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File: 1520400735645.jpg (496.8 KB, 1200x795, 1520385481512.jpg)

No. 522836

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/499810

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean]
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean]
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q]
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean]

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l]

- Fans are still tweeting at her expecting their goddess to save their impulse bought pets' lives, but Taytay has better things to do!
- Bought THREE new Satanic Leaf Geckos, who are super fragile!!!
and have very specific care needs.
- Plus point is that apparently these geckos were wild caught, not captive-bred.
- Posted a picture of her holding one of these fragile creatures and insisted 'she stayed still while I was moving her so I snapped a picture' when people asked her about it
- Jonny tweeted that Taylor was coming to his tour for the first few days and then meeting him in Vegas and 'ending the tour with daddy' puke emoji
- But wait, she just got three sensitive geckos with very specific needs? No worries! She has not one, not two, but three experts who will come to her house three times a day to check in on them and her fish!
- Also has been putting off editing her videos because muh invisible illness and joint pains.
- Flirting with someone called Karizma on twitter (handle @callmekarizma), the guy asked her to adopt a kitten with him in LA.
- Said guy has apparently been called out for doing bad things like: singing about mental illness and romanticizing it; sexually harassing women especially minors and generally being manipulative and abusive. ( if interested, check this thread: https://twitter.com/diamandisjewels/status/960998257622179840 ) Taylor just can't keep away from trash.

No. 522838

First time making a thread, so not sure if this is right

No. 522841

This looks good aside from the links, anon!

No. 522845


didn't know i'm not able to edit post

here is the latest video link she posted today that she removed. Thank you to the mysterious anon that recorded right before it was deleted!


No. 522858


The last screen flashes by so fast i couldn't even get it to pause but it says something like "this is not intended to be any type of care video for black throated monitors"

I sure hope not. It's just you holding it and touring a pet store.

No. 522860

I can't wait for the reptile store opens up and sees what this slandering bitch has been saying.

Shit is going to go down (hopefully)

No. 522863


She's already backpeddling saying how much she loves the owner, and it's 100% the employees fault

No. 522869

>>522863 She's on a mission to get the poor innocent guy who was just doing his job fired. What a skank! Good thing for the evidence 'ey.

No. 522879

She deleted all posts saying she saw where the geckos were bred

She's already saying it will all blow over.

No Tay, you can't ruin someone's business with lies and pretend nothing happened.

No. 522881

>>522879 Taylor it's simple, just produce a receipt of the Monitor purchase FFS. Where are you two friends to defend you on all of this.

No. 522883

File: 1520404084277.png (50.41 KB, 599x593, 1.png)

This is a really good point.

No. 522885

She’s been caught in so many lies today but her fans still defend her… amazing.

No. 522886

>>522883 Hey Betsy, you gonna defend Taylor or what. No? Well I figured as much.

No. 522887

I wonder how high Taylor was when she decided lying about something so easily disproven by the shop was a good idea

No. 522900


Funny how she says her friend (who takes care of all her pets) wants to have a reptile but can't keep one so she's telling Taylor to keep it for her. sounds to me that Taylor just wants to impulse buy while using her friend as an excuse to get another pet to add to her collection. that way, no one can say that she's impulse buying again and she can just reply with "but my friend made me!"

sage for speculation

No. 522902

Just doing some random late night digging and found this old article on Taylor and it really talks her up as some kind of expert and then in the video she talks about how much she loves making educational videos.

She also looks (and sounds) like a completely different person.


Here's another channel's vlog from a reptile expo in CA in May when she got her little hognose. It starts out with her throwing ping pong balls into little cups with Bettas in them. Shouldn't she be against that? She's also with a friend named Paige. One of the "experts"?

When it comes to getting the snake, she says she got a female because she's more comfortable with their feeding habits? Are they actually different? I googled and didn't see any major differences.
She shows up a few times in the footage from the first day and then that's it.


No. 522905

If she doesn't end up keeping I bet she will take it to a rescue then fall in love with another animal there and take that home so she can get praised for rescuing a reptile like she is being told she should be doing.

No. 522908


The moment I read, “her throwing ping pong balls into little cups with Bettas in them” is the moment i knew i will never like Taylor, no matter how hard she tries to act decent.

No. 522909

File: 1520407681936.png (6.09 MB, 2208x1242, 4FC4C320-E75C-4CF7-87E0-05D835…)

I’m not familiar with monitors, so I looked up some videos of roughnecks and holy SHIT. Those things are scary and seem very hard to tame. Taylor is definitely going to have to rehome it… especially if she’s as fragile as she claims. And I doubt she has enough time to even care for it properly. I hope she realizes how irresponsible she is after all this bullshit

No. 522911

I bet she won’t give up her new monitor lizard, regardless if he was not the right one. She’ll probably make something up like “he’s gotten comfortable around me, and hisses at everything else!” Or will say that no one has the right equipment for him except her.

No. 522912

Or she’ll return it to the store and claim she surrendered him to a rescue. That way she gets asspats and her money back.

No. 522922

I’m going through Taylor’s comment section on her latest lizard post on instagram and i’m seeing her growna** boyfriend picking fights with little girls. Smh

No. 522929

File: 1520410144698.jpeg (126.24 KB, 1299x710, 0325E01E-4DE5-49DC-BE01-3BBED6…)

Apparently almost everything listed on the website of the reptile store she buys her animals from is wild-caught. The ones that aren’t specifically state “CB” before their names. So both of her crocodile skinks and all leaf tail geckos are wild-caught (which we already knew) and it’s pretty easy to email/call the store to confirm it if anyone wants to. So much for “I’d never own a wild-caught reptile.” Even if it had been a black throat like she “thought” it was, it still would have been wild-caught.

No. 522933

The cups didn’t actually have fish in them, just pictures so it looked like it. It was a contest to win a betta though.

No. 522935

>>522929 "You're making things up :(". Taylor sure is surprised by people who actually do research and check sources to counter her lies. Forgot to sage.

No. 522942

File: 1520412233985.png (250.79 KB, 750x1334, 045ADCA5-7467-46DA-BE0E-9BCA64…)

Got my burner account banned from asking why this wild caught animal was any different from all her other ones

No. 522944

File: 1520412291603.png (165.33 KB, 750x1334, 52F1FFB1-6D10-46A3-B92E-195472…)

She’s getting tired of everyone calling her out I guess

No. 522953

SA fag here
I happened to remember where she bought her Halloween Crab from. I messaged them and am waiting to see what they say about it being captive bred or wild caught

No. 522960

If I remember correctly the male crocodile skink was from an expo. Not sure if the female was from the same breeder (don’t doubt she would play that card if it wasn’t) or if it’s from her “experts” shop.
~not trying to white knight just trying to clear speculation~

No. 522961

I thought her crab was from an expo? I think I remember it being apart of some huge hoarding haul

No. 522968

File: 1520415500867.jpeg (192.44 KB, 750x1142, CC56BB56-6610-417F-B28C-47DFDE…)

Going through her Instagram this comment popped up. How in the heck did she think almost $700 was okay to pay for a lizard!!! If you did so much research you’d know at first sight of that price tag that you’re getting ripped off. I get that you can pay this much or more for fancy snakes. But a frickin lizard. Come on Taylor you should know better! It makes me wonder how many times she’s been ripped off from all her animals or even just from this store

No. 522981

Price Range: $90 to $225.

lol. Apparently she overpaid for her leaf insect too, although obviously not by as much.

No. 522982

I purged an old acc of uploads and such on youtube
I'll see about uploading some unlisted videos on her soon

No. 522984

Also the Black Throat's appear to go for around ~$300 too, so she overpaid regardless of what she thought it was.

No. 523032

Paige couldn't be one of the people taking care of Taylor's pets because she lives in a different state. Also, Taylor did win a betta at that expo and gave it to Paige.

No. 523038

I figure she’s laying low and hoping this will blow over but I still can’t believe she had an animal for over a month and didn’t know what it was lmfao

No. 523054

If her Halloween crab is dead then I bet she'll just say "oh I found out she was wild caught and rehomed her"

No. 523066

It is from an expo. I just happened to remember the breeder. Still no answer.

The place where she got the monitor has now read my message with no reply.

No. 523072

She's just fishing for asspats for not telling more lies and trying to look like a saint for suddenly being against wild caught animals. Amazing.

No. 523075

File: 1520434712274.png (656.34 KB, 1242x2208, C8C771DB-F97E-4EDA-8616-787B50…)

Boo boo the fool

No. 523077

"continue releasing videos like usual"
sooo one a month?

No. 523078

A) Someone posted a screenshot of the monitors the shop offers - the price was listed as a bit under 200 dollars. I doubt a store would have ripped her off so easily.

B) She doesn't want to keep him because he requires an aquatic area - something that she stated she did not want to do

C) How can someone be so bad at lying jfc.

Also, those lizards are fucking huge and i'ts beyond me on why anyone would house one while having a lot of other animals they struggle to care for.

No. 523080

I bet the shop contacted her threatening legal action. "mental health" my ass, it's called the consequences of your actions.

No. 523082

>>523078 Can you post the sh? Was there a confirm about Black Throated vs. Roughthroated etc?

No. 523083

File: 1520436091411.jpg (56.02 KB, 759x310, lol.jpg)

She definitely saw this

No. 523084

>>523075 Has you freaked you out you say Taylor? YOU started this, no one else. YOU.

No. 523085

File: 1520436335537.jpeg (193.04 KB, 1668x733, Monito.jpeg)


Not sure if this will work, it was posted ont he previous thread.

No. 523086

>>523083 Hey Taylor, where are your two friends stepping up to defend you on all this, you know, Betsy and the imaginary one. You think they would if you were telling the truth. Can't show a receipt of purchase and friends won't step up to defend you. Speaks volumes.

No. 523088

File: 1520436554212.jpg (226.75 KB, 1073x833, IMG_20180307_072849.jpg)

No. 523089

File: 1520436648048.jpg (378.94 KB, 1065x1198, IMG_20180307_072823.jpg)

Maybe she was having a bad pregnancy because you forced an 8 month old pregnant lady to care for 30+ pets every day? Wtf

No. 523092


Oh hell yes post that shit

No. 523094

My mouth is literally watering at the thought of the pet shop standing up for themselves against her bs, she can't even backtrack on it. It's not at all fair on the business tbh, even if they had mislabelled the animal (which I very much doubt). As the buyer she should have enough experience about the animal shes purchasing to recognise the species and care requirements.

No. 523098

>>523088 Wow… Just when I thought Taylor killing her pets and her kitten from neglect had made her reach the lowest point, here she goes again. This girl is a psycho. Remember the Yelp post where someone said there was a girl living in the apartment complex covered in in snakes, constantly screaming and fighting with her live in boyfriend? Just lmfao she's nuts!

>>523085 Is she just saying that overpaid? Because she has a history of saying she overpays for animals. I think she likes to lie about that as well. We've seen how she loves to flash designer pets and live in luxury, she's paranoid about looking average I guess.

No. 523099

I think Taylor deleted this?

No. 523101


So, to confirm, Betsy in fact did not have her baby until recently and was IN FACT responsible for several reptiles, as well as cleaning out cat litter? You’re a genius Taylor.

No. 523104


Oh good, the photos in them sure fooled me. I know they do that at carnivals a lot but i sure would hope and animal expo would take more care.

No. 523105

So Reptile Pets Direct is where she's buying all her animals from?

No. 523110

>>523089 Of course Taylor's the kind of bad friend/POS who would ask her pregnant friend, especially with an unstable pregnancy watch her pets so she could go party. I hope she paid Betsy if nothing else. I don't understand why Taylor flaunts to live in absolute wealth, but has to ask her pregnant friend who knows nothing about animals to watch her pets when she could easily afford a professional pet sitter. Nope, that's her stalk Jonny's tours and fake hair money, and NO ONE touches Princess Taylor's hair extension money!

No. 523120

Didn't she said to investigate for your own before purchase an animal because you can't trust on the employees of pet shops because they only know the basic needs of an animal?

No. 523121

File: 1520440105151.png (3.8 MB, 1242x2208, 42522BD0-AC19-4F8A-A0C3-C0CB2C…)

What’s wrong with her arm and hand???

No. 523124

If she is in fact during heroin it could be swelling from that. I know a lot of harder drugs cause swelling in the hands and arms

No. 523126

File: 1520440625095.png (13.76 KB, 632x105, lol.png)


No. 523129

"Take a year so you have no more money and have to come crawling back home"

No. 523131

File: 1520441324088.png (18.33 KB, 570x144, moocow.png)

moo cow

No. 523133

Her mum acting like she doesn't deserve hate for buying the wrong species of animal and giving it the wrong care, and blaming everyone else for her own mistakes. Probably where she gets the whole 'absolve urself from any guilt by blaming everyone else! the haters on social media! the pet shop! ur pregnant assistant!'

No. 523137

You know it's hilarious that she doesn't understand that a lot of us on here used to be her fans… enjoy watching her videos… just that we're not stupid enough to stick around when we see this obvious decent into hoarding. If you have a thread here, /you're/ the problem.

No. 523138

Her life would be a lot better if she didn't lie about everything and get sued for slander, yet here we are

No. 523143


Is this the place she's slandering lol. It very clearly states which monitor's they sell… So doubtful they lied to her. Either she misheard or deliberately tried to mislead her fans because she knew it was wild caught.

No. 523157


Okay so if that is the place they have them listed a 200$ not 600$??
So she's lying about 2 things now?

No. 523158

Pretty sure it is, they sell Satanic leaf gecko's too and Caimans which she mentioned her 'friend' wanted. They're also local.

Also note the C.B. before animal's names… it means captive bred… note that her Satanic don't have it… neither does the crocodile skink.

No. 523166

File: 1520443875324.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1641, 20180307_122811.png)

Definitely not defending her impulse buying an animal and not even knowing what species it was, but people saying that the store doesn't even advertise blackthroats should consider that she bought it at least a month ago.

No. 523175

Good point anon but that's from 2014… they list their 'sold out' Satanic's on the site, so there's no reason to suspect they removed other newer sold out listings.

No. 523177

This is interesting. Why do I have a feeling she just wants to take it back so she can actually get a black throat instead? They're more aesthetically pleasing and they can get a lot bigger. I think she is 1000000% full of shit. Makes sense with why all of a sudden wild caught is a problem to her.

No. 523181


Explains why she's wearing a jacket/coat inside too. Plus a lot of people pointed out what looks like a rash on her arm in the last thread.

No. 523186

File: 1520445168480.png (843.64 KB, 513x603, Capture.PNG)

well if anyone needed further proof that the monitor and satanic leaf geckos did indeed come from reptile pets direct, here it is.

i'm pretty sure the rash was just the pizza burn from a while ago that hasn't healed.

No. 523204


Further confirmation her friend was pregnant during the time Taylor decided to skip off to Jonny’s tour. I don’t care if your friend is in a bad mood or needs money, who the fuck leaves a pregnant woman in charge of 20+ animals, several of which are known to transmit serious diseases if not cared for properly?

No. 523210

Speaking of just pregancy in general, can you imagine the absolute shit show that would happen if Taylor decided/accidentally got pregnant in the next few years? She would definitely rehome her animals without a second thought, and then blame her detractors for getting mad and “jeopardizing the health of her baby.” It would be a total disaster

No. 523213

Has anyone let reptile pets direct know she is slandering their store on the internet?

No. 523214

an anon mentioned earlier that they contacted them and are waiting on a response.
sage for no new milk

No. 523218


Some anon said something about the store suing her for slander, but we already know some retarded anon lied about Taylot getting kicked off tour so it’s stupif to believe that. Also it’s been less than I day so I doubt they noticed/went straight to legal action that fast

No. 523235

someone also said yesterday they had emailed the store and someone was planning to call today. would be interesting to hear back from them

No. 523238

SA Anon here.

I’ve been to the store many times and the people who work there are super knowledgeable. They can all tell the difference in their inventory. I can recognize which employee she’s referring to from the video and that guy is insanely intelligent and knows just about everything with every animal. There’s NO way he would’ve mistaken the monitors.

I messaged them on Facebook yesterday about the situation and they read it with no reply. Also I frequent their site and Facebook, no blackthroat monitors have come up recently that I’ve seen. I may have missed them but i’m doubtful I did.

No. 523240

The Twitter post said they were considering legal action, not that they already sued her

No. 523243

I emailed but haven't heard back

No. 523244

File: 1520448242686.jpeg (312.85 KB, 750x886, 4305271A-8CBA-4843-8E8A-23B921…)

No new milk really but not even the person who sold her the Halloween Crab knows if it’s wild caught or captive bred

No. 523245


Did I miss the twitter post from them??

No. 523247

Guys, please consider not contacted the store anymore. They’re aware of the situation and don’t need to be heckled further. I know we all want answers but we should just wait until someone who already messaged them gets an answer

No. 523254

Totally agree with this, no need to bombard them

No. 523265

>>523247 Agreed, I'm just glad they know now. Hopefully this is the LAST animal Taylor gets because she can't keep up with the lies coming out of her stupid mouth, let alone the care of the animals she hoards. I can't believe she went this far to lie about a species of lizard JFC and lying about how much she paid for it.

No. 523277

File: 1520450025117.jpg (516.95 KB, 1440x1563, Screenshot_20180307-125511.jpg)

Oh boo hoo Taytay.

There are many big youtubers who dont have many haters because they are honest…no one is perfect but just own up to your bullshit. If you came clean, stopped blaming others, and owned up to ur mistakes while actually wanting to improve and grow.. you could maybe fix this.

No. 523279

She'll never be able to show her face in that store again. If the owner or any of the staff frequent Reptile Expos, maybe local word will get out, breeders beware of a scammer animal hoarder named Taylor Nicole, who will lie about what she buys from you, slander your name on the internet, lie bout how much she paid you for the animal, and put 100% blame on you for her impulse shopping. She felt some need to try to ruin this company who did nothing wrong, because of her impulse buy. She is truly a nasty, malicious person.

No. 523283

>>523277 See here. She can't just SHOW as of today photos of her animals to prove they aren't being neglected. Nope instead she goes on break. You're proving they're neglected Taylor, and no one is targeting your animals except yourself. Anyone who is taking proper care of their animals would have no problem just throwing up some healthy photos.

No. 523284


What is she on about. Everyone wants her animals to be safe and happy and well cared for which they're not while they're with her. No ones targeted hate at her animals, only her and her stupid decisions.

No. 523286

File: 1520450341866.png (249.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180307-122034.png)

Hey that's us!

No. 523287


There are so many YouTubers who are such genuinely good people that the closest thing to hate they get is “they’re boring” or “they’re not that attractive”

So Taylor if you’re receiving this level of hate you’re obviously doing something wrong

No. 523288

I wonder who is the company making her new cages? Do you think its custom cages (same company as custom aquariums) that made the free custom aquarium racks for Joey and Jennie?

No. 523299

"Entire website"

If by entire website you mean 6 threads out of thousands then yes…

No. 523311

It's sad she doesn't have the decency to make a quick video explaining to her Youtube subs before she disappears for another month hiding in shame. They honestly deserve to know why the latest one was taken down. If any other Youtuber has to take down a new vid that fast, they post some kind of apology/announcement as to why on the same day, not after a 'break'. Not everyone follows her Twitter/Instagram drama.

No. 523329

I bet the innocent shop keeper is deeply regretting selling that Monitor to Taylor now. He's probably thinking, WTF did I do to this horrible woman to deserve getting thrown under the bus?

No. 523340

They’re probably more disappointed at her because up front she’s really sweet and friendly, until she leaves their store and spread lies about them which might hurt their business.

Honestly, I feel bad for these guys. They’re probably dedicated to their work, and have a passion for reptiles and their care.. and then this lady comes in and tries to bring them down for no reason but to fuel her fame.

No. 523343

I don't get why they haven't said anything though? All they need to do is post her receipt on social media and tell her to fuck off

No. 523346

Funny how she tries to make a pity party for herself, and make it seem that people are hating on her animals not poor princess Tay. If she doesn’t want people to think that her animals are suffering, all she needs to do is take a legit tour around her house and show off every animal she has with detail. Simple. If she’s really telling the truth of everything, all she needs to do is show her receipts about everything and we’ll never be on here.


No. 523348


They’re a business, and they can’t lash out so quickly on things because they’re not irresponsible like tay. So, they are probably going over the evidence that the anon gave them and probably talk it over with the whole staff of what to do next. Being a business, they’re also have hands tied with their work so it’ll probably take longer.

Who knows, they probably contacted her as well about things we’ll never know, that’s why she’s suddenly trying to take a break as quickly as possible.

Sage for guesses

No. 523349

I don't hate Taylor. I'm just sick of the misinformation that she spreads about animals, the compulsive lying, the victim complex, and the rapist boyfriend… she can improve, but instead she chooses to sit comfortable in her echo chamber with her 12-year-old fans.

No. 523350

They don't need to do anything really, their main clientele probably have no idea who Taylor is & won't ever see the lies she's spreading. The situation hasn't blown up for them publically per say, as in a local scandal. They probably don't want to really advertise it all over their social media and want to stay out of it as it would look poorly on them professionally to be arguing with a "internet celebrity" lol.

Do I want them to post the receipts?? fuck yeah, but unfortunately i'm not sure if it will happen

No. 523351

File: 1520453413025.jpeg (298.77 KB, 1293x1461, 18E38F3A-CD26-41EC-972A-8DD90C…)

Seriously? Can someone tell her that all of the leaf tail geckos and crocodile skinks at that store are wild caught?

No. 523354

Ooooo shes starting to get angry/lash out at people. Her super nice persona is fading

No. 523363

Ignoring slander seems like a bad idea to me, but I'm not a business owner

No. 523364

File: 1520453844018.jpeg (114.43 KB, 1298x748, 2572773D-DCA6-4623-93D0-8510BB…)

She’s also not even the one who brought up that the monitor was wild caught. One of the people who told her it was the wrong species was the one who said it.

No. 523365


She tries to hard to fight back with people and to back up her lies.

Taylor and mama dean, all this could be over if she just be honest with herself, own up to her lies, apologize from all these lies that she keeps accumulating, and actually try to fix things and not run away to cry in a corner saying people are hateful to her animals which makes her mental health decrease. She’s doing all this to herself.

No. 523369

She’s starting to develop the same attitude as Jonny. He’s probably influencing her to start acting this way.

Or she’s finally cornered and her true face is starting to show.

No. 523371

I bet the real family friendly pet/reptile educators on YouTube is catching wind of this, and they’re saying, “…finally” under their breathe lol

No. 523372

Didn't she say she saw how they were being bred in captivity? why is she backtracking and agreeing with him. Surely she would be saying 'but I saw these ones were captive bred?'

No. 523373

I believe she said that about the geckos. Which is just another lie because they don’t breed them at all, they import them from Madagascar.

No. 523374

File: 1520454349798.jpeg (101.76 KB, 1190x319, 7E7A848D-535D-4EA8-B5C6-163A4D…)

No. 523378

The more she tries to look like she doesn't care, the more she is showing how pissed she is that shes getting called out. Pity party. Give me compliments, mend my broken lil ego fans!!!

No. 523381


I can confirm that we are.

No. 523382

She deleted all of those posts where she said that.

No. 523383

File: 1520454780883.png (391.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180307-133424.png)

Is this person trying to get this shop attacked with calls/emails????

No. 523385

Im a pet educator on Instagram and even Instagram pet people are saying finally

No. 523387


It was only a matter of time before her rabid fans targeted the store. Your lies have consequences, Taylor.

No. 523391

File: 1520454931967.png (689.7 KB, 1242x2208, 1520383272236.png)

No. 523394

File: 1520455036268.png (88.17 KB, 746x629, IMG_0658.PNG)

TayTay noooo now how will we ever see your tweets or speak to you?!! /s

No. 523395

This is Taylor's fault

No. 523398

File: 1520455189228.png (207.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180307-134052.png)

I told her people to stop trying to get the shop "reported" and posting their name everywhere and I got blocked. Taylors fans are really dumb if they think she's not trying to cover something up

No. 523402

There’s only two not chain pet shops in Universal City which is the sign she passed at the very beginning of her video when she was giving directions. She very blantantly gave it away herself considering one has a small room for reptiles and one is the entire store… she really needs to stop being such an idiot. She’s trying so hard to ruin things for other people.

No. 523403

I replied saying the shop doesn't deserve harassment and I'm blocked too…

Apparently Taylor thinks they deserve it.

No. 523408

File: 1520455628589.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1779, Screenshot_20180307-134616~2.p…)

Ball pythons can eat fuzzy rats at a much younger age than Maui currently is. I don't really understand why she waited this long…

No. 523409


By “negative shit” do you mean “people offering genuine advice, criticism or holding you accountable” because that’s what it looks like

No. 523422

A lot of breeders start off feeding their snakes rat pups. There’s NO reason she should be feeding a snake that size mice

No. 523446


If the store decided to stay out of the spotlight and not do anything against Taylor, this might make them to take action towards her.

They obviously did not do anything wrong and probably have permits for their animals, have receipts, etc. So, not only did someone–with a following–slander them, she is letting her followers harass them while blocking anyone who's trying to defend the business. This won't end well with Taylor, no matter what she tries to say or try to have to a pity party, she did this to herself.

making irresponsible decisions on serious matters as an adult has extreme consequences, Taylor.

No. 523452

File: 1520457679967.jpeg (208.66 KB, 1304x972, 38EFAB38-20A8-44F0-8B3A-FA88B4…)

Taylor said it so it must be true.

No. 523453

This girl made a video about her and the monitor lol

No. 523455


funny how she also has a simple snake tattoo, and a kitten that looks like Nemo that looks like the same age. lol

No. 523456

Someone warned Taylor's mom that Taylor posted their address and she apparently thinks that is a threat because she is a professional victim.

Blame everyone else but Taylor.

No. 523464

Taylor's youtube career seems to be collapsing the more she lies and tries to hide things. When her youtube "job" is over, i will always think about that girl who got a tattoo of Taylor's fish. lol

No. 523468

File: 1520459055374.jpg (239.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180307-154507.jpg)

I can see where Taylor gets her big head from. Her mom sounds like a bitchy teenager calling people nobodies.

No. 523469

File: 1520459299528.png (9.76 MB, 2224x1668, EBC1BFBC-00FB-48EA-9D53-A14855…)

Oh and about her saying the first green tree python was wild caught, but the second one was from a breeder— here’s her admitting the company (LLLReptile) actually just sent her another wild caught replacement. So that’s at least 5/6 wild caught reptiles she has, besides the monitor.

No. 523471


This picture just made me realize why she looks so weird, her eyebrows are wayyy above her brow bone??

No. 523473

I guess she should know, she raised the biggest one

No. 523475

Oh, Jen. You literally are a NOBODY, so why don't you join us on our silly moo cow website? One day you're against the actions of your own daughter, then the next you're defending her for her stupidness. Did you forget to take your crazy pills today?

No. 523481

File: 1520459938356.png (9.47 MB, 2224x1668, DDB640A9-9575-4223-8237-47CA94…)

And for the anon that said she got her first crocodile skink at an expo, I do think she did but either she’s lying in this video or the shop was just vending at the expo because she said she got both from that store. So that’s 6 wild caught reptiles besides the monitor.

No. 523489

Plus all of her wild caught fish, which she doesn't see an issue with for some reason.

No. 523490

she states they're all "invasive species"

No. 523510

The only one that is invasive is the lionfish. She says the others are okay to have because they're not "overfished", which is a bs excuse. She just wants to have rare/ expensive pets.

No. 523521

Even if it didn’t affect the environment at all, she claimed she will “not profit on a video from an animal that was taken from its home and thrown into a cage in Texas” which she literally does every time she posts a fish video.

No. 523522

File: 1520461698158.png (7.58 MB, 1242x2208, F85769F2-68FD-42C8-B3DD-242557…)

No. 523529


She sounds like she reads here but then we probably have some average opinions as a forum so

No. 523541

Exactly and from my understanding the process of catching and transporting wild fish is considered quite cruel as many die in the process. So not only was Cheese taken from the ocean, but now he’s living his days out in tank below the recommended size for his species to boot.

No. 523567

So, uh, what happened to that "break" she's taking? She's all over social media more than usual.

No. 523568

I think she meant a break from youtube which is nothing new anyways.

No. 523573

>>523453 Two people are posting about Taylor's Monitor lie on Youtube now, just type her name and relevance today. I'm glad people are getting the truth out there via that platform. She'll probably try to flag the videos for bullying, oh she's so bullied you guys, so if people can snag those and mirror them even more. Just remember Taylor, you planted the seed intentionally. It really makes sense if the business is staying quiet, best way to take legal action for sure.

No. 523600

>>523568 I think she meant taking a break from ever telling the truth again. She's too busy trying to ruin the company she got the Monitor lizard from.

No. 523643

File: 1520472355609.jpeg (253.73 KB, 1272x1902, 8AB3DFC5-1CA0-476A-B5EC-C2B22F…)

Guess she’s off to Vegas.

No. 523653

Funny how her "break" comes about as she goes on yet another trip

No. 523664


You know I used to really like Taylor, and I feel like maybe this all got to her head and maybe she'll get some help for her obvious narcissism. I hope her and Jonny fight and break up because she wants to get rid of the monitor and then she gets some help for herself. Mental and rehab.

No. 523703

She’s been like this for YEARS. She’s not changing anytime soon. She thrives off attention, positive or negative.

No. 523712


There was this post of hers on Facebook when Taylor was still a minor where she bragged how she was “born to put boys in jail” as well as (according to anons who supposedly know her) dating a new guy every few months from the time she was 14-15. Trust me she’s always been like this, Youtube has just made it worse because it gives her the impression people actually care about what she has to say

No. 523713

I'm pretty bummed the shop didn't call her out. I emailed them yesterday while the shitstorm was occurring and they ignored me.

No. 523716

Good tbh
Why would you Cowtip??? && then why would you admit to it?

Don’t directly involve yourself

No. 523736

Because I wanted to inform them they're being slandered? Do you even know what cowtipping is?

No. 523745

If you're going to contact the shop, don't post here about it. That IS cowtipping.

No. 523750

> Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping)

No. 523761

File: 1520482149232.jpg (124.08 KB, 1074x935, IMG_20180307_200910.jpg)

Maybe you should shut up and stop being an attention whore then.

No. 523773

File: 1520484244402.jpeg (140.46 KB, 750x1334, E63AA595-A1F9-4A2C-89FD-3C3E9E…)

Not sure when this happened but I must have struck a cord

No. 523780

Remember when she (Taylor’s mom) temporarily blacked out her Twitter to remove photos because she all of the sudden thought it was horrible to post pictures your children on social media. But yet now she has Tanner as her Twitter header? LOL I totally see where Taylor gets the hypocritical attitude from. They’re both nuts. Sage for no new milk

No. 523782

File: 1520485625838.png (717.86 KB, 1176x656, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.0…)

How is "that moo cow" site the problem when she's constantly posting things like this? C'mon Jen.

No. 523783

lol tell that to the fucking moo thread. also i agree cowtipping is telling the cow. there needs to be a separate rule for this kind of vigilantism because obviously you guys don't want anyone stirring the milk per-say, which is not tipping the cow.

No. 523786

Ive been going off on taylor and she hasnt blocked me yet. Why i no get block. What happened to her tqking a break anyway lol

No. 523788

If emailing the shop is bannable then emailing the Craigslist sellers and interacting with Taylor on social media should be banned too.

It's stupid to expect people to do nothing while animals are being treated as accessories. Her stans sure as hell won't do anything.

No. 523792

File: 1520486204070.jpeg (232 KB, 748x1070, FE880372-5132-4D3D-BF4C-D41E8D…)

I thought Jen supported Jonny’s ex’s? Why does she rub in their face that she has the best relationship ever with her husband to someone who’s been abused

No. 523794

i mean i agree, i just don't think the mods referencing the (obviously oudated) cowtipping rule when it doesn't apply is a good reason. these people aren't detectives, no one is going to think their comeuppance is from ~the lolcow~ immediately or something. and it's not as if we're signing emails with lolcow either.

No. 523795

File: 1520486431886.png (90.75 KB, 1254x286, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.0…)

and this shade at jonny. where's he at anyway? he's been too quiet.

No. 523796

This woman doesnt even have to right equipment now for the lizard.
If it was a black throat, it would need a lot of soil and sand substrate to dig and make burrows, they like to climb, a glass tank is a hideous idea. The poor thing will rub its nose raw and it would need an aquatic area/large bowl/bath to soak. I doubt she'll carry a 6 foot monitor to the bath every day with her fragile self. My boyfriends arms are absolutely shredded from their claws when handling.
Im sure roughnecks are some what simular in care as they arent water monitors. Good luck with the tail whiping if you keep it. Hope it doesnt bite you cause you're man handling it for a video and sends you to a&e with a nasty infection.

No. 523797

She never intended to keep it. Did you see how many "wow so cool I always wanted one" comments when she revealed it?

Once the appeal wore off she was going to abandon it like her other pets she got bored of. Some of her pets can live 20+ years and you know she's not going to pay attention to them for that long.

No. 523799

So frustrating. I hate people who keep pets momentarily as trends come and go. Everyone blasts how a dog is for life. Yeah well a reptile is for life to Taylor.

Anyone considered she was too high to listen properly at the shop and just listened to the first and last words 'black … some thing…. neck… must mean throat… monitor. Yeah that sounds like it. Must be it.'

No. 523801

>>523799 I just wonder if the Apartment Complex knows she has this dangerous Monitor in totally inappropriate conditions.

No. 523804

I hope she is prepared for the ultimate stank thst is monitor shit. If it gets on sny thing you might as well burn it

No. 523810

File: 1520488502526.jpg (3.09 MB, 4032x2268, 20180307_152217.jpg)

The store 100% is aware of the situation and about this group. They will not respond to questions regarding Taylor because it would be unprofessional and the employees and owner are nothing but professional. I personally looked at the roughnecks and the same employee pulled one out for me and he was incredibly knowledgeable. I have shopped at this store for a long time and they have never mis-ided an animal and the terrible employee she's referring to is amongst the most knowledgeable and intelligent people in the hobby. I can confirm the monitor is captively bred and she lied about the price.

No. 523811


i still don't know how she mistakenly thought it was a Black throat. I can see how you can misread if you just take a glance and only see the word Black, but in the video she's has an employee conversing with her so he's probably telling her about their animals. in the video though, it's obvious she's not paying any attention to anyone else but herself and her friend so it's clear that she probably didn't listen to them at all. As for the price, she probably just tell people that she bought something so expensive because it makes her look or feel amazing that she can buy something so expensive.

No. 523818

Oh boy this is exactly what I was looking for. I also assume taylor saw "black roughneck" and was like….black…neck…black throat? Yes." and is now scrambling to cover up her idiocy, not caring who she hurts in the process (specifically the store)

No. 523826

>>523811 When she's recording the guy, there is no audio footage of him saying what the Monitor Lizard is specifically, I think she intentionally edited it out. She did not want to be labeled for once again owning a wild caught.

No. 523827


Roughnecks are 99.99999% of the time wild caught. If they have CB roughnecks they’re the only reptile store in the US to have them and they’d be advertising it on their site.

No. 523832


I’m not a herp guy so maybe I just don’t get how difficult it is to CB certain species, but if there’s enough of demand for things like roughnecks and croc skinks and leaf geckos, why don’t stores attempt to breed them in captivity rather than continuing to catch wild?

No. 523840

Incorrect those specimen are specifically indo farmed. Your idea of captive or what your referring to is considered domestically bred no one wild harvest animals anymore with the exception of inverts and cites animals. No matter what you believe or think you know nobody harvests monitors from the wild anymore with the exception of invasive animals e.g. tegus harvested from Florida were if not sold face death. I can guarantee those animals are farm raised captive bred.

No. 523841

Because if you put two roughneck monitors together in captivity they fight each other to the death instead of breeding

No. 523843

Rough knecks are one of the most docile monitors kept far more so the Savannahs and because animals like satanics only produce 1 to 2 eggs per cycle.

No. 523844

Also if you do get them to breed getting the eggs to actually hatch is next to impossible.

Idk who this guy is claiming they are captive bred but that store has either managed an impossible feat many times or they're lying.

No. 523845

They could also be confusing farm bred with captive bred

No. 523848

File: 1520493725451.jpg (576.12 KB, 1078x1699, IMG_20180307_232056.jpg)

Learn to fucking sage. And do your research before you come in here pretending to know the truth.

Even if they could be captive bred they are not marked as so, unlike all other captive bred reptiles on their website. Leave.

No. 523850

It's not really rubbing it in her face, it's shading Jonny by humblebragging about her own relationship.

No. 523851

Which is why I said they're probably farm bred, which to taylor probably meant captive bred. I don't know why it matters to her so much, all of the reptiles we have today wouldn't be here without wild caughts. But of course taylor needs to be 100% against wild caught, even though she owns a handful of wild caught herself.
I also could've sworn I saged that but oops ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯.

No. 523862

I think you need to do more research about wild caught vs captive farmed vs captive bred. Captive farmed and captive bred are not the same thing at all, and no one who is in the reptile hobby, especially one who says they they're an expert like Taylor, should ever confuse the two. The way you say "farm raised captive bred" is contradictory and misleading as they are two very different things that cannot be interchanged. I don't know if you're trying to defend Taylor or the reptile store, but those monitors are most definitely not captive bred in any sense of the term.

No. 523883


I just can't see past those fucking lip fillers.

No. 523928

White knights are here from Taylor and her mom.

If it were captive FARMED they would say so the multiple times they were contacted.
If it were captive BRED, they’d be the only place to breed them.

Animals are still caught wild, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. I have crocodile skinks, they were caught in new guneai and no, they’re too hard to farm breed or captive breed. Just like fish are still wild caught for the same reasons: they can’t breed them. Hawaiian yellow tangs, jaw fish, naso tangs, cow fish, so on and so forth.

You’re either Taylor trying to do damage control cause you’ve been caught red handed and your lies have surfaced, or a stan still trying to make excuses. Either way, get the fuck out with your bullshit, do some research. You clearly aren’t a herp, nor know shit about reptiles.

No. 524009

File: 1520522712771.png (374.11 KB, 1242x1926, IMG_0735.PNG)

that forehead is looking picked at as hell jonny boy. total speculation but skin picking is a symptom of drug usage, and this photo was taken at a tour date taylor wasn't at. hmmm

No. 524012

He always looks like a trashy drug addict so it's hard to tell

No. 524082


not wk just a small fish sperg but yellow tangs can be captive bred as of 2016. i dont know if taylors are, but yellow tangs are the first tangs to be bred in captivity.

No. 524091

I believe she said it was wild caught. I still find it funny how she got it after posting a video about why you shouldn't get blue tangs

No. 524098

Didnt her seahorses were wild caught too?

No. 524116

Yes but she rehomed then after having issues with them, which I think started her “I don’t buy wild caught things” phase

No. 524120

>>524113 There is no evidence to back that she ever rehomed the Seahorses. Her male Seahorse had two miscarriages, and then all of a sudden she just didn't have them anymore and magically found them a home. In the most likely circumstance, they died, based on her track record of her pets dying in the short period of time she has them.

No. 524122


"Don't buy wild caught! …unless you're me, and you feel like it."

No. 524127


Her philosophy on when it’s okay to buy wild caught is so selfish.

“Yeah well that fish/reptile/snake is super rare!!!!!! They don’t have any captive bred ones!!!!”

Then don’t….get it maybe? You don’t have to own every fucking animal you think looks cool.

No. 524141

Omg you've just raised a new point that nobody else has raised yet in 6 threads. she probably killed the fucking seahorses too

No. 524159

Weren't the seahorses at her 'friends' (a shop basically)

I feel like it's likely that they ended up getting sold

No. 524165

Yeah, they "take care of them" while she renovate their tank, there is a high chance they keep them and resold them but who knows.
Maybe she can say who are those friends since she doesnt have a problem slandering business kek

No. 524170

>>524159 You mean another imaginary friend? Like the one she claims told her that her Roughthroat Monitor is a Blackthroat and won't step up and defend her about this?

>>524141 She went from allowing her seahorse to get pregnant multiple times in a short amount of time despite his inability to carry full term, to suddenly "rehoming" them because she couldn't handle them, to buying yet more and more animals that she doesn't have time for.

No. 524184

Couldn't manage seahorses, perfect candidate to own a monitor

No. 524188

>>524141 Forgot to post this, blogging, but I also noticed a pattern when her Axolotl Mushu got sick and almost died. I have follow a lot of Axolotl breeders and care takers for years and none of them have any issue with their Axolotls during that entire time. Occasionally they will rescue a sick Axolotl from a shop and rehabilitate it, but it's never an Axolotl from their own stock. They post frequently and their stock always look healthy and well fed. Taylor rarely posts about Mushu, even the recent instagram post of her isn't truly new. Mushu nearly died from neglect, which is the equivalent sickness that an Axolotl would get for say, when an impulsive teenager buys an Axolotl because they think it looks cool, and then suddenly doesn't want to take care of it anymore. An expert as she tries to come off to be, wouldn't experience this, they are on top of things with Axies. Mushu has become just another pet that Taylor doesn't spend much time with anymore, who probably gets sick frequently and it might be one reason why she just doesn't post about her.

Mushu's fungus and near death was obvious to me from Taylor not doing water changes, water tests, allowing Mushu to sit in warm Ammonia water for a long period of time (they need colder water), and potentially, not feeding her enough which made her immune system fail from lack of nutrition.

Axolotls are endangered, and there is zero excuse for her to treat such a critically threatened species like that. Taylor goes so long without posting her animals that are the stars of her little circus that her stories just can't up, and then she gets all butthurt when people wonder, why aren't you posting the stars of your show.

No. 524197

Have you seen how she left behind the trending pets from last years?
1. Axolotl
2. Hedghoghs
3.Pacman frogs
4. Betta fish
5. Snake
And now the trending pet are geckos

No. 524220

>>524197 Yes, exactly, animals are like brands to her and she just wants what is popular. Once it's not anymore, she just doesn't give them the same care she may have from the beginning. She shouldn't have Mushu, Mushu should go to an Axolotl rescue. She has made zero effort to show how much she cares about her after acquiring her. It wasn't that long after she did, that Mushu got sick which is typical of impulse pet buyers who rush out to get an Axolotl. Without proper care and water temp they get sick exactly how Mushu did with fungus. After that, Taylor stopped talking about her and rarely ever posting a photo of her again. She even posted a click bait Leucistic Axolotl in one of her video thumbnails, unless she actually has one and hasn't bothered to tell everyone but I believe it's the former. You'll show a picture of a white Axolotl you don't even own, but not of your "healthy" Mushu? Yeah that makes sense.

No. 524224

When axolotls were popular I considered getting one. But unlike Taylor I did my research and realized that they are endangered and difficult to care for well.

It pisses me off that a bunch of 12 year olds probably ran out and bought one because of her and they are most likely not being taken care of correctly at all. Taylor is promoting neglect and refuses to acknowledge it. I wish she would treat animals as living beings

No. 524251

File: 1520542421191.png (557.6 KB, 937x606, Mushu.png)

>>524224 Notice the Ammonia bubbles at the top of the aquarium and NO aquarium fan or thermometer or even ice bottles to cool the tank. Taylor can actually afford an aquarium chiller for her Axolotl, yet she hasn't gotten her one but she always has her nails and hair done. "Do as I say, not as I do" - Taylor Dean. Mushu is also looking thin for a female Axolotl in this pic. Taylor posted this image while she was on tour with Jonny, so this picture could have been taken as far as we know, back when she first moved into her apartment complex.

No. 524262


That looks so much nicer than the set up she had before but then there's no actual point to it if the set up is minimum at best.

How very sad tbh

No. 524265

>>524262 Exactly, there is zero excuse for her not having a cooling system set up for Mushu at this point in time. An aquarium chiller would run Taylor a few hundred bucks, well within her price range. Instead of buying more animals she doesn't need, her Axolotl NEEDS a cooling system and she just doesn't give two shits to even give her a little $15 fan she can buy off of ebay.

No. 524267

the fuck do you mean by ammonia bubbles? ammonia doesn't just gas out, it's in it's cation form in the water.
axolotls do need colder that room temperature water tho

No. 524269

>>524262 She's living in a tropical place with palm trees without even a basic cooling system for Mushu. That is pretty fucking cruel.

No. 524270

This. Those bubbles are there because of a recent water change most likely or because it was newly filled (less likely as there aren't enough bubbles on the glass lower down).

No. 524275

>>524267 My eyes might be deceiving me but I see a a slimy film over the surface of the water. I just meant that the water didn't look that clean to me, perhaps she only just did a water change to take the photo but probably isn't doing regular water changes and tank maintenance, especially with her current lifestyle changes.

No. 524281


Yeah, those bubbles are almost certainly from surface agitation from her filter.

Speaking of though, didn't she say she was going to switch Mushu to a sponge filter in her "I almost killed her" video? If she did, the best placement would be the middle there, and I don't see one.


Apparently there's a "fan on top" or something. I can't imagine that's sufficient, probably barely cancels out the heat from those fluorescent tank lights.

No. 524296

Irritating to think that she buys animals that she thinks is cool looking, take pictures, makes video, and then set them aside to never be loved again. Once she's done and the hype of that animal goes away, she's off to buy another one to start the cycle again.

No. 524297

you can't really deduct water quality from what it looks like. a tank can be shit looking but still have pristine water chemistry.

i do wonder if she has ever tested the water. she doesn't even have a full understanding of the cycle as she has demostrated in her videos. hell, has she ever done water tests on her saltwater tanks?

No. 524309


She probably has that petco employee thing where she knows she should have a test kit, so she has one, but never bothers testing because "the fish look okay and I'm a great fishkeeper!"

She clearly doesn't know how cycles or filters work, when she switched to a sponge (or said she would) she said it'd mean doing more water changes. It shouldn't unless she got one that was too small, though, the only difference would potentially be more spot cleaning/gravel cleaning during regular changes because sponge filters don't produce the flow other types do. But I'm not sure why she thinks she'd need to do more, surface area for beneficial bacteria works the same way whether it's a sponge, canister, HOB, etc, and she should never have ammonia or nitrite, so any filter would produce the same nitrate levels with the same bioload.

No. 524317

>>524297 Yes very good point about the water quality. I just worry because Mushu nearly died before because of terrible conditions.

No. 524396

But she worked at a pet store so she obviously knows everything about animals and how to care for them! /sarcasm

No. 524406

I unfollowed her the moment i noticed how her stories are 90% of her traveling, partying, treating herself, and 10% of her pets crawling over her tattoos. While other pet youtubers i follow consist of them feeding, checking the status of their pets living area, and showing their pets contentment behind the glass.

i just don't understand her mindset when it comes to taking care of another living thing

Sage for… blogposting?

No. 524444


That wouldn’t be that much of an issue if she was jus a regular YouTuber who talked about their life and just happened to owhba lot of pets, but her channel has always been advertised to be about animals and animal education, and she’s always advertised herself as ~whoa crazy quirky girl with loote of pets! not like other girls! she likes snakes and spiders and lizards!~

No. 524453

Ik it could be said for most of her pets but it bugs me that we haven’t see anything of that little beardie since he was purchased, excused as being “jonny’s pet” and last seen in a fleeting vid sitting in a bare ass looking tank. I rescue bearded dragons so that hits close to home.

No. 524500


After a certain amount of time after buying an animal, they tend to disappear. except for of course her brand Cheese

No. 524509

She barely even talks about him anymore.

No. 524516

She had so much potential. I first started watching her in late 2016. Thought she was funny and entertaining. I just can’t understand why she got involved with Jonny. It’s a shame he’s such an ass too cuz his singing is pretty good.

No. 524526

What potential do you think she has exactly?

No. 524527

>>524516 She could have easily improved the mistakes she made with her previous animals (prier to animals acquired while living with Jonny) by making videos owning her mistakes, apologizing, and promising to do better and not focus on any new animals until all of the homes and lives of her animals were up to date with appropriate housing/care. Even doing some giveaways to her subscribers. I don't recall if she has ever done a giveaway? It wasn't until she met Jonny that everything went to shit. Making fun of his rape victims, abandoning her animals to go be with him, constantly leaving the animals and impulsively buying a shit ton of animals since getting together with him. She's ruined her reputation and career by running away from all of her problems, but I guess her animals are a problem for her now because she runs away from them too.

No. 524534

Agree. And yes, she was supposed to give away the biocube that cheese and zazu were originally in, but claimed the people she chose never responded and that she would keep picking names but that kinda faded away.

No. 524543

>Abandoned a puppy she bought at a pet store after 2 days
>Made biphobic comments saying bisexuality doesn't exist
>Threw a tantrum when her mom chose to replace the floors she ruined instead of getting her a MacBook
>Created and distributed child porn
>Joked about sending guys to jail while she was dating a new guy every week while underage

The only reason she claims to love animals is that she desperately sought out fame in every way possible and this is the one that stuck.

She has always been a piece of shit. Her and Jonny are perfect for each other.

No. 524550


don't forget that one time she recorded in her parents bathroom because she didn't want to record in HER bathroom while saying that she hopes no one goes into her bathroom which she begins to say she needs her own place so she can record in peace.

idk but for me, this made her sound like a spoiled brat. like, "i have my OWN bathroom! but i want to use my parents bathroom, and i don't want them using my bathroom! UGH! i want my own place! feel bad for me!"

No. 524551

I dont know why Anons are saying she start doing wrong when she met Craig, Craig is just a symptom of the disease besides the problems of her shaming his exes. She is/was in general a bad person for being a bad owner, even before Craig.

No. 524560


I agree, but i think he emphasized her bad personality. before it was subtle, now the things she does is more obvious. it's like he's influencing her more in a negative way. Next thing you know he's going to influence her to fighting back with her fans like what he does on her instagram.

No. 524563

>>524534 She also never mentions any(that I have seen anyway in any of her videos) charities or animal rescues that need donations. She certainly has no excuse for not donating and doing giveaways, it's just pure greed on her part.

No. 524569

>>524551 True, it's just gotten excessively far worse. I'm not even sure how many extra animals she has gotten while just being with him. She had no intention of taking her animals back with her when she ran off with him, it wasn't until her family threatened to rehome them that she stepped up for them and I really think it was just a power trip on her end, because once again they are neglected with her forever running away from her duties she owes to them. She had no problem with Jonny getting drunk and laying down on the ground in front of her parents for a first meeting, so she has no standards what so ever. Taylor is a total slut, a total slob, and a royal greedy heartless bitch that puts on a fake sweet persona when it benefits her wallet and name.

No. 524575

File: 1520567214316.jpg (483.88 KB, 1078x969, IMG_20180308_194622.jpg)

Just saw this on Instagram. Apparently she's infamous where she lives, not surprising.

She sure as shit won't be showing her face at that store anymore

No. 524586

>>524575 Jonny the druggy rapist and Taylor the druggy animal hoarder. What great things to be famous for and together no less.

No. 524590

If idubbbz made a content cop on Taylor for her constant lies, drug use, hoarding, etc. I feel as if it could show her brainwashed fans what she really is. There's plenty of proof of who she really is in this thread, and considering how well put together the previous content cops have been, and how the other YouTuber's got hit pretty hard by them, it could really show Taylor what shes doing is not ok. She can block those who tweet at her and make excuses, but if someone like idubbbz calls her out and has evidence, there isn't much she can deny. She needs to realize she can't keep using animals for views and honestly this has definitely gotten to a point where she deserves to be called out.

No. 524595

Really Taylor isn't going to give two shits about what anyone thinks but at least people searching her name will come across these threads. She pretends she cares and feigns "muh depression and chronic pain, whaaah people are attacking muh animals", however, she got together with a rapist knowing he's done and was totally fine with what he did. She wants to be in a negative light, only a matter of time before Mamma Dean calls Dr. Phil and Taylor's on there.

No. 524599

I doubt Idubbz will ever make a content cop on her unless the store goes public with her lies. Sage for discussion.

No. 524602


I doubt idubbz knows (or cares) that much about animals, so I can say with certainty that’s never going to happen and I wish people would stop tinfoiling that he’s scheming just because he follows her. He probably just thinks she’s hot, or likes seeing animal clips.

Pretty much all of his CC’s at this point have been on people who are universally known (and hated) across Youtube. Yeah Taylor has a million subs, but she’s fucking nothing at this point and with her upload schedule she’s not going to be anything any time soon. Her channel has barely grown since she hit a million almost five fucking months ago. No one outside of the animal community knows or cares about her.

No. 524618

Yeah, not saying Idubbz doesn't know much about animals because I could be completely wrong, but whenever you view Taylor having limited knowledge of the subjects you have a different perspective.

I thought she was great and amazing until I saw her poor aquarium keeping skills as I got super involved with them (mixing incompatible fish multiple times) e.g. bush fish & female bettas/community tank, wrong female to male ratio of killifish resulting in the dominant killifish killing the rest, scuffed seahorse care, mixing reef fish with predator saltwater fish like her lionfish that could sting others (changed now but w/e), axolotl kept in warm temperatures, using stock lighting with corals (not rly the worst crime of all but with her knowledge/money idk why it was ever an issue, lights r the best thing about reef keeping haha), having a cowfish in general when you cant provide an environment for it sufficiently (fish should thrive not survive).

Is a big part of fish keeping fucking up (unfortunately) and learning your mistakes? Yes. Is it an acceptable excuse when you're making educational videos to a million people and making blatant mistakes that simply reading your comment section would rectify? No.

Long rant but, people don't know any better when they view things on face-level, explaining why a lot of youtubers like her. I learnt about her poor reptile husbandry from everyone on here, I didn't know any different

No. 524623


I definitely agree. Of the animals she keeps I only really know freshwater fish and cats, so until really recently with her kittens and community tank I didn't notice anything majorly wrong with her care. Just quick googling will tell you she's doing it wrong with most things she keeps, though most people don't google pets they don't keep/want to keep.

Also, if you only watch her youtube videos without following her on other social media it's harder to notice the problematic trends in her keeping. One or two husbandry mistakes are common, but she has issues with basically EVERY setup and zero interest in changing.

No. 524659

Not that anon, but I am a former fan as well.
I do think she could've had the potential of becoming an educational yet fun channel on YouTube, even with all her skeletons in the closet.

I'm not exactly for this "callout" culture people do on famous YouTubers unless they keep displaying problematic behavior, like Jeffree Star, so I think that even with all the shit she posted on fb she would've gotten away with it unscathed.

She was relatively unknown, but was fun and silly to watch plus she's hot by YouTube standards which was perfect for her brand. But the thing is she's gotten incredibly cocky and started to take on more things than she can actually handle plus JC's involvement with her (and her consecutive reaction about the situation) fucked her over.

She could've made educational videos about the pets she already had as well as talking about mental health issues. Genuinely there are way more things she could've done but instead she took the shortest path to end her career, before it even started.

Sage for blogging.

No. 524699

This thing about the monitor… did she really plan on keeping her roughneck as a blackthroat and hoping nobody would notice?
I keep hoping she genuinely didn't know the difference in appearance (though what business do you have purchasing an animal if you can't ID it) rather than choosing to "pretend" it's another species.

Sage for no contribution/blogging

No. 524735

I don't think anyone thinks she knew and intended to trick people. she's just genuinely stupid and clearly didn't pay attention to what she was buying.

No. 524741

All the wild caught/captive bred arguments and the fact that she didn't even know what animal she bought aside.. She bought a pet, chosen by her friend, with a lifespan of at least 10 years (seemingly) without a second thought.

Let's imagine it was a black throat monitor and it was captive bred and everything would be fine with that side of the story, it still would be pretty fucked up to impulse buy an animal that gets up to 7 feet long imo. At least the one she actually bought doesn't get that big but 4 feet are still a commitment… unless you could make it somehow look better to give it away again… hmm…

I hope she won't get away with this…

No. 524779

File: 1520608168223.jpeg (406.25 KB, 1241x1589, 333ADCFB-057F-4FF2-97A4-C60025…)

What happened to JC's bearded dragon that Taylor bought him for Christmas? I don't recall ever seeing any pictures of it since this one she posted announcing it. I know it's JC's, but I couldn't find pics of it on her IG either.

No. 524783

I’m just confused about the whole monitor situation. I don’t think that the store would lie to her but why would she try and pass off this monitor for a different breed? Does she think that her followers are stupid and won’t call her out? Was she really just that obvious when she bought it?

No. 524787

my question is what's she gonna do with the monitor now that she's probably too embarrassed to show her face in that store again.

No. 524790

Because she's an idiot that knows next to nothing about animals, or practically anything. She probably went in to impulse buy, saw the word "black" and bought it without giving a fuck about care. Probably threw away the receipt, Googled "black monitor care" and skimmed the first result.

Every time she buys a new pet recently it's something "she's wanted for so long". It's all made up bullshit.

Keep it for a few months while she gets attention for it. Then it will die or she will abandon it. Like every other pet she has owned.

No. 524807


This post in general is kind of a bad look for Taylor.

Getting animals for Christmas isn’t necessarily bad as long as you do research about it, but like everything else Taylor does I’m sure it spurred some of her fans to get Christmas pets

No. 524808


Also her crab… she hasn't been seen since the video where she clearly got dropped.

No. 524831


And yet on she preaches that she's sooo against people buying bunnies for Easter, but then she and her druggy rapist BF exchange reptiles for Christmas gifts?? She's a fucking hypocritical moron.

No. 524842



That beardie is way too young to tell the sex of yet. It's between 2 and 4 weeks old. You can't tell gender until they're around 4 - 6 MONTHS old. (All baby beardies look to be girls) Oh, Taylor, you're just showing your lack of knowledge even more.

No. 524846


Not only this, her videos actually lack any educational advices for taking further care of animals. She just talks about basic needs which you get from petco or something. When i started following her videos, all i got from her was what type of aquarium to get, what type of food, and what type of animal she got. My curiousity got to me and i started researching about snakes then that's when i realized she knows close to nothing about them. I didn't know you were suppose to quarentine them, look for mites, check poop, picking the right substrate, etc until i found other youtubers who are actually really dedicated to reptile care. Happy to find this thread knowing i'm not the only one to think she's nonsense

Sage for blogging

No. 524859


also where is she going to buy her rare wild caught pets now? I can't imagine the store allowing her to purchase from them again after she's badmouthed them all over the internet to cover her own idiocy.

No. 524863


Easy, she's going to buy a house in September like she claims and probably move closer to another wild caught pet store so she can continue to hoard even more animals.

No. 524884

maybe i'm nitpicking but i also don't like how she says the beardie will get "super red" and that she's "just a baby" and in shed. it sounds like she's saying "yeah, I know it's not cool because it's a basic non-exotic bearded dragon, but it will be!! it'll be super red!!!"

No. 524901

Wow that is a gross simplification of the facts. I mean I hate her but calm tf down

Can a beardie sperg anon confirm that that baby is WAY too small to be sold? I believe at that stage they're super fragile and can die easily. Maybe Johnny killed the poor thing. :(

No. 524904

Jonny’s number or one of his band mates number has been leaked by Jonny’s ex Chelsea on twitter

No. 524905

It's really not a "gross simplification." She literally did all of those things. Including sending out nudes of herself, while underage.

No. 524925

Think its Jonny's cause somebody posted a screenshot underneath it in some phone look up thing. I was going to post the tweet but not sure if allowed on here cause personal information

No. 524929

File: 1520625742216.png (146.95 KB, 324x504, jonny.png)

So, Chelsea posted the number publically on her twitter but it wasn't her screenshot, it was another girl Crystal. She seems to be friends with Chelsea or someway associated not sure how.

But she posted Jonny craig phoning her and harrassing her, and then posted this from a few months ago of Jonny/band mates harrassing her

No. 524931

File: 1520625838223.png (15.37 KB, 593x140, crystal.png)

No. 524933

File: 1520625960687.png (183.96 KB, 585x574, slaves.png)

Jonnys band mate harrassing

No. 524935


Beardies can be sold as soon as they hatch, but most breeders wait until 4+ weeks old. That baby is at least 2, likely closer to 4 weeks based on its size. At that age their bones are very fragile, but they aren't hard to take care of at that age. Breeders wait until 4+ weeks to make sure there is no die off, the baby is healthy, and is eating healthy. However since she probably got this baby from a store, they sell them from the store as soon as they hatch so. I mean, there's definitely worse things she's done.

No. 524937

IA, and I remember Taylor saying way back when she lived with her parents that she wouldn’t get a beardie because she did not have the space or something along those lines. Since that time she has moved somewhere smaller, filled that space with even more animals, and then suddenly just got a beardie on a whim for a man with zero experience taking care of himself let alone a reptile that Taylor herself admitted to not having the time/space for. She doesn’t give a fuck, she just couldn’t let there be a commonly owned reptile that she didn’t have. Gotta catch em all.

Agree with the other anon too about how she sounds defensive about the beardie being a morph. God forbid she buy or adopt an ugly old regular coloured lizard. As if there aren’t a million of them in Reptile rescues.

No. 525004

>>524790 I agree, except that I also think she did try to pass the Monitor off as another species, because she didn't want to be labeled for bringing home a wild caught. That way she could just cry victim again and blame the store instead. She's pretty stupid when it comes to keeping track of her lies and also an egomaniac, so I don't think she actually thought anyone would call her out on this. Either way, she's delirious with stupidity and has zero lack of self control.

No. 525011

>>524933 No adult male has any business talking about a woman's innocent, involved children except a sick piece of shit predator.

No. 525019

Shes over compensating on "being honest" and telling people that it was wild caught even though she "didn't have to", so in my eyes she probably bought it knowing exactly what species it was and knowing that it cannot be captive bred she thought up this entire thing. She would tell people that she thought it was a roughneck (that can be captive bred). She seemed odd in her videos saying multiple times what kind of monitor she thought it was. Even her asking her fans what to do and making it seem like such a dilemma waiting for anyone to tell her to keep it. Maybe I'm just crazy but I think if she decides to keep it this will be what happened.

No. 525032

>>525019 Asking her 12 year old fans much younger than she if she should keep it, rather than being an adult woman and handling it and righting her wrong she caused herself. She's such a loser.

No. 525045


One of thes things is not like the other.

Sending out your own underage nudes is definitely dumb as hell, but it’s not necessarily something to call someone out for. She’s still as much of an attention whore, it’s not like she’s preaching not to do that shit, but someone posting their own nudes when they’re a dumb teenager isn’t indicative of her being a shitty person.

Inb4 some faggot things I’m Taylor because some of you hate her for stupid reasons

No. 525048

See the problem is, she brands herself as a family friendly pet youtuber, while having these kinds of things in her history. I mean, saying she was born to put boys in jail and posing practically nude *kind of contradicts everything "family friendly"

Her whole brand is a lie

No. 525054


Yeah that I’m aware, but the nudes thing was 4 or 5 years back at least and regardless is if she can’t escape that, it was before her YouTube so it’s not as if it was during her family friendly shtick

No. 525056

I think it also goes to show that she has been seeking some kind of attention for her entire teen/adult life, whether it's extremely dangerous and unhealthy (ie Jonny & nudes & drugs) or constant stan validation and purchasing animals to be praised for.

If she didn't claim she was "family friendly" then I bet a whole bunch of people wouldn't have a problem with the way she presents herself now/in the past. At least then she wouldn't be trying to be 2-3 personas at once, while making bank from her Pet Mom youtube channel.

No. 525064


Not one of you seems to get that the "Family friendly pet mom" title was fucking sarcasm on her part.

No. 525066


Source? Some of her fans don’t even see it as sarcastic

No. 525067

File: 1520634694715.png (2.91 MB, 1242x2208, B663C251-D501-4E7E-8DDC-FB78AD…)

That’s a still photo from the video of her talking about having her snake around her neck for three hours at a party at Vid con

No. 525068

Obviously she is endangering/stressing out her animals and that’s bad, but she’s so starved for attention she was to walk around with animals strapped to her body to make her seem interesting it’s pathetic lol

No. 525077

File: 1520635601352.png (763.97 KB, 750x1334, 23A5D9F2-6C31-4567-8567-328F1D…)

10+ year herper who owns a successful business around reptiles just got satanic leaf geckos because they weren’t ready for them until now. What makes Taylor think she’s qualified?

No. 525078

When was it ever sarcastic?

No. 525081

>>525077 And I bet this person didn't put them in the common traffic area of their home next to a honking huge ass TV like Taylor did.

No. 525082

Being an idiot is what makes her think she's qualified

No. 525083

Reptile Edge is amazing, he has some great quality animals and has a good youtube channel as well

No. 525088

File: 1520636242497.jpeg (62.6 KB, 1140x213, 5BE82725-D78F-418E-921A-6C75D7…)

She deleted this retweet fast.

No. 525091


Not only the obvious issue of stressing them out in a busy environment, but I’m sure at least one of those snakes in the hands of a responsible owner would either a) still be in quarantine and/or b) still be settling into its new enclosure. She hasn’t had these snakes very long even now, and this pic is from a while ago. I think that’s Bindi in her hand too? When will she stop fucking around and exposing different species to each other.

No. 525093

File: 1520636387819.png (47.57 KB, 594x257, td1.png)

I got you fam

No. 525115

It just came to my mind that jonny probably smokes weed in her living room area. Which could easily kill her satanic leaf geckos from being that close. So not only are they in a high traffic area but they’re most likely going to be breathing in butane and smoke (weed smoke is bad for reptiles, there’s been quite a few studies)

No. 525120

File: 1520638470500.jpeg (277.95 KB, 750x703, C57936AC-6335-4BD8-8B23-7B8AD2…)

Taylor shade

No. 525130

I don’t think a YouTuber saying they can’t upload due to computer issues is really considered shade towards Taylor.

No. 525143


Tyler is such a passive aggressive ass kissing bitch for Taylor that I’m pretty sure him telling her to buy a new computer is poking fun at the “lol obviously you can’t buy a new computer that fast, they’re expensive” since Taylor recently had “computer issues”

But if that’s the case then he’s retarded, because Taylor more than likely can pull in a couple thousand a week if she gave a shit about a upload schedule. We honestly need to do a tally of all the insane shit she bought in the last half year

No. 525144

File: 1520640147879.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, 191CCE5C-C8EC-4714-A9A4-5E6E04…)


No. 525145

>>525144 Drunk or high. Or both.

No. 525146

Oh great she’s doing that fucking stupid tongue thing that jc always does. Gross.

No. 525148

Nope, it would've been a joke based on the unreal expectations of the fan base. Not the biggest Tyler fan, he takes better care of his animals than Taytay but alas seems to know about as much, and most of his tweeting revolves around getting others to like him.

No. 525150

jonny’s also drinking a twisted tea in the video before this one

No. 525153

Meant to sage that, apologies

No. 525162

from the thumbnail I though her tongue was just her blown up lip

No. 525166

Just watched the monitor lizard video and I have to say, the kittens are beautiful.

No. 525174

File: 1520642105422.png (6.5 MB, 1242x2208, 1026D9B4-6AD0-481E-9E54-4C75C0…)

They are an absolute mess lmao

No. 525191

I've never seen people who "break" more computers than youtubers. This is the most overused excuse in the book.. These technologically impaired people don't probably even realize when their computer is broken or when it just needs driver update or clearing cache or something like that.
Also, 2 grand for a computer?

No. 525192

>>525174 Ar they both drunk?

No. 525197


why tf is jonny's face so damn red

No. 525206

i don't know why this didn't click before,
i just realized she dyed her hair the same color as his.

she's sponging off his looks and personality because she can't be her own individual. i bet she gets a large traditional tattoo soon

No. 525236

File: 1520647751989.png (27.17 KB, 318x774, IMG_3076.PNG)

ur tracks are hangin right out fix ya weave bb

No. 525255

File: 1520650282728.png (533.17 KB, 750x1334, 0E11DE39-61D2-4C73-A39B-D1E59C…)

Okay I feel like this one with Tyler replying was a long shot. But we all know how much Em loves to throw shade at Taytay. There’s literally no excuses anymore

No. 525258

File: 1520650929507.png (886.71 KB, 750x1334, 5CFE2667-7787-46A0-80C3-601A32…)

Look like Taylor’s gonna be taking a trip to Brazil soon

No. 525263


crop out yr profile pic bb

No. 525266

I know Em's is a smaller channel (I admittedly don't know much about the pet YouTube community) but could she feasibly dethrone Taylor if she keeps pumping out more content than her? Is she just throwing shade or trying to make the come up while Taylor falls off on content creation? I know it's a Taylor thread but I'm genuinely curious what others think.

No. 525274

Yes. If you look at Taylors growth its starting to slow down. If she does not make regular videos..over time she will kill her channel.
Youtube rewords consistant uploads and thats whats Em is doing.

I wonder why Em never shows all the enclosures that her bf keeps all the animals in. Room tours are very popular right now.

No. 525277

That's what I figured. Em is almost lucky in a sense that she can use Taylor's failures as a blueprint for what to avoid for her own channel. This is speculation, but perhaps her animal room isn't where she wants it and she doesn't want to pull the "I'm going to get a bigger enclosure soon!" thing like Tay does. Sage for Em talk.

No. 525288

From what I've noticed (which is tbh like two videos lmao), it's usually because either the animals are not in that same space, or because her boyfriend's animals are at his job or are just temporarily with him.

Yes. What Emzotic has on Taylor is that she's an actual educator and zookeeper. She has a lot of experience and respect for animals, and straight up tells you not to fuck with certain species if you're not qualified for them.

No. 525308

Theres a general pet youtuber thread that discusses Emz and everyone else, don't mean to be a dick but i'm having flashbacks to when thread #4 (I think) got derailed by talking about Emz and her pet care overly which turned into everyone blogging about Taylor not buying birds and shit. hahahah

No. 525327

Yeah sorry I didn't want to derail too badly I was just curious about opinons on her channel growth in relation to Taylor falling off. But I agree, this shouldn't be an Em thread.

No. 525380

Finally looked up who the fuck Jonny Craig is out of curiosity. Shame he's such a fucking piece of shit, because his voice is great. Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 525410

I was watching some of Taylor's old videos to compare her lisp to old videos and OH MY GOD her lisp is so much worse. One of the ones I watched was her first mail blog and she sounds so much better a year and a half ago. She also seems like such a better person…

No. 525446

To me it kinda looks like a fresh tattoo. Didn’t he tweet about getting a face tattoo on tour?

No. 525449

Oh fuck no, very few people here know of how much of a dick Jonny is. I hope at least some famous brazilian youtuber reads about his bullshit and tries to discourage people from supporting his band.

No. 525493


100% she’ll go and leave all her animals again, followed up by a week “vacation” in Brazil outside of tour dates (she might even buy an animal there and then refuse to go through the proper channels or quarantine it and just smuggle it back instead)

For someone who apparently is so mature and self sufficient that they don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy, she sure can’t be away from him for more than three days at a time.

No. 525498

Sage for blogging (?) but does anyone know what Taylor, Tylers (and at least two other accounts that I don’t remember the names of) obsession with Fromm dog food is? Is it because they don’t sell it at big pet store chains so it must be automatically more healthy and superior? I don’t get the obsession with smaller dog food brands. Is it because it feeds into their virtue signaling hypocritical narrative about not supporting pet stores?

No. 525499


I also think it’s hilariots that Taylor keeps recommending Fromm to people when she doesn’t own a dog and they don’t even sell it at Petco so I doubt she knows shit about it and only praises it because she knows Tyler feeds it to his rescue mix.

No. 525500

File: 1520689484763.png (132.23 KB, 640x1136, BC49B100-0997-410F-A075-92B44C…)

No. 525507

shes had what, 3 dogs? she should be telling people to look into their breeds nutritional needs before even thinking about brands. She just likes it because its expensive and "artisan".

No. 525515


Well, correction, her family had two dogs and she owned one for a few weeks before leaving it at home. But judging by the fact the dogs bonded more to her family, I doubt she ever spent time with them, let alone fed them. If anything if someone in her family gave them Fromm she’s just parroting what they said. Fromm really isn’t that different from other dog food brands, but they sell it at vets and those fancy dog treat bakeries so I assume that’s why people think it’s better

No. 525518

>>525498 Fromm is sold in PetLand where I'm from, which is a huge puppy mill store. It's kind of like Blue Buffalo, can't find it in thr big 2 but now it's getting popular so soon it will be bought by IAMS and made shit, but also available at Petco.

Taylor probably is obsessed with it because it's generally a recommended food if you google "best dog food." She probably searched once what to feed Kida, saw that as the first result, and stuck to it like a stalker you don't want.

FROMM is good food, but youcan getthe same or better for cheaper. FROMM is just designer pet food, all the mark up with little extra effort.

No. 525523

She really should be recommending people to go to their veterinarians for their animals nutritional needs since they know what they’re actually doing…. most people are over feeding their animals and giving them the wrong types of food anyway…

No. 525524


That’s what I thought. They seem really smug about it, like health freaks who brag about only eating organic fruits and vegetables

No. 525557

I hate Taylor as much as everyone else but Fromm is a good food. It's about the same price point as Blue Buffalo which you can get in the grocery store/Target/whatever. Blue Buffalo was recently sold to one of the mass retailers (I forget which) that makes a bunch of shitty food that's mostly fillers so that's why everyone moved on to Fromm.

Idk about dogs, but unless your cats have some dietary restrictions the rule of thumb is just feed them something where some form of protein is the main ingredient. Most of the food you find at lower price points is a bunch of carbs, which leads to cat diabetes.

No. 525558

Surely for 'good' food these YouTubers should be recommending making your own food/giving it as treats.

I know my dogs aren't too big on dry or wet food but if you give them some veggies that are safe for them, mixed in with meat or something of the like they will eat it all up. There's also a few dog food companies that sell 'homemade' dog food which is probably far better than half the shit we find in store.

Just find it odd how they wouldn't go for an option that may involve a lot of effort or money but would actually be good for the animal in most cases.

No. 525565

Because in most instances making your own food isn’t the best for the animal. There are very few veterinarians who recommend raw diets because they aren’t nutritionally balanced, can cause a lot of issues with supplementation, and have a lot of health risks involoved (ie foreign bodies, pathogens).

I hate to break it to you but most foods are the same and just because a company says that it’s different doesn’t mean that it is. A lot of foods are exactly the same composition just sold in different bags, which includes your “homemade” companies.

Sage for Blogposting and not much relevance to Taylor

No. 525569

All i know is that a lot of dog/cat food are the same. Some cost more due to it having a fancy name. But after having a dog for a long time and having done research of what's the best dog food.. i would recommend reading the ingredients, researching what the ingredients mean, and compare.

As for Taylor, she probably just recommends Fromm because it's more "fancier". She like attention, and being a princess so having fancy things makes her feel like one, regardless what it is.

No. 525603

Foods have ingredient lists, you can tell if it has protein as the main ingredient or not. Idk why you think this is so complicated.

No. 525614

Obviously they have ingredients lists but those are based off of weight at the time of processing/ making. Meaning that sure chicken could be the first ingredient but once it’s all made, it’s not the most prevelant ingredient in there. If you’re going off of guaranteed analysis, which is inaccurate in itself, it’s always based on a dry matter basis.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what food you buy as long as your meeting the nutritional requirements of your pet

No. 525616

Stop talking about dog food…..

No. 525623

I just explained why most DOESN'T meet the nutritional requirements. Maybe you should shut up if you have no idea what you're talking about. I'm done now because you can't win when arguing with idiots.

Cat food

No. 525656

Either way Taylor doesn't have the experience that a veterinarian would in understanding the diet of your pet.

No. 525667

Does anyone know how Lindsey domeola and Jonny became “best friends”? I’m like legit curious how that happened

No. 525681


maybe they're a secret "thing"?

No. 525701

>>525667 Oh? Taylor, his girlfriend, isn't his best friend? Gee. Sorry Tay Tay, that sucks.

No. 525727


I’ve heard BB being sold st Walmart maybe that’s what you’re thinking

I also don’t think the anons were saying it’s bad they just said they didn’t understand what the big deal about it was. Also like they said it’s not sold at Petco so I doubt Taylor knows anything about it. But no one said the food was shitty so I don’t know what you’re implying

No. 525730

i swear she actually buys pets based on her nail colour

No. 525732

Anyone know when we can expect Taylor’s video exposing the situation about the monitor? A month? Two?

No. 525734

>>525732 Never. She will pretend it never happened, she's already bashed the company openly and to make a video will fuel the lie further. I hope The company sues the gross fake hair off of her massive head for lying to a million people about them.

No. 525768

File: 1520717275155.png (154.23 KB, 594x478, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 525769

File: 1520717313066.png (159.9 KB, 372x812, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 525770

File: 1520717347576.png (238.94 KB, 1071x637, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 525771

File: 1520717401076.png (53.94 KB, 696x285, Screenshot_4.png)

No. 525783


She’s such a smug bitch. No surprise she deleted it already. Gotta keep up her humble and innocent image

No. 525787

Lol hey that’s me.
Yay she read it! :D it makes me happy knowing i hit a nerve(cowtipping)

No. 525789

Fuck off you attention whore nobody cares if it was you

No. 525790


she might be irresponsible, egotistical, and a horrible pet owner but that was a bit mean. Kind of bullying. I wouldn't wish suicide on anyone.

No. 525793


You could've been much more constructive about so many things that have been mentioned on this thread that could've been noticed, but you just attacked her, bit of a waste

No. 525795

The fact that you’re proud of this lmao……

No. 525796

Idk why you're proud of that, i'd be slightly embarrassed. You actually were able to contact her and she seen it and you decided to just insult her personality despite reading this thread and knowing that there was many valid criticisms you could have made to her.

By telling her to kill herself you've made yourself look stupid. If you were smarter, you would of made valid points. Smart people don't abuse/insult people personally.
if she does read this thread and she sees your from here, its going to downplay every valid comment we've made about her animal husbandry.

No. 525799

As for that idiot. I agree with >>525793 and >>525796

Going back to Taylor,


sooner or later, she won't have enough videos with ad revenue that would keep up with her lifestyle. So, she can say this all she wants but later on.. she's just gonna be that girl that no one believes anymore and will try to hold onto Jonny as long as she can while he spends all her remaining money until he finds someone else that has a bigger wallet.

No. 525802

I definitely could’ve handled it better. I didn’t mean to discredit anything or anyone in this thread. I got drunk last night and went off on her after multiple attempts of being civil and informative. I apologize to you guys but not Taylor lol

No. 525807


Oh for sure. She hit a million five or six months ago and already her channel growth has been laughable considering she’s in the top eshalon of YouTubers.

The most pathetic thing is that she took a “mental health break” to go fuck off with Jonny on tour and because the reception to what she did wasn’t asspats she immediately is going on another break. It just shows that she couldn’t give a shit about her fans and she’s already way too complacent in being ungrateful and bitchy

If Youtube ever falls through for her, she’ll have to get a regular entry level minimum wage job and no more splurging on designer pets and jewelry or expensive trips every other weekend

No. 525812

>>525807 Uh oh, looks like Taylor's reputation will catch up to her and she won't be able to even work at a pet store again once her income can't sustain her lifestyle of choice. Her rep has already started locally with locs laughing at her in the one shop. She seems to be a topic of conversation. Her Youtube channel won't make the money she needs to sustain her apartment and income and bills, she won't be able to get a house as she claims. How many pet stores now has she lied now? Petco, where she claims she got Ghost but really in a restaurant parking log, and The reptile shop all within a very short amount of time (months). She is fucking delusional, only a matter of time before she can't show her face in any of the petstores around her area. What will she do then? She doesn't have much of a high school education and without building her resume or college experience, good luck with that Taylor supporting your luxury lifestyle.

No. 525813


Yup, i actually follow a few youtubers who have a large amount of subscribers that post everything because they say that youtube has been tough on getting videos monetized. So, when they have to travel somewhere or take breaks, they record/edit multiple videos before leaving so their channel still come out with videos everyday while they're away.

The rate that Taylor is doing with her channel, She'll run outta money the quicker she keeps up with what she's currently doing. Once her channel is done, She'll start looking for pet stores to work in, but if she's calling out all these stores she will probably have a hard time looking and probably end up at Mcdonalds or something.

and a part of me can't wait for it.

No. 525816

File: 1520720876066.jpeg (174.42 KB, 750x517, 20805B61-C60F-40E2-B9F0-68A862…)


Obviously this isn’t true for the 10 million and over YouTubers like pewdiepie or whatever, but I heard that even YouTubers with other a million subs struggle pulling in a couple thousand a month, which is why they go for sponsorships and sell merch and release stupid shit like music and books for a quick cash grab

Taylor’s merch is so dumb and overpriced I doubt she sells much and I don’t see her ever collabing or working with other brands anymore

Even her social blade says her total activity has been down 30% in the last month

No. 525818

>>525813 Blogging, Jonny and Taylor both want a posh life, neither can deal without it, neither work hard to obtain it and expect people to adore them and fork over money despite both having gross reputations at this point. If Taylor were smart, she would have tried to build her credit and bought a house at the beginning, not move into some rich apartment complex to impress Jonny, the complex where the neighbors already are annoyed with her screaming matches with Jonny and covering herself in snakes on her deck like the attention whore she is.

Her loving animals has all become a facade just to a make a paycheck, and I think her buying the Monitor lizard was a desperate attempt to bring in some more cash flow. Her savings is probably suffering with as little content as she can manage anymore and with Jonny's and her own major purchases. Jonny getting new expensive built in dentures with his first post of such of him flipping the bird, illustrated very little how grateful he was for receiving them and just truly how much he uses Taylor. Her name has money bags around it on his instagram. I bet Taylor will try to move back in with her family once her savings bottoms out, like the mooching loser she is, but of course she can't take her rapist boyfriend with her, and he'll dump her because she can't give him the lifestyle he expects. Doubt he'll be able to find another girl who once had the same wealth with his liver failure and rapist reputation slowly catching up to him everywhere he goes.

No. 525821

>>525816 There was like one obsessed chick who bought a shit ton of Taylor's Hedgehog merch (parents spoil this idiot) but other than that lol there seems to be no other posts from fans showing their merch off tagging Taylor. The only cool thing she had was the Cheese plush, and then she ruined it with the logo on the bottom "I am never safe".

No. 525822


30% in just ONE month! imagine in the next couple of months while she's on a "break".

No. 525824


even Taylor knows her cowfish is not safe being with her. lol

No. 525826


I’m sure she’ll magically “start feeling better” once she realizes how much potential money she’s losing. She’ll get plenty of asspats for it too, because she can act like she’s pushing herself while she’s still depressed because she “loves her fans so much.” I mean you might love the money they give you but you certainly stop loving them once they stop praising you every two minutes

No. 525827

>>525824 Pretty much, and for all we know, she probably bought a new one and replaced him already after he died. Hence why he's still a lot smaller than he should be at present time.

>>525816 Holy… Crap. Taylor, are you even smart enough to check your Social Blade? Do you even understand the plummet of numbers and how much worse it's going to get with your schedule?

No. 525832

Haha much love!! We are all in this thread cause we don't like Taylor, just its better to be constructive and smart while speaking to someone because I assure u that it hurts them much more than generic insults

No. 525849


Though I really don’t know why people in this thread are acting like it would have gone any differently if the anon was constructive with their message.

We know she reads here and very obviously cherry picks and makes strawman arguments about how all we do is make mean comments about her appearance and call animal services or whatever gets her the most pity points. Same with everyone who attempts to get her attention on Twitter. The only reason anon got her attention was because it feeds into the narrative of poor innocent Taylor just being bombarded with unwarranted hate.

No. 525892

as long as she has her fans giving her money and praise she gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks of her, be it about her as a person, youtuber, or about her animal care

No. 525894

>>525892 She made it obvious she only cares about money and fame a long time ago. Here family and animals meet nothing to her, it's just all a show.

No. 525921

>>525849 I agree. Not that I support sending actual hate messages, but EVERYONE with any kind of following gets random hate like that. EVERYONE. That's just what being on the internet is like, if you can't ignore it then mild youtube fame isn't for you.

The difference is that Taylor ALSO gets legit criticisms about supporting a rapist and having subpar animal care, but she's too narcissistic to differentiate and lumps all negative attention together as people bullying her because people are just so mean.

No. 525939

File: 1520728386505.png (435.58 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2018-03-10-17-28-45…)

Anyone remember what happened with her puffer fish?

No. 525948

I totally forgot about those! 99.9% chance that they're dead. I wouldn't put those puffers with bumblebee gobies. I don't think she's mentioned them since that video and they're not in her apartment.

No. 525953

lmaooo i did NOT expect him to sound like that… i pictured his voice as being chav-like and as autistic as he types

No. 525972

Can someone who isnt blocked try asking her plz, I COMPLETELY forgot about this. Anyone got anymore info/the vid that the tank is from?

Puffers are predators, and are actually pretty much assholes in terms of their behaviour to other species. Cute, but complete assholes.

That tank is bit small for the puffer to thrive fully grown, DEFINITELY too small to make non-hostile interaction possible between the predator/prey fish. Doubt she has the time/consideration to properly monitor an aquarium.

No. 525979

She also had hermit crabs (which enclosure was innapropiated for them btw)
The video feature on my feed, sorry for giving views but it caught my eyes the puffer


No. 525984

File: 1520732147007.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180310-183634.png)

I'm not expert on drugs but isn't that weed? Or am I just dumb?

No. 525989


Ironically she made a video about how hermit crabs are some of the most neglected pets

No. 525990

yes that’s weed

No. 525992

Yea, looks pretty high quality too. I would say thats why the photo was posted too lol. Look at all ma rly good weed!!!! sooooo much of it!

No. 525998

Does jonny ever drink a real beer?

No. 526003

File: 1520733306502.png (137.29 KB, 750x1334, 43C2AD89-AD2C-47F1-A5F3-E07385…)

Also, isn’t jonny not supposed to be “drinking gluten”

No. 526004

Supposedly the whole "u can't have gluten beers" thing was a joke.

No. 526005


The issue is (apparently) Taylor’s Celiac is so severe she has to ask fast food workers to swap their gloves to prevent cross-contamination when making her food so I imagine kissing someone who had gluten would produce a similar reaction

No. 526016

Since when is this impressive? Lmao

I live where weed is legal and you get shit like that for free when you order deliveries. Less, but still. No one is impressed.

No. 526024

File: 1520735747373.png (42.63 KB, 750x301, IMG_3078.PNG)

for those who dont feel like googling her social blade, her subs and views are going WAY down

No. 526031


Yeah, someone already posted about it earlier.

No. 526045


i'm one of those people that unsubscribed and unfollowed, and have adblock installed.

No. 526053

Well I just learned that Cheetos are gluten free.

Also, didn't they just play Denver? I'm sure they stocked up on weed while in CO.

No. 526057


Pretty sure they were in la yesterday and it’s legal here too so… still not impressive at all. Loving the sober lifestyle of a heroin addict………………

Also loving how Taylor is finally in LA, not getting cheese tattooed by Romeo “her tattoo artist” who is “one of the best” (can safely say his work is overall pretty SHIT) and a fan is somewhere out there fucking with a cheese tattoo!!! Truly blows my mind

Sage for what feels like blogging

No. 526062

Isn't she supposed to be getting a giant ass crocodile tattoo?

I hope I run into her while she's here so I can call her out on being an animal killer in person.

No. 526078

Surprising, huh? What a waste of talent.

No. 526081

After reading these comments I gave in and listened to True Colors.
This is the kind of emo shit I would've been into in high school. Too bad his behavior has fucked him and his whole band over lmao.

No. 526092

File: 1520743918061.png (735.79 KB, 750x1334, 0B87BE21-D109-4281-A8DC-61EC4B…)

Did anyone happen to catch what his so called “rude message” was. If it wasn’t worth it Jonny maybe you shouldn’t have even wrote it in the first place. But you never learned the phrase “think before you speak” did you?

No. 526095

Oh, Jonny's voice is fucking amazing and it's not fair at all. I've followed his drama for a long time and came here for Jonny milk in the first place but I've learned a ton about animals i'll never own in the meantime and I'm truly scared and horrified for all of Taylor's pets.

Funny about the "worth it" comment. He and Kyle Lucas have a song called Worth It and the chorus is

"Did you really think that I was worth it?
Did you really think that he was worth it?
Where, When did you decide, to play it in your mind?
Did you really think that I was perfect?
Did you really that he was perfect?
Where in your mind, did you decide?

We all know
We all know how it’s going to end
How it’s going to end
We all know
We all know
How it’s going to end, how it’s going to end"

No. 526100


Gasp someone told someone else to kill themselves on the Internet how will our princess survive?!

No. 526102


What the hell does Taylor being “the most beautiful person to ever exist” have to do with being told to kill herself? Only ugly people are allowed to kill themselves? Also nice posed selfie where the angle makes Taylor look naked again and you don’t see any of her facial features other than her big lips.

No. 526110

Jonny just likes to enforce Taylor's role in his life. He has never called her smart, strong, clever, interesting, any adjective in the book but she's BEAUTIFUL and RICH! This type of consistent language is an abuse tactic, without these things she will feel worthless to him, so she better keep that waist and bank account in line. Sage for psych fag.

No. 526124


>i hope you find someone like her to pull you through

what, a neglectful, lazy, vain, stupid, over-reactive perma-victim? lol, no thanks

No. 526126

Idgi. Is this like the first hate message Taylor has ever gotten? They're treating it like a huge travesty.

I have gotten worse hate messages and I am not even remotely a public figure lmao

No. 526153

I just looked him up…his voice is the epitome of the kind of music I despised in middle school. My sister was obsessed with this whiny, emo, girly-boy sound. I hated hearing it. No wonder Taylor doesn't promote it on her page.

No. 526162

File: 1520754858376.jpeg (389.35 KB, 750x723, AB2AC780-FEF5-4218-B510-9A2B51…)

Holy fuck she looks and sounds dead in the gecko vid.

And why the fuck is she misting the tank FOUR times a day? That’s absurd. They only need it once or twice.

No. 526164

I highly doubt she’s misting the cage four times a day. When she lies she tends to over compensate.

No. 526165


This, and that she posted pictures of her Geckos with dead plants in his terrarium, which she deleted, so I doubt she even bothers to mist at all.

No. 526175

Bearded dragons are super fragile when they’re young. They also require a pretty specific diet that changes as they get older. Calling it now, they either gave it away or it died.

No. 526189

File: 1520756568556.png (63.47 KB, 747x271, IMG_0695.PNG)

More young fans being inspired by Tay to get hard to care for animals on a whim, why do these comments trigger me so much.

No. 526195

Comments from kids like this infuriate me. Taylor doesn’t know jack shit about half the animals she has.

No. 526205

File: 1520759218620.png (132.25 KB, 750x1010, IMG_0696.PNG)

Am I tinfoil or is this in a fucking car? The weird patch of light, her legs, it looks like the background is the back of a seat with the little folder type pouch? She did not bring a snake on tour, right?? Right?

No. 526210


Before 2016, her male kuda seahorse (which have a 1-5 yr lifespan) Mystery died. She claims because of amonia poisoning while she was out of town. She also claimed her male seahorse Nova had a miscarriage in a September 2016 video.

November that year she made an “seahorse abortion video” about Nova. She claims her female seahorse Misty went from perfectly healthy to dead. She gave her two female erectus seahorses (which have a lifespan of 1-4 yrs) to an aquarium shop. She also said in this video she’d had seahorses for a year. She accidentally aborted Nova’s fry. She included a clip of him acting panicked, and claimed it was due to his response to the medicine she’d given him believing he had a parasite, but male seahorses always act distressed before labor, which can take hours or even days. In March 2017, she reintroduced her female erectus seahorses and in the description of the video, claimed Nova “lost the fight” to the unnamed parasite. So that made three seahorses that we know of that died in her care.

2018, January, she made a video with the description “ALL OF MY PETS.” There were no seahorses in that video. Which means, as of March this year, it has been a year since her two female erectus seahorses were seen. They’re almost certainly dead, too. Which makes five total seahorses dead in her care after two years- when their lifespan should be 4 or 5 yrs in captivity.

No. 526225

File: 1520762805742.png (4.21 MB, 1536x2048, 012AED84-2F86-4D0D-B480-4772F6…)

I was thinking the same thing, you can see the edge of the front seat in this one

No. 526227

You sure that's not just taken the same day she got that snake? (also pics taken in a car, same or similar leggings) I sure hope she didn't bring a snake on tour

No. 526247

I’m pretty sure that’s from the same day she got him. I looked on her insta for the picture of when she got him and she’s wearing the same pants.

No. 526250

IF she's actually misting 4 times a day it might be to compensate for the mesh side that clearly isn't keeping humidity in the tank. I doubt she actually is though since none of the plants survived.

No. 526254

is that legal in america? (im stupid)

No. 526261


Legal in some states, illegal in others. But it’s so easy to find that it doesn’t really matter if it’s illegal people do it anyway

No. 526295

I mean I don’t want the geckos to die but I want her to learn a lesson…

Overmisting can kill them in about two weeks to a month so we’ll see if they end up getting respitory infections or not…

Or maybe she’ll be one of the lucky ones who takes improper care but they still live on

No. 526310

I don't want them to die but I hope this doesn't happen. Then she'll be like "wow I'm so good at taking care of difficult animals" and buy more to abuse

No. 526326

File: 1520785361384.png (85.63 KB, 1162x370, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 8.58…)

Taytays my favorite cow lately because she's so up her own ass, she can't even deflect a simple observation correctly. She'd sooner quit youtube than actually address the well-being of her own hoard.

No. 526391


(Sage for blogging?) I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like any other animal owner spends at least a few minutes of their free time a day sitting and watching their animals just because they think they’re cool and want to see what they’ll do.

The fact she only seems to take them out for glamour shots is kind of disingenuous. It’s less “wow this animal is so cute/funny/cool” and more “look at how EDGY my animal is”

No. 526413

File: 1520793877396.png (143.76 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-11-11-40-51…)

They are talking about this snake
And the link she put is a photo of the snake back in January (to show she didn't just bought) even if the person got it wrong about the snake it is right.

No. 526414

File: 1520793910672.png (302.2 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-11-11-40-24…)

This made me laugh

No. 526420

This is actually something that bothers me about Taylor. People say that her animals only take minutes a day to care for. Yes, that's true if all you do is throw some food at them instead of using feeding time as an opportunity to give everyone a quick inspection and to check if their set up is still functioning properly.

So she basically just made the case for why anyone would say she uses animals as accessories. Dear god, the lack of self awareness…

No. 526422

Taylor is the type of attention seeking bimbo who posts videos and pics of her animals, only to get super offended and turn into a victim when people ask to see videos of them because they like her animals and because so many of them have already died. This is why more and more people aren't liking you anymore Taylor, figure it out dummy.

No. 526425

>>526391 Exactly, she's like a 12 year old who gets a pet out of impulse, then shoves it in a corner and forgets about it. She needs to realize that animals are living creatures and not accessories. I can't believe she's 20 and doesn't get it yet.

No. 526429

File: 1520795499387.png (159.43 KB, 750x899, IMG_0700.PNG)

It's so bad, it makes me feel bad for her dumb fan who got it.

No. 526431


SO BAD!! I’m loving how she’s posting this on social media now that she has been called out on. Twitter for being in la with no tattoo!

No. 526433

File: 1520795919426.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180311-151724.png)

another one

No. 526454

The best part is that it’s better then the one taylor got lmao

No. 526456

lol I was going to say this is a much better piece. Larger so it can have more detail. Might not hold up considering it's position, but will holdup a lot better than Taylor's.

Also looks like they copied the snake design. Bet Taylor's pissed.

No. 526460

What is with the snakes head??? Never in my life have i seen a snake that looks like that

No. 526469

File: 1520799639924.gif (15.82 KB, 445x291, snakehds.gif)

It's stylised but it's supposed to be a venomous snake like in most traditional tattoos.

No. 526497

File: 1520803021796.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180311-171711.png)

Taylors hands are definitely puffed up like Jonnys

No. 526501

File: 1520803156550.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1439, 20180311_172015.png)

Heres a photo of her hand before she was with Jonny for comparison

No. 526506

I think it’s because the THC chocolate just kicked in but this picture and your caption is cracking me up, anon.

No. 526511

File: 1520803838565.jpg (395.4 KB, 1072x1346, Screenshot_20180311-172904.jpg)

No. 526512

File: 1520803866501.jpg (566.19 KB, 1067x1517, Screenshot_20180311-172935.jpg)

No. 526528

so she admits her animals are accessories?

No. 526529

File: 1520804613790.jpg (659.88 KB, 1056x1560, Screenshot_20180311-174124.jpg)

Going through her old tags.. None of these videos are still public on her channel. They're from 2015

No. 526537

File: 1520804887760.jpg (816 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180311_174744.jpg)


No. 526542

Yikes she looked so much better before..

No. 526551

Is she not allowed to do her hair and makeup when she's on tour with Jonny?

No. 526566


Feel like she's going to regret that in 5-10 years. Especially when she wants to get into a profession that requires looking clean and professional. As for someone who have tattoos and is in health care, i would never place it on any part that is hard to cover up when i'm at work.


No. 526579


i think she looks better in those photos than the made up ones.

having been on tour, it's a huge pain in the ass if you have a lengthy shower/beauty routine, especially if you're sharing rooms and showers. you're going to inconvenience other people. streamlined packing and routines are a must.

it's probably not because jonny won't 'allow' her. most narcissists want their arm candy looking as good as possible because it makes them look more attractive in their eyes.

No. 526595

File: 1520808445247.jpeg (365.45 KB, 1242x1658, D6C841FD-6330-4339-90B8-565867…)

They were in my city last night and jonny is a fucking manlet lmao. No wonder he acts out, he's so Goddamn small

No. 526613

Haha fuck. I can’t believe he dresses like that either dude you’re fuckin 30 years old. Cringe.

No. 526628

File: 1520811003032.png (1.45 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180311-192828.png)

She claims she wants to get a cheese tattoo next. She's literally only posting this because she got criticism for being in LA and not getting the tattoo done like she said she would. If no one said anything she would have never even made this post, but she needs to make sure her brainwashed fans think she's actually loyal to them.

No. 526636

File: 1520811161125.jpeg (211.15 KB, 1092x1064, D1380750-3FF7-4D98-9250-11637E…)

Her job is so difficult, especially considering she uploads maybe once a month and has admitted her friend “works along side her” to take care of the animals even when she’s home.

No. 526644

I mean, her animals are her job and she chose to make them her job willingly. If taking care of them is so stressful she has to go on vacation every month for weeks then she should have less animals, especially since she’s ~so sick~ and has talked in past videos about not being able to get out of bed…

No. 526645


Wow why are her fans delusional?!

I know people that work actual jobs with animals that are supposed to be 9-5 jobs but will often stay hours after they're being paid to stay there if something is wrong with one of the animals, and they come in on the weekends unpaid to check on the animals, Taylor is certainly no saint for looking after animals she's chosen to have in her personal life. Doing youtube is her 'job' but looking after her animals isn't. That's a commitment she can't just walk away from like quitting a job or taking a vacation off work (although she seems to think its acceptable)

sage for blogging about how theres too many examples of better people than Taylor

No. 526662

I don’t even like leaving my cat home for the weekend and she’s off partying for weeks with a house full of animals

No. 526665

File: 1520813199262.jpeg (433.63 KB, 1242x1952, 9BE0D2A0-B5A3-462F-98FF-57A2E7…)


No. 526666


Same, I literally have a camera on my animals so I can watch them if I leave the house for just an hour… I don't know how she does it, especially with her cats now(blogposting)

No. 526685

She should try having a full time job for a change. I have 12 animals and I work 40 hours a week. Anyways, Taylor is probably the most lazy person I've ever seen with forty animals. I have no doubt that some people can look after that many animals and have a job, but Taylor does not seem capable of either.
On another note, she really needs to get her story straight about how her animals are being looked after when she's away. From what I gather, it seems someone who can't tell a roughneck from a blackthroat is looking after them, and with Jonny's Brasil tour coming up, who knows how long she'll be gone this year.(blogposting)

No. 526704

>>526685 She's not intimated to show her animals, it's all manipulation and lies. She's intimated to show them in the bad conditions she keeps them in, suffering, and the loss she's already had. Maybe one or some of the Satanic Leaftail geckos died already. The Crab probably died. Her Hermit crabs probably died. The Puffer, a bunch of others. She has zero problem with posting pictures of her plastic face even on a bad hair day or on a whim. She really, does not want people to know how bad these animals are living with her. Jonny knows zero about animals, so he's not going to be able to call her out if she's being neglectful. I bet half the time he's drunk anyway and has no clue.

No. 526710


No. 526720

>>526710 I agree, it's so hard to leave my animals and they're always sad when I leave, even for short trips to run errands. She only got the cats so that she had the status of having them. Of course the stories about the cats was all fabricated too, and killing one of them. Lmao I've never in my life heard of anyone making up stories about acquiring cats, especially cat rescuers/adopters. I've seen lots of stories of rescuers desperately trying to save cats off of death row and unable to, because the shelter killed them first before they could get them out. No our Taylor bought one kitten and lied about it to look like she's soooo caring. Fucking cunt.(blogposting)

No. 526732


I only have ONE pet and I had to cancel multiple vacation trips because I didn’t want to leave him. Just imagine if I had 20+!? I would probably become a hermit and only come out to work so I can give them all a good life, but I only chose ONE cuz I know my limit. How about you Taylor?(blogposting)

No. 526739

File: 1520818805892.jpeg (125.82 KB, 1292x644, A726A77D-35EA-4967-9FEF-8F6D7C…)

Wonder who this is directed towards.

No. 526746

>>526739 Maybe the band members are sick of her constantly taking about herself and her internet drama that she instigated herself. Maybe they're sick of her constantly following Jonny around on tour, where they can't get their man time together. She is one of those chicks.

No. 526759

fucking lol. He looks like a gnome with a moldy loaf of bread balanced on his head.

No. 526762

Wonder if other girlfriends are along?

No. 526786


Has she had anything done other than her lip fillers? Maybe I'm just dumb but in the brunette pic she looks like a completely different person
I might be remembering a different cow but did Taylor ever talk about wanting to be a model? To me at least in the before pic I would believe she was one.

No. 526813

Not sure why this is marked as blogposting but ok
Another pet peeve of hers seems to be when people ARE bothered by something (her animal care in particular) and speak up about it :/

No. 526815


She didn’t just claim she would, she promised it for when she hit a million subs. Six months ago.

No. 526824


> “What she does is so tough”

What, her youtube job where she sits in front of the camera and rambles for twenty minutes (because she doesn’t write scripts or plans anything), barely waits and barely uploads two videos a week, or her taking care of her animals?

Both of which are her own choice, so it’s not like I feel fucking bad for her.

No. 526833


It looks like she's probably gotten at least some cheek fillers as well. watch some of the old videos and she looks like a totally different person than both of those photos. it is pretty crazy.


Kyle's gf is. Not sure about others, but it's fairly common for gfs to come and go while the bands are on tour

No. 526859

>>52678 Several years ago Taylor said she was moving to LA to become a model. That was before YouTube fame though

No. 526864

File: 1520830165658.jpeg (195.58 KB, 750x893, 6BC0C328-90D4-4CB3-9C28-9A263B…)

If she fucking gets one of those snakes I wouldn’t be surprised

No. 526865


It'll be her excuse to feed live after that whole weird thing the other week trying to jump to feeding her other snake live.

No. 526895

sage for speculation, but since Johnny seems to be a first "longterm"/live-in bf it's possible the hand swelling and at least some of the face changes are from birth control. That >>526537 side by side pic definitely looks like her face is filled out more (in addition to the lip fillers) and bc can do that

No. 526897

Yeah this is very true, its water weight so would explain why its puffy. It goes away within a few months though generally so we'll see.

No. 526901


Interesting video if anyone wants to see show stupid Taylor is for getting a monitor and how hard handling them is.

No. 526904

File: 1520835457094.jpeg (292.52 KB, 1936x968, 37503849-0025-4153-86A6-891817…)

Something I just thought of. He really doesn’t look like he’s grown at all. He’s wild-caught and she never mentioned anything about treating him for parasites at all. And of course she never quarantined him plus doesn’t wash her hands between opening different enclosures, so if he does have parasites it’s only a matter of time before her other snakes have them too.

No. 526947

Holy shit that guy is so calm and unconcerned about it. Can’t imagine Taylor taking it very well if she ever gets a bad bite.

No. 526953

File: 1520846798004.png (876.03 KB, 1242x2208, 08B1BFAA-4B37-4593-BCE7-ECADAA…)

No. 526954

do we have any proof of her kingsnake being alive recently? could be a sneaky swap, if shes called out on it she could just say "i was just asking about her snake ever heard of socialising!!1"

No. 526958

Why does she want to feed live so much? It's just such a terrible idea. Most snake lovers avoid it at all costs.

No. 526966


She said in her previous post about feeding live that she was dreading it, but I’m not so sure. Maybe she sees it as some weird milestone in snake ownership or something.

No. 526967

I’m convinced she wants to have at least one snake to feed live because in her mind it’ll gain her more “respect” from hardcore idiots who think that’s what owning a snake is about.

It will become a good excuse for a clickbaity video too “Why I have to feed my snake live 😞” and a big boohoo story about how hard it is for her as if she hasn’t been foaming at the mouth to do it.

No. 526969


“It’s sooo hard because it hurts to feed live every time since I also have a mouse and I love him so much”

Then why not put him in a larger enclosure?

No. 526971

I just don't understand how she will get the supply of live feed for snakes, or you know… how she'll keep them in enclosures.

Even if this is live food, there's no excuse to leave them in shit conditions

No. 526973


Probably Petco, since I doubt she’ll go to that other store she badmouthed out of embarrassment

No. 526974

It’s obvious she hasn’t thought it through beyond one single feed. I watch another youtuber who raises her own feeder rodents and gives them nice lives but when it comes to killing them, she does it herself because none of her multiple snakes actually eats live. I can’t see Tay raising live for one snake at the rate they breed. She’d start trying to feed them all on it so she wouldn’t have to get her hands dirty.

No. 526999

Jesus that guy was so calm, imagine Taylor screaming "oh my eds"

No. 527008

Yeah and not only does he have to deal with the pain of the physical bite, he gets to feel the pain of it getting infected because monitors have a load of bacteria in their bites/mouths sorta like komodo dragons to an extent.

Not only do I think Taylor took on an animal too difficult for her, she didn't think of her/her bf/her other animals safety. Once they bite they lock down aswell & they're hard to get off, idk how she thinks shes able to be strong enough to handle that without it doing serious damage.

one bite and it would be a 20 minute video about how her monitor bit her and she couldnt handle the danger of it and rehomed it to someone more capable.

No. 527011

IA with this and I think part of Taylor’s “what should I do guise!!” Tweets were to justify rehoming an animal that she knew was beyond the effort she wanted to put in. She had it a month, therefore (before she fucked up with completely wrong subspecies) she had bragging rights for experience with monitors. IMO she never would have given it what it needed, she won’t even go above minimum requirements for the majority of her small animals. A fucking monitor.

No. 527025

I know girls who have gone on tour with bands that have longer hair than her, but they still manage to do their hair and makeup. A lot of them will literally go in the venue's bathroom and do it.

I'm not saying anything about her looks, but it's funny to me that every time she's out somewhere with Jonny, she either isn't made up or the makeup job looks horrible.

No. 527039

The Komodo dragon does not have a septic bite. A 2013 study found no such bacteria present. It's likely that the monitor bite bacteria is similar. Intact, their mouths are cleaner than most mammals.

Cat bites are way more dangerous infection wise. Mamals are worse that reptiles likely because they don't frequently replace their teeth. Not that you'd want a monitor to bite you…

Here's a good summary post on Komodo dragons: https://imgur.com/gallery/RUeB9

Also, I swear to god. She better not have had a pregnant woman cleaning litter boxes. Toxoplasmosis is super dangerous for a developing fetus and comes from exposure to cat shit. And kittens treat their litter boxes like a playground, so they better have been far away from her.

No. 527079

ur a dumbass. why are u proud of telling someone to kill themselves? u couldve actually criticised her and said something important that would create change and improve the lives of her animals. so fucking stupid

No. 527101


Why the fuck are you replying to someone who got banned two days ago? No one fucking cares anymore, everyone in this thread knows Taylor doesn’t give a shit about criticism stop with the virtue signaling and pretending like shit would have gone differently

No. 527250

Maybe he only just read it; not everyone's on here everyday you know. What the original anon did what bloody pitiful, and deserves all the admonishing it can get. Now can we go back to the real topic here?

No. 527267

File: 1520879953124.jpeg (396.4 KB, 750x881, 75496C49-F70C-4ABE-B4D2-A28A80…)

Lmao oddly specific complaint. How petty can you be? Is this seriously worth tweeting about? So fucking passive aggressive

No. 527293

No wonder her fans are all 12 she acts like she's in middle school

Just talk to the person directly jfc

No. 527309


It doesn’t matter if they just read it, the topic was already dropped and the person was banned. Y’all can stop white knighting now

No. 527311


In my experience dumbasses like Taylor who assume people who are more passive than them “lied” about not wanting something when they did, in reality it tends to be the obnoxious person’s fault and the other person rarely makes a big deal

No. 527324

Thats not even two-faced… she's fucking dumb

No. 527440


I know right? Some people just don’t like making big deals of things in the moment

No. 527557

File: 1520901336205.png (833.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180312-203130.png)

She posted this a month ago and still hasn't gotten the tattoo. Idk if anyone covered this yet, but Taylor literally doesn't hold up any of her promises to her fans. She literally acts as if everything is too hard for her and she cant do simple things; such as constantly taking breaks from everything and constant excuses as to why she cant do simple things (making a video). If Taylor keeps this up, are her fans going to realize that she doesn't care about them or her animals, only her image?
Sage for not really contributing/ranting

No. 527559

Thank you for correcting me! I'm really shocked to hear this actually because this seemed like a really solid myth haha. Taylor doesn't have the actual time, experience or respect to train a large lizard. She doesn't handle her spider because it flicks hairs at her and irritates her sensitive EDS skin. So angry about the monitor tbh.

No. 527592

File: 1520905123910.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, EB80C6BD-AD88-46EC-90FB-73842B…)

Em’s throwing some shade about the whole wild caught situation now…
(Safe because not Taylor-specific)

No. 527609


Dude she brought it up a month ago, but she made the actual promise six or seven months ago.

No surprise she hasn’t actually done it though since it doesn’t fit with her edgy aesthetic

No. 527729

A thing that just bugs me about the girl getting Cheese tattooed on her is that it looks to me like she used that specific picture that Taylor posted as a reference. Maybe even the only reference. Also when you want to sage you need to type sage in the email field of your post

No. 527732

I wonder if you compare the old pictures of Cheese and the new one.. would the spots/marks be the same?

No. 527932

Someone with knowledge on Cowfish, do their spots change overtime? I went through Taylor’s Instagram and it looks like “cheese” has changed patterns quite a bit but I’m not sure if that’s natural

No. 527933

File: 1520951838409.png (213.64 KB, 750x1334, 1E7224CE-33DF-4111-B7E0-C04EBB…)


No. 527934

He doesn't seem to have grown much at all either? I know theres been speculation that he got replaced at some point

No. 527936


Here’s another video, if i’m not mistaken you can see Taylor in this one

No. 527940

I have these screen captured in case they magically disappear but they should be available via twitter

No. 527941

This is hilarious! Is TayTay gonna pay him out?

No. 527942

Hily shit!
Apparently Taylor can’t bail him out, someone on twitter said he has to go to court or something I’m not familiar with AZ laws

No. 527943


Apparently they weren’t allowed to perform an encore so Jonny’s solution was to damage equipment that wasn’t his

No. 527944


Oh i tried looking for her in this video but couldn't see her

No. 527945

File: 1520952634828.jpg (278.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180313-095237.jpg)

She's acting like everything's fine

No. 527946

I bet he was drunk. I hope he nailed for that too.

No. 527947

I hope they drug test him

No. 527949

File: 1520952784557.png (78.29 KB, 1157x968, firefox_2018-03-13_14-52-37.pn…)

his court listing

No. 527952

Lol, this will sober him up!

No. 527956

File: 1520953302381.jpeg (232.67 KB, 750x1334, 834D0C24-C56F-4B40-90E0-16355E…)

I was thinking this was her, possibly wearing a hat

No. 527957

Lol, not that they would drug test him, but even if they did its not like they could charge him for it, unless he's still on probation from his felony narcotics charge? Which I don't think is likely considering it happened in 2011 but who knows.
The worst part about these videos are the cringey fan girl screams

No. 527958


She's got blonde straw hair now remember? She was there though, she filmed before all this on her instagram

No. 527961

I think that person is wearing a beanie with all their hair tucked in

No. 527964

File: 1520953961987.gif (731.02 KB, 220x220, IMG_0757.GIF)

I can just imagine TayTay begging the venue not to call the police and insisting she would pay for all the damage

No. 527965


Haha, literally! If that is her in the black hat (?) when the security say "relax guys, the cops are already here." you can here her (?) shout "WHAT?"


No. 527970

L O L. I can't wait to see how Taylor handles this. Will she outright ignore it and act like it never happened, or get all passive aggressive on everyone. Taylor's mum is gonna have a fucking meltdown

She is probably going to make up some fantasy untrue story about how the venue punched jonny and how he done it cus he was the victim, and they're the victims and he didnt deserve to get arrested.

Family friendly pet mom life

No. 527973


Can't stop laughing at him falling off stage. Hes such a mess, how do venues still book him?!

No. 527974

care to show some comparison pictures? i went through her instagram looking for cheese earlier as well, but only noticed that he didn't have spots when taylor first got him, which is pretty normal for fish imo..
i think she definitely would replace cheese if anything ever happened to him, but i'm not convinced it has already happened.

No. 527978

File: 1520955360908.jpeg (110.35 KB, 750x847, 0043AF12-0CCC-4557-AF26-98AE15…)

Old picture of cheese

No. 527979

File: 1520955384326.jpeg (186.36 KB, 750x809, A481ABE1-EA3A-495C-BBDB-134559…)

Most recent picture of cheese

No. 527980

It very well may be the same fish that got a new patten with age but I know nothing about fish which is why I posted

No. 527981


Interesting, you'd think they'd get more coloration with age but the dark spot under his mouth has gone?

I know nothing about fish either but thats interesting

No. 527983


Yeah. I was just curious because in the video she deleted, cheese is still the same size as before.

No. 527986


In his mindset, he can do whatever he wants to do cuz he got a sugamama to pay his bail, fees, and all the money he owes. Not only that, they have children defending whatever they do because they're just "taking a break"

Sage for no new info

No. 527988

I don't know much about cowfish personally but some other aquarium fish change colour throughout their lives, goldfish are notorious for it. Other fish change colour/pattern depending on their mood, the time of the day, breeding behaviour, age. Cichlid's are a huge example. In this case I just think Cheese has coloured depending on the lighting/time of day. Its hard to tell because goldfish for example are VERY different from each other, but neon tetras are example are hard to differentiate as they all look the same.

No. 527990

He does look like he's grown a bit. Looking at his fins, his body is bigger than it used to be in comparison. I was just reading on a forum about cowfish and it seems like a lot of people have problems keeping them alive. She'd never admit it even if it were true though.

No. 527992

For someone who suffers from EDS and other things she likes to claim, Taylor likes to live a complicated trashy life that makes her open to injuries. Then again, her mother seems pretty posessive and controling so she probably embeded the idea that Taylor suffers from something so Taylor can just stay home and depend on her [mom].

Hopefully this incident with Jonny opens her eyes to what she has to deal with on the daily, then again she probably feeds off this.

Sage for speculation, etc

No. 527997

File: 1520956942973.jpg (127.58 KB, 586x340, 1520955360908.jpg)

idk man, the spots line up pretty well

No. 528012

I think its still the same cheese tbh
Not trying to white night but Taylor isnt ALL bad
Shes just stupid
She has gotten soo much worse since jonny tho

No. 528026


Jfc, so he just shows up to his shows hammered/high off his ass or what? I also don’t see how venues book him, what a mess. How is Taylor attracted to such a trashy lifestyle like this?? I don’t get it. Can’t wait to see how she tries to either act like it didn’t happen or victimize themselves like it’s not their fault, boohoo

No. 528029

No, yesterday was the last date on this tour.

No. 528040

File: 1520960120830.png (285.58 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0797.PNG)

lol these comments

No. 528041

File: 1520960268159.png (301.74 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0798.PNG)


how much you wanna bet that top comment is queen taylor? since she spends all day googling their names anyway it wouldn't be
too far fetched that she found this article

No. 528046

I'd agree except that comment is from 172 days ago in Michigan. I think that's before they met but who knows for sure.

No. 528075

Guy has all the shitty qualities of a stereotypical thug while being a monumental lightweight. Fitting that he got arrested for slamming a mic on the ground during an toddler-grade meltdown.

Bonus: the number of people in that vid pissed off about the show being over was laughably small. Most seemed more upset about their night ending prematurely than giving a shit about Jonny. Fucking lol. Well done, Arizona.

No. 528091

Oh my god wow. Any idea what equipment he damaged?

No. 528101

Apparently the venue wouldn't let them play their encore song so he threw down the microphones, busting them. I saw it in a comment on the story posted above so don't know how true it is but sounds like something he'd do.

No. 528103

The video with him choking the fan, he clearly looks pretty messed up.

Also, this was their last show on the tour which is funny and ironic to me that he got arrested on the very last show.


No. 528111

File: 1520967396012.png (224.5 KB, 1216x526, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 2.54…)

The venue claims they didn't cut the set, the cops showing up did. I've known bands to cut the last day's sets short so that they can party their asses off on the last day so not too uncommon, although shitty for fans.

No. 528113

The link I posted was an old one that I found on twitter, the video of him choking the fan was months ago.

He got arrested for acting equally as violent/stupid at another venue. Heres the news link to that


No. 528116


'We just made sure everyone was safely leaving the venue while our frontman was being arrested dw dw''

You can tell Taylor is embarrassed by this as she hasn't mentioned it, and you can't even blame her. She's so lucky most of her YouTube subscribers don't follow her tbh

No. 528135

File: 1520969057588.png (58.76 KB, 1166x596, firefox_2018-03-13_19-24-11.pn…)

Update on his court case, he's been dismissed

No. 528137


Which means Taylor paid the bill. ugh

No. 528139


Meh, I both can and can’t blame her. She willingly entered a relationship with a druggy, rapist, trashy human being. Like what other kind of behavior do people expect from him? That’s good ol JC for ya. I hope this helps expose him to what a shitty person he really is so she brightens the fuck up and leaves. Then again, she probably feeds off this shit and he is so incredibly manipulative that he is doing everything he can to make it seem like HE’s the victim in all this.
Sage for blogging

No. 528148

File: 1520969903209.jpg (272.26 KB, 1075x1234, IMG_20180313_123831.jpg)


No. 528162


I’m loving the sage for blogging without actually saging the post hahah

No. 528163

One of Taylor's stans is trying to convince people Jonny wasn't actually arrested… Lol

No. 528178

How much was Jonny's bail?

No. 528200


Fuck man my bad lmao. Thought I added it in before typing the message.

Anyways, surprised nothing yet had been heard since Jonny got bailed out by Taylor. Everyone is probably still coming up with some BS story to cover their tracks.

http://shockwavemagazine.com/charges-slaves-jonny-craig-dismissed/ His charges were supposedly dropped? So he got away with damaging the venue?

No. 528228

File: 1520975202679.jpeg (199.05 KB, 750x1179, 7F182C59-1E46-4BB8-A18D-2AD32E…)

No. 528230

File: 1520975224785.jpeg (154.13 KB, 750x1082, 2792168C-2A4E-48F3-B873-831800…)

No. 528248

3 most dangerous words known to man.

Watch this be like ''the band was using drugs backstage something we don't allow''

No. 528253

File: 1520975951022.png (592.08 KB, 750x1334, B9CBDFF2-CF1C-434A-B7B3-5335BF…)

Apparently this is nothing out of the ordinary for him and he’s just repeating the cycle

No. 528278

Amazing. Taylor and Jonny gives out better milk than all those reality shows. Only thing left is poor little princess to become pregnant to add to her collection (hope she doesn't) or get married.

Sage for not adding anything new

No. 528279


Apparently this is the video of him throwing the microphone on the ground?

No. 528281


Why does the quality and sound of this video make it seem like this show was in a small room with 5-10 people in the audience? Or is this just me

No. 528283

LOL seriously, this is what they call a “tour”.

Jesus what pathetic behavior for a 31 year old. Acts like a defiant 12 year old.

No. 528284

File: 1520977938962.png (168.99 KB, 716x823, Screenshot_2018-03-13-17-51-53…)

No. 528288

Yeah, both Amanda and Chelsea have said that him living with Taylor was the honeymoon phase and that shit always hits the fan during their tours.

They also explained that tours happen that often because Jonny blows the cash on drugs, clothing, and luxury items, which is why he moves in with the women he's just entered into a relationship with since he can't be on a lease due to his criminal record.

Taylor knows damn well he's not sober, but I imagine she thinks she's the one who'll finally fix him and prove everybody else that with the power of love and dedicaion he's finally free of his demons or whatever.

No. 528291

First, the place looks like a dump. The county fair has nicer stages. Second, is that the back of Taylor’s head in the foreground on the right with the messy blonde bun?

No. 528292


Venue: They were on schedule, but during the show Jonny and his crew started to cause havoc on stage. We don't tolerate any type of violence, so we tried to contain it but the police had to be involved.

Jonny: BuT WeeE WANTED To CONTINUE THE PARRTYY and THEY Wouldnt LET US!!!! Waaahhhh!


No. 528297

That was his power move? Delicately unplug the mics and then half-heartedly spike them on the ground? The second-hand embarrassment is real.

When they announced the venues, a ton of people were saying the spaces Slaves booked were super trashy and could only fit a few dozen people at most. This was a seriously rinky-dink tour, esp for a guy who flexes more than ppl who sell out actual stadiums do.

No. 528298


Honestly I wonder if that’s the main reason she’s still with him. Besides the angsty teenager that dates bad boys thing. She wants to be seen as the one woman who could handle Jonny when no one else could. The saint who changed him for the better. In a previous thread it was brought up that she probably likes to be seen as “the snake charmer”. Jonny is this bad boy savage guy, but he’s also Taylor’s sweet little angel.
Ugh. Sage for ranting but their relationship is just gross. I found Taylor around a year ago and saw a lot of potential in her. But see through her bullshit now that I couldn’t see through before.

No. 528300

holy shit has anyone seen how big black throat monitors get?? where was she planning on housing this thing? those cats would be lunch jfc

No. 528302


That's exactly what i was thinking. Basically Taylor sees herself as some sort of Angel or Disney princess that can tame all animals and even fix him. I think that's why she even got a monitor lizard because of that

No. 528304

Yeah those things get fucking HUGE. I’ve seen videos of monitors eating rabbits. Why in the world did Taylor think a monitor would be an ok decision? Who knows what she did with it by now or if she kept it. Her dumbass would probably drop it or something when it gets too big for her to handle and then say “uhh muh EDS guys, I had to rehome it even though I said I was totally willing and capable to take care of it ;( “

No. 528307


Speaking of monitor lizard, that thing is huge! Tbh though, i dont think hers will even reach that big by the way she treats all her animals

No. 528310

its more likely the cats would kill the monitor tbh, they have gram negative bacteria under their claws and in their saliva so even if the monitor attacked them, they'd definitely get a bite or a scratch in which would likely leave taylor with a dead cat AND monitor

No. 528318

I’m always unsure if that’s why she decided to be with him or if it’s cause she just doesn’t care at all. i remember how her mom metioned that taylor wanted the “rockstar experience” or whatever and be rebellious or something. Cause you know, snorting shit with your boyfriend backstage is just so cool.
wouldn’t be suprised if that was her initial intention but she didn’t exactly think it through and realize that it would damage reputation. Or maybe she did but she just doesn’t care

No. 528330

No presence on social media since “the incident”.

No. 528336

Wellllll…….since the charges were dismissed by the DA, there is no bail. Read above and you’d know this. Eyeroll

No. 528337

Not to be weird but I can see the appeal of having one, to me it's cute and chunky and I love this guys little video picking up the big boy. That being said, the video made me want one for a split moment before I said to myself "wow having a reptile that big is a bad idea I can't take care of it". I guess Taylor just doesn't have that little voice in her head… what's it called…common sense?

No. 528379

I think it's because she's too proud to admit it was a bad decision to make.

It's pretty obvious to read through the whole ordeal if you piece everything together. According to her mom, she wanted the rockstar experience and that much seems to be true since she's parading around at venues and hoping people recognize her.

And yeah, she wants to be seen as the exception in a troubled man's life. Despite her being promiscuous and a liar when she lived with her parents, she was still pretty much sheltered. All these things are the outcome of that. But the thing is Jonny is an abuser who got with her less than a month after leaving Chelsea. He was never sober to begin with. He's just """"""behaving"""""" because his girlfriend is a youtuber. He may not be using but he's still getting hammered. He's still getting some sort of high, and Taylor is enabling it because she sees it as "helping him through his recovery".

Sage for blogging.

No. 528395

File: 1520985758938.png (549.79 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0800.PNG)

No. 528403

She = Taylor?

No. 528404

No. 528407

File: 1520986531051.png (769.5 KB, 1110x1402, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 8.13…)

I wanted to see if there was any good milk on the FB event thread. Usually when things like this happen, there's some posts on the page. But not this time…and it looks like it's because hardly anyone went! Of course FB events aren't accurate, but usually there's at least more "interested"!

No. 528411

Uhhh what? Why wasn't anyone else being arrested if the police were called on the other band?

No. 528415


I don't think that's Taylor. From all her snaps, she hangs out in the back mostly. My sister has EDS and she always hangs back or balcony at shows because you just never know what might happen.

No. 528417

"Dropped the Mic"… he slammed that shit as hard as he could like a fucking child. That behavior is inexcusable.

No. 528421


it's like Taylor bought Gizmo, and of course, didn't take care of him so he sprouted Jonny.

No. 528424

Yes, but your sister likely has common sense about her condition.

No. 528433


Or actually suffers from it instead of keeping it in the box of excuses.

No. 528458

‪i can't wait to hear her rationalize her manchild getting arrested for damaging venue property (something that doesn't happen to 99.999999999999999% of performers)‬

No. 528484

Honestly I think Taylor knew how big it would get. That’s why Jonny called it “Boss Baby” at first. They knew damn well that thing was gonna get huge and decided they would just deal with the size issue later

No. 528486

Slaves called that “dropping the mic” lol bullshit, he chucked those bitches hard

No. 528493

Jesus… At this point I only follow Taylor for the same reasons one might follow a friend who got drunk before noon- she's either gonna get hurt or do something really funny.

No. 528501

File: 1520993153406.png (68.97 KB, 655x243, black throat monitor.png)

Well when you google black throat monitor it says it 'normally has a mild temperment'. she probably didn't think about the fact that people who own monitors spend ALOT of time training them to be that way & thought shes gonna have a big cuddly lizard that she can make cute videos with. Taylor would probably grab the monitor and piss it off trying to get a photo with it.

you also see a video of someone sitting with their blackthroat on their chest while watching tv. this is actually the same guy who got bit by the semi-tame blue-tailed monitor and got a gaping hole in his hand despite years of experience

No. 528516

for everyone's reference. these are all the animals i counted on her instagram that have entered taylor's care 2014-today. the majority were acquired last year. sorry for not knowing all the right species and feel free to add if i missed any.

this girl is a problem.

jupiter (pac man) (deceased)
asteroid (pac man)
mushu (axolotl)
moon crab
80 turtles

milo (beta)
emo nemo (black clownfish)
zazu (lionfish)
5 female betas
target mandarin
2 clownfish
snowflake eel
jaw fish
puffer fish
kamohara blenny
school of killifish (multiple deceased from 'suicide jumps')
leopard ctenopoma
2 black storm clownfish

nova (deceased)
misty (deceased)

nala (deceased)
piper (deceased)

3 satanic geckos
echo (crested)
phoenix (crested)
drogo (croc skink)
dany (croc skink)
atta (leopard gecko)
bindi (blue tongue skink)
black throated monitor
twisty (bearded dragon)

toast (sand boa)
celia (hognose)
maui (python)
louie (python)
violet (python)
tate (python)
salem (???)
frank (python)
green tree python (deceased)
sabor (GTP)
gucci (king)
corn snake

cersei (tarantula)
mori (budwing mantis) (deceased)
leaf insect


nemo's sister (deceased)

No. 528521


oops i meant *ROUGHNECK monitor ;)

No. 528544


It is likely all of the seahorses are dead. Haven’t been seen in over a year.

No. 528545

Leaf Insect deceased too
And tea cup chihuahua

No. 528552

File: 1520996528138.png (517.9 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-13-21-00-04…)

He says "fuck the police" at the end

No. 528553

File: 1520996557914.png (395.42 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-13-21-00-33…)

No. 528564

Drinking a beer I see. But poor taytay can't kiss him then :(

No. 528565


Salem is the Mexican Black Kingsnake, I think.

And holy shit that's a ton of animals. And more specifically, a ton of separate enclosures and a ton of mammals that need time consuming enrichment. Fishkeepers can aquire a lot of fish fast because once you set up an aquarium, you can keep multiple things in it and lots of things if it's the right size aquarium (which hers aren't.) For example, I have something like 400+ animals, but that's because I have shrimp and snails breeding in three reasonably large aquariums. It's not like maintaining 400 separate animals. If she had big enough tanks, amount of fish would be fine (though her freshwater stocking is a disaster and a half.)

Almost none of her other animals are like that though. I bet the reptile enclosures aren't properly monitored for humidity/temp given that her "expert assistant" picked out the wrong kind of monitor in the video and kept calling caimans crocodiles or whatever. And there's no way the mammals are getting the attention or time outside cages they need while Taylor's away (or likely while she's there…) especially those kittens, which at this age should get a lot of human interaction to keep them from getting into stuff they shouldn't and to properly socialize them with people.

No. 528575

File: 1520998543970.png (588.65 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-13-21-32-05…)

No. 528581


Tay's money?

No. 528583


What a fucking loser.

No. 528588

>>528575 LMFAO shows how immature he is! What ADULT MALE feels a need to post money online from one earning moment. Who the hell does this. One that rarely has money, one that is compensating for being a loser. He doesn't own a house, he can't rent an apartment because of his record, hell he doesn't even own a car. He has nothing to his name except ridiculous chains around his neck and a few designer clothing items. Keep flashing that little amount of money Jonny, you'll blow it all on drugs and alcohol in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, you live like a fucking slob, clean up your garbage table loser.

No. 528606

My bet is that’s the money he/Taylor had to pay the lawyer to get his sorry ass out of jail

No. 528617


It might be his money he made on tour, and he's excited to have money for the first time in months and months, probably. Maybe he should use it to pay back Taylor for his teeth or pay off his hospital/rehab bills instead of taking pictures like a child who has never held money before.

No. 528624

>>528617 Nah. Only a real man would do the right things with that cash. A little boy will blow it on himself.

No. 528632


There's also some pretty sweet gluten loaded pizza and breadsticks in that snap!

No. 528642

Idk to me it doesn’t even look like Taylor is in the same room. He flashed his stupid band mate but why not tay. She also posted a screen cap of a song named “hopeless” she’s currently listening to saying “big mood” so I bet tay already booked it back home. Bet you feel pretty stupid now, huh tay?

No. 528643

File: 1521002074893.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180313-213053.png)

the lyrics from the point shes at are interesting lol.

You and all your friends all hate me, oh
Thinkin' that you're better when I'm not around
Hear me on the radio and turn it down, oh
I can't help the way you made me
Hope that she believin' in the truth you found
Thinkin' that you want us 'cause I can't find out,oh

I hope hopeless changes over time

sorry tay I don't think the hopelessness of your abuser drug addict is changing over time…

No. 528647

Tay would be the type to listen to halsey lol

No. 528653


From the lyrics:
"You and all your friends all hate me, oh
Thinkin' that you're better when I'm not around"


No. 528657

Awww, does your abusive druggy BF not want you clinging to him anymore Taytay? His bandmates probably act all sweet to her but were fed up with her by the end of the tour. (If that's what they call a show of only ~20 people each.) Now he's gotta flex and get drunk to feel like a man lmaoo. Lets see how long it takes him to blow all the dough on drugs.

No. 528669

File: 1521004316722.png (951.93 KB, 1242x2208, 87ED2106-2A6C-436A-AE8A-987918…)

No. 528671

File: 1521004415919.png (442.96 KB, 1242x2208, EF68FAD7-528D-4DDB-B3B7-107694…)

Did she dump Jonny?

No. 528673

Dear god I fucking hope so. I mean who else could she be talking about?

No. 528675

He is still in her twitter bio though. Feel like if that happened already she wouldn't keep it there anymore

No. 528676

File: 1521004668815.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, D9736778-44B4-48F0-893A-888EEF…)

My first thought was that she’s finally lost her shit

No. 528677

>>528643 Or he sent her home because he wants his male time alone with his band mates, and she's all butthurt because she can't tolerate it. I don't doubt either however that his friends don't like her.

No. 528680

Jonny is live on instagram.

No. 528681

File: 1521004895734.jpeg (163.44 KB, 1304x1057, 986B4BB1-49B2-4091-934F-B75619…)

No. 528682

Do you have to follow him in order to see it? I don't see it

No. 528686

File: 1521005346596.png (33.83 KB, 585x156, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 10.1…)


Apparently Taylor may have paid 10k to get Jonny's charges dropped. Or at least someone may have, and I bet it wasn't JC himself.

No. 528687

>>528681 Yourself included Taylor, you are trash that killed a shit ton of your pets including a kitten, and tried to brand that reptile in a bad light for YOUR impulsive decision to buy a Monitor lizard. Fucking delusional cow.

No. 528688

>>528686 And I guess Jonny has no intention then of paying any of that money back to Taylor. Well, Taylor, if it's true hopefully you've finally learned an important lesson here, but I'm guessing based on your track record of being absolutely unintelligent, I would say you haven't.

No. 528690

File: 1521005521605.png (3.42 MB, 1242x2208, 414C3FB1-984D-460A-BA8F-8C279A…)

What is her mom talking about? I assume it has something to do with Jonny’s tour

No. 528691


She is probably having a tantrum for giving 10k to Jonny just to be sent home so he can party is up with his friends.

No. 528692

Taylor definitely isn’t present in his most recent Instagram story. Just him and the rest of the band.

No. 528694

>>528691 So many people told Taylor he was using her for her money. He has money bags around her name on his Instagram ffk god she's so stupid. No one's fault except Taylor's own. I guess you wish now you had done something smarter with your life Taylor? Or are we all thinking too deeply on tonight's events.

No. 528695


This is what 17-year-olds do after cashing the entirety of their first paycheck. I'm actually experiencing second-hand embarrassment from this.

No. 528697

If she wasn't such a trash human being she could have had so much potential and done so many smart things in her life.

No. 528698

The honeymoon phase is quickly fading away tonight it seems

No. 528700

Inb4 she deletes all these shady tweets that we think is being directed toward Jonny, and later says "ohh there was just this really rude girl at a bar I went to lol our relationship is perfectly fine!! we're happier than ever :)))" or some other bullshit

No. 528702

So until it's confirmed, it seems Taylor payed the bill to get Jonny's charges dropped, and he repays her by kicking her back home and then flashing his earnings with zero intention of ever paying her back. Such a nice guy. So let me guess, he's at that stage in their relationship where he's going to blame here now for his faults and start physically harming her. If she's smart, and she's not, she'll box up all of his stuff and have it waiting for him when he gets back, and ask the apartment complex to have security escort him to get his belongings. It's too late for her to turn her Youtube career around, without deeply apologizing to her viewers for lying and killing many of her pets. Then she might have a chance at least to still make enough income to pay her bills, but that persona that made her Youtube so appealing is long dead. I'll just bet that if he did send her home, he's going to be cheating with a new girl very soon.

No. 528704

What more can you expect from a "man" whose twitter handle is "DADDY". Ughhh his profile pic still gives me nightmares too.

No. 528705


^^^ THHIISSSSS. hope she reads your post

No. 528706

Guarantee he is prob cheating with a new girl already right now. His bandmates seem like the type to cover his tracks so he can fuck around with other girls.

No. 528708

>>528706 Agreed.

No. 528710

>>528705 She'll probably just want attention and accept him back. She has no eyes on her future and her security, just on seeking attention in the moment bad or good. He probably couldn't wait until she went back home.

No. 528711

No. 528714

He had "no idea what happened"? He did a "mic drop" but "didn't mean to break the mic"?? LMAOOO Jonny there is a video of you THROWING the mics down as hard as you can like a frustrated little kid and then flipping the bird. But its okay guys, he had no idea what happened and it was just one big misunderstanding. LOL

No. 528715

>>528714 If he's drunk and high all the time maybe he can't recall. Maybe that's why Taylor was able to lie about where she got Ghost the kitten with Jonny present when the purchase happened lmao. Duuur I don't remember, I just remember we went to Denny's and Petco flips middle finger. She can probably lie about a lot of things in front of him because of it.

No. 528746


That's the article from the ABC15 guy who was tweeting at the band and the venue earlier… I wonder where the venue's statement is and why they said on twitter they'd say what happened but were "unavailable for comment?"

No. 528749


She could totally still save some of her youtube career, the majority of her fans seem to be 12 year olds who don't care what she's doing and people who only follow her youtube and don't know what she's doing. If she dumped JC and gets/stays clean of drugs, she could fix her animal care a bit (what happened to those racking systems we've been hearing about since she moved in but haven't seen?), put out videos at least once a week or so, and start making money again. If she were smart she'd save and/or use that money to go at least get an associates degree or some higher education to give her a start on a future after youtube. But she doesn't seem smart, so we'll probably see an "I WAS IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP! ~PITY ME~" video, followed by nothing about her animals for another 4 months.
sage for speculation.

No. 528756

File: 1521016051444.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_2018-03-14-01-25-17…)

About Solara….

No. 528777

Wonder how long that poor hedgie was dying/dead in whatever closet she keeps her in before Taylor noticed.

No. 528781

wow what an interesting coincidence that a pet passes while she was gone on vacation and while "experts" were taking care of it for 2 weeks. it's almost like if you neglect something it will die!

No. 528782

wait but this is dated 2017?

No. 528783

Guys, anon was just correcting the post that had solara still marked as alive. She died last year

No. 528784


oops yeah i just noticed that. either way "i thought she was gonna die sooner" isn't a way to look at animal care

No. 528785

>> 528777

Guys look at the date, and the previous comment that comment was replying to. Anon was posting that as proof in order to update the running list given earlier of animals she currently has/has acquired since 2014.

(That being said I wouldn't be surprised if she DID lose animals while away, but I would probably be surprised if she admitted it.)

No. 528838

File: 1521030215487.png (74.24 KB, 598x293, Skärmavbild 2018-03-14 kl. 13…)

No. 528845

I wonder if this is why she was listening to "sad music" saying 'mood' and it had nothing to do with Jonny?

No. 528846

File: 1521031087695.jpeg (130.37 KB, 1237x561, 5E031AF5-B46A-4F67-87BD-D9E26E…)

Jonny isn’t in her twitter about me anymore

No. 528847

File: 1521031170837.png (1.09 MB, 1242x2208, C19A2341-F085-4FA8-8A80-9FB783…)

Taylors likes

No. 528849

File: 1521031217234.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 591D54EF-8DEE-4ED2-A685-73D10E…)

No. 528850


So now we know she was standing close enough to the stage to get into a shoving fight with other people.

You’d think someone with EDS and CRPS wouldn’t be that much of an idiot, butshe was probably standing in the crowd to tell everyone who so much as walked past her that Jonny was her boyfriend

No. 528852

I wonder what will become of “Jonny’s” pets. She might finally have a good reason to kick him out but he has a history of targeting his exes where it hurts especially when it comes to animals, and this time there’s at least one animal that has explicitly been claimed as his in the bearded dragon. It won’t have a great life with Tay but it will have no chance with Jonny. She better not give it to him with all his other boxes she’s dumping outside. If she follows through with this breakup it’s gonna get ugly af.

No. 528854

She also gave him Leggo, the corn snake

No. 528859

Why am I so happy about that oh my god.
Hoping she will not let him back in when he starts to try and manipulate her again

No. 528863

And now we wait for her bitching and whining about how awful and abusive jonny was to her and/or her animals, and how no one was there to help her because boo hoo the world hates me.
Anyone who has any common sense and knows anything about jonny and his true self knew something was going to happen. But of course it's just more attention for Taylor to lap up so she dove in head first when she got the opportunity.
I wonder how long she'll stay by herself (if they actually have broke up) before she goes crawling back to him.. or her parents.

No. 528865

Idk she’s defending him rn on twitter

No. 528866


If she reads here she may have realised that all this drama and addition of the whole relationship bs may be a nice way to appear like a victim and get a lot of compliments.

No. 528868

File: 1521032820460.jpg (465.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180314-080955.jpg)

Yeah she's going with the whole "Dropped the mic" thing too.. anyone know how to tweet her that vid?

No. 528869

File: 1521032829148.png (43.07 KB, 630x381, taylor1.png)

To the anons calling a breakup. Idk… she's pretty defensive of him. I'd be surprised if this was the reason for their breakup. I was expecting more before she'd leave.

No. 528870

I want the truth to come out as much as anyone but find it worrying that Jonny knows as much as he likely does. He’s a master abuser and manipulative and Taylor clearly wants him gone, but he knows too much. I wouldn’t put it past him to blackmail her (he knows for sure where she got Ghost, who knows what other lies he was passive in her telling) she wants him out right now but it won’t be a shock if she starts vague tweeting about how ~all relationships have rough patches” and you “shouldn’t give up on people when they need help the most” cause he’s wormed his way back in through his usual methods with a side of “I’ll tell people the truth about x y and z”

No. 528872

File: 1521033014501.png (175.01 KB, 750x1334, 861FD806-073C-4BE2-A739-AB28D6…)

No. 528873

File: 1521033105357.png (178.5 KB, 1080x838, 20180314_090722.png)

Jonny is still on her insta… Maybe she's considering dumping him but is afraid to do so. It is a bit of a coincidence that she's liking posts which seem to indirectly relate to Jonny right after this whole event, but I dont think she's totally smartened up yet. Once Jonny goes hard on the drugs and acts like a jerk to her she may officially leave, but it's hard to determine now considering what's being depicted right now. Hopefully more milk will spill by the end of the day, because oh has it been pouring lately.

No. 528874

File: 1521033204834.png (17.39 KB, 730x118, yikes.png)

sage for nothing new but lol the chick who got shut down is some stan i found in tay's tag professing their stannitude.

No. 528875

File: 1521033217687.png (77.64 KB, 624x549, taylor2.png)

No. 528877

How was she in Texas if she was at the concert in Arizona?

No. 528879

I can only imagine how bad of a threat jonny can be if he's angry and/or high. I hope taylor gets out of the relationship safely if that's what's happening

No. 528880

She flew home that night, so she couldn’t have been there to bail him

No. 528886

She could have easily wired the money to bail him out.

No. 528887

I wonder if he gave her shit for "leaving" when he was arrested and not staying to possibly bail him out if the charges hadn't been dropped or whatever

No. 528890

Love how she keeps saying Jonny only “dropped” the mics when there’s clear HD video of him slamming them on the ground

No. 528891

I think she’s having some sort of melt down, she can be a bitch for sure but it’s out of line the way she’s talking to people on Twitter even for her.

No. 528894

Maybe he is threatening to leave her? And she is trying to convince him to stay
I dont know this all seems pretty weird, her liking and retweeting things about breaking up/cheating and taking him out of her bio yet she’s still defending him

No. 528896

File: 1521036685598.png (389.75 KB, 1242x2208, C8CC7D38-7A14-4385-A6B0-66448C…)


No. 528897

File: 1521036746537.png (718.01 KB, 1242x2208, 7A6ECE92-EB6D-4C7B-B0A4-5087AB…)

So much qwerky ness wow

No. 528899

Now that it looks like she’s single, I wonder if Karizma or Lil B are dating anyone

No. 528900

File: 1521037080388.png (196.46 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-14-08-11-00…)

She doesn't waste any opportunity to creep on other people fans

No. 528902

File: 1521037125003.png (511.6 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-14-05-20-53…)

No. 528903

File: 1521037145978.png (560 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-14-05-20-57…)

No. 528908


From her instagram story from that night she was filming him from backstage, however someone said on here that it was the support band that were kicking off back stage and causing the whole thing to get shut down early so it could've been fighting back stage that got her 'kicked'

No. 528909

Since she deleted the monitor video I forgot how many days it’s been since her last post. It was The day after the leaf gecko video right?

No. 528911

So her story is her bf gets arrested. She almost gets arrested. And then she just… Flies home anyway and leaves him?

No. 528917

She does understand that if a hedgehog as severe Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome, it wouldn't be able to even prop itself up on its arms or legs? Or curl up into at all? Such an awful attention-seeking liar.

No. 528921

Not looking forward to Taylor whining abort another “depression slump” for the next two months and putting off videos

Full disclaimer: I don’t think people with depression are whiny or faking it so don’t even fucking try and pretend that’s what I said. But Taylor’s top excuse every time she takes breaks from videos for weeks at a time while she’s off going to expos or partying with junkies in New York City is “mental health”

So either A something is seriously wrong and she’s not trying hard enough to get help or B she’s using it as an excuse

No. 528925

File: 1521039095853.png (298.53 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-14-08-50-08…)

Did he remove the money bags or it was always like that the description?

No. 528928

Always like that. The money bags are on instagram only

No. 528932

She’s not defending him, she’s being sarcastic

No. 528934

File: 1521039634845.jpg (267.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180314-100351.jpg)

Doesn't seem like sarcasm whatsoever

No. 528937

File: 1521039746941.png (1.02 MB, 1258x1264, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.5…)

>do you ever just realize things

I wish she'd just say what happened, it has to be Johnny

No. 528938

Didn’t see that, those tweets seem to be deleted now?

No. 528939

File: 1521039852718.png (316.24 KB, 1264x1110, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 10.5…)

projecting on her fish?

No. 528943

She tweeted something about JC around 5am PST I don’t remember what it said exactly but when I clicked the notification it was deleted. Anyone happen to see that tweet?

No. 528944

File: 1521039997206.png (213.11 KB, 1254x758, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.0…)

Yeah, she deleted it. As well as this one >>528872

Also, not really related but she's trying to collab/make friends with other YouTubers that are more popular than her again.

No. 528950

Jesus Christ Acacia is a huge cow herself what a friendship that would be lmao

No. 528954

File: 1521040653210.png (5.33 MB, 1242x2208, E3818A92-251A-48D2-A7CD-880F5D…)

Any of these?

No. 528955


I know zero about her but isn’t there some stigma abou Acacia abusing her dog or something?

No. 528957


Taylor is just a typical social climber like 99% of popular YouTubers, nothing surprising there

No. 529039


Acacia was on YouNow and she kept screaming at her dog while it was barking… kind of hard to explain, but you could probably find the YouNow easily. She also has a history of giving away animals left and right. So I’m honestly no sure why Taylor would try to befriend her… other than the obvious reason of social climbing

No. 529050

Oooo I hate acacia, so let me tell you the things she’s done to her pets.

1) she screamed at her dog during a younow and then threw stuff at him.
2) she left her cat alone for four days with ant infested food and crappy water.
3) she allowed her cat, Sebastian, get gingivitis so bad that he had infections and had to get all (except 4) of his teeth extracted.
4) when her dog luci ingested parts of her toys she didn’t take her to the vet, she went to twitter and asked her unqualified followers. She then never followed up with the vet even though something internal could have happened
5) she doesn’t exercise her dog at all and doesn’t work with her.
Though it’s not abuse, she bought all of her dogs from a breeder and she has never fixed any of her pets which can cause a lot of health issues in the future.

Sage for blog posting and having not relevance to Taylor

No. 529064

>>529050 Gee, well maybe that's why Taylor's wanting to be BFF's with her now. They're both dumb attention seeking sluts and like hoarding animals only to abandon them later,or let them get sick and do nothing about it. Misery loves company.

No. 529088

File: 1521049568691.jpeg (232.29 KB, 750x1216, 42B55B03-30F9-4B59-91CF-393F6D…)

More of what Taylor’s been liking

No. 529089

File: 1521049595277.jpeg (210.73 KB, 750x1215, A246D660-0FF0-4421-80A9-F2FEDD…)

No. 529101

They're either going through a rocky relationship atm, he cheated while on tour or she is creating drama because we and everyone else is responding to it lmao.

Also possibility that she has realised that she won't be his saviour.

No. 529169

File: 1521055223050.png (436.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180314-152030.png)

I just checked Taylor's twitter, and Jonny is in Taylor's bio. Seems like they got over whatever caused her to remove it in the first place.

No. 529172

File: 1521055313640.jpeg (47.7 KB, 750x193, 2A507C42-D8B8-4C2F-87A3-A767CA…)

His comment on one of his latest Instagram pics.

No. 529176


Not even surprised. lol

No. 529202

Well he's obviously not going to let her go that easily. He literally doesn't have a home.
And of course she'll fall for it.

No. 529205

File: 1521057359305.gif (487.89 KB, 500x303, giphy.gif)

GDI Taylor! I knew it was too good to be true

No. 529223

File: 1521057917909.jpeg (356.64 KB, 750x854, 523A917E-22C9-4A00-BBD3-104470…)

Her fans are triggered

No. 529225

File: 1521057962661.jpeg (184.17 KB, 750x410, EDADA9C4-226B-420B-9121-2B5202…)

Meanwhile, her mom is posting dozens of song lyrics and listing her favorite animals…

No. 529236


Bet she's loving this attention

No. 529237

File: 1521058820336.jpeg (173.82 KB, 750x1214, 30339F23-1E7E-4BB2-B494-04BC7B…)

She was probably praying they’d fully break up though.

No. 529241

No surprise, she deleted the “if you act like trash, done be surprised when you get thrown out” tweet. Cover up your tracks Taytay. Keep being delusional and acting like your relationship is ok. She is 100% experiencing and falling for the manipulation I’m sure he’s giving her. I’d hoped she’d be smarter than this.

No. 529246

File: 1521059389891.gif (9.42 MB, 600x352, temper-tantrum.gif)

Did they both delete all tweets about the incident? Because I made this handy gif of Jonny 'dropping' the mic to reply with, but they seem to all be gone.

No. 529248


Just reply to any of her tweets with it anyway lol

No. 529251


What do any of her fans mean when they say she has a “special heart” or is “the nicest person? She impulse buys animals so she can brag about it on the internet, prioritizes her own wants to travel and party and buy expensive luxury stuff over putting her animals in enclosures that meet the minimum requirements, treats her own fans like shit when they ask basic questions, retweets praise directed at her nonstop, routinely blows off her only job for months at a time yet refuses to do things like film ahead of time or get an editor or assistant to help her. She’s just another ungrateful, non humble YouTuber that loses any semblance of work ethic they had because they have the freedom to make their own schedule, and think that they’re untouchable because they have an army of kid fans

No. 529256

File: 1521059967772.png (303.92 KB, 1258x1242, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.36…)

I don't know why she replied to this. She said before that she was back home.

No. 529257

File: 1521059988563.png (120.96 KB, 1172x412, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.39…)

She also liked this tweet by Em and this other girl.

No. 529258

This is beautiful anon. Thank you

No. 529259


Lol, her skin is far from soft

No. 529272


you should tag it so it comes up under "mic drop" whenever someone searches
dying rn.

No. 529276

He didn't need to be bailed out because the DA dropped the charges. There was a post upthread showing the court website. It said charges were dropped by the state attorney.

No. 529284

File: 1521060938880.png (414.55 KB, 640x1136, 9E4F242F-3AA0-44E8-8A6D-77902A…)

Does she literally sit there and dig throw popular posts looking for any person who is twitter verified?

No. 529285

I love how his band mates seem to look at each other and almost laugh?

Must be normal behaviour

No. 529286

File: 1521060989207.png (433.35 KB, 640x1136, EB90CC71-5BFF-41FD-A206-9627E6…)

No. 529287

Anon was just saying if there was bail to be paid and she wasn't physically there then she could've just wired it.

No. 529291

File: 1521061023063.png (127.9 KB, 640x1136, D6F05E89-7201-425E-A938-9CE1EE…)

The hilarious thing is that he’s just not even replying to her

No. 529294

Her fans are so disgustingly cringey..

No. 529296


‘Lol im a young white girl who constantly wears revealing clothing and posts pictures of myself half naked with tons of makeup, I obviously think I’m so ugly lololol im so relatable!’

No. 529301


she's been thirst-ly replying to a few tweet of his for the last couple of months now.

No. 529303


i wonder if there's any youtubers/certified twitters that find her annoying but reply to her so they don't come off as rude?

because if i were one, i would find her really thirsty and annoying..

No. 529310


She doesn’t even try to hide that she’s an annoying social climber lol

I never see her complimenting people or trying to have a conversation, it’s just “lol we should totally hang out and collab!!!!” Or hijacking other people’s conversations and injecting herself into it

No. 529318

File: 1521062574350.png (1.87 MB, 1208x1468, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.07…)

random pic i found on facebook from the first few shows. funny how jonny still covers his mouth with the new teeth.

No. 529324

Johnny's face is jus so round and fat compared to the rest of his body. He doesn't even look human

No. 529330


I don't know her personally and i'm already getting some sort of second-hand embarrassed/annoyance from her always trying to inject herself into tweets from guys that are twitter certified. Makes her look like a needy slut or something.

I've seen about 3 other guys on twitter she was annoying.

No. 529334


The only person to respond and actually show interest is Karizma though it’s obvious it’s because he thinks she’s hot but he’s also apparently an asshole too so seems like her type

No. 529338

at least he unplugged it so it wouldnt make noise. so respectful

No. 529339

File: 1521063338792.png (84.87 KB, 631x765, c3bb7991f4ff4d2eedd7bc76198c11…)


One of the few guys that she annoys. Just imagine you're just minding your business and she comes out joking and taking your phone just to "hack" your twitter.

This isn't highschool anymore Taylor, you are a grownass woman.

No. 529352

Okay anon, I'm going to assume you don't know much about lil b. Sage for based god talk.

No. 529369

File: 1521065141232.png (390.75 KB, 1140x1526, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 6.04…)

He thinks this is cute? I'd love to hear how he was the victim in any of his relationships!

No. 529376


pretty sure he's talking about @virtuallychokeU, who he held down and tried to drug once. He's so disgusting.

No. 529379


Yeah, Liz is the stripper. How gross is knowing these gross poor jonny propaganda songs will be fully adored by 14 year old girls.

No. 529383

>>529202 Chance too she's playing break up games for attention. It's a form of narcissism and control, she wants to be the one in power and she probably also wants an audience to watch to make him feel insecure about it, that she can leave his ass at any time and he has to deal with it. He's been in so much spot light with the rape and abuse accusations, for him to act out, he couldn't begin without it boiling over. I think Taylor knows exactly what she's doing and she's just as sick in the head as he is. But of course, speculation on my part.

No. 529386

Liz actually tried to kill herself thanks to the abuse at the hands of JC. Great to know Taylor supports such misogyny. Awesome role model she is for all her young, naive fans but I mean it's fine because she has such soft skin.

sage for rant

No. 529387

>>529284 Taylor's shopping for new dick.

No. 529389

Jesus fucking Christ. Idk if there are other post-hardcore fan anons, but it's alarming to see how a lot of frontmen from the era he came up in are cute dads now who are incredibly humble and advocate positivity now and he's just…this.

No. 529390

>>529339 Taylor just can't stop being a slut for two seconds, constantly needing male attention. She flirts with any male. She also never builds up other females by complementing them.

No. 529391


lol guys stop calling her a slut jesus christ. it’s a pathetic attempt at social climbing sure, other than karizma she ain’t jumping on any of these guys she’s just trying to get clout

No. 529399


If she was trying to climb the social ladder, then she would be trying to contact other ladies (and some dudes too) with high volumes of fans and content that’s related to her channel, but she’s mostly trying to interact with random certified guys on Twitter. We can stop calling her a slut, but by the way she tried to communicate with multiple dudes on twitter and posting pictures in her underwear/towel, she sure seems like one.

No. 529415

Regardless of what you want to call her, her desperation for male attention is unhealthy.

No. 529416

So is it safe to say the honeymoon phase is over for them now?

No. 529420

File: 1521070438447.png (472.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0768.PNG)

Yes! And seeing good people like Mitch Lucker go while Jonny is still here makes me question my faith

Also, the mic video made me google Jonnys height- no wonder he's an addict, I would be too if I were a man the size of a lot of high school freshmen. There's something about Jonny being the same height as me that I find hilarious. Jonny is angry at the world and takes it out on women because he knows that any adult man who Jonny would/could step to could cartoonishly throw that man-baby around.

No. 529421

Hate to break it to you but that doesn't make someone a slut. I agree with what anon below you said. Her desperation for male attention is unhealthy. She seems highly insecure and codependent, not slutty.

No. 529434


Ah, of course…he's a manlet. Really explains a lot.

ty anon

No. 529445

>>529434 >>529434
hahahahahaaaa! he's hobbit size

No. 529453

File: 1521073506069.jpeg (86.39 KB, 319x457, 94B1AD61-6281-440F-AEDD-458FB8…)


Here he is with a Took. Hahahahah

Sage for old photo

No. 529456

Well good thing Taylor & JC didn't break up right? Now they can flex that cash some more that he made from the tour. Can't wait to see what their happy and healthy relationship brings next! :) / sarcasm

No. 529478

Well, this drives home the fact that jonny is an uglier, shorter craig owens.

No. 529524

He will be dry af before getting back together with Taylor,he seems like he doesn't share his money or payback
I can even imagine him spending all his money on drugs taking advantage of the broke up so he doesn't share his drugs with Taylor.

No. 529548

Does she not realize there is literally a video of him unplugging the mics and spiking them hard onto the ground?

Or is this the usual Taylor lies as casually as other people breathe type shit?

No. 529559


They mean she's a celebrity. People are weird around anyone famous in a creepy hero-worshippy way.

No. 529564


Why has his face doubled in size since this picture? Is he allergic to the ink in his shitty face tattoos?

No. 529588


Could be bloating from alcoholism.

No. 529593


Hahahahahah hit the nail in the head.

No. 529595

File: 1521089392915.jpg (384.32 KB, 1214x566, Sad_little_man.jpg)

Searching Jonny Craig on twitter is hilarious right now. It's almost all negative.

No. 529599

This little boy has the audacity to call himself Daddy. He's a Keebler elf smh.

No. 529603

Can someone make a pic of lizard Taylor eating her words like crickets

No. 529605


"Lizard Taylor is gonna be eating her words like crickets"

LOLOL if anyone makes a photo of that, that'll be the new thread photo.

No. 529610

>>529339 Someone yes, please make that image. Maybe the fight they had was over the money he made. He wasn't willing to share it with Taylor, after her spending thousands upon thousands for him to get new teeth, home him, buy him pets, feed him, buy his alcohol etc, so she flew back on a plane threatening to leave his ass. He'll probably never say in his social media profiles that Taylor is his girlfriend, and that he's taken. After all this time of living together under her paychecks he owes that to her. Of course he couldn't do that, he thinks it will make it harder for women to seek him when he's away from her. It's in his blood to cheat the moment he can.

No. 529619

File: 1521092184312.png (810.6 KB, 900x900, lizardtaylor.png)


your wish is my command, dear anons

apologies it's late and i rushed a bit on it

No. 529624

No. 529630

File: 1521093178006.jpg (76.45 KB, 640x564, jonnycraig.jpg)


fucking short man syndrome

No. 529631

File: 1521094038277.png (637.74 KB, 750x1334, EB1E5852-F4D4-48AD-8FF1-03F6F8…)

On Taylor’s Instagram story, looked up the lyrics they’re abour taking drugs (oxy specifically) but still being okay

No. 529635


Is it weird that right now is the first time I’m seeing how like how scarred her arm looks?

This picture for the next thread plz

No. 529667


I don't think those are scars. Probably just little scratches from her animals (kittens and lizards most notably).

No. 529670

She wasn’t home before those picture though. She had just gotten back after her tour with Jonny

No. 529673

This might be slightly OT, but Nemo is the only reason why I check back into this thread every so often. Bless this ball-o-fluff for living as long as he has under Taylor's care, because I really just want to have him so bad and Taylor already has a overtly abnormal track record of pets dying in her care. I can't wrap my head around why she hasn't been booted from her apartment yet for the amount of pets she already has.

No. 529679


I know this Ryan guy he is not even that popular on youtube, he has a lot of subs but gets barely any views (Taylor is actually way more popular when we talk about numbers) and from what I gathered him and Taylor are actually friends irl. I know you all want to conspire but no, in this case she does not use Ryan to climb up any ladders

No. 529680


I mean, she's clearly at home in the photo. She's holding a cat, it's reasonable to assume she may have handled other animals within the timeframe. Also if she got scratched up playing with her cats, the marks could last for awhile, especially with eds (assuming she has eds). Not trying to white night, I'm just skeptical about the drug use thing still.

No. 529683

File: 1521102280645.gif (1.05 MB, 639x639, Taylor.gif)

No. 529697

looks like it was drawn with sharpie, poor girl

No. 529712

File: 1521109923255.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 8BE53098-CCB3-401C-9D4F-13C718…)

Em throwing shade at Taylor. She’s so fucking annoying when she keeps trying to prove she’s down to earth and how much she loves animals and doesn’t care about money. Basically always trying to prove she’s better than Taylor which she is but she tried too hard

No. 529744

I don’t get how emzotic can be “an expert” but soak her snakes for stuck sheds. That’s just a bad thing to do.

Sage for irrelevance

Now back to Taylor

No. 529749

Every little thing em posts you guys think she is throwing shade at Taylor. I can get behind a few that happened earlier like the designer pet one but I think some of you are reaching. I doubt Em makes every of er social media posts with Taylor in mind. She’s doing well for herself as a YouTuber so she doesn’t rly need to stick it to TND the whole time

No. 529793

Yeah I'm getting sick of the Em posts. She sucks but 90% of the tweets I see on here from her have nothing to do with Taylor.

No. 529794

How is soaking bad?

No. 529811

It's not bad to soak them, but it is a sign of bad husbandry because snakes should be shedding in one go. If their shed is getting stuck it is because their living conditions are not correct and you need to fix them.

No. 529818

Did anyone see her new Instagram story. She nearly dropped one of her snakes while practically shoving it in someone's face

No. 529825


That ain’t me conspiring, he literally says in the photo he’s never spoken to her lol. I don’t know enough about the dude to know about their secret friendship or whatever you’re going on about

No. 529826

this is all speculation on my part but i personally think she's on some sort of drugs or having a mental breakdown. she seems twitchier and erratic with how she films clips and speaks. also it's weird to shove a snake in people's faces who don't want to see it, i understand if they're interested and intrigued by them but clearly her friend is not and it's putting both her and maui in a forcibly uncomfortable situation.

No. 529828

Can someone cap or post it here? She’ll probably delete it as soon as she sobers up

No. 529829

There’s a lot of things wrong with forcefully soaking actually, and the best way to remove a stuck shed is humid boxes or to let the snakes soak on their own free will. Soaking them stresses them out and should only be used for dehydrated snakes

No. 529831

File: 1521126865821.png (462.64 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-15-09-13-11…)

Idk how to save stories so…

No. 529832


Yes, let's force someone–who obviously doesn't want to–to hold a snake. There's no chance of dropping them by accident from shock of fear. /sarcasm

Also, is it just me or is her insta story is forced, just to let everyone know she's home? She can fool her tween fans, but i know she just stops by, takes a few photos with her raptor claws, and goes off with her hobbit of a bf.

No. 529833

File: 1521126941934.png (426.92 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-15-09-13-17…)

This is were she almost drop it
Also, her voice sounds weird, maybe she have the throat irritated from the yelling at the venue but she sounds like her mother kek

No. 529834

File: 1521126968353.png (353.06 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2018-03-15-10-15-35…)

Here's right as she almost dropped him

No. 529836

File: 1521127011257.png (416.15 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-15-09-13-29…)

No. 529838

File: 1521127079507.png (447.36 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2018-03-15-10-15-17…)

"Here take him he is nice"

No. 529839

And er friend literally said she's terrified when Taylor asked how sue felt

No. 529842

File: 1521127271966.png (541.04 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-15-09-19-48…)

Btw are synthetic plants okay with axolots?

No. 529843

I'm not sure but it can't be good for mushu to be trying to eat it

No. 529845

Yes fake plants are fine. But only if they aren’t trying eat them lie rocks they can get stuck.

No. 529846

File: 1521128048842.webm (12.22 MB, 492x914, TaylorInstastory.webm)

Instagram Stories.

No. 529851

God she's annoying

No. 529875

oh my GOD. not only does she almost drop her snake, she is literally begging/forcing that woman to hold a snake when she's clearly uncomfortable with it and has never held a snake. she doesn't try to gently tell her it's okay, and explain how to hold it safely, SHE LITERALLY COMMANDS HER TO HOLD IT LOL!!!??? how is TND looked up to? this is disgusting

No. 529884

I don't know if she almost dropped it cause it was wrapped around her arm but it looks weird cause the videos are sped up for some reason. Of course she shouldn't be holding it like that in one hand though, I know my ball python doesn't have the greatest grip, not sure about others. She could have it on her lap or something in case it slides off. I think she just sucks at handling animals in general. If it's falling off you'd sooner drop your phone than risk an animal falling.

No. 529885

He could be on a box of Rice Krispies

No. 529888

Video reminds me of little kids in middle school that hunts for bugs and newts just to scare other kids with, and boast how cool they are because they can hold them.

No. 529891


It just shows how she could careless about her animals wellbeing. She was so close to just throwing her snake on her friend then laugh about it.

No. 529896



She and all the other pet youtubers woobify and infantilize these snakes as “uwu spooky danger noodles” and then dumbasses like Taylor turn out to be hypocrites and rather than educate about how snakes only become aggressive when threatened, they prank people who are obviously terrified and feed into the stigma of snakes being terrifying

I’m sorry, the stigma that “snakes cause pain” as Taylor would say

No. 529902

She's such an obnoxious edgelord, shoving her snakes in the faces of people who don't like snakes. Shame she's devolved into a drunk girl showing off all her animals because she has no personality.

No. 529906

Late reply but i just remembered the movie Shrek, and instantly lol'd that Jonny is basically Lord Farquaad.

I feel really bad for her pets. She probably picks them up from their slumber every chance she gets and swing them around like she wants to be Snow White or something.

No. 529926

File: 1521134320034.png (357.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-15-18-17-19…)

I think this is the girl Tay forced to grab the snake, what a good friend

No. 529932

Ah yes, what a great friend Taylor must be to her. I hope maybe her friend got some alone time with her away from Jonny (is he even home yet??) and is trying to put sense in her brain. It seems like Taylor was so close to dumping her drug-abusing rapist of a BF, and he probably did some heavy manipulation to keep her where she is. I hope her friend is trying to help her get out of her disgusting, abusive relationship. Then maybe she can focus on her own life again and her animals.

No. 529941


I mean before she even met Johnny her car was pretty garbage wasn’t it? Pretty sure the seahorse adoportion, suicide fish, multiple hedgehog deaths (not due to cancer) and her frog’s butt falling out was all before Johnny

No. 529953

That girl doesn't like Jonny but I doubt she would say anything to jeopardize her friendship with Taylor.

No. 529968

Taylor has always seemed disinterested in her by the way she replies. It might just be her dry personality tho..

No. 529973


Yeah I’ve seen footage of one of Taylor’s old collabs with Tyler. She just has this awkward really dry way of talking to people.

No. 530005

File: 1521138962288.png (116.55 KB, 629x568, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.36…)

Does Tyler think this is funny?

No. 530007

File: 1521139010104.png (358.14 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2018-03-15-13-32-27…)

No. 530011

File: 1521139115691.png (42.72 KB, 587x187, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.38…)

Taylor's likes. But she's absolutely not on drugs, guys.

No. 530025


The way they mock people’s concerns (even if there was no merit to them) about her animal’s health and happiness is kind of fucked up honestly

No. 530040

This doesn't mean anything. People don't have to do drugs to find jokes about drugs funny.

No. 530043

okay this is getting stupid, its a viral tweet thats funny. she could be on drugs but this tweet 100% means nothing lmao

No. 530065

File: 1521140342881.png (114.37 KB, 640x1136, 1EADDFB7-D6B9-4252-880C-148455…)

Does anyone else realize she likes to use the word mean? She sounds like a first grader, “That kid is being meannnnn to me.” Like, you’re an adult, stop using elementary language to manipulate people.

No. 530071

If police are called to a scene and are arresting someone while there's a crowd screaming about the arrest they aren't going to be "nice". The wording of that tweet just makes me laugh. "They were so mean to me." We get it you're privileged and have never had a bad experience with the cops.

No. 530103

Marijuana is a valid medical treatment. I don't think anyone gives a shit if she smokes weed, it's heroin we care about.

No. 530108

It matters if she or Jonny is smoking weed in the apartment, and based on his tweets and pics he has been. The smoke is very harmful for all of her pets. Smoking around pets is extremely irresponsible and it shows that she's a bad owner.

No. 530114

>>529839 Taylor is a cunt and yet again proving she's a horrid friend, just like making her pregnant friend with a complicated pregnancy change cat litter boxes and take care of here 30+ animals. I know several people who have fear of snakes and we have mutual friends who own snakes and those friends would never shove the snakes in anyone's face. Ever, or forced them to hold them. They care about the person's feelings and also their snakes mental well being. It goes to show Taylor has to be in absolute control of everything around her like a control freak. No wonder she left Jonny hanging in jail and she flew away and immediately dumped him, only to take him back. She's playing break up games and making sure to take control. How long until the next break up game happens. He's not even allowed to eat gluten now. No wonder she has so few friends and has to constantly seek attention from men on Twitter.

No. 530115

File: 1521143210013.jpg (554.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180315-145010.jpg)

She's so fucking snarky

No. 530117

You literally killed a newborn kitten Taylor.

No. 530120

>>529926 That's so fucking sad, look at the little diddy Taylor wrote compared to the kind words her friend wrote to her. She couldn't even write out "you" it was u"

No. 530127

>>530065 Yeah right, just like how the Reptile shop lied to her about what type of Monitor She knew she was getting. She lies about everything how can anyone take her stories seriously. Keep playing a victim Taylor, you're just a gross little attention whore.

No. 530130

File: 1521143846558.jpg (549.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180315-150027.jpg)

Another one. Her holier than thou attitude is gross.

No. 530138

File: 1521144039013.jpeg (131.43 KB, 1298x544, F95383B8-105A-4096-9A05-5AA0D8…)

No. 530143

>>530115 Peta collect adoptable cats and dogs from other shelters only to kill them in their Peta vans because they don't want them to get adopted. They are monsters, Taylor has done ZERO research about Peta, she's a POS, and Taylor, for fuck's sake, stop diverting from the issues and the problems people are focusing on you to fix. YOU, are the one neglecting and abusing your animals treating them like accessories and keep them in bad conditions. You have made your decision to keep Cheese in a tank that is too small with fish he shouldn't be housed with, you chose not to foster out the kittens to a foster mom and killed the female kitten. You chose to lie about where you got Ghost because you have a hero complex and are a pathological liar. You let Jonny smoke weed in your apartment and keep your delicate rare Satanic geckos next to a huge TV in the common area. Grow some sense of self awareness you fucking stupid bitch.

No. 530145

File: 1521144208356.jpeg (100.61 KB, 1276x449, 6D0B2B04-7B59-466F-8C06-6DD253…)

No. 530148

I like how she comes up with really minor shit sarcastically to deflect from all her dead and diseased animals, and that she thought she had an entirely different SPECIES for a month.

No. 530150

>>530115 Yeah, like how you manhandled your snake with your swollen ugly lizard hands and threw him at your friend who didn't want to hold him? Do as I say, not as I do.

No. 530151

Are these supposed to be funny? She's so fucking bitchy I swear. People have legitimate concerns and she mocks them bc there's No way she would ever do something wrong!!! Taylor is an expert! /s

No. 530153

What an absolute egotist.
>H-haha if I just act super sarcastic and exaggerate whatever criticisms people have towards my pet care that actually means I'm flawless and haven't done anything wrong!
How is she an adult woman?

No. 530157

>>530148 I forgot to sage I'm sorry. Her attitude will catch up to her more and more. Know another Youtuber who hoards abuses their animals and pathologically lies? Amberlynn Reid. They should totally collab, they have a lot on common. Amberlynn is one of the most hated Youtubers I've ever seen because of her lies and the way she treats her animals. Even lying about being raped. Oh wait, Taylor made fun of Jonny's rape victims, they really do have so much in common!

No. 530173

File: 1521145148606.jpeg (105.54 KB, 1298x327, FCE99F54-E161-4A79-B55E-F1699F…)

No. 530180

She's very obviously in need of attention which we aren't giving her enough of. I wish we moved to a discord server or some shit that was private just so she would continue looking petty af.

No. 530184

looks like we triggered her so hard she's going through some fit and attempting to gather pity points for self validation
oh woe is me Taylor.

No. 530185

Tay has the mentality of a 12 year old. Way to write all these stupid snarky tweets to make yourself feel better about being a horrible pet owner! Your cult of preteen fans who have no clue how to take care of exotic pets will tell you that you're the best pet mom ever!

No. 530193

This would be funny if it weren't so sad. Is she really incapable of any self reflection?

No. 530197

idk about you but I prefer my anonymity on lolcow
discord kinda gets rid of that

No. 530201

Taylor, no. It’s abuse when you take out your irritated green tree python and hold your phone out for it to bite. No one has ever said shit about your snakes touching your phone. Your snake could’ve literally broken his teeth.

Also I can say with almost 100% certainty that she doesn’t make her guests wash their hands before forcing her animals upon them. Good way to harm your reptiles.

No. 530203


She could do so much with her audience like sending out real messages, exposing people to petitions for actual causes, or making informative videos about debates in animal communities

But instead she whines about anons on the internet, mocks people who are genuinely concerned, retweets videos or news stories about animal abuse with the typical “this is awful!!!!” comment, and her one attempt to make an informative video (the pitbull one) just amounted to her not doing any actual research and rambling about “hur durr they’re good dogs only babies are scared of them but I’m not going to tell you why I’m just going to make vague emotional statements”

No. 530223

File: 1521147018107.jpg (522.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180315-155343.jpg)

No. 530228

File: 1521147245240.jpeg (197.28 KB, 1300x659, 1AEF8778-C770-4107-8606-76A4C7…)

No. 530233

Hm. Then afterwards maybe make a video on the good reasons people call you an "abuser" (more like a hoarder but idk guess they fall into a similar category)? Like your unhealthy impulse buying,meeting the bare minimum tank requirements,having tons of animals die in your care due to your ignorance thinking you could care for them when you blatantly cannot,manhandling delicate animals,placing sensitive animals in rooms too hot for them or directly beneath a loud noise source?
maybe you could talk about that monitor situation where despite apparently doing your research you somehow failed to realize you had the wrong species?

No. 530237

File: 1521147500132.jpg (426.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180315-160148.jpg)

Holy shit she sounds like Jonny

No. 530241

How to her fans not get sick and tired of the constant negativity on her account. Almost every single thing she tweets is negative unless it's praise about her.

No. 530248

Because she knows her fans will immediately defend her and inflate her gigantic ass ego

No. 530249

While she was a POS before meeting Jonny, she definitely has become worse since she started dating him. Every now and then she really just shows her true colors, and it does sound a lot like him.
With this constant negativity and not doing any sort of work whatsoever on her channel, I guarantee she is going to crash and burn one day. Slowly, but surely.

No. 530259

>>530184 One of the worst qualities to have is to not have any self reflection. The only self reflection she has is for her physical appearance, nothing internal about her shitty personality and animal neglect, and that's really bad.

No. 530261

Maybe it's just the ones I know, but every addict I've met has been like this. They ALL lie, and they ALL think they do no wrong.

No. 530263

>>530201 Taylor: probably killed her crab dropping her from using her as a prop. Also Taylor: You're an animal abuser if your snake touches your phone! Waaaah I'm a victim! God damn she really is such a narcissist.

No. 530265

>>530228 Well Taylor, since you're so busy focusing on your cake face makeup and trying to deflect from the shit person you are, I guess you don't realize that you basically provide your pets with the bare minimum, and your rodents all live in too small of enclosures as well. You will never provide ALL of your pets with the right enclosures.

No. 530274

>>530249 Well yeah. She's knowingly dating a rapist and is okay with that. She's fucking sick. It will catch up to her, someone needs to make a video and post it to youtube informing parents that her underaged audience, that she is also dating a rapist with the screen tweets from Jonny about raping women. Parents should question if they want their children watching this bitch. The video should include her lack of any self control impulsively buying animals and has killed many including a kitten. Make a twitter account with it, link the video, tag anything to do with Youtube, animals, Taylor and Jonny. Bingo.

No. 530283

File: 1521149594628.jpeg (175.04 KB, 1290x893, 3CB3F795-7733-4D99-86DC-E4106C…)

No. 530288

>>530283 Wtf??

No. 530289

What does this even mean?

No. 530293

File: 1521149915499.jpeg (114.47 KB, 1284x504, 88C08831-2E49-4FFA-A1FB-32FB5D…)

Except it’s not even a black throat monitor, and tanks aren’t really appropriate for monitors no matter how big they are. But it would outgrow 50 gallons very quickly.

No. 530304

About 10 minutes ago she announced on Twitter she is treating herself to 2 new tattoos cuz she is sad. Great reasoning there……

No. 530305

>>530293 So Taylor is still trying to convince people it's a blackthroat Monitor which has been absolutely disproven. She's fucking mental! PinkBunny needs to respond back with "except it's not a Blackthroat, you have a Roughthroat and lied about it".

No. 530308


“Here’s your clout”

God she’s so delusional. Does she think a million subscribers is celebrity status or something? I mean, it’s still impressive, but thousands of people have over 1 million

No. 530311

>>530304 Aww, what a loser. Yes that's the way to deal with public outcry and people giving you back valid critique. Go get tatted, rather than address the lies and cons you've conducted to make yourself look better. Like I said, all she cares about is her physical appearance.

No. 530312

>>530308 It truly went to her head. She reminds me of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, total big headed bitch that has zero self awareness.

No. 530314

Oh wow, her behavior is becoming too much for me to handle. It's starting to make me so mad it's unhealthy LOL. She's one of the most disgusting humans.

No. 530330

File: 1521151034555.png (119.96 KB, 640x1136, 65E8438C-DE56-4AAD-A538-C07F38…)

You mean a bitch who likes to pretend she’s an innocent princess but pathetically responds to random anons on the internet?

She keeps pretending it’s to prevent misinformation as if all those random anon accounts with less than 100 followers could lead a successful slander campaign that could ruin her reputation, when she’s just a passive aggressive bitch who likes to send her fans to harass people

No. 530331

File: 1521151067535.png (138.7 KB, 640x1136, 3C0C0539-022B-4255-832E-254FED…)

Also, anyone know how true this is?

No. 530334

Can’t believe I used to like her. What immature tweets. Why is she so pressed people care about animals? Like isn’t that her whole schtick? “Animal mom.” Except anyone upset she’s killed a ton of her pets and keeps many in uncomfortable or unsafe positions is just nitpicking at her perfection.

Christ, she needs to learn to take criticism. This looks pathetic.

No. 530337

All these snarky comments she's currently making is hilarious because it's like the more she tweets, the more she's self destructing. Lmaoo

I just imagine her head getting increasingly large to the point of explosion the more she tries to hide the truth with all her tweets

No. 530340

It's funny because her getting tattoos is just like when she gets animals. She impulsively makes the decision to get one (tattoo or animal), then backs it up with some BS like she's not doing it impulsively. "I have wanted one of these for so long" she says about buying yet another animal. "Crocodile hunter was my childhood so I'm getting a tattoo of it" she says as she gets a tattoo she literally just said she was getting bc she's sad LOL
It must nice to be sad over a bunch of people "bullying" you on Twitter. It must be nice to make money and not have a job because you get to use "depression" as your crutch. I'm not saying depression doesn't affect people, but she obviously uses it as an excuse. You don't just get to quit your job for MONTHS and still somehow make a living?? She's such a spoiled bitch and it's insane to see the amount narcissism in her. What an ugly human being. Negativity IS her personality.

No. 530345


Way way too sharp a substrate. Also usually dyed and that company doesn’t give details on origin. The particles are just too large for axotols. You’d have to use a sift to make sure the large pieces are out, and then rinse it until it runs clear to remove the excess coloring. It’s better to get a find grade sand (less than 1mm) or just bare bottom. This is super basic care and it’s scary she’s so ignorant.

But it’s one of the most expensive substrates, so that’s obviously why Taylor thinks it’s worth bragging about.

No. 530347

File: 1521151553171.jpeg (122.65 KB, 1292x853, 71654D97-14CD-41EB-A8D5-DA6623…)

Trying so hard to cover up that she knows so little about the animals she impulse buys that she couldn’t even tell it was the wrong species.

No. 530349

>>530340 Any sort of "depression" she experiences is probably because she's been exposed for being a POS so many times and can't keep up with her own lies lmao. I'd be sad all the time too if I was a pathological liar who got called out. She brings it on herself. What a wreck
>>530337 Agreed lmao, she just makes herself look like more and more of a negative piece of shit

No. 530352

File: 1521151796347.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, A582CE90-BCD3-4805-93A7-12A138…)

Yikes that’s a bad tat

No. 530353

File: 1521151824198.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 929FD2C8-5CAF-4110-88E3-B69605…)

So fucking unreadable

No. 530355

Not only did she not know the species because she impulse bought, but after being called out and ADMITTING it was the wrong one she still gets it wrong! Ahahahaha
I laugh because she's a total dumbass but I seriously feel bad for that monitor. She never said if she kept it or not?? I guarantee that monitor is still with her and still receiving shitty, improper care. That poor thing…

No. 530359

Holy crap!!!! that’s hideous!

No. 530360

That looks awful. Each to their own opinion but that is not a good looking tattoo.

No. 530361


What is with the beautifully done nail extensions except for the completely bare pinky one? How odd a choice.

No. 530366

I'm just in shock of how heartless she is.
if she was turned into something that you see in horror movies, she'll be oosing out black tar forcing you to love her

No. 530368

"Oh I have super bad EDS" proceeds to gat large inner arm line work piece…

No. 530371


Is that real? It looks like it was done by a fine sharpie pen and a marker to fill in the black. For someone who likes to boast she has so much money, she sure gets cheap tattoos lmaoo

No. 530373

Just genuinely curious, but can someone who knows more about tattoos than me explain why this is a shitty tattoo? is it the linework or..
(Sage cause i really don‘t know anything about tattoos)

No. 530376

Y'all I'm pretty sure it hasn't been tattooed yet, that's just the stencil.

No. 530378

>>530331 The black sand Taylor is referring to is great for Axolotls. Some breeders prefer no sand, but that's debatable. Some claim it's better, but frankly I think it stresses the Axolotl out not to be able to get a grip on the bottom, again, debatable. Either sand or no substrate are fine but never gravel.

No. 530380

What pisses me off is that she says it's dedicated to Steve Irwin and she tagged his wife and daughter on Twitter for attention. Bindi doesn't give a shit about you or your shitty tattoo Taylor. She's doing real animal husbandry.

No. 530382

>>530345 I don't agree but I also don't disagree. I know several people that I have followed for a very long time with Axolotls who have never had an issue with the black moon sand. Can you provide some references that the sand is indeed fake and dangerous as I've never seen any info about this? I would like to know more about this.

No. 530383


It’s confusing and unreadable. The placement of the flower makes the whole piece just look like a triangle. It’s poorly fitted to her arm and draws attention to her veins with the negative space. It looks like the kind of tat people get as a cover up. Like the flower is just so misplaced and awkward. The “texture” on the croc is literally just lines. The teeth are tiny and look like an afterthought, and that’s a shit ton of solid black right there in the middle. If they ink all of that in, it’s going to look so chunky, unbalanced, and (again) like a shitty cover up.

Just all around terrible.

No. 530384


She does realize that Youtube isn’t going to last forever and if she isn’t self-employed or working specific minimum wage jobs or ones that have uniforms with long sleeves, she’s going to massively fuck over any future job opportunities for herself….. right?

And this is coming from someone who loves tattoos and is drawing out a plan for several of them…. but our job market is very fucking clear about not liking tattoos and that’s something people have to live with

No. 530385

At least 2 of the 3 ex gf that have come out with allegations against JC are all tatted up too. Is this a trend?

No. 530386

>>530347 See, she still can't own that the Roughthroat is in the WRONG enclosure with the WRONG substrate. She is a total fucking lunatic.

No. 530389


Just google it. There’s plenty of sources, articles, and people posting their dead pets.

No. 530391


I'm not an expert but if i were to get a big line piece like that which is probably $300-1000 where i live at, then i would look at how steady their hand is–straight smooth lines, the lightness of color (how hard theyre pressing), the design, and the location. For me, her tattoo isn't that great because the lines aren't smooth, the color seems a bit toooo dark and shakey, and the design has too many lines so it's hard to distinguish between the two together. The location is eehhh..

If i were to get an alligator with flowers on my arm with money like she has, i would get a view of an alligator on the surface of the water with flowers lilypads around him, colored and clear.

No. 530393

>>530352 LMFAO UGLY! She's BARELY been home and instead of cleaning her animal enclosures and spending quality time with her kittens of whom need her, she goes out and spends hours getting a tat. Does she really expect us to believe that her friend cleaned all of the enclosures? Fucking selfish cunt, she deserves this hideous tattoo LMFAO! She's probably just doing this so she can make another video and talk about it, deflecting from her Roughthroat lie.

No. 530394


Lucky for her Petco doesn’t seem to have a tattoo policy! My manager is covered in them!

No. 530395


No. 530396

>>530355 Her Landlord hopefully finds out because she can't keep a dangerous lizard there she won't be able to handle, let alone keeping it in the wrong enclosure and substrate. The tank is much too small for him.

No. 530398

>>530353 The way she's posing it's really throwing me off her arm looks ass backwards lmao.

No. 530399

That's just the outline. So is she back in LA cause I thought "her" tattoo artist lived there and she would only get tatted by him.

No. 530400

Just as a point of reference, if this is in color it’s going to be at least $250 in San Antonio, probably more.

No. 530402

>>530366 When you kill a kitten from neglect and its' part of your youtube career.

No. 530403


Agree. They basically eat, breathe, and live helping animals and dedicate their lives for them so they will instantly see how horrible of a pet owner she is no matter what Taylor tries to tell them.

No. 530406

I'm not even mad. She's a 21 year old that acts like a 13 year old highschool girl. That's just pathetic.

She's saying we need a life? She can't spend half an hour editing a video and does absolutely nothing all day.

What causes have you donated to or invested your time in Taylor? None? Oh ok.

No. 530407


She’s not. I think she’s avoiding it because she knows she has to hold up on that promise of getting that cheese tattoo

No. 530408


> If i were to get an alligator with flowers on my arm with money like she has, i would get a view of an alligator on the surface of the water with flowers lilypads around him, colored and clear.

That’s a legitimately beautiful tat idea.

Hers has no concept and terrible execution. Just a croc with a flower slapped on top, with a big black triangle for a mouth and itty bitty teeth. No creativity or understanding of tattoo fundamentals. Just “I want a flower and a crocodile face” slapped down. She tweeted it’s going to just be linework with a bit of grey shading. Just a blobby, unreadable mess.

Pro tip: only get big works when you’ve booked in advance. Have several consultations with your artist, either email or in person. Only go to pros who ask for a deposit, they’re legit. Have them do several sketches and then final pieces for you to choose from. Don’t just go and get any big tat slapped on a prominent place. And make sure you look at their portfolio and online works. Get an artist who you can not fault, someone who you like every one of their pieces. And if you’re even slightly disappointed with their sketches or they’re not being cooperative, move on. Pros understand. There’s so many talented and dedicated tattoo artists out there. It takes time to find them and communicate with them, but it’ll prevent you getting shit like Taylor’s

No. 530410

The tattoo makes me SO mad!!! Steve was a huge inspiration to me so I became a Zoologist and work in animal conservation. Taylor sits at home mistreating animals and gets to pretend she cares about anything Steve stood for!! NO you do NOT Taylor! Steve would hate you!!

Sage for rant blogpost

No. 530411

>>530389 I did, I visited the caudata website and found information on this, but nothing about dead Axolotls. Fake fluorite sand can be dangerous for pH yes that's true. It's important to make sure it won't affect pH and that's legitimate. Other than that, I can't find any other info about any related Axolotl deaths.

No. 530412

Her tat looks more like a shitty coloring book page than… an actual tattoo lol. The line weight difference in the flower compared to the alligator face is driving me up the wall with second hand embarrassment.

No. 530413

I mean, if everyone over the age of 12 hated me cause I'm a shitty person I'd probably freak out on Twitter too

No. 530416

File: 1521154311896.jpg (200.65 KB, 1066x746, Screenshot_20180315-185108.jpg)


She's not. Also wasn't she just in Cali…??

No. 530417

Is it possible that that's the stencil for the tattoo, not the actual tattoo…? I think it just looks like a tattoo because it's in black and white. The lines seem way too uneven in terms of colour saturation for it to be a legit tattoo… I hope…

No. 530418

>>530412 It shows she put no thought into the design and she's probably drunk or high right now to get such a shitty tat. She's desperate to deflect from her reputation. Another tat idea would be to take a clipping from an old school animal book as a reference get a crocodile tatted down the back with different shades of lighting with reflection of water. Nope, Taylor buys a shit tattoo that will wear off and look even more like shit. Eventually she'll just have to black it out in a solid bar. She's so stupid.

No. 530421

Pretty sure it's legitimate unfortunately. She has a thing on her instagram story of the guy inking her…

No. 530422

Also: she's all over callmekarizma. Wasn't he outed as a pedophile rapist??? After Jonny I'm literally not surprised. Has anyone pointed that out to her???

No. 530423


She might be getting the tattoo done right now and posted a picture of the stencil bc she was excited about it. I'm really hoping this is the case.

No. 530424

>>530422 There's a very good chance she's actually attracted to sex offenders seeking out two males with such a reputation. What are the odds she would go after two.

No. 530425

>>530423 Lol she probably has this thread open while she's getting tatted. We can't wait to see how shitty it turns out do share.

No. 530432

>inb4 Traylor Trash rips off this anon's tattoo idea

No. 530436

I like how even when she's getting a tattoo stencil placed on her forearm, she has to keep her gaudy Cartier bracelet on.

No. 530437

If I’m not mistaken those bracelets have to be removed

No. 530438

That is the stencil. She’s getting it tattooed right now

No. 530449

You can remove them yourself. They come with a little screwdriver. It only takes like 30 seconds to remove one, so she made a conscious choice to keep her's on, even though it could get in the way of tattooing.

No. 530450

Well hey, looks like Taytay isn't the only liar.
Carib sea sand is fine, very fine particles and the colour doesn't run. I'm all for pointing out her shitty care, and a bare bottom is definitely best, but don't pretend you know everything.

No. 530453

I personally like the tattoo lol. Then again I like black and white, simple tattoos.

No. 530469

She was referring to >>530130
It’s infuriating because correcting someone on their animal care COULD actually save the animals if the person actually listened. Like if Taylor had listened to people telling her to find a real foster for the kittens.

No. 530470

Accidental response, I apologize.

No. 530471

File: 1521157048868.png (284.7 KB, 640x1136, 2B990246-E96A-4F82-B7D2-611F84…)

lol at her calling her two years of working at Petco, probably volunteering at an animal shelter once for high school credit and her lack luster YouTube channel where she rambles incoherently, doesn’t really educate about her pets and gives the most basuc care advice a “career” in animals

No. 530473

Poor Bindi and Terri probably get so many shitty croc tattoos tweeted at them…

No. 530474


if she wasn't an idiot/pathological liar, her animal care was too notch & she wasn't dating a psychotic dickwad who literally threatened to kill said animals these would actually be funny clapbacks

she's a fraud

No. 530490

Nah they’re still stupid coming from anyone

No. 530499

Her "clap backs" literally remind me of a middle schooler all like "Oh I'm a bitch? Well bitch is a female dog. Dogs bark. Bark is on trees. Trees are nature and nature is beautiful so thanks for the compliment" … in other words they're cringey as fuck

No. 530500

Steve Irwins goal and purpose in life was to educate people as much as he possibly could by putting animals typically deemed as scary into mainstream media!! He was not a fucking entertainer. He was HUGELY passionate and gave his actual LIFE for what he did. His kids speak about animals in the same exuberant way Steve did. Taylor doesn't hold a candle to the Irwin family. She's pathetic.

No. 530511

File: 1521159700433.png (80.35 KB, 826x540, tnd.png)

It appears that she had the idea for the crocodile tattoo for at least two weeks…

No. 530521

Yeah she's had this planned for a while. Idk why she needs to lie about such trivial things, like her plans that already existed… This is the third time so far.

No. 530524


If it took her 2 weeks to come up with that ridiculous tattoo, while i only took 1 min to come out with mine (>>530391) then she has no imagination at all.

While taking 2 weeks to think of the idea, it seems like another impulse to get it. I have been wanting to get a tattoo on my arm for almost a year, and it takes me this long because I'm still searching for the right artist.. because tattoos stays on you FOREVER and having a shitty tattoo like that is embarrassing for life.

sage for ranting/blogposting

No. 530526

Showed my husband, he said “oh look, a crocodile coming out of a cabbage”.

No. 530527

Because she's a narcissist and a pathological liar. I used to work for someone like that and we used to ask ourselves the same questions. She would lie about things for NO reason even if it didn't benefit or hurt anyone (herself included). She'd lie big and she'd lie small, and she'd believe her own lies too. Also couldn't admit she was wrong it was alwaysss someone else's fault even when we had solid proof it was her. Like really, truly, believed her own lies. It's Taylor through and through.(blogposting)

No. 530535

Someone who has heavily tattood parents/has been getting tattoos for a few years now here
The pictures posted are the outline and is not the full tattoo yet
On her Ig story the lines actually look decently nice
However, design wise, it's clearly not well-thought. It's as if the tattoo-er did not use a reference for the croc, even when stylizing something, many many artists continuously use real life references. The lines on the croc look less planned and more messy, while the flower, while it might look nice on its own, adds to the chaos of the messy crocodile. The flower lines are distinguishable from the crocodile but it doesn't flow in a nice manner, kind of looks like the equivalent of a bad photoshop job. Imo, some leaves and vines would really improve the over all design. If this tattoo does not end up in full color, from afar it will look like a bunch of scribbles on her arm.

No. 530536


That's true, but he was an entertainer as well. His method was education through entertainment. People looked up to him because he was entertaining to watch. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 530539

Oh sure! I more meant it as in, it wasn't some kind of circus act. Or like Taylors youtube channel. He was an entertainer second.

No. 530541

JC tweeted he is enroute to Texas from Arizona right now.

No. 530542

File: 1521161465591.png (9.27 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0211.PNG)

You think drugs make her stay awake? I knew people who were using say that some drugs would make you feel awake for more than 24 hours

Sorry for going off topic

No. 530556

No. 530559

File: 1521162104512.png (688.4 KB, 968x510, lfjc.png)


Now that you mention it, the similarities between the two of them are just striking.