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File: 1439305491060.png (487.97 KB, 566x800, CFncLwJXIAA6Hzj[1].png)

No. 156500


Fame-thirsty cosplayer with delusions of grandeur, tries to conceal that the only publisher that prints her "manga" is actually owned by her family.

Denies photoshopping, begs for donations for vet bills while churning out new cosplay, claims to need a lacefront wig to visit children's hospitals as Elsa because toddlers can totally tell the difference and it's not just her wanting her followers to buy a high quality wig for her.

No. 156505

>Denies photoshopping

this part is not true. She's put out several posts admitting to it and showing the difference between her shoops and non shoops. She's also put out a video showing exactly how she photoshops herself.

No. 156918

Whatever happened to the old thread?

No. 156977

i was wondering the same! It just… vanished

No. 157036

i think old op accidentally deleted it

No. 157572

She admits to editing color and overall adjustments, but she insists she doesn't change her face or body, which is laughable

No. 157587

Did she admit to photoshopping parts of a costume from a movie poster right onto her and claim she made her (comissioned) cosplay and enter it into a contest?

No. 158889

File: 1439516078436.jpg (80.61 KB, 1000x489, fahr-sindram-loki-cosplay[1].j…)

No. 159180

no she admits
fat butt
big arms
huge nose and so on

No. 160981


This girl gives me so much secondhand embarrassment.

Isn't she in her 30's? Yet still thinks embarrassing herself in public is "funny". Yikes.

No. 223024

I googled this thread because she is one of my favourite personal cow, sadly there doesn't much fresh milk I guess?

Her newest video…

her stupid accent is killing me

No. 223064

I'll never understand why these ugly cosplayers have so many followers.

No. 223070

File: 1453151218850.png (601.21 KB, 779x727, fahrphotoshop.png)

I knew this would come in handy one day again!

Basically her moms fb confirming she was the one who photoshopped the armour on (her mother is a professional photographer and takes most of her photos if I remember right). Her comment in the photo is "That is pretty much the before and this is the after ;)" showing the photoshopped armour.

No. 223077

Fahr is boring. She's what, 34, doesn't have a job as far as anyone can tell…? idk but you'd think at a certain age your accomplishments would be more than "I make a really good Tom Hiddleston".

No. 223082

I don't understand why she moved to Scotland? She has no job other than her art or whatever it is she's doing, so presumably her parents are paying for everything for her. Why not make her live at home?

No. 223090

yep, i don't like to hear about her exactly because that is honestly pretty terrifying.

No. 223302

Hey now, she also published an "anti"-shota manga that was sold in actual brick and mortar stores! But I somehow recall that the publisher for it was owned by her parents? Does someone remember the deets on this?

No. 223304

Weebs with rich parents. I can't say much on the matter as I was in the same boat until I turned 18. When our money became my mom's money again. Although my mom did hire me on at her company it wasn't an important role and she made me work for every penny. I think it made me a better person. I think parents at some point need to cute the umbilical cord and Fahr is way to old to not have a steady job.

No. 223311

I never understood this girl's popularity. Please keep the milk coming, even if it's a little chunky.

No. 223366

File: 1453237970753.png (18.08 KB, 1089x302, Screenshot_1.png)

The publisher she works with (Butter and Cream) has a terrible "I'm 12 and what is this" website that looks just like Fahr's personal one, and it's registered in England despite being a German company. So I checked the company details and guess what…

No. 223532

Got bored and looked at this cow's links.

I have a feeling she plans on being Kylo Ren next to ride the SW bandwagon.

No. 224828

omg, thank you detective-anon
what a cow. Is Martina Hardten her mother/photographer? She is listed as the photographer for many of her cosplay pics.
I don't the family tree of the Sindrams but she is surely somehow related to Sybille Sindram-Schmid from Kiel (Fahr being from Kiel herself), wife of the owner of a big mobile network company who together embezzled more than 70mio € of company money.

No. 224832

This is so embarrassing. Why do people even make these dance videos in public where there are so many people?
It's also kinda rude because I doubt she asked everyone if they wanted to be in her video on youtube…

No. 224944

The only thing I care about is whether the capslocks troll on /cgl/ is her or just obsessed with her.

No. 305683

File: 1476240737234.jpg (88.37 KB, 1064x394, cD5YOMs.jpg)

She does live Q&A sessions every week now. How many times can you rehash the story of how you met Tom Hiddleston?

No. 305757

The accent is not her fault. At least find something she's actually guilty of to be triggered by.

No. 305763

yeah, her publisher is basically a company she (or rather, her mum) started. this was obviously never disclosed officially (?) and she just went on pretending she got discovered by a publisher and it was all a big deal and super legit.

also, founding a limited company in england despite being german makes sense and shows it's not a "big publisher" and they probably didn't put much money in it either. (until a couple of years ago, germany didn't really have an equivalent of an ltd, making it hard for people with no capital, or basically less than 25k, to start companies. so many germans founded one in the uk instead.)

No. 305767

Isn't her manga about some shota prostitutes?

No. 305772

Yes, it's "victorian" shotacon porn with a kawaii male prostitute in lolita clothing.
She received an award for being omg so brave, a warrior against child abuse wow, but several newspapers criticized her work for being suspiciously indulgent.

No. 305773

File: 1476284492410.jpg (148.77 KB, 384x578, oFbmOAL.jpg)

No. 305774

File: 1476284634347.gif (271.03 KB, 225x130, 7caqKzg.gif)

No. 305775

File: 1476284663414.gif (584.39 KB, 398x225, 9S5FIFp.gif)

No. 305776

why that bitch in the lower panel got four fingers

No. 305778

I don't understand how she has so many whiteknights in the lolita community. You can't say a single not-asskissy thing about her without someone bursting in to tell you she's a great person who's famous and has won awards. I think some of her lolita photoshoots are aesthetically pleasing (if shooped to hell and back) but that's not enough to undo how cringey her shota manga or Tom Hiddleston obsession are/were. How can anyone look at >>305683 and not cringe, at least a little bit? Are they blinded by the e-fame?

It would be one thing if she acknowledged how weird and creepy she was in the past and said that she's moved on since then, but seeing how defensive she gets when anyone brings it up she clearly hasn't grown over this shit at all. Unless she proves otherwise she will always be a minor lolcow in my book.

No. 305795

Knowing there's a clam under all that leather takes away any supposed sexiness this had in the first place

No. 305822

I love how she constantly screamed "NO SHOTA" in Losing Neverland but had that full page of Laurie the shota trap with a friend of his.

Did she flip out and forbid shipping German books to the US or did she just draw them in English? Or did that Polish vanity press drop her?

No. 305835

File: 1476340509376.jpg (19.31 KB, 350x234, maybe it's the angle anon.jpg)

No. 306695

Lol I can't believe I used to trace from this manga when I was 10 and thought it looked good.

Also (kinda off topic) but my ex bf's dad met her in a train once and talked to her. (That was 2007-2008 though when she was sorta popular in Germany I think)

No. 515320

She's an intersex male now?

No. 515323

Shouldn’t they be in snow at least? There doesn’t seem to be much milk here.

No. 515339

There is an insane amount of cringe if you follow her, thread just needs more updates

No. 515464

So far the only cringe is that they’re a wealthy web with one good cosplay, and yah that’s cringe, but cringe alone does not a cow make

No. 515467

Did you not see the recent documentary she was in saying lolita was her kawaii princess persona and she identified as Loki otherkin? She's made of cringe.

No. 515510

File: 1525659561026.png (1.14 MB, 1439x653, Screenshot at May 07 04-17-38.…)

No. 515572

No. 515581

File: 1525668026567.jpg (70.19 KB, 634x422, 320FD74500000578-3485702-image…)

Gender fluid writer obsessed with Lolita and comic book villain Loki spends £19,000 to dress as the colourful alter egos.

Fahr had a liberal upbringing in Berlin, Germany, with encouraging parents keen for their children to express themselves regardless of gender stereotypes.

In the cosplayer's late 20s Fahr began to feel torn between masculinity and femininity and five years ago decided to do away with gender all together.

Fahr, who was born female, said: 'I had good days where I felt "oh this is great, this is princess, this is really cool, I feel like a girl I look perfect".

'And then I had days where I was like, "I feel like I'm an imposter, I feel like I am a man pretending to be a woman in a dress".

'Five years ago I just said to myself "I will not identify with female gender any more".'

Now Fahr spends at least an hour every morning assessing whether to live that day as a man or a woman.

The cosplayer has spent over £7,000 on Loki outfits and is now hoping to have a nose job to complete the look.

Worryingly Fahr even admits in the past to living off just apples and coffee each day in a bid to achieve the lean look of the character.

Fahr said: 'Loki for me is like an escape to hyper-masculinity. Lolita on the other hand is for me to feel pretty.'

Fahr admits that there are negatives to living through made up characters and even claims to have lost a sense of identity and sadly last year suffered a breakdown.

Shaving off all of the long Loki locks was an attempt to start afresh, but it was unsuccessful.

Fahr said: 'It was a bad decision because after that I felt like I was not me, not him. Not anything. Of course I knew I wasn't a Norse God but I'd lost my sense of self.'

Now Fahr tries to spend some time in neutral clothes and feels more comfortable.

Fahr, a comic book writer and illustrator, has also been praised for her work in child protection.

Fahr's comic 'Losing Neverland' was recognised by the European Council of Sustainability for highlighting the dangers of child pornography.

Fahr said: 'Making comics and books for children is really important to me and many children come to my signings and I read to them.

'But just imagine, I read to children and in the back of the same room Loki fans are shouting for me. It was so stressful.'

Fahr met partner William [pic related] through a cosplay chat room three years ago. And William understands Fahr's gender identity better than most.

The 36-year-old teacher is a transgender male, and is supportive of Fahr's lifestyle.

William said: 'I do feel like I have a boyfriend and girlfriend and that is fantastic. Personally I think everyone should be free to be who they are.

'I feel a lot better presenting as male and living as male every day but that is not the case for everyone and I think Fahr is is a lot more complicated and has more difficulty than me actually because it can be changed from day to day.

'I actually love both. I have no preference between the two. Most of all I love Fahr as Fahr.'

Read more:


No. 515590

No. 515593

File: 1525669847487.png (1.28 MB, 737x909, Fahr-ist-nachhaltig01.PNG)

No. 515605

File: 1525671026512.png (963.11 KB, 800x1067, Screenshot_2018-05-06-22-20-18…)

Posted today.

No. 515608

File: 1525671063172.png (908.09 KB, 800x1097, Screenshot_2018-05-06-22-27-05…)

With Will.

No. 515612

File: 1525671254867.png (989.62 KB, 800x1114, Screenshot_2018-05-06-22-17-55…)

Peep the tomhiddleston tag.

Her Instagram is littered with photos of her mooning over him at various events.

No. 515620

File: 1525672008603.png (956.54 KB, 800x1099, Screenshot_2018-05-06-22-44-39…)

No. 515665

Transtrenders who backpedal by claiming to be intersex are the worst. They act like being intersex makes them more "legitimate" than other trans people. Meanwhile actual intersex, especially the kind Fahr claims to have, (having all normal female genitalia/reproductive system but apparently also a prostate?) is extremely rare, like 1 in180,000 people.

just say your fucking trans.

No. 515667

Will's cosplay is unironically better, Fahr should stick to Loki.

No. 515680


In the video she says that she has XY chromosomes (which she describes as having "a mix of male and female chromosomes together" which happens in 46,XX/46,XY chimerism* but she most likely misspoke), external female genitalia, internal male sex organs, a male skeleton, and that her testosterone is "being blocked by estrogen".

She appears to be describing Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome in which the androgen receptor in cells is impaired so that the body does not become fully male. Testosterone is not being "blocked by estrogen". People with Complete AIS have external female genitalia, a short or shallow vagina, no uterus, and internal testes instead of ovaries. The testes are usually removed due to the increased risk of testicular cancer. The condition is usually not discovered until puberty when menstruation does not commence. The majority of people with AIS identify as female. AIS is estimated to occur in 1 out of 20,400 births of 46,XY males.

Otherwise, many of the intersex conditions she lists do not exist (or she is describing them poorly).

* 46,XX/46,XY chimerism, which is the presence of two complete sets of DNA in a single individual due to fetal absorption of a twin, results in the presence of both testicular and ovarian tissue, ambiguous genitalia, and varying secondary sex characteristics which is not what she describes.

No. 515681

File: 1525689989546.png (45.35 KB, 800x93, Screenshot_2018-05-07-02-24-19…)

No. 515693

Honestly I'm not very knowledgeable in the topic of genders, but just looking at her I would totally believe she has female and male stuff or some sort of imbalance. She has very masculine features and in here >>515510 dressed as a girl she just looks like a man in drag.

That tumblr lingo >>515681 killed me though, scatter my ashes into the ocean please

No. 515700

> black widow
>still spams the loki tag

No. 515730

File: 1525708229764.png (297.01 KB, 800x1019, Screenshot_2018-05-07-08-45-50…)

She is having a meltdown over this UNILAD video. She may have to threaten them!


No. 515731

File: 1525708527641.png (165.17 KB, 800x820, Screenshot_2018-05-07-08-52-47…)

>I’m sadly chronically ill, so I can only work a few hours each day.

What is her chronic illness?


No. 515736

File: 1525710287503.png (661.94 KB, 680x1040, Screenshot_2018-05-07-09-22-21…)


No. 515737

File: 1525710355031.png (918.69 KB, 800x1043, Screenshot_2018-05-07-09-20-53…)

A complete coincidence, I assure you!

No. 515741

she doesn't think she is, she *knows.

No. 515743

File: 1525712304911.png (826.69 KB, 997x675, Screenshot at May 07 04-13-13.…)

She met Hiddleston again too, masturbation fodder for another decade to come

No. 515744

File: 1525713120942.png (714.69 KB, 800x898, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-02-24…)


The UNILAD video is just clips from the 2 year old BarcroftTV video >>515572.

Her quibble is with the expository text that says [pic related] and refers to "Lolita" as the name of one of the characters rather than as a fashion style.

>[Shaving off Loki's locks] was a bad decision because after that I felt like I was not me, not him. Not anything. Of course I knew I wasn't a Norse God but I'd lost my sense of self.

Then can you blame people for being confused?

No. 515745

Holy fucking photoshop, Batman! How does she not cringe and feel embarrassed by this? I can’t believe she’s 37 and acts 17. I thought she would’ve grown out of this shit years ago?! But nope! Still acting batshit, reminding me why I hate the Avengers movie fandom in the first place.

No. 515747

File: 1525713384297.png (115.6 KB, 800x408, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-14-21…)

When cows cross paths.

No. 515748

File: 1525713554843.png (75.03 KB, 800x517, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-18-17…)

No. 515763

Man good on Hiddleston for not laughing. I couldn't meet crazies like this without cracking up.

No. 515776

File: 1525716435058.png (1.13 MB, 800x1049, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-27-37…)

>Not a girl tho

No. 515779

File: 1525716673279.png (861.34 KB, 670x1004, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-31-30…)

If I call myself out, then I am exempt from criticism!

No. 515781

File: 1525716716153.png (1.16 MB, 800x1096, Screenshot_2018-05-07-10-35-13…)

No. 515791

Wait, she's 37?


No. 515908


She's so embarassing. This behavior is unacceptable for an almost 40 year old woman, but i guess some people never grow up

I feel bad for Tom hiddleston to be creeped on by people like this constantly.

Holy shit.. Wow. So much second hand embarrassment.

No. 515909

She has a job, anon. She's the IRL Loki. She's more Loki than Tom Hiddleston himself.

No. 515934

File: 1525743295523.png (65.71 KB, 800x251, Screenshot_2018-05-07-18-19-01…)

No. 515949

File: 1525747332416.png (771.17 KB, 843x552, tumblr_lwmx2kebS61qctwkso1_128…)

No. 515959

File: 1525749493482.png (245.39 KB, 800x1014, Screenshot_2018-05-07-20-14-49…)


Ebegging last year.

No. 515962

File: 1525749626445.png (103.05 KB, 800x409, Screenshot_2018-05-07-20-14-30…)


Ebegging this year, March 30.

She also had to ebeg to pay for large emergency vet bills for both of her cats.

No. 516007

File: 1525760784634.jpg (36 KB, 500x281, whatthefuck.jpg)

>"The comic book artist spends an hour each morning deciding on her gender for the day"

Maybe just bad phrasing on the part of the narrator…but I've just never heard anyone experiencing it refer to gender dysphoria/gender neutrality/whatever this is as a choice? It's not something I personally have any experience with though so maybe I just don't understand.

No. 516012

File: 1525761815652.png (266.88 KB, 473x419, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 1.18…)

samefag but also I thought her "neutral" look or whatever you want to call it actually suited her well and looked cute. Or maybe it's just that it's the only time she looks normal and not completely overdoing it on either end of the spectrum.

No. 516016


Not a single photo of her on her Instagram shows her wearing that look and hairstyle. It was just a contrivance for the interview.

No. 516089

is that a troon

No. 516090


dying at the way the three dudes behind the counter look at her lmao

No. 516093

What an unfortunate face. If she really is intersex it makes sense, but yikes.

No. 516097


she's a fucking genderqueer shit. bitch used to be a stereotypical lolita. she shoop'd the hell out of all her photos until she got called out. it wasn't until she started cosplaying as loki that she realized her manly features could get girls wild over her "sexi yaoi boi" shit. now has this dumb tumblry persona.

No. 516481

She's shooped to death in both fucking lol

Her new excuse is that her phone camera doesn't work so she HAS to use Meitu guys!!!!!!

So she can't work for money because of illness but she's fine frequently cosplaying and traveling? Do people pay for her lolita shit too?

No. 516768

Wait so her camera is broken but it magically works on a camera editing app?

No. 516779

Looks like plain old ordinary manface that Kraut women tend to have to me.

No. 516816

File: 1525915713008.png (86.46 KB, 1287x293, IMG_20180510_031918.png)

So on Tumblr she is FTM but in the comments from My Trans Life video she is IntersexTM (how does that even work)

It's very interesting that she talks so much about herself but she has never said what her chronical illness actually i

No. 516876


Depending on the specific condition, some people with DSD are in a position to choose to live as either. Some are raised as one and identify as the other when they become older. But she has never named which condition she has, and her description is vague >>515680. How can people educate themselves about her condition if she isn't specific?

I haven't found any other mentions of her chronic illness aside from >>515731.

No. 516880

File: 1525932436883.png (740.16 KB, 800x1095, Screenshot_2018-05-09-23-04-06…)

Today's pics.

No. 516881

File: 1525932476252.png (91.05 KB, 800x325, Screenshot_2018-05-09-23-03-33…)


Tell us again how you don't identify as a character.

No. 516885

She became intersex so she could become Loki? No words

No. 516888


On Twitter ( gender fluid Trans man HE/HIM )
On Instagram (Trans Male he/him )

I found another account, but it's age restricted and I don't do tumblr

She used to have

Personal Facebook

No. 516891

I feel so much second hand embarrassment by watching her. Why are german cosplayers always so cringy

No. 516898


Her e-begging for lucre and praise and creeping on Tom Hiddleston is top cow.

Have you looked through her instagram? She has templates for several captions which she uses on most of her pics which always ask, "What do you think? Do you like it?"

And she reposts many pics from months and years ago, sometimes several times. How much ass kissing do you need to extract from one photo?

And this is topkek:


No. 516923


The video has been removed from Facebook.

No. 517030

From what I hear Tom Hiddleston likes all Loki cosplayers so she isn’t special or anything

No. 517088

She doesn’t even understand the terminology she tries to use.

If she actually had androgen insensitivity like she claims, she wouldn’t have undergone normal female puberty. It definitely would have been discovered before she was in her 30’s because she wouldn’t have bad a period. She probably also wouldn’t have the DD breasts she still loves to show off despite claiming her dysphoria is so bad.

She says she’s not trans but is an intersex male, but even if she was intersex that’s still wrong. She was assigned female at birth, her legal gender is female, and she identified and lived as a woman until recently. That makes her trans. An “intersex male” would be an intersex person who was assigned male at birth.

Also, if it was discovered that she does have male sex organs (she claims to have a prostate), at her age doctors would definitely be pushing her to remove it because the risk of cancer is high and treating cancer in intersex people can be really difficult. Your health is more important than your special snowflake transtrender status, Fahr.

No. 517169

File: 1526010695596.jpeg (161.43 KB, 750x1094, AC88728E-54C0-4204-93BE-F14842…)

She flat asks for full free costumes

No. 517171

File: 1526010965011.jpeg (328.96 KB, 1061x1326, 61B1F331-47ED-4665-B34A-CC7EAD…)

Isn’t she almost 40?

No. 517174

I sort of understand supporting some cosplayers on patreon, but this is literally just funding someone else’s hobby? Why would anyone do that?

No. 517178

File: 1526011775072.png (743.07 KB, 800x1041, Screenshot_2018-05-10-21-06-31…)


And dropping hints today.

No. 517180

She made a comic that's supposedly a psa about pedophilia and yet ships incest? wtf

No. 517263


In the comments she says, "im not an incest Fan, but Thor and Loki DO know he is adopted in the comics, so that’s the basis I justify it with" and "they aren’t related and in the comics they clearly know they aren’t related. In mythology they aren’t even brothers.."

No. 517422

Her bone structure when she does Loki reminds me a little bit of Tilda Swindon, just very thin, fine features, very aquiline. Question though as I’m hopeless with makeup, is she doing a lot of nose/jaw countouring to make herself look even sharper, or…?

No. 517423

Swinton. Sorry.

No. 517424

I’m so sick of fakebois. She looks better femme than she does as masc.

No. 517444

File: 1526087800645.png (645.72 KB, 800x1060, Screenshot_2018-05-11-18-13-11…)


She has a few pics as Eve, but I don't think she has cosplayed her in public.

No. 517445

File: 1526087832544.png (943.16 KB, 800x1106, Screenshot_2018-05-11-18-12-32…)

No. 517452

Instead of posting twice to correct or add on to your post, delete the comment and post again.

No. 517710

File: 1526135034946.jpeg (421.75 KB, 1242x1289, 98F27FE7-75DF-4CF4-BD8E-589B28…)

No. 517714

File: 1526136036985.png (167.34 KB, 800x997, Screenshot_2018-05-12-07-35-56…)


>after five years of begging

Living a fanfic. #lifegoals

No. 517750

Rape, abuse, self harm

And she has thrown fits about all of the above and how wrong it is; only to glorify it in some crap fanfic

No. 517763

She puts on a lot of contour and also openly admits to use photoshop. So it's probably loads of both

No. 518780

Deja vu. I remember her saying the exact same thing about her wanting to do an Elsa cosplay. It had been her dream or something and she needed a lace front wig. If you don’t have the money for a hobby maybe you shouldn’t do it at all.

No. 519001

She had the money. She spends thousands on lolita and loki

No. 520277

File: 1526630849958.jpg (525.28 KB, 720x1197, 20180518_100411.jpg)

No. 520278

File: 1526630873001.jpg (385.94 KB, 720x1200, 20180518_100534.jpg)

No. 520279

File: 1526630895566.jpg (332.82 KB, 720x1178, 20180518_100546.jpg)

No. 520280

File: 1526631138361.jpg (360.69 KB, 720x1179, 20180518_100519.jpg)

Forgot the original pic soz

No. 521308

She only became intersex becase Loki is a shapeshifter

No. 521333

File: 1526882660074.png (1.04 MB, 800x1102, Screenshot_2018-05-20-22-53-00…)

No. 521580

i love how she's chosen a pic making a weird face so she can brag about looking totes different with the makeup. she doesn't. she's not done any kind of "shape shifting" or anything with the makeup at all. no contour or anything.

No. 521625

She looks so bad tbh. She looks like she piles on the makeup and because it doesn't look like she's wearing eyeshadow or eyeliner/mascara, she looks stone faced and washed out.

No. 521661

File: 1526973180063.jpg (430.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180522-090828.jpg)

No. 521836

>would you crowdfund my cosplay

Bitch, save up with a job and fund it yourself.

No. 522085

Jumping on this bandwagon so late. "meaningful connection," my ass.

No. 522233

File: 1527107354670.png (652.41 KB, 800x1103, Screenshot_2018-05-23-13-26-49…)

No. 522411

File: 1527145367652.png (1.06 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180523-153045.png)

No. 522412

File: 1527145387212.png (363.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180523-153154.png)

No. 522416

File: 1527146463019.png (808.51 KB, 800x1042, Screenshot_2018-05-24-00-19-36…)

I thought >>521333 was the real you?

No. 524230

These insta stories are so deliusional.

No. 524550

Wow, her shoop on the left is still delusional. I've met her irl a good amount of times and she looks nothing like this, but I'm stating the obvious anyway.

No. 524553

what is she like in person? And wtf is wrong with her?

No. 524555

She's a bit less noisy in real life, but just as self-important and obnoxious. As for what's wrong with her, nobody knows. I don't think anyone ever told her 'no', that's for sure. Look at the way her family enables her. >>223366

No. 524578


missed this, more deets here? Is this where she learned her parasitic ways?

No. 525318

More, please?

No. 525320

That’s a shame because she looks cute here.

No. 525741

File: 1527720290782.png (680.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3684.PNG)

She is shaming people like this im puplic almost every day rn. She even made a post like this bout a person who praised her art skill and said they wish they could draw like her. She went off and made a post talking shit about that person how they could see and say something so hurtful "undermining her hard work". Gonna take a look later if the screen shots I made still exist somewhere.
Years ago I was friends with her but now I don't even want to say anythin because she scares me and I don't want her and her stans talk shit bout me. It's absolutely mental what she is doing to everyone around her claiming she's allowed to do that because she's depressed.

No. 525925

File: 1527746320901.png (725.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180530-092306.png)

No. 525927

File: 1527746331878.png (125.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180530-092309.png)

No. 525995

One looks like a badly done wax figure of the character and the other doesn't even look like the character at all. It took me a full minute to even figure out who the guy was and even now I'm not fully sure if it's a shitty Thor or a shitty Steve.

No. 525998

Michael Jackson making out with some random guy?

No. 526096

I laughed way too hard at this comment. Fuck you anon

No. 526142

In some comment or story she said 'one of the people in the photo is a professionally trained actor so of course it looks like he is enjoying it!' she just can mean Will but wtf. I feel like she makes up new professions and life backgrounds each day.

Are they still a couple btw?

No. 526149

hey don't kink shame me

No. 526443

To be fair, what Fahr posted about Nashi is just the tip of the iceberg. If you check out her twitter, she's retweeting Pizzagate is real-tweets and stuff like that and the German artist community is just catching up with it this week.

I'm not endorsing public shaming in general, but the topic alt-right is a big trigger for Germans.

No. 526612

Just give in to the nat soc again, Germany. No one will blame you at this point.


No. 526613

That beard is tragic.

No. 527189

File: 1527992886795.png (790.94 KB, 800x1030, Screenshot_2018-06-02-19-23-45…)

Her Twitter is an endless stream of retweets of Thorki and Tom.

No. 528001

I love how she claim she is a big fan of Tom when Tom has openly expressed how he doesn’t like Thor x Loki art. There have been interviews and he is clearly disturbed by it

No. 535040

File: 1529829587090.png (720.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-110512.png)

No. 535041

File: 1529829598386.png (529.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-110529.png)

No. 535042

File: 1529829609571.png (362.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-110538.png)

No. 535043

File: 1529829618721.png (572.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-110643.png)

No. 535044

File: 1529829630187.png (1.13 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-110652.png)

No. 535099

That's funny because I remember some drama when she refused to credit another cosplayer for making her arm braces or something for her first Loki cosplay, then gave her a bad review when she left a comment about it.

No. 535101

I checked her ig and literally EVERY caption is a question and her story is always some moral compass bullshit, like no joke it’s the same shit every day

No. 535103

Only you can have Tom-senpai's praise, right Fahr?

No. 535150

why not both

No. 535228


This bitch is manic, wtf. She is clearly on the deep end. I honestly feel bad for Tom hiddleston having fans this looney. Get a life, Farht

No. 535479

File: 1529932363501.jpeg (72.56 KB, 750x310, 239FE6A4-66E4-47F2-B8E2-746A0F…)

No. 535482

File: 1529933701786.jpeg (61.91 KB, 585x596, 0A8F298F-8134-42C4-96FD-3F7088…)

Is “talented” considered ableist or am I just out of the loop with snowflakerino-ism

No. 535492

why do all the crazy fujos obsess over loki? also, fahr wants to be the ultimate #1 fan so bad but just looks like a huuuuuuuuuge cunt. lmao >>535479 she and mariah need to learn how to not shit to the ppl who pay them/are fans of them

No. 535498

Talented is less cool because "skilled" implies it required a lot of hard work and time, it didn't just come up easy because you're ~talented~. While I get where she's coming from, correcting a fan like this is so autistic. But after the costume-making-sperging, I'm not even surprised. She thinks she's such a hard worker master crafter the best Loki cosplayer uwu.

No. 535765

Best part? Fahr doesn’t make her costumes. She buys them or has others make them. I can’t say anymore because it would out me.

No. 535844

File: 1529975123133.gif (483.74 KB, 300x225, ElI6zMx.gif)

Why would you say that to a FAN? Jesus, what a bitch. Who does that to someone who just complimented you.

No. 536751

So she had really bad nut allergy and had to go to the hospital. Then she cried on instastory to people leave her alone cause she was sick… girl just put your phone dow for minute. You dont need to check your insta every five minute

No. 537105

Anyone remember the time she needed money for the vet to save her cat but wouldn’t sell her lolita or cosplay ?

No. 537247


It happened twice.

No. 537249

File: 1530183498483.png (722.11 KB, 800x1090, Screenshot_2018-06-28-03-56-13…)

I still can't get over this one of her recent series.

No. 537269

This looks like a wax statue.

No. 537301

File: 1530199271871.jpg (25.72 KB, 669x585, Pavi_thumbs_up.jpg)


No. 537379

this woman needs help jesus christ, she looks like underwent home botox. the delusion is real. wouldnt be surprised if she's a schizo

No. 537393

This is exactly what I thought of also when I saw it, Jesus.

No. 537398

File: 1530223403154.jpg (422.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180629-000252.jpg)

Annnnd back to e-begging…

No. 537399

File: 1530223416384.jpg (363.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180629-000237.jpg)

No. 537413

Did she actually just photoshop Loki’s facial features onto her face?

No. 537459

she looks like a bootleg of a chucky doll wow.

No. 537639

He's a psychopath willing to kill his own family, the people who actually love him, for imagined slights. Basically the embodiment of a malicious cluster B personality disorders, in an androgynous package. The fujos who go nuts for him are nuts, they all have mental disorders that their echo chamber reinforces. I'm not talking about people who like Loki as a character, it's the crazies who suicide bait or doxx people who don't.

No. 537686

She posted these like four times and some others were she asked money. We get it, you need money

No. 537789

I just went back to count and so far there are 24(!) posts in her stories begging for money

No. 537803

It broke because their pet knocked it offf the table but there’s been zero images or video of the broken tablet. A print sale would bring in more money than begging for donations.

No. 537961

what is that pushbroom beard? that's so sad. also these fugly-ass lacefronts have got to go.

No. 539066

And yet, it was funded somehow.

No. 539532

this looks like they wear those creepy realistic latex mask. ( I'm referring masks like in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7UPYMA5jNM )
Maybe they bought a Tom Hiddleston mask? lol

No. 541380

Why is she asking for a £300 one, when you can get decent tablets for £50?

I want so badly to like Fahr, but I can never understand what she's really like. (We're in similar social circles.) One second you're her best friend, then she rarely speaks to you.

I was told she makes money still from prints of her manga and kids books back home, but can't work full time in Scotland as she has fibromyalgia. Fair enough I guess.

She'd be a great cosplayer if she cosplayed more than one character. Her social media is just using the same Loki photos and selfies over and over and over. Other full cosplays she's done are great - she did schmendrick from The Last Unicorn and it was amazing but I saw her wear it once? And I don't think she even did a shoot in it?

She has the audience, she's great at drawing, her partner is great at making cosplay stuff for her - why can't she just work hard at art or selling prints and actually do things?!

Spend half the time reposting the same Loki selfies on Instagram on creating cosplays or art.

Excuse the ramble. I used to really look up to her but now find her very frustrating.

No. 543379

File: 1531038600294.png (1.12 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180708-111459.png)

No. 543388


insta thought: “thathappened.gif”

No. 543512

>no need to compare eachother, everyone is the perfect loki cosplayer!
>but the director did literally say i was best, just saying
>but i don't think so at aaaall! don't worry.

No. 545185

As if he really said that. I still hate how she is taking credit for a cosplay she flat out bought.

No. 546183

>why can't she just work hard at art or selling prints and actually do things?!

Easy answer, because she'd rather exploit the schmucks who follow her, by pretending to have some kind of severe victim complex. It's not difficult when the majority of your online fanbase is delusional teenagers who shit their pants everytime you post up a Loki/Thor "fan service" selfie.

No. 551784

File: 1532073970642.png (1.18 MB, 800x1114, Screenshot_2018-07-20-00-59-46…)

She managed to come up with a new take on tired Loki.

(but not until after reposting a pic of herself with Tom again again again)

No. 551790

File: 1532075966755.png (340.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180719-110454.png)

No. 551843

I used to know Fahrlight personally back in 2001. Crazy to see her pop up here. Had no idea she was still around either. Anyway. She's always been like this. Delusional with a victim complex. Back then she only did bad fanart though.

No. 551943

lol I remember her fanart in AnimaniA back then. I actually kind of liked it. But when Losing Neverland came out I knew we had a prime cow on our hands.

No. 551995

how is this not blatant fetishization? i hope she isn’t being lauded as progressive for this

No. 552203

File: 1532160788843.png (965.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180720-193824.png)

No. 552211

I'm not a native and neither is she but calling lactose intolerance and chilli allergy ~a chronic illness~ does sound idiotic? OR is legit?

No. 552216

It's not legit at all. Allergies can be dangerous and even fatal depending on the severity of the reaction, but they're not illnesses. Hormonal imbalance isn't an illness either, for that matter, and neither is a weakened immune system or any of the mental illnesses that she's mentioned. They're health problems, sure, and they do affect one's quality of life but they don't fall under the definition of chronic illness like lupus or chron's do, for example.

No. 552306

Nothing of this is a chronical illness and most of it what she lists is not even severe, she just listed everything to make it sound more horrible.

And I wonder if she really has severe anaemia, chronic fatigue and depression, how does she still have the energie to be active online so much?

No. 552308

Allergies only have a reaction if you're subjected to the substance you're allergic to. If we called allergies chronic illnesses then anything would qualify.

No. 552606

I've seen this image posted in some lgbt groups criticizing it as fetishization but I doubt nu-wave tumblrite kids would able to see the issue.

Basically all of this is treatable, what the hell. I deal with most of those as well and I work and go to school full time. She really has her priorities straight using her energy to dress up as a comic book character instead of doing something productive.

No. 552642

>hmm today i think im attracted 30% to cis men

No. 552647

I'm betting on that most of this is, a GP mentioned something, so she self diagnosed. Goes in for a cold, "you COULD have an allergy", and so from then on, she announces said allergy/illness.

I've also seen her consume dairy and nuts.

And living with a allergy to cats when owning them isn't a 'chronic illness'. Sometimes you get itchy eyes, and honestly, in most cases it goes away after prolonged time spent near cats, and she owns cats. I have witnessed no allergic reactions when she's been hugging them, touching them etc.

Y'know, the ones she makes all her fans pay for.

No. 553135

File: 1532432222296.png (973.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180723-085554.png)

No. 554276

No. 554593

rofl, is she serious?! I can't imagine the size of her ego to answer this shit with a straight face.

No. 554603

Oh her ego is plenty big. She has posted before that Tom Hiddleston and her are meant to be because they are around the same age and he “knows” her.

Remember he meets hundreds of people daily he doesn’t know her the way she thinks he does

No. 555556

so it´s basically hypochondria

No. 555886

File: 1533004415461.jpg (145.15 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_pcpfloj2Jn1qctwkso1_128…)

Update: more e-begging.

I've had issues with landlords in the past, but being an adult and not knowing your notice period time is embarrassing.

She can request her deposit go towards the last rent payments instead of constantly begging her fans and pretending that she may 'be homeless.'

I've actually been homeless as a kid, it's not fun. Sell two of your brand dresses, and then you'll be fine. You utter fanny.

No. 556071

File: 1533028303615.png (380.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180731-114805.png)

No. 556072

File: 1533028318611.png (178.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180731-114820.png)

No. 556073

File: 1533028399047.png (177.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180731-114844.png)


She posted these twice to her onsya and many more time to stories. Also those tags….

No. 556092

pretty sure this wasn't on purpose but you linked that to a 3 year old post in another thread

No. 556193

She is selling her lolita dresses, atleast she is doing someting and not just begging money.

No. 556195

lol ok

No. 556704

File: 1533217027365.png (648.04 KB, 668x1034, Screenshot_2018-08-02-06-31-42…)


Looks like she gets to keep her dresses after all!

No. 556709

File: 1533217321616.png (476.06 KB, 667x1038, Screenshot_2018-08-02-06-30-17…)

How better to celebrate getting money out of your fans than by RPing Loki masterfully teasing with a crop?

No. 556710

File: 1533217358560.png (444.58 KB, 678x1046, Screenshot_2018-08-02-06-31-14…)

No. 556712

File: 1533217469819.png (474.66 KB, 800x1030, Screenshot_2018-08-02-06-32-09…)

And in case her fans are unclear on their position…

No. 556716

File: 1533218434777.gif (1.87 MB, 244x300, tenor.gif)

No. 556734

its face and contour makes it look like the outside of a house

No. 556852

She looks like Tommy Wiseau

No. 557240

File: 1533288588931.png (553.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180803-004116.png)

That blurring…

No. 557259

File: 1533300422717.jpeg (2.36 MB, 4200x2795, 20DF3BA4-6F9E-44CB-8614-D942DC…)

Oh hi mark

No. 558570

File: 1533572140377.png (903.5 KB, 1600x2482, xxxxx.png)

I thought she is a boy now?

No. 558637

Wow. I have been a fan of Fahr and I was oblivious to all this. I literally found this thread while searching a pic to draw for him and I don't know how to feel. I want to like Fahr but… uhh. I feel weird

No. 558639

B-but anon, boys can be princesses too uwu

No. 559393

Just don't. She just shoops herself to look OK in photos. All while she badmouths other cosplayers behind their back and tells others they have to edit their pictures more to "becum faymoos" like her.
Has she ever had an actual job and looked after herself instead of ebegging or getting everything from her parents?

No. 559938

I feel you. I was once a big fan of her drawings. I was so happy when she added me and some friends of mine a couple of years ago. We were so hyped. But then I saw all the drama that was going on. The first time I saw her e-begging was for her cat, dream, he was very sick back then. So of course I thought this is a pretty good reason to ask for money. Then I stumbled across the twitter hashtag #furzlicht ("fartlight") because she posted and whined about it, so I found out that she was also e-begging for cosplays.
After months and months I only read on her profile whining, complaining, begging, searching for attention, even on her cosplay page she barely posts the content people were subscribing for.

And that gender thing… first she is genderfluid, then she claims to be intersex(but cant describe the condition correctly) and then she says she is trans. I will never refer to her as "he". She is an almost 40-year old woman who has to take a long break from the internet and needs some professional help.
Instead she will continue to post the same pictures over and over again, to get the attention from thirsty little loki fans in order to beg for money.
I am shocked everytime that there are still people giving her money. seriously that graphic tablet for example wasn't neccessary, because a cheaper one would have done the same job and she doesn't draw anymore anyway. commissions my ass >D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560139

File: 1533998777355.png (210.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180810-125706.png)

Crazy neighbours, cat got attacted and now car is broken…

No. 560141

File: 1533998851678.png (269.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180810-192939.png)

No. 560143

File: 1533998978101.png (443.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180811-173235.png)

No. 560243

File: 1534024911015.jpg (840.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180811-235850_Ins…)

between all that ebegging and pity a random fanservice pic. lol

No. 560334

File: 1534055951004.jpg (17.58 KB, 310x250, mask-stoltz.jpg)

No. 560341

Do you have caps of this? It sounds hilarious. Does she really think anyone would want to date someone who skinwalks them like she does? If I were him I'd worry that she'd cut off my face and wear it as a mask.

No. 560347

So suddenly within 2 weeks her neighbours got crazy, she has to move out, her cat got sick and her car broke, and she asks for over 1000£. Then she conviniently got a job during this time suddenly after all the years of not working, but ofc she can't take the job for some stupid reason.

And then she already has the keys to her new apartment but for some reason can't already move there, but between all the death threads she still has time to dress up in Loki costume and take tons of pictures for instagram.

To me all of this sounds more like she wanted free money to move out.

No. 560356

File: 1534076427330.jpg (726.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180811-235756_Ins…)


No. 560357

File: 1534076504336.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180811-235840_Ins…)

that self pity xD

No. 560404

Christ alive. This is Pixyteri levels of self-unaware and cringy.

No. 560783


What job needs a valid passport before being accepted?
A lot of UK based jobs just need to scan your passport to have official records that you are able to work within the country.

Also very much doubting she'd ever take on an actual day job - that involves too much responsibility and effort when ebegging her fans with the same Loki photos repeatedly is so much easier.

No. 563195

Last time she took a job it was a few hours the week and from home (something about graphic design iirc) but she got sick after only one week in and got fired again.

Sometimes I really wonder how "sick" people have to be to not even be able to work a few hours from home.

No. 566198

File: 1534842037167.png (583.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180821-114855.png)

No. 566341

File: 1534898454315.jpg (105.49 KB, 1111x559, Screenshot 2018-08-22 01.38.49…)

She's now inking herself at home.

> in before she gets an infection, then ebegs for money to get it seen to.

No. 566652

Anyone know who this could be about?

No. 566970

File: 1535007215447.jpg (877.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180823-085010_Ins…)

What a surprise xD

No. 566996

she had a huge rant on Instagram how shipping siblings Gross except thorki is fine because they are Arent blood relatives.

No. 567778

File: 1535270649415.png (601.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180826-105914.png)

Kids dressing up is not cosplay. Same with dressing for halloween is not cosplay.

No. 567779

File: 1535270664498.png (555.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180826-105917.png)

No. 567784

Just like those girls who say "I've been a lolita since I was a toddler teehee uwu". I guess starting in your late 20s doesn't sound as impressive.

No. 567835

Is she trying to impress somehow? this is pitiful

No. 567911

File: 1535315058433.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229, giantbomb.gif)

Oh ok, sure. So everyone who ever dressed up as a kid for Halloween was cosplaying before it was cool? Tight.

No. 568193

She's posting a lot about religion on insta too - that she was raised on greek/loki religious stuff?

Calling bull.

She constantly posts that you can't own a character, but has to be the ultimate loki fan in every way. It's creepy.

No. 568324


In a caption from her Norse Loki shoot she said, "actual raised asatru pagan here for 37 years."

No. 569020

This bitch is 37!? She is way too old for this shit

No. 569037

KEK surejan. That's awfully convenient.

No. 569105

Don't compare ogre to this chucklefuck
More accurate

No. 569130

File: 1535622425326.png (1.1 MB, 800x1184, Screenshot_2018-08-30-02-42-28…)


Always dictating comments.

No. 569132

File: 1535624020276.jpg (711.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180830-120725_Ins…)

"outsmart" "logic" "reason"
nah girl you just get angry and rant about that person on your public social media…

No. 569133

File: 1535624202415.jpg (973.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180830-120838_Ins…)

every other cosplayer who gets question like this: "let me explain to you how I did it, if you need help, pm me!"

her: gives the dumbest answer ever seriously if you don't want to answer these questions why do you even ask your followers to ask questions?

but I guess they are only good for admiring you and giving you money :)

No. 569161

She always answers so rude, I don't know how her fans can still like her

No. 569247

i like that wig, but why do her lips look so dry and crusty? her entire identity is copycatting Loki. it's really pitiful

No. 569248

she probably thinks this is being 'sassy' but she's really just being a cunt. There are tons of great ig people who give good cosplay tips and are very friendly! She is trash

No. 569257

File: 1535673265580.jpeg (481.24 KB, 743x1334, B8F55F7B-6E47-487D-A9B3-6B8BF8…)

lol this dumb bitch.
She recorded her screen to Google something for someone, and it shows her bookmarks for buying YouTube views and Instagram likes/follows.

No. 569262

File: 1535674321929.jpg (22.06 KB, 480x260, 597.jpg)

>being this dumb

No. 569265

File: 1535674590888.gif (294.42 KB, 200x150, ooh-burn-gif-9.gif)

No. 569267

Yes, almost every answer can be googled, however if you're trying to be a well known or at least respected person online, you don't act like a piece of shit.

>app shows she buys views


No. 569406

File: 1535713047978.png (781.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180831-125436.png)

No. 569407

File: 1535713071859.png (671.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180831-125553.png)

No. 569409

File: 1535713748786.gif (1.86 MB, 650x293, hiddleston-1-loki.gif)


Someone as obsessively, meticulously organised and controlling as she is would not micromanage her bookmarks? Please, tell me more.

No. 569410

So she's had the same phone since 2011?? that's kinda crazy considering that was almost 10 years ago and people change phones due to better technology, breaking them, OS running slow, etc. Also, most places do phone upgrades for free or small fee after 2 years. Hmm.

No. 569416


You don't sync and import your bookmarks and such when you get a new phone?

No. 569428

pretty sure no one syncs old ass useless bookmarks for 10 years straight, "anon".

No. 569485

Also every time you clear your cache on your phone it deletes your bookmarks. Is this bitch really saying she hasn't cleared her memory once in years? Lol

No. 569497

In her insta stories she had again huge rant about how she is really mad that someone would think she bought likes.

No. 569542

I love how she is backpedaling so hard when everyone just say she buys her followers. She is clearly lying to cover herself for her own undoing

No. 569713

File: 1535833667155.jpeg (161.14 KB, 750x849, 5175BE52-DB81-44B0-9214-F0AA74…)

New name

No. 569722

Why not Loki? Or Tom Hiddleston?

No. 569763

File: 1535843649413.jpeg (173.54 KB, 750x1055, E2316B03-BB34-4C7C-AEA0-094FF5…)

No. 569764

File: 1535843667959.jpeg (154.21 KB, 670x954, EEBC2705-8D00-47A6-B75E-BFC744…)

No. 569938

Why didn’t the ginger lesbian just stick with being a dyke instead of trooning out? That beard is tragic.

No. 569994

She also said on IG that another reason she chose the name Keyes is because it reminds her of Loki… of course

No. 570057

File: 1535917383417.png (643.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180901-172642.png)

From her recent instagram stories.

Can't afford rent but can afford legal representation?

I'm assuming she doesn't know this thread exists otherwise we'd be getting contacted by the make believe lawyer too…

No. 570070

File: 1535920166729.png (639.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180901-114920.png)

No. 570071

File: 1535920193406.png (638.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180901-114922.png)

No. 570072

File: 1535920219954.png (597.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180901-114933.png)

No. 570073

File: 1535920254444.png (493.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180901-114939.png)

No. 570074

File: 1535920278103.png (952.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180901-114944.png)

No. 570075

File: 1535920310442.png (523.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180901-115038.png)

No. 570076

File: 1535920330624.png (789.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180901-115046.png)

No. 570080

fahr is such a wild ride. i still remember her cringy attitude from her lolita days. she never changed.

No. 570094

The account is super tiny, now she's giving it more attention than it ever had, why does she always have to make a huge drama out of everything instead of just reporting the account

No. 570375

File: 1535985131186.png (609.45 KB, 640x1136, D074A7D1-1C13-4043-81E1-0DB377…)

No. 570376

File: 1535985188130.png (632.78 KB, 640x1136, 55E8A151-6721-4FFE-BF30-A9A84E…)

No comment

No. 570377

File: 1535985265635.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, BE0AEDE4-B08D-4980-82D6-22E0F4…)

This is just embarrassing….

No. 570380

File: 1535985619528.png (100.19 KB, 640x1136, 9CB7E599-69AD-47BE-83EC-88093B…)

No. 570437

Is she twelve years old or something? If the embassy isn't giving you your passport, you probably made something wrong.

No. 570450

Jesus Christ she's like a forever erupting cringe volcano. I can't believe that this woman is older than me.
The outfit there combined with the punchable face she's making is special.

No. 570484

What happened to her passport exactly…?

No. 570503

She let it expire without getting a new one in time. She probably got a lecture about it and cried because she can't take critisism, and got “sent away“ because they didn't wanted to deal with her shit anymore.

Getting a new passport is literally just go to the embassy, bring a picture, pay the fees and wait a few weeks and then pick it up. There's absolutely nothing difficult about it.

No. 570688

What an ugly mug. Getting a new passport overseas isn't that hard, you just need a few papers (birth certificate) and pictures, that's all.

No. 570875

She's making a scene of it so she can ebeg again. I bet you.

The tears are actually from knowing she may be working soon, and that involves effort rather than just sitting and moaning.

No. 571051

File: 1536157160154.png (970.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-05-17-15-31…)

Not even 24h since that prediction.

No. 571052

She should replace "donate" with "help I'm an incapable supposed adult", I always need mom's help or your money, or both.

No. 571053

WTF she doesn't need to go to Germany, just go to the embassy?! I think she just want a free trip home

No. 571061

?? Why does she need to go to Germany to get ID photos? There is no reason she'd need to go unless they're kicking her out.

No. 571064

I bloody knew it!!

She doesn't need to go to actual Germany. I know people not born in the UK who let their passports expire by accident and they paid money and that was that.

She can't leave the house without ebegging.

No. 571155

I think she is saying that she needs to get some other form of ID to travel to Germany and that's what the money is for. Doesn't she have some other form of ID? She also doesn't need to go to Germany to get her birth certificate, she can ask for it to be sent to any address at least within Germany, and I'm sure she'd be able to find someone to send it on to the UK.
Serious question though, how does she support herself? If she doesn't even have the little money it takes to travel within the EU…

No. 571460

ID is mandatory in Germany and expires every 10 years, so she most likely has a valid German ID. You don't even need a passport to travel within the EU.

No. 571631


You do if you're flying.
A lot of countries now have those photo and passport check machines when you land that were implemented post the Brexit vote.

I have relatives in Spain and when going from the UK, I have to have a passport.

No. 571639

Isn't that mostly because the UK isn't part of Schengen? I flew to Sweden last month and didn't require any form of ID.

No. 571775

File: 1536307690261.png (1.31 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180907-110631.png)

So she got the job

No. 571791

Didn't she said she can't do the job without her passport?!

No. 571813


Has she said what the job actually is?

I could only make out that it's in the Gyle centre in Edinburgh, but that's it.

No. 571817

Sales assistant in Claire's I think.

No. 571852

Loki-colored clothing, taaaacky

No. 572280

So let's see if this job lasts more than a week. And if it lasts, there sure will be some problems or a narrative going on. I'm just waiting to see how many stories she can come up with.

No. 572284

File: 1536409091696.png (380.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-08-15-15-51…)

The predictions.

No. 572285

File: 1536409122073.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-08-15-15-59…)

No. 572286

File: 1536409189113.png (960.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-08-15-16-10…)

Started to beg again before probably telling us she quit/will quit.

No. 572288

File: 1536409463254.png (337.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-08-15-16-31…)

Give me a break.

No. 572305

This is Claire's, I have never seen the staff in Claire's dressed up like a sparkly lolita princesses ever, it's not mandatory and Fahr acts like people are oppressive for this. If you dress up hyperfeminine, you don't tell anyone you're trans or mention anything about pronouns don't act victimised when people call you she and her. I bet if this is resolved another problem with this job will crop up to be used as an excuse to quit soon.

No. 572358

She's just trying to make up excuses why she can't work anymore, because she knows really well that there is no actual reason.

Also, nobody - especially at Claire's - cares what you wear. Just wear boyish clothes if you want, nowdays it's totally aceptable for girls without getting weird looks…

No. 572366

Holy shit, these whiney rants sound less like those of a dysphoric trans dude and more like a misogynistic woman permanently locked in “I’M NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLY GIRLS!!!!1111” mode.

No. 572367

those are like the same thing.

if she was so ~dysphoric~ why did she decide to work at a store full of cutesy stereotypically feminine jewelry?

No. 572371

Why the decision to wear such girly clothes? I've seen plenty of guys work at Claire's and most girls working there wear trousers too. Wearing glitter, gems, contacts and a wig are your own choice and not something enforced by the company.

No. 572374

My only guess is that if you look super girly people will treat you like a girl, and then you can cry about misgendering all you like. I don't wanna be a transphobic dick but I gotta side eye someone who never presents as male outside of cosplay crying about being treated like a woman whilst wearing full makeup and woman's clothes. Even Chris chan does more to try to present as female.

No. 572639

File: 1536483479304.png (180.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-09-11-54-28…)

I would make a joke about not paying her bills but it might be true lmao

No. 572714

File: 1536508488627.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180909-184839.png)

No. 572722

I'm sure Claire's isn't forcing her to wear a pink shirt, full face of makeup, and a pearl necklace to work. I'm sure she could probably show up in a black T-shirt and jeans and keep her job. But then she couldn't get ~pity points~

No. 572724

>I hate wearing female clothes
>I wear pink, glitter, pearls, cat ears to work what the average girl would never wear
Makes totally sense

No. 572735

Most shops at least in the UK want their staff to dress as neutral as possible, a black shirt and trousers is pretty much universal shop staff-wear so dressing up to this extent every day when it's ~crushing you from inside~ is ridiculous.

No. 572737

>create a problem for yourself
>complain about it

None of the claire's I've been to had dressed up staff, you can be neutral.

No. 572805

Don't ask me why but I watched her latest livestreams on instagram where she talked about work. Apparently they have a different theme everyday and she needs to dress and do her makeup accordingly (it was "princess party" one day where she got assigned to be a cat and "over the top" the other day where she used glitter and stuff on her face).

She now wants to go for the ~soft pastel boy aesthetics~ because "that might work" (in her words)

But what I can't wrap my head around is, she was literally crying she wants to transition in scotland because people are more open and everything is so much easier compared to germany but WHY is it such an issue then to tell her boss she's transgender and wants to present more towards male or neutral??
Why does nothing add up about her

No. 572811

How can a Claire's, who almost certainly pay minimum wage to their sales staff, enforce a different dress code every day? This is another Fahr-fetched claim that doesn't add up. I can see them maybe encouraging wearing different themed accessories from the store every day but that's it. It's a shop assistant role, not a goddamn face character for Disneyland.

No. 573170

File: 1536566722998.png (2.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180910-104816.png)

No. 573192

Apparently (in the last live) we discovered another tragic truth about her, she faiths once in a while, once or twice per week and she also cries about waking up early ,not because she has to put a wig and all that shit to get ready to be recognised as a woman even if she tells us otherwise and then havig a reason to feel opressed and all that, but beacuse of work.

No. 573193

File: 1536581177887.png (637.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-10-15-04-15…)

Oh yeah,let's not forget about her eye infection, again, not beacuse of excessive make-up, and let's wait for her to announce us how bad it is and ask for money again.

No. 573210

I've been a Christmas temp in a Claires in Edinburgh and granted its been a few years but this is absolute bullshit about regular theme days. You occasionally have to wear some accessories from the store but that's no different to New Look or Topshop asking staff to wear their clothes whilst working.

If she really wants a valid complaint it should be being forced to pierce 6 month old children's ears with a gun or management speaking to staff like they're toddlers.

But that's not oppression Olympics enough for Fahr. And yeah, she's as insufferable irl as she is online.

No. 573224

oh my god never thought I would say it but she should transition

She looks like one of those males who wear uwu cute girly clothes and claim to be trans but it's just a fetish.

No. 573329

Insufferable irl? Did you meet her anon?

No. 573338

I've encountered her via friends of friends as she's local with similar interests (j-fashion, not the creepy Loki obsession) . Don't regularly encounter her but that's not exactly a bad thing.

No. 573401

If she doesn't want to present all female because MAH DYSPHORIA, why does she wear so much fucking makeup? Compare this pic to the banner picture here >>569713, she looks fine with what looks like a lot lighter makeup & it'd come with the additional bonus of not getting eye infections from dirty makeup all the time. If she feels so uwu male, putting on that ugly lipstick should hurt her feefees.

No. 573732

File: 1536684135302.png (260.97 KB, 330x389, Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 18.4…)

he should really just stick to drawing comics…. (from an old insta story)

No. 573832

My German is pretty spotty, but here's an article: https://www.shz.de/regionales/schleswig-holstein/klarer-punktsieg-fuer-sybille-schmid-sindram-id3916.html

Not sure if that woman is really related to Fahr, but admittedly, Sindram is not a common German surname, and the fact that they're both from Kiel is probably not a coincidence.

No. 574368

Ok so checked her Insta and she's off to Germany in an all pink, all girly outfit that a few days ago she complained was making her die inside? Why is she wearing that stuff in her own time when she can wear whatever she wants? Also i have yet to see her present as a boy ever outside of cosplay.

No. 574381

No. 574411


She really is.

Like with Instagram, in person she'll talk non-stop about how 'famous' she is in Germany with her manga, and how she's friends with all these other famous people.

She also shows off £300+ gifts from fans.

She's a pathological liar online and irl and honestly needs to be held a psych ward.

I got fed up of not being able to get how to be her friend.

No. 576033

File: 1537119669133.png (1.01 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2018-09-16-13-39-42.p…)

What the…

No. 576065

File: 1537127909637.jpg (780.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180916-215715_Ins…)

pretty sure nothing happened.

No. 576112

That hairline is unfortunate

No. 576244

File: 1537165497011.png (731.6 KB, 800x1108, Screenshot_2018-09-16-23-08-15…)

Fahr and William have a new roommate.

No. 576245

File: 1537165533168.png (662.44 KB, 800x895, Screenshot_2018-09-16-23-09-11…)

No. 576246


She has noticeably shaved back her hairline in older pics on Instagram.

No. 576247

File: 1537165640234.png (544.98 KB, 800x1099, Screenshot_2018-09-16-23-11-21…)

No. 576249

File: 1537165667609.png (53.75 KB, 800x246, Screenshot_2018-09-16-23-22-50…)

No. 576250

File: 1537165768424.png (106.08 KB, 800x469, Screenshot_2018-09-16-23-15-29…)

She frequently comments on Lainey's videos. Space princes gotta support!

No. 576251

File: 1537165793135.png (402.17 KB, 800x807, Screenshot_2018-09-16-23-14-46…)

No. 576257

File: 1537171486691.png (879.68 KB, 793x1087, Screenshot_2018-09-17-00-59-52…)

No. 576258

File: 1537171530468.png (733.61 KB, 800x1017, Screenshot_2018-09-17-01-00-46…)

No. 576259

File: 1537171563416.png (472.38 KB, 800x1000, Screenshot_2018-09-17-01-00-16…)

No. 576260

File: 1537171684277.png (Spoiler Image, 537.05 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-16-23-34-26…)

I found this gem while looking for her shaved hairline.

No. 576375


"looking girly triggers me!!!" suuuuure

No. 576422

File: 1537221226738.jpg (335.45 KB, 600x450, toysrus5.jpg)

i think i figured it out. she has a contract with toys r us where they sponsor her cosplay but she isn't allowed to buy clothing from anywhere else. so her only options are to wear boys' superhero costumes or to shop in the barbie section if she wants to appear as a woman. very sad!

No. 576477

So she's already quit her job according to Facebook. Didn't even last a week.

No. 576542

File: 1537241382969.png (69.16 KB, 328x285, guy.png)

Why she look like guy sensei?

No. 576603

for real? lol

No. 576605

You hush, Guy sensei is a handsome dude in the springtime of his youth~
(For real though, why the fuck would anyone voluntarily shave their hairline like this?! She looks like my aunt with alopecia.)

No. 576658

I don't understand why she doesn't just transition then? I see FTM/MTF people working everywhere now, it's much more commonplace and people are a lot more accepting. Tbh she looks more like she's already MTF than a woman anyways.

>I can't present female!!
>photoshops self to hell and back to look more cute and female while complaining about having to present female

>nothing wild
cat ears in public tho

No. 576662

File: 1537286016588.png (234.64 KB, 525x446, ss.png)


(Sry, samefag) I didn't realize she WORKED at Claire's. I take back my cat ears comment, it's not that weird then. Why the fuck would she apply to work at the girliest store? If she wanted a part time mall job why not just go for Hot Topic/Box Lunch or something equivalent then? They hock so much Marvel shit to dumb teenage fangirls she could probably dress like ~casual Loki~ and get fawned over all day. Also they probably thought she was MTF and they were being progressive by hiring her.

No. 576709


Remember, she's actually intersex.

No. 577014

>"you could just ask me"
>got into this whole mess because someone politely asked a question and she was a rudeass bitch instead of just answering

No. 577015

File: 1537350446054.jpg (105.57 KB, 611x716, 1483491030380.jpg)

she doesn't have gender dysphoria she has chin dysphoria

(rip sweet prince stefan)

No. 577026

File: 1537354498322.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180916-230925.png)

No. 577032

File: 1537357034173.png (2.04 MB, 1600x2501, IMG_20180919_133523.png)

Now she's a gay man!

No. 577158

File: 1537385381461.jpg (693.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180919-212551_Ins…)

wow… that escalated quickly xD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 577208

rofl that's hilarious because being born intersex is considered a biological defect since most intersex people (if not all) are sterile.

(no hate at all on sterile people, but that is what happens) It isn't a label or a sexuality.

No. 577209

fahrlight reality is hideous. i mean, beaten with an ugly stick kinda bad.

No. 577264

you think she knows that? she likely doesn't even know that intersex people don't actually identify as intersex usually and just identify as their primary sex.

No. 577540

of course not. she has no clue what intersex means. she once tried to explain intersex via chromosomes and stated she has both, x and y chromosomes. well that would be a male, not an intersex person.

by claiming to be intersex she tries to be more valid than any trans person.

No. 577541


See >>515680 for her description and an explanation of how she is incorrect.

Also, she said that she didn't know that she was intersex until a few years ago. If she has CAIS she would have realized something was wrong long before then.

No. 577791

File: 1537496749713.png (431.96 KB, 686x1028, Screenshot_2018-09-20-19-21-29…)

No. 577792

File: 1537496812527.png (202.47 KB, 678x832, Screenshot_2018-09-20-19-23-26…)

No. 577845

so, a straight woman?

why does she try so hard to legitimize incest? it's completely bizarre.

No. 577846

considering she's said it in the same breath as "pedoshit is disgusting but i'm not a hater!" i think she may be retarded.

No. 577847


William is a TIF, so a lesbian.

No. 577848

Will has at least made far more of an effort to transition than Fahr has. Pun not intended.

No. 577961

I still can’t get over she cut her hair line to look like a bad balding Loki

No. 577963

OMG. I knew this person years and years ago and just remembered her as an attention whore. She had a small circle of admirers then as well even though she looked nothing like her photos irl. Interesting to see that being a poser is still her day job.

Oh and because of some stuff I read here, there’s no way in hell she’s still making money off of a niche comic book that was published a decade ago. Her royalties wouldn’t even amount to buying milk at this point. I know people who made a career in publishing and it’s a daily grind for sure, if you want to make any money.

No. 578207

File: 1537605858393.jpg (29.2 KB, 500x279, 635.jpg)

>but I could love anyone
>so pansexual!
>but like the gay version

Goddamn I really don't want to yuck anyone's yum and to support this whole gender revolution we're going through but this kind of shit sucks so much. My sexuality is Occam's Razor and I'm triggered by this!!!

No. 578208

what on earth is wrong with being straight. can you imagine how boring these people must be for them to jump through hoops like this just so they can keep talking about the one 'interesting' facet of themselves.

No. 578364

File: 1537651662552.png (724.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-23-00-15-32…)

"Blah, blah, blah" (she tries to make a big deal out of anemia.)
"Blah, blah, blah" (is hard to make money)
"Blah, blah, blah" (She can't cosplay without moneey)

Which means..
You guessed it!

She needs money again, I give it a week until she begs for it.

[Attention whore indeed.]

No. 578385

File: 1537654198532.jpg (962.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180923-000823_Ins…)

"wahh wahhh you are sooo disgusting!"

No. 578386

File: 1537654272089.jpg (820.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180923-000828_Ins…)

….and 15 minutes later she calls another actor a "thot".
but it is only for fuuuunnnnn!!

No. 578629

File: 1537719984017.png (500.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-23-19-13-41…)


No. 578631

File: 1537720101392.png (627.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-23-19-14-19…)

Did she just describe herself?
curb your meme song starts playing

No. 578660

So someone who is checking constantly everything that is posted about Loki on social media, dresses up as Loki every other day and spamming Loki pictures on Insta every day is complaining about fans who are too obsessed with Loki?

(And also what person thinks they are actually Loki except for mentally challenged people…)

No. 578699

File: 1537733325244.png (413.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180923-225509.png)

No. 578700

File: 1537733342216.png (387.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180923-225551.png)

No. 578701

File: 1537733360215.png (468.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180923-225828.png)

No. 578702

File: 1537733432839.png (628.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180923-230102.png)

Here are some highlights of her rant about Loki cosplayers. She really needs to chill.

No. 578975

>most intersex people (if not all) are sterile.

It depends extremely heavily on the defect itself; many intersex people can have children so long as they have properly-developed sex organs and are given medical treatment. However, none of this matters because the chance that this bitch is actually intersex is like .0001%.

No. 579210

File: 1537774576368.gif (1.17 MB, 250x250, earthsigns.gif)

No. 579223

File: 1537779924281.gif (732.4 KB, 300x168, 37b96a27-b4eb-4f78-a1c2-18f194…)

No. 579693

Jesus Christ imagine using the phrase "Norse mythology" and then saying that's your RELIGION

No. 579715

File: 1537872951453.png (988.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180925-134146.png)

She really cant take a compliment, she just loves to fight with people

No. 579716

File: 1537872978519.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180925-134243.png)

No. 579788

You can't look like “intersex“ because it's not a gender jfc. Also she looks 100% female, even on her pics with male make-up and photoshop

No. 579791

She gets mad when someone tells her she looks like a man irl because she's only posing about being trans and 'you look like a man' is an insult for most women.

No. 579808

What happened to the job at Claire's? Everything to do with it has been deleted from her social media…

No. 579811

File: 1537900726049.png (431.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180925-164407.png)

No. 579812

File: 1537900755076.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180925-213700.png)

No. 579845

She quit within one week, apparently. >>576477

No. 580034

File: 1537951175309.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180926-093555_Ins…)

I thought she hates J.K. Rowling for liking transphobic tweets? why is she so hyped for phantastic beasts then?

No. 580035

File: 1537951278133.jpg (419.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180926-093620_Ins…)

ahahaha xD

No. 580052

Just imagine you came for cosplay or lolita like I assume most of her followers did. All she uploads are a few old loki pictures and otherwise only posts complaints about various things and e-begs. She lashes out at people who are trying to compliment her. She's a jobless dick with no prospects and no creative output right now, is she actually surprised people don't support her as she rolls around on her mattress pitying herself and complaining about how awful other people are?

No. 581098

Didn't she before say that she is Jewish? Now she is going all announcing that she is a Scandanavian Astaru pagan. She is really assuming that she is Loki… Someone is extremely delusional that is for sure.

No. 581193

She whatever regligion her character is so it seems

No. 581307

She just chose the religion because it has Loki in it. But it seems she never actually practised the religion.

You can't just say you are are part of a religion when you never ever practise it and are also not culturally born into it.

No. 581316

I hate the gateway fans the MCU has created, christ just read this she won't make an effort to read the comics but OMG LOKI YOU GUISE uwu

pathetic fucking child

No. 581317

That face is horrifying because of the absolute bliss she is in, this is real for her…lord the back end of life is going to assfuck her

No. 581873

its bc ppl like fartlight dont like loki, shes obsessed with tom hiddleston. loki in the comics is ugly (esp in the older good comics) while mcu loki is a twinky, playful dandy. they've only recently made the comic appearance similar to tom's.

No. 583506

File: 1538405773838.png (1.22 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-01-17-50-23…)

Of course not but you can use it to get money.

No. 583507

File: 1538405807027.png (410.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-01-17-50-37…)

No. 583512

File: 1538406254308.png (1006.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-01-17-52-04…)

Lmao, so for her these anti lgbt laws don't mean "you can't do your intimate stuff here, it's against our beliefs so just respect our laws while you visit {like any other country that has laws} :)" it means "IF YOU ARE LGBT YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO COME IN THIS COUNTRY EVER!!!!!"

No. 583555

>"you can't do your intimate stuff here, it's against our beliefs :)"
Kek, that's not what those laws mean either. It won't affect a tourist either way though, she should just have said she doesn't want to visit.

No. 583631

What are you talking about, a country's laws are mostly* based on the nation beliefs. My country is now having a referendum to change the constitution from "a family has two parents" to " a family is strictly made out of a male and female", and it's infulienced by religion and how our people believe it's right and how they were raised lmao. Yes tourists aren't affected and you can visiy anytime but you have to respect the laws during the visit.

No. 583870

File: 1538464361788.png (670.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-02-10-11-10…)

Attention everybody!!
Soaps can be pagan now!!

No. 583981

Wait.. does she shave her hairline? What the fuck

No. 584009

It's too bad etsy and ebay banned 'magic' items and spells on their store, or I'm sure she would have started selling that sort of crap before long being a scammer with no marketable skills. I guess 'pagan' counts as religious and doesn't fall under any ban.

No. 584051

they didn't lol.

No. 584435

they only banned things with alleged metaphysical properties.

like, if she tried to say she blessed the soaps with her mystical energy then they're banned, but she can still sell soaps.

hell with the ban she can even say "these herbs are said to do x" she can't just make the claim as a fact.

No. 584967

I can confirm she shaves her hairline. I once asked her about it. But it seems with each shave she gets closer and closer to looking like she has a receding hairline.

No. 585048

She's trying to imitate Tom Hiddleston's male pattern baldness/receding hairline so that's probably intentional.

No. 585343

File: 1538806920104.png (330.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181006-091536.png)

No. 585344

File: 1538806980599.png (379.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181006-091545.png)

So now she is jewish… also is germany as bad as she makes it to be?

No. 585367

She forgot to add that she‘s Astru pagan lol

Also Germany isn’t thaaaat bad. It’s totally fine to be gay or whatever you want to be. Of course they are some people who are homophobic but I think every country has those people

No. 585368

I forgot to add that if you’re mentally ill your health insurance will pay your stay in a hospital or psychiatry, part of your medicine and your therapist. So I don’t know why she would complain about that

No. 585370

File: 1538814811882.png (300.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181006-013225.png)

Germany seems fine with a lot of shit she complained about. She just wants pity

No. 585372

I don’t know how it is in Scotland but in Germany you just have to do a lot of paper work if you’re mentally ill / sick and want to work. So I think she’s just lazy

My sister lately married her wife and they got treatend like a "normal" couple

No. 585373

if she really thinks about getting HRT this is incredibly dumb, for most people starting with testosterone will result in a receding hairline in the first few months. Have fun being bald I guess

No. 585422

Didn't her Scottish neighbours try to kill her? I dont know about her but that would sour me on a place pretty quick.

No. 585439

The only really bad thing for her in germany is that at her age the job agencies won't allow her to go study again or do another job education. That age they just try to get you to work, either in the field you originally learned or whatever they can find for you. Otherwise your welfare (the infamous Hartz IV) will get shortened if you keep declining job offers or drop out of the jobs they get you.

I think that answers why she doesn't want to come back to germany.

The neighbours in their old place. That's why she collected money again to emergency move

No. 585595

File: 1538878505081.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181006-185624.png)


No. 585659

File: 1538899265683.gif (985.12 KB, 500x482, tom-hiddleston-gif-13.gif)

No. 585660

File: 1538899764951.png (265.35 KB, 678x1032, Screenshot_2018-10-07-01-06-47…)

6 days ago.

No. 585661

File: 1538899812727.png (226.58 KB, 800x886, Screenshot_2018-10-07-01-06-05…)

2 days ago.

Is their roommate having to play nursemaid to them both?

No. 585671

File: 1538904363809.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181007-121151.png)

No. 585672

File: 1538904418584.png (2.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181007-121214.png)

No. 585673

File: 1538904452238.png (687.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181007-121238.png)

No. 585679

>posts about wanting to suck thanos cock
>fetishy posts w crops
>looks like a pale rodrigo alves
>shaves male pattern baldness to skinwalk hiddleston

but someone biting ur bait is uncomfortable

No. 585723

So as soon as she gets a job she magically becomes sick again and her bf gets sick too. And while feeling sooooo sick she still posts tons of pictures of herself

No. 585825

>I can't live in Germany because I'm Jewish

Anyway, you can live in Germany pretty comfortably while being all of those things she listed, either she doesn't know how the system works or she figured "because I wanted to" wasn't dramatic enough.

No. 585830

Jesus, spoiler this image! It’s horrifying!

No. 585835

I'm getting the emcee from Cabaret from this picture, she should try cosplaying that instead of the same tired old Loki schtick.

No. 586029

just to throw in my few bits .. she is a overdramatic person with a evil personality. a close friend of mine used to hang around with her a couple yrs ago and Fahr bullied her so much while still pretending they where friends that this girl tried to kill herself and finally ended up in a psych. ward for almost a year.

No. 586039

And what about her wearout when it comes to her Cosplay "friends" ? I mean when it all started she had always the same four or five people shooting with her. But then they kinda just vanished and she replaced them with tons of creepy ol selfies and that Will guy/girl. did she every mention anything or was it just a fade?

No. 586064

File: 1539011115717.jpg (333.29 KB, 884x1506, Screenshot_20181008-170138_201…)

No. 586118


Why does she keep suggesting anemia is some form of cancer when it's just an iron deficiency?!

No. 586135

I know, right? Like every 5.th woman in this planet has it. At least when they are on their period. I even have a bit more severe case where I sometimes faint when I'm at that time of the month. But it's not like cancer.. Hell even a flu is worse than that lmao

No. 586196

Why is she acting like getting injections for iron deficiency is such a terrible thing? It's not like she's undergoing dialysis or something. It sucks but it's really not something you have to mil this hard.

No. 586242

she can just take the stupid pills if she wants anyways.

No. 586498

Wait, what?

No. 586785

"I have to take over the counter iron pills like thousands of other people pls cry for me :(((("

No. 586986

She is at THAT level of dramatic lol

No. 587137

Has she ever lied about having cancer before? As she seems like the kinda person who'd do that. Honestly, I could see her doing that with how her posts have been lately.

No. 587140

I think she's too "smart" to go big like that. I've seen her claim all the chronic illnesses that can't really be disproved, M.E, fibro, etc. None that require any actual course of treatment either, or would stop her from doing cosplay or other frivolous shit.

No. 587447

File: 1539245938327.png (683.87 KB, 676x1171, Screenshot_2018-10-11-01-15-37…)

She must be seriously ill. She's cosplaying a character not played by Tom.

No. 587474

File: 1539254846772.png (456.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-11-13-45-37…)

Suuuuuuure lol

No. 587560

Her and Will look seem to be in very well health. Her with her "crippling" anemia and Will from the accident which he fainted in.

No. 587651

File: 1539289954152.png (658.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181011-195516.png)

No. 587654

i am infested in your used lolita clothing

No. 587911

I'm "infested" more about why is "lawsuit" one of the most used words in her autocorrect. Does it have to do with that "amazing" manga she did? Lmao

No. 587929

todays instagram drama - she's very very obviously shitting on her far better loki rival silhouette cosplay after she made a post about why cosplay contest judges should be people with actual craftsmanship skills. fahr is sperging out and claiming its 'elitist' to have this attitude, that yknow, judges should actually be qualified. eyeroll shes just mad people like the other loki better

No. 588162

File: 1539413101055.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092329.png)

No. 588163

File: 1539413117244.png (829.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092440.png)

No. 588164

File: 1539413143325.png (381.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092451.png)

No. 588166

File: 1539413161535.png (418.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092457.png)

No. 588167

File: 1539413184178.png (732.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092503.png)

No. 588168

File: 1539413197747.png (235.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092507.png)

No. 588169

File: 1539413211510.png (442.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092546.png)

No. 588170

File: 1539413226820.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092625.png)

No. 588171

File: 1539413241122.png (638.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181013-092726.png)

No. 588184

35 contests? Bullshit. She was never invited around this much. Also laughing at how serious she makes it out to be.

No. 588310

Exactly my thought. There weren't even that many conventions in upper or middle germany back then. Also she wasn't known in germany for cosplaying but alternative fashion (like lolita) and her books

No. 588735

File: 1539603654781.png (634.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-10-15-14-38-29…)


No. 588769

nigga looks like a shaved dog

No. 589210

She's just trying to convince herself she'd still an 'amazing cosplayer' despite the fact she makes NOTHING. If anything isn't commissioned, Will is the one that makes her cosplays.

Also, at least some cons in Scotland, where she's based, have actual good judging. Rai-con has separate awards for more sewing based projects and armor/prop builds. A con I'm betting she would never get asked to judge for.

No. 589213

Is she referring to a specific person or am I missing something here?

No. 589264

Looks like a hairless cat face. Sorry hairless cats

No. 589469

File: 1539809017348.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 171A8E4E-7DC0-4427-B791-304B8C…)

How can someone be so annoying?!
You could tell her how cold it is in fucking Antarctica and she’d be like "excuse my how dare you assume that I didn’t know bc my grandmothers cousin lives there so I’m part of this culture"

No. 589479

This is one of the worst things about her. She's so rude and condescending when people are just trying to converse with her.
I dunno how she can keep this haughty attitude up when she's a broke loser who resorts to e begging all the time.

No. 589617

File: 1539851885728.png (187.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181017-170201.png)

No idea what this is about.

No. 589618

File: 1539851905842.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181017-170313.png)

No. 589619

File: 1539851922407.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181017-215547.png)

No. 589620

File: 1539851940097.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181018-113019.png)

No. 589655

Imagine she’d decide one day to grow her shaved hairline back and how her hair would look during the grow lol

No. 589693

makeup and photoshop. there's no way she could hide her lip shape that well with foundation and concealer, or reshape her face. Also her other selfies show much more pigmentation on her natural skin and bigger bags under her eyes. Is she intentionally trying to be vague by saying makeup but not specifying whether shoop was used?

No. 589741

Fucking hell. She's been into cosplay for 500 years, judged 100 contests, has family in Russia and is a pagan so she's totes an expert, her iron deficiency is DEVASTATING etc. Everything is exaggerated.

No. 590076

Someone should do a Shane Dawson style video and call her out on her shit.

There's a video on youtube where she sits down with a psychologist for a minute for some tv spot thing, and man, I really would want to hear a professionals reaction to the shit she says and comes up with.

No. 590139

I don't entirely disagree, but you can see most of her top lip under the foundation

But you can also see the sharp edges from b where she took two separate photos and basically pasted half of her face from the photo with makeup.

I don't really get why she did it, but she did.

No. 590207

so is she fuckin Jewish or not?

No. 590445

File: 1540119293247.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181021-120803.png)

No. 590446

File: 1540119316810.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181021-121013.png)

No. 590473

>actually showing off that level of cakeface

Yikes. No wonder they don't want to travel because then people can see how they really look in costume.

No. 590932

This just feels dirty

No. 591032

she needs to use meitu to look like this? ffs girl fix your shit.

No. 591048


No. 591069

Only when it's convenient to her, apparently.

No. 591645

File: 1540413797412.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181024-233743.png)

No. 591646

File: 1540413827780.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181024-233747.png)

No. 591647

File: 1540413866416.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181024-233808.png)

No. 591651

This dumb shit gave herself the Asherbee hairstyle.

No. 591652

She might as well shave her head at this point. this looks really awful

No. 591655

but i thought female thor had the cancer, why is loki the one going through chemo?

No. 591753

Ew, she looks like Jared Leto's Joker now, minus the stupid face tats. Jesus take the wheel.

No. 592742

And here I thought her shaving her head looked bad before.

No. 594432

File: 1541162156857.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 2A23E5C5-7ED9-4D6E-8614-3A1683…)

Apparently she’s also half polnisch

No. 594683

How many halves is she lmao

No. 594759

File: 1541265059343.jpeg (195.02 KB, 407x645, 2B0142F8-F1A5-4FDB-8CB8-4E79B6…)

Half man, half bear, and half pig.

No. 595072

File: 1541343859520.png (875.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181104-124136.png)

No. 595520

I'm so sorry for the people that believe her bullshit lmao

No. 595636

this could easily be answered with a simple "my heritage is jewish not my religion" but she has to over extrapolate on the whole thing like an idiot.

No. 597729

File: 1541878465755.jpg (796.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181110-203151_Ins…)

I really don't get why people without dysphoria should be considered as trans. You DO need dysphoria to transition. If you transition without dysphoria you will get dysphoria AFTER your transition!

No. 598380

File: 1542048100666.jpg (873.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181112-194039.jpg)

Looks like she forgot her own Manga….

No. 598463

Black butler isn't pedo/shota though?? I'm super confused because the fandom does fan stuff with ciel and sebstian, doesnt mean the original source material is.

No. 598470

in the second season a blonde boy named alois is basically a sex toy/sugar baby to a rich old guy for the benefits

Fuck i wish i could sage this shit

No. 598572

Before Japan made underage things illegal, the mangaka did a few shotacon stories independent of Black Butler fetishizing it. She DID sort of help with creating Alois Trancy for season 2 of the anime but, unlike a few of her previous stories, the shotacon wasn't shown as a romantic thing or in a good light. And of course never explicitly. She's also insinuated that Ciel was raped when he was in the cages at his younger age, especially in more recent chapters, but I'm pretty sure she no longer does explicit things and doubt she would do these things going forward with the law changes. Not defending the mangaka's past. But. Sometimes you need to make that coin I guess??

TL;DR: Mangaka used to be a shotacon artist but has since pretty much villainized shotacon relationships. Pretty much like Fahr claims her comic does.

No. 598582

File: 1542087970986.png (Spoiler Image, 984.89 KB, 1374x868, 2018-11-13 06_44_40-.png)

>Before Japan made underage things illegal
They didn't, child pornography is illegal but that doesn't apply here, and the main reason Yana Toboso probably stopped making shota is because she's too famous now. That said, Fahr is still in no position to criticize her considering pic related is how she draws and talks about her child prostitute character, and even though this was 13 years ago she was still in her 20s.

This is openly accessible on her dA, spoilered because it's nsflw anyway.

No. 598630

File: 1542105528552.png (495.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181113-123719.png)


No. 598631

File: 1542105661584.png (239.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181113-123729.png)

No. 599649

File: 1542323876774.png (651.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181116-001716.png)

Ummm didn't she ask for money just some weeks ago?? What's that with a new drawing tablet now??!

No. 599731

Is she actually retarded??? Not every single person who cosplays from Marvel comics needs to make a post for Stan Lee. What if they chose to mourn his death in silence? what if they don't care that much? She sounds like the most entitled cunt ever.

No. 599861

Her mother has disapproved her being "trans" or pansexual. I thought she said her mother accepted it. I'm confused.

No. 599918

Feelings aren't real unless you post about them on social media anon, everybody knows that.

Someone has asked her for a recommendation, not the other way around.

No. 600106

>>598631 Lol, she can fuck right off.

I've cosplayed from Marvel but was never a die hard fan of Stan Lee. A ton of people contributed to Marvel works which people can like besides him. Plus, a lot of people are still pissed about him not crediting other folk for creating characters with him.

Funny how Fahr, who constantly bitches about crediting, doesn't seem to remember that.

No. 601714

File: 1542659942390.png (723.96 KB, 682x1122, yer a girl.png)

>stop triggering muh dysphoria!

No. 601716

File: 1542660015148.png (552.33 KB, 800x1036, not a guy.png)

>please ask me about my health!

No. 601758

That person just suggested species of Star Trek characters though, didn't mention gender? I don't get why soneone so washed up and yet so rude and pompous has any followers left. The amount of reaching to be a victim/ offended by something is astounding.

No. 601760

Does anyone know what happened with the Claire's job that lasted 5 minutes? Is there a tale of persecution and transphobia even though Fahr presented high femme at all times and told nobody about pronouns, etc?

No. 601819

Yeah, they never once stated specifically female. Only the species of the character. She's nearing 40 and she's so fucking triggered by everything for no reason. what a dumb bitch

No. 602057

okay TF ? i just stumbled upon this shit here and what the F is actually going on with all of oyu ? can't you just leave him be and stop nagging and bitching about him ? i bet None of you know him nor did he ever do anything to anyone on here. so get a life ya loosers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602093

at least read the thread if you're gonna complain

No. 602095

her she


No. 602566


So let me get this straight. Its ok for this woman to talk down to Marvel cosplayers who do this for fun and make them feel bad because they didn't say there thanks to Stan Lee? But the actor who owes his career to Marvel doesn't need to say his thanks simply because he isn't as active on social media as he used to be? WTF!

Hiddleston who works for Marvel and has benefited immensely from Marvel ,and continues to, and owes his damn career to Marvel, should be the one most of all who should say "Thank You" to Stan Lee on his social media. Especially since he lately has returned to social media.

But this is what happens with sexually frustrated fangirls/ special snowflake lgbtqabcdefg SJWs. This woman is out of her mind. Who the fuck does she think she is talking down to people simply because they didn't say 'thanks' to Stan Lee. I don't think Stan Lee cares, especially now that he's dead.

She needs to get a job instead of making her life revolve around Tumblr and Tom Hiddleston. She's not a girl she's a grown ass woman.

No. 602588

File: 1542830058304.jpg (1001.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181121-171853_Ins…)

This bitch. She recently got on someone's case for assuming she likes Drag Race and went on a rant about how she'd never have anything to do with how transphobic it is, but ignores all the ~problematic aspects of media she likes because she has no absolutely principles where foppish, twinky Brits she wants to cosplay are concerned. Also she did see this movie but since someone else paid for her cinema ticket she doesn't support it even while cosplaying the main character? Guess she doesn't support anything then, as she doesn't pay for any of her shit.

No. 602591

I actually kind of agree with the general idea here but how can you pretend that seeing this movie is not supporting JK since she wrote it and it's based on her cinematic universe lmao. Talk about cherry-picking your ideals.

No. 602595

I know right, if a transphobic creator doesn't matter to you, fine, if it doesn't that is also fine. Just don't grandstand about one thing being transphobic and awful while fangirling over another thing which is actually worse because the author is TERFy and doesn't do more than queer bait. Rowling wrote the damn script for the crimes of Grindelwald, she had an opportunity to back up her gay Dumbledore fronting and chose not to, but it's ok because a movie is a joint effort? Bitch, the key grip and the sound designer and the whole cast don't have a damn thing to do with the script and the universe it takes place in. Fahr is ridiculous and a hypocrite and can't deal with actually being a basic straight woman.

No. 602614

File: 1542835252671.gif (1.51 MB, 498x221, tenor.gif)


>>trannies being triggered

>>but Harry Potter is childhood
>>impotent tranny rage mixed with inner conflict
>>JK has literally millions of whiteknights
>>trannies get squashed in internet slapfights

Based JK. Makes me want to forgive her for being so cringy on twitter.

No. 602623

That isn't what she's doing though? She's feebly defending JK if anything.

No. 602940

Now she's claiming her house is haunted in her latest Insta live. This woman can't walk around her own house without something persecuting her. Will we soon see more e-begging to fund a move to get away from a transphobic ghost?

No. 603094

File: 1542964134085.png (475.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181122-160327.png)

Why im not suprised that she doesnt like Rupaul. She loves to hate popular things.

No. 603324

File: 1543017625664.jpg (1.67 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181124-005937_Ins…)

Huh. Will she actually get T? I highly doubt that.

No. 603384

I dont get the hating on rupaul when he legit hasnt done anything to deserve the hate??

No. 603421

Why such an arbitrarily long time away anyway? It's not like she's being forced to wait 2020 by a healthcare provider.

Rupaul says that drag is exclusively for men and if youre not a man then it's not drag. Personally I found his opinion to be reasonable, but I think there was drama around Rupaul saying that transgender women shouldn't apply to the show.

No. 603461


Most clinics have wait times and require referrals which means an additional wait time to see a GP.



The Glasgow Sandyford Gender Identity Clinic accepts people from anywhere in Scotland. The Sandyford NHS Gender Identity Clinic currently has around a 12 month waiting time for a first appointment. Often people are referred to the Sandyford NHS Gender Identity Clinic by their GP Practice but it is also possible to self-refer to the clinic by phoning 0141 211 8137.

The Edinburgh Chalmers Gender Identity Clinic accepts people from NHS Lothian, NHS Borders, NHS Fife and NHS Forth Valley areas. The Edinburgh Chalmers GIC currently has around a 4 month waiting time for a first appointment. The Edinburgh Chalmers GIC prefers people to be referred by their GP Practice to the clinic.

No. 603483

Wait why is JK a TERF now?

No. 603484


good for her for seeing things as they are and not getting duped

imaginary sage

No. 603489

>12 month waiting period for first appointment
That's insane but still not Jan 1st 2020? If she had an appointment or was on a waiting list, why'd she choose Jan 1st 2020 for her timer instead? I doubt clinics are even open Jan 1st lol.

No. 603491

Rupaul said that you had to be born as male to enter the show. There been couple of trans women in the show.

No. 603492

File: 1543055454505.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181123-195421.png)

No. 603500

Pretty sure after the first appointment it can take up to 12 months to put you on hormones, idk though

No. 603508


Fahr, have you forgotten that you're intersex? Lolcow Farm remembers!


>I AM INTERSEX. WTF aren't you getting? I am intersex to Male.

No. 603511

Ru may not be perfect but at least he eventually apologised, and Drag Race is bringing Sonique and Gia back, who are MTF and completed transitioning.

But whatever, he is cancelled in Fahr's eyes, even though he has done way more for the causes that she claims to care about than all of the people she stans.

No. 603521

>it's a fight for survival

that shit gets me everytime. It's so pitifully first world problems.

No. 603522

Ru paul also said that it would be an unfair advantage to bring transppl onto the show for obvious reasons. I agree with him.

She's still dumb and racist, but at least she understands some things.

It's all documented here too. Stupid bitch probably thinks she can just pretend it never happened and jump on the trans trend train cuz she's a more masculine looking woman.

No. 603531


This video needs archiving >>515320.

If she is truly intersex she would not need to attend a gender clinic for treatment and endure the wait time.

>Ru paul

Agreed. The fact that he was harassed for having the audacity to gatekeep his own show and felt he needed to apologise under the pressure is just sad.

No. 603542

Then females should be allowed too

No. 603623

File: 1543095700014.png (962.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181124-232527.png)

Oh i wonder why she posted this. Not to beg someone to buy these for herself forsure

No. 603638


Good to see these support garments are useful not only to our male cows!

No. 603933

File: 1543151472583.png (143.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181125-150949.png)

No. 603934

File: 1543151495159.png (265.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181125-151002.png)

No. 603935

File: 1543151521224.png (241.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181125-151006.png)

No. 603948


>Gender speshul snowflakes cosplaying intersex people


No. 604158

what is this, now?

No. 604163

ilu finnanon with a hateboner for fahr

No. 604271

File: 1543211760676.png (236.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181125-215458.png)

No. 604275

posts like these are so indicative of how much of a "get out of being a white girl free" card the stupid trans movement is. watching fahr all these years going from being a spoiled lolita who got butthurt when no one liked her 3deep4u photos of her in slums, to seeing this constant stream of oppressed babby bullshit has been a treat!

No. 604315


Is her merry band of FtT cosplayers anomalous? And by FtT I mean hormones and surgery, not crossdressing cosplay. Her partner William, their friend Jack, and a few others that appear with her in pics are all full trans in the most gender-conforming way. And they treat their female partners and friends with an exaggerated chivalrous masculinity. It's all quite grating to witness.

No. 604470

Late to the party but Dax has had both male and female hosts and both Trills and Vulcans can be male or female so there’s really no reason whatsoever to think that poster told her to cosplay a woman. She already lashes out at imagined slights and if she really starts taking testosterone it will probably make her even more aggressive.

>a healthy fit for my body
>it hurts and makes my arms go numb

No. 604655

What the fuck is she even talking about?

No. 605585

If it makes her arms numb this is a sign that it is too small. It’s dangerous to wear small binders.

No. 605620

>no one liked her 3deep4u photos of her in slums
Please tell me more.
She's so gross so I'm not surprised.

No. 605699

File: 1543383364978.png (732.59 KB, 843x552, b121bc5362fb690d1d22be39199854…)

she just took a ton of "artsy" pictures of her in sweet lolita in like fast food restuarants and dumpy train stations, or shitty parts of towns. she tried to pass them off as deep and meaningful, as if lolita was some beacon of hope or some shit and everyone thought she was full of it. pic related was her infamous mcdonalds one.

No. 605766

File: 1543386710745.jpg (65.53 KB, 452x700, fahr_mettenhof.jpg)

another from this series. iirc some anon on cgl claimed their cousin was one of the girls in this picture

No. 605769

>>605766 Wasn't that also the picture that she claimed that those girls were laughing at her? Saying that she looks like a "tranny" "a boy" and that really offended her and upsetted her.

No. 605827

File: 1543393380839.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181128-100906.png)

No. 605864

Yes, I too have random bullies who laugh and point fingers a metre away from me when a camera is directed in their direction. It's an obviously staged photo.
(Not saying you didn't know that)

No. 606546

Wow a nice selection of serial killers serving at that McDonalds. What a stupid idea for a photo.

No. 606565

No. 606858

File: 1543515952945.png (850.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181129-190256.png)

No. 606865

Uhhh but that was the very thing she was pitching a huge fit about when she was pretending her job was trying to force her to dress in frilly pink things?

No. 606896

this does not make it masculine anymore than it makes your vagina fucking masculine.

No. 607251

>lolita, a hyper-feminine fashion, is masculine if a man wears it

No. 610154

So, I used to be friends with her. Not super close, but we hung out a few times. She‘s always been weird but it all went downhill when the Loki obession started.
First of all, she‘s not „chronically“ ill. She‘s not intersex, she‘s not even jewish (as far as I know, at least she‘s never mentioned it and her family did celebrate Christmas???)
She constantly had international friends coming over and made them pay for everything they did together and she only moved to scotland because of her boyfriend.
I‘ll see if I can find screenshots from our conversations, at least the facebook ones. Not sure how interesting they are going to be as they are obviously in german, but what ever. I don‘t even care if she‘d find them here and know who I am.

No. 611520

Oh yes, please post them if you find them. Maybe you can translate them tldr; for us too

No. 611715

File: 1544342663302.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181207-202613.png)

No. 611716

File: 1544342693910.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181208-190224.png)

No. 611786

I'm very interested anon, please post them!
I can translate if you don't feel like it.

No. 611852

The only 'masculine' lolita that kinda exists is Prince subgenre… or ouji– whatever the fuck it's called. It's still not super masculine, but this bitch is really dumb.

No. 612649


Now that you mention it, each time I was over at her house, she had an international friend staying over.

During that time, she also displayed her elephant trunk dildo which I think she said a fan bought her.

I'm glad I have dissociated with her - though I miss Will and do not get what he sees in her and how and why he puts up with her fake bullshit.

No. 613387

File: 1544683131312.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181211-183020.png)

No. 613415

File: 1544688942784.jpg (11.08 KB, 275x236, 1528573188842.jpg)

so she's an ugly straight girl. who's shocked

No. 613467


Her "hairy hunk" being a TiF, she's a lesbian.

No. 613479

She ain't a lesbian, she's straight and absolutely obsessed with twinky men. Dunno what's going on with her and Will but I think it's evident that she's not into women at all.

No. 613502


Will is not a man, tho.

No. 613510

whichever way you feel about it, lesbians want to date women, who havent had hormones, top surgery, are growing facial hair etc. Stop shitting up this thread with your trans sperging. We can all agree Fahr is basic as fuck and has to hide her white straight mediocrity with all this bullshit about being trans, intersex, whatever.

No. 613530

She doesn't want to date Will, she wants to date Thor/Chris Hemsworth. She doesn't want to acknowledge anything outside the shitty Loki slash fic she wants to live inside.

No. 613533

fakebois do this all the time. it's not special.

No. 613535

File: 1544723812582.png (949.74 KB, 800x1045, much male.png)


Were they a straight couple before Will had hormones, top surgery, and facial hair?

Why is Will's dysphoria and identity as a TiF valid and Fahr's is not? You can't have it both ways just to satisfy your narrative.

Acknowledging that they are both female taking cosplaying their slash fic so far as to go trans is infinitely more milky. Fahr behaves in such an exaggeration of masculinity towards her female friends as to be a cringy caricature.

And they aren't the only TiF cosplayers in their social group.

No. 613547


* I do not know anything about Will, but I do know about Fahr. There's a big reason why Fahr is the cow here. She is severely delusional, and I don't care if you think all trans people
are in the same boat as her. There is no milk about Will other than some shitty Thor cosplay and it's seriously boring to read about.
* Fahr has done nothing to transition, nor do I think she ever will. She is like Lainey that way. There will be some excuse later for why she will not get hormones etc.
* In your estimation she's a lesbian. Are you saying that if a Hiddleston lookalike man showed up she wouldn't dump Will? Why is it so important that shes a lesbian?
* I honestly don't have a horse in this race but it is becoming really tiresome to hear the same rhetoric over and over again in this thread. Come back in a few years, Fahr will have a new identity and perhaps a new obsession. There is a difference between fakebois who never intend to have surgery and fake dyphoria for a few years and those that do go through with it, no matter what your feelings are on trans people as a whole. Transtrender is a term for a reason.

Now can we please get back to the milk?

No. 613613

File: 1544732161457.png (786.32 KB, 800x1101, error.png)


She doesn't want Tom, she wants to be Tom.

>I do not know anything about Will

But the crux of your argument that she is straight is that Will is masculine.

They got together before Will medically transitioned. Thus I described her as a lesbian. In the interview that brought her notoriety for being a confused gender fluid snowflake Will said, "I feel like I have a boyfriend and girlfriend."

She is expressing dysphoria more and more and seems to have dropped the intersex nonsense. If she were truly intersex she wouldn't have to be on a waitlist for treatment at a gender clinic. Only time will tell if this is a phase and if she's a trender.

No. 614171

Shes bi at best so stop using lesbian as a weird umbrella term, she wants to transition so she can be a gay man together with another gay man (another woman who wants to be a gay man)
Its just a snake eating it self, Will is just another tranny and this fahr thread has been filled with cosplaying trannies who try to shit on her gender sperging while caping for "legitimate" individuals like they dont know what site they're on.
Not to mention you would be surprised the shit fakebois will put up with of same sex relationships just to get to some weird moral end goal of living a gay male life or until they drop taking testo, call themselves gender queer and get a bf instead.

Just let the milk flow instead of shitting up going back sounding like underage locals who just wanna talk shit about Fahr but not anybody she associates with bc ur ~not rlly "transphobic" just to those who arent "legitimate" uwu~

No. 614192

File: 1544882841114.png (38.71 KB, 800x211, fahr.png)


>she wants to transition so she can be a gay man together with another gay man

>Will is just another tranny

That's been my point.

>Just let the milk flow

Where are the Facebook farmers?

No. 614390

File: 1544949997984.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181216-103516.png)

How was Nagini racist?

No. 614410

Something about the fact she's been turned from simply being a giant scary snake, into an Asian woman serving a racist guy. Sorry, OT.

No. 614468

File: 1544978933445.png (498.58 KB, 800x1103, fahr askfm.png)

She started using her ask.fm account again recently.


No. 614469

File: 1544979108988.png (176.9 KB, 799x816, fahr askfm2.png)

Older posts.

(And fuck all these web 2.0 sites that can't be arsed to date content)

No. 614471

File: 1544979291238.jpg (33.56 KB, 449x600, 10346460_10204256087228756_451…)

Also older, from around the time of her Only Lovers Left Alive cosplays. She posted this pic and a convoluted novel of a reply to the question

Do you think it is okay to ask for donations again even though you didn't even deliver anything after the last time you begged for money?


No. 614544

Does anyone remember what she was in hospital for?

Also dunno why she's using paying doctors as an example when her medical bills would be free in Scotland. Unless she's on private, but no way she could afford private healthcare.

No. 614603


That's an NHS hospital bed she's pictured in for sure, so she's being a scammer once again.

No. 614616

For her VERY SEVERE (totally normal) iron deficiency.

It's so easily treatable and the fact that she's in hospital all the time for it tells me that she WANTS to be sick for pity points. Even if her levels were low enough to make her feel faint or dizzy all she needs to do is take a supplement once a day.

No. 615697

Her deliberately putting on sadface for the camera triggers me hard. Grow up for fuck's sake.

No. 615729

This is why I can't bear her. She haa to be a victim in absolutely every situation and it must be utterly exhausting. She whines every day about every little thing and that's just on her social media. The people who live with her and finanically support her must have the patience of saints to deal with her dramatics.

No. 615878


I wish Will would just dump her instead of fueling all of her bullshit.

But she'd probably just ebeg for her own place and whine even more.

No. 615966

She seems the type to try to destroy the character of all her exes to make people feel even sorrier for her and donate, so it's bound to be shit either way once you're involved with her.

No. 616134

Good. She deserves all the self-inflicted suffering she indulges in for oppreshun points. What a twat.

The faces of those three guys behind the counter. What did she tell them?
>actually I'm a guy like you guys uwu

>if I'm a guy and vajazzle my vag that makes it masculine!
All these fake trannies who think their words are magic and make it so need to get rolled off a cliff, the ones with the feminine penises even more than this one.

A gay bottom with two fuck holes instead of one, anon, that makes her extra double bonus gay and so much better than run of the mill cis gays.

No. 616821

File: 1545518739999.png (623.02 KB, 687x1050, Screenshot_2018-12-22-14-41-46…)


I spoke too soon. The #intersex tag is back.

Hi, Fahr!

No. 616829

this looks like one of those "i could be your demon or your angle" memes.

No. 616955


She looks more like Jared Leto doing the Joker doing Jeffree Star doing Manson.

No. 616958

This is the most accurate description yet.

No. 616960

cosplaying full real people is creepy and weird.

No. 617457

Fahr trying to explain how she is intersex when she isn't. https://youtu.be/nYQmvO5VhMc(use the embed field)

No. 617459


Lurk more >>515320 and learn to embed.

No. 619105

File: 1546166621819.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181229-191740.png)

No. 619106

File: 1546167990797.jpeg (92.43 KB, 589x1045, 8587DE1C-3799-4B75-9894-C0196F…)

This woman i swear…

No. 619107

File: 1546168048571.jpeg (81.78 KB, 578x1026, EB4B62DC-2261-4E50-88B8-E1EE8D…)

Oh boy …

No. 619459

I get it that it can be tiring when rabdom people messages you about their suicide thoughs, but she is such a draamaquuen. She had to go some shelter because she was so triggered about other peoples suicide thoughs. Just blog those people or dont read their messages.

No. 619572

Sorry for the late update, I didn‘t have the time to get screenshots. But Fahr blocked me on Instagram shortly after I posted here so all our convos there are gone now. I‘ll see if I can log back into my old facebook.
(I can remember her telling me something about being unable to sell prints, because they cost soo much money. About roughly 20cents in every drugstore in germany. So she had to beg for money etc.)
Also she refused to come home over the holidays, because „mother I am so jewish“ or what ever.

No. 619978


So she actually lurks on here regularly then?

You'd think everything we post would be a wakeup call for her to stop being such a piece of shit.

Doesn't she sell those incest Loki polaroids still?

She has no clue about the value of money considering Will pays for everything.

No. 619979


If SHE actually went to the doctor, they'd tell her anemia isn't a chronic illness and would treat her for munchenhausen syndrome.

No. 619980

certain types of anemia is chronic, but anemia is not a big deal.

No. 620184

Concidering that she used to google herself almost every day when her Loki first went off, I wouldn‘t be surprised if she actually lurks here. I can ask a mutual friend if she‘s ever mentioned anything.
Fahr is so delusional that she would never ever admit that we‘re right. I‘ve the feeling that she‘s told so many lies by now that she can‘t keep up with what‘s actually true.

No. 621171

I tried to look at her page the other day and she had blocked me. I actually find it so funny because I guess she didn't like that I had liked a few comments on her Thorki post that were politely stating why the ship was still incest. Like I didn't say anything to her but silently agreeing with someone who's politely disagreeing with her is block worth I guess

No. 622972

File: 1546879275216.jpg (410.94 KB, 1080x906, IMG_2019-01-07_17-31-38_mh1546…)

Instagram dump incoming.

Fahr rallies her troops of white knights to fight a catfish and asks her followers to harass two people the catfish interacted with.

Would fahr only put all this energy work into keeping a job…

No. 622973

File: 1546879301409.jpg (492.29 KB, 1080x919, IMG_2019-01-07_17-33-00_mh1546…)

No. 622974

File: 1546879398917.jpg (273.43 KB, 1080x892, IMG_2019-01-07_17-33-23_mh1546…)

No. 622975

File: 1546879525016.jpg (408.2 KB, 1080x901, IMG_2019-01-07_17-34-05_mh1546…)

No. 623085

Her identity is “Loki”? no you are not Loki stop this madness Fahr. Just be yourself not a mythical god/ MCU character

No. 623295

File: 1546957510674.png (305.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190108-155926.png)

This catfish thing is kinda interesting.

No. 623300

When you Photoshop so much people think your real self is the catfish…

No. 623307


Why is she so obsessed proofing that she's the real one to these people?
I can get behind sending them one message but doing more than informing her own followers is really weird imo.

No. 624074

File: 1547106815252.png (331.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190109-153718.png)

When you cant answer simple question without whining.

No. 624075

File: 1547106872197.png (856.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190110-092722.png)

No. 626042

So is she no longer intersex?

No. 626529

File: 1547589628149.jpg (640.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190115-215924_Ins…)

How does she not afford rent?

She'd get working tax credit being unemployed and Will works full time. Plus they have a flatmate.

She just wants money for cosplay or Loki shit I'm betting.

No. 626557

Everything comes back to begging in the end. Absolutely everything. And yet she's always showing off a new costume or lace front wig. Think Will is probaby on sick pay right now as he was in hospital? Fahr is clearly spoiled as shit and equates tightening her belt with extreme poverty. That wank about being ~too poor for a birthday cake? Her birthday is on the 28th of this month and she pnly said that so her followers would donate to her Paypal and buy shit from her wishlist. Don't know how her followers stand getting rinsed constantly and don't realise she goes from crisis to crisis while changing nothing.

No. 626754


Omg. She just 'casually' posted this AGAIN. Check her insta highlights.

Someone donate 0.1p and tell her to stop ebegging along with.

No. 627278

I was wondering how she can afford rent in Edinburgh if she always has to beg the internet for scraps. If she's only begging for money for frivolous shit she wants to buy that makes a lot more sense.

No. 628287

File: 1547999332302.jpg (265.86 KB, 1080x681, 20190120_124454.jpg)

Omg finally!!

No. 628290

I'm the person of that comment hahaha that bitch blocked me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628566

I like how she screenshots every "relatable" thing from anyone's "motivational" 4 rows speech like "hey guys this person actually has the thing that I pretend to have and explains it way better than I ever did, please believe me that I am the same and feel the same!"
Get a fuckig job already.
I would be embarrased to beg for money at nearly 40 yrs old my god. Everyone had anemia and all the "chronic" shit she puts there to somehow justify everything she didn't do up until now like any other normal person. It's so annoying.
If she indeed comes here it would be nice if she cuts the bullshit gets a job and makes cosplay like most of the regular/well known cosplayers.

No. 628589

your comment is fucking embarrassing.

No. 628608


With the cosplay thing, what ones DID she actually make?
She goes from saying she 'commissions talented people' to 'I make some' on a daily basis. Whenever I saw anything being made she didn't commission it was Will making it…

I know she only has like 2 cosplays but still.

Also dreading her ever cosplaying Alucard from Castlevania like she's hinted before.

Please don't bring your bullshit to Castlevania/SotN fans, PLEASE.

No. 628609

File: 1548100512025.jpeg (245.2 KB, 640x1136, 17D492DC-6EB8-477B-A870-0151FD…)


No. 628634

>Chronic depression, anxiety, PTSD
These are literally the only ones that keep her from work.
>Anaemia, hormone imbalance, blood pressure issues, lactose intolerance, cat hair allergy
Who doesn't? Like almost every grown woman has anaemia, her hormones aren't in check and blood pressure is too low lol
Lactose intolerance and cat hair allergy are not at all relevant when it comes to looking for work.
>Damaged stomach, damaged spine, fractured knee, damaged nose
Get a desk job then.

Does she think the working population is all 100% healthy and happy all the time?!

No. 628870

In fairness, she also sounds too stupid for a lot of desk jobs.

I think a lot of workshy people think people that actually do work are 100% healthy, and I've personally gotten "omg you shouldn't be working." from those in that mindset who know about my spooniness and my job. idk.

No. 632968

File: 1548683487020.jpg (659.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190128-144813_Ins…)

Any bets how long she will actually keep the job this time?

No. 632969

File: 1548683624886.jpg (618.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190126-220544_Ins…)

Quits her job at claire's because she "has to" to dress girly, wears lolita…

No. 632976

File: 1548685443134.png (580.25 KB, 684x1052, Screenshot_2019-01-28-06-19-32…)

>Your purchase entitles you to used the artwork I’m creating for you ONCE, for a tattoo

How can she stipulate and enforce that?


Has she said what the job is?

No. 632980

File: 1548685701834.png (521.98 KB, 677x1183, Screenshot_2019-01-28-06-16-16…)


Quit her job cause dysphoria, yet

>clothing have no gender

No. 632981

File: 1548685773896.png (715.25 KB, 687x1053, Screenshot_2019-01-28-06-18-05…)

No. 633002

Yes, clothing technically has no gender, but clothes does give people the view in how they perceive you. You cant wear a dress and say it isn't girly or a lady thing, when that's legit what dresses were created for. Nothing against cross dressers, but dresses were made for women. she's a fucking idiot

No. 633017


My point was that if she believes clothing has no gender, how can she claim to have been so triggered by having to "dress like a girl" that she had to quit her job?

No. 633141

I feel like the real thing is that she's not a trans man, she literally wants to be Tom Hiddleston and tits don't exactly fit that.

No. 635237

File: 1549009953488.png (4.95 MB, 1125x2436, 2EF2C5DB-628D-487C-9BBE-D8B1B1…)

Cries about having no money but buys a plush which costs around 45€
(I assume that it’s new because I own it too and it was added around December to the Disney store)

No. 635718

File: 1549105002130.png (661.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-114716.png)

No. 635719

File: 1549105051126.png (456.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-114726.png)

No. 635720

File: 1549105077614.png (559.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-114848.png)

No. 635721

File: 1549105105726.png (354.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-115001.png)

No. 635736

File: 1549113478828.png (85.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-02-15-17-27…)

She clearly didn't blew up that "triggering" message out of proportions so that the fans will feel bad for her and then post a random shit about the bills so that the touched ones will donate.
Totally not intentional.

No. 635803

She always whines about her mental healt and then gets triggered when her friends are trying to talk about their problems.

No. 635848

Her insta stories are my favourite, they make her look absolutely monsterous and she has no idea how badly her narc delusions are on display.

"My disphoria is killing me, can't live with being perceived as a girl!" followed by simpering pic of her in Sweet Lolita oot coord

"My job is so hard. I might have to quit soon. Why don't my colleagues see me for the gift that I am?"

"Will's really ill right now but I'm sad because nobody is thinking about MY struggles!"

"Followers, post an assumption about me! Why YES, I AM a kind, wonderful person who is one of life's givers uwu"

And of course beg beg beggity beg all day every day. It's more on brand than Loki at this point.

No. 636162

So basically whenever you wanna talk to her you have to say trigger warning
"Trigger warning! How are you?"
"Trigger warning! I don’t like Tom Hiddelston"
This girl is ridiculous

No. 636190

File: 1549198579130.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190203-113931.png)

Yeah Nigri hire her so she can draw boobs. Its not like she can do it free or because she wants to.

No. 636804

Her drawings are not worth the amount of money she is asking for. I have yet to see good example of her “I can draw anything” art. It just looks like generic anime girl to me.

No. 636979

This is so true. She asks like she's an incredible artist while producing incredibly basic work that has nothing unique or interesting about it. It reminds me of those How to Draw Manga books. She's really stuck in the past of what her heyday (that awful "anti" shotacon comic nobody bought) was.

No. 637410

File: 1549453062394.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190205-162014.png)

No. 637432

"I can relate to him a lot"

Sure buddy, but what about that fantasy with Thor and Loki that you recently had?

Or your "low" friend (haHAA pun not intended) converted you into that Loki-Grandmaster one.

Fucking degenerate

No. 637714

File: 1549527688108.png (534.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-07-10-20-02…)

I'm a prediction god.

No. 638096

>think before you infect with darkness
I think I've been infected with darkness just now

No. 638351

>You are an almost 40 years old man
Are you kidding me? The genderspecialness is just as much bullshit as every other cundishun she has. She's almost forty and utterly useless, but she is not now nor will she ever be a man.

Right? The rest of us keep our mouth shut on social media so we can keep our fucking jobs and not risk our promotions because we needed to overshare things our bosses do not need to know.

She's a moron and insane, and whoever hired that, is going to deeply regret it. She's going to fuck things up for all gender specials, her boss will never give any of them a chance again.

No. 638419

Since they're a cosplayer, shouldn't this thread be moved to /w/?

No. 638424

File: 1549731976679.png (25.26 KB, 558x169, e2qDVRj.png)

You mean like Mira, Momokun, Sheena, and… Pixyteri, who this board is named after? /pt/ encompasses all genres.

No. Just no.

Anyway, there was a drama thread on /cgl/ that got nuked and Fahr made an appearance.


And I checked her tumblr and saw that she goes by Philippe now.

No. 638473


"Philippe" is old. She goes by "Keyes" on Instagram, Twitter, and Ask. She goes by Fahr on her fahrlight tumblr and Facebook. Her fahrnight tumblr is password protected now.

No. 638687

I use they for a lot of people, it's just a habit

No. 639405

File: 1549996976505.png (73.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-12-20-41-36…)

No. 639406

File: 1549997117494.png (131.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-12-20-41-43…)

May I ask, what exactly is triggering here…

No. 639407

File: 1549997223368.png (62.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-12-20-41-47…)

I smell some e-begging soon.

No. 640644

File: 1550326225865.png (605.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-16-10-29-48…)

No you don't*

No. 640646

File: 1550326386146.png (331.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-16-16-12-33…)

- this is called truth*

+ and your family knows very well how delusional you are.

No. 640734

This. It's sad that idiots like barflight use 'triggered' so lightly when actual people with ptsd have real life triggers and struggle to function in the real world. She's trash

No. 641154

File: 1550451042334.jpg (714.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190218-004855_Ins…)

No. 641177

File: 1550453552031.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, A7FCCBF2-941B-4406-9133-C06E58…)

Imagine having this bizarre obsession with a character/actor so that your top priority is to out-fan everyone else.

No. 643335

More crying on ig live because the trip was amazing and she got a new tattoo but much depression and everyone misgendered her but she didn't correct them?? Or say anything on that matter.
Also the only thing she talks about is cosplay. It's fascinating that she doesn't seem to have any other goals in life.

No. 643343

-Cries about being broke
-Goes on holiday and gets tattoo immediately after asking followers for money

No. 643369

What happened to her new job? Did she already leave it? There wasn’t a dramatic exit, like we got with Claire’s.

No. 643378

She's still in it but she said something like "until Will is better" in her live, which suggests she's gonna quit as soon as her meal ticket is well enough to work? I feel bad for her Claire's colleagues. They were probs just normal friendly people but Fahr has to be the victim so she dressed up high femme and cast them as the bad guys when they misgendered her.

No. 643470

I thought she quit her job at Claire's because she was expected to present as feminine and simply couldn't deal with the horrible clothing-induced gender dysphoria any longer.
Of course then she turned around and started wearing lolita again because clothes have no gender and don't make her feel like a girl at all:

I wonder what her excuse will be this time.

Her old colleagues are probably glad to be rid of her, because she seems like the type of person who spends all day in the break room on her phone and then plays the victim when asked to do her job.

No. 643489

I think that was part of it but she also straight up said her colleagues bullied her.

No. 643669

I don’t remember this… I do remember her saying she couldn’t handle dressing feminine, and also suddenly having “severe anemia” and being bedridden because of it. Then a few days later saying all she needs to take for it are vitamins and supplements, which means it isn’t severe at all.

No. 643807

File: 1551454512914.png (237.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-01-17-30-31…)

I like how everything has to revolve around Tom or Loki.
Just say your damn age.
(Or is she too embarrased about being old and still acting like a little prick?)

No. 643913

I think in this case she's just counting on people being too lazy to look up Tom Hiddleston's age lmao.

…Oh Jesus, I just looked up his age and apparently that makes Fahr 38. How is an almost 40-year-old adult acting like this? Lord what the fuck.

No. 643979

She's nearly 40 and still acting like a 16 year old fangirl?? holyshit

No. 644005

File: 1551568135319.png (454.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190302-150858.png)

"Forced" Oh jeez…

No. 644022

What does that even mean?

No. 644029

I assume it means the parents spoke it and expected the children to speak it back. The horror! Such abuse!

No. 644058

File: 1551602149456.png (327.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-03-10-30-15…)

How ironic.

No. 644062

Oh no you had to speak the langue off the country you lived. Could she be more dramatic

No. 644583

File: 1551877843723.png (714.93 KB, 750x1334, DB174873-8F53-45CE-9DA4-AB6D04…)

Let the e-begging commence!
Also “I work to help out Will.” How about working to support yourself because you’re an adult?

No. 644599

That bit got me too. Oh wow, you have to work because the person you leech off is ill right now and you see it as deigning to "help them out"? What a saint! I have never seen a more selfish, whiny, spoiled, self pitying person in my life. And a week can't even go by without another round of e begging.

No. 644645

This made me kinda angry. A lot of people suffer from the same problem and she/he/it/whatever just begs her thousands followers for money and get what she wants.

No. 644844

File: 1551983524247.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, D7CAD759-6797-488C-9954-AA8212…)

Oh how convenient.

No. 644850

Calling it now- she will get bitter when not all the people who voted yes donate. She is never satisfied.

No. 644984

I have a feeling while she's on this "process" that she will Photoshop her pictures to look like on Testosterone and change her voice to make it believable.

No. 645248

File: 1552171078666.jpeg (161.58 KB, 750x827, 645544C7-F109-43F9-8E7A-ECA7C9…)


No. 645249

File: 1552171177398.jpeg (350.41 KB, 750x1165, 5BB020AA-AEE4-41E0-A416-6C5457…)


No. 645250

File: 1552171298022.jpeg (252.39 KB, 750x1171, 2DC5AD8D-ADEB-4D3E-A08D-FEC1DB…)

Note this dramatic line “And I’ll be frank, I’ll be dead by then”

No. 645350

I just don't think I could roll my eyes any harder if I tried

No. 645374


Why would transitioning on the NHS endanger her right to remain?

No. 645427

Because it has a too long wait time, apparently.

No. 645428


What does that have to do with Brexit?

No. 645539

File: 1552314363852.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190311-160948.png)

No. 645540

>good with worbla
>not with foam


No. 645542

Seems to be the case in the modern cosplay era for everyone tbh. Nobody ever had to go through the cheap foam phase before bankrupting on worbla. Not to mention her armour has usually been photoshopped on anyways.

No. 646698

File: 1552819847835.png (169.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190317-124303.png)

No. 646714

I wouldn't blame him for getting a restraining order against her at some point because she takes skinwalking to a whole new level. If she ever gets FMS [insert Ko-Fi and Paypal link here] she'll probably bring photos of him to the consultation.

No. 646715

If it’s not about her gender, don’t worry: she will make it about her gender!

No. 646716

File: 1552832626626.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 7D4AAA56-3A4A-4AB1-BB62-76A77F…)

Is she asexual now? I thought she was a gay man.

No. 646727

Like she said, it depends on who she is and how she feels. Some days she feels like being a "gay bottom that hangs off the arm of a hairy hunk in a club" (>>613387), other days she feels like being asexual. Some days presenting feminine makes her feel so dysphoric that she has no option but to quit her job in despair and other days she has no problem wearing sweet lolita because duh, clothing has no gender! You know how it is.

No. 646738

ugh the newest story post about asexuals having sexual needs and enjoying sex, but just not being overly interested in it… Do people seriously think that non-asexuals walk around with a boner/ladyboner all day and constantly are up for sex? Just deal with the fact that you are a normal human with a normal sex drive and stop trying to make every little thing about you super special ffs

No. 646885

At this point I dont even believe asexualism is a real thing. Online every asexual seem to have sexual needs or like to have sex but still claiming to be asexual. What is the point in all this?

No. 646893

Nah, it's a real thing- one of my friends is asexual, as in, she legitimately has no interest in sex and no desire to have sex, and she never has.
Fahr, though, is not asexual and is just stating, in a very roundabout way, that she's a normal person who's not constantly horny. Big whoop. Fahr, in case you read here: most people are not, in fact, constantly horny lmao.

No. 646918

I think the "asexuals" who claim to have and enjoy sex, but just not wanting to jump every single person, make it harder for actual asexual people to be accepted. Some might think that asexuality does not exist and others might try to pressure them into sex with "hey, the asexuals on the internet DO have sex with some they love, so you can too!"

No. 647691

File: 1553188492921.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, 13DD8AA5-8E03-48F5-ACC6-DD72C3…)

No. 647853

Nah it's real, I'm ace and I just don't have any interest in smashing bits with anyone. It happens.

No. 647858

>everyone misgendered her but she didn't correct them
that's understandable given that correcting them means outing yourself as trans and it can put you in danger, not saying that was the case here but it's not proof
And if it's not about Tom Hiddleston, same deal. It's a catch-22.
You can be both. I'm ace and I'm romantically interested in girls so I'm both asexual and a lesbian.

No. 648789

File: 1553711763683.png (599.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-27-20-32-00…)

No. 648790

File: 1553711791414.png (727.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-27-20-32-28…)

No. 648791

File: 1553711813766.png (603.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-27-20-32-31…)

No. 648792

File: 1553711954856.png (770.45 KB, 680x576, 9f9.png)

No. 648793

I see no difference.

And surely that's going to be his face if he sees her at another convention.

No. 648948

File: 1553791902448.jpg (520.45 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190328-174609.jpg)

Wtf is this Himezawa?

No. 648950

when the cows collide

No. 648968

File: 1553804659070.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 3E324368-4629-4D6C-8011-9D2AFF…)

No. 649063

File: 1553868535433.jpg (371.16 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190329-150600.jpg)

B-but remember, she doesn't support incest

I'm so tired of this shit

No. 649115

Xept for the Umbrella kids knew they are adopted, loki en thor grew up thinking they are brothers

No. 649376

Who is she trying to convince? No one cares about your shippings.

No. 649414

What does that mean?? Do Tom? Cosplay a real name person (Tom Hiddleston) and not the character Loki? cuz that's massively creepy and inappropriate.

No. 650357

Why the fuck would she need to crowdfund for top surgery when it's entirely covered by insurance in Germany
>source: have had top surgery in Germany

No. 650517


She lives in Scotland.

Could she return to Germany for medical care?

No. 650799


She could, but I am pretty sure Germany wouldnt cover it when she didnt pay insurance here for ages and was living abroad

No. 650820

File: 1554302527893.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190403-164050.png)

So Fahr and Himezawa are best pals now.
Didn't know Zawa was living in Scotland.

No. 650843

Who is himezala? What’s the story? Please give some background info!

No. 650906

Himezawa is another cow who has a thread in snow.

No. 654345

Sabrina lives in Germany, but mommy pays for everything still so taking a trip to see Fahr is like normal people take a trip to town.

No. 654503

Himezawa thread can be found here

She's a burnout weeb idol wannabe who visa married in Japan, escorted to "pay off her husband's debts" in her words. She divorced him, went back to Germany, and then got a dodgy looking nosejob. She's now riding some kind of fakeboi/costhot phase out I guess.

This might be one of my fav cow crossovers.

No. 654755

File: 1555789935264.jpg (37.96 KB, 640x397, titties.jpg)

but how is she going to be oppressed on the internet without tiddies??

this is wild….I can't even begin to wrap my head around what this logic is

No. 655391

File: 1555995077261.png (795.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190422-130055.png)

She says this but gets triggered when people come to her with their problems. You cant be all "im here for you" and then get upset when people open up to you.

No. 655400

Preaches inclusiveness but says just "black" instead of, say, POC. Probably a foreigner's oversight, though.

No. 655412

This is all you need to know about her

No. 655435

not gonna lie… i bopped to this

No. 655692

File: 1556108940529.png (254.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190424-142616.png)

She just needs to be the MOST chronically ill person huh

No. 656358

File: 1556347500550.jpg (303.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190427-084320_Ins…)

this is just so cringy

No. 656519

File: 1556403690766.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190427-152041.png)

Or maybe because she Photoshop and make up her face a lot.

No. 656807

File: 1556473147514.jpg (29.42 KB, 400x536, 1848edca7c6922c4fc955fc5c368e6…)

>tom hiddleston, sweetie, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that a ugly ass bitch like this would even say that. oh my god.

No. 657595

File: 1556724198366.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 7D4817C4-FA22-4E2D-8760-D06703…)

It’s interesting that she is doing the e-begging “for her transition”, and just as the money rolls in, they suddenly have enough for new costumes.

No. 657803

File: 1556793199597.png (968.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190502-033226.png)

Yes totally spent "hours" making this, not just added minor things and just coloured it green..

No. 657807

This woman is nearing 40. I can't understand it. Is she mentally ill?

No. 657809

File: 1556800287719.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, C81428C8-0E15-44A1-A0B4-A2F962…)

No. 657823

She’s claiming she hand painted that?

No. 657950

Yes and that it took her "hours"

No. 658041

There’s a watermark above the word mischief … I can’t make it out, but it doesn’t say fahr… did she hand paint that, too?

No. 658247

I haven't posted in this thread in a while but she's at a con I'm at just now - after months and months of 'I am never going to a con again as people treat me like I'm actually Loki and I hate it.'

No. 658266

File: 1556984819437.png (695.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-05-04-16-45-01…)

Chronically ill huh?

No. 658365

She also said it was because she couldn’t afford it, but the money she raised for her transition is probably covering it nicely.

No. 658535

File: 1557045974309.png (770.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190505-113252.png)

No. 658538

She should have said, "Guess who has shitty priorities."

No. 658539

Wait didnt she go to this con to sell her lolita dresses?

No. 658590

She most likely didn't and maybe said an over exaggerated price so no one could buy them.

No. 658600

File: 1557084243915.png (758.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-05-05-22-20-35…)

Grrrrr how dare you call me a girl after I dressed as one.

No. 658612

>I love you so much

Grow the fuck up.

No. 658637

File: 1557099528207.jpeg (46.29 KB, 344x291, 7BB79EA0-BF32-438E-B089-2DC35E…)

Someone: h-
Farlight: I have celiac. I’m a guy. Also reminder I’m not Loki. I’m Hiddleston approved cosplayer. I’m a Scandinavian Jewish pagan pansexual asatru MAN and your compliments are literally abusing me. Also pay for my transition and car bills.

No. 658667

Threatening to kill herself over a friendly comment, then saying that would count as a murder? This hoe needs therapy.

No. 658680

She claims she just dresses Lolita as in "drag" yet has always dressed the same way as Lolita for years but now calls it "drag" um okay

No. 658718

File: 1557146372224.png (866.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190506-150405.png)

No. 658719

File: 1557146431514.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190506-151944.png)

No. 658720

File: 1557146474312.png (843.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190506-152200.png)

No. 658727

She used to get mad when people called it a costume, clarifying that it was “fashion.” And also posted pictures where she called that look her “reality.” But now it’s drag. I can’t keep up!

No. 658754

File: 1557156201552.jpg (135.29 KB, 750x1000, raf,750x1000,075,t,101010_01c5…)

it does say fahrlight.tumblr.com, this is from the redbubble page for the design

No. 658834

>>658720 She's such a dick to her fans, how does she still have any at this point?

I swiftly avoided her at that con on Saturday, she was walking around on her own a lot being creepy.

I'm glad that con has the sense not to ask her to guest judge ever. Could not deal with any more of her self importance.

No. 659589

She walked past my table at one point and it was surreal seeing her in person but pretty unnerving taking into account that she basically skinwalks Loki/Tom Hiddleston.
I guess this is what an alien encounter feels like.

No. 660410

File: 1557674589268.jpg (207.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190512-172209.jpg)

No. 660821

File: 1557747016679.jpg (449.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190513-132927.jpg)

As always

No. 660859

this sort of makes her look like raven's caveman boyfriend josh. in fact i thought it was until i scrolled back up, weird.

No. 660919

I'm surprised that she didn't try to save it and be like "3 months on T"

No. 661443

File: 1557931110962.png (836.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-124319.png)

… i dont know about you but to me all kids looks the same.

No. 661485

frankly this is disgusting and she is deranged.

No. 661575

File: 1557957311733.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 355690BE-F25C-4290-BD2C-7FCDE9…)

I swear half the questions she’s asked in her Q&As are written by herself.

No. 661580


lel no

if you have "no way to fight off infection" then you're dead

No. 661666

You would think due to her "poor immune system" that she would be declined to be on T until her body is stabilized. You get sick a lot when being on HRT.

No. 662862

These two pictures look nothing alike and have nothing in common excepting youth and Fahr’s delusion.

No. 663002

File: 1558362801084.png (553.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-05-20-17-30-07…)

"In my reality.."

No. 663194

File: 1558421839836.png (301.13 KB, 373x1042, Screenshot_2019-05-20-23-49-03…)

I hadn't checked her Twitter in maybe 3 months. It's private now.

She posted endless Madonna memes last night on her fahrlight tumblr. Compare [pic related] to >>515681.

No. 663226

The two aren't necessarily in contradiction

No. 663246




Choose one.

No. 663256

File: 1558458790352.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, A96D414F-FBD6-4F37-A1DD-F7B7A2…)

If she were actually intersex like she claims (she said she has xxy chromosomes and a prostate), why would she have to be diagnosed as trans? Isn’t she already diagnosed as intersex and this would just be a medical treatment? Does anyone here have info on this?

No. 663553

Not to get too Tumblr on here but:

Intersex people typically still get gendered at birth and are raised as one gender. XXY chromosomes and a prostate are traits that wouldn't be diagnosed for a long time because it's not something that gets tested unless there's a very specific reason. In Fahr's case, intersex or no, he was born with a vagina and went through the puberty caused by female hormones and developed female secondary signifiers like boobs, so outside of very specific medical contexts, he'd be perceived and treated as female. So since he identifies as a man, he experiences dysphoria over some of those specific feminine traits, and because his biology is close to that of a cis woman in all the ways that count in this context, it makes more sense medically to treat those procedures the same as what a non intersex trans man would receive.

No. 663554


fahr is a woman. she's not intersex, she's tumblr. this whole phase didn't start out until it got popular on tumblr. she's also basically a fiction-kin.

you also have to remember, she never explained, anything about how she was allegedly diagnosed as intexsex. to your own point, there is no reason that it would have happened. she just started saying she as if she always had that info. same with her trans phase, she just started claiming she's always been trans and pretending her lolita was drag.

No. 663555


See her muddled explanation >>515320 and her explanation debunked >>515680.

No. 663556

Yeah, her explanation doesn't hold up, but a person who was really in the scenario described could be both intersex and trans.

No. 663560

intersex people having issues with their sex isn't being trans tho. it's an entirely different medical diag.

No. 663562

Maybe for some it's entirely different, and for others their experience is so closely related to that of a trans person that it makes sense for them to view themselves as trans

No. 663563

medical diagnoses aren't based on shit like that. stop trying to defend fahr. she's a lying attention whore. gtfo.

No. 663931

I'm not defending her you dipshit, I'm just trying to explain how this works. "Trans" isn't a diagnosis, the diagnosis is gender dysphoria, and the treatment is transition. That treatment may be slightly different for an intersex person but it's still transition. You're just reciting incorrect third hand information and using incorrect arguments weakens your points.

No. 663982

"Something absolutely terrible happened, I can't breathe."
Just recent on her InstaStory, yet proceeds to post other things as well, wonder "what terrible news" is coming up and how much will she beg for this time.

No. 664514

back to tumblr!

No. 664869

File: 1559076328454.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 8FA68BE8-E4EF-41CF-9A92-D6A827…)

She’s pansexual… she’s asexual… these 2 were posted about a week apart. I wanted to save them here so we can collect them all.

No. 664871

File: 1559076465656.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 17210F4E-05BC-4D23-8555-A784F0…)

No. 665057

File: 1559117381280.png (988.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190529-010807.png)

Yet she is pretending to be Norse pagan. And she's now listening to metal? Didn't she say before she hates heavy metal?

No. 665074

File: 1559132820242.jpg (635.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190529-141458.jpg)

Fahr's going full delulu

No. 665077

That’s borderline rapist logic, too. “If you don’t wanna sleep with me because of my cock / vagina, YOU’RE AN ICKY TRANSPHOBE!!!!”

Thanks for fueling the transphobic stereotype of the “pushy and creepy trans person who pressures lovers into sleeping with them”, Fahr!

No. 665082

excuse me what the fuck?
congratulations fahr, to your transition from insane to retarded

No. 665173

This is the same disgusting 'logic' trannies push on lesbians and straight women. No means NO. If you are only attracted to a certain sex, you cant change it. trans are all the place crying transphone cuz you dont want to be with a 'man' who has a vagina. No thank you. She's a loon.

No. 665377

>> i want children in the easiest and cheapest way
>> transphobic!

No. 667606

She seriously needs to be put in a mental institution. She is really unwell. She is freakishly obsessed with Loki and wants to become Tom Hiddlestone. She needs to be put on medication. She is just is tumblr morom doing all of the trans, pan, whatever she is for attention.

No. 668197

File: 1559907551432.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, BE02C36A-2ABB-4AC1-BDE7-1A3762…)

Now she’s gay AND pansexual. Her sexualities are like Pokémon. Gotta catch ‘em all!

No. 668199

File: 1559907751649.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 224F3A5F-A8A9-4FEC-804D-4A0F5A…)

Ahhh there it is.

No. 668227

I have to say this, I know few people who are trans and the dysphoria is painful. I've seen Fahr for 7 years and before this whole thing. She had no problem with her body, other than hating her nose. This really feels like a big cash grab.

No. 668244

>identifies as 100% male




LGBT icon

Everything is contradicted by something else wtf.

No. 668245

how tf do these idiots think you can be gay, and pan? gay is extremely specifically an attraction to dick and pan is like the exact opposite. even if you want to use the uwu ~inclusive~ definition for gay, it's not pan.

No. 668733

File: 1560098794915.png (635.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190609-094436.png)

I swear, this was a picture she tried to cosplay someone not sure whom. But now she is using it as "I starved myself because I looked feminine now I know why" there is another "before" and "after" of 2010 of before but it's obvious she's sucking in her cheeks. It's not so hard for her to look gaunt with her jawline. And if dysphoria hit her, dressing in Lolita would've set it off.

No. 668741

She looks like a Tommy Wiseau cosplayer here

No. 668749

File: 1560105787467.png (746.96 KB, 1051x536, Liaaar.png)

Does anyone remember this pic? When someone asked her "What gender are you?" And she got all offended and showed pics like this? That she is a woman?

No. 669200

Is that Fahr on the left?? Wow.

No. 669201

File: 1560278165145.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 24854A17-8616-47B0-955A-7C5936…)

Now she’s asexual again.

No. 669203

>>669201 I've never seen such a wet blanket as Fahr. I don't know why people bother asking her questions, she's so rude and gloomy all the time. Just looking at her responses to people is exhausting.

No. 669204

She's actually quite beautiful, it's a shame she's nuts and into all of this fandom and gendershit.

No. 669208

This. She actually had potential. She's got some drawing talent and once upon a time she could have made a good living for herself either in the lolita comm or with her art. Being freakishly obsessed with Loki and being super self absorbed with her ailments/gender/sexuality really has destroyed her life. It's kind of sad knowing she messed it up for herself and will e-beg and self pity all her days when she could have had a decent shot at happiness and a career. 40 is just around the corner for her, unless she has a massive epiphany she is not going to change now.

No. 669217

No the one on the left is her niece apparently back in the day. But her comment to the guy is hilarious.

No. 669265

And yet in the past she said she had the "hots" for Thor. And didn't she say in the past something sexual toward the "Grand Master" or someone.

No. 669268

File: 1560295579826.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190611-162428.png)

"Clothes have no gender" dressing in pants and shirts as a kid doesn't mean automatically you're a boy. I have a sister almost the same age as her, wore the same type of stuff. She's no boy. And didn't fahr say her mom is against her being trans? She needs her stories together to make it at least believable.

No. 669407

She has said that her mom raised her gender neutral and also is against her being trans. I can’t figure out which story she’s trying to represent here. Is she saying she had to make do with the clothes her mom bought her, or that her mom encouraged her?

No. 669463

>clothing has no gender
>except the clothing my mother bought for me


All those sexy time Loki and Thor sets she did with William don't lie. And her interactions in the comments were giddy and swoony.

Speaking of William, any sightings?

No. 669466

Tbh her mum seems pretty liberal and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that "not supporting me being trans!" is code for "she won't pay for hormones/surgery!" Fahr was well known for having rich parents who supported her well into her 30s, it was when they cut her off that the ebegging and uwu so sick thing started.

No. 669467

File: 1560354921066.jpg (67.02 KB, 874x874, 13108594_644611905703727_89245…)

Still, fahr isn't ugly either

No. 669471

She looks nothing like her photos. I was surprised the first time I met her. She's not ugly, just pretty normal looking. Anyway you don't have to be super hot to make it as an online model, just suck your tummy in and fire up ol' photoshop when you're done.

No. 669491

I think the part that makes her pictures so uncanny valley for me is how light and perfectly smooth her foundation is, it's like her entire face is covered in a solid layer of silicone. Pictures where she has texture and color variation to her skin look way more natural and healthy.

No. 669513

That’s photoshop airbrushing. I’m sure it looks nothing like that in reality.

No. 670051

File: 1560510482797.png (884.55 KB, 640x1136, 2922961E-9FCB-4C74-AB5E-9A7733…)

No. 670431

File: 1560681562843.png (345.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-16-13-35-42…)

Guess Instagram can't help you become a victim today.

No. 670465

If she had male chromosomes and/or male reproductive glands, it would have been diagnosed YEARS ago. because she would not have undergone puberty. Her diagnosis is "attention seeking." go back to tumblr.

No. 670699

File: 1560791922487.jpg (642.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190617-191632_Fac…)

lol she can't even spell her fucking-snowflake-name right

No. 671296

File: 1560945648835.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, FED1BCD7-40D1-4A27-9745-82E919…)

She’s very important.

No. 671303


She's going to a private clinic for dx? If she had signed up 6 months ago she would have only 6 months to wait >>603461, less time than to raise the funds.


>Goes for any job


No. 674508

File: 1561927091866.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, 2A30FDE5-2E82-496F-8CBB-2194E1…)

She really struggled with the decision to e-beg.

No. 674514


It's a cash grab and a way to make herself seem more interesting and special when really she's incredibly boring and has nothing going on in her life.

It really angers me as I know people who experience real dyphoria too, yet she glamourises it and uses it to fund whatever she wants.

She's actually a disgusting human being.

No. 674515


Just around the corner?

I used to be close with her and she told me she was in her 40s already…

No. 674516


She uses that facetune app pretty heavily.

Which is fine, but I can confirm that she has put on a TON of weight and looks really different in person. If you've ever became friends with her in person, there's always an initial 'oh' moment when you meet her face to face and realise just how much she edits her photos.

No. 674519

File: 1561932151081.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 5069EA04-1ACD-49B7-8422-9C74B9…)

She said on tumblr a ‘friend’ is hosting this for her.

But check that name, Will Neal, there is no way anyone but a cringey Loki cosplayer choose a name like that. I’m surprised she isn’t using it as her male name

No. 674623

It’s weird that she’s even claiming someone else is hosting it for her, when she wrote the description in it about herself, in the first person.

No. 674900

File: 1561990772000.jpeg (220.79 KB, 746x743, 0FCA7BC7-35F9-4C65-AE75-CE1249…)

Your fixation on skinwalking tom hiddleston is not a urgent matter of life and death, but go off I guess

No. 674962

Fahr is a lazy asshole, that's all there is to it. She and I were friends at one point. I won't give myself away but the bullshit she talks about on her insta doesn't exist in her life at all. Her parents support her almost fully actually. She's just a 40 year old hag who's mad that people won't give her free money.

No. 675032

Any estimates how much her begging actually nets her? I wonder what amount makes it worthwhile for someone like her to constantly be this pathetic.

No. 675133


Seven months ago the wait time for the NHS clinic was 12 months >>603461.

No. 675423

I bet she makes enough that she could sustain herself for a little bit if Will decided to kick her out….
This latest scam may be her wanting a new cosplay and extra money

No. 675875

Didn’t she already had a GoFundMe for hormones where she got 800$ or something??? What happened to that money?

No. 676044

I'm glad I stopped being friends with her.

She actually has the ability to make a good amount off of her art like tabling at cons, selling prints online but she is just THAT fucking lazy.

I hate all the guilt tripping she puts in her ebeg posts. We have the NHS, she could just wait rather than taking money away from people who might not have access to health care like that.

If she sold all of her brand lolita, and her £100 Hot Toy Loki dolls she has, she could get the funds herself.

No. 676062

I am too. She's literally the worst person and will reel you in with how lolcow and her bullies were so mean and nasty, but they were absolutely right. She's a scamming cunt who could easily have the funds for her surgery if she waited or sold her Lolita and Loki dolls.

No. 676258

The way she acts is disgusting and humiliating. I'm mad at myself for beliveing her at one point. A little obvious secret for determining if someone's trans: they don't have pictures of their huge breasts and lolita dresses on the internet. Must have felt so dysphoric the poor thing

No. 676293

Another anon who hung out with her irl several times due to having mutual friends here. She looks extremely cakey and pallid irl, that part of her selfies is accurate. But her facial features are way more mannish, though not in a pretty way. She shoops herself to hell and back for an "ethereal androgynous" look.

Usually I'd say it's unfair to use old photos to show how someone "really" looks, but since she was already in her 30s in these and your facial structure stops developing by then, I think it's fair game.

No. 676294

File: 1562265853590.jpg (131.24 KB, 450x600, 6407229.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 676295

File: 1562265883583.png (688.19 KB, 460x741, Screenshot at Jul 04 20-42-59.…)

bonus old photos

No. 676296

File: 1562266218495.png (515.03 KB, 398x748, Screenshot at Jul 04 20-42-05.…)

She didn't start shooping ultra excessively until she caught a whiff of e-fame not for being a ~mangaka~ but for her looks, so you have to dig way back for unaltered pics. But even in old galleries, most of her photos were uploaded by her with credit to the photographer, which is a surefire sign of shooping on the platform German weebs use. It's not like other social media where you just get a "tagged" folder; you can sort your tagged photos into sub-categories and showcase them on your profile, so there's absolutely no reason to re-upload the photographer's photos unless you wanted to edit them.

No. 676298

File: 1562266302498.jpg (586.78 KB, 1200x1600, 6412711.jpg)

No. 676299

File: 1562266382664.jpg (138.52 KB, 486x750, 10479879.jpg)

end dump

No. 676311

I knew her briefly years ago, she manipulated someone I knew to the point that they no longer speak to me. She is lazy and just used her "fame" to get whatever she wanted. Let's not forget the kitten and people paying for the vet bills and her giving up the other cat. In the time I knew her she never had a job either. She also twisted a story about me too.

No. 676719

She legit looks like she mid transition, holy shit….

No. 676720

Same. I had that friend for 4 years but honestly if that friend was stupid enough to believe fahr then good riddance. That kind of stupid is unnecessary

No. 676724

Germans have stronger jaws on average. Look at Heidi Klum. Attractive women but with a strong, square jaw. And Lolita fashion isn't helping Fahr since those dresses make everyone look more square. High neckline etc. Her hair styles in those pictures aren't helping either.

No. 676915

Can concer, This is true for all Northern Europeans. I think she just isn’t particularly attractive, dresses incorrectly for her features (I could see her looking good in minimalist high fashion style, not this cosplay/Loli shit) and doesn’t know how to use makeup which helps her look more mannish.

No. 677831

>>676915 as a nordfag, germans and danish people are kinda similar with the strong face structure. norwegian, swedes and finns not that much.

No. 678411

Oh no, her bed broke. How oddly convenient for that to happen. Quick someone fund her for her bed! The picture of the bed that she took doesn't even look broken? Lol

No. 678615

Looking at those photos and seeing her allege she's "intersex", but then in another post also listing her period not coming as a medical problem sort of makes me suspect that she probably just has higher androgen levels, but chose to render that as intersex, because it wouldn't sound special enough.

No. 678662

She's used to always comment about her period until she decided to pretend to be trans and intersex

No. 678893

She claims she has a prostate and xxy chromosomes. And periods and DD boobs.

No. 679015


She has deleted the video, but her "intersex" condition has been discussed several times >>515680.

No. 679608

File: 1562935124553.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190712-053741.png)

Gets upset if anyone suggests her to cosplay a female character but will do it if she wants to. Even though says it triggers her. Um ok

No. 679785

She only wants to cosplay Joyce as season three of Stranger Things went up recently and it's the 'in thing. That's it.

All she cares about is efame and getting attention from the same cosplay photos.

She also rarely cosplays new characters other than Loki so I doubt she'll even bother.

She keeps saying she's going to cosplay from Berserk and I really hope she doesn't. And again, she probably won't because she's lazy.

I never want to associate her ratty face with such a good manga.

No. 681335

File: 1563323072682.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, D1272E37-F4CC-4E76-B91F-45EF24…)

Does she think that posting this will distract us all from the fact that it’s true?

No. 681716

If the shoe fits…

No. 681770

"Common knowledge"? Wtf

No. 681785

File: 1563402655506.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, BCC73473-A3A1-4310-AD3C-32F0AC…)

I think you forgot the picture but I knew what you’re talking about because I wanted to post it here too:

No. 682776

File: 1563718997282.png (806.48 KB, 750x1334, 48BF16A0-77E1-4FDD-824A-C06225…)

No. 682843

File: 1563741690551.png (22.13 KB, 491x638, waste.PNG)

So I decided to check up on this and it is up to a thousand euro.

No. 683132

File: 1563815875940.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, 2BF90B27-EE25-4E48-8702-54D8EF…)

Who would give this freakshow their money?

And who would turn to Fahr for parenting advice?

I don’t understand how people don’t see right through her.

No. 683149

File: 1563823592141.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190722-122314.png)

Yet she gave people shit for calling her a guy years ago that she would show pictures of herself in cleavage. But no, she "knew" when she was a child.

No. 683305

But that question sums it all up. She doesn‘t want to be a guy. She wants to be trans to fit in with the other trannies.

No. 683344

I have to say that I am surprised that she is getting "Testosterone" and getting top surgery. Regardless her physical and mental health problems whether they're legit or not. Especially with mental health, I have a friend who had to wait years so they would be eligible and the doctors were even serious about mental health before they were allowed to transition.

No. 683348

She mentioned it in an ista story a good while ago that it's okay to lie to your doctor about your mental state if that means you'll get the T faster

No. 683386

File: 1563899242463.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, C68A4F9B-3E9B-46A1-8EAE-7E15D5…)

Another ebeg/gofundme followed by suddenly having the money for a new costume. Is she even getting the T and surgery or is it all a lie?

No. 683439

She's going to a private doctor or something, honestly I don't really understand what's going on. Some time earlier she talked about having an appointment via skype, which sounds extremely unprofessional to me, especially if the topic is taking hormones that will basically fuck up your system.

Generally the whole private-doctor-or-what-ever-story sounds like you pay them and you get what you want period.

It's 'funny' how her life is at danger because muh dysphoria but going to germany and actually get everything paid isn't an option (we all know it's because no sane doctor will approve anything in germany, that's probably why she is even in scotland with private institutions or whatevs)

No. 684178

I swear she must be making fake accounts for stupid stuff like that. Also why did she cross out most of the time? Lol

No. 684334

File: 1564100566517.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190725-172221.png)

How the hell does that trigger her and her"ptsd" wtf

No. 684419

I'm wheezing, this idiot out there having a ptsd episode over short hair she never fails to be more pathetic than I think she is

No. 684554

I hate that I know this but she said a cosplayer who used to dress up as the 10th Doctor stalked her so now I guess the sight of David Tennant in general triggers her?

She also seems to think she owns Good Omens because she read the book like millions of others, I think she's just bent out of shape because Crowley's not a Tom Hiddleston type and she can't live out her slashfic fantasy through this character.

No. 684560

>the sight of David Tennant in general
but she said short hair triggers her. This doesn't make sense.

No. 684569

File: 1564131972469.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190726-120508.png)

She always has to be biggest fan ever…

No. 684576

Oh no, the show stole her memories!!

Imagine being this dramatic over every single thing.

If she had a strong vison of what her version looks like she should draw it and put it out there like people do with GOT or Harry Potter. But then she couldn't complain and gatekeep anymore.

No. 684796

Of course, she always HAS to be the victim! And she has to be the number one fan, probably the oldest and most loyal fan too! Many cows share these similarities, she reminds me of Momokun when it comes to this.

No. 685696

I heard of that guy too.
Afaik he gave her his car to go to a convention and she gave it back months later

No. 685715

Ha so was his stalking actually him going "Hey, can I please have my car back?

No. 687256

File: 1564963613993.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 899A27B7-5EDC-4BC2-93D9-DF4ACB…)

No. 687257

File: 1564963649957.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 19245178-5EDC-47C0-B640-95DBE1…)

No. 687258

File: 1564963676483.png (848.65 KB, 750x1334, 2B37C5DC-630E-4704-AFC2-3FDDE8…)

No. 687259

File: 1564963755047.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2304x4096, 50782049-3752-4BE1-A2A5-90CE20…)

I don’t think anyone feels it’s clever to “figure it out” when she still has pictures like this in her feed… How are they supposed to know she’s “trans” now when she says that feminine look is “reality”?

No. 687361

owo what's this trasphobia? Some boys have huge bOoBiEs anon uwu
God, what an annoying snowflake she is.

No. 687407

>I bet they genuinely didn’t know but I’ll encourage “violance” against them anyway

No. 687466

File: 1565011984634.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, F8B5D943-4BF4-483E-87C4-77076F…)

No. 687556

I find that argument from transtrenders hilarious "a cis guy wearing girly make-up is still a cis guy, so I am also still a man"
Nah bitch you are a girly transtrender who gets triggered when someone "misgenders" you

No. 687592

Men who wear make-up are men. Therefore, women who wear make-up are men. Makes sense.

No. 687868

At this point, Fahr is as bad a 'role model' for the trans community as Chris Chan is.

I'm surprised there aren't a ton of commentary channels making videos on YT about her.

No. 688204

File: 1565180456074.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, 917131A4-9C12-4FBF-9F61-C0E6D7…)

What is going on with this letter. Why are there so many grammar errors? And why did she cover up the year she transitioned? Because it doesn’t match what she says on her instagram?

No. 688232

File: 1565186687565.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 7D49CDE1-D1B0-4FDA-BEAA-971403…)

No. 688283

File: 1565196632002.jpeg (147.09 KB, 750x1116, 1C83E3DA-486F-491D-B99B-092F55…)

No. 688285

"Your art is very impressive"
I don’t know much about official documents but do doctors really put this kind of stuff in a letter ?

No. 688300

Not trans so idk how it is with that kind of doctor but none of the medical letters I've received are anywhere near this informal. The doctors might chat about stuff in person but the letters are always very dry and official. I would also expect them to call you to inform you that you're allowed to go under the knife but it may be just procedure.
Interestingly though, the clinic listed (Refine Plastic Surgeons) doesn't appear to specialize in transition-related surgeries, they only list breast reductions for cis women and gynecomastia reductions for cis men on their website, so they seem like an odd choice.

No. 688313

File: 1565204473759.png (264.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190807-083900.png)

She didn't reply on her story but direct. She's very insistent about its legit. Also I asked before of back injury but I remember her saying years ago that she got it from martial arts now it's down the stairs. Or how she used to say she's a black belt but in her story shows yellow belt.

No. 688320

This letter is so fake, I am actually laughing. No medical, not even their receptionists, would write something like this.

No. 688373

It even feels like its her grammar too.

No. 688447

I have some questions
Did she already had her official name changed ? If not, this document would be no use for anything right?
Also..wasn’t she ‘chronologically ill’ with her iron deficiency? Would it even be safe to undergo a surgery?

No. 688477

File: 1565263794570.jpg (197.5 KB, 720x694, 20190808_122303.jpg)

I do find it interesting that the clinic in question doesn't offer top surgery and only offers enlargement, reduction, manboob removal and lifts.
I did a quick search on getting top surgery in Scotland and all recent results advise there are no nhs or private surgeons who carry out top surgery in Scotland. NHS patients get referred to Manchester and private patients also get referred to English surgeons.

No. 688480

I sent a screenshot of her "approval letter" to a friend who has done the whole transition and they even said the letter is very informal. That a letter is always third person in this kind of thing. That especially everything from the start is very vague then when it goes to breast it's over the top technical. I honestly think she's just going to do a weight reduction most likely or something else.

No. 690389

File: 1565954740037.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 30EBFD11-85C0-4D62-B52E-6F2728…)

Here we go again

No. 690436

If she's paying under 250 in Edinburgh she's incredibly fortunate. Also what a brat, yes, having a big vet bill sucks, but your pet means your responsibility.

No. 692428

File: 1566483150526.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 45A10322-D546-4283-B78F-0B75CB…)

What is a “pro cosplayer”? Doesn’t she claim she has gotten paid to attend conventions in the past?

No. 692551

Nice how she avoided the question.
>Do you actually work or does all your income come from begging online?
But yeah, she's so chronically ill, she just can't…

No. 692564

Now she also has POTS she must be spinning the wheel of chronic illnesses to choose from to seem like she has it all bad.

No. 695398

Lmao yeah, as someone who's gone through transition this looks like a very botched letter.
It also reads, like someone above said, a lot like how they type. Fishy at best.

I've also seen people ask about age in fahrs story as of late and they won't answer. So anyone here know that answer?

No. 695401

As she once put it… Twelve days older than Tom Hiddleston, so 38.

No. 696644

When I was friends with her, she told me she was 45 and that was over 5 years ago, so that kinda works out..

No. 697214

File: 1567622887391.jpg (696.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190904-204426_Fac…)

No. 697216

Correct me if I am wrong, because I seriously have never seen Bayer anywhere else, but germany.

No. 697232

A number of medications freely available in the uk are supplied by bayer.

No. 697233

I'm very very interested in how this will go. I can already imagine the bitching when she gets actual gender dysphoria

No. 697293

Bayer is global.

No. 697306


Better a frumpy late thirty-year-old then an impressionable, not-done-growing nineteen-year-old.

At this point, it's totally her fault for fuckin with her hormones

No. 699939

No. 700146

Oh god I just stumbled upon this thread by accident. Never knew how much of a cow she is. I met her at a convention in 2012 or 2013, she had a table selling her manga. My friend recognised her from tumblr, when I asked for her name, Fahr reacted really pissed. Like how dare I not know her. I'm serious, to my fangirling friend she was all smiles and when I asked how her username was spelled she looked at me as if I was the dumbest person alive.
She also was a guest speaker in a little panel on child pornography in Japan. Now that I read about her own shota manga OHHH BOY wow, yeah, it's so much better when you do it.
"CP is bad yo"
"Then why did you draw it"
"To show how bad it is"

And then the whole intersex/trans stuff. God. Shut the fuck up. I can't believe she can spew out so much hipocrosy about how other people adress her or judge her based on make-up/clothing but when she does it it's totally fine and completely different. Petition to yeet her out of the LGBT+ community. You are the reason trans people look like a joke. And oh boy you complained about being discriminated in Germany like bitch where. More free healthcare for the rest of us, have fun with begging.

No. 700339

>couple of days on t
>i noticed i can't hit the high notes you guise!

it doesn't work that fucking fast and she still sounds like a girl, not tom hiddleston. what kind of reassignment surgery do you get to transform into loki, asking for a friend

No. 700539

Don't forget she said feels a bit of hair even on her face.

No. 700799

Tin foil hat on, what if this whole trans and hormone thing is so that she can start an "x time on T" series on youtube to milk more money?

No. 708404

File: 1569242676506.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, A5FF648F-D36B-4FF3-A5C6-131EDD…)

No. 708405

File: 1569242708282.png (719.38 KB, 750x1334, 6CC98138-B0FF-44A4-90B9-2F5484…)

No. 708513

As a gay lady who dresses masc/fem when I feel like it without making it my sole fucking identity….this broad is an attention seeking transtrender and it’s nauseating. She just wants to become Hiddleston and get fan girl love all the while crying and begging for others to fund her life(blog)

No. 708547

she's annoying a hell because she's so transparent. she was in lolita happily as a woman for years before transtrending was popular. on top of that she's even into shit that's popular with fakebois.

No. 708764

… so she isn't intersex anymore?

No. 708790

The most pathetic thing is that she’s almost old enough to be the average fakeboi’s mother yet here she is, still acting like a whiny self-obsessed teenager herself. She’s emotionally stunted.

No. 708981

File: 1569351826553.jpg (13.2 KB, 400x400, 234.jpg)

How old are all those ITT saying they used to know her or used to be friends with her? Are you 40 too or just casually friends with a 40 y/o ?

No. 709252

She hung out with people easily 10 years younger than her when she was in Berlin.

No. 709425

I'm easily 11 years her junior. Age never mattered for me since plenty of adults nowadays don't really act their age when they don't have to, however I never knew Fahr was this big of an ass until she showed her clown ass bullshit. Lolcow is how I found her age finally.

No. 709435

Knew her through mutual acquaintances and we only ever hung out at conventions. With all the weird-ass styling and everyone caked in weeaboo eye-makeup and decked out in wigs it's hard to tell anyone's age. But yeah, like >>709252 and >>709425 said, almost everyone around her is at least a decade younger.

No. 709674

She tried to add me on social media a few years back and she's got more than 10+ years on me.

I'm sure she's tried to befriend a lot of people in their 20s because I'm sure very few people in their late 30s and early 40s would put up with her immature bullshit. By then people have their own lives to live and don't have time for her shit.

No. 709711

Fahr is friends with one of my rl friends on social media, and my friend is fifteen years younger than Fahr.

No. 709723

late reply but anyone in the lolita comm would know her either IRL or online without any age similarities.

No. 713943

File: 1570195298381.jpg (199.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191004-152026.jpg)

No. 713944

File: 1570195326413.jpg (460.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191004-152035.jpg)

No. 713961

You're too sick to work, but you're not too sick to cosplay or beg for shit online.
Go figure

No. 714218

She “only posted that 3 times”!!
A) Ha! Please! She posted it on her story 3 times this week alone! She couldn’t handle the people meeting him this week getting attention.
B) Most people don’t post the same pictures on their accounts more than once but she just keeps recycling the same old crap over and over so 3 times on the main account is still a lot for one picture!
C) She may have only posted that one picture 3 times but she posted 500 other pictures from that day too and they’re all pretty similar…

No. 714248

File: 1570239450562.png (315.6 KB, 750x1334, 334E30DB-19B4-4FDF-B33B-5D04DE…)

No. 714249

File: 1570239587277.png (444.79 KB, 750x1334, 93919410-1657-4E86-8028-D60666…)

Wow, you ended friendships over pizza toppings and preferred comic books and just realized this was unnecessary at 40?

No. 714456

She's totally incapable of living,, I can't believe she's still alive

No. 715980

"That's fucking okay" until she wants to beg for money, then that's super not okay.

No. 716344

File: 1570568387094.png (397.63 KB, 1080x2666, StitchIt_20190810105741_917.pn…)

Trying to use the Eurocosplay drama to score woke points, still insisting she's not white

No. 716371

even if she's ~not white~~~ she's not black either.

No. 716418

Imagine giving a shit what people prefer on their pizza.

No. 716419

She's nearing 40, going through this tumblrtard phase. Just yikes

No. 716426

You cant be gay/bisexual. wtf You are either gay, straight or bisexual. She's fucking delusional and has no idea what she wants

No. 716807

She is white as snow wtf

No. 716828

Imma need her to not speak up for black people…. We can take care of ourselves. She should worry about her white as snow ass speaking OVER us…..

No. 716833

Perhaps she's suddenly inter racial too, a black guy trapped in a white girls body and can speak for all the black people. But please pay for the surgery because she can't afford it due to illness

No. 716852

She'll probably use a fake cop out like hispanic or middle eastern that's some what believable but still makes her look totally ridiculous if she even replies again at all. Trans racial would be the cherry on Fahr fucking cake though.

No. 717280

File: 1570699737346.jpg (742.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191010-112722_Ins…)

sending all her whiteknights to harass one girl over "transphobic" comment. how is it transphobic? did I miss something?

No. 717282

File: 1570699799596.jpg (690.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191010-112659_Ins…)

"go attack her, my little winged apes"

No. 717296

sorry but that's just cyber bullying… I didn't see any transphobic comment from that cosplayer. dumb tumblr Bitches

No. 717346

She's hijacking this issue to be all about herself. It's so gross.

No. 717356

Tbh Livanart seems like a cow herself, so it's pretty entertaining seeing them doing this

No. 717358

File: 1570723049421.png (249.21 KB, 750x1334, 36227832-BE28-4F0C-BF10-A9DF53…)