosis.

No. 90026

For fucks sake woman just take responsibility, you've eaten more and unhealthily and thus you gained weight.

No. 90115

She already it's a low carb diet. She should eat more carbs. I eat roughly 3000 calories (I'm not really sure about all the alcohol calories I consume between my four meals a day, but I assume it's around there) on a high carb and I'm very lean. Any diet that includes meat, eggs, and dairy is high fat.
Sage for the blog post.

No. 91848

Ok but do you work out/go to the gym alot? I find it hard to believe TT is this gym rat she wants us so desperately to believe her. I didn't say no carbs but high carbs would make her just feel more full/gain extra right? As oppose to eating the carbs she needs for the energy.

No. 91903

I wonder how often Toxic Tears gets yeast infections from her bath bombs?

No. 91925

Her bath has scum around it. I reckon she doesn't clean it after. Grim.

No. 91963

Why does every dumb goth chick move to germany? -_-

No. 92130

Doesn't Ember like to try and be ~anorexic skinny~ without putting the effort in? This video just reminded me of Ember if she actually tried lmao

No. 92388

Because its where they have all the shitty goth festivals with all that terrible fucking music.

No. 92741

Honest question…wtf do Adora and her husband do for a living?

Also, I wonder how much of her weirdness is due to being a Swedefag without a nuanced understanding of English.

No. 92910

they think germany is gothic wonderland because it's where a lot of big festivals take place, like weebs thinking all of japan is harajuku. they think it's some kind of place where they can be OTT goths every day and earn money from it.
like i said before in this thread, the goth scene in germany is huge, but the majority of goths have real jobs and tone it down outside of clubs and festivals. you can't just be a goth youtuber/blogger as your only income source and there's no way you can get a decent paying job where they let you come to work in full goth attire.

tbh, i think adora's husband has a normal job and she just lives off of him. i really think she seems weird because she expresses herself in swedish, but with english words.

No. 92916

Not that Adora isn't a weird snowflake, but I really do feel like she comes off worse than she actually is because of her English. I feel her sense of humor is pretty Swedish, too.

Powerlevel: I dated a Dutchie and while he was very fluent in English (educated in English-speaking countries, etc) he still retained Dutch speech patterns/vocabulary that could have gotten him in trouble. Ex., he often called adult women "girls" without realizing that in English it can come off as patronizing. In Dutch "meisjes" (girls) refers to females of any age. (dutchfags, correct me if I'm wrong)

No. 93338

honestly bitches like this accredit their stupid diets to being skinny. It's all about calories in, calories out. Since she won't eat high GI food, even though she's not diabetic, she's cutting out food she would otherwise be eating. She also won't eat fat and carbs in the same meal. So pasta without cheese and just tomato sauce or a salad with avocado and cheese and no starches. She's fucking stupid, dear lord.

No. 93396

I don't know much abut altcows but Ashley holat sure is one. Although boring.

Started off Felice fawn-ish Tumblr edgy-satanic famous and now is a suicide girl and typical ig model, endorser of pills to boost hair growth, fitmate teas, teeth whitening etc

No. 93516

I'm so booored of these ~edgy alt dollskill~ girls. Thegothicsprite is another one I found recently. All she does in her videos is drink, talk about being drunk, talk about being vegan, and shill some random vegan makeup brand.

No. 94689

File: 1455869533778.jpg (91.39 KB, 528x600, wtf.jpg)

Kudos to the anon who mentioned Lottie earlier. She's working as a stripper atm (nothing wrong with that) but you have to be a special kind of delusional to think this ass is even worth selling.

No. 94690

That ass is gorgeous, but wtf is that rash looking stuff?

No. 94692

wtf is that? mold?

No. 94694


Looks like bruises, she must have fell on her ass really bad

No. 94697

Is that shingles??

No. 94699

Yeah I thinkshe fell. I busted up my ass falling down our wood stairs. I had both heavy bruising and a contusion like the one she has. I'm not real sure about that pimple looking thing though

No. 96748

There all just a bunch of attention whores

No. 96750

I know someone who made a dub of Sebastian putting on her Goff makeup
Quote" my hee Mann hair cut"

She got so but hurt she made a video and told all her "fans" to attack them and have the video taken down

No. 96751

Because it was to funny for the intervebs

No. 96756

It's most likely from spanking, that's usually why people post bruised butt pictures.

No. 96873

KEK oh boy.

No. 96960

File: 1456163099724.jpg (862.11 KB, 1280x1499, tumblr_o2wr9jF5Yl1rpuekbo1_128…)

thegothicalice isn't really a cow, because she doesn't do anything lul worthy. But the girl cannot fucking dress herself. Every ootd that she posts is a fucking disaster. How does she manage to fuck up a predominantly black wardrobe up so badly?

link? or did her fans succeed in getting it taken down?

No. 97021

It might be a disaster but atleast girl got creativity which is more than can be said for most of these fucking idiots who buy anything off dollskill because it's 'black and bondage'. Fucking cringe.

No. 97030

I have to agree on both. There aren't a lot of alt or goth (personal) blogs to follow, imo. Murderotic was the only one I liked

No. 97037

Angelica is the all time goth babe. It makes me sad that she isn't around as much, but from what I heard last, she was having some issues in her personal life and took some time away. She came back and renamed her tumblr. Not sure if she still posts on it though. I love how she did her hair buns. Very cute.

No. 113922

File: 1459520307876.jpg (9.51 KB, 261x146, 12321378_1729131884028550_6098…)

he beady eyes

No. 113923

File: 1459520438403.jpg (11.54 KB, 261x174, ded.jpg)

Two faced crusty europoor instawhore skeleton. tho

No. 113925

File: 1459520572534.jpg (5.62 KB, 105x128, 12193481_1540781962829117_2442…)

haggard damn fattychan

No. 114670

this is the first time I have ever watched a video by this person and they are absolutely insufferable. that bitching about local artist markets in the first five minutes was enough to set me off. of course you're not going to make money selling goth crap there. Try an anime con.
also that edgelord makeup, yeesh. apparently 'fuck' is the new eyebrow, guys.

No. 114698

File: 1459731142457.jpg (17.7 KB, 500x452, a86664b5ddbcaf914436c0470a9ad7…)

I thought goths didn't like Marilyn Manson because he wasn't tr00 g0ff but the fuck eyebrow is obviously inspired by him. Wow.

No. 114727

She looks mentally retarded.

No. 114732

I doubt she's stupid, she just isn't a fluent nuanced English speaker?

No. 116267

File: 1460017163990.jpg (44.77 KB, 500x310, manson-fuck-you-.jpg)

>'fuck' is the new eyebrows

lmao he only writes fuck on the days when he doesn't feel like having his pictures published by the tabloids…
genius, lord king of the art of edge.

No. 116268

Why does it look like she's trying really hard to move her lips the least she can? Would her lipstick crack or something? I don't get it.

No. 116279

The only thing she -really- annoys me is how much she's sucking Kat Von D's dick lately.

No. 116291

There's overdrawing your lips and then there's this THIS.

No. 116292

I think its meant to be artistic. I remember there was this runway catwalk fashion show and the models had their lips completely painted in like an oval shape? It was very avant garde. I don't think she overdraws them like this all the time and she's certainly no ordinary person when it comes to make-up.

No. 116293

File: 1460029412002.jpg (674.83 KB, 2136x3201, alexander_por_Divulgação-1.jpg)

Like this. Lel.

No. 116479

Oh, heaven forbid the guy she dumped go find himself a new gawf girlfriend. Why does she give a shit?

like a sad emo clown, kek

No. 117322

And now she's engaged just 7 months after ditching her engagement with him no less. Cue the "We so poor guys, plz donate for our wedding" talk again.

No. 117432

Is this the same girl that threw a fit about the Sisters of Mercy show being cancelled? The fact that she responds to Onision's obvious bait just shows what an attention whore she actually is.

No. 118399



The very people talking about him to begin with. Sad but true. Most people who pursue or keep an eye on Casey tend to have problems of their own.

No. 120148

Yep, that was her and all she does now is those click-bait goth reactions. Sucks cause I actually thought she was pretty cool at one point, but then she went and became insufferable like most of the other Youtube goths.

No. 120419


Just checked his youtube channel.
Oh my fuck this guy is a God!
Where is he finding all of these videos and media? He certainly isn't pulling them out of his ass!

No. 120794

Dutchfag here.

Meisje(s) is equally only appropriate for girls from 0 to 15 years.

However, Dutch is a harsh language. So we use a lot of English words to make it sound softer. But of course that doesn't work anymore if you speak to an English speaking person. And forgetting that is where you ex went wrong.

But what you said about using Dutch speech patterns/vocabulary in English sentences is true. We especially love to litterly translate our proverbs. (Ex.) But I'm probably taking old cows out of the ditch by replying to a 2 months old comment.

No. 120804

King of Aspergers

No. 121088

Those hand movements. That eyeliner. Those eyebrows. That voice. So much of this annoys the shit out of me.

No. 121672


His ex seems worse than him. Tumblr feminist to the max and fucking a guy in his 50s?

Casey at least had class, even if he was an asshole.

No. 121895

Speaking of goth clickbait reaction videos, she just uploaded this today. Ready the popcorn.

No. 121917


I know of her irl and she's actually pretty cool as a person.

It's weird seeing a Kiwi as a lolcow.

No. 121932

Are you Casey? No sane person would call Casey "classy". Also who cares how old the dude she's fucking is?

No. 121952


Not Casey but I know him in person.
He enjoys playing mind games with the community and giving them false impressions of him.

His ex girlfriend was both emotionally and psychologically abusive to him.

Casey prior to dating Lizette and Casey post Lizette are two different people.

Casey post Lizette slut shames alternative women. Casey pre Lizette was very polite if approached properly.

He is over protective of his Christian Death/Rozz Williams collection and if you notice he water marks his youtube videos to prevent people from downloading and re-uploading them to their channels or to their pages.

And so what if he takes down photos he owns? He paid for them. They're his.

Compared to Black Friday, I'd take Casey any day.

At least with Casey he can give you a detailed history of bands not just with Rozz but with several others.

He did after all make a long lost Nirvana interview surface over youtube.

No. 121954


Just looked.
Holy shit this chick is fucking a guy old enough to be her dad. Must have a lot of money.

Somebody do a google search on this Bryan Moore guy.

No. 121957



Couldn't find much over google but I found this.

So he is pretty much mad that his ex was using him for his connections and than dumped him, and whored around for a guy with money.

Tsk tsk

No. 121959

Kek just scrolling past, not even reading this thread, but sweet fucking autism, batman.

>unnecessary details/info

>no one would care about or point out these things about another person
>very clearly this casey person

How can you be so naive and self absorbed you can't even successfully pretend to be a different person well talking about yourself?

I might actually scroll up and read the rest of the content, that's hilarious

No. 121961


So by your logic anybody who remotely defends Casey must be Casey?

Sounds like anon/troll logic to me. roflmao

No. 121963

No one defends another person by talking about them in that manner

You 'defended' yourself by describing yourself like a 3rd person role play character


Your newfag is showing, too

:^) thanks for the entertaining morning, 'casey'

No. 121964


You're an idiot.
Has it ever occurred to you that Casey may have friends that will protect him?

I'm sure if I alerted him here you could entertain him yourself.

No. 121976

File: 1461073937454.jpg (44.43 KB, 451x392, Crying-Laughing-Meme-07.jpg)

Lel it's not that you defended yourself that gave you away, casey

It's how you defended yourself

You're like a child standing in a piss puddle trying to say he didn't wet himself

Please do 'alert' yourself. My sides are ready for take off

No. 121979


Again, you're an idiot.
An anon arguing with another anon.
If anyone defends Casey than they're Casey. It's such stupid logic.
You really want to believe that Casey has nobody who will come to his aid.
Casey wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this. His focus remains elsewhere.

No. 121981

File: 1461074546927.png (53.52 KB, 203x165, reaction.png)

I honestly can't tell if you lack self awareness to such an extent you think anyone would believe you, or if you're just too retarded to know when to quit when you've been caught in a lie

No. 121982


You can't tell who this is either. :)

No. 121985


No. 121987


Shes awfully full of herself for having no talent.

No. 121992

Saints should not be joined together in biting and sharking one another. This is a time to go down on our knees.
Never seen God with my eyes. (I'm the Devil)
Never seen God with my eyes.
Never seen God with my eyes.

No. 122165


Lol this is so obviously Casey, no person other than yourself cares as much about you or is so obsessed with your ex, and no other person would call you 'classy' either.

"He enjoys playing mind games with the community and giving them false impressions of him."


No. 122166


You're still doing it idiot. You're defending yourself by 'subtly' complimenting yourself. You don't have the self awareness to recognise that no one else would care so much about some whiney manbaby obsessed with his ex, and no one else cares about your ex and her life either, even though you're trying to rouse us up to gossip about her.

No. 122252

File: 1461146424561.jpg (725.13 KB, 1000x1500, lil.jpg)

Wasnt sure where to post about this chick.


I was wondering what ya'll think of her body.


I'm not sure if her acc is private so i'll screensave and upload if you cant view this. But i'm convinced she photoshops her body. The railing in the back seems so warped. She claims she has bone structure from her mom, but seriously…. bitch doesnt even look as skinny in her 'model' pictures.

No. 122253

File: 1461146605047.jpg (432.36 KB, 940x548, kek wtf.jpg)

I decided to save and post it in case she realises her fuck up and deletes.

No. 122259


Moron. Casey lives five states away from me. I met him at the San La Mourte festival in 2012.

You guys have fun naming and shaming scenesters who are doing something with their lives. Regardless of what you say or think, Casey has a place in the culture and he can not be replaced.

I'm also certain this place is violating the constitutional rights of privacy concerning not only Casey but several individuals here.

No. 122267

fuck off casey you're boring

No. 122274

"You guys have fun naming and shaming scenesters who are doing something with their lives"
lmao why are you on this website if you don't want to be in on the lulz?

No. 122279

File: 1461152469037.png (608.54 KB, 942x601, ss.png)

The post by her right arm looks a little warped, a bit hard to tell. There's no way this >>122253 isn't shooped though, not even subtle.

This pic reminds me of that one with Pepe sticking his ass out kek.

No. 122293

lmao you can't stop can you, even after being told that the way you type and the way you bring up stuff that only you care about (your obsession with collecting pics and videos and band clipping that most fans dont give a rat's arse about; a girl you dated for a few months 3 years ago) and praising yourself while defending yourself makes it obvious you're Casey

Also ffs leave your ex alone, move on, if she really did abuse you then see a therapist, but quit harassing her online and blaming her for the fact that you're a socially inept unlikeable pleb.

No. 122296

Thank God I'm not the only one calling that faggot out. Though our efforts are falling on deaf ears, it's always a little amusing.

This casey guy reminds me of 12 y/os on vampirefreaks, gaiaonline or whyville circa 2002. I can't fathom how low their IQ must be to be this mentally/socially regressed. Just boggles my mind

No. 122326


Pretty sure one of you is a Vampirefreaks user for that matter. :P(:PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP)

No. 122328

File: 1461168002902.jpg (124.04 KB, 958x960, Josh.jpg)

Vampirefreaks users are serious bizniz

No. 122401

File: 1461186192665.png (186.63 KB, 371x291, s939.png)

Absolutely shopped. The most obvious warping is along the edge of the nightstand behind her. She's also throwing her back out so hard.

No. 122466

I wonder what raven is up to these days. Still fucking her childbride? She was a great cow

No. 122505

Although I like Sebastian, her jumping on the 'genderqueer' bandwagon was annoying. She still talks about, dressing really feminine and in clothes that show off her body (not critising her for that btw) and then saying that she's a boy and that she's a "drag queen with built-in breast foams" or something. It's obviously she's only doing it because being ~~gender-weird~~ is trendy atm, or because being a "boy who wears dresses and make up" is more edgier than being a woman with those interests and not because she actually suffers from dysphoria.

Also it's hilarious how she pretends she didn't name herself after the Columbine shooting, I've been subscribed to her Youtube for a while now, and I remember how she had some Q-and-A video ages ago where she said she wouldn't talk about why she named herself Columbine because it would get too much hate, and then a few videos later said she named herself after the Columbine flower. If that were true, why wouldn't you just say that to begin with? Also she's not fooling anyone, there are billions of pretty flowers with nice names, she knew and everyone knows the implied meaning of making her 'goth name' have Columbine in it, she chose a 2edgy4u name as a babybat and now refuses to either admit it or change it.

No. 124182


The real cows here are the idiots here who have to slander successful people anonymously.

Grow a pair of balls, fuckboy.

No. 124184


No. 124382

Black Friday got married? She has a new video calling her partner her husband?

I honestly expected a multi-video series on leading up to it, buying a dress, the goffix wedding, etc.

No. 124383

How is it slander? Sebastian named herself after the Columbine shooting and people are naturally going to have an issue with it.

No. 124420

ohhhh I sense a goffik yt hag. Ohhhh which one are you? Give us clues.

No. 124481

File: 1461662663620.gif (220.3 KB, 280x199, why.gif)

Hi Sebastian.

No. 124511


Does it matter? You can show your face in our court if you're that concerned.
You go after Sebastian Columbine, Casey Strange, Alexandria, and several other people I know.

If you have a problem with these people, confront them. Quit being a panzy ass neckbeard troll-face and face the people you have a problem with.

Y'all come off like autistic basement dwellers here who are just bitter and angry at people you envy.

You're about as bad as Kitty Lectro.

No. 124522

I can't help but feel like they just got married on a whim (or for visa reasons if that's how it works in germany). There's no way she wouldn't vlog the whole experience unless it was something impulsive, and she seems to have found someone just as impulsive as her given one of the first videos I recall of them is getting random goffick tattooz for the lulz. Uh, congratulations, I guess.

No. 124529

File: 1461675442451.jpg (24.57 KB, 680x383, no.jpg)

>blahblahblah theyre muh friends!! mah feelings~~~

No one here has a "problem". It's just lulzworthy. This thread is hardly active enough for people to give a shit about. And you're probably right in some regard - some people on here probably are envious, but I know for a fact i'm not envious of any of these people. So continue being bitter at the fact that people don't like the same people as you do. Boohoo. Grow up.

~this derailment tho~

She's sort of growing on me in a weird way. I'm glad she's finally learning how to speak German etc. The whole marriage thing was a bit strange but if both are happy, more power to them.

No. 124576


I think unmasking some of you people for the losers you are, some of whom probably are unemployed and are on government welfare - that's lolzworthy.

Only straight up fucking losers would gather around here and bitch about people who achieve and success in a culture they have a closet-interest in.

You wish it was you with thousands of subscribers over youtube, you wish that it was you who was making DIY leather jackets, you wish it was you, who had access to rare unpublished music.

All of these descriptions fit somebody I know in here.

I found this place through GOOGLE.
You guys are not very well hidden.

And there is a very large chance that the majority of people commenting here "for the lulz" as you so put it, are actually, in real life, people like this guy here…..

No. 124578

Kitty Lectro is arguably more tolerable than anyone you just listed. Sage to try and avoid further derailment.

No. 124581


Kitty lectro is an unemployed attic dwelling trannie ass faggot from Canada who hasn't shown his face online since late 2000s, is completely manipulative and creates sock puppet face book pages that fight with each other and create false drama.

Again, more evidence that you guys don't know what the fuck you're talking about. ROFLMAO

No. 124582


>who had access to rare unpublished music

Oh it's Casey again.

No. 124584


Oh God, are we really doing this again?

The classic (anybody who defends him is HIM) tactic is old.

You're never going to figure out who I am.

But get it through that thick uneducated skull of yours that Mr. Strange has friends.

I'm sure in another life time you did too.

No. 124593

Just for the record, if you REALLY cared about your "friends" you would have shut up and let the thread die (it's not a very active thread) but rather than do that, you posted and started stirring up drama when you KNOW that's just going to fan the flames. You don't want anyone to stop talking about your "friend". You want the self-gratification of having a holier-than-thou attitude on an image board. You're not even one of the more entertaining white knights, you're just self-involved.

No. 124595


m8 you're not anywhere as clever or mysterious as you think you are. It's not just that you're defending Casey/yourself, it's how you're doing it, you always have to slip in how his/your evil ex destroyed your soul and is now dating an older man even tho no one else gives a fuck, you always have to bring up his/your ~~super rare and exclusive~~ media collection. It's the small trying-to-be-subtle compliments you slip in about yourself.

>Sebastian Columbine, Casey Strange, Alexandria

how you slipped yourself between two well known internet goths when the most notable thing about you is splerging on this board and on tumblr.

No. 124597


You people are retarded. There is no contesting the level of smug ignorance displayed here. The trolls have officially been trolled.

The thought entertains me a great deal.

No. 124600

>The trolls have officially been trolled.
>The thought entertains me a great deal.

Stay gold ponyboy

No. 124607



You can't figure out who I am and you're playing guessing games in an anon forum.

You can't give out any accurate statements about the parties named and you focus your attention on one who is not even presently able to defend himself at all.

You're like a 5 year old trying to kick somebody who is down, walking away thinking you've achieved something.

You have a nay sayer here who is going to ruin the fun in your slut shaming "for the lolz" and trying to dig up personal facets of peoples lives "for the lulz".

I don't need to comment on what kind of person some of you people are.

But the real cows are people like you.

No. 124644

File: 1461689699851.gif (2.94 MB, 512x288, tip your tip.gif)

No. 124646

File: 1461689948196.jpg (11.89 KB, 400x400, Autism_Speaks_Logo.jpg)

Rozz never would have chimped out like this.

No. 124668

This is definitely Sebastian.
Hey why did you name yourself after the trench coat mafia? you do know those virgins killed a bunch of people right?
You edge lord shit head scum.

No. 124670

That's a real nice poem Sebastian.

No. 124679

How hard is your cock right now?

Everyone ignore the bait and let's keep shit talking about alt cows because we can. :^)

No. 124681

File: 1461693300913.jpg (10.42 KB, 300x169, cocky.jpg)

> some of whom probably are unemployed and are on government welfare

Yeah I obviously have no life. That's why I check this site maybe 2 times per day in my spare time and you keep coming back probably hour after hour to defend your sad little interwebz goth friends because they're so "successful" that they need a person like you to back them up against "internet trolls". Re-evaluate yourself. Don't you have a job to go to? Take your own damn advice, shitstain.

No. 124712


I know who this is now…
This is Usami at Vampirefreaks.com
Little birds tell me lots of things here… :)

You guys really need to find another place to hide. Once everybody mentioned in here finds out, I'm sure the cops are going to get called.

Have fun now!
Bingo. :-)

No. 124717

Lmfao who the fuck is Usami?
You're a bit special, aren't you?

No. 124735

>yes hello 911 some people are saying some things on the internet about me

No. 124742

>Have fun now!
>Bingo. :-)
embarrassing tbh

No. 124951

Casey you can't "call the cops" (lmao) because you participated too - when you came on this thread and saw it was for gossiping about alternative people, you immediately tried to stir up shit about your ex and her new boyfriend. No one took the bait coz frankly no one cares, and we only started paying attention to you coz of your 2edgy4me hissy fit.

You can't claim the moral high ground here m8, you're just as petty and gossipy as us, if not more because we're interested in lolcows that have milk and not personal vendettas.

No. 124987

File: 1461755069705.jpg (39.55 KB, 506x148, fucasey.jpg)

>Attempts to make ex look like a bad person for being in foster care.
>Makes himself look like a shitstain.

Fuck you Casey.

No. 124990

He is borderline psychotic.
Casey, seriously, book some therapy.

No. 124994

Summary of recent shit

> got surgery to loose weight

> finally posted pics showing how fat she got
> Got into a fight with some other goth chick about a guy they both used to date
> Got into a fight over a cat and a dog she adopted then wanted to rehome after a week because they needed training
> continues to talk about hate sites coming after her
> its actually all local people because she has no friends

No. 125009


Again, the morons resort to the same tactic, anybody who defends this individual must be this individual.

Secondly, all it takes is for a detective or a cop to subpoena the host of this server for a mirror of this site, than its on to tracking the IPs, after that, your ISP is contacted and your records are turned over and than we look for your sub-net mask address. That is of course if somebody wants to call their attorney and file a libel suit against you.

Do you want to go down this road? To it you it's shits and giggles, until shit actually hits the fan. You're really not as well hidden as you think.

A lot of us successful youtube goths do have that kind of money to throw around.
And even if you're outside the US, you can still get nailed.

I like putting pieces of shit like you guys in your place.

(Yeah, lets slut shame some alternative women and bitch about peoples lives. We're totally better than them guys.)

No. 125015

File: 1461762547694.jpg (26.56 KB, 599x337, wKXMxII.jpg)

No. 125020

Can you shut up already? You're boring.

No. 125028


Sure thing!
But not before dropping one of your IP addresses.
Bt (
United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

Check mate. :)

No. 125029

Comcast Cable (
Salisbury, Maryland, United States

No. 125031

Frontier Communications (
Portland, Oregon, United States

No. 125032

Oooh! Do mine! I love magic tricks!

No. 125033

Ardmore Telephone Company ( Ardmore, Alabama, United States

No. 125035

Not so anon now, huh? :)

No. 125037

You do realize this means nothing lol

No. 125040

There is a lot you can do with someones IP. Like knock them offline. Shit can get really ugly.

If thats your IP, I'd reset your router in the next half hour. Ha ha ha ha

No. 125044


you just proved you're Casey, because Casey (like most Tumblr users) has statcounter or similar tracker on his tumblr.

we're not scared on your 1337 doxxxing skills, you're just copy and pasteing from your statcounter the ones who've been on your tumblr recently.

also everyone uses statcounter, and you can't do much with an IP address except narrow down who sent an anon message or something

this is jared-leto-joker levels of cringy

No. 125045


BULLSHIT you can flood someones IP with PINGs and force them to unplug the router in their house!! ROFLMAO

No. 125050

Zoinks Scoob! Look's like the jig's up!

No. 125053


You just confirmed I have your IP.
Think I'll scan for open ports and check for a back door.

No. 125056

k just don't touch my ultra-rare never-b4-seen pics of rozz williams

No. 125059

File: 1461766734779.gif (560.87 KB, 500x281, lel.gif)

No. 125078

File: 1461768265176.gif (3.41 MB, 320x180, leethaxorz.gif)

No. 125130

Is anyone else reminded of JP from Grandma's Boy?

No. 125186

Also he talks about his mad doxxing skillz on tumblr all the time. >>124994
I used to work at a dog rescue and people just expected dogs to all be magically trained. Thank god she adopted it out, hopefully to someone competent.

No. 125344

>You just confirmed I have your IP. Think I'll scan for open ports and check for a back door.

Oh fuck, you're legit!!!!!!!! Didn't realize we had a hacker here on laugh out loud cow.

I can do you one better, though. I just created a GUI interface using Visual Basic and was able to track your IP address.

AT&T Services, Inc.
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States

Casey Strachan aka Casey Strange aka Velheim Black aka Malchik1334 aka Rozzboy aka 7000 other edgy goth tween monikers

No. 125524

File: 1461833392464.gif (861.06 KB, 320x180, hack.gif)

No. 125529

this casey dude just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into this hole

No. 125574


Wrong IP, pal.
That's what VPN and maskings are for.
Need I remind you that your servers are based out of Arizona?

No. 125576

What's the bet he comes back claiming he called the police for doxing him, even tho it literally only happened because he was threatening to do it to others

No. 125580

File: 1461848860660.gif (32.42 KB, 300x275, pusheen noodle.gif)

based admin is based

No. 125585

Arizona Internet Trolling Bill HB 2549

No. 125605

Thanks for the reminder. I completely forgot my offshore servers suddenly migrated to Arizona.

Also, I'm able to see through your VPSNs and proxotor chains, pal.

No. 125619

absolute scum

No. 125631

He doesn't need the police, he's obviously the greatst hacker on earth. Which one of us will get told "our" IP next? Who will be hacked?! The suspense is killing me

No. 125635

Don't forget all that youtube goth money he has at his disposal!

No. 125638


You are running a server and hosting a site that is ran with the basis of causing emotional distress to individuals.
That is a crime.

Don't try and turn the tables around. You are the instigator, the aggressor in this situation.

No. 125640

How much do goth youtubers make? Maybe we've all found a new career path

No. 125642

>That is a crime.

Opinions are not a crime.

No. 125643

I don't see how? If someone is holding you back from what you want to do in life, why spend the rest of your life being miserable with them? All the power to her.

The only thing about her that has ever made me cringe was trying to go to that bone church in full-goth clothing, eye contacts in and all.

No. 125645

>a site that is ran with the basis of causing emotional distress to individuals

Have you forgotten one of the reasons why you were posted on lolcow?

No. 125646

I was right! You were acting all smug like a cartoon supervillian when giving out random IPs from your statcounter and threatening to hack into our computers, but the second it backfires on you, you suddenly care about the legal and ethical side.

Also, you sure didn't give a shit about causing emotional distress to your ex on tumblr by constantly harassing her, you didn't give a shit about causing emotional distress to tumblr users with your edgy nazi and rape posts. You didn't give a shit about causing emotional distress to the random people whos IP addresses you published, in fact you gleefully tried (and failed) to frighten them by implying you could hack into their routers.

Quit trying to take the moral high ground. You instigated a lot of this.

No. 125649

Some of her videos and exploits make me cringe (like the recent trying to start beef with Onision while sucking up to him at the same time), but I do like her. I like pretty much all the alt cows tbh (except for Joji Grey because of his constant lying and scamming).

No. 125651

File: 1461861060233.gif (985.07 KB, 500x369, projecting.gif)

>> you're the aggressor


No. 125654

No. 125673


That has nothing to do with what is going on here.

And apparently, you TL;DR-ed the entire Tumblr terms of service agreement.

Also remember that it takes two. But I don't clarify anything to you people.

An entire…fucking…forum…dedicated to libelling not one but multiple individuals with the intent to cause emotional distress, invasion of privacy or fear and intimidation is in fact a crime.

Now get the fuck outta here before something actually IS done about this.

The servers are based out of Arizona, the bill has passed.

The webmaster could get into a lot of trouble and if enough alerted to this we can make that happen and you can carry your asses on back to another similar forum because after all, you don't have a place in this culture or a life of your own which is why you stoop to such retarded levels in the first place.

No. 125677

How is it invasion of privacy when people pubically post their lives on the internet and don't expect people to have opinions and comment about it? Freedom of speech is what the internet was built around. You sound exactly like SJWs when they get caught out in their bullshit and false facts.

Generally I like a lot of people within the goth subculture, but i do lel at elitist shit, which is what attracted me to this thread. Don't imply you have never ever judged and made a comment about someone people because you'd be a liar. And if this is Casey, than man, like >>125646 said, you have done way more damage to your ex than what any of us in this tiny thread ever have.

No. 125678


Do you wanna come with me to Iraq?
You wanna fight? giggles

No. 125679




No. 125681


Well the south side of Chicago.
it's the baddest part of town.

And if you go down there
You'd better sure beware of a man named Leeroy Brown

No. 125685

File: 1461866675112.jpg (12.7 KB, 300x200, lwa.jpg)

No. 125686

No. 125687

File: 1461867260794.jpg (89.12 KB, 800x800, dumpsterfire.jpg)

No. 125691

You must mean an Arizona located outside of the US, then.

Nothing on this site is illegal in the area where it's hosted, nor in the US. Report it to whoever you like.

No. 125692

>That has nothing to do with what is going on here.

It does because you're a massive hypocrite.

If this entire … fucking … forum … is so bad, then why did you try to join in:

If you think gossiping about internet personalities is "emotional distress", then why did you attempt to participate?

>intent to cause emotional distress, invasion of privacy or fear and intimidation is in fact a crime

YOU LITERALLY STARTED POSTING RANDOM IP'S AND ADDRESSES, and gleefully pretended you could hack into our routers, you literally tried to use fear and intimidation and threatened to invade our privacy.

How the fuck can one person be so completely devoid of self awareness.

No. 125695

File: 1461870683308.gif (960.66 KB, 245x250, fire.gif)

This entire thread rn

No. 125745

>VPSNs and proxotor chains
Kinda OT so I'm saging but I wanted to ask you this directly: How common is it for people using this website to use things like those to avoid detection/samefagging?
I've always been curious, I'm not too tech savvy.

No. 125761


Legit question: Did you, at some point, suffer any sort of brain damage?


No. 125767


Fucking idiot.
Who the fuck cares what someone has done elsewhere?
(YOU LITERALLY STARTED POSTING RANDOM IP'S AND ADDRESSES, and gleefully pretended you could hack into our routers, you literally tried to use fear and intimidation and threatened to invade our privacy.)

riiight..for NO REASON AT ALL
just out of nowhere. SOmeone came here for NO REASON, UNPROVOKED, and just posted IPs.

You guys totally weren't talking about people's personal lives. That was all make-believe.

No. 125768

lolcow's IP is

Go ahead and ping it repeatedly with 4 MB of data and crash the server if you'd like.
I'm out. :)

No. 125770

Damn dude you're such a badass l33t hax0r. Too cool for me.

No. 125775

You may want to look that IP up, bud.


>Go ahead and ping it repeatedly with 4 MB of data and crash the server

I can't even tell if you're trolling anymore.

I was literally just babbling gibberish, like him.

Posters attempting to mask their real IP are fairly common, though.

No. 125810

>You guys totally weren't talking about people's personal lives. That was all make-believe.

Casey you doofus you keep trying to deflect by arguing against points no one is making. I didn't say that this board wasn't talking about people's personal lives, in fact I admitted several times that this forum was for gossip.

What I did say was that you're a massive hypocrite - you tried to join in on the gossip, so you can't be outraged by others doing it. You suddenly care so much about people's emotional distress and online privacy after your info was given out, when literally a few hours before you were happily trying to scare people by implying you could hack into their computers. I'm not saying you did it for no reason, you're the only one trying to backtrack and claim things that can be disproven by this very thread.

No. 125813

Admin don't forget to put Casey's posts on /cream/

damn bruh how'd you get this top secret intel?

No. 125871

File: 1461901231479.png (3.6 KB, 338x65, MExzg4L.png)

No. 125872

File: 1461901523513.jpg (108.49 KB, 480x360, uri_mh1461901479778.jpg)

No. 125874

File: 1461901761617.png (333.43 KB, 680x559, facesofautism.png)

No. 125876

File: 1461901884389.jpg (30.16 KB, 425x319, gonna get ya.jpg)

Ooh! Watch out, we have a badass in the room! Hang on to your IPs, farmers, this script kiddie can ping like nobody's business!

No. 125879

File: 1461904164380.jpg (50.09 KB, 500x326, JD.jpg)

Please sit on my face

No. 125880


Oh noes :(

Well lolcow farmers … it was nice knowing you … I guess in the end Casey was just too 1337 for us …

No. 125881

So admin…how about looking up that IP?
Seeing as everybody here is just googling images of computers to try and joke about it.

Should I invest some bit-coin into a botnet and shut everybody up or are you going to clean this mess up?

No. 125883

Don't make me fuel inject a DDoS metapod into your motherboard's slave drive Pentium 3.

No. 125887

You and I may have different definitions of "look up". All I see there is some tracer T.

But yes, you should definitely divest into some Bit-Coin ASAP. Let's see how well our WAFF can withstand the NetFlow of your stretser.

No. 125914

I swear if everybody doesn't shut up right now I'm going to backtrace your motherboard and inject an <a href> packet worth 2500 GHz directly into your RAM.

No. 126125

Joke's on you. I'd FTP it right back to you using telnet.

No. 126573


>using telnet

my sides are in space

No. 126689

It's confirmed altcows make milk right in the thread. We don't even have to leave the site.

No. 127467

God she's such a retard. All she does is complain about her looks then buys more expensive shit and still manages to fuck her makeup up.

No. 127552


You'd better watch out, I paid for WinRAR so I can open anything, even your computer.

No. 127752

it's all protein she's not using, she's not a body builder but is eating high fat high protein. No wonder she's getting chunky if she's overeating and not exercising. One of the fattest men in the world ate fruit and veg but he ate like 6 bags of oranges at once, she's heading that way.

No. 128972

File: 1462832729546.jpg (133.5 KB, 720x971, IMG_20160509_232237.jpg)

Not so much a cow but damn what even is this shoop

No. 132931

File: 1463839790578.jpg (326.77 KB, 591x592, you need jesus or better photo…)

How can people fall for this shit as legit? This girl lmao. Learn to use liquify tool.

No. 132936

kek that filename
I know she was mentioned before but whats her name/social media? Would love a good laugh right now.
Also, dem walls

No. 132937


Have at it. I find her kind of hilarious.

No. 134237

holy shit she got fat

No. 134241

That's Toxic Tears?! She got /really/ fat and she looks like a offbrand Suzy.

No. 134261

Poor thing, she's a hefer.

No. 134312


No. 134445

She resembles fat Robert Smith kek

No. 134452

No. 134918

That woman and her sponsored videos about totally overpriced tats are the worst. Total joke!

No. 134922

Entitled, insufferable at times, socially inept, sucks up to K Von D like there was no tomorrow, over-hyped skills. People are easily impressed / standards are at an all time low!

She'd be okay if she took a little dose of modesty.

Dishonest. Shamelessly plugging her wishlist.

What's the deal with all these online "goth personalities" begging for goods and asking their audience to finance their lives' choices! Have you seen Adora and her little clone Victoria Lovelace's new "fund my life" campaign? The cringe is real!

No. 135135

The fucking fakery between these two. Holy shit.

No. 135137

The walls are melting oh my gah

No. 135143

kek yeah she also re-uploaded it and tried to correct it but you can still see it. So funny when people call her out and she just goes "ITS MY BONE STRUCTURE" sure Jan.

No. 136473

Has anyone been following this lilthlevisis girl's drama with Marilyn Manson ? Some crazy bitch was going off on her Instagram saying the craziest shit about him fucking her then ignoring her completely.

No. 136646

Lol no? But crazy bitches always all over Mansons dick. He'd have to pay to even touch me. I find him repulsive.

No. 141340

File: 1466186860549.jpg (39.17 KB, 480x480, 13417591_1042016865846816_9116…)

it was kaya's birthday yesterday and for the past month she's been mentioning her wishlist and the fact that her birthday was coming up in hopes that her fans would buy her something. a few of them have as well judging from her latest posts. pathetic

No. 141781

File: 1466317225551.jpg (81.75 KB, 918x587, ll.JPG)


What's her deal? Heroin?

No. 141787

she seems as if she is trying to be felice now that felice has faded

No. 141788

She posts tons of xanax and pills in general, plus is bffs with Holli, so prob heroin yeah.

I'm assuming she's a rich kid because she and her sister (rachael_aline) live in NYC and don't seem to do anything but take drugs, eat expensive food, party, and have Lush baths.

No. 141813

I think you hit the nail on the head tbh. I wonder what their parents do for a living…

No. 141832

A few months ago when she got beat up by some rando she mentioned her dad was a lawyer when she was ranting on Twitter .

No. 141864

Bet she goes to some resort-style "rehab" and relapses in about five minutes after coming back.

No. 146517

Does anyone else feel the need to rubberneck at this attention seeking train wreck of drugged out NYC/LA art kids, a la Too Poor's crowd, ie Holli Quinn, Lilith Levisis, Nightcoregirl, Heaven Party, and the whole "love me Manson" juggalette 2k16 fuckery?

I'll refrain from posting further on these people if no one else thinks there's milk, but the shooping, obvious exaggerating and lying, lowkey drama, and overall lack of self awareness really tickles my funny bone.

No. 147421

Holy shit TT and her boyfriend look like really butch fat dykes kek

No. 147443

At least her bf goes to the gym and runs the fitgoth tag. Or did they give up the healthy shit too? Haven't been following them for a while

No. 147448

jesus christ i didn't realize how fucking huge she actually is

No. 147614

Yep she is huge compared how she use to be. Seems like she's fallen off the gym wagon again and got lazy with it.

No. 147659

File: 1466778576623.jpeg (72.67 KB, 631x633, image.jpeg)

What happened to patsy? And her death rock boyfriend?? I use to follow her on Instagram.. That's the most recent pic I found of her she really changed… I think her last name is lakey?

No. 147897


Yeah honestly I've been waiting for a thread to pop up for a while now about them… I've been loosely following that trainwreck for a while….

No. 147898

File: 1466845626408.png (606.85 KB, 720x1280, inspo61.png)

Oops dropped pic but I found this ages ago on some shit posting IG… apparently she got popular when she got skinny or smth

No. 147901

File: 1466846076409.jpg (72.98 KB, 640x625, D4qvF0E.jpg)

recent pic from her tumblr http://hollixquinn.tumblr.com/

No. 147903

File: 1466846800183.jpg (45.66 KB, 590x585, H0N6YMl.jpg)

No. 147904

File: 1466846896857.jpg (38.59 KB, 587x581, idek2.JPG)

No. 147905

File: 1466846939886.jpg (19.94 KB, 250x188, idek6.jpg)

No. 147906

File: 1466846985171.png (354.15 KB, 500x497, idek5.png)

No. 147907

imo they are both beautiful girls and I even like some of their style… but that trout face… I would love to know what a typical week is like in the lives of these people.

No. 147913

It's 2016, how can you post such low-quality photos in good conscience?

No. 147914

Why are so many girls into this AB/DL thing. Gross

No. 147915

cuz it's trendy

No. 148016

this cracked-out candidate for a lobotomy is always showing up in my Explore page on Instagram. what an eyesore. sage for OT

No. 148148

They broke up. She started dressing in sort of a normcore/ Tumblr 90s/ granny style. She's with that guy in your pic. her IG is @scryingoveryou

No. 148164

Snakes don't piss though. No reptiles or birds do, they get rid of the waste by pooing it out, it's the solid white part you see. So unless you're saying she flipped a cushion covered in actual shit, shit that fucking reeks, I don't believe this.

No. 148174

They have a single opening and release uric acid instead of urea, yes. But they can piss liquid, especially if they're scared.my Columbian redtail peed on my friend yesterday.

I went to rehab with a girl that looked like this. She'd flip out and pull the firealarm whenever her mom or bf wouldn't bring her cigarettes. But i kind of dig the heroin chic thing.

No. 149301

Holli is looking worse and worse, legit starting to look like a crackwhore in candids. She doesn't post that often, I'm pretty sure she just does drugs and very little else.

Lilith (real name Claire) is bullshit imo. Spoiled and attention seeking. She begs for things off a wishlist, flashes her ass constantly, and her IG captions are always 100% melodramatic with that stupid "so drugged out" affectation. Her twitter is @pudubaby - she literally does nothing but fuck around with other art trash all the time.

No. 149312

File: 1467230976476.png (274.13 KB, 1290x1000, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.08…)

No. 149324

File: 1467232747159.png (77.3 KB, 1282x268, Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.18…)

Normie rich girl confirmed by her high school Vines.


No. 150412


She does legit look like a crack whore.

I follow Claire and her sister on ig and it didn't take long to figure out they're spoiled rich kids.
How do people like this exist lmao

>>no sticks on the floor

No. 151377

File: 1467777832807.png (374.43 KB, 488x531, jfc.png)

No. 151378

File: 1467777868395.jpg (34.72 KB, 282x597, hq1.JPG)

Been trying to post these for 2 days but I kept getting an error msg ????

No. 151379

File: 1467777884265.jpg (17.79 KB, 250x250, hq.jpg)

No. 152980

File: 1468060388492.jpg (66.14 KB, 640x426, bb_why_u_do_dis.jpg)


…Dude, what the FUCK has Holli been smoking? We used to be mutuals on tumblr and I was obsessed with her selfies. Isn't she only like, 21? That's fucking horrific. She used to be so insanely pretty :(

No. 153186


Yeah I kinda feel bad for posting those pics… She's obviously fucked and not much milk anyway.

No. 153192


Also I know she lost a friend (Athena xanaxprincess) a few years back. Her fam tried to say it was a heart thing, but I saw a post somewhere from one of their friend group saying her bf walked a friend out while she was apparently sleeping, and when he came back, she wouldn't wake up. Really tragic bc she was a nice girl and she had a pretty promising acting career going for her. You can literally see on her insta how she goes from an average girl, to abruptly a drug user/addict. It's jarring. Her poor family…


No. 153236

File: 1468124540623.jpg (157.56 KB, 958x640, holliathena.jpg)

I was around for that whole thing and had actually been following Athena on tumblr. Really sad. She seemed like a really sweet person, despite the drugs and exhibiting some very clear psychological problems. From what I could tell, she was a rich kid with far too much freedom, parents who weren't meeting her emotional needs, and she was hanging with the wrong crowd.

The only milk I can think of with Holli is that some ex-friend of her's tried to start shit with her, claiming Holli had fucked Athena's boyfriend mere nights after she'd died. Honestly, even if that were true, I felt bad for Holli having to deal with that after she'd just lost a friend. She seems to attract a lot of drama, despite doing seemingly little to instigate it. She's not an admirable person by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not like she plays up her image and pretends to be something she's not. She's a sort-of artsy, pretty girl who doesn't have much to say and spends her days fucked up on prescription meds, taking selfies and posting weird shit on tumblr. Always has been.

Oh, and there were a ton of people sending anonymous messages to all of Athena and Holli's friends literally days after she died, claiming they were responsible for influencing and encouraging her to do drugs, thereby responsible for her death, which was just fucking ridiculous imo. They're all just dumb, young, misguided kids. Why anyone would hold them to any form of responsibility over anyone else, particularly someone in their same age group, is beyond me.

No. 153239

File: 1468125735735.png (342.78 KB, 473x594, hurrrrrr.png)


Yeah, they all do this. Most of her insta-friends have been to rehab 2 or more times and go back to posting pictures of xanax tabs and weed nuggets on top of $20's lol-ing over how barred out they are after a grand total of two days sobriety. It's fascinatingly retarded.

I want to know where the fuck the parents are. Are they just funding their drug habits and totally oblivious to it? Do they know and just not care? Like, most of them aren't even older than 20. Maybe I'm just sheltered, but these chicks' lives are just fucking mind blowing to me.

No. 153247

what's holli/any of these friends insta accounts?

No. 153249

I posted the link to Athena's IG. Holli's is instagram.com/hollideville

No. 153255

for anyone interested there's a thread here about Athena's passing. http://mydeathspace.com/vb/showthread.php?29360-Athena-Baumeister-(16)-allegedly-overdosed-on-Xanax-and-OxyContin

She actually texted with me trying to get me to buy her alcohol (live about 45 mins away), but I'm older than her (obv) so I declined… then a week later I texted her and she said some young, rich and famous boy raped her…. I encouraged her to go to the police and I never heard from her again… This is why I was so curious to know what happened to her. Hit kinda close to home. RIP lil one

No. 153772

These type of "Art Kids" have been around for decades. They just seem to get worse (and more unsufferable) generations after generations. Are they really worth paying attention to?

No. 153800

Shameless! Oh look, she's wearing some of that shitty jewellery that most goth Youtubers seem to have been given for free for reviews.

No. 153948

From my experience of knowing 'rich parents' - they tend to have shitty relationships with their actual sons and daughters and seemingly don't give a fuck about what they do.

No. 159108

File: 1469456304500.jpg (304.76 KB, 922x1210, 1.JPG)

Suzy "Thyroid issues" Berhog has a new contender.

No. 159141

Hahahaha. Complaining how she can't lose weight when she scoffs dominoes and cream cakes down her throat. Pathetic. Eat a salad sometime, Kaya.

No. 161861

File: 1469905834746.jpg (33.06 KB, 589x303, shut up kaya.jpg)

She says this, after posting videos of her and her friends having fun at a bouncy castle gladiator thing, after posting pictures of herself eating at restaurants and having afternoon tea. All she talks about recently is how she's out playing Pokemon Go, or which bath bomb she's trying out. Such a hard worker, fucking around all day and making videos for youtube. Must be awful…

No. 162288

She has no grasp on reality of what real people do for work. It's fucking crazy, how damn delusional she is. What a delicate snowflake. Bitch couldn't handle a 9-5 job.
I really doubt she makes mega bucks from her 'job' as she calls it anyway.
Anyone know if Jake still works 9-5?

No. 162366

What a spoiled fucking brat. How often does she upload anyways? It doesn't take much effort to sit on your fat ass in your room and do a simple makeup tutorial or unboxing vid. Jesus Christ.

No. 162475

Uhhh.. why are you people so bothered by what girls like Kaya are doing?! Just because you've never been emotionally invested in the serpentina palette before or waited 6 hours for a video to upload doesn't give you the right criticise anyone?

No. 162583

No. 163023

Ahahah yeah. And she's shown interest in lolita fashion. Well good luck fitting into that brando, Kaya. Lmao.

No. 163043

File: 1470310553646.jpg (104.3 KB, 1024x1024, CoyRJqEXYAAGYnl.jpg)

I've noticed her talking a lot to this one lolita/vk fashion JP girl on twitter. They seem really pally, talking about fashion and burando but Kaya would never fit into it. She got Nameless Poem Gothic Lolita dress the other day and she looks like she's wearing a trash bag.

No. 163130

cant wait to see what horrible coords she makes with it

No. 163133

File: 1470344589148.jpg (203.65 KB, 1600x1064, kek.jpg)

Anyone else remember Toxic Tears trying to wedge herself into living doll trendu by copying Valeria Lukyanova?

No. 163626

I had no idea she used to be chubby

No. 163640

Omg who remembers when she was a pull member but she only stayed as a member so no one would give herself her very own thread ? this bitch deserves this lolcow thread for slagging off snowflakes for Photoshopping their pictures when she's been doing the same thing all along

No. 163647

I hate how she was openly a member of pull but now she has the audacity to be upset and offended when people speak negatively about her. Hypocritical as fuck, Kaya.

No. 163783

Was she really? Did she shit talk about anyone?

No. 163816

Of course she did. I was an active member back in the days of the old pull website; gosh that banner rings a bell, and I saw how toxictears slandered the snowflakes. She's gone as far as calling people ugly, fat shaming, and using all sorts of slurs. It's a pretty shame that she's this "big youtuber" when she has this all behind her. I hate pull its full of lunatics like her.

No. 165452

Wtf how is makeup this powerful? Her face is fucked up without it.

No. 165603

File: 1471193579910.jpg (340.97 KB, 1242x1578, tumblr_obrvxtvrkN1vbqcq1o1_128…)

has anyone been keeping up with Lilith and the latest news? one of our famous cows is copying of her

you can read more here on this blog http://navolger.tumblr.com/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 165608

I think it's the eyebrows, if she had gone for more fuller brows in the natural look she's look a lot prettier.

No. 165609

You're stupid as fuck. Her features are actually really nice.

No. 165613

She looks like a potato, features-wise. Sorry if you look similar, anon, but it's not cute.

No. 165616

bruh what kinda potatoes you been lookin at. when i think of someone who looks like a potato i think of alicia vikander and she ain't even ugly.

No. 165617

I don't like how her nostrils stick up, her non-existent eyebrows, her squinted/deep-set eyes, etc. It's vaguely piglike and weird. Different strokes, anon.

No. 165731

she's actually gorgeous, reminds me of Ophelia Overdose

No. 165762

i never said i didn't get why you thought she was unattractive the potato comparison was just inaccurate to me lmao. vaguely piglike sounds about right.

No. 165770

File: 1471236788969.jpg (172.68 KB, 744x404, 00.jpg)

got bored but i knew she vaguely reminded me of someone

normal eyebrows + dark hair - bottom eyeliner + normal toned skin + lipstick - piercings = astrid berges‑frisbey with a smaller nose. she's v pretty.

No. 165777

I get why some anons think she's weird looking, but she is also kind of pretty. If she fixed her eyebrows and had a slightly less wonky nose? I suppose different make-up/styling would really help.

No. 165786

Fuuuuuuck I remember Patsy. I used to follow her, she was super elitist and obnoxious about fucking EVERYTHING. Like she wouldn't shut up about how "perfect" her and her boyfriend are. About how she wasn't goth but """"deathrock""".

No. 165789

She looked better in her old goth days tbh

No. 165790

How do goths get so pale? Like I get makeup and all but they're pale all over, must be a lot of work to use that much makeup on the whole body

No. 165792

It's not necessarily makeup. I know a fair number of goths IRL and they generally only use light makeup on their face and neck, if at all. They're paler than usual but not as insanely white as they look in pictures.
>never leave house or expose skin to sunlight
>wear only black to maximize contrast
>filters/shoop on photos
It's going to be difficult to look spoopywhite if your skin color is naturally very dark, but for the average white person (99% of goths) it's really easy.

No. 165834


avoiding sunlight/spf and also if you take a photo in stark daylight the camera can sort of blow out the white and make you look ghostly af. otherwise it's just genetics

No. 165839

File: 1471267275540.jpg (6.92 KB, 236x309, 963ba9e1583e732badadd8c16bddf9…)

Besides paler foundation or simply using sun screens and staying in the shade; some actually do use bleaching agents or use homemade stock such as lemon to lighten the skin then hydrate with lotion.
It's quite easy to remain as pale as possible being uber goff since anything black (including hair and makeup) will also makes you look about twice as pale than if you were wearing pink for example.
It's mainly skin routine however and avoiding too much direct sunlight.
But that's for folks who are white mainly, when you're tanned it's another story depending on background and location.
Filters on apps also give that extra boost too however, you could skip routine for a week and you could still look like a ghost thanks to those things

No. 165869

>jet black hair
>brown drawn-on-eyebrows
>wib-wobbly eyeliner
>MASSIVe circle lenses

this is how i first saw Kaya and I am honestly amazed how many asspats she got from that 'photoshop me' thread while looking like this

No. 165991

This girl I knew bathed herself in lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. She was pale, but her skin looked fucked.

No. 166028

File: 1471308837595.jpg (39.45 KB, 500x500, illamasqua.jpg)

Goth here: Truth in staying indoors a lot. Using umbrellas outside, lots of sunscreen.

Lemon Juice mixtures was something a lot of us used to do before understanding skincare and having access to unnaturally white foundation.

Illamasqua in the lightest shade, mixed with any generic pale drugstore foundation is the go-to method of obtaining an unnatural tone. Especially amongst the youtubers.

No. 166031

i think the only way for that foundation to look good is it mix with something else tbh, it has a really gross texture

No. 167311

File: 1471770425123.jpg (209.03 KB, 1080x1080, 14053758_1163737847025318_9149…)


No. 167322

God i hate that foundation so much. Wouldnt recommend for dry skin.

No. 167324

i would actually love to have her nose, its so petite and cute. ya'll just jealous as hell.

No. 167325

Nah. Personally, I think her nose is alright, but there's no way in hell I'd want it. Some people don't like stub noses? I mean, it's still way better than a beak, but if given the option, neither is best.

No. 167338

Button noses are the cutest

No. 168971

Holy shit, ReeRee seems like a completely different person in this video. I like it! She seems more authentic and comfortable here.

No. 171684

Oh wow the video has been made private! She must be living amongst us lol

No. 171687

She's a pretty girl but her hang ups are painfully obvious. An example being the elitist goth video. That video was not about elitism. It was about her getting triggered/buthurt by the bitchy sales assistant/shop owner due to her body image issues. Telling someone that they should try a bigger size is not being an elitist. Best part of the video was about that. I wished she gave a less misleading title to it.

No. 171756

Damn it. I wish I could see. I genuinely like ReeRee.

No. 172081

What is with all these youtube goths having such a histrionic social justice stance on "goth on goth" bullying and any from of feedback that isn't "ur so perfect"? How does being called "not a real goth" effect them at all? Esp the ones that regularly get sponsorship's or like ReeRee- do modelling. If you choose to get into alt modelling. Are you not aware you're going into an industry that judges everybody?

No. 173811

I recognize the one in the middle right (the one with short hair). She has a Youtube channel called MainlyBoredom. She seems like an easily offended, uptight cunt. I'm surprised she hasn't been mentioned yet since she's buddies with Kaya.

No. 175108

File: 1474294293269.jpeg (206.21 KB, 683x1024, image.jpeg)

In my opinion, jet is by far the biggest alt cow going. He created vampirefreaks, the spawning ground for many other alt cows like toxic tears. He positions himself as King on the site, he was married with a son, but from what I hear, he left his wife to mess around with some of the VF "models". He ignores so much negative press to do with the site like when A member stalked and killed another, two other members meeting and killing family members, a guy posing as a photographer and killing an 18 yo in 2012 and members posting inappropriate material. He keeps positive comments about his vanity projects (including a web series were he plays his edge Lord self) but will delete anything that isn't ass pats. This guy is the original alt cow imo.

No. 175117

He looks like a Who.

No. 175129

>dressing like a 2005 hot topic goth

No. 175338

This guys bad acting is hilarious. It's funny how he sees himself as the King of goths when he looks like a midget who walked right out of hot topic

No. 175345

He also apparently received nudes from underaged girls for them to get special treatment on his site or some shit back in its early days.
I used to be on the site for a while before I quit since the website's pretty boring,
but I remember he made fun of some girl with a public update post (everyone saw the update), she PM'd him about wanting sexual crap and he capped it to post.
It was pretty shitty, but who knows? Maybe it's because she was 18+
The only issue is that I haven't seen anything concrete for kiddy fiddler status.
A few PM's would be nice to see eventually.

No. 175411

File: 1474394480612.jpg (178.54 KB, 750x750, 49774639.jpg)

Jet talks about how stuck up "old skool" goths are. Yeah don't want to hear your shitty blutengel, we want to dance to some fucking Siouxsie. He looks like a doughy fakeboi.
I want to blend out their eyeshadow so fucking badly.

No. 175558

For anyone more interested in Vampirefreaks controversy.

No. 175921

File: 1474534755000.png (1.27 MB, 1600x900, drac-smoking.png)

I think I figured out why Drac's teeth are so yellow.

No. 175924

Everything about this person irritates me. I can't get through 2 minutes of any of her videos.

No. 176028

yea i tried to get into the vids and she's just so full of herself, does the same fucking shape for most of her 'eye art' with different colors, and after insisting multiple times that she'd "never" stop over-drawing her lips into a fucking football, does them in a more 'user friendly' fashion for all the tweens on ig who wet their panties b/c she's 'buddies' or whatever with kvd.

No. 176033

Lmao! You haven't figured anything out. She has said several times she smokes and drinks soda. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why her teeth are yellow.

No. 176173

File: 1474596181781.jpg (469.39 KB, 1080x1080, 100kfollowers.jpg)

drac isn't really involved in drama like other goth personalities, but as annoying as the others are at least some of their content is entertaining. drac has the personality of an overcooked potato, steamy pile of bland. Shes a one trick pony when it comes to makeup and the same goes for her art. it seems she doesn't care much for improving either since all she draws are bruises and blood. Like i tried really hard to like her because she does seem genuine and not full of drama but there is nothing unique or stand out about her. her monotone voice almost puts me to sleep when shes explaining things and it seems as if she puts no effort into her youtube videos. Her Instagram (literally go check right now) is either, her eyes or lips, her cat, and sponsored makeup or SPoOkY object with a red or black background. I dont…understand why she has 100k+ sub and followers on youtube and insta.

No. 176272

lmao someone obviously has no concept of ~~aesthetic~~ IGs and how/why they become so popular … she's obviously found a formula that works and is sticking to it. changing things up would result in a drop in followers. IG is about playing a game, it's not about originality anymore …

No. 176384

this and this applies to the entire goth scene.

No. 183290

Stop being haters, the girl is just trying to find a something SHE feels comfrtable with. How many styles did YOU got through before you were happy about your look?

No. 183293

I really like Black Friday. She doesn't seem like she has any drama. Except this one time with the onion.

No. 183502

black friday left her fiancé of several years practically overnight to run away to germany with some guy she'd just met and married him

No. 183503

this gave me a good laugh, thanks.

would debate whether she's involved in drama seeing as how she openly wears lime crime and has repeatedly said on ig that she doesn't want any 'rude comments' - basically i believe she's the type to delete and ignore anything that isn't praising her, like can't even take curious questions without being snippy about it. also her obsession w kvd, who is known to be problematic, and how defensive she comes across when addressing certain things.

it's funny you say that b/c she changed the way she does her lipstick and whitens her teeth in ps b/c she got tired of dealing with people asking her about those things, but i get what you're saying.

No. 183515

He was holding her back in life though. They had different interests, I don't see the point in staying with someone who makes you unhappy for the sake of keeping some chaste image for her kiddie subscribers.

No. 183789

I don't think there was any drama to that, though. I think it was a mutual break up? Maybe? I like her and all, but I'm not a subscriber and don't keep up with her religiously. Just watch her videos if they're in my recommended.

No. 195124

File: 1478559597460.jpg (24.35 KB, 471x475, fatty.jpg)

toxic tears is just getting fatter and fatter

No. 195561

I just came back to look at this thread after watching her new video. I was shocked how prominant her second chin is now. Gross.

No. 196035

File: 1478704812514.jpg (48.61 KB, 750x750, FB_IMG_1478704726080.jpg)

When I saw this, I thought of kaya.

No. 196061

Saw her in person over the weekend and it was shocking.

No. 196435

You can't just skimp on the details. Tell us more.

No. 196439


This is Amy Lee and Pink 40 years from now.

No. 196547

It was at a convention and I think she had a panel but I had no idea beforehand (or else I would have gone). She slipped out of the room pretty quickly and didn't stay for the rest of the con which is weird? She seemed really uncomfortable and like she wanted to get out ASAP.

It's not really obvious from her videos but the few times I've seen her the first thing I notice is her height. She's a giant. I mean it might be the platform boots but you'd swear she was wearing stilts because she's always the tallest person in the room. She also always travels with a group of goffik friends and they stand out a lot at colourful cons. It's actually quite intimidating. The first time I saw her I was still a fan and I wanted to say hi but I was put off by how unapproachable she looks with her little clique.

It's always such a shock to see her in person without the good lighting and filters she uses on her photos. All of her youtube banners and Facebook photos are so drastically different from real life. They're all photos from years ago that she keeps using. I feel bad saying it but her shoulders are really big. Her makeup is always different too, one year I saw her without eyebrows. It's so sad because I remember a time when I was jealous of her looks and thought she was beginning to look really elegant.

Her bf was there too and he seems so much more chill, chatting away to people. I feel kinda bad spilling about her, I did genuinely like her videos a few years ago. It's just I feel like she's trying to hard lately (maybe she's sick of the goth thing but still feels the need to keep it up?) and she just comes across as really lazy and whingey in her more recent videos. Her makeup is so much more harsh and drag queen-like, it doesn't suit her.

No. 196567

Eirtakon, right?
I was there to see Ireland's one and true cosplay queen

No. 196986

Yep. I was there because it was the last one. The King of cosplay deserves her own thread tbh. For such a small country we have such a large concentration of cows.

No. 198731

she use to look so much better, her entire facial structure has changed it's so weird.

No. 198781

Oh shit, this is great.

No. 201082

File: 1479520970362.jpg (108.48 KB, 540x675, tumblr_ogr1b9GkUk1qikgkto1_540…)

I saw her talking about how she lost weight recently, but she just posted this… Don't lie, Kaya

No. 201425

They had their wedding planned. She even asked her subscribers for money back then so they could watch their wedding's live broadcast. As far as I know no one got their money back.

She just decided one day that it was much more important to be goffik than to stick with the person who stuck with her for a really long time… And it was really scummy how she was in Germany hanging out with her now husband while she was still engaged. I bet she cheated. If you see the videos she made on Wave Gothik Treffen those two seem super flirtatious.

Still, it's laughable that her ex got a new gf that's basically a clone of Black Friday.

No. 201639

Post pictures of his clone girlfriend. I want to laugh too.

No. 201824

File: 1479671917570.png (583.74 KB, 590x588, 45678907544569.PNG)

I guess it's hard to be unique and original when you're into the same substyle of Goff.

No. 201833

File: 1479673634854.jpg (51.15 KB, 480x480, ok.jpg)

Honestly, she thinks this is a good look for hair, so I'm just losing all interest. I used to like her back when I was a "super edgy alt kid", but she never posts anything cool anymore.

No. 202239

Haha my god.
She looks thinner though.

No. 202373

Does anyone else fucking hate this look on her? She looks awful… Those lenses and that eyeliner. She's doing herself no favours.

No. 202391

File: 1479768117070.gif (420.45 KB, 540x303, 43a3ee75-afe8-4340-bcd2-4e8598…)

This just popped up on my dash lol

I honestly wonder how much she "really" is into goth and how much of it is for edge points. It must be exhausting to put on all that crap every day. Unless it's only for videos/pictures.

No. 202413

fucking kek at the years old photo of her hip tattoos in the thumbnail

No. 202477

I use to follow her when she had dreads I never knew she would look so horrible now, it looks try hard

No. 202560

The sheer edge of this thread man.

No. 203014

Honestly no 'goth' dresses to the fucking nines every day.
But yes this look is ugly and boring.
Also her fucking shoulders…. she looks so constantly hunched and the fact shes overweight makes her look lik a round potato.

No. 203307

Is it just me or has Black Friday gotten reaaaally thick since she went to Germany? Every video she goes somewhere she's eating like shit and I'm honestly wondering how she's going to fit into anything soon. She wonders why people were asking if she was preggo, it's because you've gotten fat dear.

No. 203534

File: 1480008109616.png (373.94 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7518.PNG)

Why don't you get a fucking job, Kaya? Get your ever growing gargantuan arse out of bed and get a real job and then you'll have a reason to wake up at a decent time like the rest of society has to. Same goes for her lardy boyfriend.

No. 203646

Yeah she's gained a few pounds honestly.
I thought she was always quite big but you can see she has gained weight. Not to the proportion of Kaya though.

Maybe if she exerted some energy and moved her fat ass she would be able to sleep easy. Get a job, you ham planet.

No. 203735

Who remembers the deathrockets? I can't seem to find screen caps on all the drama that went down. Anyone know where to find them?

No. 204360

She looks way better and her makeup doesn't look like shit compared to Black Friday's. I would say this is an upgrade, too bad she's probably only being used as a replacement.

No. 205726

Lilith_levisis on IG, willing to be there's a lot more milk on her. I think she photoshops her ass/body?

No. 205733

File: 1480356301175.png (314.02 KB, 370x506, lilithsfakeassass.png)

I just saw a pic she posted on IG where her ass looks huuuuuge it cannot be real but i am not a photoshop pro but like obviously this is fake, she has to know how obvious it is..

No. 205897

I like how she's claimed that she's too broke to afford photoshop but you can literally edit selfies like this on your phone. Also idk what I'm even looking at here. Is this a human body? She edits herself so disproportionately to the point where it doesn't even look convincing.

No. 206059

File: 1480410353188.png (2.44 MB, 1198x1184, lilith.png)

ya think

No. 206086

File: 1480419841225.jpg (1.25 MB, 2381x1184, goodtry.jpg)

Tried to edit them so the tiles are straight. Reference for what she most likely actually looks like.

No. 206133

File: 1480431321119.png (620.25 KB, 637x543, lilithwaist.png)

she does NOT look human wtf she doesn't even do waist training with a corset or anything, this can't be real??

No. 206135

sry for double post i just want to clarify, of course it's not real but does she honestly think people believe she looks like that?

No. 206139


"stop bullying me this isn't photoshop"

omg at that point it's like… not even attractive it's just so obviously fake and gross..
sry for the lack of screen shot i'm at work

No. 206140

honestly, my ass is like that.. but a think a lil smaller :( itsn not the ass-size but just ass when compared to waist. Big butt+small waist+ arched back + angle(nice blog post)

No. 206144

I don't understand why people like her shoop themselves so much. She probably doesn't look bad without photoshop, since she looks thin. So why exaggerate and make yourself looks obviously fake lol

No. 206146

File: 1480432786802.png (610.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161129-161819.png)

Here you go.

That's not…really how a big butt looks like

No. 206147

are you a waify ass white girl though? she has little to know fat anywhere else on her body

No. 206148

File: 1480432856152.png (467.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161129-161841.png)

Also, she's inconsistent with her shoops

No. 206149

yeah it just looks skewed and very fake almost like a deformity? is that what she's going for?

No. 206151


for real, also check out that ginger bronson inspired cowboy hat lolz

No. 206154

File: 1480433474933.png (665.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161129-162148.png)

She's trying to be as thin as possible while still trying to have a huge butt - which doesn't go together.

I'll dump a few pics

No. 206155

File: 1480433565370.png (550.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161129-162320.png)

It's funny how in one picture her ass is huge and in the other it's normal/almost flat.

No. 206158

File: 1480433614686.png (530.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161129-162358.png)

No. 206159

File: 1480433738855.png (708.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20161129-162748.png)

This one might be the most odd looking one

It's also the last one for now. Her shoops are a bit funny and she's a try-hard damaged goff bby but that's all there is. Besides her copycats, that is.

No. 206178

File: 1480435895306.jpeg (107.1 KB, 1280x720, henrietta.jpeg)

Totally found Kaya's inspiration.

No. 206182

This Lilith posting reeks of Crockpot. Yeah she photoshops her shit to hell and back but she hardly belongs in this thread.
Your obsession is creepy, Emily. Let it go.

No. 206183

the first post definitely is. On tumblr no one wanted to answer her so she probably came here, looking for some dirt on her.

No. 206186

I don't think the screenshots are, the times on the photos match up with the times they're posted - i'm in the UK and they're an hour ahead of me. It's a european anon. Emily also has an iPhone, not an android (I just checked her thread on 8chn, and Emily's insta)

So unless Emily has the brains to change her handset aswell as her timezone it's not her. Not to defend Emily or point the finger but you sound like a certain someone equally obsessed with Emily.

No. 206192


Yup. Or selfposting. Or forcing a vendetta.

Whichever, I agree on letting it go.

No. 206196

I'm the screenshot anon & >>206183, so you're right.
I was bored so I posted the shots, but I guess you guys are right on dropping the subject.

No. 206211

She's not even goth/alternative she's another fake tumblr goth just like toopoor. no1 curr about her

No. 206343

File: 1480462684875.jpg (127.32 KB, 819x1024, IMG_7696.JPG)

she looks worse with every photo

No. 206346

Uh I'm in the us and the screencaps time up with me too so that's not proof. Who knows when they were even taken in the first place.

No. 206347

Given how her ass is different in every photo its clearly photoshop. Bitch got more asses the felice got noses.

No. 206367

Idiot, the screen caps timed up with the time they were posted. 4:23pm posted at 15:32 - an hour ahead of UK time. The first one was posted a minute after it was taken.

No. 206393

Ya actually.
I honestly think its mostly angle tricks

No. 206508

sage bc im not trying to drag out the discussion on lilith bc there's no milk but… did you not see the lines in the tile in one of the first pics? unless her angle tricks give her body a gravitational pull that warps the environment around her it's pretty obvious she uses facetune or something to edit her body lol

No. 206581

They are literally one hour off from central time in the us too dipshit

No. 208397

I love how half of what Black Friday releases now are clickbait videos, since she figured out reaction videos/riding on Onision's tail is going to get her more views.

No. 208456

I'm so disappointed in her. It seems like a lot of her videos now are just her cashing in on drama. At this point anyone making a Eugenia vid is doing it for views and buying into the kind of attention and drama that makes an ED worse anyway.

No. 208486

I don't know, i find her genuine and well spoken, this video doesn't seem in bad taste. I also think she's super cute. I wish she would wear her hair down than like that all the time

No. 208512

I actually think she is giving good advice on the situation.

No. 208513

Seems genuine to me. More than any other Eugenia video I've seen out there anyway.

No. 208535

Seems like real concern to me. A mama goth reaching out to a baby bat; far more relatable than Uncle Onion shouting at her.

No. 208933

File: 1480952832900.jpg (77.06 KB, 888x545, 11233_102991.JPG)

Kek anon

No. 208935

Is she really that insecure?

No. 208938

At least, this girl doesn´t seem like a fat, probably smelly poser goth

No. 208946

Can you link the post?

Why would she be so bitter to get mad at a kid who probably just has a kiddy crush on her boyfriend and posting it on social media? Wtf.

No. 208951

she actually stooped that low to post the picture of the girl, that's really stupid high school shit

No. 208960

That's a fucking CHILD. Everyone has fantasies like that as a child/teen. If she genuinely didn't feel threatened by a child, she wouldn't be posting pictures of her FACE for her stupid fans to pick apart. Also saying she looks "like a boy" wow how fucking classy, you really showed her!

I don't understand how her fans can bear her anymore, she's so fucking whingey. All she does outside of youtube is complain about how people in public don't instantly love her goffik attire.

No. 208966

How old is Kaya? Why does she never talk about her age? If someone asks she won't tell them. Is she old?

No. 208968

I guess she's like 24? Not sure honestly

No. 208971

File: 1480957496269.jpg (80.64 KB, 1050x176, looks_30_but_acts_13.jpg)

Went to check there and apparently she doesn't like telling people her age because she doesn't want people to think she's "too old" for goth shit. One website said 23 but I don't think that's reliable because she looks much older than that.

No. 208974

That's fucking bullshit. "Eldergoth" is a thing. Black Friday is nearing 30, Jill Venters and Adora Batbrat are 40+. A lot of current goth bands have members who are 30+

Kaya's just insecure because she's probably pushing 30 and has nothing to show for it other than a subscriber count and 200lbs of weight gain.

No. 208983

File: 1480958363522.jpg (71.97 KB, 586x365, stop_complaining_about_being_f…)

I think the difference between her and then is that they're genuine goths who concentrate on looking traditional and elegant.

She's a weeb who wears tacky extensions.

No. 208987

Kaya should give up the goth thing and embrace the weeb. She's no good at hiding it anyway.

I always see her leeching off this less-known goth girl on Twitter, who's basically everything Kaya wants to be. Thin, pretty and half Japanese. They wear a lot of the same clothes and Kaya was talking about how they should meet up and twin their outfits. I hope they do, it'll be like a whale meeting up with a mouse.

No. 209099

>stop telling me what to eat i know i'm a fatty and i won't stop even though i hate myself but i will make posts about it so i can have sympathy, please buy me CUTE things off my wishlist while i sit here being a lard.

No. 209139

Fatty talking about how Goth she is

No. 209142

File: 1480977944323.jpg (47.33 KB, 536x638, ssa.jpg)

"I'm not old guys!! I'm not old! let me casually talk about how I'm not old yet!"

No. 209561

File: 1481042478256.png (866.45 KB, 1026x739, scary.png)

Do you think Kaya will ever grow out of the goth trend? I don't think it suits her at all

No. 209562

I don't think so. She's built her life around "I'M SO GOTH!! GOTHY KAYA!!" and now she has NO personality other what she's contrived from mimicking what the "real" goth kids (or adults) are doing.

She's just a dumpy 25 (I'm guessing) year old woman trying to cling on to her youth and milk the Goth aesthetic. A lot of grown-up goths pull it off really well, but she literally looks like a middle aged woman dressing like a 13 year old who just discovered hot topic.

No. 209570

Christ she looks like the love child of Suzy and Raven.

No. 209572

Oh my fucking god, I can't stop laughing at this

This. She's been goth for so long and still can't really "pull it off"

No. 209615

Didn't she say she doesn't listen to goth music. When people dress goth but don't like the music trigger me.

My ex looked like /fa/ trash, but he likes post-punk so he's more goth than kaya.
What a shitty person. I'm friends with someone who is online friends with kaya. I don't get it.

No. 209625

File: 1481052507685.jpg (38.21 KB, 518x567, wwwwww.jpg)


She's special because she's not like the other Goths! She's a Hufflepuff! She listens to pop music and she doesn't drink! Sooooo unique~!

No. 209675

Wait, if she's not even into the music culture and listens to pop, why is she even doing this?

This. Most of the original goth rockers are well into their 50's. The Batcave hasn't been around for decades.

No. 209716

sage , but since she is alt: Where did Vicky Shingleton's thread go??

No. 209872

people think she looks older because being as fat as she is ages you terribly and it shows on her

No. 210026

File: 1481125759480.jpg (44.15 KB, 480x480, 15267950_1191201147595053_3143…)

Hogwarts robes are meant to be ankle length. This is miles too small for her, the scarf looks like a tiny bandanna around her neck. The shaved head exaggerates how fat she is. Why did she think this was a good idea?

No. 210450

Ebony Darkness…

No. 212067

File: 1481480239356.png (912.97 KB, 654x652, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 18.1…)

Yes, pull at a shapeless dress to somehow make it even more shapeless.

No. 212073

the girl on the right is cute af, who is she?

No. 212082

dresses like that look good on tiny people… she's a literal giant
this is her channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PeachyMilkTea she's actually super cute, albeit a little weeby

No. 212098

File: 1481484672621.gif (1.1 MB, 320x180, iJJSPH.gif)

What the heck happened to her eyes lol. This made me laugh.

No. 212116

No. 212125

lol this makes peachy look mega cute despite how average she is. Damn, who let the elephant with a dress in?

No. 212135

She must feel so awful when she looks at this photo, jesus.

No. 212182

Anyone seen Kayas massive slushie she got on instagram?

>i'm fat because of medication not because i just eat sugar and shit 24/7 wehhhhhhhhhh

No. 212188

File: 1481496299065.png (447.45 KB, 904x655, kayaslushie.png)

>>212182 "I'm on a diet you guys! I'm totally eating healthy now!"

No. 212302

File: 1481506070425.jpg (53.38 KB, 640x960, 421047_10150719321576678_97077…)

Anyone know this DJ ROBOT guy? supposed to be a big shot goff from australia.. never heard of him

No. 212305

looks like someone who wishes they were a successful dj like kitty lectro lol def a weird looking fuck

No. 212316

File: 1481506698363.jpg (17.1 KB, 300x300, try-300x300.jpg)

has his own website looks legit lmao

No. 212387

You would be surprised how many people try to become super famous(worst samefagging attempt ever)

No. 212703

her hair and makeup almost looks good here, but if you're looking this tall it looks terrible wearing cute lolita clothes like this, especially next to her friend. Please wear aristocrat or something similar if you must

No. 212864

Your better off posting about that person on a different thread because this thread is busted and should of had an admin create a new one half way through. I can't stand kitty letcros tbh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212865

This entire thread is samefagging now so please just post on a new one

No. 213071

No. 213098

I'm not for encouraging it, but I thought samefagging was allowed and not something you can be banned for?

No. 213325

overt samefagging is against the rules, as is being a blatant newfag with no idea how to use chan boards.

No. 213396

I almost pity her when she does 'throwbacks' of older pictures when she was thinner and attractive because you can tell she is unhappy with herself, but then i remember what she must be eating to keep up this weight and i feel no sympathy.

No. 213956

I thought that only applied during hellweek. Does that mean hellweek is still active? Don't mean to be a pest; just trying to understand.

No. 217156

She never talks about music or goes to concerts. I never take goths seriously who don't know anything about music or listen to any. if all you like is the clothes and makeup you aren't goth

No. 217260

Kayas new spider/scorpian thing is gross. I'm sorry but I would kill that thing. Plus doesn't she have like, ridiculous amounts of 'pets' now? Considering she still has all the snakes still etc.

No. 217280

omfg these are in cinemas everywhere here and I've gotten them before but it was shared between multiple friends. Idk how you could drink this by yourself, it's actually not possible within an hour and a half time frame.

No. 217281

File: 1482161863849.png (236.18 KB, 461x321, tumblr_inline_ni8snfWH341s6tf8…)

She only got it because a tailless whipscorpion was in harry potter. They're harmless, but they're incredibly fast. Hope Kaya is prepared for it to try and run away if she handles it a lot. I rarely my flighty arachnids.

No. 218113

We're talking about Kaya, the human dustbin.
Absolutely disgusting ugh noooope

No. 220090

She says in that video that she's "not an expert" on goth music. Really? You make a career talking about goth shit and go over the fucking top with your appearance and you could only name two bands? Jesus.

No. 220716

File: 1482537210484.jpg (102.22 KB, 950x644, siouxsie-sioux.jpg)


Fairly standard trope for Altcows in general not just ToxicTubs. It's obvious they think name dropping the same 4 bands and skimming through the 'goth rock' article on wikipedia 'shields' them from being called out or questioned any further on why they they are bothering with the subculture. Outside of attention seeking and getting free shit. If they don't give a fuck about its foundation.

Look at the emphasis they place on "how important the music is" in every generic 'What is goth' video vs the reality of there are more Siouxsie makeup tutorials then people discussing her music, side projects and wider impact on the subculture.

No. 223476

File: 1482987536215.png (782.22 KB, 1009x645, kayaass.png)


No. 223587

File: 1482989814428.gif (1.65 MB, 275x155, bleach.gif)

No. 223719

No one wants to see your bumpy cottage cheese ass. Jesus christ.

No. 223722


>All of my thyroid on ONE CHEEK

Fixed that there for you, Tox

No. 224503

"I don't feel well so i'm not doing a try on"

This is your fucking job. Most of us have to get out of bed fucking sick as shit and go to work. All you have to do is prance around in your fancy clothes. God, she is such a self entitled lazy cunt. Can't deal with how pathetic she is. No wonder she got fired from her last job.

No. 224515

File: 1483136995924.jpg (286.43 KB, 2048x2048, 71F99850-B5B3-4A1E-A95C-0FB1E7…)

'Punk' 'rave' = shows basic goth wear within like the first 3-4mins alone

Also im laughing at the whole 'i feel sick' while shes showing clothing that clearly fit snug on a person ofc she doesnt wanna show her sausage rolls unless she covers up with a huge cardidagn that again makes her look like a giant black sack

No. 224516

Oh apologies the shop is called punk rave my bad,
But that doesnt make it less hysterical shes buying tonnes of cheap shit from some china shop t b h

No. 225364

File: 1483230442446.jpg (167.6 KB, 1920x1080, eyesgaugedout.jpg)

No. 227818

File: 1483593786141.jpg (47.87 KB, 720x479, 257832_6891649_n.jpg)


I'd feel sorry for her if she contributed something of vaule other then buying dumb hot topic shit and taking pictures for lost soul alternateens / neckbeards.

No. 227861

File: 1483605519442.png (311.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-01-05-01-36-21…)

Typical goth amino cancer.
Hell, she almost has enough chins to complete with Suzy.

No. 228245

Ugh, Amino is full of wangsty little shits like Tox.

No. 235043

Never noticed how snobby Drac is. I actually thought I liked her but her tone and the fact she is always dissing 'normies' gets on my nerves. Yeah it's not your style, but do you have to eye roll? She just comes across like a bitch.

No. 235046

she is way too fat to have those blunt bags

No. 235047

I used to be subscribed to drac when she first started her channel but eventually stopped keeping up to date with her videos because of her personality (or lack of one tbh). She gets real snarky and rude sometimes and it's like girl… you're not that special lmao.

Her first Q&A video was so fucking awkward too because it seemed like she was just finding reasons to get mad at the questions that were submitted to her. Then went on a sjw like fit because someone asked where the scar on her face came from "Omg u can't ask ppl questions like that!!1" then she later blamed her shitty behavior on her depression. I think the last vid I watched of her's was the updated high school makeup challenge one and she went on another rant bc some subscribers asked her if her makeup was inspired by MCR and another guy who I can't remember atm and she got all uptight about it. Idk it's obvious she has some deep seated insecurity problems and she's extremely immature.

But the thing that bothers me the most about her is that she spends the majority of her time online kissing Kat Von D's ass. Like it's a constant notice me senpai type of thing with her. I don't think it's as bad as it used to be but she's going as far as to dress like Kat now lol which something like… a teenager would do.

Does anyone know if she even supports or buys Jeffree Star Cosmetics anymore? I always assumed she stopped after Kat called him out. Bc that would seem to be in character of her as another way to suck up to Kat lmao

No. 235070

oh yeah she's doing the whole 'red' trend like Kat is doing. It is pretty pathetic. I'm glad she started wearing different clothes other than band t-shirts because she looked dumpy as fuck. Always baffles me when people put so much time and effort into their makeup but dress like shit.

No. 235181

Someone should really tally how many times she name dropped kat in that video. I know it's beauty related questions but, holy shit. KVD was mentioned in almost every one of them. I was alctually looking forward to her answer to the favorite gurus question, but instead she just bitched about not liking the term guru and then listed off girls from Kat's beauty team and their instas lol. She's just as bad as all those g u r u s who blurt out moprhe every chance given to them.

No. 235810

She said she stopped supporting jeffree months ago, but she only came out and said it right after kvd did. oddly enough in the same comments she says shes okay with limecrime.

No. 237181

File: 1484846665810.jpg (495.25 KB, 990x747, BFcrying.jpg)

Oh boy! Can't wait until I find what this is about?

French security do not fuck around at the moment. If she was doing something retarded, I don't blame the police.

No. 237186

Why is she in France?

No. 237192

She was probably taking pictures with the gravestones
,some people do find this shit very offensive but getting kicked out is no reason to cry lol

I wanna know too

No. 237193

I think she just likes travelling alot? Besides, it's right next to Germany.

No. 237197

Drac seriously needs her own thread. She kisses Kat's ass to no end. Copies Hussar and other artists. When Kat started wearing all read, Drac ALL of a sudden started wearing all read and switched her feed to a style similar to Kat's. She edits her skin and teeth and is just an all around snob. Any one in the "alt/goth" community thats popular or "famous" is someone she sucks up to.

No. 237208

Agreed. She has very stong snowflake tendencies. How old is she? 25? 26? Still lives at at home, blows money on makeup (literally buys every piece from every collection), dedicates majority of her online persona to emulate Kat, highly sensitive, gets mad at people for comparing her makeup to MCR (which are most likely her teenage fans but w/e) I swear she IS a teenager stuck in a mid 20's woman's body. Also, idk. I find her extremely cringy to watch? You can just feel her awkwardness seep through the screen, especially during her OOTD videos. She is one of the most insecure, stuck up GURUS on youtube. The fact that she acts she's holier than thou bc she's so diff makes her worthy of her own thread. Homegirl's entire style is literally stolen from other people.

No. 237279

I remember watching a video of Dracs cuz my friend likes her and seeing her lipstick smeared due to her giant septum ball chain,
Like fucking ew you already overline your lips to high heaven and now its all fucking smudged at the cupids bow and around the piercing jewlery.

No. 237301


I commented once how I was kind of iffy with her ass kissing KvD and I got blasted from it from other members (not here but don't remember where)

I'm glad it's not just me, because I'm usually a pretty chill person that doesn't overanalyze personalities and doesn't take beauty gurus too seriously but having her rub me the wrong way was kind of an alarm bell in my head

idk like I enjoyed her quirky makeup but it's becoming repetitive, I mean, there's only so many things you can do on your eyelid, and she just draws something for the brows

I never knew her red obsession came from Kat, I genuinely thought she was just broadening her horizon and suddenly her entire haul was red stuff?? like damn, I though that's a bit OTT, I like red just as much as anyone else but that's way too much

ALSO the way she talks about her bf annoys me to no end like yes we know he's gorgeous and he's native american and he loves you unconditionally and he's perfect and whatever but just fucking shut up oh my god

No. 237303

I wish she would show a picture of him. I bet he's not as hot as she wants us to think.

No. 237326

Where does she mention her boyfriend is native american? Thought he was Mexican

No. 237339

I find kind of funny how she's starting selling her art now, when it's all just edgy Hussar-esque shit that an emo teenage would draw. People are buying it because they want something she made, not because its good.

I liked drac in her old videos, she seemed kind of shy and reserved, but she's become pretty obnoxious recently, I guess that since she's used to the camera now she can be herself, which shows that her personality sucks

No. 237355

File: 1484876026789.png (712.05 KB, 1440x2455, 20170119_173255.png)

Remember she posted this photo a while back and basically said this is what her bf looks like blah blah blah and went on and on about how good looking he is. As if it's that fucking important and anyone actually gave two shits.

No. 237356

File: 1484876067798.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2046, Screenshot_20170119-173137.jpg)

No. 237359

>insatiable lips

girl, what the fuck

No. 237361

He sounds made-up.

No. 237364

I'm trying nto to lose it on the bus.
>thirsty lips

No. 237367

That's what I thought too after hearing about him for the tenth time. That or she's exaggerating. But it's just strange that there's not at least one picture of him and her? Or he hasn't appeared in a video? You'd think if your significant other were this involved on SM you'd make an effort to show yourself at least once? And if this guy is sooo handsome uwu why would he have an issue with a photo of him being posted? So many questions. Like her irl friends are involved more than he is. And that just raisies another question, if she's fabricating a personal detail like this are friends just going along with it?

No. 237368

Honestly, the guy probably actually exists,m but she's definitely exaggerating, or is seeing him through rose colored glasses. That paragraph was cringey to read. She's definitely trying very hard to convince everyone he's some super cute nerd boy.

No. 237382

A lot of girls think their man is the hottest thing ever. And I know she vlogged while being with him. Just didn't show him. She's defiantly exaggerating. Reminds me of a 14 old girl,trying to one up her friends' boyfriends

No. 237385

I d o u b t he looks like that. Even if he is real, even if he is native, NA guys THAT good looking are rare and very desirable,as in, they tend to date good looking native girls (or just hot girls in general bc they can), not some gross cringe lord. (from what I've seen, anyway.)

my money says he's some uggo that claims native, as white people love to do.

No. 237494

>as white people love to do

Girl why you got to bring race into this?

But I agree, I really think he's probably average at best. Drac honestly isn't massively attractive in my eyes and her personality is just the icing on the cake. Props to him for putting up with her snowflake ass.

No. 237497

because white people do, you dumbass. Eeeeeveryone's a goddamn cherokee. Now don't derail, esp if you agree anyway?

No. 237499

A lot of people don't like to show off their SO online, or at least I don't, because privacy reasons. I also find it kind of silly to do because if he's not involved into the things she does, then there's no real point in forcing it. Not to mention if they break up lol
But yea, it's definitely exaggerated.

No. 237546

>>I though that's a bit OTT, I like red just as much as anyone else but that's way too much

It definitely is OTT for anyone. Pretty much a week or two of Kat switching to all red, then Drac followed suit and started doing "all-red hauls" (clearly because her wardrobe was all black up until that point). It's really weird to copy someone's wardrobe idea to that extent: like it's a huge change to switch colour palettes so quickly.

No. 237548

I didn't agree with your race comment. I just think it was ignorant. Just because some stupid bitches do something doesn't mean you blame a whole race.

I hate this trend of shitting on white people and the majority of people who say "Oh white people again!" are closet racists and/or 15 yeards old.

Sorry for derailing.

No. 237551

It makes me sad how the whole goth culture praises individuality but it couldn't be the opposite. Drac would be the kind of chick "Don't copy my style/steal artwork etctec" when all she does is copy and steal.

No. 237579

It's pretty much the same thing in every community, elitism sadly exists

Wonder what will happen once she runs out of ideas on what to draw on her brows lol

No. 237640

stop derailing

No. 237656

Seriously. Her looks are so… cheesy. When she first did the little drawing for eyebrows thing it was like ok cute. But then she kept doing it. And then she did the Eraserhead inspired look and drew a fucking chicken on her face. Girl. When she first started doing the hot glue sculpture looks I took a bit of interest in her again but those got repetitive real quick as well.

No. 237661

A fat egg (she literally looks like a egg in a wig) living a cushy life, making money from youtube, with plenty of free time to do WHATEVER she wants and enough money to buy whatever she wants, is crying on the internet about how she isn't happy 24/7

No. 237683

I find it sooo hypocritical that she complais about people who leave negative comments when she damn well used to be a member of pull.

No. 237691


Ironic she's selling her art now considering she used to preach on a soapbox about her art being "personal therapy" and not something she wanted to sell

guess she can't afford the latest KvD makeup eyeroll

I hate her hypocrisy, she will not support Jeffree Starr but she continues to support Lime Crime even though JF's beef is mainly with KvD and on a smaller scale (not that he's innocent, ofc) but suddenly KvD farts and the ass leech Drac changes her tune to match

and she tries to sell herself as having integrity, why, I used to like her, like you aren't obligated to have a sparkling personality if your makeup looks are cool but she's becoming a caricature of herself and bland to boot

No. 237838

tbh she is in a huge crisis atm. she's realizing that she can't keep living her lazy ass lifestyle without getting fat and she's depressed because yt doesn't make her happy but she's too lazy to get a real education or job. now she gets her full self esteem from the internet but if she actually did something in her life that she can be proud of, instead of blaming haters/doctors/thyroids for her misery, she could get her life together.

No. 237839

File: 1484994871352.jpg (591.51 KB, 1148x718, tinayoufatlard.jpg)

Guys, it was a SUPER hard video for her to make!!! Let her have her cake. And then let her make a rant video about why she hates getting fat comments but does fuck all to make herself lose weight.

Kaya is the queen of hypocrisy.

No. 237840

Completely agree. If she got a part time job somewhere it would be better than nothing. She needs to interact with people in the real world for once.

No. 237843

Says she's a big believer in "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all". Apparently that only applies when you're talking about her. She even says that some people have no self awareness.
I cannot believe how dense she is.

No. 237844

Oh but you forget that she can't get a real job because her feet can't handle the full weight of her fat ass all day. And she probably can't keep a real job for more than a week regardless because she's barely worked in her life.

No. 237845

I get that nobody would hire her, but it doesn't even have to be a job, since she's making money from youtube anyway. she could do volunteer work, start working out, go to a class… but all that requires her to get off her fucking ass, so it won't happen.

No. 238107

Yeah she could actually do something worthwhile besides getting employment. She's in a really good position to do something meaningful such as volunteer work, exorcising or just getting a hobby but last time she tried doing anything active she had a mental breakdown because it was just too hard. So you're right, if she has to get off her ass, it won't happen.

No. 238108

As another poster stated, her only way of fulfillment comes from online and even that apparently isn't doing it for her. All she'll have left soon is to scarf down more cakes and get fatter.

No. 238162

Stop for a minute and just imagine this slovenly pig eating a cake while completely naked, probably stopping halfway for a little sob about how her thyroid doesn't work. She needs to do something with her life or soon she won't even fit in the tub any more. As harsh as it sounds, she really needs to pull herself together and focus on something other than what new goth clothes she's buying and how many people think she looks pretty in it when she posts the photo online.

No. 238348

what i don't get is how she even fits these punk rave clothes. punk rave, even in the largest size doesn't go for a bust over 38~ or so inches???? how is she even fitting into these clothes.

No. 238367

OT but what is your opinion on Allison Eckfeldt? I don't know if there's any milk on her

No. 238378

File: 1485110889649.png (416.4 KB, 768x516, 20170122_144547.png)

I can't recall anything specific from when I used to follow her, but I thought it was kinda funny that she claims to be an illustrator when she can't really draw, pic related.

Oh, apparently she wears shitty gothic lolita now.

No. 238411

File: 1485114040078.jpeg (163.01 KB, 634x708, image.jpeg)

>inking a full page with a sharpie and a ball point pen

that aside yeah her attempts at lolita aren't the best, she trys way too hard to incorporate trad elements whilst wearing cutesy bodyline jsks, its a hot mess.

No. 238412

In her haul videos she rarely tries the clothes on and always talks about how it'll look nice when she loses weight. She's been saying that for over a year now lol

No. 238414

There are plus size oline goth stores, maybe she gets her stuff from there. A lot of alt stores have also started to cater to fatties

No. 238427

Yeah I feel as if she doesn't really have the face for Lolita if that makes any sense. Her old Deathrock look was pretty badass, I think it suited her much better than this.

No. 238468

When was it that she really ballooned?

No. 238486

There are goth brands that do plus sizes but punk rave and dark in love are both asian brands that cater to petite sizes. the max bust they usually have is like 37-38ish inches.

No. 238489

In 2015 she started looking bigger but in 2016 she went from skinny to skinny fat to average to chubby to fucking hamplanet

No. 238508

Holy hell, can you believe this shit

No. 238510

>this irony
>mfw 70 people donate to her patreon monthly to get this completely unselfaware garbage

No. 238516

She's got a band where she sings horrendously off-key. I get what she's going for but it just sounds bad.

No. 238648

I think she sounds perfectly fine. It's just a different sound. Much better than the shit the average teen nowadays listens to.

No. 238679

No. 238707

I cannot stand Drac Makens. She's OBSESSED with KVD. Constantly copying her, buying every makeup product of hers (KVD makeup isn't THAT good. Definitely not worth the price. Only edgy goths pretend to like because it's not normie makeup) She made a sculpture for Kat and she didn't even post a picture of it on ig or Twitter, she sent a picture of it to Drac just to show that she recieved it, and Drac has reposted that picture multiple times like "omg Kat is holding my sculpture ahhh" Kat doesn't even follow her on Instagram so clearly the feeling isn't mutual. Drac even posted a picture of vegan cookie dough so if she's going vegan it's probably for her queen Kat Von D and not because she wants to help animals and the planet blahblahblah. I get it if you admire and look up to somebody, but this is crazy. She also admires Michael Hussar. She does lots of looks inspired by him but her paintings inspired by him are a bit too close to his. I'm an artist and if I saw somebody's "inspired" work being that similar to mine I'd be ticked off because I try to make my work as unique as possible and I make sure my inspirations aren't too alike the real thing.
Also, it seems like she doesn't give a shit about her cat Joker. She constantly babies her cat Absinthe and she even made a video about Absinthe and I don't remember her even mentioning Joker in the video. I have two cats and I love them both dearly and I talk about them both whenever I get the chance, so it's not like it's hard to be affectionate towards or talk about more than one pet.
I still follow Drac even though I have all of this beef with her because I like her makeup looks and I love cats so it's nice to see Absinthe on my Instagram feed. She claims to have BPD but I have a friend with BPD and she doesn't seem to behave like her. Seems like a self-diagnoses to me. Also her boyfriend seems …. Fake to me. Like, she won't show his face and hasn't even posted a picture of them holding hands or anything like that. Now she's saying he has cancer and acting pretty chill about it. She doesn't mention having issues with the actual cancer she's just upset that she can't move out of her house now because he's too sick to move in with her.

No. 238713

Holy shit that's a long post sorry I've never been on lolcow before and I've been holding that shit in for so long I just unloaded when I found this thread

No. 238726

Lmao I didn't even know she had another cat also seems really weird to favor one cat over the other to that extent because she only seems to post/talk about Absinthe.

It doesn't even surprise me that Drac claims she has BPD bc everyone on their momma seems to have BPD these days it's just the current trendy mental illness. But she has posted photos of her and her bf holding hands. I can dig them up later if anyone actually cares to see. Didn't know he has cancer though… if that's not made up, that's a real bummer but idk what to think about her. She's sketchy.

No. 238733

I don't remember what video it was where she mentioned her bf got cancer, I think it was posted in June or July, but the only reason why she brought it up was to have a reason as to why she hasn't moved out of her parents house/had stopped talking about moving out so that's why I thought it was a little weird. She didn't even sound that upset about it or said she'd take time off social media to be with him or anything. She's mentioned it a few other times on ig saying he's too sick to eat and that he felt good enough to help her shave her deathhawk (also wtf happened to that she went back to her old hairstyle?)

No. 238735

> calories don't mean anything!
> carbs are evil, guise!

this triggers me so much.

she also literally eats what body builders eat when they want to bulk up but she doesn't work out, so everything goes into her fat cells instead of gaining the weight as muscle.

No. 238795

What made me really dislike drac and secure she is immature and stuck up was last year her boyfriend had a tumour I believe and had to pay for treatment and she just whined about how their plans to move in together was cancelled and nothing about her concer for her so called love

No. 238845

Like she's been living at home for 25 years, she can wait a bit longer. I like how she always goes "I'm so old for drama, I'm too old for this or that" but whines all the time over miniscule shit. What a brat.

No. 238883

im surprised she hasn't brought any clothes deandri, seeing as how kat promotes them constantly and makes her make up artists wear their stuff as a sort of 'uniform'

No. 238894


Allison would be a lot more likable if she'd stop trying so hard. she was more fun to follow when she acted more casually and talked about stuff other than GOTH and UNBOXING STUFF

she's still not as bad as Sebastian Columbine in terms of content and style evolution. i'm still appalled by her insistence upon dressing in mostly string and pretending she's a drag queen.

No. 238895

File: 1485200841394.jpg (60.82 KB, 625x715, lol.jpg)

She's either seen this thread or PULL, and now she's acting like she doesn't care when obviously she does.

No. 238896

File: 1485200914205.jpg (28.86 KB, 611x362, ok fatty.jpg)

Kaya stop making it obvious you lurk here. You know that when people call you "weird" they mean it negatively. You're as unearthly and supernatural as a toad.

No. 238898


Goth chick who was kinda cool in terms of chill. Now speaks with a weird poppy accent and pandering to the lolita crowd.

No. 238899

"Guys I totally don't care and am ~not~ freaking out"
Proceeds to tweet about it for two days lol

No. 238902

She also made a point of instagramming a photo of her riding a bicycle today because SHE EXERCISES!!!! SHE'S FIT AND HEALTHY, SCREW YOU HATERZ

No. 238974

What an amazing singer.

No. 238980

she sounds fine on her newest album at least, but every live performance she does sounds absolutely awful. she doesn't know how to control the volume at which she sings, so she just shouts instead. there's one video of their entire set and she starts losing her voice halfway through.

No. 238982

I like Allison, I think she seems like a positive person even if her Loli style is not all that great. She always smiles in her videos and never seems negative or mean. I dont like her Lolita fashion, I prefer her mid 80s punk style, she reminds me of Beki Bondage with that huge puffy blue hair and punk studded jewelry.

No. 238983

Yeah her voice takes some getting used to. She's gotten better on her new songs but she really does need to work on her technique live. Maybe get a teacher or a friend who can help.

No. 238985

>>238982 Yeah Allison's pretty cool. I think she's one of the few Goth youtubers out there who hasn't gotten into drama or been needlessly bitchy, she even made some videos on goth music a while ago. It's refreshing to see someone who knows their shit.

No. 239011

Haute Macabre and friends, a group of people I come across sometimes who love promoting each other. Pretty whatever for the most part, but there's something… elitist? about them that bothers me I guess.

No. 239012

oh, and the SJW vibe they seem to give off too

No. 239066


I don't mind Black Friday but I had a look at her Twitter and she tweeted something about why do people label themselves. I rolled my eyes so hard. This coming from someone who calls herself goth and labels everything she does as "goth."

No. 239079

I really like Angela bendict (maybe spelling that wrong?) she has a casual goth look and seems like a nice person. Had to unsub to drac today what a fucking ass kisser we get it you like Kat Von d.

No. 239140

Wow, yeah. It's incredibly hypocritical of her to say that. She actually appeared in a documentary about goths where she explains why people would label themselves as goth. Why ask that question when you answered it yourself last year?

No. 239171

Angela is cool. I don't sense any elitism from her and she doesn't try to be so over the top g0ffic like most other goth YouTubers. She actually knows her shit, too. Been part of the scene for a really long time and clearly isn't just in it for the black clothes and spooky boxes.

No. 239221

How did I miss this? I'm at work right now so trying not to laff but OH BOIIIIII HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 239434

this is kinda infuriating to listen to. girl, shut up.

No. 239448

this isnt the first time she's been kicked out of a place bc she looks too tryhard 24/7

learn to tone it down sometimes and dress for your environment

No. 239451

the fact that she's getting journalists involved is just… ugh. she's complaining about "disgusting discrimination!!!" but i mean, come on, you can control how you look. it's not like you're experiencing racism or anything.

No. 239461

It's kind of shitty though that you can get banned from places or kicked out based on how you look. In all fairness, I can understand that odd or quirky looking people can seem a bit suspicious and raise some questions, especially at a cemetery in France. But it still kind of sucks that this can happen.

No. 239464

It's shitty that that happened to her.

No. 239496

I used to dress like a 80s London streetpunk, I had a shaved mohawk, studded vest, boots, all that jazz. Im also brown, people always treated me even worse during my punk days. Now that I dress normal, I only experience racism on a few rare occassions. She can miss me with her whiny BS about being treated differently when she makes a conscious choice to dress like a goth and stand out.

No. 239499

Seriously THIS. She doesnt need to dress like a goth everywhere at all times. She clearly enjoys the attention and stares she gets. She also damn well knew how people would respond seeing a try-hard goth walking in a cemetery with a camera selfie stick. I know I would be furious if I saw one walking near my beloved ones who are buried in a cemetery.

No. 239514

She must not be terribly interested in seeing the Louvre if she couldn't tone it down for a day. Is looking all goth all the time really more important than seeing the "ancient masterpieces" that most people won't even get a chance to see?

No. 239624

She says if anyone is respectful in a graveyard it's her but didn't she make a video sitting on some random person's grave while smoking?

No. 239651

I totally recall her doing that in one of her vlogs (I think it was a vlog???) I spent like 10 min trying to find it just now but came empty handed fml. Pretty sure it was from a year ago bc that's when I was going through my binge watch on her channel.

No. 239652

It was this one here. She does both of the things she said she'd never do in this one video.

No. 239656

Sebastien's movie is going to be such a cringe fest

No. 239662

Ugh she's so tacky. Most people consider sitting on a tomb stone really disrespectful- if any family members saw her doing that whether she's "goth" or not they would probably tell her to get her pasty ass off it.
It has nothing to do with how she's dressed.

No. 239663

I recall Kaz being somewhat better at drawing than this in the past strangely enough.
Maybe I just wasn't looking at her "art" close enough or she stopped giving a shit because "muh fame"

I'm not sure, but I'm getting early "midlife crisis" vibes from her just a little bit.

Even if you want to be really "goff" this is just straight out disrespectful and disgusting behavior

No. 239684

Not sure whats more cringe in this video- the fact she admits filming in a cemetery for 'goth points' or how she's forcing herself to smoke a cigarette like a 13 year old trying to be edgy

No. 239695

She also got stopped at Heathrow airport in London, questioned for hours in a detaining room, and was deported back to New Zealand. Im guessing it had a lot to do with her goth looks. She couldn't even dress down for the airport either, where security is TIGHT and appearances are everything. Airport officials have freaked out over t-shirts showing Arabic words or images of guns, etc.

No. 239698

Am I the only goth person that finds hanging out in cemeteries to be completely fucking retarded? You're disrespecting dead people and their family members that you don't even know just to be an edgy goth that thinks cemeteries and death are beautiful and cool. I unsubbed from Black Friday months ago and that stupid ass video showed up on my homepage. It's honestly disgusting to me. I wouldn't want some stranger hanging around my dead relatives for no reason other to look cool.

No. 239754

I think it's shitty that this happened to her, but as a goth she should KNOW that normies are going to be suspicious. Especially with dressing as extravagantly as her and her husband do. She knows all about the stereotype of goth = satanist / evil / black magic etc. So obviously when a normie sees what they think is an evil satanist taking videos in a religious place of rest, they're going to be angry.

Nobody deserves to be picked on for the way they look, but we don't live in an ideal world and it happens all the time. She shouldn't HAVE to tone it down, but unfortunately we can't have everything we want, so toning it down would have been a good idea. Don't backcomb the hair, don't dress like a fucking victorian, throw on a pair of jeans or a skirt and some plain black tights with a sweater, wear her hair flat and loose, and maybe wear a red or nude lip instead of black. she'd still look goth, just not like an extreme OTT satan worshipping weirdo…

No. 239756

I don't know if she belongs in this thread but the user on ig named V for Void, code name on YouTube Void Noir. I used to like her but her non binary bs has intensified during the last couple of weeks has gone out of control.

No. 239757

So dress Ott, have tattoos and piercings everywhere, and have a huge deathhawk. I've never been kicked out of anywhere for how I look, including places she's been kicked out of like the Sedlec Ossuary. So I don't get it. Maybe it's her red contacts? Or just her demeanor.

I disagree with a lot of you saying to tone it down. You should be able to dress however you want as long as you don't look like a hooker when visiting cemeteries and churches.

Where I think black Friday went wrong was vlogging in a cemetery. I would scoff at anyone with a selfie stick in a place like that. When I went to Dachau there was a girl who took a selfie in front of the showers…

No. 239758

This honestly. It sucks to tone it down but sonetimes you just have to.

Also sorry if I missed it somewhere in this thread, but does she have a job? Or is she like TT jobless and complains a lot?


No. 239761

This is her most recent YouTube video. Snow flake just oozes from this girl

No. 239764

Now that's some cringe. Other than being cringy she seems boring af

No. 239768

She thinks that any one who doesn't follow the bullshit non binary movement is a bigot. There is also a video of her swallowing a chain. If anyone told her what she was doing was ether unsafe or disgusting, it was a direct threat to her "art". She also gets her jimmies rustled if you say she looks like Marilyn Manson.

No. 239788

Im a goth too and i totally agree. Its tacky and disrespectful. honestly its pretty cringey seeing other goths in specifically "morbid" Public places(like a cemetery) just for keeping up their own appearances

No. 239824

Why does every sjw edgelord feel the need to show off their scraggly armpit hair? Fucking neat. You grew your underarm hair out oooOoooOoh

No. 239863

I like TT's boyfriend Jake's channel, he seems always happy, exercising and appreciative of his viewers and enjoys making videos. But every single video they go out for food, he doesn't usually get anything but she always eats something bad like icecream or pancakes EVERY SINGLE VIDEO of a daily vlog. It kind of shocks me.

No. 239865

File: 1485385564048.jpg (84.82 KB, 505x367, kkk.jpg)

No. 239879

She does not have a job. She gets her money from her video revenues on youtube. Her hubby works. She mentioned getting a new office space so maybe she will launch a brand, like in fashion or make-up.

No. 239892

File: 1485387798073.png (50.38 KB, 811x175, Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 23.3…)

She knows that kat's publicity people send out shit tons of free product to beauty bloggers, right? Its not a special personal gift from a super close friend, it seems selfish of her not to do a giveaway. Why not just keep the used palette and the note or whatever that kat sent with it and give away the new one, its not like anyone really cares

No. 239913

Lol… Kat gifted it to her? I looked at Kat's IG she is always busy travelling around the world, she doesnt have time to personally send gifts to a random vlogger…

No. 239916

when people do their makeup similar to manson and then complain about comparisons omf. also i hope she keeps doing the dumb chain thing and chokes to death, y'know ~for art~.

cannot wait for Fat Fakens' attitude to come back to her. how much fucking makeup does she need when she barely puts up tutorials/grwm or even her ~eye art~ posts.

No. 239933

I hate Theblackfriday..why does these cringy poser goths always move to germany :/ wish she'd just fuck off

Bet she was doing some stupid photoshoots at pere lachaise gravestones. Super inappropriate. I've been there myself many times (in alternative style) and never had any problems

No. 239944

I think it is totally stupid she wasn't able to get into the Louvre and the reason they gave was flimsy. Goth isn't that big of a deal anymore, it isn't shocking. And if someone causing a scene is an issue, do they not let celebrities in? Because I think a well known celebrity would cause more fuss than some goth weirdos.

But she should know exactly why she was being kicked out of a cemetery while goth and it isn't that big of a deal. She's being dramatic, but all youtubers are dramatic I guess.

No. 239950

Here is her dumblr:http://vforvoid.tumblr.com/ seems like another snowflake who is hellbent on perceiving ideas with emotions as opposed to logic. Oh yeah also fuck drac makens she is the definition of a shitty sheep. Thankfully, I still have teratology she seems chill af.

No. 239960

Lol Kat doesn't follow Drac or responds to her comments on Instagram. Drac is an obsessive fangirl that think one personal interaction(Kat dming her. Might not even be Kat herself but her beauty team) means that they're bff's. She's even started obsessing over an ugly chick in Kat's team and her boyfriend. It's creepy. Get over yourself Bianca they don't like you you won't fit in with the cool kids

No. 239964

Fat Fakens. Kek that's a good one.

No. 239970

She comes off as such dick istg. Hey Drac, Kat's BEAUTY TEAM sent that palette to you. Not Kat herself. Also it's highly unlikely that Kat would get her wittle feewings hurt if you generously gave one of your subs that palette (doubt she'd notice anyway). You know, because you own two of them already. Fucking weirdo.

No. 239990

Guess ill have the unpopular opinion. I'd prefer her not to give away the palette. To me, that seems tacky. Like a friend giving you something they didn't want. Rewrapping a gift. Even if it's not from Kat directly, just seems tacky. People would just complain that she didn't spend any money on her fans/subs anyways. Not defending her. I actually want to see how much she'll spend on her subs. See what she comes up with.

No. 240054

I'm kind of new

No. 240060

I've been a lurker of this forum for awhile and it's interesting to hear what people have to say on some rather well known alternative people off of YouTube and I can see where some people are coming from.

Me personally, the only Goth/Gothic Youtubers I follow and like (or don't mind) are…

Angela Benedict ~ I agree with another comment, she's probably one of the most down to earth and mature YouTubers I've seen involved in the Gothic subculture. She knows her stuff and she has a good, relaxing way of sharing her stories. And I like how she talks about the 90s Goth scene, it's something that doesn't get talked about much and when it does, it's onny about Industrial or the Mansonites. So she's probably my most favorite of the Gothic Youtubers at the moment.

Allison Eckfeldt ~ I won't lie, I do prefer more of her older content when she would talk about all kinds of subject matter before she got busy with her band. But personality-wise, she seems like a sweet person and agreed, she hasn't thrown herself into drama and just comes off as an all-around positive person. The only issue I kind of have is that I feel like she tries too hard to appeal to everyone. I can't really explain it but I feel that sometimes, she's afraid to say the wrong thing if that makes sense? It's not a total crime and ignoring that, I really like her (and her husband Brady seems chill as well).

Her music… It does take awhile to get used to and I only like a handful of her earlier songs but she has improved with the newest album and I feel like she's getting better at developing her voice. The sound itself from the instrumental side of things was already there but Allison just needed to find a comfortable singing style and I think she has.

BlackFriday ~ I know that some people think she's a "Try hard" but I don't really think that. I do find her style interesting and I like how she actually plays actual Goth music in her videos. She seems like a nice enough person. I will admit that while her story on what happened in France was awful, at the same time, I feel that toning down just a bit would've been more appropriate if she really wanted to go to the first stop. Like if I were her, I would wore simple red lipstick and did my hair in the signature Morticia style but I understand that she likes her bat-nest style hair (it's a neat style). I dunno, from her story, she seemed like she wasn't doing anything disrespectful. But anyway, she's one of my favorites as well.

And well, they're about it. The main thing that will turn me off very quick from a Gothic YouTube channel is if their videos consist of nothing but Haul and/or Makeup tutorials. I find that stuff boring and it just makes me think "Gee, you don't have anything else you want to talk about?"

No. 240072

As for the controversial Alternative Youtubers…

Sebastian Columbine ~ I've watched her channel since her humble beginnings when she used to sport the pigtails & blunt fringe look (I think she was in high school at the time). For the most part in the beginning, she seemed rather nice and pleasant but very shy and suffering from low self-esteem (I'm pretty sure she admitted she had self-confidence issues in a video at the time). Then she got into the Deathrock style and honestly, I thought she looked awesome. I felt her new hairstyle fit her face well and her makeup skills improved. And in her GRWM videos, she'd play some Goth/Deathrock music which fit the mood. The thing that pushed me into thinking she may be heading to the deep end was her "Sebastian is no longer a Girl" video. I was beyond lost with that one… But besides that, I enjoyed watching her accompany her friends to events even though she was a little awkward (again, it was probably her shyness).

Then fast forward when she shaved her hair off and started getting into the Glamour/BDSM/Vintage Hollywood thing. I do like some of her looks to be honest but her YouTube content started getting a little boring to me. And also to add, you know how she made that "Am I still Goth" video? I feel her situation is a prime example of what happens when you let a subculture define you as a whole person. I think she was going this during her Deathrock phase where she may have slipped to far into doing things only a Goth would supposedly do and ended up stifling herself.

So yeah, Sebastian Columbine for me was like watching a kid grow up and explore things. I do wish her well but I don't really watch her content anymore.

Toxic Tears ~ I discovered her pretty late (it was when she was skinny fat/average). I liked how she came across as sweet and mannered but as far as "Goth" credibility goes, I don't really see her as one. Gothic-inclined? Sure. But I dunno about "Goth". The main thing that annoys me a bit is the health talk. Look, I get that some people have trouble losing weight but I saw some pictures of her back then and it amazes me how much weight she accumulated over the years. Now hey, maybe she's telling the truth about the thyroid problem and if it is, I can understand to a degree but at the same time, I feel like it's also just being caused by eating out too often and not being active enough. She mentioned that she starts feeling pain when she's on her feet for too long and in my mind, that just rings that she finds it hard to exercise considering you have to be on your feet to do it. I think at the end of the day though, I wouldn't mind her as much if she didn't keep bringing up her weight thing. But besides that, I don't watch her all that much because a good majority of her videos are makeup tutorials, unboxings, and hauls and I just cannot get into those.

I don't watch much of her boyfriend's videos but from the few I've seen, he seems like a cool guy who's positive and plus, he likes video games (always fun meeting passionate gamers who are also into the Alternative).

Drac Makens ~ Like TT, I don't watch much of her because her usual content is makeup or hauls. I did like her Goth Tag video but I have to admit in her Q&A's, she comes off a little rude and a bit pretentious, especially when it comes to mentioning normal people and that does turn me off. I don't follow her IG but after seeing all the videos she's made about Kat Von D this and that, yeah, she's definitely a fan girl which isn't bad necessarily but I feel like if she bases all her stuff around her, she's going to experience a burnout similar to what Sebastian went through.

No. 240076

File: 1485409614505.jpg (7.07 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

As far as the way older Gothic Youtubers (I'm talking 2008-2012)
Does anyone remember Kill Natalie? She was one of the I like to call, earlier Gothic Youtubers from around 2010-2012 bracket.

I actually enjoyed her content and I liked her quirky sense of explaining things. Looking back now, I think I'd consider her more on the Gothic side than a "goth" because I don't remember hearing her ever talk bout actual Goth bands but as far as personality goes, she seemed sweet and she didn't live off of drama. But she seemed to have disappear off the face of the internet. I hope she's okay…

No. 240091

Yeah I really liked Natalie's videos too. I believe she did a few videos where she does talk about goth music and the subculture.
She actually stopped uploading videos and abandoned her social media for about 3 years. She apparently deleted her entire channel about a month ago, I don't know if she was burnt out on youtube and decided to quit but what may have contributed to that were the comments on her last video. She was doing some kind of outfit/makeup video where she had clearly gained some weight and several comments were not so kindly pointing it out. It sucks that she had to delete her channel but I hope she's doing better now.

No. 240101

I remember her. I actually bought her poetry book way back when she announced it lol (still have it). I always wondered what happened to her. She didn't seem stuck up or anything I recall.

No. 240112


Ah okay, my bad. See, that's how long it's been LOL I used to watch her videos on repeat way back when but yeah, she seemed to have abandoned all social media. I didn't know she gained a bit of weight though, what outfit was she doing? Was it when she temporarily came back after her hiatus?


Yeah. she was one of the least seemingly stuck up people during the early days of YouTube in the Gothic scene.

One person that seemed to rub me wrong back then (another older YouTuber) who went by "KingGutterface". Though mainly from the way he/she spoke (I know she/he is transgender but I can't remember which pronoun he/she preferred) but I remember hearing about how he/she was a big scammer with their shop and scammed people out of their money and as someone who does art commissioning for people, I really can't approve of artists/item creators who pull that kind of stuff with clients.

He/she disappeared off of social media as ell but I hope he/she doesn't do that anymore.

No. 240114

Gutterface is still around. S/he goes by Joji Viktor Grey now and can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/thevultureprince/

No. 240116

>I hope he/she doesn't do that anymore
Oh anon, you're in for one hell of a wild ride.
I don't want to spoil all the milky plotpoints for you but there's a path of terror leading from gutterface/joji's early 'menstruation blood on a doll' offences right up until this day. if you search the site and even the cgl archives for gutterface you will find such notable highlights as faeces-smeared walls and missing pets.
Here's one to get you started https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S6353370#p6354993

At this current time they live with their weird cousin/sister/enabler Eerie and sell totes witchy bone jewelry on etsy.

No. 240117

Except they conveniently "forgot" to ship out the bone jewellery and then flipped the fuck out when someone asked where their package was.

No. 240126

Shes a woman.

No. 240147

They're FTM Trans, they go by male pronouns.

No. 240181

File: 1485430458780.jpg (93.41 KB, 636x352, Untitled 2.jpg)

Toxic Tear's house is such a mess. I don't get how someone can be so lazy when they don't work and are at home all the time.

No. 240182

File: 1485430479477.jpg (113.13 KB, 634x346, Untitled 1.jpg)


No. 240187

Typical fat ppl lolllll
I wish she would get a job and stop being such a heffa but from what I remember she used to cry and whinge about every job she ever had then quit after only a few weeks. She couldn't be making that much money from youtube it is not even a big chanel loooooool

No. 240233


I live in the same town as her and I actually see her pretty frequently at local events and the like. She's actually just as nice in person. She's still around and seems really happy. I'm just guessing internet attention wasn't for her, given that she's really academic.

No. 240280

There's a possibility that KillNatalie committed suicide years back. I can't remember the entire story but apparently she was admitted to a mental hospital at one point in time? I only got to see a fee videos of hers be posted before she dropped off the face of the Earth.

No. 240285

ty, have been holding onto that one for a while but now that's all i can think about every i see her.

my issue with sebastian's 'no longer a girl' video is that she continued to allow people to refer to her as a girl/with female pronouns and never seemed bother by it. currently has "feminine empowerment" in her ig bio and completely ignored someone's comment about her pronouns. so i feel like it was all for attention and she didn't get enough of it/what she wanted so she dropped and went on to something else.

No. 240289

About TTs home I noticed in Jakes videos there's literally rubbish laying around on her floor. Like I understand a bit of mess but I've seen empty drinks and wrappers and tissues just left laying around.
Also I liked her boyfriend but he is incredibly fame hungry and constantly goes on about wanting to be YouTube famous

No. 240297

RE: Cemetery talk. It's kind of different in Europe though, there are graveyards everywhere, like just randomly in the middle of public parks and shit. There's a little park just down the road from me where the footpaths paving stones are made out of ~>500year old graves. I don't think it's that bad to touch/walk on or sit on a grave, it's tacky but it's not that offensive.

No. 240307

…Where in Europe? I'm a yurofag and I've lived in several medieval towns. The cemetery is either connected to a church or placed in a separate park, and in both cases they're nearly always gated. They're open to the general public during the day and the older ones might have graves that are centuries old, but if you're in there purely to sightsee, take edgy photos and be ~spoopy~ then you'll definitely get a lot of nasty looks and might get booted out by the caretaker. The only cemeteries where it's okay to take photos of yourself are the purely historical ones where there's no risk of running into grieving family members, and even then you're not supposed to touch the gravestones or be disrespectful. I've visited several historical cemeteries in Paris, London and Scotland and they reserve the right to kick you out if they decide you're being an ass.

No. 240326

well, I'm in the UK and it's commonplace here. so I guess a bit of an assumption on my part that the rest of Europe would be like that.

I don't know the history behind it, but it seems like we have a lot of effectively small green spaces and parks that also have small, old cemeteries in them. Maybe churches being dismantled, or former church owned land or the gentry giving/selling land to the public. They don't have caretakers and are probably looked after by the council. But yeah usually gated with public access as you said. They're old, but not of any real historic importance probably hence the above.

>but if you're in there purely to sightsee, take edgy photos and be ~spoopy~ then you'll definitely get a lot of nasty looks and might get booted out by the caretaker.

aren't those all pretty touristy things? aside being spoopy and edgy kek. I couldn't really see someone being kicked out of even a managed graveyard here for taking pics. They're often scenic pretty places and supposed to be for the public to use.

btw I did mean to say in my first post that this leads me to think she was probably doing something worse than just taking pics with tombstones.

No. 240396

I don't really remember what she was wearing. Yeah this was after her first break from YT. She wasn't really fat, certainly not as fat as Tox. Just gotten a bit chubby and everyone in the comments pointing it out might have made her want to quit.

No. 240479

Me too, she's likeable and interesting and I love her stories from the 90's

No. 240482

is she still goth?

No. 240493

Not european but when I went to Sleepy Hollow, NY they were selling merch in the cemetery and telling people the best places to take pics. So it's def. a cultural thing. TBH the best way to go about it if you're going to vlog or do something other than a few snapshots is just ask security.

No. 240503

Honestly, I don't think Americans care if people want to take pictures in ANY cemetery, much less famous ones. They'll probably think it's a bit weird, but I highly doubt they'd angrily tell someone to leave over it.

No. 240592

I'd say that's how it is. My cousins and I like to visit cemeteries and see how far back the years go. As long as no harm is done, nobody cares.

No. 240597

TT has mentioned in videos that she literally refuses to clean up and that Jake HAS to do the cleaning. I think she said he's quite messy too so yeah their house is going to be pretty nasty. Ofherbsandantlers on yt has a really fucking messy room too. You can see him struggling to move around his room in vlogs because there's so much shit on the ground.

And yeah Jake does seem incredibly fame hungry. He's also veryyy full of himself. Whenever he talks about himself you can definitely catch that "I'm better than you. My opinion is better and yours is shit" tone

No. 240600

File: 1485497196760.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Kat doesn't follow Drac but she's liking her pictures? When I saw this I thought Kat decided to follow her but I checked and she still isn't following her. Kind of funny because she follows teratology and a random drag queen here in Austin that isn't well-known but not her # 1 fangirl

No. 240601

At the end of deathrockets, a couple of them came out as non-binary. I feel like Sebastian was just following the trendy thing (even though she flipped when they made fun of her) and can't go back on it now.

And if anyone cares, Casey Strange is in jail. I don't remember exactly why, but I think it had to do with assault.

No. 240614

I used to like Jake and Kaya (TT). I watched their gaming channel but it just became more and more apparent that Jake is an asshole with anger issues. He said in one of his vlogs that goth music is garbage/shit, he has no respect for the goth community, etc. Then why do you even want to call yourself goth? He also makes comments on his gaming channel, whenever there is a reference to a popular gamer like markiplier, that he (Jake) doesn't have millions of subs supporting him. His fame hunger is so cringy.

One of Kaya's recent videos leads me to believe she thinks that Aleppo is somewhere other than Syria. Also, months ago she was called a racist by someone for not posting about the DAPL and she said that she wasn't, but a few weeks later she made multiple posts daily about DAPL, including commentary about how sad it made her. She's said before she is so afraid of saying something and hurting someone's feelings, but it seems more like she's afraid of saying something wrong and getting called out for it. Does that make sense?

No. 240646


I don't watch their gaming channel because I generally don't like watching let's plays unless the person is funny and eh, I wasn't feeling their videos, plus they didn't really play any games that interested me.

Whoa, did Jake really say that about Goth music? Do you remember which video it was? Well actually, now that you mention it, I remember he did talk about this on his Tumblr "ask". He says he calls himself "Goth" because he likes to dress that way but uh… Yeah, to me that just makes him Gothic-inclined.

I don't think Kaya is a racist or at least, I don't get that impression from her. She probably just doesn't want to talk about controversial subjects on her channel most likely.

No. 240649

When are people like Drac going to realize that overbeariness is a complete turn off and actually does more damage than good? If I had someone like Drac constantly hang off of my titty like she does with Kat I'd get a tad bit annoyed. Btw I don't think Drac possess a fraction of skill and creativeness in comparison to teratology lmao. Teratology has some annoying tendencies and has pulled the damsel in distress card a few times in the past but she is much more palatable and her style is much more refined and high fashion compared to Drac. Drac is just tacky.

No. 240650

I don't think Kaya's a racist by any means, I just get the idea that she posts about issues like that to get brownie points. I guess I explained my thoughts on it poorly before.

About Jake, this video is here, sorry I don't know how to embed videos. It's at the 13:20 mark. IMO he doesn't dress goth either, he has a more emo style haircut and wears plain baggy black clothes that are like street fashion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EggP4c_6Y2U&t=965s

No. 240656


Wow… That is pretty bad but I think her/his fans are just as much to blame for her/his spoiled behavior.

No. 240658

In TT's defense, her foot problem sounds like plantar fasciitis (I think someone else mentioned it too), and it really does hurt like a bitch. It's very hard to manage if you stand all day like in retail. She used to work at a call center before her retail job though, and she got to sit down and fuck around on the computer all day. Surely she could find a place like that again. Not that she wants to, but you know.

No. 240663

LOL I just remembered once during one of their gaming live streams TT was complaining about wanting chicken wings and someone immediately sent £20 to her paypal so she could order Dominoes. Like, if you have the extra money to spend/send to strangers on the internet do what you want with it, but it was a "really?" moment for me. They really can get what they want from fans from hinting or overtly asking.

No. 240667


Hm maybe…

Just watched the video (well that section of the video lol). Wow see, if he really feels that strongly about his dislike for the Goth subculture, why call yourself one in the first. Because point blank, the music IS the Goth subculture. There's nothing more to it, the music is what started it all and I find it VERY stupid to consider yourself a music-based subcultural term if you don't even like the main thing that it's based around. And some people will call that opinion elitist but I don't care because it really isn't. That's like someone calling themselves a metalhead or punk when they don't like or listen to the music you know?

He's better off just calling himself "Alternative" because "Alternative" was the actual word used to describe someone who didn't want to look like the norm. But that's just my opinion.

No. 240668

LOL That is hilarious. I mean, I guess they have some very generous fans but well, I guess that's to be expected because while both of them aren't BlackFriday size in terms of subscribers, they do have a reasonable amount of followers who idolize them so it's not surprising.

No. 240671

I agree that Teratology is a lot more talented than Drac. I remember when she was going through that rough patch and deleted her account a few times and then she posted videos that her mother took of her having an alleged breakdown, which made me consider unfollowing because really….. A video of you having a breakdown? Cmon. I like her style and makeup more than Drac by far but I do like some of Drac's makeup looks and I like her art videos.

No. 240674

I started watching their gaming channel soon after they first started making videos on it and for a while they were my favorite gaming channel. I didn't like Kaya being on it, she didn't know anything about the games they were playing and she had nothing to say. John was really the only person I liked and since he left Jake started being even more pretentious and annoying than before. Jake started trying to make things more interesting by over-exaggerating and trying to be Pewdiepie.

I think it's funny how they have over 20k subs on MAG but he gets more views on his personal channel that has less than half as many subs. Maybe all the older subs got tired of them after John left too. I still watch them when they play games that I like, which is rarely. Sucks because I really liked the channel for a long time :/ I get the feeling them and John arent friends anymore. I can't blame John for ditching Jake lol

No. 240726

I'm the opposite, I only started watching right after John left, though I did see his goodbye video. To me, they don't really play very interesting games (The Sims 4 and Monster High are two of their most popular series for some reason), or they will start an interesting one and only play it for a few 10 minute episodes then stop. Some of their stories/banter are/is interesting, Jake is so annoying. Like he brags about how good he is at figuring out puzzle games and he thinks he's better than everyone else because he doesn't love Zelda and Mario (and actively complains while playing those games on the channel). I unsubbed a while ago.

No. 240790

File: 1485541476701.png (188.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0427.PNG)

V for Void showing how accepting she is to constructive criticism. By being a crybaby martyr.

No. 240843

>>240790 I don't really see what's wrong with it. I get that shit said to me all the time with my facial piercings they're letting it be known they don't care about those things.

No. 240848

Literally the only video of theirs I ever liked was the P.T. one and it was purely to see then get scared shitless.

No. 240995

Gutterface literally has been accused of stealing neighbor's pets to sell her shitty jewelry. But somehow that's the FANS fault and not the fact that she's psychotic? What kind of logic is this? Sure they enable that shit but they are NOT "just as much to blame". NO.

No. 240996

Sage for doublepost but I don't feel I was clear enough about the fact that Gutterface was accused of stealing and KILLING these pets. How the fuck are the fans to blame for that kind of behavior?

No. 241080

No no, I didn't mean it in that way. I'm not saying her fans are to blame for her stealing/killing pets (is there a source for this btw? That seems a little… Extreme of an accusation.)

I was talking more of her over behavioral. Like if her fans are that generous to keep giving her money whenever she whines about her problems, I'm saying that is not the right way to go handling the situation.

Sorry, I hope that makes sense.

No. 241088

I've never heard that before, that seems pretty extreme. I know they live in a farmy, swampy, country area and they said they went out to pick up roadkill for their jewelry.

No. 241129

Completely agree abou mag gaming John was so funny and down to earth and balanced out Jakes pretentiousness. It's funny Jake and Kaya see themselves as so smart and clever yet watching them play Fran Bow was just painful they barely knew anything. They also went on about living school and education then in another episode shit on university. They literally just think they're better than others and Jake seems to think they're so famous.

No. 241135

"We just want to do things!"

I'm sorry but if you walk around like a fucking crypt keeper, people are going to notice and you should expect attention. Like you don't have to dress up like a fucking vampire with red contacts everyday? Especially when you're on holiday?!

No. 241138

I recently watched one of MAG's(TT and her bf's gaming channel) videos and Jake brought up something about how words in Swedish are spelled differently from how they're spelled and he acted like he was fucking Einstein for knowing that "kj" makes a "sh" sound in Swedish and then he proceeded to mispronounce Kjellberg but thought he was right and he was all like "haha I know how to say this word I'm so smart" yeah no dude you're not. That's just an example of how big his ego is and clearly he isn't as great as he thinks. I commented on the video saying he pronounced it incorrectly. It fucking felt good to one-up his pretentious ass

No. 241139

I meant "pronounced differently from how they're spelled"

No. 241143

That sounds hilarious. Do you remember which video it was?

No. 241144

It's a video from their Stairs playthrough. I'm not sure which video. I believe it was the third or fourth

No. 241148

Actually it's from this video. They start talking about Swedish at around 4:00. Maybe I'm being a twat myself from feeling so good about one-upping him because other Swedes in the comments were just like "aw it's so cute when you try to speak my language xp"

No. 241158

File: 1485608160186.jpg (70.59 KB, 629x732, cry moar fatty.jpg)

Remember a few days ago when Kaya said she didn't care about people talking about her weight or making comments. Remember when she said no fucks were given about hate?

No. 241160

File: 1485608201297.jpg (49.52 KB, 627x601, muh dietttt.jpg)

I think she lied, lol. Obviously it's been eating away at her since she found out about this thread.

No. 241162

Uh Kaya you're not going to lose 60lbs in a few months eye roll and she never ate perfectly clean either she always had cheat days where she ate loads of crap. From what I remember it looked like she ate the same foods and portions as her bf who regularly works out and needs more calories than she does. Yes it's clean but eating 3000cals of clean food isn't going to make you skinny.

My mom had pretty much the same issue, so I get what she's going through. Being skinny and being able to eat whatever and still be skinny and then all of a sudden gaining weight from it and you don't know what to do because you aren't used to dieting or anything like that. My mom became obese so lol hopefully Kaya gets her shit together before that happens

No. 241211

All I can hear is 'Oink oink oink!' Stay mad, Kaya. Keep eating massive portions and claim you are living a healthy life while your fifth chin slowly protudes.

No. 241317

What are some alt/goth youtubers you guys enjoy? I like reeree for her lookbooks, and I like drac's makeup but her personality is so boring. Who you would you guys recommend following?

No. 241319

I just watched the video… good god doesnt she see how people treat her and her husband like freaks? Everyone were asking for photos with her and she loves the attention. Sooner or later shes gonna get sick of it. Shes such an attention hungry whore… smh

No. 241321

Oh my god when she blinks, her eye makeup is so awfull, its smudged all over the place! at 4:56 you can see it

No. 241322

angela benedict, and i also like snowy lowther

No. 241359

How the fuck does she have the room in her bags to pack all her make-up, jewelry, hairspray, shoes and dresses? I love to travel and I like being comfortable on the road.., her eyelashes look like they might break off anytime or her eyeshadow will get smeared, etc… its too stressful

No. 241362

Did you notice that her youtube avatar pic still shows her as skinny? Lol she doesnt look like that anymore.

No. 241375


I second Snowy Lowther and Angela Benedict. I also like The Gothic Alice and ReeRee Phillips on occasion.

No. 241516

I know, its almost like an entirely different person. A similarity to catfishing people kek.

If anyone is interested BlackFriday released part 2.

No. 241540


Well, like I mentioned above, the channels I actually enjoy are people like Angela Benedict, ItsBlackFriday, SnowyLowther (such a seemingly sweet person), Alien Queen of Darkness, & The Goblin Queen/Kazlovesbats

ReeRee Phillips has a soothing voice and she has a way with words. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of Killstar as I find the occult symbol patterns on clothing quite obnoxious but I will say that ReeRee certainly knows how to craft an interesting look.

I also remember loving TheVampirePandora but she hasn't made any new videos in quite a long time. Same with two other Goth YouTubers Dreiaabat (She deleted all her videos so I'm guessing she may have wanted to stop doing YouTube videos unfortunately) & LailaAutumn (hasn't made a video in a long while).

Oh! TheGothicAlice can be quite interesting to watch too. :)

No. 241590

I agree- Jake is so fucking fame hungry that I can't stand it. He's only doing shit for the views, not to mention his clickbait titles- I'm not going to watch your entire stupid vlog for the 5 second part I was looking for. I had to unsubscribe from him, yet his videos keep popping up in my suggestions. UGH!

No. 241595

I can't even watch her anymore- she's terrifying!

No. 241596

His clickbait titles and stupid ass thumbnails really irk me. I'm subbed to his personal channel but I've only watched two of his videos because the clickbait titles don't interest me. But in the two videos I watched(top 10 favorite horror games and the silent hill tattoo video) he sounded ~~sooo~~ full of himself my eyes felt like they were going to permanently roll into the back of my head because of how many times I eye rolled.
I actually think his music's pretty good tbh. I used to listen to his album on bandcamp a lot but I haven't listened to it in like a year or any of his new music

No. 241597

Whoever commented about someone's music being shitty deleted it. I figured they were talking about Jake's music since it wasn't a reply and people were recently talking about him but idk. I was talking about Jake tho.

No. 241611

File: 1485710245561.jpg (25.35 KB, 480x270, IMG_2146.JPG)

Bitch needs to shut up, this doesnt do anything but show how little self awareness she has and that shes clearly sheltered as fuck.
Going to the Louvre looking like youre dressed for a halloween party isnt something a museum appreciates.
It wouldnt be weird for them to reject somebody wearing a Marie Antoinette costume and its not disctriminatory that they dont want to admit two gothtards. Its a very valid reason that they dont want people in there who might cause a scene, yes you might not be doing anything but you are conciously and willingly sticking out like a sore thumb and could cause tourists to collect around you which would distrupt the flow of the museum and pulling people away from the actual art
Had this been your everyday life and they rejected you from like Walmart, yeah thats fucked and dumb but these are big tourist attractions and youre showing about 0% awareness of this.
The graveyard part is also very understandable, cause to the rest of the world you look like youre walking around dead folks resting grounds for the 'aesthetic' and fetishizing their deaths as something totemo goffic and beatiful. Seriously does she hear herself talking about VLOGGING in a GRAVEYARD. Had she dressed low key and just been a casual goth like the rest of us has the decency to do atleast when going to such public and active spaces it wouldve been weird but youre looking like an autistic midget dressed in too many layers of cheap black frill and foundation slathered cleavage.
Also why the fuck would you cry and who calls being asked to delete footage as 'scary'. I thought Aussies were hard asses not over emotional sperglords.

Sorry for the rant tbh

No. 241614

I agree with Angela and Snowy although she did a recent video about false lashes and the way the title/thumbnail/video was made I'm really hoping she's not starting to lose herself into a spon void that most beauty bloggers never come out from

I like Sara Monster even though she doesn't upload frequently but she's chill and I feel like her reviews are honest? She did a cool video about black liquid lipsticks some time ago

Unic0rn Pies is still a new smaller channel but she does the more extreme Black Friday/Adora type of goth makeup

TEZMania is a classic channel by now even though her sub growth is terrible considering how many years she's been making videos and has gone through so many hairstyles

mirrorsandhaze isn't extreme but she does cool "dead" looks and I enjoy those muted makeup styles, also she's very to the point with her swatches and reviews which I appreciate

there's also biohazardous beauty although I don't really appeal to her face? probably just my own bias talking

Gothic Alice is great for information on popular gothic entertainment but by god her personality is like watching paint dry. She talks and moves like a drone. I feel like she takes herself too seriously sometimes

Jade the Libra is the more tumblr "grunge" aesthetic but she does cool looks too if you can get past how many products she slaps on her face and her personality is love it or hate it

Not goth at all but used to do cool looks was Nibbles. She's more punk I'd say? I'm torn on her because on one hand I love her appearance and style and I agree with her opinions on stuff but again I feel like she takes herself too seriously especially when she's disabled comments on her videos (not all of them but most)

No. 241616

Well said! Like I said she is an attention hungry whore and likes it when people stare at her. The vlog shows that many strangers asked for a selfie with her. She and her guy would have disrupted the calm atmosphere at the Louvre. I laugh at her cos Im so embarrased at how thirsty she is.

No. 241627

agreed. as someone who dresses 'alternatively', there's a time and place for certain looks and i've never been asked to leave a place due to my appearance.

liked tez up until i sent her some things to promote and she can't even be assed to credit/tag me when she wears them. also seen her sucking up to fat fakens b/c that's how everyone in subculture scenes are.

No. 241631

File: 1485713674669.png (901.18 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Thanks, Ill check those out! Ive been subbed to biohazardous beauty for a while and I get you mean about her face, shes pretty but whenever she closes her eyes theres this weird bump? I pretty sure its her eyeball but it kind of wigs me out

No. 241638

Louise la fantasma started making yt videos recently, Ive liked her instagram for a while and she seems chill, hopefully she will start to upload some interesting content

No. 241669

I really like Emily boo (her ex tried to cheat with Raven lol) but she seems super sweet and positive
I also like snowy as she seems really nice too

Also agree about Jake he's very fame hungry and is just dying to be YouTube famous it's actually sad. He adores game grumps and really tries and wants to be them. However he is talented with music and I actually like what I've heard too.

No. 241693

Never heard of her before but I love her hair. Deathhawks are def my favorite alternative hairstyle. Way better than Black Friday's nasty beehive and TT's hair that always looks greasy somehow. I wish I could have a death hawk but I can't bring myself to shave my head

No. 241696

I like Emily's videos but she's too sweet. I feel like a shitty person whenever I watch her videos because I'm not that sweet. She doesn't seem fake at all either. T Tears' sweetness seems fake to me.

Reeree is very sweet as well and I like her videos (also I think she's one of the hottest goth YouTubers) but she's like too sweet for her own good. She responds to hate and she gets emotional over lots of things. If you watch her IG stories she goes on rants about commenters and random things she sees online. You have to learn to let some things go when you want to become social media famous.

No. 241699

File: 1485725512719.jpeg (77.38 KB, 750x503, image.jpeg)

Sorry but I laughed out loud when that picture of him popped up

No. 241712

You dont have to shave your sides. Maybe dye your sides a different lighter color and dye the rest of hair with a darker color and use it as deathhawk?

No. 241721

File: 1485730774875.jpg (21.51 KB, 300x300, 3DTsCgt.jpg)

a flat-against-the-head braid like this would work. i had a deathhawk myself in my teens and growing it out was a pain in the ass

No. 241723

Take your derailing to a hair thread.

No. 241728


No. 241754

ReeRee is gorgeous but shes not very interesting. Youtubers who just talk about makeup and clothes are boring. The Gothic Alice is a lot more interesting and talks about a wide array of topics related to goth but she can not dress herself, she's always Suzy-tier

No. 241861

I forgot to hit the reply button, then didn't bother to re-type it.
But, yes, I was talking about Jake's music. It sounds like any other guy these days who wants to make music. There's nothing individualistic about it. Sounds plain boring to me, but to each their own…

No. 241883

>>241861 I agree with you on that. I'll admit that he's talented but his songs are just completely generic. I've probably heard 100 other bands that sound just like him.
And his lyrics are suck too.

No. 241899

Tbh most goth or punk bloggers are boring. All they do is hauls, make up and fashion. So trite! I want to see travel vlogs, history, art, etc. why dont any of them ever visit art museums or go hiking in the woods or talk about interesting facts? Black Friday at least travels and made some good vlogs showing a few places.

No. 241969

Ree Ree occasionally posts travel vlogs but they're edited down to like 5-7 mins long. She has a few of going to concerts and hiking and one was going to some cute little antique shop that looked like it was in the middle of nowhere. I don't know if she only films that little or if she edits them down so the viewers don't get bored. Personally I'd like to see more of her vlogs and longer.

I don't mind makeup videos and lookbooks from goth 'tubers, 'cause I'm interested in those things. I can't stand spooky box videos and hauls are starting to bore me.

I used to watch a gothic YouTuber named Vizion Inpitch. I forgot to subscribe to her on my new YouTube account and I just never resubbed lol but she was cool when I watched her. I liked her more once I saw her on Instagram commenting that she loved a white girl's dreads. It was nice to know she didn't believe in cultural appropriation. She's black btw. I remember she talked about her boyfriend and she's into ddlg and petplay and whenever she talked about him she would call him by his dom name which made me kind of gag.

No. 242093

Dreiaabat stopped making videos after she got really involved in a white power organization with her bf. Her personal fb feed is basically a stream of Trump and lame white nationalist memes.

No. 242098

File: 1485790857828.png (405.05 KB, 987x554, w43e5y78u9i.PNG)

Holy fuck, I thought you were joking…

So that's why she shaved her head last year… I had no idea.

Now I understand why Dreiiaabat and Laila Autumn and all the Seattle goths stopped talking. Messed up.

No. 242102

Yep. It happened so suddenly, like she was brainwashed or something. I didn't know her super well but I stopped talking to her and her bf shortly after as did a lot of people.

Her fb friendlist is pretty much all neo nazis now, like she's cut off from normal people or something.

No. 242108

I still had her on social media because I thought she was cool. I remember the Seattle goths making videos and taking pics at Twin Peaks and stuff.
I thought Dreiiaa looked really nice and had great makeup. Never expected this was what happened, wow. Especially since all her friends were left leaning.

Do you have more stuff from her Facebook? Most stuff is private for me.

No. 242115

File: 1485793368306.jpg (1.24 MB, 1631x1434, cringe.jpg)

I don't think she posted much nazi stuff lately, either that or she blocked me from viewing it.

Her bf posts more of the cringeworthy stuff so I grabbed some stuff from both their pages. He ditched the androygynous look with the nail polish/makeup and is now trying really hard to look like baby Varg Vikernes.

No. 242170

>And if anyone cares, Casey Strange is in jail.

I wondered what happened to that nutcase. It looked like he deleted his tumblr and I hoped that he was going to leave his ex alone since he got called out on harassing her. Since he's in jail he is living off the American tax payer now isn't he? >>124987

No. 242184

Man my mind is still full of fuck. I come from a country that went through a fascist regimen and most people have terrible stories to tell about trouble with the government because of censorship / torture, so seeing people openly supporting this just makes me sad and confused. Sorry for blogposting.

Also is that kittensandcoffins on the comments there? What a disappointment too. One of the cutest goths on social media.

No. 242185

File: 1485808321615.jpg (100.24 KB, 505x568, img_1747.jpg)

From this to that, hypocrisy much? He sounds pretty repressed honestly.

No. 242191

That comment underneath the left-wing hit piece though, top keks all around. Didn't realize some idiots out there would actually use those terms publicly, especially after all those articles were written about them (though the comment might've been made before those hit the mainstream, I don't care enough to check). Talk about hardcore signalling.


No. 242202

Kaya says she's sooo busy but anytime I'm on twitter so is she and seems to be mid rant over something. She's such a negative self righteous person it's actually exhausting reading her stuff

No. 242325

I will check out her vlogs then. I love to travel so I like seeing vlogs of interesting places.


Black Friday has a new vlog. I was pleased with the scenes of Paris she showed later in the video, so much more interesting than her ramblings.

No. 242327

I hope they both get punched. Fucking Nazi losers.

No. 242342

I had to unfollow her on Twitter because she tweeted way too much lol. It seemed I was on Twitter as much as her and I don't have a job and I finished school so It's hard to believe she's so busy when she's online as much as my loser ass is.

No. 242460

I found her to be amusing at first, but then I got tired of her crying about this and that all the time. Not to mention her ever growing wishlist along with mentioning how she 'needs' something every five seconds…

No. 242484

The_Goblin_Queen has some vlogs from her visits to some unique places, along with just random 'walk about' vlogs. I have really enjoyed her videos over the years. >>242325

No. 242489

(My apologies for the multiple 242325!)

No. 242518

Legit 99% of her tweets are wishlist mentions and whining about things. Can't she whine to Jake? Even if he's busy editing videos or whatever she could just sit in the studio and bitch about things just to get it off her chest. Even if he isn't paying attention it would feel good to let it out. Keep the bitching away from the public

No. 242604

Oh yeah I enjoy Allison's travel vlogs too. She went to New Orleans a few times and has some vlogs of that place, I wanna go visit.

Are there any other interesting goth or punky vloggers who live in other countries and show the place in their vlogs? Besdes Black Friday who lives in Berlin.

No. 242622

File: 1485876043927.jpg (427.63 KB, 3352x2465, collage.jpg)

Got bored and had a look at one of Jake's vlogs. Took some lovely screenshots of Kaya away from her ring lights and selfie angles. Yikes.

Here's the vlog if anyone wants to see her in motion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZufRb1j5Owg&t=348s

No. 242634

When did this happen?! I wonder if he sold all of his skirts and high heels? Is this because he somehow managed to get a S/O and she's a nazi?

No. 242695

That place looks fucking awesome. But why the fuck would you wear a dress/skirt and tights to such a place? I know that's what she wears all the time, but she must have gym pants at least.

No. 242711

As much as I like to wear skirts, tights, and dresses, I'd definitely wear a pair of SHORTS with fishnets instead. The thought of even showing undershorts under a skirt seriously bothers me. Shorts, Kaya- wear some plain SHORTS!

No. 242732

Kaya seems like the type of person to throw trash on the ground even when there's a trashcan a few feet away because she's too lazy to walk over to it

No. 242756


This here. Youtubers who only talk about makeup and clothing gets very stale very quickly so that's why while I can respect makeup craftmaship, if they don't have anything else to say, I have no interest being subscribed to them even if I like their look. I disagree on the second part with The Gothic Alice. I feel like she has some really interesting looks going off of her Instagram. True, some outfits look very mismatched but she can also come up with some pretty cool looks as well.

No. 242759


That is insane! O_O She never struck me as the type to be involved in that kind of thing…

No. 242777

looking at those pictures it looks like she is wearing shorts underneath unless its her underwear? Still, I would wear leggings or something to a place that, wanting to dress goffik all the time screams tryhard, it doesn't kill you to tone it down a little kaya (she looks a like hot mess all the time anyway)

No. 242784

I like The Gothic Alice's style. I think she said somewhere that she hasn't repeated an outfit in like 8 years or something. She gets most of her clothes cheaply and second-hand and alters some of them to suit her style. She also makes videos about that and encourages people to do the same and experiment with their style. Better than buying expensive instant-goth clothing, IMO.

No. 242786

Is it just me or do Jake and Kaya not seem very in love ? They've been together for like seven years and on their gaming channel they get in little arguments a lot because they have very little in common and Jake's narcissism and anger issues make it look like he's trying to hold in screaming that he's right. I dunno. Just looks like they're more friendly than romantic. Maybe they just don't want to show that side of them publicly but Jake is so fake thirsty and Kaya already is way too open about her whiny feelings that that's hard to believe.

No. 242794

Yeah some of the time their banter is okay but most of the time it's hard to watch because you're afraid Jake's going to freak out and starting yelling. There are episodes where you can tell Kaya is purposely baiting him to piss him off even more. I get when you are play-annoying each other, but when he legit has anger issues it's like, why?

No. 242798

"Fame thirsty"* not fake thirsty sorry

No. 242803

Yeah in some videos it seems like she tries to piss him off even more and in some she won't move or talk at all because he might freak out. Their relationship seems very strange to me. Kaya's mentioned that he used to punch holes in walls and break things when they first moved in together it makes me wonder if he's abusive. He's had to stop playing some games (Resident Evil 4 for example) because he raged too much trying to kill a boss that wasn't even hard. I can easily imagine him throwing a huge tantrum while editing videos when the sound or video fucks up.

No. 242807

Here is him raging for a few minutes because their livestream wasn't working.


No. 242814

Oh my god that's hilarious. I love how he started cursing out Twitch just because they didn't go live on there instantly. I don't know how Kaya could put up with him

No. 242831

I'm from the same place as her, but she puts on this American accent. It's so dumb, it makes her sound so fake.

No. 242860

I was saying to wear just shorts. Even seeing the shorts she wears under her skirt is cringy.

No. 242862

Dear god… I wonder what he's like when someone gets his order wrong.

No. 242883

are people still crimping hair? is it 1997?

No. 243012

I think Snowy crimps her hair. It actually looks good on her because she tries to style it and give a more 80's look.
Kaya just looks like a fat Weird Al.

No. 243242

File: 1485986992912.jpg (9.63 KB, 235x214, download.jpg)

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, why doth ye daddy issues children speak my name?

No. 243632


Sebastian is trying to kickstart her generic horror movie for like 50k and has only made about 900 dollars so far after a month. it's kind of hilarious.

sage for irrelevant

No. 243633

I can't believe she needs that much money. Or at least thinks she can get it all through GoFundMe…

No. 243905

Her acting, annunciation, dogshit editing, and those camera angles made me cringe. I love good B horror. But it needs to stand out in someway and not take itself too seriously.

Plus if you're mentally ill and want to make a film exploring mental illness, wouldn't you not want to paint it in a negative and false light?

It's gonna be a disaster, I can't wait.

No. 243922


it's a shame she can't provide a trailer that makes it look like a film worth watching and not some vanity project.

obviously, someone has faith in it, because they donated 500 fucking dollars with the note "revolutionary film", unless that was just her donating some of her youtube money to herself to make it look like the project isn't failing so hard.

965 of 50,000 dollars raised in two months for this revolutionary psychological horror that looks like it'll be a shitty gorefest with some hamfisted messages about mental illness or something.

"I may look cute and innocent, but horror is my passion." really, goth girl? who would've guessed?

No. 243952

Maybe she could get vforvoid to join in the project. She's a boring, pretentious, emotionally unstable snowflake like her.

No. 243972

Her makeup is so awful! Crusty foundation, uneven brows and messy eyeshadow. I wouldn't trust a makeup product review from her, yikes