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File: 1445622545284.png (100.74 KB, 271x186, aly and her sisters.png)

No. 48258

Where we left off:

Aly will not DISCUSS issues concerning bloating and her UNGODLY (!) farts.

Aly continues to leech her mother's time and money with her latest venture of KICK ANA FAMILY SUPPORT.

Her father, who is responsible for her illness, has said he will actively give Aly his FULL support…so we'll SEE how that goes, eh,

The American Cafe still FEATURES, as does her PROMINENT (!) sternum.

However, she assures us she is gaining.

Let's celebrate Aly's 1000th CROISSANT #recoverywin as she gazes AT her food with all the love of a NEW MOTHER looking into her JOYFUL blondie little girl's eyes.

LOTS OF CUTE (!) animals behaving like ALY gifs and other ED cows DISCUSSED.



#edrecovery #edsoldiers #ednos #togetherwecan #fightingforfreedom #realrecovery #noproana #noana #beatana #beatinged #beatingana #anorexiarecover #anawho #anabitch #eatingdesordersrecover #recovery #recoveryispossible #togetherwecan #keepfighting #kickana #fight

No. 48260

Thanks to anon for the thread header pic.

Hair by Vanity Paws Dog Grooming Salon.

No. 48261

File: 1445622963295.png (685.27 KB, 594x593, Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.5…)

Anyone else notice that she reverses every single selfie? In every selfie she takes, the words are backwards. Like she only can stand to look at herself the way she sees herself in a mirror.

No. 48264

With that pic I realised I'd spent X amount of months thinking she was left handed.

No. 48277

File: 1445624334192.jpg (60.08 KB, 600x453, cat-eating-hamburger.jpg)

Aly may not know what a hamburger is but this cat sure does.

No. 48279

Her ham burgers (last thread) look like the cheap ass school dinners burgers that I swear are just scrapings and 1% meat!

No. 48280

Don't I'm so hungry !!!

No. 48283


They sell those kind IN A CAN. I think the Casati's shop at some very cheap food shop or they're freegans.

No. 48293

That's depressing tbh, I'm having trouble hating on Aly lately… I just feel sad for her, she's so into her illness it's not funny anymore

No. 48294

That photo with her Dad made me want to resurrect his mafia personality for just a moment…

>Don Casati was not happy about his skele-daughter's suggestion for a second (!) breakfast at a bar, but seeing an opportunity to kick back in the autumn sun with a fine whiskey, he agreed. The pair walked to Torrefazione L'isola, Don Casati barely keeping up with his emaciated corpse of a daughter; she seemed to almost run instead of walk.

>When they arrived the daughter ordered a cappucino and a croissant, enquiring keenly about the “just baked” status of her pastry. Don Casati took his everytime favourite neat single malt, and joined his burden/daughter on the terrace. As the skeleton chattered on, teeth rattling in her head and voice almost breaking, Don Casati sipped his drink and wondered how many more times he would have to endure these false speaches.

>Something had to be done; a man of his stature could not waste his time with such trivialities. His daughter had been lying and manipulating the family, her doctors, and anyone who came into contact with her for so long he could not bear to watch it any longer. As she prattled on about “family support” and “#realrecovery” he had never felt so bored nor so desperate to end a situation.

>Don Casati pondered the question in his mind as the daughter picked apart her just baked croissant without ever putting a single crumb past her lips. He watched her worriedly wipe the lush oil (!) off her fingers and made his mind up: she was to be forced into treatment or disposed of. A wry smile crept over Don Casati's lips as he realised that soon he would be free from this monster. He didn't even mind her posing awkwardly for a photo with him in; he knew that soon, one way or another, it would all be over.

No. 48297

File: 1445630482980.jpg (34.17 KB, 480x329, don casati.jpg)

First they came for his daughter's Donald Duck…

No. 48301

Hamburger has nothing to do with ham. It's because it originated in Hamburg, Germany. Someone should really inform her.

No. 48315

File: 1445635175483.jpg (61.95 KB, 299x398, ham somethingorother.jpg)

Replying to comments from the last thread.

Still not deleted. That person is almost as bad at English as Aly. Yikes.

Thankfully this image was the follow up of that conversation.
I hate to say this, but Aly was actually okay in this situation. I don't know why she was so bitchy about someone not noticing a space but that's her way.
Also, no it wouldn't be called a ham sandwich. The way she's eating it, a native English speaker would typically call it a ham patty.

No. 48323

Plz never stop this saga

No. 48327

File: 1445637122385.gif (2 MB, 386x380, giphy.gif)

a brief shot of aly tranistioning from super-posi to aggressive bitch (no pun intended)

No. 48331

File: 1445637253911.jpg (145.27 KB, 1280x960, Capture.JPG)

aly with her #fearfoodchallange after the pic is snapped and she stops grinning like the joker

No. 48333

File: 1445637340690.jpg (320.59 KB, 2776x1422, Capture.JPG)

>"going to buy muh ensurz #edfam"

No. 48336

File: 1445637803887.gif (336.25 KB, 250x112, giphy.gif)

results of another sleepless night

No. 48339

Never heard anyone refer to something as a "patty" in the UK.>>48315

No. 48340

File: 1445638555155.jpg (77.99 KB, 625x612, selfie 1.jpg)

Did you miss my kisses my #edfamily?

No. 48341

Mfw hairy anus mouth

No. 48342

File: 1445638980935.jpg (38.41 KB, 540x353, no thoughts.jpg)

Restriction after the #secondbkfast croissant? B*tch please.

No. 48346

File: 1445639699009.jpg (221.25 KB, 1224x1632, Rf6YBL6.jpg)

Had this superlicious creamy cappuccino as second (!) part of #breakfast. Just look at that foam!

No. 48365

I've never seen someone eat ham in that form, tbh. I'm just picturing when someone has ground beef shaped like that, before they make it into a hamburger, it's called a hamburger patty. So I imagine just ham would be a ham patty.

I'm American though so that's probably it. Curious though: would the UKers indeed refer to that as a "ham sandwich" then (when it's just the meat)?

No. 48368

File: 1445646340665.jpg (33.49 KB, 550x413, carnivores pft.jpg)

I'm a bit confused, but do you mean the actual meat thing before it's cooked? If so, it's still called a beefburger or hamburger even though it's not in a burger bun.

No. 48369

File: 1445646542328.jpg (20.18 KB, 259x239, burger.JPG)

aaaaaaaand veggie burger without a bun.

Patty appears on the boxes of US products we call burgers, but nobody here says patty.

No. 48371

No. 48447

Yeah I do mean that. That makes sense, and I'm sorry that I confused you.
Oh, good point though: a veggie burger is always a veggie burger whether it has a bun or not. Hamburgers though just might have patty tagged onto it if it doesn't have a bun.

Thank you! That's interesting and very helpful!

No. 48462

>Her father, who is responsible for her illness, has said he will actively give Aly his FULL support…so we'll SEE how that goes, eh,
wait what?

No. 48518

Her father literally forced Aly to be anorexic to pass on the family tradition.

… Okay really though Aly blames her father for her illness for seemingly no reason. He's just a big ol' meanie and somehow that makes it his fault that she has anorexia.

As for the full support thing, see: >>48160

No. 48522

Aly sure has a lot of "rough"/"sleepless" nights for someone who's perfected the art of #realrecovery and is overflowing with posi-vibes…

No. 48550

File: 1445687443886.jpeg (83.69 KB, 640x390, image.jpeg)

This is what aly eats, idk if they even exist in other countries, but it's like a patty made of ham… I've never tried them cause they look like baby food to me

No. 48562

Looks like something you'd buy in Hawaii, only there it would be Spam instead of ham.

No. 48563

File: 1445691888395.png (174.63 KB, 720x596, wut.png)

Wait what, it wasn't 1.5 kg. In fact, overall, it was 0.5 kg.

No. 48565

Today Aly ate a pear instead of a peer (!). But it was still "already biten."

No. 48567

Her asslickers will treat that as fact now that she's said it, though.

She supposedly gained 1 kg at her last weigh-in. I think her Day Hospital Control is every 6 weeks, and she'd lost half a kg at the one before that. No clue where she got that number.

Shit, isn't she also tutoring someone in math?

No. 48576

It's Fleischkäse in Germany. Nothing unusual.

No. 48591


No. 48594

Oops, that was my guess. The actual translation of kase is: cheesy/crap/codswallop/rubbish.

So: flesh-rubbish?

No. 48608

Its meatloaf. Nothing to do with cheese actually

No. 48609

But i do not think that this is whatever aly eats or pretends to, as fleischkäse is quite high in calories n fats

No. 48615

File: 1445698080797.png (141.47 KB, 1122x458, Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 7.47…)

Ummmmmmmmm what?

No. 48616

File: 1445698170614.png (957.42 KB, 616x1580, Aly 10-14-2015 2.png)

No. 48624

New generation cellphones do the reverse thing automatically sometimes

No. 48628

She's really ill. Tbh, I'm surprised she has a social life. I would think being this mentally ill it would be just too much.

No. 48630

i wish i had some weed

No. 48632

File: 1445702402429.jpg (147.4 KB, 540x543, IMG_20151024_090107.JPG)

already biten jfc

No. 48633

Maybe she is dumpster diving, being so poor and all, she already dresses like a hobo…

No. 48635

What are you talking about? "Already bitten" here makes sense, though she obviously spelled bitten wrong.
It's her "already baked" bread/pastry that makes no sense.
In both cases, she probably means "just" instead of "already," but "already bitten" makes sense.

No. 48636

It doesn't really, though. Like unless she bit the pear yesterday and is eating the rest as part of 2nd breakfast or whatever it makes no sense.

Like you wouldn't say: "I had eggs and already bitten toast for breakfast"

Like… the fuck

No. 48640

To me "already bitten" implies that's how she got it. Like, here's this pear with a bite already taken out, enjoy!

I fucking hate her captions but for some things I can't fault her for considering she's not at all fluent in English

No. 48641

She's saying it was already bitten by the time she took the picture, not already bitten when she got it. It makes sense to me.
More like, "Here's a picture of my breakfast: eggs and toast that I've already bitten."
Obviously it does sound stupid, and as I said, she probably does mean "just," especially since she makes the same mistake with freshly baked bread.

No. 48644

File: 1445705906416.jpg (27.43 KB, 301x186, blashpemy.JPG)

>inb4 I think my ED centre knows more than you or me, don't you? :)

No. 48645

Yeah, I'm waiting for it. And, at this point, no, I really fucking don't think they know more than I do. I'm expecting she'll delete and block me for that comment when she gets around to it though.

No. 48647

the thing is: she's saying it's already bitten, and that's it. we each understand different things because it's open to interpretation.

No. 48648

File: 1445706829830.jpg (84.22 KB, 509x378, Realrecover.jpg)

She might say they already increased it after she lost weight.

Here is Aly enjoying (the sight of) cake.

No. 48650

File: 1445707068136.jpg (32.07 KB, 548x406, Pt 2.jpg)

Look, she's clearly demolished the cake. You can tell by the frosting around the mouth.

No. 48653

File: 1445707290640.jpg (5.17 KB, 236x177, already biten.jpg)

We've already established the family go dumpster diving for food, so it probably WAS already biten by someone else.

Her Sisters ate the cake, Aly watched a candle.

No. 48654

File: 1445707393282.jpg (11.41 KB, 192x184, ed clinic.jpg)

and here is ED clinician pic for proofs

No. 48655

File: 1445707505444.jpg (138.73 KB, 594x396, Drank.jpg)

alcohol is always enjoyable, especially in recovery (it gets you drunk faster)

No. 48666

File: 1445708820577.jpg (99.46 KB, 615x453, freegan casatis.jpg)

No. 48667

Don't forget starbucks cups

No. 48670

She responded! Saying it was 1.5 kg after all…the "1 whole kg" was apparently the net gain. K.

No. 48672

File: 1445709369178.gif (1.64 MB, 352x217, TMmlKMJ.gif)

No. 48679

File: 1445711478095.jpg (48.72 KB, 540x216, IMG_20151024_113132.JPG)

Oh her parents are totally getting a divorce

No. 48688

Fair point.

No. 48689

I made sure to screencap that caption before she could edit the weight out! I poked around her other Day Hospital Control (hospital emoji) day photos, and it looks like she deleted any mention of the half kilo loss from her bad bloods/ this is not an ED hospitalization post… At her checkup before that one she stated that she'd gained 1.3 kg, and unless I missed it, she scrubbed any evidence of what she claimed her gainz to be after her first hospitalization and after her first checkup. Or day hospital control, if you prefer. She'll probably go back and delete any mentions of weight gain in her more recent photos as well… Her fans have memories like goldfish and are stupid and blind, so she could tell them she's gained 10 kg since June and they'd believe her.

No. 48692

Thank you very much! That's why I hate her, She thinks she's sooo smart and everyone else is stupid and will believe anything she says.

No. 48693

That's sad

No. 48697

Interesting. They did all go to the seaside together, as well as McDonalds that one time. Maybe dad thinks mom enables her so does not want to be present if she is there? (to avoid arguments)

No. 48698

File: 1445714759996.png (284.41 KB, 618x489, freegan article contd.png)

No. 48700

Family situation = she doesn't get along with her dad, so everyone else suffers.

No. 48701

Recoveringemily looks so creepy. I'm sure she uses "beauty mode" for her selfies. I think it's on most Android phones. When I turn it super high, my face looks like hers texture wise. Maybe she also uses the option to make the chin narrower?

No. 48703

Or maybe her dad actually works and doesn't have the time to waste by going out with his needy as fuck daughter just to sit and watch her take a million pictures of food she doesn't eat

No. 48704

Her skin looks flawless. Too much so.

No. 48705

Aly never has toppings on her pizza. What's a pizza without toppings )apart from lower calorie? Bland, that's what it is.

No. 48707

It's actually not uncommon to eat "plain" pizzas in Italy. Many Italians I know kind of judge people who pile lots of toppings on their pizza.

No. 48708

File: 1445715976180.png (418.46 KB, 515x431, Untitled.png)

elenasrecovery has good pizza with lots of topping. I'd rather go to her house for -zza than to Aly's (for so many reasons).

No. 48709

Oh I agree, her pizza always looks really good! I don't really bother checking her profile. We all know Aly doesn't even add something like mushrooms or ham to her pizza - because she's not in #realrecovery like she claims.

No. 48711

I only looked once when she was mentioned, but the quality of her food was a lot higher than Aly's even though they seem to share the same MEALPLAN (!) I remember the pizzas because Aly's look like those frozen things you stick in the oven. You can't be choosy if you're freegan, I suppose.

No. 48713

Toppings ruin the loveliness that is already pizza. You think baked bread slathered in tomato sauce and mozzarella is bland? I pity you, anon.

No. 48714

File: 1445717462488.jpg (38.84 KB, 798x281, stop now.JPG)

No. 48717

I thought they were cool now

No. 48718


No. 48723

tbh all the people i know who regularly eat pizza with toppings are fat
like you're already eating a big chunk of carbs, salt and fat, you don't need even more fatty salty meat on it lmao

No. 48733

I'm a very picky eater and a vegetarian so I prefer my pizza with cheese only, unless spinach is available. It's not bland ;~;

No. 48734

Pls don't start with this shit again, you'll make emily cry

No. 48735

lol well she still blocked me.

No. 48739

Welcome to the club lol

No. 48740

File: 1445720712505.png (223.01 KB, 1122x708, Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 2.01…)

Jesus Christ she's so fucking dumb, she replied to my comment, THEN deleted it and blocked me? That doesn't look suspicious at all. And yeah, I'm sure her doctors really think that negligible weight gain is the best way to go for an extremely underweight, medically at-risk anorexic. Yep. She TOTALLY gained an ENTIRE 1 kg in a month! Amazing!

This girl makes me sick.

No. 48745

I'm topping fan anon. I don't eat pizza regularly and haven't had one for more than a year BUT I like pineapple and sweet corn topping (veggie). I cant imagine why people would want meat on one with it already being heavy but I ain't gonna judge.

No. 48751

I bet she blocks everyone with weight gain questions. More of her façade has been showing through, lately… but then she catches herself and edits so that she's still in the perfect recovery.
I'm still angry about her rationale (and bitchiness) for not discussing things like bloating. Bitch, parts of recovery are embarrassing, but that's also part of the process. If she's really hypermetabolic (ha), she's probably sweating a lot, but I bet she'd never admit to ever sweating in her life.

No. 48752

Do you know a lot of people who eat pizza on a regular basis though?

No. 48753


I eat pizza on a regular basis.
I am fat.
My husband also eats it on a regular basis.
He is underweight.

Buuuuut I have BED so I eat way more than him. Depends on the person really.

No. 48758

I ate pizza twice this week and i'm probably eating it again today.

No. 48759

I ate pizza twice this week and i'm probably eating it again today.

No. 48763

lol @ BED

No. 48767

File: 1445726873128.jpg (21.91 KB, 520x292, quelle horreur.jpg)

No, but other people seem to eat lots of take out food or fast food shit.

I'm not keen on pizza because I don't like stodge or bread things in general.

Either Aly isn't experiencing bloating and sweats because she ISN'T EATING ENOUGH or she's prissier than I thought. It shows she hasn't really had any in depth treatment or therapy if she can't even talk about bloating, farting and pooping.

>Aly's face when she's ever asked by a doctor to prove her menstruation's returned by showing her used tampon.

No. 48768

Of course she isn't eating enough. I mean we've been counting her daily caloric intake for a while now and judging by that (if she even eats everything which I highly doubt it) she is only eating enough to maintain. Most of her shit ends up in the trash except the day before ~day hospital control~ when she loads up on McDonalds so she can be 1.5kg (!) heavier and in #realrecovery.

No. 48775

Well, I eat a pizza pocket every day…

No. 48780

Growing up, my crazy bitch mother made me eat one of these bad boys with a slice of tinned pineapple on top for dinner at least once a week.
She called it Hawaiian steak and insisted I loved this meal and begged her for it even though I mostly cried, asked for an apple instead and took four and a half hours to choke down something that foul.

TL;DR they taste like shit, smell like pig anuses and are not improved by pineapple.

No. 48782

kek, I am so sorry anon, that sounds quite traumatzing

No. 48794

show……. a used…… tampon………….???????
the fuck

No. 48795

Turns out she's got BPD with narcissistic tendencies. Fucked me up for a while but now its pretty fucking funny.
Hawaiian steaks..

No. 48796

I had to do that when I was 14. I am still mad about it 13 years later.

No. 48797

I'd be mad too. That's some Rhodes Farm level shit.

No. 48798

good lord anon. many hugs.

No. 48799

Damn anon. That would scar me for life.

No. 48809

File: 1445747649123.png (117.03 KB, 1440x473, Screenshot_2015-10-25-00-25-15…)

Think this is immediately being deleted when Aly wakes up? Anyone who remembers her IG before the Great Purge knows that when she started her account she talked about bingeing and how she'd switched from AN to BED. Now she'd probably like everyone to forget that.

No. 48810

Yeah that's going to have to go.

No. 48838

Yeah, she's going to delete it. She has absolutely no empathy and will probably direct this person to READ THE CAPTIONS.

No. 48840

woah hey another rhodes farm farmer hello there

No. 48848

Why doesn't Aly just make her instagram private?
I know she probably loves attention but considering she deletes almost everything… Seems kind of pointless.

No. 48879

File: 1445768918130.png (184.92 KB, 1179x635, Screenshot_2015-10-25-11-23-07…)

start beating it …

No. 48882

File: 1445773038813.gif (1.75 MB, 200x107, 1DngHFh.gif)

No. 48899

File: 1445778985493.gif (470.61 KB, 120x120, giphy.gif)

No. 48906

>the Great Purge

No. 48907

Call me crazy but when I order a pizza from papa johns (don't judge me it's my fav), I order light cheese, extra sauce, and when I get it i usually pull 3/4 the cheese off. Don't get me wrong, I fuckin love cheese and I'll eat lots of it on other things, but for some reason, cheese on pizza isn't my jam. I'm all about that sauce and crust. I'll eat it with toppings too

No. 48908

File: 1445781367162.jpg (50.82 KB, 984x618, jDEBu30.jpg)

Proper aly sized banana

No. 48919

??? Get bread sticks or garlic fingers?

No. 48934

File: 1445787340697.png (850.97 KB, 932x598, risotto 1.png)

here's Aly being a jerk in Italian. Someone asked her how she prepared the risotto and she replies, "like every risotto."

Also of course she likes to eat before anyone else is up - she can just put the cookies back in the bag after taking her picture.

No. 48935

File: 1445788403162.png (85.67 KB, 1144x254, Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.51…)

Yes, you cunt, I'm sure you always eat at LEAST 100% of your GIGANTIC meal plan without even a peep. Restriction? Not even a thought! Everyone else is just failing at #realrecovery while Aly is #winning and #beatingana by remaining a spoopy skeleton indefinitely.

No. 48939

File: 1445790322646.jpg (187.41 KB, 936x595, lil bro.jpg)

She thinks her little brother is smiling here… ffs. Her poor family. She probably thinks her mom is smiling in every selfie when really her mother is holding back tears.
I mean, I had a younger moody teenager brother too who didn't like smiling in photos, so I know what that's like. But I didn't try to claim he was smiling over a damn pastry.

No. 48941

I really, honestly think she has no/low empathy. I'm not sure if she's autistic or ASPD but there's something really off about her.

No. 48944

That's quite a stretch, anon. She's just a typical attention whore with a severe ED.

No. 48948

Her brother is like "it's a croissant, get over it Aly ffs"

No. 48950

Anyone see on that pic that someone asked how she got her family to take selfies with food, and that her family wouldn't do it? I thought she was a farmer but clicked on her profile and she's someone from France with anorexia. That is so fucked up that alys profile makes other ppl trying to recover think its normal to take selfies with every meal. The point of recovery is NOT obsessively focusing on every meal.

No. 48961

Before real recovery I didn't know what croissants waffles chocolate were… WTF?!?! You binged on this crap! Makes me mad!!!

No. 48968

I didn't see the comment, but this makes me sad. I'm glad the French girl's family refuses to do it. It's not normal. Your meals aren't supposed to be on display for the whole world. Aly is fucked up and has a fucked up family dynamic.

No. 48977

See, I'm still leaning more in the direction of sociopath.

She is a typical attention whore with severe ED, yes, but there is still something off about the way she treats her family.

Exactly! He is not at all impressed with the "pain au chocolat" that she brought him.

No. 48986

>prob thanks to the croissant I bought him

So generorous buying him a cheapo croissant with your parents money

I saw the selfie post but didn't screencap. Saw this one, haven't checked but it's probably gone now.

No. 48988

File: 1445794732917.jpg (14.64 KB, 303x91, g.JPG)

No. 48989

Sociopathy is very misunderstood, but a lot of people actually have ASPD. It doesn't necessarily mean that they go around killing people, but that they consistently disregard the rights of others and are incredibly selfish and reckless.

I actually have a childhood friend who is a diagnosed sociopath. She's able to maintain a facade of normality. The only thing you'd notice that's off about her is her display of emotions, which seem over-the-top, ie: laughing and crying is obviously forced. Her activities like shoplifting, cheating, lying are pretty hidden. She seems like a normal, happy, well-adjusted person if you're a casual acquaintance. Aly reminds me so much of her. She's acting.

Most sociopaths are just "normal" people.

No. 48993

Polite OT sage

I'm diagnosed with fairly functional ASPD and she doesn't show really any symptoms.

I imagine the chances of someone having ASPD and anorexia are somewhat low, too, given a lot of ASPD symptoms.

I agree with this Anon.

No. 48996

Kek and I didn't sage..

No. 48998

File: 1445794880309.jpg (271.59 KB, 972x1491, Screenshot_2015-10-25-17-39-27…)

No. 49000

I chose a free brighten future too.

No. 49005


>>48993 here. I think you are just mistaking a poor actor (Aly) for ASPD. Of course she's acting, she's trying to maintain her anorexia.

No. 49006

No. 49008

However, I don't think Aly's autistic. I think she's selfish and that her brain is starved.

No. 49009

Fair enough. I've never met Aly in real life and I'm definitely not a doctor. She's definitely a fucking shit actor.

No. 49016

To be fair, even if we were doctors we'd need a fairly extensive look of her history to properly diagnose it.

I think
Brings up an interesting point in that anorexics can have autistic/low empathy traits.

I do think that her behavior fits anorexia as I understand it. But of course, the human mind can still be mysterious.

No. 49023

File: 1445795864807.jpg (144.41 KB, 890x417, already.jpg)

apple wasn't already biten today?
Def not lurking

No. 49024

Nice place to hide that food in the longish grass there.

I personally think Aly's one of those self centred people who is really into herself. She's the most important thing in her world . You don't have to be an autist or a psychopath to be like that. I've known a few in my life.

No. 49025

sorry SOCIOPATH not psychopath >>49024

No. 49028

I agree. She's narcissistic af. That doesn't make her bitchiness and low level of empathy pathological. She's just a self-absorbed bitch.

No. 49033

A ton of people with EDs actually are on the autism spectrum

No. 49034

I think it's bushes, which makes an even better place to hide them. But also, parks generally have trash cans, so she probably just tossed it as she was leaving.

Don't worry; I think they're generally thought of as the same thing.
Though interestingly enough, apparently there is a difference: http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/features/sociopath-psychopath-difference?page=2
>Sociopaths are less able to play along. They make it plain that they’re not interested in anyone but themselves. They often blame others and have excuses for their behavior.
I don't know for sure if Aly is really a sociopath, but goddamn, that does sound like her.

No. 49036

File: 1445797392259.png (3.25 MB, 1440x1979, 2015-08-19 01.37.23-1.png)

Not that she was eating any of it, but…

No. 49038

File: 1445797556896.png (3.25 MB, 1440x2067, 2015-08-19 01.32.58-1.png)

No. 49041

File: 1445797735649.jpg (54.81 KB, 629x553, breakfast.JPG)

Her breakfasts used to look like this

No. 49044

Should state that that's not one portion for her. Shared with her ex.

No. 49053

The infamous pasta plate looks good to me here, not HUGE but not tiny either

No. 49061

File: 1445799511006.png (836.1 KB, 822x505, strenght.png)

> a ton (!) of ham slices
aly piles the ham on her plate. after selling the nearest 5 supermarkets out of the sliced pig flesh, now is the time. this is her streght. this is her #realrecovery (!). she must convince her followers that she's totes trying. even though the ham is the lowest calorie thing in the plate compared to her DANG LUSH OILY (!) she must ~try~. again and again, she places ham slices on her side plate next to her crumbs of bread and her three spinaches. it is tiring but she must try. the sheer weight of the ham on her cardboard box dinner table causes it to collapse, but she cares not. even when she finds a solid oak table it breaks from the ton (!).
rip dinnertable

No. 49064

File: 1445799880182.jpg (33.03 KB, 270x468, silver shamrock.JPG)

Six more days to Halloween, halloween, halloween.

The claaaaaaaw.

I refuse to believe she's gained even 0.5kg.

Looking at her face recently, it's not a giant leap of imagination to be able to see Ash there.

No. 49076

ffs aly put on some gloves

No. 49350

I bought a coffee at Starbucks today and I couldn't help but wonder whether Aly would ever reuse a paper cup over and over and over again.

No. 49365

holy shit my eyes just widened because that's exactly how i order my pizza from papa johns (Which also happens to be literally my favorite pizza). their sauce is amazing but yeah i'm just a dough/sauce kinda girl and if i do go for toppings i go for pineapples and roma tomatoes (everyone thinks it's weird. i don't blame them)

No. 50721

File: 1445846249805.jpg (43.44 KB, 1070x353, Screenshot_2015-10-26-07-40-23…)

And we all know why that is

No. 50726

Well she is being too obvious here.
But then again, when is she not obvious

No. 50738

File: 1445855415275.jpg (155.77 KB, 926x593, BEAT IT.jpg)

So Aly and her father went out on a quick trip to buy bread. Her poor father just wanted to get home to get back to his work, but NOPE(!). Aly, the fucking brat, decides they are going to sit down so she can have this pastry and coffee.

Also she posted an OOTD and looks just as terrible as ever.

No. 50740

Agreed! And looks more awful than last time she posted an ootd, working this Halloween look perfectly

No. 50743

this pastry is super small - the size of an espresso cup (or smaller)

No. 50750

it's smaller, the cup is further back but still looms over the pastry

No. 50751

What are you guys going to do once she DOES start to recover? Will you finally leave this poor skellington alone?

No. 50759

> not if

Kek I admire your optimism

No. 50760

Collapse from shock

No. 50764

it's the size of those mini macaroons from Trader Joes, or about 1.5 golf balls

No. 50775

File: 1445860344144.jpg (1.26 MB, 1232x1600, AiDQgyE.jpg)

God dammit, Aly.

No. 50777

File: 1445860633743.jpg (221.05 KB, 1307x1500, Capture.JPG)

who wore it better

No. 50778

File: 1445860699557.jpg (8.32 KB, 192x256, eat shit.jpg)

i like to call that look "skank hobo"

No. 50781

How can someone even consider leaving the house in this outfit??? She has the worst taste in clothes I´ve ever seen.

No. 50782

why does everybody give her shit for free
like d'yuh remember the "beloved barman shifty emoji" who kept giving her croissants

No. 50786

i think aly listens to too much mj

No. 50787

File: 1445861055404.jpg (65.11 KB, 280x390, SNN29TV01A-280_1033795a.jpg)

No. 50791

Maybe they think she's starving to death because she's really fucking poor. I guess that makes it charity.

No. 50813

Her face does look fuller there..compared to July or August.

No. 50814

I don't understand this outfit (spookiness aside)

Like, floral shirt, sweatpants, fluffy vest, gigantic bag? None of these things go together. The calorie deficiency is causing her to go blind.

No. 50821

It's allll to hide the spoopy.
Okay, she does have crap fashion sense even at baseline. But the bulky coverage of the clothes, the big bag, it's all to make her look bigger.

No. 50831

File: 1445871487159.png (346.49 KB, 800x342, strenght.png)

>the i and e key are not close at all
>retard aly confirmed

No. 50832

the use of biiiig is my everytime trigger

No. 50833

Sweat pants and boots, just… why?

No. 50839

Italianfag here. I cringe so much when I see Aly attempting to write in English 'cause it reminds me of how us italians are literally the fucking worst at English. I feel such second-hand embarassment it's not even funny. For the love of god, please Aly, I get it that you want to become internationally famous for your spoopiness, but stick to what you know. Stick to italian, plz.

No. 50840

Hey Cchristie, why the tantrum? http://gawker.com/chris-christie-sipping-a-smoothie-was-kicked-off-an-a-1738543549

Was your afternoonsnack serve in a non-Starbucks glass? If so, I sympathize.

No. 50853

All those hating comments. I hope he's okay.

They're just samples. They do it at Costa a lot. They either leave bits of cutted up cake on a plate on the counter or walk around offering tiny samples of cakes or whatever.

It's one of her usual mistakes.

Water retention probably.

No. 50854

File: 1445875225122.jpg (29 KB, 318x299, semplicity of life.JPG)

No. 50855

"cutted up cake"

No. 50860

Christie will certainly have sth to write off about this

No. 50862

I would actually Love to watch that happen. Would be really interesting to see.

No. 50863

my idea is that she wears those ugly baggy clothes to hide the fact that she isn't gaining any weight at all

No. 50875

I hate when girls carry bags in the crook of their arm. CARRY IT IN YOUR HAND OR ON YOUR SHOULDER (that is what the shoulder strap is for).

Even Courtney Love dressed more mentally stable than this when she was off her face on crack. Congratulations, Aly - you outskanked THE skank.

No. 50896

That's a lot of brownie on her plate. No way it was all consumed. That might be hard to eat at once for a regular person (or it would be for me…those things are dense).

No. 50910

Her knee looks like it´s going to pierce the fabric of her ugly sweatpants. I don´t even want to imagine what that knee looks like without clothes. There is no way she has gained a single pound since june.

No. 50921

You used to call me on my cell phone
You used to you used to

No. 50925

Alternatively, she wears them to cover up because she thinks that the 0.005kg she's gained makes her a fat pig. :(

No. 50926

Also, literally every piece of clothing would be baggy when you're Aly's size. But she has terrible fashion sense on top of that.

No. 50928

Can anyone do a comparison of her from June ? I can't do it on my phone,

No. 50938

I think this is it, she feels like is almost weight restored and feels bad for being so "fat"
Her whole view it's distorted and I'm starting to feel bad for her

No. 50941

She wouldn't wear a ridiculous padded bra so it looks like she's got massive bangers if she didn't like to think she'd gained weight.

No. 50949

File: 1445882475427.png (928.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20151026-140002.png)

OK Aly that sounds legit

No. 50950

Most , if not every, dietician would encourage variety and a less controlled approach to eating,

No. 50952

Maybe she wants to be a sexy slutty skeleton with tits that weigh as much as the rest of her body

No. 50954

Also, she mentioned her doctor said slow weight gain would be easier mentally, I wish she realised recovery isn't easy, shouldn't be comfortable and can't be achieved without stepping out of your comfort zone! As you recover, the goal posts change but recovery can't be done without facing the hard truth of weight gain!!

No. 50956

File: 1445883029751.jpg (24.72 KB, 380x164, alynude.jpg)

No. 50961

Who wore it better, Aly or ash haha

No. 50962

Yeah I have literally never heard of a meal plan that mandates that you eat the same exact thing for breakfast every day. I remember back in ye olden days when I had a meal plan of my own, and I got yelled at for trying to choose a tuna sandwich for lunch more than two days in a row. Actual ED specialists are usually (in my experience and from what I've read online) big on variety. You have to meet a certain number of exchanges or eat a certain number of calories or whatever, but you aren't supposed to eat the exact same fucking thing day after day. That's rigid ED behavior and you're supposed to be encouraged to break that, not ingrain it further. And what happened to the whole "I eat so much above and beyond my meal plan omg I'm challanging myself so much because I'm #realrecovering!!!" deal? If she really felt that way, why not add, I don't know, a measly piece of fruit to breakfast or something? BUT NO. Must be exactly seven cookies and coffee. Nothing else is acceptable.

I can't believe she's fooling anyone into thinking she isn't still eating disordered as FUCK.

No. 50964

This is what I don't understand about her, she chooses a spontaneous chocolate brownie which was a huge fear food less than a week ago but won't add some toast or an Apple to her breakfast or even consider a change

No. 50965

This is such bullshit too, TBH…if her doctor actually said that, he/she doesn't know shit about treating EDs. She could die before she gains any significant amount of weight while she's just fucking around barely eating a maintenance amount.

No. 50966

It's really, really fishy.

No. 50967

But then again, who knows if she actually eats breakfast

No. 50968

Maybe that's why her dad yells at her in the mornings, she wants to be alone for breakfast so she can drink half a cup of coffee and return the cookies to the box, maybe he caught her while doing so…

No. 50975

File: 1445885857467.jpg (101.3 KB, 923x527, Capture.JPG)

What did I miss?

No. 51054

File: 1445895377106.png (26.91 KB, 356x72, Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.34…)

What the living shit is a zucchini pea?

No. 51059

Yeah I don't see any zucchini there

No. 51065

She invents eating stories so she may as well invent food.

Love peas tho. Mad as hell if she binned this when it would've felt good in my tummy.

No. 51198


No. 51240

File: 1445921861115.png (115.49 KB, 1112x348, Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.55…)

I'm guessing that Aly is so used to writing that she had zucchini that she just automatically inserted it in there. Someone should ask her wtf a zucchini pea is, though. I always like seeing her responses to shit like that, when she responds. Speaking of, dem unanswered questions tho

No. 51257

So Aly had yet another "rough night." I'm desperately curious to know what it is that makes these nights so rough.

No. 51258

Why she making a big deal about having a "freakin second breakfast" of a kipferl? She does this every day. And it pisses me off they're not "freakin heavy" and "freakin big" ! Just quit it already!

No. 51259

I think she's up all night on here catching up

No. 51264

haha good one! Or maybe she's up all night exercising

No. 51265

shit this is so spot on
the 'big on variety' thing. we used to have to alternate between different fruits/carbs/proteins ip and change our snacks daily too. once continuing as an outpatient at day programs we were questioned on whether we were alternating between things and they were big on it. having the exact same thing at the exact same time every day is ritualistic eating and it's viewed as a disordered behavior

No. 51266

she's so full of shit

No. 51268

File: 1445939866491.png (296.24 KB, 1138x924, Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.54…)

What ever happened to "Unknown/extra calories? No problem! Just tell Ana to shut her stupid mouth!"? I swear she was just recently saying that she's no longer afraid of extra calories because she wants to #RECOVER! And
>Please darling stop with these infinite and irrelevant questions [stupid emoji] this is the last time I'll answer..
How can anyone even stand this cunt? Why do these people act like they're friends with her when she clearly doesn't give a shit about any of them?

No. 51269

File: 1445940357643.png (545.96 KB, 695x481, jkaj.png)

Oh wow. I wonder what these 'schemes' are. fucking hell

No. 51270

Hmmm…compulsive lying, throwing out food and dumping Fortimels, using tricks to increase one's weight before ~Day Hospital Control~…? "Schemes" sounds so fucking manipulative, damn.

No. 51271

File: 1445940808356.png (17.91 KB, 467x183, jajk.png)

she explained the struggle side but not the schemes, unless she doesn't know what the fuck scheming means

No. 51272

She thinks that scheme has the same meaning of the italian word "schema".
Schema doesn't have the negative connotation that the english word scheme can have.
It can also mean "frame of mind" and I think that she's referring to that meaning.

No. 51273

What a fucking bitch, that girl was asking her just about her means of transport. Aly is getting more hangry every day.

No. 51274

Ah, thanks. That makes more sense.
Yeah, I'm still surprised by how rude Aly is to her followers, and yet she continues to acquire more ass-lickers.

No. 51275

rough night = can't purge dinner or exercise

No. 51277

this. We would get in trouble for eating the same ITEM twice in a day. You want cheese in your sandwich?? you had cheese for breakfast. that's disordered and ritualistic.

No. 51280

Lol really? That seems more disordered than the alternative. Maybe you just want cheese

No. 51284

i think their point is that 'ed centers' are usually adamant on fluctuation and exchanges with meals n shit so it's strange that aly's dietitian supposedly wants her to have the same shit every single day

No. 51290

Okay that wasn't a sweet response from Aly but tbf I was wondering if the girl was subtly trolling her or SWFing her or what. It was a little too much.

No. 51297

Can you imagine aly pulling that horrendous "gazing at croissant" smile as she types her cuntish comments though jfc get rekt

No. 51305

this recoverywin lunch of a half-sandwich is ridiculous. a tramezzino is like nothing. It's not extra-caloric or anything. My school class was starving after eating one of these in Padua. She ate half a sandwich for lunch. so recoverywin.

No. 51306

Looking spoopier than ever at lunch!

No. 51310

File: 1445953235098.jpg (172.23 KB, 1070x1104, Screenshot_2015-10-27-13-39-06…)

if I don't touch the bread I might absorb less calories can tell she's cursing that bread inside

No. 51320

File: 1445957101836.jpg (154.14 KB, 915x599, Capture.JPG)

No. 51322


Asking questions is a way to interact with people, to engage, to bond with them, but clearly Aly is too wrapped up in her anorexia and that's the only relationship she craves.

I've never seen her genuinely interact with anyone, only talk about herself, rehash empty phrases and a relentless desire to be admired.

Even the real-life "relationships" she has are exclusively centered around her anorexia, taking pictures of meals, of food, of her smiling at and holding food, and are ultimately aimed at giving her ass pats for each supposed #recoverywin.

No. 51324

this outfit gets worse every time i see it. she looks like the secret lovechild of a chav and a mad old woman

No. 51326

That's actually sad :(

No. 51331

File: 1445960265276.png (2.11 MB, 1198x1200, Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.35…)

Jesus fucking Christ. Apparently now this teeny half-sandwich qualifies as being "overfilled and HUGE (!)".

No. 51332

File: 1445960583171.png (405.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20151027-113922.png)

Holy shit she is a cunt. The person who asked it appears to be a young teen. Called out man.

No. 51333

File: 1445960703387.png (30.63 KB, 1054x88, Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.43…)

Yet there are still people begging to become her "friends." Comments like these make my heart break a little bit because Aly either doesn't respond to them or deletes them. She doesn't want to be "friends" with anyone. I don't know why she even bothers to run a fucking Instagram account where people can comment on her photos since she seems to not even like anyone talking to Her Royal Majesty.

No. 51334

File: 1445960941479.png (51.05 KB, 1074x124, Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.47…)

Also lol @ this probably-farmer. I always wondered why she put #ednos in her tags. I mean, clearly it's to get more attention, but it just seems so disingenuous to tag your posts with a disorder you don't have.

No. 51335

File: 1445960944487.png (412.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20151027-114742.png)

Called out. Shit like this makes me fucking rage so hard. I wish her mom had just dropped her off at the facility and left her there.

No. 51336

It's a legitimate question, she should be able to give a basic explanation! she adds food to her meals most days so why not breakfast? Her habit has now become biscuits then a pastry, not that she eats breakfast and most days probably shares the pastry like she's admitted to in the past . She is infuriating!

No. 51337

File: 1445961406485.jpg (114.97 KB, 1074x709, Screenshot_2015-10-27-15-56-12…)

No. 51338

Yeah I couldn't help myself. Deletion and blocking in 3…2…

No. 51339

Love the comments on pretty much every post haha

No. 51340

Thank you for some honest entertainment, Aly is beginning to bore me. The comments couldn't be truer though, I wonder if she'll attempt to be friendlier now… Haahaha

No. 51342

File: 1445962367973.jpg (170.89 KB, 1283x705, The things you do to me, Aly.j…)

No. 51343

File: 1445962368656.jpg (22.26 KB, 293x165, Capture.JPG)


NYDP, you're in rampage mode!

No. 51344

icovery is "probably" headed for inpatient "soon", thank everything holy. Hopefully "soon" is tomorrow.

No. 51345

Brilliant! And her fake chest! Thats definitely seen the impact of food

No. 51347

Oh god, I really hope she gets hospitalized, for her own sake and that of her family. She really needs to be in the hands of professionals. Even though she may be "attention-seeking," I still feel awful for her. She's so young, and she comes off as being even younger.

No. 51354

…and banned. If she really wants me to stop making new accounts and re-following her, she should make her account private.

No. 51371

I replied to this person encouraging her to not post her number publicly and linked a helpline and ALY DELETED THE COMMENT.

No. 51374

And yet the phone number post is still up. I can't come up with any possible reason that Aly would think that's okay.

No. 51383

She doesn't like it when her followers interact with each other on her IG, because it's for HER, not THEM. She's even said this in the past. Exceptions are obv made in cases of followers defending her.

Angelinedevries does ask a lot of questions, but she's always polite and (too) sweet about it, and she doesn't ask things like "OMG how do you turn your Fortimel Ensure to ice cream?"… If she irritates Aly so much, why hasn't she been banned? Maybe bc Aly likes her ass kissing too much? As disingenuous as her #realrecovery is, her #togetherwecan is what reeeeally gets to me.

No. 51384

I sent a private text to that person with the crisis text line and a warning about Aly. Wow this is like a new low for Aly, leaving someone's personal info up there and deleting actual info that could help people.

No. 51389

The girl doesn't seem that young,but she doesn't want the whole world texting her, esp the creeps that prey on girls with eds, hope she takes her post down now you've messaged her

No. 51395

Something going on with icovery account, can anyone translate?

No. 51396

File: 1445971885710.png (547.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-27-18-51-05…)

No. 51399

According to google translate, the person commenting is pretty much saying icovery is lying about going inpatient soon, icovery replies saying she's not lying and the commenter knows nothing about her, blabla, the usual

No. 51402

Ah ok, on her leaf picture the argument is 35 messages long :-/ she's young hope she's ok

No. 51403

Yeah, I think it's because the commenter also said that they reported icovery to the police and a youth welfare officer, and then they just keep arguing back and forth
Hope she actually gets help…

No. 51405

"Sorry but you know neither where you are going nor when you are going (inpatient) and if you say you´re going inpatient very soon you should know those things. Just keep on lying if you want to, the police is going to get in touch with you in three months´time and child protection services is probably going to do that sooner and then your parents will see soon enough."

I tried to translate as literally as possible, sorry if there are any mistakes! I´m German and even for a native speaker this post is a bit confusing/vague…

No. 51406

Oh snap son. I don't know if it's even possible for her to report to the police and CPS via an instagram account?

No. 51407

Either way, I don't think that's ok…give the girl the benefit of the doubt if she says she's going inpatient, she's not at Aly's level.

No. 51408

Why would she be reported to the police? Thanks for the translate! Much appreciated

No. 51409

I just looked into icovery´s account and one of her followers commented on her last picture and said that she reported icovery to the police and to child protection services. However, she didn´t say why or how exactly she did it, just that she reported her. I have no idea whether this is true or if she´s just threatening icovery…

No. 51410

I hope to hell the police are more competent than her parents and that report-chan took screenshots.

No. 51417

One of the comments in reply to her says people like her should be shot.


No. 51418

(in reply to the girl who reported icovery, not to icovery herself)

No. 51424

Aly and underaged german girl are damn boring so sorry for OT but seriously, is this seen as "healthy, fit and normal" nowadays?! https://instagram.com/carolinehgroth/

No. 51425

File: 1445976680524.jpg (23.99 KB, 454x303, magda.jpg)

Sorry but

No. 51427

Who knows

No. 51428

From a cursory examination I'd say that looks like an orthorexic, food- and nutrition-obsessed compulsive overexerciser.

No. 51433

did she honestly eat half a sandwich for lunch

No. 51434

She's twenty-five???

I thought this was a 45 year old Palm Beach divorcee. :\

No. 51437

Yep, half a crustless sandwich and half a cup of smoothie

No. 51438

she restricted the whole day

No. 51439

File: 1445979163834.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-27-20-51-57…)

This, not even the other side

No. 51440

I was going to say that she looks ok for middle age (too much spray tan though) but… 25, jesus. She has that bony-but-flabby look that 40 year old trophy wives have.

No. 51444

But yesterday she ate a dry ass brownie! #recoverywin

No. 51450

You're right. No FREAKING SECOND(!) afternoon snack either. As one of her followers said, if she's eating it everyday why not incorporate it into her meal plan. But nope, Aly needs the flexibility.

No. 51451

And she's run out of fortimels so itl be a hike around Milan tomorrow morning to go get some

No. 51456

I strongly suspect these second snacks are in the mealplan. I had to start eating a dessert after two weeks IP, after all. I'm sure she is required to have a dessert, but thinks of it somehow as "extra"

the breakfast stuff … I have no idea about that. Totally alien to me.

I wonder if she is cheating with her pasta servings too.

No. 51460

No. 51465

File: 1445984664642.jpg (18.06 KB, 189x278, aaraarghhhh.JPG)

Today is the first day I haven't looked at ALy's ig. I can't take her face anymore. The recent fashion crime made me almost afraid to look at the clothing choice carnage.

I go for a quick peek right now, and see THIS. Blye/grey jacket with brown elbow patches. Flashback to insane German teacher at my school. The physical abuse of Sprich Mal Deutsch and blackboard rubbers flying at my head. His perving over my 14 year old classmate with the big tits.

Milan. Be ashamed.

No. 51474

File: 1445987080110.gif (105.77 KB, 438x438, adlghd.gif)

There, there anon.

No. 51476


The more she spreads out her tiny-ass meals into "freakin SECOND (!)" this and that, the more ass pats she can get.

No. 51501

I'm ashamed of myself for even thinking this way, but I wish she would have a sudden, serious health crisis to maybe wake her the fuck up. If it doesn't make her consider actually recovering, at least it would land her in hospital for a bit.

I also wish she'd apologize for her entire account, but that's never happening.

No. 51516

i made an ig just to comment on all of her pictures

No. 51519

Awww, thank you. I needed that. You are a very thoughtful anon x

No. 51533

i ran out of things to say and i didnt screenshot any of them but maybe someone will notice my handywork before she wakes up and deletes

No. 51534

Thanks for correcting SPINACH.

I feel like making an account just to point out her spelling errors.

No. 51566


lolol nice strategy of commenting "you look like dehydrated dogshit" on so many pics that she potentially misses one and leaves it.

No. 51567

I agree, and honestly, I think that's what it's going to take. These minor "a few days to stabilize" issues aren't helping. It's further pushing her into the idea that she can survive as an emaciated corpse forever. She's going to need to have a serious health crisis to have a chance at grasping any sense of reality. That, or she dies. That's all there is to it.

No. 51569

She's going to block the account, which deletes all comments.

At this point, I don't think trolling her is of any benefit, your message won't stay up anyway. Her followers (who comment) are beyond reach, and the others likely know what's up.

No. 51570

Has the girl responded to you at all?

No. 51572

Agree. I honestly don't want to see her die prematurely and I really do hope that she recovers. However, at this point, I think she (and possibly her family members) needs something like organ failure, heart attack, or seizures (more than "just" dehydration or ~bad bloods~) to open her eyes to the fact that she's constantly had one and a half feet in the grave for nearly a year now and if she's making any progress whatsoever in "recovery," it's at a rate or on a scale (lol) so low as to be inconsequential. People die from anorexia-related health complications at much higher weights than Aly has been sustaining. I just don't get the sense that Aly realizes the seriousness of her situation at all. I'm not even sure if a major health problem would get her to commit to actually recovering, though…and I don't think I could take it if she experienced something like a heart attack and then came right back to her old schtick on Instagram, adding "heart attack x1" to her bio.

No. 51574

I'm seriously cracking up over the dehydrated dog shit comments. So random lol.

No. 51578

>or even consider a change

autistics hate change too. not saying Aly is definitely on the spectrum, but a lot of anorexics have autistics traits.
Aly is like rain man with her fucking 7 cookies for breakfast every morning.
"Wednesday is fish sticks. Green lime jello for dessert."
and so help you if you try to change it.

No. 51588

File: 1446006512327.jpg (72.28 KB, 490x290, found objects.jpg)

Found these in the park this afternoon. I live in Milan. I think I saw a skellington wearing a brown/blonde wig scurrying away.

No. 51590

File: 1446006704168.jpg (15.67 KB, 299x122, dog shit.JPG)

At least someone agrees.

No. 51599

im kinda tempted to text her too.. 516 is my area code as well. she can come to the support group at the actual ed clinic i go to, bc aly is the last place she should be going for help. also she shouldn't put her # online.

No. 51612

Makes me wonder, considering how similar all of her meals tend to be, has anyone noticed any sort of weekly pattern to them? I guess I'll try to check it out later but I'm too lazy right now.

No. 51614

Subtle PhotoShop blurring all along the sides of her sweatpants. To increase or decrease the size of her legs, though …? This telltale blurriness occurs nowhere else in the image.

No. 51619

>She doesn't like it when her followers interact with each other on her IG, because it's for HER, not THEM

But why would she think it's okay to leave the phone number comment up? Aly has to be completely retarded or utterly (udderly?) without compassion; either it's not occurring to her that this girl has opened herself up to being contacted by anyone from random weirdos to actual predators, or she just doesn't give a fuck.

No. 51625

Do you live near her? Milan must be a big city but if you did that would be brilliant!

No. 51633

File: 1446024750400.jpg (218.04 KB, 1078x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-28-08-41-55…)

So, 2 days ago (pic) compared to yesterday yes she knows that and everything OVER meal plan is well accepted when asked if dietician knew about second breakfast

You dumb girl

No. 51639

have you thought about going to the american café someday and watching? she tags the restaurants she visits…

No. 51640

File: 1446028927733.jpg (53.21 KB, 307x410, dad work problems.jpg)

I don't think Aly will ever cease to amaze me with how self-centered she is. Just when I think I've realized the depth of her self-centerness, she pulls out something else.

Like this bullshit. Her dad's nervous due to mafia problems, and she only gives a shit about relieving herself. The worst part though is:
>work problems crying emoji
Like seriously how much of a twat can a person be. She has no idea what the stresses of work are like so I don't know why she's pretend crying over it.

No. 51641

File: 1446030409805.gif (952.63 KB, 400x178, oI4n.gif)

Papa casati finds out how much she spent on croissants this month

No. 51643

perhaps she stole some of his drug money to spend on fortimels

she is a twat

No. 51676

mmm yea, caffeine is always known to relieve nerves

(hint: its the opposite effect)

No. 51698

I'd like to see you try speaking italian.

No. 51705

I noticed there's not a single picture where that sandwich from yesterday is bitten?! That's unusual even for her. And why does she broadcast her family member's problems? I'm pretty sure her dad doesn't want 28k people to know he has problems at work.

No. 51706

I'm a different anon, but we learn the different past tenses (including cut) in year 7. And I'm sure many followers have pointed those mistakes out to her. It's almost like she wants to make these mistakes so she doesn't have to admit she was wrong before.

No. 51708

She's claimed to be an ENGLISH teacher. She should have awareness of tenses and simple phrases at least!

No. 51709

File: 1446048109956.jpg (189.66 KB, 1076x1220, Screenshot_2015-10-28-16-00-27…)

Mama casati nearly finished or at least half way through, aly.. untouched inc the smoothie

No. 51710

Not WK-ing, but neither of them have touched the smoothies and it looks like Ma has only had one big bite, because those sandwiches are tiny anyway.

SO that pink donut she posted. I remember that style donut back in her "relapse" days (because she's totally not in relapse now you guys, nope, she's #realrecover-ing). At least she admitted that she never ate those donuts in the caption. I'm quite shocked she admitted that, actually.

No. 51711

Oh and does anybody agree that her face looks worse than ever?

No. 51712

File: 1446048630838.png (920.06 KB, 929x597, lieing.png)

SS before she edits the caption and claims she never lied.

No. 51713

Her eye bags and witchy hands are a giveaway at the moment, she looks dead pale as well

No. 51715

File: 1446049090223.png (83.67 KB, 1130x268, Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.17…)

I feel bad for all of her followers with EDs who don't get the ~Aly special treatment~. It's bullshit.

No. 51716

File: 1446049172284.jpg (120.71 KB, 572x1273, Screenshot_2015-10-28-16-18-14…)

And it looks like trousers tucked into bad boots is trending as well

No. 51720

I would understand if she was in IP where they monitor her daily but they're in no position to support her currently, seeing her once a week for therapy and once a month for a weigh in,

No. 51721

jfc, aside from the fact that males look like shit with pants tucked into boots, that isn't even the style of jeans appropriate for tucking. I thought Milan was supposed to be fashion forward?

No. 51725

Get off our farm, you belong with the cattle

No. 51727

Naaah she means she's probably tutoring some middle schooler or something, it's a pretty common thing in Italy. I mean, the average italian english level is bad, but it's not THAT bad that we'd have someone with such atrocious speaking skills as an English teacher.
And anon >>51698 suck it up. Your mistake was pretty dumb, and that only proves the point I made earlier. We really are the fucking worst at engrish.

No. 51729

Let's hope the kid she's tutoring isn't after any decent grades this term

No. 51736

If anyone were interested in her morning cookies, mulino bianco carries almost all.

No. 51740

Are you psychic? How did you know donuts would be consumed today?

Or…Aly used this as inspiration for her snack today. That's great. Ok Aly, what can we inspire you to eat next? I'm thinking of a big slice of chocolate cake with ice cream beside. Please consume this at your earliest opportunity.

No. 51748

File: 1446053540450.jpg (14.81 KB, 224x229, deaded.JPG)

Those grapes tho

No. 51749

Chocolate bar!

No. 51751

Which bin did she pull them out of?

No. 51754

Psychic chan here. I took that pic of the discarded donuts with my mental camera which forsees the future.

No. 51761

File: 1446054424983.png (177.39 KB, 720x682, IMG_20151028_134204_edit.png)

Best comment EVER guiz

No. 51763

So good it took three attempts for it to make sense in my brain!

No. 51767

File: 1446055180889.png (332.9 KB, 800x800, tumblr_nph40krCig1qjvd0ko1_128…)

A message for alys mum

No. 51771

yeah it was weird, all she did was say "she (referring to aly) doesn't seem sick."

No. 51772

I think that would be a really nice invite!

No. 51773

that's probably crossing a line but I would be a little interested in hearing the report back on what she actually eats and her interactions with her family.

No. 51775

Dinner tonight was a biiig plate of soup

No. 51780

Oh wow…516 is my area code. I guess she lives on Long Island as well.

No. 51786

A quick search of that vegetable soup less than 150 calories

No. 51795

File: 1446062510493.png (189.16 KB, 720x640, abc.png)

She really hasn't eaten much today or yesterday (the extras being a kipferl yesterday and doughnut today). The lunches weren't huge either.

Anyway the last 2 comments in the earlier screenshot were deleted, though they weren't rude. Here's another:

No. 51797

she admitted she didn't eat all of those donuts. funny how they appeared 'already bitten' though

No. 51798

true, I was thinking that too. They were likely spoon marks, not teeth.

Such a waste of delicious donuts :(

No. 51800

File: 1446064256424.jpg (102.72 KB, 275x275, 1441330280023.jpg)

why did she fucking bother. it was so she could post all of those ootds and get attention for being so thin and supposedly having pints and shit

No. 51802

YEP I knew I recognized the fucking stripes on those donuts. I bet she didn't eat any of that shit she got for lunch at her university either. She always posted them with grass in the background and a bite taken out. Then into the trash it went.

No. 51803

Oh god they have chocolate custard filled donuts?


No. 51805

Gross, anon. The only people who eat those are giant hambeasts. And instagram girls who just pretend to eat them.

No. 51806

Oh jfc are you that spoopy ana farmer from a few days ago claiming only fat people eat pasta?

No. 51807

File: 1446066042200.jpg (305.22 KB, 1204x1200, 1431550219073.jpg)

Her face does look better compared to 6 months ago but because she wears such baggy trousers its hard to judge how much weight she's added or not compared to her lowest picsootd

No. 51809

No lol. Eating pasta is normal. Eating chocolate custard filled donuts is not.

Where the hell is she finding jeans that fit tightly?

No. 51810

That's what I want to know. Where the hell is she buying her jeans, the kid's section?

No. 51811

Im with you on this one! Mmm!

No. 51813

i think she looks worse to be honest….

No. 51815

I would think they're kid's jeans, but she'd still have to be buying really tiny sizes for them to fit that tightly, and they would be hilariously short on her since she's 5'8

No. 51819

File: 1446068473541.jpg (7.32 KB, 275x132, 1431550275430.jpg)

Was looking back at first thread and found this pic, trying so hard to compare because she doesn't pull the pouty smokers face anymore :-/

No. 51820

Maybe she gets the pants tailored since her parents have money.

No. 51824

picture is for ants, anon

No. 51826

File: 1446069338886.jpg (86.17 KB, 1209x580, 1431550275430.jpg)

Is this any better? Sorry

No. 51833

that's great, anon. And fucking horrifying.

No. 51836

oh for fuck sake fuck off

No. 51845

Christ. I wonder if she realizes how horrifying her face looks when she does that…probably not.

No. 51848

bug eyes

No. 51850

>Eating pasta is normal. Eating chocolate custard filled donuts is not.

So like… should we only be eating lettuce and lentils? Or are they too fattening as well?

Ffs, you anas are fucking insane. inb4 "fatty", nah, I'm just not mentally ill enough to believe that eating a donut isn't normal human behavior. (As well as fruit and pasta.)

No. 51851

Aly please pose like this soon so I can compare your face, thanks crying eyes emoji

No. 51853

Uhh no, you should eat normal food, just not gigantic bombs of sugar, fat and calories. If you can actually stand to eat a custard filled donut without feeling sick, you're obviously accustomed to a shit diet. There's nothing wrong with eating fruit and pasta, don't compare saying "you shouldn't eat disgusting junk food" to "you should never eat anything except 200 calories of lettuce". Why are you so insecure about your eating habits?

No. 51854

Lol at you trying to sound intelligent with this shit. I'm naturally skinny and if I feel like a damn donut I will eat it. If I want a subway cookie I will get one. It's not like I sit and eat 12 in one sitting you fucking moron

No. 51855

I don't think I'm the insecure one here. So it's not okay to like, eat a delicious donut twice a year? And since when can you not eat normal food and then enjoy a treat once in a while? I don't mean to sounds HAES, but it's okay to have a donut, Ana.

Look, I'm not going to argue with you and your disordered eating habits. I'm sick of weight bating bullshit anyway. If you don't want to eat it, then fine. But you need some help if you're going to lecture strangers for eating a single fucking donut.

No. 51856

i am tempted to text this number

very tempted

No. 51860

Trying to sound intelligent? Not sure how you got that from my post. You may be 'naturally skinny' now - you're probably very young - but if you keep eating high-carb junk food, the insulin response will eventually wreck your body. All those fat moms you see walking around were once "naturally skinny" 18 year olds, too.

You heard it here, everyone. Not gorging yourself on Dunkin' Donuts is an eating disorder.

No. 51861

Weird how someone is feeling annoyed at someone else eating a donut. I have a donut or pastry every day. I'm not a hambeast , sounds like something Aly ate the other day, but far from it! Now go back to MPA and feel heard there

No. 51862

tbh i think her face looks better than april, by kind of a lot.

No. 51865

both my mum and dad are also naturally on the smaller side and they eat a variety of shit, whatever the fuck they want actually. i'm 20 so yeah, nice if i have a good metabolism. also check out myproana.com
i think you're lost

No. 51869

Different anon, and I know this is probably bait and I'm stupid for responding, but damn, what's your problem? Anons are talking about eating a single donut every once and a while. That's a FAR cry from "gorging yourself." I'm in my late 20s. I think the last time I had a donut was in middle school, just because I'm not crazy about them. If I went right now and got a single donut and consumed it as part of my regular caloric intake, do you honestly think it would have any significant negative impact on my health? "Gorging yourself" on high-calorie sweets obviously isn't healthy, but there's nothing at all wrong with having a treat once in a while.

No. 51875

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. >>51853 you are so disordered it's not even funny.

I'm guessing you also made the "fat moms" comment. Guess what? I'm not really young. I'm 32, and I'm also a mom. I'm also skinny as fuck, to the point where the carrier I bought to wear my baby still doesn't fit me when adjusted to the smallest size. Oh, and guess what? I like pasta, donuts, and desserts of all kinds, but I'm aware enough to know those items are treats that I only eat on occasion, not every day. But I also think enjoying those treats IS NORMAL FUCKING HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

Get help.

No. 51879

File: 1446073075419.jpg (32.72 KB, 430x385, fuck-off-5.jpg)

Something food related for you to consider

No. 51883

This sounds like Ash trying to troll

No. 51886

I wasn't actually physically in Milan, only spiritually (that's how mental camera works). Who wouldn't want to do a bit spying on the irl Aly if they lived there?? Of course, she wouldn't be my first priority (hellew, Dante!) but I'd take a crash course in Italian to hear what she bangs on about with her mum.

As for donuts/other treats, life would be so shit if you didn't eat something calorific now and again. I eat healthily, but I eat a giant cookie or flapjack once a week. It's nice to look forward to. If you don't wanna, then don't. That's all there is to it.

No. 51895

lolzzzzzz your all fatties on here anyway

No. 51898

Yeah, and we're just jelous of Aly, the skeleton queen. Now fuck off.

No. 51899

File: 1446075766114.png (75.71 KB, 576x324, lqb.png)


No. 51901


I don't get it either. I've shopped in the kids' section before, and I've never seen jeans like that.
Aly is the size of a 6-year old, and kids that young don't even wear "skinny jeans" to begin with.
The ones I see are always very loose, and ill-fitting on adults.

No. 51903

She wears jeggings with elasticated waists. She probably buys whatever the smallest size is for adults in Italy and either pins it somehow or alters the elastic.

No. 51906

the lighter wash ones look exactly like urban outfitters BDG jeans which can run pretty small.

her style was way more tolerable back then, now she's scrambling together as many layers as possible to hide in.

No. 51908

File: 1446076276985.gif (2.26 MB, 300x300, Dog-Smiles-While-Chewing-Donut…)

I've never worn jeans, so can't tell one brend from another BUT she used to buy Hollister and they do size 00.

She really doesn't know how to dress. You'd think her friends would help her.

No. 51911

She mustn't think there's anything between tight skinny jeans and those fucking awful harem pants or sweatpants.

ALY - TRY SOME STRAIGHT LEG TROUSERS/JEANS. Get the smallest size and have them altered at the waist if you need to.

That one's for free.

No. 51912

But that's still not anywhere near Aly's size. Size 00 fits skinny people, but not actual skeletons. Her proportions might be larger than I'd think because she's tallish, but it still seems weird.

No. 51914

She could be size 00 because of the distance between her hipbones. They don't change no matter how much weight you lose. She's still going to have a waist measurement.

No. 51915

Yes, but the jeans are also tight around her legs.

No. 51916

Stretch denim!

No. 51917

or shrink to fit

No. 51932

File: 1446078608395.jpg (74.01 KB, 400x531, IMG_00152.jpg)

Sprout having an affair with broccoli

No. 51935

There are seven pieces on that plate. What the FUCK.

No. 51939


That actually looks good so long as it wasn't the only thing she ate that day. Is that quinoa? I like it, but it looks like nit eggs.

No. 51946

>but it looks like nit eggs

….aaaand just like that, I will not be eating quinoa anytime soon.

No. 51950

File: 1446080280964.jpg (233.53 KB, 575x381, thai-quinoa-salad-11.jpg)

Oh, stop being squeamish! Just don't get them in your hair or they might hatch.

Look! Looks so tasty, yam yam!

No. 51953

File: 1446080556906.jpg (86.14 KB, 400x530, IMG_44261.jpg)


Still has the Quest bar hardon

No. 51954

File: 1446080573918.jpg (87 KB, 400x531, IMG_44061.jpg)

No. 51960

I was really pleased to see this because it looks like she's settling down to study BUT THEN clicked on it and she's reading some shit about diets?

I didn't think she'd return to Starbucks after that #meltdown. I should look at her blog.

No. 51966

File: 1446082619046.jpg (40.16 KB, 296x343, hmm.JPG)

Am I wrong to feel the way I do about this issue. This is one of Ashley's (ex?) friends. 21. I kind of get the frustration her parents feel because she gets out of residential then immediately starts saying she can't do it without being IP.

It sounds like she gets a lot of therapy and sees nutritions etc. but it's like she's become institutionalised and she's never going to deal with her ED without having someone hold her hand 24/7.

It seems too easy to keep checking yourself in for 6-12 months if your parents can afford it and that way you don't have to learn how to deal the illness in the real world.

No. 51980

You're no better than Aly and Ash. Go sit on your chairgrave and stay there.

No. 51981

why do you get so mad when ppl say junk food is bad for you lol

No. 51982

File: 1446085682257.jpg (17.65 KB, 280x280, 1420850619470.jpg)

>Lurks the thread criticizing Aly for her batshit disordered behavior
>claims only "giant hambeasts" can enjoy a yummy donut
>claims eating donuts isn't normal
>implying anon is not batshit herself

You're such a fucking hipocrite.

No. 51983

ok but how much do you weigh?
it's spelled hypocrite, btw :)

No. 51987

Someone make a new Ash thread, I'm too sleepy to be amusing.

No. 51993


gtfo newfag

No. 51994

A farmer already did. In fact the girl posted on Aly's post today (can't remember which) asking if she does eat because "someone" told her Aly's a fake.

She's a silly girl to put her full name, location, phone number and high school up on instagram for all to see. Kids these days.

No. 51995

File: 1446089950313.jpg (78.65 KB, 902x522, Capture.JPG)

Ugh, my memory is crap. Here's the actual post. But someone from here did text her.

No. 51998

File: 1446090174700.jpg (26.41 KB, 289x216, donut controversy.JPG)

I didn't see that one, but caught this.

I hope the VK fetishists didn't see the girl's phone no. Ffs. Aly should've deleted it.

No. 52006

File: 1446091259589.png (2.55 MB, 2048x1226, 1432496738006.png)

To the farmer that asked for a comparison to June. I can't compile a before and after bc the only images I can find were from earlier Aly threads. Here is a before pic. I do think she looks less deathly in the face now.

No. 52007

File: 1446091327272.jpg (1.35 MB, 1500x1500, 1432862960811.jpg)

Here's another, bottom right. Smiley face photos were rare then, and she doesn't do the pout anymore (thank god) so can't compare that.

No. 52015

File: 1446091720509.jpg (15.64 KB, 219x214, dunno.JPG)

Yeah, it's difficult to tell now she doesn't pout but that might be the reason she doesn't.

Smiling makes her face look fuller, but is it normal to still see cheekbones when you're smiling like here? (pic)

I'd like to think she looked better, but until she looks like she isn't over 40 I can't say there's much improvement.

Why doesn't she use that real Starbucks mug instead of that fucking disposable cup?

No. 52016

File: 1446091824150.jpg (13.53 KB, 317x91, kek.JPG)

HA, she missed one of farmer's comment on the pic above.

No. 52022

File: 1446093490040.gif (993.14 KB, 500x264, piggy.gif)

MPA is for people who want to talk about their weight. Lolcow is where we want to talk about the weight of snowflakes. We don't do meanspo or whatever you want to play. We are all perfect and hot here. That's all you need to know.

I would do, but I'm out of the loop with her. All she's doing is posting crap from Claire's. Is she still relevant?

No. 52027

File: 1446094029269.jpg (9 KB, 166x303, Cheryl cole.jpg)

I think so, if you have prominent cheekbones (whether Aly truly has prominent cheekbones at restored weight, I dunno).

Here's Cheryl Cole, for example.

No. 52028

File: 1446094093385.jpg (34.28 KB, 900x506, olivia-wilde.jpg)

Found this one too.

No. 52029

Wait I forgot she has dimples. It's likely that. So never mind.

No. 52031

Aren't those dimples? Aly's weirdness is higher up. Cheryl's becoming spoopy I see.

Started a new Ash thread on /pt for whoever requested it.

No. 52033

File: 1446094425463.jpg (115.93 KB, 634x609, cheryl whatever.jpg)

Sorry, just seen that.

No. 52034

I like this bone structure. It's like Frances Cobain's. Aly's face is long, so hmm.

No. 52046

Now that she deleted all of those pics, I really wish I'd made more collages or kept the photos saved to my computer. Seeing that all-too-familiar bite-marked donut she posted earlier really triggered my rage. Really, though, why should anyone believe her claim that she ate the one today when she swore just as vehemently that she was eating all of those donuts (and many other sweets that she now avoids) from the beginning of the year through her hospitalization in June? She was "in #realrecovery" then and she's "in #realrecovery" now. She was "gaining weight" then and she's "gaining weight" now. She posted pictures of ~already bitten~ pastries then and she posts pictures of them now. She was full of superlicious, emoti-laden posi-vibes then and she's just as "positive" now. The only difference is that now, after close to a year of this bullshit, she's firmly established herself as a liar about many things.

No. 52049

I have it, I am annoyed by it actually because the jaw becomes the focal point and makes your face look rather wide even if you're not carrying extra weight. Olivia is/was quite skinny.

No. 52050

Agreed on all points. Is there something like a waybackmachine for instagram?

No. 52051

File: 1446096123780.jpg (253.43 KB, 1200x630, fbc.jpg)

No one's ever happy with what they've got! I like strong bone structures. Frances having this face is good because she's pretty spoopy herself but her face doesn't look fucked up like Aly's.

I wish. We should try to find some kind of archive site to save future aly posts. It's annoying. I presume that if photos are deleted, they're deleted for good. At least with tumblr you can find deleted posts if they've been reblogged.

No. 52053

File: 1446096508058.jpg (42.73 KB, 543x295, cache.JPG)

We need to respect her choice to delete, guize.

No. 52059

File: 1446097293969.png (20.03 KB, 842x64, Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.4…)

>inb4 "It's not in my meal plan [book emoji] [sweating smiley-face emoji]"

No. 52060

File: 1446097515681.jpg (11.99 KB, 292x60, gah.JPG)


No. 52063

File: 1446098787578.jpg (38.17 KB, 1000x224, huh.JPG)

I don't remember this picture.

No. 52074


This. She flat-out admitted to lying in her recent post.
Liars don't suddenly stop being liars.

No. 52080

File: 1446105838218.jpg (125.86 KB, 802x1009, Screenshot_2015-10-29-08-01-16…)

Her face looks a bit better, but in this pic you can still see every bone in her arm, started wearing so many layers too!

No. 52082

File: 1446108527446.jpg (12.06 KB, 650x525, meal plan.jpg)

#Challenging myself with NINE DELISH cookies for breakfast. I've gone over my meal-plan (!) to celebrate that my dad's still nervous about his work troubles. Dipped in two cups of creamy cappucino.

#iloveme #hopethebastardsuffersmore #itsallaboutme
#fuckrecovery #followersNOTfriends

No. 52085

She's probably cold all the time.

No. 52088

tell me you're joking omfg it's spanish

No. 52091

File: 1446117039448.jpg (17.37 KB, 211x239, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

I saw two words. One was 'health' and the other looks like 'salad'. I am so retarded.

Good work, Lil Sprout. Sorry I doubted you x

No. 52096

I literally got excited that she might have had nine cookies instead of 7 so I could comment something snarky about following her meal plan.

No. 52103

I would be happy if she just took a PICTURE of 9 cookies… or even 8 cookies. We all know she wouldn't eat the extra ones anyway, but it'd be satisfying to rage at her going on and on about the extra (!) cookie in her DANG FABULOUS breakfast.

I literally don't think her OCD would let her take a photo of more than 7 cookies.

No. 52104

At least there was a fleeting excitement. Not much to be had with Miss Casati. I've even abandoned all hope of ever seeing our man Dante again.

No. 52123

yup me too. i want to invite her to the group at ed-180.com but she "doesn't think aly seems sick"? I'm not sure i want to text someone so delusional.

No. 52130

>they would be hilariously short on her since she's 5'8

didn't she say she's 169cm? which is 5'5? i think.

No. 52132

Yup, you're right.

No. 52133

>not sure i want to text someone so delusional

But isn't that thought process part of the ED though?

No. 52135

It's 66.5inches so 5ft 6 1/2

No. 52138

File: 1446130257238.jpg (192.38 KB, 954x1344, Screenshot_2015-10-28-16-24-23…)

Can't believe Emily bumped into Aly while she was shopping for fortimels the other day!

No. 52140

You sure that isn't Ashley?

No. 52147

My sides.

Speaking of Ash, she's "dyeing" her hair purple, aka getting a new wig.

No. 52154

About fucking time!

No. 52156

The old one could become hair guy from the Addams family!

No. 52157


Nah looks too happy to be Ashley

No. 52161

File: 1446133236561.png (999.54 KB, 617x1498, Oh Aly.png)

I couldn't help myself and commented…I don't think it was even 30 seconds before I was blocked. Hilarious.

No. 52164

I was just about to cap that post, because much very #actionshot Aly, if by actionshot you mean smiling at food.

I also love how she called concerned people haters. Wonder what her fans will say.

Your post is spot on btw. A+.

No. 52165

I love the #actioshots, they're so creepy. And fuck those jealous haters! There's certainly no other reason why they would lie so egregiously other than because they're super jealous of Ms. Spoopy and her amazing posi-vibes.

No. 52167

File: 1446133816048.jpg (37.99 KB, 970x190, Screenshot_2015-10-29-15-47-25…)

I WISH ig let you post pictures as replies.

No. 52169

I know. I would reply with >>51800

No. 52174

File: 1446134570536.png (280.49 KB, 719x970, 1431615233700.png)

Hypocrisy at its finest

No. 52185

She's a fucking lunatic.

No. 52197

Seriously, her friend is beautiful

No. 52198

File: 1446138701762.png (775.3 KB, 584x592, satansfriend.png)

forgot pic

No. 52203

Challangeyourselves, are you here?

No. 52204

No. 52205

Not my type, but she's cute and pretty.

I bet she's sick of Aly. I bet Aly's parents pay her to take her out.

No. 52207

Does instagram allow a link in the reply to a post? I was thinking we could upload the donut collage to imgur and post that as a response.

No. 52213

It's only a waiting game, Aly

We'll be able to see when people stop believing you. Eventually even your deluded followers won't be able to look past your lack of gains.

Of course, lacking nutrients your brain is incapable of considering the future. You are weak and undisciplined and can achieve nothing more than to repeat your cycle. Infinite keks for the 'h8rz'.

I can't wait til you die, in pain and alone - only surrounded by the false support you've fostered. It's all you're capable of. Though really, you must have realized this. It's probably part of what perpetuates your illness.

No. 52214

File: 1446140174005.jpg (135.72 KB, 850x819, Screenshot_2015-10-29-17-33-20…)

If THIS is still a challenge after all this time then there's no way she's eating any other snack she posts! This is the pic that tipped me over the edge first time round

No. 52215

She probably

A) has little understanding of anorexia and is under the false impression aly really is improving

B) Thinks she's some kind of generous saint by seeing her through this

No. 52222

Ma C's trying to get Aly to try some pumpkin gelato or some shit on facebook. WHY NOT TRY TO GET HER TO ADMIT HERSELF TO THAT CLINIC. Jesus, that family are twats (except her dad who I like because he pisses Aly off)

No. 52225

File: 1446142363790.jpg (31.71 KB, 942x386, Screenshot_2015-10-29-18-11-07…)

She's not that busy Aly, she always babysits you while you stare at food

No. 52237

caps please? i'm not friends with skeletor on fb

No. 52239

File: 1446145213148.jpg (199.49 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_2015-10-29-18-58-20…)

No. 52240

File: 1446145251548.jpg (187.9 KB, 1074x1010, Screenshot_2015-10-29-19-00-16…)

No. 52243

File: 1446145552485.png (87.58 KB, 1132x232, Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.0…)

Oh god please stop this is too much I can't take it

No. 52248

File: 1446147521989.jpg (59.56 KB, 640x640, 12142516_434764350065126_17383…)

Alarmingly other instagram users are copying Ally's documentation
"#edfamily? The blood test was awful? The doctor couldn't get hardly any blood? but he hopes he has enough for the test?? It's now a waiting game? Dad is struggling today, he really wants me to stay home and not go into hospital? he got quite emotional? To cheer him up we went to our favourite cafe☕️ Where he had a full English breakfast? and i was scared because I thought it was too early for #morningsnack but NO?? #REALrecovery means I can eat when I like☀️ I need to #nourishnotpunish?? So I'm having some pombears? My heads a mess? So I'm going to distract myself in my studies? I'm #fightforfreedom harder than ever?? Remember #recoveryisworthit? Stay strong my wonderful #edcommunity?#realrecover"

No. 52250

offtopic but CHRIST that man looks scarily like my brother in 30 years time

No. 52253

If you want to hate the world, click on the edfamily hashtag and explore other accounts.

They all do it.

No. 52256

Okay all is a generalization, I'm sure some don't. But it seems like it's SOP in ED recovery accounts to overuse emojis and hashtags.

No. 52258

>But isn't that thought process part of the ED though?

well yea, people with EDs tend to be delusional when it comes to thinking they eat enough, or thinking they're a healthy weight when they're not, or thinking their ritualistic eating habits are normal but… thinking Aly "doesn't seem sick" ??? thats umm, i don't even know what to say. As someone with an ED, i think I'm better at spotting another ED sufferer being a bullshit artist, you know "it takes one to know one". So I'm not sure how this girl is fooled by Aly.

No. 52269


She said you were just a fake account. I hope that doesn't hurt your feelings too much.

No. 52270


No. 52274

That is the smallest muffin i have ever seen

No. 52282

File: 1446155963679.jpg (99.38 KB, 907x436, Capture.JPG)

I clicked on her account afterward and she put up a photo of her recovery with the hashtag realrecoveryisnottheifyoudontgainenough

No. 52293


If that's the same muffin she "ate" today as her afternoon snack (!) she was in the Dante bar today. My guess is that he was there eating several of those to keep his stamina up. And also the barista gave them to him for free ofc because she was attracted to him. I want to eat mini-muffins with Dante :(

No. 52295

Different person, but I die a little bit inside every time she calls me a fake and blocks me. It makes me feel like I'm not even a real person. Her microagressions are just so triggering. I aam mlliteralyl c rryin g rn jj ust tthiniking of fit t.

No. 52296

File: 1446158072797.jpg (129 KB, 1076x1213, Screenshot_2015-10-29-22-33-38…)

This ^^ is a throwback picture to the first time she ate this muffin, same place I think? This pic is today's

No. 52297

Am I the only one who looks behind her in every photo just in case he's there?

No. 52298

File: 1446158857741.png (50.45 KB, 1122x158, Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.46…)

This is so sad, this young girl gets snubbed HARD by Aly and keeps coming back and asking more questions thinking Aly's actually going to help her…

No. 52299

> admits to lying about what she eats in the past

go fuck yourself, aly.

No. 52300

I love how her friend gets a normal sized fucking coffee

No. 52302

Aly your hair looks fried, girl, please chop the straw off.

Your friend is cute.

No. 52305

https://www.facebook.com/martina.fratti.3 found her friends facebook I think

No. 52307

File: 1446161883172.jpg (94.25 KB, 720x960, 48128_229330237208546_17922021…)

she has known aly for a long DANG! while

No. 52308

File: 1446161987617.jpg (56.76 KB, 720x720, 385087_174147269393510_1234069…)

like, really dang long

No. 52309

File: 1446162088738.jpg (75.57 KB, 960x720, 422662_143296382478599_5461952…)

APOLOGIES FOR THE SPAM BUT NATURAL CHEEKBONE MYTH CONFIRMED. aly still looks a hell of a lot better here tho

No. 52312

Wow, she used to be so pretty.

No. 52314

It's not just you, one day we may see him peeking out from behind an already baked posi-croissant

No. 52315

Why in all of their pics are they doing this awkward pooping jut your jaw out thing?

Man Aly has a horse face. And her eyes have that look to them where you know someone is mentally damaged.

I didn't think I could like her less, but this is it. She's really not a 'victim'. I think some people just flat deserve this. She's one.

No. 52343

I thought the same about Aly's eyes! They look… empty idk how to explain, and she looks BIG among her friends, not fat, just like she has a bigger frame.
No wonder she likes to flaunt her spoopyness now…

No. 52369

Her eyes look weird because she's really bad at fake smiling. Real smiles makes your eyes smaller since they scrunch up. She's just doing a pathetic fake smile. Don't overthink it.

And she definitely does not look "big" in >>52309 or >>52307

No. 52372

File: 1446172884888.png (142.86 KB, 720x608, ouch.png)

I still support you CChristie! Don't fall off the wagon!

No. 52374

She's not big (I actually think she's got a nice body) but a couple of her friends are petite so by comparison she looks larger.

No. 52378

She just does NOT suit blonde hair, even if it gives her the attention she craves

I'm starting to fancy her friend on the right a little bit.

I actually like Aly's body shape here. It's the heaviest I've seen her, but she's fortunate enough to look good with it (apart from the face). It's the cheap, slutty dress that doesn't look good.

Please stay strong CC. I know you can #KICK HARD at this. DM me if you need to vent.

No. 52379

Yeah that's what i meant she looks larger, not fat o anything like that just like her friends are petite and she stands out from them

No. 52381

Also made me realise that she doesn't have the naturally slim gene I thought she had, therefore she really should be gaining. Her legs look good at this weight.

No. 52386

Nobody's over thinking shit, bitch has crazy eyes. Yes, she's shit at faking a smile but that's not what it is.

No. 52387

There's no such thing as a natural slim gene, anyway. In Aly's current position she should be gaining because her body is desperately trying to store nutrients to survive

No. 52388

File: 1446177648940.jpg (23.02 KB, 291x154, hater.JPG)

No. 52389

She just has large eyes with a lot of sclera showing. They don't look crazy.

No. 52393

not the anons you were talking to but i think she has crazy eyes too

No. 52395

You're just beating this into the ground because you don't want to admit to being wrong. Bitch has the eyes of someone mentally ill – which really shouldn't be so hard to believe since she's, you know, mentally ill. You can crawl up her ass if you want to (maybe she'd finally weigh in with a significant gain if you did!) But that won't change what's clear as day in every photo of her… even pre-spooped.

The more I re-open her pics and look at her eyes to reaffirm for myself she does indeed have craycray eyes, the more ugly I realize she is.

No. 52413

fattie. Stop. There's no such things as 'muh genetics' when it comes to losing weight. It's cals in vs cals out.

No. 52418

I wasn't talking about losing weight. Paternal side = fatties, maternal side = beanpoles. I'm not obsessed with my weight so there's no reason I'd research ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can continue to call me fatty, though. It makes me feel that if I look down I have big tits and some nice curves.

No. 52422

Red bracelet

No. 52425

File: 1446189679661.jpg (156.17 KB, 554x348, enhanced-30321-1395946008-2.jp…)

(for people who don't get it)
this was apparently started out as a ~survivor~ thing, but then the ana-chans got it

No. 52428

Didn't mpa used to sell them? I remember the trend was around the time celebs were wearing kabala red string on their wrists and anas were like OMG SUCHASLEB IS PRO ANA!!1 Blue for bulimics n shit. Its like a club to them like the fucking girl guides.

No. 52429

Ugh, this is really sick. There's nothing to be proud of for having an ED.

No. 52438

File: 1446196490248.jpg (120.37 KB, 720x745, Screenshot_2015-10-30-09-05-21…)

Just cropped this from location photos on IG, just needs a frame and its a perfect dysfunctional family portrait

No. 52439

>i have a liquid diet

She's trying to get ana tips from Aly. She SHOULD get snubbed.

No. 52441

Are you trolling? From what she's posted so far, it seems that this girl is very young, very ill, in treatment for anorexia, and trying to recover; she's now inpatient and has been frantically asking Aly questions about recovery, apparently thinking that Aly actually gives a fuck about helping others. She's not trying to lose weight…

No. 52442

Her entire family looks done with her shit.

No. 52444

File: 1446201149083.jpg (60.12 KB, 640x640, 12144.jpg)



No. 52446

I really thought you photoshopped this but nope, she really posted a picture with makeup running down her face… okay then.

No. 52448

If I was alys brother I'd be pissed off having my picture shown to 28k random people each week! He's young too, irresponsible of her!

No. 52456

wtf? This looks like someone trying to make a parody of Aly

No. 52474

She seems to look up to Aly a lot. She seems like a sweet girl; i wish she'd chosen a better role model.

I'm also wondering if somebody told her we were discussing her, because she's deleted a ton of pictures since the last time I looked at her account. It's not an ED account and I never saw anything cringe-worthy, so hopefully she deleted them for other reasons…

No. 52479

>I'm also wondering if somebody told her we were discussing her, because she's deleted a ton of pictures since the last time I looked at her account.

Ah, I noticed that too. Not dreaming, then.

No. 52492

this is just demented.

No. 52496

Why does Aly keep saying she ate "brioches" when she's uploaded photos of herself eating croissants and gone on and on about how she ate FREAKIN CROISSANTS (!)? I asked her about it and was blocked pretty quickly, yet the references to these mysterious, apparently ~unpictured~ "brioches" remain.

No. 52500

File: 1446225210086.png (297.76 KB, 1113x632, Mystery pastries.png)

(see pic)
It's a minor thing, but it's bugging me. She obviously knows what a croissant is, since she talks about them so much, so why does she suddenly switch to saying it was brioche? And why is she so threatened by someone pointing out the discrepancy that she'd immediately block them for doing so?

Maybe she just thinks "brioches" is a catch-all term for "pastries"? In that case, though, it's just another example of her blocking someone who points out a minor error she's made, because Aly must maintain the illusion of being inerrant. And she didn't even correct her mistake or anything. Grrrr.

No. 52509

she didn't even eat those cupcakes! she made them for her parents as an apology and then forced them to take a picture with her, runny mascara and all.

No. 52512

File: 1446227692429.png (42.13 KB, 313x537, refreshing.png)

here she is, being rude again. sometimes she does add hot milk to the fortimel, so it wasn't that stupid a question

No. 52520

File: 1446228756867.jpg (140.78 KB, 814x388, makeupyourdamnmind.jpg)

So what it was then? Didn't she said she was ip in a ED clinic?

No. 52524

>>52520 afaik she's never said she was ip in an ed clinic, she's always said inpatient to ambiguously refer to her general hospitalizations so people think she's been in an ED ip

No. 52536

File: 1446233033061.png (584.32 KB, 588x572, LUSH (!) delish sushis.PNG)

Found this on GOMI (yeah, I know) - another fake recovery IG. This girl claims to eat 3000 calories a day but her portions are hilariously small, oh and she's raw vegan. https://instagram.com/juliamelody_/

No. 52540

lol i lurk in the FVG thread too, and I was looking at this girls ig, She reminds me of Aly a lot :s

No. 52542

how can a raw vegan eat rice? that shit has to be boiled and RVs don't eat anything heated above 40C

No. 52544

File: 1446233758169.jpg (161.46 KB, 640x842, image.jpg)


No. 52545

Yeah, although unlike Aly this girl actually seems to have gained some weight. Strange how she can gain weight while eating low calorie vegan shit, yet Aly remains a super spoopy skeleton despite all her LUSH and OILY(!) pizza and McDonald's…

No. 52553

File: 1446236148393.jpg (198.91 KB, 1328x781, Capture.JPG)

Later comments…

No. 52561

File: 1446237521874.png (73.84 KB, 1114x272, Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.37…)

Thanks anon, I lol'd

No. 52564

File: 1446237832585.jpg (117.91 KB, 540x528, IMG_20151030_134142.JPG)

Girl in the back is like "wtf?"

No. 52574

Can hot things not be refreshing?

No. 52578

Holy shit this is the first time I've seen her be nice to someone. It's also the first time I've seen her encourage someone besides the general #edfamily, which I don't count.

No. 52579

Soo… if they know you're eating, they won't tube you. But Aly got tubed. Therefore, Aly was not eating. She just gave herself away!

No. 52582

File: 1446242433658.png (601.22 KB, 540x538, zombocom.png)

No. 52583

That's for common people, she's a special snowflake ana queen remember? Rules don't apply to her

No. 52584

File: 1446242625431.jpg (20.52 KB, 384x384, images (1).jpg)

No. 52587

File: 1446243435174.png (649.57 KB, 540x528, YELLING.PNG)

No. 52591

Lol she blocked me and deleted this comment right after you mentioned it. Def not lurking.

Aly you missed one! Go fetch bitch!

No. 52600

File: 1446246671457.png (24.55 KB, 1078x86, Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.10…)

lol'd at this one, too. Still up.

No. 52612

File: 1446248399310.png (199.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20151030-193649.png)

Shocking I tell you, shocking!

No. 52613

File: 1446248518997.png (876.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20151030-194041.png)

It bothered me so much that she assumed refreshing exclusively means cold that I sockpuppetted just to correct her on it. She's so goddamn arrogant.

No. 52622

Thank you, this triggered my autism and had me raging, but I already got one account blocked by her so far today, so I decided to keep my trap shut

No. 52652


A long long time ago
I can still remember
How Aly, for once, did not lie

No. 52653

Welp I fail at linking back to old threads. I went back to her first thread to see if her captions were as manic and no, they weren't (?).

She mentioned on a post that she had binged 3000+ Cal and now couldn't move so she was not going to follow her dinner mealplan.

Would never hear that now.

No. 52661

I'm super irritated by her super overuse of super. It super pisses me off most of the super fucking super time but super more so from her. Super super super.

No. 52677

I didn't even notice it before, now I can't unsee it.

No. 52686

she hot

No. 52688

yeah, her brunette friends are all rly cute. gotta go to italy again

No. 52691


I bet it's that shitty cauliflower "rice" or some equally depressing low calorie substitute.

Such a punchable face too, oh god she really needs to stop with that retarded face she pulls in every goddamn pic. It really does make her look "special" and those stupid piercings aren't helping a bit.

No. 52697

Thank you!

There is a way to link to other boards but fuck if I can remember, hah.

(Deleted and reposted because I'm a fag who thought I linked to the wrong post. I'm sorry.)

No. 52706

don't forget LUSH and DANG and (!)

No. 52720

File: 1446285690524.png (722.47 KB, 594x596, Freakin second (!) breakfast!.…)

I can't believe Aly considers that teensy little pastry (or those miniature muffins) "second breakfast."

No. 52722

Aly's friends really are cute.

No. 52724

No, it's not just you.

No. 52728

what a lying bitch

No. 52731

>ofc didn't restrict to the meal plan [book emoji] after a fabulous second bfast
The fact that she feels the need to include this in the caption of the post following her pitifully small "second breakfast" is pretty telling.

No. 52732

i wouldnt be surprised if her celebrated second breakfast is just a morningsnack that's on her mealplan, but she's looking for gap pats

No. 52771

File: 1446307620435.png (207.89 KB, 720x654, boo.png)

Well you're not allowed to share your experiences on Aly's instagram, mmkay?

No. 52775

She's restricting even more lately or it's just my imagination? Today she had: cookies and coffee and one more cookie and coffee, a banana, crackers, 2 eggs and 1/4 of a zucchini, fortimel, coffee and a tiny cupcake

No. 52776

Can't be sure, but that thought occurred to me as well.

No. 52777

File: 1446311074971.png (659.83 KB, 710x688, witch.png)

Oh Aly, you make it too easy sometimes.

That marshmallow stick has like 3 marshmallows and two little pieces of candy.

No. 52785

I think it's supposed to be a spider on her face but really it's a some other demented bug. It only has six (deformed) legs…

No. 52787

Also holy shit, look at her eye. Why is where a HUGE dark spot all under it? Make up or just more face-sinking?
Looking over the photo, she looks worse than ever here.

No. 52788

I hope it's just a shadow, it looks awful

No. 52789

3 marshmallows and a few gum drops

No. 52791

Is she photoshopping? Why does the corner of her left eye look so round instead of pointy like the other one??

No. 52792

File: 1446315172505.png (48.33 KB, 557x147, #realrecovery means NO RESTRIC…)

Already deleted. Aly's deleting so many comments these days, it's remarkable.

No. 52794

She is such a bitch. Goddamn, i really wish she faint a day and gets into hospital where they force feed her till BMI 20 under section

No. 52795

Not that BMI 20 is in any way "fat" but for anorexics its kind of a nightmare

No. 52799

File: 1446316910155.png (26.01 KB, 540x90, I think that's a no.png)

She also deleted the second two comments, because ewww, why would Her Royal Majesty want to befriend a filthy peasant?

No. 52805

She does not even have to masquerade as witch.

No. 52806

I thought the same. Why does she think she needs a halloween costume when she already looks like a character from a horror movie?

No. 52815

Her mother is looking so nice
I feel sorry for her ma

No. 52829

ma casati is looking cute today…

No. 52837

I didn't even notice that was her, I thought she was cute friend honestly.

No. 52847


I thought her mother was a friend of Aly's at first.

You know you're haggard when you look older than your mother.

No. 52848

I didn't recognize her mother either. And jfc someone tell her BRIGHTEN IS NOT A GODDAMN WORD.

No. 52849

Well, at least not how she uses it I mean!

No. 52858

are u ready 2 ROCK #edfighters? let's ROCK this !!1 Aly i would be happy to fly over to Milan just to throw a fukin ROCK at ur head

No. 52881

"Gee, Aly! I didn't know you had a younger sister!"

No. 52888

Why does she always call herself a fucking child? "this excited little child" "happy blond child" it makes me want to puke.

No. 52899

Aly's bio says she's been sick for 2.5 years (actually would be more at this point if that's an old number) so that'd put her at an age of around 16-17, right? It's possible that for Aly, starving herself is a way to avoid adulthood. Starving keeps you small, and people tend to treat you like a child because you're sick. No responsibilities. That being said, that mentality could easily be why she renounces herself to be a little happy blondie child.

But that's pretty shit logic. Just a theory at the moment.

No. 52900

16-17 when she got sick, I mean.

No. 52951

yeah but feeding someone until 20 is such an arbitrary number, like there's no ONE bmi that's healthy for everybody, you know? (inb4 no not HAES)

No. 52955

Croissant is bitten in a strange location again. But she must have bitten it if mum is right there.

No. 52956

She's back to saying "already baked" ugh.

No. 52958

File: 1446385440716.gif (323.38 KB, 500x333, sailor-moon-sparkly-eye-GIF.gi…)


No. 52962

File: 1446387442551.png (104.61 KB, 1116x226, Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.14…)

OK, so apparently Aly does think that a croissant is also called "a brioches."

No. 52964

In italy they call them brioches when they're actually croissants

No. 52976

I am imagining them dancing to this.

No. 52981

Ashley's face though. She's all having problems with her joints dancing and Aly be like - I'M SO #HOT and #WOW #BEAUTIFULINSTAGIRL. The skele in the back punching the air is all like WOO YEAH ANA.

No. 52983

im thinking this…

No. 52984

File: 1446395182180.jpg (211.2 KB, 600x598, binge n purge.jpg)

No. 52988

Oh, huh. I just was weirded out that she was using both terms (and saying "a brioches")

No. 52991

File: 1446397240133.jpg (101.47 KB, 922x575, Capture.JPG)

That doesn't look like an apple pie to me. But, I will applaud her for putting forth some effort for her family.

No. 52992

no, some people do have that issue lurking behind their EDs. Particularly girls who have been sexually abused, sometimes an ED is a way to avoid looking more womanly so as not to attract attention. But other people sometimes get triggered into ED by the stress of the adolescence-adulthood transition. Aly seems to be really codependent on her family and like she might be one of those people.

No. 52993

hahaha that will haunt me

No. 52994

File: 1446398087792.jpg (152.36 KB, 475x270, applepie.jpg)

It's a European-style apple pie.

No. 52998

That looks really good

No. 53000

Interesting. Thanks for the clarification.

No. 53046

Eating disorder behaviors contribute to serious dental problems that cause pain and discomfort. Up to 89% of bulimic patients show signs of the tooth erosion usually associated with purging. Teeth become translucent as acid destroys the inner portion, leaving a thin layer of enamel. Some studies have shown similar prevalence rates of dental damage in patients with highly restrictive diets that accompany anorexia.
Signs and Symptoms (from the National Eating Disorders Association):
Loss of tissue and erosive lesions on the surface of the teeth due to the effects of acid. These lesions appear as early as six months from the start of the problem.
Changes in the color, shape, and length of teeth.
Teeth can become brittle, translucent and weak.
Increased sensitivity to temperature.
In extreme cases the pulp can be exposed and cause infection, discoloration or even pulp death.
Enlargement of the salivary glands, dry mouth, and reddened, dry, cracked lips.
Tooth decay, which can actually be aggravated by extensive tooth brushing or rinsing following vomiting.
Unprovoked, spontaneous pain within a particular tooth.

No. 53047

in reference to aly's tooth ache thing

No. 53048

Wow, I just discovered this girl, but seriously she is the worst type of person ever. She is basically telling anyone suffering from ED (who don't know she's lying and shizz) that you can basically "recover" but maintain the same anorexic weight. It's disgusting, vile, pathetic, and sad. This is just awful. This woman seriously needs to be committed to an insane asylum because she obviously has something going wrong with her in the head. The fact she actually has some people believing her just worries me. The words for how atrocious her actions are cannot even be found. Someone needs to shut her LUSH instagram down and take her to a hospital where they can actually let her taste these OILY foods.

No. 53061


No. 53075

Well, she says "I never claimed to be recovered"

No. 53080

So is Aly a manipulative bitch that's faking her recovery or is she so ill that she genuinely think she's doing better? I mean, she was pretty upset about exposing.aly. I don't think she would have mentioned it on her IG if she was playing a game (why attract her followers' attention to detractors)? Then again, maybe she is just not very smart.

No. 53094

That's a flan, not a pie. Hope those apples weren't already bitten.

Yes. I can't decide if having to look into her cold, dead eyes or at her pretending she's having a luvved up moment with the food is worse.

No. 53097

embersrecovery, im_skinny_beautiful2, recoveringemily, shmegeh, animallovers1979, thefitveganginger, onefixation, ghost.in.my.pocket - fourassed cat appears to use this site as a who to follow on ig directory. ONEFIXATION tho!

Sage because OT.

No. 53105


If you take a quick look at her instagram feed, you'll notice she only ever looks into the camera when she herself is taking the picture selfie-style, prolonging the time she can avoid interacting with her family and peers.

Whenever someone else is holding the phone/camera, she looks down at her food.

Tell me again, Aly, how #realrecovery has made you reconnect with your loved ones.

No. 53143

She looks at the food like she's holding a baby or a cute animal. It scares the shit out of me.

No. 53146

It's an Italian style apple pie called torta di mele

No. 53152

I would love to hear an explanation from Aly as to why she smiles at food in her pictures instead of at the camera/phone. It's so bizarre. Almost as bizarre as her fake #realrecover-y.

No. 53159

idk, it's just plain weird how she must have taken 1000 photos with food so far. Who does that?

And her enabling family and friends are equally to blame for this. She's taking photos of food in front of her family. Surely they must know if her instagram?

No. 53165

They probably tolerate it because they think it's helping her.

No. 53169

And how many more do you think she takes but doesn't post because they aren't ~perfect~? It's scary to think about

No. 53172

So what does Aly do? Does she work or study?

And how does she find the time to manage her social media and take pics of food so much?

No. 53173

She does nothing. She had to quit university because of her eating disorder.

No. 53185

She sometimes "works" with her mum by which she means she hangs around her mum's place of work because she can't find anything to do by herself.

No. 53196

Oh my god I would send Ash a whole bag of binge candy of Aly a million disposable Starbucks cups if they would wear this for Halloween http://www.ijreview.com/2015/10/455727-girl-hospital-doesnt-think-sexy-costume-funny-gives-ultimate-response/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=Partners&utm_term=PRM17&ts_pid=2&utm_content=inf_10_74_2

No. 53202

Holy shit did anyone see how good Rachael farrouk looks now? I noticed in the video that she had a high pitched child's voice like Ash but a normal voice now that she's weight restored. I guess fat plays a role in vocal cord vibrations to alter pitch? http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/anorexia-rachel-farrokh-transformation-eating-disorder-treatment-orange-county-337797791.html

No. 53205

Holy shit that costume and story are so old it's sickening. I can't believe journalists are still posting it like its new. (I'm not blaming you, btw. I just can't believe how many times I've seen journalists reuse this story and its reactions.)

No. 53208

holy shit that's a major improvement. Kudos to her

No. 53211

Dr. Drew has some half-baked ideas about women with child-like voices and sexual abuse. I think that some anorexics talk on high-pitched voices like that for a variety of reasons but I think it's mostly because when they're that sick, it's easier to garner sympathy if people forget that you're an adult who is screwing up her life rather than some pitiful person.

I've been IP with many people at similar states of emancipation who spoke in normal voices. It's actually more disturbing to see people that tiny and know that they're adults. This is especially true with the anorexics in their 30s and 40s.

No. 53212


No. 53216

That's so awesome! I'm happy she was able to go through with recovery..but that jaded part of me is wondering how long it's going to take for the fakovery insta-anas and tumblr-ednas to start gofundmes…

No. 53221

Someone should send this to Aly and ask why she still looks exactly the same as she did when she started "realrecovery," yet an even ~more severe~ anorexic was able to put on a substantial and visible amount of weight in a relatively short period of time…

No. 53226

holy shit this is actually incredibly true. rachael was 40 pounds at the same height as aly, 170cm. and she has made so much more progress despite being in a more emaciated state. now she's actually funding a huge awareness campaign to advocate the mental side of eating disorders and stuff

No. 53229

Yeah, she's living proof that it's FAR from impossible for a very underweight person to gain weight. I don't know where this ridiculous idea that it's sooooo hard to gain any weight if you're anorexic came from. It's true that you can go into a hypermetabolic state for a while, but you just EAT MORE FUCKING FOOD. It's not a mystery.

No. 53233

>>53226 or you go into inpatient treatment and get tubed to assist with the higher caloric requirements

No. 53234

>>53229 comment above was meant for this. shit

No. 53253

But guys, Aly's special! She has to gain weight slowly because "being blown up" quickly would trigger her and make her relapse! Nobody else is triggered by rapid weight gain, only Aly!

No. 53254

Not that she's gaining any weight…

No. 53255

She's gained a ton of weight in her hair.

No. 53256

And in her organs!

No. 53277

This makes me so fucking angry. I don't know why she thinks she deserves special treatment or why she rubs it in the faces of all of her followers. It's so obnoxious. I remember recently someone commented that they'd been expected to gain the amount Aly gained in a month every week, and that's pretty standard. I don't know why an ED treatment team would want to drag the weight restoration process on for potentially years while their patient remained dangerously underweight. I don't know why they would even allow that to happen. I don't understand what's up with Aly's providers. How is this happening?

No. 53304

I am always wondering whether I'm too harsh on Aly. But then I saw these Halloween pictures, where she looks cadaverous again.

I remember how much of a difference just 5 lbs made in my face. Everyone IP talked about how quickly our faces looked different. She's just playing around and it's sickening.

No. 53308

Official lurker! Suddenly a picture taken by someone else showing whole face claps good progress Aly, Now we can compare pics properly

No. 53312


>>farmer points out she never looks into the camera when someone else is holding it

>>suddenly Aly posts picture facing the camera

No. 53313

Plus we could all see it in Aly's face immediately when she went to the hospital the first time, and that was only a few days, yet her face looked noticeably better, fuller, and more hydrated, and that was on a very light meal plan and tube feed, so arguably even less than what she pretends to eat at home.

No. 53314

She was there for only a few days, is it possible to gain fat in that time? I thought it was all water retention making her face look fuller.

No. 53320

The point wasn't so much that fat gain would immediately show (obviously that takes a bit longer than a few days), but rather that proper nutrition WILL show in one way or another, and not go to ~muh organs~ while the rest of the body remains as spoopy, dry, sunken, and grey as ever.

Still, if she really did gain even a few kg over the last ~5 months like she claims, it would definitely be noticeable.

No. 53328

In the caption of her "Halloween throwback picture" Aly mentions that "monday means cohabitation with dad". That sounded a bit awkward to me, because I´ve known that word in a …eh…somewhat different context so far, so I looked up the possible meanings of "cohabitation".

It mainly means having sex or living together as man and woman, not as father and daughter, right? Or can it be used to express that two family members are living under the same roof / spending time together (I guess that´s what she wanted to say)?

No. 53329

lmao, yeah, she means it more in terms of "coexisting" I reckon. Possibly because he has the day off, so she is all alone with him while her mother works and her brother is off to school?

No. 53331

'co' = with
habitation = living in a place

don't over think it lel
and again english isnt her first language. she might not know the nuance you are talking about (never heard it myself)

No. 53337

Either Aly or someone like Aly has tan aly_realrecover tumblr account. If it is Aly, then that's really disgusting of her to be promoting anorexia.

No. 53353

File: 1446478239687.jpg (272.36 KB, 540x748, IMG_20151101_084645.jpg)

What's 'embarassing' about her "costume"

No. 53378

It's embarrassing because she's trying to be a witch by just putting on a hat and drawing a spider on her face.
Walking around like that on Halloween though? Not that embarrassing. I have no idea why she wanted to emphasis that she went through the city like that.

No. 53397

I'm angry too anon
Where I live we would have gotten kicked out of treatment if we complained about gaining too fast

No. 53401

Halloween is not widely celebrated in Italy, so I guess it might be because of that

No. 53404

I mean, she walks around town in sweatpants and boots…

No. 53429

She wore a black hat that's not even a witch hat and painted a spiderweb on her face. And wore some purple bat brooch. Even if it's not widely celebrated where she lives, it's likely most people are aware the holiday exists and wouldn't even look at her twice, other than to gawk at how disgusting she is.

No. 53437

File: 1446486196969.jpg (31.78 KB, 540x135, IMG_20151102_104115.JPG)

Waiting to be blocked…

No. 53452

That username
Ly anon <3

No. 53458

Like really what anorexic in treatment DOESN'T feel like they'd rather gain less weight/gain slower? Hardly an uncommon sentiment, yet it isn't one that's generally catered to unless you're Princess Aly.

No. 53495

all i can put it down to is her wanting to be an immature child all her life and not accept the responsibilities of growing up, and that thought-process makes me cringe a hell of a lot

No. 53498

yeah she's 100% lurking. hey aly, fuck off and do something with your life!!! you act like you're 13. you're treating your life as though it's a reality show with your stupid ass 'stay tuned HONEYS' shit and it's now beyond a joke. i don't blame your dad for being disappointed with how you've turned out. you're using this illness as an excuse to not do other things with your life. i don't think people are triggered, people on sites such as ask.fm (even people you follow) talk about how much of a joke your recovery is

No. 53510

Of course she's looking at the camera, there's no food to smile at.

No. 53550

>people on sites such as ask.fm (even people you follow) talk about how much of a joke your recovery is

Where can I find this? Is it a discussion or just individual asks?

No. 53556

Don't anorexics tend to make food for other people as part of their disorder?

No. 53557

No. 53560

There's a couple of threads in mpa about her where most of the members think her #realrecovery is BS. Not the anon you asked but I've seen a few asks about her on ask.fm but that's been by googling aly_realrecover. Even ash got asked on tumblr what she thinks of her and said at least she (ash( doesn't pretend to be what she's not.

No. 53561

After weekend struggles? Isn't every day in her life pretty much a weekend day?

No. 53577

I suggest we all start reporting her account and emailing Instagram. Time to end her bs and the few people who think her recovery is real. Aly if you read this. Fuck you. For making ED sufferers think they can go to treatment but not gain weight. That it's so fucking easy. It's not. You're not a good person. You're the worst type of person. I hope your parents find one of these threads and send you to inpatient. You're vile.

We need to remove her from Instagram. I suggest a petition or something. She shouldn't be on there at all. She should be locked up in a ward until she is proven sane and healthy.

No. 53578

my petition was taken down bc it was seen as bullying or w/e

No. 53583


Ugh, then all we can do is expose her and hope that reporting her multiple times will get her removed hopefully.

No. 53592


Yup, any attempts to expose her is seen as harassment or bullying. Her delusional followers probably reported the petition.

Instagram are cocks as is apparent with the recoveringemily account. They take it down because people report the self harm/gas huffing/skellington nudity etc, she writes some sob story to them, they give it back and even keep the mutilation, drug use, body checks, underage nips.

I haven't even looked at aly's account for 2 days because she really grinds my gears too much. She's disgusting in every way.

No. 53595

It seems like Instagram will allow anything as long as you slap the "recovery" label on it. Tag pics of your skeletal body #thinspo and you get banned, but tag it #recovery and it's all good

No. 53599

It's such bullshit. I'm pretty sure that's why people like Aly have been able to get away with posting the shit they have, because I've reported some of those ~bonespo~ photos and graphic self-harm pics a number of times and I hardly ever see them get taken down.

No. 53612

File: 1446514523970.jpg (121.81 KB, 926x579, Capture.JPG)


No. 53619

From her IG it sounds like poppa isn't buying her b.s. and she runs to momma crying about her hurt feelings, pitting her parents against each ither. Momma seems completely taken in and coddles her and wants to be her bff. Little brother is getting sucked into the drama too. She's holding that family hostage to her manipulations, meanwhile she gets to be the center of attention at all times and plays the role of the fragile, delicate flower… there are no expectations of her at all. She doesn't have to go to school, get a job or support herself. All she has to do is nibble a croissant and Momma cries tears of joy.

No. 53621

File: 1446517143813.png (612.66 KB, 911x478, Untitled.png)

I was making some Aly art but got bored.

No. 53636

>>53621 that's some insidious scary ass shit

No. 53637

I like this somehow. Don't know how to explain it.

No. 53638

i like to call it, 'eye'm fucking delusional'

No. 53642

I think once you reach a certain amount of followers it's almost impossible for Instagram to delete your account. I've never seen accounts with 20k+ followers get deleted.

No. 53653

Thank you. Yes, I was too creeped out taking snips of Aly's soulless eyes to do any more, but I think this piece gets across the essence of she.

That is now the title.

No. 53660

Aly just posted a random picture of herself holding a croissant wearing a blue woollen cardigan. I thought she'd made a break through and not had cookies for breakfast!! Aly if you're reading this, better find a new pic to use later!

No. 53661

I am so thankful I didn't see this before bed!

No. 53662

It's.. gone?

No. 53663

Yeah it it another one of the split second posts, comes up on my phone preview , I viewed it and it was gone

No. 53665

Made me think she had it lined up to post at a later time and claim it was eaten there and then

No. 53666

By the way Aly describes food it's kind of obvious she still has issues. LUSH. DELISH. OILY. Etc. She sounds like she has a form of manic/mania whenever she types about the food. Many anorexics will talk nonstop about food while they're eating it and how good it is even though they only take maybe a few small bites. It's so fucking obvious she still has problems and yet people believe she is recovering.

Honey, since you're recovering and you're doing so much better! Why don't you start showing us your weight gains every week or so? Show us how good you're recovering! Because you're so damn open about is might as well show us how much you're gaining to give your brainwashed followers hope.

No. 53667

Aly just posted the croissant photo today. Look at her collarbone in it then look at her hands and wrist. She's clearly still sick and hasn't gained a pound maybe even lost some pounds. She wants to inspire girls she should show us all a video of her eating something instead of taking pictures of it. But wait she'll probably purge it up or something. Smh. Manipulative. Attention needy. Disgusting.

No. 53668

As if she's had two breakfasts , one of which out of town by 8am! bullshit Aly!

No. 53669

File: 1446538164330.jpg (112.96 KB, 972x552, Screenshot_2015-11-03-08-06-25…)

This whole caption is just wrong. If you're truely having a shit day stay home get some rest quit IG and trawling the boards here, and eat some damn food!

No. 53683

File: 1446554411129.jpg (11.89 KB, 210x90, skelly.JPG)

Her mum's staring at her across the table and looking at this and Aly's not in hospital.

She's supposed to be being monitored. She looks legit Belsen and she isn't in hospital.

Something is very wrong.

No. 53688

I think at this point her mother must be in some state of delusional denial/helplessness where she is enabling aly because she just doesn't know what else to do.

I remember there was some talk about contacting her mother, did that ever happen? (Not suggesting we do it, just curious of the results if we ever did).

It seems like she's just so misinformed about everything to be able to allow these behaviors. To take so many obsessive food pics and believe it's part of your daughter's recovery is just insane. It really has to be some kind of denial.

Maybe part of her wants to see aly die and be free of the burden. I'm sure she's clung to the desperate hope of recovery for long enough.

Part of me would just wish they'd die if aly were my kid. Like you'd want them to get better but after so long that stops feeling like a reality, I'm sure.

No. 53693

Her kebab caption implies she hasn't seen a kebab in ages and her and bro used to order them, not that she herself actually ate it for lunch today…

No. 53694

File: 1446559041751.jpg (257.2 KB, 972x1327, Screenshot_2015-11-03-13-56-49…)

No. 53695

File: 1446559072787.png (163.1 KB, 588x409, Untitled.png)

Saved for the archive of deletions (because it'll probably go that way)

No. 53699

File: 1446560495225.jpg (17.02 KB, 444x218, rr.JPG)

No. 53701

Eeeuuugh. Literally nauseating.

No. 53703

File: 1446563316682.jpg (4.96 KB, 298x169, bonespo.jpg)

Make a wish!

No. 53739

She deleted it but before she deleted it her brainwashed followers were sticking up for her saying how rude that post was etc. I saw one post saying she gained .5kg. Well if if that's only she's gained in two years then she must have the fastest metabolism in the world.

Also, her post with her brother saying she needed to show proof to her mother that she was eating or whatever. I wonder if her mom checks her Instagram then. Maybe there's a chance we could link her to these threads or something. Save this poor girls life.

No. 53745

File: 1446575780797.jpg (47.41 KB, 289x406, d.JPG)

Jesus CHRIST. It's almost 6 months since she started her #realrecovery (again). HALF A YEAAR (almost) and look at her. Dear god.

I bet she sends her "proofs" to her mum in a text for asspats. Why would she do that though, because she said herself she doesn't have to prove anything anymore. It's OBVIOUS she's eating when she's looking at food.

No. 53756

Her mum is on fb under a different surname. I doubt ma casati needs to see the majority of the posts on here, some no mother needs to see about their own daughter

No. 53757

She said why she woke up crying yet?

No. 53759

Agreed. Even if her mom is an enabler, she's in a really shitty situation and I feel awful for her. She doesn't need to see people bashing her daughter, but she DOES need to wake the fuck up and see that she's going to "love Aly to death" by allowing her to stay home and play this stupid #fakerecovery game. I wish she'd tell Aly that she needs to start making serious progress (or go inpatient) or she can no longer stay under their roof and mooch off of her family while slowly killing herself.

No. 53761

A donut was chasing at her in her dreams #fearfood

No. 53763

She isn't recovering I guarantee you she'll be in IP before the year is over. Im not sure how recovery works but don't you have to go to a clinic every so often to see how you're doing? I'm sure if she's actually in recovery even though she isn't recovering she has to go to a clinic a few times a month. I'm sure her they'll catch her soon and send her to IP.

No. 53766

File: 1446580362262.jpeg (28.17 KB, 310x310, funny-pictures-diabeetus-auto-…)

Her next fear food recoverywin!? Come on lurker you can do it!

No. 53767

She gets weighed a whole one time every month and they don't seem to give a fuck about her lack of progress.

No. 53768

File: 1446580894528.gif (274.92 KB, 800x600, donutbite.gif)


No. 53770

Oh, and she may get hospitalized again, but we've seen twice now how that turns out. She gets put in a general ward (not in an ED ward/clinic) for ~bad bloods~, given some IV fluids and what looks like even less food than she would eat at home (granted, the first time they did tube-feed her briefly, but they didn't the second time after she'd lost rather than gained weight), kept for a few days, and then released to continue her farce of a "recovery."

No. 53772

Nah, I reckon next stop is the Big House (ie REAL ED treatment clinic). She downplays when she knows she's in the shit. I'll bet she's in there in January.

No. 53773

(adding) …if she lives that long.

No. 53777

File: 1446581378423.png (855 KB, 618x1022, CHALLANGING.png)

I hope.

Also, lol @ this CHALLANGING dinner. Looks like she ate eight normal-sized ravioli with no cheese or dressing. Such #realrecovery.

No. 53778

So dry. Looks like she'd probably have to peel it off the plate and the roof of her mouth (if she actually put it anywhere near her mouth).

Idk, but since I saw that video of her eating, all I can think of is her doing that twatty thing with her hand and fork while she's chewing. Combined with that fucking monstrous bone bursting out of her chest I'm feeling really nauseated atm.

No. 53779

Oh god yeah the hand thing. She seems so freaked out by food. The videos almost made me feel bad for her, before I remembered what a manipulative liar and a bitch she is.

No. 53791

Eurgh, it looks all cold and gummy.

No. 53876

>super close up of five pieces of food
>no cheese to be seen
Why do people fall for her lies?

No. 53877

Wait, what does she do with her hands when she eats?

No. 53887

Twirls them around in circles with her pinkies out

No. 53890

why are all of her dinners 'scaring(lmao)' but she's supposedly fine eating an entire pizza????what the fuck is she saying

No. 53892

Don't think about it too hard, anon. Nothing about Aly nor her #realrecovery makes sense.

No. 53899

There really is a gif for everything.

No. 53920

I saw this somewhere else today. Very impressive improvement. She said though that the Portuguese clinic was able to help her by providing her love and safety. I couldn't help but draw parallels to Aly's mother, maybe she's trying that approach. For her sake I hope Aly does get better :s

No. 54002

Bah i really think there are clinics in the US which do treat their patients with respect. and, btw Rachel says, she didnt knew she was worth it (to be treaten like this). Tells a hell lot about her marriage….

No. 54008

Can she just get Ip already? Doesn't someone know her mothers Facebook just send her to one of our threads or exposing her blogs and we could save this dumb girls life.

No. 54014

Didn't she say she might go IP in like 6 months or something? lmao.

No. 54017

File: 1446628722978.png (1.02 MB, 618x1510, Aly 10-8-2015 4.png)

If things "don't go as well as expected in the next months" (and she isn't dead by then), maybe, but I have a hard time picturing her ever actually agreeing to go voluntarily.

No. 54018

Thank you anon, I was too lazy to look it up.

No. 54019

Wasn't this like… really recent? Hasn't she been in her umpteenth real recovery for at least a few months in that picture? How does she even explain that she might go IP in like half a year if she's doing so damn well? Ugh.

No. 54020

Yeah, the screenshot was from October 8. She's been in "real #realrecovery" since June, and before that, she was claiming she was in "#realrecovery" since at least the beginning of 2015, if not earlier.

No. 54021

I honestly hope she does go, hopefully sooner. Not just because I kind of care about her but it'd be kind of entertaining as well.

No. 54030

tooth ache again. do people fucking realize it could be from purging wow
also when your body is seeking nutrients from other sources it eats away at your nails, hair, teeth, heart, muscles obv but yeah she'd definitely have osteoporosis or osteopenia. no doubt. plus she smokes so her bones must be fucked

No. 54032

aly, eat more. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkidkjhKJHDKGHSK

No. 54036

How do we know she smokes?

No. 54041

she used to post photos of her cigarettes/lighters

No. 54042

File: 1446640184493.png (621.56 KB, 866x564, 1443388237911.png)

No. 54043

File: 1446640242643.jpg (9.47 KB, 275x247, 1441566554034.jpg)


No. 54045


No. 54047

That's the look on my face just before I shriek in terror at seeing a spider - NOT when I see a BIIIIG DANG (!) plate of LUSH (!) food that I'm determinated to eat because "no to extra calories? NO WAY!"

No. 54048

samefagging but also, the only time most people tilt their chin into their neck like that right after they bite into food is if it tastes disgusting to them and it's causing them to retch.

No. 54053

File: 1446641877318.jpg (80.94 KB, 586x600, fag ash lil.JPG)


I noticed she stopped taking pictures of her cigs when her followers started going on about how bad it was for her and how she should stop.

No. 54057

Ew fuck, she's eating tentacles again. Thank god it's not clams (for CC's sake).

Does her phrase "eating outside" ruffle anyone else's jimmies? I imagine her sitting on the floor, taking her plate outdoors. IT'S DINING OUT, ALY. Could be worse, I suppose, "I was eating out with my mum" ~lesbian emoji~

I feel we're heading for a climax soon with Aly and her illness. A dramatic physical shutdown, or she really is admitted at that clinic SOON. This is what I feel. It's all going too smoothly. Even an abscess (could be causing toothache) could burst and do a lot of damage.

~stay tuned~

No. 54060

Why she making a point of how hard it is to eat outside?? half her day is spent out of the house eating at restaurants!!

No. 54061

Can you add her most recent face-on photo please? Think it was just after Halloween

No. 54074

I seriously don't understand why this girl eats out so much. Like what does she do with the food then. The people she's with must be like wtf. Then again she's probably purging cause she is having toothaches. Ugh. She needs to stop before her teeth get fucked.

No. 54076

File: 1446647157045.jpg (54.23 KB, 480x480, tumblr_m7c3q03Ubk1r3p1jzo2_128…)

She'll be looking like this soon

No. 54079

I think she actually does eat the food when she's in restaurants with other people. To counteract that, she restricts at home (putting her breakfast cookies back into the tin and throwing out the Fortimels)

No. 54116

File: 1446657055728.jpg (217.44 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Cunty response incoming… "Well as I've said in the captions… "

No. 54150

Lowest calorie day she's had in a while. That doesn't constitute soup its water with carrots in and a few tiny pasta bits

No. 54165

I have to disagree here, that's a hearty soup and it has visible oil (!)

No. 54166

i think of all the health damage of EDs, teeth damage is most underrated
sorry to blog but ive been recovered for several 5+ years now and i still need root canals and extractions

No. 54167

no way is this a suitable dinner or even lunch for a severely underweight person. No fucking way.

Oil or no oil, this is nothing. Chicken broth has some fat but it has barely any calories. Open up a 120-calorie-per-serving can of soup and pour it out. It will look the same as this.

No. 54173

This soup has no oil , it's just broth and I agree it's a pathetic dinner! It's someone on a diet, I mean a thick veg soup with some bread might be a nice warming lunch but this is definitely not on the meal plan! She's had fuck all today

No. 54174

You got me there, it's a hearty soup and it would be alright if it were for someone healthy. Not for someone trying to gain weight.

No. 54177

File: 1446667717570.jpg (85.71 KB, 972x1389, Screenshot_2015-11-04-20-07-10…)

Is 170 cals a dinner for anyone? Esp not for an anorexic with a bmi of 13

No. 54185

Not just a bowl of soup tho, some salad, bread etc

No. 54197

File: 1446668852564.png (1.89 MB, 1522x589, Untitled.png)

A comparison

No. 54204

Yeah, soup is meant to be eaten with other things, not just by itself unless you're ill or something and can't eat much.

No. 54206

She looks so utterly disgusted with the food she's eating (how dare she, crepes are my mana). Bitch needs help.

No. 54211

Didn't someone on here say that Ali's brother follows her on IG? If so her surely must have called her out on her shit.

No. 54213

I think its the other way round, she follows him

No. 54218

She isn't private though so he musta seen some things? Unless he's a typical 14 year old and isn't obsessed with her IG like she is, more into gaming

No. 54229

Yeah it is to me because if it's like a whole can or whatever it is because it's filling despite the low cal intake. To her though she's supposed to be on a meal plan right? So, she should be eating some crackers, bread, etc. with it to meet the dinner calorie intake. (Could someone tell me what the dinner calorie intake might be? At least an estimate because I'm sure hers must be greater than a regular persons.) this may actually be one of her safe foods so who knows. Maybe she'll hold this one down.

No. 54246

For maintaining, i'd say 500-600 at night seems good to me.
Actively gaining ? Something like 1000.

No. 54260

How her parents think this is acceptable is beyond me. Anorexic kid wants soup for dinner? No fucking chance! You can have solid food like the rest of the adults

No. 54262

Definitely a safe food probably. One she'll eat in front of some family and hold down.

No. 54298

Soup would be acceptable if she was eating a really rich (!) and creamy (!) leek and potato soup with double cream in it and lots of crusty bread with butter. Follow that with a bit of a desert. Maybe rice pudding with full cream milk.

That dishwater she's eating, no.

No. 54302

When I was a teenager I spent some time on a psych ward and one day they sent us the ED ward lunch by mistake and it was SO DANG LUSH (!).

No. 54305

I spit out my drink.

No. 54379

This shouldn't have made me laugh that hard!

No. 54385

No. 54425

It's so weird to see her in motion. She doesn't look like a real person. It's fucking creepy. I also expected her voice to be way higher pitched.

No. 54442

There is something deeply uncanny in the way she moves and smiles. Plus, WTF is wrong with her hand? She moves it in circles after every single bite. Ugh, I need a drink.

No. 54445

It's served on her usual flat plate, how much soup can you even pour on there? Definitely not a whole can.

No. 54447

I know almost nothing about EDs, but I'd say it has something to do with the strict routine many anorexics go into. Like, maybe she has to circle her hand two or three times before she swallows. Maybe it's a "tick" of hers, like an obsessive compulsive sort of thing.

No. 54459

What do you think her followers will say in a year if she hasn't gained any visible weight?

Keep telling her she is the strongest #realrecovery warrior?

No. 54462

wuhu great job

No. 54480

Making such a fuss about going food shopping with her dad, she did the exact same thing a week ago, went to the same cafe for a pastry with him etc etc oh and if she says FREAKIN (!) One more time!!!!!!! Stfu!

No. 54482

File: 1446716063028.jpg (114.29 KB, 990x528, Screenshot_2015-11-05-09-33-23…)

No. 54485

It's an ED compulsive habit. You basically put food on your fork but you may or may not eat it. To distract people if they're watching you eat you move the fork near your mouth then keep talking move it in circles then you possibly cut it up some more to make it look like you took a bite off the fork…. Basically it's a long process and she clearly still has those "ED habits".

No. 54486

can someone please tell her how idiotic "already baked" sounds? i don't have an instagram.

No. 54494

I'm pretty sure it's a European thing and not ED related at all. my grandparents are from a European background and it's how they show pleasure when eating something that tastes good. it means they like the food. obviously in her case she's exaggerating it but I think you guys are reading too much into things.

No. 54497

Yea if she lasts another year
Surprised there hasnt been new talk of inpatient treatment, shits getting ridiculous
Hasnt it already been at least a year since the relapse
And at least 6 months since REAL(really real this time guiz)RECOVERY

No. 54498

Oh shit, you're right. That's a straight up ED habit.

No. 54499

File: 1446727421450.png (2.51 MB, 1196x1198, Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.41…)

>a biiig beef steak ofc cooked in oil plus some carrots beside and the usual ton of soft white bread
Oh dear god Aly that is not a fucking steak I cannot even believe how extreme her exaggeration is

No. 54500

Her food combinations bug me, half hot half cold. why not cook the carrots and have potatoes instead of bread, idk anything! I hate cold carrots so this could be my issue not hers haha

No. 54501


>a biiig beef steak

That looks like a slice of roast beef lol look how thin it is

No. 54503

>ofc cooked in oil
Does she have to say that every fucking time?

No. 54515

I never see any trace of seasoning, onions, oil, anything. Also, why eat white bread at all? The most pointless thing.

No. 54516

File: 1446731986962.jpg (227.49 KB, 1058x1200, Screenshot_2015-11-05-13-56-03…)

To summarize, my previous recovery when I ate donuts was a load of bs

No. 54517

File: 1446732010848.jpg (22.73 KB, 257x276, 1311947643459.jpg)


No. 54518

Anon is very artistic.

No. 54528

This girl has a lot of money to be eating out somewhere five times a damn day. Isn't it suggested to eat at home and buy groceries when you're on a damn meal plan?

No. 54529

1,5 kg is not much weight gain for a month when somoene is in recovery.

No. 54541

Getting reeeeeeeeeal sick of Aly blaming her dad for her ED.

I know we only see pictures of him, but he looks strict but kind. I mean, he smiles for her damn selfies with him. If he was so "mean," I doubt he'd even agree to take them.
Even ignoring that, she needs to stop blaming her dad for her own issues.

No. 54547

Yeah but she's never responsible for anything, she's just a blondie little happy child!

No. 54549

If she hates him that much why doesn't she move out. Obviously cant work but she could couch surf her sisters…oh yeah, home comforts, free shit. Imagine having to live with this bitch. O god.

No. 54555

File: 1446742736560.jpg (140.77 KB, 590x597, hangry.jpg)

Anyone else think she looks like she's got bulimia cheeks here?

No. 54557

I wonder if her dad has an ED himself? She said this time he "actually ordered a coffee" but didn't order a pastry, just took a corner from hers. And she's mentioned in the past that he doesn't believe in too many sweets (I think this was back when they were on their summer beach vacation)

Don't get me wrong I think she's a huge twat for heaping responsibility on him, but it kinda makes me wonder…

No. 54558

Does anyone still have an unblocked sockpuppet that could ask if her dad has an ED? Make sure to include lots of asslicking in your comment as well.

No. 54560

I've thought it for a few weeks.

Nah. He's probably just not into the coffee and pastry thing. Her cousin had an ED though.

No. 54563

her next day hospital control is November 18

No. 54564

But she eats a lot of sweet stuff, waffles, croissants, crepes, pancakes, cookies, ice cream (fortimel or gelato), capucchino and so on. If she were my daughter i'd be concerned too. No wonder she's been having toothache lately.

No. 54567

Like the last few weeks her eyes look much more dehydrated, wrinkled and puffy, her cheeks look swollen behind the boney bit, and she has toothache. I've noticed her pics have been widened too, her whole face stretched compared to straight on pose

No. 54568

Her dad probably had a proper breakfast and doesn't have room for a croissant

No. 54569

Right, I agree that there are healthier ways to recover instead of gorging yourself with sugar like 90% of the IG ED community. Healthy fats, lean proteins, starchy vegetables, whole grains and other complex carbs… as long as your calorie count is high enough, you'll gain weight on that stuff.

However, at her current state of emaciation I would think her dad would be happy about ANYTHING she actually eats and keeps down. Unless he doesn't give a shit, when I can understand.

No. 54570

She was admitted to hospital for electrolyte imbalance Case closed.

No. 54573

Exactly! And didn't they threaten her with IP a few weeks ago if she didn't improve? Panic setting in, need to "show" improvement. B/p fits

No. 54576

File: 1446744230691.jpg (29.55 KB, 390x456, Screenshot_2015-11-05-17-22-24…)

Why is one eye more haggard than the other?

No. 54577

If she has tooth decay that has progressed into a persistent toothache, it won't go away until she sees a dentist to have it fixed (probably a root canal if the cavity is deep enough). Any dentist worth his salt will then see signs of decay on her other teeth.

Of course it probably won't get further than "You have significant decay on the backs of your front teeth. Have you been purging?"


"Okay cool see the receptionist on your way out bye."

No. 54579

maybe its because ED-chans have extremely black and white thinking.
and treatment centers think everyone has the same fear foods such as fried food, bread, sweets, so in many treatment centers they push these foods very hard. then, ana-chans think this is normal and ass-pat worthy behavior.
more sweets = much challenge, such recovery, and more ass-pats

No. 54580

IP if the next several months don't ~go as well as they'd hoped~

No. 54581

because Illuminati

No. 54586

This. He probably eats enough real food, and doesn't have room for snacks.

No. 54589

Lily lice are you here?

No. 54596

File: 1446747194522.jpg (244.92 KB, 1028x1630, Screenshot_2015-11-05-18-07-47…)

No. 54601

Men, I love it!

Lack of love, indifference. Ffs, thousands and thousands of children WORLDWIDE live without one parent for one reason or another. Get a fucking grip.

No. 54607

and bitch, please, you've "killed" your illness. Don't. make. me. fucking. laugh.

Much rage for Aly today and I'm not even hormal. Kill this account PLEASE.

No. 54616

>>Baaaaaaawwwwww daddy didn't give me enough attention

You're an adult now, Aly, you can be a stripper. It's not as bad for your health.

No. 54620

LMAO maybe that way she can get another sugar dadd… I mean boyfriend to buy her stuff

No. 54621

teeth decay doesn't have to come from purging, might also be simple malnutrition.

I believe she eats everything she posts because it's still not enough. this ‚real anorexics only eat 400 kcal a day‘ is bullshit. studies show that anorexics who have a higher intake like 800-1400 kcal are those with the lowest weight because they don't binge. and eating 1200 kcal on average might be ok for a short period of time - but if you're already at a low weight and keep it going for years it's as damaging as restricting to 600 kcal for a couple of months.

No. 54625

How does this explain having to have the electrolyte IV?

No. 54626

File: 1446751367601.jpg (17.06 KB, 343x429, images (3).jpg)

Aly be like

No. 54630

File: 1446751889295.gif (979.89 KB, 500x333, aly hot tonight only.gif)

No. 54632

OMG this is perfect

No. 54636

I say again: there really is a gif for everything.

No. 54637

Electrolyte imbalances don't have to come from purging. They can be a result of malnutrition and dehydration. Aly looks like she never drinks water and we know she's not eating enough, so I'm not surprised her electrolytes were (and maybe still are) fucked.

No. 54641

I think that if she were purging, she'd be dead already, or deteriorating even faster.

No. 54642

File: 1446753069241.gif (1.45 MB, 700x393, thirst.gif)

No. 54652

I can't stop watching this…

No. 54653

Not everyone likes sugary sweet pastries. And your tastes do change as you age. I can't eat garbage sugary cereal like I did as a kid. A lot of things are much too sweet for me now that weren't 10 years ago.

No. 54654

Based anon

No. 54656

File: 1446755759591.jpg (41.33 KB, 500x500, lil bub ice cream.jpg)

That sweet, sweet sugar tho

No. 54681

Yes everything about that video screams disordered, she takes one slow bite then shouts some cliche phrases then distracts herself and her viewer by waving her fork all to put off having to take another bite. If she were sent to an ED ward such bullshit wouldn't be allowed. A "recovery win" is not filming yourself eating one bit of some expensive fatty meal, it's instead eating a normal and nutritious meal in a normal manner.

No. 54683

I wish she would stop calling me a fake account…i'm real aly…REAL!

No. 54686

Doubt it. She seems to just center her meas around pre-portioned biscuits and eating junk food outside rather than actual filling, nutritious full portions of home cooked food like most people and likely her dad. Eating a bit of a patry is all she probably would eat that morn so still restricting.

No. 54689

File: 1446759390148.gif (456.94 KB, 500x208, giphy (1).gif)

#ootd #selfie #edfam!!

No. 54691

File: 1446759629673.jpg (76.34 KB, 600x900, kekalicious.jpg)

nah, dont worry, she's got ash now. See?

No. 54717

I missed your comment, what did you say?

No. 54719

Why is that video so DANG (!) creepy?

No. 54749

File: 1446770098460.png (878.05 KB, 617x1226, Aly logic.png)

>eats frozen Fortimel "ice cream" almost every day
>can't eat real ice cream because it's too cold now in Italy
Aly logic.

No. 54763

No. 54770

hold me

No. 54771

Her captions make me incredibly angry good lord

No. 54772

wtf is happening

No. 54773

I can't eat ice cream because it's cold but I can eat this ice cream.

No. 54777


No. 54788

Wow, she took one whole bite in each video.

No. 54792

that "icecream" is very carefully stacked up on top of something else that's hiding under there, and pushed forward in the bowl too. that bikkie's floating in ice-cream free space back there.

No. 54794

No. 54798

DANG angry. FREAKIN angry.

No. 54802

File: 1446798600380.png (898.03 KB, 617x1110, Aly 11-6-2015.png)

inb4 BUT MUH MEALPLAN [obnoxious emoji] reply and comment deletion and blocking for poor Angeline

No. 54803

HOW ?!?! Is cookies for breakfast still a fear food challenge recovery win? Because of the Huge (!) Chocolate chips? Give her a fry up and see how she copes

No. 54804

Ash is still (just about) living though, and she purges notoriously

No. 54805

Is ANYTHING not a fear food for her? I mean I guess it's possible that she was afraid of literally all food but um I seriously doubt that. Her god damn croissants annoy me the most, every fucking day she eats one and every time it's a huge challenge and so totally new idefk

No. 54806

Aly just does not strike me as a purger at all… she just seems to me as being so uptight and prim and she can't even have a bite of food without looking like she wants to die.
Then again, in her old pictures she doesn't seem like that so who knows… like this one >>54053

No. 54809

yeah she also doesn’t strike me as a bulimic type. bulimics and anorexics have very different character traits. just have look at mpa. bulimia forum: nice, funny, laid back people who support each other but have a lot of trouble with alcohol and drugs. anorexia forum: hangry bitches who only talk about themselves, criticize others and freak out about having a 400 CALORIE BINGE.

No. 54810

File: 1446803202081.png (64.52 KB, 1238x220, 2345768.png)

No. 54811

Maybe she grinds her teeth, a stress/anxiety thing? Could cause jaw pain toothache headaches etc

No. 54813

File: 1446804267328.jpg (172.33 KB, 964x1222, Screenshot_2015-11-06-10-03-27…)

How slow can you go

No. 54817

These meals must be agony, with Aly pushing food around on the plate and her mother desperately bargaining with her to take another bite.

Is this the 3rd IG pic of this same meal?

No. 54825

I'm sorry but look how awful she looks in this picture, Aly. She looks paler than usual and her skin looks like it's desperately hanging on to her cheekbones. Help her.

No. 54829

Ma casatis work must be very forgiving, having to take a 2 hour lunch break every time Aly wants to meet her for spinaches drenched in oil

No. 54831

I was thinking this before I saw your comment. She looks truly ghastly.

No. 54840

Dat pink eyeshadow

No. 54847

Whaddaya know, she did delete the 8 cookies comment.

She is freaking out about being asked out for sushi. What in the world is challanging about sushi?

No. 54849

File: 1446819285812.png (184.14 KB, 720x684, will to heal.png)

Life advice.

No. 54850

no unpictured glass of milk?

No. 54851

File: 1446819635695.jpg (61.78 KB, 540x344, IMG_20151106_072005.JPG)

Now we wait

No. 54857

I fucking hate this bitch's stupid canned answers. They're so unhelpful. Apparently anorexiaathletica just doesn't have enough ~will~, since they aren't #recoverywinning like Aly is. What a cunt.

Sometime in the not-too-distant past, Aly answered a comment about that, claiming that she's allowed to either have her ~unpictured glass of milk~ OR a second cappuccino. Which sounds like bullshit to me, because unless the "glass" of milk only contain like 2 fluid ounces or the cappuccinos are fucking huge, they aren't equivalent at ALL. And, big surprise, Aly chooses the cappuccino. I wonder why.

No. 54865

File: 1446823573222.jpg (40.3 KB, 540x162, IMG_20151106_082538.JPG)


No. 54868

My goodness, she is looking more skeletal than ever.

No. 54872

File: 1446825309455.png (151.86 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Okay so I've been lurking on here this past week. Like you all growing more and more fucking sick of Aly's bullshit so I caved and gave it to her straight. Man it was therapeutic! Here it is as no doubt it will soon be deleted

No. 54873

File: 1446825405353.png (159.84 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

And second photo, it was a long rant! Posted the two photos backwards, this is the start

No. 54875

Well said.

No. 54901

damn. Looking forward to see how long that stays on there.

No. 54906

It's gone, as is the cookies comment above.

I admit her crepes look delicious. The restaurant also provides that big pot of chocolate sauce alongside and it kills me that she's only used a little of it, on maybe two occasions. Such waste of delicious chocolate :( :(

No. 54924

File: 1446834225041.png (788.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-06-12-14-35…)

I hate?? how she says it's so spontaneous (!) And such a treat, no aly, it's not, ofc it's part of your dang LUSH(!) meal plan. Stop acting like you treat yourself to extras all the time on the fly and spontaneously it's the same fucking thing every time as a part of your meal plan.

No. 54943

File: 1446834849815.png (141.99 KB, 362x551, Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.3…)

Well well.. does Aly have an actual sister? And this sister has asked her out to dinner? THIS is the reason she's freaked out about sushi - not the food, the fucking competition. Is our precious Aly a sad blondie middle child who needs all of the attentions from bad behaviour?

Or is she talking about a friend? I've never heard her mention a sister before. So if she has one, her sis has to be older and out of the house already.

No. 54949

File: 1446834972106.png (69.15 KB, 1144x208, Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.3…)

Of course Aly doesn't give enough of a fuck about anyone but herself to even respond to this poor girl. I'm surprised she hasn't just blocked her already, TBH.

Nah, I think this "sister" is just one of her friends.

No. 54967

Her sister is just her friend, her "best" friend which changes quite regularly so fickle whoever gives her the most ass pats

No. 54998

She's mentioned a sister (sisters, I should say) plenty of times. It's what she calls the only friends who haven't given up on her.

No. 54999

No. 55039

File: 1446844725593.jpg (269.47 KB, 1375x787, Capture.JPG)

Part 1

No. 55040

File: 1446844787821.jpg (220.33 KB, 1371x846, Capture.JPG)

Pt 2

No. 55043

And no, I am not aletriky, and she's not a "fake" account so there, Aly!

No. 55055

she sure likes those feather earrings.

No. 55072


I doubt she has an ass to pat. I wish she would though I bet she'd be really beautiful with more weight.

No. 55112

So she left the "you look healthy" comment up and deleted the arguments that occurred afterward. Unfortunately for her, the arguments have restarted.

No. 55120

Her shoulders were looking odd to me, and I was thinking that she had some shoulder pads for whatever reason, but… shoulder pads don't have sharp edges like that.
Even her fucking loose clothing doesn't hide dem bonez.

No. 55134

Oh come on! She does look healthy…for a corpse.

No. 55135

YES! I was going to say that on my comment above. The sharp angles are just BONE.

No. 55141

Oh lawwwd that is just unholy D: D:
Her mother must be seeing this…it must be more obvious in motion, right?

No. 55143

File: 1446858655865.png (2.07 MB, 1198x1196, Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 5.08…)

#REALRECOVERY guise! So challenge, much calorie. Why the fuck do people look up to this girl? She's skeletal, delusional, bitchy…yet idolized by thousands?

No. 55151

Apparently she also ate half a portion of fried rice. But it is unpictured.

No. 55153

Oh, you're right, I missed that (I can barely stand to read Aly's captions). Kudos to her if she actually did more than take a single bite of the food someone else ordered…

No. 55163

File: 1446868441289.jpg (221.64 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

She deleted this comment and the ones before. There is a long comment in reply by a supporter. Which prompts the question: why is Aly so polarizing? Why am I still watching this trainwreck?

No. 55164

By "she" I mean the person posting, not aly.

No. 55179

She probably thinks they make her look like an ~angel~.
(S2G if her next picture with them has a caption where she calls herself an angel I will fly to Italy and stab her with her own collarbones.)

No. 55194

Maybe she tells her mom that she wil 'try' the food and so she just takes one little bite of it (and we know what kind of bites) and then she says she has 'tried' it, she stops eating and tells her mom to be proud of her because she did such a good thing 'trying' the food… every day again ofcours

No. 55218


No. 55223

I´d like to stab her every time she calls herself a "happy little blondie child". That´s really the most stupid way to describe herself I can think of. She´s not a blonde, she´s a brunette whose hair is horribly damaged from all the bleaching, and she´s not a child, she´s a young woman of almost 20 years who should start taking responsibility for her life.

No. 55231

Does anyone know when Aly's birthday is?

No. 55233

File: 1446893235552.jpg (61.25 KB, 960x635, 406479_370900022927821_8377192…)

Aly was actually pretty. Was she already sick here?

No. 55234

close to her death day i assume

No. 55235

I really want to hit her face. But i would prob hurt myself bc of her bones

No. 55237

File: 1446893610498.jpg (107.21 KB, 960x640, 319872_430534500297706_7620415…)

Don't think she was sick. This one was around the same time (can you believe this is really her?)

No. 55241

File: 1446895727190.jpg (106.87 KB, 864x1356, Screenshot_2015-11-07-11-27-39…)

This is 2013; starting to look a bit ropey

No. 55242

Her friend/"sister" is so pretty, Aly looks even worse than usual when she's in pictures with her friends

No. 55245

She looks nothing like before. Scary.

What was the cause of her becoming anorexic anyway. I mean, she wasn't fat or anything, her family seems nice, she's kind of wealthy, she was pretty, had friends and her personality doesn't fit in that of the typical suicidal teenager. Why would you stop eating? Attention? Boredom? I'll never understand. What had Aly said about it? What's her story?

No. 55246

File: 1446898534205.jpg (70.5 KB, 960x720, 1185657_647148311969656_823055…)

the fact that she posts shit like this on her facebook. cringe

No. 55249

So many pictures of her getting with that guy, hundreds! Even on her friends fb she's chewing the face off him in half the photos, girl needs to get some class. Maybe the break up tipped her over the edge ED wise

No. 55251

AS SHE WROTE IN CAPTIONS her dad has been the main reason of her ED. God, anon, don't you read EVERY word Aly has written?

No. 55254

She looked beautiful beforehand… wow.

No. 55255


And what did he do to her? Didn't take her shopping enough? Geez.

No. 55259

File: 1446902904175.png (62.62 KB, 1080x244, Instas_Aly827038137.png)

A comment left here:

Another person calling Aly out on her shit.

No. 55261

I think that, like her food, it's coming up again. On her other account, she posts her 18th birthday pics 2 weeks before a HELLO DECEMBER post

It feels like she's been 19 and SEVERE (!) anorexic for 2 and a half years for EVER. God, this girl makes time drag.

No. 55262

File: 1446904434560.png (87.66 KB, 1080x330, Insta_Aly928373819.png)

Another (more kind) comment, questioning her no weight gain.

No. 55264

File: 1446904712516.jpg (33.79 KB, 368x340, kek at eyes.JPG)

Her relationship seemed to fizzle out too much to tip her over. She mentioned something about problems with it being a long distance relationship. She was with him here
and talks about ~struggling~ with her ed.

No. 55270

that's the most vaginal crepe i've ever seen.

it looks like it's giving birth

No. 55272

Is it common in Italy to call all your female friends "sisters?"

No. 55273

It's common if you're a young girl and/or a little cringy

No. 55278

File: 1446909028112.png (20.24 KB, 277x188, Untitled.png)

why the (!!1!!one!!!1one!!) if she supposedly drinks this ~unpictured glass of milk~ at breakfast everyday
ur a twat aly ( o ʖ o)

No. 55280

Daddy didn't pay enough attention to her. I guess this was her way of trying to make him shower her with the fatherly love she'd always yearned for.

No. 55296

In her ~story~ (now deleted, of course), she literally says it's because she got up to BMI 19. The horror!
Funny enough, she never mentions her dad in her story. That came up later and out of nowhere, probably because she decided she had to blame it on someone besides herself.

Where are you getting your stereotypes? The stereotypical anorexic is a young, uptight female with wealthy parents and no real responsibilities who just happens to be super concerned with body image. Sound familiar at all?
She also fits perfectly into the stereotypical personality of an anorexic: she's a control freak. She's admitted to it, and it's quite obvious from her obsessive need to monitor/censor her Instagram comments.
The only stereotype Aly doesn't fit is that her wealthy parents are uncaring. Her mother clearly cares about her, and I'm willing to bet her father cares about her in his own way too.

No. 55297

File: 1446913833910.jpg (17.81 KB, 600x600, CM3oDBwWoAElVPS.jpg)

Why tf would you abuse emojis like this

No. 55319

File: 1446918539301.jpg (94.62 KB, 1078x435, Screenshot_2015-11-07-17-47-16…)

I love how she didn't expect it to be so big hahaha Aly karma just bit you in the ass, no more pissy portions for you!!

No. 55335

Isn't that recent pizza pic the same one she's used a lot???

No. 55336

she does not eat that pizza anyway. she's actually fucking delusional. and the comment about not finishing it all. if she's with someone, don't you think they'd want her to finish it all? or is that anon from before correct guessing that they enable her from having a few bites until she's 'satisfied' as they're happy with anything

No. 55338

haha, fucking hell that IS huge (!) She's all like ohhhhh shiiiiiiiiit.

No. 55339

>>55338 such a shame that the one thing she eats for the day had to be so dang huge and lush! the person serving it to her was probably like nah fuck this put it in a huge glass

No. 55340

File: 1446922886400.jpg (16.08 KB, 343x201, erm.JPG)

I wonder if her mum has a sly word with the waiter to upsize? Maybe that's why the barista keeps putting so much cocoa powder on her cappucino.

SO - this Starbucks thing. I wish I didn't know the history of that cup. They didn't gag when they saw the pic. I envy them.

No. 55341

>>55339 I thought about that with the cocoa powder that day she had it actually wtf

No. 55342

above comment is meant for >>55340 fk

No. 55344

Yeah, I think that's what's happening. I mean, that amount of powder's ludicrous. My theory anyway.

No. 55345

File: 1446923339618.png (9.56 MB, 3220x1600, Pizza Comparison.png)

Nope, this actually seems to be a unique pizza (or, at least, not a picture that she's posted since her ~*~new beginning~*~)!

No. 55349

I hope the people making her drinks secretly use whole milk instead of ~semi-skimmed~, but she's probably the obnoxious type who hovers around the bar peering over at exactly what they're doing when they're making her drink so she can ensure they aren't slipping in extra calories, lol. But yeah, that is a ridiculous amount of cocoa powder to be on top of the foam. Is the idea supposed to be that you mix it in? That would make sense, and then it would probably not be an excessive amount.

No. 55350

Me or aly??

No. 55351

Idk. I'd just order a mocha if I wanted my coffee that chocolatey. Doesn't everyone eat the froath (!) off a spoon anyway?

You said ENSURE. It's FORTIMEL!!!11

Not that anon, but anon is calling Aly a twat for asspatting herself for having milk when she (supposedly) has a glass for breakfast.

No. 55370

ok, not defending aly. HOWEVER, different foods are challenging for different people, it TOTALLY depends on the person. My safe food was any kind of meat. that was IT. no dairy, no vegetables, no legumes, no nuts, no starches, and god forbid fruits. some people are exactly the opposite. tbh, sushi was challenging as FUCK for me. sorry for OT

No. 55371

your carrier has an awesome name

No. 55372

if a small gust of wind catches them, she might float away

No. 55375


No. 55378

Point is, she's been (supposedly) eating sushi often since her (supposed) recovery.

No. 55380

Yes, he IS a hairy beast. Who in hell took all these petting on the waves photos? Who in hell would WANT to have someone intrude during a ~moment~. I so don't get the social media generation.

No. 55382

File: 1446928337162.jpg (67.6 KB, 557x585, romance.JPG)

I mean, I hope it wasn't a random stranger on the beach.

If it was a relative…oh god…like, would YOU? Hella embarrassment. PDAs ick ick ick and WHY?

No. 55384

I wouldn't even dream of uploading a pic like that with my boyfriend when I was 17, my mom would've cut that shit real quick

No. 55392

when aly uses engrish

No. 55402


Is it normal in Italy to show off your butt crack? It's making my eyes bleed ;_;

No. 55408

At least it's not a speedo

No. 55411

Completely irrelevant but oh my god, I love Filthy Frank so much.

No. 55412

File: 1446935010848.png (51.84 KB, 1059x461, alyharmful.png)

No. 55450

I don't think it's possible (well, for like 99.999% of people) to be "functional" at Aly's weight/BMI for any extended period of time. She's been lucky she hasn't had more health complications, but she can't continue like this forever. A BMI of 14, 15 or so is a different matter. Not saying that's healthy, necessarily, but it's more sustainable.

No. 55452

These bony shoulders are not sustainable.

No. 55495

if she is hypermetabolic the dietitian would've done something within these past 6 months to meet her proper energy requirements like you know, going inpatient and having an ng tube plus a meal plan like for fuck sake. you know how they've threatened inpatient? i think the dietitians and stuff DO want her in there but she doesn't want to go. remember when she sat down with her mum and forced the burger and fries the day before weigh in. yeah

No. 55509

Yep, it's hilarious watching the Aly-defenders try to use the "BUT HYPERMETABULISUMS! ALY TRY SO HARD BUT NO GAIN WEIGHT!" excuse still. As if a dietitian and whatever other ~ED specialists~ Aly allegedly sees would keep a hypermetabolic anorexic patient on such a minimal meal plan with no increases, ever, and as if Aly would still be hypermetabolic after like five months of eating properly if she really was doing so.

I'm just really baffled as to why the specialists she's seeing continue to see her on an outpatient basis. It seems so ridiculous.

No. 55527

I'm bizzarely curious about whether Aly is a virgin or not tbh

No. 55530

Was I suppose to read that in a sarcastic tone?

Regardless, having an ED destroys your metabolism if she ever had a hyper metabolism it has been destroyed by her habits.

No. 55531

There's no way she's a virgin, lol.

No. 55541

Yeah nooooooooooo…although I doubt she's gotten any this year. Or even wanted to.

No. 55553

I think it's an Italian thing. Dante probably has just as much, if not MORE, butt hair!

No. 55585

not going to school
having no job
being in pain
etc etc

No. 55594

File: 1446973538610.png (169.92 KB, 1192x678, Screenshot_2015-11-08-09-57-40…)

her "challanging morning snack" of a persimmon and package of crackers. i bet she ate none of this anyway, since everyone else is still asleep.

No. 55596

File: 1446974642020.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1834, Kittehtray.png)

I like her kitty tray.

No. 55597

She had 5 small crackers and a tiny persimmon. Under 250 calories total.

No. 55600

She is constantly writing about her toothache these days, why doesn´t she see a dentist? Does she have something to hide?

No. 55611

File: 1446980865268.jpg (121.73 KB, 944x610, aly12.JPG)

She looks tired this morning

No. 55612

Woah her eyes are swollen! Dehydration or..?

No. 55614

nah, she just purged that gelato (most of which has NO milk or cream in it btw) yesterday. And the pizza. Pizza's a bitch to purge if you don't drink enough.

No. 55623

How are we sure she purges? Not like it'd be a surprise, but any definite signs? Don't bulimics normally get bulimia bloat (puffy cheeks, swollen glands)?

No. 55625

File: 1446986128685.jpg (32.75 KB, 395x398, im recovering no really i am.J…)

The claaaaaaaws.

She looks worse than ever.

No. 55630


Those circles under her eyes, damn.

No. 55635

A control freak? But Aly seems to be childish, spoiled and unable to take responsibility for her life.
I honestly thought people with eating disorders were victims of rape, violence. People who suffered from depression or had experienced traumatic events like somebody they loved dying. Even some athletes (I know some cases that are just wow and had nothing to do with body image).

Aly just wants attention. And she's able to give up on her life to get it. So fucking sad.

No. 55636

Um next time could you pl0x censor out the "semplicity" we've discussed what a bad seed Aly is with her corrupt English sigh I thought you knew better anon

No. 55642

My eyes look like this in the morning if I cry a lot the night before, my eyelids and the area above/below stays puffy and swollen the next day but without the redness. Also don't most people get a that bit of swelling and dark circles just from lack of sleep?

If she ate a lot yesterday evening I'd wager staying up all night purging, in my opinion Aly seems primarily anorexic but when you get to that low a weight and you're constantly starving, binges or eating more than you intended happens pretty easily and I think she'd purge then. I also feel more inclined to believe she stays awake exercising rather than purging through vomiting/laxatives, I think someone mentioned before she seems kinda 'too prissy' for that though I guess it's a big assumption. Plus her family would keep an ear out whenever she goes in the bathroom I imagine.

No. 55658

Her eyes aren't just puffy from being just awoken, but sunken from malnourishment. She's dying, her electrolytes must be fucked, no menstruation etc etc to have hollow, dark sunken eyes is one of the tell tale signs of an ED

No. 55681

File: 1446998385601.png (2.51 MB, 1194x1193, Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.54…)

No. 55689

I'll eat the shit out of those, idc.
>pun intended

No. 55690

Ah, the shrimp dooty vein. I have so much gross fun shelling and squeezing that shit out. It's like being in forensics, looking at their last meal.

No. 55691

>destroys your metabolism

top kek

No. 55728

Well you see some people start eating disorders cause they don't have control over anything in their life but their weight. It's about having control over something when you don't feel in control of your life. This could be her case. She could possibly be depressed and feel as if she doesn't have control over her emotions. An ED can be used as a weapon of threat to her family and gets her family's attention on her which she loves. So it gains her control outside herself a little bit not as much as she desires so she keeps losing. Basically, the only thing that will save Aly is inpatient treatment and long counseling.

No. 55733


Does she know that's prawn shit?

No. 55741

Why is she STILL complaining about her tooth ache? Why doesn't she go see a dentist? Wtf?

And to those saying the tooth ache is a sign she's purging - while I agree there are signs she's a purger, I wouldn't consider the tooth ache a sign as well. I had a lot of cavities at some point during my ED and rarely purged. I got them simply because I was eating so much sugary food. Aly eats a shit ton of sweet and sweetened food (cookies, fruit (bonus for acid), waffles, crepes, cupcakes etc.) Even if she doesn't eat all of it her diet seems to be dominated by sugary and starchy food.

No. 55742

People are complex, unfortunately. A person can be a control freak without the desire to go further in life.
In a lot of cases, you'd be right. I was just noting that the stereotypes of anorexia portray Aly almost exactly. The stereotypes also ignore the real causes and reason behind anorexia though, so maybe I should have noted that.
Aly's story really seemed to say nothing more than, "I got up to BMI 19 and didn't like it, so I went overboard with my diet."

Good point, actually.

No. 55751

>and god forbid fruits

so are you the one going around telling people that eating fruit is exactly the same as eating a candy bar?

No. 55758

I love how fruit-fearing anon has notoriety across all boards on here now and gets called out every time they mention that bullshit (which is too fucking often).

No. 55796

totally different anon, was just trying to share my experiences in the least-douchey way. sorry about that.

No. 55799

File: 1447014429593.png (170.1 KB, 1206x700, Screenshot_2015-11-08-21-23-21…)

w-w-wait a minute. how can you bite this powdered sugar waffle and still have perfect lipstick? no trace of anything near her mouth.

someone else is biting this stuff.

No. 55804


Oh god, we need to investigate this!

No. 55811

Someone recently left a comment about how her lipstick/gloss/whatever is always perfect and shiny even after she's supposedly taken these huge bites of food. It is interesting. That waffle seems like it would be ridiculously hard to bite without getting powdered sugar all over yourself.

No. 55813

Every. Single. Picture! Unless shes just incredibly vain and reapplies a million times a day

No. 55815

Post a screen grab?

No. 55824

And it's probably just my own neurosis talking, but those bites… the waffle looks like it was bitten strangely, IDK.

The lipstick question is interesting… I can see her being vain enough to take an awkward bite, wipe her mouth, and reapply that lipstick, but that doesn't explain why there's never any trace of lipstick on the food. There was one photo, I think it was from last week, and there was visible lipstick on her already biten fruit. I remember it because I'd never seen anything like that on her IG before.

Do you think she wipes the lipstick off her coffee cups before every selfie?

No. 55825

Just a thought… maybe Aly doesn't purge as much as we think she does…??

Because, when she's out eating with her family I doubt they let her go to the restroom to purge after she "eats"…. So, she may only be purging when she's alone and it seems like she eats out more then she eats at home/alone…

No. 55826

She's a nibbler, as we've seen from the tiny bits she ate on the videos. That big bite would seem out of character for her. She usually pulls things apart to eat them, so again it's odd that she'd take a bite.

No. 55829


Remember those fake bites in her sandwiches? Maybe the bites in her pastries are also fake, for the presentation? I'm not saying that she doesn't eat it, but she is probably pulling everything apart or cutting it up when she's not photographing it. It would be weird to hear her explaining to mama why she needs to cut bite marks in her waffle before her photo. Maybe she tells Ma Casati that she's a food blogger… She is a food blogger, I guess…

No. 55830

>And it's probably just my own neurosis talking, but those bites… the waffle looks like it was bitten strangely, IDK.

THANK YOU I thought something was off about those bites too. The shape of the bite was way too circular and narrow to be a human jaw. It looked like her erstwhile doughnut bites (prior to relapse). The most recent doughnut had normal bites.

No. 55831

File: 1447019611871.jpg (91.54 KB, 1112x484, a.jpg)

No. 55832

Probs has to do with her massive horse teeth…and she also probably hates when food touches her lips or anything. I can't really remember but in her vids she doesnt really let anything touch her lips…just sorta…put its to the back of her mouth. Girl is so disgusted with food.

No. 55833

File: 1447021059524.jpg (2.48 MB, 3024x4032, 14470210333301100110905.jpg)

U guys I miss pint parties

No. 55835

I miss the gutted up chocolate bars. The food she pretends to eat now is really ugly - tentacles, prawn shit n spinach sludge.

No. 55836

Gutted up lol b/p. Cutted*

No. 55851

What is this?

No. 55853

Teeth are constantly demineralising and remineralising all the time. If you catch a cavity early enough you can use a re-mineralising paste or even just a fluoride paste to help patch it back up. That's also why you shouldn't brush right after coffee or soft drinks because it pushes acids into the teeth, but I'm only just learning this stuff… sigh. Diet helps to keep teeth mineralised, but Aly will not be taking in enough nutrients to keep her teeth from decaying when she gets a cavity. Agreed on the WTF just see a dentist.

No. 55854

File: 1447025408063.jpg (26.45 KB, 341x355, 81l2Ftd0ddL._SY355_.jpg)

Maybe she carries one of these around? Ha.

No. 55855

People on MyProAna

Oh god lol

No. 55856

No. 55857

>>55851 searched forum on mpa.

Smoking lowers bone density too. Your teeth decay, nails fall off, hair falls out, skin becomes brittle, heart/kidneys/stomach is shrunk, muscles, and so on as you all know when you're anorexic. tooth decay also happens to bulimics of course but it can happen to people in a state of severe restriction as your body eats at itself in an attempt to survive

No. 55860

Yeah or those wind up chattering teeth!

Her wisdom teeth might be coming through. I can't see why else she'd put the dentist off.

Lack of nutrients over 2 years (not anorexic just shitty diet) really fucked up my teef. I broke half a molar in half eating cereal. Makes em weak af.

No. 55920

Why do her pics get thousands of likes but barely any comments???

No. 55922

Someone please explain this shit for me. It's been driving me crazy, too. Why do even her most mundane, shitty photos get a billion likes?

No. 55925

Most people on ig just like photos now. They don't really comment unless it's spam or 'l4l' type of things.

No. 55926

You'd think the recovery community would be more interactive though. But has anyone seen Aly commenting on someone else's photos, offering support? Something tells me she doesn't do that.

No. 55964

File: 1447051371191.png (949 KB, 617x1258, Oh my.png)


No. 55972

Probably all the deleting sprees. Older photos have a lot of comments, but the newer ones look like a graveyard.

No. 55976

I just don't get how one person can have so many followers. I get that a sizeable chunk are just following for the train wreck aspect but c'mon, over 29k followers?? It's kinda crazy.

No. 55980

I just did a few random scrolls, Looking at some of her followers I think she literally accepts anyone. She has car retailers, spam accounts, ppl with no pics, random blokes, etc she must just be desperate for the numbers

No. 55991

File: 1447062209070.jpeg (161.97 KB, 640x848, image.jpeg)

Jesus, the woman at the bakery is always giving her free pastries. She's mentioned it quite a few times, staff at "the bar" and bakery giving her free things… Probably because she looks like she's going to drop dead at any given moment

No. 55995

Could she refuse? I think miss ocd-control-issue Aly wouldn't be able to refuse a pastry after having 7 cookies its become such a ritual now

No. 56000

File: 1447065225132.png (2.4 MB, 1198x1198, Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.27…)

lol @ her "heavier bfast" - and she made those cookies, I like how HUGE (!) she made them

No. 56015

it's probably because she goes there every damn day. actually, i wonder if she just photographed someone else's food. no action shot and no check-in today.

What do you think she talks about with her friends? When I was emaciated I had nothing, nix to say. The sound of my own voice was painful and it's not like I did anything except school. Aly has less of a life than I had, too, since she doesn't even have school.

No. 56017

the thing is that community IS really interactive with each other. but usually with people who are interactive back. and most people in that community know of her and know about her lies.
I know I don't comment on anyone's photo unless I know I'm likely to get a response back, otherwise I don't waste my time

No. 56020

Her recent post smh. That's a super filled bun??? Really?

Anyway, this girl has made me rediscover my love for croissants.

No. 56024

Totally thought the same thing anon. I saw the croissant and no "action shot" and my immediate thought was, I call bullshit, no way did she eat that. If she was there with her mother or friend their would be ofc action shot; our Aly isn't one to miss out on an asspat

No. 56026

>ton of bread
look at how thin those slices are haha

No. 56027

Oh dear, someone is salty. I love that he opinion flipped 180 degrees because Aly blocked her. Much support.

Anyone know what happened?

No. 56031

well i was also trying to support her and flipped out when she blocked me over nothing. so i understand the feeling. She is a jerk who is coddled way too much by others.

No. 56032

link pls

No. 56044

In the middle of all of the shitty English and LUSH AND OILY FOOD, the one thing she types that pisses me off more than anything is "biiiig". It makes me rage.

No. 56046

>plain chicken with nothing on it

right aly like that meal doesn't scream "restriction" or "diet" to ANYONE

No. 56047

No. 56049

> I really don't care right now about "how much I gained"

Yeah, I wouldn't care about gaining either because you know you haven't.

Those cookie ball things look really under baked.

No. 56087

She could be saving an "action shot" to post as a joyful #recoverywin "throwback" later this week. One tiny bit of the croissant is broken off and is sitting behind it; i bet she's smiling at it and pretending to dip it into cappuccino in the pic.

BTW, her next Day Hospital Control is next week! (Tears of laughter emoji)

No. 56108

thanks anon :)

No. 56111

>(Tears of laughter emoji)


Gonna be stuffing herself with burgers for a couple of days and holding it all in then.

Any predictions?

No. 56114

Yeah, not to mention she has this meal often and it hardly changes; never added spice or different leaves, never prepared differently or anything. How can she still feign excitement over this bland meal?

No. 56115

Guys, what if she dies?

No. 56117

She'll probably drink her weight in water before she goes in. Her bladder will probably explode.

No. 56118

File: 1447100630618.jpg (18.47 KB, 625x115, only sometimes.JPG)

She's sure as hell heading that way so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 56121


What I don't understand is how she manages to fool the blood tests?

No. 56122


Her family must be blind.

No. 56126

I don't think she fools them, I think she just lies about it. Hence the couple of overnight stays she's had.

No. 56127


I have a feeling she won't fool this one. I'm sure this one will put her in some treatment. I mean it's obvious she hasn't gained or improved. They'll probably tell when she walks in there.

But you never know.

No. 56128

if you have anorexia , you are a good liar
so it's normal that she can fool them

No. 56129

It's actually possible to fool them by taking supplements or eating 1-3 days "good food" before the check up. It's NOT a good thing, but i did that when i was a teenage fuck up and it worked fine,no doctor could figure out why i was ugly skinny and sick all the time. (side note: don't do it. You'll regret it badly when your older and less stupid.)

No. 56139

Let's see what happens next then. She'll probably just lie to us once more and if she goes IP again, she can always say it is not ED related. It's just she's severely underweight and have bad bloods. But it's not ED related. Not at all. Jesus.

No. 56155

IP at the actual ED clinic that was "suggested" to her is imminent, I feel.

No. 56175

One can only hope, but who knows? I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 56179

File: 1447110738487.jpg (20.24 KB, 593x123, tearsoflaughter.jpg)


Kinda doubt it.

No. 56181

Oh, right. That's why they ED clinics then. Makes sense (WTF???)

No. 56243

>>56179 that's exactly why they threatened her to go inpatient again:))))))))))))))))) she's full of shit

No. 56248

No. 56252

No. 56290

After following Aly's instagram for some time, it appears like her life is an infinite loop.

No. 56295

Her IG is so fucking boring I still look at it in case a drop of milk shows up but it's just not happening.
Can't wait for her next weigh in though. I need to get myself a life damn.

No. 56310

If she would live in Germany her ass would never leave the hospital or mental ward again

No. 56311

Is icovery in Germany or Austria?

Anyway, I don't bother reading alys captions they piss me off so bad. I look forward to people confronting her in comments and the odd shot where her skeleton is visible. I'm holding on for weigh in too.

No. 56323

>"two and a half years .:*'~severe anorexia~'*:." in bio
>"my case not dangerous"
shut the fuck up alyyyyyyyyyyy

No. 56329

File: 1447141231133.jpg (88.47 KB, 903x581, this.JPG)

This girl's face looks familiar, so I'm not sure if she's been mentioned before.

I saw this. She's gained 10kgs in 6 months. Aly's been out of hospital for 5 months. How much has Aly gained again?

No. 56330

wow what were her crimes?

I wonder if she waist trains? It's weird how far in her waist curves even post weight gain.

No. 56332

>Today I had to go to the police station to get a summons for shoplifting food months ago to binge and purge!

Her food looks nice.

No. 56333

Holy shit, Aly's anxious about her therapist appointment and is feeling "torn".

I hope this is where she reveals she's going IP.

No. 56337


Yeah. What the hell does she even do all day? I cannot imagine what she does between her meals and snacks.

No. 56339

Hopefully. Do you think she'll reveal her "weight gain" to her followers? She needs to be monitored and watched closely with food. Her parents are pretty DANG clueless about their "JOYFUL" child or Aly is a DANG good liar.

No. 56340

Let's hold