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No. 605517

In this thread we will be able to talk about another Petubers flaws. We will started with the basic kit of narcissistic self involved characters such as:

Happy Tails aka Megan Arriola
- The worst hoarding pettuber with over 100 animals.
- Keeps her animals in a small room with way under minimum enclosures.
- Advises not to listen to veterinary advice, like not spaying and neutering rabbits.
- Backyard breeds dogs, purposefully mixed two breeds together and justified it by saying they're designer and "these breeds are really in right now".
- Breeds a potentially harmful gene (merle) into her dogs
- Uses aerosol products and paints her nails in the same room as her birds.
- Feeds her animals mostly fruits and vegetables without proper supplementation.
- Her bird almost died due to poor diet (vet literally put it on seed because it was too thin from bad diet).
- Had her snake and bird out on her body during livestream.
- Some of her cages have exposed wire and splotchy/peeling paint.
- Charges an OUTRAGEOUS amount for 'consultation' when she has 0 credentials and can't even say she does her own research for her own animals.
- Extremely rude to supporters and shuts down every question that she can with a snarky remark.
- Recently put two male mice together, ignores advise and says they'll be fine.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_17EwmmHm7FJtIn57c9-w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meghan_happytails/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mj_happy_tails
Blog: www.mjhappytails.com

- Mentioned now and again on the TND thread.
- Complains about lolcow and similar sites, describing them as little predators in wait for pet youtubers to slip up.
- Throws a lot of subtle shade at other pet youtubers despite pretending to be 'friends' with them all.
- Moved to America to live with hoarder BYB boyfriend Danny.
- Won't show habitats for most of her and Danny's animals, keeping the exact number of animals a secret. Some examples of enclosures not shown include; Snapping turtle, snakes, and (unseen) monitor lizards.
- Thought she could cycle a fish tank with old water, put two betta together to 'breed' despite clearly knowing nothing about breeding and conditioning the fish.
- Keeps her doves in the bare minimum of cages, also keeps them next to ferrets and has let them land on the ferret cage before.
- Was paid off to set up an awful Bearded dragon enclosure including substrate that can cause impaction.
- Says she isn't planning on getting more animals but has recently taken in a skunk, plans to get another hornbill, plans to get a dog, has got a nano reef tank and two more mystery pets since stating this.
- Has now bought a new Gecko.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE37328iVnqSj1OCrgrYd8w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emzoticofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emzoticofficial?lang=es

Tyler Rugge
- Support TND.
- Hoards animals like most pet youtubers and likes to buy the trending animal of the month.
- Had a betta fish in a fluvial tank but it 'disappeared'. Didn't care what had happened to it.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfvCFx6J-JA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TylerRugge?lang=es
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/

Brian Barczyk
- Hoards, breed and sell a shit tons of reptiles.
- Keep them on little plastic containers, justifying it with saying 'they like it that way'.
- Inbreeds and shows little concern for genetics outside of producing colour morphs that will sell for $$$.
- Sells bad quality, sick and otherwise ill reptiles.
- Bullies costumers if they dare to call him out for the shitty conditions his animals have when they arrived.
- Both Tyler Rugge and Taylor Nicole Dean have made collabs with him.
- Recently got kicked out of playlist for bringing in a baby gator and snake to scare/prank people with.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4zS1wbO81p59CxKL7CQAcA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snakebytestv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SnakeBytesTV

Maddie Smith
- Hoards animals like most other youtubers, justifies it by saying all her animals are taken to a vet. Regularly has over 30+ animals, has had over 50+ in the past.
- BYB rats, claims she doesn't any more but still ended up with sick baby rats that had to be treated for URI's and also a rat born with one testicle. Doesn't seem to know much about rat genetics but claims to have worked with breeders.
- Recently got two doves; one got sick and died. She blamed the breeder and 'genetic' illness despite environmental being much more likely. Subsequently she got another bird from a 'better breeder' to replace it, didn't quarantine properly and that bird is now also very sick.
- Is a 'wildlife rehabber'; although is listed as 'social media adviser' on their poorly made site. Charity was also only registered in Ohio in September 2017.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaddieandElijah
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mxddiesmith/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mxddiemoo

Carolin von Petzholdt
- Keeps parrots. Has actively lost her parrot Hope numerous times on camera.
- Flies her Parrot Hope in public parks around dogs and as such has been chased by dogs and accosted by dog owners more than once.
- Doesn't train her parrot to fly back to her on a signal, merely screams randomly.
- Has had Hope both chase native birds and be chased by native birds during her free flying, resulting in Hope being lost at least twice from this.
- Has sexually molested her bird on camera; doesn't seem to understand that touching a birds vent is frustrating for the animal and essentially bestiality.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWcXSuUetWjXFNXHiCuT-Wg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolin_von_petzholdt/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cvonpetzholdt

Swetha Menon Exotics
- Calls out other Pettubers.
- Doesn't listen to her own advice on keeping pets well.
- Currently houses a male and female mouse together letting them breed when they please.
- Feeds some of the litter live to one of her snakes, the other resulting babies fates are unknown.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPpg776w5yQQLO7v8vtsIoA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swethamenon56/

Steff J
- Hoards animals worse than some of the above.
- Was gifted two puppies and kept them even though she didn't have the space for them.
- House is literally crammed with animals.
- Killed all her fish once when she flea bombed her house to get rid of the fleas her roaming cats had brought in.
- Lets her turtles breed, found a nest they'd made unsupervised outside with most of the eggs being eaten by ants.
- Recently had one of her tortoises die. Was supposed to nebulize the tortoise every 8 hours, instead said she went to sleep for 21 and 'someone else did it'.
- Let her duck eat Styrofoam while yelling at it from across the room.
- Keeps her turtles in tiny cages.
- Keeps most of her animals in filthy conditions.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsWwd149fqgVghyCUkPN63w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_steffj/

Taylor Nicole Dean thread:

No. 605519

Previous thread >>560669

No. 605522

File: 1528496571356.jpg (39.68 KB, 360x270, is hoarding an instrument.jpg)

No. 605525

can someone please make a HT thread with that picture holy fuck

No. 605586

File: 1528503000903.png (903.46 KB, 1164x608, HT WK.png)

HT probably has some of the funniest stans. They are little kids who, unlike most of the other pettuber stans, are following a rude cunt so they act like dumb little cunts too. I'm fucking dying from this

No. 605610

File: 1528506333630.jpeg (74.79 KB, 750x534, F10221B6-0EC0-47D8-B5F1-A52222…)

No. 605611

File: 1528506522635.png (483.94 KB, 772x938, mmmmm.png)

At first I thought y'all were reaching when saying these youtubers lurked here, but I'm kind of believing it now. HT kept male geckos (arguably worse than keeping male mice) together for ages and no one threw a fit. She keeps mice, it's posted here, and now there's drama. Same thing with being rude to her fans. HT was always being a bitch to her fans. Only now people are talking about it though.
On the off chance Tyler isn't bringing this up due to HT, then my bad.

No. 605617


obviously they all lurk here, they've commented on the thread before

No. 605621

Her fans are quite literally the most blank minded children I've seen anywhere. It's so humerous. I've even seen them comment on other pettubers videos with correct information about the correct information being wrong because HT said otherwise.

No. 605622

They've brought it up loads before. Tyler and Maddie talked about it constantly on their live streams several weeks ago.

No. 605630

Uhhh they’ve been talking about her for ages lmao. I know emma, Maddie and Tyler have all brought up the geckos being together. They also CONSTANTLY talk about how rude she is. This is nothing new lmao

No. 605632

That would explain why I haven't seen anyone say shit about HT then, I don't watch their live streams.

No. 605635

10 minutes long - check
serious face thumbnail - check
moustache - check

Seriously who is this and why are they just leeching views from drama

No. 605640

I think she read that people were disappointed she didn’t go harder on Taylor. So nows her time to win over lolcow haters and call out HT. that group all read here it’s so obvious. They’re obsessed with themselves. Tyler and maddie must hate how irrelevant they’ve become on here.

No. 605641


Using drama for views??? Never seen that on the internet before. At least she’s bringing attention to Meghan being irresponsible and putting animals in danger

No. 605642

Her video made a good point… it wasn’t dramatic or anything. Happytails refuses to listen to people when they comment at her, or tweet at her or anything, so maybe a video will finally get her to pull her head out of her ass. Happytails needs a serious wake up call

No. 605643

Hi pickles & friend

No. 605644

I’m seriously confused… isn’t it good that she publicly called out happy tails on her bullshit?

If it’s not then please inform me… but I literally cannot understand how calling out horrible pet care is a bad thing…?

No. 605647

replied to both because you're the same person (hi pickles)

The issue with making a video on it for pickles specifically is that she(he?) doesn't have mice. How can she(he?) have taken time to research, make, edit and upload a video in the space of a few hours? Research is the most important part if you're going to be calling somebody out for something. She's(he's?) using authority as a point in her (him?)arguments rather thank facts.

No. 605649

lmao i love that some of you constantly think that they're posting here
i'm just concerned about animal care and some of you anons want to encourage the behavior that pickles did and now tearing it down for other reasons
do you want these people to change or just want more reasons to bitch about things
if pickles is reading this good for you for calling out HT on her bullshit

No. 605651

It doesn't take a genius to know male mice shouldn't be kept together. Most people who know anything about small animals know that putting two males in the same cage is incorrect.

No. 605655

Jesus Christ you don’t need to be a fucking vet to know male mice don’t live together. I’ve never owned mice in my life, but I’m not an idiot and I know males will kill each other.

No. 605657

Good lord someone’s dense. No, pickles doesn’t own mice, but looks like she even knows more about mice than happytails does considering HT thinks it’s okay to keep males together, and pickles knows it’s not.

No. 605662

nice grammar samefag

No. 605664

I posted the first one and not the other two. You must think everyone is out to get you lmao

No. 605665

Hi, I was the second comment. Not the same person as the first or third. Can’t speak for them though. They could’ve been the same person.

No. 605669

Back to HappyTails, has her twitter gone? The one linked on her youtube doesn't go anywhere.

No. 605673

File: 1528511687950.png (73.1 KB, 243x270, firefox_2018-06-09_03-34-48.pn…)

From HT's facebook page, is she seriously charging $150 to tell people wrong information?

No. 605692

File: 1528513382479.png (1 MB, 1626x966, pet care.png)

I still see her twitter, it's just @meghan_arriola, not with mj in front of it. I guess she consolidated. She doesn't use twitter much anyways.
She used to charge $175 for nutrition when she doesn't even give her own pets a correct diet. Pic related was grabbed from her blog but mysteriously taken down a few days after it was posted here

No. 605706

hey anon, i'm skeptical of this shit too. we always talk about how no one calls out taylor, and then suddenly there are three people WKing for all of them? coincidentally the same day that every pet tuber has decided to talk about the same things we've been talking about here?

anyway, i can't believe areola lets her rabbit drink out of that nasty shit-filled water. i really can't stand this woman

No. 605732

File: 1528519779956.png (1.96 MB, 1162x1148, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 12.4…)

omg now he's backyard breeding scorpions lmfao

No. 605737

File: 1528520922132.jpeg (177.44 KB, 1231x825, EAF7434B-3B6B-4F08-9CD7-BD5B3E…)

No. 605738


Damn, that was quick, Tyler. How often are all ya’ll checking this thread?

No. 605740

He posted that before it was posted here lol

No. 605741

That wasn’t Tyler, I just posted that lol. I’m not trying to defend Tyler, I just don’t understand why you’d post the screenshot saying he BYB when he already said it was pregnant. I want to read real drama, not someone trying to start drama that was already clarified

No. 605742

Tyler posted the backyard breeding comment almost 3 hours ago. Good god some people on here don’t know how to read or check twitter

No. 605764

i didn't post the screenshot saying he was BYB.
listen, if you're going to post multiple comments in a row to pretend you're multiple people, at least space the timing out to make yourself less obvious.

No. 605834

I find it funny we didn’t have a single peep out of the pettubers when Taylor impulse bought a freaking monitor, had it for a whole month without knowing exactly what it was. But put two freaking male mice together and the whole of pettube implodes.
If you’re going to call out one for shitty practices, call them all out, but oh no, Taylor has a million subs, they don’t want their reputation ruined by that. Hypocrites.

No. 605868

Petubers are basically those cool high school girls that will constantly bitch about each other to others but will never say anything to anyone else, or if they do it will be a shady remark.

They're all as bad as each other when it comes to this and I'm pretty sure that some of them comment here (and possibly on Taylor's thread) constantly.

No. 605869

And she charges for consulatations…not consultations. Anyone know what a consulatation is? Advice from a doesn’t know shit quack?

No. 605875

They all comment here, check the grammar of some of the posts.
Someone is addicted to using `…` If I had to guess it's a pet tuber, wouldn't be hard to look on twitter and figure it out.

The funny thing is it's likely that most of the posts here are from pet tubers or pet tubers friends. Pathetic.

No. 605884

No. 605886

unfortunately the decent ones don’t get involved in drama so remain in the shadows a little.

No. 605890

File: 1528549361853.jpeg (452.51 KB, 750x946, 07C3B88F-3178-429D-BA40-315F4D…)

seems like everyone’s talking about it, even those not associated with Tyler and the gang.

No. 605891


Its because happytails spreading shit like "male mice can get along just fine! they're social and need to be together" is harmful to youtubers that do have mice like Erin that will no doubt have to deal with cross-over fans from Happytails telling her that shes wrong by keeping it alone

No. 605892

File: 1528549632489.jpeg (339.89 KB, 750x923, F01930FD-EE4C-48CD-B12F-7E0723…)

Even pettubers I’ve never heard of (not into rodents personally) everyone’s chipping in.

No. 605896


It’s a completely different situation because Taylor already got a ton of criticism and admitted to making a mistake and said it wasn’t smart of her. Happy tails gets tons of criticism and can’t seem to get it thru her pea brain that she’s wrong and so she continues to spread harmful care advice. I can see why pettubers feel the need to chip in about happy tails

No. 605903

What planet are you on? Or are you doing the same drugs Taylor is. She certainly NEVER admits to being wrong, she just blamed the store and continually concocts stories. Tons of people did go after her about the monitor species AND the fact that it is wild caught, even tho she still says it is CB.

No. 605906

exactly Taylor is just awful

No. 605986

Not defending them or Taylor or anything, because the monitor situation was fucked and I wish more people talked about it, but it’s possible they talked to her privately. They said some people tried to talk to Meghan, but she doesn’t fucking listen so going public about it was the only way to bring attention to the issue. I’m hoping that’s what happened, but honestly probably didn’t.

I feel like the mouse situation is getting more attention because 1. Everyone already knows happytails is the biggest idiot in the community, and 2. It’s common sense to not keep 2 males together. Everyone knows that, but not everyone knows about monitors and their care

If the monitor situation happened to Meghan and not Taylor, we all know Meghan would just be going around continuing to say that it’s a black throat monitor because she’s the “expert” and she knows better than everyone else. Which is honestly hilarious to think about if you ask me

No. 606035

I feel like they call out HT cause she isn't in the friend group, but don't call out TND (or any of them really) cause she is in and they all just kiss each others ass.

No. 606039

Like look at the Brian taking animals to playlist situation. He was called out for it but TND did the same thing. And instead of saying yeah that was wrong too Em just said oh she was young.

No. 606046

Bingo, we have a winner

No. 606049

File: 1528568488708.png (147.79 KB, 821x683, wellsaid.png)


I wonder if pickle's video was well said.

No. 606057


Brian asked Playlist to bring animals and they said no and he did it anyway. Vidcon didn’t care that Taylor brought animals. Plus Brian was running around scaring people with them.

Not saying it’s smart to bring animals to a big event like that, but the situations are different and Brian really should know better he’s a grown man who’s just doing crazy shit for attention

No. 606058

File: 1528569546624.png (416.64 KB, 750x1334, 8D087E96-3FF4-4E01-98DF-2E3BA3…)

I am LIVING for all the comments on this video 😂

No. 606062

File: 1528570014025.png (798.21 KB, 750x1334, E11B5184-E074-4F46-8969-78B15D…)

Tori put up a video about not just relying on YouTube for information and doing your own research. Can’t be a coincidence.

No. 606070

File: 1528570612421.jpeg (155.79 KB, 750x1155, 6B6E6B55-095F-4A2C-B1FA-C5919D…)

Apparently she hasn’t watched pickles video. Sure Jan.

No. 606072

now if they could just call taylor out…

i just really don't understand how they can be friends with someone who does the same shit that they say they're against. i don't care if she has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. if you're truly dedicated to spreading information on the correct care for animals, you wouldn't stand for her and make excuses for her

No. 606073


Leopard Gecko has called out Taylor but seems to be friends with happytails. They all just ignore stuff when it’s in there own friend group.

No. 606093

File: 1528572636114.png (236.68 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-09-13-20-54…)

No. 606177

neutral bitch is neutral but i'm not surprised since emz is friendly with happytails and has featured happytails on her video before. though i am surprised that the mean girls of pettube haven't shunned emz for being friendly with happytails yet.

No. 606188

Tyler is just head of the bitchy pettubers he basically a girl. Em has more subs than him like Taylor does, hence not calling her out.
And “well said” hahaaaa they probably had a group chat about this before posting. I feel pickles is just easy to manipulate, so they get her to do the video, she’s just so eager to be part of the group. If she’s going to publicly sham HT call out others.

No. 606206


Oh yeah she does not fit into their group aesthetic at all, but then neither does the other one who's kinda old.

No. 606210

Who's the other old one?

No. 606213

True think about it, the more people they have on their side, in their friend group, the less likely they’re going to be called out by other youtubers. Because their friends won’t call them out and if anyone else does they’ll be shunned. Very tactical Tyler and his little harem

No. 606217


They seem to be befriending some other smaller YouTubers like Emma and another one who seems to be gathering a lot of animals at a similar rate and pattern too so this would make sense

No. 606248

yep befriend them quick so you can have a bunch of minions on your side supporting you. dont get me wrong i am not a fan of HT but i think tyler is super shade and conniving, don't trust that boy.

No. 606252

File: 1528583821359.jpg (921.41 KB, 2000x1000, mean.jpg)

i made this , think it sums it up

No. 606257

This seems false. I’ve never seen Emz and HT interact. Are there collabs or screenshots to backup your statement?

No. 606264

Taylor looks like a freaking 45 year old.

No. 606265

What is the other channel gathering pets at a rapid rate? Curious.

No. 606266

em's just a bit of a fence sitter. and yeah taylor looks old as fuck. cant believe shes 21, shes had lip fillers again

No. 606269

File: 1528584688133.png (131.3 KB, 479x407, louslittlezoo.png)


This chick, fairly new channel but there seems to be a lot popping up lately. Emma did a collab with her a couple weeks ago so i checked her out. Her videos are either getting a new pet, or super confusing updates of no longer having a certain pet anymore, this pic she gets a mantis and then shits out a care guide the same day which is great, these petubers can say they don't influence this behavior all they like, but the 'must have lots of animals to succeed' mentality is super strong

No. 606275

Sitting on the fence shouldn’t be allowed on YT. EmZotic should use her platform to call out Taylor. But she won’t She won’t call out anyone because she’s either playing chess and wants to look nice when she’s probably the biggest b**ch, or maybe because she’s older she just doesn’t care abt the drama.

No. 606279

Where's the evidence of the rest of the group supporting her or is it just emma? emma does collabs with a lot of small people but i havent seen any of the others interacting with that person

No. 606280

Pretty sure they mean loris hartland, not Taylor

No. 606281

yea i find em quite insincere.

and yea not many channels out there actually go deep into the care, people have caught on that if you have a lot of animals you can just keep making content and getting a few views. what are the chances soon tyler will be buddies with her. get them to join when they're small.

No. 606283


I've seen them interacting on twitter a few times, and for a lot of them that are all 'adopt don't shop' this chick gets most her betta, not sure what else she owns, from petsmart so we'll see whether they let her in

No. 606287

yea a lot of them put money back into petco and petsmart but claim to care about animals….. sure

No. 606291

Idk but I don’t really think “adopt don’t shop” applies to fish. I don’t think I’ve ever seen fish for adoption anywhere… not sure if that’s a common thing where you live, but I’ve definitely never seen it

No. 606294

theres small local fish shops to support rather than huge chains

No. 606298

File: 1528585775993.png (95.2 KB, 440x204, louslittlezoo.png)

I just checked out a couple of her other most popular videos.

1 minute in - says she just got 3 new pets
1:27 in - says she rehomed her pacman frog because she 'just didn't feel it was the right pet for her' 2 or so months after she got it (see left video)

Shit like this gets me going, i've seen a lot of people get pacman frogs since TND got one, I bet a lot of people are disappointed with the reality of how they really don't offer much as a pet

No. 606299

Did she say she got it from petsmart? I watched the video and thought she just said petstore, but I could be remembering wrong

No. 606304

and this is someone emma collabed with?
right im not supporting HT , i dont like her either but this is why this group is a bunch of hypocrites, they support shit like this. we mentioned in the last thread girl meets wild, pickles and the gang all crashed her live stream to congratulate her, and she bought sugar gliders a week later she rehomed them. atleast HT keeps her animals

No. 606318


HT does keep her animals… in SHIT conditions. I wish she would rehome them LOL

No. 606320

does anyone have evidence for 'shit' conditions, genuinely just curious

No. 606324

She keeps them til they die in shithole conditions! Poor diet; crap medical attention to ensure long healthy lives (says not to spay/neuter rabbits); backyard breeds animals; the lust goes on!

No. 606325

Uh… every single photo she’s ever posted and every single video?

No. 606346

In fairness I’ve had so many female rabbits in my time, all females, never went to vets, lived long lives. Werent spayed. Absolutely fine.

No. 606348

that literally proves nothing saying that. If you have actual proof then show it.

No. 606355

watch emz pettube video. she features one of HTs comments to emz, as well as in the thumbnail. not saying they're best friends, but she's obviously not treating HTs like a piece of shit, like all the other pettubers. they have shunned cataleah and leopard gecko for being friendly with HTs, so its surprising they have given em a pass.

No. 606356

what about all the animals that die/get sick every other month on her? that proof enough for you?

No. 606361

Meghan, Meghan…get outta here! It’s priven that spaying prevents reproductive cancers. What’s your idea of long…4 years?!

No. 606368

where have they shunned leopard gecko? i haven't even seen that they shunned cataleah? where is the proof? i havent publicly seen them say anything about catleah but she did collaborate with HT so it wouldnt be too shocking if they did shun her

No. 606375

Why in the past few days have there been people (or a person) who keep white knighting HT? It’s not an anon’s responsibility to comb through all of HT’s videos and give you a list of all of the horrible care she gives. She houses two male mice together, and two male cresteds together, keeps two guinea hens in an abismally small coup, backyard breeds, that picture of the bunny’s water someone posted recently, just to name a few things. This isn’t nearly everything she does wrong, just some of the stuff that’s been discussed recently. If you watch her animal room tour there is a whole lot more that’s wrong. Idk if HT stans have caught wind of this thread or whatever, but defending HT is laughable imo.

No. 606378

File: 1528589012987.png (6.85 MB, 1560x2176, HT room.png)

It's mostly on her youtube videos, her instagram is better thought out in terms of what she shows to the public. Pic related is all from her Pet Room Tour, I only picked out what is objectively bad and not just arguable things.
From top right to left
>far too small and far too dirty for any bird
>way too small for a chinchilla that isn't having many hours of floor space
>very dirty and simply dilapidated cage, also pretty small but can't be seen from pic
>Tank is way over-stocked, seems like she may have fell for the 1 inch per gallon meme
>her hedgehog cage is in an area where it can be very hot, often disruptive, they shouldn't be in tanks due to poor aeration and on top of that it's on the small side
>the gecko cage houses two males together and it looks like there is shit all over the walls
>that shitty pet store bird cage is housing 3 budgies when it shouldn't house one
>that shitty pet store guinea pig cage is housing two guinea pigs when it shouldn't house one unless those piggies spend most of their day with floor time and only sleep in there
The last picture is just a still of one side of her room. I want to say all of her animals that aren't outdoors only or free roaming are in that one room, but I'm not entirely sure.

No. 606379

i watched her stream last night and she mentioned lolcow so it wouldnt surprise me

No. 606388

File: 1528589608937.png (2.51 MB, 1852x1168, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 8.12…)

just look at her instagram and videos seriously
sugar glider in a badly made diy cage with exposed hardware cloth and some kind of shabby old piece of wood thats all painted and peeling?

No. 606391

sorry I’m not Megan i genuinely have owned female rabbits for years, never had them done, they build little nests every year, but not a single problem. In my years they’ve always lived 7-9 years. Never once been the vets. Not WK HT at all, can’t stand her, just the comment about rabbits isn’t 100% true. Think it’s just another way to scare owners into procedures that line the pockets of vets.

No. 606395

I don’t think they’ve shunned Leopard Gecko I just think a lot of them bond on twitter and she doesn’t have twitter.

No. 606401

your anecdotal evidence is irrelevant, its like saying you dont need to ever bring a dog to the vets because this one dog never went and live to be 10, it's ridiculous. bring animals in your care to regular check ups to make sure theyre healthy, its not always obvious that theyre unwell.

No. 606439

so in my life I’ve had 9 rabbits, none of which went to the vets and lived long lives and you’re comparing it to one dog. Wtf.

No. 606451

I don’t think that means anything. I can’t see Ht or Emzotic following each other on Twitter. If anything I think Em generally stays neutral on a lot of things and I guess the other PT’s know it and accept it?

No. 606455

do you not remember cataleah being all up in the last thread? I'm too lazy to dig back, but in a nut shell the mean girls of pettube told cataleah she wasnt invited to the meet up because of her collab with HT.
and leopard gecko mentioned she feels invisible to most other pettubers, despite being one of the oldest pet youtubers. so she's not exactly being welcomed by them
Dat enough proof for you, sherlock? Or are you going to just keep white knighting and demanding "proof?"

No. 606462

Boohoo for not feeling welcome!? The biggest pettubers interact every day. Tyler has been talking to Taylor from the beginning even if he does copy her they’re probably actually friends and Tyler and Maddie are obviously real friends and probably then Maddie is friends with Taylor by default and Em isn’t a threat to any other pet tuber because she’s basically chill with everyone and sort of in the click but not clicky, and the smaller pet tubers are all making and effort with each other and the big pet tubers. Why would leopard gecko feel she’s entitled to attention when she doesn’t talk to anyone?

No. 606475

all of them seem to respond to tweets pretty frequently so i dont know how she can say she feels left out if shes not even making an effort to be included

No. 606481


I dont think it helps that leopardgecko chooses not to show her face, none of them probably feel like they can connect with her on a personal level rather than just a channel

No. 606483

i like how all you pettubers arent denying shunning cataleah from the meet up lol shady

No. 606486


Cataleah said that but she’s full of shit. Do you really think anyone would tell her she can’t come when the flyer says “all creators welcome”

She’s just an attention whore. If anyone told her she couldn’t go she would have posted proof, but she can’t because she’s full of shit.

No. 606493

File: 1528597178882.jpeg (177.19 KB, 1122x1122, 140F4E69-1BB0-439A-8E9C-BA2A5B…)

No. 606519

No. 606522

File: 1528600983663.jpeg (560.02 KB, 750x1031, 069872E1-C413-4CBB-B3B6-A27CAD…)

Isn’t this we’re Emzotic is??

No. 606550

Yeah she’s there with Danny

No. 606625

Find it suspicious this thread was dead quiet when Tyler was live streaming and they were all commenting on his stream. Then that ended and this blew up. Very suspicious. This thread is pointless if y’all tubers gonna medal

No. 606630

File: 1528616522609.jpg (265.26 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20180610-014211~2.j…)

I know ariawesomeness is an idiot but…why do this? Also, his friends recently freaked out over a ball python owner for putting their crestie near it (not good) and said not to follow them anymore if they follow that person….and yet they're okay with ari putting a scorpion on his anaconda?

No. 606632

Wtf is wrong with you? She’s never done anything wrong she’s actually one of the decent ones who don’t hoard animals and does educational videos. Maybe it’s true on some level they have but I know solid gold aquatics and pickles both follow her.

No. 606637

What? Tyler streamed like 7 hours ago, and there’s a lot of posts from 7 hours ago lol

No. 606639

Mhmmmmm sure mate.

No. 606640

File: 1528618329523.jpeg (447.93 KB, 750x850, 0A654C8C-945F-4FEB-A1EB-6D69F8…)

Anyone seen this monstrosity psml(taylor has her own thread)

No. 606641

File: 1528618444931.jpeg (79.79 KB, 640x640, CCB02048-F746-4840-8900-077683…)

who’s who? Lmao

No. 606669

And what about vaccinations/worming treatments (which you can do at home but still)? If anything, it seems like you're lucky and that's not exactly recommended care advice.

No. 606671

I think a lot of that crap is vet fearmongering tbh, I had rabbits when I was younger and we never had to take them to the vets. The only thing I think I remember was a big problem you should try to avoid was myxomatosis.

No. 606673

myxomatosis is now (has possibly always been, idk) a vaccination prevention along with parasite treatment. So the person would have to take them to vets for that.

Most animals can live without vet treatment, yes. But with larger mammals like rabbits you're pretty much playing a risky game.

No. 606675

And my rabbits have needed vet care multiple times. Just because your rabbits didn’t, doesn’t mean others won’t. And just because mine did, doesn’t mean others will.

We simply cannot base weather or not an animal should go to the vet, because of 1 (or even a few) peoples experiences.

You have to look at it as a whole. OVERALL, it is much safer to fix your rabbits. It’s much safer to take them to the vet if something’s up.

No. 606685

7-9 years is not long, 9 is average. you just got lucky, and yes a comparison to dogs is relevant bc if someone never brought their dog to the vet people would consider it a v bad idea, a rabbit is no different and never bringing 9 rabbits to a professional to be 100% sure of their health is crazy. theyre prey animals do they mask any potential injuries/illnesses/pain really well, the average person cant tell theyre unwell unless theyre in a p bad state. please just take care of ur animals man lmao i hate derailing but that stressed me.

No. 606750

You lot have probably owned like 2 rabbits and pay tons in unnecessary vet bills. You’re fools. I also have had lots of rabbits some done some not, made no difference.

No. 606753

Guys stay on subject this isn’t a rabbit care thread.

No. 606798

File: 1528646838677.png (1.17 MB, 1122x742, HT chickens.png)

Remember that tiny ass dirty cage from >>606378 holding the quail chicks? looks like she's using it again but didn't bothers to put paper towels down this time. After a while that wood has just got to rot out and force her to buy a bigger cage.

No. 606800

File: 1528647342849.png (759.01 KB, 1108x584, HT family friendly.png)

>My pet care is not based on mob mentality and popular opinion
Yes Meg we know. It's based on absolutely nothing.

Is she seriously trying to claim she's a family friendly youtuber? After the assholish way she treats even her fans and having more cleavage in her thumbnails than what you'd see on pornhub? At least when TND pulled the 'family friendly' bullshit, she used to pretend to be wholesome. Meg never was.

No. 606801

So she's flipping out because 'haters' posted 1 star reviews on her facebook after she sprayed her bird with enough water to make it fall over.

No. 606973

Jfc this bitch has a previous video of her flee flying her parrot.

SHE SEES HAWKS ''they're watching you, wanna go fly'' AND SEND THE PARROT AWAY INTO THESE OTHER BIRDS ONLY TO CALL HIM BACK. ''I was so afraid!!''… yes and you SENT him/her into those hawks just to make a video.

What the actual fuck.

It starts at about 7:30-ish

No. 606976

She's made so many videos losing her birds and being irresponsible with them. It's disgusting the way she sends her birds off with dangerous situations nearby. Dogs have almost grabbed her bird on multiple occasions as well.

No. 606978


She loses Hope at the end of the other video too. She says he's been missing / flying out of sight for 20 min or so.

Like ????

Sure fly your bird, but do it safely, loosing sight of them for that period of time is not safe. She's constantly losing her bird, has no regular recall (has only just started using that whistle). She flies her birds in dangerous places, she's had them loose in the car before /while/ she was driving. She's a terrible example of an owner.

Worst of all, recently she seems to enjoy sending Hope off to harass the native birds. There's one video where a flock is roosting (dusk) and she sends Hope off to go fly into them all and make them fly (en mass) away. She constantly makes jokes when Hope flies off to attack the native birds. I wouldn't be surprised if Hope harassed the Hawk first making it attack, because that's what it's been conditioned to do. A large bird like a Macaw isn't usually a target for a bird of prey that's roughly the same size, too much risk there for the predator.

With all her screaming and harassing the native wildlife, I'd be so pissed if I lived near that park.

No. 606993

No, not cocky or confident. Try cunty.

But she's only following her beliefs, guys. Throw out your care sheets and biology books, and make way for the new standard: go with what you personally believe in!

No. 607099

File: 1528673857825.png (217.28 KB, 1622x980, Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 4.16…)


No. 607121

That poor bird. I hope she chokes. I can’t believe she intentionally set that up so he’d be traumatized and attacked. It’s animal abuse.

No. 607135

A hawk or a raven isn't going to take a parrot, they're just mobbing it because it's a weird looking bird

No. 607141

File: 1528679397322.png (1.16 MB, 1104x670, HT stan.png)

HT fans think she's a vet, holy shit I'm dying. This poor stan won't hear from Meg, shame cuz they are sucking up so damn hard to her.
How can someone make the same mistake repeatedly and never learn from it?

No. 607148

More likely mobbing it because it's in their territory / near nesting sites. A macaw is a huge bird, a hawk wouldn't take it on seriously unless it really had to. Crows are much more likely to gang up and mob Hope.

But then of course she encourages Hope to go after wild birds…

So Hope gets mobbed regularly because she flys him near all their nesting sites.

No. 607154

File: 1528679906236.png (1.17 MB, 1142x738, HT goose.png)

Anyone have a lot of farm/game birds that can comment on this? I've only ever had maybe 2 dozen chickens & geese at a time and in an enclosed area. But it seems to me that for animals that she even says are free roaming, that is a fuck ton of feathers around in a small area. I'm just confused because if it was a sheer amount of bird issue, wouldn't the area be all dirt like in her videos from constant treading? I can't imagine it's from a fight because larger feathers & maybe blood would be present. I'm just puzzled at the amount of down in her outdoor pics. It just looks like cattails exploded everywhere

No. 607174

Someone tell this idiot she isn't a vet.
I don't have IG

No. 607177


I would but HT blocked me for already trying to tell someone shes just a youtuber and has no qualifications lol

No. 607193


No. 607194

thats a lot of molt, man. i don't know anything about birds, but there isn't a square foot thats not covered in feathers. you would think she would want to clean that up, or something

No. 607198

She has about 100 free roaming birds alone, that's going to be a lot of molt.
>clean that up
The bitch doesn't even keep her enclosures clean, what makes you think she's going to rake the feathers out of her lawn lol

No. 607230

She blocked me and deleted my comment for saying "she's not actually a vet though". Nothing rude at all, just the truth. Not sure what her purpose was in blocking me

No. 607237

I am absolutely living for that areola picture. Bravo.

No. 607247

Yeah I'm also blocked. Nothing says confidence like deleting everyone who disagrees with you. Quite the fragile ego.

No. 607274

She is definitely a coward, although I don't understand why she seems to be trying to put up the facade that she's a vet?

No. 607278

probably so she can charge people 150 dollars to give them incorrect information

No. 607374

What a fucking cunt just letting people believe she has qualifications she doesn't. Thank you for trying, if I had IG I would have.

No. 607446

The funny thing is… you could probably get the same (if not more) information from a qualified individual for cheaper, as well as a health check for your animal if needed etc etc.

Even a google search would be more reliable

No. 607555

Are you Meghan

No. 607614

Yeah most vets around me charge 40$ for a check up (including exotics) and the one I go to will talk to you over to phone for free if you have an emergency. I think the price she charges is ridiculous.

No. 607634

File: 1528733417373.png (649.42 KB, 1156x732, HT sugar glider.png)

I honest to god don't understand how she does it. She plays videogames 2 hours a night roughly every day or every other day that she streams. She either was awake and up with her animals or screwing around on the computer in the early (2am) morning posting shit on instagram. She supposedly has a job, her husband has a full time job. She literally has 200 animals, 1/4 of which requires a substantial amount of daily interaction. I've worked on a rehab facility before; All the animals got as little interaction as possible because they were wild. It would still take me from morning to sunset to clean half the enclosures and feed, and there were only about 20ish enclosures to worry about. It is physically impossible for her to be giving her animals the bare minimum care, let alone keep an eye on them to make sure they are acting alright and are healthy
Sorry for the rant, it's just that I've unironically seen people with far fewer animals be busted for hoarding and she's actually glamorizing this behavior to children.

No. 607639

No. 607641

I don’t know anything about sugar gliders, but for three animals in general, her enclosure for them seems small

No. 607653


She has a single rat too because one died, she said shes not getting rats again, but I doubt she gives the elderly single rat any attention to make up for the fact that shes choosing not to get it anymore friends

No. 607659

Do you know where she said her other rat died? I knew they were both getting old (going on 3 years) but I didn't know one died

No. 607662

File: 1528735921696.png (750.07 KB, 1168x740, HT rat.png)

Found it, Stella died in March. Unfortunate that Joan may have up to 2 years alone

No. 607664

But isn’t she vet qualified? Lol. That’s sarcasm, btw.

No. 607679


Is she not planning on getting Stella a new friend? It's super unhealthy for a rat to be on their own especially if their owner is a hoarder who doesn't give them any attention. They're super social and loving animals. That poor thing.

No. 607682


She's said that she doesn't want anymore rats. In that case she'd be better off rehoming stella to someone else with rats but she won't because shes a hoarder

No. 607687

In normal circumstances a lone very old rat can be unavoidable. Many people will not be willing to rehome their 2.5-3 year old animal that they care about and only likely has a few months left. Many people will also not want to get more rats even if they have done in the past.

That said…

A lone rat is a lot more work to take care of, they need constant attention, a heat mat/heat pad (old rats lose heat quickly as they tend to have less fat), they might need assistance keeping themselves clean (not only fur, but making sure they don't get UTI's if they're male by removing plugs etc), they also will need much more mental stimulation in and outside of the cage to stop them from getting depressed.

There are so many more reasons I've not listed too, which is why younger rats should never be kept alone (or even older, if you are prepared to take care of more rats in the future).

However I doubt Meghan is doing even 1% of the required care for her lone older rat. Rats are great pets, but they're time consuming, more so when you only have one.

She has so many animals, there's just no way.

No. 607696

File: 1528737889303.png (1.14 MB, 1152x720, HT parvo.png)

No new milk just thought it was funny digging through her page finding out she's shit talking legitimate breeders because of a parvo risk when her dogs got parvo and one even died from it
The one time you want her to get more pets and she doesn't lol. She re-homed her elderly lone ferret because it was too much work, so why isn't she doing that with her remaining rat? I'd argue that lone rats need even more attention than lone ferrets, and it's obvious she isn't giving the rat enough attention or else she'd be posting it constantly.

No. 607709

Yeah, it's clear she has little to no attachment to her animals. While, as listed above, I can understand that a solo old rat is a fact of life for a lot of people; she should 100% rehome hers. There's no way she puts in the work a solo rat involves.

Also, just realised that's her current rat in that photo and not the one that passed away. Stella looks sick. Rats fur shouldn't be fluffed up like that; they often fluff themselves up when they're not feeling well.

No. 607714

File: 1528738675275.png (46.35 KB, 948x696, HT hens.png)

So I decided to try and go through her instagram to get an idea of roughly how many birds she may have… I have made a terrible mistake. I think I'll just keep track of which ones died or were re-homed

No. 607793


I've never had a rat have to live on it's own since mine died very close together, but I agree that she's going to suffer in her current care.

I feel like she's someone who acts like they need the same attention and care as a mouse which is horrifying since she can't even take care of them either.

No. 607803

File: 1528745019710.png (1.21 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180611-152025.png)

She made a big deal on this video about NEEDING two or more sugar gliders, from two days ago, and got this shit.

People are also spamming telling her to watch the Pickle's video.

No. 607855

File: 1528749925897.png (649.37 KB, 931x567, dav.png)

Goddamnit, I like Dav. Why???

No. 607860

File: 1528749973408.png (491.04 KB, 930x594, dav2.png)

No. 607883

I find it interesting this thread mainly insults female creators. Why doesn’t anyone bring up brian’s crap?

No. 607886

Same anon, I’m not a fan of Happy Tails but I don’t understand what’s wrong with cataleah, yes she did a collab but god damn youtubers do collabs all the time, like Shane did one with Jeffree star, jeffree has some major controversy, people don’t slag Shane off?

No. 607910

Yea I don’t think you should judge people by association considering Taylor has collabed with Brian who is awful, Tyler has collabed with Taylor who is also awful, so if Tyler has a problem with cataleah or Leopard Gecko because they did a video or two with HT, he’s supported and collabed with his fair share of bad pet people, he’s not judged. And he’s actively friends with Taylor.

No. 607913

I think its the fact that Brian has been discussed so much in other places. Honestly I don't think gender has much to do with this?

At the same time… we may as well give HT her own thread at this point?

No. 607915

AhLeah keeps her animals in too small enclosures, (12x12x18 for her adult cresties) her cages are dirty, you can see poop running down the glass in her videos, she sold sugar gliders to happy tails, she claimed “happy tails takes great care of her animals” and in general she just supports happytails. She also breeds her animals, which I don’t care about, but I know there are some people on here who believe that anyone who breeds is essentially a backyard breeder

No. 607921

Uh I see, thanks for explaining, though she does take in rescues. So many people sadly get gliders then realise how hard to care for they are. Earlier in the last thread someone said because most of us are female we should basically bitch about other females, and that men would moan about other men. I don’t know if this person was 10 or something but seemed odd. Small reptile breeders arent really a problem. Brian has even referred to his place as a puppy mill but for reptiles. They live their entire lives in plastic drawers. I mean I think that’s problematic.

No. 608078

umm, brian has been talked about at lengths in these threads. so have tyler, danny, and that idiot that handles his hot snakes.

No. 608087

Interesting how you use the word 'insults'. Calling out shit pet care is not insulting them.

No. 608104

Uhh have you not noticed that most pet you tubers are female? Pretty sure everyone is called out proportionately. HT is by far the worst in her treatment of animals AND other people so I'd say she deserves the most hate regardless of her gender.

No. 608112

I suppose but yea someone in the last thread said we only bitch about females here.

No. 608113

File: 1528763058090.png (567.61 KB, 788x2000, HT drama.png)

And it begins

No. 608116

File: 1528763096298.png (43.63 KB, 776x308, meg twitter.png)

Somehow forgot this in that screencap

No. 608152

File: 1528765546212.jpeg (650.15 KB, 750x1037, BBBDDD91-6A17-41CE-9940-DADBDC…)

Are you meant to take your snake out to a random woods/forest? Just for a photo? Seems stupid and risky.

No. 608153

Psml y he look so depressed, he look like sid from toy story

No. 608177

File: 1528768096128.jpeg (508.38 KB, 750x853, E089EA4E-3BFC-41B2-8CE3-96DD96…)

Y is nobody talking about the fact maddie went from 28 pets to 50+ in 6 months?!?!?

No. 608178

not trying to WK here but its possible that those were taken in his yard? kinda looks like he lives in the woods from his videos outside
i dont think that theres anything wrong with taking pictures of snakes outdoors especially when there not on the ground

No. 608181

It was mentioned before, perhaps even in the first thread. A lot of stans told us it was ok because she was BYB her rats.

No. 608183

thats been mentioned before in the previous thread if you kept up
did you watch the video where she said she had rats that were sick and going to new homes so she didnt even show them in the video
i think i counted 30 something that she actually showed in the video some of which being inverts

No. 608184

oh gad that’s terrible! I did not know this. So she’s also a BYB and has sick animals wow

No. 608185

This is why I find the pettube gang so hypercritical

No. 608186

i was confused about this before because i dont really think you can byb rats/mice/feeders. i think she has her own issues but the fact that she took all of those rats to the veterinarian and got meds for them is commendable since most people would probably just feed them off instead of spending the money

No. 608188

wtf is wrong with Happy Tails. Like how is it legal for someone that paranoid and mentally unstable to have all those animals.

No. 608189

That's behind his house. I've seen a couple of videos of him walking Nova in those woods. And I don't really see a problem with him taking it outside. I know a lot of breeders that take their reptiles outside to get good pictures of them in natural light.

No. 608190

I can't believe shes gotten a far as she did being such a bitch

No. 608193

But how did they get in such a state to begin with?

No. 608194

Unfortunately they all come here and post here to bitch about each other.

I'd be ok if they actually took on board the criticisms posted here about their animal care, but they don't.


You absolutely can BYB mice and rats. Rats especially might not have the protection other animals do because they're classed as 'vermin' but they're highly intelligent animals that benefit massively from registered breeders trying to reduce the instances of cancer, mammary tumours, URIs, high white, and other genetic defects present in their lines due to the initial bottleneck they went through when being domesticated. BYB undoes all of those efforts and you end up with rats that have poor lifespan expectancies and suffer from complications and illnesses over the years.

No. 608195

Same anon; to clarify, she was breeding for pets, not feeders.

No. 608201

i creep on their livestreams pretty frequently and when she was being talked about here she said that a few of her rats had survived a fire and had weakened immune systems so i guess one of those got something and passed it on to the young ones (there more susceptible to Ri)

No. 608202

Precisely. Tumours are soooooo common with rats, and that’s accelerated with poor breeding.

And yea the way they talk on twitter, etc looks the same as here, I notice whenever anything comes up about Tyler or maddie it’s suddenly turned back round to HT almost instantly which is very suspicious.

No. 608206

Same!!! & ya I think it’s a case of people in glass house shouldn’t throw rocks or whatever that saying is. I think maddie has a lot of issues, and Emma is a bit shit too. How’s rabbit bonding going?

No. 608209

she came on here herself and said that she worked with other breeders to develop her lines. my guess is she probably knows a bit. the breeder registries for mice and rats are actually sort of trash since you pay a small fee and click a accept to terms and your in

No. 608211

yea from their live streams they seem to read here a lot, 100% comment on here too making themselves look good when in reality they’re kind of shitty too.
And I’m not being funny but if they say adopt don’t shop then why breed rats, there are so many in shelters, not even kidding!

No. 608212

File: 1528769217932.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2208, 81F1F46F-3328-4DB6-8639-904055…)

She actually posted this yesterday

No. 608213

Does anyone else find it weird how pickles tries interacting with them all? Reminds me of a bunch of popular girls getting the weird old kid to do all their dirty work. I’m pretty sure outside of this there’s no way they would hang out with her. It’s kind of embarrassing.

No. 608216

Pretty sure they wouldnt have added her to their group chat if they had a hard time putting up with her

No. 608217

wow thank fuck for that. Anyone else get annoyed with how she’s plonk her ugly ass face doing a stupid pouty face in her thumbnails. Does she actually think she looks good like that?

No. 608218

Nooo I mean in real life, if pettube wasn’t a thing there’s no way they’d hang out.

No. 608219

The AFRMA is like that yes, but there's some legitimacy in being willing to pay that fee. Many BYB won't.

I also don't believe her claims about working with a breeder, it was only claimed after folks pointed it out here. Didn't she also get those rats from a pet shop, not another breeder, so she can't have known their genetic history before breeding them (something that is very important). One of her rats was born with one testicle for Christ's sake… but yeah, this discussion has already been hashed out previously.

I'm glad her baby rats got vet care, but really that's a very low bar to meet, they shouldn't have been sick in the first place, babies should never get so sick with URI's weeks into their lives unless something is wrong with their care or breeding.

No. 608220

Psml yaaaass!! Still a Taylor wannabe it’s just awful.

No. 608221

I agree with this 100%. Struck me too when watching her vid.

No. 608222

Exactly, I find it funny too that she says about her charity or whatever it is but she only made it up in 2017. If it weren’t for her channel she wouldn’t have bothered.

No. 608225

She’s one of those people who have to say something which I kind of respect but they know that so they’ll almost encourage her to do it. And if shit hit the fan she’d have to deal with it and they’d disassociate themselves form her in a heartbeat

No. 608226

It's funny but she's literally only listed as social media adviser or something, on their site too. Have they actually done any significant charity work (I know Maddie herself fostered some squirrel babies)? They're listed as a NFP but their website isn't regularly updated.

No. 608227

Again, absolutely. Which is why when shit is hitting the fan with HappyTails on twitter, she's the one 'fighting the fight' alone.

No. 608229

I find it highly suspicious. I think it’s all a front and an excuse to hoard pets. It’s not too difficult to foster animals, you don’t even need experience some places will take anyone.

No. 608231

Yea besides Tyler’s random input saying ‘tea’. They’d throw her under the bus if she got backlash. I wish she’d wake up and see they don’t really give a shit about her. She’s just so desperate to be accepted she’ll do anything to impress them.

No. 608233

File: 1528769872756.jpeg (131.18 KB, 750x640, D7F6D25D-5AF5-465F-95D7-22841C…)

Her excuse for keeping male mice together is that she has support? And that Tyler called her a cunt? What kind of nonsense does this woman think she’s spouting and how does it have anything to do with her shit husbandry?

No. 608234

Agreed, many people who find injured animals have no experience and nowhere to turn other than google. So these places do end up taking in wild animals, and of course it is legal (at least as far as I am aware in the US, it is in my country), to rehabilitate (certain) wild animals so long as you don't plan to keep them.

All of that says nothing for their experience though… anyone can start a NFP, if you're a vet, you're going to have some good knowledge and be able to help animals folks bring you… if you're Joe Blogs from down the road, you can do your best but you're little better than the person who found the animal in the first place.

In Maddies case though, it means she gets to have 'cute' baby squirrels…

No. 608235

Yea think of the likes and views ‘meet my baby squirrel’ I almost think she does this because it means she gets more animals to show off. Anytime you hear her say ‘adopt don’t shop’ just remind her of her BYB rats.

No. 608240

I think maddie and Tyler are good at diverting attention away from their shitty care.

No. 608245

Family Friendly Youtuber!
But Meg, you are a cunt. You throw around the word retard and make fun of your supporters, you call people bitches and assholes if they have legit questions. And now you are being a cunt to someone because somebody they associate with a person that said something mean to you? Just ignore facts because people are friends with people who are friends with people who think you're a cunt. Meg, that's a lot of people you're going to have to block.

No. 608246

I just checked and the website: https://www.naturenurses.org/what-is-a-nature-nurse hasn't been updated since I first found it months ago. So I do wonder how much work their 'charity' does. I hope auditing in the US is good because they want donations both monthy/weekly and/or sponsorships for animals that are likely no longer in their care due to it being outdated.

Also Maddie doesn't appear to have fostered any more animals since the squirrels… which is good at least… baby animals might be good for views, but they're so fragile, they need to be placed with people with real experience and real time in their field… not a pettuber who wants attention and to lord them around on camera.

No. 608251

Calling people names is only okay if Meghan does it. She throws a fit if anyone treats her even remotely close to how she treats everyone else. I feel bad for her husband. If this is how she acts online with that many eyes on her, imagine how she is at home

No. 608252

maddie definitely doesnt feed into the adopt dont shop thing lmao
her dog is from a breeder

No. 608254

File: 1528771146234.jpeg (231.81 KB, 749x1027, 9EC11AFB-E5D4-4233-8876-D77AE2…)

More of HT just letting all of her animals mingle. Guinea pigs could’ve bitten that beardies fingers right off.

(Has anyone posted this yet? Not sure if this is expired milk.)

No. 608255

Also didn’t bother to take the tape or stickers off of that box at all. I’m sure adhesive is a great addition to their diet.

No. 608258

Just to give an example of good youtube + rehabber. This channel seems to be pretty good https://www.youtube.com/user/megpiefaerie01/videos

They use body cam footage, aren't stressing out the animals for views, are knowledgeable, educational, provide immediate vet care and continued vet care and release animals as soon as they can. All this because they are a rehabber first, youtuber second. Pettube cultivates the opposite with the whole 'look at my animals!' effect it has.

No. 608279

wasnt she a rehabilitator before she was on youtube? it seems unlikely that she was doing such a time consuming activity for views and didnt milk the animals more

No. 608300

Not gonna lie, 360 vid is really cool. Now you can see how many animals are packed into one small room.

No. 608302

let us know if you can get a head count lol.

No. 608312

look at the bird on top of the bearded dragon cages… that cage is so small

No. 608365

File: 1528785282124.jpg (18.98 KB, 786x129, ht social blade.jpg)

lol HT's social blade right now.

No. 608371

thank god i hope it continues

No. 608375

I wonder what caused the sudden drop off. Did anyone see her livestream and see if she said something shitty?

No. 608447

Nope. She said she did something then miraculously a charity thing was made up in 2017, and now she can claim some kind of title and be high and mighty.
Yea I’ve seen her on Tyler’s live stream so many times saying “adopt don’t shop” but she literally bought her dog from a breeder and BYB rats. Classic.

No. 608459

i don't know where your getting that she has posted on twitter about responsible breeders being important

No. 608461

Just because you tweet one thing doesn’t mean shit. Her rats got sick.

No. 608468

File: 1528800253067.jpeg (37.27 KB, 750x239, 47D3CD86-716C-473C-B4A0-F13280…)

lol update on HT’s social blade. Almost 100 more.

No. 608550

i just dont understand how tf your getting that she has ever supported adopt dont shop when shes praised responsible breeding multiple times and supports responsible breeders. this is a picture form, post your proof or gtfo

No. 608562

wow got a little defensive there maddie. She’s said it loads of times in live streams whilst criticising Happy Tails. 100% you’re a maddie Stan or maddie, it’s pathetic. Unfortunately I can not access live streams but her and Tyler preach adopt don’t shop all the freakin’ time. If you haven’t seen it then you’re blind….or deaf…or maddie.

No. 608574

File: 1528814181045.jpeg (214.59 KB, 750x454, 40B86D1F-DD2D-4928-A23B-6CF5F0…)

This is why em seems so insincere. One moment she’s shading Taylor, next minute she’s sucking up her.

No. 608582


>picture form

your summerfag is showing.

No. 608586

What’s summerfag? Not the anon you’re referring to. Just new here.

No. 608624


They preach to not adopt from irresponsible breeders like happy tails. I’ve been on their livestreams where they talked about her. Plus Tyler has tweeted about how buying from breeders isn’t an issue if it’s a responsible one. Unless you have proof of them saying adopt don’t shop

No. 608628

they literally were moaning about her breeding and saying about how you should adopt not shop or breed. How are you this delusional. They do it all the time. They’re a bunch of cucks, and everything wrong with pettube.

No. 608629

So you’re saying she’s telling people they can buy from good breeders? Then what’s her issue with HT breeding her own dogs for her and her family? They were all health checked etc. Complete hypocrite. They said there are dogs in shelters need adopted, not more being bred, and yet she says to buy from a breeder?! They don’t have a leg to stand on.

No. 608649

Happy tails bred a mixed dog, she bred potentially harmful genetics, I have yet to hear what lines her dogs even came from (assuming she even knows. No one knows if they have any pedigree.), and bred not to better a breed or even create a breed or a new dog for a specific reason but literally just to create more animals, that is it. I can look past breeding mutts, having less than stellar lines, fuck I'll even look past breeding harmful genes if they were attempting to breed a better dog and some things slipped through their sight. But when it comes down to it, HT's reasons for breeding is selfish; literally just to create more animals. To me, that is the definition of BYB
Not saying the others are any better, I think they are shit too and are pretty damn childish. But HT is not under any circumstances what I would call a reputable breeder.

Also, I thought HT was getting rid of most of her corgis? Aren't they like 6 months old now?

No. 608651

File: 1528821216681.jpeg (21.48 KB, 566x184, 4E77C266-4B14-41F3-94AC-63B759…)

Ht’s sub count sunk some more

No. 608662

you clearly havent watched her videos. they were all health checked and bought from decent breeders. breeding outside of a breed is actually healthier genetically. Pure breds are inbred a lot, for example the boxer dogs gene pull is so small they have serious health issues. i've only ever had mutts (granted they were adopted), but they have all been super healthy, and didn't have common problems associated to certain breeds. she only kept 3, sadly one died, which regardless of what we think of her, losing a pet is horrible, it was supected by the vet that she was poisoned sadly. but it seems a lot of people comment on this dog situation through hearsay rather than actually watching her videos, not WK, just if you're going to critic someone do it on facts first.

No. 608666

Jesus Meghan get a life and stop reading/posting here. Don’t you have hundreds of animals to provide substandard care for?

No. 608676

Breeding outside of a breed is only healthy if you know their lines. The 'mutts are healthy' meme is only true if both parents were healthy. If you have two mutts that both carry the same genetic issues, you're at the same place you were with poorly bred purebred dogs. Considering her dogs were all corgis that share many of the same genetic health problems and she doesn't share what lines they come from it's not a guarantee that they will be healthier. We are taking it at face value that she got her dogs health tested; I only ever heard her say 'health check' and 'hips checked' from her blog, but there is more to genetic health of corgis than their hips. It also doesn't help if she doesn't know the lines of both grandparents, because although her dogs may not have the phenotype they may still carry harmful genes that can pass on to the offspring. A single health check once in an animal's life also isn't a guarantee that they will always be healthy; they may be healthy now but ideally you should be doing yearly health checks on things like structure, hearing, eyesight etc because the vast majority of poorly bred dogs don't show genetic health issues before at least 3-5 years of age. She already had her dogs get parvo, one which died from it, after criticizing vets for recommending people socialize puppies due to parvo, she doesn't even follow her own advice which is beyond hypocritical. She also bred an objectively dangerous gene because it looked pretty, which is a super shitty thing to do to any dog. Don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, I know more about genetics than you think.
If meg did any amount of research she would have picked up on these things. But she didn't.

No. 608683

File: 1528823911798.png (53.9 KB, 1400x246, wewlad.png)

Holy crap I can't believe how fucked her shit got in a single day over a couple of mice

No. 608688

but for real does it actually matter? People breed dogs all the time. Why do people care soooooo much. I used to watch a family vlog channel who bought and male and female dog and said ‘if they breed then they breed’, then they did and had 5 puppies, 1 died. Like if you look at YouTube in general a lot of people do it. If you look at the world around you a fuck ton of people do it. If she continued to breed her dogs for profit then I’d agree she’s BYB. But from the evidence I’ve seen, I cannot agree.

No. 608689

that’s not really anything significant. It will bounce back.

No. 608698

BYB is bad, any BYB is bad.

If people are irresponsibly breeding their animals then they should be called out. /Especially/ if they're a pet channel that's supposed to be promoting good pet care.

That family that bought a male and female and had the attitude if they breed then they breed; are fucking idiots that should be neutered themselves.

No. 608705

>other people do it so why care!
Bandwagon fallacy. HT is a self-proclaimed educator and family friendly meaning she is potentially teaching this to young kids. If you don't want to talk about milk then get off of lolcow, what are you even doing here otherwise? If you want to talk about other people on youtube that do it, post the video or something. If you want to stick up for meg, this is not only the wrong thread for it but it's the wrong fucking website lol. All you're doing at this point is WK and causing in-fighting trying to stick up for a person that unironically has maybe 200 or so animals.
>Why do people care soooooo much
Unlike you I actually care about the well-being of animals, regardless of who is behind the shitty care.

No. 608712

It’s all about her cunt attitude and basically telling everyone they are wrong and she is right! They’re fed up! Almost makes me wish I had been subscribed so I could have the satisfaction of unsubscribing!!

No. 608737

Just because other people do it… it doesn't mean it's right? That's like saying a lot of people run puppy mills so who really gives a shit as long as the dogs are healthy (lets ignore the fact that the majority of them are not, but they would be if they were mass bred and provided the medical attention they need).

I don't know about other countries, but I know UK is doing a lot to crack down on backyard breeders and puppy mills because they're normally not very good, especially if it's not a one-off.

No. 608750

It isn’t significant number wise but it’s significant in meaning. There’s only ONE other pet channel that has gone negative and that’s Taylor. That fact that she has gone negative at all is significant and fucking hilarious.

No. 608751

Brah where do you think babies come from. Some has to breed them right?

You no I came on here looking for actual milk about actual relevant pet youtubers, who the actually fuck is that maddie girl? Never heard of her. All I see here is a bunch of bitch winey girls tearing other females down. Good one. I’m out of here. Ya’ll pathetic. Maybe ya’ll still at school and have nothing better to do as you’re hormonal 14 year olds having a whole she says he says moment but fuck sake grow up and talk about actual relevant people.
You want to talk about actual shitty living conditions, then why the fuck does Brian have thousands of reptiles living in plastic draws, getting them to breed and pumping out babies at an alarming rate, many arriving to new owners with fucking mites. You want to talk about real shit, talk about that, not some bitch having a few puppies. There’s a world out there and it’s a lot bigger than this fucking bubble.

No. 608754

Yeah, there are too many dogs in the world already, too many sitting in shelters ready to be PTS. She shouldn't be breeding them, it's a legit critic, especially if she's breeding merle.

But yeah, piss off then, if you want to BYB dogs, you're a moron who probably shouldn't be here spouting your mouth off. This isn't about 'tearing down other females'; that's an excuse used to avoid accountability. I'm not going to avoid commenting on someone just because they're female. Brian has already been talked about in these threads too… you'd know if you read up. The current milk is on Happy Tails… on the infighting in pettube about /her/. She's a shit pet owner, one of the worst on youtube. That's worth talking about.

If you want to stan for Meghan, go elsewhere.

No. 608755

you're clearly a pet tuber or WK. we know brian is a shitty fucking youtuber too. we do discuss him and have discussed him. right now, we're discussing the happy tails issues and the other tubers who are fanning the flames of the drama. if you don't see the issue with BYB, then you're clearly not here to discuss the well being of animals and shitty youtubers.

No. 608757

it's laughable that you think we'd believe you're just another farmer. clearly a wk or a pettuber. none of us talk like this lmao

No. 608759

BYB isn’t always a bad thing. There are good BYB too. Just because it’s not a corporation. I breed rare ducks and they have amazing care. So what if I back yard breed???

No. 608760


Its interesting that it's happened a few days after the drama though? People seemed to start unsubbing since her livestream, so maybe something was said? she left the livestreams up for a while after but I just went back to look and shes removed most of them from last night

No. 608761

BYB by definition, is bad. You're an idiot.

No. 608763


I see you Meghan, you've pulled the whole "I dont know who you are" to Maddie before, stop trying to divert the attention from yourself I know you read here

No. 608765

File: 1528829654497.png (930.26 KB, 930x598, meghan.png)

Meghan posted 5 hours ago about her dogs on IG.

" I'm very proud of my corgis, I worked very hard on breeding healthy, good looking dogs with great personalities."

She absolutely is here crying about the fact no one is putting up with her excuses.

No. 608767

Hahaaaa you’re a moron. So a dogs, or any other animals life is only worthy if it’s been bred and dump or abused and ended up in a shelter?
Wake up, you must be 10 or something, animals breed, sadly some end up in shelters but saying that person can’t breed her ducks because that’s ByB and is bad, then you’re very small minded. You’re a bunch of fucktards.

No. 608768

I’m not Megan you fool, I have no idea who maddie is. I’ve kind of heard of Tyler but that’s it.

No. 608769

It's ok, we know who you are, we know who also BYB her ducks. Who can't read, who insults people all the time.

>BYB by definition is bad.

Definition of BYB: "Backyard breeder is a term used to describe amateur animal breeders whose breeding is considered substandard, with little or misguided effort towards ethical, selective breeding."

No. 608770

Trololol you lot moan about Meghan not being able to take criticism yet if anyone tries to be reasonable or challenges your comments you tell them to piss off. Classic.

No. 608771

Even if it's not her who really cares what the thread is discussing. Like fuck me I can't stand all this HT discussion and it seems like she could have her own thread but who am I (or anybody) to suddenly go WELL NO WE SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT THIS.

Some people are here to troll and you're clearly one of them. You're either a fan or a pet tuber and that's sad.

No. 608772

From that definition it shows that no thought it put into breeding. Letting your dog breed with anything. Whereas in fairness hers was thought out.

Funny how you lot can’t deal with challenging you comments.

No. 608773

Nail on the head.

Tyler is hardly discussed here. Meghan, Emma, Emzotic, Maddie, Taylor, Steff J and Pickles are all talked about here.

What about brave wildnernsss literally harassing the shit out of animals? He has NO qualifications and calls himself an expert. He inspires kids to get bitten and copycat his videos, and he basically pays for his own show which is a YT glorified animal planet show.

Brian Barczyk is literally the most cuntish asshole aho profits from dead and dying animals and has numberous sexual misconducts against him from female employees. He has thousands of hoarded animals and genuinely doesn’t give a shot about their care. His own wife can’t even tell if a skink is alive of dead and he snuck an alligator into Playlist.

Kenan is another asshole with a smuggling past who everyone likes and he’s only relevant because he is friends with Prehistoric Pets (another old man creep) and Brian.

And King of DIY hoardes fish and promotes keeping wild caught animals which aren’t sustainable.

Afro Herp Keeper literally took his animals from the wild (Tegu etc) I don’t know if he had a permit for this??

Nobody talks at length about these guys bevuse they must have more brains than a woman? Or becuse they’re older they just more knowledgable to younger audiences? Wake up. This is just a hate fest for females who have pets because none of yall can stand to see anyone like you but more confident do something with their lives and make money

No. 608774

100% behind Happy Tails getting her own thread. She's full of milk. Her youtube comments section is enough to fill up several boards.

No. 608775

Same I am bored of this HT just seems like Tyler and maddie comment on here trying to stir up drama. Is there any other milk anywhere else?

No. 608776

THANK YOU!! Precisely.
This thread is just sad girls bitching about other females.

No. 608777

Her breeding was not thought out. She hoards animals, she didn't know the history of her dogs, she bread a gene known to cause blindness and deafness.

No. 608779

The fact that she didn't have a full health check of the dogs is also an important factor in this.

No. 608780

so glad you said that. I’ve been reading through this thread and the previous and never commented before. I feel 90% is about females and those who say it’s because the majority of pettubers are female need to open there eyes more.

No. 608781

But she did?

No. 608782

U no white dogs are more likely to be deaf, especially dalmatians, so should they not be bred?

No. 608783

Checking if the hips are fine isn't exactly full health check…

No. 608784


I don't think women are so weak that they can't be criticised.

For the record, I've made posts on Brian, King of DIY, Tyler, Brave Wilderness etc. you just have to scroll back a bit to find these. Unlike the other pettubers though they don't provide much milk because they don't engage in squabbles / fan drama. Like Emzotic, TND, Happy Tails, Pickles etc. So yeah, of course these people get talked about more…

No. 608785

Most breeders are now working towards making a lot of these breeds healthier, it's not easy seeing the demand tho.

No. 608786

Imho, no, they should not be bred. Breeding for a gene that has a known defect like blindness/ deafness or anything else that impacts and animals life is /cruel/.

No. 608787

Read through previous 2 and barely saw anything. So there’s no milk when Brian’s reptiles that are hatching out or being born are born dead and it’s not even mentioned in the video even though there’s clearly a dead animal in the shot?

No. 608788

You clearly can't read then, because that was talked about. Especially his wife playing with the dead baby like it was alive, because it was gross af.

No. 608790

Well all white dogs are going to be wiped out if it was up to you. What about alsatians who are known to have back leg/hip problems? Shall we stop breeding them? Literally every breed has its down fall.

No. 608791

Which thread as it wasn’t in general pet youtubers 2.

No. 608792

Compared to the milk in petubers like HT… well. I mean, yes a lot of this is about women but most of this is not ''she looks ugly omg'' (look at Taylor's thread) but actually about the animals care which is still on topic.
To discuss other petubers all you have to do is bring them up it's just a matter at which the length they will be discussed at.

No. 608793

Yelp, I don't have a problem with that, I value health over aesthetics.

I don't support pedigree breeds either.

No. 608794

I don’t see Pickeles or emzotic in any dramas though?? You’re literally hating on them for the smallest things. I like Pickles and em. They are more mature than the others and I think they have good intentions.

No. 608795

Exactly, the only time it strayed onto looks was with Emzotic, and it got shut down fast. Calling out their poor care is not bullying them for being women. wtf.

Read here more then, especially the first thread. There's lots of shady shit Em has done with her animals.

No. 608796

That's why breeders are making an effort to breed for health rather than features. People are waking up that these dogs aren't healthy, and they may not be wiped out in species but can be changed for the healthier.

There will always be a demand for pure bred dogs. It's as simple as that, and most of that demand will often be met by BYB rather than kennel breeders who often ask for staggering prices due to history of parents. While I cannot comment how good those breeders are in terms of health, they know more about what they're doing than an average BYB

No. 608797

Yes it was >>573001

No. 608801


I wouldn't class Pickles in with the females lol

No. 608803

TBF hasn't Pickles only really been talked about in relation to how the others are using her?

No. 608804

If em or pickles is doing shady shit with animals I want to see proof. Her only video I didn’t like was her Betta video and she took it down and apologised on her twitter and community tab. I don’t get why that’s still being used as milk? She owned her error??

WhTs the other shady shit? I don’t have time to go back over the other threads

No. 608805

don't be a fucking asshole, this is about animal care. get your head out of your ass

No. 608809

Fuck off then, we're not here to serve you. Hell read the fucking intro:

- Mentioned now and again on the TND thread.
- Complains about lolcow and similar sites, describing them as little predators in wait for pet youtubers to slip up.
- Throws a lot of subtle shade at other pet youtubers despite pretending to be 'friends' with them all.
- Moved to America to live with hoarder BYB boyfriend Danny.
- Won't show habitats for most of her and Danny's animals, keeping the exact number of animals a secret. Some examples of enclosures not shown include; Snapping turtle, snakes, and (unseen) monitor lizards.
- Thought she could cycle a fish tank with old water, put two betta together to 'breed' despite clearly knowing nothing about breeding and conditioning the fish.
- Keeps her doves in the bare minimum of cages, also keeps them next to ferrets and has let them land on the ferret cage before.
- Was paid off to set up an awful Bearded dragon enclosure including substrate that can cause impaction.
- Says she isn't planning on getting more animals but has recently taken in a skunk, plans to get another hornbill, plans to get a dog, has got a nano reef tank and two more mystery pets since stating this.
- Has now bought a new Gecko.

No. 608810

Don't bother trying to defend her now that we've given the info, we're not here for that.

No. 608812

File: 1528831295033.jpeg (Spoiler Image,447.95 KB, 1200x1800, 548F062F-609F-473C-B098-4D5A08…)

This cunt needs a thread of his own. Check his reticulated Python video in his insta - literally sells them as ‘Man eaters’.
He breeds all kinds of Exotics like monkeys and reptiles and yet he’s always travelling (so who looks after them??) and is basically trying to be a model but uses animals to sell his body to make it more interesting. 1M followers and a Youtube channel called The Real Tarzan. Even the name makes me want to die

No. 608813

Also she didn't apologise, her apology was 'I was breeding them'. Which is an excuse not an apology, and anyone who knows anything about beta fish knows that you literally /can't/ breed them like that. That throwing them unconditioned in together is literally just going to get one fish killed.

No. 608814

But watch how nobody gives a shit because he’s a guy. He literally does worse attention seeking shit than any pet Youtuber

No. 608815


No. 608817

worse than hitler.

No. 608818

Of fuck off back to tumblr. You want to see more men posted here. Post them.

No. 608819

BecAsue all his buddies BYB breed and sell Exotics including him

No. 608820

Ok but what about pickles? All of her enclosures seem at least the minimum. I don’t know how many animals she has total but it doesn’t seem like near as many as people like Tyler or Maddie.

No. 608822

Pickles isn't even in the intro. Jesus… read up the thread, the only time she was mentioned here was because the others got her to do their bidding. She's like the loser kid trying desperately to get in the 'in crowd'.

No. 608823

theres a lot of things on here that are insignficant tbfh idgas if tyler lost his betta fish bc it jumped out and apparently he didnt look for it bc we have no proof that he didnt. or if maddie is rehabilitating animals for views. or calling pickles a boy or em fat. like wtf even goes on here. real animal issues are discussed with issues that have proof and the topic always jumps back to things we cant even be sure of. taylor has her own thread so we dont discuss her here even tho theres issues but ffs happy tails or her stans come here and revert the topic back away from them. at least brian barfcheck doesnt try to get the attention off of himself. everything he does is wrong so where would u even begin. at the end of the day its obvios that theyr friends and that whole group associates with one another so its obvious that everyone here is going to try to find issues with it

No. 608825

yes because taking attention away from someone who is hoarding hundreds of animals in bad care to underhandedly call someone a boy is hilarious

No. 608826

Okay so don't read here?

No. 608828

Do they have at least minimum enclosure sizes for everything?

No. 608830

0 Surprise if that comment came from a pettuber. They're only here to use Pickles. They don't give a shit about her. She's convenient…

No. 608841

File: 1528832176498.jpeg (589.87 KB, 1800x1800, D2909EDD-4636-4726-A67A-2331A2…)

This is why this thread is shit. I literally showed someone who is exploiting animals without shame (more exMples below) and yall still only want to bitch about the girls. And FYI pickles don’t look like a boy and fuck off is em anywhere near fat.

Footlocker paid for this Tarzan to aggravate this snake???
And why the fuck does he let his barber cut his hair with a razor while a snake is in around his neck??

None of yAll are going to even care about this but imagine if it was taylor or em or anyone else. You’d be slut shaming.

But this post will get ignored and forgotten because you can’t relate to it because you don’t have penises and only want to tear the women down

No. 608845

Literally no one is tearing these women down. This thread isn't as active as you fucking think it is. Give people time to respond.

Fuck me, if you mentioned this like a normal person the thread wouldn't have derailed itself to hell.

The images here are greatly disturbing, especially that of the monkey. Definitely needa a look into.

No. 608846

You know I think it's pretty funny that people complain we only talk about certain pettubers.

A lot of the people here are ex-fans/ex-watchers, this board is majority female, so of course most of the people talked about are going to be female too not some dudebro who thinks he's hard, holding endangered species. It's almost taken for granted that that shit's wrong… same as the Saudi princes and their pet cheetahs.

There are also a lot of animal channels on youtube.. not all of them fall under pettube. Pettube usually refers to those keeping lots of animals at /home/. So BYB operations like Brian only sometimes are talked about, again because they're universally considered awful. It's like saying the sky is blue… yeah, we fucking know.


As far as this… you're a moron, you want to carry the discussion, how about doing it when another isn't taking place to distract? Yeah that person is a POS but wtf 'pickles doesn't look like a boy, em isn't fat'; that shit got shut down or are you blind?


Calling out shit petcare, isn't slut shaming. You're just full on trolling now.

>because you don’t have penises and only want to tear the women down

bloobloo I want a penis. kek. You're insane. Pretty sure you're someone who's name starts with an M.

No. 608849

Also this reads as, this person is worse, so Happy Tails and her ilk are fine.

That's the dumbest argument ever.

No. 608854


maybe because this is a pettuber thread and you're just sharing some random dude from instagram?

No. 608859

it makes me NOT want to talk about him because you're trying so hard to derail. i wouldn't be surprised if everyone else felt the same. there's a way to introduce milk, and it's not by WKing and trying to get the attention off of the people we're currently discussing milk on. fuck off WK/pettuber

No. 608860

Tegus are an invasive species. If you catch an animal that’s invasive you can’t release it by law lol.

No. 608875

Silent reader here. There is one thing I noticed that bugs me. Emma keeps her dwarf rabbits in a 4x4 pen. Tyler keeps his FLEMISH GIANT in a 4x4 pen. And yet I’ve need emma get shit multiple times, and Tyler’s never been brought up.

The minimum for 2 dwarfs is 4x4, but then the minimum for a Flemish giant is like 4x8. So while Emma is just meeting the bare minimum, Tyler’s cage is only half the minimum. Emma’s cages also have toys and hides in them, last time Tyler shoed his cage it was just a litter box, and one toy.

Not trying to defend Emma here, but I don’t understand why she gets crap for it, and Tyler gets none even though his cage is far below the minimum

No. 608876

Also sorry if my English isn’t correct. It’s my second language

No. 608889

I agree. Tyler doesn’t get talked about enough here. Not only is his care below minimum in a lot of cases, but he’s also the head of the pettuber mean girls group. He just seems so fake to me, like the guy version of TND.

No. 608911

One question though, why wasn't this brought up when folks asked if there was anything wrong with Tylers care (back in the first thread or maybe the second)? We just got a load of stans in here saying he was perfect. Idk about rabbits and I don't watch Tyler, this would have been useful to know.

No. 608915

>you no
>who the actually fuck
No way this isn't Meg. Get out Meg nobody here likes you.

No. 608919

Seriously lol.

> BYB is good!!11

> BYB ducks is good!!111!
> BYB dogs is fine!11!!1

There's only one pettuber like this.

No. 608938

I've discussed AntsCanada (who is really smart about what he shares and is basically silent on social media) and actually learned about Brian from here. They don't post as much stupid shit as Tyler, TND, Em, HT etc, otherwise there would be more milk. If TND slowed down on posting shit to social media her thread would slow down too, people won't have shit to talk about and the thread would die. HT has been a retard on social media lately, therefore she's getting the most attention here. It's not a difficult concept to follow. Obv the people here bitching that it's only females have only read the HT part of this particular thread, because even earlier on ITT Tyler was getting shat on. Really makes me think where this influx of users came from as soon as HT became the center of attention.
I don't follow Brian, if you want people to talk about it you need to post it. That simple. You're bitching about people not doing something you're not willing to do.
The only time Pickles is relevant is when she's doing a video about someone else… And she's generally so spineless that even then the video is a disappointment
Where does he live? Just wondering because a lot of monkeys require permits… I bet he has no permits for em. No one here knows him tho because he's a model/breeder first, and not a pettuber
This, I only ever brought up AntsCanada because I used to like his channel.

No. 608941

If you notice something wrong with someones care post about it then. If people notice stuff and don't post about it then that is why it isn't spoken about, no one has brought it up.

No. 608953


He also doesnt have a friend for his rabbit, and i doubt he spends any time with it at all, i also doubt it gets free roamed much because of the dogs. I think he said his parents wouldn't let him get the rabbit a friend to bond with but thats such bs when hes got so many other animals

No. 608973

Yes definitely head of the mean girls group. However every now and again the conversation takes a radical change, especially if we start talking about maddie or Tyler, suddenly the subject gets changed which leads me to believe they definitely write, their typing style is also very similar here to how it is on twitter. Is he bunny even done? I know that was discussed earlier in the thread

No. 608977

I think i remember him saying he got it fixed on a live stream, because someone asked him how much is costs. But I could be mistaken

No. 608981

That Tarzan guy has 17K subscribers. HT has 150K. This has nothing to do with gender and you're really reaching.

No. 609004

ah so yet to be confirmed 100%, thanks anyway.

so if someone doesn't have a following we should turn a blind eye to animal abuse? great logic.

No. 609008

No you giant moron, it's simply pointing out that the two aren't comparable. Someone with a massive audience spreading bad pet care is more of a problem than someone with a tiny audience doing it.

Both are bad, however one has further reaching consequences.

No. 609015

yes his rabbit is fixed

No. 609027

Plus it's more than just animal abuse with HT. The way she treats other people is the part that actually bothers me the most. It's not much of a stretch that someone so narcissistic would also think the solution to wanting lots of designer dogs is to buy a male and female to breed them. She even said she wants to make one of her "designer" corgis her new service dog. God forbid that an unrecognizable breed would be the one helping with your fake mental illness.

No. 609052

I think ‘moron’ Is a little harsh. If you read earlier in the thread apparently she has a million followers (I’m guessing on instagram) that a giant influence on people/spreading bad info. Exotic animals like that should not be kept like pets.

No. 609055

Same anon *he (the Tarzan guy)

No. 609056

i despise happy tails but your unrecognizable breed comment is ignorant. she bred her corgis and none of it was justified but mixed breed dogs can make great service animals as well so its not really fair to see. im skeptical about her mental illness as well but id never go as far as to question it without knowing. do i think she milks it to take her dog places? probably. if she wanted to have one of her new "designer" puppies as a service dog she shouldve already started conditioning it and from what i can tell theyve never done anything exccept run around outside and drink shit filled water so shes off to a great start

No. 609059

Yeah, but it's not hard to see what the other person was getting at comparing their followers. It's being obtuse to say otherwise and the suggestion was to 'turn a blind eye' to those with less.

No. 609063

I don’t think she bred them to be service dogs.

No. 609064

she definitely didn't. i dont think mixed breeds should be bred, but im just saying that belittling mixed breed service dogs - a lot of which are rescues, isnt the greatest approach.

No. 609073

sometimes you have to breed outside a purebred to increase the genetic pool.

No. 609074

I know this is a thread to talk about pettubers; but as that instagrammer has been mentioned I thought I'd link this: https://hypeauditor.com/preview/therealtarzann/ from the free analytics available, it seems he's buying followers. He jumps nearly 200k in one day, a month later another 100k. Probably buying likes too to make his account seem more legit. But yeah, not really relevant to here… instagram has a whole culture of animal exploitation with travel bloggers to exotic animal keepers. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/12/wildlife-watch-instagram-selfie-tourism-animal-welfare-crime/

No. 609087

Fuck what a scummy person he is :-/
I hate people who exploit animals like that, then try to be famous. He clearly just wants to be a model.

No. 609164

i could see it if there were mixed bred service dogs that were purposefully being bred for health and temperament in order to produce more service dogs MAYBE but outside of that i just cannot see justifying purposefully mixing dogs when theres so many in shelters who are just like the ones your mixing. if you want a predictable puppy go to a breeder

No. 609175

Did you not read my comment? Service dogs are usually rescues so wanting her corgi Bruce to be her next service dog and replace her other one is offensive. You’re almost as illiterate as she is. Also I’m sure she does have a mental illness but it’s clearly axis 2 and no amount of bringing your hoarded animals to the grocery store is going to fix that.

No. 609178

tbh i have no idea which comments are yours because you dont even know how to properly reply so

No. 609183

No real service dog comes from BYB. If she means 'emotional support animals', well yeah, they're BS and can come from anywhere.

Most service dogs (seeing eye dogs etc) are bred by organisations or by private breeders for those organisations. They're heavily screened and many don't make it even to the training programme.

In my country, you can foster service dogs til they're ready to be screened for temperament and further training.

Happy Tails dogs will never be service animals.



She's bat shit crazy if she thinks otherwise.

No. 609245

tegus are invasive in Florida and in the United States. It was either he caught it or it would be legally killed by someone else.

No. 609286

lmao but then again there arent any scorpion shelters. i read the thread and i think he said she was already pregnant when he got them

No. 609363

When did she ever say she was using them as service dogs?

No. 609366

Read up, it was mentioned in this thread.

No. 609369

with proof or someone just said it?

No. 609460

Jfc dude these threads thrive on speculation with very minimal proof because WE DONT STALK THESE PEOPLE 24/7. You want your own proof, go and fucking get it without having to derail the thread just cause you're a slaty fan or petuber. This is lolcow - most threads thrive on speculation.

Fuck me, can we start ignoring these thread derailers? There's no point trying to reason with them.

No. 609473

i'm down. too fucking lazy to go back through the threads and find it yourself? don't expect anyone else to do it for you. that's literally a rule.

No. 609474

Yep, this is a gossip board tbfh. No anon is going to go find the exact video mark where she said it either. Point was only, if she thinks that, she's fucking insane.

:) So anon above if she doesn't ???

No. 609513


I don't dispute that misogyny probably has something to do with it but like, if you want folks to discuss those people, idk, try maybe posting about them when they fuck up?

Not all of us keep tabs on every pettuber out there. If you want discussion on certain puttubers, try sparking some

No. 609515


What the fuck, doesn't everyone know by now that monkeys make terrible pets?

No. 609518


I mean, in the US, you can train your own service dog. There is nothing anywhere saying they have to come from a specific organization. As long as the dog is trained to mitigate a disability and is well-behaved in public, it can be a service dog

No. 609530

someone bought up something about Tyler and no one would accept their comment at all because there was no evidence and it had to proved so fuck off saying it’s speciulation. Your argument fell apart when you can’t prove it. I’m all for calling people out for actual reasons but at this point you’re making shit up. This threads trash.

No. 609533

I know right!! I love how no ones really outraged about someone promoting keeping a monkey as a pet but omfg guys let’s chat about HT because clearly we all hate her /s. So many people here are so salty and obsessed with her. I’m not a fan but there’s no milk at the moment, you’re just obsessed.

No. 609538

I heard about this site because over on guru gossiper they were saying what trash it is because of all the in fighting - this is fucking pathetic. Doesn’t help Tyler and maddie clearly comment here defending themselves and directing hate back towards HT and away from them.

No. 609551

Yeah tbh It started ok, but then the pettubers arrived and realised they could comment anon and bitch about each other. Which is why it turns into this infighting mess. They're trying to defend themselves while call out each other…

No. 609559

File: 1528908469892.png (1.06 MB, 1154x736, HT birb.png)

How do you direct mods to a whole thread an not a single post? Because mods need to come and prune a lot of this thread.
If y'all are pissed no one is talking about x, y and z, then post pictures and videos and explain what they are doing is wrong. I was pissed no one was talking about HT so I started posting milk from her insta when she did dumb shit. I must post like 80% of her instagram pics. Guess what happened? People started realizing how awful she is. If you want people to go after someone else, you have to keep posting dumb shit they do and say. A single screencap of their instagram profile or mentioning something they did weeks ago once isn't going to get the ball rolling.

Anyway, I think the cockateil is over the guinea pig cage in this picture but I'm not sure because her guinea pigs are kept in one of those store bought cages and used as a table in the middle of the room, anyone know whose cage this may be? Or is it a new animal? Hope it's not a new animal because she's going on vacation this weekend.

Also noticed HT is being a LOT nicer lol

No. 609610

99% sure this is happy tails. she's obsessed with people providing 'proof.' ignore this fucking cunt. she's a tried and true animal abuser, and never going to listen.

No. 609625

Honestly half of the people discussed here I don't follow normally since the whole pettube side of youtube is only interesting for so long.

That lady with a fucking free flying parrot tho… annoyed me and i don't even follow her.

No. 609649

I think technically you are supposed to have a trappers license.

No. 609656

gives more of a reason to give her an own thread

No. 609695

Why hasn't anyone made her a thread yet

No. 609700

I made this one and the last pettube one lol so I'm not doing it again… but yeah she needs a thread of her own.

No. 609780

I think the problem with a general thread is that there are so many different opinions, one person will like someone, another will despise them, so that’s why there’s so much infighting. You don’t see this on the TND thread so much.

No. 609894

Am I the only one that thinks this video is disastrous?

No. 609907

Everything about this woman is terrible

No. 609911

who tries keeping such a small salt water tank like that, smaller tanks are a bitch to take care of for fresh water.

No. 609912

It's far too small for two clowns as well. Those poor fish.

No. 609913

This is so sad. I don’t know how to define ‘famous’ but I’d hardly call that bunch famous.

No. 609944

i have no idea how or else id do it

No. 610009

I died a little on the inside…

No. 610035

She looks like the freakin’ joker. What’s happened to her lipstick? Also why buy them unless you’re doing one of those kits. Just get a few from outside.

No. 610155

File: 1528946638834.png (391.45 KB, 984x736, HT retweet insta.png)

HT has posted this on twitter and insta, didn't bother checking facebook. Seems like she's grasping to show people that others agree with her and like her. Really pathetic no matter if you agree with her or not.
No, just no. None of those things go together. Also those poor fucking clown fish. I wouldn't give em a year tbh.
You underestimate the amount of sucking up that nearly all of these e-celebs have to do.

No. 610165

god she just refuses to admit she's wrong ever. i can't stand her

No. 610183


No. 610187

>uses betta fish being social in community tanks as an example
>only female bettas should be kept in sororities since more than one male will become territorial and fight
>shuts down all logic

Her followers are the most uneducated bunch of idiots I've seen across any pet channel. It's mildly humorous but mostly terrifying.

No. 610230

File: 1528954216981.jpeg (571.96 KB, 750x1023, A05AD8A5-132D-4C1E-B44D-56727B…)

I don’t think Emzotic should be promoting this. Is so stupid. So what if Danny opens doors for her? Not every girl feels the need to have shit done for them. Grow a pair of biceps and open your damn doors yourself you idiot(selfposting)

No. 610236

File: 1528954513361.jpeg (Spoiler Image,333.2 KB, 750x793, 958D79D7-1B2F-4A88-B879-7747ED…)

Yeah whatever Em. You can’t even open a door so how are you looking after animals? Get over yourself. She’s probably just marrying him for an easy visa. Nobody else would touch her fiancé he’s like 40! I smell easy visa or Daddy issueS. I’m so sick of her parading her relationship. Like, get over yourself. If you’re truly happy you don’t flaunt your relationship. Just stfu and go away and take your miscarriage sob stories and cali sand with you. Idiot

No. 610246

Why is this even here? This isn’t milk. If you don’t have anything real to share don’t bother. The calci sand is an issue if it’s still in with her Dragon, but the rest is just a rant about nothing??
Also I don’t think she’s trying to promote women as weak. If anything she tries too hard the other way to be all woman empowerment. If she was empowered she wouldn’t have a man, period.

No. 610257

“She can’t open a door so how can she care for animals”

Jesus Christ. You’re an idiot if you think Danny holding a door for her has any correlation to her animal care.

Not standing up for her, I don’t really like that post, or some of her care for the matter. But Jesus fucking Christ you’re a child

No. 610265

Ok maybe it was childish but she freaking infuriates me with how FAKE she is. Like, oh I’m so perfect and intelligent (not) and my life is so “blessed”. I swear she is the most overrated piece of garbage with shit animal care. There isn’t a single video which is useful or informative and is 100% accurate.

No. 610553

Clickbait title but again flying her bird in an urban area where there are a lot of nesting crows which then proceed to chase Hope.

Her constant screaming must be so annoying for the neighbours. Calling to free flighted birds is important, but she's literally surrounded by houses, screaming and whistling.

No. 610562

god, i cannot stand her humble-bragging. stfu, emz. no one cares about your m'lady soy boy.

No. 610565

What an idiot. Classic game hungry tuber, pets health comes second.

No. 610567

Same anon *fame

No. 610579

lol y’all cray

No. 610581

Learn to sage. No one here is as crazy as these pettubers. lol

No. 610589

Calling is important but it seems like half of the time she doesn't have a specific call or it gets ignored. This is where she should be rewarding Hope for listening to her calls, no?

No. 610590

Hey 👋🏼 Someone just sent me a link to this site for the first time.

I’m all about constructive criticism. (Whoever commented on my lipstick can suck it though hahaha)

What’s something I’m doing well?
What can I do better?


No. 610591

Oh boy, here we go again.

No. 610594

Brush up on your saltwater fish keeping knowledge. Please.

No. 610596

Those clowns should not be kept in a tank that small.

No. 610597

I’m also curious as to why your bearded dragon is in the same room as drums

No. 610601

You also could do with a bigger tank for your betta and a proper ammonia test kit. The stick on glass ones are shit.

No. 610602

So for my clowns, they’re only about an inch each. I’ve always read/been told that they will eventually outgrow a 10g but at their current size, it’s no problem. Am I wrong? I have several large tanks in storage I could pull out.

My dragon was housed temporarily in my music room and I talk about in one of my videos how the drums as well as the other instruments were not used while he lived there. He hasn’t been in the music room for a good while now though.

No. 610605

I recently upgraded my betta tank to a 5g. I agree that stick on the side reader was total crap. I got suspicious and dipped it in bleach and nothing happened 😳

No. 610609

File: 1528998873068.jpeg (152.93 KB, 749x952, C983045B-00B2-45D3-9226-46E556…)

Are these two bettas?

No. 610613

Pro tip from one pet channel to another, don’t publicly post in here. It usually doesn’t go well and lolcow has made it very clear they don’t want us invading their shitshow publicly lololol. Always watch, never respond.

No. 610614

Your wrong. Keeping them in small tanks will stunt their growth/slow their growth due to water quality issues. You should aim for a 30g.

I have nano (fresh water) tanks and they're also a huge pain to keep balanced (planted at that size imho is a must to help), swings in water quality are huge. Bigger tanks guard against this.

5g for a Betta is also a minimum imho. They really do better in 8-10g. Their habitats in the wild go on for miles sometimes. Males establish a 1 metre sq patch as their own when looking to breed. It's a myth that they're happy in small spaces. Even long fin varieties benefit from larger tanks, improving their muscles and strength and as such making them live a healthier and longer life.

No. 610617

Yes! I was interested in breeding betta fish with metallic scales because they’re unique. I did my homework and went through the entire courtship process. The female belongs to my sister. They did not live together beyond that.

No. 610621

File: 1528999289879.jpeg (192.56 KB, 750x1111, 6C460C3A-886E-408E-BD8A-70A90C…)

Do you still have these clowns and the lionfish on your insta?

No. 610622

It doesn't go well when idiot pettubers try to justify substandard care. People are generally helpful when pettubers try to take advice on board… although it should be a given that DOING YOU OWN RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING A PET IS IMPORTANT. We are not here to do that work for you.

But there is no bubble nest and the female doesn't look gravid (so the fish weren't conditioned). They also look pretty young.

No. 610624

File: 1528999373200.png (1.32 MB, 1126x726, HT hidden merle.png)

Sage for no new milk, this is old as sin. Just found out though that exactly what I was worried about happening, happened. One of her merle coris grew into a hidden merle. For anyone interested, it means that even a responsible breeder not interested in breeding a merle or two merles may mistakenly breed the dog to get double merles. Double merles are commonly born blind and/or deaf, or even stillborn.
I wonder what she's going to say when she accidentally loses and kills her bird? It's pretty obvious at this point she's doing these dangerous stunts for videos. At least she is getting some backlash in the comments though. Second comment in is calling her out on putting her bird in danger multiple times a week.

No. 610629

but she's just come here to try to justify her shitty care under the guise that she wants to fix it. i seriously can't believe she's taking on such small tanks when she clearly doesn't know basic shit.

No. 610631

I do not. I’ve talked about this in a video before. Those clowns were moved to a 60 gallon aquarium with a lionfish. It was my favorite tank I ever had. Unfortunately it crashed. I went back to a nano with two clowns because that’s what I feel confident keeping healthy right now.

No. 610633

why are you trying to backyard breed betta when there are already BILLIONS in the market? what exactly are you trying to get out of it? because you want to make pretty fish?
stop. you're only stressing out out your betta.

No. 610635

They weren't even conditioned… so it would have been impossible for them to breed. The only thing putting them together like that does, is increase the chances one will kill the other.

No. 610637

so you had trouble keeping a 60g, but you think a nano is easier? this bitch…

No. 610638

that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. wtf does 'it crashed' even mean?

this. a nano tank requires water changes like every day.

No. 610639


you also recently got african dwarf frogs and put them in a 'pico tank' but five minutes of research from me says that they need 5 gallons minimum per frog and the tank you have is less than 5 gallons

No. 610641

I agree with you. It was a bad idea.

No. 610645

tip, get rid of the smiley, learn to reply properly or atleast quote who you're talking to.

tbh i'm just glad you're only going to kill a bunch of fish and not smarter animals, but they are all going to die.

No. 610646

lets say the betta did end up breeding. wheres the nursery tank? do you have a brine shrimp hatchery set up ready to feed them? what will you do with the baby betta when they start to grow and become aggressive? do you think beyond the first step of any type of pet care?

No. 610649

lets be real anon, she didn't even think up to the first step.

No. 610653

Yes! I had a 10g tank setup for fry and I made a DIY brine shrimp hatchery with plastic bottles and an air pump. I was prepared. But I ended up not getting to that point.

Well guys! It’s been fun. Probably won’t do this again as I can keep learning and getting better without being called a bitch elsewhere 😂

Wish y’all the best.

No. 610655

have fun killing all your fish.

No. 610656

i wish you wouldnt abuse animals

No. 610657


genuinely was interested in your response about the frogs but ok

No. 610658

That says nothing for separating them after, or where they'd go once they were large enough. You are aware how /many/ babies you'd need to find homes for right? And how each of them would need their own tank if you couldn't find homes.

Yes people can be rude here, but it seems to me like you're trying to brush it off, fish are some of the most abused pets.

Your fish care is terrible and you shouldn't be spreading it on youtube.

No. 610660

Also you didn't get to that point because you literally didn't do the 0.3 seconds of research required to know you had to condition your fish first and couldn't just shove them together. OTL

No. 610663

>fish are some of the most abused pets
realist thing I've read here tbh. especially betta. its because of dipshits like this bitch that continue to promote abusive set ups, and then just brush it off by saying 'I'm still learning, guyz!'
how about learn the proper care before you advertising keeping dwarf frogs in pico tanks, co-habbing bettas, and insufficiently sized salt water tanks.

No. 610665

One person called you a bitch, no one else called you names. I never got into the youtube biz because I had thin skin but holy hell, I guess that's a non-issue for e-celebs. Basically just do an insane amount of research before doing anything, and if you read something or hear about something from one source, try to find at least one other credible source that backs it up. If you lurk here and see people are bitching about a type of care, look into it. Do research. For example, if you see someone bitching about you free-fly parrots, look into the cons of it and see why someone would think it's bad. Or if someone is talking about how shitty it is to breed merles into dogs, look into the controversy of merle breeding. Don't just stay in an echo chamber, read things that you may not know or disagree with but with an open mind to understand why people come here and complain. Honestly no pettuber needs to announce themselves here to figure out why people are bitching, they just need to read the comments and do some research.

No. 610671

Its beyond me how people seem to do so little research and get a pet. Like fuck me, you're also showing this to the public who will probably call you the fuck out on it. Even now, it seems to be excuses and 'oh yeah..' rather than 'you know what I was wrong' like most other pet tubers that have been here and went into rants about us having to practically do the research for them.

If you cant research your animals before getting them then don't get them. It's unlikely you have the interest in that animal and therefore the commitment to care for them for 2-20 years.
It also really doesn't look good when pet tubers come here and seriously seem to lack basic knowledge from googling a few care sheets. Pretty much everyone (even fucking Taylor) googles a care sheet when they get animals impulsively.

No. 610672

You bought a sickly looking goldfish from a petstore. You put the goldfish in a tank that looks to be 20g at most (Ok fine for a hospital tank, but if you can't upgrade your other animals tanks to much lager ones, why should we believe this goldfish is going to get an appropriate sized tank, it was an impulse buy after all).

Why would you support a store that sells sick pets?

Yes it's sad when you look at them, but that's why you /don't/ buy them, so you don't support that. You could have also let the store staff know (if it was a good store) so they could treat it.

No. 610674

you piss me off more than other people mentioned ITT because here I am silent cycling my 45 freshwater tank and you can't even provide your fish the most basic of care and yet you come in here blaming us for calling you a bitch?

No. 610676

>Loses Beardie
>Pulls out the camera to vlog instead of just looking for him straight away.

No. 610678

It was like one person that called her a bitch compared to the ton more that will do the same if she gains a bigger following. She's a public figure, you should expect that sort of language and not take it to heart since not everyone will remain respectful. A lot of people also get extremely mad when animals are neglected and the advice given (which is better than whatever advice she seemed to have) gets ignored. Covering yourself behind a fan base isn't realistic at all, and we all know that's how most youtubers work.

No. 610680

When she says crashed, does she mean the lionfish died? If not, where is it now? For a 60g to crash, something serious has to happen/go wrong.

No. 610690

she didn't explain, she just said it crashed as if that means anything other than everything fucking died.

No. 610692

How do you have a tank crash like that though? Unless it was a power failure (which happens you know not much to be done or said), it's a bit odd.

No. 610694

Only ways I can guess are:

-Heater malfunction (not your fault, she would have likely mentioned)
-Poisoning (as with Steff, flea bombing would do it)
-Ammonia spike (poorly managed… like really poorly managed for that size, probably the lion fish dying and being left to rot… or any/all plants dying en masse).

No. 610696

Ich would probably do it too.

No. 610697

I guess I see 'crash' as useful filter bacteria die off causing bacterial bloom in the water column and ammonia spike.

But yeah disease could kill fish… not sure why that would make her want to reduce tank size though.

No. 610698

crash is usually an ammonia spike, but when lionfish die they poison the water so it is likely that.

No. 610701

Certainly odd she didn't specify what happened as it seems like an important reason to reducing the tank size. At that point I agree that it was her fault and probably and ammonia spike.

No. 610704

Reducing tank size because of a crash and ammonia spike is like removing all the seatbelts from your car because you bumped a wall.

It's nonsensical. It's only going to make things worse if you cause another crash.

No. 610705

Considering her lack of knowledge and research its not a surprise shed go that way lmfao

No. 610706

I don’t want to be that person but I know for me small tanks are actually easier to keep up with than big ones so that part doesn’t bother me. I just want to know what happened.

No. 610709

I keep nano tanks. Big tanks are 1000% easier to keep than small ones. This isn't just opinion, it's fact, it's consensus in the fish keeping community. Water changes take longer, but that's literally the only thing that's more of a pain.

No. 610710

The fact that you're not saging makes me suspicious

No. 610719

lmao i guess if you put it in your routine every day maybe? but they really aren't. you have to change 50% of the water almost every day depending on the size. large tanks need way 15-20% changed usually. plus if the levels go out of wack a big tank has a much much better chance of not immediately being fucked. any good aquarist worth his salt would never reccommend anything less than 30 gallons or so to beginners.

No. 610725

who doesnt want a penis tbh

No. 610728


Guess you decided to stick around after all.

No. 610732

lmao I'd try, for maybe like a day, but only because I want to pee standing up.

No. 610744

Speaking of not doing research

No. 610754

Is it common/acceptable for fish keepers to buy a bunch of fish knowing they’re only going to keep like half of them when they grow out? Where do all the ones you don’t want going???

No. 610755

No it's not, and if you're referencing King of DYI, I don't agree with him doing it and promoting it either. It makes fish look like disposable pets, it makes people /treat/ them like disposable pets.

Also please learn to sage.

No. 610757

Ya.. I always thought that was kinda lame??

Sorry not techy wats sage

No. 610766

it's really not that hard to look at the rules before posting. write "sage" in the email field.

kinda sad i missed our guest appearance earlier lmao i think it's funny that people (probably one of the other pettubers) told her about this thread. like we start talking about her and bam she shows up the next day. they really are obsessed with this thread. you'd think they would just ignore it if it really was just a bunch of hate, right? i guess it makes them feel like they have the upper hand when they can come here, see what we're talking about, and then make jokes about it before other fans who don't know about this learn what they're doing wrong.

i also love that one of them said "always watch, never reply." is that supposed to intimidate us and make us feel bad that you're reading here or something? cause i'm fucking glad you do. maybe take some notes and share them with your buddies in your cliquey groupchats

No. 610771

Yeah, it's kind of funny they supposedly all 'watch' here. Their care doesn't reflect it… you would have thought they would

- Stop impulse buying animals
- Research before they buy animals
- Provide animals with proper care

But that's too hard for them.

It's also ironic that pettuber said watch and never reply. There're always fucking on here replying.. stanning for themselves, bitching about other pettubers. They're all a bunch of backstabbers that don't really give a shit about animals, they just want to use them to get views/famous.

No. 610773

The rules literally say don’t call someone out for not sageing(read the rules)

No. 610774

File: 1529008386284.png (82.98 KB, 1080x533, IMG_20180614_213152.png)

Not to drag the mouse thing out still but happytails is still being a dumb bitch.

You'd think for a 'expert' she would stop comparing mice to other animals, especially rats, when rats live in colonies of mixed sex in the wild, and mice live and defend their territories against other males. I'm embarrassed for her

No. 610779

Lol what… male rats can and do live in the wild together. Unaltered males in captivity can (but not always) become hormonal and fight more; but in the wild they can actually get away from each other too, so fights aren't common unless they're forced to fight for space/resources (thanks to humans).

Mice are not rats… not even close.

No. 610782

More info:

At low densities, a male rat monopolizes a burrow of females. He defends a territory, keeping other males away from the burrow and the surrounding area, and he mates only with the females of his group. One male mating with multiple females is a polygynous mating system. At low densities, Norway rats are therefore territorial and polygynous.

At high densities, males can no longer defend a burrow against intruders. There are simply too many intruders. At high densities, the social system becomes despotic, with one male becoming socially dominant while others become socially subordinate. Males no longer defend female burrows. Instead, when a female comes into heat a group of males rushes her and mates with her sequentially, with little or no competition between themselves. Males may mate with multiple estrus females this way, and females mate with multiple males. This mating system is polygynandrous. At high densities, Norway rats are therefore despotic and polygynandrous.

Wild rat aggressive behavior is similar to that seen in domestic rats, with fighting, chasing, biting, and boxing. However, wild rats don't display some agonistic behaviors seen in domestic rats, such as the sidling posture and the belly-up posture. The difference is probably due to the restricted environment of the cage, which leads to prolonged, escalated conflicts and the necessity of protracted self-defense in close quarters.

No. 610784

the rules also say don't use emojis dumbass. when there's an influx of posts on here and it's obvious that the same people aren't sageing, i think it's appropriate to call them out.

No. 610788

why won't happy tails just shut the fuck up already? she's wrong. no amount of "these people are supporting me!!!" bullshit defenses is going to make anybody suddenly think it's okay. she's so fucking stupid

No. 610796


Why is it than when all these cows apologize or "admit" they fucked up, they stress that they don't believe or support the actions THEY took. Like obviously rehoming isn't something you're that against since YOU did it.

They all act like they're the exception to the rule and it's why coming here isn't a good idea; they don't actually want to learn and do better bc they'd just do their own research and fucking do better.


As someone who's owned male rats, she's a moron. Even rats are at risk of becoming extremely hormonal after puberty hits and becoming aggressive to the point that they need neutered or put down.

And male rats can't just be tossed in together. It's very dangerous to just put two rats together if they aren't young siblings.

Rats that are being introduced need at LEAST a week of heavily supervised interaction before they can be housed together. And the housing together for the first day needs to be constantly supervised as it's the most likely place for things to go wrong.

Male mice are even MORE aggressive toward one another and she just plays fast and loose about it.

But sure, HT, rats and mice are exactly the same and always get along with each other.

No. 610804

Don't want to give away who I am, but I literally run one of the worlds largest online rat forums, I've kept rats for decades and I disagree that rats can become hormonal enough to be put down /ever/.

Imho it's exceedingly rare that a male rat even needs to be isolated for good. And if hormonal aggression does appear, it's almost always greatly reduced by neutering.

Some rats need more experienced hands than others in this, but I've taken in more than a few 'lone male rats' over the years that were supposedly hormonal and aggressive and could not be kept with other rats. None of them ended up living alone, none of them were really aggressive, most were just afraid and hadn't been socialised well.

However, you're spot on with not tossing them in together off the get go (quarantine and same litter males aside) even females need slow introductions over a period of /weeks/, most male introductions (especially unaltered males) should take at least a month. Setbacks mean starting from scratch, it could mean injuries.. it's not something you rush.

Mice are completely different than rats though; you just can't compare the two. I wouldn't dream of doing what HT is doing with her mice. Not in a million years.

No. 610809

File: 1529009859632.png (694.94 KB, 768x936, HT interview.png)

I feel like this will be the most boring interview ever. It's an author of a kid's book interviewing a receptionist that makes videos of her animal hoarding. Meg doesn't have any related education or credentials, and she's got as much personality as a soggy cardboard box. What are they going to do, just talk about their pets?
Keep in mind HT is going to be leaving for a weekend to go to some con. That's a whole weekend with very little (if any) supervision. Luckily mice are a dime a dozen, easy to find a replacement brown mouse.

No. 610814


I was short handing and didn't want to completely info dump, but I only put euthenasia down as I've had to put down a rat for aggressive behavior due to megacolon. I had him for less than a month and was terrified of his behavior/would never have known it was megacolon if not for the vet. I should've put something about aggression due to illness.

But I agree. I've never introduced rats, honestly, because I've never been comfortable with it; all my boys have been brothers and sweet with each other mostly.

I think she's just grasping at anything she can to not have to separate them and admit that what she's doing has any danger attached to it.

No. 610822

Because people keep posting about her here. She loves the attention and hates it at the same time.

No. 610823

Yeah, I wouldn't count that as putting down due to aggression even, just PTS because of illness. Megacolon is a horrible condition that can be painful; touching a rat with it can cause them even more discomfort hence lashing out. Sorry for your loss. This is why I hate BYB operations and chain store supply with rats; so much unnecessary suffering of then both owners and pets.

Like with most animals, there's always a /reason/ for aggression. Even people who think their animals are lashing out for no reason… no, there is a reason, you're just ignoring or ignorant of it.

With HT, she's wilfully ignorant. If her mice hurt each other as they get older and more territorial, she has no one to blame but herself.

No. 610874

here's my thing with saying 'BYB' betta/reptiles/small pets etc. while i agree that the betta in the picture dnt look ready to breed, they were not kept in small cups and were cared for. 'hobby breeders' is a more appropriate term. i would much rather purchase from a hobby breeder than a pet shop and support that market. where else are you finding a lot of these animals? are you saying small breeders are backyard breeding? im not talking about dogs and cats. i dont think dogs and cats should be bred by just anyone if even at all. but watch yourself when your critisizing these small breeders because they actually care about the outcome of their animals beyond when they go home and not just pumping out mass quantities for profit. ya'll are riduclous about this. dogs and cats can be backyard bred, hobby breeders are specialized as long as theyve done research and are going about it properly.

No. 610876

Oh look, another one.

BYB = Backyard breeder is a term used to describe amateur animal breeders whose breeding is considered substandard, with little or misguided effort towards ethical, selective breeding.

All of the above who have been BYB fall into this literal definition. Not ever breeder = BYB. Get some reading comprehension.

No. 610886

but who is to say that selective or educated breeding isnt happening? maybe not the betta situation but would cataleah be considered a backyard breeder since she works with other crested gecko breeders and breeds high end geckos? where is the line? megan is obviously a backyard breeder since her animals are just free breeding and her mutts. but say a pettuber tried to breed a rarer species of lizard or snake since there wasnt many in captivity and they were educated on the species and after care. would you consider that backyard breeding too? im curious

No. 610899

Show me an example of what you think is a pettuber engaging in ethical breeding and I'll have this debate with you. Right now, /every/ pettuber criticised as a BYB has not been breeding ethically. It's a non argument.

Also just because something is rare in captivity, isn't an excuse for breeding it.

In regards to Cataleah, she breeds a gecko that is openly hostile towards her (bad temperament), doesn't have a plan for the babies they produce, just wants the babies because she thinks they'll be pretty, keeps potentially WC animals despite saying she's against it, wants to breed these individuals despite not knowing their ages or background, breeds crested geckos despite the market already being over saturated with them (again doesn't know the history of all), wants to breed gargoyle geckos again without knowing their background/history or age… so yeah, that's bad breeding.

Video also includes culturally insensitive bindi

No. 610959

i definitely never said i liked her at all, i was just questioning it. questioning maddies rat breeding since when she came here she seemed to be working with other breeders and knew about the genetics of her rats. i dont kno about the sick rat situation im just commenting on breeding, so if shes actually working with breeders and known lines then im curous how she is a byb. danny or em breeding snakes and trading them with friends even tho does anyone know what there breeding? they were called out for byb even tho all of the snakes had a plan afterwards? we dont even know if theres anything wrong so its all just speculation? tyler rugge said he was planning on potentially breeding his abronias since a lot of abronias are wild caught.

No. 610966

Yeah, several of them have said they were working with breeders and yet done stuff that no ethical breeder would. Perhaps they were working with other BYB if at all.

I'm still waiting for a good example of ethical breeding from a pettuber. And no not unless Danny and Em have a /lot/ of friends who want snakes, not all those babies have plan. The fact that they keep it so quiet is also suspect, a lot of what they hide is suspect because it often turns out to be bad… look at Bad Idea's old enclosure… her /new/ enclosure.

All you've really said there is that Tyler also wants to become a BYB.

No. 610981

but youre not even giving him a chance to ethically breed with that mindset i just dont get it?
with the logic here no one should breed anything at all. no one has a chance to breed anything at all even
danny seems to know a lot of people in the reptile world so who is to say that he actually isnt finding homes for all of them
i thought that was what yu would say which is why i asked

No. 610984

I'll believe it when I see it. So far as I've said multiple times now. The evidence points to not. The facts show that no pettuber listed here has bred anything ethically… is anything but a BYB.

No. 611045

Yea posted this a while ago, she says she was lied to basically she even admits she did a quick google search saw they don’t smell and bought them, what a complete and utter moron!! She is infuriating and she’s just starting on YouTube. Who casually buys fucking sugar gliders?

No. 611065

She says in the video that smell was the only deal breaker. It shouldn’t take hours of research to figure out that they do. Honestly I think it’s better to have someone be freaking honest and say hey look I’m a screw up don’t do this than someone who pretends everything’s fine and hides stuff like some peopleeeee.

No. 611077

True but impulse buying is awful.

No. 611126

Who even believes that small companion animals don’t smell? You have to line their cages with fleece or litter. Of course there’s going to be a smell

No. 611260

File: 1529036730063.jpeg (217.45 KB, 750x407, 08272D0E-7A6B-4654-B215-223D5E…)

“Educational videos are boring”

lol at TND throwing shade at Emzotic

No. 611265

File: 1529036982753.png (610.35 KB, 770x930, monitor.png)

Em actually bugged her monitor enough that it flew at her lol

No. 611269

She doesn’t touch it though so it’s not exactly pestering. Looks like he just went at the nearest heat source while in predator mode.

No. 611270

File: 1529037794893.jpeg (294.86 KB, 750x808, 36F3BE9F-AA0E-4FA4-9A09-71F754…)

Is this safe for the fish? I feel bad :/

No. 611280

you must not know monitors very well
they have quite an attitude sometimes and a crazy feeding response

No. 611293

File: 1529039936118.jpg (997.42 KB, 1144x1120, 123775395727357.jpg)

i just saw this but is anyone here close by planning on going and getting milk

No. 611296

we are not talking about cataleah or someone trying to better a breed or trying to decrease WC by CB. we are talking about some girl that threw two unconditioned betta together and hoped for the best. that is backyard breeding. if you can't see that, i can't help you.

No. 611305

It’s not really ideal for the fish, but it’s necessary in order to find out the sex to make sure they can live together safely. He probably could’ve done it in the water though, but the fish would probably try to swim away then

No. 611394

Of course she doesn’t like educational videos she probably doesn’t watch them. A quick google search identifying the wrong species of monitor is usually her thing.

No. 611547

Considering the fact that it's all very hush hush and we have heard some potentially questionable things it wouldn't be surprising if it came out that these snakes are kept in conditions much like that snake dude.

Em is the only pet tuber that I could watch constantly. It's just sad she's turned into every other petuber ever.

No. 611618

File: 1529083485616.jpg (403.91 KB, 1080x627, Screenshot_20180615-122358_Twi…)

Emzotic is joining now. I love how she photoshopped herself on top of two of the other youtubers.

No. 611619

Where's Happy Tails?

No. 611621

are you serious

No. 611791

LOL she obviously thinks she’s above the rest. Or someone else photoshopped it and maybe it’s just a coincidence.

No. 611819

File: 1529098041984.jpeg (549.29 KB, 750x913, 5A5E08DB-A37D-4490-88DE-361793…)

HT is so cringe
Are people actually paying for these things!?

No. 611829

She is really grasping for people to come, she even sent a tweet out which she rarely does these days lol.
I'm waiting for the drama of this to be an utter shit fest. I know it won't happen but it would be so fantastic if HT tried to squeeze in on this for publicity.

No. 611833

Seems like no one is coming to see her. She’s not tagged in any pictures haha

No. 611891

thats sad, but I'm not even surprised. it was more surprising to hear she was having a meet up at comic-con to begin with. comics/fandom and pets are not exactly complimentary. why would her fans pay to go to comic-con just to see her? unless they were already planning on going to comic-con, no one is going to see a pet tuber that doesn't even have 150k subscribers.

No. 611893

File: 1529102791875.png (953.14 KB, 1242x2208, 31621FEF-3B89-4DAC-B8C3-799FA5…)

Looks like Maddie made it, not em

No. 611901

File: 1529103675365.png (3.47 MB, 848x2212, happytails.png)

Some gems from Happytails new pet room video:

From top to bottom:

Cockatiel in tiny cages, knows it tiny and justifies it by 'i let her out most of the time'

shit smeared ball python tank

Extremely bare chinchilla cage

extremely bare gargoyle gecko enclosure

And finally a shit smeared crestie enclosure, with the classic co-habbed male cresties

No. 611918


Do the chinchillas have any place to hide? They are den animals and spend most of their day hiding. They also could use way more chew toys, wood ledges, etc. The cage size is good, but it's definitely lacking in some other aspects. Not the worst I've ever seen, but definitely needs improvement. That crestie tank though…GAG!

No. 611941

i just hate her so much. what kind of human can make an entire youtube about caring for animals but not actually give a single fuck about them

No. 611943

happytails thread when

No. 611952

Not WK but this has been planned for ages before all the drama.

No. 611958

That’s bullshit. Just because she made it it doesn’t mean Em didn’t instruct her where. She probably told Maddie to put her up higher

No. 611959

holy fuck cockatiels in pet stores have bigger cages then that, what the fuck. that is even too small for a budgie

No. 611964

First 5 minutes is a sponsorship. No problem with people being sponsored but that took a big chunk of the video.

No. 611967

You should see the cage her budgies are in then.

No. 611976

This video made me really sad. I kind of wish she had less pets and better set ups. Personally I prefer seeing nice well put together enclosures that keep animals entertained. But some of these are just very minimal. It’s such a shame. I wish tubers who have less pets but better setups got more attention.

No. 611979

my point still stands. what pettube fan would buy a ticket to comic-con just to see her? drama or no. it didn't make sense when she first announced it, and it still doesn't make sense.

No. 611989

this is fucking depressing. it literally looks like clips from those ASPCA commercials when they raid hoarder houses.

No. 611992

It has a ton of plastic in it too which is a HUGE no for chinchillas

No. 611998


I don't see any plastic from this angle, but yes, plastic can cause impaction and likely death if ingested. And chinchillas are basically "house beavers".

No. 612007

Yea as someone who owns chinchillas plastics are a big no no. I like to fill their cages with those lava rocks they can chew (you can get them as ledges) as well as a range of wooden toys.

No. 612105

File: 1529115249159.png (1.56 MB, 1542x816, HT chinchilla.png)

That cage is actually separated into 2 cages housing 3 chinchillas, pic related. The top part houses two and the bottom part houses one. They don't really have hides unless you count the area under the shelf, which I generally don't because the area is generally too open space.
Probably when this thread dies
That's actually a very good point, I never thought of that.

No. 612109


They do have some lava ledges, but definitely no hides. Chinchillas spend their lives in caves in the Andes mountains. They NEED hides. They will climb quite a bit, but 90% of their life is spent hiding.

A single Critter Nation is suitable for 2 chins, so 3 in a double is still fine, size wise.

I've also constantly wondered if she gives her chinchillas fresh fruits or veggies which is 100% not ok.

No. 612110

Looks like those chins already did a good deal of damage to those cages, especially the bottom one

No. 612112


There's also zero reason not to swap those plastic ledges out for wood shelves. There's dozens of places to buy wood shelves for chinchilla cages. And it also looks like she has carefresh for them which is a also a major concern for impaction. Chinchillas chew anything and everything. Like crazy. She could also buy metal bass pans instead of using the plastic ones. Or cover them in fleece. These are not hard to do or expensive. She's just lazy.

No. 612118

I wouldn't consider that bottom cage to be a suitable size for a chinchilla, personally. Look at the bottom pic, that's the chinchilla's entire cage. It's about the size of a pet store bought guinea pig cage, just a bit taller.

No. 612120


It's a single Critter Nation. It's plenty suitable. Not WKing. I just have researched chinchillas for over a decade. The size is fine. The ledges, bedding, lack of hides etc. is not ok.

No. 612160

It seems like HT, like a lot of “pettubers” pushes her smaller animals — ie chinchillas and guinea pigs (along with her conures who seem to be in small enclosures but I’m not near as acknowledgable in them as I am companion animals so I can’t speak on that truly) to the side for trendier animals like reptiles.

No. 612205

File: 1529129024674.jpeg (48.35 KB, 747x257, 8B372F8D-56F3-41E0-9385-605B50…)

Comment on Taylor Nicole deans instagram

No. 612206

File: 1529129062633.jpeg (224.09 KB, 750x1215, A7CF0B8D-12F8-43AC-8FD4-698F91…)

Anyone know her? Not sure if she’s classed as a ‘pettuber’ but she apparently has a ‘mini zoo’

No. 612213

when your whole life revolves around a video hosting site to run ads on your videos. GG. anyways yeah i never heard of her, got anything else about her? youtube/hooktube or something? im genuinely concerned about this situation, lord knows TND doesn't need more animals. real fucked that she never had a backup plan or backup cash, just ran that cash cow to the ground?
maybe im a stickler but id never keep one of my chins in a single critter nation, especially if they cant get a lot of floor time. the bare minimum cage size on care guides shouldn't be what you shoot for. i wouldn't mind if it wasnt for the fact that i know those chins would be lucky to get any floor time in a day

No. 612218

HT thread. Hope it’s okay, first time making a thread:

No. 612220

She was big in the munchie thread.

No. 612222

File: 1529130720779.png (330.5 KB, 750x1334, 1B0D69B6-AB00-46C3-9EDA-D3D1A9…)

She said that she was almost at 200,000 subscribers but following the link it’s only at 1200 and she only has two videos. Maybe a backup channel coz they terminated other channel?

No. 612223

File: 1529130741127.png (438.84 KB, 750x1334, A79D9020-74FD-446E-9E05-312C91…)

No. 612224

2000 rather.

No. 612232

It is. Social blade says 197k.

No. 612245

She used to have clickbait titles like 'lady hits my service dog' then in the video she would be blogging going to a shop and walking around then there would be text saying something like 'I wasn't filming at the time but this lady did this'
Was really annoying.

No. 612273

File: 1529141571934.png (428.18 KB, 540x960, 245279DF-50D4-4172-BF78-68B8A4…)

I love how we have pretty much three nobodies at the bottom. Emma strategically placed in a similar pose next to Taylor. And then there Tyler and em who were at playlist or whatever it was. Taylor probably won’t turn up and she’s the main attraction really. The other lot are just to make up the numbers.

No. 612296

I wonder if they have to ask Taylor every week if she is still coming or not?

No. 612298

They probably know there's a chance she will drop out on the day.

She's like that flakey friend where you ahve to have a backup plan whenever you make plans lmao

No. 612319


Thanks, nonny! Glad we finally have a HT thread, now maybe folks will stop bitching about not having one while refusing to get off their asses and make it themselves

No. 612516


No. 612617

This bitch again.

- Both her and her 'friend' throw their parrots into flight, something you should never do. You should always be your birds 'safe spot' to land on. Throwing them removes that, it teaches them that if they're tired or don't want to fly, you can't be relied on to provide a perch.

- At least she's finally flying Hope with a GPS

- Hope gets bitten by one of her other birds, she admits this has happened before. The other bird is much smaller than Hope and could have easily been killed should hope have lashed out back. This other bird was also apparently able to break into Hope's cage.

- She fusses both birds while they're clearly trying to attack each other.

No. 612626

Okay I'm not sure where to post this but I recently found this video and I really think it needs exposure.


At 1:12 in the video, a rat which was kept in a box was tossed at an elderly lady as a prank. Almost everyone in the room immediately started to scream and run, including the poor rat.

The part which concerns me the most begins at 3:36 (https://youtu.be/W00RepvErX8&t=3m36s), when Alicia states that her grandmother fell in love with the rat, how the grandmother was an animal activist, that "everyone" wanted to keep the pet rat, how they had a cage and everything, but ultimately, after thinking really HARD for 2 hours, decided to leave the animal outside to die.

>at the end of the day, we decided to let the rat out into the wild so that like the rat can have a little bit of free time or whatever instead of going back to the shop to get eaten by a snake

They also pinned this post in the comments after multiple people posted about how worried and disgusted they were:

>For those complaining about us letting the rat go. It was a feeder rat that was being sold to he fed to someone’s pet snake. Meaning they were going to to take the rat straight to a cage, put it in and let the snake devour it. We let the rat go to at least feel freedom and not be caged up any longer.

Basically admitting that they bought an animal for the sole purpose of pranking their grandmother. AKA sentenced an animal to death after they used it to gain views and money…

I reported the video itself but I wanted to try to let other's know what this channel has done and is willing to do for a few thousand views. I can't imagine hat they'll do for a million.

No. 612629

- Dog is on a lead, she films the owner and makes out their dog is aggressive (no, just prey driven like most dogs)

- Complains about dogs in the park almost catching Hope before.

- Says that hope and the birds in the area have a game going on where they chase each other (no, Hope is scaring them and invading their nesting/roosting territory, it's not a game for them).

- Bitches more (in text) about the dog owner whose dog is now laying down calmly and only barked earlier when she sent her brightly coloured bird flying off only metres away from it.

- Shows the owners full face. Doesn't think that they might be waiting there for her to leave so they can walk their dog.

No. 612632

This is so fucking awful.

What is wrong with them… feeder rats are often bought as pets too. Additionally that's no reason for a cruel prolonged death outside by starvation or the cold or even further predation. That rat has no outdoor survival skills and it's fucking white/peach for godssake… it doesn't stand a chance outside.

No. 612638

File: 1529185957712.png (363.75 KB, 697x467, b family.png)

That's a family vlog channel too. They've jumped from 1k subscribers to 16k in a couple months which is probably why they pulled a stunt like this. The fact that they're a brand new channel that has been growing so fast worries me. This can easily be deleted, swept under the rug and forgotten until it happens again. I don't want the next animal they kill to be worth a million views and actual money to them. If only YT would remove these evil types of people, who just are capable of thoughtlessly endangering creatures like this.

I wonder what danger they have and will put their child in, just for the chance of one of their videos going viral.

>pic related

I mean, they're already using their infant child's distressed face as clickbait and giving them candy that can easily be choked on, for our entertainment.

No. 612640


That rat is going to hang around the house and probably try to sneak back in if they released it near their property. It has zero chance of any meaningful survival and death via snake would've been fucking kinder, you cunts.


Can't wait for the adults to get hit with Daddyofive level ridicule for this sort of shit going forward.

No. 612711

jfc can you please learn how to reply properly its not that hard christ

No. 612712

Hot take: Anyone who does "pranks" is a sociopath.

Agreed with >>612640

No. 612879


Is this actionable… like could the owner sue her for implying his dog is vicious?

Hell more importantly, the video with the children (whose images she used in the thumbnail) that she accused of trying to kidnap Hope? Especially as in the video they all said they wanted to return the bird to it's owner and they thought it was lost.

She's slandering these people and posting their unblurred images online for her audience to find.

No. 612887

Also is it me, or does the family+children kidnapping one seem to be somewhat racially motivated.

Like white people have called to her bird/told her about a bird flying around and she's just explained it was hers.

No. 612911

As far as US animal laws go, as long as the park allowed dogs I don't believe the dog owner could get sued for any damages. It's her bird that is free-roaming (not contained via cage, leash, etc), the dog is on a leash and contained. In fact, the dog owner could potentially sue her for vet costs if the bird managed to damage the dog, even if it were by impaction from eating it. Dogs are almost never labeled as dangerous/vicious for attacking pets, especially not for a single incident. It's generally reserved for people and livestock, sometimes dogs if enough dogs died.
As far as suing for the dog potentially being dangerous… Completely out of the question in America. Americans may be sue happy but they still have freedoms. That dog did literally nothing but sit there and bark. Like I said earlier, even if the dog did eat the bird, she couldn't do shit about it because her bird was not 'contained' while that dog was.

No. 612918

Sorry, I mean could the dog owner take action against her for slandering him/his animal. And showing both himself (unblurred) and animal on camera.

The same for (and more seriously for) the children who she accused of trying to steal Hope.

No. 612934

The showing the face part totally depends if the state is a one party consent or two party consent state. Some states it's perfectly legal for one individual to record other individuals so long as the people being recorded are in public. Other states (two party consent) require both the recorder and the people they are recording to consent. Only 11 states are two party consent states. He'd only be able to get her for not asking his consent to show his face on the video (which can be easily remedied), I don't think he can get her for slandering his dog because I can't imagine how it would affect him in an economic way. Even if she slandered him, he would need to prove it greatly affected his career or something…

No. 612941

Thanks for the info anon, not from the US so I wasn't sure. What about the children though, that imho is a much more serious offence as they'd be unable to consent, so you'd have to get the permission of their guardians. Which she obviously does not do when using them as clickbait.

No. 613113

File: 1529218824506.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180617-010132.jpg)

Man I hate this Maria Nicole girl. Even the way she puts "Nicole" in her user names seems like an attempt to seem popular and like Taylor

No. 613115

Seeing this makes me so nervous. I don't have birds but I have large lizards and I regularly take them to animal friendly parks but I take off as soon as dogs come around.
Dogs don't mean to be "agressive". They see them as prey, like a cat would a mouse. You'd probably never take a pet mouse out around a cat would you? She is so irresponsible with that bird. Does anyone know the exact rules surrounding animals in that park? I know all dog parks in my area are only dogs allowed, but the rest allow all animals except for horses (there's actually signs that say this lol). I don't know if those are regular rules for a dog park but if they are, she shouldn't be allowed her bird in a dog park should she?
Also do all of these people realize she's filming them for YouTube? I wouldn't be too fond of my children being put on YouTube if I didn't realize that was what was happening

No. 613204

Literally all of her videos are click baited and she always manages to put her bird into danger in all of the videos. She actually pisses me off so much can you have people commenting that they're actually concerned and are following the channel only because some disaster is bound to happen.

This video in particular seems to riled a lot of people up.

God she really needs to be called out by someone.

Fuck me wtf. They could have at least sold the rat to someone or had a home lined up for them, or even take it to a rescue shelter.

They could probably do something about them being posted online without permission? I can't imagine every person in the vlogs knows that they're being put online and basically bitched about.

I saw a lot of comments about the owners being irresponsible for not stopping their dog performing a natural behaviour. I mean you can't exactly train a dog to not react to a stimuli they've never seen before, and if the dog was to be attacked or scared by the animal then you have lasting effects and that alone can be horrible to fix especially if it transfers to other larger birds like crows.

She honestly should consider the other owners in the park. I know for a fact that a lot of dog owners take 'sections' of parks as far away from each other so their dogs can still explore but they don't have to be worried in case the dog is aggressive or is scared of other dogs. It's literally one of the polite things to do, like crossing a road if you see the other dog is getting a bit iffy about your dog. Instead she continues standing close to these animals and pretending like there's an issue when she can very easily just step away.

No. 613327

she's so annoying. if anyone is a taylor wannabe it's 100% her. i can't stand her lmao

No. 613336

Yea it’s so cringy. She’s reaching so hard. Similar to Emma and her overall look/ how she present a video/ thumbnails.

No. 613440

File: 1529261264578.png (161.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6737.PNG)

i'm sure all 7 of her youtube subscribers are patiently awaiting her next video lol

No. 613484

I haven’t watched her videos but is she autistic or something (genuinely not being mean I have a cousin who is) she just seems to be incredibly obviously a hard core fan of Taylor and not picking up hothe cringy copying her is.

No. 613509

i don't think so, but she's never said. she has tweeted about having some serious anxiety when it comes to driving so i wouldn't put it past her to have some mental health issues. not saying this in a negative way either, and i know it's a bit of a reach. perhaps her anxiety or something makes her want to fit in to what everyone else is doing aka taylor?

No. 613511

Long video, but what do you lot think of this guy?
Seems to get a lot of attention for having a lot of animals, I think he's quite knowledgeable and has quite nice enclosures, but it seems a lot of animals for one person (especially one still at school i think), and at the start he has his tegu and blue tongue out at the same time

No. 613567

>flies bird in a dog park
>complains about dogs

I really hope this bird either flies away for good or the dog owners get pissed off enough to get the bird taken away for dangerous ownership.

No. 613572

Why does he sound like he's on MTV cribs at the start omfg. I seriously can't pass through his scripted sounding voice so I only got some point. I also don't know much about many of the reptiles mentioned so husbandry is not something I can comment on but his cages look nice.
He has a 100 reptiles in a small room and is breeding more?
Any word on how safe bricks are at keeping snakes from escaping? Did some googling and the general idea is that it only works for so long and you need clamps/locks.
He seems to be fine with upgrading enclosures so that's nice.
He handles a lot of his animals in the video and I doubt he cleans his hands before each of them.
I'm surprised his cockroaches don't get out of the tubs considering the size of the holes.

No. 613711

I kind of liked the start to be honest. Was a little more interesting than the usual sit down in front of cover and talk about crap for the first few minutes like we see in someone like Taylor’s videos.

No. 613712

Milks drying up. Anything new?

No. 613772

Sorry if she’s been brought up before but thoughts on this girl? I don’t know much about reptiles but she has her geckos on paper towel. Also has her BT on a blanket coz apparently she has a problem with her jaw or something?

No. 613788

Paper towel makes me nervous. Moreso with snakes and I don't keep leopard geckos, but I've seen snakes who have accidentally consumed entire paper towels

No. 613801

Paper towels are typically safe (and even a good choice) for Leo’s since it’s so sterile and easy to clean. Of course if your Leo tries to eat it, then remove them. But 99% of the time they’re fine to use

No. 613829

a lot of leopard gecko owners and forums prefer/suggest paper towel due to the risk of impaction from loose substrate, like play sand and eco-earth. theres a much greater chance of them ingesting loose substrate over time resulting in gradual impaction than them eating an entire paper towel.
of course if your husbandry is on point then your gecko should be able to pass any small amounts of ingested substrate. but paper towel avoids the risk altogether, as well as helps keeping the habitat clean.

No. 613833

Old, dirty fish water all soaked into that carpet. The smell must be lovely.

No. 613857

File: 1529299967258.jpeg (448.12 KB, 1800x1800, D706E432-7CE7-4A3B-AB56-5ADD0F…)

Stolen from the TND thread. What even is this pose?

No. 613868


The third girl looks like she's trying to make an exasperated gesture but Emma & Taylor look like they're trying to do that uwu kawaii make my face into a V sort of pose kek.

No. 613912

this makes me unreasonably angry, im not a rat person, but i know that rat has been sentenced to a slow, scary death in the wild. i reported the video as well for animal abuse. these people are fucking morons.

No. 613938

Hahahaaa yep Emma and Maria are wannabes. I think Emma thought she’d subtly get away with it but when people started pointing it out she got all pissy

No. 614012

a healthy lizard should be able to pass small amounts of substrate. Impaction is generally from improper husbandry like humidity or temp being out of whack. Of course when I say this I am not including artificial substrates like calcisand. I'd much rather one of my lizards eat a chunk of dirt than a chunk of paper towel

No. 614014

I usually don't like to comment on people's appearance but there is something about Maria's face that CREEPS ME THE FUCK OUT I think it's her eyes

No. 614048

Very true.

And yeah Marie looks like Taylor’s biggest stalker

No. 614064

Once more, posting someone with a clickbait title. From the way he's looking at her and talking etc it doesn't seem like he's aware she's filming.

No. 614066

Also near the end Hope literally swoops to attack some people running playing baseball.

No. 614111

Is there anyway of reporting these videos?

No. 614114

File: 1529336777370.jpeg (422.53 KB, 750x916, 8BEB93CB-6754-4E77-BE39-5BD5FA…)

I don’t know if she’s joking about this but if you can’t afford to feed your pets, don’t buy them?!

No. 614120

I guess theoretically it would come under bullying, as she includes their faces + false or exaggerated claims to make them look bad.

No. 614134

Wtf is this crap!!??
Cataleah - grow up and make enough money to support your own animals! You’re encouraging people to think it’s ok to ask subscribers to buy you animals and supplies. If your videos aren’t making u enough money, think WHY.
This is a new low for PetTube.

No. 614154


What a piece of trash. She has geckos that are worth nearly $1000 and she gave sugar gliders to happy tails for dirt cheap. She's so ass-backwards.

No. 614159

i'm the same way, but i think it's the combination of her nose and eyes. her nose is so big and then she draws on that eyeliner to make her eyes look big as well, and then her face just looks super blank and unproportional.

No. 614222

File: 1529346897415.png (74.49 KB, 800x800, Female_Mii.png)

Oh my god she reminds me of a mii character with the little circle eyebrows and eyeliner oh my god

No. 614228

i'm crying this is so funny and accurate

No. 614317

you pretty much repeated everything in that comment. i like being able to keep my tank clean than worry about hulking around a 40b once a week, but to each their own.

No. 614320

Tyler just had the sketchiest sponsorship I've ever seen. Get free money from "Swagbucks."Maybe it was his delivery, but I feel like you're going to have all your personal information stolen as soon as you sign up.

No. 614321

Don’t know this guy, but “swag bucks” actually has sponsored tons of YTers videos for years and years. A lot of popular YTers do vids with their promotions. It’s a legit company. But his delivery of it was quite awkward.

No. 614362

File: 1529359704521.jpg (116.56 KB, 640x640, 1512035152604.jpg)

It's a shame, the rat was really cute too.
The prank side of youtube is really shitty already, adding real animals to the mix only makes it worse.

Can somebody please take Hope away from her, I'm surprised this bird has managed to stay unharmed

No. 614511

Who’s pets are these?

No. 614512

I find Tyler a little insincere at times, sometimes coming across a littl sarcastic and patronising

No. 614648

how did she get so many subscribers
this is the dumbass that fed her pig potato chips and oranges

No. 614651

also why would she get a new pet if shes asking for donations for her mom? why not use that money towards her mom instead of asking from other people…….

No. 614653

^ forgot to erase the link sorry

No. 614668

Jesus Christ this girl couldn’t even take care of her leopard gecko and now she gets a Uromastyx!? WTF!!

No. 614678

BecUse people love to watch a train wreck. Loads of people subscribe to channels where the host is an idiot because it makes them laugh and feel good that they’re watching a completely useless tool make a huge, public fuckup. No one likes to watch someone who has it all together.

No. 614696

the lack of uvb bulb, how sick that poor animal looks already

No. 614784

i really can't stand this girl

No. 614785

File: 1529386267341.png (168.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6796.PNG)

maria stans taylor and her relationship with jonny but then tweets stuff like this. you can't have it both ways girl

No. 614864

Proper psycho.

No. 614929

File: 1529411999938.jpeg (643.94 KB, 750x1094, 5258759C-3DC3-4A23-9C99-796ABD…)

Emzotic allowing Grinchy in the dove cage. Very irresponsible for cross contamination.

No. 614936

I saw that. I think Grinch and doves share the same space most of the time and I think I saw a video where they were hanging out together already. It might not be ok for the baby doves immune system (I couldn’t see it in the video) but I don’t think it would cause any disease to spread. He’s looking good but I feel like he’s a different bird. It’s s bit suspicious that he’s suddenly ok with Em picking him up. Maybe original Grinchy died and she replaced?
Sage for speculation.

No. 614950


I asked her this and she said 'i got this pet before we found out that my Mom had cancer, I wouldnt have got a new pet if i had known" Sure jan

No. 615086

Most people don't seem to be aware that she is posting videos of them online.
I wanna say this is far fetched, especially since we know that she has experience with the animals but we can always pull a Taylor thread and start comparing markings.

No. 615529

My guess is that taking Grinchy from the wild made him very vulnerable and then he bonded quickly with caregivers. I don't know much about hornbills tho

No. 615548

Dang, I used the "Pull a Taylor Nicole Dean" meaning "Impulse bought with no prior info about the animal."

No. 615637

I use it when people continuously flood their parents house by not paying attention to a syphon (aka not a tiny puddle like Maria has here) and continue to joke about it like they don't care that they're destroying their family's house

No. 615683

File: 1529477656456.png (562.02 KB, 1242x2208, 15F4D118-DBCB-4E25-855E-0F1BD3…)

Not really milk, just something shocking?? Why the hell does Jenna Marbles follow Maria Nicole grey ??? Look through her followers and she’s right there. What even lmao

No. 615691

I think ever since that fish situation, I remember she mentioned following Taylor, SolidGoldAquatics, and probably some other pettubers, and somehow she found her I guess

No. 615710

File: 1529481301795.jpg (232.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180620-015642.jpg)

It's a very normal "pet name" for a significant other. Get over yourself.

No. 615726


Jesus Christ that dude's dog is obese.

No. 615727


wtf she's immediately handling it, flipping it onto its back and poking at it? No, bitch, do a quick look-over to make sure there are no obvious problems and then put the poor thing in the cage and let it settle in!

And get some new glasses, this 1985 nerd-chic look is not good for anyone.

No. 615782


she was also like "oh yeah its shedding" don't handle it then you prick

No. 615948

Starts around 8.30. With Hope circling a hawk and then attacking crows.

No. 615953

careful, Maria, your jealousy is showing. Imagine being that pressed by an innocent nickname people call each other. Sad

No. 616032

Emsotic if you read here do more of this and less of the Pettube stuff. It’s actually quite good and the tips on safety and courtesy were excellent. You shouldn’t have shown off that snake in distress and musking but I guess it makes a point. Do more of the informational stuff.

No. 616067

File: 1529524444119.png (154.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6834.PNG)

yet she thinks "babel" and "baboo" are normal lmao what

No. 616072

'Hope helped and protected the baby hawk from bullying crows!
What a wonderful baby I have! I’m so proud of Hope ❤️❤️❤️'

Her comment lmao

No. 616087

File: 1529525495498.jpg (126.65 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20180620-141114~2.j…)

I guess she stopped using the account that she bought followers on. (constantly had less than 100 likes but 37k followers, that doesn't add up lol)

No. 616095

yeah i noticed that she was probably pissed that she got called out lmao

No. 616230

File: 1529534966754.jpeg (182.02 KB, 750x1079, CCF69F99-1164-48E2-8BB0-B51762…)

Stole this from Taylor thread but why is Emma always reaching. It’s so cringey

No. 616249

File: 1529536316131.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, F4461D0F-2AF1-4160-B724-79F62F…)

So cataleah “rescued” a dog, despite not being able to afford vet care. Also just a few days ago she was begging for people to join her patreon just so she could feed her current animals…

No. 616256

File: 1529536731905.png (1.38 MB, 1242x2208, B06675A1-4B8E-4C31-A89D-8E035F…)

Looks like she paid $200 for the dog as well.

No. 616286

Does anyone know if Emma still has meep the blood python? I totally forgot she had a blood at some point, but she has a video where he is absolutely covered in stuck shed and tries to justify it and say he hasn't had a proper shed since he was 5-6 inches long (bigger than what a normal blood hatches out at so I don't know where she got that number). Her enclosure looks so so dry. I keep my bloods at 75-80% humidity with some dry periods (constant high humidity is bad for many species, even the ones that need humidity) and he has never had an incomplete shed. I know sometimes snakes just don't shed right, but the amount of shed she had to pull off of that snake was ridiculous!

No. 616344

Nah Swagbucks is legit, but it's not free. You're paid to watch ads and give websites views/clicks. It seems like he failed to mention it actually requires some effort and just wanted to get more $$$ by tricking people into signing up using his referral code. Which based on other shit in the thread doesn't surprise me.

No. 616386

No she doesn’t have him. It’s actyally sad. She spoke about it in a YN/YT livestream and showed the post mortem which showed no illnesses. She said she filmed the video a month before he died and he was the same age as Ka so like 10 years old. The stuck shed isn’t strange for bloods because I have 2 and they’re so heavy bodied that they don’t shed in one piece but she did say it was more than usual amount he usually had stuck and that she felt she missed a chance to get blood tests done.

No. 616465

I'm not saying bloods can't have stuck shed, but mine always shed completely in one piece (sometimes it rips but it never is stuck). A heavy bodied snake should still shed properly and not have stuck shed. And I find it very odd that her snake would just drop dead. Anyways,it clearly was kept improperly and there were a few issues with her husbandry. Shes shown his enclosure before and it was always dry, sometimes the substrate (it looked like eco earth) was even dusty looking. I find it hard to believe that there was no actual cause of death. I understand sometimes snakes die of things that can't be prevented but it's not common.

No. 616509

File: 1529558718753.png (35.19 KB, 1300x219, rat prank youtube.PNG)

Anyway those idiots who bought the rat to use for a prank, then let it go in the wild, are still refusing to accept their mistake

No. 616512

File: 1529558906200.png (23.13 KB, 1195x149, 2.PNG)

And he admitted to buying the rat with the intention of setting it free after the prank, despite in the video, they said they originally were wanting to keep it before deciding on releasing it.

No. 616526


Does she know that crows could easily mob and kill her bird? Does she know that a hawk could do the same? I know macaws are large birds, but crows will mob Great Horned Owls (I've seen them) and certain hawks will take cats and small dogs, which are all larger and weigh more than Hope.

Does she just not care?

No. 616531


If you paid $200 for it, you didn't "rescue" it. You bought it from a shady dog dealer.

Adoption fees are one thing, but this is purely someone flipping a sick dog for profit.

No. 616538

Funny how Taylor mentioned all these cons she's going to, but no word from her confirming her attendance at the pettube meet up. Only the smaller pettubers like Maddie, Emma, and Pickles keep pushing that Taylor will be there.

No. 616551

She posted about petfest on instagram a few days ago, and she tweeted a poll asking who was going Just today

No. 616553

She deleted the post, but most likely she just posted it to show, and then deleted it a day later because it doesn’t fit her “aesthetic” but she’s talkes about it on Twitter a fair bit

No. 616625

I feel this was emma posting.
A healthy snake living in the proper conditions should not have a problem with shedding.

No. 616765

She's actually talked a lot about it on twitter and has something up on ig too

No. 616774

Hmm seems suspicious

No. 616865

Seems like she has had other issues with shedding too. She had a video bathing one of the snakes out of the shed and I'm pretty sure that's the very last resort you go to.

What's worse is that she is funding the practice. She's saving nothing at all.

No. 616868

I only see one post on twitter from a day ago, and nothing on it before then?
Her posting deleting is classic TND signs that she is not going to follow through. I'll be surprised if she even makes it on the plane to Ohio, let alone actually show up for the event. Pettubers should be nervous.

No. 616878

sounds like a legal pyramid/ponzi scheme, which at the end of the day is a scam. the fact that its call 'swagbucks' and using YTs to promote immediately screams "target young kids that are easy to be influenced and aren't mature enough to know better." I wouldn't call it legit.

No. 617405

Super annoying how he's been switching and changing animals tanks / stressing them out in doing so. Why doesn't he just plan ahead?

No. 617447

I remember when he bought 100+ goldfish, put them in a tank, decided he didn't want them anymore and gave them to a friend, saying that he was maybe gonna get them back. He's kinda annoying me, one second he buys fish and another second he's buying 5 more bags of fish and discarding the first one. At least he's not keeping them if he's incapable of caring for them like what he's doing with the baby sharks.

He's been getting so many fish that I forget which ones he has. Where are his clownfish? the shelldwellers? that little nano tank? The second flowerhorn? Or is that flowerhorn the same female flowerhorn that he's putting in Frank's tank? Idk, maybe im dumb and he probably has them in his house or he explained where they are. Now he's thinking of getting a giant gourami for the indoor pond.

No. 617499

Yeah, his disposable attitude towards the fish annoys me too. Most of his tanks are overstocked because he plans to give back to the store some of the fish when they grow. He just wants full tanks now and to pick the best specimens… which is hardly ethical fish keeping.

As far as the clownfish, you know I'd forgotten about those. The second flowerhorn (Beans) was given away to a subscriber who apparently fell in love with him. The female flowerhorn is a new fish entirely.

At least he's not getting a caiman… that seemed to be on the cards for a while.

No. 617730

>"I supported a pet flipper to get my dream dog for cheap!"
Fixed that for her. God these people are so shallow and selfish it's sick.

No. 617748

oh god the caiman. Don't remind me. Where did he think he was gonna put it? Fucking insane.

And all because he visited Brian Barczyk and saw he had one.

No. 618186

How any times has she lost hope now?

No. 618221

Seriously… you can see in this video so clearly that Hope hasn't been properly free flight trained. He does not come on command and she allows him to regularly perch on trees and throws him off her for those 'races'.

Also note how she admits in this video Hope wasn't 'protecting' the hawk, he was chasing it away. Aka Harassing the hawk as well as the crows.

Hope is also under 2 years old… I didn't realise he was so young, but this woman seems to have amassed her birds in a very short period of time (all the birds are young). No wonder she does stuff like pet his vent… that bird's going to be a nightmare when he gets hormonal. He's already territorial of her, biting anyone else.

No. 618248

File: 1529688631172.jpeg (276.02 KB, 728x1094, D5483256-1B9D-476C-B709-5EDA3C…)

Does she buy followers? All her pictures have 30 or 40 likes

No. 618268

She's also a director. Her movies are shit though

No. 618591

File: 1529713939036.jpeg (509.61 KB, 1800x1800, 0B48C6EA-18CD-4892-B37E-999D6A…)

Pettubers IRL. All pics taken in the last 24hrs with fans. What’s wrong with TNDs face??

No. 618802

Mayb im missing something but what do you think is wrong here lmao

No. 618838

Beans was given to one of his fans in a video.

(Not Joey or a stan, just stating.)

No. 618846

Everything about Taylor’s face! It’s like she’s two people!? It’s shocking to see her without facetune

No. 618866

I find she looks the exact same as she does in her videos lol. There’s just quite a lot of shadows

No. 618921

File: 1529743759469.png (75.25 KB, 595x596, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 09.4…)

100% she's bought followers. I only have 4k and still get 600-1000 likes per photo. If you're getting 40 likes at 10.9k there's something seriously wrong. A lot of the comments are spam too.

See attached also… just ran a report on her and it's not good. 1/4

No. 618922

File: 1529743778654.png (43.73 KB, 526x360, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 09.4…)


No. 618923

File: 1529743796606.png (28.45 KB, 527x205, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 09.4…)


No. 618924

File: 1529743832765.png (46.74 KB, 526x486, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 09.4…)


Saging this all because can't get them all in one screenshot and can't edit them together right now.

No. 618974

At this point him going missing for 20 minutes isn't him being lost to me. No wonder she doesn't seem to react since she knows he will come back, it will be a shock one day if he doesn't.

Other people commenting saying they don't understand how she can take her eyes off Hope is also so true. She's playing a risky game.

No. 619081

I'm hoping one day he flies away and finds himself in a better home with someone who isn't as negligent

No. 619084


This is milk for the Taylor thread, not here.

No. 619166

File: 1529775229578.png (27.54 KB, 723x224, lol1.png)

She's hilarious. She doesn't seem to understand that folks wouldn't have a problem with her flying Hope if she did it /safely/.

She has no idea how to free fly a bird, sells herself as some kind of expert despite being anything but.

No. 619190

She's driving and one of her birds is free roaming in the car.
One thing to endanger an animal, another to endanger an animal and a human.

No. 619211


He wont be happy when hes dead

No. 619592

File: 1529809822846.jpeg (154.43 KB, 750x960, E0A0BC5D-76E9-4225-84FA-578A01…)

Brian being disgusting again, this time at Vidcon, surprise surprise

No. 619599

File: 1529810332056.jpeg (174 KB, 750x909, 127F1210-2255-4EF2-8391-B4AC94…)

Excuses excuses excuses

No. 619615

File: 1529811560134.jpeg (122.6 KB, 750x567, D7C0B2FD-E149-459C-A4B3-CD0DD4…)

No. 619616

File: 1529811586311.jpeg (212.47 KB, 750x1013, D5BCC62C-B14B-4901-9BA8-19BAE0…)

No. 619800

Its so petty how all of them are ganging up on another pettuber, and NONE of them are mentioning the petting zoos backstage of vidcon. I guess rabbits, baby goats, and pigs don't get stressed out, only reptiles.

No. 619811

Where did you see the petting zoo? I haven’t seen anything about that

No. 619833

Of course Em talks out baout it after there's a backlash, otherwise she may have simply shaded the guy

No. 619836

They literally did this to Happy Tails. Like yes I agree with their stance against meg and Brian but they are like a little clique who gang up together.

No. 619837

The original post about this was from Taylor which is rich considering she did the same thing a year or two ago. But did they call her out? Nope. ‘She was young’ bullshit. She was 19/20, even a 16 yr old would know that’s a bad place to take your pets.

No. 619885

You can tell they're only picking a few youtubers to pick on. Little Miss Em we all thought could be the one to start some sort of revolution is turning out to be Little Miss following the sheep.

The more I hear about this little squad, the more I actually want them all to just fall down in popularity. It such high school clique thing it's ugh.

Em, if you're reading this please realise that your pet care is one thing but at this point you're looking to be a pretty shit person. You guys are lucky the majority of your YouTube followers are young kids that don't follow you on Twitter or are willing to defend you to death

No. 619903


Boo boo they gang up on people who abuse animals and deserve backlash. Happy tails is a piece of shit and so is Brian. At least they try to let their audience know right from wrong. IMO it’s better than not speaking up.

No. 619906


Right!! They could be like cataleah and suck everyone’s ass for clout. They aren’t perfect but I don’t see a problem with them calling out other people’s bullshit

No. 619929

File: 1529848710739.jpeg (419.51 KB, 750x577, 25C8B2A6-D032-42F1-AFA0-CA7EF1…)

Must be getting desperate for views hahahaa

No. 619930

If they treated all tubers the same that would be different. But they don’t call Taylor out for he bullshit they literally defend her.

No. 619932

Ha! I swear that’s all she does. She realises no on gives a shit about her other videos. The all my pets ones are the ones that get the most views because people think you’re a fucking idiot having that many pets.

No. 620075

Em isn't exactly innocent either, it's just that we don't exactly see it like we do with the likes of HT or TND

No. 620887

File: 1529933373565.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 0975AFF8-317C-446E-9FC0-2C46F6…)

Bottom left is pickles. Shocked that Tyler isn’t there with his groupies

No. 620909

Who the fuck is that in the top right

No. 620980

Who are the other two? I only recognise Em? Regina George aka Tyler has not been included in this - shocking. I feel the clique is growing. They take in all the waifs and strays very early, the more they have on their side the less likely anyone will call them out on th bs, and the more support they’ll get from calling someone else out.

No. 621013


Hardly a 'girls night' when Pickles is involved

No. 621017


It's Lori, some weird 30 year old hillbilly pettuber


I don't think they often take in strays, the way they act towards other pet tubers they seem very excluding, especially when the whole pet fest thing is their 'friendship group', the clique has recently gained Em in their group though which is interesting, she wasn't in their group chat before

No. 621018

Whoops I meant top left

No. 621020

Isn’t the top left a very unflattering pic of Emma Sampson?

No. 621024


Yep. She seems to always be the butt of their jokes on twitter. I've been that person in a friendship group before, and it gets to you after a while>>621020

No. 621048

File: 1529944499681.png (4.05 MB, 1242x2208, 62D322D5-0539-4193-9770-781C6A…)

Tyler is there.

No. 621064

They literally sit and bitch about others, and yeah I agree there’s a whole bunch of people they exclude. People like Tyler just need to be surrounded by ‘yes’ people, who think he’s amazing. It’s such a weird group. And pettubers is a fucking stupid name.

No. 621070

Wow did not even recognise her. I feel like she’s super dumb and eager to be friends with them that maddie and Tyler constantly mock her and she’s oblivious to it. She’d be Karen in the mean girls groups.

No. 621079


The only pettuber they’ve ever treated “poorly” is happy tails tho who deserves it?? Unless you’re also talking about Brian who def deserves criticism as well? And I hardly consider calling other people out on their bullshit treating them “poorly”

No. 621084

Bottom left isn’t pickles, she only has one Critter nation. Not sure who that is. And Snapchat tells people when you’ve screenshotted so that was risky, im impressed.

No. 621107

What do you mean risky?

No. 621113

Just that they’ll know who screenshotted it and probably block you because they’ll know who you are. Unless a lot of people screenshotted it then it could end up lost in the crowd.

No. 621140


Theres probably other friendship groups in 'pettube' that we don't know about as viewers because they don't broadcast it like they do

No. 621160

a lot actual creators are posting of themselves in the petting zoo and with rabbits backstage, like simplynailogical,

No. 621161

I think there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff we don’t know loads about. But from what I’ve heard from various different peoples live streams there’s something fishy going on there.

No. 621178

IMO, its not a good look when they pick and choose who they are going to gang up on. Its hilarious they are trying to make themselves look like avenging animal activist when they're being petty as a high school clique.

"When the mean girls hang out"
Emz, I know your ego is inflated as TND lips, but your small clique is not all of pettube. You're only furthering our point that you are all just a dog pile of petty.

No. 621205

This is such shade at here I'm crying. Alright hon

No. 621207


Oh how wrong she is, they might not all hate each other but shes forgetting about the other half of pet tube that they all come here and so obviously write about. Keep kidding yourself Em

No. 621249

Yea I think they write a lot here. It went really quiet on the HT thread when Tyler was at playlist. I think he posts the most there.

No. 621259


As soon as that annoying parrot lady with the bird hope gets posted about here when i've checked one of the videos out they've all gone and commented on it, think it was Maddie and one of the others, probably that Lori so they definitely frequent here obsessively

No. 621264

File: 1529958404017.jpeg (634.77 KB, 750x1071, 0EF9A57D-1DBD-41E5-9C95-371D96…)

Parading death around like a toy. Bitch. Have some respect.

No. 621283

Yea otherwise tbh they probably wouldn’t have heard of her. It’s so sad they read and comment here. Means they don’t get discussed as much, or called out because they divert the conversation back to someone else

No. 621302


They actually do! I remember when one of them was under scrutiny, someone randomly pulled up another youtuber about her hamster dying of old age and being like "oh isn't this SUSPICIOUS??" when there was probably no other milk and they were just reaching for something to direct away from themselves and their friends.

It would just make me laugh so much if they were all on here shit talking each other, what a mess.

No. 621304

Exactly!! It’s so shady. If people come reading about actual pet care problems they show a lot of people in a bad light (most of the time rightly so) but hardly anything on Tyler maddie Emma etc because they divert the conversation so much. For example Emma uploaded all my pets video because that’s the only thing that gets big views and she’s desperate.

No. 621305


They think they're all so smooth, but i recognize they way most of them write from following most of them on twitter, and I have a degree in English Language the way people have unique ways of typing, I see you all lol.

Like if a comment on here is full of typos, 100 % its probably Emma

And most people type the same way they use language, Lori is southern, and posts including 'y'all' is such a dead giveaway.

It doesn't take an expert to notice when they've arrived though, their attempts at diverting the attention or obvious white knighting for each other on here is so pathetic.

No. 621373

when catleah was here trying to call them out she was using y'all to im guessing shes probably here a lot too

No. 621403

You can tell cataleah and happy tails post here a lot since people on here are defending the 2 and no one with a brain would be defending them unless it was one of the 2 themselves

No. 621405


the HT thread has been significantly active the past week while tyler has been in california. besides whenever there’s beef with HT he seems to just tweet it or livestream it doesn’t seem like hed waste his time on a anon forum

No. 621408

wasnt ht away for about a week so it would die down because she wasnt doing anything while she was gone = no new milk

No. 621412

speaking of catleah she was given 2 animals and they both died within a few days

No. 621422


pretends to be shocked

No. 621437

See this is what I mean. As soon as anyone talks about Tyler maddie and all of those ppl someone suspiciously swoops on here and swaps it round.
Why is cataleah so bad? I know ht but not sure why you hate her?

No. 621456

I don’t really see what’s it’s a problem that they openly call out HT and Brian. I get that TND is also terrible but she has, what, 30 animals? HT has over 100 and Brian probably has about 1000. TND might have the most fucked up personal life but when it comes to pet care she’s 3rd in line at best.

No. 621464

But TND has a much bigger fanbase and influence than HT and Brian. I would say that makes her worse since more people see her videos and think that is proper pet care. She still should be held just as accountable. And 30+ is still a lot of fucking pets and they are still maintained under shit conditions.

No. 621465

we have cataleah or ht here again apparently hi. read back if you have not its not my job to catch you up if your to lazy to read. tldr her cages are disgustingly filthy and under minimum plus she gave sugar gliders to ht who had her gliders in unsafe cages. she takes her personal aniamls to expos and there show cages are smeared in sh*t and urate and she took one of her leachis there who was in shed.

No. 621467

"much bigger fanbase" when brian has more subscribers and also is making videos with people who dont kno anything about aniamls and their audeinces are just as clueless so they cant tell whats right or not

No. 621468

So you still think TND shouldn't be held just as accountable as Brian then? Oookay

No. 621469

still doesn't explain why they gang up on ht and leave tnd out

No. 621470

never said that. im just saying most people who find taylor are finding her because they want to learn about animals or have animals . most people who find brian are the kids who watch daily vlogs from cringy vloggers who know nothing and are more likely to be intregued into getting something ridiculius like a kangaroo or an alligator because he is actively promoting keeping insane exotic animals in terible conditions

No. 621475

The chances of someone getting a super exotic animal, like an alligator, just because they saw Brian have one are super slim. If you really want to go that way, theres a much higher chance they'll see his videos, get a ball python, then hope onto TND to see how to take care of it. TND is only perpetuating bad animal care, and I still think it's shady that the pettubers don't give TND as much shit as Brian. Just because TND is abusing more readily available animals shouldnt give her a pass.

No. 621478

its not just the super exotic animals its about the way he parades them around and treats them like objects that infuriates me tbh

No. 621481

I'm totally with you on that. He's scum, and should know better than to support bringing fucking retics to a party.

No. 621483

id just hate for kids to see that and think thats normal or ok when its not. its fucked

No. 621487

whats fucked is when TND did the same thing (bringing animals to vidcon and parties), none of the pettubers said a thing, but when Brian did it, they unleashed hell fire.
Like, props on calling out animal abuse, but why you gotta be messy as fuck about it?

No. 621491

it might be because she admitted to it but i rly dont know. i saw brian trying to make all kinds of excuses like they werent his animals or he was only there for thirty minutes or some shit at a party with thousands of people. im assuming the people from the party knew he was coming but at playlist that wasnt the case and he was just trying to get a rise from other creators and get attention. im not sure why they dont call her out because i still think what she did was shitty but imo what he did was worse. theres nothing i like about him, hes a scumbag

No. 621500

Calm down

No. 621539

File: 1529981153979.jpeg (763.48 KB, 1242x1255, 81E3FE2E-D81A-4EE1-B402-83934B…)

Speaking of vlogs…apparently Emzotic is in it just for the $$$. She won’t crank any more out til she earns money from them! Guess what Em. You’re not all that!!

No. 621544

She’s honest at least

No. 621545

Not trying to WK, because I still think it’s messed up that Taylor brought her animals to a party. But at the time, a lot of the petubers who we have now, weren’t really around to call her out. Emzotic only started her channel a year ago (so I’m assuming she had a small following, as well as tyler. They could’ve still said something, but for the others like maddie, Emma, Lori, pickles etc, I don’t even know if they had channels at the time. Again I still think it’s messed up that she did it, and it pisses me off. But at least she realized it was bad and said she wouldn’t do it again, where as Brian just defended himself by trying to say “they weren’t his animals, he was just there” which is a pathetic excuse. So yeah while I think TND was wrong, Brian is far worse

No. 621559

Taylor defends bringing her snake to the party every time its brought up to her. She justifies it by saying the sides were blackout and it had a heater. She also still has her videos up of her having her animals at vidcon, so she obviously doesn't feel bad leaving it as an example and profiting off it. She's really not that remorseful, continues to make shitty videos promoting bad pet care.

Anyways, the point isn't who's the worst pettuber. The point is that the pettube mean girls are petty and gang up on pettubers not in their clique/can't use to gain more followers.

No. 621567

They ganged up on two people with truly shit care. Who else did they gang up on??

No. 621592

its not about who they're ganging up on, its about who they are NOT calling out. aka TND, emzotic over the betta/bearded dragon/etc fiasco, emma for her super small bunny cages/not properly bonding them, maddie for byb rats and hoarding animals, tyler for his betta disappearance.
like bruh, have you been paying attention? or are you another pettuber? a lot of pettubers always come on here and demand 'proof.' you give yourself away.

No. 621595

not to mention their support for that girlmeetswild even though she impulse bought sugar gliders, lost her bearded dragon and vlogged it, tried to breed betta, and fucked up her 60g saltwater tank. but she fits in their clique, so she gets a pass.

No. 621600

Wait I’m confused, kinda new here. What are Emma’s super small bunny cages? I though she had a 4x4 pen, which is pretty standard. Did she get smaller cages or something?

No. 621610

check past threads. even if you're new, don't expect people to do your digging for you.

No. 621621

That’s not what I’m comfused about. I’m comfused about weather or not she downgraded them to something smaller. There’s nothing about that on past threads, her twitter or YouTube as far as I can see.

3x4/12 sq feet is generally the accepted minimum for small-medium sized rabbits, so if hers are in a 4x4 pen it’s a decent size. Rabbits are the only animals I’ve ever owned, and I’m pretty involved in the rabbit community. 2x4 used to be the accepted minimum, although most people are now moving towards 3x4

I was just asking if she downgraded them since they were referred to as super small, and I can’t find anything that shows she did.
If she did downgrade them, than that’s super shitty, but if she didn’t then it’s acceptable

No. 621630

all those typos… makes me think of this comment >>621305

No. 621640

I’m not petyoutuber I’m a viewer but I think it’s obvious they don’t turn on each other because they’re friends. Duh. What part of that is confusing to you? Every community has clicks its to be expected. Sorry to burst your idealistic ‘PetTubers need to hate each other and call everyone out’ bubble.

No. 621642

Someone missed out on detective school. Sherlock Holmes, ladies and gentlemen.

No. 621643

THat moment you realize you’re at a party nobody gives a shit about.

No. 621650

Just saw Emma's "all my pets" video and holy shit, she tries so hard to be relevant. If she would have an ounce of Her OWN personality, more people may watch her. Shes so vapid that she picks up "cute/quirky" mannerisms from other popular pettubers. The constant usage of "Hullo" and "he's a good dog" shit is so cringey and clear shes copying Taylor and Tyler. Jesus Christ, non of them have much personality but she's the worst. So desperate and embarrassing.

No. 621653

I kinda get where you’re coming from, but at the same time a lot of people say “hello” to their pets and call them dogs/puppies when they’re not. I hear it quite often and not just from Taylor/Tyler

No. 621665

No doubt, but its more the way she says it. They (especially Tyler) say it like "HULL-o" and its just so noticeable to me when she tries to speak that way too.

No. 621669

she really does. its even more embarrassing when the other pettubers make fun of her publicly, like >>621048

No. 621789

Yea she’s so cringy she’s just trying to fit in but she doesn’t have her own personality. Pretty sure her aim at the beginning was to copy Taylor and get a bunch of views from that, then when people kept pointing out she’s Taylor 2.0 she got all pissy. She’s a mess.

No. 621905

Because they share the same subscribers

No. 621943

So really it’s not about animal care it’s about keeping the fans happy so they don’t turn on them and affect their views/subs?

No. 621993

Pretty much. None of them really care about animal care. Just subs and views.

No. 622052

Don’t hate the players. Hate the game.

No. 622059

Sounds like that’s coming from one of the ‘players’

No. 622075

I’m calling it and I’m just gonna say it. No way Emzotic isn’t on cocaine. She’s way too animated to not be. I just got a headache from watching her Kookaburra video. She’s 100% drugged. Also her nose is narrow and she has one nostril bigger than the other.
Sage for speculation.

No. 622100

I find it funny they shun people like cataleah for doing one video with Happy Tails but don’t do the same for TND when she did one with Brian?! Or impulse bought a monitor that she thought for a different species for over a month, or smoked weed around satanics, or has a number of wild caught animals. Like wtf. They’re hypocrites. She has the subs so they’ll suck up to her.

No. 622141

lets not forget that tyler has also collabed with Brian in the past too.

No. 622190

omg really?!?! See exactly!
So if they can’t look past creators who have worked with HT, how come it’s ok for them to work with bad people in the past? Double standards!

No. 622209

No. 622215

jesus, could you be more cringey.
they're not even trying to hide themselves anymore.

No. 622225

You don’t honestly think Aleah was shunned only for double a collab with HT do you? Lol hell no. Aleah herself spun that narrative in the last thread with absolutely zero milk to back it up. I personally think there’s a lot more to that situation than meets the eye since our only source was Aleah herself. Of course she’d play victim.

No. 622227


Alright, if theres more layers to it than that, then can Tyler and his minions reveal all please, otherwise it publically goes unjustified

No. 622235

Tbh there’s no proof that was actually her. That was all assumption.
OMG can someone please tweet him that. Does he forget he worked with him. There’s a whole clique forming and they’re distancing anyone who may have even just been friendly toward HT it’s really weird. Like I get it but equally imagine Tyler was treated the same because once he did a video with Brian.

No. 622239

Inside anon. There’s milk. But to be honest if it all came out the pettube clique would imploded. Also not my place to post. But trust me, Tyler is very sly and calculating. TThis isn’t cataleah either. I don’t think they realise I have these receipt of their private convos and I cannot share as I will get into trouble. But trust me if this ever gets unveiled shit will go down. You don’t have to believe me, I wish I could share evidence. But the milk is real.

No. 622252


I would literally pay you to reveal it lol, can you at least give us a hint?

No. 622254


If you have receipts of their convos then doesn't that mean you're in a group chat with them anon? if so you might as well just expose it all now because they'll probably know who you are just by posting this here

No. 622263

they could be someone close to one of the pettubers, and was sent the screenshots when shit was going down.
all speculation, but damn i wanna see those receipts. we're all friends and support each other my ass.

No. 622339


When did they ever shun cataleah?? I’ve been in this thread for a while but haven’t seen any interactions between them or seen them talk about her. Or is that just speculation

Also just going to throw out there that maybe if they are against cataleah it’s because she is continuing to show support towards HT. Tyler and Taylor have spoken out against Brian since their collab so it isn’t exactly a double standard

No. 622356

As far as I know they never shunned her publicly. But cataleah came on here once whining about how they didn’t invite her to petfest because of her support towards HT

No. 622373

Tbf there was no proof that was her.

No. 622386


I'm pretty sure I've posted about that before because I was watching a Happytails livestream and she mentioned that not only was she not invited which she didnt really care about but that by association Cataleah wasn't either, maybe I missed her posting here but im sure others do about her too

No. 622394

Something I just thought was interesting, Tyler seems to be close with LoeyLane (a non pet youtuber) and will always hang out with her at vidcon and events.

Just watching Loeylane's vlog and she was at vidcon the entire time and sharing a hotel room with Noah Barczyk… Brians Son.

I just find that a bit odd how tyler seems to care so much but probably hasn't educated his friend on that families practices.

No. 622436

EXACTLY! He’s a complete hypocrite. If they’re not going to be friends with someone because of their association with someone they don’t like then why hang out with people like that. I think it helps HT has less subs than him. Easier to call out. And Brian’s a fairly easy target because a lot of people especially in the reptile community hate him.

No. 622437


Except that there's nothing wrong with wanting to be compensated for your time; we take youtubers (and podcasters, tbh) for granted when they're putting out FREE content for us to consume.

No. 622441


Are you seriously nitpicking the way someone says "hello"? Of all the over the top ridiculous things to land on…

No. 622463

You realize how much money she makes without even having to leave her house right

No. 622474

You do realise how Youtubers make money right? Nothing is "free" to the viewer. You're falling for con #1, basic level.

No. 622537

What is the point of posting this if you aren’t going to expose anyone? That’s not even speculation, you’re claiming shit as fact. Back it up or don’t bring it to the table for us as a fact.
If there’s no proof, you’re either lying or speculating.

No. 622567

Tyler's vlogs at vidcon/tanacon
-bitches that his vlog channel (he has a vlog channel?) hasn't been monetized yet and admits he's a sell out.
-vlogs TND, but she only gives him monosyllabic answers.
-says he's irrelevant "only at vidcon"
-bitches about being yelled at by security, even though tyler and TND got out of a car in the middle of traffic.
-bitches about having to pay $300 for a creator pass and couldn't do anything with it
-tried to leech off TND's meet up, then tried to con a security guard into giving him an upgraded creator pass, and got kicked out for it
-went to tanacon as a "creator" even though the actual creator that invited him (who he didn't even name) didn't go
the entitlement is so real

No. 622638

Thoughts on Emma’s all my pets video:
>trying to be quirky(?) by putting in a really random clip where she basically throws the camera around including a very flattering view of her 10 chins
>she clearly doesn’t spend much time handling her BT skink as a well handled skink would not hiss when approached
>dig at male mice being kept alone (HT)
>30(+3 fish), up from 22n(+ x many fish?) in 4mths since her apartment video.
>missing (I don’t really keep track so not sure if she’s explained the absences)- moth (?), reef tank?? , second BT skink, blue velvet shrimp

No. 622645

Moths only live like 5-10 days so I’m sure it died already. She showed the reef tank but it had no fish. Didn’t she say her previous one overheated or something? I’m not sure about the blue shrimp though. From what I’ve seen from her twitter, she got the BTS and it was pregnant, gave birth in her care so she sold the babies, so I’d assume that last skink she had got sold, although who knows. I thought she was keeping it. But It’s also fairly normal for skinks to hiss while they’re in the enclosure, some will be really tame, some won’t be tame at all, and some will be tame out of the cage, but defensive when in their cage. Not trying to WK at all. I’m also wondering about the shrimp, and kinda about the BTS, just responding to the rest.

No. 622666

I love how shocked he was for being kicked out of Vidcon, of course you fuckig dumbass. You didn't get a meet and greet for a reason and of course Vidcon only cares about views and subscribes, that's the whole point of it.

I'm surprised about Taylor not saying anything about it tho. She obviously didn't give a crap about him. Maybe she even was half he wasn't leeching her (stupid) fanbase.

No. 622667

Yeah I’m not sure why he was shocked he got kicked out for essentially trying to have his own meetup/joining another creators meetup, despite not being a featured creator.

No. 622669

File: 1530090614147.png (7.91 MB, 1242x2208, 8D2CD1B3-2978-4934-BF36-421270…)

Didn’t she just say like 5 days ago that this dog was close to death, and asking people for a bunch of donation? Seems like a pretty speedy “recovery” for a dog that was apparently on deaths door.

No. 622695

Zoe’s rescue zoo confuses me, it’s like she’s trying to scab subscribers off other youtubers by being featured in their videos constantly giving them stuff, but then she rarely posts videos so no wonder no one is subscribing??

No. 622720

Does he realise how irrelevant he is?

No. 622721

I’m not surprised her BTS hisses at her. She doesn’t spend enough time with her too many pets for them to get comfortable with her! She can’t even bond her bunnies and keeps coming up with excuses. An hour here and there does not constitute a “bonding” session. It starts with an hour and gets longer each time. She’s just a lazy bitch.

No. 622728

OMFG he’s so entitled

No. 622806

I just watched HT's 2018 pet room tour and something seemed sketchy. She got rid of a lot of fish those being a giant black ghot knife fish and two large common plecos or they died (hmm I wonder why). Is there anyone here who knows what could've happened?

No. 622814


He said in the video that he was filming it for her so I’m sure she asked him to do that

No. 622821

That’s talked about in the HT Thread

No. 622829

Funny that TND didn't post anything about Tyler getting kicked out. You would think she would be upset if her camera man, or even as a friend, was getting kicked out of her own meet up.
I think what really happened is Tyler was trying to leech off TND, and volunteered himself to help her film. By the way TND acts around Tyler, is obvious she does not giving a shit about him or knows he's just using her for subscribers.

No. 622938

He’s basically just mad that he’s not relevant and can’t finesse his way past the rules

No. 622947

What do you all think of Caitlin's Zoo? I follow her on instagram, I think her setups are phenomenal. She just started to make videos and I am hoping they will be better than most we've seen.

No. 622995

They’re ok but she uses colored lights on some of her tanks which is a big no-no with reptiles.

No. 622999

Welcome Caitlin! Nice promotion!

No. 623004

That ball python enclosure is way too small in the video linked in her bio. So is the first gecko cage.

No. 623014

File: 1530131421032.jpeg (339.96 KB, 750x1024, 9139F34B-9856-408C-87DE-48DB93…)


No. 623015

I was about to say the same thing. The minimum for a ball python is 2x4. Whatever cage she has is way too small, not to mention that it’s glass which is horrible for holding heat and humidity.

No. 623031

She said that she’s “building up” because of the space limitations

No. 623079

To be fair I bet it sucks for people to repost your stuff without permission

No. 623184

Don’t post about yourself like that lmfao

No. 623192

In her apartment tour there was a male BT skink as well that was a ‘rescue’. Bella was the one that had the babies.
Also her bunnies are bonded now but the three of them are still in a tiny pen; so much for expanding when they bonded.

No. 623194

where did u see that her rabbits were bonded?

No. 623210

Her skink wasn’t a rescue, it was one of Bella’s babies. I’m not sure where you saw that. Also yeah where did you see they were bonded? I just saw her tweet out the other day that she wasn’t having any luck, so she was going to get a rabbit rescue to help her bond them

No. 623216

File: 1530151223601.png (813.21 KB, 1242x2208, B10CE75A-A1A5-410E-91EC-2FB5DC…)

She just tweeted this yesterday what are you talking about her rabbits being bonded

No. 623281

File: 1530157057666.png (3.61 MB, 1242x2208, 89BEF24B-32AD-4646-AD89-D07A4F…)

Looks like they changed the location of their “event”. Is anyone going? Curious to see if their event will turn into a mess considering they’re doing everything themselves.

No. 623311

That’s a crappy excuse for not giving your pet even the bare minimum of the space it needs. She should have either not gotten the python (and the bearded dragon since it’s enclosure is too small) or get stacking enclosures like vision cages. If she got 2 4x2 vision cages on top of one another for the python and beardie, she would be way better imo.

No. 623323

You can tell when she’s trying to act quirky because she breaks out a cutesy voice away from her weird man voice.

No. 623365

It's also "no animals allowed" now. I wonder what caused the change in venue. This seems very disorganized

No. 623370

Says on twitter and Instagram it’s because there were too many people for their last place

No. 623390

File: 1530170464019.png (257.09 KB, 540x408, Screenshot_2018-06-28-01-14-52…)

Inviting Taylor to their "PetFest" should be almost considered a scam kek
This is a photo of their meet and greet of Playlist
Idk if they were only Emzotic and Tyler's (and maybe Maddie) fans or if they were waiting for something else.
Even tho,i don't think a lot of people will show up. Taylor gave a bad impression the last time she didn't went so I don't think they will count with a big portion of her fans.
Also they are boring has fuck, without their pets,they cant hide how personality less they are.

No. 623392

Yeah I'm very curious about why someone would travel to see a pet YouTuber with no pets. They're not that knowledgable, not interesting, and seem to have pretty bland personalities for the most part. Also some are just carbon copies of others. Even if I loved watching their videos I wouldn't travel more than an hour to see them, and I'd really need to enjoy their content to do that, plus maybe meet some of their animals. Seems rather pointless to meet a petless pet youtuber

No. 623415

Looks like Jennie (solid gold) downgraded her rabbit cage. She posted it on her Instagram story, so I’m not going to screenshot but go check her story if you want to see. They used to have like half the room they were in, but now it looks like they’re in a 4x4 pen. Anyone know why, or when she downgraded them?

No. 623436

>>622474 >>622463

Monetization and ads do not mean that you, the end user, is paying any sort of fee to access this specific content. It is free content until such time as you have to pay a subscription fee to access it, and no, paying for internet is not the same as a subscription fee. You have to pay for Netflix on top of your internet, for example.

Creators should be paid for the content they create.

No. 623457


she was bonding them recently, not sure how well it went but shes probably not wanting to give them too much space yet

No. 623462

Their poll and comments are loaded with people who say their going, so it’ll be interesting to see how many people actually do show up. I don’t personally get it but plenty of people find any one of them interesting enough to travel for so it’ll either be empty, or a (smaller) Tanacon 2.0

No. 623519

My bad just from the way the snippet in her latest videos it looked like they were all out together which was why I was so confused by why I could still only see one of the tiny pens. Regardless, they’re way too small, especially considering how long it’s taking. She might just have to accept they’ll never be bonded, sometimes it just happens. Anyone know the sexes of the rabbits and whether they’re neutered? Coz that can make a big difference.
>>623210 I swear she said somewhere it was a rescue. Maybe I was thinking of Bella. Anyway did we ever get an explanation as to where he went? ‘Rehomed’?

No. 623525

File: 1530193987179.png (218.82 KB, 750x1334, 76963624-677B-4AF0-A3F9-07A9B4…)

Pretty pointed tweet by Brian liked by HT. Makes sense that they’d try and gang up against tyler and his cronies

No. 623527

Has anyone watched Em’s new video? It says in her intro ‘former zookeeper’, ow is she a former zookeeper like do we even know her career history? I know she got her break working in a pet shop and has worked with animal educators but has she ever worked at an actual zoo or is it keeping at her own personal zoo
Also I find the the conservation stuff is hypocritical, she buys a necklace to save forests but could easily do that every day by just not eating meat.
At least she is gonna quarantine the BT.

No. 623565

She doesn’t put former actress who was raped with barbed wire wrapped penis in human centipede.lovely.

Also I imagine they got spooked over tana con and thought they best prepare more. I can’t imagine many people would go for people like that pug woman, who even is she?

No. 623566


Honestly it must hurt that the majority of people turning up to something they're putting effort into are just going to be there for Taylor. I would love to be a fly on the wall to watch all the other irrelevant creators standing awkwardly to one side by themselves while everyone swarms Taylor and Tyler

No. 623568

She’s clearly irrelevant

No. 623660

FFS. He killed his snowflake eel already… by switching the tanks (like he does with everything 100x, stressing out the animals) and by not putting the lid on so it jumped out.

Then his aquarium gallery floods (no power, no lights, no filters, no heaters) and there's no one (inc his wife) that can help because he hasn't told anyone about the intricacies of running all his fish tanks.

Also with the 2000g half full all the arowana turn on each other and rip each others fins to shreds and also killed one… 2000g doesn't seem big enough for all 4 of them if this is what happens when there's a power outage etc. Also he's unmoved about the dead fish because he didn't 'know' it that well. So he just calls this a 'wakeup call'. Like no shit.

I'm glad he shared this, but this is 1000% his fault.

No. 623678

The 2000 incident seemed like a freak accident tbh. The snowflake eel was his idiocy though.

No. 623681

it bothers me how he constantly changes his aquariums around

No. 623685

If you've got that much water though, why not train someone to help you when you're away. Why not tell your wife how it works before you leave even if fishkeeping isn't her thing.

Not to mention the fact that even when full, 5 stingrays and 4 arowana made it very full… you could say…/overstocked/.

I wouldn't have been surprised if the arowana turned on the weakest / killed it, before it drained when he bunged them all in together, it was lucky it didn't happen before. 2000g wasn't enough for them all…

I'm dreading to see what he does with the redtail he's getting.

No. 623700

File: 1530214826586.jpeg (222.7 KB, 750x424, DB4657E1-F3D6-4DCA-AB0C-DC3D19…)

She worked in an actual zoo. She has tweeted pics from her days as a keeper and has a whole video about her career path. Centipede is hilarious though. What’s your issue with being an actress?? Loads of Youtubers have done acting and stage school. It’s literally a platform for performers.

No. 623703

File: 1530214945195.jpeg (332.55 KB, 750x617, 837C1097-61F5-4A61-B51F-5BEF45…)


No. 623704

File: 1530214973567.jpeg (796.02 KB, 750x1123, E5DB8343-6208-4353-A53D-AB5C39…)

Full pic from twitter

No. 623708

This comment makes you sound like an idiot. Are you a crazy vegan who hates anyone keeping any animals? Makes sense if u are. Stop detailing this thread with your thoughts in veganism because no one gives a shit about your distaste for animals being food - which taste good btw - or people’s make up or career choices. Problematic animal husbandry or gtfo

No. 623709

So what? They probably know it but just by having pics with Taylor the effort is worth it. They’re being strategic by organizing this event. They small ones will grow.

No. 623710

He doesn’t give a crap. He’s morphing into Brian 2.0, but with fish. I

No. 623714

Wait a second. No stand here AT ALL but I eat meat and I don’t think it’s hypocritical at all?? Those necklaces are saving forests so at least she’s not plugging some shitty app. And so what if she gave up meat? She won’t be true vegan until she only keeps vegan animals. Sit down anon. You’re drunk on vegantardness.

No. 623717

My thoughts exactly. From taking credit for building other people’s tanks to begging his viewers for money for his “gallery”, he’s always seemed shady to me. Plus the blasé way he treats his fish is so off putting. I honestly don’t know how he has so many viewers since his lack of compassion for his animals seems so transparent to me. I guess it’s all of his clickbait titles. Plus he’s buddies with Brian, and even Tyler and Taylor have publicly denounced him.

No. 623719

It’s a viewer age thing. It’s mostlu kids in YouTube who watch people and to them it’s all about quantity. MORE fish. BIGGER fish. Most EXPENSIVE fish. It’s so fucking sad.

No. 623720

Not that anon, but don't be an ass. It's very clear how vegetarianism/veganism saves trees through reduced need to make fields to feed animals. Even a meat eater doing something like 'veggie fridays' helps to cut down on the animals needed (therefore the food needed to feed them and therefore the land needed). Something that she could promote for free.

Her shilling some necklaces /is/ pretty hollow in comparison.

No. 623725

The issue isn't that she's an actress is the fact that she was disrespectful to many rape victims.

No. 623727

She doesn't promote it because she isn't vegan but she does promote cutting down on animal products.

She has a whole video on this

No. 623732

You do realize that forests still have to be cut down for fields in which to grow the vegan foods.

No. 623735

/More/ land is used to feed animals, this is a fact.

No one is trying to take your meat away smh militant meat eaters are worse than the fucking militant vegans.

Haven't seen that video, would be good if she did promote something like meatfree fridays. It's a good premise that everyone can jump on board with. The necklace thing struck me (like it clearly did with the other anon) as 'COOL'tm without much substance. I mean you can 'buy' a piece of the Rain Forrest etc without 'getting' anything. So no need to make/process/package/ship etc which is also not particularity environmentally friendly.

No. 623778

Typical Lolcow doesn’t check the facts. She has a interviews where she went on forums to discuss rape with survivors for discussing rape for entertainment value. The forums said they didn’t mind as long as it wasn’t portrayed comical. Wait a sec there’s a link somwer

No. 623779

I fail to see how acting in a movie that has a rape scene is disrespectful to sexual assault victims. That makes very little sense to me.

No. 623780

5:22 seconds in.
Check your facts anon. And stop detailing from problematic milk

No. 623796

Are you referring to her saying “some people are just not hardcore enough to see the film”?
If so, I fail to see how that targets rape victims. Being triggered by movies and unable to watch them is far different than just not being able to stand goreporn.
If not, please clarify. I’d truly like to know what you believe she thinks of rape victims, being that I’m a sexual assault survivor and am failing to connect the same dots as you.

No. 623827

Maybe watch another 30 seconds in. She literally talks about her respect for sexual assault ‘survivors’ and corrects herself on calling them victims. Go and watch wnd educate yourself rather than assuming what you want to believe, and take your own sop storys with you. Nobody here cares.

No. 623854

Lol I enjoy you’re trying to point out your issues with Emzotics opinion on rape which also stating you don’t give a shit about rape victims opinions. I smell a hypocrite with an uninformed opinion based on a single portion of a single video just trying to cause problems. Cute.

No. 623861

can you take your white knighting somewhere else, pettuber?
that movie was so fucking shitty, and not just because it glorifies rape and sexual torture. bad acting, bad writing, and not even in an ironic bad horror movie way. no wonder it didn't take emz's acting career anywhere.

No. 623863


I legit think DIY's wife is stupid or a doormat. It's not the first and wont be the last time she has to deal with this kind of crap.
She already had to catch a fish that jump out of its aquarium while she was doing exercise
Or when her daughter was having an sleep over and one of the heaters melted and the house was full smoke so they had to run out of the house
And now this.
Obviously that house isn't suitable to have so many aquariums, specially of those sizes.

When did Taylor and Tyler call him out?

No. 623868

Whoa, take it back a notch. Just because DIY is a careless idiot doesn't mean his wife is a stupid doormat. She barely makes appearances on his channel and doesn't need to be brought into this. It's obvious that fish keeping has been a big part of their income, as well as a big hobby for her husband, even before he was on youtube.

No. 623884

I also don't ever remember TND or Tyler saying anything about DIY.
In fact, I thought it was DIY that said he would never do a collab with TND.

No. 623888

I think the person meant TND and Tyler called out Brian, not DIY. the person was saying that TND and Tyler called out Brian, but DIY still associates with him.

I dont hold him super accountable over the Brian thing though because he knows NOTHING about reptiles. He barely knew what a bearded dragon was so he probably has no idea what a shit keeper and person Brian is. I wonder if anyone’s told him

No. 623904

That’s where this thread is. Degrading women because of rape, movie roles and being married to DIY assholes. Everyone who posts here is a joke.

No. 623906

It got people talking though and it’s known. Least she made a name for herself there and again on Youtube. Same with the other PetTubers. They’re actually doing stuff and being known for it. What have you done for humanity or even yourself recently? What are u known for? Nothing. An anon with a chip on their shoulder. This thread was so much better when there was actual milk.

No. 623907

It’s obvios DIY doesn’t know much about anything except 4 how to title and tag a video. There aren’t any other late middle aged guys on YouTube in the animal scene so it’s natural that they team up together.

No. 623914

Wow did Em and the gang suddenly turn up here?

No. 623919

No. 623922

Lmao if that’s true then why do none of you call out TND for all her shit?

No. 623926

Oh yeah. They really make themselves obvious, just report them for white knighting, and ignore them.

No. 623928

Because nobody is perfect and everyone will make mistakes at every level. But it is our similarities and our shared experiences with each other which forges a loyal friendship, or at the least, a loyal understanding of each other. If we have issues with each other, we speak to each other privately. It’s far more proactive and communicative than doing cheesy call out videos.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 623938

Besides all the other people you called out but didn’t speak to privately? You guys gang up on people, granted they do shitty things but why don’t you deal with your issues with them privately? You’re all full of shit. Mean girl gang. Tyler is a cunt.

No. 623939

Sounds like a PetTuber showed up. Damn. I wanted to see a show.

No. 623943

I feel it was em.

No. 623961

speaking of the gang, someone mentioned the pug girl earlier and i looked her up and the first video i see is her exploiting the death of her hedgehog. theres literally ads in a video about her hedgehog tearing itself apart because she wouldnt put it to sleep.

No. 623965

If people listen when talked to privately there’s no reason to go public. For example, happy tails doesn’t listen when spoken to privately (not to mention she doesn’t even accept DMs and charges you to speak to her) so going public is the only way to get her attention.

No. 623971


That’s what I was thinking too. And they did comment on her video which I would say is speaking with her as privately as she allows. They didn’t go public until she shut them down and refused to admit she was wrong.

No. 623985

File: 1530241654362.jpeg (Spoiler Image,597.09 KB, 1536x2048, 49E14B77-24C4-49FC-BE37-D52BA3…)

Emzotic is IN THE HOUSE!!
(Can you feel the lactation?)

As I will likely get put out to pasture for crashing the party and being a naughty moo moo, I’ll try and make this post as comprehensive as I can.
First of all, I know this thread is divided into three categories.
1) People with genuine concerns about pet care standards.
2) Pet YouTubers posting anonymously.
3) People with overactive imaginations, sharp tongues and dreams of becoming pet detectives, with an unhealthy passion for recreational MILK. MMMIILLLKKKK!!!!

For those with genuine concerns about pet care on the animal side of YouTube. We (collectively) hear you. I appreciate you and acknowledge you sincerely. You’ve pointed out valid issues in my videos which I have either removed so as not to profit from, or have apologised for.
No amount of experience, age or training makes us flawless, but I am truly appreciative that you’ve shared your concerns here in the hopes that I would see. I see you. I need you.

With regards to my privacy, I will never be able to give you what I want. I will always protect my home and family from people (cyber and real world) who would seek to disrupt our haven. I am sorry that I cannot satisfy your interest, but my first and most firm loyalty is to my home. You can think whatever you like about this, and all I can say is that you will understand when you have mancubs of your own to think about.

To the PetTubers who post here anonymously to support each other - Good for you. You know we have a great community in private even if we ARE Tyler’s Harem. Even if Maddie is irrelevant and Pickles IS convenient. snicker.

To the PetTubers who pick fights with each other anonymously or try to create drama - grow up and go edit a video. You know you’re just procrastinating!

To those with overactive imaginations and a need for milk - I’ve got some right here for you, and it’s udderly delicious, so lap it up, farmhands.

Animal YouTubers are real people. We’re flawed. We’re also a billon times more courageous than you because we don’t hide in the valley of the shadows of the anons. We know you want milk, so thanks for tuning in weekly to come and suckle. Keep talking about me. It boosts my huge ego. Here’s a secret - my ego is what sank the Titanic. I know, right? That’s like, so fetch. Put that in your Burn Book.

And now I can almost anticipate the responses. But Em! WHY aren’t you calling people oooouuuuttt!???!!! COWARD!!

I’ll tell you why. Because I’m no hypocrite. If I point a finger publicly, I deserve a million more back at me. And if I point a finger at a creator, as I have done with certain individuals who I have personal history with, it’s for reasons you can’t even begin to fathom. The rabbit hole goes deep with those I have a dislike for.

But EM! Your fiancé was mean to Taylor!! You’re a mean hypocrite!!! You hate her!
Yeah you’re right. He was mean. Last year I had NO concept of YouTube and the way YouTube works. I didn’t care about Taylor AT ALL because she wasn’t a real person to me. Just a face behind a screen. Danny made that video for his channel in the same tone he has made plenty of other videos. In truth I didn’t know he made it until I started getting a ton of hate. Was it nice or right? No. Danny removed the video but to this day is not a fan of PetTube or a particular friend to anyone. He stays in his own world elsewhere. I’ve decided to stay on YouTube and I swallowed the bitter aftertaste of that video even though it was not my creation. I emailed Taylor an apology and her email reply was gracious to say the least. That first wave of hate gave me so much more appreciation for other creators, and unless I have a deeply negative and personal issue with someone I have zero interest in picking other PetTubers apart. We’re all vituperous. We’re all flawed. Every. Single. One. In our little ‘clique’, we stick together because of groups like this, and we have healthy respect for one another because we’ve become more than allies. We’re friends. We’ve spent that time to get to know one another and worked through the internal dramas that nobody on Lolcow can begin to pretend they’re aware of. And guess what? Friends look out for each other. Elitist? Maybe. But thats life in many places, so you just have to square with that. Does that mean there aren’t issues? Nope. We consult each other daily and fix things behind the scenes like adults.

Am I jealous of Taylor’s following - Hell yes!! Who isn’t!? Are other YouTubers jealous of my numbers - yes! Is Taylor jealous of megatubers numbers? Yes! But jealousy doesn’t mean you can’t be supportive and happy for one another. Think about that.

And yes. I CAN be mean. Especially when people are unduly rude or try to speak with authority on matters they can’t begin to comprehend from behind a screen. I’m not always nice and I don’t pretend to be, so don’t paint me that way because I will only disappoint you.
If you’re upset about Centipede - I cannot help you. I don’t care either that you don’t like the script or content. It wasn’t made for you, princess.
I make movies for myself and I will happily say that I’m a selfish actress. I don’t aspire to win oscars or actively pursue a career in acting. I act for fun and take only the roles I think I’ll find challenging or interesting. If you’re upset by Centipede, lord help your opinion for my films to come! And remember, when I do ANYTHING, it’s for me, and I will continue to do everything I want to do because I do not give a ferrets fart about anyone else’s opinion on my life choices.

In the wise words of Eminem - I am
Whatever you say I am.

Make us (PetTubers) out to be whateeeeever you like. Really. We’re still standing here, creating our content, pursuing our dreams, and laughing (together) about how redundant this entire site is.
But thanks for the memories.
Thanks for the laughs.
And thanks to those who genuinely had something constructive to say. Even if it’s like sour milk for me to swallow when you pick a true fault in my care, I will swallow it nonetheless!

Ps: There’s plenty of quotes here for the next header picture. I want centre stage. Throw in a fake Oscar while you’re at it and give me shrivelled udders.

Peace out, moo-ther f*ckers!


No. 623990

>Emzotic is IN THE HOUSE!!
>(Can you feel the lactation?)
>Peace out, moo-ther f*ckers!

I'm new to this thread in particular, but this post stopped me dead in my tracks. How old is this cow exactly? Pure autism.

No. 623998

love it when cows are so insecure and defensive that they feel the need to post here, only to turn around and talk about how they don't care about the "haters"

No. 624001

"lap it up farmers" dear god

i guess we're all losers with no lives and emzotic is a much better person than us, fellow anons, because we occasionally get bored and post here (even tho all the pettubers probably post more than us anyway)

No. 624002

oof that edge, so scary and retarded

No. 624003

This is not milk. This is pure cringe.
You're in your 30s, Emz. What are you doing here? Why are you so set on making us cringe? What are you doing with your life right now?

No. 624005

File: 1530243352865.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, BB895E92-597B-4FF1-8A8F-21AC3E…)


No. 624010

Your selfposting has reached new heights. Stay away from now on. If you evade your ban, your post history will be outed.

No. 624014

File: 1530244588299.jpeg (668.91 KB, 2576x1932, F0C89898-BF05-464F-8DF6-A1B112…)

Dear farmhand.

I dare moooooo.

Just spell my name right so you drive me traffic.

No. 624015

File: 1530244747387.jpeg (309.26 KB, 750x1038, 4DDBC2EE-3A5D-479F-B5F9-340D86…)

Oh I see, Lolcow. Don’t allow cows to stick up for themselves. Figures ;) Ban away I promise I won’t come back. I’ll be a good cow. Trust me.

No. 624017


Your IP changes do nothing.

Farmers, look forward to ~70 labeled posts tomorrow. We need a break from the autism first.

No. 624019

Lolcow makes fun of autism too! Wow. I hope non of the contributors have family with autism. Now that would be embarrassing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624024

Em was one of the only ones I watched unironically. I was a genuine fan.

No. 624025

Gosh, other youtubers (Emma comes to mind) have come here openly to address the anons here. Sometimes they get defensive and it isn’t a good look for them, but my god… no one has ever come here and been so blatantly childish before. I used to be neutral about Em, but this has made me not only dislike her but kind of feel sorry for her. I remember when I was a teen and wrote overly confident crap like that as a defense mechanism. To write a whole book like this and be that annoyingly fake cocky is pathetic and she must have been triggered by people pointing out stuff about her here. Em, if you can’t handle criticism (whether it be warranted or not) don’t read here and please don’t post here either. It just makes you look immature and insecure. Plus your excuse for not correcting your friend’s husbandry mistakes is BS and you know it. You just have no backbone and don’t want to be ousted from the clique.

No. 624026

Sorry to disappoint, but Lolcow has been far too much fun and far too tempting. It’s like a free for all of entertainment. Watch tomorrow for the unimaginable world of the peculiar mind of Emzotic. Until then! X(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624027

Quite pathetic.

No. 624028

File: 1530246870651.jpeg (3.06 MB, 1536x2048, 61B33F68-436C-40E5-850E-F21B08…)

Here ya go em, I fixed it for you.

God bless admin, anons get your popcorn ready, dis gunna be gud.

No. 624029

Same. She was the only one here that (though she has flaws) I didn’t really mind. I have zero respect for her now.

No. 624031

Replace cuck with hoarder and it’d be perfect!

No. 624032

File: 1530247003660.gif (1.34 MB, 500x281, w9vuJKa.gif)

No. 624033

>Sorry to disappoint
No you're not, and that's what's even more disappointing. I've lost all respect for you. I can't believe I actually liked you.
This feels bad. Kind of like when I got cheated on. I feel dumb for believing you were any different. Damn.

No. 624035

Honestly that rant is worse than anything any other YouTuber has written on here. I always thought that if she did come on here she’d at least be mature, but I guess not. Disappointed, but really not too surprised.

No. 624036

File: 1530247195341.jpeg (2.53 MB, 1536x2048, 02B2F8A6-1731-496E-9978-16DF81…)

Here anons feel free to make your own cringy emzotic!! Lel more the merrier, direct quotes, selfposts, and bingo memes would be great too

No. 624039

A feat I though was impossible until today lol

No. 624040

>>Here lies the reputation of Emzotic<<
Tune in tomorrow for a dizzy web of baffling proportions.

And on a more serious note, if you truly are disappointed, that’s ok. I’m not blaming you or changing that. It’s a healthy thing to be open and express yourself without having to hide. Watch me burn to the ground tomorrow, have every message brought to light and still have more integrity in washing my hands clean very piblically on Lolcow when everyone else stands in the dark shaking their heads.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624041

I’m screaming. Em, it’s not that deep.

No. 624042

She somehow did even worse than that girl that had two clownfish in a 30 gallon tank.

No. 624043

Same, now I have no pettubers to watch. If anyone has any good pettubers to recommend, please do.

Congrats Em, now I see you as a pathetic child who cares more about the haters(even though you would always tweet about how you don't),rather than your fans. There's a line between accepting criticism and defending yourself when needed in a mature way, and actually being blind and stupid, and you just crossed it.

I know I was one fan out of the millions you have, and I don't make any sort of impact on your sub count or followers, but I hope you realize that this will stay with you.

No. 624044

I’m so embarrassed for you right now

No. 624045

Jensen’s reptiles, Serpa design, and solid gold are the only ones I still watch

No. 624048

The secondhand embarrassment is strong. I hope that there’s some reason your acting like this (being drunk for example) and this isn’t how you normally behave. Your rambling is almost nonsensical. I hope you wake up tomorrow and realize how immature and crazy you’ve been.

No. 624049

I'm almost afraid to like Solid Gold. She's too nice-seeming and pretty lmao

No. 624050

Good lord. Someone either had a little too much wine or a psychotic break. Embarrassing.

No. 624051

I’ve been watching her for a few years and I haven’t seen anything major wrong with her. She did take donations to renovate her fish building, but she wasn’t annoying about it like king of DIY.

No. 624052

File: 1530248086723.gif (999.12 KB, 267x200, gV37WMi.gif)


No. 624053

Em why are you friends with Taylor, who publicly supports a woman abuser and rapist if you care so much about victims of sexual assault?

No. 624054

>>624017 Stupid worthless ugly cunt that nobody loves and ever will.

>>624001 you sound like you're trying to reassure and convince yourself that you are n o t a loser for posting here. Kek you visit and post here regularly, routinely, because you don't belong anywhere else only on a cheap looking site with shitty format and navigation that constantly breaks down, talking amongst a bunch of ugly female outcasts and female incels. Basically a bunch of stupid, bitter, twisted cunts that would readily talk behind your back if they were your "friend" irl anyway. The only place you feel you belong is a shitty looking image board that looks like a poor man's Windows pulled out from Bill Gates asshole in the 1980's. That's fucking sad. You wouldn't want to be associated with the site and have it acknowledged that you post here hence the anonymity, because otherwise it would just be social suicide.
The truth fucking hurts, Cunt.
Same goes for all of you. Such ugly, ugly, stupid bitches.

>>624010 Cunt.

Female outcasts that had it hard at high school gather together online to bitch about the lies other women make about themselves and appearance through photoshop with their online presence. Yet posters have lied and deceived others at least once in their life and have probably been cunts at some point in their life and even consistently. Highly hypocritical. What's even more astounding is how talking about these perceived nobodies (you call them nobodies but you always gossip about them so obviously they are someone to be worth your time and by talking about them constantly you just reaffirm the belief that these ones you gossip about a r e somebody - no publicity is bad publicity for them), is worth your time. A lot of you here are losers because a lot of you are NEATS. Even if the images produced by these women are fake and their actions questionable, so fucking what. I bet you make terrible fucking friends and are fake ass bitches to friends and people on the daily. I bet your irl presence makes people extremely unhappy. You post so avidly with bitterness because the photoshopped images on this site from "cows" just make you feel inferior and insecure about your feminity and looks as a woman. Jealously and lack of satisfaction in your own life are the main reasons behind the posts on here. Sad.
I've read plenty of posters irl dramas and stories in girk talk here and it makes me cringe. I go there when i want to read about the lives of the posters here and have a good laugh. And don't say ' um but i never post in girl talk/ a lot of the ppl here dont post in gtalk' lmao fucking please, of course yiu fucking do, it's all part if the site. You've at least read and posted there once. Sad pathetic bitches, go read a fucking book or do something productive, intelligent in your lives that makes your existence more tolerable and less embarrassing than posting on an outdated greasy neat cesspit imageboard. You might actually feel better about yourselves than riddle yourselves with anxiety from situating yourselves in drama and gossip, constantly posting negative bitch talk about people who you dont even know. How very generous of you to dedicate your own time to talk about people that either hate you or don't know you exist and wouldn't even acknowledge your pressence irl. Pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624059

File: 1530248177347.jpg (45.94 KB, 540x405, 3EhK3tM.jpg)

No. 624060

File: 1530248187206.jpg (93.42 KB, 392x500, woah nigga did you really expe…)

No. 624062

I can’t tell if this is an angry Em who decided not to write her name this time, her nasty bf, or just some stan. Laughable either way!

No. 624063

Well yeah if you're not a dumb illerate cunt. Sorry your attention span can only tolerate 150 characters. Must be hard living with a disability.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624064

On a serious note:

Would you be willing to divulge your ages only? I’d love to know the average age of people here on this thread. ‪Genuinely. If you feel more comfortable, could you say ‘under 18’ ‘18-24’ ‘25 and over’ etc. Thanks!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624066

Don't engage with the cow. We've got a particular case of attentionwhoring here, don't encourage her or we'll pass out temporary bans.

No. 624068

File: 1530248997053.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, em.png)

Seriously. She seemed okay, but whatever this breakdown she just had on lolcow was just too much. It's like a middle schooler had tried to raid us. How embarrassing.

Thank you Farmhand!

No. 624069

File: 1530249175057.jpeg (260.66 KB, 750x726, 57559EE4-E5B6-4165-B0B7-1229A1…)

She’s likely trying to get content for the video mentioned here. “It’s just a prank, bro!”

No. 624070

So she's going to try to pass off all her previous selfposting, etc. on lolcow as "just a social experiment" she's been working on for months? Sounds like she's trying to cover her tracks more than anything.

No. 624071

Right. Moving on!

No. 624072

A few other petubers RT It. They’re likely all in on it

No. 624074

That's a shit cover. You just somehow knew that the farmhands would reveal what posts are yours. Sure Jan.

No. 624075

I'm guessing that's why she asked for people's ages on here?(even though it sounds really creepy)

No. 624076

Yikes. How embarrassing, the scrambling. I wonder if it's because she knows she said some stupid shit that's gonna "come out tomorrow" or what. Those rapid fire histrionic posts about the baffling dizzying trip were about to take "through her mind" coupled with that damage control "ha-ha I did it all on purpose and you fell for it!" tweet really read like desperation and panic.

I wonder if that cunt-parrot stan that can't spell illiterate and only heard "NEET" as "neat" verbally from their mother was her hubby. The woman-hating is pretty intense.

No. 624078

If she does make a video about this site it’s just going to draw more people here and potentially open their eyes to the bad care that a lot of the pettubers give their animals. It’s not smart on her part.

No. 624081

Oh my god this is the most embarrassing thing I've ever witnessed.Is she not in her thirties? Does she not have the capability to think before doing? Or does she just not have better things to do with her time (like,I don't know, go look after your dozens of animals?!?)

No. 624083

i'm laughing so hard at how dumb this all is. how could you possibly think it's a good idea to make a video about lolcow? she must think she's one step ahead of us and that all their subscribers are just going to discredit this forum. i hope some of them actually take the time to look through it. i can't imagine being a woman in my 30s and obsessively reading what internet strangers have to say about me, acting like i'm NOT triggered, and then making a post being butt hurt about it and telling everyone to lap up my milk. imagine being that "unbothered"

No. 624086

File: 1530250985732.png (348.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6995.PNG)

someone is encouraging her

No. 624087

File: 1530251055342.jpeg (175.17 KB, 1242x1100, 12AE8026-FE3F-457B-B9FF-4D7212…)

This cows finally showing her true spots
Fucking disgusting, it’s sad that some anons slightly respected you, when deep down you’ve been shit talking your friends, being immature, nasty, and as ugly as you are on the inside, as you know you are on the outside kek

No. 624091

How desperate, as soon as admin tells her that her posts are going to be marked in the morning she’s scrambling to save herself by saying “it was a social experiment! Interviews with this non-farmer!” LMAO you know out of the 70 posts she’s made, she’s talked shit about her “friends”, she even tried to change her IP. The anticipation is killing me. I hope she gets a nice banner kek she’s sweating bullets now

No. 624092

this is so fucking funny she came up with this idea real fast to cover her shit talking omg

No. 624094

When your thread is so damn sizzling the cows come to you and milk themselves. G fucking G farmers, if only y'all could show the dairy farmers in the North East how to do it so they could stop killing themselves.

No. 624095

well i guess if she doesn't name it it'll make it easier to spin it in her favor and make herself look like the bigger person here. i am getting a kick out of how many people will probably believe her "social experiment" story. i can't wait for her posts to be marked

No. 624096

Not new but it's just as stupid. A lot of people don't even realize gossip sites exist until youtubers cry about them. I've seen tons of new members on other forums saying things like "wow I only found this place because X was crying about it, I didn't know this stuff about them" and turning on them. They want pity parties but all they're doing is jerking themselves off with stans who would have supported them anyway and losing old fans. Seems especially stupid for pettubers when the stuff being posted is concrete criticism and borderline abuse instead of just speculation on looks and character like most youtubers, but she can have at it, I guess

No. 624099

File: 1530251783271.jpeg (382.43 KB, 1242x1941, 8BB9158A-6F76-4524-B7BD-630367…)

This isn’t even a farmer. It’s just a random lurker who saw her self posts, whose a fan of hers. She’s getting mega desperate holy shit it’s embaressing to witness this train wreck

No. 624102

What if she isn’t actually lying? What if they all have been posting in plans of discussing it all? We know they’re in a group chat, we know they Skype, we know they’re all going to be together in August? We also all know they post on here. What if they really have been using this thread to their own benefit?

No. 624103

File: 1530251966227.jpeg (75.75 KB, 1242x457, 1C79E046-E16A-458B-9D3C-C87FCD…)

O rly?

No. 624104

File: 1530251984317.jpeg (219.1 KB, 1242x904, 99D4C4BE-30B2-4EF2-9A9E-E0A30B…)

No. 624105

File: 1530252000196.jpeg (150.79 KB, 1242x704, 20B6B5CA-9511-4A7E-BD9A-638F1C…)

No. 624108

How would a controversy doing something looked down on in a thread benefit her at all especially so close to their butt buddy get together? She will never win anyone from here after that crash, and no one else is going to give a flying fuck about this thread to care. The most that will happen is she is giving lolcow more visits; some will stay, some will lurk, some will shit post and be banned/deleted and some will contribute. She really only hurt the pettube community.
Yeah I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her after all the sneaky and back stabbing shit she's done on here.