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No. 499810

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/484716

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean]
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean]
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q]
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean]

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l]

- Fans are still tweeting at her expecting their goddess to save their impulse bought pets' lives, but Taytay has better things to do!
- Bought THREE new Satanic Leaf Geckos, who are super fragile!!!
and have very specific care needs.
- Plus point is that apparently these geckos were wild caught, not captive-bred.
- Posted a picture of her holding one of these fragile creatures and insisted 'she stayed still while I was moving her so I snapped a picture' when people asked her about it
- Jonny tweeted that Taylor was coming to his tour for the first few days and then meeting him in Vegas and 'ending the tour with daddy' puke emoji
- But wait, she just got three sensitive geckos with very specific needs? No worries! She has not one, not two, but three experts who will come to her house three times a day to check in on them and her fish!
- Also has been putting off editing her videos because muh invisible illness and joint pains.
- Flirting with someone called Karizma on twitter (handle @callmekarizma), the guy asked her to adopt a kitten with him in LA.
- Said guy has apparently been called out for doing bad things like: singing about mental illness and romanticizing it; sexually harassing women especially minors and generally being manipulative and abusive. ( if interested, check this thread: https://twitter.com/diamandisjewels/status/960998257622179840 ) Taylor just can't keep away from trash.

No. 499816

OP here. Sorry if I did anything wrong, since this is my first time opening a thread!

No. 499959

Let’s hope for more gossip since JC is now on tour.

No. 499974

I'm frothing at the mouth in excitement, so much potential

No. 499976

Either she will cheat or he will cheat - or better they will both cheat!

No. 499980

she might cheat with that twitter guy, ka something. I really hope she does lmao this is gonna be a shitfest

No. 499983

Good thread anon

General PetYoutubers thread


No. 500017

File: 1518296199389.jpeg (73.78 KB, 919x374, E92D0D6F-0C62-4068-9D8A-F51AB4…)

No surprise that she deleted this.

No. 500021

Didnt she have a video all edit it before she went?

No. 500041

I'm hoping there will be a twist and she fucking nopes out of the apartment with all her animals.

No. 500063

File: 1518299262207.jpeg (215.87 KB, 640x380, FD7121F5-602A-4287-81DB-6809CF…)

God I’m so used to the supervillain lookin fake nails that I assume it’s someone else every time she’s normal.

Also once again holding an animal the doesn’t like to be handled

No. 500078

File: 1518300121161.png (291.33 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-10-15-56-11…)

No. 500079

File: 1518300138958.png (463.65 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-10-15-56-28…)

No. 500080

File: 1518300150140.png (368.4 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-10-15-57-48…)

No. 500083

File: 1518300162806.png (513.62 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-10-15-58-07…)

No. 500084

File: 1518300172954.png (431.06 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-10-15-58-50…)

No. 500085

File: 1518300183718.png (469.09 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-10-15-59-19…)

No. 500096


But I knew so much, why did animal dead?

Taylor's so full of shit, I honestly believe she convinces herself of her lies. Like with the dead kitten. It likely would have survived if it had been placed with a foster mother… but no, she knew so much about kittens (despite never owning one, much like the leaf insect); and surprise surprise, her ignorance killed them both.

No. 500108

File: 1518301531140.png (391.05 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-10-07-38-50…)

No. 500110

File: 1518301543682.png (492.3 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-10-07-38-17…)

No. 500153

File: 1518304392384.jpeg (220.9 KB, 750x650, B4286810-96D6-4B2E-B40E-EB9E98…)

This is probably why she deleted that tweet. Her and Jonny flew to LA instead of going home to all their animals.

No. 500158


She can’t decide if she wants to be the meek, vulnerable people pleaser or the bad bitch who is independent and doesn’t ~need~ a relationship or to make friends

No. 500172


So what’s going on with the other two then ?

No. 500177

File: 1518306286818.jpeg (344.07 KB, 750x1334, D8E037A2-F3C2-48C1-940C-8AEA64…)

OKAY sooooo she’s home? And if she is, she clearly has the balcony she’s claiming she doesn’t have from that yelp review she loves so much

No. 500179

File: 1518306408690.png (443.32 KB, 750x1334, 5F6323DF-C3C8-4780-AB64-836DA3…)

This is about her leaf insect. Not her satanic leaf tailed geckos.

This is Hannibal

No. 500186

She's so far up her own ass that she couldn't see if she did something wrong. Must be dark up there.

No. 500189


flies to LA to neglect her animals even more

No. 500191

It’s funny how it took literal months of people asking about Hannibal for her to ever mention him. I’m genuinely surprised she just didn’t replace him.

No. 500196


It kind of bothers me how dismissive she is about the whole thing. Obviously she doesn't have to be grief-stricken over it (since leaf insects have an extremely short lifespan anyway), but just going "oh well…stuff happens :) I forgive myself! That's the important part!" Over potentially being responsible for killing it is…real weird to me.

Sure, mistakes are mistakes, but trying to absolve yourself of any fault over it is a bit frustrating.

No. 500199

yep. and as the TND algorithm always goes, she blames the breeder.

No. 500314

She says it's not a balcony because it's on the ground floor. I don't even know what you'd call them? A porch? It's basically next to the pool that everyone can access, which would make the yelp review even more believable because everyone has the chance to see her on eye level taking selfies with her exotic pets.

No. 500324

File: 1518320150646.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1546, 20180210_223416.png)

Pointed comment about not picking her up?

No. 500328

I've owned Phasmatodea before and from the one clip I remember of her showing him she literally took him out to put him on the plant to eat. Hes should not have been without 24hr access to food so its likely she starved him to death.

No. 500333


Where is this TND yelp review?

No. 500334

it was in a previous thread

No. 500375


Is the “I wanted to pick her up but didn’t” comment intended for asspats? Yes Taylor you’re not supposed to disturb your animals every time you want a selfie glad you’re learning that

No. 500391

Ive had stickbugs myself, kept them in a tank and fed them leafy greens (they really liked cabbage). They lived 2+ years

No. 500428

Nah she's trying to look like shes responsible about picking up her pets now to get less hate, but the real reason she doesn't hold Cersei is because she flicks her hairs and it irritates her skin too much. If she didn't flick hairs at her I bet she'd be held non-stop

No. 500433

File: 1518331267253.png (110.98 KB, 174x251, nightmares.png)

This is the face of nightmares, whats with his 80s porno moustache LOL

No. 500439


Oh god, is that tattoo on his jaw ? Please tell me that's sharpie or something.

No. 500445


are they the new dentures he got his mommy-girlfriend to pay for?

nice, he looks like a creepy used car salesman. fucking LOL.

No. 500461

yep, that's a tattoo lmao

No. 500492

he looks like a rich uncle who spouts racist shit on thanksgiving

No. 500525


Flicking hairs is a stress behavior isn’t it?

No. 500582

Yea their hairs have little barbs on the end of them & they do it when they're scared

No. 500592

Jesus Christ I nearly threw my fucking phone across the room

No. 500614

Anyone remember what that nasty ass red tatt says? I think his ex Amanda talked about it on a livestream, but I can't remember.

It's hilarious he's so proud of his teeth when his whole face is busted AF. He looks like a old waxy potato with dentures jammed in.

No. 500618

File: 1518370562372.png (273.08 KB, 619x294, jonnydynamite.png)

dude trying to look like kip dynamite

No. 500634

File: 1518372334081.png (392.43 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-11-12-04-22…)

No. 500636

i was thinking more like the guy from the lovely bones, tbh.

i don’t see how taylor lets that face near her

No. 500637

No. 500659


He looks like Terry Richardson in a toupee.

No. 501097

File: 1518407984362.png (159.92 KB, 750x728, IMG_0064.PNG)

Why does it look like the plants in Taylor's enclosure for her geckos are already dying??

No. 501099

because they probably are dying

No. 501110

They're most definitely dying. They're not even planted into anything, but I doubt they'd die that quickly unless she really didn't have anyone checking on her animals. She probably lied about hiring people to animal sit. The plants are dying from lack of water since no one was there to water them.

No. 501122

File: 1518409362526.jpeg (97.14 KB, 750x769, 26FB21AD-7514-482E-A379-B34B40…)

I honestly can’t wait to see what fricking animal she bought next. I bet this one is going to be the new center of attention and she’ll be getting rid of some old animals because “they didn’t really get along so I rehomed them :-)))”

No. 501127


Was just about to post this. I wonder if this is the pet Jonny was tweeting about ? I hate her more and more. STOP GETTING NEW PETS AND FOCUS ON THE ONES YOU HAVE THAT ARE BAARELY SURVIVING

Honestly having all these pets come and go really doesn’t help her image as a human being. She really seems more like a piece of shit every day.

No. 501128

I mean clearly she’s nothing without her pets but she can still be “something” with the goddamn pets she has already.

Thanks to all the animal knowledgeable anons out there I’m so curious to see how many snakes she has left in 5 years

No. 501141


Whatever it is, I hope it bites her.

No. 501158

She claims revealing it will ruin the video. But if the video is about the leaf tailed geckos I don’t see how it could. It’s worrying because she didn’t even keep the kittens a secret, so this must be something big, whether that means something rare/unique or actually big in size.

No. 501159

watch it be something like a monitor and she ends up losing a finger

No. 501171

Someone posted in the last thread that they thought it might be a cayman bc there is footage of Jonny checking out one at one of the expos they went to. The thought of that has been plaguing me ever since.

No. 501185

File: 1518414936816.png (77.98 KB, 626x450, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.5…)

A good example of an ever growing problem

No. 501188


same , anon

But this pet was bought at the same time as the geckoes right? Who the fuck buys a pet then goes away on tour straight after?

Unless its something she could take with her.

No. 501208

Ugh, she would get one of these. Hopefully it eats her and Jonny and spares the cats

No. 501214

And they sell caimans at a reptile shop near her that I know she goes to. Same place they sell the satanic leaf tail geckos. It would make sense for her to wait for a video on that one so she can come up with excuses for why it’s okay for her to own one despite her not even being able to care for a crested gecko.

No. 501245

File: 1518420197163.png (215.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180212-002254.png)

….maybe…he ate like crazy everytime you put food in his enclosure….because you weren't giving him 24 hour access to food… (Her leaf insect)

No. 501260

Searched through her likes on this post and the only response she liked was “is it a dragon”

I’m no reptile expert but I know Komodo dragons are 100% illegal to keep without a liscense. But I can’t think of any other reptile dragons it could be. But I just feel so bad for this poor animal already.

No. 501262


Possibly Water dragon, bearded dragon, or frilled dragon. All of which she does not have time for.

No. 501264

I'm personally going to bet on the frilled dragon

No. 501265

I have a feeling its gonna be a tegu

No. 501280

I'd believe a frilled dragon more than a teg honestly
unless she's that stupid
tegus need so much room and she just doesn't have it
and I imagine if she ever had a teg it'd be free roaming which has been proved countless times to be a massive nono with any large lizard species
a frilled dragon can make a lot of sense
they're not too big but they certainly require one hell of a spacious cage because they're climbers and are usually seen high up
but she'd likely cram the thing in a crested gecko size viv lol
also I really doubt a caiman but who knows at this point maybe she has went full tard

No. 501282


If it's a tegu she better hide the kittens

No. 501307

because they are. that enclosure must smell like shit too.

No. 501325

File: 1518428790364.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1086, 20180212_103811.png)

Sorry if I saged wrong, my first time here.

Found this while browsing the Instagram explore page.

No. 501345

Noooo don't say that!!! One of my tegus is a rescue (she was neglected. Which is what taylor would do to a tegu) and the thought of Taylor getting a tegu worries tremendously. I keep hoping it's something easy to look after and low-commitment, but this is taylor we're talking about!!! Why would she do that!!! Because Jonny keeps calling it "boss baby" I worry it's something like a hot snake because "well I have a hognose and those are TECHNICALLY venomous so I have experience!!!!" or whatever bullshit excuse she would spew to defend herself.

No. 501348


I'm worried she got a pitbull after all the "you should get one!!!" responses from her fans to her pitbull video. That'll be a disaster in that tiny apartment with all those other animals, especially the kittens. It better not be a puppy, at least.

No. 501383

Oh good lord, it's a sodding pitbull isn't it? That awful, rambling, pointless video of hers is still pinned on her twitter. "There was like this one guy who made a largely unverified statement that got ignored and barely supported, I simply must get an animal twice the responsibility of any of my others to really stamp out that dead horse."

No. 501389

Okay but if it’s an caiman or a tegu, isn’t it gonna kill her cats?? Or is she gonna keep the tegu in his enclosure 24/7? (I don’t knkw anything about caimans so idk if it can go out of its enclosure)

No. 501394


I think it's common to just pin whatever her last video was, but yeah it's got me worried.

I don't know if a shelter would adopt to her but she could easily go on Craigslist and pretend she "rescued" it. Shit maybe I'm conspiracy-ing here, but if she DID go on CL again maybe that's why she's waiting all this time to announce? Waiting for the CL listing to be gone before she posts so people will have more trouble calling her out?

No. 501399

Maybe the new pet is that guy from twitter, I mean she's already called Johnny a pet lmao

No. 501428

How many of her leaf tail geckos do you think have died yet? She only posts pictures of one and it's not like we can tell the difference so it's not unlikely. Especially when she just abandoned her pets for a week.

No. 501539

She calls her bts a dog, so if it was a “dragon” it could be pretty much any reptile. Hasn’t she called the croc skinks dragons before?

No. 501549

she calls the croc skinks dragons because they vaguely "look like one"
oh boy
inb4 alligator snapping turtle
or something else dragon like

I honestly wouldn't be surprised, and this is a major tinfoil hat conspiracy coming up;
since she loves her rare or designer pets, what if it's an earless monitor?
they look like godzillas and they're not only incredibly protected but are sold in the reptile community. they're usually illegally smuggled but some people do breed them.
I feel like knowing her if she's seen them she'll want one.

No. 501563


She's so beautiful she's stuffed in the closet out of sight…

No. 501565


Can you explain what a caiman is to this non-herp anon please? I googled and I got a bigass crocodile.

No. 501569

that's pretty much what it is

No. 501571

A caiman is either a crocodile or there is a lizard that I'd called a caiman lizard which is a type of tegu. Either way its something she can't handle caring for

No. 501572


They're not quills. Hedgehog's have spines.

No. 501600

A little OT, but randomly saw this while catching up on thread, this guy was at a house party in LA where ricegum smashed the gabbie show’s phone. He was all over rice’s dick at that party, and inserted himself into the drama the second it was smashed. Def not surprised at his lame attention whoring site and shitty healed work, way too much white ink to make up for his shitty tats.

>inb4 responding to a 13 day old post

No. 501631

File: 1518465110275.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1242x2056, DE23B05D-20EF-46CB-82E3-6E0FEA…)

She deleted the photo of the leaf gecko with all of the dead plants. Hmm.

No. 501633

File: 1518465331140.jpeg (155.31 KB, 640x466, EAF765A0-5A8C-4002-8372-674FE4…)

Posting this for posterity. Is she actually gonna upload tomorrow or are we going to get some excuse about her being too depressed to finish? She said she was “already filming a new video” two weeks ago

No. 501641

File: 1518465927361.jpeg (76.8 KB, 640x447, 04143860-2608-4C14-9BCA-58C5A4…)

How full of urself do u have to be to retweet any tweet that’s praising u lol?

No. 501642

File: 1518465945099.png (944.26 KB, 640x1136, 57490761-D580-43B9-B420-4AB491…)

No. 501668

File: 1518467852878.png (427.37 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-12-13-34-14…)

No. 501680

Why is cheese still so small

It's been years

No. 501682

how ab you Taylor since it’s ur fucking fish

No. 501693


Her big bribe for her subscribers was "get me to a million subs and I'll get a tattoo of cheese." You think she could milk a video out of that concept alone, plenty YouTubers have made 'dares' and then videos following up on them. But it's no surprise she hasn't even though it's been about two months since then and she's done shit to actually get the tattoo, because she can't follow through with anything. Probably forgot about it until her fan pointed it out honestly.

I ultimately don't care whether or not she does it because it's a just a dumb tattoo, but this whole routine of

>promises to do something

>forgets about it for weeks
>promises to do something and pretends as if she didn't already promise it

is getting real old

No. 501702

Cheese is so small because he's been kept in way too small of a tank his entire life so his growth is super stunted and I'm surprised he's still alive tbh.

No. 501748

Or the original Cheese has already died and has been replaced by a similarly sized cowfish.

Neither would surprise me, tbh.

No. 501761

I just realized Taylor and her mom are more similares than they think
Both of them love drama and keep making promises they will never do.

Taylor: "imma upload a video tomorrow"
Mom: "I'm gonna write vlog telling all my side of the story and all the darks secrets "

No. 501767

File: 1518473304358.jpeg (68.48 KB, 640x215, F4A80796-0162-4F35-91CF-5286DF…)

She already deleted the tweet saying she was going to spend the day filming, surprise surprise

No. 501769

File: 1518473483582.png (36.71 KB, 586x194, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.10…)


Yeah sis

No. 501770

File: 1518473552003.png (89.16 KB, 630x507, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.12…)

Also teeth for tattoo

No. 501784


Didn't take much of a google to find out how big he should be and that Taylor's got another "shouldn't be a" pet….

"[Cowfish] can grow up to 50 centimetres (20 inches) long. While badly suited to the home aquarium, the cowfish is becoming increasingly popular as a pet."

and Taylor is partly to blame for that increasing popularity because her inexperienced fans want to get her attention and emulate her.

No. 501868

Didn't they just get back from LA

No. 501888

As far as I know, they were in Arizona. At least they were on the 8th.

No. 501896

L.A. was last year iirc.

No. 501929

I would put money on if she ever did get a dog, it would not be a pit bull type dog. She would get something more designer and unique if she got anything at all. Her last two dogs weren't just a chihuahua and a doberman, it was a 'teacup' (buzzword) chihuahua and a dilute blue (ie poorly bred) doberman. I'm sure she has a story for how she came about rescuing these rare breeds with even more rare mutations, but it still stands that she likes to rescue the more unique and oddball designer dogs. It's hard to make people envious of a pit bull.
Jeez it looks like those plants aren't getting any sun or water. Are they not planted in soil or something? Did she specifically cut stems of some plants to kill the leaves to make her geckos blend in more?

No. 501981

Has there been any updates to what the secret animal is?

No. 501986

Hasn’t been a single tweet since yesterday. Don’t imagine there will be a video today. Wonder what the excuse is now

No. 502086

File: 1518565158486.png (329.48 KB, 597x501, worms.png)

Anyone know much about these? Are they common in tanks

No. 502092


It says this on the above website:
Warning: Do not touch bristleworms with bare hands! Their bristles are very thin and will embed in your skin, causing a severe itch. 

so…..eww. I wonder if she knew to wear gloves? all it takes is a 2 sec Google search to know that you should.

No. 502171

File: 1518570028115.png (890.79 KB, 1242x2208, 86D57838-8AC1-4837-8434-593838…)

She literally gets the simplest tattoos? Lmao that’s so dumb to me…

No. 502227

So she has a bristleworm infestation in her tank? Ffs girl there's literally always something bad going on with her pets and tanks. I wonder what new thing she put in the tank without doing quarantine?

No. 502242

Bristleworms come from live rocks or corals and can sometimes survive even a dip. It’s like aiptasia. Pretty common, nothing to really see there, and most people leave them in their tanks tbh.

No. 502243

Also sorry for double posting but please learn to sage. Everytime you post it’s not saged. Sage when there’s no new milk, type sage in the email field.

No. 502249


Bristleworm isn't really bad.. They mind their own buisness.
They actually do more good than harm.

My guess is she got some when she bought new stuff for an aquarium.. So maybe she got a new fish as the secret animal? >>502227

No. 502266

File: 1518575949572.png (373.64 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-13-20-38-32…)

No. 502267

File: 1518575968859.png (319.69 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-13-20-38-07…)

No. 502268

File: 1518575982359.png (284.49 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-13-20-37-41…)

No. 502269

File: 1518575998943.png (318.68 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-02-13-20-36-21…)

No. 502423

File: 1518588302870.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 2E67109D-4A18-4CD3-9181-5477A1…)

Soooo tour canceled because venues are finally realizing to stop supporting rapist junkies?

No. 502429

the band's Twitter says the tour doesn't start until the 16th and it's in Dallas, TX
Who knows what his Insta story is about tho

No. 502547

Are the sides of the tank open/badly put together or is that just me?

No. 502555


It's a long snake cage turned on it's side, those are the taller feet for the under tank heater.

No. 502569


I meant at the top. There seems to be a plant sticking out and a wide gap to allow that through? It might just be the wire but there seems to be a space that is empty/possibly slightly covered by plants

No. 502583

honestly I'm more concerned she has such a delicate, possibly wild caught group of reptiles next to a TV
it's stressful for any reptile to be exposed to loud noise and vibrations for an extended period of time.

No. 502595

People are asking Taylor where the video she promised two days ago was and she’s saying absolute fuck all about it just messing around with her cats

No. 502597

File: 1518617434553.jpeg (265.56 KB, 640x813, 156DC45F-B36B-4A38-AC61-C2B6D1…)

No. 502598

File: 1518617465743.jpeg (72.43 KB, 640x227, FC04B217-29FE-439B-9A67-633183…)

No. 502600

File: 1518617517831.jpeg (273.2 KB, 640x605, B3B42200-0E62-45A4-B3D8-991161…)

Also another fan was ~~~inspired~~~~ by Taylor to get a new snake

No. 502671

That’s literally why people SHOULD have rooms dedicated for their animals. They’re supposed to be tucked away in low traffic areas. Her geckos may be able to “live” there but never comfortably and not on edge

No. 502835

they shouldn't be next to the tv but they also shouldn't be in the animal room because they have to be quarantined

No. 502837

like she gives a shit about putting animals in quarantine.

i'm more inclined to believe she put them there to show them off.

No. 502881

She said it’s because her reptile room is too hot for them. If that’s the case, she should take the crested geckos out too. But I like how she made a point to respond to someone saying she should quarantine the leaf tail geckos because she happens to be keeping them in a separate room for other reasons, but she didn’t respond to anyone telling her to quarantine her snakes/other lizards.

No. 502895

>She said it’s because her reptile room is too hot for them.
>because having them next to a screen that releases heat when it's on (which is most likely all day because it's all both her and her junkie boyfriend seem to do all the time) is not "too hot".

That's honestly the most half-assed excuse she's given.

No. 502910

How long has it been since her last video? It seems like forever, can she even call youtube her career anymore?

No. 502974


Twoish weeks. She promised she’d upload/film a video two days ago, but said she was already filming a new video the day after she uploaded her last.

No. 503139

Maybe she thinks she doesn't need her YouTube career anymore since her boyfriends such a famous rockstar making that bank on tour!! (literally LMAO)

No. 503163


At this point, because her YT income is what she lives on, therefore it'd be stupid to stop contributing new material, I think she's definitely on drugs. Jonny's a big stoner (so much for clean living) so I guess cannabis is making her apathetic about it.

No. 503350

Youtube is the perfect job for a stoner. You only have to do like 2 hours of work a week. And Taylor can't even manage that.

No. 503399

File: 1518670918115.jpeg (384.83 KB, 1274x1643, 4E560EBA-785F-4601-AE49-927A4E…)

No. 503554

>>503163 this. she's probably telling herself that she's just self medicating for her illnesses. she strikes me as the type who would become dependant very quickly.

No. 503674

What does he mean by #jonnycraigmacbookscam ? Did he steal them or something?

No. 503697

>dependent on weed

Lol that's not how it works. Opoids yes

No. 503707


People with addictive personalities CAN become dependent/addicted to weed. People can become addicted or dependent on anything - because of the feeling/rush it gives them. Weed itself isn't harmful if you're smart about it, but you can 100% become dependent on the high that weed gives you. Just like you can become addicted to sugar, cigarettes, specific foods, etc.

No. 503744

Jonny is most well known for his macbook scam of 2011(?). He tweeted he had a few used macbooks and was willing to sell them around $600-$800 each, accepted the payment from like twelve people, never sent the macbooks considering they were nonexistent, and used the money of his fans to fuel his drug habit

No. 503756


can we appreciate their effort in staging the shot. Of course they HAD to leave in frame a clearly new and packaged macbook

No. 503845

>(so much for clean living)
The Narcotics anonymous community is very split on this, you have those that wont touch ANY mind altering substance, but there is a group that claims marijuana is an instrumental tool in helping them avoid relapse. Like I said, it's still highly debated but research is being done into whether or not marijuana can be used to help addicts.

Personally, a friend who is a crystal meth addict has been clean for about 11 years now but he does smoke weed, saying it helps calm the anxiety that sometimes comes up in his life that makes him feel those urges.

Just food for thought, if a recovering addict says they're using marijuana to not relapse but are stoned 24/7 I'd point out they're still using a mind altering substance for escapism and should probably consider therapy.

Also not defending Jonny's use of it, I feel like he totally still does hard drugs, he openly drinks alcohol and to the recovering addict community that is a HUGE no-no since you can get drunk, lower your inhibitions and easily fall back in to using your poison of choice.

No. 503859

and he's proud of it? Wow.

No. 503924

Tour starts tonight!! Fingers crossed for new tea soon

No. 504408

what an asshole. wtf.

it's crazy how much ppl forgive and forget his shit… taylor, love yourself.

No. 504578

File: 1518753237959.jpeg (212.58 KB, 1242x1405, 3615FC19-A6A5-4671-98A9-B71CD2…)

That’s where the video went

No. 504580



No. 504584


Why the fuck would you have to refilm what you already filmed unless by “broke my camera” she also means her memory card got miraculously messed up in the process?

I assume she meant “had to film my broken camera to show you guys proof :)” but uh…. Taylor your fancy iPhone X has a video camera too….. obviously you’ll want to get a new camera eventually but don’t give me this story about how you ignored people asking about your video for three, four days while you posted pics of your animals and dicking around your apartment when you have a perfectly usuable temp camera.

I’m so triggered with her constant excuses. Just admit you’re lazy and move on.

No. 504595

File: 1518754172252.png (4.73 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0333.PNG)

So hes still in sa? Anyone know if the concert happened?

No. 504599

Sorry im an idiot. I thought today was the 16th

No. 504607

Holy fuck. What an ugly outfit, and this is only half of it. I don’t understand her “hood” weird non style?

No. 504612


She doesn’t really have a style. She just throws together the most weird, attention grabbing shit she can find. She knows people will stare at her if she wears those ridiculous leggings that’s all she cares about

No. 504615

File: 1518755385202.jpeg (154.14 KB, 750x1334, 5784295E-E62B-49F3-B582-DD6579…)

Oh so now she has 3 new videos? I’m so confused with all her lies. Does she have the one from her broken camera or she found the energy to film 3 in her days of being MIA on social media ? Yeah. Right.

Always love th featuring of the hypocritical wrist tattoo

No. 504631


Is this snake new??

No. 504633

No not at all

No. 504641

Is the first one i think

No. 504667

The first one was Toast, the Kenyan Sand Boa. At least I'm halfway sure it was. Honestly, it's all become a blur of snakes.

No. 504693


That's why i asked if it was new, I don't remember it!

No. 504702


That's her Mexican Black Kingsnake. I can't remember it's name or when she got it, but I think it was one of the first few snakes.

No. 504715


This pattern of excuses leads to cold-turkeying youtube. Probably soon.

No. 504750

File: 1518770922387.png (305.23 KB, 1068x1452, Screenshot_20180216-174459~2.p…)

Looks like she deleted that comment.

Also apparently she has 3 videos already filmed.

No. 504772

She deleted this tweet as well

No. 504957

File: 1518800592721.png (698.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0802.PNG)

No. 504958

File: 1518800628287.png (137.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0803.PNG)

No. 504959

File: 1518800650186.png (158.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0804.PNG)

No. 504962


>”she made it normal for girls to own reptiles”

Bitch what? There’s no sexist ceiling on pet ownership. Pretty sure hundreds of thousands of girls have owned reptiles before Taylor started her hoarding however many years ago.

No. 505028

Oh my god, no, I own a chameleon and they are not an animal you should just go out and buy as a first reptile… No no no… That poor animal is probably suffering due to lack of research and its owner getting it with no prior experience with reptiles.
I bet it doesn't get the proper calcium, vitamins, or UVB because the majority of TND's animals don't and this person is following her care advice.
Has TND even ever owned a chameleon?

No. 505048


Not that I'm aware of.

I winced at that comment too. UGH.

No. 505115

The Slaves show is tonight. If I didn't loath the idea of Jonny Craig getting some of my money, I would go.

No. 505119


Where is it?

No. 505269

This is a figure of speech yes? Please tell me TND didn't knowingly and purposely breed her unhealthy hedgehog while also warning people against poor hedgehog breeders

No. 505367

No. 505465

File: 1518820212589.jpeg (351.53 KB, 750x736, 720544B6-8251-4FB8-9AEC-84FD30…)


No. 505495

File: 1518822022193.png (750.17 KB, 640x1136, 1908B025-EE8C-488B-AB5D-9A5077…)

Literally how the fuck

No. 505503

Meh. I've seen lame youtubers with 1-2 mil subs release "singles" and "EPs" that got on the itunes chart. I don't think it's that difficult if you have like… any sort of fan base.

No. 505585

File: 1518826712409.jpeg (222.56 KB, 1242x1413, 0FB40933-3F47-44A9-BF49-D4E44A…)

Now not only is her camera broke but now her computer?

No. 505601

Give a sleepy anon some context, please

No. 505615

File: 1518828216969.jpeg (317.28 KB, 640x812, AB49A843-EFBF-4F70-AB71-1627F5…)

Not like other girls! Wow! So edgy and cool! The only female herp keeper in existence!

She can make all the wanna be Instagram thot posts she wants and I wouldn’t judge her because at this point every dumbass kid over 13 is trying to be a model so there’s really no point

But stop making your animals into props to try showing how edgy and sexy or cool you think you are

No. 505619


so this is what shes been working on for the past couple of days! This e d g y photo

No. 505624

In her Instagram post she says she's currently on the road in a crowded van.

Again? She's left her animals like 2 days after returning? Or did she just never go home?

No. 505626


Takes her half a week to spend the ten minutes it takes editing her no effort videos (splicing clips together, adding jumps, music ) because she’s in too much pain but I bet top dollar that putting her makeup on for these wannabe photoshoots takes between one to two hours. Then she probably spends another half hour taking dozens of pictures and cycling through the ones she’s likes, then maybe photoshopping a bit

No. 505628

File: 1518828796279.png (15.7 KB, 603x182, td.png)

In case she deletes it.

No. 505636


Lol, using more than one excuse (camera and laptop) is a sign of lying. Just like when she said she had 3 pet sitters - overcompensating for the lie

No. 505659

Taylor dear, I thought your instagram and youtube were about your animals? Why not even explain how they're being taken care of if you're on the road?

She just got those geckos and apparently a new pet she didn't even want to say what it was yet. How is she already leaving them?? When you get a new reptile, it takes a little bit to get the temperatures and the humidity just right. But who would leave right after they just got any new animal??? Even for a little bit. You just don't do that? Keep trying to convince people that you care about your animals, though.

No. 505694

I love when people try to pose all EDGY with… a Ball Python. Yep, that's a real scary snake you've got there.

No. 505696

I'm waiting for the day she stresses one out so bad it bites her right in the smug little face of hers

No. 505700

File: 1518833693165.png (4.75 MB, 1242x2208, D8C3ED78-1A13-40BD-A8EE-163297…)

No. 505718

Oh my god why is it on her head??? Ball pythons are clumsy and have no way to stop themselves from falling…

No. 505721


Exactly ugh this has been bothering me so much. When you get new animals like that you need to quarantine for weeks (idk what the time is with reptiles, with fish I quarantine for 6 weeks,) while checking at least once daily for signs of illness, being ready to treat anything that may come up at the first sign, and doing other care tasks like fixing parameters or training them to eat whatever she's feeding. Which I'm certain her petsitters that may or may not exist are not doing able to do. ESPECIALLY with new, fragile, wild caught species. UGH.

No. 505725

Okay this is a REALLY weird thing for her to lie about but she’s not in a van??? She’s in a fucking mustang. I recognize the seat interior plus Jonny posted a video of the radio in there and it is 100% a mustang. I don’t know why she would bother saying it was a van.

No. 505726

A typical quarantine period for ball pythons is anywhere from a month to 3. Wild caught animals should be quarantined for 6 imo. They need to be constantly watched and checked on for weight loss or fatigue. It’s very dangerous to just let them be like normal pets.

No. 505735

"It was for like two seconds lol"

No. 505739

That vid is from a night or two ago when she posted that pic with fishnets and bright red vans

No. 505767

"I'm clearly not a professional at this YouTube thing"

It's literally your job you dumbass.

No. 505773

hmm maybe don’t do youtube then if you can’t even put out one video. lay off the drugs, taylor.

because she’s a liar, anon.

No. 505778

these reddit posts bother me. if we could get reddit to see how problematic she is with her animals her career would probably be over. reddit can be ruthless when it comes to proper animal care but unfortunately it seems the only people that watch her are children who don’t know any better. :(

No. 505812

File: 1518842171985.png (364.21 KB, 1440x2198, 20180216_223435.png)

Soooooo… she pays people weekly to look after her animals?

No. 505814

if this is true girl must be blowing thru her youtube bux like crazy

No. 505830


Wait so an assistant AND three other ~super highly qualified~ people watching your animals for you? I have an idea, how about you pay someone to edit your fucking videos for you? Seeing as that’s your job and the only way you’re gojng to be able to pay all these highly professional people.

No. 505838


> johnny breaks my shit when he gets withdrawals

No. 505844

…….didnt she literally just get new macbooks, wtf is this BS about her computer being busted lmao

No. 505900


Has anyone pointed that out in the comments yet?

No. 505907


Not only that but I remember not even a year ago she got some type of Apple laptop like product. It was either a Tweet or on Instagram, she took the box with the product out to dinner with her and set it on the table across from her. I can't find any evidence of it because Twitter only goes back so far and nothing about it is on her Instagram but I distinctly remember her getting what I thought was a MacBook in the summer or around that time. But she claims her laptop that broke.. which is the reason she is behind on editing, was 5 years old.

No. 505910

I remember this! I’m pretty sure it was in a video?? Either the “cheese restaurant” or when she first got Bindi and took her to a restaurant

No. 505911


It very well could have been in a video as well but I remember seeing a picture somewhere. I remember this distinctly. My memory is a little foggy when it comes to the caption she used but I think she even went as far to say something about editing with it. I could be wrong on that last part but the rest I remember quite well. Oh the irony.

No. 505928

Is this girl serious? Assistant?

No way she's paying them.

No. 505988

File: 1518862001761.png (133.59 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20180217-065919~2.p…)

She has a brand new macbook, another one from last year, but can't edit because her 4 yr old laptop broke, ok.

No. 506052

Never heard laptop not surviving such pathetic fall as from bed to floor.
>camera randomly found in pieces from corner
>sure jan.gif

No. 506066

Didn't she say that she broke the camera and that what happened will be in the video? Now she saying she just found it that way? There's only one other human being in that house, so she either leaves it in stupid places for it to be knocked over by an animal or Jonny did it.

No. 506072

yeah the only way i can see the shit actually being broken and her not lying out of her ass is if jonny, in a fit of Drug Rage(tm), just started breaking shit

No. 506201

It will be now like 2 weeks and four days since she said the first time she will upload a video?
Her fans are really stupid, I wouldn't support someone who keep promise videos and then come up with shitty excuses.

No. 506261


I’d be more forgiving of her shitty habit of not delivering her promises if she had actual responsibilities like her mean ol Petco job or actually going to college, but she doesn’t so all these excuses are garbage

If her conditions are really so bad or unpredictable she can’t keep things on a regular schedule how about taking some of the money she’s wasting on buying more thousand $$$ she doesn’t need and hire a fucking editor

No. 506264


I literally don't get it, theres other youtubers that are in college, have jobs and still upload quality videos once a week ?! What else is she doing with her time

No. 506287


duh, drugs

No. 506423

From what we've gathered, she spends her days at the mall getting her nails done, browsing for new animals to get, drugs, and netflix.
Her animals are the least of her priorities.

No. 506467

File: 1518903628727.png (377.5 KB, 750x1334, DCFF8CA1-8C0F-4B0C-9789-6BEA33…)

Solid Gold pulling a Taylor. Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that she says “My content is about my animals, not my health problems.”? Almost like she’s calling out Taylor lmao

No. 506506

Imagine trying that at a 9 to 5 job. "Hey, I'm suffering from depression. I'll be back in a week or two when I feel up to it"

No. 506530


It's almost like you're trying to say depression isn't an actual illness anon…


I was wondering where she went, the difference between her and Taylor is this is the first time since me subbing her that she seems to have noticeably missed a video, whereas I feel like Jenny saying shes starting videos next week is a promise as opposed to yet another lie on Taylors end

No. 506553

i think thats probably a reason a lot of them started youtube? it's not a 9 to 5 job, and a little more forgiving of depression and mental health

No. 506566


That’s the issue though. As someone who suffers from mental illness like thousands of other people, I still gotta get up and go to work and go to school and whatever i gotta do in daytoday. There’s a reason you get a specific number of days off, it’s so people can’t just skip out and flake on their employer.

Of course mental health is real, and Youtube is probably a godsend for people with physical or mental health problems that prevent them from holding down a job, but that doesn’t mean they can just skip out for weeks until they suddenly feel better. Hire an assistant, schedule or prefix vodeis ahead of time, bring someone else onto the channel, ANYTHING but “hey guys… I know this channel is my livelihood and everything but I’m feeling depressed so I’m goinh to skip out for a few weeks”

No. 506591

sorry anon but your experience of mental illness isn't the same as everyone else's. you may be able to do that stuff, but some people can't. Not to mention there are stresses from something like Youtube that most jobs don't have at all. I think even 100% mentally healthy people need breaks from social media from time to time.

No. 506594

Anon, you do know in non shithole countries you absolutely do get leave for mental health.

No. 506597

I mean, it's not really a matter of whether they can or not but they have to you can't just keep telling your boss you can't come in due to mental health (even if you do have mental health leave, it has to run up eventually) week after week for weeks. Not if you would like to keep your job

No. 506600


I know. That’s what I mean. From time to time. Just like when yearly time off for regular jobs, in addition to the obvious two days off a week. Not weeks off at a time. If you’re gebuinely so laid up with depression and unable to produce more than two YouTube videos every few weeks, then you either aren’t trying hard enough to get yourself help or whatever you’re doing isn’t working, and since it’s your job it’s up to you to fix it.

No. 506607

Theres a general pet youtuber thread, this is just to discuss Taylor and nobody else btw.

Wonder how long til johnny ends up getting coked out or something and making a dick out of himself while she has to sit and deal with it LOL

No. 506618

Not from US but from here people can have months off for mental health issues and it's illegal to fire someone for health related issues inc. mental health. Doctors have to be included in diagnosis though, if you're self diagnosing you're not allowed time off.

No. 506620

I love watching vids about exotic pets and their care; especially reptiles etc because I am not experienced to own so i live vicariously through videos. So I thought Taylor was really experienced and educational, until her hoarder-ness and irresponsible treatment started to show. Glad i’m Not the only one who sees this

No. 506685

File: 1518916706877.jpeg (197.83 KB, 640x489, 91649D4D-9E99-4888-8189-C570EE…)

I don’t know why she even pretends to be humble or pretends not care about her “flaws” anymore, when she’s such an actual narc that she retweets shit like this

No. 506872

Her page isn’t even about her pets anymore tbh. it’s like she abandoned them all the moment she left her parents

No. 506908


She can do whatever she wants on her personal social medias outside YouTube as far as I’m concerned. If she wants to be a narc instagram thot whatever, just leave the animals out of it

No. 507246

File: 1518971973347.png (193.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-18-10-38-18…)

Yet another "do as I say not as I do" because her mouse, crested gecko, and one of her Pac man frogs (i think) all came from Petco. There might be more but I don't know off the top of my head.

No. 507350

I really can't fucking believe she hasn't managed to get ONE rescue animal. I know CL rescues are a grey area because they ARE unwanted and often mistreated but you do pay for them, but even so, I'm really not sure any of hers count at all. We know she just bought the kittens, they would have found a better home without her.

It is really, really not difficult to get rescue reptiles. Almost every town has a local rescue, and it's especially easy to find ball pythons. Just not the expensive ones she wants. But you'd think she could adopt at least ONE rescue ball python… Or adopt an adult cat that might actually have a hard time getting a home. Or even just stick to captive bred animals.

She really, truly does not care about that kind of shit. She just wants whatever fancy shiny IRL Pokemon that catches her attention, and acquires them and treats them exactly like fucking Pokemon. Actually worse, since Pokemon aren't used as accessories…

I bet within the year she'll buy a house near LA and get something pants on head retarded that basically no one should own like a reticulated python.

No. 507375


“don’t buy from petco they’re horrible!”

>repeatedly spends thousands of dollars on sick or malnourished designer snakes from shady breeders at reptile expos under the same guise of “saving” them

No. 507683

There’s a huge reptile rescue group in SA and I asked the other day and no one has even heard of her. I mean, I’m glad she doesn’t own any of these animals because they need intense medical care and/or a lot of attention for medical reasons or behavioral issues. They also host tons of fundraisers and she’s never been to one.

No. 507924

File: 1519004562192.png (4.44 MB, 1242x2208, D9C354BE-4C79-4CD4-8265-296D85…)

No. 507955

Why is she the only one at the table if she's at a friends for dinner?

No. 508011


if mom gave a fuck about you she would have made a gluten free dessert that everyone could eat - this makes you look like a last-minute afterthought

No. 508012

Hopefully with Johnny off on tour she’ll finally go spend time with her own mom again

No. 508222

File: 1519022181391.png (131.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180218-233714.png)

Yeah no kidding

No. 508242

didn't she made a blue apron video before? I read that blue apron doesn't have gluten-free meals lol

No. 508329

File: 1519041041573.png (220.52 KB, 986x879, Why2.png)

Ok but… Why? What has she even done except hoard a load of animals, barely upload and lie about uploading plans, and occasionally quack about mental health in a roundabout, derivative manner? I swear none of the other Pettubers get fandom to quite this extent.
And bloody hell, how delicate do you have to be to retweet this crap?

No. 508357

File: 1519047183558.jpeg (189.69 KB, 640x500, 08373122-D2B4-476B-A185-6B4844…)

> “multiple shots of multiple different animals”

How hard do her fans think it is for her to film? All her animals are in the same room of her house in closed enclosures so it’s not like it takes an hour just to hold one of them. None of her shots are even cool or well filmed, she just waves them around on camera for 20 seconds and rambles

No. 508359

She also doesn't wash her hands in between every animal lmao

No. 508364


"Sometimes one animal is in shed or just fed" like that stops her from handling them or makes her handle them anymore carefully??

No. 508472

Why are you dumb motherfuckefs so hung up about how many weeks you’re allowed to take off for mental health? Isn’t that up to the employer? Let it go my dudes, it doesn’t affect you

that said Taylor is just being a lazy little kid

No. 508512


> “Why are you dumb motherfuckers so hung up on this?!?”

> Replies to shit from 2 days ago when the argument is already been over with

No. 509577

Honestly I don't know how Taylor's fans are putting up with this bullshit. It's been almost three weeks since the last video, has it not? If she REALLY broke her camera, she has the cash to buy a new one I'd assume. The least she could do is make a new video with her new iPhone, just to show she's making an effort to give her fans what she continuously promises. I don't understand her and I'm just waiting until her YouTube career crashes and burns.

No. 509687

File: 1519153409180.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180220-120003.png)

Gotta flaunt that material wealth or else people will think youre not doing anything with your life

No. 509688


I love how she says 'we' even though most of those she had even before she met him

No. 509710

I wonder if TND is putting off the new video because the mystery pet is something so inappropriate for her to have that even her stans will call her out. Or maybe she killed some of her satanic leaf tailed geckos already.

No. 509732


That is all going to come toppling down as soon as her cats are able to experience the joys of jumping on high af shit.

No. 509735

She paid $40 dollars for a leaf insect? Haaaa what a retard. No wonder it did badly, she probably bought it from a scammer. A much bigger problem in the invert keeping hobby than you'd think

No. 509744

Nah, just lazy. Although I wouldn't be surprised if all her geckos died already tbh

I honestly don't understand what she does all day. Drugs don't even take a long time to do

No. 509755


Depends on what it is. If they’re huffing those duster cans those things clean out of your system in 20 minutes tops, then you can act like nothing happened. But if it’s heavier than the high could last longer

No. 509756


Doubt an ex heroin junkie would go back to something as weak as huffing though

No. 509759

>Since falling can immediately kill them

Okay. sorry to samefag but I didn't see this before last post. But no. Falling will only kill them if they are shedding at the time but it doesn't kill them instantly: their exoskeleton gets mangled from the impact of the fall because it's still soft. If they can still eat and hang upside down you can save them by getting them through the next moult. Even if they can't hang, if they can eat you can glue up their feet - it looks barbaric but it's temporary. Lmao at falling killing them instantly. The adults can fly short distances; they're pretty damn robust.

This is the most basic shit you need to know to look after insects successfully and I've explained this to ten year old kids I've given pet insects too. I can't believe how lazy she is, this info is all out there and it's not hard to understand.

Did she keep it in an exoterra? It probably had it's tarsi mangled by the mesh wire if she did.

No. 509767

Not super excessive if she bought it as an adult which I believe she did. Not sure on the exact species, I don't think she mentions it; but some can be pricier than others.

That all said, you know what I find really weird; how we never saw her mantis grow up. It just one day 'died'.

I keep mantids, they don't have long lives, ~1 year. But they're super interesting at all stages. After her initial video on 'keeping a praying mantis as a pet' we never saw it again. I'm betting it met a similar fate as the leaf insect and she just pretended it died of old age.

No. 509777

>Not super excessive if she bought it as an adult which I believe she did. Not sure on the exact species, I don't think she mentions it; but some can be pricier than others.
It's 100% a really small nymph in the image she posted though. I'm UK and our exotics are much pricier than in the US and I've never seen a leaf insect go for that much from a reputable breeder. I missed that she said it included shipping though, which is actually fair enough considering shipping live insects is pretty expensive when done correctly.

>I keep mantids, they don't have long lives, ~1 year. But they're super interesting at all stages. After her initial video on 'keeping a praying mantis as a pet' we never saw it again. I'm betting it met a similar fate as the leaf insect and she just pretended it died of old age.

Ha hi-five! Same anon. I used to breed I. diabolica before moving to uni and had a room set up for them. Btw sorry for sperg but mantids is actually incorrect, mantises is the correct plural.

No. 509778

off topic but why does he have blizzard client? their games dont work on macs

No. 509795

Also not from US but EU so prices are from what I know. My mistake on the age though; for some reason I thought hers was much larger and that was just a bad pic.

As for mantids; very much still used as a term for mantidae (of which I keep European and Chinese at the moment). ;) So technically correct.

Either way, seriously, where did her pet praying mantis go? We only saw him when he was a nymph.

I just wish she would be honest about this stuff and not lie.

No. 509809

Her mantis probably starved to death. In the video where she showed how to set up an enclosure, the fishbowl she used was too big. With him still eating fruit flies there was no way that he could have caught enough of them to survive.

No. 509823


She also implied that he wasn’t getting 24/7 access to food, saying “every time I put food in there he went crazy! He ate so good!”

No. 510084

Yes they do
It’s a different isntallation process
But blizz works on Mac

No. 510188

Just checked Taylor’s twitter and unsurprisingly she deleted any mention of when her next video would be out or even her excuse as to why it wasn’t out yet.

Weird…it’s almosr like she deletes any evidence of her promises so her fans either forget or can’t hold her responsible if she deletes the evidence…hmmm

No. 510226

File: 1519184811582.png (393.43 KB, 1440x1137, 20180220_214619.png)


No. 510324


This could be referencing her oh so tragic past where she dated abusive people, and claimed to have developed PTSD from it (and then hypocritically decided to date Jonny)

Don’t think it’s necessarily milk

No. 510510

She could literally kill 2 of the leaf geckos, and just show pictures of the third and still claim she has 3.

No. 510537

File: 1519219679074.png (644.22 KB, 640x1136, 7B279EBD-A5FC-46B2-9048-509D22…)

Is she home again?

Also considering she posted a photo of herself in just a towel perfectly posed so you can see the top of her chest I can’t imagine she took a photo of herself in her underwear by accident. Could have just as easily tilted the camera a little more to the left and got the same shot.

No. 510586

"Family friendly pet yputuber"

No. 510590


Once again I don’t really care what she does on her social medias, but yeah she can’t keep branding herself as family friendly and pulling all this attention grabby shit. Not even on her social media, I think someone pointed out a few threads back that she wore a super low cut tube shirt in one video and the way she angled the camera made it look like she was naked.

You can’t “dress how you want” and be “family friendly” Taylor that’s not how it fucking works

No. 510645

Imagine if some kids mom walked in on him watching a TND video and didn't know who she was, the way she dresses in every video is extremely provocative and is not appropriate for a "family friendly" channel.

No. 510804

File: 1519240297785.png (299.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180221-121224.png)

…is she leaving again???

No. 510835

File: 1519242076739.jpeg (262.35 KB, 640x1022, 7B843833-FD66-48B5-AD1D-9834B6…)

Of course you’re not quitting it’s your only job

You wouldn’t be able to pay for your hoarding habits and expensive lifestyle with a regular minimum wage job

No. 511003

She deleted this post. Big surprise. Anyone know where she was going?

No. 511028

Ft. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is the only code ending in LL. So looks like Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale….

No. 511067


Detective status

No. 511174

Yeah, JC is in south Florida tonight. Looks like they'll be heading up to Orlando tomorrow. Can't help but wonder if she's visiting him so much due to his past behaviors on tour. Meanwhile she continues to leave her pets with the "experts" (read: dealer) and neglect her channel. You know, the only way she affords all of this.

It's depressing that all of those animals are just accessories to her for instagram pics and attention. She's made it very obvious Jonny is her priority.

No. 511185

all this travelling would make good footage for her dead vlog channel but that’s probably too much work for her

No. 511288

>Can't help but wonder if she's visiting him so much due to his past behaviors on tour.

yeah i feel like this might be the case. not to mention that she loves to avoid responsibilities and probably also wants to live the "rockstar's girlfriend" life.

No. 511365

She’s also too insecure to be alone. When he’s around all she does is gush about how happy they are and as soon as he leaves she’s suddenly depressed and not feeling like herself.

No. 511476

I live in a town where Slaves performed earlier this week. A bunch of my coworkers are super into the local punk music scene and they were talking about how furious the local community was that our venue would even book Johnnys band after all of the allegations. And that none of them would be going and were even reaching out to the venue in protest. So that just goes to show that a lot of people in the music community that his music is supposed to appeal to are fully aware of who he is and what he does and in no way support him. So I was pretty stoked to hear that.

No. 511497

I find it ironic that she seemingly had these 'experts' help her for a while now but has not mentioned it before. They are basically free YouTube money - just ask them to film what they do and make some bs blog channel.

Of course, watching drug dealers care for animals isn't for everyone

No. 512065

5 more days and we’ll be a full month without a new video from Taylor, in case anyone’s curious

No. 512168

File: 1519359346062.png (396.3 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-22-21-10-53…)

"ma depression, ma ilness~"

No. 512178

honestly one of the most boring videos of a show I've ever seen. What's even happening.

No. 512179

File: 1519359688106.png (500.84 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-22-21-18-18…)

WTF? I thought it was JC cheating but it is Taylor, what is wrong with her nose?

No. 512249


She seems very clingy

No. 512273

What do you mean by cheating? That's Jonny.

No. 512293

>>512179 She looks so clingy, he's not even into kissing her, or her, his hands are plastered together, his body turned away from her. Not sure why she would be into kissing someone as ugly and gross as he is anyway. He's probably pissed off that she's doing this in front of his fans, so he won't get any random hook ups with female fans. For sure he's just using Taylor for money, she's clingy and can't stand to be alone with herself so has to shadow him on his tours.

No. 512295

They mean they thought Jonny was cheating because Taylors nose is weird in this pic so it didn't look like her at first

No. 512330

That, and she knows the pattern he follows. If he wasn't using or slightly using while living with her, he's most likely going to start using heavily now. I highly doubt this tour will end well for her, because it's where most of the abuse has taken place in the past.

She's like his mommy he gets to fuck and get money from.

No. 512390

File: 1519382249838.png (4.26 MB, 1536x2048, 409D8C78-F00B-4255-AB15-360ACB…)

Her attempt at a rock show outfit. The pantyhose…

No. 512408

Damn with her bigass head and facial fillers she looks like a tranny

No. 512413

Her head is like the length of her torso. thats mental

No. 512450

Wow. Her head is twice the size of that girl's normal size head. It does make her look like she's trans

No. 512465


holy shit, was her head always this big?

No. 512483


Nah, it's just gotten bigger every time a fan calls her their idol and makes a school presentation about her

No. 512505

File: 1519399869529.jpeg (104.82 KB, 640x295, F1673C11-D832-4A81-B9EE-0C3CF4…)

You’d think someone would joint issues that can apparently get so severe she can’t sit up in bed and move her hands to edit a ten minute video would be against sitting in a fucking care for nine hours.

I don’t have any joint issues and my legs and back start cramping up if I’m sitting still for more than two hours

No. 512678

I'm legit so amused. But what the actual fuck, surely that image is edited or something? Her head doesn't look that huge on camera most of the time; flattering angles aside.

No. 512861

I don't understand how she tells people that she hasn't been posting on youtube and even find a job due to her illness, when i follow this person on youtube who suffers from an illness that gives him zero chance of finding work, so he's posting and streaming everyday in effort of making it his day job

No. 512870

File: 1519425962856.png (324.91 KB, 1242x1689, IMG_9641.PNG)

what is with the hand in front of the face thing??

No. 512871


She doesn't look like she has makeup on here, shes probably self conscious about how her lips look without crazy overlined lipstick?

No. 512873


OR shes showing off her tattoo as usual (its her bRAND)

OR shes starting to cover her mouth like Jonny did because he hated his drug teeth?

Endless possibilities

No. 512878

curious to see how many tour dates she stalks him to and if he gets fed up of not having time to himself to cut loose.

No. 512881

File: 1519426995827.png (166.73 KB, 1242x1223, IMG_9642.PNG)

The #jonnycraig Instagram hashtag is horrifying.

No. 512893


kek at least he's not doing that retarded hand in front of face thing

No. 512925


She had a minimum wage register job at Petco, which she quit the moment she realized she could be lazier (and make much more money) with her YouTube channel. Then she proceed to make an “expose” video on Petco within a few weeks of quitting.

Which would have been fine if she quit for an actual moral reason, and not because she saw that YouTube would pay her far much more money just to ramble in front of a camera for ten minutes once or twice a week (though now it’s more like once or twice a month)

No. 512978


Those teeth are hilarious

No. 513029


toilet seat teeth. Dentist made it so flat that it looks unnatural lol

No. 513041

Judging from her twitter Mama dean thinks jonny is abusing Taylor. Hard to pull many screenshots because its mostly the same sort of subtextual and vague statements she's always putting out.

Sage for speculation and not providing screenshots

No. 513106

I almost wonder if Jonny is telling her not to wear makeup while she's at his shows as not to get attention from other guys.

No. 513109


Ugggh that sounds like the kind of thing he would do. Fine when they're going to reptile expos, but not when he can't keep an eye on her.

No. 513125

She looks a lot like a young Liv Tyler here. If she weren’t so obsessed with her Instagram baddie fake balloon lips she could totally rock the sorta-ugly natural beauty thing.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 513133

That hugeass, forced smile he always has in every new photo since he got his new set of teeth is annoying me. It reminds me all the time of his stupid tweet something about "now that i have new teeth haters cant talk shit about me anymore" He's so smug it's unbearable. And also so delusional that he thinks his rotten teeth were the one problem his 'haters' had and not, uh, the fact that he is an abuser, scammer and overall scumbag.

No. 513165

she dresses so fucking ugly wtf are those tights this bitch is the definition of trashy

No. 513308

File: 1519482102789.png (196.71 KB, 750x1334, A220721E-D986-4A47-8F98-996D34…)

Her mom genuinely cares about her. In a completely crazy sort of way but all Taylor does is blow her off

No. 513309

File: 1519482266834.png (190.22 KB, 750x1334, 86218B5F-B95E-45FF-B750-B6D403…)

No, Taylor. Be hard on yourself. You’re literally responsible for 30+ lives.

No. 513310

File: 1519482297975.png (176.31 KB, 750x1334, 127A262D-B7BF-4174-AC3E-1F613C…)

Last one, i thought her videos were already recorded???

No. 513316

File: 1519483294583.png (423.12 KB, 750x1334, AF8ACF4C-863E-4747-A9E2-E97037…)

No. 513379

File: 1519490631691.png (578.95 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-24-09-27-17…)

She keeps hiding her face
I think she got really trigger after she saw how lolcow talk about her.

No. 513380

File: 1519490672173.png (577.78 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-24-09-27-11…)

No. 513448

what’s a tucan, i only know toucans lmao. for an animal lover she sure can’t spell the names of a species of bird huh?

No. 513489

are the transphobic remarks necessary?

No. 513497

are you triggered?

No. 513532

Aren't they? They don't fit his face AT ALL. They look like someone went in Photoshop and copy/pasted from a muppet game show host.

Can we really blame the dentist? It was just their job to install them. Maybe it takes a true artist to paint on the cigarette and pot smoke stains that would make them truly look like they belong to Jonny's face. lol

Also, I know people hate every little thing that Taylor does, but I think the tights are fine.

No. 513575

They both seemed really fucked up in this livestream. Jonny was literally drinking twisteds but he was also like incoherent and said nothing for the entire stream. taylor was heavily slurring her words.

Also, anyone noticed how Taylors name in Jonnys instagram bio is just surrounded by money bags. not even hiding that shes his sugar mommy and hes a leech.

No. 513609

It's not transphobic to say men have wider skulls on average (and also have narrow hips and wide shoulders) than women. She looks like a dude in a dress in that pic lol.

No. 513659

wow she does look like liv tyler a lot

No. 513660

I'm pretty sure it's illegal everywhere to throw dead pets away in the garbage for pick up. She NEVER mentioned having the female kitten cremated, which she certainly could afford. It's just really sad and makes me wonder. Unless I've missed something.

No. 513696

You can bring the body to the vet or a rescue shelter for free so there didn't seem to be much to discuss plus she brought it to the vet where it died in the gets office so she probably just had the vet dispose of it

No. 513747

File: 1519519256708.jpeg (315.92 KB, 739x986, DB409062-28C0-4260-8897-8AE9CC…)

So there’s this…

No. 513749


Haha because the "haters" only hated his shitty drug addict teeth? Keep deluding yourself Jonny…

No. 513751


o shit!!

No. 513757


No. 513760

It's a bit insulting to Liv Tyler to compare the two tbh

No. 513764


well, apparently Liv is also as dumb as a box of rocks (though very sweet)

No. 513766


No. 513774

sage for fyi. when you leave an abuses boyfriend don't re-engage. this chelsea needs to "return to sender". she trying to get back in.

No. 513790


Unless Jonny or someone related to the situation actually says something or there’d actual proof I’m not going to believe what some nameless anon says and none of you should either

No. 513791

yeah it means basically nothing but its interesting and I hope we get more solid info if it did happen.

No. 513807

An anon can only dream. I’m hoping for pictures or videos of shitty behavior.

And Chelsea can’t return to sender if Jonny doesn’t have any sending address, right? I’m not familiar with all these bills

No. 513831

>>513696 Except if she loves her animals like she claims, she would have had the kitten cremated and taken the urn home out of respect. It costs next to nothing to cremate a pet, she would just rather buy designer snakes.

No. 513842

File: 1519527450126.png (441.5 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0015.PNG)

Hmmm.. we'll see if this is true or not soon enough, I guess. (1/2)

No. 513843

File: 1519527470983.png (259.3 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0016.PNG)


No. 513845

i hope they do kick her off tour. she needs a good hard swift kick to the ass

No. 513884


There’s no way our delicate little flower belongs at a rock show. I know about Jonny or Slaves, so I have no idea how crazy fans get at concerts, but if she cant edit a fucking video without being in pain I don’t she could handle even being lightly bumped by a fan

No. 513889

File: 1519531988393.png (385.95 KB, 591x506, Skärmavbild 2018-02-25 kl. 05…)

Looks like she's home.

No. 513892

Even for someone who doesnt have any illness is hard. You have to eat junk food all the time, it is really weird when you are the only one sober, sleep in the car and when you sleep in a hotel share a bed with someone, stay up until late and for all of that your defense can get low, you will get sick more easily, etc. There's no way Taylor will keep up with that. She cant be follow him forever everywhere so he doesnt cheat on her or do drugs.

No. 513903

File: 1519534527180.png (1017.37 KB, 786x688, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 04.5…)

A tagged photo from instagram… what a mess.

No. 513906

I thought the mop behind her head was her bun

No. 513907

>that foundation
I know it's a common mistake but for the love of god match that shit to your skintone.

No. 513910


same at first. Ooo girl those dreads.

No. 513912

kind of looks like its been rubbed away around her eyes. Like she'd been crying at some point?

No. 513913

I think is mostly the flash effect,probably in day light it doesnt look has shitty.

I never realize her nose had that shape, i always thought it was pointy at the end.

No. 513915

same lol i didnt notice it wasn't her bun until you pointed it out

No. 513916

Why with the hand again??? What’s up her weird obsession with hands/showing off her tattoos/covering her face?

No. 513920


I was noticing her eyes too definitely looks like she was crying or something becaus that looks orange and no mascara or lashes

DEFINITELY thought it was a bun at first. That’s just unfortunate hahahaha

No. 513921

damn home girl is busted

No. 513922

It's most likely insecurity of showing her full face.

Think of Leafy always covering his chin in photos. Kinda to frame her face in an "appealing" way.

No. 513925

File: 1519536845004.jpeg (155.17 KB, 749x1294, 99E6690B-12A7-4F4D-95AA-ECE22C…)

So thirsty oh my god

No. 513926

yeah too bad her attempts at "appealing" look strange as fuck. her tattoos and stumpy nails together look awful

No. 513927


hope she cheats on jonny (pre-empting him cheating on her if she's been kicked off the tour?)

we need some fresh milk up in here.

No. 513928


Yeah her insecurity is most likely due to the fact she doesn’t have the authority to filter and photoshop the pictures like she usually would

No. 513929

I doubt she'll cheat. Johnny on the other hand, especially if she really is kicked off tour, is def gonna get some pussy on the side. Hopefully doesn't bring her an STD or two after his tour.

No. 513930


and the hand tattoo BRAND, don't forget that lol

No. 513931


yeah she won't physically cheat. She is sliding into his DMs right now though. Probably first time she's been out of controlling Jonny's sights in a while.

No. 513934

Other than the maybe two days or day and half she spent at home while he was on the first day of the tour

No. 513937

Just a thought, and I know we talk a lot about how infrequently she uploads… Taylor has only uploaded 2 videos in 2018.

If her claims that editing takes an entire day and all her physical strength (whatever) then she has done a maximum of 3 days of work (half a day filming each, a day editing each).

Also in 2018 she has bought a new camera, two new MacBooks, new TEETH, numerous flights.

How quickly is she going to run out of money? How much can she actually be earning from these infrequent videos?

Her shitty pitbull video only has 300k views whereas some of her others have over 2million. It's already falling apart…

No. 513942

To be fair, she probably saved up a fair bit of money from when she was staying with her parents rent free.

No. 513943

Most of her income comes from her merch, not her videos.
Besides, most of her videos don't even reach 1mil views, although it is good money regardless.

It's gonna last her a while because she still has dedicated fans, but youtube is fickle like that, so they'll forget about her or just stop engaging the more she goes without updating content.

No. 513948

And don’t forget, YouTube has been having problems with ad revenue from the amount of youtubers complaining about, so who knows, she’s probably not getting paid with some of her videos anymore

No. 513958

Maybe johnny is starting to pay the bills. He has the new cd and is on tour, so his only income should be kicking in. Could be the reason why Taylor isn't putting in effort into making videos and willing to abandon all her pets so frequently.

No. 513963

>Maybe johnny is starting to pay the bills.

This is the least likely scenario. The venues where his band is playing at are not big and the tickets are cheap.

Plus his exes have managed to shut down some of his appearances.

No. 513965

>tickets are cheap

what do you mean? oh wait… thinking back to taylor in the VIP area in front of two gross mops

No. 513971

Lol good one. He has a 12k hospital bill from last year, theres no way hes going to pay for Taylor

No. 513972

He may make money from the album but he won’t from the tour. Different city every night in small 100-200 person venues, if you can even call them that because some of them are just bars. Tickets are $15. Split that between the label, the rest of the band, venue, merch crew, roadies, etc.

I think it’s drugs and laziness and her immaturity. Jonny is a terrible influence, egging on her impulsive high-dollar spending, and she doesn’t have to foresight to see she’s not some celebrity (neither is he for that matter) and this party life won’t last forever. At the rate she’s going with her videos, it won’t even last more than a few months. I wonder if she’ll ever get to the point where she ever starts begging a la Tuna haha.

No. 514000

What ever happened to "Jonny's" corn snake, Lego?

No. 514002

File: 1519545191817.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180225-005441.png)

What the crap is she wearing

No. 514015

Does she hate how her chin looks like unfiltered?

No. 514019


OMG it keeps getting worse and worse

No. 514023

lol Her nails look far better natural though imho. Better for looking after her pets too; she's not going to stab one of them without her talons.

Honestly in the above pictures, she'd have been better going full no makeup than whatever that was. It emphasised all the wrong things, made her look wrecked.

No. 514279

File: 1519586410176.png (350.63 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0360.PNG)

No. 514284

her head’s so big cuz it’s full of secrets

No. 514318

Her mom just saw the tweets about Taylor drinking and getting kicked off tour and she’s losing it

She’s basically begging whoever tweeted that to contact her. Poor woman, crazy lady but i still feel for her.

No. 514322

File: 1519588344473.png (176.41 KB, 750x1334, B989ADEC-C1B1-4740-BA4F-F4F4D5…)

This also happened this is Chelsea, Jonny’s ex fiancé. However the original tweet has been deleted. I assume it was the one about drinking and passing out

No. 514324

File: 1519588348910.png (76.88 KB, 576x581, taylorrmum.png)

Taylors mum is having a mental breakdown on twitter right now

No. 514325

File: 1519588376447.jpeg (517.7 KB, 750x1245, 88675B3D-4F74-4C11-8A9C-4D3840…)

Also, found an old picture of Taylor from 2014. She’s changed so much

No. 514327

Maybe the hand in front of mouth has always been a thing haha

No. 514329

File: 1519588700061.png (159.05 KB, 750x1334, 15495B69-8242-47EB-A475-314E16…)

Update, her mom deleted all the tweets and posted this

No. 514342

I sort of don't blame her mum for having a breakdown to such an extent because she doesn't even approve of the relationship. Even if it is extreme and questionable sometimes, this is her child and she has every right to be worried - especially if she cannot contact her as she may be busy doing some dumb shit with Jonny

No. 514349


I feel bad for her mom, regardless if she's a bit too much. The tweet could be true and Taylor just lies to her mom. Taylor is stuck in her teen rebelious phase

No. 514380

agreed. taylor probably just lied to her mom

No. 514385

According to Taylor's twitter, she's working on a video she filmed two weeks ago right now. So, assuming she doesn't make a bunch of excuses about how she hates her own face and it makes her cry while editing, we might see that drop tonight.

No. 514399


I'm not holding my breath. She's been saying she's working on a new video since she posted her last video about a month ago. Lets see how long she keeps that tweet up.

No. 514472


what is there to even “work on” if it’s already filmed? Her editing is so lazy I don’t buy it takes more than a few hours

No. 514499

>>513903 I like how the shitty mop is right behind her massive head, it looks like a disgusting lump of her badly put in hair extensions.

No. 514505

>>514002 That girl next to Taylor is very cute and pretty, but Taylor looks like fucking Steven King's IT.

No. 514511

The account is still posting things about how it's true but they're not posting proof and saying some bullshit about not wanting to be identified.
Honestly if you're gonna be talking shit the least you could do is provide proof because no one's gonna believe your word alone.

No. 514535

What’s the name of the account? The one I was thinking of has been banned/deleted

No. 514538

File: 1519604614256.jpeg (130.28 KB, 750x1078, A359949E-D33D-4F8C-9BA4-DD967B…)

No. 514542


when we have to make a new thread this photo needs to be incorporated in the header picture

No. 514553

Why is she wearing no makeup except for really dark lipstick??? She would look better if she just hadn't done anything or just her eyebrows

No. 514555


to me it looks like she had on eye makeup but its been rubbed away hence why she's all red around her eyes. Stands out a mile from her blotchy foundation

No. 514574

Lol are you okay anon? She’s wearing foundation, powder, mascara, at least one color of eyeshadow (orange), her eyebrows are just not filled in and she’s not wearing falsies.

No. 514614

It's already deleted, but it had posts from earlier today saying that.

No. 514695

Are we looking at the same picture? Do you even wear makeup?

Her face is just blotchy. That's not powder or eye makeup rubbed off. Y'all are blind.

No. 514723

anon both her eyes clearly have high up pink/orange eyeshadow on them and she has mascara/upper liner. she's probably also wearing foundation because there's a red line at her hairline that makes this look like a mask.

No. 514740

I’ve seen several comments of people flat out offering to edit for Taylor and she just keeps ignoring them

No. 514797

Look at the nose, you can see where glasses have rubbed off the foundation.

No. 514829

Yo take a better look at the picture. It was taken with flash. The splotchyness that's on her skin is an obvious result of using a powder that's not camera friendly. that's why she probably thought it looked ok in the dark lighting/didn't fix it in the mirror.

Also not sure how you can't see the obvious eyeshadow around her eyes? lol

No. 514842

Please stop arguing about if she's wearing makeup or not it really doesn't matter!!!! Either way,she looks a little funky.

No. 514851

To me, she seems like those types that buy designer perfumes that smells so strong that it stinks.. or a victoria secret perfume, cuz you know, she has a mind of a 16 years old.

No. 514997

Lol'd ty anon

No. 515001

I don't think it's all that far fetched to think she got kicked off the tour for drinking. She's underage, so the band could probably get in trouble if something happened to her while she was drinking with them. She's such a hot mess it's hilarious.

Her fashion sense is like… soooo close Taylor. You ALMOST have it. But you always take it one step too far and end up looking like you're wearing a costume.

No. 515093

File: 1519666493314.png (303.13 KB, 1242x1846, IMG_9676.PNG)

#kingsland is the name of the brooklyn venue from last night. she's still on the tour and has been away from her animals for a week now.

No. 515095


Damn she looks different every day lol

She keeps posting the odd photo of her animals - maybe to throw people off? It's okay though because she has 5 prOFESSIONALS!! looking after them

No. 515103

she must be really desperate not to have jonny cheat on her huh?

No. 515127


the original plan was she was gonna be at the texas shows and then supposedly rejoin him at the vegas date on the 8th. who wants to bet she stays throughout the entire tour because she's heeding warnings of all those girls who "lied" about him and doesn't want to get cheated on/see him relapse?

PSA your relationship sucks if you feel the need to stalk your partner and have eyes on them at all times.

also, for someone who knows people are gonna ask for pictures she doesn't put much effort into her physical appearance each night (which you think she'd have plenty of time for since she's not filming or editing. jonny is probably busy with set up, warm ups, sound checks, fan interactions and playing the actual shows, what is SHE doing all day?

No. 515168

File: 1519671688490.jpeg (151.1 KB, 640x437, 4082E2F5-6A3F-495C-BE2D-B34C15…)

“Would love to see a care video on a snake I’m getting so I don’t have to waste time preparing and doing the research myself!”

No. 515171

It looks like she got her lip injections redone. That may just be this picture though

No. 515177

File: 1519672050644.png (365.45 KB, 720x570, 20180226_190643.png)

Not sure if this is relevant but I think Em is still reading this thread.

No. 515193

Is there something in this video that leads you to believe that?

No. 515211


Don't know which part you're on about but at 15:43 makes a point of saying shes not throwing shade (at Taylor ofc) for spending thousands of dollars on fancy ball pythons lol

No. 515212

If she is, she needs to read her own fucking thread lol. Her and her hoarder BF are current news.

No. 515237

So you think tay is reading this thread too still because she finally did her god damn eyebrows. We see u tay

No. 515259


That, and I believe a while ago anons were talking about how Taylor never rescues reptiles and instead buys designers.

No. 515289

Jonny has an IG story of him and Taylor in NY- he seems super out of it but coherent enough to be up on skates I guess?? Seems pretty convenient that Taylor hasn't had any flares while her rapist boyfriend is on tour

No. 515290

Note how she says over and over at the end that she doesn't want to get hurt and then post a picture after she falls.>>515289

No. 515292

Do you have a link to the current thread?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 515298

No. 515330


good kissing technique. She must have learned that from her fish.

No. 515332

File: 1519683904924.png (637.22 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-26-16-11-51…)

She must really like fish because she kisses like one. (From J's recent insta live)

No. 515340

That is disgusting

No. 515373

File: 1519687717705.jpeg (64.83 KB, 464x348, 69E775FC-22EF-415A-B75C-F88CAF…)


Yeah you’d think someone with severe fragility and joint issues wouldn’t want to skate around where she could potentially I don’t know… fall down on solid ice, crash into other people or have someone fall on top of her.

I really don’t like to be all hurr durr she’s faking it because I really don’t care and that’s dumb to worry about, but if her poor delicate bones are one of the things that she’s using as an excuse as to why she can’t edit her videos on time, then she shouldn’t be able to just openly be able to do this shit right?

No. 515386


My thoughts exactly. This actually makes my blood boil

No. 515400

she doesn’t give a shit. she knows she can do whatever the fuck she wants and her army of 12 year olds will always have her back. she could not post for months and still be welcomed when she does. it’s annoying and furiating but it is what it is

No. 515419


all the "bloobloobloo muh EDS and sad brain mental helf" aside, i'm super amused to finally see a pic of taylor without her hand surgically attached to her lumpy mouth

No. 515423


I can’t understsnd how her fans are so fucking dumb.

Yes people with chronic health problems have good days and bad days, yes you can have month a flare up. But that doesn’t mean you should intentionally do shit that could aggravate your condition if you’re feeling normal.

It would be like her deciding to eat gluten despite claiming to have Celiac just because she “feels okay today.” Not even a dumb ass would do that.

No. 515424


**months without a flareup

No. 515495

>>514740 At the very least, she should comment back and politely decline those offers. She's an ungrateful bitch.

No. 515512

File: 1519703532579.jpeg (174.74 KB, 750x997, 95B176D6-67BB-4301-A870-982B7A…)

Are we supposed to believe emzotic when she says she's not throwing shade at Taylor?? Lmao ok. She definitely gets ammo from these threads

No. 515567


I think she wanted to get out there and meet "her people" too. She thinks she's a celebrity because she's dating Jonny.

No. 515637

She did do a Blue apron video when they don't offer gluten-free meals, then she states she can't have gluten :/

No. 515744

Alright look at the series of photos and tell me she didnt have to pull Jonny quite hard for him to fall too…

No. 515745

File: 1519727891241.png (1.41 MB, 908x856, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.3…)

First pic. Standing "normally" with her fuckin hand chin BRAND of course.

No. 515747

File: 1519727950868.png (1.44 MB, 952x872, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.3…)

Second pic, they are both facing backwards to the flags, she would have literally had to WRENCH him down with her. Aw so cute. (She has abnormal strength and cunning for someone who can't sit at a computer for a few hours to jump cut a shitty video)

No. 515748

File: 1519728023966.png (1.48 MB, 962x874, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 10.3…)

Third pic, the one she posted. Aw such fun. I definitely am not too fragile to be doing any of this. What Youtube channel? Oh fuck them, and also my animals. I have drugs and a boyfriend and no EDS now!

No. 515760

Damn she straight 180’d his ass

No. 515779

File: 1519735542976.png (105.63 KB, 194x209, dis bih.PNG)

that look on his face

No. 515854

Well yeah. It's all the band and then her clingy ass interjecting herself into their plans.

No. 515860

File: 1519744749550.jpeg (306.99 KB, 640x1076, 7ADA7E70-4E05-49C2-BB1A-4A0CCB…)

What the hell is her obsession with this one photo? Does she not have any other pictures of Nala or does she keep recycling this meme because it was what got her popularity?

No. 515889

File: 1519748286455.png (70.31 KB, 591x582, preach.PNG)

wonder if she'll ever respond to this

No. 515894

File: 1519748498712.png (64.28 KB, 604x556, preach 2.PNG)

part 2

come on anon, you know it's both

No. 515904

just watched jonny's live video on instagram

1. someone makes the comment "don't even try and tell me he's not sober this is amazing" to which jonny laughs to taylor and says "cuz i'm ice skating apparently i'm sober" and she says "ice skating is all it took for people to finally believe you're sober"

2. she keeps saying "let's go rollerblading i'm good at rollerblading this is nothing like rollerblading" "i'm gonna fall on my ass" "i'm fucking scared to hurt myself" "if i do fall i'm gonna hurt myself fucking bad" "if i fall my leg is broken i'm serious that's why i'm trying to take it slow" even though jonny does not seem to be pressuring her to go much faster. in fact when she says she's gonna take a break he seems a little eager to get away from her and have fun. funny how she whines to this degree about falling to then post a photo of her on the ground

3. every time she talks he either ignores her, talks over her or starts a conversation with someone else because she's just whining and repeating the same shit over and over. i'd get annoyed too if i was trying to have fun with all my band mates and not only was my gf crashing but complaining the entire time and adding nothing to the experience except for her weird velour jumpsuits.

there's a second live from later in their hotel room where jonny is smoking and dancing to the same song on repeat 3 times with his bandmates. he accidentally blurts out the name of the hotel and you can hear taylor saying "don't!!" in the background. he dances with his bandmates and ignores taylor.

No. 515908

File: 1519749884768.png (86.92 KB, 1242x559, IMG_9681.PNG)

oh ok

No. 515918

Everything about her infuriates me. She has an excuse for everything. I'm sure as soon as she's home she is going to fall into another depressive rut.

No. 515919

Jesus. Apart from her stans and family, no one ever looks happy to have her around.

No. 515931

what’s she gonna do when she finally gets home and half her animals are dead or dying?

is jonny’s nasty diseased dick really that good? do better for yourself, taylor. god damn

No. 515937

File: 1519752378269.png (427.41 KB, 1242x2004, IMG_9682.PNG)

No. 515940

File: 1519752433838.png (127.87 KB, 540x715, Screenshot_2018-02-27-11-24-52…)

No. 515946

If going out with your loser boyfriend for a couple days fixes your depression then you were never depressed in the first place.

No. 515948


How the hell would going out with Jonny fix her depression? Don’t they live together?! Or is she so attached at this point that she gets depressed if she’s by herself for more than three days?

No. 515955

File: 1519753861098.png (136.53 KB, 640x1136, 74EDB653-B30F-4BA2-90DC-C4D09A…)

Our good ol family friendly pet mom repping that underage drinking life!

Speaking of, doesn’t most alcohol have gluten in it? Unless it’s vodka or something. Not a heavy drinker so I don’t know.

No. 515966

Mostly just beers

No. 515969

File: 1519755344855.png (262.17 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_9685.PNG)

so she paid a thousand dollars for her man children to drink

No. 516003

Honestly she sounds to be emotionally abusive to me, possibly even psychologically. If she is so clingy to the point where she is putting on a front, I can't imagine stuff going well behind closed doors - especially when her partner is worse.

No. 516015

I wonder what the penalties for underage drinking in San Antonio are?

No. 516035


Tana Mogul openly drinks and does drugs on her socials and as far as I can see she only got in trouble drinking at Coachella (and some unrelated DUI I think?) so I doubt anyone will care or do anything about it

No. 516052


Plus it’s a matter of needing actual photo or video evidence, and as far as we know she just bought everyone drinks (wonder if she has a fake ID or if Jonny took her money to buy it)

It’s stupid to say that people who present themselves as family friendly can never participate in non-family friendly stuff outside of their work…but the problem is that she’s never been “family friendly”

She dresses and cakes on makeup like she’s begging for attention, hangs out with druggies and brags about how much money she can spend on unnecessary shit.

I assume she calls herself “family friendly” because she talks about animals and doesn’t swear (on her channel anyway) because that’s the only thing remotely PG

No. 516064

>515747 Oh yeah. She totally pulled him down with her on purpose, and what's up with the freak faces she makes? She's trying WAY too hard to come off as cut and awkward pulling him down like that and it will never work. The band look utterly annoyed to have her around all the time. Notice how none of their Girlfriends/significant others are around (assuming they do have them.

No. 516089

>>515904 Well, Taylor hasn't learned, most people, including her own boyfriend don't want to spend hours talking about her favorite subject. Herself.

This girl has literally NO REASON to be depressed. She's just ungrateful for everything she already has (animals, luxury) and nothing will EVER be enough for her. She can afford counseling but doesn't go. She can go swimming everyday in her apartment pool which would be good for her condition and mental health (but it's hard to believe her anyway). Also, over a million subscribers on Youtube, most of which had at one point adored her, that she lies too on average. It's the bullshit lies she gets caught in that she's probably depressed about, because she couldn't fool everyone. I think it's one reason why she actually names her animals after Disney characters, not just because of her brother, but because she wants to come off as Disney princess-like and pure. Like when she pretended she adopted a kitten from Petco, but actually bought off of Craigslist, there's always some scam and scheme going on in her head. Let's not forget Jonny's Corn Snake Lego and the little story she conducted about that as well to look like she rescued it.

This is a girl who can't appreciate what she has, will always want more, will always lie to look like a Disney hero, has killed her pets from neglect, makes fun of rape victims, and spends her time suffocating her significant other, as much as she neglects her designer animals who share the same household.

No. 516107

I dislike Taylor as much as the next person in this group and i think she milks her mental health excuse way too much BUT you dont need a reason to be depressed and depression affects people no matter your life circumstances.

No. 516108


Depression doesn't need a "reason." That's why it's a mental illness.

No. 516109

>i'll be joining you again in a week
>in a week

lmao jesus christ dude.

No. 516120

I agree, I'm just annoyed with her, because she has resources and money to help her "depression" but instead uses it as a crutch and an excuse for literally everything she doesn't want to deal with in the moment when it's convenient for her. She absolutely has the money and the resources, and not only that, could afford to hire a video editor, and ignoring her followers who make the suggestion is an ungrateful slap to the face of the million subscribers she has. I don't know many people battling depression who are privileged enough to have such helpful resources at her fingertips as she does.

No. 516125

I agree. It's frustrating in the fact that she only ever uses her depression as an excuse or as a shield when people are "mean" to her. I think she likes to use it to her advantage and for that reason I can't see her wanting to get better even though she has the means to do so.

No. 516135

>>516109 Clingy AF. She's not doing her job, and interjecting with his job. This guy is defenetly going to cheat on her while he's on tour, and she'll probably flirt through tweets with other guys like she already has because she can't stand to be alone.

No. 516141

File: 1519769807322.png (227.74 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-27-15-10-16…)

No. 516142

File: 1519769831582.png (481.64 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-27-15-10-28…)

No. 516143

File: 1519769860365.png (440.45 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-27-15-10-41…)

No. 516152


EXACTLY. If you want to say you have mental issues, fine, but don't masquerade your need for attention/need to be with your shitty boyfriend/whatever the fuck it is as depression, because it's not. Giving people the impression that depression can be fixed by going on a fun trip is absurd and so frustrating. If she were really depressed, being surrounded by people she's unfamiliar with, going to shows, partying, etc. would be straight up exhausting and quite frankly, a depressed person just wouldn't seek that out. Maybe she's mentally fucked some other kind of way but it is NOT depression and she needs to stop saying it is.

No. 516154

Looks like another video that's probably titled "how i feed all my pets" because they're probably on the brink of death due to starvation, but it's just her talking about herself, and her "mental issues" that she has been getting for the past month which caused her to be away for the first 13 minutes of the video. and then talks about her pets for the last 2 minutes. eye rolls

No. 516160

I agree with you. As someone who dealt with it unknowingly (only realized when my doctor told me i seemed different), i wasn't in the mood to be around anything or anyone except my dog. So, seeing her use depression as an excuse while she goes off partying and leaving her loyal pets at home, she disgust me. She's going to fuel her little teenager army into having them tell people who actually have mental illness to just "go out and have fun!"

No. 516166

Sorry slightly off topic but:
Am i the only one who‘s confused as to WHY she always answers with those bs excuses whenever someone tries pushing her buttons or just simply accuses her of being a lazy ass? You know you could just ..idk not say anything?( it’s not like she’s forced to answer) She just makes herself look ridiculous by saying stuff like “uhh it’s because of my depression” like 20 times a day. I’ve never seen anyone this bad at handling “drama”. Of course depression can make it hard to be productive but when you mention it in half of your tweets you just sound dumb and desperate for attention. There‘s no way she doesn‘t realize that?? Doesn‘t she feel ridiculous talking about that all the time?
Simply don’t make promises you can’t keep (“i swear the video will be out by next week!”), get your ass up and do something instead of complaining

No. 516169


Their relationship is super toxic.
I don't think they will last long.. it'll be either he'll get sick of her ultra clingy ways or just cheats on her while she fails to be with him everywhere.

Or shock everyone and get married while poisoning each other with their toxic ways forever.

No. 516178

She does it because she thinks it makes her immune to criticism. She only responds to criticisms when she can posit it as "wah bullies are mean to me :(" or when she can immediately discredit it. She doesn't address concerns about say quarantining her reptiles properly or animals dying when they should not have or how she bought her ragdoll off Craigslist for example, and she's always deathly silent the moment she's caught in a lie. However if she can use her "PTSD" or depression to make everyone saying "do your fucking job instead of partying in a different city with your junkie boyfriend every night" look like an ~ableist~ bully, she absolutely will.

No. 516182


She’s not bad at it (well I mean she is but) it’s just her being passive aggressive and trying to make people feel guilty for doubting/criticizing her

No. 516196

Because it's a way to deflect any actual concerns or valid criticism.
It's easier to come up with excuses or sassy responses to criticism that doesn't actually put her on the spot than to address things that would show her inexperience and complete disregard for her animals. Not to mention that it also inflates her ego because her equally inexperienced stans will defend her and she knows it.

No. 516198

File: 1519773762890.png (182.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-27-17-22-05…)

So unique. Sage for not really being milk

No. 516208

File: 1519774181621.png (174.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-27-17-28-04…)

No. 516212

And who are these youtubers that would risk losing subscribers?

No. 516213

Maybe because every other day you've been lying saying you "totally filmed" and "videos are totally going up tomorrow they're going to be super special!"? It's one thing to actually take a break, because she's not obligated to anyone. People keep bringing it up because she keeps lying to everyone saying she's not on a break. How is that hard to understand?

No. 516225

If she fucking said up front "hey guys I'll be taking a break" instead of lying and stringing along her stupid ass followers then people wouldn't give her shit for it. But of course she has to play the victim!

No. 516240

File: 1519775441462.jpeg (631.31 KB, 750x1210, 347CC566-B64B-44BE-AEBF-BAC063…)

Jonny looks like old gregg

No. 516244

Maybe because those youtubers take their channel seriously and announce they're taking a break instead of making up excuses? why is this so hard for you?

No. 516249

God why is his hand so fucking puffy

No. 516259

A lot of those youtubers also, apart from having the decency to announce it to their fans, do it after years of churning out weekly content. What have you done, Taylor?

No. 516277

some of the more serious youtubers would actually upload multiple videos when they announce that they're leaving for a break, so it'll release on certain times when they're gone

No. 516291

his sausage fingers and her sausage lips disturb me

I'm also seriously wondering what's wrong with her chin. Acne?

No. 516305

File: 1519779412399.png (134.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-28-01-55-03…)

No. 516312

Does anyone else find it very interesting how she hasn't been able to show ANYTHING in regards to who is caring for her animals? Not even a tweet or two back and forth with someone who's caring for them asking how they are? Or said person posting pics on twitter?

My guess is that it's legit a drug dealer, some rando she hired off Craigslist, or an employee at a local pet store. It seems like all her IRL friends are on social media and yet we've heard nothing. Meaning it's someone she doesn't want to openly show.

Or she just left them with some extra food and water and said fuck it… Which is actually okay to do with quite a few of her animals. But obviously not all. Maybe she boarded the kittens and anyone else that would die without care and left the rest to their own devices/minimal care from someone arbitrary.

No. 516325

She probably overfills each bowl, dump bugs in their cages, and give her kittens extra food to last. Probably why we never hear about some of them anymore because they probably died.

Or she brings it to her mom because she knows her mom can’t say no.

No. 516332

Her videos aren’t even that edited so she doesn’t really need one. She just needs to be more responsible

No. 516337

What personality? Molded bread has more personality than Taylor

No. 516345

File: 1519782820528.png (174.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-27-19-53-33…)

Reasons for not hiring an editor

No. 516348

>editing is a huge part of my personality
more like
>if i make someone edit shit for me then i'd be forced to actually follow a schedule.

No. 516352

>>516198 So basically she's a downer at these social gatherings for Jonny, and she probably forces him alone from socializing like he's her dog on a leash. That's going to get old super fast. She'll see him again in a week, after he's slept with some new girls.

No. 516357


Anyone notice how Taylor will replay to someone and then make the same exact post with the same exact wording two hours later? She did it with the pitbull rant too

It’s like someone telling the exact same joke twice because they weren’t given enough congrats the first time since no one was listening

No. 516358

File: 1519783534431.png (30.95 KB, 587x125, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 7.03…)

Sure, she can do whatever she wants! (Though it sure doesn't seem like taking care of herself.) But she can't expect to have a youtube career left when she gets back, if she ever does.

No. 516361

Someone should reply to this that most good people won't buy a hoard of new pets, especially delicate rare types, only to immediately leave them even in the watch of a caretaker. It's irresponsible and impulsive. Things Taylor refuses to point out about herself to her fans. I'm guessing that there really wasn't any caretaker, and she left the infant kittens locked up in the bathroom with food and water, hoping for the best while away on her "It's all about ME" time. She doesn't give two shits that her delicate Geckos are next to that TV for one, so she's not going to take proper care of any of her other animals any better.

No. 516362


Sure Taylor deserves “me time” or whatever, but I’m sorry once you willingly become responsible for 25~ animals (however high or low maintenance they are) you kind of lose the privlege to just drop shit whenever you want every other weekend to party with your druggie boyfriend and his band mates.

No. 516370

"This hedgehog is having a stress reaction because its owner keeps taking it places it shouldn't be and manhandling it for attention."

No. 516372

Isn't that the point of actually working with an editor though? If there are things she doesn't like or wants to change, she can, it's not like some rando would post the video without running it past her, especially in the beginning of the work relationship.

No. 516374

Are you kidding me? Literally none of her videos share/carry over the same "effects" she is talking about. For each video she tries a bunch of new fonts/colors/transitions, she has no format to go from other than bad jumpcuts. It's just tacky, I've seen better slideshow presentations from 5th graders.

I think he is trying to signal a helicopter or something, maybe trying to blind astronauts too?

No. 516381


The most “personality” in her video is when she gives her pets a robotic voiceover to show what they’re thinking about what she’s saying or whatever. She rarely uses that though and it seems like something you could explain to someone in five minutes (like how Barry from Game Grumps interjects his own commentary however he wants)

Or better yet have them watch some of your videos and I gauruntee your editing is so basic they’ll know what to do in a second.

No. 516390

No one is saying she shouldn't have time for herself, but when you go around making promises and saying "I have 3 videos ready for you guys" and "I swear I'll post them this week!" only to see you fucking off with your boyfriend to live the rockstar life, it comes off as dishonest and like you don't give a shit.

One could give plenty of excuses like chronic illnesses and depression, but things don't match up.
You're selectively depressed. When it comes to actual responsibilities you're fucking depressed and in "a rough patch" and also your many illnesses happen to flare up, but when it comes to having fun you're suddenly not so sick after all. If she had any ounce of integrity she would be honest and say shit like "hey guys I have some videos ready but I'm not feeling so well so I'll take a break".

She doesn't do that.

sage for wall of text but it's frustrating how her stans try to overlook shit ass behavior. that shit would not fly with an actual job where you have a boss to respond to and deadlines. If I was in her shoes I'd be holding onto this channel for dear life and save up money to get my shit together instead of pretending it'll last forever.

No. 516398

>>516372 She's just trying to convince them that hiring an editor would be impossible for her, because she's just sooo special and unique. Except she's dumb, and needs an editor, because she can't even spell simple words correctly on her merchandise, and yet she was happy to go with the errors until someone pointed them out lmao.

No. 516400

Taylor did you ever think that other YouTubers’ fanbases would also be absolutely pissed if they up and decided to stop making videos too? They don’t just forgive them over it unless it’s some sort of justifiable emergency.

Yes YTers take all the time, but it’s usually at most a week or two every few months, not months every other two weeks dumbass.

>B-b-but other YouTubers do it why cant I!!!!!

Also, this bitch is really smug. Her last video was posted on the 28th and since it’s the 27th it’s technically only been three weeks guys! Not a big deal!

No. 516401

File: 1519787096526.jpeg (195.67 KB, 640x573, CCD03EA3-63CC-47A4-A230-A96A6F…)

No. 516407


Yeah the difference is that other (professional) youtubers will take a break from an actual schedule, like uploading 2x a week for months, then maybe taking a couple weeks off. Taylor is taking a "break" from basically always taking a break, she's never had a consistent schedule or even any kind of frequency.

No. 516418

>>516407 Plot twist: Her videos are the only time she really puts a lot of effort into taking care of her animals, and her animals have been neglected otherwise unfilmed, so of course she can't post weekly videos of them. Not that hard to post when she already has the material, the animals her subscribers followed her for to begin with.

No. 516422

File: 1519788862197.png (231.05 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20180227-223247~2.p…)

She is no longer a "family friendly pet mom" on her Twitter bio. Could it be she's reading this thread? Hi Taylor

No. 516439

Her editing is her personality because it's non-existent.

I wish she would tell us what animals died on this trip but you know she won't until people ask her about them for months. Like her "service dog" she abandoned and her leaf insect that died after a month but it took her 6+ months to address.

No. 516456

File: 1519792570737.png (3.69 MB, 1242x2208, 200243B7-3807-45C5-BE3A-87778A…)

And you could buy a snake or reptile from a rescue. Yet another do as I say not as I do

No. 516458

>>516456 Taylor, like how you BOUGHT a kitten for $600+ off of Craiglist and lied about it when you could have easily adopted an older cat or a kitten from the shelter? Right Taylor, hypocritical lying shitbag.

No. 516464

File: 1519793747879.png (164.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180227-215648.png)

Is this supposed to make us feel bad for her?

No. 516469

Like, this is the first time you've ever addressed this. Back these words up with some proof and actually post with a regularity for let's say like a month or something

No. 516480

This may be reaching, but in this video of the people on tour Jonny tries to get up in the camera and Taylor quickly pulls him back out of view? Almost like she’s afraid of what he would do or say or that people would be able to tell he isn’t sober

No. 516494

File: 1519797044209.png (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, jonnybeers.png)

No. 516495

>>516480 Seems to me more like she's just controlling and wants him on a short leash near her at all times. She's abusive herself, just not in the way that Jonny is. The whole relationship is toxic from both ends.

No. 516497

>>516494 YOU BETTER NOT BE DRINKING THAT GLUTEN DRINK -in Taylor's Motherly tone. She is a control freak, demanding he take on the same diet as her, but funny how she cares about the gluten but not the drugs that she also partakes in. For someone who isn't 21 yet, she sure knows her alcohol.

No. 516500

….why would she care if he has gluten? Is she not letting him consume gluten now or is she trying to be funny?

No. 516501

She's likely trying to be funny. Didn't someone itt mentioned beers have gluten? Because I got the impression she's reading this thread and is trying to act "sassy".

No. 516510

File: 1519798277732.png (278.44 KB, 1541x1216, 0000000000000000000000.png)

She is apparently going to join the tour again in Denver?

No. 516511


Can’t wait to see what happens when the honeymoon phase is over

No. 516516

File: 1519798599612.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1720, jonnygluten.png)

if it's a joke, she's been making it for a week.

No. 516527

She is getting called the fuck out on this lmao

Must be high since she's too lazy to delete rn

No. 516539

>516516 Christ, she is a control freak. He probably never had a problem with Gluten before. Next she'll be telling him he can't go on tour anymore, or at least ever, without her.

No. 516550

Taylor is younger than 21? What the fuck she looks like she is in her 30s.

No. 516613


Some people are sensitive enough to gluten that they have true allergies and can't kiss someone who has been eating gluten without reacting.

Given that Blue Apron video and that TND probably feeds some of her animals gluten-containing foods that she handles I doubt she's this sensitive, but I could see her saying she is.

No. 516690

Knew her in high school, she has always claimed to be this sensitive. Supposedly an old boyfriend ate gluten, didn't tell her, and she had to go to the hospital

No. 516724

probably an ignorant question but how can a person as weak as she claims to be handle the responsibility of owning so many pets? if her body was really that weak, wouldn't doctors dissuade her from getting potentially disease-carrying animals?

No. 516738

Gluten sensitivity is some made up bullshit. Learn how to use Google.

I'm sure Taylor would claim she has it though since she loves making up bullshit.

No. 516785

Celiac disease is not made up just because anon called it a sensitivity. Learn how to think.

Her mom also said that she has celiacs, so I don't doubt it. However, why would she care if he has gluten if she's not around?

No. 516805

Doubt Twisted Tea is gluten free…

No. 516809


You’d think right? She posted a cage cleaning video back when she had less than 20 animals and it took her hours. If she has joint and pain issues so bad she can’t edit a video I doubt she deep cleans the cage every 1-2 weeks like you should, let alone spot cleaning almost every day

No. 516887

File: 1519842198223.jpeg (322.73 KB, 1088x771, CA264057-AD33-4256-9187-8A239F…)

Good call.

No. 516888

i also think it's an excuse of her attention whoring on the internet (she can't live without it and go completely silent, let's be honest) while not providing new videos, like "sorry guys, can't do vids, much depression :( but look, here's my new selfie/shitty ig posts with Jonny/flirting with other guys on tt!"

No. 516894

"gluten sensitivity" and celiac disease are not the same, anon. celiac is a real allergy like other allergies, but the other is just made up shit.

No. 516904

Update she’s getting her hair and nails done right now. Still not home with her animals after being gone for a week. Not even a post about them.

No. 516932

She's actually getting a good amount of grief bc of this tweet. I'm living for people calling her out on her hypocrisy

No. 516939

People are realising that she isn't posting enough.

That's that. You have fans that expect updates and videos, she isn't supplying them and people are getting mad.

As for the new video, it's on her Satanic Leaf Geckos (see title at the top which is bound to become click baity). I doubt she will be able to mention the secret animal so I wonder if she was indeed interested in getting a dog but got denied by a rescue or a breeder because they were responsible. Then again… I doubt it.

No. 516940

This is an image board, anon

No. 516951

File: 1519846882072.png (7.23 MB, 1242x2208, 4F8A06E0-E377-4245-91D4-3BF19F…)

No. 516955

File: 1519847050433.png (12.32 MB, 1242x2208, 40BE2A8B-EFDC-4E78-8F83-3700E2…)

No. 516956

File: 1519847071897.png (6.24 MB, 1242x2208, D1F75F63-5515-4135-9971-BE383E…)

No. 516979


taylor treats her fucking hands better than her animals, but who's surprised?

No. 516980


She did say "get ready for a spam of animal photos when i get home" but of course she can't take / post any photos of them unless she gets her talons put back on first…

No. 516988

but her hand is her FAVORITE animal kek

No. 517013

>>516956 Taylor is a true pet hoarder and pet killer. When she can run out and get her nails done immediately after returning home, which the shape and color make her look even more evil, and spend hours doing those plus the hours on her hair, she has no interest in those animals even now, even after abandoning them to run off to be with Jonny. The Mother really should have just found homes for the ones Taylor left behind. As for the new additions, Kittens need security and their human companions around. Not just other kitten companion. I just bet she locked up those kittens in the bathroom for the entire time she was gone, and that's just cruel. Taylor will never see animals as living creatures but only as cute accessories that she just wants to have to fit her brand.

No. 517014

>>516980 Or she has to very quickly clean up all of the filthy cages and messes first, because there was no care taker there like she claimed. No one could give two shits about her nails, she's just going through withdrawals and needs to talk about herself yet again, because Jonny's not around her right now for her tell him all about her favorite subject. It's so hard for her you guys!

No. 517020

We all know she killed a kitten by leaving it locked in her bathroom. I'd be surprised if they're both still alive tbh

No. 517022

Celiac isn't an allergy, it's an autoimmune disease. Also, you should sage your shit.

No. 517039

File: 1519853141355.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, F1453885-EE0D-4C4C-9424-2C5181…)

Anyone notice that she got her lips redone?

No. 517044

File: 1519853386104.png (297.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180228-143113.png)

Isn't the only animal that there is a possibility of her having rescued/adopted Nemo?

No. 517051

Kida was a rescue. I feel like a lot of people make Gus out to be a rescue too but that's a weird situation so idk about that one.

No. 517064

Kida didn't ever really seem to be Taylor's though, and then she ended up leaving kida with her mom…

No. 517065

File: 1519854004111.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180228-143959.png)

Isn't that chick fil a? That's not exactly gluten free, I think they have a gluten free bun but it's still going to have some form of cross contamination…

No. 517069

I agree, Taylor was always weird about Kida and not as into her as her other animals. I'm just saying when she acquired her she was a rescue.

No. 517080

Now that she's getting her hair done I can't wait for her videos to be 10 minutes at the start of her only talking about her hair…

No. 517088

She can't post her animal spam until she gets her nails done duhh gotta show off her hands in every pic!

No. 517094

funny how instead of just posting pics of the animals to let everyone know they're okay she has to get her nails done first for the 'aesthetic'

No. 517098

We all know she's going to go home and take tons of pictures of herself with her new hair and nails and post that instead of her animals. Actually she'll probably use her animals as props if they complement her new look.

No. 517100


A black kingsnake on the face will probably really compliment her new blonde hair nicely…

No. 517105

>>517044 Someone respond to this Ainsley idiot that Taylor abandoned responsibility of animals she "adopted" or "rescued" including her dogs, count them, two, and killed a kitten because she refused to give the kittens to a nursing foster Mother cat.

No. 517108

>>517065 There's probably a good chance that Taylor pretends to be sensitive to Gluten/foods around people to look special, fragile and unique, but as soon as people are away and she's by herself, she orders whatever she wants. She probably forgot she had the drink with her when she took the photo. Oops Tay?

No. 517140

File: 1519859279545.jpeg (175.5 KB, 1242x1632, 909245AF-445A-46D7-B155-6CE0DD…)

Essentially what they claim is gluten free at Chick Fil A but they can’t be 100% accurate due to shared cooking space, cross contamination and such.

No. 517212

So, did anyone else get some lowkey Taylor critical vibes from idubbz latest video? Specifically the segment where he did a parody of the "mystery box with live animals" thing, and the segment where he put on a blonde wig and lipstick and talked about how sweet pitbulls are…

Considering he follows her on Twitter, I find it likely that it's her she's parodying. Gently, by idubbz standards. But still.

No. 517257

File: 1519866435384.png (728.69 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20180228-215657~2.p…)

No. 517259

File: 1519866553184.png (273.73 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20180228-215449~2.p…)

Adopting a 5 weeks old Kitty is illegal but of course it's not HER fault

No. 517261

Can someone please just post the proof? She'll delete it like she always does, but I'm just so sick of her denying what she did with Ghost.

It's disgusting enough she even DID what she did, but the fact that she lies about it constantly is just beyond the pale.

No. 517262

Couldn't she um, I don't know, have done her research before "adopting" the kitten? If you're gonna preach about adoption the least you could do is look up the requirements first.

No. 517286

Taylor you dumb fucking idiot… YOU still "adopted" it knowing it was underage. Therefore YOU knowingly supported the bad practice??? Jesus Christ

No. 517289

>>517257 Someone needs to call her out ask her to come clean then with the name of the adoption agency name who did this (we all know she's lying), because it's part of her duty as a responsible pet owner to protect young kittens from this ever happening. Please someone do it, I really want to know her response.

No. 517293

Why doesn't she either just name the adoption agency who knowingly adopted a 5 week old kitten to Taylor, or post the adoption papers. No one who doesn't believe her now is going to believe her unless she does something about it, and she probably won't. So I assume she bought the kitten which is the only logical answer to this. But of course, taylor will do literally anything to deny that.

No. 517294

>>517259 Now that she claims it was another party at fault, she is basically also admitting to adopting the kitten illegally. Taylor needs to own up to buying the underage kitten off of Craiglist and admit she's lied. She absolutely needs to post the adoption papers now, and if she fakes them, that can easily be dis proven too. Prove it truthfully Taylor, if you love your cat like you say.

No. 517323

I can't wait for this bitches world to come crumbling down. All her lies are starting to catch up on her and more people are becoming aware of her shit.

No. 517332

>>517323 Oh yeah. This might piss off legitimate cat rescuers who follow her enough into asking her for the information so that they can report it/investigate the Agency. When she doesn't supply proof of course, they'll call her out on it. This girl has a very low I.Q.

No. 517350

It's digusting of her to just lie frequently. If she really dis adopt Ghost, then Ghost would have come with documents that Tayler needs to sign and copies of said documents. If she really did adopt him, then where is his documents Taylor??

I got my dog from a foster and they had documents with all his shot dates and info about him which i had to sign.

No. 517354

I feel like she'll pull the victim card once again and say that she just "wants to share her animals with the world and share positive vibes uwu", but like, at this point, it'd be pretty morally wrong to keep supporting or overlooking her shit. Not that it wasn't to begin with, but now she's pretty much cornered.

No. 517392

At least people are pointing out she should have known it's too young. Looks like it's reaching a point where her lies won't work anymore

No. 517395

No. 517408

I wonder what happened to her animal spam. It's been hours since she went to get her hair and nails done, so she should be home, yet there are no new pics on insta or twitter. Maybe she's dealing with all of her pets that are in horrible condition after being left alone for a week. Sage for speculation.

No. 517415


Oh that section of the video was definitely about Taylor (or at the very least he was inspired after he was it.) I don’t think it’s being critical of her as a person (because I doubt Ian gives a shit) but he’s definitely pointing out how dumb people like Taylor who make vague videos about pitbulls are because they don’t really offer any facts and after pretty pro-bias rather than just balanced.

But yeah he’s not shading her personally I don’t think, if anything her stupid video remiinfed him about the well-meaning Pitbull activists who bring nothing to the discussion

No. 517423

>>517395 Excellent, thank you! I hope some cat rescuer agencies see through her bullshit and investigate this.

No. 517424

>>516980 Like I mentioned above, she's probably scrambling to clean up messes and the aftermath of leaving her animals alone to go party. Can't show how it really has been, her animals lone without a care taker like she lied about, saying she had a few checking in.

No. 517426

Could be totally wrong but didn’t she claim that someone just gave ghost to her as opossed to her going to an adoption event?

No. 517455

That was one of the more recent snakes I think. I don't remember which one exactly, but there was a Craigslist post with the same snake and when confronted Taylor said that the person "tried to sell it first but couldn't find somebody so she gave it to me"

No. 517461

File: 1519882112712.png (207.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180228-222821.png)

Did they try to find a foster mother cat for the kittens first? Also most places I've seen in situations like that do a foster home but give the foster parent the first chance to adopt the animal before anyone else (once the animal is actually adoptable). So if they just let her straight out adopt one kitten from what sounds like a litter of more than one, I'd like to see adoption papers proving it. (This is horribly worded I am sorry)

No. 517462


Also, remember how she said she gave the girl her social media/YouTube and she was totally going to come and defend Taylor’s claim that she was personally given the snake by her within two minutes of meeting?

No. 517466


I live in a state that doesnt require kittens to be 8 weeks to be adopted. I "adopted" my cat at 5 weeks old but they actually had me fostering him until 10 weeks old according to the paperwork. Of course they made sure I understood that they could take him back any time before then. So IF she did get Ghost from a rescue, I'm sure it was under similar arrangements.

No. 517467


Just provide the fucking adoption papers Taylor. It’ll take two seconds and shut up your “haters” for good. But you don’t have them, do you?

No. 517475

So why does she have pictures of him in Denny’s the night she adopted him? Doesn’t seem like the type of place you’d go right after adopting a kitten. I also doubt they do adoption events that late. I’ve only ever volunteered at Petsmart, not Petco, but they’re always in the morning or afternoon.

No. 517479


Hi Taylor. Nice try

No. 517486

Aw she deleted my proof and I got blocked :(

Too bad making throwaway Twitter accounts is so difficult. I will never be able to expose her lies again.

No. 517489

We should start a hashtag or something where we link to proof of all her lies. She can't delete and block those.

No. 517495


Depends on what rescues the particular Pet Smart or Petco works with. I work with a rescue that does day time events, but sometimes someone will go to the store we've got cats in and try and catch the after work crowd. We almost never bring kittens to the events, and certainly never underage ones. Kittens will always be adopted so a rescue's first priorities are usually more visibility for the oldest cats/longest in rescue.

She's an idiot. I hope more people step up and ask about those other animals we were all supposed to get to see.

No. 517497

File: 1519884550044.jpg (2.15 MB, 2936x4274, kitten.jpg)

She can't name any adoption agency because she paid over half a grand from a shitty Craigslist breeder to take Ghost away from his mom early.

Image grabbed from the earlier thread where this was discussed.

No. 517527


There's anons here who have IFTTT twitter to email notifications for TND since she frequently deletes her tweets. Maybe one of them can search their emails to see if she did share that name.

No. 517558

So first she expected people to believe that this group did a same day adoption of an underage kitten, which is illegal in Texas. Now she wants us to believe that the same day as her walking into the store, they decided she was a good candidate to be a foster. No home visit. No background check. Nothing? Bullshit. They don't take animals that are in need of fostering to Petco and hope that someone walks in who can do it. Rescues either already have a network of foster homes or there's an application process that takes more than a day. Bullshit, Taylor. Bullshit.

No. 517559

File: 1519889985188.png (734.07 KB, 932x599, ghost.png)


found an old pic of when she got Ghost.

not claiming Pets Alive.

No. 517562

>>517559 So she's saying here that she got him within Petco, so within the property during the adoption event. She can't backtrack on this now. I think that particular Petco should be informed she's claiming an adoption agency adopted the kitten out to her at this location, because adoption agencies have to also arrange this with Petco. Taylor, you sure are dumb to drag the lie out this far to feed your own ego.

No. 517597

Blimey this is getting so tense, Taytay's gonna have to retweet some "Taylor is allowed to look after herself/ I would do anything for Taylor" to remind the world of her rabid, deluded fan-base.

No. 517633

You're an idiot. I was pointing out that even in states where there arent age restrictions the rescues make your foster and say they'll take them back at any time. Aka saying she was lying about whatever "I fully adopted Ghost" bs she spews.

No. 517664


in my area at least, Petcos/Petsmarts only work with one rescue group at a time. So there's only 1 rescue group that has their cats in the adoption center and can do events there. If any of you anons know the Petco location shes claiming, you can call and ask what rescue has their store and contact the rescue to back her in further.

Pet owners are constantly posting their pets like their kids. For her to have so many (and be a damn "pet youtuber") and barely post anything, esp after being away for a week is nuts.

No. 517669


Most only allow the cats to be in their cages from 1 single rescue but on the weekends they have adoption events. which tnd would know since she worked there. doesn't mean she got a kitten from there. actually most rescues don't take kittens to the events because they aren't old enough to have shots yet and why would they have unvaccinated kittens around other peoples pets that could be sick??? her lies are so dumb.

No. 517674


Says on there website where they are. Ingram Festival Shopping Center Petco

No. 517676

Thank you! Why would they have all these underage kittens out in public trying to get "foster parents" for them? That's fucking idiotic.

No. 517678


It literally makes no sense why they would foster out individual kittens from a litter to loads of different people, raising kittens is no joke so it would make more sense for an EXPERIENCED foster parent to take the whole litter, seeing as they have to focus so much time on raising one, they might as well raise the rest of the litter too.

Even in the rare chance that this was the case, Taylor has already admitted that there was several kittens, so morally on her part why take a kitten away from its siblings anyway?

No. 517680


I just tweeted this at her! I'm sure she won't answer. But there's no way a rescue would have kittens that young at an event, and her story that they were separated from the mother because "the mother wasn't caring for them properly" is BS as well. Shelters would separate the litter from the mother if there were problems, but they wouldn't separate the litter that early because it can cause problems. Orphaned kittens need socialization with other kittens, preferably their own siblings.

Her lies are so bad. I hope her messes with these kittens haunts the rest of whatever is left of her youtube career.

No. 517682


Also, although she claims its a 'ragdoll mix' he looks like a purebred ragdoll to me. So chances are that if the mother ragdoll 'wasn't caring for them properly' surely the breeder (because lets face it it's a purebred kitten) wouldn't just give the kittens over to a shelter, surely they'd still try and raise the kittens themselves so as to not miss out on the profit?

(or sell them to a rich youtube white girl kek)

No. 517685

Why can't she just post her adoption papers? If she got one from a petco, no matter which adoption agency it was from, wouldn't there be papers? I got my cat in that way, at a petco (or petsmart, always get them confused) and she was from a cat shelter in the area. She came with some pages of her shots, a picture of her, her "name", age, etc. This is the reason I don't believe her. It's such a simple thing to do to prove herself instead of wasting time going back and forth on twitter with people and you don't just throw those papers out.

No. 517688


There's no reason not to, unless of course she doesn't have the papers. I adopted a cat from a Petsmart too, and you usually get a ton of papers. Even just stuff from the store saying "thanks for adopting, here's a bunch of Petsmart coupons."

If she adopted a kitten too young for full vaccines and getting fixed, she'd likely have to have signed a document promising to vaccinate and fix the kitten once old enough. Would be super easy to post.

Though, side note, those kittens are at least 10 weeks by now and should weigh the necessary 3lbs or whatever it is, has she gotten them fixed? Or vaccinated for that matter?

No. 517693

There’s a reptile expo in SA this weekend. Let’s see how many more pets she’s gonna bring home.

No. 517701

File: 1519920337078.png (45.23 KB, 1080x258, IMG_20180301_160350.png)


No. 517716

Except all the dead ones

And the ones with their tail that fell off

And all her parasites that almost killed her axolotl and fish

No. 517720

Dont forget the hedgehogs that went to seaworld/school and the ball python that went to a party for three hours

No. 517724

And all the animals she puts unnecessary stress on just for "cute" and "edgy" pictures

No. 517742

And the satanic leaf tails that are no doubt severely dehydrated or dead

No. 517762

Yeah, and she got Ghost on Dec 21 which was in the middle of the week so it wasn't even an adoption event. Makes her story even less plausible.

No. 517770

Deffo purebred. The craigslist ad read she bought Ghost off of: "3 Ragdoll kittens. They are 5 weeks old. I am willing to rehome them around 7-8 weeks, unless you want it earlier. Have all the Ragdoll specific marks: tip of their ears and paws are black, facial marks are present and it is getting stronger, and blue eyes. Awfully cute and friendly. Ragdolls are expensive, so they are expensive, especially when they are kittens (Just google them). Rehoming fee: 650 per each."

No. 517771

Can someone plz create a collage of all her videos about her pets being diseased or dying

No. 517772

File: 1519925422285.jpg (607.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180301-113243.jpg)

Why are stans so fucking stupid

No. 517780


Wtf @ her fans lol Ghost wasn't even a bottle kitten. 6 week old kittens eat regular wet/dry kitten food on their own, and Taylor specifically said she adopted.

The bottle kittens were the ones who were "found in a construction site" and "just happened to be given to her" as apparently seems to happen weekly in TND fantasy land. And she killed one of those kittens.

No. 517782

They keep ignoring the fact that fosters need to go through an application process. They're not going to just let someone who randomly wandered into Petco become a foster the same day. They'll need to schedule a home visit and interview process to make sure that the potential foster and the home they'll be providing for the animals are suitable. Jesus.

No. 517786


I've seen fosters approved same day, but not at "adoption events" lol. Some places are lax on the home visit (all the shelters I've fostered for said they retain right to request home visit at any time but never did for me,) but I imagine at the VERY least they'd have to call her apartment complex to make sure she really is allowed to have pets.

No. 517791

File: 1519926300718.gif (964.54 KB, 531x337, 52bC.gif)

Taylors pets @ Taylor after she implies she cares about their wellbeing.

No. 517792

I have yet to see Petco, Petsmart, or any pet related adoption/rescue that adopts out young kittens, even younger than 6 months old! They know that people are more likely to adopt cute babies instead of pets that are older than 6 months, so they would always bring the ones closer to their euthanization dates out to the public. If Taylor really wants to rescue animals then she would rescue them when they're scheduled to be euthanized rather than buy designer animals for her photos.

So do us all a favor Taylor and be real. All you're showing is that you want attention and could care less about your own pets

No. 517799

So I have a friend that works with a rescue group here in Dallas. I asked her a few questions. She says that rescue groups typically do NOT approve of same day fosters unless this person has fostered with them before and has been vetted. She says 5 weeks old is young as fuck to take a kitten to a Petco to a fostering event, but if they're desperate, then it's possible. She made a point to say that the only time this would even be a consideration is during kitten season. I told her that this occurred before Christmas, and she said ABSOLUTELY NOT. She said the only possible way it would happen in the kitten offseason is if the group had absolutely no volunteers. Finally, kitten season happens during Spring, so basically, no responsible rescue would have adopted/fostered out that kitten to Taylor at five weeks old. Is it possible that a horrible/desperate rescue did so? It is, but then they should probably be looked into for bad practices.

No. 517822

Not defending the dead kitten or starved leaf insect, but cresties dropping tails and ich in fish are INCREDIBLY common. ALL fishkeepers deal with ich. And the issue her axolotl had is common, but she definitely should have caught it sooner. She admitted this, but still. It's easy to miss things when you have so fucking many animals. I'm not defending her, I'm just saying there's no point in acting like anyone who has an ich outbreak in their tank is a bad fishkeeper. She's a bad fishkeeper for many, MANY other reasons. And a bad pet owner in general for many more serious reasons. Like…

These. Ball pythons are incredibly shy animals, being at a party on someone's shoulders for that long would be absolutely miserable for one.

LOL…comon Tay, can't even lie well. She is such a dumb little brat. Johnny must love it.

No. 517856


The Petco that I work at has these display cages where rescues drop off adoptable cats to be kept there throughout the week, with a little cue card talking about the cat and with the shelters contact info. That would be my only guess as to how she got him in the middle of a week, but like people have pointed out, adopting a kitten that young is illegal, and I sincerely doubt a company like Petco would take chances sponsoring a kitten when a customer who knows the law could easily complain or notify the proper people.

I’m sure it depends on the people running the Petco but my local is so strict on rules and policy that theres no way that shit would fly.

No. 517866

About a year ago when my family went to the SPCA to adopt a kitten, there was an unspayed unvaccinated seven week old kitten. When we asked if she was adoptable, we were told we would have to foster her until she was spayed and vaccinated, and then could adopt her. The paperwork involving her was extensive, including things that we had to sign saying we would take her to her appointment to be spayed once the SPCA notified us when it was (they pay for it since they don't adopt out unfixed animals) and so much more stuff. We ended up adopting a different kitten with stomach issues, but I still saw the paperwork involving that young unspayed unvaccinated kitten. Sure this was in Canada, but I don't believe for a second that taylor was allowed to just take a 5 week old kitten without any paperwork, no prior experience with young kittens other than the dying one and Nemo, and getting to take the kitten home on the same day. I also find it unlikely that a rescue group would bring a super young kitten to an adoption event four days before Christmas.(blogposting)

No. 517932


That's exactly how it is in the states.

ALL OF THAT ASIDE… You have to list any animals you have on an adoption application, their ages, if they're fixed or not, etcetc. Does no one realize that there is a 0% chance that a rescue that would let her "foster to adopt" a kitten would NEVER let her do that when she already has a kitten without shots that also isn't fixed ???? Unless she lies on this mysterious rescue groups application. They'd only let you have more than one unvaccinated kitten if they were from the same litter.

No. 517934

>>517716 And the female kitten she killed because she wasn't taking care of it properly. She likes not to mention this kitten and brush it off. It's a stain on her persona. Someone who brushes off the death of their animals as nothing because their ego is more important is also a pet hoarder.

No. 517935

Holy shit good point, I didn't even think about that part of it.. how irresponsible for her to introduce 2 unvaccinated kittens from different litters.

No. 517937


Even though her kitten probably did just die from 'fading kitten syndrome' as a result of being a foster, sometimes fading kitten syndrome can be caused by having infections - which unless she got a post-mortem done on the kitten to find out why it died (I dont think she did) both of her kittens, because they were unvaccinated, could've had some sort of infection?

Which makes it very irresponsible for her to have brought a new kitten in with a vaccinated kitten a few days after one had 'mysteriously' died

No. 517938


Oh shit, the thing I'm reading about fading kitten syndrome states that it can be caused by things such as internal parasites, wasn't there speculation that Nemo had worms or something because his stomach was so bloated??

No. 517940

>>517932 You are right! I didn't think about this either, and not only that, she never quarantined the kittens from each other and there's proof of that with the photos she has of instantly introducing them together with the timeline. Quarantining is crucial with adoption/foster in the paper works everywhere. She's irresponsible AF and lying her ass off, and needs to be called out on this openly.

No. 517947

She just immediately deletes it and blocks you though.

Also learn to sage

No. 517950

yeah sorry dude she’s not gonna get her comeuppance.

No. 518092


She probably won't get the crash and burn we all hope for, but if she doesn't get her shit together and start uploading videos she won't have all that youtube income anymore. Her twitter army of 12 year olds aren't enough to fund her lifestyle, especially with one (boring) video every month or two.

No. 518103

File: 1519945345172.jpg (560.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180301-170524.jpg)

No. 518106

Oh my god she needs to get those kittens fixed I just realized that they're probably around ten weeks old. They could have kittens in like a month, at around 16 weeks old. What an idiot.

No. 518108


I doubt it… they're both males lol

No. 518110

Oh shit you're right. Sometimes I'm an idiot and forget that the female died… Oops!

No. 518111

File: 1519945794977.jpeg (171.21 KB, 750x1013, 2CE38AF6-2BCB-4427-A29B-096AF6…)

More Taylor shade

No. 518112

Yeah Taylor, we all know you aren't educated enough already b

No. 518142

Could it be that her seeing Taylor leaving her satanic leaf geckos to go follow her manchild of a boyfriend made her realize Taylor isn't that cool after all?

No. 518269

i follow a lot of dedicated fosters and when they fall in love with a pet and decide to officially adopt them, they would still have papers that needs to be sign and given to the rescue that they took the pet from. I have seen countless of post from fosters that had a "foster fail" and would take pictures of said pet with their papers.

So if Taylor really DID foster/adopt then she can shut all of us up by showing us proof, but nope.. she bought designer kitties and lie to everyone frequently. Shame

No. 518301

one of the funniest things about taylor is that she doesnt even keep especially cool or interesting animals. like the only "cool" animals she keeps are her leaf tail geckos, and even thats just because theyre too expensive to be common. she has a very very basic "collection" of animals, and even tho theyre basic she still doesnt know how to keep them alive, nevermind how to provide them the necessities to thrive lmao. most of her animals live a miserable life, particularly her fish and hedgehogs. her snake enclosures however arent the worst imo (compared to standard breeders enclosures anyways)

No. 518317

Does anyone ever know what ever happened with that new pet she never revealed? She hasn't even mentioned it since she got back.

I'm still wondering if she just hasn't posted about it because it's another craigslist purchase and she's waiting for the listing to go down so we can't call her out so easily, but I'm probably giving her too much credit. It's strange she STILL hasn't revealed or even teased it though. Has she managed to kill it already and she's hoping we forget?

No. 518328


I've started thinking that maybe it's something rare/endangered and she's worried about the backlash.

No. 518339

Surprised she hasn’t posted photos of her new hair color.

No. 518344

I hope Taylor's new bleached hair died, just like her pet-pile, so she's scramblin' to clean up for ig

No. 518404

Does anyone think she's not actually home and just said she is so people don't accuse her of neglect? No animal pictures, no hair pictures, she's usually not all over social media like she usually is

No. 518411

Still new to this, hopefully I did this right.

I was doing some long and deep digging on YT and was surprised to only find one video that weakly addresses the TND and JC situation, but not a single channel, not even drama channels, have spoken out or addressed this in a meaningful way.

So I reached out to two channels that I think could do a good job of bringing this shit to light. I’ve never really been motivated to reach out to a channel to speak on something, but the way she treats her animals genuinely triggers me and it’s all I can think about since I first saw this thread a few days ago

No. 518438

File: 1519967251735.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1850, 20180302_000155.png)

Anyone take a look at these comments on her ig ok this pic? There's a thread of over 100 with people calling her out for not making videos and Jonny for being a rapist "fake teeth motherfucker."
And of course the "leave taylor alones!"

No. 518479


post screenshots of the thread! i need a good laugh

No. 518481


Belated but folks weren't mad at her for the ich; they were mad because she saw the ich, ignored it and let it get much worse before finally having to treat her entire tank. It could have been resolved much quicker if she'd have isolated Cheese when he first showed signs rather than just ignoring it as it got worse and worse without any treatment or even raising temps.

No. 518486

File: 1519972940864.png (298.62 KB, 1080x1842, 20180302_014141.png)

No. 518488

File: 1519973009205.png (294.37 KB, 1080x1826, 20180302_014332.png)

No. 518491

File: 1519973191651.png (70.93 KB, 1080x464, 20180302_014516.png)

No. 518493

File: 1519973288647.png (305.96 KB, 1080x1833, 20180302_014753.png)

No. 518494

File: 1519973436246.png (279.42 KB, 1080x1827, 20180302_015013.png)

No. 518497

File: 1519973553080.png (298.06 KB, 1061x1884, 20180302_015239.png)

No. 518501

File: 1519973766866.png (288.57 KB, 1080x1834, 20180302_015426.png)

I'll end here with my favorite. Fake teeth motherfucker!

Crazy how many people believe her lies though. She JUST posted they got new laptops for Valentine's day but they're like "she said everything is broken! And she's sick and deserves fun!"

No. 518524


hahah! Im dying. I love that Jonny's best retort is "look at your instagram bio"

Bye, fake teeth motherfucker

No. 518529


Jonny and Taylor are both stuck at a mental age of 13.

Is it just me or does it seem like she has less fans defending her every move these days? Definitely too many, but I feel like her stan numbers are dwindling.

No. 518531

i agree, before when someone would leave a negative comment on her instagram you would just get dwarfed by stans, now people are starting to agree

No. 518645


If you read about narcissism, that's exactly what it is. The inner child that's stunted and never grows up and adult who can't function emotionally. A lot of narcissists are raging addicts and abusive…hello Jonny Craig. People associate the negative attributes to the addiction but the addiction just amplifies already shitty behavior.

And don't get those screenshots wrong. There were over 300 comments on the post and this was just a snippet of a thread. Still plenty of stans, but these few commenters were pretty loud! There were a few other "still no video?" comments but same stan replies to those.

No. 518710

File: 1520005336459.jpeg (72.34 KB, 640x186, 5B50F2FE-B350-4671-89C5-F9DC36…)


She did post this tweet last night, so both of you might be on to something

No. 518740

File: 1520008256218.png (530.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-02-09-26-04…)

This bitch take ages to edit.

No. 518741


Legit, from the clip she put on her story the other day she's editing like 1 minute of video a day? What the hell is she doing with her time

No. 518757

File: 1520009632016.png (3.66 MB, 1242x2208, 6A983171-3470-4EC4-92EB-4A562F…)

No. 518758

File: 1520009678545.png (862.3 KB, 1242x2208, 45FDCDE8-BCFF-47A6-BE61-DB1024…)

No. 518760

File: 1520009853849.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, F8B7FBB5-AF62-455F-8E8F-D1C64D…)

No. 518775

He really doesn't look sick though. I'm glad he made it through, he was looking so rough when he was smaller.

No. 518796

Props to the mysterious caretaker (possibly her mom)

No. 518808

Can't wait until her youtube career starts plummeting down and she starts crying on twitter. There's alot of youtubers with millions of views/subcribers that struggle with their videos being demonitized so they have to upload everyday to get at least one video to be paid with. And with the rate Taylor is going? One video a month it seems and with her partying and spending all her money.. she's going to go back to working at petco in no time while begging for attention online.

I can't wait.

Saging for ranting from pure annoyance from her

No. 518813

Does anyone know where she's getting her new enclosures from?

No. 518843

File: 1520015105246.jpg (262.88 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20180302-130718.jpg)

Suggestions include Taylor, Cheese, "Nemo", and a snake that matches Taylor's

No. 518845

File: 1520015256977.png (377.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180302-132156.png)

No. 518851

"Cracked out ned flanders" LOLLOL. I knew he looked familiar

No. 518855

File: 1520016779862.png (857.38 KB, 1242x2208, 670039F8-9166-4497-9160-DE230E…)

No. 518862

File: 1520018015642.png (44.08 KB, 540x272, Screenshot_2018-03-02-12-09-57…)

No. 518876

Her fans are so fucking desperate for her attention it weirds me out

No. 518881

I'm just going to say it. Cheese is a fucking ugly fish. I really don't understand the obsession.

No. 518894

Yeah i agree. He actually look pretty healthy know. By the looks of it he also seems to be slightly bigger than ghost (ignoring ghost‘s long fur). I remember him looking so fragile and sickly a few months ago.

No. 518898

Sorry, forgot to sage…

No. 518911

He seems like a perfectly healthy DSH. The fact that he looks like he may be bigger than Ghost (who is part Ragdoll and Ragdolls get BIG) means he's probably doing great now. TBH everyone ITT saying "the cats are probably dead" either don't know shit about cats or were just a-logging wishing them ill so they could be smug about it. Cats are resilient animals. It would take a lot for her to kill them at this point.

No. 518933

People are commenting that they need a cat like Ghost. Fuck the shelter cats, they need a purebred from a backyard breeder like Taylor -_-

No. 518941

She honestly thinks she is a saint, I stg. She is completely serious in comparing herself to an educated & experienced conversationalist/zookeeper. I actually can't believe how narcissistic she is, it's a whole new level.

Like, a ton of kids watched animal shows growing up, Taylor?? You aren't special, fuck right off!

No. 518963

File: 1520027233849.png (682.9 KB, 1242x2208, B8B0F44F-6438-4510-A0DE-121FE5…)

No. 518964

File: 1520027347470.png (Spoiler Image, 893.64 KB, 1242x2208, 6DF826B2-1B04-448B-A1D4-C4576C…)

No. 518968

File: 1520027538935.png (994.39 KB, 1242x2208, 2ED9331C-3612-40D8-9E9C-6DF244…)

About her tattoo

No. 518970

Lol what her excuse for keep buying weird morph's? I think reptiles are threat way worse than puppy mills, or she doesnt remember she bought a snake about to die because the owner never give a shit about it?
There isnt any difference between puppy mills and mass breeders of reptiles tbh, nobody cant take care of that many animals.

No. 518981

And abandoned it. And then years later abandon the other 2 you got.

Taylor has abandoned every dog she has owned.

No. 518982


>she bought a snake about to die because the owner never give a shit about it?

Basically buying a dog because you feel bad for them

No. 518986

After all this year she just cant understand she is keeping the cycle going
Buys sick animal- Owners breed more animals with that money- animals are neglect- Start over.

Maybe instead of sending her stans against people calling her out she should send them to that kind of people who abuse of animals for money. But that will never happen because Taylor is stupid.

No. 518987

Denying something happened isn't growing, Taylor. Growth is when you own up to your mistakes and learn from them. Even your rapist boyfriend would be 100000x more bearable if after all he's done he'd own up and say "you know what? That was extremely fucked up and I was wrong. Here are the steps I'm taking to change:…." and personally apologized to all the women he's wronged. But no, you're both mentally stunted. Sage for rant.

No. 518996

>>518987 I forgot to sage. There is nothing more selfish than someone who rapes another, except murder, and the person sleeping with the rapist who knows they raped not one, but several people. I think Taylor probably has a fetish for that sort of thing, hence why she targets dangerous males and flirts with them. She's a predator herself behind Jonny's back. I think she also thinks she can tame men like how she believes in her mind she can tame snakes.

No. 519004


That makes sense. She has a habit of "rescuing" sick animals and try to "fix" them like some sort of disney princess that she sees herself as. So seeing Jonny with all of his issues, she's probably unconciously want to "fix" him and become that girl of an angel who changed him for the better.

No. 519009

File: 1520030763098.png (87.98 KB, 1242x337, IMG_0171.PNG)

a Taylor clone??

What's up with talons, hand on face, and big unnatural lips? Do they want to look like a witch with their reptiles??

No. 519013

For the most part, that girl actually seems to know what she’s doing, and properly houses and researchs pets

If it is unrelated to TND, go to the GENERAL PET TUBERS THREAD stop spamming this one

No. 519014

>>519009 It's a Taylor Doppleganger, that's some pretty funny and disturbing shit! Looks like she had her lips blown up too and from just understanding speech patterns, seems to be faking her voice to put on a persona. She even has a video saying she's not Taylor Dean LMFAO, I'm dead. I'm sure this girl probably takes better care of her animals at least. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bioNJJ1ShA(Put the link into the YouTube box)

No. 519017

File: 1520031382970.jpg (507.41 KB, 1079x1830, Screenshot_20180302-175319.jpg)

After reading through a lot of these comments, it's easy to see how she put the focus on depression and let's all the emos stan for her instead of replying. Because now they're not defending HER, they're defending depression and mental illness. But the kids are tired of no videos and false promises.

No. 519038


She even has the same animals… Pac man frog, Ball pythons, blue tongue skink, hedgehog..

No. 519050

I agree with this. Snake breeders are in it solely to make money. Brian Barczyk has talked about spending upwards of $80k on interesting-looking trapped West African ball pythons in the hopes their look is genetic so he can in turn flood the market with his "next best thing" morph at $25k-$40k a snake. There's huge controversy surrounding his scaleless snakes, but still he breeds and sells them. How is that any different from a micro/teacup puppy mill?

No. 519051


I bet the kids who is always defending Taylor has never had pets and have no idea how to take care of em. they just know Taylor with Jonny and their animals are cool.

Like wow! She looks like Kylie, has a punkrock boyfriend who she changed for the better, and have rare cool looking reptiles?! Goooallss!! <3333 /sarcasm

No. 519067

in her videos, she makes cheese a funny character by doing a voice over. i did find it silly and funny when she was starting her channel so it makes sense for her to use cheese as part of her brand.

i thought this was taylor before opening the thumbnail lmao.

No. 519071


What about that dumb Cheese tattoo you promised your fans you’d get when you hit 1 million Taylor?

No. 519072

I noticed this girl replies to tweets criticizing Taylor lol.. yikes

No. 519074

Outdated, but… Basic? Really? She definitely pretends a lot of them are harder work than they are (Gasp! A chilean rose! So scary!) but marine fish (bar the clowns), uroplatus, and you could argue even the Halloween crab and the amphibs can be pretty damn demanding.
I mean, it's all the more reason as why she shouldn't have these animals in the first place, but to call it a very very basic collection makes every pet seem basic mate. She goes well over her head in what she's capable of.

No. 519083

File: 1520035676357.png (65.06 KB, 540x369, Screenshot_2018-03-02-16-57-17…)

No. 519085

File: 1520035751226.png (310.6 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-02-16-57-23…)

No. 519086

File: 1520035778347.png (164.22 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-02-16-58-01…)

No. 519087

File: 1520035848614.png (325.5 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-02-16-58-55…)

Hey guys I notice this little girl is always defending Taylor
Can we give her some love and report her Twitter account for the lols?(Not your personal army)

No. 519091

we're not your personal army and we don't need to report a kid just cos shes dumb?

No. 519092


Um no we fucking can't? Harassing a child for what they like or dislike is fucking gross. Get a life.

No. 519100

But bully a 21 y/o girl with physical and mental diseases is okay? At least don't be hypocrite lol

No. 519103


Oh fuck off, dude. Having mental a physical illnesses doesn’t give you a free pass to be a shitty person especially if you’re responsible for 20 fucking animals. Take your white knight shit somewhere else.

No. 519104

>>519100 Keyword here, CHILD, someone underaged. Don't be a pos. And no one is bullying Taylor, people are calling her out on killing her pets including a kitten, and making fun of Jonny's rape victims.

No. 519105

Yeah okay but Taylor is not a fucking child lmao. You want to report someone for being a stan. That's dumb as fuck.

No. 519125

Religion? Did you mean cult?

No. 519165


First of all, why is Taylor trying to get her teen/tween fans to get a tattoo of a fish–that hasn't grown in a long time–so they can regret it when they turn 30?

Second of all, why is she trying to turn her fish into some sort of cult?

No. 519167


We're not going to ruin a kid's life just because they have strong opinions on something. If they want to defend TND then good for them for standing up to what they believe in. Not their fault for being fooled by TND. They will come around the longer TND keeps up with her lies and irresponsible ways.

No. 519181

File: 1520043462344.jpeg (189.35 KB, 750x1240, 5D3054A0-105E-4016-8969-515E37…)

Jonny’s ex Amanda posted this on twitter

No. 519212

File: 1520045575477.png (143.54 KB, 750x1334, 53AB6B73-22AD-4CEB-A91D-DCC308…)

Oh shit

No. 519214

Oh god this will be SOOOOOO good I can't wait for them to divorce and him rob her. My mouth is watering for this milk. Sage.

No. 519215

oh my god

No. 519218

no wonder she got her hair and nails done. can't wait for him to start showing his true face. my glass is ready for all the milk to pour.


No. 519223

File: 1520046223116.jpeg (85.88 KB, 675x1200, DXU82JRXcAE3pTP.jpeg)

This stupid ass girl is going to regret this so much. Can't believe Taylor is condoning this.

No. 519224

File: 1520046262288.png (491.05 KB, 580x585, c0b06d8d8844e8321b7bec835c582d…)

This girl really did it. lol bet she's going to regret it in a couple of years

No. 519226

Omg this is the best thing ever. Taylor deserves a terrible life for murdering that kitten and abandoning so many poor animals

No. 519230

You're probably not off the mark considering how many comments she gets begging her to get certain animals. It does seem like a lot of them are basically living vicariously through her. That would explain the obsession with defending her as well. Any criticism of her and her life probably feels personal.

I understand branding. I'm saying that the fish is ugly and I don't understand why that fish in particular caught on, even with the voice over. I can't see why people are so obsessed that they're willing to put his likeness in permanent ink on their bodies.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

No. 519235

File: 1520046933238.png (1.26 MB, 1242x2208, CDBCE458-59A7-4ACC-8C0A-C93A29…)

No. 519244

She replied to a tweet saying she's not getting married and then immediately deleted it ????

No. 519252

File: 1520047922996.png (220.3 KB, 750x1334, 99EAD7C6-815D-4DD3-8FB1-2CA293…)

this was below the original tweet she posted. how hypocritical of taytay.

No. 519253

I wasn't wishing abuse on her. I was wishing her stuck with a shitty drug addict and him taking half her money via divorce. Way to overreact.

No. 519254


Uh…I get we all hate TND but if you’re wishing someone gets abused, however dumb and narcissistic they might be, you’re kind of fucked up and I’d go seek help

No. 519256


I mean, you being triggered over my comment makes it seem like you’re overacting but okay…..

No. 519262

File: 1520048441113.jpeg (100.47 KB, 640x295, 32478818-9B51-41F5-A583-B76732…)

Why is this bitch so smug about the fact we can’t 100 percent price she got her cat on CL but was totally forthcoming about that girl putting an ad on CL for her cornsnake before magically finding our snake expert by chance in a pet shop?

No. 519265

Calling divorce "abuse" is insulting to victims of actual abuse. Fuck off

No. 519266


She learned how to lie about a CL aquire based on the kitten. In other words, she saw what happened with the kitten…that we know what she did. So, her lil brain said "okay, they are totally going to know this snake was on CL so I gotta come up with some BS to explain why it was on CL without saying that that's where I got it."

She didn't know/think to cover her tracks with the kitten because it hadn't happened before.

No. 519269


>”can’t wait for them to divorce and him to rob her

Nice cherrypicking, dumbass.

No. 519270

File: 1520048943298.png (109.42 KB, 616x523, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.41…)

"even though I did it once"

She told her mom she didn't say they were shopping, but that is EXACTLY what she said. Is it her reading comprehension that is that terrible or just her perception of reality?

No. 519274

File: 1520049290390.jpeg (205.94 KB, 640x612, EED6D4A3-89C0-42BB-AAA1-5E68FC…)

Something interesting is that (like a lot of YouTubers) Tyler implied his PC pet vids are still being demonitized. Someone said early in the thread Taylor makes most her money from her merch but I don’t really think that’s true. If she’s such a narcissist that she retweets every bit of praise her fans give her, I’m sure dozens of them would also post photos of the merch they got, and she’d retweet them as sort of promo. Also I don’t really know how much money that company takes out of sales before she gets her cut.

So I assume she either has a lot saved or should turn her shit around quick before it gets left in the dust.

No. 519277

I have a theory that Taylor is flipping out and probably in bed all day long sobbing (and or on twitter) because Jonny is away on tour and she's worried he's cheating. Most likely he has and he's lying about it. So she may have said some things that manipulated him into dropping a proposal over a text or call perhaps. Just based on Taylor's Mom's post and I could be totally off. I think Taylor is the controlling, manipulative type and Jonny is the type to say whatever to please her, as she is both putting a roof over his head and just paid a lot of money to get his teeth fixed. I don't think Taylor left anyone there to tend to her animals while she was away, there's a lot of mess, and she doesn't feel like cleaning it up or pleasing her fans with photos of them.

No. 519280


maybe a public health warning?

No. 519288

>>519277 I don't know about all of that, but I agree it's likely no one was looking in on her animals, or at least no one knowledgeable. Cleaning up the resulting mess isn't nearly as fun for her as twitter drama, so it's clear which she's chosen to prioritize.

No. 519302


No one is wishing abuse on her, it’s just she’s blind to seeing Jonny for the way he is. Someone like him is very hard to change, even if he does, it won’t be right away in a brand new relationship. He’s gonna to show some of his colors. As for TND, she’s pretty abusive in some ways too and she was warned so many times about what he did and what he can do, so if she does get abused in some way (hopefully not) she knew it was coming..

toxic relationship will either just end or just pour drama nonstop.

No. 519308

So she is definitely on here, actively reading this thread?

Maybe that explains why the influx of bad selfies has stopped, and why she hasn't flaunted her hair/nails. Not that she would bother to change from criticism, or than her stans would care, for that matter.

No. 519312


She definitely reading. lol hopefully it'll start making her think about what needs to get done.. like taking care of her pets for once

No. 519323


I bet if we keep talking about her videos being demonetized and how if she doesn't keep up with her uploading which will cause her to lose her cash intake, she's going to screenshot her monetized videos because you know.. she loves to prove people wrong even if she's wrong.

No. 519332

Nah, the way her narcissistic mind works, she'll just see it as jealous haters attacking her for no reason and use it to feed into her helpless victim mentality where nothing is her fault and everyone who criticizes her is mean.

She'll focus on the petty crap about her lips and shit to avoid letting the real shit about Johnny and her animal care sink in. Because admitting that she's in the lovebomb/honeymoon phase of an abusive relationship and that she uses acquiring animals to fill an emotional void and that maybe she should leave Johnny and spend some time SINGLE and in therapy, take a realistic look at her animals and consider rehoming some she got for the wrong reasons so she can focus on the ones she actually cares about, mend her relationship with her real family, get work done and figure out a long term plan for her education/career…….

…but that would take some serious insight and introspection, which we know she doesn't have. It's sad, because when you just write it out like that, what she needs to do is really very simple. If she were to do those things she could have an AMAZING life. She could get a real education in an animal related field and start using her money and reach to actually make a difference.

It is so, so frustrating to watch her self destruct like this and take her family and pets with her.

No. 519341


You're right. it's not also frustrating, but very sad that her mind works like that.

No. 519382

Nah, she's exactly like Jonny which means zero capacity for self-reflection. She believes we're all in cahoots, making things up to take her down because we're exes or smurf accounts.

No. 519395

Hey Taylor, wheres you halloween crab? Why haven't we seen it since the video where you dropped it?

No. 519601

Taylor's mom said that tweet about marriage was apparently about a book she was reading!!! Taylor is not getting married.

No. 519610


"Mama Dean" is such an attention whore herself. She knew exactly what people were going to think with that marriage tweet.

She's all "boohoo lost followers because i'm boring now"

No. 519634

Wow what a piece of trash. No wonder Taylor is the way she is, she's just like her mom. Ugly and desperate for any form of attention.

No. 519677


I mean there's gotta be something wrong with mom/dad if them two together made these fucked up kids. (Nothing against Tanner, unlike Taylor his issues aren't mediocre and he seems to actually try)

No. 519718

Not necessarily. The older brother seems stable and normal.
Really just seems as though it’s taylor, and I can’t blame her mom for acting the way she does considering she’s gotta be stressed about tanner in general, and Taylor acting the way she does probably pushed her over the edge

No. 519723

L2sage you fucking faggot.
So tired of all the non-saged posts. Where the fuck are the mods?(calm down)

No. 519735

Older brother has a different mom. Just FYI.

No. 519746

File: 1520102364735.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2208, 08C8EBBD-C736-4CD3-9211-09F287…)

No. 519780

File: 1520104298579.png (39.82 KB, 331x281, 2018-03-03.png)

Shade at Taylor and Jonny ?

No. 519782

Taylor's hardcore fans calling out an animal abuser yet they will defended Taylor to the death -_-

No. 519784

File: 1520104461169.jpg (603.64 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180303-111426.jpg)

Maybe do your research next time

No. 519787


'Animal lover' **Animal Hoarder

No. 519789

Why is everyone in this thread always talking as if it was a fact that TND killed the kitten? I know I know, there are reasons to hate her (like making fun of jonny's victims) but this one is just a conspiracy. For all we know it might have actually been sick and she really tried hard but was unable to rescue it. Same for the kitten where ppl conspire that she got it off craigslist although we don't know it 100% ..and even the picture of the kittens that was on craigslist didn't have that exact same kitten she has on it, only kinda similar looking ones, so..??

Honestly I think that fish is oddly adorable, he looks like he could be straight outta an anime.

No. 519791

Wow Tay's 12 year old fans found us

No. 519804

Yeah anon, but no. I'm actually an anon who's on this board regularly and reads this thread (among others) because I despise Jonny but I don't have that big of an issue with Taylor is all. I just think people tend to exaggerate because they are blinded by the hate for her.
This is actually an issue in all threads. People will nitpick and conspire about people they hate and it kind of distracts from the real issues and things they should actually be called out for.

No. 519811

Why didn't you post that comment when the discussion was.. actually happening then?
>and she really tried hard but was unable to rescue it
> ..and even the picture of the kittens that was on craigslist didn't have that exact same kitten she has on it, only kinda similar looking ones, so..??
You are very clearly a white knight

Did someone do some cow-tipping? I feel like someone might've tipped the cow from the new white knights popping up/taylor discussing "anonymous threads"

No. 519812

>Tried to buy kittens from Craigslist weeks before
>Instagram photo location is exactly the same as the Craigslist post
>Kittens are identical age and appearance
>Tay can't produce adoption papers or even remember the rescue that adopted to her
>Rescue that is affiliated with Petco in Texas said they did not adopt to her and don't adopt kittens that young

But yeah, it's just nitpicking with 0 evidence. Get out.

No. 519816

Ok, delusional. So you're saying that Taylor just happened to stumble across Ghost at in some legitimate adoption scenario even though
- purebred ragdolls kittens are uncommon enough to command a very high price. The chance you're going to stumble across one at an adoption event rather than have the foster or breeder decide to keep it themselves or sell it for hundreds of dollars is practically nil.
- Ghost was the EXACT same age as the CL cat.
- Ghost was acquired within DAYS of the CL ad going up.
- Ghost's backyard breeder is from the same area as Taylor.
- It's common for CL purchases to take place in parking lots and there are pics of Ghost in the Denny's parking lot
- Taylor has a documented history of trying to pass CL purchases off as adoptions while still pretending she NEVER said she was a proponent of "adopt don't shop".
- Anyone who pays attention realizes Taylor is a habitual liar who actively supports a rapist. Sure, she deletes a metric fuckton of tweets that make this more obvious, but it's still crystal clear to anyone who bothers to look.

I mean, you're welcome to believe whatever the hell you want. You're also welcome to fall for every scam and con you come across. Maybe you'd like to purchase a 30 day supply of pink hair and nail vitamins from GlamLifeGuru for $40? (Well, more like $50 with shipping. $65-$100+ if you live in another country.). Normally I wouldn't leap from A to B like this, but the fact that you're skeptical about something SO fucking obvious leads me to believe you're the type to consider buying magic beans from snake oil salesmen.

And no, "everyone" doesn't talk like it's a fact that T killed the kitten. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's the same person popping in to say it every time. It's always the same sort of angry "she deserves her crappy life because she killed the kitten" deal.

No. 519819

>Why didn't you post that comment when the discussion was.. actually happening then?
I'm not active on here that much (mostly lurking)& I am often late to some topics and I apologize.

Ok I actually apologize for being ignorant.. I didn't know there were that many things pointing towards it actually being the kitten from CL. I did read this thread and thought I was caught up but apparently I must have missed some thing while the older TND thread was on autosage. Anyway, in the end I just asked why ppl tread these things as fact, and I got my answer so it's all cool.

No. 519825

>>519784 Her lips look like a blown up chimpanzee ass in heat with the injections.

No. 519854

File: 1520112611584.jpg (125.3 KB, 1061x380, Screenshot_20180303-162915.jpg)


Oh no I forgot to sage in 1 of my 30 posts. What a faggot I must be.

Now, back to Taylor. Does anyone else find it hilarious on her new vegan diet posts shes talking about other people's pets not living their best life. Like, hello? This is exactly what you're doing to your pets?

No. 519864

Forced Vegan diets for predatory animals are neglect and abuse. Period. Nothing against veganism except when Vegans try to turn animals who need meat into vegans. So many pets have gone blind or gone into organ failure from this sort of selfish neglect. Also, yeah, Taylor can't even be bothered to show a photo of her animals to prove they are in good health after being away from them. So Taylor, STFU, your fragile geckos and Halloween crab are probably dead or in bad shape.

No. 519878

I have a hard time believing that a purebred doberman with a very rare and highly sought after coat color (dilute blue) was simply abandoned by the side of the road. A pet quality dilute blue dobe (i.e. a dobe that still isn't up to snuff to win any shows and wouldn't be good for breeding) still fetches nearly 2 grand despite the coat color being known to lead to skin related issues. It's very likely not a mix, even the DNA test showed that it was Doberman with small traits of rottie (it's very possible for DNA tests to pick up strands of proteins that other breeds share, so just having trace amounts of one other breed is a pretty sure conclusion that the dog is 100% pure bred).I have a hard time believing that someone would dumb a dog worth $1500 with a litter of puppies that at worst would sell for half a grand each. I have no doubt that the breeder was breeding dogs poorly and may have neglected the dogs though.
Someone should contact that Petco too, Petco can't even have cats and dogs that young in their facility (no vaccines), and it's really against their policy to adopt out animals that young since it is illegal across the country. I bet Petco would like to hear about this so they can stop doing business with whatever hack of a rescue organization is putting everyone's animals at risk including their own. That is, assuming it even happened. Also, didn't Taylor work at a Petco/Petsmart? Shouldn't she already know about this? Pro-tip, if anyone actually does want to follow-up; When doing adoptions on the site, petco/petsmart requires a copy of the adoption information which would include her name and such, so if the store does actually want to look into it, they will have her name on file with the animal she adopted. Petco won't take underage adoptions lightly if someone claims an agency they work with sold them a kitten too young, especially if it later died.
t. animal shelter employee who works with the pet stores for adoption events.
The absolute youngest age you can buy/sell/adopt a cat or dog is 6 weeks old in the United States. It's one thing if you're doing shady business out of your own home, but you can NOT get away with that at a big chain pet store like Petco. Petco requires copies of every adoption done on their site, and requires every cat and dog be up to date on at least their distemper vaccines, which they can't even get at 5 weeks old. First vaccines start at 6 weeks old. There's no way this was done legally in a Petco, is what I'm getting at.
Start a TaylorNicoleDean hastag, but honestly I'd be worried about all these non-arguments shitting up the actual proof that she's a bad animal caretaker, and make the whole thing look like salty trolls.
Tbf some adoptions will go pretty late at night. Of course, not past store hours.
Petcos and petsmarts can and do work with multiple rescues and shelters and sometimes have different adoption events from different rescues/shelters on the same day and time, so this may be trickier than originally planned. Honestly though, that Petco will have the adoption records, just say that someone under the name Taylor Nicole Dean is claiming to have bought an underage kitten from an adoption even there that later died, ask if it's true because if it is you'll no longer be supporting them (that last lie was more just to get a straight answer instead of beating around the bush, if y'all have a better idea by all means use that). Now you will have a big organization on her ass too.
To adopt, yeah she would need adoption papers, that's what she would use to legally prove where she got the animal from if she ever needed it (to prove ownership mostly). However I can see if she misplaced it. I have no clue where my adoption papers are.
She has a boy and a girl cat right? If she waits 'until they are mature' to get fixed, she'll end up getting kittens. Cats can mate and get pregnant as early as 4 months old.
TBF some do have adoptions during the week, it depends on the store
No, because Petco isn't some small-town irresponsible local pet store. They have to uphold standards to not get sued or break laws. If anything happened, it managed to happen without Petco's knowledge
yeah Nemo is bony but his tummy was bulging like fuck in some pics. TBH at 5 weeks, not much should be able to kill a kitten, especially worms (virtually all kittens have worms). They have gotten past the first 3.5 weeks which are the hardest, most fragile part of their life. I've fostered my fair share of kittens which includes a fuck ton of newborns that didn't make it, but I have never had a kitten over 4 weeks die on me unless they had a medical issue where they had to be put to sleep like FIP or FeLV. It is possible that something inside just went awry, it's just not common that late into life. I wouldn't even be upset if her own mistakes killed newborn kittens; you can feed a kitten formula that's a wee bit too cold and kill it, they are just very fragile. I'm just having a hard time believing this 5 week old kitten succumbed to fading kitten syndrome.
As someone who fosters, this pisses me off immensely. A foster should know better than to do what Taylor does. A foster should at least know the legal age of adoption and to quarantine.
Hypocritical is thinking one way while doing the opposite. It's not the same as previously believing something, then changing over time. Stop trying to make it seem like you being hypocritical is being an adult.

No. 519891

She finally showed insta her new hair… must have been waiting for her damn ass extensions to come in he mail. It looks so dry and dead, like hunny no

No. 519894

What I don't see it

No. 519897

File: 1520117693258.png (276.57 KB, 360x709, Screenshot (3).png)

Taylor's new hair, love that she can post videos of her posing with new hair but cant be bothered to take pictures of her (probably dead) animals to show us that they're okay.

No. 519898


Oh no.. That's probably why she hasn't posted a hair picture. That hair is a dry disaster….

No. 519909

adding to the list of things that prove that ghost is a craigslist kitty is that, at least where I live, very very few places will allow someone under 21 to adopt an animal. not very damning but thought i'd add

No. 519910

File: 1520118146049.jpeg (385.26 KB, 640x970, B1F7A89B-13B2-46BA-A297-FBAAB9…)

From far away if you don’t focus on them that much her lips look totally fine

But when you close up on them jesus

No. 519934

>>519897 Man she really photshopped the shit out of her face, I see you Taylor trying to take down that honking nose, but everyone in your real life remembers it. Her phone isn't that low quality. Seriously Taylor, no one gives a shit about your hair color. People have been asking to see your animals that are presumed neglected/living in filth and or dead. You think you could try to prove they're ALL okay? No? Oh okay, I guess we were right.

No. 519940

File: 1520119615587.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x2208, 5AB4ADB4-9F53-4EED-BC6E-DD6A43…)

Oh no

No. 519947

>>519940 She posts a picture of herself in her bra while Jonny is away lmao. And that bad bleach job with those dark badly drawn on eyebrows, I see Taylor's going for the Trailer Park trash look.

No. 519950

JC hasn’t been active on social media lately… wonder what he’s up to/if he’s cheated on her yet

No. 519973


Baboon butt lips.


All i’m Getting from this picture is her with daddy issues. I bet Jonny was like “…easy money” when she started dming him


Does she even have pets anymore?

No. 519988


Not that her mom is the most with it either, but I feel like her mom might have said something if Kida wasn't adopted? Though I'd bet her mom/the family actually adopted Kida, not Taylor, maybe that's another reason Taylor left her behind. Some shelters won't let animals be transferred from the person who legally adopted them.

Also your kitten info is good, but a few things: Taylor claims she just got the first two kittens (Nemo and the female) from some lady she met at Petco who had found them in a construction site, and I think they were around 3 weeks then. The female is the one that died, so she now has two males. Thankfully she shouldn't end up with kittens unless she lets them roam or something stupid like that, but she needs to get them vaccinated ASAP too. Ghost is the CL kitten she claims she "adopted" or now claims she fostered from a Petco adoption event. So she didn't get any directly from Petco's adoption center, but both times were on Petco property, so Petco would care about the adoption event (you know, if it ever happened) but I'm not sure what they care about or can do if someone just happened to give TND the first kittens on site. (Which I strongly doubt is how she got those kittens at this point, but who knows.)

No. 519989

>>519988 Ghost was picked up in a Denny's parking lot. She lied about where she got Ghost (Petco) and maybe, Jonny was too drunk that day to remember much of anything or wasn't actually with her during the pick up but I bet he was. If he doesn't remember it, she could say anything to him about it, but I noticed he's not defending her on social media about where she got her animals. He's probably too busy sleeping with fans to care about helping her cover her schemes.

No. 519994

Probably too busy since he’s on tour.

No. 519995

Okkkkaaayyyyy so we see the hair bu, where’s the video? She posted 2 stories on insta of her editing the video 2 days in a row… It’s sad how much she doesn’t care and how okay with it her stans are.

Sage for venting

No. 520057

File: 1520130141881.png (220.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180303-212208.png)

Seems like someone did tip the cow. Booooo.

No. 520060


Boo indeed. But does it really matter? We already know she is/was lurking on here anyway.

No. 520067

Yeah, but this twitter account directly interacted with her mom and tons of stans. So for the dull ones that cant just Google "Taylor Dean drama," they'll be led here now.

No. 520072


Yeah….I guess it's time to prepare for a bajillion stans to come here to be white knights. Sigh.

No. 520092


Yeah sorry I should have been clearer I guess, I didn't mean she actually got them on Petco property, but that that was her story both times.

I've been wondering if JC will expose her for all her craigslist pets and other lies when they break up and he decides he wants revenge for her inevitable "I was tricked! give me sympathy" video/posts when that happens.

No. 520149

File: 1520133871669.jpg (332.69 KB, 1079x1846, Screenshot_20180303-222338.jpg)

On the ig photo of her blonde. "Wtf is a stan" 😂

No. 520184

File: 1520137262943.png (131.07 KB, 1242x648, IMG_0173.PNG)

"Currently editing" lol

No. 520188

File: 1520137688472.png (35.75 KB, 1242x368, IMG_0174.PNG)

No. 520189

she’s been editing those same two videos for over a month.

No. 520190


ikr? Unless these videos end up being like short films there's absolutely no way it would take that long, even with depression.

If she had edited for 10 minutes every single time she posted (then deleted) on social media that she was editing they would have been done ages ago. It's all laziness and lies. IT'S LIESINESS.

>sage even though i made up a great new word to describe TND

No. 520192


I’m guessing that she opens up her editor, opens her video, takes a picture of “proof”, scrolls through the clips, and closes it to never be seen again

No. 520247

They should have gone to someone with experience with young kittens and a foster cat to feed them. She just wanted to get them so she could show off on her channel how she rescued them and hand fed them to grow up healthy and strong so she looks good. That backfired.

No. 520249

Sorry foster cat wrong word, I mean a cat that had recently had kittens so it could feed them.

No. 520290

'I'm so insecure and hate looking at myself'
Posts photos of self half naked.
Yeah right.

No. 520292

Exactly this. It's not really exaggeration to say she killed it when she didn't seek the best treatment available. Aka finding another experienced fosterer, especially one that has a nursing mother for the kittens. The equivalent is taking an injured dog from the streets and trying to DIY vet care. She absolutely is responsible for that kittens death.

As an aside I truly believe she got the first two kittens the exact same way she got Ghost. She bought them from some shady craigslist or other deal.

Sage for speculation

No. 520377


It could be argued that she’s so insecure that’s why she does all this attention grabbing shit. She wants people to keep telling her how hot she is, that and how she was constantly dating someone new every other week since she was a teenager.

I’d feel bad but at this point teenagers grow out of it and she’s gotten so much validation in her looks and dateability that she’s turned into a bitch. But she’ll keep milking that inmocence thing because that’s relatable

No. 520378


Yeah her whole “we just magically found these kittens in a wall” thing was all really convenient (same be said for meeting the CL snake’s owner in a pet store and magically overhearing that she’s trying to rehome it)

The kittens especially, I don’t buy that in a city as big as SA in a busy parking lot no one else heard a kitten crying and reported it to a rescue before she got there. She probably waltzed into a rescue, made up some story about how she was qualified to take care of it, asked about where they found the kitten and inserted herself in the rescue story

No. 520400

File: 1520176412661.png (246.9 KB, 1440x1872, Screenshot_20180304-151209~2.p…)

oh my god there's no way she would correctly feed live
live is a last resort anyway why is she jumping straight to it?

No. 520416


I’m not a herp guy so I don’t get it. I assume you don’t feed live because the rat has the potential to hurt the snake?

No. 520427

Week 2? Wasn't she gone last week?

No. 520428


Doesn't this mean that she will have to have a constant supply of live food for the snake?

I have no clue how that works but housing rodents compared to crickets sounds far harder…?

No. 520435

how would she even know? she hasn’t been home in two weeks

No. 520438

Number of reasons;

Snake not hungry
-Danger of rat/mouse gnawing on snake for both food and out of fear.
-Having to house an animal now that your snake isn't interested in.
-Having to watch the feeding (you should not leave a snake alone with living prey), this can take hours if the snake isn't hungry or is shy.

Snake hungry
-Danger of not striking well and leaving the rat or mouses front end to gnaw into the snake while it tries to escape.
-Live animals can carry parasites that freezing is able to kill off, the snake then ingests these.
-Snakes often get hooked on live feeding, making FT hard to go back to.
-Finding a quality supply of live feeders can be hard if not bred at home.

Rat mouse POV
-Cruel to the rat / mouse to put them in an unnatural environment where they have no chance of escape. This isn't a nature pred/prey scenario. Rat/Mouse can be very stressed before death due to smell, poor handling and missed strikes alone.
-Poor breeding and handling at pet stores which often have less space to house feeder animals than even large scale feeder operations. Animals arrive at the snake stressed and often sick (URI's especially).


Yes. But no it doesn't mean she has to breed them herself. Rats and mice are much harder to take care of compared to even some of her other animals. Rats in particular are intelligent animals that (as pets) can not be kept singularly, need extensive time out of their cage (and interaction) to avoid neurotic behaviours, and are very prone to illness including URI's and mammary tumours.

She's more likely to buy live from a store that sells… however as mentioned above, if the snake refuses food, she will now have to look after a live animal… Not to mention many stores will not sell live animals as feeders and those that do are often shady. It is hard to find a regular good supply of live feeders which is why most reptile keepers that do want to feed fresh (pre killed) do so by keeping their own mice/rats.

tl;dr: Lots of reasons why live is a bad idea and I'm probably forgetting some.

No. 520456

live is genuinely a last resort.

firstly, most people including me hold the opinion that feeding captive snakes live is unethical unless absolutely necessary
it's a false environment in which the rodent has no chance to escape the situation
secondly yes there is a danger for the snake as the rat or mouse will gnaw on them to escape or if they get hungry

this post just shows she hasn't done enough research. it's understandable to panic over your first snakes (or first 9+ snakes in her case lol) refusing food but if she had any knowledge or experience she'd know not only are ball pythons known to be fussy feeders but how snakes can go months without a meal and not lose any weight. I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't ever weighed her snakes.

it seriously baffles me she jumped the gun so much

No. 520486

The real question is why are her snakes eating mice??? All her ball pythons are beyond big enough to be eating rats

No. 520490


i wouldn't be surprised she's jumping the gun on going live so fast. she's away from her pets 99% of the time and never took the time to care for them because she just goes off. If she was taking care of them unconditionally, she would be trying to find every little means to try to feed them frozen but no, she's like "he doesn't want to eat, whatever i don't want to deal with it, i'll throw in a live one."

No. 520493


Maybe her snake is too stressed to eat?

No. 520498

Can’t stop thinking Jonny convinced her to feed her snakes live food just for his own entertainment

No. 520500


The problem she has is that her snake isn't eating, but she doesn't have time to try all the different options before resorting to Live because she's going back on Tour with Jonny soon, and chances are the drug dealer she likely has looking after all her animals won't know how to try all of these alternatives either

No. 520506

I don't understand why she's feeding her ball pythons mice. That will just make it harder to eventually switch them to rats, which are better for them anyways. They all can take rats fine at their size by now. Also two weeks is not a concern for ball pythons. Maybe she's trying to look Edgy™ by feeding him live. I doubt she'd be able to watch it happen, which could end with an injured snake :( or if he doesn't take the live mouse because this could very well be a hunger strike, she could "end up" with another pet.

No. 520510


Lol i love how people are replying to this saying "Don't let Gus watch :(" like he can see anything from in the closet anyway

No. 520517

That moment when she announces that Gus has suddenly died after the snakes first feeding.

No. 520528

Wait, I don't know which one Tate is, how long has she had this one? For the two weeks she says it is having no interest in frozen?
1. She should know if it was on frozen/thawed or live from the breeder and she could have gotten one that was already eating frozen
2. It could be stressed if this is only week two of her getting it
3. It's only been two weeks of trying and there are other methods to try to get them to eat it
4. "hunger strike" because of wrong husbandry
It's a shame this girl has so many snakes. This is pretty basic easily googled info. Now all of her fans who got snakes because of her are learning from her dumb ways…

No. 520537


oh god i'm so glad nemo is okay. poor guy looked so weak during the first weeks with her. everyone said he wasn't going to make it. so great that he did (altough only because everyone complained to Taylor that he looked sick and she finally did something). its so sad that taylor almost immediately got a fancy&expensive second cat, so poor nemo is probably not getting as much love as he used to. but at least he seems okay. lucky little guy. out of all the animals she has, nemo is the one that i truly hope she will give to her mother or to someone who can actually give him the attention he deserves. but i doubt it, so let's just celebrate that he seems okay now.

No. 520543

I thought I read she was meeting him in Denver. Which is tomorrow. So how’s this live feeding going to happen? Of course, they change their stories a lot, so maybe I misread.

No. 520574

I wouldn't put it past Jonny to feed Gus/threaten to feed Gus to the snake out of rage/jealousy

No. 520578

File: 1520194228127.png (841.45 KB, 640x1136, ED15C63B-9362-48CA-BE9D-ED2D15…)


No. 520580

I bet she never even filmed them in the first place and needed an excuse for why her hair is blonde

No. 520586



Also wtf is wrong with her lips, gurl get them fixed omg

No. 520592

It looks like she tried to fix how lopsided they were by making the middle bit bulge out twice as far as it used to. Girl, I can't.

No. 520597

File: 1520195512143.png (94.42 KB, 594x592, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 3.30…)


Of course she didn't! And this is an excuse to "edit" for another month.

No. 520601


look at how he's holding the cat to stop him from running away or clawing her. some cats like to be held sure, but a large amount of cats hate that shit (same with tummy rubs). from the way she's holding the cat like that it seems like the cat wanted to get the fuck away but she didn't want to let him because she needed a picture. seriously fuck that. she always carries her animals in ways that they hate. this cat in particular you can really tell from the way she's holding on to her paws to stop it from clawing her fucking face off.

No. 520606

File: 1520196295690.png (884.17 KB, 640x1136, 859FD264-4F58-4A8B-A735-7D7B09…)

Manhandling her snake again

No. 520610

Honestly her hair isn‘t even that bad, kinda dry but whatever. Those lips thoo.. i don’t know where tf she‘s getting them done but they look rough as hell. Super uneven and weird

No. 520613

>>520400 She doesn't dread the day when she writes lol at the end of it. She's going to enjoy it, sick cruel bitch, once again needing attention. I know lots of snake owners, and none of them feed live or have ever had to.

No. 520614

Maybe this is how she ends up 'rescuing' rats. I can see it now. She follows the advice of her peers and switch to a rat, try feeding live, doesn't work, she runs out to Denny's to find a rat in the parking lot to rescue. Now she can post sub par rat care videos. Then she can be the poster child for Women's Rights to Own Rats
I honestly never thought of that, now any fan who has had a snake not eat for 2 weeks is going to think they should switch to live. Bummer
I figured the reason she got a ragdoll is because ragdolls are well known for going limp or 'ragdolling' when being held, therefore making for a good picture. Seems like that BYB cat doesn't have the same traits though

No. 520624


o heck

No. 520629

Okay but is anyone thinking on how bad her lisp is going to be with these fillers? I can't imagine she can talk properly at all.

No. 520643

Nice to see she's not bothering to clean her cats eye gunk out, but she sure made sure to over line her baboon ass lips again.

No. 520645

What is all that black crap on the floor on the left?

No. 520655

Does she have a rash on her arm, or is that from picking her skin? Maybe from the cats? It looks a lot more like skin picking though.

No. 520670

File: 1520200757063.png (965.64 KB, 1242x2208, D5312BC1-BE94-4030-ACD5-0AB34A…)

No. 520684


IS she going to reveal the "new" animal in this or is she hoping everyone forgot?

No. 520690

File: 1520203172006.png (880.01 KB, 1242x2208, 504790E7-CB9A-40A0-A96C-D41B93…)

But I thought you had professional people watching them that you paid for?? Hmm..

No. 520699

Are her hands starting to balloon the way Jonny's have or is it just a bad pic?

No. 520700

Jesus, just wait util someone calls her out. "Don't worry! They're both really experienced with all sorts of animals, and I went through all they need to do and wrote it all down for them." I mean, that 'three experts' thing has to be the most blatant lie yet I swear.

No. 520711

seriously tho is anyone telling taylor on social media that she shouldnt feed live?? she must know its a bad idea but are there any tweets or anything telling her to try braining, scenting etc until her snake loses ~10% or his weight, and THEN resort to something like assist feeding, leaving live as a last resort?? if this girl gets her snake hooked on feeding live for no reason i s2g..

No. 520722

i thought the same thing.

No. 520760

File: 1520209697938.jpeg (84.3 KB, 1293x334, 92F00108-7449-4285-BAF0-A996AD…)

Surprise, that’s what happens when you go from 0 to 10(?) snakes in one year and have little to no experience.

No. 520791

posted a new video… with her new hair mhmm funny it only took her less then a day to edit it while her other ones took over a month

No. 520792

File: 1520214081361.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, 16BFD437-690F-4A20-8828-1044C5…)

New video lmao amazing how she filmed and edited this in one day… probs only bc she has new hair

No. 520794

she's so fucking vain she can't wait to get a video out with her new hair.

No. 520795

Loling at this comment because it was pretty spot on. She sounds like the snowman from courage the cowardly dog.

No. 520796


I don't even want to give her views….but whoa that lissssp.

No. 520797

In HD you can see all the lumps on her face that she covered with lights and makeup. Her face is just busted as fuck now her lips are awful

No. 520798

samefagging but some notes & her hair is beyond fried and nasty and her extensions are ratty;

queue 2 minutes of rambling about herself
- "im a perfectionist is my biggest flaw" clip to her fish tank being filthy
- filmed 3 videos but hates them
- "juggling my illnesses with traveling, animals and living on my own"
- "bunch of video ideas!" "no intention to quit youtube!"

- wanted to own (satanic leaf geckos) forever but felt like she wasnt qualified to. but theyre so cool and edgy looking!
- 3:40-5:30 her setting up the tank nothing but text no voice over (i know nothing about these guys so if any experts want to chime in as to if she did anything wrong feel free)

- "i didnt know you couldnt handle them! he jumped in my hand so then i took a picture of it!"
"i had some people who were very concerned about the fact that i was handling them! (hey tay)"
"i've learned from that im never going to do it again!"

- "i dont like making educational videos i want them to be fun"

No. 520806

she looked better as a brunette

No. 520810


i don't get it how is being fun her reason for not being a perfectionist, and how the fuck is this video any more "fun"? she just whined. she just whined about her own fans. would be cool if she explained how she abandoned all of her pets and was able to leave something so important to her emotionally while doing something as silly as showing up on tour to get plastered. why didn't she make a tour vlog~ or something where she proves how she checks in on her pets if (i really hope) someone is taking care of them?

you can't go out and party and claim disability due to depression. that's not how that works and she's giving people with real mental health issues an even worse name.

No. 520811

I’m surprised she still has hair after going from brown to blonde in one day… I can’t believe anyone would agree to bleach her (already damaged) hair

No. 520813

I had an old coworker who would come in with completely different hair colors every couple months. She said she changed her hair color "every time she felt mentally unstable"…can't help but feel like that's Taylors case because suddenly she's not crying when looking at herself to edit. I'd cry if my upper lip was shaped like a lumpy turtle beak but apparently new hair fixes that?
Sage for blog post.

No. 520816

Her incessant need to appear quirky is so irritating.

No. 520821

Cue the whole "I'm weird and different for talking to my fish lolol"
It gets so old so fast, it's not 2010 anymore Tay.

No. 520822

File: 1520216334379.jpeg (383 KB, 1242x1913, FA05DEB3-A9DA-4617-B3F2-6A6AD8…)

Truly bugs me that this is the first video that pops up under her video..

(Sage for off topic nip picking)

No. 520834

She looks so bad. She used to be hot. Now her hair is orange and her lips are so fucked up

No. 520839

If anyone wants to watch her new video, do so on a computer with AdBlock, no ads will come up, so she won’t get any revenue.

No. 520842

i haven’t watched the video and really don’t want to. does she mention the “new 4th pet” she bought??

No. 520854

I don't care how she looks, but I'm glad she has this hair in the new vid so at least we know the geckos are still alive, right?

If she'd filmed it weeks ago she could just use old footage and pretend they're fine even if they didn't survive the "friend and her sister" petsitting "experts."

No. 520858

In the video she says that the cage has to be misted 4 times a day bc she doesnt have an automatic mister set up. So the friend supposedly came by 4 times a day???

No. 520864

Maybe the friend stayed there the whole time she was gone.

No. 520869

No, I think only the intro/ explanation was new. The set up shots obviously weren't new and we don't know about the closeups.

I skipped some parts of the video but I don't think she said anything.

No. 520877

She said a guy comes to her house three times a day as well as two other people she hired.

No. 520881


She did use old footage, actually. You can see she's got brown hair when she bends down in a few shots. She probably only "refilmed" the intros with the blonde hair.

No. 520885


god, she's getting a mild lisp from those baboon lips.

if you compare her "how to take care of.." videos from other youtubers that are actually dedicated with caring for a specific type of animal, her videos are basically 3 mins of a summarize versions of lazy google search or answers from a typical petco employee (oh wait, she was one) and the rest is about herself.

No. 520889


99% of "let's talk about me!" and 1% of "geckos, like typical geckos but looks like a leaf, they need food, water, and humidity but let's talk about me again!"

No. 520894

But guys remember she didn’t want the video to be educational she wanted it to be “fun”

Honestly all of her followers look to her for information and educational videos because they are going out and buying these animals they did zero research on because their family friendly pet mom will eventually make a video on it

No. 520895


Honestly at this point she could just be a regular YouTuber blogger because she cares more about talking/posting pictures about herself than her actual animals. We never get any actual photos or videos of her actually interacting with them except for photos where she wants to prop them up as edgy accessories

No. 520899

yup, she's better off doing vlogs but i don't think she wants to show her young fans all her drinking and partying, especially with Jonny.

No. 520908


She dresses almost entirely in skin tight clothes, crop tops, tube shirts and weird leggings I doubt she cares what her fans thinks of her

No. 520911

If the cat wanted to get away, it would've looked much more distressed.
I don't like her either, and there's some really good points made on this website about her. But when you have to reach as far as insulting the way she looks? That's super low.
Maybe it's just me that cares about the way her animals are treated, and especially how the public sees this and interprets it for the care of their own animals. Seeing some people going as far as insulting how her hair looks is petty af.

No. 520914

Okay but she obviously wants attention for her looks which we're giving her. I forgot we're only allowed to comment on her appearance if we're talking about how hot she is, my bad.

No. 520916


No one is insulting her looks for the shit of it, dude. We pick apart her looks because of how obviously starved for attention she is by smacking on heavy makeup and wearing skimpy clothes pretty much daily (she posted a photo of herself naked and another in lingerie for fucks sake) so it’s obvious she thinks she’s hot shit. the more vain you are, the more people are going to focus on your flaws to spite you.

Also it goes without saying those ridiculous claws of hers aren’t safe for handling a majority of her animals but she doesn’t give a shit

No. 520925

File: 1520225540194.jpeg (16.17 KB, 259x194, C9706AD5-2B54-4701-B058-7A676C…)

They are starting to take on the shape of a Kappa or a turtle with clown lipstick on.

No. 520928

okay she says she was not happy with the other three videos she's been editing for a month, but she was happy with the one she just posted?? It was fucking boring. Nothing special about the tank set-up, and majority of it was just her being passive aggressive about not updating.

No. 520932

Does she (or any other pet you tubers) realise that they don’t actually have to legally own the animals to make videos - they could reach out to local shelters and talk with people who actually know how to care for those animals as well as advertise animals that need homes. She’d have far less responsibility and would actively be encouraging “adopt don’t shop”.

But I guess that way she’d be less edgy quirky pet mom and not own as many designer pets.

(Sage for blogpost)

No. 520939

I never said you had to call her attractive? Lmao.
I don't find her attractive but I'm not going to tear apart every visible attribute on someone for the sake of talking shit online.
I can understand talking about her bad lip injections and skimpy clothing for views but some of the other stuff is just really reaching for milk imo

No. 520941

>>520792 1) The footage of the tank assembly is old, so she's tricking her viewers. Plants in the Satanic Leaf Tail enclosure have since died, as evident from her Instagram post. 2) She NEVER mentions to her viewers that the tank is outside of her reptile room and right next to the huge TV in the common area of the household. 3) She shows no NEW footage of the Geckos, which she had opportunity to, so, perhaps they are stressed and or dead or her apartment is a mess. She intentionally avoided showing new footage of them, sorry Taylor, some of us aren't that easily tricked. The only new footage is that of her fish tank and of herself. She's a con and a liar and fake as her lips and chin filler.

No. 520942

What the fuck is up with her eyebrows?
They're not even at all, and why is the arch halfway up her forehead??
Her lips just look dead at this point too, I mean they hardly even move when she speaks, gross.

No. 520944


Point to specific examples of us pointing to her appearance unnecessarily because I’ve got zero idea what you’re talking about

She posts a photo where she clearly thinks she’s hot and we pick it apart, that’s it. There’s no “irrelevant” or “pointless” topic as long as the subject is TND.

We go through this shit every other week, how many times do we have to point that out for you people to get it?

No. 520947

>>520894 She's so full of shit, especially when she attempted to make an education video on her Axolotl Mushu, who almost died because she neglected her. Amongst other animal education videos, including the pitbull one.

No. 520948

I don't know why you're referring to me as "you people" considering I'm not a fan and I don't defend her or her actions in any way. I think a lot of the things she's doing with animals is absolute shit and she needs to stop buying new animals because it's just way too much at this point and it's becoming clear that she doesn't know when to stop.
Example: "She used to be so hot." and "she looked better as a brunette"
Basically, I just doesn't feel like it adds anything but that's just my opinion. It's pretty clear she's unstable regardless, without the mention of her changing her hair color.

No. 520954

Lots of people look better blonde. Marilyn Monroe for example. Taylor is not one of the people. She DOES look better brunette. It's an opinion. Chill

No. 520955


lol that photo is spot on.


exactly, someone finally put it in words! What annoyed me the most is that the video was titled for her Geckos, yet she just talked about them briefly about basic facts that you can search up easily but in reality it's not so simple. she did it in such a hurry that it seemed like she didn't care about her geckos because she just wanted to talk about herself and her problems.

she still has that petco employee mentality that when you ask her how to properly care for this type of pet, she just says "need a tank, food, water, and also humidity. After that, they're good on their own."

sage for blogging..i think and rant because ugh!

No. 520958


I assume she doesn’t want to call herself an educational youtuber anymore because of the amount of orkolr scruntinizing her care when she was touting herself as an animal expert. This way she’s not as responsible because it’s “just for fun”

No. 520961


I mean “you people” is in “people on this forum.” Every other week someone comes in here whining about how what we’re talking about isn’t important or “let’s get back to the real drama” when everything on this thread is equally as stupid and important. 90% is speculation and people bitching about some girl we don’t like. This isn’t some holy bastion on integrity for white knights to come in and say we’re being big meanies for calling some narcissist weird looking

No. 520962

File: 1520228879380.png (180.57 KB, 750x1334, 8740E6E2-C23F-48F1-9F85-762849…)

Why would someone get a pit bull from watching her video???

No. 520963


Why the hell would that video convince someone to get one? She didn’t say a specific thing about the dogs, she just rambled about how they get a bad rap and how it’s necaywe they were raised to fight and not a specific reason at all

No. 521018

LOL Is she throwing shade at Emzotic with the 'I only like to do fun videos; I could crank out education videos every day but they wouldn't be fun'?

Because that totally seems like shade to me lol.

No. 521023

File: 1520235900058.jpg (246.86 KB, 1370x740, paused.jpg)

Had to pause to mute something else and realized the face she was pulling looked like an old I Love Lucy episode.

No. 521032

Remember when she said it was all because her camera and/or computer broke? Now it's all because she's a "perfectionist" and didn't like her old videos. (Yet her new video is fairly boring and she talks more about herself than her geckos.)

If she's not going to learn to lie better girl needs to learn to just stop talking.

No. 521038

If she's such a "perfectionist" she could have at least clean up the mess in her house. She didn't even bother making up her bed and there's crap all over the place. I guess her perfectionism only applies to the way she looks

No. 521047

Her 'I don't like looking at myself in the camera/ on videos' thing is BS. You are a pet youtuber, people are there to see your pets, just film the pets and not most of the video about you looking at your face.
She probably just puts herself in the video that much always making excuses for most of the video so it pushes it to be longer so more ads. Stop, we don't want to see your damn face.

No. 521052


tbh with the whole "I dont want to upload consistent educational pet videos because thats just boring" she's shitting on pretty much every other pet youtuber, especially emzotic who, maybe if you're a 10 year old, her videos are 'fun' but also educational, because she doesn't talk about herself for 2 minutes and packs in quite a bit of information

Also theres shit all over the screen at 8:13, if she was doing a planted tank anyway why didn't she just make the whole thing bioactive? it would save her a lot of time having to clean if she did it for most of her animals

No. 521059

Just made me think it was aimed specifically at Emzotic after all the subtle shade she threw Taylor's way about her designer snakes and rescued reptiles.

As far as her not making it bioactive… that's because making it bioactive takes time… like a tank to cycle. She impulse buys animals lol.. she hasn't got time for making appropriate setups. Some plastic sharpass plants will do.

No. 521208

Verbatim what she said during her recent video about making actual educational content instead of the "silly" content she prefers.

"…Because when it comes to education videos I really could just rail those out really consistently if i wanted too where I just go through each of my animals, tell you guys how to take care of it and upload it, but thats just soo just uhh its not fun for me and I dont think its fun for you guys either so…"

No. 521210

anyone else catch the comment she made about how she hasn't had trouble with them despite her not being there for the majority of the time shes owned them

No. 521231

“From Zero Pet Snakes to Three?!” Video
@ 4:00
“The good thing about ball pythons is there pretty easy to train to get on frozen even if they were eating live, it’s very likely you’ll be able to get them to switch”

I scoffed when I watched this video the first time because of this and now it’s come back to bite her in the ass. If she did any proper research she would know that it’s not easy. She just got lucky.

No. 521236

File: 1520267555344.jpeg (94.62 KB, 640x280, AF5F5C62-05F8-4EC7-8702-A4D8B2…)

She’s apologizing for posting too much about her cats, when in reality she only posts a cat picture for every four or five posts about herself. Yeah I’m just gonna say that’s proof the animals were never planned on being the focus of her channel

No. 521266

File: 1520270144348.png (257.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180305-101714.png)

Fucking hell I will shoot myself if it's a tegu, caiman, or any sort of big lizard.

No. 521269

File: 1520270379255.png (208.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180305-101948.png)

The amount of people hoping it's a tegu (which need an 8x4x4 enclosure and daily handling. Something taylor will probably not do) or a retic or Burmese python really concerns me. It's as if her fans don't realize the commitment and effort these animals need.

No. 521271

surprised it’s still alive, not like she’s been around to take care of it

No. 521278

honestly I'm pretty convinced it's a retic or some other big, heavy bodied snake
she seems to go with the whole "oh well if it only needs feeding every 7-10 days no one will be mad at me.." and I dunno about you but I doubt she has the drive to tame any monitor regardless of tegu or na

No. 521280

Ik this has been said before but it really bothers me how she's been gone a month after just getting 4 new animals. I just adopted a second kitty a few months ago and I even made sure to have her dropped off right before I'd have some time off so I could be home with her. Yes reptiles are different than cats, but it's not even about what care the pet needs it's the principle of it. If she won't be around to enjoy and care for the animal right away why wouldn't you just wait? Like she HAS to have them RIGHT NOW like they're no different than a new TV or pair of shoes.

Also I bet it is a tegu.

No. 521288

Imagine the outrage if someone replied actually agreeing with her, i.e. "Yeah, you're right, your cats matter much more than you ever will."
Taylor & stans would loose their shit lol

No. 521298

At least if it's a tegu, it's probably wild caught or from Florida. Tegus are just waking up from brumation now so they just recently started breeding. Although it is possible she could get one bigger than a hatchling, but that's also a little unlikely because of the cage size requirements. If she gets a tegu, I doubt she'll keep it once it's full grown. Maybe she got a really big plant. That's all she can look after anyways.

No. 521299

File: 1520273133075.jpeg (354.93 KB, 1267x1925, 8904D2DA-1A33-4A6B-B138-FDAB2B…)

Couldn’t get clear screenshots but these were on her Instagram story.

No. 521301

File: 1520273146549.jpeg (353.4 KB, 1278x1883, 7D87B137-D421-468C-BF9C-A019AB…)

No. 521306

File: 1520273363348.jpeg (149.14 KB, 750x1334, B5690AD8-19E7-4366-B049-C90E6D…)

I’m sure there is tay… I’m sure there is

No. 521314


Same video file?? lol

No. 521322

File: 1520274768182.png (54.05 KB, 750x169, IMG_0598.PNG)

In Taylor's newest video she says the gecko jumped on her thumb and that's why she went ahead and took the picture…but the Instagram caption for the picture says this…which is it TayTay???

No. 521327

Suddenly expert when she gets called out

Seems legit

No. 521355

File: 1520277514713.jpeg (122.56 KB, 982x436, 1702DA91-8E38-40A9-B7B3-C1EB2E…)

She really can’t keep her story straight.

No. 521360

File: 1520277970910.png (30.51 KB, 300x162, 8KTtscB.png)

No. 521367

I will never understand how anyone trusts her about anything. I get that a ton of her stans are really young, but anyone paying even a LITTLE attention has to notice her constant stream of lies and backtracking, right? … right?

I hope someone compiles a list of receipts about all the times she's contradicted herself, but I don't know that any one program is capable of storing that much info.

No. 521381


Why the fuck would someone you’re PAYING to take care of your animals “not be able to make it” on certain days and why would you not hire someone who is gautinteed to show up every day?

No. 521392

File: 1520280162382.png (1.85 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180305-195922.png)

clearer image of the lizard
looks like a juvi monitor but anyone know what one?
other part of the snake looks like a neonate retic
maybe she got one of (or both of, wouldn't be surprised) those..?

saged for tinfoiling

No. 521394

oh god, another video of her talking about her self

No. 521405

>>521367 I'm still betting Jonny is too drunk most of the time to remember much of anything that Taylor does or says, so he can probably experience something with her, but then she twists it to suit her narrative for her schemes and he goes with it. Hey, he also tricks people, he conned people with Apple products for example. They are regular con buddies right there supporting each other. He goes with whatever she says, because she could technically kick him out if he doesn't obey like an animal. She's his wallet with benefits and provides a roof over her head. On another note, as soon as someone with video editing skills can take her lies to Youtube, the better her lies will be exposed. The fact she wouldn't show new footage of her Satanic leaf tail geckos and only cares about showing herself in here videos, just goes to show that they really probably aren't doing well at all.

No. 521465

File: 1520284176485.jpg (27.9 KB, 875x149, comment.JPG)

Made me laugh

No. 521541

File: 1520288284893.jpg (283.08 KB, 2896x2896, 20180305_221718.jpg)

Tweets from a fan who I presume was at the concert the other night. When did Taylor go home again?

No. 521553

Maybe it's the hopeful side of me but I feel like taylor MUST be at home at this point and hopefully it was Jonnys side piece??

No. 521623


She took a picture with ghost and had her bedroom as the background in her new video…

Her hair was obviously not blonde when she was with Jonny so it has to be someone else or she went home for like 12 hours only

No. 521631

File: 1520295889007.jpeg (157.49 KB, 1297x887, 613FB3ED-5DA9-48D4-9894-447604…)

The concert they’re talking about was on the 3rd, and Taylor got her hair done on the 3rd, just earlier in the day.

No. 521634

This is getting more and more upsetting the more she lies. She posted on Instagram 6 days ago that she'd be joining him AGAIN in a week. Is she really that codependent? Why can't she codepend on her 30 animals. It genuinely breaks my heart.

No. 521637

Soooo she went home just to get evidence so she could pretend she's still home

No. 521646

Maybe the mysterious girl isn’t even Taylor and it’s one of his side chicks. Or she just flew home for photos and flew back.

Sage for tinfoiling

No. 521697

Seems more likely that she flew home then flew back. The girl seems to know who she is, and that she had brown hair before. She came home on the 27th, got her hair done on the 28th, was at the mentioned concert on the 3rd, and was home again yesterday when she filmed and edited her new video.

No. 521703

Maybe this is why she didn't "spam" her animals like she said she was going to?? She only flew home for a hair apt and then was immediately gone again??

No. 521728

why even bother having animals when you have a junkie boyfriend you’d rather spend all your time with?

i can’t wait for them to break up, what would she even do with herself??

No. 521768

Probably just find someone else. She’s still publicly messaging other guys.. especially when they have a check next to their names

No. 521783

File: 1520310215383.png (679.21 KB, 1242x2208, 6F5151E7-8493-46F7-B50E-B64EC8…)

This is interesting.

No. 521784

File: 1520310239138.png (588.77 KB, 1242x2208, 33814E5C-EA25-4E68-BABF-D21DCF…)

No. 521820

File: 1520316172805.png (119.29 KB, 631x651, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.0…)

Because Taylor NEVER lies about dumb things! …

No. 521829


She could have easily said “I was at a restaurant with a full service bar” don’t know why she has to go into absolutely dumb levels of detail once people call her out or question her.

Oh wait, that’s what liars do to overcompensate.

No. 521831

So she deleted the tweet about posting the video revealing her new pet tomorrow… I kind of hope she does, I'm curious about what this animal that she's been hiding for a month is

No. 521841


I think, ironically, that the fancier purebred second kitten might have saved Nemo. He has a friend now, someone to snuggle up to.

No. 521842


Yep. She can provide the name of some random bar she was at, but can't tell us what shelter she supposedly got Ghost from.

No. 521857

Man, I was as unreliable as Taylor was once. I would do what she does with videos except with work deadlines all the time, promising I would deliver then flaking.

…because I was on heroin, lol. I literally do not know how else someone could be this unreliable when Youtube is supposed to be their job, and we know they have no other major commitments. There's got to be something she'd rather be doing other than making videos.

I can totally see her getting high, opening the video editor, taking screenshots and posting "video tomorrow" tweets, then nodding out too hard to actually work and giving up after spending 3 hours drooling on herself in front of the screen, rofl.

No. 521871

File: 1520326187750.png (589.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180306-103815.png)

was going through the hashtags to find any sign of blonde taylor at the concerts, found this instead. well pack it up guys, i guess jonny craig is a saint after all.