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File: 1515606510952.png (1.47 MB, 1068x783, 1513464070738.png)

No. 466706

>pastel kawaii (KA-WHY, amirite?) vlogger/blogger but also alt tattoo grrl/alt model
>tryhard fangirl for all things FF and animu (nota bene: has only played FF7 and FF15)
>belligerent toward anyone who dares express love for her husbando Sephiroth
>thinks she's an artist because she went to art school and never did anything with it
>maintains a shop on Depop where she sells crusty old makeup and PR items she's received for free
>allegedly suffers from a minimum of 4 mental disorders which she refuses to seek treatment for
>complains about her student debt while paying for a personal trainer, lip fillers, and going on stupid shopping sprees overseas
>makes cringe kawaii mugs and phone cases featuring her husbandos and DDlg themes

>posted photos/videos of her wearing items she also has for sale on her Depop
>has taken to making skits with her figurines in where she slathers them with ketchup
>proven to be a lurker here by subtly addressing anything she's called out on
>threw a temper tantrum on Twitter because Gallery Nucleus didn't respond to her request to have her "art" shown at their FF exhibit / harassed said gallery via twitter on her own and through her fans / had the nerve to show up at to the gallery for the exhibit and vlog it - was obnoxious and cringe the entire time
>currently in a hair and fashion identity crisis
>subtweets about her alleged best friend Dre ("I like made her, you know?")
>bought her Secret Santa an air horn while she got a pair of Angelic Pretty boots



OLD THREAD: >>>/snow/423395

No. 466725

What went down with loot crate?

No. 466744

I've never heard anything. I don't keep tabs on it either though. I just know that she's twice done sponsorships with Samurai Buyer despite them being a scam.

No. 466790

Lootcrate billed people for things they did not purchase. Without notice they suddenly took up to about $150 dollars from some people who hadnt bought things for a year

No. 466799

>cosplay is for fun! Don't listen to the elistists!!
>nitpicks boots, complains there's no padding inside to protect them even though they're hella long and folded over.
>dress: wanted horsehair braiding, wanted leotard included, said gloves need to be taken in, complained about face bandage and not being able to see (wants to make hers out of nylon), seams too thick
>jammed the zipper by trying to get it on "THE ZIPPER WONT WORK"
>makes weird fake porn noises when she gets stuck

No. 466827

I am shooketh that she didn't say "wat up fam itz ya boi" aaaaaaand as I'm typing that she says "one of the biggest questions ya boi gets asked" smh

Is anyone else suspicious over whether or not CosplaySky actually reached out to her for this review? It's not like she's done anything related to cosplay recently.

I feel like she is being insanely nitpicky with these. She's doing it in such an obnoxious know-it-all manner too like "look how much I know; look how good of a cosplayer I am" - the way she's analysing the sewing and the quality is so cringe since (a) she didn't know what shirring was and (b) she has someone else sew her costumes for her.

Her only legitimate criticism is the gloves. Those are just bad.

Leg day only hurts that badly when you don't exercise regularly.

LOL she's so damn short that the dress isn't short enough on her.

Okay, done live commenting.

No. 466828

P.S. What happened to them starting a Twitch channel together?

No. 466832

Probably will never happen since it was implied Dre is moving soon or something "big will happen"

No. 466866

Take a shot every time she ends her sentence with “right?”

No. 466883

So that Samurai buyer figurine box that turned up very damaged and dented?
Considering the history of samurai buyer (sending people boxes full of rubber ducks, for example) it was 99% mailed off that way. It's even broken in a way that looks unlike mail damage, such as the flap sticking out. Good that the figure is fine but- if that's what they send their sponsored Youtubers it's not looking good for any actual customers.

No. 467035

Dre is probably making more money now than before (when she first moved in with Kelly) that the Pastel Goth video launched her career big-time. She's been getting a lot of gigs with Hot Topic and Foxblood (whatever it's called?) and also working as a model. I wonder if Dre plans to move out and gets her own house to rent? I think it would be cool to see Dre's version of a gothic home make-over.

No. 467064

File: 1515636115371.jpeg (123.1 KB, 750x935, 46EEFAA3-FF6B-43FB-A7E0-F050C9…)


No. 467069

Maybe she's moving in with her BFF, Chris Villain.

No. 467094

I hope Dre does move.

Kelly would lose her shit having to pay rent by herself and bitch and moan about “ya boi is lonely, you know?”

But I’m sure she’ll find a retard replacement like one of the two Lolita chicks in the secret Santa video whose name I forgot.

Also, Can’t wait to see what bullshit excuse Kelly makes for not cosplaying at this years wondercon/anime expo/ALA, or to see a cosplay she didn’t actually make. To be fair, nothing wrong with not making your cosplay, just that Kelly acts like she does.

No. 467113

I will give her credit, the review seemed quite honest and she didn't say it was good just because it was sponsored. She seemed to have an idea of what she was talking about, and was honestly pretty accurate as far as I could tell.

I'm surprised she agreed to review China costumes since she usually get's custom made costumes and would therefore have a pretty good idea of what quality is like and most China costumes do not measure up. The fact that she couldn't even get her head through the neck is pretty indicative of the attention to detail.

No. 467137

Dre keeps getting mad that people ship her and Chris Villain but they do seem like a nice couple, I kinda wish they would just date or bang already.

No. 467156

File: 1515645004143.png (424.12 KB, 750x1334, 428CD394-D4E4-4142-8D2F-8366E9…)

complains about student debt and being poor and having to be frugal

Buys a $600 microwave cuz ~~aesthetic~~

No. 467209


Wow, that is pretty dumb. I don't have anything against Kelly, but that's just a waste of money that could've gone to something else.

No. 467241

idk why she gets mad at her fans, when they couple cosplay all the time and take pictures kissing

No. 467258

yeah im like 98% sure Chris isn't into ladies

No. 467289

I thought he was gay.

No. 467562

This was unbearable

No. 467574

can anyone do a summary to save the rest of us?

No. 467605


I got you fam.
Kelly starts off with Steph being in the video with lots of annoying background noise and with whoever the fuck the black girl with real and green hair is next to her. Steph is so "trendy" with her ninja star fidget spinner.

Then it's ya boi again as she's way too close to her blogging camera and the audio isn't balanced so she's loud as fuck. Reintroduces Envy. Black girl. Says ya boo I shit you not like seven times. Keeps cutting the camera to envy, then Steph, then her while trying to make annoucement so it's just loud obnoxious laughing.

When it comes back to her face there's a blur box over her nose towards her mouth. I don't fucking know. Maybe she had a snot attack part way through. (We're a minute and 30 in)

Side note they all have heavily blood shot eyes. So they might all be super high. Envy explains that she works for an animal rescue place. Great publicity with the fact they're being fools and are probably high for her organization.

More laughing and spinning the camera around and Nina? Joins them. Not actually talking about what the video is about. Kelly jokes about trying to make a "good blog about kittens and Nina ruining it."

Steph says Nina should tell the story of her cat she got for Christmas. Kelly asks Nina if she wants Kelly to tell it. Nina ignores her and then shows the camera on her phone screen the cat. Kelly doesn't put up a nice edited in picture because it's work I guess??

More ya boi talk from Kelly. As she explains Nina's boyfriend got the kitten from Envy's fosters. Kelly makes a nightmare fuel face to the camera as she exolsins that they have a clip of Nina getting the cat for Christmas.

Clip of Nina getting the cat and being sad happy and happy tears. It was actually cute.

Back to Kelly being Kelly. More nightmare fuel faces as we then get led into a video clip of Courtney also getting a surprise kitten.

Envy gets serious half a second talking about what happens to underage kittens in shelters. Then Kelly pipes in and it turns ridicolous and not at all the serious psa that they were trying for.

More ya Boi and encouraging people to foster kittens. Again ya boi from Kelly. Hideous close up of Envy's face so you can see her acne under foundation. Stephanie then chimes in again to say this ridicolous mockery of a psa really "got her in her soul." And they all obnoxiously laugh.

Cut back to Envy and then her psa. Kelly dabs for whatever reason?? Then Kelly and Envy dab "on the friendship." I don't know either. Then they dab multiple times with playing an air horn sound.

Kelly says in a annoying voice, "support your local kitties and Stephanie's Titties."

Brought to you from salty and sick.

No. 467610

File: 1515699264491.png (1.65 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1600.PNG)

Nightmare fuel face btw

No. 467653

>>467605 The blur box over her nose made me suspicious as to whether she was snorting cocaine or not. They were definitely on something.

No. 467661

your summary is perfect. bless

Honestly that video was pure cringe. Such a shame, since the supposed topic would have been something good for once.
That was the least informative, most embarrassing bs psa I've ever seen. (also gagging at that thumbnail)
It was so obvious that Kelly didn't give a fuck about the kittens.
And they were high for sure. Why would you film a video about helping kittens when ur high af?? Wtf is wrong with her and her dumb friends?
Kelly, you're old and trying way too hard. You're not cool. You're not funny. You're embarrassing. You had the opportunity to do something good, but instead turned the message to shit. gj

No. 467668

the blur was to hide an address on a box so shit wouldnt blow up in her face again.

No. 467670

Looks like she tried to blur out the address on the package behind them. She just did a terrible job kek

No. 467674

lol I just went back to the video to take some screenshots of people commenting on how they look high, but she already deleted all of them

No. 467682

Oh yeah there was a comment thread where someone said they looked high in the video and someone else replied pointing out weed is legal now in Cali like 5 minutes ago and it's go now.

No. 467711

kelly 100% purchased toshi from a breeder, right? lol… PSA: adopt dont shop! unless you want a tiny cute genetically engineered baby dog of course

No. 467718


yes she got toshi from a breeder, she was shopping around by a lot of breeders because she HAD to have a pom, not just that but she said she spend a year searching? and im sure if she had that much time and effort for it she could have found a nice one from a shelter but she had to have a puppy

No. 467743


I read something interesting the other day when looking at poms, apparently, the white ones are more expensive and very difficult to breed so that adds to the engineered aspect and the shopping around and looking for so long

No. 467748

I get that but all im saying is with this time money and energy she could have looked for a shelter with a rescue pom, but she HAD to have a white puppy, which just kind of shows how she sees it more as an accessory than a dog, she even dyed the friggin animal pink for months.
There are certain breeds I love but considering the overbreeding, bad breeding, puppy mills, and huge health risk these animals get (pugs are just cruel for instance) I would never get one from a breeder, even if its a good breeder, i dont want to invest in that industry, Id rather go to a shelter and find an animal that fits my lifestyle rather then aesthetic, she locks her dog in a cupboard at night which granted is better than that tiny box thing she has for him but at the same time the cupboard wouldnt have any lights or windows does it even have proper ventilation?
Kelly is a hypocrite for trying to show how "caring" she is about adopting animals while she herself choose to buy an expensive designer dog because it had to fit her "kawaii" house

No. 467750

Wait what? She locks him in a cupboard? Like in her kitchen? Under the stairs Harry Potter style? Why doesn't she use a kennel? Im so confused and disgusted.

No. 467757

wait translation error, its not a cupboard its a hall closet, probably cant afford her dog a proper kennel since she has to buy 600 dollar microwaves… but like i said, it doesnt have windows and probably shit ventilation

No. 467781

I am with you 100%, I meant the comment to show how she is worse than someone who just paid for a dog, she spent so long so she could get her perfect white puppy,she is a disgusting hypocrite to promote this message when she spent so much time and money on her little purebred

No. 467782

its honestly possible the dog is from a puppy mill, as im from the area her dog was shipped from, and its a huge area for puppy mills. not saying that for a fact though, as i do not recall if she provided valid proof of being from a decent breeder.

No. 467822

I don’t know what the demographic for this video is, or maybe I’m just too old.
Fidget spinners and dabbing is like 13-15yos right? So probably not able to volunteer to foster cats.
Maybe college kids? Or 22+ but I don’t think they’re into those memes? I think Kelly is trying to be too many things to stay relevant.

No. 467880

dug this up because i was bored and curious. she found a woman in springfield, mo, who was raising pom puppies. i have a feeling that the pom breeders in LA are expensive and that's part of why it took her so long to find a dog, because she eventually had to go several states away to find a puppy that she could afford. i'm p sure i found her breeder (she has a picture of toshi on her site) and the prices including the shipping cost (around $1000) are about half of what poms cost in LA even without shipping ($2000-$2500).

she says she looked at shelters too and tbh i believe her, if only because pomeranians would never last more than a day in any shelter, esp in LA. and im sure she wanted a puppy too, which really means you HAVE to go to a breeder. not much tea here except to say she's def a hypocrite lmao

No. 467952

I took half a second to google "california pomeranian rescue" and found this. She really doesn't have any excuse for buying a designer dog.


No. 467973

She could have adopted a Pomeranian for less than that microwave she just bought.

No. 467981

The kitten video is unwatchable, I'm guessing filmed the same day as the secret Santa as we have the same hilarious air horn app and absolutely dull repetition of catchphrases. I get that shared memes can strengthen a shallow friendship but it's pretty painful to watch

No. 468025

File: 1515728760250.png (33.19 KB, 606x396, doggo.PNG)

wow wtf. i'm sure she wanted a puppy and taking in an adult dog was unfathomable. typical.

i vaguely recalled people giving her shit last year about this and found some related tweets where she makes it seem like she really did try. a complete lie?? probably

No. 468238

I could see that happening if she was dead set on only a young white pom, they can't come up that often, I doubt she was looking for just any "fluffy white doggo", got to have the fashionable breed, it does beg the question how hard did she try because breed-specific rescue groups are where you would actually look and not your local shelter

No. 468242

She got toshi to fit her aestethic and nothing more. An older possibly not even white pom wouldn't have worked for her. Her getting a dog was never about finding the right temperament or giving a dog a loving home. She needed a WHITE SMALL Pomeranian. I don't doubt she put a lot of effort in finding him it's the reason why she put a lot of effort in finding him I find disgusting. This wasn't even about finding the right breed as someone already pointed out finding rescue Pomeranian isn't impossible. It had to be a small WHITE puppy. Remember she wanted to paint it pink

No. 468258

from the pomeranian adoption site above - "Every day in Southern California, thousands of Pomeranian dogs are put to sleep in local shelters and abandoned on the streets.". I wonder how many brown older pom's she saw in the shelters and rejected because they wouldn't be her perfect pink toy, you are right, she doesn't love the breed

No. 468262

File: 1515759081372.jpg (17.75 KB, 370x187, Unbenannt.JPG)


No. 468358

Kelly is surprised the two cheap cosplays she probably begged to review and which are probably sewed by some 12 year olds in asia for 20 cents arent up to her standards…. what did you expect? also honey, ur bust is definitely not an extra small

No. 468391

"Square Enix characters are typically very, very skinny and very, very tall, like… proportions that don't make sense." Lmaoo just because ur so short and fat
That cosplay would have looked better on literally anyone else.
I hate how condescending she talks in those videos. Then fucking learn how to sew you useless bimbo

No. 468439

I love that she acts like those proportions don't exist on people. There are many different body types, being tall and skinny is one of them. Also as a cosplayer myself, you adapt those characters to work for you and when you buy online, you have to recognize that as costumes go up in size, they also go up in length. I find as someone who doesn't 'make sense' that when I buy the costumes are either a tent but the right length or fit right but are way too short.

No. 468443

So because Kelly doesn't like FFXIII apparently it means the game tanked? I understand that it just wasn't the best FF to a lot of fans but it was a massive success during it's time - being one of the fastest selling FF game - and high reviews all across the board. Just obviously Kelly's opinion means everyone's opinion

No. 468454

Is it just me, or is there more discrepancy among those who want dogs for pets with regard to what breed? Like dog people seem way more picky. If you want to rescue an animal and provide it a proper home, why does it have to be one specific breed? Just go to the shelter and find an animal that you jive with. I adopted two 3 year old cats (who had been in the shelter since they were born). I had wanted kittens (which the shelter had), and I fell in love with these cats instead. Breed didn't matter, and as I learned - age didn't matter either. I dunno. It just seems so petty to want ONE specific breed. Again - dog is an accessory for her "kawaii" lifestyle.

No. 468462

I had to actually watch it because I wanted to see what was actually said about the fostering and rescue stuff and see how high/ridiculous they were. I don't understand how they thought addressing something legitimately serious in this manner was a good idea. I wanted to comment about it on her video, but I know she's too stupid to see the merit of taking something outside of herself seriously at all. Fuckin' self-centred cunt.

No. 468508

the worst part of the new video was when she looked at the packing slip and said it was "chinese kanji"

No. 468541

Dog breed matters a lot more than it does with cats with regard to temperament. I don't want to start the big ol' breed fight, but certain breeds tend towards certain traits and characteristics. Cats have a lot more variety and spread of traits, you find a lot more exceptions to breed "rules" and moggies are a lot more predictable than mutts. Those 50/50 -poo "breeds" are the worst because you never know which traits it's going to get. Certain people should stay away from certain breeds of dog because they wont make a good match. and regardless of breed or temperament it's always easier to start with a clean slate rather than trying to "unteach" (for lack of a better term) behaviours that have already stuck.

Dogs don't end up in shelters when they come from good backgrounds. They're surrendered/confiscated because the person was fucked up (Hoarding, dog fights etc) which will in turn have fucked up the dog; Or they got a breed without researching it and instilled bad behaviours and now can't handle it so surrendered it; or worst case and the dog is just inherently un-dealable-with i.e. it's incredibly aggressive towards kids and you cannot train this out of it. You basically only ever see perfect dogs because the owner tragically died or had to move away and family couldn't take it.

You can't really fuck up a cat like that, and even if you could they're too small to be seriously dangerous. It's not that much effort to rehab even the most antisocial cats as long as they're not actually feral. It's also much harder to represent the full scope of potentially dealbreaking behaviours that a dog will do at home at a shelter visit than a cat. You can't tell whether the dog is gonna do shit like bark at every noise outside or eat all of your used socks until it's home.

There are a lot of solid reasons why someone would be very picky about their breed of dog, it's not just about aesthetics for everyone. Sorry for longpost.

No. 468548

This is very much true, but I'm pretty sure Kelly cared more about aesthetics than temperament when picking her dog.

No. 468553

I mean I understand that there are a wider range of temperaments with dogs. I just mean that wanting ONE specific breed is a little extreme/petty/selfish/etc… to me. I am also of the opinion that "pet ownership" - and I hate using that terminology - should be about providing a loving home to a being who is otherwise stuck in poor living conditions rather than "OOH LOOK A PUPPY" - which I suspect is not the attitude which with most people approach pets.

Like I'm pretty sure there are more agreeable breeds than just one for each person is what I'm getting at.

And this. I mean she lives in an area where everything is an accessory - children, pets, mental illnesses.

No. 468644


not really, I worked in a shelter when i was younger as volunteer and our shelter actually had a lot more aggressive cats then dogs in our place, its true different breeds tend to have certain traits (and the whole thing about cat breeds not having this is nonsense too) and yes you CAN fuck up a cat badly as they are very solitary creatures and not pack animals like dogs, dogs are quicker to act submissive towards humans where as cats see us more on equal footing.
abuse a cat and it will piss off and become aggressive towards anyone trying to touch/pet it.

and the story about dogs only getting dumped at shelters for being aggressive is bull too.

aggressive dogs often wont even get adopted out since they may hurt or bite a human so they put those down.
you also dont take into account that:
-dogs who lost their owners because they died (lots of elderly people keep dogs especially small breeds like poms)
dogs who ran away/ got separated and weren't chipped therefor we cant find their original owners (the biggest reason for the dogs at our shelter)

-people divorced/ break up/ get children and decide they dont want to take care of their dog anymore since they got it together

-people straight up go on holiday and leave their dog by the side of the road cus they cant find anyone who will take care of it

-some idiot didn't neuter/spay their dog and now they have a litter of dogs they cant take care of so they dump them at the shelter (most reasons for our cat population)

-their cute puppy grew up and now it bores them

also hoarders dont outright abuse their dogs usually, the dogs end up looking like shit and matted because the owners dont have the proper means to take care of them but hoarders often dont make them aggressive, just very ill

and again, most shelters wont adopt out a problem dog because they pose a risk to society, sure shelter have shy/scared/hurt dogs who have been abused in the past but especially those dogs need a loving and caring home!

What you told us sounds more like an excuse people use to buy "fresh" designer dogs.

i usually feel people are possibly more picky about their dogs then cats because you are actually going to walk it in public and therefor you want a special kind of dog to walk by your side to impress the population or something.

so yes certain breeds are known for certain traits but that doesn't mean going for a "used" dog isnt an option… in fact most aggression in certain breeds also stems from over breeding, pains they suffer due to health problems IN their breeds, puppies who never got to spend enough time with mother/litter mates because the puppy mill ripped them away too young and so on.

tldr: its about 99% reason aesthetic for most people and they have terrible excuses(derailing)

No. 468669

>played FF13 and didnt finish it. Found characters offputting, story and voice acting lackluster
>likes Lightening design and outfits but not personality
>not to shame 13 fans hurrdurr
>didnt want to do reviews for sponsorship or $$ but to educate baby cosplayers.

>thinks the label is in "chinese kanji"
>suspects shoulder guard was made "inside out" because it has "no shape". says it was made shittily
>needs to revise gloves..not as bad as 2b gloves
>said skirt was not functional. not everyone has same size hips like she does, wishes it was elastic
>says cape is not satin
>mad that turtleneck is heavy thick knit. too large size
>lint and scuffs all over white tunic. mixed button colors
>side bag/garter is functional. said items were made of cheapest fabrics possible
>needed step by step instructions to put costume on
>skips footage to a couple days later, has Envy over and needed guidance on cosplay

No. 468721

She clearly loves the dog and gives it a great home, does it matter that she chose a specific breed? The breed vs rescue argument has already been had thousands of times elsewhere, it doesn't need repeating here. Choose the pet that suits your home, temperament, and activity levels. If that is a breed? So what. The important thing is the animal is well cared for. Which it is. Move on

Btw Kelly if you read these, please no more videos with Envy in them, she is really annoying somehow

No. 468725


the discussion is happening because she made a video about the importance of adopting shelter animals to make herself look better. And again, can we stop pretending she choose toshi's breed for its temperament instead of the fact she wanted to dye it pink?
Kelly bought a designer dog so it would fit her look and that's why she loves it, not because its a breathing living animal that doesn't deserve getting locked up in a dark stuffy hall closet

No. 468733

Yeah I agree

Well, when you also have to consider things like size, coat type and energy levels/walking needs you might end up with a very small pool of breeds to choose from. For some people it's more about trying to be as responsible as you can within your means.

All of what you said is true, I was trying to be as concise as possible, because it's offtopic, as to why someone might be hesitant about adopting a dog from a shelter. Obvs not every person is responsible and I totally agree that for most people it's about aesthetic or cool points - and you're right that those dogs end up in shelters because people get bored of them. But t's not always about wanting to have a perfect designer pet, it can be about accepting your limits and wanting to get a pet you know you're capable of providing a great home for. This all goes way more for first time pet owners who have no personal experience to rely on. I'm not saying every dog in a shelter is super messed up either, just that it's much harder even to start with a dog who's had an unsteady start.

I didn't say cat breeds don't exhibit particular traits, I said you get more exceptions to general "rules" about breeds. imo rehabbing cats is much easier than dealing with boisterous dogs. Like I'd prefer a nasty cat over as big excitable doggo who jumps and pulls. Just my opinion though.

for what it's worth I think most people go into pet ownership irresponsibly and don't think about it hard enough, let alone think about it hard enough that they want this one breed of dog because of solid reasoning. They think of pets as accessories. But some people do - anon was originally saying they didn't get why if someone loved animals the would opt for a specific breed. Just trying to give an insight into why someone might be particular.

Nine times out of ten it's probs just vanity though and it's kind of irrelevant to whether Kelly is hypocritical or not. and just why do something you're always gonna have to hide and lie about.

No. 468755

i HATE how Kelly went off about how she couldnt finish FF13 and how thats never happened.


Also, Envy is NOT a professional cosplayer. She's a porn patreon bimbo like Stephanie and Momo.

Lastly, Kelly says how she's a an XS and how "this is way too big for me".


fuck off with your "body dysmorphia", Kelly. You're an entitled mother fucker who pretends to feel shitty about your body so you can compliments and gifts from people like Lina.

No. 468929

File: 1515853266248.jpg (59.69 KB, 805x677, xs.JPG)

Kelly "I'm a size XS" Eden
Lass, you're bulging out of that XS you're wearing

No. 468944

Twitter video where she tries to explain Sailor Moon.

No. 468961

No. 468963

Sage for irrelevance, but her arms always weirded me out. Sorry to be an ass, but… they're just so fat?? She always photoshops them so much in pictures, which then looks dumb with her tattoos.
Her wrists are fatter than anyone else's in her friend group.
It's not a good look, especially with her already stumpy body and massive fake tits.

No. 468968

It’s just because she’s SO short

No. 468975

File: 1515860874661.png (Spoiler Image, 3.08 MB, 750x1334, AE6BA765-80F6-43AA-88E7-873F46…)

Speaking of her accessory dog, she just posted this nasty video of him licking her tits on Instagram. I almost thought it was her ass at first.

No. 468982

I am short like her. To make arms look fat, we short people have to exercise and tone our arms with dumbbell weights.

No. 468984

Look less* fat, I mean. My bad lol

No. 468985

OMG ew no

No. 469002


Why the ever loving fuck did Kelly think this was a cute pic? Toshi probably shoved his nose between her boobs cus he smells her gross sweat because she doesn't clean properly between her fake tits.

She probably just wanted to post a boob picture onto the internet but out of fear of getting labelled a slut or attention whore she threw in her dog. More proof she just used it as an prop rather than a companion

No. 469019

File: 1515863507754.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 85C93210-9159-43EF-BD8C-F3FD15…)

He was also biting/pulling on her bra it kinda reminded me of the cool moms dog in mean girls with her implants.

No. 469040

Maybe he’s attracted to the taste of silicon? Either way, that chest acne is . Interesting. Her breasts look like saggy ass cheeks

No. 469179

I think it’s funny how she goes off into a tangent about how it’s ok to buy cosplay on eBay and such because she did it for her very first cosplay, as if she doesn’t still. She tries to make it sound like she used to buy costumes when she first started and it’s like she’s trying to give off the impression she makes them herself now. She doesn’t make anything herself. She literally has a seamstress and is given costumes for crappy sponsored reviews like this one or for jobs at cons she applied for.

Another problem I have is her excuses for not liking F13. How was in any way was it taking another direction? The concept of the storyline is pretty similar to most FF games. Group of underdogs band together and take on political injustice and save the world. The only “teen angst” even remotely present in the game is Hope but the whole point of his character is to show him grow from being a whiny scared kid into a young man who faces his problems head on. That game did beyond well financially hence the reason it had two sequels. The only issue with the game is how linear it is until end game. The voice acting was fine, with maybe Vanille being an exception; she was irritating at times in battle because she made porn starry noises. But overall her voice was fine. There wasn’t anything that made FF13 any different from previous installments aside from the battle system so I really don’t understand the harsh criticism coming from her. If she loves the series “so much” there’s no reason she shouldn’t have been able to at least finish this game and somewhat enjoy it. She needs to stop projecting herself as this diehard fan who loves ALL THINGS Final Fantasy when she clearly has played only two out of like 20+ games from the series.

No. 469212

I didn't even watch the video for the Lightning cosplay, but I'm not shocked by her criticism of XIII. She's a diehard FFVII fangirl - if I know anything about FFVIIfags they hate anything that isn't VII. It doesn't have her husbando in it, so it's useless.

No. 469251

Honestly if you watched her prior Cosplaysky review you’ve already seen half of this one because the big ol cosplay speech she gives in it is indentical to the other one, almost word for word. She’s so fucking lazy.

No. 469371

This is kind of old, but what happened with them being friends with Traci Hines and Penny underbust and SuperMaryface?

Stephanie and Vivka were close with art and I know Mary got pregnant and stuff, but you’d think they’d still be friends.

Traci would give Kelly and the gang her stupid mermaid merch and I remember a video of Traci and Kota being buddies too for fairy bullshit.

As for Penny, I don’t fucking know. I wish her thread on here was more active since Penny is just a fatter sjw version of Stephanie and Kelly.

No. 469464


Wow.. she really needs to go back to her pastel hair, take those bags out and stop disfiguring her lips. She used to look pretty but now she looks cheap and washed up..

No. 469654

File: 1515910712764.jpg (88.96 KB, 600x897, IMG_2795.JPG)

I apologize if I'm wrong or if this was posted in a different thread, but is this Kelly? I was look at a few of those "I was just in this really pretty pose and omg my camera went off" pictures and thought it looked like her. It wouldn't surprise me either, she seems pretty fake and self absorbed to do this kind of thing.

No. 469675

lmao "accident"

No. 469811


she photoshoped that so hard, her face is not that shape and her arms dont look that thin

No. 469886

yeah. oven on her arm.

No. 469941

File: 1515954235749.png (197.23 KB, 1079x1052, 20180114_102303.png)

No. 469988

Pretty sure Shane Dawson did a video on this exact same 'thought provoking' question a few weeks ago.

No. 470061

why do people like memes? idk bitch, to laugh

No. 470234

Dre tweeted about doing a huge lookbook/haul video like an hour ago and coincidentally Kelly asks about what clothing companies she should work with 30 minutes later. (Someone replied Walmart lol)Might be reaching a lil, but she's really running out of ideas now…

No. 470244

No. 470251

File: 1515973370633.png (209.15 KB, 700x263, Untitled-1.png.c7f8472bf3dff09…)

I can't believe how disrespectful they were. They even used that airhorn sound while other guests were next to them.
Someone posted this screenshot on PULL. Comment got deleted ofc. I wonder how many people are actually fed up with her bs by now.

No. 470274

Who is the brolita?

No. 470276

looks like miles jai

No. 470318


it's definitely miles jai, she's done other video collabs with him.

No. 470324

It looks like they were the only ones in that room besides the first minute or two of the video. Agreed tho Kelly is always so loud and obnoxious in public. I wonder if she acts that way all the time or thinks it’s funny for when the cameras are on.

No. 470332

File: 1515980122522.png (6.6 MB, 1242x2208, E5C6FA7C-285F-4F85-A12A-1DFB76…)

Funny bc she consistently complains about the color

No. 470357

comment is gone.

No. 470359

people who use splat are fucking morons.

No. 470360

she looks so old here, like some middle age mom.

No. 470362


No. 470376

sad how this person was walking on eggshells so as not to offend Kelly yet she still got offended and deleted the comment. she's got the mentality of a toddler. lol

No. 470385

Someone screaming “OH!” In a high pitched voice hardly constitutes as cat-calling… they probably just some immature guy who was like “wow look at these characters walking by with brightly colored hair and gaudy outfits let me be obnoxious and make a loud noise at them”. And it’s blatantly obvious by the look on her face she loves that someone is paying attention to them.

No. 470480

Did you guys see what she just posted on her story??? Who is that?

No. 470481

Could you not have taken a screenshot a posted it?

No. 470495

File: 1515989481746.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, ECDF4449-4837-4FD7-A042-18F868…)

some guy with long hair doing yo-yo tricks?

No. 470500

Assumed he was someone cuz it’s not like Kelly would hang with someone who isn’t famous

No. 470518

How the fuck is this bland look a "sailor moon" makeup tutorial? wtf

No. 470527

Is that definitely a guy?

No. 470530

Yeah he talks during the video

No. 470553


Looks like a stray mall goth that Dre might have picked up at one of her Hot Topic "gigs"

No. 470569

i think his name is alex lee. his insta bio says that he's the guitarist in a band called holy grail. nothing too special

No. 470572

shit forgot to sage sorry

No. 470573

Lmao Kelly looks so fucking old, fat, and puffy in that splat box.

No. 470634

I think its a nice photo. Doesn't look old or puffy. But it is photoshopped so heavily it barely looks like her

No. 470637

I think this is what she really looks like in photoshoots without her heavy ps.

No. 470674

Looks a little like Kat Von D here. If Kelly hadn't said so, I don't think I'd have recognized it as her.

No. 470714

>no bleach needed

No. 470729

Something about Kelly's face is off-putting. I suppose it's like it's neither cute and rounded nor angular and defined. Maybe it's just age but her chin also looks too long and face too wide in every picture. She does look like a mom trying to be hip here.

No. 470823

she has 'drag queen face'

No. 470838

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Chibiusa was never referred to as “Dark Lady”. She was Black Lady in the original, and Wicked Lady in the dub. Maybe I’m nitpicking but isn’t she supposed to be this diehard sailor moon fan? Apparently she’s a huge Aranea fan but in her figure unboxing spells it Arenea in the title of the video… idk, if someone claims to be this know-it-all superfan like she does this are newbie mistakes.

No. 470887

Googling "chibiusa dark lady" I see a bunch of results, so I think you are nitpicking. It is probably a dub/localization thing, because black in Japanese has the connotation of being dark. That's why we have Goku Black, even though he isn't much blacker than regular Goku.

No. 470895

TBH her new makeup tutorial looks like somebody beat her face

No. 470978

File: 1516041681333.jpeg (70.7 KB, 500x666, 454BEDE0-3479-4492-A6EE-F59A42…)

>I took this photo of myself by accident

This is exactly like that one meme
The camera turned on by itself, I am not a model

No. 471109

kek that actually looks like kelly if you add a few more years…

No. 471161

So I was right about it being her. I just stumbled upon it on an article making fun of people who do this stuff, but I couldn't tell if it was her or not because of what I now know is photoshop.

No. 471217

it's funny how she keeps dwelling on how she use to look… like fuck give it up already….

No. 471227

Just post your pic and go Kelly, you are standing in front of a photo background. It's not "accidental" if you press the shutter too early.

No. 471467

Is Dre losing weight lately? She keeps looking better and better while Kelly gets more and more ratchet.
Maybe we have a new supreme.

No. 471605

>mispelling names of things she's a super fan of
I normally hate the "fake geek girl" trope, but that's exactly Kelly. I think she's like some normie trying to appeal to niche lolita, "kawaii", cosplay/anime, and gamer crowds because there's simply too much competition in broader Youtube. She's not really pretty enough or interesting enough without her ~nerd hobbies~ as her crutch. She's also absolutely lacking in talent, so she can't even get far in niche art circles, like how Gallery Nucleus wanted nothing to do with her. It's going to be a sad day when her looks start to fade and she realizes there's nothing there, which is already happening.

No. 471637

Holy shit, she is getting the pink all over her cheeks, bright pink everywhere. Why does she think this looks good.

No. 471675

Yeah I don't like that trope either but this is exactly what I first thought when I first learned about her.
She's just a try hard trying to force her way into ~nerdy~ things to seem more interesting or something.

No. 472122

The outcome looked literally nothing like the picture she had posted for the thumbnail…. and she used shitty limecrime products she just recently got(?) I doubt any of that was used in the original look considering limecrime didn't have highlights etc until recently… I might be nitpicking but like dude it's such an easy look to re-do…
like maybe had she actually tried to use something actually comparable to past makeup and had the same end result as pictured I would of been down because she wasn't so "ITS YA BOIIII" cue airhorn and that I appreciate, but the look as a whole was a mess and looked nothing like how she use to look, even the lip colour was waaaaaaay off. like she's an "artist" who "went to art school and graduated" and "worked for m.a.c and anastasia beverly hills" but somehow can't pull off an old, very simple makeup look without trashing it up… or idk, actually be original and do something new???
I really don't understand, she has so much makeup and wigs and clothes, she could put real time into a look and video but just doesn't because she's lazy…. it's so fucking sad everyone warships her blindly

No. 472321

They are so cringy I feel like puking

No. 472386

will any of you kind souls bless us with a summary?

No. 472388


Couldn't make it through

No. 472430

She addressed it in one of her IG posts a while back. A lot of people have been commenting on it and asking her what she's doing. She claims she's done nothing differently but stay hydrated. Literally drinking water all day.

No. 472437

She couldn't recreate it because an actual makeup artist, not her, did her makeup for the shoot.

No. 472446

Taking one for the team.


Kelly and Steph in car. Making air horns and "ya bois-ing" all over the place. Talking about going to Anime Impulse. Talking about how Kelly has done it for three years and this is Steph's first year.

Explains what Anime Impulse is.

Cut to traffic. Talk about LA sucking because of the traffic. Blah blah

Dabbing and talking about trying to park, etc…pretending they're narrating their lives. More parking complaining. Really boring and unnecessary.

Talks about her butt sticking to the car seat cause shorts. Being really dramatic about leaving the car and finding where to go even though Kelly's been there 3 years.

Freaking out over some Noctis fanart.

Still going on about Ya Bois.

Run into Vivka and Envy and airhorning and screaming obnoxiously. Envy's shirt is busting open with her tits.

Stops at some booth where her 'friend' KeneticCosplay talking about some app they created to try on cosplays. Idfk.

Obnoxiously talking to another booth and their jackets. Girl gives Kelly her business card, Kelly shows the card to the camera and gives it back to the girl instead of keeping it. Rude.

Kelly has broken away from everyone. Finds some lolita stuff. Runs back into Envy. Freaking out over some stupid kawaii booth headbands. Girl heading the booth tells Kelly she's being creepy (gg). Kelly laughs it off and keeps screaming.

Cut to them singing the Sponge Bob theme.
Steph eating Nerds. Go on a huge tangent with Steph over Pejoy vs. Pocky.

Kelly is talking about 2018 being the year of the ita bag. Trying to act like she knows so much about ita bags like she was the frontrunner for them in the U.S. or something.

All sitting on the floor pretending to be animals. Saying they're "part of the petting zoo" what even?
Going on and on about the animals they want to be. Why do they think this in entertaining?

More walking through the con.

Cut to outside. Talking to some girls eating "D cakes" that look like huge black cocks. Now they're on the hung to get their own.

Kelly proclaims about buying crap from some company she's allegedly going to work with them.

Loudly asking Steph if she's thirsty for the D. Airhorning still.

Finally find the dick donuts. Kelly films them skewering it with the stick. Films Steph being lewd with the donut cause it's a huge dick. Insert lots of sophomoric dick stuff.

Steph finally bites into it. Talks about how good it tastes. Awkward pornographic footage of Steph continuing to eat the donut. Everyone else tastes it. Kelly tries it and tries to make a joke about having bad dick in the past.

Lots of obnoxious loling about Steph's pic with the donut.

Ends with Envy yelling cheat day.

A really useless vlog.

No. 472450

samefag here

Hunt* not hung (super Freudian slip)

No. 472506

Bless you, this sounds fucking awful, do they just have zero regard for other people

No. 472528

So I like how she has shown the business cards of stores she knows/wants to buy from and ignored the other half of the artists in the alley.

No. 472549

So I haven't been paying too much attention to kelly but the last few vids have them ¨airhorning¨, wtf is up with that, why does she do it.I don't get it

No. 472641

It was a hard go, but I did my best.

They are the type of people that I do my best to actively avoid. Always talking extra loudly because they want their "quirkiness" to be on display at all times. No one fucking cares.

No. 472653

The air horn noises and ‘it’s ya bois’ is annoying. Getting so old. What really gets me though, is when she says; “Look at that cute chibi dick (the art for the food truck). Makes me not hate men as much”. She could’ve been joking, but doubt it. Kelly always go on about women should be respected. But her and her friends were making jokes about dick food and taking lewd pictures. Now if this was turned around…. Food shaped like boobs and guys making jokes or taking lewd pictures with it, they’d be pissed.

No. 472980

Not so shocking at this point. That's the same shit teenage girls do to get attention because their self esteem is so low they have to over project to everyone else how funny and quirky and silly they are, when they're just rude and annoying to everyone.

Very telling of their maturity level.

No. 473195

GOD the screaming? She screams SO much in this video. Like the earsplittingly high pitched weeaboo “reee” that was in fashion with 14 year olds in 2009.
Kelly. You are almost thirty. That kind of shrill obnoxious noises are pleasant for NO one.

No. 473349

Nice thumbnail of Steph giving head to a donut. Kelly knows a lot of her fan base consists of actual children. This is just trashy. Was this really crucial to put in the vlog? Actually, was this vlog even necessary at all? It’s just bad all around.

No. 473395

File: 1516200585865.png (200.61 KB, 750x1334, 8E2FC810-5C4A-4609-8DF8-81FBB8…)

*what clothing companies should I relentlessly harass into sending me free shit so I can make a shitty review video to nitpick the items they were kind enough to send me for free even though I’m the one who reached out to them in the first place?

No. 473424

To be honest, I prefer when someone nitpicks in a review, especially when it's sponsored. I prefer honest reviews over ass kissing reviews any day of the week - why else would I watch a review video?

That said, I don't really trust Kelly's opinion and would prefer she just skip review videos all together because we all know she is only doing them to double dip on her profits by getting money for the review and money from selling the items on her Depop.

No. 473454

I think everyone prefers an honest review. The point is that SHE badgers them for the free shit she nitpicks. It makes it less palatable.

No. 473766

Yeah it's weird to think that Kelly probably has a lot of underaged teen fans because of her weeb kawaii pastel pink aesthetics that appeal to young teenagers. It makes me uncomfortable that she knowingly hangs out with porn stars and cos-thots and promotes their social media links that aren't PG-friendly for underaged people. I'm no prude but if I had a lot of underaged fans I would try to be aware of it and be careful with using my platform. At least this other kawaii pink vlogger like Albinwonderland seems very PG-rated. I would be furious if I was a parent and saw my kid watching Kelly's videos and seeing her hanging out with all those thots.

No. 474027

Honestly her lips look so gross in all her makeup videos when she gets close to the camera and opens her mouth to apply her lipstick. Its unflattering and small lips look better on her than her puffy fake ones she has.

No. 474201

Whoa, that other girl in the video looks like Stephanie, or trying to be Steph. The same blue, haircut, and style. I think Kelly was showing love to the vendors. I like the Asian family that is looking at them at 15:46….their look, haha.

No. 474260

Not to white knight Kelly but I fucking can't stand this shit. If your child is watching someone inappropriate, that's on you as a parent to make sure they don't watch that. Kelly has never tried to really seem PG, just because she's into sailor moon and shit doesn't mean she's pandering to kids. I could more understand this complaint with someone like Pixielocks, not her.

No. 474375

They just absolutely hit the nail on the head.
>kelly: ~ugh~ why is cat-calling still a thing? why are they not ~WOKE~
>man thing in back: it's yo burando~~
lmao. Kelly is like the definition of "How do you do fellow kids". She's always desperately trying to pander to kawaii/lolita and nerdy anime/gamer crowds.

Really hope she stops pretending she's a lolita, both in how she dresses and especially how she acts in teahouses. I legitimately wondered if Kelly was like mentally off with how she acted in this video, but then I remembered she's just a narcissist and attention whore.

No. 474484

Understandable but whether she intentionally panders to kids or not, she should be aware that her fan base mostly consists of younger people, considering they send her fan mail regularly. And how sure are we she isn’t pandering to that demographic? The constant dabbing, airhorns, and obnoxious tween behavior say otherwise. Regardless, Kelly isn’t a Stephanie Michelle or a Jessica Nigri, she hardly ever posts over the top sexual content like that so yeah titling her vlog Dick Donuts with the thumbnail being of Steph licking it like she’s giving head and imitating fellacio in the vlog itself is extremely adult. It belongs on Steph’s channel, where she clearly states her page is 18+. I’m not disagreeing with you, but I think Kelly needs to be more aware of her bread and butter.

No. 474486

Kelly ABSOLUTELY has responsibility on what goes on her channel and how it affects her viewers. Sorry, no, once you are 'famous' your life is no longer your own, you do NOT get to pander (and YES she does pander, she knows the majority of her viewers are kids, she no longer gets to hide behind I NEVER SAID I WAS A KID CHANNEL) to teens and young kids but then posts a video of grown ass women giving fellatio to a dessert dick. I used to be a big fan but now I'm seeing a broken, dysfunctional, severely low esteemed woman who used to create and contribute but is now… what the hell is she doing? She doesn't contribute anything, she's hanging out with skanks and porn stars, acting like a fucking 12 year old on crack, and is absolutely self absorbed, obnoxious and deaf and dumb to all legitimate criticism on why her behavior isn't acceptable. I'm really disappointed. I knew there was something that niggled me about her from the beginning but now I'm seeing it fullstop. She's a lost, confused fucked up individual and I can't see this channel lasting for much longer, especially if she keeps courting the adult sex business. Talk about fake feminism - talking about lifting women up when you participate in a culture that routinely shits all over women, uses them and spits them out like garbage. She got a fucking boob job because she lives in LA and is one step away from doing porn work. What a great thing for eleven year olds to look up to. Be like Kelly! Grown up and get a boob job so you too can be part of an industry that treats women like disposable cum rags. awesome. Fuck youtube stars.

No. 474497


I agree with both sides of this. I think that parents today have gotten so lazy that they don't really pay attention to or care what their children are consuming as far as media goes. And then one day their daughter comes home declaring she's moving to LA to get a tit job and start sucking cock for money and they wonder how it came to this.

But at the same time it's definitely important for someone who is any sort of famous to be aware of who their audience is. This is in part why people like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are hated - they had huge fanbases of very young girls, and then suddenly just switched to trashy or adult themes. Obviously they were famous from a young age, so they're going to want to grow up their content as they also grew up, but it leaves their fans wondering wtf or following along because that's what their idol is doing.

No. 474503

Yeah, okay I can agree with parents being lazy with what their kid is consuming. It just really pisses me off that she has a HUGE under age fan base and she's got things like 'whore' hung up in her bedroom and is heading down the path of being a porn star. I actually thought she WAS a porn start when I first starting watching, and got confused about what her channel was. If she wants to be an 'adult' channel then fucking be one, do NOT skate both worlds and act like you don't know what's going on when people get angry their kid wants a boob job and dresses like a stripper

No. 474743

Have you guys seen her latest post on insta? Urging her followers to nag a photographer for more photoshoots with her disproportional funbags lol

sage cause I can’t post a photo rn

No. 474766

and now I have mutual friends with Kelly. Time to kill self.

No. 474804

File: 1516312576015.jpg (701.18 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20180118-164834.jpg)

And top it all off, her moronic fans are commenting on his most recent photo telling him to shoot with her.

This most recent photo btw has a caption discussing his past battle with cancer.

No. 474806

File: 1516312624982.jpg (185.37 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20180118-164805.jpg)

No. 474829

I've never heard of Brian Ziff, but that's a nice B/W photo. Have he and Kelly worked together before? What shoot was it?

No. 474873

This is so embarrassing, for both Kelly and those delusional fans for doing her bidding. This isn’t professional at all.

No. 474880

She clearly still hasn't learned her lesson past what happened with Gallery Nucleus. She's such a rude, self-important little cunt.

No. 474935

I hope he tells her to fuck off

No. 474967

If your child is so heavily influenced by someone like Kelly, then you probably failed or are failing as a parent. I understand she is somewhat "famous" and should carry herself with a bit more tact than she does but she's also a grown woman and isn't babysitting her underage fans. That's on the parent. Again I'm not understanding how she's ever come off as anything less than PG-13, unless you want to use the logic that having pink hair and going to Disneyland a few times means you have to be kid friendly. How is it any different than young girls looking up to Kylie Jenner or the Kardashians or whatever?
I think Kelly is a trashy bimbo and honestly a huge fucking cunt and I'd much rather defend someone else on this, but I doubt she ever asked to have a lot of underage fans. I just don't think she has that sort of responsibility to her underage viewers or their parents.

This is so embarrassing. Especially considering what the post is about. So tacky.

No. 474970

god, how pathetic. If she really WAS a somebody she wouldn't need to beg, let alone make her fans beg for her. I can't decide who's more sickening, her or her loser fans. They must think 'facilitating' collaborations for her give them some kind of connection to her.

I used to like Kelly ages ago when I found her tumblr, I liked how extra she was with her interior decorating (not my style, but I love super done up homes). I never watched her youtube so I didn't know how annoying she was but my first red flag was her hanging with Doe Deere.

No. 475127

I hate defending Kelly in any way, but I don't really think it's reasonable to say she has a responsibility to post kid friendly content just because she has a lot of underage fans when she's not branding herself as a kid's channel in any way. Her vlog has always been PG13-R and she's always hung out with porn stars, as well as posting racy photos herself. Ffs she even has "whore" above her vanity. Honestly, anon, you sound like one of those soccer moms freaking out about how shows like South Park and Rick and Morty need to tone it down because they're somehow responsible to the kids who watch them when they're not even the target demographic and clearly meant for adults. Plus, why be so judgey over the fact she's friends with porn stars? I agree that the porn industry is awful, but how does being so harsh and judgemental toward the women who work in it give you any moral high ground?

No. 475137


Won't somebody think of the children?
Agreed with the linked post.
Some children watch this Youtuber with their moms. Kids aren't completely naïve, and there's nothing in her videos that would upset a kid. The dicc donut video is middle school humor in itself. Adult mature women don't think penis' are so hilarious, but a kid does.

No. 475140

>people complaining about Kelly's content being unsuitable for children while it is not marketed for children

>meanwhile people like this are making "sex ed for kids ages 3-7" on Youtube

No. 475188

then I guess you wouldn't mind it if your child(ren) become porn stars, cos-thots or sex workers someday. By all means, it's fine that you're cool with it. Saged for meaningless BS.

No. 475190

Not sure what your point is? Sex ed for children isn't the same thing as some random youtuber hanging out with porn stars and promoting their social media links.

No. 475191

The only thing is she DOES try and get family friendly brands and an audience! She gets super bitchy when brands turn her down and do not want to associate with her adult image. Sanrio has no obligation to associate with some tattoo'd whore and they dropped her and Kelly is still childishly salty over it. She's @'d Disney before accusing them of stealing her look as if they'd fucking respond to her, too. I'm not "but think of the children" either, but she clearly has no clue if she wants to be a tame, kawaii sweet lolita who buys AP, promotes Sanrio and loves Disney and Sailor Moon or some washed up suicide girl with silicone tits.

No. 475204

Not that anon, but no I wouldn't care as long as they were healthy, well adjusted adults who made that decision after careful consideration of the condsquences.

That said, kelly and co are not healthy, well-adjusted adults. They're desperate sellouts who didn't want to get real jobs so they resorted to showing tits online and pandering to shitty scammer companies for promotion.

No. 475213

Dropped my sage.

It's also pretty telling that only about 3 of Kelly's friends have real jobs and the rest are patreon cosplay whores.

No. 475232

Agreed. I'm that anon who was all like "THINK OF THE KIDS!!" (although I don't have kids). It's cool if Kelly hangs out with cos-thots but if she wants a steady successful career that goes beyond youtube, she needs to carefully re-think her association. A lot of famous people have dropped their past acquaintances to move on and be seen in new circles in order to have a new better image. That's just how branding works. Sanrio didn't want a rep spokesperson associated with XXX rated models, because Sanrio sells to children and it just doesn't look good for their image, period.

Saged. Let's get back to discussing Kelly.

No. 475332

Its because Kelly is fucking stupid and wants ""kawaii"" sponsors, not because she wants to appear kid friendly. There are actual adults who have worked with Sanrio, who also act as adults. I won't deny the reason sanrio chose not to work with her is probably because of her trashiness and such but still. She's never carried herself as kid friendly but she is dumb as bricks for thinking kid friendly companies would want to work with her for the most part.

Saging even though this really isn't off topic and does have to do with Kelly.

No. 475395

oh god
is Noctis' voice actor this hard up for work that he has to narrate Kelly's video!
This is so cringe

No. 475397

Here's Stephanie's one with Promto's voice actor

No. 475399

File: 1516374901103.png (701.35 KB, 876x549, luna.png)

sorry for samefagging
but could you imagine knowing that Ray Chase was going to narrate your youtube video and this is the end makeup look!
How is this Luna?!
where's the effort?

No. 475407

did Kelly write the script? It's written similarly how she would speak during her makeup tutorials and I honestly think that a professional would not have written Noctis's character so badly.

No. 475411

She couldn't even afford a better looking wig or nicer set design for the video? What the hell. This could have been such a cool thing to do.

No. 475414

maybe it was partly the voice actors too but lmao Stephs was more entertaining

No. 475422

I honestly think the idea is really cool and fun, but Kelly didn't deliver at all. Steph did a good job (besides the boob grabbing, but oh well, that's her brand) but Kelly's makeup was lame and she looked so crusty in the video and nothing like Luna. Her wig also sucked. But still better than her other recent videos, so props to her!

No. 475547

God I hope that isn't what Ray and Robbie were recording a while back in one of Robbie's vlogs.

Couldn't Steph be even a little bit professional for this, considering she knew Robbie would see it? I'd be beyond embarrassed of myself if I were her. But right, she is unprofessional and has no shame.

No. 475587

So I legit laughed at the Elf Blood part. The Prompto/Cindy one was way funnier. The Noctis one was awkward as all getout.

No. 475646

Steph's video was way better than Kelly's.

Also, they filmed this shit months ago, whyd the just post them?

Lastly, tomorrow in LA is the Distant Worlds concert and I wonder if this hoe is gonna go…

No. 475739

Kelly’s Luna tutorial video was just bad. Noctis pretty much just says “put this color here. And this color there. Because colors. More colors there.” He just broadly describes what color she’s using and what part of the face it’s going on. It was boring and the end look wasn’t even anything special.

No. 475785

Funny how she didn't even share Steph's video on her twitter or linked it at the end of the video. (She linked another of her vids and just linked Steph's channel among others below. She even mentioned Octopimp before her for helping with the editing.)
On the other hand Steph shared Kelly's video on her twitter and linked it properly in her video. She even had Prompto promote it!
Kelly just can't handle someone else taking some of her precious spotlight… Talk about insecure.

No. 475866

I noticed that too. So fucking selfish. Stephanie’s is so much better. Both her and Prompto have so much more personality and character. Kelly’s was so boring and lame.

No. 475872

File: 1516414764055.jpeg (93.03 KB, 585x280, 61A053F4-B945-4CF9-B6E8-EF5F46…)

No. 475881

>>475872 why would you disrespect Leslie Knope like that

No. 475884

>comparing Kelly to Leslie Knope
Screw you anon

No. 475886

File: 1516416363272.jpg (21.22 KB, 470x133, Unbenannt.JPG)

She is

No. 475889

I think Leslie is a beautiful tropical starfish but it’s all I can see

No. 476120

Can these threads be about the FOTR in general or do they have to be strictly Kelly?

Because speaking of being a bad role model, Dre did a video called "IG Model Transformation" or something like that and did the Kylie Lip Challenge to achieve the big lips. I don't recall her ever saying anything about how it was dangerous or advising her mostly underage audience not to do it at home. The Kylie Lip Challenge is infamous for causing lip bruising and more serious injury due to the glass sometimes breaking.

So yeah, Dre did a makeup tutorial that cites a very dangerous means of achieving big lips as legit to her hoards of underage viewers.

No. 476122

did you not watch the whole thing? she was clearly making fun of insta "gurus" with the kylie lip challenge thing. the lips were silicone stick-ons she wore. like, movie props. she removes them at the end lol

No. 476129

Sorry, my bad. I didn't watch it to the end, so I didn't realize there was a last minute disclaimer.

No. 476138


saged for being about dre and not kelly but i did watch the video and it took me a while before i realized she was faking it too, i think she should have been more clear about the fact it was just movie props she used, she also has a young following and i can guarantee that these people barely EVER read the description. I mean yeah she does warn at the end of the video and shows herself taking them off but some people would have already turned off the video by then.

No. 476144


I think it was a recreation of Mykie doing the same a long time ago, except Mykie's video was a lot shorter so the fact it's fake was a lot clearer. It was a bit iffy for sure

No. 476170

I could care less about Kelly being skanky and having NSFW shit on her channel even though a lot of kids watch her. She's nowhere near as bad as people like the Pauls, Ricegum, Keemstar, iDubbbz, and countless others. I guess I've just become so desensitized from far worse content creators with huge underage fan bases. I really don't see YouTube as appropriate for children at all tbh.

What upsets me in regards to Kelly's responsibility to her audience is the mental health stuff. Unprofessional diagnosing is such a huge problem, especially among teenagers, and she kind of encourages it by frequently discussing her undiagnosed disorders. It's just so inappropriate for someone who isn't formally diagnosed to be giving advice on how to handle such serious disorders like bipolar. I'm also wondering what exactly makes her so convinced she has bipolar? Obviously, I know that she's not going to share everything with the internet, but anyone who knows people with bipolar will confirm it's a lot more than being "up and down". People with bipolar are literally manic (hence why its other name is manic depression), it goes so far beyond "oh, I've been super happy the past month, but now I'm depressed". From what Kelly has described, it sounds like she just has normal depression. She really needs to see a therapist and get it figured out.

No. 476180

Did you all see the new video. The teaser photo for the video is a very thin Kelly. Is it old or dead shopped?

No. 476196

The answer is both, I am getting sick of how many throwbacks she is using, too lazy to do any new frequent shoots, she is supposed to be a "model" yet she seems to do no actual modelling anymore

No. 476210


I'm going to the Distant Worlds show tonight.

I wonder if they'll cosplay…

No. 476241

Dre lost me when she said she will get actual lip fillers soon at the end of the video. (13:37) She's becoming exactly like the others. Maybe she will get a boob job as well once she lost all that weight lol

No. 476251

lmao that crazy photoshopped clickbait thumbnail. and then you see her chubby body in the video. Kelly, we all know you look nothing like that.
She recently posted that same picture on IG (again) and several people were pointing out that she looks a lot less skinny in her videos. She deleted those comments ofc.
I still liked the video though. Good for her, that she does something for her health! Maybe this will help with her insecurities

No. 476255

Arms beefy as hell

No. 476313

Did anyone see the video she retweeted? It was a psa about cigarettes and mental illness. Weird how she’s in a psa for mental illness when she’s self diagnosed and refuses to seek treatment. Hasn’t she also promoted some sketchy depression treatment company that sponsored her on YouTube as well? I knew it was only a mater of time before she used her “mental illness” to turn a profit.

No. 476316

No. 476397

This is so stupid, I don't even know what to say. How is she a mental health advocate? This only encourages armchair diagnosis and not seeking actual treatment… "Just like Kelly does"
She made a video on BetterHelp to get that sweet affiliate money from her emotionally unstable young followers. One of her nasties actions to date imo. Imagine wanting to cash out on your fans' mental issues…

No. 476553

No. 476566

Video is about people with mental illness being taken advantage of by cigarette companies. She says in the video "…people who struggle with mental health issues. People like me."

You'd think a company would use actual people with mental health issues and who are real advocates instead of people who just use it for attention. And who don't even have the problems they claim to. Do literally any research on the people you use in your ads. I hate this.

No. 476570

File: 1516506804305.jpeg (644.83 KB, 3264x2448, 7C7A5D9D-AEE6-4126-B648-88656D…)

Just an FYI, It looks like Stephanie and Kelly were arguing.

I saw them all ignore Stephanie for like 10 mins.

No. 476574

File: 1516507441968.jpg (51.54 KB, 525x561, Unbenannt.JPG)

Omg Kelly just posted this on twitter. The timing! Steph doesn't look too happy…

No. 476575

File: 1516507492926.jpg (523.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180121-010437.jpg)

Anon, bless you.

I'm a ff noob and is there any reason for Kelly to look this yellow?

No. 476576

No, just terrible lighting in her "studio"

No. 476578

File: 1516507708984.jpg (96.41 KB, 680x904, Unbenannt.JPG)

oops sorry, here u can see it better. twitter cut her head off lel

No. 476599

She’s doing a really shitty mint version of Rinoa’s wing sweater from FF8.

But yeah uh, they were all ignoring steph.

It was weird

No. 476605

File: 1516509771248.png (142.47 KB, 467x349, Bunny_from_the_PowerPuff_Girls…)

Jesus fucking Christ kelly, your trainer has smaller calves than you. And i hope you rotate workout routines because that's an awful lot of shoulder and arm workouts. Get a different trainer because he's making you look like Bunny.

No. 476633

Who the FUCK is she trying to channel with this shitty outfit?

No. 476642

I love how she says she gets up super early to workout and she gets out of bed by like 640. Takes the time to get dressed, take toshi out, drink coffee and eat a cholesterol filled breakfast AND it takes an hour to get there. My guess is she doesn't get to the gym until 8 or 830. That is NOT early.

Also lol at her trying to stretch in supta virasana. Girl is not flexible.

Her burpee form is terrible.

She's not engaging her core in any of the core related exercises she's doing.

I have an extremely hard time believing she's doing as much as she claimed for each exercise because she's just not sweating or flushing at all.

Nothing says "I'm serious about my health" like having someone else take care of the nutrition factor for you. They also must not be doing a great job if she needs that many damn supplements. If you're eating right you shouldn't need any supplements (save for B12 if you're vegan).

Also p.s. organic means fucking nothing. Gawd. She is the type of idiot to think food is healthier because it's organic. Kek

No. 476646

'This video is me not looking cute with no makeup'
>Still puts in hair extensions to go to the gym

No. 476704

File: 1516523217371.jpg (444.1 KB, 1236x1568, IMG_20180120_223632446~01~01.j…)

She walked straight past me - she looked hotter irl in my opinion. Check the look on the girl next to her though

No. 476749

Anyone else notice how in the pic in >>476570 her and Steph are next to each other, but in the pic Kelly Tweeted the other two are inbetween them?

Looks like this farmer might actually be telling the truth, unlike the one who made up that story about the standby line that ended up confirmed false.

No. 476804

>she walked straight past me
?? Where you expecting something different??

No. 476813

File: 1516549014211.jpg (22.11 KB, 1080x190, Screenshot_20180121-123505_1.j…)

No. 476823

Pretty sure anon was just implying they got a good look at her, not that they expected her to stop and chat. Come on.

No. 476836

>she looked hotter irl in my opinion
I actually wondered if that would be the case with her. The faces she makes in photos are incredibly awkward, especially her modeling shoots, and she usually vlogs herself in really unflattering angles.

No. 476838

They don't actually care, they just want somewhat attractive, "diverse" looking people with a camera presence to say the lines. These days just saying that you're mentally ill on social media makes you an "advocate"

No. 476846

No. 476900

File: 1516557620926.jpg (84.3 KB, 1280x720, bra2xxzde6dxbu-hagjqshdkgttvp-…)

All I can see

No. 476913

"I don't deal with hate comments I just delete them"

Comments that are critical of your behavior, even sometimes in a polite way =/= hate comments and she still chooses to delete them.

Lmao way out of touch with reality, that one is.

No. 476916

File: 1516559008346.png (1.37 MB, 1440x1397, 20180121_121618.png)

>"A couple of months ago some lolita girls made a couple of I hate kelly eden videos and I just didn't even watch them because I'm a 28 year old woman and I don't care"

Lmao the crazy face she made saying that makes me think otherwise 1000%. And Lor wasn't even hating on her. Guarantee she's referring to Lor and Tyler, no doubt.

Goddamn her ego is so fucking fragile.

No. 476918

people who make videos on haters generally care a lot.

No. 476990

Does anyone else hate that fake voice she does when she reads fan mail letters and q&a questions? It sounds like she is reading from a script and it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

No. 477067

She blocked Lor after that video. So, either she's straight up lying or she blocked Lor without even seeing what she had to say in the video. Someone should point that out in the comments. I would, but I don't have a YT account.

Also, it really pisses me off that she clearly still sees no wrong in how she handled the AP situation.

No. 477084

Im amused how she insinuates that she doesn't become a professional cosplayer because it's "not her style" and not because she just… isn't that good at cosplay, she can't even make them she has a seamstress who makes them for her, or very cheap Chinese companies appearantly

No. 477091

I didn't watch the video. The comments here and her reaction here >>476916 made it all too predictable. She claps back without checking her mouth.

No. 477092

To be fair, you don't need talent as a professional cosplayer as long as you have big fake boobs you're happy to show off. I actually think Kelly would probably do a lot better as a social media person if she went that route. Between the tits, the pink hair, and awkward personality, the neckbeards would worship her.

No. 477113

No one hated on her, she was acting like an entitled brat when she should know better (because she's a 28 year old woman), and got called out. Stay bothered.

No. 477210

I can’t stand how many times she gets distracted by Toshi. I made it to the 4 minute mark and she had already been distracted 4 or 5 times by the dog and literally stops mid sentence to pet and talk to the dog. It’s obnoxious. Why doesn’t she put Toshi in a different room while filming? And if for whatever reason that just isn’t possible, cut that shit out when you edit. Nobody wand to watch you schmooz over your dog over and over throughout the video. It’s annoying.

No. 477271

File: 1516581482513.jpeg (174.77 KB, 1280x720, 0F08A4C6-9F2B-4213-8EE7-0D799E…)

Someone did! And the fans claimed Kelly wasn’t talking about Lor at all.
I’m waiting for Kelly to delete this comment

No. 477374

File: 1516590250307.jpg (429.58 KB, 810x1327, 01837367383853.jpg)

Saw this comment on her instagram

No. 477566

that account is gone now… I wonder who that person is? Well, now Kelly's full name is out.

No. 477617

Makes sense that Scott is her middle name because she made a huge deal about how embarrassing her middle name was when someone asked in a q&a and said she would never tell what it was.

No. 477623

Full name confirmed.

No. 477625

Is it a poor choice of foundation color, or liver failure? She is about to get into Simpsons territory here, maybe she should have blue hair instead.

No. 477640

Girl needs to scrub herself off of those websites because i found her personal info on a few of them.

No. 477643

I found what could potentially be her home address and phone number in Colorado in 20 seconds of googling. Not sure if it’s current, seeing as she doesn’t live there anymore, but could be her family’s home info. Scary stuff.

No. 477662

I found her current address on google. It wasn't even hard. I'm scared for her.

No. 477664

Oh, and there's also a phone number on the site. Man, this is fucking creepy. Girl needs to act fast. Tbh, I think her name shouldn't be discussed here.

No. 477682

I reported the post with the site. Should we ask a farmhand to get rid of the post showing her name????

No. 477718

File: 1516639910568.jpg (21.31 KB, 300x539, _pr3LJMQqP-5rYgYLIJRbvip_mXiRn…)

No. 477745

it's way too late for that, mami.

No. 477749

Can't wait for the wave of rage/dramatic tweets, calling us stalkers lmao

No. 477780

I mean, she wouldn't be wrong

No. 477798

File: 1516644453617.png (1.69 MB, 1242x2208, 4C9F2CCE-0E92-4072-AF02-A70609…)

Didn’t we know Kelly’s last name already? She posts photos with her sister, tagging her, it’s the same last name…
(Or was it just the middle name we didn’t know?)

No. 477807

to be totally fair, almost any youtuber has their address online for the finding. i legit know where 90% of the people i follow actually live because of "leaks" like this ("leaks" being "googling their full name"). not that it's right (i dont think being a public figure means people should know this shit about you), but it's far from uncommon. panic would be uncalled for

No. 477942

I like how she blames her bipolar disorder and depression for why she struggles with motivation. I have a small channel and zero mental illnesses, and I struggle with the same stuff. It's not unique to having mental illness. Literally everyone goes through ups and downs like that. What even.

LOL "I was never taught about animal rights" So that prevents you from caring about animals? She's such an idiot.

HAHAHAHAHAH the way she pronounces Nier Automata. WOW. Has she never heard anyone talk about the game? Does she know the prefix "auto" and how it's pronounced, or nah?

"Block the person if you have to" - girl, you block people who offer you correction or constructive criticism and you block people who do it ONCE. That's not hate and it's not some sort of harassment.

She trying so hard to talk about how she ignores her haters, but Kelly we know you lurk here. That's how you keep subtly addressing the shit we call you out on. Pff

No. 478189

Y’all are funny caring about public info being “leaked”.

Kelly’s Middle is Scott. Everyone knows her address in LA as well. It’s all public info.

If anything, someone alert the authorities now that Lina knows her info.

No. 478262

I wonder too.
It's got to be someone she knows IRL, right?

No. 478401

File: 1516672950221.jpeg (78.02 KB, 750x429, 3974BC51-FDB2-498E-9998-BE6723…)

How hard is it to freaking private message them? How unprofessional do you have to be to post it and sick your fans on them. I hope he doesn’t respond or tells her no. Ugh.

No. 478406

did Disney actually respond to that? I remember her making that claim but didn't know if they had actually reached out to her?? lmfao if anyone has these screenshots that would be amazing!

No. 478414

File: 1516673442860.png (3.21 MB, 2502x1274, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.05…)

>>475399 I really don't understand at all what she was thinking being such a huge super fan and all… if you google "luna human form" you will see in literally every photo is a very distinct image of what human Luna would look like… c'mon Kelly this took me two seconds and I'm sure her or Dre have a wig that could work. Goddamn I'm sick of this bitch claiming to be such a die hard fan, if you're gonna fake it at least do some quick googling, stop being so goddamn lazy when it comes to your tutorials and closet cosplays….

No. 478417

anon I’m sorry but she’s talking about Luna from final fantasy not Luna from sailor moon

No. 478427

>>478417 OH! I'm not into that fandom so thats my own bad… I actually know nothing about anything FF related. I sincerely
thought she meant Luna the cat… and was like ummmm?? but I refuse to watch her videos or support her lmao. thats half relieving though depending on what Luna from FF looks like.

No. 478430

File: 1516673851787.jpeg (204.59 KB, 1920x1080, 8BC8C745-77A9-42A9-AFA7-CF1B48…)

nope it’s still awful! kek

No. 478443

damn shame. she's really bad at all these FF looks, I'm embarrassed for her. sage.

No. 478482

Everything about this is beyond hideous. And why is she YELLOW? like glowing toxic waste yellow??

No. 478537

ugh why she always have to look like a crusty blow up doll the she does these makeup inspo vids?

No. 478687

File: 1516704851487.jpg (531.15 KB, 1000x1000, photomagic(1)(8).jpg)

I had to edit this photo to be the correct colors. The original looks buttercup yellow on my device

No. 478689

I'm pretty sure she changed her last name legally. In the video where she gets Toshi from the airport, the lady checking her ID mentions it saying Eden.

No. 478696

If she had legally changed it, it wouldn't still show up on search sites as her birth name. The name she shows up under is the name she signed her lease under.

No. 478698

That's not how a name change works, especially if it was fairly recent. Websites don't update your name unless they know that you changed it (which they usually won't unless you report it to them). I have a friend who changed his name legally like a year ago and if you Google his new name you get nothing besides Facebook, but his old name gets tons of hits. She probably changed it after she moved to LA, I'm guessing. Like I said, the lady checking her ID references it saying Eden in the video where she gets Toshi. Her ID wouldn't say Eden if it wasn't legal.

No. 478762

File: 1516712834513.jpg (29.69 KB, 600x450, k.jpg)

this is on her myspace which is public yet she still wonders why sanrio didn't want to be associated with her? on top of all of the other implied nudes and such of her ofc


No. 478876

Yeah if you search someone's maiden name it'll still show up even if they legally changed it from marriage. Jeez.


Even with the colour correction it looks bad. What made her think it looked good. Everyone is pointing out how yellow she looks, so it's not just your device.

No. 479106

File: 1516737267244.png (869.24 KB, 940x794, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 2.48…)

this popped on my facebook this morning… OKAY Kelly. why don't you get fucking professional help if you're SUCH an advocate for mental health…. like seriously this must be a huge cash cow for her to keep milking and still do nothing about her "self-diagnosed" claims of being bipolar.

No. 479111

Don't you get it, anon? If she gets help she'll be "normal" like everyone else. She won't have anything to blame for her laziness either.

No. 479302

Sorry if this has been mentioned, but what proof do you have that Kelly refuses to get help or see a doctor? Maybe she does in private? I've never heard her say in videos that she won't seek mental help.

No. 479470

No. 479475

File: 1516752483869.png (147.07 KB, 369x400, Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 4.06.…)

>go makeup shopping
>complains that comments are talking about her use of "ya boi" alot. They made a drinking game out of it
>Dre and Kelly are cosplaying Steven Universe's Amethyst and Lapis respectively
>go to Pinup Girl Clothing, Porto's bakery
>Kelly gets a cookie and a potato ball
>"some creepy dude" came up to them during lunch and said he wanted to eat Kelly's hair because it looked like cotton candy. This threatened them enough to eat lunch quickly and leave
>Kelly asks Dre is she'll use the prosthetic lips for Amethyst (see picture)

Kind of struck me as weird she would ask that. Sorry for being a tumblrfag but Amethyst is modeled after a POC so

No. 479476

That’s the same damn jacket she claims she wore once

No. 479518


Those lips are fucking hideous. I really wish dre hadn't used them in her tutorial.

No. 479522

This was mentioned in a previous thread, and she has admitted it in a video before. From what I can remember, I believe it was an old q&a. It’s a pretty known thing that Kelly refuses to seek professional help for her mental health and you can definitely find more about it in one of the previous threads.

No. 479536

File: 1516754891674.png (13.55 KB, 592x86, Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 4.47.…)

No. 479597

actually kelly has made multiple claims that she can't afford a therapist because she has too much student loan debts to deal with

No. 479626

Ok thank you, I didn't know that.

No. 479627

It was a joke, Dre was being playful. Everyone thought it was funny. Quit taking shit so seriously.

No. 479637

I dunno why but it bothers me so much they're going to the makeup store so early. Maybe it's cuz i work retail and i've had customers wait for me to open the front gate in the morning and it creeps me out.

No. 479684

>can't afford it
>buys $600 microwave

That’s on top of her shopping sprees, lip injections, tattoo removal, seamstress, etc. Her mental health either isn’t a priority to her as much as she tries to play it off to be or she’s full of it and is exploiting mental illness to appear more relatable*~ and use it to her advantage.

No. 479767

File: 1516767555712.png (27.96 KB, 614x215, Screenshot 2018-01-23 at 8.18.…)

Can you imagine

No. 479768

It drives me crazy what hours she thinks is really early. 9 am is NOT early. Rage!

No. 479776

exactly my point. she could seek out a doctor, really get diagnosed, and help her fans out who look up to her because of her claims to be a mental health advocate… but instead she sets the example that it's okay to do nothing and just begs for people to shower her with attention and gifts because she's "sad". Honestly if she learned to manage her money better, and get a real job instead of posting shitty youtube vlog every other day, and harassing people for free shit, she would probably be a lot happier as a person. she's just greedy and everything has to be about her…. at this point I don't even truly feel it's about her not being able to afford it, I think it's something she's made up to feel special, and "relatable" to her fans, and if she goes to a real doctor they aren't going to give her some dramatic mental illness diagnoses and she's going to look like a fake (which we all know) and have nothing to blame her laziness on.

No. 479818

File: 1516769955161.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 7C61F2CF-B97D-4910-B935-A2CE0C…)

Two things:

She sold this on depop for $30, not including shipping.


This looks NOTHING like Kelly

No. 479889

File: 1516772743965.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 1A32D971-2832-403F-8955-E2F73D…)

Sure, Kelly. That dress TOTALLY fits you.

No. 479927

So, I do think it looks like her, but that is crazily shopped, it looks more like a painting of her than a photo. I don’t keep up on tattoo magazines, but is that amount of shopping normal? Tbf she wasn’t the photo editor.

No. 479988

Seeing a psychiatrist, even without insurance, is not that expensive. I saw a doctor in LA for $200 out of pocket. that $600 microwave could have paid for three months of psychiatrist visits.

No. 480025

I'm curious how much it would actually cost her. I've known a lot of people who use money as an excuse not to see a therapist when it would cost them $25 a session and they have no problem spending way more than that regularly on random shit they don't need. I'm guessing Kelly is one of those people.

Tin foil, but I wonder if the real reason she doesn't want to go is because she's worried a therapist will diagnose her with different things and she won't be able to call herself bipolar anymore.

No. 480028

Are you sure it was $200 a month? My therapists in the past charge $150-$400 per session out of pocket.

No. 480029

She used BetterHelp, which is $180 a month, so she could definitely afford some therapy sessions.

I also agree, she would not like to be confronted with reality during actual therapy. Because she is not some poor little girl, she's a grown ass woman with (mostly) made up issues. She doesn't want to be pulled out of her dream world. It's sad actually. And infuriating for people with actual mental health problems.

No. 480067


she definitely romanticises bipolar disorder in a way that actual bipolar people seekeing treatment would never do.
she also doesn’t seem to understand what manic episodes of bipolar disorder are actually like, she says that she goes from being happy to sad, and that’s not how bipolar works at all.

she doesn’t see a psychologist because she doesn’t want to and can survive without one, and because she doesn’t want a psychologist to point out the fact that she’s not bipolar.

No. 480069

Maybe if she went to the doctor she would find out that she has being lying about being bipolar and she just can't handle that.

No. 480086

I'm sowwy that they're ugwee.

No. 480089


This is just bad

It barely looks anything like her, she just looks like a mother trying desperately to stay "young and hip"
The shopper was an intern surely?

No. 480100


Her signature just looks like

>Dry Ear

No. 480156

Haven't watched it yet, but will we be able to see the fight?

I predict not, she just posted this to show her and Stephanie together.

No. 480168

She'd probably find out she's got BPD (at most), which is apparently still a popular one to claim and doesn't require as many pesky inimitable criteria to be diagnosed as bipolar does.

sage for mentalhealth blogging

No. 480170

No fight was shown, a lot of time was wasted on them just opening the wine bottle, STEPHANIE’S wine bottle because Kelly is saving her bottle when she gets “married”.

It was a boring clog :/

No. 480172

Vlog* dang it.

No. 480189

More than half of the vlog was just them drinking wine/trying to open the bottles (so much for not being comfortable with drinking, Kelly). I felt like there was definitely already tension between Kelly and Steph. Steph seemed somewhat annoyed with Kelly's antics?
When they eventually walked to the event, Kelly and Lindsay walked ahead of the other two and didn't really film or interact with them until they were looking for their seats. Steph looked unhappy the entire time and was pretty much left out from then on. (you can see it from 13:16) I feel bad for her.

No. 480212

The girl in the Luna costume looks so annoyed… And Kelly is just her usual frumpy self.
And Kelly, girl… My father is an alcoholic too and I drink to forget it. It's ok if you do too.

No. 480223

I meant Tifa. Wtf, brain.

No. 480351

They way she pronounces nobuo uematsu at 1:45… it sounds like she’s saying a completely different name omfg I’m so embarrassed for her. She needs to just stop. It’s one thing to be unsure but she walks around like she knows everything FF related. It makes her look so stupid.

No. 480354

>”Nobu Ehtsuma’s going to be there”

lol who?

No. 480382

out of curiousity how would you say it? Nobu ew-mat-su?

No. 480394

No-bu-o Oo-eh-matsu basically.

No. 480404


I don't understand why people stuggle with Japanese pronounciation when there are only 5 vowel sounds and it is so incredibly straightforward to just read/pronouce the letters that are there?

No. 480440

not to mention they have the fucking internet at their fingertips and it would take them all of two seconds to find some website or youtube video that would teach her how to pronounce it. She's just lazy and stupid.

No. 480467

Everyone seemed tense.
No one wanted to engage unless 1 person was alone with her at the concert.

No. 480502


Literally anyone can learn proper Japanese pronunciation by listening to YouTube videos. Even across all the dialects and slang the vowel sounds are usually consistent. Idk how people who try to speak it don’t bother to learn it right?

No. 480553

I’m gonna go ahead and say this, I’m the same farmer who took the photo of Kelly and co. at the distant worlds event and brought up that Steph was left out and the same one who told the story about the shit Kelly said at Gallery Nucleus and some of y’all were like, “where’s the proof!” And other shit.

Kelly is everywhere in Los Angeles. It’s not hard to miss with her hair and screeching.

Sage for no milk.

No. 480605


I guessed you were the same Anon since you did the same taking a photo of her from behind while she's walking away thing. She may be everywhere but you have photographed and been to the same event as her twice which is…hmm. Anyway pretty sure it's namefagging to ID yourself on here so be careful

No. 480609

It sounds like anon just likes final fantasy and lives in LA, considering both events were FF related. Of course they're going to run into her.
But yeah careful with identifying yourself

No. 480674

Samefag here.

I just saw her at two FF event. Besides, both events had more than just one farmer. Not only that, if you live in LA, you see her a lot at cons and shit. In fact, you see all of the fellowship in LA a lot.

No. 480787

File: 1516855063658.jpeg (175.43 KB, 1020x1017, 4776FDC3-9D85-4402-B63B-E3303D…)

I can’t tell if she was honest or sarcastic about not getting compliments.

That said, dear fuck her “rinoa” outfit was utter shite and I’m glad they called her a simpsons Cosplay.

No. 480855

does anyone else find it weird she mentions she can not only afford a personal trainer, but also a chiropractor in her "my fitness routine" video but not a therapist??
I've never seen someone so reckless with their money other than pixielocks, but at least she sees a doctor.

No. 480876

She also gets lip fillers, hair extensions, and stupid diamond “implants” in her teeth. She’s just full of shit and doesn’t prioritize mental health as much as material goods.

No. 480898

You mean the shit you claimed she said at the gallery that was confirmed false by the gallery itself?
Sounds like vendetta.

No. 480918

Anon, you've gone to two separate events, took three pictures of Kelly from behind without her knowledge and keep insisting a story that was already proven false by the event itself happened. Not to mention, you said you never planned on posting the first photo and only did to prove you were there. Which makes me wonder if you've done this sort of thing more than we're aware of.

It was one thing when you just took the pic from outside the gallery, but now that it's become a pattern, it's safe to say that you're approaching stalker territory. At the very least, you have a very unhealthy obsession with Kelly that you seriously need to get a grip on.

As for the fight you claim you witnessed, I fail to see how you could have known they were fighting from the distance you were from them unless they were screaming. Plus, since you've already been caught lying before, everything you say should be assumed to be bullshit anyway.

And before anyone tries to act like this isn't super creepy behavior, imagine someone was doing the exact same thing to you or one of your friends instead of someone you hate. You would be idiots to ignore the blatant red flags. Anyone who doesn't find this weird as fuck has serious issues.

Also, tin foil, but I'm kind of wondering if this person is the stalker Kelly mentioned having in that one QA.

No. 480924

While none of the gems have boobs, Peridot is the last one that should be cosplayed by someone with tits bigger than their head.

Just fucking imagine how awful it would look

No. 481009

Love that she called the song “Sephiroth” like does she not know that it’s called “One Winged Angel”? Your fake fan is showing Kelly.

No. 481017

i'm not that anon but i don't think it's that farfetched that someone in LA would run into kelly and the crew twice at final fantasy events. i go to every event in my city for a specific game and i run repeatedly into the same people all the time. it's not indicative of stalker behavior tbh

No. 481030

That alone isn't, but it is when combined with taking at least three pics from behind without her knowledge and posting made up stories about her. Would you not be super creeped out if someone was doing this to you?

No. 481031

Ok lmfao i didn’t claim they were fighting, I said it looked weird because they were ignoring Stephanie. I’m not stalking this bitch, I like seeing gossip about her, but trust, I’m not stalking her nor am I the stalker she takes about. I was literally sitting like 6 rows behind her by pure coincidence, there were two photos posted on that event. I posted the one where they’re all sitting. I saw her at two very public final fantasy events, not at a grocery store or her house.

But hey! Thanks for giving her an idea for a shitty video about how lolcow has hater stalkers.

No. 481032

Stop whitekighting, you cunt

No. 481040

The difference between Kelly Eden and you and your friends is that Kelly is a public figure. If you’re going to use the logic of “imagine if it was you or your friend” then why are you even on a thread dedicated to discussing and exposing her?

No. 481065

It’s a gossip site and y’all mad that people see her in public.

What a joke.

No. 481077

>If you’re going to use the logic of “imagine if it was you or your friend” then why are you even on a thread dedicated to discussing and exposing her?
There's a difference between discussing her problematic behavior and photographing her secretly multiple times at different events. Also, I don't think being a public figure means it's justified for all boundaries and normalcy to fly out the window?

You can see her in public without secretly photographing her and making up fake stories, though.

No. 481082

Kelly's got a white knight on here. Lol.

No. 481085

Not that anon but the LA community really isn't that big, especially the video game scene.
I live in AZ and see Nigri fucking everywhere because it's a small place and there's only a set amount of nerd events in the year. Am I suddenly stalking her?
I've been to LA cons too and have also seen Momokun and eden before. If I had been on lolcow at that time I would've taken pics too. Sorry for feeding into this but I really doubt that anon is stalking, it just seems like they like FF. Which the LA community for that is even smaller, of course they're going to run into the self proclaimed biggest FF fan.

No. 481091

>If I had been on lolcow at that time I would've taken pics too.
I'm asking this because I genuinely want to understand- why? I guess I just really don't see why people on gossip sites would secretly take boring pictures of social media influencers other than because they have an unhealthy obsession. I would get it if she was actually doing something worth photographing, but she's just existing. Taking and posting pics like this contributes nothing to discussion about her. I just really don't get what motivation there is for that besides creeper shit. Please explain it to me

No. 481093

Mainly just cause of the ridiculous amount of shoop they all use, and hall shots at cons are the only place you can see them unshoooped.
Tons of people in the momokun thread right now are saying how they're excited to find her at ALA this weekend and get pics up close, and not a single person is yelling "STALKER" there. It's just normal cow protocol.

No. 481094

My guess is people just want to prove they saw the cow in question. It happens sometimes where people like to use cow sightings, real or not, as a way of getting attention.

No. 481097

I feel like doing it at a con is different because random people taking pics of you without asking is 110% to be expected. That's not the case with the two FF events Kelly went to.

But yeah, the shoop thing makes a lot of sense.

That makes sense too.

No. 481098

This too, if someone tells a story about a cow most people will demand pictures as proof. Which has happened numerous times in eden threads
Are those anons demanding proof stalkers now as well?
It's just the culture here.
You're on an anonymous gossip site where we put people on pedestals to shame them. Of course people will snap pics if they see a cow out in the wild, they're no less than celebrities here.
It's no different than TMZ. Which of course isn't any better, but in the end this is a gossip website.

No. 481100


No. 481215

Thank you for explaining normal behavior like taking photos of cows.

These white knights are so fucking stupid.

No. 481230

Idk anon, you can't really blame someone for being freaked out by that if they don't get the context. It's not "normal behavior" anywhere besides this site.

No. 481320

File: 1516914449246.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 0C0DB4D3-83FB-478E-93AE-AE7F28…)

I’ve never looked at “her” merchandise before but you know what? It looks exactly like what you think it would.

No. 481343

I know that simply_kenna got into a buttload of trouble for even talking about selling merch that had traced elements… I feel pretty confident that kelly straight up stole the frames, flowers, and 100% doesn't have the rights to use the photos of those people she has there. it'd be one thing if the photos were fanart instead, but they're actual screenshots (that she probably didn't even screenshot herself). like, there's no way she has the rights to use those photos of roses, the football, the pink gun, the crystals, etc. and maybe she made the curly ribbon backgrounds or decorative frames, but probably not tbh. i'm surprised this has flown so far under the radar considering her following

No. 481364

I swear at least 80% of everything here is made of completely stolen assets. There is just no way her store isnt' going to get demolished by copyright issues

No. 481390


if youre freaking out over photos being taken from afar, lmfao bitch leave.

this cow isnt getting hurt and its fun seeing her not shopped.

so take your white knight ass out of her and go drink coffee with Lina.

No. 481422

The Mercury painting offends me greatly

No. 481429

>It's fun seeing her not shopped

Photos are blurry and taken from behind where all you can see is her hair

>I just attended 2 FF events

Also made a point of watching, listening and photographing her at both

>People take pictures at Cons

She was not at a con as a special guest, just a punter attending an event, an audience member.

>She's a celebrity

She has 100k+ Instagram and 200k+ Youtube. She is not a celebrity

No. 481449

Kelly IS her own white knight on here. Are we still holding out that that isn't true?
We know for a fact that she lurks here constantly and that this thread drives her insane.

No. 481486


Okay, Kelly.

No. 481827

NTA but those are pretty obvious points. You simply can't refute them, so accusing them of being Kelly is all you can come up with.

You people really need to learn what a whiteknight actually is.

Seriously though, I get you guys see nothing weird about sneaky picture taking because that's not uncommon here, but that's not how it works in the real world. Try explaining to someone IRL that you secretly take pics of random social media influencers when they're not in a setting where it's acceptable (like a con) because it's okay on your gossip image board and see what they think.

>hi Kelly

No. 481847

Get over it or leave

No. 481850

I kind of want the trailer park boys mug and I hate myself for it. Please kill me.

No. 481865


Omg you’re still talking about this???

No. 481868

>but that's not how it works in the real world

LMFAO people take secret pics all the time to laugh at randos, not even just like social media people.

kelly probably gets stacy type girls snapping photos of her weird hair and fugly clothes all the time. hell, some of my more normie friends have snapped photos of creepy ana-chan looking bitches and ridiculously ugly people to gawk at with me later. it's not uncommon. gtfo.

No. 481870

Not sure if this has been posted already, but this video of Kelly Eden being a "Mental Health Advocate" for a non smoking add was on my feed. Kek at her choosing the flashy expensive jacket for a simple non smoking commercial.


No. 481875

you probably shouldnt be on lolcow. i mean that in the like, most helpful/kind way lol.

in other news, new vid. it's all about her going fuchsia pink for this hair dye company. she still looks way better in pastel imo

No. 481893

Isn't Splat hair dye really shitty? I don't color my hair, but my friends who do have made a lot of references to how awful it is.

No. 481907

I've heard that it's decent if you don't change your hair colour a lot because it's super stubborn to get out. But if you like to change it up a lot then it's no good. That's just what I've heard though. Never used it myself. I stick to Pulp Riot.

No. 481913

splat is kinda eh, it fades somewhat fast but also doesn't come out all the way very easily so it's pretty good for pastels. not nearly as bad as manic panic.

No. 481925

Get over yourself already

No. 481927

It's one of the worst ones in my opinion, right above color jamz
It's shitty middle school hair dye that bleeds if you sweat to much.
It was funny seeing her in the makeup store in one of her videos, and seeing how shocked she was at all the hair dye they had.
Poor thing is sheltered an blinded by her scene days.

No. 482058

File: 1516994513519.jpg (93.07 KB, 1133x593, Unbenannt.JPG)

That's what Steph used to look like??? Holy shit. She was such a natural beauty.

No. 482078

I think Steph is super gorgeous, but her makeup is usually really ugly and she gets her lip fillers too big. Here her look is more toned down and she doesn't have the fillers. She should really consider going back to this.

No. 482144

File: 1517000726599.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 391.15 KB, 1242x1231, 5D3AA162-9EFA-4C61-A4A3-98F87C…)

I feel like this will be Toshi if she keeps dying his hair.

No. 482146

Didn't she claim to use beet juice or something? Maybe I'm confusing her with someone, there are too many damn people dying their pets to match their "aesthetic".

No. 482165

Yeah, the way she dyes Toshi is totally safe and vet approved. I still think it's indicative of how she sees him kind of as an accessory, though. I mean, she seems like a good dog mom, but the two don't necessarily have to be mutually exclusive.

No. 482216

This makes so damn angry. There's no reason to dye a dog's fur. this is disgusting.. Poor dog.

No. 482225

I don't really think there's objectively anything wrong with dying your dog, but a simple Google search will immediately tell you to never ever fucking use human hair dye. If you're gonna do something like that, you really need to do your research to make sure it's safe.

No. 482249

She always dyed him with beet juice or just some food color in his bath, there’s a whole video on it from almost a year ago. She hasn’t done it in awhile maybe she got over it

No. 482257


From the Society6 terms of service:

"You represent and warrant that:

you own all intellectual property rights in your Content or that you have obtained all copyrights, trademark rights, rights of publicity and other rights required for you to make your Content available through the Society6 Services, to manufacture, distribute and sell Products that include your Content and to grant Society6 the rights granted to it in these Terms;
your Content and the manufacture, distribution and sale of Products that include your Content does not and will not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity, including without limitation any copyright, moral rights, trademark, patent, right of publicity or right of privacy…."

No. 482267

I've wondered about the legality of the things she sells.

Someone should report her for blatant copyright infringement. She's a really good artist, there's no reason she can't make her own images without stealing others.

No. 482301

anyone else notice that even tho Kelly had that big "coming out as bi-sexual" video she never mentions looking for cute girls or a wife? she only talks about scoping for the cute boys??

No. 482311

She could still feel uncomfortable discussing her same sex attractions, that's not uncommon with LGBT people for a while after they come out.

Or she's using it for attention.

No. 482318

I noticed, she made a big deal of coming out then says she's looking for a boyfriend or talks about her dating men. Even all her anime crushes are male, but maybe I'm just nitpicking.

No. 482323

File: 1517018061908.png (325.94 KB, 1239x1853, IMG_1665.PNG)

We see you lurking kelly.
Helping with one thing doesn't count as being a cosplayer…

No. 482384

You know she's doing it for attention….

No. 482387

Lmao I like how terrible she shopped herself to look skinnier next to her pretty friends. The belly area is so inconsistent and weird looking. Just lose some weight Kelly

No. 482395

I can’t stand how heavy she does her makeup when she cosplays Usagi. It doesn’t fit the character at all. She looks like she just rolled out of a trailer park.

No. 482446

Kelly couldn't wear tights or cover up her tattoo with makeup? it looks so tacky, esp cosplaying a 14/15yr old character like Usagi.

No. 482447

How tf is that cosplay?! Bitch makes nigiri look legit.

No. 482478

To be fair, everyone on the left of Mercury and Jupiter look trashy as hell. They're cosplaying 14-15 characters and wearing the thickest, boldest, instawhore makeup they could possibly slap on their faces. Mercury and Jupiter look super cute though.

No. 482490

File: 1517035087776.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1425, 97A90C57-7974-4482-BFB3-897DED…)

Why doesn’t the rest of the fellowship ever cosplay with kelly or stephanie?

No. 482497

File: 1517035774817.jpg (229.74 KB, 510x680, minamaidref.jpg)

No. 482507

This is such a bad photo of all of them… and the angle of the other one is not flattering for anyone either. Whoever did the photography is shit lol

No. 482508

samefag but I also love how Kelly has to always be the centre of attention in everything. Maybe that's why the rest of the fellowship doesn't cosplay with her?

No. 482534

speaking from experience, it's really hard to coordinate a cosplay group. especially a large one. the rest of them probably just don't have the time. Plus aside from stephanie, courtney, and vivka, do any of the rest of them even cosplay much?

No. 482538

Oh jesus remember when she did ppg with courtney and kept annoying courtney about how she thought ahe ahould have been blossom

No. 482539

Dre cosplays but they’ve never done a cosplay together. Kelly seems to only cosplay with smaller sized women. Seems kind of shitty she never has pics with PS women. She seems like the type who would surround herself with ugly girls to make herself seem prettier.

No. 482552

>implying Stephanie isn't plus-size
Also, Kelly and Dre did a Cosmo/Wanda cosplay together before

No. 482555

To be fair, she is the one dressed as Sailor Moon, so it would be really weird for her not to be in the center for this set.

That being said, it does kind of seem like the Fellowship revolves around her. In one of her vlogs she talks about how she was really depressed at Steph's wedding, and Steph was super sweet and understanding about it.

If I were in Steph's position, I would be so fucking disappointed in her. Like really, you can't just keep your bad mood to yourself and at least pretend to be happy on the most important day of your best friend's life thus far? There's no justification for that unless like her dog died that week or some other super awful shit.

No. 482648

Nono, you're mistaken, she is not PLUS SIZE she is a naturally curvy and thicc woman and anyone who thinks differently is MISTAKEN and BODY SHAMING!

She actually has said something along the lines of this.

No. 482663

Omg I didn't follow Kelly then but that sounds insufferable. If we get a Jill and Kelly meet up I hope they cosplay together, THAT would be a disaster worth watching kek

No. 482665

That's kinda what I meant too. Like, of COURSE Kelly had to be Sailor Moon, she couldn't be one of the scouts she had to be the main character.

No. 482668

Kelly's a narcissist, so naturally she needs to make herself the center of attention.

No. 482679

We never will because neither of them are cosplayers. At least kelly enjoys wearing costumes and going to cons (somewhat), Jill makes a costume a year (poorly I might add. Her Cure Whip was shudders) to wear to one con. Said con kisses her ass every year and gives her an award in the costume contest for being a local celebrity not based on her actual skill. Yah, they'll never cosplay together.

No. 482713

Samefag, but you can tell the picture looks bad because none of them actually jumped (maybe the green one, but def not the rest) but were shittly photoshopped up into the air. I hate this trend of photoshopping people to look as if they jumped, it's so stupid.

No. 482791

File: 1517078599914.png (398.77 KB, 1242x1841, IMG_1679.PNG)

I'm sorry I can't get over how different and obviously shopped this is as opposed to the one that the girl who actually made the costumes posted. Their faces all look like horrible Halloween masks

No. 482869

This costume is so unflattering on Steph. I think she has a nice body, but she needs to wear things that hug her figure otherwise she looks straight up fat. That apron annihilates her curves and makes her body look really bad.

No. 483127

File: 1517091695645.jpeg (173.66 KB, 750x744, 021B3585-1848-4C92-B935-50276E…)


No. 483129

Samefag because it posted the photo without me finishing my sentence

But uhhh why does Kelly look like Sadness from Inside Out ahahahaha

No. 483133

File: 1517091983016.jpeg (291.55 KB, 1020x1017, E26B25D0-D0AD-4D13-ADE2-730419…)

So I’m not sure if the collab is legit or she’s just saying it’s a collab because she’s mixing hello kitty and super sonico, BUT funny how Stephanie is all pro HK and etc when Kelly did her stupid bitch fit about HK not partnering with her…

possibility over the fight at the Distant Worlds concert? kek

No. 483149

Wasn’t Dre gonna be amathyst?

No. 483158

Her youtube channel got demonetized so she didn't go.

No. 483163

There was an official Sonico x Hello Kitty collab.

That's why I don't believe when people say Kelly wasn't a part of the Hello Kitty campaign because she was "too sexual" as Sonico is an outright hentai character. I think Kelly wasn't part of the HK campaign she wanted to join because Kelly just doesn't have the look and is not remotely polished enough for a company like HK

No. 483203

Why the fuck does she talk about Sonico like she's the embodiment of body positivity? She has the same fucking proportions of half of all anime girls-big tits, big ass, tiny waist, flat tummy, regular sized legs, and stick arms.
Sage for sperging, but I'm assuming she means "curvy" like "fat". Although I agree with the sex positive thing, I never thought Sanrio would collaborate with straight up hentai.

No. 483232

This. Sanrio made Hello Kitty vibrators at one point ffs. They make HK thongs too. Everyone keeps being like "it's a kid's brand, of course they wouldn't want a risque model!" but actually it's not. In Japan HK is actually targeted more at adults than children. In the US it's more for kids than in JP, but it's still heavily aimed at adults as well.

No. 483233

Why did her channel get demonitized?

No. 483269

There is a Sonico character who is fat, but Sonico herself is just the ultimate embodiment of anime beauty standards. Which is what Steph has turned herself into.

No. 483270

Something to do with dropping her management company that oversaw her channel. I don't completely understand it, but apparently dropping them changed something with her channel settings and it caused YouTube to demonetize. Her account has to be manually reviewed in order to re-establish her ability to earn money from videos and that can take up to a week.

No. 483399

File: 1517103148405.png (288.72 KB, 1242x1746, IMG_1678.PNG)

Gonna samefag here for a sec because I can't with how hard this cow stalks this thread.
Thread: talks about people publicly witnessing her and Steph being at odds.
Kelly: LOOooooooOoookkk WE'RE FRANDZ

No. 483403

File: 1517103247006.png (282.41 KB, 1242x1867, IMG_1680.PNG)

Thread: mentions her needing to be the center of attention in every cosplay including the ppg one

No. 483459

File: 1517105653240.jpeg (173.99 KB, 750x730, D8B4B417-B052-4020-9006-2875AA…)

Man she looks just like Sadness from Inside Out.

No. 483487

File: 1517106562510.jpeg (210.63 KB, 1020x1020, E2FFD1B0-EA37-4ECC-A27C-876B1F…)

Super Sonico is the sexy one and Pochaco is the fat version of Super Sonico.

Sage for not contributing milk

No. 483587

No. 483681

I was gonna say, there’s no way kelly would agree to a sailor moon group cosplay unless she was to be Usagi. I noticed that Steph cosplayed Rei, most likely to be cooperative and maybe let someone else cosplay Makoto despite the fact that Steph is a huge Jupiter fan.. Kelly would never do that. She’s that selfish and narcissistic.

No. 483708

File: 1517120734365.gif (843.54 KB, 360x360, umm.gif)

that wig doesn't look anything like her hair (not that SU has a reputation for being on model, but still), gif related

No. 483817


I almost made it 2 minutes in before I had to stop.

Berates her friend over her deep seeded cosplay animosity, films it and posts it on the internet AS A JOKE YOU GUISE. Poor Courtney. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the friend that has been trying to distance herself from Kelly. I would run as far away as I could from that psycho. Her personality is complete garbage.

That "voice acting" bit was just too much for me to handle. What a cringy self-important fucking idiot.

No. 483886

The whole vibe in the Wondercon 2017 vlog was off and weird. Like, did she even wanna be there? The outrage of being complimented by some random neckbeard too…lol. Kelly, you're a neckbeard magnet.

No. 483963

I fucking hate noncannon sexy costumes. There's no shortage of cannon sexy outfits, why do these people need to slutify everything? Kelly's fan base is majority female, so it's not like it even benefits her career. Doing it with characters that are supposed to be like 5 makes it especially gross.

No. 483972

Has anyone else noticed how Kelly has been a bridesmaid in three different vlogs, and she's mentioned in depth before how desperately she craves romantic love? I wonder if it's hard for her to always be the bridesmaid, never the bride. Especially when her own engagement didn't end well.

No. 484403

No. 484406

okay from the first two seconds of this video, do you agree that she has to 100% make herself up to look “soooo tirreeeed my boiiiez” just like in the sick baking video. she obviously has concealer on her lips or something making her look more washed out but obviously she had time to do her lashes etc

No. 484407

Samefag but if a con stresses you out this much and it’s not even happening yet, why go? She’s acting like she’s this reknowned cosplayer and there’s all this pressure*~, like that she’s expected to have a different cosplay each day of the con. Bitch, you’re so irrelevant. Just stay home.

No. 484409

I know pre con is stressful and tiring getting cosplay ready and finished but all her shit is store bought and done. She has nothing to stress about.
Cons are vacations if you're not vendingor making anything for them.

No. 484437

In that wondercon vid the dynamic between her and Steph was sooo different. Steph seems to genuinely enjoy herself around Kelly back then, whereas now it just feels like she's trying to be nice, but the whole thing feels fake and awkward. I feel that Steph really is the friend that she was having trouble with.

No. 484441


Oh wow, I didn't know who she was cosplaying but you're right. She didn't even attempt to style that wig and it looks blunt cut, when the character's hair is not.

No. 484484

She looks like she put just foundation and powder on, and her eye makeup is just left over from the previous day. Maybe she wanted to hide acne but too lazy for the rest of her makeup?

No. 484694

It's interesting that any time she's around her friends, they express genuine enthusiasm about their fandoms or games that they've played, where I rarely see that from Kelly herself. Beyond repeating for the millionth time that Sepiroth is her husbando or that she looooves Sailor Moon. Does she have a favorite arc of Sailor Moon? Has she read the manga? Does she have any feelings of substance about anything besides collecting merchandise? Why isn't she interested in any other games outside of final fantasy? There are plenty of JRPGs with eye candy graphics, or turn based battles, or intense, dramatic storylines. I still have no idea what she actually likes about Final Fantasy or why her interest in games is limited to one franchise.

No. 484721

Exactly. I truly don’t think she genuinely loves sailor moon or Final Fantasy as much as she tries to make people believe. She “likes them” to portray herself a certain way and give herself an image. She never mentioned anything about liking anime or video games until like 2015. She’s phony as fuck.

No. 484855

File: 1517200642821.jpg (Spoiler Image, 242.58 KB, 1440x1988, IMG_20180128_203536.jpg)

Honestly her lips look so bad now. Also in what dimension is this flattering?

No. 484856

File: 1517200796893.jpg (1.09 MB, 1656x2326, Dre.jpg)

Not sure if anyone even cares about this, but pretty sure this is Dre's new boyfriend.

No. 484989

The Jupiter is super tall, and it would have looked weird to have her as any other senshi since Jupiter is supposed to be super tall.

No. 485116

I agree with the people saying she kinda inflates her love of FF and SM, but I think her Sephiroth love is very real. Too real. Like, seek help real.

No. 485147


I wonder if her standards are too high or if she is just somehow scary to men? She's social and attractive so then why has she become a forever alone?

No. 485163

Anyone noticed how in a new vlog her cosplay making friend is describing the character she worships and everytime she mentions a trait, Kelly is like "me!! Me! So meee!" but there was no peep from Kelly when the girl said something along the lines "and even when she's sad she wants her friends to be happy so she will pick herself up in any events and be there smiling" BAHHAHAHA that is definitely not Kelly, good thing she didn't say "me me"

No. 485171

Isn’t this thread about KE?

No. 485174

She's immature and clingy but also loud and has a tendency to take to social media to throw a public hissy fit whenever she doesn't get her way. Guys who are attracted to insecure clingy girls will be scared off by the latter, whereas guys who don't mind that will probably prefer someone a little more emotionally mature. Honestly the only kind of guy I see being attracted to her personality is another famewhore who enjoys the constant drama.

No. 485202

I think her Sephiroth obsession is phony too tbh. Sephiroth is such an easy character to be like “I love him!!” and people will a) know who he is and b) agree he’s awesome. It’s fucking Sephiroth. She never says why she’s so in love with him. I’m assuming aesthetic reasons? I can understand liking him and thinking he’s cool. I collect Sephiroth stuff here and there myself. But the rabid “OMG HUSBANDO!!1!l” shit is an act for attention and way to earn “nerd cred”. Kelly is desperate for attention and acceptance so it doesn’t surprise me that she’d fake being obsessed with a fandom or character, or at the very inflate her interest to appear as an obsession.

No. 485205


i don't use this word a lot but she sounds like such a cunt here. idk why she thought of starting out a video proclaiming she should have been blossom and fighting but then calling it "getting into character" in the comments. she sounded so irritating the whole video and didn't seem like she was having much fun. i'm new to this thread so can someone tell me if those were her friends? because she sounds super catty to them and not all that close?

No. 485253

Back to her addressing stuff in the thread, she mentions wanting get lindsay an extremely expensive gift but thought it'd be too much and in this thread we discussed how cheap her gift she gave was.

Everyone but buttercup is a close friend of her's. If she is close to the buttercup, she never appears in any other video.

No. 485297

The Princess is Stephanie and the Blossom is Courtney, both of them are her best friends. They're
all extremely close and in a lot of her videos. I have no idea who the Buttercup is and she hasn't appeared in any other vlog I've seen of hers (which is the vast majority of them as I've been following her for a while).

She's done this in a few vlogs. She'll give her friends shit then act like it's all just joking around when you can tell from their reactions that they probably don't find it funny. I've always been extremely curious how her friends feel about her because most of them seem like pretty chill people and Kelly is extremely obnoxious. She's also had some incidents that were just straight up toxic.

No. 485351

File: 1517249266684.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180129-125145.png)

I'm looking at the IG accounts of Kelly's friends who appear in her vlogs and most of them seem okay, but this girl is such a tool. She was the Tifa at the FF concert.

Like bitch obviously you know your massive fake tits are gigantic and if you were actually self-conscious about them being small, you wouldn't be showing them off in every post you make. This is humblebragging and fake self-consciousness at their worst.

Also, is there anyone is Kelly's social circle that doesn't have huge implants? Not judging girls for getting them or anything, but it's fucking weird to me how every girl Kelly hangs out with has them. Does anyone else find that super strange? Dre seems to be the only one without fake boobs, but now that she's planning on lip fillers, I feel like it's only a matter of time.

No. 485356

I saw Kelly friday night and she looked like a hot mess. She was wearing sweat pants and had a blanket around her shoulders. She looked miserable.

No. 485399

God you're right she acts like a child. Especially when she starts screaming "BACKTRACKING YOURE BACKTRACKING"
and then doing a HORRIBLE bubbles voice while claiming she's the best Bubbles and is shocked they didn't beg her to do the reboot

No. 485424

God she's so annoying. Making her friends stalk for some cosplayer all day with her. Doesn't even look like she said hi to him, just filmed him and on her twitter there's a long distance shot of him. You would think maybe go ask him for a selfie or nice photo if you were that excited?

No. 485447

They "lose" Steph while Kelly is trying to find her husbando. More like, Steph probably is over indulging Kelly all the time. I'm so sick of this chick making everything about her. Those two girls following her on her thirsty quest to find her husbando cosplayer are sad too. Like get a backbone and stop being Kelly's puppy dogs.

No. 485453

ever since the FF fight I’ve been lurking Stephanie a little more and damn she actually has fandoms she’s in and engages in like a normal fan would. she probably wanted to actually enjoy the con for a second kek

No. 485455

Her photographer friend makes a good suggestion to find an FF photoshoot and she doesn't even seem to know that fan photo gatherings are a thing or how to look them up. This video is pretty insufferable. Spending a whole day whining, pouting, and harassing people on camera doesn't make you a super fan.

No. 485503

File: 1517255986301.png (375.16 KB, 582x606, Screen shot 2018-01-29 at 3.19…)

No. 485511

File: 1517256320538.jpg (22.35 KB, 481x233, Unbenannt.JPG)

I felt like that was super weird as well. And kinda made the whole video even more pointless??

No. 485512

that wig, you can see her dark ass roots coming out of those terrible curtain bangs, you can see inside the wig underneath her ears as well, what a mess. I can't believe she made an aggressive ass stalker tweet that she would find the Sephiroth cosplayer and then just stalked the whole con for him, what a crazy bitch, he should run. Also, now with the saying "snack" every three seconds, she really does sound like a middle-aged woman who is desperate to be down with the kids by using their slang.

No. 485516

She really must be outta vid ideas. What a fucken pointless, shitty vlog. Kelly, just start vlogging your bm's.

No. 485519

people who stalk people cosplaying their "waifu or husbandos' are fucking dumb. they always get angry when they aren't anything like the character. she's going to get bored soon.

No. 485521

I honestly feel so bad for Steph? It's so obvious that she's getting more and more annoyed with Kelly's constant vlogging and stupid attitude. I wonder if the FOTR will fill apart soon

No. 485545

Yeah, I wonder how Steph feels about the way Kelly acts at times. I also wonder if the FotR ever hangs out without vlogging??? It seems like everything they do is vlogged, especially by Kelly. I don't think I could deal with friends who need everything we do to be content for their social media career.

No. 485554

File: 1517257440856.png (778.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180129-122051.png)

Steph posted this on her insta story. I wonder if it's low key about KE and how she treats her friends.

No. 485573

Uhhhh yeah that really seems like she's throwing shade at Kelly

Given the fit Kelly threw about Dre "not being willing to share the spot light Kelly created for her", I wonder if she's had issues with her friends about this stuff on other occasions.

No. 485712

now who believes the fight anon claimed they saw at the distant worlds event?

also, I don’t like Lindsey. She had shark teeth and she’s the biggest Kelly brown noser.

I’m glad Stephanie did her own thing.

No. 485716

She is ridiculously annoying, pestering everybody about that sephiroth cosplayer. And wasn't it a rule of cosplay that "thou shall not take pictures without asking?". Isn't that exactly what she did?

No. 485749


I would have thought she was aware of how cons have obsessive, touchy-feely, weeby freaks and how uncomfortable they make people feel. She must think this applies to only chubby, greasy men.

No. 485766

I'm pretty sure the fact that they don't even attempt to find Stephanie after they "lose" her only confirms the fact that she probably went off on her on since Kelly was being hella crazy.

No. 485784

File: 1517266142705.png (550.33 KB, 585x536, saaa.png)

god Kelly is so annoying in this video!
she drags her friends around for hours to find a Sephiroth cosplayer and then doesn't even talk to him once she finds him??

I'm not even surprised that Stephanie disappeared. She seemed annoyed with Kelly for most of the video.

also the Maid Mercury cosplayer is fucking irritating

No. 485800

Kelly straight up tells Stephanie (or one of her friends) "don't fucking touch me" when they barely even bumped into her… Such a cunt

No. 485854

It was Steph. Think Steph nudged Kelly because it was her turn to go through security and of course, Kelly wasn’t paying attention… Also, don’t think Kelly used the word touch. But pushed. Yeah, she’s a cunt alright

No. 485902

This is shit you do when you're in Highschool and you're hyper off pixiesticks. I'm glad Steph dropped off and did her own thing. You can tell that in her parts of the video she was exhausted from her bullshit.

No. 486018

I feel like we can't say it's totally fine for us to take candid pictures of cows in the wild, but then criticize Kelly for doing that to a cosplayer at a con.

No. 486035

I think it's the fact she forced her friends to spend the day looking for him instead of enjoying the con, only for her to not even compliment him.
All while she was perfectly fine harassing other FF cosplayers asking if they had seen him.
She was also bitching the whole time saying if she didn't find him and the dude was lying about seeing him, she was going to drag his ass online because it was "totally not cool" to lie about a sephiroth cosplayer.

No. 486039

Someone taking pictures as 'proof' of a cow from far away vs someone obsessively searching for a stranger dressed as her favorite video game character are hardly the same.
She didn't know the person. She just stalked them the entire day with her dumb friends and asked random people about them just to creepily film(!) them from a distance AND putting it on YT.
How does this compare to a meh quality picture of the back of Kelly's head?

No. 486057

She was probably disappointed that he wasn't attractive in her eyes so decided not to bother. I'm sure if he was hot she would have made a scene.

No. 486069

It did look like a girl was cosplaying him, she was still really good. But not a hit dude so why would Kelly care.
Funny how Kelly claims to be bisexual but is only ever interested and looking for guys

No. 486103

Claire and Kota are both flat chested

No. 486109


You’re a mongoloid who keeps defending Kelly for unoffensive rando public photos that were taken of her and is okay with her doing the same to a cosplayer.

No. 486134

The cosplayer's name is Johnny, a dude. I wonder why she didn't just go say hi to him? Like why wouldn't you want a selfie with your 'husbando', or maybe Kelly you're just worried someone will realize you havent even played ff7

No. 486247

I think you're quoting the wrong person, buddy? Because I literally defended the anon and said Kelly was being a creep?? Wtf

No. 486264

Sounds likely to me. Since she's always on the hunt for a potential bf. (which I find hella creepy tbh, she just wants a relationship for the sake of having a relationship. I hate people like that)
That's probably why the ending was so rushed and weird. But better for Johnny lol. I hope he never finds that video. Would creep me out so bad

No. 486266

I assume you're quoting the wrong anon and meant to quote me.

I never said there was anything wrong with taking pics of Kelly??? What are you even talking about?

No. 486390

Not the anon you’re directing this to but you’re the mongoloid if you think taking a pic of the back of Kelly’s head as proof you happened to be at the same event as her is the same as obsessively stalking a cosplayer you don’t even know for god knows how long. The former was out of coincidence and to add validity to something they claimed to have witnessed, the latter is pure stalking. There’s a huge difference. Shut up.

No. 486471

omfg are we still talking about whether or not it was ok to take a picture of kelly from the back? who fucking cares. We're on a thread that's dedicated to shit talking someone I don't think any of us can talk when it comes to the morality of taking a pic of someone from the back

No. 486490

No. 486541

imagine if kelly was a guy going after a female cosplayer all day. this is so creepy and disgusting.

No. 486576

Around 3:10
She doesn't say "fucking", but she does rudely say how everyone was just admiring her amazing cosplay
Every video of her in public is so cringey

No. 486585

Same fag sorry but I also just noticed she made Steph and the Jupiter carry all their bags through security
You can see Steph put the bags on the table to be checked at 3:28 while Kelly walks through with ease, and then Kelly carrying nothing in the next clip with Steph and Jupiter carrying the bags behind her.
Wow Kelly, great friend

No. 486701


I had pink hair for awhile, and guys are a little scared of pink hair in my experience, I haven't bothered to analyze but a blonde Kelly would have an easier time of it. I've even had a feminine-looking bisexual guy be intimidated by long pink hair.

No. 486768

… anon, did you read their post? They are saying the exact same thing as you, they just quoted the wrong anon.

Also, I'm sorry, but at a con it's totally expected there will be people taking pics of you without asking. We take pics of people, even in places where it isn't the norm to be doing it, and post them to a website dedicated to shitting on them. In addition, the person who has posted all the pics of her so far even included a made up story the first time they did. This goes beyond snapping a pic to prove you've actually seen the cow.

Kelly hearing about a Sephiroth at a con and proceeding to search so she could get a pic is no more weird than what we do. It's not like she actually followed him around the con or begged her followers to find his social media, she wasn't "obsessively stalking him". Plus, it isn't uncommon for people to hear there's a really good cosplayer of a character they like and try to find them. You guys are acting like Kelly is the only person to ever do this, do you even go to cons? If you think this is such creepy behavior, but are totally fine with people taking pics of Kelly in settings where it's not even expected and posting them here, it's because you're letting your disdain for Kelly blind you from thinking logically.

Someone mentioned "what if Kelly was a guy doing it to a girl!" well, what if the person photographing her and making up stories about her behavior was a man?

I'm just saying- you guys are applying some pretty intense double standards with really weak logic justifying it.

No. 487116

File: 1517342480020.png (16.51 KB, 729x133, lol.png)

after everyone here starting commenting on how shitty she treats Steph, she posts this

either other people are noticing or she lurks here hard because omg can you be any more obvious.

I hope she gets no response

No. 487131

File: 1517343200460.jpeg (76.46 KB, 750x1334, 54FD4747-1B06-4D80-90BF-4F8571…)

Stephanie’s ig story

No. 487308

…Are you Kelly?
I've never gone out of my way to search a convention for hours because I heard a stranger is cosplaying a favorite character. Most well adjusted people could move on with their lives and actually enjoy the convention, or try to find them at a fan meetup or something more rational than screeching at a camera and asking every cosplayer from the same franchise about them for hours.

No. 487331

As a regular con goer who has gotten excited about a cosplayer I can confidently say that she could have gotten a picture of him. It's pretty frowned upon in the community to just take a picture without the noticing. A know a lot of people who would be flattered if someone went looking because they like their character. There is a right way and a wrong way and it is going to come out a lot creeper if that Sephiroth watches her video and sees the pic then if she actually had the balls to ask for one. Just saying.

No. 487365

I'm dying from secondhand embarrassment at her harassing all the other final fantasy cosplayers asking about Sephiroth. like wtf. This bitch is mental

No. 487376

I can't bear to watch any of her videos anymore. I'm curious, but the cringe is too real for me to hit play. Somewhat exposing myself, but I'm probably a year or two older than Kelly, and I'll use some current memes from time to time with my friends for shits and gigs, but her constant obsession with talking "like the kids" or trying to sound "hip" terrifies me. She gets worse and worse, and I feel like there's no saving her.

No. 487385


It´s not my opinion, it´s what SHE herself said in that "semi-entertaining comment" video. I don't give two fucks, but the bitch could at least be coherent.

No. 487399


Hi Kelly!

No. 487402


Okay, Kelly. No. I would never do something like that. When I go to cons I just enjoy myself and if I see someone with an awesome cosplay I just compliment them and ask if I can take their picture. I think most people I know (adults) behave the same way.

No. 487403

Even younger people behave that way. I rarely see someone creepily stalking another person at a con.

No. 487510

File: 1517360812577.png (188.05 KB, 750x1334, 51926EF5-7E42-4B9B-9781-EDCD61…)

…Because she probably actually did all of those things? She’s that unhinged lol

No. 487583

File: 1517366981044.png (Spoiler Image, 133.9 KB, 750x1334, 5CE90A83-611E-4267-8C7A-6F28B5…)

I wonder what it is. Should I sage this for not much milk?

No. 487649

Kelly posted on Facebook about looking for someone to fill her extra room on March 1

No. 487651

UUuuuuuuh oh is Dre moving out??


No. 487688


Wouldn't call myself a fan of Dre, but she seems a lot more genuine and… real, I guess, than Kelly. So good on Dre. Maybe Kelly's next roommate will be just like her. And maybe she'll get smacked in the face with how insufferable she is.

No. 487915

Is there a thread for Dre and the rest of the fellowship?
Dre should be moving out soon. Can’t wait to see how Kelly acts about that. Dre has fans and has her own merch and seems pretty nice, albeit young/silly/hottipic-y
I bet Kelly is seething with jealousy

No. 488098


Honestely, I think "e-fame" (LOL) has risen to Dre´s head a bit. I´ve seen her reply to perfectly innocent comments in such a rude manner. The "i´m goth because of aesthetic" and nothing else thing is also a bit annoying.

No. 488422


Hi kelly(hi [cow])

No. 488437

I kind of agree with this? She's nowhere near as bad as Kelly but she used to be a little more down to earth and I noticed lately she seems more snippy or condescending. It could just be that she's stressed over her channel demonetization I hope she realizes this soon and doesn't become Kelly 2.0

No. 488443

I like dre just fine but I did find it a little weird/sketchy that she wanted to boot kelly out of her channel entirely last year when they finally hit a milestone at the same time (i think they hit the 100k mark within a day of each other?).

kelly acted like a cow about it by subtweeting, but i think that was kind of the start of dre's semi egocentric attitude people are picking up on now tbh

No. 488462

I mean, I can't fault her for kicking Kelly off her channel. I remember a couple of videos where she would just randomly pop into Dre's room and start rolling around on the bed or jump in front of the camera. At a certain point you have to assert yourself and have boundaries if you're trying to build your own channel/brand/whatever.

No. 488558

I would have done the same thing as Dre. It would get irritating fast to be known as “the sidekick” and constantly having Kelly elbow her way past you into the spotlight. I wouldn’t want to feel like I owed my success to someone else either. I’d want to separate myself for a while and prove to myself and others that I can build my channel and brand on my own and not rely on lazy ass narcissistic Kelly Eden. I do t think Dre doing videos without Lelly is sketchy or weird at all. In fact it seems
To me other members of their little clique seem to be distancing themselves from Kelly, such as Courtney and Steph. Can you really blame them?

No. 488560

File: 1517434601746.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 8E0F6C84-BCBA-4CD0-96C9-6F09FF…)

Interesting… I wonder when she’ll announce she’s moving out of Kelly’s house.

No. 488608

I mean there were times as well where kelly straight up made content that should have been shared with Dre, like when they did mail Monday why was it always on Kelly's channel making her money, they did outfits of the day, always on kelly's channel, roommate videos, kelly's channel

No. 488624

Considering she was actually crying on IG Livestream about it a week or less ago I don't blame her. Hopefully she doesn't end up like Kelly. I am not super into the goth aesthetic but still found dre fun to watch because she seems really down to earth

No. 488726

Why was she crying?

No. 488730

Ok hold up. Kelly and Dre did Mail Monday collabs together at first but then Dre wanted to stop so Kelly did the rest by herself, she mentioned that in a video last year, right after Dre hit the 100k subs.

No. 488738

Dre used to be super down to earth, really. i dont think it is related to being demonetized, since she started being a bitch before all that. Perhaps it was her toxic relationship with kelly, or "fame", age, don't know. I just hope she can learn from all this shitty situation and returning being a nice girl she used to be. Aesthetic isn't a excuse to be an asshole. Also do you remember when Kelly said about 2018 being a big change for her and Dre's friendship? I know the Dre's moving out is probably related, but I wonder that there was a feud or something or just a natural will to live new experiences.

No. 488748

Kelly lurks here soooo bad. Talked about her friendship with Steph > she's posting on twitter, posting pics and all. About how needy and desperate for a relationship > she posts about deleting her tinder. She's soooo obvious.

No. 488859

> fit Kelly threw about Dre "not being willing to share the spot light Kelly created for her"

when did this happen and where? was it in a video?

No. 488871

She wrote a tweet about creating spotlights for people and then them not sharing them, it was super obviously about dre

No. 488872

you can see the tweet in the first KE thread >>410126 and apparently she talked about the dre-separation in youtube comments at the time. i'll go lurk her videos from that same time later and see

No. 488931

i totally agree with you it is annoying that she snaps at people, plus the whole labeling every video as "goth" to get views but she isn't involved in the goth scene

No. 488965


with the whole goth solely for the aesthetic thing, Dre kind of reminds me of a waaaaaay more likeable Toxic Tears.

No. 489218

File: 1517493107378.png (380.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180201-143539.png)

From Kellys insta stories.

No. 489255


well at least she's humble.

No. 489364

who's channel was mail Mondays on? who got the ad money paid into their account?

No. 489419

Mail Mondays were always on Kelly's channel, they would open mail addressed to both of them. Because I'm autistic I used to actually watch unironically and I'm pretty sure it was some time last year, Kelly mentioned in a MM episode that Dre wanted to do them separately on her own channel (about 0:58 timestamp) and I can't remember what video it was but there was another time Kelly mentioned that Dre wasn't around because she told Kelly she wanted to do more things separately and work on growing her own channel. I'm paraphrasing but it was super passive aggressive, I wish I could remember which vlog/video it was from. This was around the time Dre was back doing retail work to build up her savings and wasn't doing youtube/freelance fulltime.

I don't know how they split the money for those videos but I can understand the frustration of making content and having all the views go to Kelly. They were doing a lot of collabs back then as well for things like makeup reviews, reaction videos, food tasting, and it was really rare that there would be a corresponding video on Dre's channel. It was usually just a single video on Kelly's channel. If you're trying to grow your own fanbase I can see the logic in wanting to stop doing so many one-sided collabs.

No. 489797

No. 489862

Is anyone part of her Patreon? She tweeted that she posted about the life changes announcement there.

No. 489866

File: 1517529908508.jpeg (55.78 KB, 750x474, E64E835D-F7FA-4F4F-BB09-03D629…)

ughhhhhh pls don’t kelly. Is there a trend she hasn’t tried to make herself a part of? I wouldn’t be surprised if she made a vlog of herself eating tide pods lol

No. 489935

I definitely think it has to do with Dre. Dre has posted on her IG about losing her youtube channel and not making money. She sounded anxious. I think either Dre might have a new full time job, maybe working for Hot Topic or Foxblood, and might have to relocate to another city. Just a theory i have.

No. 489941

That very obvious Steph mention at the end. I'm not so sure she's calling lolcow out as it might be her losing one her longest friend relationships and is trying to cope by convincing herself that everythings fine.

No. 490023

>“If you liked this video click the like button or go ahead and click the unlike button it does nothing for me”

kek someone sounds salty

No. 490037


She used to be a make up artist? because honestly it just looks like someone punched her in both her eyes. that does NOT look good and I dont think its the make up's fault

No. 490058

This doesn't need to be 30 minutes. Halfway through I feel like she overexplains everything to sound smarter, but has no idea what she's talking about. Like "The smell of creamsicles can treat depression"

No. 490118

I agree. She coukd have done a 10 minute review and it would have been suffucient. Also apparently that set costs close to 100$. I know she got it for free in PR, but that seems like a lot for a pencil case size makeup bag, 2 lip colors, and 6 eyeshadows. Also that makeup look she did at the end was garbage.

No. 490206

File: 1517548269261.png (367.65 KB, 642x448, Screenshot 2018-02-01 at 9.06.…)

Watched this, she's super low energy in this. Not even passive aggressive, just low like actual depression.

Her unboxings and makeup reviews are so bare minimum. I got bored and did something else with the video playing in the background. Forgot she was even talking. So boring for 30 minutes.

Nice makeup look, Kelly. Did you use your MUA experience to poorly display these eyeshadows? She wants to make a Twin Stars makeup tutorial video later but didn't make this just a swatch/box showcase video. She used to have drive when she made her earlier videos and now she's just making excuses.

No. 490220

File: 1517549008654.jpeg (240.06 KB, 750x1076, 85080D3A-B689-44D1-882B-72CF16…)

Uhhhhh okay Kelly, good job on looking like a dumb ass reject mime

No. 490226

File: 1517549340590.jpg (89.9 KB, 618x298, troll-doll-1504872279-herowide…)

She always is so boring when she's by herself, no wonder she used to grab Dre for most of her videos. There is a limit to how much content you can make with the same 3 old catchphrases.

She looks so saturated lately and I can't tell if it's because she plays too much with the saturation or it's simply the clash between the shade of her foundation and the color of her hair… It comes of as very troll doll-y

No. 490228

she looks like Beenasuuu

No. 490305

File: 1517557710250.jpg (583.81 KB, 750x1076, IMG_3082.JPG)

I don't think the makeup is awful, it's just her face that throws me off. Her face is just too mature for the kind of makeup she does. I tried to use some meitu magic to give her rounder cheeks a smaller mouth, and I think that those two things alone benefit her greatly. Especially for her kawaii look

No. 490336

Whoa. What an improvement. Those hideous lip fillers don't do her any favors. Bitch is almost 30 and this "aesthetic" is just so sad on her. Trying so hard to be the cool mom.

No. 490418

For someone who is such a self proclaimed feminist she really seems to place a lot of her happiness and self worth in having a boyfriend…

No. 490467

She's not overexplaining it to sound smarter, she's overexplaining to add video length for that sweet YT ad revenue lmao.

No. 490471

Kelly should get a gf or a trans woman. She has no masculine hobbies except gaming, and she takes a feminine husbando point of view about that.
Most men are too selfish and un-empathic to let something so different from themselves be in their lives. It's why in many happy couples the woman is quite unfeminine (hard-working, brown hair, doesn't dress up, no girly hobbies). it blends better with the male personality versus a man trying to be more feminine (which will never happen unless he is a trans woman or a drag queen).

Basically a conclusion I've also drawn about myself, but Kelly is like 70% more feminine than me with all the pink and sailor moon so I think it applies to her too.

No. 490478


No. 490481

what the fuck are you talking about? nice blogpost about your shit love life.

No. 490485

Are you high? Did you forget that men are attracted to femininity? What the fuck does this have to do with anything? Also, kelly's like a man in that she's loud and annoying and entitled so…

No. 490506


She's nothing like a man. Men are sexually attracted to femininity, but not socially attracted. It is not the straight man's dream to spend every weekend in a wall-to-wall pink bedroom with a Pomeranian yapping about.

Plus, all her fans are women, and her biggest fan is literally a trans woman. So my theory is pretty sound.

No. 490518

your "theory" sounds like a bunch of incel-tier justifications for your own shitty relationships.

No. 490526


Last thing I'll say on this as I didn't expect it to get any replies, whoops.

She has a very similar appearance and aesthetic to albinwonderland who is married to a trans woman. Kelly has said she's bi so she should consider dating women. If you are gonna try and argue that Kelly Eden is not feminine (pink hair, pink house, little dog, loves cartoons, makeup, and romance…) I can't rly help you

Btw this was in reply to the long-running topic of Kelly's dating life and this comment 2 above

No. 490548


Exactly no one said she wasn't feminine. 'Nothing like a man' is what was used.

That she's 'loud, annoying and entitled like a man is about the closest (and only) comment to your totally out of thin air post as possible.

No. 490644

This. I actually don't think Kelly reads these threads because I think it would be far more obvious if she did. I think things with Steph might be starting to go downhill and she's trying really hard to suck up to her. It's really common for people to have a massive change in perspective after getting married and lose their desire for difficult friendships.

No. 490683

Hi Lina

No. 490694

lmao this cracks me up every time

No. 490891

She reads these threads. It is a fact.
Even if it wasn't, there are too many coincidences that have happened directly related to things discussed in these threads.

Nice try tho.

No. 490895

File: 1517609048892.jpeg (128.71 KB, 750x1334, 76A5E1A1-4FCF-41D8-8741-28CC08…)

Nice chest acne, Kelly

No. 490924

File: 1517610518024.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180202-172514.png)

Here he is in the background of Kelly's story. My guess is Dre is going to move in with him.

No. 490925

it's so gross.
wash your chest kelly.

No. 490966

What evidence has there been that "confirms" it?

>Even if it wasn't, there are too many coincidences that have happened directly related to things discussed in these threads.

Like what? Her mentioning Steph like she does all the time? Learn to understand the difference between speculation and fact.

You really think if Kelly was reading these she wouldn't be playing the victim like crazy? You really think she wouldn't be milking it for all it's worth by making videos about her "stalkers".

No. 490968

Uhhhh… anon, her three married friends are all extremely feminine.

No. 491035

Both Kota and claire are super feminine, have pastel girly aesthetics and home decor, and colored hair. Kota is married and Claire has a long-term bf she lives with.

It's not Kelly's feminine appearance or aesthetic that makes her unattractive to men. It's her personality.

No. 491037


Girl put some foundation on that chest.

No. 491049


Well… she does kinda have a point. It´s thanks to her (and later, chris villain) that Dre got to build a following on her channel. And as annoying as kelly is, it was her that introduced Dre to all of her friends, kota, steph, blablabla. I mean, remember Dre from kelly's video's way back when? Not a pretty sight. Yeah, i´m totally kelly.

No. 491204


That in no way means Dre owes her shit. So because Kelly 'helped her', she't not allowed to want to focus on her channel her own self, to expand her viewership on her own etc.?

That's ridiculous, bordering narcissistic logic.

No. 491218


Of course she owes her. If it wasn't for Kelly, I doubt she would be where she is now. That is a fact, anon. That doesn't mean Dre is not entitled to build her own channel, and do whatever the fuck she wants.

No. 491222


So… what? Because Kelly collaborated with Dre solely on her channel (with a few rare occasions), got all the ad etc. revenue, Dre should feel obligated to continuing to line Kelly's pockets?


No. 491230


Anon, read my comment. I did say that although it was thanks to Kelly that Dre got where she is, of course she´s free to do wtf she wants. I just think it is fair to remember you gave you a hand and helped you along the way.

No. 491241

File: 1517629682282.png (191.22 KB, 583x545, Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 7.47.…)

No. 491244

Idk, having been in a couple of close friendships with narcissistic people, it kind of feels like there's no pleasing them. How is Dre supposed to "give back" to Kelly anyway? Maybe Kelly introduced her to Kota, but she didn't teach Dre how to play the bass. People are allowed to connect with other mutual friends and have relationships that have nothing to do with the person who introduced them. The world doesn't revolve around Kelly.

No. 491261


Brown hair is unfeminine?? LOL

No. 491276

No. Yes, men (and women) like when their significant other has similar or shared interests, but that doesn't mean they don't want to be with someone that is also different from them in some ways, including being ultra feminine. There are all different types of people in the world that are looking for all kinds of different things in a mate.

Stop making excuses for your obviously lacking personality. It's clearly your batshit fucking insanity that's keep the men away. Same for Kelly.

No. 491306

File: 1517632563067.jpg (310.64 KB, 350x1080, photomagic(1)(2).jpg)


Kelly Eden house first two, Kota bottom

No. 491308

File: 1517632674943.jpg (175.02 KB, 350x725, photomagic(1)(3).jpg)


Kota vs Kelly. Really not comparable, imagine looking at the two houses and people and considering moving in with them? Who would be the safer bet? (and I actually like the garish pink but it's still off-putting)

No. 491310

Can you people stop acting like the way your place looks when you're single is exactly the way it will look when you live with someone else and merge your possessions and styles?

No. 491321


This is going back to the original point about blending in with your partner, and it's generally the woman blending in with the man and not vice versa.
Point being, Kelly's aesthetic brings her so much happiness she would probably kill herself if she woke up in an all-white bedroom every day with no figurines and art and whatnot. There will be no blending. She needs a feminine partner, pretty simple.

Aside: Her last ex had the exact same aesthetic but in black, so that could have worked in the same way Kelly/Dre did for awhile, but there were other problems there (her allusion was cheating on his part)

No. 491334

I really feel like you've never been in a healthy relationship if this is what you believe. Both people will blend and compromise. If only one is conceding then it's a trash relationship and is doomed anyway. How feminine the woman is has nothing to do with that.

There is absolutely a way that she could have her aesthetic and merge it with someone else and keep both parties happy.

Also, and I hate to stereotype here, but most men don't really give a shit what the decor is like. My husband is happy as long as he has a computer, fast internet, and a comfy computer chair.

No. 491396


You know what happens when you live with someone and you have different interests and personality traits? Y'know… like damn near every couple ever?

They compromise. They may each take an unused space and dedicate it solely to their interests. Compromising on both ends is basically essential to a healthy relationship.

If one person basically subsumes themselves for their so-called partner, it's not a healthy relationship, so your point is basically moot here, as Kelly seems the exact opposite of the compromising sort.

I'm sorry your relationships and sense of boundaries are so terrible that you think what you're saying is the norm.

But all of this is only tangentially related to Kelly at this point, so, moving on…

No. 491398

Wowz turned into a Dr.Phil sesh in here pretty quick …. It's cool. It's all about compromise y'all, I agree.

No. 491429

File: 1517645913206.png (559.9 KB, 834x579, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 12.1…)

This is Claire's bedroom. She lives here with her boyfriend, who also sleeps in this room. it's not unheard of to compromise on aesthetics with a partner who genuinely loves you.

No. 491654

In multiple videos she has addressed how haters don't like certain things and she doesn't care, and every single time it's been over something discussed here, and nowhere else. I'm not gonna spoon feed you because it's her videos pretty frequently.

No. 491762

I just watched Dre's video on the Alchemy pallet and holy shit, the whole beginning is such foreshadowing for them having issues with channel separation.

No. 491776

… I think you live in a different reality.

I agree that women tend to compromise more than men in relationships in general, but home decor is usually not one of the things. The vast majority of the time, the woman is the primary influence in home decorating. The man will have some say, but it's usually just in the form of vetoing anything he can't deal with.

If aesthetic differences are the reason for not being able to keep a relationship, that's almost certainly because the person isn't willing to compromise. For example- if someone like Kelly is hellbent on having a pink kitchen, then they'll need to let their partner decide what the living room looks like. Or, they can can come to an agreement about what the common areas would look like and each have their own room dedicated to their aesthetic.

I highly doubt that your aesthetic is the reason you have trouble keeping an SO if you're willing to compromise.

No. 491796

Almost everything discussed here is also on PULL or her comments section

No. 491802

Kelly is so obnoxious in this video, i honestly wouldn't be surprised if this was the one Dre realized she needed to separate her stuff from Kelly, not just that but why is Kelly wearing… panties?? in Dre's video? put on some damn pants if you are crashing your friends youtube video because this is NOTHING like how Kelly dresses in her own videos

No. 491824

She looks as if she just rolled out of bed. No make up, no pants. I feel like it's a little indicative of how she sees Dre's channel. Like, she doesn't think she should bother looking at least semi-presentable because it's just Dre so who cares?

No. 491832

Is there a screencap or link to Kelly's post about looking for a roommate?

No. 491896

File: 1517688984192.jpeg (98.32 KB, 750x274, 67D22B09-9F53-419C-A7ED-5A5C4F…)

No. 491929

I've never seen it in her comment sections, it's a hug box where they worship her.
That's why when Kelly talks about her "haters" there's no way it's from YouTube. The only YouTube backlash was because of the Lolita stuff and that ended awhile ago.
We talked about her overusing "ya boi" here and on pull, and she talks about how people are tired of it and how she's still going to say it.
We talk about her friendship with Steph, and she's suddenly kissing up to her even more.
There's no way Kelly doesn't lurk here.

No. 491976

There are actually a lot of people who call her out on her bullshit on YT, she is just quick to delete any comments she perceives as negative.
And I agree, she absolutely lurks here.

No. 491999

Speculative question - what counts as "evidence" to you? If someone who is close to her let it slip that Kelly is obsessed with reading these threads, the large majority of people in this thread wouldn't accept that as evidence. A comment made out loud doesn't leave proof behind.

No one would say it's a fact unless there was actually evidence, because believe it or not people do understand the difference between facts and coincidences. People, as you have made clear, will believe what they want to.

No. 492017

There was one particular time when anons here started bring up how dirty her feet were in old photos and a video she made ( where you could see the bottoms of her feet VERY well and they were black) and then a few days later Kelly posts
“my feet are always dirty..”
For no reason. This wasnt even a reply to anyone. She’s never mentioned it before. Why now? It’s because she lurks here.

No. 492029

Enough circumstantial evidence is enough to convict someone in a court of law, so it's enough to convince me she's here.

No. 492056

File: 1517698896218.png (31.24 KB, 731x239, wow.png)

kelly really needs some attention yall

No. 492073

File: 1517699692730.jpg (79.08 KB, 640x640, sugarpilltwinstars.jpg)

What even is that look? Look at her almost bare-faced compared to the models here. Sugarpill is well known for being incredibly pigmented and she made it look like a watered-down drug store product. I never followed her makeup reviews closely, but this made me wonder if she's good at it at all or if someone else puts together her best looks. Obviously you don't have to put the whole palette on your eyes like these models did, but with that many colors, she could've done a much better look or even multiple looks. I really expect more from a 30 minute review video.

No. 492091

>No one would say it's a fact unless there was actually evidence, because believe it or not people do understand the difference between facts and coincidences.
To be fair, there was a good number of anons who totally believed that story about her at the gallery that was later proven false. It even got reposted to PULL.

No. 492207

this was awkward

No. 492211

These two are always awkward together. Their friendship seems forced.

No. 492288

She does always seem like she can barely breathe in videos. She has a genuine problem, but instead of telling her "fam" maybe she should get some real therapy.

No. 492339

Gosh the saturation on that video drives me crazy their skin is grey. its all grey even the oversaturated poppin colors :(
The greyish tint allover the video makes the food look disgusting.
And the dialog is so off. They don t seem to connect at all very akward :(
What happens with Kelly why is she constantly getting worse in filming videos?
Just why?

No. 492344

Oh god the old listing for the last time she was looking for a roommate was so cringe. It was basically iso people focused on becoming social media stars and also if your friends come over on a weekly basis they have to pay utilities.

I would love to see what she puts up this time.

No. 492346

I usually love a sparkly highlighter look but Kelly, too much oh my god. At some point you look like you have fish scales on your cheek not a good look girl :(

No. 492348


Did you see this? Sounds not like a nice person(K) to live with.

No. 492357


Can someone post the old listing?

No. 492364

No because then her address would be shown or you could easily search the actual listing. Please do not dox Kelly. Even if she is an annoying skank.

No. 492365

anon her address is already public. I’d enjoy the old listing too

No. 492390

screencap and remove the address. it's not difficult really (use your smartphone if you dont have photo editing software, you can draw right on the screen). i actually know kelly's address bc of a vlog she posted a long ass time ago where she showed her house # and street sign immediately after, but i've never seen her roommate listing. i'm curious

No. 492393

Is that shit still up? If so she should take it down before Lina comes knocking on her door asking to be her new roommate

No. 492401

i thought about telling her but i was 99.8% sure she'd think i was a horrible creep stalker freak for even noticing so…

but i just checked now and i dont see it so it might be gone anyway. it was legit one of her earliest day in the life vlogs so she might have unlisted it some time in the last few months

No. 492500

That's exactly how i found out. And like a weirdo i wanted to know how much it cost to live around there. And for the record, she still has mulitple vlogs up that give away her address.

No. 492509

File: 1517727891226.png (264.65 KB, 720x1199, Capture _2018-02-03-22-59-36.p…)

No. 492518

Honestly that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Other anon made it sound like if a friend spent the weekend there they would have to pay that months PG&E bill, but I dont think its that unreasonable to have a significant other who spends maybe 60% of the time there help out with utilities. I think the no guests longer than 10 days thing is pretty standard too? (my friends house has a 7 day limit)

I'm laughing at Kelly calling it a home for focused professionals though, more like a tacky home for cosplay bimbos. Requirement 5) must have fake boobs

No. 492523

File: 1517730753981.png (306.83 KB, 488x605, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 11.5…)

here's her current ad. She posted this in an LA girl group with 25,000 members. $1200 for rent seems crazy

No. 492525

While searching for that post in the group, I also came across these old posts from when she was originally looking for a room mate. Weird how the rent increased by almost $100 in two months.

No. 492526

File: 1517731174394.jpg (443.5 KB, 495x936, kellyhouse.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 492550

Kelly def lurks here. She’s obsessed. Dre has let some people know that this site “really bothers Kelly”

No. 492551

Oh ya, for sure she lurks here. It must really grind her gears that she can't delete this thread. Lol. Good luck on finding a roomie, I can't even imagine living in that pastel hell. Not my "aesthetic" I guess. I'm into living in a mature, adult environment. One that reflects my age. Whatevz. I'm sure some wide-eyed, kiss ass will move in. "Positive" vibes only for Kelly tho, cause she's the epitome of that. Kek.

No. 492553

I hope Lina moves in lmao

No. 492583


It's probably 1500-2000 a month now with inflation+use of the artist studio. I've lived with people like Kelly and it was fine, but there's definitely an extra element to living with a Youtuber which most people wouldn't want (no privacy if they're vlogging, everyone on the internet knows what your bedroom looks like, loud friends over filming pretty often)

No. 492648


I could see Lina actually applying to be her roommate kek
Would be funny to see Kelly's reaction.
Fuck, I'd pay money to see that actually

It's still hella easy to find her address & phone number. Even without the videos. A two minute google search at most. Just tried it and damn, she really needs to do something about it.

No. 492664

The room was $840 two years ago and now it's $1230? Wtf is inflation truly that bad in LA? Is there rent control?

Or is Kelly the sole tenant on the lease just taking advantage of whoever sublets the room from her? I've had roommates try to pocket "rent money" from other roommates by claiming the rent was higher than what the landlord was truly asking. Is there a better explanation or is Kelly profiting.. because that seems sketchy to me.

No. 492667

I think it's mostly because of the ~artistic~ studio which is now included
But I wouldn't put it past Kelly to augment rent based on the "improvements" she made to the decor and the stuff she buys for the kitchen/living room

No. 492703

You can rent a small 1bd1b in that area for what she is charging for a room, and spend maybe 80 total on power and water for the month.

I think she is charging her new roomie her personal share. so she doesn't have to pay rent at all.

No. 492712

Future tenants are paying for the "Kelly eden experience" … That's prolly her sick fucken logic.

No. 492785

>higher than what the landlord is asking for
Is there a way to figure this out somehow? Like calling up her landlord? Something about this sounds highly illegal.

No. 492789

she was looking for "high standards of cleanliness, organization and maturity"….so her opposite then. Looking for a live-in maid maybe to clean up after her filthy ass kek

No. 492796

if she's able to sublet she can do whatever she wants. the only way she'd get into legal trouble is if her landlord doesn't allow subletting.

No. 492871

I'm curious to know what Kelly pays for her share of rent. Given that Kelly has complete control of the rest of the house and a bigger room, she should be charging well below half of rent for that room.

Also, I think access to the studio should be optional, not included.

No. 492877

Nah, she's probably charging more than she should, but no way in hell is that place only twelve hundred.

No. 492878

File: 1517773074705.jpg (48.61 KB, 458x391, eden.jpg)

I think that it´s her house (meaning she's the one responsible for the rental), she can do and charge wtf she wants for it. You only rent it from her if you want. Although it is a bit iffy that it started being around 800, and now its more than 1200…

No. 492897

File: 1517774392026.png (357.75 KB, 1241x1946, IMG_1727.PNG)

1) wow that shoop. especially on the chest area now

2) finally someone else said it - Dre is the one who's said Kelly is obsessed with these threads

3) re: number two - obviously she lurks. Thread mentions how the fuck does her entitled ass afford a chiropractor while claiming she can't afford mental health care. Kelly posts a picture with a caption letting us know that she doesn't really see her chiropractor that often.
I'm sure that's also just damage control for how outrageously she's raised the rent since the last time she was looking for a roomie. Better to make it look like she doesn't spend above what she claims her means are.

No. 492906

How is this chair *~kawaii~* and aesthetic enough? The last time she got a special chair to save her back, she made a video about painting it pink and gluing fake flowers to it because a plain black chair was too hideous and unacceptable.

No. 492912

Because the use of this chair is a "collaboration" and the other chair wasn't.

No. 492979

Kota just posted a video of her wedding, where one can behold kelly literally snatching the bouquet from another girl's feet. (at around 04:15). How desperate do you need to be? Also, I hate how competitive and spoilt she seems. It always has to be her getting the most eggs (at their easter parties, the other girls are just having fun while she's sprinting about, trying to get as much presents as possible), she always has to be the main character in a cosplay, she always has to be the best or get whatevers best… Geez.

No. 493002

File: 1517780643811.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, 5B8EF701-8E18-4EBF-9FCC-35CB0F…)

this is bae caught me slippin levels here

No. 493035

I agree with your point, but the bouquet thing is normal. Women can be ruthless during the bouquet toss, shoving people over and dog piling. It's nuts.

No. 493039

She definitely doesn't own it. She's referenced her land lord before and has also mentioned it's her dream to own her own house, but she won't be able to because of her student loan debt.

No. 493045

Are there any caps of Dre saying this or is this one of those "I know them IRL" posts with no proof?

No. 493051

I'm almost considering applying. Her house is really pretty and getting to observe her in her natural habitat would be fascinating. There's a couple of things that could be deal breakers, though. For one, I'm not that crazy about the idea of being vlogged constantly.

No. 493053

That doesn't sound creepy at all…

No. 493060

File: 1517783704456.jpg (36.49 KB, 291x602, Unbenannt.JPG)

She's a textbook narcissist.

Also I've wanted to post this for a while… This is from her Patreon. How delusional do you have to be…

No. 493061

Yeah, I realized how weird it sounded right after I posted it. I wouldn't be applying for the purpose of observing her, I actually need a new place soon and find her house very appealing. I'd be considering it even if I'd never heard of her (more so actually).

It would be a bonus to actually witness her first hand, though.

No. 493065

Also, most of her Patreon goals seem to have been met even though they're marked as being far from it. She went to Japan and had hired a personal trainer, yet those are both marked as far from happening.

No. 493108

I think it’s so weird people give her money every month on Patreon. I thoght the whole point of Patreon was that the money you donate goes into future projects by the creator. For example, if you support a cosplayer, the money you donate goes into fabric and materials for future cosplays so they can continue creating without going broke in the process. Kelly’s page claims she would use the donations to produce more skits and cosplays (lol as if she makes them herself), yet she hasn’t produced jack shit in over a year. So are people basically giving this cow money for doing nothing?

No. 493132

yeah, giving Kelly money for just being Kelly, I think is ridiculous… but on the other hand, I'd rather give Kelly money than Jill lol

No. 493188


I sometimes wonder if these anons know how to read. I stated clearly that it is "her" house in the sense that she´s the one responsible for the leasing, as its clearly stated in (she´s the one that rents the property).

No. 493260

File: 1517793515000.png (12.47 KB, 583x119, psych.png)

Her self-made meltdown over this roommate saga has been hilarious.
Is she seriously claiming she's having a panic attack to guilt a potential roommate to fork over money while she's going in for plastic surgery?

No. 493265

dont worry anon, i actually had the same thought. her place is in a decent location and is reasonably priced considering you get parking and your own bathroom. i also think it's cute (sorry yall lmao). there was a moment of about 5 seconds where i said "i should apply"

i have a small designer dog too tho so it wouldnt work even if i werent self-aware enough to realize how much of a bad idea it'd be to live with a girl ive read gossip on lmao

No. 493285

How is she able to paint the walls and such to the house if she's only renting it? Wtf.

No. 493296

It's not uncommon for a place to allow you to paint the walls as long as you paint them back to a neutral color (generally white) when you move. Most people just don't do it because they don't want to take the time to temporarily paint an entire apartment.

No. 493304

for me her as a roommate would be a negative, you know that her ass is home ALLLLL the time. she works from home (youtube), frequently takes week-month long mental health vacations where she just snaps about laying in bed or on the couch all day, and is self admittedly friendless and unable to date. It's one step up from living with a NEET, and that would get old so quick. there's no way that wouldn't get old.

No. 493315

I was considering applying too since I was going to move to LA once I was done with school anyways and I do genuinely enjoy her house, but I have another year of school and I doubt it would still be available by then.

Side note, Kelly is marketing her house as this super cute pastel kawaii heaven, but is then renting out the goth room? I feel like she's not going to get a lot of applicants because most goths interested in the goth room might not want to live in a whole house of sugar sweet pink, and anyone who enjoys pink kawaii style and who would love the rest of the house is then thrown into the goth room? I feel like Kelly needs to make it clear in her ad that you can decorate the room however you want and repaint it if you want. Or she should make it match the rest of the house after Dre moves out so she can at least get some other kawaii girls interested in it.

No. 493320

Most people would assume they could decorate their room however they wanted.

No. 493323

I meant that 1200 is probably the cost of Kelly's and Dre's costs (although Kelly should be more though since she has the master but I bet they were doing around $600 each). Her third roommate picks up the difference, so what I meant is Kelly is probably trying to have the new roommate pay for her rent too. If not, that place is an absolute ripoff for over $3K a month.

No. 493328

You're right and I am an idiot for not thinking that lmao

No. 493334

They're in L.A. It's not that unreasonable.

No. 493339

There's no third roomate, there's only two bedrooms, Dre is moving. There's two(!) Youtube house tours where ya can see the rooms

No. 493361

>>466706 Kelly uploaded her sad and single video the same day Kota uploaded her wedding video. What a tacky person. I feel like she did it in order to slight Kota for "roasting" her.

No. 493365

same person but I meant to sage this but wrote it in the subject field. Apologies.

No. 493380

I'm pushing 30 and I've never been in a relationship, yet I don't have a meltdown every Valentine's day because I'm secure with myself and have direction for my life. Romance will happen when it happens. Why are single people supposed to be miserable this time of year? I understand feeling left out to some extent, but like…..it's just not that serious. It's a stupid commercial holiday. Learn to love yourself and be comfortable being alone or at least be a person other people can tolerate being around if you're so sad.

No. 493435

when did kota roast her??

No. 493444

not that delusional tbh
way back when, (2-3 years ago?)she was in talks to do a reality tv show with a channel. I don't remember if it was A&E or TLC, but I'm going to assume that if she gets a house then she can go forward with it (if they still want to give her her own show). She lives in one of those double duplex type homes so I doubt her neighbors would appreciate cameramen all over the place.

No. 493446

Rent value there for 1-2 bds is $1,700-2,400 for cheapest, cheap! There is no rent control in that area, so some houses are very expensive there and sought after. I just remember her on a video saying she lived by the Hollywood Forever Cemetery area. Then you add fees like cable, electricity, and bam…$$$. Also, the area comes with private parking, which is hard to come by. So I think its justified the price she has. My friends own a bunch of property down in that area. Hope she finds someone that is good. LA/hollywood brings on the weirdest people, so I understand the anxiety of finding a good roomie.

No. 493449

File: 1517802999036.jpg (7.97 KB, 480x360, asdfs.jpg)

why would you hope she finds someone that is good? that's boring, I hope she finds an awful roommate. imagine the milk.

No. 493457

Am I missing something or does she not really show the goth room very well in either house tour? You can't get a feel of the size.

No. 493460

File: 1517803533735.jpg (2.48 MB, 1080x4808, ssdemonpuff.jpg)

So, someone had mentioned that she and Demonpuff were roommates in the apartment she currently lives in a while ago. I remembered I used to follow Demonpuff way back and went to scroll through her old photos to see what timeframe it was.

Looking back, I see a ton of photos of Demonpuff's salon styled exactly as Kelly's "aesthetic", not only that, there are several decorative pieces that are still in her apartment today. I even see her painting that same apartment's walls. Is her aesthetic a rip off of Demonpuff's?

No. 493489

File: 1517804503610.png (1.05 MB, 984x618, Screenshot_1.png)

Ehh…I would say, considering that she's kept it up all this time, it's not a rip off.

No. 493510

saged for correcting myself but anyway here is the image of Kota responding to Kelly's tweet earlier and Kelly saying she was "roasted" http://i.imgur.com/059Rmwj.png

No. 493522

I know too much about what goes on behind closed doors in people's rosy relationships to give a shit about being single or not. Things like one party being majorly depressed but not supported by the other. Forced abortions. Verbal and sexual abuse. If someone actually cares about being single they are delusional, there's good and bad sides to everything. No perfect person will ever "fix" your life and expecting that from someone else is batshit. (agreeing with you here)

No. 493526

It's pretty small considering the times I've seen it. Like 1/3 the size of hers. (this thread is reminding me I've watched too many KE videos my gawd)

No. 493591

File: 1517811768059.jpg (352.45 KB, 1202x624, ew.jpg)

Apparently Stephanie sells her panties from her snaps on reddit. Her reddit account is super cringey.

No. 493605

I'm concerned that she is willing to wear the same pair for multiple days in a row. That's super nasty. I mean the whole thing is nasty, but that's just foul.

No. 493629

Lots of girls who sell panties do that. It doesn't make it any less nasty or unsanitary, though.

No. 493631

File: 1517817043028.png (803.46 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-02-04-23-37-49…)

Dre has been out and about. Glad being demonetized didn't discourage her like Kelly is currently doing to herself. I think Kelly expects no one to use a life boat when S. S. Eden goes down

No. 493632

Question, did they both get demonetized or just Dre? I'm glad to see Dre doing things, she seemed genuinely upset when she was talking about it in her IG live.

No. 493633

From what I understand, just Dre was.

No. 493646

Demonpuff actually posted in one of the previous threads about having lived with kelly and kelly stealing her boyfriend. So yes, they were roommates and it didn't end well because kelly is a ho.

No. 493673

She's a sex worker, get on board with it anon

No. 493748

>If not, that place is an absolute ripoff for over $3K a month.
I take it you're not familiar with how expensive rent is in Hollywood.

No. 493751

>Is her aesthetic a rip off of Demonpuff's?
It's not an original style in the least.

I hate it whenever people say she's ripping off people who do super unoriginal shit as if they invented it.

No. 493929

File: 1517852747180.jpg (226.71 KB, 480x720, original.jpg)

I'm more and more convinced now that Kelly Eden stole the whole Demonpuff aesthetic

No. 493931

File: 1517852788623.jpg (109.34 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mzzmkkKMwE1rpwq1ro1_128…)

No. 493932

File: 1517852811694.jpg (72.59 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mvhxb4eoMj1qbtq8zo1_500…)

No. 493935

File: 1517852844858.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.17 KB, 640x800, 3ba34cb6ee6d6e5c39d572538008b0…)

same trashy style

No. 493956

I love how Kota asked "what's the whole thing" because she doesn't support Kelly's channel by watching her shit. It was a little obvious that Kelly realised how awkward it was that she had to spell it out for her.

The more I'm watching this the more awkward it gets. Kota is so much more likable than Kelly. Kelly's roots look beat up. She looks worse and worse.

The milk is "so heavy" isn't she working with a trainer? Shouldn't be have no problem lifting that?

Talking about the frother when she's using it. She tries so hard to make the most mundane tasks sound important.

No. 493983

WOW. Is this recent? That's kind of vile.

No. 493988

Well I'm pretty sure all the furniture in the 'goth room' was Dre's anyway. The room just has grey walls currently. Whoever rents the room could change it up if they wanted.

No. 493989

File: 1517855098422.jpg (250.2 KB, 1042x852, Screenshot_20180205-112602.jpg)

A direct quote from this board if I'm not mistaken?

No. 493990

If you're single and sad it's because you're not happy with yourself. It's quite obvious Kelly isn't happy with herself. She's a very co-dependent person who needs validation from others to feel good about herself. It's pretty depressing really.

No. 493994

Definitely almost word for word this post >>486069

No. 494047


This bitch lurks here DEFO. She has never talked about any experience with women ever, and we all know she´s doing it just to enter the cool kids LGBT train.

No. 494058

I think this is what I hate most about Kelly. Bi and pan people are treated like a joke by so many people because of straight girls like her who want lgbt points and views. If you're straight, you're straight. Its fine, but now everyone wants to hop on the special snowflake lgbt train and make the rest of us look bad.

No. 494060

has Dre announced any new plans? Is she moving in with her BF? I wonder maybe she has landed a new full-time job working for Hot Topic or Foxblood, maybe as a make-up artist or full-time model. I hope she continues to make money, I like her. It's a shame that YT demonetized her channel.

No. 494063

L.A is soooo expensive (even just to visit), I've thought about moving there and when I looked at the rent for apartments, I was like… NOPE.

No. 494073

She strikes me as the type to make out with a girl on a night out for attention, or to have the odd 'third girl' in a relationship from time to time to keep whatever guy interested and out of other women's beds.

No. 494108


Can a channel begin to be monetised again? Her content isn't offensive or inappropriate really, its a shame really as she seems to be a nice, hardworking person.

No. 494116

I hope so, but it might take some time for Dre to get her channel monetized again. Someone here mentioned that PeachMilky had a similar issue a while ago but got her channel issue fixed.

No. 494125

Did the other girls ever get a tattoo? Or was it just these two?

No. 494126

She was demonetised because she canceled her contract with her MCN. She wasn't aware that canceling that contract would put her back to square one. She just has to wait for YouTube to do a manual review of her channel. There's nothing wrong with her content.

No. 494140


Not only Stephanie, but also Vividvivka (I really like her personality, but don't follow her anywhere because of the riskee content, which i´m not found of) and I think also Envy.

No. 494209

Holy shit I was shocked at the intro to this, she sounds so nice and sweet when she just says "Hello everyone, this is Kelly Eden!".
I would actually watch her videos if she just did this.
Far more nice and tolerable than the current "ITS YA BOOOIIIIIII FAM"
which makes her seem older and extremely annoying.
I genuinely cannot watch her videos because of it, I cringe way too hard

No. 494338

>she must think this only applies to chubby greasy men
So she acknowledges that the rules apply to her then?

No. 494408

Yeah this video (and I know a lot of ppl didn’t like the latest makeup review but ) I like it. It’s nice and entertaining. Everyone seems to be having a good time.

No. 494419

I actually liked that tutorial too, it was a nice change from WHADDUP FAM ITS YA BOOIIIIII KELLY EDEN BABABAAAAAAAAAAMM AIRHORN SNACC

No. 494420

File: 1517874495680.png (374.54 KB, 750x1334, 68E15F95-8FFE-4DDA-BDBC-33AF76…)

The difference, Kelly, is back then, Bowie had everything to lose by coming out as bi back then. YOU have nothing to lose. In fact, some may argue you may have everything to gain. Idk it just wouldn’t surprise me if Kelly exploited the lgbt community just for Internet brownie points, to seem more “relatable” and “special”.

No. 494435

Bitch, yes it is weird. If you claim to be bisexual, but solely focus on men and having a boyfriend, you are clearly not bi and only want the gay oppression points. Sod off, Jill– I mean, Kelly.

No. 494442

rofl, she's so annoying. There was evidence Bowie slept with multiple men and women. he was openly bisexual, the same way Freddie Mercury was. His ex-wife joked about if Bowie and Mick jagger were to fuck, it would be impossible to say who would top.

Why is Kelly trying to suddenly be a bisexual?? Isn't pretending to be bi a 90s thing?

No. 494455

she made a video about coming out as bi for the ad revenue and forgot about it until lolcow kindly reminded Kelly that she was bisexual.

No. 494461

Social media people seem obsessed with labeling as bi. Hey, a lot of people fall somewhere between either side of the kinsey scale. Bi is more of a label for people in the near center of it. They just need to say they aren't exclusively straight or gay instead of hopping on the bi money train with those coming out videos…

It's not because someday you thought a girl was hot that you're bi, Kelly. A lot of people have done a lot more and don't consider themselves bi.

I actually wouldn't care about the use of the label if it didn't become such a joke because of attention/moneywhores

No. 494464

Makes me wonder how many iteration of the fellowship of the rainbow there has been

No. 494561

I would totally respect if she wanted to say she was heteroflexible or bicurious. I’m not going to shame someone who mostly likes the opposite gender with a few exceptions but the key is using the correct label. I mean it’s her business but it rubs the wrong way where instead of using her identity to discuss healthy mindsets, she just victimized herself.

No. 494567

This shit triggers me so hard because 1. I worship him because he was a great example of a bi person in the public eye 2. Kelly will never feel the pain of being an actual bi/gay person since she’s obviously straight. It took me years to come out to my family and I’m only fucking bi. She just puts a claim on the shit and gets asspats meanwhile others get kicked out/ridiculed for actually being true to themselves. Just because you think girls are pretty doesn’t mean shit Kelly. Eat a pussy and get a girlfriend without cameras and guys watching and come back to us, until then shut the fuck up you fake bitch, you’re making us look bad.

No. 494676

As someone who is bi I really don't think Kelly is bi. Like it seems like she only ever talks about getting a boyfriend. Like i wish I remember the vlog but there was one where she was going on and on about getting a boyfriend and she only mentioned getting a girlfriend when Dre mentioned it. Like i feel like Dre is actually bi and Kelly decided to jump on the bandwagon too and say she's buy for brownie points. stop giving bi people a bad name and get a girlfriend then. Also just wanted to add in it's funny how her annoying weeb ass has all these "husbandos" but never any "waifus"

No. 494707

At least the white balance is fine in this video. Tho it was pretty hilarious to see her going from a corpse to an oompa loompa while she tried to fix it by playing with the saturation. My favorite part was when she would use pink on pink on pink in a shot and it fucked with the white balance which made everything looked grey-ish and gross (i.e. the strawberry latte video)

No. 494708

you know what I think? I am starting to wonder if Kelly might be either asexual and biromantic (or hetero-romantic), I don't get the same sexual vibe from her that I sense from Stephanie Michelle, Dre, or Vivid. All her other friends seem like they enjoy sex and dating, but Kelly seems… I don't know, asexual. Maybe Kelly is still trying to figure herself out. TBH I feel like she seems lost and unsure of herself.

No. 494721

More than asexual I think she is too egocentric to be in a relationship may it be sexual or romantic.

No. 494732

I think Kelly is just a generic straight girl who's pretending to go through a bicurious phase late in life. She does outwardly just drool over men and I never would've guessed she was anything other than straight unless I was explicitly told. None of her crushes, behavior, or anything has ever even given an indicator she likes women. Even if she's stated it outright, her behavior surrounding it is so insincere.
Even with her 2D crushes, she's always drooling over Sephiroth and FF boys but never have I once heard her go into any female character and how she wants to be with them.

No. 494850

Kelly is absolutely not ace.

No. 494893

Nope it's a comment on the vday makeup tutorial video.

No. 494940

File: 1517913987237.png (4.3 MB, 750x1334, 574436C1-0AA3-4CD2-A37D-5D55A7…)

Saw this and thought of Kelly… Marzia, a pink haired tattooed vlogger, was flown out to Japan by Sanrio. Along with Pewdiepie. I know there’s been speculation that Kelly’s falling out with Hello Kitty was bc she’s tattooed/edgy, but this is definitely evidence that Sanrio doesn’t care. It’s just that the quality of her content is generally low (bad editing, inconsistent posting, etc) and her small following (that she’s somehow deluded herself into thinking is massive and worthy of sponsorship; it’s tiny on the “influencer” scale), nothing else.

No. 494958

I swear no one on this board ever reads her comments section. They seem to always think we're the only ones making certain criticisms when it's all right in her comments and/or on pull.

No. 494961

I don't think it's really fair for us to say Kelly's not bisexual because she always talks about wanting a boyfriend. It's not uncommon at all for people who are still kinda uncomfortable being open about their sexuality to refrain from mentioning any same sex desires. She mentioned in her coming out video that she still feels really weird about it, she probably just isn't in a place where discussing attraction to females publicly is comfortable yet. Also, I feel like if she were faking it she'd be talking about girls all the time. When she fakes or exaggerates something for her image, she always goes really far to make it seem legit and like it's her entire world.

No. 494974

After all this debate, I expect she will do a vlog soon where she will be drooling all over girls, just to prove her "bi"ness.

No. 495001

If this were true, and she were that uncomfortable discussing her sexuality publicly, why even make a coming out video in the first place for hundreds of thousands of people to see? Oh, because it was gay pride month and she wanted attention.

No. 495139

She would benefit so much with having an actual mental health professional to turn to instead of reaching out to her Twitter followers for happy memes and support. A quick search on Google for "sliding scale therapist" turns up a lot of options. When I was in my 20s I was able to afford seeing a therapist for $20-50 a hour by using therapists who still needed to fulfill their hours for training and it was SO helpful. But I guess this is a matter of you can't force people to get help, they need to want to get help on their own.

No. 495172

I check the comments section of her videos from time to time, but she's so quick to delete anything negative that you basically have to drudge through the swamp of sheeple comments before getting to anything even remotely critical.

No. 495233

I do think she's demisexual, not a complete asexual person though

No. 495576


You only have to look back at the videos with Jake and Toxic Tears to see how much of a demi or asexual she really isn't.

No. 495607

File: 1517960702652.png (5.65 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1734.PNG)

Has anyone seen her Instagram story? It's so cringe.

No. 495608

File: 1517960725862.png (4.79 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1735.PNG)

No. 495609

File: 1517960744310.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1737.PNG)

No. 495610

Who the fuck eats velveeta.
This is another "bae watches me while I sleep," and poor me garbage

No. 495661

Almost 30 and acting a fool on social media. Girl, what is you doing?! What sane man would wanna be w/ that?!

No. 495767

It's just food kelly, not love.

No. 495771

Coming out doesn't mean you have to suddenly become 110% comfortable with being totally open about your sexuality. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. There's varying degrees of how open people want to be. Lots of people who are out don't like talking about their specific same sex attractions for various reasons.

No. 495899

Which I understand. But this isn’t a normal circumstance. She’s an “influencer” with hundreds of thousands of followers. She knows any statements or announcements she makes are going to be talked about and put under a microscope. I just don’t get the point of making it into this huge announcement and then never speaking of it again after she gets her fill of asspats and compliments for being so “brave” and “inspiring”. There is literally ZERO indication she’s bi other than the fact that she made a vlog about it, and that just makes me believe she did it for views. If she wasn’t willing to continue to speak on it, she should’ve just come out to her family and friends and left it to be her personal business. Instead it looks like she did it to be an attention whore. She makes this video during gay pride month while being gay and bi is a hot topic of conversation and then gay pride month ends and it’s never once brought up again. It’s suspicious. She always has to be a part of every bandwagon or “trend” that’s going on so this wouldn’t be unlike her. In fact it would be pretty standard Kelly Eden behavior.

No. 495959

File: 1517978889900.png (2.01 MB, 1152x1503, suchcreativity.png)

Such different looks
Such creativity

She barely did anything but changed her lip color to suit the challenge. Good luck getting dat youtube beauty community audience, Kelly.

No. 496111


think it was actually the same day. her freckles are the same

No. 496322

It is the same day. She even glued ugly fake jewels on her cheeks to hide the hearts from the other look. How lazy can you be.

No. 496331

I love how she put 'Frida Kahlo Vibes' in the caption of the first pic. Like, bitch where?!

No. 496334

Nah she's a ho who is sad that ho-ing hasn't worked out for her.

No. 496421

Sorry for being out of the loop but who the fuck is Lina?

No. 496442

A super creepy fan who wants to look like Kelly

No. 496447

A super creepy fan who wants to wear Kelly's skin.

No. 496642

Thats so far from Frida Kahlo. Just putting flowers in your hair doesn t make it Kahlo. Go and research before posting. Just generic makeup with changing stickers.
Yes its nice but nothing special.

No. 496654

File: 1518027447482.jpg (66.71 KB, 650x867, EJoc7I2.jpg)

Comparison, here is typical Kahlo.

No. 497090


She could have at least done a stronger brow ffs

No. 497229

fr tho. nothing about that look says kahlo

No. 497493


lets not forget the video of her basically grinding up against Stephanie's husband in a bed (I believe Kotas wedding vlog video?)

No. 497520

God I don’t follow these threads but this picture just straight up offends me. That man-face combined with the shitty makeup and eyelashes. The pearly cool pink on her warm toned skin, and that vile hair colour. The horrible clash between her lipstick and her hair. The mouse eyebrows and the cystic looking sticker. All makes me reeee.

I wouldn’t usually judge so harshly but for someone whose livelihood relies on aesthetic, who works in a creative industry, it’s absolutely hideous.

No. 497522

Don’t forget the lipstick on her teeth lol

No. 497526

oh dear sweet god

No. 497535

How terrible is her skin in this old video? Toxictears also has terrible skin, and i´ve seen the same in a lot of youtubers. I wonder if it comes from the shit that slab on their faces on a daily basis? Like the makeup doesn't allow for the skin to "breathe" and therefore they get breakouts?

No. 497561

idk anon. there's just this weird notion that after you hit 18 suddenly your "teenage hormonal skin" goes away. if you had bad skin as a teen you'll prob have bad skin as a young adult. makeup probably has very little to do with it.

and its not just that old video, either. kelly has pretty bad skin even to this day, it's just hard to see through filters/photoshop/super bright studio lights. see >>490895 i'm sure her face looks fine bc she's covered in makeup and is standing in super bright light. but clock the body acne, super visible even in the low quality cam

No. 497881

lol kelly has such fat fingers. They remind me of Trisha Paytas, who they often tweet each other back and forth.

ugh, Trisha should be Kelly's new roomate kek

No. 497904

Sage this shit…

No. 498308

NHK Kawaii better not work with her again, and bring her back to Japan. But, then again ~ who watches that sad show. Misha Janette runs that shit so stupid. Another lolita mess coming soon.

No. 498376


Yeah I think the teenage hormonal skin is mostly a male occurrence. Women are hormonal all the time. -.-(-.-)

No. 498496

>Apparently did not do Mail Monday for a hot minute because the FEDEX was emptied out
>says a FEDEX can't just empty out and close like that…while people in the real world see this happen a lot.
>salty comment about reading letters to herself @ 1:28
>"I like to be validated by you guys!"
>chest acne is super apparent
>says sakura tea in a really weird slurring accent
>has a discord chat as part of her Patreon rewards. Fan sent pictures into chat and she "did not see it".
>bland reaction to Dre's fanart, overenthusiastic reaction to Toshi and Sailor Moon art
And I stopped there. She's not enthusiastic. It was boring and seemed like she was pushing herself to create a video.

No. 498498

File: 1518158574760.png (383.54 KB, 523x473, Screenshot 2018-02-08 at 10.40…)

Kelly, get some fucking help. Watching this made it apparent you overly attach yourself to people to a point where it stunts their growth. How is anyone supposed to grow when you're kicking and screaming over their achievements and/or new relationships? This was embarrassing.
Sorry, samefag but this channel has been swirling in the shitter for a long time.

No. 498754

The pink hair ages her so much. It looks trashy. She’d look so much better blonde.

No. 499038


Those lips though… Stuff of nightmares. Stop getting those injections, you look like a fucking used ratty blow doll.

No. 499219

Kelly unfollowed Dre on Instagram but Dre still follows her… hmmm. I also noticed Dre did one of those “I nominate you four to post a selfie!” stories on Instagram. Kelly wasn’t tagged there either

No. 499220

Kelly unfollowed Dre on Instagram but Dre still follows her… hmmm. I also noticed Dre did one of those “I nominate you four to post a selfie!” stories on Instagram. Kelly wasn’t tagged there either

No. 499229

That's really weird? You have to wonder what happened or if they got in a fight. I noticed she seemed snippy about Dre in her vday makeup video even though she did the exact same crap to Dre in her videos and Dre wasn't such a bitch about it

No. 499278

Good things are in the cards for Dre, especially with distancing herself from Kelly. Good for her I say! Kelly seems like a very toxic, competitive, and insincere friend. Last I checked, Dre's vid from a month ago has well over 800,000 views. People wanna watch her. Kelly on the other hand … Kek.

No. 499309

She unfollowed Chris too

No. 499413

I mean it was aired out on here pretty concretely but we had the predicable "LOLPROOF?!" reaction:
Dre has told people that Kelly is obsessed with reading these threads. Every time we feel like kelly is lurking in here and subtly paying attention to what we're saying….it's because she /is/.

No. 499432

that makes me wonder if kelly's last few days of "i'm panicking, i'm having an anxiety attack for 12 hours, omg" tweets were because she discovered belatedly that lolcow found her identity, address, roomie listings, etc.

No. 499436

People keep throwing around that Dre is telling people Kelly reads these threads and even if it's true, where's the fucking proof at

No. 499445

Seriously. Proof, or it's bs.

No. 499529

I honestly don't get all of the love for Dre. She seems really immature, she just made a video with some other Youtuber where 2 adults just make fun of a bunch of kids on some website.

She's also obnoxiously butthurt about her channel being demonetized but she barely posted on it and when she did she was just apologizing for half of the video for not posting more and the other half was sponsored shit.

She seems to jump from friend to friend based on whoever can boost her career more at the moment.

No. 499538

Dre is also really young (I think she's only 21?) so her being immature is much more excusable than Kelly who is nearly 30

No. 499573

I was with you until that last line. The jumping from friend to friend seems to be more of Kelly's M.O.

Also, agreeing with >>499538

No. 499694

Where has Dre actually said this? People are probably asking for proof because they're not seeing any. I scanned through all three threads and have not seen proof of this at all.

No. 499695

I think the love for See is more spite for Kelly. She's barely any less insufferable if you actually watch her channel.

I also think Dre is in these threads.

No. 499730

File: 1518275207368.jpeg (186.88 KB, 750x1334, F6FF0152-CA53-4596-B82F-1CC690…)

No. 499731

File: 1518275262653.jpeg (187.24 KB, 750x1334, E63B3FCA-2395-49B4-9A0C-6C865C…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 499738

Put your big girl pants on, get off twitter, and go see a dr already. I cant have sympathy for someone not taking initiative w/ their health.

No. 499767

Uhhhh correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought panic attacks at the same time as a manic episode is a staple of bipolar?

No. 499841

I just can’t stand how she has to tweet every time she has a panic attack. Who does that for anything other than the sole purpose of seeking attention? Your thirteen year old followers aren’t going to cure you. Get a licensed professional to help you and get the fuck off the internet. One day she’s actually going to have a severe episode and no one is going to take her seriously because she’s got this boy-who-cried-wolf things going on and hams up every episode she has for Twitter.

No. 499849

If she really had a panic attack she'd be doing anything else but tweet about it.
As someone who's had real panic attacks, people like her piss me off so much because they make it look like a fucking joke.
Sage for semi blogposting

No. 499906

Well, her New Years goals regarding Dre's friendship were certainly short lived. She sounded so self-aware when she was talking about how shitty she had been over the changes in their relationship too.

I'm so curious about what goes down in their relationship off camera.

No. 499936

It's weird because panic attacks can last for hours depending on the severity. She's weirding out over someone leaving? If she has a problem with people leaving period then maybe she should see a therapist and not fucking Twitter. Abandonment issues are dangerous.

No. 499954

File: 1518292794338.png (70.4 KB, 625x323, Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 11.59…)

on Traci Hines's "fake bride" status

No. 499996

But Traci is actually married and has been for a long ass time. I'm not even surprised Kelly and she roll together though, both fake as fuck.

No. 500114

How is Traci fake? Tell us more.

No. 500121

No. 500205

File: 1518308213861.png (183.19 KB, 609x510, t.png)

she's dealing with a "panic attack" yet wants to read the "tea" kek suuuuure Kelly.

No. 500276

When this stupid ass collective figures out a way to "proof!" something someone verbally said, make sure to let everyone know.

No. 500283

Yup. I agree.

No. 500295

>Acting like its sooooo weird and unheard of for anons to ask for proof of something happening and being said instead of believing something literally any anon can come in here and say
Are you okay????
Like its one thing and even a little more credible if one of Dre's friends came out and said she tells people this irl or something, but coming from some random anon on here without any viable proof, it's really not that weird or out of the ordinary for people to not buy it, jfc.

No. 500302

girl people dont wanna expose themselves! What do you expect?

No. 500307

No fucking shit? But at least "exposing yourself" makes the shit that comes out of your mouth here a little more credible. Again, this idea that it's somehow unreasonable for anons here to ask for a real solid reason to believe something was said seems like something an absolute newfag dipshit would say. I could come in here and say "Dre is telling people that Kelly would make Toshi fart in her face and would eat all her food in the house", does that mean you'd automatically believe me because I said it was told to me verbally and the person who said it doesn't want to out themselves? Jesus christ.

Sage because I can't believe this even needs to be said

No. 500395

I would love to see Traci and Kelly interact irl. They’re both so vain and extreme narcissists. The battle to be the center of attention would be a cringe paradise. They’re probably aware of this and solely interact on Twitter because they both know the other would try to steal their precious spotlight.

No. 500407

They've met f'sure at Vidcon, if not briefly. Steff had a blip of her in the 2016 vidcon vlog she uploaded

No. 500413

Is this Kelly? What would suffice as "proof" to you on an anonymous online board. Girl, bye. Just enjoy the fucken tea!

No. 500430

Yeah not gonna give myself away and get people in “trouble”
I don’t have any reason to lie, but in an anon board, I can be “anyone”

No. 500509

File: 1518351480060.jpg (739.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180211-091637.jpg)

Interpretation… Ok.

No. 500541

just to clarify: you're a friend of dre's telling us that kelly lurks here, right? or did i miss something else?

if that's the only tea then i guess i can believe it but it's not exactly piping hot tbh. most people can make an educated guess that kelly knows about lolcow/pull/gurugossip/whatever.

No. 500698

File: 1518377005892.jpeg (166.21 KB, 750x1334, B716AAF3-A35B-4DD3-B4F5-62637E…)

“But my student loans are the problem! Not the fact that I buy obnoxious amounts of shit I don’t intend to do anything with!”

No. 500705

>"Is this Kelly?" when it doesn't even apply
>How can you prove something?? We just don't know what receipts could be!!
>"Just enjoy the tea" aka "I have no better argument so idk just believe what I say or you must be Kelly :)"

Either you are a newfag or just pants on head retarded. And as someone pointed out, anyone could come to the conclusion Kelly lurks without someone saying that Dre tells people this and that.
Then again if you know Kelly and Dre irl you must be some dumb as nails bimbo like Kelly, if not her herself possibly, so I'm not surprised.

No. 500748

God, you're painfully retarded.

We've already had anons confirmed for making shit up about Kelly in these threads. Obviously people are gonna want more proof than some random anon's post. Honestly, anyone who just takes an anon's word as fact and not with a massive grain of salt is a moron. Don't be so irrational.

No. 500751

File: 1518382092556.png (1.31 MB, 1024x687, 76CE0EA5-ABBA-4277-A0A3-8597A5…)

sage? newfag here, lurk alot but have never posted. kelly’s problematic behavior has been bothering me, so wanted to propose next thread header image. found this image from her old flickr

No. 500752

>Yeah not gonna give myself away and get people in “trouble”
Except that this would get Dre in trouble, so that argument makes no sense.
>I don’t have any reason to lie
That's exactly what the anon who told the story about the standby line that was later confirmed to be bullshit said.

No. 500820

No. 500822

I normally highly dislike vagueing, but I'm kinda hoping for more to get more details about the Kelly vs Dre moving out situation

Dre moving out will most likely have a huge impact on Kelly's channel. Kelly is so salty and boring by herself.

No. 500918

File: 1518395266980.jpg (96.55 KB, 1080x265, Screenshot_20180211-192610.jpg)

Dre retweeted this. Clearly there is some shit going down with Kelly.

No. 500959

I'm pretty sure she is just referring to her channel being demonetized.

No. 501050

why are her eyes looking in different directions though

No. 501051

OMG @ that photo of Kelly and the screenshots of her dumb tweets and unfollowing Dre.

Also, found another photo of her bad Steven Universe cosplay. Wonder why she hasn’t spammed this cosplay?

No. 501052

File: 1518405083158.jpeg (128.54 KB, 669x366, E2BE7E92-A255-449B-96D9-A4252D…)

Dang it I sent without the photo.


No. 501132

Maybe she realized cosplaying a tall waif-like character when you're short and have huge fake tits is nagl?

No. 501477

i guess she's back to pastel hair now? it looks way better even with roots showing lol

vlog summary: she puts 10 pounds of pink sugar into 4 different jars while talking in a german accent for 10 minutes. two rando friends are there. that's it

No. 501499

what a waste of food :( annoying try on accent

No. 501502

This is a sad excuse for a vlog. Just when I thoght she couldn’t be any more boring…

No. 501866

Kelly has such a boring life. And it’s just sad her personality is so cringe/attention whorey.
Kinda excited to watch her grow older and still be this mess and turn into an even more uncool, wrinkley, bimbo, grandma doing all the same things and never advancing in life.
And she’ll document every moment for us because she can’t stay away from making videos.
I’m so glad I’m not her. Lmao

No. 501895


It would scare me so much. Youtube revenue doesn't last forever, she rarely models (and most alt models don't get paid or not much at all) and she doesn't reply to her depop. People won't use her Patreon as she gets a little older and I don't have a clue how she can pay the rent on just money for that. I'm happy to be proved wrong though on her income though.

No. 502040

Does anyone else find it weird that Kelly randomly has new people show up in her vlogs with no explanation, and she just treats it like it's no big thing - like they're just people who are always there, when we all know they aren't? Maybe I'm weird for thinking it's strange, but like who are these people? She half-assedly introduces them like we all know who they are, but no one does because they're totally random people.

I'm also thirding or fourthing the notion that I had no idea she could be more boring. She is going downhill SO fast.

No. 502072

Anyone else annoyed by the beginning of this? So much for being bi

No. 502231

>We look like a couple because you look like a boy!

That rubbed me the wrong way. Is she implying only straight couples look like couples?

No. 502273

Yup, because she's not really bi. That ticked me off too. So, you can't look like a couple with another girl?

No. 502361

I hope she gets ants

No. 502375

They had roaches at one point. There was a video that she filmed in the living room area, and she and Dre were complaining about a roach problem. The video wasn’t about that, it was more of an aside. If I can find it, I’ll post it.

No. 502408

She doesn't even make a script to correctly relay information about the tattoo removal process…

No. 502454

yeah, they also looked a lot younger than her and steph. the way she was talking to steph was rude af too

No. 502474

So she can afford multiple tattoo removal sessions (even with the sponsorship, I doubt they were free) with anesthesia and a probably equally expensive new tattoo, BUT THOSE DARN STUDENT LOANS…!

No. 502476

I don't know about you, anon, but that pink microwave was worth it!

No. 502491

nah, the color's off

No. 502548

File: 1518608236851.png (995 KB, 851x672, ScreenShot447.png)

She should never use that angle again. It really shows how lazy she is.

No. 502589

Sooooo the "doctor" is going to wipe up the blood on her arm from all the shots and doesn't put on a glove first? Real quality.

I also like how she says "I considered getting more laser removal just so I could hang out with them" yes, Kelly, because you're slowly losing all your friends you need to hang out with your tattoo removal crew. Loool

No. 502690

this video is so terrible that if i were the sponsor (and tbh i bet she didn't have to pay to get the tattoo removed) i would actually be pretty pissed off. it's completely unprofessional, really poorly edited, and is actually hard to watch for the first ~8 minutes because of the flashing/clicking with almost zero commentary. she didn't bother to wear anything stylish (hi boobcne) or do her hair and said nothing consequential in the 8!!!! minutes she rambled after the treatment, repeating herself over and over.

she's obsessed with sponsorships and getting promotions but refuses to put out quality content worthy of sponsoring. it kinda infuriates me. like how entitled are you

No. 502746


Hmmm… Could they be the new flatmates?

No. 502795

how dumb is she? You can totally get fake sprinkles for decor. Then she's complaining her house is infested with roaches…


do we know for sure that Dre is moving out? I read the whole thread but I'm afraid I lost something. Was there a public falling out?

No. 502798

I think Dre herself said she was moving? Or Kelly announced that the room would be open. I dont remember exactly, but I believe its confirmed she's moving.

No. 502825

it was confirmed but the screenshots have been deleted from this thread i believe?? for safety reasons (her real name, address, phone were all leaked at the same time). she posted on patreon/LA-area girl groups iirc saying she had a room available in march.

there hasn't been a public falling out but kelly unfollowed dre on insta and she also has this weird video where she talks about her relationship with dre kinda awkwardly/omniously

No. 502856

She hasn't been doing so hot in being less bitter about being lonely kek

No. 502860

Honestly, her behavior regarding Dre makes me believe she's right about being bipolar. I've had a few bipolar friends before and one thing they all shared in common was that they'd be almost weirdly obsessed with their best friend one minute, then distancing themselves abruptly the next. The way she acts like her friendship with Dre is so solid and amazing then in follows her on IG right after is very reminiscent of the "one extreme or another" attitude that my bipolar friends have all had.

Sage for armchair psych

No. 502873

sounds more like splitting/having a "favorite person" which is more BPD than bipolar

No. 502875

I agree. I still think she possibly has BPD.

No. 503032

She hits every mark for borderline

No. 503095

File: 1518650657832.jpg (310.92 KB, 978x863, photomagic(1)(15).jpg)

Some comments on one of her videos on the bi topic. Someone asked why she never spoke on-camera about looking for a girlfriend, despite having a "coming out" video.

No. 503293

Kelly is so defensive lol she’s clearly bothered by people calling her out and I am willing to bet it’s because SHE IS NOT BI. She thought she could make a coming out video and people wouldn’t hold her to anything. She’s a desperate attention whore who thought she could “come out” and after she got her fill of attention people would just forget and she could go back to being boy-obsessed husbando-stalker Kelly. Now she’s dug herself into a hole she can’t get out of, so her defense is “I don’t have to prove anything to anyone!” Normally I’d agree with that mindset but there is zero inclination that Kelly is even slightly bi, which leads me to believe she is only saying she is for attention. What is the point in making a coming out video if you aren’t willing to continue the conversation? Clearly she’s giving young bisexuals mixed signals. Personally I wouldn’t base a single aspect of my life on anything Kelly Eden does for obvious reasons but apparently there are younger individuals out there who look to this old woman for advice and she’s making bisexuality out to be something that shouldn’t be talked about. If she wasn’t willing to be open about it she shouldn’t have made it into a huge public announcement. She should’ve kept it to family and friends- that is, if she actually was bi. Now she has younger people who look up to her questioning her and she’s throwing a tantrum because she doesn’t like being held accountable for things she has said. Fuck her.

No. 503320

maybe Kelly is sexually attracted to women but doesn't want to date/have a relationship with women. A lot of women are like that, they wanna make out and fuck women but would rather date or marry men. I agree with you that Kelly probably should have kept quiet about it because people have a right to ask her questions now that she's made her sexuality a public topic. saged

No. 503343

I can't remember her ever expressing attraction to women period. I think that's the issue most people have. I can understand not being comfortable talking about same sex attraction when you've been closeted for a long time. But why make a big deal about coming out if you're not actually interested in trying to be open or honest about your sexuality? That's literally the point of coming out and her job is making videos about her boring life. I also know women who would hook up with or make out with other girls for funsies, but they're not looking for attention and oppression brownie points by announcing how bi they are because it doesn't make much of a difference in your life experience to be kind of attracted to women sometimes but still exclusively dating and pursuing men.

No. 503425

I agree with you. another idea is maybe Kelly have fucked women on the down low (threesomes with guys she dated?) and she doesn't advertise it because a lot of LGBTQ folks will look down at "fake-bi" women who have sex with women for threesomes. but I think it's more likely she's faking bi just for views. saged

No. 503463

Agreed with the above^^^ comments.

I have more to say on this but essentially, if you have no interest in publicly dating a woman (or even talking about dating a woman) there is literally no reason to make a coming out video - other than for attention.

Assumedly any teens she inspired came out because they wanted to ~date women~. A public announcement is not required if all your "gay" activities will always occur in private (or not at all as many suspect on here)

Public announcement preludes public activity. I also have issue with the message this sends gay teens, that dating women is shameful somehow and less preferable to dating a man even if you are sexually attracted. Doesn't do much for the ol' equality business if you by inaction, imply you only use women for sex.

No. 503476

It's not even that she doesn't mention any girls as a potential "something". The way she talks makes it seems as if considering women that way isn't within her realm of possibilities.

>>502231 is a great example.
Her husbando but no possible waifu talk is also telling (I mean a lot of straight girls have waifus while the thought of it didn't even seem to cross Kelly's mind)
And she always equates couples as being male x female. Hence she's always mentioning her potential mate as being a guy.

I mean, even I very naturally switch the way I talk when I talk to my bi friends or people whom sexual orientation I am not sure of (eg. saying "what kind of person is your type" instead of "what is your type of guy/girl") So it is very strange for someone that claims to be bi to speak in such a way. Sure, heteronormativity is a thing and influences the way we talk, but if it was something you had been struggling with, wouldn't you be wayyyy more conscious of it?

No. 503500

I'm friends with kelly and have hung out with her and real life and actually have no idea who those people are

No. 503595

File: 1518695760510.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, giphy (2).gif)

No. 503900


iirc, kelly’s bipolar is self diagnosed, and we know for sure she doesn’t see a psychologist so it’s completely believable that she’s misidentifying bpd as bipolar.
they’re similar enough on the surface level for someone who’s not a psychologist to identify themselves with the wrong one.

she’s definitely got something going on though since she’s so unhealthy.

No. 504158

File: 1518731045574.png (2.67 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1805.PNG)

Talks about how for Valentine's Day someone sent her to her fan mail box a marriage certificate from sephiroth. Mmkay….

No. 504297

File: 1518737691757.png (206.09 KB, 750x1334, 8094010E-44AD-4A01-B9D7-1E433F…)


No. 504776

"when i was manic lol funny bipolar" maybe she should like get some help inside of buying shit kek

No. 504797

It's pink sugar. I don't think there's any "food" less offensive to "waste".

What horrifies me is how she's doing that despite her roach problem.

No. 504844

File: 1518789931047.jpg (542.16 KB, 1080x1679, 753674783368.jpg)

I don't think you are, kelly.

No. 504918

File: 1518798458886.png (1.37 MB, 1242x2208, A5AF7C59-9DD3-496B-A08C-F3AA8D…)

Kota liked this tweet recently. Calling Kelly out maybe?

No. 505112

Yeah, if I were a company considering sponsoring her, that would be a major turn off. Does she not realize how bad that looks to companies or does she think no one notices?

No. 505175


it just confirms she’s self diagnosed since she does understand the difference between actual mania and hypomania.
kelly, if you were ‘really manic’, you would’ve been hospitalised.
she’s describing what would be considered mild hypomania.
she needs to stop pretending she has bipolar or, at the very least, pretending she knows the right terminology because she’s spreading a lot of misinformation about it.

No. 505530

File: 1518824380911.png (27.08 KB, 580x102, Screen shot 2018-02-16 at 6.59…)

We get it, your dad died

No. 505676

I’m convinced Kelly uses twitter solely to garner pity from strangers. All she does is bitch and whine. All of her tweets scream “feel sorry for me and give me attention”. It’s pathetic.

No. 505757

Is it me or does it look like she's wearing shape-wear under this? How's the gym going Kelly?

No. 505761

File: 1518838839013.png (17.75 KB, 732x135, wow.png)

her tweets are either pity parties or ass pat seeking, there's no inbetween

No. 505797


Honestly good for her for taking a step in the right direction. Now let's hope she sticks with it.

No. 505822

File: 1518843070174.jpeg (262.79 KB, 750x1074, 84FDF59A-0FC0-4042-BC23-EE5B03…)

So, Penny herself is a problematic person who has her own thread, but it’s very curious to me that she lowkey called Kelly out for wanting sponsorships for free wigs, and Kelly doesn’t follow her.

Oh, Kelly. Your circle of friends is crumbling and I’m living for it. Her downfall is just too good.

No. 505823

File: 1518843185800.jpeg (266.51 KB, 750x1083, 7B8154E9-19BC-4AAA-A3D4-11E41F…)

Shit I cropped it’s weird. Same fag and saged.

No. 505828

>says upload schedule is sporadic due to stress, many panic attacks and ~big life changes~
>might update later with full video on ~big life changes~
>video is clips of Toshi to make herself happy
>super depression converts to AMINO APP AD
>super happy script voice
>amino app is "tumblr but not garbage if you know what i mean"

No. 505862

What is going on with her face in this insta post? I can’t tell if she’s trying to make an ugly face to be ironic? Why would she post this? Saged

No. 506004

i got the impression that she was trying (and failing) to be sexy

No. 506021

Where the fuck did this bitch go to makeup school? I'm so offended that she would call herself a makeup artist when she can't do basic looks on herself.

I assumed her and Dre went to decent makeup schools in LA considering they've done entire videos about their "makeup expertise".

No. 506077

Dre said in her dropping out of high school video that she was lucky to pursue a career that doesn’t require higher education so I’m assuming she’s 100% self taught. The difference is that Dre actually gets paid as a MUA. if anyone contracted Kelly for makeup I would be horrified

No. 506149

Kelly didn't go to cosmetology school. She worked at MAC (and I believe ABH too) in the past. Doesn't mean she was any good at it or learned anything that stuck, but that's where her "credentials" are from.

No. 506242

She said, I think it was her hair transformation video, that she got in a trouble at mac a lot for doing her makeup too heavy

No. 506414

That's pretty impressive since most MAC workers I've seen also have the "dyed hair and edgy makeup" look going on. She must have looked like a mess.

No. 506697

In one of her videos (think it was her style evolution one) Dre said she went to a beauty school and was trained to do makeup.

No. 506787

so… any word from Dre about why she's moving out and what her next plans are? Anyone?

No. 506854

Yikes.. everyone on this forum is disgusting lmao. Y'all are really so obsessed with this bitch. Is this not depressing to any of you? The fact that you spend large quantities of your valuable time investigating and berating this woman that has no idea who you are? You stalker bitches go hard lmfao. This is some DEVOTED SHIT. You're really taking THAT MUCH TIME to go through EVERY detail of her online presence and you don't even LIKE her??? She annoys me and I'm not a fan of her sense of humor but I never once thought "Hm.. I don't enjoy this lady's content. Why don't I obsessively watch all of it then write foot-long forum posts describing why every aspect of it infuriates me." Like some of this shit doesn't even make SENSE. I haven't seen this much reaching since early tumblr days. I really hope you all will someday realize how valuable your lives are and how great they could be if you just put this much effort into something that counts. Like a friendship or your career. PLEASE help yourselves out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 506870


deep breaths, princess. feel better now?

No. 506873

Tip! Don't put your real email in doloresviribus@gmail.com! Some people on here aren't very nice and might send you spam :)

No. 506883

Thank you for the tip! Actually not my real email, though. I just found this forum by accident because I was curious about Kelly's breast augmentation. The posts made me very sad so I commented on a bit of a manic high. I shall leave now!

No. 506900

she's moving out to live with her bf, the pink haired guy who has been in a few of their insta stories

No. 506901

i'd kinda assumed that guy was gay. shows what i know, i guess.

No. 506914

I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere, just speculated.

No. 506928

No. 507117

She says that she is going to have surgery… I wonder if that is to get smaller tits. I hope it is.

Also, I find it gross to wash extensions on the kitchen sink.

No. 507142

babies take fucking baths in the kitchen sink

No. 507160


It´s not even her kitchen sink, is the studio's sink. There's nothing disgusting about washing it there, what´s disgusting is that sink is dirty as fuck!

No. 507175

She should have edited the picture a bit better to hide the shapewear.

No. 507365

File: 1518980059849.png (184.75 KB, 2452x1299, scammer.png)

someone called her out for promoting a scammy hair exte company

No. 507586

>"I hope I don't die!"
Yes please be more hysterical about what is probably a completely unnecessary cosmetic procedure you chose to spend money on. If she had a real health issue, I can't imagine her being able to shut up about it.

No one needs to spend $1000 to get high quality hair extensions, what is this delusion? Has she ever been to a real life wig or beauty supply store? Her extensions also look really obvious and shitty with her lighter colored hair so idk why she thinks she's in a position to give advice.

>"You want to wash them as little as possible, this is not your real hair"

>Uses a ton of product
>"I like to use a lot of shampoo"
>Filthy sink
>Using a blow dryer instead of air drying, not using a heat protection
>"I feel like I kind of know what I'm talking about"

Lol ok

No. 507959

yeah as another person stated, that's the sink in the studio where Kelly and Dre shoot their vlogs. Kelly did a studio tour in an old vlog a few months back and it includes a mini kitchen with sink and bathroom. saged

No. 508030

File: 1519008237737.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180219-023820.png)

"Look at what fun the "gang" is having working together" — doesnt follow Dre or Chris on insta

No. 508122

Not that what you stated isn't true, but that isn't Chris.

No. 508157

That’s Leo Camacho a big Disney cosplay account.

But what she doesn’t follow Dre on insta?

No. 508376

I wonder if Dre is aware she unfollowed her?

Someone should ask Kelly why she unfollowed Dre

No. 508416

Dre doesn’t follow Kelly either.

No. 508419

Wow, that's a new development. I'm so fucking curious about what went down between them.

Honestly, their relationship had red flags all over it from the beginning. Kelly was calling Dre her best friend not that long after meeting her. I was actually really shocked when I found out the timeline of their relationship, they came across like they had been extremely close for years only a few months into it. That and the fact they both say they have bipolar (not sure if Dre really has it or also self-diagnosed herself) made me wonder how long it would last.

No. 508437


Check your facts anon, she does (I just checked), and has been doing so for a long time.


My bad, they look similar, specially in my phone's little screen.

No. 508677


Oh dear, Dre if you're going to photoshop your face skinny, do a better job.

No. 508703

Am I the only one who dislikes Dre even more than Kelly? I know she's at an age where her negative traits are more "acceptable", but I really can't stand people who try so hard to come across as chill and down to earth when they're obviously really bitchy and stuck up. As much of a train wreck as Kelly can be, I doubt we'll ever see her making reaction videos on cringey children. I'm kinda confused how some of the anons in these threads can fall for her "down to earth" persona if they actually watch her.

No. 508755

I find it very weird that Kelly proclaimed Dre to be her best friend, when Dre was only 20 and she’s almost pushing 30..

I’ve had older roommates before claim I was their best friend when in reality I just needed a place to live and went along with it because at 19 or 20, you haven’t yet developed the boundaries to tell someone they’re not your best friend or you’re not actually that close when someone older and more experienced keeps calling you “mature” or keeps complimenting your “life skills” (when in reality they’re just immature and way behind in life).

Dre has just been silently moving on from that friendship, focusing on her professional work and making plans to move in with her boyfriend (which is exactly how I shook off those clingy roommates, sorry for projecting/blogging but yeah).

No. 508869

What happened between the fellowship and Molly (blue haired girl on the video), does anyone know? She appeared in plenty of the videos, then disappeared. I once saw somebody commenting asking for more vids with the fellowship, and she replied that "they don't really hang out anymore". I know she was since moved, but anyone in on the milk?

No. 508896

Molly is a trainwreck of a person, one look at her facebook or twitter feeds will tell you that. She's currently banned from facebook for a month because she won't stop talking about how she wants to kill all men. I always got the impression that she was using the fellowship for fame/followers and they got sick of her shit. She's pretty obsessed with internet fame, she was on some shitty reality show like four years ago and won't stop talking about it to this day as though it makes her relevant at all.

TLDR Molly is fucking obnoxious and I'm not surprised they dumped her.

No. 509216

I watched their live stream from Stephanie's bachelorette party and during a q&a one of the questions was something like "What happens if someone in the fellowship doesn't keep secrets?" Kelly immediately responded with "they get kicked out", everyone laughed and kelly then said that they have had issues with that before in the past. I know that's not a confirmation, but it's a pretty safe bet to assume the comment was about Molly.

No. 509219


Dre and Chris both still follow Kelly. Kelly unfollowed both of them about 10 days ago.

No. 509221

There's no way Kelly would acknowledge this and answer. She ignores or blocks everyone that isn't kissing her ass.

But I do think that if enough people asked Dre why Kelly unfollowed her, she might reveal something.

No. 509472

Is there any way to see this? I'm curious.

Yeah, I can totally see Dre spilling a few drops of tea if enough people ask. I hope she does a QA soon.

No. 510069

File: 1519175517459.png (47.32 KB, 701x176, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 8.12…)


No. 510290

File: 1519189945087.png (133.03 KB, 1440x1826, Screenshot_20180220-210721_1.p…)

So because her fans harassed the gallery because she mentioned it an a photographer how many tweets do you think Konami is gonna get…

No. 510434

I'm pretty sure Molly is the only one who has ever been kicked out of the fellowship so that makes sense

No. 510478

This is pretty funny, just shows she knows nothing about that whole situation, good job on the gamer girl path, konami will never give a damn about you kelly

No. 510483

This just proves how much of a fake gamer she is hahaha
PT will never be back, and you would know why if you invested 5 seconds of googling

No. 510656

I don't think this Tweet means she's unaware of why it was canceled. Tons of people were upset about the cancelation.

However, it's Kelly, so she probably has no idea.

No. 510879

>”changed the horror-gaming world forever”
But did it really, Kelly?

No. 510897

how is she this late to the party

No. 510903

Dear god… This is bad.

No. 510906

File: 1519247350373.jpg (118.35 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20180221-170756~2.j…)

Dropped the pic like the retard that I am.


No. 510909

whenever thots dress up as Usagi I cringe into the nth dimension. Out of all the senshi you pick her to ho up?

No. 510926

The one bow really bothers me

No. 511002

Can she cosplay anything beside usage
She can’t even do THAT right.

No. 511059

That horrendous neck and jaw shoop though holy shit. Who does she think she's fooling..

No. 511122


This is probably the most editing kelly's done on her face, just look how skinny her neck is in this picture and how long she made her face…so embarrassing

No. 511205

Not just in this pic (although I think it really shows) Kelly’s eyes are a little bit closer together on her face than most peoples… she should use her makeup skills to fix that and do something to compliment her eyes.
Making them looking bigger AND with all this heavy makeup only makes them stand out but appear closer than they already ate.

No. 511273

She could easily fix that by focusing her makeup on the outer corners of her eyes and not extending the dark liner into her inner corners…if she knew anything about makeup

No. 511368

File: 1519306606427.png (732.52 KB, 1440x2070, 20180222_083145.png)

If Kelly doesnt know what this is, then why endorse it? What I've gathered from the comment section is that Vero is a new social media platform that's ad free but charges people to use it?

No. 511369

File: 1519306783106.png (400.58 KB, 1440x2196, 20180222_083112.png)


Samefag. Saw this in the comments section. Kek.

No. 511395

File: 1519311974445.png (568.04 KB, 1361x563, hospitol.png)


No. 511400

why is she complaining about medical expenses of "her son"?
this bitch drives me crazy

No. 511403

Because now she has less money to buy necessities, like another 10 lb bag of sprinkles or for ugly second hand Japanese clothes that don’t fit her correctly lol

No. 511404

Not trying to whiteknight but it’s one thing to spend money at the hospital for diagnosis and care and quite another to have to spend it on no diagnosis

No. 511427


New Black Moon Cosmetics review. Already she's used three words randomly which made no sense. 'Contour of London on box' 'Arrangement of colours' 'Impactful names'

No. 511429


Sage but I know 'arrangement of colours' makes sense on its own, but in the context she used it, was nonsensical.

No. 511436

File: 1519317298728.png (791.79 KB, 682x677, ScreenShot460.png)

I hate the way she describes colors, this video could have being 15 minutes shorter, at least.
And this looks like baby poop.

No. 511438

Whyyyyy does she apply makeup directly to her face with a without swatching in a SWATCH video? You can't even see the first color she picks on the palette. It drives me crazy, but maybe that's my fault for expecting her to actually deliver what's in the title. I'm not sitting through 30 minutes of her rambling to see if there are actual swatches.

No. 511458

Put links in the YouTube section when posting to embed it!
It also stops her from getting views from us if I recall correctly

No. 511465

File: 1519320683902.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8349.PNG)

Professional makeup artist y'all

No. 511466

File: 1519320708438.png (1.11 MB, 1136x640, IMG_8350.PNG)

No. 511491

Yeah, but did she take him to an emergency location rather than a regular vet? If so, she can't really complain. They emergency clinics have a right to charge for being available 24/7.

She didn't even say what warranted needing to "rush" him there. Knowing Kelly he probably threw up and she panicked.

No. 511511

She literally stars almost every video saying she hasn’t been feeling well and how life is hard blah blah blah we get it Kelly you have “depression” and a slew of other trendy self diagnosed illnesses, just get to your shitty video.

No. 511529

File: 1519324851835.png (16.15 KB, 607x162, Screenshot_1.png)

>complains about people giving advice about getting puppy/adopting
>gets a purebred dog
>hires fame hungry idiot Kyle Kittleson
>doesnt get pet insurance

No. 511533

I went to look at her twitter after you posted this cap. How can she know he got into chocolate and yet post about how she had to rush him to the hospital yet has "no idea what happened"? Is she really that clueless?

It also bothers me that she's going through this alleged crisis and tons of her fans/supporters are commenting with genuine concern and asking questions or offering advice, etc…and she just ignores it all. I dunno. Just seems rude. People actually care, and she just wants the attention and sympathy.

No. 511769

this video is all over the place, and she is over the top in how she describes everything. she keeps trying to push that she is a make up artist, but she comes up with repetitive looks and i know we'll see half this shit on her depop in a month

No. 511868

BMC is not "up and coming" they've been around for a few years now. I also doubt they actually reached out to her.

"Backwards moon" - there's no "right" way to draw a moon. Good lord.

Has she never watched a single BMC unboxing or review video? Their packaging is beautiful, yes, but it's nothing new - again, they've been around long enough that it's not a secret how beautiful and intricate their packaging is.

And regarding the copying - there were legitimate issues semi-recently where Jeffree Star and Manny MUA did a collab where they straight up copied the BMC logo - no one is talking about the actual tube.

I'm also irritated that she's supposed to be doing swatches - which she didn't even do at all. It's fine if she wanted to test them on her face rather than do actual swatching on her hand or wrist, but she could have at least zoomed in. She also tried like two shades in the palette. Pffff. GAWD. I could pick her apart all day.

Sorrow does not smell like blueberries. If she had done any level of research on this company and their collections she would know that Sorrow is from the Black Metal collection, so all of the shades look black with flecks of shimmer. And yes, they do feel grainy.

Why the fuck does she show each clip of her wiping the lipstick off? No one cares.

She's showing how little she's looked into the brand because Gloom, Willow, Dusk, Mourning, Libra, and Illusion are all pale nude shades. Fuck they even carry a nude bundle.

No. 511962

I am so angry that whatever she has going on with Harvest makes it look red. It's a very orange shade. If you're reviewing products do what you can to make sure they look true to color. Get better at editing!

No. 512009


Luna isn't an eyeshadow - it's a lip topper. If you get free products, at least look at the company's website and figure out what you will be reviewing.

No. 512434

calls herself a makeup artist, is mind blown by the liquid eyeshadow and it being in a liquid lip component and has never seen it like that before……is she for real

No. 512503

File: 1519399799246.jpg (12.49 KB, 512x278, moonphases_zps52d216b1.jpg)

>"Backwards moon"
This is nitpicky as fuck but good lord, how does someone make it into their late twenties without learning that the moon has different phases? There is no such thing as a backwards moon Kelly you absolute dumbass.

No. 512536

Saged but holy shit I can’t stop laughing at this

No. 513063

I’m confused… not a single shade of anything matches with Kelly or her precious “aesthetic”. She even suggests the brand do lighter colors despite the fact they are a goth brand. The products seem like they’d be better suited for Dre to review tbh. It makes me think Kelly reached out to them in an attempt to appeal to Dre’s lost followers now tha their gawff queen is no longer on YouTube.

No. 513084

File: 1519442349879.png (845.73 KB, 1250x592, lol.png)

that last comment tho