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File: 1444691591798.png (3.18 MB, 1824x1824, image.png)

No. 42283

Things got juicy when our Recovery Queen found out about exposing.aly, an Instagram made to reveal Aly's antics. Now, with a petition to remove her account and more people calling her out, things might get more interesting. Will she ever use different emojis? Will she gain enough weight in 6 months to avoid IP? Will she ever get a proper manicure and buy new boots? Will someone buy her a new Starbucks cup? Unlikely! But we're here to watch regardless.

No. 42286

Aly's been awful quiet. Either it's bedtime, or she's in so much shock.

No. 42289

I need links

No. 42290

No. 42291

She doesn't post after dinner…guessing she'll have a sleepless night

Sucks for her, but the account had like 50 followers before she posted it. Has 200 now. Bet there'd be more if she'd left the post up too

No. 42292

File: 1444694137609.jpg (54.46 KB, 540x243, IMG_20151012_162301.JPG)

It looks like someone can predict the future over there lmao

No. 42295

That comment is still up. Did she cry herself to sleep and didn't bother to look at her Instagram or?

No. 42298

"Sleep" she must be doing push ups or something all night long

No. 42304

File: 1444696035172.gif (339.23 KB, 215x194, ggFQGSo.gif)

Now we know why Aly's dad is always mad, he can't sleep with a spoopy skeleton exercising next door all night long

No. 42307

Aly doesn't look like the type who would exercise. Instead, she look like she pops laxatives and has painful shits along with coffee.

No. 42310

Way harsh, Tai :(

Ok ok I'm a bleeding heart

No. 42311

Not right. Body checking is a way of checking the size and shape of various body parts or uour body as a whole. Nothing to do witg Tumblr or IG.

Can include but is not limited to:
-Wrapping your hands around your thighs
-Wrapping your hands around your waist
-Taking photos
-Measuring with measuring tape

No. 42312

Truth hurts, babe!

No. 42315

thanks for clarifying, i thought it was just a social media thing for attention.

No. 42318

Taking bets on:
1) whether there will be a post tomorrow morning (I say yes)
2) said post will mention haters and poor sleep but continue on in a sunny realrecovery manner (vs keeping captions short)

No. 42319

I bet she will start the day with a bad mood but will continue having HUGE (!) #recoverywins all day long just to end at McDonalds with her mum (lesbians emoji) ofc by her own suggestion.

No. 42323

Yes, yes, she'll wake up "low," perhaps with an "anxiety attack," though she might not mention the "bullying," it will just be implied. Mood will be over the stars after staring at a croissant. Or maybe her lunch, a seafoody salad? Or something with more sodium. There will be plenty of sodium to assist in retaining Wednesdays water load.

She will have huge eye bags in her hospital bar coffee selfie on Wednesday, but it will be from waking early, not water retention.

No. 42324

She's gonna pretend like nothing happened. Except followers are going to be more and more on her ass. I'm going to keep following her frequent commenters, though.

No. 42326

No matter what, some good was done. A LOT of people saw that account. A LOT more people are "waking up" to Aly's bullshit. Let's see her try to claim she's doing oh-so-well in #realrecovery after she loses weight or barely gains any after this next weigh in, lol. I truly hope she gets hospitalized again and actually kept there for more than a couple of days, or maybe that she gets sent to that other clinic she was talking about. Her family is going to watch their daughter die unless something changes here.

No. 42327

Er, by "that account" I meant the exposing.aly one.

No. 42328

UGH that "Instagram suddenly requiring my phone number" thing still has me creeped out. I'm dying to know what I did to cause that to happen. It happened on web AND mobile, and it wouldn't let me back on Instagram no matter what I did (without putting in my phone number, that is). I really didn't do anything fishy…oh well, I just made a new dedicated Aly-watching throwaway account, and Instagram isn't asking for my phone number on that one, but now I feel like they're watching me.

Seriously though, I didn't even leave any mean comments or anything ;_;

No. 42334

can't you just use a throwaway google voice number?

No. 42338

Yeah, I more just want to know why it happened all of a sudden like that though. I've never had it happen before and I've gone through a ton of throwaway accounts due to Aly blocking me, lol

No. 42347

amalielee wrote a post directed at aly,


No. 42349

Replying to comments from the last thread, sorry.

Last four months? Try the last nine months. She started throwing out that line back in February (maybe even sooner) when she was in the relapse before the hospital. (Note: I wasn't sure how to phrase that since she's still in relapse.)

I fucking hate that. I want to correct her but I have no idea what the fuck she's trying to say.

No. 42355

I disagree, she probably exercises a lot she does have issues with "hyperactivity" which is aly code for that. I just don't see her vomiting, maybe laxatives but they wouldn't keep her so skinny… not that she eats much but still

No. 42360

Indeed? Maybe? Idk she's stupid

No. 42365

It would be great if the post was directed at Aly, but it might as well be directed at all the other girls on instagram who claim to be in recovery, post pictures of huge meals and yet stay underweight. There are so many of them, although none of them is nearly as annoying as Aly.

Apart from that, I have my own thoughts and opinions on amalielee (while I commend her for being one of the few who are truly weight restored, I see her personality and her account more critically than most people) but that´s not the topic of this thread.

No. 42368

I saw amalielee for the first time just now and don't understand why she's portrayed as an awesome recovery queen? Because she flaunts her (still objectively attractive) body all over IG? She still has a thigh gap that she apparently really enjoys showing off. Great for her for getting better, but personally I don't really consider her a perfect recovery role model

No. 42371

That gif sent me on my way to Keksico

No. 42372

I've made peace with the possibility of my account being deleted because I did my job and a lot of people got to see the person Aly really is. I'm on lolcow now so I don't have to censor myself here, thank goodness. Truth is, Aly is gonna die because we sure as hell know that this bitch is too vain to delete her Instagram and take her bony ass gap to a hospital for proper care or agree to increase her meal plan and "recover" on her own, like she's been "doing". Just wait until Aly dies of a fucking heart attack or some shit. Her followers will be like "omg she was recovering too hard poor fragile little angel r.i.p". I'm going to sit back and watch Aly slowly kill herself, unless she survives long enough to reach her final form: Ash 2.0. And the energy that will keep her alive will be the asspats of her stupid followers. Anyway, any final shit to post before it gets deleted by the Instagram staff? It'a been fun being exposing.aly.

No. 42374

File: 1444716047941.png (45.66 KB, 455x271, wp_ss_20151013_0001.png)

This needs posting because Aly is probably having a bad wake up and it'll be deleted soon.

Shame she doesn't take these comments as a wake up call.

No. 42375

This is an account of an italian anorexic following a mealplan i guess. The food reminds me at Alys but here you can SEE the oil…sturbucks cup every day, but at least its a normal cup…


No. 42376

The portion sizes are more realistic than Aly's "meal plan".

No. 42378

File: 1444717504660.jpg (9.28 KB, 200x192, ALL OF MY RAGE.jpg)


No. 42379

I just had a look at who aly follows. She's probably going yo unfollow amalielee after that comment she made @ aly.

I notice she follows her brother's account. Looks like he hangs out at /b!

No. 42380

Those are exactly my thoughts on amalielee, however, I´m still not sure whether it is fair to discuss her on this board. She is definitely not a lolcow, she is a girl who obviously still has issues, I just wish she would be a bit more honest about it.

She is still very occupied with body image and still needs a lot of attention and confirmation. Why does she post all those pictures of herself in a bikini or in underwear? For her, weight restoration has resulted in a body that is slim and toned but rounded in all the right places, without any flab or cellulite. I don´t know whether she was just lucky or whether she works out (of course she says she doesn´t), but in any case, those pictures can be extremely triggering for recovered anorexics who don´t have the body of a swimsuit model.

Again, it´s admirable that she´s back at a healthy weight and seems to have a healthy relationship with food, but apparently she doesn´t have a healthy relationship with body image and ego boost. She is quite desperately fishing for compliments, and that´s neither healthy nor suitable as a perfect role model for others.

I´m sorry if I offended anyone who finds her super inspiring, but for me, she´s not a perfect recovery icon, she is a normal human being with flaws and weaknesses like all of us.

No. 42383

My sides are in orbit.

No. 42385

Lol at Aly for pretending like nothing happened.

No. 42386

Says she's anxious abt hospital control lmao and blames her last ip stay on 'bad bloods' because it was definitely NoT Ed related!!!!!!1

No. 42393

Although amalielee was a big help for me for a long and difficult time of my life I unterstand what you are saying here. I can look at things in a different way now, I can have a distanced view, but during that period of my life her bikini pictures really helped me I think. Accounts like hers showed me that it's not inevitable to become fat and ugly if I recover. Can be triggering for others though.

No. 42400

File: 1444722406502.png (125.02 KB, 1140x352, Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.4…)


No. 42406

I think seeing bikini pictures like that is detrimental for those in recovery. I think most women do not naturally have perfect curves. What recovering anorexics need to learn is their body will never be perfect or they will be very disappointed and likely to relapse when they realise they might end up with love handles or a pouchy tummy or other "unsightly" body parts.

(different anon btw, not the one you replied to)

No. 42411

So today, anxiety is "over the stars"(because of her day hospital control). In the next post, motivation is over the stars. Until now, only mood was regularly over the stars, so this is something new.

I must admit, this "over the stars" bullshit is really getting on my nerves, but English is not my first language, so please help me out. Is that really a common English expression (for me it sounds super weird and cheesy) or does it belong in the same category as her 5000 smileys/emoticons she uses in every post and her super-posi-happy-blondie-child vibes she is spreading?

No. 42416

I've never heard anyone say it. I'd put it in the "cheesy emoji" category.

No. 42417

The expression commonly used where I am is "over the moon" but it is a real phrase and it just means you're really overjoyed.

No. 42418

Well, she's weight restored and pretty healthy at this point. Is she not allowed to be proud of her body or show it off? Honestly here. If her body is 'perfect'? So be it. There are thousands of other women could potentially trigger anorexics if that's how you think of it.

I get your sentiment, but how do you even find a middleground?

No. 42419

There's reach/aim for the stars/moon (have good or high goals for yourself) and over the moon (extremely delighted, excited) but they're all positive phrases. Aly just doesn't know how to use them.

No. 42420

Her hips are wide. She can't help that she has a thigh gap unless she becomes overweight or obese. I'm looking through IG and I don't understand how she looks proud of it.

No. 42421

I've heard sthing like "my anxiety is through the roof", but that's old fashioned and you don't hear it much.

No. 42422

Same anon. I sort of understand now.

No. 42423

Anorexics have unrealistic body expectations anyway. When they're pro Ana they post pics of stick thin models with long legs and expect to look exactly like that when they lose weight. Reality is most times you just look like you've got knobbly knees and your legs don't suddenly go on for miles.

This woman can't help having an aesthetically pleasing body and I don't think she should be bashed for it. She's done well with recovery and I'm pretty sure she'll still have some body image issues.

No. 42424

Thanks to everyone who answered my question concerning "over the stars". Super happy child over here!

No. 42425

Oh, perhaps! In that case, she also has it in the wrong place in the sentence. It should be "I am indeed gaining weight." I agree that she's stupid, and I seriously pity the people being tutored by her.

No. 42427

Looking through her photos, I disagree. Her body type is rather unfortunate. She has a little bit of a belly, but her ribs still stick out. Depending on how she's cropped, she could still be seen as thinspo or as a normal body type.

No. 42428

So aly has spontaneously on her own (!) Eaten a second (!) Morning snack omfg just like she did yesterday and the day before …. Not suspicious at all as its weigh in tomorrow

No. 42429

>A second breakfast is not a #recoverywin if the first one was a joke.
(edited to fix the error.)
Jfc this needs to be screamed at Aly.

No. 42430

Adding that it was just before therapist appointment, my guess is she's done it so they don't hospitalize her because of "so many recovery wins"

No. 42432

I'm way to excited for tomorrow lol

No. 42433


What bothers me about her is the fact she makes her IG fame all about her looks and her food. When you scroll down a little there are tons of typical "recovery" neatly arranged meals that show me she really obsessed/obsessed over this.
Regarding the thigh gap, in some pictures she pushes back her hip to make her thigh gap look bigger.
As I've said before, it's great that she's healthier and more confident now. But constantly seeking confirmation that she looks good is unhealthy and bad for her recovery.

No. 42434

Everyone has to find his/her own way. I think, a lot of "recovered" ED still are occupied with issues as: healthy eating (whatever this might be), exercising, weight…some choose to become "fitness role models" (#strongisthenewskinny) others to be kind of "care giver" for others with ED. Some may study to become a gp or a therapists (to help others). Probably its not possible to get rid of the fascination of body/fitness/weight/food.

No. 42435

I think when Aly shows pics of cake/muffins whatever, she really eats a bit of them. This tiny bites that miss in the "close ups" are probably what she had of it.

No. 42437

Agreed. I do think she eats most of the things she posts, but only a few bites or the servings are tiny (like a tiny kid's pizza, half a breakfast plate of pasta etc.)

No. 42438

i wonder what she then tells her mother. Like: "I am full now" Maybe she really eats the dry crackers and few grapes FROM HER MEALPLAN, so when she has a FREAKING SECOND BF she always can referr to her being over her damned mp, so she "must not eat this". And probably her mother is fucking happy about every single bite she has….

No. 42439

*"does not have to eat this"
false friend ;-)

No. 42440

On a previous thread it was deduced that Aly was imitating Elena's post style (emojis, expressions, even the same ceramic Starbucks type mug). So maybe that's where the recent Sweetsqueen addition came from…

Now if she'd only eat like Elena does

No. 42441

>you can't imagine how delish this brioche was

Why not? That's all she does - imagine.

Oh, me toooo.

No. 42444

File: 1444737881681.jpg (92.87 KB, 522x734, 0098.JPG)

Look at this picture. The bread is obviously bitten. But what about the meat, cheese and salad? You can see she cut it with a knife. Stupid bitch.

No. 42445

Wonder how long it took her to arrange it all that way.

No. 42446

Cheesy chicken sandwich (with already baked bun(!)) instead of her usual seafood salad… must be Day Hospital Control tomorrow!

No. 42447

She's using the sake bottle and cup for mayo now.

No. 42449

It's so obvious a weigh day tomorrow, all these dang delicious huge recovery wins FFS

No. 42450

Someone's commented asking if she feels pressure for tomorrow. So obvious.

No. 42451

She just posted a fortimel picture and took it down instantly (saw on my phone preview) so if in an hour or so she posts a fortimel on a windowsill with a white sleeve we know it's a load of shit not actually drunk. Just a heads up, I might be wrong

No. 42452

this is really weird. i HATE biting into big things, especially sandwiches/burgers, so if she wanted to cut it, i don't fault her for that. But that bite looks weird. First, it's legitimately HUGE and i can't imagine her ever taking a bite that big. Plus she didn't bite the chicken in a natural way, like you said.

Here's my scientific analysis of her picture (lol, TLDR i know but i am overcaffeinated and waiting for something to print)

- Bite of the top bun looks authentic based on the teeth marks.
- i remember from my (long-ago) meat-eating days that chicken can occasionally break off in a "line" if you kind of tear it off with your teeth. But that makes no sense in light of the seemingly strong round bite on the bottom. (but see comment below about the bottom)
- The chicken looks weirdly small, doesn't it? Like maybe it takes up only part of the bun. That said, it's definitely not a chicken BURGER (which would be ground meat and omg more fat, right Aly?). It's a grilled piece of chicken on a bun with some cheese. What a recovery win. The only real fat in there is the cheese and maybe the mayo (if indeed there is any - though i see something small at the bottom).
- Lettuce is clearly not bitten, given the brownish coloring on the edge and straight edge.
- How does she manage not to bite the lettuce or tomato (or cheese, really) while biting both pieces of bread and the chicken (in a straight line lol)?
- We all know burgers are slippery jackasses to eat. How did all that stuff stay so artfully (yet unbitten) on the burger? There's no toothpick hole, so that's not the answer.
- That bottom bit looks somewhat "fake" to me. I think she just carefully ripped off the bread to look like she bit both pieces of bread. That's my theory.
- BUT the the bites do sort of vaguely parallel. So did she take the stuff off, bite, and then reassemble? Who on earth could bite even round marks into a sandwich like this and miss everything in the middle?
- And then throw it away or give half to her mom?

No. 42453

…but you're probably not wrong. Her enthusiasm today is ridiculous.

No. 42454

I want to ask her why she deleted my very harmless question about italian fruit ices (what she calls "ice cream") and then blocked me for no reason at all. She literally could have said, "No, these ice creams have milk in them" and I wouldn't have said anything back. I mean, I never called her a liar or mocked her or said anything that would have been a reason to block me. But there's no way to ask, right? I'm new to Instagram and only had a couple pictures up there, so is that why she pulled the trigger. Sorry, it ticks me off still. I regret ever asking to know more about her and for feeling bad for her at one point.

No. 42456

Thank you Dr.

No. 42457

I think what I mean is:
She's already chosen her snack picture before its snack time so not a legit pic , we shall see

No. 42458

Because she's guilty as hell!! reaction to being found out, so obviously guilty

No. 42459

She's turned the plate around to take a pic, green lettuce was at top, now at bottom, grilled veg on left now on right

No. 42470

I posted this in the wrong thread (facepalm), but i think it's funny how now she's calling San Paolo (the day hospital control hospital) the ED center.

This sudden "look at how hard I'm suddenly deciding to push myself, guise! Loading up on bulky, high-sodium foods and extra treats to weigh more tomorrow is all our own willpower, darlings!" shit is annoying and transparent.

No. 42477

File: 1444748020058.png (2.92 MB, 1967x1967, 1444747923020.png)

No. 42478

Restrict, restrict, eat bulky food and sodium, magically weight more during weigh-in, get weighed, go home, restrict, restrict.
It's a cycle.

No. 42479

If she wasn't eating shit for the last few days and suddenly decides to eat a burger today.. Wouldn't her blood levels suffer tomorrow, too?

No. 42483

No, not really. If anything, eating a large amount of fat and sugar would bring her bloodwork somewhat closer to normal

No. 42489

Are you sure those ribs aren't her seratus??

No. 42491

some other things that fuck up bloodwork
- purging
- diuretics
- laxatives

No. 42492

File: 1444750323535.png (1.93 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-13-16-13-29…)

Notice the "UNBEARABLE"
Again, that burger is pretty average.

No. 42494

>be strond

No. 42495

>bigger than ME

Smarter than you, maybe.

No. 42496

Aly will be so relieved after she leaves the hospital without any problems, and then her dietician will magically decrease her meal plan.

No. 42498


and also, would eating this much this close to the deadline really do anything for her weight? Besides water weight, that is. Wouldn't the rest just be pooped out? I don't think you can fix bad blood (lol) that quickly esp as she had mentioned bad liver tests.

No. 42501

She has no idea how to use that word properly, but given the context her shitty English ends up being hilarious.

No. 42502

File: 1444752361615.jpg (112.05 KB, 916x592, rain.JPG)

No white sleeve. So probably legit, considering the change in scenery also

No. 42503

Okay did she seriously just put HOT MILK in her nasty plastic Starbucks cup that's meant for cold drinks? Not to mention it's not even a reusable cup. Thank God she's not actually drinking that shit.

No. 42506

File: 1444752996229.jpg (11.37 KB, 273x54, que.JPG)


And yep, she's still deleting comments. Never change, Aly! (oh wait, that's already true)

No. 42507

Not if you don't take a shit for a while

No. 42515

File: 1444754144332.png (825.58 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

As someone who makes coffee for a living, I can say with a lot of certainty that there is definitely no espresso in that drink. Even if it was half a shot, it would definitely be browner than that. I dont know what aly is drinking but it's certainly not what she says it is…

No. 42517

It's probably because she drank the espresso by itself and tossed the Fortimel off the balcony.

No. 42518

I don't understand why she creates/pretends to create those Fortimel concoctions anyway. I doubt she consumes the Fortimel things (the "ice cream"… Why…), but I doubt anorexics who actually are forced to drink them take pleasure in making them taste better.
(Maybe she had the "frothed hot milk" and decaf espresso on the side? If she puts hot milk into that sad little Starbucks cup that's disgusting, and adding it to a cold or room temperature Fortimel must result in a lukewarm drink… Ew)

No. 42519

No no this is the picture!! Like she made the drink earlier and posts it now damn I wish I'd screen captured earlier !!!! I have NO way to prove it but was so random earlier I had to mention it annoyed

No. 42520

File: 1444754573480.jpg (136.21 KB, 910x562, Capture.JPG)

Hey exposing.aly, check out the comments on this post if you need more material

They seem to have been added after at least a day or so therefore Aly never noticed

No. 42521

File: 1444754589859.jpg (58.64 KB, 600x400, Bildetatt210915kl21044.jpg)

this is amalielee, she posted this on her ask thingo. the girl has respectively leaped miles and letsrecover is incredibly helpful but i understand what you're all saying about her seeking validation/body checking

No. 42522

File: 1444754612929.gif (4.89 MB, 350x400, ud5NnD2.gif)

That would be her third coffee of the day?

No. 42523

but…so what if she posted it earlier and removed it? That doesn't mean she didn't drink it (assuming she ever does)

No. 42526

Probably didn't get enough likes

No. 42527

So now we can assume she lurks here? Like she knew we were expecting the white sleeve picture to call her out on it and she cropped it?

No. 42528

I'd bet my life on the fact that she does not drink them. There's just no way. If she considers putting soy milk in her coffee a #recoverywin there is no fucking way she's drinking a 300 calorie tiny bottle of that stuff. Plus, they are SO easy to dispose of. Unless her mom is watching her the whole time and checks that the bottle is full when she begins and empty when she is done, there is no way she drinks them.

No. 42529

why don't we all convince elenasrecovery to meet up with her

they're obviously on the same sort of meal plan and stuff (bread, oil, biscuits, they're in the same country and everything)

No. 42531

I'd take it as proof for my theory that she takes multiple pictures with the same shit (fortimel, pizza, etc) on the same day and just posts them whenever it suits her "agenda"

No. 42532

I remember someone posted a screencap of an Elena post where she indirectly poked fun at Aly's portions…I'll see if I can find it

No. 42533

i know this could be wrong/creepy but for aly's health and all the impressionable young girls that follower her's health.. has anyone contacted her mother? does her mother know what she's doing?

No. 42534

yeah i remember elena doing that too. elenas portions are actually a lot bigger or whatever and they seem to be on the same meal plan. she has more bread, oil is more noticeable etc

No. 42535

well, we could contact her mother via facebook. but i know it'd most likely be sent to her 'other' inbox

No. 42536

It was posted a split second after the burger, so would she really have it at lunchtime and then post it at 5pm? I think she posts a lot of photos taken at random times to pad out her day, so there's a suitable picture posted at snack time, etc

No. 42537

File: 1444755357919.jpg (443.19 KB, 1000x1088, m.jpg)

No. 42538

Alys mum posted something on fb about Alice'a night. Was a poem thing about struggling at night

No. 42539

File: 1444755459303.jpg (432.49 KB, 932x1136, lolo.jpg)

the difference in likes. lmfao

No. 42541

Elena's need some #yolkporn to gain more likes

No. 42543

Needs moar sneacked #actionshots and posi vibes. Also less food.

No. 42545

Hey, she also uses the sake emoji for oil! So Aly is not alone. She may not even be the first!

No. 42547


I can't imagine her mother doesn't know that her daughter is taking selfies/food pics all the time. She must suspect or know that they're being posted somewhere. She's got a lot on her plate with Aly, reaching out to her is probably not a good idea.

No. 42548

File: 1444757218172.jpg (88.7 KB, 931x597, worship.JPG)

The realrecovery GOD is back (kinda)! Let us praise him~~

you were missed, cchristie

No. 42551

I'm laughing so hard right now

No. 42552


Be still my beating heart!

No. 42553

File: 1444758712937.png (205.39 KB, 930x308, calmdownson.png)

Time for you to step away from the computer, Jolty.

No. 42556

Exposing.aly, I like the before/ after body shot! shows it perfectly

No. 42557

I just got back from a nice day out which was finished with a bean burger. I didn't look at it like I'd been reunited with my twin who'd been adopted at birth. It was so fucking oily (!) that I had to take it out and squeeze it between two napkins. I didn't take selfies but I ate it all because I can't afford any more food until Wednesday except for toast. How many asspats do I get?

No. 42558

This is a great way to finish a good day. ILY cc <3 <3 <3

No. 42559

File: 1444760164561.jpg (122.98 KB, 910x586, ton of cheese.JPG)

By "a ton of cheese", does she mean the liquid stuff that's left in low fat cottage cheese cartons?

No. 42560

Yeah but was it UNBEARABLE??

No. 42561

Or as big as you? If it was dang you get ALL the asspats!!

No. 42562

No, but I was a little bit speachless.

No. 42563

No :( I suck at being aly.

No. 42564

You can see the bottom of the plate between the pasta. So "biiig DELISH"! I'm also a little annoyed that there's a mix of rigatoni and penne. Why is that?

No. 42565

>the liquid stuff that's left in low fat cottage cheese cartons?

That sounds disgusting.

No. 42566

Omg i was thinking the same, two kinds of pasta are tickling my ocd

No. 42567

that's exactly spot on what it looks like though.
or ricotta cheese

No. 42568

B-but… #cheeseporn? #recoverywin? DELISH (!) ??

No. 42569

It's whey you're talking about. The watery stuff.

No. 42570

Oh god, you wonderful anons, I have been having the shittiest day but the OC in these threads never fails to cheer me up

No. 42571

Someone seriously needs to share this Cchristie_recovers site w aly. It's freaking hilarious and maybe she can see how stupid she sounds. But probably not.

No. 42573

She would probably just get her ass patters to try and shut it down for harassment.

No. 42574

Aly doesn't have that self-deprecating sense of humour. Or really, any sense of humour.

No. 42575

But then cchristie can gain 100's of followers lol

No. 42576

This is one of the (many) reasons I could never warm to her. Absolutely humourless.

No. 42578

She's a stuck up bitch, that's why.

No. 42579

Gonna use a throwaway to shitcomment on her pictures while she's asleep.

No. 42580

Not yet, it's only 9.10pm in Italy.

No. 42581

I'm not in a deep thinking mood. What does Ma C mean when she posts this to Wly?

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

No. 42583

aly's spelling of "snuck"/"sneaked" is the most triggering thing on earth please don't post something so problematic :'((((((((((((((

No. 42584

File: 1444764425120.jpg (63.13 KB, 656x652, im so done.JPG)

it makes recoveringemily cry

No. 42585

File: 1444764609845.png (43.61 KB, 1116x132, Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.2…)

>it's soo pretty
I sincerely hope that this is sarcasm. That cup is starting to make me feel ill every time I see it, especially now that I know she's (allegedly) been putting WARM liquids in it. ALY PLS STOP YOU ARE TRIGGERING MY GERMOPHOBIA ;_;

No. 42586

File: 1444764661022.png (29.07 KB, 240x253, why the fuck u lyyyiiiinn.png)

>Guys, #recoveryispossible TRUST ME ??
why the fuck should i you've been spoopy for the last 69 years

No. 42587

>it's just your own will and strength ??✨
eat shit aly

No. 42588

so much shouting :(

No. 42589

so many triggers tonite guize… :(
i wana keklapse rly hard :((((((((

No. 42590

I think aly has tourettes tbh

No. 42591

File: 1444765065826.jpg (287.3 KB, 1400x933, 07.jpg)

I am of many sorries

pl0x accept potatoes as recompense

No. 42592

rare unseen footage of aly

No. 42594

File: 1444765110570.jpg (154.67 KB, 640x907, tumblr_nhey2oNvGK1tgb6wyo1_128…)

Looking at that pic all i can think of is this

No. 42595

TONS (!) of LUSH potatoes, it's a shame they're not OILY :(

No. 42596

File: 1444765314461.jpg (14.98 KB, 286x94, kek.JPG)

Definitely sarcasm (pic related)

No. 42597

aw thanks! I'll enjoy them FRIED(!) DANG LUSH and OILY(!)

No. 42598


No. 42599

File: 1444765390618.jpg (7.99 KB, 150x195, 42_040419_chjpsspot.jpg)


No. 42600

is saturnglass a farmer because she's given a heads up to @exposing.aly.

No. 42601

you can pay $1 to get the message sent to their main inbox

No. 42602

File: 1444765711543.png (1.78 MB, 1198x1198, Sad cup is sad.png)


No. 42603

Yes I'm a farmer.

No. 42604

File: 1444765885210.jpg (21.98 KB, 282x149, Capture.JPG)

Wait. Isn't this a major Aly fan?

No. 42605

Ahhh anons are so dang creative.

;) I'm surprised exposing.aly's still there. Does aly think it's gone because she's blocked?

I see her name a lot and I thought she was a main fan too. Weird, huh.

No. 42609

Maybe she's finally waking up to her BS. It seems a lot of of Aly's followers have been questioning her real recovery.

No. 42610

Aly blocked me lmfao

No. 42611


A+ work

Very LUSH bath BOMB you've got there

No. 42612

File: 1444766392125.jpeg (60.21 KB, 640x312, image.jpeg)

Last shit post before she blocked me

No. 42613

bitch blocked me too :(

No. 42614

I think we should all shitspam aly's account whilst she's sleeping with rip aly?? like she could die at any moment anyway so

No. 42615

either that or we rickroll her in the comments

No. 42616

File: 1444766567014.jpg (24.84 KB, 286x205, Capture2.JPG)

Let us memorialize your last message forever

No. 42617

thank you very much! It looks beautiful :D

No. 42618

Errrrrm instagram could take a dim view of that.

I don't think she'd click on links either…she's a low-effort person

I'm waiting 'til tomorrow's news

No. 42619


No. 42620

I say nay to that, i don't want her to try sudoku tbh

No. 42625

Not even a thought kek.

No. 42631

Pretty sure. They seem to extend into the middle too far (from what I can tell from looking up seratus). At least in some pictures, though I could be wrong.

No. 42637

File: 1444770964170.png (31.65 KB, 1072x100, Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 2.08…)

OK, so it's not a plastic water bottle, but still. I don't know what exactly is in the plastic in those Starbucks cups, but at the very least, the germ buildup is an issue. I don't care how well Aly thinks she's washing it. It's not meant to be washed over and over, nor is it meant to hold warm/hot liquids. JUST STOP.

I am seriously so fucking bothered by this cup issue, I can't even deal. I can feel my sanity slipping away.

No. 42638

Do it.

No. 42640

Laughing so hard at cchristie!! My stomach is killing me! You genius!

No. 42641

I reuse small plastic water bottles if I want to take some out and I only buy the 5 litre bottles. I'll reuse it twice but recycle after that. I'm not even hung up on germs but it'd feel gross using it.

So odd she's kept it for so long and brought it from Dublin instead of buying a proper one online. OCD OCD OCD.

No. 42643

Refilling a plastic bottle with water is nbd as long as you throw it out eventually. But Aly refills it with sugary, fatty Fortimel that bacteria and mold would love… there's no way to properly sterilize that cup… I want to puke just thinking about it

No. 42644

File: 1444773810530.jpg (39.65 KB, 283x332, rly.JPG)

Are you srs guiz?

It's okay for her to lie, yep, that's totally fine, nobody should say anything about it

No. 42645

Why is crying girl suddenly defending her?? I thought she would've been blocked.

No. 42646

Forget that. Different one.

No. 42647

Fuck this bullshit about "recovery is about more than the weight." Yeah, it is, but it's pretty meaningless if you're going to insist on remaining a spoopy skeleton with a BMI of like 11 or whatever and refuse to gain any weight. You simply can't be "recovered" at such an extremely low weight. Your body doesn't work properly. You can't even think properly.

Anyway, Aly's been doing almost the same fucking thing every single day for months now. It isn't an epic "#recoverywin" worthy of ass-pats when you literally do it EVERY DAY. It isn't "challenging yourself" when you've done it dozens and dozens of times before with no apparent problem. Aly isn't doing jack shit to "work her way up to feeling comfortable with being within a 'healthy' weight range." She's so far from being within a healthy weight range, it's ridiculous. She's sitting comfortably in her safe little anorexic world and pretending she's in recovery. That doesn't deserve any praise whatsoever.

No. 42649

She probably "cleans" them with hot water which puts further strain on the material. I bet there are tiny cracks in the material already which are breeding grounds for bacteria. Does anybody know when the trip to Dublin was?

No. 42650

Let's hope tomorrow she's sitting in hospital with a tube up her nose for as long as it takes to get some weight on that carcass.

No. 42651

File: 1444774455596.jpg (19.22 KB, 338x315, Screenshot_2015-10-13-23-12-19…)

This, right here, is killing me.

No. 42652

You might find the date if you look through her other ig or facebook. I've def seen pics of her there with her ex.

No. 42653

March 2014

No. 42654

File: 1444774563439.jpg (201.87 KB, 1042x1192, Screenshot_2015-10-13-23-15-26…)

No. 42655

Beat me to it. Oh god. Close to 2 years ago. Nasty. Ick.

No. 42657

She could've actually bought a cup while she was there!

No. 42658

I found that too, but that was in Berlin. The caption is "How I missed you" which makes me assume the Dublin trip and Starbucks visit was before that?

No. 42659

No fucking way

No. 42660

But she's poor

No. 42661

Good point! I'll investigate further haha

No. 42662

And slightly off topic, but question to Italians that might be here: is it normal for Italian girls to glorify Starbucks? Just because there aren't any stores where they live?

No. 42663

She said she got her glass one from Dublin, so where the heck did she get this throwaway plastic one from?

No. 42664

File: 1444774885792.gif (460.73 KB, 500x278, giphy.gif)

Her old ig… So many anus mouth selfies

No. 42665

Italy can take some of the thousands scumming up every high street here.

No. 42666

Trash can?

No. 42667

Does she actually OWN a glass one?

No. 42668

Same and I'd gladly take some good quality Italian coffee bar in return. I used to be obsessed with Starbucks when I was like 15/16. These days I go there when no better option is available, but it kind of has a trashy image to me now because of all the frappuccino teenagers. To Aly it's this foreign thing that makes her look cultured and like an "insider"

No. 42670

Her ex boyfriend went to Ireland in 2011 that's all I can find so far

No. 42671

No, I'm pretty sure she said the nasty plastic one is glass.

No. 42672

Whaaaat? No one can believe that, she is proper deluded

No. 42673

I find this whole crying selfie so ridiculous. If you're crying and suffering for real you don't have time to care about carefully taking selfies. I bet she practices different crying facial expressions for maximum ~suffering ana~ points.

No. 42674

File: 1444775682558.jpg (217.68 KB, 540x599, IMG_20151013_153336.jpg)

Did anyone saw this pic? Could this be the size of her always favorite saturday #pizza?

No. 42675

File: 1444776019746.jpg (214.79 KB, 1052x1265, Screenshot_2015-10-13-23-38-41…)

You won't believe this! September 2012… And the comments of this picture describe the beauty being captured even in Ireland. She's wearing a Dublin hoody

No. 42676

File: 1444776116581.jpg (43.27 KB, 1076x515, Screenshot_2015-10-13-23-41-22…)

No. 42677

Wtf I really hope the cup is not from three years ago! I'm disgusted ?

No. 42678

>September 2012
Noooooooooo please say it ain't so

No. 42679

Should I have spoilered this lol

No. 42680


No. 42681

She looks so pretty and healthy in this pic. It's depressing to compare this to the spoopy skeleton that she's become

That actually looks pretty large and caloric. There's no way she's eating the whole thing. Also she's drinking coke zero. Because you definitely need to watch your calories when you weigh as much as a small child.

No. 42682

I commented on Aly's account once with a throwaway and I got a notification from Instagram saying a friend thought I was struggling with an eating disorder. Lol

No. 42683

B-but she wrote it in caption!

No. 42684

11 weeks ago she posted a picture of a Starbucks cup asking if we missed it so, might just be 11 weeks old? Let's hope so!!

No. 42686

File: 1444777026718.gif (1.25 MB, 245x281, 2012.gif)

No. 42687

It's so riddled with bacteria it probably ran away by itself and she couldn't find it.

No. 42688

File: 1444777074825.jpg (253.91 KB, 1072x1517, Screenshot_2015-10-13-23-56-55…)

No. 42691

File: 1444777342571.jpg (30.67 KB, 311x349, im touching a burger recoveryw…)

I've been putting this off for 10 hours but I MUST post this. That reaction to the burger. Have you ever seen anything so fucking ridiculous.

I hope whichever one of her family hid it is going to do a better job next time.

No. 42692


She's not saying it's made out of glass, she's just calling it a glass. Americans think glass and cup are interchangeable too.

No. 42693

Coke zero, are you kidding me?

No. 42696

I was just showing the time since we met Mr Starbucks, 11 wks ago all the fortimels were drunk out of the bottle

No. 42698

File: 1444779211165.jpg (99.63 KB, 507x565, hot blonde instagirl followfor…)

I wonder if her ex paid for all their travelling?

No. 42701

I wonder if that's why she's spoiled. After dating a rich man, she got used to the good life.

No. 42702

Y'all act like she actually drinks out of the cup. She probably doesn't so you can chill with the germaphobia. The only thing getting poisoned are the poor plants she dumps that shit on.

No. 42706


No. 42708

She looks like an ugly dolphin.

No. 42723

why doesnt anyone ask for a video of her eating instead of smiling at her food? She makes me so mad.

No. 42724

File: 1444785946718.jpg (309.35 KB, 807x1273, 1431600455447.jpg)

She's improving her old techniques for "eating", She's now making the bite marks in the bun a bit more realistic, and now she " bites" a chunk of the insides! Wow such #recoverywin (btw buns then were FRESH BAKED not ALREADY BAKED)

No. 42725

>Decaffeinated espresso

What the hell is the point then?? And she needs to stop lying. That is probably milk and she isn't drinking it anyway.

No. 42726

Bless whoever this is. they're perfect

No. 42728

The baby plate returns. There's probably about 15 pieces of pasta on it.

No. 42731

rofl I love you, anon

No. 42732

Damn, now I want pizza

No. 42734

Damn it. I just went online and ordered a small pie. haha.

No. 42740

File: 1444789136104.png (502.05 KB, 800x773, old pepe.png)

Ugh, I get so mad that she threw away that delicious thing. As a poorfag I could never afford to eat all the yummy things she does on a regular basis. Seeing her trash all those elaborate meals makes me hella mad (and hungry).

No. 42745

I can't chill. I can't stand looking at that thing. DON'T TELL ME TO CHILL JESUS CHRIST THAT THING IS DISGUSTINGGGHGHGHhhhh

No. 42750

I am 100% with you on the cup thing. I can legit feel the bile rising in my throat whenever I see her post a pic of it and imagine how it must reek from having all that Fortimel shit in it. I want her to go IP just so she can't flash that disgusting thing all over her IG anymore.

No. 42753

I want videos of her drinking Fortimel out of that janky ass cup.

No. 42754

File: 1444792184231.jpg (16.76 KB, 201x201, wut.JPG)

Are you kidding me with this face

Like how do you even selfie this

Hold it for like 30 seconds? Straight up embarrassment

No. 42755

I have proposed to cchristie_recovers like 3 times but I was ignored :(

Maybe next time I will bring along cake.

No. 42756

What? She doesn't have a glass one. The nasty plastic one is the only one we've seen. She's tried to claim it's glass, but we're trying to assume that's a translation error.

No. 42757

Jesus, that's so obviously not an already-bitten (!) sandwich. With the new ones it's harder to tell.

I'm guessing her Englishes are atrophying with her brain :(

No. 42758

She looks crazed, and the fluffed hair is definitely not helping her.
Maybe she thinks if her hair is poofed, people will mistake it for weight gain?! I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if she were that deluded.

No. 42759

The roots of her hair are darker than I thought. Is that the true hair color or do blondes have darker roots than hair (i apologize if this is a dumb qestuion)

No. 42761

I am positively giddy about seeing the results of Day Hospital Control tomorrow! It's like Christmas Eve and I won't be able to sleep.

No. 42766

File: 1444794599163.jpg (22.79 KB, 356x413, images (6).jpg)

Are you trying to tell us that she's NOT a BLONDIE happy child?

No. 42767

CChristie's first and only love is the Meal Plan.

No. 42771

File: 1444796286493.jpeg (48.34 KB, 640x238, image.jpeg)

Really good observation. This is what probably triggered her relapse.

No. 42772

File: 1444796909649.png (2.22 MB, 1836x1646, PhotoGrid_1444796782302-1.png)

Off topic but ED related.

No. 42775

I wonder what their procedure is like for the "weight in." Do they just let her get on the scale fully clothed, including hidden weights? Somehow I get the feeling the people running this "program" are pretty damn clueless.

No. 42776




Jesus Christ what the fuck. If that doesn't scare girls off from recovery nothing will.

No. 42779

I know I ain't getting any sleep tonight. Must see what goes down at hospital control. Fingers crossed they stick her bony ass in a hospital bed.

No. 42780

Screenshot everything pls!

No. 42787

File: 1444802652693.jpeg (136.74 KB, 640x870, image.jpeg)

Today's the day

No. 42791

File: 1444803098339.png (825.91 KB, 924x595, Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.1…)

She's on her way to the hospital now - she drank espresso first, because it'll really make her blood exams 'pop'!

No. 42792

lol, forgot her caption

No. 42793

File: 1444803223487.png (53.21 KB, 293x253, Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.1…)

No. 42794

Overshooting can be normal in recovery. But I don't know if it was a good idea to include the picture

No. 42795

maybe its cause her hair is thinning

No. 42798

That's a pretty damn big "overshoot" :\ Yikes.

No. 42799

>Did you miss my Starbucks glass?

Fucking Aly.

No. 42800

File: 1444809754880.png (173.84 KB, 1112x376, Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.01…)

She gained 1 kg in a month. Wow. I am shocked.

No. 42801

(So that's +0.5 kg total in her ~real recovery~, yeah? WOW! That's great progress…for a week.)

No. 42802

She's probably lying, tbh. Or horribly bloated.

Her hands terrify me.

No. 42803

How much has she gained since June?

No. 42804

File: 1444810695094.jpg (236.7 KB, 1078x1530, Screenshot_2015-10-14-09-16-11…)

First time (!) I didn't go for the safer option (she has taken a picture of a croissant)… What about the croissant you had 4 weeks ago

No. 42805

Yeah, since they're only weighing her once a fucking month (idiots), they can't get a sense of how her weight is fluctuating, if at all; she might weigh 1 kg less in a few days. It's a pretty insignificant amount, and it's ludicrous when you consider that the expected weight gain for an anorexic in recovery is 1-1.5 kg per WEEK.

No. 42806

Seriously though her "specialists" are failing pretty epically if they're "quite proud" of her taking an entire month to gain how much she should gain in a week. She needs to be inpatient. This is ridiculous.

No. 42809

Last hospital admission she got to this point,with her crappy croissant and panini then got blood results back and she had to stay in

No. 42810

I am a horrible, spiteful person and I am hoping for ~bad bloods~.

No. 42811

Shes gained 1.7 total in 13 weeks. wow. Don't give her any fibre she'll be back to square one!!
OP normally expect at least 0.3-0.5 a week and IP 0.5-1kg a week. 1kg gain today is probably her necklace

No. 42812

I should have also mentioned many anorexics turn to bingeing, or tell themselves they are in recovery when in reality it's just binges. One year into my ED I told myself I had to get better and gain weight, so I had lots of junk food (and gained to a BMI of 18, freaked out and went back to restriction).
She does not look happy in the 2010 picture so that might be an explanation for the high weight.
It's difficult to get back to completely normal eating after an ED. It's very common to only know two extremes, restriction or bingeing.

No. 42813

She's totally playing everyone - her parents, her doctors and her "ed family" - like a fucking Stradivarius. She's figured out exactly what to eat to maintain her weight where SHE wants it while lying to everyone about her freaking FABULOUS recovery(!) What a scammer.

She's holding her poor family hostage too. They're all walking on eggshells & holding their breath every day, terrified that she'll relapse. Imagine being forced to obsess every day over whether poor Aly is eating. It's All About Aly every day and it's 's ridiculous.

No. 42820

I don't know which one of you is farmdoll2003, but I like you.

No. 42825


She bloody blocked me. It was fun while it lasted tho

No. 42827

Lmao nooo she dyes it. We have pictures of her with brown hair. That's probably why she orgasms over her blondeness is because it's not natural.

No. 42828

Supposedly, 3.0kg (6.6lbs), but come on. There's no way she's 3.0kg heavier.

No. 42829

To explain my math btw, it went:
Total: 3.0kg

Ugghhh come on, Aly, post! I know it's only been an hour since she posted her morning snack, but I'm so impatiently waiting for her to say if her blood tests went horribly or not.

No. 42830

I will be very dissapointed if her next post is a positive one…

No. 42831

She blocked me as well.

I'm desperate for bad news. I so badly want to see her in the hospital again.

No. 42832

I hope she hasn't updated yet bc they're shoving a tube up her nose.

No. 42834

Even if she blocked you you should be able to see her account on pikore or iconosquare.

No. 42838

3 kgs in 20weeks is shocking! She definitely doesn't look half a stone heavier, her organs must be extremely hydrated by now!!

No. 42839

Since June is 20weeks I was thinking

No. 42841

New post, no word on the blood tests. Kind of makes me assume they told her to stay and she refused

No. 42842

She has to be lying about her doctors' opinions about the weight gain. My weight can flucuate up to 5 pounds (~2kg) in a single day. If they consider 1kg to be any kind of significant gain in a month, especially after a required hospitalization, then I really hope I never need a doctor if I'm ever in Italy.

No. 42843

We'll probably get a #throwback post to something she didn't eat last week so she can write sth-ing off.

No. 42847

Damn seems all is well in alys cuckoo land of realrecovery

No. 42848

And another post (about getting cookies with her mum to celebrate "the good news from the hospital"). I think she means the weight gain? She still hasn't mentioned the blood results, and ignored someone who asked

No. 42851

File: 1444826114218.png (227.97 KB, 720x586, idgi_edit.png)


Was there bad blood or not?? Does she mean good news of weight gain? But if these are from the mall have they left the hospital? Why do I care?

No. 42852

I think if she had good bloods she would make a post specifically talking about that and writing something like "This shows that #realrecovery pays ? the LUSH food worthed it ? so let's keep BEATING ? it every day!"

No. 42853

Maybe there was so many germs in her blood from the fortimel cup they've released her so no one else catches them

No. 42854

1 kg weight gain in 4 weeks with an increased meal plan is pitiful. Just pathetic. You could "gain" that by eating and not using the bathroom. Hospital San Pedro ED clinic, you're useless. Aly's mum…I don't even know what to say.

No. 42855

She used the "Soon" emoji when mentioning the "good news" so she's definitely going to do an update.

No. 42856

Eating dinner, I meant.

No. 42857

Does anybody even see her getting better? I have a hard time imagining her gaining weight. Wouldn't be surprised if she just stopped posting one day. At her BMI, she could have a heart attack any moment. I once saw more detailed categories of underweight BMIs and <14 or <13 was listed as "Death is imminent"

No. 42859

Didn't someone once post you can drink two pints of water and it's like 1-2kgs of short term weight, she could have easily done that!

No. 42860

Her sternum made a ninja reappearance and is obv facehugger-y still. Nice try with the necklace, Aly. I'll say something nice though – back in June, before she was hospitalized, she looked worse than she does now. I don't know if it's the 3 kg weight gain (lel) or the bright lipstick or the lack of sphincter mouthed selfies or just better photo skillz/filters.

No. 42862

Is she's 5'7 she'd be 38kgs at bmi 13 what does she weigh? We ever found out?

No. 42863

Well you'd piss the water out pretty quickly, but if you eat a lot of bulky food and don't go to the bathroom you can easily "gain" 5lb or so

No. 42870

She is 169 cm (which is like 5'6" and a half inch) and before her hospitalisation in June she was 31 kg. After her hospitalisation she was 34 kg. So, BMI 10.6 and 11.9 (she posted the numbers on her IG profile back then)

No. 42872

With 3kg gain she's now at BMI 13

No. 42873

From the BMI of a corpse to the BMI of an Auschwitz prisoner… such recovery, so inspiring

No. 42876

It's really sad when you keep in mind she weighs about as much as your average 10-year-old.

No. 42878

Such a warped sense of recovery if she thinks bmi 13 is acceptable, she could have heart failure any minute especially with all the walking she does

No. 42884

I don't understand how some of these super spoopy anas stay alive and functional. It's insane that Ash didn't die years ago and it's insane that Aly can still stand up and walk around and probably work out ("hyperactivity"). These girls should donate their body to science when they finally keel over. They might hold the secret to eternal life.

No. 42893

the body can take more bullshit than you think.

No. 42894

She's received like 16 comments (minus the deleted ones) max today. This, with 26.6k followers. No more likes than usual either. Most people suspect what's up.

No. 42895

The human body evolved to survive long periods of starvation.

No. 42897

>I don't understand how some of these super spoopy anas stay alive and functional.
For the same reason the super obese won't be dropping dead next Tuesday.

You also have to remember that many of these women are still very young. None of them are past 30. Shit doesn't typically hit the fan regarding health until late 30s early 40s.

No. 42898

Yeah, but some people die at lower levels of spoopiness.

No. 42905

Bad genetic luck I guess. There's people who eat right and exercise everyday who die young due to some fucked up cardiovascular condition or cancer.

No. 42911

>Does anybody even see her getting better? I have a hard time imagining her gaining weight.

She managed to do it in the past so there's always ~hope!~ but she's a different (deluded) person now than she was then, so I say nope, no chance.

No. 42914

I saw those pictures from when she was a little closer to normal, but I agree she's way different now. She seems so deep into her ED now and her whole life is about broadcasting it to strangers. That's one of the problems in my opinion. Of course I hope she gets off Instagram and gets better but… I just can't see it :(

No. 42915

>I hope she gets off Instagram and gets better but… I just can't see it :(

I've always felt that social media has been one of the worst possible things to have happened for people with serious mental illness. It seems impossible to recover from anorexia when you've got hundreds to thousands of people giving you positive reinforcement for continuing negative habits.

No. 42916

Today is turning out to be such an anticlimax. Where's the drama?

Oh exposing.aly, I just clicked the change.org petition in your bio and it's been deleted, fyi.

No. 42920

File: 1444831217549.jpg (13.25 KB, 157x190, fuck.JPG)

No. 42921

Ahahahahhaa I was just about to screencap that! Wtf is it?

No. 42922

As a hair colorist, I have to say her hair is fucking disgusting. Her hairdresser (if she even has one) should be ashamed

No. 42925

File: 1444831684580.jpg (10.07 KB, 185x122, fuckx2.JPG)

More gore TW

No. 42926

Whatever happened with the email the other farmer sent the hospital?

No. 42928

File: 1444831959254.jpg (68.87 KB, 870x396, fl20120619zga-870x396.jpg)

Aly's instagram right now

No. 42932

File: 1444832213009.gif (477.77 KB, 500x224, smfh.gif)

I'd bet that the docs aren't impressed with her gain and she's been told that IP at the clinic is deffo on the cards. She's too quiet and not bragging enough for it to have been all good news.

No. 42933

OT of aly. Is the latest pic from recoveringemily illegal seeing how she's only 16?

No. 42936

She's got her bits censored out but I'm not sure what Instagram policy is. I would go ahead and report it.

No. 42937

File: 1444833942048.jpg (113.09 KB, 957x488, Capture.JPG)

Aly is a genuine medical miracle.

No. 42938

I'll take a copy of the doctors's report. Who do I write to?

No. 42939

Dr. Niccolo, Milano Neighbourhood Medical College

No. 42942

Is it just me or is there a floating tortilla next to her head?

No. 42944

hahahaha no it's not just you

No. 42946

Boo, whore :/

No. 42948

I seriously cannot even believe that a 1kg/month weight gain is considered "on point." I want to vomit. Either Aly is lying about her "specialists'" reactions or they're incompetent as FUCK.

No. 42949

File: 1444836871016.jpg (153.85 KB, 540x663, IMG_20151014_083619.JPG)


No. 42950


No. 42951

>dang challanging fo sho

oh you

No. 42952

File: 1444837119881.png (640.11 KB, 541x472, imfreakingout.png)

No really! What's going on with this? It's just so weird. I know it's sort of a strange thing to notice but my head is full of fuck right now.

No. 42953

It's a poster on the wall

No. 42954

Looks like a wall decal. Some 3D effect going on.

No. 42956

She probably eats out all the time because restaurants post their calorie content. :/

No. 42957

I didn't realize the middle was the most recent one until now. Wow, she looks great.

No. 42962

This is where she ate that wrap: http://www.lapiadineria.com/Menu

She had the "crudo, mozzarella, pomodoro" My Italian is not good enough to search out any calorie information but it doesn't seem to be published anywhere.

No. 42963

aly is starting to get boring. it's hard to maintain rage when she's been doing the same dumb shit for a year. at this point she just comes across as really pathetic imo and mentally ill beyond the ~~severe anorexia for many years~~. she's so delusional and so stuck on her online identity that it's just like…ok girl bye.

also recoveringemily or whatever her current url is is the actual embodiment of the most embarrassing insta possible. from the crying selfies to the huffing videos to the actual clip of her singing evanescence…she is seriously going to regret this tragic mess in a few years. and she doesn't even seem to have an ED–more like wayyyyyy out of control BPD (tho she's too young to be dx'd, #armchairpsychologist, etc etc i know)

No. 42964

>aly is starting to get boring

Agreed. This was a last try but she managed to sashay (or stilt-walk) out of this so…MEH. Her facade will never break.

No. 42966


UK anon not Italy, but I don't know any restaurants/take out places that give calorie info (except Costa Cofee).



I've been thinking about dumping Aly for a while now. This same old shit is getting painful.

No. 42967

>out of control BPD

Textbook case. Extreme BPD.

No. 42970

Yep, i bet she will keep like this for fucking ever, gaining and losing the same 2 lbs again and again. I quit. This is boring.

No. 42972

Ditto. I'll probably keep checking up on her, but at this point, it's just so repetitive and ridiculous I can barely stand it. I keep waiting for her to get tossed into an inpatient ED ward or something, but apparently that's never going to happen. She must be one manipulative cunt IRL. I feel bad for her family, but they need to grow some balls and stop enabling her. I doubt that will happen, though.

No. 42973

I think her dad does try to tell her what's what. Notice she NEVER says why he is the "cause" of her ED and never alludes to why he yells at her. He's probably telling her to get her skinny disgusting ass in the kitchen and eat.

No. 42974

True. It's so obnoxious that she actually blames him for "causing" her ED. Bitch, please. You can't just put that entirely on someone else.

No. 42981

File: 1444841713042.png (854.24 KB, 618x1553, Aly 10-14-2015 8.png)

lollll @ comments, of course they didn't increase her meal plan, they probably fucking decreased it for some unfathomable reason. inb4 no more Fortimel because Aly's doing soooo well and her doctors are soooo ~over the stars~ about her weight gain

No. 42986

All deleted. She is zero fun.

I need a break from her. Will check back in a month or so.

No. 42988

Blocked again :( i just wanna know what is brend :(((

No. 42990

Yep, and ndyp4u is blocked. You're killing me Aly. I'm so sick of making new accounts.

No. 42993

LOL, and of course they didn't increase her meal plan. 0.5kg net gain in two months is amazing progress! Clearly she doesn't need more calories!

No. 42994

File: 1444843816972.png (643.1 KB, 931x599, challange.png)

Chocolate is still a 'challange' to her… yet does anyone remember the daily chocolate bars she used to "eat"? Or the chocolate ice cream for her #pintparties? Can anyone think of anything else chocolate that she supposedly scarfed down, yet these tiny tiny cookies are too "scaring" for her to even eat one?

No. 42995

kek she updated her caption to have the correct spelling, FINALLY. Now can we please work on "challange"?

No. 42996

She ate tons of chocolate. I wish I'd screenshotted that shit from before her first hospitalization. I'm kicking myself so hard now for not doing so. But yeah, she seemed to be a chocolate fiend, tossing down those whole pints of chocolate-y Ben & Jerry's without a care in the world, because #REALRECOVERY!!!

No. 43001

There might be some in the early aly threads.

Chocolate is too challenging? Didn't she have melted chocolate on that froyo?

No. 43002

There are several collages in earlier Aly threads, if you need.

No. 43008

File: 1444846696841.png (967.51 KB, 657x1311, Aly 6-22-2015 4.png)

kek, here she is at the end of June…
>Extreme Brownie icecream Cause I'm a chocolate and icecream lover and if they are together.. No panic Just enjoyment
She's progressed so much in her #realrecovery that, in less than four months, she's gone from LOVING chocolate ice cream (and chocolate in general) and being able to "eat" tons of it without fear (suuuure) to being too scared to eat a tiny chocolate cookie. Impressive.

No. 43013

File: 1444846901976.png (1.02 MB, 661x1671, Aly 7-8-2015 2.png)

And again, in July, with her chocolate- and ice cream-loving…

No. 43014

File: 1444847072129.png (1.43 MB, 659x2875, Aly 7-28-2015.png)

And yet more chocolate- and ice cream-loving, from even more recently.

No. 43015

File: 1444847200550.png (1.12 MB, 620x2265, Aly 9-2-2015 1-2.png)

Sorry for spamming. Last one. Beginning of September. I'm rolling my eyes so hard at the idea that one of those teeny little cookies is somehow more "scaring" than all of the chocolate ice cream she allegedly enjoyed, even quite recently…

No. 43016

File: 1444847435094.jpg (1.14 MB, 1500x1500, OCDelicious!.jpg)

Just kidding, I have three more to dump, from the shit she deleted from before her first hospital stay.

No. 43017

File: 1444847513215.jpg (3.58 MB, 1205x1500, PINTPARTYYYYYY.jpg)

Fake pint parties.

No. 43018

File: 1444847588611.jpg (1.64 MB, 1500x1500, SEE SEE I bited the dessert th…)

And lots of chocolate donuts and other sweets that she most certainly ate and kept down.

TBH, I'm pretty embarrassed of my "Aly" screenshots folder, but sometimes it comes in handy.

No. 43026

omg i know she didn't eat or drink any of that, but just the thought of chocolate with orange juice makes me want to vom.

No. 43027

My god she seems a bit OCD with the way she takes the pics. They're always set up a certain way, same poses, and descriptions. Even her creepy smiling at food pics are always the same damn thing.

No. 43031

Yep, they lend themselves perfectly to collages and gifs because of how eerily uniform they are.

No. 43034

She isn't an actual tutor. She has a friend that asked her for a bit of help learning English. That's it.

She took a bite out of the bun with nothing in between. That's why the bite marks are perfectly symmetrical. After that, she added the chicken/cheese/lettuce, which she'd cut with a knife.

I don't understand why she went through all that effort. Does she think this picture looks at all legit? Has she gone full retard from starving her brain?

Oh ffs. So she's sitting there, taking her burger apart, cutting pieces off and rearranging it, and whoever she's with is allowing her to do so? God damn it.

Enablers, enablers everywhere.

No. 43037

Seriously, what the hell? Did her mom (or whoever else was there with her) really take a picture of her smiling at her burger and then sit there while she carefully bit the empty top and bottom buns, sliced bits out of the insides of the burger, reconstructed it, and then photographed it?! What does she say while she's doing this? "I'm just trying to get the perfect photo for my Instagram"? And then there's the question of whether she even eats it after she photographs it.

I'm trying to imagine this scene happening and it's just so bizarre, I can't even picture how it would have gone down. But, then again, she's been doing all of this weird food photography shit for so long that the people around her are probably used to it. Still, it must be exasperating.

No. 43046

wtf she deleted her original comment and then reposted it to take outthe part about chocolate being a challenge. Does she lurk here or did someone call her out?

No. 43047

What I don't understand about her food pics is why doesn't she take a bite then spit it out?

I mean I realize she probably has the ana delusion she'll gain weight from just that but it can't be much worse than when she eats in front of friends/family.

I am mind boggled how people in her state aren't forced into medical care. Her family are just enabling her.

No. 43048

Oh man I really hope she doesn't lurk here. Creepy. I didn't see anyone call her out, though…

No. 43050

File: 1444855848211.png (74.01 KB, 564x190, Is it or isn't it?.png)

Duplicitous bitch.

No. 43051

I've been saying this, ofc she lurks here, hi Aly!

No. 43052

I doubt it, if she was she'd not be shocked about exposing.aly then because she'd know about it before it was brought to her attention. That post she put up was pure shocked anger, it had to be fresh.

No. 43053

She's lurking since yesterday, remember the pic she uploaded then deleted and reloaded later cropped? She knew we were expecting it to call her out

No. 43054

Aly, if you're lurking, how does it feel knowing that tons of people know you're completely full of shit and have screenshots to document your lies? Because it feels pretty good to me.

No. 43055

Yep, Aly we know you're faking recovery. We don't believe your lies and never will. Until you show weight gain there will be someone calling out your bs.

No. 43058

Her mum posted this on fb "" the beauty of women is that they are afraid of everything, but they eventually
The courage to do everything."

When's she going to find the courage to call out her daughter's bullshit? Idk, I used to feel sorry for her, but she could end this.

No. 43062

It's way more likely for an anorexic to get to and maintain a very low weight by continuous 'high' restriction (700-1200 ish, depending on height/activity level) because they're less prone to binging and will have more energy and won't crash as fast as someone eating like 200 cal a day. Not saying Aly's not a liar but it's highly unlikely she's eating NOTHING whatsoever or restricting very low.

No. 43064

God, I hate sexist bullshit like that. I swear, the women around me are so much more sexist than the men. Platitudes like this are so popular amongst way too many women.

No. 43066

well the stuff she posts doesn't add up to a huge amount of calories, so she's probably actually eating it all. i imagine she just eats extremely slowly and leaves stuff on the plate when they eat out since portions at restaurants are huge anyway.

No. 43068

Yeah, someone a few threads ago calculated that if she eats everything she posts on a typical day the calories are right around what she'd need to maintain ~75lbs at 5'6. (such recovery.) I really doubt she's eating shit like >>43008 or >>42674 though (notice the fucking coke zero in that second picture!)

No. 43072

File: 1444860339042.jpg (104.67 KB, 540x403, IMG_20151014_150659.JPG)

Hey Aly, i've found a book for you!

No. 43073

Everyone who has a thread here lurks here except maybe PT.

No. 43081

Nah, OT but I want to believe PT lurks here, or at least in her first few threads when her Dropbox was being revealed.
I mean, if she has lurked cgl she could lurk here too.

Probs not now tho

No. 43082

I gain and lose that weight throughout the day just by eating/drinking/sweating/existing.

I've got coats that weigh more than her recovery.

No. 43084

I wonder if they weigh her with clothes on. If they're incompetent enough to think she doesn't need to be hospitalized, they are incompetent enough to do that

No. 43090

I bet they do. Which is foolish. You can easily hide several kilograms worth of shit in your clothes.

No. 43091

File: 1444863881152.jpg (694.68 KB, 1280x1890, tumblr_mhz3ohFUGc1rcq9lto3_128…)

<<< Aly be like "look at my WONDERFUL 20kg weight gain! #REALrecovery"

No. 43098

No. 43100

Huh? Am also UK anon, have you not eaten at Wetherspoons, Harvester, Toby Carvery, Sprinkles, Mcdonalds, Five guys, Frankie and Bennys, or Nandos in the last two years?! Weird, I guess its much more prevalent in some parts than others? If Aly lives in Milan I'm sure calories are listed in most restaurants and takeaways, as in London.

No. 43102

my fucking petition got axed damn

No. 43103

File: 1444867971525.jpg (16.52 KB, 293x118, schtop.JPG)

No, I don't eat at meaty places.

did they give a reason?

No. 43105

I hope you screenshot it.

No. 43107


This. Anorexia by definition isn't a complete refusal to eat but a refusal to gain to or maintain an appropriate weight.

Every anorexic eats.
Eating doesn't equal recovery in the slightest, let alone ~#realrecovery~

No. 44069

File: 1444877021047.png (32.61 KB, 972x537, 12.png)


identified the petition as bullying

No. 44070

IME most long-term, severely emeciated anas do eat quite a lot more than you'd think. They just never, ever binge so they're still on a deficit even if they eat like 1400 calories

No. 44071


yes. when i was at 70 pounds i was still eating every single day, more than people would expect really. but i was incredibly restrictive/never binged/did a lot of exercise. glad to be away from that shitty place though shit

No. 44072

Those at really large deficits would end up with health problems sooner, I'd presume.

No. 44090

I come home from work and my account gets deleted. As long as people saw it, I'm fine with it. Too bad I didn't get to read the final comments, though.

No. 44094

So cut-and-dry..

No. 44095

File: 1444893437313.jpg (633.72 KB, 2048x1167, collage_20151015031543955_2015…)

Forgot image. These are all just from yesterday's hospital control.

No. 44096

Yeah, and probably die at less spoopy levels than Ash for example. Or at least not live that long eh

No. 44100

Well, you accomplished what you set out to do. The comments were the same old.

No. 44101

you know what's fucked, the account raising awareness to the reality gets deleted + the petition (pretty quickly too) yet aly's account lives on

No. 44111

File: 1444905469895.jpg (174.38 KB, 917x586, let your mom eat bitch.jpg)

Now Aly is trying to tell us that we can see the weight gain if we compare her picture to past photos. What a cunt.

No. 44112

so when you think of it considering she lost 500 grams she's only gained 500 grams overall in the 6 months lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo can someone on a throwaway account shed light on this shit for fuck sake

No. 44113

my swearing, nice. i just realized this really made no sense.

alright so she lost 500 grams at the weigh in before this one right, and now she has gained 1kg, which means since being discharged from being tube fed all of those months ago, aly has gained 500 grams.
you can have a few cups of water and it'd add 500 grams. >>44112

No. 44114

File: 1444906248369.jpg (473.78 KB, 1298x1251, weight gain.jpg)

Alright I did what she said and threw together a really shitty comparison photo. I literally see no difference except angles and perhaps the effects of purging (or jaw-expanding surgery… who knows?!).

If we're believing her on the weight gain, she's gained 3kg. (+1.3 on the first weight in, +1.2 on the second, -0.5 on the third, and +1.0 on the fourth and latest.)

No. 44115

I don't even know how you guys have the balls to call her Aly creepy by possibly lurking here when you're creeping on her mother's facebook page..

No. 44116

I've noticed a few pics recently where her jaw looks swollen, purging might be in play now

No. 44117

File: 1444907114436.jpg (70.61 KB, 580x816, Screenshot_2015-10-15-12-03-06…)

Eyes look dehydrated too

No. 44118

File: 1444907131079.jpg (82.92 KB, 516x1003, Screenshot_2015-10-15-12-02-43…)

No. 44121

File: 1444908352000.jpeg (65.87 KB, 640x371, image.jpeg)

Someone called her out on the cup.

No. 44122

Her saying her half kilo weight gain is obvious is the equivalent of me drinking two cups of water and saying I look fatter

No. 44123

This is all her disordered mind talking. In her head, 500 grams is a huge (!) amount to gain. So, she posts this caption because she WANTS people to come back and tell her she still looks as sickly nasty-thin as ever. She thrives off of those comments because she sees them as compliments.

No. 44124

The day after weigh in and the beloved croissant/second (!) Morning snack (!) has already been abandoned

No. 44125

That burger looks seriously dry and plain.

No. 44126

She's admitted to binges in the past and she said she had a sleepless night and a huge headache. She probably got so hangry that she binged, made herself sick, and then this morning she feels fat and bloated and guilty and needs reassurance.

No. 44127

We mentioned the lack of cocktail stick yesterday when we were criticising her burger and now. There it is.. lurker?

No. 44129

That's only half a burger. She cut off the other side and photographed the uncut side facing square to the camera so we can't see the top or bottom to see where it ends. Stupid cunt.

No. 44131

Her face is puffy and swollen, not "fuller".

What's the ~breakdown~ she had earlier? Only just checked her account.

No. 44137

Maybe her dad told her to eat, idk it sounds to me like she just wants the attention

No. 44138

At least the bread is "just baked" this time and what am I looking here a fully painted nail? Omg i can't believe it… Mood is over the stars atm!

No. 44139

Exactly. She was all puffy around the eyes. She was probably retaining a lot of water from her weigh-in preparation.

No. 44140

I want to request a copy of that doctor's report from her like she says we can do, but I don't want to get blocked.

No. 44141

File: 1444919484016.jpg (65.69 KB, 540x305, IMG_20151015_073255.JPG)

Fastest block evar! Lol

No. 44147

to me the second photos make her face look fuller because the light is shining directly on her face, not from behind her or anything.

No. 44148

File: 1444921434021.gif (954.95 KB, 500x281, light.gif)

remember lighting makes a huge difference

No. 44149

Truth. I do photography for a living. Those two photos have light coming from different directions, so making comparisons about face size is useless. You can easily shave/add 15lbs to someone by changing the direction and quality of the light source.

No. 44150

That gif's hypnotic and relaxing. I wish my face did that irl all the time.

No. 44152

File: 1444922856409.png (51.4 KB, 1094x192, Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.41…)

I fucking HATE how Aly never can just answer one of her follower's questions. If she answers at all, she just has to put in some snippy little remark or flippant emoji to make sure that the person knows they're being really, really stupid for even asking her anything, because DUH, why didn't they study her captions closer (or interpret her broken English properly)?! Grrr.

No. 44156

File: 1444923391576.jpeg (93.6 KB, 640x602, image.jpeg)

Early attention whore days confirmed

No. 44159

crying pics will never get any less embarrassing. seriously every time i see this shit (exhibit a: attentionwhoringemily) i physically cringe. stopppp

No. 44160

File: 1444924064076.jpg (25.7 KB, 671x301, baw baw.JPG)

>I'm on the bus right now ? cause mum proposed me a coffee&treats ? to get me out of depression

I'm waiting to see if this works. This could be a medical breakthrough, anons. Throw away your SSRIs and antipsychotics because maybe all we really need is coffee and treats (at someone else's expense, ofc).

No. 44162

I hate for anyone to see me cry, much less have myself take a picture to post it where the world can see.

No. 44164

I wonder if Aly has any idea how she DESTROYED her appearance. She was a cute girl before she lost so much weight, now she's so fucking ugly. And she's concerned that she put a gram of weight onto that sunken in ugly-as-shit skeletal face? I don't understand this! She can see the old photos of herself, she knows what she used to look like, how the hell can she prefer what she looks like now?

btw, all comments telling her she doesn't look any bigger have been deleted. She got the validation she needed and then wiped away all evidence.

No. 44165

File: 1444925279364.jpg (123 KB, 892x533, the breakthrough.JPG)

Yup. All one needs to get out of depression is strawberry waffles. FUCK YOU, BIG PHARMA!

No. 44166

Aly used to be super pretty. She also used to go clubbing. Now she looks like a joke.

No. 44172

Spoopy sternum makes a reappearance

No. 44174

She's getting dragged on that post

No. 44175

Maybe if someone superimposed her spoopy face onto her old face and showed it to her she might get it.

No. 44177

That sternum gives me nightmares

No. 44182

File: 1444929878776.jpg (321.84 KB, 586x453, recoverywin.jpg)

how'd I do?

No. 44183

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

makes sign of cross

No. 44184

You can really see the difference in her color palate when you compare that face to the rest of the skin. God it just makes her look even more sickly.

No. 44185

Yeah she needs the bright lipstick to make her look vaguely alive. Before, she looked pretty good even with minimal/no makeup.

No. 44186

Is it just me or have her eyelids got more… Hooded? Can't describe what I mean but they're like flatted lids now

No. 44187


No. 44188

Good. 0.5 kg weight gain in two months is fucking ludicrous and shouldn't be acceptable to any "specialists." It's unbelievable.

No. 44189

She probably actually lost fat in her lids. If you look at pics of Ash you can see something similar. It's just the thinnest amount of skin covering her eyeball.

No. 44193

Holy fuck anon I'm going to have nightmares.

No. 44202

Yeah compared to the original >>42675 holy fucking shit.

Aly, seriously, you look like SHIT now.

No. 44203

"give a GREAT KICK" is giving me a great kek

No. 44204

After yesterdays disappointment Aly seems so boring to me. It's the same shit every day. I want something to happen so bad. What can we do to make it more interesting? I think commenting her pics doesn't really impress her anymore BUT WHAT CAN WE DO FFS HER LIES HAVE TO BE BUSTED SHE HAS TO STOP

No. 44205

troll face

No. 44206

It's hard when it's the same exact thing every time. Even the cchristie_recovers account can only work with so much material. Even when you try to out her she just deletes the comments. The best thing that ever happened was Dante.

No. 44207

File: 1444935126713.jpeg (45.01 KB, 320x248, image.jpeg)

No. 44208

Final filter kinda ruined it, sorry :((
It's a shitty phone app

No. 44211

Too spoopy for me.

No. 44212

lol @ the "that's not healthy, go vegan" comment on the burger picture

No. 44214

File: 1444936749965.jpeg (100.43 KB, 640x496, image.jpeg)

Here's the one before filter

No. 44218


I wonder if we can crop it a bit for a banner.

No. 44220

Just think about how much food she has wasted, urgh. And eating out ain't cheap.

No. 44225

That's why her father hates her, she's ruining the family with her bs

No. 44226

File: 1444938355361.jpg (51.37 KB, 300x100, rw.jpg)

how's this for a potential banner?

No. 44227


That is TERRIFYING! But I love it!!

No. 44254

What a SCARING (!) BANNER, ANON! insert 219 fuckin emojis >>44227

No. 44258

Banner would be better with Dante in the bg

No. 44259

Ffs give it a rest

No. 44260

what the fuck happened to the email that got sent to the hospital from the farmer?!

No. 44261

>>44258 dan te ll me what to do anon?

No. 44263

they probably ignored it tbh, im sure hospitals get emails from crazy people all the time and they're not going to pay attention to something like "hey did you know your patient is a lying freak and you guys are shit at your job, just click this link to some obscure website and read 1000 posts for proof". to be clear i 100% agree that the hospital is shit and aly is probably lying her ass off to them. but they are not going to do anything about your emails.

No. 44264

who's dante?? i'm a newfag, just discovered this #recoverytrainwreck, someone fill me in pls :/.

No. 44266

File: 1444941442649.png (18.66 KB, 273x533, a.png)

no response >>44260

No. 44268

shit, linked to the wrong post on top of everything


No. 44271

Any chance you can translate?

No. 44275

I knew I should've taken up Italian instead of Portuguese. I can understand Italian if I read it because I'm fluent in Spanish so that helps, but I can't write or speak a lick of Italian.

No. 44277

File: 1444943282393.jpg (29.76 KB, 196x218, IMG_20151015_160521.jpg)

Painted her nails. 24 hours after our post…. She be trolling

No. 44293

In a way, scarier than Ashley.

No. 44296

File: 1444946367063.png (39.01 KB, 830x114, Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.58…)

I sperg the fuck out every time I see her do this.

No. 44297

Hello, it has caught my attention that a patient named Alice Casati is currently a patient at this hospital.

I have great concerns for her mental well-being both physically and mentally, and I know that many other people share the same view as I do on his case.

Alice has a huge following of more than 24,000 people on instagram surrounding her recovery from anorexia nervosa. She let her followers know that she lost weight since she was discharged and that her blood tests were bad. She said she was only be admitted to get on track with iblood-test and that is not tied to her eating disorder. I am very…

Google translate.

No. 44347

Why does alive always seem dolled up in her pics? I mean she has no job or school, nowhere to be other than coffee dates with her mommy yet she always has makeup on. Is it just a normal thing in Italy or does she paint her face to spare her followers the grimness that is Alice Casati in her natural form? Same with her nails always being painted. I bet if she wiped that goop off her nails they would be blue because of poor blood circulation

No. 44352

She's got nothing else to do. No interests, no classes or work. Dolling herself up is something she probably does to pass the time. You'd think she'd devote some of her 24 hours to getting her nails right though.

No. 44359

ok i don't like aly but there is no way you can store KILOGRAMS of shit in your clothes

No. 44360

just for future reference what's the aspect ratio for the banners??

No. 44362

>Banners must be 300x100

Source: banner thread on /meta

No. 44364

No. 44365

that's why they check pockets at renfrew, girls would hide rocks and shit

No. 44366

If they're diligent, they really should be weighing people in hospital gowns.

No. 44377

You're adorable.

No. 44387

Ofc u can. I've hid up to 16lbs wearing Clothes. If there's a will there's a way

No. 44404

Am I seeing things, or is her face stretched vertically in the first pic and horizontally in the fourth pic? Any gif magicians willing to overlap the 1st pic with the 2nd and the 3rd with the 4th?

No. 44406

>My eating disorder was stressing me out, so I ate more! Because I live in Bizarro World, where anorexia stress has nothing to do with fear of food! Except it does! But eating makes my fear of eating go away! Because I'm fucking retarded! (emoji) (emoji) (emoji)

No. 44409

File: 1444983322153.jpg (278.33 KB, 1024x552, Screenshot_2015-10-16-04-13-36…)

I'm kind of curious about this "medical stuff"

No. 44410

I think the real crime here is the eyebrows.


No. 44413

rofl I love you

No. 44422

I didn't catch the stretching in the first picture, but yes, I definitely agree that it looks like the fourth picture was horizontally stretched. Aly and her stupid camera tricks, ugh.

I was too, but I'm betting she's just talking about Fortimel. Maybe also a prescription for her mother or father, who knows?

No. 44426

File: 1444994318042.jpeg (46.54 KB, 640x293, image.jpeg)

No. 44427

i stand corrected

No. 44433

oh, she suffered of depression for a few hours? so sad

No. 44456

who even knows…her abuse of the english language leads to very misleading phrasing in nearly every post. she might have literally meant "medicine," like tylenol or whatever the fuck

No. 44461

wtf? she dodges every question

No. 44463

File: 1445008480811.png (1.91 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-16-16-12-44…)

>raw ham

I hope her illiteracy gives her food poisoning

No. 44465

The anxiety is probably to to all that coffee
Many people, myself included, get a weird anxious feeling if they have too much/too strong coffee

No. 44479

>third picture's arm
Sure looks healthy!

No. 44481

File: 1445011451047.jpg (120.37 KB, 867x593, redbracelet.JPG)

She overcome her (hour of) depression with coffee and treats AND LOOK! she' overcome her chocolate fear by SMILING AT IT. Isn't it marvellous.

No. 44482

File: 1445011587993.jpg (21.75 KB, 337x204, brend.JPG)

also, a farmer corrected her poor English yet was blocked and not a thank you from her mouth sphincter. How rude!

No. 44484

Next i'm going to focus on is "challanging"

No. 44486

i really want someone to ask her why she's wearing a pro-ana red bracelet…not that any of the kids on insta were around back in the OG days where that was a thing

No. 44487

"Hi, Aly! You're such a strong fighter! You're such an inspiration! Is that a friendship bracelet around your wrist? I used to wear a red bracelet back in my proana days to let everyone know how Ana I was. Keep fighting! You're the best! Emoji"

No. 44488

Don't worry leaving a comment on her ig she already read it on here, hi Aly!

No. 44489

File: 1445013956210.jpeg (74.97 KB, 640x800, image.jpeg)

Back when i was still exposing.aly, I got this message from Instagram. Once for self-harm (apparently?) and an identical one, except instead of self-harm, it said Eating disorder. I wonder if Aly gets those every damn time she opens her Insta app. She must sigh or roll her eyes before dismissing.

No. 44492

Wait, lurking confirmed? Omg Aly please dont pull another Necromorph!!!!

No. 44493

She probably gets them so often that she doesn't even think about what she's clicking out of anymore.
Like when you have a shit free app that pops up with ads sometimes and after a while you just instinctively X out of them immediately without really noticing or thinking.

No. 44494

I can remember someone said something about the red bracelet ages ago. The person wasn't a native English speaker so it came out weird, but came across as a bit of an in joke she was trying to have with Aly. Aly said nothing.

No. 44533

All ED chicks have those brows.

No. 44535

Has anyone DM'd her the shooped picture of her new face on her old body yet? I'd do it but I'm blocked and don't feel like making a new account.

No. 44536

File: 1445020752599.jpg (151.78 KB, 1110x536, scaring.JPG)


>>clarifies that she can eat chocolate ice cream right after anon called her out on it

>>total coincidence
>>isn't lurking at all

No. 44538

her poor family
i'm assuming that's her brother or something

No. 44540

File: 1445021879765.jpg (41.4 KB, 406x425, attack of the skeletal.JPG)

Yup. Little Matteo.

No. 44547

this picture will never not kill me, from the passionate brother-kissing to how it looks like an actual promo poster for a very bad horror movie called "KISSED BY DEATH" or something

No. 44549

Did she delete the one where they were asleep in bed together? I hope so. Poor, poor boy.

No. 44559

He's gone from a cute little boy full of life to just a sad looking kid.

No. 44564

Ma's looking thinner..

No. 44605


I got the same for telling her she needed help! On a throwaway too.

No. 44614

Third picture is when she wasn't claiming to be healthy yet. Fourth picture's arm is sooo much healthier though, right? I mean, isn't there such a huge, noticeable difference??

No. 44615

I think that was before June, so yeah it's gone.

I know! I realize he's going through puberty and all that stress, but I'm willing to bet his sister is the main cause of any stress he has in his life. Poor kid.

No. 44630


And again her brother is half finished eating that ice cream, while Aly goes the #realrecovery route by smiling at it.

His cute necklace tho. Even during puberty he has more style than his sister.

No. 44636


No. 44637

File: 1445034041204.png (241.74 KB, 384x544, whah.png)

what could this even mean

No. 44641

Is she bumping a soccer ball like a volleyball?

No. 44651

File: 1445039060164.jpg (68.73 KB, 692x607, yup.JPG)

They're probably playing catch.

I looked up the rest of the lyrics to that song and google translated. It's grim as fuck. http://genius.com/Francesco-guccini-e-un-giorno-lyrics

She suits dark hair better than blonde.

No. 44654

She looks so hot there. Basic, but hot.

No. 44655

File: 1445039972124.jpg (26.37 KB, 352x707, chris-hansen.jpg)

No. 44660

File: 1445041002064.jpg (3.82 KB, 224x224, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

No. 45209

File: 1445066465253.png (183.23 KB, 444x474, face.png)

shes kinda cute here

No. 45210

wow is it 2008 again? please say yes.

No. 45216

Yes, which makes Aly 12-years-old, you pedo.

No. 45238

She´s a "little happy child" today and has breakfast with her mom at a bar which "makes a day to start more brighten".

Who hires this girl as an English teacher??? My own English is certainly far from perfect, but I would never consider myself qualified to teach this language to other people!

And is it normal for a 19 year old girl to meet up with her mom every few hours in a cafe or somewhere, even on a normal day when her mom is working? Does her mother leave work several times every day to care for her 19 year old toddler? I guess I´m beginning to understand why she keeps calling herself a "child"…

No. 45240

OT but does anyone actually know what her mum does for work?

No. 45245

File: 1445082073284.png (181.95 KB, 1150x546, Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 4.36…)

AUTISM TRIGGERED. Why must you answer your followers like this, Aly? Why?
(Although, to be fair, she did, for once, answer the second follower's question without being too snippy.)

No. 45246

i bet she has osteoporosis like, smoking, anorexia.. shit

No. 45254

File: 1445085739419.png (747.28 KB, 913x537, egg comments.png)

No. 45255

File: 1445085754796.png (642.2 KB, 911x540, egg comments 2.png)

No. 45256


No. 45258

Uh oh, truth…incoming deletion and blocking

No. 45263

File: 1445089230692.png (1.15 MB, 1234x1965, Comments scrubbed.png)

Aaaand done. Before and after.

No. 45267

Although TBH I'm not sure why she left the "barely enough food to feed a child" comment up…

No. 45268

she might as well just delete her entire instagram, recover (ACTUALLY RECOVER) then come back. then maybe people will have more respect. those comments are never going to stop coming. there's no point anymore. why go through all that trouble to read and delete every single one? that must be the only thing she does all day.

No. 45270

>>refiding sindrom

No. 45285

It's not normal for a 9 year old to act like that. Aly isn't even a child, she's a baby.

No. 45293

One chocolate waffle later and chocolate is no longer a fear. Wow Aly you really are a miracle worker. Tell ppl in IP, just eat food once and it'll no longer be a challange

No. 45315

File: 1445094734591.jpg (20.12 KB, 299x193, 1.JPG)

>Going to spend the afternoon with one of my "Sisters" ? at our fav American Cafè ???? since she needs someone to talk with

Friend needs someone to talk to, so Aly gives her full attention, taking pics of her teeny tiny cupcake.

No. 45323

File: 1445095158354.jpg (189.07 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

caught this before all the comments were deleted and no doubt both of them were blocked lolol

No. 45327


Not the guy you're quoting but damn, Italian girls bloom fast. She doesn't even come close to looking like anyone that was in my 7th grade class.

I'm not even trying to be a creeper, she doesn't look hot to me, just a lot older then 12.

No. 45329

She'll be 15 in that pic. Can't remember the year it was taken, but pretty sure I reckoned she was 15, not 12.

No. 45331

she looks 15. idk why that anon called her hot. she looks pretty. but she obviously looks younger :/

she needs to delete comments and block everyone so she can continue living in her fantasy world where she can eat imaginary food and it doesn't make you gain weight

No. 45333


So her friend needs someone to talk to and Aly's taking pics AND checking her IG.

No. 45334

I hope for her students' sake that she's just tutoring basic stuff like "My name is x". "I live in y". "I like to z". Because Aly really doesn't know how to speak English.

No. 45335

"my favourite food is spinaches, cutted up apples and already baked bread".

No. 45336

"…and raw ham"

No. 45348

File: 1445099549132.jpeg (40.69 KB, 640x178, image.jpeg)

No. 45365


No. 45371


Go watch Ashley's ASMR video on tumblr. It's very calming.

No. 45374

Ahaha! Noo, I was just saying that Aly was 12 because someone asked it it was 2008 due to old memes. Jfc though she is a baby. She was 12 the year I became legal lol. As >>45329 and >>45331 wrote in the caption(!) she's probably 15.

No. 45376

File: 1445104419403.jpg (8.66 KB, 246x205, selfpost.jpg)

I'd already come of age before she was born.

No. 45378

Not the person you replied to but shoot me instead. The talking was okay and all but her HAND. She has no palm! It was nightmare fuel.

No. 45379

Okay, I feel slightly better now. Aly is still a baby though.

No. 45381

I know. I've never ever seen that phenomena before.

That's not an ASMR thing, she's just showing the shit she bought. I like crinkle sounds but JESUS, that shit burst my eardrums.

…with progeria.

No. 45386


No. 45388

Me either. Of all the places to lose fat…
Tbh I don't understand ASMR so I wasn't sure. But yes that was awful. She talks so softly and then CRINKLE CRINKLE CRINKLE. My poor laptop speakers!


No. 45390

MariaGentlewhispering is the only one that does it for me. I'm a little bit in love with her.

No. 45423

and already biten apples…

No. 45425

don't forget the peers!!

No. 45436

Does anyone else watch Tami Dunn? I discovered her food reviews by chance, she's pretty popular and there are some cute family videos, but by God she is disordered as hell. She's destroyed her metabolism so much she eats 1000-1200 calories a day in pure junk and exercises 6 days a week to maintain her weight.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL8Euq7CKvo ("My goal is not to be healthy, it is to be thin…")

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TljASNfFfNo (There are plenty of other videos like this)

And it just hit me she's basically Sprout in 30 years.

No. 45438

File: 1445111039071.jpg (160.84 KB, 1215x867, Kyon Facepalm.jpg)

>She's destroyed her metabolism

No. 45448

She's like 40. Your metabolism slows way down in middle age. 1000-1200 is fine for a short, older woman on a diet.

No. 45461

Has she got a thyroid problem? Yeah, short old woman here. I have that amount of calories a day and don't lose weight, but that's fucked thyroid.

I'll check her out when I'm on my laptop.

No. 45469

I'm only 23, but because I'm literally the size of the average 12 year old I maintain on 1200 a day. 1500-1800 on super active days.
Top keks at >destroyed her metabolism.

No. 45470

I was 5'5 when I was 12 and a half and now I'm only an inch taller lol

No. 45471

Aha I wish!
I was 5'2 at 11 then I just stopped growing. I still fit kids shoes XD

No. 45472

well at least it's cute :>

No. 45474

Are you those faggots who came here from sindypop thread? Ugh

No. 45476

I don't even know who sindypop is.

No. 45479

Nope. Sindypop is less interesting than roadkill.

No. 45508

This Tami Dunn lady is completely eating disordered. How does she eat so little consistently??

No. 45519

So much wrong with how she thinks, it's difficult to find anything that's right.

No. 45520

1000 to

No. 45525

… 1400 is a normal calorie intake for weight loss if you're a small woman. Not sure if youre fat or just a 6 foot male or some shit. Anyway this girl is boring. Let's get back to aly.

No. 45526

Holy shit no one cares about your height.

No. 45537

No1 curr about you either.
It was a conversation. Why so butthurt over it?

No. 45539

We have /b/ for off topic shit.

No. 45546

/b/ is a barren wasteland where lonely autists scream into the nether.
I had a 3-4 post conversation amongst the bullshit littering this thread. Cry harder.

No. 45548

>/b/ is a barren wasteland where lonely autists scream into the nether.

This is exactly why you should go back there.

No. 45551

Your whining is just as OT and taking up more space. Fuck off crybaby

No. 45553


No one cares about your stats. Use /b/.

No. 45555

File: 1445132329752.jpg (163.94 KB, 971x637, 1435403166736.jpg)

lol at dat sticker

Here's a pic of skelly aly to get this thread back on topic

No. 45556

I've been looking forward to seeing that weight derailment sticker!

I remember that disgusting outfit. Its like she literally grabbed the first shit that fell out of her wardrobe and put it on.

Not sure what to say about her atm. No change at all in her routine. It only gets interesting when people call her out these days.

I do hope she gives those grey tracksuite (!) pants a wash. All that sitting around on the floor.

No. 45559

File: 1445133377588.jpg (14.67 KB, 271x186, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

True fact: these three lovely ladies share the same hair stylist as Aly.

No. 45574


And she doesn't even pick out high-nutrient/taste low-calorie foods to do with her limited calories, she has those cheap peanut butter crackers for lunch almost every day, a Lean Cuisine or PB2 sandwich on low calorie bread for dinner, some sort of pastry and some Ritz/cheese before she goes to bed…

No. 45576

Samefag, make a new thread to obsess about a normal middle aged woman on a diet and stop shitting up this one

No. 45577


Two of those weren't me. What the fuck is the difference between random ED people and Aly at this point? Aly's not doing anything interesting, every post is the same bullshit.

>Aly gives a sarcastic response

>omg such a bitch

>Aly posts a picture of food

>she did not eat that

No. 45583

Excuse you, that dog obviously gets her roots retouched and she even went for a nice deep chestnut on her tips. Aly's just disastrous. Can't pass off as ombré, can't pass off as "blonde".

No. 45622

That dog has a way fuller and youthful looking face than Aly.

No. 45625

That dog also has a #mealplan that she follows.

No. 45630

and that is why it's in /snow/

No. 45641

>Harry Potter necklace

No. 45643

Aly's "tutoring" job consists of her helping a single friend with her english. It is, in no way, an actual job.

No. 46223

Today´s breakfast is an already baked croissant. Her mum sent her a message saying "thank you" (for grinning at said croissant I guess) and Aly shed tears of joy and emotion. Apparently mood is over the stars and everything is going as usual in Alyland. Her account is getting boring as hell.

No. 46224

File: 1445160459838.png (62.77 KB, 1130x200, Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.24…)

This isn't how she's answered this question before, if I recall. I remember her saying she had issues with bloating the first time she was in the hospital, but that she hadn't since she started following her dietitian's magical meal plan. Wonder why she's changed her story now.

No. 46228

File: 1445160885416.png (100.74 KB, 271x186, horaly.png)

No. 46236

probably to make her recovery seem more realistic or some shit

No. 46238

oh my god her brother in the latest photo

No. 46239


>Mum took this #actionshot early ? and sent it to me ? with a BIG HEART and one only word "thank you"

>one only word "thank you"

She also teaches maths.

No. 46242

Now the reply has been erased completely

No. 46247

File: 1445172740901.png (221.94 KB, 640x360, The_Melancholy_of_Haruhi_suzum…)

Yeah, your metabolism slows down, but that doesn't mean it can be 'destroyed', you sound like a hamplanet who only eats 500cal a day and couldn't pass a physics class to save her life.

And sure, I guess 1200 cal is enough for a shortie to maintain, at least I think so, I'm 5'3 and almost underweight and it's not enough for me, but then again, I'm not a sedentary skinnyfat who believes in destroyed metabolisms, lmao.

No. 46248

You think eating 1200cal to lose weight is disordered and you're calling other people fat?

No. 46249

Seriously go in here and put in 5'2, 140 lbs, 40 years: http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/#result
>You have a BMR of 1345.65
So 1000-1200 calories per day is really not a large deficit for her.

Also I never said her metabolism was "destroyed", I was specifically saying that it's normal for a woman her age. Why are you so angry? You sound very insecure, especially with your selfposting "I'm 5'3 and almost underweight" lol

No. 46250

>You think eating 1200cal to lose weight is disordered
No, I'm admitting it may be totally reasonable amount for a shortie skinnyfat.
>you're calling other people fat?
Dude. you okay?

No. 46251

Why are you confused?
>you sound like a hamplanet who only eats 500cal a day

>No, I'm admitting it may be totally reasonable amount for a shortie skinnyfat.

Then we are in agreement and you didn't need to self-post and sperg everywhere, 5'3 115lbs-chan. Where in my post did you read anything about "destroyed metabolisms"?

No. 46252

oh boy
>She's destroyed her metabolism so much
from >>45436
I was pointing out destroying your metabolism is not possible, because it would mean you've somehow managed to train your body to break the rules of universe.
Yes, your metabolism slows down when you get older, because your organism stops putting energy into supporting reproductive functions and what not (so because it uses less energy the input needs to be smaller), not because you've somehow starved yourself out of thermodynamics, lmao.
Meanwhile everybody ignored me pointing obvious sciencefail and starting posting their stats. what is happening in this thread i don't even

No. 46255

Oh, calm your tits. I'm not calling you a hamplanet, I am telling you that you sound like one, because the utter lack of understanding how the human body works is such a hallmark of hamplanetary.
The first post in the whole mess has the destroyed metabolism bullshit and since you answered to me pointing that fail by explaining that 1200cal is okay for a shortie woman (okay? that was not the point though?) I doubt you had any idea what I was actually pointing out.
And sorry for triggering you with my stats.

No. 46260

>>45436 is not me. I was arguing against their 'destroyed metabolism' shit and pointing out that her metabolism is slow because she is old, not because she restricts calories

Not triggered, just wondering why you thought your hobbit height and normal, average weight was relevant. "Almost underweight" kek

I was disagreeing with the destroyed metabolism post in the post that you linked to sperg out at me. You're not very good at reading.

No. 46261

I'm actually 48kg, which is almost underweight for my height, but you were so butthurt about the whole stats thing that I just let it go without correcting you. 115lbs is a lot of 'almost underweight', but I thought, well, maybe it's not for you, since you use imperials, maybe you are from a fat nation and your understanding of 'underweight' is skewed. I see now that you were fishing for a chance to pay me back for the terrible crime of mistaking one anon for another. You got your revenge then. I mean, I'm laughing at your pathetic try of "you are not as skinny as you think, top kek!", but you sure told me. Have a pat on your back and a nice day. Keep fighting the good fight.

No. 46263

Bye bye 5'3 105lbs-chan. Hope you lose some weight to help with your glaring insecurities.

No. 46264

lmao. Have you considered opening a tumblr? I think you will like it there.
A+ projections too. Expected nothing less though.

No. 46266

>m-muh projection
I thought you were leaving, tubby.

No. 46267

No, you just aren't very good at this whole thinking thing.
ah, now I am a tubby hobbit of average weight who can't read and has glaring insecurities.
no way i am leaving, this is way too entertaining.

No. 46268

If you're going to stay, please chimp out like >>46261 some more. It's entertaining.

No. 46270

With you around it shouldn't be a problem :). I will deliver the best I can. I need some new facepalming Kyons though. They shouldn't be missing the fun.

No. 46272

Thank you for continuing to provide fresh spergery.

No. 46273

The honor is mine. Really, truly is.

No. 46285

I don't understand Aly's "already baked" thing. Like does she think we think the restaurant's going to serve her an unbaked croissant?

No. 46286

File: 1445183251989.jpg (102.17 KB, 874x490, Capture.JPG)

Capped out of duty

Btw what's with the new SHOUTING at EVERY second WORD? Ease UP Aly, it MAKES you SEEM slightly UNHINGED.

No. 46287

I think she's going for "freshly baked" but failing. Hey Aly, if you lurk here, use that instead. You're welcome.

No. 46289

File: 1445183501675.jpg (53.34 KB, 270x372, Capture.JPG)

Samefag, but look at this caption murder.

No. 46293

stooooop it.

No. 46295



We should compile a helpful list of spelling corrections.

No. 46297


Lol shut up Ashley

No. 46300

File: 1445185470871.gif (308.68 KB, 245x150, notpossible.gif)

>Funfair #selfie with my Sisters
>with Aly

No. 46304


It seems Aly's spoopines reaches new levels when paired with healthy-looking, non-psychotic girls. Such a shame she cannot realise how her face has turned into some kind of grotesque caricature of her past self.

No. 46306

File: 1445186783016.jpg (41.51 KB, 264x576, Capture.JPG)

Indeed. I'd also like to know: how is this body proportion humanly possible? I wish she wouldn't pad her chest so much (or is it implants) because it looks so unnatural.

No. 46308

Today´s morning snack was an already biten biiiig peer. Restriction on spelling errors? Daaaaaang no!!!

No. 46317

I didn't know that was her padded bra. I thought it was her elbow before I realised she was taking a selfie. Oh dear, someone needs to say something about how ridiculous this looks (even though delete and block would be inevitable).

No. 46321

the way aly describes it make it sound like she BITED her DANG(!)LUSH (!)OILY (!) HEAVY (!)BOMB(!) POSI-PANCAKE (!) and christ rose from the dead or someshit.
note the "UNBEARABLE" again
honestly, if it really was too challanging for words, she wouldn't be boasting about it. she'd shoot an emily shot and rant on about her guilt and self-loathing like somebody who's actually recovering
this bitch i s2g

No. 46322

it was probably unbearable for her friends lmao

No. 46329

Her friend was probably "speechless" because she didn't fucking care, like wow Aly you ate a pancake.

No. 46334

"Thank you" is just one word in Italian.

No. 46337

File: 1445191462143.jpeg (34.85 KB, 640x137, image.jpeg)

Lol at Aly buying croissants for everyone except her dad.

No. 46341

Right? Her friends had to sit there and encourage her to eat the pancake. I doubt that was fun for them.

No. 46342

Maybe it's not a spelling mistake. She just takes a picture of a pear and then goes out to eat her peers. Aly's actually a cannibal.

No. 46343

Dad is probably the only one who doesn´t put up with her shit and refuses to kiss her ass for staring at a croissant like mom does, that´s why she hates him. Her strategy of manipulating and terrorizing her entire family doesn´t work on him.

No. 46365

top kek m8

No. 46370

jesus fucking christ this bitch is the rudest, not only to her followers but her family as well
somebody send this rebel to military school

No. 46477

she's literally 39397203903957% reading this forum. she cut up the pizza
ahahahahhsjadhkasjh holy shit

No. 46495

Also: learn how to use "instead" ffs

No. 46498

File: 1445205754500.jpg (133.68 KB, 540x546, IMG_20151018_150134.JPG)

Dat sternum…
Aly: I hope you use some gloves now that winter is coming (hehe) because your fucking skele-hands make me wanna throw up. K? K.

No. 46503

I wonder if Aly has palms.

No. 46504

Bro is like, "ffs it's a fucking pastry holy shit"

No. 46506

the addition of her brother in these photos is hilarious lol
he's either really high or really pissed off

No. 46507

But… It's already baked

No. 46544

I think she does. She has skele-hands, but she's nowhere near Ash's level. Since it seems to be unheard of (even by the anorexics in this forum), palms are likely the last things to go.

No. 46580

he dresses like a 10 year old

No. 46590

why the fuck is she STILL drinking fucking alcohol? is she a fucking idiot?! that stuff is like poison to you when you're at such a low weight!

No. 46597

His duvet cover and pillow have Goofy on them.

No. 46604

I guess it's a normal thing in Italy no matter what?

No. 46609

Yeah, and after we ragged on her about chocolate being her fear food and keeping her from eating a teeny tiny chocolate cookie, she posts a waffle drowned in chocolate.

Hi, Aly!! It must kill you knowing you can't delete our comments here, eh?

No. 46615

Omg her OCD must be Over the stars!

No. 46641

File: 1445222697282.jpg (33.91 KB, 498x460, DEAR ALY.JPG)

Hi, Aly

Here is a spelling lesson for you. Take it for free.

PS Dump that Starbucks disposable cup, stop wasting your mother's money on Fortimel you don't drink, stop being a cunt towards your dad and most of all stop lying to yourself (and your however many thousand followers). It's not funny, it's not clever and we're not impressed.

Posi - vocab vibes honey ILYM

No. 46650

Plus: we don't believe your lies

No. 46657

File: 1445224834134.png (8.89 MB, 2400x2864, aly.png)

No. 46662

>challenge not challenge

No. 46686

Oh balls. Didn't notice that. I'm sure there're other words I forgot to add so I'll change it then. Just remembered - cutted up.

No. 46687

I love this. You are a modern artist, anon.

No. 46688

annoyed brother wearing a pokemon hat makes that picture kind of bizarrely funny

No. 46689

Looks like he's still in his pajamas as well!

No. 46692

All-time favorite, not everytime favorite (also, every time, not everytime). That one always gets to me.

What are some of everyone's everytime favorite Aly-isms?

No. 46698

File: 1445228998364.gif (1017.08 KB, 403x302, Surprise minor celebrity cameo…)

I like "low mood" and "bad bloods", myself. On a side note, if anyone hasn't seen the X-Files episode "Bad Blood," I'd recommend it. I've seen every X-Files episode at least twice, and that one remains of my ~everytime favorites~.

No. 46704

File: 1445230077341.jpeg (32.58 KB, 639x137, image.jpeg)

Dear farmers, remember to live your LIFES to the FULLEST

No. 46707

On that note: you can really only have one "everytime favourite" in each category of food. Every breakfast pastry type cannot be your everytime favourite, likewise with dessert, pasta dishes etc.

No. 46709

Oh: "Blondie happy child" and "I'm gaining instead" murder and bury me.

Speaking generally, her overuse of LUSH, OILY and(!!) as well as the incorrect use of DANG (which is so cheesy anyway).

This irritation is easily solved by skimming right past her captions - no loss, really, but her account irritates me overall so as long as I inexplicably continue to visit it I will be grammar-triggered.

No. 46722

Trust me

No thank you Aly

No. 46723

One of these days i bet she's going to get so bored of people pointing out she's still spoooy that she says she's weight restored.

No. 46724

In that pancake caption I'm reading it in a sarcastic way .. she's taking the piss out of herself, doing it on purpose? Possibly for our benefit, idk

No. 46737

"Mood is over the stars" makes me want to vomit whenever I read it.

No. 46748

And posi-(insert food name here)-vibes

No. 46749

anyone who speaks italian know if there's an expression like that in italian?

No. 46750

I read challenge not challenge so many times trying to find the mistake. i'm fucking retarded

No. 46755

I fucking hate that one so much.

No. 46756

File: 1445248737346.jpg (263.43 KB, 1024x1024, depositphotos_38994857-Retro-f…)

Instead of band posters I wonder if Aly has stuff like this up in her room? We've not had any pics from in there before, but now all these home pics have started appearing its only a matter of time

No. 46760

She's taken a picture in her room when her account first began and she was showing her lowest weight.
There were no posters or decoration whatsoever.

No. 46761

The "harsh war" she´s been mentioning so often lately. Sounds super stupid to me.
And it´s not like she´s really fighting a war against her illness. She´s getting more and more entrapped in her own lies and anorexic behavior patterns.

No. 46762

File: 1445251148346.jpg (138.59 KB, 1024x398, Screenshot_2015-10-19-06-37-25…)

>I'm not comfortable sharing numbers!
>Had BMI in bio

No. 46764

Tbh she repeats herself so much that you can literally skim read most of her posts and know what's happening.
It's seriously pathetic, and if I didn't know she was in it for the followers/asspats, I'd question why she didn't just do a summary post a couple of times a day. (As in, post both breakfasts and morning snack in one go; lunch and afternoon snack #1 for her second post; and afternoon snack #2 and dinner for her third post.) Of course, then she also wouldn't be able to use multiple posts to make it seem like she's eating more than she is.

No. 46769

Lunch today is "spinach rolls with more spinaches" and "soft white bread bought this morning at the bakery beside".
Is she trying to say "the bakery nearby/next door" or whatever? Her English is not only bad, it´s confusing.

No. 46770

Aly´s everytime favorite food must be already baked bread topped with raw ham, spinaches, some slices of peer and ofc drenched in DANG much oil, followed by an UNBEARABLE huge bowl of frozen Ensure Fortimel, because restriction after that DANG HUGE LUSH OILY sandwich is not even a thought in real recovery!

No. 46773

who the fuck cooks spinach in oil?? god damn it. there's not even onions in it or anything

No. 46774

The throwback to yesterdays croissant has her sitting on her own, bro must have got pissed off waiting and got on with his day/ life

No. 46776

File: 1445262477594.gif (456.06 KB, 480x361, dead.gif)

No. 46777

But … but … then it wouldn't be DANG LUSH OILY UNBEARABLE spinaches, anon???

No. 46778

Ugh that turkey ham is like 17 cal per slice

No. 46779

i feel like she must be keeping interest just by the people who comment to try to get people to go to their accounts, and then new followers, bc anyone who's been following her for more than a couple of months has to know it's all bullshit at this point. like there's actually no way anyone can believe her anymore, and her THIS IS #REALRECOVER-ing MOOD IS OVER THE STARS repetition just rings so fucking false after literally a year of no gain and the same fears/discomfort.

that pic of her with her brother is even more ghastly looking than she usually looks.

No. 46780

Hey Aly, your house looks poor af. Stop wasting your mom and dad's money already!

No. 46781

File: 1445263663815.jpg (120.59 KB, 540x559, IMG_20151019_070721.JPG)

And stop wearing boots with these pants, all of your clothes look awful and cheap but this combination in particular makes you look like a clown, an emaciated, sad, blondie clown.

No. 46786

Don't most Italians speak English better than this?

No. 46787

Right? I bet her house could be so nice if she stopped puking Papa Casati's money down the toilet.

No. 46791

ugh I think I need to take a break from Ali. English is my second language and she literally makes me doubt my words. I keep obsessively checking the correct spellings because I feel like her versions are crawling into my skull.

No. 46792


No. 46797

File: 1445267718715.png (1.99 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-19-16-11-52…)

>rolls (tempura prawn emoji)
>cooked in OIL (!)
Aly is so triggering :(((((

No. 46809

OMG you´re such a mean hater, how can you say she is triggering, I mean why can´t you see how INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL Aly is and that she is the BIGGEST INSPIRATION for anyone out there with an ED??? And why keep all of you saying that she isn´t gaining when she has already gained TONS of weight? You stupid morons just can´t see her weight gain because all the weight she is gaining is going STRAIGHT TO HER ORGANS and STRAIGHT TO HER HAIR!!!
And anyway it´s not her fault, it´s her EVIL DAD who is the reason of her ED and yet she is so inspiring and eats all those fearfoods drenched in SHITLOADS OF OIL and keeps gaining and gaining and gaining so stop the hating and ALL HAIL ALY the queen of recovery!

No. 46811

File: 1445269957278.png (51.31 KB, 374x226, Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 4.51…)

People need to chill over the fucking crackers.

No. 46812

I know, they look plain and dry and boring as fuck. I don't know why anyone cares about her stupid crackers.

No. 46818


No. 46820

File: 1445271598523.jpg (19.01 KB, 287x114, well done.JPG)

Now we just need to work on SIMPLICITY

No. 46822

File: 1445271999160.png (883.07 KB, 597x594, salad fingers.png)

her little finger is freaking me out. i bet she can twist every single one of her fingers into a tiny pretzel by now.

No. 46825

Scared not scaring
Turned not tourned
Exist not existe

How much discount for English lessons by Aly?

No. 46826

Wow flexible, I'm trying now and can't get it anywhere near!.>>46822

No. 46828

omg look at those ~*~finger gaps~*~!!!

I have pretty fat fingers (thanks dad) and I can still twist them up like crazy, though

No. 46830

She's crossing her fingers because she didn't really eat her everytime favorite already baked croissant.

No. 46834

Making a wish that it disappears

No. 46835

File: 1445272787955.jpg (41.88 KB, 640x480, finger yoga is real.jpg)

Long finger anon here and I can't do that unless I place my little finger there. She must do finger yoga.

Going to update the English dictionary for Italian English tutors thing later.

No. 46838

adding - I really want to say CAFE not BAR. A bar is for alcohol, yes? A cafe is for coffee.

No. 46840

My goodness, why must she always talk about "demolishing" her food? Sounds extremely stupid to me, so native speakers, what´s your opinion? Perhaps she means "to devour"?

No. 46841

In the videos she posted she struggles to choke down a single bite, so I doubt she's ever "demolished" anything.

No. 46842

OH MY GOD. I've had it with this girl!! Her life is so boring, dear jesus wtf is she doing!? So, what do you do? Oh, I spend my time fucking smiling at food and not eating it jfc I swear

No. 46845

I doubt that too, but is it common in English to say you "demolished" something?

No. 46846

Her version of "demolishing" is what most of us would call "nibbling."
Not really. I can see someone saying that they "demolished" an ACTUALLY huge meal, like a giant steak or something, but it's not like it's a very common expression.

No. 46848

honestly what does she do all day? i know policing her comments must be pretty time consuming but like…really. does she just spend the time between meals staring into space? she doesn't work, doesn't go to school, and doesn't seem to have any hobbies or interests. it's depressing.

No. 46849

She´s an English teacher!!!

No. 46850

She cuddles soft toys

No. 46852

She has 27.1k followers, why does she only have one or two comments on her pictures? She sometimes has more, esp when it all kicks off but not often more than 10?!

No. 46853

Thank you, so it´s basically just another one of her exaggerations…

No. 46854

She makes her mom and her friends proud

No. 46855

Speaking from experience, at a certain point, being fully engaged in a severe ED becomes like a full-time job. Especially if you're binging and purging. You can easily spend all day, every day cooking, meal-planning, calorie-counting, and doing other food, nutrition, and exercise-related shit. It's sad, but it really can become your entire life, to the point where you have no other hobbies or interests (except maybe surfing the internet and watching Netflix, shit like that).

No. 46856

(not to say that Aly is binging and purging)

No. 46857


Yeah, demolishing means LITERALLY knocking something down, like demolishing a building. Devoured would be the word to use. The way she uses demolished is too much like destroyed, which doesn't work either.

This puzzles me too.

Most of the shit she comes out with on her account screams that she's still in the throes of her disorder. Origamipunk asked if she ever feels self conscious eating with her friends incase she panics and it's embarrassing and she said no, they're my best friend. BULLSHIT. Whoever you're with doesn't stop your anxiety at eating ESPECIALLY the high calorie things she says she is. That's like an arachnophobe suddenly not having an anxiety attack if they see a tarantula if they're with a friend. Total utter bullshit.

No. 46867

File: 1445277864091.jpg (76.63 KB, 1024x768, August 21 2005 081.jpg)

Actually demolishing cake.

No. 46870

File: 1445278354827.png (269.6 KB, 400x450, tumblr_m61535biBr1r2w4fpo1_400…)

Add alys super spoopy face and heres how you demolish cake

No. 46871


I'm surprised one of Aly's tricks isn't to smear some food she's "eaten" around her mouth so it looks like she really demolished that every time favorite cheesecake etc. (Or pictured with some flakes of croissant she'd dabbed onto her lipstick).

I was just watching a youtube of a guy who was taking the 20k calorie a day challenge. I feel so, so ill.

No. 46875

So anyone else thinking the same can see her reply.

No. 46878

File: 1445279234165.gif (1.9 MB, 450x248, Fk1Pb3x.gif)

Aly demolishes her food

No. 46880

How the is this an ASMR video? It's an unboxing video of things in noisy packaging, ugh clearly her body has begun eating her brain.

No. 46881

Someone asked her to make one a while ago because they found her voice "relaxing". Ashley's voice probably reminded her of her own great grandmother who, at the age of 93, used to read her bedtime stories.

That video's ridiculous though. She buys some fucking crap.

No. 46882


No. 46883

And that awful non-palm
Creepy af!

No. 46884

Oh god, is this from Matilda the movie?

No. 46886

Sure is :-)

No. 46893

I want her to talk to me like that while she's torturing me.

No. 46897

Girl on the left is cute af.

No. 46900

what if…her bro is on tumblr? he's so much into harry potter and pokemon that he wears merch of it, i mean…

No. 46902

Isn't this the same girl? https://instagram.com/p/9BlXiHSqe5/

If so, I agree.

No. 46911

Anon who posted Maria. YES, she certainly inspires some amazing fantasies. I love when she role plays. She's my IDEAL girlfriend tbh. I want to her to do one where she's a KGB agent hypnotising me.

No. 46912

He probably is. We know he's on insta: https://i.instagram.com/matteo_kavasaki/

Nice of him to humor her by following her account, I guess… His account used to be public and he seemed to be a normal, dorky af 13 year old boy, I doubt his sister's #edfamily shit would hold much interest for him, other than when one of her followers says he's cute. Which i guess is not diturbing since most of her followers are also 13 and 14 year olds…

No. 46913

File: 1445284904881.jpg (17.24 KB, 257x234, my woman.JPG)


Original Maria poster here. She certainly inspires some incredible fantasies. I'd like her to make a video where she's a KGB agent hypnotising me to do … things to myself while she watches (which is kind of how it goes anyway).

No. 46914

And this links to the Aly thread how?

No. 46915

He had loads of half/full chan /b meme stuff when I looked a few days ago. I wonder if Aly told him we'd found his account or something. Hmmmmmmm.

No. 46916


She links the whole universe. Fuck off.

No. 46918

I'm not even a germaphobe but it's grossing me out so much.

No. 46927

Ofc she told him! She doesn't want to share the attention, she wants us to focus on HER

No. 46928

File: 1445288398336.png (946.57 KB, 835x535, Capture.PNG)

chicken is barely there
courgette looks boiled as shit
gtfo #anabitch

No. 46930

She just posted, it's 11pm her time I wonder if her weather sensitivity or bad morning (she'll be pretty tired!) will be an excuse tomorrow for less food or something

No. 46934

Gross, she's zoomed in on the rice so much that it looks like maggots.

No. 46941

i'd rather eat food left overnight in my dogs bowl

No. 46951


Thanks. TRIGGERED. Maggots are my #fearfood.

No. 46978

No, she's trying to say that the bread is beside the "spinaches." She's trying to cram as much info into her sentence as possible and doing a poor job of it. Besides, what do we care if her bread was bought this morning at the bakery?

No. 46983

I want to know where all her produce is sourced. Where is the spinaches grown? Which dairy is the glass of milk (unpictured) from? Who are the main suppliers of the goods sold at the American Bakery? What is the country of origin of her peers?

No. 46988

Aly pls respond

No. 46996

File: 1445298471586.png (376.44 KB, 956x590, mrbubble.png)

laughing so hard at this right now
i guess this is his gamertag or something? idk

No. 47019

The marijuanas are strong.

No. 47057

No. 47064

it's mlg bruh

No. 47066

File: 1445319394068.jpg (65.51 KB, 793x793, Capture.JPG)

aly's new tattoo

No. 47067


No. 47073

Cannot be unseen

No. 47087

Is it just me or is Aly taking closer and closer pictures of her breakfast?

No. 47088

Soon all we'll see is a colored blur because the camera will be smushed into the food.

No. 47091

File: 1445345041030.png (966.81 KB, 619x1106, Aly 10-20-2015 4.png)

>#LUNCH with my auntie and a friend of us after the therapist appointment cause a #realrecoverygirl can't be affraid of restaurants so we all had a salad and I ordered what I was craving for this HUGE over dressed (!) salad full of my favorite and AMAZING SALMON oranges pistachos pomegraned and unpic cereal bread beside
>My #edfamily fears have to be BEATEN cause #recoveryispossible and I'm sending so much positivity to you all right now Oh and stay tuned cause this was not all

ARRGGGHHHHHH. The editor in me is cringing. I hope no one is actually paying her for "English lessons." And yeah, that HUUUUUUGE salad is surely a HUUUUUUGE #recoverywin [eyeroll]. Truly impressive.

No. 47092

they don't taste bad actually. my bro had a bearded dragon, don't ask.

No. 47094

I like that fantasy. Our kinks are compatible, anon.

No. 47095

mmmm….oniony salmony salad followed by hot cocoa-coffee….

No. 47096

She was craving salad. Of course you were. Why was this a recovery win? She eats salad food all the time, is this more scary than chocolate covered waffles or whole pizzas?? I don't get her

No. 47097

She's a back to front anorexic, can't eat bananas salad healthy dinners etc but not fussed by burgers pizza crepes …

No. 47100

Nah, if she was actually eating those burgers and pizza she'd weigh a lot more. She is probably eating the low calorie meals.

No. 47104

Just making a huge fuss about it as she does so, she's such a drama queen

No. 47110

Why are there basically no comments on her photos despite the 100 new followers a day. The new people aren't buying it either?

No. 47124

Alice, I am waiting for the "throwback" photo of you holding your overdressed salad and smiling at it in abject horror. I know you made someone take that photo.

No. 47137

But in that case people could see how tiny the HUGE "overdressed" salad actually was, so I don´t think she´ll do that.

No. 47143

File: 1445359048224.jpg (157.85 KB, 1062x1275, Screenshot_2015-10-20-17-35-31…)

The dressing is citrus not oil (!) Just in case aly calls it

No. 47144

is orangeleaves_ from here?

No. 47148

instagram is a fucking joke. it's so sad that these numbers mean anything to people like aly.

No. 47149

Yeah, here's the lunch menu for that restaurant: http://www.biancolatte.it/en/menu Looks like she had the salmon carpaccio which says it was citrus-marinated, served with raw vegetables (crudites) and green salad. SUCH RECOVERY.

Oh and her "Hot chocolate" is probably the Moroccan coffee on the menu… coffee with a hint of chocolate.

No. 47150

File: 1445359845372.jpg (90.51 KB, 1040x713, Screenshot_2015-10-20-17-49-39…)

Look what I found on tripadvisor, a review of the restaurant

No. 47151

There's definitely something up with the relationship with her aunt. She ALWAYS mentions nearly having a panic attack when having to eat with her, even though she always eats a tiny-ass dry salad. But she can go out with her girlfriends and "eat" high calorie fried foods and she's a BLONDIE HAPPY CHILD.

No. 47153

File: 1445360445300.jpg (260.56 KB, 933x451, bullshitsalad.jpg)

Someone else from IG who ate that salad (searched the location tag)

Caption from Google translate: Centrifugal Celery, Fennel, Apple, Pineapple-salad with marinated salmon with citrus, fennel, oranges, pomegranate and pistachios

No. 47154

File: 1445361211855.jpg (2.33 MB, 2048x2048, collage_20151020101123226.jpg)

I think elenasrecovery is on the same meal plan as Aly, but Aly keeps restricting and bullshiting around

No. 47155

Elena also has those weird pink burgers, spookily similar foods! And overuse of emojis

No. 47157

Yeah but to those who say no dietician would give cookies for breakfast - this seams normal in Italy.

No. 47158

sounds more like the biancottino hot coffee tbh

No. 47159

Good point

I feel like we should be billing Aly for our services.

No. 47160

Looks to me that she's made a big deal about having anxiety about eating with her aunt because origamipunk called her out on never feel anxious about eating around other people.

Also…Aly…"a friend of OURS", not "a friend of US". Gracias.

No. 47161

Yeah but elena's coffee is one WHOLE (!) cup of milk, 3 tsp of sugar an a little bit of coffee, while Aly's half empty cup is mostly foam. Not to mention that Aly's not drinking it.

No. 47162

Elena's cottage cheese is actually cottage cheese and not the watery shit Aly pours on her pasta. Still too much organisation of arranging the food on those napkins.

No. 47163

File: 1445362816212.jpg (80.73 KB, 593x596, please god no.JPG)

Food containing octopus will never cease to make me gag.

No. 47164

Here we can tell how the portions should be, and how fucked up Aly really is

No. 47166

I like octopus in sushi but I've never seen it served like that. Looks like some kind of really weird lunch meat lol

No. 47167

same here, at least it's not a tiny whole one, i can't stand food with a face

No. 47169

First time I've ever had to hide a pic I posted. Yes, elena leaves the faces on the prawns though.

No. 47170

yeah, i hate those too

No. 47171

Look Aly a starbucks mug! a REAL one, not a disposable one like yours.

No. 47173

These are like diet salads, no real dressing or anything, super low-cal. Oh my god, it had like two crushed-up pistachios on top of it. So challenging, much recovery. Pisses me off.

No. 47185

for some reason she just sounds like a softer whispering version of Miranda Sings to me lmao

No. 47188

The Starbucks plastic cup looks worse than ever ew

No. 47196


Omfg how has no one acknowledged this masterpiece? I'm dying. I love you anon

No. 47198

I acknowledged it by folding my arms, smiling at the image and slowly shaking my head thinking, "Well I'll be danged at anon's creativity".

Formally acknowledging it here.

No. 47199

File: 1445371923021.jpeg (230.88 KB, 1219x970, image.jpeg)

Wow Aly, you say your a recovery account so why get so panty bunched by a few questions. If I was the the girl who got that response I'd tell her to cram that dirty cup up her ass. Someone should comment on that honestly. What a bitch.

No. 47201

File: 1445372303493.jpg (57.54 KB, 540x295, IMG_20151020_132008.JPG)

There you go

No. 47206

Lol Much appreciated.

No. 47210

Idk but, I need about the same time to eat and I'm not #realrecover-ing. Am I slow? Or Aly is a fast eater?

No. 47213

Meanwhile: icovery is being killed by her doctor. If what she's saying is true and she's actually been to a doctor, this guy apparently made the decision to give her parents another chance. Boggles the mind. Isn't he required by law to do sth about the situation? The kid is 14, her parent's are obviously failing her.

No. 47214

Another day, another ban from Aly

No. 47215

She has no idea because she doesnt eat. She's just making numbers up.

No. 47218

I want those prawns inside of me. God, sometimes I wish I lived by the sea.

No. 47220

File: 1445374393929.jpg (122.02 KB, 540x443, IMG_20151020_135304.JPG)

Some Aly-lieber is defending her like her life is in fucking danger. I know she wishes she could be in #recovery for 2 years and only gain 1 lb, they're all the same

No. 47224

You're not slow. I think she's making it up. One tiny bite on those videos took her what, a minute?

No. 47228


No. 47230

Theres ignoring a question and answering in a shitty way oh my fucking God how dare you ask queen aly a question!

No. 47233

File: 1445376637791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.58 KB, 595x586, cup.jpg)

Yeah even I'm horrified by it. It seriously looks like the once CChristie posted as a joke.

NOOOO!!! She'll start thinking "hangry" is the proper way to spell hungry!!

No. 47234

She's turning into ash, hungry and angry haha she's a little brat!

No. 47235

File: 1445376901223.jpg (24.74 KB, 540x223, IMG_20151020_143628.JPG)

Hey Aly, you might wanna learn this word ;)

No. 47238

File: 1445377575239.jpg (32.73 KB, 600x600, pr0n pr0n.jpg)

No. 47240

I… I don't know how to feel about this.

No. 47242


No. 47243


At least Elena's sugar is on a spoon, and not on the fucking table/floor like Aly's.

No. 47248

She treats her own family like shit, so I'm not surprised she's rude to her "#edfamily". This annoys me though, like others said, if she's a recovery account, she should want to help other people by answering questions. It's not like they asked for her dress size.

No. 47250

File: 1445381949777.jpg (128.5 KB, 533x400, strenght.jpg)

and this one.

No. 47260

Part of me is starting to wonder if Aly buys those pre-packaged meals that you throw in the microwave or heat up in a saucepan. It would help her count calories.

No. 47263


She'll know the calories of whatever she's cooking. If her mealplan ~book emoji~ is like elena's then she'll have to weigh quantities of her spinaches and other stuff. Probably got a calorie app on her phone.

No. 47264

Aly has said before that she has to weigh everything she eats before she puts it on her plate. She claims not to know or care about the calories, but lol, really?

No. 47284

She recently said she eats 100g of pasta. It was this post: https://instagram.com/p/83e9ZtyqU4/?taken-by=aly_realrecover

Here is the Google Translate of her comment: @ ly.ellestephsrecover always answer when I can and there is no need to debate in a photo; I do not know the total calories of my meal plan because I do not care it is true, but of course I know the weight or how would I cook? -.- Anyway I 100g of bread and 100g of pasta and, having said that, I really do not recommend "regulate" with other people's diets. I suggest you follow a specialist and should rely on profiles Instagram :) good evening to both!

100gr of pasta… that's what, 130 calories? So that's the exact size of all of these BIIIIIIG plates of pasta she eats.

No. 47287

>of course I know the weight or how would I cook?
Are kitchen scales actually common in Italy? I've heard they're used all the time in Japan, but in the US the only people who have them are dieters

No. 47291

Yes, 130 calories for pasta. 265 calories for 100 grams of white bread. I'd give Aly a pass if the pasta was alfredo (made with heavy cream) but we all know it's not fatty or calorific at all.

No. 47292

I use then when cooking/baking and I live in the US. It's very important when baking, especially bread. You need to be precise or your flour to water ratio/dough hydration can be affected.

No. 47296

>in the US the only people who have them are dieters

I'm in the US, the only people i've ever known with gram scales like that are drug dealers

No. 47297

I'm in the US and my food scale does both ounces and grams. As far as I know, I'm not a drug dealer, but I did buy the scale several years ago when I was trying to lose the last of my extra weight. Now I use it occasionally to either be precise when baking as >>47292 mentioned or to estimate calories of a new dish to maintain my weight.

No. 47308

I only ever use a food scale when baking. If I'm making pasta or soup or a chicken dish or something, I just use measuring cups/spoons and/or eyeball it. I lol'd at
>of course I know the weight or how would I cook?
Oh my god, just imagine the horror of not knowing if your plate had 120 grams of pasta instead of 100!

No. 47309

File: 1445395565590.png (1.59 MB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 47310

You'd lose weight from looking at Aly's insta

No. 47313

Its probes 100g cooked pasta not raw

No. 47315

I'm in Europe and pretty much everyone has a kitchen scale.

No. 47321

Oc! How do you make a cake or sth in the US?

No. 47322

Here in America I've only seen scales in the homes of people who take extra precautions to maintain a healthy weight. As far as portions, I use a measuring cup that I have. Buying a scale is never on my mind when I go to the store, but now it seems like a good idea now because you can't use a measuring cup to weight salmon (I love salmon and the way Aly "eats" it makes me sad).

No. 47323

*kitchen scale
And I didn't proofread for mistakes, I'm on mobile :((

No. 47325

File: 1445408788634.png (39.15 KB, 1094x76, Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.2…)

omg you guise, what do you think is going on??? some major tragedy? Aly's life is always so perfect, why would she have a ~breakdown~?

No. 47329

She always posts bullshit like:
>Another perfect day enjoying DELISH food! The dinner with my family was fantastic! I had so much FUN.

Then the day after in the morning you see this:
>Good morning my #edfamily! I couldn't sleep because of yesterday's evening breakdown. But I'm feeling GREAT now, it's a NEW DAY and breakfast looks DELISH.

No. 47330

Her daddy probs yelled at her cos he's sick of her shit. Which upset blondie aly

No. 47331

She probably couldn't take the abuse she got on here over her pathetic salad, must be hard not to delete us all

No. 47333

File: 1445419936848.jpg (207.87 KB, 1078x1510, Screenshot_2015-10-21-10-19-08…)

Ed related panic attacks. At least she's admitted it now

No. 47334

Does anyone else imagine that when she has these photos taken of her smiling obnoxiously big at her food that her face drops immediately after she hears the shutter sound and looks utterly miserable as she writes the overly ~posi~ caption to go with it?

No. 47336

File: 1445421078007.gif (491.6 KB, 250x228, tumblr_lzralpJaLn1r6bnh8.gif)

No. 47337

File: 1445421179327.png (222.92 KB, 1280x768, Screenshot_2015-10-21-11-50-14…)

already deleted

No. 47338

Miss posi pants is just too slow this morning! Hahaha

No. 47339

We buy cake mix boxes that have all the dry ingredients measured out for us. Seriously. All we have to do is grab a certain number of eggs and use a measuring cup for oil (?!) and water.

No. 47340

WTF Aly. Why?? Like we all know they are but her actually admitting it was a huge step, and then she just goes and dives back into her delusions. Ugh.

No. 47341

Okay. So in Europe we go to the field and crop the corn, we carry it home by walking, we make our own flour, then we take our kitchen scale to meassure the right amount…every cake is unique and of #realcoverywin

No. 47343

The comment is back on my ig?

No. 47344

Um, not everyone in the US uses cake mixes. I make mine from scratch but will use a box mix if I need to crumble a cake for a trifle or something.

No. 47345

Three things on a plate = three recovery wins!!!! Ffs Aly its ONE meal! One, not three! Raw ham does not count as one meal!

No. 47346

File: 1445428794431.jpg (255.62 KB, 1080x1085, IMG_20151021_135740.jpg)

There's no way she ate the whole plate.

No. 47348

At least she's covering up her spoopy sternum this time

No. 47349

For bigger lies, you need bigger food(!)

No. 47352

i'm nearly positive she shares all this stuff with her mom or maybe she takes a huge amount home for her brother. Her mom must be somehow complicit in this nonsense.

my mom was more the drill sergeant, and my dad was even worse…

No. 47354

I really don't understand how her family can even let her take pics of this shit

Like.. if I were her doctor I'd mention that as part of her illness and that it needs to be dropped

It's just enabling her to obsess over meals more and refuse to see food with any form of normal mindset

I really don't understand how families are allowed to keep looking after their spoopy kids when they aren't making improvements

Not to trigger but are there any recovered anons who could shed some light? Are doctors often so careless?

No. 47356

File: 1445436061276.png (188.44 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 47357

What a bitch. She's so predictable.

No. 47358

I hope Aly never decides to be a teacher for a living. She'd be like "Oh my god, I ALREADY told you what happens when you divide 10 over 5!"

No. 47359

That doesn't even look appetizing. Too much beige. Also, all that food touching? no thanks.

No. 47360

lol @ food touching

No. 47362

I'd struggle to finish that lunch and have a snack before dinner, would probably have my snack after dinner.. Like a night snack (!) Because that's ok and not being overly controlled

No. 47363

Why don't we ever see the right hand side of her face? Always hidden! Why? Bad brow job? Fat temple? What??

No. 47364

The Mark of The Beast.

No. 47367

File: 1445438196422.jpg (27.69 KB, 361x329, HANGRY.JPG)

OMFG SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Read my fucking captions, peasant!!!

No. 47369

She probably only eats the food that definitely hasn't touched anything else, like 1/3

No. 47373

measuring cups?

No. 47377

i actually get how annoying it would be to answer the same questions over and over, but it would be way less rude if she literally just ignored them. instead, she takes the time and effort to reply with passive aggressive shit…and by that point she could have just answered the question, especially when it's something like "did you have two cookies or one?"

just say "one. :)"

not "one, AS I SAID IN THE CAPTION, [insert 10 passive aggressive emojis here], please read caption, i wrote it in the caption on a previous post, [ten more emojis], read my last post, i am following a meal plan as i mentioned in the caption and in a previous post [ten more emojis]"

No. 47382

lel yes, she's clearly here as an agent of Satan to make genuinely recovering anorexics lapse because they feel bad about themselves compared to her.

No. 47384

OMG she fixed the spelling of 'pear'!! Progress!

No. 47386

Next weigh-in is on November 18.

No. 47387

it's crazy to have weigh-ins so far apart. I don't get it

No. 47388

God her temple is so fat. Like hideously blobby. It's all the seafood, that ish goes straight to the temple.

No. 47392

This is a shot in the dark but I imagine it's actually to avoid the short term fluctuations of water weight, etc?

Like if it's been a longer period of time and she still hasn't gained significant weight it'll show more?

That or if she goes to a specialist or small clinic it might take that kind of time just to fit appointments in.

I really wish I could be a fly on the wall of her dr and see wtf they're thinking. I wonder sometimes if they stop seeing people with EDs as someone they can actually help, and instead do the bare minimum to keep them alive but wouldn't mind if they just died. A waste, in a sense.

Like I can imagine it getting that way if the patient is refusing to recover. That's more the shrinks side of things to try to help than the dr, and still impossible if the patient herself is avoiding real treatment.

No. 47395

File: 1445443890854.jpg (393.08 KB, 1000x1000, lolcowstone.jpg)

No. 47398


No. 47399

Why is that funny? It's a personal pet peeve of mine. Different foods go on different plates when I eat. I'm aware that it's slightly neurotic but whatever.

No. 47401

Do you have autism, anon?

No. 47408

No, only OCD.

No. 47410

Weekly is more typical for outpatient treatment. That way you don't have to wait a month to adjust a meal plan.

I've heard of monthly checks for more stable patients (weight-restored or close to it). Never for someone in Aly's condition and never for someone losing or not gaining on an already questionable mealplan.

Just sharing my experiences though - that's why I don't get it.

No. 47413

But she IS gaining instead… it's just that all the weight is going to her temples first

No. 47415

File: 1445448066129.jpg (140.06 KB, 986x1065, Screenshot_2015-10-21-15-32-10…)

First sign of hair loss?

No. 47416

File: 1445448517735.jpg (130.41 KB, 556x600, spoopy.jpg)

idk but recently her hair is looking more like Ashley's beaten up wig

No. 47417

I'm willing to bet Aly has extensions.

No. 47418

File: 1445448796077.jpg (43.21 KB, 380x599, blondiehappygma.jpg)

some cheap clip-ons i bet.

No. 47419

File: 1445448896886.jpg (37.94 KB, 615x409, at the bar with my sister.jpg)

No. 47420

dog's hair looks healthier

No. 47422

File: 1445450218989.jpg (11.03 KB, 236x354, aly.jpg)

This dog's hair is more frazzled like Aly's. It must be on a low quality dog food.

No. 47425

Jealous of these dogs' hair tbh

No. 47426

File: 1445450544522.jpg (43.58 KB, 540x360, funny-dog-face-eyes-food.jpg)

Alys close ups are like…

No. 47427

File: 1445450653030.jpg (135.67 KB, 1034x1429, Screenshot_2015-10-21-19-03-28…)

No. 47428

File: 1445450674423.jpg (14.16 KB, 200x260, realmilano style.jpg)

I wonder if they know their hair's envied by humans? They have better style than Aly too!

That eye popping moment.

No. 47429

File: 1445450817315.jpg (148.55 KB, 1200x799, presentation.jpg)


Arranging muh risotto.

No. 47437

130 cals pasta, 160 max can of tuna 300 cal dinner
you realrecovery queen you!

No. 47438

You guys are killing me! lmao

No. 47439

File: 1445452352081.jpg (74.4 KB, 1068x693, Screenshot_2015-10-21-19-31-46…)

English teacher Aly

No. 47441


Can dog photoshop anon come back and put Aly's face on these? Plz?

Also I want the one of her on the leash to be a new banner. It's killing me!

No. 47443

File: 1445452718183.jpg (68.93 KB, 432x409, Violets Afghan Hound likes Sta…)

Omfg this is too perfect!

No. 47444

my fucking sides

No. 47445

This needs her face !! Hilarious

No. 47446

File: 1445452855196.jpg (81.14 KB, 670x503, no thoughts about restricting.…)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's probably Aly's actual plastic cup!

No. 47447

File: 1445452984124.jpg (71.37 KB, 854x764, Screenshot_2015-10-21-19-42-10…)

No. 47448

File: 1445453065702.jpg (132.98 KB, 1066x1019, Screenshot_2015-10-21-19-41-50…)

Or this one

No. 47450

File: 1445453254877.jpg (8.81 KB, 225x225, waffle queen.jpg)

Suuuuper shining #actionshot cause #RECOVERYWIN WAFFLES!!!

No. 47453

File: 1445455159096.jpg (111.37 KB, 470x756, IMG_20151021_122048.JPG)

Fuck me, i'm bored

No. 47461

New IG account?

No. 47462

Just for Aly <3

No. 47463

File: 1445455981204.png (17.75 KB, 266x205, Capture.PNG)

my thoughts exactly.
when i was ip, we never had tuna in pasta without mayo. once i got out, i saw why.

No. 47464

Pure genius

No. 47465

Yeeeahhh I'm glad her non-farmer followers are calling her on her BS more and more lately. That looks pretty damn dry, like most of her "SUPER OILY (!)" food…

No. 47466

tears of laughter emoji

No. 47467

Oooo pretty, do want.

No. 47468

Doesn't look like a whole can either

No. 47469

It seems to burst forth in waves. She has silence for a week (or whenever exposing.aly was deleted), now it starts again.

No. 47472

File: 1445456499965.gif (4.16 MB, 360x360, 1389808724_dog_in_a_wig_eating…)

Alys old pint parties feel free to use on ig

No. 47486

or the weight appointments get farther apart the more you gained but- she isn't :/

No. 47487

Yeah I am seriously shocked they aren't weighing her at LEAST once a week. Really, though, she should be in an IP setting at her spoopy level, but I doubt that's ever going to happen.

No. 47492

all tuna comments have been baleeted. Aly, I bet you wish you could delete the screenshots here, right??

No. 47494

I love how cute dogs have been making an appearance in this thread. This one is too cute!

No. 47499

File: 1445463553417.gif (1.86 MB, 480x342, giphy.gif)

aly after 6 litres worth of coffee shits

No. 47501

File: 1445463665194.gif (1.73 MB, 360x171, giphy.gif)

aly's midnight circuit training like

No. 47502

File: 1445463740607.gif (966.54 KB, 362x166, giphy.gif)

aly waking up in the morning to hating :((((( comments like

No. 47503

File: 1445463801196.gif (1.53 MB, 495x354, giphy.gif)

aly being passive aggressive

No. 47504

File: 1445463863881.gif (1.47 MB, 320x249, giphy.gif)

when aly "demolishes" her afternoon snack

No. 47513

File: 1445464847793.jpg (157.42 KB, 1214x808, datmealplan.JPG)

Another Italian girl on Aly's meal-plan.
Always 7 freakin cookies, spinaches with raw ham besides, sake emojis, and pasta served in saucers.

No. 47516

Those portions look like they're double amount of what Aly eats

No. 47521

Except she's not as good as OCD photos as Aly and her food looks like cat barf

No. 47556

What's that's disgusting shit in those cups? Milk and twigs?
What is that purple candy bar, the wrapper says it has Nutella?

No. 47557

Jfc I need to know what's in those cups. It looks like worms

No. 47559

Ok, I google translated her posts and it's bran fibre cereal. Disappointing.

No. 47561

I fucking love this thread so much.
Also, I want to give this dog a reassuring cuddle and a new home - he/she seems to be tied up outside :(

No. 47563

is it just me or does she look like she has lost weight yet again?

No. 47564

I was just thinking that…face looks alien-like again. But that's only today.

No. 47565

I love these dog gifs. The sausage dog one made my night.

I've seen that bran cereal. It looks like the pellet things in hamster food.

No. 47566

File: 1445470936159.png (1.1 MB, 848x540, lozlo.png)

when aly posted the second photo she was all like LOOK AT OLD PICS AND COMPARE YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE yet the picture furthest on the right is the most recent photo now LMFAOSIDFJK what the fuck is going on here honestly

No. 47567

File: 1445471016360.jpg (25.45 KB, 354x322, spoop.JPG)

She could pass for late 50s in this one. The skinnier she gets, the older she looks. She's looking older therefore I deduce she is losing weight again.

No. 47568

File: 1445471111061.gif (1.85 MB, 319x217, no no no.gif)


No. 47569

No. 47570

In the photo with her auntie, she has a fuller face again, though maybe not as much as the middle.

No. 47572

it's literally all to do with lighting

No. 47573

the light is smack bang on her face in the photo of her with her friend

No. 47575

Is it just me or Aly is improving at doing her nails?

No. 47576

File: 1445472513185.jpg (114.63 KB, 600x586, pastaporn.jpg)

ffs they're like 20 noodles on that plate, #realrecovery my ass

No. 47581

It's just you.

No. 47589


What is the point of pasta without sauce or at least pesto? Or at the very minimum, olive oil with good flavor?

No. 47598

File: 1445476640822.jpg (6.2 KB, 245x205, more cute.jpg)

It's a bit like eating hollow slugs without a sauce. When I've had only pasta in the cupboard (baw baw) I've AT LAST melted some butter over it. This looks like something you'd put in the dog dish.

At least this pup has the sense to use a tomato sauce.

No. 47600

That's like, a normal portion size for someone who isn't a whale, anon.

No. 47601

File: 1445477131386.jpg (103.54 KB, 540x556, IMG_20151021_182536.JPG)

How much time can you lose arranging a fucking pear in order to avoid eating it?

No. 47602

Hide your ana, anon.

No. 47603

>people who eat pasta in small portions are anorexic
nope nope nope

You're not supposed to eat any more than a half cup of pasta. It's ridiculously fattening in big portions.

No. 47604

It's a normal portion size for someone who is trying to lose or maintain weight.

No. 47606

I don't understand people who eat pasta, bread or rice more than like, once a week, as a treat.
It's why Americans are so fat.

No. 47608

I am this anon: >>47602

I also think pasta in general should be limited to once a week or even less. But something about calling anyone who eats a portion larger than 100g a "whale" a bit presumptuous. I eat pasta maybe once a month but it's a treat and yes, I eat a portion much larger than Aly's when I do. I'm also not a whale.

No. 47610

Maybe you are not fat by American standards. But anywhere else… ?

You have to be quite large and gluttonous to actually have enough tolerance for carbs to eat a large portion of pasta

No. 47611


5'7" (170cm) and 123lbs (55.7kg) So… no, not fat by American standards or otherwise, sorry.

Saying someone has to be large and gluttonous to have an appetite or who chooses to occasionally indulge is just silly.

No. 47613

Not to mention the heavy sauces and other things topping the pasta. I've never had dinner with a non-obese person that was able to wolf down an entire plate of pasta at a restaurant.

No. 47615

Ffs, mpa is leaking again

No. 47616

Eating healthy is pro-ana now? Smh

No. 47617

So you know what's healthy for someone just based in one meal? Without knowing her activity level or how much she eats the rest of the day? Fuck off

No. 47618

Are you some kind of "health at every size" nutjob?

No. 47619

Aly's Italian. They eat lots of pasta. In Asian cultures they eat a lot of rice.

Can the ana person fuck off because it's really annoying.

No. 47620

Now I know you're trolling, gtfo pls

No. 47624

Then maybe you should hang out with normal people, because I easily could, even if I stop myself. And I do every once in a while. My diet is mostly carbs and I'm not fat either. Fuck off

No. 47625

Can we go back to dog gifs pls?

No. 47626

I saw this account on instagram. She's having gastric band surgery but has binge-eating disorder. Would a doctor even recommend a person who binge eats for a gastric band? I mean, she said she's having it, but FUCK.

Oh yeah, loads of cutting on this, so TW TW TW

No. 47627

I'm not actually the same person as
Even if we ended our posts the same way, lol.

Anyways can we please stop derailing this thread? Go share your crazy somewhere else please.

No. 47630

File: 1445482349313.gif (975.05 KB, 300x271, -zza.gif)


Fuck watching Aly nibble a bit of croissant. I want to see her do this with her -zza!!

No. 47633

well to that anon, diet culture is pretty flawed. everyone has a different metabolic rate/activity levels etc alright so if someone wants double that portion and they're eating in accordance to their hunger cues so be it lmfao like.. if someone wants mcdonalds one time it isn't going to affect them negatively despite you thinking they're less of a person or some shit. you can't just pin point a portion that's suitable for every single person because my brother and i for example we're skinny but we just eat whatever the fuck we want. but i sure as hell wouldn't eat pasta with no sauce what in fuck

No. 47638

File: 1445483114597.gif (1.88 MB, 400x224, pizza.gif)



Now let's move on…

No. 47640

This is complete tumblr bullshit. Fuck off. "Diet culture" lmao

No. 47641

Oh noooo the oppressive diet culture is telling me not to eat 50lbs of pasta every day! I'm being raped!

No. 47643

>>47640 i don't use tumblr but you're an absolute fucking moron

No. 47644

Cute projection. Why are you so angry? Maybe you should try eating some real food to nourish your brain instead of big plates of empty carbs.

No. 47645

Oh no someone is eating carbs without measuring and counting every sibgle fucking grain of rice! Disaster! Catastrophe! DOOM! lmao fuck off your ocd is showing.

No. 47646

Being able to eat normal portions of food is not OCD. It's normal. Your perceptions of normalcy are out of whack, because you live in a country with gigantic portion sizes and a severe obesity problem.

No. 47647

How the fuck do you know which country i live in?

No. 47649

Because you think that it's normal to gobble down a pound of pasta with your meals.

No. 47651

File: 1445484418305.jpg (172.71 KB, 964x813, Whale.jpg)

Googled "whales eating" to ad to animal gifs.

That was a mistake.

Image attached (it's from a science website so they weren't making it up)

No. 47652

It is, most people's intakes vary day by day and meal by meal, because shit happens and they have fucking lives outside of counting macaronis? It balances out if you're not an idiot.

No. 47653

Who said anything about a pound? Now you're just being stupid. Stop projecting and kindly fuck off

No. 47655

Metabolic rate differs very little between people of the same size, age and gender. "Fast metabolisms" or "slow metabolisms" are largely a myth perpetuated by people who are bad at estimating their calorie intake. Now, of course a 6'4 manual labourer can eat much more food than a sedentary 5'0 woman and not gain weight. But an average sized young woman with an average activity level shouldn't be consuming large amounts of carbs. It is unhealthy both in terms of calorie intake and due to the insulin response. And yes, eating a large plate of pasta just once won't do anything to you, but the sheer ability to do that indicates that there are issues with your diet. It is like being able to chug a whole bottle of honey or eat 50 chicken wings. You don't get to that level of tolerance without having extremely unhealthy habits in other areas.

No. 47656

Damn, you deleted your post again. You must be really insecure.

No. 47657

Does it balance out? The fact that the majority of people in the Western world are overweight proves that it doesn't.

No. 47658

Lmao, eating a big plate of pasta is not some kind of "ability".
Sure, but unless you know their weight, health, and general eating habits it's really nothing to get your panties in a twist about.

No. 47659

>Lmao, eating a big plate of pasta is not some kind of "ability".
That's what you think because you are accustomed to eating insane amounts of carbs.
People with a healthy diet can't stomach a huge plate of pasta. Their body isn't used to processing so much crap.

No. 47660

Omg fuck this arguing but h-how do you figure that's comparable??
-A plate of pasta.
-A bottle of honey
-50 chicken wings.

How are any of those alike? Plus I'm pretty sure you're imagining a much larger plate than other anon.

No. 47662

File: 1445485015051.jpg (362.16 KB, 1008x796, penne-pasta.jpg)

Here's an example of what I mean, to clear up any confusion. This seems to be an average portion in America.

No. 47663

File: 1445485041428.jpg (135.42 KB, 361x474, 108268497.jpg)

Would y'all get a room already?

No. 47664

File: 1445485066485.png (617.27 KB, 814x599, stooooooooop4.png)

Stop it, you guys are making Emily cry!

No. 47665

I feel sorry for you anon. A big plate of pasta isn't harmful every once in a while.

No. 47666

>that nose
Why does it look so…lumpy and wide in the middle? Is she so gaunt that her nasal bone is showing there? Ew.

No. 47668

No. 47669

lol bitch wanted her account back just so she can keep uploading fake crying pics and gore
she deserves to have her account taken down

No. 47670

omg ty anon I laughed for like 5 minutes straight. I'll shush now

No. 47671

File: 1445486018909.jpg (115.8 KB, 1029x598, ba.jpg)

Anybody have the full caption on this pic?

No. 47672

Looks pretty much the same. She might have gained like 5 pounds. This is basically thinspo

No. 47674

She looks…the same? Seriously am I missing something?

But omg, actual human emotions!

No. 47677

Well there's more of an assgap from the pic on the left. She does look less sharp on the right, but not by much.

No. 47678

I think it's mostly the lighting.

I just realized that you can see her collarbone all the way to the edge of her shoulder. Spooky.

No. 47680

File: 1445487173625.jpg (211.81 KB, 710x427, Salad and pasta.jpg)

You're welcome. I dream of a world where all types of reasonably-portioned food can be consumed at the same table. Kumbayaaaa!

No. 47682


And oh god why did I look

No. 47686

That hipbone…no way she can sleep on her sides. Or even if she sleeps on her back/front, that can't be comfortable.

No. 47687

File: 1445488030635.png (225.11 KB, 720x692, IMG_20151022_002501_edit.png)


is hyperthyroidism going to be the new hypermetabolism

No. 47691

Ugh, these fucking morons … yes uncurlingwings, because there's obviously no way that anyone has already thought of testing Aly for any kind of disorder whatsoever, is there? I mean, it's not like she's ever been in hospital or had blood tests done OH WAIT

No. 47692

I think that's a NO on the caption

No. 47698

yall need to stop comparing aly to dogs, at least dogs are cute and have a personality

No. 47700

File: 1445498880996.jpg (139.01 KB, 800x888, Dog-with-Blond-Hair--59355.jpg)

It detracts from the bullshit mpa posts

No. 47702

If her knees are anything to go by she weighs less now, thinking of her holiday pics a few weeks ago and how they look in those grey jeans

No. 47704

File: 1445499955240.jpg (181.01 KB, 1070x1261, Screenshot_2015-10-22-08-43-39…)

Here it is three weeks ago

No. 47706

>bread once a week
wtf anon go away

No. 47707

>pasta WITH your meals
Pasta is the meal lel

No. 47708

Please, ignore them. She or he is delusional and trying way too hard. Almost no eating disordered person gives a flying fuck what other people eat. Probably some insecure average teenager.

No. 47709

File: 1445501247991.jpg (64.4 KB, 570x749, 101.jpg)

Can she do it with a whole uncut (!) Pizza though?

No. 47710

File: 1445501701257.jpg (163.86 KB, 540x827, IMG_20151022_011249.JPG)

Maybe she's finally suffering physical repercussions from her ED, if all of the recent panic attacks are any indicator.

No. 47711

File: 1445502737316.jpg (30.78 KB, 375x266, Hangry-Definition.jpg)

Just hangry haha

No. 47722

File: 1445507312895.jpg (249 KB, 1073x1083, IMG_20151022_114741.jpg)

Her mother looks like she cried.

No. 47723

File: 1445508014872.png (102.42 KB, 1142x226, Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.58…)

God, she's so openly bitchy about her father, I feel bad for him. She probably just hates him because he isn't a pushover/enabler like Ma appears to be.

No. 47726

File: 1445508496902.jpg (172.46 KB, 1078x993, Screenshot_2015-10-22-11-07-18…)

This one makes me sad, her poor dad is properly left out

No. 47727

Does Aly know it's 24/7 not 8/24?

No. 47728

Well its clear she means 8 hours per day, stupid

No. 47730

damn this makes me rage

especially aly's retarded expression.
papa casati should take her internet access and phone away.

No. 47733

nothing like having a skelly hang all over you. thumbs up

No. 47735

File: 1445510346386.jpg (69.1 KB, 300x408, mom's girl.jpg)

I think the rest of the caption pretty much confirms she reads here.
>since I don't want to "bother" her
Really? You've never cared about that before, Aly.
>Is that bad to desire some parent's love/time/support?
No but you go way past that. I don't believe that your mother works that much to justify your dragging her to a restaurant breakfast/lunch every day.

No, I'm pretty sure she doesn't. She's made that mistake so many times.

No. 47736

So she means what?

No. 47745

she looks more empty and dead in the eyes than ash in this pic. holy shit.

No. 47751

Considering she's been freaking out over her ED lately, I'm guessing she's freaking out about a tiny bit of weight gain.

"I don't want to bother my mom" probably means "I don't want to have to go out to restaurants where I have to eat the food in front of me." It'll be much easier to restrict when she's home alone.

No. 47752

File: 1445518659104.png (1.03 MB, 1000x671, strenght.png)

g r i l l e d

No. 47753

I'm fairly confident that Aly isn't going to an out-patient ED centre. She is going for monthly check ups at a general hospital, talking to a GP or something. AFIAK, She has never referred to it as an ED centre, and from seeing their treatment of her, it's obvious her doctors are not experts in anorexia.

It would also explain why she went into hospital for like 1 day. They don't know how to treat the mental, their only goal is to patch her up physically and get her out.

Why she hasn't she been referred to a real anorexia place yet? I think they were going to, last appointment, but Aly freaked the fuck out and said she didn't want to go. I doubt her parents have power of attorney, or the heart to get her involuntarily committed, so it's still entirely her choice on whether she really wants to recover right?

No. 47754

Aly knows she's such a basic bitch that if she gives up her ED, there will be nothing for her

She'll no longer have anything to do, no insta attention, no daunting family/friends

She doesn't want to get better because she wants everything to revolve around her, it doesn't matter if the people close to her suffer from it

I personally hope she dies. Don't know why so many people act so empathetic to cows, now. I don't wish her the best or desire her recovery. I'm here to watch her suffer.

No. 47755

I'm surprised that extreme anorexia isn't a criteria for involuntary admission. When your BMI is almost in the single digits it should be obvious that you can't take care of yourself and need extensive medical treatment

No. 47756

She has referred to it as an ED centre on many occasions.

No. 47757

File: 1445521308540.png (297.23 KB, 1440x962, dayhospitalcontrol.png)

>>Day Hospital Control at the ED center (hospital emoji)

I think it might be one of her not understanding English well things, though.

No. 47764

That's because Italy has little to no resources when it comes to mental health.

No. 47772

Oh Aly, you're so full of shit, it isn't even funny! Ofc you don't care about bothering your mom, you've never cared before. You're a BURDEN on your parents (both of them) stop spending their money, get a job, a real one and get out of their house. Think about it! That way you can starve yourself without criticism.

No. 47777

Fresh bread instead of "already baked"….ok I believe you now, she does read here

No. 47781

File: 1445526647528.jpg (89.95 KB, 750x562, me me me.jpg)

It's Aly's world, everyone else just lives in it.

No. 47782

kek at calling herself "beautiful and skinny". How, HOW can someone look at that (even worse, her nasty FACE) and think they are beautiful?

That is not a beautiful body, that is a disgusting, ugly, sick body. And Aly, your face is even worse.

No. 47784

I think it might be in one of the earlier threads.

No. 47787

aly looks legitimately disturbing here like some sort of humanoid monster cross with a blow up doll. her face looks like a rubber mask

No. 47798

I wonder if it'd be any less creepy without the jarring red lipstick

I can't even imagine her as a normal person. You know that one mom who blogs about her two toddlers, those little girls who have like severe disorder/look all deformed…. she looks like the older version of one of them…

Fuck I wish I could remember the name of the disorder/the retarded name given to the two disabled kids

Tl;dr - aly looks like she has some kind of genetic syndrome

No. 47802

>aly's a bitch
>female dogs are called bitches
>aly is a dog

No. 47803

Which blogger are you referring to here?

No. 47818

Honestly can't remember a thing about them beyond what the two little girls look like.

I remember it being a topic of discussion a while ago, either here or cgl. Want to say it came up in that thread about the mom who killed her kid by injecting salt water into his stomach port. I'll try to find that thread kek, I really want to figure it out now.

No. 47819

File: 1445532322139.jpg (68.23 KB, 890x195, skelehands.jpg)


No. 47822

File: 1445532581522.jpg (71.74 KB, 365x531, spicy.jpg)

you mean the mom of this kid?

No. 47823

Yes! Thank you. I was so certain she had a sister, though?

I ended up finding the thread I thought they were mentioned in in catalogue but it seems to be deleted or something, as the catalogue won't link to it

Sorry for the OT.

No. 47824

I think It was microcephaly and it was in the abortion thread here on /b/ iirc

No. 47825

That's really sad and that meme is just cruel. Making fun of disabled children isn't funny.

No. 47826

Yes she has a sister, they always come up on ylyl threads but now that i'm looking for them i can't seem to find one

No. 47827

File: 1445533074732.jpeg (465.96 KB, 1600x1200, Microcephaly:-The-Hartley-Hool…)

Hartley Hooligans, that's the fucking stupid name they have - I remember now.

Anyway the one on the right reminds me of Aly

No. 47831

I agree. Making fun of them over something they can't change…nope.

No. 47832

You're posting in a thread about making fun of an emaciated anorexic girl. Quit the moralfagging.

No. 47834

There's a difference between making fun of someone for being a liar and a fake, and making fun of two innocent little kids.

No. 47835

Yeah, 'cause mocking people with half a brain is totally the same as mocking idiots starving themselves.

No. 47838

There is no comparison, Aly has a choice. Let's move on?

No. 47839

No. 47842

Anorexia is a mental illness lol, you don't get to 70 pounds just for fun or because you want more followers on your IG.

No. 47843

Do we need more dog pictures?

No. 47845

Maybe it's something someone with hpd would do. But that's also technically a mental illness, only they're not delusional like anas

No. 47849

not to interrupt the moral debate but our ginge hasn't posted in a couple of days. i am growing desperate with the lack of stevia recipes tbqh. this morning i just poured a gallon of mustard into a cup and added a bottle of watermelon stevia but it just wasn't the same. come back anna!

No. 47850

File: 1445536556681.gif (1.18 MB, 320x240, popcorn.gif)

It's not comparing Aly to dogs. It's encouraging eating for #realrealrecovery.

Will a bunny do?

No. 47852

File: 1445536737212.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1433, collage_20151022105932083.jpg)

No. 47856

File: 1445537271153.gif (1.76 MB, 320x292, in the casati kitchen.gif)

>the joy of finding Aly's discarded ice cream

No. 47857

File: 1445537332584.gif (2 MB, 380x214, outside the ice cream bar.gif)

part two

No. 47858

Aah at least the animals benefit! She wouldn't like that!!

No. 47868

File: 1445538511107.gif (700.38 KB, 250x166, nope.gif)

She replied to this saying she's gaining. Um, okay.

No. 47873

File: 1445538963760.jpg (43.63 KB, 316x474, Cat-with-Spaghetti-Hair.jpg)

I found the secret to her luscious locks

No. 47876

No more debate about extensions needed! Gonna try this myself.

No. 47878

For lowlights just add Bolognese sauce!

No. 47881

and TONS OF OIL (!) for added shine.

No. 47882

urge to cuddle intensifies

No. 47883


No. 47884

File: 1445539692053.gif (2.12 MB, 400x351, fuck everything.gif)

#hangry cat

This thread is making my womb twitch. I wish I could give birth to animals not humans.

No. 47890

File: 1445540241664.jpg (85.99 KB, 640x425, birthday_animals_2.jpg)

But it's your all-time favourite SEAFOOD!

No. 47899

No. 47905


No. 47907

It's SPEACHLESS with joy.

Also WTF, I'm teaching my phone's autocorrect a these incorrect words :(

No. 47911

File: 1445543178851.gif (Spoiler Image, 370.49 KB, 480x480, fC5x9nA.gif)

After all the cappuccinos Aly be like… (Warning: Flashing image)

No. 47915

File: 1445543708685.gif (2.11 MB, 550x309, hyperactive.gif)