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File: 1510630669502.jpg (106.94 KB, 640x960, ae486a91dadcfcb1b2762004c9b5d5…)

No. 423395

>pastel kawaii vlogger/blogger but also alt tattoo grrl
>also alt model
>acts like a normie who played FF once growing up and who now wants to be a weeaboo for the nerd points
>sells art in tacky "shabby chic" frames for $500
>went to Japan
>harassed Angelic Pretty shopgirls into giving her a refund on a dress (despite no refund policy) because SHE read the tag wrong before purchasing and didn't notice she was spending $1.5k
>bought a load of shit that doesn't fit her and did a cringe haul video


No. 423397

Forgot to link the first thread: >>>/snow/406658

No. 423518

File: 1510645846617.png (1.17 MB, 1016x603, Untitled.png)

No. 423522

File: 1510648112682.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.5 KB, 900x675, kelly_eden_by_kellyeden-d33uea…)

This is what her tits looked like before the implants. Can you imagine how that pic would look if taken now?

No. 423524

anon, this is so photoshopped. this is not what her real body or tits looked like.

No. 423569

WHOA her skin looks fucking awful here. I've never seen it that bad before.

No. 423619

Allergic reaction? It looks like her face got pelted with gravel..

No. 423631

File: 1510664265775.png (598.5 KB, 935x598, Screenshot 2017-11-14 at 4.57.…)

possibly a repost but who the fuck

No. 423692

it doesn't look like her at all lol

No. 423711

That is hideous. How much did he pay to have his back destroyed?

No. 423720

stop saging this thread, asshole(Read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 423737

unless you have milk it's common courtesy to sage your thread

No. 423743

File: 1510678542888.png (402.7 KB, 918x588, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.5…)


the final piece isn't terrible imo… i dont think kelly's ugly but it's almost like he picked out her unflattering parts to put attention to. the weird part about this is that this was before she had a youtube channel i think? april of 2015? i guess she was fairly popular in her "scene" back then

No. 424035

Kelly Eden is not featured in the Final Fantasy event for Gallery Nucleus. I am so happy they are not going to give this bitch what she wants after throwing a giant tantrum on twitter.

No. 424145

GOOD. I wonder what kind of new tantrum that this will evoke. Goodness knows this entitled twat will do everything to ensure that she gets her way.

No. 424223

I'm a performer and artist (not a cosplayer, tho) and I have major second-hand embarassment for Kelly. If I was a fest organizer and I saw someone tweeting and harassing us to pick her, I sure as hell would blacklist Kelly from any future events. Her manager or agent need to tell her to delete those tweets asap.

No. 424396

Not sure if this counts as milk but from insider knowledge I have I can say Kelly 100% emails and begs most companies she works with for sponsorships and free things. In the industry it's more common for you to wait for brands to ask you and not the other way around. She has personally contacted most brands she works with win the same copy pasted email of how amazing she is haha I have a friend who works with a Chinese cosplay company who said their sister company sells anime and kawaii goods and Kelly emailed wanting an entire sailor collection to "unbox"

No. 424423

Not surprising, she's constantly dropping hints that she wants to "collaborate" with brands. Massive second-hand cringe for her

No. 425005

It's sad how she STILL hasn't apologized for the AP fiasco.

No. 425337

File: 1510818756296.png (586.79 KB, 603x648, Screenshot 2017-11-15 at 11.51…)

This is the most ugliest look ever please revoke your kawaii ambassador bullshit

No. 425342

File: 1510819182421.png (652.43 KB, 932x600, Screenshot 2017-11-15 at 11.59…)

No. 425350

wtf is she wearing??

as for the previous photo.. the clashing colors, they hurt my eyes

No. 425353

Kelly doesn't look bad, but it's not a red carpet outfit.
stephanie looks like an actual prostitute.

No. 425458

The pieces she is wearing are actually cute, but put together they look tacky. I get being cold but taking off the jacket for a minute for pictures wouldn’t have hurt.

Does anyone know where the jacket is from?

No. 425461

That's the kind of outfit that would look cute on someone on TokyoFashion street snap, or anyone having natural looking hair and not that obnoxious pink mess. I kinda get what she is going for but she should accept that stuff like that just doesn't look flattering on her.

No. 425485

Kelly's outfit looks funny on her because her boobs are jutting out in that top, but the rest of her is shapeless in that boxy coat. It's just not doing her any favors. And I think that's actually a pretty nice look for steph. Maybe if the fur coat was more off white or beige like the skirt it would look a smidge better.

No. 425488

File: 1510837108129.jpg (577.04 KB, 810x1350, Screenshot_20171116-225534.jpg)

Her new lashes that she is raving about by her 'friend' look so cheap and poorly done

No. 425516

She… wrote Guillermo del Toro wrong… twice.

No. 425518

I feel like if Kelly marketed herself as a cutesy suicide girl type it would work a lot better for her. she has a pretty face and pretty striking features and already does implied nude/risqué photos so she's mostly there. she could still wear a lot of the clothes she already owns but she can't pull off the Lolita label and it's clear she knows nothing about jfashion or kawaii subculture.

No. 425620

They don't even look like cheap extensions, they look like cheap falsirs lmao dear God they're so bad!

No. 425702

Her lashes look like she went to the drugstore and bought the cheapest mascara she could find. They look like clumpy little spider legs.

No. 425704

I feel like Kelly will wear anything because it’s japanese, whether it looks good or not. Most times, it doesn’t.

No. 425842

Apologies, can't screengrab it right now, but she's complaining about student loans on twitter right now

Maybe if you didn't spend so much on surgical alterations or buying three suitcases full of stuff in Japan, you could work on paying those loans off instead of complaining about how you don't have the money for them

No. 425861

Agreed. With the way the site is nowadays I think she’d be pretty popular as well tbh.

/sage for spec

No. 425863

File: 1510866963448.png (123.35 KB, 750x825, IMG_0953.PNG)

Post about student loans for the above anon.

No. 425885

No Kelly, you do need that piece of paper to tell us you're intelligent because you certainly don't act like it.

I was hoping her "depressive episode" would keep her off the Internet longer, damn.

No. 425887

Anybody know what she majored in??

No. 425896


I think it was fine art with BA

No. 425997

File: 1510876618991.png (392.28 KB, 1242x1830, IMG_1222.PNG)

Oh yikes I guess her "favorite sponsor" doesn't know she sells the stuff they send her for free on Depop….

No. 426010

I've said it before and I'll say it again.. her nails make me want to vom.

No. 426034

I know they're not the nicest, but what about them is so gross?

No. 426040

They always look chewed on and dirty

No. 426043

Has Kelly apologized yet for using a fan's homemade dog ramp yet? We all saw that Dre apologized on one of Kelly's own videos.

Also it bothers me that Kelly still hasn't said anything about the backlash she got from the AP fiasco– no acknowledgement, no apology, nothing.

She really is tone-deaf and ignores everyone if they don't praise her. No wonder there's a 2nd Kelly Eden thread on here made in barely 1 month, so many people legit hate her.

No. 426056

And the number is only going to continue to go so as long as she continues this bs

Her true colors are starting to show and it's only a matter of time until she barely has any fans left. She's already started her downhill slope

No. 426062

STRONGLY AGREE. They’re always crooked and different lengths and they just look dirty.

No. 426145

Her hands look like baby hands, and the nails are so weirdly small and stubby. She's one of those people who needs fake nails to make her hands look passable.

No. 426169

File: 1510889487537.jpeg (197.05 KB, 750x1334, 5E604A4E-CC6C-4CA8-957E-6BC7C9…)

This dumbass fake FF fan can’t even spell Rikku’s name right. I don’t understand how she’s complaining about her student loans, yet is buying FF figurines that she doesn’t even know their names.

No. 426171

she really can't spell for shit, tho. she misspelled a famous filmmaker's name on her IG and also misspelled Harajuku. I wonder if she's dyslexic or just plain dumb.

No. 426194


If your sponsor is for teeth whitening, wouldn't you smile for the photo to show off your teeth???

No. 426204

that would require using the kit and not just reselling it on depop though

No. 426258

The totoro thing is a joke from when they were filming pacific rim, and the Japanese child actor couldn't pronounce his name so she called him Totoro instead.

No. 426269

She wrote del as "de" twice

No. 426273

Hasnt uploaded a video to her youtube for over a week when she used to post several times in 1 week. Do you think shes trying to wait until the heat dies down and hope everyone forgets what happened?

No. 426291

This is what's making Kelly feel better after all her drama? She has really low standards. These seriously look like someone put too much cheap mascara on. I guess having your eyes look clumpy as hell "makes you feel human again", Kelly.

No. 426330

Yeah she used to upload videos almost everyday. Girl is a damn coward for not addressing the backlash. I do think shes hoping it will die down. On the internet, no one forgets. KELLY, IF U ARE READING THIS, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND APOLOGIZE ALREADY.

No. 426339

File: 1510925858029.jpg (439.08 KB, 621x930, IMG_7918.JPG)

OOP, didn't see that. I'm dumb, haha.

Even one of her friends (Claire) said she's surprised that Kelly even made the video in the first place and mentioned that she offered to help Kelly sell the dress after Kelly had a meltdown about it.

No. 426343

I wonder if Kelly saw that cos people on here think she resents Claire, I think its funny Claire spilled some milk, haha. Tbf, who the hell would buy an ugly $1,000 Lolita dress? I don't blame Kelly for wanting to return it instead of reselling it.

No. 426355

Even Dre gave a half assed apology which was more along the lines of "at least it's being used!" That's a bit like wiping your ass with fan made art and then saying at least it's getting some use when the fan gets upset kek

No. 426359

File: 1510928203178.jpg (343.22 KB, 700x1050, c9b79d3c343eb8ca4068034fc44aef…)

Chinese lolitas

No. 426414

I found the dress beautiful, so me

No. 426432

AP caters to them more than to the western audience since they have much more money and will throw down for expensive lace monsters and MTO stuff. Saged bc it's not relevant to Kelly.

No. 426652

Stephanie is an actual prostitute or close enough when you sell yourself fingerbangjng on patreon.

No. 426674

And they are also the most picky about things being new / untouched, hence AP's apprehension about Kelly trying on the dress or returning it. Working retail, I can't count how many times I've had Chinese girls refuse to purchase or even try on items unless it was brand new out of the package.

No. 426688

Yeah she's a sex worker. Old news.

No. 426781

Thats a beautiful dress. Yeah you have a good point about the Chinese market. I was thinking Kelly would have a hard time selling it to American consumers. Americans like cheap clothes.

No. 426783

For real? Does she do porn? I know she does topless modeling but thats all I've seen.

No. 426793

She has sex in exchange for money? Or do you mean porn?

No. 426803

Her rewards on Patreon range from nude photos to videos or her doing things.

No. 426809

I wonder if her husband films the videos?

No. 426824

On her tumblr she says he does

No. 426882

File: 1510976124332.png (32.94 KB, 595x155, dirtyfeet.png)

More proof that she's reading this thread. Hi Kelly!

No. 426886

File: 1510976456166.png (176.92 KB, 584x637, dre.png)

Can we appreciate Dre for this apology? Can't remember if this was talked about on the previous KE thread or the Altcows thread.. This is how you handle your fuck-ups. Take notes, Kelly.

No. 426893

I know some of us rag on Dre sometimes but I do like her and I think she's a good person with her heart in the right place. I think she needs to break away from Kelly and find her own place. Kelly is becoming a toxic person and I'm really starting to dislike her more and more.


Why would anyone proudly brag that they have dirty feet? It's like people who proudly brag they fart a lot. So goddamned nasty.

No. 426897

I agree that Dre needs to get away from Kelly.

On the last thread, her dirty feet were pointed out and discussed. She's probably keeping a close eye on these threads

No. 426932

File: 1510980243766.png (859.02 KB, 1067x1313, Screenshot_20171117-224221.png)

This just came up on my FB. I wonder if someone is getting replaced?

(Also it says there are 12 comments, but none show up)

No. 426936

Apparently the previous shitty kawaii.i team has been replaced with a new one recently. There were various complaints about the old kawaii.i including a girl getting kicked out of the competition once for not looking "Gaijin" enough.

Who knows what this might change. They might actually choose decent people this time rather than weeb cows.

No. 426942


Can you link this or post more screenshots? I'd like to know what she said

No. 426965

Why doesn't she have her own thread? Her fake tits are wacky, she's just as chubbers as Momo, she does porn and her husband videos it all. This is more vomit inducing than other cosplayers posted here. Her husband looks like he runs a reputable company in guessing he rents her out to anyone that pays

No. 426970

slightly off topic, but whatever happened to Dre's ginger boyfriend who was also renting from Kelly?

No. 426972

They broke up like 2 years ago. Its been ages.

No. 426973

Is her hubby a porn producer? Makes sense if he is since he helps her with sex work stuff. Stephanie used to have a cute body but shes been letting herself go. I think its gross how she dresses so trashy in public, like wearing booty shorts and a low cut blouse showing off her huge tits at Disneyland. Imagine if a man wore booty shorts around kids. Nasty af.

No. 426977

No, he's a photographer/videographer.

No. 427030

File: 1510998306355.png (894.02 KB, 1080x1648, 20171118_044116.png)

She completely stole that name 'Glitter and gloom' from a fan and has never given them credit.

PC computer, real smart kelly.

No. 427032

File: 1510998832873.png (386.64 KB, 1080x1808, 20171118_045122.png)

This is a little bit old now, but her AP story time video was posted in a Facebook group called Lolita Humor and she commented on it.

No. 427033

god she's such an insufferable cunt

No. 427045

>PC computer

kekk what a dumbass

No. 427052

@ 6:40
sees art of girl with pink hair, automatically assumes it's art inspired by her

then this goes on in the comments (sorry it's so long)

No. 427053

File: 1511001968689.png (609.5 KB, 906x3364, utube.png)

sorry here's the photo

No. 427054

File: 1511002053789.png (313.96 KB, 887x565, fb.png)

someone called her out for it on fb, still didn't apologize to the girl

also, "casually"

No. 427063

File: 1511003970572.jpg (1001.25 KB, 2560x1920, 171118061623195.jpg)

No. 427072

This artist scalped her and her fans fans and left no room for Kelly to think anything else. Her narcissism is honestly scary. I can't imagine looking at a generic goth girl next to some pinky haired girl and going "wow this is based off me".
Does she look at Adventure Time and go "Wow, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are totally based off my friend and I"? Everyone is so inspired by you Kelly! Any sweet girl next to a goth girl is just stealing.

No. 427138

Lol I am tempted to make a bunch of accounts to use up that name and possible variants.

No. 427158

Imagine being that fucking delusional and up your own ass. That was beyond cringy, she just walks around talking to her camera and completely ignores the artist being an inch away from her wondering wtf she's doing. And her friends are just as stupid and delusional as her. If they're so alternative they should know plenty of people who have/had the same hair colors as them. Get over yourselves.

No. 427174

>we have a hotel but they only let us check in after check in time
Has she never stayed at a hotel before? Is she retarded? Holy fuck

No. 427180

No, Kelly is narcissistic and thinks the world revolves around her.


No. 427181

So they will have twitch? Is Dre even a gamer? Kelly had a few Lets Play videos on her channel.

No. 427184

pls do, would like to see her making posts stamping her feet about how someone ~stole~ a phrase she didn't even come up with.

No. 427189

Also idk if y'all know but its actually extremely rude to photograph or film an artist alley table without asking the artist first. So doing this just makes me die inside. Why would you "stealth' film a booth like this while subtly shitting on them

No. 427213

Good to know we can't have a discussion in any fb lolita groups without Fahr whitenighting Kelly

No. 427265

One of the admins started kissing her ass as soon as she commented as well. Pathetic

No. 427278

File: 1511033818198.png (94.08 KB, 625x418, lol.png)

Sure, Kelly

No. 427288

File: 1511034793733.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 80657EC5-C27C-4B16-8B49-115990…)

Her feet… Why don’t she just wear socks or slippers?

No. 427295

fucksake, "hardwood floor" my ass, how handicapped you have to be to need carpet to not get your feet fucking BLACK?
I mean I have hardwood and walk barefoot often but I'd have to tapdance on tar to look like that. Fucking disgusting.

No. 427325

Nasty man…

No. 427345

Holy fuck!!! I have family in third world countries where their homes have hard floor but everyone has clean feet cos they wear flip flops. Kelly has no excuse. Her feet looks like its been dirty for days. Ugh…

No. 427352

I have hardwood floors and I actually mop once a week and never have this problem, my feet stay clean unless I step outside without shoes

No. 427382

Bon apetit

No. 427383

That jaw. Such shoop.

No. 427396

> I'd have to tapdance on tar to look like that
my fucking sides, anon

No. 427436

File: 1511046102832.jpg (1.75 MB, 2560x1920, 75513885.jpg)

Those eyelashes though, yikes.

She reminds me of myself when I was 13 making weeb comics and skits for my friends. How is she almost 30?

No. 427447


Can someone find where she said that she thinks that pop figures are hideous? I remember her saying that one time and now she's hawking them rofl

Also what is this look? Her hair is a mess, her clothes are disheveled, her eyes make her look like that spider lady that children fear

No. 427449

Saging for no milk, but we're all pretty certain Kelly lurks here.

So Kelly, watch Jenna's video here and take note. THIS is how you own up to a mistake and correct it. It's called maturity and being an adult.

For those who don't want to watch (it's long, I know), Jenna had posted a video about her and Julian getting fish. She got fish, the setup, etc…per the instruction from the guy at the store. Turns out from viewers who know more about keeping fish that there were a ton of things wrong with her setup that would be damaging to the fish. So she took the video down and made this video explaining what happened and how she wanted to make it into a teachable moment instead of leaving it up to offend and give the wrong idea to others. Kudos to Jenna.

No. 427455

It shows that Kelly has no respect for her fans by looking messy and unkempt in her videos. Youtube is her job, she should look nice even if shes making a silly video.

No. 427463

She's lost her damn mind looool isn't she almost 30?

No. 427646

I myself have hardwood floor, not cleaning it more then 1 a week and I walk barefoot. I never, EVER had foot dirty as hers. I'm new here in everysense, randomly found this topic.. and it's disgusting what I see

No. 427680

I tried to watch but its just. so. cringy.

No. 427746

What the fuck? Where was she walking?
That can't seriously just be from walking around the house, is it? I mean her cutesie pink shit would get destroyed if she left any of it on the floor if it was truly that filthy

No. 427765

yeah like i'll be the first to admit that i neglect sweeping pretty often and even after weeks of ignoring it, my feet don't get that bad. it's just gross.

No. 427771

That is disgusting. I have hardwood floors and I am ALWAYS barefoot and they never get like that. I mop anywhere between one to two weeks. Does she not wash her feet? I’m like gagging thinking about her jumping into bed to go to sleep with her feet like that.

No. 427794

File: 1511110862150.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171119-085826.png)

Her instastory made me cringe into another dimension

No. 427798

2017 and using ketchup as fake blood…

No. 427843

She should have used her energy and time to make another well-shot, professionally edited Sailor Moon short, those videos were entertaining to watch. This video just looks cringey af.

No. 427851

She is lurking and did that feet thing on purpose.

No. 427923

It is so jarring seeing nasty ass feet like that right next to such a cute, detailed vanity. I can say my feet have looked like that, but that's after spending a week barefoot at a music festival. I have hardwood floors, dogs and often neglect mopping and my feet don't ever look like that. Gag.

On another note, Lor recently did a video for the official Rilakkuma store. And THEY contacted HER for it. I can imagine Kelly losing her mind from jealousy over that lmao

No. 427947

Why would she intentionally make everyone think she's dirty then?
Even to her own audience?

Either way, this woman seems mentally unstable judging by the FF video.

No. 427999

I used to live on the second floor of a funeral home that was an 1800's home. Wood floors. Old home. You'd think that'd be a recipe for dirty feet. NOPE. Girl is just filthy.

No. 428005

Wow. This was…very cringe.

Someone in the previous thread mentioned something about Kelly having never played FFVIII or never having finished it. Does anyone happen to have a source for that?

No. 428007

File: 1511135413547.png (44.38 KB, 240x240, TS002409.png)

>On another note, Lor recently did a video for the official Rilakkuma store. And THEY contacted HER for it. I can imagine Kelly losing her mind from jealousy over that lmao

aahh I love it
Kelly is just a tryhard trashcan

No. 428010

File: 1511135799664.png (60.91 KB, 576x619, Capture.PNG)

that was horrendous
the comments are also pretty awful, why are Kelly's fans mostly cringey alternative girls?

No. 428011

Does it bother anyone else that she takes these figurines from their boxes? And puts KETCHUP on them?? What even?

No. 428018

File: 1511136166657.png (553.07 KB, 1261x578, trash.png)

She posted this recently on Depop. Why in the name of fuck does she think this piece of utter homemade garbage is worth even close to $55?? I love that there's a comment asking if she can go lower, and she hasn't replied. If thinking this diy is worth that much isn't narcissism I don't know what is.
Girl needs a reality check pronto.

No. 428020

There's a sucker born everyday and Kelly knows it.

No. 428153

File: 1511147226201.jpeg (185.21 KB, 750x1141, AA29626A-4906-4E79-B8AB-431D03…)

For the anon who wanted proof of Kelly’s fake ass FF fan saying she never finished 8. Good job kelly, buy a Squall figurine, cover it in ketchup and never even finished the fucking game. Straight up shitty copy cat of Nigri (and that’s not a compliment, Nigri is a shit person)

No. 428160

File: 1511147531543.jpeg (174.63 KB, 750x981, A22BBC0A-E423-4FAC-9218-C398FB…)

I can’t fucking wait for Kelly and Trisha to “collab”. Both are fat pigs that are obnoxious.

No. 428165

Yeah but the difference between Lor and Kelly is that Lor doesn't hang out with porn stars or topless models. Lor is pretty PG-rated while Kelly's friends are XXX rated. Sanrio wants to be family friendly, period. Kelly doesn't get that.

No. 428186

Yeah, that's obviously why they don't want to work with Kelly. But Kelly herself doesn't seem to get that. And after her meltdown when she couldn't do a hello kitty collab, and then Lor calling Kelly out on the AP drama, I can imagine this being extra salt in the wound for Kelly. I'm actually surprised we haven't seen any passive aggressive comments about it tbh.

No. 428190

This sickens me so hard. VIII was not hard at all. What even. And this chump replying who didn't beat X. GET OUT

saged for mini rant

No. 428194

give it time.

No. 428270

Dre also worked with Hot Topic and did snapchat promo for them. Dre is going places, good for her. I feel that Kelly seems lost and unsure of her brand. She is not and never will be kawaii because of her nude modeling past, Pornstar friends, and tattoos. I wish she would embrace her Suicide Girls style pesona and stick to that, she would do well in that type of brand promotion. Just my opinion.

No. 428301

What the actual fuck. This is so disgusting. I have hardwood floors and walk around barefoot as well, so I don't get her excuse. My own soles have never been anywhere near that filthy coated black and are just a normal pink color. Does she just not bathe a lot? That's all I can think of.

No. 428378

File: 1511173411730.png (93.51 KB, 607x371, dre.png)


No. 428487

wouldn't be surprised if kelly has stolen gifts and mail from dre

No. 428490

Upsetting and loosing a new fan everyday. Keep up the great work!

No. 428494

Why does she have to be so sassy to people? I get being blunt but I swear she overkills it. Her and Kelly both have such little damn patience for people.

Like maybe you shouldn't have chosen to be in the public eye then if you wanted all this privacy and you get tired of people asking questions. For real.

No. 428502

What was sassy about it? If she were replying to me I wouldn't have thought she was rude.

No. 428506

Nah, that's rude. There are way more tactful ways to address someone who sent you fan art. One of them would be to actually thank the person for the gesture. Cause that's what people do.

No. 428512

Exactly…she didn't even answer her original question. She just wanted to point out that she and Kelly don't do videos together anymore and mail is private.

Overall just kind of a rude response.

No. 428522

You don’t be rude to the people who give you your ‘status’. Without all these fans these girls are all cunty, selfish, narcissists with no love, no fan mail, and no attention. You be kind and love the people who love you back. Without them you’re just another normal person on the street who no one cares about.

No. 428571

Rillakuma is san-x not sanrio, but still I bet kelly is pissed that someone who isnt on her side is doing better her then

>second floor of a funeral home that was an 1800's home

woah that sounds cool anon

(polite sage bc no relevance)

No. 428585

I dont mind if collectors take them out of the box for display. But smearing ketchup all over them fucking triggered me.

>whats worse, hotgluing a fig or kelly eden ketchup edition

No. 428587

i'm pretty sure the beta /jp/ers hotgluing their precious waifus will atleast wash them with care afterwards.

No. 428597

She doesn't buy those figurines. Her fans do. Therefore they are disposable. Kelly logic 101.

No. 428613

File: 1511207974777.png (69.54 KB, 635x597, oooooooogurl.png)

remember that almost naked picture Kelly posted on twitter about her "back piece"?

Dre retweeted it and someone replied this l o l

No. 428675

I think Dre comes across as rude af in that response, could have at least thanked them for the art.

No. 428684

well, same company that sent Lor's sent kelly some rilakkuma items too.. Only that Kelly opened the package while doing mail monday and did not do a sponsored video or anything

No. 428719

hi kelly

No. 428723

lol definitely not kelly, I'm just pointing out that the same company sent BOTH KE and Lor rilakkuma packages, one treated like it was just fanmail and the other one made a nice review of the company. Just that

No. 429003

File: 1511236590171.png (449.89 KB, 682x476, lolcow.png)

No. 429005

okay what the fuck. it takes hours of walking around barefoot outside to get such BLACK feet. how the fuck is that happening inside her home? she does she dirt fucking floors? disgusting.

No. 429008

The only possibility I could really think of is that she's taking Toshi outside while barefoot?

No. 429009

Is this fool trying to appeal to foot fetishists now?
I can just imagine how all of her pastel rugs and sheets must have a streak of black dirt where ever her feet land. What a slob, I'm sure her place is filthy.

No. 429014

THey have a maid, in a few of her videos you can see the cost of it listed on the fridge. I have no idea how her feet get so dirty.

No. 429019

It's just the positioning of her feet and how inexplicably black they are. It looks like foot porn.

No. 429025

yo I walk around outside barefoot sometimes and my feet don't even get this dirty tf is she doing? rubbing charcoal under her feet?

No. 429038

Yeah Her body is a shit show now and those implant scars are dr Frankenstein quality. Still don't understand men who get off on their wives or gf being a hoe for neckbeards to fap to, unless he's getting something out of it.

No. 429085

You can see how gross and disgusting her floors/rugs are in this video.

No. 429086

I'm so glad there's a thread on kelly honestly, I used to really like her when she first was on youtube but slowly but surely everything she did just kept rubbing me the wrong way. I'm surprised how no one referenced how in her video about her removing her tattoo she mentioned how she only really felt like telling her patrons because she feels "closer" to them ….. that was just came off so greedy.

No. 429087

File: 1511247878756.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 35417115313.png)

No. 429088


"I sweep and mop 3 times a week!" my ass

No. 429090

File: 1511248061692.png (362.95 KB, 666x492, Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.06…)

jesus christ

No. 429092


p sure the patreon fiasco was talked about in the last thread of her.

No. 429093


The last thread only talked about how she basically spent the money all on herself, I'm just referencing how she's so self-absorbed she feels like the people who deserve to be considered the people closest to her are her patrons

No. 429094

File: 1511248290024.jpg (29.32 KB, 288x415, 1487202063902.jpg)

should've put a spoiler on that
There's no way she cleans her house that much>>429088

No. 429109

File: 1511252136490.png (73.45 KB, 618x315, holidays.png)

1. they're not designed to target your emotions. they're mostly designed to make people spend money

2. why don't you spend them with the fellowship friends that you always claim to be your family?

3. it's so agitating how she whines about everything. she's cried wolf so much that I have a hard time believing that any of her posts are anything other than trying to garner sympathy so that people will buy her stuff. instead of whining on the internet, go do something about it. maybe if you weren't such a psycho you'd have someone to spend it with

No. 429174

What's the situation with her family life, anyway?

No. 429181

all I know is that her dad died because he had depression and abused either prescription drugs/alcohol/both from her draw my life vid. she seems to have a good relationship with her mom and one of her sisters judging from her old youtube channel but idk how she is with her other siblings.

No. 429222

I think they might have actually sponsored Lor though. She mentioned that they contacted her to "work together" in her video. Thats usually code for sponsoring lol. They may have sent regular PR Out to others.

No. 429225

this is just a passive aggressive way of saying "I have no one to give me gifts, send me stufffzz!"

No. 429230

File: 1511269381024.jpg (12.78 KB, 400x144, IMG_8171.JPG)

No. 429290

Okay but like there's even a piece of tissue stuck to the bottom of her feet. Disgusting.

No. 429305

Got worst things going on with my family, can I have her followers?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429339

File: 1511285683770.jpg (29.7 KB, 371x308, lol.JPG)

No. 429396

Pfffffffft. Take your own advice, Kelly

No. 429407

Heeere we go.

No. 429467

I thought that bit about Patreon and the tattoo was discussed in the first thread?

I agree though, anon. I was so excited to see a thread on Kelly. I've been watching her since she first started posting on her current channel on YT. I remember being a low key fan before finding that channel because she just seemed pretty cool. But the longer she's been on YT she's gotten progressively worse as a human being. I honestly thought it was just me - possibly burnout on watching her stuff or something similar, but then I find so many other people feel the same way about her.

No. 429470

I do like when she's calm and not so hyper and screamy, but that bit about her enjoying sharing her personal life. :/ Like sharing that her engagement ended instead of a video of 'lol I use the word husbando. That's why people think I'm married.' She wouldn't even answer a simple question like why she was removing a tattoo, but is all for sharing her dads last thanksgiving speech? And she already shared it with her patreon? That's a weird move to me.

Also, not be super insensitive, but her dads been dead for years and I feel like she needs to let it go at least a little bit.

No. 429516

I remember that! I always wonder about people (in general) who take crying selfies. Like are you really that upset if you still have it in you to selfie?

No. 429518

I remember a few months ago she posted a photo of herself crying from the cheeks down with mascara running down her face on her insta story for Father’s Day and I remember thinking it was so fucking tacky… who does that other than to garner attention?

No. 429523

HAAAAAAAAAAAA she's encouraging people to seek professional help/treatment when she doesn't do it herself. Wow.

No. 429546

idk, some people change completely and are never truly able to get over a parent's death
Kelly just uses it for pity points, though, which is really disgusting

No. 429552

It’s because she’s lurking this thread and the previous one and is trying to cover her bases and/or save face. She’s so fucking transparent.

No. 429556

A parent (who you have a good relationship with) dying isn't something you really get over, but she doesn't need to be milking it for attention either. And it's pretty messed up that he died due to depression apparently but she refuses to get help. Way to spit at your dad's memory.

No. 429558

Pssh. No question. She lurk so hard.
Saged for useless commentary.

No. 429617

File: 1511308261023.png (439.48 KB, 928x592, lol.png)

No. 429618

3 weeks? Isn't that about long a thread about her on this site has existed?

No. 429620

that's what I was thinking too

No. 429625

My god it looks like John Travolta when he played Mrs. Turnblad in Hairspray but if they'd given him pink hair.

No. 429637

This is what bothers me about her when she mentions her depression*~. it’s always in the form of a tweet but she turns it into a joke or in this case she slaps it on as the caption of a glamour shot. I almost feel as if she uses her depression as an accessory. That is, if she even actually has depression to begin with, which I’m skeptical of.

No. 429652

did anyone else find her interactions with her chiropractor super cringey? she was squealing like a toddler and laughing every time he touches her, and he scolds her by calling her "young lady" and basically talks to her like she's a child. I kept thinking…this is a 30 year old woman. Isn't she a little embarrassed to be shrieking "I don't WANNA ice!!" like a poorly disciplined child..?

No. 429696

File: 1511316260640.png (701.29 KB, 1080x1300, 20171121_210158.png)

It's hideous, she doesn't pull this off at all

No. 429699

Ew, they couldn't pick one flattering color palette to go with? It looks all over the place

No. 429732

File: 1511318190736.png (2.09 MB, 1440x2079, 20171121_203236.png)

Well, it's because she did it and it's lime crime hair dye so there's your answer right there>>429699

No. 429733

I'm not a fan of the color palette, but her hair looks nice, soft and tousled like this. Her make-up looks good, too.

No. 429735

She looks like she's getting ready for her introduction on Ru Paul. Awful look.

No. 429737

I thought she and Dre said yellow was kawaii lol

No. 429752

That was supposed to say "wasn't kawaii"

No. 429767

Apparently if you can't be friends with the rainbow haired girls you just become the rainbow so you can be your own friend

No. 429774

Why does her jawline disappear on part of the rainbow hair photo

No. 429785

bc she shoops her jawline to hell lol

No. 429786

That hair doesn't go at all with her wannabe pastel princess aesthetic

No. 429837


I find it ironic that days ago she was complaining about student debts, yet in this video she proves she has the money to afford a personal trainer, and get massages.

No. 429840

the hair makes her look like a druggie and it makes me sad

No. 429841

I know it’s been said before but I have to say it, too.
Goddamn those eyelashes are terrible. Wtf clumpy eye sore.

No. 429846

I like it, it's just something done for fun. I prefer she occasionally make goof vids like this than, say, filming her nasty tattoo flab in ugly outfits.

I sympathize with her otaku side since I am one too, complete with having a husbando and collecting figures (which are meant to be displayed out if their box prisons imo). However I do agree she is mostly a fake otaku and treats the hobby like an accessory. The only thing I admire about it is has been loyal to Sephiroth, most people swap out their husbandos.

No. 429864

File: 1511337431468.png (94.51 KB, 201x210, 48rfjhs2t5.PNG)

>I sympathize with her otaku side since I am one too

No. 429906

I can't help but think that perhaps Pixielocks has had an influence on Kelly, their interactions has increased recently and now Kelly has rainbow hair too??

Sage and possible reaching

No. 429913

No, you're probably right.

Jill would kiss up to anyone more popular than her but she didn't actually know of Kelly at first. It was Kelly who subscribed to Jill, started commenting on all her videos and even added her on facebook. Nonetheless, Jill still kisses her ass now that she's familiar with Kelly's follower counts.

Kelly also does the same thing to Albinwonderland. It's like she knows she's a fake ~kawaii influencer guru~ so she needs to cling to those better than her. Although Jillian is hardly a good representative of kawaii culture, so they deserve each other.

Speaking of which, Kelly also influenced her to join the kawaii contest, because we all know Jill can't handle watching those around her be more "successful". Imagine those two clusterfucks in Japan together if she wins, it would be a travesty.

No. 429918

Sage goes in email field, newanon.

No. 429945

I actually like it. It's better than that shitty wig she was wearing to hide how much she hated her splat (right?) dye job. I mean it's painfully obvious at this point she is floundering hard in her identity, so the hair looking good is meaningless when it's probably just her trying to be pixilocks or edgier than someone who makes weird dramas using FF figurines and ketchup. Saged.

No. 429946

Omg samefag here. I actually managed to type sage in the wrong field. Ugh.

No. 430009

File: 1511367288975.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, B342A5B4-FFEF-4BF0-880A-089F78…)

i was looking at the comments on the video she posted about her hair. definitely wouldn’t be surprised

No. 430010


I'm not convinced she liked these hair extensions at all. "I had to run the shampoo through them several times" and "they're not too thick" and "the quality is 'nice' or 'okay' or 'pretty good'" lol. But they sponsored the video so… she couldn't say they were terrible. "They're good for the price" …mmhmm. at least she didn't outright lie and sing their praises when they're actually cheap/bad.

No. 430023

I like yellow with pink but the rest looks bad.

No. 430070

more than 2 unnatural hair colors looks bad on anyone. i think even for highlights stick to 1 or 2 at most. 3+ just looks a mess, like a clown.

No. 430073

good lord her sense of humor makes me die inside though.

No. 430128

>Kelly also does the same thing to Albinwonderland

Can confirm, I always thought it was kinda creepy
This is probably a super reach, but I wonder if Kelly dyes her hair pink and is into the kawaii scene because of Alb?
The only reason people give a shit about Alb and why she has so many followers is because of her super long pink hair and girly aesthetic, so I'm wondering if maybe Kelly caught onto that and decided to do the same?

sage for speculation

No. 430132

Finally someone said it. When I first saw kelly my immediate thought was "okay so she's the USA knockoff version of ALB???"

Also I need people to stop acting like they "did rainbow hair" when it's just extensions. No, you put multicolored extensions in your hair temporarily.
(And I could not agree more that she's copying pixielocks - didn't someone predict that in the last thread?)

No. 430140

I don't think that's entirely true. You can look up Kelly's old deviant art and see old photos from several years back of her having pink hair. I've never seen a photo of her without pink hair.

But the decision to go pastel might have been influenced by ALB. In most of her old photos her hair is neon pink.

No. 430141

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Kelly's had pink hair for a very long time. Way before ALB (or Kelly) was popular or a thing on the internet. But I think you're onto something there with her move toward pastel being influenced by ALB.

No. 430147

I mean, I don't want to necessarily get into a "who had it first" fight but ALB has had pink hair for well over 10 years at this point. I think she even has a video up somewhere where she says how long she's had it, but anywho she's been relatively "well known" (not on the scale she is now) on the internet since the early 2000's - back when how many people wanted to be your friend on livejournal was pretty much the only social media "popularity" that existed.

I really can't stand kelly enough to see how long she's had her pink hair - but at least we all agree that her decision to move to pastel (and make everything in her life pastel/pseudo kawaii desu imo) was most likely influenced by ALB. (She even showed the same pattern with ALB of following her, ramping up her interaction with her, and then suddenly she started morphing into her)

(saged bc mostly irrelevant)

No. 430150


Her "aesthetic" isn't necessarily Alb-influenced, but it wouldn't shock me if Alb's success on Tumblr and YouTube is what made Kelly decide to go the YT route. She kind of came out of nowhere suddenly doing similar lifestyle and nerd and snowflaek-me videos (after testing the waters with various "alt" videos on her previous account).

No. 430264

File: 1511386794982.jpg (44.33 KB, 584x389, lol.JPG)

Here we go again. That's not how mental illness works, Kelly.

I was literally released from stationary therapy for CPTSD today, so this just pisses me off.

(saged for ranting)

No. 430265

File: 1511386801510.png (725.7 KB, 827x549, yikes.png)

Oof, that's bad. She keeps talking about how the hair is soft and good quality for the money, but you can see when she's wearing the extensions how scraggly and damaged it is. It looks like spider webs, she couldn't even run her fingers through it.

"I'm not the type of girl that buys $1000 weave" ok fair but still, for ~$70 you could get something much nicer than this…

No. 430266

File: 1511386840194.png (71.07 KB, 616x317, nucleus.png)

I'm just going to leave this here..

I cannot with the entitlement of this bitch. Maybe if you didn't act like a two year-old throwing a tantrum and sending your minions to harass them for you, you would have gotten a reply.

She makes it seem like they were the ones being unprofessional. Anything to shift the blame and negativity off of her and onto others.

No. 430293

File: 1511390395517.jpeg (27.27 KB, 500x375, 05B7A4C1-4A5D-4810-85A3-A8783C…)

She got the pink hair idea from copying Audrey Kitching. She even painted her house to look like Audrey’s. This photo was taken in 2009… Just google their old modeling pics and you can see how much Kelly tried to be like Audrey. It’s so embarrassing.

No. 430312

File: 1511393062920.jpeg (259.8 KB, 1235x1235, 5CF5A488-57A0-493B-827C-3C3D9B…)


No. 430314

Ahh so this explains why everything Kelly does is so tacky and dated.

No. 430325

FUCK ME SHES GOING TO THE ART SHOW. Ughhhh. I can’t deal with this entitled fucker and thinking she’s the biggest final fantasy fan. The gallery will have art from the games she didn’t even finish and has claimed to hate.

Fuck you, Kelly. I can’t handle how arrogant and entitled you are.

No. 430326

File: 1511394765445.jpg (421.3 KB, 1078x1508, Screenshot_20171122-184359.jpg)


They finally responded. She should be so ashamed of herself. Throwing a fit and harassing the gallery when they had no control over who could be in the show. They weren't obligated to respond to her either. Being an obsessed fanboy of a game does not make you special, Kelly.

Also, it's interesting that Stephanie calls the gallery unprofessional, when nothing Kelly did about the entire situation was professional.

No. 430330

The only unprofessional one here is Kelly lololol she must feel really fucking stupid. What a dumb ass.

No. 430338

Typical Kelly… slandering a business to thousands of followers when she is the one in the wrong.

No. 430347

She's a mess. The girl went to art school and claims to be a furniture restoration expert but can't pronounce valance correctly.

No. 430348

I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but I was actually starting to feel bad for her. Like when this thread got hyperfovused on her feet, picking apart her body ect. But yeah…the whole FF Gallery crap… fuck you Kelly. Grow up.

No. 430351

Like I honestly can't believe that her and her big old group of 30 something year old friends cannot see how awful and unprofessional kelly is being towords this gallery. How can they be so stupid and blind as to be willing to support her childish behavior? I went to fine art school and part of our curriculum was learning how to navigate the industry professionally, but of course kelly with her 13 y/o followers feels to entitled to do that

No. 430360

I watched a snippet of an instagram live stream she did yesterday with Dre. They were adamantly encouraging people to not go to college because "it's a waste of money/time" and that it's ~super easy~ to drop out of high school and get your GED. Great role models.

Hey Kelly, why don't you go ahead and tell all your young impressionable followers to become lingerie models and pay their bills with patreon.

No. 430377

she has "PTSD" from the holiays?? What in the actual fuck? Was she raped, beaten, or brutalized? Was she a soldier in a war? Holy fuck I can't stand special snowflakes who say they have PTSD if they haven't actually fought in a war or went through sexual abuse or childhood trauma. Kelly needs to shut the fuck up. Fuck I can't stand her much these days.

Saged for rant.

No. 430380

Haaaaaaaaahahahahahaha are you serious? Hell, NOW more than ever, kids (young Millennials and Gen-Z) probably need to go to college because so many labor jobs are outsourced overseas (thanks, China!) or will be replaced by robots doing automation work.

The only chance kids have a good job in the future is if they get a degree that requires human intelligence, in an industry that cannot be easily replaced by robots or outsourced overseas. These girls are so dumb.

No. 430381

There is nothing "un-professional" about art galleries not replying back to people's submission inquiries. Many festivals, whether it's theater or art or video, will say that they won't reply to your submission if you're not accepted or if you didn't solicit submission. Not everyone has the time or resources to sit through hundreds of emails and hit reply to say thanks for submitting.

Kelly and Steph both need to grow up and STFU.

Saged again for rant. Sorry, guys, Kelly really bugs me so much these days. I used to like her and defend her at first but over the past few weeks, her behavior has been appalling.

No. 430394

He gets money out of it. She makes way more than him.

No. 430396

Her hair looks like fruit loops.

No. 430399

Please note that none of her friends are supporting it. They haven't said a peep about this gallery thing, contacted them, retweeted her tweets, etc. I think they're all embaassed by her too.

No. 430400

Stephanie called the gallery unprofessional so she’s the exception.

No. 430434

File: 1511405857484.jpg (436.33 KB, 1079x1213, 7636532115.jpg)

Just gonna leave this here

No. 430438

Uh yeah, bitch, they're PROFESSIONALS because they weren't going to even bother with your stupid fucking comment.

No. 430453

Stephanie has no say in what is professional when her employment is sending nudes and masturbating on patreon, recycling her “cosplays” to send titty rubbing videos.

I’m going to this gallery and I swear to god, I feel Kelly and her retarded obnoxiously loud group, I’ll be documenting so she can later lurk on this thread and see what kind of pathetic joke she is.

Hi Kelly! Hope to see you there!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 430455

If I see Kelly*

My bad. Saged.

No. 430469

Do they not realize going into the fine art field is no joke and sometimes, more likely than not, you're not going to get a reply back. That's just how it is.

No. 430495

Wow… just wow. The gallery is not under any obligation to reply to anyone's emails or calls, they have paying clients to work with. Whats next? Kelly and her friends harassing Sanrio?

No. 430503

watched it on a friend's phone so I can't provide a screen cap, but it looks like she got fresh lip injections on her ig story. so much for student loans eh lolol

No. 430525

I noticed that too! I thought maybe I was imagining it, but her lips looked way more plump than they usually do.

No. 430533


Just went to watch and noticed her eyelash extensions are gone too lol. She definitely lurks here.

No. 430615

haaaaa thought I was the only one who noticed that. She has trouble with words a lot. How old is she again?

No. 430629

File: 1511436401637.jpg (768.73 KB, 1440x2032, Screenshot_20171123-122448.jpg)

Getting blocked in 3…2…1… Lmao

No. 430649

File: 1511441007079.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171123-044239.png)

Is this the one ?

No. 430652

yes thank you

No. 430668

Fake lips, fake tits, all to go with that fake kawaii life she has.

No. 430674

Bless! I almost commented something quite similar. I don't wanna get blocked though cause I like loling at her shit.

Saged for no new input

No. 430713

File: 1511455286499.png (130.3 KB, 1600x664, kelly1.png)

I don't understand how she could even think that she could be part of this exhibition (screenshot is from the gallerie's website)

No. 430727

oh wow those are lumpy.
at least she ditched those horrific lash extensions. Bet she pulled them out too.

No. 430728

It doesn't say anywhere that they're LOOKING for artists to display. Why the fuck did she think she could just walk in and have it her way? The fuck

No. 430833

I know, right. On sites like Tumblr and Facbeook, it's very easy to find open submission calls from small art galleries seeking art from anybody. Gallery Nucelus, on the other hand, is a fine arts gallery that displays works by professional artists who have agents or managers.

Kelly blew a HUGE opportunity here by harassing Gallery Nucelus. Instead of harassing them on twitter to show her art, she could have approached the gallery to ask if she could interview the artists for her youtube channel and do a preview vlog. THAT would be a good vlog to watch. Kelly didn't even think about doing that.


No. 430997

Hopefully someone recognizes her from her temper tantrum on twitter and doesn’t let her in.

No. 431041

File: 1511497616732.jpeg (95.15 KB, 600x900, B8C9D55C-DE0F-4D04-B0C6-39CF81…)

“I don’t understand why Sanrio, a brand targeted at children, wont hire me”

No. 431117

File: 1511511474283.png (835.01 KB, 928x595, k.png)

wasn't she just complaining about how she's alone on the holidays and doesn't have family to be with on them?..

No. 431127

OT but does anyone know what went down with Kelly working with Anastasia Beverly Hills?

No. 431262

no wonder she got a boob job. I would too if my tits were that small.

No. 431395

Jeezus, that's not even the right fucking name. She was fighting Adel, not Ultimecia

No. 431397

She probably googled "who is the boss of FF8" and put the first name that came up

No. 431403

eh, some women look good with small tits or flat chests. See all those runway fashion models? None of them have boobs! I'm a big boobed short girl and I wish my tits were small so I could wear cute blouses or low cut blouses without looking like a porn star.

Kelly looked better with small tits. I think being around OTT attention whores like Vivid Vivka and Stephanie influcned her to get big fake tits and gaining weight, too. Kelly looked better with a smaller body frame when she was thinner.


No. 431405

Agreed, kelly would look so much better without the plastic and fillers and maybe a less obnoxious hair color.

No. 431408

Maybe one day she'll realize pink is actually not her color. At all.

No. 431505

Am I the only one who thinks Kelly is a shit model? I've never seen a modeling picture from her that has looked good. She always looks so awkward with stiff poses and the same face all the time. Like what even is this pose lol

No. 431537

Kelly got her breasts done before Stephanie. But yeah, I agree, she looked better with smaller boobs.

No. 431543

Since when? I thought Stephanie referred Kelly to get her boobs done. I've heard this twice now and I used to follow her before she got her boobs done..pretty sure Stephanie got hers done before Kelly.

No. 431559

Vivka referred the both of them I believe

No. 431562

File: 1511589227563.jpeg (558.56 KB, 1334x750, 5396285F-DC72-45EB-9585-4A99F9…)

KE blocked Lovely Lor. Lovely Lor’s video on her was not as harsh compared to Scarfing Scarves. KE can’t take criticism well.

No. 431565

KE's overinflated ego is full of shit. Idek why Lor is trying to still be on good terms with this childish twat. She's ugly on the inside and people are seeing that now (hell she's becoming ugly on the outside too)

Lor should just ignore it and move forward. KE is going backward, she'll lose her ambassador status soon enough. It should go to someone like Lor anyway

No. 431566

I agree, Lovely Lor is better off being blocked by Kelly. Kelly is becoming more untolerable, annoying af and cringey. God I used to like Kelly but in the past few months, I've come to despise her. Lovely Lor is a nice person and doesn't need to try to win Kelly's approval. Is there a way to report her behavior to the Kawaii International contest and ask them to revoke her ambassadorship?

saged for no milk

No. 431575

The fellowship of the rainbow did a live q&a on IG awhile back, and I remember KE saying she got hers first. I could be mistaken.

No. 431596

I'm positive Stephanie got hers done first but Kelly was shortly afterward. Like within a month.

No. 431605

Not surprising. God knows she can't stand it when one of her friends 1-up her.

No. 431606

File: 1511595905247.jpg (2.04 MB, 2560x1920, 250244732.jpg)


I may have been mistaken and it's more like a 2-3 months difference. But anyway, here's a photo you can see Steph with them already, and Kelly without.

No. 431609

She looks SO much better w/o them.

No. 431673

Right? Makes her look a lot slimmer too

No. 431706

Here is Lor's video

No. 431727

File: 1511627724737.png (135.64 KB, 955x589, lor.png)

No. 431746

She went too big tho.

No. 431747

Ffs it's understandable, lolitas are mostly shitty, and even Lor was just trying to be relevant. Kelly probably didn't even watch the video.

No. 431751

Then maybe Kelly should stop trying to be part of the lolita community if she can't handle the heat.

No. 431850

File: 1511644259869.png (396.16 KB, 624x657, wine.png)

No. 431857

Ugh, I'll never understand how Vivid Vivka has fans jerking over her. Her face looks like a melted pancake. at least Kelly and Stephanie have much prettier faces. I think the best-looking girl of the bunch is Courtney (the one with purple hair), she seems relatively sane and normal and she's married. Her husband is a tattoo artist and pretty cute. I don't get what Courtney and her husband see in Kelly and her washed up bunch of big-boobed bimbos.

It's embarrassing how much she has to keep bragging that she's a FF fan. No one cares, Kelly. Stop trying so damn hard.

No. 431889

VIvka has a great body, and she actually puts work into producing content and getting rewards for her backers on time. She's also been doing nude modeling since she was 18 and she's in her 30's now, so she's been cultivating a fan base for a long time. IMO a lot of the other patreon hoes could learn a lot from her, she actually does shit right.

No. 431909

Definitely don’t want to see her complaining about money if she’s dropping that much on WINE when she hates alcohol and doesn’t drink because of her fathers alchoholism. Talk about throwing money around…

No. 431929

I never even heard of Vivid until I saw her on Kelly's videos and thought how weird / ugly-ish her face is. She does nave a great body, though. Although I think she has a very annoying personality. For example she wouldn't STFU when she and Kelly hung out at Disneyland and she did a few provocative sexual poses smacking Kelly's ass (or someone else's?). She's a try-hard like Kelly and other Rainbow bimbos.

No. 431972

I agree about Courtney. She and Kota are the sanest of the group. Maybe those are the two trying to get away from her that they were talking about on the last thread

No. 431990

I was just about to say, why? I thought she didn't drink. What is she going to do, stare at them? That seems like the dumbest waste of money for someone who poses that they hate alcohol since her father passed away from alcoholism.

No. 431991

I also thought her and her siblings made some pact to stay away from alcohol because of that, but I'm pretty sure her sister drinks.

No. 431999

I had the same thought about Courtney as I typed that comment. Courtney, not Vivid, must the friend who's slowly trying to get away from Kelly. However, Courtney and her husband DID go to Japan with Kelly like a month ago. So I dunno, who knows. Courtney and her hubby are way too good for Kelly.

No. 432012

>drop in the thread
>see this post
>don't know who's who
>look at picture, assume Vivka is the one with purple hair because she's the ugliest of the bunch
>get to "I think the best-looking girl of the bunch is Courtney (the one with purple hair)"

Sage for unrelated, but this really surprised me. Amazing how subjective tastes can be.

No. 432036

Purple hair in the left photo, not the right. Purple hair on the right is Vivka.

No. 432052

No you got the two mixed up lol.

This is Courtney Dawn, she always has purple hair: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/46/e3/62/46e362572b41a211360258801a0a2374.png

You can google Vivid Vivka, lots of photos of her are online. She does have a great body but her face is so-so. And an annoying ass personality to boot, too.

No. 432060

Oh, I see who's who now, thanks! But I did get who Courtney was right, though I guess the previous picture was just really unflattering, she looks fine on the one you linked.

No. 432082


That is pretty much the worst photo of Vivid Ive ever seen. She usually looks a lot better.
Courtney is always gorgeous.

No. 432146

File: 1511695031020.png (125.67 KB, 548x643, twt.png)

No. 432200

File: 1511709158267.jpeg (268.13 KB, 750x1210, AD7184E1-74EC-46F8-8F3D-83D3B9…)

Can she not and say she did? And what is with this sudden Squall obsession? It’s like she discovered there are other FF games besides VII and XV. It only took her over twenty years…

Also, did anyone else notice she unfollowed Jake on insta?

No. 432201

Oh please. Am I the only one who feels like she invites other youtubers she doesn’t even know to stay with her just hoping they’ll make a vlog about it so she can snatch up some of their followers? I don’t see her inviting any of her Patreon fam*~ to crash with her and they’re all “so close”. I mean… they even pay the rent for her place haha.

No. 432329

File: 1511727806188.jpeg (467.74 KB, 1567x1567, 329F6C76-F7DD-418A-8E2A-67F1DE…)

When you’re thirty and result to copycat-ing a teenager….

No. 432363

Ok but compared to Jill, Kelly looks like the better version lol

No. 432394

Really? Kelly hair reminds me of Rob Zombie haha

No. 432398

Well one thing I have to hand to Kelly is that she always keeps her hair looking good. When Jill on the other hand is always a greasy, overgrown roots mess. But this ain't about Jill.

Also, Rob Zombie rocks.

Does anyone know what happened with her and their old roommate, Dres ex bf? Did they part on good terms?

No. 432413

I hope she looks better after a nose job and her lips done.

No. 432544

Did she say she was getting a nose job? If she does that she'll lose all the beauty in her face :/

No. 432545

She already had a nose job, you can tell from her old photos

No. 432569

Kelly hasn’t mentioned TT or Jake at all ever since this thread started pointing stuff out

No. 432588

Kelly always does keep her natural hair in good condition. That weave is fucking tragic though.

No. 432600

Anon, Pixie didn't invent rainbow hair

No. 432608

ok Kelly but we all know that you don't do anything original (see: Nigri, Kitching)

No. 432616


That's so awkward. Especially after she jacked all that footage he took, sloppily edited it together, and put 3 ads on it.

No. 432617

Funny how you're defending kelly, the queen of accusing people of copying her

No. 432634

File: 1511773988946.png (360.54 KB, 601x535, quirky.png)

I'm so ~*quirky*~ gaiz!

No. 432674

Spreading ketchup on FF figures is tryhard not quirky.
Your general anatomy and balloon titties say otherwise.
Yes. Yes you are. Just not the kind you think.
Which is why you caused so much trouble for the AP store by head on confronting them??

No. 432694

Tiny? What about her is tiny? Did she mean her height or something? How tall is she? Also, this is laughable because she shows a picture of just how actually thin, small-chested and youthful Rapunzel looks. This would be a princess I'd say is furthest from Kelly.

No. 432712

For someone who preaches so much that mental health isn’t a joke I don’t appreciate agoraphobia being used as a punchline: I am genuinely fearful to go to places and it isn’t a joke. They could’ve used the term introverted, aka what she actually is. I don’t understand how someone who constantly shares how serious their own mental issues are can go and joke about someone else’s phobia. Fuck her.

No. 432714

…I obviously was aware of that. The difference is she actively follows Pixie. But ok anon, you go and act like Kelly hasn’t made an actual living ripping off other people and what makes them original. You must be new.

No. 432715

i guess its kind of how people use bpd to justify their behavior when in reality theyre just being an asshole. its insulting that people think that wanting to stay in all weekend automatically means their agoraphobic when there are people out there who dont leave their homes for weeks because its so fraught with anxiety

No. 432717

Kelly better fits the description of a Hobbit. She’s short and stumpy, and her feet are always jacked up and dirty.

No. 432747

Rapunzel isn't even agoraphobic. The whole movie is of her wanting to leave her tower what the fuck

No. 432757

lmao, she's dumb

No. 432782

Tiny? lol.
Short, sure.

No. 432812

I remember in an older vlog she got measured at some family members house because she had previously been measured there and she wanted to compare an old height to her new height. She used to be 5'2 but when she got measured again she measured 5'3. She's not that short, but she's a little below average.

No. 432833

how the fuck is she agoraphobic if she travels? stupid bitch

No. 433467

File: 1511843210091.png (316.8 KB, 617x561, lol.png)

Davey dodged a bullet with this one

No. 433479

Yikes. It's like she's channeling the 13 year old weebs on deviantart…

No. 433489

Rapunzel wasn't agoraphobic though.. She was a literal prisoner and abuse victim who was told to never leave or else. It's not even relatively the same thing.

No. 433614

Let us remind ourselves, a 30 year old woman tweeted this.

No. 433705

She claims to be bisexual yet only obsesses over men or male characters. I have never seen her mention being in love with or wanting the attention of anyone or anything female

No. 433738

File: 1511893427264.png (442.64 KB, 701x738, Untitled.png)

I see Kelly is still trying to prove she's such a ~weeb~

No. 433765

She's literally just obsessed with herself

No. 433777

She's only bisexual for views, let's be real.

No. 433910

File: 1511906787451.png (56.63 KB, 600x242, tweet.png)

No. 433980

I think she confused the word depression with lazy

No. 433981

The scariest part of her Sephiroth shit is how defensive and bitchy she is when someone else says they “love” Sephiroth. Like instead of being nice and bonding with a fan over shared interest she shuts them down and tells them he’s hers and only hers. It’s slightly alarming. Its like she’s convincing herself she’s actuallu in a relationship with a fictional character.

No. 433989

File: 1511913288435.png (175.05 KB, 750x1334, EB5BA40B-486E-4913-8CD1-A13CB1…)

No. 434007

Ugh as someone who goes to cons frequently, these people are the worst. You can't enjoy the game or character or anything because it just becomes that awkward moment of them glaring at you. What started as a nice conversation turns creepy fast.

No. 434019

File: 1511915918862.jpg (399.94 KB, 960x895, 4941319_mistysky.jpg)

except we all know they're both bargin bin versions of Kammie

No. 434022

The more I read this thread the funnier it gets. This takes the cake. How do you even get yourself so obsessed over a fictional character for 15 years? She creates this illusion that she's this ~special internet famous alt model~ with lots of friends/living life in her aesthetic filled world that other girls want, but she's just some bitch with too much money that's wack as fuck and does everything for fame. She needs a therapist instead of vlogging about everyone copying her and being hardcore obsessed with someone that isn't real.

No. 434029

File: 1511916620975.png (2.11 MB, 2160x3840, Screenshot_20171129-114637.png)

She's invaded my newsfeed, praying this is the first and only post that I have to see but I know there will probably be many more. I am ashamed to share a fandom with this bitch

No. 434030

Massive cringe. She's so pathetic

No. 434036


lmao, please update us if she posts more ostentatious content in that FB group.

No. 434044

This looks like something I would’ve typed out into a livejournal comm when I was 13. Also… never knew it was possible to namedrop yourself until this very moment. Like, she could’ve just posted the original image since the article has nothing to do with FF. But she wants to show off she the cover image for an article from some random site. Such cringe. I wonder how many times she’s reposted this article to show off haha

No. 434090

No. 434138

File: 1511930543986.png (38.93 KB, 606x181, cringe.png)

someone needs to take internet away from this girl and put her in a facility

No. 434161

Exactly. If she really suffered from depression and anxiety, she wouldn't be making dumbass jokes about them. She's disgusting.

No. 434166


To be fair, people with depression, anxiety or other illnesses do sometimes joke about them just to cope. I know I do.


No. 434179


have you ever been on the internet these last years? most of it is memes and jokes people make about themselves being depressed, anxious, non self-sufficient, broke and socially awkward uwu. kelly's a shit but this is a reach.

No. 434253

well obviously. but she preaches about being a mental health advocate, and this kind of shit isn't ok since she has young followers that follow her every move.

No. 434257

In what way is it not ok? Humour as a coping mechanism for mental illness is in no way a bad thing, and it can even be really helpful. You're acting like she wrote "haha people with depression suck".

No. 434277


It's not that humor isnt a coping mechanism, I've been diagnosed with depression and I joke around with friends too. It's mostly the way she does it. She drops so much mental issues like buzzwords whenever she can in her posts like depression and ptsd and anxiety ect. While this stuff is actually super personal? Especially how the internet seems to romanticize this kind of stuff as of late. My friends care about my depression so I joke around with them I don't care about the notes I could get by posting some edgy shit.
For someone who is so hesitant of sharing personal shit unless people pay her for it she sure is cool shoving her medical report down the hatch whenever she can

No. 434279

It's not ok because she constantly posts about depression and how bad hers is all while refusing to get professional help. She recently said that she picks herself up by pampering herself. While exercising and going to the chiropractor are steps forward, they're clearly not helping her to the point that she needs to be helped if she is posting about how deeply depressed she is not even a week later. I can't remember which video she talked about it in, but there is a video where she pretty much says that she refuses to seek treatment. Can't remember if it had something to do with her dad and his addiction or not? Instead of soaking in her depression, if she's well enough to have the motivation to go work out and go to the chiropractor to feel better, she's well enough to have the motivation to go to a professional to help her take steps into getting better. That's what she should be promoting instead of posting about how miserable she is all the time. Using humor to cope is understandable but she clearly has the means to go forward with her mental wellness and also understand that people look up to her and she isn't being a good role model by choosing to cry about it on social media instead of doing something about it

No. 434285

It gets to be a little much when every post, tweet, and Instagram photo is captioned with her being “depressed”. It makes her come off as a huge attention seeker.

No. 434346

This is quite terrifying. How old is she again? This is the sort of crap I would have done as a prepubescent girl. I know we talk on here about her potentially not even suffering from the mental illnesses she has, but I think she might actually have depression and anxiety - her coping mechanism is age regression. And she's regressing HARD.

No. 434347

samefag here

mental illnesses she claims to have*

That's better.

No. 434454

If she loves him so much why was she selling him on her depop?

No. 434502

File: 1511990120264.jpeg (205.26 KB, 750x1334, 1D125DC8-C7C1-404E-822F-6D2B2D…)

No, it didn’t, in fact it would like you to see yourself out. Thanks for understanding Kel.

No. 434533

She looks so trashy, I dont't get why anyone would willingly make the choice to look like that

No. 434537

File: 1511993450832.png (129.04 KB, 277x273, ..png)

>selling your husbando
Wow , Kelly really doesn't get it does she.
She's like a scene kid that has just discovered ~* totally Kahwahee Harajooku fashion *~ and anime yesterday.
her jokes are lame and tryhard >>434138 it's really tragic to watch

No. 434552


Sorry to gross everyone out but there's something super ageplay looking about this. Her hair and makeup is really inappropriate for sweet lolita and it looks really creepy with the clothing.


lmao the part that confuses me the most about this is that Sephiroth is an entry-level husbando that every weeb on deviantart in 2005 was obsessed with. I'd love to see a death match between her and vintage FF7 cows like sephirothslave.

No. 434623


When she did the powerpuff girl latex photoshoot, I called her out for it being oddly pornographic with the big tits and tattoos, a la Suicide Girl. She got super defensive and responded how it's not right to sexualize and fetishize her tattoos and a"aesthetic". That said, the age play here is VERY obvious.

Sage for no milk.

No. 434649

Oh wow I thought you were joking. Does she not….realize how this sounds?

No. 434677

File: 1512004643436.png (624.27 KB, 548x974, unnamed.png)

She puts ketchup on her figurines, frames a photo of Squall, buys a Squall necklace and paints it pink.

Reminder: She's never finished FF8.

No. 434687

I tried to find the tweets between her and a fan where the fan was trying to bond with her over Sephiroth and she was a straight up bitch to her but I couldn’t find them. It was disturbing that she was being mean to another living, breathing person over a character… someone that doesn!t even fucking exist haha

No. 434739

I completely agree. The sweet lolita style mixed with her suicide girl/scene hair, tattoos, and makeup is so off-putting.

Also Kelly, your tattoos are NOT kawaii. They are tacky and trashy.

No. 434963

The sad/embarrassing thing is that she’s definitely not a fake weeb, she just never outgrew her 2005 weeb phase. She totally stunted herself by being obsessed with the same Husbando for that many years and now just sounds so fucking old and dated and embarrassing.
Nothing cringier than a grown adult (almost 30?!) bullying kids for liking the same plain vanilla anime villain she liked when she was 14. The fact that she also openly jokes about being aggressive towards people who like the same anime character as her definitely makes it seem like she might just be insecure because she’s not the only special nerd kid (ironic considering that’s the audience she tries to market herself towards).

No. 434993

This makes me rage hardcore. I have that same necklace. It's precious. She's destroyed it. Ew.


No. 435056

Not just that but she hasn't even finished FF8, she couldn't even beat Adel (who she mistakenly called Ultimecia) …true FF fan right there, fucking wannabe bitch

No. 435061

Oh yeah, I knew about her not finishing it. Shortly after we were discussing it on here she posted that stupid video where Squall was waiting for her on the bed, then she posted that pixelated photo of him in a frame, and now she's posted that image of her "kawaii" Lionheart necklace - so her lurking is painfully obvious.


No. 435076

Is she unaware she is "married" to a genocidal psychopath character? Is this just ok to overlook because she finds him attractive?

No. 435079

jesus how hard is it to google FF8 walkthrough lol

i get so petty over people that claim to be gamers but havent actually managed to complete one game. literal retards

No. 435086

She probably doesn't even play Triple Triad. Fool.

No. 435102

I just want to say that if you aren't grinding or properly equipping/leveling your characters that fight is a pain in the ass that you will have to reload or start over for. 12 year old me had no concept of strategy. Kelly has the intelligence of 12 year old me.

No. 435136

I love how Kelly is trying so hard to defend herself as we tear her stupidity apart. Once we mentioned her Hobbit feet, she mentions it. The fake ff8 fan, she tries to prove otherwise. Her stupid eyelashes? Took them off after saying she loved them.

Maybe we should mention how she has a Zidane figurine as well, but I'm sure she's not passed that game as well.

Saged for rant.

No. 435170

Uhhh not exactly. The enemies in FFVIII level up in conjunction with your characters. Grinding is not the answer. It's not a hard game. You just need to properly junction your magic and your GFs. If you're not using junctioning to your advantage then you will certainly have a hard time.


No. 435668

Plenty of people make jokes about their illnesses. It can be really helpful to have a sense of humor about these things. Don't be stupid.

I honestly can't blame her for not seeking treatment. I was in therapy for years and it did very little to help. I was also put on various different medications, all of which but one made me suicidal (a very common side effect of antidepressants) the only one that didn't essentially turned me into an unfeeling zombie. I know a lot of people who had the same type of experience. Therapy and meds simply don't work for everyone and can actually make it worse. Plus, she's functioning perfectly fine, it's not like she's so emotionally crippled that she can't work, have any fun, or have friends.

No. 435678

I get so triggered by these types, especially when they're doing it over a character that's really popular like Sephiroth.

Idk anon, I think it's pretty dumb to shit on for loving something just because it's old. You're basically complaining that she's not one of those fickle anime/vidya fans that only obsesses over whatever the new flavor of the year is.

>Hobbit feet
… Hobbit feet are disproportionately giant compared to their bodies, hers are very tiny. They are the exact opposite of what that term would imply.

No. 435686

Samefag - I didn’t mean that she sounded old and dated because she likes an old video game, I mean she sounds old and dated bc she still talks and acts like the weebs in 2005. Like I seriously can’t stop cringing every time she forces the word ‘husbando’ out of her mouth like you’re thirty not thirteen.
That said I WILL shit on her for liking Sephiroth because he’s kind of the most bland and uninteresting - not because he’s from something old though

No. 435700

“She’s functioning perfectly fine” LOL that’s why she’s a thirty year old woman holed up in her house smearing ketchup on action figures and every single post on every social media platform she has is about how she’s so depressed^~ and can’t get anything done.

No. 435704

When we said she had Hobbit feet we were obviously taking a jab at how disgustingly filthy they are 24/7. No human being has literal Hobbit sized feet. I can’t believe I have to explain that. Don’t be an idiot.

No. 435726

Usually when people use Hobbit feet as an insult they're referring to size or hairiness, not cleanliness.

No. 435728

I haven't actually cringed at a cow in a while. Wow. She legitimately comes off so tryhard and like some "poser". She was "gothic", and now she's "kawaii" and "lolita", and she also is such a "nerd" and loves well-known PS1 FF games. It's like she's living out her cringe high school phase for everyone to see a decade later.

No. 435732

Ah, okay. I thought you were referring to the fandom, not the 2000's era weebiness. My bad.

I just mean she's not nearly as bad as a lot of people with serious depression issues. Like I said, she works, has friends, and is capable of enjoying herself and completing personal projects. That's a lot better than many other mentally ill people.

No. 435736

File: 1512148119215.png (707.88 KB, 548x974, unnamed.png)

So, when was the last time Kelly was out and about with the fellowship? Yeah yeah, she'll blame it on anxiety or whatever, but uh, maybe it's because none of her friends really are with her anymore. Even Stephanie and Kota are there.

Also, the Hobbit feet were about her being dirty, just how the hobbits' feet were when they would walk on their journey on DIRT. Jesus.

No. 435782

I feel like Kelly may have jealousy issues. Her and Dre don’t seem nearly as close and I can’t help but think it’s because Dre’s channel is doing better than hers and their friends seem to enjoy Dre’s company more than Kelly’s so she doesn’t go to friend gatherings because she has a big ol’ chip on her shoulder.

No. 435803

File: 1512155491058.png (1.35 MB, 1035x1386, 20171201_111023.png)

Kelly was at Midevil Times with them, she just wasn't in the shot you posted.

No. 435826

Ah shit.

I fucked up.

Kelly was there. Sorry.

No. 435897

I'm pretty sure that's Katie (thedisneylandprincess) not Kelly.

No. 435898

Samefag - she's a Hufflepuff. Hence the yellow tartan dress.

No. 435902

It has to be Kelly. I have a feeling that she's the one who always instigates the stupid ass dab pictures

No. 435906

I went to Stephanie's IG and clicked the little taggy thing - it's Kelly apparently. I thought it was Katie too for the Hufflepuff reason.

No. 435925

Yeah it is Kelly, the yellow outfit is from a discontinued ugly ass line from Deandri. It's the same clothing line Dre gets all her "goth" clothes.

Saged for useless info.

No. 436013

I've always sensed that there was some kind of tension between Kelly and Noodlerella. Their interactions seem very awkward and tense in videos and I noticed Connie ignoring her on social media when Kelly mentioned wanting to see her during her London trip. Has anyone else picked up on this or am I reaching?

No. 436014

Anyone else notice when tt and jake visited, it seemed awkward, very little time spent with them just odd bits. Kelly and dre both drive yet they got cabs everywhere, yes I know dre works so was probably busy, but they kept saying on the vlogs that they are just sitting around the house and then spent time with other friends. Also heard kelly moaning a lot at jake as he was pissed with toshi chewing all his stuff and she had a go at him on Dre’s live Instagram. Apparently they had to entertain themselves everyday, and spent a fortune on food and rides etc as were just more or less left to it, always seemed to me like they didn’t want them there as soon as they arrived.

No. 436016

She made it out of a fake replica that cost $10.

No. 436052

Kelly had a go at him??? Do elaborate, what happened? Also is that live video saved anywhere ? I don’t know how IG works but that sounds milky.

No. 436068

I actually like Kelly, but there's two things she's done recently that seriously grind my gears. The first is obviously the whole Angelic Pretty fiasco. The second is how she said it was snobby to be against buying knock-offs, especially since she herself makes a big deal about the importance of supporting artists, said that she wanted to support the fashion industry more, and I'm pretty sure has complained about tattoo theft before. When someone called her out and pointed out she wouldn't feel great about someone profiting off her stolen work, she said they had a good point and if she could afford high end fashion she would.

I absolutely can't stand the "I can't afford it" excuse for buying knock-offs, it's so entitled. There's no shortage of cute original $50 bags she could have bought instead. Not to mention, with all the money she spent on that Japan haul she could have easily bought the real bag if she just toned down the rest of her spending.

No. 436403

File: 1512240166980.jpg (63.31 KB, 516x630, cringe.JPG)

She is so cringy…

No. 436456

She's copying that girl that got engaged to the gundam guy

Not a single original bone in her body

No. 436468

So did some poor guy actually pose with her only for her to photoshop a game character head onto his body? Lmao.

I can't decide whether to laugh or cringe. This is pretty ditzy weeb behavior for someone who's 30. And tbh a bit creepy since it seems she's trying to pull in a younger audience with this weebshit.

No. 436489

On behalf of the entire FF fandom, I declare that Kelly get the boot. We do not want her. Say your goodbyes and see yourself out, Kelly. Please find another fandom to disgrace.

No. 436492


She did a thing where fans 'shopped her with Seph and some of them did an outstanding job, so I think that is the source.

Aside: A guy -not reacting- to your weirdness does not make marriage material, since guys have the blinders on when seeking teh sex
But I hope she's joking. Gotta set your sights higher than not insulting you to your face imo

No. 436496


Sage, but…you think houseguests shouldn't pay for their own food or do anything for themselves or hang by themselves? Shit, can I come stay at your house?

No. 436514

Kelly is in line at gallery nuclear dressed as a Fucking clown

No. 436548

Pics plox

No. 436568

File: 1512259910853.jpeg (135.41 KB, 750x1334, 0918414F-60A1-4E1F-A582-A346AC…)

Kelly, stop, you’re just TOO funny. Comical genius. How are you so HILARIOUS? The internet isn’t ready for this!!1! LOLOLOL

No. 436601

File: 1512262483275.png (383.29 KB, 1242x1827, IMG_1320.PNG)

In case it wasn't painfully obvious that she lurks - hiiiii kelly.

I really hope someone gets good pics of her at this gallery opening. Bonus points if she throws a fit or excessively talks about wanting to be in the show and someone gets video of it

No. 436721

File: 1512282789991.jpeg (Spoiler Image,564.38 KB, 750x839, A54AF042-54D5-419C-A80F-9D5C7B…)

I have so many questions right now.
What is WRONG with her tits? That just doesn’t look right or appealing at all. Also why is her stove? On fire? While I think this is better and more on brand than her Kawaii rori shit, this is still just such a confusing photo. WHY IS THE STOVE ON FIRE?

Also as an aside does it bother anyone else that she talks about body dysmorphia but posts all of these incredibly overshopped photos of herself (I mean, her waist here,,,, this is shopped,,,) that just completely lean into the same dishonesty that promotes body insecurities? She’s such a disgusting hypocrite lol.

No. 436724

>oven mitts hanging over open flame
Now to sit back and let natural selection handle the rest.

No. 436738

I think the stove is on fire because it’s supposed to be an lol I’m so cute but bad at cooking thing

No. 436755

Wtf it looks like she has one huge central boob

No. 436873

Kelly's photoshop is so out of control. It's a surprise she gets work because as much effort used to shop her, you could've just used a prettier girl. Kek.

No. 436881

I voted for stop ruining Final Fantasy

No. 436885

What's up with her drinking at the FF gallery? I thought she abstained.

No. 436891


every time i see her tattoos i want to die.

i like heavily tattooed people but a lot of her work is very ugly or poorly done, and she pairs her tattoos with this kawahee pink pure aesthetic that just DOESNT work with them.

it’s so fucking ugly.

kelly, please go back to dressing somewhat gothic so your tattoos look their best.

No. 436923

No. 436927

her lips look ridiculous

No. 436929

I can't believe she showed her face at the gallery after the shit she pulled with them.

No. 436931

File: 1512323582656.png (612.32 KB, 1359x761, why.png)

@ 6:48
Why would you leave this in..

No. 436939

File: 1512324577779.png (1007.95 KB, 1359x761, sad.png)

this is sad

No. 436941

File: 1512324798673.jpg (290.55 KB, 683x1000, finalfantasyvii_polish_silkscr…)

>Toshiyuki is the guy who does the main FF art and the logo art.
Wrong, that's Yoshitaka Amano. How the hell does she not know of Amano? Toshiyuki Itahana just did the art for the chibi style FF games.

No. 437013

her tits look ridiculous even in this video

No. 437016

the big final fantasy fan seemed bored by all the final fantasy lol

No. 437022

Yeah, that's odd, it's a separate video clip too…

No. 437045

Wait she dindt get ticket to the signing but they let her in anyway 'cause she is making youtube video?

No. 437106

>bringing up natural selection while being too dumb to realize the fire is clearly photoshopped

No. 437126

Why is she commenting on wine like she knows a damn thing about different wine when she claims to never drink. The amount of poser in this girl is ridiculous.

No. 437304

As someone who was at the gallery, I overheard her talking and she literally said, “don’t they know who I am?” in reference to not having a wristband to the singing. She then went to go talk to the guy standing at the entrance way into the signing room and that was that.

It was one of those moments were you should expect someone like this to say something like that, but also I can’t believe she said something like that. I’m still replaying it in my head. That said, the Aquare-Enix workers were all very sweet and friendly and I’m not surprised they let her in.

No. 437321

If you were there when she said that, you would have known she was joking, and everyone around her immediately started cracking up.

That said, that was ballsy of her.

No. 437372

No. 437390

File: 1512357452542.jpg (113.48 KB, 960x960, 12524115_969876839732493_85612…)

Its so weird to me that Claire Max is hanging around Kelly. Any one have any deets on that?

Claire became a bit known for posting on Closet Of Frill but wearing basically the same outfit over and over again

No. 437427

They've been friends for a couple of years, claire has been in a few of kelly's videos.

idk i like claire, i think her style is cute. In this video she seemed a little annoyed with kelly though.

No. 437461

Time to start buying bigger clothes, Kelly. Or you can just go and spend all your donated money on lipo cuz you’re good at that kind of stuff.

No. 437494

They don't seem close. More like acquaintances rather than friends.

No. 437497

File: 1512377264018.png (353.5 KB, 616x592, 1.png)

No. 437498

File: 1512377274309.png (50.52 KB, 547x650, 2.png)

No. 437599

As much as I hate Kelly, that is a terrible thing to say. The loss of a parent should never be used to insult someone. That’s just low.

No. 437631

Can I just say she seems so much calmer and less annoying in this mail Monday.

No. 437671

It's because she's "depressed" and clearly been taking some of the advice here to heart.
Claire is kind of a "famous for no reason" lolita celeb. She just has that one really good coord really and is trying to get on the coattails of more famous types. I do want to know more about their relationship, though.

No. 437690

File: 1512412208393.jpg (41.45 KB, 1105x251, lol.JPG)

These are the top comments on that video right now kek

No. 437700

Is she really showing someone's address without blurring it right now??

No. 437701

Wonder how long it will be until she deletes them lol

No. 437704

I never really understood the lolita hate boner for claire. Wasn't the whole thing with her rewearing the same dress like three years ago? Has she done anything else?

Idk about their relationship. Claire is pretty quiet on her social media but she has been in a few of Kelly's videos and played mars in one of the sailor moon skits. She was also a bridesmaid at Stephanie's wedding.

No. 437736

I even googled the address and found it on Google Map. I don't live in AUS but someone could easily go to that fan's house. Good job, Kelly!

No. 437744

>pointing out a clearly photoshopped picture is photoshopped means you must be Kelly
Shit like this is why it's so easy for people to dismiss any legitimate criticism here and blow us all off as crazy haters with nothing valid to say.

No. 437749

Not trying to bash lolitas (I am one) but there's something about the subculture that attracts a lot of autists and mentally ill people who are very prone to going seriously overboard over small things and holding grudges literally forever. Also, lolitas are very prone to envy and Claire is quite pretty by lolita standards and has a few very popular prints, which I'm sure plays a role.

No. 437773

You’re pretty angry over someone disregarding the fire being photoshopped to make a dig at Kelly… also read through the thread, we can take criticism and corrections just fine.

No. 437786

>You’re pretty angry
I just pointed out it was dumb not to realize the photo was clearly Photoshopped

No. 437790

Okay, I finally have time to write down word happened at this gallery.

First of all, my friend was two spots ahead of Kelly and as I was talking to him, I heard her specifically say, “ugh I hate that this fucking gallery is making us wait on standby while the others get to go because they got on some list.” This list she was complaining about was an rsvp to go for the signing. This signing was meant for those who rsvp’ed, but the gallery was kind enough to host a line for standby folk.

Kelly didn’t get “hooked up” and that guy that “worked” for Square Enix, he worked for the gallery and he was letting anyone in AFTER the rsvp slot. Meaning, other people on standby also went to meet the illustrator, including not special Kelly and claire.

Another thing, she kept judging cosplayers by saying, “I did that one better” or “I have a better wig” or “the makeup I did was better”. Kelly was being a class S cunt.

And lastly, she fucking bashed the merch a lot of times, OUTLOUD, and kept saying, “these pieces are okay…”. Bitter ass cunt.

Kelly, when you read this, realize that people hated you at the gallery and you were being rude and loud.

No. 437794

Sorry anon but this sounds made up. I cant say how she was behaving at the gallery, but I do know that the only final fantasy cosplay she's done is Aeris, so why would she be criticizing other cosplayers saying she did it better when she hasn't done those costumes? Unless there were like 17 aeris cosplayers there or something.

You can see in the video that the guy who let them in was wearing a square enix jacket so it's not unreasonable to think he worked for square enix.

When you see kelly and claire go meet the artist in the video, there's no one else in line behind them. If they were letting anyone from standby in, why were they the last two to go up? Claire also says in the video "Kelly talked her way in".

I don't doubt that she's a bitch but if you're going to make up milk it only harms the credibility of other people posting in this thread.

No. 437800

you are gonna have to prove to us that you were at the gallery. Post a photo of yourself there, with your face blurred out or something. I have a hard time belieiving you, too.

No. 437804

I thought Kelly did Rinoa Heartilly, Aerith and Lunafreya? I loved her Aerith.

No. 437809

Someone commented on her video that she only hangs out with white people & I guess that got to her because she just posted a pic of her with her friend Jai(?)

Sad how hard she's trying to make herself look good maybe try not being a shit person in the first place

No. 437811

File: 1512427103438.jpg (28.35 KB, 224x224, IMG_2837.JPG)

The only one I could find photos of was Aerith. But I'll admit I didn't look that hard.

No. 437824

Maybe not the popular opinion here right now - but I believe you. Based on how much of a shitfit she threw at them I can absolutely see her being a complete twatwaffle about other people's cosplays, not to mention the art that was actually on display. We all know kelly has a nasty side when it comes to people getting more attention than her.

No. 437834

she just posted a Luna cosplay a few weeks ago on insta.

asking for proof is a little ott lol. nothing anon said is unbelievable. in kelly's video she clearly said aloud that she thought the merch was meh, the only thing she liked were the pouches or something.

tbh she probably talked her way onto the standby list for the signing by saying she's a youtuber.

i'm assuming the cosplay she bashed were photos in the gallery, not actual people standing around. that'd be ballsy even for a snowflake lol

No. 437857

>now has the signature of the man who ruined final fantasy art

GG kelly

No. 437860

There were no cosplay photos in the gallery. It was all official art and a very small section of "tribute" art.

No. 437872

I don’t see why I would make this up, but Kelly was referring to a Lunafreya cosplay that she did better. I saw one Aeris, Vivi, Zidane, and a Yojimbo cosplay at the gallery. There were many cosplayers at the event, and she was speaking loudly. And everyone there was wearing Square Enix logo, but there were only two official SE employees, who did the interview after the entire show was over.

Kelly was on standby. She didn’t do shit to be let in to get her cringe ita bag signed. She just fucking stood in line and whined.

And I don’t need to post proof. What I’m sayig isn’t far fetched. It’s fucking loud mouthed Kelly.

No. 437881

>”I did that one better”
Funny considering she doesn’t make jack shit herself. Every cosplay she has “done” was created and sewn by her seamstress, misslindsayxoxo, or provided for her by a company sponsoring her for a gig. Kelly acts like she’s this renowned cosplayer when she really ain’t shit.

No. 437891

File: 1512432628156.png (130.2 KB, 750x1032, IMG_2840.PNG)

There was no standby line for autographs, anon. The only way to get one was to RSVP ahead of time and they only had a limited number.

No. 437892

I can't believe she still hasn't blocked out that fan's address, it's so disrespectful.

No. 437895

File: 1512432964292.jpg (38.48 KB, 211x308, 201791402.jpg)

No. 437900

Did she say husbando desu when she was showing off her ita bag and phone case at the signing? I don't mind the husbando thing but that's a whole new level of cringe.

No. 437901

While I watched, a random bit of the video was blurred when she unboxed the t-shirt, so maybe she was attempting to do the blur fix.

As an Anon above wrote, this "calm" Kelly is nice, there's no need to be wacky all the time.

No. 437905

I attended this gallery and at the door, left was rsvp folk and on the right was stand by. Gallery Nucleus does this for all their events.

Kelly was on standby.

No. 437926

To get into the gallery. Not for the signing. There was no standby for the signing, you could only get in with a wristband.

No. 437927

To get into the gallery. Not for the signing. There was no standby for the signing, you could only get in with a wristband.

No. 437929

To get into the gallery. Not for the signing. There was no standby for the signing, you could only get in with a wristband.

No. 437940

kek she deleted them already

No. 437949

I do believe this considering how she acts in her con roaming videos. Like how she talked literally in front of that artist that a picture was "based on her" and giving her loud opinions on everything. She has no filter in public and is like a 14 year old screechy weeb with how she behaves.

No. 437954

wtf is this

No. 437968

Is everyone totally unaware that Stephanie is Mexican?

I'm pretty sure that this either made up or you're Claire pretending to be some random anon to not give yourself away. I just find it too hard to believe that a random farmer with no connection to Kelly happened to be at the same gallery, close enough to hear her speak, unless you were stalking her. This gallery wasn't attended by enough people for that coincidence not to be questionable. So yeah, I think you're Claire, made this up, or are stalking Kelly.

>I don’t see why I would make this up
People make up stories like this on here and /cgl/ frequently enough for it to kinda be a thing. It fuels the drama and people like the reactions to it. If you're not making it up, it shouldn't be hard for you to prove it. Being consistent with her character just simply isn't enough evidence, especially for something questionable sounding to begin with.

The thing is, people on these kinds of sites make up these sorts of interactions somewhat frequently. Unless they post proof (which shouldn't be hard at all if it's true) then their stories should be assumed false. Not to mention >>437891 adds even more reason for skepticism.

No. 438010

Honestly have to agree here. It was a loud gallery, how did Anon manage to overhear unless they were stalking her or actually with her? If you're stalking her as implied in this post >>430453 reassess your life. Otherwise the >>437390 post suggests it was Claire or one of her friends. Seems strange to go on a board like this with "who is the illustrious Claire?" attractive selfie unless you are her/a fan/a friend.

/End theorizing
Saged for peanut-throwing

No. 438015

File: 1512445503983.png (23.8 KB, 604x221, comments.png)

That anon just needs to provide proof or it's a joke. Someone said there was special wristlets to get in? They'd have to provide that.

She absolutely reads the comments in every social media she has. It's funny that she just gets so snobby and brushes off worshipping like in her latest mail video, but the second one asshole says something below the line, she has like 3 weeks of ~depression~.

I also just dislike her showcasing someone so her mob of fat tweens and ugly e-celebs can go attacking people at her whim. She sure doesn't like being called out herself, but yet she absolutely endorses witch hunts and using fans to attack or bully to get what she wants like Gallery Nucleus.

No. 438028


All of these seem like different anons. Unless Kelly or Claire is posting here and contradicting themselves, at least one or two other farmers were at the gallery. post some proof to verify your story and spill the real milk.

No. 438031

Oh please. There are white Mexicans and they are just as white as Kelly or some other gringos of European descent. Being Mexican or Latino doesn't automatically make a person a poc. Stehpanie looks white af, acts like it, and is white, full stop. Kelly only hangs out with white people, period. Saged for meaningless shit.

No. 438038

>Stephanie looks white AF
Uh… not really? She's pretty tan compared to your average white person. I could tell she was ethnic the moment I saw her. Maybe in a place like LA people might think she just tans well, but elsewhere in the country people would be able to tell pretty easily.

No. 438044

Honestly, I still wouldn't see proof the poster was there as proof it actually happened. I've read too many similar "i was there in person and here's a story of them being awful!" situations that ended up being fake to trust anything without solid evidence. Keep in mind that anyone can make up anything and will take advantage of being in a believable position.

No. 438046

Claire is a massive narcissist with BPD it's not hard to dislike her, trust me.

No. 438053

File: 1512451655059.jpg (205.43 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20171204-215954.jpg)

She posted a video on YouTube showing a fans address. I tweeted her showing her how to fix it without deleting the video.
She blocked me on Twitter. I lost every last ounce of respect I had left for this bitch.

No. 438055


No. 438058

I don't think farmers going there is a far fetched idea, a few people commented about going a while ago to see if Kelly was attending. I would to, if I were in the area.

No. 438070

That's some reaching anon, what has she said or done that would allude to that?

No. 438103

She would need her own thread

It’s not reaching if I know her personally.

No. 438105

>>It's not reaching if I know her personally.

It is if you don't provide any evidence. Anyone can just claim to know her.

No. 438129

File: 1512461488844.png (47.47 KB, 576x493, IMG_9623.PNG)

Since anons are busy being faggots and not noticing real milk
Anon got blocked for pointing out that Kelly outed a fans address, even though anon was kind enough to give helpful tips on how to fix this mistake without deleting her video, whick Kelly seems to have done either way because now its unavailable up thread.

No. 438138

The video could have gotten reported and taken down too

No. 438163

Well, kelly deleted the top comments from the GN video, and a lot of the other opposing ones seem to be gone.

No. 438173

Not to mention she referred to the plushies at the merch tables as "shitty". They way she was excusing herself through the crowds was so self-important. Get over yourself, hunny. And the commentary she gave on nearly every exhibit that wasn't VII or XV was so blase. Gawd stop pretending you actually like FF.

No. 438178

i can believe anon was at event

if u watch the video she uploaded she was getting on like an obnoxious twat, was loudly proclaiming boredom for the gallery, shit on the merch and was rude. she was drinking wine, she prob thought she was funny af

No. 438190

I agree. Everything anon said about Kelly being a shithead at the gallery isn’t far fetched whatsoever. Kelly has acted very similar at cons and in vlogs she has posted.

No. 438209

>a few people commented about going a while ago to see if Kelly was attending. I would to, if I were in the area.
That's fucking creepy and you and those other people are in desperate need of psychological help.

No. 438227

The fact she's obnoxious enough to do that doesn't mean it actually happened, though. Like an above anon said, there were wristbands at this event. Taking a time stamped photo of one would take almost no effort, yet instead anon just says "I don't need to post proof, the proof is her personality". We shouldn't blindly believe any random person on here with a story just because it sounds like something they'd do. Anyone can make up a story like that.

Example: I was at AX and saw Kelly in the dealer's room. She was sperging out to Steph about some girl who she saw buy a Sephiroth plushie while she was at the same booth. She said she wondered if the girl knew who she was and was doing it to spite her, it was absolutely insane.

See? Not hard at all to make up a story in line with her personality. Plus, you're ignoring all the things other anons have pointed out that makes it less believable: the site straight up says you HAVE to have RSVP'd, there was no standby line, and there was no one cosplaying in the gallery.

No. 438244

One of the top comments calling Kelly out on her FF art show video was mine. Can confirm she's deleting them. It's mindblowing. Girl can't handle being told she's wrong at all. And her sheeple fans defending her are worse. No, you don't have to know everything about something to be considered a fan, but something as simple as knowing that Yoshitaka Amano is the artist for the FF title art and character concepts is pretty standard information. I don't know a single FF fan who doesn't know that. So when someone harps so much on how BIG of a fan they are the way Kelly does, it's pretty fucking embarrassing when she doesn't even know that Itahana wasn't the guy she claimed he was. Saging for useless rant.

No. 438249

All of the events at Gallery Nucleus ALWAYS have a standby line. The live painting he did at Gallery Nucleus, ALSO had a standby line. Anybody who has gone to Gallery Nucleus events would know they have standby line to everything, INCLUDING meeting the illustrator.

Also, what proof would you want? Like, a photo of the anon with Kelly? A photo of the wristbands? I dont understand what kind of proof would make the anon's claims real. They didnt say Kelly destroyed or attacked someone, Kelly was just being shitty.



No. 438250


Hi Kelly!

No. 438263

Thought the same thing

Hey Kelly, maybe you should work on your shitty personality instead of sitting on your phone/computer all day long constantly refreshing this page

No. 438266

File: 1512493695896.png (212.39 KB, 495x707, twitter.png)

If she keeps this up she's not going to have any more Mail Mondays hah.

No. 438273

File: 1512494974604.jpg (119.45 KB, 974x974, unnamed.jpg)


So this anon says that there was nobody cosplaying at the gallery. Hm.

Yeah. Nobody was cosplaying.

Fucking dumbass. Do your basic research before saying that milk is fake. There were many cosplayers at this event and there were standby lines to get in the gallery and another standby line to meet the illustrator. Anybody who was there, WOULD FUCKING KNOW.

No. 438274

File: 1512495066585.jpg (29.59 KB, 611x974, 1.jpg)

The gallery wasn't super crowded. Anybody could've heard Kelly bash cosplayers and merch. And be bored with FF's that she never played.

No. 438275

Thanks for this, anon.

I was going to comment on the anon who said no one was cosplaying. Even Kelly pointed out a Vivi cosplay as they approached the gallery. I saw a Rinoa in one of the clips of her video as well. So what even?

No. 438276

Nope, not Kelly. Just someone who isn't psycho enough not to see the problem with going out of your way to seek out a person posted on this website IRL. If you really think you need to be Kelly to see the problem with that, I suggest that you seek professional help too.

Did you not notice that an earlier poster was banned for talking about their plans to seek Kelly out at the gallery? That's because that shit isn't okay, anyone who isn't deeply deeply disturbed would consider that creepy as fuck since it's literal stalking.

No. 438277


I think they just went to the same event as Kelly. Not stalking. But meh, who cares. Everyone heard and saw Kelly there regardless.


No. 438278

The fact that there were cosplayers still doesn't confirm that the "milk" is real. I don't see why some of you are so hellbent on believing a random poster who refuses to post easily obtainable evidence. Your thirst is getting the best of you.

No. 438280


What evidence do they have to post? I agree with a previous anon that asked if they needed to post a photo with kelly or the wristbands to make a point.


No. 438281

The posters I was replying to specified that they were going for the purpose of seeing Kelly. That is stalking.

No. 438282

That's the evidence I'm referring to. Why is it so hard to post a timestamped pic of the wristband? Still wouldn't confirm their story, but it would at least make it much more plausible.

No. 438284

File: 1512496867459.jpeg (358.79 KB, 1536x2048, 9CCAA156-3F35-4724-B2C0-4F4E13…)

This was taken right after she left the gallery and walked to the ramen stop. Idk about taking a photo of my wristbands since I didn’t think it was “proof”. But this is the closest I got to giving a shit about Kelly that day. Especially after hearing her talk shit about literally everything.

Saged for not contributing

No. 438293

Lmao how is that creepy? She vlogs and has random people in her videos all the time. And snapping a random pic of her where you can't even see what she looks like is creepy? Cmon

Yeah anon can't say they don't give a shit but still. I'd take a pic of a youtuber like that just to show someone lol. Not a big deal
"creepy" lol, you're going too far lmao.

No. 438295

So taking a pic of a celebrity you like from a far is okay, but taking a pic of someone you kinda laugh at on the Internet is…. Scary? Yall crazy

No. 438307


Ugh, stop white knighting. Kelly is in the public eye, so whatever. She's easy to hate and you're here acting like we solely live to talk shit. It's lolcow. It's what happens here. So if you want to complain about how we're putting her shit on blast, go message YA BOI twitter.


No. 438309

I actually think doing that with celebrities is a bit weird too, but I wouldn't say the person is creepy for doing it. However, yes it is totally different to take a picture of a small time influencer who you don't like and complain about on the internet. If you can't see the difference, I don't know what to tell you.

It's not the same at all. This is a person who doesn't like Kelly and participates in threads dedicated to pointing out all the reasons she sucks. Would you not be freaked out if you found out someone who attended the same event as you and posted the dirt on some conversation you had then turned out to have taken a photo of you from across the street when you weren't looking?

No. 438321


It's just a photo of Kelly from a public event from far away. It wasn't like they couldnt have gone up to Kelly. I'm sure the anon went to the event for Final Fantasy, not for Kelly. Why are you even on this website if taking a photo from far away is creeping you out?


No. 438322

If you really don't see how literal stalker behavior crosses a line, then you have serious issues. There's a reason why even on a place like /cgl/ farmers are often considered unhinged crazies who take their obsession with milk way too far.

>So if you want to complain about how we're putting her shit on blast

Explain to me how pointing out that it's creepy to take her pic from across the street without her knowledge is complaining about "putting her shit on blast".(whiteknighting)

No. 438324


Hmm I think Kelly needs a large boyfriend as a bodyguard against these people who stalk her IRL?.
Keep it to the boards. Try and see how crazy you would look to a family member/someone not embroiled in internet intrigue if they knew what you were doing

No. 438325


youre fucking white knighting and you need to move on.


No. 438327


Lol stop with the copypasta replies to everyone. This is stupid infighting. Was anyone actually there with legitimate milk that we couldn't easily squeeze from her video (we could see that she was being a twat on her on damn video).

No. 438328

I've never been in a thread on here before that involves pictures of the people discussed that were taken by anons without their knowledge. Sorry that you're so offended by someone considering something creepy that almost any normal person would?

No. 438330

File: 1512499718239.jpg (59.69 KB, 477x440, IMG_2851.JPG)

Saved because this is fucking stupid, but I was there and got an autograph. There was absolutely no standby line to get an autograph. The space was way too small and there wasn't even room in the gallery for a line to form without blocking the art. This pic was taken from the autograph area, and the stairs to get up would be in the bottom left corner. Do you see a line? Do you even see anywhere that one could form without blocking the art? Directly below this window was the bar. They capped the RSVPS for wristbands at 110 and gave you a specific time slot when you signed up because the upstairs area was really small and there was not much room for a line to form. People who RSVPd for the signing also got early access to the gallery. She wasn't standing in some kind of standby line because there wasn't one and there wasn't even room for one. I believe the anon from earlier who said she pulled the YouTube card and talked the doorman into letting her in.

No. 438336


Yes there were a standby line to go upstairs, it was outside. The blonde guy outside with the papers yelled it out like 6 times on his megaphone.

No. 438337

I like how everyone was complaining that the story about Kelly wasn't true and that anon needed to provide proof, so when they provide proof they had seem kelly everyone is flipping out now that the person is a creepy stalker.

chill ur tits, anon probably went to the event for ff, saw kelly, and most likely only took the picture cus deep down they knew people wouldnt believe them if they didnt show a pic, if anon was so willing to provide all their "creepy" kelly photos they wouldve probably posted it earlier.

it's not like they leaked her address or anything for 5000 people to see.

No. 438341


Thank you. You asked for proof and they gave it. Now it's "creepy." That whiteknight earlier is a retard.

No. 438345

Did you not see >>438330? They're pic of Kelly wasn't evidence of anything, but this confirms they're story was made up.

No. 438346


But >>438336 just said the guy outside said there was a standby line with the megaphone…

No. 438347

Sorry, meant *their.

No. 438348

it's literally the OP pic for the kaka thread, it happens all the time newfriend

No. 438349

That was the general admission line for the gallery itself. There was no separate standby line to go upstairs. The blonde guy with the megaphone and the glasses was explaining the merch and passing out the pieces of paper that showed what was for sale

No. 438350


an for all we know thats just some drone that came here to whiteknight kelly, or even herself, they provide just as little proof as the multiple people that have claimed there was a standby line

No. 438352

That was probably the person who told the story pretending to be someone else who attended the event. So far we have like five different anons saying they were there, it's getting ridiculous. I'm sorry, but I'm believing the anon(s) saying things consistent with what's on the website over the one(s) with nothing backing their claim.

No. 438353

Kelly's video also showed the line they were standing in to get into the gallery. Where do you see a separate line for autograph standby?

No. 438355

I do like how apparently 80% of this thread went to this "small" event tho, im pretty sure Kelly linked this thread to some of her friends or something

No. 438356


jesus fuck, omg, there WAS a standby line. Nucleus does that shit for every event. Left of the door was rsvp, right was general admin, AND standby. Again, the guy AND girl at the door, said so MANY times via megaphone.

No. 438359

Not for autographs you dipshit. That line was for both? So people who didn't want an autograph had to wait in the same line as people who did? If kelly was in the standby for an autograph then why didn't she go straight upstairs when she got into the gallery instead of wandering around and drinking wine first?

No. 438362

Like >>438356 said, half the fucking thread is claiming they attended this small event, so I'm not buying anything anyone is saying that doesn't match what's on the site. The site is emphatic that only RSVP people were allowed, so until someone posts real proof of last minute standby line (sorry, but a random pic of Kelly on the street doesn't qualify) it's bullshit as far as anyone should be concerned.

No. 438363


I know there was a standby for the autographs because two friends did that. They waited by the FF7 pieces, next to the bar, and the guy at the stairs counted 15 standby folk for each allotted time slot.

No. 438367

So, now half the thread went and also your friends too? lolkay

No. 438369


i dont know why her waiting on a standby line is a big deal.

No. 438371

ok even if she did blag her way in for an autograph of someone she didn't know, she's still a twat.

No. 438372

Because in the video she claims she talked her way into the signing. But people are claiming there was a standby line, and she was just waiting like any other pleb. The idea is that she's trying to make herself sound like hot shit in the video when (pending there was a standby line that she waited in) she's not. I mean she's not anyway.

No. 438374


because she claimed she talked her way in which fits her special snowflake image,

and Kelly has shown to be a very reliable, truthful and genuine person who also claims to being very shy and avoiding stuff like this cus it gives her anxiety.

I don't even care about the whole did or did she not suck up to some security guard I want to know if shes ever going to apologize to that girl who's address she leaked to all her subscribers. or acknowledge it at all

No. 438377

20$ says in a few hours she'll blog something vague about being depressed to sweep this whole deal under the rug and never mention the address debacle

No. 438383

count me in on this bet

she's not going to acknowledge it at all, i'm more surprised that the girl who sent her the package hasn't been blocked yet lol

also can't post it right now bc my computer has issues with screen caps, but she posted a tweet about her sliding on the floors when her house cleaners mop the floors and i'm just laughing bc I guess that's where her dirty hobbit feet happen

No. 438385

Hahaha I saw that tweet. I was more interested in the fact that she claims to clean all the time, but really she pays someone to clean for her. Again - money that she needlessly throws away which could be used toward treating her endless barrage of alleged mental illnesses.


No. 438390

maybe toshi prevents her from cleaning like this dog did. lol.

No. 438393

completely disregarding that one anon who claimed to be there, it's obvious just from the video that Kelly was acting like an insufferable autist. And that's just the stuff she CHOSE to leave in, imagine how bad it was off camera:

0:45 - Kelly forgets the name of the artist she's going to see the artwork for, Claire admits they just looked it up before the video but they couldn't even bother to remember it

2:30 - complaining about merch before they even know what's there "they're gonna be $30 here and then $15 in japan cause that's the way things go" what even

2:50 - guy hands them guide to merch and right in front of him loudly says "there's those SHITTY plushies we were talkin about"

4:25 - obnoxious pushing through the crowd "pardon us…we just wanna get through….we just wanna see ART" no fucking shit so does everyone else

4:57 - little girl is staring at them and mom apologizes, kelly: "Oh it's ok we're used to it" eyeroll

7:34 - trying to feed each other wine and failing. both bullshit about the taste not being "well rounded", blocking the bar area as they take turns speaking out of their ass. someone ostensibly asks them to move along and Claire goes "sorry we're doing a wine critique" like it's cute

8:30 - claims she got "special privileges" to go up to the signing, only relevant if the standby thing is real because if so then that's dumb to try and make it seem like she got some ~VIP treatment~

10:56 - shows artist her cringey ita bag to get signed, Claire squeals "husbando!" while Kelly shows off her sephiroth iphone case

14:27 - claire starts talking loudly about her friend "Sid" who a skit where he "wore a chocobo mask and just did a rant about everything DUMB about final fantasy" kelly: "I love it already…biggest disappointment game" kinda nitpicky but again why are you there if you're just gonna shit on the game so embarrassing

15:15 - "please recognize my marriage to sephiroth I need the validation"

No. 438396

She was really annoying in that video and you could tell she thinks everyone there is a peasant and she's the only one that matters. When in reality she doesn't know shit about FF and is only good at screaming "husbando.
How embarrassing honestly. Like that artists doesn't see weebs like that everyday. The cringe.

No. 438398

The comment about the plushies really irked me. She was SO loud and obnoxious about it. I mean the whole video pissed me off.

You also forgot to mention that she didn't even properly remember who EXACTLY Itahana was. He's not who she claimed in the video because she's a fucking try-hard fake fan.

saged for rage

No. 438404

I think I was less annoyed by Claire because at least she's self-aware and wasn't pretending to be the world's biggest final fantasy fan. It's okay to admit you don't like something, even huge final fantasy fans admit that some of the games suck.

Kelly on the other hand pretends to love it so much but shits on everything that isn't Sephiroth.

No. 438429

This is the cringiest video I've ever watched in my life.

No. 438477

Kelly can't even spell "marriage"

No. 438484

I thought I was the only one who caught that. it’s amazing she can spell her husbandos name

No. 438788

Amano's style is so distinct too. He's also been working on the character design for the ff games for YEARS. Fake fan.. damn .

No. 438815

False enthusiasm for something Dre and Chris probably should've done themselves.

No. 438821

anyone wanna wager on whether or not they ever actually stream together? kelly and dre arent even doing video collabs anymore…

tbh streaming is a terrible field for kelly to jump into because she's so inconsistent with being online. successful streamers stream often and on a schedule. her ~*depression is going to get in the way almost constantly

No. 438857

File: 1512536300168.jpg (3.57 MB, 2560x2527, 9851632717.jpg)

This is shallow I know I'm sorry.
But damn, girl has got some sun damage on her chest.

No. 438859

Can confirm. She posts to Facebook regularly that she is an anxiety ridden person who would never seek attention and here we are. She has to reaffirm herself how not bothered she is when she always rides other peoples coat tails

Cosplaying didnt gain her fame like she wanted so she started wearing lolita more. She also wore sweet lolita and started doing ombre hair because thats the current popular flavor. When is she going to have her own thread?

Saged for ranting

No. 438866


Looks like mild acne to me.

No. 438877

Hopping on the gamer trend now. Probably be super annoying to watch because she's annoying and cringy but sure dudes love to watch pink hair and tits. What games does she even play? Also hope she doesn't end up designing a chair, she'll probably claim how kawaii she is and needs a super kawaii desu lolita one despite being a joke/disgrace in the western jfashion community.

No. 438888

Is this the same girl who had a thread way back in the day on /cgl/ and she had a really shitty store in little Tokyo selling perler bead shit and she would show her nudes to random asian guys? Then she came in and threatened to sue everyone?

No. 438901

my 52 year old aunt has that lmao

rip kelly and saged for useless OT

No. 438911

I know she wants to "keep it real" with her "fam" but is it neccessary to say you're "still depressed" at the beginning of a sponsored video?

And why….? What is the point? Her videos are shitty, no matter how she's feeling.
And yeah, she will only get a bit views on twitch because of her youtuber but in 2 months people will be over it since she will probably stream 2 times a week, if even that.

No. 438912

I don't understand, why they would collab with her on the design? She doesn't have THAT many followers, and even less followers who would actually buy a gaming chair.

The company should just add a pastel pink chair to their range and that's that.

No. 438938

tp a trained eye, all i see is breakage.

No. 438961

Anyone else notice in her chair unboxing video she seems to be throwing some sort of shade to dre? "She is pushing me to do this, but I used to be the one pushing her, I got her on YouTube" jeesh Kelly, did you want a medal or something? I think people are right in believing she's jealous of dre doing better than her now. This gaming channel is probably her way of latching onto dre in case she becomes even more popular

No. 438980

Yeah I didn't understand how is that necessary info for the video and it's annoying how she has to mention that's she's the one usually motivating Dre (aka Dre is lazy and I need to push her).

No. 438999

GOod quality video with her camera constantly going in and out of focus

No. 439009

She literally plays FFXV and that’s it. How many times can someone play the same rpg over and over? Her stream is going to be so lame. Dare I say it but she’d be smart to stream with Dre and Chris. I watched them stream some dancing game and it was so entertaining. They were funny. Kelly would be such a bore by herself and I can only imagine how many times she’d say “sup fam!” Or “itz ya bo1!” -eyeroll-

No. 439010

File: 1512569714685.jpeg (140.82 KB, 750x1136, 825F29A1-C994-47D3-9806-0F94C3…)

No. 439015


That's exactly it. She's not funny on her own, she's a vlogger foremost and not even a particularly good one. She mostly got by on the girly pink aesthetics but since she's been showing her true colors and been incredibly immature she's just not been growing cus she isn't interesting to watch or a likable person.
No wonder she is trying new ventures like a gaming channel with another YouTuber who is doing better than her in the hopes she can grow as a channel but I doubt it'll work.
I have a feeling dre knows this and is just trying to work on her own channel and doesn't need Kelly dragging her down with her. Kelly needs to get off of her high horse, she didn't MAKE dre, I don't even care for dre but even I can see she comes across as a more sufferable person than Kelly who at least apologized on Kelly's behalve even.
The only video I remember her being a drag was the pastel pallete which surprise surprise was with Kelly…

No. 439023

I knew Kelly's groupies where in this thread, reading through your twitter. I am mostly amused that they decide to try and whiteknight one of the less shitty things she did like suck up to some employee instead of waiting in line, what about her leaking a fan's address to all her subscribers and sweeping it under the rug, even going so far as to blocking people who try to help. what about never apologizing to that fan who's sign she used as a doggy ramp, how about the employee's she harrassed in japan and then made a whole video about painting herself as the victem eventhough it was mostly just her being a stupid tourist. but yeah here you go, she sucked up to some guy instead of waiting in line, that really shows how lovely a person she actually is

No. 439034

File: 1512573396070.png (61.34 KB, 1080x423, chocobofarts.png)

Why try to hide your username and then delete your tweet?

No. 439037


No. 439038

I was legit just tying to squash the standby line arguement while trying to stay anonymous so I don’t have strangers combing through my twitter. I would’ve posted the response no matter what it was. I don’t follow Kelly on anything. What about my twitter implies I’m a “groupie”? Because I like anime and FF? So do half the people on this thread. I haven’t posted a single whiteknight post…

No. 439042

you should have just posted the tweet and not have said anything about it being your account or make your account private afterwards. you just made it worse for yourself, dumbass.

sage for useless info

No. 439043


To answer your earlier question that you deleted. You interact enough with her on your Twitter which i could pull up but im not going to be a dick after your poor attempt at staying anonymous. (Yeah deleting a post doesnt delete the reply) it's pretty obvious you follow her. Tbf ill give you that you are more a dre fan than a Kelly fan. The point is You obviously don't think Kelly is a bad person so what do you even stand to gain here besides your poor attempt at defending her? Cus let's be honest, her waiting in line would have actually looked better than her throwing her weight around to still get her way into a signing like what, she was too good for looking up how to get into the signing normally like everyone else? It just falls in line with her "don't they know who I am" attitude. Kinda sad that both instances you tweeted her she completely ignored you tho, hope dre is nicer to you

No. 439049


No. 439051


She isn't a kelly groupie ya dumb shit. Y'all are over trying to get proof of a standby line & arguing for how many responses? Lmfaoooo. She contributed some good milk so sit the fuck down. This just verifies what y'all needed to know. Now you can all stop arguing like infants. You all wanted milk right? Not false info? Well here you go. Now you can come to the conclusion she talked her way in omg

No. 439054


You know it's possible to like someone then not like them anymore right? Kinda sad that you feel the need to send a reply just trying to bash them with nothing but assumptions haha

Bet you were so proud of that reply that you rubbed one out to it.

No. 439055

THANK YOU!!!!(why are you shouting)

No. 439056


Sweetheart that was hardly bashing. If you are dumb enough to post your Twitter handle on which you are obviously trying to rub up to Kelly and dre it isn't hard to come to that conclusion. Especially if you are trying so hard to argue a point I doubt most this thread didn't give a shit about. Half the thread claimed to have gone to the exhibit and no one had coherent proof of shit. It's been 2 days and you still try to bring it up? Like I said it didn't even paint her like a better person anyway.

No. 439057

this means that >>437790 is full of shit, not that kelly isn't a snowflake. we saw in her own video she was bashing merch and being loud, so there's no new milk here on this day. tldr: kelly is obnoxious, anon is dumb. another day at the farm

No. 439065


Sage your shit and turn your caps lock button off, Kaitlin.

No. 439066

Haha "sweetheart" you're still going off of assumptions. Like I said, in our grand big world, its possible to like someone & tried talking to them before & then seeing how bad someone is. Half the people who commented in this and the old thread stated they were still fans of Kelly's when they were here. Now they aren't. And people in the thread were still arguing about the standby line yesterday. But it's pointless trying to prove a point to you so idk dude. Sad.

No. 439068


Ooooh u bad(sage this)

No. 439087

Interesting that Kelly refers to it as a "new business venture". Reminds me of the loads of videos Pewdiepie has made where he mentions whenever people ask him how to make money on youtube/start a successful gaming channel that
if you go into it with the mindset that you want to make tons of money, you're gonna be disappointed and it doesn't work that way. I don't get the impression from her video that she generally enjoys gaming since she keeps saying Dre has been pushing her for 2 years and she just sounds really unenthusiastic.

Then again, she's gonna stream on twitch too. Maybe she'll become a titty streamer, I can actually see that being lucrative for her kek.

No. 439140

"we love each other and we get a long really, really well" okay, Kelly. Who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself?

Wtf is that shitty hick accent she put on when she flipped the hat? Ew.

75% of the video was sped up footage of her assembling the chair. Why? How is this entertainment?

I like the part where she talks about constructive criticism. She needs to take her damn advice and accept that from others.

No. 439179


Kelly has always been in it for the money, most of her videos are about her being sponsored, buying shit or talking about her depression.
And its painfully obvious she asks companies to sponsor her cus why the hell would a company making gaming chairs send one her way? her channel has nothing to do with gaming, she doesn't even have that many subs…

No. 439259

Idk why you’re trying to come at me so hard and tell me who I’m a fan of. I literally posted a screenshot to bring resolution to what everyone was arguing over in multiple posts, and it wasn’t right at the moment everyone was arguing because a) I can’t sit and refresh this thread all day b) I had to wait for a reply. I don’t know why you can’t just accept I’m not a groupie or whiteknight or whatever you tried to accuse me of being. Once upon a time I was a fan, just like many other people in this thread have openly admitted, until I noticed her acting like a shithead. Maybe my “bashing” isn’t ‘fatherless slut’ level, so… sorry? Idk maybe you’re just the anon who made the original post about the standby line in the first place and now you’re mad that my screenshot of the gallery confirmed there was no standby line and therefore your whole story isn’t believable. I was just trying to find out what really happened.

Also apologies to the rest of the thread for not saging previous posts.(stop)

No. 439306

I’ve never understood why she constantly posts whole videos of her just doing sped up painting. It’s so boring.

No. 439333

I’m so glad there’s a thread on Kelly Eden here. I knew there was something terribly off about her (like how she pronounced Usagi as “You-sa-Gē” despite being a ”huge” Sailor Moon fan). She’s such a fucking train wreck thanks to reading this thread. Another fake nerd girl wannabe, so Jessica Nigri with pink hair and ugly tattoos. Girl’s got issues to be 30.

No. 439363

I wonder if she is ever going to re-upload that monday mail video with proper censoring or just give a big middle finger to all those fans who spend time and money to send her stuff.
I often see people in the comment section asking her if she received their mail and she never answers.
what's the deal, did that one girl not send her something super expensive this time around so it wasn't worth to properly edit anyway?

No. 439375

Omg I noticed that too! Why does she say it like that? Not that they say her name a million times in every episode…

No. 439395

Nayrt but I feel like she watched the dub more than anything. I don’t trust anyone who calls usagi Serena at any point

No. 439403

File: 1512605335724.jpg (418.1 KB, 1078x1772, meh.jpg)

Not much milk, but it is stupid she is choosing not to own up to her mistake. Simply saying she needed to "fix something".

Also her fans annoy the crap out of me.


No. 439417

It's so weird, a teenager calling an almost 30 year old woman "honey"

No. 439444

File: 1512607469584.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 7CE0E44B-6ECC-43C7-8CB1-9AA913…)

I am actually cringing

No. 439447

>“To kawaii”
excellent grammar Kelly

No. 439452

No Kelly, you're definitely not. Not very kawaii at all to be honest.

No. 439456

if she claims that she's trying to fade her hot pink hair to pastel so hard, why is she dying it hot pink over and over again kek

No. 439460

Is that massive dandruff in her part? Or a failed attempt at hair glitter?
Blegh she's so gross all the time. And like that anon said, why tf does she keep doing shit with bright pink hair if she "hated" it? Bitch that shit does nooooot take that long to fade. It should have been well back to pastel by now.

Sage bc nothing new just observations

No. 439467

File: 1512609318753.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171206-171424.png)

Lol she responded to you.

No. 439474

No. 439479

Saged for irrelevance but splat dye, which is the brand she used, takes forever to fade. I've used it before and that shit is impossible to get out without bleaching it out. She probably doesn't want to bleach her hair out because it's so damaged already.

No. 439515

>glitter roots
please kill me

No. 439523

Not to defend Kelly, but most of the diehard Sailor Moon fans I know that have been super into it since childhood call her Serena as well as Usagi.

That being said, I'd be shocked if she saw the show in its entirety or read the manga. Her rant about Mamoru really comes off like she's totally clueless about what he's like other than in the first season.

No. 439706

saged for continuing on hair care but

shouldn't she have dark roots by now if that was the case? she'd have to bleach those too so I think shes very obviously maintaining the current color. I remember people mentioning before the harsher color does look better on her and she's lurking this thread.

No. 439724

File: 1512663071010.png (132.9 KB, 487x638, putty.png)

No. 439741


Oh my God this is so cringy, but I'm not surprised she's fishing for sympathy like this.

No. 439762

"Half of Putty's paycheck now goes to therapy"- nope, definitely not you, Kelly!

No. 439767

Her sense of humor is so lazy. All her jokes are basically "student loans/depression/being broke, amirite? #relatable". Those jokes are universal and basic they're certain to make people laugh. It's boring

No. 439968

Nope. That's not an excuse. I grew up with her being "Serena". Then I got older and realized the country of origin of the show and that her name was Usagi. Now I am one of the people who judges anyone who still calls her Serena because knowledge…..ain't that hard.

Saged for obvious reasons

No. 439986

It must be rough being such a weeaboo that you judge people based on what canon name they sometimes refer to a children's cartoon character as.

No. 440006

Hi Kelly! Or is that you, Stephanie?

No. 440007

I find her self depreciating jokes unfunny mostly because she keeps crying about being depressed. Maybe if she was more positive and upbeat, then those kind of jokes might be funny. She is such a try-hard. Now I prefer Dre because Dre seems more happy and grateful. Saged

No. 440024

With Sailor Moon it makes sense though, since the original English dub is a bastardization of the original anime. Censoring most of the original stuff, It changes some characters and stories completely. They even cut most episodes and characters entirely. You can't claim to be a fan if you've only seen the kiddie dub because it's not really sailor moon, it's a shitty kid shoe. you haven't seen anything.

No. 440025

Sorry forgot to add, the original show and manga are NOT for children in the slightest.
It's the English dub that turned it into a kids show.

No. 440027

I legit read these with a mouth breathing lisp in my head. Lol. It’s really not that big of a deal

No. 440035

It is when Kelly Eden keeps trying to pass herself as a weeaboo for brownie points, but can't be bothered to actually watch or play any of the shit she claims she loves so much

No. 440036

Can you stop samefagging already, no one cares. It's pretty relevant to the thread so I don't see why you're bitching so much?

No. 440039

Is it possible she does this because she knows a lot of her audience are young and might not have seen the sub? You can tell by her comment section that half of her fans are 12 year olds. Kids tend to only watch dubs because it's easier to follow.

No. 440041

Holy fucking shit, can we stop with the "hi, Kelly" anytime someone says something that's not 1000% rage against her? If Kelly was the one saying that, the whole thread would be making fun of how autistic she is.

>multiple anons with an opinion I don't like MUST be samefag

No. 440043

The shitty English dub hasn't been played since the early 2000s, anyone who grew up with it is an adult by now.
Plus it was redubbed years ago and not edited down or censored in that version. It also got a new anime entirely that was dubbed.
There's no excuse to still be calling her Serena in 2017 unless you grew up only watching the shitty dub on tv, which Kelly has most likely only done.

No. 440047


Why are people saying there's "no excuse" for this as if it actually matters?

Like yeah she's clearly not a die-hard fan of it but saying someone isn't a REAL fan uwu for being a casual fan is pretty weeby imo.
Some people grew up with it and I'm sure it's still precious to them in a nostalgic kind of way even if they aren't really into it anymore.

It's a bit obnoxious to claim you're a huge fan of it if it was just something you liked as a kid but it was probably just an exaggeration/probably bandwagoning a bit, who cares

No. 440060

Kay we get it, you get irrationally buttmad when people call her Serena. Can you drop it now?

No. 440067

I've seen the JP version in its entirety multiple times, reread the manga at least once a year, and have lived and breathed Sailor Moon since I was in kindergarten, but I guess I'm not a real fan according to weeb anon since I often still think of her as "Serena". Glad we have them to enlighten us on these matters.

No. 440428

I'm confused as to WHY you'd wanna call her Serena though.
They chose that name because they thought you were too stupid of a child to get Usagi. It's not even that clever it just plays off of Serenity.
Also Tsukino Usagi means rabbit on the moon, which gives her name meaning to the series. She also makes a ton of puns about which are just lost and confusing in the dub.
I'm sorry I just can't understand why you'd want to use a name that's apart of a huge censorship and desecration to the series. No true sailor moon fan would want to use any of those shitty dub names.
Lemme guess, you also call Michiru, Michelle. and Chibiusa, Mini moon. And Makoto, Lita. The names are so shit how could you genuinely use any of them without feeling stupid?

No. 440446

nayrt but because things that you learn as a child tend to stick with you, so lots of people who grew up with sailor moon use the names pretty interchangeably

also the original anime is a pretty average monster of the week show 99% of the time and acting as if it has some great plot that was lost in translation is a joke

No. 440449

Stop being autists

No. 440452

File: 1512764954311.png (205.99 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7194.PNG)

No. 440454

I grew up watching Sailor Moon as a child. (And I really love my childhood.) One of the best things about it WAS Sailor Moon. So, I do refer to them in their American names since that’s what I’ve been used to for years. I’ve watched the original Japanese dubbed versions and know how much was cut out and changed in the American one. But since the crappy version is still very special to me and a main childhood memory, it’s what I cherish and still prefer to call them by their fake names. (I actually always loved their American names, though) I guess I must suck donkey balls and that’s alright. I’d never judge anyone who wanted to call them by any other name because I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.
If I was having a conversation with other people who only called them by their original names I’d make the effort, then.

No. 440461

File: 1512765604786.jpg (47.49 KB, 521x512, ew.JPG)

Stop derailing, this is irrelevant and ur annoying af.

Look at this cringey shirt instead. Apparently a fan gave it to her.

No. 440465

Def saw this yesterday. It was bad when I thought she had the shirt made for herself. But it's just as bad if someone made it for her. Ew.

P.S. No one cares that much about JP vs English Sailor Moon names.

No. 440469

Learn to sage your shit if you're not contributing anything good, fucking autist

No. 440483


That Instagram story was so obnoxious and cringy.

No. 440523

I don't mean to sound like a retard but is there supposed to be a clever pun behind the shirt motto? I said it out loud in my head and I don't get the joke… or pun?

No. 440529

yeah so they went to the shadow realm instead of dying and the titties were less defined

rly changes everything lmao

No. 440548

It was the most embarrassing thing. Can you imagine being that doctor? Having to deal with an entitled ass patient who is screaming like a child and filming the whole thing?

No. 440604

Stop derailing about Sailor Moon.

No. 440606

I didn't watch her Instastory. Was she legit whinging the whole time??

No. 440609

She starts every video by saying "what up fam ITS YA BOI kelly Eden" so I guess it's supposed to be a play on that

No. 440623

That stupid shirt is referencing her tits. Mystery solved y’all

No. 440685

Yup. Started out complaining about the shots and then whining about them and then literally screaming once the treatment started and being short with the doctor when he asked her questions about her tattoo. It was so bothersome to watch.

I honestly wonder how she's sat through so many large tattoos. Probably by doing the same thing..

No. 440730

Probably not. I think she puts on this bratty “ooo look at me I’m cute and soft and childlike” when in reality she can mostly likely tolerate pain hence her multitole tattoos. But her 40 year old ass needs to prove she’s so kawaii uwu

No. 440777

>selling a used microwave for 200 bucks

No. 440832

File: 1512815022497.png (358.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171209-113411.png)

No. 440835

Jesus Christ what a narcissist. How fucking self important and embarrassingly big headed has she become

No. 440965

No. 440992

Sage for blogging but I’ve been to a couple conventions with both A list and B list celebrity guests and most of them don’t even charge $20 for selfies WITH the person - and photo ops only go over $20 when there’s a professional photographer present. And like, these are usually actual actors with a noteworthy body of work. Not B list cosplayers/alt models with a meager YouTube following. Hell, most cosplayers that sell prints don’t even charge that much for a signed 8x10 of a professionally shot photo. Instead of charging actual money for a photo that cost her a dollar to make she should include them as a bonus item/goody with the other things she sells. I feel sorry for any fan dumb enough to actually buy one of these.
Kelly,,,, come on,,,

No. 441185

meh I ain't mad at Kelly for selling these polaroids for $20. Like you say, her fans are dumb af and there's nothing wrong with Kelly exploiting their naivety to make money. As long as Kelly keeps her commitment to ship those items to her dumb fans, then there's nothing wrong with her overcharging shit. Good for her, I say. That's how capitalism works kek.

No. 441270

To be fair, that's actually less than what that microwave generally goes for. It's very collectable.

No. 441401

has anyone else seen this video? It's Kelly reading about herself in some article and then talks about why she supports limecrime

Saged for old milk

No. 441521

File: 1512906138048.jpg (33.19 KB, 522x363, Unbenannt.JPG)

Sure Kelly

No. 441590

File: 1512924600759.png (2.44 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171210-104647.png)

How the FUCK does she expect to sell this any where near that much??? Just because it has cats doesn't mean its super rare. It looks so old and dirty too ew

No. 441650

Is it even a name brand?

No. 441695

to be fair, the fairy kei people pay upwards to $200-300 for these "easter sweaters"/pastel 80s sweaters if they can't find it in a thrift store.

but then again, this also isn't one of the sought after ones, so agreeing with anon, her charging $160, is a bit much…

No. 441764

I'm think she's charging that much because she knows there are weirdos like Lina who will buy it just because she wore it.

No. 441791

She just wants to join the sweater scam because she's money hungry. I don't think I've seen anyone in fairy kei wear that one, its more the type you"d buy for a couple of bucks at the thrift store. Anyone who pays $100+ prices for those are dumb but you deserve to get scammed if you think that ugly one is worth it.

No. 441825

She already sold one for $200. People are insane

No. 442203

There's a live Q&A thing on her insta with Dre, Stephenie and some other guy

No. 442335

File: 1513032342620.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171211-173059.png)

No. 442342

File: 1513032989149.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 2E4EAE15-1FFD-497C-8825-469524…)

Kelly and Dre are doing this “I’m so goofy xD” thing on ig stories with them acting proper and taking a bite out of something with a stupid face.

Idk why these are so cringe.


No. 442348

there are videos on how to make lipstick last when you're eating… i think she's doing one of those videos

No. 442416

She's doing this.

No. 442480

Lookin like an old man trying to be a 13 year old girl

No. 442582

Kelly is so incredibly fake, she did a video with dre where she talked about hygiene and make up, claiming to be super carefull and even using disposable mascara brushes and stuff CUS SHE SUPER CLEAN U GUYS, but then proceedes to slather her lips with lime crime when she's appearantly super sick according to her in a video. as well as sell her used make up. and now she has a video where shes claiming ritter sport is her favorite chocolate but I recall an earlier video in which she was with dre and claimed she didn't like european chocolate at all cus it wasn't as good as american. just stop overeacting for views jfc

No. 442617

kek, or an aging mother trying to copy her young daughter

No. 442833

>was bullied in college
>actually confronts bully
>"hey guys its better to ignore ur bully lol!!!"
Come on now, Kelly

No. 442842

Her pictures are so heavily edited she looks like a completely different person

No. 442875

For fucks sake, she finally addresses the Jontron thing without even really addressing it. Like he has never shown any remorse and she's all "give people a chance to change"

Also calls herself a SJW but immediately blocks someone who is a fan of hers who is trying to give friendly advice to protect another fan, as well as Kelly? Hypocritical bitch.

No. 443062

deets on the jontron thing, there was drama between them?? I've been following her threads since part 1 and don't recall him ever being mentioned

No. 443090

She doesn't have drama with him directly, she's just always been a big fan of his and talked about how much she loves him, but when he was outed as a racist she didn't say anything about it and kept supporting him even though she claims to be a huge SJW

No. 443105

The way she says "kawaii" drives me nuts. It's three syllables, ka-wai-ii. She says it like it's one, sometimes two when she's trying.

No. 443742

File: 1513245343271.jpg (1001.14 KB, 1440x1942, Screenshot_20171214-105345.jpg)

Bet Kelly regrets pushing Dre to make a channel now lmao. She has almost 40k more subs.

No. 443837

I bet she’s flipping her shit. Anyone who gets more attention than Kelly is competition. Now she’ll constantly remind Dre how she “created” her.
I’m sure they’ll stop talking soon because Kelly jelly.

No. 443984

File: 1513284778452.png (274.69 KB, 607x512, bitter.png)

she's already so bitter lol
(gif of monkey pushing laptop off table)

No. 444026

File: 1513289806978.jpeg (194.61 KB, 750x1091, 4E1CA033-61E9-4F4F-9D90-419EC1…)

Those hashtags are killing me. Also, isn’t that pink jacket on sale on her depop?

Smh okay, Kelly.

No. 444039

Did you guys notice how she's all of a sudden spamming videos of makeup tutorials on her channel? She probably thinks that's why Dre is gaining subs faster than her.

No. 444067

File: 1513293096978.png (93.3 KB, 1242x555, IMG_1393.PNG)


Sure kelly. I'm also almost positive she went back and toned down how much she raged about her hot pink hair in some of her insta posts.

No. 444137

sooooooo mmaannyy adddssss

No. 444231

Am I going full tinfoil or is the staning over Dre in these threads suspicious?

No. 444254

How is it suspicious? Just wondering

No. 444501

File: 1513347325484.jpeg (63.18 KB, 737x417, B20207A9-503F-4ADC-BFBB-4CDF4D…)

Okay I may be the only one upset about this but why would you tag the actual company? Maybe she did actually try tech support but this is just so rude and immature. Why not send an angry email or private message instead?

No. 444522

So, to beat a dead horse over the whole Angelic Pretty dress fiasco. a friend of mine pointed something out that I think everyone seems to have missed in the video.

She specifically states that she called the bank and told them that the charge was fraud, meaning the bank would reverse the charge on her credit card.

Then when she figured it out she went back to Angelic Pretty, demanded, and got a refund.

If I'm following this right, wouldn't that mean that she got the money back twice for the dress? The reversed charge, AND the refunded money?

No. 444527


no cus remember she tried to pay with her debit firts but it declined? I think the bank called her about that and when she said she didnt authorize the declined transaction they blocked the card.

im not 100% sure tho but i think…. she did make the story very confusing imo

No. 444536

I had the same thought when I watched the video. She says she told the bank to cancel the charge and then went back for a refund and didn't bring up the bank again.

No. 444543


If she did this would have been INCREDIBLY stupid and I'm pretty sure she can get into trouble for it. I'm pretty sure the store has the paper trail to proof it was a legit transaction made by Kelly AND that she got a refund

No. 444591


Her DEBIT card got declined, most likely because if you make large purchases and it's not usually how you spend, your bank puts a "hold" on you card in case it's theft. They will only debit the money if she authorizes the transaction, which she didn't. So no money was taken from her debit.
However, she then used her CREDIT card, which went through because it's most likely not from her main bank, probably a company that only issues credit cards, these usually don't hold. So it went through.
When she got a refund, it refunded her credit, not debit card. Yeah it can be a bit confusing, but she didn't get an extra $1,500

No. 444644

Kelly's makeup videos are actually more tolerable to me lately than her regular videos. Her commentary is still cringe like when she calls herself a rebel, but I can put up with it more than her crappy blogs. Her channel would do a lot better if she just did makeup, and art timelapses imo. She's awful as a vlogger.

No. 444713

how does she always manage to look at least a decade older than she really is even tho she clearly photoshops her pics??? a mystery

No. 444839

I love how she got so upset about living in a scary "call out culture" as a YouTuber

And then proceeds to literally call out businesses and companies on her Twitter like this..

No. 445032

File: 1513397023311.png (97.26 KB, 1364x510, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 9.46…)

Did anyone else see this on TT's tumblr today… I think the stuff with KE might be getting to her

No. 445046

Well hasn't Kelly been ~depressed~ lately because of the holidays and her dad or something? She claims she's feeling better in a latest haul video.

Speaking of all this, why does anyone even send her stuff? She's not like a reviewer or anything, so I can't comprehend why people just buy her gifts and then have their address showcased on all of Youtube. When did she start doing it exactly? She just comes off as really wanting to exploit her fans and seeing them as dollar bills.

No. 445142

You know why she does this, right? It's because she has a lot of followers and I'm sure some of her little rats nag at these corporations, just like with Gallery Nucleus. They don't know who the fuck "Kelly Eden" is, but they see she has enough followers and want to appease her to shut her up. It's just another way for Kelly to publicly bully to get her way and get handouts out of these poor companies try to appease this bimbo. Look at how she treats every company, including how she handled AP. Kelly is actually the customer they tell retail horror stories about. She's an awful person just based on that in and of itsef.

No. 445174

Immediately had to turn this video off after the screeching five seconds in.

No. 445382

File: 1513452669196.png (155.55 KB, 600x454, tattoo.png)


No. 445403

No. 445404

>bitching that Chibiusa's dark form is referred to as "Black Lady" 20 something years after the fact

Can we fucking not with your nuanced over-sensitivity to innocuous shit.

>"Do I appear socially conscious by stating that I feel uncomfortable teehee?"

No, you look like a dumbass, Kelly.

She has way too much of a "mature" (for lack of better word) face and body to pull off the anime girl shit and I wish that she would just drop the act. She looks garish with this pink hair and heavy as fuck makeup.

No. 445409

lmao @ her trying to defend her "critiques" by throwing out that she "has a huge background in fine arts"

No. 445449

File: 1513461920238.png (468.92 KB, 609x649, stfu.png)

No. 445450

Is she seriously trying to make some bullshit social statement because really?? Black Lady and black magician are common terms used in japanese anime/manga because it means 'dark/evil.' … that's all.

..Like, who is the fuck is actually trying to be offended by that?

No. 445454

b-but that implies black people are evil!!!!

even tumblr doesn’t give an almost 30 year old manga shit for this. shut up kelly.

No. 445458

>..Like, who is the fuck is actually trying to be offended by that?

Hoteps on Twitter/Instagram usually. I've seen posts bitching about, "why blak gotta b associated wit evil all da timez?!"

No. 445469

File: 1513464070738.png (1.47 MB, 1068x783, lipstick.png)

was really hard to watch this because she has lipstick on her teeth for the entire thing

No. 445488

She thinks she is, but she's not. It's not like the characters themselves are black, she's just full of shit.

No. 445489

Calls herself a professional makeup artist when she has lipstick on her teeth. Anyone else see the overly large falsies and wonder if that is to help cover up the fact she is a hack

No. 445502

"Black" has always been a word to describe dark and evil, like blackhearted. This bitch is a moron.
lmao. That gold near hear inner eyes makes it look like she has an crusty yellow eye infection. Bad choice.

No. 445554

File: 1513474448101.png (108.17 KB, 873x705, KE.png)

No. 445561

"fan made" no bitch, these are knockoffs.

No. 445581

File: 1513478814778.jpg (28.74 KB, 450x450, 1503618715125.jpg)

top fuckin kek, yes kelly I'm sure the underpaid factory worker who constructed those brushes is a huge sailor moon fan, they watch it all the time after their 15 hour work shift.

the mental gymnastics this bitch is capable of, I swear..

No. 445669

I have never seen anybody incessantly complain about having a cold as much as she does

No. 445743

File: 1513518891613.png (74.75 KB, 660x498, unknown.png)

Here is Kelly Eden's Yelp poor review of the BTSSB's store in San Francisco back in 2014.

No. 445800

File: 1513529029103.png (892.77 KB, 1062x1021, sick.png)

She also had an ig story posted about being sick

No. 446271

She’s those annoying ass customers who will email your manager just because you said “no problem” instead of thank you. Anyway, glad she didn’t buy anything she would’ve prorbably returned it anyway.

No. 446442

File: 1513578168733.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171217-222115.png)

I wonder if she gets a discount on personal training for these ummm fitness photos?

No. 446636

Dat hair greasy af

No. 446638

her tracks are showing

No. 446684

her tracks tho

No. 446702


I was gonna say that in fairness, nobody exercises with freshly washed and styled hair, but then nobody really exercises with their tits let loose to run amok either.

No. 446723

Someone legitimately commented on the califit IG post of this photo (cause she reposted it on her IG too) asking how her boobs don't go everywhere when working out without a sports bra. And someone actually commented that because they're implants. And people seriously think she works out without a bra on. Like come on, this is clearly just a sexualized photo of her for attention/views/whatever.

No. 446770

also who exercises with extensions lol

No. 446804

so kawaii!! /sarcasm bitch just go down the suicide girls route…

No. 446862

File: 1513629413539.png (1.15 MB, 1067x1383, 20171218_123501.png)

Not milk, but her MySpace is very entertaining. I'm finding all sorts of gems, but this so far is my favorite.

No. 446878

i hate this kind of crap. like yea, kimono aren't special, and there are modern versions of them but atleast try not to look like a shitball.

No. 446916

I can see dandruff in this photo. Gross.

No. 447372


She's so short that her modelling anything but underwear looks stupid.

No. 447536


doesn’t she have tape ins?
you can’t remove them lmao

No. 447679

TBF if that’s the one across from the Kinokuniya Shopping center, I’ve been into that store a couple times and the environment is definitely as she described. I’ve never been to a Lolita store in the States that had good customer service.
Even so people who care enough to write bad yelp reviews about retail stores are like, the absolute worst.

No. 447824

File: 1513709417365.jpeg (73.62 KB, 600x899, 6127E019-01EC-4967-9AE5-54F17E…)

Wow Kelly, I wonder why that gallery denied your art.

No. 447826

File: 1513709534973.jpeg (51.95 KB, 600x581, 4D9F3CBE-BCAF-47AC-B151-3A582E…)

Don’t forget, Kelly studied fiiiiine aaaaaarts. She knows TRUE talent.

No. 447832

File: 1513710147741.jpeg (35.69 KB, 600x399, 87191CA3-C551-485E-9B86-8D7CD3…)

I like how she talks about cultural appropriation and how she’s uncomfortable with it, yet she does shit like this.

No. 447881

She's honestly a terrible model. She hasn't improved at all from this old stuff. She's still doing the same lifeless fish eyed face from then to now. Only difference is she has more photoshop to make up for what she's lacking

No. 447885

Samefag but I think it's easy to tell how weak of a model she is at around 8:50. Out of the four models, her posing was the weakest. There's a split second where it looks like she doesn't know what to do with herself.

No. 447887

Baahaha wow, that's so bad.

If you watch her Gallery Nucleus video, there's a scene near the end when she and Claire take photos with the Cup Noodle people. She basically follows Claire's lead throughout the entire little photoshoot. Just another example of her poor modeling skills.

No. 447905

File: 1513716549746.png (331.49 KB, 1366x711, woe is me.png)

we get it, you're sick

No. 447913

Has she never been sick before or what? I get sick on a pretty regular basis. I just pony up and deal with it. Isn’t that what everyone does? Is she such an attention whore that she can’t even be sick without tweeting about it a hundred times?

No. 447935

I don't think she realises that the best thing to do is just sleep it off.

No. 448076

Seeing someone refer to smutfic as "lemon" in motherfucking 2017 is making me kek hard.

No. 448113

Are they murdering a ken doll?

No. 448121

Same here. I haven't seen anything referred to as lemons in a long time. She's stuck in the early 2000s.

No. 448122

People who are 'sick' but still attention whore on twitter are the worst.

No. 448163

Maybe she got sick from eating those mystery porch donuts so fast on Dre's insta story.

No. 448199

$20 says that she pulls an "I'm so sick and alone" card on Christmas to get sympathy gifts from Lina and her other deluded followers.

Also on PULL they pointed out how it looks like she's been photoshopping or putting on makeup to seem more sick, lol.

No. 448216

File: 1513743270642.jpg (8.01 KB, 202x249, judith beheading holofernes.jp…)

is it just me or is this fanart of evanescence's 'wake me up inside' vid because that is just the cringiest thing

this one is referenced and manages to learn nothing from the original

No. 448246

I noticed that too anon, claire was doing different poses and having fun and kelly was just being stiff and awkward.

This bitch also refuses to get a (free) flu shot or go to a doctor so i really don't have any sympathy for her

No. 448290

File: 1513751863390.png (180.56 KB, 1052x1287, 20171219_223645.png)

Why do I feel like he's speaking from experience?

No. 448332

File: 1513758371160.png (89.66 KB, 603x381, lol.png)

lol and no response from Kelly

meanwhile she's been throwing her sick pity party

No. 448333

File: 1513758871420.png (93.43 KB, 478x460, a.png)

No. 448370


I think that's meant to be humour but it comes off as shittiness. Actually, it's shitty regardless.

No. 448415


did she REALLY just ask her child fans to crowdsource star wars porn?

No. 448458

What a bitch! An absolute bitch!

How has she made it through thirty years of life if this is how she reacts to being a little sick?

No. 448467

File: 1513788537524.jpg (494.7 KB, 600x651, T7Lzlii.jpg)

sure jan

No. 448539

>"sick af" but making cookies
>hey gaiz our friends havent visited us once hahahahahahahahahahHAGAGSAVDS

No. 448551

If she's that sick, why is she making a YouTube video? I have no sympathy, this is pathetic and sad.

No. 448593

Also hilarious how she says to that one guy that he's not going to get a video but she posts one anyway? Lol.

No. 448689

I refuse to watch anything with her in it so I don't know if this was addressed but that's 100000000000000000% makeup. Look at the picture of her being sick from a few days ago versus now.
This bitch is taking people's money, whining about being sick, and now exaggerating being sick to get more attention.
This fucking histrionic piece of shit, I can't even.

No. 448708

Why would you want someone to visit you when you're sick anyway? They're probably staying away because they don't want to get sick too and she's clearly well enough to shitpost on twitter.

No. 448756


It's so obvious Kelly is wearing foundation, too. Iirc her normal skin has a lot of blemishes. It's probably why she doesn't show her foundation application during her makeup tutorials.

No. 448770

You forgot the part where they said they were to sick to eat, and then they were eating cookie dough of all things. Fakers.

No. 448810


She pledges $100 a month? I almost feel like she deserves to get ripped off.

But seriously, honor your promises, Kelly!

No. 449130

at 1:05 she says that she's riding the "frugal struggle bus"

get an actual job bitch instead of leeching off of your fans

No. 449135


She spent $500 on this bag after complaining so much about money and how she couldn't afford that AP dress??? Are you kidding me…

No. 449150

The note she read was thanking her for ‘collaborating ‘ so it might have been a sponsored gift.

No. 449163

There is not a single content creator on YouTube who I would support with $100 per month. That's money I could put into savings for my own travels or something for a loved one. Either way, Kelly is a pile of shit for not honouring what she's promised to her patrons.

No. 449172

>literal children's primary school backpack
I can't with those fucking weebs. They're expensive because they're meant to last the entire 6 years and are often passed on to kids.

No. 449182

She didn't buy it and it's not $500. The bag is $160, and it seems they sent it to her for free.

No. 449251

ok has anyone noticed how Kelly barely makes videos now? It seems like ever since Lolcow created a Kelly thread, Kelly has been very unusually quiet on youtube and hasn't pushed out a new video everyday anymore. Before lolcow, she used to publish a new video almost everyday. I'm subbed to her YT and I get email updates. I wonder if she's upset about having this thread…
saged for no milk

No. 449285

Still is very strange. I don't understand how she wants to save money but flaunts in her clickbait title that its a 500 dollar bag, "bought" it for 150 but received it for free? She begged this knockoff site for it? Doesn't make it better.

No. 449338

She's been "severely depressed" since this thread started, and says that's why she hasn't been posting many videos. I'm certain she knows about it and it's affecting her.

No. 449383

File: 1513897115759.png (859.5 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171221-211617.png)

Nice handcuffs

No. 449419

Being depressed is a excuse at this point. When I'm depressed, I can get the slow mode way of living because shit happens but maybe having a hiatus would be better than churning out shit videos that have nothing to do with what your subscribers paid for.

Also, depression is not a switch. Did you decide to be super duper depressed recently or did you just decide to be lazy? You've been depressed all your life, you can't just decide the depression kicks up conveniently when people criticize you. Talk to people instead of clapping back, why try.

No. 449421

File: 1513900364549.png (16.61 KB, 578x105, Screenshot 2017-12-21 at 3.52.…)

get over it.

No. 449481

Good maybe she’ll change how much of an annoying cow she is

No. 449533

iirc Kelly is bipolar, which does come and go and sometimes very quickly, especially since she's not on any meds for it

No. 449549

that's not how bipolar works at all, mood cycles are typically weeks to months. some people rapid cycle but lets be real, at this point depression is just her "get out of jail free" card. she uses it to preface mediocre content because then it gives her an excuse not to accept critique because she's just ~~too sad~~ to put out her best work and nobody can say anything bad about mental illness without looking like a dick (and she knows that).

she's talked about it a little bit before and says her depression comes and goes by months which is pretty classic bipolar. but like other anons have said, if its really affecting her so much she should take a break and re-evaluate/maybe consider more aggressive treatment so that it doen't interfere with her life so much. But she won't. Because she's a cow.

No. 449614

I have very little sympathy for her at this point because she doesn't actually do anything productive to help her depression/bipolar. She likes to talk about how she can't afford therapy, but her "how i battle my depression" video shows her going to her trainer and chiropractor. Chiropractors are useless hacks anyway, and unless both of those are completely sponsored, she could use the money that she's spending on things that obviously dont help anyway and use it to see an actual doctor.

No. 449705

File: 1513915132812.jpg (98.2 KB, 1080x393, 20171221225637.jpg)

What a moron, that's not even their Twitter handle

No. 449715

To be fair I've had to tweet two businesses this year to get any sort of reply from them.

No. 449776


i have bipolar, and i’m heavily medicated because of it. she never actually mentions having bipolar, she just kind of says “i’m so depressed right now, i can’t do anything” which is weird because generally depressive episodes are the more productive ones, as your brain is far more under control.

if she has bipolar, and is suffering so greatly, she should be able to see a psychologist & should make it her priority to be able to afford it.
she needs to get actually treatment from a psychologist or psychiatrist who knows what they’re doing.

working out won’t help bipolar, kelly, not unless it’s in conjunction with other treatment.

No. 449876

She does specifically say she's bipolar in the video linked in >>449549

No. 449914

I am always weary of people being incredibly open about their depression or making jokes about it with everyone, not that depression has to be taboo or not discussed but depression fucking SUCKS, and there are so many instances online where people romantisize it or advertise it everywhere they can like its a badge or something. especially if they dont even try to see a therapist or psychologist about it. depression CRIPPLES peoples life it isn't a fucking quirk, grow up and do something about it instead of excusing your shittyniss with it.
honestly I myself am firmly of the believe Kelly has self diagnosed all the shit she is reportedly suffering from and the real reason she won't see a psychologist is because she'll come to find her idiolized problems aren't the ones she is suffering from or even worse she'll be something that isn't tumblr approved…

I agree with the person who has said she might be borderline, borderline people are very erratic and can be very self absorbed, they switch much more frequent between moods.

No. 450164


Wow she fits everything to a t for Borderline

Efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment, such as rapidly initiating intimate (physical or emotional) relationships or cutting off communication with someone in anticipation of being abandoned
A pattern of intense and unstable relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, often swinging from extreme closeness and love (idealization) to extreme dislike or anger (devaluation)
Distorted and unstable self-image or sense of self
Impulsive and often dangerous behaviors, such as spending sprees, unsafe sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, and binge eating. Please note: If these behaviors occur primarily during a period of elevated mood or energy, they may be signs of a mood disorder—not borderline personality disorder
Self-harming behavior, such as cutting
Recurring thoughts of suicidal behaviors or threats
Intense and highly changeable moods, with each episode lasting from a few hours to a few days
Chronic feelings of emptiness
Inappropriate, intense anger or problems controlling anger
Difficulty trusting, which is sometimes accompanied by irrational fear of other people’s intentions
Feelings of dissociation, such as feeling cut off from oneself, seeing oneself from outside one’s body, or feelings of unreality

No. 450307

File: 1513987168759.png (71.9 KB, 588x541, Screenshot 2017-12-22 at 3.57.…)

Did she conveniently forget that she used her status as a ~kawaii.i ambassador~ to fix her mistakes when she could've educated herself in the first place?

Also she is so sensitive. A ring triggers you. Your ~depression & bipolarity~ triggers you. Everything triggers Kelly Eden.

No. 450358

Ah yes same person with fake tits and injected lips wants to defend this poor helpless man from criticism. Where does she even get off on talking about """ideal""" standards of beauty when shes desperately trying to fit into her own version of whats ideal.
(i dont have anything against cosmetic surgery but just like moomoo this is some ironic bullshit)

No. 450758

Kelly's pronunciation of randoseru triggers me

No. 450767


yeah, i am incredibly doubtful that she has bipolar, since people with bipolar really need treatment.
you either see a psychologist voluntarily, or you get hospitalised.

and she definitely does romanticise the hell out of mental illness, her bipolar is difficult and makes life hard, and she can just work out and it’s fixed, but she’s super special and super sad & everyone should love her because she’s having such a hard time.

No. 450771


people aren’t making fun of adam driver’s shirtless scene bc of his body (he’s built like a brick & i’ve seen more thirst tweets than anything else) but because it was awkward and the first time we’ve had a shirtless scene like that in a star wars movie iirc.

& while there’s been some jokes about him being ugly (because he definitely isn’t conventionally attractive), they’re shot down pretty quickly.

we get that you’re horny & want to fuck someone who would never look at you, kelly, but really? you were triggered because someone called a celebrity ugly? pathetic.

No. 450794

No they definitely are making fun of the shape of his torso. Scene was awkward too, but every person I've seen mocking it was mocking how awkwardly shaped he is. His face doesn't bug me, his torso does. Saged.

No. 450801

Has her sex offender bf dahvie been brought up?

No. 450884

Is that the guy who molested an 11 year old? Can't remember his bands name. Blood on the Dance Floor? I might be way off.

No. 450909

Their relationship was brought up mainly in the first thread but I don't think there was that much milk surrounding it.

It's him but as far as I know wasn't it a bunch of underage girls he would have sex with? Either way he's trash

No. 451009

File: 1514056549997.jpg (295.49 KB, 1195x1600, 050.JPG)

Kelly that clasp on one of the straps isn't really for cute keychains, it's for rape alarms. It's placed at the front for children to easily pull it.

No. 451032

She really is too frumpy for the kawaii pink haired girl aesthetic. Give it up, kelly

No. 451038


Wait, she dated that douche from blood on the dancefloor? I knew she did his shit edgelord makeup but I didn't know they dated. Bet that didn't end pretty.

No. 451053

>the first time we’ve had a shirtless scene like that in a star wars movie iirc.

Nope, happened with Anakin in the prequels.

No. 451088

File: 1514063278119.png (537.57 KB, 1080x1512, 20171223_130614.png)

Can she just stop with the mental illness, woe is me pitty party? This chick sounds like a broken record.

No. 451106

No. 451110

Does she seriously think that emotional abuse causes PTSD? Does she even know what PTSD is?

No. 451115

Yeah and I'm pretty sure they were engaged and getting married or something like that

No. 451117

No, you're thinking of Davey Suicide. Different musician, not a pedophile.

No. 451120

Jesus did she even stop to think for a second before she posted that tweet?
Like goddamn she is so reactionary it barely makes sense. And for Christs sake, I agree. Does she want a damn gold star for having issues? If she does in fact have issues anyway, she can sure as shit use it as a basis for explaining her behavior, but it's so tiring to see her use it as an excuse time and time again.

No. 451159

So I had a friend that was a lot like Kelly. She took to tumblr and Twitter to talk about her issues and clung to fictional characters and celebrities to identify with. She got aggressive when someone didn’t like or agree with these characters. People around her constantly reached out to talk to her and to try and help her with her body dismorphia, bipolar, and anxiety but she wouldn’t see a professional. She complained about being alone and it hurt a lot of the people around her that she would post it rather than talk about it and seek help. And that’s why I am scared for Kelly. She blames her disorders and others but doesn’t see that her actions come with consequences and could cost her friendships. I want her to get help because at some point you can’t be with these type of people anymore. It’s toxic.

No. 451167

I don't personally see Kelly as having PTSD (if so an incredibly mild form of it - but who knows), but emotional abuse can cause PTSD?

PTSD can be caused by any stressful/dramatic event in a person's life, even if it seems like a normal/simple thing to other people. It's not about the specific event being the "BADDEST" or some shit, just how the person's psyche handled it. It also has a variety of different symptoms for different people.

For the record, I have diagnosed PTSD from physical abuse with symptoms that (before medication/treatment) were interfering severely with my every day life. I just don't think that lessens the fact that people can have lesser symptoms or reasons and still experience it. Stop spreading misinfo, anon. Hate Kelly for the real reasons.

No. 451179

Ooh, good eye, anon. I didn't even notice that. Talk about rude.

No. 451299


Just throwing it out there - I haven't found a single definition of PTSD that indicates that it stems from anything beyond serious trauma such as sexual assault, terror attacks, witnessing a murder, war, natural disaster, etc…It does list physical abuse. And I'm sure emotional abuse does incur its share of issues, but I'm not finding anything in the definition that links it to PTSD. The point is that it's generally a life-threatening situation in these definitions.

I think it's fair for anon to dislike Kelly for an apparent lack of research for her supposed mental illnesses. Just saying.

No. 451306

not the poster youre replying to but they call it c-ptsd iirc

probably find more results with that term

No. 451357



So I have diagnosed CPTSD (and depression as well) from many years of physical abuse, torture, confinement, the full range basically kek

Complex PTSD doesn't just happen from emotional abuse, even though that can also be the case. For it to be considered CPTSD you have to be exposed to traumatizing events for several years. It differs from PTSD. (PTSD - bad accident/rape/etc. One traumatizing event or reoccurring events in a time frame of less than 2 years (also usually soldiers in war) CPTSD - sexually assaulted/physically/emotionally abused by parent throughout childhood/war prisoner/sex trafficking victim/etc. One is constantly exposed to traumatizing events, often in childhood, for many years on end.)

Kelly certainly has neither and I agree with anon that people are absolutely allowed to dislike Kelly for her bullshit.
One day she claims to be bipolar, then depressed, then she has 'ptsd attached to the holidays'. Whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean, cause that's not how it works.

I feel bad for that person on twitter calling her out. They were absolutely right. Always makes me want to vomit when she claims something ~triggers~ her. Maybe spend less time on tumblr and actually research the shit you claim to have.
This nonsense harms the folks with PTSD. I never once dared to say 'this triggered me', because of people like her. I get mad flashback episodes and panic attacks and have such a hard time explaining them to people, let alone talk about them at all.
Then again I don't use my mental illness to milk people for sympathy, but instead try to deal with it like an adult.
It's such a slap to the face to actually ill people. I've lost all my respect for her when she started that bs, especially when she made that video on BetterHelp. I once used that service for a couple of months when my anxiety was so bad that I couldn't even see a therapist. But hey, nothing better than getting some sweet affiliate money off of your young followers, right?

Saged for massive rant, sorry.

No. 451393

Thanks for the enlightenment, Anon. I don't have PTSD, but my brother does from the military. That was my thought about her bullshit making it bad for people who are really suffering. I bless the people who actually call her out even though they are risking some shit from her blind followers. Saged.

No. 451556

No. 451558

Everytime she says kawai rather than kawaii I die a little inside.

For someone who is obsessed with Japan, you think she'd figure out how to say cute and not say scary.

No. 451567

You called it

No. 451591


No. 451605


she's even begging for christmas presents omg, just saying jk at the end doesn't make it less transparent you are trying to get lena to send you something insane and expensive again

No. 451636

For someone who pretends to be in the know about Japan, she sure is off on things.
"Ita" isn't really a word, it's from "Itai" which means "it hurts", meaning these bags are so ugly that it hurts to look at. Also the basis of using "ita" to mean a shitty lolita.
All the mentions of being alone for the holidays was tacky, that wasn't the point of the video, and it was clearly just a reach for asspats.

No. 451642

saged for off topic but I thought it was called an ita bag because of all the pins and needles going through it, and the reason they put it behind a transparent cover was also from stopping their bag poking into others so they dont hurt people, with ita being pain and all

No. 451648

The video isn't so bad if you mute the entire thing.

No. 451661

saged for slight offtopic and itabag 101
depending on itabag user, an itabag is a symbol of dedication to their favorite character/ship.

Kelly, the "itai" in itabag does not necessarily mean its "ugly and hurts to look at" in this regard … but has the points of it being:
>painful to wear (seeing how these bags are heavy with merchandise)
>painful on your wallet (depending on person, these bags
>painful on your heart (because of the dedication to said character)

No. 451761

no ita means it's fugly. it's a term of endearment meant to poke fun, like itasha, that's where the term comes from the ita is what other people think of it. no deeper meaning.

No. 451775

Sage but who the hell told you that? Fuck western weeb communities are so cringy when they make up interpretations for japanese slang.

No. 451827

File: 1514156368749.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6394.PNG)

Jfc her skin on her chest isn't looking too good? Is it acne or a rash?

No. 451838

Is she going for ~ironic~ punchable face aesthetic?

No. 451904

Currently live with Stephanie on instagram

No. 451947

File: 1514173019630.png (523.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-24-22-33-24…)

Just went to look at her Twitter and got this. Have called her out on her bullshit in the past. Just more proof that she cannot stand to have anyone offer correction orlogic to her.

No. 451968

She just looks so crusty all the time

No. 452140

Wtf. Her chest.
Her weird woobley, uneven, lips from all the injections.
Wtf is going on with the right side of her mouth. Looks sharp and spikey.

No. 452219

Throw away this lime green eyeshadow. It looks horribly applied

No. 452275

File: 1514244766734.jpeg (180.72 KB, 750x1334, 6E35F013-AA6D-4AB7-839F-935F20…)

I can’t believe she’s actually talking about she’s 100% sure if she had children, they would have mental illnesses and be bipolar. I’m sure she’d take her children to a chiropractor and go on shopping sprees only to return and live off any gift Lina gives her.

No. 452285

Anon above already explained CPTSD, and imo calling it PTSD for simplicity would be fine. That said, the way she shouts "muh abuse" in >>451088 really rubs me the wrong way, it's almost as if she's bragging about it.

No. 452291

Sage but that's just a pretty good excuse to throw out there when you know you're childfree for life. People judge the hell out of people for not wanting kids for some reason. Most childfree people have a myriad of reasons for not wanting kids but will usually only offer up a couple when asked why.

No. 452314

The only thing I don't like about child free people is that some of them hate children despite the fact that those children will grow up to replace them when they are too old and obsolete, some will even grow up to take care of them in nursing homes and wipe their asses

No. 452315

Shit sorry for not saging that btw plz forgive me

No. 452329

awww poor you, so triggered by childfree people. no one cares.

No. 452334

Do elaborate how I'm triggered?If anything You sound like a triggered childfree person actually.

No. 452425

Having kids just to have someone to take care of you when you’re old is selfish and a terrible reason to have kids

No. 452432

It's got nothing to do with having someone take care of me and everything to do with replacing the dying elderly population, which will one day be you and I, if we don't have children to replace us then the government will just import more immigrants from 3rd world countries.

No. 452434

Also try not to derail the discussion

No. 452458

lmao this is some tinfoil nonsense, a smaller population would be better for everyone, there's no need to "replace" the elderly/dying population

No. 452477

There's literally so many articles on how immigrants are helping the dwindling population but sure it's tinfoil. Lol again stop derailing the thread this is about kelly

No. 452606

no one cares, you triggered retard. Stop derailing the thread. Take your shit elsewhere.

No. 452616

Holy shit stop trying to derail the thread

No. 452667

> "They're from Wego, I love Wego! lists some stuff about it
> using a replica anyways
Not that replica ita bags are a big deal, just the fact she acts like such a big fan of the brand but uses a common replica.

No. 452675

File: 1514285368611.png (878.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-26-23-47-45…)

Off topic but i came across this lady who makes "kawaii" clothes on insta. This picture looks awfully familiar to Kelly and Dre's one they use lots.
Are Kelly and Chris-whatever-her-name-is friends?

No. 452693

I don't know who copied who tho
I wish Chrissa had a thread here as well, I can't stand her voice

No. 452702

File: 1514293216248.png (235.08 KB, 583x399, Screenshot 2017-12-26 at 4.59.…)

No. 452703

File: 1514293308708.png (407.87 KB, 597x632, Screenshot 2017-12-26 at 4.59.…)

No. 452719

I just checked that Chrissa girl's page. Kelly doesn't follow her. And she doesn't follow Kelly. It could just be a coincidence.

No. 452722

honestly I don't think Kelly should ever have children, she can't raise a kid, she can barely take care of herself. especially people with borderline disorder. let her just torture her dog and keep away from children

No. 452781

We don't know for a fact that Kelly has borderline personality disorder. It was just something that someone speculated on PULL. And even that person said it was just a guess. Let's not start false rumors.

No. 452782

this is so depressing. dre is a saint for staying home with her, I've been in the position of staying with people who self-isolate for christmas and it's one thing when they don't have any family but kind of another when they purposefully choose not to go out or do anything. hope dre got to actually get out and celebrate like a normal person.

No. 452783

doesn't change the fact she has shown to be too unstable to even properly take care of herself, she even blames it on the kids if she where to have them, (they WILL be bi polar) like the fact shes a wreck isn't more of a reason not to have them, sure kelly, its the kids, not you

No. 452787


Kelly is incredibly manipulative to be honest, it's why she is posting all this stuff about being alone and not getting any gifts and so but always ending it with "its fine"
If you notice she said incredibly sweet things about dre in her new video, and this could be because she is following this thread but Kelly has also shown to be very jealous of her "friend" too, like her tweets about people leaving her in the dust when they get more popular then her which was obviously directed at dre at the time. Her friends can be her friends as long as they do as their told and don't surpass her. and if they catch on she'll just guilt trip them or give them all these compliments to reel them back in and make them believe shes a good friend.
I feel bad for dre, she probably felt bad for Kelly after the grown up child posted her little pity party about being alone for christmas and not getting anything and so on.
sometimes being a friend is being happy for eachother and letting people have fun instead of dragging them down with you.
Kelly has said time and time again she doesnt even LIKE christmas, why make such a big deal about not celebrating it? because that would mean that she isn't getting any attention. by kicking and screaming people will bussy herself with her instead of celebrating something they might actually enjoy

No. 452803

>gets sponsored for a review
>looks dead and like shit, obviously not keeping appearances for positive review
>"its okaaayyY"

No. 453941

is wego even a 'brand' tho? i thought they were high street level like h and m, f21 etc

No. 454001

wego isn't "brand" in the same way that ap/bttsb/mmm etc are brand for lolita but they are the original creator of those style of base bags so they're kind of held up a bit more in the itabagging community because the quality is better than the knockoffs

No. 454023

This girl is notoriously hated by a lot of people in LA, she's a bitch and a hack from what I've heard.

No. 454028

"being able to see my tracks is the kelly eden brand"

Lol nice try

No. 454029

I’d be so annoyed if I were this company sponsoring her for this review. It’s not exactly a glowing endorsement.

No. 454070

Does anyone know where is Dre from? Shes not a L.A native right? How did she end up being Kelly's roomie?

No. 454131

I didn't watch the video because I can barely stomach her anymore, but I do appreciate an influencer who doesn't praise a company out the ass just for being spons. However it seems like Kelly almost exclusively gives critical/negative reviews on her sponsored items.

No. 454132

I'm pretty sure she talks about it in her video that talks about where she went to school (Waldorf schools or something?). If I can find the link I'll upload it.

No. 454149

Oh man, she really would look so much better if she toned down her eye makeup. When she's putting on the extensions she looks like a normal, cute-ish girl but with the massive falsies and everything else it's just instawhore city.

No. 454352


No. 454441

Didn’t know it was possible for a video to be equal parts extremely boring and extremely annoying but then I saw this video…

No. 454471

Is that her husband? He looks like a sad cuck.

No. 454699

File: 1514429469051.png (359.22 KB, 592x652, Screenshot 2017-12-27 at 6.50.…)

No. 454715


I can't believe they sucked on the same candy. Have they not heard of herpes?

No. 454725


Now I want someone to provoke Kelly by photoshopping themselves with her hAHSSBANDO and tagging her on twitter. She'll go nuts over someone stealing her "husbando", and copying her idea.

No. 454726

>HER hasubando

Kelly, Sephirothslave has a bone to pick with you.

No. 454739


I would pay money to see that fight

No. 454748

Kelly seems like the type of person to surround herself with hideous friends in an attempt to look pretty

No. 454796


I think most of her friends are prettier than she is. Well, all of them except Vivid Vivka or whatever her name is. She looks like a weiner dog.

No. 454807

That black girl looks like an edgy green haired Joel Edgerton from kinky boots

No. 454813

File: 1514434893622.jpeg (24.99 KB, 236x214, 4BE75D74-320C-4D80-BE0C-C2A33F…)

Is anyone going to break the news to Kelly Sephiroth is already married to Sephirothslave and with child? I guarantee she would actually get upset hahaha

No. 454821

This is the cringiest shit.. wtf.


No. 454874

that's a man, baby

so you're not wrong

No. 454880

Shit is it really? Kek

No. 454946

OT, but those are some of the shittiest candy you can find in Russia, kek.

No. 455199

>> headbow is backwards
>> "oh watch lolita community talk about it for next 8 week…"

No. 455270

Could be because Chrissa is sponsored by Hello Kitty and she is not. Also, Chrissa is part of the friends group with Tracy Hines, Charisma Star, Kota, Sidonie Smith, etc. They have all cosplayed together before. Actually all those people know each other in some kind of way and are connected to other youtubers like Leo Camacho, The Disneyland Princess, etc.

No. 455275

That's just a picture that is inspired by those embarrassing Sears family pictures from the 80s. If you google "embarrassing family pictures" you will find tons of them. Nothing new.

No. 455285

Kelly is really bad at make up tutorials, for one her make up is really bad looking and her application is very blodgy maybe her make up is old or something but it looks like shit, the music in her video is so annoying cus for the first 10 minutes its this really low barely audible music then after that a random louder tune that suddenly makes you realize there IS music after all, either find a tune for the entire video or edit a bit better… and just her editing in general is shit, she doesn't know what to do with her voice over, constantly interrupting herself, apparently not knowing what goes on in the video half the time or changing the subject,
her rant about the make up brand is just cringy as all hell, like she could have made that point in a normal way and it would actually been fine. her making a vague comment about the lolita community is showing what a chicken shit she is too.
she wont address HER video in which she is shown to be a bitch and entitled foreigner to some retail workers but instead we will make this small comment here in which she trys to insult an entire group of people who called her out on that shit.

No. 455288

I die a little inside every time I hear her say "it ya boi". It's so cringey. It's like she's trying to be a cool hip aunt grasping at anything that will make her seem younger. But in reality it makes it obvious she's pushing 30.
Kelly if you lurk here please stop.

No. 455400

File: 1514499074375.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, FD581C49-4C53-4916-AF48-A5979A…)

Check insta for a new figure abusing cringe fest, ft. pretty obvious self insert. yikes.

No. 455450

File: 1514501314590.jpeg (134.77 KB, 750x871, 0C6FAFEE-E21D-4D82-BBB4-17AB0C…)

Poor Lina. Can’t even get a like from her ridiculous idol.

Also, her ig story is disgusting. This bitch saw that we were ripping her a new one over her fake love for Final Fantasy 8, and she’s parading Squall like, “hey guy! I like other stuff besides 7 and 15!”

And, funny how we all pointed out her shitty friendship with Dre recently and the most obvious one, her lack of colored friends. Interesting that she put both Dre and Miles in one video.

Lastly, this dumb cunt bashed the Lolita community in her last video but doesn’t actually address her video? Blocking people won’t fix it, Kelly. You’re an idiot.

No. 455474

I noticed the same pattern with the FFVIII (and FFX - remember the Rikku one?) figure, and then the addition of Dre and Miles in a video together. I've noticed her doing a lot more including of Dre in her shit lately. It's all so transparent.

No. 455479

File: 1514502407341.jpg (95.51 KB, 500x482, 1512324510318.jpg)

She just seems like a sad cunt. Its always people such as herself, Nigri, Yaya, Traci Hines, and others trying to 'prove' what yuuuuuge nrrds they are and in the process end up looking like giant children.

No. 455547

File: 1514505101166.jpeg (80.48 KB, 737x498, 5FACE658-A79C-4ED7-9892-E51BB5…)

No. 455569

Kelly, your narcissism is showing

No. 455570

File: 1514505887294.png (580.23 KB, 919x479, Screenshot 2017-12-28 at 4.04.…)

No. 455578

Double post but she is extremely dense to think that people just have a gripe with Jeffree Star and Lime Crime brands just because it's them. Racism and credit card fraud are important issues, Kelly, not something that "adults can solve on their own lawl gaiz i roasted u haha" what

No. 455669

I have no idea if she mispronounced Opaque or legitimately just called a product 'OP'(as in overpowered) then later calls the arch of her eyebrow "the ark"
Kelly literally reeks of uneducated but tryhard 'gamurgrill' and her forcing all these memes into her lingo is horrifying to listen to, she has no sincerity in her voice. It all sounds like shes ad-libbing a script thats supposed to make her seem cool and hip.

No. 455679

tbh this image is cringier than kelly is most of time. kelly is a tryhard fakenerd but come on my dude this reeks of neckbeard

No. 455748

Sorry, it was the most accurate reaction image that I have in my folder to explain how I feel about these types. Its not like the nerd identity hasn't become profitable to companies the same way that goth has taken the same turn.

No. 455820

my friend alerted me to this thread and I just finished readig it

wanted to say i’m so glad all of this I’m so glad all this has come out against Kelly

I used to be friends with her until she basically manipulated me & my bf to break up then she dated him for a short while before he got with somebody else

I noticed that they started having problems around the same time Kelly went “goth” and knowing her I wouldn’t put it past her to be doing that shit to get his attention again esp since he’s a big FF fan and Sephiroth and Squall are his favorites

Idk if they’re still together but knowing what a vengeful ho Kelly is I wouldn’t be surprised if she destroyed their relationship too

No. 455822

sorry for all of the errors I’m on my phone and it’s acting up

No. 455857

People here would be grateful for more details if you have any. I'm sorry to hear that she fucked with you that way.

No. 455879

She lurks here at times. She'll probably pitch a passive aggressive remark your way on her social media.

No. 455896

if she does, hi Kelly

i'm glad you're getting your karma for being a terrible person on the inside

i'm glad he left you and you're going to die alone with your action figures at this point with how fast your looks followers and friends are dwindling

No. 455924


Even if this is kind of neckbeardy, this is exactly why she bothers me. I couldn't put my finger on it until I saw this. Who is Kelly beyond the media she consumes and her aesthetic? Her art only seems to be recreations or still-lifes too. She doesn't seem to be a person without the things surrounding her. Which explains why she tries to control people. I actually feel sorry for her because there was a time where I was like that. I think it can be a product of dealing with mental illness from a young age and not knowing about it or getting help. Kelly if you're lurking try going to a retreat of some-sort. Stop relying on shallow things to define you. Take it from someone who knows, It's unhealthy and won't lead to happiness.

No. 456001


I've never seen anyone mention this. But this identity from others thing also applies to her friends. If she spends time with Courtney she is more quiet and thoughtful in the next video. Kelly and Dre is a great combination because the echo of Dre is an appealing character. When she was with her long term ex her composure was completely different.
It's kinda weird but I think she does produce watchable content for what it is, unlike Pixielocks and Albinwonderland. But yes the identity via fandom is a thing.
Having artistic skill means she could theoretically create her own characters or do illustrations on her channel, which would be interesting and make her more self-driven? Just an idea

No. 456033

I'm glad somebody else noticed lol. Identity via fandom and nerd shit is very much a real thing. People even made fun of Penny Underbust in the lolcord because she put out so many videos about being a girl gamer and its like.. this is all that these girls have to their "identity". It isn't even a reach either. I mean, look at how many cows stem from this


>Traci Hines
>Yaya Han
>Jessica Nigri

Each one latches onto something 'nerdy' and preys on those respective fandoms.

No. 456095

proof or gtfo

No. 456102

Go to sleep kelly

No. 456115

Also, if you’re trying to conceal your identity, you might want to try not posting here and on Twitter at the same time, Kelly.

No. 456129

File: 1514541685044.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 57646457546649.png)


No. 456158

File: 1514548687487.jpg (195.8 KB, 427x640, 5368454447_53f24ae501_z.jpg)

Spornsor me Helo kity

No. 456159

Purely coincidental and you're believing someone who can say anything without proof. Where are their receipts?

No. 456163

Girl needs a new foundation. That matte crusty look is gross when up close (especially around her nose ugh). Makes her eye "wrinkles" more noticeable too.

No. 456202

Jesus…fucking moisturize your face so the powder doesnt cling you dumb slut.

No. 456265

Omg I remember Usagi-Kou from Livejournal days and all that drama! Those were the days. She even made her friends go by senshi names and every boyfriend she had was to go by Mamo-Chan. I wonder what she’s doing these days and how embarrassed she is of her past. Saged for OT.

No. 456294

Gosh whyyy does she keep forcing this kawaii aesthetic when her face is so mature and ….well…. not so kawaii. That nose jfc

No. 456340

Every time I see these pictures with ketchup smeared on her belongings and figures I want to throw up. At least use some fake blood if you want to make this kind of picture.

No. 456394

Bitch there was literally someone who was the sister of one of Jill's exes in her thread last week to share deets and their only "proof" was a twitter post and a text screenie that didn't even directly address them by name. And guess what? There wasn't any ire. Yet now when it comes to Kelly there is suddenly something oh so wrong about this.

You're doing a piss poor job at hiding that you're Kelly lurking, so just shut the fuck up with your pull-tier "etiquette" for what is and isn't permitted.

No. 456477

there is proof it’s just on my exes computer & we don’t talk anymore lol

but I’m sure there are photos of their date somewhere on Kelly’s instagram. I’m just not in the mood to scroll through years of her face

No. 456480

Okay, so when might that date have occurred so another anon can try to verify?

No. 456725

delete this. its so ugly.

No. 456732

I was looking through kelly's instagram and it looks like she used to have a lot of aspirations as an artist. Where did that go? Why is she now in youtuber infomercial hell? What about being a tattoo artist or getting her art into shows and galleries? We don't even see her do makeup work. (other than on herself for a video) Hell most of her current instagram are reposts of past modeling shots?

I just think it's really sad, idk this YT thing has seemed to mess things up some how, or maybe it's L.A.? From what I've heard that place in't the best…

No. 456836

She wants to fit in the kawaii aesthetic looking like this? Trash.

No. 456840

alyssa's sister posted specific words twice to her twitter to prove it was her lmao

it was clearly her

No. 456844

Then why are you coming on here and exposing yourself?

No. 456903

it was early november 2013

i moved out before the new year.

No. 456945

>anon brings believable, not revolutionary personal experience with related cow in tandem w/ thread appreciation and how much they dislike kelly (reasonable, even lacking a face to face experience)
>random non-sageing retard is incredibly salty

big think, here

No. 457091

File: 1514645746911.png (400.85 KB, 1200x461, furbyfoot.png)

I tried to find a bit more on her Colorado life and stumbled onto her website telling her cringe and fluffed up "story". The first paragraph alone is hard to even read.


Her website describes how she led a ~charmed artistic life~ since she was a tiny child as if she's some prodigy. Shit like this reads like how some lolitas will say "I've been a lolita since I was a kid". She also talks about how tattooing apparently meant nothing to her.

Bonus ugly dirty foot and Furby, because you can't escape it even when looking up something on her god awful website.

No. 457129

So I scrolled back through and was noticing how many photos Kelly has with Demonpuff. I don't even remember them ever being friends. But this cap shows that this girl supposedly predicted them living together. Note October 2013. Anon claim she was living with Kelly when Kelly stole her bf and this occurred around early November 2013. Three more images to follow.

No. 457131

File: 1514648960166.png (854.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-30-10-22-41…)

Samefag here. Image didn't post wtf.

No. 457133

File: 1514649114806.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-30-10-34-20…)

So this image is after the alleged date Anon cited, but the caption confirms they were roommates. However shortly after the beginning of 2014 we don't see very many photos with Demonpuff at all. Also note Demonpuff's face here: doesn't look thrilled. I also was unable to find any evidence around this time of Kelly having any other roommates.

No. 457140

File: 1514649256451.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-30-10-40-48…)

I was also unable to find any date photos of Kelly with any guy around this time. So I hopped over to Demonpuff's IG to see who she was dating at the time. The bassist for a band called Snake Oil Salesmen. We all know Kelly loves musicians. I checked their IG, and he doesn't seem to have a personal IG account.

No. 457141

File: 1514649470587.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-30-10-41-44…)

So here is a better shot of him. I was unable to find his name or anything. I also was confining my search strictly to IG because I'm on my phone and scrolling that far back was a huge pain. Wasn't about to do it again. Either way this was all I could find. Seems plausible. But I also have a hard time believing Demonpuff trolls lolcow. Unless someone finds other evidence.

No. 457142

Samefag but saged just to add that it was interesting looking that far back on Kelly's IG. I've followed her for that far back or more but I forgot how likeable she used to be. I can't fathom how someone can become as obnoxious and toxic as she is now. She was so much cuter with her natural tits too. Just a shame.

No. 457219

With over inflated tits came an over inflated ego

No. 457255

File: 1514659215250.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1685, 20171230_103759.png)

Isn't this the same guy? In the caption, it says they have been together 5 years. That would be since 2012. The anon being Demonpuff doesn't really make sense.

No. 457259

Nametag. Correction, I didn't look at the date because I'm an idiot. But still, if it was 2015, and that means they had been a couple since 2010.

No. 457261

*samefag…im gonna stop posting and go drink coffee. Sorry guys(sage this)

No. 457387

File: 1514667607589.png (759.67 KB, 926x590, dland.png)

this day?

No. 457406

This makeup phase she's going through with her makeup is disgusting.

Question: aside from her ~unicorn brigade~ or whatever outings on birthdays and other celebrations, does she ever go outside? It seemed like she went outside alot more in her older videos. She's been snippy and bitter in her new videos too. Did someone in her circle say something? We know she is butthurt about Dre and Chris..

No. 457445

I've noticed that she hasn't been hanging out with her rainbow friends after one of them posted here a while back. Probably paranoid about which one of them it is so she just cut all of them off

No. 457450

Makes sense. I didn't majorly scour the various IGs. I just noticed that anon mentioned moving out. So I was kind of hunting for things around that time regarding roommates.

No. 457540

I think they meant they moved away from their bf, not KE

No. 457576

On a video on Dre's IG story right now you can hear Kelly being the annoying trash that she is.

No. 457602

Isnt samurai buyer a super shady company that charges u up to nose for shipping cost they dont reveal until after you won a bid on whatever item and if u decide to cancel it after you find that out they keep half the money and put the item back up for sale? i remember there being a bunch of call out videos on what they did including hiring someone for the company to design some shit and then not pay him what he was promised… how appropriate for kelly to work with that company

No. 457612

File: 1514684141890.jpg (184.55 KB, 817x604, ss (2017-12-30 at 08.34.28).jp…)

She just posted this on her IG. Is it just me, or does this look really wrong?

No. 457630

What part of it is "really wrong"?
It just looks fucking stupid.

No. 457640

um those roots are fucking wrong

No. 457698

Seems like everyone in the fellowship is posting group pics from their outing. Not one pic from Kelly yet of the whole fellowship.

No. 457725

lmao she posted this to twitter and lightened her roots. we see you lurkin, kelly

No. 457820

sometimes I feel like dre and kelly may be dating behind the scenes with the way kelly acts like a bitchy gf when dre does her own thing

No. 457887

kelly looks like she's escaped from an asylum and dre's outfit makes her look like an amazon in semi victorian dress

No. 457889

File: 1514717571295.png (471.77 KB, 452x628, Screenshot 2017-12-31 at 2.52.…)

No. 457891

File: 1514717836237.png (905.87 KB, 720x913, Screenshot_2017-12-31-02-55-36…)

No. 457900

Notably missing Kotawade

She posted a tb photo of her & Kelly a few days ago too & Kelly didn't even comment on it

No. 457914

God, she looks so trailer park kawaii. She really needs to stop going for the kawaii look and just realize she's half rate suicide girl.

No. 457919

There's a million hairstyles she could do but does pigtails…way to be completely lazy and look like a literal child playing dress up.

No. 457928

Obese goff mum with her child

No. 457929

File: 1514730254678.png (3.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-12-31-14-23-26…)


Kota is ill it says on her insta story. I actually really like Kota and i wish the best for her.

No. 457935

Kelly lurks so hard, anyone else notice she switched out the video new subscribers get to see? it used to be her sailor moon skit but since people pointed out she is too lazy to continue those but still taking money for them she switched it to a draw my life video that was relevant maybe 5 years ago

No. 457940

Her part isn't at all even, either.

No. 457965

holy fucking shit, you're right…THIS IS HER! I lived in LA at the time of that shitty fucking store where she slept on the floor behind the register CONSTANTLY. I thought she was a strange lady who would vanish into obscurity, but she's only transformed. Can anyone confirm? Does anyone else remember this?

No. 458016

Can you both give more details? Holy shit, that sounds so weird. Do we know about her early life in LA?

No. 458068

That wasn't kelly…she was a makeup artist/working for MAC when she first moved to LA.

No. 458072


but *emo you mean

No. 458147

Stephanie Michelle looks so bad here, she's becoming fat af and not taking care of her body. He face used to be pretty but now its ballooned up. Ugh, go to the gym, girl.

No. 458210

Here are the deets that I know…I think this had to be around 6, maybe 7 years ago…a shop opened in little Tokyo trying to capitalize on kawaii trends, this was when deco was insanely popular. A woman opened up the store, it had green astro turf as flooring, she would wear swimmer style PJs, always had her faded pink hair in pig tails and wore tacky slippers around. She also had a mattress behind the register that she would brag about sleeping in because she couldn't leave her new business, even for a second. She had that "off trend suicide girl" look, smaller titties and pretty thin. The store was WOMEN ONLY and she would yell at guys to gtfo if any wandered in. The store was filled with homemade deco jewlery and cell phone cases. The place didn't even last a year, I don't think, and was a laughing stock of all the locals.

No. 458258

that definitely wasn't kelly, i think she's only been in LA for maybe 5 years? And she only recently became an SJW, with as big of a whore as she is there's no way she would have tried to keep guys out of her store.

But i'd love to know who it actually was because she sounds like a cow herself.

No. 458684

>my friend alerted me to this thread
"hi- kelly"ing yourself is pathetic, stop lmao

No. 459110

isn't Kota in a band with Dre? Are they any good? I find it weird that Dre is in a music band because she seems more like a youtuber than a serious musician. But that's just me.

No. 459244

>Did her NYE tradition of writing notes to herself. Usually would have Sam, childhood friend, help open it but is doing it on cam alone.
>1. Feel beautiful again. Rant about body dysmorphia
>2. Get over your fear of failure.
>3. "I hope my friends and I have a chance to travel abroad together and have a wonderful time." Talked about traveling to Europe and Japan, referred to the Angelic Pretty controversy as "that fiasco with the lolita dress".
>4. Couldn't read on camera because it was "personal". She has some "friendship changes with someone" and she "didn't handle it gracefully". The paper is green and this may be a reach but I assume its about Dre.
>5. Another personal, long letter about her ex. NYE '17 is when this relationship ended. Goes into a rant no1curr about.
>6. I want to stop being so sensitive and feeling personally attacked (lol) She said she was putting it back in the jar because she hasn't overcome this.
>7. I want to buy a beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood. Said she's given "subtle hints" about her financial situation with her student loan debt.
>8. I want to focus on happiness, love, and inner peace. I want to feel good about life. Middle pot to be reworded and put back in jar.
>9. Dre has become a awesome person and amazing friend. I hope we can continue to grow and support each other. I hope she can improve on her mental health and self esteem. Said that Dre was a huge influence and they grew together in 2017. Mentioned that Dre is growing and she will need to see how that goes in 2018. Middle pot, this was weird how she reacted. @ 12:02
>10. Learn to used Adobe Premier pro. Work on your editing. Back in jar.
>11. "I played through FF15 for a second time so Sam could experience it." Said Sam represents the better parts of her childhood.
>12. Stop feeling animosity towards your friends for little things. No more bottling up your emotions.
>13. Get back into the things you love. Cosplay, modeling, acting, etc. Do more, live the best of your life. Middle pot for rewording.
>14. Improve mental health and physical health. Wants to go back to therapy, talks about personal trainer. Middle pot for rewording.
>15. I want a dog [with picture of Toshi.]
>16. "I've always wanted to try my hand at voice acting…" Thinks you need training for something like this and doesn't want to do this as much anymore.
>17. I want to meet the love of my life. Middle pot
>18. I want to reignite the fire in my heart. I want to rediscover my passion for life. I want to feel inspired, motivated, and positive. I want to rid my heart of self loathing and depression.
>19. Treat your body better blah blah blah body dysmorphia blah blah self love rant
>20. Long letter about YT goals. Oriented around how she saw subscribers as status and told herself its not always true measure of a YT personality.Feels like it has to do with your heart and good content; feels like some YTers have a bunch of subscribers but don't have good content.
21. I want to limit my time on social media unless it's actual work.
>22. I want to learn how to cook and maintain a healthy diet of delicious food.

No. 459275

The whole part about Dre was soooo awkward and weird.

No. 459333

She had a really weird reaction. If your friend is having fun, then she's having fun. I think Kelly just needs to learn that they're adults and adults aren't obligated to one friend's group like in highschool

No. 459339

I think the band sounds alright. They kinda sound like Evanescence/that kind of alt rock with hard guitars with more flowery vocals.

No. 459469

Kelly talking about Dre in that video kinda felt like Kelly knows Dre is going to move out.

Imagine the rant Kelly will go on if Dre moves out? No more roommate and having to pay rent by herself. No boyfriend and a failed cosplay career.

No. 459533

File: 1514894117730.png (312.35 KB, 589x527, Screenshot 2018-01-02 at 3.55.…)

No. 459592

back in august she refollowed dre on instagram i think she has a habit of unfollowing people

No. 459594

File: 1514906161447.jpg (20.97 KB, 395x374, eyemakeupwtf.jpg)

why does she think this is a good look what

No. 459727

The acid green eyes with her Pepto-Bismol hair makes her badly caked on face look jaundiced. Hot.

No. 459779

Weird noticing what she is using as a palatte, we use those in MAC but don't sell them. I wonder if she jacked it from a store lol

No. 459782

She used to work for MAC.

No. 459803

File: 1514922679929.jpg (89.06 KB, 445x416, Aahhhhhhh8.jpg)

That makeup doesnt do anything for her, if anything it brings out the green undertones in her skin. I look at it and all I can think of is this

No. 460621

She even has the same tits. Kek.

No. 460798

Anyone thought the gift kelly gave on the secret santa exchange was fucking stingy?? gezz

No. 460806

What'd she give?

No. 460844

christ when they are guessing who's gift came from who you can ACTUALLY see kelly's nipples poke out half the time

No. 460854

her tits look awful in the secret santa video. that is not a good top for her to wear.

No. 460874

Kelly gave thedisneylandprincess (i forget her real name) a Disney Store Animators voice activated robot cheshire cat thing and a shoen jump Disney princess manga. Wasn't that bad.

No. 460881


no Kelly was the one who gave someone an airhorn and some figurine of an anime?? I don't know the quality of the figure but it seemed the girl really liked the series but idk. Kelly herself got a handmade lolita skirt and some angelic pretty shoes so in comparison her gift was pretty eh…
I mean there is nothing wrong with giving people a joke gift, but most people got a bunch of cool gifts that where thoughtful and it just feels like Kelly threw in a cheap airhorn not to have to spend more than she wanted

No. 460968

I know anime is their shared interest, but Every Gift Being Anime makes it seem like they all have no other interests. Only watched up to the second gift but sounds like it was all samesame from there. Also the person playing the airhorn app every ten seconds was really annoying.