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File: 1448109702100.jpg (259 KB, 1280x878, tumblr_no8ynbXnAD1tk4jyoo1_128…)

No. 61061

No. 61064

File: 1448109911964.png (174.86 KB, 874x707, ember-still-wants-to-wear-laur…)

Samefag to post part 2 of screencaps.
tl;dr version: Ember still stalks the fuck out of Felice/Lauren in the hope of becoming the thinspo queen Felice was even though she's gone into hiding.

No. 61080

She doesn't know who to suck up to anymore
I'm just glad she dropped the whole "witch" thing. (even to she still claims to be one for edge points)

No. 61105

File: 1448123921678.jpg (18.29 KB, 480x480, 14938750.jpg)

they only carry sizes 1.5 liters and smaller. seems like she just rounded the numbers off. but there's is 16 oz difference between a 1.5 liters bottle and a 2 liter bottle.

No. 61150

Someone on tumblr posted felice'snek alias and selfies, Ember isn't smart enough to find breadcrumbs.

She doesn't even know how to edit her instagram pics to not look like a dirty crackhead.

No. 61152

She keeps sending herself asks, jfc its water get over

No. 61156

With the way she raises her eyebrows in all her selfies she is gonna have mad forehead wrinkles by the time she's 25, I see it happen to girls like her all the time, specifically white girls because we're the most at risk group for this shit.

No. 61167

It's so sad that she got 0 personalty. She's the most boring snowflake I know tbh

No. 61169

I'm kind of over her tbh, it's just the same shit. The only reason she's living at this point is to stalk truth blogs, I'm torn between wanting to call her out on whoever promotes her and just shrugging whenever she does another stupid thing.

She looks like she's gained weight, she's probably going to get pregnant within the next five years, and she's going to be a sad adult like her mother.

No. 61178

Maybe she makes stupid faces to hide her nasolabial fold

No. 61180

Truth. It happened to me from making angsty wrinkled forehead faces when I was a little goth kid.

No. 61183

File: 1448140913861.jpg (28.46 KB, 268x211, IMG_20151121_151922.jpg)

No. 61209

Shit was posted on tumblr three days ago. Ember followed these accounts on the 11th/12th. Ember is desperate enough, I actually wouldn't put it past her to track her down.

No. 63002

File: 1448195334140.png (881.01 KB, 640x960, image.png)

oh god lol

No. 63010

File: 1448199065209.gif (516.64 KB, 474x266, ricky-gervais-hysterical-laugh…)

hahahahah ahahahaha that fucking outfit

No. 63011

she is full of lulz yet her thread still manages to die lol if she didn't steal and use people so often, she would be completely off the radar.

No. 63012

File: 1448199339470.jpg (42.54 KB, 288x399, f5rifcarumm4ij1elxgj.jpg)

All I see.

No. 63013

File: 1448199863953.png (100.43 KB, 291x310, Screenshot_2015-11-22-08-42-17…)

why does she look like such an old, homely ass, haggard bitch? isn't she a teen? fuck, this is why you should never start smoking at such a young age.

No. 63016

File: 1448200592696.png (242.7 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-22-07-55-27…)

No. 63017

File: 1448200663391.png (1.75 MB, 1777x1919, 2015-11-22 08.56.00.png)

aww looks like ember found a lil anorexic boy to fawn over

>is this enough confirmation that ember is a skinny fetishist or

No. 63018

Nice work upcycling those mega sanitary towels!

No. 63021

File: 1448201311748.jpg (1.26 MB, 2048x2958, Hester-From-Scream-Queens.jpg)

I saw someone comment on this image of Ember, referring to her as "Chanel No. 7" but tbh, if Ember was gonna be in Scream Queens, she would make the perfect Hester, aka Chanel No. 6, since they both have super severe scoliosis ♡

No. 63024

File: 1448201796921.png (477.43 KB, 601x613, Screenshot_2015-11-22-09-15-02…)

their thighs both look as if they've been shoop'd too lol

No. 63029

File: 1448205050095.png (105.16 KB, 1045x234, Screenshot_2015-11-22-10-09-28…)

Omg ember, leave her aloneeee. you're turning out to be such a creepy weirdo.

No. 63038

File: 1448208177559.png (137.03 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_2015-11-22-10-59-54…)

>inb4 ember takes selfies with the person who drove her ass to Starbucks and posts them on instagram with the title "omg I love my fans!!".

No. 63039

File: 1448208354901.png (725.15 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_2015-11-22-11-03-39…)

you know, I wanna bet that I enjoy the drawings of ember more than ember herself.

they all capture her homely, jealousy filled cunt essence super well.

No. 63055

Fashion blogger y'all

No. 63101

File: 1448217632202.png (2.6 MB, 1316x2048, PhotoGrid_1448217518661-1.png)


outfits by Ember Whann

No. 63102

Yea, it's creepy how Ember is mostly trying to be friends with 12-17 year olds

No. 63104

File: 1448217869776.png (260.38 KB, 500x750, https://41.media.tumblr.com/ea…)

here's a photo from Embers old instagram.

there is no way she is 5'5 and 89lbs here lmfao she looks bigger here than how she looked when she claimed to be 97lbs.

No. 63106

File: 1448217934648.jpg (92.92 KB, 380x506, https://41.media.tumblr.com/77…)

this is ember from loke 2 or 3 years back lol

No. 63110

File: 1448218519881.png (1.67 MB, 1769x1088, PhotoGrid_1448218384101-1.png)

for referencing purposes

No. 63137

File: 1448225472795.png (949.44 KB, 1684x1993, PhotoGrid_1448225352771-1.png)

why is her head as wide as her hips

also wtf is going on with her nose

No. 63138

File: 1448225630704.png (190.1 KB, 505x640, 2015-11-22 15.52.45.png)

something about this picture is really off

No. 63140

It's the over lined lips/lip makeup , we are used to her with no liner or sometimes even no lip make up at all

No. 63141

File: 1448228094665.png (1016.61 KB, 1131x1131, img1448227943958.png)

Those thigh bones just keep growing and growing

No. 63143

She's also making the smug, punchable facial expression that Ariana Grande makes on red carpets.

No. 63191

Looks like she got facetune, smoothed out her dead hair and dry ass face…little bit of defining the jaw and shrinking the nose

Her face is also elongated

No. 63192

her chin has no depth. like it was poorly airbrushed?

No. 63229

What's her makeup inspiration

Cher circa 1999?

No. 63230

Starbucks coconut milk is a joke, she'd be better off getting actual milk


No. 63232

She added a bunch of baby food to her wishlist, she's getting all her inspiration from lolcow it's so cringey.

I think because she's aging so fast she's trying to make herself look childish, as well.

No. 63242

It's the horrible circle lenses tbh

No. 63244

She's always dressed atrociously.

No. 63245

The funny thing is that the lenses are cute, but the way she edits her pics completely washes out the color.

No. 63246

I thought she was in recovery? Baby food is what ana-chans turn to, isn't it?

No. 63247

Can't be in recovery for an illness you don't have. Unless she's in recovery for being an insufferable turdblossom.

No. 63322

It's funny, she may not live with her mother-but she works with her, I'm sure they see eachother almost every day.

No. 63366

I think she's finally started trying to edit her atrocious nose?

No. 63368

Where did you get this info? If you're not Ember you picked up some serious breadcrumbs, because her mother used to work at the Cottage Hotel of Mendon, when Ember was claiming to have gotten a design job from them to redesign their menu. No one has paid attention to her mom in forever. So the fact that you know she's switched jobs to where Ember is now saying she's a banquet server either means you are a mega lurker, or you're Ember herself.

I'm guessing you're Ember or Megan/whismical, since no one else is as obsessed with Ember as Megan or herself.

Deny or confirm or whatever, the fact that you know this says as much about you as it does about Ember.

No. 63370

Hahah that's so sad, Ember goes wherever her mommy goes to get a job. Better get that GED, girl.

No. 63371

Do you belieeeeve in life after brows?

No. 63372

Oh, I saw it on her mom's fb that she worked at the same place as her bf and she said she met her bf at work. (I check her mom's fb for candids of Ember)

It wasn't hard to put a 3-piece puzzle together, but I could see how you'd assume I was Ember but not how you could assume I was whimsical.

I'm neither.

No. 63384

ember, her mother, and her mothers boyfriend all worked at that Country Club together
>that article is about her mom's boyfriend

and now it appears that her, her mother, and embers new boyfriend all work at that Eastman place.

Tbh, her mom probably was the one who got her the job. Or Ember could just be hanging out with her mom (and Andrew) while she works, since Ember literally has nothing else going on in her life beside asking self sent asks on ask.fm, lying to 13 year olds on instagram, and wearing disgusting outfits.

Here is the number to Embers workplace… if anyone was wanting to.. maybe call and… get her fired for (the lulz) being so god damn insufferable on the internet….?…..

>(585) 697-0491

Or not! :D

No. 63386

Not the same anon but I was going to say that Embers work info and her mom's work info are both available on their Facebook pages.

No. 63387

what ever happened to ember being the web designer for some bar? also what happened to her being her grandmother's business' social media operator? what ever happened to the books she was writing that she swore woulb be published by 2014? what happened to her doing online classes to get her GED?

so much time has past since I started to pay attention to embers bullshit and it is such a wonderful feeling, knowing that all of her little dreams of being a famous writer died before her pen ever touched the page.

No. 63389

If she would stop drawing these Caterpillars on her face and got a nose job she actually would look pretty decent, it's a shame

No. 63392

>If she literally changed her face she would look decent


No. 63395

Ember keeps adding pre natal and baby related items to her wishlist?

What if her recent weught gain is because she is pregnant???

No. 63397

File: 1448281970522.png (809.49 KB, 1876x1018, PhotoGrid_1448281838551-1.png)

She just posted this video and deleted it in less than a minute. Probably because she didn't realize how mannish she looked until after she uploaded it.

No. 63400


she just posted the video again after i uploaded those screenshots hahah

No. 63402

>Gets up
>Puts on full makeup
>Gets back in bed to take an awkward video

The life of Ember Whann

No. 63403

annnnd she just deleted that video again, after she re-uploaded it for the second time.

No. 63405

This isn't my favorite thing she's been doing, my favorite thing is her keeping anon off on her ask.fm and turning it on to ask herself questions before turning it off again.

I got a chuckle out of her asking herself if she's pregnant, the smart water thing was the most funny recently though.

No. 63406

She copied that shit from Kenzie. She has always contributed her hair growth to prenatal vitamins. She's a Dumb ass stalker bitch who couldn't come up with an original idea if her life depended on it.

No. 63417

File: 1448284424680.gif (1.67 MB, 350x865, point-those-toes-gurl.gif)

lol @ ember and her thinspo poses

look at them knees

No. 63418

File: 1448284549628.gif (1.11 MB, 350x865, h.gif)

i lined up the (what i assume is a) shower loofa and then compared the size of her thighs.

>oh how they grow, looks like she stopped pointing her knees at each other in the selfie when she is hunched over

No. 63430

File: 1448284965407.gif (240.5 KB, 539x653, toddler.gif)

i said it once and i'll say it again, why is her head as wide as her hips???

she made herself look as if she has the proportions of a baby.

No. 63435

I just checked her ask.fm and I agree, knowing she reads this thread and wants to defend herself so god damn badly to the point where she sends herself anonymous messages so she can reply in the whatever ways she wants just to prove us ~*haters*~ wrong is hilarious.

No. 63442

why cant she just use coconut oil and biotin to aid in hair growth like a normal person????

No. 63448

File: 1448286491864.png (65.77 KB, 721x574, om.png)

Ember asked people to send her messages so I figured I would give the cow what she wants.

No. 63449

It always creeps me out that she's ok answering all the weird fetishes questions, I don't think she understands what kind of people follow instagram tags and she's too stupid to clue in unless it's blatantly sexual.

No. 63450

I know what you mean. Like. She tends to answer a lot of ask about her feet.

No. 63475

File: 1448293312387.png (356.98 KB, 554x1071, Screenshot_2015-11-23-10-37-12…)

is it just me or does it seem like ember forgot which angles flatter her dog shit face

she's been looking extra homely lately

No. 63487

File: 1448296151981.jpg (291.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-23-08-28-19…)

Lmao kissing ass

No. 63491

File: 1448296812900.png (171.3 KB, 1080x650, Screenshot_2015-11-23-11-38-44…)

Are you pants on fire too?

No. 63492

If she is in OP for Anorexia, why would they only weigh her once a month?……

No. 63498

I like how Ember is constantly losing weght while becoming pudgier and pudgier.

She is like bizarro Aly. Pretending to be severely underweight while packing on the pounds.

No. 63520

File: 1448299804756.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x400, why-you-lying.jpg)

And yet she didn't insta pics of said low body temperature and blood pressure. Hmmm

No. 63568

Me and some of my friends considered Ember to be a friend. When all the links to lolcow and the Tumblr masterpost got sent around we didn't want to believe it. We didn't want to, because we couldn't imagine Ember doing these things. We started to pay more attention though, we realized that Ember really is a selfish bitch. Whenever we were talking in a group chat, she would only ever come in and talk about things related to HER. Whenever someone posted something about not being/feeling well, she never cared, though she expected us to care for her. Then the fake overdose came along. Literally 9/10 of the things she said had happened, could not have possibly happened the way she put them (being release from hospital 6 hours after trying to kill yourself, those things). She lied. She kept lying, and she is still lying. I doubt she will ever stop lying. I'm glad I can read on here every day, see more of the shit she posted when I wasn't around, because honestly, the only reason I'm still 'friends' with Ember, is to spy on her shit, to see what she does next, to laugh at her.

No. 63604

Ditto anon. I chat with Ember multiple times a week and she has no idea that I do it for my own personal lulz.

No. 63608

File: 1448315485999.png (46.05 KB, 778x173, Screenshot_2015-11-23-16-46-15…)

Looks like Ember finally became aware of Eugenia. Surprise it took her this long.

No. 63613

It's gratifying to see people realizing the truth about Ember, but it still must be shitty to realize that someone you considered a friend is actually a dickhole, so I'm sorry about that.

No. 63628

Someone please tell explain this to my dumbass- I was under the impression that the depo shot lasted 6 months or a year? How is she already switching birth controls? Like my friend was injected with the depo shot incorrectly and shit went down I don't want to share so Ember can spin it into her own story.

No. 63632

File: 1448320980405.jpg (1.75 MB, 1904x1142, IaKo59M.jpg)

kinda unrelated but i just saw this pic of how poses can make the difference between hambeast and average/kinda chubby

makes me think of Ember

No. 63635

it's 3 months

No. 63638

This shit right here.

If she was in OP she would be weighed on at least weekly basis.

No. 63652

anon i was thinking of getting depo. if i make a throwaway email could you send me the story? i would like to make an educated decision.

No. 63796

It's actually quite funny, because I don't think there is anyone left that actually trusts or believes her, so most have gone quiet. Though Ember doesn't seem to realize that, haha.

No. 63850

File: 1448380000985.jpg (190.07 KB, 532x844, IMG_20151124_094151.jpg)

Still sucking the baby food out of Aly's ass

No. 63852

She's always been like that

I like to play a game where I report all her shout out pictures and as spam kek

No. 63855

You can delete them if you want, but you still leave out the other ones for shoutouts and I report those, too.

No. 63862

If only Ember was more consistent with her lies than she is with her obsessive behavior, she wouldn't be dragged through the mud so often.

No. 63894

I can't visit her askfm anymore because everytime I do I end up laughing at the same damn ask

>Do you ever play hard to get?

>I don't need to, I am hard to get lmao I'm taken ❤✌

>I am hard to get

>I haven't been single for years

No. 63928

Ember is trying to get called out for copying Aly, I say we ignore any similarities she goes out of her way to make.
It's not fun to talk shit when someone is literally handing you cue cards.

No. 63989

hey ember, are you still a clairvioent witch?lmao

No. 63992

File: 1448410235679.png (734.02 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_2015-11-24-19-07-01…)


No. 63993

File: 1448410249965.png (95.39 KB, 277x357, Screenshot_2015-11-24-19-07-01…)

No. 63994

File: 1448410298924.png (41.52 KB, 208x199, Screenshot_2015-11-22-13-14-03…)

Embers thumbs are so disgusting, holy shit girl buy some fucking lotion.

No. 63997

File: 1448410473904.png (56.16 KB, 988x171, Screenshot_2015-11-24-19-13-22…)

Looks like she is following accounts with large followings, in hopes they help her get noticed lol.

No. 63998

For a person who drinks bottles of water that are ~bigger than her~, she sure does look a lot like a dehydrated cow hide.

No. 63999

Jfc she's making her head so fucked it's like Mars attacks

Also am I wrong for assuming the button is supposed to be on the back?

No. 64001

More spam to report kek

No. 64004

File: 1448411593415.jpg (18.68 KB, 236x323, 96ba0772cb6246b58026fdd8309b0f…)

Yes or to the side. I have no idea what the fuck Ember is doing.

No. 64005

File: 1448411760878.jpg (919.44 KB, 1512x1512, Yasure.jpg)

No. 64007

I love that ember is totally embarrassing herself because she is literally too dumb to wear a headband correctly.

No. 64009

File: 1448412701581.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_2015-11-24-19-40-47…)

This is the results I got when I Googled "crochet headband with button".

But like, even though it's funny that Ember is wearing this thing wrong, it would still look fucking retarded if she wore it the proper way. I dunno, these headbands are ugly as fuck too me.

No. 64014

It wouldn't matter if she was wearing it properly or not at this point, considering she made her forehead as long as her face in an attempt to hide her growing double chin

No. 64015

File: 1448413193895.jpg (24.41 KB, 306x306, 1516090_361220140710536_293308…)

Headbands like that scream, "basic bitch".

No. 64017

File: 1448413956236.png (458.28 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_2015-11-24-20-08-39…)

Lmfao, she sent herself asks so she could reply to these two comments.

Apperently, her hair is so disgusting that she can't even wear a handband the right way because her hair gets knotted up too easy.


Ember, if you used conditioner on the rare days which you shower, you wouldn't be having this issue.

No. 64020

File: 1448414248708.png (477.94 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_2015-11-24-20-15-24…)

I follow multiple snowflakes on Instagram for lulz and Ember is the only one of them that begs people to like and comment on her photos lol.

No. 64023

She has white, flakey skin hanging off of her thumb and she says her skin isn't dry ahaha.

Also, did she forget that purposeful deprivation of nutrients (aka ANOREXIA) causes dry skin?????? I bet she is kicking herself for not using that as an excuse now that I've mentioned it.

No. 64031

I wonder if a being lacking any meaningful thought process is capable of feeling embarrassment from doing this, guess we'll never know

No. 64032

>I don't wear dresses with zippers in the back either, it's too confusing!

No. 64033

If she wasn't embrassed, she wouldn't be so defensive. Just think about it.

No. 64034

File: 1448415414281.png (101.83 KB, 300x256, 084.png)

Ember pretends to kill herself everytime she is caught in a lie and you can't tell if she feels embrassment/shame?

No. 64036

I think it's less embarrassment, and more she feels like some bad bitch because she says something idiodic, adds hun or sweety, and then uses a bunch of emojis so she obviously wins

Btw I find it hilarious she thinks she has a resting bitch face, but I mean it's an easy part of Jo H's "quirks" to steal.

No. 64037

Embarrassment/shame are different than seeking pity/running from your shit storm imo.

If she was embarrassed I feel like she might actually do something with her life besides playing hopscotch with rochester guys and working with mommy as a sad waitress.

No. 64066

No. 64067

I stg this term is being used on every thread here

No. 64069

Well, these cows have to have something in common, right?

No. 64071

We got tired of diagnosing everyone with BPD.

No. 64072

Tbh, I think when shit blows up in her face, she becomes super embarrassed then tries to turn her "walk of shame" into a pity party, by making people think she tried to kill herself after they found out what a spiteful loser she is.

No. 64074

Ember is a f*cking joke. At least make your lies believable. With "low blood pressure, body temp KIDNEY issues" she would be seen at least, bi-weekly. Being sick isn't cute and no one likes you.

/end dramatics

No. 64076

>tfw u are relieved to know she tried to kill herself

if only they were legitimate attempts

No. 64190

I can't believe someone is so dumb they can't keep their simple lies straight. God Ember, if you're that retarded write them down ffs

No. 64197

Did McKenzies acc get deleted??

No. 64203

File: 1448455717227.jpeg (246.25 KB, 1122x1943, image.jpeg)

No. 64206

File: 1448456275319.jpeg (209.17 KB, 1124x1950, image.jpeg)

Also to add, she posted another "comment something nice for me when I wake up"

Felt kind of bad because she kept it up for about 20 minutes or less, got 15 likes, and only 1 comment.

No. 64209

File: 1448456465938.jpeg (170.32 KB, 1125x1110, image.jpeg)

No. 64231

Wonder if anyone is ever going to report Ember and get her account deleted

No. 64239

File: 1448462686805.jpeg (478.25 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

She's trying really hard to get her other account deleted.

Also, she's deleted every comment telling her to "let it go" or even comments that are supporting Ember?? Then ends up blocking them as well. She claims to be the better person and is a "bitch" in a good way. But acts like a child in these stupid fights. They both photoshop their shit and both act like retards anyways.

No. 64240

She tagged the post #apac,lmao I hope some of them remember who Ember is and her plan backfires

No. 64251

Haha, Eboni in the comments

No. 64252

Her life is about getting randoms to follow her on instagram. Sad, sad cunt.

No. 64264

I bet she really hates herself and feels like shit most of the time

No. 64323

She's the perfect example of how self hatred manifests into self obsession.

No. 64330

OK old friend of ebony and ember here. What the actual fuck is wrong with these girls. They literally have nothing better going on than to harass me on tumblr and all that. I have plenty of screenshots of them lying and using me plus being grade A twat waffles today. Can't upload though cause I don't have a laptop if anyone is interested in some laughs. Ebony and ember you are calling me scum and trash when at least I'm not a high school dropout and I have my own job and life.

No. 64333

No, because it's not medical attention she's craving. She wants public attention. She would actually GO to treatment every time she claimed, if it was munchausens instad of just a shitty fucking personality. NPD is the only diagnosis I've actually thought might fit her, but I don't believe she's been diagnosed, or believes it herself.

No. 64334

do post!!!

No. 64352

But why keep posting lies when people keeping proving her wrong? I'm confused as to why this chick is such a hateful liar! And now she's telling people Kenzie flew to NY to see Ember but flaked on her and didn't meet up. OK Ember like she's going to fly to see your dumb fat fake ass. Again, Kenzie would have posted NY pics if she was a really there. Why lie with no proof??!!

No. 64383

Ember is commenting on Aly's Instagram posts a lot lately. I think she's trying to get her attention or something but Aly never replies to her so….

No. 64386

Yea, shes probably trying to be her "friend" aka she found a way to use aly for her own benefit

No. 64387


No. 64397

File: 1448484305457.jpg (146.74 KB, 532x735, IMG_20151125_143734.jpg)

Got my popcorn for this train wreck

No. 64398

File: 1448484363461.jpg (98.08 KB, 539x419, IMG_20151125_144009.jpg)


No. 64400

File: 1448484582654.png (82.62 KB, 640x960, image.png)

Close ups of food and Aly style captions
I womder if Ember is retarded enough to think people like this kind of shit or that itll get her more atenttion, because ot wont
or shes trying to suck up to the #edfamily or actual sick deluded anas

No. 64401

She noticed how many followers Aly has, and how much attention she gets from lolcow. Of course she's going to emulate her, it's more drama, and more attention all around.

No. 64402

File: 1448484935088.png (1.07 MB, 1073x1824, 1439400743538.png)

She's going to have to go back to posting pictures like this if she wants anyone to care about a "faking" recovery (aka non-recovery, because she isn't anorexic), because she doesn't look sick.

No. 64403

it's funny because her thighs look pretty big in that picture for someone who is 'super anorexic'

No. 64406

LOL yep, that's exactly what I thought as well.

No. 64408

Lmao I love that someone's safe food is apparently "red paper"

No. 64411

File: 1448485692631.jpg (64.99 KB, 938x609, uiasdfif.JPG)

Did not need to see this. Did not need to know that.

No. 64414

File: 1448486058623.jpg (66.92 KB, 616x842, Capture.JPG)

Hahaha she's lurking lolcow right now. No one made any comments on that pic, I've had my eye on it.

Hi, Ember!

No. 64415

**Any rude comments, I mean

No. 64416

File: 1448486203080.jpg (48.89 KB, 465x419, IMG_20151125_151540.jpg)

Dirty nasty photoshopping fool

No. 64432

Emma Roberts….how fitting.

No. 64446

You can suck in as much as possible, but guess you can't fake boney hipbones

No. 64454

I'm -90 lbs at 5'5" with a serious restrictive ED…but I've had my period for 4 months straight

No. 64455

I told you she was trying to copy Aly, either way Aly might see it as another parody account

No. 64456

You don't have to be ana to have protruding hipbones. I have them and I'm just slightly underweight.

No. 64458

What I mean is, she doesn't have them.
There's no curve of her hipbone, just the shape of it on the outside that she sticks out.

No. 64459

It's getting more cringeworthy that she's trying to act like "Chanel #1" from Scream Queens. Dressing like her and acting more like an annoying bitch. We get that you have blonde hair, that ugly fucking fuzzy coat(?), and those sun glasses that look way too big for your head.

No. 64461

Oh okay then, my apologies

No. 64463

Chanel is not someone you look up too. Only Ember would be dumb enough to think that being manipulative, self centered, shallow bitch who friends only like her because she is "super rich and kind of hot" is something to aspire to be.

Too bad Ember is ugly and poor af, she would be just like her.

No. 64467

She's probably just too stupid to differentiate her from AHS, so her girl crush is spillover.

No. 64469

It's weird how Ember asked everyone to report McKenzie's account last night, then she just ended up deleting the photos about it.

She acts so cocky and proud that she got it deleted, all she really did was just send a report to Instagram crying over it? I mean someone could easily just send a report about Ember, right? It's funny she thinks she has all this power because most of the people who follow/support her don't even know how bad Ember really is.

No. 64477

Lol the birth control patch made my disordered ass gain weight like nothing. I can't wait to watch her balloon up

No. 64480

like i said before, its not quite munchausen syndrome, but "munchausen by internet". If she was capable of getting the attention she craves IRL, I'm sure she would. Im sure she'd love to be hospitalized for anorexia, but she can't be, bc doctors aren't so easy to fool in person. Fooling a bunch of teens online is much more doable.


No. 64486

Gosh, ember been extra annoying lately and now she trying to be like Chanel is irrating she so much more ugly and that headband makes her look stupid I laugh every time she post something

No. 64497

She's full of herself because begging for followers is working for her, for once.
She has nobody that genuinely likes her, they all just follower spillover though.
Nobody follows her other accounts at all.

No. 64503

>inb4 she tells people to follow her other accounta for a promo

No. 64513

She has no personality, she's always had to copy. The only reason anyone even knows her name in the first place was because she got publicly outed for trying to basically be Emily.

No. 64527

i just fell down this rabbit hole really hard and i'll be damned if she isn't in my hood.

No. 64530

Who even follows/supports her?

She gets barely any likes or comments. Pretty sure most of her followers are bought and the only people who like/comment are just trying to get a like/comment back.

No one is actually interested in her. It's why she's so attention starved towards us, we're literally the only people who actually talk about her.

No. 64532

Truth, she literally only caters to this topic (and anyone hiring Max of Eastman place kek)

No. 64559

Ember, since you lurk here and self post and shit. Stay off of Aly's Instagram. I don't need to keep up with any more of these pro-Ana girls. Ashley and Aly are enough. You intersecting is too much. You don't have an ED, Aly isn't going to pay attention to you, and since Aly is so weird with people she may eventually block you for being too nice. So just stop. I know you just want to bring Aly down even more from what I've heard about you. (Btw I don't keep up with Ember but the things I hear about her are all negative. Hope she changes herself soon).

No. 64560

What happened to imskinnybeautifuls ig?

No. 64564

She got deleted.

>Posts related


No. 64577

She's like untreated syphilis, just springing up anywhere that might bring her a scrap of attention.

No. 64583

This is only going to encourage her, sorry to say.
She wants your guys attention, maybe more than Aly's.

No. 64611

Does anyone know why Ember dropped out of HS? I might be wrong but she stated (somewhere) that it was because she was bullied? If that's true wouldn't her parents just send her to another school or something?
Does she have any other hobbies besides watch TV, smoke weed and play pretend? She used to "do" yoga, what happened to that? Or her scoliosis? Oh Ember…
Also, where's her father? I don't think I've ever read something about him or even seen a picture.

At this point I'm feeling truly sorry for her. As someone already stated, she has no personalty of her own and always tries to copy others. She could've just stuck to one of them and "fleshed it out", it would've worked better, but she's too lazy to ever do that and wants instant fame. This is becoming really sad…

No. 64613

She got called out by some irls, she made a post about it awhile back and it was basically the same drama reaction she has now.

Her dad doesn't live too far from her according to fb, I'm sure they talk.

I'd feel bad if she wasn't such an awful person.

No. 64614

Irls, was supposed to be girls but I guess both worked.

Either way she ran from her praoblems, $20 says it was dating drama.
I'm sure you could see her ex before AJ's old tumblr and find his name, I bet he'd have some interesting stuff in his fb history.

No. 64629

I should make a throaway profile and ask, but then again I'm lazy

No. 64682

File: 1448561364725.jpg (466.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-26-10-07-45…)

Lmao pretending like they never talked mad shit about each other on here.

No. 64692

File: 1448564316842.png (838.95 KB, 1131x1131, img1448559156964.png)

Again she posted proof Ember. why do you make yourself look so fucking stupid

No. 64698

Why is she still trying? She got her 20+ k account deleted. She can't "krep her away" from insta

No. 64716


The text is awful and speaks to who both of these girls are-inconsiderate, awful and ugly people.

They both need to get a life. Anyone looked into Makenzie's claims outside of Crihns: 35, no kids etc. This whole thing pisses me off.

No. 64913

File: 1448640578403.png (2.18 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-11-27-09-48-38…)

Caption "i hate myself"
So do w, ember
I reported this photo for triggering content
Ember you're not any better than those people who post self harm, fuck off bitch.

No. 64915

File: 1448641049372.jpg (42.75 KB, 534x185, IMG_20151127_100853.jpg)

Of course your friends with the biggest scammer of them all. Maybe she can teach you some tricks and tips to stealing others hospital pics and faking illnesses

No. 64946

dat contrast and burn doe.

No. 64952

wtf where are her shoulder blades

No. 64955

Is she hiding magical wings in her back. Ribs don't disappear when you bend forward. WTF WTF WTF?? There is not one (anorexic) anatomy pic on Google that shows this kind of shit

No. 64966

Nooo shhh don't mention wings, she'll claim to be otherkin next.

No. 64969

I am so pissed off with Sarah. I don't know her personally, but I know about her scams and I am friends with two people who actually do have cystic fibrosis. And it breaks my heart that they'll both die rather young. One has had a transplant is ok, the other one just started on Orkambi.

No. 64970

File: 1448654046211.jpg (16.21 KB, 225x575, 25c7a603021ce77f55f4a5b5eb38c4…)

What an emaciated persons back really looks like
Damn why are you trying so hard to look like this Ember? Youre already a disgusting hag.

No. 64974

I tried to follow Ember on IG for the dramu, but she rejected my follow and I'm not about to kiss her ass by requesting again… I'm not really missing anything, right?

No. 65022

Why does she never have shoulderblades

No. 65027

I'm so glad that back brace everyone chipped in to get her completely fixed her spine curve, wow can't even see the 32 degree curve anymore! That was so quick! So proud of her recovery

No. 65032

I'm laughing. I needed this today, thank you

No. 65089

Snapchat earlier today. She isn't looking too hot.

No. 65090

File: 1448681405960.jpeg (559.91 KB, 1579x2590, image.jpeg)

Kek forgot pic

No. 65093

this poor child is so ugly and full of sin. Someone help her

No. 65094

She literally looks 70 years old. She is so gross looking. And so old looking.

No. 65099

god i wish you could like posts on here because this is something i would like. i mean holy shit she looks like a confused turtle, slowly peaking it's head out of it's shell.

No. 65103

Jfc don't smoke kids, you'll get jowels at 19

No. 65104

I'm sorry, but the heathy, round and soft face she has, there's no way she's lost 4 lbs and is near kidney failure like she says. Literally she has soft folds in her face no matter how hard she tenses. She's doughy. Compare her face to Ashley or aly. Nothing alike.

No. 65109

It made me lol cause you can see her bronzer line

No. 65115

She's faking everything. This whole thing is for attention. I'm sure she reads this thread hourly hell she probably comments by changing her IP with a proxy or something.

No. 65118

Lol her dead frizzy hair surrounding her face. She is so unfortunate looking.

No. 65119

She's just ugly as fuck, especially with those faces she makes. Can we stop calling her fat/doughy/huge please?
She's not anorexic or severely underweight, but she isn't, by any stretch of the imagination, fat.
I get that part of it is probably just people being (rightfully?) bitchy because she pretends to be so sick and underweight and all that jazz but come on.

No. 65125

She is fat and doughy, she's average and she's getting chunky now.

No. 65127

She's skinnyfat, and edging dangerously close to chub territory. If didn't have a naturally small frame it'd be far more obvious that she looks like a condom full of pancake batter.

No. 65128

She really isn't though.
She's an ugly, delusional, narcissistic, lying shithead and just about every other negative you can thing of. But she is not fat.
I know being fat is the worst possible thing a woman can be according to some people on here, but calling an obviously thin girl "fat" is catty and pathetic.

No. 65129

I agree. this ember thing is NOT fat.

No. 65151

She's pretty round fam

No. 65152

honestly when I say fat I mean just untoned/has untoned fat

she is not obese or even overweight but I would still say she is 'fat'or 'untoned/doughy'

No. 65161

Yeah, I don't get the impression people mean "obese" or "overweight" by it, just that she's not in shape at all. Which is a fact, she's completely untoned. So even though she's thin, she still looks squishy.

No. 65176

Imo it's usually people that are chubby or actually obese that get offended when anyone calls a normal but out of shape person fat.

No. 65178

if her cheeks look really chubby that may be a sign of excessive purging. i honestly doub that's what's going on with this chick though.

No. 65185

File: 1448715677424.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.67 KB, 206x275, image.jpeg)

Purging doesn't really make your whole face chubby though, it's specifically certain glands around the jaw. Look at Ash in her hamtaro-chan form.

No. 65186

Didn't mean to spoiler that, oh well.

No. 65187

She used to be so cute wtf

No. 65189


Maybe it's her muscles giving out from too much tensing.

No. 65199

Exactly. When I said "doughy" I mean she's soft. Not obese, or has tons of excess weight. I mean she is probably the type to get tired after walking for 20 min or can't lift anything bc all she does is sit around on insta and make up new stories about her life. Shes def not anorexic though. Just a boring lump of dough.

No. 65201

I doubt she's underweight. You'd be amazed how easily you can dodge and burn your bones to pop out in pictures. Look at her face and arms. They are soft. She's not over weight by any means. But she's definitely a little squishy.

No. 65202

Actually, I would guess that she's about 5-10 lbs overweight from her videos.

No. 65205

idk anything about this girl but i feel bad that she looks like that

No. 65294


Lmaoooo could she be any further up her ass?

No. 65545

Dat bait lmao.

Anyways yeah I agree she's not fat at all. Maybe even a little bit underweight? Though she is definitely skinnyfat, she probably binge/starves and that's usually what happens.

No. 65560

Does anyone else immediately think whenever someone defends Ember or says she's not fat that it's Ember whiteknighting herself behind a proxy or am I just paranoid?

No. 65566

No, you're just delusional.
I honestly feel like some anons are taking it personally, thinness is good and fat is bad so how could someone as shitty as Ember possibly be thin?! Maybe I am projecting a little here since I feel that way sometimes but I try to be objective.

No. 65569

You're paranoid. There are a lot of different people with different opinions on this board. We need to end the idea that anyone who shares an opinion even remotely similar to a cow is that cow in disguise.

No. 65571

Ember isn't fat, but she's not underweight and she's not pretty.

No. 65574

She upwards of normal bmi for sure

No. 65579

It's hard to tell with her with all the angles and photoshop… but I can honestly believe she is naturally mildly underweight, just small framed and really skinnyfat. Most def. not overweight or higher end of healthy though… I mea have you seen people with a BMI of even 22? Unless theyrr athletes…

No. 65587

christ she's fucking hideous. can the op please fucking spoiler that pic so I don't have to look at her awful squidward nose every time I scroll by?

No. 65591

This is my favorite image of Ember. If I had a truth blog, this would be my avi.
>if you have a truth blog, please steal this idea from me. it'll make ember so mad

No. 65595

File: 1448777775337.jpg (70.1 KB, 400x600, 505-120_Kellie_L1.jpg)

No. 65643

Ember? purge? she loves herself too much to actually harm herself

No. 65673

I didn't get a screenshot but Ember's eyebrows are looking EVEN WORSE in her latest Snapchat posts.

No. 65686

File: 1448830320561.png (658.49 KB, 640x960, image.png)

What the hell? Ember must be super desperate…wow just wow…how long will it take until they backstab each other

No. 65687

File: 1448830941137.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

What the fuck Emily are you serious

No. 65693

Emily has been drama free for a while, guess shes not getting enough attention

No. 65696

Funny a month ago Ember was saying how much of a slut Emily is when creating her thread, not forgetting >>40577
>>And her makeup skills suck.

Ember has always shown herself to be a desperate backstabber. Wonder what Emily's excuse is though.

No. 65697

It's been deleted. That didn't last long.

No. 65698

This is going to be awesome! Bets on how long until Emily gets burned. She has been warned and oviously doesn't give a shit

No. 65712

Im cringing for Emily.. shes so stupid

No. 65739

holy fuck

No. 66094

Oh my god i used to think emily was just too nice to really start shit and I realized that she's literally too stupid to know how to do anything besides send herself anonymous hate. How do you not learn to stay away from fucking Ember Whann? ?????????

No. 66097

its honestly so embarassing, she just cant learn her lesson. Or she just loves being the center of attention as a victim of mean ole ember

No. 66116

This is why I don't and never will feel bad for Emily.

No. 66152

Same, she is and has been "good" for a while now but it's obvious she'll go back to being the same person she once was soon enough unless she just gets off her the internet.

No. 66153

This dumb bitch thinks she can get a following by copying old tumblr whores, but she does that and then realizes it doesn't work so she had to keep up old crappy drama going.

No. 66289

Both ember and emily dropped out of school and have nothing better to do than photoshop their pics, smoke weed and make up their own stupid mental illnesses. It was only a matter of time until these two trash cans got back together

No. 66290

I honestly believe she only did this to get back in the spotlight of all the drama. she missed the attention

No. 66291

look at her right cheek…. the outline is blurry compared to the rest of the edges of her face… photoshop

No. 66292

File: 1448901808947.jpg (996.49 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151130_104254.jpg)

No. 66293

Lolz from ember vs. McKenzie this morning

No. 66294

File: 1448901953996.jpg (860.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151130_102836.jpg)

No. 66359

File: 1448914715552.jpg (169.5 KB, 531x837, IMG_20151130_140721.jpg)

No bitch, it's not your boots it's your fucking Photoshop you hypocritical fat ass bully.

No. 66370

When people send you their shit, they don't want a nasty bathroom selfie

No. 66371

don't worry she deleted the comment already too

No. 66507

Hahaha I love the girl calling her out on her shitty photoshop. She probably got blocked after that.

No. 66549

She wasn't blocked, Ember probably still sees her as a 'friend' with many followers so they can shout her out.

No. 66645

Why does she feel the need to be on half a gluten-free diet all of a sudden?

No. 66657

anyone notice her pizza photo caption, is SUPER oily someone's kissing aly's ass lately

No. 66658

Shes been doing that for a while now, too bad aly only cares about herself

No. 66659

I've noticed her Starbucks pics recently have had '1 of 2' or '2 of 2' on the cup stickers….wonder why she's not as quick to show off the whole order?

No. 66664

her life is boring af, so she needs to find a way to post shit, even if its food she had teo days ago

No. 66666

She probably thinks it makes something sound like it's got less calories lmao

Can't believe her intensive PHP was so effective it allows her to eat pizza and starbucks almost every day when before she seemed to be upset about 1/3 a bowl of chipotle

Also the whole money situation seems great for her now, I'm sure her and her bf don't pay rent so they can just eat out all the time

No. 66667

Also I'll take my award for those quints

No. 66668

She probably gets 2 for herself and keeps one in the fridge for later, looks like some strawberry frap

No. 66670

File: 1448996006736.jpg (16.11 KB, 320x320, Recoverywin.jpg)

Damn they must go through cream cheese so fast, it's like a tbsp per square inch wtf

No. 66671

Can't wait til ember balloons up so big even shoop can't help her

No. 66683

Honestly though it's not even fun to actually have to be on a gluten-free diet. Most of it is dry plus it's super expensive (which shouldn't be first choice for someone with money issues, as well as all the Starbucks tbh). I honestly wonder how she's not fat as fuck yet.

No. 66690

and i think that GF products have more sugar and other things in them taste better in order to make up for the lack of appealing texture. the fat will come

No. 66695

Sugar and carbs, which equals higher calorie food than non GF stuff.

No. 66708

File: 1449004065109.jpeg (118.25 KB, 979x979, warped.jpeg)

No. 66719

Oh my god you're going to hell for this uahahahahaha I love thisb

No. 66723

File: 1449006008308.png (228.76 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Anyone notice the new header? Kek

No. 66783

File: 1449017109133.jpg (123.91 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Now ember's trying to be like aly with her infuriating positive captions kek

No. 66786

What the fuck. She has absolutely no personality of her own.

No. 66790

Is she even fucking serious? It's like a farmers parody account. I hope she's taking the piss because wow.

No. 66794

And it's not like Aly has much to spare…

No. 66795

Comment of the day!

No. 66803

File: 1449019445119.jpg (14.41 KB, 308x108, ember.JPG)

Bless whoever made this

No. 66815


Love how she gives more proof of her lurking. I commented that we only ever see half her Starbucks order so she goes an adds to one of her earlier Starbucks pics that she 'orders for her boy' too.

Lurkers be lurking.

No. 66861

you are so welcome (:

No. 66929

File: 1449065733830.png (719.42 KB, 979x979, img1449065572737.png)

More lurking, sees fat pic of herself, more Pro Ana Triggering tips. SMFH

No. 66958

its so fucking annoying how she goes through phases. Remember her witchy Autumn Holly*~* phase? or how about the deep dark troubled phase, or her rich bitch luxe phase… now shes in an Aly-inspired sickeningly positive phase. Like shes so boring and bland and has no personality of her own. she simply steals them from popular bloggers/insta girls. remember when she wore all black and wanted to be Emily so damn bad? this is just pathetic. she has no idea who she is.

No. 66959

raw ass salmon.. and inch of cream cheese on some sort of grain bagel. I can PROMISE this is not a part of ANY inpatient/recovery planned diet. plus that shit just looks gross

No. 66961

someone stop her from using emojis ever again

No. 66964

I don't understand the emojis

No. 66968

me neither.
i think she just wants to copy Aly

No. 66972

Someone tell her that the squat challange is bs, it wont build a booty it just builds endurance
Thank god Ember is lazy as fuck, I wouldnt be able to stand her in the fitness comunitty

No. 66976

its her new personality yo

No. 66996

i just can't believe how damn obvious she is about it. What kind of loser steals someone else's mannerisms in such a blatant manner lmao so much secondhand embarrassment

No. 67008

File: 1449090741568.jpg (122.11 KB, 537x495, IMG_20151202_150400.jpg)

If she's kissing Aly's ass then she's probably running the hate page aly_realrecovery lol

No. 67009

the right one looks aaalmost real, nice
no one would be surprised if she did

No. 67016

Keep making these, I can imagine ember pissing herself out of anger

No. 67017

She probably is running that account!! How many hate accounts have she made of her "friends"?

No. 67019


sorry for OT but could you explain why? I don't want to build a booty just get firmer tights/ass and was thinking about doing it.

No. 67027

Lox and cream cheese on a bagel is normal, though

No. 67033

omg she's using all of aly's food descriptions. SUPER oily, super INCREDIBLE, POSITIVE. i'm waiting for the superlicious to start showing up..

No. 67036

Not normal for a super anorexic "kidneys are failing" faux-spoopy skeleton girl in an impatient treatment. Esp since she was just a "vegan"

No. 67037

It's really awkward though, it's like she's not creative enough, or maybe just too stupid, to actually parody/copy it

No. 67038

She spelled 'challange' wrong…

No. 67042

No. 67217

Because youll over train it. If you want to work on it then lift. you need to shock the muscle.

No. 67271

File: 1449149642734.jpg (181.34 KB, 527x745, IMG_20151203_073015.jpg)

JFC Now she's having an "Aly" croissant. This dumb ass bitch needs to find herself

No. 67279

jesus christ she's a mess. but she's bad at even being a mess

No. 67303

So pescetatian

No. 67304

*pescetarian Jfc

No. 67305

Jesus! For years, I was sure Ember had a personality disorder, but surely she'd have to have her own personality in the first place for it to be disordered.

No. 67309

File: 1449156250630.jpg (62.29 KB, 883x508, 1.JPG)

Lol. You stupid cunt, haha.

No. 67310

WHY IS SHE NOT FUCKING FAT. There are so many people geuinely trying to lose weight who eat half of what she does (and don't have all the high cal Starbucks drinks) and work out every day but don't lose and yet there Ember is not gaining at fucking all?

No. 67311

>>Nobody DANG fucking cares (!) Emoji, emoji, croissant, lovelies, emoji, emoji, delete, block etc.

Whoever debunkin.donuts is, I love you!

No. 67312

Mutual. Let's snog!

Oh yeah, she deleted and blocked within 30 seconds. Tragic.

No. 67317

A lot of the cluster B's experience a lack of self/sense of self. Though as someone with one I don't think it's really comparable to Ember's behavior.

I think she's just… a retard. Literally. She's this white trash youth who hasn't experienced life enough, was probably spoiled early childhood and ignored as she got older. She wants attention/to feel like she belongs to something, but her low self esteem prevents her. I don't think her personal attacks against herself/friends really display a PD either, just her poor self esteem in and of itself.

No. 67320

File: 1449158823444.jpg (138.81 KB, 535x831, IMG_20151203_100511.jpg)

It's called Photoshop lol

No. 67325

I wonder if embers aware that she literally just ate almost a full days worth of calories for a fucking stale ass crossaint, butter, and some gross over sugared, over roasted espresso drink.

A real anorexic would literally die at the thought.

No. 67329

i really wonder how it is that ember hasn't really developed anorexia? is it really that hard?
i have pretty good self esteem but quite soon after looking at pro-ana shit or something i start to get really negative thoughts, i have had shorter periods of barely eating and feeling really anxious about my body and food. i understand that anorexia is much deeper than that, but it feels like an eating disorder is not very far away?

i really cant understand how someone who must think so much about her weight, spend so much time browsing thinspo never get a problem with food? i tried using that spring app one time and it almost made me cry comparing before and after. she does it every day and can still eat like 3000 cals a day?

No. 67361

Because Ember doesn't actually care about those things. She wants attention but no work/sacrifice, as evidenced in, well, every fucking thing she does.

No. 67364

because its all fake, she cares too much about herself to compare to others, probably

you can get disordered eating but you need a predisposition(?) for an ed

No. 67415

Ember loves herself way too much to suffer from an eating disorder.

No. 67436

Just out of interest, how do you think a lack of sense of self would manifest/how does it manifest for you personally?

I'm not sure if I think she's mentally ill or yeah just kind of retarded. But she's most definitely disturbingly insecure.

No. 67439

Shit, I'd feel bad if this whole time she was actually special ed because it'd add up

No. 67445

it wouldnt surprise me if shes autistic or some shit. maybe her mom drank when she was in the womb

No. 67447

She does have the characteristics of someone with fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 67449

Her mom smoked pot when she was pregnant I think I read somewhere

No. 67451

that explains a lot actually

No. 67453

maybe she didnt drop out because of "whaaah bullies" but rather because she was too stupid to pass high school

No. 67456

No she doesn't. She doesn't look FAS-y at all unlike Kailyn Wilcher and Suzy.

No. 67458

which is even worse cause it means that she's simply just butt ugly

No. 67461

I agree. maybe she was just stupid and ugly right from the womb

No. 67462

Girlfriend has the worst fucking teeth. They're almost as bad as her eyebrows.

No. 67475

this is gonna sound weird but I found a school schedule type thing for ember which highlighted days for needed to come, to make up her attendance.

so she probably just didn't go to school as often as she should, ended up getting so far behind in work, that she decided dropping out would be easier than making up her late work.

No. 67480

I think it would be more beneficial to Google about it (not trying to be a dick in saying so, either, I'm not sure if I possess the vocabulary to properly explain it). It can also vary a bit from PD to PD as well as what causes it (lots of theories).

This is really one of those things you can't easily look up a checklist of 'traits' for and connect the dots. There's more to it, that you understand a little more after personal experience/being around people with it.

If that made any sense, haha. Like a lack of sense of self can include not having distinct hobbies, interests, etc, and only borrowing them from other people. Or making up a false self or identity. And on paper that sounds like what Ember does, right? But from experience it isn't the same, from my perspective. I wish I could explain this better, apologies, Anon.

I think Ember lacks a 'self' in the way confused teens do, or adults who haven't figured out what they want yet. This is different from the lack of self you experience with certain PDs.

No. 67503

>I think Ember lacks a 'self' in the way confused teens do, or adults who haven't figured out what they want yet. This is different from the lack of self you experience with certain PDs.

This. She seems incredibly emotionally immature, and is therefore probably trying out new identities the way young teens sometimes do.

No. 67504

Ember definitely doesn't have a Cluster B personality disorder. She's just spoiled fucking rotten and confused as to why the Internet doesn't love her as much as her mommy and daddy do.

No. 67510

I think she's so into it that you could mistake it with a PD, but she's just a huge wannabe.

She does things on purpose to get noticed, like copying lolcow to get more attention from lolcow.

It got her attention after she copied emily, why wouldn't she do the same thing to Aly.

It's a bunch of learned behaviors and stupidity, she might as well be a crying toddler.

No. 67511

No. 67516

Isn't Ember's family situation not that great though?

No. 67528

In the sense that they're white trash, yes. But you can tell she was spoiled rotten.

No. 67562

Her dad abandoned her, her mom is an obvious meth user who looks exactly like ember in twenty years which probably gives ember a complex (because it's not a good future to look forward to), she's poor white trash with not even a high school degree and fucked up teeth because her mom spent money on drugs instead of a dentist/ortho and then gave birth to a cuter, better daughter who out shines ember in every way. I'd say she has a complex.

No. 67563

And yet, I somehow don't feel sorry for Ember.

No. 67565

No. 67600

She dropped out in September, there's no way she quit because of attendance.

No. 67603

The saddest thing is that she probably believes she looks like hot shit

Oh ember, I wouldn't wipe dog shit off on your face

No. 67610

She had potential, once. But now she already looks like the washed up hag that her mom is, sans the saggy tits. But those will come soon enough lmao

No. 67633

To her credit she has at least some sense of work ethic, even if it's just bouncing between dead-end jobs so she has enough money to buy ugly clothes.

No. 67636

She doesn't need her own, she just does what mommy tells her to do

No. 67640

Is it just me or does it seem like Ember or one of her lackees is up in this thread/Aly thread/a couple irrelevant others trying to get us to talk about her/talking about herself again?

There's this specific 'feel' to a lot of these posts that's somewhat telling of newfags, and some are insulting and others just have weird detail perspectives that no farmer would bother with.

No. 67660

Meh. We just hear her talk about working all the time. I doubt she works 3 jobs like she says. Probably does 25 hours a week at one job and fakes the rest.

No. 67673

Having an actual job is more than… um, literally all cows? can say yeah.

No. 67676


Oopss that was a newfag brain fart.

Ember detected.

No. 67677

I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 67678

Her 3 jobs are probably:
- 16 hours a week retail
- Babysitting
- Swagbucks

No. 67685

stop whiteknighting ember

No. 67686


youre absolutely right. she probably uses those sites where you fill out surveys for 10 cents each

No. 67760

Pics of her mum please? Also, what's the deal with her sister?

No. 67798

File: 1449276598231.jpeg (49.6 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

She's like 8 or something, pretty cute kid, I'm sure they don't have the same dad. Ember made a post that she deleted relatively quickly, claiming her sister came out to her as trans. Obviously a lie for attention, and a pretty gross one.

pic related: Ember's mom, but in other pictures I've seen she looks even more haggard.

No. 67800

Why did ember grow up With/was raised by her grandma and not her mom?

No. 67805

I thought this was a sarcastic response to the post about what her three jobs might be and I chortled.

No. 67812

ember in a few years

No. 67821

I don't think she was, but I got the impression that they may have both lived with the grandmother at one point? Obviously the mom is really immature, I think the grandma is the only stable influence.

No. 67832

From the look of the old photo album it looked like the family was very close, and one look at her mom's fb will tell you how mature that woman is.

Her dad seems immature too, but they're Facebook friends, etc and I'm sure he's been more involved in her life than she'd admit for snowflake points.

I feel like her parents are like those obnoxious people that hang around cheap bars in small groups of other obnoxious adults.

Like a redneck country club.

No. 67833

Her mother looks like she has the voice of a woman who's been smoking for 60 years and reeks of cigarettes at all times. She looks like the type to have probably sucked dick for drugs at some point, too.

No. 67849

File: 1449285677379.png (123.61 KB, 686x252, https://40.media.tumblr.com/c8…)

You forgot to mention her older brother.

No. 67852

>explains her normalcy by saying she is "fresh out of IP"

my eyes hurt from rolling them to much at this girl

No. 67865

Is she implying she was in inpatient for a year too lmao

Her family couldn't afford to get her braces, but years of ed treatment has been fine on them

No. 67896

Chill fam
Embers a nasty rat faced bitch, but no need to attack her family so viciously

No. 67897

Go take your pity for the worst elsewhere

No. 67998

Lol i dont pity anyone im just not a fucking douche

No. 68003

I bet the mom is one of those old woman that thinks she's really young looking and hot, I bet she borrows clothes from Ember and acts like an older sister

No. 68006

File: 1449346605072.jpg (36.22 KB, 480x800, 222414_4506853003457_214192544…)

Casually going through her boyfriends facebook and… Ugh. Classy.

What's her Brother called?

No. 68009

Are those self harm scars on her arm or just blurry freckles? Is there any evidence that she's self harmed before or is she all talk?

No. 68011

Doubt she self harms, if she did she would be bringing it up ever five seconds and I honestly can't see her doing something like that.

No. 68079

she "used to" cut and would always talk about it on twitter to make herself more "tragic beautiful"
all lies, as usual…wouldnt be surprised if it was dirt

No. 68080


anyways her mom is an old hag who looks just like ember but fatter. Almost convinces me time travel is real lmfao

No. 68081

99% sure she doesn't have brother, not sure what that caption is even about. Was she pretending to have a brother at one point? That sounds about right for her.

She just barely scratched herself for attention occasionally back then. If they were even real scratches (or her own photos, at all). She certainly has no scars. She's definitely never struggled with self harm. In fact, her claims of NPD cancel either one or the other out. Narcissists don't self-harm.

No. 68086

File: 1449353228701.jpg (18.3 KB, 530x177, Capture.JPG)


No. 68088


No. 68089

thats from like, two years ago? he probably doesn't have the same number.

No. 68091

I've had the same cell number for ten years. Just sayin'.

No. 68092

Anyone know if Andrew is on twitter/insta/snapchat

No. 68093

Pls someone confirm this is his number and link him all of embers threads

No. 68097

The ember thread is wild

No. 68105


This is gonna end the same way the kiki/taco situation ended.

No. 68111

File: 1449361254192.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-05-16-48-38…)

Same old fake thinspo post bullshit

No. 68139

Andrew has already been told and messaged and doesn't care. He's a chomo fucking dork with no other dating options except Alvin the ana chipmunk

No. 68140

This is the Ember Whann thread though. Unlike Keeks and Taco no one will care.

No. 68148

This isn't Ember if anyone was wondering, the girl tagged in it is a different girl who's way more successful and marginally better-looking than Ember. Wonder how salty Ember is that her boyfriend still has this photo up and still has this chick as a Facebook friend, kek

No. 68169

I'm surprised she isnt a controling bitch, but hes probably her only dating option so shes all nice and shit

No. 68184

He has a bunch of "OMG slutty girls droooool" shit in his feed. These two have literally nothing in common other than the fact that they work at the same place and probably both smoke way too much weed. I give it another six months tops.

No. 68185

(Samefag, but I really want to know why this dude can't get chicks his own age)

No. 68189

File: 1449403070714.png (415.44 KB, 979x979, img1449402949223.png)

Like Pinocchio, the more she lies the more she grows! It's a Christmas miracle

No. 68191

What age is he?

Generalising here, but I've noticed a lot of the time (not all!) when guys specifically seek out younger girls instead of girls his own age, it's because the girls who are his own age can see right through his shit and won't put up with it. Whereas the younger ones tend not to see said shit as they're more naive, innocent, not as mature, easier to manipulate etc. Relationships with a noticeable age difference in teen years/early adulthood are unequal: younger partner may constantly feel like they've something to prove to the older one to make up for the age difference i.e. doing things they're not ready for maturity-wise to please the older partner/keep them around. And, unfortunately, a lot of guys realise this and try to exploit it.

Sage for OT

No. 68194

I would love to see a pic of her with her feet completely together. I'm so sick of her obvious thinspo shtick. It's not cute anymore ember. Your little 11 year old followers are gonna figure out you're just a soft skinny-fat boring bland ass nobody.

No. 68199

He's 26 and I am pretty sure he's at least graduated college. She's a 19 year old dropout. I really wanna know what the hell is wrong with this dude.

No. 68203

Small town mentality

No. 68212

File: 1449411609388.jpg (100.99 KB, 536x680, IMG_20151206_081711.jpg)

Bitch probably has pom poms cheering these kids on. STOP encouraging bad behavior Ember!

No. 68217

Wonder whats next gonna blow up in her face

No. 68218

Probably her fat ass

No. 68225

lol what ass?

No. 68233

File: 1449419825440.jpeg (136.46 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Is this a normal thing she does? Follow really proana accounts or something? Since both of them are pretty triggering. I've only been following her for about 4 months maybe?

No. 68235

ew that zombie skeleton kid is 14.

No. 68258

in what image? if you're referring to this one: >>68009 that is not Ember

Ember did self harm in the past, she used to post images of herself with her catlike scratched arm strategically placed in the background.

Any chance anyone else remembers when Ember had a huge yet subtle bruise on her forehead that she said was the result of her purposefully hitting her head, as a form of self harm?

Here's some link I've found from Tumblr with screenshots of posts by Ember, talking about self harm:

Check out this picture of Ember and her mom posted in the original thread lol: >>158392

No. 68260

Ahhh you should have been around when she was super active on Twitter and buying followers out the wazoo. She would go on a huge pro-ana following spree whenever she wanted people on Tumblr to pay attention to her. Back when people actually still had hope that she would grow out of this behavior.

>>tldr; yes it is very common for ember to follow obviously triggering pro ana accounts

No. 68264

Shit there's a petition floating around online to "allow pro anorexia" on websites and ember signed it lol

No. 68265

There's a difference between hurting yourself slightly for attention and actual self harm. I bet Ember's cat scratches hurt less than getting an eyebrow wax (which she should try someday).

No. 68266

How do you know this? Proof?

No. 68267

Oh shut up, self harm is self harm. No one ever assumed she didn't do it for attention.

A screenshot of this petition was posted on Tumblr ages ago. Ember signed it in Nov 2013 but here's a link to it anyways http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/allow-pro-anorexia-pages/signatures.html

No. 68268

u mad bro? have sum baby scratches on your own arm maybe?

No. 68269

Ohhh i thought this happened recently. Never cought wind of this. But im not surprised kek

No. 68273

Naw, I'm just not interested in your warped views on what is and isn't real self harm. If someone hurt themselves on purpose, it doesn't matter what their intentions or results were: They still did it.

But since Ember probably did do it solely for attenton, that just makes her pathetic as fuck. There are people who hurt themselves out of habit/impulse, can't/won't stop, and end up with lifelong injuries, so Ember scrapping her arm up and then boasting about it and listing it as another "quirk" of her on her social medias is nothing more than a mockery to the people who legitimately suffer with self harm urges on the regular.

Everytime I see her mention that she has been self harm free for XX amount of months, I cringe because she isn't proud, since she wasn't suffering from sort of urge to harm herself to begin with. She is only posting about it to feed the illusion that she is recovering and that shit is so harmful because some oblivious follower of her's will actually think that if Ember can keep up her apperently super disordered behavior and recover from whatever drove her to self harm, then so can they.

No. 68296

File: 1449442283271.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

The two of them are so thirsty. "Give me followers I don't post anything worth following though"

No. 68299

File: 1449442661391.png (908.67 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Honestly hate these two

No. 68303

>>"fairy princess"

Why emily? gags

No. 68304

Cant be a princess with those fucking eyebrows

No. 68305

I bet those truth bloggers feel dumb now

No. 68307

Haha always knew Emily was a thirsty little cunt.

No. 68311

The real question is: is ember gonna buy fake likes for Emily's picture?

No. 68316

I was rooting for emily and everything until she started back up with this ember bullshit.
kek i wonder if they just pretended to hate each other just for drama. I'm so over them.

No. 68418

File: 1449453634470.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-06-19-58-26…)

You can see how hard shes trying to separate her legs what a pathetic cow

No. 68423

Her fingers look like chub sausages compaired compared to the rest of her #anabody

No. 68425

Goddamnit i forgot to delete thw misspelled word lol got distracted

No. 68430

"I would love to see a pic of her with her feet completely together"
Lurks, posts pic of feet together

No. 68431

File: 1449455476983.png (432.51 KB, 979x979, img1449455418761.png)

No. 68434

I mean ankles together too bitch. No sneaky Ana poses. None.

No. 68438

Shes still bent over as fuck and covering her outer thighs making them look slimmer cause all you see is the (faked & possible ps) gap. Anas use this all the time

No. 68439

Stop whitekniging her fucking dumb ass, embers just as fake as ever.

No. 68444

You two faggots need to learn fucking reading comprehension.

No. 68446

Try again kek

No. 68451

What a disaster

No. 68467

Anyone else see that she turned her backup account into a "food diary?"

This girl eats the same amount as I do, and I'm completely average sized. How have her followers not started to catch on that she's just naturally thin?

No. 68468

Why does she want an eating disorder so badly?

No. 68485

Attention. Pity. Etc. her family probably doesn't give her enough love that lives up to Ember's standards.

No. 68511

She wants to be famous on the internet, and for young girls with no talent, the easiest way to do that is to have an eating disorder and act like a twat.

No. 68514

File: 1449488606687.png (1.2 MB, 1743x981, PhotoGrid_1449488355439-1.png)

Anyone else remember the time Ember posted an OOTD pic where she had a camel toe lol?

Well, I randomly came across the this post and found Michelle in the notes ROFL.


No. 68515

File: 1449489211222.png (615.14 KB, 2048x1130, PhotoGrid_1449489106068-1.png)

No. 68517

Totally not a site full of whannarexics though. Everyone visits that webpage just for recovery suppory, definitely not for thinspo or ~ana tipz~

No. 68523

File: 1449492670240.png (58.33 KB, 1080x811, Screenshot_2015-12-07-07-46-21…)

Are you positive you don't enoy digging holes, Emily?? Not even a little bit??

>screenshot context: emily asked her followers to write her a new bio since she isn't capable of original thought

No. 68526

She's right though, anon. She doesn't like digging holes. She loves it. If it weren't for digging holes, she'd be a less well known nobody on the internet.

No. 68527

File: 1449494996618.jpg (47.2 KB, 606x789, 234623462345.JPG)

While we're on the subject of Ember's frenemies, lel at dat pixelated thigh on Mckenzie's latest post.

No. 68539

File: 1449500107913.png (164.64 KB, 640x960, image.png)

Ember, no one really cares
Wonder what she d do id someone made a callout insta for her? another "suicide attempt"? lol

No. 68549

It's remarkable to watch her acting like a hero for doing the exact same thing she's spent years condemning other people for doing to her.

No. 68550

Is it just me or are the tiles between her legs curved? Photoshopped?

I was just thinking that lmao. Her fingers are so fat, it's vile.

No. 68551

She's pissing me off so much with the whole kid thing. Kenzie could have a kid, I can understand why she wouldn't post pictures of her son online. I have two small kids and i never post any pictures on my public social media's. You never know who's going to see/save those pictures.

Or Kenzie could totally be bullshitting, who knows. But we all know what a lying cunt Ember is so…

No. 68552

She doesn't have those Aly/Ash like creepy claw Ana hands. Which is basically a staple of the Ana community.

No. 68553

Watch her try to contour make up/shoop her hands in a selfie now kek

No. 68555

She's going to end up shoop her fingers to look like salad fingers now, just wait ha

No. 68557

Moar like a close up of her hand as she tenses the fuck out of it

No. 68561

I can just imagine the pixilated, brown smeared hands clutching a Starbucks cup as hard as she can until her tendons pop out

No. 68564

McKenzie shows proof if you DM her, she's not shy about sticking up for herself without exposing her family to the public

No. 68565

File: 1449506224920.jpg (17.64 KB, 236x236, 4d9cc359e575c0217aa9818c96e5eb…)

Hey Ember, could you lurk any harder?


No. 68566

Unless it's a family photo with all of the purported family members, it's probably a relative, a stock image with the watermark remove, or a kid she babysits. Unfortunately, there have been tons of people who pretend to have kids online. Given that she photoshops, she's shown she also capable of deceiving her followers. There's no reason to think she is not lying as well.

No. 68568

She does she look like she's standing in a ditch lol

No. 68569

Meh. Her thighs look much bigger in this video than they do in pics. Idk what she's trying to prove. She's naturally thin, but she's still soft as a marshmallow. That's what a diet of Starbucks and bread will do!!

No. 68576

She has sent maternity pics and birthing pics. Newborn and family portraits. It's her, they're not stock photos

No. 68577

File: 1449507944563.png (359.12 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Ember's obvious lurking + this comment right here = pretty good evidence she made her own hatestagram page, just to torment Mckenzie some more by blaming her.

No. 68578

That would explain why the insta is posting no real proof

No. 68580

It's easy to get Ember to do almost anything you want, just by planting the right comment somewhere she reads about herself. I've gotten her to make all kinds of retarded posts just by sending obviously stupid conjecture about her to truth blogs. She thinks she's so smart, but she's really quite suggestible.

No. 68582

Yep, just random insults parroted directly from lolcow, but nothing of substance.

No. 68583

Pretty sure Mckenzie has better things to do than "bully" some 19 year old dirty drop out. Ember, honey, go play with your plastic crystals and drink your 500+ calorie Starbucks drink. Step away from the photoshop and shitty filters. They just make you look dirtier. And stop lurking Lolcow, it's so obvious…..

No. 68585

this is so true. We should do an experiment and see what's the weirdest thing we can make her prove by posting a pic on insta.

No. 68593

Too bad Mckenzie didn't make it, I did lol

No. 68594

File: 1449510135316.jpeg (442.95 KB, 2400x2400, image.jpeg)

So Emily has always followed ember's new Twitter, despite the fact Emily and ember stopped being friends before Ember's account was made. Ember just followed Emily not that long ago.

No. 68595

Same fag
You can tell Emily was one of the first couple followers because she's at the bottom of the list.

No. 68596

Jk I made one with a similar title

No. 68597

Post her old photo shopped stuff lol that always gets me

No. 68599

File: 1449511706440.jpeg (456.13 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Anyone see her video she just posted? I'm on mobile so I can't save the video but, this is getting just pathetic lmao. Bending over still to make her thighs nice and small.

No. 68601

Her thighs jiggle in the video… So Ana

No. 68604

She posted it very briefly last night before deleting it. You can see her bend forwards. It's hilarious!

I think she deleted it because the Emily/Gracie drama was playing out last night so she probably wanted to wait for a better moment.

No. 68612

her legs look too small for her entire body, her head must be huge compared to it

No. 68618

Wait, what is it? Explain pls

No. 68619

File: 1449513920090.png (784.18 KB, 1280x1542, Why.png)

Oh, it's not the same video
I took screencaps of the other video lol

No. 68621

File: 1449513962595.png (964.13 KB, 1306x1442, Lol.png)

No. 68622

The mirror's doing a tilted effect so anyone's lower half will look smaller than the top. The leaning forward gives people a gap. It gives me one and I don't have one normally (or want one).

No. 68623

She always seems to be in the same public bathroom

No. 68626

Her right ankle looks broken shes trying so hard to have a thigh gap. Ember you might normally have a thigh gap, but its not like the one you fake all the goddamn time.

No. 68628

I wish this bitch would drop dead. Still bent over as all hell and still a fake ugly piece of dick.

No. 68629

Those boots look like they have a wedge too, so I'm sure it contributes

No. 68633

Ember is a textbook butterface rofl

No. 68634

what an ugly cow. unwarranted sense of self-importance anyone? no one wants to "ruin her life", her trashy ass is doing that all by herself.
anyone with half a brain can tell how hard she tries to fake a thigh gap. she looks like she's tilted at least 45 degrees forward at the waist in order to get these pathetic photos. does she really have nothing better to do than take videos of her legs next to public toilets? TRASHHHH

No. 68635

she's making herself look like a football player

>>dem manly shoulders.. so wide

No. 68637

To be a butterface she'd have to have a half decent body. She's all round gross.

No. 68638

I wonder how many people have walked in that bathroom.. Saw this… And turned around and walked out. Lol

No. 68640

She's bent over so far… It's why her head is the same width as her waist. Makes her lower half look thin.. But her upper half is huge! Those shoulders and neck.. Her head looks overinflated

No. 68643

I think her head is naturally that big. Its empty besides all the selfish, conceited, and *~proana~* thought shes has all the time.

No. 68644

She probably smoked away all her brain cells if she had any to begin with

No. 68645

Heres a new challenge Ember, how about you have someone else record a proof video for you. Have your feet together and no bending over lmao.

No. 68647

She never mentions pot smoking anymore. She used to be obsessed. Wonder if she still does it

No. 68649

She could never get another person to film it… She'll prob set the camera on a timer and pretend someone else is filming it lmao

No. 68676

She probably does, but it doesnt give her as many edgey points like she use to think it did.

No. 68691

She saves the bong pics for private snap chats, she is still a huge pothead loser

No. 68796

How long has Ember had that "Letting Go of Ana" book? I could've sworn she received it as a (pre selected) gift from her ex boyfriend over a year ago.

What I am getting at is… How fucking long is it gonna take Ember to read a 304 page book? Or is just just too stupid/poor to realize there are much better "teen health" books than that shit. What, can you not afford a new book about some other eating disordered character?

>Did anyone else read this book in high school? It's literally about a girl who is already naturally thin, that uses "thinspiration" to ~trigger~ herself to starve while constantly thinking the most pro ana shit about everyone around her (at one point, she thinks to herself that her father left her mother because she couldn't maintain her figure). It's so obvious why Ember likes LGoA, she is a dumbass, proana scumbag, just like the narrator. Wouldn't be surprised if Ember has shit highlighted in that book with her own personal notes etched beside it.

No. 68802

Been ages since I picked up a book but I distinctly remember being able to finish a 500 page book within one school week. Jesus, is she only reading one word a day? Tbh that's probably more than her tiny, uneducated brain could handle.

No. 68811

Seriously? It takes me about a day to read a 300 page book. Either she's seriously retarded or just pretends to read these ~pro ana~ shitty books.

No. 68812

Pretty sure she made a snapchat where her and her friend were smoking weed not even a month ago.

No. 68815

File: 1449528445801.jpg (145.49 KB, 536x760, IMG_20151207_164136.jpg)

She answered that question last week when she read on here people asking the same thing. Whatever Ember, you have to lie about reading a book on top of everything else? So pathetic

No. 68818

Because you'd read the same non-school book 3 times in one year? Sounds legit. Has she posted about other books or is this the only one she owns?

No. 68820

I usually read my favourite book 5/6 times year, but I'm a giant nerd haha. Honestly can't see Ember reading a good even once. Probably just to enhance her whole 'ana' thing.

No. 68824

Sorry, I wasn't clear: I wasn't referring to book worm-types (who'd devour many books in a year including the same book multiple times). We know Ember isn't exactly a book worm and it's not one of the 45,678 things she has claimed to be over the years so…

No. 68826

Kek all this book talk reminds me of the time ember tried to be a writer

No. 68830

Whatever happened to the book she was supposedly writing? That would of been hilarious to read.

No. 68831

Don't forget when she claimed to also be the "executive director as well as publisher in chief of Wildlife Educators Publish Co." https://www.wattpad.com/user/emberrrw

No. 68832

No. 68834

'Lovely bones'? Seriously… It's about a killer too, omg.

I forgot about that! Haha

No. 68836

Ember, are you posting in here again?

Isn't the font in this screenshot the one she has set to default on her own phone?

So confused.

No. 68839

I thought that too.. But don't her posts all say her name, or does the admin still have to tag them all??

No. 68840

She has to put her name in the name field herself when she posts. I wouldn't be surprised if she has been posting without identifying herself.

No. 68842

Ember switches her IP like mad and definitely wouldn't voluntarily identify herself.

How is that stuff enforced, anyway?

No. 68843

If ember got perma-b& this whole thread would die, nobody would be posting

No. 68846

Oh my god I would LOVE to see her get outed for self-posting a second time.

If she is in here, I'm surprised she hasn't posted an insulting comment about the weight gain on her semi-retarded IRL friend who just got out of inpatient.

No. 68855

Ember's obvious self posts are obvious, we would be able to spot them quickly

No. 68861

If she's posted in here I wanna see for keks

No. 68895

what i don't understand is at her weight, she could easily lose enough to fake being the ~ana princess~ she pretends to be now, yet she doesn't even appear to be trying

No. 68919

Cause all she does is get high and eat her gross diet princess trader joes shit and never exercises beyond a walk.

Its easier to edit and lie than actually do anything, and she still reaps all the 'benefits' like ugly $4 necklaces and a header here.

No. 68920

Samefagging: inb4 she posts a selfie in IG about working out so much she passes out or some stupid lurker shit.

No. 69024

File: 1449593043279.png (251 KB, 640x960, image.png)

No. 69026

How does that happen? Someone needs to DM that company, they have no idea what they're getting into

No. 69029

Probably BS

No. 69030

I can't wait to see how this turns out

No. 69032

probably one of her ana friends will win

No. 69033

Or someone will win, but never receive their prize, and then be blocked by ember

No. 69034

that actually seems more like it

No. 69041

Or she'll keep it for herself lol

No. 69042

I thought giveaways were against Instagram tos

No. 69044

File: 1449598717883.jpeg (1.76 MB, 2448x2448, image.jpeg)

No. 69047


No. 69049

File: 1449599418306.png (310.35 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_2015-12-08-13-29-09…)

lmfao love it

anyways, just report her giveaway as a scam, since that's what it is. also, anyone else notice how many notes are on her giveaway post? 4 hours have past and only 100 barely like that shit lmfao.

fakest 11,000 followers ever.

No. 69050

tbh, this company should be contacted by a farmer, with links to back up claims of her being a scam artist (for example, telling online shops that she is in college for a "marketing degree" when in reality, she is a high school drop out who only is in it for free shit)

No. 69054

Everyone should report this, just to piss her off

No. 69055

Someone pls do this

No. 69056

everyone who liked this/is tagged in this is pro ana af. its embrassing

No. 69059

its because only anas follow her, everyone else who doesnt know about the drama thinks shes boring af

No. 69063

I highly doubt she's even been contacted by the company. She's full of shit and will most likely magically forget about the giveaway in the next few days

No. 69072

File: 1449604740872.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She promo'd this embarrassment and then deleted it shortly after

No. 69073

She definitely contacts everyone who sends her shit

No. 69074

She did this because she wants to win the girls giveaway, I reported the girls account either way

No. 69077

Laugh my ass off every time I see these pro ana idiots lying on their backs and breathing in to try and look skinny.

No. 69081

Isn't this book by the woman who just made shit up and then lied about her books being real life teen diaries? lol even Ember's ana literature is fake as fuck

No. 69087

Kek what's this chunky bitch bothering with an Ana pose for?

No. 69088

Funniest of those are the ones with huge tits.

No. 69093

Yeah, it was a scare tactic to keep kids ~drugz free~

No. 69130

Actually, the to die for swim wear company contacts almost anyone with an email address in their bio to do a giveaway. The winner chooses their swimsuit from their website and the person hosting only gets a swimsuit for free if a certain amount of people entered. I did this giveaway at the same time as 12 other people with follower counts ranging from 1k-60+k. Just so you guys know, not defending ember or anything I just wanted to let you know how this giveaway works.

No. 69136

Ember will probably make a fake account that will "win" the giveaway so that she gets twice got swag.

No. 69137

well jokes on that bitch cuz i read go ask alice and jay's journal and all it did was make me want to smoke weed and worship satan but then again i was VERY impressionable at that age

No. 69207

I love how Ember's gone radio silent ever since McKenzie got her old account back.

Bitch must be steeeeaming.

No. 69259

File: 1449663143142.png (852.76 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-09-05-58-50…)

Early morning drama

No. 69261


No. 69262

File: 1449664213993.png (604.22 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-09-05-59-53…)

No. 69263

eeeh probaby used er old accounts, theres no real proof Mc created them
Ember are you even trying?

No. 69272

The dates are cropped out too.

No. 69288

File: 1449671092433.jpeg (95.15 KB, 640x1093, image.jpeg)

She's deleted all the tweets?

No. 69290

File: 1449671227595.jpeg (199.29 KB, 640x1088, image.jpeg)

The amount of shit she eats is disgusting

No. 69295

The weight will catch up eventually
Bet once she gets fat shell claim shes recovered and throw into everyones face that she had "anorexia"

No. 69310

i love how she goes out of her way to point out that it takes her 3 hours to eat to eat an ice cream bar. sooooooo ana of her!

No. 69317

She's dropped the Aly act pretty quickly, also idk why she put the syrup on first…she would have put it on after.

Also Ember, reduce the warmth in your photos because everything's coming out yellow.

No. 69322

Why the fuck did she document 3 photos of her eating a ice cream bar. Like nobody fucking cares. It was not worth 3 pictures. I love how she says "Hershey's LITE chocolate syrup" like she's gotta mention that lite syrup has 15 less calories than regular

No. 69324

File: 1449682927603.png (381.2 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her thirsty ass is begging for more people to enter her scam-giveaway

No. 69327

Only ONE person in 15 minutes is giving her a shout out? Out of 11,000 followers? Lmao

No. 69339

W…wouldn't it melt? The fuck?

No. 69357

File: 1449689041679.png (377.23 KB, 640x960, image.png)

>HQ photos

No. 69359

I wonder what she bought, it sucks considering they sell useless clothes for triple what they should be.
Can't wait for her stretched bathroom LQ phone selfie, I wonder if we'll get to see her big ol' head.

No. 69360

Annnnnnnnd it's deleted. Already. Didn't even give that poor girl a shout out.

No. 69380

HAH she's trying to make it sound like they sent that to her to promote

No. 69383

Oh my god I was scared they were promo-Ing her. She's so pathetic. I didn't realize she made it sound like that.

No. 69385

File: 1449692926537.png (1 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 69386

File: 1449693068071.png (1.48 MB, 1592x1546, Ivehadanorexiasinceiwas8or7orw…)

No. 69387

So professional! Totally HQ and not taken on her shitty android phone.

She really needs to clean her bathroom, those tiles are disgusting.

No. 69388

Dat file name

No. 69389

look at that fucking tile grout shit oh my god
(So vegan, using herbal essences shampoo)

No. 69390

Look at that pooch

No. 69391

File: 1449693445001.jpeg (127.38 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

What tf is this
I think she is sucking in to make her *~Ana~* ribs pop out, but it just looks awkward

No. 69392

I can guarantee she will NEVER wear this in public. She'll take a few selfies in it for some insta likes. And then never wear it again. She spent $50+ on a dress for insta likes.

No. 69393

File: 1449693590727.png (245.61 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Damn she's lurkin hard

No. 69394

She's bending backward and to the side, i think? It looks so uncomfortable.

She's not vegan any more, her doctor MADE her eat fish again so it's okay!!11!

No. 69395

"We don't do collabs"
ember posts this to show proof that they did this as a collab
Honey pls stop smoking weed and go to school. Learn some reading comprehension.

No. 69396

File: 1449693697698.png (533.22 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Oh sweaty, stop trying so hard.

No. 69397

She's most likely pulling it from the other side like she does wth all her clothes, not that we needed to see her bra color but she made the fabric look cheaper just to look more ana

No. 69398

She def twisted her body hard for this. Angles make you look thinner, but this just looks painful.

No. 69400

File: 1449693785949.jpeg (39.41 KB, 512x512, Beforeburntool.jpeg)

No. 69401

File: 1449693816295.png (906.62 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

And it's gone.

No. 69402

Because her fat ass only posts long enough to get it posted on here then she deletes. She is as disgusting as her bathroom is. I'm getting a flesh eating bacteria just looking at this shit.

No. 69403

I'm about 15 pounds overweight (freshmen 15 yo) and I can still suck in my gut hard enough to look like this. These Ana poses mean nothing to me unless they're sickly, like Ginger/Aly/Ash. Any girl with a black and white filter and a burn tool can look thin.

No. 69404

It's pretty embarrassing. She LIVES to be talked about on here.

No. 69405

Her breasts look miles apart. Please invest in a decent bra, Ember. Those itty bitty titties of yours are hella droopy.

No. 69407

I love it because I'm sure it pissed her off this time, but she probably felt smug lol
Tempted to lie to Long to get free shit now.

No. 69408

When someone gives you items to promo, you don't tell people you got them from free!!! You don't say that you're doing a promo. That just causes people to beg for free stuff too. Good job. You fucked up. Long clothing is prob gonna get a bunch of 12 year old Ana's begging for free shit. You're such an idiot.

No. 69409

Emily also commented on the picture.. She's so desperate

No. 69431

Lol at being intimidated by her :)

I am definately 100% intimiated by someone who:

Smokes weed
Is a high school drop out
Fakes mental illnesses to gain attention from children
Lives in a filthy apartment
Lies constantly
Gets caught out repeatedly
Fakes suicide attempt
Runs away from one social media platform to another when she gets found out
Made those horrific cam videos where she looks like Squidward on viagra…

Yes. So intimidated.

No. 69434

Anyone have her on snapchat?

No. 69439

File: 1449699017471.gif (1.03 MB, 400x293, laughing-gif11.gif)

Don't forget:

Has no discernible personality of her own as all of it is robbed from well-known ED snowflakes and shitty fake ED diaries.
97% of her followers were clearly bought.
She constantly deletes insta posts when they have 1 like after a few hours.
She self-posts in threads on here to keep people talking about her.
She sub-instas/su-tweets us to keep us talking about her.
Like the most interesting thing about her is how badly she deals with negative criticism.

Totally quaking in my boots typing this because of how ~intimidating~ she is.

No. 69448

Yes but sadly im unable to screen shot it

No. 69452

File: 1449701355822.png (910.01 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Nearly pee'd laughing at this! Her fashion sense is horrendous ?

No. 69453

File: 1449701399010.png (763.23 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 69458

The sucked in cheeks return!

No. 69460

File: 1449702211419.jpg (44.35 KB, 366x488, frankie-howerd-comedian-sucked…)

Just hangin' in Starbucks with ma Ana manuals peace sign

No. 69464

The way she drops her jaw to make her face look longer/thinner. Must ache.

No. 69465

shes desperately puckering her lips so nobody sees that her facial expression leaves her with her mouth hanging open

No. 69466

she looks so hideous.. why does she look like a 45 year old? her eyebrows….. i love the ugly ass coat thrown over

No. 69467

She goes out in public with those eyebrows.

No. 69468

File: 1449703087672.jpg (202.36 KB, 1500x2000, KKSlider.jpg)

This is so bad I'm dying

I can't get over these eyebrows. They are so ugly she looks like K.K. Slider

No. 69469

………….is this supposed to be proof that she went out dressed in her stupid dress? She walked to the local starbucks, WOW
the poor baristas are probably used to her ugly ass coming in and ordering her 700+calorie drinks.

No. 69470

She proved us wrong though! ??

Her eyebrows really piss me off. Has she never heard of waxing before.

No. 69471

She's shameless… her brows have no shape, no definition, no purpose.. it looks like she just smears it on and hopes for the best.

No. 69472

She embarrassed herself and went out like that.. for what? Random girls on lolcow? ouch ember… Prettyyyy deseperate.

No. 69474

Well, excluding 12 year old insta wannarexics, we are the only ones that pay attention to her ugly fat ass

No. 69475

I emailed Long to let them know they sent a promo item to an account that promotes anorexia and even goes as far as encouraging 13 year olds to starve themselves. I also told them the majority of her 11k followers are fake, so they literally gave her a free item for nothing in return.

No. 69476

What else do you think we can get her to do?

No. 69477

Wax her eyebrows hopefully

No. 69480

Never show her snaggleteeth ever again.

No. 69484

unfortunately she cant afford to get her eyebrows waxed.. lets make her do something absolutely pathetic.

No. 69485

So I talked to a girl on FB who went to high school with Ember and was her friend.. She told me that her mom wont let Ember see her little sister anymore because of Ember's online ana presence.. she said she doesnt want her little sister to be influenced by that.

No. 69487

Getting your eyebrows waxed is about the same price as the coffee she gets daily (or it is in the UK anyway)

At least her mums doing something right.

No. 69488

Is this the sister she said was trans?

No. 69489

the sister never said that.. it was an outright lie by ember

No. 69490

true, but ember would rather spend $15+ on coffee a week than pay for the eyebrows

No. 69491

Like I'd believe ANYTHING that Ember said, lol.

No. 69492

A video of her getting them threaded would be amusing.

No. 69494

the woman threading the brows would be overwhelmed by her stench of pot, not showering and not brushing her teeth kek

No. 69495

Seriously though why do I keep seeing screenshots in here that seem to use the same type of OS theme as Ember?

Could Admin or a farmhand please explain how or if these "you must identify yourself" rules are enforced for people like Ember?

No. 69496

I also want an explanation Admin?

No. 69500

This sounds like 100% bullshit and again possibly a self-post. Who'd ya talk to? What's the friend's name? How are you talking to someone so close to Ember you know her family situation, yet you're posting here on lolcow and don't have better milk share?

Someone tell me what the fuck is going on in here.

No. 69502

Someone from the Holy Squad prob said this

No. 69514

Hi Ember! So you posted that crap about your little sister not being allowed around you on here then responded to it within 20mins on Instagram :)


No. 69515

screencaps? she blocked me so i can't see shit lmao

No. 69516

I guess tis is the starbucks bathroom, I thought it'd be her work one but I guess she doesn't go far

No. 69517

Where's the proof? You can take screenshots y'know.

No. 69522

??? I'm the one who made up the rumor about her sister! She is literally lurking soooo hard. I wanted to see if she would respond. What a fucking dumb ass.

No. 69524

File: 1449707032204.jpg (69.87 KB, 200x260, brow1.jpg)


No. 69525

File: 1449707092095.png (396.77 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 69526

File: 1449707100847.png (706.61 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She used the same reaction pic she used before…

No. 69527

I'm DEAD ember is soooo stupid

No. 69531

You gone punkd the bitch hard, hahaha. Oh god, the idiocy hahaha.

No. 69534

What a dumb hag

No. 69539

aaaaand she deleted it.

No. 69540


Deleted. O the embarrassment.

No. 69541

I wanted a screenshot, but it's not real :( Ember probably refreshes this thread every 2 seconds lmao

No. 69544

Thanks for the laughs, Ember!

No. 69546

I wish it was real, her little sister really shouldn't be around her toxic ass.

No. 69547

Ember got rekted

No. 69549

god she looks so dumb
hey ember maybe this will teach you to stop being so involved in stupid drama and stop reading this site?

who am i kidding tho you love this shit

No. 69553

File: 1449708792980.png (943.05 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

How long ago was it we mentioned her fat hands?? Annnnnnd now we have super tensed Ana hands! Voila!

No. 69555

Still look big hands, not fragile bones. Oh dear.

No. 69558

File: 1449709118357.jpg (60.16 KB, 536x641, IMG_20151209_185702.jpg)

It looks like an amputated webbed foot lmao

No. 69559

File: 1449709245080.jpg (60.54 KB, 370x600, IMG_20151209_174121.jpg)

No. 69560

she looks fleshy and plump. I thought black was supposed to be slimming?

No. 69561

Bitch lurks so hard. What an ugly, boring cunt.

No. 69562

Her hands look bigger than her head would be. Ugh. She's so manly.

No. 69563

I live for your shitty photoshops. These are great. I just imagine they piss her off so much.

No. 69564

File: 1449709562497.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her shoulders are so HUGE. Just based on her Jay Leno chin I can tell her head is wider than her photoshopped waist. I love since she's in a dress she can spread her legs as much as she wants for her Ana pose.
>insert ember making a video to prove her "thigh gap" is read

No. 69565

shitty lighting, shitting quality, shitty attempt at making her ass look big by arching her back and bending her legs. also why the hell is her other hand awkwardly holding her thigh?

the world may never know

unless ember finds a witty way to explain all this in an ig post, that would be hilarious.

No. 69567

I guaran-fucking-tee she started that shit herself. Everything about that post was way too suspicious.

Ember doesn't even have any friends from high school, why in the world would someone from Bumfuck Hills High School stay in touch with Ember's mom, and talk to a farmer about it?

Again, can we please get Admin in here to check on what the fuck is going on? This thread is starting to reek of self post drama the way her old threads were before she got caught.

No. 69568

oh my god i thought that was a man at first. her body shoops are so far from proportionate

No. 69569

she's gripping her thigh so the tendons in her wrist pop out so her hands look less manly.
pro tip : it's not working ember. sorry!

No. 69570

you're late to the party. a farmer made up the rumor to see if ember would post about it.

No. 69572

Hi, yes I understand why you think it would be a self post. I'm the one who did it. I wish I took a screenshot. Ember did not post it.

No. 69575

What'd I tell ya guys?

You can make Ember do virtually anything by saying it's proof she's fat, ugly, or a liar if she doesn't.

No. 69577

I love it. I was the one who said "make her do something pathetic" and then right after I made the post about her little sister.

No. 69580

This thread is wild. It's like our own Chris-chan

No. 69582

If you have questions, report the post(s) in question. Admin isn't summoned magically if you call his name.

No. 69584

Ember is the best snowflake ever.

No. 69587

She made a video 2 days ago. The camera NEVER stops moving and the video is stretched of course

No. 69589

I think it's still there tbh, but it was very bad quality

No. 69590

She's bending over in the video like she trying to release the biggest fart ever.

No. 69598

File: 1449712610146.png (654.37 KB, 979x979, img1449712449542.png)

Video stills featuring The Hunchback of Instgram

No. 69603

I bet she took this infront of that nasty shower curtain to pretend she's not in her bathroom for once, now she looks like she's in the dollar store

I bet she stretched it more than normal too, so she could blame it on a wiggly curtain.

No. 69605

Didn't someone say for her to have someone else take a picture of her?

No. 69607

Yes, someone did! But it looks like it's on a timer. It's at the same height she always holds it at.

No. 69610

Look at the wall below the curtains… It's still her gross bathroom. Hey ember? I know you're reading this. Log off insta for just one hour and clean your bathroom. Please.

No. 69615

File: 1449714243098.png (589.55 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This is the shittiest quality picture ever. If I was the clothing company I would be pissed. She's not even displaying the dress.

No. 69616


That's not a curtain, it's a quilt Lmao she is so white trash

No. 69618

OP pic needs to be spoilered. I don't even care about her shitty self posting and constant retardation, she is just hard to look at.

Ember is on tier with vegan ginger on terms of disgusting face, to me.

If she wants attention she should start posting her pictures to sites that have shit like "top 10 make up disasters", "worlds ugliest eyebrows", etc.

I think when Ember calls herself ugly in self posts she doesn't actually mean it - doesn't realize how fug she actually is.

No. 69619

Dem wide hips don't lie

No. 69620

And she has the audacity to call this shit a 'shoot'.

No. 69621

Omg no her newest one puts her tits where her bellybutton should be, I'm dying

No. 69623

File: 1449715389140.png (815.59 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

So fucking awful…. I'm cringing

No. 69625

Her tits are below the points..Tha is so sad

No. 69626

I'm guessing in the red circle is her tiddy, I don't understand what her shoulders are?? Why are their two feet between her shoulder and tits?
>conspiracy: ember is football player

No. 69627

File: 1449715573096.jpeg (191.96 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Forgot the pic haha
I did it in Christmas colors

No. 69628

I'm curious how much she stretched it, can you guys compare with her bikini picture?

No. 69629

That sag. Holy shit.
Is this what happens when you don't properly support them?

Also, where are the HQ photos she promised the shop?

No. 69630

She stretched her titties into oblivion :/

No. 69635

Her tits are naturally pretty saggy anon. There are a ton of pics showing this, plus that weird ass ass shaking video she made for other dudes while she was still with her ex.

No. 69637

File: 1449716570874.jpg (118.51 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Hey em! What's up! Keep lurkin, it's fucking hilarious to watch you talk to us through your Instagram.

No. 69638

Like this bitch knows hexagram rituals and shit…and there's unrelated runes down the sleeves…I'm crying laughing. I'm so sick of occult symbols and tools being adapted by these tumblr teens.

No. 69639

File: 1449716765270.png (1004.9 KB, 1855x1187, Offuckingsucks.png)

No. 69640


this is so bad.. all of it. I can't look away.
the "HQ photo shoot" aka poorly taken photos on a timer in a dirty, grimy bathroom.
it's shooped so poorly and her posing is so awkward and bad it makes the dress look cheap and the brand look trashy.
total trainwreck.

No. 69641

LMAO she wore the brace to make her waist smaller for these pics?! Such a dumbass

No. 69643

holy shit she deleted that fast

No. 69644

explains why her tits are so low

No. 69645

lol, ten bucks says that's the same herbal essences in this photo >>69385
don't tell me she climbs into her bathtub to take contorted selfies

No. 69646

it doesnt surprise me if she does. shes so desperate

No. 69647

Yo Ember I know you're a piece of shit but stop wearing that thing, ace bandages are gonna fuck you up bro

No. 69648

She just reposted her giveaway. with 11.9K followers, she only got 178 likes???? her followers are as fake as her anorexica

No. 69649

not anymore. deleted. haha.

No. 69650

How many pics is she gonna take with that ugly thing on? Bitch, leave the house. And no, covering it up with an ugly hobo jacket doesn't count.

No. 69651

aight so she explained her broad shoulders
now she needs to explain why her hand was holding her thigh in >>69553

No. 69652

File: 1449717527075.png (341.17 KB, 979x979, img1449717351692.png)

Could she at least try to make herself look similar in Her spam of shit pics

No. 69653

File: 1449717788554.jpg (132.17 KB, 534x681, IMG_20151209_212127.jpg)

JFC make it stop!

No. 69654

Hey, look, she got out of the tub!

No. 69655

Imagine having to live with her running around taking selfies in the bathroom, here we have some great bathroom items featured

>Nasty curtains

>Nasty $1 shampoo ft nasty grout tile
>Nasty bathroom door

No. 69659

literally anyone under 200 pounds can sit like that and suck in as hard as possible and look like this. Ember, you aint shit

No. 69664

File: 1449720128896.png (452.2 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This is the shittiest way to give someone a shout out lmao I doubt they even gained any followers or anything

No. 69668

I hate ember but I almost feel sorry for her having that unfortunate body. Man shoulders, skinny fat, short torso and short legs, saggy deflated breasts, etc. like no matter what she does, no matter how much weight she'll lose or gain, she'll always look like Frankenstein's monster.

No. 69672

Lmao no her body isn't that bad. You bitches need to calm the fuck down, some of ya'll are insulting her because she uses cheap shampoo ffs. It's pretty unnecessary.
>Inb4 hi ember

No. 69673

Hi ember

No. 69674

Hi ember ??
Why are you in an Ember hate thread if you don't hate ember JFC go make a tumblr blog to support her if you care so much

No. 69676

I do hate Ember but it doesn't mean I can't be a little objective about it? Like can we make fun of her actual antics of which there are plenty, instead of bashing her shampoo choices? And her body is just… normal, average. Not gross at all but not attractive or ana for that matter.
Sorry but that shit just bothers me.

No. 69680

The only reason the herbal essences was brought up was how strictly vegan she was, and how horrible herbal essences is with their animal testing. It's funny about how much of her life she dedicated to being "vegan" but can't even be bothered to check out shampoo types. And don't give me the "she's not vegan anymore!" Because if she really was before, she wouldn't start using nonvegan shampoo just because she has to eat fish. Shampoo doesn't concern her health/diet

No. 69681

You're in the wrong place

No. 69682

The whole reason people talk shit on her body is because of how desperate she is to make herself Ana. It's bland and boring. Maybe a bit thin. But nothing special.

No. 69684

Well yeah, I get that.
I honestly have no idea about any of that lol. But yeah that's understandable in that case though so nvm. Wouldn't be the first idiot to jump on the vegan bandwagon without giving a fuck. Pathetic at her age.

That being said though, she's already thin. Why can't she just go on a diet and lose a few pounds and actually look anorexic? She's so desperate to be.

No. 69685

She's probably 120 I wouldn't call her thin, she's average af and untoned

No. 69686

It's really hard to tell with the angles and photoshop. She is probably somewhat thin though, like normal thin not skinny. How tall is she?

No. 69687

Although obviously that depends on your definition of thin though yeah

No. 69689

Who the fuck does she live with? She claims to be living with her 26 year old boyfriend? No half-retarded 20-something bro has granny's shower curtain hanging in his bathroom.

No. 69690

More solid proof she hasn't been anorexic since before puberty. If that was the case, she wouldn't have developed breast tissue, much less these sadbags.

No. 69691

She didn't explain shit, she's clearly not wearing her brace in that pic. Her brace is bulky af and that dress is some sort of clingy jersey material. Bitch just has linebacker body.

No. 69692

98% sure she lives with her bf and his parents. Which is why ember looks like she's put on a few pounds since the summer, all that home cooking from a 55 year old mom.

No. 69693

She's def not wearing the brace in that pic. Even is she was, her shoulders shouldn't look like that. It's just not right. She has a man body and doesn't want to admit it.

No. 69694

Don't they though? Losers who date girls that much younger don't really givd a fuck about their shower curtains, probably a handout from mom

No. 69695

File: 1449723685375.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her boyfriend is an idiot. Didn't she cheat on her "fiancé" with her new bf? Haha. Bet he's already cheating on her.

No. 69697


Holy shit. She's just answering questions on Lolcow with her insta. Literally it's like a complicated version of ask.fm.

No. 69698

Her boyfriend obviously doesn't give a fuck, what a loser. He knows about all her antics but he doesn't care. Probably just some guy living in moms basement who just uses her fot sex. Gross.

No. 69699

Both of those drinks are frappachinos. I have a feeling a nearly 30 year old man doesn't drink sugary syrupy Starbucks drinks like that. Ember these are like 500+ calories each. Gotta make a choice. You gonna fake Ana more or gonna give it up and embrace all the food you secretly eat?

No. 69700

He honesty looks strung out in all her pictures. Wouldn't surprise me if he was an addict. Notice how she never posts pictures of him?

No. 69702

You're a fucking idiot. See your way out.

No. 69703

I meant never posts pictures of him anymore* whoops

No. 69705

This is so fucking pathetic.
You are literally squatting there bitch. You know you don't really live there.

No. 69706

I thought someone pointed out that his mom is dead?

Nah, they get ugly ass shit, but by the time they're 26 and graduated college, trying to get girls in their own place, they don't want to look faggy.

And of course, she makes sure to tell everyone she's LIVING WITH HER BOYFRIEND the second someone starts wondering about it, here. Do you actually hang out with your boyfriend, Ember? Do you two actually do anything? As far as I can tell you spend all your free time lurking here, and whoring for likes on Instagram. Does this one ignore you just as much as AJ did?

No. 69707

Yeah nope
I just don't think she looks that gross (body wise only though hahah). Boo hoo.
Doesn't mean I can't hate her for other reasons or contribute to the thread.

No. 69708

You must be a fat.

No. 69710

I think you are overestimating the kind of guys she dates. There's a good reason she doesn't post any picturrs of him. I bet he wears baggy bermudas and wifebeaters.

No. 69713

I can literally picture the exact type of guy you're discribing with this. Patchy facial hair. Probably vapes. Drinks tons of Monster. Skinny as fuck but not attractive.

No. 69714

Lmao. Something I have noticed? Chubby/fat girls are the first to tease thin women whenever they gain like, a single pound. Or wear something a little unflattering.
It's really pathetic hun, because we're too nice to call you out for being the fat lardass that you are.

No. 69715

File: 1449724954134.png (215.81 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She deleted to post about her bf, so I guess she doesn't love him that much anyway ?

Now she's attention whoring again and begging for likes. She's so gross.

No. 69717

Calm down ember, don't you have some HQ pictures to be taking of your dress in the Starbucks bathroom?

No. 69718

Something you noticed or something you do? Stfu and stop detailing the thread you whiny hog.

No. 69719

Yesss. Possibly wears lots of backwards capa but maybe I am exaggerating a bit. But either way he would seem like the kind of guy who wears them sometimes. And he smokes pot by the metric ton.

No. 69720

Or maybe you should? Wow so I said Ember looked normal, kinda thin, but apparently that is a horrible thing to say becauze how dare anyone you hate ever be called thin. Like that makes her a good person or something.

No. 69721

File: 1449725226274.png (420.82 KB, 1841x1175, Lolk.png)

Alright Ember, I'll bite
>2 pumps of frapp roast 30 calories each
>2 pumps of Mocha 25 each
>Coconut milk 110, but she always gets extra

Hey Ember, did you fail math?

No. 69722

Chill. Take your white knight self to tunglr

No. 69723

Since it says light that means they used skinny syrups, but that just means they use fake zero calorie sugar, which still will fatten you up

No. 69724

He probably forgets ember's name a lot and just calls her babe so he doesn't accidentally call her the name of his other girl on the side ?

No. 69725

Stfu already dude. What kind of fucking thread do you think this is? Take your ass licking to tumblr already. You obviously don't understand the work being done here so fuck off.

No. 69726

5 calories per pump, then
Still not 140

No. 69727

This is spiraling out of control!!!! Lmfao!!!!!!
Fake sugar makes you fat and gives rats cancer you shithead!!!!! Hahahhah

No. 69728

Eh I've been on the Ember hate train a long time and have no intention to get off any time soon. I was just stating my honest opinion, get over it. It wasn't even a compliment, she's ugly and skinnyfat but that's just average not "monstruous". Like why is that so offensive to you lmao. Chill.

No. 69729

Are… Are you ok

No. 69730

There's also light frap roast I do believe. Don't quote me on this. I might be wrong.

No. 69732

Did I offend you somehow? Like personally?
Totally. Her life is ruined and she did it all by herself. No one will ever respect her unless she goes through a shit ton of therapy and has proof for it. She'll always date losers who don't give a fuck about anything but sex.

No. 69734

File: 1449725896792.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Haha she deleted the pic where her hand looked like Frankenstein's

No. 69735

>>you telling someone to chill after someone told your ass to chill<<

No. 69736

No, I need more milk and not by the autists in this thread

No. 69737

Frankenstein or Frankensteins monster?

No. 69738

File: 1449726091867.png (899.76 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

And the thirsty attention begging post is gone too!

>if only ember would just delete the entire account

No. 69739

That's true, I keep ending up back in r/starbucks

>33 calories per pump (3,4,5 pumps for T,G,V sizes) and regular base has about 55 (3,4,5)

I can't afford starbucks, but if I could and I was watching my weight I wouldn't trust them to make anything perfectly and her drink is probably somewhere between 200-300 if they make it close at all to how she's asked.
God knows they're probably sick of her and hope if they put in full sugar she won't hang around reading Leting Ana Go again.

No. 69740

Oh, kind of forgot the original comment while I was replying to it. Whatever aha, chilling is nice no? I'll go ahead do that.

No. 69741

Ugh so many posts from angry baristas on tumblr who say they always use full fat or whatever when a skinny girl comes in asking for skim or sugar free. I mean most of them are probably BSing but still. Scary.

No. 69742

The last line omg hahahahahahahaha
I'm literally picturing her walking in with a plastic bindi taped to her forehead, ordering a 600 calorie drink but screeching "no whip!!!" So her picture still looks like Ana thinspo. She also demands her name be spelled properly Then she settles in a chair in her hideous white fur coat that's shedding everywhere, and cracks open letting Ana go for the 100th time. She's on page 7. She reads 2 pages, dicks around on her phone, takes 12 pics for snapchat and 8 for insta. Then leaves. Only to repeat it again tomorrow.

No. 69744

>implying she would ever wear a bindi in public

No. 69745

File: 1449726844278.jpeg (146.73 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Just gonna dump these here. From 2 months ago I think.

No. 69746

File: 1449726872740.jpeg (166.76 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

ember candids are the best

No. 69747

File: 1449726887388.jpeg (160.32 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

And last one

No. 69748

Holy shit, it's Poot Lovato

No. 69749

It wouldn't surprise me. Remember her "ootd I think yes" outfit which was that hideous black tie shirt and jean shorts? She wore that out.

No. 69750

No. 69754

Yuck anon, I never want to remember that disgusting disaster. Bitch looked like a 45 yr old stripper

No. 69756

Nah fam, that's what the proana bitches on instagram and MPA do. Farmers just take shots at the irony between how amazing she thinks she looks, and the wreck that's obvious to everyone else.

The more she keeps her relationship seeming lame and lowkey, the harder I cackle. At least with AJ she tried to pretend they did cutsey lovey-dovey things together.

Yep, I did this math and lol'ed so hard. 290kcal for a grande lite mocha frap, 420 with whipped cream. 2x pumps of mocha syrup = an additional 50 kcal (and if she was using sugar-free y'all KNOW she would have made sure to mention it). Add the salted sugar topping and you've got another 20 kcals in there.

That's a 360 calorie beverage on the low end, and almost 500 with the whipped cream. Daily, often multiple times.
Ember is completely fine with drinking high fat sugary beverages all day long. What anorexia, again? Is she trying to do a bad impression of Mary Kate Olsen, 10 years too late?

No. 69757

The frap roast is just how they get the espresso in a frappuccino, they don't brew fresh shots. No calories there.

No. 69758

File: 1449727519815.png (615.32 KB, 924x1205, Wut.png)

Can someone run this through ff?
There's something weird about the arm, like as if the spot where the runes were before is still showing?

No. 69760

I love how no one is tryna throw an arm around her, or get her all in on the group picture. She has to tippy-toe in the back just to be included. She doesn't fit in literally anywhere she goes, and it's hilarious.

No. 69762

I honestly assumed it was because she was trying to hide her body that she can't photoshop or stretch on insta.

No. 69763

No. 69764

File: 1449728143169.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 69768

The real question is, does her boyfriend drive her sad ass to Starbucks everyday for a goddamn milkshake? This girl needs to her a license already Jfc

No. 69769


"Light" frappuccinos don't include sugar free syrups, it's only the base that is sugar reduced. So she got regular mocha sauce.

No. 69770

Not sure what you're getting from that? Your link is for a venti (wrong size) regular frapp (no extra mocha pumps) without the extra sprinkles.

Got nothing to do with barista measurements, there's literally no calories in frap roast pumps. It's just coffee.

Also, y'all know she gets whipped cream plenty, she just doesn't post it. If the girl can slug down this sugary shit, she's sure as hell not afraid of whipped cream.

No. 69771

I guess she's started using someone else's phone or the tablet to take pictures now?

I'm sure either her boyfriend or mother drive her around, depending.

No. 69772

NO KIDDING. Who is driving this dumbass around ? How is she so bent on impressing the internet with how cool and independent she is, when she can't do a simple errand by herself? It's hard to impress people with the same pictures of you doing the same shit in the same places every day.

Just sayin', Ember. Just sayin'.

No. 69773

Yeah, that's why I used division.
Also, it's says it's light.

You high af rn?

No. 69774

I was thinking the same thing. There isn't even any friendly/playful interaction between her and anyone else here… the others are bunched in close with comfortable body language and she just looks like a photo-bomber. Makes me wonder if she's alienated herself from her predominantly black coworkers(?) with her ignorant white girl nonsense.

No. 69776

What makes you think that? It just looks like a screenshot posted by a farmer to me? Forgive me if I'm being a confused faggot right now.

Agree that her boyfriend and mom are still hustling her around everywhere. I think she's a lot more dependent on her mother than she lets on. I mean, she can't get a job without her, so that's pretty telling.

No. 69777

Didn't she post a snap of AJ a long time ago with his face covered in a black liquid and the caption was like "we're black at work now"

No. 69778

Her phone is lying between her legs in the pic

No. 69779

Is that not her phone in the picture?

No. 69780

She has a history of doing all kinds of ignorant shit. If I was black I'd stay a mile away from that humorless basic bitch basket case.

No. 69781

Thank you, I am retarded.

No. 69783

Her personal insta used to say she was a sassy little white bitch, but she's just a salty stale ass cracker

No. 69784

More like insufferable little bland cunt.

No. 69786

She's gross, and doesn't shower. Remember her little faerie loc? No wonder her coworkers avoid her

No. 69788

I have been in and out of this thread for the past 2 hours and I'm guessing this bitch has been here all day because this fucking thread has been moving fast as fuck. Get a life hoe.

No. 69789

Hi heather

No. 69794


No. 69797

Wtf are you talking about newfag? Cause I'm talking about how ember is so invested in this thread. so sick of your fucking ~chill~ Bullshit.

No. 69812

File: 1449735302683.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-10-03-10-57…)

Can this bitch lurk any harder? How is she not embarassed? Sometimes I think I can relate to her because I get the whole attention whore/BPD thing but I have some sense of shame at least…

No. 69815

Fuck off, you don't have BPD, and neither does she

No. 69818

No. 69819

Oh, I can't see it
I'm banned for putting a Meg picture through kek

No. 69821

Ew look at her nail

No. 69822

>>Posts about how she's in recovery obviously!
>>Makes sure people don't get the wrong idea that she's drinking the full fat versions by proving the ingredients and a fake total of the calories too.

Jesus, Ember, which is it? Are you the Insta recovery queen or the Insta ana queen? Can't legitimately be both simultaneously. If Aly can pretend she's in recovery by not posting calories, surely you can too! Either way these constant contradictions are hilarious!

No. 69826

File: 1449745343593.png (694.41 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

> 69819

What about if I post it like this?

No. 69843

Doesn't IG strip that sort of metadata

No. 69847

Barista fag here
Based on the way that looks, she has the whipped cream blended in. there's no button on the computer for that, so the cashier would just tell the person making the drink. Our whipped cream is like +100 calories on top a drink, and you have to do nearly triple when you blend it in. So she's prob loaded up on 300+ calories of whipped cream. Technically the light drinks don't come with whipped cream, so she specifically asked for it, and to blend it in so it looks like it isn't there. Can't fool me, I've been a slave to Starbucks for 3 years.

No. 69849

Ember has actually lost 10 followers on her Twitter ever since she begged people to follow it on insta. She better start saving up money to pay for her followers on there too!

No. 69853

Shes probably saving up to buy new insta followers first!

Btw bless all of you who keep posting it gives me something to laugh at when I wake up or come back from work

No. 69854

I work a double today, so I plan on being here all day to stave off boredom of work

No. 69873

FF is pointless on a re-uploaded pic. It's really only useful if someone uploads the original pic to their blog. Shots off IG mean pretty much nothing.

No. 69876

I just cried a little at the concept of a push-button espresso machine.

Starbucks, stop acting like you know what you're doing.

No. 69879

She wants to be theproserpina or felice fawn SO. BAD.

No. 69882

whoops, I meant the button on the cash register, so when the label prints it says "mocha Coconut milk etc" theres no button for "whipped cream blended in" on the register, so you have to tell the barista

its too early in the morning for this shit

No. 69884

too bad Felice and VIc are at least a little interesting and have some form of personality. Ember is literally a blob of boring marshmallow. There is nothing definitive of her except her shitty pictures and how shes hellbent on "proving" lolcow wrong

No. 69898

If she stuck to ONE personality she wouldve already achieved more by now, fleshed it out a bit etc

No. 69900

Honestly, out of all the ember personalities, my favorite was the ~*grey witchy*~ phase. It was the least toxic. Too bad she had no idea what she was talking about.

No. 69903

I liked brown witch best kek

No. 69904

same. even tho it was annoying she didnt know shit anout anything witchcraft related
its also really popular nowand looks a tiny bit more mature than thiis ana ccrap imo

No. 69906

File: 1449767076725.png (568.98 KB, 640x960, image.png)

dont think her eyebrows ever looked better

No. 69912

Is this new?

No. 69915

nope its old, maybe a year

she looks better with black hair imo

No. 69918

She's probably keeping with blonde for her bf

No. 69919

Ew, she looks so dirty.

No. 69920

It's all that dark eye shadow she's using under her eyes to make herself look like a panda or a victim of domestic abuse.

She should now concentrate on contouring those man hands.

She's naturally slack-jawed isn't she. How unfortunate.

No. 69925

File: 1449769921546.png (551.02 KB, 1125x2001, image.png)

No. 69926

It's filters and make up. She posted the original and it looked nothing like this

No. 69927

Some how I don't believe that someone would be as dumb to admit who they are. Just Ember trying to blame someone else?

No. 69932

but that tea girl has been following ember for a while but still

No. 69934

File: 1449770983487.png (25.08 KB, 634x238, 1445881622571.png)

they fell out though?

No. 69935

Yeah, i've still never seen y'all tamp your own espresso or properly foam milk…but whatever.

No. 69938

i'd be sorry to see the state of your own brows if you think this is acceptable.

No. 69939

She's not naturally slack-jawed, she just droops her jaw to make her face seem longer and thinner.

No. 69940


Ember always tries to pin dirty deeds on her latest frenemies.

No. 69942

as soon as she posted that photo I commented and said "as if your twitter wasn't full of proana shit to begin with anyways, she's just continuing what you started" and she deleted that shit and blocked me SO fast i couldn't even screenshot it

No. 69946

That's why she befriended Emily again. She needs a new victim to blame shit on and she is running out of friends in her little melting pot. Emily is aware of shit Ember tried to do lately and she still chose to talk to her again.

No. 69947

dodnt say theyre good but they look better than theee ones she has now
^ did you guys see this?

No. 69953

File: 1449772551659.png (183.06 KB, 284x595, 2.png)

body has such a fucked up looking body type… those shoulders KeK

No. 69956

Her neck is very thick. She actually looks like a space alien in a spacesuit.

No. 69958

her neck is thicker than her thighs rofl

No. 69959

those saggy tits though lmao

No. 69960

I've said it before, I'll say it again: if she actually lives with this boyfriend, he doesn't give two shits about her, because this e-trolling bull is all she does.

No. 69962

they probably only see each other at work tbh

No. 69964

File: 1449773804617.png (836.48 KB, 1743x1311, Omg.png)

No. 69965

File: 1449773972256.png (462.37 KB, 612x958, 2.png)

her body magically changed shapes over the past few months (the bikini image here is much older but i can't be bothered to fine a more recent image - though i know one exist).
she went from having a hour glass shape, where her hips and shoulders were the same width, to having an inverted triangle body type..

>what if someone killed the real ember and replaced her with a body double

No. 69966

Wow, I wonder where Ember got that from???!

No. 69967

What if Ember has a whole closet of Ember dolls and they're all made by different manufacturers?

I could actually see her being vain enough to buy a sex doll of herself if she wasn't broke af.

No. 69969

She also has a large rib cage which is the reason they stick out an she isn't skinny. Saw a girl on Embarrassing Bodies with a huge rib cage. Weird shit.

No. 69970

She's just so unfortunate looking. Why do we even bother paying attention to her

No. 69976

No. 69985

Ember is trying so hard

No. 69986

File: 1449777966057.png (593.8 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

she's such a cunt.

No. 69994

Gotta love how all these girls like Ember and Emily (recoveringemily) use fat insults.

No. 70003

Yeah, but commenting on their weight is apparently sooo triggering. They shouldn't dish it out if they can't take it. I guess ana logic involves a lot of mental gymnastics.

No. 70008

Does anyone else here (some who may have struggled with real eating/body issues) ever feel like you're subconsciously triggered by ember? I mean i know shes a total scumbag fake, but i feel like the the fucked up part of me still takes in the message she's sending. Idk i hope that makes sense. The bottom line though is embers behavior can be triggering to people. I can imagine that some of the teen girls that follow her are triggered by it too. Some probably follow her because they see her as fucking thinspo and WANT to be triggered. Its fucked up. She calls out other people for it but she her self is doing it! How many photos have we seen where its just her her body and her fake ass bones. Theres a difference between a skinny girl taking a selfie/fullbody pic and taking a thinspo pic. Even girls with real EDs (like aly) dont take just body pictures (besides the ocassional holding something over legs pic). Ember is obviously still trying to flaunt her fake ass "boney" sick body and be the ~*anaqueen*~. Ive started to report her more and her followers. These people, especially ember, need to get off the internet.

>TLDR: Ember is a fake triggering bitch and needs to be perma-banned from the whole internet.

No. 70014

Her food diary is so funny, I think she bought a bunch of ensure to copy Aly but changed her mind ?
Now she's trying to find new ways to use it

No. 70017

I honestly thought she was coping aly when i saw that post

No. 70019

What is with this influx of emojis?

No. 70021

File: 1449783276271.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-10-15-30-51…)


Also, pic related

No. 70023

I was wondering tbe samething, honestly. Has anyone actually tried to contact the admin to see if ember is still posting here somehow?

No. 70024

Notice how emoji user also has ember font

No. 70025

All you need to do is report the post. It's not that fucking hard.

No. 70040

Remember how in the picture of her Starbucks we see it was taken on a different phone, because her phone was on the seat? Wouldn't that mean she would be able to get to lolcow without having to identify herself?

No. 70041

Leaned her poses from McKenzie. He person who said she looks like Crash Bandicoot is right.

No. 70042

that was me!! :3

No. 70044


Kill yourself.

No. 70071

Personally not triggered by Ember's dumb shit but yeah, people like you are why some folks are super pissed off at her creating thinspo and other pro ana content. She has such a negative impact on (almost) everyone who associates themselves with her, directly or indirectly.

Here's some advice anon: if this shit is starting to actually get to you, give this site a break. Ember is a person to laugh at, not become triggered by.

No. 70073

I don't understand why admin doesn't put emojis on lolcow like how there are on chat. It would make people use ' :3 ' and 'XD' less. and yes im bringing this up on embers thread bc she is a fugly skank

No. 70074

I get triggered into taking some wire wool, lots of soap and scrubbing the bitch's face clean.

No. 70075

Nah. I hate emojis.

No. 70079

anyone know why Ember is contantly deleting pics on her insta? or she'll upload one for 15 min and then delete it. Like why? can she only have a certain number of pics on insta?

No. 70084

File: 1449792862205.gif (1.96 MB, 256x169, giphy.gif)


Derailing in 5,4,3,2,1…
Okay, I'll avoid newfag accusations (it gets old), but do people not understand the point of …IMAGE BOARDS?!?! It's driving me insane, but why post :3 when you can upload a fucking gif or image to express that?

Me too, anon.
Have a gif instead (googled best gif ever). Pic related.

Who is this mysterious man?

No. 70085

Being anorexic and getting triggered by Ember is like being a guy and getting turned on by a table leg. This really happens or was anon trolling?

No. 70086


No. 70089

I'm surprised Ember hasn't come up with another author related lie about how she's writing her own life story of her 'struggle' with anorexia since childhood.

Let's have some fun! What should Ember call her autobiography??

No. 70096

funny you say that because deep down, i really wanted to google "cute reaction face", find an image, download it to my cellphone, then make that (what was intended to be) sarcastic reply but i thought the emoticon :3 would make it obvious that i was just fucking around (plus i'm feeling extra lazy today)

tldr; sorry guys, didnt mean to cause such butthurt

No. 70099

No limit on how many posts you can make on ig.

No. 70101

Bright Burning Ember

No. 70103

Right now I feel like I want to be so ripped to the tits I feel as good as these two even though they look like complete twats. They just don't care. God, I wish I was on drugs.

No. 70109

Honestly these kinds of books sell like hot cakes to teenage idiots like herself, if she wrote a book about 'anorexia' and 'cyberbullying' she could actually be pretty successful. Even if she threw in the towel and just came clean about how she screwed her own life up chasing wannarexia and attention.

No. 70113

Her body reminds me of slenderman lmao

No. 70116

Can't wait for her to start posting about writing again now!

Letting Whanna Go by Ember Lee Autumn Holly Whann…

No. 70118

Chapter 1: it all started when i was 8 years old when i developed anorexia…….
Chapter 2:
As a 9 year old who had just developed anorexia, wait shit i mean 8
Chapter 3:
im a faerie princess uwu
Chapter 4:
Im a grey withc
Chapter 5:
Im literally sucking Emily Crocker's dick so hard I want to be her
Chapter 6:
Whaaaaa i hate Emily she wont let me wear her skin as a skin suit!!!

No. 70130

Whannorexic: or the Story of How I Tried and Failed Before I Even Started

No. 70136


>Super Faggot: The Life and Tragedy of Ember Whaaaaaaaaaaaann

No. 70153

Ember is the epitome of pathetic thirsty attention whore. what a pathetic sad and lonely existence. she lives for instagram likes, had no talent or skills. she seems so so lost in life, she dresses like which ever person she is idolizing/copying and it changes from week-to-week. her awful "im a witch/faery" phase was super cringe. The trips to starbucks are just classic basic, boring white girl. does she have friends? she seems to spend every waking second on the internet either on IG or stalking this thread. i feel like she needs an intervention or something, she is so consumed by the internet. Ember when you read this (not if) please, go do something in the real world. ride a fucking bike, go for a walk, go make some friends or something. stop arguing with strangers on the internet. stop desperately trying to convince teenagers that you have anorexia. stop promote and glorifying a life threatening disease. give it a rest. i don't like her at all, i think she is human cancer, but it's soo sad to see someone so consumed by the internet like this.

No. 70154

also, how is insagramming everything you eat and running an account almost entierly based aroundyour diet NOT disordered. like, how is she even trying to pass this off as recovery? normal people dont do that. recovery is about returning to having a normal attitude about food, and honey, no normal person photographs everything they shove in their mouth. like wtf. she is so obsessed with food and the internet it is sad.

No. 70181

File: 1449841710872.png (661.04 KB, 979x979, img1449841571161.png)

This company has been contacted. Now let's see what happens after reviewing the links they were provided with

No. 70187

somehow I doubt theyll give a shit but keeping my fingers crossed!

No. 70189

File: 1449846357397.png (826.07 KB, 1480x1092, 3.png)

Has anyone messaged https://www.instagram.com/longclothing/ about them sending promotional items to a scammer/fraud?

I mean, it should be obvious to them that she doesn't really have over 11,000 Instagram followers, considering her Longwear images only received 230-330 notes. I kind of feel that Ember is hoping they post her images on their account, so she will be exposed to their 77k followers.

Or are we gonna assume she actually spent $77 on this dress, WHICH IS A ONE SIZE FITS ALL BTW. This dress will fit a size 2 to a size 8… which is odd because didn't Ember just booast about how she is a size 0? >>55289

>sarcasm wow maybe she really is recovery

Moar liek bitch lied about her pant size, for the millionth time.

No. 70191

If Ember is a size 0, a size 2 to size 8 dress wouldn't be so god damn tight about her hips lmfao.

>inb4 Ember claims they had to make her dress special since she is so0o0o tiny uwu

No. 70193

Look how tight this dress is lmfao, yeahhhh Ember. You definitely a size 0. That explains why an apparent "oversized" dress is hugging onto your disgusting body for dear life. Because it's too big.

No. 70195

It's been 3 days, today's the day she'll pick a winner! Can't wait for the poor girl to get scammed out of her prize

No. 70198

File: 1449849007923.png (236.6 KB, 932x600, 3.png)

hahah her anger is making me giggle

No. 70199

File: 1449849146152.png (139.93 KB, 854x580, 3.png)

Wow I point out that her promotional posts get barely any likes >>70189 (compared to the amount of people apparently follow her account) and now she is threatening her followers again, saying she block them if she don't link her shit.

Nice manipulation tactic, ya cunt.

No. 70200

she deleted this almost instantly, woah. i bet she is here and is watching every comment we make appear, in real time.

No. 70202

File: 1449849540461.png (915.86 KB, 913x1460, 3.png)

>one month ago
can barely fit in a pair of size 0 pants since they're too baggy


size 8 dress is so tight that is looks unflattering

No. 70204

She is recovering really well :) don't be a dick :) Starbucks & a half pound of cream cheese on bagels is recovery food! Although she's not gaining enough weight :( but it looks like her severe scholiosis is cured too!

No. 70205

File: 1449850180923.png (694.48 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>ember lurks thread
>sees mention of dress size
>immediately posts picture that includes dress size to show that she has nothing to hide


No. 70206

Ember has the fastest recovery speeds, I swear to fucking God. One moment, her kidneys are failing, she is in and out of the hospital multiple times a week (intensive HPH >>51227) and not even a month later, she is to her normal life, taking awkward selfies that make her look like a homely football player, consuming her twice her ideal calorie amount in the form of a Starbucks drink, scamming online store's out of promotional items, eating 1/4 of leftover pasta her 26 year old boyfriend made her a week ago, and harassing girls online just because they're skinnier, prettier, and/or more popular than her.

No. 70207

I love when she writes "lmfao" because i just know it stands for "Laughing my FAT ass off"

No. 70208

Yeah her "kidneys failing" lie is the best one to date. She still drinks sugary coffee all the time for god sakes. Not kidney friendly. They're probably shutting down because of all the high fat food she eats but doesn't post pictures of.

No. 70209

I still genuinely doubt it's a size 0 lol.
I mean, even if it was, she went from barely being able to fit in a pair of size 0 jeans to almost not being able to squeeze into the same size a few weeks later? Lmfao, and didn't she say she has been losing weight again?

No. 70210

File: 1449850517420.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I like how she's desperately implying that Lindor sent this to her for free or something. Bitch you bought this for yourself.

No. 70211

Is that one of the popcorn things?

No. 70212

File: 1449850573731.png (800.74 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I think this was already uploaded and it's really unimportant, but why tf did she put the little copyright symbol by the word Ensure?? Was that even necessary??

No. 70213

File: 1449850625275.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

It's full of chocolate

No. 70214

Should've asked for the medium.

No. 70216

She is actually using the wrong symbol so I honestly have no idea what she is trying to do.

Like TM is used for identifying goods and that is what she should have used since you can only use (R) if your mark is federally registered on either the Principal or Supplemental Registers maintained by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Isn't it wild how she makes it obvious just how fucking stupid she is, even when it's just the smallest thing ever.

If only she stayed in school, maybe she wouldn't be so fucking ignorant about every little subject besides how to pose to make her thighs look skinnier while making her shoulders look broad as fuck.

No. 70217

The size says "O/S" which means "one size", not "zero/Small"

No. 70219

I don't like the dress, or their clothing, but it looks okay on this girl.


It's Ember's unfortunate body shape/weird poses that makes it look like shit.

No. 70220

File: 1449851491660.jpg (63.38 KB, 515x591, someone else.JPG)

dropped pic oops

No. 70221

I was just comparing images of other people in this dress to Ember and it became super obvious to be how she edited this image >>69953 to make herself appear elongated as hell. Making a gif right now to show you all what I mean.

No. 70225

File: 1449852004827.gif (527.46 KB, 636x709, hex.gif)

Look how stretched out the hexagram is on Ember's dress compared to every other person who has taken an image in this dress rofl.

No. 70226

Yes, Ember, publicly shame the few real followers you do have. That will make you internet famous for real.

No. 70227

If only Aly could follow Ember's path to ~real recovery~ she'd be a healthy weight again in no time!

No. 70228

File: 1449852350234.jpg (360.1 KB, 640x914, tumblr_nbd78kPaVK1rsnhiko1_128…)

Holy shit, I knew I recognized that dress from somewhere. Longwear sent Vicoria the same thing a year ago http://theproserpina.tumblr.com/post/96603828257/long-clothing-hexagram-dress

No. 70229

File: 1449852487084.png (84.66 KB, 530x633, 3.png)

Hey Ember, thanks for confirming that you aren't a size 0, ya fat bitch.

No. 70230

the dress fits vic and ember the same, goes to show how much Ember slims her photos down before posting them.

No. 70232

At least she bothered to take a nice picture showing her wearing the dress. Maybe personal taste, but these tight fitting frocks look much better on a hour glass figure.

No. 70233


>>a year ago

If the whole point of Insta promoing products is to get followers interested in buying new stuff on the market, then it's hardly worth bragging about getting a free dress in that case - the design of which is so old the most popular Tumblrinas have done and posted their promo shots a year ago.

No. 70235

File: 1449853001735.png (1.06 MB, 1355x600, 3.png)

The top hexagram on Ember's dress has been stretched downward, making it appear much larger, while the hexagrams on her hips are a lot smaller, compared to the other images. Weird. Her body shape looks extremely mannish when you can compare it to photos of more shapely girls.

Literally everyone who took a photo in this dress did it better than Ember. Even Vic, despite looking like such a fucking hambeast.

No. 70236

Yes Ember, show off the fucking bag your promotional item came in. That's totally gonna help draw in customers. Amazing promotional job your doing. Keep up the good work.

No. 70237

File: 1449853099875.jpg (63.27 KB, 500x500, DSC_1277.jpg)

Even the coathanger wears it better.

(Anon, your posts are doing doubles).

No. 70239

Why are her hexagram's smaller? I mean, what's she done to make them like that?

No. 70241

All of them posted decent photos that would entice their followers to buy the dress. Ember's photos wouldn't as the dress design looks distorted.

Mte! Like that packaging is hardly visually interesting - her followers aren't really getting anything out of that pic except for Ember has no clue on how to promo products decently. And her attempt to post it to "prove" that she's a size 0 or small (instead of One Size which it says), Ember obviously doesn't know that size small = size 4/6 US (a size 0 would say XS beside it and her followers would know this being real anas themselves and that being the clothing size for a lot of them!).

No. 70242

Probably tilted the top of the image forward, while pushing the bottom back. That will cause the hexagrams to change in shape. You can edit images like this on Instagram btw >>52784

No. 70243

File: 1449853961623.png (45.26 KB, 806x614, 3.png)

I contacted Longwear myself, asking for a smaller size, and this is what they said:

>Unfortunately we only offer this product in a ONE-SIZE, though this is very stretchy so can be worn from a uk 6-12 (us 2-8)

So yeah, Ember is still lying about her size/weight. What a big surprise. Somebody stop the presses.

No. 70244

Though I am loving the fact that we know that a size 8 dress is tight as fuck on her lmao. That put shits in perspective for me.

No. 70245

>PussyKrew range

No. 70248

I couldn't imagine wanting to fuck your own shit up and sacrifice looking good because you want to look more ana.

No. 70249

And the packaging "proof" pic just got deleted on her Insta >>70205. No surprises there.

No. 70251

File: 1449855216259.png (81.59 KB, 630x660, 3.png)

>>scoliosis recovery

I googled that shit and all I could find was stuff about "recovery from scoliosis surgery". When did she start this shit again?

No. 70252

kek she really is retarded. Bitch probably thinks it means 0/Small.

No. 70253

She learned it from McKenzie.

No. 70254

I noticed this too, I know a girl who actually had pretty bad scoliosis. She had an operation where she apparently had a 50/50 chance of surviving, but it went great and she's doing really well. Her recovery involved laying in bed for like 6 months eating co-codamol and tramadol. I saw her after the bedrest period and she didn't have a brace or um any special requirements as far as I know. so when I saw 'scoliosis recovery' I kinda laughed like wtf ember

No. 70255

Stop comparing Ember to Kenzie. Ember has been doing this shit for years before Kenzie was even around

No. 70259

This, Ember came onto the scene being a piece of shit and has literally been pulling the same bs for years.

No. 70274

did she take a pic of her grandma wearing the dress?

No. 70275

It's because she's bending forward like 45 degrees at the waist, and pushing her shoulders forward to creat collar bones, like she always does. That's why she looks like she has man shoulders (though they are naturally broad either way) and a neck the size of her thighs.

From the way this dress fits, I'm guessing she would be approximately a US4 in a fitted garment. It's easy to claim you're a 0/XS when everything you wear is super stretchy. I used to work in clothing retail and I regularly watched size-22 girls fit into size 10-12 garments made out of fabric that "gives."

Clearly she saw some farmer's comment about how her scoliosis seems to have magically disappeared. I guess her "brace" corrected it. It's a Christmas miracle!

No. 70276

Everything about this bikini on her grosses me out. The color is all wrong, her sagtits are obvious (isn't she like 17 here?!), and it doesn't fit her properly at all. I hate the way she's wearing those strings actually below her hips, it makes her look like a muffin-topped stripper.

No. 70277

holy fuck her nail

No. 70282

It actually looks like she has a nice hourglass bone structure. If she worked out and stopped posing like an idiot she could have a nice body.
I wonder if she'll ever give up.

No. 70283

File: 1449860460011.png (952.27 KB, 1152x1157, PhotoGrid_1449860289914-1-1.pn…)

oh god, why did you have to say something. now i can't stop noticing her disgusting digits

No. 70286

That's really gross. She needs to get herself to a beauticians ASAP.

No. 70287

No. 70288

That toe thumb

No. 70289

wtf is that spiky thing on the tip of her thumb, next to her nail? idgi (in the left pic)

No. 70290

>inb4 ember says her thumbs are so disgusting bc she uses them to purge lolol

No. 70291

She looks hourglass because of her waist Photoshop. She is as square and broad as they come kek I'd say 5'5" 115-120 lbs

No. 70292

It's the skin thats under your nail (I think its called the wick?) She bites her thumb nail to far down.

No. 70293

I've never bit my nails a day in my life, holy shit. I can't believe people do that. it looks so gross.

No. 70294

I kind of assumed it wasn't photoshopped because she looks nothing like her usual pictures, and it isn't her style to just stop at narrowing her waist.

I can't really tell but I laughed so hard at the last one omg.

No. 70295

i'm terrible for biting my nails when i'm anxious but mine look nothing as bad as them, that shit is nasty

No. 70298

Doesn't that mean one size? Either way, a small is not a size 0. I wear a small and I'm wide in the hips as hell.

No. 70302

This has been covered. It means one-size. The company says the dress is suitable for sizes 2-8.

No. 70311

I have scoliosis myself and I think a brace can only cure you magically if your scoliosis is not that bad. I had to wear a brace, do workouts for getting muscles on my back and get physical therapy. And it takes ages. So if she claims that I could not really believe it.

No. 70312

Size small is actually huge at most US stores. Xs/0 often isn't very small either, many stores seem to set it at a 24-25 waist which is pretty wide/flabby unless you're very tall. So even if she could squeeze herself into a 0, it wouldnt prove that she's thin.

No. 70327

>many stores seem to set it at a 24-25 waist which is pretty wide/flabby unless you're very tall

yea sounds fucking legit ana-chan

No. 70335


Lmao I´m 5´9 and at a BMI of 14-15 I do not fit in Size 0
because my hipbones are too far apart

does that make any sense? Or am I just skinny fat?

No. 70350

if she ACTUALLY went through and deleted "ghost" followers, she would just be deleting all the fake followers she bought… yet another pathetic grab for attention.

No. 70357

Where is the WINNER of this dumbass bikini?

No. 70361

I fucking hate Ember and all the rest of the whannarexics on /snow/, but reading the Ana-chan and A-log comments in their threads is almost as entertaining as the flakes themselves.

No. 70362

I've ghost followed her since she started that account and she's never deleted me. She just posts that stuff to whore for comments. </obvious>

No. 70364

Seriously Ember, give me a shout and I will pay to get your eyebrows and nails done. You should be ashamed to even go out looking like such a white trash mess

No. 70400

It means you have an uncommon body type. It remains true for the majority of people.

Sorry for hurting your feelings.

No. 71338


No. 71340

this poor soul desperately needs some braces on those snaggleteeth

No. 71342

Yeah, if you look at her marked posts, she's really sensitive about her teeth. And about dropping out of school.

No. 71356

it makes sense. I don't understand why she doesn't just get her GED, do online courses, or go to an alternative school. there's so many ways to get a diploma these days, she honestly has no excuse and she's just lazy as fuck. I wonder where she's gonna be in five years.

No. 71365

Just take a look at her mom. It's a vicious cycle.

No. 71375

Pregnant, friendless, and single.

No. 71455

File: 1449908623986.jpg (143.32 KB, 535x856, IMG_20151212_022117.jpg)

Hope you enjoyed your little game. Looks like they won't be playing with you in the future bully

No. 71460

Yeah but so what if she does? So you have a diploma or GED attached to your name… In her line of work (waitress?) no one cares about that shit if you have experience. I mean I'm assuming she's cool with doing that forever but it seems like she is and a lot of people are. Sad but true, but some waiters do make very decent money. Not Ember but I've known plenty of people who preferred being waters because they made more cash than being nurses or whatever.

No. 71465


i want to build booty not endurance what do i differently please

No. 71477

No. 71478

eat a lot, lift heavy, train the booty every 48 hours

sage for OT

No. 71483

No. 71484

File: 1449927016658.png (478.59 KB, 903x687, sk2015.png)

Ember posted the uncropped version of the pic on her Twitter account a good 15 hours before the StarvingKitten one posted it:

As much as I'd love for her to have dun goofed royally with this one, it checks out.

Although, the "I'm being impersonated" story kinda falls apart when you consider the current version of the starvinggkitten account has the joined date as August 2013, as did the older versions that Ember owned up to owning. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:C6o1EYUe6F8J:https://twitter.com/starvinggkitten+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ie (this is from 2014)

The join date of the account wouldn't transfer is someone took over the twitter handle (they'd have a different join date as it's technically a different account - anyone who has changed their twitter handle, would know the join date transfers). It's not conclusive that it's the same account (run by Ember), but it's not very likely that someone took over her old Twitter handle and just happened to join Twitter at the same time she did…

No. 71491

If I didnt know who Ember is Id be confused af why shes always posting pictures with odd captions and shit then deletes them later shes going to scare away the few followers she has

No. 71493

The GED test is so easy. I took it when I was still in highschool because you can use the GED for credits. I didn't study for SHIT and I passed. She has literally NO EXCUSE to not get it.

No. 71508

File: 1449938485821.jpg (175.16 KB, 528x683, IMG_20151212_103852.jpg)

Help me get more underage children to corrupt and victimize

No. 71511

That BITCH made them leave it up an hour and she gave them TEN MINUTES.She IS THE most selfish bitch I've ever seen. Someone needs to make another call out post

No. 71512

Obviously not or she wouldn't flip her shit every time someone mentions it.

No. 71513

She's just lazy and doesn't have time because she spends every waking minute on social media.

No. 71518

She's not working at Per Se or Nobu, lol. She's at some small catering operation it looks like. I don't think she makes very much.

No. 71520

>I'm assuming she's cool with doing that forever but it seems like she is and a lot of people are

Who the fuck wants to be a waitress their entire life? I'm older than Ember and never worked in a restaurant. I had other odd jobs throughout the years but never worked in the food industry because it's seems so god damn insufferable and I have better job options out there.

I should consider myself lucky that I didn't drop out of school like Ember because now, the only job she can get is busting tables and washing dishes.

No. 71521

Samefag but I hate washing my own dishes, can't imagine Ember enjoying scrubbing other people's. But that's probably why her digits are so disgusting/dry. That dish soap sucks all of the moisture out of her hands/nails which would explain why their so short (her biting them doesn't help either).

No. 71526


sry for OT, but I´m studying at University and sometimes work at festivals or at bars…events etc…

you can make a lot of money (especially tip) but it is exhausting af
and if you work at festivals or big events you need a few days to rest afterwards

No. 71530

Samefag from above

One of the odd jobs I've had was at a carnival, so I know exactly what you mean anon. I would be so sore, dirty, smelly, and sticky after work and all I could do most nights was just collapse in my bed, falling asleep before my head even hit the pillow.

But despite having to do manual labor here and there and conversing with the common folk, it was a pretty fucking awesome job. The pay was alright but it was one hell of an experience. Carnies are a weird bunch.

Anyways, if I was fired today, I would much rather work for at a fair again than become a buss boy at some restaurant. That shit just seems so mundane/lame and the employees are greatly underpaid/disrespected.

I wonder how long Ember will keep busting tables before she finally decides to go back to school, gets a fucking education, and find a decent job that actually pays well enough for her to move out of her boyfriend's mommy's house and become independent.

Haha that's such a obscured thought though… Ember living independently. I can't even picture it?

>>sage since I derailed a bit

No. 71531

File: 1449943433447.png (971.6 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Man she isn't even hiding how hard she's bending over and using her Ana poses anymore

No. 71532

File: 1449943787949.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

And the winner is……

No. 71533


… That's a swimsuit? Maybe I'm behind in the swimwear trends but that looks like lingerie to me.

I doubt this person will ever receive their prize.

No. 71537

I.. actually think it's adorable.

No. 71548

File: 1449947125121.png (675.69 KB, 1604x581, einsta.png)

No. 71551

This is a pathetic attempt for attention again. The only true thing she said in this was "I am not anorexic"

No. 71552

She only writes that shit to be posted here and then deletes. I'm so sick of the Ember/Emily games!

No. 71590

She would probably have to study at this, her brain doesn't seem to hold on to much information

No. 71615

What's with this vaporwave shit.

No. 71624

the picture she used for this is so cringeworthy.

No. 71627

Soooo…the New Ember's going to get knocked up and start a mommy blog. That spawn is already diagnosed with some kind of autism that she struggles to deal with.

She's clearly bored of being anorexic now. It'll be easy to recover seeing how she isn't anorexic.

No. 71628


Baahahahaha now she HAS to gain weight. People need to start calling her out while she's asleep so she can't immediately delete it, and maybe some of her "followers" will catch on to how fake she is.

No. 71632

Spam bot followers aren't sentient and won't catch on unfortunately

No. 71633


Probably the closest pic we will ever get to her natural thighgap.. There's no way she is as underweight/thin as she claims..

I'm about 5'3, 100lbs and that is pretty much how my "thighgap" looks.

No. 71634


>ana chans flock to call you chunky

No. 71635

Haha, wouldn't bother me.

No. 71636

I pity them too.

No. 71637

File: 1449965073014.jpeg (50.7 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Fixed it

No. 71638

five bucks says she changes the caption from "I am not Anorexic." to something else, because she was too autistic to notice her own Freudian slip until it was mentioned here.

No. 71639

Yeah probably to "I am not my anorexia" or some shit. Still can't get over the pic she used.

No. 71642

She'll prob just delete. Just like usual.

No. 71651

and it's deleted

No. 71672

She covered the brands name with her shitty pink font topfuckingkek

No. 71681

Oh my god, I hope the company is pissed about that

No. 71682

Do these companies just give their shit away to anyone or what?

No. 71689

If you beg hard enough, any company will send you something for free. Mostly because if they don't, you'll bad mouth the company and make them look bad.

No. 71700

Of course if it stayed up people might ask why she lists all her fake disorders in her bio

I don't think she understands depression and anxiety very well considering she has no problem going to starbucks every day and taking awkward selfies in public

In addition to that, she has no problem meeting and hanging out with strangers for long periods of time

No. 71705

>because they made more cash than being nurses >or whatever.

i definitely made a lot more as a stripper than i do as a social worker. sometimes i think i should go back. sorry/end blog.

No. 71744

File: 1450003851046.jpg (200.11 KB, 750x1293, image.jpg)

Haven't seen this posted here yet… that smug facial expression tho. Wonder if it's because she knows she viciously shit-talked this girl on lolcow and got away with it.

No. 71756

File: 1450006451194.jpg (32.97 KB, 536x144, IMG_20151213_053029.jpg)

"I am not anorexic"
But I follow and encourage everyone who is

No. 71818

Ember is so evil lmfao, #thatsmirk. If only her friend wasn't such a moron, she woukd know that Ember shit talked her appearance/interests. But if she was just a bit more intelligent, Heidi wouldn't want to be friends with such a low-life, wannarexic, drama whore.

No. 71827

she's hanging out with someone with an ACTUAL eating disorder who has legit been in treatment……
I'd be embarrassed af if I was lying about my mental illnesses and then hung out with someone who actually has said illnesses.

No. 71838

ember has always been extremely two faced. i really hope that heidi realizes what a piece of shit she is.

>i wonder if ember steals from people? she just looks like someone who would rummage through your belongings the moment you left the room. inb4 ember steals heidis treatment papers, white out her name, and replaces it with her own.

No. 71845

Stealing is a violation of the victim's rights. Of course Ember steals.

No. 71850

File: 1450033486858.png (942.04 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 71856

File: 1450034504728.png (53.69 KB, 593x451, embertwitter.png)

Ember is pathetic. Butfirsttea posted this on Twitter in reaction to Ember accusing her impersonating her via her old starvinggkitten twitter handle 3 days ago - which Ember clearly saw as she reacted to butfirsttea's defence tweet yesterday.

So much for the long-winded post about letting go of negativity and growing up yesterday. Related pic: Ember sub-tweeting someone earlier. Does it matter who? Probably not.

No. 71858


LOL she wants pseudo-internet celebrity status so bad. she has such a high opinon of herself and it's hilarious because she is literally a trashy fat nobody with bad teeth and hideous eyebrows.

the only reason she gets "300-400" likes per post is because she puts up several pics of her linebacker body, deletes the half that don't get enough likes, then spends the next several hours posting and begging for likes and shoutouts,(i'm blocking all ghost followers so show that you're active and like all my posts!!) and then deleting all the evidence.

ember, do you think IGers who are ACTUALLY instafamous (with legit followers) have to spam their followers with reminders to like their photos? So pathetic.

No. 71860

You can buy likes also ember…. Youre so stupid. The same app that lets you buy likes also lets you buy followers. Remember Likedike app? She used to it buy all her likes and followers.

No. 71861

And it's deleted…..

No. 71862

If she has so many followers on IG, why she only got 58 on Twitter?? Shouldn't that number be similar? Or are Twitter followers more expensive?

No. 71863

File: 1450035963525.jpg (119.42 KB, 539x793, IMG_20151213_134046.jpg)

Starvingkitten is still you! You're the biggest dumbass to have ever graced us with their presence. The second person you followed was fucking skinnyforxmas! caught again! Nobody stole your fucking handle you twat!

No. 71864

I bet Ember smells like cheap lotion and unwashed anus.

No. 71870

File: 1450037596925.png (859.19 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 71871

I knew she was lying. Too bad Butfirsttea had to be her next victim. Maybe Aly will be her next kek

No. 71872

I just assume she smells like straight crotch all the time.

No. 71873

File: 1450037684830.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She's literally promoting some 12 year old Ana wanna be. She must really relate to these kids.

No. 71876

She smells like greasy restaraunt hair, old pot smoke, dirty crotch with a little DICK cheese. She'll be selling bottles of her new fragrance to her minions soon

No. 71878

File: 1450038907534.png (395.22 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

All baby anas, what a surprise

No. 71906

you could start by not making a huge post in instagram. how is that getting you any closer to the real world. get off the internet ember! go outside! stop taking photos of every little thing you eat and bad thinspo of your legs. go! no need to make a dramatic instagram post about it. just go do it. go get a fucking life.

No. 71907

You said what I wanted to say but better.

No. 71909

File: 1450044355361.png (293.39 KB, 1050x710, Screenshot_2015-12-13-17-04-59…)

But Ember… you have bought yourself followers before….


No. 71935

File: 1450049785054.jpg (25.39 KB, 254x310, IMG_20151213_173347.jpg)

Looks like the Starbucks has gone straight to her face lol. But damn those eyebrows. Seriously stop using a sharpie to color them in.

No. 71939


The thing I still don't understand after the past two threads and the fact that Ember lurks here is… does she not get her eyebrows look horrible? She could easily draw them thinner/get them threaded.

They look like those women who get the poorly done tattooed eyebrows.

No. 71942

She probably doesn't want to give us the satisfaction lol

No. 71951

File: 1450051534104.jpg (63.08 KB, 500x500, amber eyebrows.jpg)

AAARGH!!! At this point I'm not surprised she's not cutting those stick on tashes in half and sticking them on to save some time. They'd probably look better too.

No. 71955

Looks like she's enlonged her already massive cocknose..

No. 71956

Ember, I know you lurk here, so fix your disgusting eyebrows, they look like turds and i'm quite sure you smell like that too.

No. 71966

God damn, I'm pretty accepting of all different kinds of looks, but those are some unfortunate legs. Reminds me of those 4-foot-tall apple shaped Walmart people.

No. 71977

Ember has all these comments on her selfie, but she bought them!! There's an app called GetComments and she uses it. All the people who commented don't follow her. It's embarrassing.

No. 72003

Nice try, poot.
We know your heads a perfect circle.

No. 72048

File: 1450066256394.png (58.81 KB, 422x750, image.png)

Wait ember you… Never….paid for followers???

No. 72050

File: 1450066291146.png (251.09 KB, 422x750, image.png)

Are you sure??

No. 72051

File: 1450066339005.png (40.43 KB, 540x321, image.png)


No. 72162

Everything this bitch says is a lie. But give the girl props for being such a dedicated lying bitch

No. 72183

File: 1450096882339.png (242.14 KB, 359x519, tumblr_inline_ne6tdfseII1smvmw…)

her eyebrows went always this bad either, is what is so odd about this whole thing.

>pic related, not sure just how old this is but it was taken a while ago, since Ember hasn't had dark hair in months.

anyways, ember ffs just look at old images of yourself and make your brows look like they did before. i know they didn't start growing in black, on all their own. srsly, i have no idea what you're doing to yourself but stop, for your own good. you look fucking ridiculous.

No. 72184

Why do I always have the urge to draw squidward's nose on her face.

No. 72188

It probably doesn't help that she stretches her face and ends up thickening the brows

No. 72189

Well, her nose is kinda long lmao, but it fits her face maybe Squidward's nose will fit her face too

No. 72191

She's got these horrendously dopey, heavy lidded eyes that makes her look like she's been a meth head for years

No. 72193

File: 1450101082480.png (709.29 KB, 1052x513, Screenshot_2015-12-14-08-50-07…)

Don't do meth, kids.

No. 72195

Holy fuck, I totally didnt see these. Could you please post close ups of her face, without the circles?

No. 72196

I can't get past her brows either, guys. Like it's not just the way she draws them on (though that does make them look 1000x worse) but how did she get such a weird fucking shape?

I don't even understand what kind of brow she was going for. I've legit never seen something so bad.

You'd think she's legally blind or something what the hell.

No. 72199

File: 1450101691038.png (1.14 MB, 1906x622, PhotoGrid_1450101562046-1.png)

Wow, she has gained so much weight in her face?!? rofl

No. 72200

File: 1450101697342.jpg (13.56 KB, 236x304, 14ae00b5131f0a5e45e4c5147b34e4…)

Forgot pic kek

Even this is comparatively better than ember's

No. 72202

File: 1450102120219.png (1.17 MB, 1240x1685, PhotoGrid_1450101963133-1.png)

vonnneguts isn't someone you can trust either

No. 72204

Hahaha fat ass lying twat

No. 72205

confirms she really has gained weight lmao she HAS to be around 125 now. no wonder she edits and posts images of her body so often nowadays. she is probably self conscious af now and is trying to boost her ego by tricking 13 year olds that she really is super frail/sick/ana and on the VERGE (!) of death.

No. 72206

Maybe nobody ever told her that eyebrows do not have to match your eyelashes. You're welcome

No. 72207

File: 1450102902904.jpg (96.7 KB, 500x620, eyebrowtips19.jpg)

No. 72215

At least we won't have any shortage of shit to laugh at

No. 72216

File: 1450105537970.jpg (165.61 KB, 810x1080, Charcoal_pencils_051907.jpg)

Rude, Ember only goes for high quality eyebrow pencils such as these

No. 72218

File: 1450105924795.jpg (461.72 KB, 1000x700, 1436282684-9.jpg)

Trim your caterpillar brows before filling them in, dumbass.

No. 72222

They look.. Glued on

No. 72224

It is actually really sad that you keep having to make threads on this girl. I know her personally and she is so lovely and caring. Why does this concern you so much, her life?
It is very, very sad off you lot. Yes, she is underweight but do you really think this is going to help her? People complain telling her to put weight on an when she does you rip into her again and again.
Its pathetic, grow up.

No. 72225

thank you so much. you’ve opened my eyes. I will immediately stop now, leave lolcow and start a better life.

No. 72228

File: 1450110020387.gif (3.96 MB, 500x506, ezgif-3013882731.gif)

Get it, gurl.

No. 72229

File: 1450110098756.png (26.15 KB, 1024x1024, Bait 10 try harder _cb187d587d…)

This is bait.

No. 72231

Wow she's chubby as hell

No. 72232

File: 1450110448903.gif (6.95 MB, 600x608, ezgif-2288574786.gif)

No. 72233

how on earth can you say she is chubby? Oh my word hahaha

No. 72235

File: 1450110810581.gif (2.9 MB, 480x486, ezgif-2263122718.gif)

I've been wanting to turn her cringey 3am dance video into gifs for weeks now but haven't had the time. I hope you guys are enjoying these as much as I am.

Ember approves of this message

No. 72236

Damn those droopy titties

No. 72237

man she really got a good body, like not amazing but she is skinny and can probably eat all she wants, but her shitty personality and the fact that she photoshops herself to look anorexic makes her too ugly.

No. 72238

Aw look no thigh gap

No. 72239

Ehhhh. Her shoulder are huge. Her hands are huge. Her face in unfortunate. Her titties look they got in an argument and aren't on speaking terms.

No. 72240

You sound ugly

No. 72241

She sounds like ember tbh

No. 72242

if she starves herself, her metabolism is most likely shit so whenever she eats, her body just holds onto all of the fat. like i really think she did starve herself here and there but not enough to actually do anything, since she would just binge later on, basically ruining her fast.

tlrd; i really doubt she can eat all she wants without noticing an immediate difference in her body lol

No. 72243

Ember pls

No. 72244

Her body is soft as a marshmallow. Most real Ana's have their upper arms look so thin and the skin hangs. Ember looks like she lost 5 pounds at one point in her life and she desperatly clings to the idea of her being sickly thin. Nope. She's just an average skinny-fat

No. 72245

This really isnt Ember hahahaha love how you have to assume that just because someone is actually sticking up for her

No. 72246

Bless you for making these.

No. 72247

ok I did not mean her face, it really is unfortunate. But yeah she looks normal skinny, thought thats nice.

No. 72248

File: 1450111888739.gif (3.76 MB, 600x338, ezgif-1624283998.gif)

There's more to come (:

KeK you gotta love these ana-chan comments.

No. 72249

mh ok, to me she looks like those people who can eat crap and stay slim. And yeah to me she seems like she could not even skip lunch without binging to hell and back.

No. 72250

File: 1450112149026.png (112.44 KB, 1308x452, 232.png)

Gif anon here: I was going through her old threads, looking for those links to the videos of her and check this out. She filed a copyright claim against this video of herself, lying about being diagnosed with Anorexia at age 8-9.

Guess she has something to hide. Oh well, this video was uploaded twice apparently, so it's still available to watch. The title is just different.

>added a screenshot of the video because i randomly skipped through and that was the frame I landed on.

No. 72253

File: 1450112846373.gif (9.75 MB, 600x608, ezgif-4087826298.gif)

dat gut

No. 72254

File: 1450112851248.png (623.33 KB, 979x979, img1450112725799.png)

Not skeletal at all lol