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No. 391202

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread (>>>/snow/387658) Munchie Queens.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has a button tube but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Fray.

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is tired of her, even her family, and some people in the Munchie thread, so here's a place to talk about her to your heart's content.

No. 391231

>She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick"
Top kek, thank you

No. 391237

I have a feeding tube question, but also no gripe if people weigh in with their personal experience here; this is a medical and personal question: Jaquie says she's on a 7-day transition to the Kate Farms formula. If you were up 8 times in a single night to have the runs, would you "transition" or would you just switch cold turkey? And GI docs, would you really tell a patient to transition over 7 days?

She claims her weight is stable and she is not underweight, but she still wants to gain 10 pounds.

No. 391238

It will be interesting to see if her friend Janiece goes back to regular life after her medical crisis or whether she develops a chronic illness business plan like Jaquie's.

Janiece's wheelchair. For her gall bladdar. I can't say any more.

No. 391240

Thank fucking Christ someone made dis bish her own thread. Now fam who just follow Jaquie's munchie antics can do so here, and our OTT/MBI General topic won't be overrun with her bullshit.
Thank you based anon!

No. 391242

I've heard people say that in every "joke" there's some truth…I feel like Judd gives J&J crap but there's also a part of him that means it. But then has to be like "lol kidding" to cover his ass.

No. 391243

Someone brought up on the other thread that she probably didn't get tpn, just iv fluids with vitamins and dextrose. That makes so much for sense, of course she's exaggerating that

No. 391250

In my experience, yeah, you switch over slowly (like one can a day, most people are doing 5-7 cans a day if they're relying fully on tube feeding as jaquie claims she is). But jaquie honestly doesn't run enough formula for it to make a difference.

No. 391252

File: 1506132449268.png (2.46 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_7496.PNG)

Not only is her port access line hanging out, she specifically pulled her shirt down to show it. Judd looks like he's teetering on the edge of losing his shit

No. 391253

File: 1506132691656.png (2.29 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_7497.PNG)

She's also showing off her new formula, in the size of bag they use for children. (I see a ton of spoonies/munchies use the small size; normal for an adult is the 1200 ml bag, because most adults who are feeding-tube dependent need to fill up more than 500 ml at night, and no one wants to have to wake up and refill their formula). Kek she's probably excited to get less calories while keeping her precious toob

No. 391254

File: 1506132790778.png (281 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7498.PNG)

Rest of the post.
She couldn't "tolerate" her old formula. So she definitely needs an organic, pre-brokendown formula, especially since she totally can't have all the restaurant fried food she's been eating

No. 391257

There is absolutely no reason for her to need a specialized formula. She's not allergic or intolerant to dairy or grains or proteins, since she can eat all those things. It's literally her demanding to be more "special "

No. 391260

And she's sitting at the table, eating dinner. Just she think people are that stupid??

No. 391271

Thank you OP! She's the only person I really followed in the Munchie thread. I have a hard time in the mix bag of cows type of threads because I can't always keep up with what's happening with multiple cows. Now all her lies and bullshit will be neatly kept in one place kek

No. 391272

her hair looks so damn dry all the time bitch trim that shit

No. 391276

Glad you liked that, kek

You’re welcome! Enjoy ;)

No. 391286

I can't remember everything Jacquie is gushing about over Kate Farms but…I watched her 7/31/17 video and matched the can to her old formula.


It is also gluten free and suitable for lactose intolerance, etc.

The guide also does say to avoid "extreme temperatures". It hasn't broken 95 in Tampa all month according to the Weather channel almanac and although Jacquie says it spoiled because the house got past room temperature, I don't believe her. It's a canned good. I checked against some canned infant formulas. Some of those can spoil if stored above 95 degrees for a long period of time but since the AC is almost always on in the house, and the power wasn't out for that long (like a day?), then she's lying, again, for sure.

No. 391331

Jaquie looks like she's got classic bulimia face. I've noticed it more in recent months.

No. 391332

Yeah most formulas are fine up to 100++ degrees. I've left some in my car when the outside temperature was 115 degrees , and it was totally fine. Jaquie is never satisfied with her medical toys, and as soon as she starts to get bored, there's some sort of an issue that gets her something new.

No. 391335

It looks like everything between the formulas is pretty much the same except the organic label slapped on it. What a dumb attention whore.

No. 391344

For the life of me I don't know how he tolerates her shit. Their life is so rigid and dramatic yet boring. And for nothing. I wonder what happens between them off
camera? Like does he ignore her or address it or just go along with it?

No. 391366

Everytime I've personally switched formulas, I just switched without a "transition". Some people will do half old formula and half new for a couple days while they're getting use to the new one, but if you were unable to tolerate the old one at all, then there's literally no reason to transition and all the more reason to just straight up switch it.

>>391253 a lot of people with the infinity pump use the smaller bags during the day because it's easier to carry around. (I hate carrying around liter bags! But you do what you have to) However we all know this is not her case and she certainly doesn't wake up multiple times a night (or even run her pump) or switch to bigger bags at night..

No. 391372

Same here. Switched once, without transition period.

As to the bags: if we'd believe her story, she would start using bigger bags at least at night pretty soon now. Right now she is running her feeds on a very low rate, so she can get away with using the smaller bags at night without getting up. But she got this new formula so she can increase her rate, so it'd be interesting to see what happens. My guess is she keeps using the smaller bags.

Wait, is she already on a peptide-based formula? That doesn't even make sense. Also, I don't understand why her dietitian or doctor would prescribe it.

Has PPN lipids though? It seemed as if her bag in hospital had lipids in it.

Personally, I think someone (not being very smart) in the team saw she already had a port in place and thought "might as well give her some nutrition in the meantime". It doesn't make sense in many ways though. They clearly believed her so they thought she was quite malnourished, and they start full-on TPN? She wasn't dangerously malnourished. And even if she was: all the more reason to be careful; TPN has an even higher risk of refeeding syndrome than tube feeding has.

No. 391378

Looked it up, it WAS TPN.

See video, at the 3.19/3.20 mark, if you zoom in on the right pump (the one that says "50" in the upper screen thingy, just below that is says "TPN" on the pump).

No. 391380

Sorry, samefag. Definitely look at the 3.19 mark, at the 3.20 the letters are gone.

No. 391462

It sounds like she just picked a random immunodeficiency symptom off of Google. Panhypogammaglobulinemia, seriously? Has anyone heard her mention this before, specifically?

I'm disgusted that she is trying to hide the fact that she hardly uses any formula by tossing it out.

No. 391463

Question: would it be a good idea to make this thread about Janiece also? Seeing as their vlogs overlap sometimes AND Janiece seems to be quite a bit literal in her 'following' of Jaquie?

…or would it be more appropriate to post about Janiece in the general Munchies thread?

(I'd like to vote for the first one, as J&J are the only ones I follow actively. I like to lurk and occasionally post in the general thread, though. But really, who has time for all that? There's too many! Before I came here, I had NO idea that Factitious Disorder was so prevalent on the internet. I'm not active on social media, so that probably explains my ignorance in that area..)

No. 391466

>>Panhypogammaglobulinemia, seriously? Has anyone heard her mention this before, specifically?

(Still haven't figured out how to quote properly, no idea how that will look when I post it.)

On topic: yes, she has mentioned it. I think after her bone marrow biopsy, or maybe after a geneticists' visit. I'm inclined to believe this one, actually.

No. 391470

I feel the same as you on this one , I too onlu follow J&J and considering they are often in the same vlogs , and Janice seems to copy Jaquie , think that having them in the same thread would be eaiser . I dont know what others here think |?

No. 391472



No. 391473


I have never done a slow transition. If a patient needs a different formula, then meeting their nutritional needs is much, much more important than whatever side effects they get, which we can manage (already tube fed and got the runs? Loperamide. Heartburn? H1 antags or PPIs. Nausea? Zofran.). The only time we have done 'trial feeds' of a single can under supervision was in eosinophilic disease, to ensure that the patient would not get anaphylactic or otherwise misreact to some of the less well known ingredients, such as preservatives, in the formula.

No. 391476

I think Jaquie should keep the title because clearly she is the drive behind the insanity but I definitely think Janiece should be discussed here as well. Maybe just mention her by name on the thread description after this one fills up. It's hard to discuss Janiece without Jaquie references and it's pretty clear that the original Munchie thread is no longer welcome to discussion of Jaq.

No. 391481

Samefag as >>391466

Looked it up. Geneticist dx'd her with it. Explanation starts at 8.10.

As I said: I think this one is real. It's clearly not rehearsed, she wrote it down as the doctor explained it and is struggling to pronounce it.
Another reason why I think it's real: if I understand it correctly, this is the main reason she is being prescribed IVIG. Her insurance covers it (and I don't think she is lying about that, she'd probably create a lot of drama if they denied it). And although I don't know a lot about US health insurance, I'm pretty sure they won't cover IVIG if there wasn't a proven immunodeficiency (or another clearly proven, severe disorder for which IVIG is indicated).

But.. it also can be asymptomatic, although that is considered rare. So while it may be far-fetched, it IS possible that it is an incidental find. Also, it CAN be a side effect of certain medications, especially anti-epileptics. Which she is on. (Though I'm not sure which one!) She talked about gradually stopping them, but unlike drug-induced leukopenia and agranulosis, hypogammaglobulinemia doesn't always reverse itself (quickly) after stopping the medication that was causing it.

I DO think that doctors wouldn't overlook that possibility most of the time. But with Jaquie, as she is seeing so many specialists, I don't think it's completely out of the realm of possibility either. Especially if she is already off the medication that caused it, they might not immediately think of it.

NOTE: I'm not saying it is drug-induced in her case or that it is an incidental find. I'm not even saying I think that that is the case. There is no way to know; I am merely pointing out possibilities.

No. 391491



Now, I'm not a haemato, but a few points sit ill with me:
- panhypogammaglobulinemia is a clinical finding, not a disorder or disease, so to me, unless she comes up with evidence that there's a follow up to differentiate her type of immunodeficiency (SCID? ADAD? Wiskott Aldrich? Bruton X-linked? I am sure there must be others but these are the only primary causes I've seen in practice), 'tis BS. There are very clear reasons why differentiation is hugely important, and it would be very bad practice to just empirically treat a single lab finding with IVIG.
- In most cases, PHgG happens in the context of SLE, which however she clearly doesn't have.
- Most of all, however, the pattern of infectious disease in immunodeficiencies is very well documented. It's not the same as being sickly or catching every bug. I'd expect to see coming down with opportunistic infectious from S. pneumoniae, Staph aureus, Haem inf, Pneumocystis pneumonia, site infections and so on. The clinical picture does not seem to show this to be congenial, which means it's either incidental or iatrogenic. My money is on the latter, and not necessarily not factitiously so. I have seen factitious immunodeficiencies, and they're not pretty.

No. 391494


One more point, apologies for samefagging. In most cases, a de novo dx of PHgG is very rare. Normally, it is found either upon a genetic screen of relatives of someone diagnosed, or with an opportunistic infection. To see PHgG diagnosed just randomly is weird to me. But then again, as said, I don't deal with this a lot.

No. 391499

>>unless she comes up with evidence that there's a follow up

But wasn't that why they did the bone marrow biopsy? I don't remember what the outcome was, though. There were some findings though.

No. 391502


As far as I know, she does not have a specific immunodeficiency diagnosis. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 391504

No, I don't think so. She says there was no name for it, because it was so rare.

No. 391506

That's my question. If she's so severely immunodeficient, why isn't she getting central line infections? Because people without immunodeficiency get them, and definitely not rarely. Especially with her port being accessed all the time (at least that's what it seems like).

No. 391521

Mary Frey tried an organic pea protein formula when she got her first NJ but because of her CF and pancreatic issues and couldn't absorb the nutrients from it and changed to a different one now Jaquie wants a sooper spedhul formula because a normal one isn't good enough

No. 391542

I can't believe she actually thought that no one else would have heard of gargling with salt water. It's one of the oldest tricks in the book. How can she be so far removed from, well, EVERYTHING?

No. 391597

Someone here pointed out that her old formula was already peptide-based. So the new one is not "better" or "more broken down", "easier to absorb" or anything. Only difference is that it's organic. There are probably some ingredients that differ too, but they'd be pretty comparable.

Also, I've asked this before, but HOW is there any difference between organic and non-organic if the formula is peptide-based? Not that a regular formula or even regular diet is more healthy if it's organic, but that's another discussion.

No. 391600


In general, it means that the source material is organic. Basically, you can create an entire TPN meal or tube formula from industrial chemicals. Or you can make it from organic ingredients, such as most oil carrying seeds, plant protein etc. We had a Big Long Talk about this at work and concluded the difference is ethical and not clinical, and we're not gonna make the NHS pay for people's ethical food preferences. There is not a single study that shows natural or artificial feed to be clinically different to a sufficient degree, and the risk of protein admixtures (biiiiiiiig issue with eosinophilic patients) is much greater with organic feeds.

No. 391601


There is no such thing as an unnamed immunodeficiency. Nope. If she were so rare, there'd be journal articles by the dozen about her. Shit, at any decent hospital, any case of anything even remotely rare is written up, doubly so if we manage to keep the patient alive through peer review and publication. And she surely would have mentioned that. Like, every five seconds.

Bottom line: probably drug induced PHgG of dubious or negligible clinical relevance given the total lack of relevant opportunistic infections. Almost definitely not congenital as she lacks congenital markers. In other words, it's another entirely meaningless thing that's wrong with her that she latched on to and forced some poor fuck to give her IVIG for. Lovely.

No. 391608

That's what I mean. I'm guessing this formula is not elemental but rather semi-elemental, because with an elemental formula I don't think organic is even possible. But even so, it won't make a difference in how your body handles it. Jaquie talks constantly about her wanting to be her formula "as wholesome as possible". It's like she thinks the formula will be healthier and/or better.

No. 391616

She said the geneticist would maybe get a med student to name her disease and "get it in the books". First thing I thought was "why wouldn't that doctor want to write a case report himself about her?"

>>another entirely meaningless thing

Her geneticist seems to think it bears some meaning. I agree that there is the possiblity for it to be be drug induced or incidental. But even IF that is the case, I don't think we can blame Jaquie for not knowing that.

I know that many of her symptoms don't add up and I really don't like the way she presents chronic illness (and that's personal for me, for one thing I am sometimes SO jalous of what she can eat - won't go into further detail there). But I also don't thing we can write off EVERYthing she says. Even if what she says doesn't seem to add up, at times that could be just her not explaining or understanding things well. Or sometimes it might be because not all test results are back yet.

What starts out as healthy scepticism sometimes on these boards imho is taken too far. Even a liar speaks some truth now and then. Remember that even Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar (even though he probably didn't, lol).

No. 391618

I know little to nothing about central lines/access points, but isn't it bad for Jaquie to have her port accessed 24/7? I could've sworn I remember hearing it destroyed the skin and tissue in the placement site. If she really wanted a tube flopping around all the time, wouldn't something like a Hickman be better? (not that she needs anything at all)

No. 391624


I had a port but needed it accessed all the time, and I don't have any immunodeficiency, and it got infected. A port absolutely should not always been accessed. Tunneled central lines are better for that purpose, as they don't ruin your skin as much an have a lower risk of infection completely to an always-accessed port. Plus, ports have a higher failure and infection rate for people with EDS (especially if it's someone with a concurrent immunodeficiency problem), so the fact that jaquie has had no problems makes both health conditions seem less likely

No. 391626


Again, is it a genetic issue that actually causes symptoms, or an anomaly that means nothing? Also, if it was that special, her doctor would want to write it up themselves, and not give credit for a new discovery to a student.

No. 391641

The thing about Mary, if I'm recalling correctly, is that Peter had to drive half-way across Mass to get the special formula Mary wanted, but she couldn't tolerate it, so she ultimately used the regular ol' formula that the hospital had.

No. 391646

Mary's sooper speshal formula also didn't work with the enzyme cartridges so she was having to take enzymes orally every two hours including through the night. She is extra as fuck. And of course Peter has to wake up every time she does.

Some people compare Jaq to Mary in a favourable way… Or used to before Jaq got so obvious. Not because Jaq is good or anything but because she at least lets Judd work and sleep through the night… Mary sets a really low bar, is what I'm saying.

sage for barely on topic

No. 391652

It's not normal and it's not healthy. Having it accessed for a week or two at a time for IV antibiotics (like for CF patients) or in an ICU setting is one thing, having it accessed 24/7 "just in case" for at-home use is irresponsible and extremely high-risk. Line infections are serious. They kill. A port isn't a fashion statement and it's certainly not to be used recklessly. Jaquie is a fucking idiot and when she gets that thing infected it'll have to come out - good, in her case, as she doesn't fucking need it, but I'd like to see it taken out before this bitch gets sepsis and carditis and is in ICU because she thought her fashionable toob was safe to shower with while accessed. Seriously, what a dumb bitch. She saw an allergist a few months ago that told her she didn't need a port and should get rid of it, because the cow walked into his office with her port accessed for IV Benadryl - what a laugh. Children with severe peanut allergies don't get portacaths and have constant access just in case they need IV Benadryl, because the infection risk outweighs any sort of benefit the Benadryl would give. Epipens are so much safer, and whatever crackpot doctor signed off on this cow getting a central line needs their license stripped imo.

No. 391661

I completely forgot about the 'round the clock enzyme pills. I don't understand why Peter stays at the hospital with her for those long stays.

No. 391663

No, it's not normal, but unfortunately some doctors sign off on it without thinking about or informing the patient of the risks. (Previous port anon here) My doctor didn't, and I didn't think to ask. I was lucky enough to avoid sepsis (infection stayed local for the most part), but it was a very close call. Sepsis is incredibly scary, it happens fast and you feel like you are dying, and you're terrified that they won't be able to get it under control and that you will die, or lose limbs or have other complications, if you're mentally there enough to think that clearly. Jaquie just doesn't care. She doesn't need a port; it's not appropriate for her "needs", and she's not careful enough with anything. She doesn't even set up her tube feeding correctly, and that's super easy. She gets things for show, without thinking through the potential consequences.

No. 391665

The only reason I think Mary is slightly better than jaquie (not by much, they're both terrible, terrible people) is that Mary actually has a medical need for her feeding tube and port. Jaquie needs neither one of those. But I'd rather pull off my own fingernails that have to listen to either of them.

No. 391668

Halfway across Massachusetts? LOL! Most people in the US drive farther to work every day ? That's like driving across the county (maybe even city) I live in. Talk about OTT.

No. 391672

Massachusetts is 190 miles across. Halfway is a pretty good drive.

No. 391675


Some responsibility has to go to whichever doctor treating her who's stuffing her full of tubes (kek, I'm immature) with seemingly no regard for her safety. Unless said doctor doesn't KNOW Jaq is accessed 24/7 and generally being an idiot…but I personally still lay some blame at the doctors door for giving her the unneeded port in the first place. She can go to a damn infusion centre like every other person who needs regular infusions and have a peripheral IV or temporary midline or PICC at absolute most.

No. 391680


It is a clinical result that may be evoked by a genetic cause, a metabolic cause, iatrogenic, factitious etc. in her case, it's almost sure it is not genetic, as she would carry very evident markers of childhood immunosuppresion that are easy to check for. Meaning, it's acquired. She's probably HIV-, so it's not AIDS. That leaves iatrogenic, metabolic or factitious. Metabolic immunosuppression is extremely rare in the absence of profound malnutrition (virtually unseen in the developed world) or inborn errors of metabolism (which we would know about or she'd be dead by now). So, iatrogenic or factitious. My money is initially iatrogenic symptoms caused by her epilepsy meds which she upped before tests to create a short term bone marrow suppression leading to low Ig levels.

No. 391683


Forgive me as I know nothing, but how could the hypogabbaglobulinaemia be factitious? Do you mean deliberately induced as part of factitious disorder?

No. 391688


> She said the geneticist would maybe get a med student to name her disease and "get it in the books".

Because that's totally how it works lol.

Seriously. Does this chick think there's nobody here who is in clinical research? We publish freakin' everything sufficiently novel. Meanwhile she's talking like there's a big book of diseases and unless her immune system boo boo isn't in there, it's not real. The degree to which that statement alone, and the naming of diseases (eponyms are frowned upon these days, and rightly so) as she perceives it, misunderstands how modern clinical medicine works is staggering. She must get a weird satisfaction out of having a free ticket to socialize with physicians and always outwitting them, one step ahead, but I'm getting tired of her shit.

No. 391689


In general, a clinical finding is regarded as factitious if it is induced in any way with a secondary gain. Not necessarily the same thing as FII but an element of it. In the overwhelming majority of cases, patients tend to do so with easily available drugs, prescribed to them or to persons in the same household, which have a known effect. It is not hard to induce hypogammaglobulinemia, and where the origin is in bone marrow suppression, it will by definition be polyclonal, I.e. panhypogammaglobulinemia.

No. 391691


> Even a liar speaks some truth now and then.

I have no problem believing the truth from anyone, liar or not. The problem isn't that Jaq is a mythomaniac, the problem is that her reflected understanding of what's happening to her can't be correct. I am not here to judge her character, but I am here to point out they don't align well with reality.

No. 391854

>> the problem is that her reflected understanding of what's happening to her can't be correct. I am not here to judge her character, but I am here to point out they don't align well with reality.

Oh believe me, I know that. Many, many things don't add up about her. But sometimes people here can be a little quick to judge. I'm pretty sure some of her medical problems are genuine. Personally, until I see evidence of the contrary, I think I believe her epilepsy and narcolepsy are real. The immunodeficiency I'm not sure of, but there could definitely be something going on there, iatrogenic or not.

If she isn't making sense, sometimes that is because she is talking BS, but I also think that other times it could be because she simply doesn't understand it. Or maybe it is partly true and she is just filling in the gaps, leading to an unbelievable story. It's entirely possible for someone with factitious disorder to have a chronic medical problem, as well. In fact, it is generally believed that FD is more common in people with a chronic illness.

People here have pointed out it is suspect that she never had a line infection. That may be the case, but I also think that if she DID have them, some people here would say that she probably infected it herself. So I'm not saying they can't be right, but I'm also trying to overcome my own bias towards people like her.

Of course her doctors are also responsible. If I would've asked my GI for a permanent tube, I'm sure he would've told me 'no, you get an NJ until you're at a decent weight, after that we're weaning you off'. Maybe he would've said 'if that doesn't work, we can see', but he wouldn't have just gone ahead and scheduled the surgery. No way.

The problem is that there is an implicit trust in the doctor-patient relationship. When a patients walks in a doctors office, they both assume that they have the same goal: getting the patient in the best health he can possible be. If that trust is betrayed, it is very difficult for a doctor to do his job. But in the end, Jaquie didn't put her own tube in and she also didn't lie THAT much. I mean, she was eating the same stuff in the hospital that she eats at home. If she really wanted the whole world to believe that she is absolutely dependent on that tube, she could just not eat anything on camera. But she doesn't do that, so obviously she thinks (or she wants us to think) that it is a good thing to have a tube if you can eat only small portions and have a lot of nausea.

I'm assuming that's how she presented to her doc, so I don't get why he didn't first sent her to a dietitian who would've told her to try smaller and more frequent meals. If that didn't work, substituting with shakes, etc. She wasn't extremely underweight, so they had time to try different strategies. Even if she would've been extremely underweight, they should've put in a nasal tube to get her back to a healthy weight first and THEN try out all that. So, yeah, her doc is to blame as well.

As to the 24/7 accessed port: just for the sake of argument, let's say she is speaking the truth. She got the port for IV saline therapy which she did three times a week. Setting aside the question whether she needs that, for that kind of frequency using a port is not unreasonable.

Then she developed the anaphylaxis/angioedema. Again, let's say we believe her. If someone had episodes of anaphylaxis more than once a day that put them in hospital, I can understand that the pros would outweigh the cons.

But NOW? She hasn't had an attack in months. They should've decided to de-access her a long time ago. She can use the epi-pens if she gets angioedema. It makes not sense to leave her accessed right now. She is using IV Zofran probably so she can rationalize leaving herself accessed, saying the IV Zofran is 'stronger'. No it's not. Yeah, in a way it is, but it depends on the dose. If you get a higher dose orally, it will be just as strong. IV works faster, that is true. And you can't puke it up, but there's Zofran suppositories as well.

It's just less fun to give them to yourself in a crowded restaurant while filming yourself.

Well, it could be fun depending on how you look at it, but the reactions you get WILL be a bit different.

Saged. Of course. And sorry for being soo long.

No. 391910


No one who needs iv zofran all the time would be able to eat what she does. And even if she actually needed her port accessed all the time, it doesn't means she has to make a point to show it off in all her pictures. Jaquie is manipulative, yes her doctor shouldn't have gone along with giving her the port or feeding tube or tpn, but jaquie obviously knows what to say to get those things. If she gets an infection or keeps gaining weight she doesn't need to, then it's honestly her own damn fault.

No. 391928

>>No one who needs iv zofran all the time would be able to eat what she does.

To me it's one of the more strange things about her case. I think the use of IV meds rationalizes either to her or (she is hoping) to her viewers why she can eat all kinds of stuff and still claim to be very sick. At the same time, it legitimizes her port being accessed 24/7. Win-win, in her mind.

But really, if someone responds THAT well to an anti-emetic, that clearly spells the placement of a permanent (let me emphazise that) tube was premature to say the least.

I really should go back to check when she starts using the IV Zofran and if it has always acted as the miracle drug she now presents it to be. (On the other hand, I really should go back to my studies.)

And wouldn't it be GREAT if anti-sickness meds actually worked the way they seem to work for Jaquie? That would actually change the world for a LOT of people. Wow.

No. 391934


Kek yeah, especially since zofran actually works for very few people with GP

No. 391936

I was just reading the patient instructions/leaflet of Zofran. Some notable side-effects in the 'common' category: hypotension (great with POTS), dizziness, especially with IV use (also great), tachycardia (yeah), weakness and - less frequently: diarrhea (although obstipation seems to be more common).

No. 391941

>>She saw an allergist a few months ago that told her she didn't need a port and should get rid of it, because the cow walked into his office with her port accessed for IV Benadryl - what a laugh.

Right, I had almost forgotten about that. I'll include the link for those who haven't seen it yet.


But remember guys, this was - of course - a terrible doctor! Kek.

Overall, though of course the patient plays a large part in all this, I also can't get over how many stupid doctors are out there. For one, the tube was clearly not necessary. Or, if I want to give her (a lot of) the benefit of the doubt, in any case it isn't good practice to put a permanent tube in a patient with a borderline low GES result without any further testing or trying alternatives first. It just isn't. No matter what Jaquie might have said. The same goes for her 24/7 accessed port. If there was any justification for that in the past, there isn't anymore.

And there's so much more. Take her pain doctor, for example. They are planning to do toradol injections in her neck (I had never heard of that, where I live it's either steriods or things like pulsed radiofrequency). And they are giving her Ketamine at the same time. Now that is just stupid. If her pain decreases, how are they supposed to know which of the treatments caused it? There's more examples like this, it's just odd. Or does she somehow find only doctors that will just give her whatever she suggests?

No. 391947

Folks have said she goes to Mayo a lot. Additionally, I think she seeks out doctors who are already open to more unusual treatments. About 4 years ago, I had an ex-gf who was on an ketamine infusion treatment and it was considered kind-of-experimental at the time. That gf also went to Mayo a lot and they seemed open to trying new things. Jacquie surely takes advantage of that.

What's a little bit baffling to me right now is now that she has a "cold" she caught from Judd, it's indistinguishable from her normal vlogging. She doesn't seem more sick even with a cold. I don't know about anybody else but when I get sick, it's pretty obvious that I feel shitty and I can't tell with Jacquie.

No. 391950

Toradol is a medication given for migraines, that rarely lasts more than 12-18 hours. And it's a single shot in your butt that a primary care physician can give in their office.

No. 391956

Okay, I know mayo is supposedly the best, but to be honest they have a lot of doctors with big egos that get in the way of patient care. They overlook serious issues, and are quick to jump to surgical interventions and often widely unproven treatments. Also, the only EDS clinic they have is in MN (not FL where jaquie goes), and otherwise they do not have the expertise. Some of the decisions they make there are scary, and things like allergic reactions are ignored.

No. 391958

>>What's a little bit baffling to me right now is now that she has a "cold" she caught from Judd, it's indistinguishable from her normal vlogging. She doesn't seem more sick even with a cold. I don't know about anybody else but when I get sick, it's pretty obvious that I feel shitty and I can't tell with Jacquie.

Yeah, that's odd. Apparently, it's a sinus infection. But even with a normal cold, you can hear it in ones voice. Not all the time maybe (your nose may be more stuffed on certain moments of the day) but she is showing us footage that she taped on different moments during the day.

And it's not that I think Ketamine treatment per se to be strange (my pain doc suggested it for me if our current treatments won't work - either ketamine or cannabis. But it might be considered more or less experimental or 'out there' depending on the country you're in). It's more that it's stupid to do two treatments for the same subjective symptom at the same time. There is no way to know which one caused which effect afterwards.

I think they are using it intra articulair? I'm not sure; as I said I don't know the particular treatment. It's supposed to be a kind of follow up on her nerve block at Mayo. Which is also strange, as she said she had a few hours relief from it and that was not enough to justify doing it again. But wouldn't that have been a test treatment, if it worked for just a few hours? You know, a temporary block with lido or some other local to see if a more permanent block would work?

Anyway, the toradol treatment they are doing is supposed to work for weeks or even months. So I'm not sure what treatment that is, I think they either use it intra articulair or near the nerve.

No. 391983

Most places use lidocaine blocks (or whatever nerve blocks are), and Botox, if that's not enough. I've never heard of a doctor offering toradol for long-term, it's specifically stated everywhere that it's for short-term pain management only (5 days maximum, as it's a super heavy duty nsaid, and can cause bad side effects). And it has has the risk of gi ulcers and bleeding, which I would think they'd avoid with someone with EDS, as EDS can cause intestinal fragility and bleeding on its own.

No. 391998

But has she even had a migraine recently? Lying Jaquie seems to have moved on to feeding tube pain and the next wave of drama

No. 392015


No. I think she's said it's for her neck? She'd be much better off strengthening her neck muscles, instead of looking for her next over the top treatment for something she probably doesn't need

No. 392017


I still don't understand what feeding tube pain she's going on about. Does it hurt around the tube? If so, that's pretty normal and you put cream on it and keep it dry and go on with your life. If it's because it's too small, serves her damn right. She doesn't need a tube and is gaining weight without using it hardly at all and pigging out in junk. I also wouldn't doubt that she's purging out her g port with a syringe, which can cause pain because you're absolutely not supposed to do that. Or maybe she's not really in pain and just being a whiny munchie as usual

No. 392025

She claims she has "horrible pain" to the left (her left) of the feeding tube stoma. She went to the ER for it right after the hurricane because her GI was like "idk what you want me to do, my office has no power." Imaging showed nothing.

No. 392031

Can anyone remember when her feeding tube pain started? Was it before or after she started venting and draining?

No. 392038

she had it before , when she had the long tube. but claimed it was cause the long tube had a kink in it and that was causing the pain. the pain went away for a while with the new tube then came back again from what im aware

No. 392040

If I remember correctly, she keeps her port dangling outside her shirt because she needs easy access to it in case she has a reaction right? But it'd only take a second to grab it out from under her shirt if she needed it and if she can't wait that long she should be using an epi and not IV benadryl.

Or is it because she can't handle how it feels on her skin?

Either way she needs to fucking de-access already. Before it gets infected or it gets caught on something and rips out of her chest. Maybe she's hoping for some dramatic vlog content to spice things up.

No. 392044


Hmm interesting. I wonder if the pain started again after she was finally allowed to vent/drain. I think she had to wait a little while to do that right?

No. 392048

It seemed to. The reason a stoma hurts is because it's not a natural opening, it's a hole through your skin, fat, muscle, and stomach wall. It oozes, and that irritates that tissue that naturally shouldn't be exposed. It's part of having a feeding tube for a good percentage of people. But if she's messing with the tube by purging through it, she could be causing pain by moving the balloon around, or negative pressure against the inside of her stomach. If there was a problem with the j portion of the tube, there would be no mistake that that's what was going on.

No. 392055

There are so many solutions if you don't like how it feels. Tape it to your bra, your shirt, wrap gauze or tape around the cap. But it honestly doesn't feel like much. It would take just a second or two to pull it out if she needed it. And yeah, I'm super surprised she's not either pulled it out or gotten an infection.

No. 392056

A button tube is the same on the inside as a long tube. Only the outside is different. My theory is that everyone was paying attention to the hurricane and everyone who was seriously affected, and not to her, so she had to change that by claiming bad pain and going to the er.

No. 392058

At one point, she said she dangles it outside because it would catch on her dangling feeding tube. I noticed, however, that she has not put it back in her shirt now that she has her button.

No. 392077

And a feeding tube and accessed port line are not even close to each other. Jaquie wants people to see her line, and give her all the asspats for it. The actual best way to keep a line from getting caught on anything is to keep it under your damn shirt until you are actively using it.

No. 392085


But what's even the point of having a port, or a line, or anything like that if no one can see it right? Ugh.

No. 392146

Jaquie claims to be "hacking up mucus" omg bc she's sooooooo sick! She doesn't sound one bit congested, doesn't even clear her throat once, much less actually cough.

I could pick apart almost every little thing she says in this fucking video, which would make for a long and repetitive post, it's ridiculous.

No. 392149


So fucking what? I do that most days. It's called asthma. Maybe I should make a vlog and ask people to buy my MUCOSAL MIGHTY t shirts.

sage for rage

No. 392161

I’m sorry but literally when someone with chronic illness gets sick on top of already being sick it’s so awful. Like you can barely function as it is so getting sick makes it just as more impossible. How is she still having so much energy? She is acting the exact same way and looks bright eyed and colored. If she was really that sick she’d be laying in bed or unable to fucking do anything. It’s like she just thinks of a new topic every day because she’s losing interested and audience because notice she’s not on a health “journey” any longer searching for diagnosis after diagnosis. So each new day it has to be SOME kind of drama.

No. 392169


I did suspect this would happen when she promised a DAILY video. Only so many times you can show your tubes off.

No. 392173

I really don’t get why the daily video. It’s completely and utterly unnecessary. A weekly one or every few days would suffice.

No. 392174


To justify her pointless Patreon?

No. 392181

Wasn't she obsessing about having to "go out of state" for some sort of procedure or surgery related to her MALS? I remember her mentioning in in several blogs then she started saying that she was too ill to travel so far so they had to wait and now it seems like she hasn't mentioned it in ages.

No. 392182

I just went back in her vlogs and she seemed so healthy at the beginning of the year. I wonder what happened, being a munchie consumed her life?

No. 392184


What did she talk about before?

No. 392193


She still ranted about her health and being too sick to travel out of state, but if you go back to the vlog where she complains about the allergist, she actually looks really healthy. She's not using a mobility aid and she doesn't do that stupid fake sick face at all.

No. 392194


I saw that one. No wonder he told her to ditch the port, she's the fucking picture of health there!

No. 392248

I highly doubt she has MALS. she eats way too much to have it

No. 392250

She's the textbook munchie, she's making herself sick. At this point it's probably due to her lack of exercise, poor diet, and probably bulimia.

No. 392251


Three helpful ways to make doctors think you're actually ill from the symptoms they produce

No. 392355

Bulimia is an actual illness. But I get your point: making doctors think you're sick with something ELSE.

No. 392367

For a moment there, when she unpacked her 'tubie pads' I thought this would be one of those rarer vlogs where she wouldn't show us her tube. But no, of course it wasn't.

If I had the time, I'd make a statistic out of it. Counting the number of times she shows the viewers her port, the dangling lines in it, or her tube. Also, I am pretty sure that the percentage of vids where she shows her tube has greatly increased since she got that button.

Um.. why? I mean, I'm not on YouTube, but I'm pretty sure if I were to make daily vlogs, I wouldn't be showing my ostomy in every other vlog. Or surgery scars, or my belly button or whatever. I think I'd even refrain from showing the world my naked butt. Not entirely sure about that last one, though. Sheesh.

No. 392380

Definitely, she is sick, just not with all the illnesses she's claiming make her a sooper speschel spoonie.

No. 392382

I don't have a problem with people using those tubie pads, they do help, but no one wants to see an adult showing theirs off. It's like underwear, we don't want to see yours. And she seems to think having a tube, especially a button, makes her special and unique. Sorry to have to tell you, jaquie, lots of people have them, they just don't show them off and have actual lives that involve things other than trying to be the worlds' rarest, sickest spoonie.

No. 392392

I cannot believe how many she bought and how many are for holidays. Jesus. I understand for kids, to like get them excited and help them transition to a tube if they need one and all but nobody should be seeing Jacquies. She even chose one for wear at Disney.

No. 392405

I don't know you, but thanks for keeping your butt to yourself. ;)

Regarding showing the tube or the port, during the hurricane, I noticed that it didn't dangle, her shirt wasn't pulled down. Janiece and Jaquie seemed to let go of being ill for a few minutes.

But as soon as Irma started to pack up and leave Florida, the pains returned, in full force.

No. 392413

She has 21 decorative tubie pads not including the one she is wearing today or in a drawer somewhere. What the absolute fuck?

No. 392415

That's just ridiculous. I understand having a week's supply with maybe a few extra, since they do actually help, but that's beyond reasonable. It sounds like more of an obsession than a need. Especially picking them out for special occasions, that screams "small child" to me.

No. 392425

Exactly! I mean she is 21 years old. She's not five. She shouldn't be showing her tube to anyone but her doctor, her husband and maybe her mom.

No. 392441

J&J have been invited to UCF to talk about service dogs. DO NOT WORRY - Jaquie has recovered from her sinus infection and is well enough to make the trip to Janiece's house for the panel. She was worried she wouldn't be able to go. Bless her heart.

Jaquie didn't bring the right clothes to Janiece's house, so she needs an emergency outfit, so they will shop before the event. Shopping and speaking! In the same day! Bless her heart again.


Which doc on here wants to prescribe all of us the magical energy-boosting antibiotics she's taking? Make those scripts out to ANON and check the UNLIMITED refills box (available on all magical Rx pads).

And it's interesting. Jaquie calls it "an event" on her vlog and does not say where they are going. Janiece tells everyone all about the speaking event. She is all smiles and does an excellent job covering up the debilitating stomach pains that have her wheelchair- and bed-bound, bless her heart, too.

All illnesses seem to be on hold until further notice.

Let's just bless their hearts again.

No. 392469

Seriously cannot believe she was planning on wearing leggings & a t shirt to speak at a college. Guess she is just too super sick to wear anything else (until her friend says she is wearing a blazer, so now Jaquie needs a blazer so her friend isn't special).

No. 392477

That just goes to show how far removed from day to day reality Jaquie really is. I think she legitimately doesn't get that most people can't just show up to life in printed leggings and a t-shirt.

No. 392479

Jaquie is sick when it's convenient to be. When she doesn't want to do stuff or when she thinks she isn't getting enough attention. Oh I am so sick I can't get a job, I can't drive, I can't be alone, I can't go into stores alone. Wait what? You want me to star in something? SOOOO not sick, Erma Gherd!!! Sign me up!

No. 392494

Right? She says it usually takes her weeks get over a “normal people sickness” yet she conveniently gets over it in a days time just in time to go to the conference talk lol. That’s Jaquie for ya.

No. 392496

And that there are lots of people who actually have the conditions she claims, but can't go shopping whenever they want because they have medical bills, even though they work (yo).

No. 392500

BECAUSE SHE DOESNT HAVE ALL THOSE ILLNESSES! She has an eating disorder, some anxiety, and maybe epilepsy (but maybe not that one either). She's a lazy slob who mooches off everyone else. She would never miss an opportunity to talk about herself and her "illnesses "

No. 392502

Brilliantly stated anon! As one with chronic illness I can attest to everything you said; when I got the flu it turned into pneumonia and then into pneumopericardium (which I didn't even know existed at the time.) So as you can see it wasn't normals everyday life for 3-4 weeks and it was obvious. When I even get a cold I don't even want to get up to the ladies, yet she has the same vitality we see in all her vlogs, and as also mentioned by a few anons she doesn't even have even slogbtly stuffed nose or scratchy throat to even suggest a mild cold. Saged for irate blogrant! God I hate this bitch.

No. 392510


I am amazed by her sinus infection genius. Wakes up with a sore throat, got to get those antibiotics, start calling it a sinus infection to justify the antibiotics, totally cured within two days. And then she's singing the praises of the antibiotics.
She was never sick! Her body happily fought off the invading virus. She had a few minor symptoms that never turned into anything. Antibiotics don't work that quickly and she never had time to develop a bacterial infection anyway.

Meanwhile people die of simple post-op infections that are resistant to antibiotics.


No. 392517

I don't hate her. There's really no reason to. I just REALLY dislike the way she presents herself as a role model or advocate for those with chronic illness or disability. (And I am jealous of what she can eat and do, if I'm perfectly honest.)

>Seriously cannot believe she was planning on wearing leggings & a t shirt to speak at a college.

And her tubie pads, of course. Which I am about 90% sure she will show them.

Thanks, the underwear analogy is helpful. I couldn't quite describe why it was making me uneasy when I wrote >>392367

I don't have a problem with her using them either. I use cloth panty liners and I get the being exited about different colors and patterns. I even get buying a few more than you technically might need. But she is just taking it too far. Pads for different occasions? No. Just, no. And the showing off is just.. eerie. Like a small child showing he has Mickey Mouse on his underwear. Only in this case, the small child is an adult that is trying to convince people she is some sort of role model. That's just not right.

No. 392519

Yes!!! Exactly. And I know this has been hashed again and again. And not to be one of those people but since we’re on the topic as a person with chronic illness myself as well as you stated I also just can’t wrap my head around how she can VLOG and edit and do all the shit she does all day long. That’s something that as ALWAYS evaded me as well. I just don’t get how someone with a supposed immunodeficiency and especially now we’re looking at a mitochondrial dysfunction now be able to keep that type of energy going to be able to vlog all day long and wake up each day and edit those videos. I don’t have near the amount of health jargon she claims and I still don’t even manage to keep my house clean most days lol. It just seems impossible. And to manage all her accounts, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram (TWO Instagrams). That’s a lot of work it’s a full time job. She claims she can’t work but technically that’s working. And I’m willing to bet this bitch most definitely gets paid by YouTube, via how many subs she has and since she has ads. Not to mention she does private chats and sells t-shirts on the side. No “chronically ill” fucking person that sick would be able to keep up with that stamina, I’m sorry. At least not with the history she claims to be having going on.

No. 392521


While we are on the subject… PLEASE tell me (almost) everyone here is using an Adblocker when watching her videos?

No. 392529

Also, wouldn't the fact that Judd got her sick mean it's 98% certain it's a viral infection, not bacterial? I get that people who are immunocompromised are at risk of developing bacterial infection on top of viral ones (e.g. a cold of flu that leads to pneumonia) but that's not what was happening here. And the vast majority of sinus infections are viral, too.

No. 392536

Did I see correctly that Janiece's wheelchair isn't anywhere to be seen today? Would be interesting to see if she uses it tomorrow. Up until now the way she has explained it, she would need it until her galbladder surgery. And after that, as she is already counting on the recovery to take a very long time. I'm really interested if she'll ever ditch the chair though. I think she either will try to get her very own custom one, or discover using a wheelchair is actually MORE work when are able to walk.

No. 392542

Using a wheelchair IS a lot of work. I don’t think people quite realize how much arm strength goes into using a manual wheelchair. That’s what kills me about these “spoonies” who want custom chairs when they clearly can walk. I don’t think Jaquie knows what’s coming to her when she gets one lol. I know she’s getting power assist wheels and all but they don’t do everything for you, you still have to push the chair yourself as well.

No. 392545

You bring up part of what I just don't understand about Jaquie's chair. I am no medfag and will take correction from someone who knows more about this (which is basically anyone haha) but she goes on and on about how she can't do laundry and has no strength due to EDS and that moving her arms too much exacerbates her POTS but she thinks she can propel herself in a wheelchair? Is this is another huge contradiction or am I missing something?

No. 392549

Exactly lol. I have a SCI and that’s why I commented on this. I have power assisted wheels. They do help a lot. For example, one pull can get you to the door VS having to do 5 pulls without the power assist (I hope that makes sense. But you still have to push the chair when you’re out and about. And the chair is… 25lbs and then you weigh.. however much you weigh. I’m not saying people with chronic illness can’t use chairs if they want to or even EDS. That’s fine. It just makes no sense when this girl says she can’t even pick something off the floor, lift her arms above her head, shampoo her own hair, and is just so so weak and so on and dislocates things by the drop of a hat etc. Bottom line, you need arm strength to some degree is what I’m saying, the chair she’s getting is still partially manual.

No. 392606


As someone with EDS and pots, it would be much more difficult to deal with a wheelchair than just walk and take breaks when necessary. Real EDS (not jaquie's form of very questionable EDS kek) tends to affect shoulders and wrists pretty badly (not everyone of course, but commonly for sure), and makes using a manual wheelchair very challenging. Even more so if you want to go anywhere yourself and have to get it in and out of a car or up any ramps. Walking is actually helpful, as it improves pots symptoms and builds muscles (the best treatment for stabilizing joints). sure, you can talk your doctor into a fancy custom wheelchair, but you're only hurting yourself.

No. 392617


Nope you're not missing anything.

I have EDS and my most debilitating symptom is fatigue. I can only self-propel myself in a lightweight chair for a matter of metres, despite doing physio and strength training every other day. She's just incredibly naive, or thinks her viewers are.

No. 392620

Yeah…she could (supposedly) barely lift her walker over a bump. And she's going to be lifting a 25lb wheelchair in and out of her car? "Independence took" my aunt fanny.

No. 392631

That’s not going to be happening anytime soon lol

No. 392636

Anon you're right, thank you for correcting me. Hate is too strong of a word and I don't hate her. I don't hate anyone. I don't have the energy to but I strongly dislike her, and like you said, I'm jealous of all of the things she can do. I wish I could eat and do half the things she can do. I would love to be able to turn my illness on and off like a bloody light switch the way she does but you know reality. She fakes these illnesses that people actually have, gets all the attention she craves, takes time and resources away from people who actually need them, is somehow able to get all the munchie toys she can think of to show off (why one would want to is beyond me,) and then she goes shopping and does whatever she wants with the fake service dog to boot. I wish I could eat and do half the things she can do I would love to turn my illness on and off like a bloody light switch the way she does… but worst of all is that she is a representative of the chronic illness community. That in and of itself makes me want to worship the porcelain god. Everyone's going to think we're a bunch of assholes "who are so strong and brave to power through," who crave the super special attention from being super sick, get off on treatments, are absolutely thrilled with having procedures done, and love taking various pill porno shots. JFC WTF?sage mother effin rage

No. 392641

Yes yes yes anon! Couldn't have said it better myself. I don't have a fraction of what she claims kek and there's no way I'd have the E to do what she does on a daily basis (I didn't even know about the chats.) People like Jaquie (ahem Kati Marie Smith) make the entire chronically ill community look like a lazy bitches, whether they have jobs or not, because when people see people like them benefiting and actually making money off of "being sick," people automatically assume they don't work and must apply to all… and then there's the stark juxtaposition of being able to mange tons of SM, vlog and edit daily, and do private chats (5 hr streams in the other aforesaid case study.)

Sagerage and SagedSorrow

No. 392651

And some of us use the little energy we have to work, because we can't survive without it. Insurance is great, but it doesn't pay all the bills,and not everyone has a family like jaquie's that pays for everything she wants. Plus, I need a reason to get up in the morning other than the internet.

No. 392751


Exactly! There's no way I can get my chair in a car or lift it. It's just too heavy. It's definitely a lot heavier than a shampoo bottle.

Anyone know what wheels she is getting? I can't be arsed to watch her blogs.

No. 392752

Read Munchie thread. Lots of info in there, make and model and I think comments from Julian too.

No. 392753


TiLite, right? Only the best and most expensive for the sooper sick munchie queen.

No. 392755

Of course. Same as Julian's. Fuck I am disgusted by her.

No. 392760

I just checked out Jacquie's Patreon site (pay me to be sick and self-indulgent!) and in the header photo she's clearly wearing a nasal cannula for o2. Was this a toy she's now bored of, or is she doing the favoured Munchie trick of reusing a photo from a one-off event to make it seem like it's a common thing for her?

No. 392778

>Real EDS (not jaquie's form of very questionable EDS kek) tends to affect shoulders and wrists pretty badly (not everyone of course, but commonly for sure), and makes using a manual wheelchair very challenging.

It depends. I know some people with EDS who's main problem is their hips and/or ankles. Some of them can use a manual wheelchair just fine. One young woman I know can even lift her own light weight chair in her car (and yeah, I'm absolutely sure she has EDS). But it's rare. Some can only move a manual wheelchair around a little by using their feet, which I can tell you right now isn't very easy on the knees.

For many, the ideal wheelchair sadly does not exist: some might be able to lift an ultralightweight chair (and that's not the one J is getting) inside a car, but many need either power assist or a powerchair to get around without help. These are both very heavy. So you'll either need a van, a wheelchair lift in the booth of your car or you are dependent on wheelchair taxis. All very expensive options.

But for most, lightweight or not, lifting the wheelchair is out of the question anyway. And if Jaquie cannot lift her walker, the wheelchair will not make her independent. Not unless she gets an adapted car (but let's not give her any ideas).

>Anyone know what wheels she is getting?

I don't think she has mentioned it. But from what Judd was saying about being able to use a smartphone as remote control, I gather it's the Twion system by Alber. Which, by the way, is a system that was made NOT for people with limited arm strenght, but for active users who just need a little extra help with slopes and/or who don't have the stamina to wheel themselves for long periodes of time. I've tried it, but I didn't have the strenght to activate the system. And I can move a non-powered chair (lightweight) over hard, even surfaces, so that should tell you something.

Also, I got the impression she hasn't even tried them yet. Now that is really strange. There are many different power assist systems and what might work for some not work for others. E.g. I tried the system that is by FAR the most popular system where I live, and for the life of me couldn't get the chair to go straight ahead. One other system I tried just didn't have enough assistance power for me, and so on.

Also, if she never used a lightweight wheelchair before, it might suprise her how easy it is to push forward compared to loaner chairs that tend to be bulky and very heavy. So how does she even know she needs power assist? It's not like she has e.g. horrible shoulder instability or isn't able to use her hands without wrist braces. Where I live, in those cases they tend to tell people to first try the chair without assist, and to come back if after a few months they still think they need it.

But that fits her pattern, of course. She often jumps straight ahead to the most fancy equipment without following the steps one normally would do before people even start to THINK about that other options. Even her ordering 20+ tube pads before she even tried the first ones (so she would know the round shapes are more practial for her) follows that pattern.

No. 392783

> nasal cannula for o2. Was this a toy she's now bored of, or is she doing the favoured Munchie trick of reusing a photo from a one-off event to make it seem like it's a common thing for her?

I'm guessing the latter. Seems to be common among social media OTT spoonies and/or munchies. I don't get it, but hey. For me, that would be last photo I'd use for something like that.

No. 392789

File: 1506421227962.jpg (165.99 KB, 843x1499, 1NUEwG0.jpg)

>>Pay me to be your friend.

That is one of the most disturbing things I have seen from her.

No. 392794

File: 1506422469215.jpg (132.57 KB, 831x826, yVF7qnb.jpg)

It's a comment from a while ago, but still interesting.

No. 392801

That’s exactly how I was prompted to order a chair. I have EDS and I wasn’t able to get those power assisted wheels first. They made me get regular ones first to try and see if I was able for a few months and then you can ask for the other power assisted wheels. Also I am able to life my own chair in the car and propel a wheelchair, just depends on the specific person/severity of their EDS or where their dislocations/weakness usually occurs. However, it just doesn’t make sense in Jaquie’s case specifically that she’d be able to do so because of all her wacky claims. She claims her EDS makes her neck and shoulders so unstable and tight she needs a shot in them? Bitch, how will you push a chair then?

No. 392802

Wow… this is really interesting to see a perspective from someone previously with an eating disorder. It sort of solidifies my beliefs further. Someone also said, either on here or the previous thread that she has a typical “bulimia face”.

No. 392805

I wondered what they were reacting to, so I watched the video of that day. It turned out the commenter didn't react to that video specifically (I think) but it was still interesting.


Towards the end of the video (10.50) she finds a big red chair and decides to climb into it. That's a bit strange already for someone who is struggling to climb the chairs in their own house, but let's give her that. The Jaquie/Judd interaction that follows is.. interesting, to say the least.

-She gets out of the chair and is struggling to get up. "I don't have my walker". Judd: "use your muscles."
-Back in the car, out of breath: (I'm paraphrazing) "I feel exhilerated and so productive after that". Judd: "You feel productive?? You went and sat on a chair!" (Saying what we all are thinking)
-At the end of the video, as she is recapping how glad she is to have been able to do that chairsitting today, Judd looks genuinly worried.

As he should be.

No. 392857


Oh my god I just watched that. Judd really does look legitimately worried.

Honestly that whole thing was sad. She was treating that chair event as if it were the best party of her life.

And the way she slides out of it into the ground and pulls herself up with her arms looked fucking pathetic. It was like she had literally ZERO leg strength. But she just wasn't even trying to use her muscles. No wonder she's deconditioned so much. Just imagine how much better she could be doing right now if she was doing what she's supposed to. Eating right and exercising, for a start.

No. 392862

>It was like she had literally ZERO leg strength. But she just wasn't even trying to use her muscles.

In her defense, she said in the comments that the excitement and laughter triggered a mild cataplexy attack. So that might be the reason why her knees buckled.

Other than that, it's really sad how excited she got about that whole thing. I'm the anon who posted it, btw. Especially her feeling 'productive' after it. That's just really, really sad.

No. 392868

File: 1506435836848.jpg (351.36 KB, 2736x1502, QrIZEHU.jpg)

A little off-topic, but really funny. I turned on the subtitles.

I bet it is Jaquie, I bet it is.

No. 392877

File: 1506436767526.png (1.95 MB, 1800x599, 56689D60-03A2-42C6-B8A2-66DEE0…)

I was really looking into bulimia this morning and I was blown away by the whole bulimia face comment. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, I did some research. (If you don’t know about it,) due to excessive vomiting patients will have lots of fluid build up in their cheeks essentially! And have a characteristic face. So here for you I’ve put Jaqs face next to a bunch of celebrities with classic bulimia face. I think the resemblance is uncanny. You let me know what you think though anons.

No. 392896


Thanks for the info! The twion wheels are pretty heavy and they aren't really used here. I thought she might get a Smartdrive, which would be slightly better in her scenario.

I totally agree that the perfect wheelchair doesn't exist for most people. So we just have to wait until she demands a special back, special rims, a special cushion and special front casters too. That means she can drag out the drama even longer!

No. 392902

If she actually has shoulder instability, I think the Smartdrive would be disaster. But as I think the would have enough strenght and the main reason why she cannot propel herself for very long would be deconditioning and fatigue, that might work.

But with joint problems? That wouldn't work. You first have to be able to push hard enough to get enough speed for the system to activate. It doesn't assist you immediately when you touch the rims like with the Emotion or the JWX-2. What's even worse, when you want to brake, the wheelchair is at full speed and you have to pull through that force.

In my opinion, Smartdrive isn't suitable for EDSers at all, unless you have VERY strong shoulders and wrists.

Saged for wheelchairfagging.

No. 392905

I had an ed for many years a while ago (kicked that shit to the curb though), went to treatment. You can tell who purges just by looking at them, and which anorexics are lying about purging (everyone wants to be that pure anorexic who just doesn't eat). Purgers get that puffy face, even after they stop purging. They get that pale, bloated face look with chipmunk cheeks, and yellowish-brown teeth

No. 392906

Yeah, but.. she says she is vomiting a lot. I'm not saying I believe her, it's just that her looks are consistent with what she claims.

No. 392929

True, she might not be directly forcing herself to throw up. But if eating makes her throw up, she's pretty much making herself purge by eating the crap she eats. But honestly I think she'd be losing more weight if she only ate a little like she claimed and threw it all up.

No. 392943


I call bullshit on the cataplexy attack because if she actually had one she'd sure as shit mention it on the video .

No. 392946


I think the new Smartdrive is a lot better than the old one. The old one was a suicide machine basically.

But yeah emotions or wheeldrive would be a much better option if she actually had instability problems.

No. 392950


My friend has EDS (as do I) and has the E-motions on their chair. They're amazing things! I looked into it but they cost about the same as a mid-range powerchair so I went for that. Honestly, as Jaquie is intent on the most hyperbolic treatment for everything, I'm surprised she didn't go straight for a powerchair…

No. 392959

File: 1506448493905.jpg (20.3 KB, 225x225, IMG_9546.JPG)

I know anon. I wish I had a husband, mummy, and daddy to wait on me beck and call but alas I have to have a job. Go figure! I know it's craz, too kek. It's unreal and if my only reason to wake up in the morning was for the internet I honestly wouldn't see the point of living. Saged for confusion

No. 392969

I'm deeply horrified that J&J were on a legitimate service dog panel at a university. Jaquie might have a real talent for dog training, but the idea of more people being taken in by her whole chronic illness lie makes me sick.

No. 392971

Anyone seen today's J&J's Vlogs? I thought it was hilarious that Jaquie thought it was 'cute' to have matching blazers. Janiece was really pissed about that. First, she thought she would just go in leggings and a T-shirt. Then, she heard Janiece was wearing a blazer and she was all about "we are representing the owner-trainers so we have to look semi-professional" and bought a matching blazer. After that, she kept bringing up how fun that was, and Janiece was NOT having it.

Ok, she might actually have Aspergers. So technically, I shouldn't laugh at that. But HOW come Judd or Janiece or whoever isn't telling her straight up "Jaquie, that is childish and makes us look stupid. Maybe you don't get that: that's your autism speaking, but trust us on this one." There's more examples of that throughout her videos where I'm thinking "why is no one telling her how this makes her look? Do they just not care?"

Also, it was kind of interesting to see that Janiece was actually more articulate than she is in her own vlogs and Jaquie was more nervous than her.

But, of COURSE, even though she wasn't showing her port and tube today, she just had to mention them. I totally called that.

Funny detail: Janieces wheelchair seems slowly fade away. Are we thinking it will only re-appear shortly just before and for some time after her gal bladder surgery to disappear forever, or will she actually go for her own custom chair? Bets are open.

No. 393031

I cannot understand a word Jaquie said on the panel because of the mask plus the microphone. And the subtitles are abysmal.

No. 393054

SHE reallyyyy should’ve taken the mask off to speak at that event. I mean someone enlighten me on here, a medfag maybe… is it TRULY necessary for her to be wearing that thing 24/7???? She takes it off in the car?? I just don’t get it. I’ve read all the shit about vogmask not protecting against illness, however it does cover the nose and mouth so I get maybe why she wears it. But she’s truly not going to die if she takes it off and get sick right then and there.

No. 393056


Since the vogmask is basically only good as a dust mask or allergy mask she should have just taken it off.

No. 393059


My wheelchair actually costed more than a powerchair would. My insurance pushed for a powerchair but they're so impractical that I advocated for a manual chair with a fully powered system.

Most people want the least visible option if they can choose (I totally get you didn't have a choice, it sucks that emotions etc are so expensive).

So I am honestly baffled why she chose the less visible option and didn't go for the huge pink powerchair.

No. 393068


Fellow EDSer here-
I have 2 wheelchairs, a standard manual wheelchair provided by the NHS and a powerchair that was bought by myself.

I don't use the standard NHS chair, since I cannot lift it myself or push it myself, due to shoulder dislocations.

if jacque's neck and shoulders are as unstable as she claims, there is no way her "independence" is not going to get called out over her new chair.

No. 393076

Silly you. She can't take it off because then she's not sooper speshul visible sick. Well… not as visible. And she must have something to show the world that she's sicker than Janiece. They can't both JUST have service dogs ya know. She's too much…

No. 393093

I think it’s because the manual chairs are more attractive. And although Jaquie goes for the most extreme forms of medical treatment she also goes for the most sought after and “attractive” if you will. The manual body framing custom chairs that you can get in any color are all the rage in the spoonie community right now. So I think that’s why she did that option. Because.. it “looks better”. That’s how she operates. She doesn’t go by what she needs more or what needs less. It’s all about appearance to her.

No. 393096

With the power assist, it's also more special. People know what a manual chair is, they know powerchairs. With power assist though, you get more "o wow, that's really nifty"-like reactions.

And also, I think it's a practical thing. You can't put a powerchair in a normal car. Unless it's some manual chair converted in powerchair with absolutely no suspension or comfort whatsoever.

And maybe.. another reason? Somehow I think Judd might draw a line there and tell her she doesn't need a powerchair. I may be wrong about that, it's just a feeling.

No. 393097

I think Judd is super over all of it. From his comments, or lack thereof and his expressions… I don't think he had any idea how extreme or OTT this spoonie ride was going to get.

No. 393104

File: 1506458286230.png (4.45 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_2562.PNG)

Sooooo does poor Paul get booted out of his own bed when J&J get together?

No. 393108

I have wondered this too. Even if she just spends time in there with Janiece and Paul gets his spot back at night, it's weird. I wouldn't want anyone else in my bed other than my SO.

No. 393113

File: 1506459344601.jpg (104.35 KB, 1052x268, Screenshot_20170926-155216.jpg)

What do we want to be the Kate Farms will now make Jaquie sick too? The question will be whether it actually makes her sick, or if she fakes it to be like her idol.

No. 393119

Well if her goal really is TPN, like some here tend to think, then Kate Farm's has to fail, right?

No. 393160

For how long has he been enabling this behavior? Saged for being new.

No. 393167

They started dating at 15 and supposedly about three months into that she started having issues. But she has rapidly dove into deep munchie waters in the last year or so. If you watch her earlier vlogs she walks on her own and eats and has a fairly normal life. Then she gets a vog mask, a port, a walker, a tube, a wheelchair - can't walk more than a few steps, needs a home health care company, a CNA to come to the apartment, physical therapy - at the apartment, supposedly can't be alone or leave by herself. It has snowballed to a ridiculous degree in the last 10 months or so.

No. 393174

Don't forget her walker for upstairs and her walker for downstairs plus her special transfer shower chair, the commode, the "hospital room" in their apartment.

No. 393210

I don't have a port or a feeding tube, but Jaq claims having them make her illness no longer invisible… well if you put your tubing in your shirt, it's not freaking visible! She's just milking it for all it's worth. No one in that audience would've known about her feeding tube or port if she didn't open her mouth about it.

No. 393214

And she needs none of those things. She can go ahead and get a wheelchair for all I care, people know she's a liar now, and it'll just be even more ridiculous how lazy and attention seeking she is. I just hope her lies fall apart soon and that we get to watch her demise.

No. 393217


Oh man that's so funny. I can't remember where, probably one of Janiece's recent(ish) vlogs she talks about Jaquie copying her. And she's obviously trying to sound lighthearted like she might be joking but you can tell how she really feels. There's something going on there. Someone needs to tell Jaquie straight up that Janiece is legit bothered and get it through her head.

No. 393218

Yeah, surprisingly most people want those things to be invisible. And no one other than munchies want to be attached to an iv pole or backpack all the time. Jaquie has all her crap just to get attention.

No. 393254


LOLLLL someone in the comments on Instagram called her out on wearing the mask because she only wears it when she's going to be getting attention, and claims it's because she's immunosuppressed. The person who called it out reminded Jaquie that Vogmasks don't filter out germs, and that she herself is actually immunosuppressed and knows a mask wouldn't do anything.

I'm really enjoying how people are starting to wake up to her bullshit. I think she posts so much that it's actually fairly easy to find inconsistancies in her story.

No. 393257

sage for selfpost (please don't ban me for this this one time, admin) but who cares at this point since i only ever post here when jaquie is concerned. that was me. and now i'm blocked, so i'm sorry i won't get to continually call her on anything else she's lying about. i tried.

No. 393259

Anyone who questions her on anything no matter how nicely gets blocked. I asked her if she worried about getting her port cath caught on stuff throughout the day. Blocked.

No. 393261

she can't handle any kind of truth or criticism and that's not on the people who call her out. that's a problem she needs to deal with within herself.

No. 393264

File: 1506476721566.png (277.64 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7510.PNG)

This comment's still up!

No. 393265

File: 1506476822902.png (1.84 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_7511.PNG)

Here's Ms. Attention Whore herself. pretending to sleep on a college panel. What self-centered cunt

No. 393268

File: 1506477039643.png (269.11 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7512.PNG)

And the caption

No. 393269

Gotta list all those illnesses she doesn't actually have…but #blessed, y'all!

No. 393270

I'm screen capping till she finds the comment thread and deletes it! Will post in the morning, there's TONS of milk.

No. 393277


Looks like they're listening to someone else talk. And she's sitting there pretending to sleep. How fucking rude.

No. 393279

Jaquie cares about Jaquie, and that's it. If she's not the center of attention, she finds a way to try to take it back. She is by far one of the most selfish, self-involved person I've ever seen.

No. 393281

Does anyone else hope jaquie reads this site and sees how horrible people actually think she is, and how we all know she's just a spoiled bratty liar?

No. 393285

I doubt she'd even be embarrassed enough to change. She'd be another Kelly and sic her deluded followers on the thread

No. 393304


Her fans do enough of that already if you dare question anything on her IG or videos

No. 393305


Bulimia cheeks are definitely a thing…though it's really more of a swelling in the jaw.

It'll go down after a few days but you can always spot someone who's been recently purging from a mile away

No. 393309

What angers me most about Jaquie is the poor dog. I'm sure she's very much loved, but she doesn't get enough exercise or socialisation. On a YouTube comment I saw Jaquie state that she can't take her out for walks but that's okay because "she's not very active", and maybe they'll take her to the dog park once a week. That's appalling!

No. 393316

What angers me most is that little production she does on the intro to every vlog, complete with corny 70's sitcom music!! If she'd add a laugh track I might be able to get through an entire vlog. I'd rather watch that other munchie who naps on the couch in thrift stores and on the floor at Walmart. I'd rather punch myself in the face than watch either vlog, really

Sorry had to replace previous post to add that you're so right about the dog. Golden retrievers are notorious for being high energy (hence the "retriever" part. Real working dogs!). They deserve a high level of activity each day for 30-60 minutes at a minimum. That dog is probably so frustrated. Makes me sad.

No. 393323


Ugh the music is awful. It's one of the royalty free music things YouTube supplies. I'm so sick of hearing those.

Also I can get never get over the fact that the into is over 20 seconds long. That's a VERY long time for an into to a 15-20 minute DAILY vlog. I don't know why she thought people would want to watch an into that long every day. Shows how self centered she is.

No. 393325


Well duh, it's The Jaquie Show. Her whole life is. She doesn't want friends, she wants fans - and she wants them to pay up for the privilege.

No. 393429

Seen it. Have capped it too, just in case. Haven't edited it or anything. If somehow you can't post it, let us know and I will do it. (Cause she WILL delete this one!)

No. 393509

Milk is still incoming so I'm still capping! Hold on to your shorts! I don't think she's ever let a convo go this far before…

No. 393512

Me too! I was suprised she hasn't deleted the comments yet.

I've got them too, how much work do you still need to do? We could split the work. As you said, it's a long convo.

Is it just me, or is she being called out more and more these days? I really wonder where this is going. As someone said earlier, she seems to be one of the few people not to adress those kinds of comments at all. That's kind of weird, and I really wonder why that is.

No. 393514

File: 1506523140215.jpg (168.77 KB, 792x1109, sHwp0ex.jpg)


But in the meantime, let me post a few old comments I came across. It's from the first instagram post after she got back home after she got her first, dangler J-tube.

1 of 2

No. 393515

File: 1506523186194.jpg (102.63 KB, 823x684, WaDtolH.jpg)

2 of 2

No. 393518

File: 1506523596608.jpg (510.3 KB, 2311x1117, A52U4uq.jpg)

Also an old one, but I just didn't see it before. She is broadcasting her proposal. What is the FIRST thing she has to say about the fact her SO proposed to her and she is getting married with - presumably - the love of her life?

After she tells us "I said Yes".. "this many chronic illnesses, that many hospitalizations, blabla."

Like.. really? THAT is what this marriage, your love, your relationship is about? The first thing you think about after he proposed to you is.. that? Wow.

No. 393519

i'm only seeing 41 comments did i miss something? sage for being a dumb dumb

No. 393520

Yeah, but did you read it? It's quite a long convo of people telling J's symptoms don't add up. Most of the time when people start calling her out, it gets deleted after three or four comments. This time, I've got 10+ screencaps of it.

Just wait 'till the other anon starts posting the milk.

No. 393522

i am one of the people who called j out and then she blocked me that's why i'm asking stupid questions, sorry!

No. 393523

Wait, I think I saw someone wishing her good luck on with her pain treatment today. If she has that toradol injections+ketamine thingy today, she might not have seen the comments yet. Is that possible? I have no idea what time it is in FL.

No. 393525

O, so you can't read it. Poor you! That's so cruel. (Can we ask what you said, can you kind of tell us without exposing yourself?)

In that case, be patient. I'm sure it's coming soon..

No. 393528

>>393523 she must be online as she just uploaded, but then again she probably edited and prepared the video read and just hit upload she may not be reading comments.

No. 393529

File: 1506524543750.jpg (937.41 KB, 2208x2116, IMG_2587.JPG)

Milk part 1

No. 393532

File: 1506525045029.jpg (829.82 KB, 2208x1355, IMG_2588.JPG)

Milk part 2

No. 393533

File: 1506525145809.jpg (915.06 KB, 2208x2116, IMG_2589.JPG)

Milk part 3 (last as far as I know, but still checking till she banhammers the lot of them)

No. 393535

her new video has her suddenly "going in the right direction healthwise" i wonder if she does read comments here and now she's going to back track thinking we'll stop discussing her?

No. 393544

File: 1506526411918.jpg (16.42 KB, 721x169, 9HH9JK6.jpg)

Comment on todays video. Kek.

No. 393546

So.. she has transitioned to the Kate Farms formula and now has had her first solid BM in months.

Interestingly, her transition coincided with a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection. Are there any medfags here who can tell us if there is a chance that her diarrhea was actually caused by something the antibiotics treated? Like CIBO? I have no idea what abx they give for sinus/airway infections and if CIBO tends to react to those, but I was just wondering about the time frame.

No. 393549

File: 1506527682589.jpg (187.53 KB, 1597x657, fLHqfAD.jpg)

Funny how more and more people are speaking out recently. I found this comment under an article about how cute and good Harlow is.


No. 393579

File: 1506530580157.jpg (176.81 KB, 740x1020, A4FthoF.jpg)

….aaand she has deleted everything. ALL comments by that post, just to be safe I gather.

Last cap I got before she deleted it:

No. 393581

she blocked me last night but left the comments up. i logged out and looked to see what was up. i'm now going to assume she blocked me so i couldn't fight back but left the comments up so everyone else would worship her until now.

No. 393584

>i'm now going to assume she blocked me so i couldn't fight back but left the comments up so everyone else would worship her until now.

Well, if that was the reason, that didn't quite work out for her, huh?

No. 393585

File: 1506531000618.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2598.PNG)

Last cap here too

No. 393586

no it seems to have backfired since she deleted the comments haha

No. 393630


And once again, she doesn't adress it AT ALL. Most of the time when people delete comments (certainly if it's a whole string!) they will say something like "I had to delete some comments because it turned ugly" or "what started out as someone telling about her experience with treatment X turned into a convo about veganism" (whatever, just an example) or something. Anything. It's just soo strange. Does it not get to her? Does she just not get IT? Does she think she is above it all? Does she know people are on to her and is she trying to at least keep that hidden from her family/Judd? I'm dying to find out.

Would be interesting to see if she somehow does adress it in tomorrows vlog. My bet is that if she does, she will do so covertly, without referring to the actual comments. Like she'll all of a sudden talk about how she actually wants to gain some weight SO badly (defending the ED comments) or refer to the two doctors that did think she has EDS, something like that.

And while we are on that subject: I wanted to know on what grounds that first Dr. dx'd her with EDS. It was hypermobility only. The neurologist just said: "look, you have hypermobile joints, you have EDS." So her doc just doesn't know the difference between benign hypermobility and actual HEDS.

No. 393649

She made herself chicken soup in today's vlog with the biggest onion slices I have ever seen in any soup, ever. And of course the GP diet says no onions. And this bitch adds onion slices the size of tennis ball. She could fuck up a one car parade.

No. 393657

Yeah, yeah.

I'm all with you that MANY things don't add up about her, but frankly I'm a little tired of people pointing out ONE single behavior and drawing conclusions from that. It's the whole picture that counts, guys!

You can't just say "O wow, she is sitting with her legs crossed, she totally cannot have EDS". (Know quite a lot of people with EDS, and many of them can sit with their legs crossed at least for a little while.)
Or: "she is eating onions, GP diet says no onions!" (Yeah well, it's not like she is eating them uncooked.)
"People with EDS can't use a manual wheelchair!" (Actually, many of them can. It just depends on which joints bother them most.)

Come on.. yes, Jaquie is full of it, but please remember that everyone is different. Take a simple and common symptom as gastric reflux: generic advice when it comes to diet is to avoid fizzy drinks, coffee, tomatoes, and spicy food. Guess what, some people with GERD can drink coffee without any problem but not eat the tiniest slice of tomato, and for some it's the other way around.

Saged for annoyed rant. YES I know Jaquie's portrayal of GP is laughable, but it's not one single thing in her food choices or one single behavior that that's about. It's about the whole picture.

No. 393661

I have a job. I don't have time to write a whole dissertation about what Jaquie does. I mentioned one thing that I noticed in her video this morning that seemed to go totally against the goal of a soothing bowl of soup. Sue me. Or better yet, fuck off, this isn't your forum.

No. 393662

Thank you for posting this I completely agree. I’m glad you said exactly what I was thinking because I wasn’t sure how to say it! There’s definitely a problem on this website with people drawing conclusions for sure. While I’m not defending Jaquie and I don’t like her one bit either, I think she does have some medical problems but not nearly what she claims to have or as severe. However you’re right that some people with GP can tolerate onions, some EDSers can use chairs, and so on and so forth as examples. But it’s her persona as a whole. You just don’t want people spreading false info like “ALL EDSers CANT PROPEL A MANUAL WHEELCHAIR” cause that’s just false I’m sorry. Definitely always remember to look at her life as a whole and don’t make broad assumptions about the conditions and other people with illnesses as a whole. I think that’s very important. Everyone truly is different.

No. 393675

File: 1506538850441.jpeg (220.19 KB, 750x961, E8C2B0F2-178E-4F40-8859-5D9461…)


No. 393677

File: 1506538959940.jpeg (79.29 KB, 750x441, 297D1306-7BBF-4685-8E18-3EE615…)

Guys she actually replied this time

No. 393689

"once before my tube and again with past GI problems over the years" so she never tried the proper GP protocol WITH her fucking tube? explains a lot. she's not very smart.

No. 393690

Wow. With her it's easy to make assumptions because she over explains so much that when she doesn't mention something, well, it seems safe to assume it didn't happen.

No. 393694

I personally don’t buy she actually tried the diet one bit. Nor do I buy she actually tried GF or dairy free for the allotted amount of time either. They recommend 6 months. She probably did like 2 weeks and gave up. She just in recent years started having GI Issues. Since her Instagram has been around. So if she’s been experimenting with diets we would’ve known about it sure fire. Because that’s how jaq is.

No. 393727

You don't have to analyze every behavior of her to get a clear picture. But like the other anon said, people can be too quick to draw conclusions.

And maybe I came across a little too edgy. I didn't mean it that way. I was just so frustrated today because I f*cking cannot FIND a job.

Come on.. if cows draw conclusions too quickly, we call them out. But if we kindly try to point out that farmers may be doing the same thing on the opposite end of the spectrum.. we're told to fuck off? Nice.

No. 393769

Fair enough. My bad.

No. 393787

I'm new here and I can't quite figure out how this works…so this is a test post, sorry!

No. 393792

Ok, I think that worked! I wish this site was easier to navigate, I can't figure it out!

I have the feeling that something traumatic happened to Jaquie as a child and she has never been able to get over it. That is why she is so immature and constantly seeking attention.
Like her autism diagnosis- who seriously gets diagnosed with autism as an adult? I'm not saying it's impossible, but how has it impacted her life in any way other than listing it as another one of her "issues". I remember watching one of her vids where she spoke of her diagnosis and that she was going to get therapy for some of her "quirks"…if she made it this far in life without therapy for it, what's the point in starting now?

Ugh, she irritates me so much! I'm so glad to have found this forum!! lol

No. 393793

I appreciate that. My comment wasn't aimed at you per se - your post just happened to be the most recent example of my annoyance. Your comment was probably made after a long day. O well. Let's have some milk.

Funny how that comment about Jaquie never even having tried an all-liquid diet already has 13 thumbs up. Even more than J's answer.

You're right, she had CVS for a bit longer I guess, but the GP is quite recent. My guess is she refers to the ensures she drank sometimes.

No. 393807

Welcome. "Anonymous" should go in the name field, not newbie.
Interesting about possible trauma, I have wondered that myself. There is definitely an unnatural need to be coddled and dependent as an adult going on with her. Ironically all going on while she rails on about being more independent.

No. 393808


Diagnosis in women is not uncommon in the early 20's, there's research being done into it. Not saying she is autistic, I don't believe she is anywhere on the spectrum. Personally I was diagnosed at 22 after struggling my whole life. I was medicated for anxiety and OCD throughout most of my childhood/teen years, when it was actually undiagnosed autism.

Sage for blogging, but I wanted to share awareness. Next thing you know I'll start my own Instagram. Kek.

No. 393831


Oh yes, like I said I know it happens, but in her case it seems like a diagnosis wouldn't really make a difference in her life, other than an attempt to getting attention for it.

The way she talks about her "blanket" and how she would have a stuffed animal in her picture of her in the hospital bed makes me really think she is stuck in some immature mental state of mind. Some people may say her need for everything to be pink might be a symptom of her "autism", but I think it's her attempt at trying to look young and innocent.

I would love to hear from someone who actually knows her IRL.
I wonder what Judd's family and friends think about her!!

No. 393862

I caved and made a second YouTube account so I can reply/agree with the cynical comments on Jaquie's vlogs. That's how much she's getting to me.

No. 393914

Seconded, though my first account is probably not memorable either.

No. 393943


Yeah, but jaquie has been told (and she blogged about) both that she has very mild GP (doesn't need a feeding tube definitely), and by an actual geneticist that she doesn't have EDS. We're not just making up that she doesn't have those illnesses. And add all the food she's able to eat, and the other inconsistencies,

No. 393946


If she does indeed have mild EDS (accounting for all the different movement she can do without any issues) and mild GP, then she shouldn't need a wheelchair and walker and commode and feeding tube and port. We don't make up shit, we point out inconsistencies in her stories. And why would anyone feel bad for her? She's rude to her family and friends, acts inappropriately, and demands to be the center of attention.

No. 393955

Don't forget her cutesy tube pads. Contrary to spoonie belief, it is possible to be chronically ill while still being an adult.

No. 393978

Does her "sick/tired face" drive anyone else nuts? The half opened eyes and barely moving mouth. I can't stand it!

No. 393986


Ugh I hate it! In one of her vlogs last week she clearly was forcing the face because I could tell she was trying to squint her eyes more and more.

No. 393993


You can also tell she's faking it because she instantly perks up again if she gets distracted and excited talking about a brand new super special medical device or diagnosis or whatever dumb thing she doesn't need but is excited for anyway.

No. 393994


Lol bless you for trying, but you don't actually have to write "anonymous" you just leave it blank and it'll happen automatically. The only thing you have to write is "sage" in the email field.

No. 393995


But only sage if you're not contributing milk.

No. 394001

If she really has such terrible asthma/allergies, why does she have a golden retriever? I can't think of a more allergenic dog breed…

No. 394004

She says she's not allergic to dogs.

No. 394007

Her allergy test showed no allergens to Dogs/animals at all

No. 394008

Nice samefag

No. 394024


I've heard her say she is allergic to the dander, but the benefits of having Harlow outweigh the allergy.

No. 394040

Her life is pretty mind-blowing, really. Like, we all have little "issues" here and there that bother us - crappy digestion, fatigue, random aches and pains. Now just imagine giving up your job and your whole life to take each one of those symptoms down a rabbit hole, searching for doctors who will diagnose you with some rare, unprovable disorder for each one. Your whole life becomes about chasing diagnoses and exaggerating each symptom until you get a new and exciting therapy or medical device. Once you do, it's on to the next symptom and the next specialist! Welcome to Jaquie's life!

No. 394126

I think she is 'autistic' in a way that many people are autistic these days. IMHO t's overdiagnosed. Technically, as with any mental health dx, you should only dx it if the symptoms are severely limiting a patient in multiple areas of their daily life and/or they are clearly suffering because of it. Nowadays, people get the diagnosis because they have certain 'traits' of a condition.
It still makes them a bit different compared to most of the population and it still can lead to certain problems in your life. But it's more comparable to what being extremely perfectionistic can cause in your life, or being very impulsive. That kind of traits can sometimes be a true struggle and someone who has those traits in the extreme might even benefit from a bit of therapy. And in any case, knowing that you have certain traits and learning how to deal with them best, can really benefit you. But does it warrant a DSM diagnosis? No, not unless your perfectionism is causing depression or OCD.

TL;DR I think she has some autistic traits, but I'm not sure that should warrant a diagnosis. Also, I think she wants us to believe she is more autistic than she actually is.

No. 394150

Sorry, what is "milk" and "kek"?


No. 394155

Sage that shit.

No. 394168

>Sorry, what is "milk" and "kek"?

The milk is what we are milking cows for.

Kek.. I had to Google it when I first started lurking here. The meaning of course was clear from context, I just wanted to know its origins: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kek

Also, as the other anon said, if you're not contributing to the milk, write "sage" in the email field. It prevents your post from bumping up the thread.

More on-topic: Guys, aren't you glad Jaquie showed us yet another tubie pad today? I wouldn't know what to do with myself if she were to make entire vlogs without showing her button to the camera even once. Right? (Sigh)

No. 394173

she magically does not need her walker anymore you guys

No. 394188

She said in a video recently that she hopefully would not need it too much longer. Judd was using electrical tape to secure the cables and she mentioned that. When does her magical wheelchair get dropped off?

No. 394190

Another thing, i hate that I want to see these awful videos. By watching and making her numbers increase I'm just adding to her joy in getting awareness out to the masses.
But I just can't stop looking at the ridiculousness.

No. 394191

This is pure speculation, but I wonder what Judd says when people, especially people at the station, ask "what does your wife do?" It's a pretty common getting to know you type of question. I wonder how open he is about the train wreck her channel has become or if he tries to hide that it even exists. I also get the feeling he probably never wears his "keep moving forward, chronically jaquie" shirt.

No. 394252

If she actually had SIBO (when did she have the breath test) she would have been put on a heavy course of Xifaxan. I'm sure we would have heard about that, and it's a very expensive medication so it usually needs a prior Auth, so of course we'd have to hear about the super special call her Dr's secretary had to make to her ins co for her super special medicine… and it's not easy on the stomach. Sage for rage and actually having had SIBO.

No. 394257

medfagging but xifaxan can go both ways. you're either shitting your pants or you've got rocks in your intestines. we would've heard about either one since she's obsessed with telling us about her poops now.

No. 394262

Anon I think it's giving me trichotillomania

No. 394263

Notice how in her vlog today she doesn't mention any specific numbers about her feeding tube rate, my bet is that she's probably running way under the rate that she's supposed to.

If she magically doesn't need her walker anymore then they need to cancel her wheelchair order to free up some funding and manufactures time for someone who is truly in need of a chair. I mean come on, one of the criteria for needing a chair is you need it to complete ADLs inside your home, she's walking unassisted in her home! It amazes me how quickly insurance approved her chair and that she wasn't denied.

Why does Harlow need to wear the stupid service dog bandana in the house? We get it, she's a service dog.

There was also no fake sick face today, hooray!

Sage for blogging

No. 394265

I agree. If you can walk unassisted in the home, and you’re not using a clunker chair in the home or almost everywhere outside of the home then.. you don’t fucking need a “custom” wheelchair.

No. 394266

File: 1506622006243.jpg (49.43 KB, 400x400, IMG_9555.JPG)

Omg TMI but when I was in Xifaxin hell I had to buy not only Prep H and the wipes but an effing donut cuz I was shitting my brains out so badly it honestly hurt to sit down. Saged for TMI but as the previous medfag anon said "one way or the other we'd have heard about it," and we didn't, and not only that but she never said one word about a breath test, which is the only way SIBO can be diagnosed.

No. 394267

It’s almost like she’s leaning off taking it so seriously now that their done evaluating her. She’s like “oh fuck I can relax now they aren’t looking to see how disabled I am” LOL

No. 394268

If ins ever saw her vlog they'd reverse their approval straightaway.

No. 394305

Actually, my question was more along the lines "could the abx somehow have cured something she didn't know about?" I only mentioned SIBO because.. well, I'm not a medfag and I don't know on the top of my head many other conditions that cause diarrhea that could be reversed by antibiotics.

I was just wondering about the time frame, that's all. Cause either her diarrhea WAS caused by her formula, OR it was caused by something else and somehow it cleared up at the same time she transitioned, OR she is flat-out lying to us.

>Notice how in her vlog today she doesn't mention any specific numbers about her feeding tube rate

Yup, I wondered about that too. She is still using the small feed bags, so she has probably reached the same rate she was on with her other formula. Or just below, because this one is more calorie-dense. (Which, normally wouldn't make that much of a difference.)

No. 394307

Agreed. She needs it for longer distances and if they are going away for a day. So she needs a chair for incidental use, while the chair she is getting is for permanent (or maybe semi-permanent) use. That's a BIG difference, cost-wise. I don't know how it works in the USA. But where I live if you can make a transfer to a normal chair, you won't get a custom chair. Unless there are specific reasons why a cheaper chair doens't work for you (say you can't sit upright and need a special tilted backrest, or you can't move a normal chair by yourself AND you don't have a SO that goes with you almost everywhere).

I can see why they would give her a chair for incidental use (though she could rent one, as well) but not a custom chair that's meant for people who have to sit in it ALL f*cking day.

Saged for angry rant.

No. 394350

Raw dog food poses infection risk to humans!

You would think CJ might want to be aware of this if she has an immunodeficiency


No. 394404

I'm so glad she blew all that money on needing TWO speschel walkers (one in Barbie Pink) that she's going to throw out soon once she gets bored/"levels up" to the totally unnecessary wheelchair.

I hope insurance didn't pay for those walkers.

No. 394413


Someone on the other thread said that narcolepsy couldn't be faked – it can be faked, pretty easily actually (I won't say how because then they'll all do it) . It's also easy to say you have it without any kind of diagnosis, which a lot of people do because it sounds cooler and more real than bullshit chronic fatigue syndrome.

No. 394417

I’ve noticed jaquie has always been beyond rude. She never comments anyone wishing them well and she never replies to comments that we know she reads because she’s always got her ban hammer ready. Why do people eat up her absolute shit?

No. 394419

>Someone on the other thread said that narcolepsy couldn't be faked – it can be faked, pretty easily actually

But… how do you fake low hypocretin levels in your CSF? Falling asleep during sleep latency testing could be done with meds I guess, but abnormal sleep structure?

No. 394423


that's not necessary for the diagnosis. The person I know who has narcolepsy (who totally isn't me!) only had to do the sleep study.

I'd believe her friend Janiececeae has it. She actually LOOKS tired. Not eyes half-closed and saying she's tired like Jaquie, but like dark circles under her eyes tired.

No. 394426

In that case, it can be faked. But I'd hope most doctors do more testing before diagnosing it. Especially when it comes to differentiating between narcolepsy and hypersomnia.

No. 394433


Narcolepsy is the only thing that makes you go into REM sleep quickly and has cataplexy, which Jaquie claims she has (you can have narcolepsy without cataplexy, but you can't have cataplexy without narcolepsy), so if she had the REM sleep in the daytime test and says she has cataplexy, that's enough for a diagnosis. I don't think they do the spinal fluid test unless it's really necessary. Maybe it's different now? The person I know who has it was diagnosed a decade ago.

No. 394463

I love how Jaquie is suddenly eating soup after loads of us have commented about all the crap proper food she eats. The only thing is, she's still eating solid food within the soup - if she had severe GP, onions would be the worst, they're totally indigestible.

No. 394517

We should all start suggesting something completely nonsensical. She wouldn't know, then she'd do it, hopefully people would realize what shit she's been trying to pull.

Besides, everyone knows the soup really needs to be frozen in ice cube form to work best……..

No. 394553

Like exactly what she did with her tube. Starved herself until she got the tube, went back to eating whatever crap she wanted after she got it.

No. 394643

Pretty sure the best foods for gp (as I'm not a dr, nor do I have gp) are beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage. She will be great to be around if she eats all of those. Oh, eggs too, most definitely eggs for the protein.

No. 394782

I mean, definitely. Cold food makes your body work harder to digest, so her digestion would get more help from that.

Good point, eggs are an easy addition to soup. Just stir it in.

No. 394794

You guys are forgetting the jalapenos and habaneros. They are a sure fire cure for GP.

No. 394795

That's right, all the antioxidants and sinus-clearing power. So many good foods out there she's missing from the health kick.

No. 394809

I don't understand why the doctor increased neb treatments, put her on pred, rx'd a stronger abx. Seems incredibly reckless. Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem! She's not even sick!

No. 394845

Twice in about a week Jaquie has said that they are turning off the camera so that they can have alone time. Another anon mentioned that Judd seemed over it. I don't see her wanting to turn off the camera for anything. I wonder if he is pushing for this?

No. 394892

Poor guy's pretty much watching his role in the relationship being completely taken over by the camera, jaquie's fake illnesses, and strangers on the internet

No. 394958

"My cough is getting worse.": Never coughs in any vlog since "getting sick."

At 8:40 the CNA reappears for three seconds. She looks 110% over it.

No. 394973

Oh, she did cough once or twice in yesterdays vlog and/or that of the day before. And once she sounded a bit congested. Not today, and also not the first days after she anounced her sinus infection.

So I believe she has a mild cold. As all of us have, from time to time. But if you have more strenght en endurance, as she claims she has, it can hardly be anything more than that. Even a more severe cold will mean you have less strenght. Especially if you combine said cold with a chronic illness.

No. 394976

My bad, I got so annoyed with her that I couldn't stand to watch most of yesterday's.>>394973

No. 394977

Well, it was pretty easy to miss..

No. 394986

Chronically jaquie spin off i'd actually give a shit about: Judd and the CNA run off together with Harlow, and the three of them all live normal, jaquie-free live happily ever after

No. 394995

Top kek. Yessssss. And again, pure speculation but I always get the feeling that Judd and Harlow are more happy to see each other than Judd is to see Jaquie or that even Harlow is to see Jaquie.

No. 394998


Is it just me, or does Harlow seem kinda sick? It always seems to me like her color is off…

No. 395001


Why won't she just throw the damn toy?! It was so obvious what Harlow wanted, she has so much energy but Jaquie won't even throw her a toy because of reasons??? I just can't with her.

No. 395016

I keep noticing it, too. I think it was discussed in a past thread with more detail and vet-related knowledge, but the gist was that Harlow's health and breeding are overall pretty poor.

No. 395017


Not to mention, she's seriously under-exercised.

No. 395045

One of my really "safe" foods is peanut butter. It's great as a treat with apples.

No. 395049

And apples with carmel, but it has to be warm first.

No. 395051

Kek I didn't realize at first this was about Harlow and not jaquie

No. 395052


LOL to be fair, you could apply it to both. But it's only animal neglect in one instance.

No. 395059

They really ought to hire a dog walker instead of a jaquie driver…

No. 395073

Don't you mean a jaquie nanny? That's all that poor cna is. Babysitting a spoiled child.

No. 395076


Yeah, even for a munchie that's total overkill. At most she needs an alarm pendant in case she falls in the house - oh wait, she doesn't, because she can get back up by herself just fine.

No. 395098

Right? She got her ass off the floor today after exercising but needs a custom chair, walker and CNA. Suuuure.

No. 395099


She's way past contradicting herself at this point. She's built up too much of a rabid fan base for the majority to notice a problem.

No. 395102

You know, I don't think she's ever actually shown footage of herself getting up or down from the floor (save the ridiculous "walker over a bump" segment during Irma)

No. 395106

I think you are right about that but in today's video she was alone except for Harlow and the dog certainly didn't haul her off the floor.

No. 395114

So she can't lift her walker, but she's getting a custom manual wheelchair? Oh yeah, she's going to order other people to push her around. Princess jaquie commands it. I predict just a few weeks in her fancy chair before she starts claiming she absolutely needs an electric chair.

No. 395117


To be honest, that's what a lot of people do because they don't realise how difficult it is to self propel an average wheelchair. Of course she's getting automatic wheels for hers, but there's already been discussion about how she's way too deconditioned for those to work.

She's hardly tried to be mobile. She's gone from normal walking to self-limiting. She's not tried balancing with crutches or a cane, she just wants the thing that can give her the most sympathy points.

No. 395138

Oh for sure definitely warm; great minds… and another "safe" food since we've been recommending soups (and it seems as though at least in vid she's taken that suggestion,) one is a nice cream of broccoli. It goes down great with a Coke.

No. 395144

That's the thing, she's totally deconditioning herself. She can walk, but puts little to no effort into exercise, which would be the best thing for her, if she actually has pots (possibly, but not as severe as she claims), and eds (very doubtful). It's crazy that a doctor has signed off on her being even less mobile when she has no trouble getting around when she wants to

No. 395145

Buttered popcorn for sure. Has to be buttered, normal popcorn's no good

No. 395151

That's because the fat in the butter helps break down the popcorn, right? And it works as a lubricant for your stomach, so it slides right through the pylorus. I'm sure I've read that somewhere.

No. 395168

I don't understand why she's so hung up on soup. Stew has so much more nutrition and would actually help her GP since it's made with whole foods like meats. You can make the vegetables all mushy. Beef stew is the best thing to make in a crock pot.

No. 395237

File: 1506785499034.png (9.26 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_2670.PNG)

Aaaaand she's eating a nice portion of broccoli.

No. 395239


kek, broccoli is not recommended for GP

No. 395257

Every time I think this cow could not possibly get any lazier she proves me wrong. They are now using curbside pickup from Walmart bc Walmart is too exhausting for her. Her excitement over this is truly concerning. And Judd looked like he is ready to lose it.

No. 395281

Yes she took my suggestion minus the cream soup but still I somehow feel validated kek. Saged for being Jaquie tarded.

No. 395296

She serves broccoli at nearly every single dinner that she shows on her vlog. This is not about you.

No. 395521

In the latest vlog she said "that stuff would kill me" about spaghetti-os but she can eat broccoli and mac and cheese…..

No. 395535

Seriously, aside from the tomatos how the eff are spaghettios different from her beloved mac & cheese?!

No. 395540

The only logical conclusion is that tomatoes are deadly. Processed cheese, however, does wonders for your insides.

No. 395590

Anything with salt is (legitimately) good for pots, so her sooper speschel type should be helped considerably by processed foods.

No. 395660

Jaquie gets on my very last nerve but I totally get what she's saying about chef boy-ar-dee. I put hot sauce on everything yet something about spaghetti-o's gives me wicked heartburn. That shit is evil.

Sage for blogging.

No. 395670

Fucking good LORD Judd needs to stop wearing those short shorts.

Also you guys weren't wrong about Jaq being unreasonably exited about the Wal-Mart curb side pickup. You could see Judd was just thinking "this is our life now? Fuuuuck why did I marry you"

No. 395678

And jaquie is so ridiculously self-absorbed and selfish that she doesn't notice or care about what she's doing to him.

No. 395727

He can wear them in their back yard as often as he wants for all I care, but WHY film it?

And yeah, I really think Judd is thinking some stuff over these days. I'm not sure what, but something is going on.

No. 395757

Can you fucktards please include LINKS/SCREENSHOTS at the very fucking least? Lern2imageboard.

No. 395870

Oh god she was faking it so badly through the citizenship ceremony.

No. 395944

Link, please? I don't have time for all her long videos

No. 395959


I can't watch it right now, where was she a citizen of before?

No. 395964


No, she was born in England. Only reason why she got citizenship was because she married Judd.

No. 395967


Wow, I wouldn't have guessed. I've been in the UK for 15 years and still have my US accent…

(saged, obviously)

No. 395990

great now she's a citizen. all the better to mooch and get SSI benefits she doesn't deserve!

No. 395997


Oh shit, I didn't even think about her getting SSI, we're already paying for her exorbitant health care claims, now we'll be paying for her to sit around on her ass too.

Sage for blogging

No. 396001

why else would she marry judd so fast after a quickie hospital proposal? she's flushing all his hard earned money down the drain on exorbitant medical expenses that medicaid/medicare and a monthly SSI check (depending on her situation some married people only qualify for medicaid and not $$$) would cover in full.

No. 396002

She’s claimed multiple times she doesn’t get SSI benefits. Not defending but I’ve watched her lives, vids, etc, it’s a question people ask A LOT. She claims she doesn’t “need it”. She also clearly gets paid from YouTube because she has ads, and a very large following. So along with Judd, her daddy, and YouTube, selling shirts, I don’t think she needs the SSI as she claims. She does get income. From her loving fans.

No. 396008

she couldn't get it before she was a citizen and she claims to have been going through that process and having to postpone it for some time. she only got her citizenship in today's video (so, from friday?) sage for not contributing

No. 396020

That's why she's so excited to be a citizen. More free money, so she can continue to malinger at the level she's been accustomed to.

No. 396146

She was already in the process of becoming a citizen before she married Judd.

You can get SSI without being a US citizen.

No. 396151

Unless she worked and paid into Social Security, she does not qualify for any kind of benefits.

Getting married might help with qualifying, but her YT income will eventually be counted as "self-employed" income. I hope she's thinking about that for tax purposes because she will have to pay double tax at the end of the year.

No. 396167

I highly doubt she reports that money to the IRS

No. 396400

The exact reason I use an adblocker if I ever watch her videos, the ads pay her to continue to fake sick.

No. 396435

not true at all. SSI is for anyone who qualifies with a medical condition considered disabling to a degree of inability to work. no work credits considered. SSDI is based on work credits and employment history.

No. 396438

If she does actually pay her taxes, I bet her beloved daddy pays someone to do it for her. Anything for his special little brat.

No. 396443

YT and Patreon are required to report it to the IRS, so she will have to.

No. 396453

The rules are different for noncitizens and work credits are one way of qualifying as a noncitizen.

But, if you still think I'm wrong, point me to the rule that says, "anyone with a medical condition considered disabling…" can have SSI.

No. 396455


It's very satisfying imagining Jaquie relocated to the UK and dealing with their strict healthcare system!

No. 396481

Except look at Chloe and Nicole. They don’t filter out munchies any better than the US.

No. 396483


True, but at least the NHS are rightly not offering Chloe anything except for tube feeding and the offer of a psych consult.

No. 396484


We can't specialist-shop. GPs are there to filter out bullshit, and the tiny amount of money the NHS has to spare (thanks, Tory bastards) is used only when actually necessary.

No. 396501


(what we can do is have gofuckme pages for fans to pay for private treatment, who are less stingy with the invasive treatments)

No. 396591

We don’t want her here, thanks! You can keep her.

No. 396606

File: 1506952042398.jpg (313.99 KB, 2736x1824, FjUqr0t.jpg)

Same here. I wish there was a way to watch them without the view count going up though.

And of course, on the day she became an American citizen, it was very important to make sure she showed her tube and tubie pad to the world. Very important to do, that goes without saying.

No. 396637

>>395727 in today's video Jaquie spoke about dysautonomia of course for awareness month. but there was a moment in the car where Jaq said to Judd 'your healthy immune system ' you could tell he was totally over it he rolled his eyes so hard. I have a feeling one day Judd with snap and it'll all fall apart very quickly.

No. 396652

I also feel the fact that they have more "cam free time together" has a LOT to do with him. Of course we can't be sure, but if you pay attention you can see that he's annoyed at either her or the way she presents herself on vlog. Or maybe both. Yesterday or I think the day before he took the camera while he was going out alone and he didn't seem te like it too much.

Also, anyone notice how often she 'hushes' him? I know that often it is meant humerous, but she does it so often. If it were me, I sure as heck would be annoyed at it.

I have to applaude Jaquie though for finally doing a vlog in which she didn't show us her button or tubie pads. She did however show her feeds and pump and mention the fact they just got a huge delivery for feeding tube supplies.
So I guess it's the small victories that count, huh? Baby steps.

No. 396666

Anyone get the feeling that YT and Patreon money is furnishing their apartment? She has been buying a ton of new stuff lately. It went from everything having to be worked into a budget to buying a new backup camera and redecorating nearly every room of their place.

No. 396694

Yes, maybe I am nitpicking but this cow just ate a huge portion of chocolate frozen yogurt with oreos and turtle candy. But Erma Gherd muh GP and muh toooobz. Face palm.

No. 396718

That new formula is working miracles, eh?

No. 396750

Haha I can’t wait to watch her balloon up from all the calories she’s getting

No. 396848

Ah, majorly sucking in her gut, I see. Makes sense her face’s not in the picture.

No. 396888

The Patreon money was supposed to go towards making her videos more accessible by adding captions which as far as I can tell, she has yet to do. She did manage to buy some new pillows for the living room though. Hmm.

No. 396905

And two table runners, a table cloth, placemats, a new camera, two large canvas paintings and she is talking about redoing the bedroom. But captions y'all.

No. 396927

File: 1507002140701.png (1.1 MB, 1603x802, table.PNG)

Some thoughts on Jacquie's latest video (though I skipped over most of the POTS shit cause its like she's reading a bad textbook to me)

Jacquie gets the employees at Menchies to get her "turtles" especially which I guess is a turtle shaped chocolate. I cannot imagine asking an employee at a frozen yogurt place to track down something like this. She did seem like she was having a true freak out over them not having turtle because she "always gets turtles"

The table redecoration sucks. She has a tablecloth with a square pattern under a table runner with an organic shape pattern and circle placements on a circle table. It's just a mess. She's only interested in the color issues but the whole thing was an eyesore.

No. 396949


Turtles rang a faint bell for me from my time living in the US, so a quick google, and:


TBH, having a freak out because you can't have the same thing as always is quite an autistic thing. Or maybe she's playing it up.

No. 396957


Wow that really is ugly. I wonder how much she spent on it, looks cheap af so I hope it wasn't much. At least she's trying I guess, that apartment looked starker than a cheap motel room before.

No. 397065

Turtles are literally the anti-GP food. Chocolate, nuts, caramel. And with ice cream?? Does this bitch really think everyone watching her videos is an idiot?

No. 397124

I'm with you - either she's playing it up for ASD, or else she's just conceited and used to getting her way.

However, being rigid about what you eat, having "safe foods," needing to eat the same things/not being able to change what you eat, and so on - that's total eating disorder behavior. Not surprising.

No. 397145

Being extremely picky and not trying different foods is a eating disorder???

No. 397149


can be part of an eating disorder
there's plenty of existing evidence that J has an eating disorder no one's just leaping from wanting turtles to eating disorder

No. 397156

File: 1507050292507.png (47.37 KB, 1226x322, jaccomments1.PNG)

She won't be sharing her goal rate anymore, probably to keep folks from catching on.

No. 397161

Yes, rigidity around eating and/or rules about food are hallmark symptoms.

No. 397262

I noticed her vagueness around the goal rate subject here lately and now that she confirmed it I can't help but wonder if she reads here. Her rates have been discussed a lot here in great detail by medfags.

No. 397349

I may have said something in a YT comment about how worried I was regarding her low rate in which I calculated how many cals she was getting from it and how it was 'frankly amazing' she didn't loose more weight in these last few months.

So I could have been from reading here, but it could also be from other comments. I know I was not the only one who commented on it.

But yeah, it's 100% because she knows people will call her out about it. She is however still using the small feed bag, so her rate can't be very high.

No. 397372

Oh but the caloric content so much higher… eye roll. She is so full of shit.

No. 397433

Anyone who can do basic math knows she’s full of shit. With that rate and volume, she’s not getting enough calories through her tube to keep her weight the same, let alone the gain she’s had. And the amount she eats alone shows she doesn’t need a tube. She’s doing the minimum just for show. She’s eventually going to get caught, either by her team or by her husband, since she has to be throwing formula away still if she’s trying to fake that she’s going through an appropriate rate.

No. 397488

Yesterday, when Judd came home, her pump was beeping and going off. My first thought was that it was possible she had the pumped turned off or something and he surprised her when he got home and she had to scramble to get it back in order, setting off all kinds of beeps. Possibly tinfoil but not unlikely.

As for today's vlog, dramatic fall (supposedly) and patting herself on the back too much for "coming up with her own recipes" as if it takes culinary genius to throw potatoes/asparagus with olive oil and parmesan cheese in the oven and marinate chicken in balsimic vinegar, soy sauce, and honey.

No. 397489


You barely even need basic math. Kek. She was barely eating at all when she got her tube. She herself refers to this time as a "severe and dangerous state of malnutrition" (fucking hell if that was a severe and dangerous state of malnutrition, I'm Kate from Kate Farms) yet when she got her tube she started eating again. Just like that. Like maybe when the surgeon put it in, he also put a magic spell on her stomach that allowed it to suddenly accept food.

Formula aside… Not eating, not trying, not even using GP safe meals = lower weight.

Suddenly eating again, eating some GP safe meals, eating junk food, bigger portions = weight gain.

I'm sure the little bit of formula she gets every day helps, but no doubt the biggest difference here is her food.

No. 397490

Also what she's actually eating is totally contraindicated in the diet information I was given about gastroparesis. Not everyone needs to follow it to a T all the time, but she's just taking the piss.

No. 397499

She's full of shit even when talking about her recipes. Her Pinterest has over 100 saved recipes including the Honey Garlic chicken and Vegetables she made today, her chicken noodle soup, the ranch chicken she makes as well as tips on how to achieve a thigh gap. She's not sharing the recipes because they aren't hers. She's a complete fraud.

No. 397500

HAHAAHAH I’m laughing so hard right now omfgf. Link her Pinterest I want a look. This too funny. She just loves attention thaaaat much omg.

No. 397502

OMG, yes, link !!

No. 397509

Yes you’ll definitely have to link because I tried to look it up and I couldn’t find it.

No. 397510

Please please post the link! The anticipation is killing me

No. 397516

No. 397523

File: 1507075781198.png (2.04 MB, 1536x2048, D05D45B7-AD90-452E-9EDD-67ABFF…)

OMG, OP you found a gold mine kek

No. 397525

File: 1507075910124.png (4.04 MB, 1536x2048, E42B16CB-F5CC-4A08-A4F4-B8220E…)

Reeeaaal GP-friendly food on this board

No. 397529


Oh my fucking god OP bless you for finding her pinterest! This is too good!

No. 397541

Omg… I don’t know how you found this but wow. The thigh gap thing is telling. And she’s ALWAYS going on about how she makes her own recipes. What a liar! Just goes to show what else she could be lying about.

No. 397561

Everything. She’s lying about almost everything, I guarantee it. She’s not sick except an eating disorder and maybe anxiety.

No. 397573

I have been wondering about her ab muscles. They look pretty toned. Not super buff obviously but well toned. She's not so stick thin that she'd be toned looking all over either, her thighs/butt/hips have a good jiggle. I have been thinking, how does she keeps such a toned stomach? She's been very sedentary for a long time. I know from personal experience that being immobile, even just for 6 months, is definitely long enough to give you a soft belly. It's not rocket science. As Jaq likes to say, "if you don't use it, you lose it" (I know she refers to her literal stomach here, not her muscles, but hell, it still applies). She apparently hasn't been able to exercise at all until very recently, but she's got noticeable ab definition. That just doesn't add up.

If she's been doing these "flat tummy" workouts, however, that'd definitely explain it. Who wants to bet that when she's home alone she switches off her feeds, exercises, gets around without her walker, looks at fitspo, pigs out and purges.

Can anyone who's pinterest savvy figure out when she saved those workout routine posts?

No. 397597

Last Workout was saved a year ago. The recipes last one saved a month ago

No. 397599

I’m sure she’s much more active off camera than on. Even though she hasn’t pinned any exercises recently, she could still be working out. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she was restricting her food/tube feedings more now people are pointing out that wasn’t malnourished and is still gaining weight. She’s also probably planning to make a move to be on tpn too, which she won’t get if she’s gaining weight on tube feeding.

No. 397671

A feeding pump like hers doesn’t beep if it’s running as it’s supposed to. It beeps when it’s turned on/off, when it’s being primed, when there’s air in the line (because it wasn’t set up correctly ), and when the bag of formula is empty or done running. So the fact that it was beeping is suspicious. My guess would be that she had it off while judd was gone, and was trying to quickly get it running again so he would think she had it going all day. And she’s probably throwing away a lot of formula, to cover up that she’s not using the right amount. Her behavior screams eating disorder.

No. 397697

Pump may also beep when there's a kink in the line. Not just when it's turned on or off. Plus, the infusion pump was beeping too. I like your theory, but I'm afraid in this case Jaquie's explanation ('I was readjusting stuff') is more likely.

Wow. That's very telling. Who else than eating disordered and/or body insecure young women would save information on how to get a thigh gap? Wow.

No. 397703


I would hope no doctor would approve TPN as she's gained so much weight (though obviously she won't tell them that's from eating actual food).

No. 397736

Given her enthusiasm for her new formula, I think she's going to stick with it for a while. Also, now she has a port AND a tube. If she would go on TPN there'd be no use for the tube anymore and she'd just have the port.

No. 397756


Not trying to give her ideas but she could use j tube for meds’ and g tube for venting. That’s what Chloe’s chronically does.

No. 397821

I’m sure jaquie would love that, especially if she could get separate j and g tubes with buttons. So hopefully her doctor’s not a total moron, and shoots down either of those suggestions (TPN or separate tubes). Unfortunately her doctor seems fairly clueless, so it’s sadly not impossible.

No. 397868

O, shit. Hadn't thought of that. (Maybe that's because I'm not a munchie?) Of course she would. We all know how much she loves being able to drain. After all, that's what makes this tube 'such a versatile tool' - ugh.

BUT, it's still true that she is 1. very happy with her special formula at the moment and 2. she already has the 'toy' that would come with TPN. Also, unless she somehow manages to delude herself very much, she knows she is not using her feeding tube the way she tells everyone she is. And I think (or: hope) that TPN would be monitored more closely by either a dietitian and/or the prescribing doctor. So she might not be able to fool everyone as easily were she to be on TPN.

But if she were to go down that route, at least she would have to do some sort of infusion at night, because I don't think she would be able to do both TPN and her fluids during days only.
Unless.. unless she'd somehow talk her doctors into giving her a PICC on top of the port, or a second port. (Is that even done like, ever?) Because apparently her lines get tangled at night so carrying around a backpack and being hooked up all day is - of course - way easier. Plus of course she would have the two tubes, as a seperate G-tube drains better (something I learned at lolcowU) and the J-tube for liquid meds.

Now that would make for a lot of cool selfies. Though I don't think even Jaquie would go that far.

Saged for wild phantasy.

No. 397930

And if she was in such a "dangerous state of malnutrition" why was/is her hair still full and healthy looking? Her nails are always long and don't look like they're brittle and breaking. If she was as malnourished as she claimed wouldn't things like her hair and nails look bad?

No. 397935

No. 397940

File: 1507141860641.jpg (27.75 KB, 966x188, IFQrPfW.jpg)


Also: what a d.bag. Wow. In the vids he mostly seems like a moderately decent guy. In this account he either was going through late puberty and thought it was OK to talk about "whores from church" and cool to say "I'm cool" etc. about himself, OR he was showing his true colors.

Weere he and J together when he was still using this account?

No. 397942


I think so, because Jaquie says here that October 2012 is their 16 month anniversary https://twitter.com/JaquieBlake/status/256708705993768960

No. 397945

Wouldn't it be a problem for his career in law enforcement if his boss found this? Mainly because the references to drugs, I mean. I don't understand why he hasn't removed it. He sure as heck isn't using it..

No. 397948

They likely know about it already - idk about Judds specific dept but most law enforcement agencies do thorough background checks on applicants prior to training and that includes social media, speaking with friends & loved ones, etc. I'd be interested to know how he explained this shit though.

No. 397950

I wonder if he knows what a "shitte ton" of hashtags Jacquie piles on her IG posts. kek

No. 397974

A lot of times all they care about is honesty. I mean obviously some offenses etc will prevent hire but generally they are just looking for integrity. If it's in the past, it's minor and the applicant is upfront about it then they overlook it.

No. 397979

I expected the US to make a bigger deal out of drug-related things. But the other anon is probably right: they'd know about it already.

No. 397985

For one thing most of those drug related tweets are from 2011 so he was likely a minor. And they do care about drug related issues - if they are current. I know several police officers personally and the PD wants you to be clean now and not lie about any past use. You can be 100% clean but if you lie about past use you are disqualified.

No. 398083

>bet that when she's home alone she switches off her feeds, exercises, gets around without her walker, looks at fitspo, pigs out and purges

Judd should set up a nanny cam and catch her malingering act, then make her get therapy for it.

No. 398087

In her recent vlogs and photos, I’ve noticed her cheeks look puffier and her skin is breaking out - all signs of bulimia.

No. 398092

File: 1507159515814.jpeg (208.65 KB, 750x1004, DC86D47E-372A-4D95-8DA1-9E0C4B…)

No. 398095

File: 1507159586895.jpeg (246.14 KB, 750x814, CAFF3B3A-1E55-47ED-9437-C3F1C0…)

Did you guys ever see this? I was taken a back when I did. I’m not even going to speak on it. But I just want to see what all of you say about someone with EDS and tae Kwon doe. Also she looks WAAAAAY healthier.

No. 398097

(I’m the same anon with posted the pics) I was going to compare side by side photos of her face but WOW the difference of the puffiness and fatness of her face between even 2016 and now is so severe! So I just can’t believe she’s saying she’s malnourished, you guys need to look, I’ll also make one though.

No. 398107

The fact that Jaquie's PCP saw her today without her walker and didn't say anything about not getting the wheelchair since she can walk unassisted is a load of bullshit.

No. 398114


Yeah any contact sports are a big no-no for EDS, although it depends on the person and severity of symptoms. However, there’s much more risk for injury, so it’s never really recommend it (some people do it anyways). Exercise is good, but preferably without hitting or kicking or getting hit, and no changing positions quickly (like pivoting in basketball). If her EDS was as bad as she claims (if she actually has it, which I highly doubt she does), she would have had lots of injuries during her previous tae kwon do experience, and wouldn’t want to risk that again.

No. 398115


Her pcp has their head up their ass. I’m pretty sure they’re the ones that signed off on almost everything that jaquie has but doesn’t need. If I remember correctly, it’s a family friend who gives jaquie whatever she wants. It’s reckless and unethical.

No. 398118


Sooo much bulimia/moon face. She was actually fairly pretty a couple years ago, and now she looks terrible, and not in a lost-too-much-weight/malnourished way. It looks like she’s done nothing but sit on her couch the past year and eat junk food. Oh wait, that’s exactly what she’s been doing.

No. 398119


Holy shit, it's a family friend?! No wonder why she gets whatever she wanted.

My godfather is an ophthalmologist, told my mom I needed to be seen, but said he couldn't be the one to see me as it would be a conflict of interest.

Seeing family and/or close friends really is a conflict of interest.

No. 398131


Totally. It’s on his/her head if jaquie gets a serious infection or other complication. Most pcp’s wont even treat the illnesses she claims. They make you go to specialists, and even specialists will only treat their own specialties. I think jaquie has a separate gi doctor, but her pcp does everything else, which is really, really wrong. Even an EDS specialist will refer you out for neurology, cardiology, allergies, gi, and such. Unfortunately, her pcp had the chance to do the right thing and go with the specialists that said jaquie did not have at least some of the things she claims, but they fucked up and are continuing to enable jaquie’s lies and manipulation.

No. 398146

In yesterday's "I fell to the floor" vlog she says her legs gave out and she fell because she's been way overdoing it. She talks about how her body was shouting "hey! I'm still here and I need attention!" And I couldn't help but laugh because that applies to her personality way more than her body.

Also, of course her body is struggling. She's let herself get incredibly deconditioned at a rapid rate, and she's been wildly over doing it now that she has "new limits" since changing to her super special formula. What an idiot. But now she's got an opportunity to get more attention and show us all how incredibly strong and adaptive and inspiring she is!

Also when she was in the kitchen you could see behind her by the sink was the syringe and glass of water she uses for flushing her port after venting/draining. Does she use that for anything else?

Again she goes on about how she comes up with her own recipes because she's just gifted that way. But she's marinating chicken breast in soy sauce and balsamic vinegar which no self respecting chef would ever do, and honestly sounds disgusting.

She eats a whole chicken breast with asparagus, potatoes and mushrooms. The chicken looks overcooked and dry as FUCK. She keeps humbly referring to this as her "creation" and grinning. Later she says the first thing Judd said when tasting the chicken was "it tastes like soy sauce" like it was bad and disappointing. Judd's face when she says this is pretty funny. He's not even looking at the camera. His eyes are looking down at the sheets like maybe he's contemplating disappearing in the middle of the night to live alone under a bridge somewhere because anywhere, ANYWHERE would be better than here.

No. 398149

I’ve seen her do medication through her tube in the kitchen so it’s psosibly there for medications not purging

No. 398208


I don't get why she pushes all meds through the tube, as she's clearly able to eat and swallow!

No. 398271


“Muh malabsorbshun”

No. 398279

File: 1507202238904.png (3.47 MB, 1800x900, A975C27E-F54D-4DEB-BF31-0B9F24…)

No. 398280

File: 1507202278170.png (3.82 MB, 1800x900, E13B7951-E19F-45B2-A161-FE0FA4…)

No. 398281

File: 1507202401984.png (3.55 MB, 1800x900, 735B4090-6EE1-4B3B-B6EF-D1BCBC…)

You guys are gonna wanna take a look at these that I made for comparison. These are way before Jaq even thought of to fake a tube and a port. She’s gained at least 20 fucking pounds. With these someone can call her on her bullshit. She had DIMPLES BEFORE, that don’t even EXIST ANYMORE. In the previous photos she looked malnourished I’d say! But in these she’s FAT looking, unreal.

No. 398303

She looked fine beforehand and now looks terrible. She’s definitely gained a significant amount of weight, which is the natural consequence of stuffing your face with junk

No. 398323


Her gaining 20 pounds wouldn't get rid of her dimples, I've seen legitimately overweight people with dimples before. I would say it's more how puffy her face has gotten from purging.

No. 398365

I can not stand their open mouthed pictures. Just fucking smile for the camera like everyone else. And she can shove that thumb…. Okay I feel better now.

Sage for rage.

No. 398371

I think it’s a combination of both, since her arms and stomach look larger as well, but not as bad as her face.

No. 398387

I can’t stand them either! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s the stupidest face on the fucking planet. Close your goddamn mouth. It’s so unflattering. No one wants to see the inside of your mouth and your tongue, just ugh. Glad you feel my pain anon. I cringe so hard when I see it and when I was making these photo compares.

No. 398389

The entire shape of her face has changed. From thin to.. moon face.

No. 398398

True. I mean, I don't think it's fair to call her fat (at all, she's of a pretty average weight*), but it's clear that her cheeks look very different now. I've also scrolled back in her instagram and payed close attention to her collar bones. She clearly has been at a lower weight compared to where she is now. In her defense those pics could have been taken during her 'GP flare' of last year (though I don't think it is). But that doesn't explain the puffy cheeks. If that is from vomiting due to GP, she would've had those back then as well.

Also, her color was much better last year. I'm not sure why. Could be vomiting, of course. But do you guys think she would vomit often and not tell everyone/us about it? Even if is was self-induced, I tend to think she would still talk about it and chalk it up to GP vomiting ('my feeding tube doesn't fix everything').

O, and the open-mouthed faces are horrible, of course. Even worse is that those are the pictures she chooses for her instagram and/or as thumbnail for her YT videos. I don't get why none of her family or friends have pointed out how unflattering that is.

*Which is - of course - not average by US standards, but she is at a 'normal', healthy weight.

No. 398399

BTW, does someone know Janiece's (or Janice? I'm not sure) Instagram? Does she have one? I think I've seen it once, but I tried a Google search and didn't find it. I'm not on social media myself, don't know if that would make searching easier. Can someone link it?

No. 398401

No. 398402

No. 398404

Also a great difference with a year ago: her choices in clothing. She actually dressed herself pretty normal back then, the leggings seem to be a recent thing.

I can understand wearing leggings for hospital stays somewhat, or for lazy days at home (though there's plenty of comfortable stretch trousers that are very decent). But it's interesting that she started to wear them almost exclusively during the last few months. IIRC, she mainly wears them because of her sensory issues, which are part of her autism. So it would've been a long-standing issue and not a new one.

She looked so pretty on some of those older pictures. I'm not saying she is ugly now, but the difference is striking.


No. 398405


"The Raw Life" makes me laugh so much, if she's referring to the raw food diet she's doing it very, very wrong kek

No. 398406


Well, as someone who's gained a fair amount of weight in the last 18 months, leggings are more forgiving than jeans or fitted trousers. Also maybe they're comfier with tubes? (I wouldn't know though).

No. 398408

As we have discussed before it's unlikely anyone would say anything about her weight if she didn't go on and on about her malnourishment, malabsorption, her weight in general, her feeding tube rates, not being able to eat while simultaneously wolfing down plates of fried junk food on the daily. She has brought this scrutiny on herself. If she was just a regular person doing regular things no one would think twice about her weight.

No. 398410


OH WAIT is she talking about raw feeding her DOG? That would make more sense.

Saged for being slow-anon.

No. 398411

For gaining weight, sure. For a GJ tube, doesn’t matter, those tubes are a ways above the waistband of any pants or skirts. But if you’re an irresponsible, lazy person who doesn’t have a job or a real life, there’s no reason to not wear leggings.

No. 398412

If her GP was severe enough for her to vomit enough to get that much of a bulimia face, she wouldn’t be able to eat any of the shit she eats. And she would most likely still be losing weight , which she’s not.

No. 398413

File: 1507218368058.jpg (194.58 KB, 756x1093, rqdWDcf.jpg)

Wow. No Janiece, it's not. It's not an illness but a function problem, and it will be solved after your operation. So it's not "another illness on the long list of chronic illnesses". I'm sorry.

She is constantly referring to her recent problems as "part of chronic illness"/"that's chronic illness life for you", etc. But it's not. If you have diarrhea for a few weeks or if I have another problem, why assume that it's a chronic problem before you even know what's wrong?

No. 398415


Because pizza and a churro is the recommended diet for someone with a failing gallbladder.

No. 398417

Sorry, just to clarify I wasn’t calling Jaquie as a person fat, but rather her face fat. Her face looks fat and she just all around looks so much worse compared to last year is what I was trying to say lol. (I’m the anon who posted pics) I do agree that she’s normal weight for her most likely height and age. So she’s not technically fat. But her face is bloated and fat. And she’s definitely gained somewhere in the neighborhood of … 15 to 20lbs, lovingly.

No. 398418

I don't know. I've lost quite a lot of weight in a few months and now almost gained it all back, and I haven't seen a need for leggings yet. Stretch trousers, skirts and belts have worked fine for me. I use leggings instead of PJ bottoms though.

It's kind of an American custom though I think, to go outside in clothes we Europeans would only wear inside our home. Leggings are an example of that: though 'treggings' (stretch trousers that fit very snugly like leggings but look a bit more like normal trousers on the lower legs) and 'jeggings' (leggings that look a bit like jeans) seem to be fashion (somewhat) right now, you wouldn't wear leggings unless for sports or sleepwear.

No. 398419

It should be the same here, at least it is for normal non-trash people. I don’t wear leggings anywhere but in my house, unless I’m working out and they’re specific workout clothes. But jaquie dresses (and acts) like she’s 10.

No. 398420

I agree. I'm the anon you are reacting to, and yes, you are right. That goes for a lot of what she does as well. She is putting herself out there and wants to be seen as an example for people with chronic illness and disability. (And - even worse - is seen like that by some.)

I mean, I also wouldn't mind what a random person on YT was eating, but what she is showing us about what she eats combined with her GI problems and her need for a feeding tube is just begging for people to comment on.

No. 398421

She’s not fat in the context of average people, but in the context of her self-reported malnutrition and starvation and how she can’t eat anything and is severely underweight, she’s fat. You don’t have to be super thin to have GP (many people aren’t, and others were but are following medical advice and have gained weight to be healthier), but if you’re claiming to be severely underweight and malnourished, you don’t look healthy and at an average weight. And jaquie’s been claiming that she’s still losing weight, but her pictures don’t reflect what she’s saying.

No. 398423


Maybe leggings are different over here in the UK, but someone wearing a dress over leggings for workwear would not look out of place… tho I get she's wearing them as regular trousers which is … confident.

No. 398424


Samefag, sorry.

Also to add, when you're a wheelchair user (I am), leggings are super comfy as there aren't any harsh seams to dig in when you're sitting on your butt all day. But neither of them are wheelchair users yet (nor should they be!)

(saged for multiple reasons)

No. 398570

Watching Jaquie and Janice together is hilarious. It's like some sort of shit show where one is trying to be sicker than the other. 'I'm in a wheelchair cause my tummy hurts'… 'I'm using a walker for no logical reason!.

Plus, why does she need to be in hospital for a simple cholecystectomy? I had one and I was in and out within 8 hours, and I have fairly advanced ILD.

No. 398580

Something about her taking a long time to wake up from anesthesia due to narcolepsy.

No. 398608


Kek, so kick her ass out once she's awake!

No. 398632


Exactly! Why keep her once she is awake… I guess it makes the hospital some extra money.

No. 398636


Keeps someone else from having a post-op bed.
Or have I been using the NHS too long?

No. 398643

In this case Janiece didn't have a choice about the wheelchair. U.S hospitals always wheel patients out when they are discharged from inpatient stays. It's a liability issue.

No. 398692

File: 1507250113164.png (197.67 KB, 750x1334, A38CA619-ABF7-4F8B-809D-CC4F4E…)

No. 398708


Nope. You’re usually discharged as soon as you’re fairly with it, especially since you have to have someone drive you home. And you don’t have to be wheeled out, if you don’t want it they let you walk out, as long as you’re steady enough to not be a liability for them. They also don’t want you hanging out after surgery longer than you need because the more time you’re there, the more chance of infection (hospitals are the worst for infections, since that’s where all the sick people are). The last time I had surgery was actually an abdominal one, and I was in and out in just a few hours. They give you plenty of painkillers to make it home and through the first day at least (depends on your doctor after that). But munchies have simple outpatient procedures is the equivalent of them getting a quadruple bypass.

No. 398711


Hahahaha “I have an issue with losing weight “. No you attention whore, you have the opposite problem. You can’t stop filming yourself stuffing your pie hole long enough to convince anyone who’s not an idiot that can’t eat anything. Nice try, but no.

No. 398712


I read that the other way round as in, "I find it hard to lose weight" but then I remembered she's meant to be "severely malnourished" kek

No. 398716


What you thought is closer to the truth kek

No. 398717


But not how she wanted it to come across!
I never thought Jacquie would say something that made me think her clever….but there you go!

No. 398744


Jaquie’s not that smart. She’s manipulative, but her lies aren’t even very good. I’m sure if she actually did some research she could really pull it off (since she’s found some really, really idiotic doctors), but it doesn’t take much actual investigation to see how full of shit she is. Like if she was good at sticking to the GP lie, she wouldn’t be eating what she eat and pinning things like non-GP recipes and how to get a thigh gap (I know it was a while ago she pinned that one, but maybe delete the incriminating evidence?). And speaking of evidence, if you’re doing things that should be impossible with the illnesses you’re claiming, don’t film it and put it on the internet for thousands of strangers to watch.

No. 398861


Yea, somehow claimed intestinal dysmotility + Crohns don't make much medical sense.

No. 398865

I've been thinking the same thing. I mean.. we all have, more or less. That's why this forum exists in the first place. She's munchie moron and everyone who has half a brain is waking up to that.

This is gonna be long but I've got some ideas..

I think it comes down to how she was raised, honestly. She's talked a bit about it. It seems like she's had an incredibly sheltered upbringing. Also hella fucking privileged. Her dad built big resorts, they moved a lot, she said a lot of the time she lived on some tropical island or something. Her mum spoils her rotten too. She gets whatever she wants. Her parents probably felt bad for moving so much, so they let her away with being a brat. Also she's an only child and in that situation, you can become extremely self absorbed and egotistical. She's learned how to manipulate her family and friends too. Though it only seems like she's got three friends. Janiece, Paul (though he doesn't seem to be a fan) and Julian who has recently been used as a prop and rejected once she was done showing us all his wheelchair and how Jaquie will look in her new one. It gets sadder when you watch the vlog where she gets the CNA (is that it? I forget) and she's so excited, starting the day with "we're getting a new friend today!"

So she's got her family wrapped around her finger. Her friends… Idk. Janiece seems very attatched, but she doesn't seem to have many other friends, if any, and she's weird kinda like Jaq. And also Janiece often gets legitimately frustrated with Jaq. They're like sisters who kinda hate each other. Judd seems to be getting tired. Paul never really cared. I like Julian, and he hasn't been around much lately.

It seems like no one's really gonna question Jaq. She's mentioned cutting people out of her life because of her health situation. Which might mean people have questioned her before, and Jaq has removed them. Maybe Judd, Janiece and Paul have witnessed this side of Jaq and don't wanna poke the bear. Paul and Judd have been bffs for ages and obvs Paul and Janiece are married.. so who's gonna call her out? They're all fucked if they do. Ironically, Paul and Janiece are legitimately sick. They probably fucking hate seeing jaqs antics. I bet they talk shit behind her back. I could sense Paul rolling his eyes VERY hard during his filming of the infamous hurricane walker-over-the-dog-gate maneuver.

There was something odd in her vlog today. Jacquie mentioned in front of Janiece (who just had her gallbladder surgery ffs) that she feels bad about her health improving while Janiece decides. First of all, you DON'T say shit like that, especially while she's recovering from surgery. She is so tactless. Jan was obviously pissed. You could see some tension there.

Jaquie has been questioned online, but she either deletes it or lets her minions defend her or makes up some bullshit. Her method of dealing with being questioned is to not deal with it. Simple.

Back to her upbringing.. She's probably never had to face consequences or really face any real hardship. She feels she can do whatever she wants.

She's obviously still purging, and based off her facial swelling I'd say it's worse now more than ever? People with EDs often are addicted to the sense of control they get. Maybe she feels out of control in her health (she's let herself get in bad physical shape but that seems to be the main issue now) and her marriage and her social life, and the one person who's always given her everything is probably not gonna be around much longer. She's always obsessively cleaning (I know she has allergies, it's not the cleaning that's the issue, it's how fucking compulsive she gets). And she's always got this crazy pressure to cook for Judd and keep him happy, and he never seems that grateful (I mean the food never looks great but still, that guy is one glum motherfucker). Her life fuckin sucks and I'm sure she's realising this now that the novelty of being taken care of is wearing off. So she's "getting better" now but it's obviously going to be harder than she thought. She's craving control over something. Why not weight loss? She probably finds it hard to deal with the weight she's gained and the muscle she's lost. And thin=more sick looking, which she clearly wants. She can cry "severe" again.

Anyway.. She's oblivious. She doesn't even think to lie properly, she's half assing it because she thinks she can get away with whatever she wants, like she always has. I fucking hope this blows up in her swollen face. I'm so tired of her shit.

No. 398897


IDK, for what he has to put up with, Judd is a saint.

No. 398909


A+ analysis anon

No. 398917


I wonder if she has more friends but they don't want to appear in her vlogs… but then again, she records her whole life. I'd love to hear from someone who knew her in high school.

Loads of her "fans" want to be her friend, but she keeps them at a distance like she's too good for them ("we can't have mail, I'm too sick" - wtf!?).

Saged for non con

No. 398923

Her median fan age seems to be about 14 though. Even if she was receptive, how many 21yos hang out with 14yos that aren't family?
I think if she had friends that didn't want to be in the vlog she would do what Frey Life does, vlog until they get there and then pick up after they leave. But that never happens with Jaq. Her life is manipulation, whining, Netflix, cleaning, copying recipes off Pinterest and sleeping. Even Harlow seems over her at times.

No. 398925

Oh and Disney! Don't forget Disney! Eye roll…

No. 398948

She had 2 other friends. One with a service dog named Levi, the girls name was Alex, and another friend with a service dog (don’t know the SD name) but her name was Meredith. They are aaaalllllll the very way back in Jaquie’s Instagram way before she did Vlogs, and they’ve never been featured in her Vlogs now, or ever been in her recent photos. Why? I’m assuming what the other anon said… that she’s not friends with them anymore lol. That they must’ve grown tired of her shit or questioned her. It’s quite interesting. If you look and go back far into her gram she was having fun and hanging out with way more people, like a normal person.

No. 398958

Agree. And she has made comments about having to let people go so I would guess that anyone who questions her or encourages her to be more than a munchie then she cuts them out. It's probably way easier for someone who is also sick to see through her bullshit than someone who leads a more typical life. Most people when they are challenged might be angry at first but then they can step back see the other side. Jaquie is too self absorbed, selfish and rigid to do this and so cut cut cut. Her world seems very small at this point.

No. 398993

Such irresponsibility in today's vlog. They are going down the highway at 60 mph and Jaquie is in Judd's lap to film the odometer flipping over to 88,888. Nice example of safety, Officer Moron.

No. 399027

How does Jaquie get down those stairs at paul and Janiece’s and at her own house if she needs a walker soooo bad and her mobility is soooo bad she needs a custom chair??? It doesn’t add up.

No. 399064

She has shown a few time how she goes down step by step at her bum.

No. 399068

Yeah… but do you honestly believe that’s what she does every single time she goes up the freaking stairs to her bedroom? Let’s be real. Why on God’s green earth would someone with POTS and EDS? And all these disorders even choose an apartment with stairs? That’s a worst nightmare to have to deal with every day. I think it’s a clear indication she’s better off than she leads on that they bought an inaccessible apartment. I think she shows us the bum routine up the stairs for show and can walk up them fine when the camera comes off. Otherwise she’d never be getting anywhere around that house or to her room .

No. 399070

>Yeah… but do you honestly believe that’s what she does every single time she goes up the freaking stairs to her bedroom?

Not necessarily.

No. 399104

I'm watching an old Jaquie video. She is talking - as she does quite a lot - about her special 'shower wipes' that she uses when she isn't able to shower. Makes me wonder: don't Americans use washclots? You know, normal cotton (face)cloths you use to wash yourself with, with soap and water? I don't get why you would use those premade impregnated wet wipes instead of just using a washcloth and water. Unless you are on the go, then wet wipes can be quite useful.

No. 399122

I'm going to reference my self in this post. Don't get arsey with me about it, if you don't like it don't read.

I used to have a really active life, illness struck and now I am a wheelchair user etc. However, despite the fact that I am at massive risk of getting infections etc I have decided that there's no point in spending so much time trying to keep myself alive that I don't actually live. So yeah, I take risks but come on, who doesn't?

Jaquie however seams to have completely allowed her illness to define who she is, and allows it to dictate what she does. She's so wrapped up in her illness that she's forgotten who she is and what her life used to be. It's sad really, even if you put aside the questionable illnesses. What does she do with her life, apart from going to hospital appointments and doing treatments? Nothing! Her life must be so boring and lonely, no wonder she has become obsessed with her illnesses, but the funny thing is that the more she obsesses about her illnesses the more isolated she becomes.

No. 399127

sage your blogging in future

No. 399140

Agree totally. Her life is dusting and appointments, Menchie's and vlogging. Fake laughing at Harlow, fake sympathy for Janiece, and making fun of Judd. She has NOTHING going on. I have no idea how she keeps from being depressed. Or maybe she is that why her life is such a cluster.

No. 399147

I know I agree. She’s said so many times in lives and in vlogs “I have no mental health issues, including anxiety or depression.” And I just have to let out a big laugh. EVERYBODY gets anxiety sometimes! Like come on. She acts like she’s exempt or something, everyone gets depressed sometimes too! Especially those in the chronic illness community, it’s a very difficult life to lead. She’s absolute bullshitting and putting on a fake show. She hates her life and so does everyone around her. Judd looks like he wants to off himself. I can see it in his eyes, that guy is struggling.

No. 399149


You only have to sage posts that don't add to the conversation. I shared a small amount of information which was relevant to the point I was making. Whereas blog posting is when you share your personal experience, perspective, or anecdote in a way that’s not directly relevant to the discussion.

THIS post will be Saged because it does not add to the discussion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 399152


I think that is why he works so much, he's struggling to put up with her shit and needs a break. He could probably work less, make less money and not pay the CNA, but he would rather work and pay someone else to put up with her shit then do it himself.

No. 399157

It seems like Judd would rather be anywhere than with Jaquie right now. I can only imagine how much he regrets their marriage. I wonder how many people tried to talk him out of it?

No. 399158

If jaquie had such severe pots and eds to where she couldn’t go up the stairs, she would have been having problems her whole life, and also one of her parents would most likely as well. And pots only prevents you from going up stairs if you’ve let yourself get that badly deconditioned. And her supposed eds lets her do plenty on things (getting up off the floor for one) that are more difficult for eds than stairs. Again, inconsistent lies. I wouldn’t want to spend time with a spouse that is a chronic liar and plays helpless all the time, either. Even though Judd’s no saint himself, living with what jaquie’s become must be hell.

No. 399168


I bet he was regretting proposing before he even got her down the isle. But then, even if he did regret it, he's not going to leave her because how awful would he look leaving his disabled wife to fend for herself? People would be disgusted.

No. 399173

Yeah that poor bastard is stuck. Unless of course he just decides he doesn't care what other people think. I have a feeling his family doesn't buy her line and it doesn't really seem like Paul does either. I would lose it if I was 23, healthy, fit and married to someone who clearly relishes being "disabled" so much.

No. 399191


Something makes me think that he's just going to be the sort of person that just goes along with everything for an easy life when he's at home, and then puts everything into his work life when he's there. Like, I'm sure that if he said I have a apparently severely disabled wife at home and I need to be able to care for her, can I please be let off hurricane duty they would have let him.

No. 399201

I don't think the National Guard works like that. His hurricane duty wasn't for the police department. He was on Guard duty.

No. 399205

Judd doesn’t strike me as…erm, the brightest crayon in the box. I think he realises Jaquie is a collosal pain in the ass but I don’t think he realises the extent to which he is being manipulated.

No. 399206


Hah. I agree. I think he takes everything at face value too, she says she's sick, so she's sick.

No. 399207

I was just ready through this so I’m late to the game, but… although J needs to be called out, I wouldn’t give Molly much credit. She appears to enjoy vendetta posting and used to be one of those OTT actually sick spoonie accounts until she realized that her “better than thou” attitude about keeping most of her illness stuff secretive (until she could use her severity as leverage) got her more asspats.

No. 399209


Who is Molly?

Saged for not actually adding anything.

No. 399211


missmollysarah I think.
She actually has vEDS though, so is probably the right person to put EDS whiners in their place when they try to insist they're dying.

No. 399213

i know her irl

No. 399215

It sounded personal.

No. 399218

what did?

No. 399219

Just because you have something doesn’t mean you’re a saint and are great for putting someone in their place. It’s great she did that, but again, take it with a grain of salt. She can be just as problematic as Jaq for other reasons (like another Mary Frey, kind of)

Anyway, continue with Jaq milk, please

No. 399220

Your comment about Molly.

No. 399221

she's just a huge bitch but she's actually sick and not OTT irl so i leave it be

No. 399223

I’m sure half the people in the general thread are only OTT online so this is an invalid argument. You can be actually sick, OTT online, and “normal” offline and still be problematic like mentioned above.

But again, I regress, please get back to Jaq milk. I think OP just meant it as a heed this warning type of thing for credibility.

No. 399225

right. no one doubts she has vEDS. i'm just saying i know her irl and the only thing wrong with her personality is that she's bitchy. anyway saged for being pointless. back to jaq talk.

No. 399231

File: 1507331801050.png (950.08 KB, 1136x640, IMG_5436.PNG)

>and now for some actual milk
I had to rewind to make sure I understood correctly.

No. 399232


Cause a huge baked potato is great for someone who is supposed to have severe GP.

No. 399235

Kek that made me literally laugh out loud. Cannot for the life of me figure out which one is supposed to be the tiny potato…

No. 399236

new nickname for jaq "the tiny potato" since she resembles one inside and out these days.

No. 399237

As long as she doesn't eat the peel and add in a bunch of rich toppings, a mushy baked potato isn't too bad for GP / dysmotility tbh

No. 399240


oh kek, you know as soon as the camera's off she'll be adding fuckloads of sour cream

No. 399241

Oh I know she will. I just wanted to point out baked potatoes in and of themselves are not necessarily bad foods for GP px's who can tolerate light solids

No. 399245

Yeah it's a heck of a lot better than most of the shit she eats. But let me guess… She is eating it with chicken breast and broccoli.

No. 399253

Potatoes are fine for GP, as long as you peel the skin. Anything with skin is hard to digest for most GP. As long as you don’t load it with dairy butter… sour cream and cheese! Lol. But she prob will. But I see your point if you’re making one about her eating solids in general. It’s probably not the only thing she’s eating.

No. 399254


Chicken breast is ok for gastroparesis, broccoli only if it's so overboiled it's mush.

No. 399298

She says she overcooks her broccoli but it always looks bright bright green and that's definitely not what overcooked broccoli looks like.

No. 399311

Sorry but I don’t know what anyone’s doctor is telling you but no kind of meat is okay for GP. Meat takes 2-3 days to digest in normal human beings with the longest digesting period out there… so meat is a no go with anyone with motility issues. I can’t understand why any of these GPers are eating loads of meat or why Jaq says “Steak is my fav food!” Makes me giggle. Fruit is the fastest digesting with veggies following second. GP diet should be bland bland bland and nothing with hormones, preservatives, etc. Only from the earth.

Sage for… going on about GP diet, but I’m getting really annoyed at people saying what’s good and what’s not (GPer for many many years).

No. 399325


This. Jaquie is full of shit and so are half the people posting here when they talk about what is and isn't part of the GP diet, kek. Of course not everything vegan is appropriate for GPers, far from it, but virtually everything that is, is vegan. No meat.

Just write a sign saying you want to become a tubie like Jaq and hang it round your neck, if your eyes going to eat that…

No. 399327

Except she went on about how she loves the peel crunchy so you know she's eating it

No. 399331


OK. The diet sheet i was given said small amounts of lean meat is okay (but no lamb or pork), but it's a bit of a non issue because I'm a vegetarian anyway (who now can't eat most vegetables, figures…)

Saged for bloggish.

No. 399337

Yeah no. I’ve never come close to a tube in my life nor do I want one. Because there are actually ways to eat without needing one in most cases. This bitch just doesn’t try.

No. 399350


You assume she relies on the tube. She never needed a tube, she just wanted the attention so she starved herself until she could convince doctors to put one in. Now she's got it, she's chowing down like nobody's business.

No. 399380

Even if you have a feeding tube for a valid reason, it’s still weird and attention-seeking to post tons of pictures showing it off.

No. 399485

J has a migraine ->
Cooks loads of smelly food fried in oil, I'm sure that really helps. Under the fluorescent kitchen lights when she said she needed ice packs and shit to block out the light.

I realize her "migraines" might not be odor sensitive, but come on. Maybe she's abandoned SPD? I've seen more critical comments about that in particular when it comes up in vlogs.

Does anyone remember what happened to that nasal spray "abortive" she tried once and said gave her a bad reaction?

It's too bad she's so attached to her fake illnesses. J has a few interests such as cooking and photography that she could probably develop into legitimate skills if she didn't have the twisted need to be sooper sick with 20 conditions at once.

No. 399487

Did you notice that now that she has her regular camera back she finally admits to it being heavy? After months of arguing with commenters that holding the camera doesn't contribute to her pain. I've never seen anyone so stupid lie so much

No. 399489

Oh this bitch. The last two videos she has given Judd so much shit about him not liking carrots. Today she even says, Judd and his carrot aversion, deal with it! Um, hello Miss Senosory Processing disorder can't touch mango, can't stand avocado, can only wear certain clothes, has to have speshul headphones… DEAL WITH IT.
I am so over her it's not even fun to snark on her anymore. Taking a Jaquie hiatus…

No. 399538

Kek yes I remember that nasal spray… Judd kept filming like she usually wants him to when she's in "horrible pain" but oh no! This is ACTUALLY painful and she doesn't want it to be ACTUALLY painful so down goes the camera.

No. 399553

first time in a munchausen's thread. this is so fucked up. who the fuck is paying for this? who is signing off on these proceedures???

No. 399596


Oh my fucking god. Worst thing about it is Jaq GAVE him this carrot aversion. He said that he used to like them then she put them in his lunch box every single day and he grew to hate them.

Honestly, the way he talks to her and about her, the fact that he relies on her to cook and clean got him, reminds me of a guy with mommy issues. He sounds like a grumpy little boy complaining to his mom sometimes. That sheepish mumble he does out the side of his mouth when he doesn't like something (when he didn't wanna watch game of thrones "I wanna watch black flag" he sounded so… Whiney..) He just has a way of taking/behaving that really just screams childish. And what's with his obsession with kids toys? He gets excited every time they go to Wal-Mart because he can go look at the star wars toys and he gets visibly disappointed if they don't have any new ones. Last time he got a lil overzealous and grabbed a big one to put in the cart and Jaq was doing her patronizing laugh/sneer, intercepting it and saying "we don't need it! No!" And he had to put it back. Everything he buys has to go through her, but she can buy as many ridiculous tubie pads, ugly table runners and teal decor she wants. Don't even get me started on his story at the dog park about the time jaquie and janiece broke his toy helicopter.

That guy is a boy in a man's body. And jaquie has an intense house wife obsession.

No. 399644

I agree his toy thing is odd for a grown ass man but in regards to her cooking and cleaning, she doesn't do anything else besides sit on her ass all day and exaggerate symptoms and illnesses. Yes we all agree she likely has a few legitimate issues but nothing to the extreme she claims. She doesn't work, she doesn't study, she has no hobbies (that she pursues anyway)… Making one quick meal a night and pushing the button on the Roomba is hardly asking a lot of a person who otherwise basically just exists.

No. 399646

does it annoy anyone else that she constantly uses "due to my…"

No. 399669

A severe migraine would definitely not make you want to film yourself or do anything that didn’t envolve lying down in a dark, quiet room with your eyes closed. But there’s jaquie, in front of the camera, whining as usual, trying desperately to get those asspats. It’s going to be a rude awakening if she even gets actually sick.

No. 399679

Sooooo much.

No. 399683


Yes, I’ve noticed this. She needs to remind everyone about her sooper serious, muiltple chronic illnesses. Note how she often always talks about “life with chronic illness” although she hasn’t said this for a while.

No. 399698

Her videos are so repetitive. I truly do not understand how she has so many subs.

No. 399797

I will try to find the video, but even Jaquie said she doesn't even know if it helps because they don't know what causes her anaphylaxis. She thought she had left it at home and was justifying why it was okay to be out without it. So the person defending her in those comments sounds even more hilarious.

No. 399850

It's the one called What aTerrible Doctors Appt. https://youtu.be/5X84cEqJUyI

No. 399859

Kek isn’t that every appointment where she doesn’t get some sort of new toy?

No. 399891

Oh man, look at her being all mobile. AND with someone who appears to be a friend? I didn't realize how much the walker shit pissed me off until now.

I love that doctor, can we get them back?? Watching her throw a fit over not getting her way is amazing. I have to watch more of those old vlogs.

No. 399914

The difference in her between the early vlogs and the recent ones is night and day. It's shocking really.

No. 399956

She’s gone full munchie and loves the attention. It’s disgusting. She needs more doctors that call her on her shit instead of enabling her.

No. 400083

I love how Jaquie always talks about how much she loves cooking and it's her passion and she doesn't really use recipes she just makes stuff up (which we know know is a big fat lie). But she really sucks at it. It's like the one thing she can do and she doesn't know how to do it.

Today on the Jaquie show she made stir fry. She cooks some broccoli and carrots (much to Judds disdain, which Jaquie gives zero shits about) in olive oil and then over cooks the chicken in olive oil and soy sauce. Then she adds lots of really watery, soy based sauce she made. And she fucking BOILS IT. BOILS IT GUYS. She adds the veggies back and says she's boiling it for ages to over cook the veggies. Oh my god. If you gotta eat mushy veggies, please don't boil them while you still have all the chicken in the pan. the chicken already looked under seasoned and dry and tough before she boiled the fuck out of it. Then get this… She adds some corn starch and water and boils it some more.

Honestly I… Just.. That is not stir fry. That is a fucking mess. Also, if you are gonna eat chicken breast when you have GP (any meat is bad but the breast cut is the most dry/tough cut) don't cook it until it's rubber. If she can eat that (and she did lol) she definitely doesn't have GP.

And man, poor Judd. Having to eat that shit would've been a journey.

No. 400123


I'd love to see him try "Sorry honey, I can't eat this. My IBS is acting up" and see how she responds!

No. 400137

scoffs "OH hush…! Deal with it!"

No. 400174

She rreeaaaaallly should not show the world what she cooks considering she has GP sooo bad she needs a goddamn feeding tube. Because that shit is terrible.

No. 400188

Does anybody else feel like Jaquie and Judd’s conversations are SO forced or like rehearsed sounded? Almost like they are just “talking” for the sake of the vlog? If that makes sense. For instance when she goes, “Oh babe,” or “Whatcha doin’ babe?” Like in the cooking vlog she made up some dumb conversation about “Babe, did you see the Kate farms blah blah..” it sounds like it’s SO hard for them to make conversation almost like it doesn’t actually flow naturally and they just try to act super nice and cute on camera. But I feel like I’ve been in enough bad and distant relationships to tell that when they are off camera they have absolutely nothing in common, can not hold a conversation, and he probably resents her till the end of fucking time, am I right? I bet they have quiet dinners in candle light.

No. 400208

So today, while home alone, she does Harlow I'm Thirsty! And of course Harlow goes to the fridge for her water. Except there is a camera in the kitchen filming the entire thing while Jaquie is in the living room. Really cow?!? Get your own damn water while you are in the kitchen setting up the camera at the perfect Harlow angle. We aren't that stupid.

No. 400214

Today she picked on him for liking cardigan sweaters and for using too much Parmesan cheese. I can't imagine nit picking someone as much as she does to Judd. She's such a bitch and I really think she's totally oblivious to it. She thinks she's cute and funny and I'm pretty sure she'd be shocked to find out that no one else feels that way.

No. 400215

Cream based soup and chicken and shrimp pasta from Olive Garden is awesome for GP.

No. 400216

It was during a training drill though. I mean, it'd be different if she wanted us to believe this was one of those moments she was 'stuck on the couch' and couldn't get up herself, but that was not the case.

Yes, yes! I'm so sure she thinks she is really cute and funny. Her followers contribute to that a LOT. They often point out certain gestures and behaviors and then post heart emoticons and tell her how much they love it when she does that, blahblah. In a way, at times not even her own fans take her seriously. They don't treat her like the grown ass woman she is, but more like some sort of mascotte. The effing mascotte of chronic illness.

At least she didn't show us her feeding tube and/or tubie pads today. Who wants to bet she can't go a week without doing that though?

I keep trying to capture a still of her pump to see her feeding rate. So as much as I dislike her flaunting her tube, I need her to video at least the pump, kek.

No. 400222


Unless you have her version of gastroparesis where you have bizarre “safe foods” which are often deep fried whilst simultaneously needing the most organic formula into your small intestine as your stomach function is so poor.

No. 400231

For the love of all that is good please stop with the open mouthed poses. It's gross and honestly makes her look slightly off.

No. 400235

She said it was a training exercise but she did it right after holding on to the entertainment center for support and then sitting down and saying how weak her legs were. Who really knows with Jaq… she's so full of shit.

No. 400237

I hope a bug flies into her mouth.

No. 400249


Not sure if the bug is a safe food?

No. 400257

Hahahaha oh my god

No. 400276

Only if it's fried.

No. 400280

And served with a side of broccoli.

No. 400282

And drizzled in cream sauce.

No. 400390

Here’s what confuses the hell out of me re: Jaquie. She “has souper special GP” and it’s so bad she “needs a feeding tube,” (kek and I have a 16in cock.) Clearly she shopped around until she found Drs who’d give in to her demands, but she definitely did some research on the d/o, among a plethora of others, to discuss her “symptoms” so she could get her beloved munchie toys, and she goes absolutely postal if anyone questions her, yet anyone who has GP or any knowledge of it knows if she actually had it she’d be in the fetal position with the food she eats. So why keep examples of that and other fried foods she’s eating in her vlogs? We know she’d still be eating shite even if she didn’t prominently feature her “creations” but since she does how if the name of my big cock does she wonder why people have the audacity to question her?

No. 400421

I think we're all wondering about that. I mean, it wouldn't be that difficult to fake certain things for just an online audience, if she'd just be consistent. Yet she keeps showing us what she eats, sitting on the floor ALL the time while claiming she can't bend down, going over a doggie gate with her walker the hardest way possible, etc.

I think she shows us what she eats, because she doesn't have much else to show. If she wouldn't show herself cooking and eating out, her vlogs would be even more boring. Although I have to admit, that still doesn't explain why she doesn't simply video herself cooking and telling the camera she cooks just for Judd but won't be eating it herself. Maybe that can be explained by the fact that Judd actually knows what is in her vlogs? I don't know. There's so many things that are puzzling about her, and one of the main things is how she chooses to present herself online. Either she is just really dumb, or she thinks she is somehow above all criticism, or she beliefs a lot of her own lies. Maybe a combination of all three of those.

No. 400475

The ignorance of her main audience probably contributes. If they don't know anything and they take her word for it, they like her, so anyone challenging her is automatically Big Bad.

No. 400492

And from reading the comments many of them are super young. Jaquie is young as well but we are talking an early teen audience.

No. 400535


Most of whom probably have very limited experience of chronic illness and practice a sort of precautionary attitude: they don't question her because they don't want to be questioned if they were to develop similar health issues. I wonder sometimes if Jacqui actually believes her own shit, with all the masses confirming her delusions…

No. 400681

Watching Jaq's vlog today. She was doing body awareness exercises with Harlow, lost her balance and fell over even though she was pretty much just standing there. It was the most awkward thing I've ever seen.

Also, her thighs have a lot of jiggle now. She is far from malnourished.

Her lips are dry and cracked as fuck. She must be purging a lot. Either that or she just lets herself get dehydrated so that her pots symptoms are worse and she can get more sympathy. Either way, she needs to learn what lip balm is. It looks awful.

Fired shrimp and chicken pasta for dinner from olive garden. With really creamy, chunky soup of some kind.

She teased Judd so much in this vlog. Every little thing. Just let the man live!

Highlight of the day was when they were sitting down to dinner (on the floor mind you) and bout to watch GoT and were signing off, Jaq leaned over and gave Judd a big kiss on the cheek. First of all, it looked super fucking forced. Best of all, Judd immediately recoiled and was legit disgusted. He mumbled something I couldn't pick out and Jaquie was doing her awkward cackle and scoff, trying to disguise the whole encounter as some kind of cute and funny exchange. But honestly if that was me I would've been really hurt by it, it was hard to watch. That's not how couples behave when they're in love.

No. 400715

Probably both, with the chapped lips. It’s impossible to get non-chapped lips without being hydrated, even with lip balm. But being purposely dehydrated to cause or exaggerate pots symptoms seems to be the norm for the spoonie community, especially when they’re getting tested and later trying to get iv fluids. It’s also one of the reasons so many eating disorder munchies claim pots, their malnutrition and dehydration mimic the symptoms, when it’s not actually dysautonomia. I’m pretty sure jaquie falls in that crowd, along with Lyme disease GP munchie aubrey and Chloe too.

No. 400742

Was looking through her IG and found this…how FAKE is that fall?! Ugh, she will do anything for attention


No. 400785

Especially newlyweds.

No. 400789

The excitement over the online grocery ordering is so pathetic and weird. She
Just keeps mentioning how excited she is.

Where has her mom been? I’m not up to
Date on videos as I watch a few at a time. I always fast forward past the awful intro and then some of the boring blabbering on. No sign or word about her mother since they had dinner at her father’s I think?

No. 400796


I don't know much about how this stuff works in the US.. so someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Could their hasty marriage have something to with her citizenship? Or her insurance?

I remember them saying they'd been taking about getting married and they just ordered a ring. And Judd had to propose as soon as the ring got there. It arrived during a short hospital stay so he proposed to her there. She seemed kinda upset (though she was still doing that forced looking grin) and said "you proposed to me in the hospital??" And he mumbled "well ya didn't give me much choice". Then they got married shortly afterwards in a court house.

Idk the whole thing seemed very weird.

No. 400816

File: 1507531323121.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, CD618781-10FF-4208-AC63-CED2BF…)

No. 400818

File: 1507531532275.jpeg (408.61 KB, 1242x2208, 00BF2BD5-A768-4F50-B5AF-545DF6…)

No. 400819

File: 1507531567509.png (1006.29 KB, 1242x2208, AFC075AE-2B3A-407E-A553-E46117…)

No. 400823

And jaquie’s lies continue. She’d be more believable if she didn’t put her whole life on YouTube where all her inconsistencies are now obvious (weight gain, non GP foods, very little actual tube feeding, not to mention all the fake can’t walk/stand up shit). If she really hated throwing up but threw up things she eats, then why would she keep eating? (She wouldn’t ). Give it up, jaquie, we all know you’re full of shit.

No. 400869

My fave thing about every single one of Jaquie's blogs is how she always starts off like she's so sick "hey guyssss, feeling so blerghhh" then as she talks her energy level seems to go up. Such an obvious faker she can't even maintain her fake tired/sick laboured speech and body movement.

No. 400870


If she knows she isn't going to eat more than a few bites, why does she order/cook so much food?? Prety wasteful.

(Kek, we know she's eating it all)

No. 400958

And in today's video , she talks about her feeding tube , says it still hurts , talks about her gastroparesis, says shes not cured, talks about still having nausea and vomiting and venting and draining.
coincidence much ?
Also makes more chicken with garlic and Parmesan.
Also reminds people she will only eat 4-5 bites and someone else will eat the rest.

No. 400975

Who eats the rest? Judd? We can all see that he’s not the one gaining weight in that household kek. Not to mention that chicken and cheese are not things you can drain/vent out of a gtube easily if at all.

No. 401104


No no, she's already explained that the venting is only for air and bile. I'm sure she's very disappointed about that too, kek

No. 401123

it sounds like he said "eww, you sucked up my eye you're weird"

but yeah that's not how newlyweds should be acting.

No. 401130

File: 1507585416086.jpg (473.07 KB, 1936x1000, FsMNdoT.jpg)

BTW, anyone remember this one? This was less then a year ago(!) In November '16. I went back into her history, and from her Instagram, it looks very much like she started to develop symptoms only after she was diagnosed. She didn't even expect her GES to be abnormal, because she thought her nausea and vomiting was all due to CVS. But after being diagnosed with GP, suddenly she landed in the ER because 'her GP got so bad' she couldn't even keep fluids down. With a GES that was only borderline abnormal.

So I think the GI she references in this post had a very reasonable theory. Jaq told a few times that she starts vomiting after just a few bites. That fits quite well with rumination disorder. Her CVS might also have contributed to it.

But as we all know, Jaquie went back to her other GI doc. He told her that she did in fact have GP (although quite mild). And as the GI at Mayo did not actually test for decreased gastric accomodation, he doesn't think that diagnosis is valid. So instead of testing her for it and have her start simple and non-invasive treatment for DGA and rumination, she got her very own feeding tube. I hate to say it, but I don't think he should practice medicine.

No. 401147

It’s also interesting she’s sticking with the GP because of eds and pots, because eds can contribute to GP by making your stomach too stretchy. So yeah, her gi doctor at mayo should lose his license, but overall mayo isn’t always the best as they claim. They’ve got quite a few real morons practicing there, especially in gi. They also tend to jump right to very invasive things rather than try other things first.

No. 401150

For someone who’s stomach can’t hold food, she sure eats a lot and has been gaining plenty of weight kek

No. 401156

The Mayo doc was the one to suggest DGA/Rumination. Her local GI dx'd the GP. So the Mayo GI can keep his licence.

No. 401176

Whoops I read that wrong. Still some morons at mayo, but that doctor’s fine. I wonder if her gi doc was recommended by the family friend that treats her “eds” and “pots” and “immune deficiency”.

No. 401181


So there was a therapy and a probable cure for what she actually had? No WONDER she decided to "go back" to gastroparesis, can't pull in that YouTube money if you're not actually sick!

No. 401182

File: 1507587786760.jpg (347.11 KB, 1472x905, C5UVVWO.jpg)

And, of course, a few weeks later..

No. 401184

Yeah, that's very telling. Every normal person would've said to the local GI: "I don't care you don't think I have DGA, I'm trying these breathing exercises anyway because they're harmless." Or at the very least would've demanded to be tested for it. But Jaquie did neither.

When she saw the GI at Mayo it all "made so much sense!" And then she is seeing her local GI and it's 'I trust my dr. is right". In other words, it suited her better.

No. 401187


Just like the neurologist who "diagnosed" her EDS suited her better than the geneticist who said that she didn't have. She's the worst munchie for doctor shopping!

No. 401188

Wait, is she talking about the same test that showed she didn’t have GP? So basically the majority of her diagnoses are things that were ruled out for her. Can’t wait to see her diagnosed with prostate cancer.

No. 401193

No, her gastric emptying study was abnormal. Even her local GI said it was a mild case, though. She wasn't tested for the DGA, but why wouldn't she ask to be tested for it? She gets tested for pretty much everything any doctor mentions any time. If you find out your difficult to treat chronic disorder might actually be a very treatable disorder, surely you would want to be either tested or do the very benign treatment?

No. 401219


Kek I just watched this. She starts off the vlog with a throat full of phlegm so she sounds soooooper sick. But she obviously just needs to clear her fucking throat. Then sometime between then and getting to the doctors office she clears it and she sounds normal for the rest of the vlog.

How long has she been doing this stupid "sounding sicker than I really am" bullshit at the start of her vlogs for?

No. 401381

I feel like she's reading here as she seemed to cover everything that has been mentioned on this board from the last day or so! lol

No. 401465


Let's see if she addresses how she miraculously sounds less sick the more excited about munchie toys she is.

No. 401489


That's probably my favorite part of her vlogs now, the meta between YT and lolcow. I haven't been keeping a running total of matches, but it must be amusing.

No. 401511

Or if she completely stops showing us what she eats.

No. 401550

She could have saved her money on the googly eyes for the rumba and spent it on some chapstick or gettine her eyebrows threaded or plucked! Or on some disposable gloves for when she is handling all that raw meat for the dog–guess she forgot her sensory processing disorder when she touches slimy raw meat! Todays vlog starts with her droopy-eyes, monotone-voice-coming-from-ventriloquist-lips (barely moving) to assure her audience that she is still sick. She must be terrified that she will lose them if she gets better. Then she has had heating pads and ice the last couple of days to verify the need for her injections tomorrow and remembered to work in the asthma diagnosis today. Once she gets the injections it will be back to complaining bout her tube site or a so-called migraine–what other migraine-sufferers can vlog or even talk during a migraine? And what an affirmation that Judd is a douche that he tolerates/supports her game.

No. 401578

"And I am just further illustrating…"
"And I am just further illustrating…."
She said that probably five times in Sunday's vlog. We get it Jaquie, people have noticed your extreme inconsistencies and you are desperate to backtrack as God forbid those Patreon/YT funds dry up. You aren't going to convince those of us who see through your scam. (Since many of us feel she is reading here I figured I would address her directly)

No. 401579

I lived with someone who had asthma and the last thing they would do is waste precious air on unnecessary words during an attack let alone vlog an attack. This chick is a piece of work…

No. 401584

This is probably BEC but Dremmeling a dog's nails over the living room carpet is disgusting. Put something down to catch that shit. Or… novel idea… do it outside.

No. 401586

For someone with sooper severe EDS she didn't hesitate a bit to get on the floor multiple times with Harlow as well as getting sitting on her legs multiple times to place the googly eyes on various household items.

No. 401592

I’m thinking her asthma is just from being sick. It got into her chest, she has a little cold. Use the damn nebulizer already!

No. 401593

Responding to this late but…. I watched this just now. Does her service dog ACTUALLY have all these random allergies? I.e. Artificial meat allergy and "environmental allergies". Like how does she know? Did she …. test her dog for allergens? Or is she making this completely up and projecting her sickness on this dog? She was saying he [the dog] gets eye infections, ear infections, itchy skin, hair falling out due to these "allergies" …but not on a raw food diet (which conviently her bff YT channel has tons of vids about) Harlow is fine?
She keeps saying it's much better for her, easier for her, that she really loves it, and that she's very happy with this raw food diet.
But I'm like….bitch you ain't the one whose eating this shit. Harlow is. it ain't bout you. I bet he hates that shit.

How does she know though I dont get it?

Sage for doggo

No. 401602

not wk'ing jaq because she treats that dog like shit but 1) harlow is a SHE not a he. harlow is a female name and she wears pink often. 2) you must never have had a pet because when they're ill you'd know. if the dog had allergies she'd be able to tell if harlow was scratching or had sores on her skin. she'd be able to tell her digestion was off with kibble by the way she shits.

NOT wk'ing because harlow deserves better but…wk for whatever pets you may have in the future. i pity them.


No. 401603

>the medications for gastroparesis aren't good right now

Bitch what. They not only have medications for it (emend) but if you have a severe enough case/debilitating they have Botox injections into the stomach through an endoscopy every 4-6 months that almost completely stops symptoms AND they have a permanent surgery to fix gastroparesis. It's called a G-POEM (sp?) G-POM (?) it's a single overnight surgery that stops even the most severest of symptoms (only occasional mild naseu at best every few months) with a recovery of 2 weeks. So wtf is she talking about? I hate that gp has become the flavor of the year with all these munchies running around claiming they're doomed for life esp when they're faking it. I was in the first group for the NIH & john Hopkins gp trials for medication, treatment, and eventually the surgery to fix it. And the severest cases were horrible and in no way could vlog, social media, eat, and they looked like shit (starving to death, teeth rotted out, cutting in their throat, vomitting 40 times a day, etc) and the worse had it from severe diabetes. How "super duper special and terrrible" is her case that she can't just get elected for Botox or permanent surgery? Gurrrrrrl.

And at least she should be grateful she got into mayo, there are so many who never get the chance who really need it.

No. 401604

Sometimes with dogs it's just trial and error. Certain treats give our dogs horrible gas but if we let them they could eat an entire bag of another kind without any ill effects at all. Dogs are carnivores and if they were in the wild they would be eating raw meat. Our dogs practically flip on the rare occasions we give them real meat but doing so regularly is expensive so we buy a good quality kibble. Some of the things that she does with Harlow is kind of ridiculous, like I remember her requesting the vet pre-medicate the dog with Benadryl before giving a routine shot. Um… okay…. I would have loved to have heard the vets comments to staff after that one.

Sage for blogging.

No. 401606


> And what an affirmation that Judd is a douche that he tolerates/supports her game.

Don't know if that's the case… I mean, most people who are in relationships with these Munchie disasters are in a very difficult situation. It is socially unacceptable to leave a sick spouse, especially a sick female spouse. And socially, Jaqui is from a much more affluent background, so there is something to be gained for Judd - a sort of financial security that he would not have otherwise. Finally, Judd is to an extent captive to his own idealism - as a former soldier and now a sheriff's deputy, it's clear that he has a strong sense of duty and he's naturally drawn towards the role of serving someone. Jaqui knows too well how to exploit that.

So, not sure if he's a victim or not.

No. 401609


Emend and the rest of the substance P antagonists (pitants) are not a treatment for GP, they're a regular antiemetic. Prucalopride is the closest but it has cardiac side effects.

You're right about POEM, though. PerOral Endoscopic Myotomy is a pretty decent surgery that works for 85% (and anyone for whom POEM is considered has already failed botox and XP stenting, none of which Jaqui had. In fact, as an idiopathic GP patient, she would have a better chance than that 85% as that includes among others diabetic GP, which does not respond that well to POEM.

No. 401612

Sorry didn't know anon, jeez. It's just an odd coincidence that SHE has "medical problems" as a service dog with an owner whose a munchie. That's what I was referring to. But I didn't know dogs could have allergies. I have a guinea pig so they don't normally have allergies. Don't pity him anon, he's my loved baby. But yes, it does seem she improperly uses her service dog as not a service dog. These people ugh.

No. 401613

Wow. Don't GI's know about this? I mean, there are SO many people in the spoonie community who get permanent feeding tubes for GP. I knew someone personally with severe GP and a J-tube. WHY?

No. 401618

She hasn't even tried Botox? Why? The only problem with Botox injections is that it can cause scar tissue from every injection. The more scar tissue, the less chance you can have the surgery to fix it. Has she tried any remedy for it besides zofran, phenergan, etc. Jaquie's case isn't even bad enough to require a feeding tube, she can still eat and drink through her mouth and she isn't rapidly losing weight or starving. It really is very premature. A feeding tube for gp is usually a last effort after all else fails to take in regular nourishment. And her weight is completely average.

No. 401624

She's actually heavier now than she was before she developed sooper speshul GP. I will try to find the IG pic from a year or so ago. She was skin and bones.

No. 401630

https://www.instagram.com/p/BJQTwhUhYPb/?taken-by=chronically_jaquie - August 16, 2016

https://www.instagram.com/p/BUuQCJbD-Hg/?hl=en&taken-by=chronically_jaquie - the day before she got her feeding tube

https://www.instagram.com/p/BUmlT37jkBh/?hl=en&taken-by=chronically_jaquie - a few days before the feeding tube.

But don't forget guys, she was severely malnourished and underweight. Eye roll…

No. 401631


During the hurricane she fed Harlow kibble for like a week and I don't remember her saying anything about any ill effects. She just said she was feeding her kibble because she didn't want to bother with the raw diet and this would be easier.

No. 401632

She claimed that she was starting to see some of the ill effects again, especially the itching.

No. 401633

The surgery for gp hasn't been around for long. Back when I got it insurance definitely didn't cover it (it's $18,000 for anyone wondering) and I believe sometimes they still don't (w/o the doctors contacting them personally) as it's considered "experimental" but I still see the others from the trials every now and then (the bring us in every few months to survey us etc) and most of us were the most extreme cases (why we got elected for trials). And almost everybody was still extremely if not completely better, even to this day (I'm still perfect years later). The problem is it hasn't been around for long so it's impossible to predict how long it will actually last, but they told us it was supposed to be forever. Since the #1st munchie thread I've been seeing these young girls hop left and right on it seemingly just to get the feeding tube with no interest in fixing it. There were patients in the trial, who had lost many teeth and couldn't keep not one thing down and had to quit their jobs and even they fought against having a feeding tube as often as they could. Bc its uncomfortable and not a good thing. But I'll see 18-yr olds taking ig selfies squealing in excitement over getting their #firsttube #tubie #!!! #warrior #gpfighter It pains me to see them randomly decided they have gp then 10 days later demand a feeding tube until they get it, then drop it when the next fad comes around.

I hope your friend is okay. Have her google the Botox or g-poem, I heard a few months back that insurances were starting to cover as long as 2 different doctors called into the insurance to say it's interferring with your quality of life.

No. 401639

Top kek thanks anon that must've painful to dig through her IG. Sooper dooper ~*emaciated*~. Her weight looks like a healthy normal woman her age. Lel whut?

No. 401663

On today's vlog: Judd came home, Jaq said "and we're together! We've sort of been doing our own thing today." And Judd mumbled "and I was happy till now" and she goes "oh HUSH!" And awkwardly laughs it off, like she's worried we're all gonna fail to see that he's joking. But he's definitely not joking. At least not totally. There's clearly some truth to it.

Also funny side note, he swore a little bit when he messed up his sentence and said "what the f- am I saying". And Jaquie missed it, but you can see Judd kinda scrambles afterwards because he's worried he's gonna get harshly told off. If he gets hushed and "shut up" for little things, can you imagine what'd happen if he said fuck on camera?

No. 401666

I noticed that too. Living with Jaquie must be exhausting with the constant criticism, need for attention and drama. But… he signed up for it knowing full well what's she like. It's not like she changed over night.

No. 401685

Todays vlog started with some serious Mary Frey copying… Randomly starting the vlog with coughing, a nebuliser and leaning on the dog for support. Then it carried on with some dog grooming like the Freys often show.

Come on Jaquie. You can do better.

No. 401688

Actually I don't think she can. She has nothing, zip, zilch, zero - going on in her life. She barely fills a daily vlog as it is.

No. 401706

Definitely, true, but it unfortunately isn’t an option for everyone with GP. Even Botox isn’t an option for everyone. But Jaquie wouldn’t benefit from any o& thosei, though, because she doesn’t have the severe GP she claims (if she even has it, I still doubt that she does).

No. 401707


She’s too lazy to do anything else. She loves faking sick because she gets money and asspats for doing literally nothing but bad acting and inconsistent lying.

No. 401749

Can someone explain why her IG photos are all clownlike exagerrated smiles but her YT vlogs are monotone tight-lipped, droopy eyes, usually filmed from her bed? Aren't they both posted on the same days?
She certainly IS copying Mary Frey, who has a TRUE life-threatening illness, but somehow still finds some joy in life, has supportive family & friends and powers thru her bad days so she can have real fun, while Jaquie's "adventures" are to Walmart and Target. No friends(other than other munchie Janiece) and the dullest life ever. And now backpedaling on her "I'm feeling better" comments b/c she might lose her audience if she isn't spouting off on her illness of the day.

No. 401772


Except the bug in her throat will trigger a sooper serious asthma attack!

No. 401912


She just been diagnosed with asthma and she's already gotten them to give her a home nebuliser? ALL THE TOYS!

No. 401926

she's been building up to the mary frey level of breathing problems for a while anon. she's mentioned "morning breathing treatments" in her vlogs for a few months.

No. 401929

oh and everyone already knows mary has a terminal illness and jaq must be so frustrated she can't reach that level of sooper speshul sick. not calling mary frey "sooper speshul" i know she's legitimately sick.

No. 401930

She has had asthma on her diagnosis list for quite a while. It’s one of her very old ones. Quite possibly one of the real ones along with narcolepsy and epilepsy.

No. 401931


What absolute bullshit.
At least it's half an excuse about wearing the Vogmask in public (this is why I have mine, because of living in a large city = air pollution)

I give it 2 weeks until she's constantly wearing a nasal cannula. Though I'd pay to see Judd's eye rolling at that.

No. 401932

pulling from her "boring" box of illnesses now because people have started to open their eyes and question her?

No. 402026

Credibility Alert: No problem moving her neck side to side PRE-Toradol injections (see 10/9 Grooming vlog, esp. 11:15-11:23 time) when she is moving side to side freely. Also chin tucks during the nail trimming. Oops, Jaq–bad editing that blew your neck pain/immobility claim. But now that the neck pain is cured, drum roll for tomorrow to see what new symptom she is focusing on. Because no day can be symptom free. Not living with chronic illness but dwelling on chronic illness. No plot line, no viewers…..

No. 402047

She blew a lot of her claims yesterday between using her neck to do what you already mentioned and spending half the damn day on the floor. Also, she always manages to bend down to put Harlow's food bowl on the floor but then makes Harlow get everything else off the floor for the rest of the day.

No. 402050

Wow. Judd seems really over it, especially at the beginning of the vlog. His "do I have a choice?" after she thanks him for driving her does not sound like a joke.

No. 402053

Today's title included "cervical injections" and I IMMEDIATELY thought "whoa, TMI!!" Oops. Wouldn't put it past her.

No. 402079

File: 1507741483550.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.34 KB, 480x360, exorcist.jpg)

Did anyone else go here while watching Jaquie turn her head like a maniac?

No. 402080

My prediction is that she will have stomach probs again, since systemic NSAIDS (Toradol) can wreak havoc on stomach irritations. Or maybe another "fall" while she is watching the camera on the way down to make sure she caught it. Makes you wonder how many times she has had to "fall" if the camera didn't capture it. I also wonder how much of Judd she edits out since he is always making comments and faces.

No. 402094


No. 402095

I tried and it didn't work. Sorry.

No. 402125

I think you gave the other anon PTSD. No biggie though, (s)he can start a vlog now and ebeg on Patreon.

With an intra-articular injection? That doesn't seem likely. Then again, nothing does with Jaquie.

I find it hard to believe Ketamine would work so well on EDS-pain. It's mostly indicated for neuropathic pain, especially when there's central sensitization. Although there can be nerve pain in EDS, most pain is caused by joint instability. Ketamine very likely wouldn't work for that.

But hey, maybe her recent "I'm getting better" means she is tired of her own factitious behaviors. Literature on FD treatment often suggest that giving the patient a 'face-saving way out' might work better than a 'hard confrontation, especially in adults. (Since they hardly ever will admit to factitious behaviors, unlike children and teens).

No. 402130

as someone with a tube, i can't understand how she even eats all of that, i cant even have a sip of milk without vomiting. i wonder how severe her case really is

No. 402132

File: 1507746487864.png (2.99 MB, 2048x1536, 5BA40A85-7E8E-468A-8786-2C53CE…)


Exactly. Even if I believed that she only has “a few bites”, that shit is no good for gastroparesis so severe that you need a J and G tube. Heck, it looks too cheesy for someone with IBS!

No. 402135

I've done ketamine infusions and currently use it in nasal form. There's no way in hell she could be able to eat like that if she's actually taking the correct dosage.

No. 402136

Today's vlog - she says that she hadn't even heard of ketamine until her new pain management dr brought it up!

Complete and utter bs. One of her IG followers suggested it to her and Jacqui replied that she had previously tried to get it & she was going to ask the new doctor if she could have it. (I will try to go back and get screenshots but she may have deleted already).

Saged for & Sorry for the power level, but as someone who actually has EDS and lives (and works, gasp!) with moderate-severe chronic pain every fucking day, it's enraging to see her gloating over how she's now in no pain! No pain! Whee! And she can climb stairs now!

Well, until she remembers she has POTS and has to tack on an explanation about how she climbed the stairs but then she totally almost fainted.

No. 402138

To piggy back on my other post:
Ketamine works for CRPS. It's meant for this type of "chronic pain".

No. 402139

It's NOT meant. Sorry. I'm just really passionate about the treatment because it's frowned upon among most physicians and I had to pay out of pocket for it. Insurance doesn't cover.

No. 402143

She is such a lying sack of shit.

No. 402145

Top kek re: ptsd Patreon begging.

No. 402198

Anyone with eds knows that you just have to suck it up and accept that you’re always going to be in some sort of pain. There’s no magic cure or medication to fix it that won’t leave you doped out of your mind. And if you have GP that requires a tube, you don’t just eat a few bites of something and be fine. If you choose to eat, you’re going to be sick enough to not want to try eating for a long time. Chronic illness isn’t the sunshine and roses and getting-the-right-treatment-fixes-everything lifestyle that jaquie has. It’s more of “getting the right treatment might help but also might not do anything if not make things worse, so you just have to suck it up and accept that this is how things are and just do your best to make the most out of life, while constantly being reminded that because you don’t have cancer, no one cares.” And most of the time you still have to work, because being on disability doesn’t let you live as an independent adult.

No. 402221

I want to see if she gets off her ass now that she claims to be pain free. Who wants to bet she finds yet another reason to stay a lazy cow?

No. 402251

Eating sooper safe GP food while sitting in a sooper safe EDS position on the floor. kek

No. 402266

As someone from the same area as her I think it's ridiculous that she is driving an hour and 45 minutes to get this done. She's clearly shopped around for doctors who will do what she wants.

No. 402268

As someone who actually does have severe GP I’d kill to have even a couple bites of that. If she has GP I have a huge throbbing cock for all of you. Sage for rage

No. 402269

Same. Having CRPS it definitely helps but it’s very expensive and definitely not covered by ins. Sorry for blogfagging but she just pisses me the F off.

No. 402354


Well, the GP diet says to minimise dairy fats… but it's not like she even tried that before whining for the tube.

No. 402358

Minimize fats in general, along with fiber, yet she eats plenty of both.

No. 402361


That's just…. ugh. It really spits in the face of people who actually have to deal with gastroparesis. I have a pretty mild case and still have to be careful, couldn't imagine happily trading this for a hole in my gut though!

saged for minor blogging in context

No. 402364


>> "I have no pain!"

Bitch, you didn't to begin with.

No. 402550

She can miraculously walk without her walker to go eat sooper safe Menchies, after broccoli and ranch chicken and potatoes - that she lied again about making from taste when she has the damn recipe pinned.

No. 402552

She can walk up the stairs now too!

No. 402577

Kek guess she found a wonder drug. Too bad she’s the only one in the world it’s cured.

No. 402579

I have to wonder if her doctor is "testing" to see what her claims are after the ketamine.

No. 402604

I honestly think he has no idea that she’s not sick. He doesn’t seem to be the brightest bulb. She probably said she’d come across it for pain, and whined that nothing else was helping and how she can’t wait to be more active or some other bullshit that sounds likes she’s looking for a better quality of life, instead of another treatment that makes her look sicker. She’s very manipulative.

No. 402617

Agreed. The whole idea of doing two treatments at the same time is stupid, because how do you know which one had what effect?

Also, while ketamine can work for many kinds of acute pain, it working for a longer time on chronic pain is based on the 'windup' effect that it seems to reverse. That's why it's good for CRPS pain, and maybe for other kinds of neuropathic pain. But not for nociceptive pain. You wouldn't expect it to work on joint pain, certainly not in EDS where there's 1. a clear cause for the pain (and not a windup effect or central type pain) and 2. a combo of chronic and acute pain.

You just don't expect a knowledgable doctor to go for ketamine in these type of cases. And IF they did, you'd expect them to do it only in cases of severe pain that is suspected to be neuropathic in origin and after many other treatments have failed.

No. 402632

It’s not even recommended for EDS-caused neuropathy. Ketamine isn’t used for any Eds symptom. The best treatment for EDS pain is non-narcotic painkillers and physical therapy.

No. 402635

Maybe the “ketamine” was simply saline?

No. 402644

That would be awesome kek

No. 402662

That would be awesome. But she was wayyy to loopy yesterday to not have been high on something.

No. 402673

For someone who "has no pain", Jaquie said the word "pain" 29 times in her 10/11 video! So since pain was the Flavor of this Week, I am sure she will be reverting back to her staged "falls", her GJ tube PAIN, or maybe a migraine. There can't be a stretch of symptom free days b/c she would have to think of something for her and "Babe" to do other than talk about her FD maladies. She may not really have pain but she sure is a pain!

No. 402677

Top kek for counting. And you're right. She is bitching about feeding tube pain today.

No. 402679

OTT, clearly.

No. 402687

I thought there was something unnatural about how she acted. And I don't just mean she was loopy. I didn't want to say it though, because I'm obviously biased against her. But I can see I wasn't the only one either.

No. 402688

She's so self absorbed. Yes, the Menchie's is supposed to be a treat to celebrate something in her life but still, Judd doesn't like it, he's said it before. And he's ready to throttle her over the carrot thing but does she notice? Nope, just prattles on about her precious Menchie's.

No. 402691

What's the point of wearing the vog into Menchie's when she has to take it off to eat and they eat in the establishment? It's not like they took it back to the car.

No. 402747

She also makes him eat the rest of the menchies (which he doesn't like) on camera. (…to prove that he eats her leftovers to viewers mayhaps?)

No. 402789

She claims to be such an intuitive cook, "I go by taste" (love that anon who found her pinterest board full of recipes) but she doesn't know that if you cook one vegetable with another vegetable, it can change the taste? Where is her head at? She's so wrong about that and I fucking despise the way she treats Judd over the whole thing. She's so mean. Mean AND wrong.

Also funny how much she talks about being a talented, passionate cook, yet she seasons things with ranch and she cooks the same fucking thing over and over and over. And almost always uses fucking chicken breast. You might have the tastebuds of an uncultured middle aged white American, but feed that poor husband something different for once would you? Every time she asks him what he thinks he's obviously not too pleased. Shoving another piece of damn broccoli in his mouth and wondering why he married this failure of a wife.

No. 402790


And one time he had a box of take out (I believe it was southern food) and he said "why can't you cook like this?"

No. 402793


The ranch makes me want to hurl. It's disgusting. Not to mention those monstrosities she made with cheez-its?

No. 402810


She cooks by taste but can’t eat? Kek we know she eats all sorts of crap, but still it doesn’t seem to translate to her cooking. And Judd doesn’t like her cooking, so I doubt he eats her leftovers (also we know she eats plenty of her food, she’s looking slightly on the plump side of healthy kek).

No. 402814

File: 1507860292456.png (2.14 MB, 1536x2048, AF12E38F-5309-4704-87F0-1DFF23…)

Looking just as healthy as always, if not even more so kek. Can’t forget that speschel shirt to celebrate getting a completely unnecessary treatment

No. 402816

Awesome observation. I had not noticed that before. Sooper speshul severe GP, IV Zofran nausea but cooks by taste. Sure.

No. 402819

Kek watch, her next vlog’s gonna talk about how she cooks by smell, because she can’t eat enough to cook by taste. (Not to mention that she’s cooking by taste but vomits what she eats, but cooks the same things again and again without any aversion or changes to see if anything else is better)

No. 402936

Or how she tastes only very small amounts, or just swirls it around in her mouth and spits it out or whatever.

Although she doesn't have to do that: she shows us her plate all the time, so we know that she is eating it. Even if it's only a small amount, if she can eat it, she can taste. What I don't get though, is how she can't eat small meals throughout the day. And maybe supplement that with liquid meal shakes.

I mean, it could somehow be believable if she was telling us she could eat about 60-70% of her daily needs, and the tube feedings compensated for the other 30%. If she would've tried anything else and even with small meals and liquid shakes could still only get 60% of her needs long-term, I could get the feeding tube. I MIGHT even be able to suspend my disbelief on what she is eating, because everyone is different. But her telling us the can only eat 5-10% and her feeding tube makes up for the rest - and how 'very dependent' she is on her tube, as she told us in the hurricane prep vlog - that's just a straight out lie.

No. 402947

Does anyone know what she does to treat her POTS? I know she does infusions. But what about meds, physio etc. I have POTS, I know other people who have it too. Never have I ever seen anyone who has it, and treats it the way Jaq does. All I see is her doing infusions (never just drinking water? Wtf is with that?) And using mobility aids and a service dog… None of which will help her at all in the long run. Inactivity will fuck it all up even worse.

I've only ever known of people passing out, not being able to bend down or exert too much, are people who aren't yet treating their POTS.

Just drink some fucking water. Take beta blockers. Eat salt. Do physio. Wear compression stockings. Do the damn work and you'll be fine, no need to make such a big deal out of it.

No. 402949

She is taking medicine that she recently re-started after having to stop it due to I think insurance issues. She won't specify which drug, though.

Also, I've been going through her Instagram, and before she stared infusions she said she was drinking about 3 litres a day, but that wasn't enough. 3L doesn't sound very much to me. I don't have POTS and I drink at least 4L a day, I think it's closer to 5 or 6 even. But I'm a habitual herbal tea drinker, with the emphasis on habitual (wait, my glass is empty already? Let's fill it again, then). A while after she started the infusions, she started saying she needs it because of her gastroparesis is causing her to be able to drink only half a litre a day. Funny thing is, before she started the infusions, she said it was for her POTS and GP, so it's not like that came on after she started the infusions. So I'm not sure why she could drink up to 3L at first and now only 0,5L. Also, I do not believe someone who is able to eat friggin' ice cream and solid food (even if it's just a few bites) would not be able to drink a normal amount of water a day. That just doesn't happen. If you can eat a bowl of soup, you can drink water.

No. 402952

O, funny thing: I'm drinking 5L a day, and I have gastroparesis as well. Not meant to blog, but just as a comparison: I lost about 1/3 of my weight in just over 6 months. So I wouldn't say it's an all too minor case. But drinking tea? Nope, not a problem. I get nauseated sometimes if I drink too soon too fast, and I burp up tea all the time. But that's it.

(Again: not meant as a poor me post - I'm fine - but just as a comparison and why I won't believe she wouldn't even be able to drink enough water. Sorry, it's just not believable.)

No. 402955


Lol shit I totally missed that. Thanks anon. She said she could only drink half a litre of water a day because of her GP…..? But broccoli, carrots, fried chicken, fried shrimp, hushpuppies, ice cream, milkshakes, Mac and cheese, asparagus, raw cucumber, and creamy pasta are ok. This fucking girl. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Her GP is sooo bad that she can only drink half a litre of water a day (have you guys seen her fridge in their at-home emergency room? It's full of juice. Which she loves apparently.) But she can somehow also eat a fucking array of very non-gp friendly foods.

If it were true that she was only able to drink half a litre of water a day, she'd need more than she gets from her transfusions. Especially if her POTS is as severe as she claims. Dehydration is super detrimental to POTS. Also, up until recently she was having diarrhea every day. Of course she'd be dehydrated. But we never see her making a real effort to fix that. And no extra sodium/electrolyte drinks. It's like she wants to be dehydrated.

She's also throwing up a lot, based on her chapped as fuck lips (today's vlog she had huge chunks of dead skin half hanging off. Blegh. I bet Judd never kisses her.) And her swollen face. But she doesn't mention it much.. or at all. Which means she either is purging or she is in denial about her diet/safe foods and doesn't want anyone telling her she's wrong. Maybe both. Probably both.

Without her POTS, her infusions, her port, her feeding tube.. all things that are easily managed/eliminated.. what has she got? EDS? Well she clearly doesn't have that. Autism? She clearly has that but she DEFINITELY plays that up (why.. I'll never understand).

It'd be so easy for her to get rid of all this crap and just be normal. But then she wouldn't be "special", duh. She'd lose her audience. Her Patreon's. She wouldn't be able to play patient anymore. She couldn't hobble around with her walker and her port dangling out, and her fucking vog mask. No one would praise her, help her, coddle her. She knows this. That's why she keeps doing it. It's easy, it's what she understands. She grew up being coddled and given everything she wanted.

Sorry for the big tangent. I just fucking hate this bitch. Obviously.

No. 402956


I'll try to find the Instagram posts to back that up. It is an image board, after all.

Might take a while though. Got real work to do as well, kek.

No. 403010


KEK, so miracle ketamine infusions now treat POTS too? She's such a joke

No. 403011


That would be the best thing ever. We'd probably never hear about it.

No. 403017

I find it incredibly odd that she is so specific about certain meds she takes (she will not shut up about her IV Zofran) and refuses to identify other medications she takes… it's not because they're opiates (supposedly) so why?

No. 403018


Because she's not on anything else but wants her followers to think she's trying to help herself?

No. 403019


Or maybe she's taking something really basic and safe like propranolol.

No. 403021


You mean the standard beta-blocker that many people with POTS find effective and helpful? God forbid she's that easy to treat.

No. 403023


That's what I mean, she wouldn't tell us if she was on that because it's so fricking ordinary.

No. 403025

No reason for insurance to deny that though - very basic first line treatment

No. 403026


It enrages me. If she wanted to be a role model to people with these illnesses, she'd be transparent about what works for her and what doesn't. And we wouldn't have teenagers thinking they should get feeding tubes for intermittent nausea….

No. 403027

It was the same with her narcolepsy meds. She explicitly said that she was not comfortable to share what she was taking for it. Or maybe it was because 'everyone is different', but that means the same thing, of course.

So I'm guessing it's Xyrem. And I'm sure she is or was on Provigil, because she has a pillbox with a label saying Provigil on it.

No. 403028


That makes sense if she actually has narcolepsy.
I don't get why she has to be the most special with secretive treatments, and why no one calls her out on this.

No. 403029

Of course it makes sense that she would be taking it. What doesn't make sense though, is that she not just ignores it, but tells us explicitly that she doesn't want to share it.

No. 403030


That's the weirdness. Being secretive about medications but happy to have herself filmed coming around from surgery or showing off the hole in her gut.

No. 403032

Ok, I'm trying to piece things together. I've got some Instagram screencaps. I just can't find where she said she can only drink 0,5L a day because of her GP. I'm sure she did say it, and I'm about 90% sure she said it in a vlog somewhere. I think while she was sitting on the couch.

If some of you remembers in what video that was, please let me know so I can put together a nice milky post.

No. 403065

Bless you anon, for trying. I truly hope that someone is able to find your puzzle piece but kek for days over the "she is sitting on the couch" clue. That is 90% of her vlogs. The other 10% she's in the hospital. Regardless, eagerly awaiting the milk.

No. 403123

I knew someone would say this. But actually, I'm finding that big parts of her vlogs are done either in the car of some shop or restaurant, or sitting on the floor. Or, as you say, in a hospital - or their own - bed.

So.. I haven't found it yet. But I've got no time to edit my screencaps now anyway. If I can't find it and none of you knows either, I will post what I've got. Can't promise how soon that'll be, but I'm guessing within 24 hours is a safe bet.

Sorry to put all of your patience to the test, kek.

No. 403148

What amazes me is that despite all this joint pain that she's in, and the super terrible EDS, she still manages to play tug with her large and most probably strong dog. Surely if she was that crippled by everything she would end up dislocations and the like!

No. 403186

Kek and when she’s not doing that she’s totally sedentary and not moving around at all, which is equally painful for eds

No. 403257


Unfortunately I am experienced in malingering as a narcoleptic. Unfortunately I picked up a GHB habit in medschool and preferred insurance pay for it.

Actually it's very easy to alter sleep architecture with the right drugs. GABA-b agonists and gabapentinoids in high doses will make the PSG look odd at least. An "odd" PSG with low latency is enough for a lot of doctors to dx narcolepsy.

Latency is the hardest thing to fake. The line between low sleep latency and walking into the office ready to pass out is a fine one.

No. 403265

She got light up cords for the wheels of her wheelchair to decorate it (it comes in the 18th). She says it's for night use at Disney. She's so obsessed with accessories.

She's still on Judd about the carrots/broccoli thing but admits most commenter agree with him.

Also, I could be wrong because I'm not a wheelchair user, but what's the utility (for Jacquie) of teaching Harlow to press handicap buttons? Does she have any justifiable reason, given they're positioned FOR wheelchair users and she has full use of her body?

No. 403269

Is she 5? She sure accessorizes like it. And there’s no reason for her to have her dog press the button, just like there’s no need for her to have a wheelchair. She’s perfectly capable of opening a door herself without any adaptations. It’s almost like she’s making going to Disney all about showing off how “sick” she is. She’s taking laziness and malingering to new extremes.

No. 403274


She was so. Fucking. Excited. About her wheelchair coming. It's actually, literally, seriously insane.

No. 403282

She has Harlow tugging on a door handle that is not meant to move that way and it is visibly pulling away from the door. I am sure her apartment management company will love her for that.

No. 403301

And having a wheelchair is literally the worst thing for her, whether she’s sick or not.

No. 403310

She's getting the expensive custom wheelchair so she can be even more immobile! She claims she will be able to get out more with it, but she can't pick up the chair to get it down the front doorstep, let alone load it in the car, her "hypermobile shoulder joints" won't allow her to propel it, and she can't drive herself. So get ready for vlogs showing her on an adventure up & down the small hall of the apartment. Maybe Babe can buy her a wheelchair accessible van–you know because it would be a helpful "tool", but more likely, Babe will still have to serve as her "service human". Be sure to tune in tomorrow for her "adventure" in the hospital with a reaction to the IVIG.

No. 403314

Kek did the cna manage to flee? If not you know what she’ll be forced to do.

No. 403315

Wait, she’s getting it again?? Nothing like throwing away 15,000 dollars at the minimum.

No. 403320

crazy to think that so many people would love nothing more than to not need a wheelchair and this girl is thrilled to bits to get one of her very own.

No. 403322

She’s looked way happier getting her chair and port and feeding tube then she did when Judd proposed (although even that she turned into being about her and her “illnesses”)

No. 403351


Lol oh my god you're so right. She seemed kinda annoyed at him for doing it in the hospital. And he said she didn't give him much choice, because they agreed to get engaged as soon as the ring arrived. But she was out of the hospital like, the next day. He could've just waited. You could tell she loved the novelty of being proposed to in a hospital gown though.

I wonder what the staff thought.

No. 403354

They probably thought, “We don’t paid enough for this kind of shit” kek

No. 403551

>Also, I could be wrong because I'm not a wheelchair user, but what's the utility (for Jacquie) of teaching Harlow to press handicap buttons? Does she have any justifiable reason, given they're positioned FOR wheelchair users and she has full use of her body?

Yeah I don't get that one either. I'm in a wheelchair and I struggle with doors because I usually can't reach the doorknob. But I can't lift my arms that high. In my own house though, where the handles are at the right height for me, it's easy peasy. Closing is more difficult, but again: I can't reach. In my powerchair that's actually a big problem, but I manage fine when I'm using my manual chair. Those buttons are also usually too high for me, but they wouldn't not be for her.

So why Jaquie, who can lift her arms, can reach, can move her body forward and, let's not forget, can get out of her chair to open or close a door for herself would need her dog to open doors for her, is beyond me.

She's getting power assist wheels though. Why? Again, that's beyond me. So she will probably be able to self propel, but there is no way in hell she'll be able to get the chair in and out the car by herself. So more independable? No way. She could just as well have gotten a simple manual chair so she could propel a little bit and have whoever is with her push the longer distances. Much easier on Judd's back to get it in and out of the car, and about a tenth of the price (or less).

No. 403617

You guys should seriously go back and watch her previous vlogs. It’s night and day. I just got done watching her oldest video on YouTube and it’s Harlow’s body awareness.

For one she’s dressed waaaaay differently, actually like she fucking cares about what she loooks like in nice clothes. And another thing I noticed about her older videos/vlogs is that she talks different. With more pep in her voice and more like a normal person and less like a robot. It’s almost like after her autism diagnosis or further on in the vlogs she started trying to talk different or more “autistic”.

It’s hard to explain but if you go and watch comparisons you can hear it I swear. She sounds and looks like a normal girl before.

No. 403622

Agree completely. She pisses me off so much now that the other day I was wondering, how did I even get through the first vlog let alone start watching her regularly? Then I went back to an earlier vlog looking for something and was like, oh… it's because she was a completely different person. I can turn the bitch off. I can't even imagine being Judd.

No. 403625

Yeah I was thinking the same thing like, Does it bother Judd that the person he got with and the person he married are two different people? Lol. It must kill him inside. He was dying when she was talking about her wheelchair, I was cringing!!!!

No. 403633


How the hell is she going to justify the wheelchair after all those stretches of time without using her speschel walkers?? smh

No. 403657


samefagging but I'm looking forward to seeing the excuse as to why she needs her speshul custom wheelchair 24/7 after walking everywhere completely fine.

No. 403659

Oh bc even when she was at her BEST she couldn't walk long distances without fainting. Eye rollllz. So she participated in and taught martial arts six days per week but couldn't walk a few blocks? Sure.

No. 403715


Oh, I was overjoyed to get my wheelchair because before it I'd only been able to leave the house once or twice a week. The problem here is, she's treating it as an accessory, not a tool to become more independent because she's getting the fancy custom option, not the thing most suitable for her actual needs (well, the needs she claims to have).

For what she describes, a small lightweight folding mobility scooter would be far more appropriate, so she could move it herself, load it into the car etc.

No. 403721

She said somewhere that when she vacuumed, she would often nearly faint and once actually fainted. Later, when she got the Roomba, that story changed to "I would faint every time I vacuumed".

OK, I don't have screencaps for that, but I'm working very hard at my other caps, which actually was quite a project. Maybe I will look this one up later. When I have the time..

No. 403723

File: 1508004874478.jpg (450.55 KB, 1830x1175, n3CIP2f.jpg)

No. 403724

File: 1508004915697.jpg (608.49 KB, 1968x1196, QJDuYX1.jpg)

No. 403725

File: 1508004954710.jpg (626.86 KB, 1968x1196, 1Oq2K8h.jpg)

No. 403727

File: 1508004985843.jpg (554.27 KB, 1968x1196, qgnFMlR.jpg)

No. 403729

File: 1508005017937.jpg (560.37 KB, 2045x1196, I5dSNOc.jpg)

Last one.

No. 403772

(Nice work, op)
So basically she found things online that she could easily fake, and then doctor-shopped until she found specialists that gave her what she wanted. Finding one doctor that says you don’t have a condition is reasonable, but multiple doctors that tell you you’re fine is pretty telling. And I guarantee her normal doctor didn’t come up with all the treatments, jaquie did, and then convinced her doctor that she needed them. Not how a good internist works, eds and pots are outside the scope of 90% of them, and they refer patients out. Notice how jaquie has to look for providers further and further away, since the ones by her aren’t giving her what she wants. Plus, malnourished?? She looks pretty damn healthy here.

No. 403777

I think she did have some kind of blood pressure/autonomic problem (I'm the OP, btw). Her tilt table test and holter were abnormal, and she shows in a video somewhere how her heart rate is very fast and drops very quickly once she sits down. Of course there are other possible explanations for that, but I think the reason she started going to doctors for those symptoms, was because something was going on.

However, I also think that she read about it and immediately knew what diagnosis and treatment she wanted, and that she shopped around until she got what she wanted.
I also think her symptoms aren't as bad as she claims. I mean: she is sitting on the ground all the time even when she is at home alone, so clearly she can get up by herself. Also, she suddenly can walk stairs etc. after her ketamine treatment (which of course can't be a placebo effect or something she is using as a face saving out for some of her factitious behaviors). Yes, she said she had POTS symptoms after that, but clearly she can do much more and it's not just her POTS limiting her as much.

No. 403798

Agree with OP. I am also in the medical field and follow her because a patient of mine is obsessed with YT chronic illness vloggers. I agree that there may be a baseline of relatively minor issues but her presentation is what is so annoying. When compared to cancer or other truly chronically ill patients, she is making a mockery of them with her own MINOR maladies, calling herself chronically ill. She is supported by all of those who post comments on her YT and encourage her to show post symptoms–odd that there are any negative comments–she must edit them out. Agree that her display of symptoms and her rolling on the floor or sitting cross-legged don't ring true. I feel a little sorry for her obvious emotional illness (Chronic Illness?)that causes her to seek this attention. But I too am extremely annoyed with her hair stroking, thumbs up, baby talk to the dog, hand waving, stretched out vneck shirts to display the port, the pink wardrobe/equipment display in public and her sad faces when she isn't feeling well. If she truly has any TRUE diagnoses, she could have done a much greater public service to viewers, but she is tainted now and no longer credible. She could have shown how physical therapy helped control her EDS and POTS, since other than fluids for POTS, exercise is at the top of the list for treatment of both. I am most concerned about her talk of pain meds, with the current opiod epidemic–such a bad example for young viewers.

No. 403803

Except her pots symptoms got better purely with fluids. Dehydration can lead to a “positive” pots result in a tilt table test, which is why they don’t just diagnose with that. Lots of ed patients claim pots, but it magically goes away when they’re not dehydrated and not restricting and not purging. But even if she does have pots, she doesn’t exercise, which is one of the top treatments. No one other than her handpicked doctors would give her iv fluids without evidence of her doing an exercise program first, as well as drinking water and trialing all the available medications.

No. 403808

Yeah, most doctors do not prescribe opioid pain killers for EDS unless it’s for a few days after a serious injury or surgery (not even for minor surgery). Physical therapy and non-opioid painkillers are much more effective in long-term pain control in EDS, and after that you just kind of have to suck it up. But any good doctor isn’t going to let a patient with an incurable but manageable and definitely non-fatal illness fall into addiction. And both Eds and pots get way worse without exercise, and fluid for pots is usually only used if medication and exercise alone aren’t enough. I know a doctor who treats EDS patients that very, very rarely writes for wheelchairs due to those reasons, the only patient that he suggested one for was in their 60s and had a history of serious falls.

No. 403821

So maybe she didn't have POTS per se, but only 'blood pressure irregularities'? It seems she mentions only those the first few times, only after a while she begins mentioning tachycardia as well. I still think it started somehwere with actual symptoms which were or weren't POTS and which she made into something a whole lot worse.

Also, I think I remember what happened at Mayo. Maybe it was not all that happened, but I remember her saying that she was nervous when she went to Mayo the first time after having her port placed. She said that although Mayo has many different doctors, there was one thing that no one of them seemed to be on board with, and that was IV fluid therapy for POTS. So she probably didn't really have a bad experience there (she would've written about that!). Maybe it's just that they didn't give her what she wanted.

When there's no alternative and wheelchairs are used properly, they can really make someone more active though. Problem is that so many people use them wrong, or get them before trying ALL the alternatives out there. I haven't seen Jaquie do a multi-disciplinairy rehab/pain management program, haven't even seen her do physio. If she'd been inpatient in a rehabilitationcenter with two or three times and do graded exercise, try out other ways to stay more mobile (not meaning the walker) etc., then she can go ahead and get a simple wheelchair for just day-long outings if it'd be up to me.

No. 403904

Here’s my question? What “test” did she have done for Mast Cell cuz as far as I know the only test for MCAS is a bone marrow biopsy and I’m sure as hell we would have heard about that.

No. 403909

She has had a bone barrow biopsy I remember videos about 3-4 months ago,
But I am sure she claimed mast cell long before that.

No. 403914

I don’t remember hearing about the results. Anyone?

No. 403921

Here is the link, she say mast cell in the results video.She says some other bits too.

No. 403922

Her bone marrow biopsy for mastocytosis was negative, she did not have it. There is another test for mast cell meaning the condition has not reached bone marrow so it’s a less serious condition, there IS a difference. And you can do allergy testing for it, and they usually do a tryptase test. I don’t know or have heard about her talking about doing so. My sources are having mast cell for many years. Not trying to talk about myself just letting you know that I gots the info.

No. 403924

Yeah, a bone marrow biopsy only tests for mastocytosis, which is rarer and much more severe than mast cell disorder. But I don’t think jaquie even has mast cell disorder, as she never has any rashes, and she only has reactions when people aren’t paying attention to her kek. Since she’s gotten her precious precious toobz, she hasn’t had any reactions.

No. 403934

Yes, exactly. She has what she calls “angiodema”… which is really just a fancy word for swelling if you ask me! She claims it’s caused by something genetic of which the geneticist told her there’s something her body doesn’t produce quickly enough, some type of protein? If I remember correctly. She “burns out of it” causing her to have severe reactions to the environment around her. Sorry if that’s non descriptive but that’s all I remember from her explaining, if someone finds the video link it. If I have time I’ll do so.

No. 403935

just saw a video where she said she takes medication for her narcolepsy at night. That's got to be Xyrem, which is GHB and costs $5,000 a month. And she doesn't have a job so why does she even need it? She can nap anytime. This chick is single-handedly making all of our health insurance premiums go up.

No. 403936


Also I don't even think she has narcolepsy. How long has she been friends with Janieceeece? Maybe she got the diagnosis and Jaquie decided she wanted it, too.

No. 403991

Their husbands have been friends since high school. Janiiiiieeece used to hate Jaquie and now they are..:best friends?

No. 404036

Nope, Jaquie had the dx before Janiece. In fact, Jaquie encouraged Janiece to have her problems looked at.

No. 404041

Well, there you go. I couldn't find the earlier vlog in which she said she could drink only 0,5L, but in yesterdays vlogs she said "I can't drink a lot because of my gastroparesis, but I hydrate through I V hydration". (Starting at the 4minute mark.)

No. 404153

How do you know that Janiece used to hate Jaquie? (not challenging you, genuinely curious)

No. 404171

Jaquie has stated multiple times in her Vlogs that Janiece hated her when they met. Apparently Jaquie was very rude/inconsiderate. Janiece agrees (vehemently).

No. 404172

She still is. I think people in her life have just become somewhat immune to it.

No. 404180

Strange world we live in, where water is more difficult to digest than mac and cheese and chicken and broccoli and frozen yogurt.

No. 404181

Omg she is SO fucking repetive. Her vlogs could easily be cut in half and sometimes eliminated due to the extreme repetition. And if that isn't nit picky enough the extraordinary amount of hand gesturing makes me want to slap her.
Sage for rage but I had to get that out.

No. 404184

Something I've been waiting for is to catch her feeding pump rate she won't share. Well, it is visible in todays video, at the 6.25 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc2FrQ32Hho

She's at 35 ml. That means that IF she is running it continiously at let's say 23 hours (24 is just not possible, you have to flush, change out bags, shower etc., I'm being generous with 23 hours) she is getting around 1200kcal from it. Yeah.

With her being inactive and on the shorter side that might not be (much) under what she needs to maintain, but remember, the reason she can't do day-only feeds (I actually wrote night-only there at first, because who on earth wouldn't do that rather than dayfeeds??) is that had to gain first. She also said somewhere that she is on a higher rate now, because she can tolerate the new formula so much better. Unsuprisingly, that seems to be a lie.

No. 404202

Excellent eye, anon. My eyes were rolling so hard at all the general fuckery that I totally missed that. Kek

No. 404203

Follow up on >>404184
In a video less then two weeks ago (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXKAbNzx9c8) she talked about how she spoke to her doctor and because she had lost some weight, she had to adjust her feed rate to gain that back. That means that before that, her 'goal rate' was less than 35. And because of that, she can't condense it into day feeds right now. Err.. so 35ml is such a high rate that you can't condense that? But most adults are at rates between 50 and 100 if they are doing 24/h feeds. And you can't condense it because you are now temporarily at a 35ml rate to gain weight?

Of course, with what she is eating, she can gain on this rate. But she claims that she can eat only 5-10% of her daily needs, so that makes no sense.

No. 404207

Well, as I said: I was waiting for it. She said somewhere she decided she didn't want to share her rate anymore. So I just thought: "that's OK, you'll slip up and show us soon enough" (evil laughter). So everytime she got her pump out of that backpack, I was ready to freeze the screen, lol. She had a few near-misses until now where the lighting prevented me from reading the display, but in todays vid it's very clear. Actually gets clearer just after the mark I mentioned.

No. 404212

File: 1508090921733.png (131.97 KB, 640x1136, 0DF4BE10-99EA-4A6A-BF82-735695…)

And let’s not forget that when you start getting nutrition again and gaining weight (as miss jaquie claims to be doing), your metabolism tends to speed up, especially in someone as young as jaquie. So she should be needing more than a normal base calorie level than someone not needing to restore weight. Most tube feeding clinics (or doctors) have goal rates of 100 ml/hr, so you can get a few hours off, which can be beneficial and is just nice to not be tethered to something all the time. But 1200 calories a day is very unrealistic for a young adult woman, as a base rate it might be okay for some people, but she’s not bedridden so is automatically burning more calories. I googled the average daily requirements for a 20 year old woman, and it’s much higher than she claims. And because she has health issues, she probably would need even more (I still doubt she’s sick at all).

No. 404216

I have a friend who’s also an adult female (like jaquie, although jaquie’s status as an adult is seriously debatable) who’s exclusively tube fed using a formula that’s the same caloric density as jaquie (1.5); she’s just maintaining her weight now, and is moderatly sedentary, but is older than jaquie (which usually means a slower metabolism). Just to maintain a healthy, low-end of average weight, she has to run her feeds at 95 ml/hr for 17.5 hours a day.

No. 404240


Great detective work there.

I am always dubious when people say that they aren't sharing their feed rate/lung function etc. She's sharing everything else about her life, telling us the ins and outs of her health and medical care, yet sharing the rate she's on is too much? Perhaps she's started to realise that she is not fooling everyone and is trying to reel back in the amount of information she shares, so that people can't question her so much.

No. 404250

But doesn’t she realize even though she may have hours of vlogs and posts someone will eventually sperg out to find her discrepancies; she’s hid feeding rates, oxygen, and pulse levels, etc., but slowly, as with the feeding rate, things are and will be coming to light. What’s she going to do then?

No. 404255

Why is her doctor allowing it? It’s obvious she’s not getting enough calories even if she runs her feeds 23 hours a day. And does she go to a dietitian? Any dietician can figure out she’s full of shit in two seconds.

No. 404257

File: 1508100649752.png (2.58 MB, 1536x2048, A8DB4D3A-D013-4812-9FE5-69B1AD…)

I’d be exhausted, too, if I wasted $15,000 in just a couple hours. Any coincidence that Mary Frey just had ivig and is also taking a rest day?

No. 404258

She's supposed to go to a dietician at the end of October. She's "interested" to see what they have to say…

No. 404259

File: 1508100675256.png (264.64 KB, 1536x2048, 73EEEB61-BF27-4992-87E1-54A206…)


No. 404260

File: 1508100784738.png (3.27 MB, 1536x2048, 77452B25-5612-4B7F-B426-45BFB8…)

Here’s her ivig day pic

No. 404261

File: 1508100809547.png (278.39 KB, 1536x2048, 38DA8328-DFB1-44EE-8D85-31E098…)

And caption

No. 404262

File: 1508100893350.png (3.17 MB, 1536x2048, 6FC44EFB-3256-4D11-A037-F4295F…)

And here’s Mary, ivig day and then recovery day (recovery for something different but still).

No. 404264

File: 1508100967742.png (2.86 MB, 1536x2048, 0F148286-6F96-454B-BCD2-E23D03…)

(Mary is awful as well, but it’s pretty obvious in these where jaquie is getting her ideas)

No. 404265

I’m pretty sure a dietician is supposed to be the first appointment after being diagnosed with GP, and a patient should absolutely be working regularly with a dietician if they have a feeding tube. Most doctors aren’t familiar with determining a patient’s caloric needs and type of formula, that is almost always the role of the dietician, who passes their recommendations to the doctor, who writes the official orders.

No. 404267

how is mary awful?

No. 404269

Just way over the top, doesn’t treat her husband great, is a general attention seeker. She’s definitely sick, unlike jaquie, but she takes it to an extreme. She’s been discussed a lot previously on either this thread or the previous general munchie thread; check out those places for all the details.

No. 404279

Even down to the stupid couch pillow

No. 404329

The worst part is that jaquie does not claim to have any illnesses that are ultimately fatal, yet she sure acts like it.

No. 404332

how much do you suppose she weighs in the first place?

No. 404335

I would say 115-120 lbs

No. 404338


How tall is she?

No. 404343

No idea her height (but I’d guess about 5’4”), but looking at her pictures she gained weight between when she started her IG and when she “lost lots of weight” and got her feeding tube kek.

No. 404346

File: 1508111900535.png (18.27 KB, 834x303, jf.png)

Another nod to the fact that she reads this thread. Frequently it would seem. An answer for everything…

No. 404351


Fuck, imagine sitting in a chemo suite getting your yummy doxorubicin… and across from you, this giggling fuckwith with her vogmask is yelling at her camera, gesticulating like she's having a seizure and talking about how hard her life is and how horrible the headache will be. Meanwhile, if you don't end up bludgeoning her with your IV pole, you will probably spend the next days vomiting and shitting yourself. And your reward for surviving another chemo cycle? Sharing the same chemo suite with this moron.

Jesus. I'd have gone with assisted suicide if I had to endure Jacqui during treatment.

No. 404358


I'm surprised that hospitals/IVIG places/doctor's offices let her film like that. What happened to patient confidentiality? I'd complain about that shit so fast if I was a patient. Especially if I had to share a hospital room with her and her dog and her husband and listen to her dumb over-explanations and "thanks for joining us on our adventure!"s. My doctor's offices don't even let you talk on your cell phone in the waiting room, let alone film a video series on it.

No. 404375

Noticed in the last few videos, Judd isn't wearing his wedding ring

No. 404378

Fucking hell. The amount of times Jaw has repeated herself in the last two vlogs. About all the details of her IVIG. Jesus Christ. She repeated ALL the details at least three or four times yesterday. Does she think we have a memory span of 5 mins? Why does she keep saying the same things over and over? Firstly, it's not that important. We're not studying for an exam here. Secondly, it's boring as fuck. Third, she edits these videos. Does she not see how fucking repetitive she is? Did no one ever teach her that she shouldn't keep going over the same thing again and again? It's like, a really really basic social skill. Is that part of her autism maybe?

Also, the fucking hand gestures. Oh my god. It's like she's attempting really poor sign language. She probably thinks she's just being eloquent as fuck.

No. 404380


Haha oh interesting. Maybe he hates rings? Maybe he can't wear it for some drill at work and forgot to put it back on? Maybe he fucking hates his wife? Pawned it for star wars toys because Jaquie never lets him buy any? Cheating on her with Peter Frey?

No. 404387

Repetition and obsession with getting ones point across is most certainly an autism trait, yes lol.

No. 404391

Kek like she’s ever put her rate over 35 except when she first got her toob. She forgot that her pump was on display to the world until very recently and was on 25 consistently. Unless she quadrupled it in the meantime (which is very, very doubtful), it’s still set low and she’s not getting a majority of calories by tube. Also, she “recovered from severe malnutrition” with it at 25, which is physically impossible.

No. 404393

Not only is it insulting to actual patients in the infusion center, it’s insulting to every single person with the diseases she claims. People who depend on feeding tubes would give anything to be able to eat, and many, many people with chronic illness have to work to have insurance and to pay for treatment they desperately need, while jaquie is laughing her way through hundreds of thousands of dollars (at this point, including what insurance paid for) of treatments she doesn’t need. She has no idea what it’s like to be hospitalized for sepsis or a feeding tube problem or an uncontrollable reaction to something, and worrying about how you’re going to pay for your stay, and if you’re going to lose your job because you’re missing work, and how you’re going to pay all your other bills. Chronic illness isn’t fun, it’s not about accessorizing. It becomes about how to manage to live as close to a normal life as possible, while dealing with adult responsibilities and people that don’t care, because they’ve never heard of your disease and it’s not cancer.

No. 404423

Many police officers do not wear rings on duty for safety reasons - a) could get caught on something b) you don't want the criminal in the car with you to realize you're married and threaten your spouse, etc.

No. 404476

But he doesn't put it on when they go out
either (when he's not working) strange behavior for a newlywed . My husband is a mechanic but wears his on weekends and days off.

No. 404479

He lost it a while ago. They talked about it in a vlog, a week ago or so? Don't have the time to go and look it up. When he's on duty, he wears some kind of flat band instead that won't damage his finger when his hand gets stuck or something. He was wearing that in the vlog I am refering to, until he re-orders and official one (something like that).

No. 404480

i know we're not allowed to meddle but i really hope someone fills out a fraud report on the tricare website about little miss eats olive garden with a feeding tube

No. 404481

I remember in a vlog around Easter where she put her plate in front of him at a family dinner for him to cut up her food. I don't lie why this bothered me so, It was at the dinner table and he did it, but she can cut up raw meat for the dog?!?

No. 404522

Wowwwww good observation. I completely forgot about that. She’s SO fucking inconsistent it’s insane lol. Do you remember what was her reasoning for not being able to cut her own meat? An autism thing or an ow my EDS wrists thing?

No. 404559

I think it was weakness, can't remember for sure. He doesn't have to cut her food for her anymore..thank goodness

No. 404563

File: 1508169559859.jpg (188.44 KB, 1234x1094, jaq1.jpg)

Does anyone recall Jaquie having "anaphylaxis" from IVIG? I thought it was just "meningitis".

No. 404566

No, the first time she had some sort of reaction. Don't remember if it was anafylactic though. But they thought it to be a reaction to one of the pre-meds instead of the IVIG itself. The second time was Meningitis.

No. 404584

But she didn’t have meningitis, she had a headache. Very different. She wants to do it at the infusion center because she has a larger audience there. She could have easily tweaked the regime at home, but then there would only be Judd seeing how super special sick she is. The infusion center is where the sick people go, and where there’s doctors and nurses and aides to pay attention to you.

No. 404602

She is such an insane fucking bitch. Again today with truly maniacal excitement over the Walmart pick-up feature and then nitpicks the shit out of Judd because he wants a new pillow. "He's picky, I am not"… "how can it be so complicated?" Bitch, please. Your face is in the dictionary next to high maintenance and demanding.
I LOVED it when Judd said he got more joy out of his truck than his wife though. Judd FTW.

No. 404603

Did you notice how because she is annoyed at Judd's pillow shopping suddenly she's fading and pulling the sick face but then suddenly has the energy to go to an entirely different store to shop for mattresses? If it isn't about her she has to make it about her.

No. 404605

They are buying an adjustable bed that retails for around $6000. Anyone feel like that Patreon/YT money is being spent on comfort items and not on subtitles?

No. 404611



Bring on the steroid hunger and more weight gain!

No. 404624

File: 1508176483792.png (4.08 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2942.PNG)

Yeah, whoever jokingly suggested that she was getting an adjustable bed next so it would be just like in the hospital was…right. And she's apparently going to try and make insurance pay for the fancy new bed.

No. 404636

She quickly qualified the need for her version of a hospital bed by saying she needs to sleep inclined for reflux–yet another thing wrong that is part of her Chronic Crap. And she needs the bed for her "PAIN". When did that come back? The last few vlogs are all about how the injections cured her pain. I think it is a hoot how her mom moved in to help with Jaquie's chronic illnesses and she can't wait to get outta there! And I have seen more than enough of Judd. What an asswipe, with his goofy faces and all his vlogging as the 2nd half of the Chronically Boring and Annoying Couple. Does anyone else think her euphoria over the Walmart pick-up and now the thrill of the coming wheelchair is a little mental illnessy? I can't wait to see her pushing herself in the wheelchair when she can't even pick up a blanket, fold her laundry or get her own water bottle. It will be another disclaimer for her Chronically Crazy illnesses that will "go away" with a new toy to play with.

No. 404639


A little mental illnessy? I'd say it's a lot mental illnessy. Almost entirely mental illnessy. How she gets insurance to approve all this stuff she doesn't need when other people struggle to get insurance to pay for essential medications is a mystery to me.

No. 404669

Lmao today in the vlog while waiting for grocery's Judd had his hand on her face and you can just watch her angrily slap it down. Also she said I love you and he just ignored her and didn't say it back

No. 404677

She usually says it after insulting him. I am not a huge Judd fan but I could deal with him way more than her.
Today while bed shopping he mentioned hip pain - for the firs time ever. Bc like most people we suck up our aches and pains and don't frign vlog about them.

No. 404681

Noticed that hip pain too. Thought it was funny that he actually was 'picky' (I don't think he is though) about matresses, and Jaq - the one who's supposed to be in 6\10 pain on a good day - only cared about the toy that is an electric bed. You'd think someone with joint and muscle pain, heck anyone who is in bed more time than the average adult, would choose a mattres careful. But nooo, her husband cared more than she did.

No. 404684

Agree totally on this, it seemed very weird to me too. We just bought a new mattress ourselves due to various levels of discomfort etc that by no means prevent us from holding jobs or living life, yet we were wayyy more invested in our purchase than Little Miss Special Needs. I also found the indifference towards her pillow to be odd too. I occasionally have morning headaches and found a good memory foam pillow is the ticket to fixing that. Again, I would think LMSN would definitely see the correlation between a decent pillow and head and neck pain. But noooooo. Maybe because one can't really buy accessory lights for a pillow? IDK.
Sage for blogfag.

No. 404697

when you dont actually have to pay for things yourself, i imagine you get blasé about events that might actually be important to your narrative. she has to get off on how manipulative she is.

No. 404708

I almost mentioned that too but she seems so frugal when it comes to non-medical things. She wears cheap ass leggings, furnishes the house very cheaply, won't let Judd buy anything - even though he's the only real income. I would guess she's making something off of YT and Patreon but there's no way to know for sure. Yet she doesn't think anything of getting exorbitantly expensive unnecessary medical devices. It will be interesting to see if they really do get the pricey bed - and if so who pays for it.

No. 404790

And she had an LP?

No. 404794

Ikr it’s crazy? While most pts wait for something as stupid as a prior Auth for a med this bitch is getting ins to cover every damn thing- all this crap she doesn’t need! Sage and sorry for rage blogging but it really confuses me how most patients have to push their ins Company for shit they actually need and Miss Jaqui gets literally everything she wants, whether she needs it or not. It’s annoying AF.

No. 404805

i couldn't get meds post op without a prior auth (opiates dispensed in a larger quantity for one month) but she gets her custom wheelchair and everything else in a matter of days. i fucking can't stand her. sage for rage and self posting

No. 404826


Not from the burst dose of steroids every IVIG (what, once every two weeks or so?). Weight gain and hunger get significant only after a long time, dose regardless, that's why single burst doses are more tolerable. Pred washes out of your body pretty fast so it doesn't do much damage unless you're taking it constantly for a long time.

No. 404828


In some cases, unless the mental status deteriorates, post-IVIG aseptic meningitis is dx'd clinically because doing an LP tends to aggravate it.

No. 404830


I'm fairly sure she/her parents are paying for a lot of things themselves. She's an only child, right?

No. 404836

They better be. Of course jaquie’s got her family-friend doctor who says she needs whatever she wants. Insurance usually doesn’t cover anything that not medically necessary, and they have limits. Like they won’t reimburse some things that were necessary but out-of-network. And getting most large things approved (medical equipment, non-emergency surgery, expensive tests) can be a nightmare. Insurance is in the game of making money, nevermind what you actually need. So I’d be pissed if she’s getting all this shit she absolutely does not need for free, while lots of us with chronic illness are having to work and still barely scraping due medical bills.

No. 404850

Thank you very much for the explainaion cuz I didn’t know she had meningitis nor did I know how she got it. Saged for being an idiot.

No. 404855

She’s never stated that she is an only child nor mentioned siblings either.

No. 404886

I've been a nurse for >25 years and when she supposedly had aseptic meningitis from IVIG, she was home and going out for ice cream 3 days after the diagnosis. Her meningitis (no LP to verify viral vs bacterial) was viral–but viral is NOT treated with IV antibiotics.If there was any suspicion of it being bacterial, she would have been on home antibiotics. Average recovery time is 1-2 weeks with neck stiffness and pain, eye sensitivity and pretty bad headaches and flu-like symptoms. So just because she said she had it doesn't necessarily mean it is true. There is no physician verifying any of her complaints–she just vlogs what the doctor supposedly said. Most of her followers seem to believe everything she says but she has many discrepancies. For example, she got called out multiple times about her GP and her bad food choices. In one vlog, she stated she is one of only two people with one of her genetic mutations. Mayo would have jumped on that in a heartbeat to publish a research paper on her. As for her medical toys, it is highly unlikely that insurance is covering her arsenal of equipment but her husband and parents seem to believe in her and probably are paying out of pocket. She's just an immature girl whose best friends are her camera and computer to upload self-videos to get media love and attention.

No. 404895

This, and the fact that moderate to severe headaches are a very common side effect of IVIg. I was suspicious of her claim of meningitis to begin with and could have sworn it was unconfirmed.

No. 404897

I remember it being unconfirmed as well, and I was suspicious with how quick she recovered. So really she milked the hell out of a headache (from doing a treatment she didn’t need). >>404886
Very true, research/teaching hospitals are all over writing up new or rare things. And mayo is used to seeing rare. Most things that munchies claim are rare, like eds, mito, immune deficiency, etc., mayo sees every day if not multiple times a day. And wouldn’t they treat her themselves, instead of having her GP prescribe everything from ivig to her port and fluids to her wheelchair? With chronic illness, you work up, from least specialized to more specialized. You don’t go to mayo and then back to your GP.

No. 404928


She has a half-sibling that she's not close to. She mentioned him or her at least once. Her parents are pretty old so it's probably like a 40-year-old from a first marriage.

No. 404929

if she's not an only child, she clearly may as well be - ie if there's siblings, she's clearly the favourite/golden child

No. 404936

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but did she get the port BEFORE the POTS/EDS/MCAS "diagnoses", and if so why?

No. 404938

I’m pretty sure it was after, but also after she was told she didn’t have eds at least. Because she saw a pots specialist who was not pro-infusion, so instead of listening, she convinced her GP to order it. But I’m not a hundred percent sure she got the port then, or if she had it before.

No. 404941

That’s very interesting, because I’ve met more than one much younger than the other siblings people who had serious mental issues, especially eating disorders. Not always true of course, but it seems to happen a lot. Tons of attention piled on a single child, especially one that’s not given very many limits, tends to not end well. It’s a lot of pressure for the child, or they’re incredibly entitled and believe the world revolves around them (no question which group jaquie falls into kek)

No. 405025

this is true. in high school i knew a girl with two much older (40s) sisters who bullied everyone when things didn't go her way. mommy and daddy bought her a lexus for graduation. she was that kind of person. histrionic and was suddenly not feeling well when the attention wasn't on her. notice how as soon as jaquie didn't want to look at pillows she didn't feel well and her "sick eyes" appeared?

No. 405043

And then miraculously disappeared a few minutes later when they moved on to doing something she wanted to do.

No. 405049

If they are on Judd's military insurance, it is our federal tax dollars going towards paying Jaquie's medical care. IVIG treatment starts at $1000 per treatment not including additional cost if she is hospitalized or needs home health care visits. So the walkers, wheelchair, possibly new bed, etc. are likely paid at least in part by us taxpayers. The fact that she doctor hops instead of having one primary care managing everything is very suspicious. In one former vlog at Mayo, she was very nervous before her appt because that doctor didn't support her having a port for POTS. That alone shows she is looking for the doctors who will cave to her SHIT-SHOW.

No. 405069

Especially since mayo is very pro-intervention. They do not hesitate to put in picc lines, central lines, or ports when they’re needed. Same with feeding tubes, and they didn’t say she needed that either.

No. 405085

And considering the fact that he is a cop, whether they are on military insurance or police insurance, tax payers at one level or another are paying, directly or indirectly.

No. 405086

Feeding tube was in her local hospital though. I don't think the GI at Mayo would agree, as he wanted her to do breathing exercises and thought that her vomiting had a rumination component.

I know that doesn't negate point in any way, but I do think that is an interesting factoid.

But yeah, it was funny how she said the docs at Mayo don't agree with ports for POTS. I mean, I know that sometimes if you're sick a second opinion may result in a very different treatment that your first doctor might not have thought a very good idea. I have experienced this myself, even. But when the argument of the first doc is not something like "I'm not sure if that would work for you", "I don't have much experience with that treatment", "I'm not sure the pros outweight the cons" but actually "You don't need that shit" AND that happens to you more than once.. I think it's time to take a step back and look at the choices you make.

O, o, before I forget: someone here has said that her GP (general practitioner in this context, not the other GP) is a family friend. I haven't been able to find that. I recently went quite far back in her Instagram
history when I put this shit together >>403723 and all I found was that her Florida GP "came highly recommended" or so and she was curious what she'd be like. I haven't found a reference to a family friend. Or was that the POTS doctor, who seems to direct a lot of her other care as well? (Prescribes her IV meds, I think was the one to start her on IVIG, does her 'port care' etc.)

Anon who said that about the family friend, do you remember where or maybe approximately when this was mentioned?

No. 405089

Today Jaquie's mom took the day off to take her to appointments. Does that mean the CNA told her to piss off?

No. 405091

Sick face and monotone voice today to say that her hip is hurting from a long car ride (while sitting cross legged on the couch) but then immediately segues into ANOTHER repetition of her IVIG treatment plan and instantaneously perks up.

No. 405120


I seriously hope so! Total gold if she ends up here someday.

No. 405147

so jaquie told the CNA she vlogs which means if the CNA is curious she can google her and eventually may end up here. we can hope.

No. 405163

I would LOVE to see that happen but at the same time if she said anything that could tie her back to her role with Jaquie she could lose her license. So if she's smart she'll only lurk.

No. 405174

I know that Janiece is recovering from surgery and she also lives further from Jaquie so that’s why they don’t hang out as often, but I wonder why Julian hasn’t been in a vlog in a while? Do you think he asks to be off camera and they still hang out? Or that they aren’t friends anymore? I know he was previously lurking. Is it possible he called her out?

No. 405192


now that she's getting her wheelchair he is no longer needed

No. 405196

Jaquie is not an easy friend to have. Fhe is too self-centered and doesn't know how to have fun without mentioning, limiting or dwelling on/talking incessantly about her illnesses. Anytime she is in a vlog with another person, she immediately draws the attention and conversation back to herself. She literally sucks the oxygen out of the room!

No. 405199

True. Even when she visited Janiece in hospital, she managed to talk about her own health for about 80% of the time.

No. 405276

I hope the cna ends up here. I can only imagine how horrible it was putting up with jaquie and seeing all the shit she pulling. Especially when I’m sure the cna has had plenty of actually very sick patients that were the opposite of jaquie: humble, kind, compassionate towards others, trying their best even though they’re sick, not complaining, and not asking the cna to do things that they can do themselves.

No. 405319

The "POTs dr" and her GP are the same person. She calls the GP "my internist" when discussing POTS issues and "my primary care doctor" when discussing non-POTS issues.

This anon knows not where the family friend detail comes forth.

No. 405321

All I can think about is enablers enabling her..you tube followers that tell her she's brave, strong, fearless. If there was no you tube channel, if Judd and her mom and dad stopped enabling and focusing on her being sick, she'd lose her audience and perhaps try to focus on what she can do not what she cannot. I'd give anything to be 21 years old again..I'm chronically ill but my family and I ignore it as much as we can and I'm a better person for it..I feel normal so I act normal even when I'm hurting or very tired.

No. 405333


How do you know this? That's amazing if true, she really does bend the facts to fit her own narrative!

No. 405334

I don’t remember either, but it’s come up on and off for a while. And personally I’ve never been able to make it further than ten or twenty seconds into any of the vids.

No. 405425

Jaquie said that she had a nice day with her mom. They went to the doctor, that’s a nice and fun day for her?!

Also, peanut butter and banana smoothie? Very good for gastroparesis.

No. 405437

Doesn't the dog ever get a walk?? To you know, be a dog? Smell things? Take a crap in a new yard? See new things? Chase a squirrel and why does it drive me nuts that she does a hand signal to get her to bark in case "she's ever down in public and can't summon help" insert eye roll

No. 405444


The best she gets is a trip to the dog park every month or two. It's so sad. Last time she was at the dog park was before the hurricane.

No. 405455


Nope, as other anon said it's a rare trip to the dog park because Judd is too busy and Jaquie "too unwell" to take the dog out. If she was in the UK and had managed to convince a charity to give her a service dog, it'd be taken off her for that. They still need to be exercised properly like all dogs.

No. 405470

The actually took her to the dog park the other day before they went bed and pillow shopping. Jaquie had to stay in the car because of her heat intolerance. Eye roll…

No. 405494

I wish Jaquie would get a counselor and maybe just maybe that would keep her from repeating every.single.damn. thing. a million fucking times. I think she told us five times in today's video that Judd is getting called by the guard. We GET it. She treats her vlog like an HGTV show. There is no need to recap every time you pick up the camera. There is literally no chance that someone watching you on Youtube is wandering in mid show during a commercial break.
Sage for rage and hating Jaquie.

No. 405511

Oh you guys…. today is gold. Another feeding tube kink. Has to be replaced. Suddenly she can't eat again. Only a few crackers. But when her feeding tube works she can wolf down Italian, and fried food, mac and cheese, broccoli, chicken, Menchies, arepas. This bitch is unreal.

No. 405516


I WISH! A close friend had to pay their own way for IVIg as her insurance has never had anyone with her condition (anti-NMDAR encephalitis) and had no idea what to do. Cost her $18k a dose with administration costs.

No. 405523

Somehow I don’t buy that the feeding tube is kinked. I personally think she outgrew it. And this is why it needs to be replaced. But she just doesn’t want to admit it.

No. 405524

File: 1508342822638.png (188.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4518.PNG)

I sooo hope she addresses this. I love this commenter.

No. 405530

She deleted it. I would like to welcome that commenter to the Ban List and hope they find their way here.

No. 405531

Embed dat shit for the rest of us please!

No. 405532

The way she - and her followers - are talking, you'd think she was having a major health crisis.

Girl.. you've got a kink in your tube, it'll all be solved in a few days or a week at the most. Even if you actually needed that tube, a few days without feeds isn't going to kill you. You lived before you got the tube, right?

And yeah, only a few crackers, while on other days she eats all kinds of shit? Yes, small portions (if we even believe that) but still, even if she is telling the truth, with what she shows us she can eat at least 40% of her daily intake. And remember, she told us that the fact she could eat more is because she can vent her G-port now, which is.. wait for it.. still working perfectly.

I am curious where this'll lead us to though. Will she need a different, even more 'special' kind of tube? Will she need surgery to place the tube in a different location? Will she need a standing order for TPN for when her tube kinks so she won't die in the three days it takes to arrange a feeding tube change? This is better than Netflix, guys.'

But for now, she is of course scared as heck that she won't be able to get another button and have an ugly dangler tube so she won't be able to use her tubie pads. Because that would REALLY be a setback.

No. 405533


Here you go!

No. 405541

does anyone know what happened with her anaphylaxis? At the beginning of this year she went to the hospital several times for weeks on end (and enjoyed all the hospital food and meals from home Judd brought her ~whatever, gastroparesis~) for supposedly near-fatal allergic reactions from her mast cell disease. Every time she was told she was going to be discharged, she'd have another allergic reaction. Now she seems to be fine with that?

No. 405542

Wait she suddenly can’t eat now that she might lose her tube? WTF

No. 405543

In no way, shape or form was that an emergency to go to the ER in the middle of the night..call your Gi in the am..do not go to the ER!!!!

No. 405546

But she can't get munchie points or ass pats by doing the normal thing. Everything with Jaquie has to be as dramatic and attention seeking as possible.

No. 405547

This. I've had a temporary feeding tube twice. I had different suppliers. Both times they literally told me "if there's anyting wrong with your pump at night, DON'T call us. It's a feeding tube it's not that important. Make sure you get a night's sleep, and call us in the morning.

Also: her larger syringe is 30 ml, and the smaller is 20? My biggest was 20, but most of the time I'd need the smaller ones (either 5ml or 2,5) to flush it properly. Obviously it's different for a nasal tube, but if my tube would flush with the 20 ml, I wouldn't even think there was a problem. If there was a lot of resistance, I'd just try with the smaller ones till it was clear. Obviously that wouldn't work if there was a kink, but I'm just saying that even if she may have been right in the end that something was wrong, she jumped to that conclusion VERY fast.

No. 405555

Exactly, it's not like her port got compromised or something truly important. It's her feeding tube. And we all know she can eat. That is until her tube gets threatened and then suddenly she can't tolerate a morsel. Must have muh tooobz.

No. 405598


~8:04 she mentions the CNA "Amber" again is going to drive her somewhere, that poor woman. (J is totally lurking here; we keep wondering about the absence of that "new friend.")

No. 405599

What a coincidence that everyone in ERs and clinics can flush her supposedly clogged t00bz just fine. kek

No. 405610

Prediction: she will get her GI to move her tube her tube to a new insertion site. She was so disappointed from the beginning and thought she was getting the cuter buh-in (her pronunciation) tube down low like Mary Frey's. Instead hers in up near her ribs and harder to display it out in public, like she does with her port. She can eat but the drama wouldn't be there if she takes oral nutrition. Her life (in her mind) depends on tube feeds at her slow rate. Kudos to the person who caught the rate and calculated the calorie intake! Mary Frey changes her own GJ tube at home but you can bet this Drama Queen will finagle something bigger. Bring on the broccoli, Jaquie! And the cucumbers and turkey! Get your "service human" to take you to Menchies! Instead she needs to call in the National Guard (Judd) for her personal crisis! Also predict that one of her other disorders will suddenly flare. MUST HAVE ATTENTION!!!

No. 405618

If she is reading here, as many of us suspect, I would count on the anaphylaxis to reappear.

No. 405629

File: 1508361630791.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4519.PNG)

What good would a hospital visit be without Instagramming it?

No. 405631

I would love to have heard what the hospital staff had to say about this one.

No. 405634

In the above Instagram post she says she needs to slow down. She doe NOTHING, so unless she sleeps 24/7, what is less than that? And can't you just picture her getting ready for a trip to the ER and grabbing her #1 accessory–her camera–because she is never too sick to vlog!

No. 405639

A sloth does more than she does in a days time.

No. 405672

Not sure if anyone's already mentioned this. Mary had an issue with her port the other day and they were saying they really didn't want to go to the ER. But that's her port, and she's also on IV antibiotics. So that would be totally justified. (They worked it out and it was fine)

Now Jaq's feeding tube is clogged. And she doesn't need to go to the ER immediately. But she acts like it's something she HAS to do, in the middle of the night, even though she really doesn't want to. But like… If she really didn't want to, she wouldn't, because it's not a fucking emergency. So she makes her mom drive her in even though she's got work the next day.

The ER sends her away when they find they can't help her and tells her to call her GI in the morning. Which she should have just done without going to the ER.

So she gets told to visit a bigger ER and she goes with her CNA. Who gets paid to sit with her there for hours? Why couldn't Jaquie just go by herself in a taxi? Taxi services have the ability to accommodate disabled people/service dogs. Or get dropped off and picked up by the CNA? It's like she just wanted a friend with her. That's sad, but the CNA is not her friend. She's doing a job. Albeit an unnecessary one.

I fucking can't with Jaquie. She's acting like the world's ending. She took up space in the ER in the middle of the night despite not having a medical emergency and not only that, she requires a sterile room for immunosuppressive protocol or whatever it's called.

Judd gets called away on short notice and is probably having to go do some shitty, hard work somewhere in sweaty Florida and live in close quarters with a bunch of other sweaty, unhappy guys. And Jaq has zero sympathy or thought for him, because Judd going away is all about her. Obviously. Because she had a non medical-emergency and needs her emotional support service human/driver/personal verbal-punching bag.

No. 405693

Judd to Paul " call me in 10 min and pretend to be the National Guard calling me to duty..thanks man"

No. 405708

It's absolutely ridiculous that she's got a port and iv saline for pots. I have pots. I went through months of not being able to eat or drink enough. Doctors don't care. If you're an adult, you can find ways to look after yourself. They're not going to jump to the most extreme thing. I get by on 2 litres of fluid a day. AND I live in a hot/ humid place. There's no reason to have a port and saline for pots. Just keep healthy and active, eat and drink and get on with your life. No one needs to see your drip hanging out of your chest.

Sage for blogging and rage

No. 405738


I understand why people want their service dogs with them in hospital, I just feel bad for whoever has to lie on that bed next after someone has had their fucking DOG on it. Also kek, a vogmask for "immunodeficiency" (no vogmask efficacy chat plz) but her dog lying on top of her tube site….

No. 405748

Top kek.

No. 405805

Little miss entitled attention whore went too long without a crisis, poor baby. She had to go to the er because she can’t go without her asapats. It must be nice to have the time, energy, and cash to er shop for someone to take your fake problem seriously. Because feeding tubes don’t kink like she claims, the biggest problem is if it pulls out of your intestines and coils up in your stomach. And that causes severe pain and vomiting, which if you’re vlogging and IGing is not happening. Her type of buh-tun is specifically designed to not coil up, which I’m sure is a factor in its ridiculous cost. But who cares if insurance and daddy dearest are paying? You can throw yourself a pity party every day, complete with all those good munchie party favors like an unnecessary custom wheelchair, an equally unnecessary port, and a just as unnecessary feeding tube. My guess is next she’ll either go for separate g and j tubes, or try to jump right into the ultimate spoonie goal of TPN.

No. 405821

To be perfectly honest anon, I did not believe this, so I started to look into it. Then I found out that you were right, but THEN I found other information that contradicted that.

While I was doing that, I found some very interesting information. I will try and piece that together. It will take time though, and as I actually have more important things to do as well, might take a few days before I can post it. I promise though that it's worth it.

No. 405823

Kek at "emotional support human".

What I don't get though.. she is acting as if she has some major health crisis. You'd think that someone who has had some actual major things happen to them, such as several potentially life-threatening allergic reactions in one DAY, wouldn't be phased by some minor problem with her tube.

No. 405828

File: 1508403817178.jpg (169.85 KB, 788x1166, 06pfe28.jpg)

Always good to know her followers are standing by to give suggestions on what to do.

"Maybe you can get another tube, one that also requires placement by a doctor so you won't starve in the next two days?"

"Maybe get TPN for the next days, just in case"

But Jaquie is handling this already, her IV fluids and banana bags will save her

No. 405829


This is Jaq's second tube kinked. And they can see she's not underweight. Wouldn't it be funny if they decided to remove it without replacing it? We can dream. Girl's just wasting resources at this point, especially because she doesn't even run it at her goal rate.

No. 405830

File: 1508403894132.jpg (182.45 KB, 1603x821, n53gAcw.jpg)

Oops, posted >>405828
too soon.

No. 405831

File: 1508403952186.jpg (55.07 KB, 1629x366, GNuVoG6.jpg)

Third and last image

No. 405832

The problem is that they don't know that. So her doctors will probably think she is not underweight because of her feeding tube.

Besides, what can we expect from the doctor who not only gave her a permanent feeding tube before they even knew if she would tolerate feeds just because he "didn't want to put her through two placements", but also started her on TPN for ONE WHOLE night just for the heck of it?

No. 405840

OK, I made fun about the first poster in that screencap, but what they say at first actually makes sense: she could feed through the G-tube. Also, someone suggested to her to squirt in the feeds in her J-tube with the small syringe. I know that that is what I would do if I were in her position: I would either try and run feeds trough the stomach (even if that would mean it'd have to be a lower rate). Or I would try to get even a little bit in through the J-port (I know you can't really bolus feed through a J-port, but even if it's only very small portions that would be better than nothing). And maybe I'd do both.

The reason why I have that posters suggestion to close her stoma and create a new one in a different position posted here is *because you do't suggest stuff like that to Jaquie"! She doesn't need suggestions like "maybe ask for TPN, you already have a port so why not" or other shit that's suggested to her. She also doesn't need people to feed into her crazy by saying poor you and telling her how terrible it is that she has a little problem with her feeding tube.

The whole problem with these kind of spoonie accounts is that they need crisis after crisis to keep your viewers entertained. It's like a badly written TV series where every new season tops the crazy of the previous because the writers are out of ideas. If she just went to school or work and posted "I went to school again today, worked hard at my essay" or "going to work now, sorry but I'm not allowed to film there" she would loose viewers and income. So she HAS to do crazy shit and that - frankly - is depressing as heck.

No. 405851

"Dare I say, but we'll have to go to the er". As if it's so hard to break the news she has to go to the er for a non-emergency that could wait until the next day. If tubes don't usually kink why has hers kinked twice? Maybe she went because she thought she'd actually get the tpn when the hospital couldn't fix the tube

No. 405871

Is anyone following Janiece these days? I can't get myself to watch her vlogs anymore. There are interesting bits in it, but it's just buried under too much boring stuff. But if there's a particulary interesting part, I'd be willing to watch (that specific part).

No. 405874


She's a terrible editor and keeps in all kinds of shit that makes her videos long and boring. But even if they were four minutes I don't think I could deal with her monotone sludge and droopy expression. When she rebranded as The Raw Life I tried to get into it, but it's just so monotone and directionless.

No. 405880


She's still "healing" from her gallbladder surgery. She posted a video of her dog picking something up off the ground and claimed she still can't bend over.

No. 405881

File: 1508424872045.jpg (504.8 KB, 1046x896, Screenshot_20171019-095353.jpg)

No. 405900

Jesus Christ it’s not that extreme of a surgery. Sometimes it’s removed in the fucking ER for Christ sakes. It’s supposed to take 1-2 weeks at MOST. This bitch is just milking it for all it’s worth. What does she even have POTS and Narcolepsy? It’s not like she has EDS that would be causing her to take longer to heal. I can even understand Jaquie milking something like that longer with her laundry list of health problems. But Janiece seriously has nothing up her butt.

No. 405902

The only time it's somewhat bearable is when Paul is the voice of the vlog.

No. 405903

I had a coworker who came back to work the very next day after gallbladder surgery. Granted, she was a little nuts but two months is redonk. Janiece will milk every possible day.
Sage for blogfag.

No. 405909

Two months? Nah, it's gotta be two weeks. She just had her stitches out (which she also made into a drama, btw). But I'm glad Paul finally told her not to make a big drama out of her scars and not act like it's a big thing when she has probably three barely visable lines as soon as the redness has dies down.

Meanwhile, Julian is back! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHXKGH3fNmg Haven't finished watching the vlog, but I'm glad to see she didn't just dump him when she felt she didn't need him anymore.

No. 405910

So did I! I had a coworker who had to get it removed in an emergency situation in the ER and was back to work in about 3-4 days. Like fucking chill lmao. She’s just sooo dramatic. Like I do understand she has “health problems” I say tentatively.. but they are nothing that would cause her to be acting this way or to take 2 months to recover. She’s just being a little bitch.

No. 405914


She's setting up for more mast cell issues. She's suddenly "reacting" to tegaderm and explains that stress makes her MCAD symptoms worse…

No. 405922


wow, right after I wondered whatever happened to her allergies/mast cell and someone else wondered what happened to Julian, both are in a video? What a coincidence!

No. 405926

Her video today is titled "What Do I Do Without My Feeding Tube?" well.. continue stuffing your face with unhealthy foods like you have been all along. I swear she's angling for TPN, she wants to be sooper spechul that a tube doesn't work for her when she's capable of eating.

No. 405927

And of course AGAIN someone in the comments suggests "what about TPN for the weekend?" Yeah, why not huh? We can't expect her to eat like she does on the days her tube is working, that'd be crazy!

(Also, friendly suggestion: sage goes in the email field.)

No. 405928

Jaquie said and I quote “I have not been able to eat today….I had a piece of bread. Anyway…” Then she drank half a chocolate, banana and peanut butter fucking smoothie.

No. 405938

Jfc woman, that's CALLED EATING.

No. 405943

humans are capable of going weeks without eating and starving children in Africa can walk for miles across a desert, but Jaquie goes less than a day without eating (other than bread and a huge, calorie-filled smoothie) and doesn't even have the energy to answer comments.

No. 405945

So sad, isn't it?

No. 405948

Yes, I am a bitch eating crackers but I really think Jaquie uses her hands while talking more than a sign language interpreter. It is SO distracting.

No. 405950

I wonder what is like for Julian to appear in her vlogs now that he knows full well that this site exists?

No. 405952

Did you guys see what Jaquie let Harlow do Julian's compression socks today? Harlow yanked them off and then chewed on them. I have two dogs that I love dearly but I would not allow them to do that to my stuff nor would I want to put something back on my body that had been in their mouth. But if they did that to someone else? I would die of embarrassment.
Sage for blog and ragefag.

No. 405963

If Jaquie can tolerate smoothies then why doesn't she have stuff to make them at home? It's one of the easiest things to make. I totally get going out for one occasionally but since this cow can't drive… would she really rather wait around for someone to come home and then ask them to leave again than to whip something up at home in her own blender?

No. 405977


Her mom was buying her smoothie supplies in today’s vlog. Does anyone know how many calories in that smoothie she had? Didn’t catch the name of the place tha she went and I’m not from th US.

No. 405981


Has Julian posted here? What is his story anyway?

No. 405983

he posted before we had a jaq thread and he is one of her innocent victims who didn't want to say too much for obvious reasons. now that we know she reads here or we can very well assume she does. i can understand why he was reluctant. he seemed like a nice person. not ott imo.

No. 405988

There is no way to know for sure what she got because she only told us ingredients not the name. But based on the Smoothie King website it looks like she got the Vegan Super Nutty Grain which has 500 calories for a 20oz.


No. 405992


I've heard her say she gets the Chocolate Elvis at Planet Smoothie, which has anywhere from 300 to 790 calories dep