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No. 480735

I didn't see one in the catalog, but can we have a thread discussing mom bloggers/vloggers/forum moms and stuff of that sort?

I found Katie, alias 'Wellness Mama', years ago and at first I thought some of her recipes and cleaning tips were chill until she started going way overboard with pseudoscience and this incessant need to deem every little thing as toxic and cancerous. Right down to getting an organic mattress and walking around her home with blue light blocker glasses on all night, telling people grains are slowly killing them, all while simultaneously putting up a recipe on her website for chocolate covered bacon and homemade cheese chips..

I get wanting to minimize the amount of harmful shit we bring into our homes nowadays, but she and many other crunchy/paleo moms take it to sickening extremes. I feel like Katie forgets that not everybody has Hashimoto's disease like she does so we don't need to go insane in our day to day lives.

When she's been asked to provide citations for her "findings", she's been known to link her own website or the Bible or the Weston A. Price Foundation. Any comments ever criticizing Katie are deleted, if not immediately then shortly after.

No. 480765

File: 1516853570527.jpg (207.38 KB, 640x427, IMG_4762-2.jpg)

My favorite is FreckledFox who's in the mormom community who has 5 kids and is pregnant again. Her husband went missing and died, then like 6 months later she got remarried to this complete douchebag who apparently had a huge crush on her the whole time she was married. He SHOT her while her kids were sitting a few feet away. They had a dog that died of heat streak/negligence and just got another one. She said a few months ago she couldn't handle another kid but woops, she's pregnant again! She also constantly does sponsorships and makes her life seem ideal when really it's a mess - her, her relationship, her house, everything.

I don't really keep up with mommybloggers but she's my favorite because what a trainwreck she is. Pic related is Richard, the new husband who shot her.

No. 480790

Martin didn't go missing, wtf? He had cancer and knew his diagnosis was fatal all along. They were still together when he died.

GOMI famously accused him of faking the cancer then he died from it, which was hell awkward. They were put in the position by GOMI shit spreading to facebook etc of having to prove his cancer, which they did here: http://www.warriorelihoax.com/2015/12/03/the-freckled-fox-not-a-hoax/

But anyway, she's such an utterly vapid babymaking machine that of course she married again right away.

No. 480817

Who could forget this nutcase, Adele Allen? Her daughter famously peed on the floor during the family's appearance on This Morning.

The also attempted to crowdfund a move to Costa Rica to live their "free-range lifestyle" and were ridiculed in the press. Last year they were evicted and referred to social services.

She ceased posting on her blog, but is still active on Facebook and Twitter.


No. 480818

Oops, yeah, I mixed up Martin dying with Ashlee Swenson's husband Paul. The whole scene of mormon mommy bloggers is confusing because they're all so similar and cult-like.

I'm not sure if there's already a thread for them but Susan Schofield and Michael Schofield are a special brand of terrible with their two kids who they've routinely abused (shaken, hit, screamed at) and drugged since birth who they claim are schizophrenic geniuses.

>Powering thru 100 mg of Thorazine, only on 25 mg of Clozaril, still wanting to go up more but we have to go slowly

No. 480835


When the Schofields have been mentioned in the Munchie thread, Admin said that we are not allowed to discuss them because the kids are underage.

Which brings up the question of how much we are allowed to discuss children in this thread?(the rules are clear about this)

No. 480838


No. 480860

The Schofield situation is incredibly sad, I recommend the KF thread as informative on the subject.

No. 480871


freckled fox is like a car crash for me, it's all so bizarre - apparently heaps of Mormon bloggers are kinda uncanny valley, but Emily's just… sad and strange

martin dies, leaving emily with 5 kids (she's barely in her 20s?) under 5. and within a few weeks richard is on her doorstep, having written her a letter reaffirming his high-school love for her, then deciding instead of mailing the letter he`d quit his nursing job and travel hundreds of miles to hand-deliver it to her.

then HE DOESN`T LEAVE. he stays there, hiding in her basement whenever relatives/friends/whatever come over to pay condolences. he lives in her basement!

within months they`ve married in secret, the kids are calling richard 'daddy' at his insistence, he shoots himself and her while cleaning his gun in the fucking kitchen, metres away from the children. then the dog dies. then she gets knocked up again. he refuses to feel bad for shooting emily, because 'if you caused a car accident you wouldn't be sorry, because it was an accident', and emily writes a blogpost saying that she thinks it's kinda 'romantic' that they 'shared the same bullet'

he's also en edgelord who blasts linkin park from the basement to let emily know when she's pissed him off, lul

her whole life is so fucking bizarre, i mean fuck, watch your first husband die of aggressive cancer, get married to you rebound and impregnated by him before the anniversary of your first husband's death, with your SIXTH kid, all before you're fucking 25 years old?

fuck, apparently i have a lot of feelings about this, sorry

No. 480899

This is the thread I never knew I wanted. Does anyone else here like to watch them do Dollar Tree Hauls? I watch a couple of people who do these videos. Two of them admitted to being 'former' hoarders but clearly display the same hoarding tendencies with dollar store crap.

No. 480904

Have you heard of Foolyliving aka Andrea? An american mum of three living in israel with teo of the three children and her husband. She basically takes her children from appointment to appointment, believes they all have autism ( she also has one sun in the US). I don‘t know but she gives me weird vibes…

No. 480906

Sage for samefag but sorry for my typos.
She has one son in the US AND IT‘s two children

No. 480908

She and her family were on this program in the U.K. about unconventional families. Her house/life looked like a fucking nightmare. She lets her kids throw mattresses down the stairs and all sorts

No. 480913

File: 1516875299062.gif (873.44 KB, 245x245, A449B21A-416F-47F4-A956-1A86F5…)

Holy crap I haven’t checked on freckled fox since she proved her husbands illness to gomi. I have missed so much. She was probably terrified to be alone after Martin died wow

No. 480955

File: 1516886340548.jpg (92.66 KB, 381x640, lw56WJRF493.jpg)

I thought you were having a stroke for a second there.

I know the Harley's have their own thread but since it's been kind of dead maybe we can merge them into this one?

No. 480960

I kind of like keeping the Hooligans restrained to their thread, there's a special brand of sad disgust at the world that overcomes those threads.

No. 480964

Please tell me this isn’t shopped and they actually put Lola in a fucking bathtub full of nipples
(Also seconded - I miss the Harley thread)

No. 480988

OP here and I don't really mind so long as people don't try to turn it into solely a Harley thread.

No. 480990

Katie has been featured on CNN and numerous American talk shows and constantly gets sponsorships for doing literally nothing but promoting pseudoscience. And, like many of the other mom bloggers she has 6 or 7 kids.

No. 481006

No. 481039


This was a post that I honestly couldn't stand because it went from finally acknowledging that she gives off the impression of a holier than thou, tradqueen piece of shit in literally every preachy post that she makes to

>I-I'm not perfect either feel sorry for me guys

Further down she goes into criticizing other bloggers for the same shit that she does. Her site layout is by no means unique. Its a shitty, basic WordPress format that anybody could do. Also, muh fellating backroom deals? Bitch, you have a fucking coupon code on nearly every article of yours from herbs to salt lamps to friggin' COCONUT OIL. Who the fuck are you preaching towards?

>I’m extremely aware, appreciative and grateful every single day for the amazing community that has grown through Wellness Mama. It is so much bigger than me. It is a group. A sisterhood. A family of moms who quite literally have the power to change the world. I don’t take that lightly.

You're a bored mother of 6 kids who admits that her home is often in a state of disarray and that you don't make your own detergent and 3 square meals a day yet you feel threatened enough to delete comments or leave cunty replies with ellipses everywhere the moment you're questioned. You promote shit like sticking sea sponges up inside of ourselves as an alternative means to pads and tampons. You tout coconut oil and castille soap as this unstoppable duo that always gets your clothes clean yet when people have come to you saying that coconut oil causes the color to run from clothes, you get shitty about it.

>I don’t want to be a “celebrity” from blogging (as some bloggers seem to want). In fact, this would utterly terrify me and get me so far out of my comfort zone I wouldn’t know who I was anymore. My goal isn’t to make millions, it is to HELP millions.

That's why you went on CNN, Good Morning America, a bunch of other talk shows, do a podcast, and incessantly shove a pop-up into people's faces not once but twice shilling your book when they stumble onto your site, right?

Also that crock about people stealing your recipes. Bitch, people have been using lavender oil for their hair or home cleaning for ages. You didn't invent that. You didn't invent cleaning with borax, how to make egg drop soup, chia seed pudding, or homemade lip balms get the fuck out of here.

>Someone else could copy my writing, copy my posts, copy all my ideas, but it wouldn’t be the same because the passion isn’t there. Because the world doesn’t need another blog post about how to make lip balm or magnesium body butter (which I did invent, btw), but the world needs more passion.


>I’ve struggled with the fact that I’m very much imperfect.

Which is why you feel superior to others over your choice to make your own toilet cleaner, yeah.

>At the end of the day, I don’t give a damn about just having your email address on my list.

Again, those pop-ups begging me to be on your newsletter say otherwise.

>I feel inferior because I don’t look like Jennifer Aniston with the patience of June Cleaver and the culinary skills of Julia Childs. I feel imperfect because I don’t have 28 hours a day to get everything done that I want to accomplish.

Yeah, you need a fucking real job where you go outside, that's why. I'm not even against homemaking and I'm hoping to be a stay at home mom when my fiance and I start a family, but Katie shat out 6 kids and yet she wonders why she can't get anything accomplished around the house.

No. 481056

File: 1516896751191.png (68.58 KB, 640x692, 7a5.png)

No. 481060

File: 1516897043276.png (54.37 KB, 800x520, 1b0.png)

No. 481063


Reese Witherspoon got shit from a bunch of pissy mommy bloggers a few months ago for a comment that she made towards them.

>when referencing the need for more diverse content for women you said, “And I’m not talking about mommy blogs and 14 ways to cook a turkey.” I’m sure that got you a lovely little chuckle, but your words made me rethink you as a champion of working women.

What do you farmers think?

No. 481245

File: 1516909192127.webm (1 MB, 1280x720, Mummy.webm)

No. 481514

Does anyone remember the name of that one Vegan mommy blogger that breastfed her son at like.. 5 and made creepy videos of her laying in bed with the kid fondling her boob and her creepy boyfriend next to them talking about how sensual breastfeeding was? i believe she ended up dying in a traffic accidant in some asian country. I am very curious as to what has become of the boyfriend she was with as he was on trial for causing it and what became of the little kid

No. 481520

No. 481646

fucking gross. these two are everything wrong with this planet. I only feel sorry for the kids

No. 481758


totally, it's a fucking terrible idea to make big life decisions while you're grieving

that said I don't think that Emily has much agency, I think she was railroaded into this whole fuckup by Richard. there's even videos she's made of the whole family collecting firewood - even in that video, Emily is the one pulling the cart of wood while heavily pregnant, the CHILDREN are picking up the braches, and fucking Richard is standing around just watching them, doing fuckall except playing pocket billiards in his sweatpants

she gets upset about something, he says `hey babe maybe you should be thinking about getting in the kitchen, it`s time for dinner`, and later says that he was juuuust thinking of HER, cos she `likes to cook`

he`s a lazy, entitled, dangerous cunt
she still hasn`t addressed her grief, or the fact that she`s been pregnant for fucking 7 years straight, but of course Richard needs to prove his dick works just as well as martin`s did

the new babby will be the Richard`s Golden Child, you watch

No. 483316

Thank you
Damn he moved on quickly

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