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No. 409311

Jaquie Blake Beckwith, AKA chronically_jaquie, is one of the general Munchausen's/OTT thread (>>>/snow/387658) Munchie Queens.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronically_jaquie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helper_dog_harlow
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKaX0dQwEUgTafzCZ2yEjUQ

- She has a Patreon for people to pay her to be "sick".
- She appears to have a few genuine illnesses, but overall contradicts herself 99% of the time.
- She has a button tube but shoves crap food into her pie hole most of the day. Claims she cannot tolerate her formula, and has to get a special type, but can eat fried crap.
- She has a service dog (Harlow) who does tasks that she is quite capable of doing (like grabbing a blanket across the room).
- Her service dog does not get worked the way a service dog should.
- She will not respond to messages online (except on her Patreon) because of "safety issues" (though we're pretty sure it's because she wants money to talk to her).
- She will not allow people to send her mail because she is too sick.
- Refers to herself as a "genetic anomaly".
- Claims to have EDS, POTS, narcolepsy, cataplexy, autism, unspecified immune problems, a mutated mitochondria, and too many other things. Surprisingly, Factitious Disorder is not on her list.
- She appears to be copying Mary Fray.

She enjoys deleting comments that call her out, and has an excuse or explanation for everything, something that is found psychologically in pathological liars.

Everyone is tired of her, even her family, and some people in the Munchie thread, so here's a place to talk about her to your heart's content.

No. 409332

So she can give the Hidden Valley Ranch people her P.O. box to get stuff but says “no” to her “fans” guess the HVR folks are germ free??

No. 409335

File: 1508969552951.jpg (5.97 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

i'm trying to deduce how the fuck a bitch with a feeding tube is getting free hidden valley ranch and what the connection here is besides her damn dog bringing her the bottle by accident

No. 409341

That was no accident..there’s a pretty severe jump cut in that video..it was a set up for sure..someone mentioned it on the viral video..as soon as H enters the room there’s a jump cut..if it were a true video of this occurance, why edit??

No. 409345

I don't get how she's gone from 'I don't know much about Mary, I don't watch her videos' to all of a sudden being best buddies.

Also if she's so concerned about infection control why accept a shirt from someone with CF, who, funnily enough carries multiple drug resistant bacteria?!

No. 409346

You are so right about the jump. It's at 3:29.

No. 409354

it was definitely an ad

No. 409357

She likes to say that Harlow just knows to grab the first thing on that shelf in the fridge door. But the Ranch isn't even open. It's not like someone used it and then absentmindedly just tossed it in the fridge. It was all done on purpose.

No. 409358

No. 409367

Oh gosh, you've implied I am wrong. Would you mind telling me what I am incorrect about? You wrote, "Actually you're told not to mess with the balloon, your doctor or nurse can check it."

Since Jaquie's doctor gave her the correct syringe to use for checking balloon and told her to check it every two weeks, I admit, I assume that the doctor wants her to check it, but she should not check it?

Plus, the instructions for the patient to check the balloon are given on page 6 and explained on page 20 of Jaquie's current patient booklet and posted on multiple hospital websites, but you are saying that these instructions are incorrect?

I'm really confused.

No. 409380

Idk what the other meant but I know where I live, when you get a GJ tube switched, you don’t see the tube package at all before it’s put in, ave they never give the instructions or the syringe for the balloon. What I’ve been told is to not do anything with the balloon and call my doctor if there’s a problem because the balloon shouldn’t leak at all. And I’ve never had an issue with the balloon volume. I’ve noticed that the doctor doing the switch does use the handbook when putting in the new tube, so who knows , maybe they did tell her that. Anyways, like it was said before, the balloon holds the tube in, so if you take out the water you’d have to be very very careful which isn’t really jaquie’s style kek.

No. 409383

She has a stye and she had no idea what it was, said she'd never had one before. It's a pretty common type of infection in the eyelash follicle. If her immunity was as bad as she claimed, wouldn't she get them way more often? I don't have immunodeficiency but I do have a poor immune system and I get them at least four or five times a year.

No. 409388

Same with colds and flus. I get sick 4-5 times a year and I don't have immunodeficiency, but I started watching Jaquie about 7 months ago and don't know if she's ever properly been sick in that time. Seems odd.

No. 409400

Yeah, I think getting sick several times a year is pretty average, but yet jaquie’s always pretty healthy (other than all the bs she claims), and she goes out in public a lot.

No. 409411


Yeah she had a cold recently that did turn into a cheat infection but that's literally the first time I've seen her get sick like that.

No. 409417

but again, that could happen to anyone

No. 409422

Yeah, she's claimed that she gets chest/sinus infections multiple times a year (which again, still within a normal experience and doesn't mean you are speshul immunocompromized). But all
we've seen in a year of vlogs is #drumroll…a mild cold.

No. 409429

Someone should get in contact with Dr Phill. He loves people like Jaq. And I bet she'd JUMP at the chance to go on his show, probs thinking she's invited because she's so special.

No. 409433

"This young lady thinks she's just on our show today to talk about her service dog Harlow…what she doesn't know is that she's ALSO taking a lie detector test AND being examined live by a competent medical team!"

No. 409489


I also have never seen her get the illnesses immunocompromised people are prone too like shingles and trush etc

No. 409500



No. 409553

Which is really odd considering the reason she claims she’s taking IVIG is because of her constant battle with getting sick and ease at catching regular illnesses. Someone should call her out on this. Because you guys make a point, I’ve been watching her vlogs since the beginning. I’ve seen them all. And I’ve only seen maybe 2.. times that I can remember she’s been regular person sick, possibly 3 but it’s a stretch.

No. 409554

what was the severity of them?

No. 409566

They were both chest infections just like this one. Everything she gets turns into a chest infection she states because of her intense asthma and immunocrap problems. I don’t find that uncommon, for a cold to turn into a chest infection for patients with asthma personally.

No. 409598

She just got a cough. A fucking cough. She's not Mary.

No. 409603


Didn't she say she was getting IVIG because of her reactions?

No. 409618

Yes, but also because she’s immuno-compromised and gets “sick” a lot. She’s stated this many times. Yet lacks evidence. Which is what we’re discussing. Jaq claims a lot of things and says “oh it’s for this… oh AND this too…” she’s always that type of person who just keeps adding things on and forgetting what she said last. She’s easy to catch in lies if you’ve watched all her vlogs.

No. 409624

For someone who is supposed to be so immuno-compromised, she recovered from her supposed aseptic meningitis after IVIG within 2-3 days and her recent cold turned into a self-diagnosed sinus infection that was better the next day. On another note, after only a few short hours of tube feeds she was strong enough to go out to eat with "Babe" and eat a giant sandwich and drink a carbonated drink, after not being able to to take more than a few bites orally while her tube feeds were on hold. Now that she is back on track nutritionally, she should be stronger and more able, so some other disorder will crop up, because she is prepping for the arrival of the Barbie car wheelchair and needs to appear incapacitated to qualify using it. She has to have a reason to sit at home all day, not go to school or have at least a parttime job, to need drivers, walkers, doctors, and a wheelchair, etc. because she is such a slug. Her only "talent" is cropping or staging videos such as the Harlow/Hidden Valley one. The constant loop/repetition in her videos isn't autism–just her stupidity and poor editing.

No. 409631

For someone who claims to be so autistic that they can't understand certain phrases that are plays on words, etc, Jaquie had no problem understanding the sayings on the Hidden Valley shirts

No. 409634

And she kept trying to make jokes about getting her kink sorted that no one found funny. Yet she kept making them over and over.

No. 409637

Is there a solid explanation for her robotic hand movements and head nodding when she's running her mouth about her health?

No. 409638

She considers 110-120 to be a hear rate spike?! She was probably anxious because of the damn phone call she just had. I have POTS and I highly doubt 110-120 is high enough to make you pass out as that's nowhere near max heart rate.

No. 409643

is she an idiot who thinks she's convincing or does she think we're idiots that will be convinced by all of this? can it be both? she can magically eat a huge sandwich as soon as her TOOBZ was working again and she didn't plan ahead on how to fake that shit any better?

No. 409644

sorry. her FEEDING TOOBZ. i wasn't specific enough. since it could've been an eyeball tube.

No. 409648

I just chalked it up to her “autism”. But did anyone else notice how much she actually does the thumbs up!??? It drives me insane! In the Gettin My New Toob video she does it so many times you could make a drinking game out of it. She even does it when she’s high on the ketamine.

No. 409669

Thumbs up and constant hand movements. I don't think she can string more than two words together without moving her hands. The day she announced her break from vlogging because of muh weaknessss ya'll she said she "just couldn't" anymore and then proceeded to flap around like a large fucking bird for another 8 minutes.

No. 409680

I don't have POTS (or any other disorder related to heart rhythm) and around 120 is what I consider a spike. It's a tad uncomfortable, but that's all. Definitely not a sign you have sooper severe POTS. And you feel it; you don't need a dog to 'alert' you to that. Jeesh.

And girl.. if you need to explain why you need a wheelchair and you need so much time, you probably don't. Do you know what a custom wheelchair is for, Jaquie? It's for people who cannot transfer to a normal chair, or somehow cannit sit in a normal chair so they have to sit in their chair ALL day. If you can sit in a normal chair, you don't need a custom chair. If you still need a chair during day-long outings, you can either rent one or get a manual chair for incidental use. There's some really good chairs in that category. You are skipping two categories ahead of what you actually need (if you actually need one at all, that is).

No. 409702

Oh yeah she is totally building up to that wheelchair justification today. Direct quote - "Even though I am taking all my medicines and doing my infusions and doing my physical therapy and pots safe exercises mostly everyday, I am still fainting. I am still getting heart rate spikes just sitting on the floor I am still not able to walk very far without passing out"

No. 409703

I sincerely doubt that. She’s had no bumps or bruises, and you know she’d show that shit off. Plus, pots treatment is really good at stopping fainting, especially since she’s getting nearly every treatment available. She’s lazy and out of shape, which accounts for the getting tired and maybe even the changes in heart rate, but it’s just not realistic that she’d be passing out that often.

No. 409704

She was totally fine without her tube, and could have eaten, but then there’d be the risk that her doctor would take it away. She’s too good of an actress to have true autism, and she’s not smart enough to have Aspergers. She’s just dumb, immature, and socially awkward.

No. 409706

She’s smart enough to memorize enough medical material to fill a textbook and recite it by heart, mimic it, manipulate doctors, hospitals, nurses, her family, and an entire fan base. I’d go out on a whim here an say she’s pretty smart. In one sense of the term intelligent. There’s many ways someone can or can’t be smart. Common sense? No. She lacks it… often. I also know she’s extemely intelligent school work wise. I have met Jaquie in the past.
No I’m not giving anything else pertaining to my identity.

No. 409718

RE: the hand movements and thumbs up–maybe she should study trandlating for the deaf–she has a head start on the hand gestures! Also, if she was really advocating for herself, she'd be exercising, drinking water or GatorAde and wearing compression stockings for her POTS. If she were truly dizzy and fainting, you can be sure she would have both cameras tuned to stage it so she could vlog the staged fall/faint. And Harlow alerting her? It looked like she was just coming to her to be petted. Although she's supposedly feeling better, in today's vlog, Jaquie did manage to mention her heat intolerance, migraines, muscle & joint pain, subluxed hip, POTS and dysautonimia. I need a Ketamine shot myself after listening to her rants!

No. 409734

Yeah that’s it, it’s not book smarts she’s lacking in, it’s common sense, like the “street smarts” side of things. Also I think she’s a bit sociopathic, since she rarely has any regard for anyone else and their emotions.

No. 409738

Exactly. You know she lacks common sense, i.e. that time when she literally fucking got down on her knees to move the walker over the bump instead of just lifted it up!!!! Lmao. Or when she said VEELOG instead of VLOG at first. God I could go on. Yeah she’s totally sociopathic. She will push anyone and anything out of her way to get what she wants. She has no regard honestly.

No. 409804

“Barbie Car wheelchair”. You win the internet today! I love this
Carry on

No. 409809

Hahaaaaaaaaaa! I can’t wait for it’s debut

No. 409828

Instagram live stream today with Janiece. Someone asked if they both have feeding tubes. Janiece's response was "I wish."


No. 409838

What is WRONG with these people????

No. 409850

I watched some of it but it got so boring to me that I stopped. Janiece to me is unbearable. She’s such a fucking bitch just blatantly for one and like a lot of you have said I can’t stand that monotone voice. I didn’t hear that feeding tube part. WTF

No. 409854

It happened right before the first disconnect.

Even if it was a joke, why would ANYONE want to make that joke. It's just ridiculous.

Also, I found it interesting that none of the robotic hand motions that she does in the regular videos were done in the live stream. That could be just because she was holding the phone, but she seemed much more natural in the live stream than in her vlogs.

No. 409859

File: 1509055652912.png (196.54 KB, 313x308, 11.png)

Jaquie has got her pots story all messed up. First of all, heart medications used for pots will only lower the heart rate by about 10bpm. They won't work on anxiety apart from maybe propranolol, which I'm pretty sue she wouldn't be taking. If she's taking additional medications, such as florinef, that would reduce the amount of fainting drastically, especially with her almost continuous IV saline infusions on top of it. Overall, her resting heart rate and heart rate response to posture would be reduced at most around 10-20bpm, which means that if a spike for her is 120, without treatment it might have been around 130-150, which is considered very average for people with pots, not dangerous at all and certainly on its own would probably not cause somebody to faint. (People can exercise happily at much higher rates and not faint). Also, people with pots for the most will faint less while they are walking or moving because of the fact that blood is circulating "moving" around the body. Soldiers faint because of standing for long periods without moving and blood pools in their legs. It's the same concept with pots. So if her heart rate while walking is let's say 140 or maybe even 145 like what she shoes in the photo, I still would not say that would be enough to cause anybody to faint. And if she had blood pressure involvement, I am pretty sure a blood pressure machine with a cuff would be making an appearance in her vlogs quite often as one of her "tools" in the toolbox. Afterall, they're pretty cheap at around $45-80 and can be picked up at any pharmacy. If she does have one, I assume there would be a reason she doesn't show it often, i.e. unremarkable findings.

Sage for medfagging

No. 409868

If she will post a fake video of h getting the dressing..why wouldn’t she jump up and down for a few minutes then grab the pulse ox and “record” a high for proof she does need the chair ..it has been a minute since she’s sat in a store..I foresee it coming

No. 409873

Also, because the barbie car is coming soon, I wanted to say that the wheelchair "might" be justified if she was leading an active life that she needed to maintain but couldn't. For example, if she was going to college or university BY HERSELF and needed to get around a large campus, perhaps she might consider the need for one. However, her intentions are around the wrong way and I can see her using the wheelchair as an excuse to be and appear more disabled, rather than to use her "tool" to get out and achieve big things that she couldn't do without it but TRIED. Let alone the fact that it will make her issues worse by deconditioning. Having said that, - I am not white knighting her - I know that people with similar findings/ heart rates as her are not complaining and just doing what they need to do as adults and certainly not "fainting" every time they feel slightly faint.

If she was leading an active lifestyle - going to work or college and getting out by herself and being independent - which I am sure she is perfectly capable of - her body would get stronger over time and she would be more capable of coping with these "spikes", which are actually part of normal every day life for people with pots and really not super special at all. She even has continuous saline which would be giving her a massive head start in life above all other pots patients. It would be so nice to see Jaquie talk some sense and truth for once.

If she jumped up and down, she would get those "highs". There's no way to tell if she's getting true heart rate jumps without her giving us a continuous video without jump cuts. And even if she did have true spikes, how would we know she didn't drink coffee or dehydrate herself? And even if she didn't do those things and still got a reading of 140, it still wouldn't justify a chair, and certainly doesn't justify a chair for her lifestyle.

No. 409938

Lol someone asked what her favourite candy was and she said she doesn't eat candy because she can't eat much so she wants to eat nutritional food. Obviously! Like the chocolate milk she has for breakfast every day! Not a dairy free fruit smoothie, but chocolate milk. Or Oreo cereal! Not something with less sugar or more fibre, obviously! Or restaurant mashed potatoes filled with cream and butter, not home made. Or a giant cheesy creamy chicken sandwhoch, or raw cucumber, or fried chicken and shrimp! Or creamy rich pasta! Or MENCHIES

No. 409939

She eats all that but she is still full of shit!

No. 409965

She is such a lying cow. She HAS to have turtle candy on her Menchies - even made the attendant go get some from the back - but doesn't have a favorite candy because muh nutrishun.

No. 409987

what comes out of her mouth is about as much garbage as she puts in it

No. 410158

Also, don't forget: she is most likely is taking modafinil for her narcolepsy, which could increase heart rate.

I know for a fact that she took it less than a year ago, as she had a label on her pill dose for both zofran and provigil.

No. 410253

Guys the Barbie wheelchair is here. Not saying a word just go watch the video.

No. 410255

I did. Speechless.

No. 410261

She made the poor guy film her play with it in the parking lot… He was so nice, wonder if he had any suspicions of her munchiness? Seems like someone who fits wheelchairs would be pretty knowledgeable.

No. 410264

Still would love to know how the FUCK she got that wheelchair. I have EDS and POTS, fall 5 times a day, have broken my wrist catching myself from falling (don't do that) and my doctor said I need to push myself to walk for as long as I can…and this bitch is just handed a barbie pink wheelchair.

Sage for rage blogging

No. 410268

Who the F measured her for that chair? The guy keeps saying it "fits her like a glove", but it doesn't. It's terrible. It is too wide for her, the seat isn't deep enough and even without shoes on the footrest is too high in relation to the seat/or the seat too low. And she can't even make the proper movement to propell herself because the backrest is in the way.

If you're an insurance company going to approve a chair for someone that - with the power assist wheels included - costs around 10.000 dollar, the least you can do is get the measurements right. (That is one of the many reason why you DON'T go for a custom chair for a first time user unless there is a very good reason for it, because a newbie wheelchair user CANNOT know what kind of position is right for them so they very likely end up not liking something about it and you can't change it because it is a rigid frame wheelchair. So you get someone a chair that is ADJUSTABLE which also is a whole lot cheaper.

Of course she doesn't need a custom chair in the first place, but this is even MORE of a waste. They even got her a fucking roho cushion, which is for people who get pressure sores. And Jaquie sits on the FLOOR all the time. That cushion alone is almost 500 dollars, while she would have been fine with a foam one of $100. AND a special backrest. Even most people who sit in their chair all day don't get one of those unless they absolutely cannot manage with the normal backrest that comes with the chair.

What world does she even live in? Really: ALL the normal rules just don't apply to her. HOW?

No. 410269

Smh..that wheelchair is nicer than my car

No. 410271

>Smh..that wheelchair is nicer than my car
Probably more expensive, too.

No. 410275

I have an actual SCI and my wheelchair isn’t even that nice my insurance made me start with a quickie for my first chair. And I had to fight to get the same seat she got and I actually get pressure sores. How the fuck did this bitch get a top of a line chair almost instantly? I’m just so irrationally ragey over this bitch.

No. 410278

That chair has to be 15k. I know my chairs. Unbelievable.

No. 410281

That's what I mean. HOW did she get this approved? In almost no time either. While in the rest of the world, people who are actually disabled are writing appeals for what they clearly need and making due with wheelchairs that are less suited to their needs. And she gets everything at the first try? She doesn't even need her chair in the house, let alone sit in it all day. Heck, she doesn't even need the chair every time they go out of the house. And her chair is nicer than that of most people who are actually wheelchair bound? What the hell, Jaquie?

No. 410282

And if daddy didn't pay then it was paid for by the good ol' taxpayers of the USA.

No. 410285

So Barbie can suddenly use her shoulder/arm muscles despite her Ehlers Danlos–watch how she uses those muscles to propel her Barbie car! Still, she won't be able to get over curbs alone, get it in and out of the apartment due to the step, she doesn't drive and couldn't lift it into the car even if she did, so her claim to new independence is a farce. Shame on the doctor, shame on the insurance company and shame on Jaquie. So many people are truly disabled and can't qualify for such equipment. All of her followers on YT are dropping love and support bombs her way when she should be jailed for fraud! Sickening!

No. 410298

I’m sure Daddy probably paid even tricare isn’t that quick to cover a wheelchair.

No. 410304

Oh, absolutely. Insurance doesn’t cover the very best, especially for someone who can walk. And I know some people with eds can handle wheeling themselves, but for most of us, our wrists, elbows, and shoulders are too unstable, not to mention that not walking causes deconditioning and muscle loss, which makes both pots and eds much worse (which is why any good pots or eds doctor won’t okay one for their patients unless it’s absolutely necessary, which it often isn’t. We just have to rest more often and walk shorter distances, although exercise is by far one of the best treatments for both, even though it’s not super enjoyable).

No. 410309

So how the does wheelchair delivery guy know about Julian? He said, Ti-Lite chair, same as Julian I believe? Isn't that a weird thing for him to say?

No. 410311

I kid you not, the first eight minutes of this video consist of footage of the deliveryman explaining the chair to Jaquie. Makes it pretty easy to go online and manually add up the cost of her custom barbie power wheels (this anon may do so later). She /did/ end up getting the app on the phone that will help control the chair, apparently she can go up to 6-10km/hr? "As fast as someone running," this cow is intolerable. She looks so disgustingly pleased with herself.

Then it's out to the road? She says she's going to get some gloves to help with "grabbing" the wheels to stop, and somehow that will help with the numbness and tingling in her hands she supposedly has.

They do keep saying it's exactly her size, so I appreciate the anon who has insight into proper wheelchair sizing. I would have no idea (and most of her viewers probably don't either).

"If I had done all of this walking, I would have fainted already." uh-huh, sure. Love how she never even tries to fake a fainting episode on camera, though I believe she may have done so at least once in the past.

Towards the end she mentions having returned to massage therapy for the first time in almost a year, does anyone remember this?


No. 410312

She can't even hold the wheel herself, let alone lift the entire chair. HOW is this going to help her be more independent?

No. 410313


I noticed that, too. Jaquie probably blabbed her life story to the poor guy, including about how she had to have a speschel exact barbie copy of her friend Julian's chair. Unless the company has a small number of local delivery workers and the same person might have delivered Julian's chair? imo that comment makes the most sense if Jaquie was telling him her sob story off-camera.

No. 410314


It won't, but she's going to claim it does. Just like her toobz make it so she can magically gorge herself, the wheelchair will cure her with its pink ti-lite phone-controlled barbie powers. (If she gets the app approved, that is. I wonder how secure that bluetooth connection really would be… top kek…)

No. 410315

Judd is going to remote control her into the pond behind their house.

No. 410316


I laughed when I saw how bad the fit of her chair was. Also her armrests are seriously in the way. And I know how hard those little breaks are to use and that if you have EDS you absolutely can't use them because you will dislocate your fingers instantly.

No. 410340

>I’m sure Daddy probably paid even tricare isn’t that quick to cover a wheelchair.
See, I don't think so. I've said it before, but her lies tend to be more spins of the truth or lies of omission, not blatant lies. I don't think she would lie so obviously online, as her family would know what really happened and find out the truth. And if she was just going to lie about everything, she wouldn't have shopped around as much to find a doctor that would give her a shiny new diagnosis or 'tool in the toolbox'. She just would've faked it all. She didn't, that means she is a little more sophisticated (or, some might argue: more sick - psychologically) than some of the obvious munchausen by internet cows on here. She somehow is always able to lie to us by first lying to a doctor so she can sort-of tell the truth to the people around her.

And we've established before that somehow her world just works differently. I'm not sure how, I think she just knows exactly HOW to present herself to doctors and insurance to get what she wants. Also remember, she isn't shy to find another doctor if one doesn't give her what she wants. And if you somehow find a doctor who - for whatever reason - thinks good medicine is getting the most expensive toys for his or her patients and that doctor is trying really hard.. you might get this. Also: she got only a partial coverage, so her dad may very well have paid for the more expensive and unnecesary stuff. (E.g. Jaq said: "I need a really good cushion because I've read that people with EDS are prone to pressure sores and I'm skinny so don't have much meat to sit on.." and daddy asked the nice man of the company what his best cushion was and made sure he understood that money wasn't an issue. And she got the more expensive parts on her chair that way.)

No. 410341

That's what I assumed as well.

No. 410347

I think every anon here that's actually disabled is feeling some type of rage about Jaq's new barbie car

No. 410348

Definitely! My car is worth about $3,000 on a good day ?

No. 410353

Yeah. And I hate it. I hate that I am jealous of f@cking Jaquie. Her chair is better than mine and I actually need one because I cannot walk.
Seeing her drooling all over her barbie car chair, her "I want to see the pink" while she doesn't even know how to properly use one (but why would she? It's not that she needs one and therefore has actual experience witl loaners or rentals) and does nothing for her independence because she never even leaves the house without a babysitter, her making that poor man film her while she is not propelling right in such an expensive chair that she doesn't even know is NOT fitted to her body right (again, why would she?) is truly disgusting. It's a new low, even by Jaquie-standards.

No. 410359

Oh. MY. GAWD. The delivery guy says "these are neoprene guards to prevent your skin from getting irritated" (mind you they are purple) and she actually says "haha what I want to take those off to see the pink?" the look he gives her is great. Munchie fucking cow from hell. It's around 5:25 or so.

No. 410360


I'm jealous too, which makes me feel disgusted. My doctors want to try PT and strengthening exercises before putting me in a wheelchair… she went through none of that.

The sooner these medical professionals wake up and realize that they're hurting her instead of helping her, the better.

It's funny how she boasts about not having any mental illnesses. Chronic illness and mental illness go hand-in-hand. Hell, they're even doing research into the correlation between EDS and anxiety because so many EDS patients have anxiety.

No. 410362

There are tons of upgrades on that wheelchair that aren’t covered by the insurance. The purple accents above the wheels and just under the seat (not neoprene sleeves) are cosmetic and would never be covered by any insurance. They only run you $150 out of pockets on top of whatever else she upgraded and her percentage. How the hell does she afford all this crap? The wheel chair, new camera, roomba (who spends $900 on a vacuum?) computer, redecorating, raw meals for Harlow etc. Judd can’t make that much especially as a newbie at the sheriffs station. My family lives on a single family income and I have my own chronic illnesses/diseases but we have to sacrifice and ONLY get the necessities even dsu medical needs as I’m sure many chronic illness patients and families have had to do many times before. This chick jus infuriated me and gets everything at the snap of her fingers while people with real illnesses and real disabilities have to fight for months even years sometimes just to get the bare minimum.

No. 410365

YT money, Patreon money and Daddy.

No. 410366

Judd is going to remote control her into the pond behind their house.


No. 410375

I can’t wait to see Judd’s reaction to the chair..she’ll explain everything 12 times then make him take it outside..all the while he’s thinking “man this is heavy and we gotta cart this thing everywhere!!”?

No. 410376

She says there is an app for the chair that the FDA has taken off the market because the developer didn't code it correctly but Jaquie says they are working on getting her the app - ESPECIALLY for her (screw everyone else) because they chose the chair specifically because of the app and her insurance APPROVED it ya'll. So to hell with the litle ol' FDA.

No. 410377

Well it seems that lately, Judd is staring to realize how weirdly excited she gets over certain stuff so I really wonder what he will think when he sees her reaction to the chair. In this video it seems like what excites her most is the color.

I was hoping she would film his reaction to it, but alas. But she'll probably make him tell "the people" what he thinks of the chair anyway in tomorrows vid (unless there is more medical drama first). So I really hope he'll realize that this is not just "Jaquie being Jaquie" or that is due to her autism, but that there is really something weird going on if someone is actually drooling over the color of their wheelchair.

No. 410378

Did you notice she took them off pretty much as soon as they guy left?

No. 410382

And you know what? Those things don't come with the chair. So either her daddy, her loyal patreons or her insurance paid EXTRA for it. You know, because she has EDS and gets bruises a lot (that we haven't ever seen, even on Harlow's account where she was in shorts a lot, but hey) or because her legs are always so sore or.. whatever. And the first thing she asks is "what if I can take them off because I want to see the pink". That's Jaquie for you, guys.

No. 410390

Something that has NEVER made sense to me is that if she’s as disabled as she says she is why they don’t look for a one story apt…it makes no sense

No. 410396

Seriously. #actuallyEDSfag here - we are looking to buy our first house and single story is a MUST. It would be so easy for them to find something 1 story to rent.

No. 410399

She claims that her medical issues weren't that bad when they chose the townhouse and they like their complex but the wait for a single story unit is a year. They supposedly hope to be in their own home by then so they didn't wait list.

No. 410400

No need to move–next toy for Jaquie's Barbie medical warehouse can be a pink stairlift. Only $2,000 plus installation.

No. 410401

She actually looked into that but the structure of the townhome isn't strong enough or something. I can't remember her exact reasoning.

No. 410426


Then maybe since she is suddenly disabled and wheelchair bound, they can put the Serta Adjustable Bed in the living room. Isn't that next on her shopping list? Darn it, now she will have to make another trip to the doctor for a script for Tricare to qualify the mattress. Hmmm…wonder if the mattress comes in pink.

No. 410447

Can you imagine what it must have been like for the wheelchair delivery guy? I can just hear him back at the depot - guys I delivered a $15,000 custom chair to some chick who climbs stairs to go to bed every night and only cared about seeing the pink. Face palm…

No. 410453

I love you.

No. 410457

Thanks anon, I try.

No. 410466

Love how she also managed to include that the massage therapist couldn't believe how many muscle spasms she has and how tense her muscles are. Yeah, Jac, that's why most people get a damn massage. But we all know she's got it worse than anyone else on the planet.

No. 410499

At least she's paying for it… I would be even further enraged if bitch was getting free massages.

I assume the reason insurance won't pay is that she's not getting massage from say, a licensed physical therapist, and is instead getting them from a generally trained masseuse who comes to her home because she didn't need Babe to drive her to the appointment . Will check next week with a massage therapist friend who works at a rehab facility to see if she has any insight.

No. 410502

We haven't seen the CNA in a while. Wonder if she caught on and quit.

No. 410537

The CNA drove her to an appointment last week. I think it was the second ER she went to for the feeding tube incident

No. 410565

He seems like a professional guy, so he might not have talked to his colleagues, but I'd bet he went home to his family and talked about her

No. 410569

Maybe the chair doesn't fit right because it isn't actually custom? Could she have found one and had the power assisted wheels put on?

No. 410572

that's plausible but the frame looks pretty new. I wonder if they've given her some growing room though

No. 410586

I have nothing to say about her chair because to be honest I don't want to waste time of my life on her and her wheelchair today.

But I am sorry for you guys posting here who actually need chairs and have to see this. It must be intolerable.

No. 410590

File: 1509150558385.png (332.6 KB, 1213x993, 2017-10-27 19.23.44.png)

I couldn't resist sharing this gem from the comments on one of Jac's IG posts.

Yeah, gurl, you're a genius….

Sage for off topic

No. 410592

i thought her "wah I have to stop vlogging I'm sooooo sick from my kinky toob and sudden inability to cram shit in my face" video was the worst but today pipped it to the post.

Her main fucking concerns were seeing the Barbie pink and getting round fucking Disney. Sure Jaq, people truly losing/lost their mobility give a fuck about how to get round a theme park first of all.

I wonder how Julian feels right now.

No. 410613

Except you showed up here anyway so there's that.

No. 410634

Guy was saying it wasn't waterproof. Jaq: BUT WHAT ABOUT DISNEY IF IT STARTS RAINING?" "well you'll just have to find a dry spot" "can I still go if I change off the power assist wheels?" "Well yeah but… Then you won't be able to propel yourself" you could tell he wanted to say "if you care more about going to fucking Disney in the fucking rain than you do about using your power assist wheels why in the fuck do you need them?"

For real though… This video is the fucking cherry on top. I feel so, so bad for everyone watching who actually needs a wheelchair, whether or not they can't get one, can't get the right one.. to anyone who just needs a wheelchair, this video was very very insulting. Incredibly so. She's so fucking insensitive. Once again she's showing that she doesn't give a flying fuck about what other people might be going through, she's just over the moon about her Barbie car and salivating over all the new pity points she'll be getting in it.

Just hold onto the fact that she'll soon realise that this isn't the Barbie car of her dreams and she'll hopefully feel like a moron. She can't lift it, or drive, or get in/out of her house, or get up curbs, or open doors, or even hold a wheel by itself. Sooner or later she's gonna realise she can't justify her need for this chair.

No. 410644

He probably feels like absolute shit because he’s the one who helped her with this chair process, let her sit in his chair, thought he was being a kind friend, and then Jaq swoops in and then gets a better chair than him that she clearly doesn’t fucking need. When I remember in that video and on the thread he was in commenting he mentioned having a progressive nerve disease.

No. 410647

>make my disney trip as convenient for me as possible, i have a facade to keep up!

No. 410652

Maybe the dog will get an actual walk now..Judd could put her out on the curb in the morning and she could power assist the dog around the block a few times

No. 410662

No silly willy she can’t go outside it’s too HOT and she has HEAT INTOLERANCE!!!! :)

No. 410663

But if she goes 10km an hour it’d be like a fan blowing on her ?

No. 410664

I found it distressing that she was so hung up on the color of the chair. If she truelly needed it would she really care if it was pink, purple, magenta? It’s a medical device and if it does it’s job who cares what it looks like.

No. 410676

Right. She doesn’t care about the function other than how little effort she puts out, and that it’s pink. KIDS barely get excited about having a colored wheelchair, because they actually need them and know it sucks. It’s horrifying and insulting to wheelchair users.
First story is definitely a must for EDS, even if you’re someone who can walk reasonably far on flat ground. And you don’t go from being fine with stairs one year to wheelchair-bound the next. Eds doesn’t work like that, and neither does pots. Jaquie had no health problems growing up, yet suddenly she’s totally disabled. Even people diagnosed with Eds as adults had issues growing up with different symptoms, just no one connected those.

No. 410677

If you can survive Disney and do so regularly, you can get a damn job instead of mooching off everyone else. Except she’s a lazy sociopath who doesn’t mind taking money from people for a fake reason.

No. 410681

Honestly, the reason most chairs come in white, black and natural metal with tiny coloured accents, is because adults generally don't want a fluorescent chair that fucking EVERYBODY notices, you want plain so it blends in and it's less noticeable, I'd die of embarrassment if my chair was that fluro coloured. The whole vlog was disgusting to an actual wheelchair user.

No. 410689

Even Janiece, who I can't stand, was smart enough to say that if she got a chair she would get black because it's not supposed to stand out like an accessory. Jaquie wants Janiece to get lime green.

No. 410690

File: 1509160274006.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4598.PNG)

Harlow has this look like, seriously?

No. 410692

Janice is annoying as shit but as you said she doesn't use medical things as accessories, for example to her, her service dog is just that, a service dog, Harlow is a fluoro pink "LOOK AT ME, LOOK HOW SICK I AM" sign though, poor doggo.

No. 410693

"Seriously, you're taking yourself on a "walk" and not me?!"

No. 410698

No. 410704

She can't go outside because of her heat intolerance, but suddenly she can go out in her wheelchair with thick wooly slippers and black leggings. And in the last vlog she was outside with the chair guy wearing the same leggings, slippers and a long sleeve shirt.

No. 410709

First, a chair will not help any of those things long-term, if she actually has any of the illnesses she claims (maybe the pots, but not as severe as she says, but definitely not EDS or any mast cell disease, and very obviously not GP, as we’ve all discussed). But a wheelchair is just going to make any problems worse, because she’s going to be losing even more muscle and gaining more weight as she becomes more and more sedentary.
Second, wtf is up with all the posing?? It’s just a toy to her, a very expensive toy for someone who begs for money on the internet. If she really needed a chair, she’d be satisfied with any wheelchair, regardless of color. Also, that’s not a comfortable or even possible pose for the majority of EDS people, since shoulders are pretty widely affected.
And lastly, she can’t go outside or be around people because of her illnesses, but she’s going to Disney this weekend. Where I’m sure she’ll show off her toys and whine and demand to go to the front of the line, with plenty of breaks for her to stuff her face with cutesy Disney junk food.

No. 410712

Oh but it only got up to 70 in Florida today and that's a freezing cold front. Eye roll. To hear Jaquie and Janiece go on about it you'd think they had woke up at the North Pole this morning.

No. 410713

But anything higher jaquie can’t tolerate…I’d love to see these bitches, especially jaquie, be forced to pay for their own shit and then have to haul it around themselves. Try to actually be sick and have to carry around a feeding tube pump at work plus other supplies, and you have to work because you need the insurance and income just to survive. Yet they complain about every little tiny hint of a problem. I’d like slap both of them across their pudgy faces.

No. 410721


She wasn't "handed" anything. She got daddy to buy it for her. I'll eat my own damn wheelchair if any clinician actually approved of this.

No. 410724


Also, custom colours cost extra (not sure how much on this specific chair). For my electric wheelchair it would have been over $600 just for a few accents, not the entire frame. And because I'm not ridiculous, I didn't opt for that. Because actual disabled people care about the function of their mobility aids, not the fucking colour.

No. 410725


I hope this bites her in the ass at Disney. When I went this year, now a wheelchair user (unlike last time I went 10 years ago), I wasn't allowed on certain rides for safety reasons even though I could leave my wheelchair to board.

Though I suspect she only likes Disneyworld because she can show her toobz off in front of her impressed public.

No. 410726


She's supposed to be self-propelling to a degree (the electronic wheels do help, but you still need strength to activate them). So they won't help any joint pain in her arms (which she's never complained about) or fatigue. This is why half the EDS folk I know who use wheelchairs have powerchairs.

No. 410730

an anodized colour package was at least $100 with ti-lite, a coloured frame is usually part of the standard costs though, either way, if daddy is funding the whole thing, why not spend hundreds of dollars to make sure it's pink?

No. 410731

So jaquie has way too much fatigue to walk or propel herself or even fetch her own blanket, but she’s going to DISNEYWORLD??? I literally cannot think of a more exhausting place. Chronic illness isn’t a free pass to have fun without any responsibilities, but jaquie seems to have missed that memo.

No. 410734

Not to mention that many rides there would absolutely not be recommended for someone with EDS and such “severe” pots

No. 410741

it's very clear she just likes the look of these wheelchairs, otherwise she would have gone with a tilt in space chair like most pots patients would care about if they needed a chair to help them go to work and do adult things - not just to go to Disney. I hope that most people with pots have enough sense that a wheelchair is probably the worst thing you can do for yourself though

No. 410748

Exactly. It’s not even a good idea for eds, as the less you use your muscles, the weaker they get, and muscles hold your joints together better than anything else.

No. 410759


It's not unheard of to use a powerchair for EDS but also do lots of physio to prevent muscles from weakening, while also avoiding risk of injury from trauma.

No. 410765

The fact that the delivery guy said you cannot use the wheels when it rains made me very suspicious. That is not true at all. A lot of the power assist wheels come from western Europe and it fucking rains all the time.

No. 410767


I might ask my friend who has them about this.

I know powerchairs tend not to be waterproof (well, the control panels) but that's why wheelchair ponchos and covers specifically for the controls exist.

No. 410775

Wouldn't someone who has such "severe" issues with dizziness and fainting, plus all her other super speshul issues, want to avoid spending all day outside at a theme park? Not to mention the rides which could be nauseating for a typical person, let alone someone with her supposed issues?

No. 410780


You'd think, anon. You'd think.

No. 410790

Reminds me of a kid who plays sick to get out of school, but still wants to go to the birthday party. Nope, if you're too sick to go get the mail from the mailbox Jaquie, Disney shouldnt even be in your thought process. How about setting some useful goals like driving, going to the grocery store alone, or I don't know….getting the fucking mail! But, I suppose Disney does let her compete for Ms. Spoonie Warrior 2017 on a much bigger stage. Make-a-wish kids move over, there's a new inspiration wheeling through downtown Disney.

Geeez, she makes my cold dark heart rage with disgust.

No. 410829

In yesterday’s vlog, I noticed that she put on her vog mask to trial the wheelchair. I found that really odd. Why did she suddenly need it outside?

No. 410833

I thought that was odd too..no one around, why does she need it outside?? Why does she need it at all?? Keep your mouth closed, don’t touch your face, wash your hands and stay a safe distance from coughing people

No. 410837

Guys are you new????? She ALWAYS wears the freaking Vogmask outside. I’m not kidding anytime this girl touches outside air the mask goes on lol. Go watch any of her previous vlogs and that’s how it is. Because of her SOOPEERR severe immunodeficiency and mast cell ohhh nooooooo.

No. 410855

But will take it off in restaurants to eat food prepared by God only knows who. She is such a cluster.

No. 410858

What does Janiece's service dog do for her?

Re J's wheelchair: I would have been devastated if I couldn't lift one of the wheels because that would mean I couldn't use the chair by myself outside the house.

How long can Jaquie propel her own chair given that she doesn't do aerobic exercise (that we know of) and her arms are going to have to work to keep her moving (power-assist wheels or not)?

No. 410860

She originally got the dog for narcolepsy related issues. She claims to be disabled by narcolepsy. Alerting to cataplexy attacks, light mobility (at first now he’s more than that because she’s SOOPEr impaired), and stuff like this. Is that enough to need a dog…? Idk but yeah.

No. 410861

Get out your debit cards, kids. Janiece's Patreon page is live.

No. 410862

Are you fucking kidding me??? The audacity of these cows is mind boggling.

No. 410863

Thanks…Idk either about the need.

No. 410869

That's the problem with the US system: there are no rules as to who can have a service dog and what level of disability you need to have to be able to get one. Anyone can get a dog and as long it's well behaved and you can tell people it is task trained, (which can be almost anything, you don't even need a diagnosis so you can just say you have a bad back so you can't bend down) you're good to go.

In most countries, there is an application process where either a doctor or an OT assesses if you qualify. In some cases you only qualify if a service dog is the only option for you (so if you'd say you are dizzy and want to use the dog for counterbalance, you won't qualify because you can also use a cane for that) or you'll have to proof that having a service dog will decrease the (other) costs for care, e.g. you don't need as many hours of home health because the dog can alert and/or help you to undress thus eliminating the need for a carer to come by in the evening. Or you need less pain meds because the dog does certain task that would increase your pain, etc.

But in the US, anyone who has some sort of illness or limitation and likes dogs can start training their dog so they can take it with them anywhere and show off their disability. After all, for some reason the 'invisible illness' crowd want nothing more than to make their illness visible and if you don't use a walking aid or wheelchair, a dog with a vest seems the best thing to do just that. And even if you're in a wheelchair, a dog makes you more special, of course. I mean, in a way I really admire people who are able to train their dogs so well; I'm sure I couldn't do it. But I think it's really a problem if people can just decide for themselves they'd like a service dog and there is no system in place that regulates who qualifies and who doesn't.

No. 410875

I'm currently going through Harlow's account because she started that earlier and I wanted to see how it all began. Her POTS symptoms, specifically. I am definitely starting to get a picture myself, but piecing it all together, making screen caps and posting it here.. it's a LOT of work.

I should make a Patreon and make you fags pay for it. With different levels so you get more and more background information as you pay more. I could make a lot of money off of it. I mean, if you guys were actually as gullible as the patreons of J&J. And if I didn't have any pride. Then it could really work.

I was going to agree with the anon who said that she would never make much money that way, and then I remembered that people are already buying shit for her dogs from her Amazon wishlist. So while it is true that she is clearly leeching off of her association with Jaquie, it is also kind of working. At least to some degree. Sigh.

No. 410877

Gods bless you anon, may you be awarded for your milking.

No. 410880


I have had the twion wheels and you are definitely allowed to use them in the rain lmao

No. 410882


Personally I can't lift my powerwheels either but I don't need to so it's fine. (My house and public transport are wheelchair accessible so I don't need to lift my chair).

But she won't even be able to get the chair out of her own home, which says enough about the amount of freedom she'll gain from this: zero.

No. 410885


It sounds like Jaquie is egging on Janiece (e.g. wants her to get the sooper speschul green wheelchair, now the patreon.)

No. 410886

I can't imagine what it must be like for Paul and Judd to sit back and watch their wives turn into such a shit show.

No. 410896

Wow. Janiece has an $80 level. Jaquie only has a $50 level. I wonder if Jaquie will add a new tier?

No. 410903

Good grief. What do you get at that level? Special permission to sent more gifts?

No. 410908


Personalized outline of a raw diet for your pet
1 weekly email for progress reports & updates
2 monthly Skype sessions
All previous rewards!

No. 410910

What actually qualifies her to give out advice for pets, diet or otherwise? And what happens if a pet gets seriously sick from her recommendations? What is the recourse? Is she even prepared for that?

No. 410915

These are her Patreon goals you guys:
Goal #1! When we reach this goal, I will be able to purchase a subscription to Audioblocks so my videos can have more variety in music. They offer a large data base of royalty free music, which will surely enhance my channel!
Goal #2! With this goal met, we can purchase our new camera! We are looking at the Canon G7x Mark ii. It is has high definition video and crystal clear photos, a perfect combo for vlogs and raw diet videos!
Goal #3! With this goal met, we can purchase a laptop. Due to my muscular problems, editing videos at my desktop is very painful. Right now I am borrowing my mother's laptop, but I need my own. When I do not have to share I will be able to do more editing, more videos and better Skype sessions!

So she now wants to buy the same camera Jaquie has because they must be twinkies in All The Things. This whole thing is bullshit but at least she is being honest about what the money is going towards. Unlike Jaquie who claims it's going to accessibility when really she is likely just spending it on herself.

No. 410922

Erm.. OK. That is the first time I hear her mention muscular problems. And I actually watched her far too long "chronic illness Janiece and Orion edition" part one AND two. So.. does anyone know what she is refering to?

Also, a laptop is far less ergonomical versus a desktop that is set up correctly. I can imagine someone with muscular problems wanting a laptop to make notes at work or school because writing is difficult, and you can use it lying down to watch videos or read online (but not editing or doing a lot of typing, that is a horrible position to use a laptop in if you have any problems with your joints or muscles) so.. WHY?

No. 410928

Jaquie admits that her Patreons are paying her medical bills.
Goal #3! Reaching this amount per month would alleviate a great deal of stress associated with medical bills. With your help, I would finally begin to make a positive impact on my family's financial stability and that would mean so much to me. Also, less focus on medical bills means more attention on my vlogs, videos and connecting with y'all!

No. 410930

Kek she's using that patreon money for more than medical bills (hello awful redecorating )

No. 410936

Needs money from strangers on the internet for medical bills. Goes out and gets a custom wheelchair with all the expensive and unnecessary upgrades.

No. 410939

She is making a boatload on her Patreon. She has 212 Patrons. All of her $50 subscriptions are sold out. So even being conservative at limiting that to 5 patrons, that's $250 per month. If the other 207 are only giving $5 (again being conservative) that is an additional $1035 per month. And you know her Patrons (suckers) are likely kicking more than that. So conservatively she is making $1285 per month off Patreon plus anything she may be getting from YT.

No. 410951

File: 1509212965133.png (79.95 KB, 1048x442, Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.49…)

Not to mention the ad money. Check out her social blade rankings

No. 410957

I am speachless. I had NO idea..

(And I've said this before, but please people, use an adblocker if you want to watch her videos. See it as your duty to humanity. Please)

No. 410958


And her Patreon was supposedly to get closed captions for her videos? Pfft. I bet an itemized list of how she spends this money is absurd. People say daddy paid for her wheelchair, but it looks like her ad revenue and patreon goonies did the work for her.

No. 410972

Her new vlog is up, someone go watch it. It’s too loud where I am and I can’t, but from what I can see she’s pushing waaaay too fast for Harlow to keep up, and has already almost ran into a wall, and part way through the video Judd is already pushing. So much for independence! Lmao.

No. 410975

Maybe I cannot fault her for this because the wheel is new (she's still an idiot anyway) but she packed her inflater for the cushion but the guy basically told her she will almost never need it. Also, knowing what you all have shared about the special seat, even if it deflated she would be fine because she isn't wheelchair bound and doesn't get pressure sores.

Jaquie and Janiece both ordered the exact same thing for dinner as well. Jacquie comments that she "must try" Paul's food, which is really weird in my opinion. Jaquie sat in the wheelchair for all of dinner which also strikes me as odd and attention grabbing but I don't have much educated input on that. They also need to raise the handles on the chair so Judd can more easily push her in this independence-granting wheelchair.

No. 410979

Supposedly Judd sat in her chair last night. How is that even possible? The difference between their body sizes is considerable. I thought this was supposed to be custom built for Jaquie?

No. 410980

She admits she can't lift the damn thing with the power assist wheels.It's 50 lbs with the power assist wheels and 20 lbs without. She also says she can't break it down because it would mostly be done in the heat and that makes her faint. She MUST have the power assist wheels guyz… she simply can not propel without it. I totally predict her next toy will be a lift gate for her SUV.

No. 410993

File: 1509217124218.png (120.25 KB, 1334x750, IMG_4600.PNG)

And this is what Ms I'll Starve Without Muh Toooobz ordered for dinner at Disney

No. 410995

I remember Judd saying that he was excited about the chair because he would be able to walk by her rather than having to walk behind her (to push), which I thought was really sweet. But, (and wheelchair users chime in), I believe propelling a wheelchair, even one with power-assist wheels, takes endurance and arm strength. I'm sure her arms were aching after a few minutes.

No. 410997

She admitted to being sore and needing more muscle strength in her arms and shoulders and neck at the end of the vlog. I really don't know how that makes sense with her soooper severe EDS though. There are so many conflicting things about Jaquie.

No. 410998

Jesus I sure hope her doctor has no idea what she’s eating, since a toddler could see that her stomach is fine

No. 410999

It’s not too hard, she doesn’t have eds or GP, and if she actually has pots, it’s not even close to being as severe as she claims

No. 411000

Judd’s not a husband anymore, he’s a health aide slash videographer

No. 411001

She keeps going on and on about the wheelchair app that the FDA has taken off the market. My insurance approved it!! I NEED it! I am just going to talk to my ATP about it. The FDA is bigger than your insurance company, honey. And there are people out there who truly DO need it that can't get it. Oh wait, this is Jaquie Land. Rules don't apply.

No. 411004

She’s taking self-centeredness to completely new levels

No. 411006

>Maybe I cannot fault her for this because the wheel is new (she's still an idiot anyway) but she packed her inflater for the cushion but the guy basically told her she will almost never need it. Also, knowing what you all have shared about the special seat, even if it deflated she would be fine because she isn't wheelchair bound and doesn't get pressure sores.
I have basically the same cushion, have had it for at least 6 years and I have NEVER packed the pump not even if I was away for over a week. I pretty sure I didn't even bring it to the rehabilitation hospital were I was for almost six months. So yeah, it's stupid to pack it, it's just taking up space.
I'm not sure if she would be 'fine' if it would deflate though: she would sit so much lower that the proportions would be even less fitting.

Talking of which.. her posture in that chair is horrible. Her back, her legs and even the way she moves her arms is just so wrong. I'd have to look at it better but it first sight I'd say it's mostly the fact that it is way too wide for her and the backrest is either too high to properly self-propel, or it's just too wide at the top so she can't move her shoulders too well. But it seems like she also has to lift up her arms far too much to be able to make the push movement, so I think she is sitting too low between the wheels OR the wheels are too far back. The movement she has to make with her arms to push forward is SO much more than you're supposed to. Power assist aside, good wheelchair use starts with a proper fit and IMO she would actually be much better off with a chair that is far cheaper but actually is measured right. A chair that fits right is easier to push forward without power assist than the wrong chair is with it.

Besides all that, it is pretty clear that she has ZERO experience with pushing a wheelchair. That's not a bad thing in and of itself, but it is a REALLY bad idea to 1. have your first 'try' with your chair in such a crowded environment and 2. not have a 'feel' for your chair, how you move it, how it balances etc. before you try on the power support. That's just common sense. Which she doesn't have, of course.

Also: NOW she finds out she can't lift it herself? That's literally the first thing almost all of us (that know a little bit about chairs) have said on here. Duh. I could go on and on, but there is SO much that she should've thought of before starting this whole insulting shitshow. Like how the push handles have to be adjustable to Judds height. She wanted to be an OT, right? Why didn't she consult with one before starting this? Or do her own homework? She would've known everything I just said if she would've done a little bit of research. But of course she was too busy focusing on the PINK. Idiot. Never before have I been so angry at her.

No. 411009

Just wondering.. would someone with sooper severe POTS be able to sit still with their legs down for an extended period of time?

Of course: she could've gotten a chair with adjustable leg rests so she could raise her legs, but those don't look as cute. She could even have one with either an adjustable backrest (so she could lie down a bit) or one that tilts. But those are also not cute: they are larger and most of the time they don't come in different colours.

No. 411010

File: 1509219676912.png (128.18 KB, 1248x442, Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 2.40…)

A Dell Inspiron, really? Yikes.

No. 411011

As laptops go, they aren't that expensive. I am surprised she isn't going for a MacBook. I mean they do make them in pink after all.

No. 411017

Does anyone know how that app works for the Twion? She says it has cruise control, does that mean a similar system to the Smart Drive? And how do you stop it? With your phone again? I don't understand it.

No. 411019

Is it possible that the durable medical company knew the chair was going to be too large, so they "upgraded" the cushion without mentioning it so that she sits higher in the chair and the fit appears to be closer to what she needs?

Jaquie seemed surprised at the cushion. And she didn't go back and tell us about why she picked that cushion.

I didn't realize a wheelchair with $5K wheels would simply be delivered to the house without a PT or OT being present to check the chair's fit and give a lesson.

No. 411020

Does anyone know what the app is called? I want to see what the FDA has released about it.

No. 411021

Is it possible that the durable medical company knew the chair was going to be too large, so they "upgraded" the cushion without mentioning it so that she sits higher in the chair and the fit appears to be closer to what she needs?
If they did, that failed miserable. But I don't think that's the case. First of all foam cushions are available in all sizes so it would be quite possible to give her a foam cushion that would be even higher. Plus it looks like this is the lower version of the Roho Quattro, so it doesn't even raise her that much.

No. 411024

Dunno, but the system is called Twion, by Alber. The app would probably be called Twion app or something like that.

No. 411025

Thanks for the reply. I don't know about wheelchair sizing (obviously), but to me, her legs look uncomfortable and what you said about the sizing makes sense.

No. 411026

As for POTS in that type of wheelchair the only way you’d be able to do it is with some really good compression stockings. Other than that… no with the blood pooling like she claims. SO she’s a liar, as per usual.

No. 411036

Yeah, I struggle to even sit in a computer chair for long amounts of time with pots. It gets very uncomfortable and eventually you'll need to recline. Being in that position in that chair would be very uncomfortable

No. 411039


I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she ends up with one. They'll go to look at the Dell, and walk out with a pink MacBook.

No. 411045

Of course she will, who cares if the Mac starts at nearly a thousand dollars more than a dell? It’s pink. It must be nice to always get whatever you want.

No. 411051


Also Janiece is currently using a Mac, they have to do everything alike.

No. 411148

Get the Ketamine and Toradol ready STAT, Doctor! Ms. Resickulous is going to have reoccurring neck and shoulder pain–you know, because of muh Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. At least maybe Babe will get her out of the house now, since she is in love with her new toy but can only drive it up and down the hall of the apartment when she is home alone. And good news for the REAL handicapped customers at Walmart who can use the motorized cart.
Can anyone tell me why she would need the cruise control feature? I am stumped by that one. Cruising from the front door to the patio slider?
I wonder if her Patreons will buy her a wheelchair accessible van, because if she gets much more equipment there might not be room
for PupPupin the car she can't even drive. But first, dear Patreons, can you buy me a Barbie Macbook? Because I like to upgrade each tool and did I mention that I like the color pink? I would also like you to buy me a gastric suction machine so I can suck out the floating-in-oil linguine, shrimp & mussels from the G port of my buh-in–I will try to make do if you can't get one in pink. And I will need a massage package too because muh muscles are really tight and sore from finally using my arms for more than holding a selfie stick and Babe and I can't work the deluxe massage package into our budget. Also, I would sleep a lot better if you could pay for a Serta Adjustible bed, because I am tired from finally using a muscle and oh, yeah, did I mention I have Narcolepsy so I don't get restful sleep? Babe would sleep better too because he has to bend over to push my Barbie car.
As for Paul & Babe watching the shit show, I am sure they are tickled PINK over a little extra YT & IG income from their stay-at-home-think-only-about-myself-dumbshittery-wives (Clairfication: Jaquie is also a thumbshittery wife–kek!) But seriously, if either guy had a set, would they be walking thru Disney videoing their sad-ass wives?

No. 411203


Janiece announces that she needs a new computer(preferably a laptop), and suddenly Jaq needs one too?

No. 411209

Yep. They copy one another on everything that’s the name of the munchie game.

No. 411240

Top kek.

No. 411242

File: 1509246541443.jpeg (160.73 KB, 640x1136, 562E26A4-7B1A-42B3-BD83-15F89D…)

Well, that means continuous blood sugar monitoring soon for jaquie. At least her doctor would finally get to see that she’s not starving to death kek

No. 411267

Omg. Really!? Damn.
Did not know I could make that much money vlogging about nothing.

No. 411276

A wheelchair, with or without adjustable leg rests, is the worst thing you can do for POTs, anybody with pots and a legit need for a wheelchair is either going to be wearing compression stockings and (if possible) moving their legs around a lot, or experiencing a lot of blood pooling and symptoms, and after sitting still for so long, the POTs will be hellish when standing to get out of the chair. None of Jacique's 'reason's for getting this chair are legit reasons, all of these things will be made worse by using the wheelchair. What an idiot.

No. 411277


I didn't have an OT assess my fit in the chair, but the guy who delivered it had been fitting for and selling wheelchairs for years and was able to see how I sat in it and make last minute adjustments where necessary. I'm guessing that didn't happen here…. (also it's a little different as I don't have to self propel my chair).

No. 411279


Jaq has literally no need for continuous glucose monitoring. She's not diabetic (Mary Frey is), and doesn't have hypoglycaemic attacks that she's told us about (and if she did, we'd definitely know about them….)

No. 411283

I would literally hate to spend a week let alone a day in a wheelchair and see how bad my pots is afterwards

No. 411286


Mine stays okay, because a) compression stockings and b) tilt in space function on my wheelchair. But this isn't what Jaquie was concerned about. IT'S PINK, GUYS!

No. 411291

But jaquie seems to try to get everything Mary has, so I think it’s definitely a possibility. She’s not diabetic, but I can totally see her complaining about “muh serious hyperglycemia”, which she could easily induce by not eating for a day

No. 411297


Absolutely. It doesn't matter if she has absolutely zero necessity for something. She'll doctor shop until she finds one who will give her what she wants.

No. 411298


Well I'd be thoroughly impressed if a doctor took that seriously. Hypoglycaemia doesn't require continuous monitoring because it isn't "silent" like high blood sugar can be - you definitely notice when it's dangerously low!

No. 411312

Let’s not forget that jaquie has a service dog that alerts her to when her heart rate is up and warns her when she’s going to pass out from standing up

No. 411316


That's nothing. Wait until she trains Harlow to be able to get in the car and pull the 50 pound wheelchair in and out with one of her tug ropes. Or when she can bring her a cereal box, spoon, milk, and a napkin. If she made use of a bedpan she would literally sit on that couch watching Netflix or messing around on her computer.

No. 411317


sit on the couch (all day* watching Netflix or messing around on her computer.

No. 411318

I don't know why Jaquie needed Harlow to alert her to a high-ish pulse, and the whole thing was staged anyway. But you
would be able to feel your heart rate through your chest.

No. 411342

The Disney vlog was so cringey. First thing she does when she gets in there is nearly run straight into a huge monument. She goes rolling straight at it far too fast, but instead of slowing down/stopping/turning away from it, she pushes forward again causing her power assist to send her hurtling straight towards it. Judd yells at her to stop. And she grabs the wheels and stops inches away from it.

She also nearly ran over Harlow a few times. And innocent people.

Worst of all, she nearly ran into a fucking stroller with a toddler in it. The mom looked pissed.

She's a damn moron. Zero common sense. She doesn't know how to use the chair properly and she just goes straight to disney to speed around the place.

Meanwhile she wants the app so she can go 10km p/h on cruise control. Yeah, that's gonna end well. Can't wait for the "crashed my wheelchair and broke all my bones" vlog.

No. 411343

I realise this might be different for everyone, but wouldn't Jaq's super life-altering autism and sensory processing disorder cause her to get overwhelmed at Disney? There's people and noises and lights and events/shops/rides/games literally everywhere, and the place is huge.

No. 411346

This is funny you mention because in previous vlogs and photos on Instagram she used to wear headphones every time she went to Disney but now that her sooper severe mobility impairment is the main issue her sensory impairment has seemed to taper off lol.

No. 411352

No no, for about a year she went there at LEAST once a week (more often twice or more) to train Harlow let him get used to the noice. Only AFTER that she wears her headphones there once or twice because "theme parks are especially challenging" and then they dissappear again.

(I am the idiot who took it on herself to dig around in both her public accounts to try to pinpoint how and where it all started.)

No. 411356

Then how tf do you still not know harlow is a GIRL. Every time you post you call Harlow a he…sage for idk but HARLOW IS FEMALE. And it's noise* not noice.

No. 411357


Yes but she can only have a few bites or whatever bullshit….
even a few bites would be hideous for someone with GP severe enough for a tube but hey, she’s too airheaded to realise

No. 411359

In some cases it might help: if your POTS isn't that severe and the chair is only for special occasions. I know someone who is bound to an electric chair because of severe dysautonomic issues incl pots, and the whole idea with that chair is to keep her feet elevated at all times, so she doesn't pass out as easy.

Generelly i do not think jaquie have severe pots, i doubt she even has pots tbh.

No. 411361

O wow, didn't notice that. I know she is a female, but somehow did call her a him. Don't know why, but thanks for pointing it out. Will have to pay more attention from now on.

No. 411363

Apologies for bitching at you it's really early in the am and coffee hasn't been had yet!

No. 411366

Lol, I don't mind. You were right, so hey.
Pointing out typo's is pushing it a bit, so I decided to ignore that one. Besides, English is not my first language so it's easy to misspell sometimes.

Enjoy your coffee!

No. 411381

I thought one of the big reasons she had to train Harlow to do all these wheelchair-related tasks (like the useless "giving my wallet to a cashier when my hands/arms function" task) was because she couldn't life her arms above her head? Yet in this latest disney vlog, she constantly lifts her arms high above her head in this stupid victory pose. Like, multiple times.

No. 411390


It'll be SEVERE HYPOGLYCEMIA causing CRAZY WHEELCHAIR ACCIDENT!! kek or "I fainted in my chair and it smashed a toddler at Disney"

No. 411391


"..cheese and chocolate, which I looove, but if I eat anything now I won't be able to stomach the few bites I'll be able to manage at dinner," or whatever bs, then Judd has to suppress laughing at said bs.

No. 411392

Not much sign of the POTS or sensory processing disorder in this post.

No. 411394

I would really like to know what that scoff meant.. You'd think that if she really never ate more than a few bites that wouldn't be something he would laugh at?

No, apparently it's because sometimes her hands go numb or she cannot use her hands because she has a cataplexy attack. Because if that happens, you don't just wait until it passes, but you have to tell your dog to give your wallet to some lady you don't know. Not to mention that cataplexy is usually avoidable, because it comes on with strong emotions. Except for startling maybe, but I for one never have strong emotions while paying for my groceries. Not to mention the fact that she never goes anywhere alone.

No. 411395

She also did the victory arms several times the day she received the chair too.

No. 411396

Right. I'm sure her shoulders are super unstable.

No. 411397

Oh but she will though after she is released to drive and gets a wheelchair lift for the chair bc muh independence y'all. You know that damn lift is the next thing she will prattle on about. I can't lift the chair bc of muh Ehlos Danlers syndrome and muh joints and I can't take the chair apart in the heat bc of muh sooper severe heat intolerance so I muhhhst have a lift installed y'all. Repeated endlessly until she finds the next thing to obsess about.

No. 411399

I find that video really interesting because it was only last year and nothing has even happened to her mobility wise for her to be acting this way needing a crazy Barbie wheelchair. It’s insane to look at how she bends down, how mobile she is, how she moves with ease. It’s like she acts as if she has some type of progressive condition to where she changes dramatically month by month but it makes no sense. And the whole clear to drive thing? She’s the only one holding herself back from driving! She doesn’t have any impairments that would inhibit her from driving. She hasn’t had seizures in 2-3 years and she doesn’t pass out frequently per what we see on her videos/instagram. So why can’t she drive.. a fucking feeding tube? It makes no sense!

No. 411419

I decided to Google the side effects of some of her meds on a whim.

We know for a fact that she has been using Zofran (on as needed basis, for her CVS), Provigil and Xyrem for a very long time. Plus an anticonvulsant that they talked about stopping but I'm not sure if they did. Meds for POTS and some other stuff was only added last year or even more recent.

If I stick to just the more common side effects that are relevant to Jaquie, we get:

-Modafinil (Provigil): headache, decreased apetite, dizziness, palpitations, tachycardia, nausea, paresthesia and vision problems.
-Xyrem: dizziness, nausea, headache, decreased apetite, loss of balance, paresthesia, vertigo, vision problems, vomiting, rashes, muscle cramps, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, falls
-Zofran: headache, flushing, aritmia, hypotension

And of course, almost all anticonvulsants can cause dizziness, balance problems, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

Slightly less common side effects of almost all of those meds can also be muscle cramping and weakness. If you start looking at the less common side effects, you get even more mention of hypotension, nausea, rashes etc. Modafinil even has neck pain specifically mentioned. It can also cause increased muscle tone, which for Jaquie seems to be at least partially to blame for her neck pains and headache, maybe even migraines.

Makes me wonder.

No. 411441

Today, she says "The power assist wheels not being water proof is something I'll have to talk to my ATP about". If they're not waterproof, they're not waterproof. What does she think can be done about it? She mentions covers for it but doesn't to violate her warranty.

She does clarify in today's vlog that she does not share the bed with Janiece at night and Paul doesn't get kicked out of his bed when they visit.

No. 411449

This girl-child needs to ask her ATP to replace the batteries in her bullshit meter b/c she can't keep her facts and symptoms straight in her excessive excitement over her Barbie car. She forgot that she can't eat (churro, seafood pasta), forgot that she can't bend and lift (lifting wheelchair herself into the car), forgot that she can't lift her arms overhead let alone spin the wheels on her wheelchair due to EDS, forgot to pass out walking into/out of the Haunted Mansion ride, etc.
Her symptoms are usually present only when she is bored–which is most of the time b/c she has no other interests other than illness and medical equipment and accessories and tests and appointments and service humans and service dog. She's made it very clear that she only wants the diagnoses and toys, b/c she certainly doesn't follow prescribed treatments, such as the compression stockings, exercise program, diet recommendations, etc.

Tomorrow she will be back to being a shut-in and symptoms will predictably flare. Who knows if she is even taking the above meds–there is no accountability on the internet. She is raking in media money for being a professional patient, avoiding adult responsibility and is totally unaware of her own ignorance. She is probably even causing self injury with all of these pseudo illnesses and procedures and will be emotionally injured when the real people in her life bail on her b/c they eventually will get sick of her self-centered manipulation of each relationship.

As for her twin Janiece–different person, same bullshit.

No. 411457

All that and something else I noticed,

Someone with sooopper severe imbalance and mobility impairments would NOT be able to do those moving walk ways at Disney! I live California and frequent Disneyland and have visited Disney World and I know for a fact that they will stop the moving walk ways for disabled people who need them to board the rides, you can even roll the wheelchair up to (most) rides and transfer or choose to walk on the stooped walkway. I know this because I’m in a chair. I could never walk on those for Christ sake. You’d think it’d be a person with mobility impairments worst nightmare, but she sure looks like she’s doing fine, walking away from her wheelchair waving it good bye.

Sage for blogging a lil but it was pretty relevant I believe

No. 411458

So.. she cannot lift her walker over a very low doggie gate without resorting to the most difficult positions ever, but she can lift a heavier chair a lot higher? That's.. wow. I don't know what to say.

No. 411463

Just the fact that she filmed herself easily lifting that 20lb fairly awkward load (the chair) disproves soooo many of her claims.

No. 411473

I’m curious, did anyone who watched her video notice if they got to go to the front of the line for rides?

No. 411490

The Disney disability access pass doesn't work like that anymore due to people abusing the system by a) renting a wheelchair without need of one to bypass the line or b) rich families hiring a disabled person to be a "tour guide" and get them front of line access.

Now, the disability access pass just allows you extra FastPass uses and occasionally allows you to schedule a "return time" equivalent to the current line wait. That can be especially useful if the line is in the hot sun and you have heat intolerance.

Source : self, a (very) part time chair user who rented one for a Disney honeymoon last year. YMMV and disability access rules may have changed since my visit.

No. 411494

Janiece doesn't have cataplexy though. She mentions it in her "Chronic Illnesses" vlog.

No. 411495

Kek yeah I only heard of people in wheelchairs going to the front because my dad and his friends did that back in the day (and none were wheelchair users). So totally understandable why they changed the policy. Especially with all the non disabled/ or not ill people who are just lazy here in the us

No. 411496

I was talking about Jaquie. In reaction to the post that questioned if the idea of training Harlow for wheelchair tasks wasn't that she couldn't lift her arms above her head.

No. 411497

Janiece only has four Patrons so far. Kek

No. 411500

Oh, sorry. I guess I misunderstood!

I'm still trying to figure out why Janiece "needs" a wheelchair (even though everyone knows she's only using one because she wants to be like Jaquie).

No. 411506

You can schedule a return time to a ride anytime that you want you just can not schedule 2 or more at a time. I go to Disney about once a week. This is for both Cali and FL. What I am referring to is boarding the rides, if you are unable to walk on the moving walkway because of imbalance issues the castmembers are more than happy to actually stop the moving walkway so that you can safely get to the cart without falling. This is why rides “stop a lot” sometimes and dumbasses complain, it’s because wheelchair users are boarding, not cause the ride is broken. Or you can roll your chair up to the cart. I’m not talking about skipping the line.

Sage for irrelevance but I’m defending my Disney knowledge cause I’m a Disney goer!

No. 411507

Why would someone with cataplexy (Jaquie) want or even be able to go into the Haunted Mansion? Isn't the whole point to get scared and shocked and wouldn't that bring on a cataplexy attack? Yet she WALKS through it with no issues at all. I would also think that would exacerbate (one of her favorite words) her sensory processing disorder with the all the sound effects and screaming, lights flickering etc. But what do I know?

No. 411509

Well, you're not the only one still trying to figure that out. She said somewhere that people are going to say she doesn't need the chair anymore, but she still has POTS and she still has narcolepsy.

But that doesn't asnwer the question, of course.

No. 411510

She claims to use one for her very debilitating POTS and her gallbladder even though it was removed lol. But she’s taking her oHhhhhhhh so sweet time recovering from the surgery ;)

No. 411534

have you been on haunted mansion? there is no screaming. small children go on this ride. i'm not wk. i hate her but haunted mansion is a seated ride (except for the long ass line) and the only real problem with it would actually be at the end when the seats go backward up a ramp and you're kind of in a suddenly reclined position. as for what i said about the long ass line. if she was truly disabled she would've been given a disability access pass and time to come back and would not under any circumstances have to walk through the line. but disney is tough as nails with giving those out. they grill you and you have to fill out a form when you arrive. otherwise you're getting on line with The Normals.

No. 411537

I second you anon. I was the anon who replied about going to Disney once a week and is also disabled. Haunted mansion is mundane compared to actual scary things. It’s not anything that would make an adult actually scared, it’s not loud, there’s no flashy lights.

No. 411538

it's actually a really fun experience and the cast members are really accommodating when you come back at your access time (they wheeled my chair right to a doom buggie from the stretchy elevator) and there was a cast member with my chair at the exit when my doom buggie parked. someone i was with who has heart problems had an issue with the sudden reclining of the buggie at the end. that was our only issue but they managed fine. of course miss muh supa severe chronic illnesses would find a way to have a medical emergency in front of disney staff…

No. 411548

She munchied her way into a port in her chest and a tube in her belly. Plus the whole wheelchair thing. I don't think she'll have any difficulty convincing the employees at Disney that she is disabled.

No. 411549

They are very accommodating! They will do anything to help, and if she goes that frequently she’d know that. That’s exactly why I said if she was really as disabled as she claimed there’s no way her ass would be walking on that moving walkway unassisted! When barely weeks ago she couldn’t even “walk” unassisted on non-moving ground in her own home without a fucking walker. She is bonkers.

No. 411553

Never been, have zero desire to go to Disney. I erroneously presumed it was like a haunted house. By bad.
Sage for ignorance.

No. 411573

Jaquie responded to a comment on her 10/27 vlog: "But honestly I have been doing PT regularly for over a year with no massive improvement in EDS symptoms". ("honestly" being the key word here—why weren't her PT sessions in any of her vlogs? And how did she get to those appointments? Would she EVER miss an opportunity to video any appointment?)

Another response to a comment: "Our next car is an Explorer".
No limits financially? Thank you Daddy. Thank you Patreons.

No. 411585

Well two things are possible,

Sometimes doctors offices/ therapy doesn’t allow you to film them or in there at all.

Or she didn’t actually go! Both are very possible.

Not wking just stating facts.

No. 411590

For a while she mentioned a physical therapist that came to the apartment. She never filmed during the sessions but she mentioned them. It's been a reallllly long time since she has said anything about PT.
She doesn't actually film any of her appointments but we definitely get copious details and she films the drive to and from. I seriously doubt she wouldn't mention PT if she was actually still getting it. That's just not our Jaq.

No. 411592

Was the stumbling and "tiredness" after lifting the chair put on?

No. 411594

Probably not. She's so deconditioned that probably did wear her out. But there's no way her shoulder, joint, neck issues are that severe if she can lift the chair and put it in the truck.

No. 411597

I have a musculoskeletal disability from birth. Insurance flat out refuses to pay for any sort of physical therapy for me, other than ultrasounds and the occasional "neuromuscular re education" to remind me of the pt exercise I had as a kid, and to do them at home.

If you can physically do something yourself, Medicare and Medicaid will flat out tell you to fuck off and deal with it yourself.

Sage for anecdotal self blogging.(medfagging)

No. 411600

Seriously I know, I can also relate. Yet Wacko-Jaq is out here getting extraordinary unecessary medical treatments somehow covered by insurance??? Unbelievable. So sad and sick.

No. 411601

This is Jaquie we are talking about. 1. Normal rules don't apply in Jaquie Land and 2. If she wanted PT and insurance wouldn't cover it we would absolutely hear about it just like everything else she has wanted and had to fight for. I mean seriously she expects her ATP to come up with a solution to waterproof her power wheels without voiding the warranty as well as overrule the FDA on the app for the wheels. If she wants it and she can't get it you can damn well be sure we would hear about it.

No. 411615

Okay, eds/pots/mcas/gp fag here, and there is no way I could do Disney, even though I am able to work and don’t use a wheelchair. It’s too hot and too busy, not to mention that I can’t do the majority of the rides and try to avoid anywhere really germy (my immune system is fine, but it’s still sucky to get sick on top of a chronic illness). Also, lots of us with eds have a conductive hearing loss, so crowds and loud noises are physically painful. And paying medical bills is expensive, even with good insurance, so why would I waste money on something that’s exhausting and painful? Not to mention that bills always come first, if I have money left then I can do or buy something fun. I don’t spend all my money and then beg for more from random strangers on the internet. Jaquie doesn’t have a problem with any of those things, and in her selfishness probably annoyed a bunch of people there. Although I do find it hilarious she nearly ran over a toddler.(medfagging)

No. 411619

Yeah yeah we get what you’re saying but MANY people with disabilities/chronic illnesses go to Disney. If you have actually gone you see many (legitimate) service dogs, people in wheelchairs, masks, severely disabled children in electric wheelchairs that can not even speak, make a wishes everywhere, I could go on. I personally do not think it’s too odd she goes. She has lived in FL for a long time, and so do I. Disney is something people who live here generally just do. Except for some of course. While not everyone with these issues could handle it, some can. So it’s not to say just cause you can’t not EVERYONE with those issues can’t. Kind of eh.. idk. Hope I’m making my point. Not trying to step on toes just observing what I have seen. My source is also being a disabled person attending Disney world. I’d say it’s a matter of preference. I’d also like to point out, not trying to WK but she goes at night/evening time. So the temperature difference is significant.

No. 411623

Sage this shit, blogfag.

No. 411624

So you’re telling me to sage but not the person I’m replying to who ranted about their illnesses/disabilities lol ok

SAGE FOR MY RANT SORRY(learn 2 sage)

No. 411643

another edsfag here my hearing is extremely sensitive but i've never heard of hearing LOSS being common for us. just being overly sensitive to sounds. which would make our hearing "better" wouldn't it? sage for complete irrelevance

No. 411648

Isn't it a sad day when this girl can make us feel like flame throwing at each other? Maybe the frustration with her is that she seems dishonest, without integrity, and seems very entitled when it comes to getting medical equipment and treatments when other handicapped people can't qualify. It is difficult to understand or trust her motives. We look at Jaquie and Janiece like rubbernecking as we drive past a car accident–hard to look away. Each of us can stand by our own beliefs/truths. Just be happy you are not Jaquie, or related to her in any way.

No. 411660

It can happen, because EDS can affect the tiny ligaments that hold the three inner ear bones together. If those ligaments don’t work properly, the bones move too much, which cause pain, tinnitus, and mild to moderate hearing loss, as well as severe loss in very rare cases.

No. 411662

The other one’s saged, yours is not.

No. 411663

The hearing loss is very common actually. Due to your joints being hypermobile (even in the inner ear) it can make it hard for the sound waves to conduct appropriately. So a lot of EDSers use hearing aids.

No. 411664

And we all agreed that some slight blogging is okay for the sake of comparison. It’s only possible to see what a shit show jaquie’s lies are in comparison to the actual diseases.

No. 411705


I'd love to see Jaquie try and explain how she can give instructions to the dog while in the middle of a cataplexy attack…

No. 411710


I could do the moving walkways with a friend on either side of me holding on for balance. I'm guessing she was just fine though. Who looks after Harlow when she goes on the rides??

No. 411716

I agree. Speaking for myself, I don't hate Jaquie or wish anything bad for her. She does make me mad, though, because I can see through a lot of the things she says and does. And a lot of people can too. She knows what she's doing and I assume that's why she doesn't address this thread publically. I would, if I was in her position and people were saying stuff that was not true about me. This thread makes valid points though and reassures people who used to believe and feel sorry for her that they are not alone, and they are not terrible people for not trusting her any more.

We know she's not telling the whole truth to herself, doctors, friends, family and viewers. We also know that she does have genuine conditions (we don't know which ones or how many) which don't need to be blown out of proportion and don't require extreme treatments and expensive medical equipment that she has let her whole life be engulfed by.

No. 411717

Disney has crates for service dogs on the rides that they are not allowed to ride like roller coasters, but as far as rides like the Haunted Mansion the dogs can just ride those because they aren’t fast moving or dangerous. Harlow lays at her feet.

No. 411719

I would maybe feel bad for her if she had even an ounce of thought or compassion towards anyone else, but she’s rude to her friends and family and doesn’t care how her lies and manipulating affect them. Her only goal is to get what she wants, and screw anyone she has to wheel over to get it. She’s gone way past the point where her behavior is innocent.

No. 411733

I’m thinking she’s going to call the wheelchair guy tomorrow and demand he make it not rain on days she’s out and about in her pink chair!!!

No. 411734

They even mention this, in that she doesn't seem to notice/care that other folks have to eat. Janiece seems mildly annoyed with it in today's vlog with the Chipotle thing. Yet everybody around her is likely to be expected to remember every single thing she needs done specially.

No. 411738

Just want to point out the irony of a dependapotamus nicknaming her dog "hippo"…

She's not fat like they usually are, but if she wasn't purging through that tube she probably would be with all the crap she eats.

No. 411748


OK, thanks. I've only been to Disneyland Paris since being a wheelchair user (Euro-based anon) and we're far less liberal with service dogs for any disability here except sight loss.

No. 411759


What happened in the Chipotle vlog? (Sorry, I just can't stand to watch them/add to her viewer count).

No. 411809

Kek even with the purging through the tube she’s gaining weight. And obviously she eats. Her problem is that she honestly does not care about anyone except herself. Even the poor dog is there just to do jaquie’s bidding.

No. 411843

Embed dat shiz please!

No. 411908

Are you not capable of going to YT yourself?

No. 411911

We are trying to avoid giving this bitch money…

No. 411914

I was wondering about that. Do embedded videos count for views and/or ad revenue? I found a website that said it might or might not, depending on how it is embedded. Can anyone tell if views from lolcow would count?


No. 411928

Quick question for medfags and/or people with feeding tubes: we often see Jaquie flush her tube with a 30 ml syringe. She just pushes the plunger down like it's nothing, and then does it again. That's 60ml in a very short time. I think she even used a 60ml syringe at some point. She says she can feel it, but it doesn't hurt.
But if do that, I get very nauseous and it feels just 'icky'. I use 20ml and have to push it slowly. I'm not sure if that is because my intestines are very sensitive, or because hers are not. I do know that in one of the information leaflets I got it says that you're supposed to use 30ml for a G-tube, and 20 for the J.

So my question is: is it "normal" to be able to just push that amount of water in your J-tube and not be bothered by it?

(Sorry to blog, I don't know how I could ask this question without telling about my own experience.)

No. 411929

I've noticed that too and found that a bit odd. I use a 60ml syringe (that's what I'm provided with) but I can only slowly push in 10ml then pause for at least 30 second then another 10ml and so on. Anything more than 60ml is uncomfortable and makes me feel a bit weird, especially with meds!

No. 411933

File: 1509375474361.jpg (65.71 KB, 1172x766, 9d81GwN.jpg)

So her feeds are at 45 now. Turns out she actually may have told the truth when she said that in her post-IVIG vlog she had temporarily lowered her feed rate because she wasn't feeling well. But still, IF she is running her feeds 23 hours a day (which is pretty generous, but if she only turns it off to get dressed and to hang a new bag it's possible, though it's more likely she showers without it and then it'd be more like 22 hours a day. Or LESS of course, if she sometimes stops it for a few hours when no one is looking?) then she is getting about 1500 calories from it. And that is to GAIN the weight she lost when she was without feeds, remember?

Told you guys she was going to slip again, didn't I?

And come on: 45 is too high to be able to condense it to be able to go to day feeds only? That's nuts.

No. 411937

O. Come. On. THAT's what you are eating? Erm.. OK?

Jaq has an allergic reaction in a restaurant today. Unless I am mistaken, they mostly happen when they are out, don't they?

It was only when she treated her allergies with IV benadryl and the camera turned back to the table I realised that she was there with both her father and her aunt (and Judd). And I can't help but wonder: doesn't the feeding tube give you enough attention anymore? I loved how her aunt was just scrolling through her phone while her niece was injecting meds through her port during lunch at a restaurant. She clearly wasn't worried, and her dad didn't seem phased by it either.

(btw: notice in the mirror at what angle she manages to hold her camera around the 30 second mark?)

No. 411939

File: 1509376352827.jpg (338.48 KB, 2736x1824, DZushnC.jpg)

Apparently I cannot embed a video and a picture. I meant to attach this one about what she was eating.

No. 411950

She mostly has reactions when in public–notice how she looks around the restaurant to see if people are noticing her pushing drugs thru her port? As if they wouldn't be looking just because her whipped husband is filming it? Shocking that she isn't in her Barbie car in the restaurant! Maybe her MINOR reaction was from touching the dogs raw meat with bare hands. By the way, did you notice that Janiece has her pulse oximeter around her neck–for her own emergencies? Great GP dish Jaquie ordered but of course she only took a few bites, right?

No. 411953

And now Jaquie is trying to get her fans to be Patrons for Janiece. I can not stand these two.

No. 411956

Paul and Judd hug and hang on each other more than Judd hugs Jaquie. Just saying. To me, that is weird. But maybe it's just me. (they are all over each other in today's vlog)

No. 411958

Still no wedding ring on Judd, either the "dress up" ring or the "work ring"

No. 411966

I have to space anything over 10 ml out by 5ml per minute to avoid pain. I get cramps and nausea if I push it in faster (j tubes aren't supposed to have large amounts forced through them quickly) If I pushed as much as she does all at once I'd be doubled over. But then again everyone is different so maybe some people wouldn't have a problem with that.(Blog)

No. 411972

Of course she is eating another meal drenched in cream sauce. But MUH TOOOBZ Y'ALL.

No. 412014

No. 412038


Here's the website jac got her wheelchair from, good luck finding out the exact price, but it's a good place to start.

No. 412046


I thought she couldn't raise he arms above her head kek

No. 412049

I already did the math. I mentioned on here when she first got it, $15,000 at least. I’ve had many wheelchairs over the years and working with ATP’s you get to see how much those upgrades cost as you “build your wheelchair”. So I’m pretty sure of this number estimation.

No. 412051

What about hers makes it cost so much? I know someone with a full power tilt in space chair and theirs wasn't near that much.

No. 412052

Mainly the power assist, that's $5000-6000. I'm not sure of the 15000 the other anon mentioned, but it's easily over 10.000.

No. 412055

I don't think she ever said that. In fact I'm pretty sure she didn't. It's just because she was training Harlow to give her wallet to the cashier that some of us said how useless that is unless you can't lift your arms that high. But Jaquie says it's because of cataplexy or pins and needles in her hands that she can't always get her own money out of it.

No. 412061

Because just a general chair from TiLite is about $6-7,000… with the colors. And then you add the power assist like anon said which is $5,000 so we’re already at $12,000 and then all the upgrades she got like the seat, accent colors, adjustable handlebars, extra wheels, hard-back seat cover (more expensive)… and it’s going to be another $3,000. Things with wheelchairs add up. Think of her wheelchair as the Ferrari of chairs. She has ALL the add-ons. Each one of them being anywhere from $100-500 maybe more each upgrade. Starting at already an expensive base price.

No. 412065

Is it just a strange coincidence that Jaquie is in the exact same pose in her chair at Disney as the little girl on the main permobilus page?



No. 412090

I don't think it's a coincidence

No. 412099

Quick Quiz–Which child needs the wheelchair?

No. 412105

Answer option A: A grown adult with questionable conditions, which will be made worse by wheelchair use

Answer option B: A child with a legitimate disability

Post your answer with explanation in the field below.

No. 412106

Got that port tubing out in her IG pic..she has to purposefully pull that out and leave it there..can you imagine that getting hung up ?? It looks like you’d want that tucked in unless you just like the way it looks ..surprised it’s not pink

No. 412109

I’m just so glad she didn’t have an angioedena attack reacting with her new wheelchair. that would’ve been awful , Rolling alone shooting yourself with an epi pen while scratching your wrists ..awful

No. 412112

I'm curious if one of our resident medfags can offer some guidance on Jacqie's allergic reactions. Wouldn't she show more redness and /or obvious signs of a reaction? If she didn't say she was having a reaction I wouldn't know, she looks totally normal. She shows zero redness, red eyes, coughing or throat clearing, coughing, etc.

No. 412114

even the little girl doesn't have an entirely pink chair, and little kids are the main reason chairs come in such horrifically bright colours

No. 412172


muh GP can take liquids, so liquid fats are totes OK y'all. Sauces aren't real foods y'hear?

No. 412190

Medfag here
she only had a scratchy face from what I saw in the video (no redness, no rash…) you can feel itchy literally just thinking about it and it means nothing..

I would be serious if she had severe skin redness/swelling of the tongue or difficulty breathing…

I just think she loves making a big deal out of something minor, she should have waited a little bit and… with that kind of reaction, you don't need IV meds just a pill

*sorry for the crappy english, it's not my main language

**this girl is so annoying, I'm pretty sure she can walk just fine, but since she thinks she can't, her muscles are weak from lack of use

No. 412233

Also, surprise! Your skin turns red when you scratch it sooooo.

No. 412237

Except that she couldn’t drink liquids while her tube wasn’t working; the whole Kate farms shake thing. She can’t drink something specifically for people with gi issues but has no problems with pasta and vegetables and seafood in a creamy sauce now that her tube is fixed. It’s sure some special, magical tube! (Especially because there’s no way you could “vent” out all those solids, they’d for sure get stuck and clog the tube, so she’s either purging orally or is miraculously keeping it all in her stomach).

No. 412240


Based on the bulimia face I'd say purging orally. If that facial change was from genuine vomiting (like her "cyclic vomiting syndrome", what happened to that anyway?) You bet your ass she'd be telling us all about it.

No. 412309

Thanks for the explanation. I just had to make sure I wasn't missing something because she looked totally fine to me. I noticed Judd even said, "her eyes are getting a little puffy" as she fumbled for her saline syringe to push her Benadryl. She looked the same as always, puffy, but more likely from orally purging her pasta with cream sauce versus anaphylaxis. How do they, her docs, know she truly experiences anaphylaxis? They just taker her word for it? That seems odd to me.

No. 412335

That's why that 'very rude doctor' who told her to have her port removed said he could not know for sure she actually had anaphylaxis. She was so angry at that because "I have documentation" of four hospital admissions. But to me, it's a sensible thing: too often doctors just copy what another doctor already said, so if something got lost in translation between the patient and the second or third doctor who wrote it down, suddenly what a patient claims or what a doctor thinks he saw, becomes a fact.

But she was admitted four times with what she called 'relentless anaphylaxis'; repeated anaphylactic reactions. So she probably had them at that time (either self-induced or not) or she had something that resembled it quite well. But I also think that if a patient has one or two true anaphylactic episodes and after that gets a rash or feels itchy and reports "this is how it always starts", many doctors would err on the side of caution and treat it as a severe allergic reaction.

And of course, that might very well be what happened here: she says she is getting itchy and Judd presumes it is a reaction that warrants IV treatment. And of course it happened when some family members were present and in a public place, which seems to happen a lot, doesn't it? In fact, I wonder if she ever had a reaction when she was at home alone. Can anyone confirm that? If she has just random reactions like she claims (and not to environmental allergens) that would be very odd, considering how often she is alone.

No. 412367

Like 5+ months ago when she was having allergic reactions every 5 seconds in her vlogs she shows this "not as bad as they usually are" one and claims they don't film all the sooper severe reactions she has all the time (assuming I got the embedded video thing right).

Her asthma and allergy reactions piss me off so much because they just make no sense at all, and they're such common things to have I don't get why she didn't do her homework better on them. I get sometimes she's going for MCAD, but in her newest video she first claims "plant allergies" and that's not how plant allergies usually work?

No. 412428

She talked to her ATP today and she is getting a completely new type of power assist that is lighter and weatherproof. Seriously this chick is amazing. How the eff does she get all this shit?

No. 412432

Don’t doctors prescribe epipens for people who go into anaphylaxis? (Including people with MCAS). Besides, iv Benadryl isn’t that much more effective than the pills are, unless you’re in an er where they’re slamming you with a massive dose. Jaquie’s doing the equivalent of taking otc Benadryl, which is the surest sign that she’s not going into anaphylaxis. And yeah, itchiness can totally be psychological, think about bugs or something and you start to itch. Also, being dehydrated can make you itchy, and purging for sure causes dehydration.

No. 412433

Daddy’s $$$$$$$$$

No. 412437

File: 1509464313533.png (1.19 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4626.PNG)

She pushed more IV Benadryl in today's vlog - complete with sick face - because supposedly she was having another reaction. Kudos to whichever anon predicted this would return once she could no longer focus on getting the wheelchair

No. 412438

UNbelievable. I saw a lot of talking about the Smart Drive in the comments the last few days, which is indeed lighter and pretty much IS a cruise control for your wheelchair. But this is that kind of shit you research BEFORE making a choice for a 5000 dollar system!

HOW does she do that? I've had my current wheelchair for almost ten years, I can hardly use it outside because I need a frame that'll absorb shocks better but they told me there wasn't a better chair with the specifications I needed. I later discovered that there is, but the chair was already ordered so now I'm stuck with it. And she is getting ANOTHER 5000 dollar system?

I bet she hasn't even tried it yet and I really wonder if she'll be able to propel with this one. Because the Smart Drive (I'm pretty sure that's the system she is getting now) is not a true power assist system, so it doesn't make it lighter to push yourself. It's just that as soon as you are at a certain speed, the chair will keep going until you stop it. So it's like a cruise control. But that means you need to have the strenght to first push a chair without any help until you're at that speed.

I've tried the first version of the Smart Drive and I couldn't even get the system to start because I didn't have the strength. And while I'm told the newer version is better, the way that system works means that it can stop working when the terrain is uneven or whatever so when you're going uphill you need to be able to all of a sudden 'catch' the full weight of yourself plus chair at full speed. It is mainly good for people who have enough strength, but not the stamina to propel for a long time. I'm not sure about the second version, but the first version could be detrimental for EDSers: I've tried it and could not stop without pulling my shoulders out of joint.

No. 412443

Kek she looks stoned off her ass. Benadryl does that to you. Really she’s just doing the equivalent of popping Benadryl pills, so it’s not anything special. People even take Benadryl just to go to sleep, since it’s fairly non habit forming.

No. 412444

She claims they are just going to exchange the existing power assist wheels for the new ones and the existing ones will go on someone else's chair.

No. 412447

Also: she is not propelling right! Her technique is awful and she is using so much more force and movement than she needs to. More so with the power assist, but also without. It's like she doesn't get the concept of how a wheelchair works: you push and then you let it roll and you don't push immediately again when it's still at a certain speed. And of course, her chair isn't fitting for her. But if they would give her a few wheelchair lessons she would be able to already wheel MUCH easier. They should first look what she is doing now and see if they can learn her how to make it easier for her to handle her chair.

Or you could keep ordering adaptations that are over 5000 dollars. That's another option.

No. 412449

File: 1509465090508.png (1.47 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4627.PNG)

Sick face is miraculously gone after she has those new wheels to be excited about.

No. 412453

File: 1509465211513.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4628.PNG)

She also suddenly has the strength to pop a dozen or so practice wheelies in the living room. Miracles y'all.

No. 412454

Anyone with dog knowledge notice at 6:40 when Harlow walks away how her back legs are a bit wonky? Maybe I'm being nitpicky as someone that has a service dog for mobility myself… I know Jaquie uses her for some mobility but I can't imagine any vet clearing a bow-legged dog for mobility? Maybe I'm seeing things…

No. 412457

Yeah, and she is doing it on arm strenght. You're supposed to do it with your body weight, and only use your hands for balance. I can do a wheelie using just two fingers, lol.

Also, apparently she can change out the wheels herself? I'm pretty sure most people using power assist can only dream of that. I mean, if you're that strong, you don't need the power assist, right? But than again, she could also lift the whole chair when the power assist wheels weren't on, so it's very clear her arm strenght is pretty good. But she can't lift her walker over a bump y'all, because THAT's too much.

No. 412470

File: 1509467849954.png (199.66 KB, 1250x794, Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 12.3…)


No. 412471


What the actual fuck

No. 412475

This post wins Fuckery Award of the Day.

No. 412505

Jaquie is now watching Gray's Anatomy and probably taking fast & furious notes of what other illness she can self-diagnose. She has plenty of time to watch all 14 seasons (until her Barbie car upgrade comes) to go down the checklist of her chronic illnesses to have her "exacerbations". She really needed to rest in today's vlog–isn't that all she does every day, while the rest of us are working? She has to rest up to decide which illness she will feature tomorrow. And yes, another reprimand to two commenters today about being "chronic illness police" and "service dog police". What a crock of crap that she wrote "I hope one day she matures and takes advantages of her talents, rather than make excuses". No insight at all, Jaquie! I feel my own reverse gastric motility (vomiting) when I read the comments from people fawning all over her. She is really truly disgusting.

No. 412514

She has zero self awareness. Until that commenter started fawning all over her I really thought someone was calling her out. But nope. She still has people fooled and clearly can not see that description is her to a tee.

No. 412518

>>Until that commenter started fawning all over her I really thought someone was calling her out.
Kek, me too. And tbh her 'fans' aren't helping her. All that "You are so strong", "I love you", "you've helped me so much", "pink suits you so well" BS.

No. 412534

When she said she started Gray's my eyes rolled so hard..
And as someone who knows literally nothing about wheelchairs, why doesn't she just get one of the electric scooter things? I feel like her lazy ass would prefer that over anything

No. 412535

Maybe she should just get a scooter that's bright pink at this rate? If she's going to continually have trouble controlling her wheelchair and just use the auto-assist, wouldn't this save Harlow and everyone else from getting run over…

No. 412536

Not cute enough. Plus, it's actually very difficult to get a thing like that in your car.

No. 412541

True. It would definitely require a converted van and lift. Or at least a lift gate on the back of the existing vehicle.

No. 412545

She will probably never lift her wheelchair into her car again (that was an "Oops moment" where she revealed she can use a muscle or two) and she doesn't drive "due to my chronic illnesses y'all" so Babe and her other enablers will have to do the hefty lifting. Why would she settle for an average scooter when she can have a top of the line wheelchair? She ought to ask her ATP if she can get a cart for the back of it to haul her other toys–her toybox is way fuller than Harlow's! But she has to play with her toys as home because she hardly ever goes out. I am still chuckling at the Anon who said she rides in her Barbie car from the front door to the patio slider.

No. 412548

File: 1509477217476.png (39.86 KB, 899x199, 2017-10-31_1.png)


If this attachment came in pink how much would you bet she'd be on the phone to her durable medical equipment rep right now?

No. 412557

Any US-based fags around that can tell me how it usually works in the US when you need an assistive device? I cannot get over the fact that they gave her a Twion just because it sounded good (without her trying it out first) and now they're going to order a brand new system for her thinking that will be a better fit. Again, without her trying it out first.

My country is pretty liberal in the coverage of wheelchairs and shit, especially compared to some other countries. I mean, there is no copay for wheelchairs if you qualify for one. But here, it is customary you TRY stuff first, before they order you a very expensive power assist system. It might also be the fact that I myself tend to research the hell out of different options before concluding which one is best, but still. A 'wheelchair guy' will come to your home with a demo model of a system so they can explain it's specifications and you can try it out. And if you're smart you also seek out these companies to try things for yourself. I've tried five different power assist systems: two of them I couldn't even get to switch on (incidentally, the system she has now and the system they are now ordering for her), the other I could move forward but didn't have enough assist for me, with yet another system I couldn't get the chair to move straight ahead no matter how much I tried, and another one was kind a perfect. So you can guess which one I have now.

For me, that's just what you do: these are VERY expensive systems, and you want to make sure you get the one that actually is right for your particular needs. And there is NO OTHER way to find out which suits you than to try it out. I find it very odd that they just decide to order system X or Y based on how it looks on paper, because honestly that doesn't tell you jack when it comes to this stuff.

No. 412558

Well, thank God it doesn't.

No. 412583

in the US you need something called prior authorization for any DME and a prescription from a doctor, faxed by that doctor's office, to the DME company THEY CHOOSE. medicaid needs actual notes that back up the diagnosis to provide the DME and the whole process can take around 6 months if you're lucky. it took 6 months to get my regular standard wheelchair that's nothing "special".

No. 412593

Yeah but.. do you try out shit? Isn't it customary to have an OT go over the possibilities? Make a list of requirements? Jaquie doesn't seem to have any idea what she actually needs and what the possibilities are. It seems like she did zero research and she also didn't have anyone (like an OT) do it for her. I find that odd, so I wondered how this kind of stuff works in the US. Not who approves and how you get coverage, but more if it is customary to actually ask what specifications a certain power assist system has and try out at least two different ones before you decide.

No. 412620

You get evaluated by OT’s and PT’s for wheelchairs. Especially for things like power assist. You can try out the wheelchair you are buying or the power assist. But only if you ask. And that means it’s going to take longer for you to get your chair. What will happen is they will bring a model chair with the power assist to the OT/PT’s Office and you can ride around with it. But you can’t take it home or anything. We don’t have a system where you must try equipment out, so the answer is no anon. The US sucks with stuff such as this. Why do you think we are the biggest medical fraud place that exists? Especially for DME. And don’t even get me started on Florida. It’s the capital of DME fraud.

No. 412624

It seems like Jaquie has paid for most of the chair herself . When I say jaquie has paid, I mean other people have paid for her. I don't see this as something insurance has covered or something any half-competent doctor or OT would prescribe. Why doesn't she just use manual wheels and wait until she builds muscle strength?

I'm pretty sure she has no arm or body strength though because she wouldn't have been made to do so much as take out the trash or lift groceries as a child. She can't even vacuum! She's a princess of doing nothing for herself and has no life skills, she has no idea what it means to have to depend on yourself because no one else will be there to dig you out of a ditch. Her stupidity is bigger than any room she goes into because she lacks self awareness yet she is fully aware of how to make sure other chronically ill people are not milking their conditions like she is. She's the supreme spoonie- she's severely disabled with common conditions other people have had to learn how to live with and adapt to and still lift a finger for themselves.

If she had to work, what would she do? Lay down on the floor and throw a tantrum that she's too special to have a job that everyone else does? If she saw a homeless disabled person in the street would she spare a thought or just totally ignore reality like she's ignoring what we say in this thread? We know she's good at it. I can only guess she would think she's more disabled than them. Does she realise that could be her or could have been her? No one should feel safe from that thought, not even Jaquie. She may be that person who has nothing one day and see the equivalent of her naive self go past in a barbie wheelchair with unnecessary accessories and unnecessary tubes sticking out in all directions and realise this is why there are problems in this world. When someone can't even afford to eat or have basic medication. She has a complete lack of any concept of equality and only taking what you need, not always going for the next big thing, which in Jaquie's world is medical equipment. It just adds to what's wrong with her self and world perspective and she could use a serious reality check and just stop with the bs games she plays with herself and thousands of people. It's not just an innocent game anymore. She's getting older by the day but she's not growing in maturity and I think she may have already reached her peak in that respect if she doesn't show signs of changing soon.

Sage for long post, but I am tired of writing diplomatically about Jaquie

No. 412637

I think she’s allergic to the new wheelchair!

No. 412656

Likely BEC but it baffles me how much TV she watches. Like, constantly. Pretty much everytime we see the TV, she's watching it and there's one in the bedroom. I understand that she is (not-really but acting like she is) homebound but she never mentions reading a book or doing a craft. As far as I can tell, she's not even that into TV/film – none of the films she watches are particularly interesting, etc. It's like she's a void of personality with the exception of being sick, which is probably the biggest red flag that she's at least OTT. She mentions that Grey's Anatomy is good for binge watching but she doesn't seem to do any other kind of watching.

No. 412660

From what I can tell there is not a single book in the house. I know she can see bc she has made Harlow a few toys but it's been a really long time since she has talked about making anything

No. 412662

Top kek. You win the Internet today.

No. 412686

She disabled comments on the Ranch viral video..I’m sure too many people were calling her out on the editing

No. 412689

The commenter's profile pic makes it even funnier

No. 412693

Is she totally delusional? That person is literally describing her and she’s playing the perfect spoonie/victim

No. 412701

Has jaquie ever worked? I don’t remember her ever having a job, even though she’s completely capable (physically, at least, most places avoid hiring spoiled adult toddlers)

No. 412709

Link to the video?


No. 412711

I don’t know how ?

No. 412718

No. 412742

Wow now that it’s pointed out to me.. the cutting is so obvious. Everything this bitch does it for attention.

No. 412755

To my knowledge she has never had a job.

No. 412823

OMG there are jumpcuts with almost every fucking trip Har makes to/from the basket! Such b.s.

No. 412903

Not sure about anyone else, but when I call her out in comments I tend to do it in a sideways manner, sometimes with an empty platitude, just so it won't get flagged and deleted by the Reality Police. It's better than nothing imo. When you come at it head-on the comments only get deleted.

No. 412923

Wow. I had been so focused on the ranch incident that I hadn't noticed the other jumps until you pointed them out. This video made The Dodo too. Tell me people don't get paid for that…

No. 412983

File: 1509550398976.png (1.76 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4644.PNG)

We got to see her tubie pad today y'all! Because she's what, five?

No. 413000

Holy christ she’s gained weight. No wonder she wears leggings. But so, so malnourished kek

No. 413010

What does kek mean?

No. 413015


Learn to sage, please and thank you.

No. 413033

Jaq is going to start school spring semester for an online degree in Communications…. One class though. Just one.
Her vlogs have become so pointless. Sitting on the couch. Playing with Harlow. Ugh…

No. 413036

Omg you guys, her Smart Drive has ALREADY been approved. She is getting the newest and the best model. How did she get that approved in under 24 hours?

No. 413040

File: 1509555336624.png (1.33 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4646.PNG)

No Trick-or-Treaters y'all! So I'm just gonna scarf on this KitKat because I can miraculously eat All The Things when I have muh toooobz! I'm just so grateful for this tool! Eye roll for days.

No. 413041

Because insurance isn’t paying for it, daddy is. Insurance takes longer than that to approve things unless it’s an emergency. And they wouldn’t pay for the most expensive option anyways, I’m sure there’s more affordable but just as useful chairs out there. But if your daddy has endless wads of cash to waste on your delusions, you get want you want.

No. 413042


No. 413043

O, COME ON. She really lives in a different world than all of us.

The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing a system like that wouldn't work where she wants to use it most: at Disney. It's literally a cruise control for your wheelchair and it doesn't make it lighter to push yourself when you're not using the cruise control option. That means that in a crowded environment, she would just have to stop and start it again every three seconds.

But if she is getting yet another type after she finally discovers that, I'm gonna have to kill myself.

No. 413052

Smart drives are really just supposed to make life easier for annoying things like hills and grocery shopping because even if you have the upper arm strength that stuff without a smart drive is annoying doable but annoying.

No. 413057

It would also be useful for longer distances. You know, when you're mostly going straight forward and not have people jump in front of your every other second. But she doesn't use her chair for that. She doesn't need a cruise control system, and to be honest with her clumsyness and general lack of common sense it would even be dangerous. Other systems at least will slow down when you stop pushing, but a system like Smart Drive just keeps going at full speed unless you stop it.

No. 413067

Wonder why she isn't going on campus? She has her Barbie car now, isn't that supposed to make her more independent and less of a recluse?

No. 413073

Yeah you can but I don’t use mine for that because that’s how you get fat. If you use it for all the distances it takes away the few areas that you can burn calories and keeping ideal weight while in a wheelchair can be a huge struggle.

No. 413083

File: 1509560540889.png (1.29 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4647.PNG)

Pointless is an understatement. She showed us her new toilet paper holder today…

No. 413096

Because they don't let you watch Netflix at Real College during class!

But seriously, youd think she would love showing off her toys and having "reactions" and "emergencies" on campus!

No. 413114

She probably wouldn't be able to keep up with daily vlogging if she did that. It would cost her money.

No. 413135

If someone doesn't know what kek means then they probably don't know what sage means…

No. 413145

Ironically your post should be saged as well.

No. 413157


It does seem likely that she would do this for more attention, but she also could easily expose herself and or claim that she’s getting more sick because muh immunodeficiency. Not to mention, she would totally start drama by stating that the university isn’t handicap friendly somehow.

Place your bets on how long it takes for her to drop out.

Also mfw it’s a comm degree.

No. 413174

And at one class per semester should take her about 10 years or so to get.

No. 413216


You know, that’s actually sad? Sage for blogposting but being in uni for 4/6 years has already taken a lot out of me. Then again, course-load of 12 credit hours and then a job will do that…

She’ll either get tired of school, add classes, or drop. Maybe she just wants to be in the barbie chair and do the forsaken “victory” pose in a gown with Harlow, Judd, and her “diploma”. Because muh disabilities don’t make it so I can’t graduate, but I still cannot eat a head of broccoli unless it’s doused in cream sauce.

No. 413233


She pisses me off so much. I have mildly severe autism, as well as a few chronic illnesses, yet I still work a full time job and go to school half time.

Schools are amazingly accommodating! She could easily take a full course load and if she ends up in the hospital just talk to the disability office! They have ways to make sure your illnesses don't interfere with your schooling. My money is on that she can't keep up with the courses.

No. 413258


Not a regular follower of her so I could be off, but I think actually going to school would put a wrench in her whole "being sick when it suits me" facade. She can film Harlow getting her silly things all she wants for the sake of the vlog but when the camera is off, my bet is she gets the stupid blanket herself. Can't push her own chair but can lift it into the car with no problem when she needs to. If she went to school she would have to deal with more real people and it would be a lot harder to have to fake being seriously ill/disabled all the time. Other students may pity her but they aren't going to think she is super brave. If her emergencies/reactions start getting in the way of class, people will start to lose their patience quickly. Nobody in college will care that your wheelchair is bright pink. Plus while schools try to be accommodating, I would guess they wouldn't want someone filming all sorts of videos on how disability-unfriendly they are.
If she takes an easy class or two online she can work the "I am so brave I am trying my best to get a degree" angle and still play up the "I can't go to the actual building because I am too immunocompromised" and "look how hard it is to juggle homework and my illness".
She wants to be sick when its convenient for her. Thats easier to do behind a camera that you can turn off and much harder to do in real life - especially because after a while most people get tired of trying to have to accommodate someone who isn't appreciative

No. 413266

I think you hit the nail on the head

No. 413268

What if they did not have Judd or Paul?? Would they be stuck with living with a parent their whole life? Or would they actually work and function and live to the best that they could with their illnesses …why not fight and say “let me try to do this? I want to see if I can” rather than “I’m so sick do it for me all the time”

No. 413353


OMG NO do not put yr dog's mouth right next to a fucking stoma site! Gurl WANTS a tube infection..


No. 413362

I agree, completely. In addition, I think these people feel like they have nothing else to offer the world. They feel there is nothing interesting or special, and we all know how important it is to be special and awesome in the age of selfies, likes and subscribers. These people know they've got nothing going on so they invent a way to get seen by the world. Then they get addicted to the little bump in self esteem, and a munchie is born. I know we sometimes wonder here why someone would want to be sick, and I really think it's because if they excel at playing sick it makes them feel less lonely because of the ass pats and helps them avoid having to look in the mirror and see plain old failure and/or mediocrity.

Sage for late night pseudo psychfagging

No. 413385

Kinda stupid in a way though, because creating a following online will attract people with first hand experience of her claims who will eventually call her out, only she has full control over the comments deletion button

She sure does love her buttons kek

No. 413440

I think something that annoys me the most about her just giving up on her life, staying at home all day, not going to school, and not fucking contributing to society one bit; Is the fact that she acts like she’s such a WARRIOR and her slogan is “keep moving forward”. And all these people comment stuff like “Wow Jaquie you are SUCH an inspiration, and wow such a strong fighter.” But what the fuck is she doing? Watching Netflix all day? Seriously how is that moving forward? How is she triumphing over her illnesses? It makes no sense. She claims to be such a strong advocate and overcomer but she’s literally given up on everything she loves and her entire fucking life. She gave up on taking care of Harlow properly and walking her/playing with her, going to school. Driving, hobbies, a job, interests. Going out. It’s ridiculous! Yet she is praised when there actually are people out here with disabilities who do fucking contribute to society or who are actually inspiring. I understand there’s some sick people who genuinely are housebound but she does not have to be one of them.

Sage for blogging but I hate Jaquie and her image.

No. 413457

Learn to sage.

No. 413464

THIS. So much. She is "so brave" and "such a strong woman".. for WHAT? For existing? For being ill? For going to the doctors and "advocating"?

I hate that whole culture where we have to "overcome" our disabilities and just living a normal life, trying to make the best of it isn't enough, but I also hate that doing NOTHING AT ALL makes people brave.. for what?

I am in a wheelchair. Sometimes when I go to the supermarket, people tell me how "brave" or how "good" I am for doing my own f&cking groceries. I live alone. It's not like someone else is going to do it for me. I'm just doing my groceries, like literally everybody else in that store. HOW is it all of a sudden 'brave' because I use wheels to get around instead of legs? That's not brave, that's simply living my life.

But in Jaquies case, it's even worse, because she doesn't even live her life! Yeah, she is a vlogger. And that's exactly how we know that she isn't doing anything all day. People aren't even calling her brave because she just goes on with her life as much as she can with her illnesses, because she doesn't even do that.

No. 413506

Today she discusses for the 18th million time that going to restaurants isn't weird when tube fed because she still gets the social interaction plus you know, she has to preserve what little motility she has with cream sauce. She titles the entire vlog over this. FACE IT JAQUIE, you have nothing left to say and this vlog should be once a week at best, but definitely not every single day.

No. 413515

I literally did fucking sage you dimwit. Did you even read the bottom, please and thank you. And anyways I’m talking about Jaquie so it’s relevant to the board I wasn’t talking about myself and at the bottom I wrote SAGE FOR BLOGGING. Read the whole thing before you try and call me out.

Sage for irrelevance but you’re being annoying as f

No. 413518

Er.. while I did not think of your other post as a blog (so why even say that?) and I also am not sure if it was sage-worthy (I was actually the anon who wrote that I agreed with your post) you did not sage it. And you didn't sage this post either, and this one should be.

I am not sure how you think you are saging your post, but you should write sage in the email field. That automaticaly sages your post. You do not have to announce that you saged your post (while I don't see a problem with it if you do either, to be honest, but I know some find it annoying).

No. 413525

I’ve seen many people write it that way in other boards too so I’ve just done as follows since the beginning since I’ve been on this site. If it’s really that important to some people on here who are the sage police even when it was a relevant post then I will do so.

No. 413529

If you don't write Sage in the email field, which you are STILL not doing, then it bumps the thread and you have no contribution. So LEARN to sage.

No. 413530

What do you think sage is exactly? Kek
>>Calling other people 'dimwit' when you're this dumb

No. 413531

I don't care personally, because I don't access the thread via the main boards as I just use this thread and the OTT spoonies thread. So I never tell someone to sage, but I will tell people how to sage if they ask. I don't care, but others do and it's a simple forum rule.

Also: what is relevant can be subjective. Personally I use the rule "when in doubt, sage your post". Posting milk of course never has to be saged.

No. 413660

File: 1509649716199.png (2.04 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4652.PNG)

Jaq's most recent sooper safe GP meal. I can never figure out if she's stupid or if she just thinks everyone else is.

No. 413663


Yes but she only had a few bites. She’s sooper sick!

No. 413667

File: 1509650484376.png (2.07 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4653.PNG)

And she got two cookies at Publix

No. 413679

File: 1509651136539.png (1.62 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4654.PNG)

Judd's face while she is taking about a breakdown due to pain. Kek

No. 413743

Five days ago she had 212 Patrons and today she only has 197. I wonder what she did to piss so many people off?

No. 413748

I've noticed that she tends to lose patrons after she is called out on shit. It could be a coincidence, but at least twice before now she lost patrons a few days after critical comments were made on he YT or Instagram. I haven't tried to falsify the theory that there is a connection, but I did find it interesting.

No. 413753


Upping the publix ante from one to two cookies! Those must be miracle GP-safe baked goods.

No. 413755

That would explain why she is so militant about policing her comments.

No. 413759

Other than the fact she isn't actually ill, or at least no where near as ill as she claims…how does she edit so many videos, do other social media etc?! Perfectly health people struggle with that, even if she is mentally ill, or just with autism spectrum disorder I don't know how it isn't exhausting!

Do people think her 'illnesses' are her autism 'special topic' (thus explaining the focus and why she can put so much energy into it) OR that she isn't actually on the spectrum?

No. 413763

Opinions vary, as far as I'm aware. I have to say the way she talks about her illnesses have an autistic quality to it. It is possible she somehow realizes that she can't cope in the real world, and her illnesses are a way for her to control her world.

In the other and, the amount of planning that goes into it al and the scale of her lies would be difficult to keep up for someone with autism. I know it is a bit of a cliche, but there is some truth to the old adage that people on the spectrum are usually honest.

No. 413771

Her executive functioning for someone in pain AND on the spectrum is really high.
Even highly intelligent women on the spectrum struggle with executive functioning (planning and completing tasks) a bit like teh 'mad scientist' sterotype (ok in some areas, amazing in some areas, completely lacking in others).

Psychfagging but personally as an ASD researcher (UK) I think she has some traits but it is so hard to tell from the videos. She has a completely flattened affect which is not typical in ASD females/ those as able as her. However in her more edited videos she is very fixed in her movements and repetitive.

I would say if you're paying for your assessments, then even in the UK it is not hard to get diagnosed. NHS assessments are with a multi disciplinary team and take several hours/ sessions and include a part with someone who has known the patient for a long time. Private assessments are 90 minutes with one psychiatrist. $$$ speaks!

No. 413805

Has she seriously moved on to pain now as her feature of the day?

No. 413832


Holy shit. I thought that she was sharing that with other people. But nope, it was all for her.

And she gave Judd shit for putting a good portion of honey mustard on his chicken sandwich.

No. 413836

She went on a date with Judd. But she kept making him film her talk about her illnesses, wheelchair, and repeating herself too. She made him stop and film her several different times. What the fuck. She literally has no other interests does she?

No. 413839

Not only that but when she is at a restaurant table, she announces loudly statements about herself so that others can hear her >>413836

No. 413843

Link to vlog?
BTW fam if you watch the small window of embedded vlogs she does not get ad revenue and you get no ads!

No. 413859

Damn. As someone with MILD gp I wish I could eat half the stuff that she eats.

Another thing I hate that Jaquie does is this whole warrior bullshit. You are not a warrior just for having an illness. You are not some amazing person. IDK it just really salts my apples.

No. 413884

Are you the same person who made the YT comment about people who abuse their disabilities? I ask because I have never heard "salts my apples" before and now I've read it twice on this thread in about as many days. If so, kudos.

No. 413885

Here you go…

No. 413951

Um…no that is a link to an Airborne Gummies ad?

No. 413960

I don't understand this shit.. I know nothing about GP but if I knew I could only eat a limited amount of food fried food would be the last thing I ate because it fills you up faster. If she wanted shrimp why wouldn't she get it grilled or something..

No. 413981

Nothing Jaquie says about pots or gp or even eds is accurate. She is doing a lot of damage to thousands of young viewers by advocating and 'educating' about these illnesses. She's not doing any good apart from creating more next gen munchies like herself and educating about a self-absorbed, entitled lifestyle engulfed by pseudo-illnesses and how to compete at being the sickest in all the lands

No. 414063


I can't help wondering if her pain is due to the poorly fitting wheelchair….

and I noticed one person in the comments "helpfully" suggested a SCD machine for blood pooling issues which Jaquie said she would ask about (they're supposed to be for patients who cannot use their legs at all!). Lazy bitch just wants the toys, most people would just wear compression garments!

No. 414075

File: 1509701807295.png (216.82 KB, 1706x752, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 7.08…)

Jackie being called out in comments, screenshot of comment attached.

No. 414076

HELL YES! Of course she will delete it, but hopefully lots of people will see before she does. These comments make me so happy. I hope more and more people catch onto her bullshit.

No. 414078

Bless Alana Roberts, who has the courage not only to call her out but - I assume - to do it under her own name. Unless that is an alias, which I care nothing about because she speaks the truth. Thank you, Alana.

No. 414079

Wtf! The day I see her lying there with the sdc machine will be the day she becomes a joke. As yet, I still have some of my ability to take her seriously, but it is fading quickly

No. 414081

If she really gets up at 8 every morning like she claims it'll be there for another couple of hours at least. But it is her precious ivig week, so she might be having some hospitalization worthy but mysteriously quick recovery time meningitis that will keep her from the comments section longer.

No. 414084

That would be even more useless than her tube or stupid wheelchair. No small accomplishment.

I have an idea, Jaquie. Use your muscles.

You know, if we just assume - for the sake of argument - that she was telling the truth about what conditions she has. I could understand someone in that situation using a wheelchair on certain occasions. A chair that would have to cost less than a tenth of the chair she has now, mind you. Just a normal chair that was fitted properly in which she could propel herself a little bit and would have to be pushed for longer distances - just like she is doing now. I could. IF she would get up from time to time to stretch her legs, walk a bit and if she would MOVE her legs while she was sitting down to prevent blood pooling. It's not difficult. Just lift your legs from time to time, or even use your feet to move the chair forward a bit. ANYTHING to use the muscles is better than doing nothing at all. O, and she'd have to wear compression stockings. She complains she cannot use them because it is too hot in Florida. Well, guess what: summer is over. You say you "love" winter clothing, so WEAR the stupid stockings.

No. 414085

Kek, I was thinking at that. Trying to find out what time it is in FL to see how long it would take her to take it down.

We'll have to watch her Patreon account, see if she'll loose patrons in the next few days.

No. 414088

But in yesterday's clog she refused to get out of the car to play with Harlow because she "didn't want to move her legs more than she had to". She also didn't explain why she had the pain in the first place and only said it's severe cramping. Are her viewers assume it's blood pooling? If so that's not how blood pooling works. Also a bit suspicious because blood pooling has been mentioned in this thread recently. Why is she seeing a pain specialist for obscure leg pain anyway?

No. 414089

She has mentioned muscle pain in her legs for like forever. BUT she has also said that the Ketamine is helping very good for her muscle pain and headache, though not for her joint pain. So now she's complaining about muscle pain again? I haven't seen her vlog, I've been following her for months and somehow yesterday I couldn't get myself to watch her.

No. 414090


For her supposed EDS maybe? (That's why I see a pain specialist, but that's because I need stronger painkillers than my GP can prescribe.) Though she's talked a lot about not taking pain medication hasn't she?

Also if you're a part time wheelchair user it's really important to use your legs as much as you can! NOT using them will lead to more pain due to muscle deconditioning and the effect this will have on joint stability.

No. 414091

Which video is this a comment on? I want to see if it's still there.

Plus, I've noticed that when someone calls her out, they quickly get a lot of upvotes. So I want to see how this on is doing..

No. 414093

Anyone think that she only complained of leg pain (that she previously said was GONE because of the ketamine) to have an excuse to use her wheelchair even though Judd was parking the car just outside of the restaurant?

No. 414100

A custom lightweight chair with support can make sense for pots or EDS if it means you don't have to be pushed everywhere and get some independence back. This only works however if you can also get to the places where you need to go on your own. Like for jaquie it doesn't make any sense because she needs someone to accompany here since she can't put her wheelchair in her car by herself. So there is someone with her that could just as easily push her. But of course that wouldn't be as special as getting a super expensive chair.

In context: I have a chair with a twion like system that means I don't need someone else to push me. Since public transport is accessible that means I can go out alone. I can't lift it in my car however, so I have someone to push me when I need to use my car.

No. 414106


And I guess where she lives there's no way to go anywhere without a car? Or any public transport to speak of?

No. 414117

Seems like something she'd come up with. Probably the reason why she started with the leg pain well beforehand
Of course Jaquie can't use public transport Anon, even if the bus stopped right outside her house

No. 414129


But she could have so many people see how sooper sick she was! Heck, it's one of the few places I actually use a mask.

But then again, she does have a paid nanny to ferry her around to … um, whatever it is she does. Hospital appointments probably.

No. 414141

Exactly. It shows how little her whole wheelchair plan was thought through. A wheelchair is only useful if you can actually go places with it, which she can't since she can't lift it in the car.

No. 414146

IF she was truly in as much pain as she says she is at this point in her EDS diagnosis her gp would've sent her to a physical medicine doctor for palliative intervention. there isn't much most doctors can do for eds except give you safe ways to manage your pain and send you to pt to maintain muscle tone and joint strength. now that i posted this she'll add a physical medicine doctor to her "team" in no time!

No. 414147

She might when she gets the Smart Drive. Which is suprising really, but apparently she can lift the wheelchair without the heavy power assist wheels. Smart Drive lighter.

But we still have the problem of her not being able to drive. I mean, she can, but she can't. Or doesn't. Or doesn't want to. Or doesn't want to be seen doing it. At this point, who even knows?

No. 414152


Honestly if she was driving up until recently I don't understand what's changed that means she can't.

And for loading the wheelchair, why not take the wheels off the chair and load it in three parts?

No. 414159

That's too easy

No. 414160

That's what a normal person would do, but she says she cannot do that because then she would have to be out in the heat for too long.

Like quick release axles take more then a few seconds to remove, but hey. She says she can't, so it must be true. Kek.

No. 414162

this video, the comment is still there, for now

No. 414163

Also, there are things like cooling vests. And heat intolerance is more like an accumulation of more symptoms due to it being summer and having your body get overworked trying to battle dehydration (which jaquie has covered with her port) and the general stress of summer without aircon. She treats it like an acute hazard almost like we are living on mars though. She can stand for 2 minutes to pull the chair apart and put it in the car… also why no get daddy to pay for a gazebo or some shade sails?

No. 414164


Depending on the frame and type of chair the wheels are a lot heavier than the frame itself. I can sort of lift my frame but I absolutely can't lift my wheels.

No. 414165

But she showed she can lift the chair with the wheels attached! She just cannot lift it when the power assist wheels are on it. The seperate Twion wheels wouldn't be heavier than the whole chair with it's normal wheels.

No. 414166


Honestly, if the heat is that much of a problem, she'd be looking to move to a different state surely? It can't be much of a life only going out in the evening, but then again I guess she doesn't intend on having a life…

No. 414168

The real question is is she willing to give up a big feature of her vlogs and a major excuse to not participate in life ?

No. 414178


Oh, I also forgot she would flat out refuse to move away from Disneyworld.

No. 414286

When the fuck did she get diagnosed with Mastcell? I thought the allergist told her to get rid of the port and stop being a munchie.

No. 414336

She's making beef bourguignon which she says she doesn't have a recipe for and makes by taste and then in the very next breath says she can't tolerate red meat so she will eat the mushrooms and onions. How can she make something by taste that she can't tolerate? How does that make any sense?

No. 414338


Onions are also out for severe GP.

I'm assuming she's only tasting the sauce.

No. 414341


I can't wait until she tells us she takes bites of rich meals and then spits them out, just for the experience of eating with muh toobz.

No. 414342

She said she can eat the onions. Because not everything works for everyone blah blah blah.

No. 414500

I just realised something today; if she only eats “a few bites”, then why does she serve more than that on her plate? Surely at home, you’d only put on your plate what you’re gonna eat…? Makes no sense!

No. 414502

Okay, I got curious. She says the chair with the regular wheels is about 20 pounds, and it's obviously a really awkward load to lift. We see her lift it into the back of an SUV in the same scene she talks about barely being able to lift ONE twion wheel. Which leads one to the conclusion that a twion wheel is more than 20 pounds. I did some looking around and the specs on the "fanciest" twion wheels put them at 13 pounds each.

Essentially she's saying she can lift an awkward ass wheelchair into an SUV, but she can't pick up the equivalent of an average house cat.

No. 414506


I've long since stopped expecting her claims to make any sense.

No. 414507


Beef bourguignon really isn't something you can make without a recipe unless you know what you're doing/have made it before. And she's a shite cook. I bet you she looked at a fuckin recipe.

No. 414513

Yeah, that's the same thing as her not being able to tip her walker over a very low doggie gate but able to completely lift a wheelchair that is much heavier and more awkward to lift in a much higher car.

Like the other anon said: no use trying to make sense of it.

Like her and Judd having to search YouTube videos on how to pronounce Ehlers Danlos because they hadn't heard of it. But her doctor thought she had it, so he would have pronounced it as well, right? Unless he communicates by sign language or only the written word, of course.

No. 414517

For the love of God, put on some damn lip balm Jaquie! I can't stand watching her videos for so many reasons, but her dry crinkled lips make me crazy. She's not unattractive, but needs to moisturise and exfoliate her lips.

No. 414523

But then she wouldn't look so ill!

The contrast from 'opening scene' to 'exciting disability news happiness' is extreme!

No. 414531

Here's today's vlog you guys.

No. 414541

Her lips are so bad that she has to be doing something to cause it. Either not drinking water or purging/ both

No. 414552


Kek, why would she bother drinking water when she could just push it through her buh-on?

No. 414557

Well that's why she has her saline infusions

No. 414592

I was curious to see if Jaquie had saved any beef bourguignon recipes on pinterest, but she's deleted everything. I guess that person who commented on her YouTube about it hit a nerve?

No. 414607

Janiece is back with her "I need a wheelchair because my POTS is soooo severe" in today's vlog

No. 414610

Her pots is so severe yet she can go from a kneeling to standing position numerously without presyncope or faintng. Nice effort, Janiece

No. 414628


Do these people know NOTHING about POTS? You'd think with how much they obsess over their illness that they'd have done a bit of research. It only takes a couple minutes to figure out that the main treatment involves exercise, and that if you don't do it, you'll get much much worse.

Maybe instead of selective listening they have selective researching.

No. 414629

But her HR spiked sooo high yesterday … all the way to 135 bpm … while walking outside in the heat for who knows how long.

No. 414640

She should have definitely gone to the ER and demanded a wheelchair for that number kek

No. 414648


135? While walking in the heat? Holy shit someone get this merely physically unfit girl a wheelchair STAT

No. 414743

Medfag here to say that what Jaquie thinks is a special-just-for-her pre-IVIG prep and gradually increasing the dosage is the standard protocol for IVIG administration. Benadryl, SoluMedrol and pre and post loads with saline infusions are PROTOCOL! Many times pre-dosing with Tylenol is also protocol (she uses Toradol instead). It is normal to be fatigued, maybe have a low grade temp and a mild headache after the administration but she tends to hyper magnify every symptom. Many IVIG-ers get a sustained physical boost between the 3rd and 5th dose but I don't think Jaquie got that memo.

Being tired is baseline for Jaquie, more likely because she is so under-conditioned physically from staying at home, not exercising and probably from sheer boredom. She exhibits the most excitement over appointments, tests, new equipment or treatments and binge watching TV rather than interacting with people (and I don't mean fellow sickies—she interacted more with her syringes and meds than with her father and aunt at the 10/29 dinner) or having fun during outside activities other than appointments or grocery shopping.

Prediction now is that she will start complaining more about terrible body pain because her pattern is to document her escalating symptoms before she goes to the doctor and she mentioned she has a pain doctor appointment coming up.

Jaquie is a Quack Magnet for docs who are quick to label her with a disease based on her exaggerated symptoms. Some of these docs are more than willing to accept and treat these psychosomatic patients in the name of (insurance) money, rather on diagnosing and treating based on scientific evidence.

Her tag-along WANNBE-LIKE-JAQUIE friend Janiece is escalating her own POTS symptoms now that she has recovered from the gallbladder surgery and now claims she needs a customized wheelchair—review her 11/1 vlog when she is up and down repeatedly decorating the tree and house or the 10/31 one in the kitchen back and forth preparing the raw meals for the dog with no apparent POTS symptoms—but her POTS flares a day later when she has a bigger audience at Disney.

It is not unusual for heartrate to accelerate to 130 or higher in people who DO NOT EXERCISE REGULARLY. Tachycardia alone doesn't indicate POTS. Routine exercise, at least 3 liters/day fluid intake and avoiding becoming overheated is the standard treatment for POTS–not ice cream and wheelchairs. If Jaquie and Janiece refuse to follow the recommended treatment, it is a prime indicator that they are more munchie and generally attention-seeking than truly physically ill.

These childlike girls need to get up off the couch or out of the bed and out of the house and MOVE. Sadly, spineless husbands and gushing YT and IG supporters enable and encourage them to be sickly, weak and emotionally disabled—- physically disabled is still highly questionable.

No. 414815

Judd deleted his too.

No. 414834


Judd had a pinterest?

No. 414842

So I live close to our favorite cow, and let me just make sure a few things straight..

First of all, the apartment complex does not have one story townhouses. I recall her saying they were waiting for one, and well, they are going to be waiting awful long for a place that doesn't exist at this complex. Also, even IF her "illness" was so bad it warrants no stairs, the complex will wave the transfer fee and you'll be moved quickly. This is not a small place, there are units everywhere. All she would need is a note from her doctor (should be easy enough to get considering he will do literally whatever to help our sooper speshul girl out).

Second, this complex is NOT wheelchair friendly. There are steps into every townhome/apartment. I remember a video where she couldn't even lift her walker over a small bump..but I can guarantee you she walks herself over steps every day. Staying with the subject of not being wheelchair friendly, this complex does not have walk in showers. Each bathroom like it or not is either a half-bath or has a tub. Unless Judd is lifting her into the shower daily (which we know he isn't because she would vlog it happening), she is climbing quite the "bump" every day.

Finally, this apartment complex is not cheap. It isn't the most expensive place you could live, but for what rent is in the townhome that Jaq has now she is paying a lot more than she would for a mortgage. I can bet that soon enough she will be asking for money for a house that will need every gadget known to man to be "accessible." I'm actually surprised she hasn't turned down that road yet. Maybe dad will buy her a pink one to match her wheels.


No. 414911

All I can say is wow. I recently started instagram to chronicle my cancer, narcolepsy w/cataplexy, DTP, and epilepsy journey and she (or "Helper Dog Harlow") was recommended in my explore list. I made it through six posts and felt both sick and infuriated. How are her doctors letting this go on? And her attitude isn't "inspiring"–it's offensive as holy fuck. I want to get rid of my J-tube so, so badly. To act excited about major life-ruining surgery is criminally insane. To fawn over wheelchair colors is mental. I'd be mortified to be seen in public in a wheelchair; I'm in therapy now trying to work on borderline agoraphobia since getting tubed as it is, and that's largely invisible. The only reason I'd ever feel bad for her is that she's clearly, clearly very mentally ill–but she seems to be loving every second of it so I have no sympathy to offer. The fact that she copies other ill users too is appalling; god forbid a real sick person has an issue that takes attention away from her for a minute. And frankly if she's soooooo sick, how is she able to post so many times between her two accounts a week? I'm having trouble getting one up a week.

It floors me that her doctors are going along with this. Someone needs to sit her down, yank out all her devices (sans super special ketamine), stand her up from her chair, and tell her to cut the crap. And someone please rescue her beautiful dog. I think she's performing those needless tasks under duress.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 414927

This is not your diary

No. 414954


What makes you think that the dog is performing tasks "under duress"? I suppose there are a shit ton of jump cuts during the mind-numbing retrieval tasks where anything could happen. I've never seen Jaquie acting threatening or violent towards her dog, or making any comments implying irritation/hints of abusive feelings. As much of a cow as she is, I don't think she scares Harlow into doing anything. Dogs are dogs; retrievers are especially people-pleasing. Aside from the tasks, I do think the way Jaquie manages the raw feeding is atrocious: notice she's scaled back significantly on showing off those pretty princess dog meals topped with "blueburries" and the mango she can't touch.

I know that blogging for relevance could be useful but I didn't come here to read how everyone else can hardly keep up an online presence because they are REALLY that sick (glad you can manage lolcow so much, kek). That particular comparison adds nothing to the topic.

No. 414962

Today's vlog

No. 414963

Yes. Guns and outdoor stuff mostly but it's gone too. The account exists but everything is deleted

No. 414965

File: 1509806906786.jpg (549.33 KB, 1968x1196, PnHr4W4.jpg)

OK. I went through the Instagram account of her dog because I was curious to see how it all started. Last time I've sorted out how she got her special IV infusions, but I wanted to see when her symptoms started. I haven't exactly found an answer to that question, but I did find some interesting stuff.

First of all: it is WAY to MUCH. I've got 56 pages with posts and compilations. I could of course go through it again, try to condense it further and seek out only the most relevant posts, but that would mean spending even more time on Jaquie, and I am just not willing to do that. Showing so much of it however DOES - imo - allow you to see clear patterns in her behavior.

So for your sanity I would suggest to not read everything unless you're bored and unemployed like me. Read the underlined stuff and maybe - if you think it's at all interesting - my comments.

Also: there's some typo's in my comments. Live with it.

No. 414968

File: 1509807144434.jpg (549.54 KB, 1968x1196, qBWHohP.jpg)

No. 414969

File: 1509807195557.jpg (548.67 KB, 1968x1206, n8xjaMZ.jpg)

No. 414971

File: 1509807247871.jpg (505.57 KB, 1968x1196, AZPYRb2.jpg)

No. 414972

File: 1509807294832.jpg (534.45 KB, 1968x1196, xFttGCL.jpg)

No. 414974

File: 1509807337705.jpg (540.97 KB, 1968x1196, eGomEwZ.jpg)

No. 414975

By definition a townhouse is more than one storey so of course there would be no one storey townhouses available. She didn't say townhouse she said a one level unit, which
you yourself seem to acknowledge exist within the "huge" complex.
She had an entire vlog about the soooper speshul shower chair she bought from Amazon that allows her to sit and slide into the shower. Jaquie is full of shit on many levels but at least pay attention to what she says before calling her out.

No. 414977

File: 1509807377425.jpg (523.97 KB, 1968x1196, E48xNLJ.jpg)

No. 414978

File: 1509807404785.jpg (493.42 KB, 1968x1234, lztmEKs.jpg)

No. 414979

File: 1509807435058.jpg (547.2 KB, 1968x1196, 4q0bZVj.jpg)

No. 414980

File: 1509807471832.jpg (496.1 KB, 1968x1196, lJB4HF5.jpg)

No. 414981

File: 1509807528468.jpg (573.63 KB, 1968x1196, BTpBiJO.jpg)

No. 414982

File: 1509807554575.jpg (537.32 KB, 1968x1196, JPvMiQH.jpg)

No. 414984

File: 1509807580706.jpg (537.54 KB, 1968x1196, HMeCJrb.jpg)

No. 414985

File: 1509807607210.jpg (467.9 KB, 1968x1196, rrPsLGW.jpg)

No. 414986

File: 1509807632961.jpg (566.51 KB, 1968x1196, jkOFYO8.jpg)

No. 414987

File: 1509807658431.jpg (468.01 KB, 2051x1273, CQRhpwQ.jpg)

No. 414989

File: 1509807689625.jpg (445.87 KB, 1968x1196, AykyZh0.jpg)

No. 414990

File: 1509807720048.jpg (501.24 KB, 1968x1196, MPzJNLJ.jpg)

No. 414992

How can she know so precisely how much 'warning' she is getting from Harlow. Whether it is narcolepsy or vasovagual syncope you aren't in a position to time things!

No. 414993

I'll save the rest for later (but soon!)

I need a break, and I'm sure you can all use one, too.

No. 414996


Bless you anon, good work. I keep wanting to make a video comp but I'm a bit paranoid of legal ramifications…

No. 415003

As predicted, Jaq has TERRIBLE neck and joint pain–good thing she is seeing her pain doc and has SYMPTOMS so she won't be wasting his time! Love how she now considers herself an authority on IVIG after 4 treatments (and wasn't the first one a FAIL so doesn't really count?). Droopy eyes, monotone voice, narcolepsy EXACERBATION, but still able to hold arm out to video, able to get downstairs then back upstairs. Slept all day—DARN, missed out on her usual exciting life! But she "wants to be genuine with y'all".

No. 415007

But she had vivid dreams and sleep paralysis! And false awakenings. That MUST be her narcolepsy, because it's not like millions of people have those things and don't have narcolepsy.

Interesting how the ketamine suddenly has 'worn off' just before she is seeing her doctor. Ketamine can work for many months when it's used for the proper indications. The fact that she had NO PAIN for two or three days and then it came back, is very indicative of a placebo response. And now the toradol injections have worn of, too? At exactly the same time her ketamine has? Ok. Sure.

No. 415013

I haven't seen the entire video yet, but I really lauged at Janiece when she told us (just past the 2.00 minute mark) about her 'anal monogamy'. Wut? O, wait, that must be when you only have anal sex with one partner that you're in a relationship with, but are having vaginal sex with multiple partners?

No. 415027

Jamiece in one sentence: I'm stupid–isn't it cute?

No. 415033

This is just beyond words. And I only made it to about 4 mins.

No. 415039

Wait, so you DON'T wanna know what's up with Janiece's anus?

I've had that test. It's not a big deal. It's just private. I don't think I've ever told ANYONE about it. As is the case for most of the tests I've had. I mean: who cares?

Janiece, on the other hand, decides to tell the whole world about her poop and her anus. What's most worrisome about all the things she says though? The can't wait to have kids. O. My.

No. 415047

I have been reading here for a little bit and have unsubscribed immediately. Wow anon! Someone really needs to expose her. She is doing so much harm.

No. 415051

Who were you subscribed to?

Anyone want more of my "A history of Jaquie" story, or is it already too much for one go?

No. 415054

I was referring to Jaquie. Sorry about that!

No. 415056

I'm finding it very interesting!

No. 415060

Too bad you can't link your investigation to her Patreon Page for those innocents who believe every word in her vlogs!

No. 415071

More please

No. 415072

File: 1509816992931.jpg (566.03 KB, 1968x1196, zthJeEx.jpg)

Ok. Just remember, you asked for it!

No. 415073

File: 1509817027969.jpg (490.63 KB, 2031x1196, j0D4XbU.jpg)

No. 415074

File: 1509817056257.jpg (401.92 KB, 1968x1196, 3SmpM6k.jpg)

No. 415075

File: 1509817084575.jpg (481.38 KB, 2181x1196, k4Hg07l.jpg)

No. 415076

File: 1509817111419.jpg (538.99 KB, 1968x1196, gApDCSU.jpg)

No. 415077

File: 1509817165429.jpg (476.14 KB, 1968x1196, lD1EXqY.jpg)

No. 415079

File: 1509817193183.jpg (594.9 KB, 1968x1196, zxYhAgV.jpg)

No. 415082

File: 1509817257988.jpg (631.98 KB, 1968x1196, l6rVinT.jpg)

No. 415084

File: 1509817288885.jpg (533.03 KB, 1968x1196, cmpH3hy.jpg)

No. 415085

File: 1509817314977.jpg (648.7 KB, 2104x1325, R3NogoW.jpg)

No. 415086

File: 1509817346658.jpg (567.54 KB, 1968x1196, iPs8xR2.jpg)

No. 415088

File: 1509817378205.jpg (505.12 KB, 1968x1196, tQxuidu.jpg)

No. 415090

File: 1509817404804.jpg (497.92 KB, 1968x1196, LLvA7TY.jpg)

No. 415092

File: 1509817436541.jpg (545.61 KB, 1968x1196, GJlpkxX.jpg)

No. 415093

File: 1509817461638.jpg (532.66 KB, 1968x1196, pUCh8MR.jpg)

No. 415094

File: 1509817491187.jpg (539.18 KB, 1968x1386, rwbU16z.jpg)

No. 415095

File: 1509817516788.jpg (674.97 KB, 2423x1356, CGBgorb.jpg)

No. 415097

File: 1509817543958.jpg (452.45 KB, 1968x1196, CASXxjC.jpg)

No. 415098

File: 1509817573965.jpg (552.38 KB, 2176x1211, Nri1D0Q.jpg)

No. 415100

Ok, next time will be the last ones. I just need another break, uploading so many pages after another is not the most ergonomically er.. agreeing with me, let's say.

But they will come!

No. 415109

Great detective work. Everyone needs to remember that just because she vlogs a medical opinion/diagnosis from one of her specialists–doesn't mean it is 100% true. She is a YT actress (certainly not an Academy Award contender) that grossly overdramatizes so she might also "adjusting" the physician reports because she is a WANNABE SICKO. Saying it on YT doesn't make it true. She got validation when she first talked about epilepsy and the attention planted the seeds to grow more illnesses for attention.

No. 415118


Oops, forgot to include links:
Link 3: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCYwL32MxB7/?taken-by=helper_dog_harlow

Link 4: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGSZpZCMxAU/?taken-by=helper_dog_harlow
(screwed up there: 24 is a miss, 25 is the actual 24 and then I should've re-numbered the rest. Not going to do that anymore now, obviously.

No. 415133

Just to nitpick at all this information, CVS isn’t a disease, and I highly doubt anyone would ever encounter a GE who didn’t know what it was.

Sage for blogging and “fun” (irrelevant) story, but a few years ago I went for an upper endoscopy for what turned out to be severe GERD that presented with chronic vomiting. I hadn’t met my specialist before the procedure, and literally the first thing she asks me immediately after she introduces herself is, “do you smoke weed?” and went on to explain that along with literally everything under the sun (allergies, excitement/anxiety, sinus infections, etc.) smoking very commonly can cause CVS. It can be debilitating but it’s not as ~sooper special~ as she would like people to think.

No. 415135

Oh, but everything is rare and special with Jaquie, as you'll see in the next posts as well. And everything she has is super rare, and NO ONE has heard of it. It is very special when you find a doctor who knows about it, blahblah.

No. 415137

File: 1509821182503.jpg (558.5 KB, 1968x1196, 9cyHwrH.jpg)

Last series!

No. 415138

File: 1509821211220.jpg (511.83 KB, 2040x1196, 7lOylUy.jpg)

No. 415139

File: 1509821242252.jpg (591.77 KB, 1968x1264, 5STePHJ.jpg)

No. 415140

File: 1509821268703.jpg (495.6 KB, 1968x1196, p4BhbiY.jpg)

No. 415141

File: 1509821293591.jpg (565.88 KB, 1968x1196, biwdpyb.jpg)

No. 415143

File: 1509821318380.jpg (582.83 KB, 2022x1196, KwcGGnC.jpg)

No. 415144

File: 1509821342772.jpg (515.8 KB, 1968x1196, 7rlpc4L.jpg)

No. 415145

File: 1509821364624.jpg (554.53 KB, 2085x1196, vHKH28B.jpg)

No. 415146

File: 1509821386394.jpg (524.14 KB, 1968x1196, Rjde4xT.jpg)

No. 415148

File: 1509821410487.jpg (564.22 KB, 1968x1196, yrAfP3F.jpg)

No. 415149

File: 1509821433041.jpg (593.71 KB, 1968x1196, Uw6A0cT.jpg)

No. 415151

File: 1509821456604.jpg (553.77 KB, 1968x1196, dmKPl3J.jpg)

No. 415152

File: 1509821477872.jpg (591.57 KB, 1968x1196, kfmlU0k.jpg)

No. 415153

File: 1509821500613.jpg (661.83 KB, 1968x1196, I1VXC5B.jpg)

No. 415154

File: 1509821521875.jpg (606.26 KB, 2169x1196, vDMXoMi.jpg)

No. 415155

File: 1509821555166.jpg (615.26 KB, 2172x1442, HzrmT9z.jpg)

No. 415156

File: 1509821576971.jpg (691.74 KB, 1968x1196, XEwIIWD.jpg)

No. 415158

File: 1509821601137.jpg (575.17 KB, 1968x1196, kp7Ngsj.jpg)

No. 415159

File: 1509821638335.jpg (442.9 KB, 1968x1196, TBVSQIt.jpg)

Last post.


No. 415186

I think that in Jaquie's case, her chronic vomiting came/comes from ramming those waving hands down her throat to induce the vomiting. Cler signs are the acid stained teeth and the puffy face after a deep-fried meal. Puking causes dhydration which causes drop in blood pressure which causes accelerated heartrate to compensate for the low blood pressure drop which causes lightheadedness and her inactivity causes venous pooling in the legs for ANYONE!

DRINK THE GATORADE, 3 LITERS OF WATER, WEAR THE COMPRESSION HOSE (has AC so no excuse that they make her hot) and EXERCISE! Unless you want to be feel crummy……..no, not our Jaquie…..

No. 415207

Totally no defending Jaquie, but I have heat sensitivity from both POTS and thyroid problems which sometimes (SOMETIMES) gets bad enough that it can be triggered by cooking or being exposed unexpectedly to a humid environment (e.g. hot bathroom?)) But nowhere near does this happen every time and 9/10 I am able to catch that I am getting sensitive to the heat WAY before it becomes a “hurry up we have to leave” problem. The few times I don’t catch on quick enough, I can usually still tough it out, grant it uncomfortably, for a good half hour before I start to faint.

Sage for blogging I guess

Tbh I have no idea how sage works sorry

No. 415214

The autonomic testing involves breathing out like that to make you light headed, there is also a part where you deliberately hyper ventilate and the tilting…and she didn't pass out?! She no way has POTS or vasovagual syncope.

Additionally the geneticist likely doesn't think she has hEDS because whilst she might be hypermobile she hasn't got enough of the other symptoms https://ehlers-danlos.com/wp-content/uploads/hEDS-Dx-Criteria-checklist-1.pdf

No. 415224

>>Sage for blogging I guess

Anon, I asked for people with POTS to weigh in on that. So 'blogging' in this context is OK. We established earlier that some blogging is relevant: it is only possible to know that people are full of it when you have some knowledge about that disorder they say they have. And first-hand knowlegde can be especially useful.

So thanks, I was wondering about that! O, and you saged your post just fine.

No. 415273

Okay so i made it through all of them (thank you for posting anon!!)

My thought is that she might have some kind of problem, but it isn't EDS. Especially the fact that she will just say pain and not joint pain. I find that theres quite some difference between those two.
I find it kinda weird that she's never showing of those "soooper bendy" joints and don't wear any braces or joint support?

also kek, in 53 when she blames her OI for rising heart rate while resting?? I think she made up the wrong symptom for the wrong diagnosis.

No. 415334

Quick question before I weigh in about her POTS diagnosis. Was she diagnosed by Mayo?- I have read over her posts and I'm still uncertain.

No. 415342

Seems not to me. She didn't pass out on the tilt test. However I have vasovagual syncope so tbh I don't know about POTS. As far as I understood it she just got tested but not diagnosed.

No. 415349

POTS isn’t diagnosed by whether or not you pass out during the tilt table (I’ve also heard people brag about faking passing out during it , outside of the IG spoonie community), but by your heart rate increase and blood pressure decrease. Also, full autonomic testing is at least four different tests, whose includes the tilt table but needs all of them to say yes or no on pots. The tilt table test can easily show pots-like numbers if you’re dehydrated or screwing with it some other way

No. 415363

Ok, so from what I know Mayo would be quick to diagnose POTS if she had it. If they told her she had orthostatic intolerance, that's what I would go with as her diagnosis. A cardiologist can also diagnose pots with a poor man's tilt test in their office, so the fact that she was given an OI diagnosis first makes her pots claim incredible. She shouldn't be diagnosed with pots from holter monitor testing because any number of factors could have contributed to the findings.

Also, since Jaquie has super special and severe pots, I would have expected Mayo to show more interest in her case, rather than letting her go with an OI diagnosis. POTS is a very easy thing to diagnose without fancy tests. My point is that she had extensive tests at Mayo and still didn't receive the diagnosis right off the bat.

You don't need to pass out to get a diagnosis either - and you don't even need any blood pressure drops. It's judged by whether or not your heart rate increases by more than 30bpm within 10 minutes. So the fact that she didn't come away with a pots diagnosis says something.

I'll make another post on heat sensitivity shortly.

No. 415371

My tests included
24hr blood pressure monitor with diary and specific tasks to complete throughout the 24hrs

Tilt table - this included the breathing out thing Jaquie mentions, deliberate hyperventilating, various tilts (one with venopuncture), squeezing a ball with my hand to make the blood pressure monitor read a specific thing.

I also had tilt pre and post a 'meal challenge' (this was a cup of water with 1g or glucose per kg of body weight, but other people have protein shakes).

I also had a exercise test where I did recumbent cycling.

I had to record my food and drink across the 4 days I was in London for testing (I'm in the UK) though obviously people could lie. However if you're dehydrated then your pre-test BP will be low so I would think that even if you have a postural drop it wouldn't be enough for POTS.

As I said I have vasovagual syncope (normal fainting) so whilst POTS was ruled out I don't know much about it as I don't have tachicardia.

(saged obvs!)

No. 415423

I was dx’ed with POTS with just a normal tilt test where they had me tilted from sitting to standing - no weird breathing or anything. I didn’t faint but got an automatic POTS diagnosis because my HR raised higher than 140 and protocol at that particular hospital was to instantly stop the test at that rate.

The point is that it is really fishy that Jaque with her sooper bad fainting spells doesn’t mention an official POTS diagnosis by the tilt test. My POTS wasn’t even that bad at the time of my test and yet they diagnosed it so you would think that sooper speshul Jaquie would have no problem getting her POTS claim to fame.

Also wtf??? Asking for fluids before she’s even diagnosed?? What the heck??? My doc had to beg me to do fluids - no sane person wants that as their first choice.

Sage for blogging and probably not saying anything useful

No. 415443

Ok- my weigh in on heat intolerance.
Heat can make you pass out with pots. But Jaquie has medications and iv saline which would bring her fainting down drastically. You’re not going to see someone with her level of treatment passing out from feeling hot, especially with her inconclusive autonomic testing. Her findings are just not extreme enough to explain passing out from simply being in the sun- unless she’s a vampire of course.
As for hot showers and hot kitchens – they’re enough to make any normal person feel queasy. But showers are usually in confined spaces, where it’s steamy, it’s humid and there’s not a lot of air flow- so someone with pots may feel weak and tired from a hot shower and have to lie down and drink water afterwards. It’s possible to faint in the shower, but again, if you had that tendency, you would just have lukewarm showers and it wouldn’t be a problem.
Being outside, in the fresh air though and it just being sunny and warm is not enough to cause Jaquie’s extreme ‘heat intolerance’ and fainting, especially because her pots barely even warrants a diagnosis and she’s receiving state of the art treatment.
My theory is that there’s some sort of psychological involvement- some people faint just by thinking about blood. It’s possible Jaquie thinks about fainting more when she’s outdoors, feels nervous (tachycardia), and so she faints. Or, if she feels warm, she faints as a psychological reaction. To me, that’s a plausible explanation for her fainting.
My final piece of insight regarding heat is something I mentioned before- in my experience with pots, it builds up over time, i.e. over some months of hot weather. The body reaches its threshold of coping and starts becoming run down. A flare of pots like this can last for some time and it can be debilitating- it can leave you bedbound for months because that’s how exhaustion works. I don’t think Jaquie has ever experienced this. If she did, we would know about it.
Sorry for the essay. I have more to say about this. Let me know if you want me to.

No. 415459

Exactly- that's the disturbing part of this all. Someone mentioned pots on her Instagram- she researched and found out she could get a port. She didn't get the diagnosis, pushed for iv fluids and a port anyway, finally got the diagnosis and started saying she has severe pots and she has the port to prove it… With no conclusive autonomic findings and Mayo saying she doesn't have it!

No. 415485

I don't doubt that Jaquie begged/ maniuplated the doctor into getting it but I seriously think it is negligent to give a port to anyone not in absolute dire need of one. Medical complications, infection risk etc versus just drinking more?! I understand if someone is having repeated ADMISSIONS (not just emergency department) to hospital and it absolutely cannot be managed without IV access but this is extrememly rare even in those with POTS that impacts them enough to get diagnosed.

No. 415592

You’d think if she had such bad heat intolerance, she’d stop going outside in FL in sweaters. And I was going to post a pic, but jaquie’s deleted a TON off her IG. Anyone know whe that happened? I seemed to have totally missed it! Also, I’m super curious why.

No. 415605

Why do all these pots cows immediately get ports? Wouldn’t it be better to start with a picc line that can be inserted and taken out without a surgical procedure?

No. 415610


Because with a PICC they would have to get a wide angle camera lens shot to show the line in their arm–and it is so much easier to jack the neckline of a v-neck tee and drag the neck opening over to the armpit to show the port, dressing, IV tubing and in Jaquie's case, the (fake)allergic reaction from the port dressing.

No. 415658

The thing about pots is many people suffer with it for years before hand- symptoms usually come to a head and the person is at their worst when they are diagnosed. Then over the coming months to years, with correct treatment and lifestyle adaptions, they slowly get better.
If Jaquie had pots she would have had it all those days she was going to Disney consecutively and all the other places she went dog training. She didn’t seem heat intolerant then, so why is she now? How does she explains all the photos of her at Disney in the sun hugging princesses or with Harlow? It doesn’t automatically get worse as soon as you’re told you have it.
It’s even rare to be given saline in emergency settings for pots, unless you have a knowledgeable doctor, and even then they’d have to decide if you really need it or can just drink more water.
She knows if we found photos of her wearing sweatshirts in the sun, we’d post it here, but there’s enough evidence left that we really don’t even have to.
To be honest, I don’t know how these cows are getting ports, and how Jaquie got hers so quickly and without a diagnosis and without abnormal autonomic test results. It’s a real mystery. (I’ve saged for blogging). In all my years of pots (5-6 years) saline has never even been mentioned to me even when I’ve been at my worst. She also went from EDS-POTS to mast cell and GP really quickly. She might even own the world record for that. I think the doctor she calls her “POTS doctor” is a quack. There’s a doctor in my country who diagnoses literally anyone he sees with pots with EDS right there in his office, and he’s not even a specialist in the field. I’m fairly certain she has one of these doctors.
On another slight tangent, ports and iv therapy is more commonly seen used for pots in the USA than in any other country. I’m pretty sure it’s too commonly diagnosed in the USA as well, especially with the spread of the spoonie movement on Instagram and munchies gathering large followings “spreading awareness”. In the real world, these conditions don’t operate in the way these cows portray them, and the ways they describe them are based on internet interpretations of symptoms. Anyone who’s ever experienced these conditions will see how backward their descriptions are.
In any case, I have nothing against saline therapy for pots when it’s absolutely necessary- as in the person has legitimate other reasons for not being able to drink enough water or retain fluid and sodium or when the person has trialled literally every medication in the book without relief and their pots is debilitating with objective test results- normal Mayo test results do not count and a quack doctor who placed a port as well as OTT reporting of symptoms does not count. Questionable GP also doesn’t count, along with the so called extreme heat intolerance which apparently never existed for Jaquie all those days in the sun at Disney. And even then, I don’t know if a port would be completely necessary. I’m going to end this here before I move on to the $20k+ wheelchair.

No. 415673

Saline therapy with a port or picc or whatever semi-permanent line should be literally the last option, after a good (and documented) exercise regime, legitimately increasing oral fluid and sodium intake, and medical aren’t enough, unless there’s some circumstance that prevents those (which the vast majority of people do not have). Pots is by no means rare, and 99.9 percent of patients survive just fine without saline therapy, and also don’t have to live with the constant risk of infection, which will fuck you up way quicker and worse than pots can. Yet all these munchie cows are running out for their little dangly toys to show off on IG. It’s all fun and games until you get a staph infection and that port gets taken out, granted that infection didn’t kill or permanently maim you.

No. 415699

File: 1509854816040.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4673.PNG)

I found several pics of her in sweaters outside on her IG. Just a couple of minutes ago. Here's one. I can post them all if you want…

No. 415731


It really blows my mind to see these old pics of hers. She actually has a sense of style, she looks like a normal young woman.

Now.. I don't mean this to be offensive to those with autism. But she dresses very um.. autistic now? Is that even a thing? It's like she got diagnosed and went from dressing/looking/acting normally, to suddenly playing the part and very OTT.

Now it's all about her SPD. Her whole wardrobe is plain v-neck t shirts, leggings and sneakers. A raincoat if it's wet. She wears headbands that don't seem to fit her age. That's how she accessorizes. She's got sunglasses and headphones and the soft pillowy cover for her seatbelt. All of that, with her medical devices just SCREAMS "special".

If she dressed like that for her whole life, I wouldn't comment on it. But it's so sudden. It actually seems kind of offensive to people who are, as she puts it, #actuallyautistic (I don't doubt she is autistic, just not to the extent that she claims)

No. 415804

I have a personal munchie cow and she LIVES for the threat of her port getting infected. I think she gets off on it, because her life now consists of calling companies and practices and buildings and chastising their supposed abhorrent hygiene standards because “a port infection could literally kill me.” Well yes, it could, but that’s 100% elective hardware you’ve got that you doctor-shopped from here to Utah to get. And in the event that her port does get infected, I imagine she’ll just use it to corroborate her “immuno-compromisation.” So really, it seems to be a win-win in a munchie’s eyes.

No. 415838

File: 1509872469933.jpg (170.49 KB, 782x998, IQMrH19.jpg)

>>Quick question before I weigh in about her POTS diagnosis. Was she diagnosed by Mayo?

Not really. The doctor told her she had orthostatic intolerance. But Jaquie said that he wrote in her notes somewhere that a previous holter test fitted criteria for POTS.

Then later, she was 'officially diagnosed' with POTS by a local neuro. Based on the tilt table results at Mayo.

So it's not really clear, to be honest. What IS clear however, is that the Mayo doc did not think her test results were so clear to tell her she had POTS. Also, there may be a little bit of confusion here as I noted that I assumed she didn't pass out during the tilt table test, as she would've told us so it that were the case. I know that passing out is not a requirement for the diagnosis. It's just something I pointed out and I found interesting, seeing as she has "severe and special" POTS.

As with almost all of her diagnoses, there is a LOT of going back and forth: Mayo said OI, another local neuro said POTS. Her headache doc (neuro) said she had EDS, the geneticist disagreed. Her local GI says she had GP, the GI at Mayo said she didn't have it but had decreased gastric accomodation. An allergist she saw to look into Mast Cell told her to go away and have her port removed, then her geneticist said she had angioedema attacks and there could still be a mast cell component, then later they or another doc (I can't remember) said she had MCAD. I only regret that she wasn't active on social media when she was diagnosed with narcolepsy and epilepsy, because I wouldn't be too suprised if those diagnosed would've followed a similar pattern.

No. 415841

>>My theory is that there’s some sort of psychological involvement- some people faint just by thinking about blood. It’s possible Jaquie thinks about fainting more when she’s outdoors, feels nervous (tachycardia), and so she faints. Or, if she feels warm, she faints as a psychological reaction.

I think she hardly ever faints. In fact, she just about said so herself. She wrote somewhere that she didn't know if Harlow would alert to her fainting because she didn't have any fainting spells since getting Harlow, outside of fainting triggered by heat. And, she adds to that: "and heat is mostly avoidable". She had Harlow for over a year at that point.

She also said that they got the roomba because she always fainted when she vacuumed. But earlier, she said that she often felt weak and dizzy during vacuuming, and that she 'even actually fainted once'. So that one time she presumably fainted (IF that even happened, of course) went to "I always faint when I vacuum" very quickly.

I do think you are right though that there is a psychological factor in her feeling week and dizzy. Maybe she even has BP problems, who knows. But because she wrote about it for SO long, I tend to believe that she indeed was dizzy and/or lightheaded a lot. But that could very well be normal orthostatic hypotension (like MANY people have, and for the overwhelming majority of people it is not a sign of any pathology) OR a psychogenic reaction. She then read about POTS somewhere and decided to go with that. That's my theory, at least.

No. 415849

If she actually had pots, and even though she doesn’t, vacuuming would literally be way better for her than sitting on her couch watching a damn robot. She’d finally get some exercise.

No. 415852

I could understand one doctor disagreeing with a diagnosis, but multiple doctors disagreeing with multiple diagnoses is more than auspicious. Mayo’s not perfect but they do tend to know less common things such as the heds/pots/mcas syndrome a lot better than other clinics. If multiple doctors there think you don’t have those things, they’re probably right. But jaquie’s got daddy’s money that lets her doctor shop to her heart’s content, and she’s hand-picked the ones that give her what she wants. She’s managed to turn manipulation and malingering into a full-time job and lifestyle.

No. 415873

I guess what I was trying to say is Mayo is pretty well known for diagnosing and treating pots and related syndromes. The fact that she didn't get an easy diagnosis of pots from Mayo speaks wonders.

No. 415981

>>I could understand one doctor disagreeing with a diagnosis, but multiple doctors disagreeing with multiple diagnoses is more than auspicious.

Yes! That's why I posted the whole thing, because although it is a LOT to read through, it does show clear patterns.

Like you say: it is possible that one doc might disagree with another. Especially with diagnoses like EDS, where criteria are not completey objective (what is a 'soft' skin? How much stretch qualifies as 'stretchy'? Do you use a goniometer for measuring hypermobility or do you just go by looking alone?) and it even seems like some doctors are using their very own criteria. I get that. But when multiple doctors disagree on basically ALL your diagnoses, something is just not right.

The same goes for how she rewrites her own history: I get that sometimes your symptoms just happen to get worse after you were diagnosed. Coincidence is a real thing. But when it happens every single time, that's very odd.

I also get how you can describe your symptoms different or even experience your symptoms differently after you discover what's actually happening. This may be a tiny bit blogging but I can't think of another example, but as a child I used to say that my shoulders got "stuck" and I had to twist and turn a little bit until they popped to "unstuck" them. Now I know I was having subluxations, so even when what happens is the very same thing, the terminology I use is very different. I once though I had muscular pain that turned out to be nerve pain. Stuff like that, it just happens. But that's not what we see with Jaquie. Yes, she talked about pain in her legs and later about both muscular and joint pain (the latter in her hips) but she NEVER mentioned a clicking, popping, or snapping sensation until someone in the comments mentioned subluxations. After that all of a sudden she is having subluxations. The same thing happened to her POTS: she had 'low BP'/'BP drops' for AGES but only starts to mention heart rate issues after someone suggested POTS. And with her MCAS: never mentioned allergic reactions and all of a sudden she is "allergic to everything". And, last but not least, with her GP. Her GI wanted to test her "to cover all the bases" and Jaquie even said she didn't think she had it, because she thought her symptoms were explained by her CVS. She rarely mentioned nausea before her GI referred her for a GES, but after that, she suddenly has daily nausea? Also: pretty much ALL of her symptoms seem to have gotten worse after she was diagnosed. Or just before the diagnosis.

I mean: sure it is possible that one or maybe even two of those are a coincidence, but ALL of them? No way.

No. 416004

Honestly what you’re saying makes soo much sense. Thanks for putting it all into perspective. It’s like you’ve cracked her entire story lol. Perhaps the craziest part of her “symptoms getting worse after diagnosed” thing I think is the GP. That one is so obvious to me because how can someone literally not even think they have GP… then get diagnosed with “mild GP” and then months later need a fucking FEEDING TUBE? That one is a clear indicator on its own. I think it’s one of her, if not her worst offense.

No. 416021

>>FEEDING TUBE? That one is a clear indicator on its own. I think it’s one of her, if not her worst offense.

Well, it's up there. But how about asking your doctor for IV saline for POTS before you even get that diagnosis? Then going to four doctors (that she hand picked, so it's not like the first just didn't know about POTS) until you find one that will prescribe it and then decide on a port after your SECOND infusion? O, and starting to talk about a port months before you even start with the infusions in the first place? And never trying compression stockings before you start IV fluid therapy?

I'd say that was the worst one. The feeding tube is a good second though. Kek.

No. 416024

She dresses just like Mary Frey. Does anyone who has watched them both for a while know who started with daily leggings and tshirts first?

No. 416025

No. 416032


She really wants those day feeds, complaining about the tube kinking because she moves around so much at night.

Trying to justify her fancy adjustable mattress by saying her current bed causes her chronic pain, of course.

Jaquie's mom is moving out to a building across the inlet. I don't remember that being mentioned in previous videos, but I have only been able to stand them in sparing amounts lately. Didn't she move in because it was unsafe for J to be alone or something?

No. 416033

It's insane how she always has something new to buy. Now she needs a new mattress. She will ALWAYS find something new to need. It will never be done. Poor Judd, now a new mattress which they will probably never have sex in.

No. 416035

Yes. She moved bc J couldn't be alone but almost immediately took a full time job (good on her but it doesn't make sense with the given story) and now she's getting her own place because she values her privacy. Can't really blame her. J is intolerable with her constant vlogging and inserting her illnesses into every convo regardless of how mundane.

No. 416047

I know munchies like to be sick, but it is beyond me how she would want all of that for her life. Basically giving up eating and becoming a hermit to have a story for youtube. Does anyone know how many doctors she has actually seen?

No. 416050

You'd think she would try to work on editing this being her only job. Wtf with the weird intro with awkward cut before musical intrO?

No. 416051

Their relationship is extremely odd. If she's really as fragile as she claims I would doubt they have had sex as a married couple. They've been married since June and it's been one crisis after another.

No. 416055


Yeah, there's no way. She's so frail and her EDS is so sooper severe that she can't even turn her head to the side (supposedly), bend down, or sit in certain chairs. Do you really think she'd be able to take a pounding from someone like Judd, who has to be in decent physical shape for his military job?

Also, if her "sensory processing disorder" is so bad that she can't even wear crew-neck shirts (copying Mary Frey pretty deliberately on that one) or eat weird textured food like bananas, I doubt she'd be putting a dick in her mouth or doing anything else of the kind.

There's no way Judd's getting any. He probably hasn't been for a long long time.

No. 416056

Hmmm as much as I don't want to think about Jacquie and Judd having sex people who ARE seriously ill do still have sex, even hooked up to machines and such!

No. 416063

Especially since communications/video editing is going to be her major. The irony of a self centered individual who is oblivious to everyone in terms of feelings, reactions etc going into communications is staggering

No. 416066


I think that's part of the point, though? People are are actually ill want to be normal and live normal lives and have normal desires, so they find a way to have sex.

Jaq doesn't want to be well or do well-person things, she wants to be frail and fragile and delicate. Whereas someone who is actually ill needs a wheelchair, Jaq has essentially just opted for one. So it seems possible that she would opt not to have sex because it doesn't go along with her glass-and-paper-body show.

No. 416068

As someone with an autistic spectrum disorder I have no idea why she'd choose to study her weakest area!?

No. 416069

Yeh but why would Judd be with her if there was no sex?!

No. 416074

Possibly because she has zero self awareness.

No. 416076

He is whipped. At this point, he probably feels he's too deep in to just break off. They live together, it would probably be a huge hassle to get rid of her and he'd probably get shamed because she's sooper speshial and sick. Or maybe it's savior's complex.

No. 416081

Well yeh. Maybe post diagnosis she should have persued help in that area rather than chasing after all these other specialists!

No. 416095

It's pretty much been established that most of what J says is utter tripe, but one thing I don't understand is why all of a sudden she 'couldn't' wear anything other than v-necks when she used to dress so nicely. There are several photos of her wearing round-necked tops on her IG, e.g. >>415699 but now she 'can't' wear them because of SPD? If she was sensitive to them, she would have been sensitive to them before she was diagnosed rather than suddenly realising she couldn't wear anything but v-necks after her diagnosis.

No. 416099

I honestly think her preference for V-necks is to show off her port.

No. 416100

Yup! As an adult you just don't buy things you don't find comfortable and you definitely don't wear them.
Did the v-necks coinside with ther port?

Also sensory issues in autism effect everyone differently but the fact she can train Harlow in noisy places and Disney etc is ridiculous. I think she just likes disney because it has the disabled stuff so her disability is constantly highlighted plus the sick kid vibe.

No. 416133

File: 1509989365267.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4677.PNG)

Based on her IG she seems to have a preference for V/necks and boat necks. There are quite a few pics of her wearing crew necks tho

No. 416134

File: 1509989428675.png (1.37 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4679.PNG)

Watch me turn my neck y'all!

No. 416137

Her vlogs seem to be getting shorter and shorter with less and less detail. She hasn't shown food in three days. Just an observation.

No. 416168


You don't just develop an intolerance for all types of clothing - although it seems J seems to develop a variety of symptoms after every supposed diagnosis.
Having worked with hundreds of individuals with autism (and still keeping in mind that every individual is different), I have also noted that while its not uncommon for people with ASD/SPD to have sensory issues related to clothes (hate certain fabrics, tags, etc…) I have seen very few individuals who are as rigid as J in that they claim they can only wear one kind of clothes. (I have one client who has a closet full of the same shirt/shorts to wear at home - but even he wears different clothes to go outside). I find it hard to believe that she can't tolerate anything except a v-neck/leggings but that she is able to tolerate the vog-mask, tubiepad, tubes in general. If her sensory issues were truly so bad she can only wear very specific clothes, then they would also be really bad in a variety of other areas (e.g. the kid who can't tolerate shoes on his feet also has very severe texture issues with food and hates loud, crowded places).

No. 416206

Honestly I think you just hit the nail on the head..how can she tolerate a suffocating mask on but not a T-shirt that isn’t a vneck? Also she put the T-shirt her friend sent her on H, she should put in on, snap a pic, send to friend thanking them..easy!!!

No. 416223

File: 1509994019542.png (3.5 MB, 1536x2048, 401EC43A-4C76-4A03-8A64-1B54AC…)

She just has to bring up “muh ehlers-danlos pain” since she’s recently forgotten about it over the excitement of her chair. But she’s obviously bored again, so on (back) to something new (old) kek. So so brave getting all that ivig she doesn’t need and is most likely paying for out of pocket

No. 416226

File: 1509994080631.png (263.35 KB, 1536x2048, EF079CB1-B478-4013-9D3B-316811…)

Gotta make sure every line shows in the picture kek

No. 416242

Why does she have a fitness tracker if she “can’t” exercise? Seems like yet another waste of money for someone who claims to be so financially desperate. It is pink, though, so I suppose she was technically forced to buy it

No. 416278

It's her medical I'D band

No. 416304

When I first started watching her vlogs, somebody asked her about this in the comments and she replied that the subject of sex isn't something she wants to cover on her channel at all, etc.

I guess that partly makes sense but it also just doesn't jibe with her usual "spreading awareness and helpful tips" things. Plus, she tells us every other damn thing about her body. Her response just made me feel like maybe they don't have a healthy sex life/relationship in a lot of ways because there are certainly polite and professional ways to talk about those sorts of issues and how they relate to illness, especially when your job is sharing your life. (But maybe Judd told her no, who knows.)

No. 416311

I feel like the reason she may not discuss her sex life is because Mary Frey has stated that she will not discuss her and Peter's sex life. We all know that Jaquie has to be just like Mary…

No. 416325

Shouldn’t she just wear that black binder around her neck? How does she get all of her invisible illnesses on there??

No. 416364

I imagine they do have sex. There’s a slew of things that J CAN do and we see it when she fails to edit it out of her videos (bending down, sweaters in Florida heat despite her ~heat intolerance,~ turning her neck, etc.) so we can assume there’s a distinct difference between the world’s sickest spoonie she shows on Instagram and their own, private lives that aren’t documented. I don’t lurk enough to know if Judd is aware of or involved in her social media hyperbolic medical bullshit, but I think at this point he’s probably learned not to comment on her innumerable inconsistencies that he sees literally every day. I think he’ll especially keep that buttoned if it gets him that “hypermobile” lay.

No. 416365

What a thumbnail from Jaquie today!

No. 416387

i refuse to watch her vlogs, is that normal for tubes? or is that her famed purging? i dont have a tube and do not understand what is going on

No. 416390

>stopper pulls out clearly past 8 ml, her prescribed volume
>hides syringe offscreen

“Wow, there’s only 7 ml, I don’t know if you guys can see.”

No. 416392

Supposedly the reason for the kink that landed her in the ER twice and caused the feeding tube change is because the water in the balloon that holds the tube in place leaked out. So her doctor told her to change the water every two weeks to prevent that from happening again.

No. 416396

And then she says, "a little over 7ml, but good to know I am checking it for a reason" eye roll.
How soon before she stops vlogging? They are super short now and contain basically nothing.

No. 416417

I don’t think that’s a possibility. Kinks tend to come from violent vomiting (such as the self-induced variety…just saying), and I don’t even think that was the problem she had, because it’s intensely painful, causes you to vomit fairly continuously, and is something they tend to fix right away (she wouldn’t have gotten another precious buhtun, but they’d put in a functional tube to get her through, which didn’t happen).

No. 416420

Decreased volume in the balloon causes the tube to be looser, which means more gastric leakage (so, so lovely. I totally see why munchies want tubes, nothing’s more fun than scrubbing that shit out of your clothes) and the increased possibility of incorrect jxtube placement and even that the tube can come out with much less (or even) no tugging.

No. 416421

I’m checking because it’s my fun fun toy and also because I’m now a sad lonely bitch with literally nothing else to do.

No. 416424

File: 1510005957629.png (528.87 KB, 1536x2048, 33D90219-D6E0-410D-ABA9-7DC0BD…)

Jesus, her tube is fucking huge. That’s probably the only reason it hasn’t gotten clogged. Most people have either a 14 or more commonly a 16 fr tube. Hers is an 18.

No. 416435

Just to throw in there that hEDS people can definitely have sex, even if they’re special snowflake spoonies. That’s where hEDS comes from, it’s not a random mutationn t’s a dominant genetic inheritance pattern, so if someone has it, at least one biological parent does, too, and y’all can figure out the rest.

No. 416443


I don't think it's a matter of whether or not she can… It's just that she won't. Honestly I just don't see her wanting to. Someone who's so hyper focused on their illness, getting worse and worse, always in pain etc, always exhausted, deconditioned, never aware of what other people want, she's not going to get to bed at night and suddenly jump on babe. Or get jumped on.

Haven't you guys seen how miserable Judd is? But he's resigned to it. The most fun they have as a couple is eating ("just a few bites!") And watching tv.

And let's just say they do actually have sex, it's not going to be good. Jaquie must be the most vanilla girl in Florida. It'd be in missionary but she wouldn't even be able to get her legs up.

No. 416445


I mean also she's a child. She's so desperate to be a child.

No. 416447


Look at her thighs. She's obviously gained weight. She actually looks a lot different here to how she'd normally show herself. But she's SO sick you guys. She can only eat a FEW BITES

(She's not fat obviously, on any other girl I wouldn't comment on that weight, it looks healthy. But this is Jaq and she's the sickest most malnourished girl on the planet)

No. 416456


Right. I don't think anyone here is doubting that she CAN have sex, it's just whether or not she would. And even if people with hEDS can have sex, almost certainly her's is WAY TOO SEVERE and RARE and DIFFERENT for her to have sex.

No. 416469

When she was going through her severely malnourished stage, she looked pretty healthy and a good weight and was eating a decent amount even with what she showed on camera and I'm fairly sure she would have been eating off camera. Yet, she announced in hospital something like "because of how frail I am… blah blah blah."

No. 416471


Yeah exactly. She just wouldn't want to do it. And Judd probably never tries anyway, he knows he's going to get scoffed at with a condescending "babe-ugh!"

Now here's a theory.. what if he's gay? Closeted obviously. But I can kind of see it. He might not even know it or admit it to himself. But it might explain why he married someone he knows he's not gonna get any from.

It seems obvious to me that jaq doesn't want to have sex. But now that I think about it, I don't see Judd wanting it either. He seems very childish sometimes, immature. Yes he's got a "tough guy" type of career, But what if that's because he's severely over compensating?

No. 416474


Agreed that what she portrays on social media does not necessarily equate to what she does in real life when the cameras are off. Its easy to portray the super sick life on camera and get all the attention and pity points and then turn off the camera whenever its convenient so that you can do whatever you want. There may be aspects of their relationship that they don't show to the camera because it would highlight the fact that she isn't as sick/disabled as she would like people to think (even though there are lots of very sick/disabled people who can and do have sex). Also I suspect that talking about their sex life would probably spoil her image and make her seem more like an adult than a helpless child. Judd may be able to put up with the online shenanigans because things aren't so illness focused when the cameras are off and because ultimately there are making some money off this who charade.

No. 416500

I have wondered this myself but didn't want to bring it up. There are a lot of videos of him and Paul hugging and kissing (not on the lips but still.. it's odd) and saying they love each other. I get the possible platonic bromance thing, but I have wondered more than a few times if it's more than that with them.

No. 416504


If there actually was something going on between them I think they'd be more secretive, and way less affectionate publicly.

I think it's more likely they're both fully closeted. that's if Paul is gay lol, which honestly I don't think he is. If anything he's bi. But who knows. I guess we shouldn't speculate…

(Still think Judd is gay tho, have you SEEN those booty shorts he wears? And the fact that he loves cardigans? And maybe, just maybe.. his love for movies starring hot sexy big men is more than just being an action movie fan)

No. 416527


Not blogging, just responding to OP question about heat sensitivity. I have thermodysregulation from another disease, not POTS. I have a rare, it really is rare, I promise, disease and I don't sweat. I haven't my whole life, so overheating is daily for me. I can overheat when it's 60 degrees out because my autonomic nerve function is fucked in regard to body temp, etc.. So, her being tolerant of 80+ degree weather is a red flag. I literally walk from shade to shade, and can never wear long sleeves or winter clothes unless it's 50 or less. So her being able to wear layers like we've seen is also a red flag. Because it doesn't matter if it's weather causing heat or clothing, or both, it raises your core temp and overheats you, fairly fast, to the point of discomfort but not passing out etc. While it is true that cooking can cause the heat in a kitchen to become intolerable quite quickly, I keep a fan running in mine for this reason, her other reports like not being able to handle a bathroom with no a/c is a crock. And then blacking out, or nearly from it in a few minutes, is not accurate. You can feel yourself starting to get warm, but it takes a sustained exposure to high heat or exerting yourself in lower temps to reach the overheated state she's describing where you have to use ice to cool down etc. And based on her ability to deal with heat, without incident, on all her Florida outings tell me her heat sensitivity is not that bad if she has it at all. And I also live in an extremely hot weathered state.

Sage for the blogging part, but it seemed relevant.

No. 416528

Ty for clearing up a little info on her tube. There most likely are other anons who check in this thread that aren't chronically ill or have a tube. A little clarification goes a long way with explaining milk.

And wouldn't it be more relatable if these vloggers gave a window into intimate relationships? Everyone understands how you feel about drs and devices, but for fucks sake, a normal relationship will have an argument every now and then. It would be so brave and stunning and inspiring if someone gave a realistic window into what sex life would be with someone who supposedly has 13 different dxs.

No. 416539

I have a fave (actually chronically ill) vlogger who does this (though not mega detail) about sex, just clear that it happens and open about things like how first night her now wife stayed over and her carer just walked in in the morning etc. and how when her wife helps her up the stairs on a bad day she still squeezes her bum etc. She is SUPER English though and I think her humour might not reach an internationally audience but IMO she is pretty great at the balance between her actual passions and her disability.

Sage, for obvious reasons!

No. 416682

The kind she has collects heart rate data and sleep cycle along with activity and foot steps. Which she probably uses said heart rate data to show how super serious her pots is. Which those things aren’t all that accurate anyways.

No. 416683

It's really hard for me to imagine Mary and Peter having sex. They seem more like a father and daughter than a couple half the time.

No. 416692

No. 416712

As someone with autism and a feeding tube I couldn't agree more. If anything I'm able to tolerate different clothes better since the sensory issues with my tube are way more on the forefront. Labels are less likely to bother you when you have something that is bothering you much more.

No. 416722

Topkek. Those grip-lock bandages would be impossible to use if she truly has eds because they will rip your skin off

No. 416733


I don't know where you live but here a 18fr tube is actually considered small. Nasal tubes are usually smaller but for gastric tubes it's really normal. It also depends on the formula you use but some actually mark 18 as the minimum because of clogging and friction.

No. 416824


Mary did it first, I think it started as hospital clothes and became everyday wear.

No. 416839

there was an anon in one of the munchie threads before J had her own who claimed to know them irl and said Judd isn't the sweet innocent victim of Jac's BS that everyone thinks he is. The only proof they gave was an old twitter with some racist tweets, but we see again and again men who date munchies in the longterm with no apparent gain or reciprocity of care (see: Dani, Robyn).

I personally think people in these relationships, where one person is obviously malingering, can be just as weird and interesting as the munchies themselves. Some like feeling needed and being in a caretaker role, but I think others like having someone dependent on them (ie helpless without them), or the reflected attention of the illness (like munchausen's by proxy). Then there's the argument that they must just get really good sex out of it. Kind of reminds me of the partners/enablers on my 600lb life, who happily feed, bathe and literally wipe the assholes of obese people, and then get really distressed when the person gets healthy and gains independence. From the screenshots above, it seems to me like Jac's symptoms and behaviour escalate to full-time munchie status after Judd gets home from deployment and she has someone to care for/enable her full time.

No. 416920

>>From the screenshots above, it seems to me like Jac's symptoms and behaviour escalate to full-time munchie status after Judd gets home from deployment and she has someone to care for/enable her full time.
I've wondered about that. To be honest it's not entirely clear to me. It is true that it all escalated after he came home. But at the same time, things had been set in motion before that. E.g. her appointment at Mayo was already made before Judd came home.

So while it is true that before he came home she was at Disney almost every other day and was A LOT more active, it's not like things came out of nowhere only after Judd came home. They did get a lot worse though, and it escalated ever further after that. So yeah, I think there is a connection but I don't think that's all. The fact that she had already made the appointment and was talking about her 'blood pressure problems' more before he even came home can mean two things (and maybe more?) It could mean 1. that she somehow allowed it to escalate more because Judd was home, or 2. that she planned the whole thing.

O, and thanks >>416527 for explaining that. The "We had to leave early on my boyfriends birthday (who just came home from deployment and is having his first birthday at home) because the TOILET DIDN'T HAVE A/C" sounds SO OTT to me. Now I know why: because it is.

No. 416935

Those speculating about Jaquie and Judd's personal life, Jaquie has said her 'doctors' agree she shouldn't have kids and hinted that it might kill her. I wonder if she has no interest in it and uses that as an excuse. So of course, I can imagine Jaquie tells Judd she can't have kids - can't risk it without contraception and of course can't take contraceptive pills because of their "risks". So the whole thing is a great big "risk" to Jaquie's health… so far though, I don't see any real evidence of any real disease in Jaquie. I'm sure she's perfectly capable of bearing children and being a mother who won't be off in munchie land all the time.

I don't picture Jaquie to be maternal or have any motherly instincts at all though. I can see Judd with a happy family and children though…

No. 416937

Although, if I was a doctor and I suspected a patient with many illnesses was a munchie I might vaguely warn against having kids based on their current state of health if I could see a potential threat of MBP

No. 416940

I mean, if Jaquie had a kid, I can at least imagine her pushing for an Eds diagnosis for the kid, then the GP, and another uncessesary tube for the kid and the "journey" begins…. I would rather pull my own teeth out than see this unfold

No. 416944


Childbirth might kill her??? For real. How. In the same way it can kill any woman? That sounds about right.

I'm sure the doctor just said something like "well it'll always hold risks" and she took that and ran it through her OTT machine until to her he meant "don't do it or you will die!!!"


Well, telling a patient they shouldn't have kids because it'll "kill them" just because you hold the opinion that they'd be a bad parent would go against a whole lot of medical practice laws, but whatevs.

No. 416948

I'm just saying it would cross my mind. If it crossed my mind- maybe whoever warned her about not having kids thought about it too. All they'd have to say is having a child may come with extra risks- enough for a munchie to take OTT.

I just think if Jaquie had a child, it would have to be a sooper speshal spoonie and genetic anomaly like herself.

No. 416998


Well like you pointed out, the doctor probably didn't say what Jaq reports they said.
They most likely said something like, "pregnancy puts a strain on anyone's body and if you're having these difficulties already…"

Also, do you remember what Jaq says whenever she talks about her daily medications in videos? She insists that she takes the bear minimum medication and that everything she takes is really important for her wellbeing. So if she had to come off a few medications before she could get pregnant that alone is probably enough to maybe kill her (if she believes her own bullshit)

No. 417022


Its also totally possible that her and Judd don't have any desire to have kids, which would probably be best for the hypothetical kids sake.
Not everyone is accepting of the idea that a couple wouldn't want kids. However, you can earn so many more pity points if you claim you can't have kids because you are so super sick. I doubt any doctor would say that having a baby would kill you - I can see them strongly discouraging it as it could be detrimental to your health
Plus the Frey's have made multiple videos about how they won't have kids due to Mary's health and we know J aspires to be Mary

No. 417031

They say they want to adopt though.

No. 417033

Why would Jaquie ever want a child that would take the spotlight off herself? She has copied Mary Frey on everything from clothes to ports, to IVs, inhalers, feeding tubes and to not having children. Mary's CF causes legitimate infections, blocked enzymes to digest oral food, and true lung/breathing problems, qualifying her port and feeding tube. Mary & Peter have decided not to have children because of the possibility of passing on the CF link and because Mary has a terminal disease and might not be here to raise a child. While Mary is loving towards chidren, Jaquie spends every day trying to be as ill as Mary, which is her mental problem more than a physical one. She could never give the time or energy to a child because she already redirects every conversation and situation with others back to herself and is too busy with her own personal checklist of rotating illness symptoms, complaints and desired treatments to care for a child. She can't even walk the dog! She would be devastated to have Judd give attention to a child.
While Mary has a real CF "team", Jaquie has doctor shopped until she found enabling doctors–Jaquie uses "We" over and over, like she has a team too when she is really alone in her illness world. Judd has 2 jobs, J's mom moved out and works, and Janiece, her only friend is consumed with building her own list of illnesses and YT Patreons to get money. Jaquie dismissed the Mayo docs, who have access to more info, see more cases of, and may not have fed into her chronic illness theory–not all Mayo docs may be equally good, but is it a coincidence that more than one disagreed with her outside diagnoses and treatments? If any of the docs actually said she shouldn't have kids, maybe they were referring to her mental illness that doesn't allow her to think of others. Jaquie puts her own spin of what doctors tell her for the dramatic effect. She has fallen down the rabbit hole of believing she has chronic illnesses–how could she ever crawl out now and have any normal productive life since she has disabled herself?
She seems to have some talent in training service dogs–too bad she can't get her mind off herself–she could provide a valuable service training service dogs for others. It seems her communications degree goal would be to learn how to have better content and edit her YT and IG posts because she can't leave home alone, can't/won't drive and is self-focused, so couldn't get an outside job. A degree would help her get more YT Patreons and income with her social media communications degree. Great goal, Jaquie!

Buckle up–pain doc visit today. Pain meds, injections, orders to rest from her "team" in the forecast. "We think, we decided, we are going to….."

No. 417049

Even if you have an actual 'team' you really DON'T get that much say. Obviously you can decline treatment and sometimes there is the choice between 2 medicines or in terminal conditions further treatment vs quality of life. However until you're really in that treatment vs quality of life stage you really don't get much choice, you really don't get that much time with doctors to sit as discuss things even if you're majorly ill, because they are just trying to make you less ill. If you aren't majorly ill then to be honest doctors don't really care a whole lot about you opinion beyond consent because they have majorly ill people to see!

No. 417053

This is just a load of rubbish.

Blogging but: my mum has spinobifida and she started planning a family before they knew that folic acid prevents spinobifida. So she saw a geneticist and they said it was a 1 in 4 chance a child of hers would have spinobifida (this is the 1980s fyi!). Even with this and bearing in mind my mum is incredibly short, has basically 1 lung, spinobifida she could pass on and what turns out to be in 2017 language EDS (diagnosed aged 60!) they were STILL supportive of her having kids. (Bonus she was on the UK trial for taking folic acid pre-pregnancy and none of us have spinobifida).

Through being consultant led through her pregnancy (in the UK it is normal to just have a midwife) she met loads of other women each pregnancy (3) who had complex health but were persuing parenthood.

I know this is a single sample but I've had it myself even as a single person still in uni where I've seen geneticists and they've talked to me about future family and genetic risk etc. but they've never ever suggested I don't have kids!

No. 417080

It just stupifies me that J thinks she is a chronic illness advocate, informant, advisor, etc. because she only talks about her limitations and what she CAN'T do, never what she CAN do despite illness. Can't eat (except when she has smoothies, fried food, Menchies, etc.), can't lift (except her wheelchair into the car), can't move due to pain (except sitting cross-legged on the floor or turning her arms and neck –see 11/4 vlog when she twists neck & turns in the wheelchiir), can't have noise due to her SPD (but is fine without earphones at Disney), has narcolepsy (but watches endless Disney & Netflix shows), etc. True 'Chronic Illness Warriors' can't decide when and where they will have the symptoms. Load of crap, Jaq!

No. 417082


With this, I think we should remember they're really young. She's only 21. So she might not want kids now because, well, she's still basically a kid. Maybe in a few years she will want one. And if she really wanted one, she'd manipulate her story to make it seem like it's risky, but ultimately okay for her to pursue that.

I do think it's a legitimate fear, though, that if she had a child in the mental state she is in now, the child would mysteriously need a port and feeding tube and we'd all just be watching a crime happen on YouTube. That would just be horrifying.

No. 417083

Does she actually believes she's sick? I could see that if she believes it hard enough, she might genuinely get light headed and tired and all of that. Or does she have any sense she's full of shit?

No. 417084

I think because chronic illnesses are 'often' disbelieved/ hard to diagnose she actually thinks it is ok to play up symtoms to get what she 'needs'. I don't think she fully thinks she is making it up but I think on some level she must know she is 'exagerating' but justifies it as 'otherwise the doctors don't understand, you have to say how it is on your worst day' etc.

No. 417233

In my area, the main EDS specialist specifically warns patients to stay away from pain specialists. Pain specialists don’t look to treat problems, they just want to cover them up. They often way over-prescribe medication, and can create dependence issues that can become way more of a problem than the pain ever was. Besides, heavy painkillers are not suggested for regular use in someone that young presenting with lifelong health issues, even legitimate EDS shouldn’t use opioids regularly, except for occasional uncontrolled pain. It’s just too much of a risk, especially when physical therapy is just as, if not more, effective. Sadly jaquie’s probably going to get sucked into the world of opioid addiction, and since she’s got absolutely nothing going on in her life, she’s got no reason to recover.

No. 417255

Our cow is getting her new mattress! Eye roll.

No. 417257

File: 1510077070422.png (1.66 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4707.PNG)

And once again she is over the moon about her new toy

No. 417264

Omg you guys, she had a script for a hospital bed so she didn't have to pay sales tax on her new adjustable $5000 retail bed.

No. 417269

In today's vlog she claims that she can't walk across the restaurant they are at to use the restroom so Judd has to get her wheelchair. Face palm.

No. 417273

The sheer amount of money she spends makes me so, so angry. Especially since she’s constantly begging for money online. Just in the last two weeks it’s been her $15,000 wheelchair (unnecessary), another round of ivig for possibly up to $10,00-$15,000 (also unnecessary), and now a $5000 bed (again, unnecessary). That’s more than what a lot of people earn in a whole year, with a college degree.

No. 417277

Her EDS is so bad it doesn’t affect her stupid thumb at all. Which is one of the most often affected joints, and hers is totally straight, very much not even hypermobile at all.

No. 417278

File: 1510078053000.png (1.35 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4708.PNG)

Her dinner on date night with Babe. She acted like such a child, pretending she couldn't possibly figure out what was safe for her to eat. She made him choose the meal. And then claimed (maybe just for the camera who knows) that she wouldn't even try to eat it.

No. 417284

File: 1510078299152.jpeg (23.94 KB, 388x210, C9F09133-67B2-45DC-B78C-522D83…)

For contrast, here is a fairly hypermobile thumb. Most people with eds can bend their thumbs back to at least a ninety degree angle.

No. 417286

Why? If you’re going to fake gastroparesis, at least play along. No one with actual GP that needs a jtube can eat even a little of that. And there’s no way you could “vent” that shit out.

No. 417289

She’s gotten all the diagnoses she wanted, and now gives no fucks. She’s not even trying to stick with real symptoms other than her whining

No. 417290

Direct quote "the severity of my gastroparesis is varied" …she says this when talking about an attempt to transistion to day feeds and is referencing how some days are worse that others. How is it possible for a stomach to be more paralyzed on one day than another? She also claims that night feeds makes her reflux worse. If her tube goes straight to her small intestine, how would that make reflux worse? Can anyone with GP weigh in on this?

Sage for ignorance.

No. 417310

Yeah, well, she forgot and used her fork before she took a picture of the meal, so clearly she is at least tried it.

No. 417313

GP can get better and worse, but not have a day where you can’t eat anything followed by a day where you eat a steak and a bunch of vegetables. It’s always there to an extent. Maybe one day you can tolerate a popsicle, but the next day it makes you sick, or more likely, you have a couple better weeks followed by a few weeks that are worse. And you shouldn’t get reflux from j tube feeds unless you already get reflux, the feeds don’t affect it that much. Most Gp clinics specifically work to transition you to night-only feeds just because it’s a heck of a lot easier. The vast majority of us don’t enjoy having to carry around a backpack like a preschooler. And also, when food makes you sick enough to need a j tube, you tend to not want to eat it at all. Eating and “venting” isn’t a perfect system like jaquie seems to claim.

No. 417328


Its very well possible that kids aren't even on their mind right now as they are still very young (honestly didn't even realize she was only 21).
If they do decide to have kids, I agree she will likely manipulate the story to make it seem like it is high risk but possible.
If they want to adopt, she is going to likely have to change the story too. I am not an adoption expert, but generally the clearances mandate that you need to be medically stable (and have a life expectancy that will last until the child reaches 16/adulthood). Seeing as how her whole persona revolves about her super unstable medical conditions, which she highly publicizes, I doubt she would qualify (people with disabilities/illnesses can and do adopt - but generally are not the type who spend all their time talking about how sick they are).
I guess surrogacy would be an option. Although frankly, at this time I can't see Jacquie having any desire to have the energy and attention around her going to anyone except herself.
Given their age, I would think kids aren't necessarily something they have really thought about. And its totally fine (and probably best for everyone) if they choose not to have a kid.

No. 417356

With her first shot in the restaurant looking 'difficult' I though she was having a rough time with the noise in there. I mean, I found it hard to deal with, and I wasn't even there. And I don't have SPD. Jaquie however seemed unphased by it and just kept talking in the camera.

No. 417374

Her husband took her out to dinner and ordered her mac and cheese. They don’t need a kid because jaquie still is one. Besides, she’s to self-centered to take care of her dog, let alone another human. I hope,for everyone’s sake, that they never reproduce.

No. 417425

RE: 7/6 vlog: The common most sensible approach to split feedings is to tube feed at night for the bulk of caloric intake–this allows for an appetite during the day. Her GP symptoms will be worse if she is running a high rate of her beloved Kate Farms AND tries to eat orally, all during the day. Of course, that would be thrilling for her so she could vomit the oral food! (Looks like she has been vomiting, based on how puffy her eyes & face is in today's vlog). Probably needed to vomit if she ate that floating-in-oil food that Babe ordered her.

Didn't she seem a little euphoric today? Maybe thrilled that she got to go to the GI doc. Or maybe it was the anticipation of seeing the pain doc and getting more drugs. Of course, she IS getting the new toy–the expensive bed. Thank you Patreons! Or maybe it was because she got to demonstrate the Barbie car at the restaurant–I wonder if she wore the pink gloves to wheel to the bathroom–but she couldn't just wheel herself to the bathroom, park the w/c, get up & use the toilet–she had to wheel herself INTO the bathroom. I wonder what customers at other tables thought when they saw her injecting drugs in public, what with the opiod epidemic in the daily news)?–SHOWTIME FELLOW DINERS!

Speaking of her illness checklist, she mentioned POTS (too weak to walk, infusions), metabolic disorder (low-for-her blood sugar), pain (hip & stomach), GP (reflux, nausea, tube feeds & pump & showed THE PEOPLE how to inject drugs into her port), and her extreme need for a service dog with crashing blood sugar. She has a few more illnesses on her list that she can mention tomorrow that she missed today.

Maybe her secret "news" is her new shopping list for Patreons to purchase. After all, Christmas is coming for Chronically Crazy!

No. 417435

So Mary Frey Just started with a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor. My bet is that her "news" is that her "team" has recommended she get one to try and monitor her "low" blood sugar (for the record a blood sugar in the 60's is not really low. Many many many people have blood sugar in the 60's at many times during the day, this is entirely normal).

No. 417447

60s (or 6.0 here in the UK) is nor odd! I mean yeh, it is odd if you've just eaten but I regularly have blood glucose below 3 pre-meals. I DON'T have any metabolic problems, diabetes or anything related. I'm a bit rubbish at taking my lunch break dead on time etc.
I literally DID have to check my blood sugars and record my food for a few days and they weren't at all concerned, like obviously I wasn't fainting or falling into a coma or anything.

ALSO I get that in America you do have to buy a lot of your medical equipment and that means maybe you just have shops you can buy this stuff in (?) but why on earth would someone buy a glucose monitor or ??? I mean you can buy a shower stool, walker etc in the UK in shops (mainly aimed at elderly people rather than lifetime disabled) and I get you can buy anything online but over here you can't just pop in a shop and be measured for a wheelchair or buy a blood glucose monitor and sharps bin etc?

No. 417450


What a coincidence that she had a blood sugar issue the day she went to the GI doctor. It's almost like she wanted a Dexcom…

No. 417451

My thumb bends back further than the picture and I don't even have EDS.
- Has Jaquie ever shown us her hyper mobile joints? I feel like I could pick any random stranger on the street and they'd be more hyper mobile than her, not just in terms of thinking. Kek

Sage for minor blogging

No. 417453

Fairly sure her excuse would be 'my team told me not to do part tricks'

No. 417456


Exactly. I have type 1 diabetes so if my blood sugar was in the 60's I would treat because I likely had too much insulin on board. Interestingly, I was very currious about what a non-diabetic persons blood sugar would be at random times so I had my roommate (who does not have diabetes) wear my dexcom for a few days. He spent a good portion of every day in the 60's and did not feel "low" at all. We forgot to turn the alarms off at first and actually ended up having to turn them off because he was in the 60's so frequently.

No. 417478

There is a video clip of her bending her thumb to her forearm and she says she can do other things but she is not going to show us because of the potential damage from hyperextending. I thought it was a thumbnail for one of the vlogs but I can't find it and don't remember enough about the rest of the video to try to narrow it down. If another anon does know, posting it would be great.

No. 417487

It's quite odd that a GI specialist wouldn't recommend night feeds especially if her stomach really is partially paralyzed and she doesn't digest well. Or is this her spin on what the doc actually said and what she actually wished he would say?
if the GI recommended the Dexcom, don't you think he would know that 60s are not really that low? Or is the Princess fudging on the glucose numbers she is reporting to him?
Well, her shoulders and wrists certainly move, based on how much she waves them around during her vlogs. And she's no slacker on giving thumbs up! And her oh-so-painful hips haven't limited her mobility sitting cross-legged on the floor (she gets up by herself from that position too)!

No. 417515

I'm not sure. I AM curious though what her 'news' - that she has to process first and she will get more info on from her doctors in the next few days - would be. My guess is whatever it turns out to be is the reason she was giddy in todays vlog.

And she couldn't walk to the bathroom? Yeah right. Plus she doesn't figure out that standing up from your chair makes it easier to open doors if you "don't know what you are doing"? Besides, opening a door with a manual chair is easy. Unless it's heavy. I can do it, and I can't reach very far. Hardly at akl, tbh. Closing is a different story, but shouldn't be a problem for her, with normal functioning arms. She's probably trying to do it in the most difficult way imaginable, like she did when she lifted her walker over the doggy gate.

Also: have we EVER seen in ANY restaurant that she was unable to walk to the bathroom? I'm guessing this restaurant is not suddenly three times bigger than the average restaurant she goes to. So she is already limiting herself even more.

Did you guys see Judd's face just past the 3 minute mark, after Jaq said "sometimes me life feels like a circus"?

No. 417538


Only a few months ago she was walking around walmart and telling us how important it is she walk as much as she can. And occasionally she'd sit because her legs hurt but mostly she sat because muh POTS. Nothing has happened to her legs at all.. and yet now she can't walk to the bathroom. In fact she just had ketamine which completely took away her pain, and is now wearing/worn off… so it makes no sense that she should now suddenly have such severe leg pain that she can't piss.

It's like she's got a switch in her brain. She's decided her leg pain is a problem and now she has a chair (FOR HER POTS, NOT FOR HER PAIN) so dunk she is now too spoonie to walk ever.

No. 417566

I think she knows she is only meant to use her chair in a 'flare' (hate that term) so now she has to be having a 'flare' to use it, to justify having it. As such she will further decondition and need it more and more and then need a power chair and etc etc.

No. 417575

A pots flare? Or an eds flare? Because neither of those are a thing, and she doesn’t even have EDS and maybe not even pots.

No. 417583

Just before the chair came, she was going out without her walker even. Now she said she was in a lot of pain yesterday, but she also said that today, her pain levels were back to normal. She also hasn't stated an increase in other symptoms. So WHY is she suddenly not able to even walk across the restaurant?

No. 417599

You can have what people refer to as a pots 'flare', when you might be more tachycardia and have more symptoms- so yes it's a 'thing'. But she'll be on to something else soon and forget about her pots flare. (When pots gets bad, it gets bad). I've never seen her legitimately ill from pots, apart from bad acting and nonsense. If she was in a flare she'd be at home in bed, not at a restaurant acting eurphoric and thinking about ways to put her service human to work and gather attention

No. 417601

Because no one will look at her if she just walks, and then however will she show off her new chair and her mask and toobz?

No. 417603

The bathroom trip was just an opportunity to bring in the Barbie car, pink gloves, vog mask and backpack so she could show THE PEOPLE the Jaquie show. I'm surprised she doesn't have business cards to hand out on the way to the restroom so she can recruit more Patrons. Her immune system is so compromised but she laid on the adjustable bed in the store—does she think they sanitize that bed between customers? How many heads laid on that pillow?Also, she could barely tolerate the low tube feed rate but now she can suddenly double it to have day feeds? She needs to shitcan this fairy tale she's trying to sell.

No. 417605

I think she is talking about a pain flare. She referenced it today/ yesterday 'this flare has just been so bad' talking about a couple of days of pain.
I've literally only heard about 'flares' in bowel disease, as in inflammation etc.

I have hEDS and the related heart and bladder issues and I don't get 'flares'. Things in life impact how well I cope with EDS but the EDS in and of itself doesn't change. I did get more problems around my late teens/early 20s which does seem to be a common thing but I don't know why.

No. 417607

But that’s an increase in symptoms which can happen in any disease. She uses it like an autoimmune disease flare, which is different. Pots also doesn’t magically get more symptomatic when you need to show off, either, unless you’re jaquie.

No. 417610

And with EDS there’s definitely better and worse days, but that tends to go along with outside factors like how much I did the day before and if I moved wrong or not, and how well I slept.

No. 417613

Interesting that you mention that she doesn't have EDS because while looking through her vlogs today to try to find the clip where she bent her thumb to demonstrate muh sooper severe EDS, I realized that she has a gazillion and one playlists; all about muh chronic illnesses, all about muh port, all about harlow, muh infusions, relationship q/a,feeding tube playlist, IVIG list, but NO EDS playlist. Every other breath seems to be muh EDS so severe erma gherd but no playlist? Hm. Just something I noticed. Moving along now…

No. 417623

I'm not even interested to see her bend her thumb back because I can do it easily and it means nothing. A lot just has to do with how your hand is structured- I wouldn't be surprised if she used that trick to get her EDS diagnosis

No. 417639

Also the beighton scale is just one part of EDS diagnostics! You could be able to bend thumb back to forearm on both hands and only get 2/9 for beighton which only checks for generalised joint hypermobility anyway.

You also need at least five of:
Unusually soft or velvety skin

Mild skin hyperextensibility

Unexplained striae distensae or rubae at the back, groins, thighs, breasts and/or abdomen in adolescents, men or pre-pubertal women
without a history of significant gain or loss of body fat or weight

Bilateral piezogenic papules of the heel

Recurrent or multiple abdominal hernia(s)

Atrophic scarring involving at least two sites and without the formation of truly papyraceous and/or hemosideric scars as seen in classical EDS

Pelvic floor, rectal, and/or uterine prolapse in children, men or nulliparous women without a history of morbid obesity or other known
predisposing medical condition

Dental crowding and high or narrow palate

Arachnodactyly, as defined in one or more of the following:
(i) positive wrist sign (Walker sign) on both sides, (ii) positive thumb sign (Steinberg sign) on both sides

Arm span-to-height ratio ≥1.05

Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) mild or greater based on strict echocardiographic criteria

Aortic root dilatation with Z-score >+2

Jacquie doesn't have visible stretch marks or excess skin on her stomach (multiple doctors have assumed I have been pregnant or previously overweight due to my skin!)

saged obviously but she just doesn't have hEDS and loads of people who even DO recieve a clinical diagnosis haven't actually been properly assessed i.e. had an echo, had their height/arm ratio measured etc.

No. 417663

Hasn't Jaquie had an echo of her heart? Good point regarding stretch marks on her belly being absent.

No. 417710

But Jaquie has a genetic mutation that only one other person in the world has (according to her)–but no research study or journal site to confirm her story. So I am sure she will claim her EDS doesn't fit everyone else in the world's profile. But Holy Hell, you just gave her another list of symptoms to suddenly spring up overnight!

No. 417755

And the family inheritance is a huge part of diagnosis now as well. It’s one of the three major criteria areas, having one or more family members who are either diagnosed or could be diagnosed, and jaquie’s parents are fine.

No. 417761

If she had some special mutation, it would have been written about. EDS isn’t some new thing, it’s been around for a long time, and the types and mutations are documented.

No. 417771

When you get your genetic array results back it is completely normal to have deletions and extra bits (can't remember what they are called) but they are meaningless unless they've been identified as relating to specifc disorders etc. If everyone had a genetic array then everyone would have some odd bits of code that doesn't equate to a disorder.

No. 417810

Yeah, we’ve all got mutations, that’s nothing special at all. Otherwise we’d all look and act the same, and I sure as hell appreciate being different from certain people in this world

No. 417812

So Jaq was part of a blanket giveaway on her IG and I decided to check out the winner. This is creepy. This girl has pretty much the same diagnoses, same vog mask, same dog, same tooob, same tubie pads, goes to Disney, wears Jaquie's Moving Forward tee shirts while showing us her tooob. I am at a loss for words. https://www.instagram.com/spoonielife_amanda/

No. 417815

I kind of feel like there’s a munchie program, there’s so many of them doing and saying the same things to get the same diagnoses and toys. Jaquie just has the daddy with money to let her get way way more over the top with the delusion than most.

No. 417833

Oh what a surprise, she has Kate Farms too!

No. 417851

Only thanks to Jaquie for letting her know! ugh.
Also I'm not saying this is a GOOD thing but in the UK you have to be quite severely underweight to be viewed as malnourished clinically enough to get a tube (or mentally ill/ high risk due to being particularly old or young/ chemo needs you to maintain a good weight.) Her posts go on about being malnourished and her gofuckme is all about how she lost 70lbs but she is ok/low weight now.
If I lost 70lbs I'd be long dead!

No. 417870

Of COURSE she does. Like two weeks after J gets her Kate Farms. So J copies Mary and Amanda copies J. Disturbing. Truly.

No. 417873

She also has the EXACT same service vest on her service dog.

No. 417917

Ideally that’s how it works here in the us as well. Somehow jaquie found the dumbest doctor in the country, who gave her a tube. Normally it’s a whole long process before a surgical tube, too, and she happily skipped past all that. And when she didn’t like the tube, it was changed. And when she didn’t like the formula, it was specifically changed to the one she wanted. That’s not how things normally work here, I can tell you that.

No. 417984

I hate how they write "dysautonomia and POTS"- pots is a type of dysautonomia munchies… therefore if you have pots you have dysautonomia. There's no reason to list both.

No. 418012

Can someone explain to me why Jaquie says she has immunodeficiency? From what exactly? I see she's used that tag for a long time, but has she ever explained what the reason for it is?

Sage in case this has been asked before.

No. 418021


Aaand her service dog has an IG account, which she writes captions for from her dogs perspective, referring to herself as "my girl" constantly. Just like Jaq.

Get this. Her best friend also has a service dog, another golden. That dog also has an IG, and the dog also has the same vest, different color. Just like J&J.

She also talks about her illnesses the same way Jaq does. "(Symptom) due to my (diagnosis)" repeat x10.


No. 418030


AND she vlogs. She only has 4 so far. Her first vlog is about preparing for the hurricane. Not surprised that she lives in FL too.

No. 418049


lmao when Jacquie gets Single White Female'd by this chick

No. 418136

Can somebody please screenshot the Amanda girl's latest post about a custom wheelchair and icing to treat immunodeficiency and pots that shows her tube hanging from
Her chest whilst looking happy, healthy and glowing with joy???? My phone will not take screenshots. I think it needs to be here

No. 418141

IVIG**^ not icing. Sorry
Sage for stupid

No. 418144

I got interested in J's history after reading the recent posts here and decided to watch some old vlogs. In "Lots of Imaging and Meeting Judd! (12/19/16 - 12/20/16)", she mentions that at that time, she was drinking 2.5 L of water a day for her POTS. Why did she stop being able to do that and insisted she needed IV fluids instead? Less than a year ago, she could just drink it.

No. 418150


Another interesting note, J was healthy when she met Jud, then got sick a couple months later. That's completely possible, but also sort of fits the theory that she gets sicker when there's more to be gained– she had a boyfriend to worry about her, so being sick was even more appealing.

No. 418151


She mentions getting a echo is "Lots of Imaging and Meeting Judd! (12/19/16 - 12/20/16)". Says she'll get the results next time she sees the doc, so maybe in the next couple vlogs. As I keep watching, I'll let you know if I hear about results…

No. 418162

Shortly after the three minute mark in "A Disney Adventure & Allergy Testing! (12/26/16 - 12/27/16)", J mentions that the restaurant they went to was loud so she couldn't film because she was overwhelmed but that Jud told her she did well and he was "proud of her" and that it was good because she could've "thrown a fit". Which makes it sounds like there have been times she did throw a fit.

I wonder if that's what he thinks is happening now? Just a ton of "fits"?

No. 418167

Why are those two things equally exciting? Oh wait, the allergy testing’s way more exciting for jaquie, Disney’s just to show off her toys and get more asspats from strangers

No. 418177

Does anyone know if there would be a way to fake anaphylaxis? It seems like a turning point for J was a serious of "anaphylactic episodes" she had at the end of 2016/ beginning of 2017. Is there a way she was faking that? Or were they more likely genuine anaphylaxis? It makes a little more sense of they were genuine, that's got to be scary and so it got in her head that it's better to be safe and overplay her illness to keep danger at bay.

No. 418181

She infuses a liter a WEEK of the saline? How could she just not drink that instead?

No. 418206

File: 1510115596459.png (254.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4714.PNG)

She is so excited about continuing her adventures!! This chick takes creepy to a whole new level. She really acts like she's Jaquie.

No. 418209

Seriously, that’s it? Usually it’s a minimum of three times a week, or every day if you’ve got GP. Having a port is way risky for once a week, and not even worth it at all. She obviously can drink enough to stay hydrated since she’s surviving the other 6 days. Good lord she’s really something.

No. 418213

Gross. The world didn’t need another jaquie, just like it didn’t need another Mary Frey. Must be nice to have all that time and energy pretending not only to be sick but someone else.

No. 418228

I still can't get over the custom wheelchair and ivig for one munchie let alone another wannabe cow

No. 418234

They are both in FL. Is it possible they are both seeing the same quack doctor?

No. 418239

Is there a reason these people can't make a smoothie and pour it in their tubes? Why do they need special, expensive formula?

No. 418242

This girl probably belongs in the spoonie thread so I won't post screenshots here, but it looks like she got sick literally overnight. Not a single post before February 20, 2017 has anything to do with chronic illness. Normal, #familygoals, traveling constantly, #singlesawareness day on Valentine's day and then six days later she gets a service dog and her Instagram turns into:

>#lifewithachronicillness #nocure #pots #potsie #potsielife #potsucks #posturalorthostatictachycardiasyndrome #orthostaticintolerance #dysautonomia #spoonie #spoonielife #spooniewarrior #spooniestrong #invisibleillness #disability #butyoudontlooksick #notalldisabilitiesarevisible #seetheunseen #spreadawareness #advocate #shatterthestigma

She's definitely skin-walking Jacquie, for whatever reason.

No. 418247

J's autism makes it so she can't find her way around the store. The deli is close to the entrance, but she can't figure out how to get to the deli, then to the checkout, then back to the car. If she's really on the spectrum, she's on a really weird part of the spectrum where what she can do and can't do does not make much sense.

No. 418249

It’s really depends on whether or not you chose to believe Jaquie about what goes on during her anaphylactic episodes. During hospitalization she claimed several times to be in the unit that was “one step down from the ICU” because she kept getting severe reactions, her O2 was dropping and for a time they even had her on oxygen and/or considered intubation her during an episode.

Could she fake this if it happened as she said?

Probably not. O2 monitors are fairly accurate and even if you hold your breath intentionally your O2 isn’t going to drop enough for doctors to take you seriously. Also if they considered intubating her I assume they looked in her throat which, st that point, they would have been able to visibly see the airway swelling shut. There’s no faking that.

Now let’s say she wasn’t telling the truth and merely kept randomly coughing and saying she couldn’t breathe and the doctors believed her?

Mmmm… it’s possible but I don’t think likely. I feel like any doctor worth half their salt would be able to tell the difference between someone who can’t and can breathe. Vocal chord dysfunction comes to mind as people with this condition often say they can’t breathe and believe they have anaphakyxis when in reality their vocal chords are merely spamming shut. You can even pass out from the sensation of not breathing but generally the sound of your cough/wheezing gives you away and your O2 levels.

So I suppose a REALLY stupid doctor might fall for Jaque faking anaphalaxys. But if she was really hospitalized as often as she clogged and really did need as much intensive care I imagine whatever symptoms she had must have been enough to convince SOMEONE she was legit.

No. 418250

Omg her friend wrote this on her IG…"Thank you @spoonielife_amanda for being the the Jaquie to my janiece. "

Wow, these girls are WEIRD!

No. 418252

I wouldn't say that's autism- that's just princess syndrome

No. 418254


I'm wondering if Jacquie knows what she is allergic to and intentionally exposes herself to it in order to go into anaphylaxis. Seems like she always get it right after a doctor says they're going to discharge her …….

No. 418257


I sort of wondered that, too, but wouldn't they figure that out? Walk in and see her rubbing leaves on her arms? That seems risky, even for a moron like her.

No. 418270

What the absolute fuck?

No. 418272


I mean, yes, it seems insane and extremely dangerous to intentionally give yourself an allergic reaction … but don't people with munchausens do things to make themselves sick?

No. 418273

I feel like backtracking just a little bit. Are there any medfags who know if it's even possible to get anaphylaxis from just touching plants. I would assume you'd just get contact dermatitis rather than full blown anaphylaxis- would it be more likely she'd have to eat the pants?

Also, I'd imagaine anyone that allergic to plants in general would probably have known about it well before adulthood because allergies are typically worse in children?

No. 418275


hahahah, she's in the hospital chewing on some pine straw to get more attention. the image of that is a good laugh.

some allergies are random in adulthood. typically worse in children, but it's not unheard of to develop allergies/ intolerances in adulthood.

No. 418280

This is theoretically possible I guess, but not really. What you’re talking about would have to be something Jaquie has a “true” Allergy to. That means an IgE marker*. Now the thing about IgE markers is this

1.) every exposure gets closer to killing you so if Jaquie has exposed herself as many times as she would’ve had to to fake Ana she would probably be dead.
2.) all IgE allergies have to be orally ingested (or so that’s what my immunologist told me) to crate an Ana reaction but not only was she NPO during several of her episodes, the doctors would know she’d ingested something intentionally since there’s a high chance she’s vomit it up during her episode.
3.) Benadryl doesn’t help IgE allergies (not even IV Benadryl) so it would be a dead give away since they would always have to use the epi, and while she does need the epi a lot during her hospital stays she doesn’t exclusively need it.

So all that being said. Intentionally exposing herself would not only be insanely risky but also there would be tells that the doctors would pick up on to catch that.

*although she appears to be a pathological lier I do feel it’s worth noting that Jaquie has said before that she doesn’t have food allergies, which are generally the type of allergies that IgE is for.

No. 418281

A person with SEVERE Mast cell disease may experience Ana from touching a plant but these people with severe Mastocytosis are generally also so reactive that they can’t take meds, have pets, use perfumes, etc. Jaquie certainly doesn’t fall in that category.

No. 418284


so it seems feasible that she genuinely had several anaphylaxis episodes? and that the mask may be generally warranted?

No. 418289

Tbh I think she’s lying about all of it. If she really was going into anaphylaxis, they would have prescribed her an epipen after the first time, which she didn’t. Really the only evidence of those episodes is her own self-reporting. You can go to the er for anything (or nothing) and they’ll see you. Unless she shows her actual medical records from a hospital that for sure aren’t fake, I call total bs.

No. 418292

Another anon suggested that with her diagnoses, she could present to hospital for symptoms and they just take her word for it, go ahead and treat her without even checking- seems like that could happen if there have been repeat episodes and doctors don't want to waste time checking the throat for swelling. Etc.

Another question- in the restaurant blog where Judd mentioned swelling of th eyes. Wouldn't that only happen in severe reactions?

No. 418293

What else would they keep her in the hospital for though for 8 days at a time? I'm open to seeing it a different day, I just can't imagine they'd use a bed on her for over a week for nothing.

No. 418295


but then … how is she able to stay in the hospital for more than a week at a time? Something has to happen, right? Hospitals tend to push patients out the door asap.

No. 418297


It seems she started with a liter a week, which seems crazy to have gotten a port for, but now it seems like she's worked up to needing it every day.

No. 418301

She keeps having reactions when they get ready to discharge her and/or other problems appear

No. 418302

Checking her throat takes no time, though. And would be basic practice. They could be in major malpractice issues if they skipped basic steps like getting a visual of the airway. Surely they looked in her throat at SOME point.

No. 418303

But then so she is having reactions, she isn't entirely faking it.

No. 418306


what if it's all real and the Disney area just happens to be full of child-women with the same rare diseases and golden retriever service dogs? mind blown

No. 418309


"what if it's all real" feels like the plot twist ending to the end of jaq's vlogs

No. 418313

" would it be more likely she'd have to eat the pants"

Oh anon bless you for my mental image of this idiot in a hospital bed chowing down on a pair of pink leggings to set off anaphylaxis

No. 418314


It would have to be leggings. She can't eat any other kind of pants, because of her sensory processing disorder.

No. 418324

This is incorrect. French units are roughly equal to tube circumference.
You may be thinking of Gauge units, where higher numbers equal smaller thicknesses.
TL;DR: Her tube is fucking big.


No. 418334

And hospitals don’t necessarily want to push people out the door, especially when the bill is being paid and there might be other problems and rich family. Hospitals are even more fond of not getting sued. They will also keep people for lots of reasons, including “uncontrolled pain” (real or just good acting), and not being able to eat/drink/move, all of which we know jaquie is accustomed to faking. Basically the same shit she does as an outpatient.

No. 418438

Sage for blogging I think but I do have allergies and actually I’ve found that my eyes swell in minor reactions (e.g cats) but don’t swell in severe reactions.

I’ve been told this is because the cause of swelling is something called third spacing where your body freaks out and places water in the wrong place so it’s acrualky a GOOD sign if your eyes, hands, feet, etc. Start to swell because that means that your throat most likely won’t

No. 418440

Tbh I think there are some parts of Jaquie’s story that she isn’t faking and/or has gone to EXTREME levels to fake. And I think it’s more likely she just straight up isn’t faking in some areas. Wouldn’t it be likely that a munchie does genuinely have something wrong with them??? And they’ve just exageres other things for further attention?

I just can’t fathom the anaphalaxys being false. No hospital would keep someone that long without genuine cause and if she was there for some other reason such as not eating she would have gotten her toobz much sooner. No hospital would fall for fake anaphalyxs, in fact, in my experience they are more likely to call a real anaphalactic episode fake than vice versa. And her description of her episodes prior to even being diagnosed for quite perfectly for someone with MCAS (tho I’d course I suppose she could have stolen that from the internet but info on MCAS reactions would be tough to find I think) so all in all, to some extent her reactions had to have existed.

Now where they as bad as she describes? Maybe not, and that could be part of her munchieness. But they had to have happened somehow.

No. 418466

She could be having allergic reactions or mild anaphylaxis, but I don't think Jaquie is ever one to down play symptoms unless it has a reverse psychology motivation behind it.

No. 418468

She also has the very same vogmask (I mean, the SAME, same color/pattern and everything) as Jaquie, the same "infusion backpack" and I'm pretty sure even the same puls ox as Jaquie. And from what I can see (but I'm just scrolling through the account) she also skipped the NJ-tube and went straight for a surgical tube - just like Jaquie.

Creepy. Someone commented on her loosing 70 lbs: that's very possible. She as a big girl.

What do you think: would someone like Jaquie be offended/weirded out by someone so obviously trying to be like her (imo it's much more obvious even than Jaq trying to be like Mary) or would she somehow be honered?

No. 418477

She never has any other mast cell symptoms other than her self-reported anaphylaxis. That’s what I find suspicious. Mcas isn’t an all-or-nothing illness, there’s a lot of in between symptoms from fine to anaphylaxis. Where are the rashes, the flushing, the itching, the gi problems, and other things? She literally has none of those, which makes me doubt the whole diagnosis.

No. 418479

Wow the gravity-defying pull that pinned her to the seat cushion of her chair so that she could not stand up and open a door is unbelievable. Is that standard on custom chairs or special order?

Is the sudden ability to eat 30% of her daily intake a portal to an alternative universe thing?

No feeding tube: Can't eat anything at all.

Before GI visit: Can eat 3 bites of potatoes.

Post-GI visit: Doc is confident she can eat 30% of Daily Intake.

Clearly Doc knows she can eat and is not concerned at all about the 3 bites of potatoes after 5 p.m. Perhaps the portal is in his office?

No. 418480

Also like jaquie, she was never visibly underweight or showing any signs of malnourishment before getting her tube. And she’s got a gofuckme to pay for her tube feeding, which is also suspicious as insurance covers necessary tube feeding and the supplies. Plus, having tube feeding and infusion services usually means you hit your out of pocket insurance maximum pretty quick, and everything’s covered (I know every insurance policy is different, but generally they’re pretty standard). She also talks about eating along with her tube, which is kind of a weird point to stress while you’re begging for money to get your precious tube feeding to “keep you alive”.

No. 418481

Just catching up on this thread. I have POTS and I get what your saying but pots has to do with the resting heart rate vs. standing rate. I’m not defending her but it’s a big misinterpretation. The reason pots is so difficult is because of that difference, someone’s resting rate may be lower making 120 even unmanageable. I’ve often fainted at 120 or lower after standing because of the jump. That and blood pressure.

No. 418482

Kek maybe her doctor has finally done the math and realized she has to be eating quite a bit to be putting on weight with the very little amount of calories she’s getting from her tube. We all figured it out a long time ago.

No. 418484

Something to add about her hospital admission I find interesting, in one of her stays, I can’t remember which, she reported asphyxiation. This was after she tried to eat some cake? I believe. She said she tried to eat and then went into an allergic reaction so her throat swelling causing the asphyxiation. She said they did have to suck it out. I would say this would be hard to fake. But I’m also not sure. In this video I specifically remember Judd being in the frame when she was talking about it. I’m not sure she’d lie about something so obscure with him in the actual frame. She talked about being scared it’d happen again even in the next vlog.

No. 418485

If she’s instagramming it, she’s not passing out. These girls are claiming all these serious symptoms but are fine enough to not only document it but post about it to. When I’m having bad symptoms, social media falls pretty low on the priority list. If you’re really that sick, you usually don’t want to show the whole world.

No. 418486

Maybe she was stuffing herself so quickly with cake she choked on it kek. Also, she can eat cake but not normal food? And did she show the actual anaphylaxis, or just talk about it? We know she lies in front of Judd all the time and he goes along with it. Just yesterday he had to push her in her wheelchair to the bathroom because she “couldn’t walk”. He’s totally complicit in her lies.

No. 418489

I wondered this too because she sat out in the woods taking photos. Were the plants fake? She also goes to the dog park occasionally. Disney has plants. I'm convinced she has a portal to an alternative universe. It makes as much sense as anything else.

No. 418491

This was long before the feeding tube madness lol. But yes she was eating cake apparently. Mmmm.. I think she probably exaggerates around Judd or stretches the truth. But I’m not sure that she blatantly lies. Like for instance makes up an entire story. I think she just twists the truth. She’s a manipulator. Because truly how long could someone stand watching another person blatantly lie to a camera when they know it? To thousands of people, and for what? He’s not even getting anything out of it. So fo me it makes no sense, I don’t think he’d go along with full on lying.

No. 418493

Also likes Disney (apparently works there). Has the dog, the tubie pads, and is getting a custom wheelchair.

No. 418505

>>Also likes Disney (apparently works there).

Up until now that appears to be the only difference between her and Jaquie: she works.

Also: how do you lose 70 lbs in a few months without your doctors freaking out? Or without you yourself freaking out and begging doctors to do something, for that matter? It's called dissimulation, and it's a part of factitious disorder: deliberately ignoring symptoms and not seeking medical help until it gets very bad so you'll need more and/or immediate medical intervention.

I mean: it's not like she is the kind of person who can't convince doctors to treat her..

No. 418513

I can totally see this happening in the US.

No. 418514

Also like Jaquie, she has 'low' blood sugar. Meaning 60, so she needs a tube https://www.instagram.com/p/BW3aJ7dl3Qr/?taken-by=spoonielife_amanda

Please don't try to understand the reasoning behind that. I'll melt your brain. I've tried it, and now I have #MBS #MoltenBrainSynrome #invisiblebraindamage #MyBrainDoesn'tFunctionLikeYours #NotAllBrainDamageIsVisible #MBSWarrior #ServiceDogToIceMyHead

No. 418523

Maybe. But like I said: it's not like she is the kind of person who can't get doctors to treat her.

I know it can get bad. It got bad for me. But while I think my GP should've acted sooner, I also think I should've tried harder. Getting treatment for symptoms is a shared responsibility: if you don't go to a doctor or you don't tell them about it, you won't get treatment for sure. On the other hand, if you voice your concerns and keep trying, you just might get referred to a specialist. Sometimes even if you're not sick, as we see here every day.

I don't believe that girl is a copy of Jaquie just by some odd coincidence. So she HAS to be some degree of munchie. And she got herself a surgical tube before a nasal one, which is odd unless there is a very clear indication for long-term tube feeding. And even then, if you need one ASAP, they usually don't bother with surgery but just put in a nasal tube to get some calories in you until you're strong enough to even endure surgery.(1) Especially if you have "immunodeficiency" and "MCAS" and other stuff that can increase surgery risks and delay healing.

So like I said: she is some degree of munchie. So she knows how to get treatment for things she doesn't even have. That would mean that she definitely knows how to get treatment for things she DOES have, especially with obvious and severe weight loss. So if she didn't go to her doctors earlier and didn't 'advocate' for herself long before she got at the minus 70 lbs point, she either liked the fact that she wasn't heavy anymore, or she was milking the weight loss and deliberately waited until it got worse, or both.

1) OR, of course, until you find a better solution like trying with a dietician what you can eat to maintain weight so they can stop tube feeds and remove the tube.

No. 418529

jaquie goes there so often, could you imagine the princess envy when she come rolling in there. i could imagine this skinwalker following her around

No. 418532

Top kek anon

No. 418538

Wait, they are in contact, right? I mean, the person who brought her up said she was part of some giveaway that Jaquie was involved with? So they know each other at least online, even if they haven't met each other at Disney as well.

So Jaquie knows someone is trying to be her? Or is she just too self-involved or autistic to realize what's happening?

No. 418540

You are making fun at the expense of my molten brain? I am reporting you to the sherrif! ALL of you!


No. 418560

Don’t worry, we’ll get stick a little pretty princess tiara on you and you too can be a spoonie queen and everything will be okay because you’ll be living in your own deluded world kek

No. 418562

It's hard to say for sure. The giveaway was actually from a third party blanket maker who advertised - for lack of a better word - on Jaquies channel and IG. It was never clear if Jaquie had any say in who won the giveaway. And this other girl has a Chronically Jaquie shirt but Jaquie uses an offsite store (unlike the Freys who ship a lot of their stuff themselves) so it could go either way. I would think J is at least aware of her now that she has won the giveaway but as self absorbed as J is, it's possible she didn't give two shits about the winner too.

No. 418566

REALLY? OK, I'm cancelling the appointment with the Sherrif as we speak. As long as I get my tiara, it's all OK.

(Sorry, had my kek, I'll stop now.)

No. 418567

but is the tiara pink?

No. 418573

You bet your ass it is

No. 418580

LOL!!! That's what I have…#MoltenBrainSyndrome! If you post the symptoms, I'll confirm that I have all of them. Does #MBS come with home health cake delivery? I want that way more than a port.

From one #MBSWarrior to another….

Sage because it's impossible to milk with #MBS…everyone knows that….

No. 418581

#MBS comes with a PINK TIARA?? Then, I might be okay without home health cake delivery…

Sage: #MBS, y'all. It's already affecting my work day. ;)

No. 418592

Yes, it comes with molten chocolate lava cake. What else?

Sage for cake keks.

No. 418598

Although you are required to complain that you can’t eat cake and that cake makes you sick while eating it. But you are at this point fully entitled to make a gofundme to pay for said cake

No. 418599

what if i prefer fried shrimp and tartar sauce or hush puppies with ketchup instead? does gofundme still apply if i can only eat 3 bites?

No. 418605

Well OK, I said I'd stop, but since you asked for the symptoms, I need to do some #spreadingawareness of course.

MBS can cause any and all symptoms you can imagine. It's a brain disorder, after all. Also, symptoms can come and go. I know sometimes people may judge us if we can't work but we can go to Disney all day long, but that's just how MBS works. They don't understand it.

You want to know how it is diagnosed? It has a very clear diagnostic sign. Sometimes if you are sad or it is windy outside, your eyes will leak. This is the BRAIN coming out of your eyes. Sometimes it happens with your nose, too. Especially when you have a cold virus as well. But of course, this symptom cannot always be reproduced when you are seeing your doctor. This is why so many #MBSWarriors are undiagnosed and why we need to spread awareness so bad.

No. 418606

That is my FAVORITE kind of cake! I knew I had #MBS!

I am beginning to understand some things. Picking a syndrome is so much easier than consulting someone who actually studied medicine.

Gofundme…that's how to pay for medical delivery cake! Yes, so smart! But, even if I complain about not being able to eat cake, I can have all I want, right?

My #MBS is flaring really bad. Distraction must be a symptom.

Sage because now I need a molten chocolate lava cake. I will remember not to videotape eating it so people can't ask why I say I can't eat cake while I'm stuffing my face with it.

No. 418619

Now I'm about to spit coffee! Thank you for Spreading Awareness. You will need an Instagram account, a much whinier tone to your writing, and a billion more hashtags, but you're off to a good start.

Ohmygosh, my brain leaks ALL THE TIME! Since the diagnosis is so clear, I don't think I need to see a doc.

Since I'm distracted from working (totally a symptom), Disney it is. The noise will help me focus.

But, I don't have a half-trained service dog that is either alerting or vying for attention (no one can ever tell for sure). Will they let me in? #MBSWarriors need to be alerted when our brains leak.

I guess I could rent a wheelchair when I get tired, but I don't want to get stuck on the seat and be unable to stand up and open the bathroom door like Jaquie at the restaurant.

I'll just use the neighbor kid's hoverboard as my mobility device, Disney will surely be happy to accommodate me running into people to stop.

No. 418630

wasn't aware they made a Grey's Anatomy episode about J


No. 418631

>>Now I'm about to spit coffee!
OMG! That's totally a symptom of MBS!

And yes, if your brain is leaking it is clear you have it. No doubt about it. But you'll have to find and MBS literate doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

And of course Disney will have to accomodate you. It's in the ADA. It's totally ableist if they don't.

(Now I'm feeling sorry for everyone who thinks there's lots of new milk with so many posts. Jaqs new vlog is up though, so maybe there's something in there. I haven't watched it yet.

No. 418634

No. 418638

my brain actually just started leaking AFTER my DX! omg it's gotten so severe i had to train my service dog to reverse in case my brain starts leaking in public

No. 418643


Oh good, she's getting hip and knee braces for when she's in pain. As soon as she gets them, she will wear them 24/7 forever.

No. 418644

It is so funny that it's so worth lack of real milk.

No. 418647

Surprised none of Jacquie's "team" hasn't told her that steroid injections are a bad idea if you actually have EDS

No. 418648


I could only bear to half-listen, but it doesn't sound like she mentioned her surprise that she talked about yesterday…

No. 418661

File: 1510158816762.png (1.47 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4716.PNG)

Screen capped while she said that because of muh EDS the smallest problem can become the biggest issue. Super odd affect for such a statement. For a normal person anyway. Of course she is excited when anyone else would be concerned that that may have to undergo yet another procedure.
And did anyone else notice that whoever drove her to her appts was very carefully cropped out of view? So it couldn't have been Babe or Mom. I wonder if the CNA has refused to be on camera?

No. 418665

Not to mention muscle relaxants. They are also a very bad idea when you have EDS, unless used very sparingly. (E.g. to get a dislocated joint back in place or incidental use for sleep.)

And a pain doctor prescribing joint braces? That's just stupid. And she calls him "very knowledgeable". Well, he's not. He is not sticking to his own specialty and that's stupid for any doctor. Plus hip braces are cumbersome contraptions that don't work very well to actually stabilise the joint. Together with shoulders, hips are the most difficult joints to brace effectively. And IF you think someone really needs a HIP BRACE (which is nothing like a wrist brace or even a knee brace) you sent them to an orthopeadic surgeon or a physiatrist, preferably both. That's not something you presribe to 'helpt with the pain'. That is one of the most silly things I've heard in a long time. Also: patellofemoral pain syndrome doesn't mean you kneecaps don't stay in place, it just means you have pain behind your kneecap. Imaging won't show anything either. If your kneecap is unstable you have patellar instability, and the kneecap is ALSO almost impossible to brace if you actually have that. And then I'm not even talking about how stupid it is to use braces "for pain relief". If your joint is so unstable it dislocates all the time then yeah, a brace might prevent it from getting worse. You can also use braces for certain activities if that one activity causes dislocations. But if you start using braces "for pain relief", then you'll only lose muscle mass and create even more instability. It's just a REALLY bad plan. She really manages to find the dumbest doctors out there, huh?

No. 418668


she said her mom took her to appointments that day

No. 418678

File: 1510159964605.jpg (76.07 KB, 2326x254, W5OWWQE.jpg)

Jaquie thinks being able to move your kneecap around without much force means her kneecap is unstable. LMAO, she really knows nothing about the human body.

No. 418685

God everything is so OTT with her.
>mfw ingrown toenail removal is “surgery,” and I’m so super special I had to have it done TWICE.

Most podiatrists I know just remove the toenail when ingrown nail problems persist. My guess is that scars and ports and tubes are okay, but she still goes through lengths to preserve her vanity and not having toenails isn’t cute.

I’m not a medfag, so anyone want to weigh in on the likelihood of her actually having MRSA? She says she’s had the infection for a few months and it just hasn’t gotten better, but she doesn’t really say it has gotten worse either. I just can’t imagine the world’s sickest girl having MRSA for months and not declining in any way.

No. 418702

File: 1510161494660.png (1.52 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4718.PNG)

Miss I Need Pain Injections and a Knee Brace is sitting on her bent leg.

No. 418714


Not to mention if she's had MRSA for months, surely she would've mentioned something about it prior to today

No. 418717


Definitely OTT - yes, by definition, it is a surgical procedure. But no, your average human being who goes in to have an ingrown toenail worked on wouldn't say that they had surgery.

You can have/carry MRSA without having an infection. However, I would doubt that she wouldn't play that up to its fullest extent since it can lead to sepsis, particularly in someone who is supposedly immunocompromised.
Claiming to have MRSA could be one way to ensure a private room in the hospital (although I would suspect that claiming an immune disorder would also suffice). I don't watch her videos and just go off what is posted here - when she sees doctors or is in the hospital do the medical personnel put on gowns/gloves when dealing with her?

No. 418719

1. Toenail removal (except on kids when sometimes they have to use GA) is not 'a surgery' and just because you have 2 big toes doesn't make it 2 surgeries! GAH!

2. Lidocaine might not work well on you if you have EDS (this isn't the case for all people with EDS!) but essentially that means you just have to deal with the pain for things like sutures, dentistry etc. Just like people did before local anesthetic!

3. Anyone who prescribes splints for someone with hEDS (unless they have legit cranial instability) is stupid. You prescribe physio, Jacquie sees all these specialists but not a physio?? She should be having weekly- 3x weekly physio if she is needing braces and to wheel to the bathroom etc. It helps POTS too. Yet despite everything she does have, she doesn't have a regular physio?!
Splints are used for specific activities like if you are needing to write in school and finger splints help, go for it. Doing sport then knee and wrist splints can prevent hyper-extension and mean you don't have to give up all hobbies/ school participation in PE. But in general the people who wear splints all the time (if they don't have palsys) are just doing themselves damage!

No. 418732


Oh yeah sorry slipped up. Kinda drugged up on pain pills. Thanks for correcting!

No. 418757

There are some other legit uses of braces or splints besides cranial instability. Like I said, if a joint is so unstable it dislocates all the time in normal use, you may just prevent further damage by using a brace. But you are right that this is a stupid thing for Jaquie and in general braces should be considered only in very specific circumstances. Certainly not for "pain relief".

My guess is that Jaquie won't end up using them too often, especially not the hip braces. I've never tried one, but I know for sure they are very uncomfortable. You wouldn't even want to use those unless the alternative is having daily frequent subluxations or having dislocations that land you in the ER. And I'm pretty sure that Jaquie doesn't have subluxations but a snapping hip, which a brace wouldn't do jack for. Even subluxations or in some cases full dislocations aren't prevented very well by hip braces because - as I said - the hip is just very difficult to brace.

So, my predictions for the next few weeks/months:

1. Jaquie will order all four braces at the same time, without first trying them to see if she can tolerate them with her SPD, 'sooper fragile skin' or if she still fits in her wheelchair while she is wearing them.
2. She will claim that her hip is SO unstable it even subluxes inside the brace (because a hip brace doesn't treat a snapping hip)
3. They will be so uncomfortable that she'll rather use her wheelchair more often and will probably fault her SPD and/or they don't help anyway.
4. IF she ends up using them, she'll only use them when she has a large audience because for some reason she is having a 'flare' at precisely that time.
5. Although we almost never hear her talk about knee pain, she will end up using her knee braces more often than her hip braces. Of course the fact that hip braces are very uncomfortable don't have anything to do with this.
6. Any pain relief she might have from the injections and/or ketamine will not make her any less disabled, so she'll end up using the wheelchair more and more, claiming either instable joints, increased POTS symptoms or maybe something new alltogether.

No. 418762

Jaquie isn't 'comfortable' with her doctor doing injections in her neck while she is awake. I am sorry, but if your pain is bad enough you'll be 'comfortable' with almost anything. Plus, they do this kind of treatment every day, it's not even risky or painful. I've had the same kind of injections in my back, and imo lying on your stomach is the most uncomfortable part of the treatment. And if you're really in severe pain, you don't care how uncomfortable or even painful treatment might be. For me, if it works for the most severe of my pains (and if we believe Jaquie her neck pain is pretty much the worst for her, together with her hip) I'm all for it and I don't care about anything else.

No. 418782

Luckily jaquie won’t suffer the same consequences as someone with eds doing her new ridiculous splinting regime, because she doesn’t have eds. So those fancy (and expensive) braces she’s ordering are just accessories, since they won’t even offer any benefit (you can’t fix a problem that’s not there!). Besides, no good eds doctor or orthopedist or even pt would prescribe those without actually trying a physical therapy regimen, which jaquie has never done (like a real eds one, several hours a week for 4-6 months at least).

No. 418784

Janiece tested positive for MRSA before her surgery and had to use a medication in her nose.

Could Jaquie have gotten it from Janiece, given her immunodeficiency?

And that is all I know about MRSA in relation to Jaquie.

No. 418786

Jaquie’s not comfortable getting her tube changed when she’s awake, which is a ten minute or less painless procedure (if you can feel anything at all). Injections are nothing to people who are actually sick and in pain. Hell, you can even get a central line or port put in while you’re awake! (Granted those procedures really suck, but it’s still totally doable). People with real eds tend to have higher than average pain tolerances, yet jaquie is by far the biggest crybaby in the world. (Then again, she doesn’t actually have eds!)

No. 418787

Lots of people carry mrsa, but just don’t know it. 1/3 of the population naturally carries at least one form of staph bacteria on their skin, and it’s not a big deal. It’s only a problem if it gets inside your body, especially in your bloodstream. But that’s why anything invasive is done with tons of prep, they wash your skin with chemicals to kill all that bacteria before they access your insides at all. Even when you get a blood draw, they’re cleaning you with alcohol. Carrying any staph, including mrsa, is not the horrible situation/death sentence jaquie claims. It’s very very average.

No. 418790

This #MBS is so much worse than I thought. You are going to have to get two service dogs. One to alert you and/or beg for attention and one to mop up leaking brains. Disney will not like it if you leave brains everywhere. You should probably take an extra does of molten chocolate cake, too. Get a backpack to carry the second piece with you until you are hungry.

Janiece has MRSA, so Jaquie got it from her? Did she mention that on the vlog?

Alright, going to a meeting using my hoverboard, the official #MBS mobility device.

I'll wear my small pink tiara, of course, so no one thinks I'm OTT.

No. 418800

File: 1510168264499.jpeg (48.84 KB, 383x510, B6ABE068-06C2-4952-942A-320DCE…)

Oh no, a service dog really is too blasé at this point. I’d like to suggest a much more durable service animal, which, as you can see, is available in many different breeds and excels at holding (very light) doors open, holding down all those stacks of medical forms and bills and letters of appeal to your insurance to cover treatments and equipment you don’t need, and also can come in handy for bashing more attention-getting spoonies over the head with (very gently of course, we’re really a very compassionate, welcoming group!).

No. 418801

File: 1510168323806.jpeg (15.17 KB, 300x200, 3186EE58-D490-4B58-8763-EAA841…)

Bonus: no semi-monthly trips to the dog park needed! You’ll never have to leave your couch!

No. 418805

Just like Janiece crying over her GI not being able to accomodate her having to sleep for hours after sedation because of her narcolepsy and cancelling her upper and lower scopes on the spot while she already had done the prep for the lower scope (which most would say is worse than the procedure itself) and then rescheduling it in a hospital because narcolepsy and whining about how her case is so complex because of it and how her body doesn't like sedation and blahblah.. instead of just doing it without sedation and be done with it.

I really don't get how she finds these doctors. A pain specialist giving her ketamine every FOUR WEEKS? Normal protocol for ketamine is once or twice every year. Although normally 'normal protocol' wouldn't exist for ketamine since it's not indicated for EDS-related pain and you wouldn't expect it to work. She was talking more nonsense by telling that the ketamine they gave her for her feeding tube change didn't work for her pain because it was a lower dose and the pain specialist made sure to give her an anesthetic dose. But for ketamine it's a subanasthetic dose that's been recognized to be useful for pain relief. So again, she's talking out of her arse. And her doctor as well, if she's really telling us what he said to her. And what doctor would want to sedate a patient for a simple intra-articular injection? That's just stupid and unnecessary. Irresponsible. Especially for a f&cking pain doctor who supposedly does these procedures every day. If he's 'not comfortable' to do the injection because her joints are hypermobile, he's just a very bad pain doctor. I'm sorry to say this and I'm not normally this quick to judge, but if Jaq is telling us the truth about him, he is the umteenth quack to treat Jaquie. Not a big suprise actually, since she clearly seeks them out.

Ketamine can have pretty nasty long-lasting side effects as well, like trouble concentrating and forgetfullness. I for one wouldn't be comfortable getting it every four weeks. But Jaquie doesn't care. As long as she is special.

No. 418806

Yes, I’m sure the two of them have swapped saliva at some point (anyone else suspicious there’s a little more going on there? Really, whatever makes them happy, just don’t keep stringing the hubbies along!)

And, my dear, don’t forget your sash. Otherwise, how will we know you’re a true hospital princess?

No. 418812

Um, a feeding tube change doesn’t hurt. You barely feel anything. You don’t need pain relief or even sedation for that matter, unless you’re super anxious (understandable, but still no full anesthesia is needed).

No. 418817

You don't have to tell me that, but according to Jaquie her doctor wants to have her sedated because they have to use a scope because she has 'weird anatomy'.

I really don't get how ALL of her doctors want her asleep while they do any procedure. O wait… I'm getting there. It's because of her yapping, of course. And since she has good insurance/a daddy they probably will get their money no matter what they do, so why not go full on sedate her for having her nails clipped? At least she won't be able to film it and she'll be silent for a change. Never mind the extra risks and the fact that it takes longer to recover, right?

No. 418825

Omg you’ve solved it, anon! They’re just desperate to shut her up kek. (The whole “special anatomy” is bs anyways we all know that)

No. 418839


oh my christ, she's getting knocked out for toenail surgery?!!?! For an ingrown toe???

I'm starting to think that the root of all of this is she's such a spoiled baby that things that would be a slight inconvenience to the rest of us and we could just go about our day in spite of them become huge deals to her where she has to get a diagnosis to explain them, a special doctor, and all these unnecessary procedures and pink accessories.

A sore toe becomes a MRSA infection requiring surgery with sedation. Headaches become chronic migraines that need special sunglasses. Being tired becomes narcolepsy. Getting a little dizzy when you stand up suddenly becomes POTS needing a custom wheelchair. Lactose intolerance and/or bulimia becomes gastroparesis requiring a feeding tube. etc.

No. 418844

Her frozen yogurt, smoothie, cream sauce eating ass definitely is not lactose intolerant.

No. 418845


Just because she eats dairy doesn't mean she's not lactose intolerant!

No. 418850

I just pictured Jacquie sticking her toes up Janiece’s nose. Anyway to stay sick, I guess kek

No. 418852

Are you a fucking moron or just another wk? GTFO if you can’t contribute

No. 418855

I think it’s called a “joke,” anon. Still should be saged tho.

No. 418878


yes, I am white knighting lactose intolerance. jfc

No. 418883

I have pots as well, so it's not a misinterpretation.

No. 418886


The over-exaggeration of the issues she probably legitimately has is the main problem, in my opinion. I mean I could make a freaking huge deal out of the issues I face every day, but I don't because it's a waste of money and a waste of people's times. Plus, that's something only an egomaniac like Jac would do.

Sage for a bit o' blogging.

No. 418907

Plus she has absolutely nothing to do all day besides sit at home and focus on every single pain, sensation, morsel of food, fart etc. I really think she is doing a lot of this to herself, whether it's conscious or not. 95% of her issue seems to be mental.

No. 418918

I think you might be right. If you look at her history, we see that a lot of her symptoms were present for a long time before she got some sort of diagnosis. She had dizzyness/low BP for ages, had leg/hip pain for a long time, etc. Dizziness and lightheadedness especially after standing up is a VERY common symptom. Normal people just accept that it is a part of everyday life and stand up a bit slower next time or grab something until they aren't seeing black anymore. Same with pain: many people have aches and pains. But unless they become very severe, you just accept that you're not build for certain types of sports, or that your muscles are sore at the end. Maybe your muscles hurt whenever it is cold outside. You can either go to a rheumatologist and get a fibromyalgia diagnosis, or you accept that winter makes you hurt a bit. I can think of a lot of things that could be a 'symptom' of whatever disorder if I wished to blew them out of proportion. But most people don't want that, so they just accept that some things in your body feel uncomfortable from time to time. If however you are like jaquie and you think the world revolves around you, you go to specialist after specialist until they find something that can "explain your symptoms". And of course, the more testing they do, the the higher the odds that they'll just find something by chance alone. And before you know it, you have not only an 'answer' in the form of a diagnosis for the symptoms you came with, but another diagnosis as well. The more diagnoses you have, the more testing and the odds of other incidental findings increase even more. The more diagnoses the more meds and other treatments, and then you get side effects and other adverse reactions and that creates another "symptom", which can be the starting point of a new part of your 'journey'. And so on.

No. 418919

I think folks have said here before that Jacquie talks about how she doesn't have any mental issues which is the biggest red flag for me because folks who really are ill certainly feel depression/anxiety and those things can be made worse by being housebound or bedbound, isolated, etc. Jacquie never expresses any of those emotions in the way you'd expect.

No. 418926

Also whilst autism isn't a mental health condition something like 75% of people with ASD have mental health conditions (depression, anxiety and anorexia being the most common).
So given she has theoretically got multiple chronic illnesses resulting in pain and an extremely limited life and autism it is really really unlikely she has no mental health issues. It would be completely normal (and ok!) for someone in that situation to have depression and anxiety etc.

No. 418932

>>418926 unless of course the life has been chosen and she's living her dream, basically.

No. 418956

Personally I think this could be her ideal way of controlling a world she finds overwhelming. Rather than getting support following adult diagnosis autism (some occupational therapy, speech and language and some therapy-therapy) she has chosen to make her world very small and controlled with scheduled appointments and the option to say no to anything she finds scary/ doesn't have control over being being 'sick'.

No. 418968


Sorry, just catching up on this . Stellar work, anon!
I like how on 04/02/16 Harlow was a miracle worker for migraines, epilepsy, narcolepsy, asthma (because who can be fucked to just put their inhaler in their backpack?) and low blood pressure…. but just TWO WEEKS later she's mastered cyclic vomiting syndrome, muscular pain and weakness, and balance problems!

I get the feeling that Jaquie is reading a lot into dogs' natural desire to prod people with their noses and lick and paw them for attention. I'm not doubting she's a good trainer, but this is the service dog equiv of someone insisting their child can say full sentences by the age of 1.

No. 418969

I feel like Jacquie is angling for IV antibiotics with this whole MRSA thing, afterall she aspires to be Mary Frey

No. 418975

Definitely! She said that even when she puts is through her J-tube, she still has 'malabsorption issues from my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome', so they don't work as well. Funny how only a few vlogs ago she said that the problem was her stomach and that's why she puts feeds through the J-tube which, and I quote: "has been proven great at digesting". And now she suddenly has digestion issues with her J-tube, too? It was SO obvious she wanted IV antibiotics, I was actually suprised she didn't just say "so maybe I'll ask my doctor for IV antibiotics".

No. 418981

>>I get the feeling that Jaquie is reading a lot into dogs' natural desire to prod people with their noses and lick and paw them for attention. I'm not doubting she's a good trainer, but this is the service dog equiv of someone insisting their child can say full sentences by the age of 1.

THIS. She thinks Harlow can alert to anything, and she has been doing it from a VERY young age. I don't know much about dogs, but I'm pretty sure she is reading far too much into it. Have you seen how specific she is supposed to alert as well? It's always about 15 minutes, and for some things even 30!

No. 418987


I'm "fragile" in that I've frequently dislocated joints while having sex. The answer is LOTS AND LOTS OF PILLOWS EVERYWHERE. And then more pillows.
Also spooning. But honestly, Jaquie doesn't really strike me as interested in sex. Judd seems more like a chauffeur/cameraman to her, and anyway he seems to prefer the dog.

No. 418989

But then on the other hand Jaquie will be like, Harlow, you're so silly, do you just want attention, why are you being so annoying? Jump cut to sick face… erma gherd Harlow just kept my brain from oozing out from muh molten brain syndrome. Or whatever she is playing up that day. So either Jaquie is really dense in regards to what Harlow is trying to tell her or there are a lot of Harlow coincidences.

No. 418993


Haha so she can't receive mail for "safety issues" because she's immunosuppressed but can wear a shirt Mary Frey sent her? Someone's bullshitting.

No. 418995

Every single time she says the 15 min thing i get a mental image of Harlow wearing a watch, checking the time then…boop

No. 418997

And lay on beds at the mattress store that are actually kind of nasty. We recently bought a sooper expensive bed (not adjustable though) and people and their kids crawled all over those things with their shoes on. One lady fed her kid a snack on one while hubs was doing paperwork. But muh vog mask protects me.

No. 419006


It really boils my piss when she (and certain other self obsessed instamunchies) call themselves advocates or activists, because they're not doing that for anyone except themselves. They're not showing how to make life with their conditions easier, or lobbying for changes to healthcare (or against them), all Jacquie does is show herself "for awareness" - of herself and her "brand".

No. 419008


Yes, it's definitely true that the more medication you're on, the more side effects come into play. There was a Munchhausen by proxy story in my town (it actually turned into an HBO documentary because it was so messed up) where a mother convinced people that her daughter had cancer and all sorts of other crazy illnesses and the chemo and other extremely strong drugs she was taking caused her to lose her teeth and other very serious side effects. The girl ended up having her mother murdered because she couldn't live that way any more. It was quite a sad story. But back to the topic on hand, the more medication she keeps pumping into her port/feeding tube and the more sedentary she becomes, the more she will have REAL health issues that can harm her for the rest of her life.

Aches and pains are a fact of life. Headaches are a fact of life. She's almost obsessive with every tiny little symptom her body exhibits and feels like it needs to be treated. I want to just tell her one of my favorite sayings - "SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP!" kek

No. 419040

I’m aspiring to be a dog trainer one day, hopefully specializing in service dogs and I can definitely say that Jaquie is full of BS when it comes to the majority of Harlow’s alerts. Not only will a dog most likely not pick up on SO many problems (if she’s constantly having an episode of something how is the dog going to alert??? It’s imposible) It’s also extremely stupid how, as another anon pointed out, she generally acts annoyed at Harlow wanting attention and then JUMP CUT to “ermegherd Harlow just saved my munchie ass.”

Rule number one of training a medical alert dog - ITS NOT AN ALERT IF ITS NOT OBVIOUS.

Example - I know a dog that alerts to vomiting spells (anxiety induced), syncope/bp drops, and allergies. But each alert has a different tell. Why? Cause it has to be obvious that the dog is alerting or else it’s useless! Yet Harlow seems to have the same “alert” for everything - getting in Jaquie’s face,

Additionally, an alert isn’t an alert if the dog hasn’t been shaped to do a specific command. E.g, the dog above has been shaped to paw the owner repeatedly for vomiting, bark for impending anaphylactic episodes, and nose bump for syncope. Does Harlow have certain tells?


Therefore I conclude that at least the vast majority of Harlow’s “alerts” are either total bullshit or just a dog being a dog and getting inquisitive and SOMETIMES she happens to do this when her owner is feeling more sick than normal. Which isn’t a surprise considering that Jaquie is ALWAYS feeling more sick than normal.

No. 419055

File: 1510186418422.jpeg (231.51 KB, 750x743, 5403D021-5404-4759-B28D-15E640…)

Sorry but I just found this photo on her Instagram. The date is only this past May 10th. So tell me.. how can this bitch go from literally bending like this.. to needing a wheelchair full time? She also says she needs Harlow for bending over but here she is clearly bending her precious KNEes that she needs “braces” for now. It’s like she puts herself on blast lmao.

No. 419084

It's clear Jaquie is just trying to justify her chair- have an excuse to use it more, whilst having braces on her body to show the world how disabled she is

No. 419127

File: 1510191348436.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1732.PNG)

This seems….. woo-ey.

No. 419128


Yup. Unless you are taking insulin, or get zero physical signs at all before your blood glucose bottoms out, it's not a medical problem. It's just a thing bodies do. But munchies LOVE overmedicalising everything.

No. 419130


LOL and she's going to be getting IVIG for whatever condition she's claiming to have (well, whichever of the 100). Watch out Jaquie, you're gonna learn the price of "fame"….

No. 419135


the vogmask is not meant to protect you against things that may cause anaphylaxis. I'm sure there's a disclaimer that it's not 100% effective against anything. If Jaq was too sick to go outside in case she died, she would live in a plastic bubble. (Is that next?)

No. 419137


Eye swelling - I became allergic to something this year, which I wasn't allergic to before. My eyelids swelled up (and my lips). I was told by my emergency doctor to avoid that particular thing completely from now on as it would only get worse with each exposure and end up as full anaphylaxis.

saged for blogging, but it seemed relevant?

No. 419138


Awww but insurance won't pay for her "special nutrition". (Yes it's "Nutrition", because she wants to be Jaquie).

TBH I can picture Jaquie's followers tearing shit up on this girl.

No. 419139

Or she’s bored with her chair already and is moving on to something new. Or a combo of both, since she definitely loves anything that makes her look sicker but doesn’t do anything that may actually help if she was sick but isn’t visible (drinking water, exercising, physical therapy, medication instead of jumping to a surgically placed tube, etc.)

No. 419140


Sounds like someone needs a stay at Breakspear!

No. 419142

Because Kate’s farms isn’t a medically recognized or recommended product. Insurance and home health don’t let you just order whatever you want. There’s specific companies they use and will pay for that are medically accepted. There are non organic formulas out there that are otherwise exactly the same, just a lot more affordable and actually used in medical settings. Having to have “clean” organic formula is super eating disorder sounding. (Also, you can’t just order whatever amounts, you need an order from your doctor and then insurance says how often you get some things. If your order is for 6 cans a formula a day for a month, you get literally 6x30 cans and that’s it. If you need more you need a new order. And syringes and button tube extensions are sent however many insurance will cover. Mine covers one a week of each, and that’s it.)

No. 419143

So she can drop nearly $50,000 in just a couple weeks on her wheelchair, ivig, and bed, plus have money to go to Disney, but is bitching about formula that even out of pocket would be a tiny fraction of that?? Someone’s got severe priority issues.

No. 419144


Exactly. For hips, compression shorts are usually recommended, but I guess she wants something VISIBLE. We're not going to be able to see her at all soon, under all the braces and toobz!

No. 419146


She's obsessing over ingrown toenail "surgery"? Bitch, I had that when I was 12. Didn't take. Now I just pay a podiatrist $50 every few months to cut the corners of my big toenails out, much like a LOT of people I know do. Super special!

No. 419147


I don't want to give her the benefit of the doubt really, but they'd test her for MRSA when she went into hospital (if it wasn't on her records). Though I'm sure she begs for a private room anyway due to her "sensitivities".

No. 419162


Bitch doesn't carry hand gel around, does she? That's always struck me as suspect.

No. 419163


Thanks dog anon! I was really hoping someone who had actual service dog experience would come in on this.

No. 419166


replying to myself to apologise for posting this in the wrong thread >_<

No. 419177

"tubie pad" sounds so much more annoying than "tube pad". like a baby.

No. 419198

They don’t test for it unless you’ve got an infection, because that’s the only time it’s a problem. If they tested everyone it’d shut down their systems, especially since lots of people carry it. There’s even a little girl on IG with cf who’s been fighting it for a long time and is still functioning like a fairly normal child. (No pics obviously, she’s like 5). Jaquie is very normal but doesn’t want to accept that. Plus, most hospitals are transitioning to single-patient rooms for everything, just because of how much it cuts down on hospital-acquired illnesses. So that’s also not anything special.

No. 419201

Right, tubie just makes me think toddler. Which is why I hate the tubie and especially the super tubie tags for anyone over the age of 12.

No. 419237


Kek, not in the UK they're not. Hospital is a goddamn nightmare over here, sleep does not happen.

No. 419252

You can thank the NHS for that

No. 419256


Thank the fucking Tories for slowly starving it of funds to ensure they can privatise it, more like.
Soon we'll be able to get our private rooms… if we can stump up the cash. The dream is over.

No. 419314

You guys, Jaquie's toenail needs super special medical attention because she has super special toenail anatomy. Literally no one has toenails like Jaquie and there's even a special organ in her toe which acts like a second brain because of her molten brain syndrome. She needs a second brain in her toe to compensate for her brain loss. That's why toenail surgery is so risky because she might suffer from secondary toe brain damage because part of her toenail might be growing in her brain. It also explains why she can't walk. Walking might shake up her toe brain too much and she might get shaken toe brain syndrome on top of her ingrown toenail toe brain damage. If she doesn't get IV antibiotics, she might get toe brain infection and have to have the whole toe amputated and what will she do then?

No. 419322


I know it's against the grain here, but I don't think J made too big of a deal about her toe nail. It maybe was boring and unimportant, but she's a daily vlogger, they always include stuff like that. She didn't try to make it sound like a one-in-a-million or exaggerate too much of what happened. She Jaquied it a little bit, but I didn't think it was too OTT.

No. 419360

Why is she immunocompromised? It gets mentioned a lot but not in clear relation to a specific issue or disease. Do you know the source of her immunodeficiency? It is common in EDS or something?

No. 419371

Are you referring to the documentary Mommy a Dead and Dearest? That was an insane MBP story! When they interviewed the daughter she was clearly emotionally stunted from being made to lie and often presenting in public as much younger than her true age. She has the maturity lev