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File: 1524516123473.png (71.48 KB, 275x211, 5D4IUKe.png)

No. 563416

New thread for ultimate not-like-other-girls internet cuckquean FAS-boxxy attention whore wig0nhead and her soggy-dicked gynecomastic doughboy, tranny-chasing, pear-shaped low test 'fiancé' Gregory Fluhrer/Grocery.

Previous thread: >>554227

>Makes fun of people for blocking while immediately blocking anyone with an opposing view, can't take criticism for shit

>Complete narcissist, spins every situation around to be about herself
>Lies about pretty much anything, changes her stories when it's convenient to her since she has 0 personality or identity
>Uneducated on basically anything she talks about
>Searches her name on twitter daily and used to be a mod on lolcow because she's that insecure
>Greg continues to pay more attention and money to camgirls than her, but she's totally ok with it because she's a cool gf™
>Photoshops her body to appear skinny and curvy uwu despite gaving no curves and gaining 20 pounds
>Probably has some kind of body image disorder, is incredibly obsessed with her appearance
>Pretends to be bisexual for the sake of pandering to men, admits she would actually never date a woman
>Backpedals pretty much every single of her opinions the minute she gets called out
>Blatantly hates other women, insults and catcalls them with her bf because she's totes one of the guys uwu
>Owns a bunny she takes shitty care of, still lives at home with parents at 27


No. 563421

Op picture for ants
Can you post the full res picture please

No. 563422

File: 1524516318294.png (84.76 KB, 632x652, BoQK91K.png)

No. 563425

File: 1524516461639.png (174.15 KB, 493x379, GIP4MG3.png)

biggest res I could find

No. 563426

File: 1524516532875.png (45.33 KB, 665x339, kLzli31.png)

for the uninformed, cassie jaye made that retarded redpill movie which is sitting at a pretty 29% on RT with an average rating of 4/10 :^)

No. 563428

No. 563429

File: 1524516750216.png (15.26 KB, 422x178, her poor parents.png)

No. 563433

File: 1524517078742.gif (663.49 KB, 198x275, 1490133469290.gif)

>i was a shy asexual nerd gurl uwu

No. 563435

File: 1524517168798.png (68.61 KB, 482x782, PwDSBRr.png)

>insults and catcalls them with her bf because she's totes one of the guys uwu
a fucking hypocrite

No. 563438

Has anyone ever seen her without her wigs on?

No. 563440

Has she ever admitted ever that she wears a wig?
Otherwise I'm sure 90% of her viewers don't realize she does, most are dumb 15 year olds.

No. 563446

she has, but only when specifically asked. on her ask.fm people will ask "have you ever cut your hair short?" and she'll post a pic of her with a short wig and say "yus" or people will be like "your hair looks so nice, what shampoo do you use?" and she'll say "thanks but shampoo won't give you someone else's hair", so unless asked, she'll take compliments for how beautiful her hair looks/hair styles and doesn't mention the fact that she's bald

No. 563449

File: 1524517847592.gif (1.9 MB, 420x360, so shy plz no bully.gif)

uwu omg so shy so awkward so goth so nerd gurl so had no friends so not a popular rich scene bully uwu

No. 563450

File: 1524517859050.png (383.44 KB, 493x577, q55Mqsx.png)

No. 563452

She has posted a pic on ask fm. but she wore a hat and the hair that was visible was ratty and thin so i can imagine her scalp is beyond visible

No. 563458

Lol she's always toting "muh born with clear skin" even in shit quality her mild acne is visible

No. 563463

File: 1524518114783.gif (751.31 KB, 400x352, snooki jr.gif)

classic socially awkward girl, amright?

No. 563471


There's a video floating around of her at some wax museum/ showing of celebs and she starts palming the wax figure of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow so yeah lol

No. 563472

Like his crotch i mean

No. 563481

File: 1524518734426.png (223.48 KB, 671x575, y2RYwOw.png)

not from askfm but holeeeeee shiiit

No. 563488


Who are they even

No. 563492

File: 1524519067387.gif (1.41 MB, 580x433, 1465156256459.gif)


No. 563494

umm, that looks like a photoshopped picture of Brendan Fraser during his "Encino Man" days in the early 90s… pretty sure she shopped that..

No. 563501

File: 1524519404308.png (182.44 KB, 471x401, wNTg3Nm.png)

No. 563503

File: 1524519500580.jpg (104.38 KB, 300x300, pm@m_Brendan Fraser.jpg)

I m p o s s i b l e

No. 563508

File: 1524519768538.jpg (113.14 KB, 1280x720, wew.jpg)

literally the same person anon i mean, come on

No. 563509

An accurate picture of skeptic but june is still deluded, thinking she's a 10.

No. 563510

Brendan Fraser is furious.

No. 563512

>thinking they're even remotely famous enough to have a movie made about them
wow actually pathetic

No. 563513

>covering the scalp
hmmmmmmm wonder why

No. 563519


This reminds me of Kiwifarms thread on her

>a poor man's boxxy (if boxxy looked like Sarah Silverman after 30 years of working in a brothel)


No. 563520

File: 1524520274124.png (453.28 KB, 770x466, lol.png)

HAHA this was under the tweet.

No. 563527

rofl, even Joey fatone is more attractive than Groceries.

No. 563529

is this the male version of "I got nickis ass and lanas lips, if there's sonething I dont have its a fuck to give"

No. 563530

File: 1524520825892.png (380.5 KB, 770x861, 1.png)

since everyone else is posting old cringe might as well join in. I really wish there was active threads for her back in 2015 oh well at least we can laugh at these now

No. 563535

File: 1524521256995.png (111.77 KB, 768x825, 2.png)

No. 563536

Has this been posted? The Ralph Retort is using her picture at 4:45

No. 563539

File: 1524521488276.png (227.93 KB, 1352x1116, hat pic.png)

No. 563547

File: 1524521780262.png (560.86 KB, 735x746, 3.png)

No. 563549

Srs question, did june actually write/draw this stuff? Hmm, maybe she's not that bad after all..

But then there's this. Give me a fucking break, does anyone seriously buy this shit? Quiet wallflower lmao

No. 563550

File: 1524521979595.png (487.43 KB, 714x420, 4753ec4897b4e0a9b8af45a7e742b3…)

Check the date of those asks, she probably said those evasive/dishonest answers before she came out as a hair puller in her blog.

He looks more like "JUST" Brenden Frasier

No. 563552

File: 1524522116222.png (439.25 KB, 700x574, aMFXMSW.png)

yeah june, it's the spitting image uwu

No. 563562

File: 1524522412914.png (902.81 KB, 1347x691, DtP6AoY.png)

isn't that shooped pic from one of these threads?

No. 563563

File: 1524522417550.jpg (44.89 KB, 600x494, cartoon grocery.jpg)

I think he looks like the way sp did steven seagal except with worse facial hair, slightly different hairline and he'd be wearing his "wannabe canadian lumberjack" plaid outfit.

No. 563564

No. 563566

File: 1524522747526.png (28.19 KB, 451x245, ttfdQuv.png)

>half of my fans are underaged
yeah no shit

No. 563576

File: 1524523221823.png (27.95 KB, 643x225, gyShmyk.png)

No. 563583

File: 1524523666500.jpg (7.89 KB, 235x200, morty.jpg)

is there anything more pathetic than "red pilled women"?

No. 563585

she admitted it in this (now deleted) blog post http://archive.is/07jwE

No. 563588

File: 1524523887688.png (603.69 KB, 670x1058, mtzvKzd.png)

No. 563597

>everyone says
Where are these people because jesus christ this starting to anger me. Its one thing when people go "haha you look like blah" but, saying multiple ppl share your delusion for thinking prego is this stud is insane. That or she's trying to make her lala land fantasy version of him be a reality despite him being a 300 lb ugly Buddha belly manchild.

Like enjoy him yourself wig, don't start this pretend notion that other girls find him hot, the ones who "do" are just saying it for your attention or trying to imitate you(wich is weirdly common among her female fans, some how they're even more bland and boring than her??).

No. 563600

Shoe has the creativity and artistic ability of a plank of wood

No. 563602

That whole tweet though
Fucking OOF

No. 563604

If they don't care about getting married, why even get engaged? There was absolutely no point, since their relationship hasn't changed at all.

Nothing they do makes one bit of sense to me and it's fucking up my whole existence.

No. 563608

just like her ass

No. 563623

File: 1524526919150.png (362.56 KB, 693x541, ddlg antics.png)

No. 563631

File: 1524527137577.png (57.86 KB, 637x389, jHl40jG.png)

No. 563632

I wouldn't be surprised if June had some sort of inferiority complex wrt Greg's ex-wife and probably threw around attitude/not-so-subtle hints until he finally caved. The whole thing about how she doesn't care is complete bullshit, just like most everything she says.

No. 563643

lool anon a+

No. 563644

This is great and you should be proud

No. 563660

File: 1524529251040.jpg (203.61 KB, 1024x832, pXCSFnd.jpg)

No. 563664

Iirc she mentioned wearing a wig in her video responding to all the candid drama.

No. 563679

File: 1524530301171.png (530.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180422-190103.png)


No. 563684

File: 1524530565071.png (570.46 KB, 720x1103, 20180423_203719.png)

Shoe constantly shits on anime and people who like it but does this i cant

No. 563688

"Im nearly 30 and my boyfriend bought me dolls"

like this is kinda sad not gonna lie

No. 563689

God fucking dammit she's so sad.

No. 563690

is that james from big time rush

No. 563691

File: 1524531053502.png (17.37 KB, 483x246, BS3ln6a.png)

what a smol widdle anime-loving gurl uwu. what a qt shy nerd uwu

No. 563696

I don't get why she wants the anime aesthetic yet hates anime. Like what is she trying to do. Who is she trying to pander to with this.

No. 563702

File: 1524532730862.png (8.84 KB, 445x161, yuck.png)

from gregory's askfm

No. 563708

Shes trying to be chanster xDDDD "anime is trash LOL" except this only works form people who like it and just being sarcastic. She claims to like it now because its becoming "cool" to be an awkward nerd gurl uwu but never name any titles beside for watching pokemon and sailor moon at 10(so original!). Its especially annoying how she use anime loli for her rp little speak on twitter. So much cringe. She's so fake it hurts.

No. 563712

that's so gross

No. 563716

>june looks like a loli
>june has womanly hips and butt
Which one is it. She can't be both

No. 563717

Yes it is also

>implying that old ass man even can hold a candle to him

No. 563723

File: 1524533967800.png (Spoiler Image, 443.95 KB, 490x540, Djiokqi.png)

what a gentleman

No. 563728

File: 1524534481453.png (343.89 KB, 659x573, 8nC1cl3.png)

No. 563739


I send cute pics like this to my bf PRIVATELY and just once in a while, but this… this is too much, Jesus

No. 563742


wait, are these Greg's siblings? Lol, he's the only doping looking fat one.

No. 563744

I'm going to throw up.

No. 563749

File: 1524535317572.png (9.71 KB, 438x176, eXguWcz.png)

No. 563750


Does wig actually think she looks like a little girl? Dressing up in cheap loli gear and collars doesn't take away from the fact her face she is aging badly and looks like a 30yo hot topic employee who never quite emotionally left high school.

No. 563752

File: 1524535432800.png (10.78 KB, 445x136, vMD32ln.png)

No. 563753

they're most likely her headmates

No. 563754

File: 1524535553179.png (9.99 KB, 440x135, FCyq5pn.png)

shoe's engaged to a TERF

No. 563760

Apparently her fans think she does, but she looks her age. I can't wait for her to age more so they'll stop enabling her. Or maybe they'll continue to tell her what a cute uwu little she is and she'll embarrass herself more.

No. 563761


ot, but I find it funny that Blaire White's friends have this to say about her, but she still bullshits about how skeptic-tube is accepting and loving of her. Lol.

No. 563764

but doesnt blaire not care about going in the mens bathroom?

No. 563768


She's said a several times that she doesn't care for the whole debate, but that she prefers to use the womens bathroom and all passing trans people should use the bathroom of their choice. What I'm saying is, Blaire would go IN on this post if it were from a TERF-type. I just love how she acts like her clique isn't remotely transphobic.


she was dressed like a retarded discount Avril Lavigne but now calls herself goth. LMAO

No. 563774

File: 1524536642718.png (82.05 KB, 630x638, AUzvoHo.png)

apparently she's still "goth"

No. 563778


No. 563779

How recent was this lol?

No. 563780

File: 1524536980083.jpg (50.71 KB, 544x636, CrN0B0jVIAIVFQf.jpg)


Anyone who thinks dressing like THIS


this is literally a date. 2016.

No. 563782

>protip these arent the best years of your life
then why does she keep trying to relive them?

No. 563795

Why does she keep insisting she's goth? it's the weirdest of the lies she tells. She's normie/basic-bitch tier.

No. 563800

She probably thinks her raccoon eyeliner = goth

No. 563801

She literally tries to shoehorn herself into any other group just to feel special
What's next?

No. 563803

i know it makes her a pretty penny but being known as ‘the lady who fell in love with mras’ for the rest of your life would be so embarrassing

No. 563804

Someone tell her she's not goth. There has to be someone already telling her this, because her being goth just does not apply.

No. 563814

Inb4 "I was a furry"

No. 563820

File: 1524538749272.png (14.74 KB, 585x150, joek.png)

No. 563824

File: 1524538803728.png (17.58 KB, 443x211, U2IjWBJ.png)


No. 563827

Holy moly

No. 563829

Are there any deplorable men she won't ass kiss? She's said stuff like this about lolicons/pedos too. I wouldn't be surprised if she started spouting shit like "rape is justified in some cases, I don't think rapists are as bad as people make them out to be" next. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 563833

"anime is trash I've probably only ever watched normie tier shit like yu-gi-oh or pokemon when i was a kid like everyone else but other than that i'm okay with using it for my own personal gain i-i mean nyaaa loli kawaii uh desu-ne!"

No. 563838

so she's in to kitten play along with ddlg?

No. 563842

File: 1524539631311.png (213.41 KB, 608x516, what about ur trans girl frien…)

No. 563843

File: 1524539639548.png (331.66 KB, 791x857, 1.png)

No. 563845

File: 1524539731638.png (250.88 KB, 625x480, uhUxMN2.png)

No. 563847

No makeup goes for your eyebrows too wiggy

No. 563850

File: 1524539936226.png (385.11 KB, 640x600, vDH1du1.png)

No. 563855

File: 1524540415948.jpg (66.09 KB, 1165x753, zimbawe.jpg)

She used to like the Big Bang Theory. Do you guys think she self inserted as Penny, a "pretty" normie girl orbited by all these autistic noodle dicks? Barzopple.

No. 563856


god how pathetic do you have to be to want to be a pretty normie girl who hangs out with fucking autistic nerds?

No. 563858

File: 1524540831901.png (370.02 KB, 684x1092, f4L3ByT.png)

No. 563861

lmao she can't win with these ppl. can't wait til they full on cannibalize her

No. 563864

File: 1524541058831.jpg (95.08 KB, 1170x756, smutchy.jpg)

No. 563866

this is the normiest instagram imaginable. why does she shy away from the normie label when she clearly is one

No. 563874

his dad is probably around 70 and he's in way better shape than groceries. what a nice looking family (if you crop out groceries)

No. 563875


I mean, I guess not all your kids can be attractive.

And compared to her sister, June got the short end of the stick too.

No. 563888


No. 563889

i've never seen her sister. pics?

No. 563890

File: 1524541973503.jpg (90.35 KB, 877x650, maxresdefault.jpg)

but do you think June's sister shoops her hips too, or (tragically) does June's sister just have an ass and June just doesn't

No. 563893

File: 1524542158560.jpg (34.85 KB, 300x450, FASHYASFUCK.jpg)

Nice body, but her sister is not attractive in the face at all lol. There mother must be a major alcoholic, prob why June hates women so much.

No. 563899


never meant attractive in the face. But she definitely has a nicer body compared to June's….which makes her overall, more attractive. June literally has no fucking shape to her body at all…then again, her sister is athletics and all, while June is a college drop out who sits on her ass 24/7.

No. 563901

>which makes her overall, more attractive.

I respectfully disagree.

No. 563905

File: 1524542576490.png (98.4 KB, 666x742, kpWfF64.png)

as you all can see, june's attempts at liberal pandering have gone swimmingly

No. 563908

File: 1524542716731.jpg (59.11 KB, 878x646, Untitled.jpg)

while lurking on June's sisters IG, I found this photo and wow, I get that June sucks at makeup and all and acts like she's really good at it, but how much fucking powder do you have on your face to get this bad of flashback? Like, Flashback Mary has nothing on this

No. 563915

File: 1524543016185.jpg (26.66 KB, 640x241, C9i9MWbXkAAG-HJ.jpg)


No. 563916

File: 1524543035937.png (557.03 KB, 650x573, body.png)

oh wow she looks skinny here

maybe, this picture was from not tooo long ago and her arm is behind her ass, and basically, no ass. the right picture is from like 2013, so when she was younger, but in general, this seems to be the laporta body type. broad shoulders, no hips, and most of the weight gain goes to the arms

No. 563919

June's sister is an athlete
Hence better body

No. 563923

Peep the tiny tits too more evidence for that infamous boob job since breast size is genetic after all

No. 563935

When do you guys think she had her boob job? Because there are photos of her in 2012 with kinda big tits (for her size) and there are photos of her from 2014 where she looks extremely flat chested

No. 563941

Is it just me or is her nose shaped the way June's nose used to look in some of the 17-20 pictures?

No. 563945

Maybe she's lying about her age? Wouldn't put it past her.

No. 563957

Also, does anyone find it sad and telling that she compares herself to Rupunzel?

No. 563960

File: 1524544169404.jpg (18.61 KB, 500x500, feels beautiful man.jpg)

No. 563969

File: 1524544410058.png (1.77 MB, 1239x641, 1520632575594.png)

see what I mean? I have reason to believe she wearing inserts or something in the 2012 photo, but I can't really figure out when she actually got her boobjob because her boob size is super inconsistent (from either shooping or wearing inserts)

No. 563979

i see what you mean, but look at how cheap that dress is. cheap dresses tend to swallow your boobs because they're poorly fitting and made of poor quality fabric. it could just be the taobao tier dress

No. 563984

File: 1524544899972.png (426.09 KB, 720x916, 20180424_003830.png)

Please June stay away from things I like thank you

No. 563985

As a makeup artist, find it counterproductive that Wig droops her eyeliner. The thing with makeup is, you do it to give the illusion that your current features look different. So since she has droopy FAS eyes, she should make her wing go up instead of droop down and then go up. Her current makeup literally makes her look even worse

No. 563994

File: 1524545113424.png (15.84 KB, 539x166, UQ20fDa.png)

i think you're safe

No. 563997

She has no fucking taste not that the alt sounds of demon days was bad but the Gorillaz are in their element with hip hop and edm

/sage for music sperg

No. 563998

Thank you regards another gorillaz fan

No. 564003

I'm not really a Gorillaz fan, I haven't listened to them, but her obsession with Marina and The Diamonds makes me cringe because she ruins everything she touches….stay away from good music June. Please.

No. 564010

This is hilarious. Life’s really catching up to her now. Wig, if your want “wamen” to befriend you, maybe you should stop being so hostile towards them and regard them as actual human beings.
Remember that list of requirements to be her (female) friend she had posted on her ask.fm?
No wonder she can’t keep a friendship with people other than men and trans people.

No. 564022

File: 1524546152710.jpg (35.62 KB, 423x348, 28z2yq.jpg)

pls anon 'i want wamen friends' is all an act

No. 564024

When the fourth album came out she always said it was bad and overly political you should have seen it but yeah no prob lol

No. 564031

I bet she only listened to feel good inc and dare and then declared herself as a total gorillaz fan

btw they aren't my favorite band but I love doyathing and their more recent song Strobelite. I can't see wig's scene goth wannabe ass liking either of those songs

No. 564034


I actually subbed to her when I heard Kids with Guns playing in her Outro, thinking she couldn't be terrible if she liked Gorillaz, boy was I not prepared for this shitshow she would become, but it lead me here so it ain't all bad.

No. 564040

And kids with guns isn’t political lmao

No. 564043

File: 1524547377273.jpg (112.94 KB, 854x864, 1501220167729.jpg)


This is June.

No. 564046

I don't think any woman could be friends with June. She's pathetic, unfunny, downright mean to literally any woman she sees as competition. She will never shut up about her cringey ass sex life. She thinks her shitty behavior is cute. She tries so hard to be cool. And she is just fucking annoying.

Before she pulls a "I guess I have few women friends because I'm not a feminist" shit. I'm not even a feminist and I have women friends…why? Because I'm not fucking annoying.

No. 564052

Kids with guns isnt the fourth album (humanz) she would tweet about the humanz being overly political like no? The messages are pretty vague where they could be applied to current events but the album is really speaking in general

No. 564054

Did you see the bdsm thing she did with that Brittany chick? She barely speaks in collab things too all she does is giggle like a retard it's so obnoxious

No. 564055


No. 564059

Yep that chick was also caught hella flirting with skeptic in tweets loool

No. 564064


Brittany is a lesbian tho? I can't actually believe she'd be flirting with him.

No. 564065

Sorry anon i meant kids with guns is very political and she use to have it in her outro, so its hypocritical for her to complain about political music when they havebeen political from day.

No. 564066

Ah no worries, i agree though

No. 564068

What happened to those tweets of her alluding to seeing his dick then?

No. 564070

I dunno maybe that's a bit of a reach then?

No. 564072

>Before she pulls a "I guess I have few women friends because I'm not a feminist" shit. I'm not even a feminist and I have women friends…why? Because I'm not fucking annoying.
Fucking same anon. It's weird one minute she's gloating about being an antifeminist that has female feminist friends cause she's sooo open and then next she goes whining that she has none.

I think the big reason next to her being annoying is she's fucking boring "i want female friends to talk about make ups with );" …yeah and? That's like just the topping to having a girl friend, everything else wig has to offer is her blabbing about how bdsm and anti feminist she is. Maybe if she had interests outside of her stupid internet persona she'd have irl friends. Her online ones all look like they just want to leach off of her current efame.

No. 564075

File: 1524548846736.png (1.02 MB, 722x880, meh.png)

Awkward post but these are all pre-2010/2010 photos for reference. I personally don't think she has implants but who knows.

No. 564078

Im pretty sure shes bi and is in a dumb bdsm open relationship with some cuck aka what shoe and grocery want to be but can't fulfill cause they're insufferable even for degenerates

No. 564080


exactly. And shit tons of ecelebs have hobbies and friends irl…so I don't see why she doesn't have any. Probably from her being a depressed fuck who lays in bed all day. I know I had no friends when I did that.


yeah, me either tbqh. I just think she wears/stuffs pushup bras or something. Stuffing and wearing the right bra can make your boobs look like two cups bigger.

No. 564081

No. 564087

File: 1524549300646.png (13.71 KB, 479x196, ryHQnps.png)

No. 564089

cant be that she doesnt have them now. remember her confirmed topless photo that kenny stole from her phone? unless she had another woman's nude taking a photo of their breast w the same phone that she had at the time, actually on her phone for kenny to steal, they're fake. she probably stuffed/wore padded bras back then to compensate for her tiny titties. look at difference between braless pic and the halloween costume. the confirmed nude that kenny stole (like 2013) has to be of fake tits. the refund gap and firmess looks NOTHING like the above pic of her braless, nor does she have the same firmness in the halloween pics

kind of ot but i was going to get implants for my tiny boobs and i wore heavily padded bras to make it seem seamless when i got the implants. it's not uncommon. a lot of people on breast implant forums discuss this tactic.

No. 564090

File: 1524549333392.png (62 KB, 449x507, dysooGx.png)

No. 564092


I find it super gross when guys talk about polyamory like this. It really makes them look like their current partner isn't enough for them…probably why June is so insecure. I think polyamory rarely works out well, but it should be a mutual thing and if you'd be down to have another woman in the bedroom, you'd be a hypocrite to say you wouldn't be down to have another man.

No. 564093


I understand what you're saying anon, but it still seems confusing. They look smallish in the bikini photo but not to the point that implants would be necessary? It just seems strange I guess.

No. 564097

But if shoe claims to be bi who prefer women sexually, it be more likely she could be owned/belonged by another woman than man

He sounds weirdly scared that a man would steal her away despite all her talk about only finding men sexually attractive until after there is an emotional connection

Their stories are all messed up.

No. 564107

Men and people like June usually don't view girl/girl relationships as anything but a sex thing for men to get off to, which is what she meant by "im more sexually attracted to wimmin uwuwu"

No. 564111

eh, they look pretty dang small, tbh. i've seen women with bigger boobs say they have "no boobs" and have a serious complex about their breasts, so people have definitely gotten them for less reason. plus, being that she has been borderline anachan with her weight obsession, she might have gotten thinner than that bikini pic and was unhappy with how tiny theyd get when she was at her ultimate goal weight

No. 564122

File: 1524552118562.jpg (111.55 KB, 656x1468, 3HdYwYm.jpg)

No. 564124


normally when I see couples being cute on twitter, I think it's….ya know….cute. But I swear to god this is how 14yo couples interact on my tl. Ugh.

No. 564127

File: 1524552618230.png (398.04 KB, 633x446, ftG3K7W.png)

No. 564130


No. 564141


I think we should bring awareness to men's mental health but it's so cringey that June is such an MRA try hard. If this placemat was about women, June woulda been like "but what about menn thooooo"

No. 564144

God forbid a man kills himself but if they're thrown off a rooftop for being gay its a laugh go away june nobody cares if skepdouche an heroes.

No. 564156

>much bigger flabbier gut that his actual father

No. 564158

This proves nothing outside of her having implants in 2010, just save it, at this point her implant deniers are just fanboys who belong in the ps fraud thread

No. 564160

can you shut the fuck up? not everyone that has a different opinion than you is her fanboy.

No. 564161

I wonder if her parents paid for them. I knew someone who was super insecure about their nose and their parents paid for them a nose job so that they'd be more happy. I bet June's parents did that for June. Besides, from all current knowledge, she didn't have a job in high school and she logically (if she had them) got them around 18-19. She didn't start working for Benefit's makeup counter until she dropped out of college, I remember her saying that was her first job.


why can't we all just be nice to eachother plz

No. 564163

Damn is shoe sending these to skepdick now to? Because sending it to herself wasn't enough

No. 564166

Most likely, they're willing to buy her wigs and film school she dropped out of, she comes from money and theres tons of teens who get implants with daddys money

Okay fangirl, its pretty much just a fact by now her tits are fake, i dont even know why you're still trying to refute a 5 yr old argument

No. 564175

> trying to refute a 5 yr old
this would trigger Wig so much given she is a borderline pedoapologist.

No. 564184

>5 yr old argument

No. 564206

Her breasts look waaayyyy smaller than they do now in the pic at the top left corner. They don't even look the same size as the other photos. That could have been around the time she got implants or she could have been stuffing her bra like the other anons said. It's super easy to make your tits look huge by wearing two push up bras together as well.

No. 564222

tbh when i saw that she was looking for a female friend two weeks ago, i kind of felt for her. i recently moved after graduating college for work, and the vast majority of my co-workers are male, the only females are all significantly (30ish years) older than me.

but then i snapped back to reality and realized that it's not a surprise she doesn't have any friends and i'd rather be a cat lady (i'm seriously allergic) than have her as my BFF.

then coincidentally the next day, my coworkers wife and her (female) workmates joined us for lunch and we all hit it off and i have girl friends now

(saged, sorry i had to tell someone)

No. 564223

fug i didn't mean to respond to that anon

anyway i think having shoe as a female friend would be torture that the soviets wouldn't be able to handle. because

>no interests that don't revolve grocery in some way

having flashbacks from in junior high when a friend would get a boyfriend and you'd never see them again or they'd invite their bf to everything you guys do

No. 564232

Why does June remind me so much of the little girl from this scene? I think it's the overbite.

No. 564233


The thing is if you do bring awareness to men's mental problems, you also bring awareness to problems with masculinity and men's upbringing.

Then dumb shitheads MRAs and handmaidens aka June start to whine how poor baby men are being emasculated by evil harpies while not doing anything about solving men's shit themselves.

What the fuck do they want then? Whine about women for daring to take care of their own rights and position in society, of course.

June, if you are so concerned with it, then do some proper research and bring actual awareness instead of just spamming useless shit on Twitter.
Oh yeah, you can't, because you are a self-proclaimed airheaded footstool for an obese man with learning disabilities.

No. 564256

File: 1524574282144.png (572.82 KB, 862x570, WAKE ME UP (can't wake up).png)


not anymore, Anon. not anymore.

No. 564271

June reminds me of a worse Dee Reynolds (character wise, excluding the illegal shit obvs)lol

No. 564276

File: 1524576227835.png (75.86 KB, 715x706, 20180424_092159.png)

This would be a reach regarding any other woman, but knowing her personality and character this is kinda eerie.

No. 564281

June doing this interview was such a naive mistake. I mean who cares about what you do behind closed doors as long as it’s safe and it makes you happy. But being that candid about her weird sex life online will come back to bite her. I’ve been involved in a kink community irl, and they’re all extremely secretive for good reason.

Also stuff like unresolved trauma and mental illness being the root cause of many kinks gets completely swept under the rug so people can get off on it or take advantage of it. A lot of gross predatory shit happens in BDSM, and it’s debateable on how consensual it is when someone’s been a victim of mental illness their whole lives.

No. 564282

Is there a thread for this chick. She’s so mentally unstable.

The other day I came across this video she uploaded of herself doing a voice-over explaining what was happening to a clip she filmed of herself crying for like 30 minutes. Apparently she has BPD.

No. 564303

Where anon? I can't find it.

No. 564304

I saw that too shit was disturbing af is she medicated for it at all?
/sage for slight ot

No. 564356

She's also a result of incest. Not even joking. Look it up.

No. 564361

ngl she looks it, but this is why liberal feminism/sex positive 'feminist' kink culture is so dangerous. it recruits profoundly fucked up, usually abused, women, into indulging sadistic men and their fetishes to make them feel special/not like other girls, all under the guise of 'choice'. these women are all fucking messes and need a sabbatical.

No. 564402

That’s not very sex positive of you anon you vanilla normie UwU

No. 564471

File: 1524593973549.png (120.81 KB, 540x561, aArC0e3.png)

>says that shes a sub in a 24/7 BDSM relationship
>goes out of her way to defend her bf on social media because apparently he can't defend himself

No. 564474

Clearly you just don't understand their complex dynamic

No. 564526

I wonder if they realise that their dynamic resembles that of a doting mom and spoiled little boy more than a dom daddy/little girl. Preg’s only “dom” in that he’s the one being catered to but June treats him more like a developmentally delayed son than a dad. If Preg had a real job and didn’t win Employee of the Month, June would probably DIY him a badge out of craft paper and glitter glue.

No. 564528

File: 1524596606576.jpg (92.18 KB, 800x1025, _20180424_150134.JPG)

She's really obsessed with him.

No. 564535


Vid of June’s bpd friend just crying on camera

No. 564550

Pls put yt videos in the yt field

No. 564563

File: 1524599565082.png (83.73 KB, 777x692, 1.png)

>people who say that about me
lol she totally lurks wow

No. 564564

Makes sense. I thought she looked pretty Jewish.

No. 564570

File: 1524600209925.png (74.08 KB, 748x606, 2.png)

No. 564571

File: 1524600235137.png (91.46 KB, 785x668, 3.png)

No. 564573

File: 1524600283738.png (519.22 KB, 749x760, 1.png)

No. 564576

File: 1524600490838.jpg (72.61 KB, 750x711, ew.jpg)

No. 564581

what the fuck

No. 564583

Also no thread someone make one lol

No. 564591

File: 1524601137875.png (386.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180422-191910.png)

Pretransition Derek? Looks like him

No. 564593

not just her. all of the "skeptic" youtubers.

sage for ot, the guy should have been jailed for at least 1 year. an 800 GBP fine is just to easy fine for this and if he doesn't pay it… jail the fucker. you don't change the law by disobeying it ffs.

No. 564599

Yeah, that's "him".

No. 564634

File: 1524605837907.png (402.81 KB, 642x620, eOZy6WE.png)

No. 564635

Sweet Dee is actually hilarious unlike June

No. 564640

is she laughing cause she's an anti-fem with a cheating man?

No. 564641

ew, what the fuck. They're so gross and cringy. Also, June is overcompensating for something

No. 564643

File: 1524606859204.png (65.05 KB, 611x303, dN869sl.png)

she's been posting old videos of herself everyday. is that her hobby? watching herself? sad. why would she wanna be in the film industry if she barely watches tv/film kek
political lesbianism is retarded and all but i'd rather see a video about this from an actual lesbian than an uninformed straight woman like june

No. 564644

File: 1524606888489.png (307.59 KB, 630x578, but what about candid.png)

No. 564647

No one is this retarded. No one should be fined for a joke, is this June trying to prove she’s not obsessed with count dankulas corpulent flesh, she “totally” likes fat guys
after all. Fake ass bitch.

No. 564649

No that’s Faith, her friend or cousin.

No. 564653

I doubt she's actually pro-free speech when she interacts with trannies who want women to be killed for talking about biological reality.

No. 564659

Oh my god ew

No. 564662

If nobody should be punished for a joke… then why do you bash wig who is always "joking"?

Free speech in her mind is blocking everyone who doesn't agree with her.
That says a lot to me.

No. 564664


>The thing is if you do bring awareness to men's mental problems, you also bring awareness to problems with masculinity and men's upbringing

I was going to say that but I felt it would be misplaced in this thread….but you read my mind tbh.


I'd normally say that transitioning makes people look 100x worse, but that definitely helped Derrick. He's actually kinda attractive rn…as a girl…no so much

No. 564673

except it's not really a joke. it's boundary pushing for the sake of it. the UK has had laws like this for like forever. just like it's illegal to nazi salute in germany. if you can't do the bare minimum and not act like a piece of shit, publicly, then he should renounce his UK citizenship and move to mali, where they'll let him and his dog roman salute 'for teh lulz' in a dilapidated shack all day long. the holocaust is already denied and downplayed, and neo-nazis and nazi sentiment is spreading like wildfire. minimizing genocide and genocidal thought isn't a joke. if you know the law that was enacted as a result of the deaths of millions upon millions of people, and you choose to violate it for edgepoints, soz, you belong in jail or fined up the asshole

she tries to shutdown radfems all the time but "free speeeech!!"

No. 564676

Aren't trannies ironically homophobes because they want to erase gay people by pretending to dress as the opposite sex.

Exactly. She wants to pretend she cares about gay people, but she really gives zero shits. She only cares about men, including Blaire and other ftm trannies.

No. 564677

File: 1524608991690.png (267.26 KB, 636x922, MhXJTNw.png)

No. 564684

I don’t want her legally punished, I think we all have a right to say whatever and be criticized for it.

No. 564685

It is a joke and people are allowed to be edgy retards and we’re allowed to deride them.

No. 564686

File: 1524609998309.png (19.77 KB, 597x165, 7nEdbLI.png)

No. 564688

File: 1524610239151.png (115.97 KB, 631x415, XVHNC4I.png)

No. 564690

Her self awareness has gone below zero

No. 564692

File: 1524610509519.png (22.21 KB, 625x193, oh my god.png)

No. 564693

File: 1524610514200.gif (147 KB, 320x240, 1371272651380.gif)

>shoe giving life advice
>shoe telling others THEY need to get friends and travel the world
>shoe telling people to get a hobby
LOL she doesn't have or done any of these besides "focus on yourself"but it's not in the same way as she meant, she's just self absorbed

No. 564698

File: 1524610903890.png (16.26 KB, 623x157, F4LC2Ih.png)

No. 564699

Why is this advice good and this >>564677 bad?
I just can't understand her at all.

No. 564701

is she seriously fucking defending the asshole who killed 10 people by making him out to be a lonely man who needed sex??!

No. 564702

June, sweety, you need to see a fucking therapist.

No. 564703

File: 1524610986798.png (232.32 KB, 600x618, U3Zes2E.png)

No. 564706

File: 1524611324272.jpg (349.77 KB, 2048x1360, 3.jpg)

other anon is right. that's her cousin/family friend

No. 564711

OMFG my sides!
> or stay in a bad one
The fucking irony.

No. 564715


Are you guys missing what she’s saying? She’s not agreeing with him.

No. 564726

File: 1524612267059.png (27.36 KB, 651x227, FRv2z0b.png)

Get ready for the cringe, guys.

No. 564736


Maybe she knows the whole honeymoon period with her and skeptic is over she's trying to relive those fun/funny moments with him it's pretty sad tbh my bf and I have been together for about as long as June and skeptic we were also ldr we moved in with each other after a year and have just moved in to a house together… things should be more stable between them…

No. 564749

File: 1524613281027.png (31.21 KB, 232x236, wet.PNG)

fuck, I lel'd

No. 564765

i'm trying to imagine the things they'll list
1. date obese men cause they're tots hawt and it makes u feel smol uwu
2. become ddlg bdsm when people start making pedo loli jokes about ur relationship cause lol memes but, no srsly it's the most pure and real relationship dynamic out there. everyone will be so jelly when you post about daddy uwu
3.be open to poly/threesome cause it's not liike those other cunty gross whores are sticking arounnd. daddy deserves his slaves
4. let daddy openly flirt on social media. this one is really important it show how strong your relationship is because girls who get jealous over their daddy talking to other whores are so insecure plus he such an alpha dom he can do watever he wants while you lick cheeto dust of his feet
5. speaking about alpha!! remind everyone you know how totally alpha daddy is, even when he "isn't" teehee jk but, um like srsly anyone can be alpha as long as you don't get embarrassed over things like wasting your money on star wars dolls or making comics that are drawn worse than sonichu. oh and everyone who says daddy isn't alpha IS A TOTAL BETA GUY girls never judge daddy cause they all want his totally HUGE dick
and lastly 6. TALK ABOUT UR SEX LIFE ALL THE TIME this one is huuuuuugggee(like daddy :3) because if you don't how will everyone know that your totally having hardcore bdsm kittenplay ddlg hot sex times? What's the point of having a relationship without exploiting it to the world?

No. 564788

seriously she has 2 personalities or some shit, i cant believe someone could have so little self awareness of themselves and their actions. what the fuck

No. 564797


June reminds me of myself whenever I was like 13 and has seriously depressed. She has half of her, which is this very outgoing and extrovert personality that makes her (on the outside) seem like she's happy and she jokes about how she feels. Then she has another personality that is how she really feels deep down, which is a lack of motivation, lack of interest in life, and a myriad of other other symptoms of Major Depression. I guess the only difference is, my depression is Chronic while hers is situational. I am 100% sure if she would have graduated college, had friends, got a job, got a place to stay, found a partner that actually liked her as a person and not as a doormat, she'd be a lot more happy.

To be quite honest, I think she not only needs a therapist, but a life coach as well. While it might seem like common sense to most people on what they should do in life to be happy, I don't think June has enough real world experience to do so.

No. 564806

File: 1524617607113.jpg (12.92 KB, 800x149, _20180424_205158.JPG)

All mgtows are redpill rage is she retarded

No. 564807

File: 1524617674343.png (126.71 KB, 637x533, HH5O4bj.png)

Remember when Shoe voted for Jill Stein

No. 564816

This bitch was literally posting mgtows on her twitter and mocking them not too long ago. Does she have any fucking firm convictions at all? Any personality?

No. 564820

>Does she have any fucking firm convictions at all?
hating women and protecting men from them. that's it. that's her only core belief

No. 564822

Which one is it do you support mgtows or hate them?
Leave it to june to support men who screech about how awful all women are all day, mgtows even hate her, she truly will defend anything with a weenie

No. 564830

She just has a personal grudge against roosh v cause he wrote an article mocking how fake she is.

No. 564835

The one thing I can agree with Roosh on.

No. 564852

She voted for stein?

No. 564853

Actually if you aren’t having sex and relationships when everyone else is, you really should find out what the deal is. Like June you’ve been in relationships since you were 21? 22? Who are you to be giving that advice?

Unless it’s by choice for some reason (asexually or religion) and there are other groups of people who share your convictions that you can bond with:

No. 564869

It looks like she is ridiculing Roosh for making that argument. I surprised myself, actually lol'd at her tweet here.

Tbh I really think June can be more self aware than we care to acknowledge. See these >>563549

Her personality is still mostly poison though. If only she could grow up and take on some real adult responsibilities I think it would transform her.

No. 564874

File: 1524622455642.png (152.97 KB, 576x392, roosh.png)

No. 564875

File: 1524622464988.png (72.57 KB, 486x894, xMoEHga.png)

it was on her askfm i think. can't find it but found this.
>i haven't been anywhere near an imageboard since 2011

No. 564877

File: 1524622681856.jpeg (8.46 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)

No. 564878

June “I love all mgtows cept the ones that mock ME” Lapine

No. 564882

Calling herself "really really ridiculously good looking", kek

No. 564890

>doosh v

No. 564910

To be fair, some dip made a comic with a shoe look alike character…and there was that Rick and Morty character someone submitted. For sure they wouldn’t be title characters though.

No. 564913

all of her self awareness is 'ironic' or self deprecating for the sake of not being offended when someone else insults her. it's like when she preemptively calls herself a comedian with shit takes despite being unfunny as all fuck but then acts like her arguments are super serious. she does it because she thinks she can weasel out of having stupid/uninformed opinions that way. her pre-emptive insults aimed at herself work in the same way.

she can claim she thinks she's ugly or whatever, but she has boasted about how attractive she is, endlessly, and has never really seemed to waiver on it. for all the crap she deletes, she doesn't delete things about her own appearance and how great her waistline is, how she doesn't get pimples, how cute and smol she is, how her 'tits defy gravity', etc. and she clearly doesn't think she's boring or uninteresting, or else she wouldn't have a youtube channel/been trying to get e-famous for the better half of 10 years

No. 564918

So is acne but June doesn’t have that ~uwu~

No. 564924

File: 1524628486917.png (63.57 KB, 603x291, wLUwyMr.png)

No. 564929

was her profile always private? it's private rn

No. 564950

Nope. Recent development I believe.

No. 564954

I am not sure. When I followed her, she was.

No. 564960

her sis doesn't have acne though? if anything her sisters skin is better than junes, hopefully that doesn't trigger her

did she lie about her family having acne to seem like ~the attractive genetically blessed one~ or?

No. 564965

File: 1524634310624.jpg (37.33 KB, 596x258, m7z3Qrv.jpg)

yes which is ironic because she wrote that whole spergfest about feminism being the ~humblebrag movement~

No. 564974

well fuck, I didn't think she would stoop that low

I mean MAYBE her sister and parents could have had "bad acne" when they were younger but I have yet to see a picture of this, and there's no scarring either

No. 564980

ok, I might have just overlooked this, but does anyone know why June goes by "Lapine" and not "La Porta" like her parents and sister go by. I know her actual last name is "La Porta" but why did she refer to herself (and still does) as "Lapine"?

No. 564981

Lapin = rabbit in french

No. 564994

File: 1524637005703.png (9.63 KB, 477x158, bexey.png)

lapin means rabbit in french. she's such a cute loli bunbun girl that LOVES BUNBUNS, anon! cute uwu bunbun girls also think it's totally fine to feed rabbits of all ages to snakes. bunbun girls love condoning the killing of bunnies you supposedly love so much just to be fed to edgelord pets. she so loves her bunbuns!!!! like i get that snakes need to eat, but retards don't need to own snakes that would need to eat rabbits over gassed, very young mice (larger snakes). they're a liability to everyone and it's very unlike owning a cat or dog. there's simply no reason for the average person to own that kind of animal. i don't even like rabbits and i find this very heartless. coupled with the fact that this idiot woman shoves poor ollie into a thimble sized cage, it really just shows this woman is disingenuous garbage.

everyone is a pizza faced small titted gargoyle except for her

No. 564997

File: 1524637360139.png (272.9 KB, 548x279, sarahlaporta.png)


what is she talking about? All the photos I've seen of her sister as a teenager, her skin was 100% clear. I attached two where you can see her face skin best.

Why even lie about that? Lol.

No. 564998

tinfoil but maybe she's a compulsive liar

No. 565000


I mean, that's basically a fact. But what would she really get out of lying about her sister having acne?

I guess she wanted to act like she was special or something. I just find it weird she'd lie about something so small

No. 565001

She doesn’t even appear to have fucked up texture due to scarring. Like wtf is she on about.

No. 565002

File: 1524637899492.png (335.87 KB, 1081x642, skinny.png)

she was also in plenty of june's videos when june was younger, so sarah was probs like 14 or so, and no acne then either so yet again, she's the most special, the most genetically blessed, the most cartoonishly curvy, etc

No. 565003


Can't wait for June to age a few years, let her metabolism slow down a bit, and watch as she slowly forms into a shapeless blob.

Also, no June, you do not have the waist size of a Disney Princess. Sorry.

No. 565004

File: 1524638083746.png (40.55 KB, 641x416, CXzwUkf.png)

>thimble sized cage
got curious to see if her followers called her out on this and they have, quite recently too. we know she reads everything @'d at her, so why hasn't she gotten the hint. it's not like she's lacking the funds to get a bigger cage

No. 565005

beautiful. i hope to see more if it. there really is LITERALLY no reason. she's making upwards of 44k a year and can't treat this rabbit that she references every fucking second of every day, better? she really does use that poor thing like a prop

No. 565006


I worked at a rabbit rescue for a while (funny enough, one of the reasons I started watching June was because she had a rabbit. Anyway,

That last person is so right. The bare minimum cage size for a guinea pig or small rabbits is around 6' long, 3' wide, and for rabbits, atleast 2' tall.

The cage she has looks to be about 2' long, 1' wide, and about 1.5' tall.

I would reccomend a cage THAT small for a hamster… or maybe two or three mice. The fact she keeps a rabbit in it is so disgusting.

Pet stores advertise those cages as "rabbit cages" but any person who did three seconds of research would no they shouldn't be used for rabbits.

No. 565008

File: 1524639075329.jpg (52.69 KB, 612x456, 7SEurfLc.jpg)

samefag, I apologize.

But here is someone using the same cage June puts her fucking RABBIT in for a dwarf hamster.

No. 565011

File: 1524639467594.jpg (22.98 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

idk all that much about rabbits but i think her rabbit is also on the large side, which makes matters much worse

No. 565016


Yeah. Definitely. He's bigger than an adult cat (in body weight, not height) so imagine someone putting a cat into a cage that small and locking it in, only letting it roam the floor for a few hours a day.

I'm also concerned as to why Ollie has no buddies. Rabbit's are social creatures and can actually die of depression. I guess that's something her and Ollie have in common. No friends. She had another bunnie a few years ago, she featured it on her IG once or twice. What ever happened to it?

No. 565017

Maybe she's saving for a cage for herself instead, since she says she's jealous of other youtubers' cages. >>564055

No. 565020

File: 1524640161042.jpg (151.35 KB, 1200x900, DLekY-4X4AEvQPa.jpg)

yeesh that's like the same exact cage she has.

No. 565021


I don't see why she wouldn't just cram herself into Ollie's cage. She is so ~ UwU smol and tiny affter awll~ ^///^~

No. 565022

File: 1524640304989.png (909.57 KB, 623x584, ollie.PNG)

how old is this photo? ollie looks a lot smaller here

this fairly recent photo of ollie looks like if he was laying down he'd be cramped or left with no room in the cage

No. 565023

kek, fucking gross. vid related
it's from october https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/916381805695160327

No. 565025

Does she keep it caged the majority of the time? Most of the times I've seen it it's usually free roaming around her house.

No. 565027

he must be really crunching himself up in that photo because when he's more spread out/relaxed he takes up a much larger proportion of the cage

he apparently pees on the couch and stuff and she has to put him back in his cage for that, so i can't imagine he spends too much time around the house

rabbits can die from literally like anything. i really don't think someone as neglectful and self important as june should have one.

No. 565028

her other bunny died during his neutering operation, which is why ollie isn't neutered.

No. 565031


I think she lets him out whenever she is home and he's in her line of vision…which is responsible and what you should do.

But with June's sleep schedule…and her not getting out of bed, I assume he spends a lot of him in his cage. Probably around 12hours a day or so. He probably stays in the cage all day when she's in Canada…unless she brings him with her.


Oh, that really sucks.


>rabbits can die from literally like anything

can confirm this. Knew someone who's rabbit died of a heart attack because she was baby sitting and the kids were running around and screaming. Buns are very sensitive.

No. 565032

seeing as how shes mentioned he often marks/pees around the house and she reprimands him for it by putting him in the cage, and that behavior is very typical for rabbits that aren't neutered, i can't see her letting him run around skepdics apartment to piss all over the place, even if she does bring him. and a pissy rabbit gets in the way of sexy 24/7 bdsm time

No. 565034



I sound so dumb, but of all the dumb shit June does, this rabbit shit makes me the most angry. I know 10yo's who treat their rabbits better than that. I wonder if she is genuinely ignorant or if she doesn't care.

No. 565046

she's referencing a line from Zoolander

June's such a hypocrite and so complex with her thought patterns. She's exactly like the people she doesn't like and acting like she's better than them. "I only allow opinions I like. Everyone else is just waiting to be made fun of."

No. 565106

Jealousy/throwing her own sister under the bus just to feel special
Isnt she like super fucked in the head due to her sister supposedly getting more attention than her since birth but also her parents spoiling her and not teaching her to be okay with not always being center of attention?
I think it's kinda sad she will try to gain as much attention and appear better than her sister as much as possible and since June values her image more than anything else in the world, of course she would claim how "everyone except her had acne and how shes the special genetically blessed snowflake unlike her fugly family!!"

Why does she lie about shit like this all the time? Does she think everyone is retarded and can't fact check her? Especially something like her sister having acne

No. 565137

didn't shoe comment on a few of their videos and streams talking about being jealous of her cage? That was mentioned in the bdsm vid.

I feel bad for this couple because some of shoe's fanbase found them and go "omg they're exactly like grocery and shoe!". Besides that it's fat guy with skinny girl, they are nothing like them. They actually act normal when they aren't doing their rp. The guy doesn't treat her like shit. They seem like decent people.

I think shoe and grocery wishes they were them and not doing "skeptic" videos. These people can talk about their sex lives cause that's how their making money, shoe and grocery can't because it doesn't have any relevance to their channels to the point it feels forced like "you can't watch our videos unless you know they we like bdsm!" why? do they get off on it? They always act like their "trying to hide it" but, it's now the second thing to their name after "anti-sjw youtubers"

No. 565140

File: 1524662719491.png (73.33 KB, 787x623, 1.png)

>the ugly masculine looking trans don't count or represent us! fuck your terfs those are just men in a sissy get ups! all trans girls totally pass
im laughing

No. 565145

Today my boyfriend asked me if we could have a threesome with june, he doesnt even know that i dislike her….

No. 565146

File: 1524663131160.png (423.51 KB, 765x794, 2.png)

>shang is bi
thanks dumblr
dump him.

No. 565147

>can confirm this
gosh, my cousin's rabbit died in a similar way. chased by a kid so it died from shock..

i've never owned a rabbit before but i own a dog and i was told by everyone that you should never punish dogs by caging them since it's their home. is it the same for rabbits? i don't know how intelligent/trainable they are…

No. 565150

File: 1524663374887.jpg (275.97 KB, 467x400, Lorena.jpg)


does he know that Groceries won't share his footstool with a penis-haver?

No. 565152

Wasn’t tranime girl talking shit about June on cognitive thoughts stream about shoe0nhead drama?

No. 565153

File: 1524663674168.png (110.52 KB, 776x678, 3.png)

doggies are better pets than buns. fight me

No. 565156


Dogs are geerally better pets than rabbits. Rabbit's affection comes from you feeding them, while dog's affection comes from you caring care of them in general and they develop a bond of loyalty. Pit bulls especially. I'm not even a dog person. That's just a fact. Dog's are just too clingy for me, and most non-dog people.

No. 565159

first contra now this, her transwomen friends don't seem to keen on her even with her constant sucking up. same with liberals, they know she's full of shit. i don't understand what she's going for with this tumblr SJW phase minus the feminism. you can't appeal to everyone, especially SJWs when you have a "problematic" past and connections like June

No. 565165


Some Anons here have really poor reading skills. Or maybe you've just Pavlov'ed your brain to react badly to anything June says even if it is common sense.

For clarification: in >>564677, she's not agreeing with Roosh, she's making fun of him. She might be a self-hater pandering to neckbeards, but she is still able to realize Roosh is a disgusting, pathetic rape apologist.

No. 565172

>but she is still able to realize Roosh is a disgusting, pathetic rape apologist
But why only him? I think she only talks shit on him is because he called her out on his stupid website. I don't think she's "realized anything". Whenever shoe hates someone, she just conveniently switches sides.

I agree with some anons on here need to read better. it gets annoying.

No. 565178

With how much Groceries loves his thicc trannies, I assume it's fine if the penis-haver identifies as female.

No. 565182

oh then maybe anon's bf should just wear a dress and make up and claim to be mtf lol

No. 565219

File: 1524670649569.png (112.38 KB, 624x764, Ss4p3gd.png)

No. 565229

This bitch just loves broadcasting how ignorant she is

No. 565230

No. 565236

File: 1524671238320.png (13.85 KB, 415x129, 3d0aTDU.png)

god forbid they're not a doormat like you june

No. 565238

She totes "muh smol [tm] purebred holland lop" all the time but if ollie is damn near the same size as skeptic's cat than he might have some mini lop in him also she got ollie from a crappy rabbit farm that she calls a "breeder"

No. 565240

So june is one of those obsessive disney fans who bitches and whines about their "deep" characters and plots when it's literally just family movies with decent animation and music? Is it because like all disney fans she barely watches any animated movies and shows outside of them?

No. 565244


Oooh i wanna see the backlash from this

No. 565249


she said she "rescued" Ollie. No, bitch. You bought him. She went to a rabbit farm, where she saw the rabbits were being treated terribly, and she funded the establishment by buying the rabbit.

No. 565257

idk the terms of your relationship but this guy sounds disrespectful and gross for like five different reasons, no offense, anon. you can do better.

No. 565258

File: 1524672347185.jpeg (330.86 KB, 900x1200, DbQudZQVMAEyIRo.jpeg)

Does he look a bit on the chubby side guys? I dont think June has ever posted how much he weighs.

No. 565260

File: 1524672555711.png (48.29 KB, 641x279, QLACKs1.png)

Everyday she tweets about watching her videos. Imagine being so narcissistic the only media you consume is your own videos or people's edits of them. No TV or movies, just shoe0nhead 24/7

No. 565261


rabbits get chubby when they're in their senior years (7-10) so I don't think that's really a big concern. He also might just have a really fluffy coat. He's a really cute rabbit. Not gonna lie. Too bad it has June for a mother.

No. 565267

No. 565268

File: 1524672885989.png (18.9 KB, 493x213, bun.png)

No. 565272


>he's actually pretty tiny

he's really not?? He's about the size of a normal rabbit. Not a large rabbit…not a small rabbit…but a normal size rabbit. Why would she lie about the size of her rabbit? Ugh. All rabbits are cute.

No. 565276


Hard to properly tell without feeling him. Rabbits hold a lot of their weight underneath at their belly. So unless they are proper obese they can look ok from above.
He doesn't look bad though for his breed.

No. 565282

File: 1524673755279.png (195.04 KB, 650x846, m5WfYNV.png)

No. 565292


This is fucking hilariously hypocritical. Wow, June. you really can't get much stupider than this.

Her cage is barely bigger.

No. 565300


Cognitive dissonance at it's realest.
Does she not realise her own cage should be used as a litter tray? Or at best a hospital cage.
Not suitable accomodation at all. Urgh.

No. 565301


They asked about her rabbit and she STILL managed to make it about herself and point out for the 23910238901824th time how "smol" she is

No. 565303

File: 1524675027419.png (94.15 KB, 780x800, um ok.png)

No. 565313

Right…what a fucking narcissist.

No. 565319

Truly the kind of quasi deep shit that Gerg would post. Between this, them being cuckqueans and the CONSTANT insistence that they're smol, these two could not be more similar to Gerg and lame.

No. 565320

>her other bunny died during his neutering operation
This is very unfortunate. I wonder if there's a chance that the vet's inexperience played a part in her other bun not surviving his neuter? Rabbits are so sensitive, if the vet wasn't well-versed in rabbits it's (sadly) not that shocking.

>which is why ollie isn't neutered

This, however, is literally fucking retarded and a terrible excuse. What June should have done is asked around and found a vet that was very experienced with rabbits, and accepted the fact that sometimes accidents happen. But seriously that's some idiot-level reasoning right there. Rabbits live longer, happier lives when they're fixed, FFS.

No. 565324

>Rabbit's affection comes from you feeding them
stop right there buddy, this isn't true. I never feed my friends bunny and she comes up to me and demands head pats.

No. 565325

it is creepy how similar they are to them. shoe is totally unaware of it too, she's tweeted about onion and lame before making fun of their poly/cuck thing back during the billy saga and yet i'd argue she's a much bigger cuck then he is.

No. 565329


reminds me of people who's kid has an allergic reaction to a vaccine, so they stop vaccinating all their kids.

No. 565339

well, really, gerg isn't a cuck. he's just emotionally manipulative. lame is the cuck. sheo is def a bigger cuck though. if this recent sam saga went down, there's no way june wouldve asserted herself the way lame did. june will just pout in the corner and neg whatever skank greg brings in, whereas footy has slightly grown a backbone. sad that june has reached cuckquean levels that lame hasn't.

No. 565340

>then he is
Don't you mean lainey? She was the one watching her husband fuck a cuter, younger girl all that time. The cuckiest thing he ever did was make lainey and billie kiss in front of him because of his creepy lesbian fetish, but I still think lainey is more of a cuck for that.

No. 565345

Throw the whole man away

No. 565352

True. It's more like around the billy saga time, it was hugely blown up to call onion a cuck because most outsiders looking in don't see the deep manipulation that is the onions. I can see shoe ending up like lainy though once she's living with grocery. He's going to get bored real fast considering he wanted to do poly/threesomes only a few months into their relationship. If i'm correct, onion and lame weren't even that quick into considering adding a third person in

No. 565356

File: 1524678660804.png (29.69 KB, 472x286, pot kettle.png)

No. 565357

File: 1524678719182.png (30.24 KB, 483x287, pot kettle 2.png)

No. 565361

File: 1524678918808.png (66.96 KB, 663x461, l7b8bwh.png)

>shoe: replies to contra's every tweet
>contra: silence

No. 565380

I'm fucking DONE.

No. 565398

File: 1524681731022.png (272.58 KB, 639x557, DhyZKEK.png)

No. 565405

File: 1524682170275.jpg (56.58 KB, 326x267, 1409734292102.jpg)

at this point i can't tell if she accidentally slips up and forgets what personality she's portraying to her fans or if she actually is this self unaware. like she literally goes from insulting someone for being a cuck to saying "grocery deserve many slaves uwu teehee not like they're going to last" shit.

unless she just thinks it's only bad when men are cucks? not very mra of you wig. you seem to only want to protect men who fit your narrative of how they should be which is apparently "alpha dom" obese and treat women like they're their moms manchildren.

No. 565406

i remember i first found june through my ex when he was showing me her twitter about a year ago. my first thought was “is this boxxy?” and he got so excited over it but that shut done after i asked why her eyeliner was so horrible lmao. he was talking about how hot she is and how he’s bang her. anyways sorry for the self post but you should drop your boyfriend, anon. he sounds gross.


No. 565408


No. 565412


100k dollars? Pounds? In what universe does this man need that? Legal fees or some shit? I don't even know.

Is he at least going to donate it or some shit. And June thinks western feminists have warped priorities. Yeah let's turn attention from tampon taxes or rape culture and focus on this guy.

No. 565417

true, most guys I know think she looks ridiculous and basic, especially since she hyped herself up so often constantly having to mention her "smol but curvy genetically blessed figure and skin uwu I'm a curvy loli", it kinda has the lexxynichelle effect and does the exact opposite of what she wants, instead of making her appear curvy her constant ego-stroking only made her appear old, skinny-fat boxed shape, with horrid skin and of a normal size

No. 565420

semi ot but i'm so glad you're not with that trash anymore anon

No. 565421

its a fund to take refute his sentencing in order to stop the precedent that courts can judge to intent of someone's speech

No. 565425


Oof. Kinda makes me wish we just ignored this guy because then he would be getting nothing for exercising his free speech to be an idiot. Oh well. Sage for OT.

No. 565435

File: 1524683577849.png (509.07 KB, 648x940, R61lJGR.png)

June: One of my friends released a new video? Better make this all about me uwu

No. 565436

that's pretty transphobic and terfy of you, june. so you're staying robbie still has manface if he forgoes makeup and wears plaid? kek

No. 565437

File: 1524683695215.png (72.34 KB, 651x645, M5U5sWK.png)

No. 565439

I live in the UK and I do agree the fact people can be potentially arrested for offensive comments online is pretty pathetic (the immigration and terrorism is seriously exaggerated here and Sweden, but in my area we have had a lot of cases of refugees raping young girls, so to some extent this really should be addressed over cyber bullying etc).

However, I think a fine is justified. Why are they trying to say they're preventing free speech? A Nazi salute - even as a joke - isn't free speech. Maybe it's 'just a joke', but it's also intentionally done to offend someone.

No. 565441

wig and grocery

No. 565445


tbf i did think that was june when i first looked

No. 565447

Is this a gofundme for a dude who purposely broke a law in his country for attention? Like what did he expect??

No. 565449

it wasn't the nazi salute that was the issue, it was saying the phrase "gas the jews"

No. 565456

any britbongs know how likely this is to win?

my fiance is a brit and he stresses to me all the time that the american 'free speech' system that frequently tramples on other people's safety/security is very unlike the uk. the uk straight up bans people from entering the country like all the time, so i have to wonder how fruitless it is from a legal standpoint to push americentric rhetoric and law in the UK, like, the biggest bullshit tenet of american 'democracy' is free speech, but the UK ISN'T centered around that, so how will this work. like, in germany, it's like super illegal and people are sent to prison for like up to 3 yrs for doing the nazi salute. that would never work in the US, but they're two different countries, like the uk and us.

>precedent that courts can judge to intent of someone's speech
im dumb but they need to determine the intent of speech for slander, libel, etc, like, how can they try to overturn something that is the crux of other important shit too

that's literally a million times worse, what an asshole. again, i don't see how it'll be possible to get rid of being able to determine the intent of speech when it's an important part of determining the validity of other charges

No. 565457

oh wow I didn't even know that was said. They really downplayed it with 'my dog just lifted his paw y u so offended'…

No. 565459

you only have to press the reply button once lmao

No. 565462

for some reason im not allowed to post a screenshot: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dbn6NpNUQAAHNyn.jpg:large

this is from his court documents.

this precedence thing is a bullshit lie that has already been debunked. the case itself even specified that the decision was based on fact and did not set a precedent. freedom of expression was not argued in court, so he cannot argue it on appeal. appeal is only dispute what the judges have already found/decided.. not argue new facts.

because it was a factual finding and sets no precedent, he won't be successful on appeal unless he can prove that he literally DID NOT MAKE THE VIDEO.

therefore, there will be no successful appeal. he is scamming dumbasses and june is promoting the scam.

source - http://www.scotland-judiciary.org.uk/8/1962/PF-v-Mark-Meechan

OT: anyone notice how many people in these threads seem to subtly white knight june? it is weird

No. 565463

File: 1524684678106.png (446.47 KB, 645x565, 0MPdGzC.png)

figured it was a scam, and you're only allowed to use imgur urls maybe that's why you can't post it?

No. 565466


edit - you actually can argue new facts on appeal, but you can't present new arguments. new facts he could present are things like "it wasn't me in the video, it was my long lost twin brother" that dispute the factual finding the judge made.

an appeal wont change the law. people on twitter are arguing that it could change the law, but this is not true, courts don't decide the law. parlaiment decides the law. scottish people on twitter have been explaining this: https://twitter.com/indebtedanarch/status/989098761291956225

so, Yeah. it is a big scam.

No. 565469

File: 1524685012899.jpg (114.65 KB, 750x851, Dbn6NpNUQAAHNyn[1].jpg)

you don't have to only post imgur, you just need to 'choose file' for anything else. it's because anon is trying to temp-link the image but it has the :large on the end.

No. 565470

wow thanks for the info. I wonder if any youtubers would want to tackle this? Maybe metokur would be since he's been pretty open about criticizing "skeptics" lately. Sounds worth it to call this community of "muh freedom of speech" ebeggars out

No. 565475

the document is delicious. i love that this asshole was struck down.

had they argued 'freedom of expression' would he have had a better case? the judge in the doc seems to make it pretty clear that the UK legal system DOES HAVE restrictions on speech, so wouldn't the 'freedom of expression' crap still be pretty easily refuted? if the UK doesn't make claims/have laws entitling everyone to "free speech" regardless of consequence and context like in the US, he still wouldn't really have a case, right?

No. 565514

File: 1524687071010.png (591.3 KB, 1208x726, LpwuMZe.png)

No. 565520

Literally the only thing she knows how to do is 'debunk' the wage gap, which her 'debunking' consists of pressing a button and not having actual sources.

No. 565522

File: 1524687395902.png (21.26 KB, 647x231, pot kettle 3.png)

No. 565527

she literally @s a terfs everyday with chanster xDD memes. can someone tell her to look at herself for once.

No. 565528

Someone should send it to him on twitter, he probably would.

No. 565529

I would if I had a twitter. maybe post a thread on 8chan cause he lurks there.

No. 565532

File: 1524688127738.png (35.13 KB, 624x362, pot kettle 4.png)

No. 565535

File: 1524688199862.png (221.14 KB, 654x704, pot kettle 5.png)

No. 565537

Oh the irony.

No. 565540

does she casually forget she ends arguments she can't win with "ur mom lol" or?

No. 565544

he got her. this bih googles herself everyday and has no room to speak

No. 565551

File: 1524688873138.png (116.02 KB, 662x948, pot kettle 6.png)

No. 565553

Watch June quickly blocking this Dreamstar person.

No. 565557

I feel like June's self-esteem is so shit, she gets huge cravings to bully someone as a release just like a junkie needs drugs.

No. 565558

She has huge levels of cognitive dissonance to be unable to see how she's no different from this guy. I wonder if she'll have a breakdown someday when it hits her that she's all that she claims to hate.

No. 565569

God I love Shaun, anyway this is just typical June being an attention whore stuff since the second someone gets sent a message it's 'HE SENT YOU GUYS TO BULLY ME' it pretty much translates to 'PLEASE BULLY ME I NEED ATTENTION' since June is desperate for anyone to bitch with funny though since if she did try and argue with these people she'd be utterly destroyed since she can only argue with videos made months ago and buzzfeed articles.

No. 565576

Imagine June when she reaches 40…

No. 565579

Do you think she and groceries will have a daughter for June to get jealous of by then or do you think she'll get dumped by him for camgirls and live on her own?

No. 565580

>Mommy why does this dog collar say "Daddy's girl"? Is it for me?

No. 565585

File: 1524690178510.png (51.88 KB, 609x263, Dt2JYyt.png)

everyone else has already moved past this bullyhunter shit

No. 565590

If they have a daughter I'm going to call CPS.

No. 565591

probably miserable, she's going to gain lots of weight do to "lack of motivation" and slower metabolism. Going to still be talking about thinkgs that only had importance back in 2014-2015, she'll probably either be with grocery who is fucking other girls openly or her dumped her after trying a threesome with a hotter looking mtf. Can't get a real job because she ruined her name(guessing her internet "career" will either end in drama or people get bored of her repeating the same video topics). still lives with her parents because she doesn't know how to be independent without a man. will probably switch personalities constantly for each new guy she dates.

I don't think they'll have kids tbh, they just like the idea of them. At least, I really hope that's the case

No. 565597

Skeptic would ignore his daughter since she isn't old enough to cam yet and June would constantly be jealous of her when she did have his attention and because she wouldn't be the prettiest loli in the house anymore.
They've said they want to have kids but I also kinda doubt that they'd end up having them. I think Skeptic would dump June before they could get to it.

No. 565603

File: 1524690820102.png (24.81 KB, 619x245, oKackmZ.png)

No. 565609

I'm pretty excited for when Greg finally dumps her and either realizes that she's been acting like a retarded 14 year old desperate for the attention of a guy and has no back bone for herself or for her to find a new guy to completely surround her personality around or to become completely bitter to all men and go full fem mgtow, though that's extremely unlikely but would be funny to see.

No. 565615

>I think Skeptic would dump June before they could get to it.
same I think they have 3-4 more years. They'll break up when they can no longer make money off of doing youtube since i think that's a big part of their relationship.
especially with all that bdsm stuff up. I doubt she'll be still into that after they break up. Whether she's actually bi or not, she'll probably date a girl next for the attention.

No. 565620

>especially with all that bdsm stuff up. I doubt she'll be still into that after they break up. Whether she's actually bi or not, she'll probably date a girl next for the attention.
She'll definitely lose the bdsm shit since it's pretty obvious that she only does it for Greg but I don't think she'd ever date a girl, even if it was for attention because she hates women and is way to jealous of them, if she can't be in a relationship where her entire personality relies on a man and what he likes then what's the point?

No. 565625

She has no rebuttal because she's an idiot. Women do get charged more. Men don't get periods and don't need a lot of things that women have to use for normal bodily functions they didn't ask for.

No. 565627

anyone notice she hides all he fighting/bully tweets by retweeting a bunch of bunny/relationship related stuff right after? Like she's trying to hide the fact she gets into middle school tweet battles to the average person who's casually looks at her twitter? She use to just delete those but, I think she stopped after lurking on here where we call out how hypocritical it is.

No. 565629

true. now that i think about it she'd date a mtf before a woman if it's for attention.

No. 565631

lol i used to but shaun is an annoying stupidly misogynistic lefty in sheep's clothing. he's hardly as lefty as he seems.

No. 565636

I can't tell if June is gorgeous in this video or its just the troll sitting next to her making her look better.

No. 565638

It's the troll

No. 565640

Has anyone seen this yet? June apparently tried singing along with rapping.

No. 565642


>Living As A Man For A Day!

Uh Blaire, you live as a man every day.

No. 565644

I seriously can't decide if her desperately trying to be boxxy phase is worse or if her current bdsm loli anti sjw phase is worse.

No. 565646

kek I thought the same thing. OT, but the doublethink alt-right troons have will never not be funny.

No. 565649

before she was only desperately trying to be boxxy now she's desperately trying to be boxxy with all while having her bdsm loli anti sjw phase like 10 years too late.

No. 565655

Unironically this. Anyone who's in a bdsm/ddlg relationship and/or has an interest in incest and loli porn should not be around children, let alone have their own.

No. 565663

The rabbit from this video died and the owners made fun of it. Really shocked that June as a rabbit owner could watch this video and not consider everything else wrong besides the size of the cage.

No. 565669

Why do i have a feeling this is Wig

No. 565670

unpopular opinion but i don't think june reads here much anymore. she can't abuse her mod powers or shamelessly block all of us so why would she be here when she could be in her echo chamber with horny teen boys and neckbeards??

No. 565694

She def posts here because she googles herself all day.

No. 565698

Anon from vinegarland reporting.
The 100k is most likely a lobbying-money to "change" some polititians' mind about the law. And since the guy is from Scotland he might be paying it to the scottish parliament.
Otherwise KEK, Tories will never change that rule, it was too effective against the UKIPers.

"I look like someone Onision would date"
That human filth has standards Robbie… Even with your makeup he wouldn't bother with you.

That doc… mmmmmm… milky!

He lurks here and on KF as well.

If she would lurk these threads she would command her WKs to defend her here since she can't block us.

extrasage for OT.

No. 565714

We post too much dirt on her for her to acknowledge us. She scurred.

No. 565728

I understand why she wouldn't alert others to this thread's existence since it would reveal unfavourable things about her but do you think she comes here to read what is said about her? Or is perhaps too afraid of knowing.

No. 565733

skater skirt gate confirmed she still lurks here but I doubt it's often

No. 565735

yes, She's a narc obsessed with herself

No. 565737

File: 1524701234277.png (95.61 KB, 769x819, 1.png)

>no he wouldn't
HAHA get it guys? cause they're in that bdsm dynamic where she's the "annoying brat little" and he's the "smart easily frustrated dad" wow they're so original totally not just basing their relationship on fiction or "how to bdsm" what a great genuine thing they got going on

No. 565745


wanting attention doesn't equal affection. Just because a dog wants you to pet it doesn't mean it has any affection/bond to you.

No. 565875

this is extremely OT but dogs eat their dead owners. your pets don't love you. they need you.

No. 565900

semi ot, but i think they can love us AND need us. once it's made clear that we've died (by scent), why shouldn't they eat us? it doesn't mean they don't love us to some degree. what is the purpose of not eating us if we're dead? i don't think that they're willing to eat is us is an indication that they don't care about us. however, i question the capacity that rabbits have for love. i don't necessarily think wanting pats/stimulation = love for someone.

No. 565904


wow they're so likable and interesting anon! Their dynamic seems 100% real and genuine. Personally, I think we're all just jealous that she has a fat tub of large for a future baby daddy and we don't.

No. 565909

Yeah, and sometimes humans cannibalize each other in dire situations too. Does that mean that genuine love and affection can't be shared amongst humans?

No. 565915

File: 1524716192101.jpg (26.63 KB, 580x219, 7SEurfLc.jpg)

June, you were a fucking FIlM major. Nothing in your short college experience in such a lame topic would really warrant you needing to cry Everyday for. God, does she try to sound like the fragile millennials she loves to make fun of?

No. 565924

At least they don't eat you while you are alive.
What was your point with this again?

Wait… So the school instead of tackling the problem (emotional distress) the better way (psychological advisors e.g.) turns to the cheepest solution ("cry closet") and Wig offhandadly bullies those who need those facilities?
Can she get even lower?

No. 565928

Bunnies are prey animals/very shy, so if they seek pets it means they trust you. I don't think pets "love" because that's a specific brain chemical thing between humans. Dogs think we're part of the pack which is why they freak out when a pack member "leaves" without them as they think they're being outcast. Mostly it is animals deciding we are part of their group (so…friendship I guess?) misinterpreted as "love" coz people do that

No. 565936


I don't think she was bullying anyone?? She said that she herself would have used it in college. I found it interesting because she constantly makes fun of "weak millennials" and what not.

No. 565937

What is love? Can't friendship/companionship be a type of "love"? Or is love only sexual? I think dogs and cats love their owners above a need to be fed imo, not so much rodents like bunnies and gerbils and birds. Rabbits need socialization with other rabbits tho, so I worry about June's bunny.

No. 565939

You're kind of wrong. Pets have hacked us to illicit this 'specific brain chemical thing' that is usually only reserved for between humans. Like a mother and a child.

No. 565947

I think she thinks it's cute if she's a crybaby so she always mentions it.

No. 565948


God, the whiny baby shit she does reminds me of Melanie Martinez. Ew.

No. 565976

With the "i dropped out too early" wig kinda makes the "kids these days" remark IMO hence why i think the second part is also has a negative cannotation (which means the whole sentence is ment to be sarcastic).
This is why i said it seems like an offhand bullying.
Remember, wig is "only trolling lulz xDDDDDDDDDD uwu"

No. 565987

Linked article talks about animal human-friendship and animal-animal bonding, not love. Animals can consider us to be part of their group but conflating love with friendship is a bit hmmm

No. 565992

File: 1524722889277.jpg (142.26 KB, 592x888, e365befa8782f44b4cd851e38461ce…)

just seconding everyone who told you to dump him

No. 566008

>conflating love with friendship is a bit hmmm
You know platonic love exists, right? Friends can bond to such a point where they feel love for each other.

No. 566010

how about we don’t start derailing with stupid shit about whether or not dogs feel love?

No. 566023

File: 1524726596842.jpg (40.32 KB, 335x511, 7SEurfLc.jpg)

correct me if I'm wrong guys, but didn't Skeptic's bio used to include something to do with June?


omg, Ikr. Jfc guys. Do people really care that much about dogs?

No. 566027

File: 1524727007373.jpg (164.57 KB, 983x749, 7SEurfLc.jpg)


samefagging but I answered my own question. Yes. And he took it out of his bio in the last two or three weeks lmao.

No. 566036

I wonder if it's the internet version of taking your ring of to flirt with camgirls like theorized previously or if he's embarrassed to be June's "owner" even though June has zero shame about calling herself his footstool.

No. 566042

that's what i was going to say

No. 566071

Grocery has been randomly removing and then adding back "owner/manager of @shoe0nhead" off and on for the past several months. I'm not sure why he would do this, because if he's trying to lure in a camgirl to talk to without her knowing he's June's fiancé, he's failing pretty hard. She comments on every camgirl's pic he comments on.

No. 566073


>>sociopolitical critic

>>reluctant centrist

He might also be removing it because he's trying to make the rest of his bio appear more professional which might work for .2 seconds tops until someone sees literally any of his content and realizes he is just a raging narcissist with no credibility.

Or both. He can be trying to appeal to both intellectuals and other potential ~slaves~.

No. 566094

In that case he could just list himself as “fiancé of” rather than leave her out completely. Even in a ~24/7 BDSM relationship~ you don’t have to broadcast it 24/7. Maybe he’s embarrassed by her.

No. 566108


I believe she actively lurks lolcow but tries to avoid her own thread.

No. 566111


Maybe it's some kind of a ~BDSM uwu punishment~ for June, something like:

>you've been a bad girl, i'm gonna remove you from my twitter bio


what a dynamic

No. 566112


that makes sense. I can't be the only one who thinks that kind of dynamic is crazy unhealthy

No. 566121

I do believe that he doing this as a bit of a public humiliation/degegation thing especially considering the two are SO HARDCORE INTO BDSM and June has said that we don't even know how far it goes. The whole theory about taking it off to fool camgirls is silly because they could visit his profile any other time and see it, he just doesn't care and flirts with them openly.

No. 566135

Lmao, if it's a BDSM thing then that's just sad. I could kinda see him removing it if they got into a fight, but I always see June as the type of doormat who'd avoid confrontation like crazy when it comes to their relationship. I just can't really imagine them seriously fighting.

No. 566140


Imo neither of them should feel the need to list each other at all in the bios of their public facing Twitter because the focus should be on their content but how else will we know about their ultra kinky manager/foot stool relationship? How else will they make up for their lack of actual YouTube videos? Only vanilla normie YouTubers have ~boundaries~.

No. 566147

File: 1524743336322.jpg (70.34 KB, 800x541, IMG_20180426_074714.jpg)

No. 566148

File: 1524743366476.png (77.2 KB, 634x611, Screenshot (122).png)

How does June manage to make EVERYTHING about herself?

No. 566149

File: 1524743367255.jpg (54.79 KB, 800x485, IMG_20180426_074821.jpg)

No. 566150

File: 1524743395015.jpg (97.46 KB, 800x821, _20180426_074535.JPG)

No. 566151

>Just chilling on my twitter page all day

Heh, so the same she does.

No. 566153

So clicking a public twitter account is stalking now? Jesus…

No. 566155

File: 1524743628499.jpg (87.03 KB, 800x654, IMG_20180426_075305.jpg)

No. 566160


Was June initially even part of this conversation? Or did she just force herself in it?

Weird. She seems like the annoying jealous type, but when he's liking people's nudes, she seems to be fine with it.

No. 566161

She's so proud of third wheeling in his conversations lol Wig please love yourself

No. 566163

did they completely ignore her? omg even lainey never fell this low.

No. 566166

She just “pls responded” her own fiancé

No. 566170

I just checked his twitter, it still says

>Owner/Manager of @shoe0nhead

No. 566172

File: 1524745175228.png (93.14 KB, 801x847, 1.png)

No. 566173

File: 1524745214431.png (847.77 KB, 1000x900, 1510091179502.png)

jesus christ..

No. 566174

File: 1524745223695.png (77.49 KB, 764x674, 2.png)

No. 566176

File: 1524745269779.png (221.22 KB, 750x807, 3.png)

No. 566178

File: 1524745583058.png (401.04 KB, 693x847, 1.png)

everything and everyone is literally ME especially you trans sheep people who pay me extra on patreon

No. 566185


Really, that cap I took here: >>566023 was from last night around 2am.

huh. Interesting.

No. 566186


but do you think he put it back in his bio because we were talking about it? It's a stretch, but I'm sure June lurks here.

I wonder why he put it back in his bio…or took it out in the first place. The best answer is the stupid ass BDSM 24/7 shit.

No. 566187

tinfoil: maybe he does it purposely when she's asleep? I know she's known to stay up really late but, some recent tweets make it seem like she's trying to have a more normal sleep schedule.

previous threads we wondered that. still could be possible.

No. 566193

hahahahahaha why are anti fem women like this. ‘a woman smiled at a man. feminism is OVER’

No. 566221

File: 1524752579388.png (561.79 KB, 720x895, 20180426_101936.png)

June you will get there at the rate youre going don't worry lol

>taking a picture of your family members without their consent, just so youre fanbase can laugh at them

No. 566226

I dont think she's commenting on their weight but still kek

No. 566229

Not directly but this is still an asspat trap so that her male followers shower her in "oMG UR SO LUCKY" " THE ONLY SKINNY ONE IN THE FAMILY" it's 100% proof narcissim

No. 566231

not that anon but she probably was. It's around the same time she'd be willing to put #landwhale just because a fat girl got in her pic(oh the horror). That or she's a hypocrite because her cousins don't look much smaller than that stranger, so she must also think they are landwhales too.

No. 566240

i feel like it was definitely done on purpose.

No. 566252

Given previous evidence where shes done these shots before I can't blame people for thinking that.

No. 566253

Is that even her on that pic? How heavy can you edit.

At least those fat people have hair and their fiances don't fuck trannies.

No. 566256

File: 1524757399183.png (637.98 KB, 720x971, 20180426_113942.png)


No. 566258

File: 1524757530611.png (565.61 KB, 720x909, 20180426_113912.png)


No. 566260

KEK that wig/eyebrow color difference

No. 566262

Lol didnt even see that good eye

No. 566263

File: 1524757916386.png (596.01 KB, 720x897, 20180426_113758.png)

She holds her rabbit so fucking wrong sometimes, it /kills/ me.

No. 566264

File: 1524758000470.png (770.78 KB, 720x862, 20180426_113845.png)

This is unacceptable.

No. 566303

This is something I agree with June on though, it is annoying how edgy trads shove the "GET MARRIED HAVE KIDS GET MARRIED HAVE KIDS GET MARRIED HAVE KIDS OR ELSE YOU'RE CONTAMINATING THE WEST!!!" Down peoples throats, this country is overpopulated and marriage and kids are expensive, no one should be pressured to abide by dumb rules just for the sake of tradition and so trads don't get their feefees hurt that strangers choose to take a different path of life that isnt "get married have kids get married have kids"

No. 566310

A broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 566319

why did she get so few likes? did she not have any friends?

No. 566327

Yeah why have kids when you could have pets? That's like a no-brainer.

No. 566341

File: 1524764129984.png (123.26 KB, 603x264, 1490123156513.png)


>Weird. She seems like the annoying jealous type, but when he's liking people's nudes, she seems to be fine with it.

heh, remember this?

No. 566372

Yep, and people have speculated that its either
1) shes lying about being fine or
2) he tends to like transwomen pics which is what shes fine with, probably because for all her screaming about being pro trans and terfs, she secretly probably doesnt think transwomen are women either

I remember there was also some issue when he liked a camgirls pics and they were flirting with each other, but I dont remember the details.

No. 566395

Do you guys think she posted this with the intention of making men think "omg she's just so short that Starbucks put SHORT on her cup, she's that tiny and cute!!!" or do you think she thought they'd know what a "short" is at Starbucks? I Def feel like it's the former

No. 566397

>he tends to like transwomen pics which is what shes fine with
I mean, not predominantly. The only camwhores he's flirted with were actual girls, most of the selfies he's liked were of real girls too with the exception of like, robbie and that guy with fas or whatever.

No. 566410

You know when big youtubers get into drama and sometimes one of them gets hacked on twitter, then a few DMs get leaked?

I so desperately wish that would happen to Skeptic and they post every single one of his DMs to cam girls. Probably takes the piss out of Shoe to them as well.

No. 566414

Coupled with the lolcat speak caption, I'd have to agree.

No. 566417

File: 1524768665016.png (165.98 KB, 720x916, 20180426_114015.png)

Shoe looks nothing like audrey plaza

No. 566419

Someone do a side-by-side comparison of Aubrey and Shoe.

No. 566421

preg strikes me as the type of dumb egotistical type who has a trace left on bdsm/ddlg forums/threads where he doesn't state his real name but, if anyone where to find it they'd know it was him
plus aubrey is athletic and pretty and actually funny and cynical unlike shoe who has amy schumer YELLL "jokes

No. 566423


What an insult to Aubrey Plaza and Daria. Fuck you Shoe.

No. 566425

File: 1524769200155.png (45.76 KB, 720x258, 20180426_145841.png)

Oh my god this was a golden tweet left at the aubrey plaza/ daria post

No. 566427

This Episode on This Never Happened™
Wig wants to humble brag so bad, sucks for her that this was never said. Ever.

No. 566433

really, digging up 3 year old tweets to shit on? are you that desperate for milk?

No. 566437

If I didn't know she's a cis female, I would think she's one of those trannies who think they are better than cis women and spend all their time shitting on them. She even looks like one and I feel bad for thinking that, because it's kind of offensive to trannies

No. 566439

not that anon but, there were never any threads for her back then and considering she notorious of going back to old tweets and deleting them to cover her ass, it's good to have caps.

also she still thinks she aubrey 2.0 she posted about it on her askfm a few days ago.

No. 566441

she's like tyra banks, except tyra has at least lead a somewhat interesting life.

No. 566444

File: 1524771123065.png (335.3 KB, 649x599, gamer gurl uwu.png)

No. 566445

File: 1524771300070.png (200.91 KB, 624x454, nHGM7i3.png)

lol she'll directly @ nobodies on twitter so her neckbeard orbiters can tear them apart but she's too fucking pussy to @ verified people. see this tweet and ben shapiro, she'll only screenshot their tweets.

No. 566456

File: 1524771982412.png (57.93 KB, 637x585, talking about gamergate in 201…)

No. 566464

wig's twitter

No. 566467

literally. if you made a bot to generate june tweets it would be this.

No. 566492

File: 1524774691929.png (268.66 KB, 649x419, filming random strangers uwu m…)

No. 566498

wig can't comprehend people who are eccentric and have hobbies outside of twitter. This is probably the highlight of her month.

No. 566503

Graham is actually the writer/producer for the IT Crowd and other hit shows, and he is far more successful than she will ever be. He's also shown support for gender criticism which is why she's probably going after him.

He's been tweeting about this Count Dankula Gofundme scam a lot. Maybe Gofundme will actually do something if enough attention is brought.

No. 566505

The IT Crowd is hilarious and at least 10x funnier than anything June's made. The Dankula Gofundme is def a scam >>565462
and should be criticized as such. June should should have used her Patreon bux to buy her bun a bigger cage instead of supporting that dipshit.

No. 566507

File: 1524775902352.jpg (60.02 KB, 316x503, shit.jpg)

its interesting what her old circle has to say about her.

No. 566508

File: 1524775987466.png (549.23 KB, 722x471, 1.png)

wow we got an ED hardcore deep web chanster over here. she's seen some awful things "unlike the other girls" she probably thinks this is impressive and wants to show of to her leddit neckbeards

No. 566509

File: 1524776102093.png (137.31 KB, 1211x1350, 151767183751.png)

No. 566512

File: 1524776226663.jpg (30.22 KB, 263x275, 1517335680423.jpg)

No. 566515


HOLD THE FUCK UP…why must she be a

>passing trans girl

what the actual fuck June

No. 566518

>to be with june you need to hate her at least as much as she hate herself, preferably a lot more
Grocery def is doing a fine job at this but, I don't think wig hates herself at all.
these has been posted already in previous threads.

No. 566526

File: 1524776818158.png (698.81 KB, 628x572, ZdtClEL.png)

she doesn't she's a complete self-obsessed narcissist. speaking of septic and outdated memes >>566508

No. 566528

a non-passing trans girl would threaten greg's fragile masculinity. thicc trannies only

No. 566529

Is that her boyfriend?

No. 566543

File: 1524778926473.jpg (107.62 KB, 739x674, 1506801551953.jpg)

of course she hates herself, she 27 yrs old, pulls her hair out from anxiety, had one job, dropped out of school and has no opinions of her own, she just repeats what everyone around her says.

She lets a literal fedoralord cuck her publicly, because she probably thinks she deserves it. Her entire persona online is to make her feel like shes someone, Without orbiters, she's nobody, and to her, she probably think thats worse than dying.

Why do you think she makes memes of herself, she is building up this character, this face to put on.

You see the mask drop sometimes

No. 566551

File: 1524779308092.jpg (107.88 KB, 593x685, shoe0nhead.jpg)

who she is just depends on who shes with

No. 566554

what is the pic from?
and she seems to genuinely believe her career in ~entertainment~ (read: youtube) will last for eternity, or at least greg's will and she'll be a doting housewife.

No. 566555

File: 1524779503409.jpg (56.86 KB, 573x595, 7SEurfLc.jpg)

June is at the gym. I guess it doesn't help that she got a membership at a Gym that is known for people going to and quitting in the first week.

No. 566557

File: 1524779533674.png (1.64 MB, 1862x1160, 1507089067985.png)

she says whatever she thinks people want to hear.

didn't she say she always wanted to be thicc?

her biggest fear is being alone

No. 566558

File: 1524779611325.png (16.07 KB, 605x136, uh2ttyq.png)

"I don't talk about race"

No. 566559

File: 1524779718327.png (461.19 KB, 572x598, cringe.png)

yeah june, you sure debunked that myth by pressing a button. good job!

No. 566563

Lmbo look at Greg’s pocket rejecting his hand. Sorry but I love seeing the tiny tiny cracks in his arrogant persona.

No. 566565

I like how the account that posted this is "SJW_CRINGE" since June is pretty much an SJW these days and very cringe.

No. 566570

File: 1524780367399.png (18.44 KB, 623x243, g9O4ss7.png)

No. 566571

just exactly how has june ‘killed’ the pink tax myth

No. 566572

Never thought i'd ever agree with Chris ray gun about something, but here it is.

She's so gross. Does she really think she's better than someone because she's thinner than them? She is the definition of sad, basic bitch.

No. 566578

this picture perfectly captures them both

No. 566594

Do u think she wears her wig when she works out? That be so fucking gross.

No. 566604

i think she can be insecure sometimes, but i don't think she hates herself. people who have some modicum of self doubt always paint it like they REALLY HATE THEMSELVES, like, no, if you really hated yourself, you'd want to be invisible. anyone that wants attention is on the VERY very very very low end of the spectrum of being 'anxious' or 'self-loathing. when they say they hate themselves or are insecure, they mean they have one self questioning thought per week. they think it's cool to not be normies, but they totally are.

No. 566610

File: 1524782495803.jpg (73.83 KB, 549x965, 15174457781.jpg)

so how many girls has grogery got lined up now?

No. 566614


it's suprising how many thots will try to hop on such an ugly niggas dick for e-fame. Ew.

No. 566617

I roomed with a girl that was an amazing public speaker, interviews, she did shows, modelled, she could have gone pro if she wanted. Everyone thought she had all the confidence in the world.

And then I saw the cutting scars. Then I was the one who ripped the plastic bag she taped over her head because she thought I had left for work.

No. 566624

Cutting or trying to killing yourself doesn't necessarily mean you hate yourself. Cutting releases endorphins and is an easy way to get them considering the difficulty in getting your hands on illicit drugs, etc. I deal with being suicidal on a daily basis but it has nothing to do with hating myself, JS.

No. 566630

File: 1524783933885.png (18.62 KB, 617x143, mememememe.png)

She can't even let lesbians have their day without talking about her self, god damn

No. 566635


god, who quotes themselves like that? kek. She says it like's she's quoting shakespeare or something

No. 566637

What is she even saying here? Idgi

No. 566638

File: 1524784061376.png (29.17 KB, 651x211, it's all about me.png)

No. 566639

What about all the lesbian TERFs trying to avoid "female dick" though

No. 566642

she's saying it's hard for lesbians to find a date because most women, such as june herself, are straight

No. 566652

OH except the real problem they have is people like her and Lame larping as bisexual just to satisfy their bfs fetishes. Fake bis and homophobic trannies and their tranny scrote suckers that spend their days shaming them with "just the tip" arguments, just like June does. Trannies, June, and women just her are earning more lesbian ire than what June thinks being a lesbian is like. Most lesbians have LESBIAN SPACES where they meet and date other lesbians, that they want to keep sacred and aren't indiscriminately hitting on every girl they see.

No. 566657

Lesbian "terfs" aren't lesbians, they're vagina fetishists uwu. Male "lesbians" are the only lesbians June is actually acknowledging

No. 566658

That guy in the video is a badass.
He is playing a guitar with a fucken amp connected to the battery of the car.
Tho i wouldn't tweet it as "walmart parking lot" but "jamming like a boss" or something. Gives more punch to it.

sage for Wig being Amy Schumer.

No. 566660

File: 1524784767705.jpg (28.57 KB, 254x257, 1407805888271.jpg)

she certainly needs to stop SHOEhorning herself into things

No. 566676

What the fuck. This dumb straight bitch needs to shut her mouth.

This!! When i was in highschool, i dated a girl who wasnt sure what she was (straight btw) and experimented with me. it's humiliating and hard to find real girlfriends because fake bi and fake gay girls who do it for attention or are scared of coming out.

Not to mention, lesbians are super sexualized by straight dudes and there are seriously guys who believe real lesbians dont exist.. they're just someone who hasn't met the right guy yet. June encourages this kind of behavior.

No. 566681

it's still old milk, you bitches are desperate for find anything to justify posting how much you hate her.

we get it, she's a piece of shit; that's not a reason to fill a thread a day about how much her tweets suck.

No. 566686

She does milky shit on the daily, you sour old sow. Milking the teat of June's past is just bringing exposure to shit we couldn't laugh at before. Go suck on her FASsy philtrum in private and keep away from our fun.

No. 566691

Probably, and $10 says she keeps her eyeliner on too.

No. 566694

>we get it, she's a piece of shit; that's not a reason to fill a thread a day about how much her tweets suck.
it is when she contradicts every state she's ever made and is in the business of selling her own opinions. like the aubrey plaza shit, she's always calling out other women for humblebragging and having confidence yet has no issue with doing it herself

No. 566701

You sound upset.

No. 566712


People, including bi people, have historically been able to get married to their opposite sex partners and thus enjoy the legal benefits of marriage (health insurance, inheritance etc.)

There is also the fact that opposite sex couples are less likely to get harassed oustide, at least in certain areas.

Of course being bi isn't the exact same as being straight, even in a hetero relationship, but there are clear advantages to being in a straight relationship if you have the capacity to be attracted to an opposite sex partner.

She is so up her own ass.

No. 566715

File: 1524788318176.jpg (110.81 KB, 624x1728, aqrG8l6.jpg)

No. 566722

What are they saying here? She used the belt buckle to open a bottle? Knowing them I suspect this is some sort of ~kinky bdsm~ shit but I can't make sense of it.

No. 566738

File: 1524789271741.png (231.07 KB, 662x597, 1.png)

No. 566747

Ew how often does she need to do this

No. 566754

Anon post more caps, is this recent? Is this from the sphere?

No. 566764


I know people keep posting that Chris Fleming song about polyamory in these threads but there is literally a verse in it about this exact thing.

No. 566765

How legit is this though…
I want to believe.

No. 566772


No. 566794

File: 1524793607923.png (137.5 KB, 621x485, ejTN9vu.png)

again with the screenshoting verified accounts

No. 566798

It makes more sense when she screenshots tweets and adds some message arguing against them so she can "own" them without them saying anything back, but this is advice. If she really wanted them to see this advice she'd tweet it normally. This is just her wanting everyone to know what a ~cool uwu not like the other girls~ tomboy she supposedly was.

No. 566799

File: 1524794258475.png (168.55 KB, 633x501, Sc5mMDe.png)

quoting herself for the second time today

No. 566801

"my fat ass aunt"

No. 566802

cheap ugly ass "bdsm" choker again cringe

No. 566806

File: 1524794647883.png (242.72 KB, 629x583, Lnv8J3C.png)

did she really throw on these r&m pants just so she could "own" that man jfc

No. 566812

Is she illiterate? The dad is clearly saying there are no shoes, boys or girls section, that are spiderman in theme and small enough to fit a 2yo girl. I don't get where she's getting the whole "I can't get these for my daughter because they are boys shoes only".

No. 566826

Yeah, it doesn't really make sense. I think she means, at one point she asked him for a bottle opener and he made some smug comment about not needing one because a belt buckle works instead. Now that he spent money to buy an actual bottle opener she's mocking his hypocrisy.

No. 566841

it's not a scam.
legal battles are expensive. This isn't rocket science.

No. 566842

No. 566857

Are you part of the Sargon-Grocery-Wig-Warski-Raygun-MundaneFat "skeptic" club?
If not: why don't you look around the legal docs before writing such stupidity?

No. 566884


yeah where does the whole "septic loves trannies" thing come from cause i've only seen him like stef sanjati's photo and like a meme about trannies being better at being women, which i guess that might be enough kek

No. 566906

>She went to a rabbit farm, where she saw the rabbits were being treated terribly, and she funded the establishment by buying the rabbit.


No. 566917


someone cited an article she wrote in a rabbit owner magazine that interviewed her in an old thread.

No. 566919


Download the issue. To lazy to cap the exact page but its there.

No. 566920

File: 1524804870940.png (57.62 KB, 387x455, Capture.PNG)

for the lazy who don't wanna scroll through a whole magazine pdf

No. 566939

well yeah, shes at her parents house on the internet almost all day, what do you expect?

No. 566943


>>rodents like bunnies and gerbils and birds

OT but only one of those (gerbils) are rodents

No. 566967

Was the threesome rumor proven true or not yet?

No. 566979

Embarassing. How did she not know that by giving them money, you aren't truly saving anything, your just encouraging them to keep doing it?

No. 566983

Wasn't it when she was a teenager? I thought her bunny was like 10.

No. 566987

That means she would've been 17, right? No excuse, even most 15 or 16 y/os aren't that stupid.

No. 567001

File: 1524818108933.png (52.68 KB, 678x519, 151745459878.png)

No. 567002

File: 1524818147482.png (441.65 KB, 590x593, 15177365935.png)

this is the girl in the blog listed

No. 567026

I understand what June is saying, but the actual issue is that a mother has to shop in the boy's section for spiderman and that shouldn't be a thing for such a huge marvel hero that tons of people love. In general, the whole gendering of clothing, esp kid's clothing is actually stupid af. Of course the argument went right over June's head…

Sorry for mini rant. It's just so dumb.


No. 567039


Wig will sperg how people are complaining over non-issues (like "JUST SHOP IN BOYS SECTION DUHHH") instead of solving world hunger.

Yet her entire existence is focused on doing shit-all but sperging over "non-issues" all day on the net. Why isn't she doing something to solve the big issues? Too busy inhaling cheeto farts?

No. 567045

He was searching for "girl shoes" and then complains that only boy shoes show up. You're wrong.

No. 567059

File: 1524833020543.png (152.86 KB, 759x773, 1.png)

No. 567060

File: 1524833032965.png (50.69 KB, 760x484, 2.png)

No. 567061

File: 1524833046589.png (37.79 KB, 763x338, 3.png)

No. 567065

holy shit all she does is insert herself into EVERYTHING. it’s almost embarrassing.

No. 567069

That's because all you do is pander to neckbeards for attention, June.

No. 567081

Holy crap does she have any links? How do we know what she's saying is true?

No. 567082

Also, she looks like she's on many things.

No. 567097


No. 567114

File: 1524838965177.jpg (28.8 KB, 529x272, Capture.JPG)

No reply from ArmouredSeptic…

No. 567121

File: 1524839917955.jpg (25.96 KB, 459x530, DCPdRokUMAAzoPZ.jpg)

Is her family aware of how badly she disrespects them publicly? There's so many reasons why June is trashy, but this is a major one.

How's she gonna act like she's better for being thinner when she can't even do adult tasks like pump her own gas, cook, or keep a job?

June, the LEAST you could do with your life is be thin considering you have nothing else going for you, but don't begrudge your family because they've prioritized differently. I'm sure they're much more accomplished despite the weight.

No. 567135

Has Grocery liked any camwhore pics on Twitter lately?

No. 567137

this isn't true? what kind of next level high maintenance bullshit is she on

No. 567165

Is this bitch 14 or 27? I guess she's playing her kawaii loli role down to acting like an ungrateful, immature teenage girl.

Fuck off, it's not our fault every last one of her tweets has to try and make a retarded, uneducated point about social issues or exhibiting some ridiculous form of narcissistic behavior.

I'm pretty much an anti-SJW and a TERF but even I think that the girls/boys labels should fucking go for enforcing gender stereotypes. But having those seems to be something tranny defenders aggressively want tbh.

No. 567168

File: 1524844462462.jpeg (209.64 KB, 1125x1515, 063352A4-3346-43C0-A921-FB33AB…)

No. 567170

File: 1524844500537.jpeg (229.93 KB, 1125x1182, A7380ED5-1CDE-49B8-A1FE-635F3E…)

“sad and cranky” lmao

No. 567182

File: 1524845571910.png (24.15 KB, 620x217, XDlyO30.png)

when your bf replies to his thicc secret but not you

No. 567187

File: 1524845978593.png (36.05 KB, 643x413, beZS2eU.png)

>going to bed at 9AM

No. 567199

File: 1524847104221.png (237.99 KB, 619x463, rY1vnqY.png)

No. 567200

No. 567201

Are they talking about women? lmfao, its hard to feel bad for her when she refuses to do anything about it but enable his behavior

No. 567204

No, they're talking about her. He thinks she's sad and cranky lol

No. 567220

I mean in reference to "how many skepdick wants"

No. 567228

File: 1524848887285.png (17.33 KB, 1832x125, qMFO0EC.png)

No. 567235

nta but wig looks so much better without the boxxy eyeliner, if only she didn't want to wear boxxy's skin

No. 567238

File: 1524849360208.png (52.61 KB, 641x535, az3gBaU.png)

No. 567240

Yeah, they're talking about clones of her.

No. 567242

Love how dum dum retweets her token black girl on pointless arguments about race.

No. 567245

File: 1524850222705.png (20.14 KB, 609x229, nvLxYMn.png)

she actually deleted that retweet and replied to the original tweet herself. she always does this

No. 567249

Wig should just admit that she's a basic bitch and enjoy it.

No. 567252

He's hinting that he's irritated when June gets "sad and cranky". She constantly talks how their relationship is perfect, why does she get sad and cranky in front of him?

No. 567257

File: 1524851145425.png (2.06 MB, 1950x1326, gurg.png)

The last one was this a week ago.

No. 567263

File: 1524851685755.jpg (17.43 KB, 394x138, Capture.JPG)

Her Ollie is like 6 years old. She was like 20 when she got him…maybe 21.

No. 567268

File: 1524852094878.png (25.16 KB, 619x243, deleted tweet.png)

No. 567272

June really hates when males are found guilty of anything, doesn't she?

Anyway, I don't see how denying a right to trial is implied here, the Tweet just says that the sentence should be jail. June's just too dumb to connect the dots.

No. 567275

File: 1524852779055.jpg (19.8 KB, 639x479, 2159031774f5e173db74f91c05d715…)

No. 567293

Fuck what a degenerate. She and her life are things I want to stay away from as far as possible. I'd rather off myself than having a threesome with that thing

No. 567295

this is the only type of person who'd have a threesome with june

No. 567297

File: 1524853834077.jpg (75.48 KB, 994x643, 7SEurfLc.jpg)

I think looking at her ig made me puke a little. Ew.

No. 567300

Lts be nice so she might TALK TO US

No. 567302

grocery and wig going get stds if they keep fucking trashy looking whores like that. Then again, probably one of their "fetishes".

I hate to say it but, wig was smart not to eat her out. Still disgusting. I really hope these people never have children jfc.

No. 567305

letabitchlive is probably Armoured Skeptic's dream girl.

No. 567306

June is prob gonna get an STD anyway because skeptic fucked her, duh.

No. 567307

Okay, not defending this girl because she seems like an absolute whore, BUT, see seems a lot cooler than June. Just saying.

No. 567311


hard to tell, since instagram doesn't allow dick pics.

No. 567314

File: 1524854582999.jpg (96.51 KB, 698x695, IMG_20180427_143955.jpg)

I can't believe they act like they have standards and yet they willingly fuck this thing.
>you have to be pretty girl to have a threesome with usss
Yeah uh no you just have to be another cumbucket for preg

No. 567316

File: 1524854687063.jpg (79.75 KB, 644x645, 7SEurfLc.jpg)

If her and June have anything in common, it's that neither of them know how to properly hold a bun.

be cumbucket whores all you want, but ffs, please treat the buns properly!

No. 567317

Yeah, but Grocery stuck his dick in her and washed it off with June's. Groooooooss.

No. 567319

She looks a lot like Searen camgirl. He def has a type and it's not wig.

No. 567320


what is his type? Dirty unwashed whores?

No. 567322

Ouch. Seems like Greg really doesn’t like being around her for more than 2 weeks at a time.

No. 567324

Seems like it. Maybe thats why shoe tries to tweet gross shit at him all the time like >>566738 "i can act sluttyy tooo uwu"

No. 567327

>lets be nice
Trust me this type of chick embraces her whoreness, we aren't being mean. I'm sure she'd love the the possible attention from this.

Someone should ask. Obviously she's at least somewhat sane for acknowledging that shoe and her fanbase is pathetic.

No. 567330

File: 1524855637726.png (86.46 KB, 634x690, nfB5OLR.png)

old but relevant

No. 567331


fucking ew. I would punch a dude in the dick for saying shit like this and she embraces it. She doesn't have daddy issues, so what the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 567333

File: 1524855859399.jpg (13.44 KB, 223x275, RFe36kU.jpg)

No. 567337

File: 1524855946524.png (205.88 KB, 450x338, 1410855435683.png)

>i stopped growing mentally and physically by age 16

No. 567346

File: 1524856449721.gif (1.78 MB, 566x318, f02lxl.gif)

I actually cannot imagine talking to someone with this little self respect

No. 567347

Greg, you're parents…are more sucessful than you.

No. 567349

File: 1524856601257.png (4.97 KB, 288x114, q3W52g3.png)

This is his Dad's job.

No. 567351

Why does she enable this behavior/lies from him? I would never lie to the person I love.

No. 567352

File: 1524856747226.gif (391.6 KB, 500x374, 1395163124486.gif)

He's mad that mommy and daddy didn't take him to the big boy uni film college he wanted to go to :c instead he had to go to community college but, dropped out anyways :c it's all their fault :c

No. 567353

because then she would have to admit that she's engaged to a total buffoon.

No. 567355

He should have PAID or taken out his own loans if he wanted to go to his university of choice. Fucking loser omg.

No. 567357


mfw 99% of adults take out loans or work their ass off to pay for college and he's upsetti bc mummy and daddy didn't pay for it.

No. 567358

File: 1524856974441.png (20.74 KB, 603x213, another deleted tweet.png)

No. 567361


why get into an argument if you're gonna delete 99% of your responses.

No. 567363

File: 1524857277122.jpg (659.42 KB, 741x1078, pfft.jpg)

She the typa bitch that thinks agreeing with everything your SO says is so traditional.

No. 567364

just dropping some casual instagram fan edit cringe. I couldn't finish when the grocery part started.


No. 567368


imagine having the talent and dedication to make edits and shit and you use said talent to make shit like this. EW


Oh come the fuck on June. If you couldn't be any more of a basic white bitch!

No. 567376

Here we go with the hypocritical trad bullshit none of these attentionwhores even adhere to.

She doesn't even do anything on this list regularly besides throw on her wig and send a kiss ass tweet to Preg occasionally.
She can't cook, isn't tidy, complains and acts "grumpy and sad" around Preg, dresses immaturely, doesn't have kids.
And the worst thing about the 50s? No internet, and it wasn't becoming of a woman back then to be seeking attention from anyone not her husband. She'd have to kiss her betabux goodbye and hope Preg gives her an allowance.

No. 567385

This bitch can't cook worth a shit (unless shes trying some weird diet and thats why everything was bland and undercooked)
She's loud, complains about everything,can't control her fiance to make him be a decent person (even though shes loves him o so much)
Same basic eyeliner and cakey foundation, she doesn't have any hair to do so she throws on an overpriced emo wig and calls it a day
Shes far from interesting, except maybe to psych nerds
Who does this hoe think she is

No. 567391


That original tweet did explain how hotels don't accommodate all guests. Whether the lack of accommodation is worth caring about is another can of worms but it's really not that hard to understand the tweet. Sage for OT.

No. 567393

File: 1524859631487.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.32 KB, 1536x2048, 1517547985697.jpg)

Found this on the /b/ thread. June's ex is named Andrew.

No. 567395

already been posted before

these newbies reposting shit are getting annoying. next thread we should start listing past threads on the OP

No. 567396

I haven't seen this one tbh

No. 567397

File: 1524860148277.png (290.48 KB, 631x517, RYPLc7X.png)

i bet she thinks septic and her are a youtube powercouple like this

No. 567403

Nobody except her crying orbiters gave a shit about her engagement, and unlike Greg's choice, her ring looks nice. I bet June's jealous.

No. 567408

it's funny because even the most shallow youtube couples(not talking about pewd and cutie btw, they are adorable) don't have a bf/gf openly liking and talking to camgirls on social media. Like just imagine if pewd did that, people would want his head chopped off because Marzia is sweet and adorable. But shoe's standards are so low, even her fucking fans are like "oh grocery just does that cause BDSM" like she's letting herself be exploited as this chick who is "so anti-fem she let's her bf cuck her and openly likes pics of girls half naked for us to see, wow relationship goalzz". That's not something to be proud of.

No. 567412

Sage for not June, but Halsey is extremely white. It bugs me that she'd even try to talk about this. Who asked her, lmao?

No. 567422

We all know Mariza is gonna say yes. rofl
But congrats on them. They've been together a long time and seem happy. Unlike septic and Wig.

No. 567423


Halsey is half black actually. She just looks really white and probably has white people hair too, so this isn't really her struggle…but she's not white. I get it though, I'm mixed and I don't look white at all, so I'm sure the opposite can happen…like it did in her case.

No. 567425


It's always the whitest-looking minorities screeching the loudest about this trivial shit

No. 567429

It's almost as if gender roles/stereotypes are bullshit or something and being male or female is determined by chromosomes.

June defending Blaire is so sad. haha

No. 567430


No. 567433


who would stoop so low that'd cat call someone that fucking ugly.

No. 567434

>Greg thinks he's a genius

>calls June a dumb ho basically

>June encourages this

I honestly hate them both

No. 567435

This image makes me fucking sick. She's making it so obvious she has serious self-esteem issues by sharing bullshit like this to cater to her awful fan base. Imagine being a 27-year old roleplaying as a 16-year old anime girl with an overweight "daddy" in his 40's who lusts after camwhores and posting this kind of shit.

No. 567436

Literally any guy?? Guys catcall women because they want to bother them. It's a power thing more than a sexual thing. Sage for OT but not only 'pretty girls' get cat called or street harassed.

No. 567437

they deserve each other

No. 567438

believe it or not, daddy dom is in his early 30s

No. 567441


how does June get cat called and harassed if she never leaves the house?

No. 567446

fuck I meant to type *30's, my bad

the ironic thing is that without the beard he has a total baby face

No. 567447

Ok, I'll give you that one, anon. hahaha

Even when Septic visits, do they ever go anywhere?

No. 567448


other than the movie theatre bc of their youtube series, idk if they do anything. With how much June loves to share literally everything about their relationship, I doubt we wouldn't know if they went out.

No. 567451

This. Also wig thinks she's one of those pretty girls and that only girls who are "hot like her" get sexually harassed and that it's "no big deal". And when woman who doesn't fit her narrative tells a sexual harassment story she thinks they're lying.
they sit in their car waiting for female joggers to run by them and catcall them apparently

No. 567452

Lol yeah that doesnt make any sense

>gets cat called

>never leaves the house
Pick one june

No. 567455

File: 1524864362983.jpg (7.98 KB, 84x90, 20180427_172458.jpg)

That's some grad a fucking degeneracy

No. 567458

she also typed it like getting cat called is something that happens all the time for her. Like who puts a percentage on it like that? It's sounds like she gets off on it(or the idea depending on if she's telling the truth). actual catcalling is not something you end up bragging about to some random person on twitter, it's shitty and embarrassing and scary experience that you try to forget every happened.

but nope shoe apparently likes keeping tabs on the men who catcall her. classy.

No. 567459

>half black
Nope, 1/4th. She's 75 percent white. If she's black, Malia and Sasha Obama are white.

No anon

No. 567461

File: 1524865040309.png (59.7 KB, 591x411, eBaDsOl.png)

she also only thinks teenagers and ""ghetto trash"" cat-call. she sounds like an old conservative woman

No. 567462


Ok, I was wrong. I was only going by her (halsey) own words… lmao, she's 75% white, likely has white people hair, and is complaining about hotel shampoo not working for black hair.

No. 567463

She probably does. She probably has that trannie mentality that if you get catcalled, you're a 'real woman now!!' and 'super sexy.'

I hate her. She's beyond anti-woman. No woman ever wants to get catcalled. They legit just want to go about their lives.

No. 567465


she has to act like catcalling is cool and okay because she has to disagree with literally everything feminists have to say.

No. 567466

File: 1524865528951.png (60.58 KB, 171x264, 1411404026510.png)

yeah old creepy white guys never catcall. I guess I just made up all those bad memories in my head.

No. 567467


ofc you did Anon! White males do nothing wrong!

No. 567469

nah anon we're just dramatic. we should instantly feel proud when being sexualized by strangers for no reason other than simply existing. you have girls like wig who try so fucking hard to get noticed by men they've made a careers out of it. clearly we're are ungrateful cunts who should shut up and take it

No. 567482

Her own trashy bf catcalls random women with her, wtf is she talking about?

No. 567485


excuse me for not knowing shit but where did y'all hear this?

No. 567495

File: 1524868325802.jpg (129.96 KB, 791x804, 1522272678924.jpg)

No. 567497

I agree with you that June is incompetent, but I will say I do understand why she can't pump her own gas because self service stations are banned in New Jersey. http://fortune.com/2015/05/18/new-jersey-gas-pump/
My dad visited New Jersey once and scared the shit out of some poor gas station employee because he insisted on pumping his own gas.
saged because nitpick and blogpost.

No. 567502

She lives in Ronkonkoma, Long Island.

No. 567503

that's seriously creepy. i'm bi and would never do this with my bf, it just seems so weird and gives predator vibes, especially considering the way greg is… weirdly not every girl/guy is thirsty for anything with tits, june

No. 567506

Oh, sorry anon, I'm a retard.

No. 567510


fucking ew. She is the queen cuck.

No. 567518

File: 1524869965922.png (38.78 KB, 512x512, 1f914.png)

no offense, but if you guys are getting PTSD from catcalls, maybe feminists aren't as strong and independent as I thought…(derailing)

No. 567522

right that's exactly what I was going for there. also nice projection assuming I'm a feminist for simply stating that catcalling isn't narrowed down to just teen boy and "ghetto trash". also learn how to sage before your shitty attempt at infighting

No. 567525

>maybe feminists aren't as strong and independent as I thought…

It's just a shitty, sometimes dangerous thing to have men screaming sexual remarks at you. It has nothing to do with being the she-hulk, stupid ass.

No. 567528

File: 1524870640645.jpg (28.21 KB, 322x365, image.jpg)

This is so sad. I don't know about you guys, but when I spend time with my bf I like to try new restaurants, go for walks in nature, go see a movie, or just relax and enjoy his company. You know, cute fun traditional functional couple things.
I can't fucking imagine being in a LDR with my bf, taking the train by myself to finally visit him after MONTHS of separation, only to have him drive me to the park so he could ogle women and comment on how much he wants to fuck them instead of spending time with me. I would honestly leave the car in tears if my bf was that fucking gross.
But then again I'm not a cool girl cuck kween like June.
Absolutely depressing.

No. 567529


no one said anyone had PTSD from being catcalled. No one said any of us were feminists. Fuckin hell. Being catcalled is humiliating and gross. There is nothing that makes a person weak for saying catcalling is shitty and they don't like that they get catcalled. Fuck right off.

No. 567535

File: 1524871064661.png (904.42 KB, 896x1556, X6eQCCg.png)

why do all that boring vanilla shit when you could be leashed on the floor while your bf tips camgirls? sorry you're too much of a normie to grasp their complex 24/7 dynamic. you're missing out

No. 567536


same! I couldn't imagine using the only time I had with my FIANCE after months of being apart to spend it staring at random ass women in public. Fucking gross.

And as someone who goes out running a lot, you wouldn't believe the amount of people who just go driving and stare at women…has June ever been out of the house before? Does she know how uncomfortable and unsafe that makes women feel? The fact that she is partaking in it and acting like it's funny or cute is disgusting.

No. 567541

UGH. FUCK OFF. You can be into other women without being a creep about it. And once again, are they fetishizing lesbians?

June is seriously gross. Leave women alone. No one wants to go out jogging to get harassed!

No. 567546

Idk if she meant they were cat-calling. She definitely meant that they were making sexual comments amongst themselves like a couple frat boys.

I don’t want to “thought-police” but she is enabling some seriously gross behavior in Greg by doing that. Maybe she personally doesn’t feel disrespected, but it’s disrespectful to others. Most people would like to be able to live their lives without being sexually evaluated everywhere they go. And it’s seriously autistic to see that as complimentary behavior.

No. 567549

File: 1524872099408.png (1.24 MB, 1093x1087, 863881899003873.png)

I was bored enough to scroll her entire profile. It was fascinating watching her gradually become clean, sober, sane, and normal.

I'd be surprised if this chick really hooked up with Shoe and Grocery, being "youtube famous" they could obviously aim a little higher than a heroin addicted trustie crustie who doesn't shower and squats in alleyways. And she's not even ~thicc~.

No. 567550

let's be honest, greg would fuck anyone with tits and a pulse

No. 567559

File: 1524873155962.jpg (47.34 KB, 598x820, 990f343aa44ca31c90ba02eeba2abe…)

their fans see them as "relationship goals" meanwhile my bf and I laugh at how transparent and milk toast they are.

Most of their convos look like it was ripped out of those fake text posts under tumblr's ddlg tag(pic related).

it's not worth getting depressed over, just laugh at how pathetic it must be to base your relationship off of dynamics and roles. most of it seems like grocery trying to compensate for his lack of real masculinity and shoe trying be the "perfect girl" to neckbeards.

No. 567569

It sounds more like "if they're all bratty at the same time I'm going to have lots of work to do to punish them all!"
ewwww how is she okay with this…
June talks about how they always get recognized these days, so they probably do go out somewhere to get attention.

No. 567575

Don't worry anon.
She acts and looks like someone from Jersey Shore. I can understand your confusion.

No. 567581

This tweet never gets old

No. 567586

OT blogpost but, I was raised in Jersey and shoe looks and acts exactly like the privileged rich party girls I grew up with. At least, she did in her old vids.

No. 567602

File: 1524877698252.png (229.54 KB, 625x401, obsessed by mariah carey.png)

still talking about graham linehan

No. 567611

she's prettier than shoe at least

No. 567634

File: 1524879971189.png (455.62 KB, 622x1054, XBbqUyU.png)

No. 567641

I've had so much trouble making sense of this picture for some reason, is that his crotch upside down in the bottom reflection?

No. 567643

his legs are spread and the monkey is covering his dick

No. 567655


No. 567657

why take that photo?

No. 567661

File: 1524881743946.png (99.23 KB, 630x712, KGsVuLb.png)

No. 567667

If he needs to put a lot of "time" into those shitty "animations" he really is mentally handicapped.

No. 567679

fuck why does she have to talk like that. it makes me want to puke

No. 567682

because ol greggy boy is turned on by burikko which is a childish way of talking. check the comments on the vid

No. 567685

save you a click: (if you don't know) Burikko means talking like a little girl. fucking waste of time video

No. 567686


LMAO this guy is 100% me anyy time I hear June in videos she makes with Greg. Fucking ew.

No. 567687

File: 1524884327482.png (8.47 KB, 301x87, (((echoing))).png)

No. 567697

unintentionally saying they're so boring she falls asleep lmao

No. 567711

File: 1524887517876.png (41.14 KB, 635x273, deleted.png)

No. 567713


why does she constantly call herself stupid? Ugh. At some point self-deprecating humor gets very concerning


maybe Greg talking to her like she's retarded is one of the reasons she's depressed. I know I was depressed when I had a shitty family that constantly told me I was dumb. Why does she put up with that? Seems like she's internalized abuse as "kinky" ew

No. 567721

men that talk down to you and badmouth your intelligence are so damaging to be around. it’s easy to laugh it off the first time but when they continue to do it it’s easy to feel trapped and useless. imo it’s a manipulation tactic to scare one’s partner away from career and education oriented goals and it’s a big red flag

No. 567727

isn't Shoe a college dropout?

No. 567730

File: 1524889297365.jpg (31.83 KB, 480x358, image.jpg)

I know she did this to herself, but I still can't help but feel bad for her. Her relationship is just… so pathetic. Skeptic treats her like shit, and yet he offers nothing. She may be an annoying attention whore, but I really think she tries to impress him and make him proud with her shitty cooking and constant worship and that's what makes it so sad. She's clearly invested in this meatloaf that spends all day jacking off to other women and putting her down. Her claiming to like it makes it so much worse imo.

Like, she has no ambitions other than being this meatball's waifu and worshipping his cheesy dick and its such a pathetic existence. She's literally striving for the bottom of the barrel.

No. 567733

don't try to pretend like she's too good for him; they're both losers.

No. 567735

yes but so is greg. according to her, believe her if you want, she had high grades in college unlike septic

No. 567738

Anon, any woman is too good for him. Even that nasty girl who claimed they had a threesome should have higher standards.
Shoe's a loser, but she's a lot more than he deserves.

No. 567746

truth. It's so beyond toxic and men who do this really can fuck women's self esteem up. It's such a gross power trip move. Greg is a fucking moron but he puts himself on a pedestal.

No. 567748

File: 1524890639290.png (57.58 KB, 645x729, 88F2AA80-8B47-4866-BEBE-894E85…)

She said she failed math more than twice In the draw my life video. Then she cried in the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot a lot and skipped class a lot.

No. 567757

I agree anon. There are people in this world truly deserving of sympathy but Wig wanted to have a position underneath Greg's greasy gut and she got it.

No. 567760

Why do people think SLIDESHOWs are animations?
Does he really think he's near the quality of at least Hyun?

No. 567763

6:26 checked and she failed it thrice but aced all her other classes.
she also talks about being a bully, lying to make herself look cool and catfishing a lot kek. she seemed selfaware back then, what happened?

No. 567765

>what happened?
She's pandering to a different group of men now that prefer to think of her as "cute smol uwu awkward geek"

No. 567771

Now she's gotta convince her orbiters that she was always smol qt shy bunny girl who was bullied by fatties and is dumber than men but smarter than those other women who like dumb things like ~feminism~

This is how she makes her money.

No. 567793

File: 1524895100488.png (80.24 KB, 623x357, C16Ouw4.png)

No. 567798

It's pretty accurate though. She lives with her parents and makes her money off cuck bucks. She's never held an actual job in her life, why does she act like she knows shit about the wage gap or work discrimination, besides waving around a 'mug wage gap' button?

No. 567799


I do think she's smarter than septic, not smart enough to go to college and get a job but she is calculating enough to know her market and pander to the right people which seems to be working for her. Pregory is worse imo because he tries to pass himself off as a 2deep4u intellecshual when he is LITERALLY retarded lmao

No. 567803

there's no reason why she can't go through college and get a job. as much as she hates the normie label, she's an average woman by all accounts and could easily live a normal life like her sister.
greg though? good luck with that. i think he has more issues than just dyslexia..

No. 567809

File: 1524896565519.png (144.99 KB, 628x600, 4WCE9mm.png)

No. 567828

Shes italian, she comes from long island, what do you expect?

Shes a basic bitch that never got knocked up and got stuck at home on the internet for 10 years.

No. 567829

the funny thing is, Shoe still has 5 times the views than Skeptic lol

No one wants to watch a chubby MRA suck his own dick on youtube.

No. 567841

College is not a measure of intelligence, but hard work and persistence. Wig is lazy and spoiled, but she isn't stupid, though I don't think pandering to MGTOW neckbeards requires that much brainpower either.

And say what you will but I've seen worse women end up with better men (Tess Holliday, for example) and I think both Preg's SOs (that I know of) were/are way out of his league, he ought to be counting his lucky stars that any woman at all is willing to put up with his fat autistic ass. I don't feel sorry for her but I do sympathise a bit since one of my exes used to pull similar condescending shit, idk what it is but it does take a lot of effort to stop trying to prove yourself and realise that he'll never actually change or like you that much past getting his dick wet occasionally.

No. 567843


I doubt she could get back into anywhere but a community college at 27. Non-traditional student acceptance is pretty low. However that wouldn't be very helpful to her since she was originally getting her degree in something useless. It's not like she's gonna have a change of heart and want to go to med school or be an engineer.

But she can still get a job just about anywhere with just an HS diploma AND make videos…but she wont. All of her problems are caused by her. She was a hot mess before she met Greg and she will be after he leaves her for some thicc tranny.

Greg isn't holding her down.

No. 567850

>But she can still get a job just about anywhere with just an HS diploma AND make videos
Could she though? With all the shit she's done online, I think the nicest job she could get might be cashier at Target or camwhore.

No. 567852


tbh, I understand why YouTubers don't want jobs. If they have IRL jobs and fans run into them, all that fan has to do is call the store they work at and act like they're a family member and get their private information. Even that, they could follow them home.

But she pretty much COULD get a job at any retail store or what not. A friend of mine is a camgirl and if you google her names, the first search result is her explicit website…and she has had about 6 jobs in the last few years. 99% of retail stores and fast food joints hire whoever they can. They don't even google you. If you're clean crime-wise, they don't look much farther.

No. 567921

she really thinks feminism ‘dominates mainstream media and academia’ lmao….. one that’s not true and two if it were true it would be because the opposite thinks that women’s butts oppress men

No. 568002

I actually work with someone who is actually has a big following on twitch.
It's a retail job and they literally put up everyone's phone number up in the office. Even if you took it down you could easily ask the managers for a phone number and pretend that you need to contact them for work reasons.
Point is if anyone recognized him and was evil enough to dox him they could EASY.
I'm just trying to be fair and say it's probably not a good idea for her to get a simple wage job now.

No. 568013

let's not forget the type of fan base she has as well. A lot of he male viewers wish they were dating her and are lonely desperate manchildren. She's given out enough info where any of them could probably find her if they wanted to do something crazy. I'd be scared of working in a public place if I were her.

Maybe i'm just overreacting but, as much as I dislike her, I really hope she doesn't end up getting hurt or attacked by any of them.

No. 568023

I want to point out also even a customer could come in and ask for their phone number and say they need to contact them or something, say that they are a friend or a family member or something.
Managers/co workers don't understand this internet culture, they don't understand how dangerous it is in general even to just give out information. It doesn't even have to be a manager, if you asked a co-worker they would go in the back and just find the phone number for you or just show you on their own phone.
I guarantee if someone came in as a customer and asked a normie co worker would just be like whoop-dee-doo okay.

No. 568042

This kind of shit happens to regular, non-internet famous people, too. Like honestly I'm surprised more employers haven't made it a policy to not give out their employees' personal information…

Sorry for blogging but it's relevant, had a coworker of mine give some strange dude my phone number and work schedule, which would have been weird no matter what, but I was underage so it was even scarier at the time. He'd always just come around and lurk during my shifts and bother me with creepy comments, then had the nerve to ask me why I seemed annoyed a couple of times.

No. 568089

In America it is certainly against the rules to give our employee’s phone numbers. I don’t know about the law but any major corporation has strict rules against it. It might happen anyway but those people would lose their jobs if a complaint were made.
Also the strange misconception a lot of people have that if you have a shady history on the internet it will somehow affect your ability to get hired is bizarre. As long as you aren’t posting anything illegal, you are allowed to have whatever opinions you like, and share them publicly. The same goes for taking your clothes off in a setting that doesn’t contradict the law. An employer (with the exception of a government job or a position where you represent a company publicly) has no jurisdiction over what you do in your personal life as long as you aren’t talking about it at work.

June could easily do something like telemarketing (or warehouse/factory job I’d she decided on manual labor) if she wanted to stay out of the public eye.

No. 568110


Is this an old account? Anyone have insta, who does he follow?

No. 568113

File: 1524934987361.png (178.27 KB, 715x1230, 20180428_130059.png)

Look at the tropes associated with her lol

No. 568117

>it's all about me
Trope is perfect for her.

No. 568118

File: 1524935381052.png (186.74 KB, 720x1235, 20180428_130119.png)

No. 568120

>she's very much a nerd off the camera
Yeah right. Did she put that in?

No. 568136

Yeah, does anyone know what "nerd" things Shoe is into? I don't recall ever seeing her act nerdy in any youtube video ever posted here.
She never comes across as knowledgeable about anything she ever discusses.

Last I checked, liking a mascot character from the latest installment of Star Wars doesn't a nerd make either.

No. 568151

She plays sims and sometimes reads "logic" books. She's a total nerd!

No. 568183

File: 1524940031118.png (67.07 KB, 789x514, greggo.png)

No. 568184

didnt mean to reply to that one sorry

No. 568189

Sure, they have no "jurisdiction" over your online habits but you can bet your ass they will look at that information and compare it to other candidates when looking to fill a position.

Sorry for blog post but I actually have been in the position of hiring manager and can tell you that examining your online presence is definitely a part of the background check process. I can't speak for retail or fast food, but any corporate job will be looking at that stuff and yes, it will most definitely be factored in to the decision making process about whether or not you'll be a good fit in their workplace "culture."

So please, just be careful not to delude yourself. There are companies who's entire business is built around helping people maintain/clean their online reputation for exactly this reason.

No. 568223


>she sees herself as

>she sees herself as
>she sees herself as
>she sees herself as

someone needs to add that to "one of us"

No. 568233

File: 1524944251677.png (429.52 KB, 610x992, terf sperg.png)

No. 568237

File: 1524944579147.jpg (112.93 KB, 673x648, where's a thoughtful emoji whe…)


>self-described "libtard"

>gets her news from Breitbart

No. 568244

Women also don't want men in a private space when they have to remove their pants to pee. It's about feeling safe.

but of course june doesn't get it

of course she does

No. 568260

File: 1524946971246.png (168.31 KB, 632x382, screenshotting verified accoun…)

She'll do anything for 15 minutes of fame, huh? First it was piggybacking off of Gamergate, now it's the Count Dankula drama. At least she knows her audience well.

No. 568270

File: 1524947781305.png (12.5 KB, 577x93, QYutHum.png)

No. 568271

File: 1524947930921.png (21.18 KB, 583x245, deleted tweet.png)

No. 568279

First was her piggybacking off the vlog craze, then the boxxy craze, then GG, now the "skeptic" community as a sort of "I'm not really being serious Jon Stewart" type of sketch commentary.

Have to give it to her, shes a decent video maker when she tries. But I feel like shes lazy and too wrapped up in googling herself every second and sucking gregs cock to really break out.

No. 568287

>shes a decent video maker when she tries
I respect your opinion but, honestly can't see how recording yourself on a webcam with amy schumer comedy and editing that requires 20 minutes tops is ever "decent video making".

No. 568296

thats what i mean, most of the time she doesn't try.

No. 568306

wow she's really unfunny. centrist amy schumer

No. 568317

i really don't see how this is decent but, if anything at least it's an attempt at trying to be funny and "original"(as original as she can get)compared to now where she just comments on easy material by yelling unfunny lines.

No. 568325

look at all the female friends she NEVER had!

like honestly in all of her 'skit' videos it's pretty obvious she had a lot of friends, both guys and girls (and actually some decently attractive guys), so this "i'm so nervous omg uwu shy girl" crap is so easily debunked. on top of her outing herself to her orbiters by bringing literally like 10 friends with her onto tinychat. cant believe en are seriously promoting her as a shy nerd jfc

No. 568332

File: 1524950717274.png (115.26 KB, 900x920, cuck.png)

No. 568334

June commenting on Laci's video about cucks.

No. 568336

but what happened to her "I'm so jealous uwu rawr possessive girlfriend here to luv u forever ;3"??? not making enough couch-dwelling, crotch-scratching critters cum quick enough while watching you, june?

No. 568338


her attempts at comedy are fucking dreadful! The joke is unoriginal (ofc, since this is a parody) but like, come on. How did you make it so unfunny?


She sounds like every extremely annoying loudmouth new-yorker tbh. Shy nerd my ass. Literally the only time she didn't have friends was when she was out of college…and then she had the people who she worked with (who didn't really like her, I assume, because she was using their makeup brushes or something).

I think she tries to act like she never had friends as a way to make her feel better about the fact she has none now. And if she wasn't on twitter 24/7, I'd genuinely believe she had friends that she just didn't talk about

>we're in blacktown

>we're getting raped

nothing like some really unsubtle stupid white girl racism, if you didn't think she was any more of a spoiled dumbass white girl.

No. 568344

File: 1524951393347.png (24.03 KB, 371x327, pmCurSO.png)

she's just not funny tbh. she's insecure about stuff she shouldn't be - like being dumber than septic when she's absolutely not - and yet has all this confidence when it comes to her ""comedy."" weird

No. 568404

Imagine your fetish is watching your fat ugly gross boyfriend fuck better looking women than you.

No. 568414

File: 1524956229353.png (90.8 KB, 484x508, cuck.png)

it's not even her fetish she just pretends it is

No. 568417


I took it to mean she gets pleasure out of Preg enjoying it when she ~worships his dick 24/7 uwu~

No. 568423

File: 1524956654017.gif (768.24 KB, 500x340, 1411596392928.gif)

What would happen if Grocery got another woman pregnant during one of their cuck/threesome sessions? They obviously don't use protection and based on that /b/ chick they could easily run into some stupid hoe who forgets/doesn't take birth control.

The thought terrifies me, a bunch of low iq grocery babies birthed out by whores who'd being willing to threesome with those two. Yikes.

No. 568428

To be honest does she really have ANY interests outside of sperging on Twitter about m-muh intellectualism and clinging to Grocery? Like music or shows or movies or hobbies or something? She never seems to really be into anything and she comes off as an airhead just parroting what she learned from the big youtube boys to make her orbiters like her.

No. 568433

I remember reading Greg has a kid from his first marriage. Is this true?

No. 568436

I think it's a rumor made when someone saw his fans call him a dad/daddy and thought it meant he was actually one. no proof shows he has one, when his ex wife fb was still up there were no baby pics.

No. 568438

Not sure which I find more disgusting; the fact that some random girl let Septic rawdog them, or the fact that June let him rawdog her after rawdogging a random dirty hooker

No. 568443

This. June is a fucking cunt and a retarded piece of work herself, but Grocery is disgusting for taking advantage of someone who clearly has deep-rooted self-esteem issues and treating her like a pump and dump bitch. At the same time I'm laughing at their bullshit ~kinky 24/7 bdsm dynamic~ and June's idiocy but holy shit it's depressing once you stop to really think about it.

No. 568448

idk from what I've seen from these threads it seems like they deserve each other lol

No. 568452

meant to reply to >>568443

No. 568457

sometimes I fell bad but then I remember she called her ex-bf abusive for acting like a normal person. they deserve each other

No. 568461

The only thing I find sad tbh is it doesn't seem like there was anyone telling her to not date him or even at least tell her to not go straight into all the bdsm/poly./ddlg shit so soon in the relationship and broadcast it to the fucking world like an idiot.

Shoe thinks she wanted female friends to talk about make up and shit with when in reality she needed ones to tell her not to date a guy like prego. She might've been saved but, it's her own damn fault now

No. 568463

a few of her followers have called her out but she blocks them and/or calls them vanilla normies. imagine how much of a bitch she must be about it irl

No. 568467


His ex wife has never once posted about having a kid, which isn't something many people with kids do.

Also if he had a kid, I have no reason to believe he wouldn't exploit the fact he doesn't see it as some MGTOW "women are favored in custody battles" talking point. Even if he doesn't want to see it.

No. 568468

I can't imagine. But that's why she doesn't have irl girlfriends. Instead she'll end up just being "friends" with trannies that have diaper ddlg fetishes on the internet who encourage her path on being "hardcore kinksters" like them while grocery fucks a normie camgirl who like getting his tips

No. 568469

June said that her relationship relates to "Tangled" even in the storyline. Tinfoil but I heard her mom say that she was wary at first of Greg because she was suspicious of an older man from another country wanting to see June. Do you think June sees her mom as a "Mother Gothel" character cause of her justified suspicions?

"That old hag vanilla normie is just jealose!!1"

No. 568474

File: 1524958908898.png (130.47 KB, 482x602, da6eSZE.png)

No. 568480

In this she goes on about impulse shopping, lying to people, pretending to be interested in peoples hobbies just to be their friend, being in acting classes, and liking pink shiny things (totally goffic uwu) also lots of autistic sperging enjoy im not wasting an hour on this

No. 568484

>sheltered ass life

I think this is her only flaw that she ever admits so openly, and that's only because she thinks it's cute like Rapunzel. Even though movie Rapunzel was only 18 and June's a grown ass woman almost a decade older. There's no reason for ignorance at her age unless it's willful.

No. 568485

File: 1524959747370.jpg (54.64 KB, 621x720, af8c09fe9003c6701da57158bd7c1c…)

>June said that her relationship relates to "Tangled" even in the storyline
eugene and rapunzel totally have hardcore threesomes and are in a 24/7 bdsm relationship just like wig and preg! I mean look at them!!1!

No. 568490

Fuck she looks like a housemate on Jersey Shore. I don't know how she thinks she can bury this past and pretend she was goth.

No. 568491

the "leftist trickery" part makes me think this isn't about literal cucks. Still an interesting post considering how much she likes to claim that she's a liberulll.

No. 568494

She also never liked any goth music from what i know which is a a huge part of being goth lol

No. 568496

File: 1524960243834.png (27.85 KB, 487x321, goffic.png)

what a reserved wallflower

No. 568505

File: 1524960497422.png (23.59 KB, 620x205, iCri8aA.png)

she did

No. 568511

Um no that's industrial music, shock rock and hard rock not goth at all

No. 568513

Give me a break! She just listed 3 totally different kind of rock artists.

At least she could google them first.

No. 568523

File: 1524961384892.jpg (23.53 KB, 216x360, PjyTJDg.jpg)

goth june

No. 568531

File: 1524961616303.png (128.31 KB, 495x346, MpsLui5.png)

No. 568535

File: 1524961920230.png (556.7 KB, 628x732, U5figLf.png)

No. 568542

Yup, i can see the connection between her and Siouxsie Sioux or Liv Kristine.

She was a fucking dollar store Avril jfc.

No. 568547

She was goth with that avenged sevenfold t shirt and bad eyeliner she was literally just a basic alt girl from the early 2000's

No. 568553

if you told me this was a chinchan rare i would believe it

No. 568578

Why is she so obsessed with the idea of preg being a chad? I thought she wasn't into muscles

No. 568599

File: 1524965351202.png (192.98 KB, 630x780, Lg2c13f.png)

No. 568601

he's not a chad, he just looks like a MRA in the making. I can see the bubbling misogyny in the photo.

No. 568602

File: 1524965501000.png (32.8 KB, 613x331, yYeQh2b.png)

No. 568606

i bet she hasn't even heard of lacuna coil. she's not mall goth she's a scene kid. and her makeup is still scene kid tier. it's not like being goth is some coveted status either, i still see them streaming 'goth' video games on twitch with their vampirefreaks.com profile in their bio.

No. 568610

thought the same thing, anon. she looks like fucking chinchan

No. 568630

The thread of the tweet she capped is great. Also I think shoe censored her name because ppl already tweeted she was going to cap and send her 15 year old army to this person, so she's trying to act coy about it. What a fucking typical cunt.


No. 568637

File: 1524967980783.png (476.82 KB, 614x872, deleted.png)

For someone who says they don't like to talk about race, she sure talks a lot about race

No. 568641

That dress is so unbelievably tacky. Ofc June would support this girl. She sees herself and her poorly sewn polyester Yesstyle in this girl and her flea market chinese prom dress

No. 568646

File: 1524968362540.png (36.51 KB, 575x343, bTbXEE5.png)

No. 568650

I couldn't get very far into this because she's so fucking annoying, but I loled at 3:51 when she said Ruh-cream for a Dream was one of her favorite movies.

No. 568652


OT but the dress is so fucking tacky…but Asian's love when Americans embrace their culture…mostly because it shows they're culturally superior…so I don't know if it's offensive…but it would be June to defend something THAT fucking tacky.

No. 568653

literally shoe

No. 568654

File: 1524968603997.png (93.74 KB, 596x706, i love this song.png)

No. 568659

Ah this is why she wont @ because of these truthful tweets

No. 568676

Oh. June being racist. Maybe this is why she doesn’t want to make comments on race, because shit like this would be dragged up.

No. 568838

File: 1524977478534.jpg (40.1 KB, 800x317, IMG_20180429_005045.jpg)

No. 568842

File: 1524977565965.png (37.18 KB, 421x289, AqJqmTn.png)

No. 568845

she's a self-proclaimed sjw libtard who's into dd/lg. how is that any better?

No. 568847

shit I meant to say anti-sjw. she's inching closer to being an sjw anyway though what with her constant TERF sperg fests

No. 568869

>i currently do socio-political commentary..

June please

No. 568902


I don't understand this though. Why does it make it a ruse if Kayne doesn't agree with everything conservatives say? Last time I checked you could be agree with a lot of conservative point of views and still be pro-gun control.

June is sounding like all those annoying feminists she hates…you know…the ones that think you aren't a feminist if you disagree with a commonly agreed upon subject. fucking hypocrite.

No. 568925

File: 1524983434147.png (75.75 KB, 630x556, TvOBE7D.png)

she's still angry

No. 568937

File: 1524984376417.png (108.11 KB, 635x477, XqASpx6.png)

now she's just making shit up. all of her criticisms with TERFs deal with the feminist aspect

No. 568939

No one infanizes her besides herself, preggory, and her 4 few obsessive fanboys, even then most of her fanboys were awed by her seeming "not like other girls, cool and smart and worried about politics but hates feminism and likes atheism", they're leaving her because what they wanted was a 2smart4u antifem atheist girl and now shes becoming a wannabe trad dumb toddler housewife, ie exactly like every other dumb basic hoe walking around

For as "pretty white women are dangerous" which is subjective for shoe, attractive women are dangerous because a lot have an army of fanboys who will beat your shit if you tell her she doesn't spell a word right, shoe, despite desperately claiming to hate women who manipulate men into doing things, is a walking contradiction, not that we didn't know that already

No. 568944

File: 1524985963531.png (343.44 KB, 629x583, RrzuDSx.png)

give me a fucking break, what a hypocrite. she doesn't mind sending her neckbeard orbiters to attack literal teenagers but she gets a small amount of tame criticism and suddenly the world is ending? someone with skin as thin as hers shouldn't be a youtuber

No. 568946

>Shoe thinks she wanted female friends to talk about make up and shit with when in reality she needed ones to tell her not to date a guy like prego.
This. This is exactly why you need friends of your own gender. They're not there to just sperg about makeup and clothes and other shallow shit but to look out for you when they see you entering a gender-specific situation they know is bad. But because when socializing with other women you actually have to be a nice and a tolerable personality, it's way harder for her than attracting her male orbiters just by acting like a kawaii intellectual irl loli in a 24/7 bdsm relationship.

Grocery actually looks better without the beard. Huh.

This person gets it.

No. 568949

File: 1524986819528.png (120.69 KB, 641x413, sore loser.png)

No. 568952


What the hell is she tweeting about?

Is she having a mini narc meltdown?

No. 568953


>Grocery actually looks better without the beard

No. Greg was better looking when he wasn't fat. If he was fit (like he was in high school) and had a beard, he'd still be attractive. Now he looks like a dough face, cross-eyed retard because he gained about 80lbs and a few extra chromosomes I guess

No. 568955

You just know she always wanted to date a high school jock chad.

Had to settle with an obese actually-a-beta-male neckbeard with learning disabilities, who has one old selfie where he looks decent.

No. 568960

She can't even defend transwomen without lowkey calling them men and has critcized TERFS because of muh "misandry" against transwomen. Can you imagine her REEEing this hard in support of biological women? Didn't think so. I don't buy the fact that she hates TERFs entirely because of their opposition to trans ideology. :^)

Also I think it's safe to say that she doesn't wholly buy into the rhetoric that sex and gender are tied together which is enough for any of them to label her a TERF in their eyes.

No. 568962

File: 1524988300884.png (477.28 KB, 602x574, XbHTIYN.png)

No. 568964


fuckin HELL. June, break up with him then. Is it that fuckin hard?

No. 568965

She looks nicer when she covers the lower half of her face, like a normal woman.

No. 568978

File: 1524990592630.png (31.49 KB, 642x286, Kp8Fc6m.png)

No. 569018

why are trannies like this?

No. 569022

File: 1524995642652.png (377.06 KB, 2000x2000, june.png)

No. 569078

They define themselves by their fetish; you really can't expect much.

No. 569092

File: 1525007257635.png (62.73 KB, 796x571, 1.png)

No. 569093

File: 1525007375042.png (102.79 KB, 749x575, 2.png)

No. 569095

File: 1525007469319.png (88.52 KB, 766x505, 3.png)

No. 569098

30% hetero fuck offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

No. 569099

>i'm like 30% hetero from my mom's side and 70% gay cuck from my dad's lol

No. 569110

Jesus she flip flops so much. Just a week ago she was a libtard xDDD trying to clean up the left, and now this?

No. 569113

Ugh june literally has no taste in men

No. 569131

i know someone said this in a past thread but i highkey want to make a video on june. she searches her name so often she could probably find it too lmao.

No. 569134

File: 1525014629334.png (238.25 KB, 217x440, 1523936136225.png)

Come on, anon, you're telling me you don't want this alpha male's big strong stomach?

No. 569136

She definitely sees transwomen as men in dresses who need to be coddled the same way she coddles all men. She doesn’t feel threatened by them at all like she does with real women. I wonder if Blaire et al. have noticed it yet because it’s pretty obvious.

She’s slowly morphing into Lamey.
>I’m so bi omg muh threesomes so kinky 70% gay over here is me yup actually not really all that interested in dudes at all
>with the exception of my insecure cheating potbellied fiancé/husband Greg, his little wiener is just that special~

No. 569137

File: 1525014819959.jpg (43.26 KB, 600x604, 1508427035459.jpg)

>"only 30% hetero :3 man tummy uwu"
>"any girl who weighs more than me is a landwhale harpy tho xD"

No. 569139

do eet, anon.

No. 569144

He's so fucking bowlegged omgggg

No. 569151

File: 1525016419712.jpg (48.33 KB, 350x536, a7d4703e61ab7bfe713483d567abef…)

Which is really funny considering her "uguu so goffic" phase, I thought she'd be into guys like this. Lol

No. 569153

I kinda wanted to do a WIGQUEST video where it just goes from her unichan timeline to now plus cringe bdsm and hypocritical tweet highlights. but my comp sucks atm. anyone else like the idea please do it.

No. 569185

So it's not even speculation anymore that June is a cuck? Love yourself, girl. Cuckolding is a fetish that manifests out of insecurity.

No. 569189

Let us see your current comp. Ill consider adding on/editing it. A lot of ppl have been asking for an wigcomp and she certainly has enough embarrassing shit on the internet to make a compelling one

No. 569300

again making it all about herself replying to questions made to someone else. this girl is starved for attention and can never get enough. its honestly really sad to see.

No. 569302

no she doesn't hate women as much as she hates herself and wants guys to validate her.

She's got some serious self esteem issues, considering she's putting up with a long distance MRA what probably brings a new girl to his house every weekend.

No. 569318

File: 1525033088206.jpg (79.59 KB, 800x661, IMG_20180429_161554.jpg)

>and everybody loves it
Those stuck in 2014-2015 love it. Everyone else has moved on.

No. 569331

Does he have Klinefelter’s? That’s such an awkward body shape.

No. 569334

File: 1525034420180.jpg (108.24 KB, 800x982, armored extra chromosome.jpg)



No. 569344

"I do this thing where I, not really lie to people, but like… pretend to like things they like, so they like me? I know that sounds kinda evil. But I dunno I guess I'm just I dunno…. desperate for friends…?"

No. 569347

File: 1525036006395.png (24.65 KB, 263x155, demi snowflake.png)

>30% hetero
i know this tweet it brought up in every shoe thread but why is she so comfortable with lying. for every single tweet she makes you could find a contradictory one from only a few months ago

No. 569348

samefag but I think she deleted this tweet. I can't find it on her twitter and had to get it from a past thread

No. 569350

…What the fuck. I'm just as baffled as the person trying to respond to june. She is delusional.

No. 569354

File: 1525036386499.png (271.65 KB, 636x548, HBttpwb.png)

she's been tweeting about race everyday. soon enough one of those liberals she's pandering to is going to dig up her past as racist Snooki >>568325

No. 569358

File: 1525036551875.png (485.75 KB, 606x994, 3o0hjoW.png)

No. 569371

File: 1525037941417.png (61.45 KB, 637x415, 3Cx574Q.png)

No. 569383

>little girlfriend


No. 569384

>spills $7 sugary pinkdrink
>Goes and buys another $7 pinkdrink

Also lmao I thought she was trying to lose weight? these are… not good ways to lose weight, June. I bet she's never eaten healthy in her entire life and just rode her metabolism until it crashed into the ground. She's lucky her metabolism lasted until 27, to be honest, most girls' don't get to enjoy being effortlessly skinny for so long.

She's such a hypocritical bitch I can't get over it ahhh

No. 569386

File: 1525039124039.png (14.37 KB, 371x210, m8rdiTZ.png)

No. 569387

no, it's great. let her drink 500 cal sugar drinks. cant wait to see her moonface shine!

No. 569389

Clearly she isn't "demi" if she had a threesome with some random skank.

OT, but "demi" is one of the most retarded tunglr snowflake identities. Everyone who isn't a literal whore wants to have an emotional connection to whomstever they're fucking before they fuck them, why do they think it makes them special?

No. 569400

I think she's been going back and deleting tweets we've capped. I noticed a few myself
Ikr? Plus she has no baseline fitness to go off of cause all she does is sit at her laptop all day looking for terfs to fight, she probably can't do more than 20 minutes of work out a day. Apparently she's also drinking protein shakes which makes me lol hard. She's the type who will probably crash diet a lot and keep messing up her metabolism

No. 569403

can't imagine her leaving her house for anything

No. 569411

File: 1525040844486.jpg (84.91 KB, 800x612, IMG_20180429_182553.jpg)

This mayu guy is fucking creeping me out.

No. 569422

you know… I'm extremely open with my mom about pretty much everything under the sun and have been told I need to set healthier boundaries with my mom (I agreed), but just holy shit. at no point in time would I have been comfortable with my mom seeing the sort of things June regularly tweets about (mainly her personal sex life). what the fuck is wrong with June??? And what's wrong with her mother for that matter?????

No. 569428

>protein shakes
Wait I thought she was trying to lose some lbs, why would she drink protein shakes… I wonder if her protein powder is mostly carbs too since she has a thing for pink sugary drinks apparently.

No. 569430

That’s some serious thirst

No. 569432

File: 1525042177665.png (473.22 KB, 616x620, phEQYZC.png)

and she makes fun of vegans

No. 569434

I can't wait until she gains more. it's going to be hilarious. She's cant cook and eating out is always super expensive and fattening.

No. 569435

Idk who told her to start drinking protein shakes but hats off to them lol. She's going to get really chubs.

No. 569438

Wow lol so she didn’t even buy a whey powder to make her own protein shakes. She probably bought some muscle milk garbage.

No. 569439

File: 1525042687645.gif (759.99 KB, 620x412, burn-carbs.gif)

Makes pic related come to mind, lol.

June really knows nothing about health and any info she gets is gonna be from loser /fit/ meat heads. She won't do any of her own research and won't listen to anything that comes from a female's mouth on the subject. If she does do anything she'll just make herself look weird and beefy cause she followed a dude's advice on how he bulked up/lost weight. Either that or she balloons, either way is gonna be hilarious.

No. 569441

File: 1525042795428.jpg (23.63 KB, 585x280, mean-girls.jpg)

No. 569442

The thing that irritates the hell out of me with the “no motivation” shit is that literally all you have to do is put on some shoes and go out for a walk… like… ? People who use this rhetoric are just self-enabling shit behavior.

No. 569445

>Makes pic related come to mind, lol.
Yes I was exactly thinking this. One of her trans or skeptic "friends" probably recommended it. I bet it was fucking Blaire lol

No. 569447

That tranny is some obvious yandere. Just a few more weeks and she will stalk them IRL. And a month and she will bury wig's corps.
The only winner is Preg. And maybe us.

No. 569448

Bulking makes sense if you’re starting from a caloric deficit and trying to put on muscle mass. She already has the weight though?? Like at most she should be adjusting her diet now to be more protein + fiber oriented. Not adding more to it. Lol ugh.

No. 569457

tinfoil: someone told her protein shakes would make her ass bigger lol

No. 569465

File: 1525043935986.png (39.89 KB, 513x315, 4hEVivl.png)

No. 569479

File: 1525044193165.png (36.22 KB, 641x353, uizH2Nd.png)

holy shit june is still livid at this random making a tame tweet about her.

No. 569481


What? Everyone is little compared to gurg's rotund ass.

No. 569482

File: 1525044277843.png (54.43 KB, 598x352, NjTuggu.png)

No. 569485

Lol gains? Just say youre insecure about your flat saggy ass and wanna build it up so skeptic doesn't feel like he was figure catfished from all the shoop and lying about measurements

Why is she shying away from just saying shes trying to get an ass? She most likely just biked on the highest setting and thinks that ~making booty gainz~

No. 569507

If this is true (that he indeed has XYY syndrome, it's a thing) the only thing this means for Septic is that
1) he's statistically likely to be taller than the rest of his family (I guess this is manly?)
2) he's statistically more likely to have a lower IQ compared to his siblings (fucking kek)
3) he's statistically likely to have learning disabilities

No. 569508

File: 1525045180693.png (311.98 KB, 623x473, deleted tweet.png)

No. 569522

File: 1525045646618.png (114.49 KB, 615x425, narc meltdown part 5000.png)

No. 569524

This is why you don't feed the trannies, June.

No. 569531

>people don't like meee! better show my neckbeard fans. oh! but I was called out for sending them to bully people's accounts, better just censor their names. not like they can just twitter search their convos and confirm it's them with their avatars!

No. 569533

File: 1525045889932.png (571.84 KB, 616x1188, TTie8Pk.png)

meanwhile greg's spending his time responding to a 20 y/o weeb from spain

No. 569556

No. 569557

she bullies others to mask the pain lmao

No. 569575

File: 1525047786688.png (142.43 KB, 636x1012, TXIMvfI.png)

No. 569587

File: 1525048206338.png (67.01 KB, 637x485, zyVkCTi.png)

so shoe's beta orbiters are attacking this girl esp her looks. when has this happened before?

No. 569588

File: 1525048215796.png (711.82 KB, 1026x638, cl3AJfB.png)

oh right

No. 569589

no, it's yet another tranny

No. 569591

surprised june would dare go after her precious transwomen. does this make her a TERF now?

No. 569598

she only likes "passable" "pretty" trannies, ugly ones she doesn't give a shit about.

contra the exception cause she wants his liberal audience.

No. 569601


lmaoo I drink protien shakes to gain weight! Good luck losing weight June

No. 569603

Where's this from? The farms?

No. 569611

File: 1525049665531.png (24.59 KB, 639x191, T3AENsJ.png)

proof that shoe googles her name everyday
her thread on PULL

No. 569621

Wait, so she found a tweet that just referred to her as "Shoe"? How…? Just how many unrelated shoe-related tweets does she sift through each day?

No. 569630

shes at home all day, what else she gonna do, a hobby? ahahaha

No. 569638

File: 1525051249532.png (419.42 KB, 477x700, 1366994379769.png)

jfc i always knew she was boring and had no life or hobbies outside of obsessing over herself but this is whole new level of pathetic. There is now way she doesn't lurk these threads if she's willing to go through all of twitter search with just the word shoe to find shit on her.

No. 569643

Given the amount of spurge outs and derails her previous threads have had a few of us suspect she white knights herself on here.

No. 569646

I'll go back and look for her posts. Should be funny.

No. 569647

that anon sensitive about her possibly having fake tits and claiming we were all catie or whoever the fuck enemy she had back from her unichan times was suspicious

No. 569656

I like how she has a meangirls reference less than an hour after one was posted in her lolcow thread.

No. 569677

This would mean she would go out to gym and actually work on her moon figure and would never sip another protein shake just so she could rub it into our face.

Or… she could just refer to us.
But nope.

So please don't see causation into correlation. I bet this is how she went down her rabbithole (pun intended).

No. 569692

Idg what you’re saying

No. 569720

File: 1525056521331.png (42.94 KB, 591x239, opxIFxi.png)

No. 569723

Point is: put your tinfoil down. She doesn't lurk here, even if she does we only has circumstantial evidence for it, don't be a paranoid person because you might end up like her.
Keep your LC browsing and posting calm and milky okay?

No. 569724

I was just pointing out something funny but she 100% lurks here given her previous involvement

No. 569746

File: 1525059421272.png (15.89 KB, 627x112, vvzVhoZ.png)

he replies to every tweet.
every. single. tweet

No. 569754

This is creepy to the level that surely even June finds it disturbing (I hope).

No. 569758

File: 1525060286112.png (268.84 KB, 656x766, 8lVZ1il.png)

Eh she does it herself to Septic, Dankula and Contra so…

No. 569778

Not that hard to google it. Dogs DO love you. It has been scientifically proven.
"Pets don't feel love" and shit like that is just so old.

Sorry for OT but this kinda shit rustles my jimmies

No. 569788

NTA, but just curious, what makes you say she doesn't lurk here? You make it sound like it's a fact.

We already know she searches herself on Twitter. If you Google search "shoe0nhead" her lolcow thread is on the top of the second page of results. There's no way she doesn't know about it.

Maybe the mean girls instance is off, but I don't think it's tinfoil to think she is aware of these threads here.

No. 569804

I like how shoe is only okay with male dom and thinks fem dom of any kind is laughable

No. 569807

> second page of results
This is why.
"Research" in the skeptic community tends to be "search word on google and hit 'I have a lucky day'."
Also she is narc, so she only focuses on extended research in social networks.
Plus she would have nuked this thread already. Remeber: She only picks her fights if she is in control of the outcome.

No. 569815

you sound stupid as fuck anon, coming in telling us what's what when you don't even seem to have heard of her history with the site that was exposed in the previous threads, or you misunderstood it
>She would have nuked this thread
how? what the fuck? go and read the threads

No. 569816

> she was a mod here
> can't delete thread or posts

Make up your mind.
Last post about this topic from my side.

No. 569821

She wasnt an actual mod, she worked through Ian and had him do her bidding on her behalf. Hes gone now.

No. 569827

File: 1525068377741.png (508.79 KB, 642x636, TrJAItq.png)

>june pretending to care for women

No. 569828

File: 1525068648468.png (17.66 KB, 515x249, dkKNjiC.png)

zero self awareness

No. 569834

I’ll never forget that anon in an Onion thread who claimed that in Iran, bio women are less oppressed than trans people because bio women can simply transition to male and shake off sexism that way. Do you guys think June frequents the Onion threads?

No. 569847

File: 1525071086116.png (90.91 KB, 588x444, gross.png)

This skinwalker is so desperate for attention.

No. 569852


ah, yes. Femdoms are a joke. Because her fat ass daddydom is totally not laughable. I rather be fucked in the ass by a woman than buy that greasy tub of lard she calls a dom.


Does anyone think this girl might have been really drunk or high and just thought she had a threesome with them? She doesn't seem to be the most clean type anyway. Because you'd have to be heavily intoxicated in some way to ever want to have a threesome with any couple that even looked like them

No. 569856

But we don't need feminism, right June?

She should be thankful feminism has protected her right to present her own gender out in public and act like a vulgar skank online.

No. 569858


Idk if that's true. But I know a LOT of gay men in the middle east transition to female so that they can not be punished for being gay. I've never heard of women transitioning to male in the middle east.

sage for OT

No. 569860

Here's hoping Maya gets milky enough to warrant his own thread.

No. 569862

File: 1525072251568.png (134.51 KB, 632x317, EnLizcv.png)

does this person run the shoe0nhead 2.0 account too?

No. 569924

Totally not a fetishist, y'all.

Oh it was definitely nonsense. Just someone trying too hard to push the idea that female cissies are totes privileged even in the Middle East and men are the only truly oppressed group. And you're right, MtF transitioning is used as a form of gay conversion therapy in many countries but I don't think it ever happens the other way around. MtFs might be semi-accepted as "women" because it's apparently better than being a gay man, but FtMs would never be accepted as men.

No. 569951

He's made some extremely autistic yt videos, I remember them getting posted in an old man hate thread in OT a few months ago. He's a skinwalking trancel who unironically believes in the female privilege meme and hates women just as much as Wig, might warrant a thread.

No. 570012

File: 1525092869790.png (54.88 KB, 751x459, 1.png)