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No. 450408

(and her boyfriend Jonny Craig, if they last that long)

- 20 year old animal youtuber with 1m subscribers
- is currently dating a 31 year old abuser, rapist, and addict
- has health issues so doesn't have a normal job (EDS, celiac disease, chronic pain, depression and anxiety)
- hoards animals, now has around ~26
- frequently advocates "adopt don't shop" but has spent thousands on exotic and designer pets
- didn't notice for weeks that her fish jumped out of it's tank and it died
- almost killed her axolotl by not feeding or noticing it had a fungus for 6 weeks
- hedgehog died, swore she'd never get another one, got two more anyway
- blames a lot of her pets health issues on where she got them, not her own negligence
- has a service dog, but left her behind when she moved out
- supports bad animal practices
- manhandles animals for "cute" photos and videos

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q

info about her boyfriend, Jonny Craig:
- formally in bands dance gavin dance and emarosa. now has his own band slaves. recently lost label due to accusations
- is a known abuser, rapist and heroin addict
- tried to shoot up his ex girlfriend with heroin while laughing as she cried
- held a knife to another exes neck and raped her
- cheats on every single one of his girlfriends and calls them crazy when they speak out against him
- has been in rehab and hospital beds many times but continues to relapse
- is usually homeless and broke and leeches of his girlfriends, moving in with them quickly and using their money
- much older scandal, but he scammed hundreds of fans by selling macbooks and never sending them out. keeping the money to buy drugs
- has been in jail at least once
his links:

-taylor's kitten died (but she was in perfect health!) and the other looks sick (but the vet says he's doing wonderful!)
-her and jonny went to a reptile expo and picked up two new snakes (that's she hasn't quarantined), a crab, and a bearded dragon for jonny. what a haul, right?
-decided her kitten needed a friend, so she amazingly managed to find a purebred ragdoll kitten that's 5 1/2 weeks old at Petco! even though Petco would never allow kittens to be adopted that young same day, not to mention ragdoll's are very rare to find in shelters. more likely she bought it off craigslist. adopt don't shop tho
-chelsea, jonny's ex, released texts and DM's between her and taylor. taylor admits to doing coke and smoking heroin, that jonny threatened to flush her cat, and makes it clear she's afraid of jonny and is waiting for the right opportunity to leave. taylor insists they're fake (except the DM's) and somehow her parents and chelsea faked texts. okay. also a friend of hers (will, i think?) released texts as well but she's yet to comment on those. oh and she's NOT doing drugs!!!
-her dad confirms she's doing drugs
-her mom and 3 of jonny's exes did live streams talking about the situation
-on the brink of eviction for her apartment full of pets and concern from people calling in.

First Thread:

No. 450414

To people questioning whether we should be skeptical of her "~invisible illnesses~",I'd like to invite you to go visit the Spoonie thread. She's fulla shit.

No. 450415

*claims to have health issues.

Cow belongs with her fellow munchies over in OTT Spoonies/Munchies. It's very obvious she doesn't have EDS if you know what to look for. Benign hypermobility (maybe), and celiac (maaaybe) I can just about believe, but she's milking them for all they're worth.

A real CRPS team would cry with laughter if they wasted half an hour assessing this girl.

No. 450417

oh, hey, while i was searching for a good jonny pic for the thread, i stumbled upon a reddit post with old videos of jonny high and doing drugs that his ex posted. the liveleak link has the other two videos. enjoy


No. 450418

recently his band signed to orchard, which is owned by sony.

No. 450419

Talked to a friend today. Spotted her at petco buying kitten litter. But she supposedly doesn’t support petco??? Confirmed kitten was not with her at this petco. (((I guess they went to multiple ones?))) whatever. I don’t have a problem with buying supplies from petco but she claims to not support them

No. 450420

important to note amongst the speculation that her parents who are otherwise completely on lolcows side about this mess, say she has EDS.

No. 450423

Well also on the topic of all this EDS stuff – it's annoying, but it's not like she's got misleading gofundme pages up or anything. Like I'm right there with ya that I'm sick of hearing about it, but focusing on this munchausen narrative is really missing the overall point. Whether she has EDS or not, Taylor is abusing animals, getting fucked up on heroin, and supporting/enabling a rapist – all while billing herself as a "family friendly pet mom" and allowing her teenage fanbase to think this is normal.

No. 450425

She has multiple videos of her going to Petco for supplies. It's the matter of shipping tons of animals in that she has an issue with and is presumably boycotting. This isn't a secret.

No. 450427

Whats her current pet kill count?

No. 450430

Craigslist seller just replied to me, only one kitten is left. Apparently there were three people asking within a similar timerange and she/he was busy with other stuff. They also sent a video of the kitten and trust me when I say it looks EXTREMELY similar to the one Taylor has.

No. 450432

here is video of the remaining kitten. tell me that isn't identical to the one taylor adopted

No. 450434


Wait so… when she posted a "screencap" from the breeder texting her, that's basically a confirmed lie then, right? If the guy said he had three callers - I mean that's not a harassing amount of calls. She lied again.

No. 450435

File: 1513999340270.jpeg (203.79 KB, 1242x1000, 75354065-CBB8-43E4-86FE-BC2628…)

No. 450436

File: 1513999388469.jpeg (78.01 KB, 1331x240, EF58B96D-773F-4182-9482-78E27F…)

I just remembered this. Did she ever finish her giveaway???? Did this ever actually happen?

No. 450437

Yes, breeder told me they didn't know who to choose of the people interested and figured whoever could afford the $700 price tag would provide a good home. Note i am NOT trying to demonize the breeder here, I'm just sick of Taylor preaching adopt dont shop when she clearly just bought a craiglist kitten. just own up to it cmon now

No. 450438

Didn't she say she was over the drama and looking for positive things now? Like, a couple hours ago lmaooo

No. 450439

I doubt the celiac. I am new to her but from what I see here she is very suspicious for many reasons (even beyond her claimed illnesses).
Celiac is manageable if you eat a gluten-free diet (which nowadays is not all that hard to do). Her IG doesn't show any food. However, the 1 youtube video I saw had them cooking a Blue Apron meal (and yes I know it was an advertisement) - the Blue Apron option they were making was a pasta dish with breadcrumbs. Blue Apron doesn't offer gluten-free options. And in general, people with celiac try to avoid cooking anything with gluten in their homes (even if its something they don't plan to eat) because of the risk of cross contamination.
On the chance that she does actually have celiac disease I don't think she is doing what she needs to do to avoid complications. Its totally manageable and really not a big deal if you follow the proper precautions.

No. 450440

Stop claiming she's a munchie if you're not going to take the time to put together reasons why. Real evidence. It's derailing credibility here and is legitimately harmful compared to the rest of the claims that are generally looking out for Taylor's health or that of her animals.

No. 450443

No. 450444

is the craigslist ad for the remaining kitten still up? I'm looking but I can't seem to find it

No. 450446

thanks, I don't know why it didn't show up for me

No. 450447



No. 450448

Yeah, but part of her fucked up narrative is that she's sooper fragile - that's why she can't work or anything - but she directly contradicts that in every way. It connects with the pets and the animal abuse, the constant attention seeking. EDS is the new Lyme disease. She is abusive af and it's driven by the same emotionally vampiric nature that makes her need to present herself as ill and seek pity, martyr herself, etc. I'm astonished that some people on the board are convinced by her. She is a classic, classic case - just watch her talk about her brother. She's someone who learnt that illness means being the centre of attention, that specialness and drama are The Best. Hence why she thinks she needs a channel at all!

Attacking fakes isn't attacking normal people with invisible illnesses, who get on with life and manage as best they can. Cows like Taylor are the exact opposite. It's really troubling that she uses small vulnerable animals to sate her need for attention (temporarily). I think she is one of the highest risk munchies I've come across when it comes to future munchausens by proxy. Hope she doesn't get pregnant.

No. 450449

Read the fucking munchie threads. It's not hard, why are you so butthurt over Taylor's fake disease.

No. 450450

To be honest, I'm not here to diagnose anyone. It's not that I think she does have EDS or doesn't have EDS, or that it's unrelated to all of her behavior in some way. I just know that I'm not a doctor and I'm more concerned about het animals right now.

No. 450451

I searched the munchie thread that's most recent and there's no mention of Taylor, so put up or shut up.

No. 450452

yet she said the seller was going to take the ad down… taylor, if you're still reading this, what is the truth? because it's not what you're saying right now

No. 450453

lol. blatantly obvious that's a littermate of the new "petco" kitten

No. 450456

The munchie stuff is beside the point. Her animals are the focus.

No. 450459

Um I just provided evidence that her claimed celiac disease is likely not a reality. I will put the link to the video (the Blue Apron meal being made in her kitchen is around the 6:20 mark). You can see the bread and pasta when they are cooking.
If you have Celiac you don't eat gluten simple as that. If you are going to just ignore your health and damage your intestines that is your choice but then don't bother listing celiac as one of your many illnesses
And her munchieness does tie in to her animal mistreatment. She claims that she is so sick that she couldn't even attend public school. Yet she is able to manage the care of a ton of animals - that takes a lot of time and energy for someone who claims they were too sick to go to school. And if she can't even manage to follow the recommended diet for her own illness how the hell is she supposed to manage and coordinate the diets of so many other animals.

No. 450460

No. 450461

File: 1514000269353.jpeg (46.38 KB, 476x268, 81C851F7-7A72-40CA-A6AD-CACA18…)

I was recently attacked by Taylor’s cult on twitter for saying her snake suffered when she brought it to a party and Taylor replied saying she had it out for all of 5 minutes. However in THIS video she says “It [her snake] was around my neck for 3 hours at a party” someone DM’d me a clip of the link but it won’t let me save it nor can i find the original video.

No. 450462

kek, you are beyond dumb. You've already been told multiple times that she displays munchie behaviors and has a munchie background. All these behaviors and people with similar backgrounds are surveyed in the munchie threads. You clearly know nothing about FD, FI, MBP or MBI or you'd see the line of waving red flags Taylor is flying. She doesn't get discussed in the munchie threads because we have even milkier cows and she has her own thread, but no one who believes she is a munch ever told you she personally was talked about. Get it together, dude. Fact is, she does have these problems and they inform how horribly she's acting

Of course I'm more worried about the animals too! But this is part of why she does it, fgs.

No. 450463

focus on the safety of her animals, as well as her safety while being around a known rapist and abuser (yet she defends him knowing all the shit he's done)

No. 450464


(the point)


No. 450465

File: 1514000314644.png (723.89 KB, 1029x771, Screenshot (10).png)


No. 450466

The thought that if you can't go to school then you can't take care of pets (all conveniently located in your home…) is speculation at best. Not evidence whatsoever, you have no idea the effects either have on her health or potential health issues.

No. 450467

Anything we want to talk about is the focus, stfu.

No. 450468

This, jesus christ. I give zero fucks about this cunt's ~*disorder*~. I care that animals have died and will continue to die at her hands if something isn't done. I wish PETA would stir shit.

No. 450470

Then compile the behaviors that she shows and make a post so everyone can be the judge instead of shooting around claims that depend solely on background information you're refusing to share.

No. 450471

>>450467 Yeah, so talk about it with some sort of fucking logic behind it, not just shooting around harmful claims with nothing backing them like an idiot and ruining the credibility of this thread.

No. 450472

There's nothing We can immediately do about the munchie topic. Real or not, it's not in our hands.
Also, either way she's not qualified to properly care for 26 or 27 animals. Not even a healthy, normal person can.

No. 450473

tbh if PETA got involved then all of the animals would end up dead. PETA are pet murderers.

No. 450474

Or better yet, the people obsessed with her munchie issues should move to the munchie thread and discuss it there. Instead of derailing the issues here. christ.

No. 450475

Also, being a munchie isn't technically a crime (though it can create situations where crime happens). Doing drugs, being a rapist, and abusing animals are all crimes … so … why are we still talking about the least heinous, most boring, and also most unprovable part of this situation??

No. 450476

Mate PETA is the least suitable organization for this lmao. They kill animals left and right.

No. 450478

Yeah, but the REASONS WHY lie in her fucked psyche, and her willingness to harm and abuse the vulnerable for attention. Technically she can't have munchausen's by proxy as the diagnosis doesn't apply to animals being harmed, but surely you can see the parallel? The fact that she is a glaring munch herself AND treats animals so cruelly is more evidence of what a catastrophic fuckwad she is and how much she needs to be stopped.

It's not about "stop discussing the animals and talk about her EDS", it's about, "her specific lies and emotional problems explain but don't excuse why she is doing such fucked up shit, and provide even more compelling reasons to stop her".

No. 450480


Um I am pretty sure that Taylor and everything that surrounds her is point of this thread - this includes her animals, her sketchy bf, and her illnesses (real or not). The validity of her illnesses might not be the main point but the fact is that for someone who claims to have so many illnesses (whether she actually does or doesn't) is definitely a factor in why she shouldn't have so many animals. No one person should have that many animals in an apartment - much less someone who claims to have a compromised health system.

Also this site is supposed to be a place to discuss other people not to start a crusade. If you want to do something about her abuse of animals than go find a petition site to join.

No. 450481

Why is she such a liar about everything????? She could avoid so much shit if she stopped being so shady and was just upfront with people.

No. 450482

Someone please find more dirt on her from her past, there has to be more.

No. 450483

"refusing to share"

Top kek, I have given multiple examples. Sorry you're too stupid or lazy to read them. Wtf is your problem? You've been directed to resources by more than one anon multiple times. Have you even watch Taylor talk about her family? Have you searched siblings on the munchie threads?

No. 450484

There's a few people that say they knew her in highschool. I want to hear about that more

No. 450485

I'm assuming the ASPCA is of no use either?

Just type her name into Pipl and see what comes up?

No. 450486

Making it about illnesses and whether they are real or imagined is just turning this into a witch hunt. It feels unnecessarily petty to me, personally. I think her munchausen's situation is less psychologically important than he self-professed inability to be alone, and compulsion to surround herself with animals when she feels stressed. If we're gonna talk psychological profiles, talk to me about hoarding.

No. 450487

Her lies are insane at this point, she seems to be responding to a lot of hate on Twitter. We should try to get a rise out of her and she what she will say this time.

No. 450488

She has a disabled sibling therefore shes a munchie???? these arguments are just so stupid compared to the other ones (more important, interesting, credible) in this thread LOL. Do what you want and post what you want, I'm going to continue to tell you they're the weakest thing here and degrade the rest of the discussion.

No. 450489

So do I, people have mentioned she's always been a lil fucked

No. 450490

File: 1514000873110.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-22-21-46-49…)

from taylor's twitter

No. 450491


this ^^

No. 450494

I read somewhere in the previous thread something happened to her green tree python, though?

No. 450495

Kek and fuck you. No. We can talk about her being a munchie if we want to.

Also to the person who said being a munchie isn't a crime - technically low level munchieing isnt, but it swiftly crosses over into criminal territory. And obviously MBP is a crime; malingering also isn't technically a crime but has crimes associated with it (like fraud).

No. 450496

To be fair to Taylor that python was already a lost cause when she got it, I wouldn't blame her for that one.

No. 450497

>>450494 the first one she got was really sick when she bought it and it died. And she called out the breeders on social media

No. 450499

Ah, so you haven't done any research then. Keep embarrassing yourself, mate.

No. 450500

It died.
As usual, not her fault.

No. 450502

She honestly just turned out to be one of those youtubers that became shit sacks once they started getting real money. I liked her a lot before she blew up because a lot of in depth pet channels are boring

No. 450504



I mean you're splitting hairs that I already split in my original post. I said it wasn't "technically" a crime and it can lead to being a crime. Idk if you just need to be right or what, but I'm officially excusing myself from this munchausen nonsense.

Have fun with the goose chase. ~

No. 450505

Dgaf if she's faking illnesses, more interested in her crazy lies and mistakes

No. 450507

People should just send her screen caps of all the terrible shit jc has done and photos of him doing drugs, maybe she will respond

No. 450508

I’m one that knew her (through social media only) during her high school. She became famous because her nudes went viral. I’m not kidding at all.

No. 450510

how did her nudes go viral?

No. 450511

when was this?

No. 450512

she knows. she knew he was an h addict before she started dating him. she has a victim complex, has been in abusive situations before and refuses to do anything about it until she sees the abuse herself firsthand.

No. 450513

bruh you need to find these. or not if she was underage. but fr

No. 450515


A witch hunt? - the people who keep complaining about the munchie discussion are the ones who want to report her. The people who have mentioned the munchie possibility (nobody has said its a definite) just want to discuss her (the thread title is her name - not Save Taylor's Animal Campaign).

No instead you are just going to whine about people discussing that she is a munchie because we aren't only discussing her treatment of animals. We can do both.
The person isn't saying she is a munchie because she has a sibling with an illness. They are saying that the munchie thread has shown that munchies often adopt that behavior because of sibling illnesses. It is also likely that the same psychology behind that is similar to the reason why she needs to take in so many animals. She hasn't shown up in the munchie thread because its not the most interesting/relevant thing about her and now that she has her own thread there is not reason to split her between the two)

Also - learn to sage

No. 450516

Haha, your comments are fun because they reveal an essentially shallow mind. If you would actually read up on some of the topics under discussion, you could hold your own better. I don't think you realise how simplistically your replies come across. Something as complex as Munchausen's of course cannot be boiled down to "just" having a disabled sib. But for someone like you who doesn't understand it, that's a reasonable starting point. Many of the most florid internet Munchausen's cases have origins with similar disruptions and/or traumas; this bears out famous pathological cases in published literature too. I could go on but I doubt you want a real discussion. The point is, there are many many many good reasons to think Taylor falls somewhere on this spectrum and that these problems directly relate to her maladaptive behaviour. I'm unsure why you're struggling so much to grasp that.(Please put your thesaurus away)

No. 450519

Dude, sorry, I just meant to expand - it came across wrong if I came off as nitpicking you! Apologies.

No. 450520

First time I'm hearing about this one. Wtf?

No. 450521

File: 1514001683380.png (402.03 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-22-22-00-51…)

No. 450522

File: 1514001700151.png (400.75 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-22-22-00-59…)

No. 450523

she's really throwing herself a pity party tonight

No. 450525

So much fucking milk and you guys are going on and on about her being a munchie or not?
Stop the infighting, there is just as much reasons to believe she has EDS as there is that she doesn't.

No. 450526

I do want a real discussion, that's exactly what I've been posting about. this and >>450515 are the first munchie accusations that actually go into the reasons why you're making these claims and show a logical argument. my "shallow mind" came from the fact that your reply only said "have you even watched Taylor talk about her siblings" with no logical connectives as to how that's relevant to the argument. If you want to talk about munchausens without providing any contexts, if you want people to already have all the background then go to the spoonie thread. If you want to bring it up here, put together something logically connected that doesn't require the context of a vaguely related 1000 page thread.

No. 450527


Ah sorry from my end too! Hard to pick up on the tone, with everyone getting so touchy about the Munchhausen thing. You're totally chill, hahaha - and I agree clearly!!

It's just getting kinda heated in here. People gettin' rude. Kinda a shame. This thread's been a really nice place to chill and hang out.

No. 450528

"they're my life, my children, I'd do anything for them." anything… except leave the guy you've been with for two months who shows abusive behavior and abandons his pets frequently. ok tay.

No. 450530


Just saying - whoever wrote this has a neckbeard. Male. Female. Doesn't matter. Definitely neckbeard. I refuse to believe otherwise. :'D

No. 450531

I've been subbed to her for a while. She was funny to watch. Recently I was just mildly disappointed that she only posted random stuff, or merch stuff, and always apologized about not posting consistently, and nothing with substance. I really only realized something was wrong because of Taylor's own tweets. Ironic.

Am I the only one who is bothered about her parent's behavior though? Being so open and compliant with internet strangers?

No. 450532

Her parent's have confirmed that she has EDS so why is this even an issue anymore? That's not even where the milk is coming from.

No. 450533

File: 1514002141870.png (324.29 KB, 1440x2273, Screenshot_20171222-220537.png)

No. 450534

the style it's written in is sooooo neckbeard lol. true.

No. 450536

~tips fedora~

No. 450537

yo idk but i wouldn't leave my children in the same room as an abuser who not only is a rapist, but he has abandoned plenty of animals as well as his actual daughter lmao.

No. 450538

is it bad karma to contribute to this page? lol

No. 450539

File: 1514002427705.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171222-210200.png)

Her Lil fans should see this

No. 450540

Her nudes were leaked online with her face in them. People found her Facebook. She had thousands of friends on Facebook. She didn’t deny them but she was 16 or 17 so 100% underage.

No. 450541

And has already threatened with harming one of her animals.

No. 450543

What else do you know

No. 450545

So, let me get this straight.
Taylor didn't go to school for most of her life growing up, so because of this she lacked actual physically social interaction with people, devoting herself to social media.

This would explain why she has such a fucked judgement of character when it comes to other people and even herself.

No. 450546

wait, she got her fb friends because she leaked her nudes? or? what was the outcome.

No. 450547

she's basically admitted to this narrative, saying that because she didnt go to school she had to find friends through other means and it got her in some bad situations.

No. 450548

No. 450549


She made a video on it, I believe. She said that herself.

No. 450552

she did make a video talking about it. she basically said she had to make friends online and that no one really liked her that much at school since they thought she was being over dramatic about her illnesses

No. 450553


>It's derailing credibility here and is legitimately harmful compared to the rest of the claims that are generally looking out for Taylor's health

jesus christ i hate the newfaggery in this threads, get out no one cares. this bitch is a snowflake and the point of having Anon discussions is that we can discuss anything we want about her. you don't get to say what we can discuss or not.

This woman is an absolute scumbag and anons are not here for her "health", we are here to discuss her shenanigans. You people crybabies complaining because we call her ugly/liar need to get a grip or get out.

No. 450554

That's so fucked…
Man and now her 20+ animals are going to fucking pay for it because of her decisions, not fair.

No. 450555

I'm going to call out nastiness when I see it. Do as you will and so will I, obviously.

No. 450556

Look at her boyfriend, anon, they are probably desperate. She is not listening to any reasoning and is probably also avoiding contact, the internet is probably their only chance for her to come out without any damage.

Why would she lie about where she got that kitte though? She had no problems with showing receipts about how well the female and male strays she got where, why she would have showing the adoption papers? Also, about those receipts, why did she just blocked and ignored everyone that pointed out that those papers were refering to Nemo and not the girl?

No. 450557

right? it would be so easy for her to show a simple adoption paper from petco. just one receipt from the day she adopted him showing that she was even inside the store.

she's deleted her tweet of the screencaps with the craigslist seller talking to her about the responses they got to the ad because of her. I know she said she was deleting drama but like gosh, it is so shady, why won't she just show us the paper like she did to prove her cats were healthy (when they werent)

No. 450558

They have admitted multiple times that online was the only way she would respond to them. She's so ingrained into social media that it worked.

Ultimately, her parents know her shenanigans more than we or her white knights do, so if they saw fit to do this it was for a reason. Some anon who knows the family posted in the last thread and said that this was not a new thing and that it happened in the past.

I wish they would share these stories, if they're still here.

No. 450560

I'm not buying her illnesses myself but her cooking a meal for a sponsor isn't really evidence. Also, her having those items in her kitchen doesn't really either.. I have plenty of shit in my kitchen I've never touched and would never eat.

TL;DR: Don't sperg out that people are asking more evidence than that. That's really just circumstantial evidence, not undeniable proof.

No. 450561

Her nudes were leaked online and them gained friends on facebook. This was 4 or 5 years ago. The only thing else i know is she constantly cried wolf and was known for being a notorious liar as well as very promiscuous. I had a mutual friend who was very close with her and she was constantly complaining about her lying and being overly dramatic.

No. 450562

She also always had a boyfriend or was “talking” to someone

No. 450564

Shit so much for that "sEx Is SaCrEd" tweet she posted when she was with jonny in l.a.

No. 450566

I only heard her mention this one guy she had to break up with because of her anxiety and whatever, and that's why she didn't date. Came as a surprise that she was suddenly with this heavily tattooed guy with "Daddy" as her twitter name

No. 450567


lmao what kinda dramatic ass feel sorry for me uwu post. the real creatures suffering are your dying pets, not you. this isn't your pity party

No. 450570


>I love animals, i watched Animal Planet

so did most kids bitch, that doesn't mean you can take care of 30 pets.

No. 450573

Right? I actually bought her quirky reclused animal nerd facade.

No. 450581

Can't really be blamed if you only cared enough to exclusively watch her videos. there was always something that didn't line up. Like how quickly she moved on when one of her pets died, her hedgehogs for example. Quite a few of those deaths happened this year I think. And look how quickly her animal count increases. One dead, two to fill its space

No. 450602

they're from when she was like 14, that's called illegal

No. 450609

Whatever bitch. Don't rent an apartment when you make your living off literally hoarding animals.

I'd be so pissed if I lived in a luxury apartment complex and someone next door was keeping 26 random pets and a drug addict in their place.

No. 450612


I'm willing to bet she left school because of this, not because she was too sick.

No. 450613


Yeah, junkies are 10 a penny in Petco these days.

No. 450614

Lmao you're that touchy cunt over on crystal cafe aren't you? The one always preaching about muh kindness.

No. 450615

Jonny has dick pics, I can share if people want. His dick is extremely underwhelming tho

No. 450617

Please no.

No. 450618


No. 450619


Can I send you money not to?

No. 450620

Just thought I'd ask lol

No. 450621

do it and put a spoiler image, not everyone has to look but lol i wanna see a shrimp dick

No. 450622

I imagine the stench of the apartment leaked outside so it would not be surprising if neighbors complained.

On top of that the police coming several times probably also disturbed them.

No. 450626

Why has this thread in particular attracted so much samefag cancer “xD” and “poor wittle cow” cow-tipping personal army
bullshit. Is this just a winter break thing? Serious janitorial attention is needed.

Hey man, spoiler that shit and do it. He threatened to leak a 16 year old’s nudes that he asked for, right? Taste of his own medicine.

No. 450630

File: 1514009583061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.68 KB, 400x320, IMG_2303.JPG)

There you go, spoiler is on cause you know..

Also, I deleted the last one like a second ago cause I forgot to spoil it. Sorry about that!!

No. 450632

i think i read last thread that the PULL thread on taylor got removed? so i guess they migrated over here.

No. 450633

File: 1514009739829.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.41 KB, 400x477, IMG_2302.JPG)

You are so fucking right. Fuck this guy. have another

No. 450636

his dick looks like it stinks

No. 450641

I thought she was homeschooled?

No. 450643

She was, but she added a bunch of people on Facebook and became popular online.

No. 450645

ugh, this whole situation is so sad. I honestly used to relate to Taylor (or her facade) – I left school due to physical and mental illness, after years of bullying due to my rampant assburgers. I get how animals can be a wonderful, healing thing for people with said issues.

As for managing animal care with illnesses, yeah, it may take 2-4 hours a day to do all the work, but you can rest between tasks and you have a good bit of flexibility. For instance, a snake or fish isn't gonna die or freak if it's feeding is a couple hours late.

Honestly, I feel like people are focusing on her claimed physical issues too much – it's the mental ones that are getting in the way of proper pet care and generally ruining her life. I have no doubt someone will managed EDS and celiac could care for those pets but not cope with the rigid schedule and demands of most jobs. Not that this really applies, since we know she worked at Petco…

Oh, and the JC shit. As a recovering junkie, NO ADDICT WHO IS DRINKING LESS THAN A MONTH OUT OF REHAB IS ANYTHING NEAR SOBER. JC IS NOT FUCKING SOBER. Her condoning this shit publicly REALLY pisses me off. Kids will see this shit and think junkies can drink and smoke MJ as long as they say they're sober. People will see his bullshit and think all recovered addicts are still shit humans, never to be trusted.

I haven't seen people focusing on how fucked JC's claims of sobriety and Taylor's acceptance thereof are. To me it's one of the biggest issues. She's so fucking willfully stupid.

basicall tl;dr -
1. EDS/celiac isn't the problem re: pet care. its her mental health thats the problem.
2. y'all need to realize 30 fish and reptiles can be infinitely more manageable than 30 dogs or cats.
3. 1 and 2 dont matter because she's CHOOSING to fuck JC, and CHOOSING to keep buying animals when her life is in an incredibly unstable state. If you get new animals while going through HALF of what she is rn, you're an idiot or insane or both.
4. JC IS NOT FUCKING SOBER. He clearly has no intentions of BEING sober. He's probably using heroin again already, but if not, he will soon. He is NOT deserving of even cautious optimism, let alone her apparent complete trust, as he is clearly making no real effort to change. #TWISTEDTEA AMIRITE GUISE???

No. 450648

just a heads up OP the OP should be short/concise summary, I appreciate the work but the additional details give new people a reason to call nitpick

No. 450649

Taylor literally twetted a screenshot of a post, most of the newfags came after that.
Shit like this >>450630 though just spreads the ''hate-site'' narrative and I'm just tired of it. It's not even funny in Taylor's case.

No. 450653

File: 1514011774797.jpg (498 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171223-005018.jpg)

so she didn't quarantine the kittens

No. 450656

File: 1514011962771.png (916.48 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-23-00-52-10…)

No. 450658

I’m sorry, is this suddenly not a “hate-site,” if the qualifier for that is reposting nudes? Someone better let the cam whores thread know.

The nudes are literally watermarked from a different site. Don’t be retarded anon.

No. 450659

Holy shit the size difference

No. 450662

File: 1514012328320.png (506.05 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-23-00-58-19…)

No. 450663

Actually nvm might just be that the new kitten has more fur?

No. 450664

yeah the size difference is concerning and she's just brushing it off. also her voice sounds hoarse at the end of the video but thats probably from crying because of everything that went down tonight (instead of drugs or anything like that).

ugh those kittens are so cute I just want them to be safe

No. 450666

Oh of course he's the runt lol… figured the girl that passed away was

No. 450667

im sorry but she absolutely did not bring that kitten to the vet in such a short amount of time

No. 450668

>I haven't seen people focusing on how fucked JC's claims of sobriety and Taylor's acceptance thereof are. To me it's one of the biggest issues. She's so fucking willfully stupid.

I feel like it's because people are starting to get a hold of what's happening. His exes have been warning her since the very beginning but the white knights outnumbered them by far.
Like, the first month after they got together no one would call her out on twitter for the most part. Her followers always said the same shit, "they're happy so it doesn't matter what anyone says", "it's in his past", "everyone makes mistakes he's recovering", etc.

Not to mention that HIS fans are probably even more toxic that hers.

His exes have mentioned that one of the reasons he doesn't get called out as often as he should is because of his little army of fans who defend his every move.

The kitten is also fuller weight-wise.

No. 450671

Are you new? Reposting shitty nudes of a shitty guy that came from another shitty website makes you tired of all of this? Get the fuck off the internet.

No. 450673

File: 1514012806428.png (23.78 KB, 578x190, taylor.PNG)

does this kinda read weird or forced to anybody else? it's like she saw some of yall doubting her diseases and interacted with a post about it to force the point.

No. 450676

same with her post about having EDS 3, however… I believe she's telling the truth about her diseases. The posts are definitely in response to this forum though.

No. 450679

kinda glad i'm not the only one who noticed it :/

No. 450681

I meant that it only reinforces the narrative, mainly in cases like this where it's not even relevant. It just makes it easier for them to cry wolf and I'm a bit tired of those same excuses, I'm probably just fed up because of the Raven thread, sorry.

Didn't an anon last thread say that some parasites/sickness are really hard to identify in kittens?
Taylor, I hope you are not going to the same shitty vet that said the female kitten was fine.

No. 450682

hey taylor, I hope you're feeling okay. could you show us anything to dissuade our fears that you bought that second kitty from craigslist? adopt, don't shop. I would love to know you did the right thing, but I just can't be certain because the evidence is stacked pretty high against your word.

No. 450685

welcome to the club sadly :( i used to be a huge fan of her until i caught myself up on all the really bad shit that's going down.

No. 450686

Jesus Christ, sage your fucking autist novella.

Speculating about the validity of her claimed illnesses is perfectly valid, especially given her OTT lying and attention-seeking behavior. It’s not detracting from what you so verbously deem as the “real” issues. If you disagree then mind your own and let the people who care to discuss it do so. It’s the million unsaged replies like yours that say “leave her invisible illnesses alone guise!!!!” that are derailing this thread.

However, your point about the drinking is valid. It’s troubling to me because like obviously being a junkie is bad, but the way his exes and several other sources over the years from concerts describe things, he’s a hellion when he’s drunk. There’s plenty accounts of his aggression when he’s drunk and may or may not be using, so the fact that he like… brags about being #twisty on Twisted Tea (also what the fuck? Are you a college freshman? Did Taylor buy you 30 Twisted Teas so you could get like half of a buzz?) or getting carried out of PF Chang’s by mall security because he’s too drunk and it’s all fine and well is just… I mean he really is shameless. A hallmark of a changed individual is recognizing all of your pitfalls as a human being and being so drunk you don’t remember stabbing holes in the walls and trashing your girlfriend’s room is definitely a pitfall! Definitely a reason to stop drinking, especially if you love someone and genuinely don’t want to harm them physically or otherwise.

No. 450688

Honestly, that’s more shady to me than anything. Of everything in this thread that she could and should address, this is the only thing she picks? Not the fact that she’s lying about where the cats came from, or that she’s lying about the DMs to Chelsea and her stories aren’t adding up, or that she’s lying about her and Jonny being clean, or that she’s defending her rapist boyfriend, or that she kills her pets…

No she’s picking this one, because she gets pity points from her followers (“they’re picking on poor disabled me :(“) and she seems like a champion for the cause of the disabled, and honestly it’s the one thing we can’t prove. We found her apartment and its pet policy, we found the craigslist ad she got the ragdoll from, we found out Petco won’t adopt out 5 week old kittens, we’ve screenshotted all her deleted tweets so her lies are more obvious, but the illnesses? All we can do about that is speculate.

No. 450690

No. 450692

Followed her since 7th grade, nude story is definitely true. Also once she dated a guy whose header was his @ name written on her cleavage. Can't remember how old she was at the time but it was a few years ago

No. 450693

What else can you tell us about her? Has she had problems like these with her mom, as in online arguments or getting caught lying?

No. 450695

Her mom was never active on social media until now and i didn't know her family. Honestly the only "scandals" she really had were because of guys she's dated.. She always posted pictures of cleavage/side boobs/whatever even underage so take that as you will. Was very shy and awkward when i met her in real life when we were 14/15 maybe.

No. 450697

Tons of diseases are difficult or impossible to detect in kittens so young. Specifically FeLV and FIV. It's one of the reasons it's so unwise to house kittens from different litters together; you don't know what they could have and/or spread to each other.

Feline coronavirus is also a concern, because when cats with coronavirus become stressed it can mutate into Feline Infectious peritonitis (FIP), which is pretty much 100% fatal and completely incurable (unless you count some of the newest, experimental treatments that saved 7 out of 20 cats with wet type FIP, but this is still in the testing phase so I don't count it tbh cause it's not available to normal people). I honestly wouldn;t be surprised if Nemo has the effusive type of FIP. He's not a very playful or energetic kitten, signs of FIP. But then again I think every sick kitten has FIP because of my own traumatic experience with an FIP kitten.

No. 450699

Couldn't agree more.

Newfags, shut the fuck up about how you think "muh EDS" should be off limits. It's moralfagging, it's bullshit, you're wrong. We are going to talk about it. Taylor is a lying munchie and the evidence is all over the place, but you're lazy cunts who won't look anything up for yourselves. Quit your reeeein'.

No. 450700

LOL I fucking hate the whole "the vet said it's fine!!!" BS. I doubt the vet said that, and even if they did, VETS AREN'T RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. Vets can be stupid idiots and give pet owners shitty advice. They can make shitty decisions. This is the biggest reason it's important to do your own research as a pet parent. Fucking hell, vets will recommend that cat owners declaw their cats, which is a practice that's outlawed in many places because it's considered cruel. Vets aren't the end all be all of pet knowledge.

If her vet actually said that, she needs to find a new vet, because the vet sucks.

No. 450702

read the previous thread, it has all the screencaps you need

No. 450703

When my cat was sick, I was so terrified it was FIP. It made me physically sick with worry, because I love him so much and the thought of something being incurable, 100% fatal, hazardous to other cats, and the harbinger of his eventual painful death was just nightmarish to me.

She goes on and on about how she’s such an animal lover, but like. Losing a pet is heartbreaking. If I had a kitten who died in my care, I would not go and buy another equally vulnerable kitten to replace it after my negligence killed the first. I would probably want to fucking off myself, but first I would acknowledge the fact that it was my fault that an innocent living being died and I would relinquish the care of the remaining cat to someone more competent than I. The fact that she never even considered it might be her fault the kitten died and that she may be risking the life of Nemo who she “loves” so much and now she’s risking this new kitten’s life really just speaks to what an uncaring person she is. They’re living things, Taylor. They feel and they suffer. You don’t get to gamble with an animal’s life thinking “well maybe this time I’ll get it right.” That’s not something a real animal lover would do.

No. 450704

File: 1514017089275.png (2.23 MB, 1242x2208, CBDB65D5-372F-48BB-AE82-73C8F1…)

LMAO and Jonny has already cheated on Taylor. Shocker!!

No. 450708

I wonder if her minions will keep defending him now that this is out?

No. 450710

caribou cloud is a terrible detective. no dates or timestamps for the video/ no screenshots of the texts = no definitive evidence

No. 450711

Can you please stop with the disease, please if you want to talk about it, make a thread in munchies, so you can talk about, most of are here for her neglect animals
She could even have HIV and I wouldn't give a shit.

No. 450712

It’s also an account dedicated solely to calling JC out.

Color me skeptical. I’m going through his insta trying to figure out when he wasn’t with Taylor in November.

No. 450716

File: 1514018616086.png (311.17 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-23-01-38-57…)

From Caribou account
Craig said in the video:
"Fucking cunt,I dare you to scratch me in the face"

No. 450717

No one gives a hot fuck what you care about. If you don’t like it, scroll along. This is the Taylor thread, where we talk about Taylor, including her munchie bullshit. Stop clogging up the thread with your unsaged whining, newfag.

No. 450718

Supposedly it's run by someone who's known Jonny personally for over a decade.

No. 450722

Right, you are the newfag who keep with her munchie bs even when she show her scar and her parents admitted she does have all of that, learn when a topic is burn and GTFO

No. 450725

exactly this. she showed her scar, and her parents who have not shied away from calling her out on her BS confirmed her EDS. its debunked but yall just fucking hate any chronically ill people who talk about it on the internet.

No. 450726

>who keep with her munchie bs even when she show her scar
>learn when a topic is burn
English mother fucker, do you speak it.

No. 450727

The appendectomy was a stupid nitpick by some misinformed anons, but that has literally nothing to do with chronic illness. Her parents are just as much narcs as she is and no one here is required to believe them. Fuck off back to PULL, faggot.

No. 450732

Kek, I'm guessing you're at minimum an OTT spoonie yourself, then. Pathetic exaggerations like saying we hate chronically ill people are why it's impossible to take you newfags seriously.

Also to "make a thread in munchies" anon - learn how the board works, dumbass.

No one has even said it's impossible she has an EDS diagnosis! Plenty of munchie cows manipulate their way into that. So her parents might even be telling what they think is the truth.

No. 450735

File: 1514023387287.png (93.79 KB, 434x552, IMG_0713.PNG)

Time to open the ol' Jonny vault.
To start off, he posted an underage nude photo of Kiki on Twitter (not going to post her photo obviously)

No. 450739

File: 1514024226053.png (23.37 KB, 750x135, IMG_0714.PNG)

Kiki responded with this tweet (2010, she was underage for sure)

No. 450745

Wait, he is involved with Kiki too? WTF are all cows connected?

No. 450749

Okay, so Taylor was in LA with Jonny November 3 - 10. They claim that Jonny snuck away from Taylor while she was there to go to this party. Key players mentioned are an Allison and an Angelo, whose house the party was supposedly at. I’m having a hard time finding either of them on social media.

Featured in the snaps is a very distinctive looking blue-haired girl with a million holes in her face.

Any of the people bitching about the munchie shit want to not be fucking lazy and put in the hours to ID these girls? Looking at you, >>450711

No. 450751


i’m not trying to white knight taylor, i’m just sick of some of the stuff being said here about hEDS, mostly just misinformation coming from people who have done a couple of google searches & think they know everything.

i’ve got hEDS, i was diagnosed when i was 7, nothing she’s said about her EDS has been inconsistent with hEDS.

keloid scarring, for example, is not a part of hEDS.

stop speculating about her diseases, keep it to the munchie thread, there’s a whole bunch of other shit to talk about, like the fact she’s being evicted lmao.

No. 450755

File: 1514027390269.jpeg (75.63 KB, 750x224, 4F15BAFC-05BF-41BE-A178-14F47F…)

I was going through his friend Lil Aaron’s twitter looking for the blue-haired girl and saw this and laughed. He thirst-tweets Pumpy, Layla, and Leda. All cows are connected.

No. 450760

File: 1514027916820.png (29.38 KB, 641x241, tweets1.png)

Just going to leave these here…

No. 450761

File: 1514027935460.png (65.88 KB, 686x561, tweets2.png)

No. 450762

I know it’s just speculation but I really do think this reply is Jonny on her account. The stupid “hahahaha” thing, but also calling the kitten “it” is so unlike her.

No. 450772

File: 1514030582889.png (368.95 KB, 466x629, it.png)

No. 450774

File: 1514030664199.png (111.43 KB, 952x612, hahaha.png)

No. 450777

File: 1514030974352.jpeg (97.87 KB, 750x721, 0D511BCC-239E-4E4F-82F2-FB7E63…)

This is why we don't think you have EDS you fuckin idiot Taylor. That scarring already discounts one of the minor diagnostic requirements, and here you said you don't have hypermobility you have joint pain. From the stuff you've said and the way you present yourself you don't fit the damn requirements. Joint pain can be psychological as well as being one of many disorders and you display none of the legit physical symptoms of EDS.

No. 450778

Fuckin kek, swelling isn't even a core symptom of EDS. This munchie can't even lie convincingly to those of us who know anything about the condition!

Fake it better, Taylor, if you're gonna fake it.

No. 450781

You are whiteknighting and also blogging so shut the fuck up. You can safely assume at least some of us discussing her munchie antics have the conditions she claims, but we don't feel the need to blog about it like you (pathetically) do. You clearly don't have a thorough knowledge of hEDS if you find her convincing. And it's the norm to discuss a cow's OTT spoonie/munchie actions in their thread, hence Jaq, Kelly etc, the munchie thread is for people who don't have their own. Get a clue, newfag.

No. 450793

>>A hallmark of a changed individual is recognizing all of your pitfalls as a human being

Sorry anon, I think I worded myself poorly. I'm not saying she's not a munchie. She most likely is. I'm just saying that saying "if she really had all these illnesses, she couldn't care for her pets" isn't necessarily valid. Not that she isn't a munchie, not that she isn't bad at husbandry, just that even if she had what she says at the severity she says, she could still probably keep up if she wasn't fucking insane. But she is fucking insane.

As to the autist novella part, I cop to that completely. I've been holding this shit in for a LONG time.

And yeah. Any junkie's claims of caring can only be judged accurately with their dedication to sobriety and clean time taken into account. And Johnny has ZERO of either.

No. 450796

Surely someone with experience in anxiety/depression wouldn't be laughing about having anxiety attacks like gurl.

I think honestly people need to calm down with all this munchie bs, she's a liar so whatever she says there's a grain of salt to go with it.

No. 450799


If she had EDS which was severe enough to stop her from working / going to school. She could not take care of /all/ of those animals (not animals full stop, one pet and no one would bring it up).

As it stands, if she has it, it barely affects her.

No. 450833

It seems like a few people are new and I'm sick of reading "learn to sage" and "newfag" over and over. I am guessing a lot of people found the thread due to Taylor's tweets last night, and that's great, welcome. Here's some help: https://lolcow.farm/info

Nothing wrong with speculation on the munchies front, though I personally feel like there's more interesting shit to talk about. I think if she had munchausen's by proxy we would've seen more evidence of it in how she treats her animals - more death defying "I saved them" videos. So far we only have the axolotl one, and it sounds like that was from neglect which isn't really a munchausen's by proxy hallmark. People with it tend to cause intentional harm.

But hey - if she does have munchausen's by proxy, it'll be interesting to see what she does when Jonny inevitably starts ODing and ending up in the hospital all the time.

No. 450835

Sorry to ask, but whos Leda, Kiki and the other two girls that were mentioned?
Besides other cows obviously- are they camgirls?

No. 450841


Depends what you mean by 'I saved them' videos.

We have the 'rescued' (possibly bought off craigslist) kitten Nemo.

We have another 'adopted' kitten.

We have 80 turtles she bought but 'rescued'.

We have Gus her mouse that she 'rescued'.

We have the green tree python that she failed to rescue.

We have the previously mentioned axolotl video.

We have 'rescued' hedgehog's left and right…

Pretty sure some of her fish she claimed to be 'rescues' too.

No. 450842


Ahaha, fish rescued straight from the wild. Such a hypocrite.

I see what you mean. She definitely has some kinda mother teresa complex, but - and correct me if I'm wrong, I'm admittedly no expert - doesn't munchausens by proxy include actually inflicting harm on those reliant on you in order to receive sympathy and medical attention?

Because by that definition, I can't speculate that she has munchausen's by proxy. I don't believe she harms her pets on purpose. I think the abuse comes more from neglect, and getting bored of her new pets after a week or two.

That isn't to say, by the way, that she herself doesn't have munchausen's. I can see how people would arrive at that conclusion. I'm not sure on it yet. I think she's just a no good attention whore who will do literally anything (exaggerating illnesses being one of those many things) to get attention.

For instance, her mother said in her livestream that Taylor wanted to date Jonny "for the experience." Idk. I think all this comes out of an undiagnosable "shitty person syndrome" more than munchausens.

No. 450849

Learn to read buddy. I was talking about Jonny and his drinking at that point.

No. 450852


Can you just chill? Why are you trying to start shit? Anon was way nicer than they needed to be in response to "sage your autist novella." Like seriously calm down - aim your frustration at the cow, if anyone. She at least deserves it.

No. 450853

This is legit like the only rude person I have seen on this thread so far.
Need to chill or go somewhere else.

No. 450855

no, they’re just internet infamous. Leda is LedaMonsterBunny, she used to be popular on youtube for her style and looks. more based on twitter now i think, she’s dated a few youtubers also.

Kiki is kiki kannibal, which a quick trip down google will educate you on. she has a thread here, too.

sage for no contribution.

No. 450858

Yeah he was known for being a huge piece of shit since the Myspace/Stickam days. He got kicked out of Dance Gavin Dance and his bandmates wrote a long blogpost about it (now deleted) and they actually confirmed what Kiki had said about him. Back then she said she was in music school/took vocal lessons so they met under the circumstances to record together idk exactly? I think she also sent the nude to his bandmate/friend and Jonny blasted it on Twitter.

No. 450861

Actually I was mistaken, I thought LedaBearX was HaiLedaBear. They’re both brightly colored scene girls named Leda, except the former is actually a cam whore, and that’s who he was thirst-tweeting. I don’t want anyone to think LedaMonsterBunny is camming now.

But Layla is _toopoor and Pumpy is a pretty notorious camwhore. Both are kind of the figureheads of their respective general threads here.

Sage for OT non-con as well.

No. 450862

Wait people here don't know about Kiki from her golden years?
I wish her old Stickam videos were still up she was such a piece of shit and probably still is lol.

Back to Taylor… I normally don't get so irritated with cows to the point of saying anything publically, but I responded agreeing with a Twitter acount that was questioning her about the new kitten. I was not harsh with my wording at all but of course IMMEDATELY her army responded.
I just stopped replying because they're a lost cause.

No. 450863

Fine. I don’t think saying “learn to read” to someone clearly new to the board is so the rudest thing ever said here, but I concede. My apologies, novella anon.

You write the word ‘sage’ in the email field so it doesn’t bump the board with posts that don’t provide milk. Welcome to the farm.

No. 450880


Haha, it's ok. I'm not new to chans (actually habboraid oldfag), I just wasn't aware that sageing was used that way here. It's actually genius.

Also, I greentexted that bit about JC ironically, since I was copping to my own mistakes in my reply and I thought it was funny.

No. 450915

She said she has to make the people at chipotle change their gloves before making her food because she’s that sensitive to gluten. that was in her video about how severe her illnesses are

No. 450922

Wait what happened to the newest baby hedgehog she got that she said was sooo much like nala? Haven’t posted about them in weeks

No. 450923

Dude, that's not even the same cat. One has grey ears one has white ones.

No. 450926

put together a timeline for the cat "adoption"

No. 450932

was the hedgehog in the new apartment tour video? might still be abandoned at home with her mom

No. 450933


The left picture is from the craigslist breeder and is of the last remaining cat in the litter. So you're right, it's not the same cat, but they certainly look like they could be littermates.

No. 450935

At this point she's just trying to keep up her lies for as long as possible. She really doesn't give a fuck about anything else.

No. 450936

everything that is happening is very eye opening to the point of where I am asking myself why I was ever a fan of hers in the first place.

No. 450937

Tana mongoose of pet youtubers

No. 450951

In the video she showed off a bit of the apartment she mentions she was keeping it together with her rat in the closet.

No. 450971


Mouse. Rat's make way nicer pets that I hope she never gets her claws on.

No. 450973

Anon you're not alone. I started following her last year when she wasn't even remotely youtube famous and she seemed like a down to earth, genuine girl. She also looked pretty cool.

I was pretty much scared for her not long ago because of the Jonny situation, but the moment I saw Jonny's tweet about how they were both laughing about the texts Chelsea sent her, she lost me. Then I started to see the plethora of issues with how she cares for her animals like keeping them in the closet. Who gives a shit if it's your dream apartment, if you claim your animals are your children you fucking look for a place where they don't have to be crammed into places like the fucking closet.

Overall what killed it for me is how willing she was to dismiss and block everyone who wasn't kissing her ass about Jonny, including his exes.

She was still blaming them for the info leak ffs. Worst part is that she is using her white knights to keep covering her ass. "She's a grown adult" my fucking ass.

No. 450974

Literal claws. Every time I watched her twitter videos with nemo i feared she would stick her goddamn nail in his eye. Ugh.

No. 450976


I honestly don't know how she manages to clean their cages out without getting shit all up in them. False nails are dirty as shit to boot, it's why nurses / doctors can't wear them.

No. 450977

File: 1514053949078.jpg (2.15 MB, 2936x4274, kitten.jpg)

timeline for kitten "adoption".

accidentally uploaded as .png instead of .jpg last time so deleting and posting the smaller file.

No. 450980

Does she wear a med alert bracelet? I haven’t seen one but I’ve only watched a few of her videos. Not saying it confirms or denies celiacs, but I’m just curious since she’s in the realm of avoiding potential cross-contamination.

No. 450981

She made a video where she cleans enclosures and shit. But she's not wearing any nails.


No. 450983

"This is a folder with a bunch of empty dividers in it."

and a single almost completely blank cleaning sheet

No. 450984


Yeah nails are the issue though as they have the potential to trap bacteria, fungal spores and dirt under them, between the natural nail and the acrylic. Which then can turn into nail infection if nails get wet (washing hands after cleaning cages) as it's an ideal place for bacteria and fungus to grow, warm and wet.

Sage for going off topic.

No. 450998

I think this is just a youtuber thing, only being used to being in front of a camera. Heard someone say something like this when talking about the streamys and other youtuber face-to-face events.

No. 451000


She wouldn't need a medical alert bracelet for celiac (not sure about any of the other conditions she lists).
The point of a medical alert bracelet is to notify others of a medical condition in the event of a medical emergency in which the wearer is unable to provide that information. Exposure to gluten typically results in gastrointestinal issues not anaphylaxis so a medical alert bracelet doesn't do much good for an adult in this case.
It is interesting that she would take the steps to have the employees at Chipotle change their gloves but would allow pasta and bread to be prepared at home. Its still a possibility that she has celiac - after all that video was sponsored so the money made could have been a motivator and she could have just taken extra care cleaning the counters and pots. I just would have thought that she would pick a meal with less gluten.

No. 451011

When people say 6th- 7th grade are they talking about an 11-12 year old? Sorry the school system where I live is slightly different and I want to make sure I understand.

No. 451015


Someone should tweet her this. I'd like to hear her excuses.

No. 451016

File: 1514057515382.png (442.74 KB, 750x1334, 296BDC21-5072-4F01-82E7-2914B6…)

They do make them, I had a GF coworker who wore one. Although you are correct in that I can’t imagine a situation where they wouldn’t be able to communicate their illness. I don’t think you can shit yourself unconscious, but maybe severe dehydration could cause confusion and an inability to communicate? Who knows.

But yes, I agree with you. The only non-GF item at Chipotle is their tortillas, and not every employee handles them. If I remember correctly the person who handles the tortillas doesn’t handle the lettuce or cheese, but I’m not sure if that’s actually company policy. I’m more of a burrito bowl girl myself anyway.

No. 451018

Anon, this is really good!
But shouldn't you include the statement she made about the craigslist seller that was debunked by the other anon? Plus the comparison pic here
If you can't I'll try to do it when I get home. It's great regardless!

No. 451026

File: 1514058833558.jpeg (20.29 KB, 361x407, images.jpeg)

I got your point, it isn't munchausen's by proxy but it's something way to similar, she doesn't need to make them sick or neglect them if they are already in bad shape.
For me it stop being "good" of her part when she bought that sick python that obviously gonna die, and when it did she just got a refund and bought another. She doesn't even grief for her pets.
Probably it is silly to grief for a animal you just got and die in a week, but you already name it and got it an enclosure. (Even when she doesn't even do that cause she is way to impulsive and buy animals like gifts)
She reminds me of those little girls whom pets die, she makes a rant mostly because now she doesn't have her new toy and her parents buy her a new one so she just shut the fuck up.

No. 451029

Let’s not forget the Taylor WORKED at a chipotle despite saying she was super sensitive.

No. 451033

File: 1514059782423.png (115.08 KB, 540x639, Screenshot_2017-12-23-13-04-18…)

I just can't with her emo poems
If that was my mother I would run away with the first yonki I see too.

No. 451062

I 100% agree with this. I'm pretty sure her mom is the reason why Taylor is like this.

No. 451077

File: 1514062719967.png (196.03 KB, 1242x1091, IMG_1932.PNG)

chelsea's mom posted this on twitter and taylor's mom liked it

No. 451089

can we stop discussing her illnesses? lots of people have celiac disease and theres a range of reactions that a person with CD can have. not everyone is as sensitive to the point where cross contamination is an issue. y'all are REACHING with the whole "people with celiac cant even touch gluten products". and about her eds, again thats also a range and many people with eds only start to develop visible signs of the disease later in life they can appear completely normal. y'all are discrediting the actual argument that is taylor is an animal hoarder & she's in an abusive relationship

No. 451105

jfc just stop. let anons talk about what they want. take it up with mods if youre in such a tizzy yall

No. 451111

Anon, that was clearly not the point of the post. They were probably responding to this
If she was so sensitive she had to make them change gloves why would she work there at all?
It's all pretty boring tbh

I don't understand, is this Chelsea's mom? Why the hell would she love someone who abused her daughter?

No. 451116

I haven't been a part of the munchie discussion because I don't feel like it's my place to comment, but I just want to say:

Munchhausen's by Proxy is when you make it seem like someone /else/, someone who depends on you (child, elderly adult, person with disabilities) is sick when they really aren't. The "by proxy" means that it's not /you/ who is pretending to be sick, but you're forcing a pretend/perceived sickness onto another person.

If Taylor has Munchhausen's, it is just called Munchhausen's syndrome. Not by proxy. She is not claiming that someone else is sick.

sage for correcting anons who think they know everything about munchhausen's but can't even use the right diagnostic term for the syndrome

No. 451124


oh my god you're still going on and on about this anon? no, you don't get to say what the thread discusses and what it doesn't. shut up. you've been triggered for like 24 hours no one cares and the discussion won't stop because your feelings are hurt.

i hope the mods warn all you PULL faggots to stop shitting the discussion. nothing is off limits, the thread is about everything regarding TND.

No. 451125


It was brought up here in reference to Munchausen's By Internet which involves people feigning illnesses online. I think some people confused that with Munchausen's By Proxy.

And I don't think anyone here is claiming that Taylor definitely has MBI more just speculating that its a possibility. (And for the anon with the chronic illness that is outraged that people dare question Taylor's chronic illness - it is possible for a person to have a chronic illness and still be a munchie)

No. 451128


I actually got quite sad when i learned her kitten died. I didn't know any of this back then, but even days after i kept thinking about how sad it was. If she's such an animal lover I would expect her actions to demonstrate more sensitivity towards the loss of the animal in her possession, regardless of whether she had it for a long time (like one of her hedgehogs who died yet again and she promised she wouldn't buy another one, but sometime later…), or for a short time (the python). I always assumed she grieved in private, but now I'm not so sure about that.

No. 451129


nice recap anon. its so clear that she lied about this. if your entire shtick is adopting and not buying, and it turns out you do buy animals…. then nothing that comes out of her mouth should be taken seriously ever.

No. 451133


It's all just an internet persona that she keeps up because it gives her attention

No. 451138

someone tweet this at her

sage bc no contribution

No. 451139

how do you know when someone saged or not?

No. 451140

if the new post doesn't bump the thread to the top of the /snow/ page then it's saged.

No. 451144

Look at the word, "anonymous" on each post. Blue means it's been saged, green means it hasn't been saged.

No. 451147


I already tried twice, twitter locks down new accounts for this unfortunately.

No. 451149


I see, thank you.


Yeah, new account's posts aren't even very visible. You have to really work with that account before it's usable.

No. 451152

someone on gg said that she took care of him when he was with chelsea and was like a mother to him during his addiction

No. 451166

Yeah, it was even worse when she just replace the grey kitty with the new. It really amaze me how she can just get new pets like nothing, she doesn't emotional invest in her pets, she can say whatever she wants about joking around about death has coping mechanism but it is plain obvious she joke about her pets being sick or death because she just don't care. And why would she? She can get a new one and all her fans will suck her ass just for it.

No. 451172


Sage if you're just going to argue off topic plzkthx.

No. 451226

To the people arguing about her illnesses, did you miss in the last thread when she took that from here and turned herself into a victim bawwing about how we are doubting her ~invisible illnesses~? So that she can come across as more credible than here? This is the reason why this is so annoying. Her tweets are just a constant battle to win her audience over with her lies and you're helping her. Also why everyone is asking for actual proof and not just speculation about this.

Link to this video: https://twitter.com/caribou__cloud/status/943987188441628672

Totally someone you want near your "children".

No. 451262

ffs look i don't give two shits about taylor being a munchie or not, but i understand this is an open discussion and people are allowed to talk about whatever they want in relation to her.

if you personally don't want to discuss about it or whatever, then fucking skip it and focus on the people who are discussing the things YOU want to talk about instead of going on a triggered tangent trying to police what people should or shouldn't discuss. eventually, if there's no milk in relation to that, then it'll die. let.people.talk.about.it.if.they.want.to.

sage because fucking hell put this shit to rest.

No. 451314

so if she's moving because she's getting evicted, and planning to go to cali, is she seriously going to move 30 fucking pets 3 times in like six months? what the fuck

No. 451320

I'm new around here. What does a quarantine do?

No. 451324

quarantine give the snakes time to acclimate to you and the new environment, so it makes them less likely to bite/lash out and easier to handle.

No. 451328

I deleted my post because I misread the linked thread, but the latter part still stands.

>The mods have abandoned this godless thread, apparently. Someone asked for a containment in meta like five days ago to no avail. It needs more of a quarantine than the proana/E-who-must-not-be-named thread did.

It’s not a technical term. The janitors and farmhands haven’t touched on the spam or infighting or samefagging in days. This thread has the cancer and it needs to be cut out.

No. 451331

sage but omg
I guess that's what happens when you cross raw humiliation with a Himalayan cat.

No. 451343

The people mad about discussing her illnesses are probably mad because they see this thread as a way to get through to Taylor or to expose her for mistreating her pets/shitting on rape victims.

She’s definitely lied about some stuff, especially to cover up some details about recent events. But if what she says about her illnesses is actually true, she’ll use that to convince herself that ANYONE who criticizes her just hates her. Focusing on speculation makes anyone calling her out for anything, no matter how legitimate, look like they just want to take her down. That’s why when she hits back, it’s about the illnesses and her own victimhood and not any of the other shit you guys pointed out.

Other people really dgaf if Taylor listens to anything or if every pet she has gets thrown in a meat grinder.. so they’re treating it like it’s just a discussion. that’s fine too, probably if you do want to help Taylor or her pets then this isn’t the place to do that

No. 451353

She already convinces herself that. It’s why she’s with a rapist, abusive junkie and has alienated herself from her family for the ~experience~ of dating him. I think everyone who has a similar angle should consider how your logic honestly works against you here. Apart from her illnesses entirely, there’s plenty of other things she’s delusional about. We say, “here’s proof and inconsistencies in your story that suggest you were responsible for the neglect and death of your animals,” and she says, “NOPE! The vet says they’re all perfectly fine and their deathS are a mystery and I’m a perfect savior angel and NOT an animal hoarder so you don’t know what you’re talking about <3 hahaha here’s my seven new snakes!!!” She honestly doesn’t believe that she’s neglecting her animals when she 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt thinks that she’s doing a great job. Therefore, our credibility is already lost on her. We’re already just hating ass bitches for that alone.

That’s why this whole “help Taylor!!!!!’” thing is so OTT and akin to that Joyce youtuber everyone thought was kidnapped, “blink twice if you’re being held captive by ISIS!!!” She’s a grown woman who made her own decisions. She decided to be an animal hoarder and date an abuser and laugh at his rape victims. It’s also perfectly plausible that she decided to stretch the truth about her illnesses, because she’s a liar. I don’t know why it’s lost on anti-munchie spergs why those things are not mutually exclusive.

No. 451358

Watching this link, I can actually see why people defend her. She really seems to love her animals in this one. This makes me wonder how many of her stans are newer subscribers that binge watch and so they haven't seen the progression of her seeming to care less and less about what she's doing.

No. 451364

you think she’s feeling completely confident and secure in her pet mom record and ability to take care of animals? She’s a child, no way she’s that convinced. I’m sure she feels bad about it and that’s why she doubles down.

The point I was making is that a lot of people genuinely would like to see her dump this dude, kick him out of her house, and stop hoarding animals. They’re here for a totally different reason than people who want to discuss her munchieness. A bunch of people want to DO something. Really doubt there’s anyrhing anyone from the interwebs can do, but the more you attack someone the more they defend (especially if you’re right).

She’s probably doing a lot of this out of spite. Just not wanting to admit her bad decisions or seem like she lets people tell her what to do. Jonny’s a shit but he probably gives her plenty of validation. eh it’s sad all around

No. 451370

File: 1514086241965.png (76.04 KB, 1210x468, Untitled.png)

No. 451373

File: 1514086435149.jpeg (247.62 KB, 986x1200, 0BF09464-29CC-4066-8E9B-BE29C4…)

I absolutely do. Part of that is because she is so impressionable, and right now in droves people are flocking to her twitter with pictures of their pets saying they say she’s doing “such a good job!!!” because it gets them retweets. She’s sitting in her echo chamber, because like you said, Jonny validates the shit out of her (after all, it keeps him off the street and getting top from someone who doesn’t mind that he’s using AGAIN) and so do her fans. She doesn’t listen to anyone else: Chelsea, Amanda, her parents, or us. Yet most of all, I refuse to give any heed to supposed self-doubt because she keeps. Buying. More. Pets. At a certain point it’s time to wake up and smell the filthy axolotyl tank.

No. 451383

yea i lived next to a woman that was arrested for having 25 cats. she genuinely loved them but that doesnt mean that at some point its harmful

No. 451397

People were complaining about her mouse in the closet and someone ask if she simulated the light of the day and so on.
Like sure with all the animals she has, she will take her time to do that, of course not.

No. 451410

how does she reaslly seem to love them? bc shes cleaning out the habitats for everyone to see? so what? everyone who has animals like this that isnt a piece of shit has to do this chore, and we have no idea how often she even does this. putting animals in enclosures that are too small for them/neglecting them/serial shopping for them doesn't indicate that she loves them at all. and even if i was a one time viewer, her just cleaning out their enclosures doesnt seem like it's such a measure of her love for them

No. 451412

Hi Taylor("hi anon")

No. 451414

literally i'm saying taylor doesnt love the animals and doesnt even appear to in that video, how the fuck would i be taylor?

No. 451418


Yeh bud, you seem confused. Anon just said Taylor DOESN'T prove that she cares for her pets in her videos.

No. 451426

“Hi x” posts are a bannable offense, just report and move on.

No. 451431

File: 1514096980698.jpeg (163.05 KB, 750x1001, 323A1539-9F97-4F6C-B9F7-B913A9…)

Holy shit her stans are unbearable

No. 451443

File: 1514098103975.png (403.67 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-24-00-47-32…)

No. 451447

Why mount the TV’s if you’re worried about getting evicted?

No. 451449

Why would they be mounting TVs if according to Taylor they're getting evicted?? Sounds like Taylor is just bawwwing for attention like always.

No. 451453

File: 1514099284401.png (295.03 KB, 1440x929, Screenshot_2017-12-24-01-06-48…)

living it up on taylor's youtube bux

No. 451455

i’m starting to think that taylor has always been an insufferable bitch IRL, how else would you be able to put up with this kind of personality? no matter where he goes or what he does everyone knows every detail of it because he’s sloppy and a braggart for all the wrong reasons, she must be similar if she’s willing to put up with this and defend it 24/7.

at first i had sympathy but it’s all gone now. can’t wait to watch her viewerbase completely turn on her. it’s only a matter of time anyway, she can only block so many people.

No. 451457

bc theyre not and taylor is a liar. selfishass read the thread and ofc has to cry wolf even though like, one person actually even called ffs

No. 451459

Because she was never going to get evicted, she’s just a liar who likes to make things up for sympathy because she’s always the victim. She made it sound like hundreds of people called her leasing office. I can’t imagine more than one or two people actually did. She just read here that people were thinking of doing it and thought she’d beat us to the punch by saying we already got her evicted.

This cow’s lying is starting to seem pathological, to be honest. It’s just so easy for her.

No. 451463

He’s so fucking trashy. Dude. No one cares about you flashing cash that isn’t even yours. You’re in your fucking 30s and had the talent to actually make something with your life and you blew literally all of it on dope.

Like wow, a 12,000 dollar mattress your child girlfriend bought with money she earned from actually nurturing some semblance of a career. I can’t believe she’s letting your homeless toothless nasty ass sleep on it. Can’t wait until he tries to sell it for smack like he did with the MacBook scam. #Blessed tho, fam.

No. 451464


good god every single time this gets me really irrationally angry.

also this is honestly pathetic. homegirl thought we were jealous of her shit nah man. at least i'm not the one who has to support a junkie a decade older than me lmao.

No. 451466

They never really got any confirmation on it. She vagued about it to get sympathy. In that regard she's a lot like her mom.

Basically what she was doing was "Well since you guys want me EVICTED I am gonna look for something else before I actually am qq even though this was my *~dream apartment~* ;_;"

She got the brownie points, milked the shit out of her fans giving her positive vibes, then deleted all of that shit in an attempt to look like she's moved past it but not really.

Right now I think they'll most likely lay low, until people forget about this. Especially Jonny. Right now whether or not people support them, all eyes are on him, so yeah he'll be really fucking stupid to put a hand on her.

>she must be similar if she’s willing to put up with this and defend it 24/7.

oh dude she is. She has boasted about material shit like the Cartier bracelet and the iPhone X on twitter.

No. 451471

$12K beds exist? Why? Can you drive them to town?

No. 451477

We seem to have an influx of new users in this thread.

Please learn to sage (by putting the word sage in the email field) and read up on the rules.


No. 451491

File: 1514106936698.png (3.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-24-03-12-59…)

gotta make sure to mention it's GLUTEN FREE guys. since anons were arguing about her celiac disease and the blue apron kit. hi tay

No. 451515

this is so sad, honestly. he's draining her and she's going to come out of this broke as fuck because she's deciding to be an enabler.

No. 451516

wow. if she's spending 12k on a BED already, when her e-fame is less than a year old and totally unproven, her youtube bux aren't gonna last long…

lol, that's the thing. even TAYLOR won't be able to get her money back on purchases like that because furniture has no resale value.

if she's spending that on a fucking bed, imagine what she's compulsively spending on clothes and other random shit to fill the void when there's no reptile expo.

also, just to point out, she's honestly totally representative of the WORST of the exotic pet trade. a lot of her practices are luxurius compared to what some people have convinced themselves is acceptable husbandry, esp with snakes. some of the earliest controversy with her was how she did a collab with Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles. He has a literal fucking snake mill with thousands of snakes in plastic tubs their bodies take up half of coiled. He breeds thousands of ~cool morphs~, some of which have known genetic problems, and sells sick snakes.

And yet, many people in the hobby consider him totally great. Like Taylor. The amount of "I want this pretty snake, so I'll delude myself into believing it's happiest in a shoebox" (they really try to argue this) in the reptile hobby is astounding and fucking disgusting.

No. 451523

Pretty sure that was me lmao.
It was to prove a point that they shouldn’t be in the dark because that alone is cruel af imo. I actually expected to get blocked by her but it seems like she hasn’t.

No. 451532

File: 1514120680690.png (306.13 KB, 1228x1712, IMG_1975.PNG)


do you guys really think they got a 12k bed? wouldnt they be posting pictures of it flaunting it?
she posted this earlier and i dont know if its their bedroom but everything looks a mess.. that seems like a mattress on the floor not a fancy bed

No. 451538


Is this the bed she showed Nemo on? It really didn't look that fancy, just looked like a nice bed lmfao

No. 451552

i dont think a 120000 dollar bed exists lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 451553

I reckon she spends money with no thought at all. All the pets she buys, when she bought 80 turtles like it was nothing. Her hair is always redone, her nails always filled in, always in the trendy clothes.
I mean fair enough its your money, but you should be more sensible when you have alk these pets to care for. What if the addpocalypse of youtube effected her, she still has so many mouths to feed and home, now a junkies habbit to help pay for

No. 451560

This is why it's always important for YouTubers to invest as much as they can into property or some other shit.
This money isn't going to last forever and while I'm sure her parents would willingly support her well into her adulthood animals can cost a ton of money. She is going to end up back with her parents at the end of all this and Jonny will have taken all her money.

Makes it so weird to think that she is reading all of this and is like 'this is fine' with no concern for her animals or lifestyle. What a mess of a person tbh.

No. 451580

if she's still reading this, which she probably is or will, i bet she's getting all defensive in her head like you do when you're 20 and have no idea what you're doing but can't even admit it to yourself. when she's 25 or 30 she'll probably look back and cringe so fucking hard at this situation.

i speak from experience, as i think many of her critics do. certainly JC's exes. we all do dumbass shit in our teens and early 20s, with varying degrees of severity. the problem is, the dumbass shit she's doing could REALLY have some SEVERE lasting consequences for both her and her animals. i think this is why it's so upsetting for many – she's like what would happen if you listened to that dumb rebellious voice in your head when you were a kid, and did every little thing it told you.

sadly, esp with how prevalent drugs are nowadays, lots of people who don't curb young rebelliousness don't survive long enough to look back and cringe.

No. 451611

I agree. I don’t really know the dynamics of her living situation with her parents and what she paid there, but this is her first time on her own, right? Jonny is paying NOTHING, she’s got $3000 rent, buying $12,000 beds, Cartier bracelets, iPhones, plane tickets, footing hotel bills, etc. So she goes from her parents’ house potentially not paying for anything but her pets and their care, expos, etc. to this kind of spending in a month. Yeah. She’s going to bleed herself dry in no time, especially when she keeps doing shit to lose followers.

No. 451620

If the drug use gets worse, there will be a noticeable effect on the animals. The #1 thing that will fuck up her youtube career is clear, near-inarguable evidence that she’s mistreating one or more animals. But the #2 thing is not making videos, for obvious reasons. And if the animals look bad, she’ll have a hard time making videos.. unless she just wants to vlog about her boyfran and all the expensive shit she got.

So on top of burning through money like it’s nothing, which she was doing before the $12k mattress, she can’t keep up that income if what we think is going on is going on. If it gets to that point, she probably will choose to go back to her parents. Not like the junkie has anything to offer right?

No. 451635

According to Social Blade, the most she earns per month is a little over 30k. I thought it would be more if you compare it to the amount of money she constantly blows on shit. Not to mention that not only does she support his habit, she’s also probably buying him material things as well.

No. 451637

if thats the case holy shit shes an idiot for spending like she does. especially because her pets probably cost a lot to maintain as well

No. 451657

Social blade doesn’t account for merch and other ad revenue. She’s still an idiot but she’s probably making more than that

No. 451665


I just want to know what kind of bed it is at this point. 12k seems like overkill

No. 451681

>At a certain point it’s time to wake up and smell the filthy axolotyl tank.


No. 451709

File: 1514144936429.png (4.31 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2007.PNG)

this doesnt really look like a 12k bed. idk why he'd lie about that, seems so silly

No. 451734

I don't think taylor is making up her illness' and I don't think she is intentionally abusing her animals. I do think she thinks what she does with her animals is right.
However, I do think it is completely disgusting and wrong she is openly dating and supporting a rapist and abuser. That is so disgusting of her. It made me completely un-Stan her. Imagine what kind of person she is if she is okay with that. And to spend all her money on someone she hardly knows and completely ditch her family… wow… just wow Taylor. You have major issues.

No. 451748

she thinks not noticing your axolotls fungus or leaving a rotting fish for days, or not quarantining her snakes (when obviously she knows she is supposed to) is good? shes perfectly aware that shes neglectful, shes just a narc that so high on her own farts that she cant admit that shes either 1, too apathetic and lazy to care for this many animals correctly, or 2, is just unable to care for them properly.

No. 451751


She's a liar and not the victim you think she is. She's not 12 years old, she knows that animals are a huge responsability and still choses to treat them as fancy accessories for atttention. you say you "unstanned" (because you're 12) but you still sound like a big fan of her. She's a shitty person and she is hurting her animals, and when people tell her she is, she ignores her. So saying "she doesn't know" is no excuse. She refuses to admit it, therefore: liar+bad person. 4'4 no victim found.

No. 451781

Taylor has had so many people in her YouTube comments and on social media tell her (nicely) that she's caring for her animals incorrectly. For literally years now. She has no excuse for ignoring helpful advice, instead she continues to have incorrect husbandry. She is either too lazy to change her ways or is to stubborn to admit what she's doing is wrong. Either way, she should not have the pets she does.

No. 451786

Do you honestly expect her to change the way she cares for her pets when, for one person who calls her out, even if it's nicely, 5 people will flock to that person like vultures because they're attacking their idol?

I've seen people saying shit like that as well and there's ALWAYS someone who's like "WELL DO YOU KNOW HER? NO. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING REEEE".

Those people are her anchor to keep doing all the shit she does, Jonny included.

No. 451791

Okay brian isnt a "snake mill" if you look at any person who breeds animals it is set up the literal exact same way. most people even take care of their animals as well as he does.

No. 451792

** Dont even take care of them as well as he does

No. 451799

She is a classic case of a nouveau riche like many other dumb teen youtubers out there.
I don't doubt their bed is 12k, it's probably just overpriced. Next she will be wearing vetements LE shit. Funny that once she made Fun of Jake Paul lol.

No. 451804

Snake racks are standard and depending on the species of snake much less stressful than see through, open, large tanks. Never heard a anyone but peta crazies complain about it - because they anthropomorphise the fuck out of animals and just assume they want what humans want.

Cold-blooded animals are all about energy conservation. Moving around is stressful for them and they only do it if they have to. They do prefer to live in smaller enclosures, it's less stressful for them. Not every animal wants or needs what humans want or need even if it seems like something you couldn't live without like open space or light.

No. 451806

Just because most people do it doesnt mean it is ideal situation for a pet to thrive in. He kept a monitor lizard in a plastic tub draw ffs.

No. 451810

Which you can do especially because it is a baby and he had just gotten it. He very clearly cares for his animals, if you wanna go after someone go after Jay who owns prehistoric pets, she went there too. He always overfeeds his animals to get them to the right size to sell them quickly. He does a lot worse things than brian.

No. 451814

After reading your comment. I looked into it more and yikes… she needs to stop getting so many animals and mistreating them.. the amount that have died is not normal. Stop the videos, Taylor. That's all you care about. It's so gross.

No. 451820

I was watching Chelsea's periscope and the other ex and one thing she said was that he always gets cats (at least two) with his gf's so they have to stay home and take care of them and can't go with him on tour, etc… so fucking weird taylor literally got two cats when she got with him. Just like his two exes. Is she that stupid?

No. 451836

File: 1514156990777.png (255.16 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-24-17-09-18…)

No. 451839

File: 1514157216038.png (254.31 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-24-17-13-10…)

No. 451840

It's the pattern he always follows just like >>451836

He always moves in with the girl he's after.
He always gets an animal right after.
He always pretends everything is fine and how he's blessed and clean.

But behind closed doors he's a piece of shit. When they break up he'll try to take the kittens with him or straight up abandon them.

For someone who claims animals are her passion, she sure as fuck overlooks the 6 or so pets he has left behind.

No. 451844

File: 1514157877656.png (388.18 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-24-17-24-00…)

No. 451849

Racks aren't inherently bad. His racks aren't properly sized and have other issues. And yes, energy conservation. Obviously they don't need what mammals do. But if you've ever observed reptiles in the wild you would realize not all are fossorial or ambush predators and to house all reptiles like they are is…ehhh. A large opaque tub with hides and cover is a much better enclosure for a ball python. Microclimates don't exist in Brian's racks.

Yes, Jay sucks too. LOTS of people in the reptile trade have poor or bare minimum husbandry.

My point is, Taylor literally does not care, as long as the dude is famous.

No. 451851

File: 1514158585369.png (285.92 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-24-17-36-10…)

No. 451852

OH YIKES, he's absolutely gaslighting her i cant believe he thinks every hater is fake.

No. 451853

HAHAHAHA. All the bajillions of comments on her recent vids are fake profiles…

And don't y'all love the GUYS WE'RE SO HAPPY SO HAPPY FORREAL I PROMISE WE ARE BOTH SO HAPPY? And they just keep reading and replying…

No. 451854

>every account that disagrees with me is my exes or my girlfriends parents

Holy fuck that is a special kind of paranoia. Is this a side effect of heroine?

No. 451855

File: 1514159184737.png (18 KB, 608x301, twitter.png)


He's so confident in the money from those "like 8 CD's" that he blocked me for this. This account is 3 years old.

No. 451857

you might want to read >>451477

No. 451864

looks like taylor's not the only one manhandling the animals. sorry there's no audio, you're not missing much. just jonny's obnoxious voice


No. 451867

oh my god my heart sunk hes soooooo rough with them what the fuck!!!!!!!!

No. 451868

Jonny looks so ugly and the shit he's doing with his hands is sooo cringe worthy

No. 451870

One can't possibly think keeping a huge ass snake in a tub is good. Hell, a lot of people who own snakes even say that what he calls 'aggressive' is stress.If you're making the animal stressed and don't realise/accept it that's bad.

No. 451884

no, but it is of coke. heroin just makes you lazy and addicted for most people…JC seems to be in the tiny minority that gets opiate rage.

No. 451894

File: 1514165539025.png (413.14 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-24-19-31-35…)

No. 451903


Any sane, emotionally in-tact person would be beside themselves if they were unjustly accused of rape. He KNOWS he's a rapist. He just doesn't care. Of course it doesn't upset him.

No. 451938

mind you, if he didn't care so much him and Tay would be ignoring this whole drama. Instead they're just fuelling it constantly.

They're both in it for the money at this point i think

No. 451941

It's probably a $1,200 bed.

No. 451944

The way she interacted with the hedgehog at the end and her general attitude in the video gave me a feeling that she cared for her animals at least back then. Keep in mind, this video was before she started getting a bunch of snakes and other animals. I'm just saying that it feels like she actually cared back then, and no I'm not basing it on the fact that she cleaned the enclosures. You should calm down a little and stop leaping to conclusions. I don't like her any more than you do, but I'm willing to believe that she did care about animals at some point, and seeing the video reminded me that it did used to seem that way with her.

No. 451955

Right? The dude is an idiot, he can't write anything coeherent.
I haven't heard his songs but they are either stupidly simplistic or he uses a ghost write.

No. 451957


No. 451962

one of his exes on live stream said he tells someone what he wants a song to be about and they write it, not him

No. 451969

File: 1514175154513.jpeg (66.88 KB, 500x598, 50F009F8-CCCD-4266-AA7B-8B9A1F…)

He doesn’t actually believe this. He’s just saying it to gaslight the shit out of Taylor. He’s been faced with harsh, public criticism for the past decade. It’s gotten him kicked out of bands and pulled off of tours numerous times. Like, when literal quorums are held to decide if you deserve to still be at Warped Tour and the general public decides no because you’re THAT much of a piece of shit who sexually assaulted one of your workers.

Him saying “babe it’s just your parents making up lies” leads to “so you’re not allowed to see them anymore/if you cared about us you wouldn’t see them anymore” and he gets his way. Total isolation and delusion for her.

No. 451974

Samefag, but the more I think about this, the more it bothers me. Jesse Lacey of Brand New’s career is effectively over because of the allegations of sexual harassment against him - as it should be. JC has been doing this shit for a DECADE, using his fame to find vulnerable (UNDERAGE) women to leech off of while he uses and abuses them. I feel as if the Me Too movement just missed him entirely because he’s publicly been a piece of fucking garbage for ten years. You can’t shame this man out of his career because he has no shame. He’s fine with the fact that he’s a rapist and a pedophile. Apparently his label is too.

I can’t anymore. Not your personal army, I know, but who wants to join me in contacting his label/Sony and get this fucker sacked? I can’t stand the fact that he still has a career. I mean it is Sony and they still employ Ke$ha’s rapist, but I think putting appropriate pressure on them to acknowledge the kind of person they’re signing paychecks for is the least we can do.

No. 451990

File: 1514179289405.png (476.68 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-24-23-20-42…)

who called it? taylor's buying him teeth lmfao

No. 451992


I assumed it was a typo when he said 12k - there aren't a lot of mattresses out there that cost 12k (even ones that are adjustable and have massage features like he mentioned are still usually under 3000.
If you are sleeping on a 12k mattress you are likely not renting an apartment.

No. 451994

He said 12,000 with the comma in the proper place, which suggests an extra zero wasn’t unintentional. More likely he’s just fucking stupid or a liar.

No. 452010

omfg this is ridiculous. shes so fucking… naive. i hate that hes taking advantage of her like this and that she just walked into the abuse willingly

No. 452014

Taylor: oh mom look what I got from the expo!
Mom: wtf is that
Taylor: don’t worry mom he’s just a drug addict and rapist. He’s totally harmless

No. 452015

File: 1514183245569.jpeg (206.21 KB, 517x768, 3DFC6C9C-659B-4E3E-A40D-F44248…)

Lmao anon, very good

No. 452020

I was thinking the same thing! The Jesse Lacey thing was heartbreaking. Like Brand New is destroyed over him getting underaged nudes a decade ago and this guy can be an actual fucking rapist and still have fans? As shitty as it is, I don't give a shit about groupies because they are like vultures but it doesn't seem right.

No. 452022

Honestly she could use her money to help animal shelters. So many of them need financial aid. Instead of spending it on materialistic shit to please herself and her druggie. She could even be an advocate for animal rights by spending time in shelters. Smh all the fame and money went into her head and now she’s just a selfish trashy shit. I mean, SO MANY PEOPLE AND ANIMALS NEED HELP.

No. 452028

File: 1514188696337.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-25-01-56-36…)

they're so petty

No. 452029

The fact that they have to talk about how “happy” they are at any given moment just proves the complete opposite.

No. 452030


A media outlet would be in a better position to approach the label than anons from an imageboard. A label would feel threatened by negative publicity which could affect its bottom line, whereas emails from random people can be deleted and forgotten.

No. 452032

most good animal youtubers obviously, visibly put their yt money back into their hobby in a big way. taylor could have bought a fucking property to use as an exotics rescue. or at least she could have given her existing animals major upgrades, like giving cheese a properly sized aquarium. just the fact she moved into an apartment (rather than a house) proves this was a slapdash shitshow.

at a time a sane person interested in a career with longjevity would be doing this stuff, she can't even get her apartment unpacked or make videos… to me thats the most compelling evidence of drug use.

it really pisses me off to imagine what the good animal youtubers could do with taylor type money.

No. 452034

Isn't shit like this proven to be a way for people to try to reassure themselves everything's okay when in fact it isn't? kinda like how couples who plaster themselves all over social media are actually miserable?

No. 452096

File: 1514216638616.png (64.26 KB, 800x484, hoardinganimals.png)

''No, BEFORE she met Jonny''

No. 452111


Jonny's claim to fame is not much better..

No. 452116

Gotta love how Taylor is supposedly "focusing on the good" while her man child boyfriend keeps stirring the drama

No. 452195

like yeah taylor youre managing to ignore rape and abuse allegations, clear signs of patterns of abuse and your family altogether. we know what youre focusing on. congrats on the tunnel vision.

No. 452221

File: 1514237208930.png (632.94 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-25-15-26-27…)

No. 452223

Has his mum released the 'truth' or her opinions yet as she said she was going to?

No. 452227

No. 452245

i don't think his mom said anything or has a twitter? i think you're referring to chelsea's mom. she said it would be after christmas

No. 452272

File: 1514244555000.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-25-17-28-25…)

new video

No. 452279

actually it's not really worth watching. 20 min video of clips from all her other videos and "you all changed my life"

No. 452281

is she really already recycling old content for views?

No. 452283

"Thank you, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been able to pay my sugar baby his new teeth"

No. 452316

There was not any new footage in that entire video. Does she not want to show her face for some reason? Very strange.

No. 452317


Sage in email not subject


Her intro and outro were 'new'. All 30 seconds of it, but her face was visible.

No. 452340

I think the intro and outro were from her first animal related video, kind of like a nastalgia thing. The only somewhat new footage looks like it’s from the same day as the last video. Same outfit and hairstyle.

No. 452343


Ah yeah, the bit on the bed is new as in we haven't seen it before, but I think you're right about it being shot on the same day as the last video. Angle of the shot is exactly the same too to confirm.

No. 452349

The Jesse Lacey thing was long-running and coercive lol it wasn't just one incident. I'm glad you recognize JC is fucked up but like wtf if you're gonna defend that piece of shit because you think underage groupies "are like vultures"

No. 452371

File: 1514253164399.png (460.08 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-25-19-51-22…)

are they even open on christmas? or is she just not getting enough attention and asspats so she has to make up more shit?

No. 452375

> ACS: ring ring
> TAYLOR, sitting in front of her fish tank wrapped in snakes feeding the kitten: “ugh animal control again? Hello?”
> ACS: “Hey girl what’s up! Just wanted to let you know someone reported you again but we know you tay! you’re good! I’m just gonna throw this out. Merry Christmas! Love ya!”
> TAYLOR: “merry Christmas mwah love ya bitch”

like is this how she thinks it works?

No. 452394

>>452375 probably down to a T lmfao
Does she not realise animal control type of people wont take the pets as long as they have shelter and food and there isnt video evidence of her beating them.
I called on a neighbour who left her dogs outside all through a horrible wet winter and they did nothing because tjey had access to shelter (broken kids trampoline) and availble food and water bowls. Ridiculous

No. 452420

Taylor went and visited her mom tonight. She is in her periscope.

No. 452427

and she brought the ragdoll kitten with her

No. 452428

No. 452443

Anyone else catch her say,"This is the one I bought…got last week" about the new kitten?

No. 452460

No. 452462

Or if she has more animals than can be justified in her living situation. There's a difference between having 30 pets because you converted part of your house into a shelter and having 30 pets because you keep buying random animals for your apartment.

There's no evidence she's had any kind of visitations except wellness checks, and she didn't talk about those in detail, either. Is Jonny just telling everyone at the door to fuck off?

Very nice catch. What I hear is "This one I actually bought-… er, got five weeks ago, and I got at" right at the end of the video. She obviously meant "days" and mixed it up because the kittens are both around five weeks old. Her freudian slip, however…

No. 452467

File: 1514259777355.png (2.12 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-25-21-39-48…)

lookin' good on jonny's instagram

No. 452468


The pets are her "job" now. Her videos where they're manhandled and stressed out for entertainment bring in the money.

Sadly her fans now see this as her "job" as in "of course she's taking care of the kitten properly, it's literally her job".

No. 452469

File: 1514259842065.png (2.04 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-25-21-40-56…)

No. 452470


I know Kiki from the "golden years" of scene modelling (oh my god her awful parents)…. I think it was the LiveJournal group GetOffMySpace that brought her and her shitty raccoon hair and eyeliner to my attention. ~so edgy~

Sage for non-con, thought some would enjoy the flashback.

No. 452473

lmao she looks like P!NK cosplaying as a soccer mom

No. 452476


wow she looks… wow. fucked. either this thing is messing with her or shes on h.

No. 452478

i mean shes never as pretty as her insta photos or her videos where she poses with her angles and ringlight (vs the expo videos etc), but she looks so aged here. she literally looks like she's 40 here.

No. 452479

It's so cute how she squeezed in time for her family christmas. I'm sure crock pot chicken Jonny's making was way more important

No. 452480

anyone catch what she was browsing on her computer? lookes likw the thumbnail for this thread but site didnt look the same.

No. 452481


No! Don't tip the cow!

No. 452483

what a catfish she looks like a completely different person without all that makeup and lighting

No. 452485


That's weird. Usually allergies on medical IDs are for medications so if you're unconscious a medic will know not to give you NSAIDs, or penicillin etc.

She could legit have a medical ID for EDS (assuming she has it), because it means any moving and handling has to be done very carefully.

No. 452492

File: 1514261120344.png (996.2 KB, 750x1334, 352D7407-DED8-4ACC-931C-D2FC15…)

Okay but how has this picture her mom posted not ended up on this thread

No. 452493

why did she bring her cats to her Christmas?

No. 452494

File: 1514261193251.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, E241B0FC-8300-48E0-A41A-79F690…)

maybe a YouTube playlist? I’m not sure but it doesn’t look like us even in the darker colored themes

No. 452497


You can technically get a medical ID for anything. Food allergies on ID bracelets are much more common in young kids who are not yet able to know how to avoid the allergens (know to ask if the food contains the allergen or know which foods to just avoid) without adult assistance. It would be pretty uncommon for an adult to have one - if they had other conditions and room on the tag/bracelet they might add it.
Generally, the existence or lack of existence of a medical id is not a good indicator of whether or not someone does or doesn't have an illness/disability.

No. 452500

Tbh she looks worse now

No. 452503

Wow her lips are so small in this picture. How old was she in this? Even her lips before she admitted that she had injections were way bigger than they are in this pic.

No. 452504

Never realized she wore extensions too lmao
She's so painfully average looking- but not even average… she has a horse shaped head from a side angle too.

No. 452507

Her hair is so painfully thin from dying it constantly. If you’ve ever been close enough to see it it’s SO dead.

No. 452510

It makes sense tho. Jonny is incredibly controlling and probably kept texting and telling her to come home constantly.

No. 452512


No. 452517

good luck, dear farmhand anon

No. 452525

For everyone’s reading pleasure, here’s the city of San Antonio’s approach to what is animal cruelty.
(Sorry for not screenshotting but it’s long.)

Basically as long as her pets’ needs for appropriate shelter, food, and veterinary care are met, she’s in the clear. There doesn’t seem to be a statute on hoarding.

That being said, it’s a government office and they definitely weren’t open on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, so she’s talking out of her ass.

No. 452548

Open on holidays AND doing business past 5:00 PM.

No. 452557


yo, having ACS called on you multiple times says a lot about you. not good things! this is not something to brag about lol how dumb

No. 452559


She's not even attractive with her instagram thot shit. But without it, she's straight up ugly.

No. 452576

I promise I’m not just being lazy, but where did you see that? I can’t seem to find it.

No. 452577

I find it very odd that she didn't show her face…also that her parents or anyone besides Jonny have not seen her. Pretty sure the stupid 'hahaha's on her account were not typed by Taylor, either.

I really don't think she's a bad person. But I think she's desperate for love, channeled that into her animals, and now that this equally-as-tragic figure miraculously appeared in her life she's terrified to let him go. Jonny > da pets

No. 452581

File: 1514266495993.jpeg (342.83 KB, 750x681, C06F69CD-F9E6-44E1-9A6A-11E407…)

No. 452583

File: 1514266651483.png (429.82 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-25-23-36-39…)

No. 452585

File: 1514266683870.png (578.74 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-25-23-36-42…)

No. 452603

Tired of Taylor stans talking about how she truly isnt a bad person, because muh 'issues'. Its utter bullshit, she is sleeping with a rapist how can that not be made anymore clear. She willfully ignored people who Jonny has hurt, then texted them to vent about his behaviour pleading for empathy from the exes in private, while publicly Jonny is shitting down their throats and she is posting about how she is just living a great life with her magical rocker bf in the ~dream apartment~
Stop defending garbage and sage goes in the email field.
(she's also killed a bunch or her animals and other shitty traits but this is p high up)

No. 452605

What Happened in her mom's periscope I missed it lol

No. 452621

The periscope her mom deleted with her mentioning buying the new kitten was posted on tumblr here


No. 452625

Lol where is that video where she says she "doesnt wear allot of makeup" or some shit?? another thing she lies about

No. 452626

No. 452629

I just found some kinda nsfw pics from when she was underage(give or take 15 or 16),it pretty much proves how shes always desperate for attention. Wouldnt be suprised if the animals are just her trying to gain more notoriety

No. 452649

i dont wanna start a fight but that has nothing to do with wanting attention. everyone sends nudes to their significant other and they probably got leaked by that person that she trusted. its irrelevant

No. 452650

File: 1514277647592.png (68.13 KB, 708x390, 3.png)

No. 452652

File: 1514277953807.png (69.83 KB, 697x518, 4.png)

Besides bringing lots of attention, fame tends to make you rich. Which is something she seems to have always been desperate for. If you do a "money" search on her tweets, she mentions it a lot. Here's a few gems:

No. 452655

i dont think anyone called her. i think she's reading this and knows people are attempting to report her. she just wants to prove to everyone that its "all fine" and whats reassure them theres "no abuse" so that they dont come read this thread and get convinced that she's a horrible pet mom and influencer

No. 452676

yeah as others have pointed out, because the rescue system is already so overburdened, the standards of animal care services type places are basically the bare minimum of care for an animal to stay alive and not be in obvious pain and suffering.

taylor knows this, i'm sure. she knows a clearance from acs means nothing. as you said, she's just trying to pull another "these people are crazy, everything is fine".

and i'm sure she also knows that if you have the knowledge and money and time to take better care of your pets, and you don't (because you're busy or lazy or just think they seem ok), THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

another thing – has everyone noticed how as time went on, her videos became less substantial, and more "look at my new _____!"? honestly, i feel like animal haul videos have no real place on youtube. all it does is make people (especially kids) who don't know what they're doing want the cute animal, without giving them any idea of what responsibility is involved. their popularity also promotes channels making more for the views.

No. 452677

Is it heroine that makes you pick at your face etc? Or meth? Cause that mark on her face looks like a scab rather than a pimple.

No. 452682

well, its true tho? lmao…???

No. 452683

heroin, meth & cocaine can all cause dermotillomania (skin picking) but maybe its a pimple that she picked at. could be a reach

No. 452698

Don't be a cunt. I'm not a "stan" if I'm here and my post WAS saged, god forbid I forgot which field it went in so I wrote it in both. I tried? I don't spend all of my Christmas day refreshing this page. Taylor is clearly problematic but you just seem bitter and frankly kind of jealous to get that heated over my rather neutral response. If you don't want her dead, get off the thread? Fuck off, you ruin the credibility of any strong arguments on this thread that could actually be used to make a difference. Love yourself, boo

No. 452705

whats a stan?

No. 452712

"Stalker fan", in the context it was used, someone who loves Taylor disguised inside the thread

No. 452715

Literally nothing in that response suggests they are a fan, lol, they said she picks her shitty boyfriend over her pets

No. 452716

I think it says a lot that she didn't include any new footage in her new upload

No. 452717

Wow her new upload pissed me off. No new footage, obv monetized, not spending her time unpacking lol

No. 452725

Pretty sure she's using heroin now. Too many signs

No. 452739


What sort of signs are we talking?
We barely ever really see her without make up so its hard to judge if any skin issues are related

No. 452741

Her saying she’s been sick is one of them. Detoxing is very much like having a horrible case of the flu, & some. She has pinned eyes. She looks dirty (addicts hate bathing (the feel of water on skin) and alway lying about being on drugs too. Those are some signs right there, coming from an ex H addict here and we can spot these things usually…

No. 452757

mostly meth and to a lesser degree coke, but heroin can make you itchy and get started picking that way. some people definitely do pick their skin on heroin.

to me, a recovering heroin addict, the biggest sign is her inability to do fucking anything. if she can't unpack OR make videos, the fuck is she doing? likely napping and nodding off all day with JC.

i think the iffy skin is a reach, we see one zit. tons of people have zits, tons of people pick on them without the help of drugs, and tons of druggies don't. it's a huge reach.

No. 452759

samefagging, sorry, but >>452741 is absolutely right about the "sick" thing. a junkie is always "sick" – either too high to do anything but roll around in bed, or too far into withdrawal to do anything but roll around in bed.

is there a pic or vid with obvious pinning? i'm not sure her normal vids count because i know she uses ringlights etc which make normal folks pinned.

No. 452762

Well she is still going out to buy more animals and tvs. But when she “does” anything else, it’s pretty much just take to twitter and concoct some seriously outlandish lies that don’t even make sense half the time. For a while I’ve been thinking she must be high to think anyone would actually believe this shit.

No. 452766

I can't believe no one called her out on her ACS lie.. is everyone that fucking dumb to believe they were open on Christmas

No. 452767

Why does she say in the new video that her channel was NEVER all about the animals, but about spreading positivity? Bitch what? I see about 80 videos of your animals and not one about your standard Instagram livelaughlove inspiration. But I guess now that she's hit a million she can do whatever she wants. Fuck the pets…

No. 452775

I just want to say kudos to the people who stand up to her. It’s sometimes hard to draw a line between what is right and wrong, and sometimes hard to discover the truth. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.
So thank you for the information exposing what she does. I used to be a fan of hers, but after she “rescued” two infant kittens with no prior experience with cats, resulting in one little life lost, I lost all respect for her. We need to let more people know, and encourage them to unsubscribe from her channels because that’s the only way to get her to stop now.

No. 452800

no what I mean is she posted these online. the ones i found were not for any S/O. I agree leaking nudes is bad, but these ones were openly posted out there.

No. 452807

Did she post them on facebook on some thing? Thats wild if she did.
Or was tumblr around back then?

Cant imagine posting my own nudes at 16

No. 452818

File: 1514312401205.jpg (18.92 KB, 599x425, IMG_20171226_182021.jpg)

Her first twitter selfie. At 16 her lips were fine as this, why did she want them done?

No. 452820

She's definitely doing heroin. Coming from another ex-addict, I just have a feeling. Also it's not really common to be in a relationship with another user without using yourself.

No. 452824

Don't understand how shes gaining followers as her content declines. Been 5 months since worthwhile video was posted. Still waiting on past promised content. Tired of hearing empty promises. Shes a scam artist

No. 452829

File: 1514313421164.png (88.6 KB, 1080x408, 20171226_183750.png)


No. 452836

I mean, I wouldn't let my pets near here but I'd still hit it

No. 452840

File: 1514315770702.png (964.33 KB, 1131x757, Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 2.12…)

How much do you guys want to bet that the poor hedgehog didn't actually get a bath after Taylor took these pictures?

No. 453737


It should have never gotten that dirty to begin with!

And hedgehogs can easily become overweight.

Sage for former hedgie owner.

No. 453741

She probably lets it sit in its own urine every day and then lets it "swim" once a month to clean it off. Maybe just y'know clean it's enclosure

No. 453766

File: 1514319473725.png (79.56 KB, 737x655, projection.png)

been following jonny for a while and was recently pointed to this thread. this man is an actual maniac and will have taylor ruined before this time next year.

i started searching taylor's past tweets with queries relevant to her recent drama, she seems like a self fufilling prophecy with all the projection im seeing.

ive been blocked by jonny on twitter for calling him out in the past after seeing his "haha rape" or "i hope you get raped" tweets. he will always reply to you and block you as to get the last word in and keep his circle jerking fans wet. jc fans are worse than taylor's as they actually think he can get better tho it has been known that he is a washed up dick head since their 2nd album in 2008. also if you just read some of the lyrics it's clear he doesnt really like women.

honestly hoping he just dies when he ODs next time because he will continue to ruin lives so long as he keeps getting signed to labels and has a host to leech off of.

one other thing that's pretty funny and idk if it's been talked about in the thread. he tried to get on the tv show the voice but was denied due to his past

No. 453788

What lyrics are you talking about specifically? OOC

No. 453801

i wouldnt say he exactly spells it out but calling women whores or similar things is pretty common on a lot of songs on downtown battle mountain 1. if you want some really cringey shit listen to the audio clip at the end of blue dream.

idk i havent listened to them in years because they aren't good. lyrics are more questionable when he's in the band from what ive noticed, ive heard that their new vocalist says some questionable shit too. be warned though all of their lyrics might make you die of cringe.

if you want to look into it yourself he was on downtown battle mountain 1 and 2

No. 453804

True Colors, Slaves' newest single, talks about one of his exes, might be two; Liz and Chelsea.
I refuse to listen to his garbage but you could always check out the lyrics. Chelsea's mom swears that some of those are actual texts Chelsea sent him.

No. 453805

it's safe to say you dig the backseat is a pretty good example

No. 453826

Kind of off topic, but the whole "not taking a shower thing"
could also be due to her depression. I mean she most likely is doing some kind of drugs if she's with Jonny, but depression can also make you not shower/want to work.

Can I just say I hate how her stans say "it's her job" in response to anyone questioning her animal care? Her job is youtube. If her job was actually taking care of the animals she'd be fired cause she sucks. Her animals should also be in immaculate health if that was her job, not covered in their own shit and piss like her hedgehog was. ALso it's interesting that after someone on here pointed out that Taylor shoved her hedgehog to the side in favor of the cats, Taylor just so happens to put out a snapchat story of her playing with the hedgehog (and putting it on its back jfc)

Sage for no new milk

No. 453865

If is true she suffer from depression then it was really stupid from her to leave Kida behind (if it was really a service dog which a doubt)

Someone ask how often she bath her hedgehog (even her fans realize how dirty it was) and she said the dirt was just of one day when she left it alone and she try not to bath her that often because it skin will get dry.
I feel bad because the chances that the poor hedgehog is living in it's own piss and crap for days in it's enclosure are very high.

No. 453875

All she has to do is take and post pictures of her animals habitats to stop these rumors. That would take /maybe/ 10 minutes. Idk about y'all (and saged for blogging so don't have an aneurysm) but I own a variety of animals in different enclosures and keeping them clean and interesting for the animals is a huge point of pride for me. There's a reason why she doesn't show her enclosures, it's because she's embarrassed. Every pet youtuber (regardless of quality of care) spends a ton of time showing off enclosures. And for someone so obsessed with spending money you'd think she'd be thrilled to brag about all of her cool, expensive, and appropriate enclosures.

No. 453887

Yeah I've doubted her depression more than once myself, especially with the whole Kida thing (as well as the suicide joke)
Just wanted to toss that in there as a possibility

No. 453894

Depressed people make suicide jokes all the time, that's reaching a bit. And yeah Kida was a joke, she either flunked out of training or Taylor was just trying to get pity points.

No. 453906

File: 1514335278942.jpg (43.5 KB, 800x450, 800.jpg)

bish look like cruela de vil

No. 453907


Even her mum said that the place was a mess with substrate all over the floor, no?
That alone is bad.

I doubt she'd also notice that one of her geckos died if it cam to that. Their habitats are fairly dense (which is good) but I'm pretty sure she only drops the food in rather than checking if they're well etc.

No. 453924

As someone who has depression, (and I may just be speaking for myself), I have made many, many jokes about myself dying. But I have never, NEVER, made a suicide joke about one of my pets. It's normal to make them about yourself when depressed, but not about things you supposedly love.
And yeah now that she's got the pity points from Kida, she didn't need her any longer so she "traded" her in for her snakes.. honestly that's probably better for Kida. Taylor's brother probably gives more attention to Kida than Taylor ever did.

No. 453931

Does Taylor have studies of some kind? If she loves so much animals, one probably expect her to study biology or veterinary? She is like 20 years old so she must already started or be in the middle of her career. At least her advices wouldn't be that stupid if they are back up for real knowledge and not just from WikiHow articles lol

Sorry for bad english

No. 453933

I think she was taking zoology classes at one point last year or the year before, but that's obviously gone no where and I doubt she finished.

No. 453961

File: 1514343401613.jpeg (175.96 KB, 750x1178, 52654E80-B153-4D48-AF83-38E726…)

wow it’s fucking really that bad

No. 453964

File: 1514343629323.png (165.08 KB, 1404x686, 5.png)


She said she was going to study marine biology earlier this year.

About 2 years ago, she said she wanted to do acting. Around 5 years ago, she said she wanted to study Criminal Justice, be an actress, a photographer, a singer, and to "do something" with animals.

No. 453979

How can someone be 20 and in the middle of their career lol a degree takes 4 years

No. 453994

they mean in the middle of her college/educational career. which is accurate, seeing as people typically start college at 18, meaning she would be halfway through a four-year degree by 20. they apologized for their non-fluency but that part wasn't hard to understand.

No. 454049

She’s 100% never started college i guarantee it. She BARELY finished high school and hasn’t even started driving school. For the longest time, her biggest and only goal was to be a model.

No. 454053


Her knack for the dramatic has me thinking acting is more up her alley. I’m so happy she found a “rockstar” to help her start that career!

No. 454059

File: 1514356498223.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 455EB7A9-8662-4177-ACFE-146BC5…)

No. 454060

File: 1514356673377.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, 3540BFC1-AA93-4476-BDB5-84F091…)

No. 454065

Are they seriously buying MORE pets?

No. 454067

In Jonny’s new Instagram live videos you can definitely see substrate all over the floor and Jonny man handling those poor animals.
Not exactly the clean calm environment you would want to keep animals in, especially for someone who is meant to be a role model for animal care!

These are animals Taylor already owned, just no one has seen them for awhile. She generally retains interest in new pets for a few instagram pictures and then is onto buying more and these are forgotten. She oftens says she will make a care video about them but then never does.

No. 454069

why is this thread auto-sageing?

No. 454089

i'm going to guess it's because the newbies don't know how to sage posts and there's a lot of new people

No. 454092

File: 1514364962478.png (250.74 KB, 1440x1645, Screenshot_2017-12-27-02-52-28…)

she deleted the first tweet mentioning drama

No. 454133


Until the new people learn to sage correctly and adhere to the rules, this thread will be heavily moderated and autosaged.

No. 454144

always thought there was something off about the way she seemed to move on so quickly with her animals' deaths, also the way she manhandles them just to take pictures when they clearly don't want to be held.

No. 454178

Did he just delete these?

No. 454185

Substrate is pretty hard not to get on thr floor when you are getting animals out so that shouldnt really be looked down on. We dont know how often them clean it after.
Mandhandling is uncalled for though like leave them the fuck alone. Dobt stress them just for an aesthetic photo

No. 454237

Normally you clean it up after you are done. So, unless she was in the middle of cleaning their cages… eh.
Also her mum even commented on the filth last time and the fact that she probably doesn't even have a hoover.
In a way I don't think this is just a normal mess one would make.

No. 454242

She should be keeping her animals in a room with a hard floor, not carpet, so that it can be disinfected several times a week.

No. 454285

Yeah, she should remove the carpet specially if she wants her cats and hedgehog to be around (if the cats don't know how to go to the bathroom it will be a nightmare cleaning that mess)
Besides what is doing JC? I mean as long as we know Taylor is paying everything at least he could help cleaning a little bit since he doesn't do shit. (Neither do Taylor but u know what I mean)

No. 454286

There does at least appear to be a vacuum of some kind in that second picture. >>454060

If she is renting an apartment she likely doesn't have the option to remove the carpet - but its not like she didn't know she was going to have the animals before she moved in so she should have thought out where they would be kept beforehand or tried to find a place without carpeting since I assume that keeping the living space clean is almost a full time job when you own a small zoo

No. 454294

Is that a nasty-ass "cocaine nail"?

No. 454310


YUP looks like it! Makes sense for her claws again

No. 454342

>She said she was going to study marine biology earlier this year.

Actual biologyfag here, and lmao at her ignorance of what marine biology actually entails. IMO it's one of the most boring field of biology if you like animals you can actually see and touch. 99% of marine biology is all about micro-organisms - plankton, diatoms etc.
She's just ignorant and thinks it involves cut charismatic animals. It's not and it doesn't.

No. 454380

File: 1514410652530.png (474.61 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-27-15-36-13…)

No. 454381

File: 1514410667515.png (247.63 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-27-15-36-44…)

No. 454383


Is this even taylor or she just doesn't give a fuck anymore

No. 454390

File: 1514411015764.png (397.51 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-27-15-42-31…)

No. 454393

The problem is you just not own reptiles,you stupid dipshit. You own a huge variety of animals, preach your internet knowledge and when you get bored of one animal you rehomed it instead of assume is a life commitment (that if it don't die because you are to busy snorting cocaine and riding your yonki bf's dick)

No. 454395

Serious question: what do you think would happen if Taylor got pregnant right now?

No. 454396

File: 1514411342583.png (849.63 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-27-15-48-00…)

No. 454403

File: 1514412131557.png (27.55 KB, 540x170, Screenshot_2017-12-27-14-50-17…)

No. 454412

The last time he went is probably when he was a teenager. He probably hates going cause they tell him his teeth are fuckin nasty

No. 454417

Literally have spent 5 hours going through this thread. Used to watch her videos from time to time because I had a genuine interest in learning about non-mammal pet care. Always thought she was looking for attention especially after the ‘Cheese’ voice thing. Tbh never followed her anywhere else because YouTubers don’t really seem to have a lot of substance. Then I saw comments about JC on the first kitten vid. Then I got on her social media and noticed how she handles criticism and it really rubs me the wrong way. Kinda makes me sick to think she’s supposed to be a ‘role model’ for people and she treats people who offer her advice or call her out on her mistakes like crap.
It’s really a shame she could’ve been so much more.
Sage for expressing an opinion about the situation (not sure I’m new)

No. 454423


i thought it was interesting and funny to have that interlaced with the educational animal stuff, but then the animal stuff started to decrease and it was only just jokes and funny voices and life updates and vlogs and sorry i haven't been posting lately.

No. 454424

File: 1514413441391.png (79.33 KB, 572x556, Untitled.png)

so was this just for the likes ??

No. 454426

File: 1514413662397.png (117.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0853.PNG)

I used to follow Taylor but I always thought something about her was off. I found her when I was starting to get into fish keeping and I'm glad I didn't follow her advice. This is not how stocking works. It doesn't matter how big the fish is, they need the bare minimum from the start. I have a fish I kept in a tank too small for him for a few months and felt absolutely guilty to the point of making myself sick. Idk how she doesn't feel bad. And if Zazu really is stinging him she should have rehomed them or atleast given cheese a temp tank. Knowing her though she'd probably never take him out. Poor Cheese. If you can barely take care of fresh water animals you shouldn't even think of taking on salt water.

No. 454430

She's now tweeting about someone on tumblr and getting her fans to go defend her. Like just provide proof and it'll stop. So ridiculous how her stans whine about "you are so obsessed with herrrrr you don't even know what she doessss"
When they are the ones defending an animal hoarder and general shitty person because of the same reason.

No. 454435

File: 1514415035587.png (14.52 KB, 592x150, Untitled.png)

holy shit

No. 454438

File: 1514415204470.png (394.38 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-27-16-52-27…)

No. 454439

File: 1514415233269.png (471.74 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-27-16-52-41…)

No. 454461

More painful than looking in the mirror?

No. 454462


how fucked up must his teeth be to be complaining like this about xrays. holy shit.

No. 454466


He's screaming for daddy at the dentist

No. 454480

not to be psycho but i'm glad he's in pain and i hope it hurts for a looooong time

sage (i hope i did it right) for nothing new

No. 454482

Taylor literally blocked me then unblocked me to argue and sick her minions on me. I can’t believe I was ever a fan.

Sage for my twitter being blown up by ten year olds

No. 454484


Would ask for twitter name but that would ruin the anonymous part of it

No. 454497

sage goes in the email field

No. 454499

Looking on tumblr, I can't find the post Taylor called out on twitter anymore. Did she actually get it deleted, somehow? Or were her "stans" harassing the user so much they deleted it?

No. 454504

It's still there, a post cant really ever be deleted from tumblr. Her fans did jump on it like Jonny on Taylors money though.

No. 454510

Hi, new to this so forgive if I'm doing it wrong. I recently began watching her videos and found her awkward & engaging, in a charming and vulnerable way. I now realize that was all an act as her true colors are being exposed. Her blatant abuse of animals for financial gain is reprehensible. Apparently she is so stupid, irresponsible and ill-informed that she not only supports a rapist/drug addict - but allows him to touch her…ewwwwww…I just threw up in my mouth, he looks like Golum from LOTR

No. 454541

File: 1514421680006.png (44.82 KB, 833x469, Screenshot (144).png)

No. 454568

As a forewarning:

Anyone who reveals child pornography of Taylor will have their IP surrendered to the FBI. We do not tolerate child pornography here.

No. 454577

Would dentists even agree to fix teeth that are practically going to be ruined even further?
Private dentists in the UK are really strict about their schedules since time can be wasted when there are people who actually need the appointment more. Idk… seems like a money hungry dentist here which you can't really blame but… eh.

No. 454619

If your's paying, they'll do whatever. Why wouldn't they? He's not in the public system, this is private.

No. 454620


Ok this has been bothering me since the start of the first thread, but I find it incredibly unsettling how Jonny always tweets shit like "WE are so happy" "WE aren't upset, WE'RE laughing at da haterz". All this WE US OUR OURS shit…I'd expect this kind of weird attachment more from his 20-year-old girlfriend, but I don't see her reference him very much.

No. 454649

Because SHE no longer exists in his mind, as she is now his property. Her individual needs are irrelevant to him. He coerces, and then cowers behind the women he controls. Given the importance of the current times, makes her supporting him - and belittling the women he abused - all the more troubling. She is the opposite of the metoo movement.

No. 454653

Honestly, if she was really attached to Kida, she wouldn't leave her at her mom's house. I mean, if she just told her followers that she left her at her mom's house because she can't walk her every day at her apartment, there wouldn't be so much drama about it. It would be for the dog's sake, and I'm pretty sure that if not everyone, most people would understand.
Sage (I think I did it right, sorry if I didn't) because I don't think I added anything important to the thread.

No. 454654

hey hope this doesn't sound shitty but i think you put sage in the subject and its supposed to be in the email slot.

but yeah i absolutely agree. hes a piece of trash who clings to "we" and "us" because her feelings are irrelevant and it's all about how HE feels

No. 454658

This is also dated btw.
Anyways, one time my mom found out her friend at the time went over to her house just to look up how to make meth.

No. 454659


No. 454669

File: 1514428197254.png (367.32 KB, 750x1334, 6DAB53B7-8F25-4A16-A3CA-46A50C…)

No. 454674


He doesn't really have much to lose by referencing her and their relationship. But on some level she must know that her relationship with him is a big risk. She isn't going to want her young fans really looking into who she is dating and realizing that she isn't the perfect role model she tries to portray

No. 454717

blessed must equal spending his girlfriends youtube money

No. 454728

Curious how she, again, decides to pick one of the smaller points from the tumblr post (Not one of the other big criticisms, which she could easily debunk but refuses to.. Wonder why) to try and defend herself from.

She is so incompetent and such a fucking moron, It's sickening. It's not surprising to see more ex-fans of hers on this forum now.

No. 454735

Okay but with all her money, the bearded dragons tank should be a lot better. First of all, the repti-carpet is just BEGGING for bacteria, plus once his shits get huge then it’s gonna be a bitch to clean and second a dial gauge??? You’re really going to call yourself an animal cartaker and use a dial gauge? Those are wrong 99% of the time. Also unsafe because you may see the temp is too hot and then increase wattage and end of frying your critter. But then again, that would require one of them actually checking the temp to make sure it’s correct.

No. 454741

heeeeeeeell yeah I love it, this is why lolcow is not a garbage dump like 4chan

No. 454743

File: 1514431287875.jpeg (463.17 KB, 1536x2048, 63AA905A-0FFC-4604-BF7F-89A863…)

No. 454745

File: 1514431339338.jpeg (422.2 KB, 1536x2048, 8947A870-6ACE-455A-A6DC-A8E92C…)

No. 454747


Any cat lover knows this for a fact.

He kinda looks scared of his surroundings though.

No. 454750

File: 1514431447890.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, F14AD5CA-78D7-444C-9F37-B0C62F…)

No. 454754

my cat does this exact thing, we have a lazy susan in the corner cabinet and he loves to go all the way to the back corner and turn the lazy susan around from behind, it's so weird and like dude why don't you like any of the 403 toys I bought for you where you bat at balls in a circular track, you would rather bat at the food on a giant circular track

sage for blogging but like you can't blame her for having a cat that does cat things lol cats are silly little assholes

No. 454788

Don't ask me why, as I obviously don't know her personally, but learning her true colors has really been disappointing - darn, I am truly let down by her…I initially thought - what a cool, interesting, unique person for me and my friends to look up too - she loves animals, her family, is overcoming health/mental issues when in reality she's a fame hungry, promiscuous idiot, with dangerous taste in men…

No. 454795

Hey new guys, look a little bit the rules so you dont mess up or feel so lost.

You dont have to put the word "anonymous", dont write nothing in Name actually, if your post doesnt contribuite to the thread put "Sage" in the field of Email.(this will help you to not get banned)

Anyway im glad there is new people here for the right reasons and of course for the milk. Since we know Taylor, if you see an interesting tweet please take a ss asap since she deleted tweets in a span of 30 minute or less.

No. 454816

She’s also ignored a blog that is critical to her and her care taking shes ignoring everything that makes a valid point and has proof

No. 454824

File: 1514436132068.png (426.32 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-27-22-39-07…)

forcing. right.

No. 454837

Taylor may have bad taste, but I'm sure even she doesn't wanna be kissing the toothless wonder over here.

No. 454850

I think she knows what she's doing. It's like when she posted screenshots from here. She didn't address all the factual evidence against her but rather cherry picked what would make her look like a victim, and also because she knows she'll look pretty stupid in front of her fans because she doesn't really have a counterargument or justification for the things she does wrong in terms of petcare.

Which is also probably why she deleted those tweets. A lot of people got directed to the site which backfired on her because now they have access to all the shit she's done.

This is all part of the pattern. He's making it look like it's an "us against them" mentality, and is trying really hard to make it seem like he's not the abusive piece of shit he clearly is by talking about how happy and blessed he is to have someone who can support all his shit habits.

Think of it as some middle schooler who wants to boast about all the supposedly good things happening in his life as a means to overcompensate for all his fuck ups.

No. 454858


I think so too. She knows the game, except she's never played this big. It's hard to think she's ever been genuine at this point.

No. 454860

You know I actually kind of support the idea of her "forcing" him to do this. He's fucking nasty inside and out, she can't fix what a shit stain of a human being he is, but at least she can make him less awful to look at.

So he's probably missing too many teeth to afford dental implants? It's anywhere from $1k-$4.5k per tooth. I have a friend who got half of his teeth knocked out in a bar fight and now he wears removable partial dentures -
kind of like a retainer with fake teeth on it. Incidentally his breath is constantly terrible.

Also the fact that she is going to spend that kind of money on her boyfriend who is an absolute piece of shit that she's only been dating for like three months is. Wow.

No. 454870

Does anyone have a link to the tumblr post Taylor was complaining about on Twitter?

No. 454878

Can someone explaine me what's the problem with betta sororities? I have seen this issue adress multiple times but havent found why exactly is wrong (not that i am defending Taylor or the betta sorority)

No. 454886

the OP of the post has their blog set to where you can only view it if you have a tumblr blog, so i reblogged it with a throwaway blog and then archived.
have fun

No. 454889

Sororities are very highly debated topic. Personally, I would not do it after hearing so many horror stories of everything seeming to be fine for even as long as year, but then the fishkeeper comes home one day and finds one of their fish has been torn apart. This is something that can happen even if the fish are given plenty of space and lots of cover to hide from aggressors, but Taylor's tank had absolutely nowhere to hide, which isn't a comfortable situation for even a solitary betta. Not being able to hide out makes them stressed. Stressed fish leads to aggression. So it's just a stressful situation all around where the fishkeeper and the fish aren't really benefiting.

No. 454890

he moved in with her three weeks after living with chelsea, so at this point it's honestly expected. even more expected if she's suddenly parading with an engagement ring.

No. 454892

like he can afford an engagement ring pfft

No. 454900

"uh yeah we can get engaged, You just need to buy your own ring.. and mine… and everything else"

No. 454913

Thank you so much! It's nice to see people on other sites start to call Taylor out on her improper animal care.

No. 454915

Has Taylor shown her betta sorority recently? I haven't seen them since before she shoved 80 turtles into the sorority tank. I only follow her on YouTube though.

No. 454938

Those are really good points (and she didnt even mention the grey cat) and Taylor manage to just reduce everything into the leaf insect, like bitch they are accusing you of other bs and that's the only thing you have to say?

I think the last time it was showed, was in the last GIVING ALL MY ANIMALS THEIR DINNER
after that who knows what happen to them
She probably took apart the tank, for me is kind of shitty how she can rid of numerous fish but when Jennamarbles mess up everyone is on her ass using Taylor has example of a good owner, in one of her tanks she bought those fishes (i forgot their names) and one of them kill the rest of the males and she didnt see until they were all dead. I have tanks and the moment i see a fish being agressive i put it in another tank the fish who is being agressive (if i am not wrong the kind of fish she bought were well know to not get along with other males, but nobody cared at the moment)

No. 454942

fellow biologyfag. what do you mean plankton and diatoms aren't cute and charismatic? ;-(

Forreal tho, exactly. She expresses exactly zero actual interest in science and in her videos doesn't even take the time to learn to pronounce terminology right. I really can't see her doing lab OR field work.

No. 455041

File: 1514472237100.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 40A8BD94-75EC-4B49-8EA7-EE0AC3…)

This isn’t really important and doesn’t add anything to the topic but what‘s the deal with her and her hands? Everytime she takes a picture with her animals she has to grab them with her hand or display her hand somewhere in the picture. Even with her fish and animals that shouldn’t be grabbed like that (her cats)

No. 455068

Because her YouTube channel isn't about her animals but her (to her at least), this is a great way for her to get compliments about oh so pretty nails despite the fact that they're collecting bacteria and possibly hurting her animals.

The way she is holding that gecko… ugh

No. 455095

Could you even imagine all the animal feces/bedding/other shit is getting stuck in those fake nails? then she moves on to touch other animals spreading germs to them? so gross

No. 455101

It is literally not that hard to keep fake nails clean… I get why medical professionals can't wear them but I think critiquing her for her nails is a bit of a stretch and takes away from the focus of the real issue. By all means everyone is entitled to their opinion but there are a lot of ways to have fake nails and care for animals. I know because I wear them and clean animal enclosures every day. If you're unable to keep them clean then wear gloves for fuck's sake.

What the hell are y'all doing to make your nails nasty and gross? Yes moisture can get underneath and start a fungus, but there's a way to properly maintain fake nails to prevent this.

Sage for not contributing but I'm so tired of hearing people nitpicking her for her nails. She has nice nails and likes to show them off, get over it. Focus on what really matters like her manhandling and mistreating her animals.

No. 455110

The problem is much less with her nails and much more with how she manhandles her animals. The one that i constantly think of is those two cats being squished together in one hand. I don’t know how she could think that was a good idea.

No. 455137


Tbh most animal professions won't allow long nails due to the issues of bacteria but mainly the fact that they can injure animals during handling.
It's a nit pick but when youre handling a lot of animals without washing your hands… eh

No. 455150


Her nail looks like its stabbing the hedgehog in the eye smh

No. 455151

Same anon as >>455101 here.
I do see the point for injuring animals and you are very correct. It's my personal preference to have shorter rounded tips for this very reason. If she had to quickly grab an animal it would be very difficult not to poke or scratch it. I'm too clumsy to trust myself with sharp claws, but there is a learning curve.

No. 455160

I’m surprised no one has mentioned this here but does anyone rememeber/have the video of when Taylor let her leopard gecko ride on top of her blue tongue skink? I still can’t believe she did that. I believe the video has been deleted but i could be mistaken

No. 455167

Yes I was one of the people who responded to it and immediately got attacked by her fans taylor can’t take any criticism she’s as much as a narcissist as Jonny

No. 455176

Okay white knight. You recognize why a medical professional shouldn’t wear them, which is categorically because they are unsanitary. You have to be extremely careful when handling reptiles. Not only can they give you salmonella, but there are literally hundreds of parasites and fatal viruses you can spread from reptile to reptile just by handling them - and yes, even if she did wash and disinfect her hands between handling each animal, she won’t be able to truly get them clean. This is why fake/long nails are not allowed in medical settings, which you seem to understand, so I don’t know why you’re too dumb to translate that to this situation.

It’s already been discussed this is her job. Medical professionals don’t have fake nails. Professional/career musicians don’t have fake nails. I think careers are one of the main reasons why anyone would keep their nails a certain way, next to personal preference. Taylor provides a hazard to her animals every time she does her “job,” so no, we’re not just ~so jelly because they look nice.~ Shut the hell up.

No. 455207

Get the stick out of your ass. There's so many nooks and crannies around everyone's nails and cuticles for nasty shit to collect, regardless. By that standard we should just not touch animals without bleaching everything? If you properly apply and maintain fake nails (she appears to spend an insane amount of money on them so I don't see how she's not maintaining them) there is no space for moisture to collect. How is that any different than just having long natural nails, do tell? Show us some evidence.

There's a right way and a wrong way to do things so do your research before you have an aneurism. If she didn't maintain her nails then they would have rotted off by now because I don't think I've ever seen her without enhanced nails. The biggest hazard as mentioned above is the sharp points. >>455150

Also for the love of god stop putting TND in the same category as any type of professional. Her "job" is being a social media personality, not animal care, and she doesn't even do a good job of that. A job requires responsibility and dedication, neither of which she has. Stop putting her up on a pedestal.

Just because she lets her animals live in squalor doesn't mean she doesn't take care of her nails.

No. 455228

In a way what they said is understandable. Some owners choose to wear gloves when interacting with reptiles, even if it's just feeding. I reckon the fact that she doesn't quarantine her animals is also a big issue when it comes to this.

But yes, the fact that they could injure the animals is a far bigger issue.

No. 455242

I mean honestly if we're talking about what kind of nails you should have for your "career" then Taylor's nails ARE suited to what she does for a living. As mentioned before by other anons, her money comes from being some kind of youtube/instagram tart, not from treating her animals with care. You think her photos would get so much attention if she had stubby fingernails or wore surgical gloves in all of them? She's basically built a brand on being the hot snake girl. Many of the people who love her, love her - not in spite of her abuse to animals - but BECAUSE of it.

Because fake nails look sexier.

This isn't to say she couldn't get a following of people who love her because she's insightful and caring and knowledgeable, but I mean… that takes actual work.

TLDR: She's not a zoologist. She's just some instathot. Fake nails are basically a prerequisite.

No. 455248

this is so accurate and I don't know why it never occurred to me. people love her (and think she's credible) because she's a generic pretty white girl, not because she's actually good or knowledgeable when it comes to animal care. she's 20 for gosh sake, no one is looking to her for expertise, they just see a white girl with exotic animals and think it's entertaining. even she admits she's not in it to educate but instead just to make people "feel good." that is so irresponsible. if you have exotic pets you should be teaching people how difficult it can be to own them and not just parade them around to show off. they're living things, not accessories.

No. 455256

Her floor is so dirty

No. 455276

Well said anon! I was trying to say that in >>455207 but you worded it much better.

No. 455311


Which is why it's not a surprise why a lot of her fans didn't even own or were planning to own any of the animals in any of her videos, and just watched her because she was "funny" and "entertaining".

Also why should anyone who doesn't hate every single breath TND takes and has a slightly different point of view have to be a white knight or a stan?

No. 455338

Cross-contamination is a -huge- deal with reptiles and fish, especially when she has had a majority of those reptiles for less than a typical quarantine period. She should not have those nails.

No. 455354

File: 1514495916420.png (497.72 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-15-15-34…)

No. 455356


I swear to god is this even taylor?

No. 455383

I actually laughed out loud when I read this because it just straight out sounds like a big lie.
Also now I’m thinking all those tweets about her getting phone calls from animal control are even bigger lies. How would they have her phone number to call and check in that “everything’s fine carry on”. I doubt they got very many calls about tnd

No. 455397


To me it feels like she is encouraging us to report her lmfao… like please. I reported her online but even then I'm sure they have bigger cases than someone who is proving animals with the wrong/poor vet care and bad sized enclosures.

No. 455401

Bitch they aren't even open.

About the nails thing, she always says taking care of her animals is her job, so take the measure to do so is aswell and that include try to keep safe their environment. So from my point of view is better to not have fake nails, is so weird to see how some of you are making a mini rant because people say they are unsanitary (which is true). Besides cats can be really messy, more if they do not get attached to the other animals and see them has prey, then she will probably have to grab them before they do something stupid and it will get hard because of those nails or she will hurt them at moment.

No. 455403

Yes, the kili fish! Isn't it a bad sign concerning her animal care that some of us are having a hard time remembering all of the animals that died in her care? I keep forgetting about those fish.

I haven't seen the betta sorority since she moved them into an even smaller tank so that she could house the turtles. I don't know much about the species, honestly, but I do believe the general consensus is that the males are known to be aggressive.

I wonder why she didn't just put them in a kiddie pool in the yard. Maybe she thought the dogs would bother them?

Emzotic's boyfriend got a lot of shit for the way he called her out, but I think I understand what he was trying to say. Taylor really does make a habit of showing off her body and posing with her animals in her videos. The result of that is people who like her and defend her because they think she's so pretty/sexy.

No. 455405


Very true. The place I study in has us taking care of animals and we aren't allowed long nails due to the fact that we may have to scruff them which would mean that a nail is possibly digging into the animal, also the handling issue.

No. 455406

I'm kind of on the fence with the nail things. I have a brush that I use to clean under my nails when I wash my hands, but I notice that even with my natural nails, it's really hard to get all of the dirt out. At the same time, I also really like to get my nails done. I just haven't been doing it because I had handfeed my fish and I'm always worried about something gross possibly being under my nails.

No. 455471

can we really expect something from her in regards to her nails, though? we're talking about a girl who gets 4 animals in a week without any prior knowledge about them, other than a simple google search.

she's done far worse things in regards to how she cares for her animals.
and like another anon said, despite what she says, she's really just doing it to show off her nails and her tattoos. it's for the insta likes, nothing more.

she'd become even more boring if you took that out of the equation.

No. 455520

Way to go anons, keep it up!

No. 455581

I also feel the same way about her pictures with her hand. The way she grabs some of the animals seems kinda rough. Her hand in the photo is like a reminder to the viewer that this is HER with an animal and not just a simple picture of an animal. Does it really matter? No but i still wanted to point it out. Yes it’s a nit pick but the grip she has on some of those animals looks more than just uncomfortable

No. 455632

File: 1514509089878.png (38.59 KB, 568x320, Screenshot (158).png)


No. 455653

What is this in response to?

No. 455664

File: 1514511459023.jpg (104.31 KB, 468x484, imageedit_2_2328939609.jpg)

No. 455690

File: 1514513759676.png (1020.63 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20171228-185237.png)

I may be reading too much into it, but that doesn't look like her writing at ALL. She doesn't really use acronyms nor this style of writing. Usually it's very organized, but this is a mess.

No. 455693

File: 1514513976837.png (496.39 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-20-18-51…)

No. 455700

File: 1514514378084.jpg (92.75 KB, 644x666, Screenshot(167).jpg)

mandaxface is his ex he abused for years

No. 455702

When your girlfriend is tired of that heroine mouth, so she buys you a new set of 3k+ teeth lol Good to know all of her youtube revenue isnt being used to hoard more animals.

No. 455703

"waste of life"

Oh, you mean that girl you raped?

No. 455713


Beta communities are really controversial in the fish community. Betas are some of the most aggressive fish even the females though they're less aggressive than the males. They tend a nipple biting attack each other the pull out eyes, rip fins, and damage scales. And generally hurt and kill the other Bettas is in the tank. Without that though it's still not good for the fish because it can cause them to get stressed which can make them more likely to get sick with things like it or even caused him to die prematurely. Even the most successful fish owners have issues running a beta tank long-term like that even they have lots of plants for places to hide and a huge tank. Taylor's take us specifically problematic on top of the beta tank like that because she doesn't have anywhere for them to hide and no cover. Meeting her female betas are more likely to get aggressive and attack each other. Essentially it's bad for the fish and there's no point to it as well as it being something that you could come home one day even though they've been completely fine to find certain fish ripped apart. It's playing with fire essentially so the Fish owner can feel like there are some great accomplishment.

No. 455718

Nah, anon, I doubt Jonny Craig would know anything about American Horror Story.

No. 455719

File: 1514515263077.png (390.73 KB, 1440x1435, Screenshot_2017-12-28-20-40-06…)

No. 455720


Talking from my own experince:

A betta community is do-able in a big enough tank. I was able to do 3 males in a custom 275 gallon long tank. There were other fish in there, but I had no issues with the males. It also depends on their personality. Taylor however, has no experience in this topic and never should've done it in the first tank. Sororities are do-able as long as theres plenty of space. And a very limited amount of females. Nowhere, again she riding do her research.

No. 455721

Cause you know, all of his other huge pay checks as a musician went to other things that were just as important drugs and he can finally focus on the things and people that matter . . .

No. 455723

>three amazing kids
Including a crackhead who mooches off his girlfriend I guess.

No. 455724

I'm not saying that he wrote it. She wrote it because there are consistencies with other tweets. I don't know, this one just seems off

No. 455725

i could never be with a guy that trash talks my own parents
does anyone have any pics of jonnys teeth i googled it but its hard to see he really looks like red neck trailer trash

No. 455727

I would love a forum to call his little punk ass bitch boy self to actually stand up for himself in person like a man. See who actually walks away. Id love to see how likes a foreign dick in his face whie hes getting the shit end of the stick, and that little pussy wouldnt stand a chance, because he legitimately thinks he's waaaay harder than he actually is

No. 455731

Is he currently ache dentist? Like he was posting at an odd time for a dentist appointmet

No. 455732

learn how to sage

No. 455735

Amanda the ex is on periscope right now.

No. 455736

Okay i HIGHLY doubt that animal services came to her house. I’ve called animal services for a San Antonio pet shop that had neglected and DEAD animals in their tanks and no one did anything about it. Animal Services in SA is concerned with stray animals more than anything else.

Sage for slight irrelevantness.

No. 455740

Being with a partner that openly shit talks your parents or disrespects them in front of you makes you a pretty scummy son of a bitch.

No. 455741

Link pls

No. 455745

No. 455747

Same anon. It's definitely doable but most fish youtuber's I've seen try to put four to six females in a 30-50 gallon with no plants or hideouts. Which in the long term doesn't work well. It's too small. And they seem to like the badge of honor it gives them rather than the quality of life for the fish. It's like the people that have 10 bettas in separate 5-gallons yeah sure you can do that but it's not great for the fish. My issues with Taylor is that she very much seems about wanting to prove her knowledge and ability with fish rather than actually giving a shit about their quality of life.

No. 455749

I agree. Staying with someone who basically destroyed your family in less than a month is a pretty scummy thing to allow. I legitimately don't understand this.

No. 455753

Im thoroughly surprised that anon hasnt done more to end her career just out of pure animal negligence, mistreatment, and the fact that shes capitalizing off of it.

Cmon Anon.
Pool needs to be closed due to AIDS.

No. 455758

File: 1514517132326.png (478.43 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-21-11-21…)

No. 455761

he's the one with no teeth yet he's calling this girl a dumpster

No. 455764

takes one to know one lmaoo

No. 455765

Hes a lot of talk, but from his actions and demeanor, he has very little to back it up with let alone offer. The best outcome he has is overdosing before making even more of a complete joke of himself and his legacy.

And if youre reading this faggot, approach me. That way I can personally gain the satisfaction of putting you in your tiny place.

#bitchboy #willneveramounttoanything #alaughablejokeofaperson #toobigofapussytofightme

anon, do your thing and get this to him.

No. 455776

not supposed to tip the cow

also did anything interesting happen in amanda’s periscope? she’s just sitting there now

No. 455780


The thing that honestly makes me so mad about this is how Taylor just lets it happen. She surely sees how he talks about his exes, treats other women, talks about her own parents, and she doesn't say anything. What the fuck?

No. 455786

according to her mom, she does say something, but only to Jonny. She thinks she can basically be his mommy and tell him how to act until he’s a reformed individual.

anyone notice how her parents’ twitters have been quieter/less dramatic? maybe they’re feeling reassured after seeing her during christmas?

No. 455788

no she keeps talking about herself and playing shawn mendes

No. 455789

not only does she have terrible taste in men but also music

No. 455797

Anybody know what was the deal between Emzotic and Taylor? I know Emzotic's bf try to prove Taylor is shitty but did it in a wrong way but I never knew if Emzotic approved or not her bf's posture or if she support Taylor's practices.

No. 455811

This is so exasperating. She truly does believe she's ~the one uwu who will fix him~

No. 455819

File: 1514519499676.png (634.87 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-21-50-50…)

No. 455825

But does he?? cause labels keep dropping him and the slaves album keeps being pushed cause hes a fucking idiot haha

No. 455846

File: 1514520193873.png (688.6 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-22-02-37…)

No. 455864

I mean… an ex said he would always come up with drug money mysteriously so I guess in his mind he could be "making money". Like anyone's gonna believe his 20 year old sugar mommy isn't paying for everything to the tp he wipes his ass with

No. 455868

>but I think critiquing her for her nails is a bit of a stretch and takes away from the focus of the real issue.
>Focus on what really matters like her manhandling and mistreating her animals.

for the thousandth fucking time, this is not an expose site or a truth forum. There is no greater issue, no "what really matters" we can't hurt our legitimacy because we didn't have any in the first place. This is a site for entertaining milk.

PULLfags need to stop coming here and policing how we do things.

No. 455874

Fuck off guy ^^ even though Im not the original poster, its definitely true that the majority of people are just here to gossip (spread entertaining milk). If thats the fullest of your capacity cool, that doesnt mean the rest of us want to see this ignorant cunt continue to make money for her and her cunt bf off of the mistreatment of animals. Just because some of us are incapable of paying the fuck attention doesnt mean all of us have to be.

No. 455878

If you dont actually give a shit, fuck off(that's enough)

No. 455880

If you want to lead a crusade, go somewhere else. it's not what the site is for and everyone is sick of you clogging it up with your bullshit.

Also read the fucking rules and learn how to reply please? Seriously. Newfags so entitled about being here but wont even take two seconds to learn how to use the site.

No. 455882


Jesus tapdancing Christ, stop derailig and for the love of gawd SAGE YER SHIT FAGGOTS!!!(calm down)

No. 455884

No. 455893

What are those brown lizards with the yellow eye rims?

No. 455909

they're crocodile skinks, im pretty sure

No. 455932

Who has a vet appointment at 10pm??? The only WAY that WOULD happen was if there was an emergency and you are close to your vet (friendship wise). We had something like that but that was because we had to take my cat somewhere asap due to heart failure and there is no 24hr emergency vet with 20 miles of us.

No. 455934

They are

No. 455981

File: 1514527232809.png (583.6 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-28-23-58-43…)

No. 455988

They are crocodile skinks, which is a delicate species that is not supposed to be handled. Like you should only hold them if you are cleaning their enclosure. Yet Taylor holds the ALL the time for no reason, other than to take Instagram pictures and film youtube videos. She also dressed them up in a recent video and I believe she downgraded them to a smaller enclosure for them when she moved. But I guess by her logic (how she said her lion fish in a tiny tank didn't need a bigger one because he "just hides") since the skinks hide during the day they're fine in a smaller tank. She's such a bad pet owner.

No. 455999

I don't mean to be too a-logish but also like. Jonny is literally one of the worst people I've ever had the displeasure of seeing on my time line. And all these young girls are out here being like "oh theyre goals" "theyre too cute" is just so depressing :(

No. 456008

That yonki acts so hard when the only hard thing about him is the drugs he uses.

No. 456009

File: 1514528732741.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 4C1F972E-0316-4B92-BB49-4FC3B2…)

No. 456010

File: 1514528786834.jpeg (394.79 KB, 2048x1536, F05ACFE3-9496-4FCF-A533-969FDF…)

No. 456013

File: 1514528833775.jpeg (443.55 KB, 1536x2048, 8C5420AF-ED81-4EE1-A741-FA91B6…)

No. 456014

File: 1514528912761.jpeg (675.39 KB, 2048x1576, F8747E4D-0CE4-4B5B-946E-AFEC95…)

No. 456015

File: 1514528966957.jpeg (729.78 KB, 2048x1536, 9895DEC5-A840-4E9F-BB83-2C09F3…)

No. 456016

File: 1514529399547.png (135.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171228-233434.png)

This seems so unlike Taylor's normal way of tweeting and typing on the internet. "is you blind" seems more like something Johnny would say. Lately it seems he's tweeting from her account possibly?

No. 456021


A lot of her tweets lately seem unusual and not like she typed them at all.

No. 456025

idk i feel like maybe his typing style is just rubbing off on her. like sometimes when you're with somebody their mannerisms rub off on you

No. 456027

It's not only typing style, but also the things she says are not like her.

No. 456028


Whether or not she’s writing these, they’re clearly under JC’s influence as well

No. 456029

probably a combo of his style rubbing off on her and her being high (on something not necessarily heroin even)

No. 456030

Honestly, at this point, I think drugs and being influenced by her trash boyfriend are a more likely explanation. I’ve seen first hand how hard drugs change people. At a certain point, they just stop giving a shit and act like completely different people.

No. 456034


Agreed, I was just about to say this myself.

This has nothing to do with anything but after reading Jonny's tweets I have a VERY hard time believing he is capable of writing lyrics. His grammar and manner of speaking are atrocious

No. 456035

There’s a vet here in SA that Taylor frequents that is open 24/7. They’re rather shitty and have bad reviews. There’s literally a story on them how they “accidentally” euthanized a perfectly healthy cat when it was brought in for a flea dip but the paperwork got messed up. The only reason anyone SHOULD ever go there is for a complete emergency

No. 456036

Again with the "We"….. why the FUCK would taylor need to talk to law inforcement about the allegations? why the fuck is he acting like shes involved whatsoever? what?

No. 456037

I hope she knows that that snake is going to turn yellow/white when it’s older. Snakes don’t stay “purple”

No. 456043

I don't think she knows….
She is choosing names like violet and opal.

No. 456052

See, opal would be fine because opals are very much multicolored. Violet though….

Why does she name animals like a person names plants? Just really over the top names

No. 456059

Yeah if you just type "adult super mojave ball python" into google they clearly turn whitish creme as adults. Plus anytime who knows anything about ball pythons knows that the snakes are the brightest and most vibrant when they are babies and dull out as they grow older. On Twitter she said that the breeder she bought the snake from said that the parent stayed more purple, but out of all the ball pythons I've seen I've never seen a super mojave keep its purple past a few years. I bet either the breeder bred the snake too young, or more likely just lied to make a big sale.

No. 456069

I feel like she's either saying that to make her snake looked "cooler" or she was super misinformed by the breeder. The moment she said "it will get more purple with age :)))" I knew someone was a little off, as all adult super mojaves I've seen turn a yellowy colour, or at least a yellowy-grey colour. Hopefully she doesn't dump the snake when it starts loosing it's purple colour:(

No. 456168

I just don't get how she's 20, has a great career but is so mentally stunted. She acts like she's 16 and it's just so off putting. Your a grown ass woman making more money then some of us could ever dream of. Be fucking thankful and show some tact.

No. 456195

I think if anything it’s the drugs that are taking a toll on her. She’s not family friendly anymore. But apparently she blocked amada last night.

No. 456196

File: 1514555446560.png (1.15 MB, 1242x2208, D2469564-E8B7-4E08-B7F3-4E37C5…)

No. 456197

Could you link where he does thst? He doesn't seem that active.

No. 456198

She was probably high when she got her snake or she’s a fucking idiot (or both ) but anyone find it funny how she named one Tate and is thinking of naming her Mojave one violet how okay is she with rape ha

No. 456230


What does Tate have anything to do with rape? Sort of out of loop here so

No. 456243

Tate was a character that raped someone in the first season of American horror story.

No. 456245

It's in reference to American Horror Story season 1. Tate raped Violet's mom. Violet was his gf.

No. 456264

“Law INforcement”

Learn how to spell Jonny. It’s not that hard

No. 456336

*enforcement but it’s okay

No. 456356

Exactly, Johnny spelled it "inforcement"

No. 456363

I saw her at the reptile picture and she didn’t look high, Jonny on the other was definitely not sober. Also drinking a twisted tea but that’s besides the point.

No. 456367

Not picture

No. 456393

I don't think she's a full on drugie like some people seem to be making her out to be.
She probably uses but not to the daily extent Jonny does

No. 456395

OT but I remember being super into tragic types like Tate when I was 16-ish, this reference makes me think that's what Jonny makes him out to be for her.

No. 456403

Yeah but they’re practically attached at the hip at this point. If Jonny is using daily I can’t super imagine her being like “nah I’m going to sit this one out,” especially with a drug like heroin or even cocaine, which she admitted to doing with him as well.

The way I see it, let’s just assume Jonny doesn’t have any money. Sugar mommy isn’t going to just fund his fucking drug habit, though. So he convinces her she enjoys it or wants to do it or it’s a “fun couples activity” and he gets his fix on her dime.

Sage for complete tin-foiling.

No. 456405

I mean is there such a thing as a "casual" heroine user? She admitted to smoking it right?

No. 456406

She def seems like one of those tumblr white girls that wants to fuck murders/rapist (or criminals in general). I’m sure she’s doing drugs even the ex’s have talked about how Jonny wanted them all to do coke and heroin but they all refused I mean Amanda was even talking about how she woke up one morning to Jonny holding a needle to her arm saying he was just trying to see if she had any good veins like dude is a psycho.

No. 456410

The vibe I get from Taylor from what she's shared about her upbringing is that her parents gave her a really sheltered life, and her mom has practically said Taylor wanted the "Bad boy" experience. When her plans to starfuck Post Malone fell through I guess she gave up on low hanging fruit and literally went for the rotted pickings on the ground. Hope she enjoys this "experience" she so craved for.

No. 456420

If we're talking about complete tinfoiling… something's been bothering me since hearing about her mom's "she wanted the experience" line (in regards to dating a "bad boy".) And this is like. I almost don't even want to type it, it's such a despicable thought and I hope beyond hope that there's no truth at all to it.

But… what if TND has taken note of this whole #metoo movement and thought to herself "I need a piece of that sympathy pie. I need people to think of me as a strong woman standing up to her abuser."

Taking a moment to interject here to say that's NOT the fucking point and most of the women who ARE standing up to their abusers are NOT doing it for the attention and in fact would probably prefer NOT to have the attention. I'm talking about Taylor specifically, attention whore that she is.

Obviously if that happened, she miscalculated, because women who truly weren't warned in advance about Jonny came out publicly to her on Twitter to tell her to run, and to give her proof, and she didn't… so now she's just like … a victim shaming, rapist supporting twat.

God. I just. The inevitable theatrics and crocodile tears at the end of all this is preemptively making me want to puke.

No. 456428

Fucked up as it is, I can absolutely see that. She ALWAYS has to be the victim. That's why she picks the easiest criticism to prove wrong (like her scar). That's why I find it hard to feel bad for her

No. 456451

Maybe it will sound bad but I hope JC doesn't let her go that easy, at least I hope her tears will be real for being that fucking stupid.

Besides some Anon mention she always go for the trash of the trash, and some how or another she always come out like nothing never happen, so she knows relatively what she is doing but JC is way superior to her others shitty bfs, because he isn't a little kid anymore so let's see who fucks who.

No. 456454

I fully expect her to milk for pity points for MONTHS after the eventual break up, and honestly I don't know how much sympathy I can have for her after the fact. I still don't understand how you can go out with someone with MULTIPLE different ex's alleging horrible abuse against the guy.

No. 456463

Exactly like it’s always the breeders that sell her bad or sick animals not her care. She needs to be the victim during everything.

No. 456464

File: 1514578211500.jpeg (363.22 KB, 1221x1243, E7BBFFB9-0BCB-4440-BA3A-519BC2…)

saw this on tumblr and it’s pretty accurate

No. 456467


I don't think that she's just as bad as the person who committed the act but honestly… I agree with the rest of it. I think she's absolutely perpetuating rape culture and being really fucking harmful, I just am not comfortable saying she's as bad as an abusive piece of shit like Johnny.

No. 456472

If I were warned by hundreds of people including the victims themselves and my own parents who have offered to come help me out of the relationship at a moments notice - and something bad happens to me, i'd have no one to blame but myself at that point.

No. 456473


Oh no, I can see that happening & think her choice of partner is 100% intentional.

A lot of people think she's a good-hearted person who has gone astray but I believe her true nature's finally coming through. She's a covert manipulator.

If you wanted to go on a bender and do awful things but still come out of it smelling like a rose, Jonny Craig = ideal scapegoat. That's why she's ignoring all evidence & warnings from past victims. She WANTS this trashy, self-indulgent giveNOfucks lifestyle. Her mom even said she wants to get away from the family friendly image she had. She's smart enough to know doing a 180 switch all on her own would destroy her rep. With Jonny in the picture she has a built-in excuse once she decides the "bad-girl" phase is over. She gets to blame everything on the rapist druggy asshole who "tricked" her into doing bad things. I mean she's already adopting his "hahaha" mannerisms on Twitter. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her way of leaving a trail of evidence to prove later on that he "changed" her. I don't think she does much without planning it. Whenever she lies she's careful with her word choice. She keeps things vague so she has a lot of wiggle room to say "That's not what I meant!"

My only concession is seeing her mother's behavior on Twitter & knowing how emotionally draining her brother's disability is, it would be hard for anyone to grow up sane in that household.

If it were just her I'd have way more sympathy, but her shitty choices are directly impacting the quality of life of all her animals & she just keeps getting more of them.

tl;dr Jonny Craig's a great scapegoat for someone who wants to do bad things & feign innocence later.

No. 456571

Can someone please explain or post screenshots of what went on between Taylor and emzotic’s bf?? I must’ve missed it and I’m lost on that subject

No. 456605

When did she admit to this?

No. 456609

When she messaged Amanda

No. 456617

Danny made a now deleted video in which he dressed like a girl and made fun of Taylor, Tyler Rugge, and Youtubers like them who only show off their pets and do things like put their pets on their bodies instead of making actually educational videos. People jumped all over Danny, saying that he was being misogynistic and slut shaming Taylor. Then they went after Em and how she takes care of her animals because she is dating Danny. People to to this day still say that they lost respect for her because they think that Danny is a gross, evil person for that video and they don't see how she can be in love with him. Personally, I get the point that he was trying to make. Taylor does show off her body as much as she can in her videos, including framing the camera so that you can see cleavage, and now all the instagram pictures she takes making sure you can see her nails and tattoos. His delivery was poor, but I can't say that he was completely wrong. Before I get called a misogynist, I'm all for flaunting it if you're sexy and you got it, but if the focus of your videos is supposed to be your animals, it IS a little interesting how out of the way Taylor goes to show her body.

No. 456647


it was jonny's other ex, chelsea, that taylor admitted it to. check the first thread. amanda is the ex taylor immediately blocked and refused to talk to

No. 456684

File: 1514591706809.jpeg (65.73 KB, 750x517, ECB950AF-7885-49B6-8CF4-F14794…)

Hi, person who knew her from high school social media here. I wouldn’t say she was sheltered. I think she has always just been the “rebellious” type. Here’s an example of her always being in trouble with her parents. She seems to always want/find trouble.

No. 456686

File: 1514591863683.jpeg (62.02 KB, 750x401, 11930FC0-ADCD-43E0-8AC5-EF148D…)

Also looks like Jonny Craig made her 16yo fantasy come true

No. 456687

Is that FB? Does she have it public? Or are you here fb friend

No. 456688

File: 1514591896006.jpeg (97.37 KB, 747x623, 512F58D5-EAEB-4713-AF0F-0FA457…)

No. 456690


Yeah I missed it too
But I found two or three things about Emzotic, she seem to be at first supporting her bf's before the video was uploaded and when shit go down after it was on YouTube she made this post about how she doesn't dictated what her bf does and they are two separated people, and how she does support Taylor and Tyler

I still kind of like Emzotic but it was really low from her tweeting things like " I love people who tells the truth" before the video was up and after she start losing subscribers, suddenly she doesn't dictated what he does.

Maybe if her bf adressed in a better way the subject Taylor's fanbase would probably be significantly more affected.

Emzotic has a Q&A video with Taylor in the thumbnail but it was too boring to watch so idk what she said about Taylor.

No. 456691

I believe it’s private. I’m on a friends account

No. 456694

File: 1514592054644.jpeg (61.89 KB, 750x414, 09422962-AF8B-448F-990B-C390BB…)

Slight irrelevance but this was a jack ass thing to say

Sage for off topic

No. 456696

File: 1514592156072.jpeg (156.18 KB, 746x840, 492A3492-FFFF-4686-984E-8F6E54…)

Here’s when she first wanted an axolotol and a lot of people were discouraging her from it bc of their experiences but she still wanted one. Didn’t end up actually getting one for years later but she calls herself an animal hoarder here

No. 456698

File: 1514592267944.jpeg (84.51 KB, 750x1243, 78FB8161-BCAB-48DA-9F06-562D75…)

I wonder whatever happened to this dog

No. 456700

File: 1514592374975.jpeg (40.19 KB, 750x397, 67171BAD-2156-481D-83C8-D0D5B5…)

No. 456701

File: 1514592504412.jpeg (186.8 KB, 750x738, EA8A5C08-86B6-402B-83E6-E05409…)

I wonder when she’s actually gonna get up and move to LA because she’s been saying she’s going to for almost 5 years now.

No. 456703

File: 1514592542143.jpeg (126.93 KB, 750x827, 7F6351C8-6A80-45D3-A389-172B3D…)

No. 456707

This is gold Anon.

No. 456709

File: 1514592854349.jpeg (285.42 KB, 750x990, 8375FA17-1EF4-4F05-894B-7DA104…)

Poor Nala

No. 456714

File: 1514592961379.png (745.48 KB, 750x1334, 21375B5A-B1F9-4CA9-97BF-F20B4C…)

She always takes her animals everywhere.

No. 456746


thanks for posting these anon. it's interesting to see she's always been attention hungry, but not surprising. also a shame she spoke out about shitty guys often yet is now dating the scum of the earth.

No. 456747

All of these screenshots… Jesus Christ.
This only confirms she's only using the animals for her image, not because she wants to be educational. Not even for ~positive vibez~.
This is so disgusting I feel repulsed I ever thought she was cool.

No. 456755

Yeah if she got a puppy in 2012 it should definitely still be alive. I wonder if she rehomed it like other animals she had that she lost interest in.

No. 456758

Keep these screen shots coming !!

No. 456760

File: 1514595418475.png (2.81 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-29-18-54-36…)

No. 456761

He still looks so sick…
That poor baby needs actual nutrition before he dies.

No. 456762

He still looks so sick…
That poor baby needs actual nutrition before he dies.

No. 456763

Just finished scrolling through her whole Facebook, the rest of what i have is coming now

No. 456765

File: 1514595696960.jpeg (104.44 KB, 750x659, 15B19293-50F3-44F0-A8A7-33BB0D…)

No. 456766

File: 1514595724448.jpeg (83.49 KB, 750x545, A6F314A1-1947-4706-9F6E-85654E…)

No. 456768

File: 1514595900551.jpeg (84.09 KB, 750x624, A60FEB22-E783-4DA5-AA94-F386B7…)

Can’t find a story on this besides the fact that a boyfriend supposedly faked his death? I’ll post the next screenshot which explains a bit more

No. 456769

File: 1514595955243.jpeg (139.44 KB, 750x671, 09FC873F-553B-442B-A450-48383B…)

Part 2

No. 456770

File: 1514595999378.jpeg (117.79 KB, 750x591, 81FEFC6E-6416-4D3F-8395-337977…)

Whoops ACTUAL part 2

No. 456775

oh my god she is fucking insane

No. 456776

File: 1514611829321.png (449.74 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-29-22-21-44…)

No. 456779

File: 1514611906654.png (1.19 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-29-21-31-20…)

old texts from jonny to amanda

No. 456781

File: 1514611932567.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-29-21-31-25…)

No. 456782

This OT, but I never actually watched Taylor's Petco video until now because they're usually all the same thing: former employees "exposing" the store even though they willingly worked there for years, talking the same 5 points about how shitty the store is. I work at Petco and something she said was just so dumb I needed to vent.

She acted like the only two jobs we have are cashier and "big meaty men putting away inventory" and that you're basically assigned to one job forever, so she essentially put the blame on her manager for not being able to ever go on the floor and talk about her "superior animal knowledge."

I'm sure other Petco anons can chime in about that not being the case. Obviously certain people are more inclined to do the heavy inventory, and if it's busy sometimes you're stuck at the register all day, but unless your store is understaffed you're not… stuck doing anything. Also I can guarantee you that inventory is more than just 30lbs bags of dog food and cat litter. Literally EVERYONE ends up helping out because, guess what? Two people doing inventory in a large store would take days. So it sounds like she was just too lazy to actually help with the small stuff. We pretty much all get equal floor time unless we're swamped, and I come from a high traffic store. Because doing one job is considered lazy as fuck and everyone hates you for it.

Also even if you were chained to the register like she pretended to be, nothing stops us from talking to customers-we're GRADED on much we engage with them. So it sounds like she was too lazy to correct someone's bad animal advice too.

No fucking manager is going to get mad at you for talking to someone about something you're ACTUALLY an expert in. She's so full of shit acting like "my mean manager chained me to the register and I wasn't allowed to do floorwork"

Even being sick, I'm sure a 5lb bag of gerbil food isn't going to cause her massive pain. She doesn't have glass bones.

No. 456787

That's what she does though. She twists every story she can to somehow make herself into a victim, even when a story doesn't even NEED a victim.

No. 456794

Something isn't adding up then, is it? Because in the Petco video, she's saying she was always chained to the register, but didn't she say somewhere that she got a lot of experience with cats and kittens when she worked at Petco?

No. 456798

I am friends with her manager. They said themselves. She is an idiot. She didn’t know what she was talking about and played parrot and just repeated whatever she heard. Having a conversation with her was painful because it was like talking to a brick wall.

No. 456799

File: 1514613593456.jpeg (152.16 KB, 750x844, 1D5D536B-B0CD-4868-B6DB-005D52…)

Now that lolcow is back, back to the Facebook screenshots

No. 456801

File: 1514613616643.jpeg (101.31 KB, 750x741, 5A5E77CA-6528-4EC7-8EA9-B8F74D…)

Next part of that conversation

No. 456802

That petco she worked at for a few months after leaving her original petco that wouldn’t give her hours is THE best petco in San Antonio. The people who work there are severely dedicated to their work or else they’re fired.

No. 456803

I honestly can’t go on enough about how great that petco truly is compared to the others in town. I’ve never seen an unhealthy animal there. I’ve not even seen a reptile with even close to a stuck shed.

No. 456807

File: 1514614140882.jpeg (178.49 KB, 750x928, A43F6953-9744-4095-9345-FDFA39…)

She’s been using her animals as a way to get attention since she got Nala and gained friends at school BECAUSE of her animals.

No. 456808

So she's always craved attention, this isn't a new thing, huh? lol typical

No. 456809

File: 1514614235949.jpeg (181.95 KB, 750x1107, 9F26C684-42A6-4149-9195-3ECFD6…)

She’s pulled the same “free animal at petco” card before it seems like

No. 456811

File: 1514614294985.jpeg (77.2 KB, 750x386, 54BC0EB8-72BC-4EAD-B09D-CB6947…)

But apparently her free hedgehog at nights so she went and bought one, the same breeder that she’s gotten all her hedgehogs from if I’m not mistaken

No. 456814

File: 1514614424686.jpeg (192.06 KB, 1365x2048, 5D7E56DE-D5C3-4587-84EA-C54F17…)

Some scene pictures as a conclusion but what i can infer from her Facebook was she is EXTREMELY lonely. She had no friends and turned to boys and animals to cope. She thrives off of attention completely. No attention and she loses it

No. 456816

File: 1514614451793.jpeg (223.96 KB, 1591x2048, D18C597D-9BCA-46DE-BAE1-A58D26…)

No. 456819

File: 1514614475046.jpeg (176.06 KB, 1902x1320, E052AE43-FFE3-40CF-AD9B-0BDE4B…)

No. 456821

File: 1514614493116.jpeg (93.57 KB, 708x960, 466DE7F8-5157-4784-A588-91A341…)

No. 456823

File: 1514614518410.jpeg (200.87 KB, 1227x1200, EA689A5B-7E1F-4673-8666-C1A6CD…)

Some people can’t live without drama

No. 456830

Petco Anon again. Did her ex-manager ever talk about what her work ethic was like?

I have a few coworkers who are supposed to be backup on register but all they do is goof off in the back so when I'm there by myself and there's a 10 customer pile up while everyone else is busy with truck, I'll page for help and no one comes for ten minutes or just don't show up at all.

That's what I imagine she's like. Joined the store because she thought it would be playing with and handling animals all day, and once she realized that's only 10% of the job she just checked out and didn't care.

No. 456834

To be completely honest i have no idea. That never came up. I just know she was constantly looking over their shoulder to see what they were doing and talking to them often

No. 456835

I do know that she spent half of her time taking animals out and taking pictures with/of them

No. 456841

I guess technically speaking if she got the info from her manager then it's better than making up bull advice

It's just kind of elitist of her to get on employees who know zero about animals because they probably just own a cat or a dog, when she probably learned a piece of info five mins before, or from one of the racks of animal books that Petco sells

No. 456850

If she cared so much about working with "real animal experts" she could have worked at a locally owned reptile or fish shop she claims to love so much

Unless she was afraid of being outed as a newbie who really has no idea what she's talking about and does five minutes of researching at most before impulse buying

No. 456864

Her constantly needing validation from other animal keepers has also always really bothered me, does anyone else feel that?

It's like she refuses to do research about whether something is the right or wrong thing to do, so she fishes for compliments on Twitter about her animal care

People who are passionate about keeping animals don't half-ass it and leave room for doubt, you either have 100% confidence you get something right through a lot of research, or you don't know what you're doing so you need to stop pretending you do

No. 456872

I think it honestly depends on the petco the nearest to me I won't go to since they have 20+ guppies in a small tank with two female bettas and shit like that.

No. 456895

Let's put aside her bs of "adopt don't buy"
She is a fucking criminal and her friend has well
Traspasing exotic animals and selling them is a fucking crime, specially since salamanders are in danger of extinction, like those eggs her retard friend kill, could have help to increase the amount of axolotls

Has a fellow "beaner" anyone who trade eggs of any animal deserved to die in jail, at least in Mexico we are trying our hardest to prevent that of happening. Those are the same ones who all most extinguished sea turtles.

No. 456897

River city exotics? Is she serious? I wouldn't trust that place as far as I could throw a 75 gallon tank. I've pretty much Grown up IN San Antonio (well, Bulverde but it's close enough), went in there once, saw a couple reptiles with a stuck shed and never went back. If she got her hedgehogs from there, no excuse. Up here in St. Louis an old pet shop was FINALLY shut down for unethical conditions.

No. 456898


this right here shows me all I need to know about her character. imagine if this was your child. how disappointing it would be to raise such a selfish entitled little asshole.

No. 456904

I used to think her mom was kind of overbearing with all the stuff she was doing to try to get Taylor back to her senses, but after seeing these screenshots I honestly and fully side with her.

I suppose her parents did have to use online platforms as a last resort because they know that otherwise this girl wouldn't listen. And because they also know it's the only way she'll react.

I feel sorry for her mom to be quite honest.

No. 456925

Whenever i was briefly interested in hedgehogs (until i found out all the problems in keeping them in captivity) i visited river city exotics and saw their hedgehogs there who didn’t look happy at all so i turned around and haven’t gone back since.

No. 456932

File: 1514623472960.png (784.5 KB, 750x1334, FB4538B6-D912-46EF-A382-65C380…)

There’s also this picture from a few months down the line where you can see she has a laptop next to her new puppy. Its not like she “needed” a MacBook in the first place

No. 456939

Something just clicked in my head, she mentioned in the Petco video that she left due to many reasons, mostly the mistreatment of animals from the breeders but the manager at petco said she left because her YouTube checks started coming in. She got her second $3000 check from YouTube and left Petco.

No. 456940

File: 1514623943680.png (155.34 KB, 540x386, Screenshot_2017-12-30-01-44-25…)

No. 457014

link to emzotic's bf's callout? i love those two and desperately wanna see it.

yeah the anons calling animal services are fucking idiots. taylors care is leagues better than the shit they deal with. the issue with her is that she fucking knows better and has the money but still has and promotes iffy husbandry.

what experiences? i thought axolotls did well in captivity given the right temps etc.

No. 457029

"Teacup Chihuahua" really hope she just meant he's small and not and actual teacup dog….

No. 457031

No wonder we don't see the teacup chihuahua anymore, it probably died of organ complications or some other injury Taylor didn't have to do anything to it.

No. 457032

There is a chance that she's lying about animal service coming to her house, or at very least exaggerating how much they've actually shown up (I think she's posted they've shown up three times within the last two weeks)

No. 457033

Not going to say her owning/have owned a teacup dog means she hates animals because since she's so young it could have very obviously been a present from her parents and she didn't ask for the dog herself

But how does someone who claims to love and study animals since they were born not know about the constant danger teacup and tiny teacup (god) dogs are put in. Even some toy breeds can have hard times.

No. 457037

Of course she waited until she quit Petco to make an "expose" video. She knew she'd be fired in two seconds if her manager saw a video of her essentially slandering the store by saying no one there knows what they're talking about.

Except for her of course, she knew what she was talking about but actively admitted to just not correcting her coworkers not all for some reason. You'd think she'd create an imaginary scenario where she was the most loved employee in the store and everyone called her for advice.

No. 457039

Did her manager ever see the video?

No. 457042

Yeah they laughed about it. Petco has bigger things to worry about and no one really gives her the time of day with her complaints there because they know what they’re doing and are actually qualified

No. 457044

Wonder what her old coworkers would think about it, since it sounds like she was just a cashier and there are actual positions in Petco like "Aquatist Expert" and "Small Animal Expert" which sounds like she was never qualified enough to do

No. 457046

Working with her was probably so miserable. I used to think she was probably nice being a fellow sick sheltered kid who was bullied, but judging by her actions and how she talks to people she sounds like the type of kid who always thought they were better than everyone based on the amount of attention she got from guys as a child

No. 457048

I'm also sure a teacher discriminating/making fun of someone for their medical conditions is probably a firable offense, so if she was treated like garbage for it it was probably because she used it as an excuse to never do work

Kids make fun of everyone so there's less of a doubt she'd exaggerating that bit, but I'm sure it was because she made fun of them too or something.

Her whole demeanor just screams "asshole who's never had criticism/been bullied in their entire life"

No. 457049

yeah, pretty much any dog under about 7lbs is likely to have issues. some chihuahuas can go slightly smaller before becoming shivering fragile messes but yeah… when breeders prioritize small size, things tend to go downhill, even/especially with the breeds that are already <10lbs and fragile.

No. 457051

Even if teacups (by some miracle) don't suffer internal organ problems, they're so tiny you can shatter their foot if you accidentally stepped on it

No. 457052

God forbid you had it in your arms and you dropped it

No. 457076

Teacups cost a ton of money from good breeders though… mind you she probably wasn't from a good breeders but I imagine there was still a nice price tag attached to her.

I think if she were to get a dog now (which she probably will soon, a kitten will be small for only so long) she'd go for a pure breed rather than a mutt - possibly a pug?

No. 457085

From a breeder probably. Don't know why she complains about being forced to buy from breeders because there's no rescues in her area for the animal she wants. With the money she makes she can afford to fly first-class to the other side of the world, let alone a state or two over to pick up an animal at a rescue.

No. 457167

I've read every post on this and the older thread but I haven't said anything. Just silently agreed with most of what's here and been thoroughly entertained. But now there are dogs involved and I feel I must speak.

As someone who has researched dogs for fun since middle school and became a dog groomer and did that for three years despite having unknowingly developed a dog allergy, the fact that she flaunted a teacup chihuahua is despicable to me. Anyone who promotes the practice of breeding for "teacups" (which AREN'T EVEN A REAL THING GOD STOP) is a terrible person. These dogs suffer needlessly and the breeders jack their price up because dumb people just think "Oh it's so tiny! Take all my money, plz!" It's a gross practice, and IMO any breeder who breeds for small size, especially in toy breeds (which is honestly what all teacups are) is not a good, reputable breeder.

Breeders should be breeding for health and temperament as #1 priorities. If you're purposefully breeding for teacups, you're NOT breeding for health. Point blank.

That's not to say that reputable breeders don't get small/runt/teacup-sized puppies. Because that's gonna happen. But it shouldn't be your goal and there are too many breeders TRYING to get these problematic sizes. It's gross to promote, and that dog probably cost a good amount of money and suffered/is suffering a lot.

Also, I looked up the color pattern of that very first hedgehog she got. Didn't do much research, but colors in species fascinate me, so I looked up hedgehog colors. salt and pepper is apparently very rare. It was the only color/pattern that the website I looked at did not have a picture of. Rare colors usually = money. She loves to brag about having expensive things. That's all most of this is. And I thought it started with the designer snakes, but no.

Sage for no new milk. I think I did it right.

No. 457194

File: 1514654035170.png (1.48 MB, 1242x2208, 42BF3C5C-35F4-4D43-8FBA-0F4139…)

No. 457195

File: 1514654061868.png (1.62 MB, 1242x2208, 02542596-CE0B-42F5-B9EA-CF7EBF…)

No. 457209

File: 1514655089223.png (491.58 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-30-11-28-25…)

No. 457222

It's sad to think that Solid Gold Aquatics who is truely passionate about her animals inspite of having literally hundreds of gold fish, lost all of her fish due to a mysterious illness. She did everything possible, she even sacrificed a few of her sick fish to scientists for tests and they came up with nothing. It was completely out of her control and you could see just how much it took out of her. Yet when Taylor has a pet die after she's done "everything she possibly could" she just shakes it off like nothing ever happened and doesn't show the smallest bit of remorse.

No. 457239

Toy breeds are no where near as dangerous to a dog's health as teacup, though. As long as the breeder is responsible, they have far less problems.

No. 457241


Yes. But teacups are not actual breeds. They are smaller sized toy breeds. Teacup chihuahua. Teacup yorkie. Teacup poodle. They started as just runts from the litters of toy breeds, being bred to other runts of the same breed. Teacup is basically a cute word for runt. Then people realized they could make money and started breeding undersized chihuahuas/yorkies/poms/whatever to make "new teacup breeds!" Teacups are not separate breeds. They are undersized toy breed dogs.

A teacup chihuahua bred to a regular chihuahua does not make a mixed breed dog. It makes chihuahuas.

No. 457242

What is this the fourth/fifth time in two weeks "animal care" supposedly showed up at her house?

Gee I wish they were this attentive to concerned callers in the area I lived in :(

No. 457245


Also yes, toy breeds don't inherently have the problems teacups have. I'm not saying there is no such thing as a reputable, responsible breeder of any toy breeds. There absolutely is. One of my best friends breeds poms and she's very good at it. It's the breeders who breed specifically to throw teacups that are a problem. Those breeders jst also happen to be breeding toy breeds….because those are what the little teacups happen to be.

No. 457258

That doesn't makes sense. Why would they settle possible future complaints by looking at past photos lmfao

She might as well say "Teehee I linked them my instagram and told them to check out the pics if they ever get a complaint" a picture isn't a proper way of assessing shit

No. 457271

There has to be a time limit or something on how long those pictures can stand as a valuable assessment of the situation over there. Something like two weeks or less, unless there is reports of a new animal or like….more than X amount of calls in that timeframe or something. I can see the value of having photos on record to weed out some unnecessary calls, but it's not like they're gonna accept the photos as a clear picture of the situation a year from now.

No. 457275

Not trying to stand up for her, just that ACS has a job to do and they can't just be going over to her apartment every time they get a call. She's a….idk, micro-celebrity? So it's possible they're getting a lot of calls that we just don't know about.

No. 457286

I'm pretty sure they take pictures as proof that they haven't missed any neglect before if a bigger problem arises. Saving their own ass as employees basically.
Otherwise they can just say that they have been there and no problems were seen unless more concerning calls come in.

No. 457288

I’m just upset that (if) ACS is constantly checking on Taylor, why aren’t they taking the other calls seriously? I called to report animal abuse a while back at a pet store in SA and no one cared. I even reached out to Taylor to ask if she could help me get the attention of the media or ACS because i was literally so concerned about the animals wellbeing. Of course, no response from Taylor. No response from ACS. No response from the news. The only way things got fixed was by me going to the head of my rescue volunteer group and begging for help and he went and helped the owners fix all of their enclosures and husbandtry, free of charge because he’s a saint.

No. 457290

File: 1514660986636.jpeg (185.4 KB, 750x1334, B85F77D0-D3BE-4413-B7B6-020C2A…)

No. 457292

File: 1514661006649.jpeg (225.85 KB, 750x817, 4172CFA3-0299-46A8-BCAD-2154AA…)

No. 457305

Okay but did anyone actually read this transcript???
“This is a response to the voicemail YOU left”
“Technically with us you can do anything you want/need”
“But uh like you guys said”
“We can go ahead and do the inspection and get it over with”

To me it sounds like SHE called acs and asked for them to do an inspection to get everyone off her back and to get that “you’re doing fine nothing wrong here” pat on the back. I doubt they would really take the time to call someone or do an inspection for petty “calls.” It sounds like she’s been harassing animal services herself instead of anons calling like she’s so claimed.

No. 457307


Yeah there's definitely always the CYA aspect of having pictures on file. You're right. And honestly, the fact that they took pictures is possibly a sign that it's something worth them keeping their eyes on. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some people that they just don't bother opening a case file for, until they get multiple calls…and then there needs to be pictures.

Maybe I'm spitballing. Regardless, I'm sure they are taking pictures primarily for the CYA purpose.

No. 457309

File: 1514662101625.png (336.39 KB, 1242x1807, IMG_9403.PNG)

Are her pupils even there by this point?

No. 457317


I mean she's standing directly in front of a window so between the glare and normal dilation…doesn't mean too much. Also pretty sure this pic is from the 18th or before because she's in the same position/clothes as her first crab pics/video

No. 457318

I guess she means iron infusions? Low ferritin levels =\= anemia necessarily, and low ferritin is super common in celiacs.

So I guess that corroroborates the celiacs thing? Honestly though, if she didn’t insist “take me to a doctor there’s something wrong with me TOO,” (assuming her brother with Prader-Willi was pretty young around this time,) I feel like her parents might have been wondering “why is my daughter a lazy unmotivated histrionic compulsive lying impulsive rule-breaking low empathy little twat,” and started taking her to doctors to try to explain that. I mean PWS is really rare and most people don’t know about it, so for her parents to find out the horrible ramifications of that, I imagine that suddenly being immersed in medical scenery they might ask, “maybe something is wrong with Taylor too.” All these screenshots really show what an absolute terror she was.

Sage for active imagination and pure speculation.

No. 457321

File: 1514663420150.jpg (7.08 KB, 334x77, 8beed3e812ba4c32602117a80c283c…)

I think it's just light in her eyes
if you take a close look you can see the corners of her actual pupil
so don't think she's pinned.

No. 457329

Maybe just me but I don't see them all I see her her hand extending holding the phone.

No. 457346

Her lips honestly freak me out

Not knocking anyone who gets lip injects or whatever, but the main problem I see people making them more than twice as big than their natural lip, so they look more like balloons than they do lips

She's mentioned in the past that she overlines her top lip so I'm going to hope that's the case, because your bottom lip should not be the same size as your top lip unless you're having some sort of anaphylactic reaction or something

No. 457348

Those pictures are from when she filmed the last two videos she has come out with those are her video lights that are making them so small but it’s a lot brighter than her usual lights so maybe she was trying to cover up the fact she was high ? Idk

No. 457356

Would explain why we saw a bunch of pictures and animals out of their cages and what looks like parts of hoover?
They probably tidied the place up so it didn't look like shit if they were to come with no announcement.

No. 457358


Lurkingfag so forgive me if I'm saging incorrectly.

I work in an animal welfare investigations unit and can confirm that this is a thing we do. We often attend addresses where we get repeated calls, take photos and keep them on file. We will re-attend occasionally if we get a new concern or more details but we often just record calls as 'for information only'. It takes a lot for us to deem an animal in distress, it's a legal thing - if things are kept clean, are going to the vet, etc then our hands are generally tied. We can issue corrections (ie: clean this cage, get new bedding, etc) but it's extremely difficult to legally deem an animal in distress and seize it. Which is probably why ACS has their hands tied and can't do a whole lot.

Sage (hopefully) for blogging and not contributing - was hoping to provide some insight.

No. 457370


I wouldn't be surprised if she made the whole thing up and had her phone record a fake message/conversation. It could explain the use of "you" - its harder to keep a conversation straight when you are pretending to be the person talking to you.
I don't think as many people are calling as she claims. The majority of her followers are on youtube and all the drama isn't really present there - or even on her IG (if there is it seems to get deleted). I think its more likely animal control is being called than her apartment but I think she is also just trying to stir up drama and make herself out to be the victim. After all, it is highly unlikely that the animals would be taken from her - even if they aren't getting the best care in the world. People who treat their animals much worse often get to keep them or are at least given the opportunity to remedy the situation before the animals are removed.

No. 457393

I know this is a farfetched opinion considering Taylor would take any opportunity to play the victim and make it all about her, but if people were calling AC and she wanted them to stop, not advertising it on social media would be a great first step

It's not like AC is going to call people who complain back and say it was taken care of, the only people who would know if she was visited would be them and Taylor

No. 457397

I would feel more bad for her if I wasn't completely sure that she's an ungrateful, narcissistic person inside and out.

Her fans can complain about none of us "knowing her" IRL, but the way she responds to criticism, people calling her out, and even just people offering different advice is all so dismissive and angry.

"I know more than you do, so shut up" basically.

It's also kind of pathetic how she very obviously trolls her own tag on Twitter looking for people to pick fights with, but then tries to play it off as "I'm not fighting with people, I just want to set the record straight!"

You're replying to someone who is being aggressive with you, you know damn well you're sending all your followers right to their page.

No. 457467

Sorry if this is a bit OT, but can't you generally do something if you find evidence someone is hoarding animals, like Taylor in this case.
You might not find crystal clear evidence of abuse, but I find it hard to believe someone can look at all her pets and think it's okay to let them live like that.

No. 457470

well, yeah, people have been calling animal control but the fact is as annoying as her hoarding tendencies are theyre not considered hoarding by legal standards. to be classified as a hoarder (enough to have action taken against you) it needs to be way more extreme then taylors case. AC wont do anything because she has the cages tanks and means to feed them and none of them are visibly in distress (at least not enough).

No. 457476


And by hoarding standards she isn't even really close to what would be considered a severe animal hoarder. While her animals aren't treated as well as they should be she does seem to be giving them at least the minimum standards of nutrition, shelter, and vet care. Severe animal hoarders typically don't know how many animals they have and the living space is typically incredibly unsanitary - strong urine smell, feces everywhere, holes, rotting floors, etc.. There used to be a show on called animal hoarders - those people were often given opportunities to fix the horrendous conditions before the animals were removed and those conditions were far far worse than Taylor. Yes Taylor should be treating her animals better - providing better living spaces and not manhandling them for photo ops and attention (seriously who brings a hedgehog to school all day?). However, she isn't even close to having those animals removed.

No. 457479

If they're being provided for, seeing a vet when needed, etc then there's not much we can do. We went to one house that had approx 50 birds and many other animals but everyone was well cared for and had appropriate set ups so there was nothing we could do (other than go back to the office and discuss who the fuck wants that many pets). It's a frustrating job because you also have to provide the owners with chances to fix the situation, if anything ja found to be wrong. ACS probably think her and her boyfriend are insane/ weird/ obnoxious but can't do much. They'll likely keep her on file and wait to see if anyone reports anything new/ more detailed and re-attend. They have to be careful not to harass her with many visits as then they can get in trouble.

Tldr: it's a lot of toeing the line bullshit but they'll at least have her and the calls on record in case more allegations come up

No. 457545

File: 1514679446161.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-30-18-15-41…)

new vid. can't watch right now so someone let us know if there's anything milky

No. 457551

I keep thinking she’s Blaire White in these thumbnails

No. 457569

Did she literally float acclimate these rare clownfish oh my god

No. 457570

Nothing like closing out the video with "I wonder why people think I'm on drugs" lmao

No. 457572

No. 457577

Spends the 3 minutes to show all the enclosures of her animals and then doesn't make the effort to show the cats or their enclosure

No. 457580

"sea and reef is currently wholesale only which means you can buy from them if you run your own fish store but not for private homes"

…..so….how did she get these new fish?

No. 457583

She showed the new snake enclosures and another new animal enclosure that I hope is the bearded dragon's, and not the crab's. If that IS the crab enclosure, it's totally incorrect.

Regardless, she showed two new snake enclosures and one other new pet enclosure. But she got two snakes, a crab, and a beardie. Did she already rehome someone?!

No. 457585

File: 1514682289901.png (1.34 MB, 1334x750, 2F04A7C7-207F-4074-8409-B6BA6F…)

Did anyone else notice how tired she sounded in that video she just posted? And correct me if i’m wrong but her right eye also looked slightly bruised.
Could just be her eye makeup gone wrong but it looks kinda weird

No. 457589

Okay her snake enclosures are not good at all. First, what is she using for heat? Ball pythons don’t need belly heat they need ambient heat. And that eco earth is dangerous for ball pythons bc it gets stuck in their heat pits and can suffocate them. Also her tanks are too big for little ones and the sides should be blacked out to make them feel more secure. ALSO THOSE NEW SNAKES SHOULD BE IN A WHOLE DIFFERENT ROOM. NOT RIGHT NEXT TO HER OLD ONES.

No. 457591

Pretty sure it’s the Beardies enclosure. She’s mentioned the crab hundreds of times already on twitter, so i doubt she’d just mention it for a second and “talk about it later”. If that makes sense at all. But I could be wrong though! I hope not.

No. 457592

That’s the bearded dragon enclosure. Jonny posted a picture of it on instagram the other day. Still not optimal whatsoever but better than it being for the crab.

Still i wonder why she didn’t show the crab

No. 457598

File: 1514682926689.png (1.41 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20171231-003126.png)

can't tell if I'm just looking too much into this or whether her pupils actually do look small here

No. 457599

She doesn't look like she has a black eye but she looks so different from before. I definitely think she is on drugs and her voice makes it sound like she is going through withdrawal from H.

Also where are the rest of her animals?? I only saw her new ones and her mouse/hedgehog (s?)

Seems like way less

No. 457600

Didn’t she have a praying mantis and leaf insect? Or did I miss something about her re-homing those?

No. 457601

She said the leaf insect die from oldness and i guess the mantis aswell

No. 457604

She looks and sounds high af in her new video. Should have done a brief tour of each animal enclosure to shut up the haters instead of spend the entire video directly addressing them and defending the health of her animals. So many of her watchers don't really look into her and will be like "huh, who is accusing you?", idk

No. 457606

She at least blatantly abandoned her dogs. Including that puppy she didn't take care of at all that's 3 dogs in like 5 years she abandoned!!

No. 457607

Quote: "What was I saying about these fish? Hmmm?"

Yeah, her mind isn't on her animals anymore, it's on drugs

No. 457608

Her face looks really uneven, it's like the left side suddenly decided to 'fall'.

Hard to explain but if anyone has jaw issues you should be able to see/explain what I mean. She doesn't normally look that bad.

No. 457609

The praying mantis died. The rare leaf insect (that would only be sold to animal educators, so idk how she got it lol) hasn't been seen or mentioned in months. Probably dead as well.

No. 457613

File: 1514684148914.png (117.98 KB, 824x132, Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.32…)

You are looking into this too much. I'm including a screenshot from a video made a year ago and her pupils look the same. Her pupils dont even look abnormally small in her new vid

No. 457615

Keeping the mouse in the closet because snakes will smell him.
Keeping a hedgehog in the room with the snakes just cause. (I'm assuming Ella is a hedgehog here)


No. 457617

I'm going to have to disagree with you here. Ball pythons are commonly found in termite mounds, under dirt, under rocks, and under sticks, and are very terrestrial, hence they need belly heat which is why heat pads are a good choice. Any lights can dry out the air and cause low humidity issues. I use eco earth with all of mine, it holds humidity without molding and is a not a concern for compaction during feeding. Also, ball pythons being stressed out in large enclosures isn't really a thing, you can get a large enclosure and properly furnish it (lots of hiding spots, plants, sticks, just stuff to make the snake feel secure) and shouldn't have any problems. I do agree that her enclosures should at least be blacked out, and they are a little bare. And they definitely should not be in the same room as her old snakes
Sage for not really adding to the topic (I hope properly)

No. 457619

Also sort of iffy that she is keeping the kittens in the bathroom. Eventually they'll grow up and need space/several stations to feed/sleep so keeping them in a bathroom while she's filming or sleeping won't really be an option.

No. 457627

Are you kidding? Once they grow into cats, theres no way she's gonna keep them..
"MY CAT TRIED TO EAT MY SNAKE????(Why I got rid of my cats)"

No. 457636

I wouldn't be surprised if she just got them so she can claim she's a "cat expert" because she owned them once (even though one died and she rehomed the other two)

No. 457638

man that bitch is annoying, i stopped following her when she started to constantly beg for money and saying things like "let's make this happen" (IE give ME money so i can build MY fishroom)

No. 457641

super rare cow indeed

No. 457642

I don't mind her. Her begging wasn't anywhere near as bad as Joey "give me $90,000 for my fish gallery" king of diy. Either way, both of them are way more knowledgeable and better owners than TND.

No. 457647

File: 1514686135671.png (310.54 KB, 1440x1689, Screenshot_20171231-020744~2.p…)

No. 457649

This just shows how little she cares to do any kind of research before getting an animal. Getting a pet is not a commitment at all to her and it SHOULD BE. She just says "Oh I want that! If I don't like it, I can just rehome it later!" Ew.

No. 457661

there are no good breeders even using the term teacup. as others have stated, breeding for small size is very bad.

wow. that's pretty extreme,hard to chalk up to just lighting…

her lips are really obviously just (bad) makeup.

u really think a kicking junkie would record a video? lol. although raspy voice can be caused my smoking/snorting/nodding out so hard you barely breathe for hours.

ugh. this and the one about the little dog she gave up after 2 days because it wasn't potty trained… are you fucking kidding me??? this bitch doesn't give a fuck about animals. she isn't even trying.

No. 457663

No, she's claiming to be a cat expert because of working at Petco for two years.

Which is a lie anyway, because most kittens we get come from local rescues, so they're the ones responsible for taking care of the kittens and handling adoption inquires.

We aren't allowed to touch them, we don't even have access to their cages (the manager does, but regular employees don't)

No. 457664



She's more concerned with making sure everyone knows how rare and exclusive the morph she got is than acclimating and quarantining them properly. All my wuts.

She's acts like she's so put out because people are concerned about her animals. I don't get why it's such a surprise. She has a history of abandoning pets once they stop making good thumbnails. Nevermind the fact that she lied outright about adopting that last kitten. She bought it off Craigslist. More than that, she wasn't even willing to wait an extra two weeks so it could be properly weened. Of course people are going to worry about those animals. It's crystal clear that the only thing Taylor cares about is Taylor.

No. 457668

Im gonna have to agree with anon here. Her eye that doesn't have hair over it is darker around it like a healed bruise- and even when she moved her head it's still there & not a shadow at all. She doesn't look like she's wearing orangey/red toned eyeshadow on her other eye either.

No. 457679

Lol did she just put the new clown fish in the tank with out putting them on quarantine first?

I bet she is annoyed af of Cheese since she will have to get a bigger tank for him and wont be able to rehome him without getting backlash.

No. 457686


I hope someone messages Sea and Reef Aquaculture and asks them if they approve of how Taylor handled their animals. I wonder if they'll back her or call her out for endangering all her fish by not doing a proper quarantine.

No. 457690

I don’t think her eye is bruised. However, check out the bruise on her right shoulder?

No. 457693

She's only a couple of years older than me and literally looks like a botched 30 year old already. what is she doing to herself jfc(nitpicking )

No. 457695

She's so fucking lispy since her last lip fill, they turned out so uneven.
In the video she shows her snake tattoo I was wondering if she got a tat on the inside of her lip due to the lisping and a weird asymetrical potrusion on the bottom lip, but if it's persisted until now it's obviously just a bad fill

No. 457701

(I'm sorry this reply is for a post from 15 hours ago)

PetSmart anon here:

She does have a fair point though when talking about PetCo like that. The ones here, in STL at least, are HORRIBLE. They literally do not know what they are talking about despite having a requirement for fish specialist of 2 years of freshwater experience and 2 years of salt water experience. But that is very fishy that she waited until the second YouTube check to quit. With that video though, she's sold her soul to YouTube and the internet. If the internet thing doesn't work out in the long run, she'll have an extremely hard time trying to get another job at PetCo, or PetSmart, or any other place for that matter.

No. 457705


Having worked at three different PetSmarts and two different PetCos, let me end all of this back and forth-ness by saying that each individual store is VERY different. There are good Petcos/Petsmarts with knowledgeable employees who take good care of the store animals and do a good job, etc, etc. There are bad petcos/petsmarts with less-than-helpful staff, sad-looking tanks, etc, etc.

It really depends on the individual store. If someone is familiar with the petco she is downtalking, maybe they can confirm/deny the people there. Then again, maybe the store has gotten better/worse since she left.

No. 457707

Like the other anon said, it really depends on your area. Where I live my petsmart is like walking into an animal graveyard with dead fish and the tiniest reptile enclosures you could imagine, while my petco has vastly improved since they hired a new manager a year ago. Someone earlier in the thread said that the petco that TND worked at was a good one.

No. 457708

File: 1514694650650.png (240.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171230-202534.png)

new video up. ill let more educated people talk about the health of her animals but the major thing i noticed was… her right eye looks super dark compares to her right. not swollen which is good. but straght up it looks like its bruised and covered with makeup.

also i cant even with her lips. she has a lisp because of them and theyre so big they can barely move… reminds me of botoxed eyebrows

No. 457709

As someone who wears makeup, she just had a bad blending job, not a bruised eye. I have similar eye shadow shades; she just blended one eye better than the other, so you see more of the pigment on the unblended eye.

No. 457710

Her pupils look fine for having a ring light, or lighting at all for that fact. They're a normal size for bright lights

No. 457711

I’d like to address that Johnny is a big fat hoe(read the rules)

No. 457714

Usually her hair looks better than what it does look like now. So either drugs, or depression causing a lack of self care

No. 457715

Yep, if she had got punch in the eye it would look way worse and hard to hide.

No. 457721

STL PetSmart anon again

No new milk, but you are completely right. At our store we are having issues keeping the substrate from drying out and dropping humidity because we HAVE to use heat lamps. The enclosures are too small to use heat pads. Our store At least, keeps our reptiles from being too overly crowded while they stay with us. We NEVER put new reptiles in with the ones on the floor. We have 5 tanks, 10-25 gallon long tanks set up for new animals. We only ever use eco earth for our snakes, crested geckos, anoles, and chameleons. The leopard geckos and bearded dragons all get carpeting to prevent impaction.

Sage for general info and back up a person.

I think I did that right?

No. 457726

I actually think it's a good idea for now. Keeps them away from the new snakes, they're incredibly small and I don't think any of her snakes are big enough, or eating 3 large rats every week, but if the odd chance one is, then I'd be a bit worried of them getting out. Also, keeping them in there keeps them away from new people, who may have a disease on them, or any other danger. They're 5.5 weeks old, they don't need a lot of space. Also if she air conditions the entire apartment, she can close the vents in there, and if she has heat lamps and heat pads on, it'll help keep the entire room warm for them. My boyfriend had to do that when he rescued a cat while he still had one. His new cat had worms (why the shelter didn't catch that, idk) so she had to be isolated and they wanted to quarenteen her for a bit. The vet actually recommended keeping her in the bathroom.

Do I think this is the reason Taylor is doing it? No. I don't even think they're in the bathroom considering her posts and such. She do3snt seem too worried about that stuff

No. 457733

Sorry! I reread what I posted and I forgot to add that part it. I completely agree. Each store is different. Our PetCo's here have the caves for their reptiles up against the glass and their chameleons have hardly any vegetation for them to hide in. I asked someone about is and they said corporate has to approve of any new additions to the enclosure. However in general, from what I've seen working at 2 separate PetSmarts, there's always a few bad seeds who don't care about the animals. We have a sexist regional manager who has been known to hire people from outside of PetSmart as the store manager. But yet we still do a lot for them. It just turns into us teaching the new store manager about things like that.

I said has sexist because PetSmart tends to be a female majority store. We have very qualified females working there for years who have NEVER moved up to that position yet.

Sage for no new info

No. 457740

Agreed. I’m a little triggered because she didn’t quarantine. Not a salt water fish expert, but can’t adding new fish crash your reef/colony if you’re not careful? I’ve always heard reef tanks are like keeping discus(sp?) in the fresh water hobby.

But then again Joey Mullen (King of DIY) added three new Asian Arowanas to his 2000gal without quarantine. So am I missing something?

Is the pressure of turning over/presenting new animals to their audiences getting to animal YouTubers and their husbandry quality?

(Sage for curiosity and being new to the saltwater hobby. Maybe a little off topic. Idk.)

No. 457742

she sounds and acts like she’s on coke

No. 457747

Original Petco anon (from two dozen posts back) here:

No I totally agree that she had a point to say that some of the stores are bad and others are good, I'm just tired of people "exposing" (when they really offer nothing new to the conversation) pet store chains after having willingly worked there and accepted a pay check for months.

My main issue with her video was her acting like she was tethered to the register because she was too weak to help put away the U-boats of dog food, and because she was stuck to the register and apparently banned from talking to customers about their animals, she couldn't share her superior knowledge to correct her apparently dumb coworker's mistakes.

Though I don't know how true it actually is but another anon claimed to know the store she worked it and described it as being one of the most well-run, serious stores in the area. So maybe everyone else was knowledgeable and she just didn't know anything

No. 457751


afaik Joey didn't quarantine because he's tight with the people at the store and he visits it all the time. He said all three arowana had been there for months and effective gone through quarantine while there. He also said arowana don't commonly have probs with parasites because of their scales.

Pretty sure Taylor did it because unloading the new fish into a quarantine tank would have been too "boring" and she didn't want to wait. Seems like a theme with her.

No. 457756

Not only that, but all three arrowana had their OWN filter system. Honestly, Joey is a much more reputable fish hobbyist. He quarantined all of his fish. AND I MEAN ALL. He has, I believe, a 150 quarenteen tank? But he has 2 quarenteen tanks I believe

No. 457774

Follow up from before.
Wanted to clarify that I’m not hating on Joey. Typically love what he does as a hobbyist and I understand his logic behind adding those fish to his tank. He was the closest example to compare with that I had off the top of my head.(don’t follow a ton of aquarium hobbyists beyond him, Jenny, and Corey.)

I guess as someone who has kept animals all my life albeit mostly mammals. I’ve been taught to quarantine no matter what because even if the animals you bring in are okay you never know what your enclosures might already carry whether you know it or not. While your current pets might not have it, new animals might not be as resistant to it and can cause healthy animals to contract illness.

I think Jenny does a great job of this by not cross contaminating between her new fish room tanks and her indoor tanks which she believes might also harbor the same virus/bacteria/parasite that killed all her goldfish +her discus (possibly).

Not holding anyone to a specific standard by any means. This is something TND clearly doesn’t prescribe to or bother with when it comes to adding/collecting new pets.

No. 457777

felt so bad for Jen when her entire fish room got wiped.

No. 457786

Can you pet store, aquarist and herp anons please make a thread in /b/ or take this kind of side-discussion about other vloggers/hobbyists and in-depth technical shit to another site? It's derailing as fuck.
This thread is meant to be about Tay. Thanks.

No. 457788

Hedgehog fag here.
I think the boy hedgehog(kovu?) was the one in the room with the snakes. Generally you don't really want to keep boy hedgehogs and girl hedgehogs in the same area because their scents can trigger each other to go into heat and cause all sorts of medical problems. One of her hedgehogs before died because she didn't keep her boy hedgehog far away enough from her girl hedgehog and she went into heat and got a uterus infection and died or something. (At least she learned her lesson from killing the first one)

No. 457816

is this thread on auto sage? why do i never see it bumped on the first page

No. 457830

No. 457840

yeah we should totally talk about her… nails… instead, right? fuck off lol. it's been established if it connects to taylor its not off limits. as long as its saged correctly who cares.

No. 457866

joey did that because he has a relationship with the store they were from and they had essentially been quarantined while they were there, at the store. they were all in individual tanks.

and yeah, not quarantining anything new to a reef is pretty damn risky. however, considering the source, they're pretty low risk.

also, drip acclimating vs just floating is controversial. if the fish have been in the bag for a while, drip acclimating can be iffy because the built up ammonia becomes more toxic when the bag water is exposed to air, so it can be best to get the fish into nontoxic water ASAP without exposing the bagwater to air.

but in salt sometimes it is necessary. but also, clown fish aren't considered particularly fragile. did taylor consider all this? eh, probably not.

how is it derailing to talk about the husbandry of a pet vlogger? i'm willing to bet most of the people following this are animal people.

No. 457875

File: 1514711637829.png (426.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0865.PNG)

No. 457886

Lmao is she trying to make this into a sexist thing while supporting a rapist?
Plus, that snake guy who is buddy buddy with her is hated by the whole community, fuck off Taylor.

No. 457892

Because she is

No. 457893

This comment on her vid pissed me off so much. It had nothing at all to do with why people are pissed at her. The reason other animal YouTubers aren't getting shit is because they don't lie and aren't overall really shitty people.

No. 457930

Not just ignoring the quarantine those fish required, but not setting up a slow acclimation (most useful being a drip system in this case) that would adjust the clown fish to her tank's parameters could've literally killed those fish. She is being so careless and I have no idea how Sea & Reef Aquaculture decided she was appropriate for this.

No. 457931

Is also stupid to complain about when 99% of the most popular Animal Youtubers (with 10/20/30+ pets) are all white girls, so what is there to compare "hoarding" to? I know Tyler Rugee gets called it a lot because he's one of those narcissistic Youtubers who read hate comments on video too

No. 457933

which snake guy? brian barczyk? tyler rugge? i know people have issues with tyler but i didn't know people hated him.

No. 457934


There are ways to do drip acclimation w/out exposing the water to the air, Joey/King of DIY has a video on how to do it, as a matter of fact lol

Either way, she is taking some pretty big risks with these clowns, especially with a new morph, meaning thy could be a lot more delicate than anyone really knows yet.

No. 457949

Wait people hate Tyler? I mean, his voice makes him sound constantly condescending and he's kind of arrogant about how much research does vs how confident he is, but he's not the worst right? He just sounds punchable

No. 457972

File: 1514737496823.jpg (49.26 KB, 960x539, brian.jpg)

I believe the "snake guy" mentioned is Brian Barczyk. He has notoriously poor care an has sent out numerous animals infested with mites or sick with respiratory infections. Anyone who has been keeping reptiles for more than a few years considers him a shitstain on the community.

Taylor preaching animal care and then collabing with him is shitty for obvious reasons. She very likely only collabed with him and Jay from Prehistoric Pets (who is just as bad) because they have large reptile audiences she could tap into. They are all just disgusting people. Tyler Rugge's care for his reptiles is pretty shit too.

Sage for off topic background

No. 458002

SERIOUSLY?! That huge snake living in a friggin drawer?! That is so fucked.

No. 458005

almost all of his snakes live in tiny drawers.

No. 458006

Poor things. That is no life. A barren box? Wow this hobby is more fucked than I thought. I guess Taylor's pinche enclosures are decent in comparison!

No. 458007

It's only a matter of time before she runs out of space and sizes them all down because 'snakes get scared anyway' and 'they don't do much' (which is how she excused some of her already small snake enclosures).

No. 458009

I mean, aren't they active sometimes? I am sure in the wild they don't sit curled up motionless in between weekly meals or whatever. Plenty of timid animals who like to hide out a lot still have active periods. Poor snakes.

No. 458011


Didn't she say she's getting a rack system built already in that new video? So yeah, she's probably already downsizing.

No. 458022


To be fair, his avian care is pretty standard, other than impulse buying an African Grey… that was pretty bad. At least he seems to take care of it now.

I know he had some controversy over some of his fish habitats/supposedly rushing things, but I can't be bothered to watch his videos bc I really don't want to.

(I don't know a whole lot about reptile care, I'm more of a fish & bird person, so I can't comment on his herps.)

No. 458030

I watched one video where he said Sun Conures were quiet, and I was like “oh he’s an idiot”
Also I just generally hate his face/voice
And really, naming a Sun Conure Mango? How original

No. 458034

Thing that bothers me about Tyler is the way he talks about his research it sounds like he does five minute Google searches and reads reviews on Amazon or something. Like "oh this thing got really good reviews so I thought it would be fine" he really doesn't seem to have a vested interest in the hobby and seems to do it just because the tank looks nice

This is also just a personal issue but his smile pisses me off. I try not to knock him too much because he got jaw surgery to fix a massive underbite and had braces for years so I guess him being proud of his smile is normal but is it just me or does he come across as eternally condescending?

No. 458037

I haven't seen that video, but if he did say that, I might be taking back my statement

No. 458041


I didn't watch the whole thing because it's long and he talks so slow but him defending his choices is somehere in the first 5 minutes

No. 458046

It's basically him just blaming the entire fish community for not giving him a clear answer on what to do because "everyone has their own way of doing things"

No. 458056

His philosophy of "you gotta let shit die and make mistakes in order to grow from it and become a better fish keeper:)" philosophy is real troubling

No. 458064

LMAO! "Conure" and "quiet" do NOT go together! TOP KEKS

No. 458084

Sadly most people are extremely uninformed when it comes to reptile care. Reticulated Pythons, which is the snake in the picture, are one of the most intelligent snakes and benefit greatly from larger, enriched enclosures. Brian has also admitted they only clean the big snakes WEEKLY which is why there is dried shit and piss in the picture the snake is curled as far from as it can. If you really want to know more about his shit practices there is a reptile group against him on facebook.
I believe Taylor is going the route of "ball pythons live in termite mounds" myth and is going to put her snakes in a rack system. Her green tree python enclosure is practically barren which is no doubt stressing the snake the fuck out. She never properly quarantines which puts all of her reptiles in jeopardy. She also overhandles and mishandles her animals. When you get a new reptile it is no touching period for at the very least a week. I personally only handle my herps to weigh for the first month minimum.
Tyler's Abronia enclosure is an absolute disgrace, there isn't nearly enough cover or climbing apace which is why "they only like this bromeliad." He kept his redtail boa in an enclosure much too small. As far as fish he absolutely rushed his reeftank and admitted he did because he is impatient. One of his fish, a betta I believe, also recently died due to jumping out because he didnt have a cover on the damn thing even though they are known for jumping.

Sage once again for insight into reptile keeping

No. 458093

Guys this is interesting and all but this thread is about Taylor. If this keep going like this it will end in some general pet YouTubers thread or something like that. When most of animal YouTubers don't have enough milk or worth to be on a thread.

Has far there are like 5 comments that have nothing to do with Taylor , they are not related to her in anyway and if they are it was mentioned a long time ago.

No. 458105

agreed. this discussion is derailing the thread. if someone wants to make a general pet youtuber thread, go ahead and make one in snow or ot. but this thread is about taylor and jonny so move off topic discussion elsewhere

No. 458106

Does she really keep her cats in the bathroom wtf?? I understand keeping them locked out of the room with all the animals in it but why are they in the bathroom?

No. 458107

I think Taylor know she’s going to be exposed soon in the yt Community and that’s why she’s been uploading videos regularly very recently so she can milk as much money from her cult like fans

No. 458109

She is using up literally all of her space with other animals… figures she would move into a two bedroom apartment, even though she can definitely afford to have appropriate room.

No. 458114

The funniest part is that she is providing more shit to look down. Her last video comment section is pure gold. People are all over her because she has her mouse in the closet. Even when she try to justify she locked him on the closet for his "safety" I think there is plenty of space on the living room for him. Or idk buy a fucking house already to hoard all her animals in a better way. Or the last and her favorite option:re-home him. Is pretty obvious she doesn't even give him attention at this point.

No. 458116


i get why shes doing it now, i used to foster and its way safer to keep them in one smaller room. however i have no idea how she plans to care for them as they grow older and need more space. are they ever going to be able to roam the house with all her animals being the way they are? she either needs to move so she can segregate the animals better or shes going to rehome the cats when she realizes how dangerous theyre going to be for the rest of her animals when they are young adult cats.

No. 458117

Someone else mentioned that it's not a huge problem right now while the kittens are small, though if one was to fall ill the crucial first hours she may not notice. In my opinion, it's going to get worse when they grow up because cats require several stations to feed/water and sleep. That's gonna take a ton of space - my new cat has taken up all of my fairly large room with toys and places to sleep alone.

There is no way she can keep the apartment or one of the cats. Even having just one cat will be a struggle in such a small space. Also, if she can't train a small puppy who will be litter training the cats/cleaning up when accidents arise due to their litter boxes being too dirty/in the wrong place for their liking?

No. 458120

When I heard her kitten died I was like yeah, you probably shouldn't keep newborn kittens locked in a bathroom while you fuck around doing drugs and buying more pets to neglect.

No. 458123

About the Emzotic drama with taylor if ya dont know. Em's bf made video where he dressed up as pet YouTubers Taylor, tyler, etc and mocked them mostly for being superficial. Taylor's army came after them. Em put out video saying everything her bf did was wrong, she had nothing to do with it and psa against bullying. These videos were taken down. Em's response video magnified situation. People started calling taylor out, the next day she addressed her illness in video. Since then all act like everything is perfect between each other

No. 458127

I think all the snakes will be fine however her tanks, the reptiles, the mice and the hedgehogs will have a hard time if they (the cats) don't learn they aren't food or living toys.
And everybody know how much they love to hunt

No. 458138

She meant for her current enclosures i think

No. 458144

She waited until the Daniel drama to make that vague pity me pity me video about her illlnesses?

No. 458148


Having even two cats in the size of her apartment would be more than fine IF she didn’t have all the other animals. I live in a large city and worked with several local cat rescues, and her place would be suitable for them — if she didn’t have all the other animals.

As she does, I don’t know how she’ll keep the cats in the rooms with the enclosures when she’s gone without expecting some mischief in an apartment. As someone above said, keeping kittens in one room is actually recommended (bathrooms are usually suggested) at such a young age, but once they grow bigger they’ll need the full run of the apartment. It’ll be ridiculously tricky with how many animals she has.

No. 458150

I see Em comment on Taylor's stuff from time to time. I assume she does it partly out of guilt or fear out of more of Taylor's fans harassing her for not playing nice because they've never collabed and their personalities seem way too different. Em seems like a genuinely nice person with an actual passion for animals

No. 458293

When does someone make a new thread? Or how will you know when they do?

No. 458307

File: 1514771747558.png (561.76 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-31-19-53-10…)

when it goes over 1k posts. an automatic notification lets you know when the thread's reaching post limit. also remember to sage (put in email field) when you're not contributing anything new

No. 458308

File: 1514771776275.png (336.69 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-31-19-55-58…)

No. 458311

File: 1514771988459.png (420.28 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-31-19-59-15…)

No. 458315

File: 1514772135290.png (484.89 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-31-20-01-51…)

No. 458317

File: 1514772196046.png (249.67 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-31-20-02-56…)


No. 458319

File: 1514772335316.png (474.18 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-31-20-05-21…)

No. 458320

File: 1514772389946.png (409.14 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2017-12-31-20-06-14…)

No. 458323

I hate being a part of the "she doesn't have ____" crowd because invisible illnesses are invisible for a reason but… severe PTSD concerning what? Certainly not of threatening/abusive people, considering who she's dating. Unless she has some strange PTSD/Stockholm Syndrome hybrid

No. 458329

I imagine knowing the person has a history of abuse would be a trigger so yeah..

No. 458334

Even seeing the way that Jonny talks to other woman should freak her out if it affected her that much. Even if she politely talks to him about it like her mom apparently said, he clearly doesn't give a shit and continues to do it.

I have a friend whos father was an alcoholic and just the smell of it makes them vomit and shake. They can't stand it, they'll start bawling and stuttering. I'm sick of the amount of white girls bastardizing the term PTSD when all they really mean is "slightly severe anxiety that's there sometimes but not always"

No. 458344

"I never SAID I'm an animal expert! I just make a living off of people viewing me as one and making content like I am one! Absolve me of all responsibility!"

No. 458351

god, sorry for the "uh". i realize now he was referring to who will fall asleep before midnight. at first i thought he meant who is gonna die before midnight. goes to show i assume the worst from him given his track record

No. 458358


I'm sure that includes the tiny dog she decided to rehome because potty training interfered with her social schedule.

It's pathetic how she immediately deflects criticism by talking about health or emotional problems. She always has an excuse ready to explain away her terrible actions.

I also call bullshit on the PTSD from an abusive relationship because she sought out Jonny fucking Craig. He is the last person someone trying to recover from an abusive relationship would choose to be with. He dehumanizes others on the reg & throws out rape threats like they're nothing.

No. 458420

honestly i thought the same thing anon

No. 458428

Yeah it really bothered me that she couldn't just say "that was five/six years ago, I was a kid!" she had to unnecessarily bring up her "trauma" and PTSD (i.e. "I think about my bad relationship sometimes and get nervous, but I can date and be around someone who is repeatedly disrespectful to women online and mock other women for their trauma")

Don't get me wrong, everyone does weird shit to cope with bad experiences, but her obsession with being seen as quirky and interesting leads me to believe she just wanted attention. It's not like she could take it out and stroke it like an ESA so I don't know why she's trying to pass it off as some Service Hedgehog when it's obviously just because she was a stupid kid who wanted to be seen as cool for five minutes. Enough with the manic pixie "i'm so delicate and tortured" shtick

No. 458430

addendum: **repeatedly disrespectful to women online, has multiple drug offenses, and pending rape allegations that he mocks rather than attempting to clear his name

No. 458459

File: 1514782455391.jpg (255.25 KB, 545x715, 8888.jpg)


No. 458502

File: 1514783692641.jpg (62.2 KB, 596x628, IMG_2344.JPG)

No. 458630

i thought the same thing too LMAO thanks for the addendum though because i wouldve kept thinking "who tf is this asshole trying to murder now"

No. 458683

someone needs to spam her twitter with this fr

No. 458720

She'd probably just block them tbh

No. 458722

No. 458840

Weren’t taylor and Jonny supposed to go to New York??

No. 458854

oh true they had said that…

No. 458876

i thought they decided not to cuz of the cats. or taylor’s mom wouldn’t let them fly or something

No. 458957

yeah they were. jonny was super adamant about it on twitter but its like he didnt even talk to taylor about it, people were tweeting her and she was like "what??? no im not leaving my cats."

i find it telling that he was just making plans and not telling her when they could really negatively affect her animals.

No. 458974

i meaan for starters her mom was always her stand in pet carer so, their relationship as it currently is and their pets no longer in her home I wonder who Jonny thought would be taking care of of these animals for the trip. But lets be frank he probably didnt think that far.

No. 458977

Yeah, these two don't seem to think too much about burning bridges with people, so with Taylor having a strained relationship with her parents they have no one to look after the pets now. Good job Taylor

No. 459028


Omg anon you’re right. And he was adamant about it too. And lil miss Tay of course made people seem crazy for asking her about it when JC was tweeting all about it. Like girl, you see your bf’s tweets just like the rest of us, don’t play fucking dumb.

I really wish someone would call them out about that on twitter

No. 459029

She tweeted about using animals for circuses but she tried to take a god damn hedgehog to SeaWorld.

God damn, she will do anything to appeal to an audience that has interest in animal rights/welfare.

No. 459082

Her philosophy is very clearly "animal captivity is wrong… but only sometimes"

"You should always get animals from a shelter and not a breeder… unless it's an animal that i really really want."

I personally don't even care if she adopts from some places and buys from others, but her selling herself as the Rescue Queen while buying all these designer morphs is annoying

No. 459156

File: 1514850667517.png (210.52 KB, 586x351, Screenshot 2018-01-01 at 6.45.…)

"Hmm… Now which of my animals will match my outfit and make a good social media post?"

No. 459157

She's so concerned with her brand. Using her animals as props in her pictures to maintain her image as the hot, bad girl with snakes, while tweeting just enough about things like circuses to paint herself as an advocate for animal's rights, or, you know, someone who actually cares.

No. 459158


I feel like we’ve seen this before though? K Tay, k

No. 459160

Felt like it was relevant to the discussion at hand, sorry if it's been posted before.

No. 459175


Is it me or do her eyebrows always look uneven?

No. 459179

She isn't great at makeup in general. But that's the least of her issues.

No. 459197

It's so comical how much she tried to get injections and still massively overlines her top lip to try and give her some DSLs but when you zoom in one it half the time they look like blotchy water balloons

No. 459207


She does a lot to get away from looking like her mom, but the resemblance is pretty strong without makeup. ex: post 452467.

No. 459208

She tries too hard to look like an insta baddie it’s sad

No. 459219

File: 1514855662060.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180102-011328.png)

kek no fake nails for once

No. 459222


I noticed that… it’s all for now she needed a fill badly so she will probably get a new set soon. My guess is