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File: 1443374909848.gif (1.02 MB, 399x229, 1443166217893.gif)

No. 37087

Last thread: >>33022

Our best gal and recovery warrior exits the hospital after chiding her specialists for not giving her a sufficient meal plan for gaining. Crackers and grapes are had. McDonalds is photographed. All snacks are extras and purely of her own volition and willpower. She is teaching the Englishes good to fix her special hyperactivity.

No. 37088

I just want to point out that if you go to the instagram feed of the "American Cafe" she goes to, there are an awful lot of things she can order there that are not teeny tiny cupcakes.


No. 37101

Interesting to see what Italians consider to be "American."

No. 37116

She blocked me and I miss her huuuuge oily pasta serving and breakfast cookies :(

No. 37118

File: 1443381168955.jpg (45.14 KB, 459x472, germz.JPG)

You know you can still look at her account though?

Ahahaha, this is the FIRST header pic I won't have to hide. COOOOKIEEEES!

Cakes with an Oreo stuck in it is SO American. I mean..OREOS!!! Now I'm not a germaphobe, but cuddling a bear that's been fondled by 100s before is NOT what I consider to be hygienic. I mean, this girl could have herpes on her lips.

No. 37120

Someone should suggest to Aly that she makes this type of video.

No. 37121

Yessss, I was looking at that location earlier, and all I could think was how those stuffed toys must be like soft, cuddly petri dishes.

No. 37122


Lol, the only other place I've seen a cupcake with a friggin' OREO stuck in the top like that was in a shop actually named "Fat Bottomed Girls".

It was delicious by the way.

No. 37124

Or this type

No. 37131

On one of her super-posi days, ofc.

No. 37133

Did you see th ham pancakes served with French fries? If it's on a bun and is served with French fries and a Coke, it's "American."

No. 37143

File: 1443388307728.jpg (38.88 KB, 451x491, stud.JPG)

They seem to think bagels are big deal American too. And croissants for some reason.

The bear and that rabbit cushion really bug me. It looks like it needs a good wash in this pic.

No. 37151

That bear is like her Starbucks cup. Ew.

No. 37257

She could even ordered her ~beloved~ pancakes !

No. 37288

wtf aly blocked me because I commented ' should you be walking? you are very ill".

I should have screencapped before she deleted.

No. 37289

File: 1443429452232.png (199.11 KB, 534x786, mm.png)

> ffs aly im sick of posing for ur stupid ig fotos!!!!11

No. 37290

File: 1443429664988.png (75.98 KB, 516x616, eee.png)

No. 37291

File: 1443429750689.jpg (61.31 KB, 418x745, Screenshot_2015-09-28-09-39-57…)

Get the girl some anti aging cream

No. 37292

And an eyebrow kit and a link to a good youtube tutorial.

No. 37294

them mouth lines make her look haggard af

No. 37295

Add some strong retin A to the list. I'm considerably older than aly and not one wrinkle thanks to that miracle in a tube. Another item for the care package LOTS OF BOTTLES OF WATER.

No. 37296

Forgot to add PROTEIN BARS. Think about it, aly - quest bar Ana points! All those comments!

No. 37297

File: 1443434278879.png (621.56 KB, 866x564, aaaaaaaaaaa.png)


No. 37298

File: 1443434796060.png (746.49 KB, 592x434, 1373527288816.png)

No. 37299

She looks much worse on the right.
She also looks better without makeup than with that grandma-tier shit she smears on her face.

No. 37302

File: 1443435348690.jpg (196.31 KB, 640x895, image.jpg)

Apparently a week ago is "ages" to Aly, the girl is an over exaggerator and it drives me slightly more mental than I already am. And how is your like 10th waffle still a #recoverywin.. Honestly at that point it's not a damn fear food anymore.

No. 37303

In this photo Ma's done her Froyo and Aly hasn't touched her waffle yet.. If I ever had to eat with this girl I'd probably poison myself just for the excuse to call an ambulance & didn't have to sit there all day watching her pretend to eat.

No. 37307

this one on the other hand is fucking perfect

No. 37312

File: 1443439481712.png (2.91 MB, 1866x1198, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.13…)

LOL, that comment made me go back and check, and she's had one banana a week for the past SEVEN WEEKS. And now, with this banana, she's "reintroduc[ing] them to [her] fruits variety"? Ooookay. And how could she forget that she ate a banana a few days earlier when she literally called it (as a topping on a waffle) her "favorite food"?

No mention in her previous "nana" (gag) posts of them being a big scary ~fear food~ that her "stupid disordered thoughts" tell her to avoid, either.

No. 37314

File: 1443439631671.png (2.9 MB, 1868x1198, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.14…)

(her next-most-recent "nana")
OMG what a #recoverywin! "Nanas" are clearly a fear food, but she's conquering them anyway! So recovery, much brave.

No. 37316

she looks completely bonkers on the right

No. 37317

Is there a subtle way for NDYP can call her out on it? Her heart shaped bowl has been used like clockwork for nanas as far back as her account goes

No. 37318

File: 1443441505886.jpg (253.81 KB, 1068x1511, Screenshot_2015-09-28-12-56-45…)

Aly the little Blondie monkey hahaha love her description!

No. 37319

this girl is so full of bullshit I don't believe a single thing she says anymore.

No. 37320

NDYP you're making me laugh so much, thank you!! :-D :-D

No. 37321

eww. didn't know she had that tattoo. god damn

No. 37322

I'm more hamfisted (prosciuttofisted?) than subtle, but I tried.

For now…Aly seems fairly capricious when it comes to her deleting/blocking, though, so I'm just waiting to get stomped. Very scaring!

Oh wow, bananas really ARE challanging! Truly, Aly is a brave #edworrior.

No. 37323

No way she's eating an avocado then

No. 37324

File: 1443443448694.png (16.75 KB, 842x56, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.27…)

This comment is so blunt and truthful amidst all of the ass-licking - I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it

No. 37326

I know it seems ridiculous that Aly considers fruit a challenge, but I just wanted to let you guys know that bananas for example are a rather common fear food because they are high in sugar and calories.

No. 37328

It's more the fact she lies about her recovery challenge aka the banana despite eating them on a weekly basis for the last 12 weeks and has emojis stating her love of them

No. 37329

File: 1443448443077.png (68.57 KB, 1142x224, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 6.50…)

I was going back through Aly's Insta and I saw this from a few days ago…I'd seen the comment at the time, but I didn't see that she responded to it. It really seems like she's just enamored with and proud of her very visible spoopiness, which surprises me, because the people I've known with EDs have been quite self-conscious.

No. 37330

This. I'm starting to think that anything she ingests is a #recoverywin.

I loved her little explanation of her meal plan that was all what she'd told people in comments (and I thought that she thought that everyone read her every caption and comment). If her snacks are going over her meal plan every day, She has GOT to not be following this meal plan correctly. If this is really what they imposed, then either they're even more incompetent than we thought or else the portions she chooses are at least 1/3 too small.

No. 37332

I laughed. the broken english was perfect

No. 37339

File: 1443453342679.png (2.82 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-09-28-10-14-07…)

I really hope this guy has better sense than to date her

No. 37343

He doesn't look happy
Probably because he wants his ice cream back lmao

No. 37346

File: 1443455525219.png (1.65 MB, 776x1190, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.51…)

I am so sad for this cup

No. 37348

File: 1443456295518.jpg (13.19 KB, 259x194, botulism.jpg)

I'm surprised the plastic hasn't cracked by now. How long has she been using it? At least a year.

No. 37349

It's a glass Starbucks cup. She's mentioned it before. It's meant to be reusable.

No. 37351

It's a one time use plastic one! Two people offered to buy her one of the reusable ones and send it to her, but she wants to stick with the plastic one because she's a twat.

No. 37352

File: 1443457097237.jpg (77.94 KB, 1012x509, Screenshot_2015-09-28-17-15-33…)

And here, ladies and gentlemen is why aly doesn't really recover. She posts photos each week of bananas (bowl, waffle, whatever) but doesn't eat them. So you are a liar. A humongous liar. I wonder what else you eat/don't eat/ reveal you've missed later on

No. 37353

Wow, so she just flat-out copped to lying about eating [at least some of] the food she photographs? I wonder if her non-farmer followers will notice.

No. 37354

So the past nana pic #recoverywins are next for deletion.

No. 37355

I will be very amused but not at all surprised if this happens.

No. 37359

File: 1443458412367.jpg (138.98 KB, 540x729, IMG_20150928_093743.JPG)


No. 37361

Wow are those already deleted? Damn. She's fast.

No. 37362

Already deleted!

No. 37365

She's referred to it as a glass in at least three posts. But I guess it could just be her shitty English- confusing "glass" with "cup".

No. 37384

It's definitely a plastic one. Glass wouldn't get so milky and you can see some little dents. I doubt that she is actually drinking from it. It's disgusting.

No. 37385

If this lying bitch can't even eat a banana (that average around ~100 calories each depending on size) I stand by my claim that there is no way she has ever drank a Fortimel. No. Fucking. Way. In. Hell.

No. 37386

File: 1443464007419.jpg (268.53 KB, 1074x1082, IMG_20150928_200959.jpg)

OMG somebody is creeping up on her

No. 37387

Maybe it's Dante ❤❤

No. 37388

It's the Grim Reaper. Waiting for her to die.

No. 37398

This is only more hilarious if you're reading the Dante fanfic on /g/. Please, oh please, fanfic anon incorporate this photo in your story.

No. 37399

File: 1443465589535.jpg (7.74 KB, 166x200, images.jpg)

No. 37403

Amazing she hasn't gotten sick yet, that cup is grimesville. With her shit immune system she better smarten up, but I agree that she's probably ditching the drinks in the garden or something, probably why half her fortimel photos are outside. Bitch thinks she's sneaky

No. 37404

The dome lid says "solo" which is the company that produces single use plastic cups for Starbucks in Europe. So it's definitely a non-reusable one

No. 37405

It's funnier because I thought her username was "gabriel liar"

No. 37410

DISGUSTING. No way she is drinking from it. Just using it for stylish instagram pics then flushes the shit down the toilet.

No. 37425

Yeah, it is. I don't understand why she does it. People who see her with the cup either know there's no Starbucks in Italy or they don't know what Starbucks is. Nobody is going to think she's cool for carrying that cup

No. 37429

File: 1443472259837.png (940.99 KB, 618x1014, Breakfast 'DAWG'.png)

In Ginger news, at first, when I saw this, I thought to myself, "Wow, you've actually made yourself a fairly palatable meal that your average normalperson would be able to eat without gagging!" But no, you had to make it all weird by adding ginger, Ginger. Why for? And I'm assuming that's PB2, not real peanut butter, and that there's stevia in there somewhere, right?

>carrot dog
I don't want to know
>vooweedoo: I thought you had a really high fat intolerance?

No. 37431

File: 1443472987288.png (57.42 KB, 1112x188, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.38…)

I don't know why I'm even remotely surprised by her cuntiness to her followers anymore. Saying that you were "at the window" doesn't even imply "in your own home," so it's not just a "how dare you not have read every word of every one of my captions?" thing this time, either. I guess when you have over 25,000 followers, you don't really need to be nice to any of them individually (or avoid blocking them on whims).

No. 37441

File: 1443476748848.jpg (17.5 KB, 620x109, nanagate.JPG)

Nanagate continues.

No. 37443

A banana in a hot dog bun is still weird, but I suppose it's better than a zucchini in a hot dog bun.

No. 37454

banana pb on toast is actually really nice, but put to be like a hotdog is fucking strange

No. 37456

ginger went private :(
however shall i come up with new and inspiring healthy vegan meals and experience the #joy i relied on in her selfies? she was all i had. brb an hero

No. 37460

She'll be back in 0.2 seconds.

No. 37461

that starbucks cup looks filthy, grimy and laden with bacteria. There's absolutely no way she's drinking that stuff..

No. 37464

Oh my science. Ginger says her cookbook is complete but she needs money to help publish it, thus a go find me website she started. The best part? If you donate you get the recipes. She also posted a pic of her eating banana dog w hashtag fatty.

No. 37466

for fuck sake

No. 37467

She's trying to raise 10 k lmao


No. 37468

File: 1443482682125.png (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 1198x1196, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.21…)

I was eating and now I feel like I'm going to hurl. This pic is too much. Please make it stop. WHY, GINGER, WHY?

No. 37470

oh fuck

No. 37471

File: 1443482777660.png (Spoiler Image, 41.7 KB, 1118x126, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.22…)

And yeah that was PB2, and Ginger is a gigantic liar. This whole ~allergic to fats~ thing is ridiculous.

No. 37474

allergic to fats > eats banana (healthy fats excluded hm?)

No. 37475


too easy…. it's got to be deliberate

No. 37478

>>37468 YO BYE

No. 37479

Whoops, that pic wasn't meant to be spoilered. Just >>37468 (Jesus does NOT approve).

No. 37481

It would be like QT and the Hag.

No. 37482


No. 37483

Exactly. Either a liar or incredibly stupid.

No. 37485

I really hope so but she posted that pic a while back of a cucumber sticking out from her crotch and then acted like she didn't know that it looked like Shrek's boner

No. 37494

File: 1443484992163.jpeg (555.29 KB, 1265x1479, image.jpeg)

On the topic of Bananas, Found this account earlier, girl is weight restored and seems healthy, but damn.. This chick eats pounds of bananas a week. Potassium overload!

No. 37496

Yeah because it's not possible for the lid to be plastic and the cup to be glass right?

No. 37497

Who would buy a glass starbucks cup without a matching glass lid?

No. 37499

Someone who's retarded.

No. 37500

File: 1443486543915.jpg (14.96 KB, 324x170, chipping.JPG)

BUlimia confirmed. See the tiny chips in her two front teeth? There is nothing else in this world that would cause that except acid hitting the backs of teeth over a prolonged period

No. 37503


I've purged for 11 years and have the same tiny chips on my front teeth. However, I completely disagree that there's "nothing else in the world" that could cause such chips. Lots of people who have never purged have chipped teeth. Some people just genetically have weaker teeth that are more prone to breakage, for one.

No. 37505

or maybe she was just autistic as a small child like everyone else on the planet. i have weird chips in my two front teeth just like aly does but i'm not an anamia-chan. stuff like falling face first into pavement while bike riding or running face-first into something or whatever else can easily cause a chipped tooth/teeth and unless it gets fixed they're not gonna grow back to their unchipped state.

No. 37506

File: 1443486886813.jpg (5.4 KB, 256x192, mamelons.jpg)

yeah some people are just born with small ridges on their teeth. they're called mamelons.

No. 37507

Probably why her brother is assigned to keep an eye on her whilst she's in the garden haha.

No. 37508


No. 37517

I have that on my two front teeth - never knew what it was until now. Thankyou anon

No. 37519

It's common af. When they removed my braces a few years ago, the dentist used a thingy (like what they use to smooth wooden surfaces, forget the name bc English is second language) to smooth them out for cosmetic purposes. I think almost all dentists do that after they remove someone's braces?

No. 37525


Everyone has these at first (some more prominent than others). They wear down as you age.

No. 37533

Are you fucking retarded anon?

No. 37534


No. 37535

bananas dont have fats

No. 37537

Yeah, my dog headbutted me in the face and chipped my two front teeth just like what Aly's look like

No. 37539

Was she TRYING to look look she's sucking a big dick? There's no way this isn't deliberate.

No. 37542

Must… resist… shooping a cock…

No. 37543

That looks delicious, wud eat for breakfast with a blob of yogurt

No. 37544

I hope you're getting help, anon.

No. 37545

Or all the coffee

No. 37548


No. 37549

Anon! She's a perfect *~Angel of God~*!! How dare you accuse her of doing something so dirty, so sinful??

No. 37560

File: 1443510930050.png (110.31 KB, 1134x278, Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.1…)

On tenterhooks I await the news of what malady or tragedy hath caused our dearest Aly to awaken in such a ~low mood~

No. 37561

I hate how she does that "I'll tell you more later" thing, like she really wants people to come back and see.

When's her appointment - 2 weeks away? Hm, I was going to suggest it was another "I think I've lost weight" reveal, but it's just going to be some poxy post about her "weather sensitivity", or an argument with her dad.

No. 37562

She doesn't know if she can eat lunch. Why, Is it a pile of bananas? If she had a freakin pizza she'd be fine. Go for 'lunch' pose with the food claim real recovery etc etc job done

No. 37563

Last weeks fear food challenge was cous cous and salad. So hold on tight…

No. 37564

>Go for 'lunch' pose with the food claim real recovery etc etc job done

Doesn't take a psychic, does it. She's so hungry for comments.

Btw, I've seen corpses in Victorian memento mori photos look more alive than Aly on that holiday pic. Shit, she looks so ill.

No. 37572

yeah mine did this too. He said that most people are born with them but they wear down and get smoothed out over time, but not always. I was actually kinda mad because I liked them.

No. 37573

Today aly didn't wake up ~fighter~. hmm i eagerly await her long post explaining her ~low mood~ and then all the ass kissing comments she will receive. gets popcorn ready

No. 37574

File: 1443515728505.png (75.61 KB, 584x354, arm.png)

them skelly arms tho

No. 37576

File: 1443517959429.jpg (33.53 KB, 534x401, 635669541485589102-AP-STARBUCK…)

It's a plastic frappacino cup. For fuck's sake, you can tell it's plastic just by LOOKING at it.

No. 37578

File: 1443518905947.jpg (47.87 KB, 600x600, ab6a4780c45b69e352d06bbb9dadf0…)

I never get my coffee at Starbucks, but there's a kind of open plan Starbucks in the shopping centre so I've seen the different cups you can buy.

I thought of Aly and examined the one like she uses but the REAL tough plastic reusable one and yeah, they're noticeably different from the flimsy single use ones.

I'm surprised she turned down the offer of a free one. I wonder if it's some weird ritual thing to use that gross one? It's disgusting, like using the plastic bowls you get ready made salad in over and over. WHO DOES THAT?

No. 37579

File: 1443519454631.png (652.49 KB, 582x550, ssg.png)

>aly ~never~ uses sugar
>spills half of it on table
>other half is still in packet

No. 37580

i suppose it doesn't matter either way because we all know she doesn't drink from it

No. 37582

coffee hasn't been stirred, neither are there traces of sugar on the froth.

No. 37584

The fact that it's her parents paying for the Fortimel's (not cheap like other pharmacy items) and she doesn't drink it really gets to me. I'm glad they're making her "drink" only one a day, because it's less money her mum's wasting.

No. 37585

(excuse bad apostrophe on Fortimels)

No. 37590

Seriously. She just did it to be ~artistic~ and it's a fucking waste.

My money is on that she eats lunch at a restaurant and totally conquers it without any problem whatsoever. (Or at least, that's what she tells us.)

No. 37591


>you're such a fighter

>such an inspiration
>i wish i could do that too, you're so much stronger
> well done, beautiful
>you're amazine
>other asspats, etc

No. 37592

why resist when the opportunity is so perfect

No. 37594

Or she'll eat a salad with no dressing and a few boiled shrimp and be all I DID IT I ROSE ABOVE MY LOW MOOD BECAUSE #REALRECOVERY IS SO WORTH IT MY #EDFAMILY

No. 37595

Annnnd as soon as I posted that reply she uploaded a photo of a salad. With shrimp. Haha.

No. 37596

Last time she had this salad Dante was in the background haha but spookily her descriptions are EXACTLY the same!!

No. 37597

You're too good!!

No. 37598

File: 1443527264902.jpg (240.74 KB, 1066x1234, Screenshot_2015-09-29-11-41-08…)

No. 37599

Damn, this was the first post I saw and I was SO EXCITED that we'd seen Dante for a 2nd time. MY MOOD WAS OVER THE STARS and now I'm all NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

No. 37605

glad mine didn't! i don't like the way it looks, when they're all unnaturally smooth

No. 37608

show off that cheap ass watch, boy

No. 37610

anyone notice the hair on aly's lunch?

No. 37612

Those nutrition drinks cost like £2-3 each, yes they can be prescribed for free if you have a national health service but still even in ED units/treatment plans supplement drinks are meant to be seen as a last resort.

No. 37613

Not until I went back to look. Perhaps this is where the hair loss begins.

No. 37614

That's actually perfect for Dante's diamond retrieval plan. I'll work it in!

No. 37615

Different anon but uggghhhhh this bugs me so much, I know how much those drinks cost here in the US and they're NOT cheap. If Aly is dumping those Fortimels (and yeah, I'll still give her the benefit of the doubt), I hope she feels bad about it. Having an ED doesn't mean you don't have a fucking conscience, nor should it be an excuse for just being an overall douche like Aly seems to be.

No. 37616

File: 1443536150632.png (48.66 KB, 552x146, What does it mean.png)

Woke up to see that this comment had been deleted. Google translate is giving me roughly this:
>Better talk to your therapist to give a meaning along with your check uncomfortable today when the symptom is because there is some "piece" of you, some feeling, that you do not from space and word. But listen to the symptom is an opportunity to bring out the real nodes that are below! You do not have to throw you headlong force on the symptom, not a defeat would be a safe lunch … just not restrict … sometimes better (for me) not to do "too much" alone without therapist support if you do not feel, x then not have the relapse after! If the therapist then we come to the head maybe instead you feel and you will enjoy it big time!

Why delete that? Am I missing something in the translation? It seems like a supportive comment…? I don't understand this girl, but I'm sick of her shenanigans.

No. 37617

Help! I don't see the hair, where should I be looking?

No. 37618


No. 37619

File: 1443539061339.jpg (116.27 KB, 747x802, hairy.JPG)

No. 37622

Aww, only three comments on her huge (!) #recoverywin of 6 prawns, leaf and some cutted up fruit (and one of those comments is our own NDYP).

Are people getting sick of her do you think?

No. 37623

I can't understand that, its a fruit salad with lettuce and prawns? Weord!

No. 37624

For NDYP and Aly.

Very few calories there.

No. 37631

I'm surprised nobody has requested a video of her drinking her fortimel. I'd be surprised if she did it.

No. 37634

Yeah, I like them as well. I personally think it gives a very cute and youthful look.

No. 37635

Is that a sports bra or a binder?

No. 37636

Thank you, kind anon - I needed the #strenght to carry on a little longer, and your video was so inspirational that I'm now overflowing with positivity and ready to go #kickana with a #realrecovery dinner of some baby carrots and stevia.

No. 37639

What's the point? she could just throw up afterwards

No. 37643

It looks like her hair has stopped growing too, unsurprisingly

No. 37648

help me anons i saw the original dante pic tht was posted in here by some magical fucking angel and i think i jizzed a little

its been too fucking long since the original dante showed up in a thread


No. 37650

Have you read the Dante thread in /g/ .. you'll get your fix for sure wink wink

No. 37651

This shit is weird and not funny.

No. 37652

you're weird and not funny tbh

No. 37654

She's not deleted the latest hater on the fortimel picture

No. 37655

you're in fake love with some random guy from an anorexic's instagram, you fucking creepy autist.

No. 37662

Finally someone said it. This whole sad obsession with that random man reeks of mental disorder. Stop it.

No. 37663

Looks like banana-gate is still on

No. 37666

I don't think anyone is actually in love with him and it's more of a joke than anything so get over yourself

Stop agreeing with yourself

No. 37668

File: 1443563674759.png (76.8 KB, 320x302, Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.52…)

Different anon here, but thank you.
>la faccia mia quando people are taking the Dante shit so seriously
C'mon guys, we're on lolcow dot farm here. Lighten up.

No. 37672

File: 1443564109132.jpg (114.27 KB, 540x739, IMG_20150929_150036.JPG)


No. 37675

File: 1443565355191.png (294.13 KB, 715x479, 1443437026366.png)

>complains about autists
>posts on lolcow

No. 37679

You really think Aly cares about anyone other than herself? That's sweet of you. It's her parents' money though, so she really doesn't care.

No. 37681

Guess flyingfree85 got blocked. I wonder if the troll made an 84 too or just went straight to 83. Either way, how annoying.

No. 37688

Ugh, great

No. 37699

They're just having fun with it ffs.

No. 37704

im the anon who posted the "i think i jizzed a little" thing and honestly ffs i was pretty much just doing it as a joke. its like an inside joke for us farmers who frequent aly threads, just how people who go on the pixyteri threads refer to her as the queen. we're not actually in love with dante. its just a damn thread joke.

No. 37712

File: 1443571502054.jpeg (146.71 KB, 640x710, image.jpeg)

OH my god I think I might throw up. This is absolutely disgusting and people are commenting and calling her beautiful.

No. 37714

There's an Ashley thread. Take this piece of human garbage over there

No. 37717

Meh. Boring.

No. 37718

Old news

No. 37724

File: 1443573310934.png (57.62 KB, 716x658, Screenshot 2015-09-29 at 7.33.…)

Without the Fortimel she's at sedentary maintenance calories. And you know she's not drinking the Fortimel.

No. 37729

The reusable ones don't come with dome lids.
I offered to send one to Aly (because who knows, maybe a sense of pride with a fancy Starbucks cup might help her keep fortimel down?) but she declined for two reasons, she doesn't want to accept gifts from strangers, and also she doesn't want anyone to know where she lives. Seems reasonable actually.

No. 37755

That's deffffinitely not a 250-cal muffin. Maybe 100. Otherwise it doesn't seem remarkably off, though depends what's in that prawn salad. If she's not putting much dressing on it, I wouldn't be surprised if it were 150-200 cals.

Now we all doubt she's eating all her food, due in part to her incredibly pained expression and slow chewing in videos… if she were eating even a relatively impressive 75%, she's coming in barely over 1000 cals. Enough to maintain at that body weight, enough to lose if she's active. Which she is.

No. 37759

Congrats. You agree with yourself.
I'm guessing you're being pretty generous with those measurements?

No. 37760

Cold drinks with whipped cream come with domed lids.

No. 37764

Ashley's too boring to have her own thread (it's been ded lol), but somehow interesting enough to keep bringing up. Why you gotta be such a bitter person to our skeleton queen ://

No. 37769

People are still posting in it, go over there

No. 37772

I wish Aly would put her morning cookies on a side plate. The tablecloth is probably clean, but it's so uncouth not to use a plate.

I seriously worry for the person that English teacher Aly is tutoring
>quick second coffee with mum ️ at our favorite bar before her to start working

No. 37773

If only she actually ate the cookies. But, you're right. I hope she throws them away rather than putting them back in the package. Wouldn't want brother Casati getting sick.

No. 37778

I was brave enough to try one of Ginger's recipes, I think it's called "Banana Cinnamon Toffee bread" or something like that.

I love banana bread but man, this shit was gross. I didn't even know why I expected it to taste somewhat close to 'real' banana bread, and the consistency was ew. I'm a restrictive Anorexic but not even I would eat that.

I want my banana back, Anna.

Seriously, if she wants to publish her cookbook, okay, but does she really believe that all of the sudden hundreds of people will buy it? Considering she published so many of her recipes on her blog, why would someone spend money on a book when you can find the content online for free?

No. 37780

The way she was talking, I thought she already had a publisher who was interested. Then I see she set up a gofuckme to self publish.

Can you give a quick rundown of what the banana bread is? I feel a bit queasy atm and can't face her ig feed at the best of times.

No. 37785


This is the recipe I tried: http://thefitveganginger.blogspot.de/2015/08/cinnamon-toffee-banana-oatmeal-bread.html?m=1

It's not even fucking "bread", just a handful of oats and a banana drowned in stevia.

No. 37786

Thanks. In theory that sounds okay (I'm fond of mashed banana sprinkled with cinnamon/cinnamon sugar, microwaved for 20 secs) APART from the Stevia. It looks really dry.

She really needs to get people other than herself to give feedback on her concoctions. Maybe she has mutant taste buds.

No. 37787

Me again. Why doesn't she just make a pdf of her crappy recipes and charge for a download. All those trees are going to have died for nothing with her ugly food printed all over it.

No. 37788

I'm wondering since I scrolled down on Alys account for the first time…isn't it odd that she never seems to be really hungry for what she is allegedly eating? When you read her captions it always feels like ok she is eating this because her doctors mealplan says it, because her mother wants her to, because it's #realrecovery, but never because she is HUNGRY. And this is unbelievable. She MUST be hungry. She must be starving all the time. She is hiding it for ana points. Because anorexics aren't hungry. Because it's weak and greedy to be hungry.

No. 37789

A few days ago origamipunk asked her if she has extreme hunger, and aly replied that she had it before her relapse last year but THAT WAS THE ONLY TIME. Okay, extreme hunger/hunger is a different thing, but even though I have a really small appetite my body tells me I need to eat and I get hungry so have a snack.

I find it odd she doesn't snack at night. I don't expect chocolate bars or pints of ice cream, but it just seems natural that if she's eating so little she'd want to munch on some fruit or a bit of cereal.

She drinks coffee instead of eating.

No. 37791

File: 1443596070333.jpg (17.21 KB, 257x229, lol.JPG)

No. 37792

File: 1443597973177.jpg (28.33 KB, 249x261, 483787509274.JPG)

Why are these ppl so blind. SHE ISN'T GAINING WEIGHT FFS

No. 37793

I like to think all these people are trolling. I know they're not, but I can't deal with the thought of so many idiots polluting the planet.

No. 37794

How the fuck can she be inspiring for anybody? HOW? No weight gain means no recovery. This is an unmistakable fact. Stop all this 'the-weight-is-needed-by-her-organs-first-blablabla'-shit. SHE IS RECOVERING FOR MONTH NOW. Sometimes I get so mad sorry.

No. 37795

>Goes for weigh in
>Lost weight
>Gets admitted for fluids

At this point she shouldn't be struggling with ideas of whether to eat or not, but actually eating and struggling with body image because of weight gain.

No. 37796

More importantly, how does she think she's going to get hundreds supporting her when her food looks like dog vomit?

No. 37799

Does Aly seriously lack the self awareness to only figure out just now that waking up in a bad mood is because of her eating disorder??? I can never tell if she's being honest or not. If she is, that is Fucking insane.

No. 37800

File: 1443607415373.jpeg (77.79 KB, 640x440, image.jpeg)

Deleted in 3.. 2.. 1

No. 37801

I honestly think she does lack that self-awareness. Holy fuck.
Of course, someone mentioned taking antidepressants to her and she replied that she was considering it. Wow, so she finally admits that they're sometimes necessary!

I don't know if I agree that she's depressed though. I think she's one of the rare anorexics without the comorbidity of depression. It seems her therapist agrees.

No. 37802

The muffin was one of this very very tiny things. I guess its around 50 calories

No. 37803

She's desperate for attention, always has been (see old fb account) even before she got this bad. She has no concept of real family, if anyone asks for support back its either block, ignore or tell them to look for themselves for the answer that she's already posted. She's not Edfamily, she's top of her pyramid shitting on everyone below her

No. 37804

At least that might give her the munchies.

No. 37805

Winter is depressing enough without listening to that bitch banging on about her weather sensitivity. Fuck.

No. 37807

Yeah, I think she's pretty clearly restricting in some way, and she HAS to be hungry, but admitting to that would be ~so totally not Ana~. Admitting to getting hungry at night when she allegedly doesn't have a night snack in her meal plan would be showing weakness on her part.

I do think that Aly is actually oblivious to the fact that things like not sleeping well, being in a bad mood a lot of the time (I don't believe all of that fake positivity shit for a second; she's probably grumpy as fuck at least much if not most of the time), etc. could possibly be ED-related. I don't think she's had a doctor come down hard enough on her about the realities of her ED, what it's doing to her, what the consequences will be, etc. Either that, or she's completely in denial or completely doesn't care.

No. 37808

ginger is still private -__-

No. 37809

File: 1443613657375.png (878.26 KB, 618x962, Ginger's latest.png)

Aside from the "breakfast dawg" dick-sucking pic posted above, and her pleas for donations for her #thefitvegangingercookbook, she's just doing the same old same old. Here's her latest meal. I'm very impressed by her ability to eat and act like she enjoys things that look like diarrhea and sound like they must taste horrid.

No. 37810

I mean, this is slightly better than usual. The vegetables look fine, and the wraps looked ok until i realized that's peanut butter and not hummus

No. 37811

No. 37813

I'm just put off by the appearance/consistency of the "pumpkin PB lentil curry over broc sprouts." Sorry, but that just looks like baby food or a pile of diarrhea. And who the fuck puts curry on top of SPROUTS? Where's yer goddamn basmati rice? This mockery of Indian food is making me so sad. Hell, there are tons of vegan naan recipes, but no, that would require consuming more than like 50 calories of some kind of bread-y product, and Jesus knows you can't have that on a "high carb low fat vegan diet."

No. 37814

File: 1443616471619.png (39.61 KB, 1126x144, Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.30…)

Sage for not-Aly-related content, but someone mentioned suicidal_bitch_fuckface in the previous thread, and…yeah. Not sure how much more of her posting her gaping wounds (with fat blobs visible) and "WAAHHH someone called the cops because I was threatening to kill myself" shit I can take before I have to unfollow. I've never before seen someone this desperate to land themselves in the hospital. It's like she wants to have a long-term institutionalization.

No. 37816

File: 1443618171316.jpg (175.59 KB, 640x773, image.jpg)

Inb4 deletion and "there is DM for a reason monkey emoji"

No. 37817

lol yea I'm surprised she hasn't deleted all the comments on that post yet…

No. 37818

File: 1443618926834.jpg (48.71 KB, 640x268, image.jpg)

cant tell if she's serious or not, but here's some damage caused by Aly. Sophie has another thing coming if she thinks she's going to gain gradually. And by gradually, I mean 1lb every three months.

No. 37820

I hate to say it, but I think she's serious. I mean, look at her account: https://instagram.com/healthysophiee/ - seems legit.

But yeah, unfortunately she's going to be in for a huge surprise if she tries to eat like 2-3k calories/day (or more) and doesn't "gain weight" like Aly does(n't).

No. 37823

poor girl, she's gonna be so dissapointed.
Offtopic, but her account is pretty. Her plates seem so tasty i want to eat them all

No. 37824

she sucks at committing Sudoku. Can't she just jump of a building?

No. 37825

>Biomedical sciences student

Yet believes aly's BS.

No. 37838

Off topic, but oh yes! Indian food is ugly, but soo~ damn good. I didn't think I'd like it, bur now it's either my first or second favorite Asian food. So creamy and smoky and nummy. Would recommend!

No. 37839

File: 1443632693888.jpg (40.23 KB, 540x210, IMG_20150930_100320.JPG)

Oh my sides

No. 37844

I just started following her. Her comment's too funny and her doggy's really cute.

Indian's the best food on the planet.

No. 37847

link? can't seem to find her account

No. 37848

Not that anon, but

It's private tho.

No. 37850

she's pretty, too. if she gains she'd be exactly my type. minus the crazy, obviously.

No. 37851

thx. oh well

No. 37852

Is this her:
she mentions suicidalbunny on the ask.fm

She doesn't look like she needs to gain much weight. She's not aly spoopy. She IS very attractive.

No. 37853

Fuckface bitch links*

No. 37854

File: 1443636724435.jpg (48.51 KB, 1214x342, d.JPG)

Never mind, I found my answer.

No. 37856


Maybe im just paranoid but doesn't seem legit to me. Her pictures aren't very consistent and some are really poor quality which makes me think they're just random pics taken from around the internet.

No. 37857

I agree. Speaking about her picture quality, her pictures are rather blurry that usually screams catfish lol

No. 37858

This one has the quality of a 1970s cookbook

No. 37860

File: 1443638028170.png (1.12 MB, 1136x832, Bawwww.png)

NDYP here. Commenting on Aly's posts has been like playing a bizzaro version of Jenga, but apparently I finally did something to cause Aly to fucking block me and the tower has come tumbling down. I am cry ;_; I hate having to make a new throwaway account. I kept that one for quite a while. Sorry guys. I'll be back!

(Pic related, it's what I'm trying to tell myself. I'm so broken up about the fact that Aly apparently doesn't want me as a friend, though!)

No. 37862

This legitimately looks like a dog had diarrhea all over it.

No. 37863

File: 1443638360008.jpg (13.53 KB, 320x272, blatant christian bale perving…)


It was fun while it lasted. Do not cry because #recovery is possible (!)

No. 37865

Every time I see that fucking Starbucks cup on her IG, I vomit in my mouth a little. Can you imagine how bad it must smell? Plastic is a porous material.

No. 37868

File: 1443638798768.png (523.72 KB, 1365x547, grainyfilteredfood.png)

I searched it on Google anon. And apparently the picture is from Facebook (I'm going by the URL) she's definitely a catfish. Maybe the girl they were using left the internet or didn't have enough images, who knows.

No. 37869

You know I don't know why I even circled the F thingy lmao. It probably doesn't even mean anything. Does the FB thing go on all Instagram images? Or does it only do that for photos that came from FB someone help pls.

No. 37870

I tried a reverse search for some images but didn't find any! Yeah, the pic of the girl doesn't seem like someone as sick as she describes on her first couple of captions.

I'm a retard, idk.

No. 37872

I've followed her on Tumblr for a while and I fucking love her. She's hilarious and realistic and when I saw that she was calling Aly out on her BS, I was so excited.

No. 37873

Apparently all Instagram pictures do this, it might be from FB though. But I don't doubt the girl is fake, all she does is post pictures of food and most Instagram anas love taking pictures of themselves (and food for some reason).

No. 37875

What? Why?? What did you do??

No. 37878

I think the sophie girl's real. She's a friend of @amalielee and goes to uni with her.

No. 37879

Do any of you know lord–swoledemort on Tumblr? She too fakes being in recovery and trying sooooo hard, but constantly drops hint about only eating half her oatmeal, purging, only eating fruit and vegetables, always being told she's skinny and dropping a ton of clothing sizes. Her advice to people who are triggered by her is "don't follow me then", but says she wants to support those in recovery. And so. Many. Body checks. She also posted purging tips on Myproana, was found out and called out on it on Tumblr, then posted more fucking tips the same fucking day.
Not Aly level spoopy though.

No. 37881

Well she sounds aly level cunt though. I'm checking her out now.

No. 37884

File: 1443641539046.jpg (57.15 KB, 794x519, aaaaaaaaaaaahg.JPG)

wtf??? TMI, girl.

No. 37885

File: 1443641743946.jpg (55.26 KB, 713x667, booty.JPG)

why does she want to gain weight on her ass? it's not like she's spoopy in the before shot.

No. 37886

I think in some way J is even worse because of the aforementioned frequent hints at behaviours and talking about her weight loss all the fucking time (she posted scale photos to prove she's underweight) but still pretending to want to help those in recovery. At least Aly pretends to eat everything to eat. If that makes any sense. What I'm trying to say is if you ignore that Aly is spoopy as ever, you think she's doing (too) well in recovery. With J you think you're following this inspiring recovery blog but then you get all those triggering posts on your dash.

No. 37887

Booty = Fitblr obsession. They all want to be skinny with a huge ass.

No. 37890

She used to cam as well (and labelled herself "skinny" while claiming her body dysmorphia makes her see herself as huge), but attacks those who innocently ask for camming advice. She also lied and said she deleted her camming profile and pretended to be upset when someone told her it's still up. A few days later she claimed it was gone and someone politely let her know it's still available and she rudely told the person to leave her alone wtf

No. 37891

Has she ever been thin?

No. 37893

Do you mean Jenna? She has had an ED for years (bulimia and now AN with b/p subtype, which she seems super proud of lol) and recently lost 30 or so pounds. She's 5'4" and 90-100 lbs I think? Probably around 95. So, thin but she has a small frame

No. 37894

she's cute even if shes a shitty human. nice face

No. 37895

She looks heavier than that. Idk, she doesn't interest me. Her face is annoying and I don't get what she's all about. She looks like these inbred rich people who go to Oxford Uni.

No. 37896

I agree, her face is very pretty. But that's actually another issue about her - she claims to hate herself but posts pictures saying she feels cute, adorable etc every day. It it's true, great for her - but then why say she hates herself?

No. 37897

I agree and many other people share that opinion as well, which is why she has posted scale photos in the past. On her "recovery" blog. To prove she really is underweight. …

No. 37908

I'm getting real tired of "recovery" bloggers who are always "slipping up" or "hitting rock bottom". It is not a slip up when you didn't make any effort to get better before that. Jenna has also made it clear she's not going back to a normal weight. "recovery"….. They are both toxic

No. 37909

>she sucks at committing Sudoku.

ha. she claims she's not trying to commit sudoku and that its "just self harm" and therefore, people shouldn't be calling the police on her. and yes, she clearly wants to be in the hospital, which is why i suspect munchausens fits better than bpd.

No. 37910

if they're all struggling. i think yeah sure it's alright to struggle and stuff, it's a hard thing i'd imagine to overcome, but don't put up a stupid facade to others that you're recovering when you're doing the total fucking opposite

No. 37911


It's so weird that FVG doesn't actually cut. She mostly just "assembles" food and microwaves things a lot. Even the "pumpkin PB lentil curry" is warmed on the stove but it's just stuff mixed together, no sautéed onions first or anything.

No. 37913

File: 1443651180874.png (420.41 KB, 732x470, #sosad.png)

I don't even know! I was being ~super positive~ and #realrecovery! Maybe I used too many hashtags. I'm pretty broken up about it.

No. 37916

File: 1443651684393.jpg (30.17 KB, 500x347, 1428259911508.jpg)

No. 37917

Is it just me or is she very obviously sucking in in the picture on the left?

No. 37918

she looks like nicky from orange is the new black (lord swoledemort)

No. 37920

Sucking in. Her body isn't skinny. The top of her arms and thighs are average. I find it difficult to believe she's underweight. She could b/p, but I really doubt she restricts, unless her weight loss (to this healthy weight she is) is counted as "restricting", which is what you normally do with calories when you're doing a diet.

No. 37924

And the caption was something about accepting her body the way it is… If she does, why suck in? To be fair the nude is from weeks ago I think, but she says she's 95 lbs at 5'4"

No. 37928

File: 1443653728639.jpg (54.97 KB, 715x474, 29.JPG)

But this is from 29th September. No way is she only 95lbs. She looks like a UK size 10 / US 6 (?)

No. 37929

File: 1443653872177.jpg (35.54 KB, 700x623, e.JPG)

and her thighs aren't thin. Is she faking an ED?

No. 37934


You don't have to be skelly-tier to have an eating disorder. Can you anorexics take your competitive neuroses somewhere else?

No. 37936

I'm 5'4 and looked that way when I was in the 130's. There's no way that she's 95 lbs.

I'd think she could be, but you don't have to be underweight to have anything other than AN.

No. 37938

I'm 5'5 and I look that way and am currently 122lbs. If she has absolutely no muscle whatsover and is made of fat, I could believe that she's 105lbs, but I think she's somewhere between 110 and 120.

No. 37965

I'm 95lbs at 5 foot. There's no way she's 95lbs, although it's not uncommon for girls to lie about their weight, ED or not .

No. 37968

she probably is 95 lbs but with a very high body fat % and no muscle.

i was 5'2" and 95 lbs and looked like that when i was at 30% (which is very high and i was going through muscle wasting due to thyroid problems and basically couldnt open a door)

she doesnt look very fit or toned to me

No. 37975

i follow her, if you're part of the ""recovery"" community on ig (basically list mental illnesses or hospital stays in your bio) she'll most likely accept you. she absolutely does my head in but i can't look away. she updated ig like five times when she was literally running from the police when they tried to take her to a hospital for some reason smh

sage for ot

No. 37976

it sounds like an echo chamber in here, let's get back to aly pls

No. 37988


Can we not do this again? No one gives a shit about your measurements in relation to anyone posted here.

No. 37991

File: 1443661984826.png (29.83 KB, 310x322, vvvv.png)

not sure if this is someone from here or..

No. 38014

>Because her daily intake isn't consistent it is going to do more damage physically than good
What the absolute fuck is this person talking about? Do they really have that little knowledge of how calories and metabolism works?

Not to mention, even if inconsistent calorie intake actually did anything, Aly has more calorie consistency than most people since she eats the same things so often.

No. 38021

I really think she needs to go to an actual psychiatrist along with a REAL dietician. Because it seems quite like she has really bad obsessive compulsive personality disorder and that's really affecting her eating (which is obvious by her instagram pictures). Along with putting on this persona of perfection in order to receive praise, it encourages her to continue this behaviour since it's "working" to an extent. She can do the same thing day after day without much repercussion, while keeping up an eating disorder.
Does anyone know if she's admitted to actual psychiatric problems bedsides the occasional depression and anxiety? Plus if she was put on a medication to control her moods, they might make her gain. Maybe she already is aware of such things?

No. 38024

u mad?

No. 38028

Since we don't know what any of you look like, these are just random numbers without any reference. Besides, I don't really care about her weight. If she thinks she gets skelly points for being underweight when she looks normal, she's wrong.

No. 38034

actually consistency in refeeding is incredibly important

No. 38051

I hope you're getting help, anon. Don't turn into Aly or Ashley.

No. 38055

I don't understand her, I made three comments that were polite and she responded to one, did not delete the others, and I got blocked anyway?? Wtf is her criteria

No. 38062

No idea whatsoever. It's fucking bizarre.

No. 38092

Jenna apparently checked out this thread and whined about being triggered. I thought her advice was to just not look at triggering things?

No. 38093

Yeah, but no one here said she looked "fat as fuck". Some of us just don't think she looks spoopy, which should be a compliment, right?

Triggered because she looks a healthy weight. L O fucking L.

Okay, you look spoopy. Stop baw bawing. Can't win with these attention seeking freaks.

No. 38094

more like a 6 but i agree it's not ana

No. 38095

but anon, that's what a healthy pair of thighs looks like

No. 38096

i'm a little taller than that and i weigh 50. my body is a lot like that

No. 38097

File: 1443692573847.jpg (28.64 KB, 629x136, CHOCOLATE.JPG)

That's what I was saying! She's … slim. If she wants to think she's skinny then fine, but why is she butthurt that she looks slim and not spoopy?

Anyhow, do you think Aly will make one of her cunty "read the caption :)" posts to her uber fan living_for_rap
>Wow looks amazing! What is the top if it? Cinnamon or chocolate?

Not the sharpest tool in the box is she. How does that NOT look like it's chocolate?

No. 38098

She likes the attention that comes with flaunting her illness. So, hearing she doesn't really look anorexic annoys her. Most anorexics try to hide their bodies, but not our Jenna. She also thinks she's God's gift to the world and is always reblogging her own (hypocritical af) text posts because she thinks she's oh so talented (majored in English), insightful and wise. She also says she doesn't have money for therapy but buys designer clothes ($150 sweater = cheap to her), and her parents are too poor to pay for her therapy but they have a maid. Hmmkay, Jenna. Trying so hard.

No. 38099

File: 1443693081905.jpg (120.09 KB, 928x590, determinated english teacher.J…)

She's 22. That surprises me because she's really immature. Her writing comes across like a schoolkid scribbling notes to someone. Sorry, kid. You're just not that special.

This post of Aly's is confusing me. What's the greatest achievement she's doing?

No. 38100

The worst thing is she's always telling people ~you don't have to be skinny to have an ED!~ but when she is in this category as well (can't tell she has an ED just from looking at her) she is pissed.

No. 38101

She's in the Dante cafe.

No. 38102

why is she naked if she's insecure about her body what

No. 38103

She really loves showing off that ribcage that pops when she sucks in her stomach. Duh. She has also posted nudes before that (including a frontal nude) when she weighed more. Idk what's going on. I think she's aware she's not fat.

No. 38104

You can tell in her photos she tries hard to look underweight

No. 38107

Same reason as to why the others do it - for attention and compliments.

No. 38108

someone explain this instagram thing to me. i made an account, added a vaguely mentally ill sounding description, no pic. followed aly and 2 other chicks and now another girl with like 80k followers (recovery account) who follows only like 900 started following me. what

No. 38109

Oh, "she'll" be one of those anorexia recovery coaches that groom young girls.

No. 38110

But why? The only reason I can think that it would be important so they can tell if a certain food has a negative affect. But why would she need to eat pretty much the same foods every day?

Honestly, it just sounds like the same sort of flawed logic that goes into the 2468 diet. (Hate to break it to the anas in this thread, but your metabolism is not stupid enough to be tricked in such a manner.)

No. 38111

Is it Paris Raven Melody? Because she followed me (thisisnothappeninglol) too and I have no idea why…

No. 38114

Her ribcage barely even shows lol.
She must have deleted a picture of her in high school where she claimed "despite what it looks like, I was not overweight here." which was bullshit because she definitely looked overweight. I think the only reason she wasn't technically overweight was because of that small frame someone mentioned.


No. 38116

yeah, it is. lol what

No. 38118

Are you sure she deleted it? I already suspected she would so I caught a screenshot. Agreed she definitely looks overweight in it. I have a small frame as well and when I was 145 5'5" I wasn't overweight technically, but definitely looked it (enough to have doctors tell me to lose weight).

No. 38120

How do I get her to accept me? How do I get senpai to notice me?

No. 38121

Jenna, when someone has a small frame (as small as yours for example), the range in which their weight is normal is different.

She looked overweight in that Facebook photo she posted, and she may have been. BMI isn't completely accurate for people with small frames or large frames.
I don't understand why she was so defensive about her high school weight. Maybe to make sure nobody thinks she ever was a greedy overweight pig. Why she thinks having a high body fat percentage at a normal weight is any better I do not know.

No. 38123

So, guys, since you're all expert trolls I've got a question: How do I go about making a fake recovery account? Do I just take pics of my food or what? Can I use heavly edited pics of myself? How do I into trolling?

No. 38124

File: 1443699552102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.31 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ns9xwiHJB11t0kjuzo1_128…)

why in fuck

No. 38125

Post stupid "positive" "inspiring" captions, photos of food (mostly healthy though, and say how much of a challenge photographed junk food items were!), post photos of quotes. Basically go on Google images and look for "inspiration quote" or "motivation" or "hope quote" or something.

No. 38126

That's pretty tame compared to other things she's posted. There's a picture in which you can clearly see her labia :/

No. 38128

who dat?

No. 38129

Lord–swoledemort on Tumblr. Who totally hates herself and her body, you guys. That's why she's constantly posting body pics and nudes.

No. 38131


No. 38132

File: 1443701379012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.99 KB, 1080x1656, Screenshot_2015-10-01-13-56-14…)


No. 38135

Aly's lunch was shit all with no oil yet again. i feel like we're just waiting on her next hospital control and them to be all like 'hey you didn't gain' 'tube it is'

No. 38136

Aly is infuriating. I think something terrible has to happen before the proper steps for her recovery are taken. Her doctors aren't doing shit.

No. 38138

my little sisters literally eat more than she does. they're tiny little growing girls

No. 38139

I'm getting really fucking fascinated by accounts rarely every get any likes and still keep posting. There's girls who keep posting pics of places they're going, selfies and pics of their food who barely have any followers and don't get any attention. I don't understand. These accounts aren't private, they're obviously not being followed by rl friends or family members…what is this.

No. 38150

I actually gave Aly the benefit of the doubt when she said her mood was "super up" and that she was going to the store to buy all of her favorite foods. I thought, shit, maybe she actually took a step forward? Then she posts blackberries with crackers and a tiny ass lunch that we've seen her eat 10 times before.

No. 38151

Her portion sizes is exactly the same as before hospital, no extra of anything. Same ham burger, bread and token veg/salad. Shes always had pastries so she can't count them suddenly as "going over meal plan". She does my head in

No. 38152

EXACT same thought.

I thought she'd had some kind of epiphany and she was going to get some ice cream and chocolate and eat something really substantial from now on - BAHAHAHA. She totally punk'd me.

>she posts blackberries

Excuse me, it's a ton of blackberries!!!

I can't ignore this:
Her bewbs must droop. She feels the need to cover them, but doesn't mind pushing her vadge in our faces. There's that question again … WHY?

No. 38153

She does the same thing in another photo I think. I'm sure her breasts are saggy due to weight fluctuation or simply genetics.

No. 38154

File: 1443705371055.png (65.67 KB, 1440x249, SorryAly.png)

No. 38155

hahaha, oh jesus.

> pleasures of being alone at home and cooking in peace

pleasures of being alone at home and being able to toss this shit straight in the bin.

No. 38157

I hope for just another glimpse of our Padre, is that too much to ask for Aly?!

No. 38160

I made an IG to document renovating our house. It's purely for my friends and family to look back on and laugh at our misfortunes. It's not private and I don't have any followers. It's just an easier format than, say, imgur in terms of updating and adding captions

No. 38166

even if she eats it, it's not going to make much of a difference.

No. 38175

She should start weightlifting, squats/weighted hip thrusts etc would improve her lower body

No. 38176

Dante's fanfic comes in anon's mind
It's… whisper HIM
She will pour the fortimel away and then Dante will come and look for Don Casati's diamonds.
C-Can I confess something, guiez? This fortimel looks tasty. I wanted to try it. If she really just throws it away she's dumb for two reasons. Just four Fortimel 125 ml bottles come for about 17 dollars, and you're often supposed to drink two Fortimel a day. If you want to act bratty that's okay, but don't make your parents waste money, since you're already giving 'em enough worries

No. 38179

put like "20, anorexic, i drink too much. 3x IP 1x residential. I'm trying, i really am. please don't report me" in your bio, that should do it. i think she's wary of adding people bc she's probably been getting reported a lot lately…bc of the extra gory pics lately.

speaking of reporting.. whannorexic ordered her followers to report me. (I've never posted anything that violates IGs tos) but now i get the "a friend is concerned" pop ups pretty often. think ill get deleted anyway? even tho i didn't do shit?

No. 38183

I noticed a couple on your feed and thought wtf. Report her to social services as an unfit mother for the sake of the child that has to grow up with that hag.

No. 38187

>This fortimel looks tasty. I wanted to try it.

It's just like a weak milkshake but not sickly sweet like Nesquik.

No. 38212

So I just posted a really unimpressive pic of my lunch on an account with no followers and minimal tagging and got 7 likes right away. Instagram is a fucking joke omg. What is this shit?

No. 38215

File: 1443716102788.png (1.82 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-01-17-03-56…)

Tiny arse plate

No. 38228

If #edfamily is one of the tags, that could explain it.

No. 38229

Giant fork.

No. 38239

Ugh this " super excited BLONDIE child" thing is annoying. What's with being blonde? It's not a superpower o anything. And to top it off: she isn't even blond, she's a brunnette with a bad hair dye, it's just… I can't even

No. 38243

Seems like she's rejecting the idea that she is Italian. The blonde hair dye, the nasty Starbucks cup, speaking in bad English instead of just using her native language, etc…

No. 38247

nope. i got #recovery and #edrecovery tho

No. 38248


No. 38249

that kind of shit seems really popular in germany, too.

No. 38253

>I noticed a couple on your feed and thought wtf. Report her to social services as an unfit mother

um are you confused? do you actually follow me? I'm not a mother.. not sure how id be considered a "hag" either. Care to clarify?

No. 38281

It's not all for attention! Instagram is just like a fun little diary.

No. 38291

I think so because I don't remember going more than one or two pages deep in her /tagged/me.

No. 38293

Blonde hair is kinda idolised in Italy

No. 38294

Anon, the other anon is saying to report the whannorexic (or however you spelled it) as an unfit mother and a hag. They're on your side.

No. 38297

File: 1443734806802.png (244.69 KB, 926x323, Screenshot 2015-10-01 at 4.25.…)

I'm sad and forgot I ever sent a follow request for this one. She's like 12 :\

No. 38300

File: 1443735002963.jpg (18.48 KB, 450x327, images (2).jpg)


No. 38304

File: 1443735183560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.36 KB, 378x366, lips.jpg)

Ginger's lips are horrible dear god
(Btw she's not private anymore!)

No. 38306

holy shit what the fuck
someone start a kickstarter to get her some raw vegan fat free lip balm

No. 38308

File: 1443735465692.png (551.11 KB, 926x392, burger.PNG)

Mmmm, a delicious lunch of sprouts and dried dog turd served on 2 lumps of rock hard bread.

No. 38313

Her feet are worse. Why post a picture of your naked dirty feet??? Why??????
Ginger is honestly so goddamn ugly. Her ugly face makes me rage. I can't look at her IG

No. 38315

File: 1443736873368.png (169.7 KB, 666x660, IMG_20151001_175558_edit.png)

First time I've heard "into" as a verb outside of polandball. Are yuo of the mspaint squigglyballs also?

Aly pic-related. Lol, called her out.

No. 38316

I went to Rome last year and the amount of compliments and comments my blonde friend got daily about her hair was insane lol. My italian friend said it's a big thing there


No. 38321

First Jenna says she used to be overweight, but then she agrees that 142 at 5'5" is perfectly fine. It is technically not overweight but at her frame she must have looked very chubby. Wonder if the picture she posted recently was from that time (the picture where she insisted she wasn't overweight despite looking "fat as fuck", to use her own words. She says people here says she's fat as fuck. Keep spreading lies to get pity, Jenna. So adult of you)

No. 38330

Wow, that's weird lol but I kinda understand why she remarks her "blondeness"

No. 38335

omfg aly isn't wearing her adds-14-cups bombshell bra in a photo she posted

No. 38336

she posted about hanging herself this afternoon and she hasn't posted about being in hospital yet so um… i guess you might be a little late for that

No. 38337

Jenna is such a bitch. First she says she was overweight when she was 142. Then people tell her 142 is not overweight and she agrees. Then people say 142 at her height can be overweight depending on frame and she is rude and says "you don't know me" when the anon technically agrees with her. She's easily one of the most annoying "recovery" Tumblrs out there.

No. 38370

>Anon, the other anon is saying to report the whannorexic

oh ok. i spelled it like that bc I'm referring to ember whann. she doesnt have any kids for me to report her as an unfit mother. tho she definitely would be a horrible mother.

No. 38371

i feel like she usually posts that she's in A&E or sectioned by now..

No. 38389

No, I don't really think so, so at least not 'obviously sucking in'. Sucking in pushes your upper organs into your rib cage and hers doesn't look distended at all.

No. 38390

If she keeps this up, more people are just going to come over here to gossip and then she might get her own thread. I mean, that's how I found out the truth about Ashley was her complaining about gossipers. (Someone taking her old URL and turning it into a truth blog didn't help either though.)

No. 38391

Oh I didn't catch the reference, haha. That anon must be thinking of someone else then.

No. 38420

haha people are starting to call Aly out on her shit. some even in italian. i wonder how long she's planning on keeping up this facade of 'real recovery'

No. 38421

when she dies

No. 38423

I hate it when people apologise to her, so sorry aly, sorry for asking aly just get out of her ass shes not got power over you she's not the bully at school don't give her that authority over you

No. 38424

File: 1443777872546.jpg (68.19 KB, 1054x348, Screenshot_2015-10-02-10-23-19…)


No. 38426

File: 1443782126991.jpg (179.97 KB, 598x596, wheres the boobs.jpg)

You can especially tell in the #throwback #OOTD picture she posted today. She asks what people think of the outfit too… I'm so tempted to say something like, "Wow, your boobs look super small in this outfit compared to other OOTDs!"

No. 38431

Okay her pear picture…
>words without facts ate NOTHING
What does that even mean? What the hell is she trying to say?

No. 38434

doo iiiiit

No. 38437

ya she finally posted about an hour ago, she's back in hospital but threatening to jump off the roof. if she's not being a massive drama queen she is seriously being failed by the mental health system here in the uk

No. 38440

In the cappucino picture comments she mentioned she doesn't always eat a second breakfast or second afternoon snack. I thought her pictures showed that she always did? Am I wrong….did she skip some days?

No. 38441

It's probably like the banana saga, she admitted she doesn't always eat what she photographs "because of struggles".

No. 38442

File: 1443793253309.jpg (49.31 KB, 350x311, oui.JPG)

No. 38443

2nd breakfast and 2nd afternoon snack is as predictable as night following day. She never skips them.

No. 38446

File: 1443796512316.jpg (137.45 KB, 749x747, boring.JPG)

Drives me bonkers that she takes her exchanges so literally.
"1 protein, 2 carbs, 1 veg" apparently translates to dry as fuck looking plates of random food items thrown together with no sauce or condiments.

No. 38461

File: 1443799714980.jpg (100.15 KB, 636x639, one veg two carbs one protein.…)


This is less appetising than hospital food. She needs some gravy or sauce. Why does she call sorbet and w/e "extras" but won't add things to her "meal plan-ned" food? What doesn't she understand?

No. 38462

That burger looks almost raw. Ew.

No. 38463

It's pork biproducts.

No. 38466

She's covering up a lot more , its not that cold in Milan! You're just hiding how scrawny you are

No. 38467

That burger makes me sad. I'd restrict that for sure. Most of Aly's food makes me want to cry/puke tbh. If that's what she's supposedly eating then no wonder she's losing weight, must be hard to choke down even half of that

No. 38472

There is NO FUCKING WAY she has room in her stomach to actually eat those two waffles covered in bananas after drinking a nutrient dense Fortimel.

Shit, my BMI is 19.5 and I freaking love food, but when I make a 300 calorie protein+fruit smoothie it keeps me full for hours and hours. I'd be sick as hell if I ate two big waffles with bananas right after that so there's no way Miss Cunty Spoop Queen was able to "demolish" them.

No. 38479

why does everyone feel the need to share their #stats on this damn thread? no one gives a fuck.

No. 38484

You can't even see her legs except for a very sharp knee, but they're still freaking me out. ):

No. 38486

Ana points. Anorexics love to share their irrelevant skeleton body details it seems.

No. 38509

I have noticed that Jenna often posts only the first part of multiple part messages to make the anon sound bad. She did it to one of my messages too a few weeks ago. It was a two or three part message. I made it very clear that the three parts belonged to each other and submitted them right after each other, so she wasn't just confused, she actively made it look like she was being attacked. She agreed with the first part of my message, then published the last part like twenty minutes later and insulted me and acted like I had insulted her. She really tries hard to make people feel sorry for her.
She also acts totally understanding regarding trigger warnings and not posting body checks, then acts like she's being attacked when people bring it up again. Like, first she will say she understands, no more body checks, then some anon says "wtf jenna how dare they accuse you of posting body checks?" and her response will be something like "I know right?"

No. 38514

File: 1443823300365.png (133.02 KB, 1150x276, Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.51…)

So confused. I could have sworn that, a while back, Aly said that she drank soy milk. Then, recently, someone asked her what type of milk she drank, and she said "semi-skimmed." Now soy milk is "new discovered!"? Or is it a non-native English speaker thing and "new discovered!" is supposed to refer to something aside from the soy milk?

Everything Aly has said lately about her meal plan (it getting "increased," following it exactly but then having huge "extra" snacks, etc.) has just left me so fucking baffled. I truly have no idea what the hell is going on with this girl. I don't know why I even bother to keep checking her stupid Instagram.

But anon(s), you forgot the two tablespoons of oil with each meal (except breakfast, which apparently isn't a meal)! It's the prescribed dose of oil! Mealplanned!!!

No. 38518

She's referring to the coffee place. She's just discovered that one, and is describing their soy vanilla whatever. It's stated in a confusing way.

No. 38519

Ahh, that makes more sense.

No. 38520

I don't understand why she drinks soy milk in her cappuccini anyway. She's not vegan and soy milk usually has less calories than dairy. So it makes no sense that she claims to make up for missed calories by drinking a soy cappuccino.

No. 38522

File: 1443827203974.png (1.9 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-03-00-05-42…)

Got sick a couple of weeks ago
My vomit looked quite a lot like this

No. 38523

It has about the same calories as skim milk, but it has a lot of processed crap in it these days so it could actually be worse

No. 38545

italyfag here. it's around 15C rn in milan but its supposed to get up to 20-something C later today. its not fucking cold at all tbh.

No. 38548

Soy milk might taste sweeter. I sometimes have problems with lactose, so I tried soy milk in my iced coffee and it seemed sweeter than usual. (However, I prefer almond milk all the way.)

However, with Aly, you answered your own question:
>soy milk usually has less calories than dairy

No. 38549

No. 38552

I was just looking back on Aly's photos and realized that she NEVER posts any selfies with her weekly Saturday pizza #recoverywins. Strange considering she posts selfies or #actionshots of almost all her other restaurant meals at some time or another, but NEVER with the pizza. This adds further evidence (along with the suspicious 1/4 circle pizza close-ups that look eerily similar) that this pizza is never actually consumed. She probably just took a bunch of pizza pics one day and cycles through them each Saturday for her special pretend Saturday pizza dinners.

No. 38562

File: 1443847344230.jpg (73.06 KB, 540x403, IMG_20151002_214124.JPG)


No. 38566

Also, why did she moved it to saturday? iirc it used to be "friday night pizza"

No. 38574

File: 1443854017960.jpeg (135.35 KB, 633x849, image.jpeg)

Not sure if these people are trolling or serious..

No. 38575

Spoops tend to feel the cold bcos their body fat percentage is low

No. 38576

It was always Friday. I actually almost corrected you because you said Saturday night pizza, lol.

No. 38577

She's having TWO (!) cappucinos. Speaking of, I hope she doesn't mean that she has two cups of coffee. What a waste of a second cup.

No. 38578

File: 1443857044012.jpg (374.11 KB, 1024x787, Screenshot_2015-10-03-03-21-24…)

Forgot image.

No. 38579

She gets those pretty often.
>Oh Aly my dearest, you look so beautiful in front of that plate of food.
>Look at that big smile!!!!
>Aly you literally saved my life. Are you Superman?

No. 38581

Why does she always make a big deal about the froth as if it's really calorific? It's only milk with loads of air in it.

No. 38587

Keep always going #edfamily (!)

No. 38588

This really doesn't look bad.

No. 38591

Maybe she thinks her stupid followers will fall for the whole 'foamy milk has more calories' which… it obviously doesn't.

No. 38592

I wonder where Dante is right now? I wish he'd invade the backdrop of Aly's photos once more, but all we get are super zoomed in food.

No. 38593

I think it's supposed to be pretty/decorative/indicative of it being an impressive cappuccino, not necessarily about calories, but it is annoying (as is everything she does day after day after day, IMO)

Wait, does anyone actually think that?

No. 38595

File: 1443872913599.png (32.79 KB, 1118x92, Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 4.36…)

What does she even mean by not "waking up well" and having "bad weather sensitivity," anyway? I usually just imagine her waking up with a huge jolt and falling out of bed onto the floor and then crying about it not looking like a perfectly beautiful day outside, but now I'm wondering what she actually is trying to say. And, if she means that she's sensitive to cold, she's a fucking moron if she doesn't realize (or think others will realize) that that's related to her ED and her being a spoopy.

How do you wake up badly, though, really? Does she mean that she felt ~in a low mood~ when she woke up ("waking up on the wrong side of the bed")? Depression and EDs also go hand in hand, girl.

Also, living_for_rap has been treading on dangerous territory lately. How has she not gotten blocked yet for asking such questions?

No. 38596

Living_for-rap is #1 fangirl. I imagine she DMs aly and gushes praise on her.

I think by not waking up well she means she's feeling down and/or tired? Don't most people feel down when the weather turns? I wouldn't say I've got SAD because it sounds too much like a made up disease, but autumn/winter make me more depressed than usual. She talks like she's the only one darker mornings/shitty weather affects. She lives in Italy ffs. She gets loads more sun in summer than a lot of places in Europe. She's such an irritating person, I can understand why she doesn't see her friends often. She must piss them off.

No. 38597

File: 1443874205645.jpg (15.75 KB, 241x199, eggpron.JPG)

Me. One of her eggs is really slimy. I feel queasy.

No. 38605

File: 1443884689575.jpg (21.58 KB, 289x292, 1442696492410.jpg)

german trolling

No. 38606

Joltography is sucking up to ginger now in her comments. What is with her?

No. 38607

Oh god. They're so runny and gooey-looking. Aly's "food porn" is starting to put me off of food in general.

No. 38612

I wish I could change her phone to auto correct freakin superlicious posi etc for STFU!!!!

No. 38613

File: 1443886514398.jpg (7.68 KB, 355x142, jolty.jpg)

No. 38614

>>3859Living for rap creeps me out. She comments on the most emaciated and disordered girls she can find… Probably not healthy

No. 38616

By weather sensitivity, she just means that cloudy/rainy days make her feel dreary. Since it's so easily fixed though, she definitely exaggerates it (for attention I imagine).

SAD is real, and you might have it. It can be helped by having a bright, bright light on for 15 minutes in the morning though, so I'm not sure how much of a problem it really is, you know? As in, it's real but not always a huge problem.
I don't know if most people feel noticeably down when the weather turns though. I've heard/seen people act like it doesn't affect them as all. (Or like rainy days don't affect me, but cloudy ones can.)

Moving on though!
>I usually just imagine her waking up with a huge jolt and falling out of bed onto the floor
That's exactly what I imagine too! The way she describes her wake-ups, I just can't help it. Even when she wakes up super-posi, I imagine her falling out of bed with a jolt and then grinning like she does at her food.

No. 38617

Holy shit Aly finally figured out that she can have FOOD(!) for second breakfast. I hope she actually ate it though.

No. 38624

SAD is definitely real. Try living somewhere where the sun doesn't come up for 6 months. It's awful. Lived in Alaska for 3 years and worked in a building with no windows. Going to work it was dark, leaving work it was dark. It was really depressing.

No. 38634


Yeah, there's an obvious difference between her rigidity around homemade "meals", and those ~extras~ she allegedly has when going to restaurants.
If she is unable or unwilling to add even simple condiments, side dishes, etc to her "meals" then I can guarantee she is not eating those flamboyant restaurant foods, but rather that those serve as "food porn" for her sick followers, and probably herself as well, because she can look back on all the food she had right in front of her but was too ~strong~ not to eat.

No. 38643

Seconded. Feel like a zombie from October - April. Waste of six months.

No. 38644

File: 1443894167281.jpg (67.21 KB, 600x591, wrongness.JPG)

There is so much wrongness with Aly that I think there might be nothing right about her.

This pic illustrates some wrong:
- that disposable cup
- sitting on the floor
- those hideous jeggings/jeans
- wearing over the knee socks OVER her jeans
- those disgusting boots
- her nails

I was the anon who didn't want to say I had SAD. Year after year I've been told to get one of those lamps and blast myself with it. Said lamps are so fucking expensive.

Not sure about the SAD because I'm a depressive as it, but as soon as the nights start drawing it I want to hibernate. When the clocks go back and it's dark at 4pm I want to die. Okay, over dramatic there, but you catch my drift. We should live in Spain or sth during the harsh months, or actually get one of those lamps.

No. 38645

Me again.

Why does she sit in the road? You can see tyre tracks. Get off the floor, you twat.

No. 38646

File: 1443894449986.jpg (63.66 KB, 631x513, no socks thank fuck.JPG)

dropped pic with rage oops

No. 38647

I have one of those lightboxes (the intro/cheapest model). It helps in Oct/early November, but as grey November drags on, my brain nopes out. You may want to give it a try though - Amazon has deep discounts on some tabletop models, and there are littler ones now, about the size of an iPad, which are cheaper.

No. 38649

Omfg those socks!

Maybe some italian anon can tell us if it's normal to sit on the street like a fucking homeless person.

No. 38650

It's always been the cost that put me off because I didn't even know how effective they were. I'll look on amazon.

I always really want Xmas over with because I know it's going to get lighter gradually after that, but late sept - late Feb are grim. Bless us.

Could be a cultural thing we can't comprehend, like cookies for breakfast.

No. 38651

Her bony ass must hurt so bad

No. 38653

easier to pour the fortimel down a drain/gutter when you're at that level

No. 38654

Not a trace of Fortimel in that straw.

No. 38656

File: 1443897641028.jpg (10.58 KB, 328x449, images (3).jpg)

Nah, she must use padded panties to match her bra

No. 38660

shit, i didn't know such a thing existed. i guess i shouldn't be surprised.

No. 38661

I love how Jenna is constantly referring to this website as well as other "hater websites" on her blog instead of just replying directly wherever the "haters" are. She's always apparently constantly monitoring all threads where she so much as gets mentioned because she once said people on GOMI were talking about her, so I found the thread and read it a little. She seriously made posts alluding to "anonymous haters" every time she was mentioned. The same thing happened when a MPA thread was made about her.

No. 38662

>When the clocks go back and it's dark at 4pm I want to die. Okay, over dramatic there, but you catch my drift.
I feel the opposite. I love winter and everything about it. Autumn, winter, the cold parts of spring. When it gets dark earlier and there's os much left of the day I'm happiest.

No. 38672

I saw some kinda ass implants like that in Primark! They weren't fitted to knickers though but were attat he'd together like a beehind. Bizarre af.

No. 38673

Are you sure it wasn't just a stick on-bra? ?

No. 38676

File: 1443904159628.jpg (12.9 KB, 342x399, 41iup9JSs8L._SX342_.jpg)

No it was something like this (pic) "Buttocks Enhancer" but Caucasian person colour.

No. 38679

Wtf that looks creepy!

No. 38681

I have to wonder now how many people are actually walking around wearing these. They look like they'd be incredibly uncomfortable/awkward.

No. 38685

Has Aly ever once talked about feeling full after eating or being unable to finish something? It's always "OMG freaking LUSH recovery win (!) whole pizza after cake no restriction #realrecovery POSI-VIBES monkey emoji!!!" It's really, really unrealistic and I can't even believe how many months she's kept this shit up for.

No. 38686

File: 1443907342056.jpg (50.31 KB, 540x298, IMG_20151003_142100.JPG)

Ok that's it… I'm fucking done with Aly's excuses

No. 38687

Oh my god I'm pretty sure even her followers aren't dumb enough to swallow this load of bs…

No. 38689

Christ. Why is it suddenly odd to "make photos at home"? Wouldn't it be much more odd to take your weird food photos out in public like she does multiple times a day, every day?

No. 38690

She's so fucked. Like it's odd to take pictures at home but in the middle of a restaurant, smiling at food is normal? Ok Aly.

No. 38691

File: 1443908088902.png (47.43 KB, 1146x172, Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.29…)

"Dose of oil" makes me want to vomit. And I don't know who she thinks she's fooling with this shit - there's no way any of the lunches she's photographed have had 2 TABLESPOONS of oil included in them, and I highly doubt that she's stirring that much into her pasta sauce or whatever with dinner.

No. 38697

I don't think so. Recovery bloat doesn't exist on her planet either. When I started eating more, the (daily!) bloat was so bad I looked 4-6 months pregnant (to the point where family members asked if I'm pregnant) and I couldn't wear my normal clothes at night (wore loose pants like leggings, sweatpants etc instead).
To me that's a very obvious sign she doesn't really eat the things she posts. Maybe she has a few bites, but definitely not full portions.

No. 38702

…woah, I'm italian and I never knew that. It's not that uncommon to see blonde hair in Italy, not even in the South where I live. Unless it's albino blonde - that is a rare thing anywhere. Your friend exaggerated for sure

No. 38706

I was thinking, maybe Aly stays this spoopy also because of her love for coffee? Y' know, coffee and poop share a strong bond… kek

No. 38711

Caffeine is an appetite suppressant, too

No. 38714

she might be thinking it's colder than it really is because anorexics don't have enough fat to produce body heat which is why they grow lanugo on their bodies, it's a survival instinct when the body is trying to do all it can to save itself. in recovery, if you're in a severe physical state, even 2000 calories is starvation mode for your bodies needs to repair and that's a common misconception with the process, but she obviously isn't even hitting 2000. for aly to recover, she will obviously need the ng tube as we saw her water retention and rapid weight gain a few months back. water retention and bloating is a sign of healing, it is uncomfortable but necessary. she was sedentary in hospital too which was helping her. i have been in recovery, i'm not going to post my stats or whatever as it's irrelevant as hell but i'm letting you all know that because i know it's not at all the way she's portraying it. i've been to day programs with other girls and they all had some kind of experience with bloating, water retention, edema, night sweats, facial bloating etc. not one person had a comfortable recovery. she doesn't need the ng tube because she has a fear of food or whatever, but because her caloric needs are high and it'd be the most efficient way for her to heal rapidly. rapid initial weight gain is essential. aly isn't short either and she's under the age of 25, therefore her caloric needs could exceed 4000 a day. I have calculated her intake (not the days where she has pizza hey I'm in a lot of doubt with her consuming that) her intake is generally 1500-1700. on 'better days' it looks to nearly hit (only nearly) hit 2000. also having 3 cappuccinos in the morning isn't a normal behavior in itself. i used to have black coffee to throw off my hunger. if i were to lose 500grams like she did at her last hospital control whilst being inpatient, i would've had an ensure added to my intake IMMEDIATELY holy shit they would've been so mad. even if i didn't meet the criteria of at least .5-1kg a week i had an increase. i don't know why her dietitian would take away a supplement if she lost half a kilo… that's unheard of? fuck

No. 38715

Ok, but she takes photos with her family at a restaurant? So why is it odd?!? asdfkj she makes me so angry.

No. 38735

you'll need a bigger one, though. if it's too small you're just wasting money imho. i've got one by philips that looks a bit like a tombstone and it's pretty awesome. wasn't that cheap but worth it.

No. 38738

Yeah, I bet Aly is cold. And uncomfortable. And depressed. I don't know or why she continues to do this fake over-the-top positivity act day after day for strangers on the internet. The longer this goes on, the more doubtful I am that she'll be able to pull out of it. When she was first hospitalized, I really thought there was a chance she'd be supervised and monitored and guided toward actual (not "REAL [!]") recovery. Now, I'd be less surprised if one day she just stopped posting.

>i don't know why her dietitian would take away a supplement if she lost half a kilo… that's unheard of? fuck

I had one thought about this. Maybe people are getting suspicious that she's not drinking her Fortimels. It's easier to dump some liquid calories down a drain than it is to completely dispose of solid food like the crackers and fruit. Maybe her dietitian is testing out whether taking away a supplement drink and replacing it with "real food" will make any difference. Aly's been fucking around like this for MONTHS now and she really doesn't look like she can afford to lose any more weight, but maybe they're giving her "one last chance" (BAD IDEA). Or maybe she's pulling the wool over people's eyes IRL, or maybe they just don't know what the fuck to do at this point.

If she is legitimately working with "ED specialists," it's pretty perplexing how they're putting up with this shit and not realizing the urgency and danger of her situation. She's going an entire month between weigh-ins? Seriously? In that length of time, Aly could lose enough weight to end up dead. She could probably die pretty easily already at the weight she's at now. I only know how things are in the US, but here, that would be a massive liability - one that I doubt multiple outpatient providers would be willing to take on.

No. 38748


wtf?!? yeah, "making photos" at home is SO ODD… that would be unheard of. Taking 10 million creepy #actionshots while in public though is SO NORMAL. She has officially lost it.

No. 38749

The adult mental health services are inferior compared to adolescent. Mainly bc seeking help is seen as voluntary once you hit 18+. The treatment is nowhere we as strict/helpful. At least that's how it is here in Australia.

No. 38771

Holy shit, same here. Thought I was the only one.

No. 38775

Summer SAD is also a thing. It's less common though.


Re Aly and feeling cold – do really fit people with low body fat have cold intolerance as well?

No. 38776

Huh. Fit people also get really cold with low body fat (found reddit thread to that effect) – https://m.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/2shn24/what_does_it_feel_like_to_be_at_a_low_bodyfat/

No. 38796

File: 1443933430462.png (52.81 KB, 843x638, Screenshot 2015-10-03 at 11.34…)

Another #realrecovery day with Aly.

I don't know why the fuck I even put the Fortimel in, she is not drinking it.

Goddamn, her fiber…do you guys think she ever shits ever?

No. 38798

U gatta actually eat to shit, so probably not. Her turds are probably like rabbit turds.

No. 38802

Add the coffee to that though, which makes some people shit. She's either having rabbit turds or daily diarrhea…

No. 38806

i had constant diarrhea when i wasn't eating much, even though my diet mostly consisted of protein and next to no fiber

No. 38807

Has she ever posted a picture of that infamous glass of hot milk?

No. 38810

I think we aren't far away from that point she suddenly isn't posting anymore. Her face looks worse than ever.

No. 38811

yes, take westmead hospital for example. they don't have an eating disorders unit for people over 18, they just chuck you in the psychiatric ward

No. 38812

File: 1443944394616.jpg (79.93 KB, 531x870, IMG_20151004_093831.jpg)

Her eyes are dead already.

No. 38816

There actually never is! If you go through her pics….

No. 38817

File: 1443949708814.jpeg (70.93 KB, 640x471, image.jpeg)

Bc straying from the holy meal plan would be a total sin (!)

No. 38818

wowwww stop being a lil bitch about some eggs


No. 38820

File: 1443951018370.jpg (9.55 KB, 166x63, deadeye.JPG)

Fruit as morning snack - the tiny peers and the 6 calorie "ton" of blueberries. Don't go pushing yourself too far, Aly.

She's barely getting any comments at this point. Not so popular.

No. 38822

So Aly sometimes mentions being "hyperactive".. anyone else think that's just a word she uses for purging through exercise? Like maybe she eats in front of her family members but then compulsively exercises to burn the calories consumed. Then when she's alone she just restricts.
That's my theory anyway.

No. 38823

Sorry anon, I cannot deal with runny eggs. I don't know how anyone can eat them, but if you like them that way, more power to you. I just don't want to see closeups of the eggs' sliminess.

No. 38825

It really is hilarious. So, for these "extras," Aly will go out and eat whatever (!) she (!) wants (!) because it's so dang lush (!) and superlicious (!) dear #edfamily, and #realrecovery means no restriction (!) ever and she wants to get out of the ~danger zone~ more quickly so she's #challenging herself and having all of these huge #recoverywins. But when it comes to her regular "meals," she's rigid as FUCK. MUST FOLLOW MEAL PLAN EXACTLY.

I don't understand why she's been given a meal plan that calls for her to eat basically the same thing day after day after day. I don't know what anyone else's experiences with dietitians have been like, but in my experience, they don't generally want you to eat the same thing (or almost the same thing, e.g., having a morning snack of crackers and fruit) every single day. As far as I can remember, since her first hospitalization when she received this meal plan, Aly has never had a breakfast that didn't consist of her fucking cookies and some coffee. She never has anything like fruit, yogurt, hot or cold cereal, toast, eggs, pancakes, waffles, etc. for her "first breakfast." Then, she goes out and has a "second breakfast" (!) that consists of her having whatever she feels like??? Like, one tragically small pancake with a few berries? She acts like these "extras" are so totally spontaneous, but they're polar opposites from the other things she eats where everything has to be exactly as the meal plan says to a tee. It's confusing. It seems like a professional would want to have her try to break some of her rigid food rituals by varying what she has for each meal a little more, but apparently not.

No. 38836

Her extras are generally sweet things, empty calories. She needs to try baked potatoes or something nutritious. If cakes and waffles are her "fear foods" and lets pretend she eats them and doesn't pure GREAT…BUT… I'd be dealing with nutritious fear foods first that're going to actually do my system some hood.

No. 38837

Purge not pure. Fkin autocorrect.

No. 38840

File: 1443959482803.png (2.64 MB, 1198x1192, Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.46…)

Okay, not gonna lie, I'm usually disgusted by Aly's food, but this picture is making me drool. I'm so hungry and I wish I could make a bowl of that shit magically appear in front of me right now. I still think there's no way there are 2 tablespoons of oil in that. Shit might have been COOKED in 2 tablespoons of oil (unless it's a really big pan, though, that seems like a lot - the stuff doesn't look fried or excessively oily whatsoever; in fact, it doesn't really look like it was cooked in oil at all, IMO), but unless they poured the remaining cooking oil onto the pasta, eating that pasta is NOT eating the full "dose" of oil. Most of it's getting left behind in the pan.

This shit bugs me so much. I don't even know why.

No. 38843

That looks watery in places rather than oily. If this is being cooked for the 4 of them, 2 tablespoons of oil wouldn't work out much, but still looks like water from boiling the pasta.

Veggie, so don't do seafood, but the thing I don't like about her food is the lack of a sauce. It always looks too bland. Even ginge does dips!

No. 38845

what are you using to make this schedule? been looking for sth like that

No. 38846

holy shit…looking at this, i realize that i really don't eat enough

No. 38847

Yeah, personally I'd put some lemon pepper on that shit. I fucking love lemon pepper. It's weird to me that Aly seems to "eat" (who knows what she's really doing) a lot of her meals so plain and/or dry. I think every other person I've known who had an eating disorder went really heavy on the low- or no-calorie condiments and spices, like salt, pepper, cinnamon, hot sauce, vinegar, mustard, nonfat/reduced calorie salad dressing, etc.

No. 38848

Check out Aly's IG profile. She's now Waffle Queen.
wtf is up with IG recovery/pseudo recovery girls reigning over food? Princess of this, queen of that. I feel silly now because i can't think of any examples other than gummibearprincess (bonus royalty in username!) being "princess of candy"

No. 38849

I love condiments. Especially herbs and HOT SAUCE. I like flavor. Bland isn't worth the energy used to chew it.

If it wasn't for Alice's frequent outings for ~lush~ sweets, I'd think that she purposely made her food bland so that it wouldn't be appeizing to her. Or maybe she just doesn't know how to cook.

No. 38851

Wow. I didn't notice until just now that Aly's Instagram bio seriously says "Recovery since 06.15." What an honest and forthcoming way to acknowledge that everything you did for what, at least six months (?) before that was a total sham…and this round of "#realrecovery" looks very, very similar to the last rounds of "#realrecovery" that turned out to be not so real after all. What a pathetic, lying, manipulative bitch. I can't believe she has so many followers.

No. 38858

File: 1443967615658.png (86.96 KB, 480x479, caustic burning.png)

made y'all a thing
find a random account on the recovery tags and see how many you can tick off!

No. 38859

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I love these bingo cards. I just had a Weight Watchers dessert with my dinner but I'm not eating disordered, I just like the size of them. I suck at being a wannana.

No. 38862

omg the taggsssss this bugs the shit out of me, when it's like
>#ana #anorexia #mia #bulimia #ednos #ed #edfamily #edrecovery #eatingdisorder #myEDismyendireidentity

No. 38863

File: 1443968710886.png (2.19 MB, 1196x1194, Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 7.24…)

I'm really bothered that Aly put those grapes in there when they were still attached to the stem.

No. 38865

File: 1443968810729.jpg (76.17 KB, 605x596, funny food.JPG)

I like when recovering anas play with their food though.

I was just looking at this and thought that whatever she sticks in with her frozen ensure fortimel, it's going in the bin anyway. She's trying to look so in control with that drizzle of honey. At least she can wash the grapes and put them back.

No. 38866

File: 1443969038783.jpg (98.4 KB, 928x591, recovery.JPG)

It pisses me off when things like this come up on #anarecovery tag (I'm looking for more Queens and Princesses of Certain Foods).

Posing with gaps and commenting on how few calories she's going to eat. Yay, #edrecovery win!!!

No. 38880

>>38859 >>38862 it's the least I could do uwu
i once saw this girl who did something like that with an old photo she took ip and she also posted thinspo on recovery tags like omg fu CK off she even tagged it peanut butter like wtf

No. 38881

That's just fucked up. There are a lot of people on Instagram with EDs who are actually trying to recover. Although, IMO, they should get off of Instagram because the "recovery community"/#edfamily is toxic and harmful, I still feel bad for them if they're going through recovery-oriented tags and have to see shit like this all the time. Why would you tag your thinspo pose body check shit not only with the names of three different eating disorders and two clothing sizes but with both #edrecovery AND #relapse? Fuck off, just fuck off. Attention whores.

No. 38882

She needs to clean her mirror and stop pushing her ass out so her gap looks wider.

No. 38892

These are the same grapes from earlier, looks like the #worrior couldn't demolish (!) all of her morning snack (monkey covering his mouth emoji)

No. 38893

Twice, in a row (so it was probably the same glass of milk). I'm not on my normal computer so here's the links:

No. 38895

Yes, I agree with your theory.

No. 38901

No. 38941

File: 1443983317823.jpg (30.24 KB, 290x268, do you actually eat.JPG)

No. 38958

this shit makes me so mad. I came across an instagram of a girl I went to school with and she loves to post pictures of her tiny ass portions (LITERALLY 1 eggo waffle with 3/4tbsp of PB and like , 3 blueberries) and selfies with gum… but in her selfies she is only wearing a sports bra so we can see her sternum and low body fat

then, of course, she tags everything with #edwarrior #anawho #edrecovery #fyoured #thisorhospital etc… It's all so obvious to me. the body-checking poses, showing off tiny portions of food and melodramatically tagging it with #thisorhospital … I guess I just don't understand how some people can make their eating disorders so public

No. 38960

File: 1443985795182.png (1.9 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-04-20-07-42…)

Look at this shit I literally used to eat this kind of thing before I went up
That's a slice of deli chicken this meal is pathetic not huge fuck you aly you enabling cunt

No. 38961

>>38960 sorry I meant ip

No. 38964

File: 1443986052738.png (1.01 MB, 618x1608, Aly 10-4-2015 10.png)

Lots of "haters" in the comments, lol. That fucking piece of chicken is nowhere near "HUGE (!)." As many other people have commented at this point, a lot of her meals look like "diet meals."

It's a really thin chicken "filet." I get those sometimes when I'm feeling too lazy to cut up whole chicken breasts. It's probably what, like 2 ounces of chicken at most? Sigh.

No. 38994


Those bread slices are truly pathetic
But at least it is the first time I really see oil on her food

No. 38995

File: 1443990623060.jpg (121.43 KB, 540x743, IMG_20151004_132827.JPG)

Aand now she deleted everything… Fucking bitch

No. 38998

I searched #fyoured like a total creeper. Are you talking about @26.2_goal_oriented?
Regardless, her forehead scares me.

No. 38999

>AN since 2012 After years of forced recovery+over 10 IP admissions?
10 ip admissions? Her ana pts are through the roof(!!) Aand, her food makes me nauseous with all the sweet.

No. 39000

That person you mentioned is scary from the mouth upwards.

No. 39001

File: 1443992308979.jpg (47.48 KB, 506x481, the greys.JPG)

I correct myself…scary everywhere.

No. 39002

Indeed. I was trying to be kind and generous. That picture is going to cause me nightmares.

No. 39003

Yeah, I'd snark on her too but she's actually come a long way and is actually recovering. She's also a nice person. She's like Aly's German alterego.

No. 39004

File: 1443992580478.jpg (42.8 KB, 540x299, IMG_20151004_140203.JPG)

Can't unsee

No. 39005

Definitely some kind of hybrid.

No. 39006

Browsing some recovery tags, I'm noticing Magnums have replaced the Quest bar as most popular recovery food.

No. 39007

File: 1443992933887.jpg (11.62 KB, 208x64, found one.JPG)

Me, samefagging as usual. I found another Food Princess/Queen. This is Yogurt Queen (livialives_recovering)

No. 39015

File: 1443994604305.png (443.65 KB, 970x540, queens queens everywhere.png)

No. 39020

Omfg they're multiplying :s

No. 39023

They're like sheep. Why do they copy one another so much?

Waffle queen. Aly will always be Bullshit Queen whatever she says.

No. 39027

Aly is Cuntiness Queen lmao

No. 39043

yes I am. her face is quite unfortunate looking isn't it? her overuse of tags is bordering on Aly-levels of annoying. she doesn't update as often as our Waffle Queen does, but her food pics and accompanying use of the #thisorhospital tag is exasperating

No. 39044

I'm exactly the same and I hate summer. Everyone thinks its weird lol

No. 39045

What did you mean when you put orthorexia in?

No. 39049

Not that anon, but it's "an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy." It isn't currently in the DSM as its own ED, but I'd say that a lot of people with anorexia display "orthorexic tendencies."

No. 39050

(e.g., Ginger)

No. 39053

No, I know what it is I just wasn't sure if they were making fun of people saying they have it it because it's not a real diagnosis or saying recovery instagram anorexics get really health obsessed/orthorexic

No. 39075

Geez, that tag is just… yuck. But through it I found another girl who apparently likes to show off how spoopy her wrists/hands look holding stuff:

No. 39076


"Gaining for hibernation," lol

No. 39084

File: 1444022003387.png (100.1 KB, 1136x322, Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 10.0…)

Oh sorry, I assumed they included it because a lot of these recovery accounts go the super-"clean eating" route if they don't go the "tons of junk food" or "tons of diet food but totally in recovery guys" route, but I could be wrong.

Also, how the fuck are some of Aly's followers so deluded, and why do they feel the need to stick up for a complete stranger who is pretty clearly lying their ass off? So many of them talk as if they can actually tell that Aly's "doing everything she needs to recover both physically and mentally," that she really does eat all the food she posts, that she's gained weight and is "recovering," etc. Are you fucking there with her in Italy watching her eat (and not throw up) everything on her meal plan? Are you weighing her?

No. 39085

Aly looks tall. It could just be her emaciated figure making her look enlongated.

No. 39089

>>39053 annon here, it's the fact that they get really obsessed. Partially to gremlin's degree, but the way they only eat things like 0% yog, fruit and nakd bars. Like that's pretty okay but when they start going on about macros in the recovery tag when they're not a gym bunny like fuck off plz

No. 39091

Jfc what's with my spelling lately I meant anon

No. 39092

She did just post that she was 1.69 m (~5'6.5")

No. 39103

File: 1444042216551.jpg (131.16 KB, 935x317, jfc woman.jpg)

Once again, it must be pointed out how annoying it must be to eat with Aly.
>Let's take a picture together friend!
>Okay, now take a picture of me sitting in these chairs while I smile at my dessert!
(Because I don't believe for a second that her friend decided to spontaneously take that picture. They're not even at the table they were at)
>Okay, now let me cut a tiny bit off and take a picture of the dessert!

Meanwhile her friend just wants to eat her muffin.

No. 39106

How could anyone stand to go out to eat with her? I went out once with a girl I just met as a friend and she picked at her bread and didn't touch half her meal. She kept drinking water and conversing and it felt so awkward while I ate more than half my plate and took home the leftovers. People with ana are embarrassing and frustrating to eat with in person.

No. 39130

When I'm out with a friend, rule is no fannying around with phones. Her friends should impose the same on her.

No. 39142

Lord–swoledemort (on Tumblr) said we would all shut up on here if she posted a side view of herself… I thought she claimed to have body dysmorphia and considered herself huge? ;) and Jenna you did that a few days ago and I stand by my opinion. You have a small frame and therefore don't look as skinny as others at your BMI. Get over it if you go around spreading the idea that being skinny is not required for an ED

No. 39148

Forgot to add, Jenna, nobody said you are faking an ED. Just that you don't look as skinny as you claim to be. It's really sad and stupid that you totally twist what is said on here to get pity :/

No. 39166

My group of friends and I during my freshman year of college would place our phones in the middle of the table when we went out to eat and we wouldn't touch them (with exceptions, of course, like if you're expecting an important phone call) Why go out to eat together if you're just going to be staring at your phone?

No. 39169

Let's stop talking about jenna, she's boring af and giving her attention is only fuelling her ego and 'boo hoo poor me getting picked on' bullshit

No. 39246

You sound like an ass

No. 39247

You're right, but her blog is just so infuriating. I have participated in the discussion about her in this thread and it makes me mad to see her totally lying about what was said on here. Then again it's just her thing to make herself look like a victim. I've also noticed she started posting a lot more pictures showing off her physique. She's so transparent, and should really stop pretending to care about her delusional minions. Her BFF birdyally is just another disordered enabler. It would be sad if she wasn't such an asshole. The end.

No. 39249

I know right. Like, fuck their friend for having a mental illness? Some comments on here are really disrespectful towards those with eating disorders. Just because Aly and others are total idiots doesn't mean you should insult everyone with eating disorders

No. 39251

I'd fuck dat

No. 39252

File: 1444066650750.jpg (31.52 KB, 540x212, IMG_20151005_103517.JPG)

Glass? Where? Are those people blind? Wtf

No. 39254

Yeah, it's a feminine healthy average body. Now she's 30 pounds lighter she says.

No. 39257

I was wondering if the anon who posted that comment is the guy who posted how he finished with a girl because she had an ED and a trip to a pizza place or sthing was too embarrassing because of her behaviour. Remember that? Either aly or ash's thread.

Why take an anorexic friend for food though? Should choose somewhere she wouldn't feel uncomfortable at.

No. 39260

Average in America maybe. She's obviously on the very highest end of the normal bmi scale, possibly 5-10lbs overweight.

No. 39261

The insanely skinny kid, icovery, seems to have deleted her account. She posted another joghurt this morning but now she's gone. Probably good for her but I'm kinda sad. I keep forgetting this isn't my personal reality show.

No. 39262

Oh shut up. She's not thin but she's obviously not overweight

No. 39264

Uhm, what? I live in Europe and most grown up women have that type of body. Not skinny, not fat, just normal. I'm guessing (from what she shared about that time) she weighed 125-130 at 5'5". I share her fate of having a small frame and I too look heavier than the scale says (at BMI 17-18 I was told I looked "healthy thin"), and I look pretty similar to that at 125

No. 39265

Aly is now The 'crepe queen' smh

No. 39266

I reported it for nudity. Partial nudity of minors I enough to violate the Instagram TOS and she was posting those gross down shirt pics.

No. 39273

Her account is still online

No. 39285

File: 1444078787900.png (337.68 KB, 938x594, icovery.png)

She's going to be spoopier than Ash.

No. 39286

This is just really sad. How old is she?

No. 39287

File: 1444078996553.jpg (230.08 KB, 1048x1308, Screenshot_2015-10-05-19-33-00…)

Aly obv didn't like being called out on the cottage cheese

No. 39288

She's 14

No. 39289

14 or 15

No. 39290

Parenting fail. That's so sad though.. She basically ruined her life and her health.

No. 39291

As far as I know she loves in Sweden and they have pretty good Ed treatment places

No. 39296

She lives in Germany and the only reason she's not getting help is because her parents are retarded.

No. 39298

And deal with her self-pity tears? Seems like it would be easier just to never hang out with her again.

No. 39307

You've said this in a past Aly thread and you still sound like an ass. Aly is annoying to eat with because she takes a ton of pictures before she even begins to eat while others are busy finishing hers.
Your situation is completely different.
Like wow, she talked with you and was too nervous to eat a lot. How terrible. /sarcasm

No. 39308

I remember what you're talking about, and I just assumed it was the same guy (in the comment above). It sounds like almost the exact same situation.

No. 39309

*finishing theirs (as in their food). Whoops.

No. 39313

File: 1444085931985.jpg (27.5 KB, 445x392, smfh.JPG)

> i want to Thank you all so much for 1k followers like WHAT? 1k? That's so amazing I never thought that so many people would care about me

So naive.

No. 39314

>implying the mentally ill are actually real people and that they deserve any respect or consideration whatsoever
>implying a normal human could ever be "friends" with a mentally ill freak
>implying anorexics aren't the most annoying, horrible group of freaks on the planet
kek, pathetic brainwashed bleeding-heart liberal pieces of crap, go back to Tumblr where you can hang out with your spoopy mentally ill friends in a happy echo chamber

omg look at this mentally ill 14 year old freak, she doesn't even understand the way the world works lololol

No. 39315

this is fucking sad. most of the accounts that follow you and like your posts on instagram are scammers, pervs and whatnot. damn, these kids are really naive. they should learn about this kind of stuff at school or sth and i don't mean the blatand fearmongering that's taking place but actual education. not that that's gonna help mentally ill kids but still…the internet is a shitty place for friendless kids with issues.

No. 39317

settle down, tard

No. 39319

Ffs, call her fat all you want but to imply that she's overweight or even in the higher end of the BMI scale is just trolling. I'm fatter than her and my bmi is 19. Gtfo.

No. 39320

Wow you are just like, desperate for any kind of human contact rn aren't you anon?
This is just scraping the bottom of a shit-barrel with your bare hands.
Go the fuck outside, look at a bird, talk to a human, expose yourself to the sun you depressed fuck

No. 39321

Anorexics are annoying to eat with. It's not your fault and I won't hate you for it at all, it's just a fact. Chill out.

No. 39335

File: 1444097021842.jpg (97.67 KB, 600x600, file.jpg)

oakbutterfly changed her user to thrivingoak
aly also followed her

fkn love this girl

No. 39348

Holy shit wipe the cheeto grime off your sweatpants and go outside like >>39320 said. Man you are a sad little piece of work, aren't you?

No. 39363

File: 1444104286571.png (239.36 KB, 583x572, Screenshot 2015-10-05 at 11.03…)

>I wonder if there's a Vine ED recovery circle?
>I regret searching this immensely

No. 39365

Why are you so salty?

No. 39369

Because the situations are not comparable. I feel bad for the poor girl who is being seen as equal to Aly, even though she didn't really do anything wrong. I just highly doubt she was nearly as annoying as Aly.

No. 39375

She looks so good now!! Too bad she doesn't have as many followers as Aly.

No. 39379

Dat fat face.

No. 39380

Same anon that posted above. This person does have an ED. They're not Aly spoopy thin but they are under 100 pounds and are a fakeboi.

No. 39381

Also, she was picking at her bread in a way most anas do when they don't want to eat, but instead make a mess out of their plate in order to make it seem as if they ate more than they did. They tend to drink more water or diet coke and converse instead of actually eating.

No. 39393

I'm sorry but that person looks nowhere near under 100 pounds.

No. 39395

Aly's crepe pic with her "every time best friend" - only two comments? Did she delete the other ones or did people stop caring?

No. 39398

File: 1444120137026.jpg (19.88 KB, 300x154, chipped saucer.JPG)

>it's rude to ask
>ignorance is bliss

No. 39400

Aly has had 3 coffees today wtf talk about appetite suppressants

No. 39404

File: 1444127095991.jpg (49.28 KB, 259x453, 9759845788.JPG)

Somebody got something wrong here huh

No. 39405

Oh dear… That's why i sometimes think this website is harmful after all. Yes, everyone is responsible for what they post online, but harming people because we like to laugh about stupid fuckers? no fun anymore

No. 39406

Okay but to compare picking apart bread to Aly's annoying "I need to take a million pictures and have you take pictures so you'll be done before I take a bite" just doesn't seem fair. The girl was really only affecting herself, whereas Aly affects other people's meals, if that makes sense.

No. 39407

Nobody's said anything awful about her here except she needs help. Nobody here's said she looks like she has a BMI of 19.

There's some twat who keeps messaging people we talk about to tell them. They're not doing it for good, but for dramu.

No. 39408

Not to interrupt anything, but Aly seems to be having more therapist appointments than she has in the past. At least her "team" is doing something mildly correct, though once a week is still too little.

Honestly, I think that even if Aly recovers, she's never going to be unaffected by ED thoughts. She enjoys being ass-patted for #recoverywin-s too much. Even if she's eating something a million times, she expects an asspat. There is no hope for her. (Which I already knew but just needed to say.)

No. 39411

Same anon who said go the fuck outside-
Okay anorexic people are difficult to eat with, but not sub-human garbage. Nobody is scum for having a legit mental illness.

No. 39413

I'm still wtf over followers still believing she's a recovery guru and "doing so well" and "a real inspiration", etc. Is it her 4th month of #realrecovery now? Already been in hospital for losing weight during that time. HOW is she inspirational?

No. 39414

wtf? she's making shit up, why? all i've read about her on here was worried and caring. whatever

No. 39416

nobody said she looked fat. the comments on here were all about how fucking emaciated she looked and that someone should contact her parents because she's killing herself.

No. 39417

IF she means this site, then why isn't she affected by the fetishists we post who drool over her underage bones? If I saw that I'd go private straight away.

Her parents don't know about her account. Figures.

No. 39418

she only wrote that so she gets comments reassuring her total opposite. That's she's skinny , emaciated etc. she's feeding her eating disorder it's not unusual at all

No. 39420

I think she misunderstood because there were two conversations at the same time on here. One was about that girl from tumblr who is obviously in a healthy weight.

No. 39421

I just translated the comments and THERE'S ALWAYS ONE that say that concerned people are "jealous".

No. 39422

well her english isn't good, so…

but still, is she really so naive about the internet? seems so. that's really sad. she's sheltered and has no idea what kind of shitty people sit behind their keyboards all around the world, able to look at her pics.

No. 39423

The scariest thing about that post is how she said she might as well relapse. Um…she really thinks she's in recovery???

No. 39424

I really wish she'd get help. She's getting sucked into this online world and it's doing her no good.

No. 39426

She's fallen down the same hole Sprout fell into when she thought her followers were her friends. Can't believe she still goes to school in her state.

No. 39430

Feel like sending her a dm explaining the two conversions, feel bad she's so young and obviously extremely vulnerable atm :-/

No. 39439

Can a Germany-chan explain this to her in German? These message boards can be hard to understand if you don't know how they work and it doesn't surprise me that she misunderstood.

I wonder who the little twat that sent her the link was. Germany-chan should try to find out.

No. 39440

Please do it. In this case it's really life or death.

No. 39441

I wish Erika had said who sent her the link back when she ragequit. I bet it was the same person.

No. 39442

I don't think she would tell who it was if somebody asks her. Sadly there's no hint in the comments.

No. 39443

Main suspects imo - Ash, fourassedcat. I know emma follows whoever's mentioned here on ig, but doesn't seem like her MO to me.

No. 39444

If it was forestcat I'm going to ruin her life. (Probably not for real, but I hate her so much.)

No. 39445

This anon. My bet is on Ash. Ash seems genuinely bitter enough to do something like this, while FC is just incredibly naive.

No. 39446

She likes to get involved hands on with whoever's discussed here. She even posted on princess kenzie's ig. She's autist enough to do it not thinking about the consequences to the person she messages.

Or Ash sends her. Idk difficult to choose between the two, but I can't imagine who else would keep doing this. It's been happening for a year or w/e on the ana threads.

No. 39447

Now I'm curious. Someone find out and post their IG so they can be shamed forever.

No. 39448

I can't even DM on my windows phone Beta version of instagram, so it's not this anon. Definitely should ask the irecover girl, but it's probably a throawaway account anyway.

Whoever it is doesn't gaf that they're hurting someone (or they're autist and don't understand people can get fucked up reading about themselves/getting things wrong).

No. 39452

I saw the post but i can't remember the name. It was in german, so it was probably one of the german "pro recovery" teenage girls. they seem to be everywhere and all of them are annoying as fuck

No. 39454

You guys are going to scare her. Don't DM her unless you apeak German. Englishfags can comment publicly.

No. 39455

If it was Ash or TFC they would have left a public comment.

No. 39459

File: 1444143988301.png (994.22 KB, 589x589, ging.PNG)

Smells like samefag in here, take this weird shit to your cancerous Ember thread. We are here to laugh at Aly and Ginger's horrible food and denial of their ED.

>#vegancomfortfood…#thefitveganginger style ???? #raw veg plate; salad with romaine, pink beans, flax, and balsamic; flax noodles with Dijon; gala apple; sweet tarragon #oatmeal; homemade #oilfree #saltfree popcorn; and sweet ginger protein tacos for #nationaltacoday today

Zero calorie noodles with mustard, rotten bell pepper and… ugh… "ginger protein" tacos. Delicious comfort food.

No. 39469

That looks like a lot of food. Does she use those stupidly tiny bowls and stuff too?

No. 39481

It's a great display of very low calorie food.

No. 39484

File: 1444147172713.jpg (209.86 KB, 1076x1530, Screenshot_2015-10-06-16-57-18…)

Same recycled picture from 3 days ago? Same jeans, socks, boots and same strawberry fortimel just in a bottle not a nasty cup.. oh and exactly the same badly-done nail varnish!

No. 39485

File: 1444147626050.jpg (261.45 KB, 1210x597, groundhogday.jpg)

Oh god, that bell pepper really does look like it's rotting. What the fuck.

I can't help but wonder if Ging is a binger. The average person couldn't eat all of that in one sitting.

I hope she took both of these pictures on the same day. I shudder to think she would be willing to wear that hideous outfit twice in such a short period of time.

No. 39492

File: 1444148334880.jpg (195.78 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Are we still mentioning Ash in here even though she is boring and her own thread is dead? How is she able to stand upright? I think this is the first time I've seen her full body next to another person

No. 39493

File: 1444148601318.jpg (214.84 KB, 1070x1317, Screenshot_2015-10-06-17-09-47…)

Think Aly'a slacking on the delete front. She should have put on some weight by now, I hope next weigh day is also really IP admission day like last time when they kept her in but this time for real!

No. 39494

I would love to do it but she blocked me today. I left two comments on her posts, saying that I don't think she really wants to recover and that she seems to have her account so people reaffirm how thin she is and worry about her but that I wish she would and that I'm worried. I guess that was too direct for her but I really don't care. I wasn't rude but it obviously wasn't something she wanted to hear.

No. 39495

people like you is what ruins recovery for some people. Stop that.

No. 39501

I was looking at what she'd eaten from breakfast to now and all I could think was how bloated I'd feel and how that Ensure would push me over the edge. I'm not even eating disordered, but if I couldn't eat all that, I doubt she could at her weight.

No. 39505

File: 1444151209848.jpg (247.33 KB, 1070x1364, Screenshot_2015-10-06-18-05-20…)

So… Her breakfast plate is now her dinner plate, explains how tiny her portions are

No. 39507

its unbelieveable shes still alive. well - kind of.

No. 39517

She's old news, no one talks about her anymore

No. 39523

>all that fiber

oh god.

No. 39536

File: 1444158427177.png (1.3 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-06-20-05-25…)

>extra calories not a fear anymore
Then have a bloody nightsnack you twat

No. 39539

Yep, but she ALWAYS manages to eat 100% of everything - she's following a mealplan made by a dietitian (!)!!! - and never complains about being full or having any GI problems…amazing. She must truly be the queen of recovery since she is able to so easily dismiss all of the uncomfortable/unpleasant parts!

No. 39542

File: 1444158897696.jpeg (115.86 KB, 631x692, image.jpeg)

No. 39548

if those extra calories aren't a fear anymore then WHY DOES SHE POUR THE SUGAR ON THE TABLE? for the ~artsy photo?

No. 39555

Why does she need fortimel? She eats quite a lot of different food, well for an Ana girl. So is it for safety so she can hang on to not being fully recovered or? I don't get it? She replaced one snack, can't she she just do the same with fortimel? Or is it for specific vitamins?

No. 39558

The amount left after her pic would be maybe three grains? Recovery win!!!

No. 39560

Wait til the next weigh in, that's all I'm going to say. It's going to be difficult judging her weight at this time of year now she wears layered, baggy sweaters instead of the old black tights and mini skirt.

No. 39562

It looks kinda like myfitnesspal.com

No. 39564

The fucking sugar on the table made me rage again this time, too. I don't even know why. It's the little things that Aly does that really get me. WHY IS IT ON THE TABLE??? DON'T DO THAT

Even if she's hospitalized, you know she'll be out of there in an instant without gaining any weight, and that she'll go back to doing the same thing as soon as she gets home…I wish her family would start being firm with her (e.g., "you can't continue to live under our roof while you're actively killing yourself, so if you don't start showing at least SOME progress, you're going to have to get a job and start paying for your own place to stay"), but I can't see Ma being able to stand firm with any kind of ultimatum. I wonder if she even realizes that this is a life-or-death situation?

No. 39567

I simply cannot understand why she's "following a Meal Plan ( ! )" to the letter for some meals and snacks and then she's "not afraid of extra calories anymore" so she eats tons of "extras" that aren't on her meal plan while she's out. I can't come up with any reason for it that doesn't involve Aly being manipulative or deceptive. Maybe the things she eats at restaurants are the only things she actually eats, and all of the other shit (the Fortimels, the cookies, the pizza, the pasta, etc.) that she "eats" at home is just getting tossed. I like the theory that she took a bunch of photos of things and is posting them over time to make it look like she's eating these items every day. The pizzas especially look ridiculously similar.

No. 39570

I was angry at her last cookie picture with those square cookies. The print on them…It's like she's doing it on purpose to piss people off who get upset about stuff like that lol

No. 39571

use 6tag, it's far better than the windows beta and actually has DMs

No. 39572

The pic where one was upside down?

No. 39573

Oh wow, anon. Thanks! I didn't know that existed. I got pushed into ig beta in the app store and had no clue there was anything else. Gonna search that shit right now.

No. 39574

exactly. Weird shit

No. 39624

Wow, I knew it was tiny but I didn't know it was that shallow too.

No. 39637

File: 1444174537771.png (81.08 KB, 1106x246, Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.27…)

Oh god. What if she's ~triggering~ my autism on purpose? Speaking of, it's driving me nuts that Aly left these comments from yesterday up and never replied. It IS plastic, isn't it? The lid clearly says "SOLO" right on it. It's a plastic dome lid. That wouldn't even fit on a reusable glass Starbucks cup, would it? She's using a fucking plastic disposable cup for her fucking Fortimels that she doesn't drink and it makes me want to scream.

Why the hell would Aly even lie about something like that? I really am starting to wonder if she took a bunch of these pictures at once and is just posting them each day to "keep up appearances."

No. 39649

She probably did. I can just imagine her spending an hour rearranging and photographing her coffee and cookies on different placemats so she can post them later.

No. 39650

The cup is definitely plastic, not glass.

No. 39652

File: 1444177918813.png (847.47 KB, 677x538, alyplasticrecovery.png)

Here is Aly's cup vs. a reusable one. The differences are obvious.

No. 39667

THANK YOU. My question remains: WHYYYY would Aly lie about the material that her precious Starbucks cup is made out of? Because she never drinks the Fortimels she puts in it and she knows it's germ-y and gross?

No. 39669

Because she's a chronic liar. IDK.

No. 39674

Yeah, this. She lies about everything whether it matters or not. Either that or she literally doesn't know the difference between the English words "glass" and "plastic"

No. 39677

She might have thought "glass cup" was the same as "a glass" or "a cup" but she's definitely lying about it being reusable. The reusable one is plastic too.

No. 39678

File: 1444180298074.png (6.34 MB, 2000x1600, The Unified Pizza Conspiracy T…)

My detailed pizza analysis leads me to conclude that Aly has photographed at least a few different pies. However, it is quite suspicious that not one of these pictures contains anything for scale, nor has Aly ever (to my knowledge) posted a picture of herself eating any of one of these pizzas or even a picture of one of them with a bite out of it or something to imply that she ate it.

No. 39679

I'm seeing faces of cats, dogs, ET, heart shapes and skulls in those pizzas.

I am not on hallucinogenic drugs.

No. 39681

I'm seeing Alys.

No. 39685

Second row, second from the left. That photo shows the clear scale of just how TINY those pizzas are. The only way she'd be able to fit almost all of the circumference of the pie in that photo is if she stood on a chair, and I can't seeing her spoopy ass managing that.

No. 39713

File: 1444183789865.png (3.15 MB, 1862x1196, Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.03…)

Shit, you're right, I didn't even think about that. Also, it's weird that the pizza she allegedly eats at home is never cut when she photographs it. This picture (supposedly taken at her "parents' friends' place") is the only one she has up where the pizza is cut at all.

>so much more heavy than the usual one but I enjoyed it ALL

She enjoyed it all, but she doesn't claim to have eaten it all. She just enjoyed all of what she ate, which could have been a tiny sliver.

In the comments:
>maruaftered: How many slices did you eat? Looks yummy :)
>aly_realrecover: @maruaftered I ate the whole one as usual, and I wrote it in caption
Bitch, please. I don't even believe you ate an entire tiny, "personal"-sized pizza.

No. 39728

so ging had an arthrogram, which according to google is for detecting problems with joints. So is this when a doctor tells her that shes got osteoarthritis from her compulsive exercise/orthorexia? dying to see her ig turn into a recovery blog (the vegan recovery cookbook!)

No. 39732

She must not be consuming enough stevia. Alternatively, she doesn't have enough faith. Stevia and/or faith cure everything.

No. 39745

File: 1444192076103.png (631.69 KB, 928x572, Screenshot 2015-10-06 at 11.27…)

Basically Aly if she didn't give a fuck.

No. 39761


No. 39762

I feel really bad for this girl. She's only 15, I think (she commented with her age on one of these posts), and she says her family doesn't really give a fuck about her ED. She says she's in "recovery," but she's restricting and seems to be constantly obsessing about food, calories, weight, etc. The people commenting on her posts seem to be other sick or "recovering" people from the marvelous #edfamily, and I honestly think that they're all just trying to get other people to eat more and gain weight so that they can feel better about themselves. It's really gross. They're always like "OMG babe that isn't enoughhhh! You have to eat more! You should eat 2500+ calories/day! Eat a whole pint of ice cream!" and I can't help but feel like they just want everyone else to get "fatter" than they are. Yuck

No. 39763

>J E S U S ? He and He alone is getting me through this day. My incision was feeling fine this morning so I tried to run and skate… BAAD IDEA ANNA ? arthrograms suck. But #GODISSOGOOD and He's got a plan, just like my devotion this morning reminded me so perfectly. ??

Eww. I hate Jesus shit.

No. 39766

I have to wonder how she reconciles her faith in a personal, loving, omnipotent god with the fact that she's got a ton of health problems…I hate to say it, but her endless devotion to Jesus doesn't really seem to be doing her any good.

No. 39769

I'm actually extremely worried for Icovery. She's going to die any day if this keeps going. She's severe.

No. 39770

Atleast Aly's parents eat out with her and stuff, even if Aly puts up a fake facade she isn't at as much risk as this 14 year old is and it's fucking scary

No. 39772

people in recovery do need 2500 as a minimum to restore weight but once their weight stabilizes to their healthy range they can eat intuitively and maintain their happy set-point on an average kind of intake. Amalielee wrote a post about it. You don't FORCE yourself to eat 2500-3000 every single damn day once you're restored, you listen to your body and eat when you're hungry, stop when you're satisfied like normal people do. 3000 isn't necessary if your body doesn't need it to repair. during recovery you need to be at a surplus to expand the stomach, repair organs, gain to a healthy weight w/e but yeah when people are having 3000+ after they're restored and they tell others it's restriction if you're not stuffing yourself 24/7 it does baffle me

No. 39773

I know. Me too. I had always been a "disordered" eater, but, after puberty, this developed into full-on anorexia nervosa. During my first semester in high school, I starved myself to the point where my body began to completely shut down. I ended up getting dragged, very much against my will, into a hospital, where I stayed for many weeks. That was the start of years of ED treatment. Anyway, I don't know if I looked anything like icovery, but I guess I must have, given how much weight I lost. At the time, I couldn't see myself as being thin, let alone emaciated, and I still thought I was "chubby" when I was about to drop dead from starvation. That was half my life ago, and things have changed so much that it doesn't even seem like that was the same person as I am now. Seeing someone else going through the same hell I was going through at that age just kills me. I wish I could do something to help her, but I don't speak German, and I don't even know what I'd say to her anyway.

Her parents seriously need to intervene and get her to a HOSPITAL. ASAP. She could drop dead any day. I am so worried for her.

At this point, icovery seems like she's going to end up as another Ash or just die from complications related to anorexia. HER PARENTS NEED TO STEP IN. SOON. NOW. UGHHH

No. 39774

Eh, I gained 25 pounds and never ate above 2500 :\ But what I was getting at is that it's creepy for people who are very deep in their own EDs to be commenting on the posts of other people with EDs and telling them to eat, eat, eat! Ice cream pints! All the time! Gain, gain, gain! I can't help but think they're getting some sort of sick pleasure out of the idea that these other people in "recovery" will gain more than they will…

No. 39777

>>39774 yeah i agree with you 100% on that for sure. it's out of hand

No. 39778

aly probably never sleeps because of the fucking caffeine in her system

No. 39781

Silly anon, it's because of her ~weather sensitivity~!

No. 39783

File: 1444201872851.png (26.86 KB, 1094x100, Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.0…)


No. 39794


ok Karen

No. 39797

that's why i asked her. i was wondering how she would react and expected her to delete it

No. 39798

decided to go with the lie to not get blocked lol

No. 39799

the longer this plastic shit is used, the more toxic shit leaks out of it, especially if it's exposed to high temperatures. look up bisphenol a for example.

No. 39800

you sure. i want whatever you're not having, then.

No. 39803

Honest question. Why do ana spoopys take so many pictures of their bodies and post them online if they think they are 'fat'?

Like, these girls will post 5 pics a day of their emaciated bodies but the captions will just be 'I'm fat/hubby/huge/ect'. If you really thought that, you wouldn't be taking pictures of yourself and posting them online, imo.

No. 39804

It's because they crave the reassurance from people they've never met before that they're 'emaciated', thin, dying, spoopy etc etc. they want people to tell them how thin they are. Their eating disorder thrives off comments like those. The people who think are doing these girls a service by reassuring them how thin they are are in fact makin the situation a whole lot worse. Trust me, if you have an Ed it's almost a thrill when someone tells you you're thin.

No. 39807

What is this? A cappuccino?

No. 39809

That's a lot of food… Only the cucumber and popcorn looks okay. That rotten bell pepper is freaking me out. And who puts mustard on noodles?? Just plain mustard?

No. 39811

That looks delicious though. ngl

No. 39815

Lol that was my reaction too (also sarcastically, of course).
I'm going to bet it's something really stupid and inconsequential.

Of course, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised with something like, "Dad accused me of faking recovery! He said I still looked at disgusting as ever!"

No. 39816

I should probably be in bed right now but I am actually waiting for Aly to post something. What has my life come to.

No. 39817

Hey anon, I have to go to school in an hour and a half and i've been awake the whole night browsing lolcow and ebay. don't worry about it

No. 39819

When she has a spare minute? From what? Composing her other captions and taking 18728282 pictures of a cappuccino? This bitch. Sorry this instagram thing and all your fans are taking up so much of your precious time Aly.

No. 39820

I'm so curious. Can't wait anymore. Isn't it time for a lunch post now?

No. 39823

Posted 5 mins ago. Chicken breast, broccoli and unpictured bread with tons of oil (!).

No. 39827


What happens if you post something like "yeah you're right u look huge why would you post this"

No. 39829

File: 1444222222335.jpg (302 KB, 1079x1537, IMG_20151007_144745.jpg)

Are u fuckin kidding me Aly.

No. 39830

File: 1444222836611.jpg (41.98 KB, 680x441, 1583057110.jpg)

>2 pieces of broccoli

No. 39831

They chimp out and cut themselves and puke

No. 39833

File: 1444223810500.jpg (237.56 KB, 1080x1415, IMG_20151007_150709.jpg)

Yes, showing all that oil is definitely the reason for the closeups. Yes Aly, you don't have to prove anything to us so u can photograph the whole plates from now on! No worries, nobody will judge you because of not visible oil then.

No. 39841

What a moron. There is no oil visible in like 90% of the dry-ass shit she photographs and claims is SUPER OILY (!) cooked in tons of oil as usual [sake emoji][monkey face emoji]! And the closeups are very, very obviously to hide the fact that her portions are usually small as fuck. I love the ones where there's a strawberry or blueberry or something and you can tell that the shit she's trying to make seem HUGE (!) is actually minuscule.

No. 39842

File: 1444226456552.png (2.54 MB, 1198x1196, Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 6.59…)

Don't worry anon, there are a few more. She made the oil super conspicuous in this picture to make her snarky little point, I'm sure. This is one of like three of her meals that I've actually spotted any significant amount of oil in.

No. 39843

Agreed. Icovery is dying and her parents have no clue how to help.

No. 39845

File: 1444226907660.jpg (66.99 KB, 342x442, icu.JPG)

deja vu?

No. 39847

uh huh. sounds familiar,heh.

No. 39849

It's scary. I wish I could somehow talk with them, but I don't even speak German. They need to get their daughter admitted inpatient in a hospital ASAP. I'm the anon who commented above that I also ended up in a condition similar to icovery when I was exactly her age, so I really feel for her. My parents intervened before I died, obviously, but I'm worried that hers won't. She's been emaciated for far longer than I was at this point, and I'm sure she's done a decent amount of damage to her body already. She may already have developed osteoporosis, for example (I did). I don't know what treatment options are like in her area, but at the very least, I'm sure her health would warrant her being kept for some time in a regular medical ward in a hospital.

It's just so sad to see her desperately reaching out for reassurance that she's thin. I can't even see it as obnoxious or attention-seeking - it's just tragic, given how young she is and how naïve she seems. I also worry that she might get somehow taken advantage of by one of these creeps who gets off on severely anorexic girls/women. Jesus FUCK, icovery, YOUR PARENTS NEED TO WAKE UP.

You know - she's in school, right? I'm also wondering why her school and/or her friends haven't done anything. I know a group of girls from my school went and talked to the school counselor because they were worried about me, and that led to my parents being contacted. Surely people must have noticed that she barley eats and is emaciated as fuck…

No. 39850

Barley? I meant barely, lol.

No. 39851

You could try supporting her anyway. Just tell her exactly what you would have needed to hear at that age.

No. 39852

Something MUST'VE been said/done and it's ongoing. We don't know her story. I really don't think any parent or teacher would keep quiet about it.

No. 39853

Yeah, I might try, but no one seems to really get through to her - she's so deep in her eating disorder. I don't think it's something she'll be able to turn around on her own without outside intervention, TBH.

Yeah, true, we don't know anything but what she's posting, which includes very little information about her actual life and is filtered through the eyes and mind of a severely ill individual. I hope at least someone has their eye on her, but if they do, I have to wonder why she isn't getting send to the hospital or an ED treatment facility.

No. 39858

File: 1444228943610.png (1.05 MB, 617x1606, Aly 10-7-2015 6.png)

omg she's so weird with what she deletes…here's the before

No. 39859

File: 1444228968234.png (1.04 MB, 617x1559, Aly 10-7-2015 6-2.png)

…and here's the after.

No. 39874

You're acting like she actually eats all the food she shows or drinks all the fortimel.

Anaroxics are often forced to drink fortimel because it has a fuckton of calories. By pretending to drink fortimel, she's racking up ana points.

No. 39876

File: 1444234668861.jpg (182.27 KB, 540x814, IMG_20151007_091600.JPG)

Already baked croissant…

No. 39880

Hahaha I hope she doesn't charge for her English lessons!!

No. 39881

>There isn't "too much" in #realrecovery
>I have to follow my meal plan EXACTLY for breakfast, morning and afternoon snack, lunch, and dinner, and I can't eat a night snack because it isn't in my meal plan!


No. 39883


When she posted about the "forum" that "said she was fat", she threatened people into being nice to her or else she wouldn't eat, would delete her account, and/or relapse, so I find it very likely that she also emotionally manipulates her parents, teachers, and friends.

It's not hard to get your underage kids good treatment in Germany, but parents often feel guilt when it comes to mental illness, especially when it appeals to their perceived "failure to nurture".

Combine that with the deceiving nature of the illness, and it can take a while for steps to be taken, which is a shame.

No. 39884

Where is the post about the reason for her bad mood this morning? WHERE?! Waiting all day for that stupid bitch to solve the mystery!!

No. 39885

She left her first teaching evening with a headache and hadn't mentioned it since. Kek.

No. 39886


She already changed the caption of the earlier post to delete the part about elaborating on her low mood.

No. 39887

WTF I hate her.

No. 39888

LOL! I wonder if she got "fired" or if she decided that it's "just not for her" or something…maybe that's what the ~low mood~ was about. That would be hilarious.

No. 39889

Would laugh really hard.

No. 39890

I doubt she'd even post about it if that were the case, though. She'll probably just never mention the teaching shit again and hope everyone forgets (and delete any comments anyone makes referencing it).

No. 39893

File: 1444239175426.jpg (188.31 KB, 1070x1248, Screenshot_2015-10-07-18-08-34…)

Someone forgot to shave this morning

No. 39895

I want to know why!! Sleepless nights = too many exercises?

No. 39899

She forgot her problems when she switched on her heart's light apparently.

No. 39900

…when her mum's hope hit her soul.>>39899

No. 39901

The croissant hit her nose. MOUTH aly, that's where food goes. M.O.U.T.H.

No. 39905

Maybe aly has an eating problem, not a disorder. We've seen her struggling to use a straw and how she puts her fork in the food and not eat it. Okay, she eats in the videos, but she struggles with that. Her eyes pop out of her head.

No. 39906

File: 1444240798836.jpg (27.48 KB, 320x200, drink problem.jpg)

The sugar too. She throws it on the table. I think I've made a correct diagnosis here.

No. 39907

File: 1444240946756.gif (408.11 KB, 160x120, donut.gif)

No. 39909

File: 1444241077491.gif (802.88 KB, 400x225, Eating-GIF.gif)

Same anon here, but I've found a great gif!

No. 39910

File: 1444241364146.gif (988.28 KB, 500x245, yerrinpark.gif)


See, it's a syndrome. Remember how she used to think fruit was something to hold near your mouth while you take a selfie?

Gif here is aly straight after the video on her phone stops.

No. 39914

File: 1444242544844.gif (1.03 MB, 200x112, 200w.gif)

Unpictured (!) Glass of milk

No. 39915

You bitches are killing me. lel.

No. 39916

If she wants to be a tutor so badly why doesn't she listen when native English speakers correct her grammar and spelling? I've seen many commenters correct her on things like brend, challange, day hospital control, and that "already baked" shit. Her English is fine for being able to converse with native speakers but she should not be teaching it!

No. 39917


No. 39918

File: 1444243046064.jpg (50.49 KB, 600x337, kCriaUj.jpg)

And this is where all her strawberrie (!) Fortimels go

No. 39919


Aly's food problem officially secondhand-killed me.

No. 39921

oh lawd

No. 39922

You're too good at this.

Her spoken English is really crap though. I couldn't understand what she was saying on her videos.

No. 39927

It's a little silly because she doesn't realize that her issues are from her pushing her body too hard. Positivity is better than weepy grief.

Icovery is still young enough where her body can repair itself. Your bones don't stop fortifying themselves, hardening, until your mid-twenties. She needs to start thinking about recovery now though.

No. 39928

No. 39934

File: 1444245075550.gif (4.37 MB, 640x360, in recovery.gif)

When's her next hospital day control? She must've packed on some pounds with all those crepes, waffles and peers. It's the only thing I look forward to in Aly's feed.

No. 39935

Oct 14. Another week.

No. 39938

File: 1444245460835.gif (167.35 KB, 500x275, cookie_monster_waiting.gif)

Gif fucked up, but I can relate to Cookie Monster.

No. 39944

Poor cookie monster!

No. 39946

He's waiting for aly to stop messing around with her phone and put the cookies back in the tin.

No. 39959

File: 1444249280730.gif (979.79 KB, 311x196, oily.gif)

… cooked in LOADS of oil (!) (sake emoji)


No. 39967

So funny!!

No. 39984

File: 1444252920327.jpg (5.12 KB, 188x164, 9374652.jpg)

No. 40025

This is some bullshit

No. 40026

Why do parents have kids if they are obliviously to a dangerous habit right in front of their eyes? i hate these people. This poor girl is dying and her parents aren't even helping.

No. 40027

Is this from an infomercial?? I'm laughing so hard.

No. 40028

Mean oblivious ^

No. 40038

File: 1444264075186.gif (3.48 MB, 253x145, 3ca.gif)

In full.

No. 40041

Maybe they're uncomfortable with the stigma of having a mentally ill kid and putting her in hospital makes it all the more real for them? I don't know, but it's sad.

No. 40079

File: 1444269906510.png (249.22 KB, 358x358, topkek.png)

Oh my fucking gods

No. 40112

That's exactly what my parents felt like. I was practically dead before I got admitted. I suppose by taking their daughter to hospital they are acknowledging that she's ill and that's probably something they'd rather keep turning a blind eye to

No. 40132

Well i tried to speak to her, but obviously she is way to sick to see how dangerous all this is. But speaking of parents care: there are other accounts of young girls dangerously uw. She seems to see a gp btw. I wonder why he does not section her….

No. 40133

People do tell her the truth all the time though….

No. 40134

Well farmer, your bio is mean to all the REAL survivors out there. Bloody b*

No. 40135

to wwwrecovery :-/

No. 40139

Am I the only one who is not even remotely interested in this icovery chick?
I mean it's really sad and all but that's not what I'm here for. Ya ya I'm totse edgy but come on. Thousands of girls are dying for EDs right now she just happens to be talked about here, big whoop. Call me when something funny happens.

No. 40160

Aly's breakfast post - today is a very important day and she'll post the "explaination" "?" any ideas what could be going on?

No. 40161

Well, there goes my sleep.
Please send help…

No. 40162

Probably something totally unspectacular…

No. 40163

She has some important appointment (hospital emoji) I wonder if she's going to have bad bloods and be kept in

No. 40165

I don't think icovery should be on here being discussed She's 14 and not well at all,

No. 40170

File: 1444296011649.jpg (200.55 KB, 529x772, 444892992.JPG)

Oh my god

No. 40172

The next MONTHS? For fuck's sake. I can't even believe this shit. They've given her so many months already, and she's wound up in the hospital twice. Wow, just wow.

No. 40173

File: 1444296458780.png (151.67 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20151008_0002.png)


No. 40174

Wow, 20 days will help a lot.

No. 40175

Dude she could be dead before then if they're giving her "months"…

No. 40176

Hopefully they are doing some tests in that clinic and aren't as stupid as the other doctors.

No. 40177

Okay, I stopped reading after the clinic part and now I'm just seeing the "it's just our OWN WILL" bit. What a complete and utter load of bullshit. If recovering from an eating disorder was "just" a matter of one's "OWN WILL," first of all, why the fuck is Aly not recovered? Second, why would treatment facilities even fucking exist? You'd just have to say "WILL YOURSELF TO RECOVER! Tap your heels together three times, wish that you were recovered, and poof you'll be recovered!" Third, why would people die from EDs? Oh, right, because they didn't have enough positivity or strong enough wills, unlike Aly, who's totally recovering so amazingly.

It's a possibility that she's going there in months - she doesn't like the idea (waaaaaahhhh), and I highly doubt she'll ever end up there. I expect she'll manipulate the situation to somehow be able to stay at home and keep doing the same fucked-up #realrecovery show she's been doing for so long now.

I can't believe I'm getting so angry over this shit, but goddamn, it's infuriating to watch.

No. 40178

They might actually weigh her properly for a start! They'll have a challenge finding enough calories, as she eats so much atm and can't gain a single ounce

No. 40179

Yeah, she'll probably have to eat like 5000+ lush, oily calories a day to gain any weight because of dat metabolism. And she'll be at risk of refeeding syndrome the entire time, despite how much she's been "eating" every day for months now.

No. 40181

Addition: I do love that it seems like her current "specialists" are finally getting wise to and sick of her bullshit, but I don't understand why they're giving her chance after chance after chance to do this on her own when she's at a dangerously low weight and has demonstrated that she really can't do this on her own on an outpatient basis. Seriously, she could die in "the next months" while they wait around and watch her lose even more weight.

No. 40182

But if this it indeed a clinic that is specialized on eating disorders wouldn't they intervene immediately when they see her for the first time? She looks like she could drop dead in a second. Wouldn't they recognize her serious situation and do something?

No. 40183

True - I really hope so.

No. 40184

Could probably get her in IP under section, I know she's over 18 but can be done if there's an immediate risk to her life or not seen as having sound mind/ capable of making own decisions so… There's hope

No. 40187

ay maybe they listened to the god damn email i sent them

No. 40188

I'd hope they were luring her there with the intention of keeping her there. If she knows it's inevitable she's going IP in a few MONTHS I imagine she'd give up on eating anything til then.

No. 40189

I hope this is the case. Maybe Ma is driving her there to surprise her with the fact that she's getting admitted. I knew someone whose parents got them into the car and told them they were going shopping, then drove them to the hospital and admitted them to an ED treatment program. They were under 18 though, and it was in the US. The girl was furious, of course, but it probably fucking saved her life.

No. 40191

I'm expecting her to manipulate the situation too. Just like how she was supposed to go IP back in June, but just went to the hospital for a week.

Of course, I hope they're all lying to her like she's been lying to them all along. "Just 20 days, Aly!" will turn into however long it takes to get her weight-restored and perhaps somewhat recovered.

No. 40194

>Ofc I don't like this idea so much

Oh, ofc. Thing is, if she's so determinated to beat her disorder, she'd be checking herself in asap. It fucks me off when I see people really struggling and wanting IP treatment and they can't afford it. Aly's having the opportunity handed to her and she doesn't want it. Summary: Aly isn't interested in recovering confirmed.

No. 40195

Me again. I suspect this is the news she was going to reveal yesterday, but changed her mind when her mother's hope hit her soul.

No. 40197

Agreed on all counts.

No. 40198

Waiting for her next post..

No. 40200

She'll be resisting whatever they say like crazy. I hope the next post is a pic of her with a tube up her nose, but it'll probably be a HUGE plate of seafood salad and another #recoverywin.

No. 40201

can't tell if sarcasm

No. 40202

I took it as sarcasm.

No. 40203

Second anon got it right. 20 days would make her gain weight, but would she go home with a recovered mind after it? I guess not.

No. 40204

I am literally waiting up for her to post

No. 40205

I wonder are they actually giving her months or was that just her bad English And by 'next months' she means next month as in November? Although even that's too long away

No. 40208

If she truely wanted to recover she would push for treatment, bet she'll prolong the IP admission/weight gain for as long as she can no way she'll actually admit she's ill enough to need it, blame it all on the doctors and take no responsibility for herself or her recovery

No. 40210

File: 1444308606929.jpg (298.56 KB, 1070x1300, IMG_20151008_144821.jpg)

Not a single word about the appointment? Fuck you Aly.

No. 40211

An octopus burger.

No. 40212

Typical of her to have a heavier than usual lunch when she's hard on the defense of convincing her mom that she's totally not sick and doesn't need to go IP!

No. 40213

File: 1444309745532.png (213.01 KB, 716x640, k.png)

No. 40214


POSSIBIILITY for inpatient? four to six months??????

How can so many different professionals be so utterly incompetent? WTF?

No. 40215

Feel actually sick at the thought of an octopus burger. Googling it didnt help :-/ bleughhh!

No. 40216

If she carries on this way she won't make 4-6months!

No. 40217

uhhhh octopus burger sounds delicious.

No. 40218

Now we carry on with the cycle of her followers asking her why she isn't eating more to avoid IP and she'll be all "I'm following a meal plan!"

No. 40219

Nope, no way, yuk ! Tentacles eughh

No. 40220

On the 14th it's weigh day, hopefully if she's lost weight they'll admit her sooner

No. 40221

We're not talking bad about her. We're all just concerned, and it's not like we're using her real name or anything.

No. 40222

I was almost right. Octopus live in the sea.

No. 40224

Lel'ing at the fact that she only has 4 comments on the latest post, despite the hundreds of likes.

Comments have really dropped off on her posts recently.

No. 40228

Don't talk about the ocean. A clam took cchristie's father and we don't want to trigger him.

No. 40229

Cchristie, where art thou? :(

No. 40232

i guess she's just being discussed now because of that misunderstanding. we feel a bit guilty, even though the mistake was on her part. still, she's 14 so

No. 40234

what are the chances that she actually does eat all this, but purges through exercise or laxatives? or just plain ol' throwing up?

No. 40236

I think he's okay with octopi. It's just the clam I think.


No. 40241

File: 1444320126058.png (3.18 MB, 1824x1824, Photo Collage Maker_aaHoV7.png)

Yes aly, you "ate" the whole of this (not) HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEEEEE (at all) burger I get it STOP SAYING WHOLE SO MANY TIMES WHEN IT'S NOT TRUE

No. 40245

File: 1444321142154.gif (291.26 KB, 300x165, aaarghhh.gif)

She's doubling up on each food shot so it looks like she's eaten more than she has. Now that's fucking annoying.

No. 40249

Makes it seem loads with all the pics but she still barely creeps over 1500, I don't think that flower had a chance with the fortimel it was watered with, suspiciously pink haha

No. 40252

File: 1444322323331.png (847.3 KB, 927x592, Untitled2.png)

No. 40254

File: 1444322367295.png (645.86 KB, 916x597, Untitled.png)

anyone else think this doesn't look like real, dairy ice cream?

No. 40258

Baby Octopus, Frozen Serving Size: 4 oz, Calories: 93, Fat: 1g, Carbs: 2g, Protein: 15g

No. 40263

Nope. Some kind of sorbet or froyo.

>Baby Octopus
This makes me so sad.

Despite NINE pics today, she's saying she's eaten
7 cookies
plain crackers
octopus (sadface) burger
that ice thing


No. 40265

File: 1444322825933.png (4.6 KB, 244x46, Screenshot 2015-10-08 at 11.46…)


No. 40267

Aly must seriously piss off anyone with an eating disorder who is put on a real meal plan.


No. 40270

A few mornings ago I really craved eating biscuits for breakfast because I've been triggered by Aly. I didn't though because porridge is better for me.

No. 40271

(plus I don't have biscuits at home. Not ED btw)

No. 40272

File: 1444323379957.jpg (79.65 KB, 436x1097, Screenshot_2015-10-08-17-54-36…)

Purge cheeks?

No. 40280

ma ain't smiling lmaoo

No. 40284

those eyes will forever disturb me

No. 40285

How is it possible that a doctor of an ED clinic says something like 'Oh ok, I see you are doing well let's wait for six months and then meet again!' while he glances at THIS CREEPY FACE.

No. 40287

Her whole face disturbs me. She's pretty fug.

No. 40293

Yeah, that's what I don't get. She is obviously vain, yet she can't see how goddamned ugly her ED has made her? She looked so much prettier in her pre-ana days. Now she looks like a Halloween costume of herself.

No. 40295

File: 1444326170742.png (731.65 KB, 915x592, Untitled2.png)

Wow, a zoomed in portion on her tiny portion plate. How unpredictable.

No. 40298

>Idk what I should add to this perfection

Try swallowing the food and keeping it down.

No. 40301

In the past she posted a photo of that plate in the background (she was photographing her glass of wine) and it was after she had posted the usual close-up. In the wine photo, you could see that she only filled half of that little plate with pasta and the other half was salad.

That's why she posts the close-ups. The other half of that plate is either empty or covered in leaves.

No. 40303

Same anon. She got called out in the comments about that and she blocked/deleted everyone and pretty sure she removed the photo as well.

No. 40304

oh snap!

No. 40312

she blocked me over nothing
i never said a single negative word to her

No. 40313

What did you say? She blocked me just because I followed her!

No. 40324

i made several encouraging comments and asked her to share more about herself with her followers. i asked about the flavors of various foods and complimented them. When she posted her ice cream i said "this kind doesn't have milk or cream in it, right?" and said i had eaten many great fruit sorbets in Italy. Then she blocked me.
i actually never wanted to have a negative or trolling account. But i am serious: i never said anything rude or negative to her.

No. 40325

the "ice cream" i commented on was yesterday's melon and strawberry or whatever it was

No. 40326


Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's like she knows…

No. 40327

Was yours the comment asking her to tell us about her interests and she said (in her usual way), I HAVE in past posts :cuntysmile: ?

I think she answered your question about the ice cream by blocking you. Seriously though…I can't figure her out.

I hope people stop commenting altogether. I wonder what she'd do? 26k followers and 15 comments at the most every 2 weeks or so.

No. 40329

File: 1444330354709.jpg (22.64 KB, 281x199, k.JPG)

Badly translated German. Others think she's puking too.

No. 40338

ofc deleted

posi-[name of food]-vibes only (!!!)

No. 40349

I'd bet a quid (hey, that's a lot to me) that Aly holds the instagram record for the most delete and blocks.

SO until the next appointment it's all going to be WHEEEEE I'M DOING SO MANY #RECOVERYWINS I TOTALLY DON'T NEED HOSPITAL. I hope she's lost weight and they stick her in the clinic.

No. 40353

Yeah, i was feeling really softhearted that day and felt bad for her. i thought it might be good for her to talk about something other than food. i guess i'm supposed to sift through her food pictures to learn about her interests.

My comment about the "ice cream" was not mean or underhanded at all. i know how Italian gelato is and anyone else who has been there knows that fruit ones usually don't have milk or cream. If it is all extra anyway, who the hell cares? Anyway, i have no idea why she reacted like that. i gave useful comments on many other posts. Pretty jackass move.

No. 40357

I started off my blocked accounts being nice to her, but I always reach a point where I have to say something even though I know she'd take offense. I can't even remember why she blocked me because I've never written anything I'd take offense at, but then she's a dang weirdo.

I want to know about her interests as well and remember when she said it was in her past post. She probably meant that 20 questions thing where the only thing I remember is she fancies Johnny Depp. It was really yawnworthy stuff.

No. 40360

File: 1444340969972.png (99.33 KB, 817x571, Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.41…)

Super real recovery…

How do other people not notice that even with the Fortimel and presuming she kept all of this down her intake is barely over 1500 calories a day?

According to a weight loss/gain projection site if she consistently ate like this including the Fortimel she'd be a whopping 90 pounds by November 2016! #realrecovery

But she's not drinking the Fortimel, which brings her at about maintenance/very slowly losing.

No. 40364

what app is that?

No. 40366

omfg, i'm starving. i could sooo eat that rn

No. 40431



No. 40447

I don't even know. I guess some people are probably fooled by her super-closeups and camera tricks that make it look like she's "eating" more than she actually is, plus if they actually read and trust her captions, she makes it seem like she's #doing #so #well #all #the #time #and #gaining #weight #and #really #really #realrecovering.

Oh, and in your weight loss/gain projection thing, I don't know if you factored it in, but Aly's so "hyperactive" (and speaking of that, why the fuck is no one telling her that's not OK at her weight when she's allegedly in ED recovery???) that she's probably burning off a lot of what she eats. Who knows how many calories she's burning through exercise, though.

I'm really worried about
>I would have the possibility to go inpatient in the next 4/6 months if things will start go bad
Four to six MONTHS? Are you fucking kidding me? She could be dead in a week.

No. 40463


Oh dayum that changes everything. Now it says she's going to be 40 pounds by November 2016.

No. 40464

Ugh. And everyone's just going to stand back and give her several more months worth of additional chances to fix things on her own? Really? With her track record? They must be pretty damn incompetent, or Aly's manipulating the situation like mad.

No. 40468

File: 1444361063956.jpg (37.5 KB, 500x589, britney.jpg)

Ok so this thread is about a girl with an eating disorder and you guys debate on whether she is actually recovering or going through a relapse? Is that an accurate tl;dr?

No. 40469

No, there is certainly no debate about that.

No. 40473

Nah this thread is about a chronic liar and manipulator who somehow gets worshiped by thousands of people as the #1 RealRecovery Goddess (OMG SO INSPIRING! SUCH POSITIVITY!!! I wish I could be as strong as you someday!) despite:
- having spent nearly a year being visibly emaciated as fuck (and appearing to flaunt her bones all over the place)
- not gaining any (and actually losing) weight in her so-called "real recovery" even though she's ~on a mealplan and being followed by ED specialists~
- being hospitalized twice in recent months and saying she was somehow at risk for refeeding syndrome while also claiming she had been eating tons of oily, superlicious #recoverywin (!) food every day before her admissions; she also claimed the hospitalizations "weren't ED-related" (???)
- being a cunt to her followers, many of whom are fairly young girls struggling with EDs themselves
- rampantly deleting comments (even innocuous ones) and blocking people (sometimes for no apparent reason)
- constantly using stupid photo tricks to make it look like she's eating way more than she actually is
…and more! We don't really debate. We mainly do a collective "lolwut?" at her antics and/or rage at her bullshit and how so many of her followers lap it up without question.

No. 40474

I'm more concerned with the tards that seem to have hatred for anorexics for being anorexic.

No. 40475

I think (hope?) that there are only a very few of those. It's one thing to hate people who happen to be anorexic for their extremely shitty behavior. It's another thing entirely to just hate people for being anorexic. The second one is really ignorant and cruel.

No. 40478

Ooooh. Does anyone have screenshots of this? Or, do you know about how long ago it was? I may even have a screenshot and just not have realized that the plate was in the background.

No. 40479

File: 1444364039832.png (978.55 KB, 658x1612, Aly 6-30-2015 2.png)

Nah, all I found in my creepy screenshot folder was this, and that's not her dinner plate. Curse you, creepy screenshot folder, you have failed me.

No. 40481

That plate looks so pathetic :(

No. 40498


>>Mum and I had an #happyhour together (lesbian couple emoji)

Such English tutor.

No. 40500

I don't like the personality traits that are generally predisposed to being anorexic. E.g. control freak, a-type, black or white thinking, etc. Obviously that's not always the case but generally those traits annoy the fuck out of me, because I'm lazy and I'm cool with it.

No. 40501

She almost cried because she ate two olives, a sip of wine and a chip?
Ffs aly at least try to pretend you eat any of the other shit you post. Or don't just fucking pick one idk

No. 40507

File: 1444378129063.png (886.77 KB, 933x579, Untitled2.png)

She's changed her bio from crepequeen to sweetsqueen,

No. 40508

File: 1444378179929.png (9.53 KB, 291x84, Untitled2.png)

More non-farmers noticing she isn't gaining. Bets on how long this comment will stay up?

No. 40510

Isn't it funny and sad at the same time that we all want something to happen in Alys life like her parents are suddenly forcing her inpatient but not because we are worried about her and want her to get help but because for that one satisfying moment when she finally comes out as a liar?

No. 40511

As aly says "another day another crap" crepe, I mean crepe…

No. 40512

Absolutely, willing her lies to finally be exposed. Wish it was now though not 6 months down the line,

No. 40515

File: 1444386644471.jpeg (128.74 KB, 629x761, image.jpeg)

Now this is #real goddamn recovery . This girl doesn't even have half the followers of Aly. How aly even has the nerve to say she is in #realrecovery is beyond me

No. 40516

This girl has been posted so many times???
I'm starting to suspect self-posting…

No. 40519

No. 40520


No. 40525

Same, one or two posts is fine but it seems like she's been posted 5 times and everyone is like WOWWWWWW SHE IS THE TRUE RECOVERY QUEEN SO MUCH BETTER THAN ALY WOW I LOVE HER

No. 40528

>>40516 because she fucking is? salty

No. 40529

Whatever you say, Claire.

No. 40533

holy shit she should NOT be drinking alcohol at such a low weight
what a fucking irresponsible thing to do

No. 40545

She does a decent amount, and she goes out to drink with family members :\

No. 40558

That's crazy, she weighs like 70 pounds, she must get wasted off a glass of wine. I hope that for her sake she doesn't actually drink it

No. 40559

File: 1444404997502.png (224.14 KB, 720x198, bonez.png)

Dat "body fat distribution" vs skelehands

No. 40562

I'm frustrated at this whole process - seeing someone stagnate when they could be recovered is frustrating. Now - do believe she is eating – maybe not everything but more than before (I don't know why I think this…probably because so much of her intake is so bland and uniform, she must be mentally okay with eating it). I want her to be free from the mental grip of this disease. I want her family to be free of it. But nothing.is.happening. Gah.

No. 40570

Wow, how can her followers be in such denial when there's proof like that

No. 40574

Four to six months is dangerous. Aly is going to die. My brother at his lowest (like 95lbs at his height and age) was admitted to a hospital after having a seizure and the doctor there was like "oh yeah, I see a lot of young patients that come in here looking like that and they shiver violently. We almost never see them again…" And that was his wake up call to fucking recover. The doctor mentioned that, had we waited three more months, he would've been dead. It's been 6 years and he's doing super well. Fuck Aly's doctors. I'm starting to think they're purposely pulling this "four to six months" bullshit because they want her to die. It doesn't take a specialist to know that she needs her bony ass in IP.

No. 40575

By super well, I mean he's been recovered. but my parents were also on his ass the whole time making sure he ate and kept his food down bc the idea of having a dead son did not appeal to them. Sorry for samefage.

No. 40587

There are plenty of girls with EDs that have shown up in these threads that most of us have felt really sorry for. We want them to get better. For instance, icovery.

Buy Aly? She's a stuck up, self-centered, lying bitch. If she gets caught in her lies, that's karma. Sweet, sweet karma.

No. 40617

File: 1444414883710.jpeg (154.58 KB, 640x971, image.jpeg)

Wtf, Aly?

No. 40619

File: 1444415081905.jpeg (675.54 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

And before she deletes these

No. 40625

File: 1444415461185.png (1.2 MB, 615x2117, Aly 10-9-2015 7.png)

Here's the whole thing.

No. 40630

I can't be fucked to make another 'fake' account that's not blocked, can someone give her shit about the fact that we can see how big the fucking grains of rice are vs. that bowl and portion?
Not that it will make any difference.
Is she even trying anymore?

No. 40631

I actually just finished making an Aly exposing account. Username is exposing.aly. I made it about a minute ago so it's very empty. Any screenshots help a lot. Also not giving anyone the password to avoid anothe worried_about_aly incident.

No. 40634

Looks like the result of a scat orgy
Also desc says "dang full plate" lmao we've seen the size of the plate aly stop

No. 40641

No. 40655

File: 1444420811511.jpg (106.18 KB, 1077x673, IMG_20151009_215726.jpg)

Comments like this make me so sad. Hate Aly so much for this. It's not fair.

No. 40662

File: 1444423253182.jpeg (120.18 KB, 640x607, image.jpeg)

Ok maybe it's just me but i was scrolling through aly's pics and it looks like she's not even cutting the damn thing!!!

No. 40664


No. 40665

Realrecoveryinspiration (aka worriedaboutaly?) tried it and was deleted in a couple of weeks…see how long you can stay free of her followers' "report" button

No. 40666

File: 1444424967867.jpeg (358.08 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpeg)


No. 40668

I'm not afraid of puke-scented wannarexics. As long as more and more people see through her bullshit, that's good enough, even if I do get deleted.

No. 40669

Also, permission to use this picture? This is a good one

No. 40671

File: 1444425792409.gif (480.2 KB, 480x360, spoonproblems.gif)

See, it's that eating problem again.

No. 40676

Godspeed, may the force be with you, etc

But her follower count keeps rising, by about 100/day. Unless these people are all voyeurs waiting for her to die, I am not optimistic about more and more people seeing through her bullshit.

No. 40678

I think instagram would probably delete because you use aly's pics, the copyright thing, but I really don't know why the pro anti aly's pro ana accounts get deleted. It's not "hate speech". I followed anyway, and I'll always follow the aly lies accounts. If I win mega bucks I'll buy instagram and banhammer hers and all the other toxic self harm accounts.

No. 40679

wrecoveryfighter is obviously a farmer but yeah, there are probably girls really thinking this and that's bad enough.

No. 40681

It'll be interesting to see how Aly deals with weight gain at the clinic (if she lives that long). Obviously she's going to hate it and I don't wish the mental pain that goes with dealing with it on anyone (even aly). Would she still come out with her #recoverywin!!!!! fakeness or would the depression knock it out of her?

Shame that to her admission to an ED clinic is just "ana points" and the opportunity to get her health and life back.

No. 40682

and NOT* the opportunity

No. 40686

Looks like icovery hasn't posted a new pic in 3 days (don't know about commenting).

Good! She should stay away until she recovers… if she recovers. Icovery received many "plz get help you look so thin" comments daily and I think she was using them as validation, because she lost even more weight after starting the account. Not to mention the bone-display photos and the threats of relapse after deleting her account. Girl needs to be banned from the Internet for her own good.

No. 40687

Didn't she say she was taking her exams at school? Maybe she's had to spend her time revising.

I'd follow her but idk it feels a bit creepy with her being so young. Having more followers might be bad for her as well thinking she needs to keep posting on the account. I worry about this girl more than any of the others.

No. 40696

Yeah that might be it, although she did say she was "done" with IG after someone apparently sent her a link to this place.

I know she's sick and I shouldn't blame her but I do get ticked off when she gets offended at being thought of as BMI 19 (aka fat/a whale in her world). Girl pls

No. 40701

>gets offended at being thought of as BMI 19

I wonder what she considers is a healthy recovery weight. I mean, it's possible to still be classed as underweight with the BMI system and still be healthy, but it sounds like anything above 14 or 15 she sees as obese.

No. 40707



Honestly I don't think she wants to recover. She said something in her last post about "all the other anorexic girls are much thinner" than her. Like, if you're focused on recovery that isn't something you should be thinking about. I mean you probably still will, which is why you need therapy. But she isn't being treated at all so…

No. 40715

So indeed. If you think that recovery is still being able to look spoopy (see Aly) then there's not a chance of #realrecovery.


No. 40717

File: 1444433588238.png (83.16 KB, 1136x268, Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 4.31…)

How the hell do these people think that Aly still needs some ridiculously caloric intake to gain at all? If that was the case, why would her dietitian not have adjusted her meal plan to compensate for the fact that she's got some crazy high metabolism? But no, instead, her dietitian takes away a supplement drink and replaces it with a lower-calorie snack. alystreatmentteamlogic.jpg

No. 40725

It's a 14 year old defending her. He's been brainwashed.

No. 40730

Ugh. I just want to smack these people upside with the head with a biology or nutrition textbook.

No. 40800

I smell blood in the water of Aly's comments tonight..ah yes, the distinct aroma of dissent.

The banhammer shall fall again in the morning, but til then I'll enjoy it.

No. 40802

File: 1444444170835.png (22.56 KB, 478x122, wp_ss_20151010_0001.png)

Some GOOOOOD comments.

However, this comment by a condescending 14 year old isn't. Sweetheart ewwwww. He isn't even eating disordered. He said he has digestion problems.

No. 40806

Uuugh I was so tempted to troll wrecoveryfighterks comment on fearfoods by asking Aly to share specific techniques with her #edfamily re: how exactly she overcomes "useless struggles" to gain another #recoverywin.

But I am a wimp.

No. 40811

She'll probably just give you some kind of passive aggressive answer like "I talked about it in a previous post!" or something then delete said post she referenced. Or just go for the "I used super posi thoughts!" Default answer

No. 40815

Ya I was hoping she might be induced to give a therapist-y answer…so I'd know she was going and actually paying attention/applying what she heard. But that's a tall order.

No. 40826

File: 1444454425886.jpg (163.81 KB, 1024x426, Screenshot_2015-10-10-01-18-12…)

Commenter looks very young. Aly's definitely going to delete the comment, though.

No. 40830

File: 1444459519108.jpg (42.21 KB, 305x261, save the children.jpg)

Morning for Aly and she's off to ruin my another child's life with her "tutoring." Wonder if she'll walk away from this one with a headache as well.

No. 40835

I am of the confuse. How are yesterday's "negative" comments still up on Aly's instagram?

No. 40836

And the comment remains!

No. 40837

How the fuck does she not feel guilty from these kind of comments?
I hate Aly.

No. 40840

She feels no guilt because she's the only person that matters in her world. She even said twice that she bought her mum a poxy rose for asspats.

I think she must scan read comments and that's why some non negative ones get deleted. She must see "I'm a fat pig" and like the comment because it makes her feel good.

Idk. She's not a nice person and I don't even think her illness is responsible for that. She's probably been a bitch all her life.

No. 40841

I just don't understand this charade. She looks so weak, why keep up this bullshit?

No. 40843

Because she's bored and she gets attention?

No. 40844

The "recovery is not about immediately gaining weight but developing a healthy relationship with food" defense is really getting my goat. What's the good in developing a healthy relationship with food if your body is about to give out any minute? Isn't restoring weight and health part of developing a healthy relationship with food?

No. 40845

>won't make you gain


No. 40847

Oh she's gone to the American Bakery again for a teeny tiny #recoverywin cupcake and selfies.

No. 40848

File: 1444486568547.jpg (33.23 KB, 303x263, word.JPG)

She said "fucking". She means it.

No. 40858

wrecoveryfighter, take it easy now. I do think some of those comments may be trigger-y.

No. 40859

That excuse is always used by ~anas~ who want to stay skinny and who are proud of being emaciated.

No. 40866

In my recovery I was always told 'First recover your weight then work on your mindset' because being malnutritioned fucks your brain up
Perfect it would be if there is a middle ground tho
BUT obviously you can't KEEP being underweight with a recovered mind so wtf Aly

No. 40869

Exactly - I know a lot of places don't even start with the real psychotherapy component of treatment until the patients are not so severely underweight that their cognition is being affected. Anorexia can even cause frontal lobe atrophy, so the brain is literally not functioning as properly when a person is severely malnourished.

No. 40871

still don't get it

No. 40879

That's because you're a better person than she is. I don't understand how she gets off to it either.

No. 40880

I am also confused! It can't be that she doesn't notice them… Her instagram is her life.

No. 40883

Dying of lolz

Just got blocked.

You do you, Aly! Stay classy.

No. 40884

Damn Aly blocked me :((
If only I had a personal account where I could write down usernames and still take screenshots to expose the world to the terrible person that is Alice Casati.

No. 40885

File: 1444495084344.gif (1.17 MB, 300x191, wtf.gif)

>mfw Aly refers to her behaviour as "normal"

No. 40886

Why can't you do that anymore?

No. 40887

Send em to exposing.aly, maybe?

Hey exposing.aly, if you're around, I was wondering that you maybe should black out of heavily modify pictures that Aly has taken if you use them – copyright violation equals deleted account. I think you can us comment screencaps though.

No. 40889

File: 1444495565384.jpg (102.31 KB, 839x554, so many calories.JPG)

No. 40892

I'm so sick of this damn American cafe…

No. 40893

At least she's not hugging that grubby teddy bacteriafest. The bear's probably relieved about that too.

No. 40899

File: 1444496451263.png (1.49 MB, 619x3132, Aly 10-10-2015 5.png)

In case anyone missed it, I screenshotted the dramu that just went down right before Aly got around to deleting it. I bet like everyone involved in this got blocked, lol. Part 1 of 4:

No. 40900

File: 1444496481147.png (1.04 MB, 617x1864, Aly 10-10-2015 6.png)

Part 2 of 4:

No. 40901

File: 1444496520817.png (1.3 MB, 616x3069, Aly 10-10-2015 7.png)

Part 3 of 4 (just kidding, I realized there's only 3 pictures):

No. 40902

Too bad, I liked the ongoing discussions, it was a civilized exchange on both sides. Her IG is SO BORING when it's an echo chamber. Much #edfamily.

Interestingly, yesterday's comments haven't been deleted yet on the waffle posts, besides wrecoveryfighter.

WRF if you're around that was A-plus shit stirring, well done.

No. 40903

File: 1444496636895.png (284.01 KB, 343x501, Beer guy.png)

I'll just pretend this is part 4 of 4.

No. 40904

File: 1444496662405.jpg (17.22 KB, 289x111, lol.JPG)

Love this comment

No. 40907

LET ME LOVE YOU, DANTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 40908

OK, I lol'd. And that stupid miniature cupcake was probably ridiculously overpriced anyway. At least that's how it is in the US. Those itty-bitty, oh-so-cute desserts are like $5 for a fucking bite of food. I never understood paying tons of money for something like a cake pop or a mini cupcake when you could buy a ton more food sans the "OMG SO ADORBS!!!!" factor. What a waste. I'd feel guilty even eating one.

No. 40909

It's weird how cupcakes have become fashionable and people started baking and make these things. I hate them. That buttercream shit is too sickly. I would've gone for her friend's donut if there wasn't a gingerbread man (probably not seeing how it's not American enough).

No. 40914

No. 40915

Can't go wrong with Dante

No. 40918

Uh oh, turtle.paw and hakkechan brought the claws out again on the cupcake post (can't screencap just now)

No. 40919

What's that grey bucket on the table for? (Don't say for aly to purge into).

No. 40920

Looks like it's holding a flag for the table number and maybe used for utensils

No. 40921

No. 40924

What gets me the most in this pictures comments is that she calls that "raw roasted ham" if it's been roasted then it's not raw you stupid bitch. I cook for a living and the way she talks about food and constantly uses the wrong words drives me nuts. Get recovered then go back to school Aly you got a long way to go. Also if you ate the food you'd know what it actually is, language barrier or not there's no excuse anymore

No. 40926

I can barely cook, but I have the same angst when she doesn't give the proper name for pasta, like when she says "bow shaped" and "shell shaped". The names are Italian. USE THEM.

No. 40927

File: 1444498482357.jpg (192.92 KB, 540x769, IMG_20151010_103524.JPG)

Bitch blocked me

No. 40930

Waffle comments scrubbed too, except for a couple that also say she hasn't gained but use multiple emojis. (thumbs up emoji) (hearts emoji)

No. 40931

I don't understand why people think she's a recovery queen when she literally reposts pictures…

No. 40932

Really? When?

No. 40933

Imagine being that friend of hers and not knowing about her ig account. You're sitting there wanting to catch up on things and she's taking close ups of a mini cupcake and keeps looking at her phone to delete comments.

Then she picks a crumb up with her fork, puts it in her mouth, starts circling her hand and her eyes pop out. Jesus.

No. 40935

(icovery posted. it's depressing).

No. 40936

File: 1444500920872.jpg (474.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-10-11-14-28…)

No. 40939

She loses more weight and they send her home to eat her no calorie flavoured no fat curd with low fat muesli.

No. 40941

ZOMG guise we can now #preorder the #FITVEGANGINGERCOOKBOOK!!!! jesus emoji

No. 40944


No. 40948

File: 1444502811001.jpg (41.77 KB, 306x470, 1.JPG)

More negativity on the pizza comments… (cba to post it all)

No. 40949

oh! that emily's been posted here before. It's the girl who cries a lot.

No. 40950

i was literally just thinking this… she used to be recolapse and her recent drama with her girlfriend and huffing aerosols in ig videos has been so entertaining

No. 40951

Yeah, and she went through that spoopy scene girl/manson phase. Wow, everything really is connected (or something).

No. 40952

i kind of want to give her her own thread

No. 40953

This is her facebook

The crying child :(

No. 40955

she's having another tiff with her girlfriend i think and she posts all the arguments they have with angry comments, and literally nobody agrees with her because her girlfriend is always right. when she attempted suicide (posted a picture of her standing on a railway bridge) she deleted a bunch of her diagnoses in her bio which makes me think she's making some of them up? she's a great cow tbh

No. 40957

i'd love to see a gif of her crying moments. idk, i'd like a thread about her but there're shit loads of ED threads. this one deseerves a thread though. the fact she was pissy at aly is like fate.

No. 40960

she filmed a video of her walking up and down an aisle in tesco or wherever with a selfie stick wedged in a trolley to ask people if her legs looked fat… she's like the only worthy ed thread, she'd usurp aly easily

No. 40961

just watched that video of her huffing the aerosol oh jeebus

No. 40963

Link? I wanna see that shit

No. 40964

No. 40966

i can;t remember if she's a private account or not but she seems to accept everyone because she has 3k+ followers

No. 40968

I can see it, so it's public.

No. 40977

Wow, leave it to Aly's followers to make me feel a little bad for Emily.

Is it common in England for teenagers to still have "scene" hair?

No. 40978


She has a point though; if anyone else in recovery actually ate the food she posts, light as it is, they would gain weight. If I ate what Aly apparently eats I would lose a lot of weight, but I'm very active at work. Most people would maintain/lose on her supposed "meal plan". The time for "it's all going to her organs!!1!" is gone. IP in 4-6 months is a joke. She needs to get fitted for a coffin.

No. 40979

File: 1444508450878.png (97.94 KB, 1356x616, crying.png)

>>The crying child

No. 40987

I haven't seen a girl with scene hair for many years. Still see guys with emo cuts, but no scene hair.

I feel bad for her, but she's fucking stupid for posting videos of herself huffing gas. She tells everyone how good it is and there's a comment "I'll have to try it". You can't stop impressionable teens doing shit, but gas huffing is SOOOOO dangerous.


No. 40988

Shit it posted before I finished, so


Emily's proof that you can gain quickly. Unfortunately she can't deal with weight gain (even though she's still underweight imo).

No. 41019


No. 41021

No. 41028

File: 1444516984563.png (32.43 KB, 1078x96, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.34…)


Yes, but how BIG was the fucking pizza, you dipshit? Like 5" in diameter? I am so done with this lying piece of crap.

No. 41030

File: 1444517323805.png (76.45 KB, 1098x178, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 3.48…)

Well, we'll see if she responds or just ignores it or deletes the comment.

No. 41035

I lost a lot of weight due to horrible ulcers, and I got down to a pretty unsafe point (like, nearly Aly-tier spoopy - it was gross and miserable and really un-glamorous). When my ulcers started to heal and I was finally able to really eat again without being in agonizing pain, I gained back the weight I'd lost. A lot of what these commenters on Aly's photos say about weight gain is pseudoscience at best and pure bullshit at worst. It makes me really angry. No, you can't gain and gain and gain for months upon end and have it not show at all because it "takes a while to redistribute" or it's "all going to your organs and hair." No, no, no. Aly is simply not gaining any significant amount of weight, and people need to stop trying to do mental gymnastics to defend her.

No. 41042

File: 1444520244510.jpg (514.42 KB, 1200x1200, WmDev_635801203811138804.jpg)

She threatens to an hero on a daily basis because people hate her and she hates her.aybe she's too mental to discuss. I don't want her posting pics of her bloody skin slashes and blaming farmers. Farmers get blamed for EVERYTHING…even blamed for Syria.

No. 41047

Yeah idk she doesn't sound like a terrible person just really messed up. I'd feel bad

No. 41050

people this far gone should be given the right to a peaceful death.

No. 41052

yeah someone is always spiteful enough to show a cow their own thread, look at icovery and her mention on here. i feel like if emily found out about a thread she might actually do herself some lasting harm… but at the same time, she does so many fucked up things like the aerosols and the attention seeking that she's prime material?? she wants attention for half the things she does that's why she posts it to an open ig account

No. 41054

why has instagram allowed all those self-harm pics for so long? I'm trying to report them all but holy shit, this girl is insane with all those cutting and crying pics.

No. 41061


Looking through his IG he has some issues ("Should I eat this piece of chocolate? I've already eaten too much sugar") and the Quest bar obsession. He also calls himself a "disordered eater"

No. 41062

i followed her on/off girlfriend out of curiosity and she does crying pictures too, and these weird "talking to herself" essay captions about just how intensely everyone hates her like emily is prone to do… it's a match made in heaven

she's like a car crash i can't look away from

No. 41063


I actually recall a picture of a very thin boy with the same 'rumination' description that he has on his profile a couple months earlier. He had a feeding tube in though.

No. 41070

File: 1444532885666.png (407.46 KB, 1138x1178, Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 8.04…)

Dear god her followers are so fucking stupid. There's a HUGE difference between eating an entire personal pizza and eating an entire family-sized pizza, for fuck's sake. I just want to know how big those damn pizzas really are.

No. 41079


>Pizza is pizza

Aly's pizza in reality is probably the size of a Lunchable pizza

No. 41081

It's probably a personal pizza, small size (there are small and normal sizes here).

No. 41126

i think her dad is sick of her shit

No. 41128

The comments on Alys posts are getting more and more interesting these days.

No. 41129

File: 1444557147347.jpg (103.02 KB, 1044x497, Screenshot_2015-10-11-10-50-41…)

So is she implying that every single time she's posted a croissant picture shes not eaten the whole thing?

No. 41132

Loving how her non farmer followers are starting to catch on to her lies.

No. 41141

File: 1444567763020.png (161.63 KB, 720x632, wut.png)

If Aly's lying about recovery, we are not to make her feel bad about it!

And I know when I wake up on a Sunday morning I want to be photographed in my PJS holding my breakfast.

No. 41146

That last bit about her worshippers is what irritates me the most. Even when they're confronted with evidence of her deceit and the fact that she hasn't been hypermetabolic for two years straight, they fall back on the old "but guys, she's trying! Be nice to this lying beeyotch, She's trying, guys!"

No. 41148

File: 1444571940101.jpg (67.66 KB, 354x448, o rly.JPG)

Oh god, the level of delusion….

Hey Aly leghumper, you forget she's been dressing like this for months, yet her last weigh in showed she lost weight? What weight gain is she trying to disguise?

No. 41150

File: 1444572035624.jpg (50.16 KB, 362x324, reply.JPG)

Aly's chipped in to agree with whatever excuse her supporters have come up with.

No. 41152

File: 1444572479421.png (52.93 KB, 1052x174, Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 7.07…)

here. This shit about "slow weight gain" makes me so fucking angry. If you're severely underweight, you can't afford to fuck around and gain maybe a pound every few months or something just because of ~feelings~. Aly's health is in critical danger due to her being as underweight as she is. Normal weight gain for EDs is like 1-3+ pounds per WEEK. Aly's lack of progress is jaw-dropping and I don't know why anyone thinks she's #recoverywinning when she's epically #recoveryfailing.

Also, lol @ this comment. I hope she answers it, although I bet she'll just ignore or delete it.

No. 41153

Seriously, she looks the same. Baggy clothes or no, red lipstick or no.

On the plus side, no more sphincter mouth selfies? It's been a while since the last one, no?

No. 41154

File: 1444574066504.png (725.88 KB, 800x600, eff623e1afbc1500b2f68f0c3f1dff…)

Does this bitch count as a flake? Competitive eater quite obviously bulimic. Makes the headlines "SKINNY MOM CRUSHES COMPETITION"

No. 41156

He probably sat on the pizza Aly tried to hide behind a cushion.

No. 41157

I don't know her. What's her name so I can google.

No. 41158

Molly Schuyler

No. 41159

File: 1444575383596.jpeg (42.92 KB, 340x453, night snack.jpeg)

Thanks. The first link Iive ( http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2014/09/amazing-molly-schuyler-competitive-eater/ ) says she sticks to salads and vegetables most of the time. I suppose it depends how often she does the competitions.

Strange how she stays slim when thingy from Man Vs Food really bulked up because of his tv show. Hmm… I really don't know how it works. She might have a super high metabolism (!)

This pic grosses me out. I know they train for a competition, but I'm getting a sweat just looking at the plate.

No. 41160

Iive *

That should say "I'vre scanned". Loads of keys are sticking D:

No. 41161

just look at her teeth if you're unsure

No. 41162

(she demolished the WHOLE (!) plate to the very last crump)

No. 41163

Always sitting on the god damn street to hide the fact she is not drinking from that disgusting plastic cup. Wearing jogging pants today.

No. 41164

I can't see how someone wouldn't want to barf after all that.

No. 41165

File: 1444575678799.jpg (9.81 KB, 95x107, thinners needed.JPG)

Her nails are the worst they've ever been.

No. 41166

could the cup be an ocd/safety type thing?

No. 41167

She was relaxing inside the house in jogging pants then went out for drinking her fortimel. She went out to sit on the street, not even in the garden of their house. Aren't her parents noticing?

No. 41168

File: 1444576073583.jpg (31.37 KB, 613x107, say wah.JPG)

Yesterday she said she ate the whole croissant by herself, but today she said she ate one by herself for the first time.

They probably wanted her out of the house to stop her taking embarrassing selfies. Her mum and brother look a bit stupid on that pic from this morning.

No. 41169

I think she just uses it to take stylish pictures for ig. Starbucks is for the cool kids you know.

No. 41174

How could she have "missed froyo so bad" if we've seen her eating it in the last few weeks aljgdlagkhalgh

No. 41178

>Guess who enjoyed a FREAKIN SECOND❗️#AFTERNOONSNACK again after a freakin SECOND bfast?! ?? OH YES this girl in picture ?? Who got another #recoverywin #actionshot picture ? from her mum ? Why? Cause Brother proposed a freakin FROYO ?? after the cinema ? and Alice missed froyo so bad ? and cause.. Yes, Alice IS #REALRECOVER -ING ???

God I fucking hate her.

No. 41180

Right? What the fuck Aly… At least TRY to give a damn if you're going to flash that thumb to followers four times in one day.

No. 41181

I don't think we're ever understand her perception of time or what the fuck she thinks a #recoverywin is.
She had ice cream 3 days ago. She had what she called ice cream, but looked like sorbet, 4 days ago. She had froyo 4 weeks ago, on September 8th.

No. 41192

File: 1444582019683.jpg (37.97 KB, 477x599, a real bomb.jpg)

I wish she'd dang stop saying things are the BOMB. There's NOTHING that doesn't irritate me about her.

Weigh in soon. Ooooooo!

No. 41196

This girl's account's gone. Could it be aly worshippers reporting her or did she finally Sudoku?

No. 41206

File: 1444583175807.jpg (40.59 KB, 257x342, Capture.JPG)

…i enjoyed this exchange

but also, I am trying to verify what Aly said (" I usually write when I eat a whole/half/a smaller size. But this has been the first time I ate one at home with my beloved as second bfast ?")

No. 41208

That's one of my favourite comments too!!

Soooo, if she went in the garden and ate a whole croissant that'd be another #recoverywin? Fucking get your story straight, aly.

No. 41210

It bothers me that she doesn't know how to use that expression. She'll say "I ate this BOMB for lunch!" or "this ice cream was a BOMB!"

No, Aly, things are THE bomb, and people stopped using that expression seriously more than a decade ago.

Unless she's trying to say it's a calorie bomb or something, but I doubt that.

No. 41216

I reported her for graphic violence and self harm, glad she's been deleted some sick content on there

No. 41217

So a croissant outside = one recoverywin, a croissant at home = a new type of recovery win? She's an odd one! A croissant is a croissant

No. 41225

Tbh I reported the videos of her huffing and the cutting pics.

I wonder if she's really OCD and that's why she uses the same plate and organises food and straws in the same way. Maybe eating a croissant in her home is outside of her usual rputine, so she thinks that's a win??? She might think not doing things in a specific way is bad juju.

No. 41236

Aly is stuck in the cold war.

No. 41241

eww wtf. why does she even bother with nail polish, if it's gonna look like that?

No. 41242

File: 1444586147408.png (1.21 MB, 1131x1131, img1444586037861.png)

Same damn plate from 7 days ago! WTF Aly?

No. 41243

173 likes in 8 minutes, wut. Does instagram auto-like posts or are people just that boring

No. 41245

Hakkechan here… What can i say? I just hate this stupid bitch!

No. 41246

I think it's a repost, can't trust anything she does anymore

No. 41247

File: 1444586600961.jpg (6.78 KB, 194x259, tiny fork.jpg)

I hope there're some good comments coming because her feed is boring the tits off me.

I'd love so much if Aly bought one of these and tried to pass it off as a real size fork.

No. 41253

File: 1444588232226.png (974.05 KB, 921x592, oh god.png)

aly that SLICE of chicken is not HuG3((!(()!(!!) pls combust spontaneously

No. 41254

Combustion requires subcutaneous fat.

No. 41257

File: 1444588749956.png (549.28 KB, 367x537, spawn of lucifer.png)

real talk that's the saddest fuckin froyo ive ever seen
there's no way that's a standard size, she clearly got a small
wow, such recovery, so win

No. 41258

File: 1444588818549.jpg (11.67 KB, 225x225, do eeeeet.jpg)

No. 41263

I've been following Emily's account for far too long and honestly I'm surprised it took this long for it to get deleted. I honestly wish nothing but the best for this poor girl she's clearly very disturbed but I don't think having that account was doing her any good either. Between the huffing & the cutting and the constant " just unfollow me now" bullshit. I'm kind of glad that she got deleted, why these girls spend so much time on these profiles is beyond me there's got to be better help in real life than there is online it's sad but it's also sick.

No. 41265

She's just going to make another one though, lbr she likes the attention

No. 41268

Yeah I raged pretty hard again at her "HUGE" thinly-sliced, maybe 2-ounce chicken filet. MEGA DOSE OF OIL. HUGE CHICKEN STEAK. MUCH SPINACHES. TON OF BREAD. SO CALORIFIC (!).

No. 41275

yeah she made a new one 3 hours ago. she's struggingemily

No. 41276

strugglingemily, ah spelling

No. 41282

This is my thinking as well

No. 41310

File: 1444594269010.png (12.5 KB, 267x128, Untitled.png)

>crying because she lost mass of followers
>wants a shoutout

No. 41322

>that account was my life


No. 41332

File: 1444594649262.jpeg (242.75 KB, 1225x1474, image.jpeg)

This right here. Yet another sad kid lost without their social media world & followers. All she did was cry and cut and take body pics. I wish she could see that this isn't healthy & she should try going outside more. Probably have a few more friends if she didn't spend all her time stuck on Instagram. This "nobody knows me now" shit is what gets me. Efame & followers is all these kids care about, Aly is no better. She didn't have a following before her ED, but now, why recover when you can pretend too and get a million likes and asspats a day. Who needs a job or proper schooling and independence when you can be IG famous. Smfh

No. 41343

laura is pretty nice girl who tries her best most days. why the fuck is she hanging around with such a sad sack?? she deserves better while em goes the fuck to ip

No. 41350

I'll never understand why some people turn their illness into THE part of themselves they hawk for attention.

How long til she uploads the first crying picture?