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File: 1516078136467.jpg (99.53 KB, 842x960, hh.jpg)

No. 471817

The Hartley Hooligans are a pair of sisters, Claire and Lola Hartley, born with microcephaly, cerebral palsy, dwarfism, epilepsy, and many other conditions. This means they have little to no intellect, can't walk, talk, or even move their limbs in any useful way.

The sisters are semi-notable due to their mother Gwen. She dresses them up in goofy outfits and costumes, discusses their every facial movement, sound, and bodily function as if they were geniuses. She even had the Lola despite knowing that the girl would be staggeringly messed up. Their state spends millions of dollars on a parade of therapists and special equipment that have had no noticeable impact on their lives. The mom posts pictures claiming that the girls are thriving though she never presents hard evidence for this.

No. 471882

What did they do to these kids now?

No. 471961

I feel so sorry for these kids getting paraded around as they do, but this thread needs to go unless there's something specific to post about

No. 471984

Weirdly Gwen doesn’t post nearly what she used to. Then again what she does post is often so grotesque it seems like she’s trolling.

No. 472092

She's probably posting less bc it looks like they're both declining. Actually when I saw this thread I thought one of them finally died

No. 472094

Claire looks shittier than ever. Even a few years ago she looked much better than Lola but now she looks even worse.

No. 472129

TFW you can't be arsed to add previous threads or contribute anything new to the discussion to make a new thread worth it.


No. 472209


This. The KFarmers keep close tabs on the family and the only milk that has been posted in months has been a few photos. OP anon couldn't even bother to repost those.

No. 472327

Gwen lobbied social media to buy her that expensive Eagle Eyes machine, posted two videos of the taters clearly not getting anything from it, and hasn’t mentioned it since. They’re definitely going downhill.

No. 472331

File: 1516121061954.jpeg (177.82 KB, 842x960, AAA8641B-3107-4C33-BE89-0A7830…)

No. 472781

That or she got bored

No. 473177

countdown until one of them dies

No. 473186


Learn to sage.

No. 473363

this was documented in previous threads, read them. and sage.

No. 473381

I swear Gwen is a literal witch because she keeps those taters alive but they get more gruesome every day.

No. 512316

did anyone catch claires prom?

No. 512429

File: 1519391060617.jpeg (85.38 KB, 614x960, 0DCE7265-E7A2-47EB-AC39-A3A23C…)

I’m assuming it was this?

No. 512432

has she become really large in her midesection? or is it the dress somehow.

No. 512437

I think it's a combination of the dress and the way her dad is holding her, it kind of bunches the dress up around her waist. Look at her poor, thin arms, Claire doesn't have a huge waist.

What I find rather grotesque about this picture is that Gwen put makeup on Claire. She treats the two girls as if they were dolls.

No. 513124

File: 1519445416534.jpg (1.24 MB, 1434x2465, Screenshot_20180224-040907.jpg)

Jesus fuck I thought this picture was maybe 2 or 3 years old looking at the girls then I saw the caption and realised also that the boy is Cal!! SEVEN YEARS have passed and the girls have gone depressingly downhill. Jesus, what a sad existence. Lola looks the exact same as she did seven years ago.

No. 513130

I was more thinking if her liver had swollen or something, remember how yellow she's been? I know she's usually very thin.

No. 514943

Wow. Claire has looked awful since she was 5 or 6 but she looks more like a spindly limbed mutant every day.

She looks so bad at her prom I could swear Gwen is just trolling us at this point. >>513124

No. 515734

I think Gwen mentioned somewhere the spuds have something wrong with their spines…? It might just be that their spines are becoming bent in such a way that their waists look larger. (Think of when a normal person sits or slouches versus standing straight.)

No. 516308

They have something wrong with everything, but yeah I think it's just skeletal and/or muscular. Clair's muscles are pulled so tight her hips have dislocated. Her little body's being pulled apart.

No. 559677

Gwen is on another luxury Caribbean vacation. Isn’t this the same person who asks her followers for cash for baby supplies?

No. 559682

The mother has no shame. You bet she will post vacation pictures then go right back at it asking for money

No. 559713

Shit, the thread was bumped and I thought one of them passed away.

No. 559738

Why are you necroing this thread. At least post a cap.

And her public callout was for a discontinued rubber nipple / baby bottle part. Little Lola can only feed off that one thing bc she's so weird. Gwen got so many she donated some to charity.

No. 559746

They also did fundraising for the Eagle Eyes by selling wristbands. Show evidence of what you're spouting so we can discuss it, or stop posting tbh.

No. 563065

Has Cal been able to escape Gwen yet?

No. 566011

Why is this thread still open? The daughters are minors born in 2001 and 2006.

2. Do not post about subjects under the age of 16.

Their full legal names have been posted.

2.1 Do not share the full legal name of a minor. First name(s) only unless the subject is 18+.

Even when they reach 18, they are not on the internet voluntarily.

No. 566549

Okay, I recently learned about this family. and I was watching this video today, it profoundly disturbed and unsettled me.

Look at them laughing at this wretched, lamentable creature. He props it up like a quivering doll.

When he touches her hand you can see the synapses firing in whatever brain matter exists, her eyes roll up in her head, her mouth flaps open and closed wordlessly. So surreal dude, I got shivers down my spine.

No. 566560

You NEED to see the Mario Bro edit of this vid. It is comedy gold.

No. 566562

are you shitting me who the fuck cares they are literal meat sacks like they would know or care about being posted on here
back to Tumblr with you

No. 566569

For one, these …children literally don't have feelings or thoughts of their own. They couldn't give two shits if they're posted on here or about anything at all.
The real cows at hand are the parents for keeping them alive and in constant agony.

No. 566573

This is some fever dream shit.

No. 566574

They aren't people.

No. 566576

And you don't think their parents are cows for exploiting them on the Internet for sites like this to post? It's not like they're the ones posting the YouTube videos and Facebook posts.

No. 566586

File: 1524781166915.jpg (46.61 KB, 357x400, wtf.JPG)

Looking at Gwen's blog and came across these ones of them with Claire in a limo… there seemed to be disco lights flashing everywhere. Wouldn't this basically be hell for her? Whatever visual stimulation there is…

No. 566595

File: 1524781697426.jpg (49.65 KB, 775x643, 1489902189568.jpg)

If you watch the video she is seizing, she looks like a malfunctioning animatronic.

No. 566596


That is sick and sad. The punchline they’re all laughing at is her face. How could parents be so cruel?

No. 566598


Holy shit, is that picture recent?? Lola looks so old.

No. 566605

She’s 13 in this video. What a painful existence

No. 566608

File: 1524782335654.jpg (509.66 KB, 1500x1500, 1489595602412.jpg)


The punchline is always just their appearance. Some sick shit.

Guess it's gwen's way of coping.

No. 566619

Having children like this is honestly my greatest fear. What are your options if you have children with microcephaly? Do these poor girls have to live out their painful existence?

The dad says in this video “you roll with the punches, you don’t have many choices.” I mean, obviously not having another child was a choice they failed to make. But what else? Afaik there isn’t any treatment other than physical and speech therapy. Which obviously can only do so much.

No. 566649

abortion, these girls aren’t even sentient and its sad for them to have to be alive and taken care of like a newborn for the rest of their lives.

No. 566655

Doctors advised her to abort the first kid, but she declined and decided to have more kids even though there was a 25% chance of another Claire. There's really no other option other than abortion with children as bad as these, they're in relentless pain 24/7 and will never mature past their newborn stage. It's like a sick joke to keep them alive. Just adopt at that point.

No. 566773


Absolutely their parents are despicable cows. But the majority of the posts in these threads are commenting incredulously on the daughters' appearance and dysfunction which is also exploitative.

Apparently you didn't read where I said, "They are not on the internet voluntarily."

No. 566935

second kid, you mean

No. 566936

why don't you read the threads, where all of this has been posted and discussed ad infinitum? we don't care if you just found out about it.

No. 566937

no, it's from after she had chicken pox and was very thin.

anon is too retarded themselves to read the xisting threads.

No. 566938

>keeping them alive
They're not on life support though?

No. 566976

That's true, it's more like she should have never let them be born in the first place.

No. 566977

Yes lol. I forgot about the boy. I'm sure Gwen often forgets about him too, from the looks of it.

No. 567289

These "daughters" are less sentient than a snail.

No. 590271

File: 1526919914679.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.94 KB, 780x438, 180207151920-01-sophia-weaver-…)

Not sure where else to put this but here's another lady with a severely deformed child who was recently in the media for suffering from political attacks re: abortion:

>Weaver’s 9-year-old daughter Sophia is severely disabled. She has Rett syndrome, which robs her of the ability to speak, walk, eat, or even breathe easily, as well as an unknown syndrome that causes facial deformities. Sophia has endured over 20 surgeries, countless hospitalizations, and requires around-the-clock care, much of which is accessible because of a group of Medicaid programs called home and community based services.

Yet another delusional mother letting her child exist in a lifetime of pain and suffering, draining huge amounts of community resources, doomed to an understaffed nursing home when she dies.

No. 590301


I feel so bad for feeling this way, but when I expanded that image, I jumped away from my screen. That poor child. I understand wanting to give love to someone and give them the best, but the fact this girl can't do anything remotely basic for herself… What kind of life is that?

No. 590362

I felt the same but it is horrifying, mainly because she doesn't look like she was born that way she looks like she's been horribly injured. It's always morally cruel for the mothers of these children to encourage people to have children with severe disabilities even if they can tell while they're in the womb. I sometimes feel like it's their way of sharing their suffering, like "If I have to have a sick child who will always depend on me, so do you".

No. 590371

her jaw is literally tied together, what a horrible life.

No. 590386

saged for necromancy and blogposting but
ugggh this is also a huge fear of mine. I have celiac disease and one of the consequences of that is micronutrient malabsorption. If you aren't properly absorbing folate one of the common birth defects (aside from just spontaneous abortion) is anencephaly/microcephaly. When I'm pregnant absolutely NO gluten is allowed in my house and zero eating out. Can't risk that shit.

If you've ever wondered why all pregnant/conceiving women are advised to take a folic acid supplement, this is (one of many reasons) why.

No. 590388

I can't imagine being in a situation where I'd feel the need to carry a pregnancy like that to term, especially if I knew the baby would be horribly deformed and be unable to live a healthy and independent life of it's own. I do sincerely hope that little girl isn't suffering as much as it looks like she might be.

No. 590392

genuinely don't think she has the capacity to understand pain or express that she's in it even if she was suffering.

No. 591088

how are we sure that the girl are not sentient? they may not be able to talk but they still might have feelings like anger, fear, sadness, maybe love? did a brief research on microcephaly and nothing said it made people not sentient.
i'm terrified that the girls are suffering and know that they are being paraded and exploited by their parents and cant do anything about it

No. 591090


Their brains barely work. They don't know where they are or what's going on. I really doubt they have feelings or understand what they mean.

No. 591729

They don't just have regular microcephaly, they have a broader syndrome which is genetic but also extremely rare and it causes every issue they have. Their brains actually decline in function as the years go by.

No. 600599


Um. Because this is a pretty rare situation, I don't think the whole "minor" thing is relevant. And yeah, their full names are posted. Because their dumb ass mom has made it a point to put out just about every private detail in relations to their lives; no doxxing necessary.

No. 600602

For anyone who may not know, she knew that Lola was going to come out fucked up but chose to continue the pregnancy anyway. And then Gwen has the nerve to tell women who have micocephalic babies from the Zima virus that their child having this disability isn't the worst thing ever.

Actually, it fucking is, because those women in Brazil don't have a team of medical professionals tending to their sick kids, allowing for multiple vacations every year and even just good nights of sleep. Gwen is an ignorant, entitled asshole.

No. 600616

She looks like a Titan.

No. 600620

Gwen is an ignorant cunt but nobody would ever call her out like that irl. I'd challenge her to live like a poor-to-average Brazilian woman for a week–IF she could even make it that far with those needy potatoes.

No. 600628

This is probably a Munchy-by-Proxy's greatest dream. Cue all the uber-religious folk telling the mom what a 'hero' she is. No she isn't. She's a selfish bitch for having these kids that are born to suffer and have no life at all while draining the state. I'm no Eugenicist, but there's a limit to not being ableist. Letting these babies not go to term would have been the kindest thing, but she's gotta have her narc supply, eh?

No. 600649

you revived a dead thread to reply to a month old post?

No. 600657

Thankyou for your diagnosis, Dr Armchair.

Gwen did not know Claire would have this extremely rare condition. She only knew the next one, Lola, would.

It seems to be a tradition in this thread.

No. 600735

>Having children like this is honestly my greatest fear. What are your options if you have children with microcephaly? Do these poor girls have to live out their painful existence?

Children with such severe conditions are very fragile, they are prone to having infections such as pneumonia. A normal child isn't going to die after catching a common cold, but it's a possibility for kids like these. Parents of such kids might end up going to the hospital several times a year just to make sure their kid live a little longer. What I'm saying is, if you do end up with a severely disabled kid, and wait a few hours too long before going to the hospital when they have a fever, they might die.

No. 600757

These children are in constant torment both mental and physical. It is like if you constantly abused a kitten. Sure the kitten doesn't understand but it is still being tormented for entertainment
Personally I'd have aborted any fetus I found to have this because it would be cruel to force a child to live like this. However, if someone does choose to give birth to this child they have to accept that responsibility. They chose to have a child with these defects and therefore they should be making life for these children to be as minimally horrible as possible. She knew of her child's ailment, chose to have this child knowing she wouldn't give two shits about it and would treat it like you would a robotic doll. This family gave birth to two living dolls and are having their fun with them and this is just so sick and twisted.

No. 601493

File: 1528083867490.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.01 KB, 1200x627, demon.jpg)

God damn that is fucking terrifying.

No. 647573

File: 1532572570609.png (6.43 MB, 1125x2436, DE46FA49-459A-4914-9E60-59043B…)

It’s Claire’s 17th birthday! Happy birthday Mimi! Today she will celebrate like most sassy teens do by having pulverized vegetables injected into her stomach and filling her diaper with mounds of piping hot doodoo.

No. 647588

17, fuck. Poor thing.

No. 650338

File: 1532879968352.jpg (1.36 MB, 1436x2205, Screenshot_20180729-165638_Ins…)

She regularly writes the doctors like this, harassing them about her perfect magical special unicorn success. I don't know how she doesn't see how utterly sad this email is.

No. 650342

I wish all images of these godforsaken accidents had to be spoilered, looking at them turns my stomach.

No. 650345

>their seizures controlled by natural remedies

holy shit the delusion

No. 650346

File: 1532880936114.jpg (185.03 KB, 747x475, the_spitter_s_thong_3859_0.jpg)

Looks like an Acid Spitter from L4D2 lol

This is so cringy and sad. I still don't understand why she can't see that it doesn't matter if she's 17 or 75 when she has absolutely no quality of life.

No. 650442

Is Gwen touched in the head or something? The doctor HAS to give you the worst case scenario. If he had told her that Claire would live to 10 or whatever and she died at age 2, Gwen would have sued his ass. The fact that she thinks the doctor gives a shit about her potato babies is beyond sad.

No. 650455

ok question if I were to get pregnant would ultrasounds show that my baby would be this fucked up so I could abort it? or would I not know until after it was born

No. 650466

they have tests for this kind of thing. while they’ll never say explicitly that your kids might end up like this, they’ll tell you they found xyz and there’s a good chance your kid will be born like this

No. 650470

Damn that's pathetic. Imagine a cancer patient sending a passive aggressive letter to his doctor because he lived longer than the prognostic. Does she think the doc gave her a grim prognostic out of spite? Jeez.

No. 651200

17 years of taking money from taxpayers to pay for your lil goblins, thanks Gwen!

No. 651216

Am I evil for having an extreme urge to grab a pillow and slowly suffocate them with it? I feel it would be a mercy killing, a late term external abortion.

No. 651245

normally i would say that’s a-loggy but honestly? i think our brains just see what a genetic mess the taters are and some weird mammalian instinct just wants their suffering to end

No. 651635

Yes, it would be better if you left it to doctors. I mean it. Please if you ever have kids yourself, don't make that decision alone… it could be a delusional one in your case. Instincts aren't always right. Seriously, involve doctors in this stuff.

No. 656229

File: 1533356216070.png (131 KB, 781x561, Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 11.1…)

Sage because this isn't milk, but I found this YT channel bit, which is nothing but the truth..

No. 685548

File: 1536627418245.jpeg (231.05 KB, 1080x1080, 730C75C9-8686-400E-B98E-399058…)

“Hey Sis?”

“Yes, Claire?”

“I’ve got a secret to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I’m filling my diaper with mounds of piping hot doodoo as I speak.”

“I know. I can smell it. And I’m blind, not deaf, it sounds like someone is stepping on a flock of ducks.”

“It’s a lot of doodoo. At least half a pound. Maybe a whole pound. Gwen’s going to have trouble lifting me.”

“Slaaaaaaay Queeeeeeeeen!”

“Thanks Lola.”

No. 685559

sage dumb jokes like this. this isn't milk and i thought the girls were dead when i saw the bumped thread

No. 685563

me too kek

No. 685574

Every time I see the OP image I'm just waiting to read about news of those kids passing. Just let them fucking pass in peace already holy shit

No. 685625

They're not on life support though? Or any medicines even. How is she supposed to "let them pass", wth a pillow?

No. 686210

File: 1536714208285.jpeg (329.41 KB, 1561x1800, 206319D4-690F-43A8-BEC4-25F5D2…)


No. 686609

Can’t get enough of those sassy Hooligans memes.

No. 686622

this holier than thou mother and father actually deserve to die for keeping these abominations alive.

No. 686664

No. 688586

if they require constant assistance and can not survive on their own they should let them die instead of suffer

No. 695203

They keep looking worse in every new picture. The mom says they can’t tolerate medicine…. it has worked out real well for them. The older one can’t even sleep with her arms laying flat, looks like she is trying to levitate off her beanbag. The younger ones hump back is huge too! Gwen mentioned before the aim of Lola’s therapy was to unfurl her body. How is that going Gwen? The only therapy you actually show is her “pt” folks pushing her in her baby walker. Is that what they teach these days as therapy?! Lol!

No. 696319

wow I can’t believe they’re not dead yet

No. 706948

Claire looks as yellow as can be in her newest picture. I think Gwen said it was her skin tone…. but last I checked banana wasn’t one of them. She or anyone in their family has an “olive skin tone”. More denial on Gwen’s part.

No. 706954

just let this cursed thread die already

No. 707116

And to think the supreme court might now ban abortion. Jesus Christ

No. 725767

File: 1541225385181.png (11.36 MB, 1125x2436, D79E41D6-1DF3-4AB5-A952-7D2E68…)

Halloween Hooligans. Claire looks like a dunce as Threepio but Lola, as usual, looks like a piece of crap. Just a stinking, disgusting crapola, an excrement block that sends sane people running for the hills.

No. 725773

please just let this god forsaken thread die already

No. 725777

please just let those god forsaken creatures die already*

No. 726782

They nor this thread shall ever die

No. 726867

It's rich that mommy gets to be Princess Leia but the two girls get to be a robot and an ugly alien dwarf. Subtle.

No. 726873

This is why we need death with dignity laws

No. 726967

File: 1541423247163.jpg (845.64 KB, 1406x1020, Screenshot_20181105-130734_Ins…)

Also if you go through the pics you can see their stick thin emaciated dying dog that they are keeping alive because Gwen doesn't believe in putting down animals humanely either. Instead she also drags them out to put them in costumes and take photos.

No. 727205

At this point neither girl look like they are human. Gwen even uses them as props so deep down she knows it too. Lola looks like some type of sci fi prop. Claire doesn’t even have a forehead anymore and her eyes are almost out of their sockets. But they are totally thriving!!

No. 727207

Two sassy teeenagers and she picks out star war characters! Isn’t Claire 18 why does she even bother? Pretty sure any teenager would die of embarrassment having to dress up with their entire family and having it blasted all over social media.

No. 727302

look at lola's legs… she's looking like a fucking anachan

No. 727322

it's not like she needs them to get around.

No. 727329

No potatoes don’t need their legs, their legs are bent in such a way they would fold up into a suitcase nicely. Gwen once stated the goal of Lola’s pt was to unfurl their bodies. They are already past the point of no return. There is 0 hope for these girls.

No. 727333

They have ever increasing hypotonia as part of their condition so Gwen was just pissing into the wind with that idea. File it with Eagle Eyes under 'delusional fails'.

No. 727342

after, of course, these two girls, I feel so bad for that brother. Because /HE/ will have to deal with what to do with them when Gwen and her husband die. What selfish parents for not considering his future in all of this.

No. 727344

I don’t think the kids would goto Cal, I believe Gwen mentioned somewhere they would goto a close friend. They have to be her bff to take on two potatoes. I could handle Claire she doesn’t make much sounds and doesn’t move. She lives on a beanbag all day but forget it with Lola. Her constant grimacing and bleating noise would drive me to cut my own wrists and bleed to death.

No. 727346

I am curious to know that since Claire is almost 18 if some of her benefits like teachers at home will stop soon. It’s not like she is capable of learning, I can understand continuation of pt but Gwen always have several teachers coming and going. What a waste of tax payer money to keep the lunacy that the girls are actually benefiting from education.

No. 727351

I would think so, because most of that was provided by the state in lieu of schooling? But maybe she can stay in potato school till 21 or something.

No. 727391

File: 1541485616866.jpg (422.06 KB, 1200x1600, 2013 (2).JPG)

Oh god that poor dog.

It's a medical miracle they've lived this long. Claire is allergic to everything, Lola barely eats, will only use one type of bottle nipple, and needs supplemental oxygen when her allergies act up, both girls got extremely sick from chicken pox a few years ago and Lola nearly died (pic related), and their genetic disorder usually causes progressive cerebral atrophy.

> Lola. Her constant grimacing and bleating noise

Past farmers have speculated it's because she's always hungry. She actually used to have a feeding tube (and wasn't quite so emaciated), but Gwen got rid of it because she thought it made Lola look sickly. Yep. Gwen is starving her child because tubes are icky.

Gwen also refused to get Cal vaccinated for chicken pox (hence the girls getting sick and Lola nearly dying) and douses the air with MLM essential oils when Lola has to be on oxygen. I'm not sure if Gwen is 100% retarded, or if a small part of her is trying to kill her potato goblins.

No. 727419

Isn't that just the breed of dog that is that thin?

No. 727431

File: 1541496617559.jpg (137.46 KB, 1040x1040, 231130_main.jpg)

No. 727531

That dog as bad as it looks is still healthier and has more awareness than Lola or Claire. Yea and both girls are basically are on a liquid diet of goats milk and greens. The girls don’t have dwarfism, they have failure to thrive and it was documented in some medical journal the girls participated in on their Asns. Gwen didn’t allow any cat scans but she did allow the girls to be examined.

No. 727543

>Gwen also refused to get Cal vaccinated for chicken pox (hence the girls getting sick and Lola nearly dying) and douses the air with MLM essential oils when Lola has to be on oxygen. I'm not sure if Gwen is 100% retarded, or if a small part of her is trying to kill her potato goblins.

What the fuck? I'm 100% sure these girls have immune system deficiencies and should be vaccinated for everything known to man.

The fact that these girls are still alive is horrific. Torturous health interventions to keep barely function organisms alive. I know Gwen might think it's a miracle, but maybe it's because any humane individual would let these "girls" go. I'm not sure how much they perceive pain, but fuck…if they do then living must be like living under Nazi experimentation.

No. 727545

I hope he marries when he is older and moves away. Just because his parents are selfish fucking assholes, doesn't matter he should have to deal with their mistakes.

No. 727728


What is happening to their foreheads?

No. 727769

Gwen has a black and white picture she posted of them recently together, it really shows how little brain they have. Probably just enough brain stem to keep them breathing.

No. 727791


Yeah, but what's happening to their skulls

No. 727796

they're missing the frontal lobes of their brains, so their skulls never had to form over it like ours do

No. 727820

you should never be able to see an animal's ribcage. that's a sign of starvation

No. 727834

The dog is ill. She should euthanise it but she hasn't yet.

No. 727849

Why is the dog so sick? Old age or is it neglect?

No. 727889

I'm not sure the specific illness but I think it's one of those end-of-life diseases an animal gets like liver or kidney disease? She isn't neglecting her dogs in general, but she has put off euthanising this dog far too long, it's because she won't let go.

No. 728680

It’s cruel to keep anyone alive suffering. Gwen posted a picture of Lola with one of the dogs, Lola looks like she’s on her death bed. Lola is already dying, slowly but the fact the mom keeps up the charade that they are sassy teens girls is a joke.

No. 728681

Animals tend to lose a lot of weight when the end is coming up.

The dog is probably getting enough food, it's just getting too old to function properly and needs to be put down. It's a telltale sign. What a dumb ass bitch this lady is.

No. 728685

Yeah, weight loss in this case is probably due to the poor thing's body slowly giving up.

No. 730514

new to this cow but I honestly feel bad for these kids. what if they're screaming for help inside from pain and all their mother does is believing that oil and herbs will help? I don't get how she didn't lean towards abortion. hasn't she thought about what would happen if ever her and her husband passes before them or what they'll do once they're too old and the girls are in their 30s? (if they live that long). jfc

No. 730515

this woman reminds me of those anti-vaxxers and pro-lifers mashed together.

No. 730716

Lola’s back is so deformed she looks like a pilll bug when you touch it. Gwen is careful not to show side profiles of her but it’s the worst hunchback I have ever seen. That has to be extremely painful but luckily they are missing most of the brain so I doubt they feel anything.

No. 730734

tbf they might not feel that much due to their peabrains. they don't cry constantly for example.

No. 730892

File: 1542019798210.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1719, B85ED26C-091A-4BA7-975F-E59D82…)


Gwen's empathy ends where her selfish desires begin.

No. 730893

File: 1542019833678.jpeg (223.99 KB, 1125x525, B0D37955-A2BC-459D-BCD9-D7424E…)

Courtesy KF.

No. 731023

Even though they have lived a surprisingly long time, I do wishfully think they will pass before the parents, but you just know if that's not the case that Gwen full on expects her son cal and his poor gf to take over.

No. 731081

I can’t imagine the girls living much longer, they do have health issues and Gwen says they are monitored each year. I believe there might be some heart problem with valves. Their bodies are tired and weak. She also falls esleep pretty quickly during the pt videos and interviews Gwen has posted. At this point sleep is probably the only escape from hell they get.

No. 731171

And this is why there's so many overweight dogs in the world

No. 731206

>they do have health issues
um yeahhhhh no shit.

Claire gets tired but Lola doesn't sleep much actually.

No. 731256

Lola really is horrifying and it gets worse every time we get a peek. Her head looks like it's caving in.

No. 731268

Lola is the queen gremlin of the two, fight me. Can't wait till she's 30 and still sucking down bottles and failing at Eagle Eyes.

No. 731997

I have no idea how Gwen was able to nurse Lola. I hope this doesn’t sound mean but if Lola was my child I would never have been able to bond with her. I would have had an abortion right away but no way I could have a connection with her. She looks like some half breed of a human and a racoon.

No. 732039

>overweight dogs
Feeding your animal the proper amount isn't creating an overweight dog, it's creating a healthy dog. Please don't project your lifestyle on your pets, ana-chan.

No. 732722

Why are they both so unfortunately medically? family history? How do you fuck up that badly twice in a row?

No. 732753

This lady just needs to put all 3 (senior dog and daughters) down. "Only" 9 years old dog? That's what happens when you get a pure breed, their lives are generally shorter than mutts.

No. 732775

Lola should have never been conceived. She’s actually much worse shape they Claire, how as a mother do you live with that? I don’t think I ever saw such a severely disabled child, so that’s why Lola kinda creeps me out. She doesn’t resemble a human, pretty sure if she was a hamster baby the mom would have already eaten her.

No. 750961

File: 1545199156878.jpeg (52.99 KB, 480x427, 0F09F284-EC35-478E-AFF9-5784B6…)

Claire finally in threw in the towel. I was starting to think those things were indestructible.

No. 750964


No. 750965

File: 1545199625538.png (423.7 KB, 715x1135, Screenshot_2018-12-18-22-05-18…)

No. 750966

File: 1545199647291.png (221.43 KB, 720x1055, Screenshot_2018-12-18-22-05-35…)

No. 750968

thank god this poor girl was put out of her suffering. my god, so humiliating. the poor thing used as a prop while in agony for 17 years. i bet the brother is so relieved.

No. 750969

I'm happy, can't imagine the hell Claire was going through. It's still a loss on the family, and I am devastated about that.

No. 750970

>we are in total disbelief
Top fucking lol, I'm in total disbelief your little vegetable garden even made it this far

No. 750971

Claire was devoid of really any brain function
It's Lola that is basically only able to percieve pain

No. 750972

claire lived 17 times longer than her doctor estimated and her mom still says her life is too short? these girls are only trophies for the mom.
i'm glad claire doesn't have to suffer anymore. i hope she's looking down glad to be free.

No. 750973

File: 1545201497922.jpeg (258.68 KB, 1049x1104, 3210CE10-0CED-4295-8FB7-349BDA…)

TFW you realize you’re the last dwarf shitting and now are gonna get all of Gwen’s attention

No. 750975

Holy fucking shit I can't believe the day finally came

No. 750983

god this is so sad. she's just so helpless. gwen is truly such a piece of shit

No. 750987

Claire was extremely jaundiced for the past few months. Obviously we don't know what was going on behind the scenes, but Gwen's reponses to concerned comments sounded like thought it was no biggie
Claire died because Gwen couldn't pull her head out of her ass and, y'know, take Claire to an actual doctor. Turns out pureed celery and essential oils can't cure liver failure, who would have thought?
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if her diet contributed to it. Both the girls are emaciated but Gwen insists they were getting all the right nutrients. Pretty sure that's not possible considering how skelly they are, and she claims they're allergic to 500 different vegetables so they couldn't have been getting much nutritional variety either.

No. 751002

I thought the other one would go first tbh

No. 751003

I have no doubt she's giving them the proper nutrients.

I have doubts that their bodies are able to absorb and process them in a way that can sustain their bodies properly.

No. 751007

File: 1545207662597.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x1080, 40171890_286265788769317_44453…)

Besides Claire's jaundice or whatever she had going on, they both look equally terrible in this recent pic
I won't be surprised if Lola joins Claire in the next few months.
Plus, Lola still has that rash that Gwen keeps trying to cure with oils.
Gwen claims they were allergic to everything under the sun. If I recall correctly, Lola is subsisting on goat milk, cantaloupe, and spinach currently.
I can't remember what she gave Claire but it was something along those lines. She also said they were both allergic to medication, which is why she hated visiting those darn doctors.

No. 751051

RIP, she'll get to be more sentient in the afterlife so I see this as an improvement for her. Poor Lola is going to get ragdolled around twice as hard and the son will be forced to grieve excessively to appease his mother.

No. 751056

Those two emojis are pissing me off the most for some reason.

No. 751062

rip claire.
now watch lola live forever!!

No. 751065

Other way around anon, Lola is far less normal in functioning than Claire was.

It seems to be the way for people who reject general medical help to suddenly go crisis when their lack of care exacerbates conditions into emergencies.

She won't be harassing that doctor with letters anymore - I hope.

No. 751092

I just saw the news! I knew they were both sick (and the dog recently passed away as well) but I sort of had this weird feeling they'd just live forever. They survived this long without being allowed any sort of life or dignity so it's really surreal to know one of them is actually dead. Claire was the sicker of the two though so I guess it's not a surprise.

I wonder what Momma Hooligan is going to do when she has neither left. That's her entire identity/attention source.

No. 751102

Is it bad that I kind of hope the doctor Gwen has been harassing for 17 years writes a condolence letter, complete with “I told you so”?

No. 751103

I'm betting that she'll adopt a couple of new spuds for her veggie garden in the next few years.
Actually, anyone know how old Gwen is? I think she might just go for another kid or two if she's able.

No. 751147

File: 1545238623474.png (45.93 KB, 480x461, Screen_Shot_2018-03-03_at_6.47…)

Emojis on a death announcement are the social media equivalent of memorial decals on a jacked up pickup truck.

No. 751154

Is Claire the older or younger one?

No. 751159

File: 1545239558014.jpg (46.11 KB, 800x450, neo2.jpg)

Cal right now

No. 751173

Personally, I see this as a legit Christmas miracle. This is the best thing that could have happened to that poor wretched creature. In death she will have dignity.

No. 751175

File: 1545241426802.gif (1.98 MB, 304x226, 1544551525209.gif)

Fucking hell anon

No. 751183

This is a true shock. Gwen had always assured us that Claire was the “healthiest member of our family.” If it could happen to Claire, it could happen to any of us!

Gwen is about 45 or so. Another baby isn’t likely but it’s not out of the question. If Claire died at 17, Lola’s chances of making it to that age are nil. What will be strange for that family is having a home with no therapists, no state employees, no complex medical devices sitting around. More than losing the kids, the stone silence will drive them crazy.

No. 751188

Man, when I saw this thread had been bumped, I knew exactly why.

No. 751196

If she gets knocked up again, I'm going to start some kind of campaign to get women who knowingly reproduce when there's a chance of spawning something so damaged put in jail. I'll call it Claire's Law.

No. 751212

Lmao Anon

No. 751222

No. 751225

So much wrong here.
>EMOJIS on a post for a dead child? Teen?
>tagging your ems? (Why does she have her ems on Facebook?)

Also what is a viewing please tell me they’re not having an open casket just put the poor girl in the ground and get it over with

No. 751231

>the silence will drive them crazy

On top of also having to buckle down on real jobs whilst they no longer have delicious potatoes to milk for monies via the government, tv appearances, and interviews.
That'll be my entertainment.

No. 751243

I missed these threads so much. What happen lol

No. 751248

Learn to read

No. 751251

they died lmao

No. 751265

Wow I can't believe it finally happened.
Calling it, these threads now are going to crawl on for 7 more years now that anons primed and waiting for the other one to be released from her cage of a body.

She'll get involved in some kind of charity for disabled kids so that she can post pictures of them online and get that online pity porn attention. Every so often she'll force a connection between other kids like "they act so much like Lola and would be Claire's best friend".

I'd support that. It's illegal to knowingly give someone AIDs, it should be the same.

No. 751306

ONE of them died

No. 751316

I’d be more worried about her having a healthy child and then making them sick to recreate what she had before, like Gypsy Blanchard’s mother.

No. 751349


Unfortunately Gwen is too selfish to donate Claire's brain to science.

Thankful that whatever sentient neurons within the soul of Claire Hartley are no longer suffering in this world.

No. 751453

>17 years

Fucking hell. RIP

No. 751487

Lol, you bitches get mad over anything. I said that I missed the thread. I haven’t seen one in ages. Sage your shit and calm your tits.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751488

Secondly. I asked what happened to the threads, not what happened to the girls. I read the thread, idiot.

No. 751491

The next time you feel like calling people out for not saging, remember to sage yourself kek…

Also, RIP Claire. I'm glad that she's resting in peace now. It's better than being paraded around in bright, noisy, and frightening surroundings for Gwen's asspats.

No. 751502

Press P to Pay Respects

No. 751556

Poor girl. I hope she's at peace now.

No. 751577

It's sad, but in her case it means being finally in peace instead of spending her life suffering trapped in a non-functioning body, used as a living toy to parade around. I don't feel bad for her parents, they're fucking sociopaths who most likely don't give a shit.
I feel bad for her brother. I think he's the one who's suffering the most, in that family. It's almost Christmas, too.

No. 751586

I just find it lowkey hilarious that Claire didn't even last half a year after this snobby bullshit

No. 751780

what the fuck anon

No. 879774

File: 1571013232198.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1812, B288D00F-0003-4DE4-9AE8-CBCBA5…)

Wondered why this got necro'd so I went to KF

Apparently Lola has died as well. Both of the Hooligans are deceased now.

No. 879782

I just saw this, too and came here to see if there was any information.

Tragic, I hope they're at peace.

No. 879783

Can’t believe the Hartley Hooligans are officially dead and over with, it’s been such a fascinating internet dumpster fire for the last decade! We all know Gwen needs attention though, countdown til she gets pregnant again

No. 879785

Vale Lola, the best Hooligan of them all, fan of 90s rap and World's Smallest Ninja. You'll be missed.

No. 879786

She's probably a bit old now. What she should do is get some damn sleep but I fear she might start adopting instead.

No. 879787

I can't believe it. Finally. May they both rest. I always hoped wherever they go when they pass they're able to speak, walk and move freely.

No. 879788

I know 45 is pretty old but I feel like she’s crazy enough to try hard to have more lol

No. 879790

This poor human lived through 17 years of excruciating pain. The mother should be in prison

No. 879794

Years of pain and agony, now finally she can rest

No. 879796

i know im being fairly optimistic but im betting(hoping) she rides her potato wagon dry for as long as she can without having or adopting another spud to exploit. she was the weirdo dressing up her furbaby in halloween costumes but instead of unfortunate dogs they were human.

No. 879802

Found out myself a couple of days ago on KF but didn't think it worth writing about here because the necro issue.

Personally grateful she passed away because however sentient the kids were, they were in pain PLUS the fucking mother totally destroyed any diginity the two girls had.

Kinda feel relief for the son. I hope he gets something positive from the lack of insanity his mum heaped on his sisters.

Hopefully Ma's now infertile. I can't see her past behaviour would allow her to adopt. Idk what it's like in the US, but to adopt in the UK it's a harsh process. Everything's scrutinised down to who the potential parents had relationships with previously and what those relationships were like. If the authorities googled her…let's say no way would she be considered sane enough to care for a child.

No. 879864

fundies bypass all those pesky strict US rules by adopting from overseas.

gwen has that cbd law she's been campaigning for, she might go hard on that to fill the time.

No. 879870

Somehow, I feel sad, but at least they're not going to suffer or get used for internet attention anymore.

No. 879882

I am going to go with the mom fostering disabled teens.

Social services are in desperate need for homes, especially ones equipped to deal with disabled kids.

Mama Hooligan is going to have a gaggle of freaks by the time the son goes to college.

God I am so grateful the goblins are finally dead. Valhalla awaits them.

No. 881014

RIP poor disabled kids. Their mum is nuts. I still remember the passive aggressive letter she wrote to their doctor.

No. 882006

Poor girls. R.I.P. I do hope they weren't in constant pain but knowing they could be is horrible. I hope they are able to be comfortable in the afterlife.

No. 882037

Finally they're at peace. They were treated as puppets long enough. RIP girls.

No. 882442


The son's at college, he just looks 14 still.

No. 883270

Can I just say the real lolcows are the ones making fun of Claire and Lola instead of Gwen
Like wtf did they do, yes they are severely disabled but they're not goblins. Please tell me it's just some unempathetic preteens and there aren't actually grown adults talking shit about them (I'm talking calling them "it" and "things" and stuff
Anyway, I saw the wishbone video and omg why would they post that, poor girl. She must've felt like shit

No. 883272

Its not really mean though, they can't think so its not like its going to hurt their feelings. Or I guess lolas feelings now that the older potato is dead

No. 883279

Read the last few replies, anon.

No. 883286

I guess I can understand that thinking process
I'm the opposite though, as u can see lol

No. 890123

File: 1573129221486.jpeg (21.73 KB, 299x320, 041A6014-DDC4-4697-B937-FBF4B4…)

you know that meme, “i have died every day waiting for you”, with the outline of the girl that looked like some sort of a weird bird/goose? hark at this, it’s from a video on lola’s memorial page, kek

No. 890125

File: 1573129310109.jpeg (39.35 KB, 600x374, 3627B95B-798F-4B20-8404-1D0954…)

including meme for reference

No. 890128

Anon you bitch it's too early for this I fucking cackled into my breakfast

No. 890129

I literally fucking thought it was the same photo and my eyes just played with me when I saw the actual photo KEK

No. 890156

Same, dude. That "the globlins are finally dead" line hasn't sat right with me since I read it. Regardless of if they were able to comprehend anything, why insult them like that? They don't deserve it. But anonymity brings out the edginess in people lmao
I'm gonna go ahead and say it's mean. Definitely mean. Love how people do mental gymnastics to make making fun of severely disabled girls into an okay (totally not mean) thing

No. 890158

rofl same, anon. This is some optical illusion to the finest degree.

No. 890160

That's how it is on the Internet, people are much faster to show their true colors because they're behind a screen and can't see the looks of disapproval people in public would give them when they say fucked up things.

No. 890161

there’s no sense in moralfagging about it. it’s not like these kids can even be offended anymore (not that they could to begin with)

No. 890163

Why does this thread exist and why are people making fun of these severely disabled girls who are dead. Wtf is wrong with people please get help for your psychopathy you cunty lolcows.
Thats a horrible excuse and mental gymnastics you got going on there.
We all know the real reason why these losers are making fun of dead girls its because their life is so shitty and bad that making fun of others who had it worse is the only way they can feel better.

No. 890173

You wouldn't celebrate their deaths in public and you know it. That's why you're here.

Anyone who comes to a lolcow forum expecting people to be nice is foolish. Doesn't mean the people who get their jollies off of making fun of the victims of the true cow (Gwen) aren't still pathetic.

No. 890177

how does "they are too retarded to understand what people say about them" = mental gymnastics

No. 890204

I mean, we're all on this site together and none of us are engaging in morally superior behavior here so I don't see why we have to have this discussion every time the thread gets bumped. Gwen was exploiting them as well, so there's that aspect to consider in this situation. If she didn't like the attention, she wouldn't have put them up on the internet and made a big deal out of highlighting their disabilities.

No. 890210

Why bump this thread with your unsaged bitching if you find it so offensive?

No. 890228

No one here is "celebrating their deaths" except for those who are relieved their shitty life of suffering is over, you idiot.
This thread exists not because of these girls, who obviously weren't cows in any way, shape, or form, as they were barely more sentient than a bag of potatoes, but because of the spectacle their crazy mother gave for the world to see.

No. 890270

Hey dipshit, it means just because they can't comprehend how much of an asshole you are doesnt make you any less of an asshole.

No. 890459

If anything, wouldn't that make you more of an asshole?

No. 890462

Anon I’m sure they’re not offended at this point since they’re dead would you chill out? I don’t see the point of anyone trying to lecture people about their behavior on fucking lolcow. It’s sad the two girls are gone but you shouldn’t be expecting anything different than people saying stuff like that on this site.

RIP Claire and Lola, Gwen better not have any more kids

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