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File: 1528363195979.png (1.75 MB, 1500x1769, 1528347924095.png)

No. 603980

The confetti club are fans of the legendary milky Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks. The fans are almost as milky as the cow herself; the facebook group is full of speshul snowflakes, transtrenders, landwhales and munchies.

-The Party Kei facebook group was cowtipped and had an epic meltdown, which resulted in all of the groups closing.
-The confetti club advises members to not post to the board in order to try and stop the drama, but a few people do anyway and get doxxed.
-Jill's bff Courtney creates a group just for party kei. Jill is made admin
-The confetti club facebook group is once again shut down due to lolcow
-Thread is full of Jill's retarded followers trying to get in on the action to seem ~edgy
-a UK Kawaii group was created, which is run by CJ. CJ is a retarded landhwale, who defends Melanie Martinez because she totes isn't a rapist because she doesn't have a penis. These are her exact words. The group consists of only her posting.
-The very expensive gift that was sent to Jill for her bday by the confetti club is opened and Jill is obviously indifferent to it. It's clear she'll never use any of the items.

Notable members:
Bonnie, an autistic land whale, exposes the group to porn, and gets banned. She is now back under the name Veronica.
Eliza plans a trip to stalk Jill, get a shitty tattoo just like Jill by the same artist. Gets called out for it and has a melt down. Leaves and rejoins group multiple times. She then organised a fundraiser, in order to get Jill a Betsey Johnson purse. She mostly posts in the clinic about her totes real ~anorexia despite being 80 pounds overweight.
Lizzy (an old admin) changes name to newt so she can be a fake boi. She's morbidly obese, but still chooses to wear crops tops. Cries about being misgendered constantly. Uses a cane for munchie points.
-Sofia Mehlitz (queen cow) set up a go fuck me due to the fact her 'parents were kicking her out for being queer.' She's a nobinary asexual snowflake. Her story was mostly lies, but people donated anyway and submitted her story to the Ellen show. Her parents found out about the go fuck me, forced her to take it down and are apparently actually kicking her out for real now. Despite claiming to have no money to move, her wardrobe is full of lazy oaf and other expensive brands. She is now posting underwear selfies to rebel against her totes abusive parents.

Some recent milk:
Edward Jean throws an aggressive meltdown when his snowflake labels are called into question. He’s asexual, but his into BDSM and has a dom. Several members are banned due to the fall out.
Sofia wants to change her major from engineering to fashion so she can skinwalk harder.
Jessica has a meltdown in the clinic because her abusive gradma doesn’t understand that party kei is a cure for her mental illness. Her weird clothes and coloured hair cure her dissociation.
Brittany, the tranny predator, is now going by the name Aislin.
Sofia pockets the money from her Go Fuck Me, but hasn’t used the money to move out. Confirmed scammer.
Anabelle (sunshineandspoons) is a major munchie, who had to come out to her family about ‘needing’ a cane. She claims to have 15 chronic illness and is always on the verge of death. She’s totally adjustable though, which means she gets to do all of the fun stuff she wants to do but can’t do anything else because muh illnesses.

Confetti Club Main Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/confetticlubgroup/

Party Kei group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1918591201805008/

Party Kei UK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1917292265199105/

Confetti Club Clinic: https://www.facebook.com/groups/confetticlinic/[[Archived Copy]

Uk Kawaii

1st thread: >>>/snow/503624
2nd thread: >>>/snow/566129
3rd thread: >>>/snow/566126

No. 603981

File: 1528363256889.jpg (67.47 KB, 540x960, jessica1.jpg)

Here's Jessica's meltdown. I didn't want this milk to be lost amongst the last thread.

No. 603983

File: 1528363281103.jpg (63.25 KB, 540x960, jessica2.jpg)

No. 604034

>unprofessional?? what is your profession exactly
>my brian

'i can't with these people

No. 604133

Thread pic is amazing, good anon! (the previous one was cool too huh…don't wanna spread negativity bloobloobloo muh feefees)

No. 604191

good work on the OP! except:

>Lizzy (an old admin) changes name to Newt

>Edward Jean

You have these mixed up, Lizzy is edward not newt

No. 604383

File: 1528394312992.png (81.46 KB, 720x652, 20180607_185844.png)

No. 604403

These people can't fucking handle being in front of a computer. They sound like they need to be sectioned!

No. 604422

File: 1528397093865.png (901.9 KB, 720x1050, 20180607_194451.png)

No. 604424

The bigger problem she should address is pretending to be Korean while having obvious white people eyelids.

No. 604429

What's this about?

No. 604437

This girl has such a gross smug smile. She also really needs to stop tucking her shirts into tight fitting skirts, it really accentuates her fupa.

No. 604439

>>604429 you know the huge meltdown from yesterday? It all happened on their post.

No. 604441

I honestly don‘t have much of a problem with fat people like others. But even I have to say that that fannypack can only look good on skinny people like oh my god.

No. 604463

File: 1528400684193.jpg (349.76 KB, 1080x1317, iseenodifference.jpg)

No. 604470

she has down's lol

No. 604476

Lmao she just combined two names from BTS together and shoved Ryu in between. Probably a koreaboo and a confetti cunt.

No. 604477

Ngl, this outfit would be super cute in a Japanese street snap or something. It's pretty cute in a campy way, but is styled pretty horribly for this particular girl's bodytype.

If she maybe switched out the slim skirt for something with a little volume? Did something so her hair didn't look so flat? Not take god awful low angle photos that are unflattering as hell? I don't know.


No. 604596

>Don’t call me unprofessional!
>Adult colouring books are too much pressure for me.

What the fuck. How coddled are these girls?

No. 604606

is this a cosplay of the girl from napoleon dynamite?

No. 604669

File: 1528414020133.png (148.84 KB, 720x1145, 20180608_002702.png)

No. 604670

File: 1528414087519.png (83.56 KB, 642x610, 20180608_002818.png)

No. 604675

She's clearly lying about her eating habits. If she's eating as little as she says, she wouldn't be a lard ass point blank period. And she shouldn't expect a doctor to sugar coat things, you asked about it Eliza. It really is as simple as not eating so much.
I ballooned up when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism too, I can no longer eat how I used to, 1500 calories a day and I maintain a healthy weight, for her to maintain her weight of 200+ lbs she would be eating over 2000 calories a day.

No. 604715

sounds like exaggeration but like,,, to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit, the only way she wouldnt be losing weight would be if that meal is over 1800ish calories lmao

No. 604747

she said she eats once a day and only eats what her family made. if she's starving herself all day it would make sense that she binges on a massive portion if this is true.

No. 604748

File: 1528419005359.jpg (529.6 KB, 1063x1659, Screenshot_20180607-203543_Ins…)

No. 604751

File: 1528419043949.jpg (784.75 KB, 1080x1561, 20180607_203420.jpg)

Found in #partykei kek

No. 604768

When you are a skinny, conventionally attractive girl and still look like shit in this "fashion". It's time to quit.

No. 604860

Oh jeez why tf is she in this getup? She'd look much more in place if she was wearing leggings and a jogging tank like every other normal girl that looks like her.

No. 604928

I think this is actually pretty cute tbh, and from the look of her instagram she seems to have made it herself. Beats anything Pixie's done fashion-wise

No. 604937

honestly anon while I'm impressed she made it, that garment is absolutely hideous…

No. 604941

those shorts look like something you'd find on a mid 90s Barbie doll wtf

the girl is cute though.

No. 605023

Why even go to the doctor if you think you're already doing well? Go to a nutritionist and get a trainer. This shit doesn't even make sense to me. Not to mention eating one meal a day is unhealthy.

And no one has ever lied to their doctor about their weight before. Jeez…

These people, when they talk about their weight, it's either "Why didn't the doctor reaffirm information i already knew" or "Why won't the doctor put me on meds so I don't have to work out"

Fucking fatasses.

No. 605194

'Yoongi Ryu Taehyung'

When your 'name' is half the members of BTS it's time to rethink your life decisions.

No. 605267

It looks like this girl is just modeling amziidolly's designs. Amziidolly's personal insta also reads:
'normal' is boring
BCU Fashion 3rd year

Who I think is the real Amziidolly is, is black and is the one wearing a burberry trench coat. I think she's cuter than the girl pictured but I'm also confused how she seems to have great taste, is a 3rd year and the first thing she wants on her design page is this?? 7/10 for design, 2/10 for execution

No. 605394

is BCU British Columbia? cuz tacky as fuck seems to be de rigeur for the trendy assholes in Vancouver and Victoria. Can't speak for the rest of the province, though.

No. 605501

File: 1528494281688.jpg (46.97 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1528494295941.jpg)

No. 605515

Dat double chin and mom bob though. Super kawaii

No. 605565

File: 1528500213288.png (143.58 KB, 720x1043, 20180609_002339.png)

No. 605583

yeah, the real amziidolly is the black girl. Her fashion sense isn't even that bad judging by her personal page

No. 605603

Pretty sure you're thinking of UBC anon, lmao. She's probably talking about Birmingham City University seeing as they have a fashion design program. But ayyyyy same province!

No. 605707


sage for blogposting, but i used to be a major tumblrfag in my teens and wanted a whole pastel/goth wardrobe but knew my parents would disapprove so i refrained from buying too many tumblr-ish clothes.

to this day i'm so thankful for that bc a) i was mostly into those subcultures as a way to "fit in" with a community bc i was insecure, which this person most likely is, b) i've stopped liking either of them enough to want to wear them, so it would've been a major waste of money, c) good luck going to job interviews with a pastel t-shirt and a choker.

No. 605874

File: 1528546339380.jpg (37.84 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1528546349516.jpg)

No. 605876

File: 1528546365425.jpg (40.69 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1528546352169.jpg)

No. 605900

File: 1528552335471.jpg (66.46 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1528552354437.jpg)

That fringe

No. 605909

This looks like $15 poorly spent at SuperClips

No. 605926

File: 1528555523231.png (147.43 KB, 720x1122, 20180609_154412.png)

No. 605927

File: 1528555538492.png (148.67 KB, 720x1222, 20180609_154431.png)

No. 605928

File: 1528555566694.png (109.33 KB, 720x959, 20180609_154452.png)

>>605926 the next thread has to be titled 'scared to be straight'

No. 605940

File: 1528557491023.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

sweet jesus

No. 605972

File: 1528560415580.png (683.66 KB, 918x573, ew.PNG)

The mess in the background doesn't help anything

No. 605974

File: 1528560523320.jpg (62.52 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1528560539090.jpg)

No. 606059

Actually, I totally get where she's coming from when she says she's 'scared to be straight'. Not to the extent she talks about (cause that's a lil pathetic but ok). Nowadays it's so 'trendy' on social media and especially in the western j-fashion community to be 'gay/trans/non-binary/queer uwu' and a lot of straight people are being called ignorant etc. even when they're not. You see even Jill is pretending to be queer when she isn't because it's trendy. And that's the sad reality. It makes me feel bad for people who are genuinely dealing with issues related to their sexuality.

No. 606075

Why the fuck is her face so pink? How did she think this looks good? She looks diseased.

No. 606129

i have to agree. most young people intrinsically yearn to be a part of a community, and i imagine it’s hard to feel comfortable being straight when social media celebs you look up to are lauded for being gay (or pretending to be gay). queer is being fetishized as a personality trait. yeah the post was cringe but i get what she’s saying. curious to see the responses on this post

No. 606145

File: 1528574857657.png (77.25 KB, 720x578, 20180609_210753.png)

No. 606146

File: 1528574925383.png (76.48 KB, 654x597, 20180609_210919.png)

No. 606160

this is why gays say they hate straight people, yall are annoying
while i agree with what the other anons are saying about how some people fake being "queer uwu" to be part of a community, theres a difference between someone online saying "i hate the heteros" and the actual burning hatred the lgbt community has faced for years, including being killed, getting kicked out of their homes, not being hired because of their sexuality/gender, etc etc

No. 606171


Are you a SJW?

No. 606175

The girl from the cursed image

No. 606185

Yeah, this girl is stupid. In my home state there is a hardware store that has a "No Gays Allowed" sign in front of it. Many other businesses are very open about their homophobic hiring practices, but don't put it in writing. This person can't tell the difference between hyperbole and legit discrimination.

These bangs are always unflattering, but at least she looks like she put more effort into her look than pixie does.

No. 606204

omg I didn´t know that companies do that?? America you need to grow the f up

No. 606208

It's Tennessee, the shit encrusted buckle of the bible belt

No. 606434

no lmao im a lesbian

No. 606435

not confetti club related exactly, but there's a makeover show on Netflix called 100% Hotter. Episode 8 has someone who looks like she took style advice from Pixie. The show itself has issues but its borderline hilarious seeing them take her from a childish pink to well- you'll have to see kek. It's pretty great

No. 606514

I like her eye makeup tho ngl

But for like a photoshoot or something, not everyday makeup

No. 606518

she can just wait to move out (probably go to a four year university) and get a job to buy her own clothes, plenty of lolitas do it

No. 606520

straight people are so fucking extra during June.

No. 606525

go bac 2 tumblr faggit(derailing)

No. 606563

Learn to fucking sage, newfaggit(derailing)

No. 606567

Kill it with fire

No. 606622

File: 1528615798858.jpeg (28.17 KB, 240x320, 509F6836-3B2C-45A2-BFAF-0DACD3…)

holy shit the pan makeout scene

No. 606785

File: 1528645105703.png (147.52 KB, 720x1021, 20180610_163848.png)

No. 606807

Why are these girls so sensitive? Why are comments on a Facebook post considered an "attack"? Do they realize they can…log out? Delete their account?

No. 606816

The main group is a toxic cesspool, though. All those SJWs plus when literally anyone has an original thought, they all foam at the fucking mouth. They want to all be clones of pixie and no one can talk about dieting (hurts the land whales feelings), an array of topics like god damn pickled onions (triggering the sensitive fucks), or really just talk freely it seems. That's why the confetti cult is so amusing - they preach positivity but are beyond toxic and aggressive.

No. 606832

This is kinda cute. She's not a land whale, just chubby and the bikini is cutesy without being total retard. She looks fine. The mess in the back is disgusting however. How can they live like this then show it off to the world?

No. 606890

So are gay people. Please just stop.

You're not better if you're lgbt, you're also not better if you're straight.

Plz just accept it.

No. 606891

Learn to sage, straightie.(derailing)

No. 606895

Didn't need to sage because it was relevant.

And I'm bi so jokes on you love.(derailing)

No. 606897

Ok Tila Tequila, no need to kick up a fuss.(derailing)

No. 606902

Someone's triggered..

Please can we just stop and focus on the confetti cunts now. Thanks.

No. 606928

Stop derailing and get back on topic.

No. 607217

It sounds like she wants an
echo…. echo…. echoooo…. echoooo… Chamber. The main group is hella toxic, wtf did she expect? All the membbers frequent these threads. They all hate each other and then feign ignorance and talk about "how mean everyone on lolcow is~ UwU"
I feel like a lot of the girls are now pressing their luck and seeing how far they can take what they say, how well they can justify asking specific questions or saying certain things.

Remaking the group several times over just shows how quickly they can and do destroy themselves as a community.
The only reason the Clinic group hasn't sank is because questioning anything will get you removed. That group is a hugbox.

No. 607511

File: 1528720940301.jpg (40.07 KB, 542x960, FB_IMG_1528720948218.jpg)

No. 607513

File: 1528721136011.png (138.41 KB, 720x927, 20180611_134531.png)

Why do they all get stressed out by trivial things

No. 607518


I used to have crippling anxiety too but holy shit, how do these people manage to function IRL?

No. 607658

A quality tattoo costs a decent amount, ESPECIALLY if it's color. A rainbow uses a lot of colors so yea… it's not gonna be like $50 - these people are so stupid and spoiled.

No. 607665

File: 1528736269778.jpg (69.27 KB, 720x1081, FB_IMG_1528736261993.jpg)

No. 607716

File: 1528739110976.gif (422.07 KB, 288x200, mother-of-god-gif-4.gif)


i…don't know where to begin

No. 607762

oh my God these girls are so sheltered and immature. what's so hard about saying 'that's higher than I anticipated i can't afford that yet but I'll get in contact with you when I can'

No. 607765

soz thought I saged

No. 607782

The Confetti Cult just loves to complain about how broke they are. Just save up like everybody else and don't view every human interaction as an attack against you. These girls need to grow a backbone and learn to navigate life in a less whiny, spineless way.

No. 607808

File: 1528745434049.jpg (56.44 KB, 720x960, 34962333_1914746938559216_4280…)

what a meaty fupa

No. 607916

and we where just talking about shitty tattoos kek

No. 607920

how do these people think this has anything to do with Japan OR Fashion, I seriously can´t wrap my hear around it. This is how i look when I do a big spring cleaning and I still know how to better colour coord ffs

No. 607926

The base price for most tattoos is $100 even if it's small. You're paying for the time, materials and ink. A rainbow tattoo would use many different colors so I'd be likely more expensive.

My social anxiety is bad but I kinda understand pricing when it comes to things I like. What's the point of freaking out about it?

No. 607933

File: 1528752806440.png (62.34 KB, 720x388, 20180611_223311.png)

>>606785 a response. Noah offence..fucking really?!

No. 607940

File: 1528753129299.jpg (33.89 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1528753121758.jpg)

The bangs kill me

No. 607941

File: 1528753148382.jpg (38.04 KB, 720x779, FB_IMG_1528753139555.jpg)

No. 607957

File: 1528754524649.jpg (77.2 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1528754501294.jpg)

This is an adult's bedroom

No. 608043

This disturbs me, this looks like a 7 year-old's room.
Are these people gainfully employed? Do they go out in public?

No. 608143

I hate people who argue the cost for tattoos. You're paying for someone's time and labor, as well as supplies and skills. You're getting a piece of work put on your skin permanently, for a price. Bitches always act like getting a tattoo is only supposed to be $30.

Why are all these idiots obsessed with polly pockets when they were born way after the trend was over? it's so damn odd. Also, this room is gross. There's a way to do cute as an adult, but this isn't it.

No. 608319


agree with the comment but im pretty sure they know that its "no offence" and not "noah fence" considering many people say it on purpose lol

No. 608376

File: 1528787318188.png (230.35 KB, 750x1123, IMG_3063.PNG)

Other anon clearly does not know "Noah fence" is a common internet joke..apparently?

Also, more thrift store lies. A bag this old would patina (have a patina? I've never been sure how to use that word). I have a rich aunt that never shuts up about her bags and this just doesn't seem right, unless someone kept it in a box for 15 years then suddenly donated it….

No. 608380

Her makeup is really well done, it's a shame bout that hair

No. 608404

File: 1528791786420.png (225.4 KB, 567x478, replica.png)

Definitely a fake. Doesn't look like this design came in this style of bag, you are right. All I could find when I tried to search for it was replicas.

No. 608405

File: 1528792090572.jpg (32.52 KB, 276x360, lvcherryset.jpg)

Further evidence, this is all the available styles for authentic LV cherry blossom products. Sorry the picture is small, but as you can see, this style of bag was not included.

It's hilarious she lied about the serial number though.

No. 608409

Kek, this is even better than what I expected when I originally thought it was fake. I knew the confetti club couldn't know anything about true high end fashion. Now the question is, did she buy the replica online or does she actually thrift it sand genuinely believes it to be real?

No. 608508

How can this dumbass not see that the stitchwork is wonky as fuck for a LV bag? Let alone the cherry blossoms looks screen printed on.

Such poor quality. Add to the fact she is trying to pass it off ad legit is even more depressing.

No. 608519

File: 1528806030800.png (62.55 KB, 720x452, 20180612_132017.png)

Sound super great for your skin

No. 608522

File: 1528806216619.jpg (18.95 KB, 360x640, FB_IMG_1528806249797.jpg)

No. 608552


i'm no high-fashion sommelier but this looks so tacky for a LV design. especially the happy faces on the flowers, how can this person honestly believe this is a real LV?

the legit cherry blossom designs from here >>608405 are 100 times better. better color coordination, better design, better quality altogether. this "real" LV bag would at least be salvagable without those horrible smiley faces and the pokemon-esque thing she attached to it.

No. 608565

Anon this image is low res, the real collection does have the faces. 2003….was a different time. That being said, the stitching on the bag she posted is wonky and like other anons said, this style bag wasn't made in this print. I wish I could tell this girl and burst her bubble, kek.

No. 608593

if they got rid of that gross rack shelf, the weird unicorn thing and the care bears box and had an actual proper shelf unit for their pikmi's this could be cute

so unfortunate that so many ppl who collect "cute" things end up tossing them in cluttered dirty homes. paint your walls get some good lighting, put down a better carpet/rip up that carpet and invest in real shelves ugh.

No. 608622

anyone who knew anything about LV would know they never cut their logo, and it's cut in the upper right hand corner kek
this is such a bad fake. like canal street tier

No. 608910

No. 608916

Don't shop price with tattoos! That's how you end up with hideous monstrosities like Charms is covered in or Jill's cat tattoo(don't use emojis)

No. 608963

File: 1528841875526.png (90.27 KB, 720x614, 20180612_231803.png)

No. 608966

>Life was much simpler when I took no responsibility for my life
No fucking shit, bucko.

No. 609026

lol so the conversation went:
>i need to make an appointment with my dr
>ok and what is the name of your dr?
>i don't know

No. 609042

How doe these people live? Bad with names? No you simply didn’t pay attention. How do you not know your own doctors name?

No. 609099

saged for irrelevance but murukami is a japanese artist and he makes all his characters with 'kawaii' faces etc, he's actually collaborating with LV again now that virgil is the new creative director

No. 609455

File: 1528899568723.jpg (38.64 KB, 720x444, FB_IMG_1528899438127.jpg)

No. 609469

File: 1528901535825.jpeg (912.55 KB, 1242x1591, 6D8887DA-ED32-4FB7-BF70-9B33EB…)

How is this a meme?

No. 609493

I mean doctor receptionists are absolute fucking cunts I agree, but yeah that's life and being an "adult" for ya.

No. 609754

File: 1528920730491.jpg (41.61 KB, 720x1296, FB_IMG_1528920742776.jpg)

No. 609759

File: 1528920873037.jpg (38.87 KB, 640x806, FB_IMG_1528920872424.jpg)

That uneven fringe

No. 609769

File: 1528921571681.jpg (40.18 KB, 528x720, Chriss.jpg)

he's got the same look in his eyes

No. 609808

File: 1528924441777.jpg (55.22 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1528924470814.jpg)

No. 609809

File: 1528924514311.jpg (79.49 KB, 720x972, FB_IMG_1528924551779.jpg)

No. 609818

File: 1528924827174.jpg (94.12 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1528924844541.jpg)

No. 609824

totally not a predator

No. 609826

This girls pants are two sizes too small. Why the fuck does the confetti club insist on squeezing into cloths that give them rolls and camel toes?

No. 609828

>>609824 his nickname is tranny predator

No. 609839

File: 1528925703443.png (134.42 KB, 720x959, 20180613_223504.png)

Fucking hell

No. 609843

Why do they all have this unfortunate body shape? It’s possible to be fat and not look like a bowling ball on legs jfc. Pants that tight can’t be comfortable, either.

No. 609856

But sock glue exists for this reason…

No. 609860

Why didn't she buy the tickets from the website instead of second hand? i dunno. there are still ticket sale sites she can go to, but whatever. You know CC members don't take any responsibility

No. 609936


What the fuck is this front butt

No. 609945

File: 1528931037353.png (652.11 KB, 720x959, 20180614_000416.png)

No. 610196

File: 1528950589681.png (192.88 KB, 750x1236, IMG_3108.PNG)

How are most of these women adults and they still can't do the simple task of coordination??

No. 610391

File: 1528978482654.jpeg (99.87 KB, 745x615, 94BF1BDD-2F8B-4566-8C81-C1439F…)

No. 610392

File: 1528978499399.jpeg (179.88 KB, 750x963, 9FC31581-E00F-4E42-B70A-2715AB…)

No. 610401

File: 1528979169574.png (93.85 KB, 720x592, 20180614_132549.png)

Why do They always quit their jobs before getting another one?

No. 610419

>“I was mildly stressed and tired at a job that pays me!!!! Why can’t people just give me money for doing nothing? No one else had this bad problem!!”

No. 610421

File: 1528980379669.jpeg (132.03 KB, 750x1004, 51D5A804-0319-4699-907F-4F795B…)

What potato was this photo taken on?

No. 610424

File: 1528980562772.jpeg (169.49 KB, 750x873, 86EC69E2-3AFA-4B93-BF7F-D588C5…)

No. 610425

File: 1528980675973.gif (507.04 KB, 400x224, C89E5E7A-2755-4AE8-9BAB-17DA56…)

No. 610481

wow, it amazes me how much these people are not capable of being functional human beings…

No. 610760

File: 1529007522321.jpg (87.19 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1529007533598.jpg)

No. 610894

This looks good, maybe not the shoes i cant tell. Anyone knows what shoes does are? The look weird

No. 610927

File: 1529017849837.jpeg (145.98 KB, 1405x2000, 1E508180-2839-4952-AD03-ACFFB1…)

Are you blind, that outfit is terrible.

Anyway it's hard to tell from the picture quality but it looks like these yru shoes.

No. 610936

File: 1529018323299.png (437.08 KB, 720x1068, 20180615_001746.png)

That line work is worse than the line work on Jill's cat tattoo jfc

No. 610937

File: 1529018337595.png (651.23 KB, 713x798, 20180615_001824.png)

No. 610997

Over a concert? These people are such a great source of woman babies. Just like a manchild they want to play with dolls and bows and have mom make their doctor's appointments instead of dealing with someone having an attitude. The link between infantile dress and attitude is astounding.

Ugly, but barely makes it on the autism spectrum. Minus the hat she'd look like a person.

No. 611017


when i saw this i was like, wth the placement is soo bad. why is it over the knuckles.

No. 611021

mte. it should be higher up and angled better. nothing worse than a shitty hand tattoo.

No. 611195

it's insane how bad the placement of this is lmao. who tattoos a solid object on one of the parts of the body that moves the most???? that plate is gonna be so fucking warped 24/7. and the splash of water(?) looks terrible.

No. 611232

Those are some sad blown out finger waves. Also what drink is blue? It’s a tea cut why have Japanese style waves as tea? Agreed placement is very very bad. The lines on the knuckles will disappear very quickly. Not one bit of the blue is punched in sold it’s all filled in scratchy. Only good choice about this was a black outline. But the outline is jacked and not one line is pulled smooth. It’s multiple passes when lines should be pulled in one pass.

No. 611272

why is this whole thing 'sonic the hedgehog' autism blue? wtf does any of this have to do with eachother? the tea characters in alice and wonderland are different ones.

No. 611317

this is so fucking funny omg

No. 611586


She had plenty of space to not put it that low on her hand. what an idiot. Also, that 'tea' is supposed to be like a japanese wave? it looks awful all around.

No. 611720

File: 1529090619125.png (841.18 KB, 640x1136, 716BAB16-D776-46E7-A9DC-B4DDE9…)

>start fasting
It’s crazy what they’ll sneak in their posts to get attention

No. 611766

File: 1529093824336.jpg (48.47 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1529093821370.jpg)

No. 611768

File: 1529093891173.jpg (26.18 KB, 720x488, FB_IMG_1529093920813.jpg)

No. 611770

File: 1529094054314.png (387.49 KB, 720x792, 20180615_212056.png)

No. 611771

it's kind of hard to tell because you have an obnoxious filter over your head dude

No. 611773

>>Middle school is hard :( people only pick on my friends because we're ~unique~ and they're jealous

No. 611876

why do they all have the same face

No. 612027

File: 1529111578807.png (662.94 KB, 720x1055, 20180616_021255.png)

No. 612030

File: 1529111615704.jpg (62.19 KB, 592x960, FB_IMG_1529111583244.jpg)

>>612027 why do her fans buy her such expensive shit? She doesn't even appreciate the gifts.

No. 612035

File: 1529111688237.jpg (75.95 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1529111723458.jpg)

No. 612051

File: 1529112418656.png (77.49 KB, 720x566, 20180616_022724.png)

They're all so pathetic

No. 612055

File: 1529112571173.jpg (41.84 KB, 720x717, FB_IMG_1529112577354.jpg)

>>612051 also it's always the fatties that claim to eat so little

No. 612070

ughh they drain me
don't eat anything if you don't want to or get mommy to make you some pasta

i feel such hatred for her big fat face

No. 612073

Just do what the rest of us do and have some toast or order something to your house ffs.

No. 612080

I'm so grossed out by the stuff caked on their bathroom wall and the amount of trash you can see in the mirror. Are those little specks bugs? I thought it was part of the wallpaper but the're all over the mirror frame too.

No. 612532

It looks like the walls may be covered in dust,that dust picks up more dust and if it's a bathroom (unless it's a thing to have random toilet paper rolls randomly around the house?) the humidity will make the dirt cling to the walls. It can happen in a kitchen by stoves and sinks too. It's always fun to see the lack of awareness when it comes to what's in the background of pictures. Like they're in such a rush to post their kawaii desu outfit they don't take an extra second to evaluate what's actually in the picture.

No. 613090

This person looks so bad. The filters make her huge fat face worse

No. 613158

File: 1529233653479.jpg (103.28 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1529233675901.jpg)

No. 613159

File: 1529233719077.jpg (84 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1529233762430.jpg)

No. 613161

File: 1529233762534.jpg (75.57 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1529233803858.jpg)

No. 613165

File: 1529234222296.png (173.68 KB, 720x1028, 20180617_121656.png)

W h a t

No. 613166

File: 1529234236685.png (214.12 KB, 720x1158, 20180617_121730.png)

No. 613411

My brain cells commited mass suicide trying to comprehend this walltext. Can someone translate autist speech?

No. 613416

Sage for samefagging but with how SJWish the Confetti Club is and how they go apeshit over respecting people's snowflake pronouns, why does this person keep misgendering her girlfriend on this post if they mentioned them being trans (apparently ftm)? She says her partner is about to transition into a male, wouldn't it make sense to call her "boyfriend" and use male pronouns? Can these tumblrinas even keep up with their own bullshit standards?

No. 613418

TL;DR She was in a relationship for 3.5 months with a girl who decided she wanted to transition into a man. They broke up but still remained on friendly terms. OP initially pushed her away but then wanted to stay with her even though she wasn't attracted to guys. OP still can't get over her even though the tranny keeps telling her to move on.

No. 613497

File: 1529265714558.png (60.93 KB, 720x488, 20180617_210041.png)

You just know that if this was the other way around, the group would cry work place sexual assault and some shit about all men being trash

No. 613536


>all of these emotions for someone you dated less than 4 months for

>for someone you broke up 9 months ago with

BITCH GET LAID. seriously. why are you posting pics with your ex gf? why is your ex gf your profile pic? Why are you so fucking autistic please meet new people and shut the fuck up. pleease. i know us lesbians can be really serious and commited super fast but you're literally out of your mind go on tinder or on therapy but shut the fuck up.

the confetti club is really the center for female autism.


i hate that logic but that's legit. if some dude i knew posted "I MET THE PRETTIEST FEEEMALE AT THE POST OFFICER AND I NEED AN EXCUSE TO TALK TO HER" i would immediately think "creep, she's just doing her job shut the fuck up". don't share that, maybe tell a real friend, but don't share that its weird. let alone sharing that at the goddamn confetti club.

No. 613898

this is eerie

No. 613961

File: 1529320276792.png (48.27 KB, 720x292, 20180618_121129.png)

No. 614049

Not necessarily. As someone who's unfortunately been there (and will never be there again) some people will keep their birth assigned pronouns until they start to transition since transitioning isn't immediately bottom/top surgery but rather a slow process.
I digress, a lesbian wanting to date a tranny won't go well as said lesbian will just emasculate him doing little shit like still calling their bottom half a vagina or something.
So not misgendering technically, but still fucking retarded.

No. 614053

Is she flat out referencing how often the misuse the term problematic? Disgusting.

No. 614065

>Inb4 she actually tries to "woo" the guy by using this moronic advice straight out of 2012 Tumblr and the next post is her crying to her Cuntfetti peeps about how the mean nasty cis man rejected her and how she's "2 kawaiiIii" for him anyways, Jill-style.

No. 614085

File: 1529334364645.png (44.98 KB, 720x249, 20180618_160629.png)

No. 614200

A confetti cunt who works out? I'm honestly surprised.

No. 614650

>85 euro

>super cheap

wtf.. I wish i had that much money to flush

No. 614652

Forgot to sage. My apologies.

No. 615037

File: 1529422924562.png (56.04 KB, 720x423, 20180619_164213.png)

>>614085 this is getting really weird

No. 615040

File: 1529423006501.jpg (27.52 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1529423011414.jpg)

>>615037 she got his number

No. 615181

File: 1529438681696.jpg (706.33 KB, 1075x1701, Screenshot_20180619-155000_Ins…)

This girl reminds me of a slightly older version of Jill.

No. 615187

File: 1529439144475.jpg (52.97 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1529439169549.jpg)

No. 615351

i thought this was pixyteri at first glance

No. 615386

File: 1529449462004.jpeg (265.26 KB, 1264x1264, D58053F0-5262-4C38-9D23-280519…)

Cheeky Sparkles continues to be a creepy skinwalker, this is genuinely a bit scary.

No. 615437

I've been on the Jilly bean train since her first video because she used to be in my local comm. This shit is getting creepy.

No. 615469

Oof her speech patterns in her videos are so forced its so obvious she's trying to be pixie. I'm surprised no one in the comments has called her out because this is the most obvious skinwalker I have ever seen. Her lolita videos are terrible too she's such an ita, its painful

No. 615601

Gotta wonder if Jill is ok with this. This is disturbing

No. 615605

File: 1529466775322.jpg (225.11 KB, 1808x1440, IMG_20180619_204752.jpg)

Haven't seen Lindsey talked about in a while, she's almost worse than Jill when it comes to makeup and style aging her. Yikes.
I can never tell if Jill has ruined people or people who have just as much shit taste are the ones who emulate her the most.
Her and Cheeky sparkles and the other girl who have the sparkles in their handle talk so awkwardly. Talking about how everything is "so cute" and not having anything else to say, or even sometimes pronouncing it as "shoo kyoote" which makes me want to gouge out my eyes from how awkward it is.

No. 615609

sage for samefag but she goes on about how she's suddenly "the biggest fan of pripara" in her fanime haul and ofc this is around the time Jill talked about her Pripara cosplay and moonmusty girls group.
Jillian is a massive cunt but I really can't blame her for not wanting to befriend w lot of her confetti club. They're all autistic as fuck.

No. 615798

File: 1529495442502.jpg (44.88 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1529495472115.jpg)

No. 615799

File: 1529495481651.jpg (56.6 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1529495511422.jpg)

No. 615819

Imagine idolizing a lazy slob. The CC is hilarious and sad all at once

No. 615836

File: 1529500634259.png (37.04 KB, 629x253, 20180620_141735.png)

No. 615844


How do you let yourself become like this ? Her face is so fucking fat and those pastel hats are only making it look more squished.
How can these girls think they look ~kawaii~~~ like this ?

No. 615863

I don't get it. Why is Jill so influential? Is it because she's unattractive and unattractive women have a model to aspire to? Usually I want to see something presented beautifully if I want to emulate it.

No. 615911

Pray for the post office man

No. 616144

File: 1529528932809.jpg (18.73 KB, 360x640, FB_IMG_1529528969497.jpg)

No. 616145

File: 1529528945701.jpg (19.44 KB, 360x640, FB_IMG_1529528963014.jpg)

No. 616206

she's only influential to people who are already like her. that's why all the girls are like the same ugly unattractive awkward person. they all wanna be kawaii "their" way but are so nonconformist they don't even want to conform to what they're interested in.

No. 616326

File: 1529541954643.jpg (27.29 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1529541980962.jpg)

Another cursed image

No. 616327

File: 1529541982348.jpg (26.53 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1529541972834.jpg)

>>616326 what are her body proportions jfc

No. 616370

why does she look cross-eyed

No. 616645

There is a point where a person gets so fat they loose all defining facial features and they become indistinguishable from other people equally fat.
All features are just completely swallowed by the fat.

No. 616695

File: 1529585461925.png (119 KB, 720x792, 20180621_135126.png)

No. 616736

some people have war in their country, kai

No. 616797

these…these people DO realize they can like both cute and dark things and that they don't need to dress the same everyday and look the same everyday, right? normal people do it, it's called "having different interests".

No. 616806

This. And even if you like pink you don't have to make your house/room/basement look like baby section at toys'r us. Like black? oh no paint all over and start own tacky halloween store in kitchen.

Its like they are not even truly interested in anything unless their whole enviroment and being screams it? Look I like magical girls anime so I dress in pink and have pink life and pink car seats. If you don't have fake spiderwebs all around are you even really someone who has intrest in goth music.

No. 617221

It's sad because I think she could
have the potential to be quite cute if she wasn't a blob.

No. 617286

File: 1529617448584.jpg (59.47 KB, 720x908, FB_IMG_1529617473094.jpg)

No. 617288

File: 1529617506186.jpg (100.97 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1529617538403.jpg)

No. 617292

File: 1529617546392.jpg (17.25 KB, 405x405, FB_IMG_1529617587175.jpg)

No. 617299

File: 1529617657774.jpg (17.37 KB, 360x640, FB_IMG_1529617698342.jpg)

No. 617361

It's attention seeking. They just want to brag about being gawth and a pastel princess. Of course with the most superficial stereotypes possible. Most women like sexy dark things and cute things at (spoiler alert) THE SAME TIME.

How about being an interesting person without having to trick people into thinking you have a personality with cheap gimmicks? I've known a lot of boring girls who want to be Manic Pixie Dream Girl or whatever by claiming to be obsessed with certain styles, trends, plushes, animals…pretty much whatever will make people believe they're unique. See Doe Deere who has gone through "I'm a mermaid!" "I'm totally into flamencos!" "I'm a unicorn again!" While Doe is dull as fuck. See Vicky Shingles who pretends to be a master at every thing she sees as cool while being a fat, untalented drunk. See Kiki…no explanation needed. Etc, etc.

No. 617503

File: 1529626412040.jpg (16.44 KB, 360x640, FB_IMG_1529626431251.jpg)

This fat fuck keeps posting every couple of hours jfc

No. 617506

File: 1529626465153.jpg (17.69 KB, 360x640, FB_IMG_1529626417205.jpg)

If you lost some fucking weight, you wouldn't need to post constantly just to receive validation

No. 618145

File: 1529681255697.png (79.04 KB, 720x558, 20180622_162800.png)

No. 618151

File: 1529681447169.png (38.51 KB, 720x231, 20180622_163105.png)

No. 618152

File: 1529681552039.png (80.49 KB, 720x607, 20180622_163307.png)

No. 618155

File: 1529681654341.png (47 KB, 720x276, 20180622_163443.png)

>>618152 tranny predators dream kek

No. 618156

File: 1529681703849.png (38.87 KB, 720x231, 20180622_163543.png)

No. 618161

>>618145 most of the girls just want to be kpop stars or youtubers. How depressing. Do they not have any real goals??

No. 618162

1. This rando will never be famous enough to have people recognize her on the street.
2. Most famous people would love to hang out with their fans, but that's not logistically feasible.

No. 618253

What the hell

No. 618254

This whole girl is cursed. Just look at her fur suit garbage and pictures up her nose and crazy eyes

No. 618297


I hope she keeps posting so I can keep laughing.

No. 618334

File: 1529693922638.jpg (64.48 KB, 720x1008, FB_IMG_1529693958566.jpg)

No. 618337

Why does she need to post identical heavily filtered blob fish selfies on the daily? This isn't a personal blog.

No. 618346

File: 1529694758532.jpg (15.91 KB, 360x640, FB_IMG_1529694796484.jpg)

No. 618348

>>618337 for attention, duh

No. 618374

File: 1529696819272.jpeg (241.8 KB, 750x1152, 5F485426-580A-4349-BA2D-DE8091…)

No. 618404

>>618374 #outofspoons but still manages to put ion makeup and take selfies

No. 618418

obviously make up was important enough to use of her last, lonesome spoon on.

No. 618419

File: 1529699356722.png (43.66 KB, 720x266, 20180622_212930.png)

What the fuck does this mean

No. 618421

She looks like two kids stacked together

No. 618430

File: 1529699832796.png (58.07 KB, 720x342, 20180622_213722.png)

>>618145 imagine your biggest dream being just to have friends

No. 618432

File: 1529699987854.png (253.11 KB, 720x994, 20180622_214006.png)

Why does she pretend to care about passing

No. 618433

File: 1529700006984.jpg (35.38 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1529700013889.jpg)

No. 618442

"tru bois can't wear shorts with hula girls. tru bois have boobs."

No. 618464


It's just for attention

No. 618512

File: 1529707242196.png (35.66 KB, 720x262, 20180622_233945.png)

No. 618513

File: 1529707256347.png (148.99 KB, 720x959, 20180622_234008.png)

No. 618514

File: 1529707271095.png (113.81 KB, 720x752, 20180622_234031.png)

No. 618515

File: 1529707285414.png (140.14 KB, 720x915, 20180622_234052.png)

No. 618516

File: 1529707298805.png (69.61 KB, 720x536, 20180622_234115.png)

No. 618520

Okay how fucking disgusting this is aside, it wasn't that serious if you drove yourself there and back

No. 618527

genuinely convinced, at this point, that the confetti club is like those community center groups they host for special needs people so they can socialize and make some friends, but unsupervised and on the internet.

No. 618758

Hard to say, I've seen some pretty nasty abscesses (on cats at the vet lol) and if it gets bad enough you can actually die (hard to say if she was at that point). But its so fucking nasty that she was just going to let it sit there and heal by itself girl that is literally your pussy filled with puss, glad she decided to smarten up and seek help.

No. 619008

File: 1529756248894.jpg (68.25 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1529756283674.jpg)

No. 619010

File: 1529756567240.png (41.07 KB, 720x294, 20180623_132309.png)

Being a predator isn't kawaii BRITNEY

No. 619013

File: 1529756758812.jpg (65.45 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1529756752311.jpg)

She has to be the next featured confetti cunt member. Her non stop posting is lulz

No. 619023

File: 1529759221205.jpg (29.26 KB, 446x357, 1457825244032.jpg)


when is this bitch going to stop posting her fat face every five minutes? does she honestly not have a life/anything better to do outside spamming cc with her rolls and double chin?

No. 619032


I mean, what is "party kei" or whatever about her? She dresses in dull plus size clothing >>619008 and posts her sameface selfies filtered to hell with some "kawaii" stickers added in the picture. Like do even other confetti cunts care about her constant pointless posts jfc.

No. 619045

>>619032 they constantly praise her, which is why she keeps posting

No. 619047

Hilarious how they co-opt japense words such as kawaii but will never regard it in terms of the standards in Japanese society

Hairy lgbtq+++ hamplanets are not kawaii

No. 619055

Okay, but cats don't drive cars

No. 619067

File: 1529763296064.jpg (50.81 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1529763331459.jpg)

No. 619167

File: 1529775288333.png (142.63 KB, 249x514, Confetticursed.png)

No. 619234

File: 1529782900127.png (4.6 KB, 387x77, Capture.PNG)

I love that this legitimate and nuanced comment got no response but every comment around it was heart reacted at least once lmao

No. 619312

File: 1529787963351.png (168.15 KB, 750x1221, IMG_3403.PNG)

The Confetti Club is fake as shit. No ones telling this girl that the overalls clearly aren't cute because they're a size or two too small.

No. 619335

Did her fucking contact lense slip because of all the fat around her eyes? Please tell me I'm wrong, my god

No. 619353

her eyeballs are being consumed by all the fat on her face how can someone even live with that let alone be so vain

No. 619372

Does she think she is cute or something? Her cheeks are so fat it’s squishing the rest of her face. Also why has no one said anything about how bad her health is? A face this fat can only mean her body is just as bad.

No. 619379

File: 1529793867700.png (211.96 KB, 500x378, 003D03F2-B85E-4A47-B557-D322DB…)

No. 619391

She has xx chromosome and wears pants

No. 619457

Nah she's using a snapchat beauty filter that enlarges. and sharpens your eyes, but it looks like the filter was having trouble detecting where her eyes are in her giant moon face

No. 619520

Fucking kek

This is so sad. I have the same body type as her (30-40 lbs overweight) and overalls/pinafores do NOT look cute on even slightly overweight people. It emphasizes fupa, shortens the torso, and makes you look special needs. They can really only be pulled off by thin, attractive people.

I really wanted to comment to tell that girl that a) it's too small, and b) that overalls just aren't a good look for most people and it's not her fault, but even with wording it carefully and politely I was worried that she might be one of the overly sensitive types that cries all night and cuts herself because someone said something not strictly positive to her on the internet. I should've just done it tbh. Though I'm not sure if it's even possible to try to slowly change the culture of the CC from an unrepentant hugbox into a place where actually thoughtful and useful conversation happens.

No. 619554

i was going to say something about it clearly being too small/cheap and bunching up at the crotch as a result but i figured with all the other positive comments she'd either disregard mine or people who'd already commented would come in to defend against it

No. 619747

File: 1529818563850.jpeg (399.14 KB, 1072x1440, B34D5FC2-976F-4E79-AA70-A6C01D…)

Total weeb nitpick but there’s an ita bag thread that’s so disappointing
Just bootleg button bags covered in random shit.
> essentially they are just bags with a clear plastic cut out that allows for personalization and decoration
Not even close. It’s a bag dedicated to a character or series, “ita” meaning painful, because of the amount of money you spend on a single character or series.
Again, spergy weeb nitpick.
But a random button keychain bag is not an ita bag.

No. 619771

File: 1529821155055.jpeg (254.7 KB, 1080x1350, 6CA32CEC-D707-467E-958F-30A14A…)

This discount pixie edit I’m cackling

No. 619809

looks like those 90s music videos that were shot in black and white and edited with over saturated colors (like Basket Case)
sage for weird comparison

No. 619865

File: 1529839610375.png (130.12 KB, 720x873, 20180624_122716.png)

No. 619905

Hypocrisy is a word thrown around a lot these days. No wonder the confetti cult are so lonely

No. 619934

File: 1529850419220.jpg (65.78 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1529846329872.jpg)

Those munchie fashion accessories

No. 619950

File: 1529853126561.jpg (53.36 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1529853151706.jpg)

No. 619951

File: 1529853259074.jpg (60.77 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1529853298690.jpg)

Every confetti cunt is so messy

No. 619952

how is doing errands pretentious

No. 619953

File: 1529853287320.jpg (47.75 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1529853339605.jpg)

No. 619954

File: 1529853365775.jpg (97.35 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1529853413416.jpg)

No. 619955

this screams predator so loud omg

No. 619966

File: 1529854384173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.7 KB, 590x295, C2WEj8CUUAAJDqd.jpg)

No. 619973

>>619955 this is Brittany. He claims to be trans to 'cover' The fact he's a predator. The confetti cunts accept him because uwu he's actually a kawaii woman and saying he's a predator his transphobic

No. 619992

a spoiler wouldn't be enough holy shit this is so damn creepy

No. 620013

It never occurs to them that they could just…talk about it with their friend? If something is upsetting her she could be civil and communicate it instead of ghosting her because her friend did something she doesn't like. They're so socially inept it'd be funny if it wasn't so sad. They teach you how to handle these things in goddamn kindergarten.

No. 620062

Wtf is this make up? Am I the only one who thinks she looks like someone beat her and slapped her around?

No. 620080

File: 1529865112590.png (673.83 KB, 720x907, 20180624_193227.png)

No. 620087

Why communicate your issues to your friend when you can just air it out to thousands of strangers who will give you a hug box.

No. 620091

File: 1529865895720.png (371.8 KB, 720x1122, 20180624_193600.png)

Our favourite munchie went public again. For those newfags, she claims to have over 20 chronic illnesses, which cause her to nearly die every week. She wrote a post about having to 'come out' to her parents as a cane user. She's totally adjustable and lives a kawaii life filled full of social events and getting dressed up everyday, but totes can't work or do school. She goes to the hospital constantly for bs reasons and the medical staff all know who she is. She seems to have toned down her munxhieness, but she's still a massive cow.

No. 620092

File: 1529865920922.png (520.95 KB, 720x1138, 20180624_193633.png)

No. 620093

File: 1529865986335.png (362.26 KB, 719x1120, 20180624_193907.png)

>>620092 her cane is supposedly because of her blood pressure kek, but it's totes just a munchie spoonie kawaii aesthetic

No. 620095

File: 1529866193615.png (572.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180624-194945.png)

She has since changed the number of illnesses she has. In her orginal promo post, she claimed 20 plus.

No. 620101

Idk why this has me so buttblasted. Like damn a lot of us have chronic illnesses but we just take our meds and get on with it. I’ll never understand this needing attention/validation for being sick or having a laundry list of dgx. It’s really over my head.

No. 620122

Confetti Cunts should take notes of Annika Victoria's posts and explanations, she talks a lot about her chronic illness and how it affects her life but she's just showing the reality and trying to make people less ignorant about it, meanwhile the confetti cunts are just playing illnesses bingo like GOD stop

No. 620185

Why do people take photos in messy rooms? Like it would take her 5 or 10 mins to clean up, even just the area around the mirror. So odd.

No. 620186

It's #aesthetic apparently.

No. 620187

He freaks me out so much. No issue with men wanting to dress cute, which he doesn't, but hes clearly only doing this to be a creep. Ewwww

No. 620201

what really bothers me about this pic, besides the hurricane katrina that swept through that bedroom, is that NONE of the clothes/accesories in the picture look even remotely close to "party kei", they're just normal/sporty clothes. there's tons of black too, both on the floor and on her outfit. why does this person even indulge in this aesthetic when they don't even attempt to follow the gibberish, albeit vague rules?

No. 620244

>>620093 how in the fuck would a cane help with blood pressure????

No. 620245

>>620244 she gets dizzy apparently

No. 620247

I'm losing my mind over this girl.(no one cares)

No. 620261

Whaaaa wow. I use elbow crutches and I'll fall even with them. Having a cane for low blood pressure make zero sense.

I'd love to beat her with her cane. I'm sure that would give her a reason to need it.

No. 620271

I think Annika started out that way, but nowadays she's in munchie territory herself.

No. 620322

File: 1529879954674.jpg (48.22 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1529879986792.jpg)

No. 620427

Don't be retarded. An abscess can potentially kill you. It can also be hellishly painful and restrict your mobility. It doesn't reduce you to flopping around on the ground, completely helpless. Also, I presume you've never been in a position where you know you have to put yourself through a spike of worse pain to get help?

Everyone does that now, though. It's become pretty much meaningless. and then I see >>619234 lol

No. 620442

someone find dirt on this yucko so they have legitimate reason to ban him… i dont trust him

No. 620694

Apparently Aislin (aka Brittany) IS transgender and is taking hormones.

No. 620713

Still doesn’t mean he’s not a predator.

No. 620757

and? some of the nastiest predators on this site were trans, that doesn't mean anything

No. 620797


What reason, other than horrible fashion sense, do you have to believe that he is a predator? Kind of seems like he's being called a paedo for being trans and looking stupid.

No. 620825

File: 1529922369964.jpg (57.03 KB, 720x612, FB_IMG_1529922307422.jpg)

No. 620826

File: 1529922389713.jpg (42.28 KB, 720x908, FB_IMG_1529922344064.jpg)

No. 620827

>>620797 he's a predator because of his age. He's a middle aged man amongst a group of mostly underage girls. He's found the perfect group, as he'll never be banned because that's transphobic. It's fucking obvious he's a creep, so don't whiteknigjt and try to make this a trans thing.

No. 620835


Can whoever is obsessed with this chick stop posting her unless she does something milky?

No. 620850

I second this, tired of seeing that fucking validation seeking moonface every 5 seconds

No. 620863

That's understandable.

No. 620864

She somehow misspelled brain.

No. 620885

enough. i'm sick of seeing this cross-eyed walking secondhand embarassment every 5 minutes on the thread.

No. 620907

for some who do not know, this condition is the cartilage of your rib cage becomes inflamed.

Costchronditis sucks and it can develop at random. But it's been a whole year and she still has flare-ups that are so bad that she needs heat patches? And her ribs are "still healing?" She didn't break or fracture them. And heat pads for inflammation? I was told cold patches, heat can make it worse. How do people live such a dumb life.

No. 620927

Heat absolutely would make it worse! She also has placed on her false ribs. Costrochronditis affects the true ribs tissue connecting the breastbone. Not the false ribs. Fucking hell. She can't even munchie right.

No. 620968

File: 1529938858328.png (823.25 KB, 750x1334, E2EBE3BB-D000-4187-9E74-C632B8…)

At least this person is admitting to being a skinwalker…

Side note, considering Eliza is such a skinwalker stalker, you’d think she would have done a better job picking a present Jill would like. Jill has not touched or mentioned this purse outside of her closet tour, it’s obvious she doesn’t give a shit about it kek

No. 621040

>>620968 it's because it isn't pink all over duh

No. 621043

File: 1529944227964.png (181.92 KB, 720x1121, 20180625_173057.png)

No. 621088

> the designs were close to an indie brand
Uh. No.
Simplicity literally bought stuff from an indie brand, and tore apart the items to make patterns from it to sell. It’s straight up theft.
It’s crazy what these girls will say to play the victim.

No. 621092

>>621088 do you have receipts??

No. 621125

Of course they don't because that's not what happened. Simplicity didn't do anything besides buy patterns from a pattern maker. All the patterns were unoriginal anyhow and if the confetti cow is talking about the dress pattern it wasn't copied from anything. The kid that designed the fabric they used was upset because they legally bought the fabric and used it exactly as she allowed, commercially.

No. 621176

This is super old news from the Lolita community. Simplicity bought a Bonnet and Dress from an indie designer at a con, and took them apart to use the pattern and sell. The original creator got no money from it except for the original purchase.

No. 621179

File: 1529951910955.jpeg (176.68 KB, 814x1200, A6267BC7-45DC-47E0-A780-533AF7…)

No. 621182

And an article written by a popular Lolita blog. They’re not even allowed back at rufflecon due to the theft, but sure it’s all made up.

No. 621191

uhm … that states that yes, at least one of the 'stolen' designs was being sold for commercial use.
It also states that they were dropped as a sponsor by Rufflecon, not banned.
and then it ends on this note:
>But do I think you’re a horrible person if you use them? Of course not. They’re good patterns and more easily accessible for those of us who are outside of Japan and don’t read Japanese

so if you're quite done derailing with shit you didn't even read, can we get back to the confetti cunts?

No. 621196

Because you’re not an awful person for using the patterns. You asked for proof if theft, and I provided. How am I derailing when you’re the one who asked for proof?

No. 621258

This is shit proof tho if you can even call it proof. It doesn't prove that they came out with a similar pattern. Where is the proof that they purchased the items, took them apart and made the patterns from that? The fact is that there is none. There is hearsay. VV never commented, MossBadger said they aren't fully sure simplicity bought one of thiers because so many people purchased that weekend and they didn't create rosesttes and Misscandyholic is a fucking wannabe victim cow herself.

No. 621260

*it just proves that they came out with a similar pattern

Sage for samefagging

No. 621289

File: 1529959645325.jpg (109.02 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1529959656044.jpg)

What an unfortunate body shape

No. 621332

real question: why are SO many fat people (not regular fat, i'm talking way overweight/borderline obese fat) LGBT? every time i see a fatty-chan, especially on here, 9 out of 10 times they're either gay/bi/some snowflake sexuality or they're trans, and thanks to how coddling the LGBT comm and tumblr are they look awfully unfortunate for their shape. why does this happen?

No. 621341

File: 1529963395464.jpeg (203.45 KB, 750x914, BE003DF4-B9E7-48AD-A8A5-A3636A…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 621353

Buddy, this is vintage ass Lolita milk, it’s commonly known and was discussed a lot a few years ago when it happened. We’re not going to spoon feed you the answers when you can literally google them.
It’s not our fault you’re too new to know. Now quit derailing

No. 621378

The longer you look at it, the worse it gets

No. 621380


Idk, I actually like the hair. It's going to look like shit in like a week though. With proper non-neon eyebrows and better makeup and the entire outfit thrown in the trash she would be almost cute, even if she's fat and would suit goth style way better than this confetti cunt bullshit smh

No. 621389

>points out things that were said while everything was happening
>gets called new

Ok. Sorry you lack reading comprehension and believe whatever you are told without actually looking into things.

Sage cause im done with this shit

No. 621394

If you look at her page it gets worse. She has the autism stare in almost all her pictures. And don’t get me started on her “make up”

No. 621411

her hair may be cute but ain't no fixing that face shape and thousand-yard stare

No. 621445

they are way past obese anon

No. 621599


Girl only knows one expression. Crossing her eyes and pouting her lips.

No. 621634

File: 1529990078890.jpg (260.26 KB, 1200x1500, tumblr_pargr0Y40A1tgjli1o1_128…)

I don't understand this whole Menhera shit. Have Jill's followers begun smearing blood on their faces and throwing on some pastel clothes to look "cute"? Try leaving the house like that. You'll probably get so much ridicule. It looks insane.

No. 621656

It’s supposed to be an outlet fashion for people in Japan struggling with mental illness (something never discussed in Japan)
but weebs like this have just turned it into an edgy elfgutz costume.

No. 621658

I have this girl on fb, she's actually pretty cool and open about her mental health. She's not a snowflake about it and offers to be a listening ear for anybody on her friends list that needs it.

No. 621659

One thing she's not open about is her obvious anorexia, lmao she brushes it off and gets all defensive and shit.

No. 621661

>looks insane
Menhera isn't something Jill created nor does it have anything to do with her. Also, it looks insane because it's meant to, menhera translates to "mental health", it's also known alternately as yami-kawaii or "dark cute".

Personally, it's not my thing, and I'd like to think people aren't going out covered in fake blood, but different strokes I suppose.

No. 621663

File: 1529992622710.jpg (77.89 KB, 949x960, 17861728_1335655036491654_2225…)

out here looking like a Eugenia cooney wannabe

No. 621666

File: 1529992750136.jpg (234.65 KB, 888x888, 21559123_1491253884265101_7669…)

She lies constantly about "being healthy" and "having a healthy diet" when anybody expresses concern and she gets all pissy about it. She looks like if you touched her she'd snap like a twig. Forget veganism you dumb bitch, eat a burger.

No. 621667

whats her name?

No. 621813

File: 1530011948444.png (91.69 KB, 720x708, 20180626_121930.png)

No. 621895

That fucking bingo wing what the fuck

No. 621953

fat chick whinges about being single online, more news at 11

No. 621967

Excess insulin encourages testosterone production. It's why fattychans are always hairy, aggressive, too sexually forward, smelly and usually have pcos. Having excess testosterone circulating can give you dysphoria, (If you're female obvs) and increases the likelihood of being homo or bisexual.

No. 621969

File: 1530024732458.png (154.02 KB, 720x1022, 20180626_155220.png)

No. 621982

Well, at least one of them is trying to do something with their lives.

No. 622019

I really want to see a reaction-video with Japanese """kawaii""" models reacting to those people.

this guy must, for some reason, be both a pedophile and a chubby (or in the CC obese) chaser. I can't imagine another reason why he'd be in that group

No. 622026

File: 1530030291484.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1789, 569FDC54-A700-48F0-8C32-2020CD…)

It isn’t her room, apparently. I wish that anon would include the post captions instead of just the fucking image.

No. 622028

Yes it is, sorry.
>Hyperinsulinemia as a consequence of insulin resistance causes hyperandrogenemia in women.
Medicalese translation
>Too much insulin in the blood as a consequence of insulin resistance causes the overproduction of male hormones in women

It's literally part of the diagnostic criteria for PCOS.

No. 622043

I can't be bothered to explain any more to you because it's a derail but these are well accepted and established links. Having too much testosterone has been proven over and over and over again to make women more likely to be LGBT. Being fat leads to too much testosterone which leads to increased likelihood of being LGBT. It's not that hard a thread to follow.

It doesn't have to be mutually exclusive either, you do realise? You can be a fatty with fucked up hormones that make you more likely to be LBGT and a histrionic confetifuck member.

It's a bit of a chicken egg argument, but do you really think any of these people were normal prior to joining up? Nah. They joined jills lil club because they're messes in the first place.

No. 622058

>studies prove people are likely lgbt in early childhood if not earlier
>uhh uhh being fat turns you gay!

No. 622071

Holy shit, she looks exactly like Margaret Palermo here. Poor uggo!

No. 622105

So…are you a fat PCOS, lesbian fakeboi or?

No. 622316

File: 1530050476778.png (817.88 KB, 720x899, 20180626_230023.png)

So she can socialise all she wants, go to drag shows and other events constantly but she can't work?

No. 622355

It sounds like… they were correcting her errors, ya know, like what educators do… when you are a student trying to learn. Like wow how do these people function. Sorry you are bad at your work? Take their advice and apply it to future work so you do better? I know, ground breaking.

No. 622367

I guess I don't know what a "master 2 internship" is, but three misspellings in anything formal is unacceptable. One can barely be excused, but three? And general typos like putting spaces before punctuation marks are so juvenile and easily fixed with just ONE proof reading. I don't know how old this girl is, but they were well within their bounds to points these things out and criticize her for them. Young people really need to write carefully in business settings.

No. 622387

I was this much of a crybaby during my first year of college, but still being a crystal pissbaby when you're doing a master 2 internship is outrageously pathetic. If you haven't learned to handle criticism and use it to better yourself and your work at this point in your education I don't know how you expect to function out in the real world. People aren't gonna go out of their way to word things in a way that doesn't hurt your feefees in the workplace.

No. 622462

you don't even need to proofread, just up the settings in word and it does it all for you!

No. 622544

she looks like a characters from oblivion…..

No. 622561

when will people stop referring to everything as "bois"

No. 622569

File: 1530073405762.jpeg (171.92 KB, 750x585, FBA274BF-0C70-4D63-B27D-D98760…)

Posted to the clinic

No. 622575

or she texted herself and lied about it

No. 622576

jesus murphy do these girls realizes that the clothes they wear and the shit they own dont give them a personality? they all have fucking bpd identity problems and need professional help

No. 622587

>my boyfriend is sooo sweet and understanding that he isnt going to fuck my infected, abscessed cooter

No. 622596

yall weebs are on here for real trying to justify anyone dressing in this edgy 2007-emo personality rebranded as pastel kawaii shit??

No. 622859

File: 1530118827929.jpg (89.43 KB, 960x959, 28279105_1650056471718174_3780…)

Took a look at her facebook page, at least she's half decent looking compared to the fatty chan uggos on the rest of the confetti club. Although that forehead is something else… even with the wig lmao.

No. 622863

She lost some of her hair due to her eating disorder, which my guess is why she shaved her head

No. 622887

Bonnie, who is sexually attracted to minors, is still in the group ffs confetti cult

No. 622901


were you even around in 2007? this shit looks nothing like that. i agree than menhera kei is cringy in japan too, but claiming it's shitty scene crap is retarded.

No. 622902

sage for OT, what's up with bonnie? she hasn't been posted here in a while. is she still posting in the group? was she banned? did she delete her facebook?

No. 622907

She's still in all the groups. Her name is Veronica Weiss. She still posts frequently enough but tbh she hasn't done anything milky or even very cringy. It's a bit weird, considering how off the fucking rails she was in the first thread. Either she absorbed the criticism and decided to shape up, or tinfoil hat that wasn't really her posting that insane shit in the first place.

No. 622908

Or she was trolling. I genuinely have no idea what's up with the sudden change of character but I'm cool with it. Less porn getting shown to minors.

No. 622923

Doesn't she have a kid?

No. 622951

File: 1530126647543.png (35.06 KB, 720x236, 20180627_185248.png)

No. 623023

File: 1530132447567.jpeg (80.84 KB, 750x418, 80E0ACF1-CFA4-47C0-A638-9AF86E…)

No. 623038

File: 1530133332927.png (51.63 KB, 720x334, 20180627_220225.png)

No. 623054

today in "things that don't matter to absolutely anyone outside of a tumblr internet hugbox"

No. 623072

File: 1530136286287.png (152.1 KB, 720x1011, 20180627_225134.png)

No. 623073

File: 1530136302918.png (48.84 KB, 720x437, 20180627_225154.png)

No. 623076

this bitch clearly shouldn't be dating anyone, but damn she needs different friends. the chinese in law thing does not apply to parents who are cool enough to let their kid date outside his race.

No. 623081

File: 1530137894850.png (107.26 KB, 720x707, 20180627_231838.png)

No. 623092

sounds like an identity problem but ok

No. 623130

is this true?? my bf is asian and i'm not his mom is nice to me but i'm afraid she secretly hates me
sage for personal bullshit question

No. 623301

look, even if it IS true, there's nothing you can do to change it. if your MIL is nice to you but takes the time, effort and energy to hate you behind your back, it's her loss, not yours. there's nothing you can do about it except defend yourself if she's a bitch. don't worry.

but as mentioned above, if she lets her kid date outside his race i'm sure she's unprejudiced and doesn't hate you. who knows. sage for OT response.

No. 623460

File: 1530184710188.png (87.37 KB, 720x634, 20180628_121848.png)

No. 623466

'The things I do for money'
Potentially getting yelled at for admittedly making a careless mistake due to your own laziness.

It's a hard knock life.

No. 623468

File: 1530185889290.jpg (65.12 KB, 720x1070, FB_IMG_1530185911008.jpg)

That arm

No. 623469

File: 1530185978712.jpg (71.24 KB, 720x783, FB_IMG_1530186025579.jpg)

No. 623470

File: 1530186050414.png (93.13 KB, 720x621, 20180628_124130.png)

No. 623471

File: 1530186148905.png (92.8 KB, 720x582, 20180628_124300.png)

No. 623473

File: 1530186246959.png (86.22 KB, 720x538, 20180628_124427.png)

>>623471 'im a guy'

No. 623474

File: 1530186263651.jpg (57.1 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1530186244894.jpg)

>>623473 r u sure

No. 623475

File: 1530186281909.jpg (43.5 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1530186242328.jpg)

>>623474 totes a boy

No. 623476

File: 1530186349032.jpg (37.77 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1530186371673.jpg)

No. 623477

File: 1530186506725.png (101.71 KB, 720x825, 20180628_124855.png)

No. 623478

File: 1530186609862.png (153.71 KB, 720x1010, 20180628_125044.png)

No. 623479

File: 1530186695224.jpg (42.35 KB, 645x646, FB_IMG_1530186739161.jpg)

No. 623481

File: 1530186756056.png (215.14 KB, 720x828, 20180628_125212.png)

>>623479 gets offended by being misgendered but dresses in pink, has long hair and wears lolita???

No. 623482

File: 1530186836238.png (478.74 KB, 720x978, 20180628_125429.png)

>>623481 such a boy

No. 623483

File: 1530186870126.jpg (43.07 KB, 720x539, FB_IMG_1530186841080.jpg)

No. 623484

File: 1530186967092.png (167.44 KB, 720x1139, 20180628_125637.png)

No. 623489

So its super offensive to use 'dude, bitch, manz, bruh, sis' etc but everyone is still allowed to usr words with directly homophobic pasts no matter how straight you are??? All these hetero 'they/thems' get to suck dick and say they're QUEER while their titties bounce in their insta feed but loosely throw Dude around and you're accused of violent language.
Absolutely pathetic mental gymnastics

No. 623502


She would look better if she got rid of the piercings and put some decent makeup on. Just because they look good on one person doesn't mean they will on you. Same for the rainbow hair

No. 623507

File: 1530191771432.png (532.68 KB, 720x1219, 20180628_141532.png)

I thought this was a joke..until I saw it was posted in the clinic

No. 623509

What have we come to?

No. 623514

File: 1530192948814.png (580.77 KB, 719x863, 20180628_143609.png)

Thicc dough boi

No. 623515

File: 1530193055758.png (1.1 MB, 720x993, 20180628_143758.png)

No. 623516

File: 1530193120368.png (856.9 KB, 720x996, 20180628_143916.png)

No. 623540

Still ate em I bet.

No. 623542

>half decent
You're giving this person way too much credit for an extremely shooped and filtered pic with what looks like absolutely gross makeup.

No. 623544

Link to the video?

No. 623555


how do people like this even manage to leave their house?

No. 623556

File: 1530199865950.jpg (500.87 KB, 496x579, clinic.jpg)

No. 623559

isn't it the secretary's job to check the "do not rent" book before booking someone for a room? lmao of course you're getting yelled at, you dun fucked up a vital part of your job.

No. 623561

File: 1530200392711.png (553.15 KB, 675x371, what the fuck.png)

From Lindsey's skinwalker channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMMFesrz33s

No. 623606

It's actually scary how much she is imitating Pixie at the 2:18 mark

No. 623647

File: 1530210250684.jpg (59.05 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1530210257594.jpg)

I know everyone is over this girl, but look at her body

No. 623651

yeesh. that fupa is somehow worse than i pictured.

No. 623666

Anon these aren't even milky. Also being transgender or whatever is entirely an identity issue. Gender dysphoria is a mostly recognized mental illness. The two photo posts just look like a self post for attention. Unless this bitch does something actually worth posting don't bother. It'll just clog up the thread.
Sage for complaining about lack of milk

No. 623669

An anon posted earlier in the thread that some of these girls bodies look like "bowling balls on legs" and I've never seen a statement more accurate for her

No. 623695

File: 1530214439658.jpeg (280.98 KB, 1403x2048, D06D3D3B-76BE-488F-A282-40C29E…)

This person is so milky tbh. Highlights include
>prior to becoming a fakeboi, claimed their birth name was actually “Loli” and that they grew up in a family of j-fashion enthusiasts and had been going to tea parties since they were a toddler
>claimed her family was abusive and tried to raise money to move out, still lives there years later despite having a job
>claimed her “abusive” mother intentionally ruined her dream dress because it got snagged in the wash. Baww’d about it in rufflechat (pic related), got roasted
>works as a “makeup artist” at Clinique, actually thinks these makeup looks are good. Brags about makeup skills a lot
>recently became a fakeboi, claims to be intersex because being trans isn’t special snowflake enough anymore

I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting

No. 623711

Oh this the girl that’s weirdly obsessed with misty sky and claimed she was a living doll or a “glorified accessory” at her family lolita tea parties

No. 623712


I’m not over her.
What is her real name on FB so I can go look at her photos. Her fat never ceases to amaze me.

No. 623713

>>623712 it's jessica thompson

No. 623739

It’s mostly lesbians and transmen. There are exceptions of course but the gay community has stricter standards for appearances. Fat gay men are called “fats.” It’s normal for hookup app accounts to put that they don’t want “fats” to fuck. These people are mostly from America as well, and everyone is fat here in general.

No. 623748

Seconded, Edward Chvatal is definitely milky. She collects Lazy Oaf / harajuku fashion now and is a “woke” intersex snowflake who is a militant Rupaul’s Drag Race fan. Newer milk includes her “calling out” a 30 year old man in the cosplay community for dating and having sex with her when she was 17 (the only evidence of “abuse” she went through is FB messenger caps of her having a DDLG/older brother fetishy convo with him). I wish I had caps of that drama going down but everything has since been deleted. She recently blocked me so if any of her Facebook friends can get more milk please do!

No. 623752

this girl is in my comm and she's totally nuts, at a meet up she genuinely pulled a "how dare you miss gender me" and low key raged out pretty publicly at a friend of mine for using she despite the fact that nothing about her say boy

No. 623762

>interests dont make you who you are, your personality and intentions do
>if i cant dress the way i want without people having opinions on it, you are stripping me of who i am
which one is it? seriously why do they all simultaneously need so much validation that they are who they say they are and permission that they are allowed to do whatever they want, yet they always act like they are so rebellious and political for it?

No. 623783

Please make a thread

No. 623798

File: 1530223231159.jpeg (180.37 KB, 738x735, A57FFF89-A239-49D5-8A64-365BD4…)

No. 623802

i personally think misty sky was boring and uninspired but wtf is she talking about?

No. 623819

$1000 isn't much for a Misty Sky wardrobe. That sound like two main pieces and some scattered accessories.

No. 623837

maybe she bought the replicas lmao.

No. 623849

File: 1530227592544.jpeg (111.95 KB, 720x960, 0E479B27-273E-4846-9171-69BBCD…)

She claims she has all of this stuff but there are no photos of her wearing it except for the one OP.

She’s not as milky now that she’s not as involved in lolita, but I think the most hilarious thing about her is that she actually goes to work, at a makeup counter, looking like pic related. She actually really thinks this is artistic and looks good. How did she even get hired

No. 623851

That was for Halloween right? There's no way they'd let her work a makeup counter like that.

No. 623852

>>623849 do you have any caps about her claiming to be intersex?

No. 623855

File: 1530228553510.jpeg (115.48 KB, 720x960, F913E0D9-E0ED-4ECF-A094-009BD8…)

That photo was from May 21st. >>623851
She regularly goes to work looking like this.

No. 623859

I have a feeling she hears "bless your heart" several times a day

No. 623864

File: 1530229322844.jpeg (459.61 KB, 1242x1877, 9046BCD8-8AD5-49DC-8C04-19F3A7…)

Two-fer. Intersex tag and proof that she actually thinks she looks good

No. 623865

What a bunch of fat, ugly and useless arseholes. Just looking at them makes me sick why do they think they look good?!

No. 623870

Awkward as anything.

No. 623876

her mannerisms are so… off. is she autistic/special needs?

No. 623887

she looks like a 40 year old woman in this pic

No. 623889

File: 1530231512579.png (314.59 KB, 466x490, quentin tarantino.png)

probably autistic AND lost whatever personality she had before when she started trying to become jill. either way, its so uncomfortable to watch her dance around and pose like that.

No. 623957

She keeps doing this thing where whell pause and her mouth will hang open for half a second as she's thinking of what to say next. Girl, if you lurk, please write a script or even just some quick notes on what you want to say. It's for your own good.

No. 623988

I can't hate on her too much tbh. I'm trying to picture a style that would suit her better but I can't. Anything mature would make her look ancient. She might a well have fun with her fashion while she is young. Shes also obviously a bit touched? Probably just me but it doesn't seem right to be mean

No. 624008

She looks like that aunt that has too many cats and forces you to kiss her cheek and slobbers all over you

No. 624023

File: 1530245958607.jpg (7.66 KB, 200x200, Gayle is real.jpg)

No. 624172

She isn't beyond salvaging but actually this style IS making her look ancient.
Something like classic lolita would suit her and not wearing her hair up in buns like Pixie would help her face shape. Longer, brown or even a more natural blonde curly hair would suit her.

No. 624213

File: 1530272299442.png (137.18 KB, 720x862, 20180629_123829.png)

No. 624217

Charlie Sheen vibes

No. 624235

holy fat fuck batman
how does she honestly think this is cute or that anyone wants to see this? how do you even get that big wtf

No. 624241

File: 1530278799311.jpeg (202.05 KB, 750x994, 33A8FE6E-1CEC-448E-AE27-D48DD7…)

It’s weird to be so obsessed with a print and not look good in it at all

No. 624242

File: 1530278819074.jpeg (293.75 KB, 1440x1920, 296954A4-73FE-4BBC-B1CA-EB7F5F…)

No. 624243

File: 1530278852836.jpeg (145.48 KB, 745x986, 220F116C-E2ED-4371-B68D-3FB6D6…)

Misty bootleg

No. 624402

>That wonky bag

No. 624743

jfc she looks ancient and psycho here, that thousand-yare stare is creeping me out.

No. 625365

File: 1530352888450.png (94.95 KB, 720x759, 20180630_110106.png)

She obviously copied the symptoms straight from google

No. 625375

File: 1530354405872.jpg (143.96 KB, 1024x572, 1410484357953.jpg)

Pretty sure listing textbook symptoms is the joke.

No. 625378

It's only referred to as menhera, adding kei is an insult "The term is used as is, please refrain from adding “Kei” (系) as it changes the term into an insult towards women"

No. 625379

File: 1530355779817.png (509.89 KB, 720x1222, 20180630_114918.png)

Guess who's Insta I found

No. 625499

.. You're really obsessed with her, aren't you?

No. 625508


Me and other anon, both. Lolthx

No. 625617

being obese and cringey is the bread and butter of lolcow. stop trying to milk this cow.

No. 625826

damn she's a teacher? talk about a role model for kids

No. 626018

File: 1530408698958.png (25.81 KB, 497x231, 24344443.png)

"my dad told me to stop spending so much money on food/drinks" lmfao. no wonder she thinks $15 is a lot of money she probably spends it daily on takeout.

also wtf literally breaking down in a store over $15. why are you cosplaying if $15 is "too much for you". i would love to see what her "cosplays" look like.

No. 626019


Remember kawaii confetti club cuties: If you want to be truly like Mama Pixie Jillybean it's always totes fine to be passively or even not so passively rude to your "besties"! :)

No. 626021

No. 626052

she made her look like shes into ABDL

No. 626212

File: 1530436031189.jpg (266.78 KB, 1079x1700, IMG_20180701_210332.jpg)

has anyone seen this girl yet? she posts on the party kei insta tag a lot, she's a jill skinwalker who seems to think she's being original. she makes pastel clay penises and tries to sell them

No. 626349

File: 1530457617013.jpg (790.49 KB, 1080x1719, 20180701_090437.jpg)

>>Lol I love the old man glasses

No. 626360

>>626212 caps for the penis selling pls

No. 626387

File: 1530462535838.png (3.81 MB, 1440x2307, Screenshot_20180701-132657.png)

How do you spell "skinwalker"?

No. 626389

File: 1530462600272.png (3.15 MB, 1440x2301, Screenshot_20180701-132715.png)

she's into pripara too.

No. 626400

I don’t want to watch it can a farmer sum the video up for me

No. 626415

File: 1530464634631.png (789.45 KB, 720x1189, 20180701_180128.png)

Sofia is so going to try to be besties with jill once she moves. I can't wait for this milky relationship to continue.

No. 626420

File: 1530464951275.png (879.46 KB, 720x996, 20180701_180731.png)

Sofia's girlfriend is also a massive cow. Typical fake boi.

No. 626421

File: 1530464967513.png (897.94 KB, 720x979, 20180701_180650.png)

No. 626422

File: 1530464980574.png (1020.85 KB, 720x815, 20180701_180915.png)

No. 626428

Is that seriously her yearbook graduation quote? Wow, that's embarrassing.

No. 626436

ayu is the kind of person jill wishes she was lmao, she first cosplayed lala in may 2016 and made her cosplay have an actual fit. not every idiot who likes anime for babies and pastel wants to be jill, don't give jill that much credit, it's a pretty basic aesthetic.

No. 626500

>everyone thinks im hot
in what universe? she gives me grandma and turtle vibes.

No. 626600

File: 1530482478188.jpg (147.17 KB, 900x1200, Df00nX7U8AAXuKA.jpg)


her hair and makeup actually seem better than jill's. even though she has the jill bun its actually styled nicely too. that's kinda crazy. she even has her roots showing like jill but at least she doesn't look dirty and unwashed. still an abolute skinwalker tho. she even has a bunch of cats similar to jill's and spams them the way she does.

but still a superior jill. she's actually older than jill but looks better than her. but she HAS to be insane.

No. 626602

What a smug looking cunt.

No. 626606


"everyone thinks i'm hot" cute at most sweetie… she looks like most lesbians i meet on tindr c'mon no one is mistaking you for a boy or anything other than a gay girl.

No. 626658

File: 1530487815471.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.78 KB, 640x872, A2C5AC67-B245-446A-AFF5-3D38D3…)

from her etsy store

No. 626666

I'm amused because she does look better than Jill., if only by so much. At least her hair and makeup seem to be cleaner.

No. 626669

this is a total nitpick but notice how jill is standing slightly in front of everyone and not with them.

No. 626704

File: 1530491765226.jpg (37.55 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1530491780051.jpg)

No. 626705

didn't this girl used to be a tumblr fakeboi way back when

No. 626718

huh. what's the context, here?

No. 626805

This is something a twelve year old boy would do not an adult

No. 626809

File: 1530502214239.jpeg (199.67 KB, 640x820, 881735D5-F72B-40DB-996C-702779…)

No. 626810

File: 1530502227537.jpeg (163.58 KB, 640x834, 4A1A9F20-A8D3-4818-90B3-C7D939…)

No. 626811

Edward needs to be moved to the lolita thread she is primarily a lolita

No. 626812

File: 1530502267434.jpeg (168.41 KB, 640x904, D126B601-D4B9-47FA-87C7-811A51…)

She is… haunting

No. 626813

A kawaii rapper? No wonder she got laughed at.

No. 626819

Her voice is grating

No. 626820

Is she perhaps special needs?

No. 626831

Maybe because there is no self awareness or grooming in this picture

No. 626849

File: 1530506367813.png (727.56 KB, 932x522, whi.png)

She's actually cute, though. Why does she choose to make herself look so bad?

No. 626887


Maybe cute with meitu, did you see the video? She has a very weird shaped face, and like like a MTF

No. 627000

File: 1530537858706.png (350.12 KB, 720x716, 20180702_142345.png)

Our fav munchie being adjustable again

No. 627003

File: 1530538157129.png (99.98 KB, 720x779, 20180702_142936.png)


No. 627015

She'd be cute if her face wasn't so narrow and throughout the whole video we saw she wasn't slightly hunched. Did anyone else notice that? She somewhat lowers her face to the point that you can't really see her neck?

No. 627085


>i'm sad today so i'm gonna buy dark clothes because i think that's edgy

hhooollyy shit shut the fuck up. i hate how people spend money on useless crap they don't need at all. if you don't like alt clothing don't buy it just because it's a "mood" you fucking wannabe. and literally no one in the group or the universe cares if you're still kawaii at heart or not.

No. 627104

This isn’t even a post from the confetti club..

No. 627112


how frustrating. as someone who deals with chronic fatigue, when you're too fatigued to get out of bed you're too fatigued to do makeup.

No. 627192

i don't know if i'd call her 100% special needs but judging from the way she talks, her movements and mannerisms and her face altogether she looks like she has a teensy tiny bit of autism. sage for armchair psychology.

No. 627197

>>627104 yeah, it is, they had a meltdown over the use of the word retard and mods got involved

No. 627315

I'm dying because I have seen this girl over and over in my recommended (because I look at a lot of cute / kawaii tagged stuff). She has changed her username like 3 times this year, trying to just go viral like other ugu kawaii instagrammers. Also hides her giant chin so hard, she'd give Kota a run for her money. Like she nearly breaks her neck trying to bring in and lower her face to minimize her damn crimson chin. I almost feel bad because I feel like if she shaved her jaw, she could be cute. But damn, of course she is in the confetti cult. Yikes.

No. 627341

File: 1530572170374.png (701 KB, 720x996, 20180702_235550.png)

No. 627349

File: 1530572322203.png (1.23 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180702-235913.png)

>>627341 so bad that you can still take selfies

No. 627351

File: 1530572408534.png (101.23 KB, 720x621, 20180703_000051.png)

>>627341 the tags

No. 627368

If she actually had a migraine, the light from her phone screen would be so blinding and painful that she wouldn't feel the need to post on ig. God damn it.

No. 627458

Does this girl EVER post about anything besides her "illnesses?" If she ever started feeling better she wouldn't even have an identity anymore.

No. 627468

File: 1530582064184.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 6F0636C5-9BB3-4F7A-8F0D-FD3384…)

No. 627487

I'm actually quite proud of her <3 she always posts the same photos of selfies of her either in her bed or on her sofa and has had a lot of problems with going outside from what I've seen! This is actually pretty cool to see her actually going out into the world! I don't why she keeps getting posted here? She hasn't really done anything cringe. She probably just doesn't know how much of a snake Jillian is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 627488

Talking about stuff like Agoraphobia on a day where you feel good can be really empowering to people, props to her like.

No. 627490

wait, whats wrong with this?

No. 627517

what is the ER going to do for you besides give you painkillers if its a symptom of your illness? makes you sound like a pill popper but ok

No. 627594

File: 1530590053210.jpeg (149.24 KB, 960x658, 7EDC077B-B24C-4168-9F9A-7F4AB3…)

How can a grown woman’s room look like this (posted in one of the figure collectio threads)

No. 627613

>>627594 ngl i really, really don't get the sonico fans. i'm much of a weeb myself and can understand the appeal of certain characters even if they are fanservicey, but sonico is just so…bland. i tried watching the anime and it was boring as hell. she doesn't even have a lore to make her slightly interesting. there's nothing to this character beyond tits and fanservice, why tf are there so many edgy wannabe tumblrfags obsessed w/her?

No. 627616

File: 1530591607968.jpeg (218.04 KB, 720x960, F67D0A33-9D84-43C9-A247-033FEC…)

Meant to post more but got distracted

No. 627617

File: 1530591636406.jpeg (291.04 KB, 1152x2048, 3042E946-E4E9-48C3-BC61-48743F…)

No. 627619

File: 1530591771639.jpeg (309.06 KB, 1440x1080, 0D3EBCF7-D165-4D35-8637-FA94F5…)

I’m not sure what’s worse out of all of these, the toys made for children or the figures made for horny otaku men

No. 627622

be more subtle next time u try and defend yourself hon

No. 627623

its the pop figures

No. 627627

What does this have to do with the confetti club though?? This is hardly milk, anon.

No. 627638

It was posted in the confetti club, it’s their room/house decor and it’s cringey. I saged it to be safe though.

No. 627657


ehhh looking at her legs she should probably work on anachan tendencies first, jesus girl.

those posts defending her are suspicious as fuck. she's a girl with pink/purple hair in a pixieelocks group, her agoraphobia is 99.9% probably self diagnosed (and probably not real but she read about it on tumblr and thought it was cute). but i doubt real farmers were saying that, lol.

No. 627662

I don’t think it’s that suspicious. She got out of the house which means she’s improving so it seems a bit odd to make fun of her for branching out past what might be a real, actual life halting thing she deals with. I know a lot of people in that group are full of shit but I feel like she might be legit.

No. 627693

the thick layer of dust on the shelf

No. 627791

File: 1530617495806.png (441.98 KB, 720x1033, 20180703_123203.png)


No. 627793

Gross, this is so self-masturbatory.

No. 627825

>in confetti club
>wants to be goth
>thinks buying a regular tshirt is special

Never change, Bonnie. Is she still living in that condemned hellhole?

No. 627831

File: 1530623462403.png (539.8 KB, 720x1111, 20180703_141148.png)

No. 627853

that's called sleeping love

No. 627879


No. 627945

Ty for the laugh, anon. Almost choked on my cereal.

No. 627952

fuck i wish my parents gave me enough money to blow on stupid figures

No. 628235

File: 1530661438806.png (992.34 KB, 640x1136, BDC34E34-B3AC-472F-942D-E499AA…)

She looks so dirty what the hell

No. 628290

What kind of meds is this dumb bitch on? It sounds like she just mixed the wrong pills.

No. 628317

>those prediabetic knuckles

No. 628771

File: 1530728036736.png (63.38 KB, 720x519, 20180704_191348.png)

How is a cw going to help? You're still going to see the images when you check the thread

No. 628780

spiders are kind of everywhere, how the fuck do these babies go outside

No. 628788

File: 1530729340879.png (98.59 KB, 720x647, 20180704_193600.png)

No. 628791

File: 1530729540364.png (331.63 KB, 720x915, 20180704_193853.png)

This go fuck me was posted straight after Sofia's, but got deleted after her drama…have they not learned?

No. 628792

File: 1530729658021.jpg (55.79 KB, 515x960, FB_IMG_1530729689074.jpg)

No. 628875



No. 628880

Fat girls cling on Sonico because she isn't stick thin so they think she must be fat just like them.

No. 628936

anon how could you leave out that it is a poll with options including "hll yes" and "hll no"?

also i love how this girl looks like she dresses extremely average and in the comments she states that she either has to wear outrageous bright colors OR all black/grey, no in-between, when someone suggests she wears black clothes and colorful accessories.

No. 629314

lol this one even has a pink boyfriend accessory like jill
skinwalking game strong

No. 629337

File: 1530794752179.jpg (815.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180705-134531_Fac…)

christ almighty it seems like the goal for a lot of CC is to dress as childish as possible rather than as cute as possible this is nightmare inducing

No. 629338

File: 1530794769476.jpg (254.3 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1530794742381.jpg)

No. 629357

this is that ugly thing from bodyline. i've seen it for many years but never thought i'd see anyone wear it.

No. 629577

>>629338 Holy shit. Her face.

No. 629638

>"Almost all of this was thrifted"

In the comments, she listed what in this outfit was thrifted and what wasn't. Three items were thrifted, and like five or six weren't. What does she think "most of this was trifted" means?

No. 629671

File: 1530825138265.png (223.87 KB, 720x749, 20180705_221045.png)

What does this even mean?

No. 629948

jesus fuck i just watched this and i cant finish the video its so fucking weird

No. 629970

Special needs face

No. 630112

File: 1530871502964.gif (360.32 KB, 500x282, Bob Fossil.gif)

No. 630245

"does last gaga have those same shoes? Did you run here in those (because they look difficult to walk in)? Can you see over the counter in those high shoes (implying she is short without them)"

No. 630353

File: 1530904255226.jpeg (73.54 KB, 640x499, 91F398E6-4B55-49FC-A86A-F22D69…)

Cheeky Sparkles coming through with more skinwalking. She owns practically all of Jill’s closet now as well, as I recall she got Jill’s children’s rabbit backpack along with the same exact keychain as her as well. Not to mention the bunny overalls and ugly sprinkles dress. This is legitimately unsettling, and it doesn’t help that she copies Jill’s speech patterns too. She needs help.

No. 630354

File: 1530904345662.jpeg (100.27 KB, 640x777, 949526B9-C22E-4728-812A-F9B23D…)

Sage for sperg and messed up edit covering the skinwalked title, here’s the original pic with the title.

No. 630378

i kind of think the part about seeing over the counter is just her trying to be an uwu smol bean. like that run on sentence is terrible, but that's how i read it.

No. 630380

Another potential skinwalker though she's also Jill's irl friend

No. 630387

File: 1530906759569.png (269.76 KB, 347x399, hmmm.png)

damn is that a wild sofia?

No. 630402

File: 1530908246927.jpg (218.4 KB, 1440x1408, IMG_20180706_131525.jpg)

Speaking of Jade/Cheeky Sparkles, this was a comment on Derelyn's vlog. Kind of weird when a girl from Victoria is sad she couldn't go to some dinky con on the Eastern coast, except not really surprising considering her Jill obsession/skin walker status.

No. 630443

Why does she have to try so hard with that fake voice? "OH SO CUTE UWU" every ten seconds. The way she acts you'd think she's 12.

No. 631139

File: 1531000212087.png (587.45 KB, 436x795, Capture.PNG)

Good for them, I guess?

No. 631269

i like her hair. she looks salvageable, i hope she stays far far from the confetti club while she can.

No. 631278

File: 1531017055754.jpeg (453.75 KB, 1219x1880, 6C358886-66C1-48B6-9647-63332A…)

This ones not so bad, I hope she leaves the confetti cult asap

No. 631283

File: 1531017759884.jpeg (130.34 KB, 959x960, F7C8DF37-7D1F-41DD-BB03-AE68A4…)

Meh. She looks like a gross DDLG / fetishy Melanie Martinez stan who doesn’t bathe. >>631139
The post office guy’s girlfriend, however, is pretty cute. Hopefully she doesn’t turn into another Sofia / Cheeky Sparkles / skinwalker.

No. 631310

Why is she in the confitti cult? She looks like she could be a nice normal girl. She should leave

No. 631538

File: 1531051527273.png (544.9 KB, 720x1228, 20180708_130539.png)

Imagine your entire identity revolving around illness

No. 631541

File: 1531051674594.png (709.37 KB, 720x919, 20180708_130823.png)

No. 631544

I don't get people like this at all! If you can't wear more than one style and are all edgelord dark, why shoe horn into Party Kei? I mean clearly they only do posts like this to show off their special snowflake selves but Jillian mentioned numerous times that black isn't part of Party Kei, though we all know that doesn't stop people.

Also can I just add that so few of the people in this group know how to use google? So many questions literally ask the same thing or they just want to be spoonfed the most basic things?

No. 631565


Dude looks like Dave Gahan tho

No. 631591

LMAO I see it

No. 631728

are yall blind? maybe its just that pic but she looks like a trailer park girl with that greasy face, labret piercing, and over-plucked eyebrows.

No. 631779

File: 1531084634260.jpg (49.48 KB, 720x480, FB_IMG_1531084635733.jpg)

What is that in the middle

No. 631827

blown veins heal?? she does realize that right??? unless its something really traumatic like childbirth or something, blown veins from needles typically heal. This girl is so ridiculous she doesn't even fact check her basic lies.

No. 632169

I don't know how any of these people live irl. None of them can take concrit without crying personal attacks. And none of them can research anything, they have to be spoon fed the easiest to find stuff!

No. 632191

File: 1531136587777.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x3340, 59BB9E95-E129-4D12-BC07-2ACD93…)

This Daisy chick posted her awful outfit, proceeded to got butt hurt and add the ~disclaimer~ when a few people said they didn’t like it, tagged Jillian for ass pats

No. 632192

File: 1531136614192.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, EADF7114-8715-4C8A-87D3-DA812D…)

No. 632193

File: 1531136628866.jpeg (128.58 KB, 640x1316, 0C97CA7F-E678-44F0-9B6B-AAB08C…)

No. 632194

File: 1531136680877.jpeg (730.17 KB, 1242x3193, 70780ACB-B41F-4992-AC0A-F532E8…)

No. 632195

File: 1531136695085.jpeg (309.36 KB, 1240x1290, 99C721EA-82BE-4D1D-9CC2-E03EF2…)

No. 632196

File: 1531136720336.jpeg (925.62 KB, 1242x4316, 8F92737E-5D88-4944-BA3B-7F6A0A…)

No. 632198

File: 1531136794083.jpeg (539.98 KB, 1242x1668, E507D2AC-B6B9-4136-AF56-14727D…)

Resulted in the mods issuing this ~reminder~

No. 632209

Even as an outfit that’s “meant” to clash, as she says is the point, it’s awful. You can succeed at pattern clashing but it’s clear she has no clue what she’s doing. Start over.

No. 632240

File: 1531143054225.png (151.83 KB, 672x1129, 20180709_143114.png)

Eliza spoonie phase incoming?

No. 632252

File: 1531144210433.jpg (89.27 KB, 645x960, FB_IMG_1531144044973.jpg)

No. 632253

File: 1531144224790.jpg (55.99 KB, 645x960, FB_IMG_1531144040629.jpg)

No. 632255

File: 1531144238490.jpg (71.52 KB, 645x960, FB_IMG_1531144036345.jpg)

No. 632256

File: 1531144251703.png (55.31 KB, 720x387, 20180709_145050.png)

No. 632257

File: 1531144267352.jpg (38.25 KB, 720x721, FB_IMG_1531144259821.jpg)

>>632256 so grunge

No. 632260

the dykey soccer mom at the family cookout look

No. 632506

Disgusting is right

No. 632514

Jeeeeesus what a cow. Can't handle thoughtful criticism of your admittedly god-awful outfit so you attempt to summon your anti-lolita savior? And she never even acknowledged you, kek. I can't stand these super sensitive girls who are both simultaneously saying "I dress the way that makes ME happy! uwu~" and getting so worked up over a handful of dissenting comments that they whine and pretend like they'll never post again because of all the meanies!
I know they're young, but damn they need to grow up.

No. 632518

The skin walking is SO real that she even made a late June favies because Jill did it.

No. 632524

File: 1531166248715.jpg (31.76 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1531166244928.jpg)

No. 632528

File: 1531166464918.jpg (68.33 KB, 645x960, FB_IMG_1531166501698.jpg)

No. 632530

Her Jillian impression from 1:59 onwards is scary. She even got into planners like Jill, bought a serger like Jill and obsessed over Pripara like Jill…

No. 632542


Looks like she is having a stroke.

No. 632543


newt is literally hideous. who is lying to this girl and telling her to keep posting pics? whats scary is that in the second pic she's bending and posing at a weird angle to look skinnier, so i can't imagine how bad her putrid pear ass body looks IRL

whoever is keeping her self esteem so fucking high needs to stop it. you're not good lookinng. your fashion isn't original or good. you have a 12 year old ugly boy face and a lard body, newt no one cares

No. 632617

File: 1531171418119.jpg (67.22 KB, 720x1005, FB_IMG_1531171367688.jpg)

I know everyone is over her, but this selfie

No. 632670

she looks like a 5 year old who was allowed to dress themselves and then cries when people point out how fugly and special needs she looks like tht, good lord.

No. 632863

This seems like a “people of Walmart” picture

No. 632864

Whose mom is this?

No. 632997

reminds me of those creepy fat-baby-with-flowers postcards my grandma used to collect. They scared the shit out of me when I was a child. Seems like my nightmares have become reality through this girl

remember, these are her man-boobs.

No. 633049

>I just want a normal healthy body

Isn't she about 100 pounds overweight?? If she wanted so badly to fix her "autoimmune disease" you'd think she would work on eating healthier and not keeping all that extra fat on her body that is just hurting her body more??


>I dress for ME, to make myself happy. But, I also need everyone else's approval or I will throw a fit like a child.

No. 633052

File: 1531235034740.png (40.35 KB, 513x526, Capture.PNG)

Kekliana, maybe try less hard to be insufferable and to out yourself next time. Sorry you were bullied uwu~

No. 633053

File: 1531235079675.png (41.5 KB, 444x555, Capture.PNG)

No. 633055

File: 1531235123755.png (58.72 KB, 441x577, Capture.PNG)

No. 633056

File: 1531235163920.png (43.47 KB, 433x558, Capture.PNG)

No. 633075

Wait, so what was the original post about that first mentions a gang?

Also, everyone of those girls are insufferable. "Hun" "sweetie" "babe" is so condensing and passive aggressive.

No. 633079

File: 1531237946914.png (79.34 KB, 499x547, Capture.PNG)

Original post

No. 633080

File: 1531237985196.png (48.45 KB, 470x565, Capture.PNG)

Subsequent meltdown

No. 633084

File: 1531238115826.png (29.43 KB, 422x444, Capture.PNG)

No. 633093

100% agree. Obviously that Eliana chick was dead wrong, but all the others who were technically right in this situation were god damn unbearable and couldn't be correct without swinging their dicks around.

No. 633312

Sofia's Animaritime vlog

No. 633401

In this vlog, she says, "Because I won, I move up to journeymen next year." Didn't Jillian win some award in the masquerade last year, yet still tried to sneak her way into novice again this year, despite knowing that that's not how that works?

No. 633417

That's exactly what happened. She probably thought she could get away with it since Jenny is a newbie (Wendy participated with Cyber Nozomi one year iirc)
You can see her quite literally pouting about it in Wendy's vlog. It's pretty pathetic, honestly. And says a lot about her as a person and her "ambitious attitude".

No. 633445

File: 1531265729558.png (643.98 KB, 720x1042, 20180711_003538.png)

I have a feeling this is going to end up being a shit show because there's no trigger warning

No. 633446

File: 1531265759137.jpg (78.16 KB, 720x1193, FB_IMG_1531265724257.jpg)

No. 633551

File: 1531275342630.png (304.5 KB, 989x951, Capture.PNG)

Lmao it was a girl from PULL who started the whole argument

No. 633756

She’s making fun of the CC for being a safe space yet she’s the one who got triggered at a commonly used word with multiple meanings…

No. 633776

File: 1531316380638.png (622.92 KB, 719x1058, 20180711_144007.png)

No. 633779

Riiiiiiight. Because the vast majority of public transport users aren't already exhausted working 5+ days a week, often on their feet, sometimes without breaks, all so they can lose their seat to someone more entitled at the end of the day.

No. 633781

no one is going to read these. and i can say for a fact some people will be less likely to give her a seat if they do. but really, how often could she possibly be going anywhere with her ~condition~

No. 633826

File: 1531324150288.jpg (68.59 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1531323484601.jpg)

Grandma kei

No. 633828

please anon, my grandma dressed way better than this.

No. 633868

File: 1531329105224.jpg (73.46 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1531329111569.jpg)


No. 633874

I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. Except this guy is low rent Gahan. Gahan is pretty hot in that chinless sort of way. The girl is also cute. I agree with anon who said she's salvageable.

No. 633902

File: 1531333919414.png (30.78 KB, 491x341, 342344.png)

she really went out of her way here to make sure we knew she only considers junk to be real food

No. 633912

Idk, I think it’s kind of sad that this woman’s BED apparently rules their whole family and this girl is clearly trying to say that she doesn’t think the healthy food is bad, she just would like to have a little indulgence at home once in a while. That’s completely normal, anon. I mean if this girl is in her 20s or something she can shut it and just make her own food, but if she’s still in school and such, this is a completely reasonable thing to be a little bummed about? Sorry for wk but this seems like bitter anachan nonsense.

No. 633947


not the anon who posted the screenshot but nah mate. she calls junk food "food food". implying "real" food.

and steamed chicken with spinach (probably in a salad if raw?) doesn't constitute food for her?

like come on. that's depressing.

No. 634067


also not the anon youre replying to but i disagree, i think by "food food" she just means like….normal things families eat. bc it sounds to me like the mom is just making the same bland unseasoned skinless chicken. like curry doesnt seem overly unhealthy and its weird that the mom controls the families eating habits through guilt so much so that they cant even snack? and also they recognize that the food isnt necessarily bad. idk dood i see their point

No. 634072

the person that does the cooking typically controls the menu. if this chick can't be arsed to cook her own meal every now and again, it's on her.

or she could go spend $6 on some shit fast food.

she's just whining because she has to do it herself.

No. 634133

10 bucks says she's a fattie

No. 634139

Yeah steamed unseasoned chicken sounds nasty af.
I personally hate parents that are super militant about their children's dietary habits and treat minor indulgences like the gateways to obesity because the truth is they're the ones who can't control themselves.
This isn't teaching her daughter about proper eating, this is teaching her daughter to be unrealistically avoidant of common foods that are fine in moderation, and depriving her daughter out of fear.

See how the daughter is rebelling and wants to eat junky foods she's been denied? Mhmm. Shit parent.

No. 634210

The kid also says that she can’t even get her own snacks to share with her father because her mom will sperg about it. Lol sorry to continue such a derail but I feel bad for this kid. Obviously the person who cooks controls the menu, but if you have that household responsibility and an eating disorder, it’s messed up to let your own problems mean everyone else has to eat as strictly as you do. And she says it’s been going on for years and years? Like, that actually sucks. Humans crave variety for a reason, it’s not healthy to eat the same diet food all the time.

No. 634229

She could just buy a pack of cookies and hide it in her room if she's that desperate for a treat. Honestly, there are ways around it.

No. 634352

Obviously, it’s just fucked up that a kid would have to because their binge eating mother is so out of control. Christ y’all are so unsympathetic, this doesn’t even have anything to do with shitty fashion lmao

No. 634679

File: 1531428219680.png (101.44 KB, 684x893, 20180712_214256.png)

The rest of the post isn't milky, but damn imagine being so maladaptive that you can't even handle Facebook?

No. 634684

It's not a kid this girl is 20 and crying that her mom won't take her to buy crisps
The worst part about this is you can actually make it so people can't add you…or you know, just not accept friend requests

No. 634785

what a fucking retard. peak pull right here

No. 634875

>tw adulthood

this is sad, even for the confetti kindergarten.

>flirts with me


No. 635196

you know… you can always just…not accept the friend requests or just config your privacy settings.

can't tell if this has reached alpha levels of attention whoring or plain autism.

No. 635327

File: 1531485171149.png (182.44 KB, 720x1120, 20180713_133247.png)

No. 635328

File: 1531485186696.png (147.95 KB, 720x959, 20180713_133316.png)

No. 635343

File: 1531486578688.png (859.96 KB, 720x1091, 20180713_135536.png)

I'm so sick I can't work or go to school or do anything unless it's fun like drinking and socialising!!! Also I'm getting ddlg vibes from this outfit, esp because of the boob shot.

No. 635352

Probably bc the shirt she‘s wesring is a onesie from that shady ddlg store

No. 635375

Also literal dog collar?

No. 635379

drinks drinks? drinking on all her meds just like mama pixie

No. 635397

It is normal for eating disorders to disrupt and change the family structure and dynamics. I don't think proper treatment for BED is to categorize foods into "good" and "bad" foods. If her mom has been categorizing them since she was a kid and she has to eat them while hiding from her, that can cause some issues.

Literally the last thing you should put in your body if you're chronically ill is alcohol and other recreational substances.

I know we're on the 4th thread but it's still wild to me how out of touch these adult babies are with the world. Are they just going to """dissociate""" when they're disciplined at a job or something?

No. 635473

$10 says you're right. Makes me upset because i remember taking a train nearly 2 hours for work every day. Anyone who expects you to give up your seat who isn't elderly or heavily pregnant are assholes. half of these munchies are late teens, early 20 somethings too and have no real pain.

No. 635474

Confirmed landwhale. This is her >>635343

No. 635721

fake freckles + little girl pigtails + dog collar + unsexy cleavage, what a look

No. 635743

imagine getting triggered over being corrected when you're wrong lmfao

No. 635948

Drinking and consuming medicine is no way to go about with your “illness”

No. 635972

File: 1531553127777.jpg (43.21 KB, 1433x786, 1531553065118.jpg)

Sofia posted an Animaritime haul and isn't this the purse from Jill's closet cleaning video? Sofia says she "bought it from someone online then met up with them" at the con to pick up the bag

No. 635973

Has to be. Jillian said she was going to selling that in her closet cleaning. I'm surprised she didn't mention it's from Jillian then again in her Animaritime vlog she mentioned meeting someone she'd wanted to meet for a long time but never said it was Jillian when we know it was her

No. 636477

File: 1531607549373.jpg (145.7 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1531607588447.jpg)

So frumpy

No. 636478

File: 1531607568241.jpg (129.78 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1531607593901.jpg)

No. 636481

File: 1531607652695.jpg (52.43 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1531607713004.jpg)

No. 636501

Creepy. Reminds me of people buying MF's clothes and that one girl selling Honey Cake on LM as "MF'S DRESS" or w/e

No. 636531

File: 1531612232466.jpeg (332.15 KB, 750x1161, 65F0702A-A0C7-40BA-A705-6BC54F…)

No. 636538

She looks like the girl who sits at the back of class and occasionally argues with the teacher over something dumb, and who also smells like shit. The sweatpants really round out the dumpy look too.

No. 636669

How is someone that claims they are too weak to stand on a damn bus or too sick all the time to have a job, but then wear a literal dog collar and act like she is into BDSM?

No. 637061

I fucking hate Munchies. 1) I've dealt with individuals with chronic pain disorders and deformities with metal rods in their spines and they're really difficult to deal with. Sometimes, their personalities become shit because of the pain and they have a reason so you know they're fucked up for a reason but it's still hard to deal with people who act so shitty. The fact that these people make this shit up and expect the world to cater to them infuriates me. I also knew a Munchie irl and I cut that tie immediately and will not be friends with one ever again. No matter what, it has to be about them. It's an obsession with attention and they use pain to manipulate people around you. This fat cunt can stand for her bus. I could blog post about my own chronic pain disorder, but anons here all have their stories.

More on topic - confet club seems to be a group of emotional munchies. It's pretty interesting and a new brand of imposing made up emotional distress for attention and pity. I usually ignore threads full of nobodies but these girls are a special group addicted to pity.(blogposting)

No. 637492

File: 1531690565333.png (55.03 KB, 720x291, 20180715_223529.png)

A triggered fatty who is sad they cant fit into lazy oaf

No. 637493

File: 1531690590445.png (62.51 KB, 720x477, 20180715_223556.png)

No. 637494

File: 1531690608741.png (153.97 KB, 720x1149, 20180715_223432.png)

No. 637495

File: 1531690777876.png (927.09 KB, 720x1100, 20180715_223938.png)

No. 637496

File: 1531690796679.png (840.49 KB, 720x1102, 20180715_224013.png)

No. 637563

Why is she bitching so much when we all know she's gonna eat her words once their plus size shit is released and buy the entire collection so she can further her molding into Jillybeans skin.

No. 637566

cause entitlement, that's why she is asserting that she knows the company is just doing this to spite her or something. it's nice to see the plus size entitlement of the lolita comm followed jill to her shitty fake fashion.

No. 637569

looks like shit but is still miles above anything jill can do tbh

No. 637596

File: 1531699411913.jpg (94.69 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1531699458405.jpg)

No. 637621

File: 1531701396825.jpg (135.87 KB, 400x484, Adam_ant_wikipedia_duran_duran…)

why do they thing new wave stage makeup translates well into real life

No. 637622

Why is she so mad? They are a small company in the fashion world that caters to kitschy designs only a percent of alternative fashion people will want. Unless you specifically aim for plus sized, you're not going to spend the money for larger than normal sizing that might not sell as well as the other sizes. Fuck off with this. If you want to fit into certain clothing so bad, work for it instead of thinking some niche company is plotting against you.

No. 637638

A lot of their oversized items do fit plus size. They don't have the same baggy look, but they fit (and obviously if you're 300+ pounds it won't fit, but that's the case with most clothing brands). I don't know why she's choosing to make a big stink over this, especially since the clothes fit a more plus size range than other artsy brands. I feel like this is more of a 'feel sorry for me its so hard to be fat' attention stunt.

No. 637652


Don't you dare drag the awesome Adam Ant into this fucking shitshow

No. 637683

im sorry anon it was the first thing that came to mind. think of adam ant as an example of flamboyant make up done right in the right contexts while CC is the same shit show as usual

No. 637751

it is a company ran to make a profit. it is literally from conception all about the money you greasy baboon. learn to diy if you want ugly clothes so bad.

No. 637828


But those eyebrows tho

No. 637923

Hey you fat fuck how about instead of complaining about Lazy Oaf and wanting them to change you try and change something about your weight?

No. 638094

of fucking COURSE it's about money you mongoloid, they're a company. it's called capitalism.

No. 638160

>calling not being able to spend $100+ on a shitty rainby potato sack "issues" and "discrimination"

No. 638494

File: 1531778462865.png (192.91 KB, 720x719, 20180716_230127.png)

Peak attention seeking

No. 638512

So… what's the issue then?
She realizes that those wacky kinda clothes only look 'good' on thin attractive people, but she's still bitching about there not being any bigger sizes? Does she not care about looking good then? Just lose some weight mate.

No. 638599

How does she not fit into LO? Their huge baggy tacky grandma sweaters look massive. this baffles me

No. 638600

Her new claim is blindness? Really? How much attention does she need? I feel sorry for blind people this is a huge insult

No. 638614

its a saying. "going in blind" means that she is going into the situation without any prior knowledge of what it will be like. still such an attention seeking thing to say.

No. 638661

File: 1531789278105.gif (1.67 MB, 498x280, CD09BF3C-FB3B-45CC-95BB-3A9228…)

Anon that’s adorable

No. 638981

File: 1531829280924.jpg (43.46 KB, 542x960, FB_IMG_1531829228396.jpg)

No. 638995

File: 1531830838343.jpg (40.44 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1531830760295.jpg)

What an unfortunate face shape

No. 639005

Her face always reminds me of a more extreme Holly BRown

No. 639007

File: 1531833259241.jpg (452.7 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20180717-104146_Fac…)

How can somebody be this stupid?

No. 639008

File: 1531833306369.jpg (357.55 KB, 1078x1464, Screenshot_20180717-104205_Fac…)

No. 639009

File: 1531833350310.jpg (199.13 KB, 1067x919, Screenshot_20180717-104224_Fac…)

No. 639054

yeah you're right wendy, wait till you're like 50 to get another one it'll probs be fine

No. 639064

Jeeeeesus she should not take photos from that angle. Girl, I know you can't do anything about your bone structure and that your face says nothing about your character, but your selfie angles do.

No. 639228

> "well that's unpleasant"
god forbid you ever have to do something slightly inconvenient or unpleasant in order to have a better quality of life. have fun with your uterine cancer, you stupid fucking bitch.

No. 639276

I can kind of understand where she’s coming from tbh because I’ve been avoiding it too. When you have severe anxiety it’s very easy to get into the mindset of “I would literally rather risk the chance I’ll die than do this slightly uncomfortable thing”.

No. 639457

How does she feel about going to the dentist then? I'm sure she isn't enjoying those trips and yet she (hopefully) still goes there for routine examination. Most people dislike stuff like that but you have to deal with it.
I would love to have a confetti club utopia where we die of undiagnosed illness because we avoided going for that slightly unpleasant doctor's visit uwu.

No. 639576

File: 1531870050220.png (513.37 KB, 720x1136, 20180718_002705.png)

No. 639624

Anyone of any weight can be anorexic.
It's the behaviors and obsession with thinness that warrants a diagnosis. Take a look at the DSMV(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 639633

Girl grow up, you're about to go to college. Stop making statements that a 14 year old would make.

No. 639662

um no anon you have to be underweight, you're thinking of ednos

No. 639693

so many of these types of people refuse to go to doctors and then turn around and say that doctors dont believe them about their pain or illness

No. 639782

What is she going in for?

No. 640425

File: 1531948728282.png (55.1 KB, 720x386, 20180718_221825.png)

No. 640428

>>639782 she's not said, but she claims to have ptsd and anorexia

No. 640429

Imagine what will become of this girl once she encounters a real problem in her life.

No. 640433

File: 1531949118123.png (24.2 KB, 492x367, Capture.PNG)

No. 640447

File: 1531949822152.png (66.07 KB, 720x436, 20180718_223533.png)

No. 640532

File: 1531958656359.png (159.07 KB, 640x1136, 35D9BEB6-CC1A-48F1-835A-F26279…)

Jesus Christ her poor boyfriend is a babysitter

No. 640538

I'm actually at a loss for words.
How do any of these people even exist.

No. 640550

Lmao just when I think it can't get any worse… End pieces of bread and she can't even make a sandwich for herself. I'm done.

No. 640563

File: 1531960254422.jpeg (92.19 KB, 606x303, 63907C43-7C45-4CCE-A80E-2EAC86…)

No. 640572

Bitch you were WAY more rude to him than he was to you. Get over yourself. I hope he dumps your ass.

No. 640719

File: 1531968412701.png (15.52 KB, 411x185, 2343434.png)


someone suggested she might've been being abusive and this was her response

No. 640722

You can tell she's abusive as fuck just from this defensive-ass response

No. 640761

Ana-chans are the ones who love being public about their inpatient stays, and “minimum 90 days” >>640447
sounds like there’s a minimum goal to be reached. The only other inpatient scenario that really fits is rehab.

What an absolute nightmare, anyone who’s not desperate or cowed would dump her ungrateful tantruming ass in a heartbeat. If this is how the scenario sounds when it’s from her perspective, I can’t imagine how much of a childish burden of a partner she is irl.

No. 640903

Judging by her looks, he mum didn‘t do a great job when it came to „keeping her from eating“ and „messing with her food“.

No. 640920

She’s doing literally everything but taking responsibility, even if “muh stepmom and triggers.” It is not your partner’s job to memorize and avoid every possible trigger even when it’s not retarded made up shit like bread ends, and if you blow up at someone over being triggered, that’s still on you. I’m so sick of seeing people use mental health concerns to justify bullying significant others, friends, and family into being servants to their comfort. I bet this one thinks people who call her out are “ableist,” too.

No. 640955

No. 640962

abusive people always be saying “uh actually the relationship is FAR from toxic” literally right after they out themselves as abusive

No. 640963

>i feel awful about yelling at him and wasting food
>im not upset about yelling at him, im upset that he was rude to me by making me a sandwich that i didnt enjoy as punishment
>IM NOT ABUSIVE! HE IS ABUSIVE! im triggered! its not an abusive relationship, but he is purposefully triggering me!
the whiplash! why does anyone date these girls? are they all dating incels?

No. 640977

File: 1532001966145.png (135.37 KB, 717x955, 20180719_130508.png)

Isn't this the same girl that gave a room to a banned customer?

No. 641011

File: 1532006151185.jpeg (76.96 KB, 1018x364, 73799275-8249-4459-A7DC-8C1D34…)

and she is just going to quit over it? kek

No. 641168


>I told him I have bad anxiety.

Imagine telling an irate guest or customer that you have anxiety and expecting them to stop or that they even care.

No. 641354

File: 1532031852161.png (558.26 KB, 810x325, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 3.23…)

How did I not know this existed? Says it was created by Eliza 6 months ago. Anyone infiltrated?

No. 641360

i think she's talking about the guest. like she told the guest who is older about her anxiety and he's telling her to call his room so he can handle the dude, you know, instead of her just calling the fucking police.

No. 641400

>>641354 it's not milky at all. It's just about 'witchy' things.

No. 641403

There's witchy things, then there are "witchy" things. The latter being a shitty aesthetic. Do they also use CCS cards as divination tools and shit in that group like queen pixie?

No. 641457

mate, ntayrt but these are just enamel pin designs as collage like the punky pins' witch collection etc.
I don't get what's significant about it?

No. 641545

Anon is asking about the group in general, and just used the group's cover photo for a visual to add to their post. They aren't talking about that specific collage at all.

No. 641555

Ooooh I get it, I'm slow thanks

No. 641578

CCS cards are just tarot cards…

No. 641835

File: 1532051849825.png (503.41 KB, 720x1106, 20180720_025658.png)

No. 641857

Why do people act so dramatic over clothes now? Change styles or don’t. Its not like you’re changing your entire life. It’s fucking clothes.

No. 641984

File: 1532061155230.png (303.36 KB, 500x280, raw.png)

> "today is a sad day"

No. 642263

File: 1532093509971.png (129.95 KB, 720x991, 20180720_143032.png)

No. 642300

File: 1532097298682.png (55.89 KB, 497x483, Capture.PNG)

>Called in sick for work
>Work told her she needed a doctor's note
>Doesn't feel sick anymore
>Feels "depressed"
>Actually just feels stressed from being called out for a doctor's note over the phone
>"I know others have gone through this and it's nothing"
>Doesn't want to even go in tomorrow for fear of being fired
>"idk how I'm supposed to work feeling like this"

She wants to just no-show at a job she's had for A MONTH because they said she needed a doctor's note to call out sick from work. Needing a doctor's note is standard practice for shitty retail.

The thing that bothers me the most about this mindset is now she thinks she's the victim here. She thinks she should get some depression points from this or something. "How am I supposed to work like this?!?" This bitch genuinely thinks she should get a free pass to not work ever because she felt awkward when she tried to call in sick for work one day. The comments are encouraging this victim mentality too, like "jobs come and go, take care of yourself!" and "that seems weird to need a doctor's note for one day off." The thing is, if she's ever had a minimum wage job like this ever in her life, she'd know that they at least say they require a doctor's note to reduce the number of shitty employees calling in sick on game day or their birthday or whatever. I can't believe that the ensuing conversation about needing a doctor's note legitimately sent this person into a depressive spiral that she cannot climb out of and thus thinks she should just not have to work.

No. 642303

>>642300 also 8 k steps a day is under the recommended ffs land whale

No. 642304

File: 1532097530197.png (34.15 KB, 471x276, Capture.PNG)

Lol of course these cows lie about having jury duty to skip work and then get upset when called out for it.

No. 642332

File: 1532099651227.jpg (36.76 KB, 720x480, FB_IMG_1532099621027.jpg)

No. 642376

i hope none of them ever reproduce. ever. if anyone physically depended on these spergs to survive they'd die, point blank. mama sara wouldn't be able to handle those pesky daycare teachers, guidance counselors and doctors that give her anxiety by telling her she has to take actual care of her kid, or her boss telling her she needs to come into work (to make money for the kid).

No. 642500

Worst of all is how selfish this sounds. Calling in sick just because you feel like you might be getting a cold? That just reads as being too lazy to at least try and get up out of bed. Meanwhile the people at her work have to work harder to fill in her shift, since she probably works a typical retail job or something.

No. 642507

Idk I feel it on both ends because I feel like she’s over reacting but also going to the doctor and sitting there during an anxiety attack just for a note can be awful (especially if you end up with a doctor who isn’t educated about anxiety) + some places make you pay $20 for a doctors note.

She should just go in, explain herself and apologize to her boss if anything if she was unable to see the doctor.

No. 642779

how tf is "jobs" a trigger warning?

No. 642894

>She won't change because she's too old.

OR, maybe it's because your boss doesn't have to change to suit how you think she needs to act. You do realize she's the boss, right? It's you that has to adjust to how your boss expects you to do your job. The sheer entitlement is mind blowing and it's people like these girls that prove boomers right. Kek

No. 643107

File: 1532161114507.jpg (52.33 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1532161084717.jpg)

The state of the bathroom jfc

No. 643128

Idk, at my worst I would struggle with things like this. However, she really needs to be talking about this with a therapist; not a bunch of teenage girls online.

No. 643188

I just can't help but feel bad for this bitch. I don't even know what I would do with myself if I had the body type of a cyclops, let alone dress like pastel shit to distract myself from it

No. 643234

File: 1532178713802.jpg (94.36 KB, 682x960, FB_IMG_1532178666749.jpg)

No. 643268

Fuck…she should stop. This is frightening.

No. 643290

I feel cursed now

lol shut up anon

No. 643292

This image is nightmare fuel, this is a human being that wants to wear your face as a mask.

No. 643395

File: 1532197048033.png (589.33 KB, 720x1228, 20180721_191625.png)

No. 643743

Ho god is this the tranny.too fucking creepy

No. 643784

The trans predator is Brittany/Aislin. This is just a girl with a really unfortunate outward appearance.

No. 644335

Her smile doesn't even seem empty here to me? It just looks like a normal smile, probably better than most people's awkward senior photos. Why does she feel the need to attention seek at every possible situation ugh.

No. 644348

File: 1532286718729.png (799.55 KB, 720x1107, 20180722_201121.png)

No. 644376

dear god. is that her face and… chins? looks like the worst case of the mumps ever.

Or is just some bizarre disfigurement a la her user name? Either way…

No. 644444

I love how just reading the quote, even without the pic would automatically tell you that the person was a girl. No straight guy would tell the world that people confuse him for being a girl and be proud about it.

No. 644462

File: 1532296695989.png (505.3 KB, 812x584, Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 2.57…)

Just seems to be obesity to me

I can't believe she is 17 in this pic. Would have guessed 35 or 40.

No. 644465

am i losing my mind or are those fucking rubber tube dreadlocks on her head

No. 644477

They’re cyber falls. An awful trend in the rave community.

No. 644824


Whoa, this girl used to be on the same kandi trade websites as me and i havent seen this photo in years.

I see nothing has changed and shes only gotten fatter.

Sagged for nothing interesting

No. 644963

File: 1532344182183.png (46.46 KB, 720x382, 20180723_120855.png)

Bragging much?

No. 645413

File: 1532379099013.png (135.77 KB, 720x856, 20180723_215058.png)

No. 645522

File: 1532388707357.jpg (40.03 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1532388662747.jpg)

Why are her fans like this

No. 645577

The overly political patch with the care bears top, the collar and the typical SJW tumblr hair on a below average fat chick wearing a tight skirt with fupa out for body positivity is too much for me. How do people manage to tick every box for a stereotype and walk around so blissfully unaware?

No. 645608

File: 1532392150856.png (486.1 KB, 720x1017, 20180724_012849.png)

No. 645676

Long lost Shelton sister?

No. 645963

File: 1532439296185.png (6.54 MB, 1242x2208, DEEB83BD-0CE2-4FCE-8981-9E5BEA…)

isnt she supposed to be extremely mentally ill to the point where she has to be locked up for 3 months? i find that hard to believe since she is dyeing her hair kaweewee colors and making cinnamon rolls at 3am.

No. 646007

The sheer entitlement in this person's post is infuriating. Do they not realise that huge clothing companies don't give a shit about your feelings and whether their clothes are masculine enough for you? Sew your own goddamn pastel vomit clothes if you care that much.

No. 646011

Well I guess that cancels out her bday trip to PEI. Jill has dodged a bullet.

Did she ever end up contacting Jill's tattoo artist?

No. 646022

File: 1532446180463.png (815.04 KB, 689x825, 20180724_162904.png)

Those munchie accessories

No. 646084

Correct me if I'm wrong here but wouldn't being overweight make chronic illnesses worse? Maybe if she lost some weight she wouldn't feel like shit all the time, if she actually does have the conditions she claims to have that is.

No. 646088

Ah yes, wearing your DDLG clothes in public. So stylish and iconic.

No. 646102

so much evil is emanating from the picture

No. 646105

It depends on the illness irt being overweight making it worse. It's more about if you're eating healthy and exercising/following doctor's orders. There are some overweight people who eat in a deficit and exercise and are still "fat" but they would probably be considered overall healthy.

Generally, overeating, eating unhealthy foods, and being sedentary are not good for anyone, and probably can make a ton of symptoms worse (i.e. exercise helps a bunch for people with depression)

No. 646111

She is so delusional, EVERYONE wants to get the fuck out of those places by week two. More than three months?? She will get bored and lonely SO QUICK.

No. 646115

>>646084 she claims to have anorexia and that she rarely eats kek

No. 646116

File: 1532455669925.png (570.45 KB, 720x996, 20180724_190704.png)

No. 646120

File: 1532455755186.png (674.91 KB, 720x1015, 20180724_190853.png)

No. 646122

Jeez, that's embarrassing.
Don't they realize that lying about ~being a weak smol bean that doesn't eat enough~ doesn't really work when you also upload pictures of yourself showing that you're overweight?
If she really doesn't eat during the day she must just binge at night then.

No. 646144

Yeah she’s a dumbass if she thinks it’s going to be a fun vacation. But hey mental illness points amirite!!!

No. 646156

It's actually kind of sad that she's uploading this before and after photo so proudly when she looked so much better before. Even if she did have anorexia, recovery doesn't mean becoming overweight. You're just swapping one ed for another.

No. 646299

God what a slap in the face to actual anorexic people.

No. 646326


Overweight recovered anorexics shouldn't be allowed to post their "progress" pics online, it scares other anorexics out of recovery

No. 646331

it honestly does, i remember a girl in my classes wouldnt get help for anorexia because of these bullshit pictures

No. 646584

Thats what I was thinking especially since she said "during the day". She probably downs a good 1600+ calories all at once at night if she's gaining weight.

Which even regardless of weight obviously isn't good for you. She's going to be tired all day before eating at night and likely sleeps after meaning none of the energy she gets from eating is burned. Shit like that isn't good for your physical health but also is super bad for your mental health.

I wouldn't be surprised if almost 70-80% of this group's "mental illnesses" could be drastically solved by just being healthier. Obviously things like depression and anxiety will be worse when you're starving your body of nutrients and energy, and only shoveling in shit instead.

No. 646739

File: 1532514881128.png (94.27 KB, 720x610, 20180725_113338.png)

Eliza on demi

No. 646746

File: 1532515857834.jpg (47.28 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1532515783274.jpg)

No. 646857

I said “ED treatment or rehab” earlier itt, but honestly thought it would be ED treatment because I forget that these are women, not little girls. It’s a mistake that easy to make - although less because of their appearances than their attitudes.

No. 646935

File: 1532537619284.png (410.27 KB, 720x1133, 20180725_175300.png)


No. 647084

Damn, can this bitch know a condition/illness exists without claiming to suffer from it? Like okay, it's possible to have more than one severe condition but she claims to have PTSD, anorexia, cfs, fibro and about a million more. Like Jesus, girl.

No. 647154

what do we think she is going to rehab for? its hard to believe that she actually has a drug addiction

No. 647409

She Facebook is public. I looked at her pictures they are full time nightmares. Also her living conditions are really bad, maybe the state of her house is why she doesn’t take care of herself. I have no idea. Plus a ton of her photos are taken from and angle that look up into her nose it’s gross. she does a ton of bug eyes too

No. 647412

Way to not credit and steal people’s pictures

No. 647426

Believe it or not this is a better picture of her

No. 647496

Agreed and that's fucking sad. Maybe it's the much better lighting and more human like pose at a normal selfie type angle that make her look just a bit better. Completely different compared to the nightmare fuel of her just standing there in a dark, dirty house staring into your soul. Still quite an unfortunate face, though.

No. 647559

anyone got the source on that apron tho

No. 647599

confetti club begone

No. 647643


Whats her name on facebook please?

No. 647962

File: 1532613869487.png (153.3 KB, 720x802, 20180726_150347.png)

Yes, pixie definitely needs the extra cash

No. 647964

File: 1532613982133.jpg (38.76 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1532613946674.jpg)

Her leg is nightmare fuel

No. 647979

I only see soggy cardboard

No. 648013

Is that tattoo lopsided towards the bottom?

No. 648034

entire thing is lopsided. it looks like it's melting (like her leg)

No. 648077

Isn't the Pusheen creator one person?? you shouldn't expect clothing brands to cater to you anyway… This is the dumbest thing i've ever read. Also, Pusheen seems very feminine clothing regardless, so even if they made pants, more women would wear them.

No. 648085

that is a lot of fruit for one person/one sitting. Looks like three pieces? it's good shit, but is she really just doing this shit for attention?

feel bad for the tattoo artist. There's not much one can do when working on a fat piece of skin.

No. 648169

I’m morbidly curious as to what this would look like if she ever achieves huge weight loss and her legs return to regular proportions. I can only imagine it looking like literal saggy wrinkles of pink ink.

No. 648172


>one apple and two mandarin oranges

>literally 150 calories
>"lot of fruit for one person/one sitting"

shoo, anachan.

No. 648178

File: 1532629537515.png (200.91 KB, 720x1136, 20180726_192414.png)

No. 648179

File: 1532629564161.png (138.74 KB, 720x979, 20180726_192443.png)

No. 648211

File: 1532631872478.png (166.88 KB, 480x456, Screenshot_2018-07-26-04-20-48…)

This was in the same thread, thought it was pretty unfortunate too.

No. 648258

shitty tattoos are the saddest waste of money

No. 648323

Is there even any reasonable excuse for how wonky this one turned out?

No. 648362

File: 1532646269115.jpg (32.4 KB, 528x960, FB_IMG_1532548232877.jpg)

No. 648363

File: 1532646479316.png (911.71 KB, 720x1137, 20180727_000723.png)

No. 648459

File: 1532655984019.jpg (21.39 KB, 450x318, chocolate-chocolate-bar-one-bl…)

lol yikes, at least the first one kinda looks like gem faceting. this one just looks like a sad pink chocolate bar or something

No. 648481

File: 1532657642077.png (399.59 KB, 720x887, 20180727_031313.png)

>big eyes


No. 648491

How does one eat with that many piercings? I mean, it’s very obvious she eats.

No. 648496

File: 1532658901355.jpeg (151.07 KB, 689x652, BCA6132B-9A60-4D23-9B48-E1DBD2…)

She looks ok in her profile picture but her albums are the stuff of nightmares. Very strange angles and dusty dirty house

No. 648498

Bad Tattoo that will turn into pink blob and bad leg holy shit

No. 648504

This is why black outlines are a must

No. 648716

I'm amazed how bad Jill has gotten these days when people like this are way better put together than her.
The blues match, the overall outfit shape is good (even if her shape isn't great..)
The hair and make-up is still an eyesore but I think this is one of the few I've seen that could actually pass for quirky, colorful normie and not giant munchie toddler.

When did Jill start getting more badly dressed than her mindless fans?

No. 648753

File: 1532699383351.png (319.06 KB, 499x429, Capture.PNG)

Jeeeesus this girl is a trainwreck. I think she's my most-disliked CC member. Way to go, whiny victim-chan!

No. 648760

my fav part about this is that fans doing this on purpose could get her demonetised.

No. 648767

>>648753 she has to be the next featured confetti cunt

No. 648770

File: 1532701930906.png (557.73 KB, 720x1117, 20180727_153130.png)

Why does everything have to be about hospital?

No. 648772

Her face is pure evil

No. 648789

File: 1532703771925.jpg (3.65 MB, 2598x3626, munchie.jpg)

I hope y'all enjoy this

No. 648793

>dying every other week
Lmao. This is great anon, definitely worthy of next thread pic.

No. 648803

>my cute chronically ill life

I feel sorry for actual chronically ill people

No. 648828

File: 1532706994867.png (226.55 KB, 720x657, 20180727_165543.png)


No. 648857

wait, i don't know much about chronic illness/chronic pain, but how tf can she get a tattoo if she's allegedly in such pain she can't even leave the house most days? tattoos aren't unbareably painful, and she did play it safe with the placement and the size, but if you're already in pain the whole time you'd think a tattoo would be a big no-no.

No. 648872

She's a liar anon, who thinks people are too gullible to see through her bullshit. Isn't it so magical that her 15 illnesses went away when she wants a tattoo that showcases how cute and special she is

No. 648908

are you an ameri–oh, im sorry, i see you have a microscopic tattoo of a leaf on you. i am horribly mistaken.

No. 648948

I am so triggered by the fact that her piercings are symmetrical, but she has a ring on the outside on the lower right, and a stud on the outside on the lower left.

No. 648967


She seems like a munchie but you can get a tattoo if you have chronic pain/illness. You would just have to let the artist know so you can take breaks and reposition if need be. What most actual chronically ill people do is have multiple sessions to deal with the discomfort.

No. 649168

It's not the tattoo I'm sus about, it's the traveling. How tf is someone with that many issues traveling abroad?

No. 649178

She’s not I’ll enough that she can’t do kinky age play sex. Look at that onesie and collar

No. 649195

>over 15 diagnoses

gets me every time. how obvious do you wanna be, munchie-chan? I enjoy the antics of the turbo retards like Eliza, but this bitch annoys the fuck out of me. I'm with >>648803 actual chronic illness sufferers have it plenty hard enough without people cosplaying it like this.

No. 649459

File: 1532781319491.jpg (88.73 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1532781270059.jpg)

No. 649460

File: 1532781444429.png (306.83 KB, 720x1030, 20180728_133641.png)

No. 649461

File: 1532781467017.jpg (62.34 KB, 720x1072, FB_IMG_1532781410976.jpg)

No. 649462

File: 1532781491876.jpg (50.5 KB, 720x723, FB_IMG_1532781423139.jpg)

>>649460 so passing

No. 649491

File: 1532784888617.png (220.52 KB, 577x580, apollo11fullmoon-577x580.png)

Sorry, I had to do it

No. 649645

This is dumbass logic at it's finest. Her shirt looks so tight in the armpits, there's no fucking way she's comfortable with her newfound crop top.

No. 649671

That OtaQ skirt is screaming for release it’s so stretched out it’s a mess

No. 649673

What to do? Get rid of the small shirt and buy clothing that fits

No. 649788

She gets so mad when people even suggest she buys clothes that fit. She takes it as fat shaming, It's not fat shaming. It is literally saying YOUR CLOTHES ARE TOO SMALL AND YOU HAVE OUTGROWN THEM!!! I get told all the time to buy clothes that fit (I like baggy clothes) and thats not thing shaming. I'm fairly average. I'm so sick of people being typical snowflakes and crying all the time over literally nothing.

No. 649953

It looks like she's also just plain too tall for it, its okay to grow out of clothes and its more embarrassing if you try and make obviously too small clothes fit then if you have to buy bigger clothes because you're fat.

No. 650027

Is this newt??

No. 650083



No. 650116

Agreed. There's always a train of thought people have when they see someone in clearly ill fitting clothes…No one can see the size of your clothes. I wouldn't know if this girl was wearing a 2x or a 4x, but because of how ill fitting it is I'm distracted by the idea that she may be just too fat for all clothes.

No. 650168

at least she picked a fitting fakeboi name, she sure looks like a newt.

No. 650175

File: 1532861594195.jpg (892.84 KB, 1080x1080, 31504563_152807548904603_34234…)

I was going through her Instagram and immediately recognized this photo. She posted this to one of the DDLG/little subreddits a while back. I think I even commented on it. I can't find the post or the account now, I think she deleted them, but they were definitely there. She is definitely into this DDLG shit.
I'm glad I got over that phase.

No. 650187

Samefag but I found the post and the picture is deleted, but she still posts in the little subreddit under the name softflutterbun. She also posts in r/illnessfakers, lol.

No. 650191

>>650187 caps pls if they're milky

No. 650212

Her logic is wear really tight and unflattering shirts instead of losing weight or buying bigger?? that's hilarious.

No. 650215

File: 1532867382367.jpeg (307.29 KB, 1508x1878, E960F2A3-69E2-4E81-B85B-7F181E…)

Pretty much bragging that she doesn’t have to work

No. 650236


wtf? fucking lose weight and save money.

No. 650260

File: 1532871833916.jpg (72.18 KB, 1440x1021, 1532871788902.jpg)

Got a kick out of this. Also every other comment she makes has "hehe"

No. 650297

File: 1532876282907.jpg (84.81 KB, 1130x1080, 14882264_1079900752078099_8241…)

This is her when smiling

No. 650502

File: 1532895355740.png (297.78 KB, 720x1063, 20180729_211446.png)

>>650215 the contrast between these two accounts is hilarious

No. 650513

She's so fucking dumb. You can go on and take a break or a year off or whatever, nobody would really care. But she goes pulling 15 illnesses out of her ass to probably prolong this break as long as possible.

No. 650667

Oh, so here she can't work due to mental illness, you would think if she had 15 illnesses and was really as sick physically as she claims on her Instagram she would say she couldn't work because of that, and not because of mental illness. I think I would mention one of my dozen physical ailments first if they were as present in my life as she claims.

No. 650669

File: 1532914049468.png (14.03 KB, 834x188, Capture.PNG)

High on what? Substances probably don't mesh well with her illnesses/medication.

No. 650672

File: 1532914477336.png (17.6 KB, 832x265, Capture.PNG)

She used to be poly?

No. 650673

File: 1532914517656.png (825.21 KB, 739x560, Capture.PNG)

No. 650772

I snorted thanks anon it’s uncanny

No. 650787

how do you have two girlfriends and neither are cute

No. 650820

did u even look at him. there's ur answer.

No. 650916

File: 1532943053378.jpg (413.32 KB, 1080x1468, 20180730_102617.jpg)

The way she types really bothers me she talks as if she's some kind of influencer/public figure and that the Confetti Club are her adoring fans.

She comes across as so fake with her constant "uwu positivity love yew all lovelies feelin fierce n powerful today you're doing amazing sweetie". Gives me bad vibes

No. 650931


take me the fuck back to 2004

No. 650985

File: 1532953525891.png (656.72 KB, 720x1145, 20180730_132316.png)

No. 650988

Lol it reads like some kind of MLM thing. Buy my wraps!!!

No. 650992

File: 1532954774555.jpg (48.46 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1532954685114.jpg)

From the tattoo thread

No. 650993

File: 1532954802073.jpg (32.5 KB, 396x720, FB_IMG_1532954677608.jpg)

No. 650996

what the fuck is that? it looks like a shredded potato.

No. 650999

File: 1532955713980.jpg (30.42 KB, 391x550, flat,550x550,075,f.u3.jpg)

It's the 6-fingered hand from Gravity Falls. There's so many better ways to get it done, I don't know why they decided to get a giant blob version of it.

No. 651013

File: 1532956830087.jpg (64.66 KB, 1193x551, hold my barf bag.JPG)

dd/lg and petplay, in between being diagnosed with literally everything ever. What a winner.

No. 651060

Oh god, the overhanging fupa is making me want to throw up…
Post her to the illness fakers subreddit too. It'd be hilarious if she saw it and sperged out on her Instagram.

No. 651064


yeah i would love to see this happen. i'm laughing thinking about it.

No. 651139

Why does she wear head wraps all the time? Is she going bald?

No. 651188

>>651139 she said she has alopecia, but it's probably just due to her poor lifestyle. I cba to find the cap.

No. 651252

File: 1532976281097.jpeg (803.61 KB, 1125x1633, E0CFCFB8-DAC5-4AC7-B341-0E67CE…)

I don’t know if anyone’s seen this but our favorite gofuckme confetti cult member made it on a RPDR’s Queen’s Instagram

No. 651341

Of course an annoying cow would pick an annoying queen.

No. 651592

No one cared about this drag queen who was a hot complaing mess.

No. 651594

Why does no one have outlines?

No. 651892

dark colours aren't kaweewee anon!!!! outlines are icky

No. 651910

Thorgy fits in perfect with the confetti cult then because they’re all a bunch of complaining messes

No. 651935

„I saw Pixiesucks not having any outlines, so like, I didn‘t want any outlines“

No. 652076

boy, without outlines that's gonna age like shit

No. 652123

File: 1533055508765.jpeg (103.94 KB, 720x960, 628CDABC-C5E9-48D4-80DD-E21B17…)

The state of her home is upsetting

No. 652124

Hoarder Kei….

No. 652128

Yooooo wtf. I don't get these girls that post selfies with in-home natural disasters behind them. It's like she framed the picture to include that pile of shit behind her on purpose. Just cover the mess with some stickers from one of those photo editing apps, it'll fit your kaweewee ~*aesthetic*~ and spare everyone else the horror of seeing your living conditions.

No. 652144

why is everyone in the group such a fucking hoarder

No. 652149

On the kitchen table? This is disgusting

No. 652161

File: 1533058248287.png (392.14 KB, 720x1007, 20180731_183024.png)

No. 652164

File: 1533058274655.jpg (84.71 KB, 720x1072, FB_IMG_1533058204063.jpg)

No. 652169

hoooooly fucking shit that looks like a pillowcase. please don't tell me that fake boi is wearing a pillowcase on their chest and trying to pass it off as a halter top.

No. 652170

I mean, you can. Anyone can. Just don't go whining when people tell you you look terrible and not like a man at all, and then we'll be good.

No. 652354

File: 1533067621697.png (43.63 KB, 824x436, w.png)

She's very open about the DDLG on reddit. Did she really deny it?

No. 652360

i can smell the stench through the screen.

No. 652419

Life was so much better before Rupaul's drag race.

No. 652858

she pisses me off the most out of all of confetti cult, i'm half tempted to make a throw away facebook to call her out(cowtipping)

No. 652893

File: 1533086914934.png (265.1 KB, 398x518, Capture.PNG)

>Wears literal children's clothes
>Gets mad when strangers say she's dressing like a child

No. 653173

Things that never happened: her getting harassed by customers.

No. 653176


No. 653247

I think a more astute liar would have embellished some more details to prevent telling the most generic 'Me vs. The World' story ever told.

You know if it had been a real person doing this, that people like herself wouldn't hesitate to pick them apart to discredit their disapproval; whether male, older, 'boringly' dressed compared to themselves, etc.

More than likely she got a few stares she didn't like, but exaggerated the story for asspats.

No. 653396

her getting bigger and bigger is so fkin upsetting

No. 653788

File: 1533156466470.jpg (529.02 KB, 507x1959, jess.jpg)

No. 653790

This is actually kind of sweet.

No. 653806

i agree, very wholesome.

No. 653834

>>653806 you're acting as if it actually happened

No. 654127

Fucking hell it is lol she just knows what a manipulative, lying bitch she is.

No. 654446

It did it happen, I was there, everyone clapped

No. 654482

Someone post this on r/thathappened for a million karma

No. 654496

Is she actually a schoolteacher, or is she just shortening some sort of childcare title to “teacher” because she wants to let people assume the more impressive role is hers?

No. 654503

why would you post something nice on lolcow, are you retarded?

No. 654530

If this really happened she definitely would have taken a selfie with the woman

No. 654724

File: 1533232512849.jpg (70.07 KB, 720x967, FB_IMG_1533232483919.jpg)

The state of the house

No. 654726

Highly doubt she's a teacher. Most teachers try to stay professional online and don't post a million kaweewee selfies all over a dumpy fashion group for attention.

No. 654727

At this point I assume all confetti cunt members are hoarders or living with family who are hoarders and don't see mess as a big deal. That room looks plenty big, there should be space to put all that junk somewhere else.

No. 654835

She could be a preschool teacher or daycare worker. Highly doubt she has a degree in teaching

No. 655210

The absolute states of these houses are so telling.

Firstly that they must live with their parents and have no say about the state of the house, because they always have crusty, outdated dull furniture. You’d think for a group that likes cute things their house would be nicer looking, but it’s more fitting of a woman in her 80s. I imagine it’s usually the parents who hoard/don’t clean but it’s probably rubbed off on the kids.

I don’t get it. For the aesethic they should like cute, bright, clean things. What is stopping them from cleaning this mess? Why do they even think it’s ok to post photos of that mess? None the less the messes have to contribute to their mental health/weight/skin care issues they all seem to share.

It makes me feel sad in a way because I wonder if the reason they’re so attracted to the confetti aesthic is because it’s literally the polar opposite of the filth they live in.

No. 655357

So it’s >>654496 then, kek

No. 655509


tbh i really like old furniture they have style and character. it's sad to see them in a shit place like this.

No. 655858

I just noticed that her hair is just like Jill's

None of these people have an ounce of originality in them I s2g

No. 655865

You’re blind or have awful taste anon. Those aren’t pretty, well-cared for vintage pieces. It’s outdated tacky mass produced garbage.

No. 655921


No. 655938

>Just graduated high school
Does she really think she can live there or anywhere being a full time model? Better learn Japanese then learn how to teach English like mosy people who go there.

No. 655944

There's no way she's telling the truth! And id she did get some sort of offer to sign, it's probably sketchy as hell, and not legit. Does she even know Japanese, or anything about living there?? Poor child.

No. 655979

File: 1533336863646.jpeg (496.66 KB, 750x1173, 70F65DD5-BA93-4E34-833C-A6327C…)

Why does someone who can legitimately be so beautiful dress like that?

No. 655990

This bitch knows nothing about Japan, does she

No. 656021

Because she wants to? idk

No. 656043

It's crazy there's a mass of non asian women moving to japan and thinking it's the holyland. How do they really expect to live there? Work visas are tough and there is a ton of discrimination. Like most anons are saying, the other real job for a foreigner is to teach English.

No. 656261

She said she chose to go to Japan on a 3 month visa. After winning a lot of teen modeling competitions in Toronto she was offered modeling positions by vatious sources. Imagine people looking up her professional name only to see her instagram filter photos… She cant even take care of a wig right.

No. 656332

File: 1533380166217.jpg (87.26 KB, 720x1140, FB_IMG_1533378645852.jpg)

The state of the room

No. 656336


at least she isn't in orbit yet

No. 656396

Holy shit I cannot believe that's her. She'd probably do well if she just stayed in the North American region, maybe Europe if she wanted. She's not gonna be able to model cutesy pastel fashion in Japan when she's clearly so much more suited for normie fashion.

No. 656421

>omg people are being sooooo mean asking me if i'm 12!
>little kid clothes are stellar for projects!
i can't

No. 656474

File: 1533403205395.png (792.44 KB, 720x1048, 20180804_181935.png)

What is this outfit?

No. 656522

Holy crap she upsets me with her carnival clown face. (And dots on freckles??) I had to be on disability for a while and felt guilty as hell taking and spending that money after working so hard for years. She just gloats and spends her freetime on BDSM

No. 657107

File: 1533468259589.jpg (34.31 KB, 505x898, FB_IMG_1533468225914.jpg)

No. 657111

File: 1533468732822.jpg (27.1 KB, 720x539, FB_IMG_1533468216171.jpg)

No. 657114

File: 1533469324391.jpg (41.68 KB, 720x571, FB_IMG_1533468212559.jpg)

No. 657115

you don't need ice cream hun

No. 657122

Ah look, they let the special needs kids out to roam the city. I hope their supervisor is near

No. 657137


why has literally EVERYONE bought this h&m skirt?

No. 657168

Why pose with food at this size?

No. 657178

File: 1533475163163.png (756.7 KB, 718x1208, 20180805_133029.png)

Support with eating? Sure, fatty kek

No. 657179

the girl in the middle looks fine, everyone else is shit tho.

No. 657200

Because most of them aren't familiar with or can't figure out taobao/aliexpress.

No. 657215


No. 657227

File: 1533481167939.png (89.95 KB, 683x600, 20180805_155853.png)


No. 657232

She will never move out

No. 657235

Yes and she is clearly using her life so well by complaining to a bunch of other moochers who still live with their parents instead of planning on moving out like a sane person.

No. 657259

Dammit anon I came here to make that joke

No. 657276

File: 1533489616025.png (1.12 MB, 1166x712, yikescc.png)

The way she is gushing about Japan is disgusting, it's literally a normal place with normal people doing normal things not some ugu super kawaii land of pastel rainbows. She's going to crash and burn. Shame since she looks good in her normie photos tbh.

No sane person WANTS to look obnoxious, dirty and like pastel vomit, though.

No. 657308

Since when do you need to be admitted for TMS? That’s outpatient treatment. This fucking munchie.

No. 657337

File: 1533496017004.png (165.84 KB, 316x394, Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.0…)

she looks and acts like she is going to move to japan, cut off some poor girls face, and wear it as a mask

No. 657350


lmao this is hilarious. But at least she is doing something with her life, she's gonna get one hell of a reality check when Japan doesn't turn out to be this uwu kawaii land of rainbies and kawaii, but it's more ambitious that Jill not doing anything with her life other than leach off her subscribers and going to a college to do arts and craft.

No. 657428

How does this girl even manages to look good in her model shots? It‘s like they‘re two different people, like twins but one of them stayed in the womb for too long

No. 657429

File: 1533506968859.jpg (26.96 KB, 480x480, FB_IMG_1533506918687.jpg)

The room jfc they're all hoarders

No. 657434

Uh, I'm pretty sure her ass is hanging out in that first pic. Sorry pal, that skirt does not fit you.

No. 657621

File: 1533522956676.jpg (78.16 KB, 720x960, 38473461_10216829973412329_135…)

someone printed out their photo with jill and framed it im speechless

No. 657672

I know it doesn't f matter, at all, but that shelf has got the worst paint job I've ever seen. Do any of these people put any effort whatsoever in to anything they do?

No. 657683


Its also upside down on the floor. Its suppose to be a wall shelf.
That half assed painted inner heart cutout on the left side killin me.
Only the best quality shrine for Jilly bean.

Sagged obviously

No. 657733

That's so fucking creepy, Jesus Christ. Don't they have friends or family to frame pictures of, rather than someone who met them once and doesn't give a shit about them? How sad.

No. 657772

>Some jill stan has a picture with her
>Somehow this is interesting or milky
Whats the big deal about it? Who hurt you anon?

No. 657774


don't make it any more obvious where you stand lmao

No. 657778

You should get rid of the picture, it's embarrassing

No. 657780