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File: 1518700353171.png (1.25 MB, 1000x1000, file_c01f405d63_original.png)

No. 503624

The confetti club are fans of the legendary milky Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks. The fans are almost as milky as the cow herself; the facebook group is full of speshul snowflakes, transtrenders, landwhales and munchies.

Some recent drama:
-The Party Kei facebook group was cowtipped and had an epic meltdown, which resulted in all of the groups closing.
-The confetti club advises members to not post to the board in order to try and stop the drama, but a few people do anyway and get doxxed.

confetti club main page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theconfetticlub/

Party Kei UK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1917292265199105/

Confetti club clinic: https://www.facebook.com/groups/confetticlinic/

No. 503644

Yeeeesss finally!

No. 503647

That club is a fucking mess! They can't seem to do anything without asking for help.

"How do I show away moldy food?"
"How do I wear this thing I just bought because everyone else has it"
"How do I become a model even though I have no idea how to do makeup and have no individual sender of style"

How did they make it this far in life?

No. 503648

Don't forget "recommend me some animes" literally once a day.

No. 503649

>>503647 the same way Jill has, by being parasites

No. 503661

Can I just take a moment to say I was into the community until the other day… They allowed an underage girl to show her whole torso in a provocative way and said it was body positivity instead of borderline illegal content. Then an admin banned me from all the groups because I said if I saw the content again, I'd flag it, and that was apparently "aggressive". I actually like pixie but her "children" are fucking gross and self destructive.

No. 503665

>>503661 if you like pixie, you should read her threads and realise what a bad person she is

No. 503668

I've read through the threads because I didn't know how to navigate this website. But yeah, maybe I'll keep my rose colored glasses on for a bit longer before I dip out. Her videos made me happy for a while but I slowly kinda realized I didn't want to henshin into someone who gets triggered a shit ton and wears skirts that emphasize my foopah.

No. 503684

Jillian must be so proud of her landwhale followers! I bet they were exactly what she had in mind when she started this -new- fashion.

I bet the real reason she hardly ever posts in those groups or on their pics is because she’s embarrassed and even SHE can see how pathetic they are.
But it’s her following! Can’t hurt the ones who give you your popularity!

No. 503687

She's tapped into a vulnerable market, I think. A lot of the community has body issues, mental issues and very specific opinions on social issues. Advertising yourself as an ambassador for people who aren't totally there is kinda the newest shit. Even I fell for it but I kinda realize that being around mentally unsound people is really bad for you.

No. 503690

File: 1518706945569.jpg (759.69 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_5385.JPG)

They're delusional..

No. 503691

How many fucking social media threads will they have? I say at least 2 a day.

No. 503693

Also, she's not delusional, her brain is just in another dimension.

No. 503765

i think the 'market' is just her but more messed up. her entire ~fashion~ is centered around flipping the bird to jfashions that westerners give rigid interpretations to, and these types of girls latch on to that.

they obviously have extreme self-esteem/body image issues, but then like you said. something else is wrong…

No. 503767

>I look somewhat like her

No. 503770

File: 1518712364365.jpg (43.09 KB, 400x315, tumblr_otsqzeIhbz1wuun12o6_400…)

>I slowly kinda realized I didn't want to henshin into someone who gets triggered a shit ton and wears skirts that emphasize my foopah.

ily already girl. a word from someone who was in jill's lolita comm, she dresses for others but acts like she does it for herself, that's why she seeks validation. she def still does it with P.K too, and it's probably worse for her ego. if you like kawaii colory bs, you should just rock it, make sure to pay attention to how it works with your body, and wear it for yourself, not to impress others.

No. 503773

what the fuck is this? is she trying to assert she looks like that anime girl?

No. 503774

File: 1518712549411.jpg (43.17 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1518712335740.jpg)

She's just a land whale who is v active in the confetti club kek such party kei so kawsii

No. 503776

right, but is she seriously trying to assert she looks like an animu?

i can only assume everyone into party kei are those high-octane weebs who literally look in the mirror and think they are sailor moon.

No. 503778

I don't even like fashion that much. I don't actively wear anything interesting or cute, I just liked her vids. But her fanbase sucks and I recently fell asleep watching two of her newest videos because they were boring as fuck. Like, I'd love to see crafting vids and stuff.

Also, this has ALWAYS bothered me, but her style changes every 2 months or so, yet it's still called "party kei".
Also, anything Jillian like, EVERYONE likes. Ojamajo Doremi and care bears.
I fell into that trap, too but I remembered that I'm actually an individual who isn't trying to be different or unique.

No. 503780

File: 1518712994578.jpg (561.51 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20180215-164229.jpg)

The confetti club tag on Insta is wild

No. 503781

File: 1518712996722.png (2.13 MB, 1654x1080, diacosplay.png)

Only people like this can actually say they look like an anime character. Having dark hair and glasses doesn't make you look like the cutest girl in your fave anime.

No. 503782

I need a vomit react button.

No. 503783

because she wants acceptance. she was like this with lolita believe it or not. she never had a defined style, other than hamfisting princess accessories into her coords. she also briefly moved to the pastel goth bandwagon when it was popular. she just seems to enjoy attention, which is why she loves popular shows, she's not into things for her enjoyment.

No. 503784

> only people who are cosplaying to look like an anime character can say they look like an anime character

not wk these cuntfettis but I keked

No. 503785

yes she would looked ~animu~ if she was photoshopped to shit. wtf is this??? selfpost? stockphoto???

No. 503787


i hate bodyposi shit so fucking hard. just because you want to wear whatever doesn't mean you can just omit important parts of outfits.

No. 503788

File: 1518713367689.jpg (589.14 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20180215-164818.jpg)

>>503780 why do fatties have such high self esteem

No. 503789

I would hate my life if I had to live in a separate persona, making myself like shit I didn't care about.

No. 503790

They're probably faking it to hide they're actually really insecure

No. 503792

this and then mama pixie comes and asspats how special and unique you are! everyone’s just jealous of your big sassy self!

No. 503793

… can we talk about that tattoo on her leg?

No. 503794

they don't they just have huge egos. i've encountered tons and tons of delusional weebs who have big egos and low self esteem that just force this shit for attention and then go off when they get """"bullied"""" they're usually huge bullies themselves and are snarky to their thinner/prettier/liked friends.

No. 503795

I'm fat and I'm chilling in my room rn, however I wouldn't want to take a picture of it and post it online.
I don't see the point.
Like what I said above about the underage obese girl posting provocative stomach photos, the only point is for attention.
Only people without arms or legs should need positive responses to their body.

Not to mention, half these people say they have anxiety or bad depression, yet do shit like this knowing they'll get roasted.
I have anxiety and depression, it'd be self destructive to do some shit like that.

No. 503799

Oh fucking hell. It's like Freddie Mercury mixed with a head of Broccoli.

No. 503802

What even is this? Why is it so fucking difficult for people in this group to learn how to dress? Do they honestly have a learning disorder or something blocking them from processing information on how to dress Party Kei or just dress in general?

These people are worse than Jill. Jill has brand but these people don't have the money or don't care to save for Jfashion brands so they go to the mall and buy anything pink or colorful. And nobody dares criticize them because some how being body positive sjw weebs means you accept everyone in the fashion group despite not dressing the part at all. What morons. I really didn't care for their group but the more I see it the more it's a garbage fire you can't look away from.

No. 503804

I'm all for body positivity, but fat acceptance is where I draw the line. Health should be the priority.

No. 503805

tip, stop writing in "anon" don't put anything in the "name line' and just sage in email.

No. 503807


No. 503809

Only like, one other person in the Confetti Club group dresses nice and it's Courtney.

No. 503810

no prob (ironically i forgot to sage) welcome to the thread, anon!

No. 503812

There is a girl with a Super Mario cell phone case that I find always looks super nice.

Thanks again!

No. 503815

Btw totally off topic, but I remember Jillian calling Jontron racist and all of her fans ganged up on me when I disagreed.

No. 503816

File: 1518714321170.jpg (112.76 KB, 1080x471, Screenshot_20180215-170221.jpg)

Can we please talk about this bitch? She seems to spend most of her time posting in all of the groups in the search for validation? She straight up lies in order to look like a ~saint by posting stories of her being sooooper generous and charitable.

No. 503817

Oh fuck, yeah she's kinda annoying as fuck. I've talked to her a few times and she's defensive and manic.

No. 503818

I lol'd… being from Atlantic Canada, those places are essentially boring as fuuuuuck. The only reason to visit Halifax is the tattoo scene (which isn't even that great) and, well, if you want to get stabbed. People from PEI and Halifax tend to do whatever they can to escape. lol

No. 503819

To get closer to Jill? That's…quite creepy

No. 503822

To all new fags, write 'sage' in the email field before posting. Remember that this is an image board, so we need receipts in the form of screencaps ect.

No. 503823

hangs out at a Micheals for 9 hours straight stalking Jillian's twitter
"Oh hey, I love your work! It's crazy that I got to see you, I was just looking through Micheals really quick."

No. 503824

So I gotta ask: Do you think a young girl (minor) should be posting pics of her half naked in the Confetti Club group?
Yes or No

No. 503825


No. 503827

I'll post if there's a demand, but I had a convo with the admin/creator of the Confetti Club (Clinic) group(s) and she didn't get that what was posted was borderline illegal and morally wrong to start accepting children posting FUCKING PICTURES OF THEMSELVES HALF NAKED.

No. 503828

90% of the members have no idea "how to fashion" or how to dress period. There are a few besides Courtney that dress well but they barely post. It's like the worse they look the more they want to share pictures.
IMO party kei is not a fashion for people that like fashion, it's a mishap of throwing together half assed attempts at established fashions like fairy kei or decora and claiming they are finished outfits. The people who do the style the best are putting together outfits that fit other fashions much better.

No. 503831


you're at an anonymous image board posting to a thread dedicated to taking the piss out on these people, of course we want to see that shit. be careful not to out yourself tho.

No. 503833

>>503831 they've already outed themselves as the person who was banned for commenting on it kek

No. 503834

please post. make sure to blur your name/photo out, but if it's DMs it doesn't really matter.

No. 503836

but we don't know who they are kind of.

No. 503838

>>503836 true, but the admins of the group who admit that they read here will know. I doubt they'll take action, but the new fag needs to be careful.

No. 503839

File: 1518715469509.png (105.85 KB, 713x905, Katiemay.png)

Idgaf if some fat sjw's know who I am.(attention whoring)

No. 503844

>>503839 just be careful though, as it could lead to being doxed (I know it's extreme, but it's better to be safe)

No. 503847

Well, I don't have a phone or a bank account. They can come to my house in their underwear and throw glitter on my porch, I don't care.

No. 503848

No. 503850

What is that?

No. 503851

it looks like they were just triggered by you using the word shameful tbh. then all other logic went out the window.

No. 503853

you can post gifs on here you know.

No. 503854

… I'm a newfag. I apologise.

No. 503855

I also used disgusting and deplorable.
Because it is.

No. 503857

>>503855 learn to sage

No. 503860

tf is sage-ing?(read the rules & usage info)

No. 503861

type "sage" in the email bar when you're posting… don't ask me why. :V(read the rules & usage info)

No. 503862

>>503860 please read the rules before you get banned

No. 503864

OH sageru?

No. 503866

ITT: trouble in party kei paradise

No. 503867

Anyway, the Party Kei community is becoming a cancer and is genuinely a problem when it comes to Japanese fashion that isn't even Japanese. I'm kinda curious how Gwen Stefani is a racist when Jillian is doing the same shit.

No. 503874

>Also, anything Jillian like, EVERYONE likes. Ojamajo Doremi and care bears.

I feel you, whenever someone talks about Magical girls in the group, Jills always tagged with "Ooooh a special girl would like this!!" its super annoying. So many of them seem to buy magical girl toys they don't know the name of to try and impress her too.

No. 503881

Tbh I almost did the same thing. I really wanted to make an ita bag and yeah, idk who didn't love SM or Magical DoReMi or TMM but it seemed like everyone made it more of staple or a necessity. I ended up making an ita bag of an anime I actually watched as a child and it's NOT a Mahou Shoujo.(blogposting)

No. 503882

Good on you.

No. 503883

>>503874 it's so pointless trying to impress Jill due to her superiority complex

No. 503884

I finally see the appeal of this website. The PK community needs to be knocked down tbh.

No. 503901

>>503816 she lives in Utah which makes the trip even worse ffs

No. 503902

Well, seems whoever in the Jill thread speculated it was pk members posting pk members opposed to seasoned farmers doing it was right. This explains all the mini WKing lately. Everyone in this thread needs a (lurk moar read the rules) temp ban Jesus Christ.

No. 503904

I'm not in any of the groups so don't blame me.

No. 503905

There's lurkers in the actual group to view the fireworks but I wouldn't be surprised if the landwhales were posting themselves. From the look of the screenshots posted, they were lapping the attention up. So quick to show off how they don't cur yet stalking these boards and taking screenshots to share about. Their just as needy as Jill.

No. 503906

The underage girl did EXACTLY what you'd just said. I'm betting she posted her own photos here.

No. 503915

File: 1518718985595.jpeg (232.04 KB, 749x951, 7B09C75D-19AC-4A98-B1F3-968092…)

Oh honey..,

No. 503931

File: 1518720237532.jpg (33.13 KB, 645x363, 5819FCBB-late-queen-singer-fre…)


I'm pretty sure her tattoo is actually of Freddie Mercury. It's supposed to be him from his "I Want to Break Free" Music Video when he was dressed in drag. Needless to say it's extremely inaccurate if that's what it's supposed to be. I'm assuming this picture is the reference that was used for it.

No. 503934

Kek did they really put some dollar store pencil case on a pink bag and called it an Itabag?

No. 503941

File: 1518720696762.png (1.26 MB, 864x1388, 1478479675401.png)

I'm speechless.

No. 503943

I believe it's the fundraiser to buy Jill a Betsey Johnson bag for her birthday

No. 503944

File: 1518720733543.jpeg (112.61 KB, 750x586, 85B60D93-40E6-41DE-BDE4-C14726…)

project” is? God she’s annoying, she posts about it every two or three days like ~teehee does anyone want to help? :3~

No. 503945

I want to ask if I’m the only person there who actively thinks Precure sucks but I don’t want to get banned for having a spooky scary opposing opinion

It’d be great if I was like 8 years old

No. 503947

samefag as >>503940 I just should have cropped the cap better.

Wondering why she keeps asking everyone to “check the group chat<3” though? I know there’s something else circulating where some girl wants to make a video of everyone asspatting pixie for her birthday but I don’t think the two are related

No. 503949

OT, it's the thumbnail of a YT cosplay makeup tutorial of the character Diamond from Houseki no Kuni, but goddamn >>503781 this girl put on two pairs of contacts and her fake aegyo sal is horrific, grow some standards anon.

No. 503964

thanks. and yea. girl's makeup looks a mess even with all the filters.

No. 503991

File: 1518723286725.jpg (197.97 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20180215-193409.jpg)

This is so sad

No. 504001

>sometimes i think i should stop being a piece of shit and grow up
>but then i see how immature all of you are and realize i fit right in!

No. 504011

I usually just lurk these threads but I found this through the CC page and couldn't help but share.

So much cringe

No. 504017

Agreed, anon. Body positivity is for people who really have issues. choosing to be massively obese and then demanding acceptance is not the same thing. it's trash

Is she going to PEI to visit Jill??

No. 504022

>>504017 she said she's going to halifx to get tattooed by the same artist as jill, but didn't say why she was visiting PEI. As she's the one who organised the Jill present thing, maybe she's going to deliver it in person? I don't see why you would visit PEI unless you're visiting Jill like what is there to do??

No. 504023

Nah, it's not just you, anon. Most of us here are 19+ and precure is made for literal children. Jill has to be autism to like and defend it so much.

No. 504032

What the hell is up with the stomach spilling out in the second outfit and the whole sweet eating thing in the last one?

No. 504035

its too long and poorly edited but the outfits the chick put together are better than jillian's tbh (expect the shoes and socks they dont match at all and the hair wtf)

maybe because they look more casual and tonned down and because jillian looks so bad dat makes this look better than it actually is

No. 504036

i've tried watching it and it's bad. i like stuff like pripara better…atleast it has a game. but anime for little girls is blatant cash grab.

No. 504041

That horrible Tattoo I’m crying

No. 504045

File: 1518725333684.png (969.17 KB, 1283x723, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 3.07…)


All of the weird over-acted bits make me uncomfortable.

The part at the end where it was super zoomed in on her putting the candy in her mouth…just yikes

No. 504046

>>504045 she's going for Jill's new aesthetic: 'sexy clown' kek

No. 504047

File: 1518725424557.jpeg (147.37 KB, 750x531, CA645593-3D38-4940-A7E0-772562…)


No. 504048

File: 1518725439847.jpeg (242.49 KB, 1080x1080, 6E35389B-7D14-486E-8441-434709…)


No. 504049

Those thighs <3
But everything else… yikes

No. 504052


There's a special place in hell for annoying fucks who capitalize every. single. word.

No. 504053

It is painfully obvious and cringey as shit that 80% of the people ITT are new and from the PK/CC groups. Even the way you guys talk is a blatant give away christ

No. 504055

File: 1518725705814.jpeg (144.51 KB, 750x987, 9B0C5391-C86C-41BD-BE0A-1E5C75…)

The amount of chins on this girl is crazy

No. 504057

>i'm a catgirl

No. 504058


I wonder what it's like to be so fat that every necklace is a choker that digs into your skin

No. 504065

No. 504066

File: 1518726290395.jpeg (279.94 KB, 1106x1659, 05E444FC-7B93-415B-B81A-CB3371…)


No. 504072

>shitty "sweets deco necklace"
>kid's panda ring doesn't even fit
>fake freckles
>gross fingernails

No. 504073

I've been here since inception, and I used to be on staminarose. Piss off.

No. 504074

I'd buy whatever she sold me tbqh

No. 504075

File: 1518726615949.jpeg (160.93 KB, 742x1001, 25857180-F764-4608-8549-816433…)

The thirst for efame is real

No. 504077

go back to PULL

i think you should kill yourself.(a-logging)

No. 504079


No. 504080

The make up is so bad and crusty too

No. 504081

Why… why did she strip off her pants in that dressing room, toss them on the floor and then stand on top of them to take the picture? Did she not notice somehow that she was standing atop her own pants? Is her bedroom at home such a disaster that she feels strange if she is standing on bare carpeting, no matter where she is? Someone please explain please!

I refuse to believe that this isn't a parody. This is not real, lalalala I can't hear you…

This is the iconic Winter Rose Nickerson style of typing. Each Word Is So Very Fucking Important.

No. 504083

File: 1518726829968.jpg (42.16 KB, 639x424, 1511584308028.jpg)

I don't use pull.
Stop derailing with this cunty shit, all you're trying to do is start infighting. Shovel the sand out of your vagina already and move the fuck on.

No. 504087

i'm not even the same person. no one is goingto think you've been on any imageboard using fucking emojis and complimenting the cows…

No. 504088

>Those thighs <3

Oh, fuck off back to KF then, my mistake. :^)

No. 504090

you should really quit.

No. 504094

No. 504101

File: 1518728176248.jpeg (109.29 KB, 750x609, 7ADEED1D-C90F-4683-873E-91D9E0…)

No. 504103

File: 1518728191238.jpeg (92.3 KB, 540x960, F6E82280-3773-4FA9-B3DF-390737…)

No. 504106

"final project for fashion design"
holy fuck. what shit ass school is letting her do this?

No. 504108

>>504106 atleast they made it to the end of the school year, which is more than Jill will ever do kek

No. 504109

art institute (AI) probably, that school is a joke.

No. 504113

but anon, this girl obviously has nothing to show for it, and at the very least jill is rich and has a youtube channel.

No. 504132

seems like a kid with a high school project

No. 504139

File: 1518729780573.png (84.03 KB, 1010x344, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 1.21…)

It literally has a warning that says "not for children or easily disturbed" can you read lol who tf looks at a trigger warning and says 'nah it probably wont have those things' and then plays the game anyways??

No. 504154

seriously wtf is the point of TW if the idiots they're meant for don't follow them? people did this shit with school days too. "oh but it looks like a luv story with kawaii girls!!!"

No. 504155

hs doesn't have fashion design.

No. 504170

File: 1518731801519.png (12.4 KB, 494x171, 45245450945.png)

No. 504172

>>504170 what's milky about this?

No. 504176

why are half the people posting in this thread newfags?

No. 504178

see >>504094 and don't start.

No. 504179

forgot to sage, gomen

No. 504182

i think it's like a variant of DDLG/petplay

No. 504185

>>504182 my tired ass didn't even think of that. I take my comment back.

No. 504195

ugh of course there are littles/kittens in confetti club, they always dress terribly.

No. 504197

Kittens are like furries but they don't wear fur suits, just collars, sometimes fangs and definitely ears.
Also, newfags, including myself, are probably here because we're done with the Confetti Club.

No. 504201

it give such a creepy vibe tbh. im fine with kink but posting about it in a group of majority minors? it almost seems like a recruitment post for grooming or something. not saying it was, but it very easily could be. i think it got deleted though thank god.

No. 504204

That's progressive regression for you.
I get that some kids act more adult now, but they shouldn't be introduced to petplay, which is a subsect of BDSM.

No. 504211

File: 1518733554030.png (15.58 KB, 293x321, Confetti age.png)

Also, they're all well aware of how old people are in that group since this was the response to me suggesting an age check in the group.
But they allow that shit for whatever reason.

No. 504227

File: 1518734293764.png (1018.91 KB, 640x1136, C0C27CFE-CF51-4971-8F73-B980DC…)

The confetti club is full of such talented and wonderful artists! Who forget to draw noses..

No. 504234

In the fallen party kei group, a underage littles group was heavily advertised and the main mod of it who was in their late 20's and encouraged others to join it.

No. 504235

any screenshots? that's disgusting.

No. 504240

File: 1518735051368.png (123.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7847.PNG)

She's probably the most annoying one to me. Constantly humble bragging about how much money she spends on useless shit.
>should I buy these EXPENSIVE shoes to go with my EXPENSIVE lazy oaf shirt? Or should I spend it all on EXPENSIVE pixie mercy?

No. 504253

two of the high schools I went to did.

so… you're not right. sorry.

No. 504254

Actually, depending on the light, the line defining the nose may not actually be seen.

No. 504256

I actually saw that too, but I never saw anyone advertise it. Basically, in the rules for the group, it said sexual posts/kink stuff should be posted in another group, but I was also constantly seeing DDLG and Petplay stuff suggested via that group assuming Facebook's algorithm is pushing it because one of the admins owned it or so many people from that group were joining it.

No. 504260

File: 1518736320763.jpg (496.29 KB, 1073x1795, Screenshot_20180215-231115.jpg)

I'm disgusted

No. 504265

File: 1518736515796.jpg (347.17 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20180215-231447.jpg)

I just found her Instagram and it's hilarious

No. 504267

It's a baby Jill spawn. How old is she to have enough money for new platforms and Lazy Oaf but insecure like a 14 yr old who needs attention for being "cool" by having shit others want.

From all the posts about her so far she seems to be Jill's number one fan. Seeking validation from the losers in that group, wearing overpriced trendy brands, and going to where Jill is. She's trying too hard.

No. 504271

>>504267 she also started the confetti clinic group, as well as the confetti coven one. She's so desperate for jillybean's approval it's pathetic

No. 504273

When someone asked why it was being pushed in recommended, it caused a large thread of people defending it. It was crappily documented on an old Jill thread but missed a large chunk of what was said.

One of the admins was a member of it and when brought up, quickly came in to say they aren't coming down on littles as they are a little themselves. It was pretty disgusting.

No. 504275

File: 1518736721287.jpg (722.72 KB, 1080x1547, 20180215_231808.jpg)

So kawaii kek

No. 504283

I always wonder how I minor can be a little if they are literally still a child… Hm…

No. 504287

>whale obsession
oh, now it makes sense why she enjoys the PK group

No. 504290

I don't know why it took me so long to notice but…
Everyone in the group is fat.

No. 504294

At least she isn’t the size of a whale. Whale image is really badly done. She couldn’t find a cuter whale outfit online?

No. 504296

This is man, has to be

No. 504298

No shit, did you skip over where it says "Dad looks"?

No. 504300

I actually think this person is talented and made Jill look somewhat cute. Too bad Jill always has bad hair. Can’t change bad subject matter

No. 504315

Yeah same. The only thing they're missing is an actual highlight. There's a very subtle one but not strong enough to actually give the face a lot of definition.

No. 504348

Pixie was eager to name drop Kelly Eden in her last vid. She's also a snowflake.

No. 504377

This reminds me of the Penguin of D00M copypasta.

No. 504394

I'm hoping this girl just finished a high school fashion class and not a real one. Either way, I'm sure anybody who sews has a ton of fucked up pieces before they got good. She's still better than Jill imo, in skill and in the fact that she's actually making things kek

Idk, I think this person has a lot of potential if they keep at it, bottom right is actually pretty decent.

I hope this isn't too wk-ish, I just think these girls could improve a lot if they continue to practice and stop with the pk bullshit

No. 504399

File: 1518742861241.jpeg (119.61 KB, 750x687, CA940F42-4F09-4A52-9156-40FC01…)

Only if a fairy looks like their head got dunked in Kelly Eden’s pink sprinkles and they have eye makeup giving them awkward temple wrinkles

No. 504404


I was wondering why she put her eyeliner so far up but I think she has it on top of white eyeliner? I can't really tell.

No. 504413

Sage for irrelevant but can we also post people from the lazy oaf sales group? A lot of them are also in the CC group and their outfits are……..more expensive, but not any better

No. 504467

This thread is for the confetti club, not just generally bad fashion. Not everyone in LO sales is a Jillian fan, so it doesn’t fit here.

No. 504468

seconding this my high school had three years of fashion design courses

No. 504471

Same, my high school had some fashion design classes and my high school was really small so

No. 504561

Oh my god, pure cringe. I could hardly look at it.

No. 504592


Too bad it looks traced.


She's obviously copying Jill's mannerims, but tbh I think her outfits are actually better than Jill's? That's gotta hurt kek. also ngl i fucking love that Mr Burns dollar pouch she has

No. 504603

File: 1518754484722.jpg (24.8 KB, 533x146, no.jpg)

oh come ON

chariot was at least an accomplished witch who put effort into her shows and cared about her fans

No. 504644

This actually would be fun if she wore pants or a skirt instead of skimping around in those dumb garters.

She looks nothing like a ~real animu~ sorry. Is this your youtube waifu?

No. 504657

her profile says she's 18, so yeah it was a high school class

Also in looking her up i discovered she follows me on ig kek

No. 504692

File: 1518761864671.jpg (101.17 KB, 837x468, ss (2018-02-15 at 10.17.35).jp…)

y i k e s

No. 504705


Only seen the first film but didn't most of the cast also consider Shiny Chariot a talentless hack who was all for show? Lmao

No. 504719

File: 1518766053123.jpeg (296.35 KB, 1264x1264, 7E59AFDD-4F47-4053-8833-791B7E…)

Eliza Singley: #1 Pixielocks Stalker compilation part 1
>wanted to get rainbow bangs
>wanted to start YouTube channel for “kawaii witchcraft”
>impulsively started collecting Care Bears because her waifu jilly bean likes them
>”manic pixie dream girl” = jill’s tumblr blog title
>has “meet Jillian Vessey” on her 2018 bucket list

No. 504721

File: 1518766107057.jpeg (288.36 KB, 1264x1264, 89BCCF9F-210F-45D0-B622-E04B44…)

Eliza Singley: #1 Pixielocks Stalker compilation part 2
>wants to visit PEI/Halifax for her birthday to stalk Jill and Jill related locations
>posted on tumblr that she wishes she could be jill’s “best friend” along with a creepy description of Jill.
>talks about jill like how jill talks about drew monson. kek

No. 504723

number 13 should be wear Jillian Vessey's skin lol this girl just sounds creepy

No. 504724

I know I missed some things, sorry! For example I couldn’t find her irresponsible shopping decisions just “because pixie has them” posts like Lazy Oaf, irregular choice, and merch. And also the post where she said she wanted to get a tattoo by the same tattoo artist Pixie got hers. This girl just gives me the creeps.

No. 504726

I think we concluded in the pixie thread that she most likely copied the rainbow bangs idea from a different kawaii influencer, but all these confetti club peeps obviously ripping off the rainbow bangs from jill is just kind of sad? You look like such a wannabe and poser copying the exact thing, at least put your own spin on it. The party kei people claim their style is sooooo original but they're all just carbon copies of jill, not one of them has a single original bone in their body. You're not uwu quirky and kawaii uwu if everything is a blatant rip off.

No. 504783

Dunning-Kruger effect. Literally too stupid to see their own flaws.

No. 504791

stop showing your newness. if you want to crap on pixie or kelly eden look in the catalog

No. 504794

to me this comes off as more amateur than outright bad– I mean there's some bad judgement calls but this person looks like they're still trying to get their bearings. Also as others mentioned, at least she's practicing (which makes her infinitely better than Jill by default).

Strong contrast to this creepy stalker shit. Definitely getting a heavy fixation vibe from this girl who does absolutely everything to suck from that sweet Jill teat.

Some people just sip the kool-aid while others dive head first into it, smh. Glad I've kept my distance from cc & watch Jill's videos alone in a dark room where they belong. No one should try to recreate her deluded world, it's fucking depressing.

No. 504818

Which tattoo artist? Whoever fixed up her cat one did a pretty decent job, but I feel like both of her tattoos aren’t that great tbh. As long as she’s spending however much money for Lazy Oaf, Jill merch, and a fucking road trip to Canada (from Utah?), she might as well spend a little more to get a tattoo that’s not so…eh.

No. 504833

the one who fixed the cat and did the wand. A tattoo artist can only do so much with a shit design kek

No. 504850

i think it's traced too ngl. there are too many mistakes

No. 504851

>what should i collect guys?

how about something you like? what is it with these bitches?

No. 504859


Yeah, but that was mostly due to an underlying prejudice against magic for showmanship which they all come around to in the end.

No. 504864

Could be grid, but looks more traced. It's not so bad but the bangs look splotchy.

No. 504897

So is the confetti club for party kei or general autistic screaming? Because most of the posts are all off-topic crap. Is it a safe space?

No. 504902

T H I S. Why won't some people get that you don't have to collect anything specific! Also one does not need to be obsessed with something. Your anime girl hoarding won't make YOU more interesting.

No. 504909

Not a party kei specific group, but a lot of people think that it is because CC replaced the og pk group after it imploded. It's almost entirely off topic nonsense from preteen girls with daily repeat threads about anime, self esteem issues, and social media plugs. But most of the time it's garbage-tier selfies and occasional art.

No. 504991

the amount of male on this girl is crazy

No. 505038

>lose 50 pounds

No. 505079

fatties blob so much they eventually look like asexual babies.

No. 505163

The first look is actually quite nice in a "quirky nerd girl" way and the third is passable but the other two are horrific. Her legs look hairy as hell in the fishnet closeups.

No. 505200

File: 1518809824620.jpeg (927.6 KB, 750x1140, BD952943-0EE1-44E1-875D-F7A128…)

The soul purpose of this group seems to be to get Jillian’s attention, then post other members on here in an attempt to make themselves feel superior when she ignores them

No. 505203

i think the 3rd looks better tbh but i agree.

this is so weird wtf. of course though, these are the girls jill would attract to her "jfash"

No. 505227


Gotta disagree about the first one, the socks over the fishnets with the sandals are killing me.

I will contest that at least her ability to match pinks is a lot better than Jill's.

No. 505230

What really bothers me about the confetti club is this idolisation of Jill, when she leads a pathetic existence. These naive fans think that constantly consuming in order to chase an aesthetic in admirable and they're partaking in it. It's embarrassing to watch.

sage for blogging

No. 505281

File: 1518812023372.jpeg (154.71 KB, 640x725, 5E7CF56D-A446-4D11-B55D-62504B…)

This girl was been posted a couple times in the pixie thread. Holy mother of cow! She is truly the most hideous being I have seen in my entire 23 years of living. I checked her profile and she has a little boy who she dresses up in similar horrendous outfits. Who fucked this bitch? Who would put their genitalia near that?

No. 505299

her legs are melting onto her shoes.

No. 505333

File: 1518813966665.png (858.68 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8254.PNG)

Those fucking eyebrows jesus
All these girls are an overedited mess, you can see the chub in her face

No. 505339

File: 1518814182334.png (139.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8255.PNG)

Seriously, none of these girls can think for themselves and just want to do whatever will make them more popular. It's so sad to watch

No. 505341

ot but what kind of hair accessory is that?

No. 505342

I don't know the exact name, but it's a headband bow. The kind people use to pull their hair back when doing makeup.

No. 505491

Oh my god that's sad and pathetic. I swear they fucking brainwash you in that group. So man people buying Creamy Mami and Ojamajo shit when never having seen it, just because it's weeby and aesthetic.

No. 505507

This girl drives me mad with all her ‘look at me’ posts. She just brag so much and spam post. She also double posts the same things. Her thirst is so real.

No. 505509

This horrible cow has the most expensive make up but proves that having good make up won’t do shit if you are that aweful looking. She can’t do make up or dress herself or her child. She pushes the rainbow vomit on her kid, he is going to get bullied. Actual cows are cuter than her

No. 505513

Awe, that's not nice. :((no1curr :()

No. 505514

Though i feel bad for kids who don't get the chance to choose who they are.

No. 505541

Kill yourself. Fucking hell(a-logging)

No. 505546

File: 1518825080661.png (865.59 KB, 640x1136, C7439C68-4623-41C6-90F4-E4BFBF…)

Those teeth…..

No. 505551

File: 1518825279163.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, 69891D42-C6AC-4DBA-BA6B-2CF798…)

Keep your day job.

No. 505565

File: 1518825834857.png (6.72 KB, 317x302, wiw u b mi vawentine? OwO.png)

No. 505589

I just find it hilarious how easy it is to join, the vetting process is virtually nonexistent. “Do you know what party kei is and who founded it?!?” No shit, nobody tries to join a group like this they know jack shit about

No. 505592

She's cute, tho. If those teeth were on a Japanese girl, you wouldn't say shit.

No. 505600

They were trying to avoid people from here, but they kept leaving obvious trails to their new group like a bunch of fucking retards. Not to mention, Party Kei is easy to google so… Don't know why they can't be more obscure.

No. 505603

>Trying to avoid people on lolcow
>People on lolcow start a whole thread dedicated to them

No. 505665

File: 1518830683978.jpeg (191.38 KB, 750x456, E1F4FB99-3D89-43CC-9AE0-3180BB…)

Imagine being almost five decades old and not seeing through this shit show still

No. 505680

“You should dress and act like one” if you wanna dress like a clown that’s your downfall but why is she complaining about having to act like an adult? You can act like an adult and still look like rainbow vomit

No. 505683


I literally didn't even answer the questions and got accepted

No. 505864

File: 1518847315995.jpeg (76.19 KB, 750x399, E4AB4652-53B4-47F4-90DF-86C5ED…)

I’m having a hard time believing this girl even has friends, probably just made this shit up in her head for pixie points. Stop kissing your senpai’s ass already.

No. 505865

File: 1518847416071.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, F0390893-2003-498E-8B77-FF18FF…)


No. 505952

Eliza runs the witchcraft group and holy shit, the existence of that group shows the pandering and ass kissing she's doing for Jillian.

No. 505996

this might as well be a post from an age play group
it's just depressing that at 46 years old her inspiration in life are badly dressed obese tweens from some cringey facebook group

No. 506054

she also runs the confetti clinic which is full of self diagnosing brats with the same mentality of Jill uwu self care is baths ~~~~

No. 506167

Holy shit, for the first time ever I actually feel concerned for Jill? If her birthday is only in September, she's probably just making up this crap for attention.

But if she does end up going to halifax/pei, that's REALLY WEIRD. Like, there's hundreds of small towns/cities across north america. Atlantic Canada is below mediocre, and as other anons already pointed out, anyone who isn't a white trash hick moves away for education and/or work at the first opportunity. There's nothing for American tourists to see and Helena Darling probably charges more for sub-par work in comparison to better/cheaper artists in major Canadian or US cities. This is absolutely insane.

I genuinely hope she won't get the chance to stalk Jill in Charlottetown. It's far too likely considering her address is public and all her previous workplaces were public. If you sat around Starbucks or Micheal's >>503823 for a day, it's almost a sure possibility to see her.

No. 506183

File: 1518886690483.jpeg (189.96 KB, 749x959, B56AB883-D68F-4B68-AC26-72EB14…)

Um………..I sure hope this doesn’t mean what I think it does

No. 506186

Seriously… I'm from Atlantic Canada. PEI is a shithole with absolutely nothing to do unless you're really into sand. Halifax is a crap city full of violence and drugs. People do whatever they can to get AS FAR AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN from here… this girl is delusional to a scary degree.

No. 506194

File: 1518887437129.jpg (423.01 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20180217-170927.jpg)

She's just moving home

No. 506247

I don't use Facebook - that "seen by" thing is sorta intrusive, no?
Can ye opt out? /OT

No. 506251

File: 1518891940678.jpeg (158.48 KB, 750x527, 440A569B-40F7-45B5-9AC2-483AEA…)

Bursting into tears at a supermarket and boycotting it because they don’t have an ugly ass children’s toy. ok

No. 506252

Jesus Christ, she's posting this all in the group? This is like personal FB shit. Why does she feel the need to document her life in a fashion group? She treats it like her own personal fan club. That's so unbelievably annoying.
God she's so irritating and ugly. She's desperately trying to wear Pixie's skin.

Pixie said she's scared to come to America, Eliza is probably why. She's a borderline stalker.

No. 506253

could you imagine being this pathetic? dear god

No. 506254

The employee was slightly rude, sure. But boycotting the store and bursting into tears? Really? REALLY?

No. 506258

File: 1518892345301.png (43.39 KB, 467x517, ssss.png)

an investigation is in place. Good use of company time.

No. 506268

Can you imagine opening that investigation?

"Uhm hi yes I drove a half an hour to buy ponies, I was told the ponies were dank and fake and was told to check online, she made me burst into tears and I would like something done about it NOW."

No. 506281

It would make my day. Dank ponies. Hats off to that employee (if it really happened)

No. 506289

Yup same. (Halifax) nearly all my family members and friends and their family have moved west for better living conditions & jobs. Nova Scotia is a shithole & PEI is just as bad. No wonder jill’s Parents think she’s smart. Everyone that was in her school are probably destined to be construction workers.

No. 506296


rofl omg, how do these people seriously live in the real world? this is the most pathetic post i've read yet.

No. 506380

This person is a fake boi what did you expect?

No. 506441

Remember to save your non-milk posts. There's way too many unsaged posts.

No. 506455

I have screenshots of this laying around.

No. 506463

It's so cancerous. People were acting like this over the Crayon Table and Crayon Shelf. too. People seriously ride Pixie's dick this much?
Also, why do I think she's suddenly gay because Pixie is dating a girl?

No. 506484

File: 1518904240557.jpeg (198.71 KB, 750x1006, C3E77E43-CE32-4786-ACE0-DFEA17…)

Screenshots from the Party Kei Community group in relation to an Underage Ddlg group being promoted. The group allowed minors and adults to be a part of it and had members in both groups.

No. 506485

File: 1518904267453.jpeg (199.3 KB, 750x834, 9B12BFA3-55C9-4567-B272-666C30…)

No. 506486

File: 1518904282489.jpeg (206.97 KB, 750x959, E8ADA83D-9965-4471-97D4-4B8BF6…)

No. 506487

File: 1518904299772.jpeg (264.99 KB, 750x1011, A336DDDD-658A-4077-B4D9-DCA124…)

No. 506488

File: 1518904304749.png (313.21 KB, 715x315, blend.png)

Can we talk about this also?

No. 506491

File: 1518904317136.jpeg (224.31 KB, 749x1010, 2C1CB982-545F-4349-9B5F-26351F…)

No. 506492

File: 1518904330851.jpeg (192.39 KB, 750x1003, 795C752F-DDE8-42F2-8305-57C6CC…)

No. 506493

File: 1518904346661.jpeg (211 KB, 748x997, 861CFF2E-0376-4D47-A0D4-FD297C…)

No. 506495

File: 1518904365680.jpeg (178 KB, 747x1013, 7D3B33A0-CB1D-4D7F-9839-0318BC…)

No. 506499

Fuck that's so gross.
Just keep it fucking private, it's not hard.
Kudos to the person calling them on their bullshit though. DDLG and all that other shit are still subsects of bdsm. There's no way that it CAN'T be sexual.

No. 506504

>thats the parents fault uwu

>we have enough people bashing it
Criticism of how you run a group and the actual legality of the situation is NOT bashing it.(a-logging)

No. 506588

Not true, there are lots of aspects of the kink scene and BDSM specifically that do not HAVE to be sexual. You can engage in an entire scene where you are bound and flogged without anyone achieving any sort of orgasm or sexual release and it is still a successful BDSM scene. Some slaves like being controlled and do not experience sexual gratification from being told they must clean the entire house with a toothbrush, for some people it is just liberating to not be in control and to be taken care of in one way or another. The same thing goes for Cg/L some people just want an escape from the bullshit of adult life so they regress with sex not being a part of the equation.(derailing)

No. 506810

Jill would hate this outfit, doesn’t this girl know? Jill doesn’t wear or like black!!

No. 507084

What do these kids want from Jillian? Like what are they hoping will happen if she notices their outfit or post on Facebook or whatever. I don't get it

No. 507126

File: 1518957823894.jpg (34.63 KB, 270x378, sbk.jpg)

Rainbow bangs 1999.

No. 507182

File: 1518966989206.png (188.11 KB, 638x878, IMG_8278.PNG)

Maybe try being yourself? These girls couldn't think for themselves if they tried.

No. 507195

I'd love to know what these 'personality problems' are, according to her.

No. 507213

looks like a gaia online avatar lol

No. 507214

File: 1518969376211.jpeg (51.48 KB, 800x450, 7C8DE0EE-FFD2-4D44-BA8B-187B86…)

No. 507218

>my only problem

sure honey.

No. 507230

File: 1518970510069.jpeg (515.4 KB, 750x1224, 4F5D2A3A-9D5F-4C06-A9CA-43B39A…)

No. 507240

this is peak confetti club. everything from the communist profile pic to the crusty make-up to that cringey he/him button and that premium fakeboi name… it's fucking poetic.

No. 507245


Even worse, one of the first hashtags used is #faggot. There’s not much that grates my nerves this bad but totes ~*gay*~ transtrenders using the word faggot so naturally Is……whew.

No. 507249

Why do these people insist on wearing candy jewelry??

No. 507253

kek i knew she'd be a straight/bihet girl, they love calling themselves queers and faggots the most. absolutely_disgusting.jpg

No. 507542

"Pixielocks knock off channel" Sad kids are actually trying to be her kek

No. 507561

File: 1518989614785.png (21.93 KB, 942x192, lol.png)

Holy crap… that girl is seriously a cringe factory. Did you see the description?

No. 507562

thats such a bad way to advertise you're just gonna get pixie fans yelling at you saying you're copying her??

No. 507566

I hit play and went on a ride. awoooo

No. 507636

kek are all the dislikes from us

No. 507794

File: 1519000189444.jpg (717.81 KB, 1076x1612, Screenshot_20180219-002825.jpg)

The party kei tag never disappoints

No. 507799

File: 1519000399627.jpg (705.54 KB, 1078x1516, Screenshot_20180219-003244.jpg)

I fail to believe this girl isn't a troll I mean srsly

No. 507810


I think I died inside.

No. 507816

If they were truly queer they would hate the word faggot. It’s derogatory

No. 507820

Nothing wrong with handmade but this handmade needs to burn

No. 507825

Fat girl thinking cigarettes are sexual. Kek

No. 507886

File: 1519003458876.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 316F9D79-2A93-4D6B-BBBC-23E210…)

No. 507887

File: 1519003487186.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 8374FC6A-01A9-49E3-BACD-D3F98D…)

Those sausage fingers

No. 507888

File: 1519003530149.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 4AE43072-30B7-4D3E-9C2C-5A35F6…)

No. 507895


i get being inspired by someone. its fine. if you're 16 and you see your favorite singer wear red lipstick. SURE buy red lipstick too. but… i don't get shit like this. that woman is clearly not underage. and she isn't "inspired". she literally is trying to have the same haircut, poses, clothing, glasses, she even does the eyebrow thing like jill. at that point you're not a fan, you're a damn cosplayer. or a skinwalker tbh. like, be a little self aware. how does no one every come up to her IRL and go

>Hey… why are you dressing up like that youtuber chic. uh that's kinda weird… maybe get a personality of your own?

No. 507901

File: 1519004253295.jpeg (148.6 KB, 750x1030, 2FB7D66D-B118-47CA-85A3-A3CFBF…)

Got screens before the post got deleted. 1/10

No. 507902

No. 507903

File: 1519004273115.jpeg (146.17 KB, 750x1097, 46110348-ABCB-40B5-9DF4-5D78D1…)


No. 507904

File: 1519004291651.jpeg (148.96 KB, 750x1140, E7158A3B-4DBF-4204-88DC-BCD4BA…)


No. 507905

File: 1519004307508.jpeg (180.21 KB, 750x1159, 3C010F37-4AE1-44B5-A01B-8F4888…)


No. 507908

File: 1519004334537.png (284.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5467.PNG)

I couldn't get the rest sorry, but after that she went nuts, posted some lewd manga and called everyone and idiot because they didn't agree with her
Also what's up with the other posts talking about this being deleted??

No. 507912

File: 1519004404891.jpeg (148.87 KB, 750x1130, D0E6DF17-BE67-4240-815C-B6BE38…)


No. 507914

File: 1519004421888.jpeg (162.53 KB, 750x1159, 15A28326-2615-4A90-BA48-301EE8…)


No. 507915

File: 1519004436179.jpeg (168.72 KB, 750x1144, 406C9C36-5B51-4469-AA83-4F9B73…)


No. 507916

File: 1519004450188.jpeg (171.87 KB, 750x1109, 77C793FB-96C1-43BF-8104-176FCF…)


No. 507919

File: 1519004466408.jpeg (207.94 KB, 750x1140, DBD987EF-960D-482F-9BC7-A832DA…)

Last one 10

No. 507926

Idk if you care but your profile picture is visible

No. 507930

File: 1519004739413.jpeg (125.11 KB, 720x960, 2B7B16A0-C950-4770-BCC6-622D73…)

Mind you this is an adult posting sex stuff to a group with children in it

No. 507932

I’m not either of these people

No. 507934

I think they mean in

No. 507938

Yes, that’s what I meant thank you

No. 507939

File: 1519004984450.jpeg (86.04 KB, 750x670, 67568CA1-8094-4DB0-AAC4-4496DA…)


No. 507941

Haha fixed thanks. Idc anyway tho. I’m an open book asshole

No. 507944

how did Bonnie not get banned for this nonsense?

No. 507947

I think she’s a friend of the mod? I have no idea

No. 507953

File: 1519005338325.png (1.77 MB, 2424x1052, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 8.52…)


Can you just imagine how cringy any group she tried to make about sex would be? She's so gross and annoying

No. 507960

the fuck is going on with the walls behind her?? I've lived in SROs with cleaner bathrooms than that.
jesus fuck.

No. 507962

Is she waxing her chest???

No. 507964

who tf has the time to paint on a design, but not clean up the visible mess around the nails??

No. 507967

Could've fooled me, she looks like the Gerber baby smh

No. 507971

But babies are cute

No. 507977

love that rosacea and crow's feet look

No. 507978

This girl’s posts sound so erratic and nonsensical she sounds like she’s having an episode. She sounds kinda mentally ill

No. 507982

File: 1519006329913.png (1.28 MB, 2014x1234, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 9.02…)


After seeing this I'm actually kind of thinking she's autistic which could explain it

No. 507984

No shit– look at the squalor she's living in, she probably uses the CC as a coping mechanism/ her only social output. (inb4 armchair psychology)

No. 507985

I deleted it cause I thought it was mean but now it feels justified, she's so fucking annoying. And it seems like she has no idea what she looks like and thinks she's way hotter than she is, it's sad.

No. 507987

nail artist here cringing irl… she just needed to use liquid tape and it would have been fine. also this looks so fucking bad and uneven i can only assume she used the polish brushes to do it…

No. 507994

Having autism is not an excuse to post almost porn in group with children in it.

No. 507997

Oh god this kid is from my city, I gave them a cigarette at the bus stop once.

No. 507998

Being so austistic you get a tattoo of it. This is a winner for sure. Her and Chris Chan should hook up

No. 508000


I'm not saying it is, I was pointing it out as a reason why her responses might be erratic and nonsensical. Nothing validates almost porn in a group with minors.

No. 508003

Manic-sounding autistic girl desperate for an 18+ group to talk about “alcohol” because she has a “dirty

What could go wrong

No. 508004

whoops, “dirty mind” is what I meant to say

But for real, get that girl some help, holy shit

No. 508005

Did they dress like this out in public?

No. 508023

No, they dressed normally and they were actually pretty nice… Their social media is unbearably cringey though.

No. 508036

it's a charcoal mask. she has chest/back acne im assuming.

No. 508065

File: 1519009845811.png (989.92 KB, 632x794, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 9.56…)

oh god so cringe. this is not cute.

No. 508069


This is like jills clown child look on an actually attractive person. She looks awful but I bet Jill wishes she looked this good.

No. 508071

File: 1519010102164.png (308.74 KB, 910x590, why.png)

'Bonnie's' real name is Veronica Weiss. Her full address is available online so girl needs to sort that shit out. Anyway, does she think this is a) funny, b) cute, or c) necessary to post on FB?

No. 508074

File: 1519010230959.png (430.07 KB, 919x581, bit late now babes.png)

Samefag; the drug use/abuse checkbox in the previous pic is interesting.

>complains about being fat

>'I haven't had my cake and cupcakes yet'

No. 508077

Living in filth will do that

No. 508080

Labels herself as psycho.

No. 508084

File: 1519010521124.png (165.37 KB, 640x972, IMG_8265.PNG)

I dropped the image and just noticed now, go me

No. 508091

She needs her own thread

No. 508105

I see she's not in the group anymore, if she happens to make her 18+ group please leak it I need this cringe in my life. Just searching "bonnie" in the confetti group was holy shit.

No. 508143

File: 1519014335473.jpg (82.79 KB, 564x761, 11122560_hi.jpg)

>when even the hot topic plus size model has a better coord than you
Recognized that jacket immediately.

No. 508245

EYYYY I use to have her on my facebook
Her hair was destroyed during emo/scene faze and I can see it still is

No. 508311

File: 1519036917998.png (218.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180219-183639.png)

This is Bonnie Meadows' page. Absolutely fucking hilarious.

No. 508318

"too pretty to be single" kek

No. 508320

thats some nice guy behaviour right there

No. 508336

Holy shit this girl sounds barely functioning.

No. 508373

yeah she sounds like she should get some treatment, I don't know anyone over the age of 10 who considers a 'relationship' that lasts for ONE DAY as an actual relationship wtf

No. 508425

How does she get seventy guys to date her, even for just one day?

No. 508446

dares between asshole guys, online.

No. 508477

This is straight up fucking delusion right here. I will give her points for self inflated confidence and a huge ego since thats all she has going for herself

No. 508480

>dates 70+ men
>very few go past the first date
>”it’s not my fault!!!!”
If she uses her Facebook picture on dating sites, then it’s definitely her fault. Her chin does not look like that irl. See the following for examples of what I’m talking about:

No. 508484


She looks like a psychopath, I definitely don't believe she's dated anywhere close to as many people as her conflated and delusional ego is letting on

No. 508487

it's not hard to get a first date online. especially if you're willing/let on that you're willing to put out.

so… i believe it. especially with her little stipulation of 'not lasting a whole hour!!!'

No. 508628

Can bonnie PLEASE have her own thread she's a new favorite.

No. 508636

her eyes look like that in every photo, it's creepy

No. 508679

File: 1519070290322.png (2.03 MB, 1874x1172, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 2.57…)


No. 508688

File: 1519070578041.png (1.67 MB, 1860x1188, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 3.02…)

is a requirement to be in the confetti club to have really bad roots or something? it seems like unless they are wearing wigs they always seem to have bad roots :/

No. 508708

File: 1519071128973.png (595.27 KB, 590x588, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 3.12…)

No. 508715

File: 1519071452277.png (1.07 MB, 1632x848, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 3.17…)

No. 508718


how does someone look at themselves like this and legitimately feel good about it

No. 508769

god how unfortunate. she actually has a really interesting eye shape, if she did decent "out there" makeup and got a better camera she could probably have a following.

No. 508925

She’d do well in really avant-garde type artsy photo shoots

No. 508927

Well at least she is happy being a bumpkin

No. 508943

File: 1519085004066.jpeg (159.88 KB, 750x1047, 60BCE91B-14EB-4E15-8BC9-5A7035…)

No wonder she is fat

No. 508950

File: 1519085233178.png (878.36 KB, 750x1334, 9CA63728-1201-4A65-BBCF-71DBC8…)

She lives in filth

No. 509027

File: 1519087977992.jpeg (200.06 KB, 750x1204, 0C75507D-60AE-4F68-8B96-A35337…)

>plays herself up to be a poetic heartbreaker a la marina and the diamonds
>”I might get out of hand in an 18+ group because of my dirty mind xD”

It can’t be that guys don’t want to date her for her shitty annoying personality, right? It’s not that she’s grating and whiny and reeks of mental instability, it’s just that all her exes were jerks that weren’t good enough for her, right?

No. 509028

im gagging that HAS to be some type of property/health violation

No. 509032

This looks like it should be outdoors!! How the fuck does paint chip and mold like this inside of a house jesus christ. Someone please call the health inspector

No. 509038

File: 1519088638374.jpeg (52.76 KB, 750x291, 5B79AC3B-8531-424D-92E6-D13E76…)

No. 509040

^ lol i agree. if anyones able to find info on her please privately send in a report (don't share here). her house has to be unsafe. idk if she has pets but… if she does im very worried for their lungs. due to her maturity level im assuming she probably lives with an older parent/guardian too.

No. 509093

why does this bitch never wear eyeliner?

No. 509107

I don't see a problem with her not wearing eyeliner. I only wear eyeshadow and never eyeliner because I find eyeliner just covers up eyeshadow, but her horrendous eyeshadow application doesn't look good.

No. 509126

Is the Bonnie woman ummm, a little slow?
I'm judging based on the poverty-tier condition of the bathroom, the unhealthy self-image posts, inappropriate topics, and the feeding at the Golden Corral.

Doesn't seem too…all there. Man look at that >>508071. Fucking sad. I can't tell if she's developmentally stunted or a regular self-hating ignoramus with problems. I've read that people with mental conditions tend to be overly sexual and angry.

No. 509152

Yes she's autistic

No. 509492

File: 1519144726900.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.07 KB, 640x642, 8498E150-4A77-40BB-8C33-7B9C4A…)

kelseyanna’s prematurely born distant cousin

No. 509500

File: 1519145361922.jpg (11.46 KB, 960x540, 27544879_133836727429014_51003…)

Can we talk about the "Confetti Club Clinic" group for just a sec?? I can't help but feel that a facebook group full of insecure tweens and teens that's there for them to "talk about mental health issues, ask for advice, or just vent" is a really terrible idea.

We've seen these kids' mental instability run rampant in the main group. Who thought giving them their own tiny echo chamber of equally mentally fucked individuals to give """advice""" to each other was smart? Christ.

No. 509503

come now anon, the entire PK fashion is a hugbox echo chamber.

No. 509510

Yes, but this echo chamber is narrowed down from the massive echo chamber of CC to CC members who are ~ mentally ill ~ which is even worse

No. 509617

File: 1519150438736.jpg (550.98 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20180220-181342.jpg)

No. 509620

at least wear a smaller bra and stuff it better. the shirt falls into the empty bra in the first pic.

No. 509622

File: 1519150556690.jpg (54.62 KB, 960x1280, FB_IMG_1519150436494.jpg)

Why is everyone in the group so attention seeking
>such bad body image was an
>uploads this

No. 509623

every clothing item looks so cheap and low quality

No. 509633


the bottom right one is so unflattering? her skirt looks like a diaper

No. 509634

This picture setting and the LQ clothing are giving me junkie vibes. I've noticed fans and Jill herself can't pull off pastel, soft kawaii, w/e else looks because they look dirty all the time and/or take really bad photos in crappy or wrinkly clothing.

No. 509695

Sad because she is pretty. If she got over her attention issues and dressed nicely she’s be fine.

No. 509921

Dysmorphia? What is that? Does she mean dysphoria?

No. 509931

Body dysmorphia. Looks like a (recovering) ana chan.

No. 509934

dysmorphia is when you are abnormally obsessed with your appearance, dysphoria is when you literally cannot deal with it and want to like cut parts of yourself off or see your body differently than it is (anorexics who think they're still fat/average sized)

No. 509938


Dysmorphia is when you see your body different than what it actually looks like (people with ed's) and dysphoria is the stuff transgender people experience.

No. 509962

File: 1519170667466.jpeg (111.98 KB, 748x1168, D8576602-BD21-4B59-9DAF-2FE51F…)

Jump scares? Really now? Boo!

No. 509964

File: 1519170694522.jpeg (89.89 KB, 750x1208, 0EBF4457-C4DB-4E00-8B38-E32045…)

Confitti clinic is a mess

No. 509966

File: 1519170713423.jpeg (100.26 KB, 750x1177, 902ACEE8-3D8E-4F5F-9E73-7EF54F…)

No. 509983

why did they censor rape??? r*pe could be rope too and with these shitty other topics it may well be. is child abuse less triggering???

No. 509987

Had a chat with bonnie about her actions. A fucking mess. Screenshots to follow

No. 509991

Blessed be, so tired of the unsaged ana derailing

No. 509993

File: 1519171983892.jpeg (130.29 KB, 640x820, 73958D93-CCF1-4297-8D6A-20BA66…)

No. 509994

File: 1519172000082.jpeg (91.26 KB, 640x718, 6D03224D-973F-4A0E-9414-6845F2…)

No. 509995

File: 1519172016265.jpeg (105.16 KB, 640x837, A78AB411-B6E4-483A-B98E-DC1D87…)

No. 509997

File: 1519172030862.jpeg (114.93 KB, 640x661, F4C91E63-B3BF-4152-AF7A-75F6A0…)

No. 509998

File: 1519172048860.jpeg (115.03 KB, 640x806, 5D9725FF-0A73-4026-8C41-1CBB05…)

No. 509999

File: 1519172064976.jpeg (118.28 KB, 626x752, 2415FE7F-0AE9-4E95-80FE-0C27E8…)

No. 510000

File: 1519172081804.jpeg (91.9 KB, 640x599, CAD184EB-9EDA-4B94-91BE-21F224…)

No. 510003

Not exactly milk city but thought it was interesting that she thought she had done nothing wrong and admitted that she’s messed up

No. 510006

"I know I'm a messed up human"
"And I'm ok with it"

well now isn't that as telling as anything. how adults behave this way is so baffling. this cow needs to be banned from any fb groups allowing minors, especially the cc ones.

No. 510008

she literally acts like this gross autist pedo i used to know. what. the. fuck.

No. 510022

Sorry but when did she post porn? I can't find the pic in the thread.

No. 510024

I LOVE Bonnie honestly. She is the most hilarious lolcow since asherbee.

No. 510025

That's because she is a retard, I was in a group chat with her years ago and she was/is such a fucking weeb/koreaboo I don't have screenshots and I tried going back but she blocked me so I can't see them
It was a wierd comment not intresting or milky but she said she couldn't stand seeing Asian people cry because it broke her heart and she wish she could hug them and make them feel better uwu

No. 510027

No. 510028

in >>507912
not explicit porn, just "lewd manga"

because of course this is the sort of porn this lonely fat weeb would jerk it to

No. 510045

lol i'll bet you 10 years from now she'll be on the news for being "too friendly" with a kid or something. no doubt. she seems weirdly obsessed with this + exposing kids to porn.

No. 510048


this is bad but it looks way better than jill. jill's colorful eyebrows are the absolute worst. and they still look bad on this chick, but the shape of the eyebrow/color is way better than what jill tends to do. also the wig is bad but its better than any of those cheap ass wigs that jill uses (like that blonde one she was wearing a while back… pathetic).

she's also the only non-obese confetti club member so good for her. hopefully she will grow out of this soon. them clothes though…a mistake

No. 510053

File: 1519174314758.jpeg (199.06 KB, 640x873, FA5DE971-3438-4562-B889-1B01D5…)

This is her kid. It’s honestly so sad. She’s forcing her horrendous fashion choices on her son. He’s gonna be bullied so bad. She posted these to the confetti club uncensored.

No. 510057

If he were school age, yeah I'd agree with you. But here he looks like he's still in that age range where the only people that are going to see him are close friends and family and imo it's perfectly fine to dress your kid in whatever you can fit over their slimy little faces before they start screaming. I'm terrible at guessing children's ages tho so I could be way wrong here.

No. 510061

Needs her own thread

No. 510078

Save him
Surprised his scary mother hasn’t rolled over on him or squished him

No. 510090

File: 1519176445969.jpeg (163.42 KB, 651x880, C70E4F82-3AE3-45C2-8B96-1D5F13…)

Someone on cgl said she needs a bra for her back

No. 510094

Well theyre not wrong

No. 510098

File: 1519177397199.jpg (273.69 KB, 786x610, 045.jpg)

No. 510102

No amount of Sugarpill can save her(?) face

No. 510103

Can someone please make the Bonnie thread now? I've never made a thread and I'm scared of fucking it up.

No. 510110

File: 1519178027669.jpeg (181.71 KB, 750x942, BAFAB005-D73E-4A4A-BA80-5EDD89…)


No. 510111

File: 1519178041880.jpeg (135.16 KB, 644x855, AD978FEF-FF9F-40D3-997A-837FEC…)

No. 510114

no. she's just some mentally-handicapped socially-retarded mess who for sure does not need her own thread. there is not nearly enough milk to come out of that.

No. 510190

You say that as if there hasn't been threads for mentally handicapped people just like her.

No. 510212

How does her son not cry in fear when he sees this face? She looks like a monster

No. 510238

dysphoria can be experienced by anyone since the definition is literally "a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life". anas can have body dysmorphia and general dysphoria, trans can have gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia from it. it took me 5 minutes and google.

No. 510270

She’s ok with it? She needs to rethink her way of life

No. 510276

Someone should message her about her group idea and create a 18+ group just for the lulz

No. 510292

…there's multiple meanings. she's obviously talking about body related because it's the most common usage of the word. body dysphoria is very specific, as is body dysmorphia. don't act like googling gives you a one-up on everyone.

No. 510326

File: 1519191732091.png (19.71 KB, 275x234, 1518479473034.png)

clowns huh…

No. 510431

File: 1519201874844.jpg (39.61 KB, 1100x619, blobfish_0.jpg)

She looks like a blobfish.

No. 510452

File: 1519203745136.png (1.89 MB, 1564x1406, confetticlub18.png)

No. 510476

Has this already been deleted? I can’t find it anywhere.

No. 510481

Probably made secret and therefore not searchable

No. 510488

File: 1519211346609.jpeg (552.1 KB, 2048x2048, 372AAAA4-CA73-4F3C-B85A-F1BA1A…)

Is this this her page now?

No. 510495

File: 1519212163453.jpeg (186.32 KB, 750x931, 65B4515E-8E3C-48B9-86E0-2E409C…)

Even they know they look like clowns

No. 510552

>loud noises
So I take it these people don't actually watch Jill's videos?

No. 510561

Jesus Christ. These people need to grow up and step into the real world.

No. 510563

lmao but this girl just looks like shitty tumblr shading.

No. 510581

File: 1519223694460.png (488.99 KB, 505x713, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 9.19…)

"really good looks"

No. 510599

this dude is never going to have 'really good looks'

No. 510670


Who is this?

No. 510770

File: 1519238356875.jpg (122.13 KB, 1440x1440, FB_IMG_1519238310948.jpg)

Land whale after Land whale

No. 510773

On one hand I was going to make a comment about that messy as fuck room but like…why would someone who is so sloppy with their appearance be not sloppy in other ways

No. 510774

File: 1519238627664.jpg (803.84 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180221-184233.jpg)

Gotta point out she's wearing children's sizing kek

No. 510775

File: 1519238659078.jpg (121.67 KB, 801x801, FB_IMG_1519238597094.jpg)

You're not fooling anyone, sweetie kek

No. 510776

File: 1519238788520.jpg (446.69 KB, 1079x1474, Screenshot_20180221-184558.jpg)

Found in the party kei tag

No. 510785

File: 1519239141180.jpg (613.31 KB, 1079x1419, Screenshot_20180221-185146.jpg)

Sorry for the spam, but the tags are so milky

No. 510788

File: 1519239342013.jpg (151.73 KB, 1078x708, Screenshot_20180221-185425.jpg)

Does she not realise that people are probably staring because she's a fat mess kek

No. 510790

absolutely disgusting.jpg

No. 510794

it seems like most of these people were goners to begin with

No. 510799

I have no idea why but Bonnie is my new favorite CC trainwreck. She’s fascinating

No. 510802

ot, but I think that's some 'pastel' homestuck cosplay, thought homestuck and the fanbase died ages ago

No. 510832

I can't believe I know this, but it's called a trickster design and is the lazy way out of making an actual color coordinated cosplay.
Haven't seen it in years, can't believe people still do it.

No. 510838

Homestuck cosplayers are very much still around, but mostly only the super cringy ones are left. I went to a convention and I broke out an older homestuck cosplay I had because I worked really hard on it a few years ago (8 foot span moveable wings) and everyone at the meetup was so awful, 12 year olds kept yanking on my costume and almost broke it. It wasn't like this a few years ago, everyone was respectful. Sage bc this is basically blogposting but yeah homestucks are still around just the really bad ones.

No. 510875

Apparently you can't be friends with someone if they aren't a total attention seeking "introvert".

No. 511203

This person keeps posting about her birth control and period it’s so gross

No. 511206

Cube = nice car


No. 511211

File: 1519277956673.jpeg (130.52 KB, 750x868, 3DC4D1D7-8168-42DB-A03B-383B38…)

No. 511212

File: 1519278000521.jpeg (163.42 KB, 750x1068, C7B8C8C8-1019-4891-A8EB-CD3358…)

No. 511263


Ha… the shirt size is 14
and kmart kids sizes are 8-16
using age as sizing to make sure everyone knows they are a lil Kawaii desu bean uwu

The pompom headband should be burnt

No. 511264

>i love my npd
is this from the clinic group? what is wrong with these girls

No. 511269

Yeah, the clinic group only exists so people can bathe in their failures of not being able to join society.
I'm starting to think everyone in there has npd lol

No. 511270

File: 1519286563719.png (68.22 KB, 747x635, group.png)

Yes, Eliza, it's called planning an orgy.

No. 511282


A tranny having npd, why am i not surprised


No. 511293

I know it's probably a very far reach, but I really hope that's not in reference to the whole CC group.

No. 511305

>my npd is throwing a damn party
Is she suggesting that her Narcissistic Personality Disorder is "acting up"? Because that's not how personality disorders work.

>what is wrong with these girls
A lot, apparently.

No. 511312

This looks like the set from Sugarpill that Jill got.. at least this cow put some sort of effort into it? Lol.

No. 511318

Well… At least he understands that his face needs some filters to be easier to the eyes, unlike most of that group.

No. 511358

File: 1519305834829.jpg (156.03 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20180222-132130.jpg)

Someone replied 'horny' kek

No. 511371

having a sexual orientation??

No. 511374

Apparently she's looking for a sexual orientation for being horny.

No. 511377

File: 1519307501956.jpg (363.11 KB, 1080x1623, Screenshot_20180222-135026.jpg)

It's almost as if living life like Jill makes you sad kek constantly seeking validation online, endless consumerism and ~~self care bath taking doesn't work amazing

No. 511379

OT, but be prepared for a comeback. Hussie made some new trolls and I keep seeing new HS shit out there. Having to avoid them and their body paint at cons is a nightmare. I wish it would all die out (that and SU and well, anything with 8 gallons of unsealed body paint, really).

No. 511428

i wish they'd stop making shit for tumblr spergs that requires them to paint themselves for cosplays. it's like a fucking theme at this point.

No. 511652

Is anyone in the confetti clinic? I feel like there’s probably some good stuff there but I only ever see stuff from the CC group being posted. Or is the group just kind of dead?

No. 511654

>>511652 it's mostly self diagnosed brats whining about their non existent problems. Anything milky get posted here.

No. 511859

Just when I didn’t think she could get any more annoying

No. 511887

Lmao being full of yourself is not npd. She does not have npd.

No. 512104

Well, if this tells you anything, Eliza banned me because only liked minded individuals are allowed in there and any advice or criticism isn't welcome, just responses she wants to hear.
Not blogposting but… That kinda blew my mind.

No. 512107

btw those are her own words, not mine.

No. 512415

File: 1519387089025.jpeg (108.96 KB, 750x665, 9C0EA5F9-4219-4FD4-B12A-F92BD8…)

Lol 1 like. You know the point of secrets is you don’t tell people

No. 512622

File: 1519409311537.jpg (564.49 KB, 1077x1580, Screenshot_20180223-180801.jpg)

I feel like she's on the verge of a breakdown

No. 512641

File: 1519410252769.jpg (202.28 KB, 960x960, 28059072_10156211971368221_561…)

Actually hideous

No. 512653

how do you get so many different shades of pink in one outfit

No. 512809

That dress was disgusting on Jill & it's still disgusting on this Jill wannabe. Why does this thing exist?? It's so plain looking and unflattering for something that's supposed to be "kawaii".

No. 512812


Honestly, I don't think it's that ugly until those fucking sleeves. The puffy sleeve shit looks bad on everyone.

No. 512814

File: 1519420267773.png (1.91 MB, 1206x1180, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.11…)

(samefag) for me it's the unflattering pale yellow on the collar/ sleeve + the puffy sleeves + the fact that there's not enough contrast between the sprinkles & the pink so from a distance it just looks like a plain, washed out mess. From other pics it looks cheaply made (but idk much about that). I might be biased because I hate the designer "Chrissa Sparkles"– she's everything that Jill wants to be, complete with husbando purse dog.

No. 512815

deets on Chrissa?

No. 512828

File: 1519421578382.jpg (226.57 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20180223-213123.jpg)

She so badly wants to be jill

No. 512831

this anon reaches a lot n its a lil weird cause half of the stuff this girl posts isnt even milky
if you're gonna selfpost atleast own it man

No. 512833

File: 1519422262490.png (548.86 KB, 776x382, Untitled-1.png)

>Had an ED (bulimia/ binging)
>Heavily pushes body positivity
>Fashion designer who targets an niche market so she overcharges
>Talking $100-360 for single pieces
>Designs are vaguely kawaii (without actually replicating what Japanese would consider to be kawaii) while also being marketed as sexy
>Tries to get across the message of being "down to earth" in insta posts while simultaneously advertising her shit (typical influencer nonsense)
>Uses her husband as a prop
>Has clearly infected his personal style with her knockoff kawaii sickness
>Image: him 4 years ago vs. now
>How to emasculate a man 101

I haven't been following her for a long time so there's not much dirt here but if you want to dig a little deeper her insta is @chrissasparkles & her husbands is @kawaiiguyla (yuck).

No. 512837

ok no i know that like jill is fucking crazy and shit but no way in hell are those outfits better, jill makeup sucks her hair sucks but tbh i liked those valentines outfits better than the rest of those crappy OOTD shes put up in the past but this chick is gross

No. 512839

ok no i know that like jill is fucking crazy and shit but no way in hell are those outfits better, jill makeup sucks her hair sucks but tbh i liked those valentines outfits better than the rest of those crappy OOTD shes put up in the past but this chick is gross

No. 512842

INB4 WKing, but at least Jill knows not to make a face like she's gagging on camera.

No. 512884

If you can’t be Jill, stalk Jill

No. 512908

Your unsaged post wasn't milky either. It's the CC thread, let us shit on the ones that put themselves out there.

No. 512922

God, the construction and the fabric on this thing looks so cheap, everytime I see it I think it's homemade. Crissy's got some nerve charging all that for it. How did someone coming from lolita think that thing is acceptable or worth it?

No. 512940

because she knows idiots will pay that much

No. 512944

Oops, I worded that wrong. I meant how does someone like Jill and some of her cronies think it's worth it after wearing lolita?

No. 512949

I don't know shit about Lolita, but from seeing her pictures, her outfits seemed to look like shit unless they basically came pre-coordinated for her.

I might be mis-remembering, but I seem to recall her wearing things like creepers and other completely, glaringly clashing shit with her frilly little frocks.

I guess what I'm getting at, is that from her, it doesn't surprise me in the least.

No. 512965

sorry forgot to sage it man

No. 513004

I meant more the quality, some of the confetti club members talk about owning brand pieces, and Jill had brand too, which is super high quality so it's not like they don't know better. I guess bad taste is blinding.

No. 513206

File: 1519458488607.jpeg (150.63 KB, 750x888, 7AD4A37B-B521-468F-A0F1-567F2D…)

No. 513207

File: 1519458520083.jpeg (197.33 KB, 750x1077, D66198FC-5BCF-49E2-A34B-D6D401…)

How do these people function ?

No. 513274

I would murder my child if they were ever this much of a pussy. This is sad.

No. 513299

it sounds less like she was upset because of the noise, as the other people on that post seem to be assuming, and more because she has an eating disorder and broke the bed by sitting on it since she also mentions being self-conscious about making big food choices in public. or she's just self-conscious about being a fatty. tbh i haven't looked at her pictures.

No. 513319

File: 1519484528137.jpg (126.39 KB, 1080x668, Screenshot_20180224-150130.jpg)

Drunkielocks 2.0

No. 513323

She's so lonely and dying for validation for everything she does. Kek.

No. 513337

She's an excellent typer for someone who's drunk

No. 513443

File: 1519494961302.png (88.48 KB, 640x733, IMG_7246.PNG)

The Bella girl is extremely annoying in lolita groups.
She posted in multiple groups asking if it was okay to buy a replica of a star bag and add her own design. People told her it would be okay as long as she didn't straight up steal a design to make it, and gave her advice on how to make it without stealing a design and she started sperging.
When one group told her this, she just went to another group and bitched about the last one.

No. 513444

File: 1519495007514.png (103.91 KB, 640x768, IMG_7247.PNG)

Wish I had more screenshots but this was a awhile ago.

No. 513446

saged for blogspotting, but as someone with autism, like sure its difficult to control myself if like I don't know a slight change in routines happens, like I can get pissed, stressed, whatever, but asking for advice even if I don't like/agree with the advice I wouldn't complain or bitch about it.
Feel, like she's using the autism as a sort of 'get out of jail free' card.

No. 513454

File: 1519496195654.png (154.92 KB, 640x810, IMG_8381.PNG)

The ~super bitchy mean~ advice she got

No. 513523

File: 1519500805782.jpg (143.02 KB, 1080x1393, Screenshot_20180224-193018.jpg)

She's a fatty

No. 513531


i wasnt finding anything else she posted milky before but…80 POUNDS? even as a former fatty, what the fuck? EIGHTY IN A YEAR?? she doesn't look fat in her profile pic either ughhh i hate when bitches do that. i would have never guessed she was a big girl based on that profile pic! >>512828 aww, her idol jill is gaining weight and being all -body postive- and posting all these cute sweets and this eliza girl actually fell for that unhealthy shit, isn't that probably it?. i doubt jill looks anything like this eliza girl probably looks now. does she post selfies there? also >>513319 dead at her being so obsessed with jill that she's even trying to buy shit for no reason too. healthy af!

No. 513535

Them MySpace angles work wonders for fatty chans.
It's like Fetsu all over again

No. 513545


yup, tried to find a full body pic of her and there aren't any. only myspace angle with like ten filters. deceiving as shit, the worst type of fatty chan.

No. 513551

she also claims anorexia kek ultimate fatty chan

No. 513572

Hopeless??? Like, closing your mouth is ACTUALLY DIFFICULT?? What is wrong with these people ffs eating like a normal human is too hard??

I hate fatty chans that talk about their fasting and suffering, like, dude, your fasting probably meant not stuffing your face for like an hour.

No. 513677

File: 1519513234488.jpg (73.68 KB, 1280x720, e9b4815507f4019b4918647ec363fa…)


>december 2017 resolutions

>"i want to lose 50 pounds, go back to school, become vegan, etc"
>almost march 2018
>"woooops i gained 80 pounds and im getting drunk tonight guys"

lmaaooo you can't make this shit up. mess!

she looks huge and you can't even see her body… that's when you know its bad. also that facetune is god awful… all that focus on editing her face when she should be editing her diet.

No. 513869

File: 1519530018254.png (1.41 MB, 1000x1208, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 10.4…)


I found one. Not as fat as I was expecting her to be tbh

No. 513897

I was following this girl on IG for a couple weeks. Some of her designs are cute but she’s constantly whining about working and being sick or whatever. She acts just like Jill. That sprinkle dress is fucking horrendous though

No. 513902

I hate it when girls group hop only to complain about other groups

No. 513935

I've been informed that the PK groups and the Confetti Club groups aren't related at all, they're all under different management.
Most of the audience is still the same, though and they popped off directly after the end of the PK groups.

No. 513939

File: 1519537909349.jpg (140.97 KB, 500x448, tattoo.jpg)

I bet I know what her first tattoo will be, kek

No. 513973

Wow… The CC fanbase is the most disturbing and gross community I have ever seen. What have you done Jill????

No. 513978

I kinda wonder if she's secretly embarrassed of them. Could explain her lack of activity in said groups.

No. 514005

makes sense, she really only interacts with the least cringy members like courtney. Eliza will never be noticed by her Pixie-senpai because she's a cringy stalker

No. 514007

File: 1519546068849.jpg (16.72 KB, 300x254, win10.jpg)

Fuck, anon. This is some good shit. You even fixed her brows :')

No. 514045

People on here are more stalkerish than her tho.

No. 514123


No. 514176

File: 1519577335339.jpg (223.97 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20180225-164840.jpg)


No. 514180

File: 1519577560677.jpg (386.33 KB, 1079x1555, Screenshot_20180225-165217.jpg)

Why are there so many transtrenders in the group

No. 514195

File: 1519579261088.jpeg (406.55 KB, 1082x2061, DD5A33C7-D03B-432E-9F85-5A499A…)

No. 514196

File: 1519579273334.jpeg (294.15 KB, 1087x2003, C3828306-5212-4B1D-ACCE-94B4BB…)

No. 514201

Lmao I knew she lurked here, way to expose yourself.
Explains all the annoying autistic posts lately. You're so annoying Bella.
Funny how they don't mind lurking here until they're talked about.

No. 514202

it's kinda true though. Everyone's following a bunch of people they don't like so they can get validation from others here.

No. 514205

Uhh no. We're just here to make fun of spergs.

No. 514211

I'm actually neither of them. I'm just passing by. Trust me, I think the criticism is valid, but the amount of time you guys spend stalking is kinda gay.

No. 514212

Finding PUBLIC information and sharing it on a thread is more stalkerish than planning on taking a trip to PEI just to visit the home of Jill? Ah yes logic

No. 514214

Except you're on their nuts all the time when the information doesn't really do much other than reaffirm that they're attention seeking or mentally ill. If only ya'll posted selfies, you'd be just as bad.(wk)

No. 514216

don’t forget they’re giving her a kawaii crowd funded betsey johnson purse for college while they’re there uwu uwu uwu!!!!

No. 514218

Can the confetti club fags stop clogging up the thread? Mods help! The white knights are invading! Most of us do this in our spare time for shits and giggles. Posting selfies would be redundant. Go back to mama pixie UwU

No. 514220

Conspiracy Theory: She leaks shit from the group to feel included in being hated, the "Heathers" effect almost, then sympathy posts.

No. 514221


i feel like this girl hangs out here too. she responded pretty swiftly to not even having a thread but just getting mentioned in a thread.

No. 514223

Yet you happily lurk here and read everything too. Fuck off, you're in the same boat as us. Stop acting high and mighty and shitting up the thread, it's annoying and not changing anything.

Man the confetti club must be really bored.

No. 514224

I'm sorry you're so annoyed about being criticized. kek

No. 514225

File: 1519581675767.png (899.94 KB, 640x1136, E125DA67-C4F2-4C0E-B3C1-7B1138…)

Another land whale spotting

No. 514231

Lmao I'm active and have posted selfies in the group, try again though.
You're here too, reading the same thread and defending no one. You're really no better than us. Probably just upset that you were posted.

No. 514234

File: 1519582450568.jpeg (25.13 KB, 600x337, 19FC5DF4-8A44-462E-A487-AE9D90…)

>wanting to be referred to as “it” as if the pronoun hasn’t been historically used as a pejorative against trans and gender non-conforming people

(inb4 get out tumblr reee)

No. 514238

The only times I've ever been posted on lolcow were actually not negative so, no. If you're assuming I'm Bella or Eliza, you fucking wish.

No. 514250

A good fitting bra and a skirt that doesn’t emphasize the fact that she’ll be legally considered a hunchback in 10 years unless she gets a reduction would at least make this outfit more okay. It wouldn’t be great, but it would at least look like she doesn’t have back pain.

No. 514252

Please don't use Gay as an insult, you homophobic ass(learn to integrate)

No. 514261

And I'm supposed to be the SJW white knight, right? Get over yourself.

No. 514267

You're not supposed to be anyone. You just need to leave. K?

No. 514290

When pathetic internet lurkers get offended. Kek

No. 514293

go back to tumblr friend, this is no place for you spechul snoflaeks

No. 514295


pick one
>taking screenshots of cringy social media posts
>dyeing your hair to look like jill and everyone else in your sad ass group, buying ugly ass clothes that look the same, being so body positive like momma jill that you become a whale, wearing bad makeup just to look like jill, wanting to move out just to be close to some internet celebrity that doesn't give a shit about you …the way these cows do

oh my god totally the same! being a skinwalker asskisser = making fun of cows once or twice a day. anon you figured it out please someone close lolcow today! fucking dumb lurkers.

No. 514300

I'm not offended at all. Was just speaking on behalf of all other anons darling. You're kind of annoying. :')

No. 514302

Samefag but I didn't reply to the right person kek

No. 514315

>a history of gender non-conforming people
>hinting that the third gender was thing that hasn't been created in the past 10 years
Sorry for the irrelevance, but kek

No. 514331

>suggesting stereotypically masculine dressing/acting women and feminine dressing/acting men only popped into existence within the last decade.

18 years ago when I started shaving my head, I'd routinely get referred to as an 'it' if I wore a dress or whatever.

As for 'third gender', the less said the better.

No. 514332

Not to derail but you are wrong and should do research into other cultures that have had a third gender for ages, kek.

No. 514335

Stop derailing.

No. 514392

I’m not WKing this girl but at least she apologized for her messy room AND has some cleaning supplies. That’s a step up from Jill and the rest of those CC. However, the outfit isn’t very flattering.
>tfw you have the exact same dresser as a CC member.

No. 514410

File: 1519595215899.png (26.13 KB, 243x190, 1f5816d3eb15c3e7d511b109a480a8…)

I know that Bonnie is not in the CC group anymore but I decided to add her for shits and giggles with my fake account. So far she sent me her ID out of nowhere because I said my (fake) sister's name was Veronika. She has two half-brothers too.

I don't see if she needs a thread, she doesn't seem much milky so far. I'll ask later about her "boyfriends", compliment her writing (kek) and try to gain her trust.

One question though: can we still talk about her if she's not in the group anymore? I can ask her if she wants to come back and/or make a 18+ group. If not I'll stop talking to her.(cowtipping)

No. 514413

Anon you fool she'd be lurking here

No. 514417

Nah, I doubt it. She doesn't seem that smart, and if she really found out this thread she'd have meltdowns like Ash I guess.

No. 514429

>>514417 he already spurged about being posted on her a few weeks back

No. 514431

File: 1519597397767.jpeg (42.78 KB, 640x696, received_1949798031947331.jpeg)


No. 514454

She was told to gtfo on /cgl/ after she came to defend herself on cof thread, someone even offered a good advice how to try to salvage the situation. But apparently she learned nothing.

No. 514463

File: 1519600500798.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, 728D3D66-B46C-4DA3-AD28-45B0EF…)

No. 514488

probably lying for attention, she looks like she's 15 who asks a 15 year old if they're expecting

No. 514492

i hate these people.

No. 514559

I think shes wearing the skirt backwards. Theres a very obvious seam in the front. I hope that the seller didnt make it wrong, waste of money if so.

No. 514564

“He” has huge boobs. This person is putting in no effort to fully transition and ends up looking like a rejected clown

No. 514567

The thumbnail picture looks like a socially awkward teen boy badly wearing lolita. Ohh boo hoo you got posted. Grow a backbone

No. 514586

"ptsd from cyberbullying" Hooollllylyy shhiiitttt what a slap in the face to all the vets and rape survivors out there. Oh my god.

No. 514658

File: 1519611758435.png (47.49 KB, 502x625, lol.png)


No. 514672

I'm sure she looooves being "spammed with love" gag

This sort of thing would embarrass the hell out of me if I were Jill. Knowing that my fan base was this spergy and ready to suck my dick at the smallest provocation would kill me. But then again I'm someone with a sense of shame, soooooo

No. 514752

File: 1519620667975.png (72.63 KB, 368x310, Capture.PNG)

It's so bizarre that just yesterday she posted about wrapping up her shitty ~~secret project~~ and now she's gone. She's also no longer a moderator for CC clinic but I'm not in that group so I can't see if she's still in there or not, I'd assume not?

No. 514754

yeah eliza dipped outta everything, said everything was too much and that she should take a break or something

No. 514783


No. 514853

File: 1519633014048.jpg (402.6 KB, 750x1077, IMG_8399.JPG)

Her fans are beyond creepy, cross posted from the Jill thread

No. 514854

File: 1519633041627.png (949.66 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8398.PNG)

No. 514885

Yaal need to give Eliza a break. She has issues just like all of us. Mkay?(wk)

No. 514886

Whoever is screenshotting, we are onto you.

No. 514894

Why come here to post this, go back to the Facebook group. People are going to over analyse everything, it’s lolcow, not the clinic group.

No. 514895

What kind of faggotry do you have to contain to even come here.(whiteknight)

No. 514897

>"I tried to be nice but they can't handle kindness"
>was actually calling people cunts and threatening to kill herself

I'm sure they're shaking in their boots.

No. 514900

If these people annoy you so much why don’t you make a separate thread on them instead of spamming the thread

No. 514903

File: 1519642796788.jpeg (281.34 KB, 640x525, 3727B69B-A3C6-4FE7-A8DB-87797D…)

In regards to the “cunt” comment, I suggest you re-read it. As it is a self referred statement not calling other people cunts. Don’t try to twist something already written down.

No. 514930

File: 1519648742478.png (273.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180226-122959.png)

People are randomly being deleted from their little group chat uwu. Reckon its to try and find us?

No. 514934

No milk for you lol

No. 514935

>>514930 it doesn't even make sense if that is the plan, as people posting from the gc are obviously active? That's how they get the screenshots

No. 514938

It means that if people are in the group chat but aren’t posting, just lurking they will be removed

No. 514939

File: 1519651297508.png (239.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180226-123008.png)

I thought that but in the rest of her post she said she'd been active semi recently.

No. 514947

the gc sorted itself out recently, its fine.

No. 514962

File: 1519655068887.jpeg (143.08 KB, 1221x212, ADF363C5-0051-4840-8F05-242CEE…)

No. 514963

The group just got archived lmao, here we go again

No. 514964

File: 1519655097375.jpeg (77.22 KB, 1242x336, 512A39CB-15F0-41FE-8492-A3D3AD…)

here we go

No. 514967


Holy fuck are these group admins always trainwrecks or what

No. 514968

Doesn't look bad except for the crazy shooped skin. Why would anyone admire Jill so much is beyond me though.

OH and the group was just archived. Are we in the presence of another meltdown? I don't know why they can't accept that people are always going to talk online, going on another witch hunt is only going to alienate people that want to share their hobbies.

No. 514969

jess just removed everyone from the gc lol no explanation

No. 514971

File: 1519655630401.png (44 KB, 517x310, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 9.31…)

So I noticed the confetti clinic isn't a recommended group for me anymore—I never joined it but does that mean that it got archived too?

No. 514975

The clinic group was archived, but not the coven group, it seems. El oh el.

No. 514976

i knew people who liked this 'fashion' would likely be a bit off but this is ridiculous! every last one of them is like the most delicate tumblr flower.

No. 514977

All of those stupid fucks are in for a rude awakening when they realize they can't just delete their irl problems

No. 514979

File: 1519656804609.png (132 KB, 494x676, Capture.PNG)

Because your minions are delicate little snowflakes that can't handle criticism, Jill. You bred this.

No. 514982

File: 1519656991715.png (24.72 KB, 491x265, Capture.PNG)

Uhhhh… in what world is the solution to being unable to keep up with moderation to CLOSE DOWN THE WHOLE PAGE?? With no warning/explanation/attempt to get a new mod? Even ol' Jillybean was willing to take over and lord knows everyone in those groups would've loved that.

No. 514985


That logic is so moronic?

"Wah I didn't feel like running this group that has 2k+ members anymore and I was too lazy to try and find a new mod so sorry :(((( hope this didn't inconvenience any of you!!"

No. 514990


why can't jill fans ever be some skinny well-adjusted person? its always these creeps skinwalkers. now i get why jill doesn't interact with her fans as muchas with "haters".

>no sage

we didn't tell her to killherself and send it to her privately. you can read the replies. we made fun of her the same way we did with other people itt. if she doesn't like the shit posted here, we didn't force her to read it. we didn't post it in one of her safespace facebook grups or something, just here. easy to avoid. queue that tyler the creator tweet on cyberbullying. i recommend going back there.


first the party kei worldwide group and now the confetti club? lmao, they can keep deleting however much they want, they'll create more groups in a week or two any way. these type of people cannot survive without the constant validation. see ya in a week party kei babies.

No. 514991

File: 1519658021350.gif (231.68 KB, 314x311, nunnallyhorror.gif)

this is wonderful and if theres another thread for these weirdos this should be the picture for it.

No. 514992

I'm really not surprised Jillian ignored this entire post. She never thanks her fans' kindness publically- she only really thanks them for sending her money or free stuff.

No. 514993

How selfish can these people get? I don't understand why they didn't just pass off admin duties to Jill or somebody else who won't just delete with no explanation when things start looking even slightly complicated.

No. 514999

File: 1519658649511.png (202.32 KB, 497x692, Capture.PNG)

Aaaand we've got a new one, boys. Bonus people getting sick of this shit in the comments.

No. 515006


The Mica girl who was an admin for the old group and said that those admins couldn't handle doing it any more is an admin for the new group? Because that makes sense.

No. 515008

I just cant with this group lol honestly i feel like jill really doesnt care at this moment its like how the hell are you trying to build something like a fashion community or "empire" or whatever if all your going to do is be like "i hate confrintation and im a delicate baby that doesnt want to be head of anything i start or make for others because then id actually have to work" she has no backbone whatsoever
i think jill just is the laziest person ever and sit on her pedestal and watches everyone rip themselves apart no way is she ever going to make it in the fashion bizz i go to design school in an actuall design college and the first day a girl got ripped to shreds because she said she said she had a dream to design outfits for cheerleaders and performers like she cried because our professor thought she was really stupid for saying that no way can jill make it unless she goes to a nice all i want is your money and ill baby you and pass you fashion school.

No. 515012

remove this anon, we can see ur profile pic

No. 515014


whoops, thanks

No. 515034

the questions for these are so bad. it's not even like 'why do you like partykei' it's just some stuff you can look up on jill's stupid tumblr.

No. 515039

I thought she was just a mod not an admin.

No. 515057


Is the new group still there? I can't find it

No. 515059

yes, the group is secret tho

No. 515063

I found the new group thru the the clinic group. Is it me or is jill not even in this new group??

No. 515065

is jill even awake yet?

No. 515087

File: 1519666232468.png (361.54 KB, 510x645, fakefigs.png)

probably doesn't know these are fakes but i wonder how our jillybean feels about bootlegs.

No. 515089

why would she care, she owns some herself and also it's Madoka which she hates.

No. 515098

So then did Eliza run off with the $100+ people in the donated for jill’s Birthday bag?

No. 515099

Ohhh shit I totally forgot about that. She just left the (now defunct) groups, didn't she?? She best address this, wow.

No. 515100

File: 1519667002426.png (17.72 KB, 1201x329, 63A8AE88-BE0C-4BDB-BB75-426B5B…)

Sorry dropped my pic

No. 515104

mostly ironic. those figs look terrible tho omg.

No. 515105

That's a serious amount of money.

Just comes across your trying to suck off Jill, anyway.

No. 515110

excuse me.

>i wonder what jill, the queen of supporting small jfashion and totes not ripping off shitty aliexpress pieces would think of bootlegs

better cunt?

No. 515113

File: 1519667751253.png (16.95 KB, 497x174, Capture.PNG)

Nothing milky, but here's the "official" notice from the chick who archived the group. This was posted a few hours after she archived it, mind you. So people were left confused and speculating in other groups while she just thought she could ghost 1500+ people?? Idk.

No. 515115

sage ur garbageposts

No. 515119

i will when you stop being a cunt, you cunt.(infighting)

No. 515122

i'm not the anon you were replying to, just trying to reign in the shit in this thread

No. 515123

File: 1519668088488.png (29.66 KB, 128x128, luluco.png)

No. 515131

I would imagine that she'd outwardly claim it's bad, and one should not support bootlegs, while buying them up just the same and just not saying anything about it.

Just like she does with fast fashion.

No. 515163

How many people you think are lurkin? I don't wanna out myself so I'm trying to blend in.

No. 515169

I'd wager at least 50% of the people left at this point. They keep dwindling down the member numbers every time they close a group to make a new one, and those who are most up-to-date and informed about the new group are probably farmers because facebook is hard to navigate and the only people who know about the new groups so far were in the Confetti Coven group and/or on lolcow.

No. 515174

People only lurk here to keep an eye on what’s being said.

No. 515176

Yea, but with how delete happy they've been I'm worried I won't be able to provide any milky caps. There's nothing yet but as the group progresses I'm sure there will be, unless they delete again.

No. 515178

File: 1519672115020.jpeg (742.53 KB, 2048x2048, EBD74704-78E6-40B9-B929-9B123A…)

At least without Facebook, the tags never fail. Half of the girls in there are just bad copies of Jill - rainbow bangs and Lazy Oaf sweaters. For such a colorful "fashion", there's absolutely no originality.

No. 515182

top right in blue is literally pear shaped. I've never seen a body shaped quite like that before. It's so rounded and cartoony in all the wrong spots.

No ankles, either.

No. 515183


WHAT the hell is happening with the body of the girl on the top right side? Did she swallowed an exercise ball??? This looks so fake.

No. 515184


Girl in blue looks a lot like a thinner Saxy from the old days of /pt/

No. 515185

She looks atleast 30. And she definitely looks pregnant. Her belly is unusually round compared to the rest of her body. Maybe it has to do with a health condition.

No. 515188

File: 1519672954660.png (20.13 KB, 512x275, religiousexperienceforsure.png)

Apparently there's a "coven" group now. I wonder what goes on in that mess.

No. 515196

the coven group has existed for a while now, its just the only group that survived the last archiving

No. 515199

that and confetti clinic right?

No. 515200

File: 1519673627027.jpeg (182.25 KB, 749x1046, C6517AF1-09EF-4A99-9245-AB7A42…)

Kinda bizarre that skylar decides to plug her newest creation in the last remaining OG “party kei” group, the day that the second gets archived.

No. 515201

archived as well

No. 515203

Just be friendly with them, talk to them like they’re your friend, make a few posts. They won’t delete you if you’re acting like you’re really part of the group. Join the discord and voice chat with them even. People keep getting kicked because they’re not putting any effort into blending in.

No. 515205

kawaii sales huh. hmmm.

No. 515207


It is Saxy. She had weightloss surgery in 2016 or 2017 that she is still recovering from. Her bitter twitter is still active and she still eats like crap in case you wondered.

No. 515210

her socks are destroying her calves…painful!

No. 515219

I don't like the lolcow kids or the CC, but it's real pathetic that CC has such thin skin and lets people like you guys ruin their fun.
>Putting any effort into blending in
That's because you guys can't hide how excited you are to be an asshole.

No. 515232


new group link

No. 515234

Lmao yeah. I do find this thread kind of pathetic. The other cows kinda deserve to be on here. Like jill who constantly does annoying dumb funny shit.

But these girls aren't even popular. They might get maybe 6 likes max per post. And they aren't horribly people either(most of them atleast)

Then again they did do it to themselfs by Getting involved with lolcow and protecting there senpai. If they didnt do that nobody would of cared about there confetti kek group.

No. 515235

>I don't like the lolcow kids

then why are you here?

No. 515241

Literally the exact same shape as a tellytubby.

No. 515254

File: 1519678467922.jpg (333.72 KB, 820x1060, Untitled63.jpg)

I am concerned for this girl. How does she find clothes that fit?? Well I mean. I guess she doesnt..

No. 515257

Pear Chan 2.0

No. 515279

File: 1519679879662.jpg (150.45 KB, 702x748, saxymelting.jpg)

I have some pictures from Saxy's insta where she looks like she's melting more than usual.

No. 515280

File: 1519679952036.jpg (150.61 KB, 726x696, saxyactualhair.jpg)

Her with her actual hair. She shaved it off at some point and has been using those ratty wigs since.

No. 515284

It's so…spherical. She is literally shaped like a fruit.

Makes me feel bad for women who having sagging fat aprons like that. They're a bitch to get rid of too, can't do it without surgery.

No. 515285

File: 1519680219640.png (684.23 KB, 472x618, saxybelly.png)

She had a weight loss surgery, probably the thing where they cut off your stomach. I'm guessing this based on all her tweets/posts about throwing up which is a common side effect of it. That could be the reason her body looks all weird, her fatty deposits were partially removed leaving that weird flesh apron.

This is by far the worst picture of her IMO. How could she ever think it was a good idea to post it on insta???

No. 515302

The milk. Also, just watching shit go down. It's funny. I don't play on either side.

No. 515307

Holy fuck, Saxy. The milk was so fucking good back in the old days. She even rageposted at us until she finally wised up and locked her social media down.

What are her social media links now? Maybe it's time to recover a thread on this tried and true cow.

No. 515308

yeah i feel kinda bad for the cc spergs now. what a great message for them. hey guys, we know this is clearly the only place you have to socialize with like minded individuals and possibly your only source of positivity and self esteem, but your haters all made fun of you too much and it was super awkward, so we're gonna take away your hubs without even giving you enough time to exchange contact info. I'm sure you all have lives outside of this so you don't mind, right?

kek these poor kids

No. 515320

Yeah what she needs is a panniculectomy. Lots of people who lost weight after they were obese or were pregnant get that effect.

No. 515409

… is she actually a dude? Cuz that face is, uh, steotypical grade 8 star trek nerd looking.
She looks uncannily like a kid in some of my grades 6-8 classes who tried to work star trek in to as many writing, speech and art class works as possible.

Except he was extremely scrawny.

No. 515411

i feel bad for saying this but her fat rolling over her legs makes it look her whole torso is turned around and its creeping me out/making me laugh so much

No. 515546

My dad asked if that was a picture of her butt and I had to tell him that it was her foopah.

No. 515552


No. 515568

The front butt is crazy

No. 515572

File: 1519707673378.png (37.33 KB, 640x155, IMG_8410.PNG)

Didn't even try

No. 515585

This body doesn't make sense…her torso is so long and her legs are short. Was she deformed in some way? It looks like her legs were stunted but her arms are completely fine. Some anon tell me what's happening other than weight loss.

No. 515586

I'm watching, guys.

No. 515618

Why the fuck is her right leg bending backwards?

No. 515620

Ah so it's loss skin on her crotch. Why doesn't she just wear flowy skirts and dresses?

No. 515622

File: 1519711521814.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.15 KB, 800x633, plus-size-tummy-tuck (1).jpg)

It's a literal flap of skin and fat that hangs over her genitalia and halfway down her legs.

Because she's like Jill in that she doesn't know how to dress herself.

No. 515624

File: 1519712217784.gif (1.31 MB, 379x379, tumblr_p2248hNHoW1revigqo1_400…)

i guess i can't say im surprised that the groups still cant keep their shit together, but I wonder what kind of shit goes on in their discord server. lord knows what kind of hug-box that is

i know it's because of her weight loss surgery that she looks like this, but all i see when I look at this and >>515254 is pic/gif related

No. 515654


No. 515817

Those aren't bootlegs, just cheap prize figures.

No. 515820

The discord server is actually pretty lax tbh. Not a whole lot of attention whoring. Also many people in the discord don't have facebook. Some do, but a lot don't.

No. 515823

Jesus Christ, relax. It's not that bad, ferfucksake.

No. 515844

I cant believe Saxy is back holy shit. I will never forget that photo of her that was taken at a convention with no shoes on. Just bare feet on the dirty public convention floor lmao

No. 515846

I’ve seen people with big stomachs, but i’ve never seen one THAT spherical.

No. 515850

Jill isn't in the new group hmm

No. 515858

Thought she was meant to be a mod for the new group?

No. 515864

she has a youtube account and it's tragic

No. 515866

File: 1519745504556.jpeg (271.79 KB, 1242x859, 5A32F564-3230-4AAA-9F9D-77EC1D…)

It seems more and more people are getting sick of the constant deletion. We’ll see how the new group plays out. Bets on how long this one will last?

No. 515870

I give it three months. This one seems a bit more mature and has better admins than the last, but it's still full of pixiecalves so it can't last too long on principle.

No. 515871

It's almost counter productive to keep deleting and remaking groups.
It's inviting to more trolls and loses actual fans each delete. Also it makes them look like they have no fucking backbone.

No. 516021

God she's even more fucking cringey than I imagined
>"can't remember my channel name because I'm SO STUPID"
>"I hope you guys like me!"
Attention seeking idiot.
How long till she sees it posted and deletes it?
It's so obvious she lurks here

No. 516057

File: 1519761718762.jpg (975.66 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20180227-200024.jpg)

Confetti Club munchie mash up kek the ultimate party kei accessory is an obnoxious vest uwu

No. 516059

IMO this person deserves their own thread

No. 516060

what do you wanna guess this is a 'support animal'

No. 516063

IIRC this is for a literal autist

No. 516066

>follow us on —

Kys. Thats some shit to use your fucking dog as an ad billboard because you want more followers on the internet. Garbage all the way through.

No. 516069

File: 1519763073600.jpg (680.38 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180227-202400.jpg)

I thought it was a joke, but no it's actually for autism

No. 516070

I honestly can't stand her. I've seen her in person quite a few times since I live in LA as well. She acts entitled when there are events. (typically hello kitty events in the area). She'll just waltz past the long ass line like she's VIP. She might have special privileges to these events to blog them or w/e. But she did have some fans recognize her and she hardly acknowledges them. She makes her husband like an accessory, and her clothes are ugly and overpriced. /end rant.

No. 516071

unless she is too low functioning to live on her own, it's probably a support dog. there's literally nothing a real service dog can do for someone high functioning. what, is the dog going to help them understand sarcasm? high functioning autists don't need the kind of things service dogs can provide.

No. 516076

yeah this is definitely a support/therapy dog and not a real service dog. this is a puppy and it would have training for service dog duties, plus she would have to be cripplingly autistic to get one. i hate when people do this crap, she probably knows it's just an emotional support animal and calling it a 'service animal' is actually illegal (since businesses can deny support animals but not service animals) and it just shows she's using her autism as a munchie crutch.

No. 516215

I know a young boy who has a service dog for autism but he is nonverbal and needs supervision. The dog carries with it medical inofromation on the boy. If she can figure out Instagram, rudely gain followers, and post long blogs. She isn’t a severe autistic and she is just a wanna be. How she qualified for dog is the question.

No. 516221

>>516215 there are a lot of people out there who get a dog and just declare that it's a service dog. It's very popular with munchies.

No. 516245

File: 1519775556765.png (1.28 MB, 1167x746, plsignore.png)

he can alert whenever she's about to spill her spaghetti

here he is hard at work training

No. 516262

like i said it's probably just a support dog. you can buy service dog and 'training' vests on fucking amazon. i'm sure my sperg bf would love a free cute doggie to help him plan his schedule or remind him to load the dishwasher. kek.

No. 516302

File: 1519779160401.png (270.49 KB, 385x671, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 12.5…)

It seems to be a running theme that the 'best' looking people in the group actually don't wear PK at all

No. 516323

I think that's a federal crime to have a fake service dog. Report that shit if so.

No. 516343

File: 1519782718479.jpg (323.05 KB, 1070x1124, Screenshot_20180228-015128.jpg)

No. 516371

why are you dressed like a child on a date

No. 516386

She looks like a teen so I’ll give her a pass at just being young and stupid. If she’s not a teen there is no excuse for being this stupid. Who makes a video where they are silent for 5 minutes at the end?

No. 516393

How is she dressed like a child? She looks the most normal out of the group and she's actually dressed pretty nicely.

No. 516394

Yeah I agree. She looks like a normal human being. Those tights are just clashy af with that outfit.

No. 516403

The tights are childish as hell.

No. 516405

Compared to shit like >>510110 the tights don't bother me

No. 516488

Jill has been made an admin in confetti club, hopefully this means this group wont be archived randomly

No. 516546

She’s 18, but the video was made a year ago. She might have got better? Probably not though.

No. 516552

That video is shit.

No. 516694

File: 1519823762291.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180228-131505.png)

How is her hair so fried looking? Does she never stop bleaching it or something?

No. 516702

I think it's just messy. It doesn't even look bleached tbh.

No. 516708

Not even milky.

No. 516754

Not in the CC group so obviously saged but Aurora is back at it with dressing her child in rainbow vomit.

Stop treating your son like your fucking Barbie(read the rules)

No. 516772

File: 1519834154311.jpg (51.72 KB, 844x844, FB_IMG_1519834053659.jpg)

Let me present one of the former admins of confetti club. Lizzy has their pronouns in most of their profile pictures like a typical speshul snowflake uwu but they've since decided to get on the transtrender train. No wonder the group collapsed kek

No. 516784

Decent makeup
Natural Hair
Not obese
No glitter
Not wearing everything in her wardrobe at once
….Jillybean would not approve

No. 516810

Lizzy is/was close friends with Courtney so I wouldn't be surprised if they also have a say in the new group. We also know what jillybean is like do you really think she will be able to run the group smoothly.
I really think the new group will go down the same way as the other 2.

No. 516839

Note the cow hat. Speaks for itself.

No. 517018

If these threads still exist, history will repeat itself again and again. It's just starting to get uninteresting.

No. 517061

I think with Jill in the group as an admin, we're gonna see a lot of members try to get her attention more than they already do. Jill will likely come to realize that being an admin over a lot of spoiled-shitflake teens and adults that over-idolize you ain't all it's cracked up to be and she'll drop out saying some BS excuse. What'll be interesting is if she gets ban-happy too or is even more strict on things than before, the members might finally get disgusted with her and turn their back on her.

Sage for tinfoiling

No. 517092

Cow wearing cow hat. Gold

No. 517123

File: 1519857977382.png (139.87 KB, 640x807, IMG_1318.PNG)

How didn't I predict Bella to be one of those snowflakes who thinks putting an outfit on a dog is abuse? Better question, how on Earth doesn't she have her own thread yet?

No. 517131

File: 1519858370363.jpeg (227.15 KB, 750x901, 2B9058ED-BD3C-4A74-8439-180786…)

She’s back in the new group
Looks just as dirty and gross as ever

No. 517160

File: 1519860290399.png (143.93 KB, 640x915, IMG_8441.PNG)


No. 517165

Didn't they already do that? They harassed her for using "she" instead of gender neutral pronouns for a clearly feminine style. I'm waiting for the next slip up.
If Jill knows what's good for her own mental health, she'll stay FAAAAAAR away from these garbage pail kids.

No. 517168

Not WKing but she definitely isn't implying a costume is abuse. Most pets don't like wearing costumes because it's uncomfortable.

No. 517174

Was this pronoun incident in the fb group?

No. 517180

File: 1519861937056.png (632.97 KB, 467x587, kammie.PNG)

>I think we concluded in the pixie thread that she most likely copied the rainbow bangs idea from a different kawaii influencer
Not "a kawaii influencer", the kawaii influencer that Jill tries and fails to copycat. All hail Kammie.

No. 517230

Yep. It was a "guide to party kei" thing where Jillian used she/her to make writing easier and everyone had a fit. I know the guide is up on her blog, feminine pronouns still in tact, but I'll try to find the screenshots.

No. 517239

Holy shit, in some photos between the two, the aesthetic is very close but Kammie pulls it off a little more ideally. Not to be biased but it might be because Kammie's Asian or "Asian looking".

No. 517303

Kammie's also been at it for many years so she wears it really naturally. There's something about her that seems effortless and actually fun-loving, though it's hard to place what exactly it is.

No. 517337

Here's something I've never really gotten about Party Kei:
If you look at what Jillian defines as Party Kei it's Pastel but all of a sudden it has a primary rainbow color scheme. SOMETIMES can have black, SOMETIMES can't. There's a lot of inconsistencies that just seem to be what Jillian wants to wear that week and not what's "unique" to her "style".
I think she's trying to uphold this idea of Party Kei and changing it to something it's not, making what she wears look disingenuous and strange. To be honest, a lot of what I've seen her wear recently looks more Larme (minus her hair) than Party especially in her V-day lookbook and "Sweet n Sassy" lookbook.

Kammie probably looks genuine not because of the years, but because she's not trying to parade what she wears as one specific thing.

No. 517454

Jill hasn't been able to uphold her style properly in a long while. She's stated recently that she was trying to move away from Party Kei, but she's never worn it properly to even really define it. Shit, I think people in the CC groups have worn Party Kei better than Jill has.

No. 517459

None of what Jill wears is anything closer to larme. Jill's style is honestly just dollskill and rainbow.

No. 517505

When did she say she's distancing herself from Party kei?

Color-wise, no, it's not larme, but the cut and style of the clothes remind me of something a Larme girl would wear. Berets and t-shirts with higher up sleeves, idk.

No. 517563

File: 1519890848279.png (47.49 KB, 851x443, pixie-13.PNG)

I spent too much time looking this up so my brain feels fried af, but the 13th Jill thread >>>/snow/375960 is the earliest mention of her leaving PK, following her Sept. 15 stream. (pic related is 2nd half of the stream summary; stream is also on Tumblr for reference, I can link it for full receipts) She didn't say it word-for-word in-stream, but essentially she didn't consider it a major thing towards herself and her career. This however did lead to users on here thinking she was leaving/distancing herself from PK following it, and I don't think it was outright referenced in a YT video afterwards (if it was, IDK for certain) so it wasn't really debated or brought up in full until now where I actually had to go and look for the first sighting of this info.

No. 517569

So now a bunch of people are dressing like clowns following her because they think her style is Party Kei when when PK's apparently something else that's specific?
Also, I'm curious to see what she really wants with her career if PK isn't it because I'm betting she'll just rip off BJ and retro rainbow shit.

No. 517586

That's what makes this whole thing with the PK groups so funny/stupid. These people both young and old are blindly following her when even she isn't so firmly holding on to this style she defended so closely. Maybe her mindset's changed since then, but it's amazing and sad how many people are into this style when Jill's not that invested in it anymore.

No. 517643

File: 1519913658789.png (3.1 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180301-081148.png)

Yeah if you look at the partykeipixie tag it's like… what about these is party kei? General pastel colors doesn't automatically make something it's own style lol none of these people seem to know what they're doing.

No. 517645

File: 1519913777237.png (4 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180301-081129.png)

Dropped my sage whoops. But more examples. There is just no consistency in this style at all. People basically just buy whatever they see jill wearing and call it a day i guess idk

No. 517648

Thanks for letting us know, Bella.

No. 517650

All these outfits look terrible and uniform. Like, pink or blue top with a pink or blue bottom and the SAME rainbow cardigan everyone has with pink hair.

No. 517651

Again, no WKing but I've seen plenty of dogs shake off costumes because they don't like it. She's definitely not saying it's abuse, but I mean, pretend like you have some SJW milk when you don't.

No. 517739

not that anon but the girl used the word “cruel,” which is often associated with abuse.

No. 517845

coordination skills aside, kammie looks better than jill/most members of cc because she's pretty, slender, and clean; you could be wearing the hottest fit around, but if you're a fatty chan who doesn't shower you're still not going to look good. on top of that, jill/cc don't seem to take proper care of their clothes (not clean, not tailored, not washed, etc). details like that always add up. you can tell that members of the cc aren't healthy happy people and their sartorial choices reflect that.

No. 517973

"I don't want to be cruel to the poor doggy if they don't like it"
I don't know if you just can't read or what but she's saying she would get one if she knew her dog would actually wear it. She would be implying that costumes for dogs are cruel if she'd said "I think it's cruel to the poor doggy"

Again, not WKing, but casual talk doesn't count as milk, dude.

No. 517983

I've noticed that a lot of the cc just have kawaii MooMoos on (no pun intended) and they're all wrinkly.
Kammie seems to be living her best life and going through her Insta, she MAKES what she likes into her aesthetic.
People in cc aren't mentally healthy let along physically, so they think buying an overpriced pink shower curtain and cotton candy vomit shoes will look cute.

No. 518020

File: 1519940753296.png (1.78 MB, 1006x1146, Makeup.png)

"What's your favourite makeup brand?"
>uses very blatant airbrush makeup filter

No. 518080


lmfao poor girl, that filter squishes her jaw and chin which in turn makes her already large forehead look enormous. Choose your filters wisely plz.

No. 518091

I hate the no eyebrows thing

No. 518144

File: 1519947542657.jpg (100.44 KB, 640x360, 640.jpg)

saging for my autism but in the US it's tricky because there's two kinds of animals: service animals and emotional support animals. Service animals are the official ones that are protected under disability laws and have paperwork and are granted exceptions (trained and licensed, can go into businesses, can't be refused from apartments, etc etc). but "emotional support animals" are just made up, they aren't protected at all by disability laws. Doctors CAN give letters to "prescribe" them but it doesn't mean anything under the law. There are companies that will "certify" an emotional support animal but they're scams and the certification means nothing under law. Emotional service animals are the ones that people just buy vests for off of ebay (like the girl in this thread) because you can do it with anything, you can go out and buy a dog right now and get it a vest and pay some online company $50 to call it an emotional service animal but it really means nothing.

People use the two terms interchangeably (and its kind of understandable because they sound so similar) and that's what causes confusion with most people. And also lets people with emotional support animals get away with more shit like bringing their crappy untrained pets into places they don't belong, because the average person might not know the difference or will just see a vest and not say anything.

No. 518163

right but she can and will get in trouble if she tries to sue or raise a legal complaint about a company denying her support animal if she asserts it's a service animal.

No. 518175


she looks like she showers regularly, eats alright, knows how to put on flattering makeup and she has a sense of shape and color so the stuff she wears is still colorful and childish but at least they look coordinated, comfortable and not a long hard try at being something. she's everything jill is not.

No. 518207


not trying to wk but she said the dog was task trained (fakes hardly say that), and the vest seems to be from River Dog Gear (also have an SD, she makes great stuff and screens her clients). She may be a cringy OTT CC member, but her dog may just be legit. even if his vest is obnoxious af

(hope I’m posting right I’m a newfag)

No. 518214

she said it was task trained, yet it is a puppy and is in training?

No. 518218

I’m also a USfag and I have experience trying to get an emotional support animal.

The fair housing act can’t deny an emotional support animal. That’s the benefit of getting it certified. You can get an official letter from your doctor but my psychologist couldn’t prescribe one to me so he gave me a website to go to.

You cannot ask someone for papers for their service dog. It’s illegal. You can’t deny them service or even make them sit outside with their dog. So someone could bring their untrained nasty dog into a restaurant and say it’s a service dog and everyone would have to accept it. It’s a shitty law, there’s nothing wrong with asking someone for proof that their dog is a legitimate service dog. They’re supposed to carry their papers with them at all times anyway.

I don’t have a sauce but I read a while back that it’s actually really easy to get your dog certified to be a service dog. So this girl’s dog could be a legitimate service dog.

No. 518225


SDs are pretty much always in training, tbh, and I’d be more suspicious if she tried to claim he was fully trained. If he is task trained, then she’s right about him complying with the ADA. Like, he can know some tasks but still be learning more. I’ve actually been talking about this with other handlers on FB, but it can get nebulous about where your dog is an SD or an SDiT. I’m the first to call out sketchy dogs, but this one seems okay.

No. 518236


actually, there’s no certification or registration for either SDs or ESAs (I’m the SD anon)

For an ESA, you need a letter from a doctor or psych, so you can show it to your landlord or airline or whatever. SDs don’t require any kind of paperwork, (mostly people are afraid of HIPAA violations), and a lot of us carry cards that have the law on them to give to people who ask for certification/registration/ID

Certification sites are scams, and usually they give out a gear bundle to go with it all. That’s half the reason I believe this girl: she has gear from a legit source (even if it is tacky) rather than registry gear

No. 518241

insurance fag here the law is for service dogs only though because those are medical necessity, it'd be like denying someone a wheelchair. a support animal does not have those laws because they are not medically necessary. in the us especially we don't consider many mental health things barring medicine a medical necessity. also you need a medical record(not certification) for your service dog to prove it is legit otherwise you're subject to fines.

No. 518243

We've derailed so hard.

No. 518246

seriously the last six posts above you are about service dogs. christ i don't care please get back on topic.

No. 518248

Absolutely true, but autism isn’t considered a mental health issue in medical circles, it’s a developmental disability. If she has a diagnosis (a real one, rather than all these super speshul self-diagnosed people), she can prove the necessity.
Unless someone wants to ask her the two questions, there’s not much more we can know.

No. 518257

Not only is this discussion not milky but it's fucking boring.

No. 518294

That’s what I’ve been trying to say. There’s about ten million things to talk about wrt CC and we are trying to deduce whether a dog is real or not? that’s not milk I’m here for

No. 518976

File: 1520028194343.png (588.19 KB, 640x1136, 317A6C27-89A7-41EE-A3EF-E9F669…)

Mental retardation or pixielocks fan? Maybe both!

No. 518989

She's definitely a pixielocks fan

No. 518992

File: 1520029472997.jpg (597.48 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20180302-222330.jpg)

Treating people like fashion accessories just like jillybean

No. 518997

File: 1520029678376.jpg (495.46 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20180302-222740.jpg)

Such a flattering pose lol

No. 518999

Man, and I thought Lolitas were bad with their ouji boyfriend accessories

No. 519005

File: 1520030425317.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-03-02-17-35-32…)

So Bella was in pettyfrills the amino group to mock itas, pretending she isn't one, someone called her out for her behavior and she changed her name, deleted her posts and then started commenting as if that wasn't her.

1/2 showing "floofballs" deleting all her msgs

No. 519006

File: 1520030462318.png (1.28 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-03-02-17-37-52…)

2/2 her pretending not to be Bella.
Holy shit this girl.

No. 519060

Lmao thank you anon this is gold.
Girls in my comm shit talk her all the time because of how embarrassing she is and we're not even in the same state as her. She's an ita cunt and no one likes her.
It's sad cause she claims most of her friends are cause of lolita, but everyone makes fun of her.
I know you're reading this Bella, just stop. Everyone knows you called all Lolitas bitches.
We have no sympathy for your ugly autistic ass.

No. 519066

File: 1520033704351.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8484.PNG)

This is just haunting
I feel like I'm looking at a cursed image
That poor hoodie

No. 519076

Isn't it obvious they're (fake)man-spreading?

No. 519147

File: 1520040560967.png (41.08 KB, 629x233, Screen shot 2018-03-02 at 8.51…)

No. 519193

how long before jill gets thoroughly creeped out by some of them's (particularly eliza's) desire to wear her skin?

No. 519211

File: 1520045541606.jpg (189.06 KB, 730x1095, sup_bitches___dirk_strider_lol…)

inb4 people claim I'm Bella, Lolitas can be bitches. Majority of the time the western Lolitas ESPECIALLY, considering how much the west changes the rules to certain subcultures and disrespects what they don't find "aesthetic" on other people's coords. I think Bella's biggest flaw was shit talking to begin with. You get out what you put in and if saying "All Lolitas are bitches" is not how you actually feel but what you projected forward then yes, the community will make fun of you and shun you.
That being said, it's kinda interesting to hear people dish out what they don't have to take because they stay anonymous.

No. 519216

I'm laughing my ass off because she's starting a new group with Courtney but I read "spooks" in the racist towards black people kinda way.
She about to admin and then unadmin Courtney kek.

No. 519233

Literally all fashion subcultures have rules/guidelines that define what the fashion is. All of them. If you don't want to follow them then just don't call your shit Lolita it is that simple. For example, the gross pic you attached is not Lolita.

No. 519242

That's why I attached it. Trust me, I think people who deviate from the original idea of Lolita and still try to shoehorn in their ugly ass coords as Lolita are trash. My point was that Western Lolitas are bitches about his shit. Some of them have a classic understanding of Lolita and some have this new version of the old rules. They argue over values or coordination when some people don't follow the classic rules of Lolita but still call it Lolita.

No. 519314

File: 1520051893448.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1746, 9BE2272D-08B4-4708-BF37-4A4912…)

No. 519384

yeah… I agree she is pretty…. pretty FAT that is…

No. 519399

she could have a beautiful body and be the prettiest girl in the world but she has an ugly ass personality and thinks its okay to just randomly show people porn lol being fat and ugly isnt your only problem bonnie

No. 519409

She has autism. She's just not smart about what she does and acts like a spazz when shit doesn't go her way. She also sent someone her state ID. There's a lot fucked up there tbh.

No. 519435

File: 1520066968965.gif (28.58 MB, 768x432, dlIsLV9.gif)

>she could have a beautiful body and be the prettiest girl in the world

damn anon I'll have whatever you're smoking, she looks fucking disgusting and her face looks like it has seen better days, I mean those dark circles and the retarded expressions she makes. Not to mention her shit personality, I mean this is the same ratchet mess that wanted to have a kink sex group with minors in it, idk anon she is beyond saving tbh.

No. 519483

File: 1520077146457.gif (970.75 KB, 300x225, tumblr_n2anrqxC3u1qfdvmvo2_400…)

>wanted to have a kink sex group with minors in it
>mfw the struggle to repress the memories is hard
Goddamn you anon, I wanted to forget this so badly.

>could have a beautiful body and be the prettiest girl in the world
>has an ugly ass personality/being fat and ugly
This is also the girl who was unapologetic (autistic or not) about posting 18+ manga images in the group for any member below 18 to see and admitted she was a shitty person when questioned about it. If she thinks she's pretty, then being a disgusting human really is her only problem she can think of.

Hold up, Bonnie isn't still in the new CC group, is she?? Surely they didn't let her stay or come back in after that whole 18+ Kawaii group shitshow, right?

No. 519520

No Bonnie isn’t in the new group

No. 519868

God I hate the CC

No. 519933

Did you really not pick up that anon is saying it as a hypothetical?

As in, it wouldn't matter if she were pretty or not fat, her personality and actions would still ruin her?
Good grief, every thread. Anons gotta be reminding everyone about their personal tastes.

No. 519939

Stupid question in apologies but you seem to know well about it anon so

Is there any in between? Like maybe someone with moderate anxiety who had their pet TRAINED as a service animal would be (to notice attacks and calm their owner down) but that aren’t legally registered, be it the person isn’t considered bad enough or maybe just doesn’t feel like they’re deserving of the legal status, but still want the support of an animal? Or are service trained dogs only for those with legal documents?

No. 519996


Not that anon, but in the US there’s no certification or registration, and asking handlers for any papers is illegal

Anxiety may not warrant a SD, but something like PTSD could, and tons of people owner train for that because program dogs are usually for veterans only.

No. 520018

I'm pretty sure you should be able to read before you post here

>>519933 Thank you! Some people are as dumb and dense as the cows we make fun of

No. 520105

People acting like they can read intonation through text smh

No. 520138

File: 1520133408218.jpeg (665.27 KB, 1536x2048, 155EBA3F-4A27-4DE5-9F30-B40C09…)

Those forehead wrinkles. She looks so old

No. 520143

File: 1520133577525.jpg (316.52 KB, 712x1018, Screenshot_20180304-031901.jpg)

LMAO this girl is full blown potato who the fuck would let this freak watch their kids

No. 520146

She's doing the Jillian eyebrow raise. That pose is flattering on no one.

No. 520155

Sage but you guys don't understand the difference between a service dog and an ESA. An ESA (emotional support animal) is NOT a service animal. They cannot accompany you into public places like shops that don't allow animals. ESAs are only for housing and travel, so your landlord can't kick you out of a place for having them even if the property doesn't allow pets. There is no training or certification required for ESAs because again, they are not service animals.

An actual SERVICE animal is required to be trained and there IS a certification. The ONLY animals that can legally be service animals in the US are dogs and miniature horses. They must be trained to perform a specific task for their owner, like getting help in the event of a seizure or fetching objects for someone who is disabled. These animals CAN accompany you into shops or restaurants where pets are not allowed.

Basically anyone with an anxiety diagnosis can get their pet registered as an ESA but or an actual service animal it's must more rigorous. If this person is claiming the dog is to help with their autism, it's possible that it is a legitimate service dog if their autism is severe enough.

No. 520159

Sorry to samefag but for an actual service dog (not an ESA), you are allowed to ask the owner what task the dog is trained to perform. You cannot ask what the owner's condition or disability is.

No. 520165


You are absolutely correct about everything except for the certification stuff. I promise you there is no certification or registration, if you look at the ADA. There are organizations out there that do that, yes, but it’s not required, it’s not legal to ask for papers, and those organizations don’t even screen animals at all. I’m a newfag with no idea how to embed, but a handler I love has posted a video a while ago where she manages to certify her saxophone as a service dog.

No. 520198

It was incredibly obvious what the tone was. The phrasing is very common.

It's gross that she's commenting on the genitals of a child she's babysitting.

No. 520202

Everyone has done some kind of babysitting once as have I a few times and if something goes wrong because you stopped watching them for a second, why would you fucking shield your eyes and expect them to follow your orders?
Why wouldn't you put the paint away yourself?

Plus she's just fucking creepy. She sexualizes children WAY too fucking often. You shouldn't have to shield your eyes at a child's penis, they're a kid. I'm betting she shields her eyes to avoid staring.

No. 520208

Let's just take a moment to list off all the moments Bonnie has sexualized a child or tried to justify being/posting sexual things around children:
>Mentions raping a baby for no reason
>Mentions a child pretending a water bottle is his penis
>justifies posting pornography because "kids would have seen porn by 12-13"
>Makes a "ding dong" joke at a child's penis when it didn't need to mentioned

Feel free to add more.

No. 520239

File: 1520143524563.png (104.08 KB, 640x667, IMG_8531.PNG)

Another case of: maybe choose and do something you know and like instead of just picking whatever gets you fans? These girls are so pathetic

No. 520256

'cant wear wigs' huh thats… intresting. i wonder what her scalp condition is?

No. 520257

what sort of scalp condition lets you bleach your head but not wear a wig…..

No. 520265

Attention-seekingus snowflakeitus

No. 520266

Her hair definitely doesn't looked bleach as the color pink is more peach, meaning she likely uses pink on top of already blonde hair.

No. 520273

A lot of blondes born blonde actually have their hair turn darker as they age due to an increase in melanin. This happens in childhood or adolescence.. So it’s extremely likely that she did bleach her hair. Her hair could be peach because of untoned brassiness.

No. 520276

Actually, I just went through her pics and her hair is black.
I ask the same question now.

No. 520317

>>520208 it's disgusting no one in the comments mentioned it either. Everyone was like laughing about it.

No. 520422

If her hair is black, that means she has to use a higher volume bleach and possible bleach it twice. And bleach is very irritating to the scalp whether you have a professional do it or you do it at home. So this chick is lying about having a scalp condition lol.

No. 520445

File: 1520182191212.jpg (725.51 KB, 1078x1361, Screenshot_20180304-164929.jpg)

First person I've seen here who actually looks half decent

No. 520467

why would she cover her eyes because of a child’s genitals? it’s a child, for god’s sake, this woman.

> scalp condition
> has dyed hair


No. 520475

File: 1520185459527.png (103.59 KB, 639x849, IMG_8534.PNG)

No. 520476

File: 1520185531035.png (53.88 KB, 640x423, IMG_8535.PNG)

Filed under: things that totally happened

No. 520477

File: 1520185594832.jpg (316.71 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20180304-174510.jpg)

Shameless attempt at trying to initiate convo between herself and jill

No. 520495

She just looks like an art hoe lmao
what is she doing in this group

No. 520512

File: 1520188507265.jpg (208.71 KB, 711x944, Screenshot_20180304-183449.jpg)

Someone asked that girl why she can't wear wigs but can bleach her hair and this was the response. What a liar lol

No. 520521


pick one
>googling anime girls with pink hair
>asking complete strangers to tell you what would look good on you

course she picked 2. also i hate that she's pretending she can't wear wigs instead of just saying she doesn't have em/can't put them on. her imaginary illness must be the worst! girl, just say you like your pink hair and go. such a long lame response instead of just admitting you lied, barf jill teas.


she's too hot to be one of them i guarantee you she's a lc lurker. or a catfish account, "chi" my ass.

No. 520522

>I study hair as well
What sketchy wording, as if some in hair school (assuming it’s that and she’s not just pulling shit out of her ass) is comparable to actual hair stylist.

Isn’t olaplex for rebuilding the bonds in your hair? How would it help with your scalp? Tbh this girl could have gotten away with saying, “I put coconut oil on my scalp to protect it while bleaching” because that’s a legitimate thing.

It seems like she’s hinting around at eczema but why doesn’t she just say it lol. Because she’ll get called out even more on her bullshit by other people with eczema?

No. 520570

Exactly lol, Olaplex doesn't help anything related to the scalp, only damaged hair. Five seconds of googling would have told her that, but like >>520521 said that's too hard for her.

No. 520620

Oh man I hope she makes music and uploads it. This would be so fun to watch crash and burn

No. 520632

If she's a lurker, does that mean that people here are cute or THINK they're cute?

No. 520633

Honestly I always thought Jill was ripping off Kuma Miki, too, especially with the whole clothing designer thing.

No. 520774

I think we’re all cute here but tbh I think that’s a self-post. I wouldn’t call that girl ugly, but she doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the CC except that she doesn’t dress like fairy kei on meth.

No. 520799

File: 1520214657270.jpeg (136.74 KB, 720x960, ADCC334A-DB9B-4D18-8BC2-E55299…)

No. 520800

File: 1520214669672.jpeg (154.26 KB, 720x960, 18B7D823-A68B-4082-B25B-FF8C4C…)

No. 520801

File: 1520214734582.jpeg (203.82 KB, 731x1084, DE6D491E-BE50-4BAC-BCAE-AE25EB…)

No. 520814

Is this a man?

No. 520836

does this mean she's actually sending jill the gift that everyone donated money for?

No. 520884

this one isn't half bad, besides the age lines
but shes doing the god-forsaken jill tongue pose

No. 520950

Oh boy

No. 520951

watched the first 2 1/2 people. No. can't do it.

No. 520952

10 seconds in and I’m already h o l l e r i n g

No. 520957

File: 1520228385466.gif (3.56 MB, 400x195, 1504841229772.gif)



No. 521034

i spit on my keyboard at that point, oh my god

No. 521057

I believe there is a pair of shoes and some thrifted items aswell. She has spent a lot of money on jill kek does she realise Jill doesnt give a fuck and is an ungrateful brat

No. 521080

It’s nice to see the speacial needs class come out for this

No. 521103

Holy fuck. Nice to see her fanbase really is just a walmart version of her with extra cringe.

No. 521110

I mean this is absolutely hilarious but the thing itself is very sweet. You just know Jill will take it for granted and depressionpost instead.

No. 521138

File: 1520256062638.png (527.66 KB, 618x617, shesgone.PNG)

Looks like Eliza left the group again. Do we know if there's a reason this time, or did she just flake out again?

No. 521142

Also, gotta love her pushing the "I'm only going to PEI to see the Anne of Green Gables tour and totally not to creep on Jill" narrative for her trip

No. 521143

She's still in the club. It looks like you might have been blocked.

No. 521147

File: 1520257136120.png (422.02 KB, 723x701, triptojapan.png)

Well, this happened.
I'm really hoping she goes to Japan and actually does something this time.

No. 521152

Only good thing about that picture is that her roots aren't glaringly bad, but I can see that leftover pink from the rainby bangs and the angle of her head makes her look like she's got a lemon-shaped noggin.

Too many of these girls have picked up Jill's speech mannerisms and looks, I damn near thought some of them were just slightly-off copies of Jill.

No. 521156

The pic already looks photoshopped, I don't get why she couldn't go the extra mile and fix her fucked bangs.

No. 521162

File: 1520258696480.png (727.79 KB, 1017x578, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 9.04…)

I'm crying this drawing makes her look like she has a mustache

No. 521197

File: 1520264327898.jpg (207.84 KB, 718x857, Screenshot_20180305-153727.jpg)

I bet everyone wants to say "make me her wife uwu"

No. 521202

File: 1520264428283.jpg (76.15 KB, 711x650, Screenshot_20180305-154028.jpg)

You guys are right. She's gone.

No. 521220

I'm so relieved she won, only because I didn't want Anzu to win yaay.

No. 521225

pardon my ignorance, but who's 'Anzu'?

No. 521237

Your profile pic is showing.

No. 521239

File: 1520267720080.gif (1.78 MB, 300x168, giphy.gif)

Hey Ashley, next time don't have your face in your screen shot.

No. 521248

File: 1520268180956.jpg (50.15 KB, 500x666, tumblr_o1q3qzcpno1v6hf34o1_500…)

This girl, Anzujaamu. Another kawaii blogger or whatever.
Sage for OT

No. 521251

thank you!

No. 521267

Congratulations, you played yourself “anon”

No. 521276

File: 1520271363350.png (415.69 KB, 486x617, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 5.35…)

No. 521283

File: 1520271831125.png (471.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180305-174150.png)

Found this untouched mine, wondering if anyone wants to dig?

No. 521313

I've never interacted with her, and I can still see her profile, so I'm pretty sure she didn't block me.

No. 521316

He/she/it(?) legitimately terrifies me. I don't understand that face at all. It's just so unfortunate.

No. 521321


No. 521324

People from there must read her alot cuz I got removed instantly lol. I don't really care just sucks I literally just joined in here and i fucked it up lmao oops

Sage cuz no one cares

No. 521372

Why do so many confetti members look like men trying to put on make up for the first time?

No. 521384

that's what I assume the people on lolcow look like tbh.

No. 521388

Yeah she left and is whining about it in the gc

No. 521417

Post screencaps or tell what she said. Why did she leave?

No. 521447

I have caps but am newfag, can I put more than one pic in a post?

No. 521449

one per post, just post a few and put 1/-(however many you have) until you're done.

No. 521458

some of the looks are so bad that sometimes my first thought is "that's got to be someone from lolcow making fun of these people"

No. 521468

File: 1520284298001.png (253.62 KB, 1080x1612, Screenshot_20180305-200146.png)

No. 521469

File: 1520284336122.png (233.34 KB, 1080x1594, Screenshot_20180305-200123.png)

No. 521470

File: 1520284382326.png (241.15 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20180305-200203.png)

No. 521471

>>521469 this means that if she does meet Jill on the trip, they'll be more drama from the aftermath kek she's shot herself in the foot

No. 521473

Lmao it was me i fucked with her on Tumblr and told her she wants to wear jillys skin and she's a stalker(cowtipping)

No. 521476

File: 1520284604103.png (235.56 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20180305-200221.png)

No. 521478

>>521470 she hasn't mentioned ~muh pstd from cyberbullies :((~ kek

No. 521480

File: 1520284697848.png (230.7 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20180305-200339.png)

No. 521482

Haha I wondered who got her all upset. These pics are from the pixie present thing btw

No. 521486

It's hardly harassment. I messaged her once on Tumblr lol it's not like I threatened her the truth hurts I guess. I just said it was creepy she stalked pixie and wanted to get a tattoo from the same person and her "trip". Funny how no one is defending her, they obv agree.

No. 521487

Eliza: is going to pei to stalk jillybean. Posts openly about the trip.

No. 521489

>>521486 I don't have any screemshots, but after she temporarily left the old GC only Bella was concerned. Everyone is over her shit.

No. 521490

Also, Why is she acting like her mom is pressing her to go on this trip. Bitch your name is Anne hardly some unique fucking name.

No. 521495

File: 1520285576560.png (220.55 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20180305-212936.png)

They are defending her somewhat will post caps of that now if you want

No. 521501

Better off dead what the fuck ? Coming from gender queer whales who get triggered over everything lmao

No. 521504

File: 1520285841420.png (228.14 KB, 1080x1597, Screenshot_20180305-213625.png)

IKR. Kek, and they think they're so morally superior.

No. 521514

File: 1520286417620.png (9.97 KB, 332x152, index.png)

Eliza needs to take a look at this picture real quick.

No. 521583

File: 1520291948160.png (58.01 KB, 784x348, discord closure.png)

nobody in this fandom is actually capable of running anything.
>be admins of Confetti Club discord server
>very intricate role/channel system
>lots of users who get on well together for the most part
>all becomes a bit too much to handle
>forget that you can give others admin privileges
>forget that lots of other users would probably love to take over the cord or step in and help
>we're deleting the entire thing you guys. you have one week to get out

haven't they worked out yet that you can't just delete a public fan group if you personally can't be bothered to run it? the new discord link is on the confetti club subreddit in case anyone wants to be entertained, i haven't seen anyone post from discord yet but it's a goldmine

No. 521607

One of the rules of this board is no cowtipping. We just observe and laugh at the cows, we don't message them or inform them about the thread. Just an fyi for you and anyone else that wants to be some kind of edgy troll.

No. 521608

Damn it, I was wanting to try and join it but I didn't know whether or not the milk would be good.

No. 521619

There's a new one just adding in members with mostly the same people and some milk already. The link's posted on r/confetticlub.

No. 521659

I did it before I found this site lol but thanks for the info I'm a newfag.

No. 521776

anon messaging on tumblr isn't cowtipping. the concept of cowtipping as any contact is a new concept.

No. 521787

I may be wrong but I was under the impression that it was also to keep idiots from bragging about how ~cool~ and ~edgy~ they are for ~totally trolling~ some cow. Like nobody cares if you message them on your own time, just don't brag about it here kind of thing? If that makes sense? A cow should be milky enough on their own without shit like that. And it's always said that lolcow is here to document, discuss, and laugh at the cows. Not to actually get involved.

No. 521836

Global rule #4 says harassing subjects isn’t allowed, so not cowtipping(4.3) in technical terms but still not allowed
The enforcement of this one is pretty all over the place tho so idk.

No. 521982


>"OMG cyberbulling is so mean"

>"the hate site i used to be active on"
>what is self-awareness

No. 521983

File: 1520344554909.jpg (719.3 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20180306-135542.jpg)

Found in #partykei

No. 522063

File: 1520353124722.jpg (209.94 KB, 1076x1284, Screenshot_20180306-161829.jpg)

She's back

No. 522109

I wonder how long it'll be until she flakes out again.

No. 522152

A week or so until the next idiot decides to tip her.

No. 522168

She has wigs on her tits… what a look.

No. 522180


lmao sis you just outed yourself

No. 522311

I know lmao oops

No. 522807

Why are even some of the CC (secret stans) lurkers full of themselves? Jesus the CC really sucks. You've been found out, it's nothing to brag about.

No. 522925

Her forehead is huge, she needs bangs

No. 522993

How am I bragging? People keep talking about it.
How is it full of myself to say oops? Chill

No. 523040

File: 1520427806195.jpg (68.99 KB, 1080x290, Screenshot_20180307-130128.jpg)

700 quid for a tacky ita mess kek

No. 523043

File: 1520427996765.jpg (300.29 KB, 2048x2048, FB_IMG_1520427972179.jpg)

She's a fucking mess

No. 523048

God that beret looks so awful, I’ve never seen someone make brand look so cheap. Maybe next time her parents buy her half of AP Paris they could buy her a sense of style and the dignity to stop.

Your parents bought you that brand, stop lying about it.

No. 523049

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 523050

I said you're full of yourself but, sure, guess you're bragging also. Freudian slip. Also, just because you're being mentioned, doesn't mean you need to go "Woopsie daisy haha they got me~"
stfu this isn't facebook.

No. 523051

File: 1520428782717.jpeg (996.34 KB, 1536x2048, CA790138-974E-4E7E-949D-5CBCFB…)

No. 523055

It's really not that deep.

No. 523056

She bought that dress but it doesn't even look like she has a petticoat underneath ? If she does it looks pretty thin. I agree about it looking cheap at first glance I thought it was a bodyline dress.

No. 523063

>>523050 >>523055

Stop fighting who fucking cares

No. 523068

>>523051 >>523043
Thought this thread was for PK?

No. 523069

That's a brand ita if I ever saw one.

No. 523087


She is part of Pk? Did you not see her sperg fest above?

No. 523096

She's not even milky and people are dragging her, It's really boring.

No. 523107

it's just that /cgl/ mentality, sis. no one can resist an ita.

No. 523128

File: 1520441193323.jpeg (507.78 KB, 1242x1387, 21D9832F-74FA-4DCB-81C2-C037AB…)

I’m surprised these people still listen to MM after the rape allegations

No. 523130

I'm surprised they still listen to her because she apparently misuses Harajuku fashion to project some DDLG shit.

No. 523134

Isn't that the definition of party kei?

No. 523139

And esp since jilly stopped stanning her

No. 523145

The definition of pk is taking elements of already existing Japanese styles and putting them together in these ott, ugly as fuck outfits while still claiming it's a Japanese style.

No. 523150

File: 1520442697972.png (7.24 KB, 165x115, e37.png)

No. 523155

There was a huge post about this in the old group where everyone was getting triggered and saying "Don't tag [insert person] because they get triggered by this"
Not blogposting but I alluded to the idea that we should hear both sides before we jump on one person or the other and everyone said I was victim shaming.
Cause requesting for evidence or some kinda proof for a criminal allegation is mean, I guess?

No. 523899

File: 1520509017209.jpg (168.1 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20180308-113642.jpg)

No. 523900

File: 1520509117415.jpg (288.55 KB, 1060x1011, Screenshot_20180308-113821.jpg)

Guess who was top comment

No. 523902

File: 1520509258100.jpg (359.65 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20180308-113941.jpg)

Someone talking some sense for once kek

No. 523925


OT but I'm in a hs group and it's fucking hilarious. Buncha weebs trying to convince themselves that their sad lives are fine. Most of them are almost 30 and still use uwu;; plus have the mental matureness of people 10 years younger than them.

No. 523931


is that……. a really bad bro costume?
and i thought the usual tumblr cosplays were bad kek

No. 523933

Holy shit I think I might know this girl irl. Is she from the EU?

No. 523958

No. 523959

International student? Went to school with her, then.

No. 523962

You’re thinking of someone else then.

No. 523980

File: 1520520058057.gif (250.08 KB, 320x180, L4Mf3Q.gif)

I'm 100% sure no one fucking said this.
I seriously think we're having a Heather's situation, where everyone wants to be apart of this negative thing while projecting that they don't. It makes you popular to have hate, even if it's fake hate.
Also stfu Eliza. I know you stalk this thread and bitch about it on the daily. You don't distract yourself with shit.

No. 523984

why are you using that cringy gif?

No. 523989

It was all I had that was semi relevant.

No. 524124

sorry for OT and i mean this in the best way: this thread is the most entertaining hot mess on the site. it's so obvious that majority of the posters are members of the confetti club who are sick of fake positive "i'm a pure accepting open minded cinnamon roll uwu" bullshit looking to drag each other to dirt. people constantly self post and reveal themselves, they backseat mod over tiniest things to prove they know "chan culture". i won't tell you to blend in, but be aware it's very easy to tell that the thread is full of people from a much softer side of the internet trying to front like they're "mean anon internet bulliez".

No. 524126

Look closer, her shitty deflated petti is drooping

No. 524189


this anon fucks.
no seriously, cc parade, keep it on the downlow lmao you ain't fooling shit

No. 524219

Your lack of sage and your reddit spacing aren't making you fit in, either.

No. 524244

You're right. People are halfway eager to out themselves but also stay in the groups. There's no outlet in the groups the groups that lets you actually express a negative opinion unless it's about depression, which most of them don't have and pretend to just to fit in.

No. 524250

Also seeing a bunch of SJWs try to front like they know anything about chan shit is kinda hilarious. It shows the hypocrisy and pettiness of the people trying to "fix" our society.

No. 524338

Actual good advice, I’m shocked

No. 524358

File: 1520548026773.jpeg (135.23 KB, 720x960, C18A0416-C0AA-4C02-AF7B-654809…)


No. 524360

File: 1520548040913.jpeg (92.79 KB, 720x960, 2CF095E8-6D82-4C7A-84E0-FCAC4A…)

No. 524392

I generally try really hard to not judge people on their appearance. I'm a fan of flawed beauty. The two loves of my life looked like Spud from Trainspotting and Shane McGowan. I like 'em ugly, apparenlty.

But this Bonnie chick, man. Dumb, ugly, all the personality of a cabbage, and creepy as fuck. What a catch.

No. 524431

Why does she always have deer-in-headlights eyes? She needs to stop opening her eyes so wide and raising her eyebrows. It's not a flattering look on anyone, especially not this microwaved potato.

No. 524472

Microwave potato, I love you anon.

No. 524478

what the fuck is this chris-chan?

No. 524485


don't insult pristine Christine like that.

No. 524531

File: 1520564055092.jpeg (281.85 KB, 741x1175, F8BD7C41-4D71-40FB-BD5C-B42B05…)

another confetti club landwhale. I puked

No. 524533

Those gems in their hair make them look like they have a disease.

No. 524636

This is legit what these idiots need to do. If you're so thin skinned and easily offended, get off the internet, or make all your profiles private /friends only. these people want attention.

No. 524693

>easter egg butch lesbian

No. 524731

File: 1520598621176.jpg (34.52 KB, 300x450, fb70ae25722ac0b25008ef11fcb3aa…)

This is all I see.

Little Britain broke me.

No. 524744


If I could give you money for this post, I would.

No. 524777

File: 1520607380624.jpg (593.72 KB, 1080x1268, Screenshot_20180309-145536.jpg)

Scratcher tattoos and inevitable infections are super kawaii

No. 524815

the machine is cute tho ngl

No. 524819

File: 1520613758888.png (102.88 KB, 254x306, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 4.41…)

No. 524824

I see it

No. 524827

I think Chris looks better in all honesty

No. 524834

Oh, for sure. Less bug-eyed.

No. 524854

chris also doesn't have the punchable "quirky deer in headlights" look that bonnie does.

No. 524860

Chris’ brow bone doesn’t hang over his eyes like neanderthal Bonnie

No. 524869

File: 1520620000645.jpg (276.77 KB, 600x900, mfd.jpg)

She looks like the MC from My Mad Fat Diary and that depresses me because I really like that show.

No. 524983

She reminds me of Quirky so much. Both in terms of look and behaviour.

No. 525030

"Queer in headlights"

No. 525047

Let me guess he/him plz

No. 525049

Is love to see her in a Tattoo shop with this. She’d get eaten alive. Just imagine some biker looking threw her portfolio only so her pull out this crappy machine.

No. 525071

Someone like this would never set foot near a traditional tattoo shop. Too big boy spooky.

No. 525072

On account of other CC… people, I'd guess it/they. Those seem to be the popular ones for some stupid reason.

No. 525095

How dare you insult Sharon Rooney like that

No. 525208

Why can none of them but clothes that fit? And how is this even "masc"? I've seen pastel men's fashion, or even men in kawaii jfashion and it still looks like men's clothing. This is all very feminine clothing, a jean jacket doesn't make is masculine.

No. 525294

RIP Tshirt.

No. 525356

File: 1520661609477.png (449.77 KB, 1141x349, partykei.png)

There's a new group. It's closed, so i'm going to be very careful not to out myself, but i'll provide any milk that occurs. Nothing so far, group's only been around for two hours so it's just people making introduction posts.

No. 525376

Just to let you know that you should probably make a separate thread for that, otherwise you’ll get two diffrent subjects clashing with each other.

No. 525740

File: 1520714949798.jpg (356.19 KB, 1079x1407, Screenshot_20180310-204830.jpg)

Dropping prices just like pixie

No. 525746

It's run by the same mods and has most of the same people in it, it's just supposed to be more focused on fashion rather than just sucking jill's udders. I think it's relevant.

No. 525760

>how do you spend $300 at Rue21
>who shops at rue21 anymore
>why would you brag about shopping at Rue21
Also all those clothes are ugly and don’t even look party kei, assuming party kei has a definitive meaning.

Yeah I gotta agree with you, party kei is relevant. Also, what’s Aomoji kei? Because I googled it and got a bunch of different meanings.

No. 525764

From the new fb group's description:

"Aomoji Kei is another girly, casual Japanese fashion that focuses on having fun and dressing for yourself instead of what society or boys may expect of you. Those who wear aomoji-kei tend to like fashion from Harajuku more than the gyaru fashion originating from Shibuya, and have a strong tendency to like casual, creative fashion. The style was made popular by models like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and is now known for being colorful, fun, radical, and creative! Aomoji Kei is very similar to Party Kei, but does not need a party motif and can include darker colors. Even Pixielocks, the creator of Party Kei, has said that most of her outfits are actually aomoji kei! There are less rules and requirements in the fashion, since its all about being fun and creative with your clothing. Basically, aomoji kei can be anything you want it to be!"

No. 525884

Another label for dikey girls to wear unflattering clothes.

No. 525891

Its not run by the same mods. Aside from Jill who I assume has no input in the actual running of the group.

No. 526011

The main admins are the same apparently.

No. 526020

Nope none of them are the same.

No. 526054

File: 1520738894109.png (138.95 KB, 640x825, IMG_7845.PNG)

Nayrt, but Courtney Skinner was in the original groups mod trio. The one the other two secretly hated and caused the group shutdown over because they couldn't deal with their shit privately.
She was the only who actually dressed in the fashion and contributed to the group too.
Old screenshot from when it all when down

No. 526055

File: 1520739028124.png (153.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7837.PNG)

Last one cause it's not too relevant rn

No. 526056

I assumed we were talking about the current CC mods. My bad.

No. 526118

Same mods or not, this is the confetti club thread. Not jfashion general. It's supposed to be about Jill's fan group, which includes the CC and the party kei group (solely because she ~invented~ it)(mini-modding)

No. 526155

I can't really imagine Courtney acting like a cunt.
Not a blogpost but I fucked around MANY times in the PK groups and she was able to hear me out and let me back it.
The whole of Jillian's minions,
"Jillions" if you will,
don't really know how to act when it comes to solving an issue. It's no fucking wonder that girl was never an admin or mod, she's trying to publicly paint someone in a negative light and slander them.

No. 526203

This is the most vague shit ever. This is how Jill's Party Kei fell apart. A social perception on gender roles and encouraging creativity is not guidelines for a sect of fashion.

No. 526230

I knew all the original mods and trust me it was Courtney who didn’t want to sort it out privately. She was the one who originally posted publicly about the whole fiasco.

No. 526244


Wasn’t Courtney the reason the whole drama started?

No. 526378

File: 1520790203360.jpg (664.26 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20180311-173036.jpg)

Imagine dropping loads of money in a desperate bid to get noticed by jill

No. 526408

Jill hates dark colors, kek. Courtney seems like the type that buys all sorta of ugly mainstream "kitsch" stuff because she wants so badly to be original and praised for her "alternative" style. Sad that she and everyone in the club are desperate for efame and validation and can't actually enjoy fashion as individuals.

No. 526447

File: 1520798273018.jpg (674.62 KB, 1071x1526, Screenshot_20180311-195710.jpg)

Transmasculine boi?¿

No. 526448

File: 1520798291417.jpg (103.54 KB, 1080x1608, FB_IMG_1520798220617.jpg)

No. 526449

File: 1520798398261.jpg (252.9 KB, 1070x1018, Screenshot_20180311-175422.jpg)

Lizzy was a mod of the last group and she had a breakdown over everyone thinking shes a girl?? Fake boi alert kek

No. 526453


No. 526461

File: 1520799476295.jpg (730.46 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20180311-175359.jpg)

No. 526462

File: 1520799493106.jpg (31.94 KB, 460x613, FB_IMG_1520790833369.jpg)

No. 526463

File: 1520799511738.jpg (31.72 KB, 460x613, FB_IMG_1520790817557.jpg)

No. 526465

File: 1520799561835.jpg (101.33 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1520790763983.jpg)

So much milk

No. 526466

File: 1520799616119.jpg (591.62 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20180311-175142.jpg)

No. 526467

Just waiting for this group to go down the same way as the rest of them. It seems no one learned a thing. Between Courtney being attention hungry, lizzy and ‘their’ breakdowns and Jill being completely useless, there’s no way the group will have any structure.

No. 526468

File: 1520799638967.jpg (73.24 KB, 800x1440, FB_IMG_1520790714887.jpg)

No. 526470

File: 1520799678412.jpg (80.57 KB, 1280x960, FB_IMG_1520790637900.jpg)

No. 526475

File: 1520800081697.png (448.65 KB, 627x429, 44354657.PNG)

God she's like the weeb group mom from 2 Kawaii 4 Comfort youtube series.

No. 526496

this guy just looks like a pedophile

No. 526510

Tbh If I saw him in the women’s restroom I’d kick “Brittany” in the nuts.