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File: 1512520101125.jpg (57.58 KB, 463x573, ryrtyrey.JPG)

No. 438560

(and her boyfriend Jonny Craig, if they last that long)

- 20 year old animal youtuber with 1m subscribers
- is currently dating a 31 year old abuser, rapist, and addict
- has health issues so doesn't have a normal job (EDS, celiac disease, chronic pain, depression and anxiety)
- hoards animals, now has around ~26
- frequently advocates "adopt don't shop" but has spent thousands on exotic and designer pets
- didn't notice for weeks that her fish jumped out of it's tank and it died
- almost killed her axolotl by not feeding or noticing it had a fungus for 6 weeks
- hedgehog died, swore she'd never get another one, got two more anyway
- blames a lot of her pets health issues on where she got them, not her own negligence
- has a service dog, but left her behind when she moved out
- supports bad animal practices
- manhandles animals for "cute" photos and videos

in more recent news, she got into a twitter fight with her parents when they showed concern about her new relationship.
she also impulsively adopted two orphaned kittens (~2-4 weeks old) without having ever owned a cat or any knowledge on how to care for such small kittens. she didn't supply them with a heating pad and fed them away, which can kill them if they're too cold. she had also been handling them way too much. one of the kittens recently died due to "fading kitten syndrome" which can commonly be caused by hypothermia.
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q

info about her boyfriend, Jonny Craig:
- formally in bands dance gavin dance and emarosa. now has his own band slaves. recently lost label due to accusations
- is a known abuser, rapist and heroin addict
- tried to shoot up his ex girlfriend with heroin while laughing as she cried
- held a knife to another exes neck and raped her
- cheats on every single one of his girlfriends and calls them crazy when they speak out against him
- has been in rehab and hospital beds many times but continues to relapse
- is usually homeless and broke and leeches of his girlfriends, moving in with them quickly and using their money
- much older scandal, but he scammed hundreds of fans by selling macbooks and never sending them out. keeping the money to buy drugs
- has been in jail at least once
his links:

No. 438562

File: 1512520223339.jpg (18.87 KB, 575x107, bnvbn.JPG)

honestly i know more about jonny than taylor, but i'll post what i have on both of them. i have a ton of screenshot

No. 438563

File: 1512520262103.jpg (41.82 KB, 1209x303, hfghjhgkghk.JPG)

No. 438565

File: 1512520300780.jpg (27.54 KB, 576x191, ghfghfgj.JPG)

No. 438567

File: 1512520378788.jpg (23.75 KB, 578x182, fgfdgfd.JPG)

No. 438568

File: 1512520405987.jpg (42.68 KB, 583x573, ghfgh.JPG)

No. 438569

File: 1512520436894.jpg (35.41 KB, 589x348, gjfgjfg.JPG)

No. 438570

File: 1512520452815.jpg (45.96 KB, 604x567, fgdfgdfg.JPG)

No. 438571

File: 1512520488547.jpg (74.49 KB, 694x503, 1.JPG)


No. 438573

File: 1512520503394.jpg (60.81 KB, 391x558, 2.JPG)

No. 438575

File: 1512520540266.jpg (60.8 KB, 506x544, 3.JPG)

No. 438580

File: 1512520773675.jpg (40.21 KB, 596x411, eyghfu.JPG)

and now the twitter drama with her parents over her boyfriend. it's not really in order though, sorry. her mom deleted all of her tweets so all i have are taylor's replies

No. 438581

File: 1512520817185.jpg (48.4 KB, 611x599, ghftydr.JPG)

No. 438582

File: 1512520843273.jpg (48.96 KB, 604x426, hjghjfh.JPG)

No. 438583

File: 1512520881185.jpg (45.39 KB, 576x386, mom.JPG)

No. 438584

File: 1512520925750.jpg (15.1 KB, 577x86, retret.JPG)

No. 438585

File: 1512520948293.jpg (51.55 KB, 609x507, rhyjh.JPG)

No. 438587

File: 1512520978132.jpg (47.74 KB, 603x411, turtustg.JPG)

No. 438588

File: 1512521014594.jpg (57.02 KB, 603x607, tyrysg.JPG)

No. 438589

File: 1512521062289.jpg (63.14 KB, 600x602, tytujgyiftu.JPG)

No. 438590

File: 1512521172616.jpg (67.38 KB, 625x633, uiyiytu.JPG)

No. 438591

File: 1512521223481.jpg (41.59 KB, 585x448, uiyjfghjgj.JPG)

No. 438593

File: 1512521270456.jpg (42.4 KB, 598x369, yfhfgujftu.JPG)

No. 438594

File: 1512521473897.jpg (33.16 KB, 582x233, tyrtyer.JPG)

that's about all i found relating to the drama with her parents. here's a not very self-aware tweet she made about rapists, due to the fact she's dating one

No. 438595

File: 1512521561671.jpg (39.93 KB, 611x459, xgdfxg.JPG)

on to some of jonny's drama, which is a lot more abundant

No. 438596

File: 1512521583779.jpg (16.42 KB, 348x219, xfgcxgh.JPG)

No. 438597

File: 1512521648340.jpg (39.75 KB, 639x505, ghvgjvj.JPG)

No. 438600

File: 1512521704961.jpg (41.65 KB, 586x480, awrfsy.JPG)

in response to his ex fiance amanda rogers

No. 438602

File: 1512521819162.jpg (44.56 KB, 584x391, aaa.JPG)

on that note, here's some screenshots in relation to amanda

No. 438603

File: 1512521854676.jpg (46.61 KB, 333x555, aaab.JPG)

No. 438604

File: 1512521873209.jpg (30.23 KB, 343x550, aaac.JPG)

No. 438606

File: 1512521922147.jpg (35.97 KB, 475x392, ybujbjbk.JPG)

No. 438607

File: 1512521982679.jpg (30.22 KB, 579x210, tjfhjfj.JPG)

No. 438608

File: 1512522043458.jpg (24.24 KB, 576x166, regh.JPG)

No. 438610

File: 1512522116369.jpg (40.33 KB, 547x507, fghfdh.JPG)

No. 438612

File: 1512522170906.jpg (38.85 KB, 570x418, dtyhghk.JPG)

No. 438613

Is she really 20? I would have believed you if you said she was 30.

No. 438614

File: 1512522235790.jpg (24.27 KB, 573x461, etthyty.JPG)

No. 438615

damn I really liked her, this sucks

No. 438617

File: 1512522304460.jpg (81.84 KB, 799x557, dfbvdfb.JPG)

right? i was surprised when i found out she was so young. definitely looks a lot older

No. 438620

File: 1512522369205.jpg (21.08 KB, 575x89, a1.JPG)


No. 438624

File: 1512522457385.jpg (65.53 KB, 436x553, a2.JPG)

oops. i meant 1/2.

No. 438628

File: 1512522693861.jpg (28.3 KB, 611x245, zgdg.JPG)

alright, on to the next ex. jonny cheated on amanda with chelsea. then he dated liz, and afterwards went back to chelsea as he almost died from heroin and needed someone to care for him and pay his hospital bills. i'll go with liz first since there's a ton more screenshots about chelsea

No. 438631

File: 1512522774537.jpg (21.79 KB, 598x136, yrtye.JPG)

No. 438632

File: 1512522802269.jpg (42.6 KB, 634x347, ssdgfh.JPG)

No. 438635

File: 1512522864156.jpg (26.29 KB, 595x205, rwetreg.JPG)

No. 438638

File: 1512522913170.jpg (23.44 KB, 608x210, rtryrty.JPG)

No. 438641

i unsubscribed from taylor after she left the service dog behind. she begged for that dog for what seemed like ages.

is her claim of being unable to work because of chronic illness actually legit? she says her job is taking care of all these animals, which i’m assuming takes a lot of time and running back and forth. couldn’t she work at an animal rescue or something? sage for speculation/no1curr.

No. 438642

File: 1512522987865.jpg (54.11 KB, 603x441, hjghj.JPG)

No. 438648

File: 1512523173888.jpg (62.39 KB, 840x440, Capture.JPG)

she has a few videos mentioning it. her main video about her illnesses states she gets sick and hurt so often working a normal job is too hard. also in her video about working at petco she says she couldn't work at a food place because of wheat allergies. i feel like working at petco, and now taking care of over 20 animals would be just as rough as a normal job. so i don't know how much truth is in those statements

No. 438649

File: 1512523220125.jpg (75.1 KB, 621x568, hfghgh.JPG)

No. 438652

File: 1512523325678.jpg (38.86 KB, 598x321, ewrewt.JPG)

No. 438655

File: 1512523394197.jpg (31.58 KB, 621x323, erewrfg.JPG)

No. 438659

File: 1512523602732.jpg (39.67 KB, 610x440, wdxc.JPG)

now onto chelsea's stuff

No. 438661

File: 1512523691689.jpg (40.91 KB, 331x499, truhdhdh.JPG)

No. 438662

File: 1512523787658.jpg (30.99 KB, 612x187, trgdfg.JPG)

No. 438663

File: 1512523817113.jpg (30.01 KB, 324x527, thghgf.JPG)

No. 438665

She's holding them like snakes.

No. 438666

File: 1512523921984.jpg (36.92 KB, 600x450, tgdfgdfh.JPG)

No. 438668

File: 1512524055687.jpg (34.65 KB, 605x256, sdsdfdsf.JPG)

No. 438669

omg jonny craig i forgot about him

No. 438671

File: 1512524115284.jpg (47.02 KB, 630x425, ryreydf.JPG)

No. 438672

File: 1512524184328.jpg (18.28 KB, 614x114, rtyrtyty.JPG)

No. 438674

File: 1512524232477.jpg (46.35 KB, 604x407, hdgfghsgsd.JPG)

No. 438676

File: 1512524311227.jpg (37.06 KB, 346x536, 1.JPG)

No. 438677

File: 1512524344996.jpg (41.4 KB, 340x545, 2.JPG)

No. 438682

File: 1512524376593.jpg (40.48 KB, 354x545, 3.JPG)

No. 438683

File: 1512524406460.jpg (37.02 KB, 318x539, 4.JPG)

No. 438685

File: 1512524579481.jpg (40.38 KB, 605x300, ghdfgfg.JPG)

No. 438688

File: 1512524629156.jpg (21.61 KB, 604x132, fvv.JPG)

No. 438689

File: 1512524673797.jpg (47.16 KB, 618x434, fthdfghbdf.JPG)

No. 438691

File: 1512524732551.jpg (25.17 KB, 600x149, fhdhfg.JPG)

No. 438693

File: 1512524808044.jpg (51.88 KB, 608x373, fgjdfgsdg.JPG)

No. 438695

File: 1512524924792.jpg (36.61 KB, 594x251, efsdfg.JPG)

No. 438696

File: 1512524989660.jpg (32.91 KB, 604x251, asdasdg.JPG)

No. 438702

File: 1512525113165.jpg (41.14 KB, 606x417, fdfgdfg.JPG)


No. 438704

File: 1512525134813.jpg (28.85 KB, 343x538, 00000.JPG)


No. 438708

File: 1512525251616.jpg (25.23 KB, 331x541, 0001.JPG)


No. 438710

File: 1512525273157.jpg (27.45 KB, 321x539, 0002.JPG)


No. 438714

File: 1512525385486.jpg (31.23 KB, 624x415, hbnfgbdf.JPG)


No. 438715

File: 1512525416457.jpg (26.78 KB, 379x577, 000.JPG)


No. 438716

File: 1512525439440.jpg (38.05 KB, 419x546, 001.JPG)


No. 438719

File: 1512525519141.jpg (56.33 KB, 595x366, 1o2.JPG)

chelsea's mom's tweets

No. 438720

File: 1512525576929.jpg (56.72 KB, 631x389, 2o2.JPG)

No. 438724

File: 1512525699963.jpg (42.51 KB, 469x574, yjytujy.JPG)

the rest is misc stuff and things i forgot

No. 438729

File: 1512525735919.jpg (28.9 KB, 375x295, uh.JPG)

No. 438731

File: 1512525801828.jpg (35.69 KB, 377x530, sdgdgg.JPG)

No. 438734

File: 1512525847601.jpg (66.65 KB, 859x477, ryutr.JPG)

No. 438735

File: 1512525879284.jpg (37.77 KB, 572x585, ryrgyry.JPG)

No. 438736

File: 1512525918120.jpg (70.72 KB, 600x573, hjyjy.JPG)

No. 438739

File: 1512525971178.jpg (51.57 KB, 428x547, gdfgdfg.JPG)

No. 438741

File: 1512526026747.jpg (39.79 KB, 385x571, gdfegfg.JPG)

No. 438744

File: 1512526068697.jpg (51.36 KB, 591x595, fhfgh.JPG)

No. 438745

File: 1512526103396.jpg (44.51 KB, 625x522, fgxfgxfh.JPG)

No. 438746

File: 1512526173569.jpg (32.69 KB, 359x493, fgjfgjfg.JPG)

No. 438748

File: 1512526260448.jpg (40.17 KB, 474x590, fghcvng.JPG)

No. 438749

File: 1512526296825.jpg (26.34 KB, 392x396, dgtsdbfdh.JPG)

No. 438750

File: 1512526341327.jpg (41.43 KB, 400x387, dgnfnfg.JPG)

No. 438751

File: 1512526390574.jpg (38.68 KB, 619x512, dfgsgy.JPG)

No. 438752

File: 1512526442272.jpg (38.05 KB, 389x521, a.JPG)


No. 438754

File: 1512526466012.jpg (41.19 KB, 385x522, b.JPG)

No. 438756

File: 1512526536673.jpg (44.14 KB, 487x592, Capture.JPG)

No. 438757

File: 1512526610653.jpg (20.65 KB, 575x104, fhfghf.JPG)

No. 438759

File: 1512526642476.jpg (32.33 KB, 540x550, fhjfzcv.JPG)

No. 438760

File: 1512526677603.jpg (26.79 KB, 580x215, jhjghj.JPG)

No. 438761

File: 1512526710386.jpg (35.42 KB, 555x482, fjfggsd.JPG)

No. 438762

File: 1512526743896.jpg (35.52 KB, 413x556, gdfgdf.JPG)

No. 438763

File: 1512526796186.jpg (25.56 KB, 576x155, kghjkghjk.JPG)

No. 438765

File: 1512526824658.jpg (43.67 KB, 576x467, gjhjgh.JPG)

No. 438767

File: 1512526871068.jpg (68.96 KB, 592x592, ghkh.JPG)

No. 438768

File: 1512526906780.jpg (48.07 KB, 830x491, hyknn.JPG)

No. 438769

File: 1512526938427.jpg (58.66 KB, 588x586, kghjfghj.JPG)

No. 438771

File: 1512526964552.jpg (61.39 KB, 590x592, tuyrtyiry.JPG)

No. 438783

Finally a thread on this cunt! Not surprised she already killed one of the kittens, so many of her pets die off so quickly (and as you mentioned, she always blames it on the breeder SHE decided to get them from, except this time she can't).

Also some of her pets just mysteriously dissapear and then when people ask about them she says she "gave them away to a friend".

No. 438827

I’m so happy you made a thread for her. I don’t know her, but I fucking hate Jonny. I’ve been following his drama for a while.

Unrelated, but I’ve talked to Liz before and she’s the sweetest girl ever. She has been doing really good since she got away from Jonny.

Amanda and Chelsea have hated each other for YEARS, it’s so great to see them finally working together to take Jonny down once and for all.

No. 438843

same here anon. i'm glad i'm not the only one into jonny's drama. i didn't know about taylor until she started dating jonny. he's been my personal lolcow for years. i honestly liked his music before slaves so i kept up with him. i saw some of the amanda drama go down, and then all the other drama with his exes. i feel so bad for all of them, even though it's been interesting seeing how everything played out over the years. everybody hated amanda so much and jonny always pitted his exes against each other. i was so surprised, in a good way, when they came together to speak about what they've been through. taylor is a fucking idiot for ignoring everyone's warnings. it's like goddamn onision and lainey. funny their names are both taylor.

No. 438845

The part that gets me about the 'adopt don't shop' is that the main mascots of her channel are (likely) wild caught and from a breeder.

I mean I might be wrong but it doesn't seem like cowfish are bred in captivity.

No. 438931

if you like her for her animals try emzotic. shes not a bitch and is more educational and actually cares about her animals.

No. 439063

File: 1512576731203.png (1010.64 KB, 1440x2400, Screenshot_2017-12-06-10-10-32…)

No. 439076

When you said he was in the band slaves I thought you meant the good band called Slaves from the UK, not a shitty post-hardcore band. Phew.

No. 439196

> she is everything you never were
He has said this to every girl he’s ever been with.

>I wonder why if all this garbage was true about me she wouldn’t see it and leave

Not denying it

No. 439225

>getting her apartment together

so gross. he's totally using her for her money and a place to stay. this is so embarrassing to watch

No. 439291

>I'm not abusive despite multiple testimonies because my gf one decade my junior doesn't confront me about anything!

Whew lad

No. 439294

how or why this bitch STILL has any animals is beyond me.
has she been reported to any animal abuse station or whatever?

No. 439310

File: 1512595184634.png (519.26 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-12-06-15-14-49…)


No. 439311

File: 1512595205561.png (507.87 KB, 1440x2568, Screenshot_2017-12-06-15-15-21…)

No. 439318

I think Taylor was desperately looking for a reason to move to LA and decided to hang all of her hopes on him. I kind of feel bad for her because I've been swept up in a similar situation and know she will feel like the biggest idiot when it all comes crashing down around her.

I also think she over burdened herself with all of her animals at such a young age and it's severely limited her options and now it's come back to bite her in the ass. tbh you normally don't see very many young people with so many pets. Usually it's older people who have established a stable life and have a space suited for keeping animals.

No. 439337

i know she wanted to go to L.A., but she just rented an apartment in San Antonio. i'm sure her lease is at least 6 months. Jonny has lived in Texas many times, no doubt he's moving in with her

No. 439339

would any band that's actually good have such a tacky edgelord name?

No. 439349


I don't think they picked it to be 'edgelords' tbh, though it is tacky. And taste is subjective so it's all good.

Anyway, this guy is a rotten shit and she's an idiot. Lets hope she escapes without being put through what he did to those other lasses.

No. 439609

shit, i forgot to mention his kid. he got a girl pregnant and decided he didn't want anything to do with her or the baby. so he ditched them and made a song "children of divorce" about the situation to profit from it. not too long ago he was tweeting shit like he wanted to become a dad. people were calling him out, saying he was already a dad. he denied it and said he doesn't have any kids.

No. 439624

Not to be THAT GUY because he’s shit and he’s always been shit, but I loved his solo album. I loved Downtown Battle Mountain and Relativity. His voice and his style is just… so soulful, it’s too damn much for me.

All in all though, what a waste. I’m surprised to hear he’s still making music, since he’s ruined most every project he’s been on with his shitty addict antics. So many artists flat out refused to work with him, but I guess the scene kind of has a turnover and people forget? I don’t know how. He’s been doing the same clean/not-clean act for about a decade.

Reading this made me panicky, so many flashbacks to a past relationship. All abusers are the same, aren’t they?

No. 439733

i'm sorry, pause, this adult man has no teeth?

No. 439753

File: 1512667639777.jpg (30.35 KB, 564x376, fa892df2670860078e92f5c0438321…)

he's missing a few, especially in the back. i don't remember how he lost them. drugs maybe? that's why most of his pictures are him sticking out his tongue or something. he never fully smiles for photos

i'm right there with you. i hate him as a person. but have always loved his music. seen him live a couple times when i was a kid. but after learning what kinda person he is, i don't support him anymore. still go back and listen to his old stuff occasionally though

No. 439978

File: 1512692467826.png (1.8 MB, 1440x1669, Screenshot_2017-12-07-18-18-43…)

i wish she'd stop manhandling that kitten so much. kittens that young sleep most of the time and need warmth constantly

No. 439983

File: 1512692935969.png (222.32 KB, 1440x829, Screenshot_2017-12-07-18-25-03…)

i guess taylor's cool with jonny avoiding court too. is there anything he does that she disapproves of?

No. 440074

She manhandles all her pets, it drives me insane. Vid is a perfect example. Like she continually talks about how much it stresses her crocodile skinks to be out of their enclosure. But yeah, she holds hedgehogs on their backs, touches her fish all the time, her amphibians… the kittens. Ug won't be shocked if she kills this one too.

No. 440135

I feel like she doesn't even genuinely love some of her animals, she just buys/"rescues" some of them so she can make "I GOT A NEW_______" videos and for ~aesthetic~ reasons. She often impulse buys them so she can hoard collection of exotic pets and then gives them the bare minimum space to live, some of her animals "don't like being handled" yet she loves to hold them to the camera anyway.

I think her cowfish (cheese) is cute in a uglycute way though.

No. 440146

Youtube recommended some of her videos and I just watched a few of them. I was kinda rubbed the wrong way when she started talking about animal cruelty and how to properly take care of fish/hermit crabs when she has SO many pets.

Her bf looks like a discount Lil Peep

No. 440170

nooo, lil peep was actually pretty hot. he looks like a tweaked out jack antonoff

No. 440282

Cheese is cute but needs double the space he is in. She overstocks her aquariums. Like Cheese is going to get 16 inches in size and if he gets stressed he can release a toxin that is poisonous to other fish.

No. 440323

She looks a bit like Blaire White to me

No. 440330

He looks exactly what like lil peep would have looked like if he lived into his 30s

No. 440375

Thank god someone finally made a thread! She's a hoarder like 90% of popular pet channels. I find it very hard to believe that she can find the time to enjoy that many animals, let alone properly take care of them. She's made some good videos (like the one about Finding Dory) but mostly she just shows us her new animals. And I can only imagine things will get worse after Jenna Marbles shouted her out

No. 440673

File: 1512791999794.png (763.76 KB, 1440x2543, Screenshot_2017-12-08-21-58-21…)

No. 440675

File: 1512792153323.png (946.9 KB, 1440x2330, Screenshot_2017-12-08-22-01-32…)

taylor's mom

No. 440679

File: 1512792677991.png (539.06 KB, 1440x1940, Screenshot_2017-12-08-22-05-44…)

No. 440680

File: 1512792705256.png (612.84 KB, 1440x2281, Screenshot_2017-12-08-22-07-22…)

No. 440681

File: 1512792721925.png (353.06 KB, 1440x1244, Screenshot_2017-12-08-22-07-46…)

No. 440854

How embarrassing that a 20 year old woman is going through the "fuck you mom I'll do what I want" phase.

It seriously seems she is dating him to piss her family and "haters" off and likes having an "edgy bad boy" bf to seem cool.

No. 441022

She's 20?? It's probably the Kardashian look but I would swear she was at least 27, wow.

I tried to search about it but I couldn't really find anything about cowfish being bred in captivity or not. She does admit that Zuzu (I forget the type of fish he is) is wild caught.

Honestly, this was so out of nowhere, with her sickness and the amount of pets she owns I thought she was partially a shut-in. How the hell she even got to know this guy, I have no idea.

No. 441307

The situation with her and Jonny is really frustrating, it's so clear that he is an abusive scumbag and she just does not see it. I feel like her parents really did have a chance to snap her out of it in the beginning when she got involved with him, but instead of going at her from a place of concern and love, they panicked and tried to use any leverage they possibly could to get her to come home/end the relationship, which just drove her closer to him and widened the gap between them. It's an absolutely awful situation and I really do hope that she wises up fast.. She's blowing through money like crazy, and is becoming more and more irresponsible with her animal commitments (IE throwing her mouse in the closet, the kitten passing away etc.) and I imagine it will just continue to get worse. It's a shame because she really has a funny personality that is well suited for youtube, but gosh she is making some awful mistakes.

No. 441334

I can't stand SDP but SDC telling everyone it was dominiques fault that she attempted suicide. Or should I say "having her family notify others" no, I have illnesses. I don't talk about them. I don't like any of them. I thought she was faking from the beginning and did my own research. No matter who I don't like, you don't blame someone for an attempted suicide. She deserves the all the backlash shit she gets. As for "munchie". Nope. No service dog. Legitimate issues. No IG account glorifying my medical career. I have a picture of one surgery. Definitely no youtube videos. So your assessment of me is wrong. Janaye has burned several people I know. I didn't hold a grudge but I also know that things were not adding up.

No. 441391

wrong thread

No. 441640

File: 1512931465653.png (407.34 KB, 1440x1162, Screenshot_2017-12-10-12-39-14…)

No. 441641

File: 1512931486812.png (691.36 KB, 1440x2331, Screenshot_2017-12-10-12-39-06…)

No. 441642

File: 1512931510757.png (1.39 MB, 1383x2174, Screenshot_2017-12-10-12-38-59…)

No. 441643

File: 1512931524986.png (507.69 KB, 1440x2156, Screenshot_2017-12-10-12-40-51…)

No. 441802

File: 1512949224210.png (2.21 MB, 1440x1763, Screenshot_2017-12-10-17-34-43…)

No. 441804

File: 1512949266171.png (2.46 MB, 2880x1440, Screenshot_2017-12-10-17-37-28…)

has she ever pet a kitten before

No. 441881

I foster neonatal kittens so I know my shit when it comes to these little guys. She's not keeping up with cleaning them and the one that's somehow miraculously still surviving looks to be in poor shape.

See that thinning, patchy fur around the mouth and on the neck? That's fur loss from skin that's been irritated by having milk left on it it to crust over. You need to thoroughly clean the mouths and butts of these guys every single time they eat and toilet or else they can get very painful skin issues. If she can't even keep this one's MOUTH clean, I hate to think of the shape its poor rear end is in…

Kittens this young are EXTREMELY vulnerable and fragile, this one is going to get a dangerous infection if she doesn't step up her cleaning routine.

No. 441887

This has to be an old pic. Pretty sure he has way less teeth than this now. Lol.

No. 441896

yeah it's an old one. it's pretty difficult to find a decent pic showing his teeth. had to scroll through google images for a good while

No. 442148

File: 1513010743285.png (272.45 KB, 595x399, ehhh.png.daf68a0a42e0c9e6a3abe…)

Oh look, she's thinking of getting another kitten…. Like I get wanting a friend for you kitten but you're barely taking care of the remaining one, and these kittens are highly adoptable. They are fine and aren't ready to leave their mom and each other yet. How about instead, you give your friend your kitten and see if the mom has any interest in it or something? Then maybe your kitten can get the socialization it needs?

I mean, anything is better than what you're doing.

No. 442210

she's really out here, dating a man with a history of abuse and sexual assault and he has no teeth

wtf are her standards? is charles manson's grandson not avaliable?

No. 442427

File: 1513044580972.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1840, Screenshot_2017-12-11-19-57-40…)

No. 442446


Wow, it looks very poorly… I hope it survives against all odds but let's be realistic, that's unlikely. Just sad.

No. 442478

Those fucking claws, she looks like a vulture about to snatch him up.
She looks like a villain from a children's cartoon

No. 442814

Glad there is a thread on her and glad she seems to be reading this. First off, Jonny is so UGLY. Sorry Taylor but why are you attracted to a guy who looks like a beady eyed rat? Or maybe a weasel. He seriously is so gross looking. Second, I think taylor is an idiot to ruin her relationship with her family over this guy. Do we think there's any truth the her "repressed traumatic memories"? I wouldn't be surprised if she had a typical suburban childhood and is just trying to come off deep. Also I know her lips have that weird shape naturally, but I DO think she's getting injections. They look way fuller than normal in her latest videos.

Maybe taylor is hoping Jonny will mistreat her so that she can garner sympathy after and play the victim. But the funny thing about that is that NO ONE will feel sorry for her since she chose this herself after being so clearly warned.

No. 442990

Oh my god this breaks my heart. This Kitty is soo poor. Taylor IF you're reading this PLEASE take it to the vet

No. 443166

I don't really see any reason why she would /definitely/ be lying about repressed memories. Plenty of people can have traumatic childhoods, even people who come from well-off families. Who knows, though.

No. 443186

Guys, I had a lapse in judgement and was watching her for a little bit in the beginning.

I'm pretty ignorant about animals, so the thing that got to me was the nonstop bitching about her super special invisible illnesses and there was one shitter of a video where she got her literal special needs kid brother to read her "haterz" comments. That left a really bad taste in my mouth. "LOOK AT MY RETARD BROTHER. DO YOU NOT FEEL BAD FOR BEING MEAN TO ME?!"

I'm not at all surprised that she ended up with this prince of a man.

No. 443326

Lol her diagnostic story doesn't add up. You don't get diagnosed with EDS so fast, it doesn't affect your bones and it isn't some spectrum like she claims, there's 11 different types. She's drinking and partying and flying out to LA constantly, she runs around in heels manhandling these animals when EDS causes fatigue and pain and the painkillers she claims to be on cannot be taken with alcohol. She goes on about how she has such a high pain threshold and that's why her illness doesn't affect her as much which is such an insult to true sufferers. She even indicates she self diagnosed herself with it 'its what I suspected'. She claims it was bad enough that she was never in school but now it's magically okay- that doesnt happen- it's degenerative. She's constantly lying so I'm not surprised she lied about this too for attention

No. 443334

For instance her magical story about getting the kittens- specifically the one she killed. Those kittens are rare and never found in shelters. Of course she wanted a designer cat to match her designer snakes but it wouldn't fly with her whole adopt don't shop bullshit so she claimed after a whole day of searching shelters she just magically rescued these kittens from a wall…? I'm sure the whole town clapped Taylor. Then your cat magically died when it totally isnt your fault, just like your THREE hedgehogs, your fish that jumped out of the tank because the tank was so filthy- the same dead fish lying on your floor that you didn't even discover for a whole month, another fish your eel ate because you put it in an incorrect tank which literally anyone with common sense would realise, your green tree python, the fish that died from your neglect which led to the ich outbreak. That's not counting all the animals you've given away after using them for a video, including your sea horses, your 100 turtles, your dog that you claimed to be training into a service dog. Oh and that's just a list of the animals from THIS YEAR ALONE. You're a compulsive liar and attention whore that is abusing your animals for videos, self diagnosing to make yourself seem more special and showing off your daddy kink with your abusive boyfriend all over Twitter. The thing that pissed me off even more was how you attack any big YouTuber that gets a pet! You attacked Marzia for her hedgehog and axolotl, Jenna marbles for her fish and several more. If someone gets a pet you can count on dr Taylor dean to be in the comments giving her supreme advice whilst her kitten is dying on the floor. Oh and how did you get rid of that current living kitten's fleas when it was younger than 8 weeks old? Especially when you let them to dry on their own in a box? It was COVERED in fleas and we could see it on camera, you only realised when people called you out for it. You're a liar that is not qualified to give animal advice let alone animal care. You're as bad as the daddyofive channel, you're abusing, neglecting and killing innocent creatures for money

No. 443346

File: 1513170079855.png (668.39 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_2017-12-13-07-58-28…)

Why is she a animal youtuber and 'teaching' others how to care for animals when she can barely care for any of her own and have them die in her care? What kind of sick fuck is she? I saw her vids on my suggested here and there and my thoughts were she's most likely a animal horder and using the pets for attention, I guess I was right.

No. 443347

I mean, anon, there is no way she could have kept those 100 turtles but I agree with everything else you say.

No. 443349

All her thumbnails scream "look at how hot I am guys!" I've never seen an animal channel owned by a instagram slut with thumbnails like that and OF COURSE the animals are being abused.

No. 443401

File: 1513200692581.jpeg (163.93 KB, 750x1079, 484C5876-1EC3-46E4-95C5-2A25CC…)

Funny how she claimed to have her appendix out as she was 15 minutes away from dying yet there's no scar? There's tons of pictures showing her stomach and there's nothing there- not even a hint of a scar. Oh and before you think it's faded, if she has the EDS she claims to then she would have very obvious prominent keloid / atrophied scarring- scarring that is raised, pink and often spreads out. An operation like this would have also left a large scar because EDS patients have skin fragility and don't heal easily- it's very easy to rip and tear the skin. So where's the scar Tay? You aren't a medical mystery that has magical collagen- that scarring is part of EDS. Anyone with the condition knows this

No. 443402

File: 1513200716686.jpeg (164.03 KB, 750x1084, ABC8E959-6A8D-46B4-9139-B163C7…)

Another angle

No. 443403

File: 1513200751021.jpeg (265.91 KB, 750x1031, FEE17786-EE4B-44C0-8067-6DA8ED…)

Another angle

No. 443404

File: 1513200869252.jpeg (295.37 KB, 749x1087, D2FD63BB-EE9D-4BA3-83C8-61CFA0…)

Aaaand one more. Also check out the bad facetune around her waist and pulling/blurring the arm of the backpack. Im extra pissed tonight since she's showing photos of kittens from Craigslist that are $500 saying she's probably gonna get two.

No. 443406

fake boobs? what do you guys think?

No. 443409

File: 1513202867557.png (705.91 KB, 720x930, Bitch should be jailed.png)

>gucci pooped on me during this pic

Orly? Did the snake really shit on you or are you just trying to seem more wholesome and in love with your pet? Imma go with the latter.

I hate sick bitches like this who use animals as accessories to make themselves seem more likeable and passionate. Why can't she be a normal internet thot and show her tits for attention instead of using these poor animals? Right when they die bitch goes straight to the pet shop to buy more props for her yt vids and insta pics. Smh.

No. 443417

She keeps getting lip injections even though they're bad for someone with these illnesses so I wouldn't be surprised if she went full instathot and got fake boobs. Also I really think the kitten is dying, she's made a fucking twitter account for it - link is on her twitter- and is posting on it constantly instead of caring for it. The kitten looks so sick, his fur has thinned so much since being in Taylor's 'care' and it looks like he's developing some odd irritation in his eye, then again her abusive dirty boyfriend manhandles him non stop and God knows what diseases he carries

No. 443425

Is she even ill? What illness does she claim to have? This bitch wants attention so much, she might even be a munchy. I don't believe for a second she is suffering from any disease.

Tbh she looks pretty plastic, looks like she got the run of the mill insta skank ps package; nose job, ass hole lip injections, botox, tit implants.

No. 443427

cant we call the aspa on her? this is animal cruelty tbh

No. 443429


No. 443439

Makes me wish one of her pets would bite her in face. Way she holds them looks really uncomfortable for them.

No. 443451

this bitch is definitely not sick, she wouldnt be able to care for all those pets.

also someone on PULL found the craigslist ad for the 'new kittens that need a home' when really they are just designer kittens for $600 each. someone hsould get that around on twitter

No. 443481

She's definitely a munchie, this is the video where she makes up her illnesses - https://youtu.be/f1wwi0xefZw

None of it adds up. She was sooper sick in school but now she can care for 25 animals? She can party and drink multiple times a week and fly to LA several times in a month? She wears heels all the time, is running around in her videos and constantly alluding to her drug abuse on twitter. Alongside this she has the classic munchie traits of daddy issues (calls her boyf daddy on twitter 24/7), bad relationship with parents, actually disabled brother and preexisting mental health conditions. These often result in someone desiring people taking care of them. Alongside her compulsive lying it makes sense. She embellishes every story for no apparent reason- often to make herself seem special and unique or to get what she wants- whether that's a new expensive pet or covering up for killing the last one

No. 443499

File: 1513211428029.png (486.16 KB, 720x648, Screenshot_2017-12-13-18-50-07…)

Why does she try to convince people? Feed? More like starve to death. These thumbnails are so narcissistic, ofc everything has to be about them.

No. 443530

When people where saying the cats will die for her poor threatment i didnt think it would happen since i have seen people who has rescue baby cats in waaay worse conditions (eye infections, stomacal infections, broken legs, etc) How did she manage to kill that poor cat? And who left for two hours alone a cat that young? It is amazing how her fans are so stupid to dont blame her.

Right now she is retweeting all the tweets that are making her look like some kind of hero.

No. 443567

How she's not popped up in the Munchie thread I have no clue.

No. 443592


A video from another animal hoarder. oh lord.

No. 443604


look at me everybody, i'm SO AMAZING that I actually FEED ALL OF MY PETS and I totally do it EVERY DAY

…congratulations??… so you should..?? here's your cookie I guess

No. 443608


Classic narcissist move, yo

No. 443612


so girls with face tattoos are rape targets, but he doesn't look trashy at all? fuckin hypocrite. Also shocked to learn we're the same age, he looks fucking haggard

No. 443618


OK I love her mom. She's pretty on point.

No. 443622


Lots of people "work out" what's wrong with them via the internet, or knowing others with the illness so they know the symptoms. (I did this with EDS after years of pain, read a stranger's medical story online and everything fell into place.)

But then they go get it confirmed by a specialist so they can get the right treatment. Self-diagnosis seems to end at the point where they decide what illness(es) they have, just in case the doctor tells them otherwise.

No. 443623

honestly i liked this bitch at first but then i saw this thread and i've been woken up lmao. shes def a scum fuck

No. 443624


OK but who actually dresses like this if not to take a fucking photo?

No. 443625


She claims to have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I'm not sure what type, but hypermobility type is the most common, least serious, but still very disabling.


No. 443626


That's because the people who have rescued the seriously ill baby cats you've mentioned ACTUALLY LOOKED AFTER THEM.

As someone commented above, it doesn't seem like she's cleaning the surviving kitten properly (in place of where mom cat would do).

No. 443690

File: 1513239640860.png (1.65 MB, 1363x1421, Screenshot_2017-12-13-12-38-00…)

No. 443691

File: 1513239659450.png (253.73 KB, 1440x1205, Screenshot_2017-12-14-02-07-52…)

No. 443692

File: 1513239697227.png (2.24 MB, 1440x2208, Screenshot_2017-12-14-02-10-26…)

poor thing

No. 443693

File: 1513239734614.png (2.66 MB, 1440x2040, Screenshot_2017-12-14-02-10-35…)

No. 443694

File: 1513239786064.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2020, Screenshot_2017-12-14-02-11-30…)

i guess it's jonny's cat now lol

No. 443695


911 hello this cat is neglected

No. 443696

File: 1513239811702.png (251.74 KB, 1440x1043, Screenshot_2017-12-14-02-14-04…)

No. 443697

File: 1513239824159.png (167.8 KB, 1440x845, Screenshot_2017-12-14-02-19-04…)

No. 443698

File: 1513239837118.png (242.51 KB, 1440x862, Screenshot_2017-12-14-02-15-02…)

No. 443703

She loves to retweet people to call her out to send her little minions after them and deleted the retweet when they answered back.

No. 443706

Is it just me or he looks extremely sick?
I really doubt he will survive.

No. 443718


He looks weak and he looks scruffy like he's a street kitten. She's not cleaning him properly (you're supposed to gently clean very young kittens with a damp washcloth in place of their mom licking them which she'd naturally do several times a day).

No. 443759

File: 1513249993419.png (310.36 KB, 540x380, 007C1D4B-E6DA-4BC3-B463-8CD379…)

I found this floating around on Tumblr - it's the kitten she was gonna buy from Craigslist for over $500. She was acting like they were rescues before people dug up the original advert. When ppl started to call her out she deleted the tweet and blocked them, she's so full of shit

No. 443785

What's her brother's disability?

No. 443788

File: 1513258762963.jpeg (238.78 KB, 750x1082, 9E8FD54C-B720-47EE-B77E-9E0F22…)

These are some more screenshots from tumblr - they have a pretty active anti Taylor community over there and are really knowledgeable about animals

Her brother has prader Willi syndrome - you can see him in this video here https://youtu.be/KfZxzW5YzIM

No. 443791

File: 1513258801103.jpeg (293.81 KB, 750x1135, 6753E233-91EC-4E13-918D-D9EE46…)

Part 2

No. 443792

File: 1513258819682.jpeg (275.19 KB, 750x1094, 5D4AEDB8-81A6-4F53-815A-34BB1A…)

Part 3

No. 443793

This is just insane… how does this video get so many likes too. Holy shit.

No. 443806

That video led me to this one where she opens by saying 13 years ago when her brother was born who life totally changed. No wonder she acts out like a loon for attention. Total munchie origin story right there.

What's really sad is that she's said she was in an abusive relationship before. They cycle of abuse is real.

No. 443808

I feel like when this Jonny guy starts showing his true colors and becoming abusive to Taylor her animals are going to be the ones to suffer. Killing off someone’s pets is a classic abuse tactic to maintain control. Taylor is a dumbass lol

No. 443923

According to another form Taylor had tweeted that she was going to quit youtube and posted a screenshot of a form. Did anybody happen to get a screenshot of that tweet?

No. 443925

^ forum* sry

No. 444211

Her crazy ass mother said she will write a blog explaining all her life, and knowing how fuck up she it is guaranteed she will spill some juice tea about Taylor

I would be surprised if they were actually the ones who take care of all her animals and she just look after them everytime she feel like it.

No. 444213

Nobody had time to take a screenshot of that tweet.Sorry Anon.

No. 444235


Her "crazy ass mother" has some pretty sane points to make about Taylor having to find out for herself about Johnny's awfulness. Being told not to see him would just drive her to him.

No. 444279

Yes but she keep threatening her own daughter to revel her "true self" on Twitter.

No. 444281

Yes but she keep threatening her own daughter to revel her "true self" on Twitter.

No. 444287

File: 1513308915725.png (190.28 KB, 540x462, Screenshot_2017-12-14-20-20-20…)

No. 444290

File: 1513308996047.png (409.48 KB, 540x633, Screenshot_2017-12-14-20-20-24…)

In both documents it says that it is a male cat,not female.

No. 444292

File: 1513309037440.png (365.48 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-14-20-20-29…)

No. 444295

File: 1513309095573.png (101.48 KB, 540x535, Screenshot_2017-12-14-20-30-45…)

Of course she deleted the tweet.

No. 444306

I'm confused. If they were healthy when she got them…that wouldn't rule out neglect… that would mean you did something wrong.

(Not 100% her fault for sure because yes sometimes even healthy litters have kittens that just don't make it)

No. 444329

the kitten's temp is 96 degrees, normal kitten temp at 4 weeks is at least 100 degrees. i'm sure the female had about the same temp as the male if not lower. she didn't seem to provide them with a heat pad when she got them. she also fed them when they were not at a normal temp. that could have very easily killed the female

No. 444341

File: 1513312973080.png (122.69 KB, 540x590, Screenshot_2017-12-14-21-38-07…)

No. 444342

File: 1513312984573.png (148.74 KB, 540x846, Screenshot_2017-12-14-21-38-17…)

No. 444345

I used to follow her but quickly unfollowed when she started mass buying pets every week. It's obvious she has a hoarding problem and is just using her YouTube acccount as an excuse to impulse buy.

I also kept rolling my fucking eyes at how she keeps bringing up how she has "no friends" and how "girls just don't like her" in videos. Fucking special snowflake syndrome right there.

No. 444351

I unfollow her after her accident with her Axolotl, it was very clear she (Mushu) was neglected, because Taylor prefered ride her rapist bf dick before taking care of all the animals she collect.

No. 444464

File: 1513339102941.png (91.58 KB, 750x1334, 666FA039-0F84-485A-B3AB-B5715D…)

Such a special snowflake that she’ll get a self diagnosed illness related tattoo on herself for attention when she doesn’t display any symptoms, ever have to use braces, never been in hospital for it etc

No. 444468

File: 1513339642051.jpeg (136.85 KB, 750x906, F7A1BBC6-1F03-4BAB-9FE2-F23767…)

Now she supposedly has ptsd - watch her go from ‘ptsd like symptoms’ to saying she has it when arguing with someone in a tweet about her service dog

No. 444469

File: 1513339665520.jpeg (108.14 KB, 750x865, DC7216D0-2580-4C51-BBD7-CE36D2…)

Part 2

No. 444471

File: 1513340748781.jpeg (99.69 KB, 576x1024, 13E61D6E-0847-4C37-AA37-28E4C8…)

Yikes, she posted this in a tweet in 2014, guess we know she gets her pathological lying from her mother. I can’t fucking believe her mom would encourage her to lie about a service animal and then just two years later she actually does lie about getting a service dog before changing her mind and saying it’s an ESA, and then giving it away. This has my blood boiling

No. 444554


CRPS? No. No she does not.

No. 444556


OK but she tried to take her fucking HEDGEHOG into sea world?

No. 444569

Why is she wandering around with a hedgehog? That poor animal.

No. 444589

I doubt guys like her either, no one likes cunts especially animal abusing ones.

No. 444693

Well…although I don't take these issues lightly, I just want to put in my 2 cents on some of these issues…

First off, I have been part of the r/snakes forums for a while, and I got pretty upset when she first started making snake videos, specifically ball pythons because I do not agree with her set up. However, r/snakes is one of the more judgey subreddits and I've seen hardcore herp enthusiasts defend Brian. I wouldn't call him an animal abuser by any means…

Also, I own similar pets to her…and honestly, none of the pets she owns are really that demanding. A lot of them are just observation pets and require minimal attention. And I have a betta sorority after doing plenty of research on it…Idk why this person is freaking out about that…it's actually very easy to tell when fish are stressed lmfao they don't exhibit as bright of colours, and will attack each other and fin nip if they are stressed…so this person criticizing her is equally uneducated on animal care.

No. 444699


Honestly my weekly maintenance with 2 tanks, a snake, a cat, and a hedgehog is probably about…2 hours worth of work tops…so even with her having more animals, and a job where she basically decides her own hours, her workload is still relatively light. The kitten is honestly the most demanding thing she has right now…I'm more concerned about the shitty boyfriend than I am about her ability or lack thereof to care for her pets…majority of the issues she's had could easily happen to anyone regardless of how many pets they own or how well they're taken care of.

No. 444741

Here’s her apartment complex if anyone wants to call and complain about Jonny not being on the lease or report her for animal abuse/hoarding. Or if you just wanna straight did her idc idc. I don’t know the apartment number. But i know she lives on the first floor and has a purple car. All stuff she’s posted then deleted. She posted her floor plan which immediately gave away her complex. But that’s been deleted since (big surprise)

No. 444743

Just to make it easier here’s the number to the complex. Just be nice to whoever is working. It’s not fair to them to have to deal with bullshit just because a dumb cunt lives at their apartment complex.(Doxxing and encouraging harassment)

No. 444751


I thought we weren't meant to meddle in cows' lives.

No. 444773

In Onision thread someone call Child support because their house was messy af and they get investigated

You still think lolcow cares?
Besides it is fair,imagine the poor neighbors dealing with the smell.

No. 444777

The kitten looks so weak and unable to follow the toy with its eyes and movements in her latest twitter video- is that normal? The eye is clearly weeping and whilst that is concerning I'm worrying more about how wobbly it looks. It's roughly 6 weeks old now right? I'm really concerned

No. 444780

Yes, I see that too, it looks really odd. At least I have seen cats of that age more active and less weak.

No. 444806

God, I hate seeing and hearing about animals getting abused. I don't think anyone will step in and take the kitten away from her and even if that does happen the cunt will simply get another to abuse. It pains me to say this,the best scenario is for the kitten to die soon

No. 444814

she can't seriously think it's a good idea to say something like this publicly

No. 444902

File: 1513385033724.png (3.58 MB, 1440x1874, Screenshot_2017-12-15-18-40-07…)

lol someone called her out for the kitten being dirty and she responded "i was just about to bathe him!"

No. 444910

File: 1513385502655.png (299.49 KB, 1440x1517, Screenshot_2017-12-15-18-50-02…)


No. 444911

File: 1513385516856.png (281.02 KB, 1440x1322, Screenshot_2017-12-15-18-50-14…)

No. 444917

i really hope people can see this for what it is, not malicious, but exhausted. jesus christ. this poor woman is probably worked to the bone between taylor’s brother’s special needs and then taylor’s whole situation, like she said. i really feel for her. i have no clue what it’s like to be a parent to two children who are basically disconnected from you in all ways and forms, but it’s probably the last thing any parent imagines themselves going through.

fellow anons, i’ve seen some posts saying the mother is childish and at fault for putting her shit on twitter- but what if that’s her only outlet? what if she’s not financially capable of seeing a counsellor or therapist? either way i hope she’s getting some catharsis by letting people know that things are tough for her.

No. 445062

>spends half the video talking about how the whole point in the nemo films is to not buy exotic pets and how sad it is
>Spends the rest of her video talking about her clownfish

No. 445064


> No one should have exotic pets

> except me

No. 445177

File: 1513423250050.png (907.11 KB, 750x1334, 9F85F55A-4209-432F-9F76-016776…)

You can tell she’s reading here because she posted a photo proving she’s taken her poor kitten to the vet and had her abusive boyfriend hold it. The kitten definitely looks cleaner after going to the vet- it no longer has the stains from eye discharge on its face. It’s good you took him to the vet Taylor but there’s no need to squish it’s face up for a photo op when you have these horrendously long nails. It’s clearly in pain, stop posting a photo every minute and actually try taking care of it

No. 445179

File: 1513423985101.png (204.9 KB, 750x1334, E2A76184-9CF8-4807-A8CE-04D63D…)

This was posted on GuruGossiper so credit to them for really informative info- I suggest you check out their thread, it’s really good. It just shows we’re right about her cat being underweight.

No. 445184

File: 1513425852223.jpeg (936.63 KB, 2896x2896, D4F91059-9B8B-4C19-BCAB-66D77F…)

A compilation of just some of the tweets from her mom about SeaWorld- they reference Taylor but the girl has purged all of her old tweets so this is the closest you can get to concrete proof. Her mom as seen Blackfish and thinks it's dumb and continues to go to sea world, just search her tweets and look at the dates.

No. 445212

None of the more recent tweets reference Taylor…no offense but punishing Taylor for her Mom's ignorance is kind of stupid…most people don't learn about how messed up a lot of this shit is until they are teenagers, which Taylor would've been in 2014.

No. 445223

File: 1513432248649.png (97.61 KB, 750x1334, 837374E6-FDBE-492D-BFE2-FEF1A9…)

There are tweets that she has defended both zoos and aquariums and sea world but she's deleted them- it's you have to piece them together from the replies, and there are a lot of those

No. 445237

Wrong thread bud

No. 445264

You do realize many zoos have rehabilitation and take care of animals for educational purposes because they CAN NO LONGER survive in the wild?

People that say all zoos are bad and want to release all the animals in every zoo back to their natural habitats are basically giving a death sentence to those animals. Or species like the panda would be completely extinct at this point. Yes, there are bad zoos and aquariums…this sounds like a PETA chick.

No. 445305

You're right- the majority of zoos nowadays are focused on rehabilitation and conservation, with lots of back room programs to heal and release individual animals. Species have literally been saved because of modern zoos and conservation efforts lol

No. 445582

File: 1513478911237.png (1.84 MB, 1440x1088, Screenshot_2017-12-16-20-46-20…)

"the vet said he's absolutely perfect!"

No. 445584

File: 1513478948389.png (1.79 MB, 1440x1043, Screenshot_2017-12-16-20-46-28…)

honestly he doesn't look very good to me

No. 445588

Makes me sad how skinny and dirty he looks

No. 445677


She's handling him too much :( He needs less of her hands and petting and more of a hot pad to snuggle up to :(

No. 445681

this aint one of the cows i browse through but god i want this baby boy so badly

No. 445689

She is right now tweeting about how she and her abusive bf are perfect together and making fun of his ex girlfriend for trying to awared Taylor.

If someone can ss those tweet for future references i would be really happy (i cant rn)
Cant wait for this to explode on Taylor's face.

Does anybody have the average of time he spend in the honeymoon face with his gfs before he turn into an abusive piece of shit?

No. 445709

I am professional in the field of animals and I just want people to know that just from observing the photos of the kitten, and reading the Vet Bill above a couple posts. The kitten looks extremely underweight and hasn’t gained any weight. I’m afraid she isn’t taking proper care, due to the fact of the date of the hospital bill, which is located right next to the name of the vet, and all the way to today’s date the kitten should have gained some weight to look at least like the other kittens from the Craig’s list photo, also up above.if Taylor is reading in here, please at least CALL THE VET and tell them this because I’m sure if they knew, they would be calling to check on the cat! Poor lil man. I’d take him in a heartbeat, right to the vet.

No. 445715

File: 1513509778802.png (381.72 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4356.PNG)

No. 445736

File: 1513515790839.png (41.59 KB, 640x284, IMG_3705.PNG)

No. 445766

File: 1513526571203.png (150.9 KB, 750x1334, 766A5062-8835-41F2-ABD5-9F28DE…)

What do you think she's gonna come back with this time? Ugh

No. 445767

File: 1513526625756.png (169.47 KB, 750x1334, 15BFE471-BF3B-415F-BC33-8ABAF2…)

This girl posted a bunch of info about the cruelty of the exotic animal trade and this was his reply…

No. 445780

Sorry but this shit is annoying. You know what he meant by "exotic animal expo"? A fucking reptile expo. You all need to chill the fuck out with this PETA level bullshit; yes, hate on her because her current boyfriend is a sadistic tool or because you think she's a shitty person, but there are a LOT of us that have reptiles as pets. Snakes, lizards, hedgehogs, are considered "exotic". Don't lump the rest of us with her when she takes adequate care of the "exotics" she has. Making it sound like she's out to buy a fucking tiger or some shit.

No. 445836

File: 1513531615398.png (1.85 MB, 1440x1991, Screenshot_2017-12-17-11-25-53…)

No. 445838

File: 1513531702920.png (2.04 MB, 1440x1673, Screenshot_2017-12-17-11-19-50…)

ugh. please. keep him warmer. he really needs to have access to heat at all times

No. 445871

File: 1513535693527.jpeg (111.72 KB, 750x579, 107B8B5A-6FF3-4BF6-B7ED-C6E6CE…)

Calm down n take the cape off kiddo, anyone taking adequate care wouldn’t have killed 7 of her animals in a year

She’s sperging out on twitter so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s reading this thread and several of the others that exist. She’s digging herself a hole here when everyone knows about her boyfriend’s drug issues, even her parents have ranted about it and she herself was indirectly tweeting about it last week

No. 445900

I have followed Taylor well over a year and aside from her hedgehogs and the one kitten that was already poorly off to begin with, what animals did she kill?

Anyone who is also involved with caring for the same animals she cares for can clearly see that animals like the green tree python were NOT well off to begin with, and even more experienced pet owners couldn't have done more than admit a lost cause before they purchased.

As I said, I understand you all hating her for her shitty boyfriend, but half of you act like you have a remote clue what you're talking about with these animals when you clearly don't, and it's annoying and gives false information.

No. 445916


Yeah, the python especially was in such a poor condition, it was very sad to look at it… Taylor definitely doesn't research her breeders very well, but that's a part of a much larger problem tho.
The kittens are a different story. Kittens die very easily, it's just a fact of life, and they need a lot of care if they don't have a mom or substitute mom. The kitten should be gaining weight like crazy and it just keeps looking the same.

No. 445917

Have you…. even read the information throughout this thread?? There are multiple examples of the poor care that she's given out to her followers, and improper habitats. If you take 5 minutes to even look up what an axolotl tank should like, or if half the animals she man-handles should be handled in the FIRST PLACE, or why a betta sorority will inevitably fail, or countless other examples, you will probably find yourself with a changed mind.

No. 445918

Lol do you know where you are?GTFO if you are gonna defend her, btw people are mad cause she have too many animals in the first place.

No. 445919

I dont think they were defending her, but other much more responsible owners who have exotic pets.

I'm also not defending expos here, but trying to explain the other persons pov. I hope that's what they meant at least?

No. 445926

Honestly the Anon who is constantly defending her, can you please go?
And i don't think anyone here is interested in your point of view,this is not for that.
It is getting really annoying thinking your material is new milk when in reality, it isn't.

No. 446008

Also if her whole shtick is "Adopt Don't Shop" why is she going to an expo?

No. 446024

File: 1513549815027.png (1.54 MB, 1440x1661, Screenshot_2017-12-17-16-27-50…)

great! another pet! and apparently that's not the only thing she got according to the replies

No. 446030

File: 1513550301329.png (385.27 KB, 1440x1997, Screenshot_2017-12-17-16-35-36…)

No. 446033

I used to really like taylor but now i'm just waiting for this guy to fuck her over. As cruel as it sounds, she needs to wake up

No. 446039


I sorta feel the same way, she needs a reality check.

No. 446046

File: 1513551537066.png (132.65 KB, 592x536, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.52…)

Taylor may have bought a reptile for Jonny as well.

No. 446053


I know it's probably half-joking and I hate to get all PETA over this but something about him referring to getting pets as a "haul" makes me die a little inside

No. 446060

is this a copypasta

No. 446200

File: 1513560001662.jpeg (154.02 KB, 750x1206, 26BD4DA5-DCD2-46D3-A8C8-B292EC…)

Shit is kicking off, Taylor's friend posted tweets Taylor sent to her about Jonny, they're pretty terrible

No. 446201

File: 1513560019208.jpeg (99.1 KB, 750x933, 86E59389-A99D-4170-A9DC-E67AC0…)


No. 446205

File: 1513560098906.jpeg (118.91 KB, 750x1158, 3F1FEB49-BB69-4EA5-A8D1-000611…)

3- they're blowing up on twitter and Jonny is blocking anyone that calls him out. Her mom is even liking stuff from the friend who posted these screenshots and here dad has commented saying he agrees

No. 446263

File: 1513562937002.png (1.74 MB, 1451x971, TND.png)

No. 446266


OH yay more animals to neglect

No. 446278

These messages are horrifying. How can she be saying things like this in private and acting like everything is just peachy on twitter? I am so worried for her. I really, really hope she gets out of this relationship ASAP, it is so clearly abusive. I just do not understand why she is fighting for him. And now he's threatening to kill her cat. It's unreal.

No. 446287

Reaching maybe; but after seeing those it could be possible he killed the other kitten

No. 446288

lol that didn't last long

you jinxed it

No. 446289


that's jonny's last ex, from this screenshot

and apparently taylor is laughing at her and taking jonny's side? idk why taylor would say these things to his ex then just pretend it's all fine

No. 446290

That vet bill has the name, address and phone on it. I can’t believe no one hasn’t reported her to tha vet already. It truly is a concern. That poor kitten ?? I hope to god it’s not true.

No. 446291

What makes anyone think that the kitten got killed? Is there anything out there saying this, besides the toilet flushing text?

No. 446294

Like I said I'm probably reaching, but he's an addict loves his drugs more than anything. He threatened it and the chances of him doing it are very high.
It's a possibility but most likely didn't happen- Taylor most likely just didn't care for him properly- and her abusive boyfriend isn't helping.

No. 446295


The kitten that died was female. "Nemo" is her brother. She's neglected to do basic things like make sure they have access to a heat pad, and wipe them clean after they have milk, and she's handling him way too much at such a young age.

No. 446302

For an animal lover such as myself this is almost unbearable to watch. It’s killing me to see that kitten, besides the rest of the animals be in jeopardy of their basic care, let alone their lives. That kitten though :(

No. 446305

File: 1513565634165.jpg (70.18 KB, 554x1200, DRSTVMMVwAAIAud.jpg)

This is apparently one of the tweets that the ex of Jonny's that Taylor has been taking to posted and deleted earlier.

No. 446311

File: 1513566574195.png (337.83 KB, 1440x1755, Screenshot_2017-12-17-21-08-44…)

holy shit. i believe it. i was wondering why she said "jonny and i aren't doing drugs". i hadn't see anyone seriously accusing her. i saw this earlier too and was confused

No. 446313


It is seriously so sad to see this all happen. I have no idea how Jonny is worth giving up her whole life, her work, everything for. He's just a trashy, horrible, abusive junkie who barely even seems to have like.. human emotions (this may be biased because he looks like a god damn alien now) but my god. She can do so much better.

No. 446319

Jonny is so disgusting, I really don't understand how these women even bear to touch him. I would probably vomit if he even touched me. One time a junkie threatened that he would stab me with a needle unless I gave him some money and I swear Jonny looks exactly like that junkie. I really don't get it, Taylor is good looking, successful and I assume she can be nice, she could have anybody, and she's with this guy! A guy who threatens her small, helpless kitten, a kitten that can die from stress alone! Ridiculous really!

No. 446320

>>446311 >>446305

I'm really not sure if I think she's doing drugs, though.. That just seems so extreme. I guess I can see her doing it to try and be close to him and keep him around/relevant. I really hope that's not the case, though.

No. 446326

supposedly her & the deranged junkie got their new apartment @ "The Residences at La Cantera", which has an.. interesting pet policy of a solid 2. already blew that out of the water with her new reptile "haul".

No. 446330

“muh service animals”

No. 446335

Word, how did the tech not comment on the temp? 96 is just a couple degrees from being a very cold kitty…

For future reference, BCS [body condition scale] is also a good indicator of size, since low weight could just be due to being small naturally rather than underweight. This kitten was 3/9 which is on the skinnier side.


Anyway, reading those texts makes my skin crawl. Poor little cat can't take care of himself, he's literally still a baby. And now he could be hurt by some junkie idiot.

No. 446344

File: 1513570632798.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-15-39…)

shiiiit. posting caps i saw on GG

No. 446346

File: 1513570665589.png (999.63 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-15-52…)

No. 446347

File: 1513570695093.png (686.08 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-16-08…)

No. 446348

File: 1513570713003.png (920.3 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-16-19…)

No. 446349

File: 1513570734411.png (51.52 KB, 633x491, taylor drama.PNG)

No. 446354

File: 1513571427314.png (452.27 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-29-46…)

No. 446355

File: 1513571442031.png (476.58 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-29-54…)

No. 446356

This shit is getting WILD WTF

No. 446357

File: 1513571634462.png (514.09 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-33-32…)

No. 446358

File: 1513571643355.jpeg (703.42 KB, 1242x1721, D7AFDB5F-8634-405C-B308-CC3E83…)

No. 446362

File: 1513571921983.png (1.47 MB, 1242x2208, 3B8F40AF-D9C1-4E9E-B1EA-5EAA2A…)

No. 446364

File: 1513572023225.png (296.93 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-39-41…)

No. 446365

File: 1513572111678.png (401.65 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-41-30…)

taylor.. c'mon

No. 446369

This blew up quick. Reallllllll quick.
I have notifs on for Taylor, her mom, the ex, everyone this is wild

No. 446371

Buckle up!

No. 446372

File: 1513572459520.png (520.32 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-46-38…)

get as much caps as you can. they all like deleting tweets

No. 446374

File: 1513572573549.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, DDA7588B-80BA-473E-BA9F-732D3C…)


No. 446375

File: 1513572587790.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-49-25…)

No. 446378

i'm worried for her. being completely alone with jonny while this stuff is being released. you know he's furious. they tweeted they're turning off their phones now. who knows what he's doing to her

No. 446380

File: 1513573131124.jpeg (98.97 KB, 750x716, 4663C8FA-45B7-48E6-87F6-567701…)

he definitely made a point to say they are turning their phones off. taylors mom said taylor said if johnny knew she was there, taylor would pay. this shit is terrifying.

No. 446381

File: 1513573145347.png (299.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171217-215136.png)

No. 446382

Holy shit what did I walk into. I only started reading this thread because I was bored and the minute I finished anon started posting caps of shit going down.

No. 446384

File: 1513573210991.png (258.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171217-215955.png)

No. 446385

Yeah, I'm worried about her too, especially since Jonny is alone with her right now. Chelsea should've waited until Taylor was in a safe environment to post all of this. I have bad feeling about all of this and I wouldn't surprised if Taylor or one of her animals get hurt.

No. 446386

I know right this is crazy. Didn’t expect to go from animal hoarding explainations to heroin use in 20 min

No. 446388

I mean he threatened to flush her damn kitten. He’s most likely to get really fucked up and do something crazy

No. 446390

Can someone call the apartment complex or the police? This is clearly a dangerous situation. This 20 year old girl is alone with an abuser and was just outed as seeking help. She needs help.

No. 446391

I know, I know, no cowtipping. But should someone call the cops about this?

No. 446393

i seriously have chills. like i think there's a very real possibility that she may never turn her phone on again. like there's a real chance she's going to go silent on all social media for days, then she'll be reported missing, and meanwhile legit all of us are going to know what actually happened here. christ

No. 446399

Hold on, so Taylor's mom came to visit but they didn't open the door for her, she then reached out on twitter and her daughter's boyfriend publicly tells her she is not allowed talk AND people defend Taylor's relationship with this guy, meanwhile she texts a friends that she feels like she is in danger? What the fuck?

No. 446400

The way he worded this is so sketchy. it doesn’t sound like a casual tweet. It sounds so deliberate. AND SHE RETWEETED IT. he probably made her retweet it. I feel like he made her tweet all that stuff dispelling drug rumors. He definitely forced her to. She was probably scared to leave the apt to see her mom cuz all her animals were going to be left with him.

No. 446401

(Idk what to call her so I’m going to call her mama dean)
Mama dean is back and tweeting.

No. 446403

File: 1513574548009.jpg (281.39 KB, 1440x965, Screenshot_20171218-001415.jpg)

True, I get why they were posted but Taylor's safety is at risk. Jonny saw the DMs that were posted and is upset about them and was pressuring Taylor to get them taken down. If anything happens tonight, she has no way to call or text for help since her phone is turned off.

She just posted a tweet about contacting the police and not being able to get help.

No. 446411


Same. This worries me. This is more than just "fuck you mom I'll do what I want", she's in deep and he's an abusive asshole.

No. 446413

could she have the police do a wellness check?

No. 446415

her moms tweet is a reply to someone asking if she can ask the cops to do a welfare check. apparently they do nothing

No. 446428


Can't she gather up some male family members, just go down there, barge in and physically take Taylor away and out of the situation

No. 446451

File: 1513579397786.png (278.13 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-00-42-52…)

here we go

No. 446455

Ohboy. Thank you to all anons posting screencaps from Twitter pleas keep us updated! I am engrossed in this too. Fuck I hope Taylor makes it out of this…

No. 446456

File: 1513579973009.png (463.16 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-00-50-42…)

No. 446457

File: 1513579988269.png (339.78 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-00-51-47…)

No. 446458

File: 1513580000820.png (298.33 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-00-52-27…)

No. 446459


Contact allowed through one partner only sounds like controlling relationship territory.

No. 446462

This is fucking wild…

No. 446463

File: 1513581120194.jpg (113.61 KB, 445x503, 1490831487885.jpg)

>held down on a bed while being forcibly injected with a needle full of fucked up drugs

Sage but that's like all of my worst fears combined, if a rabid bat was flying around the room then I'd have just read the description of my personal hell

No. 446465

Jesus fuck, does anyone know how to access or create archive twitter feeds? That would be a good idea with all the shit doing on and deletion

No. 446467

File: 1513581536541.png (335.36 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-01-17-44…)

No. 446468

File: 1513581556960.png (303.2 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-01-18-06…)

No. 446469

File: 1513581606729.png (291.16 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-01-19-52…)

No. 446470

File: 1513581690130.png (173.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6954.PNG)

No. 446471

File: 1513581739590.png (304.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6955.PNG)

Her poor parents :/ this is devastating. Her dad's account has some information too. Like confirming the texts are real from Taylor to Chelsea

No. 446472

File: 1513581776123.png (160.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6956.PNG)

Her dad's twitter is loaded with Taylor milk

No. 446474

File: 1513581897597.png (334.44 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-01-24-25…)

No. 446482

you can use archive.is to collect tweets and threads of interest

No. 446483

Hope someone is doing that, IDK how.

No. 446488

File: 1513584849128.png (310.91 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-02-13-44…)

No. 446490


This makes me so fucking annoyed. Animals are living creatures. Why is she promoting giving animals as gifts? Doesn't she know how many animals come into shelters/the pound/etc that were given as gifts after Christmas? I worked at a shelter, the answer is A LOT.

Not that she'd give hers to a shelter, she'd just keep telling herself how much of an expert she is until she neglects it to an early death.

My point is, this is not okay to promote to your followers.

Also, why is she promoting shopping instead of adopting? If she gave a shit about animals she wouldn't throw money at industries built on abusing/breeding for $$.

God she is so problematic and promotes terrible behaviors.

This is SOOOOO not okay.

No. 446493

screencaps are fine too. but to archive, click on a tweet like https://twitter.com/tamonandpumba/status/942633731248009217 then copy the url and paste it in at http://archive.is/ You'll end up with a link you can bookmark like http://archive.is/iA3Ko

No. 446501

I've just caught up and this is all so fucking stupid. Chelsea seems like a spiteful bitch - "you laughed at me so let me just release all these texts whilst you're living with a man I know first hand to be extremely abusive/potentially lethal." What the absolute fuck? How can she go from saying she knows what Taylor is going through to pretty much giving JC a reason to hurt her? I'm mad.
Also her family confirming the texts are from Taylor are so stupid. I'm enjoying the milk but holy fuck, the last thing you'd do in this kind of situation is give the man more fuel.

No. 446516

Her parents are honestly being pretty terrible in this situation. I understand their frustration but they're going about this whole thing in the worst way possible. This is absolutely going to drive Taylor further away from them. They're not offering her a safe haven to return to, they're inciting more drama.

No. 446522

>He definitely doesn't tell me who I can and can't talk to
>Taylor, you're not allowed to talk to this girl.

No. 446523

I kinda agree but let's remember that Chelsea obviously has some deep seated trauma and Taylors parents are scared out their minds and probably angry too. No one is acting rationally in this situation, and Taylor the least of all.

No. 446524

Someone on guru gossip pointed out her mom always threatens to spill everything but never does. They think it's because when it happens Taylor talks to her mom to prevent it.

So while I agree her parents are going about this all wrong, I can also see her parents thinking twitter drama is the only thing that actually WORKS to get Taylor to talk them right now, so they're going with it without thinking of the long term consequences.

What I don't understand is why her youtuber friends tyler rugge and emzotic aren't reaching out to her? idk maybe they don't really know her that well, or they are reaching out but in private, it just seems fucked that they're chatting with Taylor on social media like nothings happening.

No. 446525

smoking is just as addicting as injecting
Withdrawals are fucking horrible.
She’s most likely addicted, it only takes 2 days to form a habit, three days and it’s a pretty icky withdrawal
I speak from experience, I’ve been clean for 7 years, but it was extremely hard to get off due to the withdrawals….
AND please do something about that kitten!

No. 446526

Totally agreed. Plus I can see her point of view that she came out with all her private shit to help Taylor, and Taylor gets her minions on twitter to throw it back in her face? I could see her thinking, fuck you, see how you like it.

it's not the most helpful stance for her to take but I think it's unrealistic to expect everyone to always do what's best for Taylor at the expense of their own mental health, when Taylor has little regard for anyone else's feelings right now.

No. 446538

File: 1513597654905.jpeg (146.3 KB, 1435x848, D9E75706-69E4-4D85-B534-621E30…)

Someone pointed out how she hasn't posted a video in 3 weeks and hasn't posted a selfie in a week which is really really unlike her, idk I just hope he hasnt been violent already/I hope the heroin hasn't begun to affect her appearance. I haven't seen a single fan defending him, they've all taken the mom's side, I don't know how she can't see that this is ruining her career. It's sad that she posted this years ago and has now ended up in this place

No. 446675

File: 1513616987044.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-11-05-39…)

No. 446676

File: 1513617007376.png (469.61 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-11-05-03…)

No. 446677

File: 1513617023526.png (450.47 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-11-04-37…)

No. 446681

File: 1513617301323.png (275.71 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-11-14-47…)

No. 446682

File: 1513617317880.png (507.01 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-11-13-28…)

No. 446683

File: 1513617387719.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-11-12-02…)

texts taylor's mom sent when they first got in a twitter fight awhile ago

No. 446693

File: 1513617932833.png (258.97 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-11-25-18…)

No. 446701

File: 1513618687825.jpeg (44.63 KB, 744x273, 0AA40BA5-7C28-4F3F-AA1D-359446…)

she pinned this comment on her youtube vid from nov 9 titled “i cloned my fish.” johnnys in the beginning of the video…..

No. 446737

This is so fucking scary, godamned. I haven't felt this scared for a cow since Lainey's fake tweet, but this time is real.


I agree 100%. I doesn't matter if Chelsea has "deep seated trauma" and is pissed at Taylor's minions, releasing that shit publicly could literally severely harm or even fucking kill Taylor. What an att whore cunt. You can tell Taylor is scared out of her fucking mind when she says she will pay money so Chelsea can take the tweets down.

Fuck man. Like keep it to yourself and then blow up on Taylor when everything is safe. I am so angry right now.

Is not being seen as 'crazy ex' worthy blood on your hands?

No. 446747

Well this spiraled into a drama that they can both reap plenty of attention off of. Screw her parents, the exes, or her followers doing something, she needs to call 911, or find someone to call 911 for her, and get him out of her house and away from her and her animals "she cares so much about". None of his exes have had problems getting away from him physically (at least not to this extent), and they knew him longer and had way less support than her, yet she is the one who is "stuck"? Yea, calling bull. Not saying he isn't actually a threat to her and her animals, or wouldn't abuse either. However, no way she didn't know he was trouble the whole time. Her simply not listening to everyone does nothing to refute that, neither does suddenly needing so much help getting away from him.

No. 446757

let's not forget she has really bad anxiety. If i was in her situation i would probably feel like the guy would potentially hurt/kill me or my family etc if i reported him to the cops or something.

No. 446766

So, I've been following this for a little while now. It started because I was annoyed with the animal hoarding but obviously things have gone from 0-100 real quick in the last 24 hours or so.

I don't wanna add unnecessarily to the hysteria so I wanna be super clear this is just the idle thought of someone who watches too much true crime … but turning off your cell phones to watch movies? Sounds like an awfully convenient excuse for both your phones being unable to be triangulated by cell towers all night. Plus, her account just retweeted him, with none of that extra mushy "babe" stuff in response, which has seemed to be habit lately? I worry that he retweeted himself on her account, and was just trying to buy himself time to figure out an alibi or worse - dispose of something? Who can say yet. I'm almost absolutely jumping to morbid conclusions. Either way, as someone who came into this thread with a distaste for Taylor, I am extremely worried for her now.

No. 446772

I keep refreshing her twitter every now and again. The whole she hasn't posted a selfie in 3 weeks scared the hell out of me. I just also don't get the whole idea that Chelsea is some ickle lickle babby who is so good and pure for standing up to her past abuser! But fuck Taylor for getting involved with someone who's been documented to be extremely manipulative and aggressive. >>446747

I don't think he's killed her, I don't think he's nearly smart enough to think ahead like that. I do think he's probably either beat her, got high as fuck, and done something stupid. I'm more thinking he's killed one of her pets, probably that poor wee kitten. He's got to punish her and if beating her doesn't work then beating her pets will.

No. 446780

It sounds like - from her DMs to Chelsea that he was livid last night. If he got high, that would've only made it worse - Taylor herself said he turns into the devil when he's high, even on nights when I'm assuming he didn't start out angry. I get the feeling that something terrible has happened.

I thought Chelsea seemed kinda sweet with Taylor in the DMs, but yeah choosing last night to post them to all of twitter? She lost me. That was not cool. That was extremely dangerous and Chelsea should be the FIRST person to be able to tell you that. Sure, Taylor has not been smart about any of this, but she is the one who will see the consequences of Chelsea's actions, not Jonny. I don't know what that girl was thinking.

No. 446795

How does this piece of shit have fans? (Johnny I mean)

No. 446799

even serial killers have big fans. they're usually just as awful people as their idols

No. 446801

I do understand her, Taylor at some point reach to Chelsea and she make fun of her multiple times when she was just trying to support her, I would be really fucking pissed to.

No. 446810

i kinda see the point in people saying it was a stupid idea to show the texts, but it also kinda makes sense for them to do so.

i've been following this drama since day one and taylor's fans have been vocal about how they look happy and he just made mistakes in the past that don't define him now uwu.

this went ignored for so long and then he posts a tweet saying that taylor baited chelsea and are now laughing at her. i'd be pissed as shit too.

jonny is known for talking shit about his exes for long periods of time. not only chelsea but amanda and liz.

they've been pinned as crazy exes and liars for so long so it makes sense they're all fucking mad about it.

No. 446812

this womans mother is insane! no wonder this girl is such a mess. mom raised her wrong

No. 446814


I understand being pissed, I honestly do, but doing that and endangering the life of a person and several animals? No, mate. Scummy as fuck. Chelsea is very safe on the comfort of her own home, she doesn't have to worry with anything else but "being pissed".

No. 446818

Yeah unfortunately humans are innately selfish (I believe). She probably didn't give it too much thought, in terms of how it could endanger Taylor. It was impulsive.

No. 446819

Im genuinely concerned about how she will be able to get herself, along with all of her many animals/cages, out of that place and to safety.

I can't imagine how much of a hassle it was to move all those snake pens, her mouse cage, reptile cages, etc. and thinking about how she will be able to make an escape is giving me anxiety tbh. I've been following this the entire time/before this whole Jonny thing started, and like some of you said before I've gone from feeling angry when I see her name or pictures (for the animal's sake,) to worrying about her actual safety and condition. If she's reading this, get that man out of you life, for you & the animal's sakes.

No. 446825


I was wondering the same thing. It's not like she can slip away into the night. She'd need a moving van to get them all out safely. They're collateral. I wonder if he knew that getting her into an apartment with him and with all the animals would have that effect on her ability to leave. He seems like he might just be THAT conniving.

Also and … this isn't the BEST time to bring this up because we're all worrying about Taylor, as we should be, but I wonder if all her animals survived the move or if some will be mysteriously missing or "rehomed" on her next "ALL MY PETS" videos. Seems like a stressful thing for especially her reptiles to go through. :\

No. 446829

Taylor seems like she knows she wants to get out but is probably struggling to, knowing that she went against the grain of all the warnings the exes and others were giving her. And unfortunately this is all blasted publicly for her.

I imagine Jonny has her hooked in thinking she's different from his "crazy exes" so if she leaves, she joins them. He'll get fucked up and do fucked up things, and then lovebomb her to make up, only to do it again in a cycle.

I don't blame Chelsea for posting those caps as much as I blame her parents for constantly tweeting about this whole debacle. It's like putting her up at the stake, why would she run back to their arms?

And in terms of how she'd leave with her pets:
A time when Jonny leaves briefly, change the locks. He gets aggressive, call the cops. He has a violent history and current drug use - fuck him.

I get she's probably concerned about enraging him currently for her own safety, but her pets too. It's not out of the realm of possibility that he'd be raging and break a tank or hurt an animal out of spite in order to get at Taylor.

Total spergin', but I hope she makes the leap and cuts him out as soon as she can.

No. 446831

If things escalate to physical violence, the most likely situation is that all she'll be able to leave with is the clothes on her back. She'll have to leave her animals behind and gtfo when she has the chance.

All the more reason to hope her parents can convince her to kick Jonny to the curb before it gets that far.

She was so irresponsible to bring more animals into this shit show. I don't care if she has anxiety or she's coping by hoarding or whatever. If she wants to live this nightmare, that's on her, those animals don't stand a chance.

No. 446833

Can't change the locks if he's on the lease. She'd need a restraining order to keep him out then and domestic violence victims are understandably not known for wanting to testify against their abusers.

No. 446842

Is he on the lease though? I can’t imagine him passing a background check and we already know she’s going to pay the majority of any bills. Usually it’s just easier to put the one person on there if the other is a complete waste of space burden to society.

If he is and it’s been said then my apologies.

No. 446847

Most places would have a big problem if they found out that he was living there and not on the lease. A lot of rent agreements have something in there along the lines of "if anyone is going to be living with me I will notify the rental office and get them on the lease." Mine, I'm not even allowed to have someone visit for more than two weeks without notifying them at least.

All this said, I think it's pretty clear that Taylor's already violating their pet policy (someone said it's a two pet maximum, I can't remember which post, sorry).

Then again, it's probably easier to stash 26 (or however many there are now) mostly silent animals away in small terrariums and cages, than it is to hide a person who comes and goes constantly and is probably taking up a parking spot in the lot.

No. 446848


That's prader-willi syndrome for anons who don't know. Basically a genetic disorder that means you can never feel full from eating. It's one of the worst disabilities to be a carer for imo.

No. 446852

No matter what plan is used to get her away from Jonny, I can't shake the feeling that-since he is unpredictable (walking on eggshells around him) and violent while high/drunk- something will inevitably go wrong. I can almost guarantee something will happen to those animals, if something hasn't already, or just the fact that she might have to leave in a hurry/leave them unattended for who knows how long. Really sticky situation no matter how you put it.

No. 446857


PWS also comes with delayed development, severe learning disabilities etc. Sufferers can't rationalise that their feelings of hunger come from an illness. It's a shit one.

No. 446864

Docs suspected my bro had it until we could actually get genetic testing done. I'd smother my child if they had it, not even joking.

Really feel for this poor woman, she has enough on her plate as it is without her daughter willingly running into the arms of an abuser. This whole thread is really surreal.

No. 446868

he is definitely not on the lease and would not pass a background check. he does this with all his girlfriends. moves in with them and mooches off their money

No. 446872

also i don't think jonny has a car. not sure if taylor does either. i feel like i've seen a video or something where she says she doesn't have a car or her license. could be wrong tho

No. 446874

I know her mom is probably terrified, but she gives me such Margo vibes. At a certain point sitting outside of your adult daughter’s apartment complex for six hours when she says she doesn’t want to see you and has you blocked is just. Crazy. Live-tweeting it every step of the way is mad attention-seeking too.

If she really thinks her daughter is in immediate peril then she should call the cops, not tweet “they wouldn’t even do anything” and not even try, because regardless I’m not sure what taking to Twitter is going to do besides piss him off and put her in more danger. (And provide milk, I guess, but.)

No. 446887

Taylor is a willing participant in a bad relationship. She provides financial support and he has the drugs to keep her feeling numb. They are both manipulating narcissists. She has always been fake.Johnny is ugly as sin just ew

No. 446901

as if if you were a mother of a 20-year old girl with many illnesses who you care about so much and who started dating a crackhead and cut all communication with you you wouldnt be really worried?

No. 446903

wtf ARE the police going to do? why don't you explain what they would do?

No. 446907

File: 1513632155980.png (757.51 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-15-22-00…)

No. 446908

The most they can do is respond for a wellness check. What would happen: cops come to the door, Taylor and/or Jonny turn them away. End of story.

Her mom and a lot of other people probably have it in their mind that a team can bust down the door because he has a history of abuse and drug use, and me be using now. He's not a dealer, cops won't care.

No. 446910

this situation reminds me of that one time when everyone thought a youtube fashion girl was kidnapped by isis

No. 446918

I agree with you, the mom is giving off some serious narc vibes (not that she's wrong to be worried in this case). Would explain why Taylor got into such a shitty relationship in the first place.

No. 446923


"many illnesses" which she diagnosed herself tho

No. 446936

File: 1513633866028.png (254.78 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-15-50-36…)

No. 446937


> shoves needles and various dead animals out of shot

No. 446966

No. 446968

Anon, of course not. She was only smoking heroin, not shooting up!

No. 447015

Does she not realize his constant praise for her is just a way to manipulate her into feeling special and safe? He wants her to keep earning praise by doing what he wants. He's already alienated her from her family. It's all classic abuser behavior.

No. 447023


Yeah that "you've changed me" bullshit, like 20 girls haven't heard that before.

No. 447038

File: 1513640830948.png (415.33 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-17-46-36…)

No. 447042

File: 1513641438008.png (472.51 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-17-57-03…)

No. 447044

File: 1513641763008.png (250.96 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-18-02-29…)

No. 447046

File: 1513641892137.png (520.93 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-18-04-31…)

No. 447095

File: 1513645502304.png (331.97 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-19-04-41…)

No. 447098


It's bad, but I laughed.

No. 447100

Way to sound like a crazy stalker. Jesus. No wonder Taylor ended up with someone like Jonny when this overbearing narc is on the other side of it.

No. 447109

Jonny doesn’t have anything. Teeth, a car, a house, a record label.. etc.

No. 447112


He now has a small bearded dragon to take care of. Wonder how that's going to go.

No. 447125

File: 1513646887038.png (2.08 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-18-19-27-28…)

No. 447140

mama dean is live on twitter asking for questions

No. 447142

i can't watch rn but if someone can and post updates that would be awesome

No. 447149

I'm sorry but her mom is a fucking whacko.

No. 447159

Mom gave us some background:

So Taylor tried to get with this rapper first on Twitter but he had a girlfriend, so she started Dmming Johnny and got all fangirly when he replied to her, and … that was that. She lied to her mom about him not being there when she went to LA.

No. 447160

Threatening to sue her mom for her tweets?

No. 447172


So she really is that fame-hungry huh…

No. 447178

Watching her mother live right now, it's unbelievable. Apparently when Jonny first came out to her and stayed at a hotel near her house, Taylor snuck out and walked to the hotel (she cannot drive) and her mother noticed she was gone, she went to the hotel and the woman at the front desk started telling her mother that Jonny was being rough with Taylor, the mother called the cops and Taylor RAN home, and started screaming and accusing her father of beating her. The police investigated her father, and of course nothing came of it. My god.

No. 447187

File: 1513650013625.png (222.78 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-18-19-09-12…)

No. 447188

File: 1513650045266.png (243.69 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-18-19-09-40…)

No. 447191

File: 1513650064054.png (147.1 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-18-19-11-54…)

No. 447208

Mom confirmed Taylor has EDS.

No. 447212

Ah yes, because being passive aggressive is an excellent way to get your estranged daughter to come back home

No. 447213

she's a bigger liar than i thought. no wonder her parents were freaking the fuck out. why is taylor willingly putting herself in this situation?

No. 447215

i knew taylor from school. this kind of scenario is not abnormal for her or her family.

No. 447216


To be honest her mother does seem absolutely crazy herself.. She probably wants to separate herself from her family and gain some distance and independence, and feels like it's going to come in the form of drugs and an older man. (Source: Been there done that)

No. 447217

Well. I just watched approx. 1hr and 13 minutes of her mom talking about the whole clusterfuck. That was a trip.

No. 447218

so, who do you think is lying here?

No. 447221

taylor has a strong history of lying/exaggeration, but i do believe her mom has some issues of her own.

No. 447222


This doesn't mean she can't have legitimate concerns.

No. 447224

oh yeah, i definitely agree. she's always had good intentions, but the way she goes about it isn't always the best.

No. 447225

chelsea is doing a live video now

No. 447226

does she actually have any of the illnesses she says she does? i think in a video she mentioned that no one at school believed her or something

No. 447227

No. 447228

chelsea is doing a stream now. lol she really wants to get in on this situation

No. 447229

No. 447232

that's something i've never been able to figure out entirely… she was gone from school pretty often and eventually had to drop out and do a homeschooling program. that's definitely true. but she got caught in so many lies around that time that it was difficult to tell what was/wasn't true about her

No. 447233

the main thing i remember her talking about was having migraines. i never heard her talk about EDS but she might have gotten diagnosed later on

No. 447240

so she never complained about hypermobility kek

No. 447241

Does it surprise you that she is doing drugs?

No. 447242

chelsea just admitted it was fucked up of her to post the screenshots.

No. 447244

hmm i know she's smoked marijuana and whatnot in the past, but hearing the rumors about her doing the hard stuff is pretty shocking.

No. 447249

What was she like in school?

No. 447256

she was really artsy and interesting. i think everyone knew of her because of her social media but the popularity she gained from that was both positive and negative. i think most of what people knew about her was based on her facebook though since she wasn't in school very often.

No. 447264


I asked her mom during her livestream if Taylor had Ehlers Danlos syndome and her mom said yes she did. It varies in its severity so it's not impossible.

No. 447279

I really hope her mom really does rehome all of her animals. There is no way in this situation they are all getting properly cared for.

No. 447287

Unfortunately the animals are with Taylor and Jonny.

No. 447291

File: 1513655101114.png (41.47 KB, 600x358, AfC79o9.png)

>i knew taylor from school

do you have proof tho. there's always that one anon claiming they know somebody when they're just giving out info that everyone already knows about or suspects.

No. 447298

There's not a single person in this situation who isn't milky. From Taylor to her mom, to Chelsea and Jonny. They're all leeching for their five minutes and I'm not sure who's worse.

Also I just popped in to Chelsea's livestream, I was suspicious as hell she was posting here and she just said "Mama Dean," funnily enough as did this Anon >>446401

No. 447300


Half the people in the mom's Periscope stream were calling her that, that doesn't show anything.

No. 447314


I remember her saying that she had a genetic test done at Mayo and she complained of joint pain, so it's possible.

No. 447321

why mayo? like, it's not that serious? why do it at mayo?

No. 447331


If there's one nearby I don't see why not?

No. 447338

Having a narc parent like this definitely pushed her to that scumbag. Her mom should feel bad. She's making this whole thing exponentially worse.

No. 447339

Definitely true

No. 447340

I don't see how checking on your kid and making sure they're not on heroin is making it worse tbh.. she has plenty of evidence to think she's on hard drugs now and her mom probs loves her a lot even though she's a jackass

No. 447344

Exactly what >>447216 said. With parents like those, it was only a matter of time until Tay pulled a stunt like this. When you've grown up with scary controlling narcs and you finally see your parents for who they truly are, getting the fuck out and being with ANYBODY who ~~lovesss~~ you seems like a magical fairytale compared to staying at home getting abused by the people who are supposed to love you the most. Tay doing that kind of stuff is essentially proof that her parents are fucked up emotional abusers.

No. 447345

lol except she's been pulling stunts like this for a longgg time. this isn't the first, not even close. her parents' main mistake was saying "yes" to everything she wanted from a young age. taylor is not entirely a victim in this situation and her parents are not entirely at fault.

No. 447348

Thing is, I bet money that on top of all this shit Taylor now has a habit. Which will escalate this 100% H habits are horrendous even if she is smoking, it will also cost her at least 100$ a day if she is supporting that scum too, and that’s lowballing it.

No. 447355


exactly, the imagery painted in those leaked screenshots from last night is straight up something out of an Intervention episode. girl needs help. unless her mom is right and her boyfriend has been deliberately texting bullshit from taylor's phone and deleting it in order to make them look crazy, but idk he doesnt seem smart enough. most likely they're both just using together.

No. 447356

Emotional abuse is usually pretty invisible and parents who are emotionally abusive tend to "make up" for their abuse in other ways (like saying yes to a bazillion pets). It's a typical tactic employed by narcissist parents.

Taylor is like, freshly 20? She's so so young. I did super stupid shit at that age. I can't even imagine how I'd have ended up if these were the tactics my enabler mom/narc dad used when an abusive fucker was preying on me, when I was about the same age. I'd probably be dead right now, because I'd have felt exposed and betrayed on all sides, and once you're with an abusive partner staying with them is easier than leaving.

Sage for blogpost but Taylor's parents are being dumb motherfuckers.

No. 447360

they would be even dumber motherfuckers if they didn't try to do anything about it and she ODed with that guy and had to identify her bloated rotting corpse later

No. 447361

they specialise in priority cases. doing a test for eds isn't priority. she couldve had that done anywhere.

No. 447364

What they're doing is literally the opposite of what they should be doing, that's my point. I know they're scared, but they're being scared and stupid. They'd honestly be better off leaving Taylor alone and not airing her laundry all over the internet. Heated messages between family, whatever, but publicly sharing this kind of drama is downright abusive

No. 447366

true, it's over the top. but she blocked them from contacting her, probably because she doesnt want them to see/hear that she's strung out on H. Also her parents weren't the ones who released the screenshots with the drug usage, right? It was Taylor's friends and her bf's ex? Her parents just saw them on social media too and started freaking out.

No. 447369

but what are they doing? they're just repeating that the cops wont do anything as a reason to not do anything

No. 447370

I agree that the public drama is ridiculous. Her parents have always behaved in a way I found strange. But honestly? I think that the reason she's doing shit like this is because her entire life has consistently revolved around the internet. She's isolated herself for so long that she hasn't had a lot of time to make real connections. She's had many real life friends come and go. That's mostly been the result of lying and public drama that /she's/ aired about other people. Her parents are not incredible people, but neither is she. She's been in this situation countless times. She's an adult and there's no reason to make excuses for her.

No. 447371

if I was them I would take the screenshots and try to figure out if the douche boyfriend is on probation or whatever, try to get him caught with drugs. I would probs make up some shit and fake texts and tell the police my daughter is about to kill herself to get them to knock down her door, I wouldn't really care about the consequences because I want to keep my fucking child sense and off of heroin at pretty much any cost. That shit kills you idgaf about "violating privacy".

No. 447384

See, anon, your plan of action would actually accomplish something positive, rather than essentially dumping a tank of gasoline on a fire. Which is kinda what Tay's folks are doing.

No. 447386


In their case it's probably not making up for emotional abuse by letting her get 50 pets, but the fact that they've had to focus so much on her brother who has developmental disabilities.

No. 447388

here's a link to the livestream taylor's mom did.


i can list some highlights of the stream and record it later unless someone else wants to do it. but here are a few things that i thought were relevant, i guess (sorry for any typos - it's late here and i want to sleep):

>taylor was originally trying to date post malone and was dm'ing him around august. post showed some interest until taylor talked about meeting up in person. post said he had a girlfriend and the conversation ended there.

>taylor decided to pursue a relationship with jonny instead because she wanted the experience of dating a 'rockstar'.

>taylor sneaked out one night to meet jonny and his drug dealer at a hotel. her mom followed her to the hotel and found out she was staying with jonny and his drug dealer.

>taylor's mom canceled taylor's credit card. because taylor wasn't able to pay for the room, jonny was physically/verbally rough with taylor.

>long story short, taylor found out that her mom followed her there, she ran back home. the cops were called and taylor accuses her dad of assaulting her. family was investigated but the police eventually leaves.

>jonny got incredibly wasted at pf changs (lol) when meeting taylor's mom for the first time. the mall cops have to stop jonny from spazzing out.

>taylor told her mom that jonny approves who's allowed in the apartment and who she gets to talk to.

>when her mom finally got a chance to visit taylor's apartment (jonny wasn't there atm) taylor admitted to her mom that jonny is a bad person but is unable to leave because she'll 'pay' for it.

>tanner is aware of what's going on and thinks that jonny is going to kill taylor.

tl;dr jonny doesn't respect women.

taylor's parents already called the police a thousand times and each time they did a welfare check, they didn't find anything wrong with taylor and jonny either hid or left during each visit. i don't think the police believes them at this point.

if i was her parents i would probably try doing what >>447371 said. and also, stop airing shit out online because jonny will know how to manipulate the situation in his favor.

No. 447390

he has a criminal record for possesion of drugs (which is why he can't be on any lease) and the restraining order against chelsea was violated recently because of that tweet where he mentions how taylor showed him her texts. he deleted the tweet but screenshots are out there.

No. 447394

File: 1513662031648.jpg (156.03 KB, 1170x1212, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.39…)

She posted a vid on twitter a couple of hours ago and she looks normal. Its going to take a couple of months of the daily drug usage to catch up to her to look different tbh

No. 447402

I lost all sympathy for her when she accused her dad of hitting her. That shit could have spiralled out of control with her brother being taken into care for the duration of the investigation. What a selfish piece of work. I can't believe her parents didn't wipe their hands of her there and then.

No. 447406

And lol at paying for her booty call's hotel room with her parents credit card. Tell me again how she's an adult who can make her own choices?

No. 447407

that is seriously the lowest of the low. I bet her boyfriend gave her the bright idea.

No. 447419

File: 1513662959320.png (55.41 KB, 608x255, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.5…)

No. 447420

She won’t be able to hide a habit. Her eyes will be pinned, smoking black tar will fuck her teeth up, she will start to take less and less showers, and she will really start to hustle to make sure she never gets sick. If she doesn’t have it and runs out, about the 24 hour mark she will instantly have flu like symptoms, sweats, and tell everyone she has a cold. It takes a good 3-5 days of this unless she gets some sort of suboxone or methadone, methadone is just as bad, but depending who you talk to suboxone can save her life. It’s helped many to get off the shit. If, or when she admits she needs help, that’s when her mom needs to step up and tell her she can come home to kick there, or send her to detox. But no way will she be able to hide this sort of thing. I’m a former addict, from Los Angeles been clean for 7 yrs and know this story too well unfortunately. I hope to god she doesn’t have to go down that road, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, or worse cow even.

No. 447428

Did she was sick like one or two weeks ago with Johnny?

No. 447430


I'm the same age as Taylor and had my appendix out when I was 12 (so 8 years ago) and I have no scar. They did a tiny incision on my pelvis and I had a tiny line for a while but it faded and also a scar in my belly button.

No. 447445

File: 1513665002306.png (471.56 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-00-29-29…)

No. 447449

If it’s a “cold” or “flu” and she gets well overnight it may possibly mean she is using, ran out and “got well” by using. Another thing is, if she can afford a habit, she won’t have that problem, but if her finances are fucked then watch out for a bunch of these being sick episodes….

No. 447454


Good on you, anon.

Another concern in this day and age is dope or pills cut with fentanyl. Every user needs to have Narcan with them at all times.

No. 447455

I cannot believe she was trying to date Post Malone haha.

No. 447457

File: 1513665702758.png (432.72 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-00-40-46…)

No. 447468

Jesus, this is depressing to read. This entire debacle is just mentally exhausting. I can't believe that Taylor is able to write her mother off so easily.

No. 447472

Jesus Christ her mum boils my blood. Why would you publicly broadcast your daughter may have said a "code word"? Why would you just air that she's secretly asking for help what the absolute fuck. This drama is so horrifying but it's not even because of just Jonny. Her parents seem emotionally abusive as fuck, constant threats, blackmail, dishing out her dirty laundry all over the Internet potentially killing her career. I get it that some people think this is the only way that her mum can get in touch with her but get your head out of your asses. If any other sane parents were as worried as hers claim to be they would be doing everything to hush up this drama, keeping it off the Internet and alerting the police aswell as her complex in order to get Jonny out of there. Certainly not live streaming and writing woe is me tweets like a bloody tween. Their twitter whoring along with Chelsea's leaves the worst taste in my mouth.

In terms of the drug use, what is the difference between smoking and injecting? Is there a lesser high? I understand that the addiction rates are similar but I don't really know much past that.

No. 447473

i'm surprised jonny hasn't been active on social media at all today. maybe he went on a drug binge

No. 447475

or been sleeping off a drug binge and tay is enjoying some hours of peace

No. 447476


re: drug use

Smoking H as i understand it has a lower chance of ODing because it's not as instantaneous. Also no needles/sharing needles = no chance of contamination causing Hep or HIV.

No. 447482


Have you heard the expression "chasing the dragon"?

Most heroin users start with smoking or snorting. The first high experienced through a particular route of administration (ROE) is usually the best.

From that point on, as tolerance increases, the user is chasing that experience, trying reach that high again. In order to get a better high, the user will escalate to an ROE that provides a more intense high (in medical terms a higher bioavailability, or how much of the drug reaches the opioid receptors).

Plugging (inserting liquified heroin into the rectum) is a slightly higher bioavailability than smoking or snorting, but most users do not opt for that ROE.

Injecting heroin directly into the blood stream achieves the highest. But a user will most likely never experience the high of the first high again unless they quit and are clean for a long enough period of time. The problem is that most users don't stop chasing (and get sick from withdrawals without using) which just makes achieving that high all the more elusive.

No. 447532

File: 1513676372611.png (3.16 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-03-38-23…)

No. 447534

File: 1513676399240.png (1.73 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-03-38-28…)

No. 447542


>Nemo approves of him

No, he's just literally dying for warmth.

No. 447607

File: 1513687857912.png (699.38 KB, 760x546, poorthing.PNG)

Poor little thing. I can't tell if in the picture on the left she's trying to push his head up through the middle for this "hilarious" tweet, or if the poor thing is so stressed out that he's done it himself.

Why. Is. She. Handling. This. Snake. Already.

No. 447611

That poor kitten is WAY too small to be in a large room unsupervised, let alone sleeping in bed with them. It still needs constant warmth, and it will probably end up crushed underneath one of them as it desperately tries to cuddle up to them for body heat and they roll on top of it.

Also, how is it getting on and off the bed? Kittens that age are very fragile despite being rambunctious and crazy. A fall from that height could break a leg. Unless they've built it some stairs that I don't see, there's no way it's getting on and of that bed safely to use a litterbox. I wonder how long it will be before the poor thing has an accident on the bed and Johnny freaks out.

No. 447617

File: 1513690772861.png (506.28 KB, 800x515, Screenshot_2017-12-19-05-36-52…)


This is the "bed" she made for him. No mention of a heating pad.

No. 447647


i love when their culture of "receipts" and shit is actually used for good. quality post and its nice that she took her time to answer the anon instead of copy pasting a link to this thread or something like that.

>she made a video taking her skink around to different stores and calling it her dog. just because the skink wasn’t struggling doesn’t mean it wasn’t VERY stressed

i fucking hate youtubers so much. this bitch really could kill her pet from stress because of that shit. but the viiiieeeewsss thoooo $$$$$$$$$. even little kids know better than to do shit like this. only once in my life ive seen someone do something similar to that and her pet died within a week.

>she drove several of her animals with her to vidcon and

oh god no. she's actually the dumbest bitch alive. either that or cruel to animals on purpose. hate her either way. OP I’m glad you made this thread for those who had no idea of this evil bitch.

she's way worse than most of the other hoes on snow honestly…

No. 447649


how desperate for attention can she be? its sea world why do you want people to stop and ask you about your quirky animals? get over yourself

No. 447663


this thread has only been up for two weeks and she already has adopted three new pets??? what the fuck anons were not kidding when they said she gets them constantly. just the fact that she merely refers to them as "pet"/"pets" solidifies that they're an accessory,

>guys i'm so happy i adopted a beautiful snake. she's this that and that. we named her X. she makes me so happy. she does this that and that, its so adorable!

>we adopted a new pet lmao xD imma add him to the pile w/e

No. 447666

again, i feel that threatening her with calls to the aspca would really help this situation out. she's not mature enough to have these animals, and she's clearly only looking to be an instathot with a quirky COOL REPTILE and animal obsession.

seriously, she's going to end up killing a lot of animals, and putting them through unnecessary suffering.

No. 447670

She's already had many animals die lmao

No. 447672


its kind of insane how fragile ad weak that cat looks. my old cat (she lived like 10 years) had like eight or nine kitties in her lifetime and they never looked that rough. and like, some of them fuckin died. how does that cat look like he's in world war 2. anyone with a brain would have taken the cat to a vet yesterday. especially since one of them already died. especially since they're so young. especially since they aren’t got no mom. the rage is real. poor thing won’t make it in that instathot house.

also FUCK that lie of "kittens had no home i had to do adopt them!!" bs begging for likes on twitter. you found them in the street. her street cat mother was probably not that far away. and now they are both going to be dead before they make it into month 6. fuck this fake ass "i love animals so much uwu" facade she has for attention. animals aitn a fuckin toy

it looks like she read the thread (or GG) and took him to the vet >>445177 >>447532 which is good at least. now he doesn't look like he'll die at any second. but i still dont think she'll take enough care of him. also where are her other pets? ever since cat flavor of the month she seems to focus so much on him lol. betcha he's ignoring the others for the sake of Nemo

No. 447680


>post 666

>she's going to end up killing a lot of animals,

all animals dead before 2018 confirmed. for real its disgusting that she makes a living of being an animal hoarder. ad revenue was a mistake

No. 447690

hasn't it only been two? that's disgusting, but i wouldnt call that 'many'. anyways, is there something that can be done to intervene? tbh i dont care about her situation with johnny no tooth, but im really scared for those animals around him

No. 447692

The cat, the fish, the leafy insect, the crab her fish eat (the one she exchange for cheese), her two Hedgehogs, the turtles, and the snake.

Am I the only who thinks she enjoy adopting sick animals so when they die she can end up being Maria Teresa or is easy for her to take their empty space with another? (It is not wrong to help a sick animal but it just weird the way she handle those situations)

No. 447693

You mean not counting the countless fish that have died under her care? She didn't realize a fish was rotting on her floor for many days after it jumped. Not to mention the entire overstocking issue, she puts the wrong types of fish together, so many end up killing each other or being eaten. (Her eel, that one fish that she "lost" in the filter, the kili fish, etc.) I could go on for fish alone

No. 447694

She's killed two hedgehogs alone. Then the seahorses, her sorority tank, that tree boa that was sick but with professionals that she bought, killed, and got a reimbursed free one instead, etc..

No. 447695

Also the frog who's "butt fell out" and later died

No. 447696

wtf??? that's sick. this woman is sick. okay, why hasn't a group of ppl already threatened this bitch en masse with aspca and animal control calls? if not actually calling them, just spamming her into sense with the threat of calling. normally ppl on youtube are super on it with animal abuse/neglect, but this one is flying under the radar???

hell, onionboy got a million calls to aspca and animal control when the turtle died. why isn't there huge public outrage over this selfish cunt?

No. 447698

butt fell out? what does that even mean??

No. 447700

I never thought some random flake posted in snow could make my blood boil like that. What a horrible person. Calling the pets she bought a "haul". Letting a violent crazy junkie stay with the helpless animals. Using pets as accessoires for clicks and attention. I hope her animals get taken away before it's too late but who am I kidding. The junkie will kill them all and if not she will kill them by neglecting them.

No. 447701

Totally forgot about the frog she prolapsed

No. 447704

The frog's intestines and organs were coming out of it's anus. Pretty bad sight, it needed emergency surgery, she also "did everything right" that time too, apparently.

No. 447706

Someone call the apartment complex and complain about the animals and I guarantee after inspection she'll have violated her lease. We have the number lol

No. 447709

I'm guessing it was so ill/diseased it's innards came out through its rectum?

Seeing the amount of animals she's killed listed like this is appalling. She's a sick person.

No. 447711

don't forget, she's also neglected a lot of her animals too, like her two dogs, her axolotl (that almost died), and most of her fish.

No. 447712

i'm down for this, seriously. we should call. i can't bear to see that sweet kitten die because of this stupid fuck

No. 447724

Im pretty sure there's more than just the ones listed as well.

No. 447730

You're just projecting your own home life onto this girl anon. We have no way of knowing how her parents are with her, if anything they overcompensate with monetary goods because she doesn't get enough attention because of her brother being so severely disabled.

I'm the anon upthread who's brother had suspected prader willi syndrome, looking after a child like that means you have no time to emotionally abuse your kids. The only thing you have time for is neglect.

No. 447732


In her live video last night her mom said that Taylor has much more money than her parents.

No. 447761


oh god i can't imagine how much negligence caused that. this kylie reject is the worst

No. 447770

File: 1513705213653.png (216.18 KB, 575x504, asdad.PNG)

i fucking love axolotls i think they are some of the coolest animals ever, so i googled what you guys were mentioning and…

Its almost poetic. This dumb bitch making 20 minutes of content regarding axolotl care. Pretending that she knows jackshit about them. Like she isn't a 19 year old attention whore that treats pets as personality traits.

and a year later her making a video about how she mistreated her fcking axolotl so bad that it almost died on her "care". the title alone has me fuming,
>>I ALMOST KILLED HER??? (How i saved my Axolotl)

fuck you. you mistreated your pet and it almost died. why are you turning it into you being a savior. the only thing you did to that animal was nearly kill him. some vet probably took care of the rest

God OP your thread is a blessing and a curse at the same time

No. 447775

She sucked the dick of a heroin addicted rapist and now is surprised that her life is a mess, at this point everyone seems equally crazy, the only ones who don't deserve this situation is the poor pets that are being manhandled, abused and mistreated by those awful fake nails or sometimes by a toothless druggie past his prime and mind. (This white trash drama is always milky af)

No. 447779

I know, this whole situation is fucking painful

No. 447783

hey, can anyone download the live stream Taylor’s mom did?

No. 447784

I just found out the frog die
I thought it was still alive
Did she mention if it die in any of the videos or just stop appearing on them?

No. 447790

Am I the only one who doesn't feel bad about her? She have the bless to being told her bf was an abusive piece of shit but instead of dumping him decide to prove everyone wrong
I hope she stay enough time for people to lost sympathy just like with Laineybot, so at least she doesnt get praised for leaving her abuser,like he became like that out of the blue and didn't make fun of his ex GF for warning her.

No. 447791

she has had multiple frogs and i think she has one at the moment

No. 447798


yeah, she started dating a predatory guy who is ten years older. when her mother told her he was a junkie she moved in with him. when all his ex gf came out to tell her he was abusive, he acted like he had changed him. and its not like "she's not listening to them because they're in love!!!", nah they've only been together in real life for what? a month? they ain't even close yet. she's doing it for the attention as she does with everything else. it will bite her in the ass and it won't be pretty but yeah i agree with you

No. 447800

File: 1513708041036.png (526.99 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-12-24-57…)

No. 447801

File: 1513708061465.png (474.65 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-12-25-33…)

No. 447802

Ex H smoker here. It’s a very very low chance of OD. Actually, the only time people die from smoking tar, is when their lungs get all fucked up. They can die from an upper respiratory infection. Many times they get pneumonia, and many times it’s not decked until the person goes to the hospital with breathing issues.

No. 447804


she should have known that the man is trash just from the fact his screenname is "DADDY" alone . no shade

they've been dating for two minutes what are they even talking about, this is going to end up so messy. only the most unhappy couples would tweet at stranger that they kiss every morning lmao

No. 447808


hey guys just go all the way, fuck it. sleep with the fucking snakes in the bed too. let the fittest creature win.

No. 447811

Between this and the post about turning off their phones, there's something incredibly worrying about this whole situation.

No. 447812

Also, I forgot to add that on the west coast, where it is only black tar, as opposed to the east coast- east of the mason Dixon line, which is how the white powder differs from the tar, there are groups of people who only smoke instead of needles due to their not wanting to use needles. It may cost a little more but it’s much more safe, as I posted above. So one can only hope that the moron doesn’t talk her into shooting up.

No. 447814

They surely cannot splash to bring her menagerie of animals, so I wonder what will happen to them during this 'worthy' Christmas

No. 447819

I don't know if anyone said this but he does not need to be on the lease. if he has lived there for over a month it's considered his legal residence and he's legally allowed to be there. I have experienced this first hand when I was a kid. my mom's crazy boyfriend literally kicked down the door, chased my mom to the bedroom, and strangled her while I punched his back. he ran out the backdoor when he heard the police sirens (my little brother called while I was trying to fight him off). the cops said they can attest him but he won't stay in jail long and he is allowed to come back because it's his legal residence, my mom would have to go to court to get him evicted, which could take months. this also happened to me when my roommate went to rehab and his mom changed the locks on me. I took the air conditioner out of the window to climb in and the neighbor called 911 and the cops sided with me and told her she legally had to allow me in. sorry for blogpost but it's the sad truth.

also everyone saying "call 911!!1!" is just so unaware of reality it kills me. Taylor is an adult and even if there is abuse, unless the cops see evidence like bruises or witness abuse they literally can't do shit. it's so sad because these situations play out everyday and usually nothing gets done until someone gets seriously injured or fucking murdered. if the cops showed up she'd probably be too afraid (for herself, her image, and get animals) to say anything. she could VERY possibly have a heroin habit now and that makes it so much harder to leave an abusive ex. I was beaten, strangled, and even stabbed by my ex but I always went back. it's so hard to break the cycle especially when drugs are involved.

sage for blabbing

No. 447820

Wouldnt this vary depending on the state though? Or depending on what her actual lease says?

sage for no contribution.

No. 447821

yes, especially if the lease says something about not allowing tenants who aren't on the lease. but we have no way of knowing this and I'm pretty sure the "legal residence" thing applies in most states. I'm no legal expert so don't quote me.

No. 447829

that jhonny guy is ugly as fuck too why would she run away to live with a stranger who looks like that omg. she's truly a cow in the making

No. 447831

>also everyone saying "call 911!!1!" is just so unaware of reality it kills me. Taylor is an adult and even if there is abuse, unless the cops see evidence like bruises or witness abuse they literally can't do shit. it's so sad because these situations play out everyday and usually nothing gets done until someone gets seriously injured or fucking murdered.

Thank you anon. She's legally an adult, there is nothing the police can or will do until a crime has actually happened and they can prove it and she wants to press charges. the police cannot just detail legal adults because of crimes that might happen in the future.

and to all those anons saying they'd break down the door and get their daughter back if this happened, you realise you'd be arrested right? You cannot decide you know better than a legal adult, even if they are your child, and break into their house and kidnap them by force. Of course her parents aren't doing that shit. It's a one way ticket to getting a restraining order at minimum, jail at worst, and pushing your child further into the isolating embrace of their abuser.

No. 447836


Yeah, all the people here who keep suggesting calling the police or even worse, lying to the police, they really don't know how things work. It would potentially end much worse than whatever Taylor's mom is doing now. The best thing she could do is go to some organization for abused women and talk to a counselor there. People have experience with such situations, they could tell her how she should talk to Taylor, how to act around Jonny etc. and at some point, Taylor would be prepared to leave. Unfortunately, it's a long process, getting somebody out of an abusive situation but it's much better than whatever dramatics you guys have in mind.

No. 447844

So all Taylor's mom can do is go to abuse counseling classes while her daughter is smoking coke and heroin? Sad shit

No. 447845

lol thats the thing, IDGAF if I got arrested, if my 20 yr old daughter is smoking heroin in her apt because of youtube money/clout she was fortunate enough to build while living under my roof, you bet your ass I would do anything to get her out of the drug den she now resides in. Sounds like none of you have children or have experienced a sibling in a similar situation, be thankful

No. 447847

you're frankly delusional. I was an IV heroin addict for almost 10 years, and in an extremely abusive relationship. NOBODY can tell someone in this situation ANYTHING. if they do not want help, they will not get help. being crazy and trying to force your family member or loved one into getting better usually backfires and makes them want to get away from you and continue their life. you're the one who doesn't fucking get it.

No. 447856

Taylor clearly is already reaching out to friends, as seen in the text messages. She's scared and alone and in a bad place and probably only feels better when she smokes that H Johnny provides for her. Did someone try to knock down your door and forcefully put you into rehab? She clearly hasn't always had such a shitty relationship with her parents. She's fucking 20 and unlike cows like Luna actually has people in her life that care about her and should do more than just let her trash her life away and then pick up the pieces, or worse her body in the morgue.

No. 447862


Yeah, I can imagine she somehow gets the police to search the apartment, turns out Jonny has shit-tone of heroin there and Taylor gets to go to prison for possession with intent to supply. Great plan. Or you kidnap her and go with her to rehab, the nice lady at the reception desk gives Taylor documents to fill out, Taylor says no, and that's it. No one will for wrestle with her to get her to detox.

No. 447864

my brother has been a heroin addict since i can remember. Hes 29 and has been in and out of relationships and they always WANT to fix him, no matter how many times someone wants to help the heroin addict, if they dont want help they wont stop, even if they have OD. And the other person in the relationship wont get out until shit starts crumbling even if its abusive and they say they want to get out, if they want out they will get out but as Taylor said in texts basically, "She is waiting for the right time" sometimes it means they dont want out yet. Shes apparently told her mom shes only doing it for the experience. She can talk to friends and reach out to them but no ones going to believe her until she actually does what she says is going to do and leave.
Even if someone calls the police to go check on her, they cant come into the house without a search warrent and most of the time when the police come back with one everything that is illegal is already hidden or thrown away.
Even if you force a addict into rehab and they didnt want it, they will go out and use again.

No. 447865

lol and that's one of the reasons I don't really fault her mom for going public with the screenshots and manipulation. The most her parents can do right now is ruin her image for her stans so she can no longer support her habit and maybe reaches out to her family for actual help/rehab. You know Johnny would drop her the instant she will not be able to pay the rent, unless he decides to pimp her out for heroin instead to get his fix.

No. 447866

Sage your blogging

No. 447867

File: 1513712943167.png (335.57 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-13-48-28…)

No. 447869

File: 1513713093145.png (329.67 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-13-51-20…)

No. 447870

File: 1513713220791.png (446.75 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-13-53-27…)

No. 447874

This girl have parents that care a lot about her and a place to come back.
It should be extra hard for them to know what to do in this situation, but they're there showing (in a good or bad way) they care. I'm jealous

No. 447915

Probably because every time an animal dies she creates this woe is me, I spent so much at the vet, I did everything right and the vet agrees that I was the perfect pet mom, such grief sort of sob story.

No. 447921

lol why would she go to prison for intent to supply, it would clearly be Johnny who's finally put in jail if the cops find out about their use

No. 447924

Exactly. The worst her parents are doing are tweeting about it, but they want her stans to know she's not alright and keep on her ass about everything

No. 447931

And also Jonny is fucking broke, believe me he's struggling to even get a gram of heroin (about $80 worth usually) let alone enough to get an intent to sell charge.

No. 447932

File: 1513718636484.png (885.25 KB, 622x863, triangle.png)

In Taylor's latest Instagram post, we can see the kitten exhibiting what we in the rescue community call "triangle face". It's caused by dehydration and muscle wasting, and is something you see in kittens that are in serious crisis. I'm not exaggerating here, this kitten is in serious danger.

No. 447933

Is somebody going to call the apartment complex before its too late or animal rescue?

No. 447945


oh fuck i saw the pic alone and thought "put the thing out of its misery for fucks sake". but then i read your caption and it made things worst. that kitty doesnt deserve this shit. even moomoo isn't this fucking retarded, and moomoo has 23 less animals than this bitch.

No. 447959

mods keep fucking removing the complex even though animals are dying in this woman's care. what the fuck?

No. 447963

Guess some anons better meet via discord then and exchange the info. Its a shame /b/ doesn't do shit like this anymore.

No. 447969

this anon mentioned the name of the apartments

No. 447978

I just called them to tell them that there appears to be neglect/hoarding going on in their residences and that her hoarding alone definitely violates their leasing agreement. The woman seemed concerned, but I don't know. She said she would definitely check into it. I hope it's not bullshit. I am seriously terrified for these animals. Whether or not Taylor is on H, she clearly isn't competent or concerned with animals enough to have one cat, let alone a 'collection' of exotic animals.

No. 447979

she literally posted the apartment's layout and i think name on her instagram

No. 447985

She's not listening because her family is weird and abusive/neglectful, she's young, she's vulnerable, and abusive assholes prey on vulnerable young girls and know exactly how to fuck up their lives and their minds.

No. 447986

How sure are we that she lives in those apartments now? When did she post that?

No. 447987

I think it's the only place she's lived outside her parents

No. 447995

This is a voicemail jonny left for some random guy that retweeted a video of him falling off stage and choking someone

This is the video. It was only in September look how wasted and fucked up he is

No. 448003

Why are you coddling her? Women do the same shit, this dumb bitch isn’t an exception along with the other cows here. This board has turned into an asspatting hugbox for these bitches, what a joke.

No. 448005

What's with his eyes? He looks rough… Poor baby. Hope he will be alright

No. 448008

I spend ages rescuing cats and raising kittens and this bitch is over here slowly killing them. Does she not do even basic research on how to take care of kittens? They're fragile so it's more than just "feed with bottle then give solids later". Yeah it's hard raising kittens and some die even with with the best of care but ffs this little guy isn't even gaining weight and she's too retarded to notice.

Sage because extremely triggered over kitten and can't do anything about it.

No. 448017

Its the PULL users. Their Taylor thread was closed and redirected here.

No. 448038

File: 1513727952823.jpeg (165.1 KB, 750x1213, 50715A26-FCF3-41E8-9567-49702A…)

So apparently Taylor blocked tons of fans tonight and one thought it was Jonny so he posted their argument on his Instagram account… She's 13 and he is literally putting her on blast. The poor kid is begging him to take it down and he's laughing

No. 448040

Oh, ugh really? That explains it. My bad, sorry admins.

No. 448044

Yep, closed two nights ago and the fact that krautchan has also been "raiding" doesn't help. The spergy behavior started in /ot/, then here in /snow/, and only today did I see any suspicious looking posts in /pt/. Its a combo of newfags and incels. There's also the possibility that Pixielocks' fans saw the cowtipping over on Twitter and jumped in considering a few of those were also banned last night.

No. 448047

Oh damn, I haven’t been on here in a few months so I was taken back by the shitfest of hugboxes. Eh, that sucks rip

No. 448050


That poor little baby. He should be much bigger by now! Kittens gain weight day by day and he's still the same! If anyone's interested here's a post from Kitten Lady about triangle face https://www.facebook.com/kittenxlady/posts/1846503728936908:0
There's lots of pictures in the comments, I think it's pretty clear how Taylor's kitten looks similar to kittens with fading kitten syndrome…

No. 448054

I wish this wigger fucktard would get shot in the head already. Shouldn't he be getting into a petty turf war or whatever by now.

No. 448154

File: 1513737182565.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-20-32-19…)

new video

No. 448159

Not able to get a screenshot but at 12:10 does the kitten's anus not look prolapsed?

No. 448172

sorry im late but what turtle did she have that's died? i know she "rescued 80 baby turtles" but did she actually have one of her own? not wking just curious

No. 448175

Anyone notice how damn wet the kitten looked the entire video? The hair on it's chest constantly looked soaked, not to mention how underweight it looks.

No. 448179

Yeah the kitten looks tiny. It doesn't look like it's growing at all.

No. 448180

Nah, she didnt have one of her own but some of the turtles she "save" (because at the end of the day those people will buy more with the money she gave them) die, however those are more or less justificable, i guess.

No. 448187

Peep that mysterious cold at the beginning

No. 448189

Is it just me or is her top lip so swollen from injections that it's giving her a lisp…?

No. 448190


not just you. even tho she denies injections its so obvious

No. 448192

File: 1513740652163.png (645.2 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2017-12-19 22.26.39…)

did anyone else find the end of her new video slightly concerning by the way she's handling nemo or am i reaching?

No. 448197


Yeah i was thinking the same thing. she like dropped it down when she was done with it(like a prop) so she could turn off her camera.

No. 448198

She doesn't deny them. A few months ago on an instagram post someone commented asking about her lips and she admitted to getting them done.

No. 448201

Yeah the whole ending was super cringey.

No. 448202

I know not everyone is an extra intelligent whiz when they first start helping kittens but come on she at least needs to know the basics of how to handle one. Nemo is just gonna die at this point cause she handles him like a fucking baseball and can't even feed him right. She doesn't even know what a sick kitten looks like.

She's probably just waiting for it to get near death(it's almost there already) so she can somehow magically save it and look like a hero. By the time she does that though it will probably be too late. It's hard enough trying to help sickly kittens so I'll be surprised if Nemo survives at death's door. He hasn't even grown and as mentioned, has the dreaded triangle face. Doesn't look bright for him.

No. 448204

I'm praying the swelling is from lip injections and not Jonny…

No. 448205

File: 1513742068344.png (315.61 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-21-53-34…)

No. 448206

Ugh. She hasn't even been able to unpack or get furniture in her apartment and he's dragging her off on a vacation (on her dime no doubt). JC is absolute trash.

No. 448209

File: 1513742661314.png (907.85 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-22-03-46…)


No. 448219

File: 1513743702175.png (528.18 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-19-22-20-34…)


No. 448234

my bad i just remember watching a vid of her saying its her "natural shape"

No. 448250

sorry if this was posted but livestream link of taylors mom https://www.pscp.tv/tamonandpumba/1OdKrAZybAwxX

No. 448252

why the fuck are they leaving on vacation when they have just bought so any new animals???

also what fucking parade?

No. 448253

who’s gonna take care of the animals while they’re in nyc?

No. 448256

Nothings stopping you from doing it if you think it should be done.

No. 448273

That’s cow tipping so no, don’t promote the shit.

No. 448287

so getting milk is more important than saving lives?????????????(cowtipping is a rule violation)

No. 448289

File: 1513751550668.png (276.52 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-00-29-28…)

also amanda, one of jonny's abused ex has been doing a live stream. she's been talking a lot about jonny and the situation.


No. 448291

I get what you’re saying but it’s still CT. Not really milk, more like someone irl will report it. If not, then just lurk but don’t be that person.

No. 448293

but they havent and multiple animals have already died. milk is not more important.

No. 448294

File: 1513752221752.jpg (148.36 KB, 1642x882, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 10.4…)

Taylor's mom is in the chat

No. 448295

taylor's mom is commenting on the live chat saying she just saw jonny

No. 448297

she says it's the worst filth she's ever seen, taylor wasn't there but jonny and his drug dealer was

No. 448298

a drug dealer "taking care of pets" what a joke

No. 448301

and she brought a cop? idk it's hard to follow

No. 448302

File: 1513753019838.png (221.59 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-00-56-18…)

No. 448303

apparently Taylors mom is in Amandas livestream, and is at the police station right now is what she commented

No. 448305

Like as concerned as I am for the animals I doubt anything will come of reporting. From what I've seen most rescue organizations are pretty toothless. There is horrendous puppy mills, reptile mills, and dog trainers that beat and choke dogs. I mean dog whisperer is still thought of as reasonable in this day and age….

Basically, unless your animals are caked in shit with open sores… well, unless the person willingly gives up their animals there's not much help. I'm with a rescue dealing with convincing a serial hoarder she has a problem. She runs a 'rescue' with over 150 rodents in tiny cages. Meanwhile the rest of North America is using these same cages for their pets… the bar is so low for animal care here.

Anyways I can't stop you all from trying. I think I've gotten compassion fatigue from dealing with hoarders. It's a nasty addiction.

Sage for ot rant.

No. 448307


Someone claims to have already called >>447978

No. 448311

Not even Taylor's mother knew how to properly take care of her axtolt (not her fault) imagine a fucking dealer

No. 448312

File: 1513754391994.png (454.22 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-01-18-55…)

No. 448317



No. 448319


I commented on one of her YouTube vids expressing concern about the kitten and 5 different fans told me to stop being a troll.

No. 448326

I don't know why I keep reading this thread
It makes me legitimately sad and upset for that poor kitten, I keep thinking about his little face all the time now. I was shocked with the first video when the other kitten was alive. Why she keeps exhibiting this kitty in poor state and treating animals like accessories and gifts?
She also knew about the crimes (rape and other kinds of abuses) he had committed against other women and she decided to condone with that. She's supporting rapist and giving a dangerous person full access to her animals. Fuck. That's not ok.
I'm just so mad and annoyed I can't keep reading anymore. And plus I can't stand how she jokes about other people justified concern about her pets. That's twisted!
This girl is a psycho cunt.
I hope she goes traveling, leave the kitty with someone nice that take care of him and never more give him back to this cunt.
Man, I'm annoyed.
You can be a cow but don't mess with kittens!

No. 448392

How hard is it to feed it regularly and keep it warm? I have never owned a cat in my life, but even I know that. You feed baby animals like clockwork, and keep them warm since they can't produce enough heat by their own.

No. 448393

File: 1513769371184.png (484.17 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-05-23-36…)


No. 448445


oh my, anon called it. >>447420 its so beautiful to see a cow in the making. she's going to fuuck up her life so badly

No. 448449


inb4 that poor Nemo kitten dies a painful slow death, and she immediately runs to adopt— i mean buy, those two purebred kittens. she's probably planning it as we speak

No. 448456

A lot of the commenters on the new video are giving her shit for being with Jonny & stating how concerned they are. At least a few of her stans seem to realize the situation is pretty bad, there are even comments about how sickly Nemo looks.

No. 448472

The comments on the latest kitten video are so satisfying. Every single one of them is calling her out on her shit. I hope she finally listens.

No. 448474

she'll probably just disable comments or say "no guise it's all ok"

No. 448486

I don't get why she ignores the people telling her what she's doing wrong with the kitten. She prefers kill a baby kitten than listen to "the haters". I'm sorry I cannot have a single drop of sympathy for her. Bitch. Keep digging your own grave, you cunt.

No. 448490

might be a bit of a tinfoil but in her new video she's coughing and saying "sick"… smoking heroin IME gives you so much chest congestion and mucus. hmmmmm

No. 448494

File: 1513793587959.jpeg (32.18 KB, 480x600, 835A43F3-4036-403A-BC78-6F1668…)

I'm calling it now, the second kitten is gonna die because she's going to NYC. Leaving it will kill it. Also I saw a funny interaction where Jonny claimed he had no charges and the reply was a screenshot of his mugshot + his arrest record from 2011 alone. Hes damn ugly, fuck knows what she sees in him,
Here's the full arrest record


No. 448530


When you Google his name it's page after page of criminal and cretinous behaviour.

That smug look screams, NO REMORSE.

No. 448546

I know this person has been brought up before. But again, here is a good example of putting clothing on reptiles.

Also if you want a good picture of a kitten look at you, use a toy to guide it into position not manhandle is fragile neck with your talons. This is how they inspect cats in and cat show…

No. 448564

File: 1513798920500.png (290.17 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-41-38…)

No. 448566

File: 1513799418655.png (318.33 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-49-59…)

No. 448567

File: 1513799510817.png (309.49 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-51-32…)

No. 448571

File: 1513799670131.png (343.35 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-53-58…)


No. 448572

I'm guessing that's what this tweet was about, then: >>448393

i guess they were at the hospital at like 4am because the cops had been called. weird. not sure what to believe now.

No. 448574

File: 1513799813455.png (382.02 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-13-56-28…)

No. 448577

lol suuuuuuure

how does she expect anyone, even her followers, to believe this

No. 448582

File: 1513800320956.png (570.34 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-14-04-20…)

No. 448583

Admits to underage drinking, at least. She is only 20.

No. 448584

File: 1513800440209.png (531.13 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-14-06-42…)

No. 448596

she deleted this tweet. obviously it didn't make any sense lol

No. 448598

she deleted these too lmao

No. 448599

File: 1513801559228.png (499.47 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-14-25-31…)

No. 448604

In the DM's she admitted using heroin, so she's admitting that here?
God, she is all over the place. And accusing her father of making up a fake text string.. wtf??

No. 448605

why do i always feel like it's jonny typing whenever there's a "hahahaha" in her tweets?

No. 448607

File: 1513802650665.png (1.81 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-14-43-24…)

No. 448608

this white girl had parents, home, food, time enough to build a YouTube career and fill her ass with pets she neglecte. Then she went with a rapist, physically abusive, heroin addicted and keeps putting pets in danger. LMAO spoiled bitch don't know what's to really have problems. In real world your baby brother getting all attention :( is not a problem!!! Wtf
Her parents deserve a price for being this patient. "Aw they're abusive they post stuff on twitter" well that's terrible, they post stuff omg! No choice, gotta go live with a teethless heroinhead rapist. Congrats, hope he treats you as you treats your pets.

No. 448610

well she accused her dad of beating her after she got caught sneaking out to see jonny so i don't think this is far fetched.

both taylor and his busted ass boyfriend have been lying about this whole situation.

jonny said that taylor did send those texts and that they were laughing about it but last night he was acting all indignant and claiming it wasn't true.

both of them are fucking liars and people keep buying into their shit because "we don't know the whole side of the story". fucking cunts.

No. 448611

I'm more worried with kitty then with her. Kitty has no choice. She has and have made it.

No. 448615

If I didn't believe she was being abused before, this response just totally solidifies it.

No. 448616

File: 1513803652309.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-15-00-25…)

No. 448617

File: 1513803669962.png (847.07 KB, 750x1334, DC9A8C9B-4797-404A-A995-28F7E2…)


No. 448618

File: 1513803704968.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-15-00-29…)

No. 448620

This was unnecessary on Chelsea's part. I understand the desire to do it, but surely she must know that she's putting Taylor in a ton of danger?

No. 448628

Maybe she should stop lying like an idiot then and accept those messages are real.

No. 448631

i used to think this way until i saw both taylor and jonny trying to save face and lying left and right. taylor has been complicit in this situation since day one. for someone who has claimed in the past shit about being against rapists and abuse, she's doing a piss poor job at holding up to those statements.

No. 448634

File: 1513805139759.png (324.77 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-15-25-18…)

No. 448637

let's be logical here. why would posting that be putting taylor in danger? because jonny would see it and go off on her? okay, makes sense. but that would mean that he hasn't seen these texts already. so he's obviously not checking her phone every five seconds. if she actually cared enough about getting out of this situation, she'd reach out for /legitimate/ help and not just complain about the situation to an ex girlfriend.

No. 448638

i'm pretty sure the reason that all of this hasn't come to a concrete head yet is because she actually enjoys the drama associated with the situation. it's getting her exposure and attention and that's exactly what she wants.

No. 448639

You two do have really good points. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, it is hard to be 20 and in an abusive relationship but I do forget that like… he has a very clear past of abusing women that is super available publicly and the fact that she completely ignored all of that and supports him and the lies she's telling about her father in particular are just so awful.

No. 448644

chelsea addressed this in her livestream. she was asked if she thinks she put taylor in danger, and she said no because it's putting a lot more exposure and attention on jonny's abuse and he would be an idiot to do anything to taylor while everyone is so aware right now

No. 448647

File: 1513805893482.png (376.66 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-15-37-33…)

No. 448650

File: 1513806207439.png (530.68 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-20-15-42-54…)

No. 448666

not defending taylor here but her mom gives me serious manipulative liar vibes. obviously all sides are trying to lie/manipulate each other, and while again, i'm not trying to defend taylor, it seems unsurprising how taylor's acting given how psycho her mom seems. not just her mom being concerned for her daughter, but her mom broadcasting this whole drama on twitter. idk, maybe i'm reaching but she seems like a psycho creep trying to play the concerned mom for twitter sympathy/to publicly manipulate her daughter. this whole situation is despicable on all sides tbh

No. 448673

I think she is just a little bit stupid when is about social media, she doesnt know what belong and what not. But didnt Taylor said her mother didnt want her to move out? (when people were wondered why her parents didnt kicked her out after she flooded the wood floor)

Maybe she "needs" her daughter to be there all the time. I can bet money her mother was the one who invented all those diseases Taylor have.

No. 448675

honestly like, this whole thing is sketchy as shit. i do believe her parents have been overprotective of her, considering her health issues, but i also feel like she has shit on her own that cannot be pinned on them.

from the whole looks of it, she's been lying even before her youtube channel blew up, and i'm more inclined to believe her mother at this point.

also the thread got linked >>448607
in this tweet by some genius.

No. 448690

Oh look, he's upset because his screenshot of him bullying the 13y/o got reported.

The kitten wasn't "rescued" from a construction site? Ok Jonny

No. 448694


What made me suspicious is why two kittens, 3 weeks old, would not be taken to a shelter where they could have a foster mom. Or be given to someone who HAD a nursing queen at the time?

Also NOBODY would sell a kitten so young.

No. 448696

Idk if I agree. He would be stupid to do anything to Taylor with all these eyes on him. Taylor apparently was taken to the hospital by police last night. He knows people have a close eye on them right now. He is on his best behavior to “prove everyone wrong”

No. 448700

yeah this is kind of a double-edged sword. this could only make him keep his good behavior until people forget for him to start the abuse and it would only reinforce taylor's idea that she's ~the one~. i don't give a shit about taylor because she got warned but this is a good point.

No. 448706

because Taylor is the patron saint of animals. No one would ever question her ability to take care of them when she's made tons of care videos for animals she's (almost) killed.

No. 448712


I've noticed this on her YT when anyone expresses concern for her kitten, the stans jump in with "it's her job!". Well, she sucks at her "job".

No. 448713

I bet you anything Jonny killed that other kitty. Or it died while they were busy smoking heroin.

No. 448715

I dont understand how she used to post about not liking guys who mistreat women or whatever and the fact that she knowingly chose to associate with the epitome of trash is disappointing. She strikes me as very superficial and just wanting attention, it's extremely unfortunate that this is who she's getting her attention from. I used to love her channel when she was smaller but the "fame" really got to her.

No. 448719

God the whole Taylor can do no wrong and is all knowing about animals shit is the most frustrating thing ever. These fans pretend to care about her animals but the second someone comes along to try to give solid information they flip out and call them a hater and blah blah Taylor knows what she's doing! Fucking morons.

No. 448729

the way things have unfolded honestly make me believe her mother way more than taylor's side of the story. some anon above said they knew her from high school and that she got caught lying about shit a lot, and it honestly adds up to what she's done so far.

>the dm's are fake as well as the texts

>jonny goes and says they laughed at what chelsea wrote to taylor confirming the texts and dm's were real
>they were real but it was because she got a panic attack
>jonny acts indignant because of the things the texts said, as if he had never read them before
>the texts were her dad's making

like which is it?
by now it's pretty much a fact that taylor is lying, for whatever reason.

No. 448732

I feel like there's no coming back for her channel unless she comes clean at this point. It seems like a majority of her fans are not putting up with her bullshit.

Like I totally get that leaving an abusive asshole is hard (been there, done that) but this is her career at stake.
I'm not sure she will do anything unless somebody calls her out on youtube directly though, because most of her followers don't really care about twitter. Where are all of the stupid drama channels when you need them?

No. 448738

>very superficial and just wanting attention
She tried to get with Post Malone before Jonny. She's trying to ride JC for fame while he's just with her for her money.

No. 448747

File: 1513814727577.png (619.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1414.PNG)

For the anon that was worried she claims to have a heat pad for Nemo

No. 448749

For instance her magical story about getting the kittens- specifically the one she killed. Those kittens are rare and never found in shelters. Of course she wanted a designer cat to match her designer snakes but it wouldn't fly with her whole adopt don't shop bullshit so she claimed after a whole day of searching shelters she just magically rescued these kittens from a wall…? I'm sure the whole town clapped Taylor. Then your cat magically died when it totally isnt your fault, just like your THREE hedgehogs, your fish that jumped out of the tank because the tank was so filthy- the same dead fish lying on your floor that you didn't even discover for a whole month, another fish your eel ate because you put it in an incorrect tank which literally anyone with common sense would realise, your green tree python, the fish that died from your neglect which led to the ich outbreak. That's not counting all the animals you've given away after using them for a video, including your sea horses, your 100 turtles, your dog that you claimed to be training into a service dog. Oh and that's just a list of the animals from THIS YEAR ALONE. You're a compulsive liar and attention whore that is abusing your animals for videos, self diagnosing to make yourself seem more special and showing off your daddy kink with your abusive boyfriend all over Twitter. The thing that pissed me off even more was how you attack any big YouTuber that gets a pet! You attacked Marzia for her hedgehog and axolotl, Jenna marbles for her fish and several more. If someone gets a pet you can count on dr Taylor dean to be in the comments giving her supreme advice whilst her kitten is dying on the floor. Oh and how did you get rid of that current living kitten's fleas when it was younger than 8 weeks old? Especially when you let them to dry on their own in a box? It was COVERED in fleas and we could see it on camera, you only realised when people called you out for it. You're a liar that is not qualified to give animal advice let alone animal care. You're as bad as the daddyofive channel, you're abusing, neglecting and killing innocent creatures for money

No. 448753

This girl only wants to be rich and famous and it makes me sick that innocent animals have to suffer for it. Her fans are so far up her ass.. wish people would stop making trash famous

No. 448755

Making stupid videos about John Kuckian lol

No. 448760

Peter Monn would be a good person to turn her in to. He’s good at that plus his background is psy and drug abuse.

No. 448762

No joke I was thinking about that! I love Peter and I think he would give a wise perspective.

No. 448769

Half the time of Peter's videos is him just rambling about nothing, but yeah he'd eat this up.

No. 448779

I agree with this. She's straight up lying and there's proof she is lying. I can't believe she's trying to lie about the DM's, there's no fucking reason her parents and his ex would conspire to fake DM's. Come on. If I had a child in this situation I would go crazy too. And since they're older they probably don't know much about oversharing on the internet.

Tinfoil, but maybe she shared her conversation with the ex openly with Jonny, who let her lie to the ex while they laughed about it. "lol tell her we're doing heroine" sounds believable to me.
It makes no sense cause if she really wanted out, she would have by now? Maybe she doesn't want to leave her animals but then why is she going to New York? And by the way how are all of her animals going to be cared for while they are on this trip?

No. 448787

she was going to spend christmas with her family but jonny hasn't fucked off and keeps isolating her.

supposedly they already got someone to care for the animals while they're away.

No. 448817


Yeah, his drug dealer. I'm sure that's going to go well.

No. 448846

Someone should call peta.

No. 448863


or another agency that won't kill any animals it can't get adopted out :)

No. 448864

You mean can't be bothered to try adopting out. They killed animals within 24 hours of receiving them, including people's pets.

No. 448884

Not to mention PETA is against keeping reptiles as pets period.

No. 448891

What I don't get about this situation is why a 20 year old had to sneak out of the house to go meet her boyfriend in the first place? Obviously there had to have been some drama in the past for her parents to have such strict house rules for an adult. Maybe related to her past boyfriend that abused her? Past drug use? Coming home drunk at all hours? idk just speculating here. It's just weird to me that an adult wouldn't say, "yo, I'm going out tonight, I'll be back in the morning in time to feed the animals, see ya."

As for her channel surviving, she'll be fine. She'll probably get a huge boost of subscribers and sympathy if she does a "Storytime: I Escaped an Abusive Relationship (How I saved my pets from my abuser) video". Even if she reveals she did fucked up things, her stans will be jumping all over themselves to excuse here. Look at the people here ragging on Chelsea for posting her dms when Taylor was publicly laughing at her for getting raped.

No. 448892

liz, another ex, made a stream too

No. 448896

According to Jennifer's livestream, she kind of was talking to another dude around her age (not post malone), and she didn't seem to be closed to the idea of Taylor dating. She even said jokes like "if anyone wants to date her, well come along" or whatever.

By the way things unfolded, it's kind of implied that, because Taylor lied about who she was going with to L.A. to meet Jonny, shit went down.

She also got a letter by someone telling her all the shit about Jonny and warning her about his patterns, which so far have been proven to be true.

>She'll probably get a huge boost of subscribers and sympathy if she does a "Storytime: I Escaped an Abusive Relationship (How I saved my pets from my abuser) video".

lol you should see her Twitter right now, she keeps retweeting people kissing her ass so yeah I think she'll do fine as well.

No. 448978

File: 1513845381012.png (466.8 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-02-32-07…)

No. 448979

File: 1513845421991.png (490.53 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-02-33-29…)


No. 448986


Gross to laugh about it. The thing could easily just drown.

No. 448993

File: 1513849656120.png (2 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-03-44-39…)

honestly i have no idea how to correctly hold a snake, but certainly this isn't the right way? isn't she suppose to be supporting it's spine more?

No. 449006

File: 1513853605420.png (226.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6918.PNG)

Why did Jonny retweet this? And is she mocking taylor?

No. 449040

soooo he gets to visit his family and she doesn't

No. 449049

anyone else find interesting that idubbbz is following taylor on twitter? content cop coming or some other connection?

No. 449069

He wants to fuck every pretty/semi-pretty girl, thats the connection. He has stated that he wont do content cops on girls he think are cute

No. 449074

kek, where did he say that? you sure it wasn't a joke? i thought he had a gf

No. 449078

He said so in his interview with Phillip Defranco.

Also, there's an Anisa and Ian thread in the /snow/ catalog if you want to lurk more.

No. 449084


Not necessarily. Snakes are 80% muscle. But she doesn't seem great at handling her pets in general.

No. 449085

File: 1513870398910.jpg (261.22 KB, 1440x1125, Screenshot_20171221-101202.jpg)

I thought his tweet about Destiny was more interesting since it seems like they dated in the past.

No. 449086

The video she posted holding her snake she's extremely shakey - someone said that's in the video of her crab - that's now deleted - and she said it cause the crab was heavy? Or that it was pinching her? Sorry I don't remember but there's no way that tiny snake is heavy.

No. 449087


Yeah that sounded like he was trying to make Taylor jealous or imply that she wasn't as good as Destiny.

No. 449094

File: 1513872228646.png (264.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171221-110217.png)

Her mom has deleted a bunch more tweets and the parascope link.
Apparently she's being complicit now?

No. 449117

damn she must have blocked a lot of people on twitter, there's absolutely nothing negative in replies now

No. 449151

File: 1513877747589.png (163.2 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-21-10-32-07…)

No. 449152

File: 1513877775977.png (246.62 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-21-10-32-16…)

No. 449153

File: 1513877810816.png (190.17 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-21-10-32-23…)

No. 449154

File: 1513877845988.png (199.75 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-21-10-32-36…)

No. 449155

File: 1513877892513.png (212.08 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-21-10-32-50…)

No. 449156

File: 1513877910951.png (212.3 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-21-10-32-57…)

No. 449158

File: 1513878163898.png (192.24 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-21-10-33-15…)

I don't see milk quality in those screen caps but thought it might be worth to post anyway.

By the way she is indeed blocking users, so I think you should keep low profile if you want to see the milk first.

It seems Taylor is suffering a mayor nervous collapse, she keeps deleting tweets, retweeting things that defend her, answering to haters and then deleting the answers and so on. Her Twitter is a big mess rn.

No. 449180

the reason her parents have such strict rules is because taylor has a history of running away/sneaking out. when she was in middle school, she got caught running away and sneaking out several times. each time, her entire family (mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) would be messaging taylor's friends on facebook and asking for any information on her whereabouts. there would be an immense amount of public drama surrounding the situation (taylor has been fairly popular on social media since about 7th grade). there would be rumors that she was dead or in danger. i think one time she snuck off into a forest or something? i need to check on that. but each time this kind of situation happened, it revolved around some guy who people were extremely concerned about. all of these guys had rumors going around about them that they were dangerous in some way and had a history of treating girls like shit. same thing happened. the guy's exes contacted her mom/friends/taylor warning them and taylor just ignored them up until the moment that the relationship ended.

No. 449193

ERs don't do piss tests. they just do blood because they can check what drugs are in your system as well as other typical bloodwork like liver levels (contrary to popular belief even if they KNOW you're a heroin addict, by your own admission, they don't test for diseases like hep c or HIV). it's easier and more accurate this way. dip piss tests are notorious for being inaccurate and lab piss tests are expensive and take days.

this information doesn't even really matter because why the hell should we believe her? why the hell would she admit to coming up dirty? she has shown no concrete evidence proving it came back clean and I honestly do not believe anything she says.

No. 449198

File: 1513881385673.png (961.3 KB, 741x572, Capture.PNG)

No. 449200

File: 1513881579900.png (33.18 KB, 599x419, Taylor 1.png)

Because the current drama isn't enough, she's starting fights with other twitter users.

No. 449202

File: 1513881594753.png (72.78 KB, 603x767, Taylor 2.png)

No. 449203

File: 1513881607494.png (41.79 KB, 611x379, Taylor 3.png)

No. 449204

of course it is a mess. i mean there seems to be more and more people who aren't falling for her shit anymore.

No. 449205

File: 1513881617678.png (251.64 KB, 603x807, Taylor 4.png)

No. 449207

that anus does not look normal to me

No. 449213


That's the poor thing's ANUS? woah I assumed it was a patch of fur :(

No. 449225


I just wanna ask the person who made this post what they mean. I have always had cats but breed has never been much of a factor to me, so I'm a little clueless. Are (were) these kittens a rare breed? What's the breed and how can you tell? I don't doubt you at all, I just would like to know more, because if that's true fuuuuuuck Taylor like 5x more for taking these sweet darlings away from their mother at a breeders' house (as opposed to a construction site's wall, wtf is that story?) when she had no idea how to care for them.

No. 449229

it looks like a regular gray cat to me, nothing special about that fur color. seen kittens like that in the shelter

No. 449237

what are they doing to that cat?

No. 449257

The vets phone number and address were in the papers she showed and someone put them up on this thread. I hope to god she fucking does something about this kittens health ffs!

No. 449259

File: 1513886507476.png (832.29 KB, 1084x685, Capture.PNG)

No. 449261

I don’t know what that person meant either about that cat being a rare kind and I’ve always had purebred cats, and been to catshows plenty of times. The only breed I can think of is a “Turkish Angora”? But then again those usually are all white. Maybe that person could elaborate on what they mean by rare* The only thing I noticed is that he isn’t in good health and he needs to be way heavier compared to a healthy kitten his age.

No. 449262

this dude has an issue with buying animals too. he took chelsea's cats away from her, abandoned a dog which chelsea's mom has now, which was ALSO forced upon liz to care for.

he bought the dog on craigslist when he couldn't get a tv, and this was just last year.

No. 449267

The rare cats thing - a couple weeks back (?) she posted a picture of two other kittens which were obviously not the grey and black and white ones, saying they were a rare breed up for adoption and she was thinking about it. Nemo the sickly male kitten is not a rare breed.

No. 449269

i think the person was referring to the picture of the 2 white cats she posted earlier, saying that those cats needed a home and acting like they were shelter cats when they were likely from a breeder on craigslist. the post wasnt referring to nemo

No. 449274

I have ALWAYS had a bad feeling about Taylor. Her personality is so robotic and unemotional it's always turned me off of her. It's pretty obvious to me she has a lot of issues and the lying is definitely one of them.

No. 449275

Okay so, so far the pattern of Jonny's behavior is repeating. It usually goes like this:

>he has a break between tours

>contacts a girl, usually younger than the last, online because he has no socialization skills
>they end up meeting
>he starts love bombing right away which might end up in them moving in together
>of course this means he starts to mooch off of her to support his habit
>he puts up this façade about him really trying to recover which prompts the girl to try to fix him
>he also turns her against his exes because of course he's not the common denominator
>he ALWAYS gets an animal while in a relationship with the girl
>the relationship moves so fast he would end up proposing
>then the abuse begins
>then he abandons both the girl and whatever pet they have and moves onto the next girl to repeat the pattern

so basically this kitten is gonna get so fucked and by now i would not doubt he's already harmed one of the animals.

he also doesn't feature the bearded dragon she got him as much as the kitten, i suppose to prove the haters wrong or something.

No. 449297

File: 1513889440833.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-14-49-00…)

No. 449299


someone's trying to get a Twisted Tea promotion huh

No. 449307

lawyers? … why even

No. 449312

lmao even if this was true, i'm pretty sure they don't have a case considering his criminal record.

No. 449327

Idk what the fuck all this lawyer shit is but should an alcoholic really be trynna get a deal with an alcohol brand?

No. 449329

I know he has it in his bio too “it it ain’t twisted tea it ain’t me” first off who is drinking and enjoying twisted tea that much?

No. 449331

File: 1513892624733.png (14.04 KB, 680x179, Untitled - Copy.png)

Nemo message only in case the apartment complex and relevant phone numbers count as ct/dox.

No. 449337

Why is Taylor's mom so weird about calling the apartment complex? Or the cops? She'll stalk her daughter for hours but when she might actually be able to do something about it she doesn't make a move. I don't get it.

No. 449346

Her mom is probably trying to lay low with all the hate she's been receiving and everyone calling her a bad mom. I doubt she wants to further push Taylor "away" by actually doing something involving her animals idk.. this situation is a damn mess.

No. 449358

File: 1513895440338.png (2.64 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-16-30-01…)

No. 449376

Maybe her mom already tried and from the looks of it she wants everyone else to help by calling, and or turning her in?

No. 449377

As a social worker who works with people in mental health crisis/with addiction issues, from what I have seen, Taylor Nicole Dean's mother is emotionally abusive. It is evident through every manipulative tweet she has posted about this whole mess. Children with overly-attached parents such as this often always resort to drastic measures to get away from them. It has obviously caused Taylor quite a bit of emotional trauma (she's fucked up). People need to realize we are dealing with quite a few mentally ill individuals, between Taylor, her mother and Jonny. People giving Taylor a lot of hate: You don't know this girl, do something else with your time. EVERYONE has flaws and I'm sure if your life was displayed publicy/picked apart online like this, people would hate you too.
Be concerned for her, and be concerned for her pets. That's ALL we can do. the money from her social media fame is likely funding her/jonny's drug habits. Another theory I have from working with lots of mentally ill/abused women in Taylor's case is she does not WANT to leave. She probably thinks being with him is a better alternative to her parents. As she has stated she is very insecure, there is so much going on in her mind and behind the scenes that we don't know about.

No. 449380

What about the kitty who can’t leave. The cat looks sick!

No. 449386

This is interesting because /you/ also do not know Taylor /or/ her mother. As someone that has known the Dean family in the past, I can assure you that you are absolutely missing the mark on what is actually going on here. I'm not claiming to know exactly what is, but I certainly know more than you when it comes to the family dynamic as well as Taylor's past. She's incredibly manipulative and is able to spin situations to fit the narrative that she wants. You're just falling right into the trap of those that pitied her in the past. Spoiler alert: she runs back to her parents in the end, apologizes publicly for making everyone worried and claiming she's a changed person, and the cycle starts over again.

No. 449390

A couple things tho.. she doesn't live with her parents and i highly doubt Jonny is helping her pay so it's not really a situation where she's with him to avoid them. Another thing is that she CHOSE to be with him despite people telling her about his past and abuse towards women. She says she's had an abusive bf before but why would she even choose to associate with someone who has also been called out for being abusive. It's hard to feel sorry for her when she ridiculed his victims. I'm not saying I'm not concerned for her well-being bc it's a scary situation and no one knows what's truly going on. I hope she's okay. Her mom probably is emotionally unstable too, and on one hand I can't blame her. She's literally desperate to see her daughter face to face without Jonny around. You can't act like if your daughter was hanging around with someone like him you would be calm and collected.

No. 449392

I agree that the cat should NEVER have been in this situation…the poor little girl cat may not have died if it was given a foster mama cat.

No. 449400

I'm just wondering, how long do you think this whole fiasco will last?

No. 449401


Honestly I feel like this should be shared to someone? Taylor is literally allowing a poor kitten to die. Idc if she says its a fucking lie but dude.

No. 449407

you're right that she chose to be with an abuser. It really speaks volumes to her self esteem… and that's why I feel sad when people insult her. She is mentally ill! She's being taken advantage of! Let's not forget who she's dating. We can't be victim blamers. I'm not saying she's a good person. But I'm still concerned for her safety and the safety of her pets. I also agree that it is hard to blame her mother considering the pre-existing emotional instability and the trauma this mess would have caused.
Having said this…Jonny's clearly exhibiting abuser behaviour by not allowing Taylor to see her mother alone. But, I don't believe Taylor is just deciding to just cut off her mother, over and over again (as some anons have said this is repeated behaviour for her) for no apparent reason. Look at her choice in men. It seems obvious to me there was pre-existing abuse from the mother that triggered this. There is a pattern where victims who have been abused by their parents will be so worn down emotionally that it develops serious mental health issues and confidence issues. it leads them to then go on to be in an abusive romantic relationships. you see it all the time with women who have been sexually/emotionally abused by their fathers and then go on to have a "daddy" kink with their partners. This is a cycle of abuse. And I feel sorry for Taylor because we all KNOW she is dating a known abuser. No matter how bad of a person Taylor is, she's being abused. And in turn so are her ANIMALS

No. 449409

I think someone should tell the girl on Instagram known as the kitten lady about Taylor and her kitten. Maybe she can give a better evaluation of the kittens state of health and maybe get Taylor to take the kittens health seriously.

No. 449411


Probably because she's been there several times and Taylor may have blacklisted her.

Someone said that he controls who she can let her into the apartment.

No. 449415

it's hard to show sympathy for her when she's mocked jonny's past victims and keeps dismissing everyone tbh.

No. 449426

File: 1513900735418.png (235.23 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-17-58-18…)

fucking great. another kitten

No. 449427

File: 1513900740899.png (824.28 KB, 750x1334, 51760CBF-518B-4ED5-824C-4258C1…)

Okay. She is lying so much about letting those snakes settle. She’s wearing a different shirt in this post. Why can’t she just be truthful and a good pet mom?

No. 449429

I feel like Taylor and Jonny are both abusive. Match made in heaven? But someone PLEASE rescue those poor animals. She doesn't give a shit about them. She better not leave that fragile kitten to go to New York or wherever the hell. How does she travel so much when she talks about how much work taking care of all of her animals is? She's an animal hoarder and is just trying to feed her ego and desperation for fame. Sad as fuck.

No. 449435

When Taylor says she's "family friendly"…
Ya ok hun. Your fan base consists of a lot of young people…and your bf is a known rapist junkie. Whom you defend.

No. 449445

This is ridiculous. There are plenty of women who go on to have a "daddy" kink without having been abused by their fathers. I've gotten myself into shitty relationships in the past where I was being emotionally abused by my partner, but I've never experienced abuse from my family. So many other factors contribute to "why" a person would date a known abuser. You're quite obviously projecting some kind of personal bias onto this situation.

No. 449463

I was using that as an EXAMPLE OF WHY SOMEONE HAD A DADDY KINK. Just because your daddy issues weren't caused by your actual daddy doesn't mean that everyone else's aren't either. Idc if you don't see the emotional abuse Taylor is encountering from her parents. People like you don't help the situation anyways.

No. 449470

She is doing MAJOR damage control on her comment section. There were many comments with 500+ likes talking about Jonny (and most of them probably come from her fans too) and now they are nowhere to be seen.

No. 449472

File: 1513904014414.png (521.97 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-18-52-54…)


No. 449476

LMAO did she actually adopt or did she "adopt" from a Craigslist breeder ?

No. 449480

Great two kittens that will be passed off on someone else to take care of when she travels

No. 449482

File: 1513904810498.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-19-04-01…)

jonny posted this pic earlier. i didn't even notice the bloodstains

No. 449484

… she got a new kitten… KNOWING she's traveling to New York in a week??


No. 449485

File: 1513904947591.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-21-19-08-40…)

No. 449487

Can she not compare this kitten to her other kitten and see that something is off?

No. 449488

definitely not adopted

No. 449489

It looks like a Siamese/Ragdoll mix. My aunt has one. She spent $1500 on it.

No. 449490

She seriously makes me sick and these people who think it's admirable are disgusting too

No. 449491

Wonder how much that kitten cost bc there's no way she "adopted" it

No. 449492

File: 1513905378502.jpg (494.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171221-191652.jpg)

who are these people who are "giving away" 5 week old kittens

No. 449496

lol can someone go tell her to compare how fucked up nemo's health is compared to this new kitten

No. 449498

File: 1513905569236.png (410.96 KB, 1060x698, Untitled.png)

these kittens in this craigslist ad are exactly 5 1/2 weeks old hmmm

No. 449499

I bet she bought this cat. Looks purebred.

No. 449500

yeah jonny uses craigslist to get animals so no fucking wonder there.

No. 449501

My thoughts exactly. This bitch better not kill another cat.

Honestly, I'm worried that Nemo might have FIP. He looks like he could. Or hell, he might have FeLV, there's no way to definitively test for it in such a young kitten as Nemo.

She could be unknowingly spreading diseases to her new healthy kitten. Or even spreading diseases to Nemo from this kitten. How can she be so stupid… and she's about to go on vacation. She's reprehensible.

No. 449502

God someone call her ass out

No. 449504

File: 1513905897706.jpg (448.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171221-192525.jpg)

she claims she isn't going to NYC

No. 449506


Wait. … Huh??

Honestly what a bitch like. If you're not going out of town, fine but don't act like this girl is fuckin' crazy. You and Jonny have been all over twitter saying you're gonna go watch the ball drop. Wtf.

No. 449513

Yeah this bitch is a mess.
First she was gonna spend Christmas with her family (which kind of implied she was not bringing Jonny along but this is just a theory). Then the DM and texts screenshots got dropped and Jonny basically booked flights for NYC.
Then, unsurprisingly, things didn't go according to plan and he ended up cancelling.

The fucking snake was planning to take Taylor to the same spot he took Chelsea lmao both of them are such a fucking wreck of a couple.

No. 449518


I thought he said they had to push out the NY visit? Last I heard they were still planning to go for New Years? I might've missed something. I mean clearly she's saying that's not the case, now. I just can't remember if or when she ever posted anything about that.

Also that's really gross about Chelsea's spot. What a pig.

No. 449521

Oh yeah, he's cancelled the flight to NYC for Christmas but New Years is apparently still on.

Oh and it's even more gross because apparently he fucking left Chelsea alone when they went there and she got lost.

People keep saying that it's his past and shit, but he literally broke up with Chelsea less than a month before moving in with Taylor.

No. 449538

File: 1513907801952.png (734.07 KB, 932x599, Capturar.PNG)

No. 449539


If you look at JC's instagram post with the kitten they're also outside of a Denny's… a public place for a craiglist sale HMMMMMMMMM

No. 449541

…A 5 week old kitten for adoption at a Petco?? Seems like they'd keep kittens that young with their mother until at least seven weeks to me but - I guess I'm not an expert.

No. 449542

??? Would petco really let people adopt kittens that young ??? Sounds fake

No. 449543

File: 1513908059824.jpg (123.26 KB, 750x393, ragdolls.jpg)

Pic related are purebreed ragdolls. It's definetly a purebreed. How can she keep getting away with this shit?

No. 449544

All right time to start calling some petcos lol

No. 449546

I guess its actually going to take one of them dying for anybody else to do something tangible

No. 449547

I'm honestly so tempted to contact the craigslist ragdoll poster and ask if all the kittens are still available.

No. 449548


The craigslist listing above said that the kittens would be available at 7 weeks or sooner if someone wanted them sooner … which is skeevy on its own of the breeder (if you can call them that) to do but, I guess the thought process is for people who need a kitten for Christmas??

I'm 100% buying that the craiglist listing is where this kitten came from, especially since that's what she tried to pull the first time with those persians.

No. 449552

It only makes Taylor look worse because she could have waited for the right age to take him but nope, that on top of lying about where she came from.

No. 449553


Lol. Texted them, we'll see. I'll also ask for more pictures if possible.

No. 449554

File: 1513908463721.jpg (5.88 MB, 5184x3456, IMG_9055.JPG)

she keeps posting how all these videos and pictures taken where right after bringing them home from the expo, but I was actually there, and if you notice, the clothes definitely dont match.

No. 449555


Ahhh, keep us posted. It just seems too convenient to me. I'd be shocked if they still have all three.

No. 449556

you should also ask them if you were to want one where would they give it to you?

No. 449557

File: 1513908494834.jpg (5.79 MB, 5184x3456, IMG_9059.JPG)

No. 449560


Wait. Hold up. Was Jonny just drinking Twisted Tea AT the expo??? Like. … That's not real. How can that be real?

No. 449561

Hence the name "Twisty". lol But yes, he was the only person in there with a beverage let alone an alcoholic one

No. 449563

She doesnt have an ID so when they ran HER credit card to buy these animals, she had to show them her twitter page to verify, because she really actually isnt even a real adult

No. 449564

She's really playing on the "rag doll mix" thing to make it sound more believable that she rescued another kitten lol..

No. 449571

Omg, she is such a liar. I own a rag doll and there is a zerooooo percent chance she just happened to find one up for adoption at her local petco lmao, especially one at 5.5 weeks.

Poor kitties.

No. 449572

what the fuuuuuuuuuuck. this is too much.

No. 449574

People are saying petco doesn't adopt out in the same day.. anyone able to confirm that?

No. 449575

I’d imagine Ragdolls are very desired as cats (I’d love one personally) so placing them into adoption would be very unlikely, especially under 8 weeks old. I don’t know why she thinks she can simply get away with this stuff when she’s under the close eye of a lot of more people than before

No. 449577

such responsability much care
I see one of her animals dying in at least 2 months, either that poor kitten or some of her ''less profitable'' fish.

This only makes me question the origins of her other pets.

No. 449578

Regardless of if it was adopted or bought, she so totally hoards animals to compensate for emotional turmoil

No. 449580

Just this week alone she got what? This kitten, a crab and a new snake? Plus a bearded dragon that is for her boyfriend who happens to live with her for now.

No. 449581


The relationship drama and stuff is one thing, the accusations of neglect are another, but if shes seriously straight up lying about where she got this cat I'm abso fucking lutely done with her. That's just awful to do to your fans.

No. 449583

for YEARS we've watched her kill her pets from either ignorance or negligence, so at what point do people hold her accountable and stop allowing her to afford a $3,500 A MONTH APARTMENT BILL from youtube revenue?!

No. 449584

Like come the fuck on anon, are we really waiting for more death to riot accordingly??

No. 449585

a kitten, a crab, and two $300+ dollar snakes*

No. 449586


Two new snakes. The white one and the emoji lookin' one.

No. 449587

People don't give a fuck bc she's gorgeous and "loves animals"
They're all fucking delusional this girl has the personality of a rock

No. 449588

Shes so gorgeous with her fucked up lip injections lol

Granted she may be conventionally attractive, but try having a sense of morale fiber

No. 449589

Anyone want to report her to SPCA? Right now would probably be the best time since she is getting a ton of new pets and it’s doubtful they’re all set up properly. Also… this whole kitten mess.

No. 449590

if this thread was on /b/ she would have been done a long time ago lmao

No. 449591

or just pretend to be a neighbor complaining about the noice the cats make and the fact that "you know shes acquired more animals than allowed on her lease

No. 449592

I only know my own experiences with Petco, but as someone who always beelines to the cat adoption spot to see adorable cats and torture myself every time I go there, I have never ever ever seen a kitten there. Always cats a year old and up - most often 5-9 years old.

That's anecdotal but… shrug

My understanding is that local shelters bring cats there and use petco's facilities to show off the cats they currently have - petco doesn't actually own an in-store adoption center, as far as I know.

As a result, I don't know that a shelter would bother bringing kittens to a petco since kittens are notoriously adoptable, and they can pretty much rest assured someone will fall in love with them at their actual location.



No. 449596


The only time I see kittens at Petco is the weekends, when local shelters are there. There is ABSOLUTELY no way that a 5.5 week old ragdoll "mix" kitten would be available on a Wednesday night before Christmas.

No. 449597

File: 1513910247250.png (29.94 KB, 726x286, k.PNG)

No. 449598

This is the dumbest shit^^

No. 449601

he NEEDED one, even though she didnt even really want one.

Enough fucking said.

No. 449602

Because that adds up oh so well. I imagine when you go to a shelter you want to get an animal it’s not an “oh god… maybe” thing. Doubt they’d even let one pass an inspection with that.

However she pulls this story out, good luck to her.

No. 449603

"I didn't really WANT a second cat"
"Came across this guy by CHANCE"
lmao yeah, that's believable. I've been looking for ragdoll kittens for months now and it's incredibly difficult to find them, especially in San Antonio. I sure as hell have never seen one up for adoption. The only ones I've found have been on Craigslist

No. 449604

Yeah, I visited different Petco stores earlier this year because I was looking to adopt a dog.

Basically what happens is that each Petco has an adoption center, but they're not the ones in charge of it. They just lend the space to different shelters and organizations, and each one has a different set of rules for adoption.

For example in the first one I had to bring all the family members for an interview, an id, and a fee.
In another one they required me to also bring the fee and the family members for an interview (or basically the people who will be living with the pet), an ID, and they have to be able to visit your house.

Another one which was crazy as shit required me to send them a picture of the pet each fucking month for the rest of its life.

Some may give you the pet on the spot while others may require you to wait.

She might get away with this because it really depends on which organization is at the adoption center.

No. 449607

People really out there saying "it's her job" "she knows what she's doing it's her job" "taking care of animals is literally her job" even tho that doesn't fucking mean she knows what she's doing

No. 449608

If you search the Petco's adoption site for kittens in her area, there is NOTHING about this kitten and those websites don't automatically remove animals the second they're adopted. Also, looking at the others on the site listed as "kitten", they definitely don't have any other kittens that young up for adoption. WHY DOES SHE KEEP LYING???? Holy shit.

No. 449609

Who really gives a shit HOW she acquired the cat. The fact is she a lying, idiotic cunt. Though I could really give a shit what happens to her well being, I cant say the same for the 20+ animals shes hoarded. This piece of shit makes more than a couple of us combined taking advantage of helpless animals out of vanity and misplaced emotions, serialy. This shit isnt ok, and anyone who is aware of this fact and doesnt make a tangible effort to better the situation, should feel at least slightly guilty for whatever nad shit inevitably comes next. Think on that.

No. 449611

WHY IS SHE PUSHING THIS BY CHANCE NARRATIVE when she's been talking about it for at least a week! and jonny posted about going out to look for a friend for him! How the fuck is that by chance?

No. 449612

focusing on the wrong part of the problem^

No. 449613

because she's clearly bad at lying!!

No. 449615

Not only should this girl not be allowed to make money off these animals, she shouldnt be allowed to have so many exotic animals that she just ends up spreading misinformation about.

No. 449616

Because she's trying to make it look like she just "had to".
By saying shit like "it was meant to be", she looks like she's actually caring about the kitten and she then ends up looking like goals or whatever.

Basically it's so her followers hold her as some sort of savior.

No. 449617

Okay so how do we save these animals?!

No. 449618

No. 449619

It seriously worries me that she's normalizing "adopting" kittens too young

No. 449622

Also, every single pet adoption center I've ever looked into asks what your living situation is and if you say that you're renting, then they will immediately ask for proof that you are allowed to have that animal. Even if her apartment would say yes, there's no way she would have been able to get the proper proof this late in the day. There's nothing that will ever convince me that she didn't get this animal from some scummy craigslist breeder.

No. 449623

Sadly I don't think Taylor fits the specifications here nearly enough for them to take any action.

No. 449624

THIS. It really irks me how she's acting like ""Petco"" adopted out a 5 week old kitten. No responsible pet store, let alone a chain like petco would adopt out prior to 8 weeks old. she's such a dumb cunt and her fans eat her bullshit up without question

No. 449625

Anon discrediting her career to a point past redemption is definitely a start. Kinda hard to buy pets for vanities sake when everyone hates you for it/nobody gives a shit. If the apartments are harrassed enough to get involved and evict her there will be documented record of it, which can help with providing animal authorities reason to rehome them.

Anything more than just going back and forth with the same people about how shitty it is helps lol
(dont mean to offend)

No. 449629

you want REAL quality animal care content, watch Afroherpkeeper. He is also a local Texan, but is exactly what Taylors channel isnt but should be. Comparing the actions between the two as well as demeanor when concerning animal care is a perfect example of how shes more abusive than helpful

No. 449630

i've honestly been waiting years for people to figure out that taylor is a lier and a fake :)) it feels good to know that people finally share the same opinion

No. 449634

I only started watching her a few months back but then her rapidly buying more and more pets put a bad taste in my mouth and decided to look more into her cus she seemed shady. now I can't fucking stand her

No. 449636

So the only option left is getting the apartment complex to do something, which might not happen because so far there haven't been any complaints yet.

No. 449637


No. 449638

Theres definitely been at least one lol

No. 449639

FYI, no response from craigslist breeder yet. If/when I do get word back I'll post immediately

No. 449640

I live in San Antonio as well and if I’m correct the petco place she is talking about is called “Pets Alive!” They’ve kinda been known for shitty conditions so there’s that info. Do with it what you please.

No. 449644

Okay i revoke what i said about pets alive having shitty conditions because their Facebook page looks like they’ve improved immensely since the last time i was there (4+ years ago)

No. 449648

So y'all know that she didn't get the (Nemo & sister) kittens from petco directly right? Apparently she was browsing in there, and some woman brought them in after they were found at a construction site. So she claims got them from some stranger inside a petco.. which can't be real, but that's her story so far.

No. 449650

File: 1513912415660.png (72.26 KB, 728x665, wtf.PNG)

Wow really.

No. 449653


She's claiming to have gotten the new kitten directly from Petco (or the shelter that was posted up there, more accurately)

No. 449654

Yeah, the first one's weren't adopted from Petco. We are aware. On her instagram, she's trying to claim that this one was adopted directly from Petco though. Which is pure and utter bullshit because NO responsible adoption center would ever adopt out a kitten that young.

No. 449657

Thanks for the clarification! Wow this is a mess

No. 449659

This whole schtick of "He needed a friend :((" is dangerous personification of animals that doesn't need to be perpetuated, Taylor

No. 449661

Im disgusted no one on Twitter is making a bigger fuss about her supposedly adopting a kitten WAY too young. They wouldn't have them up for adoption already…

No. 449662

File: 1513912961698.jpg (487.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171221-212350.jpg)

No. 449663

No. 449665

hi bitch

No. 449668

Im dying @ her fans telling her to "sue" and "call the cops" ON WHO BITCH??? ahahahahahahahahhah

No. 449669

Does she read this thread or are people talking about that on twitter?
LMAO redirect them to us, Taylor, it will do us a favor

No. 449671

She probably blocked all the people who were calling her out on her bullshit

No. 449673

Someone directed her to the thread in a previous tweet. I forget which one.

No. 449675

This site is not used for crusades, do not dox people on here, if you see a problem with them do something yourself.

No. 449676

yeah. no matter how bad the shit is you shouldn't be rallying to dox people.

No. 449678

Was she actually doxxed here though? I assumed her mother was the one who doxxed her.

No. 449680

her apartment complex has been floating around for ages before today

No. 449683

No. 449684

File: 1513913788111.png (51.25 KB, 764x360, yep.PNG)

She posted the apartment floorplan, didn't she??

I'm pretty sure that's how people found out, iirc.

No. 449685

Either way, just make sure not to post people's addresses on here. It just causes problems due to the nature of the site. Sorry for any misunderstandings.

No. 449687

it's fucked that jonny's gotten into her head like this so that she immediately thinks it's her parents or his exes. as much as her parents are irrational, they also care about her and understand her social media scope and i doubt they would put her in danger by releasing where she lives right now. I want to tweet her saying that it was leaked by herself lol but I don't want to get blocked…

No. 449693


There's a solid chance she's reading along here, by the looks of it.

No. 449694

Why would they have told such 'horrible and lying' exs their new address?!?!

No. 449698

If so, hey Taylor stop fucking hoarding animals. You might not realize the impact you have on people but you are normalizing impulsive buying of animals, especially when they're too fucking young, and you spread misinformation. Be responsible for fucks sake and stop LYING

No. 449699

File: 1513914634179.png (100.71 KB, 764x663, cuz.PNG)

I think we've all seen it but just to post it before she deletes.

No. 449700


She probably thinks her parents told his exes their address.

No. 449703

>''this is just cruel''
says the woman hoarding more than 20 animals, who buys 4 animals a week, a hypocrite who lies straight to her fans faces while using the money they gave her to support a known abuser heroin addiction

No. 449708

I just find this whole thing bizarre… Like, assuming she's telling the truth (lol) how did she get someone to be okay with her bringing in 20+ pets AND getting more on top of that while living in the apartment.

No. 449709


I think she has to be bluffing, hoping she can dissuade people from calling. If I had to guess, she had no idea anyone knew what complex was hers until just before that tweet. Explains why she's all flipped out about it??

No. 449710

Guys if you see any tweet against Taylor liked it or retweet it, the more the better. Keep the sand rolling.

No. 449712


I think she's blocking everyone who does, though?

No. 449713

No. 449714

Idk i have been doing it and she havent block me, yet. It just her fanbase is the most stupid and blind i have ever seen.

No. 449721

She might have put down a huge security deposit, but even then most apartments need to approve every animal going in, so she wouldn't be able to legally just bring random kittens in.

No. 449726

File: 1513917436861.png (79.46 KB, 640x714, IMG_1932.PNG)

No. 449727

File: 1513917466161.png (859.71 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1933.PNG)

Yeah… nice.. shadow

No. 449728

Late to the party but I work at a Petco, can confirm they wouldn’t have cats that young in the shelter. Basically a shelter volunteers run the cat adoptions and the youngest we would get is 8 weeks. They don’t adopt out cats same unless the lead volunteer really likes you or it’s an adoption event. You have to fill out an application that asks you to list all the pets you’ve had & everything about that. They question the hell out of the people that want to adopt the cats. If she would’ve went to a Petco she would’ve gotten denied (at least at the one I work at)

No. 449729

thats clearly blood and does he have to add hahahah to every tweet??

No. 449731

Can you call it leaking your address if SHE was the one who originally posted the floor plan on her Instagram? I still have the original screenshot (won’t share to avoid conflict) but as soon as you post your floor plan it’s easy to find within 30 seconds. That’s how i found it.

No. 449734

I was blocked by Taylor last night but what i said caused a few fans of hers to get upset with her for how she was handling the situation. So don’t hold back your tweets and opinions. Let people know what she is doing is NOT okay.

No. 449738

File: 1513918710376.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, AD0FF7D2-4A5B-4E7F-8BF4-13E532…)

99% sure this is her improperly exposing her new kitten to diseases because this looks like petsmart. The one right by her house.

No. 449739

File: 1513918777379.png (170.82 KB, 750x1334, F4AC48E9-C825-43A7-8712-77CF13…)

Also this isn’t something to be proud of. It just means she’s irresponsible.

No. 449740


Well of course she needed to take a picture of it somewhere that looks like a petco - because she knows none of her fans would be stoked about her buying from a shady craigslist seller who is willing to let their kittens leave their mother three weeks too soon.

No. 449754

can confirm that petco doesn't adopt out same-day! I've worked at petco for about two years and not once have I seen a cat adopted out to anyone who hasn't gone through a pretty extensive application process through the shelter. at my location specifically, the volunteers are incredibly against impulse purchases and tend to like to get to know potential adopters for at least a few weeks before sending a cat home. it's worth noting that my petco doesn't do weekend adoption events, though, so I'm not sure if there was any extraneous circumstances for her kitten - however, it definitely doesn't add up. it's also worth noting that I've never seen a kitten under 2 months at any petco, mine or otherwise - and that those craigslist "need a home" kittens she posted a few weeks back were ragdolls (or at least a similar flame pointed breed). awfully convenient that she just happens across a ragdoll a few weeks later after expressing such interest in them. :/

No. 449769

Those are petco price tags, petsmart ones are yellow.

No. 449771

File: 1513922544438.jpg (50.35 KB, 644x544, ZcEDmxC.jpg)

I wish that I had screen capped Taylor's replies when I first these conversations on Twitter. Basically, her reply to a question of why Irwin isn't in a bigger tank was that he doesn't need it right now because he's small, and when he's too big for the 150 gallon, she will just rehome him. Also, from the looks of things, I missed that she was thinking on rehoming Cheese.

No. 449772

I'm not believing that she's lied about the rescues till we get some hard evidence. the other stuff I can be a little more persuaded, but she's generally loyal to her fans and honest af. I have to give her that.

No. 449774

File: 1513922705992.jpg (16.14 KB, 680x257, XGCnk0O.jpg)

And speaking of Cheese.

No. 449777

She's loyal to her fans because they're mostly mindless morons that don't know any better to begin with.

No. 449778

theres nooooooo way she would rehome cheese because hes the base of her brand.

No. 449780

He ended up deleting the tweet by saying he was so over drama
>goes and posts a fucking picture of his stained shoes while sarcastically joking about the stains being drugs to act like he didn't get btfo

No. 449782

At this point I doubt she would, but these tweets are from back in May before all the merch and what not.

No. 449814

File: 1513929599083.png (430.29 KB, 750x1334, 6190F803-2F07-451D-8EB1-9F8DA9…)

So she wore 3 different outfits in one day?

No. 449815

File: 1513929619197.png (809.17 KB, 750x1334, 31AC4542-140D-42AE-9D08-BDABE4…)

No. 449816

File: 1513929644636.png (842.57 KB, 750x1334, A8E027A6-591F-4E79-A41B-DD8AA9…)

Focus on sleeve

No. 449818

File: 1513929729520.jpeg (6.55 MB, 5184x3456, B7C3AF08-DA94-401A-9130-FF0A82…)

Her at the expo. Different outfit. No makeup. Hair undone.

No. 449836

Okay I don't know if it's just me but I feel she really has some detatchment from really caring for animals. She posted a video feeding a snake (mind you I've owned a python and fed it both live and dead mice) and it kind of weirds me out how she holds the clearly thawed out dead mouse with her bare hands to feed him. I preferred a live mouse as I didn't have to really watch or be around its feeding process, and if I thawed out a frozen one it did not look like what she was feeding that snake. It stunk and I was way too grossed out to hold it with my bare hands.
And she holds every damn pet just to show off her sausage fingers, shitty nails, & shittier tattoos.
Saging bc she really pisses me off and I'm ranting

No. 449844

File: 1513934616707.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, A453A3F0-5761-49C2-AFB6-05F2D9…)

“It’s okay to put them together because i got them at the same place” NO. It’s not!!! She bought them from two different breeders. These snakes should have never been near each other until they had been properly quarantined. She also said they’re gonna be quarantined for two weeks but that’s the waiting period before you touch them… you’re supposed to quarantine them for 30-90 days.

No. 449849

OT but this Lucy is so pretty, and the pied isn’t half bad either. It’s sad that there’s no chance a clutch would survive in her hands, if these two even made it to breeding age.

Sage for snake envy.

No. 449872


This. And your supposed to avoid cross-contamination, ie. wash hands between touching two animals and their accessories.

No. 449893

Is Nemo vaccinated? Usually cats have their first shots at 9-ish weeks, IDK if very small orphan kittens get some shots earlier. Having two unvaccinated kittens from completely different litters/environments is very dangerous for their health. (Sorry for cat/medfagging)

No. 449897

I sincerely doubt that he’s been vaccinated at all. It’s just a matter of time until the stronger kitten passes on an upper respiratory infection or something similar to that poor little weak one.

No. 449908

File: 1513948854543.png (92.18 KB, 764x685, mice.PNG)

It scares the shit outta me that someone whose "job" it is to take care of various pets thinks of neutering as being "unnatural"? I HOPE she just means in mice, for some reason - but that doesn't change the fact that her young, dumb fans might pick up on this tweet as a justification to not get their animals spade/neutered.

No. 449916

''I was told'' AKA I finally don't know how to lie if I'm wrong so if I am wrong I will just blame it on this person.

Anyway, the first google search pretty much says that even male mice need to have a companion in captivity as otherwise they can suffer from boredom due to lack of enrichment and all that. Mice are pretty much known to be social anyway so I don't see why one would be kept on their own - and I understand that sometimes introductions don't go well but most people I know would keep them separated by some bars or something along those lines so they're still not alone, or keep them completely separate but allow them 'floor time' and to socialise with the owner. She isn't doing any of this and I doubt she ever will.

No. 449957

At this point I understand if she doesnt want to neuter the mouse as he's pretty old? Mice don't usually live past 3, and anesthesia can be dangerous for small rodents. She should have gotten him a friend ages ago, and neutered him when she got him tbh. The cage isn't optimal either, tanks/bins are way better for mice… anyway neutering rodents isn't always a good idea. Cats, however. I really hope if Nemo survives he gets neutered and the new female kitty gets spayed. I'd be super disappointed if she bred them.

No. 449961

Can someone Facebook message San Antonio Pets Alive and ask why they adopted out a 5 1/2 week year old kitten at Petco yesterday just to see if they confirm it wasn’t adopted? I don’t have Facebook

No. 449962


I believe the new kitty is a male cat. So there's a little bit of relief for ya.

No. 449964

>Okay I don't know if it's just me but I feel she really has some detatchment from really caring for animals. She posted a video feeding a snake (mind you I've owned a python and fed it both live and dead mice) and it kind of weirds me out how she holds the clearly thawed out dead mouse with her bare hands to feed him.
This is fucking stupid and she's going to get bitten by a snake if she carries on.

>I preferred a live mouse as I didn't have to really watch or be around its feeding process, and if I thawed out a frozen one it did not look like what she was feeding that snake. It stunk and I was way too grossed out to hold it with my bare hands.

Not as stupid as live feeding unattended though! If you leave live food in with your snakes you're a worse pet owner than taylor. I'm not gonna pull a sperg chan and post the images because they're gory as fuck, but every time you do it you risk your snake being eaten alive by the mouse or rat.

No. 449965

ah good, but well should still be neutered in case he goes out/escapes/for everyone's comfort incl the cat. Def shouldn't keep 2 non-neutered boys together in any case.

Sage because cat talk.

No. 449967


She is stupid for feeding bare handed. I have no qualms handling FT rats for my snake, but I still use feeding tongs and wash my hands before introducing it into my BPs tub.

It shouldn't come to this but if she gets bit once and latched, she'll learn…BPs bites can be painful and it's dangerous to force them to release if they latch and coil onto you, so you kind of have to endure the pain and wait it out…sadly speaking from experience of too short of feeder tongs.

From what I've seen with her snakes, she's fed the appropriately otherwise…good sized rat pups and rats…aside from the random hunger strikes and humidity to heat ratio needs (esp ball pythons) snakes are pretty easy to care for.

No. 449979

I know it was mentioned that getting memo 'a friend' is anthropomorphizing but it isn't. Nemo needs another kitten with him or he will be socially stunt and won't learn bit inhibition. As far as cross contamination between two litters, well… I'm say that its a risk worth taking similar to puppy class. There is a window for socialization. I'd have gotten an 10 week old kitten personally though since the age difference isn't a big deal with little kittens and the older kitten would have learned everything from its mom already.

Cats are social animals. They live in colonies and adopting single kittens isn't a great thing to do. It's easier to take care of two because you don't have to act as a surrogate littermate. They can get really lonely and bored on their own especially if you work. If someone wants a single cat they should adopt an older cat that is already used to it and not deprive a kitten of companionship.

Sorry, I'm passionate about this. Kittens should be treated more like rabbits and ferrets in my opinion. Dogs are the only fluffy animal where getting a littermate is ill-advised. Since unlike cats, when feral they are solitary animals. Having two puppies stunts their development of bonds with humans.

Just look up Littermate syndrome in dogs and only kitten syndrome in cats.

No. 449981

i love how the description of kingofdiy's new video says 'buying fish is my second hobby, first is taking care of them'. he's everything that taylor is not. he impulse buys a lot as well but always has proper quarantine systems and tanks ready for them.

it's bs that taylor had proper habitats ready for her newest reptiles. she clearly said in a tweet that they chose at the expo three things that they liked and then surprised each other with one of those.

No. 449984


I'm no expert, but I know I'd be more willing to give Taylor the benefit of the doubt if she adopted an adult cat - possibly a nursing mother. It's great to adopt all kinds of cats but adults are the ones that really really really need it. Kittens are easy to find homes for. I agree that the kitty could use some socialization early on in life, but I don't know if I agree that cats need "friends" into their adult years. That's kinda what you're there for as an owner.

No. 449988

I second this. Whoever has Facebook do ya thing

No. 449991

Once they are bonded I don't think it's right to separate. They engage in social groom and snuggling and a lot of other behaviours. Again, it's similar to rabbits, ferrets, rats, and other group animals. They can live enriching lives on their own but it is a lot more work.

I'd be more forgiving if she adopted a shelter kitten too. Especially from LA. In LA kittens actually are the ones that are euthanized at the highest rates and adult cats are better off. Kittens are just resource intensive and shelters can't take them on. I think a few years back it was like 20 kittens a day were being put down.

No. 449999

I used to like Taylor so much, ever since she got together with Johnny I feel she started to go rapidly down hill

No. 450007

Both the Petco and the Petsmart in my town offer kittens but they're generally a few months old and the rest are all adults. No special breeds or anything. Have never seen same day adoptions though. Unless you look into a rescue that specializes in specific breeds, you have an extremely low chance of finding purebreed pets in a shelter. Probably a 0 chance. I once saw a Maine Coon and Persian at my local shelter but yeah that almost never happens. If she got a purebreed from a pet store, chances are it came from a kitten mill or something. It's best to always carefully research breeders and look for red flags when wanting a certain breed.

Sage for cat autism

No. 450018

I thought she was ok when I first watched her vids but in hindsight she was always shit. its apparent after like all these "WATCH ME FEED/BATHE/DRESS UP ALL MY PETS" she hoards a shit of animals then she will do either of the following:
>handles/touches certain pets too much
>Puts them in shitty conditions (her mouse being in a closet, cheese being in too small of a tank, betta sorority, sick axolotl etc etc)
>Rehomes a couple of them probably because she has too many
>likes to blame all her pets problems and deaths on "oh it was the breeders fault"

This is before the whole jonny and kitten thing.

No. 450036

File: 1513965506934.png (416.5 KB, 720x727, Screenshot_2017-12-22-12-57-07…)

She poses like a model in a photoshoot for the whole duration of the video while the crab is just swung around like a prop.