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File: 1524102589939.jpg (76.63 KB, 728x728, nVGz6R1.jpg)

No. 559585

Stefany Lauren is a cosplayer from Canada who has recently gained some notoriety for her Arya Stark cosplay from Game of Thrones. However, she only gained this from literally photoshopping her photos until they are unrecognizable.

Originally she was popular in the Star Wars community for her likeness to Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey. However, when people realized that she was literally photoshopping Daisy's face on top of hers, they got annoyed and she was pushed out. She subsequently went to the Game of Thrones community.
She's a compulsive liar as well, having claimed to work for Lucasfilms (implying that she was a stunt or photo double for Rey) and to be HBO's Official Arya Cosplayer (which is not a thing). Every time someone uncovers something about her she writes a long poetic facebook post to get ass pats

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Scavenger.Scum.Rey
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sparrowsongcosplay/?hl=en
Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/sparrowsong
Article that got her notoriety: https://mymodernmet.com/arya-stark-cosplay/

No. 559586

File: 1524102646846.jpg (32.66 KB, 728x441, H2iolC6.jpg)

No. 559587

File: 1524102660805.jpg (52.21 KB, 728x489, iqfgvRI.jpg)

No. 559588

File: 1524102691134.jpg (33.22 KB, 728x460, n72SDQB.jpg)

No. 559591

File: 1524102703726.jpg (41.82 KB, 728x414, wqLG5wh.jpg)

No. 559592

File: 1524102723392.jpg (52.71 KB, 728x779, YpkyUYC.jpg)

No. 559593

File: 1524102737713.jpg (74.28 KB, 728x919, ZeGqwYA.jpg)

No. 559595

File: 1524103105015.png (486.81 KB, 836x590, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 9.56…)

Never heard of her but she seems suspicious. I mean, what's this about?

No. 559618

Sounds like a vendetta thread. Her photoshopping is minimal seemingly. She cosplays Arya pretty fucking well tbh. Y u angry at her anon?

No. 559637

File: 1524106026259.gif (1.9 MB, 440x248, nGJaYvT.gif)

Is the photoshopping the only "milk" on her though? I've seen her around a few groups on FB and she's never seemed particularly lolcow worthy, but maybe I'm missing something?

Yeah, I was pretty surprised to see her posted here. While she definitely edits her photos to some degree, I do think makeup and lighting are at play here as well?

No. 561807

File: 1524356403318.png (856.53 KB, 800x930, Screenshot_2018-04-21-17-15-12…)

No. 561848

I dunno her Photoshopping seems more than just minimal, it looks like her face is constantly changing.

No. 562997

Lol,do you know what fucking makeup is?

No. 563149

Hi Carrie Marie! :)

No. 563208

I wonder if Carrie's friends in Themy know she's posting this….

No. 563212

Hi ImCarrieMarrie! You're husband has shit teeth!

No. 563213

stop bumping this shitty thread with no milk. sage your posts.

No. 563225

sage OP is a cunt

No. 563228

And is also named ImCarrieMarrie(no one cares)

No. 563292

Does anyone have more candids? It's pretty ridiculous and creepy how she literally takes the face of the GOT girl and pastes it on herself. I saw her on reddit front page some time ago, I was like "oh another cosplay attention whore" I had no idea she steals other people's faces

No. 563315

>steals other people’s faces
ironically suitable
People who shoop themselves to look like celebs are so strange. Wasn’t there some fat chick who did this to the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad actress too?

No. 563359

Literally all of the photoshop "evidence" OP provides Stefany accomplished by makeup.
Different lol color, different skin tone, hair line, that's all makeup. She's said giving herself a widows peak is one of the things she does with Arya. There's no Photoshop evidence here at all.

No. 563388

>Everything she does is accomplished by makeup

Yeah totally, It's just makeup gaiz didn't steal anyone's face >>559592

No. 563408

Yes, because makeup can totally take you from >>559587
She may be using makeup but she's also using a lot of photoshop. This all started when she used snapchat to faceswap herself with Daisy Ridley and people thought it was real. She apparently decided that this was the way to cosplay fame.

No. 563483


Makeup doesn't change the shape of your face so drastically.

No. 563499

File: 1524519314519.jpg (39.92 KB, 299x366, 1524102703726.jpg)

If she's a great makeup artist why does her lipstick look so shit in this photo? I'd assume a make up artist could at least apply lipstick properly.

No. 563572

She did a rant on her instagram story, not sure if there is a way to record it and put it up here. It's kinda lulzy how angry she got.

No. 563603

OP I hate to burst your bubble but I met Stefany last year at the Star Wars Celebration and she looks like she does in picture. Makeup =/= deception.

No. 563607

File: 1524525152132.png (718.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-23-18-59-21…)

Lmao her lolcow rant is hilarious.

>she's pissed that lolcow is making fun of her and calling her out on her bullshit and lies
>says it's not ok x12
>claims that lolcow is linking to her personal info
Lolwut she's trying to make it sound like people have her address or her phone number or someshit.
>she thinks it's ridiculous that lc "got away with making fun of her and how it's not happening to anyone else"
>bitches about how people have no problem "taking down people they don't know"
>"something bad would have happened last night if I was somebody else, I would have died.
HAHA you would kill yourself just cuz people aren't blind to your lies?
>"I'm gonna keep cosplay/this won't stop me from cosplay blabla
Ok nice so ur gonna keep on being a fraud

If anything this proves that she's been wking herself all this time >>562997
Is her. She only went to instalive to bitch about it becuz no one was believing her wking, it's pathetic really. And looking at her new instalive vids I can tell she def got botox, jaw slimming and lip injections. Her face was not nearly this sharp as it is now a few months ago. Gotta keep up appearances somehow right? She's from Canada so why does she talk with this fake ass British accent?? I thought she was from the UK til I looked at the OP post again.

No. 563609

File: 1524525333679.png (153.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-23-19-04-35…)

Lol literally right after she bitches and cries she advertises her crappy app

>"FUCK LOLCOW btw download my app ! :)"

No. 563610

Not to be that guy but may I ask you all what about her is lolcow worthy? Is it because she possibly alters her photos? Is it because she has a ko-fi? Or maybe her recent internet fame? I am genuinely curious how those things affect you all negatively.

No. 563614

Is this going to turn into another Vicky Shingles situation or did you really meet her?

No. 563616

>"they've gotten away with this for so long!"
Lol bruh this thread is pretty new and some snowflakes have numerous threads. This face swapper talks as if people have been talking about her for ~years~

No. 563620

I legitimately met her. We were in line together to meet Rian Johnson and she was with a couple friends/fellow cosplayers.

No. 563622

The self posting in here is too real.

No. 563648

File: 1524528303884.png (901.7 KB, 720x1031, 1.png)

Proceeds to post 12 side by side pics of her and Maisie Williams.

No. 563649

File: 1524528370091.png (547.76 KB, 720x820, 4.png)

No. 563650

File: 1524528385155.png (630.79 KB, 720x1026, 2.png)

No. 563651

File: 1524528414303.png (590.2 KB, 720x1034, 3.png)

No. 563652

File: 1524528497600.png (713.41 KB, 720x994, Shot.png)

She wants to wear Maisie Williams skin so bad

No. 563654

Why are you so fucking mad? Who cares if she wants to be a lookalike? She definitely resembles maise even if just slightly and if she wants to cosplay her like she does, she wouldn’t be the first person to “specialize” in a specific character. Like hello lookalike actors exist. That’s not enough to be Lolcow worthy. Get the stick out of your ass.

No. 563656

This thread is crusty as hell

No. 563661

….is that logo just a flipped beats logo?

No. 563673

File: 1524530097111.jpg (33.97 KB, 800x600, bruh.jpg)

idk if this is that solid but yikes

No. 563674

Wtf is going on in this thread?
It was made not that long ago, already has non saging wk’s in it, and she’s already made an insta story rant about it?
Smells milky

No. 563687

And her wks claim there's no milk in this thread lawl

No. 563693

I’m the anon who told that 3x samefag to sage. I don’t even know who this thread is about, I was just irritated because it kept getting bumped to the very top of the snow catalog, and all the posts consisted of were “hi x,” without any sage. The person clearly hadn’t read the rules, so I reported the posts multiple times, then told the samefag to sage their shit and go.

Sage for no1curr and explanation.

No. 563700

File: 1524532715972.png (648.71 KB, 720x1003, Screenshot_2018-04-23-21-14-13…)

>"She resembles Maisie!1!"
Her photoshopping isn't even consistent.. atleast stick to one shopped face look
I don't think that anon was referring to you. This thread is littered with obvious wks

No. 563710

File: 1524533167629.png (989.64 KB, 750x1334, C51865BE-5F58-47E1-8885-01AB04…)

I also met her at Star Wars celebration and she looks nothing like she does in her pictures. She has lied about being British, where she worked (said she worked at Lucas Films on Star Wars, and was later caught for lying about it) and who she is as a person. She has taken credit for people’s work. She gives cosplayers a bad name, and tries to hide it behind makeup when in reality she just photoshops. She went from “looking” like Daisy to looking like Arya, who are totally 2 different looking people.

No. 563729

Anyone have caps of her lying about Lucas Films and getting caught? I’m so curious

No. 563732

I was the person who said I met her at the Star Wars Celebration. She had told me she worked at Lucas Film and this is the first time I’ve heard otherwise. While I still stand by what I said about her looking like her photos online I honestly didn’t know she wasn’t from the UK and didn’t work for LF. Do you have a link to where she was caught lying about that because now I have to admit I’m curious and would like to hear more.

No. 563740

Her garrison from RL has information on it. People from her garrison told people in RL. Their are screenshots of her saying she worked on the movie and she knew secrets about it, but people hasn’t released it Incase their name or number get released.

No. 563745

She lied about being British. She doesn’t even have a British Accent, she is faking it.

No. 563755

I'm RL as well and I heard rumors about her and wasn't sure if they were true since she seemed so nice and believable at SWCO. This is getting wild.

No. 563757

You guys need better things to do with your lives than to pick apart someone else's life. She's done nothing to harm you. Why are you focusing on her? This is flat out bullying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563766

I can't believe a thread that wasn't even made a week ago is already fuckin littered with these types of posts and WKs

No. 563771


Just report them and move on. They are most likely Stefany being butthurt.

No. 563811

File: 1524538450354.png (1.16 MB, 768x832, lmfao.png)

it's just makeup guys!

No. 563812

On her instalive she talked about how she doesn't care about what people say, that she's moving on with her life and done with this kind of stuff then she comes back here to tell ~the haturz~ off.

No. 563818

File: 1524538683424.png (1.17 MB, 720x900, Sp3428o7.png)

She steals other ppl's faces cuz she looks like a haggard orc

No. 563821

File: 1524538764750.png (2.72 MB, 1510x920, it's just lighting.png)

why though

No. 563831

Lol, do you guys know the power of contour?

No. 563832

File: 1524539433752.jpg (56.08 KB, 631x640, 4b73f7dc3ea778a9ec4703461268af…)

Do you know how much makeup can do?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563834

Contour doesn't change nose nostrils from being wide to narrow… like in >>563821

No. 563835

To be fair she only said she didn't edit her Arya photos. I think that was her way of saying she edited her Rey/Daisy Ridley photos. Look closely at her jawline and nose in the pic on the left, it looks pretty edited to me compared to the Arya pic.

No. 563836

File: 1524539545162.jpg (176.08 KB, 1200x1200, paleta-correctora-15-tonos-bro…)

Makeup and contour can do a lot.

No. 563839

Brace yourselves The wks are back at fullforce lmao

No. 563840

again… you can still see her nostrils are still about the same size unlike in the picture. I have no doubt that she may not edit her Arya photos although her Daisy ones are obviously edited.

No. 563841

She's literally said and shown on live that to do Arya she has to use makeup to widen her nose.

No. 563846


Makeup can't change her eye shape, and how fucking wide her nose is, get the hell out of here with this white knight bullshit.

No. 563848

File: 1524539852126.png (1.46 MB, 1148x806, hmmmm.png)

the pic on the left seems to be from her pre-photoshop days

No. 563849

File: 1524539874864.png (691.27 KB, 720x723, 1.png)

Dat nostril shop. It looks like she shopped her eye shape too.

No. 563851

File: 1524540009322.png (666.76 KB, 720x679, Screenshot_2018-04-23-23-10-11…)

Cuz makeup can totally make a rounded bulb nose look pointy af

No. 563852

File: 1524540029338.png (784.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-23-19-41-51…)

No. 563872

File: 1524541528887.png (1.05 MB, 1024x788, lol ok.png)

if she had a "mystery illness that robbed her of her sight" it explains why she can't even photoshop her nostrils to look the same

No. 563880

File: 1524541820123.png (1.06 MB, 720x1132, 12.png)

Her instagram is pretty creepy. If you scroll through it she goes from a Daisy wannabe to a Maisie wannabe.

No. 563882

File: 1524541837799.png (2.15 MB, 892x1122, lololol.png)

that curvy door

No. 563886

File: 1524541918622.png (1.25 MB, 720x1132, 1.png)

Last year it was all about looking like Daisy and now it's Maisie
Who's gonna be next when she gets bored of pasting Maisie's face on herself?

No. 563897

A few days ago when she got on front page with her Arya cosplay, I remember her title mentioning her horse with some other bullshit– most noticeable was how she ended it by mentioning how she's blind. Conveniently she hid that reddit post sometime after this thread was made. I don't believe she is blind, she wears blue color contacts to make her light blue eyes dark blue. Anything to look like Maisie amirite?

No. 563903

There are pictures of her wearing eyeglasses so I highly doubt she's blind, also how would she be sewing/editing/doing art/etc.? I mean you can't sew if you literally cannot see

No. 563904

She's said multiple times including on tonights live she has an illness that makes her temporarily loose sight. She's never pretended to be blind unless she was cosplaying blind Arya

No. 563906

No. 563912

File: 1524542776611.png (393.2 KB, 484x595, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.0…)

These don't look blue to me. This how "mystery illness" that made her "go blind" seems highly suspicious. Photoshopping or contact lenses for cons and cosplay is fine but lying about an illness or disabilities and lying about working for LF's PLUS the amount of WK's coming to this girls defence is just odd.

No. 563917

And good white knight sir, what illness was it that m'lady had?

No. 563925

File: 1524543309674.jpeg (4.79 KB, 299x169, download.jpeg)

And you would know cuz ur her fan? I like how quickly she talks about it to her fans right when people start talking about her fake illness.

>"she has a unnamed illness that causes her to temporaily lose sight."

>articles: unnamed illness causes cosplayer to go blind

>Blind cosplayer pulls off Arya cosplay

Lmao does she have munchies?? On reddit she stated that she was blind and now she has a UNKNOWN illness that sometimes makes her unable to see shit for 2 seconds? Wow.. that's so legit~ let me guess no doctor diagnosis either right? If she got examined by a real dr they would call her out real fast. Let me guess again, she claims to be blind so she can be jUsT like Arya rite?

No. 563927

Not to burst anyone's bubble but do we have proof of her actually saying she has random blindness/ some sort of illnesses?

She does seem the type to make up a fake illness.

No. 563928

File: 1524543394942.png (946.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-23-19-35-44…)

She really wants people to think her eyes are real by wearing glasses over her color cons

No. 563932

Some anons saw her original reddit post where she claimed to be blind
Also there are articles written about her being a blind cosplayer. The op post has one of them.

No. 563938

Lurk moar, it has been mentioned thru out the thread:

No. 563939

File: 1524543653478.png (789.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7915.PNG)

I can't find the screenshots of her talking about working for LFL but here's some of her talking about being HBO's official Arya cosplayer

No. 563942

File: 1524543695045.png (884.15 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7914.PNG)

No. 563946

File: 1524543792378.png (443.1 KB, 720x841, Screenshot_2018-04-23-23-30-22…)

She doesn't look like Rey without the photoshop. Why can't she come clean about it?

No. 563951

File: 1524543997599.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, B1771BF8-35B5-4ED8-938A-EA0A36…)

Copy and paste much?

No. 563953

File: 1524544022046.jpeg (199.94 KB, 750x1334, 801F5D2F-067E-4F82-A853-CC9936…)

No. 563955

I know her in real life and when I first met her she had a canadian accent and now, as everyone knows, her accent is british.
She did photoshop Rey but I don’t know how heavily photoshopped Arya is.

No. 563958

File: 1524544158950.png (689.11 KB, 720x1086, Screenshot_2018-04-23-23-05-45…)

Get def gets off to the comments from reddit saying she is Maisie

I think at this point Stephany should accept the fact that she's a cosplay snowflake like the other people here. Sending wks doesn't help.

No. 563964

I don't know anon, that's really minor stuff comparing to the real Snowflakes. Why do you hate the chubby cosplayer?

No. 563971

File: 1524544436117.jpeg (345.39 KB, 750x1055, 5023C3EE-A553-4718-99AD-72F786…)

She also stated that she has a “mysterious illness” that is progressing to the point where she won’t be able to walk, yet she is riding horses, learning how to sword fight and does her own stunts? Stating that it’s a chronic illness. That’s not how that illness goes.

No. 563978

File: 1524544679955.jpeg (216.23 KB, 750x1085, 08C025CA-78F3-40ED-A943-BEFACE…)

Number 40, saying that she spent a lot of time blind.

No. 563981

She writes about it like it's a fanfic… girl needs some help

No. 563988

i mean i guess it was temporary (or bs)

No. 563991

>>because of all the time I've spend blind"
As far as I'm aware blindness doesn't just come and go like having your period. You are either blind, going blind, or temporary blindness

No. 564004

File: 1524545526509.jpg (28.23 KB, 1080x565, 18721805_1698244297148039_7261…)

Omg have you seen her attempts to photoshop herself into official Rey stills.
Look at those and then tell me she possesses the abilities to make every single one of her photos a flawless shop

No. 564006

File: 1524545686952.png (652.45 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_2018-04-24-00-54-32…)

Is this her? On dA there is someone called Sparrowssongcosplay who looks eerily similar to Stephany and stopped posting around 2013.


No. 564007

File: 1524545711358.png (340.89 KB, 720x478, Screenshot_2018-04-24-00-52-59…)

No. 564011

jesus she's fatter than i thought

No. 564016

>i was stabbed in high school
sure jan

No. 564021

File: 1524546141871.jpg (66.74 KB, 960x640, 12993394_722787514490505_62040…)

it does look similar to
and her most recent posts from the linked facebook were in april 2016 cosplaying star wars? maybe that's when the obsession and skin walking began?
>pic related

No. 564023

Yeah that isn’t her at all. She only is known for her Rey and Arya, there are no other cosplays the those.

No. 564028

…what? that's most likely her from before her skinwalking period. Considering the photo is from "Sparrow's Song Entertainment" and is linked on the DA from >>564006

PLUS this girl still uses "sparrowsongcosplay" as her instagram name, with her new fake face. It's clearly her. Plus the unshopped face matches the unshopped video she accidently showed. are you a white knight, or just her?

No. 564029

The dA acc stopped activity after 2013. Maybe she wanted to start anew as a skinwalker

No. 564030

the da stopped in 2013, but the facebook linked to it, sparrow's song entertainment (almost the exact same name as she still uses on isntagram) is active until april 2016, WHEN SHE COSPLAYED STARWARS, and then began the first skin walking phase. if that isn't solid, I don't know what is.

No. 564032

File: 1524546884175.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, EB8F8532-60BE-418D-BF03-5B8F8B…)

Yeah no it’s not her. She doesn’t look like that without photoshop. This is how she looks like. And it’s obviously not her. She just took the name, but it isn’t her

No. 564038

>"It's not her, this is what she looks like without shop."

>posts shopped pic from insta

She got a nose job if the dA girl is really her

No. 564042

File: 1524547296606.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, C16A93B1-006E-4706-BF78-4DE470…)

Also that cosplayer is from the US. Stefany is from Canada. Also if you look at her recent post on Facebook from 2016 she still looks nothing alike Stefany in 2016 .

No. 564044

even if it's not her, she still hijacked the name. but I'm not entirely convinced that girl ISN'T her. do we have proof she is from canada? also, that photo could just as easily be photoshopped. just in a different way. she's proved that her "photos" are not reliable or accurate depictions of herself.

No. 564045

Stefany didn’t start photoshopping herself until around the time of SWCO. You can obviously tell that photo above in her dark rey is natural because there are other photos of her that people took and posted on their own page where she looks like that, which unless the other posts from other people where photoshopped, that means that’s how she looks. I’m no denying at all she doesn’t photoshop herself, but that is truly how she looks.

No. 564048

No, the pics from deviantart that y'all pulled up are definitely not her. I've met her and seen her in person before, and that girl isn't her

No. 564049

The mistery illnes thats making her blind for 2sec is: blinking

No. 564050

Her garrison is stationed in Canada, her PO box is in Canada, and you can clearly see from all her post that she is from Canada. Even or Ex friends she knew all say she is Canadian, not british or american. If you just went to her page, you would obviously see the proof. She lies about everything, but she didn’t lie about being Canadian.

No. 564051

Original Poster is
on Instagram

No. 564056

Stephany going all Nancy Drew, she really wants to know who made the thread.

No. 564069

File: 1524548496433.jpg (563.72 KB, 1700x644, the clay face.jpg)

are we supposed to care? I'm a bit more interested in why you keep changing your face. is it because it's so ordinary and bland, you need to skinwalk famous actresses who you will never be?

No. 564076

Keep trying Stef. It's someone much closer to home.

No. 564082

File: 1524549012125.png (1.92 MB, 1842x820, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 1.48…)

>this difference
o i am laffin

No. 564086

File: 1524549267331.jpeg (319.85 KB, 750x933, 603E402C-4AE2-452E-924D-885B89…)

Just look at her tagged photos, oh wait she only allows some photos to be tagged IF she looks like the character. The ones she Is in where she doesn’t at all (because she can’t edit them) are no where to be found unless you look hard.

No. 564091

File: 1524549403153.jpg (337.74 KB, 1000x600, namethatpokemon.jpg)

damn, wish I saw this (better candid) before making this but w/e

No. 564100

File: 1524549859719.png (460.62 KB, 506x900, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.00…)

i found a video on instagram a fan took of her, talking to her and she's faking a british accent. not sure if linking the post will count as a violation of rule 5b?

got some screenshots though of her candid face tho

No. 564104

File: 1524550332812.jpg (57.5 KB, 539x960, 31180114_10157065755840752_145…)

I really hope y'all are having a great time making someone hurt and championing it as "this is wrooooooong!" I know who many of you are and admire you as cosplayers, and if the goal was to hurt someone, congrats. You did it! Must feel good. You won. Yay for you!

Here's a screenshot. Verify for yourself about HBO. We can get more in detail if you'd like, but driving this van on rando websites with the intent of "taking someone down" isn't cool.

Thanks :) ~E

No. 564105

what are they gonna do when they meet you and you look nothing like the photos lmao

No. 564106

For the record I'm not cool with ANY of the outings or body shaming here and very sad to see that.


No. 564109

lol who is erinn? are you a whiteknight sent her to defend stefanys honor? or is stefany not your name? either way, we don't care about what you're cool with fuck off

No. 564110

I'm pretty sure Erinn is one of her cosplay friends

No. 564117

Erinn is one of Stefs cosplay friends, HBO asked both of them to cosplay for them as shown in the DMs

No. 564118

File: 1524551307706.jpg (572.67 KB, 1200x1000, mfw.jpg)

hi stefany, we know you're reading <3 <3 <3 <3

No. 564139

There's barely any difference, it's hardly extreme shopping. What's the point of this thread

btw I have no idea who this is

No. 564146

7 other completely random threads were just bumped with nothing of contribution, just swear words like “twat”. only seemed to stop when this thread hit the second page of /snow/ hmmmmm(emoji use)

No. 564164

You foiled their genius plan huh

Have another bump

No. 564165

She looks like she's trying to imitate a Mass Effect character in her recent headshot

No. 564172

lmao I just saw that

No. 564186

>hardly any difference
you might want to get your eyes checked anon…

No. 564189

File: 1524559416657.jpg (21.68 KB, 500x331, Obama.jpg)

>I haven't seen the show

No. 564193

i feel pretty bad for this chick but also it's pretty funny

No. 564241

I doubt that hbo hired them, seems like another lie next to her "work with lucasArts lie". Even if HBO was interested I'm 100% sure they fucked off after they saw her irl. It's pretty pathetic how Stephany is sending hoards of her friends to defend her lies and skinwalking and it's even more sad how she's trying to bump other threads in attempt to make this one "less relevant" I don't think any snowflakes done that before haha.

No. 564246

No one really mentioned her weight, someone said 1 thing and that was it but now that you mentioned it she does try to shop herself to look thinner. How can she be Maisie if she's chunky? Tell her to put down the fork

No. 564247

Her newest headshot as seen in >>564118 looks like it's been photoshopped to hell and back.

No. 564262

she's so fugly in her real photos.

No. 564279

How does this prove anything? Doesn't she cosplay Arya? This looks like HBO is talking to a Daenerys cosplayer. It literally says "mother of dragons". If you're a friend you're not helping her.

No. 564314

File: 1524582034854.png (631.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-24-10-56-19…)

She said shes never coming back to lc and yet she religiously checks this thread. She wouldnt have to make a "psa" if she didnt straight steal this girls name.

No. 564327

good to know, so instead she just stole her name!

No. 564354

File: 1524584738283.jpg (84.39 KB, 500x749, Download.jpg)

Wowerz she looks just like Daisy /s

How many noses does she have at this point?

No. 564358

Too many. The Instagram one looks drawn on and all the other ones are variations of heavy photoshop and editing.

No. 564360

File: 1524585320812.png (548.54 KB, 595x591, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.5…)

Has time to photoshop face, eye colour and makeup, doesn't have the time to wash crusty flakey hair or photoshop out the dandruff.

No. 564362

even her shooped photos don't look like maisie though. maisie looks like an achondroplastic midget. her head is shaped like an inverted triangle. the shape this chick keeps choosing with her face isn't even reminiscent of maisie's wtf

No. 564369

File: 1524585708929.png (385.97 KB, 476x577, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.5…)

Also for a claimed "makeup artist" she kinda sucks at makeup. It looks like she applies her makeup with rocks and then smears dirt across her face. Also doesn't seem like she does much besides a bit of eyeliner and brown/earth tone eyeshadow for all her "looks".

No. 564373

File: 1524585832908.jpg (55.04 KB, 780x438, 150626141447-maisie-williams-e…)

For comparison here's Maisie

No. 564375

File: 1524585928529.png (1.47 MB, 936x1170, nose number 6.png)

she honestly just looks like a deepfake of Daisy Ridley/Maisie Williams at best, and only in some of her pictures…

No. 564379

File: 1524586117645.png (425.66 KB, 471x590, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.0…)

This woman changes noses more then most people change their underwear. Round, button, pointed, upturned, downturned, small, big, square, long, short, just go with your real nose Stefany how bad could it be?

No. 564381

File: 1524586141054.png (2.49 MB, 1866x1188, you didnt answer the question …)

No. 564384

Sneaky not crediting the person who took the photos, can't see the actual candid. Stef or WK, just give up your not fooling anyone and your digging yourself a bigger hole.

No. 564385

File: 1524586431615.jpg (9.65 KB, 185x273, achon.jpg)

yeah, as i said, maisie has a midget face. this chick totally wants to wear her skin, but she sucks at imitating her likeness even when she goes to lengths like shooping

she looks nothing like daisy outside of her shoops

No. 564389

I'm not a WK, posted this because it shows in her "unedited" photos she looks literally nothing like her Daisy pics in particular and doesn't really look like Maisie either

No. 564395

File: 1524587085153.png (496.22 KB, 837x575, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.1…)

This doesn't seem right, she's an artist too? I smell art theft or photobashing. This doesn't look like a "quick sketch"

No. 564398

>>564395 samefag but I tried looking for this character she mentioned and found this: https://songbirds-rhapsody.deviantart.com/art/Nyxis-Tal-dine-610654378
Seems to be her dA but couldn't find this picture anywhere on it

No. 564403

File: 1524588116897.png (158.79 KB, 594x764, mysterious illness.png)

her "mysterious illness" seems to be hemiplegic migraines

No. 564404

Girl sounds basic as hell.

It also sounds to me like it could be anemia. Someone I know who was anemic had those symptoms of tiredness and disturbed vision. She should just try taking iron supplements.

No. 564407

Not anemia anon! It's a ~mysterious unknown illness~!

No. 564408

I doubt it, it sounds like what the other munchies describe, typical "could be anything" symptoms. Also, doctors would check those things based on her description of her symptoms hence no longer making it a "mystery". Either she knows what the illness is and is exaggerating it or she doesn't have an illness at all and wants to be a special snowflake

No. 564409

exactly, plus she says her dog is her medical alert dog, but as far as I can tell she doesn't bring it to conventions with her where it seems symptoms from hemiplegic migraine disorder would occur…

No. 564410

Stephany wishes she could be blind so she can be ☆the rl Arya☆
How tho? She looks nothing like Maisie and she's 5'7 while Maisie is 5'1.

No. 564411

Her forehead, checks and a little bit of her chin/jaw looks altered too

No. 564412

she tries so hard to seem British she even posted a "happy mother's day" post on UK mother's day date

No. 564416

Where does she say she has a medical alert dog? Also shouldn't she have a medical ID bracelet in case she passed out at a con or something?
Omg, so she even fakes being British to be more like Maisie? Stef get your own identity and stop trying to wear famous peoples skin. Also for the record, Rey is the worst character in the entire Star War's series, worst acted and worst storyline. Even JarJar is a better character than Mary Sue Rey.

No. 564417

File: 1524589434729.jpg (104.09 KB, 400x400, 264f4643b186da03f7ddb7816f4fb8…)

Wow! Daisy+Maisie look alike, 0 photoshop cosplays, horse rider, british, blind and can draw?! She has it all huh!

No. 564420

She faked being British for Daisy. She has never even been to England probably. She has a Canadian(? Or would it be american) accent.

No. 564421

You forgot Handyman Extrodinare and bisexual!

No. 564422

File: 1524589649396.png (66.45 KB, 598x336, medical alert dog.png)

in that same post, sorry I should've screenshot ted more

No. 564423

File: 1524589690408.png (63.05 KB, 582x338, dpg.png)

No. 564424

As a Canadian, I'm about 99% sure it's a Canadian accent. She's turning into Vic with the photoshopping and fake British accent

No. 564425

Wait lol isn’t uhhh Daisy’s dog named Muffin…

No. 564429

there's no other mention of him being her service dog other than here as far as I can tell, it seems like she would post pictures of him being trained or in public? I mean, service dogs have to go through extensive training to be certified as such (at least in the US)

No. 564431

File: 1524590307280.jpg (174.74 KB, 1200x933, sympotomshemiplegicmigraine.jp…)

I was looking up the symptoms of Hemiplegic Migraine. While vision change is a symptom, blindness is not. I would guess she is exaggerating for sympathy.

No. 564440

She said she was blind for her initial reddit post, articles praise her as a blind cosplayer. One article said something along the lines of "she was going and blind and she chose to cosplay"

Hoe lied and expected people not to notice??

No. 564444

It's not easy to train/get a trained medical dog in Canada either. The fact that she goes to cons and rarely is seen with the dog beside taking it for walks screams to me that it's not a medically trained service dog at all AND she doesn't need a service dog either.

No. 564463

I don't think she's a munchie, I think she may get migraines but exaggerates how bad they are. She makes it sound like she's dying and losing control of her body but the next week she can go to a con or ride horses. So she's only sick when it benefits her to talk about aka when she needs some attention

No. 564482

I dunno anon, sounds like typical munchie behaviour to me. She's pretending to be blind for sympathy and attention.

No. 564499

You just described a munchie. She uses a fake illness to get attention and feel special. Even more so she used her minions to come over to her thread and white knight for her which makes me think she's been lurking here for a while.

No. 564501


Except in British Columbia, there is no governmental certification or registration of service dogs in either the US or Canada.

No. 564516

File: 1524596025533.png (99.68 KB, 748x391, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.49…)

Just did a quick search and it seems you are correct, however as outlined in the Service Dogs Canada website ( https://www.servicedogscanada.org/) you need to prove an illness and that the dog has the ability to assist with said illness. Also mentions that if the dog is a service dog they need to wear a service dog vest in order to accompany the owner on buses, in public buildings, etc…
Never seen Stef's dog wear a service dog vest nor have I seen her even have the dog at cons or in situations where her """""mystery unknown illness"""" would be an issue

No. 564517


But you can't just have a random, untrained dog and take it anywhere with you. It has to be trained to to specific tasks or work

No. 564525

File: 1524596338033.png (564.89 KB, 926x558, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.55…)

I assume this is the dog that is "supposedly" the service dog. It's adorable however I can find a single picture of the dog wearing a service vest or doing joining her on any of her shoots or cons. Also, she seems to of only mentioned the pup being a service dog ONCE.

No. 564529

File: 1524596752699.png (755.33 KB, 929x552, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 3.04…)

Fairly certain the first thing service dogs are trained to do is NOT BITE THEIR OWNER! Playing or not, that just seems like an untrained dog thing to do, not something a trained service dog would do

No. 564534

That's becuz her dog is not a service dog.. she claims he is to make her "imma blind cosplayer" story seem more legit

No. 564538


That company is one of many in the US and Canada that makes $$$ from selling service dog accountrements.

The same page states:

Having identification on your dog is not mandatory.

There is no such thing as a Governmental Authority or Agency "certifying" Service Dogs in Canada.


There is no national standard of service dog qualifications in Canada as there is in the US under the ADA.

No. 564540

Still doesn't change the fact that if you want to bring your dog on public transport or in public/government buildings you need to have a service dog vest on your dog. To get a service dog vest you need to prove to have the illness and that said dog will assist that illness. She could say "Hey this is my dog and he helps me" and I'm sure they'd be fine with it, but when it comes down to proving she has an illness she can't cause it's fake.
I live in Canada and I've never seen a dog on the bus or in public/government buildings without a service dog vest.

No. 564543

File: 1524597850821.png (177.19 KB, 1155x638, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 3.22…)

Everything I've seen says as long as you provide proof of an illness and that the dog is able to help you with the said illness you can deem it a Personal Therapy Dog.

No. 564545

File: 1524597887059.png (783.31 KB, 720x795, Screenshot_2018-04-24-11-53-49…)

Forget about looking like Arya. She looks like Coconut head from Ned's declassified school guide.

No. 564548

File: 1524597910680.jpg (32.65 KB, 640x480, 0a26e7a8-eeef-4cfe-b344-a2d286…)

No. 564549

Samefag but here's the website I got that from.

No. 564554

therapy dogs and service dogs are different things.

also >>564538 anon is fucking lying yet again. you said this in the confetti club thread and it's bunk. you definitely need identification for service dogs in BOTH countries because businesses have the right to refuse you if you don't.

No. 564600


The Lifeline Canada is not a governmental organisation. It is a private company and its certification does not satisfy any governmental mandate.


I have never posted in the Confetti Club thread.

Canada does not have nationwide laws or regulations:


In the US the ADA is federal law:


Q8. Do service animals have to wear a vest or patch or special harness identifying them as service animals?

A. No. The ADA does not require service animals to wear a vest, ID tag, or specific harness.

No. 564603


Again, the webpage of the company selling vests and IDs states

Having identification on your dog is not mandatory.


No. 564607

Stefany, since you're clearly reading this thread, here's some advice. You wouldn't have these issues if you weren't a compulsive liar. If you didn't photoshop yourself to look completely different, or at least admitted to it, no one would care. If you didn't routinely talk about how you're blind/dying/sick, no one would care. If you actually are sick, don't exaggerate it. You seem super desperate for attention and you should probably try to get it somewhere else that through cosplay that's built on lies about what you look like.

No. 564631

File: 1524605226259.png (113.36 KB, 800x473, Screenshot_2018-04-24-14-21-40…)

No. 564632

File: 1524605320678.png (103.79 KB, 800x641, Screenshot_2018-04-24-14-25-36…)


Headkick34 must be an anon.

No. 564650

No. 564656

I’m dying to know the full story about her RL base catching her lying about working for LFL

No. 564657

nta but it also says on the US AND Canada sites that the dog needs to be trained to do certain things.

i really don't get why they don't need identification since both countries clearly have rules for what constitutes them as service dogs who aren't just emotional support animals.

No. 564665

Filed under “threads that would probs have otherwise died if wasn’t for the fact that cows just can’t help but drawing attention to their thread by endless wking and sperging across platforms”

No. 564667


I like how the only close up of her is blurry

No. 564675


Requirements regarding mitigating tasks was not the point of contention. The issues of government-mandated certification and identification were the topics being debated.

No. 564679

She's said she can't take her dog to cons cause he's not well trained yet. Apparently he's so defensive of her if anyone he doesn't know comes up to her he fucking attacks them

No. 564680

She says she's broken her nose countless times.
Think she's said 2 times already just this year.

No. 564681

So the dog is useless as a service dog. I think it's safe to assume the dog isn't a service dog, isn't a personal therapy dog, it's just a dog. I mean what use is a service dog is its owners only illness is lying?

No. 564683

Of course, she said that. Did she break her chin and forehead 2 times also? If she's so bad at keeping balance maybe she shouldn't ride a fucking horse!

No. 564687

she had a melt down on her instagram live last night where she cried for 20 minutes and said “but I refuse to be afraid” probably about 100 times.

No. 564689

Is she really that afraid of people saying she photoshops? she needs to put her phone away and take a moment to breathe.

No. 564691

someone colllected evidence and sent it to the head of her garrison. She was implying heavily that she was a stunt double for Daisy Ridley (if anyone asked about it she said she wasn't allowed to comment), and said she was working on Solo but couldn't say what she was doing. Apparently she also was saying stuff about her ex abusing her who was a member. I also heard that she tried to act like she was the only Rey and would get pissed if anyone else tried to dress as her.

No. 564695

Then the dog is totally not a service dog. They are trained to not attack people, but to just focus on their owners. And if it is then who ever trained the dog is shit at it and shouldn’t continue to do it. Conventions centers and most places require service dogs to wear a vest. It doesn’t matter if it’s in America or Canada. She is totally lying about the animal and it’s disgusting that she is since so many people with real illness need them.

No. 564697

She has been already removed from her Garrison. That is where the lie about Lucas Films came out. They found out and since they work with Lucas Films, they need to remove her. I know they suspended her, but I think she left RL in her own.

No. 564707

Holy shit…How did she not get caught sooner?? It’s pretty easy to look at who Daisy’s stunt double is on imdb lmfao. Suddenly everything makes sense though. She’s always complains about a “witch hunt” against her by “people she thought were friends” on her instagram. Now I’m really curious who went to her CO with the info.

No. 564713

Seems like a regular person who could detect bullshit from a mile away. You don't have to be a farmer to suspect she's photoshopping or lying..

No. 564725

File: 1524612214761.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_2018-04-15-02-29-28…)

Try looking at this persons nose and telling me it hasn't been broken numerous times.>>564683

No. 564728

She didn't break her nostrils? what's the excuse for them being wide and then suddenly narrow (inb4 nose contour cause contour cannot make your nostrils that fuckin narrow)

No. 564737

I’m sorry to be a faggot but what’s a garrison and RL?

No. 564739

Same with her upturned, downturned, rounded nose tip

No. 564746

File: 1524613181438.jpg (131.27 KB, 634x813, Maisie williams 2.jpg)

"I BROKE MY NOSE" seems to be a popular excuse snowflakes use to hide their excessive photoshopping or plastic surgery. Though I will say it looks like she had a light nose job done on her nostrils and nose ridge. She prob kept on hump cuz Maisie Williams has a slight hump on her nose (pic related)

No. 564747

It’s Rebel Legion. Some Star Wars cosplay group that I think go to baseball games and sometimes does hospital trips too. A garrison is the group of people who get together in certain states or near by, since it’s world wide

No. 564758

File: 1524614024713.png (467.6 KB, 720x704, Daisie.png)

Daisy Ridley

No. 564759

File: 1524614050590.png (403.7 KB, 381x717, Skinwalker.png)

Skin walker

No. 564762

File: 1524614133378.jpg (755.66 KB, 953x1169, 4zrdiyxbdr3y-1.jpg)

Maisie Williams

No. 564763

File: 1524614188845.png (738.35 KB, 720x813, Screenshot_2018-04-24-19-44-06…)


No. 564766

It creepy how she tries to mimic their mannerisms. I bet she gets a lot of kicks outta people saying she looks like them

No. 564775

Why tho? I never understood people who get off on looking like a celebrity or character like the human "barbies" or that dude that wanted to look like Justin Bieber. Have your own identity, be your own person, there's nothing unique about photoshopping or getting plastic surgery to "look" like someone else.
Also, I love how she claims to be Daisy's stunt double while simultaneously claiming to be deathly sick with an unknown mystery illness that makes her blind and could kill her at any minute!

No. 564779

Thank you kind anon! It’s weird that she’s getting so buttmad over this thread in particular if she’s already been outed in her own community for being a pathological liar.

All the people ITT white knighting are actually retarded. Going on about “the power of makeup” when OP photo she photoshopped Maisie’s face onto her own. The only way she could skinwalk harder at this point is by literally wearing Maisie’s skin.

No. 564784

go sperg about service dogs elsewhere
her dog isn't a service dog, it's fucking obvious

if your dog isn't acting as a service dog should (barking, growling, basically anything except walking/sitting calmly or doing its job) you can be made to leave the business/wherever

No. 564785

These don't even look like similar people. Completely different complexions, eye shapes, face shapes, bone structure, lips, and brows. The only thing they have in common is brown hair. She can't even look like Maisie even after photoshop lmao.

Why would you want to look like Maisie anyway? She's not exactly someone you'd desire to look like to put it mildly…

No. 564786

She's 'in' now, maybe plain and slightly ugly is in right now, same goes with Daisy Ridley. Not crazy pretty or talented, just popular and easy to photoshop if you're a white brunette plain jane.

No. 564787

She was outed from the Star Wars community and fandom jumped to Game of Thrones. Most of the people there don't know about what happened because there's not a ton of crossover and she keeps trying to go viral as a Arya lookalike

No. 564793

Found her twitter the handle is @GirlMeetsJakku. Not much but found this. Apparently, that horse is a "rescue", she trying to say she rescues horses too now? Also, that @ and hashtag to Maisie Williams, kek.

No. 564795

almost all of the accounts she follows have something to do with either Star Wars, Daisy or Maisie. It's like she's a stalker.

No. 564800

File: 1524617097317.png (669.75 KB, 785x745, cap.PNG)

She's so creepy

No. 564801

File: 1524617352801.png (132.87 KB, 339x431, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.45…)

What?! Since when? Jesus, so we have stunt double, deathly ill with an unknown mystery illness, blind, horse rescuer, makeup artist, was stabbed in high school, bisexual, handyman, artist and cosplayer. How many lies can one person have?

No. 564804

File: 1524617532770.png (423.48 KB, 580x529, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.50…)

She has another face as well. And before her white knights say "oh it's just cause she has a blond wig on, hair colour changes your facial structure" literally her entire face looks different. You could put that thru photoshop and make her hair dark and she'd still look nothing like any of her other photos

No. 564815

File: 1524617907364.png (85.76 KB, 720x517, Screenshot_2018-04-24-20-58-28…)

So she's an actor now? Lol

No. 564819

File: 1524618019751.png (554.15 KB, 932x460, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.26…)

Also, that link in the description is for a documentary Maisie Williams is apart of. Stef has nothing to do with it but she must be a good skinwalker and pretend she does. (picture is also a post she uploaded about the documentary).

No. 564824

File: 1524618170542.png (199.69 KB, 670x489, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.00…)

Daisy's stunt double looks nothing like her, must stunt doubles aren't meant to look like the actor, just as long as they have roughly the same body size and proportions and are good at performing stunts. If Stef thinks all you need to be a stunt double is to look slightly like the actor she's deluded

No. 564828

File: 1524618454933.png (521.48 KB, 720x1114, Screenshot_2018-04-24-21-08-13…)

Lmao I saw that too and I was like huh? This is Maisies post

No. 564831

File: 1524618573630.png (389.04 KB, 1007x451, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.06…)

So I think she's skinwalking this girl. Cause as far as I can tell this girl that goes by SparrowSongCosplay has been doing cosplay since at least 2012 (way before Stef used the name). Not entirely sure what relation if any they have to each other but Stef is obviously salty that this girl who seems to be a respected cosplayer has the same username as her. Pathetic shit to get your panties in a twist over if you ask me.

No. 564838

File: 1524618958187.png (737.42 KB, 1049x593, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.13…)

Not sure if this is ot but I found OG Sparrow's Songs facebook and it was created 2008 and she seems to make all her own cosplays and does/did quite well. Stef totally ripped her username and then threw her under the bus as a "faker" or "imposter". No Stef, your the imposter, in every way.

No. 564839

I thought she was apart of it til I saw Maisie's post. It's so odd.

No. 564840

Stefany goes to American cons so maybe she did know about the og sparrowssong

No. 564841

File: 1524619388676.png (111.72 KB, 1276x638, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.19…)

Anyone ever heard of Graphtreon? Me neither but she has one. That along with a Ko-fi account where, why does she need money from strangers?

No. 564842

File: 1524619472049.png (120.71 KB, 1254x577, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.23…)

But wait guiz, she also sings, paints and is a charity! Wow she's so special!

No. 564843


Headkick34 posted their comments after the article was posted here and said things that had been discussed here, eg. Where else has the Lucas Film lie been discussed? There are more comments not included in the screencap).


But in the Mail interview she said she didn't and was uncomfortable about it, to the point of deleting a video!

No. 564845


I never said her dog is a service dog.

No. 564848

Anon just stop, the dog is just a dog. Not a service dog, not a therapy dog, not a special forces dog, it's just a cute dog that does dog things. Unless you have proof saying otherwise just drop it and move on.

No. 564851


Graphtreon is a statistical ranking site of Patreon users akin to Social Blade.


Where did Stefany comment on the other cosplayer prior to the speculation in this thread?

No. 564854


Instagram Story but it was about this deviant art.


No. 564858


In all of my comments I never said anything about her dog. Why are you implying that I am defending her dog as a service dog?

No. 564861


She posted >>>/snow/564314 in response to the speculation in this thread.

Did she post something prior? Where did she "throw her under the bus as a faker or imposter"?

No. 564866

Comparing the two articles about her which were published less than two weeks apart:

The Mail article makes no mention of her "mystery illness". The Mail never passes up a chance to mention a subject's health woes and how they overcame them.

Meanwhile, in the Mymodernmet interview she makes no mention of Kristian Nairn saying that she looks like Maisie.

No. 564892

File: 1524624498916.png (506.71 KB, 720x891, Screenshot_2018-04-24-08-21-12…)

It seems like she alternates between dark blue and green color contacts. This pic screams plz say I look lik daisy

No. 564904

This chick can’t even do her goddamn eyeliner right. And she calls herself a makeup artist? SMH

No. 564908

File: 1524625764469.png (185.1 KB, 298x403, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.0…)

Agreed, for a makeup artist, she's awfully lazy, sloppy and plain.

No. 564921

She's not a makeup artist. Her wk's tried to play it off as her being good at makeup, but she's not really.
As far as I can tell she doesn't have any real job, she just goes around cosplaying, taking her own photos (so she can shop them) and posting on social media. It seems like her parents must have money because she has horses and goes to cons all the time.

No. 565217

It's funny that she is always going on about witch hunts when she started one when she wasn't the first person to have the new Rey costume. She had been claiming she had one for months and had seen everything because she worked at Lucasfilms but no one ever saw it. When another girl released hers she pitched a fit and was saying that it was to attack her or something, I can't remember exactly. It's like she didn't notice that Rey is the most popular star wars character right now and thought everyone would wait for her even though she never released pictures of the costume she'd supposedly had since before SWCO.

No. 565222

File: 1524670744870.png (54.31 KB, 846x470, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.41…)

Her Facebook bio. She's just creepy with her level of obsession with Daisy and Maisie.

No. 565226

File: 1524670866306.jpg (46.46 KB, 980x490, Maisie williams.jpg)

Anyone else find it creepy how she tries to copy Maisie's facial expressions?

No. 565227

File: 1524670891236.png (381.67 KB, 720x898, Screenshot.png)

U will never be Maisie

No. 565234

File: 1524671122416.png (335.38 KB, 720x416, Shot.png)

"Daisy Ridley stunt double"

No. 565239

Tried looking for any acting credits Stef has done. Nothing. Nothing on IMDB, nothing on her facebook, twitter, or Instagram, zero.
Stef you can't just say you are something and have it be true. You're not an actor, you don't do stunts, your not an artist, your not a makeup artist, your not Daisy or Maisie and your not a photographer or model. Labelling yourself as such doesn't make it automatically true, you gotta work to get there. Face it, your a one hit wonder cosplayer that got lucky with the help of photoshop and gullible chumps.

No. 565245

She used to do community theater. She played the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of Oz. I found a newspaper article about it (don't want to share because it has her last name). So not pro and not recent but of all sheer lies it does have a shred of truth.

No. 565253

File: 1524672115439.png (757.03 KB, 1277x630, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.5…)

Found this, once again her shoops are so inconsistent. Also once again her bio states she's an "actor".
Jesus Christ, of course, it was just community theatre. Who hasn't done community theatre?

No. 565256

I recall her saying she made some of her cosplays (like for Arya). Well, I think that's a lie too cause I found her on this website that makes these costumes.

No. 565266

File: 1524672811542.png (518.82 KB, 860x628, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.0…)

What? How would that even be possible especially for some whose "blind" and severely "ill" while on a horse! I feel as though Stef in incapable of telling the truth.

No. 565270

File: 1524672958933.png (379.7 KB, 623x488, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.1…)


No. 565277

File: 1524673209999.png (72.07 KB, 637x539, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.1…)

Samefag, that comments on this article are pretty brutal. ( https://9gag.com/gag/aeMQ93q/this-amazing-arya-stark-cosplay-will-make-you-do-a-double-take )
Seems that no matter how much Stef tries to be Maisie and Daisy, people see past her bullshit. This is why you don't base your life off being "like" someone else, you will either fall short and end up looking like a creep.

No. 565281

File: 1524673730654.png (141.25 KB, 825x456, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.2…)

Not only does this confirm she has photoshop but she can use it quiet decently.

No. 565302

It's been proven that she shops every pic. Ofc she's gonna be good at it, she uses it all the time.

No. 565307

I know she lied about making one of her Rey's. The girl who made it was pretty pissed. She sold a different one recently and stated that someone else made it but idk if that was only when selling it

No. 565308

I like how she has been quiet on social media. What Stefany nothing else to say while we call you out on your bullshit?

No. 565317

She was all FUCK U HATERZZ a few days ago lol

No. 565323

File: 1524676223901.png (172.74 KB, 631x609, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 1.06…)

I would be nice to finally see a cow turn themselves around and redeem themselves by owning up to the lies and coming clean. Not sure if Stef has that in her to come clean or if she will go the same route as most cows and just keeping digging a deeper and deeper hole.
Stef if your still lurking here, the jig is up, if you google search your name this is the third link that comes up and it hasn't even been around for more then a week! Once you get caught, the internet never forgets so you have a great opportunity to turn things around and come clean. Or you can keep lying and continue to play the victim and remain a cow forever.

No. 565334

She likes the attention she gets from skinwalking and the pretend illnesses. I don't think she'll stop lying about her life.

No. 565355

File: 1524678629033.jpg (23.17 KB, 312x360, stefany_witch.jpg)

No. 565384

I have never seen so many hyper, obsessed, jealous people gather around like a gaggle of ducks to complain because a girl looks like another girl. What a shocker! Are you all a bunch of stupid, ugly bitches in real life? Has daddy been mean to you as a kid so that you waste your stupid life complaining about some girl who maaaaaaybeeee in your personal opinion used too much makeup to look like someone else? Is that what you all want to waste your life on? Or you think that drawing some lines on a picture proves she photoshopped a pic? And why do you care? How does it effect your life? Why you so mad that she is pretty?

Is it because you are not?

Im a photographer and can tell you that a slight tilt of the head and the proper lighting can change the look of your face in photos. All celebs and actors are trained to know their own angles for photos. Photographers are trained to know how to take photos that show ones best features.doing so can create an illusion of stronger cheekbones or a longer neck or legs or wider eyes. Etc. Mix that with makeup and contouring and you can look very different. No photoshopping required.

Even Maissie doesnt look like Maissie when her makeup is off. All celebs look very different without makeup.

Not that i should have to explain that to you guta5and nor do you care. You all just super jealous and wish you could be Stefany. Well, get over yourselves. You are all low lifes. You really think by behaving this way makes you guys better than anyone? Stefany is a better person than any one of you for many reasons, including the fact that she doesnt stoop so low as to waste her time insulting ppl over something so trivial as a person's looks.

Grow up! While you guys stew and cry and moan over wishing you were as good as her, she is out there being successful. And what are you doing with your lives? Wasting it being an online bully cuz some meany in your life took all your self esteem away? Sad. Your lives are so sad.

Fyi, I know her in person. We cosplay together sometimes. I have a photo of us with Mark Hamill in her Rey costume. She looks identical to Rey. Those are legit fanexpo photos by fanexpo photographers. There is no photoshop. Yet she still looks like Rey. And Mark Hamill agrees. He met her in person. So end.of.debate!

He would also be very disapproving of every one of you. Grow the fuck up and stop wasting your stupid, worthless lives on trivial things!

P.s spelling errors due to typing on lame phone.

No. 565385

Hi Stefany

No. 565390

I wish i was stefany. She has horses. I do not. Plus Rey not my thing. And i cant pull off a Rey with red hair!

Nice try! How anout read what i wrote before you reply.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 565415

How do you feel about her lying about being disabled then?

No. 565418

No. She doesn’t look like rey. Many people have met her, she doesn’t look like Daisy. Mark didn’t say that, don’t lie. I have met her and she doesn’t look like Daisy. She looks different from what she does. At this point the photoshopping doesn’t matter. What does is that she has lied about her illness for views and has lied about her dog. It’s DISGUSTING to lie about that. There are many people who have illness that are serious and she is using that to get views. Fuck that. It’s gross and honestly sad. She has lied about where she worked, lied about where she can from, lies with that fake ass accent and lied about so many things that no one knows who she is. She photoshops herself. That is no lie. She doesn’t look like Daisy and doesn’t look like the actor that plays Arya. She is a lie.

No. 565419

You are actually all disgusting humans. Have you seriously got this much time to spread fake shit about somebody! Grow the fuck up. Drawing lines on her photo's doesn't prove she uses photoshop, posting her artwork and saying she stole it… even though there are old WIP of that same artwork that she has posted and its based on herself so where would she steal it from?! Honestly everything you've written is such bullshit. She cosplays for fun ffs, just let her do that!You're just talentless, jealous dicks trying to bring someone down for no reason at all. What has she done to you is my question?!

No. 565422

Where is your proof that she 'lied' about her illness? Have you gone and spoken to her doctors?! Have you tracked down where her dog really came from then?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 565423

You whats disgusting? Lying about being blind and having an illness to get attention.
Photoshop is something basically all cosplayers do. While it is deceitful, it's part of the industry. What really ticks me off is her lying about the illness, lying about being blind, lying about working for LF, lying about her professions, lying to her fans, lying to the media, and then when she gets caught she send dick bags like you to do her bidding (however I have a feeling your actually Stef)

No. 565424

Have you? You can't just say something is true and have no evidence to back it up and get pissy when people don't believe you.

No. 565432

All these WK's are flooding in, my bet is Stef is complaining on one of her social media accounts and playing the victim.
Some advice for all WK's, welcome to the lion's den, take a moment and read thru the thread, you might learn something. Get your head out of Stef's asshole and recognize this isn't just about a bit of photoshop here and there, it's about a pathological liar using a made up illness to get sympathy and attention.

No. 565438

I'm not stef, she hasn't sent me at all. I'm not even a fan of GOT.

Where is your evidence that she lied about her illness and being blind. She hasn't lied about her profession which just proves you don't know her well enough to make these judgements. She is an actress, you don't know about everything that goes on in her life. She has spoken about her auditions and how she was at final callbacks for broadway on her livestreams before. She has also spoken about her vocal coaches before with other people on her livestreams, so yes she is a professionally trained singer too.

You have to have evidence in order to say that something someone has said is false. I'm a friend of hers and I'm sorry if I don't talk to her and go 'Oh hey Stef?! Tell me everything about your illness now!' You have literally no reason to say any of this bullshit about her. You're just talking our of your own arses.

No. 565442

No one would care about the photoshop if she didn't pretend that was her real face. But she denies up and down that she uses any photoshop. She tries to act like she's a bunch of things she's not. She may have an illness but it's obviously not as severe as she makes it out to be with all the things she does.
She brought this on herself with all her lies. If she just admitted the truth there would be no more milk. But she wants to act like the victim. The only victims are all the people fooled by her

No. 565443

File: 1524683924296.png (525.41 KB, 919x476, Screenshot (106).png)

Stefany please. You keep playing victim but people are seeing through your bullshit.

How does it feel you have to lie to get your fame? You can't even get 10k followers on instagram. Most of the comments are you talking to the small fan base you have. You are pathetic

No. 565444

The wks say we are obsessed yet his/her friend is obsessed with being Daisy+Maisie and fabricating a life full of lies.

No. 565448

File: 1524684043415.png (508.09 KB, 925x476, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.12…)

Ok, Stef, let me explain something to you.
When you lie, it's no one else's fault besides your own. When you get caught I'm sure it's not fun having to face reality but YOU brought this on yourself.
I couldn't care less about if you photoshop your face. What makes this disgusting is the lies about your illness, faking being blind, lying about having a service dog, and using those lies to prop you up and get attention.
Don't want to be known as a liar? STOP LYING

No. 565458


yeah sure whatever you say, sure you aren't Stefany or a WK of hers.

Read the damn thread. >>564431 points out her migraines don't cause blindness.

Also it was pointed out if she was as sick as she states she wouldn't be able to be a stunt double or do half the shit she saids she does. She is only sick when its convenient and she can gain sympathy.

If she is such a famous actress why doesn't she have a IMDB page or some sort of proof she works?

We have evidence now get the fuck out of here with that weak white knight bullshit.

No. 565461

Sweetie, turn off the computer, all I see is autism. If some rando being talked about over the internet gets your panties in this much of a twist, you shouldn't be on the internet to begin with. We know your a Stef "fan" or maybe even Stef herself. If you have any shred of proof that she is a credited actress, what illness she has, proof that her dog is a service dog, proof that she's blind and any evidence of her actually working for LF's please let us know.
These are all things we've proven to be false and faked, I'm sure everyone here would be more than happy to be proven wrong but you can't just sperg out like a fangirl gone mad and expect us all the to believe you.

No. 565464

i've had one of these and they're not that bad, your vision gets blurry for a bit when you try to concentrate on things and then you have the migraine for a few hours, it's not as bad as cluster migraines for sure.

No. 565467


So her "Life threatening" illness isn't as bad as she is trying to make it out to be.

No. 565472

Even if it was Hemiplegic Migraines, she's never referred to it as such. She (in usually munchie fashion) has always claimed it was an "unknown mystery" illness that "robbed her of her sight" (that's her quoted from the articles).

No. 565473

"Gosh that is terrible! What illness do you have??"
>"….I'M BLIND! XD"

No. 565474

If she is truly sick with her chronic illness and that one day she won’t be able to walk AND she is blind, then she shouldn’t be able to
A. Do all her stunts (when she is going blind and is again going to one day be not able to move her body again)
B. Lightsaber Fight (videos of her going all out and crazy)
C. Learn to sword fight (how? She is going blind, remember?)
D. Still ride horse when apparently this “mysterious illness” made her stop before hand.
E. Lie about her service animal, when we have proved it’s not that because it bites her, can’t be taken out in public because it is “defense” around her and bites people (a big noooo for actually TRAINED service dogs) and doesn’t have a vest.

We don’t need a doctors note for this, because we aren’t dumbasses. We can use our brains. She hasn’t said what the illness is, all she says is the Mystery illness is so she doesn’t need to tell people what the name of the illness she is stealing from because she knows if she does people will catch her.
It’s digusting. It’s wrong on every level. And people defending her about this is just as wrong as she is. If you truely believe she is sick, or not exaggerating it, then I’m sorry you were lied to by this chick.

No. 565477

Amen anon.

No. 565485

File: 1524685616627.png (966.8 KB, 800x1063, Screenshot_2018-04-25-12-38-01…)


She bought her dog from a breeder.


This is the only mention on her Instagram of him becoming her service dog that I can find. She has posted no photos of him in training or performing mitigating tasks.

No. 565486

File: 1524685624749.png (117.7 KB, 360x612, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.45…)

Blind and deathly ill ya'll but let me just post this picture in ma Instagram stories of me tots dying. 100% Daisy's stunt double huh?
oh wait nvm

No. 565490

Not to mention her lie about working for HBO and lucasArts, being a makeup artist, actor, photoshopping and her fake ass British accent.

No. 565491

Nah instead he just bites people and would fail literally every evaluation test for being a service dog. Also how many names does this dog have? Fitz, Muffin, Dax

No. 565492

File: 1524685769213.png (1023.76 KB, 800x1058, Screenshot_2018-04-25-12-38-42…)


When she met Mark he probably complimented her cosplay just like he compliments everyone to be polite.

No. 565493

I like how she made herself thinner but forgot to shop the reflection in the mirror

No. 565494

It’s nicknames muffin because Daisy’s dog is name muffin. She LITERALLY stole Daisy’s dog name for herself. That’s just sick man.

No. 565495

File: 1524685818873.png (1.14 MB, 800x1103, Screenshot_2018-04-25-12-38-27…)


No. 565496

Oh? You have a diagnosis? Please show me your PHD and when was the last time you physically assessed her as a Doctor and then you may comment about her health.

Otherwise, shut up about something you dont know. Get a degree first you fool.

No. 565497

That’s not even mark. There is no proof of this photo they take, yet with other people (like John) she posted it on social media. You know she would have posted it all over social media about the “story” to get views

No. 565498

Not a doctor? Then it isnt your businesss what her health problwms are. She hasnt told me and i dont care why? Cuz it aint my problem and it aint my business.

Again, grow up. Get over yourselves. Find a more productive hobby that doesnt make you out to be so whinny and pathetic.

No. 565500

File: 1524686171196.png (96.72 KB, 756x533, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.50…)

Let's not forget that despite the dog NEVER JOINING HER AT CONS, SHOOTS OR GATHERINGS where the dog would be needed most. But in Canada and the US, you are required to have your service dog wear a vest. In order to deem your dog a service dog, you need documentation of the illness and proof that the dog can assist you with said illness.
Also the dog just isn't trained.

No. 565503

Lol she couldn't photoshop while at the con so she hid half of her face and tried to mimic Daisy's signature smile.

No. 565505

File: 1524686462202.png (652.58 KB, 800x863, Screenshot_2018-04-25-12-56-49…)


The pics of him as a puppy sent to her by the breeder are marked "Fritz."

She set up a very short-lived account for him.

No. 565508

Honestly, the dog is far more interesting then she is. Far more photogenic too.

No. 565510


Canada doesn't have national laws:


In the US the ADA is federal law:


Q8. Do service animals have to wear a vest or patch or special harness identifying them as service animals?

A. No. The ADA does not require service animals to wear a vest, ID tag, or specific harness.

Regardless, she has presented no evidence that he has been trained or is in training. He was born in August 2016. At nearly 2 years old, he should be well into training.

No. 565513

File: 1524686957478.png (683.54 KB, 800x1024, Screenshot_2018-04-25-13-07-52…)

Just part of the fam!

No. 565516

She goes to convention more in the US then in Canada. They are required for animals to wear a Vest. But again she hasn’t brought her dog to the conventions to the US because she know it wouldn’t pass. Also biting is a huge ass no and attacking people beacuse they aren’t trained to do it. She either has a shit trainer, or was lying about it. And if she really needed a service animal, she would get another, because you know “lolz me going blind and dying over here >_<“ shit she pulling.

No. 565517

Dude, that's not true. You need to make sure your service dog has a vest so that when you bring it on public transit, in public or government buildings its clearly identifiable as a service. if you DON'T you are required to show proof that it is a service dog, if you do not then vendors, public or government building owners and establishments can ask you to leave. If you have proof of the dog being a service dog then you are freely able to bring the dog on the bus, into museums, libraries, etc…
You keep trying to say that's not the case but it is. I live in Canada, I'm a dog walker and a pet sitter. If I brought one of my client's dogs into a public building or transit they'd ask me if the dog was a service dog and if it was I would have to provide proof.

No. 565542


The first link I posted lists service dog regulations in Canada by province. My point was that Canada does not have unified regulations for the entire country. Regulations are legislated by province, so they are different in each province.

The second link is for the ADA which I clearly stated is US law for the entire country. The question and answer I quoted are from the ADA website.

The comment I replied to stated "in Canada and the US, you are required to have your service dog wear a vest" which is not true for the US and is not true for some provinces in Canada.

No. 565554

File: 1524688956083.png (78.4 KB, 800x385, Screenshot_2018-04-25-13-38-03…)

No. 565562

Let's not bicker among us. Let's all agree the dog is a pet not a service / therapy/ whatever kind of dog Stefany claims it to be.

No. 565566

The dogs, not a service dog, why are we still talking about dog vests?
It's obvious the service dog industry is fucked with next to no regulations (at least that's how it is in Canada). Speaking from personal experience, I have never seen a service dog that wasn't clearly labelled or identified as a service dog either via a vest or special harness. Why? Because service dogs are working dogs when they are out with their owner they are on duty. Owners put vests on the dog so that the public knows that a) that dog is legally allowed to be in certain places and b) so no one interrupts the dogs focus. We are all taught to never pet a service dog unless the owner says its okay, that's because they are on duty and need to remain focused on the owner's well-being. Vest make that easily apparent. Maybe it's not a law but it seems to be a well-known practice and common sense.
Muffin/Fitz/Daz whatever isn't a service dog. It's clearly untrained, hasn't joined Stef during any of her cons or outings where a service dog would be needed, it bites, plays rough and shows all signs of being just a regular playful pup.
I agree anon

No. 565571

that law also fucking says that 'in training' is fucking bs so fuck off.

No. 565578

File: 1524689893756.jpg (197.13 KB, 750x1932, sb8gh2e.jpg)



She just posted again, novice level photoshop mistake

No. 565581


No. 565583

You guys are a TRULY hateful bunch. Glad you found each other here, because it seems like you have no one in the real world to complain to. Regardless of any of this, true or not, it doesn't make you a better person. Just more web trolls doing what web trolls do best, sit and complain behind a screen instead of just going out in the real world and following your own morals.

You all sound miserable. Call me a whiteknight, I don't really care. I'm just disgusted that people sit and dwell in negativity as such.

If one of these OPs is one of those exposed, I've seen you get made fun of insta, really disappointed that you're no better than the people who bantered at you.(no1curr)

No. 565589

Huh… Her behavior is pretty cringy, though. She can always grow out of it.
Wait, what are you even talking about?

No. 565598

OMG are we getting a new Moomoo??
Why don’t these dumb cunts ever realize that the more they wk themselves the more hilariously exploitable they are. In the history of the entire internet, when has ‘dragging’ teh haters ever stopped them from h8ing. Praise the milk goddess. Reap your keks!

No. 565605


The actual laws should end the argument, but apparently anons would rather accuse other anons of lying instead of reading the laws for themselves.


And in the US the fact that service dog identification is not issued by the government and is not required means anyone can claim that their dog is a service dog. The presence of a vest and other service dog accessories is meaningless insofar as proof.

The reason identification and proof of illness are not required is because disability is a protected class. The law errs on the side of preventing discrimination, but leaves the door open for anyone to claim disability and anyone to claim they have a service dog.

No. 565616


What are we supposed to be seeing that's amiss?

No. 565626


Anon do you not see the difference? She photoshopped herself skinnier.

She probably thinks this and horse riding is enough exercise so she can stuff her face.

Hey Stef pro tip, it's not.

No. 565654

She is on Instagram live. She is boring and basic.

No. 565755

You are so obsessed over her. Like did she reject you when you asked her out? Cuz its like you are crying in the corner in the fetal position, stalking her fb like you have nothing better to do in your life (prolly cuz you fat and ugly and live with your mom with no job and no gf). I know its hard when you see someone who is happy and succesful. It probably reminds you how you are miserable and pathetic and going nowhere in life. Its probably why you are here…in this place of rejects….finding other low life losers to cry with. Complaining how life is so hard. The question "why do i suck so much and yet Stefany is so awesome?" Keeps running through your mind over and over.

Well the answer is simple my friend. "Because you are here wasting your pathetic life whinning like a baby over something that isnt even your problem or your business. Go get a life and grow up!"

No. 565760

lmao i didnt even notice the reflection. wtf hahahahaha this chick is such a cow i love it

No. 565761

I was one of the early on anons who was skeptical over her being a cow over the photoshop.

Seeing now how she's had multiple whiteknights come in claiming "ur just jealouz!!" along with her obvious lying about her connections, career, and editing/photography. It's pretty obvious she's a full on cow. Good job building the thread on this lunatic. It's a shame though, she could have been a decent cosplayer if she wasn't so absolutely batty.

No. 565765


No that is not the pic of Mark that i have with her. I spent around 400 to have photos done with Mark Hamill. I invited her and a member of the Legion with me when i came across them. The photo is not a selfie. We waited nearly 2hrs to get the photo with him. But we got it. I was then invited to dinner with the Legion for getting them that photo with Mark Hamill. And Stef looks looks exactly like Rey. No photoshop. Not that it even matters. Cant believe there is even a group of whinning babies here over such a thing.

Like who cares if someone wears makeup, photoshops or doesnt photoshop. Has a service dpg or doesnt.

It all comes down to the fact that you guys are all emo and jealous of her success. I wish i had a boyfriend who spent as much time dotting over my every whim as you guys complaining about something silly and ridiculious. I wish i could live rent free like Stefany is in all your heads. You all just cant stop thinking of Stef. Its so cute. A jealous, envious little gaggle of loud-mouth quacks all wishing they could be like her.

Like really…its like you are the refuse she refused to date and you are all butt hurt over it. Lololol!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 565767

So do we think the army of white knights are just Stefany posting over and over, or she sent her army after us? Either way it's hilarious.

No. 565772

File: 1524704992845.jpeg (327.9 KB, 2048x2048, 14041469-7840-4E46-8BE7-DA31F8…)

There is no photo of her meeting mark. She would have put that on social media to get the views. Also yeah she totallllyyyy looks like Rey. I mean look at that, alllll natural. XD

No. 565774

File: 1524705121049.jpeg (112.14 KB, 370x772, 1C965BC6-EE46-4C39-BBC7-947068…)

No. 565775

File: 1524705199020.jpeg (65.05 KB, 278x495, B54FA026-8FA4-409E-866F-C663DD…)

Wow, amazing how she looks like daisy, even when she is trying to pretend to me Arya.

No. 565780

File: 1524705376614.jpeg (140.8 KB, 508x535, DF6BE3E3-18C8-44D2-A003-FFB4ED…)


No. 565783

The funny thing is that she's not that bad of a looking girl… She should just admit to the damn photoshop / lying

No. 565785

File: 1524705496196.png (780.88 KB, 720x1000, Screenshot_2018-04-25-20-43-12…)

So named one of her dogs after Daisy's dog and got the same breed as Maisie's dog?

No. 565786

File: 1524705513042.png (961.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-25-20-42-10…)

No. 565788

She isn’t ugly. She could be a good cosplayer if she didn’t lie and be natural. There are tons of cosplayers who look nothing like the actors or characters they are cosplaying as, but they are well know because they obviously care for the characters. Cosplaying isn’t about how close you look to the character, it’s about you connect to them.
Cosplayers photoshop, yes, but they DO NOT literally copy and paste the actors face on their own and say “it’s all natural I look this way lol”. That just makes any cosplayer who even uses a little bit of photoshop look bad. It’s just wrong.

No. 565794

This. She would be just fine cosplaying without the photoshop but then she wouldn't get the attention fr being a "doppleganger".

Stefany, all of this would go away if you admitted to the photoshop, lies/exaggerations, and stopped. Ya you won't be cosplay famous but you won't have people talking about you either. Getting chewed out by Rebel Legion should have been a wake up call for you but you just switched fandoms

No. 565795


Right because Stefany is so independent. Doesn't she live with her parents? How does afford cons or making her cosplay. At least most of us have a real jobs and don't leech off of our parents.

No. 565796

Where's the picture then?

No. 565801

So it’s fine for you to go after someone for their physical looks? Ok so say that we are all ugly and fat? You think that’s ok? Lol you tell us we are wrong for just STATING that Stefany is a liar. That she has been shown for lying, and that it’s rude of us to good after how she “looks”, but it would be fine for you to do that? Seems hypocritical if you ask me. There is no problem living with your family, or being ugly, or being overweight. That just seems weird to say in this situation. If we are just a bunch of lying “fat ugly people” why does this bother you so much? If what we are saying is untrue, why should it bother you or even stefany. If she is saying the truth then she ain’t got anything to worry about. But it seems to me that you know deep down, she isn’t telling the truth. The in some way she is lying.
She has lied about being British
Lied about working at Lucas Films and The HBO stuff.
Lied about her service dog
Been shown to at least exaggerate her illness (she may have an illness but it isn’t as serious as she is pretending it to be”.
Say she didn’t photoshop her photo (which is totally unbelievable), but let us say that she just looks different everytime you see her for some reason, how can ignore that fact that she has lied about those serious things? At this point it isn’t about cosplaying but more about how she is as a person. You can ignore the photoshopping fine, but that other stuff you can’t kick under the bed.

No. 565807

"jealous of her success" what success? she has 7k instagram followers (basically nothing) and has had a few articles on unknown websites written about her…. she's not successful

No. 565808

You sure read me for filth, Becky, unfortunately you have to be 18 to post here. Oh and I guess you missed that we're mostly women here, and I personally don't date fat chicks.

No. 565810

While I agree with all your points, I suggest just ignoring the WK's, report them if you must, and move on.
It seems pointless to try to knock some sense into them as they just ignore all the clear evidence in the thread. Obviously, they are either too young or too dumb to understand, or it's Stef and she's crazier than we thought.

No. 565823

hello, anon here who has met Stef before…

First off, I don't think we should be putting her down for her weight or physical appearance, calling her names solely on her appearance isn't nice, and that has nothing to do with the argument here…

I just think she needs help. There were a group of girls once who tried telling her what she was doing and lying about wasn't right, and that she should seek help… she took it completely the wrong way, calling it a "witch hunt"
I met her, she literally told me she was british, told me her accent was real when I asked, told me that she had made her vest when I specifically asked if she made it (she had actually had it commissioned), and I had recorded her having a lightsaber battle but she told me not to post it as her "contract with lucasfilm" forbid her from having footage of her online dueling with a saber in her Rey outfit (this turned out to be Rebel Legion rules… not Lucas Film)… and at the time, I had hardly known her, but the lies started becoming obvious over time on her social media…
I just don't get why someone who insists she looks nothing like Rey/Arya has to make a FORCED effort to look like Daisy or Maisie… and then say "it's just contour" or specifically point out "no photoshopping" or whatever… what the hell?? First and foremost she's setting a really bad example and standard in the cosplay community… and trying to be "modest" about the fact that you don't look like them when you've posted photoshopped pictures of yourself to change your features to look more like them… and yeah, people use photoshop to touch up their features or make their skin clearer or whatever, but to change your facial features to look more like a character and then lying that you didn't photoshop or whatever??? That's just wrong. And this is just the cosplay/public part of it…

No. 565826

I agree it's not right to make fun of someone for their weight or appearance and I don't encourage that at all. In fact, I think she looks like she has a healthy weight and I'm sure she's rather pretty (it's hard to tell since I've never seen her face to face).
However, this is the internet, people have the right to their freedom of speech.
Anyways, that being said, you sound legit and if you still have the recording please share it with us (mainly so we can verify your story). Also out of curiosity, did Stef seem like she was blind or ill when you met her? Did you ask or talk at all about any kind of illness or blindness?

No. 565833

I too met her. I actually had a conversation with her and anything. We actually talked afterwards, but not to much. No she didn’t seem sick, she wasn’t blind or anything, she was just wearing glasses. I witness her fighting with a lightsaber, and pretty hard at it. She was fighting and moving like some one who has had training and was able to see pretty good from the way she was fighting. She wasn’t sick that day, or the other days. She never mentioned any sickness at all. I was actually with the other girl who you replied too. Every word she told us that day was a lie. And I can support what anon said about it.

No. 565839


Yeah, I can try putting up a video later, I have several on my phone.

Also, no, this was the first time I had met her/ heard of her and it was about a year ago around this time… just before she started getting noticed on social media and before people starting catching on with what was going on… She never really mentioned anything about being sick (and honestly, no one has any reason to when you meet someone for the first time), but she did say something about being Daisy's shadow in episode 8 or whatever.

Like the reply above, she did have glasses. She didn't "seem ill", because she was fighting viciously… and also, at one point she was fighting with her staff and the opponent hit her with their saber on her finger, and she insisted "she broke it"… but I doubt she broke it, because she said she snapped it back in place and was totally fine which uhhhh just doesn't sound right.

No. 565843

She actually said she snapped it back in place with her teeth, which uhhhhh is absolutely impossible without actually, you know, causing more damage. I don’t even think she went to the hospital afterwards because she was at SWCO for the next days.

No. 565846

She's actually not bad looking. She could be quite pretty if she'd just be herself instead of always trying to look like someone else. She's not huge but not super skinny either (which is fine, just not what she's putting out there). She'd look totally fine as herself cosplaying; she looks just fine as herself. But since that's not enough to achieve cosplay fame, she changes how she looks.

No. 565860

File: 1524711579317.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 83936E3B-A7D8-4715-8524-BA08ED…)

I can also confirm the story about her fighting with her staff and claiming she broke something. She had told me that her staff was made of out metal (it’s not, it’s 3D printed) and that someone broke her whole hand over it with a lightsaber. She claimed she was bleeding all over the place but felt fine.

Pic related, it’s the person who 3D printed her staff. Notice “freshly printed” in the caption.

No. 565864


You replied to my comment, and she told me the SAME thing about her staff being made from metal, but when it broke during her battle later that night, little 3D pieces came off. I think you were there with me, unless she said the same thing on different occasions.

No. 565868


The Daily Mail article was sourced from


The photos in the Mail article were attributed to Mediadrumworld.com.

No. 565872

I also can confirm to what the two top comments above me are saying. (I am the one who replied about the putting her teeth back into place) I remember her telling people at SWCO and on social media that her stuff was metal that she made herself. She also said that it was 50 pounds (obviously she is lying and she wouldn’t be able to throw that stuff around like crazy).

No. 565874

File: 1524712601687.jpeg (19.73 KB, 147x360, 712148d9406394298059c737cc0b_G…)

In an equestrian competition in June 2009.

No. 565876

File: 1524712671882.png (520.46 KB, 700x522, F15EEF4F-80BD-4110-8745-FDAFC0…)

Ooh, you hurt our feeling namefag.

No. 565888

fuck off this is lolcow we don't give a shit if you don't think it's ~right~ to make fun of her appearance. post milk and quit whinging.

No. 565896

File: 1524714694731.png (296.18 KB, 522x940, Screenshot (108).png)

She totally isn't bothered by us guise, she isn't letting us win at all.

No. 565899

File: 1524714772843.png (565.93 KB, 800x966, Screenshot_2018-04-25-20-50-00…)

Her illness is progressive.

No. 565901

File: 1524714885603.png (945.03 KB, 800x1100, Screenshot_2018-04-25-20-48-32…)

Her eyesight improved in February 2017.

No. 565903

File: 1524715059446.png (1019.47 KB, 800x952, Screenshot_2018-04-25-20-47-52…)


She and her family have at least three Shihtzus. She took one to a con dressed as Chewbacca.

No. 565905

File: 1524715174930.jpg (78.68 KB, 1280x1024, 73fa5d37883e9fe077bb2afc7a40c6…)

So her eyesight got better…as her illness was "progressive"… seems legit

No. 565906

File: 1524715407067.png (1.06 MB, 800x1105, Screenshot_2018-04-25-20-48-18…)

Saber "battle wounds" in 2016.

To me her hand just looks dirty. There is no redness or swelling to accompany those "bruises".

No. 565910

File: 1524715880753.png (875.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-26-00-07-45…)

Lmao yeah nice try, she's still a liar. Stephany seems to play the ukulele well, she could have based herself around what she's good at and who she is instead of trying to be something she's not and a munchie. Too bad she has to be a annoying snowflake.

No. 565916

Is she still using that fake ass British accent?

No. 565918

File: 1524716332307.jpg (61.38 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

I am fairly certain this is her.

No. 565925

No. 565935

That isn’t even a good looking porg …

No. 565941

File: 1524718270448.png (1.16 MB, 800x1166, Screenshot_2018-04-25-21-39-04…)


Confirmed. She used the same user pic for her old Instagram account. The most recent image in this account appears on her current account.

The image posted in >>565918 is from her old Youtube account which is under her last name.

No. 565954

File: 1524720372746.png (840.28 KB, 800x1048, Screenshot_2018-04-25-22-03-11…)

No. 565955

File: 1524720428132.png (1.08 MB, 800x1065, Screenshot_2018-04-25-22-24-23…)


She made an account for her Porgs, too.

No. 565968

File: 1524721058157.png (608.84 KB, 800x1104, Screenshot_2018-04-25-22-32-45…)

She has posted examples of her shop skills.

No. 565970

File: 1524721087406.png (591.2 KB, 800x1113, Screenshot_2018-04-25-22-30-32…)

No. 565971

She was selling them for a while. For $180.
About a month before they were in stores for $20.
I'm not sure she sold any.

No. 565972

File: 1524721233061.png (924.22 KB, 800x1034, Screenshot_2018-04-25-22-35-10…)

She cosplayed as Jyn? Or is she implying that she played Jyn in a more official capacity?

No. 565974


She has cosplayed Jyn, but I'm not sure what this is about.

No. 565980

File: 1524721790973.png (740.06 KB, 800x703, Screenshot_2018-04-25-22-45-55…)


She cosplayed Jyn for opening night at a Toronto theater. I guess this qualifies as "working for Lucas Films."

No. 565984

Is that suppose to change my mind?

No. 565988

To me it just seems like the same photo. To the same nose (earlier in the tread we shown how her noses changes every time she takes a photo) , to the dimples and even mouth. I mean it literally looks like she copied and pasted it. And changed one or 2 small things to make it “hers”

No. 565990

Lol I thought she said she didn’t like doing ”comparing” or “side by side” pictures. This literally screams “tell me how much I look like daisy”. It’s really fricken scary.

No. 565996

I still find it suspicious as fuck that it only took her a few days to find this thread and rant about it on instagram. Unless you sit around and google yourself or you’re super well known, doesn’t seem like there’d be a big chance of finding your own thread that quickly… unless, yknow, the thread is a selfpost.

No. 566014

She's definitely trying to imply that she was somehow officially involved. I'm sure this was a fan event and she tagged Disney and lucasfilm to make it seem like it was an official premiere. They have cosplayers at the world premiere in la but this isn't it.

No. 566017

Looking like maisy Williams on crack

No. 566029

File: 1524727084075.jpg (118.5 KB, 443x640, 31526491962_9bc60f2909_z.jpg)


It appears to have been the official premiere in Canada on December 14th. The movie opened in all theaters on the 16th.



No. 566032

Why do their feet look like pretzel sticks

No. 566033


Five days after this thread was launched several samefag posts accused another Star Wars cosplayer (imcarriemarie) of being the OP. This thread could be a set-up (by Stefany or a third party) to frame Carrie Marie.

Is there a known rivalry between them?

No. 566034


She posted a brief description of how she made them, but I couldn't find it again.

No. 566078

File: 1524733018487.png (981.95 KB, 800x983, Screenshot_2018-04-26-01-54-47…)


Posted April 14th

No. 566083

File: 1524733963128.png (38.96 KB, 800x154, Screenshot_2018-04-26-02-07-19…)


The only interaction on IG I can find.

No. 566099

File: 1524737008667.png (133.9 KB, 800x1180, Screenshot_2018-04-26-02-59-37…)

She has deleted her comments in a discussion about her vision impairment and illness.


No. 566100

File: 1524737033295.png (91.88 KB, 800x694, Screenshot_2018-04-26-02-59-48…)

No. 566110

File: 1524738252385.png (246.31 KB, 800x952, Screenshot_2018-04-26-03-21-19…)


Thank you, Wayback Machine!

No. 566123

ceddit is also a good alternative to seeing deleted posts, though they have to have been up for a certain amount of time for them to have registered.

No. 566127


>Article that got her notoriety: https://mymodernmet.com/arya-stark-cosplay/

How did an article published on an obscure website (ranked 15.5K in the world, 7K in the US) 6 days prior to the launching of this thread give her "notoriety"? Even the subsequent article >>561807 in the Mail received very little traffic.

Perhaps I'm nitpicking, but >>565996 has made me skeptical of the OP.

No. 566142

File: 1524742909658.png (22.47 KB, 800x217, Screenshot_2018-04-26-04-23-19…)

On whether she is British.

No. 566143

File: 1524743071292.png (37.9 KB, 800x255, Screenshot_2018-04-26-04-17-13…)

On acting and whether she has auditioned for a spot on GOT.

No. 566144

File: 1524743123248.png (31.82 KB, 800x244, Screenshot_2018-04-26-04-20-24…)

On why she abandoned Rey.

No. 566145

File: 1524743182937.png (182.2 KB, 800x1000, Screenshot_2018-04-26-04-38-48…)

On being bullied on reddit and body image.

No. 566177

There is. I did not pay for a digital copy
I have physical copies and 3 individuals have it. Mine is framed on my dresser.

Do i need to prove it to you individuals? How about you show your faces and names on here. Sbow who you guys really are instead of hiding. Since you all are sooo into stefany and overtly jealous about her, and judging her looks. why not you all let her know who her die-hard fans are? See if you are real people. Or maybe you are all bots.

Lets see which of you bullies is the coward that knows her and is too chicken to step forward and have the decency to show their face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 566179


Lol that's not how it works. Only a few anons made comments about her looks, a lot pointed out it's not how she looks but the fact she has been caught lying over several things.

No. 566182

She isn’t. Her parents are both Canadian. Her mom “maybe” British or family’s side might, but Stefany is born and raised in Canada. She went around telling people she was born and raised in Britain, and that she is british. It was all a lie. She just has a fake ass accent. Also just because your one parent is british doesn’t make you british.

No. 566183

Easily can crop yourself out of it. Can you not take a picture of a picture correctly XD. This whole Mark and Stef photo seems fake. It isn’t in her social media and isn’t at all on her tagging. She would have liked that for all its worth.

No. 566203


You sound like one of those cringy parents that come online to defend their stupid kid "Show me your face! Tell me who you are so I can report you to cyber police!" Sure, because you told me to show myself, I will post all my social media accounts and my social security number

And yes, if you claim something to be true, you need to prove it.

No. 566208

Not to be picky with you Anon but a medical doctor has an MD not a PhD

No. 566209

To me this is further proof that the dog is not in fact a service dog. I have two friends who actually have service dogs, and both of them told me they got the dog when it was basically a puppy, then it had to be sent away to a special training school for 1-2 years and they didn't see the dog during that time. She clearly had her dog with her?

No. 566218

lol, yeah her fans seem to be either young or just dumb. I mean it makes sense cause only a retard or a child would believe Stef's bullshit

No. 566220


The dog is not a service animal. That’s the final conclusion.

Stef’s cosplays of Rey and Jyn, regarding her creating the costumes, her relations with Lucasfilms, all a huge freaking lie.

We know all of her friends are on this thread trying to white knight and defend her. The fact of the matter is, that this thread is not going to just “end” because a bunch of whiny sheep are claiming it bullying. What is what Stefany doing called?

No. 566223

That looks like the saddest group of people. Especially those guys on the far left, they all look like they would rather be home with their body pillows.

No. 566225

I just love this photo: you can really tell she's sucking in for dear life - cheeks and gut - desperately trying to recreate her shooped pictures

No. 566230

Lol yeah, she was

No. 566234

File: 1524753478980.jpg (53.76 KB, 888x888, 30743076_794742804064725_13411…)

It's particularly great when in comparison to this overly shooped picture. Maybe all her fans/online friends are blind.

No. 566245

So much shop on her cheek lines and you can still see them

No. 566273

Her dad is from the Dominican Republic and her mom is American. Maybe her mom's family is British going back but her claims that she has an accent because her parents do is not true. She started using the accent when she was trying to be Rey and now she can't let it go.

I'm wondering how she hides all this bullshit from her parents because it appears she lives with them. I wonder what they'd think of their daughter being a compulsive liar.

No. 566274

Carrie made a call out post a bit back. She didn't name names but it was obviously about Stef.

No. 566277

Any caps of it?

No. 566278

I doubt they know about her lies. Usually, compulsive liars have no issue hiding things from their families or close friends.
I'm sure they just think she just likes going to Star Wars and GoT conventions (I'm sure they pay for them too along with her costumes). Her accent is definitely faked and from all accounts, she was born and raised in Canada, therefore, she wouldn't have any sort of accent.
She's obviously over the age of 19 as she is drinking age in Canada >>565910 , not entirely sure how old she is, my guess is 20-25.

No. 566295

File: 1524761127481.jpg (51.45 KB, 722x960, carrie-marie.jpg)

I tried looking for it on Carrie's instagram but since I don't have a lot of time I wasn't able to go thru it all.
My bet is that Stef and her WK's are trying to throw Carrie under the bus, most likely cause Carrie is far more attractive (without being heavily shooped), is a functional adult with a husband and a house, she's fit and has a good body and often does "lewd" versions of her cosplays (however I think they are more tasteful 'nudes' even though I don't think she shows full nudity) and has actual talent.
Plus she looks A LOT more like Rey then Stef ever has with or without photoshop. I have a feeling she has nothing to do with the thread but who knows maybe I'm wrong.

No. 566315

Lol that's Carrie? Yeah Stef is def jealous. She prob always low key hated her for all those reasons you stated

No. 566339

File: 1524764071507.png (73.89 KB, 1005x264, Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 1.30…)

You know you're a small person when you get jealous of someone with over half the followers you have. Stef has 7k, Carrie has 4k.
Dunno how Stef managed to get 7k, her sob stories about her "super duper mystery unknown illness" and constant munchie attitude probably helped rake in suckers.

No. 566342

Yeah Carrie didn’t do it. She isn’t afraid to make call out post. She did it with Hero Hair, and she did it with Stefany on both her Instagram story and actual Facebook. With names and all. So she would totally not be scared to put her name on their. I am 100% sure she didn’t do this.

No. 566346

No, she did name names. She doesn’t care at all. She will call people out.

No. 566350

>"yeah Carrie didn't do it"

>"she was the one who made the post!"

lol anon

No. 566351

File: 1524764516973.jpg (166.65 KB, 1242x1395, ty04n2zhcdzz.jpg)

I'm starting to like this Carrie chick. She does good work and has a wide range of different characters she can pull off quite well. No wonder Stef was jelly, Carrie doesn't need to use munchie excuses and lies to do well.

No. 566354

I mean on Facebook. Not here. She made a post of Facebook where she did name Stefany. But she did not make the OH post HERE.

No. 566363

Can someone please post Carries FB post about Stef here? I saw her one about Hero Hair and couple of other companies/cosplayers but have yet to find the one talking about Stef

No. 566379

File: 1524766170185.jpeg (165.2 KB, 750x549, C6D7EB87-587C-4562-AFE1-6DD9E6…)

No. 566381

Bless you anon, sounds like she's talking about Stef for sure. I'm liking Carrie more and more.

No. 566382

If you look at the comments, she names stefany. She is blunt about it

No. 566396

Did Stef ever think that you don't have to be in her friend circle to smell for bullshit from a mile away?

No. 566403

She freaking broadcast it to the world. All those articles by shit publishers or blogs, how did they not know? Like I know they just care about making a click-bait title for their dumb readers but common. How did Stef not think she'd get caught?

No. 566430

ot what did she say about hero hair?

No. 566517

File: 1524776390545.png (620.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-26-15-12-25…)

Is this girl going to be her next skinwalking victim when stef gets kicked from the got community?

No. 566672

at this point im completely convinced op is skinwalker. odd that this board came out just days before her article. also her 7k followers were mostly purchased. there was a board about it on instagram or whatever how she was a victim of people purchasing followers for her.

No. 566695

Agreed. This is boring af. There is no fucking milk that would justify the amount of activity in this thread. Normies go home.

No. 566713

Who would buy followers for her? Lmao what a pathetic lie

No. 566736


Who is this post >>566078 on Carrie's Instagram about? In it she refers to a previous post that was deleted but doesn't name names. It was posted 4 days before this thread was launched.

What evidence is there of Stef being jealous of Carrie? Are there any more documented interactions between them aside from >>566083?


In the most recent reddit threads she says that she just turned 22, "about a year older than Maisie."

No. 566740


Can you cap the rest of her post and the comments?

No. 566758


Which article? The mymodernmet article, which was spurred by the popularity of her reddit posts, was published on the 12th, 6 days before this thread was launched. The Mail article came out on the 20th, but it was lifted nearly verbatim from the mediadrumworld article >>565868.

As I said in >>566127, the OP's claim that the first article "got her notoriety" is dubious. Even the Mail article received barely any traffic.

Where was the claim made about her followers being purchased?

No. 566781

I-it wasn’t me who bought them g-guys

No. 566782

File: 1524793228747.jpg (118.43 KB, 467x874, 29790903_1060027770812129_3231…)

No. 566783

File: 1524793248817.jpg (123.13 KB, 467x840, 30221673_1060027760812130_4398…)

No. 566784

File: 1524793262536.jpg (86.48 KB, 460x869, 30221576_1060028847478688_2040…)

No. 566786

File: 1524793294354.jpg (121.05 KB, 464x855, 29792503_1060028854145354_1480…)

The irony is she probably would have gotten away with it if she had kept her mouth shut

No. 566847


"I want to be transparent"

Well, that's a first.

No. 566867


>i want to be transparent

>it makes shooping my face onto somebody else's face SO much easier that way

No. 566958

Lol what?? Who is she trying to fool? No one buys followers for other people, is she dumb?

No. 566970

not wk buying followers kills engagement so maybe its a sabotage? she doesnt seem dumb enough to lie about that, but then again…

No. 567149

Pretty sure she bought followers to try to get herself over 7k and didn't realize it would happen so fast and freaked out. She claimed that it was someone who asked her for nudes and this was them trying to "buy" them but it seems like a convenient cover.

No. 567183

How is buying followers for someone a form of sabotage, are you fucking for real? Stefany is bad at coming up with believable lies.

No. 567186

I've never heard of someone buying followers for other people. It literally makes no sense. She clearly bought them herself and when people started saying something here she tried to cover her tracks.

No. 567190

I have a strong feeling that this thread (and subsequent threads, no doubt) are eventually going to be revealed to contain a ton of self posts from Stefany. Getting strong Kiki vibes off this one.

No. 567869


Specifically what day did she make that post? If it was after her post on the doctorwho sub that linked to her Instagram, she could have just kept quiet about purchased followers and attributed it to her exposure there.


No. 568170

I don't remember, it was a few weeks ago. Honestly I don't think anyone would have noticed if she hadn't gone off about it. It's not like anyone was paying that much attention to her follower count

No. 568514

File: 1524961124739.png (473.89 KB, 720x866, Screenshot_2018-04-28-20-04-15…)


I found another article (idk if this one was posted yet)

>I honestly never saw the resemblance with (Maisie), everyone said I looked like her for years I didn't believe it til I took a video of myself and saw what everyone was saying! I freaked out and deleted it!!

I love how she tries to make it seem like it was all fate and natural, def not skin walking, def not her copying Maisies mannerisms, accent, facial expressions, eyesbrows and hair.

She loves to humblebrag about how ~she doesn't look like Maisie but everyone thinks/says she does~ sure Jan~

No. 568693


The reason I asked is because the increase in followers could conceivably be due to reddit. The last photo in her screencap was posted on the 3rd and the next photo was posted on the 6th. Her reddit post is marked 24 days which would be on the 4th or 5th (why do so many sites not specify the actual date and time).

No. 568706


It was posted in >>565868. The text of the Mail article was copied verbatim and its photos were attributed to Mediadrumworld.com.

The same passage was screencapped from the Mail article in >>564631.

No. 569159

File: 1525017245948.png (46.86 KB, 620x318, Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.5…)

Does anyone know what the fuck this daisieapp is and why she keeps on talking/promoting it?

No. 569163

Her followers have stayed at 7,387 for a while now which I find odd since she's had a shit ton of random articles about herself recently and has been called out for her lies. I'd expect either a decrease or increase (depending on if people are looking at the articles about her or the "drama" about her).
Is it just me or does that seem odd to anyone else?

No. 569164

File: 1525017586139.png (458.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-29-16-58-28…)

this is the app she's talking about

No. 569168

I should have guessed it had something to do with one of her stalkees. The twitter page is pure shit, it's just retweets of Maisie and other random bullshit, no description or clear point of what the app is. Sounds dumb too.
>>563673 Also that beats rip off. How long till this app gets sued up the ass?

No. 569182

Lol that's not even her app?? In >>563609 she made it sound like it's her app, same thing with the kickstarter, turns out that was Maisies kickerstarter for whales ot something. It's creepy af how Stefany tries to make herself involved with Maisie's projects.

No. 569197

I doubt Stef even donated to the Kickstarter project, I mean, I doubt Stef's PARENTS even donated.

No. 569208

File: 1525021250719.png (425.58 KB, 598x596, Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 12.5…)

This photoshop job is just terrible. Looks nothing like any of her other photos and she's got the KotaKoti eye spread. Totally different coloured eyes, she shrank her nose down to half its actual size and why the Vogue background?

No. 569209

File: 1525021324344.png (60.04 KB, 610x359, Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.5…)

What does this even mean?

No. 569215

I'm think it's just a joke

No. 569223

I don't get it, is the joke that Stef is JUST LIKE MAISIE and therefore everything Maise says relates to Stef (cuz that doesn't sound like a joke, that sounds like what Stef actually thinks), or is the joke that Stef is a lazy shit that spends her parents money on exercising shit but never exercises (which sounds true also), or is it just Stef's strange way of mimicking Maisie to Maise herself? I don't understand her skinwalker speak.

No. 569233

Photoshopped her features entirely different but left in that weird mustache looking shadow and unsmooth skin? It looks terrible. No redeeming features on this.

No. 569239

Kind of ironic that a cosplayer who tries to steal real celebrities faces wants to be Arya so badly.

No. 569246

File: 1525024555888.jpg (71.15 KB, 634x956, 316FFDB600000578-3458825-image…)

Wtf, that is horrifying. How can anybody look at that and think it's okay? Her nose shoop looks like one of those joke Snapchat filters that pinch your nose in.

No. 569273

Her friends also have no issue in defending her no matter what

No. 569380

If they were real friends they would tell her to stop skin walking and be herself. Who wants to be friends with a fake person? When a bunch of Rey's got together and tried to tell her that she needs help for all her lying, she just took it as an attack. From what I heard, most of them were actually concerned about her mental health.

No. 569381


It was at 7,613 when she posted its mysterious surge >>566783.

No. 569401

Some of her friends seem fake

No. 569506

File: 1525045161007.png (325.88 KB, 720x653, Screenshot_2018-04-29-19-35-11…)

She posted a vid showing off her "Arya training". It's pretty cringe. She's way too chunky to be Maisie.


No. 569511

She's so much fatter than she tries to make herself look, it's sad. She's skinwalking pretty and fairly fit girls. She's neither.

No. 569532

File: 1525045865168.png (580.56 KB, 928x334, totallythesame.png)

Samefag sorry but the difference is a staggering. If you wanna be Arya so badly, why not lose some weight to actually be her size? Too much work to improve your own self?

No. 569597

While I don’t agree with any of the lies she’s stated and how she won’t address them I don’t think making fun of her weight is fair or right..

No. 569605


Weight is fair game. Your weight is based off your habits and choices. Calories in, calories out. You want to look like a particular person? Fit the build. You know what doesn’t actually make sense? Picking on some of the cows here for their less than fortunate facial features- things people actually can’t control.

You don’t have to be super skinny, just be in part of the healthy range. That’s all.

inb4 gunetiks, metabolzm, starvashun mode bullshitters. You eat too much, plain and simple.

No. 569607

Most of them seem fake. I still think 90% of the WK's that were sperging here were her.

No. 569614

File: 1525049729589.png (651.15 KB, 800x600, cc32788376e7414ee2431ea0a4be9d…)

Fit, yes… Pretty…Well if this is your definition of pretty then sure.
But when you're trying too hard to be like someone else, people are going to compare you to that person and when that person is a celeb, your most likely going to come up short.

No. 569616

She claimed to be Daisy Ridley's stunt double and now is claiming to be Maisie's doppleganger. I don't see how it's "not fair" when people state the obvious or the truth. Her body and face does not look or resemble Daisy or Maisie.

No. 569625

File: 1525050501407.png (84.06 KB, 1020x220, Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 9.07…)

She went down 20 followers in like half a day. Those were probably the only real humans that followed her and finally caught on.

No. 569628

How does she go from being deathly ill, blind, and apparently in a need of a "service" dog, to doing choreographed fights?
Are people really that stupid? Why is no else questioning this?

No. 569631

>>I'm a busy lass
Also, busy with what?

No. 569651

I'm >>569511 and I do personally think Maise is pretty. But obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder, blah blah. But anyone can see Maise looks better than Stef, at least.

No. 569669


Remember, she is so talented that if she loses her vision during an actual duel she is able to finish unscathed >>566110.

No. 569673

I don't think people would say anything about her weight if she wasn't making herself look a lot smaller. But she photoshops off about 30 pounds, which people notice when they see a real picture of you. She's not huge, she's pretty average, but people notice that much of a difference.

No. 570011

File: 1525092746947.png (891.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180429-005543.png)

Is this next?

No. 570518

Lol @ Stef's defence

No. 570646

Dude you should see her comment history on Reddit, it's so cringe. She uses every British form of words, ends things with "xx" like girl….you're Canadian lmfao


She also tells every basic looking girl with short hair on the /r/whoshouldicosplay sub that they should cosplay Arya.

No. 570972

File: 1525177365798.png (900.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-01-08-20-08…)

Lawl she tried faceswapping Maisie's face. I guess this is what feeds her I LOOK LIKE MAISIE delusion. She looks nothing like her even though she swapped her nose, eyes and brows

No. 571004

>she uses british form of words when she's actually Canadian

Uh you realize most Canadians use the British form of words rather than the American ones right? Like "colour", "theatre", "cancelled"

No. 571017


9 times out of 10, American words will be spelled “wrong” for Canadians as we tend to default to the British spellings. Even keyboard settings acknowledge that, that’s the difference between English (US) and English (Canada).

No. 571019

File: 1525186733446.png (599.67 KB, 720x1012, 124.png)

Anyone know what this about?

Canadians get that from the French not British. There is barely any British influence in Canada, the French still has their reach in Canada in terms of language. French is their second national language and there are French speaking areas in Canada. That being said her accent is fake af. Canadians obviously don't speak like that and their spelling is based off of the French language.

No. 571023

lmao no anon, they use british words as well.

No. 571026

The Daisy Ridley obsession started when she faceswapped and people thought it was real. She then started doing it all the time and pretending that's what she looked like. Now she claims it doesn't work on her.

Stefany, most people have memories longer than a few years and can remember when you do the same exact thing you did before.

No. 571057

>they use French spellings of English words while using the English language

lmao what? it’s common knowledge that Canadians use British spelling

No. 571115

It's a mix between the two but Canadians don't use British slang.

No. 571203

File: 1525205327886.png (460.73 KB, 720x483, Pic.png)

That leg shop is so bad. Her thigh is curving inwards wtf

No. 571218

File: 1525206014355.png (411.48 KB, 922x445, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 4.16…)

Her sperging in her own comments is just embarrassing. Stef you are inauthentic and a complete liar. You're not blind, your not an actor, you're not sick (except in the head), and you base your entire existence on being kinda like someone else.
The cringe is strong with this one.

No. 571223

Canadian Anon here, yes we use the British form of spelling certain things like spelt instead of spelled, flavour instead or flavor, colour instead of color, and so on. That does NOT mean British slang like lass, rubbish, bin, flat, etc…
>>571019 No that's simply not true. Quebec and some places up north are more French but they speak Quebec French which is like a watered down European French. None of our English or writing is influenced by European or Quebec French.
I posted this >>569631 pointing out her use of the word "lass", something any born and raised Canadian from Toronto wouldn't say unless they were making a joke or in Stef's case, pretending to be British.

No. 571481

Uhhhhh mais non mon ami. Quebecois is not "watered down French" lol, quite the fucking opposite it's ancient French, joual if you will (basilectal Quebec French ) it dates back to the 1500's. In fact we have way less English loan words than France-French (char, camion, chien chaud etc etc).

Also to everyone else: British influence is fucking HUGE here! We're part of the commonwealth FFS. The Queen is on our money, we use British spellings. If you don't realize how big of influence the British have on us you must be an Anglo Canadian and be blind to it. Look at street, town, city, names.

source: am Quebecois fag that travels Canada a lot

No. 571495

but that anon was implying there was no british influence. canadians certainly don't speak american english kek.

No. 571530

She used to speak with a Canadian accent.

No. 571597

Lol it doesn’t matter. She has told people that she is British, and that she use to LIVE in Britain. She also talks with a British accent, which wouldn’t happened in Canada, unless you only hung out with people who are British. She pretends to be British. She lied about that. People know her from before “I’m daisy” phase who have said, she ain’t british and she has been faking it. It doesn’t matter if Canada is influenced by Britain, because that isn’t the point we are making, the point is that she LIED about it. And at this point it’s honestly disgusting she keeps doing it. She needs help, and it seems her friends are supporting this behavior.

No. 571606

I’ve been friends with Stef and I brought up her british accent when she came to new york once and she said that she didn’t “feel like herself” until she reverted back to her british accent and that she was faking her Canadian accent to make it easier to book acting jobs. I’ve known her for 7 years and the accent made its first appearance last year. so yeah that accent is fake and i’m not sure how it makes her feel like herself if it’s not her actual voice. People who know her are very concerned for her mental health.

No. 571609

She told me that he parents were British and from West London (which would make it conceivable that she would have an accent), however her dad is actually from the Dominican Republic. Her mom might be British but is most likely Canadian. The whole British accent is clearly just an attempt to make her seem more like Daisy Ridley.

No. 571611

Anon je t’aime

No. 571618

We use some British slang, or have some slang in common with the UK that the Americans don't.
What lmao.

Shouldn't you guys be calling her out for saying "y'all" when she's NOT EVEN AMERICAN?

No. 571669

Anon, do you know if she ever booked any real acting jobs? She told me she was Elphaba on Broadway (not hard to figure out that this was a lie) and all I could find was her doing community theater. She also talked about living in New York, is that true?
Has anyone talked to her parents? Not to tip the cow but if you've known her for 7 years you might have a better idea. If she still lives with them they might make her get help.

No. 571935

No jobs that were verifiable. She did live in new york for a while, or at least she went to school here. It’s where we met.
I know she got called back for Elphaba on Broadway, though, and she is a decent actress and singer. If she’d get out of cosplay and stop lying about everything - she and I are no longer friends - she’d probably have a decent stage career.
As far as her parents go, I haven’t met them, but they’re either clueless or they enable her.

No. 571950

Thanks for the info! I didn't know she went to school. I wonder why she stopped. Did she have her mystery disease when you knew her?

No. 572050

File: 1525293981017.jpeg (565.31 KB, 750x860, 46B02549-DDCE-4F3F-AB57-3D6A4C…)

No. 572060

This honestly looks like the least edited picture I've seen of her (ironic that it was someone else who posted the pic). She looks nothing like Arya or Rey so she should just embrace that.

No. 572066

this would be a perfectly fine cosplay if she didn't try so hard to pretend she's some kind of doppelganger. It's not like anyone she stands next to looks anything like the people they're cosplaying either. Did she have issues in highschool or something? Where does this behavior come from lol.

No. 572124

File: 1525299044014.jpeg (120.13 KB, 749x752, 3007DF83-1513-444C-88B4-ECE48A…)

This is actually how she looks. It’s the least edited photo I have see. She really looks nothing like Arya actor or Daisy. Also she said that she went to college at the age of 16, but I know people who have confirmed that she graduated highschool at 18 and she didn’t even finish school, or at least lied about going to college at 16.

No. 572176

File: 1525302527202.png (362.32 KB, 572x371, Untitled.png)


Even naysayers can't deny that she clearly photoshops the entire shape of her chin, compare this to >>572124

No. 572184

File: 1525303522670.png (1.43 MB, 880x720, 10.png)

Ngl, she does kind of look like she could be a cousin of either of these actresses, she has some similar features to both of them, but she definitely in no way could pass as a doppelganger of either actress. If she would just lose a little weight and learn good stage makeup, she could pull off looking a lot like either of them without needing to shoop all her photos into oblivion.

It's really a shame this girl is so nutty, she's a decent cosplayer, but she's clearly crazy and extremely self absorbed.

No. 572206

>she looks like she could be daisy and maisie's cousin.

Common anon, don't feed into her delusion

No. 572215

I can see it, but that massive jaw kinda destroys it lmao

No. 572228

Giving me some Viktor Krum realness. She looks like a goddamn guy.

No. 572274

She really does not at ALL look like Rey or Daisy’s actors. I have met her. I know others who have met her. She looks nothing, and I honestly mean it, nothing like them. She isn’t ugly. She is really pretty, but her ugly lies, and her awful personality of not ever trusting a word she says, makes her a ugly person.
She looks different in every photo. I mean in the >>572124 photo, she looks nothing like the actors. She just can’t pull of the face, but that doesn’t mean she can’t cosplay them. I just don’t understand why she just can’t cosplay them like herself.

No. 572276

Only about as much as any other white girl with brown hair. She'd be fine if she didn't try to play it off like it was any more than that. She's generally pretty mediocre in looks and costumes but shops herself to look like something special.

No. 573771

People on reddit asked how she was able to get on her horse since she's "blind" and Stef said people help her get on the horse or something

No. 573887


Screenshots. This is an image site.

No. 573913

This kind of shit really is creepy and ridiculous. It's not like she's trying to be two fictional people but two real ones. That kind of shit is how a person gets a restraining order put on them. It's no longer cosplay when it gets to Single White Female level.

No. 573924

She hid her reddit post

No. 573970


That at least confirms she lurks here. Hi Stefy!!!

No. 573972

Yeah it's weird. Instead of cosplaying Arya and Rey, it's more like she's trying to be their actual actresses? That's not how cosplay is supposed to work…

No. 574036

File: 1525484231894.png (356.35 KB, 749x502, Untitled-1.png)

a double chin shoop

not too milky but still a kek

No. 574050

That is kind of what she's doing… like with Rey, she started with Rey but then started doing tests for the character from Murder on the Orient Express and looks Daisy wore for interviews. With Arya she's also doing the character she played on Dr. Who and stuff.
Stefany, just be yourself and cosplay the characters. Yes, being a "doppleganger" gets attention, but then that turns negative when you get caught in your lies.

No. 574084


Use the archive, like I did in >>566110.


See above.

No. 575363

File: 1525644311473.png (1.21 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-06-18-02-30…)

>This dog showed up on my door step

Yeah that totally happened..
She said she's gonna "look" for the owners but I doubt it. After walking a block she's gonna go home and say the dog is her's now.

No. 575364

conveniently looks wolf-like?

No. 575367

File: 1525644686782.png (1.13 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-06-18-10-23…)

She named the dog even when it's not her's. Anyone wanna bet she's gonna keep him for her Arya cosplays? If she did "randomly find him" she should advertise and make missing dog found signs and shit instead of casually walking the dog and saying "I tried~"

No. 575380

She should take him to a shelter. That’s where people look. He might even have a chip with his owner’s name and number. She has no right to keep him for any amount of time.

No. 575387

I wouldn't be "adventuring" with this dog to find its owner. When I had a beautiful runaway pup show up in my back yard, I reported it missing amnd sat with it outfront while we waited for the owner to make his rounds of the neighbourhood which he eventually did.
When you take the dog for a walk around town to look for the owner you have a lesser chance of running into the person who is probably running around looking for it, as well as no one will think "hey thats so and so's dog" … cause it just will look like a chick going for a walk with her dog lol

I'd say if we don't get an update saying "owner found!" or something than i'd be concerned…

No. 575410

It has a leash and there's a man's foot there… I think that might be the dog's owner and she just at a dog park and asking "Hey can I take some photos of your dog?"
>>575367 She even took another photo without the leash or the owner which makes me think that's the case even more.
Maybe I'm just tinfoiling but that's my bet

No. 575414

File: 1525648895331.png (1.83 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-06-19-02-19…)

Yeah walking down the block def helps. Just go to a shelter/check for chips you idiot.

No. 575423

You would still know that was the same person, someone seeing this Stefany bitch side by side wouldn't know it was meant to be the same person. You really did a great job of proving your point

No. 575425

The thing is, there's nothing wrong with not being the twin of the character you're cosplaying. Her actual outfits are good so she should be proud of that as opposed to morphing faces every ten minutes to try and prove she's ~really real totally twinsies~

No. 575559

File: 1525660934317.jpeg (452.98 KB, 640x916, F5E90274-4683-42A7-AE6B-A60645…)

she’s doing the weird snapchat face swap thing again

No. 575824

Ah yes, the great makeup artist that can't do her eyebrows or eyeliner properly.

No. 575842

File: 1525704408487.png (361.47 KB, 720x905, Screenshot_2018-05-06-22-57-37…)

More faceswaps, I bet she does this everyday to reinforce her doppelganger delusion

No. 575844

File: 1525704520121.png (368.9 KB, 720x890, Screenshot_2018-05-06-22-57-31…)

No. 575862

God these faceswap insta videos are so god damn cringy.
Stef we all know your accent is fake, it sounds awful. At least try to make it sound authentic, you sound either dumb or like an asshole making fun of British people, either way, it's not good. Your "fans" are noticing which is why your losing followers daily, don't want to be known as a lying bitch? STOP LYING!

No. 575864

Any word on what happened to the dog?
She's such a terrible liar, she obviously was with the owner and asked to photograph or walk the dog or some bullshit. Wonder if any of her followers have questioned her about what happened with the dog.

No. 576160

Man how pathetic do you have to be to reach this level of cringy creepiness. Maisie has someone who wants to literally wear her face. How in the hell can Stefany's fans not find this creepy? Sane people don't do shit like this.

No. 576423

You can put sage into the email field instead of a real email.

I'm not sure how you were able to be friends with someone who wants to wear another person's skin.

No. 576517

someone commented on her ig and she said she found its owner

No. 576711

File: 1525790268825.png (679.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-08-10-34-06…)

Lol no Stef.. L

Her dog story is bs. She wants to come off as an animal whisperer, animals don't randomly show up at your doorstep and wait for you to open the door. I'm convinced the owner was right there, she asked for a pic of the dog and fabricated a story.

No. 576738

Good god she just wont stop. YOU ARE NOT ARYA.

No. 576745

>Facetune yourself to look like famous actress
>cosplay as her full time, including hair and makeup
>post hundreds of pictures of yourself pretending to be her
>build entire identity around her
>see doll of her
>react in surprise that they made a doll of you

This is batshit insanity

No. 576749

Expect the doll isn't her, it's Maisie. Is she at the point where she truly believes she's Maisie?

No. 576763

The her I was referring to was Maisie.

No. 576790

File: 1525799151468.png (480.49 KB, 500x620, sd.png)

She posts a lot on the fb group "don't hate on this wholesome unfiltered content", selfies included. She always gets comments saying how much she looks like Arya and even people saying stuff "was this horse in GoT", so I bet she creams herself everytime she posts. pic related.

No. 576809

She draws on absolute nike brows to emulate maisy's and try to fake a lower brow, contours the ever living fuck out of her nose terribly, does those terrible pseudo-wings to make her eyes seem further apart…girl needs some therapy. she's clinging to this so much it's sad. once you see one well-lit candid of her like posted above, it's over. she looks nothing like any of the people she tries to. she's fucking unhinged

No. 576906

She contours it to the point where it looks broken hahaha. She really does need therapy though, this skinwalker shit isn't normal and her fans are retarded for feeding into her egotistical delusion.

No. 576909

Damn, she's moved onto other random groups? Was she not getting enough attention in the cosplay groups? She seems to be delusional enough that her entire self esteem is based on whether or not people tell her she looks like a celeb that she looks nothing like.

No. 577406

Stef is full of contradictions. A few days ago during her instalive she admitted that she was terrible at applying makeup while showing off some lip liner. Stef claimed to be a skilled makeup artist no? Hence why she's able to "transform" into Daisy and Maisie. She pretty much confirmed her own lie.

No. 577421

She'll say anything to try to cover her lies, but I think she's getting to the point where she can't keep all her lies straight. It went from totally natural to makeup to who knows what to try to keep up the skinwalker act.
I wonder what the actresses would think if they saw this. If I were them I would be so incredibly creeped out.

No. 579363

Stef just uploaded a video on her facebook of her dubbing over Arya. It's awful, her fake accent kills me. Not entirely sure the correct way to link a facebook video here but here's the link if anyone wants some cringe:
Stef, you don't look like Arya, you don't sound like Arya, you are not Maisie or Arya. This is just creepy, embarrassing and cringy and the level of obsession is concerning and off-putting. Get help

No. 579781

File: 1526075091594.png (833.12 KB, 1080x2111, 20180511_164258.png)

This is so embarrassing

No. 579819

She seriously needs help.

No. 581317

File: 1526226843250.png (413.69 KB, 813x559, Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 11.5…)

She's incapable of having her own identity, it's just sad and embarrassing. She's 20 something, no job, no direction, no life, no friends, and no identity. She needs help and she needs to stop.
How are her parents okay with this bullshit? Do they just not care or is she lying to them too?

No. 581324

samefag but I just noticed she deleted this post, perhaps it wasn't giving her enough attention.
How many horses does she have? Her parents must be crazy rich to afford like 2-3 horses and 2-4 dogs.

No. 581841

Best guess is that her parents don't know about her fake online persona. She's not friends with any family members on her facebook and I doubt her parents have instagram. So unless someone tells them, they have no reason to believe that she isn't acting totally normal online.
Pretty sure her parents are loaded. She goes to multiple cons in the US and bought a Hero Hair wig (which are in the 1000's).

No. 582400

Just an FYI most "horse people" only lease horses from boarders. A lot of people (her probably) pay monthly fees (I'm talking like 600-1,000$) to hangout with or ride these horses but don't actually own them. I know multiple girls who do this & then post online about "their" horses even though they literally just pay to be with a horse someone else owns.You don't have to be LOADED to have horses but you can easily get access to horses without having them.

No. 582414

owners can ask the people leasing on the contract to not take pictures/post pictures of the horses
maybe why she deleted the post>>581324

No. 582442

No. She actually owns the horses. They reside with her at her house. And yeah her parents are crazy loaded from what I have seen. She is going to come constantly in the US, and never as a guest speaker or guest cosplayer.

No. 582507

Nah man, Stef's parents are loaded, just look at her instagram. They have a stable, 3 or more horses and dogs, a huge plot of land, massive house, and obviously, enough money to finance Stef's cosplays and life since we all know she doesn't have a job and her hobby is spending money on useless crap

No. 582520

File: 1526312143954.png (261.63 KB, 746x243, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.3…)

She reposted these two photos. Still have no clue why she felt the need to delete this post >>581317
As you can see she has at least 3 horses, these two plus the other one and I'm sure if you go thru her instagram you'll find more. Also IIRC she claimed that one of these she "rescued"… by rescue I think she means her mommy and daddy bought it for her.

No. 582539

File: 1526313161726.png (186.44 KB, 403x609, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.4…)

Dunno where, when and who is doing the live stream but it would be interesting to see as I've never seen her actually interact with others, usually her videos are just her by herself. Would love to see the terrible fake accent in action.

No. 582548


Since when is being able to pay $600-$1000 a month to chill with a horse not being "loaded"?

No. 582550

Yeah, I was about to say the same thing, plus I doubt it costs that little especially if the horse needs to be transported to the buyer and I'm sure there's a lot of additional costs as far as food, liability and also you'd have to have a place for the horse to stay, you couldn't just keep it in the garage.

No. 582588


i'll tell you EXACTLY how much a horse costs. a standard basic ass horse will run you anywhere from 2k to 10k, these are the horses that are usually used as "lesson horses" for people learning to ride, always supplied by the facility you're learning at. when we're looking at a premium horse, the kind of horse someone would buy from THEMSELVES and themselves only, we're looking at 12-150k. to transport the horse from the buyer, to yourself, will run you a couple hundred if you have to hire a transport company. OR alternatively you can buy a 60-70k truck and a 20k trailer and drive the animal yourself. shaggy white pony looks to be about 5k or rescued, he's a bit haggard. tall chestnut horse looks to be around 10-15k. dark brown horse with stripe looks to be 10k. black horse with stripe looks to be 20k. to board each horse at a riding stable will run you 800 to 1,200 a week. that's just for one stall board, someone to turn the horse out to pasture every day for you, stall cleaning provided, people to feed and water the horse for you. this does not include cost of hay, special food and grains, and supplements - which horses often need. the minimum amount a month you are spending on a horse for a basic hay diet is about 80-$100. some people spend MUCH more on their horse's diets. so 4 horses at $100 a month is $400 a month just in food, if they're all on hay and don't require special vitamins, sweet feeds, or grains. now to maintain the horse's hooves and have a farrier come in every 2 months, $40 per horse. add horse shoes in there, you're looking at an additional $100 per 2 months. routine medical care, de-worming, vaccinations, and teeth care will run you $400 a year for a HEALTHY horse. horses are seldom perfectly healthy. god forbid someone colics, goes lame, has an accident, that $400 a year can turn into $400,000 per year. horses are prone to accidents. now, to pay a trainer to give you riding lessons every week - add another $600-$1,000. factor in horse goodies, like treats, tack (saddles, bridles, girths, bits, equipment), halters, brushes, shampoos, fly sprays, liniments and poultices, you can spend anywhere from $200 to a million dollars in a single day. a saddle alone will run you about 1 to 2 grand, fancy sherpa-sheepskin saddlepads are $150, special horse leg boots $80, bridle $250… and each piece of tack is specific per horse. your saddle that fits white pony, will not fit black horse. also add in riding gear that SHE wears, yikes. jodphurs are like $200 a pair, riding jacket will run you $500-2k, helmets are $200, boots are $350… if you've got your OWN horse, let alone more than ONE of your own horses… you are paying a LOT lot more than a thousand a month.

No. 582603

File: 1526317071334.png (247.03 KB, 336x621, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.4…)

Holy fuck, this is probably OT but it's interesting to know how much it costs. Her parents are definitely loaded, that's probably why they haven't a clue about her online lies, they are probably working 24/7 and just think she's a lazy geek.
I wonder what they do for a living, she rarely talks about them or any family for that matter (probably cause that makes it easier to hide her lies)
I did notice this on her insta, she posted a picture of a cake for mothers day with the caption "Mothers Comma Day", not sure what she means by that. Could just be a terrible joke.

No. 582730

So this pricing is very subjective…we have 3 horses & they cost us next to nothing since we live on a farm & take care of them ourselves
Also, unrelated: this 20-something MUST have a job? A job we aren't aware of? Maybe a normal job that is too normal to tell the internet about?

No. 582739

ya so that just sounds like really fancy over the top horse keeping for a competitor lol every vet bill for any animal will be expensive. A horse doesnt need/ care about most of that stuff listed. Its the owner.

No. 582746

From what I can tell, no she doesn't have a job and I doubt she has any higher level of education than a high school diploma.
Found her dad's facebook profile today and he's fucking loaded. Yes, they own those horses along with like 6 dogs. He works as an architect and I think he has owns his own company.

No. 582755

That explains her (yes obviously her)
explaining about the fancy ass horse care in detail. They can afford that fanciness

No. 582794

One of stefany’s former friends popping back in here:
I’d NEVER heard her talk about her parents in all the years I’d known her other than “I just have to text my mom” or something like that. I’m from the States and she’s from Canada so I never crossed paths with her parents, but there were a few times where she’d walk around her house on Instagram and you could just see how loaded they were. I always thought maybe she had a strained relationship with her parents or at least her dad so I never asked about why she never talked about them. Although I always thought it was weird she never had a job.

No. 583283

Duh, she's Daisy Ridl… I mean, Maisie Williams' stunt double!
Or she can't work because she's dying but can still ride horses.
Anon above said she went to New York and got some callbacks, maybe she gave up when she didn't get cast right away. Some people can't take the rejection. And if her parents are willing to finance her lifestyle, she probably doesn't feel the need to get a job.

No. 584477

see the dimple disappear right before your very eyes

No. 584490

it looks like she couldn't decide whether to cover herself with her arya or rey skin so she just stitched them together and put that on

No. 584773

File: 1526476158410.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1096, 20180516_090126.png)

Very similar body types guys. Lol Its outrageous.

No. 584779

All body types are fine w/e but when you start making comparisons like this…come on. Be yourself & just own what you've got OR emulate someone who is actually similar to you if you need to steal an identity

No. 584788

its something you grow out of. I was told i looked like marilyn monroe once & i fell off the wagon & changed everything to look more like her until friends & family told me to chill. It was embarrassing but neccesary. she will have an awakening moment & realize shes her own person

No. 584975

File: 1526490663401.png (640.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-16-10-55-33…)

Lol this is so creepy, Stef is trying to make it seem like people drew fan art for her. No one reposts fan art of other people.

No. 584976

File: 1526490684028.png (641.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-16-10-55-51…)

No. 584978

File: 1526490698260.png (673.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-16-10-55-58…)

No. 584980

File: 1526490733270.png (529.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-16-10-56-02…)

People drew fanart for Maisie aka not you Stef

No. 585009

How old are you, anon? I'm guessing Marilyn Monroe was dead by the time you tried to mirror her. Stef the Stalker is trying to wear the skin of two people who are currently alive. She's not a child, she's an adult who should really know better.

I hope one of her friends sits her down and forces her to watch Single White Female 1 and 2. Just so she really understands how creepy she's being.

No. 585011

It looks more like her than Maisie just because the art is prettier than the actress, but it is obviously intended to be Maisie and not her

I guess she can enjoy her not-fanart which does look like her though, if she wants to, and stanning artists is very wholesome

No. 585636

Im 20 now but I was 16 when I was being cringey. I see what you mean…

No. 586004

Ok wait wait wait
In her comment from reddit she literally says "if they are making fun of my body they're making fun of her body too"?! That is beyond creepy. Their bodies look nothing alike. you will never be anyone else but yourself, stuck in your body. Not hers. Not Daisy. People making fun of you is not the same as making fun of Maisie. & if you don't want to get made fun of how about dont very obviously try to look like someone else & then broadcast it to the world & then lie about it. Nothing against cosplayers but they already run the risk for getting made fun of by posting pictures of themselves as other characters online open for ridicule. Anyone online is risking that I guess.

No. 586026

That's litterally Maise when she was like 12 like what on fucking earth dude

No. 586079

File: 1526565815946.png (793.85 KB, 1080x1096, 20180517_095644.png)

Nah she wasnt 12 in 2016

No. 586101

File: 1526566780831.jpeg (116.42 KB, 750x707, B5C63736-D4F9-4DDF-A340-117148…)

Lol no it’s not. But this is from literally this year. She is not at all’s stefany’s body type. That’s fine. You don’t need to look perfect to cosplays but lying and saying that her and Maisie look the same is insane

No. 586108

She just looks like shes 12. Shes Petite.
Stef is not.

No. 586184

Ya, she's quite delusional. At this point I can't tell if she's done enough mental gymnastics that she actually believes she looks like this or if she's just so insecure she want's to convince everyone else she does.

No. 586188

Her lies keep flip-flopping, one minute she says she doesn't see the resemblance the next she's screeching about how they are EXACTLY the same in every way.
During my research, I've found info on her father and sibling (I don't want to bring her family into this as they seem like genuinely good people who haven't a clue what Stef is doing online), however, I have found nothing on her mom despite Stef herself mentioning her mom being British and >>582603 .
I think there's more to this than just a little rich girl looking for attention from online strangers and a fandom, I'm just not exactly sure what it is.

No. 586210

Ya it burns me that she switches between trying so hard to look like someone & then when someone tells her shes like "i DoNt sEe tHe ReSeMbLaNCe" & then posts a picture of a Maisie doll & shes like "look guys they make stefany dolls"

No. 586213

File: 1526573421001.jpg (50.21 KB, 810x810, 12063290_443427492529593_16706…)

It's cuz she's the greatest makeup artist of all time anon. She can transform herself into any plain jane white brunette actress out there without photoshop or editing!

No. 586219

File: 1526573692997.jpg (105.69 KB, 960x960, 19207_356478774557799_58423971…)

Just like Arya and Rey. Also tots legit mystery illness that makes her go blind yet she can drive, ride horses and do elaborately choreographed lightsaber fights. But she's totally deathly ill you guiz, it's PROGRESSIVE!

No. 586222

Is there going to be another "witch hunt" at her next con where all the concerned cosplayers "attack her" (aka talk to her) about her unhealthy image obession? Which actress will she miraculously resemble next?

No. 586236

File: 1526574186836.png (200.8 KB, 351x653, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.1…)

Does anyone know if this is a live stream Stef is doing/apart of or is this just like the daily app and the whale documentary thing in which she acts like she's actually apart of her skinwalkers projects? She seems to not have much of a life outside of pretending to be Maisie

No. 586238

samefag but I meant *daisy app, not daily app.

No. 586239

That part makes me sick. Like Whatever …photoshop your shit, who cares. But dont glorify this alleged illness or disability. Id like her to meet some people with blindness or illness & people with real service dogs & see their day to day stuggle with disability. Im sure she'll find they're the last people to seek sympathy, attention or praise for their state.
"Yeah im only blind sometimes"
What? When its convenient for a cosplay? Get a job.

No. 586256

Do you guys remember that arya post she made when she was like 'i got confused for maisie williams a grand total of 33 times today!'
I cant find it . It was pretty cringey. It was pre-buzzfeed article

No. 586267

File: 1526575630205.png (308.78 KB, 1080x1698, 20180517_124349.png)

Ahaha! "Natural height?" What???
right because she was insecure about being 'tall' when she was Daisy but Aryas short so now she is too. I see.

No. 586279

File: 1526576214559.png (408.8 KB, 923x464, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 12.5…)

It's not photoshopped you guiz. Her jawline and ear naturally are pixelated and off coloured. No photoshop here.

No. 586375

Ok even if it wasn’t photoshopped (which it obviously is) who fucking cares? Why is her entire identity wrapped around “coincidentally” looking like a celebrity. How is that impressive or noteworthy at all? I get she cosplays, but that has nothing to do with literally having someone’s face- it’s about costumes and makeup. It’s not impressive to be born a look alike, and it’s not something worth building an online identity out of. She’s so sad and confusing.

No. 586387

I don't think Stef cares how she gets attention just as long as she gets it. She obviously gets off on people saying "OMG you like just like so and so" or "omg you ride horses and you're blind your just like Arya!", i think it's more about positive attention than anything else. She's never going to be a big-time cosplayer cuz she only does 2 different cosplays and doesn't put much effort into it besides face swapping and photoshopping. It's not about the "art" for Stef, it's about the attention and notoriety. If someone tomorrow said to Stef she looks like Lauren Cohan (aka Maggie from the walking dead) I have no doubt in my mind that she'd start acting, photoshopping and doing all she can to become that character/actor. Not cause she likes the walking dead or that character, but because she got attention out of it.

No. 586407

Fairly certain Stef is buying instagram followers again

No. 586412

File: 1526583751219.jpeg (753.32 KB, 1200x627, B8FFA8B4-6C4B-4AC0-BBB6-C822E4…)


No. 586416

File: 1526583808304.jpg (32.71 KB, 640x640, 12795509_474591202746555_14518…)

No. 586422

File: 1526584224808.jpg (58.05 KB, 718x718, 18301677_639884469550560_35685…)

When your entire face magically morphs when you do different cosplays.

No. 586431

File: 1526584496542.png (165.34 KB, 645x651, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 3.12…)

samefag but I just came across yet another morphed profile. That nose blur and chin shoop. She pulled her nose out so much and forget to edit the nostril.
While I agree that photoshopping isn't the worst thing Stef does, it's pretty freaking bad and I'm sure the cosplay community doesn't approve of people photoshopping themselves into their characters. That's not cosplay, that's just lying.

No. 586462

File: 1526585964940.jpg (224.08 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Oh DARN! Theres a girl that looks like maisie williams more than you do! Guess you'll have to choose yet another actress to obsess over.

No. 586478

I really hope Maisie has several bodyguards for all of these skinwalkers.

No. 586483

File: 1526586980955.png (218.21 KB, 500x527, 51ca4426ced52adc9ebc62ffd8f3e9…)

Well maisie williams acknowledged this one but it wasnt the lookalike who posted it

No. 586504

Holy shit good point!
If she wants an acting career she has to realize they want someone new & different …they wont look & be like this girl looks like maisie williams! We'll take her!

No. 586560

Her mom isn’t even british. Lol. Stefany “claims” that she is but other people have said her mom is Canadian. Also stefany claims that her mom side has british family members. So she flips flop around with what her mom is and isn’t. She said she has have acting jobs in London and that she was raised there, BUT her old friends said that she hasn’t EVER been to the Untied Kingdom. She can’t even keep straight her lies

No. 586582

File: 1526591746921.png (322.25 KB, 512x512, 512.png)

not even similar, look at her nose.

I don't understand why they all want to look like Maisie. She has such a unique face, and features that most don't find conventionally attractive. Of all the actresses to obsess over and skinwalk, why pick one with such a distinct face?

No. 586591

File: 1526592298545.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, E7209799-C502-46D6-9BCA-66006F…)

“oH mY GOSH I LOok NOTHing liKE MAISie” literally post this constantly. She is insane and needs to stop this. This is just creepy to the level of she needs to actually get help.

No. 586596

Oh My GoD wE bOtH hAvE gLaSsEs

No. 586605

If anything its a difficult face to steal. Maybe she likes a challenge

No. 586625

File: 1526593555400.png (447.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-17-15-22-43…)

Stef back at it with posting artists like they drew her some fanart

No. 586728

Not a challenge when you just photoshop yourself into the person. Anyone can do that.

No. 586902

So is anyone going to link this lolcow to her reddit or instagram or anything?

No. 586993


Have you read the thread?

No. 587007

File: 1526611196363.png (526.94 KB, 878x515, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.3…)

Taken not long ago, I mean, doesn't this look EXACTLY like Arya?

No. 587010

Is she wearing literal grey jeans and sneakers? I haven't watched GoT in a while but doesn't Arya always wear boots?
Such a spot on cosplay!

No. 587012

File: 1526611830984.png (145.46 KB, 376x559, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.4…)

But she tot's HATES it when people say "hey did you know you look just like…" cause I mean she gets told that ALL the time and it's SUCH a bother for poor Stef.

No. 587013

File: 1526611957871.jpg (175.42 KB, 500x350, pantscompilation1.jpg)

No. 587025

Stef thought she was 5’7 up until december this year when she found out she was 5’4 and she had an identity crisis over it.
I think she may have Body Dysmorphic Disorder because I believe she had a history with an eating disorder. At least, she was telling people that at one point.
She’s actually rather thin (not skinny but average) and pretty in person and I think she’d make a great theatre actress. I don’t know why she does this cringey stuff because she’s ruining her chance at a real career.

No. 587028



No. 587032

Rofl so you're telling me she never measured herself? For yearly medical checkups the dr/nurse measures your height so I find that hard to believe.

No. 587036

It screams of self post. Go figure. The lack of self awareness is staggering.

No. 587037

I think this was more based on the switch from Daisy to Maisie. Daisy Ridley is 5'7", I don't know how tall Maisie is, but I'm going to guess 5'4". I've met her in person and she's taller than me, I'm 5'4". Maybe 5'6"? Definitely closer to 5'7" than 5'4"

No. 587049

Sorry, I have met stefany and she isn’t at all skinny. Which is fine. You don’t have to skinny to cosplay, but she is totally a heavyset women. That doesn’t take away from her at all. But she isn’t skinny, she isn’t the “same body” as maisie, or daisy. Which again is fine. She would be beautiful if she didn’t constantly lie out of her ass.

No. 587051

what is you doing honey

No. 587057

when I met her, she wasn’t FAT but she certainly wasn’t thin, and she definitely doesn’t have either daisy or maisie’s body. at the time she was still cosplaying rey and I was like “I wonder how daisy feels about having what you do” (not being intentionally shady, I always wonder how celebs feel about impersonators and stuff since I think stef stepped beyond cosplay because she tries to be THEM, not the characters) and she was like “Oh I work with her! She knows!” and I didn’t even know what to say.

No. 587058

I agree, similar to what anon here speculated >>586267

No. 587061

>"I work with her"

Damn this bitch is next level delusional. So weird.

No. 587116

I think she tells different stories depending on how much she thinks she can get away with. I've heard from various people that she's said she works for lucasfilm, knows someone who works for lucasfilm, is a stunt double, worked on Solo, etc. I don't know how she expects people to believe she works for lucasfilm or was a stunt double when Star Wars films in the UK and lucasfilm is in California and she's in Canada. And she posts so much that you know she's not in the UK

No. 587248

Wtf would "work on" a movie even mean? Especially if she allegedly only has a highschool education & a few acting classes under her belt… What would Lucas Films need a joe-blow star wars obsessed white girl for?

No. 587252

"…for allowing me to cry & shake"
No, child. If you were crying & shaking when a camera is pointed at you why is is every other picture on your instagram a picture of yourself? And I thought your photographer was yourself with a remote? Or sometimes your mother?
My mother would give me a back hand if I was crying & shaking but still wanting her to take my picture while I'm dressed up like a fictional character. Making mom proud!
"GREAT SHOT HONEY! By the way, do you have a job yet?"

No. 587270

Does Stefany not have anything better to do than obsess over looks in general? Seriously. You're going to make yourself sick. There is so much more to life than the way you look. Take a break from the internet <3

No. 587310

File: 1526653572095.jpg (32.77 KB, 500x375, stop.jpg)

she really needs some friends or people who care about her to tell her to get off of this website and stop embarrassing the shit out of herself.

No. 587344

File: 1526656062815.png (386.84 KB, 587x429, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.2…)

Does anyone have any idea what this live stream was? I tried looking for it and found nothing. Was this another lie or am I just not looking in the right place? It's not like she gave a link, nor did any of the others in this apparent live stream (they didn't even promote it or mention it).
Pic unrelated but she doesn't look short, I'd say around 5'6" or 5'7"

No. 587347

File: 1526656183700.png (431.78 KB, 926x397, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.2…)

Samefag but this is probably a better picture to show her height. Unless these guys are super short, she must be over 5'6". What's the point of lying about your height?

No. 587348

>so skinny

No. 587350

File: 1526656361792.png (486.71 KB, 929x394, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.2…)

That pose though, such a model.

No. 587379

File: 1526658473985.png (16.52 KB, 307x102, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 11.4…)

>> 5'5"-5'7"
>>not very tall girl with big eyebrows

No. 587398

File: 1526659444875.png (363.77 KB, 813x459, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 11.5…)

>>slightly wrong angle packs on 50lbs
>>because I hate myself
Stef, unplug from the internet for a few months, focus on who you are and what you enjoy. If you truly hate your appearance then stop constantly comparing yourself to others and trying to fit someone else shape and look, you'll never find happiness if you're always chasing after something unreachable.
Lose the fake accent, admit to the lies, stop using the illness or disability card and the victim card, stop pretending to be someone your not and embrace the person you actually are.

No. 587434

so weird to see all these women come out of the woodwork pretending to be short. like every cow on /snow/ has a habit of lying about their heights to seem shorter.

No. 587443

For real. Why do these people want to be short so badly? I’m 4’11 and I would anything to be half a foot taller.

No. 587448

ikr? not nearly as short as you but im 5'1 and it feels so shitty to be short. they dk how good they have it tbh. you have to tailor everything, you can't really look elegant, just 'cute'/like a tween playing businesswoman dress up, men that prey on you are a million times creepier than most avg creepy dudes bc they think you're young or they just like that they have a larger physical advantage over us, etc.

has this been shooped? she looks a lot chunkier in candids and sorry stefany but it aint muscle

No. 587453

File: 1526663436969.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, 966850.gif)

>This is what I look like. This is my body.

No. 587469


No. 587944

Who is more cringy, Stef or Fahr?


No. 587953

>>"I hate Myself "
Thats actually very concerning unless its for attention(?)

No. 587955

Does she get mad at any other Rey she meets & secretly hates them?

No. 587958

Ya Stef you're a lot better when you're not trying to be someone else <3

No. 590051

Have met stef and she’s easily 5,7 or 5,8. Pretty tall.

No. 590053

Still don’t think it’s cool to comment on the weight thing. Comment all you want on the lies, but weight is just too far.(no1curr)

No. 590057

She says she's the same size as Maisie when she's clearly bigger and photoshops her body to look like those she's skinwalking, which is jsut pathetic. She is lying about being fat to fill her skinwalking need, that makes her weight fair game.

No. 590058

>Comment all you want on the lies, but weight is just too far.

Are you lost?

No. 590059

File: 1526887750649.jpeg (27.67 KB, 330x500, 9B76AEB5-1935-43C9-A260-8C7D87…)

She reminds me far more of Eizabeth Moss. Obviously not twins, but more of the same vibe. She should cosplay as a Handmaid and leave poor Maisie alone

No. 590248

File: 1526918127811.png (507.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-21-11-53-42…)

Huh? She has friends?

It's pretty cringe how she speaks to her friends with that fake ass British accent, did she lie to them or are they aware of her lies?

No. 590342

File: 1526927020896.png (269.66 KB, 361x621, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.18…)

She's bisexual now or this an awful joke? Nice half face shot too, can't show your whole face or else people might realize your not tots Maisie's doppelganger.

No. 590344

File: 1526927196386.png (62.47 KB, 954x268, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.24…)

Samefag but I should have guessed the whole "bisexual" thing is just another attempt at skinwalking Maisie.

No. 590348

File: 1526927601581.png (342.32 KB, 363x632, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.29…)

No. 590361

No, she has always said she was bisexual before. Even during her rey time she always stated that she like both genders, but “leaned more gay”. That is the one thing I feel that she isn’t lying about.

No. 590367

She lies about what her face and body looks like, you don't think she'd lie about her sexual orientation? It sounds like another special snowflake label that she uses to get attention, just like her super duper mystery illness and fake British accent.

No. 590369

I don’t follow this flake very closely but I scrolled past this hair and Jesus it’s atrocious. It look like she turned it into a matted mess.

No. 590376

File: 1526929995141.png (456.46 KB, 808x543, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.08…)

It's honestly better than when she did it before, but that might be because she got someone else to do it here >>590348
Honestly, they all look cringy as fuck, is this for a con or are they just going out in public like this to larp/get attention. To me, it looks like a bunch of unemployed adults ass-patting each other.

No. 590381

File: 1526930184988.png (492.16 KB, 806x561, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.15…)

Incoming cringe fest

No. 590382

File: 1526930234633.png (382.96 KB, 812x464, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.16…)

No. 590384

File: 1526930282255.png (531.52 KB, 815x513, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.16…)

Jesus Christ, that body and face shoop.

No. 590385

File: 1526930333923.png (461.29 KB, 807x540, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.16…)

No. 590389

You can see the distortion around her body in the background, holy shit. Who does she think she's kidding?

No. 590393

File: 1526931355770.png (726.56 KB, 1063x586, Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 3.35…)

What the fuck is going on with her hairline in this picture? Is that a shitty wig or just a shitty photoshop job?

No. 590419

kinda looks like she tried to fill in her hairline with eyeshadow lol

No. 590445

Looks like lace from a lacefront wig

No. 590491

If y’all are wondering if her friends police any of her lies they don’t. They lie the exact same, if not more. The ones in America and NY.

No. 590517

File: 1526939913404.png (1.08 MB, 720x898, Screenshot_2018-05-21-15-45-39…)

She looks like a dyke

No. 590554

I’m late to the party but Stefany’s “abusive” ex was a female so I think she’s bi, though when I started following her she claimed she was a lesbian

No. 590556

what’s the tea? are they all cosplayers too? do they also skinwalk? is that why she’s constantly enabled? because everyone else does the same thing?

No. 590560

so fucking ugly jfc woof

No. 590615

They are all cosplayers one of them constantly is posting things for attention

No. 590617

Also they acknowledge that she lies about stuff but talk shit about her behind her back, I’ve heard about it from multiple US cons

No. 590725

Most sources say Maisie is 5'1-5'2 are you serious?
How long ago was this?

No. 590729

^^^ Replied to wrong comment meant this one

No. 590734

Bahahahaha! I remember her posts like this but it was her "Rey sisters" ! She'll be embarassed out the Arya fandom too.

No. 590741

Probably didn't see Infinity War like she didn't watch GOT

No. 590742

Legitimately Bisexual or is it more like "I'll take what I can get since not many people want to date someone who is obsessed with looking like someone they look nothing like (complete with fake accent)"

No. 590766

File: 1526957721434.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1080, 20180521_225144.png)

Just think…she probably practices their faces in a mirror. Doesn't it get exhausting waking up everyday trying to be more like someone else? Trying to achieve the unachievable every day?

No. 590777

File: 1526958347055.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1065, 20180521_230246.png)

No. 590780

Practiced smiling huge when she was Daisy….now she's practicing making that stupid face so its shaped more like maisies.

No. 590865

She also makes stupid/goofy/awkward faces in a lot of candids so you can't really tell what she looks like

No. 590876

File: 1526969239960.jpg (123.85 KB, 478x513, lolwut.jpg)

I highlighted the areas of most obvious shoop.

1. you can see where the table goes all wiggly and the prints on it curve towards her body

2. what is actually happening here? is that box actually curved? What is going on

3. Some kind of glitch in the matrix behind her head

No. 590957

Looks like she just overlayed Maisies face (the first picture) on top of her own >>575559
Does she not realize you don't have to look EXACTLY like a character/actor to cosplay them? In fact, it's more impressive to incorporate a character/actors look with your own to create something unique and creative. Mimicking someones every move and appearance isn't interesting and is just creepy and cringy.

No. 590961

File: 1526989163616.png (302.77 KB, 337x623, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 7.35…)

I think I know why she doesn't take the fake service dog places, probably because her parents would be confused as fuck as to why she's taking the dog to cons or what not.
You missed a few from the full image here >>590517 , on the bottom right-hand corner there's a wonderful curved in the floor, also is that supposed to be a sword in her belt cuz it bends so much it almost looks like a belt.

No. 590964

god that’s creepy. imagine being so much of a skinwalker that you actually try to morph your expressions to theirs…this bitch needs therapy.

No. 590969

File: 1526991325719.png (651.24 KB, 935x594, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.13…)

Yikes. She just has to make a stupid face if she can't photoshop herself into oblivion. I wonder if her "friends" are embarrassed by her since they don't post many pictures with her. They seem like a bunch of bitches and Stef is just there out of pity.

No. 590972

The Arya in the middle would make a great Melisandre imo

No. 590980

File: 1526993456122.png (774.54 KB, 871x528, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.49…)

No. 590981

File: 1526993545845.png (773.81 KB, 810x595, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.52…)

She seriously can't take a photo without making a weird derpy face.

No. 590984

Probably all those other girls are wearing wigs…because it's cosplay…Stef uses her own hair because she is Maisie

No. 590985

The girl to the left of Stef isn't wearing a wig but the rest are.
OT but I believe the chick on the far right end is a furry

No. 590989

File: 1526994278363.png (759.47 KB, 1080x573, 20180522_090132.png)

*all around me are familiar faces,
I'm stealing faces,
stealing f a c e s*

No. 590996

Most of everything, I really would've never thought that someone would have ever actually wanted to look like Maisie Williams, out of all the GoT cast. Isn't she roasted for being the female Quasimodo?

No. 591003

File: 1526995666609.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1068, 20180522_092450.png)

No. 591008

Suddenly your forearm is quite larger where your waist is cinched in!
Oh but its muscle right?

No. 591014

File: 1526996976790.png (861.22 KB, 1080x1067, 20180522_093821.png)


No. 591074

Homegirl has the pose thing down pat tho…extending the leg in front to make it seem slimmer. Well practiced !

No. 591087

File: 1527002785217.jpg (136.2 KB, 805x960, 30697592_792040074334998_87808…)

I don't even need to point out the obvious photoshop in this image. Glad she doesn't do the stupid drawn on freckles anymore, to me it always looks like dirt.

No. 591094

Why would you go to the effort to photoshop a joke hall pic so much? Like ya, I'll take a few pounds off of photoshoot pics, everyone does. But I don't mess with hall pictures because… what's the point?
She probably could have kept up the lies better if she stuck with one actress and didn't go to cons where other people post pictures of her.

No. 591102

She always claims she has 'bushy brows' yet you can see the smudge of pomade around them every time trying desperately to make them look fluffy and more like Maisie's 3 inch wide caterpillar brows, nothing is genuine about her but this just makes her look dirty

No. 591113

File: 1527004706496.jpg (2.41 MB, 2550x2080, itsatrap.jpg)

No. 591126

File: 1527005773169.jpg (643.71 KB, 960x905, iworkedforlucasfilmsuwu.jpg)

No. 591139

File: 1527006773423.jpg (878.53 KB, 1296x814, lol.jpg)

Why do proper cosplay when you can literally just take a character's picture and photoshop it on to your face. All I did was crop out Rey's face and put on her face with a 38% opacity and boom, fit like a glove. Girl doesn't even try. Makes me feel bad for all the cosplayers who put in so much time and dedication into creating something and Stef here just buys and commissions shit and then photoshops the character on to herself and gets praised.

No. 591141

It's so weird as her features don't look right on stef's face it's like uncanny valley shit

No. 591153

File: 1527007692280.png (416.21 KB, 750x518, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.4…)

Honestly, I didn't even find the picture she photoshopped on to her face, one of her Facebook friends posted it. Surprised she didn't delete the persons' comment but I glad she didn't. I'm not going to spend hours and hours trying to find photos that match up perfectly so this helped a lot

No. 591195

File: 1527011377866.jpg (310.02 KB, 806x560, skinwalker.jpg)

At first, I thought "Oh Stef is learning to not overdo the photoshop". Then I looked at it for a bit longer and realized that nah, she's still photoshopping herself into a different person. Hair hasn't gotten much better either and her nose appears to be broken

No. 591225

Oh man, her episode 8 Rey. She told everyone that she had seen the costume and had it done at Celebration but wouldn't show any pictures and when she finally did, it was this hot mess. She then proceeded to get really mad at the people who did it right first and then commissioned the costume

No. 591254

File: 1527015914791.png (506.7 KB, 598x578, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 3.00…)

Stef's true profile. The person who posted this one commented: "I DMed you and asked if you wanted me to send them to you/cared if I posted them, but I figured your DM was probably filling up and you wouldn't see it. I can delete them though if you want, I don't mind."
Stef didn't respond but she's also not tagged so I'm sure this is a regular thing for her, someone uploads a picture and she either complains that they take it down or removes her tag.

No. 591277


This reminds me. Those HeroHair people seem a little bonkers too. I was reading their price sheet out of curiosity and they spend most of it talking about why typical cosplay wigs suck.

No. 591284

Girl in the green with stuff in her hand looks like daisy more than stef even tho its an arya pic

No. 591290

Guuuuys she worked on it. She worked for Lucas films so she saw but no one else could. Just a random high school graduate from Ontario, Canada.

No. 591296

That face you make when you realize someone is taking a candid of you that you'll never be able to paste Maisies face on
:'((emoji use)

No. 591299

There's more, I just didn't want to sperg a whole bunch of random con pics. She looked EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I would be too if I pretended I had a different face, voice, job, life and "mystery illness" that could be exposed at any time.

No. 591310

What I don't get is why did she go all the way out to Philly when there's been a con going on in Ontario for the past week (iirc). She rather spend mom and dads money to flee to the states where no one can call out her bullshit then stay in Ontario and possibly get called out closer to home.
I guess it makes sense but she's never going to make any real friends besides fly by Instagram friends that live in a different country.

No. 591319

Because she is SO CLOSE TO HOME FOR SOME PEOPLE honestly…probably afraid of running into someone. Not that a lot of people could recognize her if you saw her irl …

No. 591321

Or her parents/family would find out about something or perhaps they'd even want to go with her and she'd have to come clean at least about the fake accent

No. 591328

What would be worse? If her parents knew & let her do it or of they had no idea?

No. 591330

If they knew imo. Then that means they are just as bad as Stef if not worse cause they are enabling her bizarre and obsessive behaviour.
If they have no idea it's probably because they trust her or she's just gotten good at lying to them.

No. 591333

File: 1527020493504.png (495.77 KB, 570x573, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 4.20…)

No. 591342

Ja ja ja but Sean Bean and Natalie Dormer told her and her Sansa that they look exactly like the actors @.@ sorry buuuut if they did then just because they are polite ppl who don’t want to hurt little cosplay girls and break their hearts because they aren’t even close to Maisie or Sophie ..

No. 591346

File: 1527021254532.png (417.88 KB, 500x576, 448454.png)

how is this even remotely wholesome

No. 591357

File: 1527021639215.jpeg (105.86 KB, 750x962, 670A5361-7E3B-469A-AC17-31A366…)

OT but wow Daenerys u look ruff

No. 591358

20-somethings i know:
Getting their first apartment, going to university or finishing, some are married blah blah blah..
Stefany: Spending her time emulating someone else, traveling to another country go to cons with no known job or life outside of obsessing over an actress

No. 591364

Whatever. Con it up in any country, spend your money.. you do you. But maybe have something else going on in your life other than cosplay. Unless you get paid for it which i doubt she does. Ever.
Go volunteer somewhere…or join something like rebel legion. Oh wait. You did & you got kicked out because you're batshit crazy

No. 591370

>>batshit crazy
Getting kicked out of a charity/community/"supposed-to-be-just-for-fun" organization because you get creepily obsessed with your character & become a bad example of what the organization represents.

No. 591381

The face of a supposed "lesbian" in the middle of 2 pretty girls from her fandom? & thats the face you make? Smile or something for christ sake. Thats so weird & creepy.

No. 591395

Momther of Dagrons

No. 591399

File: 1527025978610.png (363.78 KB, 720x499, Screenshot_2018-05-22-17-51-30…)

More body photoshop


No. 591437

>>Bi and ready to die
I'm done with your bullshit too Stef! I bet we never see her with this chick again.

No. 591471

File: 1527032459374.png (1 MB, 1014x838, 20180522_193854.png)

>>Bi and ready to die

No. 591489

>>Bi and ready to die
…of her progressive mystery illness you guys omg of course!

No. 591496

File: 1527034808861.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080, 20180522_201653.png)

When someone takes a god damn candid of your creepy face stealing ass

No. 591504

Why you all going after the people she was with? Dany just looks tired which happens at cons, I don't think she looks that bad. I'm not sure who any of these people are other than Stef who I know of on Insta but she always seemed nice. I've never met her though so I could be wrong and after reading this thread im not so sure.(namefagging)

No. 591508

Run far, far away from her…
Nice until she thinks you figured out her bullshit. Then she blocks you & makes a shitty poem post about how shes a lone wolf & her own hero running in a forest alone or some shit.

No. 591514

Thats true. We aren't here to talk about any of those other people.

No. 591567

That Sansa looks more like Melisandre lol

No. 591691

Did she actually get kicked out? A while back she posted that she's still a member.

No. 591974

As far as I'm aware she was kicked out a while ago ( >>564632 ) not entirely sure when exactly she was kicked out but it was when she did the switch from Rey to Arya.
Not surprised she still lies about being part of the RL since she seems to lie about everything. I'd love to know more from the RL but they seem pretty tight-lipped about former and present members and might not be too willing to talk about her and her lies.

No. 591979

File: 1527093912543.png (514.92 KB, 815x582, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.4…)

What the fuck is she talking about?
Seems like you called it anon, she seems to love wallowing in her own self-pity.
Poor Stef, must be hard not having to worry about money or working and just being able to spend all day watching tv and sitting in a meadow with your horses.

No. 591984

File: 1527094149465.png (334.03 KB, 927x431, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.4…)

Cringe, cringe, cringe everywhere.

No. 591994

File: 1527094535649.png (356.22 KB, 375x624, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.5…)

Oh gosh Stef, I feel for you. I mean we all have to go to work, school, pay for our own way, and work for our time off. Meanwhile, you get back from a trip (you didn't pay for), from a con (you didn't pay for) with your "friends", back to your huge mansion (you didn't pay for) and have to spend a lovely Wednesday just sitting on your ass with your horses (you didn't pay for).
Gosh, life must be hard being so uwu sick all the time with the worlds most mysterious and invisible undetectable illness.

No. 591995

File: 1527094586802.png (257.39 KB, 369x626, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.5…)

Oh but she's SOOOOO sick you guiz

No. 592045

exaggerates facial expressions

No. 592063

File: 1527098655015.png (505.08 KB, 818x488, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 2.04…)

No. 592076

File: 1527099293268.png (466.5 KB, 924x419, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 2.14…)

yes yes Stef, you're oh so smol and just like Maisie in every way.

No. 592084

File: 1527099708870.png (617.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-23-14-22-40…)

>i love death and dying

So is she an edgey emo kid from 2007 now?

No. 592085

File: 1527099716935.png (196.67 KB, 345x619, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 2.19…)

Now she's just posting pictures of Maisie. I like the super duper small text that says "so take this picture of Maisie cuz I'm sick", at least I think that's what it says cuz it's so god damn small.

No. 592087

so i just posted this too >>592085
i think it's either a sad attempt at humour or she's going back to her "mystery illness" bullshit but just isn't coming straight out saying it.
She makes a stomach ache sound like cancer

No. 592103

When I first met stef, I was a part of the eating disorder recovery part of instagram & she DM’d me and asked me how to start recovering from anorexia. she never posted pictures of her body so I had no reason to believe she was one of the Fake Anorexics on instagram. So if you want to know how far back her lying about illnesses goes, she claimed she had anorexia about 6 or 7 years ago.

No. 592128

Smoll?? What’s her size again? It’s 5,4-5,7 no? So between 1,64m to 1,73m??? Wtf… this is not small that’s normal. I mean Maisie is 1,55m so 5,0-5,1 that’s a difference @.@ I hate when girls who are 5,4 and more say they are small I mean I am 5,0 and this is small! (and I totally love my size ..)

No. 592133

This picture is of her and the article it came from was in 2009 (9 years ago). I'm not going to post the article here since it has her real name. I do believe I have a pic from her father's Facebook page that was a year or two later in which she looked much thinner, however, I can't confirm that it is actually her. If it's of use I can dig thru my computer to see if I still have the screen cap.
Her history of lying makes it difficult to believe her but if she did and is recovered good for her (i'm ED recovering too so I have a soft spot for those who can put in the work and get back to health- yes I know no1curr)(Photo removed because a child was in it)

No. 592142


This was already posted in >>565874 but cropped because posting photos of children is not allowed.

No. 592171

File: 1527106223438.png (909.11 KB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2018-05-23-13-04-59…)


She posted that pic on reddit today. Gotta re-up on the Maisie praise.


No. 592182

Shit, I forgot to crop the kid out, sorry about that my bad

No. 592194

why would she even mention her height though, like it doesn't have anything to do with the picture at all?

No. 592247

File: 1527110549872.png (324.06 KB, 993x605, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.22…)

l o l

No. 592257

damn this bitch is psychotic

No. 592262

File: 1527111752124.png (514.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-23-17-39-22…)

She's trying to get her fans to attack that person. She's lying out of her fat ass telling her fans not to attack and how ~poor~ her 'accidently' kept the name in the pic.

If it really was an accident she could've easily deleted the pic and reuploaded a new one with the name censored out. She's such a passive aggressive cunt, just be honest and tell your followers to harrass that person instead of this oppsies daisies shit. I find it hilarious that she's retarded enough to think no one will notice her obvious wk bait.

No. 592268

File: 1527111949379.png (560.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-23-17-46-34…)

>my name is stef and I'm tired of this bullshit.

So are we, how about you stop photoshopping and skinwalking other people?

No. 592273

File: 1527112398285.png (29.79 KB, 800x141, Screenshot_2018-05-23-14-48-31…)


Even if she had edited out their name the comment is easy to find.

No. 592274

File: 1527112433553.png (249.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180523-175159.png)

She deleted the picture and responded to the guy.

Stef you aren't fooling anyone.

No. 592279

File: 1527112874331.jpg (125.31 KB, 1564x1564, 33503918_1716183465102126_5658…)

These are supposedly 'headshots' of her as herself, no character yet they are both totally different, different eye shape, face shape. Also even if she 'let her eyebrows grow out' they wouldn't become that big! She's obsessed with being anyone but herself

No. 592294

Is she really trying to convince people that her smudged ass eyebrows are her "natural" brows? Lmfao. It looks like she has half a container of pomade on them at any given time, it looks ridiculous.

No. 592299

Please don’t tell me if she met British people she still put on the fake accent. That’s so fucking cringe I don’t know if I could handle the secondhand embarrassment.

No. 592301

Her british accent isn't as cringy as her 'Arya' voice. Which is so awful and sounds nothing like Maisie.

No. 592306

Still doesn't change the fact that she's a fake ass bitch and how she purposely directed her followers to harrass that person.

No. 592307

File: 1527115408392.png (635.56 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2018-05-23-18-43-49…)

Kek she's mad

No. 592316

'I don't photoshop!' Posts a load of photos where her face is half covered up or she is pulling a stupid face to cover it. She's really not helping herself.

No. 592332

Comments calling her out on her photoshop got deleted wonder if she is friends with the mods on the subreddit

No. 592349

I don’t know I wasn’t there but she wrote this in her caption of the bunch of photos from Philly that they met them and they told that to her and her Sansa.

No. 592350

File: 1527118320358.png (752.49 KB, 720x1038, 1.png)

She's on a roll she posted more


No. 592351

File: 1527118341732.png (584.46 KB, 720x901, 2.png)

No. 592352

File: 1527118358164.png (621.39 KB, 720x889, 3.png)

No. 592358

File: 1527118923559.png (3.71 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_05-24-01.38.22.png)

Yeah the could be twins…or related…somewhere in a galaxy…far far away…

No. 592371

Okay but how about one where you're just making a normal facial expression??

No. 592383

File: 1527120436501.jpeg (184.96 KB, 750x567, 5CCF3C75-F84D-4C97-B809-B03D29…)

“She doesn’t do any touch ups”. Oh my god who believes this bullshit. She is disgusting and I hope she gets called out by GOT cosplay group. She honestly is insane. And I’m glad she is losing followers.

No. 592388

File: 1527120637061.jpeg (151.49 KB, 750x807, 47A70803-4806-45BA-9405-4A7F18…)

Remember when her nose use to be pointy? Like Daisy. What the fuck happened to that Stefany? Is it your mad make up skills, which included your shitty eyeliner skills to.

No. 592392

A kind anon should make a collage of her various noses from her profile, next to the unshopped one in >>591254

No. 592401

File: 1527121420135.png (291.35 KB, 800x1038, Screenshot_2018-05-23-17-19-45…)

No. 592405


She doesn't seem to have altered her nose in the pic she used for her old Youtube and Instagram accounts >>565918. Those accounts predate her Maisie skinwalking.

No. 592418

File: 1527123048896.jpg (104.84 KB, 531x276, whosenoseisitanyway.jpg)

No shoop she just has two completely different noses that she can interchange at will

No. 592480

File: 1527129099363.png (78.04 KB, 800x507, Screenshot_2018-05-23-19-28-32…)

No. 592510

How dare you, anon. She temporarily loses her real nose whenever she goes blind. She can't help that her nose changes when it happens!

No. 592513


She probably bitched and moaned to get them deleted, that seems like her typical behavior.

No. 592536

if those two are supposed to be asha/yara and melisandre they're on point. If they aren't they're cosplaying the wrong damn people but i bet she's jealous regardless

No. 592592

she even has a similar ring

No. 592622

File: 1527142957053.jpeg (309.31 KB, 1264x1264, 85757350-74F7-4692-839D-94A2A0…)

Side profile / nose collage. It’s not the best but I thought it was funny seeing all the variations together.

No. 592624

File: 1527143038806.jpeg (125.91 KB, 2048x2048, 69E95F30-04A4-4A95-8F5F-0B3C94…)

Samefag but I also traced her noses from the two biggest pics in that collage to see how they’d compare; one Arya and one Rey. All Stef.

No. 592653

But it’s obviously makeup, anon. Duh /s

No. 592654

>do I still hate myself?

Jesus Christ this girl needs intense psychiatric help.

No. 592716

File: 1527164207172.jpg (1 MB, 1440x2560, Inked33326922_1716781531708986…)

This is one of her most hilarious fails. Her eye isn't even in her eye socket. There is a gap between the eye and the lid! XD Her rey is more edited than her Arya and she does seem to have toned down a little on her Arya photoshop but still.. that's not cosplay!

No. 592717

Stefany. You hate yourself because you spend every waking moment to be someone else. Thats fucked. Nobody stops to tell you that you look like Arya when you're out. Nobody has confused you for Daisy in real life…just stop. Its not too late to just knock it off. Delete your instagram account & start a new one with untouched pictures. Those who have seen you in person know the truth.

No. 592724

It gets to me that all she did was draw on thicker eyebrows & be like "You guys this is the real me now. I am embracing my true (drawn on) eyebrows & learning to accept myself still hate myself tho." Its so off-putting whenever someone says "I hate myself" whether they mean it or not. Like damn either get some help if you're telling the truth or go find attention in a better way if thats all you wanted. You're the kind of girl in elementary school that would post "I hate my life" on FB & then respond with "nothing, I'm fine" when someone asks whats wrong.

No. 592725

Think how much less cringey this would all be if she added a couple of #PhotoshopSkills or #PhotoshopChallenge …I would actually be like "Wow! Shes good! This is cool!" But nope. She went the wrong way with it. She went with the victim card. GuYs I dOnT sTeAl FaCeS tHiS iS mE.
>>592268 'I'm so tired of getting caught trying to fool people into thinking I look like someone else' Which is just so blatantly obvious & makes everyone who knows what she looks like embarassed for her.

No. 592736

Ya go on reddit to their r/photocritique maybe, Stef! You can post your shopped pics of your cosplays & that way you can still live out your fantasies of being other people & still get attention for it but in a more positive way because you aren't denying the photo doctoring! :-)
I garauntee the people that do like you like who you are irl.
Get well soon! <3

No. 592741

File: 1527167401649.gif (655.24 KB, 320x180, tumblr_mysnkrmxNz1s7mwu3o2_r1_…)

Lets get this Maisie-Daisy son of a gun on TLC's My Strange Addiction!

No. 592772

this bitch. Must be so tough laying in grassy, sunny meadows during spring with your horse.

No. 592811

You know, seeing how she'll go crazy one day posting all this "fuck the haters, here's unedited pics of me!" and then a few days later be sick or whatever, she might be bipolar. She seems a little manic sometimes.
I wish her parents would find out about this shit and force her into therapy. She needs it desperately.

No. 592821

She's in her twenties, why does her parents need to do everything for her? She can go to the psych ward herself

No. 592828


It sounds like that horse is very sick. But of course she had to analogize its ill health to her wellbeing.

No. 592898

File: 1527184647226.png (764.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180524-134843.png)

How sad and pathetic she is basing her hair color and cut on the character she is skinwalking, like have some originality.

No. 592904

Because she'll never do it herself. She claimed she was going to get help last year but all she did was apologize to a couple people and start skin walking Maisie. If she's living with her parents and they pay for everything, they can tell her to get help or move out and she'd kind of have to do it. She doesn't have a job and only has a high school education

No. 592921

Didn't she just….buy a hero hair wig…. ? Wtf honey your crazy ass will regret cutting your actual hair off … you can't live in costume…

No. 592935

This is so funny. I never really looked closely at her shoops because I already know she looks nothing like Daisy but on her other (uncircled) eye the hair hanging in front of it disappears where she shooped the iris. That’s just one of many telltale editing flaws. Stef, at a certain point you have to realize you really just aren’t good at what you do. Maybe try an actual career that isn’t badly editing yourself and stalking celebrities.

No. 592944

I'm the one who asked for the collage, thanks anon! It's funny to see the vast differences in her nose depending on who she's obsessing over at the time.
I definitely get those vibes from her as well. She certainly seems to be downright delusional at times, but I can't tell if it's because she genuinely believes she looks like these people, or if she just wants to convince others she does. Maybe it's a bit of both.

No. 593011

File: 1527198049800.jpeg (429.13 KB, 1264x1264, 8F9A319B-06C6-4164-B631-4580AC…)

Unseen photo dump from her Twitter.

No. 593027

Her nose shop is so weird

No. 593222

File: 1527214825460.png (684.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-24-22-20-39…)

>character study

Totally not creepy yall

No. 593314

she used to do this when she told everyone she was playing elphaba in wicked when really she’d just take notes on different youtube things as if she’d get paid for it. she had a lot of people fooled since she said she was doing the toronto show and not broadway and most of her followers were 13 and didn’t use google.
she claims the people from theater instagram/wicked fans were abusive to her. I wonder now if they just called her out on her lies.

No. 593343

Was it even a professional production? All I could find of her was a community theatre version of the Wizard of Oz

No. 593426

I believe it was just a community production.

No. 593493

I don't understand her wanting to look just like Maisie. She's not a very attractive person aside from her big eyes. Her face isn't proportionate, her eyebrows are very masculine, and she has very thin lips. Daisy Ridley is actually pretty attractive, so I understand that. But the intense obsession with Maisie? Really?

No. 593508

She doesn't really skinwalk Daisy anymore after she got booted from the Star wars community. A lightbulb lit up in her head when she noticed Maisie has brown hair

No. 593536

I guess its easy to go for the 'unconventional beauty' thing.
Easier to do a tom-boy look like Arya/Maisie than try to look like a lean, polished, dainty thing like Daisy.

No. 593544

Cute! Wtf be this person for fuck sake. So dorky & you know…not computer generated.

No. 593579

No Wicked there. Interesting given she told people she was "briefly part of the touring company of Wicked."

No. 593585

She does look similar to Maisie. Not doppleganger status but she could pull it off pretty well doing her makeup and hair like hers. She looks nothing like Daisy. Once people realized that she actually didn't look anything like her pictures and was lying about everything, she kind of got ostracized from the Star Wars community and fandom jumped.

No. 593635

No. She really doesn’t look like either people. I met her in real life, and she doesn’t AT ALL look like the two. She is just a crazy fan who takes shit to far.

No. 593638

File: 1527264680194.png (54.6 KB, 1096x276, Screenshot (25).png)

It makes me crack up she put she weighs 130 lbs. Who does she think she is kidding?

No. 593659

File: 1527266975797.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1080, 20180525_124743.png)

At least she looks like Maisie a little more than she looks like Daisy. But…come on. We see you.

No. 593661

Show this to anyone outside of the drama & they wouldn't think the top two were the same person as the bottom two

No. 593676


Anon are you crazy? She doesn't look like Maisie or Daisy, not without the help of heavy photoshop.

No. 593980

File: 1527289446228.png (859.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-25-19-02-39…)

She claims her brows are natural and yet it looks like she slapped on a lot of brow product. Reminds me of how Koots use to lie about her falsies being her real eyelashes.

No. 594745

Why are her fans/followers so thirsty? They just compliment the shit out of every post & she only 'likes' or responds to some of the comments…
They all want to be her friend? Are they all GOT fans who just WANT to believe she looks like their favourite Arya? I can't image being that thirsty leaving comments on the posts of someone (who I've never met) in such an ass-kissing way.

No. 595089

I don't know that seems at least close. shorter height and solid build. it's not like she's 200 pounds or something, she's just thicker. maybe she took off 10 pounds or something but honestly not hard to believe

No. 595177

File: 1527439296160.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180527-123814.png)

Because she has such a hard life…

No. 595222

Someone in public didn't tell her she looks like Maisie it's the end of the world.

No. 595232

dem forehead wrinkles. Girl, you're not that old, it's not too late to look after your skin

No. 595235

Yup, because you can totally pluck fuck out of your brows and grow them back twice the size when you feel like it. There's no way that after years of plucking they'd grow back in a couple of days/weeks and in a completely different shape. Her arch is different when she's being Daisy so one at least is all shoop and product. She doesn't naturally have super thick brows from other photos so I think she shooped in texture to the Arya brows. I know you can grow them back after overplucking but not so even and as I said, not in a completely different shape.

No. 595265

I just don’t understand why she and her fans claim she’s such a good makeup artist. her brows are smudged to the point that she just looks dirty and her lipstick always bleeds. her contour also looks like dirt. and she’s been doing it for so long so I don’t know how she hasn’t gotten better.

No. 595332

They're trying to explain away her ever changing face, anon. It's easier to accept that she's just really good at makeup than that she shopped someone else's face onto hers

No. 595335

God, you can clearly see where she lightened part of her skin to get the same natural contour Daisy has.

No. 595339

Considering they’re no where close to the color of her natural hair color…

No. 595350

it’s troublesome she never makes a normal face in her selfies. it’s like she makes her selfies extra bad on purpose or something

No. 595408

File: 1527457767870.png (106.1 KB, 297x210, sgdgrdhg.png)


From seeing the non photoshop photos of her and being about the same height and body type, I have a hard time believing she is 130 lbs. But that is just me. I would put her in the 145-150 lbs.

No. 595570

Late to this thread but why is this Erinn chick defending her here when multiple sources have stated hearing her talk shit on Stefany when she wasn’t around?

No. 595604

I feel like the longer this thread goes on, there’s more that becomes exposed…this is crazy

No. 595698

I heard Erinn was just being nice when she was defending her but shes also well aware of Stefanys lies/behavior. How could you not talk shit about someone that does what she does?

No. 595702

Saw her in Walmart last summer. Not saying this maliciously but definately more like 160-170lbs. & Shes not short like she keeps mentioning. But hey didn't she say
>>the wrong angle packs on 50lbs ?
Must be some camera! Yikes. She must really struggle with her weight & body image for her to be denying herself & pretending to be small online.

No. 595706

Samefag but she could have also just lost weight since last summer(?) Who knows. With no known job you'd think she would have a lot of time to put in an effort to move around more & stay away from the refrigerator.

No. 595709

Because cosplayers can be flaky friends & are in it for the posts & likes. "Lets be friends because the characters we dress as are friends. Lets be friends for the
a e s t h e t i c."

No. 595711

Ffs did she cut off all her hair?

No. 595719

File: 1527490098230.png (359.32 KB, 1080x1703, 20180528_024344.png)

Oh fuck off. Did you read the comments on this post?? Stop jerking her off! She isn't inspirational shes just a spoiled 20-something with identity issues. Guess these people haven't met her in person?

No. 595893


Yes and I don't get why, it doesn't flatter her face shape at all.

No. 595916

Who is Erinn and what did she said?

No. 595945

What did she say*

No. 595949

You can’t talk shit about what someone else does when she does the exact same shit just in a diff way

No. 595964

So Erin is Stefanys friend from New York who is a pretty good cosplayer (@acosplayfarfaraway on IG) & seems like a nice girl. BUT she was on here wk-ing for Stefany when the thread was new & allegedly talks shit about her. When Stef was in her 'Im Daisy Ridley' stage Erin was briefly in a 'can I be Felicity Jones' stage when she was cosplaying as Jyn Erso (it was an awesome Jyn). Stef & Erin were at SWCO together in the prime of Stefs' Daisy Stage.

No. 595966

Erin basically said "its not ok that you're talking about my friend…its called makeup/you guys are jealous blah blah blah" or the like. Everyone else basically said we don't give a fuck what you're ok with. No wks thnx.

No. 595986

File: 1527529929963.png (586.98 KB, 1080x1290, 20180528_134944.png)

Oh man you know its a reliable article when you find shit like this. Also >>told for years
Years? By who? No body. You made that up.

No. 595988

Did Stef write it?

No. 596052

File: 1527536027367.jpeg (506.57 KB, 750x974, 032273E3-6E3B-4675-83B0-46B44B…)

Kek I had a suspicion that she wouldn’t be a
>nice girl
Hanging out with our girl Stef
Yeah she’s likely crazy too

No. 596059

File: 1527536800807.jpeg (629.36 KB, 750x1058, 1312078C-7188-43DB-B1FC-7722E2…)

She literally tags her in Instagram posts. That’s not defending her or being politely nice. That’s shmoozing

No. 596105

Ah! Okay I know her Instagram. But I don’t like her cosplays so much.

Hm okay…

Why there are so many article about her? I mean… she could be a good cosplayer if she wouldn’t skinwalk or do her photoshop jobs better ( shoop skinnier and stuff) but there are better Arya’s/ cosplayers in General out there. So why is she so interesting for media …

First I thought she was a nice person. But I wrote a bit with her. And she is pretty weird ….

No. 596117

You wrote her? Like you talked to her?

No. 596118

Pretty sure she wants to be Amelia Clarke after seeing her Qi'ra cosplay. Shes even making an Amelia signature squinty eyed smile in her "test" makeup post.

No. 596129

Yep. But nothing important or interesting. But I felt like when I wrote something she didn’t likes to read she stops answering instead of just talking about it till it’s clarified

No. 596147

Seems like everyone wants to kiss Stefanys ass? Why???? Unless its fellow skinwalkers just trying to normalize it so it doesnt seem weird when they do it themselves

No. 596163

Because Maisie.

No. 596206

Hmmm …like what? What wouldn't she clarify?

No. 596208

She thinks everyone is disposable i guess. Shes blocked me for whatever reason.

No. 596234

I guess it's like a support group/community for other crazies who skinwalk. They encourage eachother's delusions, I remember one of the wks said it's good that Stef "looks" like Maisie and how she wishes she could be like Stef rofl.

No. 596254

Well like. She show you something Telling you “this is so and so”… and you try to make her clear that she is wrong about what she is saying. Then she start to ignore you. Reading the messages but don’t answer anymore .. and I mean this is not the behavior a 20-something should have. This is childish.

No. 596255

You don’t know what happened before?

No. 596257

Yeah she blocked a bunch of girls she was suspicious of taking part in the "witch hunt" when they confronted her but I had no idea about any of the impending drama…I just noticed I was blocked the other day. Ohhhh well. Thats really paranoid behavior.

No. 596265

Erin Perinn encourages the behavior and then turns around and talks shit on it. She’s not on the same level but tries the same stuff with Star Wars characters and that Danny one. She posts every something asking for attention here and there(couple times a month)

No. 596267

She’s never called out because the people she’s hugely assoacated with are the same way. She randomly posted nudes on IG for empowerment??

No. 596282

The witch hunt last time? When she posted the comment with the name of the commentator? I heard stuff about it. That she and some of her friends unfollowed people because they believed they had something to do with the ones who talk “shit” about her

No. 596289

What happened when the group of Rey’s confronted her?? Or can anyone elaborate on what happened when a supposed group of Rey’s confronted her about her lies

No. 596311

File: 1527556500335.png (1 MB, 1080x1667, 20180528_211205.png)

This is Erin.
>>posts a picture in her underwear
>>assumes people will DM her because of it
>>"Creepy DMs incoming"

No. 596356

That Victorias secret bombshell working overtime.

No. 596358

So many different stories and pleas for attention from both

No. 596398

Yes. Please someone take away their phones/internet jesus christ

No. 596406

From what I heard it actually was one person who confronted her about the situation, not at all a group. It’s said that she asked Stefany why she lied and that she need to get some help.
Erinn is known to support Stefany’s crazy shit. She says that Stefany is not crazy, but she is known to know about the fake accent and the height thing. Also Erinn is around 5 feet I believe and Stefany is no where near Erinn’s height. She got a good 5 to 6 inches on her.

No. 596452

Omfg you literally made this photoshop yourself.
You guys scroll her entire tiwitter or instagram this pic isn't there. The arm they plopped in there isn't even accurate to the costume she doing in that pic.

No. 596455

Omg omg how dare you photoshop the photoshopped. This is Sparrow Fakesong.
We know for a fact that she photoshops heavily. She can't change her face at will to have different proportions without a plastic surgeon. Anon was pointing out the parts that are photoshopped omfg omg.

No. 596456

File: 1527569436008.jpeg (364.15 KB, 1175x1174, 0A880A6C-A72E-4794-B17A-7E02DD…)

No, you COULD have found these photos if stefany didn’t delete them off of her twitter. She used to have these on Twitter but she deleted them because unlike on Instagram, you can actually close up on her Twitter pics.

No. 596499


A single article got picked up by multiple outlets and reproduced verbatim for the most part.

The Daily Mail article was sourced from


The photos in the Mail article were attributed to Mediadrumworld.com.

No. 596505

File: 1527577941178.png (441.65 KB, 451x563, Untitled.png)

she's doing the fake brit accent in her arya progress instagram story thing and it is actually not too bad, a few mistakes here or there. The real bizarre thing is that she's doing it at all it creeps me tf out. Also her voice is really deep, what the fuck!! She sounds like Mel B

No. 596508

By close up do you mean get the full version? Because you can still do that with instagram.

No. 596630

When i heard she was from england in my excitement of also being from england i asked her where she was from & she said she was born in london & moved to Canada. LIES.

No. 596636

Her ass doesn't even line up with the rest of her body… to a trained eye for photography & photoshop her pictures would be obliterated on reddit r/photocritique

No. 596637

Oh god did she add forehead wrinkles?

No. 596643

File: 1527598632337.png (949.5 KB, 1080x962, 20180529_085604.png)

Guys stop…Shes just good at makeup she cant help it

No. 596644

File: 1527598777107.png (1.06 MB, 1063x923, 20180529_085809.png)

2017 stef was far more entertaining
>>Guys I'm not Daisy
>>I actually confused for her all the time tho

No. 596682

File: 1527604783146.png (997.63 KB, 1046x564, lol.png)

i don't think so anon, just trying her best to imitate maisies lel so randum faces. which is almost as bad imo.
ugh that must have been so weird for you. her fake accent def sounds more northern? but that's because of GoT, why tf would she say she's a Londoner when she's trying to be that. its like a kneejerk reaction because its probably the only place she could think of in England. That being said I'm not even a brit and i'd probably be 100x more freaked out if i were

Like that other anon mentioned i think if she wasn't so deranged she could do theatre. impressions and accents are always valued there, its a shame really.

No. 596717

The accent started with Daisy Ridley, who is from London.

No. 596728

So did she just plan on speaking with an accent forever ?? I faked an English accent just for fun when I was probably 14 (to seem cool obviously) when I went shopping & thought I was slick until I ran into someone I knew & felt like a total ass. Faking an accent is right up there beside lying about photoshopping on the Cringe-meter.

No. 596732

Is this her "abusive" ex?
Since shes
>>Bi and ready to die

No. 596761

File: 1527609309208.jpeg (162.52 KB, 750x444, A23F1C03-FC24-4651-B2C1-C75577…)

No. 596770

People wouldn't talk about her if she wasn't a lulzy liar.

No. 596779

i thought as much, she's just super bad at lying. You'd think she'd get more Canadian as time went on, but nah her Daisy accent just drifted conveniently but stayed in the UK. At least it's the right hemisphere. She'll be Scottish next year

No. 596786

fucking lol anon i did this too but it was an anxiety thing? I was a shut in and didn't speak much so when i did it was an english accent because i don't fucking know, BBC was always on and I'm deplorable. I always fessed up like "I don't know why I'm doing this pay it no mind." but it was so embarrassing. So thankful I outgrew it

No. 596788

Stefany since we know you read this thread, I don't think anyone would mind terribly if you just took a break from all this. Some of us think you just really need some help. How about no press for a while? You don't need anymore attention. You don't need "press". You aren't famous. You've gotten yourself into some trouble here! Just look: someone has created a whole thread about you! Its all because you've put yourself out there. Anyone who does that runs the risk of being called out, don't they? So how about laying low for a while. No more attention.

No. 596791

Godamn anon I'd like to meet you. I am (was?) also a shut in ….I just wanted to be different on my trip to the store. I must have sucked at it since everyone looked at me weird

No. 596793

Henlo Anon I am blocked from our Stars' fb…can you show us these "14 comments"?? Im going to go ahead & guess they are her supporters.

No. 596799

File: 1527611420061.jpeg (261.8 KB, 749x1059, 066F1FD9-2774-44CD-B949-D10368…)


>can’t control it

No. 596808

Thanks for posting anon. love you. But lel ya she cant control that she photoshops and lies? omg all of this would have never happened if she either owned up to it (the noble thing) or just simply stopped doing it & deleted everything out of embarrassment which is what I would do tbh. Start fresh.

No. 596810

File: 1527612030310.jpeg (387.22 KB, 750x1021, C223CE14-F464-43E5-B516-3E3552…)

Nothing else particularly interesting, I bet she’s refreshing this page 3 times a minute to see if her cry for help would gain any traction here kek

No. 596820

Ok but what did she come clean about? Minimal photoshopping but not face-pasting?

No. 596826

Haha… well but she is sending her friends out to block or unfollow people she don’t like or said things she don’t want to hear too. I mean being supportive for someone ok. But block or unfollow others without knowing what happened is weird. This world has no space for second opinions anymore or asking what’s happening.

No. 596828

Shes talking like this is one of those situations where it "could have happened to anyone". But it couldn't. YOU created the monster so don't be surprised now that its turned around on you. No one MADE you do any of these things so stop with the victim card. YOU dragged YOURSELF through the shit & its your friends fault if they chose to follow you through it.

Shes basically saying "I lied & I know I was wrong but I'm upset that its coning back to haunt me"
Thats pretty hard to have sympathy for.

No. 596830

>The gladstone hotel

Yikes, never experienced a lolcow so close to home.

No. 596835

File: 1527614075027.jpeg (400.63 KB, 750x736, 547D59B6-095F-4616-ADDD-ECFBD9…)

the analogy made me LOL - girl, you’re a mess all right.

btw this was in a facebook group for cosplay and not on her personal profile. I’m not friends with her or anything

No. 596855

That Victoria’s Secret picture is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to that one

No. 596858

Why not just admit to your wrongs and move on? Literally.

No. 596860

It really is as simple as that. This thread would be old news if she did that.

No. 596885


Lol why does it matter, it's not like she is super famous.

A few things? Stefy you have lied on more than a few things.

No. 596890

She admitted to what she did, so just let it alone. All you have done is cowardly hide behind several anonymous comments and pictures where you tear down someone enjoying a hobby. She may have made some mistakes, but no one is perfect. I'm sure you guys have all lied or done things you're ashamed of. Enough is enough. Stop bullying and berating people on this thread for being human. So what if someone edits their photos? If they feel better doing so, let them. They're not hurting you. People cosplay for fun, whether they want to be screen accurate or not. It doesn't matter, as long as people are respectful and kind. She said her peace, so why don't you all quit acting like you're caught up in high school drama and let it end.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 596891

File: 1527618090015.png (720.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-29-14-22-08…)

She just posted all this

No. 596897

Wow, she's so delusional she thinks that she's come clean.