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File: 1523599487003.png (52.42 KB, 768x484, 1523529383109.png)

No. 554227

New thread for ultimate not-like-other-girls internet cuckquean FAS-boxxy attention whore wig0nhead and her soggy-dicked gynecomastic doughboy, tranny-chasing, pear-shaped low test 'fiance' Gregory Fluhrer/Grocery store hallway

Highlights from last thread:
>Anon reveals June was literally so insecure she used to be a mod of lolcow
>Still lurks here as proven by the thread pic and attempts to defend her fake measurements and sad figure on twitter
>Grocery continues to lust over thicc camwhores, anons speculate that groceries keeps SyrenCove/lexxynichelle as his 'thicc secret'
>Groceries seems continually annoyed by her presence, claims they are only marrying for immigration purposes, still flirting with other women/trannies on twitter, wig seems truly happy with her cuckquean status #trueluv
>Ripping out her few remaining hairs over TERFs and sucking tranny scrote on the daily, blocks said terves when they hand her ass to her, becoming more SJW by the day
>too much of a coal-burning thot for the alt right and too sexist/edgy for hardcore liberals, her audience is becoming increasingly niche and fragmented
>June attempts to claim she is bisexual because she finds girls cute too heehee


Previous thread: >>544008

No. 554232

File: 1523599938888.jpg (11.7 KB, 277x182, images.jpg)

and i just want to say to the anon who was artistic enough to capture june's vogon realness, both physically and mentally

No. 554233

"Toupee", brilliant

No. 554236

Is contra still friends with June?

No. 554242

File: 1523600875864.png (56.44 KB, 534x614, gRjppuG.png)

Were they ever friends?

No. 554290

I just wanted to say I love how fast these threads fill up now, last one lasted less than two weeks compared to before when these threads would get deleted hahahha

No. 554295


best thread picture holy shit

No. 554319

Yeah I remember being so excited to find the first thread and then it was so infrequently posted in. But they have blown up in the last few months. Not quite Moomoo status but getting there.

No. 554371

>june also later shat on catie out of jealousy to her unichan cucks in one of their group video chats. i think it's on youtube still.

But you guys, she really really wants female friends!!! It's so harrrrd to make them.

No. 554402


i wonder if june’s miffed that she didn’t get one

No. 554407

File: 1523620112276.jpg (240.16 KB, 1200x804, dA3o1In.jpg)

Lol wtf is this shit

Lauren's posture look painful.

>Beautiful anti SJWs

No. 554409

File: 1523620591763.jpg (115.81 KB, 990x788, brent.jpg)

No. 554410

How many threads has it been up until now? I think OP should start putting a number each new thread.

It's a shame she didn't have active threads until now, we still have to post/find old milk. Like, imagine if there was a thread back when she got with grocery? I bet anons would how found more shit on him regarding his marriage.

No. 554411

Why are anti-sjw Canadians so repulsive?

No. 554412

File: 1523620787404.jpg (1.14 MB, 1504x975, beautiful_anti_sjws___shoe0nhe…)

And here's the Shoe one.


>Not only is she beautiful, but she's smart, insightful, and downright hilarious! :)

No. 554417

File: 1523621422488.jpg (12.52 KB, 225x300, s-l300.jpg)

as soon as i looked at her mouth all i could see was

No. 554419


notice how all artists who draw her give her a short philtrum instead of her inbred whoville FAS one

No. 554420

It would be deliciously ironic if she became a major cow on /pt/ considering her history with this site.

No. 554421

File: 1523622368865.jpeg (67.23 KB, 640x511, D22B3F38-3D49-496D-B8A9-1F1157…)


tag yourself. i’m ‘war on the nuclear family’

No. 554422

File: 1523622732525.png (148.49 KB, 281x247, Untitled.png)

me when anons post pics of Preg

No. 554424

i remember one time i pointed out to an mra that most of ‘men’s issues’ stemmed from capitalism and they told me that i ‘needed to be thrown out of a helicopter’ lmfao

No. 554425

Then there's ''ugly'' Anita Sarkeesian caricature. It's like nothing's changed in the vidual sense if you look at caricatures of ugly sufragettes they were making in early 20th century and, say, houswifes and pin up girls of the 50's

No. 554429

File: 1523623674989.jpg (156.95 KB, 900x675, anita.0.png.jpg)

Lol yeah. If Anita was an anti-SJW, all these neckbeards would be at her feet sperging about how beautiful and sexy she is.

No. 554431

File: 1523623768659.png (916.95 KB, 766x806, 3.png)

Someone send that story about her edgy fanbase harassing that girl posted at the end of last thread.

No. 554432

File: 1523623813827.png (584.95 KB, 749x841, 1.png)

No. 554433

File: 1523623827379.png (70.75 KB, 735x524, 2.png)

No. 554434

Yikes, I hope this is a joke. If not, this girl has more serious issues than I thought.

No. 554435

Of course it's "tomorrow."

No. 554436

Is June trans? She's ugly enough to be.

No. 554440

I wonder what she's going to do as a work out? Someone like her could easily lose weight doing an hour of cardio a day but, i bet she can't last for more than 20 minutes on a treadmill.

No. 554447

It's funny how I'm most of these "open relationships", it's always the girl letting the guy fuck who he wants and she's "totally bi" but there is never any mention of other men. I wonder how skeptic would respond if June started openly flirting with other men and want him to watch her fuck them.

No. 554448

i'm 'forced child support' and 'male homelessness'

No. 554450

If they want to have kids obviously he wouldn’t be okay with that because he wouldn’t want to raise another personms child. But I doubt he would even like it if she had her own private romantic relationship with another girl.

The men always want to be sexually involved somehow- even if it’s just getting masturbation material.

No. 554474


In a previous thread he basically says he's only comfortable having a threesome as long as it's for his benefit because it's a super kinky BDSM relationship u guys and he's the dominant one therefore he's the only one allowed to fuck around with other people (that's how it works right)

He seems to just use the ~so dominant~ excuse to be a lazy asshole who treats June like shit. I almost feel sorry for her until I see stuff like >>553763

No. 554479


If you're pro nuclear family wouldn't you be pro forced parenthood in a sense? Only if it benefits men? These fans are a trip. Anyway sage for OT.

No. 554483

my favorite dilemma in their ideology is that most of the dudes who freak out about forced parenthood and forced child support are also anti-abortion and against making birth control affordable because "women need to pay for their mistakes" etc.

and don't forget june's video on why menz shouldn't have to use male birth control either. even if the ~evul feminists~ focused on men's issue, june's fanbase and those trp guys would still be mad at a woman speaking for them, so there's really no winning.

No. 554486

>then second puberty hit like a blessing when i was around 21

June pls, you just put on a wig and got bolt-on tits.

No. 554489

What's up with her new ''bullying'' schtick? It's so random and hypocritical. Or is it more of her old ''i will protecc all the trans from teh evil bully womenz uwu''virtue signaling?

No. 554491

Pretty sure it's because of the whole Bully Hunters thing from yesterday.

No. 554492

I'm "Still waiting on feminism to address men's issues".

But really, these people are so blissfully unaware of how cringeworty they are.

No. 554495

Greg and dudes like him aren't actually polyamorous, they just want to fuck other girls and maybe look at some ~totes hawt~ scissoring like in their lesbian porn.

I mean, he also thinks being a dom and being a condescending asshole to your girlfriend are the same thing, so there's that.

No. 554499

June doesn't want to fuck girls lmfao she's as straight as footface

No. 554504

File: 1523634949515.png (510.93 KB, 1028x782, Untitled.png)

No wonder Lauren looks like a lifeless doll, this is the reference he used, which he had to shade weirdly in the stomach area like someone flattened her with an iron. Why are mediocre shit tier men so full of themselves, this guy's art is ugly as hell. His sperging about the people criticizing his drawings is hilarious tho

No. 554507

File: 1523635512654.png (319.9 KB, 595x232, horri.png)

seriously. look at blaire's ass and lauren's one especially weird foot. and he's exceptionally terrible at drawing faces. i can't believe this guy has the cojones to advertise himself as an artist, yikes.

No. 554517

Honestly, with a reference this shitty it was over before he even started drawing.

No. 554518

Reminds me of those people on Conceptart who’d respond to crit like “um but I traced it off a photo so there can’t possibly be any anatomical flaws, you haters are just jealous of my talent~”

No. 554526

Any of you remember those buttmad "June is not a cow" posts in the earlier threads?

No. 554527

Tinfoil with me for a second. What if Greg actually believed June was a tranny when they started talking, and that's why June is now such a tranny ass licker? Greg really doesn't seem to be as into June as June is to him

No. 554542

File: 1523638609494.jpg (65.6 KB, 800x677, IMG_20180413_125647.jpg)

No. 554554

yeah why would a movement for women’s liberation address men anyway. sorry it upsets you that the world doesn’t revolve around you

No. 554567

I guess he's just into that ugly tranny aesthetic which she definitely sports.

No. 554612

It sucks because feminists have done more for men than mras ever done but still insist feminists do nothing, i kinda wish feminists did nothing, mras are just spoilt brats who want the world to revolve around them and the women are just pretentious coddlers who enable their spoilt brat behavior

No. 554658

Is shoe pro sexdolls? I don’t remember her talking about them before. Wonder how’d she feel once all her followers buy one, screams out how great they are then Greg follows too eventually being downgraded to third place. Sexdoll, ig thicc girls, her.
Maybe then she’d finally do some self reflecting..???

No. 554670

She says the only women who will be "replaced" by sexdolls are those who have nothing to offer other than sex, but as if she has anything to offer beyond sex herself.

No. 554674


…and just like that, any and all hope that she had some capacity for self awareness, gone.

No. 554679

File: 1523649281885.jpeg (89.69 KB, 750x842, 5A3C9377-AD0E-4931-821A-A346EF…)

that still makes it look like she just shit herself

No. 554681

I just wonder why MRAs are always screaming at feminists and women in general instead of…doing something. Because they're the same type of men who constantly talk about how men are superior in every way and women are incapable of doing anything right and we're all worthless dumb whores, so why do they constantly harass women as if they expect us to start doing the work for them? Surely that's not what they want, because women are worthless so why do they need our help? There's nothing stopping them from pursuing their goals….so why don't they? Baffles me.

Does anybody else get the sense that she actually is bothered by them? It's kind of a 'doth protest too much' situation. Most of the 'anti-feminist' girls I see who spend all this time thinking about and talking about sexbots, making jokes about women being upset and obsolete, actually seem a bit worried themselves. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

No. 554688

That's the thing, MRAs don't actually care about men's issues. They'd probably send shitty pepe memes to a dude that got raped or abused if no one is looking. It's only ~what about the menz~ as a means to dismiss women.

No. 554699

Something about her face looks so off, I can't put my finger on it

Also since june loved pwning feminists by doing nothing but asking "who" then who is it thats getting mad about sexbots? I've heard of a group about it but they weren't scared of "being replaced" like mras love to mention, also notice how on slutever sex toy companies mention how both women and men are an equal amount of consumers but guess who it is who is running around screaming how "UR GETTING REPLACED ROASTIES!!!" Next minute they demand women to cook and clean for them

No. 554711

I can't wait until the bots also cook and clean so men will shut the fuck up and stop yelling at women to do it for them.

No. 554720

OT but, idk why any woman would feel threaten by sex bots. Who would want to be with a guy who is so porn addicted that they need the 'perfect' sex object that's soul less and if that's not the case it's usually guys who aren't "dateable" to begin with.

If it stops some mr guy from assaulting real women good, obviously that's not fixing the real problem with the way men treat women but, it's maybe keeping some creeps away?

Either way, it's kinda messed up we need ai to stop some guys from being predators. Thinking about it actually depresses me.

No. 554761

June "I bullied kids for liking anime in high school" Laporta, everybody

No. 554763

File: 1523654050452.png (426.26 KB, 619x500, 9uaFgbm.png)

Gregory, you're the last person in the world who should criticize a legitimate scientist.

No. 554766

sex bots wouldn't stop creeps and rapists, just like prostitutes and porn don't stop them. men that dysfunctional aren't satisfied until they hurt an unwilling woman. a sex bot would be equivalent to a sex toy.

No. 554768

File: 1523654237254.png (289.73 KB, 672x1024, JjxgHCV.png)

h-hey… remember me greg-sama? ;~; r-remember me? :'3

No. 554769

Well yes, a sex bot is literally a sex toy and we already have those en masse. So what's the threat?

No. 554771


A prositution abolitionist Rachel Moran kind of compared using sex dolls for dark fantasies to someone who likes ripping heads off of barbies a little too much. It's not like they are actually attacking, killing, or raping that moment but it's concerning. I also am not sure if it's a negative feedback loop where sex dolls would prevent rape because sometimes starting small with standard porn for example causes an escalation where consumers seek more and more intense stimuli.

Not an expert though but I think that's where the concern comes from rather than fear of being replaced
Or something.

I think June is deliberately misinterpreting the opposition.

No. 554772

lol. aren't Athiest/Skeptic groups rife with these types as well?

No. 554773

isn't she constantly sperging about how she's a walking footstool/cumhole for skepdick? if anything, she should feel the most threatened by sex dolls

No. 554775

File: 1523654494697.png (13.42 KB, 642x107, FvtDzkZ.png)

>caring about gamergate in 2018

No. 554777

by "gamergate's ghost" does she just mean the alt-right tumor that's taken over internet political discourse in the past few years?

No. 554780


Yep, that's any reasonable person's concern. Not getting replaced, but someone idk ripping the arms and legs off, defecating on it and fxxing it. Putting bits of it in the oven, enacting murder scenarios, basically any amount of awful things they can pretend they're doing to a real woman. Problem is fantasy can become reality for a small segment of deranged people.

It should be like Chobits where all the sex-dolls are connected online and if something happens to one they contact HQ and an alert is sent out.
Since people are used to IOT trash (toasters, vacuums) being online they will have no problem with the bot being too

No. 554781

Septic knows nothing about science and should never talk about it. All his tweets about it are so embarrassing.

>I think June is deliberately misinterpreting the opposition.
I think she's legitimately too stupid to realize that women can care about something other than attention from men.

No. 554784

I doubt she even thinks bout any of that. She just has this narrative going that she's a "cool girl". She's the "sensible, cool" opposition to those "whacky feminists". Look at me I'm cool. Did I mention yet that I'm not like other girls?

No. 554785

Love how she's tooowo depwessed ugu to clean her room but not too depressed to bully random women online. Really makes ya think

No. 554786

this just reminds me how I do not think it is coincidental that anti-sjw/feminist channels like shoe's became popular after gamergate and lead all the worst newfags onto 4chan and 8chan back in 2015 and ruined boards like /pol/, not to say they weren't already garbage but fuck it actually brought people who took everything posted literally.

No. 554787

File: 1523655504954.png (112.29 KB, 1315x395, glomergoot.png)

It has to do with the Channel Awesome drama, if any of you have been following it.
Basically Dan Olsen (Foldable Human) has been protecting a guy (Justin Carmical, aka Jewwario) who was known to be a pedophile.
He blames Gamergate for not being able to report Justin.

No. 554790

Isn't Jewwario dead?

No. 554791

didn't jewwario commit sudoku?

No. 554792

File: 1523655885956.jpg (234.76 KB, 1321x885, oArGngw.jpg)

who tf would want an incel scrot who needs a sex doll lmao

No. 554793

File: 1523655984308.png (138.19 KB, 642x554, R9itAgg.png)

No. 554796

Tbh, the only reason I think she loves railing against TERFs is because she wants Contrapoints' approval, who seems to want nothing to do with her

No. 554803

File: 1523656653482.png (103.7 KB, 321x381, O9cjtlJ.png)

She takes any minor incident and turns it into a major part of her personality. This "bullyhunter" shit, the fake Sargon account, TERFs, Gamergate, etc.

No. 554810

Yes. Hence Dan saying "he functionally settled the issue himself".
Anyway, because of that, the whole Gamergate's moldy corpse is being revived yet again. I assume June is following the drama too.

No. 554812

What I really, really dont get is these anti women and anti feminist who fight for men's rights… Like, why don't you let the men fight for their own rights since they basically have made the social and legal laws since the beginning of time??

I will never in my life get women like Lauren Southern, Wig and Cassie who fight tooth and nail for men's rights when they are still considered third rate citizens below dogs in most parts in the world, INCLUDING parts of North America.

>still waiting for the feminists to address men's issues


No. 554814

Your request has been fulfilled.
Also: blocked by wig.

No. 554816

File: 1523657714451.png (158.95 KB, 299x322, fQXMnuy.png)

I never want to know what it's like to be so lacking in hobbies, talents, interest that you just merge into whatever is popular. Especially at shoe's age, I can't believe she's a few years older than me sometimes.

This is like 14 year old tumblr level identity crisis. what is she going to do when everything that makes who she is today becomes unimportant because all she has is being an "online personality" and er…filming? Which she doesn't even exercise in that anymore because "potato cammm xDDD".

Like she actually thinks her reading books, doing make up, cleaning her room etc is a big a event to her day. How sad is that? Her whole existence kinda disturbs me, like being that much of a blank slate. If she honestly does get real depression, I hope it's about how much of an empty shell she is because it's really troubling.

No. 554819

wait she blocked you after sending that?
sooo that either means she's a heartless bitch or reads the threads.

Going to go with both here.

No. 554824

>"Professional" youtuber wanting a phone to do videos
Confirmed for pleb

No. 554825

June seems very immature so it's not surprising. If you have strong opinions on things (political or otherwise) and specific interests, you will inevitably alienate someone, especially when you're in a "skeptic" echo chamber.

No. 554832

File: 1523658612492.png (77.71 KB, 668x564, JpqgJHS.png)

God damn, she can really make every topic into something about herself. The Tyra Banks of Youtube

No. 554834

>If you have strong opinions on things (political or otherwise) and specific interests, you will inevitably alienate someone, especially when you're in a "skeptic" echo chamber.
I'm talking about interests like liking computers or gardening etc. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact all there is to her is her online persona and her 24/7 "little uwu".

most people have something outside of their image but, everything she "likes" is all related to just that. it's just really unnerving.

No. 554835

I think she was just simply triggered. :D

I start to think that she is a doppelganger of Zoe Quinn.
> not letting gamergate to be forgotten
> instablocking opposing opinions
> "depressed" all the time
> she is the centerpoint of the universe
> "not like other girls"

No. 554838

i think they like the attention that they get from men. they’re the good girls unlike those ugly hairy feminist dykes who always nag. that makes them feel special

No. 554844

Even generic shit, if she had nerdy interests some incel would accuse her of being a fake nerd girl, or someone would find it boring. She's a blank slate for people to project onto what they like.

No. 554845

i’m annoyed as shit with wig’s anime aesthetic without watching a single show or talking about one. i made an account asking her why she does this, watch me get blocked. sad uwu.

No. 554852

you probably would have to ask her nicely cause she gets triggered easily. I'm honestly curious, if I had a twitter I would just ask "shoe what anime do you watch?" she probably would just ignore it instead of giving an honest answer(which is a def no)

she tried to pander to gamers when gamergate happened by buying a 3ds which she gave up on after like a month? Even girls who don't like games usually will like animal crossing or style savvy but, I honestly think she would be terrified of the idea of people seeing her hold a 3ds irl because it "might make her look bad"

No. 554853

yeah i asked without any of the name calling bullshit but it was passive aggressive. i guess we’ll see.

No. 554855

File: 1523660313069.png (175.01 KB, 1348x1132, Ikvb7z4.png)

but she's obviously such a kewl anime loving loli girl uwu
she's going to protect he pwoor neckbeard followers from the anime-hating bullies xD

No. 554857

The wig is a nice touch

No. 554863

File: 1523660975476.jpg (285.12 KB, 1191x670, 4EbGglM.jpg)

The autism

No. 554867

this is so embarrassing

No. 554874

Mr Repzion, Andy Warski, Sargon and Mundane Matt… as the cool dudes.

Does the artist even watched any of their content or did he just get photos of them for reference?

No. 554878

there is fanart like this and yet shoe wants to pretend that she isn't part of some online collective or community because she's finally realizing how embarrassing it is being associated with edgy virgin autists but, even with her trying to go full sjw for trannies she still can't get the internet to forget.

she'll never be known for anything but being that anti-feminist youtube girl who likes getting fucked by ugly fat mra neckbeards and it's hilarious

No. 554903

Nice propaganda artwork, Brent.

Just kidding, it looks like shit.

No. 554938

>Wig is a smiling accessory that clings to Preg, doesn't even care/or is oblivious about the proverbial fighting

I know this is meant to be "flattering" to their side but it actually just paints Wig as a vapid girlfriend with nothing to bring to the table.

No. 554939

>paints Wig as a vapid girlfriend with nothing to bring to the table.
but that's exactly what she likes being to men

No. 554948

If that's all she wanted she wouldn't attempt to make bideos about her epic debating game and speak as if she has authority on touchy subjects.

It's doublethink, I agree. I'm just saying that the drawing makes her look like a dumb bitch, which is usually what she hates pointed out to her by TERFs and the like.

No. 554981

Jesus, this guy’s art is awful and he is clearly demented as evidenced by the subject matter. Every one of his drawings gives me major secondhand embarrassment.
Also looks like Pregory must have already given birth in this pic so, would like to have seen the baby here too.

No. 554988

File: 1523669798191.png (683.05 KB, 618x740, 8XTx39W.png)

No. 554991

File: 1523670035447.png (12.26 KB, 638x89, 5rAndWm.png)

No. 554996

> gamergate 2

Wasn't it about ethics in journalism?
Why do every "major player" forget this?

No. 555023

That baby would need to be quadrupled spoilered, anon.

No. 555031

Context for those who didn't keep up with GG and its players?

No. 555045

File: 1523672514383.png (207.33 KB, 499x494, lRFovYn.png)

>Strikes ordered on Syria
>June: me me me me ME me me me me. Here's a meme. Did I mention everything is all about me?

No. 555047


The current bully hunters drama.

There's just so much going on with it, this video does a good job explaining it though.

No. 555052

File: 1523672718740.png (11.47 KB, 340x135, Faj0qWS.png)

No. 555058

File: 1523672985729.png (201.36 KB, 629x508, 0TblbbW.png)

No. 555076

the only person this bitch cares about is herself

No. 555084

Sage for shitpost but does anyone else feel like Groceries looks like a younger, taller, uglier more evil Danny Devito? I feel like scum for even suggesting this because Danny is a genuinely pure human being.

No. 555094

smort Grocery is smort!

No. 555101

can she shut her mouth about things she doesn't understand please.

I guess she wouldn't have a career then huh.

No. 555104

doesn't canada have only leftist parties tho?

No. 555113

Wow. Be a human incubator for a man who's gonna leave her, and eat raw cookie dough.

Who would want to see such a shining star be snuffed out so soon? The girl has such grand ambitions!
She needs to fuck off to Canada already, there's too many tards like her in the US.

No. 555114

i wasn't gonna say this too. the person that i know that gets triggered by terfs as much as shoe is contra, so i was wondering if that's why she's so obsessed with them. Blaire doesn't even mention terfs that much.

No. 555127

It's funny because where's the lie in that fact? Those are all biological female things. rofl

So triggered, June.

This hurts so much to look at.

No. 555130

can anyone explain to me why exactly june is so obsessive with her hatred for terfs, i dont get it. whenever i read her tweets i seriously picture her foaming at the mouth.

No. 555131

She's BFFs with a trans dude
Gregory likes traps and other such trans camwhores
Contrapoints is trans and hates TERFs
TERFs aren't popular with liberals or the alt-right; she gets little criticism outside this thread for her daily TERF spergs
Just like with anything, June has no real opinions of herself and is trying to desperately please and impress those around her

No. 555134

She's also trying to get in with the liberal crowd, and liberals love sperging about terfs atm

No. 555135

File: 1523677281571.png (85.91 KB, 650x724, JpCur3d.png)

speaking of trans

No. 555140

File: 1523677444671.png (19.74 KB, 618x195, 2nhVCye.png)

No. 555141

June is known for hating women (including herself) and desperately craving attention and validation from men. Tervens do the exact opposite of that and they really trigger her because of it.

No. 555144

Someone imply prego hates trannies must be the ultimate insult to wig lol!

No. 555146

For real? I thought Danny devito was a nice, round little goblin man. What's the drama?

No. 555147

File: 1523677627769.png (93.75 KB, 644x636, 1bppbxY.png)

peep that first reply

No. 555148

I think you misread it

No. 555151


How is her requirement of "passing trans girl" not transphobic in itself?

No. 555158

File: 1523678722121.png (29.25 KB, 402x299, IaqRLbr.png)

No. 555159

No. 555166

Yeah, very. It's obvious she's not actually for trans rights rather she fetishizes them. Probably because she's not actually bi and wants to cater to Gerg's fetishes.

No. 555167

File: 1523679762173.png (105.89 KB, 656x626, cringe.png)

No. 555173

At least he didn't insta-block me. I was surprised as well.

No. 555178

They don't call him dom daddy for nothing.

No. 555180

>Liberal Media is supporting Trump on this action

What liberal media?
Which liberal sources are giving Trump these asspats?
Who voted for Hillary because they wanted her to bomb Syria?
Why would they support it?

What the FUCK is Prego-Man blathering about?!

No. 555181

it's like every single other person who didn't support Donald Trump is automatically a liberal

Greg you don't understand
Greg you still supported Trump
Calling out the opposition, as a whole, as doing the same, does not negate the fact that you supported Donald Trump, you fucking idiot, nice deflection

No. 555183

i hate to agree with him but he's actually right. whether trump meant it or not, he did speak out against the very thing he's doing now thought his presidential run while hillary said she'd do it. both sides are so stupid for supporting an useless and disgusting act. i wish this government could just kind it's own business and take care of us instead of trying to mess with other countries affair. i don't care if assad is a dictator, LET THE UN TAKE CARE OF IT.
june needs to stop joking about this though. she shouldn't be as paranoid as greg but still, so childish.

No. 555186

He has no idea what he’s talking about and he’s not prepared for the attention this is going to draw to him from people who aren’t completely clueless. What an absolute moron.

No. 555188

UGH people need to get over hillary tho. STOP. it's been TWO years, she didn't win. we're stuck with trump. let it go. :/

just because hillary was going to do it to doesn't mean it's not terrible that trump did it. but, she's not president, he is. let her go.

tbh i think trump is trying to cover up for his scandals and i hope impeachment comes soon. the man is a danger to us AND the world.

No. 555189

You just witnessed a "Goin' Greg" episode.
> stating something that you have no clue about
> getting assblasted for it
> trying to deflect the attacks
> stating even bigger bullshits while defending

His life was more easier when his opponents were loony creationists.

No. 555201

File: 1523682583902.png (40.53 KB, 942x592, wDBBiMH.png)

No. 555224

not her at all

No. 555225

>One day when you grow up you'll realize it's more important to have friends and be nice to people than having edgy opinions for internet cred.

No. 555231

File: 1523686893831.png (28.9 KB, 608x384, armored manchild.png)

>greg is whining about the "liberal media"
>june still calls herself a liberal…. err, "libtart".

No. 555243

File: 1523688311721.png (250.48 KB, 750x333, wew.png)

No. 555252

I almost feel bad mocking him with this intellectual deficiency.

No. 555254


Oof, Its like penny arcade's retarded edgy brother…

No. 555341

>liberal media™ supporting war

No. 555345


Actually Hillary would have been better because even if she would have done the same thing because pretty much every other aspect of her presidency would have been better imo.

This is like when Sh0e tried to backpedal with that video saying Trump (or at least his staff and nominees) isn't antiLGBT. Fortunately not too many drastic things have been done to the LGBT community beyond the military stuff, but that might have more to due with the incompetence of his staff, a lack of a pertinent supreme court case, or my failure to keep up with things that may have happened. Also he is the worst liar even compared to other politicians so there's that.

I'm also skeptical about how much Syria actually influenced June and Greg's opinions on the election compared to ~pwning the SJWs and their identity politics~ which is the main reason why I find his tweets irritating as hell, even though we can't change the outcome of the election.

No. 555357

File: 1523706832224.png (89.86 KB, 787x703, 1.png)

wig blocks people when she's tired of criticism. what an open minded skeptic

No. 555375

this at least is correct. Only the far-right is saying don't do get involved in Syria.

No. 555379

This is dumb as fuck but seems pretty harmless. Am I missing something? It's not even that funny, just mildly amusing and sad.

No. 555382

>being surprised Trump did a 180 on an issue
>claiming Liberal Media (tm) is supporting Trump
>Still claiming Hillary would be objectively worse
I guess that's what happens when you live in an alternative fact universe.

No. 555387

I’m not sure Greg understands the geopolitics of this situation well enough to comment on it. There aren’t any good options with this country honestly. Bashar Al-Assad who is partially responsible for ISIS (not intentionally, he just wanted a force that would suppress rebellion). He’s attacking his own people through horrific methods. And he’s been doing it for MANY YEARS now.

The people of Syria opposing their leader were counting on the US to respond with military action back in 2013. Obama promised it. Then on the day he was supposed to take action, he backed down.

People are dying there whether we intervene or not. Nearly half the population has left, and honestly, who knows what happens to those people when they flee from their homes. Plenty die trying to leave or get turned away from their destination or in some cases are the source of violence in the countries they go to- which, isn’t that something people like Skeptic oppose? Isn’t the Skeptic community against immigrants taking illegal measures to seek refuge? So what do they want? They want to send these people back to their country to be killed by their leader while we all just stay neutral to the side?

And as shown by those tweets from Trump in 2013, the issue has not resolved itself through the US staying at the edge of the conflict.

I’m not saying bombing Syria is the right thing, but I don’t think Greg has put enough thought or research into this issue to act like he has some authority on it. Actually he just revealed himself (yet again) to be kind of an idiot.

No. 555404

>the only criticism i receive being about what other people i may or may not talk to do or say.
uh huh, sure june. that's why you blocked this person, right? >>554814

No. 555420

but why does itv always have to be the US. why not let the UN handle it sinew it's their job to bring democracy to countries?

i think greg, like sargon and the other skeptics think that just because some people blame russia for the election or some other things, that russia legitimately doesn't do anything wrong and yet, they support dictatorship in syria and a narcoterrorist government in venezuela.
i remember sargon and vee(?) parroting around that meme about our army being to close to russia's borders so tuisdia is just acting in self defense lol when russia literally wants an ussr and thinks for instance lithuania shouldn't be sovereign.

the skeptics stance on social justice is slowly shaping every other stance on the political spectrum for them and it's so sad to see. in the beginning they did have a point that sjw ARE ridiculous, but maybe they should just stay in that lane and/or educate himself about foreign policy before talking.

that might be the only thing i respect about june even if it's annoying.

No. 555437

File: 1523717355312.png (215.67 KB, 1280x569, tumblr_p75tkvOxpf1v4yu0bo1_128…)

Really? I thought they were friends?
Pic not related to post and probably posted before but thought pretty apt to share again.

No. 555447

Kek, that picture. I think they're "friends." Maybe Contrapoints likes June as a person, God knows why, but I don't think he respects her viewpoints or intellect. Whenever he's asked about her he gets sheepish, see >>554242 and the video attached. Whenever somebody asks him about June he acts like they only associate so he can change her mind and steer her in the right direction. June on the other hand would probably crucify herself for just a bit of attention from Contra. On Twitter she's always the one reaching out to him, he never goes out of his way to initiate convos with her

No. 555481

This Claire Voltaire person was very polite when she called Wig out. Wig on the other hand blocked her immediately and bitched all day on Twitter about her.

No. 555488

File: 1523721821432.png (142.78 KB, 640x1304, rkhbPgc.png)

>One day you'll realize life isn't just a meme. And you will have to take some responsibility.

No. 555511

Why did Wig even decide to suck up to Contra anyway? I remember her saying she found his vids and liked them, but I wonder what she liked.

No. 555519


I wouldn't say its harmless, the whole movement was a shit show that served to do more harm than good and profit off of hysteria caused by their false statistics.

It has fuck all to do with June though, not even sure why she interjected herself into the situation, there hasn't ever been any indication of her being a gamer, or even a part of that community. I guess she sees it as another opportunity to shit on the "evil lying wimminz"

No. 555524

>It has fuck all to do with June though, not even sure why she interjected herself into the situation

Trying to be on the "winning side" of internet drama is all she does in life.
My theory is that her days of being a high school bully/popular kid are the highlight of her life and she tries so hard to recreate it online.

No. 555525

June just has to comment every time women complain about harassment because we all know they're lying right? She thinks because this group falsified their statistics gendered harassment doesn't exist.
And it's vaguely GG-related, which she inserted herself into as well purely for attention despite not being a gamer.

No. 555528

Her entire internet career consists of bullying people but she gets away with playing the victim. She still cries about being bullied in middle school, which would be fine but she shows no remorse for bullying in high school and continues to bully now. Everyday she sicks her rabid followers on some unsuspecting 14 year old or random old woman or even one of her own fans if they disagree with her.

No. 555543

This video and the neckbeard in it are both garbage too tho. Nice comment section, ya virgin. UUUH THE FEEMAILZ!!

No. 555546

Yes and no. My kneejerk response was "nah" because we do have a right and the left, but America is so far skewed right that it doesn't look like we do by comparison. Our Conservatives are comparable to your Democrats, a lot of the time. I honestly forgot Greg was Canadian with how invested he is in American politics for a second lol

No. 555554

Contra is willing to engage with almost everyone on some level, but that's different from being "friends", and I guess respecting June's viewpoints and intellect is impossible since she has none.

No. 555556

Honestly, I'll admit the situation was extremely amusing, but it's not so serious to the point where you're just gonna latch onto it like it's supposed to be the next big issue. I didn't even know about it until some non SJW people started mentioning it. The audience it was intended for was shut eye to this.

No. 555573

Maybe she has a crush on Contra?

No. 555580

File: 1523731688645.png (138.91 KB, 656x718, 2ok5mdw.png)

Who knows why she originally did, but Contra got in trouble for hanging out with Shoe. June of course loves the drama and loves anything to do herself even more, so she likely continued to suck up to Contra to get those meanie bully TERFs and ess jay double yous angry.

No. 555592

Lmao shes in way over her head. She's trying to appeal to the left, but tankies will crucify June. She thinks she'll appeal to them if she pretends go be a neoliberal, but they dislike them too, kek. She's so lost.

No. 555658

File: 1523737981310.png (89.82 KB, 629x467, ZfxRsn6.png)

This person didn't even @ her or spell her name right and yet she found it

No. 555669

I can imagine June searching her name and variants of her name several times a day on Twitter. Sad.

No. 555671

File: 1523738835689.png (385.77 KB, 636x1078, terf sperg.png)

No. 555672

File: 1523738861952.png (21.61 KB, 635x211, june quoting her self o i am l…)

No. 555674

I don't get this, June doesn't think women are oppressed at all, but she thinks men are?? Or just men who pretend to be women? Anyway June is a sheltered dumbass.

No. 555675

She is so obnoxiously aggressive. Her all caps screeching makes her look even more retarded than she is in the first place

No. 555676

File: 1523739158389.png (21.69 KB, 631x253, exemplary debating skills.png)

No. 555677

File: 1523739237662.png (420.48 KB, 617x532, Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 4.52…)

Someone should tweet at her saying there's a mean girl in my high school who makes fun of me for liking anime and wearing a Harry Potter scarf

No. 555679

Also say that the bully yells "scarf girl, scarf girl" and laughs at me with her friends

No. 555680

File: 1523739571998.png (397.99 KB, 932x400, shoelol.png)

within seconds yikes

No. 555681

No. 555685

Lmao triggered and no life status confirmed. Poor June.

No. 555686

File: 1523739766562.png (18.11 KB, 536x201, 77OXp7a.png)

the irony
but according to her the only criticism she receives is for associating with other people kek >>555357

No. 555687

I get where she's coming from, women are allowed to work and a man held a door open for me once so that means sexism is can't be real, right??

sage for obvious sarcasm.

No. 555689

Wow, you sure presented some compelling arguments, June.

Why the fuck does anyone take her seriously? She cannot really dispute anything, it's just dumb memes, "no u" and blocking when someone calls her out on her hypocrisy. It seriously blows my mind that she's been going like that for several years and people still buy her bullshit.

Is her fanbase really that thirsty for an uglier, retarded, balding boxxy in 2018? Is there any popular youtuber who tried to expose her for what she is, or did they decide she's not worth debating?

No. 555691

I really want her more of her fans to watch that old video of hers.

No. 555697

>Is her fanbase really that thirsty for an uglier, retarded, balding boxxy in 2018?
Her fanbase is filled with twenty-somethings/thirty-somethings who grew up on the internet. She's a moderately attractive women who shits on feminism, spouts outdated memes and imitates boxxy, so she probably reminds them of their time growing up. Plus she slobbers over an obese manchild and his chode all while allowing him to publicly flirt with camwhores in the name of ~24/7 BDSM~ They don't care about anything else she says or does as long as they get their fantasy fulfilled. Look at Candid

No. 555703

sage for dumb question but just how often does greg like tranny porn on twitter?sorry i dont have an account

also if they managed to have a 3some dont you guys think wig would wake up an realize he doesnt give 2 shits about her?

No. 555708

I think she knows already, she's just fooling herself into thinking he cares but is just making jokes or whatever because her dreamboat or in his case tanker would never do anything wrong. Either that or she hopes he'll one day wake up and realize how much she cares for him, but we all know that won't happen.
She's practically obsessed with him and finds him hilarious but it's obvious he's tired of her shit and is only using her for personal gain, also for security since he is getting older and is at least self-aware enough to know that most normal women wouldn't tolerate his bullshit for as long as she did or accept to finance his autistic lifestyle.

No. 555712

File: 1523741727685.png (63.71 KB, 665x561, w4MueDB.png)

Big Dom Daddy needs his bwankey wankey and fuzzy swocks and a nice cup of warm milk to keep him safe from the scary snow :3

No. 555714

File: 1523741775180.png (49.85 KB, 588x598, OvpgW1N.png)

No. 555722

lol she keeps talking like that but you can't live your life as an old woman watching her bf bang trannies,I'm really curious what will eventually break them off there's just too much shit

No. 555723

I wish Magdalen would make a video about her. It would make her furious

No. 555727

when she can't decide if women are equal to men or privileged over men so she flip-flops on it like every other part of her personality and thought, love it

No. 555729

File: 1523742974431.png (199.79 KB, 634x590, 38QOd0T.png)

No. 555795

> Is there any popular youtuber who tried to expose her for what she is
There was one small channel of a guy but i forgot his name. He deleted his channel since because i can't find the video.
> or did they decide she's not worth debating?
Mostly yes. Since she just parrots other people's opinions.

Better yet: if a thicc tranny would "force" grocery to break up with her. #AlongTheStreetAndNotCrossingTheRoad

No. 555796

>theoretically bi

I wonder if she’d be down to hook up w a female without lardass coming along…asking for myself.

No. 555809

File: 1523750725690.png (47.61 KB, 475x463, gzvl4W8.png)

Plus >>551860
It's a no from me dawg

No. 555811

this comment made me more confused tbh lol sorry if this sounds duden but i'm trying to get it right. Okay, so, you're saying that canada does have right wing parties like your conservative party but that party is close to being like our democrats here in the states? but, the democrats are left wing… :/

No. 555820

nta, but basically they're trying to say that US political parties are all so far right, to the point where a Canada liberal would make a US liberal look more conservative. All the politics are skewed further to the left than in the US. I'm pretty sure I've heard GB described similarly, as just generally more left across the board.

No. 555821

She hasn't posted a video in a month or so. I know she's struggled with that brain tumor so I'm really hoping the hiatus isn't because of that.

I'd love to see a takedown of Wig though.

No. 555851

tl;dr im bisexual but it doesn’t matter because im not bisexual

No. 555873

File: 1523759517168.png (146.26 KB, 576x367, skepthicc.png)

Uh oh, they found the parody accounts

No. 555876

With their egos it's a surprise it didn't happen sooner tbh. Perhaps she doesn't read here anymore after all.

No. 555877

did preg do it after the true and honest daddy skepthicc told him off?

also do this confirm they don't read the threads? I would think they'd block right away if they did.

No. 555879

eh june immediately blocked these farmers >>554814 >>555680 which is suspect

No. 555881

> replied to him like 6-7 times
> went to work
> came home
> blocked

Yeah i think he blocked me because he got served. Tho it did took him a while.

But since they only block parody accounts after you contact them… and only the accounts that contacted them (afaik the 2 june parodies aren't blocked)…

Farm is safe from their snoops.

that was me as well

supersaged for blogging

No. 555895

oh wow. can't believe people actually think the US is far right or even close lol
the US is mostly centrist tbh that explains the two party system that gregory doesn't understand. i heard the conservatives in GB are very liberal if that makes any sense, like they have liberal policies and i think it was a conservative government that made marriage equality possible. any uk anons, please feel free to correct me though. i just think the uk, europe and canada are more progressive than the us aside from some places in california.

anyway, i want to ask the canadian anons if greg's accent is normal for canadians or he's just exaggerating his pronunciation. i find the way he speaks sooooo annoying and yet i don't find any other canadian accents annoying. he just sounds so strange. maybe i'm just nitpicking but yeah, can't watch his videos lately as it has gotten worse.

No. 555896

File: 1523762524066.png (1.58 MB, 1125x2436, 4CDE2E4F-B93A-4670-9B0C-36E9A2…)

tweeted the screenshot story from the thread earlier on a spam account lol so much for our bully hunter

No. 555897

idk who the person who replied is biut thought it was pretty funny

No. 555899

>i want to ask the canadian anons if greg's accent is normal for canadians or he's just exaggerating his pronunciation
Accent-wise he sounds fine to me, but he does speak in a way that sounds like he's trying to sound clever. It's more of a Grocery problem than an accent problem.

No. 555907

wow her faggy fanboys attack people for literally just calling out her terrible behavior. literal soggy-dicked, baby-balled cucks.

No. 555912

File: 1523763944546.png (863.68 KB, 1406x533, wig_block_any%_[new world reco…)

top fucking kek, I got blocced despite never interacting with her, she literally just blocked me for following the parody account that only has 6 followers. jesus fucking christ how much time does she have?

No. 555914

not all that popular but at least he has more than like 4 subscribers
a decent amount of people have exposed skepthicc for not knowing jackshit

No. 555915

what happened to "giving others a chance" before blocking? She'll never admit how much of hypocrite she is.

No. 555916


A lot anon, in her roasting video she literally admitted she looks at all the new comments for all her videos. Even super old ones.

It’s not like she has friends to hangout with or a job or hobbies. So she’s got time.

>meanwhile Blaire and Eden are constantly taking photos with each other, out in the LA scene, and Eden did a video doing Blaires makeup

No. 555918

You forget that she literally spends her entire day on the internet when she's not tied up in her leash.

No. 555919

File: 1523764438707.png (38.79 KB, 669x273, HGnJk2H.png)

kek how is that any better than using blockbots?

No. 555922

>how much time does she have?
Well, she's a neet so all of it. She doesn't have anything better to do. No hobbies or interests outside of embarrassing herself on the internet and coddling incels.

No. 555924

I would argue that what she's doing is even worse since she has to block everyone manually and clearly spends hours per day looking up her name. At least the people using bots don't spend much time on it.

No. 555934

At least the people using bots don't spend much time on it.

This. Plus they most likely KNOW they don't want to see posts from a certain twitter demographic and don't pretend otherwise unlike June

No. 555942

I've also been blocked just for following the parody account. Ironically, this just makes me want to actually interact with her now. Maybe I'll send her some of the anon's art, kek
Preg hasn't blocked me though.

No. 555947

Somewhat OT but the trannies over at r/GenderCynical found our TERFchad meme lmao


No. 555957

just going by this post alone, these actual trans people are calmer and more level-headed than june headed when it comes to trans shit. if she had to address this meme she'd make at least 10 screechy tweets in all caps spanning the over the course of a few days

No. 555962

worse than Steve Shives.
at least he didn't blocked me on "guilt by association" logic.
btw did somebody "survive" the june-nukes?

No. 555964

Are you kidding? They were so triggered lmao.
>lots of posts saying ”this is proof that TERFs aren’t rational and calm!!!”
>these so-called “terfs” are just trolls calling everyone transvestites in the comment sections.

No. 555970

File: 1523769178035.png (25.94 KB, 658x222, 5uekte5.png)

geggy greg was talking to this 20 yr old again from the last thread
i was comparing them to june not evaluating them overall
sage for OT

No. 555978

This girl is mutuals with both Preg and Wig and talks to them both. How did they even befriend each other? Did they approach her with the intentions of having a threesome?

No. 555982

Shes another ugly ass asian wanna be "kawaii fashion" girl, which gregnant probably sees as "cute loli getup girl" or whatever. Ew.

No. 555984

Ikr, it was just like that "so much for the tolerant left" meme. A lot of them seem to have the same "everyone who disagrees with me is just trollin!!1!" mentality as june too, they're really no better than her.

No. 555989

No one is allowed to post on this thread until they show their june block :^)

No. 555991

deleted this kek

No. 555995

she deletes nearly every tweet and still manages to have 40k tweets - imagine if she didn't delete half of them

No. 556003

I got three june blocks, do I get special privileges?

No. 556006

half? more like 80%.

you will get blocked with the fourth as well :)

No. 556007

Better don't show this meme to Magdalen, don't embarrass yourself. She won't like it and she'll think this is too childlish and obsessive.

No. 556044

>the only women in the right side are June (Grocery's accessory) and Blaire (a man)

That's pretty sad and ironic. Alt right men really don't like when women have their own opinions even if they are on the same spectrum as theirs.

No. 556046

Except Trump lied his entire campaign. He lied about the wall, he lied about things people wanted to hear. He never meant to "not bomb Syria". They were the same but Trump just tried to play as "different and against establishment". But infact he never was. His voters are stupid for believing a billionaire would be against establishment and actually care about middle class just because they are "white and american".

No. 556053

>I think girls are cute and hot sometimes and sometimes I think maybe I'd let one eat me out but not really
Wow, what's it like being completely straight but desperately try to pretend otherwise?

No. 556055

no one in that is alt-right, they are anti-sjw which basically left-liberals who are against people taking liberal shit obviously too far and making it look bad.
>Alt right men really don't like when women have their own opinions even if they are on the same spectrum as theirs.
that's true though

No. 556056

They're not "far right", but they definitely swing to the right, and there are only two parties so it's a lot more significant.

How can you spout so many Hot Takes uwu on feminism and gender politics, and then block everyone who disagrees or criticizes your dumb ass? Just keep your mouth shut if you don't want to be confronted.

No. 556057

This Brent is a cow himself, holy shit.

No. 556080

>left liberals

Tell me which part of being socially conservative and in favor of free market is left.

No. 556086

You're thinking of libertarian.

No. 556090

stfu about politics, everyone's definitions are different, besides we know shoe just clings onto whatever groceries thinks he is.

No. 556103

Preg makes me so disgusted. Can't cook for himself, so he decides to get some poor pizza man to risk his life so Preg can stuff his bulbous gut.
Notice he won't let anyone in on how much food he ordered. Probably ate the entire menu.

And fuck the little puke fans who enable his histrionic narc attitude.

No. 556104

File: 1523796180341.png (120.71 KB, 728x747, 1.png)

I'm laughing so hard at the mental gymnastics of this. Are they even aware of what they are actually implying?

No. 556114


I wouldn't say the US is centrist. Imo it skews right but not super far right (yet). Trump has definitely shifted our news coverage right as sometimes News shows feature Trump supporters and anti Trump conservatives, but no liberals or straight up leftists.

Also I think sh0e and company like to paint themselves as centrists but that's kinda bullshit. It's like they think if they hate feminism and immigranrs but are fine with gay marriage and weed these things "cancel out" and make them centrist. Imo a centrist is someone who takes center positions on everything and is super pragmatic, maybe to a fault.

No. 556115

Yeah, he just sounds like a basic Ontario dude, though it's clear even in his delivery how smart he thinks he is

No. 556116

So what's their angle here? Trans characters should just not exist because trans actors want cis roles and cis guys playing trans women is also offensive?


No. 556124

HUH. What the fuck do they want? All trannies are just dudes larping as women.

Do they want a "passing" tranny to play the part instead?
Aren't they scared of being ~exclusionary~ towards trannies who aren't passing? What the fuck.

No. 556132

File: 1523798665605.jpg (19.29 KB, 400x398, RtFEbdC.jpg)


Newsflash, wig: No one outside of twitter cares about trans people. I'm not saying this to be hateful. It's just that trans people make up such a tiny percentage worldwide that the planet isn't focusing on them 24/7 like you are.

> trans people should get cis roles

This is actual tumblrina tier. I can't believe how amazingly stupid this woman is. She's basically equating trans women with cis women as if they're biologically the same? holy shit…

No. 556137

File: 1523799605737.png (422.79 KB, 499x405, 1408762819223.png)

Explain this one shoe

You don't like the idea of people hiring women because they're women. You believe someone's skill should come first a foremost.

So how does this also not apply to actors? Let's face it, their aren't many trans actors. Are you going to blame directors for this? Are you going to argue that Matt Bomer isn't skilled enough to play a role?

If trans people want to be treated the same, they need to accept they can't rely on their gender identity to get positions, just like bio women and men.

No. 556154


There is also a logistical challenge because some of these movies/shows may depict characters pre transition. So they either need to get a trans person who has not had extensive medical intervention or someone who has an identical cis twin like Lavern Cox. It would make more sense for a trans person to play a trans character but you'd have to account for stuff like this.

No. 556171

not everyone in the us is a republican/democrat. most people are in fact independent. so yes, the us by a large margin is mostly centrist thanks to the constitution. i think maybe centrist is not the right word to use…

the us is not the media. not long ago when obama was president our media was really liberal and overall leftists so yeah, we swing back and forth but mostly stay in that "safe zone". maybe i used the wrong word when i said centrist so i apologize for the misunderstanding.

tbh yes, he did lie, but my point was that as greg was saying, a bunch of hillary supporters wanted to play the moral high ground on this syria issue when
1. trump supporters knew (at the time) trump didn't want war in syria when they voted him in.

2. hillary supporters knew she wanted war in syria when they voted her in.

just because trump lied doesn't mean that somehow the other side is better. both terrible but whatever… still, hillary would have gone to venezuela and wouldn't be such a mess as trump is.

i wonder if greg knows about the situation in venezuela. he seems to be confused in general about foreign policy so i won't get my hopes up for a video. i mean, sargon's video was basically "look at venezuela, it's partly the us fault, let's not become venezuela, UK!" :/ i gave up on june knowing anything about politics though. haven't watched her latest videos since the feminism cosmo thing is too boring now.

No. 556202

Most men don’t care about trans people but the majority of women I’ve talked to about this subject are very protective of trans“women”, especially if they consider themselves feminists. Most aren’t as bad as June but I’ve been told off multiple times for using male pronouns for TIMs, even accidentally with guys who didn’t make any attempt to pass. The only women I’ve known who were open about not buying into the trans narrative were self-described anti-feminists whose viewpoints resembled June’s in everything but that one issue. It’s kind of depressing.

No. 556227

I hope we will see an opinion shift if trans people become much more numerous (it's a possibility because of social contagion) and it becomes common to see transwomen competing and winning in female sports.

No. 556235

It blows my mind how many women are protective over trannies. I used to consider myself just a run of the mill feminist and then soon found out when I spoke out against trans"women" (and other issues like porn and prostitution) I was not welcome among other 'feminist' women any more.

No. 556244

It's because of shit like that I'm reluctant to call myself a feminist. I feel you get much more vitriol thrown at you by libfems if you call yourself a feminist but disagree with them on these issues than if you just don't call yourself a feminist.
An other reason is that the average Joe will assume you're into queer theory and other mainstream feminist stuff if you call yourself a feminist and it's just irritating having people be completely off the mark in regards to your beliefs.

No. 556248

Yeah I just don't call myself 'feminist' any more because I don't want to be associated with liberal feminists. I have a theory that liberal feminism is so popular because it aligns with capitalism and is therefore promoted. There is a ton of money to be made off trannies and off the sexualisation of women.

No. 556250

the problem with trans people is that they make any effort to have a conversation a bad thing by labeling those who might question them "terfs, bigots, nazi, etc.." and believing the stupid notion that words are violent and msigendering is violent therefore they should retaliate with actual physical violence. it's also telling that most of the ones that retort to violence are MtF trans people and not FtM, but june will not admit this, ever. she would rather side with men pretending to be women than actual women.

when was the last time june discussed ANY feminist arguments, such as their criticism of the sex industry, deadbeat fathers, islam and other patriarchal religions, FGM, the lack of women is stem fields, the ability to talk about the female reproductive system and sexuality without being shamed or labeled, and many more?

I would not necessarily call myself a feminist, but it's very telling that june never gives any of these things a neutral thought and instead finds a way to victimize men. "Male violence is a result of those EVIL single mothers so don't focus on dads that leave their poor sons and don't you DARE focus on the fact that most daughters of single mothers don't turn out as violent as the sons.. ugh feminist think women are saints." also parroting hat stupid notion that little boys bejng told morning to fight when young or be so aggressive towards little girls is somehow making them behave like little girls and emasculating them and putting little girls in a pedestal.

men have not faced sex based oppression. when MRAs argue that men can also suffer, yes they're right because men are also human beings, but what they, and to an extent, June, fail to realize is that it is not because they're men. they're not being oppressed because of the fact that they're male. it's always class or other reason. but of course, june and the rest of skeptics have to victimize men even more than women's just to dUnK oN ThEm LiBeRaL FeMinIsTs!!!!11. I honestly believe june thinks men are oppressed more than women, and that's kind of disappointing.

idk, maybe in the distant future, women will be strong/"privileged" enough to oppress those poor wittle defenseless men, but that's not right now or has it ever been june. not that I want or think that will ever happen, but I'm starting to think june and greg think like this lol I know a lot of skeptics do think women's arab oppressing men so it's morning too far fetched, I think..

No. 556258

>The only women I’ve known who were open about not buying into the trans narrative were self-described anti-feminists whose viewpoints resembled June’s in everything but that one issue

ot blog
I slightly align with this except I don't agree with shoe's "viewpoints" they're more like common sense shit that's way over blown. Like the sexbot thing again, she reads an article by buzzfeed/cosmo type sites and thinks all women/feminists are terrified of the idea of men "replacing them".

She doesn't go to any real life sources or experiences, just bases everything off of what she sees on the internet and will blow it out of proportion to make the average feminists look like evil disney villains despite all the ones I've met irl are hard working social workers or activists who actually help men, women, and trans and need to stay exceptionally progressive so they're accessible to all sorts of people, especially trans.

This shouldn't be a requirement to fucking everyone, I try to use the right pronouns to be polite but, some people really are impossible to please and have unrealistic expectations. Shoe doesn't go out enough to have experience what it's like to "misgender" someone. It fucking sucks, my bf had to deal with it once on a bus, he used the wrong pronouns on a mtf and they literally got the entire bus to shame him into existence because my bf looks like "one of those guys who would bully a trans person"(cis muscular white guy etc).

No. 556266

>I honestly believe june thinks men are oppressed more than women, and that's kind of disappointing.

June loves Cassie Jaye and her Red Pill film, which promotes exactly this idea. There doesn't seem to be a question that June is against feminism not because she thinks men and women are now 100% equal, but because she thinks men are oppressed by women.

No. 556274

sage but trans people are vulnerable members of society, and that’s why many women want to protect them. that said, it’s extremely privileged people who get to transition with any modicum of success and that’s why it was accepted in the mainstream so quickly.

personally i’m for transpeople transitioning to address their dysphoria. but i don’t like how support has turned into media glorification. they make it seem like transitioning is some glamorous thing. an honest discussion would include the cost of surgeries, statistics on people who detransition, etc.

No. 556279

i know this isn't gencrit thread but we're "terf" here, anon.

No. 556282

not everyone is

No. 556284

bro one of the biggest reasons we hate june is her stupid handmaiden bs. this thread isn't here to discuss trans anyway.

No. 556285

this I'm sure wig would like to believe we're all just terf/radfems.

I will give radfems credit for triggering her so much.
everyone is derailing the thread with tran tbh

No. 556298

>sage but trans people are vulnerable members of society
They're less likely to be murdered, raped, or assaulted than their cis counterparts across the board, especially whites and non-sex workers. These basket cases are not any more vulnerable than anyone else. Fuck off, handmaiden.

No. 556300

File: 1523814700963.png (428.24 KB, 923x554, preg.png)

Preg is the one fat child that the parents get embarrassed of

No. 556302

File: 1523814818734.png (48.63 KB, 741x479, 1.png)

>ive been on the internet for 10+ years
slow clap

ot but the bullyhunter thing is extremely embarrassing as "girl gamer" but, I also think people who play online fps games have shit taste so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I kinda don't want a non gamer like wig to speak on my behalf, it's fucking annoying how she only cares because "it's gamergate 2.0" no it fucking isn't

No. 556307

wow when the rest of the siblings are that decent/average looking and then you got fugly preg there, it really is more convincing that he was born with some mental disability.

No. 556314

Very accurate description, I'm cringing so hard at that pic. How did Preg turn out so bad?

Love it when cringey skeptics/alt-right losers have completely normal siblings btw. June, Greg, and Lauren all do.

No. 556318

I’d bet money that he believes he has the same kind of physique as the guy he’s standing next to.

No. 556319

how are you able to see her insta

No. 556323

>I'm sure wig would like to believe we're all just terf/radfems.

this. if you’re a “terf” and you dislike June for loving trans ppl, then that’s just you. that’s not everyone here. there are plenty of other reasons to dislike June.


No. 556324

Seeing him next to men of a healthy weight just emphasises how fat he is.

No. 556325

I actually found it on her facebook. i think if you publicly share an IG picture to facebook, people can see it even if the rest of your account is private.

No. 556340

Not everyone here is a radfem but just saying vagina is female and penis is male or transwomen are not real women is enough to get you branded a terf these days.

No. 556361


I didn't think he was all that big until this picture. I kinda assumed he was more like the guy on the left. Wow.

No. 556369


she sounds like an SJW there kek.


No. 556376

Most people over the age of 20 have been on the internet for 10+ years, does she think that's street cred in 2018? Plus she's not even a gamer so what is she speaking on lmao

>less likely
Yeah, that's not actually true.

No. 556388

No. 556396

Fuck, he's super fat.
He almost can't cross his arms like how Pixy couldn't at her peak fatness. He's got the arms of a T Rex that can't cross over that gut.

No. 556414

I don't care what the majority of the American population is, I was talking about your parties. You think your prominent parties are centrist? To the rest of us they look more right leaning. The financial politics, especially.

I guess we should go back to letting white people in blackface play black characters. Trans people are trans, not cis, that's why they don't play cis roles. White people are white, that's why they don't play a character who is some other skin colour while wearing costume paint. Laverne Cox plays a trans person in OITNB and that's perfectly fine. Also yes trannies look like men. That Cursed E dude sounds like a creep every time he's posted.

No. 556418

Could just be a good pic but brother in the middle looks like he is potentially a hunk. Or is it just because he’s standing next to Greg??

No. 556421

I wouldn't call him a hunk but he is cute. Way cuter than Preg is, anyway.

No. 556422

I was gonna say how weird for someone who looks that decent to be related to grocery. Does anyone know if her's older or younger? I'd laugh if he's older cause prego looks 10 years older than him.

I wonder what wig felt knowing she's dating the ugly brother lol?

No. 556423

Yeah except half these dudes on the internet aren't actually trans, they're sicko perverts with a fetish and a desire for attention. You don't think it's weird how many of them are awkward ugly nerds in STEM fields? I have no problems with trans that present like Blaire White does (even if I don't agree with all her politics) for example, people who come off as legitimately trans, putting in the effort to look like a woman and thus be socially treated like a woman for better or worse, and don't sit around looking like a man.

Maybe not everyone but you do need to realise a whole lot of lolcow is gender critical. Additionally, if you don't want us talking gencrit in this thread then take your pro tranny shit out of here too. Its a two way street, if you want to talk in favour of them you can't expect people who feel STRONGLY in the other direction not to engage.

June bitches about radfems, "TERF"s and similar all the time, it goes without saying a lot of us are here because we're what gets labeled as a "TERF" and want to mock her for her retardation. Thx for the understanding anon.

No. 556434

I like the one on the left better. But both of them look attractive compared to Greg

No. 556443

Check out the donation gif at 1:50

No. 556444

File: 1523823658896.gif (884.73 KB, 245x260, 1409006876124.gif)


No. 556469

File: 1523825410425.png (274.66 KB, 592x1048, Un4uhPJ.png)

>June: makes fun of a years-old Tumblr post, probably made by a young teenager who has already grown out of her SJW phase, for attention from neckbeards; includes her username so this Tumblr teen can be harassed by said neckbeards
>Also June: repeats the same reasoning made by these young Tumblr teenagers, that trans people should get cis roles >>556104

No. 556473

File: 1523825677491.png (368.3 KB, 612x612, delusion 101.png)

No. 556479

File: 1523825912682.png (32.82 KB, 725x295, 1.png)

what a shallow relationship. Sometimes I think maybe there is more to them than what they show on twitter but no this i really all there is to grocery.

No. 556482

File: 1523826106906.png (107.28 KB, 626x422, QUvIt7P.png)

Goddamn she's salivating at the mouth for a Gamergate 2.0

No. 556483

File: 1523826176391.png (14.44 KB, 665x145, h2HlI5M.png)

This reads like "I haven't grown up since 2014"

No. 556539

wow you can see how much of a lardass septic is standing next to his brothers. you're dating the ugly sibling wig
but I thought only feminist crybaby women blocked people online?? she's an ugly edgelord herself self awareness zero.

No. 556550

File: 1523830321083.png (616.4 KB, 642x896, hp9PORV.png)

No. 556552

File: 1523830344843.gif (3.01 MB, 384x360, domdaddy.gif)

No. 556555

and I don't care what you or "the rest of us" you're mentioning THINK our parties are tbh. democrats are left, republicans are right. that's it. they don't change or have not changed too much and even the most "progressive" democrats didn't get voted in. Our biggest leftie, for example, was bernie sanders LOL, while a lot of other countries literally have communist parties/identitarian parties running. for the US political system, it's always around that zone: liberal (democrats)—– center (independent/w.e) —– conservatives (republicans). i do think we should get a legitimate centrists party or other options, as long as it's not communists/identitarian types.

I still can't believe people think we lean FAR right as a country though. i guess when people go so far to the left everything else is right wing… still, LOL

i am not a terf and a lot of us here aren't terfs. i do agree with some terfy views, but the whole man-hating and tranny bashing goes a bit too far sometimes so its better to not give june ammo and call everyone who dares criticize her terfs.

i wonder how long until her next video and what the topic will be…

No. 556558

please make it stop

No. 556561

>he's so cute ugh
>looks like he's missing a tooth

No. 556564

someone should have this say "I cheated" instead

No. 556574

i think if he loses weight, fills in that tooth gap and fixes that smug attitude, he wouldn't look so obnoxious. you know when people have a resting b*tch face, greg ha a resting smug face. i honestly can't believe june thinks he is as smart as she's says. her personality is pretty dominant and aside from claiming to be shy, if she's actually researched topics, i think she can be assertive yet she pretends to be dumb just to make humble feel better. reminds me of that video i saw of a right wing woman, i think it was "blonde in the beally of a beast" or something like that where she actually advocates to let men talk over you even if they why're a wrong as to not emasculate them. the person kept saying how she would fake not being able to do something or say something just so that her partner wouldn't be ashamed that's a woman dare know more than a man. also, she would not talk about herself so much because that annoys the the man and instead ask him about how he is doing. i'll try to find the video because it literally reminded me of june and how she keeps on belittling herself like this for greg.

No. 556588

Kek, he has a gap tooth you could kick a football through.

No. 556594

again, imagine thinking this is hot. he really is shallow and boring just like her

No. 556596

File: 1523832779529.jpg (34.77 KB, 499x342, hJkUNLF.jpg)

No. 556601


He looks like someone begging to be put out of their misery.

No. 556632

File: 1523835563648.jpg (109.53 KB, 750x791, image.jpg)

Okay really tinfoil-y but you remember this picture that Groceries tried to peddle off as him? The guy on the far left actually looks like the guy in this picture.
Did Groceries use a picture of him to catfish?

No. 556638

their nose looks completely different, maybe june and grocery share the same nosejob surgeon

No. 556641

File: 1523835819459.png (152.14 KB, 298x394, MwyW2Rh.png)

nah I think that' legit him. got this from his myspace kek https://myspace.com/hraffy

No. 556646


shit it really is him

No. 556650

"names Matthew, I like fishing, beer and country music, I work at my dads boat landing every sunday and touch kids I find in my trailer park'

No. 556653

The guy in the middle is the second youngest (the sister being the youngest) Greg is the oldest at 34 and from looking at one of their father's facebook photos of them as children there might be a 3-5 year age gap between Greg and the brother in the middle. I'm not too good at picking children's age. I haven't uploaded the childhood picture with this though because I think it's against the rules to talk about family members? I'm not sure.

No. 556655


Sorry, I meant to quote


No. 556657

wig said he was popular with girls back in high school hahaha riiight.

No. 556658

Bitch you took me there.

No. 556664

It would explain the unwarranted sense of self-importance at least partially

No. 556665

sage because not exactly related but I’m most likely meeting sargon tomorrow (long story) what should I ask him from y’all? will try and record it but also don’t want the wrath of a thousand spergs circlejerking him to get mad at me

No. 556668

File: 1523837009390.png (51.4 KB, 744x440, TkmdRPa.png)

No. 556669

No1currz Wig.

No. 556670

ask him if his real opinions on june and greg, how he feels about june's whiteknighting trans people now

No. 556671

ask him what he thinks about cheating couples

No. 556674

Delete this

No. 556675

File: 1523837549221.png (30.54 KB, 719x460, ph9EUKq.png)

ask him how he feels about his twitter impersonators

No. 556682

please ask him if he think women are oppressing women and how?

or why he hasn't gotten skeptic and june to join his made up movement?


he said himself on a livestream that's he isn't o om twitter as he finds a waste of time so yeah.. he just said that any account that pops up is not him and that's about it. june is taking this too far, sargon seems to not care himself lol


doesn't anyone here know for sure what kind of BDSM relationship june and greg are in because june said herself that she is a 24/7 sub but,
he earns more money,
she's not naturally submissive in personality
she treats him like a child
she constantly fights his fights for him
she's more headstrong than he is

…. uh ….

No. 556689

sorry for posting twice but i mean "if sargon thinks women are oppressing men"
please if you do decide to ask him this, be clear and ask if WOMEN, not feminist, are opposing men.

(i don't know how to make this box stop changing my words and autocorrecting words at random… don't know why it only happens on this website tho.)

No. 556691

why does he always make this douchey dreamworks face does he think it's attractive kek

No. 556692

File: 1523838595378.png (697.45 KB, 1108x952, wa1Qf6j.png)

does this answer your questions, anon?

No. 556697

File: 1523839013675.png (208.33 KB, 1252x562, orp2U6J.png)

>she earns more money,
she's joking but this is probably their relationship

No. 556703


Such a cuckquean uwu

No. 556704

lol yes, anon, thank you.

seems to me like june's faking the whole thing and dragging greg along with her. he's not a natural dom either.

i think june's rabid protection of men is the reason she has made greg to be this alpha male he isn't and her being a sub is just part of the act. Gotta protect those poor men from feeling emasculated.. so yeah, 24/7 pandering.

No. 556724

bruh are we doing #notallfarmers now?

No. 556728

June wishes she can get money from attractive men for expensive condoms to have sex with even more attractive men, too bad her fat autist boyfriend takes her money to blow on chubby camgirls and throws her out every week

No. 556729

women like that are so fucking sad. they think that they are happier because they let men walk all over them but all their doing is living a lie

No. 556740

it's annoying as fuck when a third of the thread is just TERF sperging though, might as well point out that we aren't all weird vagina harpies. I know trans women who think june's full of shit too, it just happens that she isn't on this one thing

No. 556746

lefty has a belly as well tho with diet and some activities it can disappear. (i know this because same physique. yeah i'm xy and hate wig, imagine.)

> talking ABOUT sex
"hi honey i just wanked off to this camwhore while a prostitute pegged me"?

those kinds of women need feminism the most tbh.

ask him "who do you think was the dumbest/not the smartest person at this table?" and show him this: https://twitter.com/mundanematt/status/879238845803372544
then ask him about the laci green stuff as well etc just so you can look like you want to give a full on asslicking. he likes those people.

he's also whiteknighting trannies. just so you know. ever since blair became popular.

No. 556760

Why is the cuckquean even commenting on this? This is basically her relationship with Pregory, just with the genders reversed.

No. 556771

Not being a fucking sjw isn't the same thing as being a "weird vagina harpy," it's normal. She and everyone else who buys into that crap are full of shit.

No. 556851

File: 1523856481738.jpg (150.35 KB, 600x450, 1445726798052.jpg)

My sides.

No. 556866


it's the angle, i have a similar nose. the angle also makes his ears + lips look different but it's definitely him

No. 556868

File: 1523858733619.png (53.88 KB, 616x279, lsz5Ixj.png)

No. 556869

No. 556881

She's sooo incredibly ugly and stupid.

No. 556893

That shitty cam with the weird aspect ratio she still uses.. it seems like when they try to fake "low qualtiy internet videos" in movies.

I bet she's just "playing a character" to get all the views and money from her loser autistic fanbase and to generate drama. Basically like a Brittany Venti or Kaceytron. I refuse to believe someone is as stupid/contradicting as her.

No. 556898

No. 556902

bitch look like yumi king

No. 556918

File: 1523864274284.png (285.42 KB, 612x446, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.3…)

The fedora tipping started young

No. 556920

File: 1523864486390.jpg (11.49 KB, 352x288, ILny613.jpg)


No. 556938


So she glorifies male-dom female-sub relationships but when it's reversed, she makes fun of it?

What a cuckquean.
Enjoy your cheeto farts, June.

No. 556942

They seem cute here but this was filmed in 2016. Now Septic is tipping camgirls instead + belittling June on Twitter.

I noticed June keeps posting old videos of them when their relationship was beginning.

No. 556989

No. 557015

File: 1523882101915.png (498.41 KB, 760x733, 1.png)

>and you don't care how disgusting it is
excuse me what? It's not suppose to feel disgusting, why would it make you feel disgusting? is it cause your dating an ugly doughboy like preg?

No. 557042

The fuck is this? What's with her @ing random people? Melanie is extremely sex-positive and probably a libfem, I can't imagine she'd like Wig at all. I guess she really just wants to be on everyone's ''good side''.

No. 557056

File: 1523888281556.jpg (88.57 KB, 699x383, 11613flynn.jpg)

You know what bothers me more of this cumstain? The constant expression on his face. It really seems like he's trying to copy Flynn Rider. It's as embarrassing as watching weebs doing the Naruto run. It's not appealing in any way possible and makes him look ridiculous and overcompensating

No. 557068

pretty sure melanie refers to herself as a feminist in at least one of her videos, wonder how june ended up following her in the first place.

No. 557078

File: 1523891151591.png (19.94 KB, 736x190, um.png)


No. 557079

All I know is that Melanie is a friend of Jaclyn Glenn and June kind of wants to be a part of the ~rational girl youtuber gang~ but they all ignore her

No. 557100

File: 1523892970834.png (112.23 KB, 632x868, 57Qv6fP.png)

No. 557101

File: 1523893028360.png (34.78 KB, 641x245, but greg.png)

No. 557107

>salty orbiters who follow him just to play 2intellectual4u police and bring him down a peg
isn't that what they do the people they stalk though

No. 557108

They think celebrities who are feminists only believe that out of attention and managers telling them to and totally not out of there own freewill and its not like women who don't fall under the buzzfeed Tumblr sterotype to them can't be feminists

No. 557113

shoe definitely isn't a danger to anyone, then

No. 557114

File: 1523893654672.gif (63.1 KB, 220x147, nbbEtjW.gif)

gotta remind her followers that she's ''T H I N N with stick legs uwu'' despite gaining 20+ pounds

No. 557119


Does she have to satiate Preg's poor lil ego by saying anyone who calls him out is just in love with him? Awww, lol.

I bet that anon saying we were all in love with Preg was June.

No. 557121

June thinks she's skinny, hah. Not saying she's fat, but she's major delusional if she thinks she's anywhere close to a size 2. She's completely average.

No. 557123

Exactly, she just has anatomy text book tier body but she goes out her way to portray herself as -skinny curvy uwu-

No. 557160

File: 1523895915697.jpg (97.43 KB, 1862x1160, Q2XnKTQ.jpg)

she's not fat, no, but greg sure is. but apparently men don't count to her - to june, he's ~husky~ :^) but she has no problem mocking random women for her thousands of viewers:

No. 557166

File: 1523896326982.png (23.05 KB, 661x253, q3fNTyZ.png)

No. 557168

File: 1523896364820.png (483.73 KB, 1244x940, dsUKLNZ.png)

"libtard" "libtart"
alright then

No. 557174

>"I hate politics"
>makes nothing but political videos

No. 557176

File: 1523896882121.png (291.95 KB, 642x668, 2Kxjiqi.png)

No. 557189

What an embarrasing thing to post considering she actually looks like a tranny. But i guess that's what preg likes.

No. 557193

why is she so attention hungry towards people she claims to hate?

No. 557201

What is her point? If people mistake her for a trans in a low res potato quality image with a wig on then their dick-dar isn't accurate?

No. 557217

>wrote 3 article for the libertarian republic
>left because I hate politics

Are we sure she didn't leave because actually her articles were shit and she couldn't take the criticism?
I'd love to read these if she's not bullshitting and if anyone finds sources.

>do i pass?

If I had no backstory on June and found out that the hair was a wig, I could easily see how the makeup and low quality cam could possibly be compensating for some mannish facial features.
Highly suspect.

But you know, June thinks she's sooo naturally feminine looking.

No. 557232

she linked it but her pages have been removed since then
there's also this
"This Girl Just Trolled The Entire Internet By Acting Like A Stupid Liberal"
wew lad

No. 557243

File: 1523899104365.png (376.07 KB, 806x711, much politics.png)

Where there's a will, there's a way.

No surprise–they're not very political at all. They're basically righty SJW topics that anyone with an opinion could have wrote.
>muh censorship
>muh feminist hate

>The bodyshaming article


I don't even want to give these entries the dignity of calling them 'articles,' it's really more like a blog.

No. 557252

No. 557297

File: 1523900853772.png (185.45 KB, 633x593, BIUtgI6.png)

No. 557298

24/7 bdsm relationships are totes normal rite?

No. 557302

>June, also known on the internet as "Shoe0nhead", is a 23 year old woman from New York who enjoys ranting about the bizarre world we live in today. You can also find her on YouTube and Twitter doing exactly that
When the only thing that can be said about you is that you rant on the internet

No. 557309

She's posting this sarcastically, anon…

No. 557312

"because of the one article I did for libertarian republic" bitch please, you did multiple articles for them then you conveniently want to downplay and backpeddle as if it was just a one time lark

No. 557318

File: 1523901684332.png (35.17 KB, 604x266, yikes.png)

No. 557339

I really hope that backfires.

No. 557369

File: 1523904479167.png (135.86 KB, 1098x982, bWEEKgd.png)

Hey guys did you know June is depressed uwu

No. 557376


Nah, she's brimming with happiness, what with the pandering to neckbeards, dating Snuffleupagus, and pulling her hair to near baldness. What's to be depressed about /s

No. 557401

Please refrain from insulting Snuffleupagus with such comparisons. Thank you.

No. 557434

all I can think of is that Greg is now potty trained lol

No. 557443

File: 1523910263292.jpg (112.64 KB, 381x500, 1385539867977.jpg)

shoe claims she doesn't get depressed or bothered by "bullying" "harassment"(coughcriticismcough) then what exactly does make her depress?

The fact that she knows she's a sell out?
And she ended up with a man whale?
And she has no skills for the future?
And she still lives with her parents?
And she has no hobbies or interest outside of the internet?
And she has no friends IRL besides her bf who wont even take the time to see her and her ftm friend who barely hangs out with her?
And her online "friends" are mostly just people in her edgy skeptic community who act friendly towards her for views?
And she can't even get female friends to talk make ups with even within her own community of anti-fem girls?
And even with her trans pandering majority still dislike her or are just other anti-sjw channels who want to use for the "terf twitter war"?
And people think her bdsm lifestyle is embarrassing, cringy and forced?
And that she how several threads dedicated to her with a growing rate of posters?

Actually nvm i get why she's depressed.

No. 557471

File: 1523911936111.png (17.54 KB, 475x199, RjP2uT4.png)

No. 557479

and trichotillomania. or is that not edgy enough to talk about?

i knew a girl in high school with trich. it's a very isolating disease. it's always surprised me that she doesn't use her platform to bring awareness to it, but what can you expect

No. 557510

File: 1523914719435.jpg (45.16 KB, 799x290, Capture.JPG)


>I can’t say I’m too surprised at this backlash towards Renee’s body. We are living in a world where instead of striving to better ourselves and live a healthy lifestyle, praising obesity is becoming the norm.

But June, what about your fiancee?

No. 557516

> Nobody should be shamed for their bodies

said the constantly fatshamer wig.

No. 557519

it doesn't count when it's a man

No. 557521


Also what about June herself? She mentioned in the video mocking a spoof makeup tutorial that she was 99 pounds while still eating "whatever I want" i.e. eating like shit. Either she was lying about that and put effort into her diet or she was just lucky due to age/genetics and needs to get off the fucking high horse.

No. 557526

File: 1523915805806.png (354 KB, 315x477, 3ISIe7m.png)

Uh, pretty sure Nicki Minaj was talking about flat-chested/flat-assed girls when she said "Fuck all the skinny bitches" That's not promoting obesity, Minaj isn't even overweight herself. If anyone is "promoting obesity" and not "striving to better themselves and live a healthy obesity" it's Septic but that doesn't count because he's a man, right June?

No. 557555

Ughhh he's so skeevy. Even wiggy could do much better.

No. 557567

Oh the irony
She truly has no self awareness

No. 557569

To all the people who always say septic is so disgusting, so fat, etc etc… It's a type. Some girls are into guys like him - yes, even some skinny/average looking girls like wig. He's seriously not that fat, for girls who like chubby dad bods it's the ideal amount of chub. There's nothing wrong with his face, either, the worst thing you could say is that he's average - definitely not an ugly dude.

He's not obese and he's not a gargoyle.

No. 557574

either this is shooped, or Groceries has a freakishly long left arm kek

No. 557576

dem Backpfeifengesichter tho

No. 557581

He probably does have a freakishly long arm. Symptoms of Klinefelter Syndrome include abnormally long arms and legs

No. 557582

File: 1523934995068.png (107.39 KB, 215x232, zekxRoU.png)

…June? Is that you?
She's free to have type, but farmers are free to point out her hypocrisy. She spends a decent amount of time mocking women for their appearances, especially if they're overweight and even if they're far slimmer than Greg. What do you expect people to do? Ignore it? When she talks about it so often?
Also he's considerably larger than most men with "dadbods"
Sage for slight derailing.

No. 557588

File: 1523935158139.png (200.91 KB, 633x416, 9hHy7Hk.png)

samefag, I forgot to add that Greg pokes fun at women for their weight too. Again, women thinner than him.

No. 557589

Nah, he's pretty gross looking, anon. If he kept his mouth shut, covered his weirdly gangly arms/legs, wore shirts that weren't 3 sizes too small (would help hide his titties/gut), and stood like 15ft away from me, he might be kinda alright looking though I guess?

No. 557590

Best part is June is easily this size now if not bigger.

No. 557592

File: 1523935365858.png (Spoiler Image, 225.69 KB, 644x408, skepthicc.png)

Found this by searching "dadbod." He and Wig have deluded themselves into thinking he's the one on the far right, when he's actually the one on the very left.

No. 557599

File: 1523935750624.png (97.91 KB, 387x271, muh depression.png)

>he's not obese, he's dadbod ;-;
>i'm still smol little at 130 ;-;
I'm convinced now wig whispers this while crying in bed

No. 557602

He's even fatter than the one on very left.

No. 557604

File: 1523936136225.png (238.25 KB, 217x440, come to daddy.png)

No. 557605

She also has better fat distribution than june and natural boobs

No. 557606

I agree somewhat. It seems like some anons here think June can do better just because she's not fat. These two are equally unattractive, both inside and out. They really don't deserve better than eachother.

No. 557613


Its sad but its true, June is horrible in her own right, doesn't matter if someone finds her even vaguely physically attractive, she's a mental midget stuck chasing her teen years.

No. 557614

He's also way weaker. To me the appeal of dadbods is that they're fairly muscular under the chub, so they look both manly and cuddly. Looks like the kind of guy who has functional strength but enjoys a bit too much beer and snacks, you know, like a stereotypical working dad. Grocery is sedentary, his biceps are totally flat even when he flexes hard, so he's just regular old fat, not a dadbod. It's exactly the same as when fat girls who don't have big boobs or hips still insist on calling themselves curvy even though they don't really have feminine curves.

No. 557617

Agreed. They both gross me out and I think they can pretty much match each other with with ugly facial features. If they were at the same fitness level they'd look about right. The only real disparity is that June's metabolism processes her shitty food more efficiently than Greg and his gut.

No. 557619

Ofc it's shooped, wig doesn't have that body shape

No. 557631

I feel like Gross-ery secretly wants to lose some weight and pursue a healthier lifestyle, but is just too proud and/or scared to post about it. Sage for minor armchair.

No. 557644

Didn't he try to lose weight at some point? I remember June saying they work out together and she was proud of him for losing 15 pounds or something. I think this was in the comments of the Oppression Park video?

No. 557646

~Obese Man Runs and Dies~

No. 557647

Klinefelter's confirmed

No. 557654

Yeah but they only see each other 1-2 weeks at a time. If you want to get fit you need to establish a routine. You can’t just hope 1 week on 3 weeks off is going to yield results. When you’re out of shape as Preg less than a week off negates any progress made. Especially with cardio.

Honestly if he doesn’t want to work out yet he could lose a lot of weight just by changing his diet. Now is the time to do it while he’s still relatively young.

No. 557664

not ideal. the definition of dad-bod is essentially a guy (usually a dad) who lifts (or occasionally lifts) but doesn't care about what he eats so he develops a layer of fat.

groceries is obese. that's not dad-bod, that's killing your potential of being a dad because you're decreasing your sperm quality/count by being obese.

No. 557764

this post is embarassing "LOL". I don't know if you're new here but I highly recommend you don't do that.

I think it's the same anon I'm replying to above just doimg all the sperging about TERFs in the last couple days of this thread tbh(infighting; derailing)

No. 557771

File: 1523967360732.png (72.03 KB, 770x773, 1.png)

No. 557774

File: 1523967544330.png (357.18 KB, 768x718, 2.png)

No. 557788

>teehee i'm such a sexbunny - guys, did you know i'm always in the mood :33

Meanwhile the obese boyfriend had a camgirl fap marathon because he is bored of his kawaii histrionic gf

No. 557791

>why you delete those

because she's a coward, Timeward76

No. 557808

>There's nothing wrong with his face, either

the dude looks like a trailer park version of Alvin the Chipmunk, but okay

No. 557826

My dad is obese and has health conditions because of it yet groceries makes my dad look skinny, let that sink in,"not obese" my ass, show this shit to any doctor they'll tell you do lose weight immediately, unless june is just waiting until her pretend splenda daddy dies so she can chase after the next ugly neckbeard

No. 557836

this is even more embarrassing.

also, idk if you're next point is about me, but if it is, then no, i'm not the one "sperging" about terfs. i was just agreeing with another anon about not being labeled one. i don't care about terfs, but if i'm not one, then i'm not one and that's it. "LOL" :)

THIS! i honestly can't believe a person with his ego doesn't see what's wrong in the mirror. i mean, after calling him out for his arrogance, most people comment on his size so he's aware of it i'm sure. just trying to keep the 24/7 thing going i guess, even if it destroys his health.(infighting; derailing)

No. 557839

He’s got dad bod. I’m into it too.Some of us like older men. He looks like a normal guy, I don’t see the big deal. I’ll flop a dad belly over my head while I suck that dick idc and neither should you guys. Yall are way too dramatic.(no one cares)

No. 557842

Let me guess, American? Just too lazy to work out so you buy into fattie fetishists? I mean if you have a fat fetish at least admit hes morbidly obese and no doctor would condone this, i don't know where you live where this is normal for older men, but most older men dont sit on their ass farting cheetos 24/7 to maintain their figure

No. 557861

Nah I'm american, I just find it funny how you almost always see fat fetishism here and nowhere else except for those weird african countries that think being fat means wealth, fat fetishism to me is just people being lazy and instead of getting healthy they attempt to change the standards and brainwash people into thinking fat is hot

No. 557863

>fatshaming maymay
>unironically fucks fat, old men
This is so embarrassing. You sound like you're as much of an insecure cow as June. Please leave.

No. 557876

Dadbod is just overall shit taste and on the same level as finding plus size women attractive. Its shallow and supports unhealthy lifestyle.
Learn how to sage your embarrassing fetish posts and kys.

No. 557877

Mostly that degenerate with the obesity fetish, but partially you too.

No. 557879

>Some of us like older men.
He has a baby face and the voice of a teenager. It doesn't help that he acts and dresses very immaturely

No. 557892

He's obviously obese, though. If you have a fat fetish, that's your business, but a lot of people (like yourself) genuinely seem to not recognize obesity when they see it because everyone's so fat nowadays.

He has none of the qualities that might make older men appealing. He's a doughy, immature loser.

No. 557893

>MFW all of you REEEEEd at a post that is clearly 100% satirical…

No. 557894

June found us

No. 557907


I don't think he's unattractive, but I do think he and June are massive hypocrites who make fun of fat people while he himself is fat. But it's totally okay for Daddy Skeptic right?
If you want to be fat, be fat, I don't give a shit, but don't sit there and pretend to be better than other fat people for whatever reason.

No. 557908


C'mon, Anon, do you really think June would venture into a place where she couldn't immediately block any dissent?

No. 557929

She's always been here from day 1

No. 557938

No, you see, being fat is only bad if you’re a WOMAN. Which brings the hypocrisy to a new peak since women naturally have more body fat than men.

No. 557950


Agreed. I don't think Gregory is disgusting looking as some of the comments make him out to be, but he's definitely fat. Not 'dad bod', he is just plain fat. I find it hilarious how June claims he just has "a little bit of a tummy"; what is she smoking? Just because he's not morbidly obese doesn't mean he's not fat.

No one cares if June wants to date a fat guy. Everyone has a type, and if June finds fat guys attractive, more power to her. No one would even mention his weight if it weren't for how hypocritical June and Greg are when it comes to making fun of fat people.

No. 557952

>I was j-just pretending to be a fat retard!

No. 557960

File: 1523984080934.gif (31.85 KB, 250x250, 1411492209397.gif)

wow what a top level troll, getting us all to admit we hate fat men!

No. 557981

And women are more prone to thyroid disorders + disorders that affect metabolism like pcos, plus looking at groceries family, they look all in shape, so he can't use the genetics excuse, he could have easily lost weight if he didnt sit on his ass farting cheetos and eating ramen all day, but hes a man right and men are powr wittle oppressed babies and can't feel like useless lazy bums they have to feel like big strong manly men no matter how much of a fat lesbian they are but if you're a lady don't even think about having a bit of tummy pooch unless you're gergs thicc secret

Funny how june always went out of her way to bash fat and chubby women or flat chested women in the past and now her fiance is cheating on her with the girls she use to make fun of not only that but she's forcing herself to worship and cuck herself with the women we all know she would have bashed to hell and back if grocery didnt wanna fuck them

No. 557989

TERF is a slur for any woman who disagrees with (part of) the trans narrative and nobody unironically labels themself that way. When anons say that we’re all dirty terfs here, they’re making a joke.

No. 558009

Oh, my bad. I thought TERF = trans-exclusionary radical feminist? thought people had to be radical feminist(which i'm not) and I did not know it was used as a slur. sorry.

Is it being used like how people use nazi? basically calling people who disagree with trans narrative terf like people who call everyone that disagrees with the left nazi?

>TERF is a slur for any woman who disagrees with (part of) the trans narrative

is it only women that can be terf tho? i think men hate trans more than women and commit more violence against them.

No. 558011

nobody leaked LC to her
she only searches herself on twitter
pretty much what >>557907 said.

No. 558022

They wouldn’t have to. She knows about this site because it was created for her to internet stalk her haters.

No. 558023

He was slightly cute before he put on all that weight. Aside from the enourmous gut he acquired (apple-shape being the worst kind of fat distrubution for your health) his face also turned into a round oversized toddler head with eyes that point outwards and a terrible haircut (the style itself is bad enough but the layers just look uneven in most photos, or like he’s constantly in the in-between stage where it’s too long to style and too short to leave natural).
Add that to the god-awful Movie Theater usher fashion sense, the fact that this man is in his 30s and trying to look like it’s still the 90s, and the ridiculous Flynn Ryder “smolder” expression he tries to do, and he legit is a very unattractive man.

That’s just physical qualities. His personality is an even split of two irredeemable traits in a male partner: Acting like he knows what he’s talking about by speaking slowly and deliberately despite the content of his intellect being as basic as you can get; and his entitled sense that he shouldn’t have to use any kind of thinking nor reasoning when participating in a romantic relationship and instead expecting to just act based purely on emotion and fleeting whims—making him come across as a whiny oversized spoiled brat who doesn’t know how to cope without getting his way.

TL;DR “kill it with fire”.

Sage because she why do I even have to explain this.

No. 558027

if she would still lurk here she would be able to get more lolcows to mock. but she focuses on buzzfeed and cosmo (like a fucking commentary channel), terfs (no1currz) and libfem cringe ("2014 never ends") so clearly she forgot this site (or she thinks /pol/ is place to be?).

No. 558028

if she would still lurk here she would be able to get more lolcows to mock. but she focuses on buzzfeed and cosmo (like a fucking commentary channel), terfs (no1currz) and libfem cringe ("2014 never ends") so clearly she forgot this site (or she thinks /pol/ is place to be?).

she's not Mister Metokur (who IS lurking here time to time). HI JIM :3

No. 558029


the reason she doesn't mention lolcow is because she knows it would spark people to google and look at this thread, then everyone would see the truth about her.

No. 558030

>she's not Mister Metokur (who IS lurking here time to time). HI JIM :3
lol I'm still wondering how she feels about him shitting on honeybadgers and girlwriteswhat. I still see wig talking to people from there on twitter from time to time. I really hope Jim just keeps digging down the mra hole.

It's probably too much wishful thinking to hope he bring up something as old like the Candid drama despite it being right up his alley.

No. 558060

you think her neckbeard orbiters gonna think we are factual at all? "ya'll haiters to june-sama because she pretty and smort"
If she still lurks here but don't mention us because she is more afraid of her WKs trying to raid us and thus poke the sleeping lion.

if somebody rustles jim's justice-jimmies he will throw them under the bus no matter how old that shit is or how big they are. he just needs some juicy details.
the candid stuff is not that hot anymore… but grocery's messed up life IS juicy enough for him. but he has to dig really deep to find that.

No. 558061

Wait I thought Mister Metokur was just another typical anti-feminist/anti-sjw dude and was aligned with June and that entire side of Youtube? Am I confusing him with someone else?

No. 558062

metokur makes videos about lolcows and other weird internet shit
he isn't actually aligned with the 'skeptic community' but he has had interactions with them in the past e.g making fun of sargon

No. 558068

he's a def poltard but, recently he's been more focusing on general cows instead of just easy shit that the skeptic community still does.

I respect him way more after going after karen. It shows he doesn't rely on his political/social beliefs when going after someone, just as long as they're a cow it's enough. And karen and other mras are total cows.

Compare that to wig who still relies on "cosmo cringe" shit and says she's going to do vids on making fun of mgtow/mras or ant-sjw cringe but, never does.

No. 558075

File: 1523996777965.png (249.49 KB, 628x542, HMFbLW9.png)

Even when feminists support trans that's not good enough for her kek

No. 558079

Except she's WK'd herself in most of her threads and has mentioned things on her twitter immediately after they were mentioned here etc.
She lurks, has been lurking and always will. She's behind the creation of this board, after all

No. 558080

File: 1523996859329.png (204.1 KB, 638x744, cringe.png)

No. 558081

She seems too thin skinned to continue lurking. Plus she didn't bother blocking the @SKEPTHICC account until they directly interacted with Septic. If she lurked, surely she'd block them sooner?

No. 558083

>women of all genders and none
pretty sure the just means genderfluid. I could be wrong but, either way I thought wig supported this tumblr shit? Where does she draw the line as far as what people identify as? I thought she "didn't care" call themselves.

No. 558093

>"please do this" because I am a kawaii little uwu

No. 558095

That just means she didnt see it here immediately though, while some people are speculating she lurks daily, i think she just lurks every now and then, the skater skirt thing confirmed her lurking for me however

No. 558109

File: 1523999214030.png (220.58 KB, 639x459, JFRP4js.png)

No. 558110

File: 1523999231071.gif (1.26 MB, 600x338, you're so vain.gif)

No. 558116

she whines about footfags but, can't see that this is in the same vein? how gross and autistic

No. 558123

Cog ranting about his recent twitter spat with June and pointing out her 'just joking' tactic while she can't recognize when someone else is joking. Also pointing out that no one dares to criticize her. I'm glad finally someone bigger is making fun of her fake behaviour, like that whole engagement cringe.

No. 558137

I ain't watching all that shit but, thanks for the rundown.

Is this guy another skeptic/commentary person? Are they finally realizing how much of a hypocrite she is?

Also, on the topic of jokes, I'll never forget her getting triggered over dave chappelle talking about trans people in his comedy special. That was the exact moment I realized she's even more of a hack then I originally thought.

No. 558144

File: 1524000153691.png (35.01 KB, 853x191, pMNWI43.png)

Not watching 2 hours of this but ty. Her fanboys must not have found this video yet because nearly every comment is against her.

No. 558151

File: 1524000348440.jpg (74.78 KB, 640x480, 1408655293666.jpg)

>i'm not into bald chicks with tiny tits

No. 558173

Cog is a "banterfriend" of Jim.

25:07 in the chat… SquishyMushy! don't spill the beans!

No. 558179

I spot Tranime Girl in this stream. Aren't they friends? >>558075

No. 558184

File: 1524001580992.jpg (36.72 KB, 301x229, z75896.JPG)

the comment feed from that video though

No. 558185

Interesting. I'll look at his channel more when I have time, anyone who can give wig actual criticism sounds worth a watch. Thanks again for sharing.

No. 558190

I don't follow sceptics since Kraut drama (actually after Candid I felt tired of their bs) but I know this guy from bloodsports/kumite crowd when they oftem criticize people like Sargon, Mundane Matt etc. I'm not that familiar with his videos or popularity. I agree all these livestreams are looooong but I usually tune in and listen in the background.
I don't think anything big will come out of this. In this stream and comments basically you get all the points mentioned in her threads, that June is boring, not funny, obnoxious for talking about her relationship, shallow and most important thing - she would not have conversation with anyone who is 'mean' to her and all that jazz.
And that makes me think - am I the only one noticing that grocery and june moved away from skeptics or at least from main 'cool' group since vidcon? They post videos rarely, don't have new ideas (flat earth and feminis over and over) and kinda faded away?

No. 558193

File: 1524002124042.jpg (59.95 KB, 355x215, sucking everybodies dick dot j…)

you mean this?

No. 558207

File: 1524002568591.png (40.25 KB, 871x242, centrist amy schumer.png)

No. 558212

>am I the only one noticing that grocery and june moved away from skeptics or at least from main 'cool' group since vidcon? They post videos rarely, don't have new ideas (flat earth and feminis over and over) and kinda faded away?

This might be tinfoil / a bit of a stretch but, I think that might be because that they're kinda too "degenerate" to be grouped in with the "cool" "skeptics" and think that;s slightly why wig likes to force herself in the lgbtq/libfem communities while also wanting to be anti-fem because they are more accepting to their "totally non-vanilla 24/7 bdsm lifestyle" that they choose to be retardly open and loud about. Basically they want to be tumblr while being judgemental assholes. And so far they've been able to for that past year but, it wont last long with how shitty wig is with her twitter.

No. 558223

These comments are A++ I wonder if wig will comment like she does with every yt vid with her name in it or will she pussy out because it's clear this guys demographic hates her and brings up good points.

No. 558245

Wow it's surreal to see men saying things like this about her. I've seen too many of her braindead, boot-licking fanboys coming to her defense. Amazing.

She'll probably ignore it. She typically only blasts people who are even dumber than she is. And they bring up good points.

No. 558253


so much hypocrisy

No. 558256

>Wow it's surreal to see men saying things like this about her.
Majority of /pol/, 8chan, kiwi don't like her. She just has a hive mind types that give her views from being shared on anti-fem/sjw and old man conservative sites who go "look a woman who isn't falling for the feminist movements!" etc like I remember Crowder use to share her vids on fb.

If you look outside of her fans/viewership, she's actually not well liked at all.

No. 558261

File: 1524004953985.png (9.49 KB, 863x125, E0NwrK4.png)

It's going to be an uphill battle for this supposed "libtart" to gain the trust of other liberals if she acts like this; sperging about TERFs can only do so much damage control. She was just going off about how using "sperg" and "autistic" is tacky, and yet she uses "retard"? What's the difference kek what a hypocrite

No. 558263


I found the phrase a bit weird because usually these libfem types espouse woman as a distinct "gender" so a woman cant be another gender by that logic but it's not like June's terf ranting makes much sense either as people like Magdalen Berns have pointed out.

No. 558264

June just did something similar today >>558080

No. 558270

Let's also not forget how she sperged out about how the guy who called her hot as their first interaction was "creepy" but tells other women to ignore catcalling and other comments

No. 558273

File: 1524005501097.png (151.04 KB, 981x480, JWsLE3P.png)

Says the 27-year-old woman wearing Boxxy eyeliner and knock-off Korean school girl dresses

No. 558277

File: 1524005602131.png (17.48 KB, 1169x97, 1.png)

This shit actually angers me after watching a doc about old lady janitors getting raped daily by their bosses.

Yes June, I'm sure you'd think those women were just "3/10s" and lying because "why would men fuck/catcall fuugglliiieess"(that's some nice projection btw sounds like you're more jealous of anyone getting male attention that isn't you, whether it's good or bad). It fucking happens to everyone. you don't have to be a goddam model, 90% of sexual assault/harassment is from power hungry people who what to shame/embarrass someone cause they can.

God she fucking angers me.

No. 558280

File: 1524005637891.png (6.96 KB, 952x80, vTe00i4.png)

no comment other than >>556300 :^)

No. 558286

Meanwhile wig is trying to befriend trannies like contra and that weird shoecopy and tells them that "they totally pass" except it's clear as day they're even uglier then the women she's shitting on in this article.

No. 558294

i get why june likes trannies now, she is one of them.

seeks sexual assault as a form of gratification

it all makes sense.

No. 558301

she's a wannabe tranny because then her wig wearing would have a purpose outside of just hiding bald

No. 558308

samefag & OT but, I really do encourage anyone to watch this.

By wig's logic, these women are full of shit because they're "3/10s" because and aren't young and "hot" like her uwu.

It's so fucked up that people won't believe a victim of sexual harassment/assault based on their looks.

No. 558309

>you think her neckbeard orbiters gonna think we are factual at all?
I was neutral on wig until I started following these threads and now I actively dislike her, sure her hardcore orbiters won't change their minds but the potential for people to turn against her is still there.

No. 558313

You know that there are people who would absolutely post this seriously and take it seriously when she retweets it.

Trich isn't kawaii uwu, and she's probably ashamed of it.

No. 558343

i'm another anon and yeah, it's used insanely liberally to berate any woman who is somewhat skeptical about transgenderism.

i'm not a feminist but i've been called a terf several times for pointing out how misogynistic the trans community can be. and unironically they called me a terf - a slur used to disparage women, waddaya knowww

sage for blogpost + ot

No. 558382

File: 1524013537533.png (103.18 KB, 628x664, 3Uh6YPU.png)

No. 558403

grocery: :(
wig: :)
grocery: :(
camgirl: ;)
grocery: :D

No. 558410

Why are they both so stupid?

No. 558415


Why she thought this was quote- worthy I'll never know. Next it'll be like:

"When's dinner?" Armoured Grosheries 2018

No. 558422

No. 558453

Lmao saebyeolbe is an Overwatch League player for NYXL, I doubt Shoe has any idea who he is since she's not a gamer (which blows my mind since she spends all day in her parents' house; as a gamer myself I'm left wondering WHAT DOES SHE EVEN DO).
Naturally she just hijacks cute couple things from actual healthy couples. Such as that husband and wife comic where both are in an entirely different universe of attractiveness than Shoe and Groceries.

Thanks for this. Your comment piqued my interest so I was going to ask.

I think "Grocery: :|" would also fit here after her smile kek

No. 558466

Shoe retweeting this just highlights how much worse her relationship is compared to an actually happy and healthy one like SBB and his wife.

No. 558591

File: 1524038173494.png (13.94 KB, 396x205, 0WGRH5p.png)

Cow crossover

No. 558595

>which blows my mind since she spends all day in her parents' house; as a gamer myself I'm left wondering WHAT DOES SHE EVEN DO

June's typical day:

>Wake up at 2 PM.

>Skincare routine which consists of wiping face with baby wipes, cake face with makeup, boxxy eyeliner and spider lashes

>Send 10 messages to Septic, they remain unanswered.

>Eat food mommy has made for you

>Time to get serious, put wig on

>Google your name obsessively for about 5 hours, must feed on attention, must see what people say about you

>Someone questions your stances, block them and all of their followers

>Tweet how people who use block bots can't deal with da interwebz xD

>Find a random person saying something pro-woman, screenshot it, sperg hard on twitter, send your personal army against them

>Go to Starbucks, get extra sugary frappuchino, venti. Also get some chicken nuggets from mcdonalds.

>Send more messages to Septic, they remain unanswered

>Mommy cleans your room and all of your sex toys

>Tweet about your sex life

>Go to sleep

No. 558599

Why didn't her parents kick her out already? What a fucking leech. Leeches of the fat bastard and her family while adding no value to literally anyone or anything. What a fucking ugly fake-tits having waste of space.

No. 558602

I'd say her parent enable her. She seems like she was/is a very spoilt child hence not even having to make her own meals or clean her room.

No. 558605

I hope she'll crash and burn soon. Bet mommi payd for the tits too.

No. 558607

I could see it, she definitely comes from money, the fact she claims being a woman is o so easy just confirms her life is easy
Just look at how her parents deal with her illness, most people I know their parents would tell them to toughen the fuck up or send them to a looney bin, not buy them millions of dollars worth of wigs, makeuo and fake eyelashes and baby them, or like the nikki sixx fan who "skin" was wrote about who had the same thing as june, she didnt get her parents to buy her shit tons of 3k+ wigs

Does anyone know if june is the first or younger child? She has the personality of one of those batshit crazy attention deprived youngest kids but her sister seems youngest

No. 558609

She's the older sister but she mentioned how she was jelly when her little sister was born because she was getting attention.

Her sister seems successful while June seems spoiled as hell.

No. 558611

What is her sister having success with?

No. 558612

>Time to get serious, put wig on

Honestly that's so depressing

No. 558618

Goes to uni, holds a job, travels a lot, does cross country running. She's also 4 years younger than June.
You could see it all on her instagram, but she keeps is private now.

No. 558619

And thus the bpd was born lmao

No. 558621

Parents can treat siblings differently even if they both are females/males. That's cause they can project different things onto their children who differ in temperament or something else. Hence the difference in their psychology and adult lifes.

No. 558625

Just to update: June's sister graduated uni and possibly lives in Florence, Italy? Judging from her facebook she has a number of friends and is doing fine.

June probably thinks of her when she REEEEEs about normies on Twitter.

No. 558626

She does strike me as one of those people who want attention for being ~crazy~ but don't have anything that bad happen to them for them to be mentally ill over so they stretch and milk normal shit like one sibling getting more attention

No. 558633

Always funny when failed normies like wig reeee about normies.

No. 558640

this level of accuracy raises the question: are you stalking her? ;)

No. 558644

>Time to get serious, put wig on

No. 558647


you don't even need to stalk her, she informs everyone about everything going on in her life anyways kek

No. 558663

Well since she was complaining about her sister getting all the attention she could be deprived from it as a child even before her sister was born and that or something else could traumatize her. How bad that is is subjective because what's important here is how the child perceives it at that very age. We may think it's not ''objectively'' bad because billions of people have worse lifes and they're treated worse but this comparison doesn't matter in terms of mental illness and traumas. We don't really know about her childhood and how to interpret it from the point of view of a clinical psychologist. There are numerous researches about the correlation of nurturing of infants and children, childhood traumas and brain development.
She just needs to come up out of her shell and be open to challenge. I think she reads hateful threads and comments and reflects on them as it was seen from her tweets and in her recent video. Her parents do enable the situation which makes it almost impossible for her to improve. They were asked how they feel about their daughter being a falilure and they denied she was a failure. Then she included a comment about her having a deep unresolved trauma into her video and her mother said not to pay attention to negative comments. They've got money and they still do things for her as if she was a child so she lives in that bubble and doesn't need to strive for survival as an adult in this world. It's difficult to imagine the way her life would be now if her parents stopped doing that. She needs a psychologist and to work on her trauma with them since she probably can afford one.

No. 558666

kek, anon, but you forgot
>go to /pol/ and start thread about self >ask how do I get a "qt gf like shoe"
>get upset and spaz out when anons say they do not care they do not want a roastie whore like shoe as gf

No. 558668

>Send 10 messages to Septic, they remain unanswered
lol that reminds me, I noticed whenever she @s him on twitter he often doesn't even like the tweet but, all her other neckbeard fans will

No. 558670

>Doesn't even like the tweet

Why should he?

No. 558673

Why doesn't she have a manyvids account yet?

No. 558674

only the good looking hoes go to manyvids

No. 558675

I'm not doubting her parents have a huge part in it, even if their intentions were good, I've seen this a lot with rich granola type parents who live in big cities
Ot for blog but I knew a girl who was like June, while her sister was successful she was constantly obsessed with her own mental illness and her parents constantly babied her and spoon fed her everything, she had no discipline at all didnt know how to cook or clean, and was a special snowflake type who would have panic attacks when she didnt get what she wanted and constantly mentioned her anxiety and disorders even at the dinner table, she was a weeb as well and her parents even spent fuck tons of money for Japanese schooling and would do the fake cute annoying shit and squeal at everything, she always HAD to be the center of attention, she'll beg for attention and acts out super loud type "screaming dicks in the food court" type stuff then pretend to hate attention and how shes so shy uwu she was also a sex posi "poly" snowflake like june with a POS cheating bf who used her and her family for money and had issues with compulsive lying but blamed it on aspergers, while her parents were nice with good intentions they were massive wussies and refused to see any light other their than child being a special snowflake that's always right and had no discipline to them what so ever, when they did discipline or tell her no she would throw a huge fit it was crazy, especially since they did it so little over shit thats understandable, like the only time i see them tell her no is when (she was 16) she asked to stay at her 18 yr old boyfriends apartment and her parents told her no and she threw a fit about how her dad was sexist and judgemental and unfair whatnot

Its odd now that I think of it how much they are just like june and greg, some of the worst, most unbearable hypocrites I ever met

No. 558679

cause a lot of it is couple shit like "this is sooo ussss" and it makes it look like he didn't even look at it.

No. 558686

I forgot to mention the dude was extremely abusive and manipulative, then he claimed that the girl and her parents are trying to "help" him ie one of those people who dont wanna take responsibility for their actions and claim its just cause they need help uwu

I wouldn't doubt if june was trying to do the same to skeptic to excuse is shitty behavior as just "needing help uwu"

No. 558754

File: 1524059158490.png (18.81 KB, 724x242, 1.png)

she wants to be groceries trad wife and yet she's 26 and needs her mom to heat up frozen food for her.

No. 558758

This is funny because her own boyfriend thinks she's a 2/10 face wise.

No. 558772

File: 1524060454314.png (595.27 KB, 739x711, 2.png)

are they trying to jump on the weeb train like other normies have started recently? I really don't like the idea of preg watching jojo, it upsets along with wig using loli gifs like she even knows where they come from.

No. 558781

They constantly post random anime reaction pics

No. 558786


*Tradthot, shoe wants to be groceries' tradthot.

There's a bit of a difference

No. 558800

Parents are to blame here because people don't get mental problems out of nowhere. I'm not sure but I think people emotionally deprived in childhood behave this way. They need the attention and empathy they weren't given when they needed it. It sucks that people don't usually take parenting seriously and think it's not a big deal so they can do whatever they think is right and project all sorts of stuff on their children and not to reflect on their mistakes even though skillful nurturing plays a vital role in developing of a mentally healthy person who will be building helathy relationships with other people. But then again objectively there's probably no one to blame. It's just that there should be public awareness about what causes mental illnesses and it's not there.
Sage for ot

No. 558806

Did he ever say anything like that? I feel so bad for her tbh

No. 558817

Yup. I love when new anons join these threads and discover how terrible grocery is to wig.

But really im just a normie vanilla who doesn't understand their 24/7 bdsm dynamic uwu

No. 558821

>people don't get mental problems out of nowhere
they totally do (chemicals etc). Remember she has a normal sister (as does margaret p). Thanks for the policy prescription based on your yahoo answers knowledge though

No. 558834

What chemicals etc? As I said parents can treat siblings differently.
But I get it in a place like that full of Regina Jones types this site exists for (that probably mostly come from toxic family environments, with their own narcissistic or other issues) people would unlikely accept this idea because that means they would have to challenge their unapologetically judgemental and limited opinions on people they hate for being mentally ill losers. As for me, I just hate her for what she does on the internet so I have no problem with some tiny bit of empathy sometimes and maturity when it comes to gossiping.

No. 558844

Not that anon but you could have a predisposition to acquiring schiz and get triggered by doing drugs and BOOM, youre schiz.

No. 558850

wouldn't even need to go that far, we know that gene expression can be triggered by traumatic life events, stress, age, etc. a lot of pretty privileged people with outwardly awesome parents that don't have problems w their parents, have OCD. tbqh i question how OCD she is if she's able to be a public figure like this, especially one that's so confrontational and nasty that doesn't even have a talent to focus on. either way, she's a failed normie for sure, and i doubt her parents caused anything. a lot of bitchy, nasty people are bitchy and nasty BECAUSE they've not had anything happen to them to cause them to develop empathy. she's just a spoiled long island princess.

No. 558882

Yeah if you blame the parents then you have to blame the parents’ parents for THEIR failed parenting…it’s just a pointless cycle and nothing gets fixed.
Some people are bad parents and the kids turn out fine. Sure, bad parenting will have its effect whether that be positive negative or neutral. It’s just one factor that the child-into-adult will react to and use to form a personality. Ultimately genes play a huge role. But it’s rare that anyone is entirely irredeemable. Those are usually the violent psychopaths or people who learn to fit in well enough to never have their ideals challenged.
Most people in the public eye are so inundated with feedback that it’s bound to make a difference whether that be good or bad. I think she’ll grow out of it but she’s spoiled enough that it’s taken a while. Unless hell hath a never-ending supply of neckbeards to feed the army of ass-kissing orbiters.

No. 558889

File: 1524070138939.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.72 KB, 1600x1200, EftWQab.jpg)

With all of this talk about herself thinking she's hot.
Has it been confirmed that those nudes of the girl with a good figure and big boobs were not her.. or were they really her?

I recently saw a picture of her with the sword naked and she looks completely different than the picture that used to float around (the big boobs hourglass one if anyone remembers what I'm talking about)

No. 558895

that THOT not her but similar.
her nudes (2 of them) are all well known by now, one from unichan years (thanks Kenny) and one later from her house (lol the idiot didn't even try to photo without her breadcrumbs)

No. 558896

File: 1524070562537.jpg (45.54 KB, 720x960, yExRNF2.jpg)

The sword girl isn't her.

No. 558904

File: 1524070906642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.6 KB, 1382x718, 1482023595512a.jpg)

Thank you, and just to clear this up this one is also fake/not her? They look like implants.

No. 558906

Still speculation, the pic on the far right was shooped but some people claim it was posted on a porn site far before someone found it and claimed it as june, she still has implants either way though as you can tell by the confirmed nudes

No. 558915

Its not so much to do with attention but lack of discipline and parents teaching them that they will not always be center of attention and they have to learn to be okay with that, the girl I was talking about however did always get attention as I mentioned like her parents would spend thousands just to send her to japanese school when she was going through her weeb phase

The same with june, her parents buy her expensive wigs, expensive video cameras, do everything for her, etc,thats not being attention deprived its lacking discipline, if all kids who didn't get enough attention as a child were as fucked as June then we would have so many more nutcases like her walking around, I've known people who didn't even have baby pics of them from how little their parents would pay attention to them and they turned out fine

No. 558920

Some researches say nurturing plays a key role even in case of schizophrenia so there are two points of view.
The thing is, you can't know how 'awesome' the parents are. They can be awesome people but the way they treat their child is diiferent and unhealthy for the child at that particular stage of development. There can also be lots of outward circumstances that prevent them from successful nurturing including their own mental issues and unresolved traumas. We can only judge their relationships from the outside and we don't know what was happening within their family and how the child responded to that.
As for genes, there are inherent temperament traits but they're really basic and neutral. Yes, there are people that are probably inherently more affected by negative AND positive environments but everyone is prone to this and everyone is affected by their environment. Therefore everyone can develop a mental disease and childhood trauma in certain circumstances. Otherwise these issues would be extremely rare.
I agree about empathy but I don't think childhood traumas and ability to always be empathetic correlate.
>Yeah if you blame the parents then you have to blame the parents’ parents for THEIR failed parenting…it’s just a pointless cycle and nothing gets fixed.

I think it can partly be fixed by public awareness and conscious parenting. Plus therapy can fix individual people but unfortunately not so many people can afford it. So we also need social justice and better conditions for parents to make them resourceful enough, especially mothers, of course. Maybe we also need to reevaluate our attitudes towards relationships with people in general and become a slightly more empathetic and healthy society. Although that sounds like utopia. Anyway, we need to reevaluate this thing a little and maybe invent something to make it better. I'm not sure if it's possible or if it could help though.
Yeah it's also bad for her and unhealthy, but I was just talking about traumas that developed earlier because that girl sounded like she had serious mental issues to begin with. It really doesn't take a lot for a child to become traumatized, especially in case with infants and newborns.


No. 558923

I don't believe it's her, like anon said it was found on several russian porn sites as far back as 2012-2013. I'm too lazy to find the pic by itself again but, if you read previous threads it's debunked.

The only reason people want to think it's her is because "it confirms the fake titss!". One look at her old juneskii insta shows she got fake boobs at some point between like 18-21.

The tiny pic is confirmed her though, that was a pic kenny took of her phone wich had pics of her boobs and butt, even with that pic it's pretty obvious fake tits.

Also, wig doesn't go out of her way to claim it isn't her because they girl is really skinny and she'd want others to think she looks like that. Compared to sword girl who was too ""pudgy"". now it's funny because sword chick is probably skinnier that what she is now lol.

No. 558924

File: 1524072502778.png (Spoiler Image, 861.77 KB, 892x874, Shoe0nhead_confirmed.png)

ED and Kiwi confirmed.

No. 558927

lmao how many times do we have to go over this, it's not her. I don't want to have to look up that pic again for the billionth time. read old threads.

Also that red dress pic is photoshoped

No. 558928

Well yeah, its not exactly the first time I've seen rich white girls who have had perfect lives and good parents end up into mental cases due to being spoiled, it wasn't just a one or two time tbing, I've seen this a loottt amoung rich white spoilt brat kids

I feel like rich parents don't know how much it fucks their kids up when they spoil them and refuse to teach them discipline, I dont think it has to do with too little attention, if it was just one or two cases I could buy they just seen mentally ill but its almost always rich kids who have been given all the privileges in the world

No. 558939

>I feel like rich parents don't know how much it fucks their kids up when they spoil them and refuse to teach them discipline

Yeah, I agree.
As for childhood trauma, it all depends on nurturing at particular stage of a child's development and there can be various reasons for a parent not being able to provide enough skillful care, both internal and external. So rich families are not immune to that. But yeah the coping mechanisms of a person
with a childhood trauma that's coming from a wealthy or middle class background and being sheltered and provided with constant financial resources would be really different from coping mechanisms of a person with same childhood trauma but coming from a working class or poor family. And yeah these families can also have different attitudes so overall upbringing is still different.

No. 558943

File: 1524074828623.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 22.53 KB, 319x239, E6DBAA84-7597-4EFC-9C1A-63A2AF…)

The only reason people think she has fake boobs (since the HD nude is clearly not her, she has never styled her hair that way and the wigs she wears all have more volume) is due to a low quality phone picture taken of another picture on a phone. Not the best evidence to go off of. It’s entirely possible in the right lighting with the right angle (and maybe having just taken her bra off) for them to look round and perky like that, naturally. She has always work push up bras that accentuate her cleavage.

One person from unichan, Kathy aka Loli-Chan has been obsessed with proving and convincing to everyone that June has implants. Likely due to insecurity over her own naturally enourmous tits that look like normal tits. She refuses to believe that some people can actually have a single quality about them that’s near to society’s standard of “perfect”, if you want to see it that way.
Kathy is also a man-hating feminazi and I wouldn’t be surprised if half the threads here are her still sperging out after all these years.
Pic related, apparently every woman to ever exist must have boobs exactly like hers or else they’re just implants.

No. 558945

Its easy as fuck to tell if someones had implants, the refund gap is a big giveaway, if you look at naturally round but perky tits vs junes tits it looks very different, how it looks between the breasts is almost always the biggest giveaway

No. 558947

Jesus Christ…….

…What picture are you going off of? Where is this “refund gap”? I said in my post that the HD picture is not her.

No. 558948

Did I say that pic was her? Did you even read a word I said? Reread my post

No. 558950

File: 1524075341422.jpg (976.72 KB, 1867x2800, same mirror same pink box.jpg)

Part one

No. 558951

File: 1524075382628.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.78 KB, 301x228, plants.jpg)

Part 2

No. 558954

My point was that people aren't calling her tits fake because "they're insecure about having ugly tits" which is an age-old 12 yr old defense, they're calling them fake because they look fake due to the refund gap, ie the biggest giveaway when someone has fake tits

No. 558955

out of curiosity, what's your opinion on that original shoe thread that focused on her having fake tits? Do you believe in the mod stories at all? I'm just wondering because you sound a lot like that one poster who was also claiming "half of the people in here are just Kathy!!"
This one is def here. The standing door one is not

No. 558957

If you know that that isn’t her and you’re only going off of low quality photos then how are you going to make a judgement like that? Do you realize how easy it is to manipulate light, angles, and possibly contouring makeup when using a low quality camera? Why do you think she looks so different in her Youtube vids than she does in photos

No. 558958

>The only reason people think she has fake boobs (since the HD nude is clearly not her, she has never styled her hair that way and the wigs she wears all have more volume) is due to a low quality phone picture taken of another picture on a phone

We also have these confirmed nudes that have the same mirror and pink box in the corner. Those bolt on tits look fake.

No. 558963

I remember that thread being posted and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathy was the one who started them. The fact that there is so much feminist sperging just really cements the idea in my mind.

No, the only person accused of using that argument was the aforementioned.

Read >>558957
Go ahead and believe it if it makes you happy, I’m 100% sure they are her real tits.

No. 558970

What are the chances of her tits not being bolt ons due to just "contouring angles and a bad camera"? Especially since it was the late 2000s and contouring didnt blow up until recently not to mention her tits look like bolt ons even in regular pictures with clevage

I cba to dig it up but anons posted normal pics of her with super obvious refund gaps and implant outlines

No. 558973

Honestly fake or not June has a hot body imo. So much of what makes her unlikeable and unattractive is her bf.

Before Greg:
-Was honest and had variety in her videos because she didn’t need to make money off them
-Had somewhat of a social life
-Dressed her age
-Didn’t pretend to be into nerd stuff for Internet points
-Wasn’t actively trying to be a little girl
-Had her own opinions

If she was actually bi, she came off as someone I would have maybe dated before. I had a bit of a crush on her after the Opression Olympics vid.(Cringey Whiteknighting)

No. 558974

>The fact that there is so much feminist sperging just really cements the idea in my mind.
There is always feminist sperging on this fucken site, that's not anything new or unique to one poster. Your lucky no one has called you shoe for being so weirdly defensive about her having fake tits and "femnazi kathy!!" I barely even know who she is but, you sound dramatic and scornful. Quit projecting.

>inb4 you call me a feminist or kathy because im not

No. 558975

Save it if you think "WE'RE ALL JUST INSECURE SHE HAS PERFECT TITS!!!!" Even her fanboys think she has fake tits. Are they insecure about their tits too anon

No. 558978

This. I'm straight but, I thought shoe use to be cute before she went all "little bdsm uwu" and started wearing shitty heart chokers and worse wigs.

No. 558980

File: 1524076536920.png (905.59 KB, 1178x761, june1.png)

RIP June's natural hair.

No. 558992

I guess to each her own, but for me her personality/demeanor completely poisons any semblance of "cute." A lot of what makes someone attractive (at least for me) is just how they carry themselves in general. I guess if we're just looking at a still picture of her, then, nah.. I still don't see it. Maybe just because I'm not into the dark features. (darker/tanned skin, eyes, and hair) Not to mention her makeup.

No. 558998

Gross tbh. Even as a terven, I'm so tired of seeing women blaming shitty boyfriends and men for other women's shitty behavior. She's been trash from the get go.

>Had her own opinions

>Didn’t pretend to be into nerd stuff for Internet points
??? Do you not remember how she got e-famous in the first place?

No. 559004

Disagree, she's always been a shitty person and an attention whore. It's been proven multiple times.

No. 559006

I agree with you on the personality/demeanor and understand where you're coming from. By calling her cute I'm more saying I get where he initial appeal was, there is no way she wasn't self aware of it herself, that's typical attention whore shit.

Any average looking woman can look cute, especially on a shitty webcam and filter/edit photos. It's more saddening how much of her style changed after meeting grocery, she went from average cute to ugly and fake real quick for me, which made me realize she was actually always that way, just had a different persona.

No. 559007

Yeah I mean I was talking about her overall personality. If I ran into old june at a party or something, I would have found her cute and gotten to know her better. And based on her old vids, I probably would have liked her.

Now I feel like she’s someone I would find off in some way and actively avoid in a social setting.

No. 559011

She was definitely immature before. It’s obvious how much the people she spends time sigh influence her. She had potential to be a cool person, that’s what I’m saying.

No. 559012

Her boyfriend has DEFINITELY negatively influenced her. You can tell by how much she contradicts herself based on shit she was saying before they were together.

No. 559019

You sound like one of those people in the onion thread that have a crush on him. Unless you're male, this is really just embarrassing.

It's in no way his fault she latched onto him and adapted a new shit persona to try and impress him. I haven't seen any proof of him telling her to do any of that, it's 100% on her. And like >>559004 said, we have actually do have proof that she was an attention whore before, albiet a marginally less pathetic one.

No. 559030

>Didn’t pretend to be into nerd stuff for Internet points

Now i know youre a jilted beta orbiter
Shoe literally only became famous because of her unichan days where she'd cop boxxy's style, even to the point of trying to act like her and sucking up to her daily for beta orbiter points and attention.
Once she was "done" with that she got into gamergate despite never playing an actual video game in her life and hating it the few times she did.
Now shes onto le alt right skeptics as some moral authority when admittedly she doesnt know shit about politics, doesnt care to, and cant argue her way out of a paper bag.
This was ALL before armoured soyboy came into the mix, they met when she was already established as some slightly right leaning girl who knows le meemees

No. 559033

This. Also I bring this up every time but, she bought a 3ds to show off to her neck beards and she didn't last a month of play before forgetting about it.

Which to me shows how fucking boring she is. Even girls who aren't into games can enjoy a 3ds.

Watch, I bet within a year she's going to tweeting how she watches anime uwu and plays animal crossing to feel more like a "litte"

No. 559037

File: 1524079947495.png (587.54 KB, 672x532, UTXpFQc.png)

Is this her hobby? Rewatching her own vids?

No. 559039

Anon >>558595 better update the daily schedule!

No. 559040

File: 1524080247409.png (30.95 KB, 677x217, i am disgusted.png)

No. 559053

File: 1524081534196.png (78.4 KB, 614x440, 4rejT2a.png)

No. 559054

what a complex dynamic. someone translate this for me, the complexity is too much for my normie vanilla brain to understand.

No. 559062

Greg treats her equally to everyone else he encounters. You know, unlike how feminists want women to be treated. It is a relationship based off of LOGIC and REASON. And daddy/daughter sex games.

No. 559064

File: 1524082894599.png (57.58 KB, 645x729, 729.png)

Just watch the mobie "Secretary" and it's EXACTLY like her and skebtic! =3 owo~ kinky screttt

No. 559074

>It’s entirely possible in the right lighting with the right angle (and maybe having just taken her bra off) for them to look round and perky like that, naturally. She has always work push up bras that accentuate her cleavage.
lol, no it isn't. you're clearly a desperate dick wielder and you have no idea what it's like having a pair of tits. get out. pushup bras don't make you have HARD tits when you take off your bra, lmfaoooooo.

>If you know that that isn’t her and you’re only going off of low quality photos then how are you going to make a judgement like that? Do you realize how easy it is to manipulate light, angles, and possibly contouring makeup when using a low quality camera? Why do you think she looks so different in her Youtube vids than she does in photos
first of all, june is so artistically challenged that she STILL can't manage to not look like a cerebral palsy patient was gifted a drugstore box of makeup, and you think this hoe gonna professionally contour her tits to somehow make what are supposed to be large tits made of FAT, look like they're composed entirely of hard plastic, with a thin layer of skin stretched over it? pls look into the physics of fat vs plastic. do you orbiters even have eyeballs or do you guys just have tiny, perpetually thrusting pricks protruding from your orbital sockets?

no one cares if you're hard for her, dumpy. she was such an immature idiot before even before greg, that she claimed andrew was abusive for holding her accountable and wanting her to stop attentionwhoring to literally the lowest of the low, online. she's one of the biggest attentionwhores on this site. at least the majority of cows here do what they do with a specific interest in mind (anime/cosplay, gothic bullshit, whatever), and attentionwhored with a profit motive. june embarrassed herself for like 8 years for nothing but the internal satistfaction of knowing incels want to fuck her. cringe.

No. 559077

Does anyone think June and Greg will last long enough to get married or not? I certainly don't think their relationship will last for the rest of their lives but I am curious about when the 'expiration date' will be. I have been expecting them to break up for years and yet they persist on. Will it all crumble before the wedding day or will Greg do a repeat of his last marriage?

No. 559078

well, 'years' doesn't mean much. they've only been together for what, 3 years? that's nothing. i say they'll make it to the 5 year point, begrudgingly.

No. 559080

File: 1524083804342.jpg (45.33 KB, 300x300, 1337922723996.jpg)

OH now I get it! Someone hurry up and call me a retard, I'm no longer vanilla! I also suddenly find girls attractive and want a threesome!

No. 559081

I could honestly see them playing the long game, stuck in an unhappy marriage. June is a younger women who makes more money than him, lets him spend her money on camwhores, lets him publicly flirt with other girls and berate her. No other sane woman would let a man do that, let alone be as enthusiastic as June is about it; see his first failed marriage. Septic is dumb as rocks but he's not dumb enough to let that go imo. June would obviously never be the first one to initiate a breakup either. Sage for tinfoil

No. 559082

Yeah I just expected it to end sooner than it has, like once June woke up to Gregory's abusive behaviours and pervertedness… but instead she has glorified it and tried explaining it away as a 'kink'.

No. 559084

My guess is some time in wig's 30s he'll dump her.

No. 559085

tbqh, i don't think grocery is much worse than most other men in terms of perviness. he's just disrespectful and VERY stupid. most men are disgusting trash anyways, but to their credit, they will hide it better for the sake of protecting their wives/gfs/fiancees reputation.

No. 559089

You're probably right anon. I suppose the fact it's so brazen that makes him seem even more trash than the norm.

No. 559092

She was convinced by him to pretend to like being a cuckqueen for him probably cause she has no other rich man to barnacle herself too…so it's either pcos or shitty apartment/parents.

I mean she literally called her ex Andrew abusive for asking her to be independant.

No. 559112

There's feminist sperging because June has made a career out of sperging about feminists. What the fuck else do you expect from these threads?

No. 559124

Does June actually wear glasses? Like, prescription glasses? If not, I wonder if she's wearing them to appear more "nerdy" since that's the trendy thing these days. I don't recall seeing her wearing them before.

No. 559126

I've followed the past few threads pretty closely but I'm not sure I saw much about this. Can you elaborate any on:

>I mean she literally called her ex Andrew abusive for asking her to be independant.

Just curious if there's any screen caps or 'bideos' or anything for this.

No. 559128

She says she wears them only at home and doesn't wear contacts outside so "everything is always blurry but idgaf"

No. 559130

>that she claimed andrew was abusive for holding her accountable and wanting her to stop attentionwhoring to literally the lowest of the low, online
This is a rumor likely due to Andrew and others from unichan. Honestly we may never know everything about that relationship because during that period June turned off her computer and went outside for a day or two.

I honestly just don’t find her personality all that vile. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen all of her old videos and how she used to interact with people online. She is brash and edgy on purpose. Probably wants to fit in with the /b/tards that used to talk to her. Getting offended on the Internet; not even once.
Of course that just makes her a hypocrite for blocking people and getting assblasted on Twitter all the time. But she is a nice person if you actually talk to her. Unfortunately the size of her audience has shifted the amount of influence she has and unless she adapts it will inevitably just keep coming across as her and her “cool friends” bullying smaller channels.

No. 559134

I think she wants to seem like a uwu geek girl to the internet, not out in IRL where apparently she likes to wear skirts that show of her flat ass.

No. 559135

>But she is a nice person if you actually talk to her
Have you talked to her?

No. 559139

File: 1524087594953.png (676.52 KB, 1026x638, xI2i7BR.png)

>I honestly just don’t find her personality all that vile. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen all of her old videos and how she used to interact with people online. She is brash and edgy on purpose.
She's an adult now though. That sort of attitude is excusable if you're a teenager or young adult, but what's her excuse now? Nothing she does or says is indicative of a ~nice person uwu~ She's constantly bashing other people, has been shown to film and mock strangers, never takes the slightest amount of criticism and unleashes her rabid fans to anyone who's an easy target, usually young girls. She has no thoughts or opinions of her own. Where is this nice person?

No. 559152

This is what I think is due to whatever mental illness, childhood trauma, or bad parenting she may have or have had. Latching onto a boyfriend who I'm sure she knows is a piece of shit (unless their relationship really is much more or better than what we see on social media) because she doesn't want to lose all of the things Skeptic may mean to her; "Love," though it may only exist on her end or be a shallow kind of "love", the title of being g his girlfriend, the feeling of having someone who cares about/loves/wants to be with you (however little that may actually be true, based on what we've seen), and other things of the like. But mostly, it's the inability to let go of something that means a lot to you (again, even if it means a lot to you for shallow reasons), as well as something you've grown used to and the feelings associated with it.

This is just what I think, obviously. It's based off of my own unhealthy inability to move on when it comes to relationships in general.

No. 559154

Have you watched the old videos of her talking proudly about being a popular girl/bully in high school and making fun of people for liking "nerdy" things like anime and harry potter? Have you seen her old insta where she'd make fun of fat women for no reason other than the fact that they are "ew fat"? She's always been a bully, there is a difference between that and "intentionally" edgy. She made her fans go after a small old lady channel cause "she's a TERF" . She called someone who is suffering brain cancer an attention whore for wanting to debate opinions. She doesn't think women get sexually harassed/assaulted unless they're pretty.

She's not a good person.

No. 559161

File: 1524088688653.png (349.25 KB, 640x620, eskqsJ0.png)

No. 559168

How pathetic that she rts an innocent meme post to remind everyone once again that she's okay with grocery cheating on her because she's not like those other girls

No. 559176

AND she made (terrible) raps ONLY about how much she hates ugly/unattractive women. she recently (like, 8 mos ago) did a vlog with skeptic where she directed the camera to an overweight woman and pulled her "eeew a fat chick amirite??" schtick again, at 26-27 years old, still acting like a sophomoric bully, knowing her fans would shit on this woman for committing the crime of existing while fat, and trying to get healthy. a woman just going about her day, jogging, trying to be healthy and better herself. she's a fucking bald bully. on top of the fact that she milks the HELL out of her bunny, using him as a prop, inserting the "imma wittle bunny giwl uwu" into everything possible, but then shoving him into a 2x2 cage that no responsible, respectable rabbit owner would put their rabbit in. she gives poor rabbit related advice, as well. doesn't even get him a partner, knowing that rabbits are very prone to loneliness/depression when alone. they're VERY social animals. any actually informed pet owner would know that. she's not a compassionate pet owner, either, which isn't really nice.

if andrew was saying that, i'm inclined to believe him. she's a habitual liar, continues to lie to this day constantly, about her height, bullying habits, past, etc. she's certainly not a trustworthy source. if everyone is saying that, i wouldn't wait for june's confirmation to actually confirm it, lol. and yes, so nice that she was shitting on catie to her orbiters on tinychat, but when catie was around she'd lick her ass. she's an opportunistic attentionwhore with no moral compass.

No. 559201

File: 1524090474790.png (97.59 KB, 682x648, tNcvEyx.png)

No. 559209


That is literally not how logic works you smarmy idiot.

No. 559211

File: 1524090767534.png (195.54 KB, 629x405, FqMwW5E.png)

soon after you posted about her bun, she posted a video of her bun. suspect

No. 559216

the fuck does groceries even know about robotics? Can these two yahoos just stay away from things they know anything about, this is like June talking about STEM. They are so annoying

No. 559225


So does she drive with impaired vision? I sure hope not wtf

No. 559228

I find it weird we haven't talked about this mess yet.

No. 559244

File: 1524091352414.png (9.92 KB, 421x129, 2S1gkM9.png)

No. 559267

maybe a lesser version of skater skirt 2.0 i guess (whcih, imo, was 100% confirmation ppl are reporting to her, or she's lurking). she's so pathetic. wouldn't be surprised if the beta above defending her sandbag titties is reporting to her or s/t

No. 559283

File: 1524091900420.png (273.63 KB, 638x514, ZMF0Lve.png)

No. 559314

File: 1524092505859.gif (472.78 KB, 480x270, 1.gif)

>oh no queen wigunzel they're under covering your precious secret! quick, get the ip trackers! no one will tarnish my fantasies of you!

No. 559324

File: 1524092631101.jpeg (331.29 KB, 2048x1437, F72CBFA9-19B9-44A6-915E-BDB4A9…)

why is this so funny to me

No. 559334

cause she doesn't work lmao

No. 559349

File: 1524092951397.png (100.21 KB, 625x497, BFY2cbO.png)

she's too wimpy to @ him kek

No. 559352

Imagine wig trying to debate to shapiro. Like I'm not a huge fan of him but, he'd fucken destroy her.

No. 559364

File: 1524093333467.png (31.04 KB, 632x304, z8SFZp2.png)

No. 559369

File: 1524093442812.png (236.44 KB, 644x862, 5vTN67j.png)

she's so fucking angry

No. 559370

she's really just trying to hive mind her audience now. Anyone happen to openly disagree with her? "FUCK OFFF!!!" literally tumblr

No. 559372

why is she using leftist terminology as if he's a leftist, when leftists say to send terfs/anyone gender critical to the gulag? god she's trying so had but she garbles everything

No. 559377

is there any possibility she just contoured the shit out of her tits? the more i look at this awful low quality phone selfie the more i think it's possible…

No. 559386

you cant contour your tits into making them look really hard, anon. they look very stiff. the entire shape of the breast looks fake.

No. 559390

File: 1524093799398.png (140.43 KB, 783x867, FROM TODAY.png)

No. 559398

samefag but, attacking people on their opinions 2 years ago and not @ing them. So brave wig.

No. 559399

"fear of men"
does this mean that june perhaps sees transwomen as men?

No. 559400

"I DO RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!" - june "cueball" laporta

No. 559405

File: 1524094158042.jpg (306.18 KB, 1200x959, glM7HFe.jpg)

He honestly just photoshopped the background together, pasted the camera into her hand, the skirt part is most likely pasted as well. This guy isn't an artist, he slaps different elements together and paints over them.

And of course all that matters is that they're Anti-SJWs but also pretty. Because if you're an Anti-SJW he'd not hot for, that's worthless.

No. 559409

File: 1524094265559.png (506.58 KB, 622x598, BHCtAMW.png)

she can barely admit she was wrong, she has to distract people with some other dumbass hot take

No. 559413

File: 1524094353815.gif (2.99 MB, 480x320, 1410169467740.gif)

hahaha holy shit you're right. she can't even defend trans women without accidentally calling them men. this is hilarious

No. 559416

she had to hurry and grab that low hanging fruit out as a distraction. why is she so typical. this is getting sad.

No. 559420

hmm i guess you're right, i was looking at my b cups and wondering if i could emulate it but the tops of her breasts are too full for me to do it.

No. 559421

File: 1524094675706.png (41.65 KB, 748x362, 2.png)

calling trans women males again

No. 559422

File: 1524094755622.png (23.88 KB, 608x240, eJKMsXH.png)

No. 559424

Even June can't keep up the facade and ends up calling trannies 'males in dresses' ayyye lmao

No. 559425

She should because they are funding her and Greg’s sex (and Star Wars) toy collections :)

No. 559444

File: 1524095394718.png (389.59 KB, 644x588, Lay9ztR.png)

No. 559449

File: 1524095629392.jpg (16.47 KB, 317x330, 1408487672274.jpg)

>ughh sooo hard to be an anti-feminist cause liiike the cis white male conservatives are sooo offensive to trans liiike they say there is no rape culture but liiiike ummm you think some man in a dress will rape your daughter liiike thats so stoopid liiike look at this tweet from 2 years agooo by ben shipoopo ); can i get a wutwut from my men in dres- i-i mean trans wome? tehe uwu

No. 559465

File: 1524096424964.png (94.44 KB, 627x175, bcJcoYM.png)

she'll retweet herself but not people she's trying to argue with

No. 559471

LMAO anon

No. 559479

kinda OT, Anyone knows how is doing Magdalen Berns ? with the brain cancer

No. 559492

File: 1524097805549.jpg (18.81 KB, 554x555, v8511s4d7cfz.jpg)

>This is literally rape hysteria/fear of men
>fear of men

>"males are evil when in dresses"

What a fucking moron, the bitch is trying to suck trannies dicks and treat them as if they're biological men but they don't want to fucking be biological men.

The thot doesn't even realize how counter productive she is to both sides of the argument. while >>559422 seems to have a decent argument she addresses it with a complete strawman argument

the poster seems to postulate that there is differences between biological males and females, you don't and never will know the nature of a man as a woman and hormone dosages do not define male and females as either sex.

Meanwhile wigs response to this is somehow men assault and rape women. Where the fuck did this come from? The poster didn't even mention violent behaviour, what a painful strawman.

No. 559493

File: 1524097897342.png (345.5 KB, 1284x604, ZezLzIU.png)

No. 559512

women who i can’t jack off to don’t exist!!!!! /s

No. 559518

His art style reminds me of the weird ass cream video on youtube about cream that fixes everything, you know which one im talking about? At least that art is purposely nightmarish

No. 559522

I think her top spons are trans.

No. 559525

File: 1524099618760.png (92.26 KB, 628x326, shoe doesn't let things go par…)

No. 559539

She's now done this multiple times, so it can't be a slip of the tongue. Wasn't it a few days ago she was complaining about having no female friends? Yet and her Blaire seem pretty close….

No. 559549

I want one of her trans friends to call her out for this. With how much she's trying to pander to them these days, she's going to continue making this same mistake and dig her own grave. Can't wait to see how she reacts then.

No. 559550

But he's not female or her actual friend.

No. 559552

He's clearly joking. Get a grip anons.

No. 559557

File: 1524101078098.png (19.6 KB, 540x202, p4T8eMq.png)

No. 559573

>or her actual friend
what about contrapoints or that miya chick

No. 559583

Hontra doesn't like her and he only talked to her in the first place to change her political beliefs. Don't know who "Miya" is, is he another one of her beta orbiters? Her only female friend seems to be that FTM tranny. I think her name is Derrick?

No. 559594

>is he another one of her beta orbiters
yeah always in shoe's mentions

No. 559599

Idk how shoe doesn't find this person creepy. Literally trying to be an exact copy of her. I guess when your that desperate for friends?

No. 559601

Lmfao @ this creep. I don't think they've met IRL, so it's safe to say they aren't actually friends.

No. 559626

File: 1524105420135.png (31.13 KB, 393x397, WZPgLGr.png)

No. 559629

File: 1524105529022.png (18.3 KB, 598x172, ywOLpK4.png)

No. 559631

File: 1524105659517.png (21.9 KB, 550x302, Uz3IWed.png)

No. 559633

>tranny assaults in a home are okie dokie but tranny assaults in public are NOT REAL

No. 559648

Ben Shapiro would destroy this thot lmao

No. 559694

Token bitch would never challenge a man. I hope she ages like milk.

No. 559708

good question.
hopefully she's better. at least i hope so.

No. 559715

she said a few months ago the point of her surgery was to prolong her life, not to save her. she doesn't expect to live very long and neither do her doctors, and this seriously evil bitch and her tranny friends still attack her on twitter.

how can anyone seriously defend june and her tranny ilk? these people are so hideously selfish and morally bankrupt to continue to attack magdalen and send their thirsty, rabid chasers to attack her on the daily, jfc.

No. 559764

File: 1524115206527.png (126.6 KB, 345x337, Neckbeards.png)

No. 559774

File: 1524117306987.png (257.56 KB, 634x1082, 1.png)

No. 559775

File: 1524117322075.png (176.23 KB, 644x1068, 2.png)

No. 559776

File: 1524117327824.png (44.18 KB, 671x389, 3.png)

No. 559782

why do her nails look so crusty and dirty ew

No. 559783

I love how she ignores the request to address the point brought up and just bashes that person instead. And how she uses the stupid cutesy image in response to them seeing her true colors :^)

No. 559789


Can someone somehow find out if Wig blocked that guy after these replies? if she did then lol
Skeptic Justice Warriors

No. 559790

ugh, so satisfying to watch another ~anti-sjw~ youtuber learn firsthand what a cunt she is.

No. 559798

Omg someone please call her out on this

No. 559832

June, like, never answers a single question she gets asked. Everything is either responded to with "4chan meme xD" or just pure deflection.

No. 559836

Also find it funny how she was all buddy buddy @ fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean considering theyre both shit pet owners lol

No. 559852

Why is she trying to win tranny affection so much? She gets cucked hard by them so much it's becoming hilarious.

1) Blaire White - Nobody knew of Blaire's channel until he started hanging out with June. They acted like they were best friends but now that Blaire got popularity, he hardly acknowledges June exists. He doesn't even invite her to his birthday party, which he celebrates with other Youtubers.

2) Hontra - Acted civil towards June then shittalked her publicly on a stream lmfao. June still thinks they are friends.

3) Maya - June's current tranny of the month, playing pretend friendship with her to gain exposure. Other than creepily skinwalking June, he already has a video where he shits on all cis women. Cuck0nhead probably thinks he didn't mean her.

Why is she trying so hard to be a part of the troon cult?
Trannies are already claiming they are superior to cis women (and her fiance Grocery retweeted that lmfao).
I guess she wants to be an exception to the tranny rule and be also superior to the normal women.

I'm lowkey enjoying trannies using her like a dumb handmaiden tool she is, while she constantly has slips where she refers to them as "men in dresses."

No. 559859

Wig stanning trans males makes sense, she's always licked the assholes of weak men, a transwoman is the most ultimate weak man.

No. 559912

File: 1524139642777.png (898.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-04-19-14-02-23…)


da terfz just did this

No. 559924

>)and maybe having just taken her bra off)
>men think boobs stay the same shape after you take off a bra
Wew. Definitely one of June's retarded beta orbiters.

No. 559935

>getting angry at two year old tweets about a debate from 2016

Contra and her have never been friends, but she has referred to Blaire as a "close friend" before and Maya and her @ each other a lot. She just sees them all as dudes.

No. 559947

File: 1524145170331.png (456.99 KB, 787x663, 1.png)

Yes you are wig. Your trans pandering isn't fooling anyone. The average person who's heard of you just thinks you're an anti-feminist, "/pol/ queen" from 2015 who fought GAMERGATE!! like how unaware are you?

No. 559948

at least she's aware of the fact that she's considered a joke by her former community because of her obvious pandering and backpedaling.

No. 559950

File: 1524145474444.png (109.23 KB, 743x704, 2.png)

No. 559954

Is it just the GTA art style that makes all those people look really shady and vaguely corrupt?

No. 559956

Why doesn’t she ask those transwomen who call lesbians “vagina fetishists” because they don’t want to suck “female” dick? Plenty of self-described transwomen don’t want SRS and still want to have sex using their penis.

No. 559959

Because they're fetishists. There are countless "trans women" online showing their dicks off for countless strangers to see, e.g. Remilia and Andi Dier.

No. 559962

I think she just meant she's not in any of those pictures anymore

No. 559971

Is she… joking? Like, theres a reason why most of all trannies in jail are in jail for sexual harassment/assault and rape. It's a fetish.

I can't tell if she's straight up lying or just that stupid. Someone remind her troons have the exact same crime rates as regular men.
>inb4 she's one of those trucums who claim that any tranny who ever committed a crime ever was #faketrans

No. 559979

Did anyone ask her what does she think when trannies use the phrase "my girl dick"? Does she consider them women too or does she sees them as mentally ill degenerates?

No. 560002

> why would they be proud of their dick

Contra made a video about this a while ago.
But sure… he is a TERF.

No. 560027

>i honestly don't understand this
why is wig proud of being a retard and uneducated in everything she tries to argue about. why not spend 5 minutes lurking in any transwomen community, plenty of troons love their dicks, especially the "lesbians"

No. 560035

File: 1524154793840.jpg (103.19 KB, 800x902, IMG_20180419_121242.jpg)

Fake eyelashes, fake tits, fake hair, fake korean clothes, fake personality, fake bisexuality

I think if you removed all her make up her face would just be a giant black hole

No. 560037

He was kinda attractive and now he looks like he owns a pawn shop

No. 560038

this comment is cringy as fuck though, who the hell wrote this?

No. 560040

Some kiwi faggot. Its amusing to see though, even they think she's below their standards.

No. 560047

File: 1524156153721.jpg (151.97 KB, 805x1104, IMG_20180419_183407.jpg)

June acting like she's now a cowardly hypocrite yet again.

I'm thinking of combing through old threats the threads and making screenshot collage of her hypocrisy and wishy-washy attitude.

No. 560051

Please do.

No. 560057

my english skills cannot comprehend that quote. is it saying june has no self confidence?

No. 560066

No. 560070

File: 1524157697170.png (615.02 KB, 632x1208, o3K99ib.png)

No. 560074

File: 1524157808416.gif (967.64 KB, 480x270, june doesn't know how to argue…)

No. 560077

the funniest thing is that wig gets all bent out of shape when someone lumps her in with the anti-sjw/skeptic community, but her entire thing is lumping groups like feminists, terfs, etc. into entire groups like they're singular hiveminds. she even lumps all trans people together as one thing despite always trying to wk them.

No. 560079


It doesn't make sense though, if her self confidence is the same as her fake lashes then wouldn't that mean she has a lot.

No. 560080

File: 1524158231205.png (154.06 KB, 636x692, jYfHLax.png)

Or she could talk to Greg :^)

No. 560082

File: 1524158372454.jpeg (153.33 KB, 750x570, BF573ABD-3571-45CC-9471-26F1EE…)

here u go

No. 560083

It's inversely proportional, so it's saying the longer the fake lashes the lower her confidence.

I bet June agrees with this, she just wants to be contrary to hate ~the TERFs~.

No. 560086

Oh sorry, thanks. ESL is a hell of a drug.

No. 560093

>posting gifs of yourself

onision tier

No. 560099

File: 1524159770454.png (23.34 KB, 639x229, 8CyNnZe.png)

No. 560104

why do anti-sjws and sjws have such little self awareness? like, they've literally set aside their differences to cry about le evil terfs who bully them for being worthless neckbeards, furries, pedos, and/or having sissification/trap kinks, yet they still think everyone else are the real lolcows.

No. 560107

File: 1524160366158.png (19.56 KB, 760x144, 2 months ago.png)

I like how she can barely last 2 months before rehashing the same twitter sperg. And her excuse was because she claims she saw Ben's tweet that day despite it being from 2 years ago.

Running out of material much?

No. 560112

Lel, so did she privately talk to him about this, or is Daddy Dom Groceries ok because he's a man and not a feminist?

No. 560126

liberals don't like her and never will. when will she get that through her thick skull?

No. 560129

How fucking sad is it that even Gregnant is marginally more informed on this topic than June- despite her REEEEing about this issue 24/7

No. 560209

File: 1524169526464.jpg (98.23 KB, 800x814, _20180419_162358.JPG)

No. 560217

This was really cringe so I went to watch the video in the tweet, expecting him to complain about the conservathots being thots, but the clip was entirely about how the Ann Coulters of the world are intelligent and bring up new ideas, whereas the younger tradthots don't.
…So is Grocery saying June isn't allowed to be intelligent?

No. 560287

Holy shit. Tfw your bf shares views with your arch nemesis on the very topic you hate her for

No. 560308

Anyone else notice she's trying so hard to get that nazi pug guy to acknowledge her? She retweets him so often, I would think Grocery being the alpha dom daddy that he is would tell her to stop trying to suck another man's dick so much.

No. 560330

Ever since Count Dankula got big (because of that video and because he has been attacked by sperging individuals) every person on the anti-sjw youtube community wants to befriend him (Sargon, Andywarski, Computingforever, etc).
That guy is Blaire White 2.0 now.

No. 560380

File: 1524185294042.png (212.95 KB, 638x652, 1.png)

Was thinking the same exact thing kek. She's trying to piggyback off his 15 minutes of fame

No. 560381

File: 1524185305835.png (87.11 KB, 654x648, 2.png)

No. 560383

File: 1524185317240.png (89.32 KB, 652x628, 3.png)

No. 560385

File: 1524185415066.png (85.31 KB, 644x614, 4.png)

No. 560386

File: 1524185426088.png (247.15 KB, 644x1132, 5.png)

No. 560396

This was ok but when he talked about leaving his government job, being “famous” dating another “famous” person and how he always imagined what it would be like- I cringed.

No. 560411

I'm pretty sure his "government job" was driving a bus.

No. 560413

The man said nothing wrong about conserva-thots and Greg probably said that because he knows he's kinda right.

No. 560415

Seriously? Isn't his daddy a high-ranking government official?

No. 560416

Well Greg has learning problems and got involved in messianic jew craziness which probably made a messy situation with his family for acting crazy.

No. 560421

>he seemed too well-spoken and informed. he understood and could convey abstract concepts described by scientific theory better than his siblings and peers.
would it kill this fat, cheating fuck to show some humility for once in his life?

No. 560431

15:20 - 15:35 if you change the names to Grocery and Wig, you'll get IRONY.

No. 560444

File: 1524191282380.png (58.45 KB, 591x454, syren.PNG)

How can this girl say this and yet approve of whatever Grocery and Wig are doing? Why is everyone in their circle such a hypocrite?

No. 560468

"sex positivity" is preventing women like this from connecting the dots to ask why grown men need their women to act like babies to get off. I guess anything is ok as long as there are two consenting adults, no need to examine where these fucked up desires come from. Grocery isn't even a dom, he just found a politically correct way to openly cheat on his girlfriend and treat her like shit.

No. 560477

the sex-positive movement is such bullshit and one of the more toxic brands of feminism to creep into the mainstream. it's misleading for young women, and men are the ones who end up "benefiting" the most from it in the end.

i think if more people understood sex-positivity was created to protect the exploitation of women's sexuality they might be more skeptical.

No. 560493

It's weird to think his current pathetic perverted self used to be a paranoid messianic jew.

No. 560495

thank you, yes!!!

No. 560503

I gave up less than half way in but it's funny how he was in special ed, denies being retarded, saying it was depression, and then admits to believing in aliens and ghosts. Sorry dude, you're retarded. Your teachers were right. Depression doesn't present as low IQ.

No. 560509

>denies being retarded, saying it was depression
not from the vid, but hasn't he said before that he's dyslexic? does he lie and backtrack as much as his ~footstool~

No. 560634


>Acted civil towards June then shittalked her publicly on a stream lmfao. June still thinks they are friends.

Link to stream? I've always been curious about their relationship.

No. 560653

this girls face is cute and i feel like i remember her from somewhere. either way i don't understand why you are shitting on her so hard, when she is miles cuter than june? i dont know how you can look at these two girls side by side >>558943 >>558950 and think june is the cuter one. no offence. kathy isn't like, super pretty by any means, but she is a lot prettier standing next to june. so i don't get it.

i feel like this is a concern troll being ridiculous on purpose.

No. 560663

File: 1524223873697.png (492.89 KB, 639x593, uCI1H2Q.png)

No. 560670

His poor ex-wife had to deal with so much shit from Grocery. He joined a cult, became a paranoid fuck, wasted all of their savings and got into debt to prepare for the apocalypse.
And after he finally got out of that cult, he joined some atheist group that called him misogynistic and his family and friends got informed about it. He says it was a smear campaign but seeing his views on women, I'm ~skeptical~ about it.

Anyways congratulations to ex-wife to getting out of this mess.

He is embarassing his family name yet again. This time it's even more public.
Imagine how they must feel when he brings histrionic gitlfriend on a leash with him to family gatherings.

No. 560678

File: 1524226413247.png (Spoiler Image, 390.28 KB, 650x810, UH....png)

No. 560681

>now I just play the sims
why is she so boring?
i'm sure this wont trigger any of her lgbtq fans. nope.

No. 560683

She is the personification of boring.

No. 560686

One could even say she's a normie

No. 560688

File: 1524227386251.png (53.13 KB, 758x478, 1.png)

Wig loves trans people so much cause they're abnormal like herrr lol. this bitch. she honestly wants to compare her "several disorders" to being trans?

Also transitioning is not the only "proven thing to help" dysphoria, you have to be insane to believe this. Does she know anything about what she's talking about?

No. 560689

File: 1524227606067.png (66.13 KB, 758x534, 2.png)

No. 560692

Don't most kids with gender dysphoria, for a lack of a better term, grow out of it and grow up to be LGB adults confident in their gender?
>Does she know anything about what she's talking about?
No. The answer to this question is always no. That's what happens when you only get news from your Twitter echo chamber.

No. 560693

pretty sure he's liked one of her "lewd" tweets before. I remember seeing her in a previous thread at least

No. 560694

File: 1524228023470.png (106.52 KB, 795x876, 3.png)

forgot pic sorry

No. 560695

File: 1524228134027.png (674.16 KB, 761x828, 1.png)

he liked this tweet some time ago.

No. 560697

File: 1524228410407.png (49.19 KB, 620x320, XOBaWAD.png)

No. 560700


Yet a couple threads ago she said vegans were insane for comparing other animals to her pet okey doke

No. 560701

gamergirl uwu only plays casual games.

No. 560706

Wow anon you’re so right. Tbh this does make me feel differently about the end of their relationship though. It’s definitely disrespectful to start up relationships with other women before the divorce is official, but given what he put her through I’m sure she already had moved on.

No. 560708

As if she ever had to handle raw chicken in her life.

No. 560710

>Grocery isn't even a dom, he just found a politically correct way to openly cheat on his girlfriend and treat her like shit.

that's what "doms" in general do, possibly with some exceptions.

No. 560717

was gonna say, he mother cooks her food for her anyway.

No. 560721

What the fuck was the point of replying to that tweet

No. 560724

File: 1524232496499.png (66.05 KB, 627x363, ccUY5S7.png)

No. 560725

No. 560727

File: 1524232598359.png (15.22 KB, 673x131, 8UFium6.png)

No. 560742

Where's this tweet?

No. 560745

I wonder who cleans out her rabbit's cage etc. I bet it's mommy :3

No. 560747


>i have several disorders as well

Why aren't you treating them, June?

No. 560754

File: 1524235397952.jpg (175.34 KB, 644x928, IMG_20180420_164309.jpg)

One time she did…

…and it didn't look good.

No. 560762

File: 1524236349069.jpg (130 KB, 1025x763, Screenshot_20180420-105827.jpg)

No. 560763


Also just adding to my last comment there are people who eat rabbit im sure, probably wild rabbit but still rabbit.

No. 560767

Just june, I don't think I've ever seen or heard it called anything other than the SNES.

No. 560770

I know this is stupid as hell, but no one shortens 'Super Nintendo' to SN. it's always SNES, but let June keep being a fake gamur girl.

She had a SNES but only owned one Mario game? Okay… At least it was a decent one.

No. 560771

Eating rabbit is pretty normal. But eating your pet still feels weird. If my pet was a pig I wouldn't eat it.

No. 560789

her pseudo-rational followers will eat her shit up bc they dont want to examine the rationality/morality of eating bacon, but if you're eating animals that are intelligent and capable of pain reception, exactly like your pets, it's pretty shitty and hypocritical to say "it's ok to slaughter and eat intelligent animals that are capable of developing deep emotional bonds with people JUST because i don't have an emotional bond to them". prioritizing only your bond with the animal is pretty faulty logic tbh. vegetarians and vegans are kinda right. the problem with killing is that these animals are capable of feeling pain, and capable of developing emotional bonds, regardless of your relationship with them.

like, you can eat meat and still admit it's pretty shitty to do so, but ofc she needs to fake outrage everything so her fanboys diaper and kiss her ass for her

No. 560798

Just the looks made me legit sick.

No. 560806


No. 560848

File: 1524243988959.png (34.34 KB, 616x468, 6mZIijl.png)

No. 560855

Admitting she's a cuck, hah. Also I thought she wasn't into diapers?

At least she's self-aware…? I wonder if she realizes Grocery is like that too.

No. 560863

I got 50 types of parasites looking at this, unless shes purposely giving greg a parasite to make him lose weight, that explains the shit food she makes him

No. 560937


It's also extra irritating because she is joking about not being able to touch raw chicken for an extra 30 seconds but is more than happy to eat the chicken anyway and shit on vegans who question meat eaters with pretty valid comparisons. The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

No. 560948

nta but contra talks about shoe here. starts at ~12 min, meaty stuff starts at around ~16

No. 560975

File: 1524257732524.png (109.87 KB, 642x640, QpLy0Uf.png)

No. 560976

No. 560986

It's hilarious that in the video the chick both mocks identifying as something else and dragged people who use one or two year old tweets against somebody, when June was just shitting her pants about "the terfs found attack helicopter!!!" and trying to start shit over Ben Shapiro's two year old tweet this week.

All it takes for June to want to lick someone's ass is for them to hate women… uh, I mean, feminists, huh?

No. 561028

File: 1524266202830.png (403.03 KB, 616x764, 1n37037.png)

No. 561046

weird coming from the person who defend trump when people were rightfully fearful he'd attack lgbt rights.

Also, did she ever state she was a for bernie during the election?

No. 561054

File: 1524269336649.png (24.51 KB, 481x285, ow the edge.png)

No. 561058

File: 1524269563221.png (84.9 KB, 500x812, for the memes teehee.png)

same anon. take this as you will.
"i think so"

No. 561065

>for the memes
>it would be hilarious
honestly there is no way she wasn't browsing /pol/ during the election. It sounds like she got caught up on the 2015-2016 edge and is now regretting it and trying to make it up by being a footstool to trans people cause they were a ton of them also posing(or were) trump supports, anti-feminist etc for the attention behind being a trans and not being an sjw, so it was an easy group for shoe to satisfy since she's so similar to them and she gets liberal points.

No. 561084

File: 1524272077197.png (469.43 KB, 635x593, meow meow.png)

No. 561095

Can you imagine if June actually had to report to a job, cook her own food, and clean her own living space?
This girl would fall apart. All the time in the world at home, easy income, and no job but she still can't muster up to go to the gym. What the fuck.

No. 561096

File: 1524272941680.jpg (61.63 KB, 565x575, 1410743089393.jpg)

but i thought you could stay 99 lbs without having to diet or exercise?

oh no poor wig actually has to work at something for once in her life.

No. 561109

File: 1524273446672.png (142.58 KB, 720x901, 20180420_211621.png)

Her ask fm is a gold mine

No. 561112

File: 1524273513543.png (121.71 KB, 715x799, 20180420_211653.png)

No. 561116

File: 1524273675598.png (374.34 KB, 600x604, nAJMzwW.png)

>super smart
>perfect peen
>flynn is actually skeptic

No. 561118

wig thinking she's like rapunzel is the most ironic thing of all time.
>shoe let down your long hair!
throws wig out window

No. 561123

File: 1524273973829.png (20.04 KB, 487x245, U1w274r.png)

No. 561124

now she's like 130

No. 561125

It goes to the face too. Funny how she didn't say "tits".

No. 561129

File: 1524274415909.png (25.54 KB, 479x273, VqML91B.png)

>don't gain any weight you'll be a 2/10 for me

No. 561131

Her shooped ass lol?

No. 561133

File: 1524274592423.png (100.76 KB, 727x805, 1.png)

>gotcha boys
you mean people who point out when you're wrong?
she wished she was "thicc" then but is now complaining about being heavy? Probably realized extra weight looks weird on her(it certainly does in the face).

No. 561136

So people who disagree with her, she blocks.

No. 561139

File: 1524275247354.png (17.48 KB, 419x216, XeJbSOx.png)

No. 561140

File: 1524275387848.png (20.8 KB, 478x222, don't talk shit behind a block…)

No. 561143

1) how much you wanna bet she sent this to herself same with >>561129
2) where is this ass she speaks of? If she looks flat as fuck in skater skirts I can only imagine how flat it is under, my friend has a pancake of a butt and even her butt looks bigger in a skater skirt, her ass must literally go inward for it to look that small in a skater skirt
3) we all know she lies about her weight but idc since most women lie about their weight and measurments on the internet, but throwing it in there that "all her fat goes to her ass" is a straight lie that's been proven after her weight gain, she couldnt have just lied about her weight or measurements and go? Her comment couldn't have made it more obvious how much she lies about her body

No. 561145

>our relationship is very much like theirs for dumb reasons the internet doesn't know
is she implying something us normies can't understand?

No. 561146


No. 561148

File: 1524275942079.png (266.06 KB, 456x928, vanilla normie.png)

No. 561164

She may be right…
Maybe Grocery wears high heels.

No. 561175


I hate centrists so much - I don't understand what kind of person watches her videos, she doesn't stand for anything.

No. 561188

Hold up!
> i have every console up to the original xbox (minus dreamcast) but i can't say i am too interested in games today. unless you count the sims. i like watching people play them more than i like playing them now.
So she invested in at least 20 consoles, played only on 3-4 and just… plays sims????
given the "facts" from >>560663 this is the picture i can gather.

No. 561190

File: 1524280177601.png (199.26 KB, 608x668, TyA5IJY.png)

No. 561193

>drawing deviant art-teir fan art of yourself at 27
Is she unironically on the spectrum?

No. 561196

File: 1524280703061.png (62.37 KB, 471x527, 6Bs8m84.png)

No. 561201

>obsess over things like construction vehicles
Riiigghht uh huh yeah sure

No. 561210

So this tweet was from 2017? Did she ever draw anything afterwards? How can someone be this bad at keeping hobbies…

No. 561212

File: 1524283019976.png (52.88 KB, 543x583, BwvVHpCIAAAohop.png)

Samefag but I found some of her old drawings.

No. 561214

File: 1524283036901.png (814.53 KB, 1224x610, ILwo6B3.png)

>So this tweet was from 2017?
>Did she ever draw anything afterwards?
she drew stuff before this tweet. from 2015

No. 561215

Not. like. the. other. girls

No. 561216

Her art is horrible but she should spend more of her time drawing instead of whatever she does now.

No. 561217

File: 1524283167775.png (164.15 KB, 791x520, 4nHrj0T.png)

No. 561221

Her and grocery have one thing in common; they both suck at drawing

No. 561224

liberals are very much centrists, BUT june doesn't think that. she keeps calling herself a leftist and a liberal, so what is it, june??

No. 561246

Drawing tablet with no artistic motivation or skill… it will literally just collect dust in your room… that kind of shit low-key irks me like give that to a poor artist in need dammit

No. 561250


June is whatever will get her the most attention at the moment. She proudly accepts when people call her Right-wing, anti-SJW, conservative, etc…but also calls herself a leftist, centrist, liberal, etc etc.

Idk, because I'm pretty apolitical, but if I were a liberal, and someone called me a conservative, I wouldn't nod along.

No. 561256


samefagging sorry

but oh my god, imagine being so insecure and in need of male approval that the only time you learned to love your body was when a man told you that he liked it.

And Greg? A Lumberjack? Lmao. Lumberjack's are Burly and Stocky. They're stereotypically heavy, but all their weight is muscle, you know, from their job being literally hard labor.

What about Greg is remotely lumberjack-esqe?
He's just fat. Don't sugar coat it, June. You like fat guys.

No. 561258

File: 1524289481005.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, giphy (1).gif)

No. 561262

File: 1524289915428.png (157.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180421-014650.png)

Cheap chinese clothes confirmed

No. 561263

File: 1524290036846.png (103.66 KB, 719x804, 20180421_015024.png)

Skeptic alpha male

No. 561264

So yep, guess that "tomorrow im starting the gym again" was bullshit. Anyone surprised?

No. 561268


Greg is an alpha male? Lmao. Since when did being alpha male consist of being a obese loser who can only experience being powerful by abusing his girlfriend and treating her like a door mat?


btw, idk if June lurks here, so I'm just hoping she sees this because I wanna be a little empathetic for a second, but if she really can't get out of bed due to depression, she needs to see a therapist because that's a huge sign of major depression. It's no surprise she's majorly depressed though. When I was depressed, it was from being a hermit who didn't go out and do anything like my peers, which lead to a whirlwind of problems. I was a teenager.

I can only imagine how depressed and pathetic you must feel as a jobless, almost 30yo, in a relationship that is going no where, still living with your parents, with a future husband who treats you like shit, meanwhile your friends and family your age have jobs, kids, meaningful relationships, hobbies, responsibilities, and meaning.

No. 561269


She needs to get off of twitter and see a fucking therapist because this behavior screams untreated depression. I would know because I am also a depressed piece of shit and when I was unemployed with money from savings it was significantly worse. I bet Greg isn't helping either.

No. 561270

File: 1524291394192.png (453.43 KB, 720x852, 20180421_021533.png)

June actually thinks she looks like Diva

No. 561274


That's what I'm saying.

I think Greg is one of the main reasons she's depressed too. Imagine the person you come to for validation and affection only put a ring on it so you'd leave him alone, constantly talks shit about you, pays more attention to cam whores, and only visits you from time to time even though he totally has the means for your to move in with him.

No. 561276

holy shit she's so delusional

No. 561277

By this logic, cwc is also alpha. Shamelessness =/= alpha.

Wig and Groceries are two of the most delusional and unlikable cows on this site

No. 561279

how can someone who is openly depressed be an 'influencer'. Like isn't there any realisation by the audience that if - even if it's caused by chemical imbalance - this person has cognitive behaviour which leads them to not get out of bed, that's going to color their opinions and arguments on whatever societal they talk about. Like to me "guys, the way i see things is the right way" and "i'm too depressed to get out of bed" are contradictory statements unless the audience also has the premise that life isn't worth living

No. 561281


precisely. Half the shit depressed people say (as someone who is one, and knows tons) is stupid, or purely based in emotion (sadness, envy, etc).

>unless the audience also has the premise that life isnt worth living

I mean, looks at her audience! It's like 60% sad girlfriendless neckbeards (which screams depression) and 40% emo "not like the other girls" teenage girls (which also screams depression). Her audience relates to her.

No. 561300

File: 1524297566572.jpg (51.77 KB, 960x768, YL5Uppa.jpg)

No. 561314

File: 1524300084564.jpg (158.51 KB, 693x904, juneskii.jpg)

What's tomboyish about June? She's a super basic girl.

No. 561317


Yeah, she's a tom boy! because I always see guys walking around in floral skirts and high heels.

lmao, if she is gonna try so hard to be edgy, she can atleast play the part

No. 561389

I've said this before but, I think it's hilarious how she use to bully people fore being nerdy or goofy but, now claims it's an attractive alpha trait

It also seems like Grocery needs her to say this to compensate. He doesn't have a conventional masculine personality. He likes to try an imitate one with twitter and pictures of him "flexing"(lol), smoking cigars(lol), and making that seizure face he always does(lol). He just bleeds insecurity. so her saying he's confident is pretty funny.

When you constantly have your girlfriend needing to tell people how "alpha" you are, it kinda shows you're self conscious of what people think of you or at least she is. Why would you go out of your way to explain he's "alpha"? Shouldn't it be obvious? Grocery is just a magical snowflake exception who needs explaining for it?

No. 561396

I don’t think she meant to be an influencer. I think she saw she was getting attention and it seemed like a good substitute for making friends and being part of a community.

June has honestly seemed the happiest when she came back from a con, and that’s probably because it felt like she was a part of something that is missing from her life. And when she had to get on stage, that was hard and she challenged herself for once (despite the talk being cringe itself). Then afterwards she had people singing her praises.

But June’s everyday life has no real challenges, no people’s company to enjoy and nobody counting on her to do anything. It’s no wonder she’s depressed.

No. 561429

Tbf, June's girly taste always struck me as very forced, like she's only in it for muh gender roles, traditional femininity, her idea of ddlg etc. She's very invested in not being a "tumblr girl" or looking like a stereotypical feminist so she throws on pink floral shit that she doesn't naturally gravitate to. She used to just wear jeans and tshirts which isn't necessarily tomboy but maybe that's the june her fan remembers and closer to her true taste.

No. 561433


In my experience, the only people that call themselves alpha unironically are betas. Don't get me wrong, I personally hate the dichotomy, but it is what it is.

>When you constantly have your girlfriend needing to tell people how "alpha" you are, it kinda shows you're self conscious of what people think of you or at least she is.

This is made even worse when your girlfriend treats you like her autistic son on the internet, yeesh.

No. 561440

File: 1524325038118.png (666.53 KB, 726x745, 1.png)

even the purposely "flattering" pics she chooses for him are old ones and he still looks bad. he's so grossly pale ew.

No. 561443

File: 1524325237347.png (40.94 KB, 769x454, 2.png)

more regarding her weight.

No. 561486

Yeah I bet she actually wishes it was early 2000s so then she can act like a teen without looking so pathetic.

No. 561508

Grocery never acknowledged Layman's criticism of him, did he? He even pictured him as an example of a dead channel in his new video.
I wonder what Grocery thinks of June interacting with him.

No. 561509

File: 1524331310563.png (78.47 KB, 720x580, 20180421_130436.png)

"I was goth because my guy friends were"

Also, goth/=/metalhead. Like, I know they tend to crossover a lot, but they are two different things, June.

> Also, being something because your friends are

No. 561542

There's no evidence that this even existed. I doubt her "goth" phase was anything but wearing cheap black yesstyle skater skirts and impossibly cheap black Victorian theme lace tops paired w converse

No. 561550

She legitimately thinks wearing tumblr k-fashion and chokers makes her a goth, kek. She really knows nothing about anything.

No. 561558

File: 1524335998295.jpg (247.16 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20180421-113911.jpg)

What a tool

No. 561566

>I'm so lonely - but not lonely enough to have my gf come over, june please don't respond

No. 561571

File: 1524337356948.png (45.89 KB, 746x342, 1.png)

he's so lonely but, can't be bothered to like or reply to his gf on social media right away.

No. 561575

Holy shit this is annoying. Why doesn't Wig move her ass over to Canada and be done with it. She for damn sure has enough money plus they're fucking engaged at this point, they've been whining about ~missing each other uwu LDR sucks~ for over 3 years. Do something about it. Neither of them have any responsibilities or actual jobs anyway, so what's stopping them?

No. 561576


maybe it's a trad thing. They don't wanna move in until they're married.

I don't think so thought because if they were realluy into traditionalism, i don't think they'd be telling everyone on the planet about their gross ass sex life

No. 561579

Even if you give them that "moving is hard" shit, it still doesn't explain why she only stays the for only 2 weeks max every other month. People visiting can stay up to 6 months. Their trips are only 8 hours.

I think they prefer being ldr. That way shoe only has to hear his voice and pretend he looks like flynn while Grocery can chat with camgirls without being bothered.

No. 561582

I think the trad shit is just a facade to appeal to her fans. She wants to be the ~cute nympho waifu that worships ur peen 24/7 uwu~, while in reality, she doesn't believe in marriage or gender roles. Inconsistent and vapid as always.

I'm almost convinced now that Groceries is fed up with her antics and is stretching the time lmao.

No. 561584

File: 1524338722035.png (59.86 KB, 719x535, 20180421_130509.png)

There's more

No. 561587

File: 1524338836035.png (125.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180421-021324.png)

She was totes goth! Full on black lipstick, guys!

No. 561590

>maybe it's a trad thing

Big fucking hairy bollocks. (not @ you, but the fact they are trying to pretend they are traditional when theres plently of evidence they are not and they think we are all dumb enough to fall for it.)

This, all of this. shoe is known to lie about everything, lying about her perfect relationship(kek) isnt a stretch. I hope the truth comes out eventually because I imagine it will be an amazing car crash of a show which would be a crime not to witness.

No. 561595

File: 1524339167976.png (152.46 KB, 720x1032, 20180421_152943.png)

Last one

"I was a goth tomboy"

No. 561612

File: 1524340114410.jpg (33.68 KB, 355x200, hoGQRMI.jpg)

Let me backtrack…in high school, she was a Goth, a shy wallflower, a tomboy, and a nerdy girl all at once, so basically almost every high school themed movie stereotype? Surprising that she never claimed to be a popular bullying ''Stacy'' even though that was apparently her true identity.
Wig is so ridiculously manipulative, reminds me of fucking Onision.

No. 561617

I know I'm late to the party but these are legitimately terrifying. Looks like something a serial killer would draw.

They also got Jeff Holiday as one of the cool guys, lmao. I wonder if this image is pre-Kilroy drama.

Because she's totally not one of those other icky feminist girls! She's more like, a DUDE!

No. 561622

videos dating back to 2006 show that she was (at the most) a normie scene kid. Not goth at all.

No. 561643

Kek, and she wasn't even scene, she just had the layered ish hair, but it was still basic as hell and couldn't even call it scene hair, really. She's such a pandering liar. My partner would be so embarrassed if I did this. How is grocery not embarrassed that she is trying so hard to fit into what other guys want/like?

No. 561648

Reminder that Layman created this. Surprised June would even dare to acknowledge someone who didn't consider Septic as ~#1 Smart Man~

No. 561650

she said here she was a bully. has she made a single statement in her life that hasn't already been contradicted by herself

No. 561653

File: 1524344275145.png (97 KB, 630x386, tommy pickles.png)

No. 561660

File: 1524345230552.png (130.22 KB, 612x546, cow crossover.png)

sorry for samefagging

No. 561661

File: 1524345264294.png (44.83 KB, 624x566, delusion.png)

>female feminists even like me

No. 561663

File: 1524345276892.png (238.29 KB, 645x553, pink tax.png)

No. 561665

File: 1524345286224.png (536.42 KB, 624x1348, terf sperg part 10001.png)

No. 561675

File: 1524345935772.png (106.2 KB, 772x665, 1.png)

Imagine what the health pod would say about grocery's fat body.

No. 561677

File: 1524346038837.png (104.75 KB, 731x726, 1.png)

No. 561690

File: 1524346520256.png (12.87 KB, 627x118, fuufIOY.png)

No. 561694

No. 561697

Imagine Grocery's embarrassment with his ~skeptic~ peers when his girlfriend is sperging about terfs and protecting trannies on twitter.

No. 561703

The funny thing is, she fawns over girls more masculine than her. She's got a BIG "crush" on that ANTIFA girl with the dreads.
Back before she did the DDLG getup she just dressed in Hollister clothes.

No. 561708

File: 1524347408655.png (55.66 KB, 598x193, cosmo.png)

No. 561722

She's been sad a lot lately and constantly posts their old videos together.

Meanwhile Grocery is moping how lonely he is but ignores her.

No. 561751

File: 1524351105136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.04 KB, 620x581, J8mnWPt.jpg)

From Kiwi. This doesn't look like her, like at all

No. 561755

File: 1524351410533.jpg (415.14 KB, 2048x1360, 2.jpg)


she looked more like a 2011 Guidette than a goth

No. 561757

Straight outta Jersey Shore

No. 561758

not her. men are just blind and they think everyone else is as blind as they are.

wow, look at that waist to hip ratio! she totally "gains all her weight in her ass"! lmao

No. 561767

File: 1524352181775.png (291.42 KB, 728x311, rainbow stockings.png)

does anyone else see this resemblance every time they see her? i'd be so wary of being the /b/ pandering girl, what with all the traps and all, if i looked like this, tbh. she literally looks like james murray with a wig

No. 561773

She looks really different, how old was she here? looks more horsey and her nose is different, I think this was before her implants too.

No. 561775

She built like a board, has anyone called her out for lying about her body other than us? It's so obvious

No. 561779

That’s not her, but it was being shilled as her also on anon ib.
This is where I originally saw all of June’s nudes collected together besides unichan.


No. 561782

File: 1524353806924.png (35.39 KB, 481x395, XI1KtWE.png)

No. 561783

A shy quiet wallflower goth tomboy nerd huh
Taking a girls harry potter scarf and bullying her doesnt sound so shy and nerdy to me june, not wven mentioning her vlogs in a grocery stores and stuff, not shy quiet nerdy at all june you were popular stacy
For tomboy, her obsession with makeup, even working in a makeup store for a bit, something a tomboy would never do, she was clearly not a tomboy unless she thinks playing mario makes her a tomboy
For goth, I COULD have brought it if it wasnt for bullying stories and her Hollister hoodies and shit, unless she thinks wearing lots of eyeliner and wearing a black top makes her goth

No. 561784

Oh the sad sad irony

No. 561785

File: 1524354143245.png (Spoiler Image, 740.47 KB, 858x1074, 0f82b7fc69bf113f93cd71baabef73…)


How desperate for wank material do you have to be to make this?

No. 561791

Who shooped this? Has this person never saw a pair of tits in real life before?

No. 561792

Did you notice at the bottom of that 8chan thread, a few images are censored and missing with anons at the end of the thread wondering why and that they were probably legit nudes. Makes me wonder if she abused mod or had someone abuse a mod position to get it down…..

No. 561852

Where's this from?

No. 561856

File: 1524360479757.png (63.42 KB, 720x379, 20180421_212707.png)

The plot thickens

No. 561857


ofc she likes Taylor Nicole Dean. They're both shitty pet owners who treat their pets as shitty accessories to take pictures of.

No. 561862

File: 1524361575262.png (574.08 KB, 750x1334, 36B0378E-50AC-4C80-9C59-51C06F…)

Candace Owens, the black conservative girl June made fun of for face just got Yeezy-senpai to notice her.

June could NEVER, fucking who face.

No. 561867

File: 1524361856469.png (77.15 KB, 666x498, SBHXIbS.png)

not ask fm but

No. 561871

File: 1524362045159.png (115.34 KB, 648x958, it's like rain on your wedding…)

candace is a dumb fuck, but june criticizes her for the same shit she does. ironic

No. 561872

How hard is it for them to understand? It's normal to have perky boobs, it's normal to have firm boobs, it's normal to have big boobs for your frame, it's normal to have round boobs

it's not normal to have HARD looking boobs with a sharp indent smh

No. 561882

File: 1524363232923.png (174.15 KB, 493x379, Ryi5QvM.png)

holy shit she was years ahead of us

No. 561884


The one thing June is best at is being a hypocrite. So this doesn't surprise me.

I also had a good laugh at the file name. Isn't it ironic indeed.

No. 561893

File: 1524363996292.png (213.07 KB, 529x320, D8F0AE1E-8396-46D8-AADC-348628…)

Just ironic considering the time she mocked her looks instead of her ideas.

No. 561897

Shoe and her sycophants are seething that her alt-right pandering BS didn't get her noticed like Candace's did.
Don't hate the player, hate the game.

No. 561902

File: 1524364496135.png (107.24 KB, 1012x604, it's a black fly in your chard…)

some more sweet irony. because apparently people don't have much power over HER personal beliefs and opinions on the word :^)

No. 561905

Yeah she said had her teeth filed down in an old video.

No. 561910

File: 1524365188898.png (9.91 KB, 535x113, hypocrite.PNG)

Wow, can this girl ever stop contradicting herself? Here she says she's beautiful.

No. 561912

File: 1524365312146.png (150.85 KB, 720x1122, 20180421_224801.png)

June mod confirmed

No. 561916

File: 1524365489211.jpg (68.8 KB, 1024x709, 02811743dff85567f9f5281db5516c…)

RIP June's spine

No. 561933

so much cringe from this. do they honestly think they look sexy or something?
>happy woman's day
ow the edge

also wig's "ass" looks shooped

No. 561946

File: 1524368756839.png (207.92 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180421-234102.png)

Wig should really take this advice. Actually this whole article I'm reading is a list of things about your relationship you shouldn't post. Wig should read the whole article.

No. 561949

Looks like he’s trying to use magic powers to make her butt bigger.

No. 561956

File: 1524369756736.jpg (88.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 561961

candace owens is actually hot. would hate fuck/10 and let her torch my car(no1curr)

No. 561967

it reminds me of those memes where girls stick out their butt so much because they have no ass

No. 561970

ot but what the heck is going on in that picture

No. 561978

File: 1524372717861.png (86.36 KB, 624x772, vgUqinB.png)

No. 561997


How do you not know? It's of Arab's and their lovely tradition of throwing gays off buildings.

No. 562031

File: 1524383614695.jpg (82.07 KB, 488x728, 1519491105364.jpg)

you're 2 threads late

fat distributes everywhere girl

No. 562035


all the fat goes to her ass. Lmao. If all the fat went to her ass she wouldn't have to facetune her hips

No. 562049

gay people are being thrown off buildings to their death. of course wig has no emotional connection to it because she's a straight and went ahead and attempted to make a ??joke?? about it

No. 562051

I wonder how many of these asks are self-sent

No. 562052

File: 1524389080955.jpg (19.75 KB, 410x340, kEHOZ5s.jpg)

June ''all of my fat goes to my ass'' LaPorta, everyone.