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File: 1529372639290.jpeg (169.1 KB, 640x826, B2D45C73-0469-4771-88BE-EBCAFC…)

No. 614641

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/603765

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

>Jonny recently bought himself a milk snake and bought Taylor an orchid mantis

>Lies about age of deceased mantis

>Jokes about dead pets

>They both continue impulse buying animals despite owning over 30

>Proof (kind of) came out on Twitter that Taylor smokes heroin with Jonny

>Posts picture of abandoned service dog looking overweight and with an unhealthy coat

>Uses her plethora of illness to excuse not posting, yet she’s somehow able to care for 30+ animals everyday

>Suddenly starts ranting about being vegan and saving the planet despite not even being vegetarian herself

No. 614694


> Recently claimed her doctor took her off her meds while simultaneously saying she told her doctor she wanted to stop her meds

> Claims this is the reason she hasn't been keeping up with her upload schedule, yet felt good enough she went to Dave & Busters on a "date night" (and took some mega creepy photos with what appears to be an extremely high Jonny)

No. 614776

The date night post was posted four days before. I don't think any conclusions can be drawn from it, and people should stop trying.
First pos, days ago >>610867
The recent repost, the date on the pic even shows it's old >>614070

No. 614783

she said she's been off for a week, and that date was 3 days before she started tweeting this stuff. so that was 4 days into her being off her pills. plus, it's kind of hard to tell by that tweet what she means–as in, has she been off the pills for one week and told her doctor she felt fine just a couple days ago? or had it been a week since she stopped taking her pills once she talked to the doctor? there's a span of a few days there that could make or break the story, but i don't think it's a reach to call her out on this, especially when it's probably just all one of her shitty lies.

No. 614800

what I'm saying is the date the pic was taken isn't 100% confirmed. she could have delayed posting it to avoid the johnny drinking accusations, or exaggerated how long she's been sick from the med she already went off without problem. her whole life and endless lies are nitpick worthy, but it's obvious she didn't take this outing yesterday like second anon's post was interpreted.

No. 614832

oh okay i see what you mean!

No. 614847

File: 1529395127177.jpeg (473.57 KB, 1270x1909, 1528951531118.jpeg)

I know this pic was posted in the last thread but I was just thinking, have you ever seen a picture of her and/or Jonny posted where her pupils are normal sized or dilated? No matter what lighting, they're ALWAYS pinned out.

No. 614849

File: 1529395463653.png (1.16 MB, 1148x928, Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 1.00…)

Of course she'll never admit it, but it's really obvious. I wonder if she will ever post a picture with normal sized pupils for once (because I know she reads these posts).

No. 614860


Inb4 she starts photoshoping her eyes to look like she has normal-sized pupils.

No. 614916

She always looks like she’s holding him up!

No. 614921

In regards to the anon from the last thread…honestly never thought she’d buy a fake bracelet. And for $6000 I’ve never seen anyone destroy it like she has but she also is the type to spend $6000 just so she can brag about it. I never really looked up that bracelet but I actually have wondered why hers is so scratched up and if they scratch up so easily

No. 614941

File: 1529413257747.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, B76D0A7C-166B-4B95-9F9B-BF18DE…)

Idk if anyone has talked about it but Jen has an Instagram account too and she’s taken up time to harass people who commented on Taylor’s picture

No. 615041

File: 1529423101903.jpeg (384.45 KB, 1124x1760, CE0F0A82-5AF0-4DE2-8FCE-E2BED8…)


“top end brand food” …. way to completely miss the point jen. glad the poster shut her down.

No. 615072

It's made of 18k gold right? If so it's going to be pretty soft and easily scratched compared to other metals. Even white gold gets scratched pretty easily (and that's much harder) if you're always wearing it. I've got a white gold ring that's scuffed to hell because I never take it off.

With the bracelet she has, you need a screw to remove it; I doubt she takes it off.

So all in all, when coupled with images of them in the shop I 100% think it's real. Like you said, she enjoys bragging rights..

I guess it's personal preference as to if scuffing it up is bad or not. I wont judge her for not taking off a piece of jewellery that she really loves / has apparent special meaning to her. Even if that meaning is only 'look how fucking rich I am' lol.

No. 615074

"you can comment about my weight but not my dog's!" lol if anyone commented about her weight she'd be just as pressed

No. 615077

Is she always just looking for an excuse to fly off the handle? Her response was just way over the top, even if the poster had been rude and said something unhelpful like "your dog is fat," this response would be unwarranted. She is just combative and always at 100 about it.

No. 615094

Of course. This is why Jen is condemned to a shitty life of negativity. She didn’t make an insta to be fun and positive, she made it to purposely seek out the negativity and continue to white knight her daugher on social media.
I know we say this all the time but holy SHIT I’d be so fucking embarrassed if my mom did that to me for the whole world to see, for my whole audience to see. I’d block her and make sure she has no ability to comment on my pages. But Taylor knows if she does that her mom would fly so off the handle and go back to claiming all the old shit she used to. “Idk what happened to old Taylor, she refuses to see me, Jonny won’t let her come out and talk to me” etc. Taylor knows that would infuriate Jonny. So they let her do whatever she wants to keep her on their “leash” so to speak.

No. 615101

I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts photoshopping her pupils eventually lol.
It bothers me that the day she was getting accused again of doing drugs, she claimed like always all the texts were fake and Chelsea’s roommate FINALLY uploaded a video of her flipping through the texts (I have no clue why she didn’t do this a long time ago when Taylor first accused the texts to be fake). After showing these texts Taylor just changed the subject and completely got away with it? Her 12 year olds still sided with her. It’s pathetic. She acts like nothing happened. I honestly cannot wait or karma to bite her in the ass. Karma gets everyone eventually.

No. 615107

Taylor and Jonny are so transparent. Go from tweeting multiple times a day and at all hours to radio silence. “Too ill” to make or edit a video or just dope sick?? They’ll be back in a day or so with pinned out pupils and Taylor crying about “mUH anXieTY” and her fans will eat it up like always.

No. 615119

It’s interesting and sad too bc it feels like Taylor is ruining her future. She had such potential to be a “Bindi Irwin” type if you will— and have this following who appreciates her wholesome family friendly content. But she had to take her instathot dreams to the extreme instead of going for a GOOD image for herself and her brand. There are already 50 million Kylie wanna-bes that blow out their lips and dress provocative. She is missing out on a real chance to be taken seriously by professionals and work with a lot of legit animal sancutaries or companies that might have reached out to her if she seemed more credible and not like your average insta girl that got ahold of google.
The reality is that her natural appearance gave her an air of credibility even if she wasn’t the most knowledgeable on the subjects she spoke on, but watching her try to educate people about corals was so distracting when her lips are so blown out she can barely speak.

Also Taylor, since I know you lurk, hope you saved up lots of $$ to continually get your lips redone bc once you stretch them out that big you HAVE to continue to pay money to fill them forever unless you want surgery for the loose skin when the fillers dissolve. Kylie has the $ to fill a lifetime of lips which is why she’s not worried. If your YouTube money is burned through by Jonny, you’re in a pickle. I actually do hope you consider this and act accordingly bc I know most places that do lip injections won’t warn about long term issues.

No. 615133

File: 1529435179657.png (223.87 KB, 750x1334, 96001BB1-342A-4E94-8C1C-D86432…)

to everyone who called it that JC would stupidly comment on x. this is an incredibly inappropriate thing to RT as he himself has his music career dangling by a thread because of similar crimes. he has no room to talk. who are you to decide who deserves to be exonerated or not, rapist. tweeting that at him is almost worth getting blocked again…he truly has no self awareness or is that bad of a raging narcissist.

No. 615150

The guy from As I Lay Dying unsuccessfully attempted to hire a hitman. He didn’t literally rape and torture someone. Regardless, this is so niche. I think the overlap of people condemning X and being excited about some shitty 2000 metalcore band is like… maybe six strawmen?

No. 615172

The guy also pled guilty and served his time in prison so these idiots trying to compare it to a man who was pleading not guilty and acting like he did no wrong is laughable. Nothing better than abusers excusing abusers tho

No. 615201

I was thinking exactly the same thing, every time she's "sick" from gluten, EDS, depression or anxiety JC also stops posting on twitter. I wondered if, like you said, they get fucked up, or if she tells him he has to stay off twitter and not tweet about them going on "date nights" and whatnot whilst she pretends she's sick.

No. 615228

ikr, not to nitpick her to death, and i like looking hot too so i try not to judge her too much on this but she would have greatly benefited herself and set herself apart more if she retained her wholesome image. she’s obsessed with standing out and being different and is always scheming her next attention grab….she failed to realize she would stand out from the crowd by being the opposite of her instathot, heroin-chic, fame monger self. now she has no choice but to keep up the image, no one will ever take her seriously for her to have a legitimate zoology career that she fake-pines for. she sunk that ship in favor for the utter shit show she has now.

No. 615243

Agreed…. she had SO much potential, with such a young age too! By age 21 I feel like she could have worked with legitimate animal causes, have a REAL and supportive fan base, spread positivity, and have massive success, maybe even own her own home by now. She really let those who praise her inflate her ego massively. I believe in making yourself happy first, but she doesn’t get fat lip injections and wear push-up bras to have the “huge bewbs” appearance and wear makeup to make herself happy, she does it to get compliments from others on social media. She bases her worth on what the internet thinks of her. So she’s gotta he as insta-thotty as possible.
I hate her for what she’s done to others and herself, and believe Karma keeps her receipts and will come for her eventually. But it does also make me sad that she didn’t take the opportunity she was given - the chance for massive success, and supporting REAL animal/world causes. Not acting like she cares whilst not doing anything to really put action into the cause. She does it for her image to her 10 year old fans. WOW Taylor you care about the sea wildlife being hurt by pollution? Making a half-assed tweet “protect the earth guise!!!” isn’t gonna do shit. Put your money where your mouth is and show some action to prove you CARE! Oh but you don’t.
Keep being insta-thotty. Keep being like every other desperate girl on social media. You could have been different… but no one will take you seriously now.

No. 615256

She'd really never get a zoology career without education anyway. Those jobs are so sought after and she has no idea what goes into a zoology degree, it's definitely not about how to care for animals. The only way she'd possibly have a career like that is if she had a family who created a park or knew someone who could get her foot in the door, but even then an employer would take one look at her youtube and twitter and realise she doesn't understand animal behaviour and constantly uses her illnesses as a reason not to do work. The best job she'd be able to get would be working in a pet shop or possibly the small pet section at a zoo if she was lucky (doubt it though), she couldn't compete with the thousands upon thousands of people who actually hold a zoology degree, but I totally agree with you that she wouldn't even get those kinds of jobs now if an employer took a look at her social media.

No. 615304

While I want to agree with this sentiment, she was always a lost cause. Even before she made hoarding animals her thing she was looking for attention and validation on the internet. She could have used her influence to do something great or make a difference for the lives of animals but she is exactly where she wants to be. She doesn’t actually give a shit about the animals she keeps. She just wants attention and validation and being the “hot fish girl” is what happened to work. If that wouldn’t have panned out she would’ve moved on to the next.

No. 615315

>typical for her breed
Actually it's typical for that incredibly rare diluted coat color. For whatever reason, blue dobies have skin that gets very sensitive and flakey with food allergies. I still don't believe they found a rare blue doberman on the side of the road but it doesn't matter now

No. 615325


>glad the poster shut her down

…anon…. don’t embarrass yourself. those are your screenshots and comments, you left your icon visible.

No. 615327

Love bracelets come in different "presentations" so to speak. She could've gotten the one that doesn't have a screw. And anyway, she could remove it because you don't have to go to Cartier to get it unscrewed anymore, because it comes with its screw already.

No. 615332

Not sure what is considered pinned but Jonny's pupils are definitely smaller than hers. In such a low lit place even.

No. 615334

Hers are actually normal in that picture. His are pinned.
Pinned pupils don't get bigger even in places where there's poor light (like in that place). He is definitely high there.

No. 615343

I thought we'd seen the screw on it though? Like I thought that was the style of it when she first showed it off back on her instagram post. And while yes of course you can remove it at home, I mean more as to the effort of screwing it/unscrewing it every time you wanted to wear it. We all know she's too lazy to remove it if that's what she'd have to do.

They all appear to be 18K gold though, so the softness of the metal still means it would be easily scuffed.

No. 615347

Not the anon who posted the screenshot but…their icon isn’t visible? It would be in the lower right corner which is not included in the screenshot. “Don’t embarrass yourself.”

No. 615348

lol good eye anon.
If we’re gonna act like we’re not calling them out at least remember to crop/edit out your icon.
Wonder how much fun Jen is having white knighting Taylor on Twitter AND Insta now.

No. 615350

Look at the picture uploaded above that one.

No. 615352

Ohhh, kek. My bad. I rescind my smart-ass comment.

No. 615362

File: 1529448323109.jpg (20.77 KB, 561x82, 2018-06-19 (1).jpg)

Whenever there isnt milk we always fall on the same shit. I dont know how many times you need to discuss someone pupils size to get over with it or, the potential Taylor "child star" lost.

At this point i prefer PETA wannabes and PULL cry babies.

Also idk if this was post already.

No. 615376

Yeah, and whenever there isn't milk there's always at least one person bitching about people having a conversation they don't deem important enough. Just don't read it then Idk what to tell you????

No. 615379

Oh yes she got the original. I was just saying that in order to avoid scratching she could've gotten the one without the screw. Sorry for the confusion!

No. 615381

Ah yeah. I get what you mean now. No problem.

No. 615395


I remember an old video of Taylor's, I think maybe the one when she was setting up her betta sorority but it might have been one introducing Kida, in which there was a bag of Iams dog food in the background. Taylor felt the need to clarify so she wasn't attacked that that wasn't what she fed her dog, but it was what her mom fed Kiara. If her mom's taking care of both dogs now, I wouldn't be surprised if that "top end brand food" is something like Iams.

No. 615403

If it was a diet recommended by a vet it’s probably Iams or Science diet. Those and Purina and Royal Canin are the ones vets usually push.

No. 615419


I hope not, Iams is a pretty terrible dog food all around.

The Hills/Purina/Royal Canin prescription diets are what vets push and there's a lot of debate about whether they're worth the price tag. If Kida really does have allergies she might benefit from limited ingredient, but that argument is probably moot because we have no evidence she's on a prescription diet, Jen can be calling anything "high end" without evidence.

No. 615434

To be fair, I wasn’t calling her out. I actually was concerned about her dog

No. 615435

I only posted the screenshot of jens account, not the other one lol. I also remember to sage my posts so

No. 615446

File: 1529453547951.jpg (5.67 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

No. 615448

I mean, why would I wait 3 hours to post more screenshots lol not that it even matters anyway?

No. 615475

Just stop and spare us the secondhand embarrassment

No. 615492

No. 615527

File: 1529460828707.png (273.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6821.PNG)

so i guess taylor is going to vidcon this weekend. she must've got her anxiety sorted out real fast!

No. 615547

it must be so nice to be able to turn anxiety on and off!! /s

But seriously though, I don't understand how her stans are still believing anything she says at this point. They are all so stupid…

No. 615559

And of course she has Jonny’s sisters wedding to go to this week. Which she will be fine and not anxious for.

No. 615576

What's the point on own a shit tons of animals if you literally leave them every two or three weeks? I get she is young and wants to have fun but she should have think about that before buying all those animals, for real.

No. 615588

File: 1529465668117.png (233.21 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6823.PNG)

goes from crazy meltdowns where she can't even sit in her apartment and record a video, to flying to california and meeting potentially hundreds of people lol she's seriously so fucking full of it

No. 615590

lol @ his sister who invites her brother that has raped and abused women & openly still harasses them on social media to this day. And still does drugs and is an alcoholic. His family must be just as nuts as he is.
Who knows maybe Taylor is going with Jonny… but if not, either he is going to be super “obedient” and talk to her constantly to keep her from having her “anxiety” while he’s away. Or he’s just going to go off the grid again and ignore her so he can cheat on her again, and she will once again go batshit crazy on social media about it. Prepare for the possible “being alone is so fun! :) :(“ constant posts from Taylor if she has to be by herself again lmao
For someone that has a “by myself” tattoo and claims to be able to be happy with themselves alone, she sure can’t handle being alone at all without her rapist manlet to smoke with and do nothing all day with.

No. 615594

“I just needed a few days guise I feel totally fine!” “I saw my doctor and he put me back on my meds and I feel better now!” “Muh EDS and anxiety/depression comes and goes you guise you just don’t understand my condition!” God she really is full of it, it’s pathetic. Her stans only believe her because they’re young, impressionable and stupid. Wonder if she’s going to promise to vlog it all like she did with Disneyland and then never vlogged? I’m sure she’s going to hastily upload a video soon; she’s gonna need the YT money for flying out on these trips and getting tattoos and shit. She finds a way to make everything expensive as fuck so she’s gonna need the money.

No. 615687

I agree, anon. She's a career cow who's attention-seeking just happens to involve pet ownership at the moment.

No. 615699

File: 1529479845595.jpg (571.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180620-013147.jpg)

Why does taylor keep saying she was invited to VidCon and her "meetups" are actual events (so they won't get shut down) if she's not on their creator list? At least that I can see

No. 615703

File: 1529480127457.jpg (602.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180620-013645.jpg)

So this list on the vidcon site is for "featured creators" who are doing stuff "officially". If taylor is doing official meet and greets why isn't she on the list?

No. 615707

From what I'm getting you can buy tickets for VidCon as a creator and do "creator activities" or whatever the fuck. It doesn't seem she's gonna be hosting any official meet & greets or panels because she's not featured.

She's basically pulling what she did last time with the supposed gluten reaction and meet people somewhere in the convention center.

No. 615708

Why does she keep saying they invited her then? Man she is digging herself a hole with these lies!!

No. 615709

I’m sure she’ll show up just because it’s not official. At Playlist she ended up doing a meetup later for her fans so really the only reason she didn’t show up to the real scheduled meetup was because she didn’t want to be on the panel.

No. 615712

Yes why would it be you, it's not like the person already changed her nickname on Instagram or anything, what a coincidence indeed :thinking:

No. 615714

File: 1529481983237.jpg (324.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180620-020753.jpg)

Surprise surprise it looks like this is already deleted

No. 615716

Yeah I was going to ask where she said she was invited because I couldn't find anything on her Twitter.

None of the petubers seem to have been invited, so this looks like they'll just attend and try to get people to meet them or something.

No. 615722

File: 1529482994214.jpeg (209.89 KB, 750x873, 48440687-FA0A-49DC-8308-9BC49F…)

She’s sure claiming it’s official

No. 615814

If she has a “meet and greet” they’re going to kick her out. Vision doesn’t allow creators who are not the official invited ones to host meet and greets. They literally kick them out for “inciting riots”. There’s no way she doesn’t know this because that’s why people are going to TanaCon. It was this big thing, lmao she wants to act like she cares about her fans then say “oh they kicked me out because there’s so many of you blah blah blah” this is if she even gets to vidcon In The first place.

No. 615817

She’s not holy shit, she acts like we can’t look this up. She’s probably thinking she fucked up and trying to get her “manager” to beg to have her as a featured creator but if she is featured she has to be at vidcon and actually do work. She has to have a panel and etc. Which they won’t do because it looks like she’s the only petTuber “featured creator” not to derail but they definitely would’ve asked DIY or Emzotic to partake if that was their plan. But vidcon has a certain type of YouTuber they feature and promote ie beauty, pranks, couple channels etc. And if she was a featured creator I am pretty sure she has to promote her being at vidcon more. Every YouTuber I know damn near choked me with the knowledge they were featured and going for months

No. 615821


A five-year-old could lie better than this stupid bitch.

No. 615823

Is there a way to contact Vidcon to ask about Taylor to see why she's not on the creator list despite her claiming she's invited as a featured creator?

No. 615827

Not trying to white knight even a little, but I kinda get the feeling this is more of a case of her being dumb as fuck with an elevated sense of self importance as opposed to her straight lying. She's not professional or intelligent enough to be self employed. Clearly her "manager" shouldn't have a job either. I could be wrong I mean she's a pathological liar anyways so who the hell knows.

No. 615829

No. 615856

She’s not going to Jonny’s sisters wedding. It’s the same time as Vidcon/Tanacon

No. 615860

File: 1529504635756.jpeg (213.38 KB, 1242x948, 3A2F7C63-A4FF-4A2C-BB7A-C44A98…)

I’ve reached out to VidCon via email but I doubt I will hear back in such short notice. That being said, they did send back an automated email that said this. Seems pretty clear that ONLY featured creators have meet and greets, which Taylor clearly is not.

No. 615879

Taylor is at that point of obsessively searching for attention that she would make it seem that she’s invited at youtube creator events, acting like she’s a big thing and will meet fans, but in truth, she’s inviting herself to these events and hosting her own meet and greets next door to the event with an excuse that the event told her she has too much fans while hoping to meet youtubers with more followers than her so she can go up her invisible attention ladder

No. 615882


If she was really invited then she would’ve flood her twitter with screenshots of her invitation, ticket receipts, or any receipt at this point because i would do the same while reminding my fans when it’ll start so they can prepare and ask their parents or something

No. 615885

Either Taylor doesn't have an agent or her agent is like the worst in their industry lmao

No. 615892

Why on earth is she trying to do vidcon and tanacon??? tanacon is a big fuck you to vidcon does she not get it? There is no way she is a featured creator. Tana is/was more relevant than Taylor the years she went and she wasn’t even a featured creator. Taylor is blatantly lying.

No. 615896

File: 1529508262518.jpeg (138.6 KB, 1242x899, 2207919C-C6EA-4118-A72F-390CCA…)

I received a response from someone at VidCon. Though they did not answer my question directly as to whether or not Taylor was having a meetup at VidCon that they arranged, they referred me to the agenda page on the VidCon website. She is not listed anywhere for any of the days and the schedule seems pretty thorough.

No. 615897

So that Call Me Karizma guy is going to tanacon…. isn't she like weirdly into him or something?

No. 615904

They publicly flirt on Twitter when Jonny is gone.

Jonny is also going to be traveling elsewhere during vidcon.

No. 615907

File: 1529509455165.jpeg (172.35 KB, 750x1079, FC5723A4-00F7-4D8D-9684-2CB6AA…)

I knew she was going to say she’d vlog lmao. Said the same shit about Disneyland and never did. Maybe since Jonny won’t be there to get her her drugs she’ll actually be a functioning human being and show up and do what she promises.
If this goes anything like playlist, I wonder what skanky outfit she has in store for us this time for her “official” meet and greet with her underage fans.

No. 615910

AKA he’s going to cheat on her again as always.
So be ready for constant meltdowns & “anxiety attacks” over being alone w/o Jonny. She can’t handle being without him. Wonder if he’ll ignore her all throughout vid/tanacon and she starts throwing a tantrum again and cancels her meet and greets the rest of the day because “I accidentally ate gluten guys!”. That way she can go cry and throw a fit in her hotel in peace.
I almost want her to claim she ate gluten again. What are the ODDS of literally twice in a row to events she’s supposed to be at, she “accidentally eats gluten”? Sure even Taylor knows you can only use the same excuse so many times before you show that you really just don’t even want to be there.

No. 615915

Anyone wanna place bets on what she’ll do in LA? I bet she’s going to miss either one of these events on some lie again (because she’s probably not even invited in the first place) and tell her stans to meet her someplace else again with another outfit that’s ridiculous. No vlog unless she needs to for a sponsor. And her cheese tattoo will end up looking like a yellow brick against a blue background

No. 615919

i'm so fucking ready for all the milk we're about to get. i'm guessing she'll get kicked out of vidcon and then bitch about it on twitter or find another way to get sympathy from her army of 12 year olds. she'll make an excuse about being too busy to vlog, maybe she'll have another twitter meltdown while she's sitting in the hotel room alone. or maybe the complete opposite will happen and they'll try to show the world via twitter how ~in love~ they are. god it could go so many ways i just don't even know anymore but i know whatever happens, we're gonna have a good time here

No. 615929

i wish there was actual money to be gleaned from this somehow, bc i’m willing to bet my life savings that she will be bowing out on everything she has planned. with her track record, and jonny being away at a wedding at the same time, a meltdown is imminent.

No. 615963

I'm cracking up at how good this thread has been at predicting Taylor's next move, every time. It's funny how Taylor denied that first meltdown because she 'only' apparently heard false information about Jonny and it's why she got upset, as if she wasn't complaining about being alone for days before she freaked out on twitter. She has distractions this time around instead of being in her apartment by herself but i wonder how its gonna go over with her 'wah i was taken off my meds and couldn't film 'wah my EDS' etc excuses

No. 615967

My bet is that she calls a coke dealer as soon as she gets to LA and snorts up a shit ton of confidence to convince herself Johnny won’t cheat and parties and drinks all night. In the morning her invisible illness acts up.

No. 616108

Maybe she saddly won't freak like the last time since Karizma will be there, and he will be her plan B if Jonny decide to ignore her again.
I don't think she will go to Vidcon, she is preparing to look convicent
Probably a day before her minions arrived she will tweet something like
" Sorry guise, I won't go, it's all Vidcon fault, they told me I was a feature creator but still didn't let me do a meet and greet, I'm so sad, I am so depressed now, I can't go to Tanacon neither, mah feelings"

Or she will bail on everything so she can follow Craig to the wedding. So he doesn't get high without her.

No. 616132

She does this with every trip. I remember back at the beginning of 2016 I wanna say she went to LA and swore she'd vlog but then said she was too sick to. She was fine enough to actually participate in the activities she and her "friends" were partaking in, but just too sick to physically hold the camera and film lmao. I was a huge fan back then and I was like, "Oh okay!!" so she's always been this way. Has she ever actually done a real vlog that she posted??

No. 616137

You notice how she cycles thru excuses and never uses the same excuse too long before switching it up? She will use her mental health for a while… Then switch back to her physical issues and only talk about those for a while. Now we're mixing it up again. I feel like her tweeting about her meds was her precursor to bailing out and being like, "Omg you guys I'm sooo sorry my doctor put me back on my meds and they just made me so tired and I fell asleep all day. I feel so awful bc I love you guys so much and was really looking forward to this"

No. 616217

She may vlog if she can get anything to use that might make JC jealous or keep him on his toes. Hopefully Canada keeps him.

No. 616233

Has she even uploaded any videos she promised. I swear at one point 3 were promised over the space of a week or something?

No. 616268

So she is going to this events has far:

Vidcon (June 20- 23)
Tanacon (June 22-23)
PetFest (August 11)

Getting two tattos (One of Cheese) at LA

No. 616277

She also probably will follow Jonny around on tour again.

No. 616280

We really don't need him back. On a related note, does anyone know what kind of visa he is on? Or does he have dual citizenship?

No. 616348

Taylor and tyler are sightseeing together

No. 616350

Trash and trashier.

No. 616353


I remember back around when she first met Jonny, Taylor started up a vlog channel and said she was gonna use it to talk about more personal issues like mental health..Now she can't even manage her main channel

No. 616355

I don't know anything about Tyler but as of right now I'm betting he doesn't even like Taylor, just knows that their interactions get more subs for him. Am i reaching?

No. 616360

Judging from that one time she missed the panel and the reactions both Tyler and Emzotic had, yeah they're not close. They seem to hang out because it boosts their brands.

No. 616371

probably saw how much attention tanacon got, thought HEY I can turn around and say the same shit tana said (told me I was a featured creator, etc) and get sympathy points maybe even pull the “pettubers aren’t welcome to vidcon:((((( let’s make our own petcon”

No. 616374

Isn't that what Petfest is for?

No. 616376

Incoming video of her and Tyler together and they’re joking around and she sarcastically says she’s on drugs on camera for everyone to screencap

No. 616513

File: 1529559074376.jpeg (502.58 KB, 1668x1983, 4B5CED0C-38E2-4063-BAD8-DF798F…)

She got her tattoo redone.

No. 616533

She missed the opportunity to cover up her scar

No. 616535


Cause she's a moron and swam in a pool like 2 days after getting it done lmao. Tbh the flowers don't go with it, it would look so much better if she just stuck with the re-colouring of the snake

No. 616537


lmao those lines are so fucking sketchy- look at the stems of the flowers, they're overworked as hell. Why the fuck is she going to someone who can't even pull a straight line?

No. 616558

She went to “celebrity tattoo artist” aka Instagram scratcher Romeo Lacoste again.. the dude who claims his tiny black ink single needle tattoos last. This piece is a fucking mess. It’s going to look like an ugly rash next year.

No. 616576

that guy is a legitimate fucking nightmare. i feel bad for the gullible people who get tattooed by him thinking his instagram represents real life, but taylor should know better by now and should’ve done her research. there’s a few videos and plenty of posts talking about why his style of tattooing doesn’t last and always looks like shit after normal wear and tear.

No. 616616


I don't think "scratcher" can really be excused as a style choice. I'm looking at a collection of his tattoos on celebs and they're the most amateur looking scratched-in garbage- I've literally seen better come out of people's basements. Blowouts, blowouts as far as the eye can see.

Taytay is obviously only going to him so she can namedrop a "famous" artist, not for the quality of his work. If homegirl took eight seconds to google, she could find a much better artist with just as big a name, since that's so important to her.

No. 616628

Why would you put flowers there? I liked the snake on its own?!
Why would a snake even be on flowers? With all these tattoos she’s going to have to get redone she’s going to look like an absolute mess.

No. 616644

I find it interesting that Taylor isn’t going to the wedding with Jonny. That’s a thing couples still do, right? According to Jonny, she’s his “queen” and “he’s never felt this way before.” Why wouldn’t she meet his family if that’s the case? I understand she suddenly has two conventions to attend this weekend, but I get the feeling this is how she’s handling not being invited to the wedding by Jonny??
“It’z ookaii bAbez, iii aM ssooo BuZy thATT w33kEnD anyWayZzz. iii sCh3duLed miii OwN meet & GreetZz.”

Idk maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion but considering how those two are dangerously attached at the hip, it just seems odd to me.

No. 616681

As a female.. I would be so devastated if my boyfriend of 8+ months didn't take me home with him to visit his family. I guess possibly she skipped it bc she was going to Vidcon?

No. 616684

…how do you fuck up a tattoo that bad. Before I thought it looked nice but she actually fucked it up

No. 616688

She’s such an idiot. He needs to have his license revoked because he’s just bullshitting work. I’m pretty sure he upcharges like fuck for shitty ass pieces. He clearly just threw that piece together and didn’t even try. Her cheese tattoo is going to be terrible

No. 616753

Well the snake+flowers doesn't really bother me as it can be a common subject matter for American trad and neo-trad, so it could be a fucked up take on that subject matter in a shitty shitty style. How come it looks like the artist didn't reference any images of flowers, he just….thought in his head "flowers look like this right???"…….the more closed ones look like clam shells to me kek.

No. 616757

That was the only tattoo that looked half decent. But, that does seem to be Taylor's thing… fucking with something that was fine to start with, and turning it into a sick mess (ex. hair, lips, tattoos)

No. 616764

Relationships too

No. 616766

I don’t think it’s the flowers that are throwing everyone off it’s the style. They’re two different styles but he didn’t bring them together cohesively. You can tell he just kind of did his own thing without putting much effort. I’ve seen many snakes w flower tattoos that have been brought together seamless like but this reminds me of when you right in pencil and then someone takes a thick marker and draws a scribble right in the middle

No. 616776

Agreed, the styles are a bad mismatch. What the hell are those flowers supposed to even be? She should have stuck with her basic trash theme and gotten poppies.

No. 616781


My first response to seeing it was that they are supposed to be poppies.

No. 616799

They look nothing like poppies. If that was her intent then she def didn’t get what she wanted.

No. 616856

File: 1529600683509.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, A31D5635-D6BC-49A2-BE62-445098…)

Old milk but did anyone notice that her sleeve is rolled up on the arm where her vein looked all weird but the other one isn’t?

No. 616857


I honestly think Jonny made some excuse for her to not go, her being so needy/attention seeking i highly doubt she'd choose her fans we know she doesn't care to meet over following Jonny around

No. 616962

File: 1529605872145.png (216.16 KB, 978x730, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 2.31…)


No. 616972

Is it possible she doesn't have her passport? Though she should have had plenty of time to get it unless the wedding was last minute, which I doubt.

No. 616976

Jonny probably not even serious with Taylor so no way in hell she’s going to meet his family lol she’s too thotty to be that

No. 617071

File: 1529610840350.jpeg (679.54 KB, 1242x920, 1DC24544-40F4-450B-AEEF-919EF0…)

Looks pretty packed. Taken from her tagged photos on IG.

No. 617082

File: 1529611068514.png (2.78 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-21-15-56-18…)


No. 617089

File: 1529611550999.jpg (101.77 KB, 460x372, coveralloftaylor.jpg)

What is this outfit? I'm not surprised that it's so empty, but I'm surprised that she's really allowed to be there.

No. 617108


Lmao she is contouring her forehead so hard. I wonder if comments about how big her head is are getting to her? Girl I have a big wide face too, just own it. Doing that sort of contour just makes you look dirty and emphasizes how much paler your scalp is at your hairline

No. 617133

Wtf is she wearing? She has the weirdest style. Also why did she add flowers to it? Why didn’t she leave it?

No. 617134

Wow she actually showed up!
I bet she was reading this thread last night as she was thinking of an excuse to get out of going and furiously decided to go to prove all the haters wrong. kek
For someone with millions of subscribers she sure has barely anyone there to see her. She has tarnished her fame for sure.

No. 617136

she looks like she's wearing hospital scrubs

No. 617139

Whenever she takes pictures with fans she honestly could pass as a different person. You can tell she uses beautybox on youtube (live photoshop basically). I honestly think naturally she's a very pretty girl but ruins it with bad makeup and unhealthy hair/hairstyles that don't suit her…And drugs

No. 617141

File: 1529613684223.png (614.41 KB, 492x874, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 4.41…)

The outfit in full

No. 617142

Taylor looks like she’d rather be literally anywhere else but there

No. 617146


i know her hair is fried but even having it down would be better than that greasy/pulled back/mismatching hair piece style she's got going on

No. 617166

At least she’s fully clothed!! For once!!

No. 617184

File: 1529615416031.png (458.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-21-23-08-30…)

Fucking jonny

No. 617191


He literally never stops indirecting his exe's/making himself look guilty, how people say it's the girls who are the ones obsessed is beyond me

No. 617201

seriously. it looks like she went awol

No. 617215

Oh no, did he really lost the flight Taylor bought for him?

No. 617281

I actually wonder about the relationship he has with his family. Maybe she didn't get invited because they not approve of her, what with her age and all.

It might also be they invited him out of obligation.

No. 617326

File: 1529618399256.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 08CE8E41-55A0-418F-AD7A-DBA3E1…)

She has such clean skin!!!! She’s a goddess!!!1!1!!1

No. 617369

File: 1529619597122.jpg (187.54 KB, 351x1054, Screenshot_20180621-181955_Ins…)

Notice Taylor's lanyard says "invited guest" and not "creator"

No. 617400

what does invited guest mean?

and god her makeup looks atrocious

No. 617415

File: 1529621205960.jpeg (333.81 KB, 1271x1587, AB29EEA8-59FA-4F11-8238-B8F5CD…)

I didn’t get to see what he said because he deleted it, but he’s responding to every comment of people saying his tattoos are bad.

No. 617417

File: 1529621222494.jpeg (135.81 KB, 1258x548, 9E985C4B-DD58-45F5-B8B3-6F7AF2…)

No. 617432

He acts like he’s the only one who knows tattoos. I doubt that white is even going to show up, I couldn’t even tell it was there. He really thinks he’s a “tattoo god”

No. 617433

if you told me she was a man in drag i'd 100% believe it. she looks like a dude lately. her big bobble head makes up for jonny's tiny useless hollow shell of a skull i guess

No. 617444

File: 1529622485688.jpeg (151.03 KB, 1242x1115, 0150AF54-E80C-4D12-B395-84EFD2…)

No. 617464

Oh my god. This outfit is the opposite of flattering to her body type. She looks like the fucking Michelin man

No. 617467

If someone tweeted that to my significant other I'd be uncomfortable. Jonny dgaf though, probably too high to notice

No. 617468

File: 1529624004236.jpeg (211.1 KB, 640x629, BE39EBC2-9581-4163-B650-18916C…)

No. 617469

Taylor is too fucking dumb to realize the whole point of Tanacon is not to support Vidcon. Yet here Taylor is doing both¿?

No. 617472

Eh, only within the context because we know Karizma is a creep, but other than that it's a pretty innocuous tweet.

Anyway, I've noticed that every single time Jonny is out he's not on social media lmao. She's gonna have a new batch of anxiety attacks or whatever.

No. 617591

File: 1529630913548.png (1.69 MB, 1448x862, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.29…)

Taylor must be starting her meltdowns in Jonny's texts

No. 617596

How do you fuck up your lips so bad you make Trisha's first lip job look good by comparison? Her top lip is horrendous, and bottom lip ain't much better.

No. 617647

She deleted this and isn't tweeting.

No. 617723

File: 1529639581865.png (247.74 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6862.PNG)

not that it really means anything but did anyone see this? could taylor have saved this username/connected it to the same email or phone number on her instagram? bc this just doesn't make sense so i'm not sure if it's just more unnecessary lies or what

No. 617725

it's her old twitter handle

No. 617727

File: 1529639933985.jpeg (168.47 KB, 744x1277, B189211C-C639-4385-80FC-479245…)

i’m screaming. she is an entirely different person in tagged photos.

No. 617729

File: 1529640139315.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180622-000135.png)

Apparently taylor posted this on Tyler's new animal room video… I'm a month late but i dont think this was posted before

No. 617760

Why does it seem like she never touched her hair ever since she got that plastic ponytail?

What does she even talk about to her fans in person? I imagine her being so fake and dull. "paris hilton voice wow.. that's hot. But like, i'm better.. next!"

No. 617772

They haven't put enough filler on the sides of her top lip to even out the middle. They look like they've injected into the middle of her lip. The bottom of her lips is her own fault, she has a bump which she should have massaged out herself directly after getting it done.

If you have any bumps in your lips you can massage them out over the next few weeks by putting the part of the lip/filler inbetween ur fingers and rolling it around like a ball.

Done it myself whenever I went to a girl who didn't have a clue what she was doing and she injected too much in one side of my lip where it looked lopsided, considering Taylor has went to somebody bad two times in a row I would say she went back to the same person.

No. 617775

Okay so I know for sure now why she puts her hand on her chin in so many pics.

No. 617787

ah okay, thanks! jonny replied saying "he has no idea why" that account gets tagged so i was just curious.

No. 617795

File: 1529644689669.png (114.58 KB, 1440x638, Screenshot_2018-06-22-01-16-14…)

@Taylor? kek

No. 617806

File: 1529646104605.jpeg (186.44 KB, 750x1275, 96695866-E94B-435B-ADD9-31E207…)

lil kim is that you?

No. 617854

As time passes she looks more like a crackwhore

No. 617880

That outfit is just terrible

No. 617886


jesus christ taylor, have a fucking wash. she looks like she just crawled out of a dumpster. so greasy! i can smell her through the screen.

No. 617891

Why is she wearinf long sleeves in California in summer? ?

No. 617929

File: 1529661264783.jpeg (491.57 KB, 2048x2048, B0FD1D51-C7D0-4518-8BAE-30CF34…)

I absolutely fucking can’t with this train wreck anymore. The only person you’re still fooling is yourself, Taylor.

No. 617930

She’s trying so hard to get that Fashion Nova sponsor bahahaha

No. 618034

everything about her is such a expectations vs reality fail. from the unblended forehead contour to the papier-mache outfit.

No. 618037

Why do her lips look so small…?

No. 618038

more like he cheated on her last night, woke up and realized he fucked up, and posted this as a way to cover his ass.

"He couldn't possibly have cheated, look how much he's in love with tay!!!1!"

No. 618062

god she looks so busted

No. 618064

…she couldn’t have even brushed her hair… bruh she never looks like she cares about her fans. Not even a half ass hugged, I’ve seen other youtubers at least touch their fans. She stands away and gives some fake ass smile

No. 618088

How long has she been wearing her hair up in that ponytail now? I do honestly wonder if she has patches on her head she’s trying to hide from her constant use of extensions. If she has been using drugs then I could see how not caring for them would damage her hair.

No. 618104

All i’m thinking about is how much she fucked up her hair that she has to tie it up and attach a barbie ponytail that she got from dollar tree to try to make it look decent. Having hair tied up so tight like that with thin eyebrows while having lips that looks so unnatural that the combo makes her face look so swollen

Go home, take care of yourself and your your animals, Taylor.

No. 618111

I dont even think she even tries to spark a conversation with them tbh. I don’t get how young fans still like her when she talks about animals but never takes care of her own, takes millions of instathot photos but look completely different in person, and you can tell from miles away that she doesn’t care about anyone.. but i guess instagram goals shrugs

No. 618112

File: 1529679843391.jpeg (22.47 KB, 366x258, 9AF898AF-F318-47E2-B84C-887553…)

just…why? that outfit looks like an old parachute. and her hair. she’s looking so rough and has changed so much in just a year, makes me think drug use or high stress or both. yet she claims she’s ~s0o0 happy~ in her relationship. ok. no one gets this haggard this fast without a reason. also, ur brows look like these cockroach antennae, taylor.

No. 618177

Stop with the nitpicking

No. 618182

You’re more obnoxious than she is with all these “reaction images.” Really? You think we want to see cockroach pictures when we scroll through for more Taylor talk? Wow.

No. 618213

shut up i like cockroaches(no1curr)

No. 618217

…no? This thread is literally for shitting on Taylor in whatever way people want to. No one is breaking the rules

No. 618227

Are you retarded?
The rules explicitly say no nitpicking
Just because this thread is forgotten by the farmhands doesn't mean is okay to dedicate more than 10 post just to talk about Taylor's look when is irrelevant at this point.We know her make up is shit,as well has her clothes.

No. 618279

File: 1529690360313.jpg (444.92 KB, 1920x1276, stars-of-breaking-bad-arrive-t…)

She looks like she's wearing one of the meth-cooking suits from Breaking Bad.

No. 618300

(Diff anon)
Don’t forget, you’re also filling up this thread just by nitpicking about nitpicking. If you don’t like saged posts just click on the option that just shows unsaged posts.

Don’t want to fill this thread up any furthur.. so let’s get back into taylor; who is looking after her pets while she’s out and about with that one guy she likes to flirt with? Her “friend” that has a baby?

No. 618340

Yes of course, Betsy with her newborn baby is going to take care of her 40+ animals and maybe her other two “professional caretakers” that still don’t seem to exist.

No. 618387

I wonder how many times Betsy has come round to see her monitor. Cos after all, it was a gift for her. rolls eyes

No. 618397

Genuine question, what are your guys predictions for Taylor and Jonny's relationship? How long will it last and etc? Tbh I'm thinking it won't be long till Jonny gets some shitty engagement ring after doing something like being caught cheating to 'prove' their relationship/his 'love'. I have a feeling Taylor is that kinda girl to pressure moving fast into a relationship bc she's insecure

No. 618399

I hope betsy or whoever the hell is giving them fresh water and food! I just keep thinking of her just coming in to peek at their cages and just goes back to taking care of her baby. How does she know how to feed a mantis or any of the others. Poor things and poor betsy because she probably thinks Taylor sees her as a bestfriend

No. 618408

They’re either going to finally seperate due to money/drug problems that will cause Jonny to find another younger rich version of Taylor and she’ll turn into the exs that he likes to bash on social media OR due to their insecurities, they’ll think that getting married or having a baby will solve/better their relationship and shove into the faces of his exs that he’s married and they’re not. This will also give Jonny an opportunity to get more money while he’s out cheating on her.

There’s alot of possibilities, but all i know is that their relationship isn’t healthy and normal so it won’t end/begin healthy and normal

No. 618450

File: 1529702087967.jpeg (162.51 KB, 750x1334, 16EFC1A2-7139-44B1-88A6-7C21D6…)

yikes. kinda looks like she’s balding :/

No. 618473


He’s been engaged so many times. It’s a card he plays. I think he will go through with it with Taylor after some big fight where he relapses to show her why she’s so different from his exes and she will lap it up. She’s going to destroy what’s life of her career because she needs to feed her codependent ways that she’s the one who can save him.

No. 618523

File: 1529708076523.jpeg (71.84 KB, 1288x667, 836426A5-164F-42B1-B6ED-F32D39…)

Isn’t she at Tanacon?

No. 618529




She looks so gross in this

No. 618533

There are no tagged pictures of her from tanacon

No. 618534

Tanacon was cancelled because 20 thousand people showed up and the venue could only hold 1 thousand

No. 618536


Dang. I was hella curious to see how she'd show up to her fans today

No. 618539

If I were a fan and wanted a picture with her, I wouldn’t be happy with her sticking her tongue out in it!

No. 618575

It wasn't canceled, only delayed.

No. 618589

File: 1529713847899.jpeg (509.61 KB, 1800x1800, 5445F23D-3AB8-4525-AAAD-C29784…)

Pettubers IRL. TD is hideous without facetune and IG filters. Em n Ty look normal. Tyler’s smile looks genuine and Em looks good for 30’s lol

No. 618632

The fact Em is ten years older than Taylor is crazy, she looks great. I guess that’s how you age when you don’t start pumping plastic in your face the moment you turn 18.

No. 618641

It's not even a prediction at this point, but a pattern.
He'll keep relapsing and getting into programs that he never completes, only to keep lovebombing her immediately after he fucks up. He's probably also gonna pop the question eventually, which will finally lead to them breaking up because he'll abuse her in one way or another. Rinse and repeat.

No. 618645

She’s not a drinker either. That’s helps a lot. Alcohol can ruin you in like 2 years. Trust me!! I’ve seen people who were soooo pretty drink a shit ton and then only a few years later they’re facially bloated and haggard. Taylor already has that bloated chipmunk face from too much soda and alcohol.

No. 618710

File: 1529725886974.jpeg (319.85 KB, 1286x1515, 7310255E-7629-4D6D-BE81-5933C6…)

Is she being serious? She took her snake to a party at vidcon for 3 hours…

No. 618712

File: 1529725975945.jpeg (181.1 KB, 1292x876, DE533023-1061-43AA-B797-99376D…)

If only they knew.

No. 618718

it's so unbelievable that she doesn't fucking see how hypocritical she is. she looks so dumb right now.

No. 618724

File: 1529726247354.jpeg (102.91 KB, 1294x463, F66913E7-6399-40D8-9FF0-28437F…)

I don’t get why she’s so against saying “I was wrong” and apologizing. She always has to defend how it was okay for her to do.

No. 618736

Lmaooooo but she loves jay and brian

No. 618738

File: 1529727271038.png (266.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6893.PNG)

again, she can't just fucking own up and apologize. it's always okay when she does it

No. 618741

File: 1529727361039.png (247.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6894.PNG)

correct me if i'm wrong it's been a while since we talked about this, but didn't she bring the hedgehog too? and didn't she keep them in her hotel for the weekend or something? no way they had good/proper conditions but her followers just blindly believe her

No. 618742

File: 1529727464698.jpeg (408.38 KB, 750x826, FA6744CE-F3AB-4801-A8CB-399593…)


No. 618746

Cant ss right now but Taylor throw under the bus Brian and company saying she didnt how bad they were before they did a collab, it was all her manager fault. Kek

No. 618747

File: 1529727613929.jpeg (287 KB, 750x1010, D924890F-D472-4032-A93D-AC8D28…)

Got you buddy!

No. 618749

File: 1529727630819.jpeg (116.75 KB, 750x303, B1DD4616-984B-4CE2-984C-BB2756…)

No. 618759

i'm laughing, did she realize how fake her excuse sounded and delete it? if she had a manager why would they let her do this to herself

No. 618796

Nope she hasn't deleted it…. yet.

No. 618800

She seems to cover her arms whenever she goes to public/fan things. Hmm.

No. 618803

oh my bad, i didn't see it when i went to her twitter

No. 618807

There’s literally proof of jonny smoking around the satanics and the fact they are in a room right next to their loudspeaker. Hardly nice either. Also proof of her walking round a party with a snake round her neck exactly the same.

No. 618811

I like how she's admitting she is okay with using their platforms for more viewers, but now throws them under the bus because she doesn't benefit from their association anymore.

No. 618813

She has no concept of apologizing. Constantly making excuses 'i didn't know as much then' 'it won't happen again', why does it take being caught for her to talk about how she's going to change or how she's apparently grown? Why can she openly criticize others and send her fans to harass them but it's a problem when people are concerned about her own behavior? Don't dish out what you can't take. I would respect her so much more if her 'mistakes' were actually genuine and she improved herself instead of half-assing things and only responding to concern when she can't block the amount of people calling her out.

No. 618825

Anyone remember her older collab video with Aaron doh? It was a prank video posted July last year where he blindfolded his roommates and he'd place her animals into their hands and have them guess. At one point in the video she acted like she was going to throw Cersei at them, which is really shitty to me cause she's said before that she hates being handled, let alone jerked around. She even points out in the video the fact she flicked her hairs on her prior to the video and gave her a rash. So Taylor can we stop with the pretending like you care about an animals stress level?

No. 618842

Taylor could literally punch a baby and she'd turn around and say "I didn't know, I was a different person 5 seconds ago. I've changed."
It's her bullet proof defense (according to her, and what her stans eat up) for any wrong doings she or Jonny have done. Oh abusing and raping girls? Shh all is forgiven, that's all just "Jonny's past"

No. 618844

Ignorance isn’t an excuse for bad decisions, just pull up your big girl pants and admit that it was a fuck up and maybe we wouldn’t be up your ass about every tweet you post, Taylor.

No. 618847

People would respect her a lot more if she didn't try to shift blame for every single thing she gets called out on. People make mistakes and fuck up, its in our nature. However, Taylor doesn't.

No. 618861

File: 1529736022851.jpeg (224.28 KB, 1242x654, 737EAEA8-29B4-47E4-9442-F46D0D…)

So I guess he just missed the flight and was unable to reschedule or get another one? I remember it was like… at least 5 years ago, maybe a little longer when his family was straight up blasting him on Facebook for stealing money from them for his heroin addiction. Clearly they’re in a better spot, but who knows how much better since the love of his life either wasn’t invited or chose to do an independent event over meeting her manchilds fam? Now that he’s home alone, you know he’s blowing her phone up - err, lovebombing her phone (and probably not just only her), while questioning her every move. Such fuckin goals! I wonder if they’ll need to do the urine test over FaceTime, or just have a cheat week? 😂😂

No. 618865

File: 1529736879809.jpeg (523.69 KB, 1242x1666, DED54CE4-AD2A-4A26-8080-8F50A5…)

This tweet plus the “Puppet Craig” post have me IN TEARS! HE’S the one throwing the lonely bitch party at home all by him self this time instead of Puffy.

No. 618869

oh this is fucking rich. we all placed our bets but nobody guessed this shit. they really love surprising us

No. 618876


oh great now when questions come up about who is watching her animals, she can say JC is because he's been "trained by her" to care for them or whatever. Despite him not being qualified to look after himself, let alone 40 animals. Plus she'll probably never give an answer to what she would have done if he hadn't "missed his flight."

No. 618886

File: 1529739278193.png (285.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-23-01-30-25…)

Idk if my memory is fucked but Taylor works or worked with Studio71 isn't?
They helped her with her horrible plushies I think?

No. 618889

File: 1529739588822.png (217.5 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-23-01-37-22…)

Oh sorry didn't checked before post that.
She did however idk if they still have contract or not.
If they do, maybe Taylor should say something about deslink herself from an animal abuser company like them, its not the first or last time they have been enable this.

No. 618895

who are you replying to?

No. 618949

Jonny claims to have all this money, yet he couldn’t get another flight? Or his little facetune queen couldn’t afford to get him a one-way ticket to her? I had a feeling from the beginning she wasn’t going to the wedding and I’m probably thinking it’s due to their drug use. She probably can’t keep it together as well as Jonny can when they’re high. He probably didn’t want her to blow their cover in front of his family. And he probably doesn’t care either since he’s clearing using again. All speculation, but I think it’s plausible.

Jonny’s Plan B = heroin, alcohol and COD

No. 618951


* probably doesn’t care about making it to the wedding

No. 618966

Go read number 3.6 in the rules before you post again.

No. 618985

Did he even actually have a flight booked to miss? Or was that all a story?

No. 619051

File: 1529761692555.jpeg (143.7 KB, 744x641, 691B1D69-DFF4-41DB-9304-AC99B9…)

She used the same carrier that I have for bindi and maui. She had her tarantula in a nano exo terra. The sides weren’t black out from what she showed us. It was just black mesh. It wasn’t this exact carrier but it was very similar.

No. 619091

She's such a dumb bitch she probably thinks black mesh is blacked out.

No. 619136

All she had to say was yes, I did do that in the past a few times. I don't have an excuse for it but I promise you guys I learned from my mistakes and it won't happen again!!

Or.. You know, just NOT be a huge hypocrite and simply keep your mouth shut about the issue bc you have no room to talk.

No. 619165

they're both being awfully quiet on their socials

No. 619241

I'd imagine he is trying to convince her to come home now that Tanacon is canceled lol

No. 619296


Lol you seen his ig stories lately? Screenshots of people gushing over he and taylor, one of them mentions the texts

No. 619309

lmao yeah I saw that. How cringe. Looks like he's trying the whole "look how good we are Taylor your fans love us together", ugh.

No. 619325

File: 1529788886701.png (613.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-23-15-16-36…)

This is a image board Anon
But thanks for the call

No. 619326

File: 1529788904081.png (326.4 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-23-15-20-41…)

No. 619465

File: 1529798683598.png (245.9 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6905.PNG)

lmao how does this make any sense…

No. 619481

Literally her name is her channel name. It’s not cheese. To be honest I’m new to her channel and I’d never heard of cheese before. He’s not like this well known figure like say grumpy cat. She’s so full of it.

No. 619543

how would it even come up in conversation? "hey i'm taylor!" "uh i don't know who you are" "oh…well maybe you know my fish cheese" "OH yeah i love cheese!!!" like what the fuck

No. 619545

File: 1529806883600.jpeg (142.52 KB, 750x686, D8FA5C57-376F-4BEE-8047-DA2C78…)

Pictures that her fans post vs. pictures that she posts…

No. 619570

File: 1529808462377.jpeg (131.37 KB, 1242x595, 38B3F863-9B49-4BA6-B671-72B74B…)

No. 619636

File: 1529812376367.png (219.38 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6906.PNG)

how do you just…miss a tattoo appointment that you were hyping up for forever

No. 619654

File: 1529813016877.jpeg (259.57 KB, 1242x1068, AD40F292-DDC1-4EB4-A93F-9805AD…)

No. 619662

Does she ever stop coming up with excuses? It’s so exhausting, holy shit. Just admit you’re lazy as fuck and you don’t go through with anything.

No. 619701

File: 1529814941649.jpeg (281.37 KB, 1273x1916, 1F4B96AC-CB1C-4F00-B8FF-2C11B1…)

So she had time to go back to get this one touched up but not to get her Cheese tattoo?

No. 619712

is that a studio 71 bracelet? but she doesn’t support them anymore guiseee

No. 619724

She won do it, there is no way a Cheese tattoo will look cute in any shape or form, that fish looks cute only in real life, besides it doesn't fit at all with her "kirky bad ass tattoo" style.
Just her autistics fans are stupid enough to do it.

Also there is plenty of good tattoo artist on Texas, who are not 2 hrs far away from her. It's bullshit after bullshit with her.

No. 619742

She’s using the whole “i’m gonna get a cheese tattoo!” Just to hype her fans up and make her love her more. I don’t believe she actually wants a fish as her tattoo when she’s barely there for any of her pets. a yellow block of a fish is not as cool as having a black snake tattoo

No. 619743

That’s basically what I was thinking, it’ll probably get postponed again in July because it doesn’t go with the rest of her tattoos. Or she just won’t mention it again and hope everyone forgets.

No. 619751

All the cowfish tattoos I've seen look terrible. Cowfish aren't even that cute.

No. 619754

Uhh, his shop is one hour away from Amahiem, not two. If she's talking about including traffic, traffic doesn't go that way in the afternoon and she should've thought of that before choosing the appointment time?

No. 619756

*Anahiem whoops

No. 619770

How does July work better for filming a collab? Both times both you and the tattoo artist would be there so could have easily filmed it either time. Also, another excuse for his bad work by saying she puts her hand in the saltwater tank every day. No way. I own one and keeping hands out is part of the deal. Unless you physically need to move or glue a coral down or catch a fish then everyone knows you don’t put your hands in the water! Her tanks been up and running for plenty time now that she has no reason to interfere with it. Even adding some seaweed to a clip only requires a couple of seconds with one hand.

No. 619774


She likes to hand feed them, I think. Which I guess isn't inherently bad in general, but given her hygiene it'd be better if she fed with tweezers. Or wore gloves, if she's not dunking her whole arm in and just feeding at the surface gloves would be fine.

I don't know a lot about tattoos, but would saltwater really mess them up? Do people who go swimming a lot have trouble with their tattoos blowing or fading?

No. 619802


Lol if only real tattoo appointments were that easy to cancel and reschedule. I’m shocked the “line god” himself doesn’t make clients give deposits and that she didn’t lose it or worry about losing it….

No. 619804

You have to wait at least two weeks to be fully submerged in water. Or have a tagederm product on it. Or gloves, in this case

No. 619818

Even hand feeding wouldn’t require her to put her arm in covering he whole tattoo. I also wouldn’t imagine the occasional saltwater from a tank would spoil the tattoo noticeably. Maybe if you were a diver and out for hours everyday. But dipping in a fish tank? Nah.

No. 619829

File: 1529830513449.png (674.71 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-24-03-35-57…)

sure jan

No. 619832

She lies about absolutely everything though, it's a reflex. She's not going to bring up her eds because people might say 'don't waste money on tattoos then'.

No. 619923

File: 1529847869441.png (3.76 MB, 750x1334, 63413FBC-024F-4CC6-BAEE-2E9296…)

Okay but what’s up with her figure in this picture? It doesn’t even look natural.

No. 619937

She looks like Farrah Abraham from teen mom lol

No. 619958

File: 1529853717984.png (91.21 KB, 1080x507, Screenshot_2018-06-23-22-07-02…)

Probably because its shopped?

No. 619967

Her insercuities are so obvious and annoying. She keeps preaching having confidence and a bunch of other bullshit but she keeps photoshopping her body because she looks like a cereal box

No. 619983

Oh god Jen's uploaded a video of a "lush haul" and attached a video of a car-wash to the end? She's so fucking dull and comes across so slow. Am I imagining it or did she say somewhere she was starting a YT channel to spread awareness about PWS? Ofc now she's turning it all about herself.
I miss the days where people made videos because they enjoyed doing it, she doesn't even know how to set a camera up properly. I'd be cringing so fucking bad if my mum had videos like Jen's floating around the internet.

No. 619993

File: 1529857911490.png (171.72 KB, 1440x914, Screenshot_20180624-123153.png)

Such a sensitivity she has

No. 620008

File: 1529858814995.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1242x1626, D79B55DA-AE4C-4E7E-9540-7A16C5…)

Why do she look like she has no neck lol

No. 620010

File: 1529858939174.jpg (580.8 KB, 1079x1080, Screenshot_20180624-124721_Ins…)

I'm laughing so hard at the way she presents herself vs the way she actually looks. Either way I'd love to know how she managed to go from having no curves to a perfectly cinched waist within 48 hours.

No. 620011

She didn’t even do it in the right spots. That’s what makes this more laughable. It doesn’t start right under your boobs, like it’s not boobs then immediate boomerangs lmaooo it’s like she doesn’t even know where the hourglass figure actually looks like

No. 620015

Hahahahah someone should post this on her tweet. If she can't even kiss her bf after he drinks beer and has to ask subway workers to change their gloves surely she can't eat food which likely contains small amounts of gluten.

No. 620043


This is so obviously facetuned its painful, the pushed in waist and the enlarged eyes…

The fact that she tweeted this picture on twitter with the next picture a 'funny' facetune of herself, just proves that she was using the app

No. 620045

There would be a curve where her boob goes in then where her waist goes in. It’s very rare those curves match up. 100% that inner side of her body is photoshopped.

No. 620048

File: 1529862357958.jpeg (282.46 KB, 495x750, A3A8D065-E3DD-4105-94B0-3AA307…)

From another video she was in. I’m probably the same dress.

No. 620053

File: 1529862591910.png (1.16 MB, 1002x946, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 1.42…)

Never understood the point in facetuning when you know you're going to have videos/photos taken by other people that you can't alter yourself, you're putting yourself in a position to be exposed

No. 620192

tbh over all it looks like she’s missing ribs that’s how fucked this looks

No. 620325

File: 1529880012589.jpeg (516.85 KB, 1267x1890, 962F6AD4-90BD-41F8-A9EB-D54C8A…)

No. 620342

Why did he cover up the background beyond his laptop? Isn’t he supposedly just sitting around in his apartment?

No. 620344

This is such a fucking joke and they're lying to themselves if they think this is a proper way of recovery.

No. 620354

He must read here

No. 620381

If you look at what’s behind him, he’s just laying in their bed. So no idea why he’d cover that up. Isn’t there just a TV there?

No. 620409

Maybe he's watching tv while getting "counseling".

No. 620426

That's his dad, not some counsellor, right? They've
got the same facial features.

No. 620432

Would a drug councilor really have art on the wall of a woman taking drugs?

No. 620439

lmao what the fuck? i didn't even notice that at first

No. 620449

That and the fact that no counselor who acts like a professional would be giving the middle finger in a picture during therapy. Like this whole thing is so bizarre and honestly makes me really confused as to why Taylor thinks "ah yes this will help him!"

No. 620468

File: 1529885495087.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1766, 5F2BDE94-186D-40A6-A2F0-3BEE6C…)

No. 620481

File: 1529886928653.jpeg (174 KB, 747x1063, A0392DEC-5C31-4F65-96F1-62AC93…)


No. 620506

People are really fucking weird and desperate for attention

No. 620518

No. 620520

Can someone elaborate on the difference between creator and invited guest at vidcon? I assumed her and Tyler rugge would be in the same category but are not..

No. 620557

A creator has to buy a creator ticket in order to gain access to panels and other shit to help them expand their brand.
A featured creator is basically all the YouTube royalty who gets asked by VidCon to host panels, meet & greets, etc.
An invited guest has to ask VidCon through a manager to get invited, and it's usually not that easy to get in, even if you have a substantial amount of subscribers. You have to have the right connections in order to get invited. Taylor's manager had to ask the convention to invite her and then wait to see if they'd say yes. She's not as big as she thinks she is.

No. 620678

File: 1529898202235.jpg (197.73 KB, 1440x1202, Screenshot_20180624-224115~2.j…)

Same exact tattoo as taylor

No. 620701


In all honesty, if he is a mental health professional in any capacity, he is violating several rules of the code of ethics and I hope he gets reported to state health services. He should have his license revoked, or at least be investigated.

No. 620717

same name too LOL. she's 100000000% better looking. gets me thinking where Taytay got her snake tattoo from because she's known to copy tattoos from other people, like her cabbage patch croc.

No. 620776


In a reply to that tweet, the Other Taylor says that she was inspired by this Taylor. It seems she’s a fan of TND.

No. 620802

File: 1529916787420.jpg (452.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-015201.jpg)

She admits to eating it, she can't pull the "insert pet YouTuber left it on the table!"

No. 620816

The thing she is a dress this tight and this thin needs something underneath. she doesn’t have a horrible body she just doesn’t know how to dress. Bodies are generally not naturally flat and that dress is so thin. Really a simple pair of spanx would make her look SO much better in like 99% of the tight reveling outfits she wears. She’s just too lazy and just throws on whatever fashion nova outfit she has lying around.

No. 620817

those eye bags……unfortunate

No. 620849

Note how blurry the outline gets right around her “waist”…lmao sad

No. 620859

File: 1529929732501.png (364.35 KB, 750x1334, 1DAB6677-9525-4A35-B36C-20444C…)

Again she tries so hard to be relevant, guess Tana finally noticed her but it’s so annoying how she leeches off more famous people than her

No. 620882

Tana probably thought she was a fan that managed to get into the party. I don’t know if she realises how irrelevant she is.

No. 620886

cant she just let go? she is starting to sound bitter..

No. 620891

… 'starting' to sound bitter? She's been bitter since they first broke up years ago.

No. 620919

Years ago? I’m pretty sure her and Jonny broke up only weeks before he and Taylor started dating. He also still owes her a shit ton of hospital fees. imo she has a right to be bitter

No. 620921

Jonny and Chelsea were together years ago, they split up when he cheated on her with Liz. Then after he and Liz broke up he started dating Chelsea again.

No. 620956

Every picture of Taylor and Jonny together looks like Taylor is taking her grandfather out for lunch from his nursing home.

No. 621014

she seems obsessed with him still, if I went through same things as her I would stay as far as possible from this person and let them fade from my mind but Chelsea is following his every step.. come on..

No. 621037

Same can be said for Jonny. Any chance he gets he is mentioning his exes, posting memes that are relevant/hurtful to them, and goes out of his way to attempt to paint such a rosy, picture perfect life with Taylor in an attempt to make everyone - especially those HORRIBLE women who once loved and supported him. Regardless, If we’ve learned anything from watching these past 3 relationships play out prior to TND, it’s that he - and those closely associated with him - will constantly remind everyone of how sober he is and then a month or three pass and all the details come out regarding his true “behind the scenes” behavior.
My point is that he is also not willing to let go of making passive aggressive posts about his exes, and it’s probably irritating to the current GF to know all these other women he’s been intimate with can still take up so much space in his mind, or so he demonstrates on IG and Twitter.

No. 621054

File: 1529944720750.png (8.96 MB, 1242x2208, 044FBB8E-FB25-46BB-8B23-DD51E1…)

Sorry if this has already been brought up, but does anyone know what kind of flowers these are supposed to be?

No. 621066

I agree she should just block him completely and not watch his snaps. She shouldn't even be reposting them. (As a means to get over him).
It can take years to get over a toxic relationship but blocking him is her best bet. She'd have such a weight lifted off her shoulders if she did.

No. 621067


i dont know what type of flowers theyre supposed to be but it looks like she's picking at the tail end of her snake. Thats going to look awful when it heals if she keeps picking

No. 621093

Pretty sure this was taken in the studio when it was still fresh and that’s just blood from the skin being tattooed

No. 621097

Anyone who regularly takes heroin should NOT be entrusted with 30 animals. Someone needs to call the ASPCA

No. 621114

Learn to sage and literally every thread mentions that sentiment lol

No. 621136

i’m pretty sure she feels obligated to keep up in some way because even though they’ve all denounced taylor, they don’t WANT to see her get abused the way they were. it’s understandable to think she should just move on, but that’s not for anyone to decide except her (and maybe her therapist if she has one.)

besides, if she just ignored everything, we wouldn’t have the texts of taylor admitting to using heroin.

No. 621138


Really? why does it look scabby then? i thought this was from today or something to show it 'healing'

It's not just me right? it does look scabby at the tail end?

No. 621158


Can you please sage your comments, somebody already quoted you and asked in the last thread. You need to write 'Sage' in the email field when posting a comment that isn't adding anything new milk to the discussion. It bumps the topic & is annoying for people who don't care about TND.

No. 621184

That is fresh blood from the skin being punctured by the needle. Scabs are brown and fresh blood is red. Look up pictures of fresh vs healing vs healed tattoos. Taylor’s should be peeling by now.

No. 621201



It's the same pic, just cropped differently. It's bleeding because it's new, we don't have a pic that's more recent so we don't know if it's scabbing now

No. 621351

File: 1529963904160.jpeg (25.95 KB, 616x462, tnd poppy.jpeg)

Sadly, I think they're supposed to be poppies

No. 621439

I’m sure you’re right and it’s some sad, desperate reference to opiates, heroin, morphine, etc. Everyone ruined her dreams of naming her snake Morphine, so she needed some pretty “edgy” reference to it permanently inked on her body. 🙄

No. 621443

Taylor is still using retractable leashes for her cats. Her fans told her not to and she still does it. Jfc animal expert my ass

No. 621472

Lmao Taylor was so excited for Tanacon and it's apparently the next Fyre Fest

No. 621474

What do you mean? How is it a reference? I’m not a drug user so I don’t get the significance lol

No. 621479

Google Opium Poppy

No. 621480


Poppies = opium

No. 621485

File: 1529975401358.png (187.73 KB, 611x713, tweetyourex.png)

No. 621684

File: 1529994083823.png (259.86 KB, 1080x1548, IMG_20180626_071735.png)

Why is she such a fucking liar?
"The lady found me", that's funny, because the first story was that her and JC went to a petshop and found the woman there with them, right?
Also 'we take the cats out every day'… What a load of shit. I guarantee you this is the 2nd time she's taken her cats out. The first time she filmed it for a video, and this time her and JC have uploaded pictures of it to their Instagram and twitter, I guarantee if she did this more often she would take photos of it every time. Also funny how she says not to drag them around which is literally all she did in her video. Urgh ffs she pisses me off.

No. 621791

If you found abandoned kittens you’d take them to a shelter or a cat charity who does that sort of thing, not a random with no experience wtf she’s so full of bull it’s not even funny. Had she even had cats before she got these kittens? No wonder one died.

No. 621814

I know. I'm pretty sure she's never had a cat before. It's completely ridiculous to think someone who has not ever had cats or had experience raising any young animals should take on 2 week old kittens. I would love to know how she actually got these kittens, I can't see a woman who found them at a construction site and had good intentions of giving them to someone who could raise them would give them to someone who has never even had cats before, I feel like she must of lied like "yeah I've raised tons of kittens and other animals I'm such an animal expert!!!!". Her fanbase are totally deluded, they think she is able to look after any animal even though she can barely look after the ones she already has.

Who's placing bets that her orchid mantis died whilst she was away?

No. 621820

I hate this random speculation that all her animals are dead, unless we have any evidence theres no point theorising about it. Makes us look ridiculous and invalidates any reasonable assumptions we have about her animal care.

No. 621824

She probably lied to the lady just like she lied to the tank delivery guys- "I run an exotic animal education program." All she has to do is drop the exotic part and bam, she's a cat expert!

No. 621833

It was just a joke, because you know, she often gets sensitive animals and buggers off for days and has had many animals die on her watch….

In case you haven't noticed these threads are full of random speculation and people commenting about her animal care who have absolutely no idea about caring for said animals.

No. 621838


I'm dying to know where she actually got those kittens too, I don't believe her story for a second. Is it possible someone posted an add on craigslist for found kittens and she got them? I'm hoping that's one of the things Jonny might reveal whenever this relationship finally ends.

No. 621860

File: 1530016831515.jpeg (170.44 KB, 750x612, C7A082C6-FDDF-403C-B9C0-930EA3…)

This sounds like something to ask a veterinarian not some random YouTube person who has absolutely no experience with cats

No. 621870

I’m struggling to see why she keeps getting animals now. I used to think it was for views and to be popular but now it’s definitely more an obsession and issue she has in herself. She barely posts videos (not that she was ever regular) nor photos even. The mantis shrimp fish is a prime example. That was a really cool creature for photographing yet she mentioned him once and never again. The satanics are never seen nor heard of. Pretty much cats and snakes is all we occasionally get a glimpse of.

No. 621873


I have noticed, it pisses me off everytime I read it. I apologise for being snarky, but I had flashbacks of the green tree python fiasco in here a few threads back when I read about you stating her orchid mantis might be dead LOL. This thread is poorly moderated thats why it all happens

No. 621874

Why didn't she ask the fucking vet who diagnosed her cat with asthma instead of TAYLOR NICOLE DEAN, who will google the answer to the question and re-word it anyway o m g.

No. 621876

I’m kinda getting bored waiting for the fall out but when it comes I’m hoping Jonny will expose her pet failings. She’s away so often and is so obviously too lazy to give the best care she must have had some casualties with her animals.

No. 621884

At this point there really isn’t a need for her to get anymore animals. She has the basics (except for dog but she still considers kida hers) so unless she wants to branch into harder, rarer animals it seems like she’s maxed out on what she could get. No one is going to be interested in her 4th ball python

No. 621946

I feel like she’ll get home and her orchid mantis whatever it is will be dead and she’ll be like guuiiisse the person who cared for them didn’t spray him enough, they’re really sensitive you guiiissee not my fault.

No. 621954

No. It's always the breeders fault. Every time. Never Taylor, even when her stick insect died in literally 1 month.

No. 622248

File: 1530046416676.jpeg (119.62 KB, 750x741, DDE26C98-D53D-4B1A-A93E-BD63BF…)

No. 622249

top lip looks too normal

No. 622265

thing of beauty

No. 622438

For someone who cares SOOOOoOOooooOo much about pit bulls then why hasn’t she commented on the ban that Delta is trying to do

No. 622456


Are you new? TND's threads have been about random speculation since the beginning. Otherwise folks wouldn't be talking about how she's on heroin and whether she's shooping her photos. Or is it just speculation about the animals that bothers you?

No. 622464

Also radio silence about the palm oil thing

No. 622478

Yes, just the speculation of random dead animals based on her previous poor husbandry with other animals. Everytime the milk runs out someone says an animal is gonna die soon. I'm not new here, which is probably why reading the same thing over and over again several times a thread is boring to me.

No. 622480

And I know everything here is speculation, but most of our speculation is based on pretty concrete evidence

No. 622491

Where is this from? I don’t see it in her tagged photos on IG

No. 622493

that's literally the opposite of speculation, which is making the guess without concrete evidence. plus people are allowed to talk about whatever they want that has to do with Taylor. doesn't matter if you like it or not

No. 622496

File: 1530066506974.png (608.71 KB, 1080x1038, 20180626_212842.png)

It's in her tags, you might not have gone down far enough. So is this lol

No. 622500

File: 1530067161558.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180626-223249.png)

What demographic could she possibly be trying to reach?

No. 622505


I think you're underestimating her. There are so many kinds of pets left she could get. Hot snakes, birds, different frogs, other rarer geckos/lizards, salamanders, unusual fish, and leeches are an edgy trend I could see her liking, plus she could get back into rodents and do mice or rats, or ferrets. She could do a lot of damage to a lot of species, next time her current pets stop getting her the attention she wants/filling the void in her life.

No. 622506


LMAO i thought someone made that pic on here to make her look bad, but someone who LIKES her drew that and still thinks her lips look that bad im dying

No. 622511

"quick show them you love me!"

No. 622534

File: 1530070500468.png (2.33 MB, 3155x1880, 2822334789614.png)

No. 622541

Holy shit, same. Now I’m cracking up. I thought that shit was something a farmer made to poke fun at how she fucked her face but it was a FAN. Omfg. Beautiful.

No. 622554

I pray she has enough IQ points to refrain from getting a parrot of any kind. The poor thing would inevitably rip all its feathers out from the neglect.

she looks like a wikiHow drawing hahaha.

No. 622572

Its hilarious how her fans don't like the name, and are still giving her suggestions.
Stop trying to make egg work, Taylor.

No. 622607

So does anyone actually know what happened with Taylor and the vidcon thing? I’m watching Tyler’s vlog and he said that ‘Taylor was invited to vidcon as a guest because she was having a meet and greet through vidcon’ so maybe she was telling the truth coz otherwise surely she would have been kicked out? Not meaning to WK. I would have loved to see her get kicked out and caught in her lies.

No. 622612

For once, that seems to have been the case.

No. 622639

File: 1530083669691.png (25.26 KB, 539x175, Screenshot_2018-06-27-01-01-51…)

Nice baboon ass you have in your face instead of lips, Taylor. Good to see you are keeping up with the threads.

This is from the new video of Tyler Rugge, he was kicked out of Taylor's meet and greet (the idiot actually thought he could made a meet and greet without the proper permission kek)
Also he said he helped Taylor to record for her, but we all know we won't see any of that fotage since she can't control the angles.

No. 622709

File: 1530098484092.png (2.54 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-27-07-20-15…)

That comment

No. 622712


i don’t get why she makes jokes like that about her animals. even as a joke, it’s not all that funny at all.

No. 622734


Shit like that makes it really hard for me to believe she genuinely loves her animals. She jokes like that all. The. Time. Idk why she acts shocked that people want to know if her pets are alive. You're a pet youtuber you dumb bitch. It's literally the only reason people watch you. It's certainly not because of your shining personality.

No. 622744

File: 1530105782836.jpeg (434.16 KB, 640x630, 579F786C-2622-4007-9760-942106…)

This isn’t even a bad drawing, but it looks literally NOTHING like Taylor

No. 622750


It's just a prediction of the future. 10 years and 20 botched cosmetic procedures later there's going to be impeccable resemblance.

No. 622786

Anyone find it suspicious she doesn’t just take a photo of her pets in their enclosures? Or are they just really shit setups?

No. 622790

I’m actually not shocked at all on the way she talks about anything tbh. She seems like an all around boring person with no real personality that she has to come up with cringe worthy comments just to try to make herself interesting. When i look back on everything she made, it’s all just her rereading things from the internet and the rest is her being an airhead.

Hope you decide to go to college Taylor. Not just for your future but to gain some confidence and intellect.

No. 622793

Unlike other legit pettubers? If you see glimpses of the enclosures, they all look like it’s been organized by an elementary school kid. Water bowls are dirty and if it’s not then it’s empty. We don’t know if they have humidity boxes or heating pads, but we know they have a light that’s on 24/7. Poor things. But the real reason she doesn’t post photos of them because her face is more important than her pets in her mind.

No. 622822

So sad. Also in her feeding video she doesn’t seem to even dust the food. It’s like if you can’t do that, your general care must be crap.

No. 622868

That picture looks like Madonna to me! I’m not surprised she’s chosen to do a video on her mantis rather than her shrimp or even her monitor. She promised us an update on it and that hadn’t happened. Obviously cos it’s wild and still living in an unsuitable enclosure despite her saying she’d get it fixed right away! With the orchid she can literally hold up a plastic tub and a twig and say that’s fine.

No. 622873

It honestly baffles me when she does care videos on animals she's had for 2 minutes. You really shouldn't be telling someone else how to care for an animal unless you've owned them and had them thrive for quite some time. There's so much inaccurate information out there that you only learn about through experience, but yet again she's going to spread care about an animal she's got barely any experience with. Urgh. I really hope her mantis turns out to be a boy just for the lols at her being wrong yet again.

No. 622952

A lot of people have been commenting saying it looks male.

No. 622965


I still think it's too early to reliably tell the difference. The sex should be clearer after it reaches the next instar.

No. 623189

File: 1530149456312.png (110.27 KB, 1440x762, Screenshot_2018-06-27-21-30-42…)

Let it go lol

No. 623199

Please tell me he wasn't RTing to the guy she is fucking

No. 623209

Because no woman should ever date another guy after a relationship ends, amirite. Sexist fucks.

No. 623221

It's just so laughable how he keeps screaming into his echo chamber that he's made it yet keeps tabs on his exes.

No. 623279

Reminds me of Dorian Gray.

No. 623573

Someone needs to use this screenshot and the one where Taylor said "I had a serious talk with Jonny about him talking about his exes, he's changed!" and show her that wow he's sure changed huh? Way to date a piece of trash lol

No. 623592

Jonny is so controlling and childish. So he can be in a relationship with Taylor but Chelsea isn’t allowed to see other people? She is an EX. Why can’t he move on?? He’s obsessed

No. 623758

File: 1530219515770.png (150.56 KB, 750x1194, IMG_6987.PNG)

"it's only for the picture" why don't you just take separate pictures of them

No. 623763

It's her typical "do as I say not as I do" bullshit. "Oh I know X animal is very sensitive but I only took a pic real quick and put them back!" So it's ok if she does whatever she wants but as long as she puts a disclaimer she's suddenly a caring animal expert! Her fans just eat that shit up.

No. 623781


wasn't it brought up in an earlier thread that she had a third crestie, a baby, that miraculously disappeared from her social media after she housed it with one of the adults?

No. 623883

File: 1530230879303.jpeg (525.44 KB, 1242x1122, A6FACF40-B0D6-467D-891E-790E03…)

Just google road to recovery and Dave. Tell ‘’em Jonny sent ya! Living his best life eating microwave dinners 😂

No. 623885

It lives with her friend apparently

No. 623891

Even if its "just for a picture" its so obvious how stressed those geckos are. They are both fired up, and stepping on the head/walking over each other is a clear sign of dominance.
Just because the geckos aren't trying to kill each other does not mean they aren't stressed from being around each other.

No. 623912

Y does she hold them like that. It’s like the crocodile skinks, they’re just piled on top of each other fuck sake this girls annoying.

No. 623917

File: 1530235456519.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 94BA055F-B9F5-47B6-B5AE-6D2218…)

Imagine not being able to compliment your current gf without taking a dig at your ex.

No. 623924

Fuck the amount he goes on about his exes, his ass would be dumped, he’s clearly not over them or one in particular.

No. 623963

Apparently he was trying to get with Liz again when Taylor came along.

No. 623983

Both Liz and Chelsea are prettier than Taylor, so they both “top that” imo.
Liz is the prettiest of his ex’s so it’s not wonder he was trying to get back with her. It seems like Taylor was the backup when that didn’t work out. Kind of like how Johnny was the backup after Taylor tried to slide into Post Malone’s dm’s.

No. 623989

This is probably mean, but she doesn't even have like this perfect body or an above average beautiful face. Like.. I imagine even Jonny could get plenty of more attractive women than Taylor. I wonder if any level of her realizes he is only with her for her money?

No. 623995

Yes they are both gorgeous. And apparently Liz knows how to get her lips done right!

No. 624030

Imagine spending all your money on your boyfriend just for him to spend it all on drugs and for him to talk about his exs 24/7 and compare you with them?

Lol no wonder she's more insecure than before

No. 624231

File: 1530277048673.png (78.36 KB, 1080x383, IMG_20180629_135633.png)

I'm glad someone in the YouTube community is calling her out for once.

No. 624280

Exactly this. It’s why she feels the need to fry her hair, botch her lips and photoshop herself a skinny waist. She’s insecure as fuck and needs to hold the attention of Jonny as long as she can. She can’t bear being away from Jonny for too long so imagine the insane mental breakdown she’s going to have when they break up. She can’t be by herself for shit.
Wondering if within this year Jonny’s gonna propose to her, he’s nototrious for that. That way he can prove their “true love and couple goals!! uwu”. With what Taylor said when she outed him as an abuser, I also wonder if he’s gonna impregnate her - since she apparently wants a family with him - ew please I hope not. They are the last 2 people that should bring a kid into this world.
Wonder how her search is going for a home? She’s going to own one in 2 months remember guys? She totally has her priorities together

No. 624282


She's one of the smaller pet youtuber channels but her content is better than anything Taylor could dream of creating. It's so great to see someone in the pet youtuber community that's questioning Taylor about her actions regarding her animals.

No. 624290

So, jonny probably told taylor he has to go to his sisters wedding and wont go with her and once she leaves, he mysteriously misses the flight and cant go? So he stays home aka taylors home instead? Lol i wonder what hes doing..or whos he doing

No. 624292

Also dont trust him being alone with all the animals

No. 624295

I agree. She's only a smaller youtuber because she's one of the only ones who understands the commitment and care each of her pets needs, she knows adding another one would mean less attention for her other pets. I'm really glad to see she cares more about her pets than views. It's a real shame all these kids only want to subscribe to someone who can wave a new pet around every week.

No. 624305


Exactly! I like how she mentioned in one of her videos about why she doesn't have a shit ton of pets like other pet youtubers is because she knows this is the amount that she can financially afford without depending on youtube income so when youtube becomes an unstable source of income for creators, her animals won't suffer.

I can't imagine Taylor has any plan in mind for her animals once she stops getting enough money from youtube to care for them, and then what's she going to do? Just get rid of them all?
Once they're no longer useful to her as accessories i'm sure she wouldn't hesitate to pass them on to someone else and pretend she was doing it for their sakes.

No. 624577

The best thing about her post is that no one is attacking her. They’re all agreeing with her.

No. 624645

File: 1530312998914.jpeg (284.07 KB, 741x1170, BC5AC935-8502-4278-AD2B-8F4D0F…)

Is he learning the ways of being an InstaThot like his gf? This is so creepy. Washed up has-been.

No. 624650

File: 1530313089349.png (10.91 MB, 1242x2208, BDA3B7D4-3C0C-4199-AF47-34ED43…)

He’s so trashy.

No. 624664

Milk in the general pettubers thread.

Emzotics posts have been revealed. She's here and bitching about Taylor. kek

No. 624717

No. 624719

No. 624722

Holy shit. She's probably the most active in TND threads this is hilarious.

No. 624727

Pretty sure that people who have professional careers (or doctors, accountants, etc) have more in life than both of them even if they work 9-5s lmfao

No. 624739

I would LOVE for Taylor to expose herself so we can see all the posts that shes done here. Wow Em thanks for this, I almost liked you a bit.

No. 624741

I feel like this need to constantly show off has to do with his obsession over his exe's, particularly Chelsea and Liz. He's failing miserably though, there's not much to be jealous of when all you do is sit in the apartment/at the pool all day, every day.

No. 624758

File: 1530316239435.png (810.14 KB, 750x1334, 59FD424F-E71D-4AC4-B511-10ECFC…)

Well here’s one of her older posts lmfao

No. 624769

Incredible. This is like a 2 for 1 deal.
I wonder if there'll be a meltdown on Twitter from both of them lmaoooo.

No. 624775

File: 1530316993723.png (294.34 KB, 750x1334, 1CB9DA24-BAC5-435E-B846-690821…)

Idk if this is derailing, so let me know if I gotta delete, but wow. Emzotic calling Taylor traitor trash is amazing

No. 624788

File: 1530317428003.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 71F9BF66-1DD3-4852-AA6A-FE719D…)

No. 624790

File: 1530317453472.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, AE0FB905-19A4-4642-9F0B-272E37…)

No. 624794

Wait so is that Em posting anonymously? ^^

No. 624802

Yeah all of it is

No. 624803

No. 624804

Yeah! Those were some of the posts that Em posted about Taylor Anonymously

No. 624805

What's really telling about all of this is that Em has actually been the most vicious poster in regards to TND. Like the most fucked up comments came from her, yet we're the mean ones. Alright Em.

Yes. Click on the link and you'll see all the shit she's written. She's put an inordinary amount of effort into bashing TND.

No. 624806

All of the screenshots are Em’s exposed posts.

No. 624807

Yes, go here to see Em's post history:


It looks like actual mental illness. The general pettubers thread is an actual garbage fire from her bizarre sperging. She needs legitimate mental help.

No. 624811

She's posted really nasty things but people say the most disgusting shit in here sometimes her posts aren't the worst.

No. 624813

Em done fucked up. I don’t think she realize that it would show all her posts if she revealed herself

No. 624814

Is this Em again? She's actually the one who has said some of the literal worst comments, where even other anons replied to say that shit was not ok

No. 624819


whats that scar down his middle?

No. 624822

I think from when he was hospitalized due to his failing liver.

No. 624825

No this isn't Em, this is just someone who has been reading every single Taylor thread and have seen people say literally outlandish wild shit, worse than calling Taylor trailer trash or saying what the fuck is wrong with her face, people have literally been banned for their gross posts, none of her posts looked like they got her banned previously to me.

No. 624836

Yeah but you gotta take into account that what makes her even more vicious than other people is that she knows TND personally and kisses her ass all the time. She's invested quite some time into talking about Taylor.

No. 624845

I can’t WAIT for Taylor to comment on this Emzotic shit. Same with Emma. Petfest is gonna be fucking awkward

No. 624847

I wasn't saying that she isn't the most vicious, she just hasn't made the worst comments in my opinion.

No. 624853

No kidding! I just feel bad for the young fans who just want to see their favorite pet youtubers this is going to suck for them

No. 624854

I know this is the TND thread but holy shit Emzotic is psychotic. I liked how she was even talking shit about herself.

No. 624862

Please remember to put sage in the email line next time. Otherwise some farmers will shit on you for not saging.

No. 624864

My bad, thanks.

No. 624865

She even “speculated” that her own fucking bird was dead. What an insane person

No. 624867

And that she was on cocaine… like what the hell.

I never thought I'd feel sorry for TND but I kind of do.

No. 624869

and that her ownself was on cocaine. I don't think she's crazy. Further up in the thread someone posted that Em was planning to do some expose on Lolcow, so I think she was intentionally posting the most outlandish shit so that she could put it in the video and go, "See look at the horrible things these people say!"

No. 624874

forgive me if im just dumb but how do we know all of those came from her?

No. 624877

her IP adresses

No. 624878

Yeah that still sounds like batshit behavior in my book. If you don't care about the haters or whatever, you let them talk instead of actively posting here in order to make an exposé or whatever the fuck.

By her IP address, most likely.

No. 624879

File: 1530319853201.png (400.84 KB, 750x1334, 66C71ADD-60B4-4ED8-B1A9-DECCFA…)

Just because you “adore” your animals doesn’t mean you’re not a shit owner lmfao

No. 624882

She posted some bait in the other thread with her username, admitting it was her and sperging out.

When farmhands banned her, she kept coming back to post more. Finally they threatened to reveal her entire post history and she still came back.

So here we are…

She also made some posts at the same time on twitter and through twitter DM's asking for folks who post on Lolcow so she could 'interview' them.

It's 100% her.

No. 624885

I'm amazed how TND continues to get away with animal hoarding in her apartment, typically you have to register an animal to the facility.

Lord, save these animals.

No. 624892

File: 1530320364061.png (59.82 KB, 629x497, fake af.PNG)


No. 624893

Same bro, Emzotic’s craziness has ALMOST made me want to side with Taylor for the first time in my life

No. 624906

Reading these altogether is nuts. She replies and argues with herself and milks herself in some posts?? Bitch is crazy.

No. 624923

File: 1530322361673.png (224.59 KB, 1242x1242, IMG_2388.PNG)

No. 624926

Kek… lies. She was exposed because she wouldn't stop posting.

She didn't ask the admins to reveal her posts.

What a joke.

No. 624930

File: 1530322542031.png (40.43 KB, 581x353, lolzw.png)

She told them yesterday because that's when the farmhand told her she would be exposed.

No. 624933

not like anything she said about TND wasn't true lmaoo, sad she 'changed' her mind about her.

No. 624941

Where did Taylor's boobs go?
>We wanted more
Jonny you sit on your ass all day and tour only occasionally (and get kicked out of venues)

No. 624942

Damn. Imagine having a manipulative, history of abuse and rape, druggie boyfriend that talks about his exs frequently while getting all your money and now having evidence of your "friend" basically talking shit about you all this time? I dont like Taylor for her lack of animal tlc but she's still a human being so damn, i feel bad for her.

No. 624949

Maybe I'm an asshole but I don't feel one ounce of pity for her. She chose a career on the internet. She's suffering the consequences of her own decisions.

No. 624952

Taylor is skyping with the other pettubers and surprise surprise, she’s holding ghost

No. 624954

I agree, she may be attention seeking, inresponsible with her animals, and done some seriously shadey stuff. But no one deserves this. Does she have any legitimate to lean back upon? Besides her mother? Who is eh… No one deserves to be ridiculed for her appearance so much, especially from people she cares about.

Not forgiving or dismissing what Taylors done,but this sucks.

No. 624967

How do you know??

No. 624970

No. 624974

Oh yeah, the behavior itself is definitely batshit. What I meant is that I don't think she's crazy in a can't help herself way,if that makes sense.

No. 624976

File: 1530324089834.png (694.22 KB, 540x960, 1530323499161.png)

From general petubers thread

No. 624979

True true but ehh, shes pretty dependent and lack guidance. if she was around good people she would probably have better self esteem and proactive with her life than to go down that jonny/mama dean rabbit hole.

No. 624981

Doesn't help that both Em and Jonny are 10+ years older than her.

No. 624989

Holy shitttt. Em is fucking wildddd. She shouldn’t have exposed herself and just let it die. No one would’ve knew it was her. Honestly, there’s no way she suddenly likes Taylor lmao she went in on the bitch. It wasn’t from jealousy either, she just doesn’t fucking like her. I wonder what actually caused her to expose herself like that. I don’t think she’s bat shit for talking shit about herself. I feel like it was to make it seem she wasn’t a petTuber, I mean none of us even knew and the majority of us aren’t idiots. I just wish that she had more milk, how are you posting and around the cow but have no fucking milk??

No. 624990

Hope she cuts em off. She doesnt need another person in her life like that. Then again it just means more milk for us

No. 624992

She didn't deliberately expose herself. She was just trolling yesterday because she was mad the topic moved back to her.

Her constant shit posting and ban evasion pissed off the farmhands.

So they finally told her they were going to reveal her posting history.

No. 624994

Holy shit really? I skimmed the gist of it so I missed why she was exposed.

No. 624999

Yeah really.

She's lying about it now, saying she did it deliberately to come clean. But she didn't. She was exposed. The farmhands told her yesterday it was coming… so she ran to the pettuber group to 'come clean' before shit hit the fan.

Too bad there's a posting record to show that she didn't decide to do this of her own free will ;) she was forced.

No. 625001

She probably thought that it’ll gain her more popularity or something. Idk. I thought Em was alright until i seen the foot fetishes and now this.. and then she comes up with the whole interview plan? (You guys should see the sceneshots) she’s 100% crazy. I kinda want to see all the pettubers publicly angry at her.. just imagine all that milk

No. 625003


More proof from the side admins here: >>624996

She never contacted them. She never wanted to be outed. She actively changed her IP to avoid it.

No. 625005


No. 625007


I honestly don't understand what she's trying to achieve with this. If she's trying to come clean and look like she's owning up to her mistakes it's not working. Assuming (hypothetically) that she indeed asked admins to show her post history, she's only showing how unreliable she is as a person and a friend, and that she's gonna pick anyone in her social circle to bash and trash talk whenever she feels down. The woman's 30 something.

No. 625013

Was there a tweet by em i missed? I slept most of the day

No. 625014

And where can i find her post history? I kinda want to see

No. 625017

Link for her posts at the top. Also the previous pettubers thread has her breakdown

No. 625023

Thanks this will be fun

No. 625043

She went in hard! I'm honestly shocked some of those were her. It's for damn certain that her real feelings about Taylor came out in these posts.

No. 625084

True, but honestly her problems aren't that extreme. Plenty of people have been through worse and don't act like she does. She's a nasty person regardless of Jonny or Em hating or hurting her. She'll continue to be a nasty person if/when both situations blow up, and she was a nasty person before. Yeah she may have a shitty mom but honestly… That's not an excuse after a certain age imo. She was actually a significantly better person when she did live with her crazy mom so.. I think it's safe to say it's all Taylor at this point.

No. 625090

File: 1530331068087.png (9.32 KB, 355x119, TNDInsta.PNG)

Not sure if this was mentioned before, thought TND's comment was interesting considering the shit show that happened.

No. 625093

File: 1530331422507.jpeg (90.37 KB, 1299x732, 9471D798-821F-450C-8B5E-7E5AC0…)

No. 625096

File: 1530331494672.jpeg (194.37 KB, 1299x1340, 4DA84B68-090D-4EF0-A504-F05D24…)

No. 625102

She probably was the one who returned Emzotic's gift and no the post office like she claimed.

No. 625105

She deleted that response.

No. 625108

Sage your posts that are simply discussion/no new milk or screenshots by writing 'Sage' in the email field when posting. Makes it easier for other ppl who wanna filter out the discussion to view the thread & it stops it from being bumped to the top repeatedly

No. 625116

Lmao. Em just lost alot of people in her life tonight. She probably thought the admins couldnt see all her post. Lmao

No. 625126

Ok Taylor, that's kind of rich for someone who dates a abuser but go off i guess. Not wkning Em but damn I hate Jonny and wish Taylor would use her gut feeling for what it tells about him.

No. 625138

File: 1530335143945.png (79.33 KB, 605x732, emzotic.png)

No. 625147

Is she seriously trying to say she done nothing wrong just because she "agreed" to be outted? And then turn it around and say other pettubers comment too? Lmao girl, they're not as loony as you

No. 625154

File: 1530336243588.jpeg (627.39 KB, 1069x1973, 7EEC8820-B628-4CAA-BA21-78DAE9…)

Pulled from pettubers thread.

No. 625160

File: 1530336422457.jpeg (216.34 KB, 1288x764, 7EC76746-BB29-47AD-A32E-809F29…)

No. 625164

Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh sheeeeeit she's here

No. 625165

I'm pretty sure Taylor have post on her thread at least once
I think it was "you all suck " or so, but could have been Mama Dean or a stan.

And no Taylor, you can't take criticism, don't go that far.

No. 625166

File: 1530336742013.jpeg (227.86 KB, 1285x1127, 058D5126-3D79-487E-868C-77A941…)

I’m confused by the vidcon part of this tweet. Anyone understand what she’s talking about?

No. 625169

Now that everyone peeping here…

Taylor, please give your animals better love, care, and overall knowledge of what they need beyond of just giving them the bare minimum. Also, dont use them as accessories.

No. 625170

She's trying to let us all know that that day was already just ter~rible and now she's finding out Em was talking mad shit at the same time she was already feeling shitty

No. 625172

Emzotic was the one who upload this >>618589
I guess that the correlation between Vidcon and her lips

No. 625174

What are you even saying? Please sage your post

I think she was looking through all Em's post and realizing that she's been talking behind their backs for months.. at first they kept it quiet until she started to block them

No. 625175

No, probably just means recently when Em panicked and tried to tell the others what she did as an attempt at damage control before the admins could make it public. What i'm gathering:
>Em lurks here for a while
>Changes to trying to promote her channel by talking about herself when she realized nobody talked about her here, again BECAUSE SOME OF US LIKED YOU YOU FUCK
>Gets caught up and starts talking shit
>Yesterday's sperg
>Admins threaten to make it public
>Em panicks, DMs other pettubers to say it was all a ruse
>Others say to leave them out of this and deal with her own problems
>Posts made public
>Her: Ha ha we all do this though amirite
>Others: Didn't we tell you to fuck off?
>Taylor cries, others ignore Em

No. 625187

How long until Johnny chimes in with some enlightening posts that show he hasn't even bothered to listen to what Taylor's upset about?

No. 625192

File: 1530337683294.png (187.2 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-29-23-45-36…)

No. 625200

Not a fan of her, but she's absolutely right about Em and the entire situation. Good for her for standing her ground on it, I guess?

No. 625202

Honestly, I don’t blame Taylor for not forgiving her. Em said some really nasty stuff all while pretending to be Taylor’s friend.

No. 625209

Does anyone know who all is included in this "us" Taylor keeps mentioning?

No. 625210

File: 1530338264148.jpeg (447.06 KB, 1267x1901, 22A25B9F-7F72-4EDB-969B-555992…)

Unrelated to current drama, but he claims he’s giving up weed and alcohol but now he’s smoking cigarettes?

No. 625218

The entire situation absolutely boggles my mind - Em… the hell happened to you. But at the same time, I can't feel all that bad for Taylor. Like yeah it sucks for her but I find it hard to be sympathetic when she's willing to forgive a rapist for what he's done and maintain he's 'a great guy'

No. 625220

LOLOL this post made me laugh. While all this Em drama going on, Jonny's in his little world still being the mess that he is. Milk galore

No. 625231

She seems to see it for what it is, and good on her for cutting Em off right away. Some of the bitchiest, if not the bitchiest, comments about Taylor in this thread were by Em. I prefer more evidence-based bitching so those kinds of posts always make me cringe.

No. 625234

Smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee has always been strongly encouraged in rehab

No. 625264

File: 1530340029216.png (408.74 KB, 918x870, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.27…)

No. 625265

File: 1530340045490.png (374.31 KB, 890x832, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.27…)

No. 625266

File: 1530340054851.png (390.45 KB, 900x864, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.27…)

No. 625267


Good point lol. Taylor's so bothered by Em attacking her, but not at all bothered by the shit JC says about his exes almost daily?

I wouldn't forgive Em either if I were Taylor, but Taylor isn't making herself look better by tweeting about it so publicly just so everyone knows she's such a ~tragic victim~ here.

No. 625272


Taylor >doesn't want things to be public
Em: >makes things public
Taylor: >responds by… making things more public? which she supposedly wants in the first place?

They both just thrive off negative drama tbh.

No. 625277

Taylor is probably lovin' the attention. Nothing wrong with making it public when Em can't keep her mouth shut from the start.. also good for us cuz we get to read all this

No. 625286

File: 1530340701272.jpeg (335.26 KB, 1424x1984, 7735C38E-F9E1-4D0A-9E46-2DB741…)

No. 625287

File: 1530340712456.jpeg (285.52 KB, 1376x1987, A944B5F2-EE4C-4FB4-A341-76A804…)

No. 625295

is this from taylor? its obvious its a message to emzotic, but who is it from?

No. 625297

Yeah, Taylor to Em via the group chat that they're using to plan petfest.

No. 625303

I really don’t get why Em didn’t just back off IMMEDIATELY at the threat of her being outed.
I am (was?) a fan of Em’s but the whole reason I watched her vids in the first place is because she seemed like a balanced, mature, normal pet owner. I started to see little bits of attention seeking peeking through every once in a while like her flashing her engagement ring around in all her vids but I brushed it off bc what girl doesn’t do that stuff. However the stuff she said about Taylor (while it was very true) was pretty vicious and I’m mad that Em gave Taylor another opportunity to throw a poor me pity party ugh

No. 625304

Intimate relationships work differently, and she'll have a massive blind spot about that problem for now. It doesn't mean she also needs to have one about Em just because "consistency".

No. 625311

She had already completely outed herself in this epic sperg post >>623985 prior to a farmhand warning her a few posts later at >>624010

No. 625312

That's too reasonable, anon. She got in over her head with the whole "lol so edgy i poked lolcow's hornet nest and got away with it too #unbothered" posts and felt like she couldn't back down. Why? Because she's mentally ill and/or a bad person.

The rtional thing to do would be stepping back from all social media for a bit or bawleeting because she's fucked up big time. But she won't because both she and Taylor are wayyyyy too hungry for attention for that.

No. 625313

I just caught up. Fucking top kek at Em getting herself exposed. Bigger kek at her talking shit about herself in threads to draw more attention to her. Biggest kek tho, is this twitter aftermath.

I was an Em stan until about 20 minutes ago lmao

This will never be forgotten lmao she goofd

No. 625315

Some of Em's comments about herself were the reason I liked her more than Taylor, smfh.

Taylor if you creep on this thread please buy all your animals bigger enclosures they aren't big enough, they're minimum. And please dust your food.

No. 625326

I find this sort of odd… If you check out JC’s twitter, he hasn’t fave’d many things, but he did go on what looks like a fave spree on Emzotics tweets in January.

No. 625377

Old milk

No. 625424

Honestly this being Em is just so bad, especially the self praise. I honestly at the time thought that Taylor actually looked nice in this picture, not like what she edits herself to look like of course, but she looks cute.

No. 625436

The thing that bothers me about this is that she said that’s he thought that people didn’t sleep? Like honey, there isn’t two people posting to this site, there are many many people who live in different parts of the USA (probably world) who live in different time zones. Like you’re honestly dumb af if you think that we lose sleep over you.

No. 625477

Emzotic is trying to play it off like this board is what made her so toxic.
Emma is toxic those are just her true feelings coming out.

She could have not said anything about people's looks and kept strictly about petcare.

Apparently everyone in the "PetTube" asked Emzotic to keep it off social media and keep it private but she chose to block everyone and keep posting about it (and still is).

This site and other sites like it aren't to blame it's how you feel inside. If sites like this didn't exist she could easily be doing the same thing in other formats, like anonymous comments or tumblrs and blogs.

I feel bad for Taylor and the other pettubers in this scenario because someone they thought was their friend isn't, but that doesn't distract from bad pet care.
It doesn't make Jonny less disgusting or less financially and emotionally abusive. Wish Taylor would follow her gut on that one.

No. 625478

Her blaming this site for her own toxic behaviour can be found here: >>625441

No. 625480

Thanks I didn't know where to find the thread about her.

No. 625482

File: 1530369536251.png (264.39 KB, 579x430, EMz23.png)

Post this on the other thread, but seriously. Em needs to stop… of course TND's blocked her. Why is she drawing attention to it? She was a nasty bitch to TND.

No. 625495

If Em had been on here criticizing Taylor's pet care too maybe I'd feel differently.. But it's all about her personal life and appearance. Even with that.. Shit talk away, but don't also pretend to be her friend to her face you two faced bitch. I genuinely believe Taylor has always been nice to Em. She wasn't a threat to her so she had no reason not to be.

That said I find it amusing Taylor acts like this site in general purely talks about her looks. She doesn't seem bothered by people criticizing her pet care but her looks?!?! God forbid

No. 625496


All of this, exactly. The lengths she took it to show that she's actually just a bad person. The site didn't do this to you, Em. Your shitty self did.

No. 625511

Or rather, she should've stayed anon instead of sperging out.
For once I actually side with Taylor.

No. 625513

"I'm sorry people were hurt" biiiitch that is known as a fake ass apology. you have to be sorry for YOUR actions, not other people's emotions. don't blame them for your shittiness

No. 625535

I don't think anyone should have to remain friends or even be nice to someone to who did what Em just did to Taylor. Period. It really is totally irrelevant that Taylor is a shit human. Em was constantly throwing shade and being fake to Taylor before this and I'm SURE Taylor noticed. Now she has concrete proof Em is a bitch and doesn't have to keep up the public niceties. Although I have to admit it's funny that Taylor thinks all of her BS excuses are 100% believable but laughs at Ems lol

No. 625588

I like how people's defense is always that we don't matter because we "have nothing better to do". Especially when it's coming from Taylor.

Like what? You literally sit at the pool all day and can't be bothered to provide basic animal care or pick shit up off your floor. Let alone complete work on a daily, weekly, or even MONTHLY basis. Reading shit on this thread takes like 20 minutes and then we do meaningful shit with our lives, unlike you.

No. 625592

holy shit, wtf em is crazy? i thought she was chill lol, but she seems very attention-seeking. so weird

No. 625604


so she'll definitely be back on this site to get her taylor fix since she's now been blocked. hilarious

No. 625640

She is on twitter day every day.. So.. Same difference Tay. It's not like there's 3 people posting between each other on here all the time. I check here a few times a day when I'm on the toilet. She just can't accept any type of criticism so the fact people talk shit about her and she has no control over it drives her insane. She can't retweet us and have her fans attack us. All she can do is cry poor me for sympathy.

No. 625681


A ton of people on twitter are believing Em’s sympathy ploys and asking Taylor to “please forgive her”. Em is sweeping the stuff she said under a false veil of ‘just some minor mean things’ and playing the fully repentant victim, and it’s working because so many people aren’t actually reading the bullshit she posted.

Most of the most extreme physical insults to Taylor’s appearance here (especially that her face was a baboon’s ass) were actually Em. But she tweets about how she was just having a few bad days, and her fans rush to crusade for her innocence. How fake. Can’t believe I bought her bs.

No. 625685

She's actively deleting blocking any links to here because she doesn't want her stans to see what she wrote. She knows a good portion of them won't be so forgiving if they see her call TND all those names.

No. 625694

File: 1530384534331.png (29.36 KB, 579x303, EMz38.png)

No. 625696

File: 1530384571649.png (33.1 KB, 587x294, EMz39.png)

No. 625699

File: 1530384617462.png (43.55 KB, 584x447, EMz40.png)

No. 625703

File: 1530384838537.png (21.79 KB, 630x172, EMz41.png)

No. 625712

File: 1530385124054.png (18.81 KB, 586x155, EMz42.png)

No. 625713

But Taylor knows all about playing the victim.

No. 625717

File: 1530385257725.png (65.52 KB, 630x500, EMz43.png)

No. 625720

File: 1530385315832.png (150.17 KB, 580x583, EMz44.png)

No. 625722

She invented that game kek
I was hoping for greater Stan's fight but it wasn't that good.
Also Maria is exaggerating, she only got like two post, and tbh they were true lol
The ones who should be truly offended are Emma and Taylor.

No. 625723

File: 1530385402212.png (177.22 KB, 868x656, EMz45.png)

No. 625724

File: 1530385407907.png (243.89 KB, 952x654, EMz46.png)

No. 625725

File: 1530385446709.png (149.44 KB, 566x654, EMz47.png)

No. 625727

File: 1530385454299.png (151.52 KB, 639x654, EMz48.png)

No. 625730

File: 1530385486102.jpeg (360.12 KB, 1668x1982, B0752E35-3CDF-4BB6-8EA9-2501D5…)

Taylor retweeted this. Ironic considering she thinks Jonny being a rapist is perfectly fine since he was using drugs at the time.

No. 625733

File: 1530385531850.png (17.96 KB, 585x156, EMz49.png)

No. 625734

File: 1530385560370.png (32.61 KB, 588x301, EMz50.png)

No. 625735

Can’t we just go back to hating TND, Em just had to go and make herself the shit petTuber so now it’s like a TND pity party. TND needs to stop playing victim because not everyone is gonna fucking like her. Either block the bitch, accept her words, or just be cordial and let it go. She’s milking it for all she can

No. 625739

File: 1530385649468.jpeg (224.37 KB, 1353x1984, 9EFFD81A-CC30-44A9-8C56-C7CC96…)

No. 625740

File: 1530385654921.png (129.04 KB, 585x631, EMz51.png)

No. 625743

File: 1530385746999.png (37.35 KB, 583x332, EMz52.png)

Tagging TND and saying she hopes everyone will move on soon. Kek

No. 625745

So in TND's world no one can forgive and forget about Em, but we can all forgive and forget about Jonny's history? Funny how victims only matter to Taylor when she's suddenly one. What Em did is obviously shitty and bizarre but…. jonny.

No. 625746

File: 1530385812924.png (25.46 KB, 590x261, EMz53.png)

No. 625748

It’s relevant because 1) it involves Taylor and 2) the clips just posted are Em claiming she’s some kind of puppet master of all of us, making us dance along her Taylor-hating finger-strings. It’s only been a day; let the drama die out when it’s ready.

No. 625750

Yeah, this is fresh milk. Tbf I actually don't think Taylor is wrong in this. Is she a hypocrite with Jonny? Absolutely, but that's another issue.

No. 625752

It’s also hilarious because even up until a couple of days ago, “sober” Jonny still posts comments about how ugly his ex’s are. Maybe not as in depth as the insults Em was posting about Taylor, but I’m sure it still doesn’t feel good.

No. 625756

File: 1530386012709.png (17.91 KB, 584x151, EMz55.png)

No. 625759

File: 1530386092441.png (30.13 KB, 587x304, EMz57.png)

No. 625762

I think I either didn’t accurately convey my thoughts or it’s being misread. I kind of meant to say a lot of people are essentially just mass forgiving Taylor now that someone she knows confessed to talking shit. Tbh I think as adults they should either say fuck you, fuck it, or just pretend it never happened and move on. That’s where my frustration comes from TND is dragging out this victim thing and Em keeps trying to act like she wasn’t talking shit. Em needs to have that same energy and just be like I said it and grow up. TND needs to accept people don’t like her and she’s annoying. So essentially what I want to end is them repeating the same thing like we get it so what y’all gonna do about it?

No. 625765

Ah ok, I get you anon. TND is very much enjoying being a victim I agree. But I don't understand why Em was milking it so much earlier… it seems like such a bad move to issue a non apology and then go around thanking people for still supporting you while actively blocking/hiding links here to the shit she said.

No. 625766

File: 1530386323425.png (18.87 KB, 586x176, EMz59.png)

No. 625772

File: 1530386732623.png (30.76 KB, 585x307, EMz60.png)

No. 625773

I think she’s just an idiot lol she brought it to the surface for some reason even if TND wanted it to die. I think she had some type of motive and it’s backfiring. I don’t even think she realized that technically all 4 of them are the bad side of petTube. Like the 4 beauty gurus everyone is getting tired of, that’s them.

No. 625777

Sorry for the screenshotting spam btw guys, but I fully expect most of these posts to be deleted in short order. lol

No. 625783

because she loves jonny. you can get pretty blind from loving someone and can't see what they really are. probably got some sort of stockholm syndrome

No. 625784

I think she knew people would find out about it either way and wanted to admit she did it first to seem like she was choosing to admit it. When in reality this all would have continued if her posts had never been revealed.

No. 625788

File: 1530387490703.png (189.7 KB, 615x446, EMz62.png)

No. 625789

File: 1530387497717.png (226.76 KB, 586x645, EMz63.png)

No. 625790

File: 1530387503769.png (220.75 KB, 586x654, EMz64.png)

No. 625791

File: 1530387509507.png (215.02 KB, 594x651, EMz645.png)

No. 625799

We've all been begging Emzotic to come out and expose Taylor, I think this was just her way of doing it.

I'm rooting for Em. I agree with most of what she said, although I wish she addressed the animal care more and I don't understand the self hate posts.

I'm glad someone in the pet community finally somewhat exposed Taylor. Even though Em did an extremely messy job, it's a start.

No. 625800

Disagree.. her comments on Taylor were the shitty shallow ones. Talking about her animal care etc. I would respect. And her self posts were bizarre and kind of disturbing… like who says that shit about themselves?

This wasn't a deliberate call out.

This was her being vindictive and jealous.

Nothing she posted was interesting or worthwhile on TND. Calling her ugly isn't exposing anything even if you think it's true.

No. 625802

I whole-heartedly disagree. The proper way to expose Taylor would have been to do it publicly, and respectfully. If that were the case she may have actually reached some of her fan base instead of pushing them away. Rather, she decided to be a coward and express her feelings anonymously and cloud them with hate. Because it came out this way, it only discredits people who call out Taylor for her husbandry more (at least, in the eyes of Taylor’s fans)

No. 625808

I don't even remember seeing any of Emma's posts being about pet care whatsoever. All horrible bitchy ones about appearance and Jonny etc. I've commented some brutal things about Jonny and how disappointing their relationship is but I actually think Taylor is pretty beautiful, i've defended her when people attacked her clothes choice etc. I just think Taylor needs to not lie as much as she does and own her mistakes. It will make her so much more likeable and I would say most people in here would start seeing a new side to her.

Em deliberately posted malicious and spiteful things to cause trouble about her own 'friend' while being nice to her face. She's worse than all of us on here. She shouldn't get any credit for this.

I feel very sorry for Taylor because as much as she is childish and immature and goes about things the wrong way, she's not evil and twisted.

No. 625821

>she's not evil and twisted.

She's no saint. She mocked rape victims and lied about doing heroin. She also regularly puts her animals in danger and/or distress.

No. 625825

From what I remember it was Jonny doing the mocking about the messages, cause we all know his fascination with Chelsea. I would say he initiates the majority of it. Not enough to tar her as evil/twisted but thats just my opinion on the matter.

She needs to shape up don't get me wrong, theres much improvement to be made. I think she can redeem herself.

No. 625834

File: 1530390031835.png (14.6 KB, 580x132, EMz66.png)

No. 625845

Can someone help me understand why Em posted her picture and exposed herself anyway? Was that after they already realized it was her and banned her for being a cow, or before? Like if she hadn’t posted her own face, would we even know it was her?

No. 625848


Basically Em came here to anon bitch about other pettubers, mostly TND.

She finds she can get away with this so she keeps going for a few months.

Then topic turns back to her on the general pet thread and she decides to switch IP's and comment with her Username calling people out for being mean and just generally having what looked like a mental breakdown.

Farmhands threaten if she doesn't stop ban evading and posting, they'll post her entire history.

Not knowing they can see anything past her current IP; she keeps going.

Then when they say they're going to post it, inc. older posts, she shits herself and tries to 'come clean' in pettubers private chats. She makes out it's all fun and games and nothing serious.

Then this glorious drama takes place when they realise what a snake she is.

No. 625850

File: 1530391469197.png (763.99 KB, 750x1334, D38B292C-C2A4-4511-8EB9-E1FE48…)

“She can’t respect me!!!1!1!1!1!” Butnyou canr respect your ex’s rape victims. Stop being a fucking twat. You’re just as bad as em.

No. 625859

File: 1530391655059.png (706.15 KB, 750x1334, 05EA9F78-CAEA-42B8-BBE1-358F90…)


No. 625861

Attention seeking. She’s been systematically using this thread not only to bash Taylor’s appearance but also to try and “redirect” us to her own content as a better alternative. She’s been doing the same in the other thread. Examples include posting her own tweets and asking “is Em subtweeting Taylor???” and “I love how honest Em is compared to Taylor”, etc. Her post with her picture is very thinly veiled attention seeking, trying to seem cool, even promoting some of her new content.

The mods knew who she was before then, because she’s been ban evading them for a while, but that’s what made them threaten to expose her if she kept going. She kept going, then begged them not to share when she realized they meant it. And now she claims it was on purpose.

So this isn’t fully off topic, I think Taylor is handling this well. Doesn’t mean I like or approve of Taylor now.

No. 625876

How did she convince her mom they were fake? They had the same phone number ffs. And now there’s the video chelsea’s friend posted of scrolling through the texts?

No. 625880

Either you are a newfag or a Petuber, Em never beg for her posts.
She actually thought they will only traced the recent ones.

No. 625922

She really believes this because she's a pathological liar. She has lied about it so consistently that she sticks to her original story regardless of evidence against her lol. There is NO REASON those texts would be faked. Why would anyone go thru that much effort? That conversation was long asf and she expects people to believe the entire thing was carefully concocted to lie about her? It's just not realistic. But there's no way to outright proof that Taylor is lying and SHE KNOWS that. She knows she can deny it and certain idiots will buy it.

No. 625929


She should've just shut up and not goad the farmhands. They gave her a chance to leave and told her they'd reveal her post history but she encouraged them to?? What on earth was going through her head?

No. 625986

Okay what the fuck has this board become. What Em did was shady and two-faced as fuck but what the fuck is with all these farmers being like “I feel SO bad for Taylor” “I actually think Taylor is beautiful” I truly hope that this is just the result of a bunch of Taylor stans finding this board and wking her because what the actual fuck? It’s like everyone has forgotten that Taylor is still a massive cow herself and is absolutely loving being a victim. Not standing up for Em whatsoever but Taylor is still a liar and a rape apologist.

No. 625991

This is a thread, not a board, unless you think the entirety of /snow/ has changed its tune. Check your newfaggotry before you try to police other users. I haven't seen any comment calling TND beautiful and she is the victim in this situation. A cow can be wronged, deal with it.

No. 625998

I think Taylor's psychically attractive, but I also think her boyfriend is complete garbage and she doesn't have good cage set ups or animal knowledge.

I also do feel bad for what Emzotic did for her. It was psychotic.

Just because I disagree with a lot of things Taylor does doesn't mean I suddenly think she's fat and ugly.

That's not how it works.

No. 626004

Not to mention that she loses even more credibility when 4 people have told her the same fucking story. She knows better about him in less than a year than people like Amanda or Chelsea who have known him for over a decade combined.

No. 626006

I wonder if the tone of the thread has changed because Em was so psycho she was posting that much shit in here. Idk, I don't care enough to read through that clusterfuck of posts.

We all agree Taylor is a shitty person but that doesn't make her ugly. There was clearly a user that was obsessed with calling her fat and a slut while most us didn't give a shit, dunno if that was Em.

I think most of us care about Taylor being a shit human to other people and her animals vs what she looks like. Em was apparently obsessed with the opposite.

No. 626008

She lies so easily. Just lies and lies and lies.

No. 626023

I've been here since about the second thread, and God no, it was not only Em who was obsessed with her looks. The bitching off her looks started when people started to realise this existed, ran out of milk, and just complained of the first thing they saw.
Em had just over 100 posts, and maybe 20 max were about Taytay's appearance. Compare that with hundreds and hundreds based on solely on it, long before she even started posting here, and she definitely wasn't the sole cause of shaming.
Last thing I want to do is defend Em, but she just jumped on the bandwagon. From about the fifth thread onwards there's been twice as many posts complaining about TND's looks and personality than their are animal-related posts.

No. 626025

It's possible to think Taylor is handling this situation with Em well and not change opinion on the other stuff. >>625304 applies. Hypocrisy exists in the world.

No. 626026

So you're rooting for someone who said her "friend's" face looks like a baboon's ass then lied and lied and lied about what and why they did it? You need a compass.

No. 626031

The total number of her posts have not been found.

No. 626034

Oh blimey, alright. Withdrawn.

No. 626041

The topic is what Em posted about Taylor's appearance & I disagreed with personal appearance insults. Doesn't mean i'm her stan, i'm still HIGHLY critical of her. I've been here since the first thread. Not all of us are here to destroy somebody, most of us are here because we were her fans before and we've fallen out of tune with her content/personality cause of her recent actions. As shane dawson summed it up nicely, most 'haters' do it out of passion.

Sticking up for her in some situations doesn't mean she gets away with everything else she has done.

No. 626043

Yea the conservative anon who thought wearing crop-tops at Disneyland was inappropriate because SHES INFRONT OF CHILDREN. lol

No. 626050

I can’t believe she’s STILL claiming those texts are fake…

No. 626061

File: 1530413809020.png (517.73 KB, 504x854, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 10.5…)

She talks so much like Jonny now, can't tell if it's him trying to emphasize 'look how happy we are!!' on her account or she just absorbs the personality of whoever she's with

No. 626070

Its good milk but anonymous is supposed to be anonymous. all this exposure resulted in is less milk and Taylor getting a pity party thrown for her.

No. 626090

his nips are so low ;-;

No. 626100

I think she just tends to absorb parts of the personality of whatever guy she’s with

No. 626135

File: 1530421691491.png (1.21 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180701-010727.png)

She WAS handling it well for approx. five minutes. She can't keep the drama out of her own mouth, no matter who started it.

No. 626136

Honestly I cant blame her for joking about it it really must suck thinking someone is your friend and then them saying this shit to you

No. 626138

idk I think it's pretty funny, but that's just me

No. 626146

I think joking about it is a way of coping tbh, I mean, she just found out her friend is a complete cunt.

No. 626184

File: 1530431282034.jpg (32.21 KB, 1024x430, IMG_20180701_034749.jpg)

No. 626185


Yeah this is probably her way of coping with what happened. When something really gets to her, she tends to make a joke out of it. It must be her way of lessening the impact of what was said to her.

No. 626188

Leopardgeckoyoutube made a few vids on ig stories about Em's post. She's shocked at what happened and even said she doesnt like Taylor and not afraid to say it while there's people llike Em who does this kinda thing. I dont know how to save the story though

No. 626189

big oof

No. 626210

You can download them from here before they disappear: https://storiesig.com/stories/leopardgeckoyoutube

No. 626239

File: 1530441853653.jpeg (451.32 KB, 1242x1741, F498E21A-AE61-45B1-913F-877A77…)

No. 626247


I've noticed in some pictures she takes with him she creates a barrier between them with her hand or arm. Also they make a hideous couple.

No. 626251

thank god her lip injections have gone down a bit.

No. 626253

I noticed she kinda does that with fans too. She'll sort of put her arm up on their shoulders like they're a prop for her to pose with.

No. 626255

Something about her face doesn't look right.. Like something is different.

No. 626271

I see what you mean, it may just be the no makeup/filter/editing. She also looks really uncomfortable there though

No. 626273

File: 1530448327758.jpeg (791.03 KB, 1242x1543, B3BD3BE2-1400-4F50-BF0F-91EA44…)

From Betsy’s IG

No. 626274

File: 1530448345361.jpeg (364.97 KB, 1242x1045, CBAE60E8-9858-4854-BB0D-87F7CB…)

No. 626282

It's her face shape, especially at the chin.

She has a huge face which also happens to be square and kinda chubby. It varies a lot especially in candids because she can't control the angle. I guess this is why she covers her chin often, because it looks really pointy from certain angles.

No. 626285

Is that photo mirrored coz otherwise that ring is on her left ring finger??

No. 626303

Probably mostly the lack of makeup. Also looks liked her lips have gone down quite a bit, or maybe she got them dissolved a bit because of the comments? Or if you're seeing something with her eyes, honestly, if this was taken today, they may be a bit swollen from crying. I know mine do that. Feels weird to feel sympathy for Taylor.

No. 626338

No she has no neck, that's why. Her head sits on her shoulders. Everyone has flaws.

No. 626345

That’s her class ring, she seems to always wear it on her left hand

No. 626363

Taylor is probably the only person to own a scruncie in 2018.

No. 626367

Nah they made a comeback, and they supposedly cause less breakage so they're better for your hair.

No. 626379

File: 1530461399286.png (1.54 MB, 1440x1330, 20180701_171015.png)


She looked so good here. A damn shame what she's done to her face, she's starting to look trashy.

No. 626380

Enough about her appearance.

No. 626382

I'm half wondering if those are Em again. Coming back to make herself feel better about talking shit; because look other anons are doing it. kek.

She looks fine here for someone without makeup on. Hope she lets her hair grow out and avoids whatever trash salon it was that destroyed it.

I wondered the same. She probably only got them in the first place because of all the comments about her over-lining her lips. Pretty sad really…

No. 626401


Not the same anon or Em, but I think talking about her appearance in a way that isnt pointing out things like how shes getting her nails done after a long trip instead of taking care of her animals, or she might be on drugs, or just isnt helpful to her wrong doings. Isnt that great. Shes very insecure, and while I really don't like her,the more she is worrying over what she looks like and feeling upset, the less she is focusing on her pets. Not to mention its discrediting in a way towards concerns on her actual problems like her animal care and constant lying. In general she needs to stop trying to get approval from the internet, on her looks, and focus on her animals, not getting the camera angles right or taking pictures of her animals for the sake of her "aesthetic". Shes actually pretty, but she needs to realize that for herself instead of trying to impress everyone else.However Belitting her for her appearance isnt really helping anything.

No. 626411

do you know where you are right now? comments about taylor’s appearance are 100% fair game. if you think someone’s going overboard, report them instead of minimodding like you’re the one who controls what others discuss.

No. 626417

Taylor knows she's pretty. No ones called her a hobgoblin so chillax.

No. 626432

If Taylor or anyone else think the comments about her appearance are going to stop because Emzotic was outed as some of them, they're crazy. Forget where you're at?
I know some of you have sympathy but doesn't change some facts like her hair looking like a ratty weave or her trying to pass editing off about her body as real and lying about it in the comments.
Even if Em had kept the situation more private, Taylor would not have not missed the chance at looking like a victim. She would have sperged about it eventually like she did about Jonny.

No. 626433

Anyone who makes themselves a social media personality at least subconsciously thinks they're attractive. People who are truly insecure about their appearance probably wouldn't be spamming their faces everywhere and inviting mass anonymous opinion and criticism on it. She knows it. She gets more comments on the reg saying she's pretty than comments saying she's not.
She's insecure because she knows that her success is literally BUILT on her appearance, which is true, as sad as it is. She's the "cute animal girl" and that combined with dating a womanizing manipulator who's obsessed with the appearance and existence of his pretty exes she's going to constantly be afraid of not being good enough regarding her appearance. That's the truth of it.

She brings the focus on her looks onto herself tbh. Other objectively less attractive pettubers don't get criticized as much as her about appearance because it's not the entirety of their brand.

No. 626438

This is gonna annoying real quick if people are constantly bitching at others to stop talking about her appearance and accusing people of being em. Why don't we just like, follow the rules and if we don't like something someone says we don't have to reply to it. TAYLOR puts a focus on her appearance. TAYLOR puts her life on the internet. Sooo I'm sorry but I don't feel bad that she gets shit for her looks when she wouldn't have anything she does without looking the way she does. I don't even care that Em said what she said I care that she's two faced just like Taylor.

No. 626451

This x1000. As soon as I saw some of the shit Em said I knew this thread was going to be full of anons accusing any poster with something negative to say about Taylor’s appearance of being Em. Em was not the only anon ragging on Taylor’s appearance.

No. 626464


Yeah I'm the one who posted that old picture of her where she looks pretty. I'm new here and found this place through that Emzotic drama. I meant no harm with my comment, just that she used to look so much better.

No. 626472

Still dont understand why betsy still hangs out with her when Taylor always uses her to “watch” her animals and leave her so she can go out and have fun. Then again she’s “famous” and wants to be her friend.. then again, birds of a feather, flock together.

No. 626488

You're new here so learn to sage. Read the rules/info of the site

No. 626566

Surprised Mama Bear hasnt jumped on this situation publicly

No. 626575

shut up scrunchies are cool
(I know I got banned for saying that roaches are cool but they really are lmao)
Also, It's so weird that I'm pitying Taylor, but I genuinely do feel bad for her.

No. 626582

Not a stan or a fan or anything, but Taylor really doesn't deserve to have her appearance to be picked apart. I'm in no way justifying her actions, it is clear that her lips were botched, but I don't think we should be talking about her appearance after one of her "friends" decides to talk bad about her. Go on, rightfully posting about her shitty animal care, but we really should leave her appearance out of this.

No. 626604

File: 1530482772358.jpeg (272.9 KB, 1293x1865, B032F280-A8DD-4B3A-892C-1E2BB5…)

She keeps saying she wants everyone to stop talking about it but she won’t stop talking about it.

No. 626605

File: 1530482844147.jpeg (92.26 KB, 1291x739, 0B0549CB-B72C-4085-895D-26A339…)

No. 626607

I think it's a bit different. Emzotic is bringing it up repeatedly to fans whereas Taylor is making jokes about it to friends who were also targets. I think it's more of a coping thing than an attention thing. I do ultimately agree that Taylor should stop bringing it up as well though, she's only going to make her stans who are unaware of the whole ordeal question it and eventually they'll end up here.

No. 626608

But TND is also responding to fans about it non-stop? They are both milking this to the fullest extent.

No. 626611

Idk if you've been reading both their twitters. But in all honesty, it seems like TND is talking about it again after Em came back online and literally won't shut up. If you head over to the general pettubers thread you can see her even tweet again about it 'not being all her' and that the other pettubers were posting too.

Taylor's milking it, sure, but only because Em won't stop either. And idk I can genuinely see Taylor being quite affected by the shit that Em said; it's one thing to know it's anon hate; it's another to have it come from your 'friend'.

No. 626614

File: 1530483999219.jpeg (316.53 KB, 850x645, 9DA174BA-F6BA-4FF1-A077-575B8E…)

She clearly knows she looks busted sometimes. She’s not a saint, and she’s actually extremely selfish and a bad person for defending her boyfriend/attacking his exes/lying about her petcare. But if people think she believes she’s an immaculate beauty queen, they’re not reading. You can be insecure and know how bad you look while also posting tons of “sexy” pictures because you know that’s the reason many fans like you.

No. 626617

I laughed at that comment/your ban for it. I do feel bad for her aswell, I guess I felt like her posts about her insecurities and being upset over her looks humanised me a little bit more. Its easy to forget that shes just another person like all of us. Although I still think shes an idiot for dating Jonny and treating her animals like objects

No. 626622

Cool story, anon.

No. 626624

She can be really terrible in a thousand ways (especially relating to Jonny and his exes) without being wholly unsympathetic. I’m in the same boat; she disproved many preconceptions I had of her with her recent honesty and how she’s handled this. I still don’t like her and hope she has a dramatic breakup where she realizes how stupid she’s been over all of this, but having sympathy for her in this isn’t incompatible with that.

No. 626635

When Taylor looks like a middle aged mother of 3 when she’s barely 21 anons are going to say something. When she photoshops her boobs so they appear bigger and accidentally makes them hang at her bellybutton anons are going to say something. SHE made her appearance the center of her persona. She uses her animals as accessories even though she tries to preach the exact opposite. Her appearance is fair game. Stop trying to police what other anons comment on - do you realize where you are??

No. 626641

Yeah, but is it necessary?

No. 626643

Taylor literally retweeted her fan's gofundme without even donating. It's a $500 gofundme, and she has a video coming out tomorrow.

Guess she's broke again.

No. 626662


Is Tyler gay?

No. 626663

no but ur mom is
(kidding idk pls no autism ban)

No. 626668

holy fuck this is lolcow u need to leave if you are going to get all in your feelings about someone taking shit about Taylor’s busted face, jesus christ.

No. 626748

I always assumed he was?

No. 626781

stop telling people not to talk about her appearance. if you have a problem with it then don’t read lolcow. seriously, i’m wondering where the fuck you and all the other anons complaining about this think you are right now. really. where are you? are you on facebook or twitter? no, you’re on lolcow. looks are fair game. you’re bordering on mini-modding and i suspect you’ve said the same shit multiple times in this thread. just stop.

No. 626782

this entire thread isn't "necessary" its all for fun and games

No. 626786

Taylor really has to milk all the sympathy she can out of the situation doesn’t she. I feel bad for her that she considered Em a friend and she betrayed her, but can she stop crying about “wahh people bully me bc my appearance!” You put your life and image out on the internet, there are going to be people that nitpick you. It’s the INTERNET. Besides she’s the one going and photoshopping herself and destroying her lips through injections, if she laid off the drugs and just took care of herself with her natural beauty she had years ago she’d still look gorgeous today! She has fucked herself uo, that is your fault for not taking care of yourself Taylor. Stop fucking crying about it and take care of yourself properly.

No. 626807

That picture with Betsy is at a pretty expensive restaurant, I doubt she’s broke. She’s just not on the giving mood.

No. 626825

I cant see Jonny letting Taylor near a straight guy

No. 626826

He doesn't seem to give a shit about that Karizma creep though.

No. 626910

did we hear/see anything about that karizma dude while tay was at vidcon? i thought she was going to meet him?

No. 626923

Off he is gay.. you can see and hear for miles away

No. 626953

He is, but claims he isn’t

No. 626954


Then perhaps he isn't? I've met plenty of dudes with sarcastic personalities like his and they're all straight.

No. 626964

Dudes got gay lisp and even his face just screams gay. For some people you can really see the gayness (in a had way and i think he is the f-word)

No. 626975

Tyler, this is Taylor’s thread. Go wk on your own…

No. 626978


If he claims he isn't gay then he either isn't or he is and isn't ready to be publicly out, so it should be left at that.

No. 627010

Good thing people speculating doesn't make someone "publicly out."

No. 627017

This isn’t Saudi Arabia, nothing bad will happen to him if people know he’s gay. It’s blatantly obvious

No. 627020


lol she's not hurt bu this at all. she's happy her competition fell.

No. 627043

This is Taylor’s thread can you anons go speculate about whether his sucks dick or not on the general pet youtubers thread? Thx.

No. 627045

I agree, she is putting on a ”I’m so upset!! I was betrayed!! Wahh I got called ugly!!” pity party to get more sympathy from her fans, but in reality she is probably so happy Em did this to her. Makes her competition look bad and makes her look more like a saint, a lot of what followers Em has will probably come and only support Taylor now. She is probably dancing around happy to be getting sympathy and compliments from people again.

No. 627340

Seriously, even the farmers on here are feeling bad about her. Don't ya'll forget she's a rape apologist and neglects her pets.

No. 627390

I didn't forget, I'd just rather talk about that than her lip fillers.

No. 627418

File: 1530577340233.png (305.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-02-20-20-03…)

Whines about Em hurting her and wants her to stop bringing attention to it, yet still eating it all up.

No. 627429

I feel like Tyler is that fake ass friend that says really mean shit to you but swears hes kidding even though hes not. Makes it blatantly obvious hes using Taylor.

No. 627434

I think they're friends but I also think the meme is gross. Those movies are disgusting why does she think her fan base wants to see that? (AND yes I realize this is Emma Lock/Emzotic).

No. 627437

I think they're all still stuck in highschool. This is like the movie Mean Girls but just regina and her posse

No. 627461

Officially too far in my opinion. She should've kept this private.
Also he got that off of the pettubers thread.

No. 627469

I 100% believe Em that they all lurk/post here and the general pettubers thread. They’re just not all as psychotic as Em and ban evade and get themselves exposed by the farmhands.

No. 627472

File: 1530582181608.png (863.61 KB, 1242x2208, 6D7185EB-5EC9-472D-86D5-2CC837…)

No. 627476

File: 1530582397613.png (776.2 KB, 1242x2208, 135F5765-230C-4AB4-BA08-69CA00…)

I didn’t see this posted - it’s from yesterday but Taylor is really reaching here. And watching Em’s twitter for anything she can latch onto. Like, gurl, you weren’t even tagged. She is going to milk this forever.

No. 627479

It was posted, but I think only in the general pettuber thread.

No. 627512

This bitch
If she is talking about the video where she is make up less and putting her sad face because her parents didnt let her snort coke with Jonny in his hotel all night then fuck her
She literally was slapping around in the water all her animals, she didnt even try to be delicate with them.

No. 627529

No. 627558

Wth is that supposed to be???? I’m not recognizing where this is from

No. 627561

Emzotic/Emma Lock was an actress in the Human Centipede 2. She played the last segment. You can look it up if you haven't heard of it but it's a graphic movie worse than the first.

No. 627563

Taylor's eyes in this upload look pretty red, i have to wonder if she's still smoking around her animals. She had no issue smoking around them before until people called her out afterall

No. 627564

It’s a ss of Emzotic as her character from the human centipede 2

No. 627566

File: 1530587930468.png (1.27 MB, 1230x1126, Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 8.18…)

Her wonky ass eyeliner/eyelashes situation is extremely distracting

No. 627570

I'm sure Em has deliberate intentions and plans to keep subtly dogging Taylor for years to come, but better to say nothing at this point. This is a group who thought sweeping it under the rug together was actually positive. They have no idea how to handle themselves.

No. 627577

Her bottom lip is so one sided, it looks like she suffered a embolism.

No. 627578

How long in advance does she record? Wonder if she had to edit out Em's name real quick lol

No. 627580

File: 1530588614003.png (34.57 KB, 1088x128, Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 8.30…)

My thoughts through the whole video lmao

No. 627589

File: 1530589497933.jpg (71.49 KB, 590x460, 2018-07-02 (1).jpg)


No. 627597

her eyebrows are leaning in to kiss each other

No. 627626

I've never spoken about her looks bc I typically don't care but why the fuck does her face look so crooked/lopsided? Is this just a rough ss or does she look like that for the entire video?

No. 627629

It's like that the whole time. A combination of her always drawing that one eyebrow weirdly high and smarmy and whatever crepey scar-looking thing is happening with her lip

No. 627632


No. 627635

Who ever did her lips either put to much filler on one side or didnt put enough on the other side of her bottom lip.
Also I don't if the right side of her lips are dry af or are the weird little bulges from other caps.

No. 627643

She reminds me of Pete burns. Botched and sad..

No. 627645

Taylor, you gotta stop tying up your hair so tight like that all the time, especially when it's damage, you can actually get bald spots. gotta start wearing a wig while it grows girl.

No. 627646

Her eyebrows remind me of a type of villians it’s hilarious

No. 627649

File: 1530595283064.png (53.11 KB, 244x101, e4f65679327f67391754afd91d2521…)

i don't want to be ripping her looks apart but damn. did she just splatter the glue all over her fake eyelashes? she should've not messed with her lips tbh now it looks permanently swollen from a wasp attack

No. 627652

File: 1530595781888.jpg (44.45 KB, 587x403, _20180703_002957.JPG)

Anyone seen the movie "Just Go With It"?

No. 627655

Didn't she said she was going to get a cheese tattoo and that she had the appointment but she never got it done?

No. 627656

She claimed it was rescheduled for this month.

No. 627671

honestly it looks like she has reused them so many times that glue has built up and clumped in the lashes.

No. 627686

I think criticizing her makeup is fair game, she has control over how she does her makeup and god damn is it a fucking mess.

No. 627705

>says she is fine not having live plants because she will check her mantis every day
>starts video off saying shes been traveling and has no time.

Sure jan

No. 627720

Does it bother anyone else how much she handles it and shakes it and jerks the enclosure around

No. 627740

She gives a lot of incomplete info. She talks about a live vivarium and says you can put cuc in there but doesn't specify that they live in soil. After, she says that if you use ecoearth you have to change it out once a week. She needs to specify that that's only if you're not doing a live vivarium, instead of leaving people to think they need to throw it out even if it has a cuc.
I know it's supposed to be a brief informational video but I think she should organize her info a bit better so it flows better. Either way she shouldn't be making a video after having a mantis for three days (not counting the week she was gone).
Also, she should def still mention that her video is not a complete care guides, and maybe she could link to sites that have more info and possibly show how to set up a live vivarium? I just feel like she's not as helpful as she could be in her videos

No. 627773

Where is that second t coming from?
Are "tis" sounds hard to pronounce with a lisp?
I wouldn't think so but maybe someone can educate me on this.

But until then. Mantits hahahihihi! I can't!

No. 627815


Damn her face is horrifying.

No. 627826

And people think it was only/ mainly Emzotic insulting her looks. Ha!

No. 627832

I don’t think so. ^ even up there, there’s people still talking about it. And honestly I’m not mad at it, she did most of this for attention and money. And now she honestly looks like a botched blow up doll. And the issue is…she knows it looks bad. She did all that for money and attention and she regrets it that’s why she’s so bothered and has spent “nights bawling” over it. It’s YouTube, she’s is now an internet figure people are going to talk shit. Em said what she said but at the end up the day she wasn’t the only person thinking it but she was the only one being fake af about it

No. 627838

She's actually saying mantids, but technically mantids only refers to species from the family Mantidae, which doesn't include orchid mantises.

No. 627877

The last few pics of Taylor looks like she got something else done to her face. I just can't figure out what.

No. 627889

She has definitely done something. Maybe cheek fillers or Botox. That eyebrow is driving me insane. But even then her face is just genuinely lopsided now and from what I can tell I don’t think it’s always been like that. She might’ve gotten work don that messed up her eyebrow and so now she HAS to fill it in like that. It doesn’t make since why she’d draw one fucked up and the other normal. At least she doesn’t draw bad eyebrows, imagine if she was drawing too dark or too filled in omg

No. 627899

Emzotic wrecks Taylor's looks and goes crazy, people lose their minds. Meanwhile it's 100% ok if you aren't em and continue to call her the most horrifying thing in existence. I don't understand this website…

No. 627901

Because its not the same people doing both, lol.

No. 627904

Go away. The most horrifying things in existence? Lmao you have got to be one of her 12 year old stans.

No. 627906

It’s because Em was a two-faced bitch and pretended to be Taylor’s friend to her face and then was talking mad shit about her here. It’s not about what she said. It’s the fact that she’s a shady bitch. All these sensitive ass anons need to get a reality check and realize what site they’re on. Taylor fucked her face up. Srynotsry.

No. 627912

Oh I get it. So this is basically another Tumblr where everyone is a twelve year old infighting with each other about what's good and bad and using that as an excuse to call out or anonymously witch hunt other people to gain internet points for doing something good. Well carry on then~ I'll just lurk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 627916

None of that made any sense. Bye

No. 627921

Thanks for the clarification! I’ve heard of the movies before but never watched them and never knew Em played in it so seeing that was weird lol

No. 627929

Kek. Yes. This site is exactly like tumblr. You really figured us out! /s

There would be no infighting if anons like you would just stfu and not get their panties in a bunch because someone wants to talk about Taylor’s stroke face. K bye.

No. 627944

Jesus Christ girl… if you just took care of yourself and didn’t get your lips botched and hair fried+constantly tied up tightly, you’d still look beautiful as you did years ago. She looks fucking ROUGH. And at least with makeup you can improve looks, but she has such fucked up makeup too? Like you don’t have a real job, you sit around your house at the pool all day, you’d think she could take the time to properly do her makeup nicely and not have clumped together eyelashes that look like they’re covered in cum. She has all the time in the world to take care of herself and chooses not to. Gross. She brought that on herself.
Wonder if she’ll disable comments and go on a twitter rant about how bullied she is on her appearance! Wahh pity party time!

No. 627947

Are we really that bad here with talking about her appearance or do people just particularly sensitive here?? Cause I only read this thread on lolcow but I thought the point of this site was so we don't have to deal with people bitching at you for talking about such things.

Anyways, she looks like she got botox or something because her face is lopsided asf. It's funny bc she truly was pretty before she started doing all this stuff to improve herself.

No. 627949

It's not "bad" at all, most of it is observational. If people were being straight malicious and insulting her nonstop maybe I'd understand but it's literally just people pointing out blatantly obvious things that SHE fucked up while saying her natural appearance was perfectly fine, which again, when your entire brand is your appearance, is fair game.

Playing some high-horse mental game with themselves like they didn't come here, specifically to this anonymous forum where nobody has an image to uphold, to talk shit. But only their kind of shit talk is fine, everything else is just mean nitpicking, obv. Some kind of socially stunted cow-logic. Same reason Emz was on here simultaneously shit talking and pretending to be above it all.

No. 627951

She does shit all day but cant put her ass to grow some real plants. No matter how you want to justify it, animals need real plants specially insects.

No. 627957

Sadly she couldn’t keep plants alive if she tried… she’s taking the lazy route because she is always gone traveling while also pretending to care about her animals.

No. 627960

Agreed. She was honestly so pretty before. If she just maintained natural appearance and took care of herself, and got a FEW animals and gave them superb care and made in depth videos about care and her experience, she probably would have been a way more massive success! And she’d be a better person and happy with herself. It’s too bad she turned out to be a crackhead looking girl dating a rapist, causing intense insecurities so she feels the need to screw up her appearance to keep her manlets attention. She fried the hell out her hair, and now looks like she’s balding from keeping it up 24/7, and now her face is just especially bad.. the botched lips, and weird lopsidedness? She really needs to lay off the drugs. She had so much potential, it’s just disappointing and sad.

No. 627983

she could've just made a "new pet" video where she talks about what she's going to do with the new mantis and basically make it a part 1 of her mantis care and show updates in later videos. but nope.. a googled "informational" video about her mantis that we will never see again is better i guess.

hate how she just jerks the container around like she just grabs it off the table, makes a video, and throws it away.

No. 627984

LOL just like the episode of family guy when peter had that stroke. I am chOKING. Half her face really is drooping

No. 628008

Is keeping a mantis in a deli cup with a fake flower really the best set up? I'm really curious about this insect.

No. 628040

File: 1530646827218.jpg (787.17 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180703_154055.jpg)

This is just sad.

No. 628124

There's nothing wrong with the cup + mesh fabric lid. When they're small they need to be kept in small cages because otherwise there's a risk they won't be able to find their food.

The fake flower is annoying af and not necessary. It's only in there to look pretty. Twigs / something to hang off while shedding would be much better. The bottom should be a paper towel which is changed regularly or coconut husk fibre; both of which should be sprayed with water regularly to keep humidity.

Ideally a probe should be fed in to keep an eye on temp and humidity.

No. 628138

I see she's jumped on the contact lens train. Honestly she has a really pretty eye colour, why go for the zombie/dead look. She really needs to stop trying to change things about herself because everything she does looks worse.

No. 628178

Is it me or does she look kind of… swollen in the face?

No. 628217

her smile lines (the folds that go from either side of her nose towards her top lip) have developed a lot compared to how they were a few months ago, definitely makes it look like her cheeks are swollen/puffy

No. 628220

Heavy drinking will do that.

No. 628231

There are a lot of things that could make them more pronounced (puffy cheeks) like fluid retention for one. Personally though I am guessing she's drinking a lot more, she just had a shock and it's no secret that Jonny drinks a lot.

No. 628294

Things she’s doing to herself like drinking, smoking, and possibly drugs, can age anyone quite quickly. All the botched work on her face isn’t helping at all. She looks 1000x better on her earlier videos before she moved out

No. 628323

god her lips seriously do look like a baboon's ass, theyre so fucked

No. 628363

Swelling of the face can be caused by a few different things like bulimia, alcoholism, drinking excess soda, and cocane. With her living w Jonny she’s probably drinking a lot and there was a post somewhere saying she was doing a lot of coke when she was on tour w Jonny so it’s probaby a mix of coke and drinking.

No. 628411

File: 1530679834141.png (279.72 KB, 874x472, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.4…)

tfw you use your own daughter as clickbait

No. 628413

She did this earlier too.. she said something along the lines of “come watch my YouTube channel to see Tanner! … and also Taylor too”. When you have to tag your daughter for relevancy you just look sad. She is so desperate to use her daughters “fame” to get some of her own. It’s like she wants credit for Taylor’s success.

No. 628419

I'm super stoned watching Jen's video and I'm already cracking up/cringing. It's interesting to see the cow in action.

I'll type a tldr description as I watch. It's 18 fucking minutes long.

No. 628444


"Diagnose her"??? With WRINKLES???

Also, sage by typing 'sage' in the email box of your comment.

No. 628450

i can feel the vibe of jonny feeling so awkward being with them through the video and lol at taylor and jonny trying to escape from her mom and brother.

No. 628467

Caimans, snakes AND Cheese’s dad! Kiwi the Sloth melts our hearts!

No. 628481

File: 1530686016807.jpg (46.77 KB, 457x419, _20180704_012736.JPG)

Channel is called "Everyday Dean." This is the 28TH episode. It's 18:52 min long. 50 views.

Video starts with Jen driving with Tanner in car. The car is moving and Jen is in driver seat but both her hands are preoccupied with vlogging.. the bitch is vlogging and driving with her handicapped son in the back.

Tanner is making a list of his wives(?) He comes up with 21.

Jen looks notably older in video compared to pics.

She finally puts the phone down and starts using her hands to drive.

>Taylor and Jonny appear in the car. Taylor seems visibly embarrassed to be on video and doesn't talk, just looks at her phone.

Tanner picks out the SpongeBob episode "Opposite Day" for Jonny to watch with him in the car ride.

>"Here is Tanner walking the way he says chill, cool daddies walk!" (The caption Jen paired with footage of Tanner attempting a pimp walk in the aquarium entrance)

>"Here you can see the rare Taylor fish and Jonny fish." (Jen's caption for shitty footage of Taylor and Jonny looking in a tank)

>Jen corrects Tanner when he says "starfish" and says "They call them sea stars now because they're really not fish." because she's an expert like her daughter is!!! Gotta drop animal knowledge in her videos.

>TND snippet, she bossily says "I told you!" to Tanner. Context unknown.

>Tanner and Jen make a scene about someone dropping a shoe on the ground. Taylor sarcastically says "That was my shoe."

>Taylor points out the aquarium anemones are "soooo still" and Jen, in a know it all voice, says "it's because they're wanting to kill it." As if the bitch is an anemone expert, Jen continues to speculate on the health of them, claiming: "they usually have more…circulation…oh, but the top is kinda moving." TND has already moved on at this point.

>"OMG Taylor and Jonny are here…" (Jen's caption for footage taken from afar, made to look like it was taken by a Taylor stan). She continues to be weird as Taylor and Jonny approach.

>Gross shot of Taylor. Her, Jonny, and Tanner take pics in a photo booth.

>Jonny and Tanner take pics alone in the photo booth. How family friendly is Jonny, amirite??

>TND sticks out tounge, Jonny style.

>Real snake expert approaches them, showing off the different body parts of a snake he's holding.

>They find a big cowfish that looks like cheese.

>Taylor: "I think they should put a plaque in front of this tank that says Cheese." Jen: "it's Cheese's dad."

>Tanner wants to race a sloth. He goes on about this while they wait in line to feed caiman.

>Jen spergs about the way Tanner holds the fishing pole that has the caiman food. She tries to pass him off to Taylor but he doesn't want help. The caption of the screen reads "So so wild," referring to/complaining about Tanner.

>Brief Taylor face shot.

>Taylor listens to an animal expert talk about sloths.

>Pretty cool footage of a sloth climbing down a tree kind fast towards them (Jen, Tanner, Taylor, and Jonny are in the sloth exhibit).

>Rare footage of Taylor's ratty blonde hair under a blacklight as she feeds the sloth.

>"Tanner found old sloth food on the floor." Another pointless Jen caption.

>Taylor, her terrible roots, and uncoordinated outfit continue to be exposed under blacklight.

>Taylor films the sloth with her phone an inch away from it's face, making sure her arm is in the shot. What a cunt. She even treats animals at the zoo/aquarium like accessories and has no consideration for their wellbeing.

>Tanner pets the sloth.

>Jonny touches the sloth. It reminds me of the "Creation of Man" Michaelangelo painting. They really seem to vibe as brothers. Though brief, it's nice to see Jonny come into contact with an animal he can really relate to.

>Using a baby voice, sloth handler asks Jonny "Did you get a chance to feed the sloth?" Tanner tries to take the food and Jen snaps "Let Jonny do it!" They treat Jonny like a child, fighting for him to get a chance to feed the sloth. Nice change of heart, Jen. Fake bitch.

>Jonny feeds the sloth.

>Taylor shoves her phone back in the sloth's face to film more. The sloth literally pushes Taylor's phone out of his face.

>Now it seems like Jen is shoving her camera/phone in the sloth's face, but she doesn't stay for long.

>Jen constantly questions the feeding methods of the sloth handler.

>"Such a special animal!" (Jen's caption, but it's a shot of the back of TND's ratty head as she films the sloth on her phone, with sloth barely in the shot).

>"Such a special day." (Caption over picture of Jonny feeding the sloth, zooming in and out). Jen shows off her mad windows movie maker editing skillz.

>Group picture feat Jonny's teeth TM.

>Same picture as 17:57, but with shitty editing and caption "We all experienced something special."

>Weird prison break picture of Jonny and TND with her lips pressed against a fence. (See pic attached).

Ends with firework clips and Jen begging for comments and subscriptions.

No. 628490

oh my kek… I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride.

No. 628492

"Jonny touches the sloth. It reminds me of the "Creation of Man" Michaelangelo painting. They really seem to vibe as brothers. Though brief, it's nice to see Jonny come into contact with an animal he can really relate to. "


I kinda feel bad that she wants to get along with her daughter and all but damn, she needs to stop treating them like babies. no wonder Taylor is what she is. Even tanner tries to do things himself but here comes Jen trying to control.

No. 628503

Damm maybe it wasnt a good idea let Tanner feed the sloth, he literally shoved the piece of food inside its mouth
You can see how Taylor sometimes distracted herself of the stressful moments with Jen and Tanner taking photos.

No. 628609

Watching and then reading this made me cringe. I would feel so sad if my daughter acted like she hated me all the time and I have to put up with her boyfriend just to see her plus then I have a child with special needs on top of a probably failing marriage. I can see how she’s gone batshit crazy. I feel like TND probably had a decent life and it honestly makes me sad to see how she treats her family like if you want to cut her off then do it but don’t be a dick and every time you’re with her act like you don’t even want to be there y’know? I also see why Mama Dean is trying YouTube so hard, it pays. (Not a forever thing) but it still pays and I’ve seen other youtubers help their family build their platforms and then they’re also doing their own thing. Taylor’s stans would follow her mom if she did more content just about Tanner and the struggles and just how it can be hard being a mom of a youtubers. They all suck except Tanner. He deserves better.

No. 628623

File: 1530713404894.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, CDB28587-8990-4093-A07D-4A63F0…)

You can hear Maddie in the background actually planning petfest meanwhile Taylor is clearly paying very close attention, taking selfies via the webcam…

No. 628651

Why does this look like Jonny and not Taylor

No. 628747

File: 1530725494927.jpeg (145.16 KB, 1242x1053, 55120788-2FCA-4A91-9E57-4EDD7D…)

Taylor must be so proud

No. 628855

Wat. It’s just lighting. Eyes don’t actually look like that bright blue color from her older videos. It’s just a difference in saturation and lighting, her eyes look way more natural now.

No. 629019

She’s literally morphing into him

No. 629067

File: 1530753839956.jpeg (131.74 KB, 1298x795, 45636902-4D93-42D3-AC95-BD10A5…)

No. 629069

Don't female geckos lay eggs anyway on a seasonal basis (depending on when breeding season is). Not sure on the specifics of satanic leaf geckos but I think that leopard gecko females do this anyway?

No. 629071


not always, it just depends on the gecko. The presence of a male would increase the likelihood of unfertilized eggs being produced as breeding behavior would be encouraged by it

No. 629072

She got them in February, specifically Feb 3. It has not been 7 months, why does she feel the need to exaggerate

No. 629073

Okay thanks :)

I wonder if she has an egg incubator to house any potential fertilised eggs? and if she is conditioning them for breeding if she is planning to hatch any clutches, if they appear.

Seems a bit neglectful to sort of half-handedly breed animals without taking the appropriate care required to make sure everything is healthy. None of this matters though if she just feeds the eggs to her monitor, which a lot of people do if they want to cull/not hatch clutches

No. 629109


not sure about uroplatus as I'm unfamiliar with the species, but I do know that some gecko eggs don't need an incubator as the incubation temperature matches what would be typical room temperature. I doubt that even if they do need an incubator and she has one that she would actually be responsible and monitor the temperature/humidity within it

No. 629141

File: 1530762444788.png (54.74 KB, 540x242, Screenshot_2018-07-04-21-45-31…)


No. 629218

lol way to prove you’re a insecure bitch who continues to stalk this website despite saying forever ago “I no longer read the hate site! They’re just haters!! I’m so happy with myself”! Lmao the insecurity is killing her and she is so eager to prove everyone wrong about everything.

No. 629249

Great thing about the monitor is she can feed any unwanted pets or children to it. Just let it roam around and let nature take its course.

No. 629322

Is Jonny too large for the monitor in one sitting?

No. 629326


maybe not, Jonny's pretty damn short.

with all the substances Jonny abuses though that poor monitor would probably get sick just taking a bite out of him.

No. 629327

New boa constrictor when?

No. 629508

What is she trying to accomplish saying shit like this?? Oh I'm so cute and fun because I have so many animals I made my electricity go out. Who is reading that and genuinely feeling jealousy? I mean anyone who isn't a child with zero life experience should look at that and be like uh… That doesn't sound safe.

I bet she could cause a fire very easily overloading outlets to that point. I hope she DOES buy a home. Then she'd be fully responsible for all damage and wouldn't be able to just move out and forget about the place. Maybe she'd take youtube a little more seriously knowing she has a mortgage to pay and she can't just move back in with mommy so quick.

No. 629512

Very good point. A while back she said she’d be buying a house in September. Bitch where? With what money? She blows all her money on herself and Jonny for drugs and alcohol and traveling + unnecessary shit, not to mention how much it probably costs to care for 40+ animals. Maybe having a mortgage would really make her work harder to make the money and spend it more wisely. She has been putting out shitty videos lately, idk how she thinks she’ll afford a house in 2 months time. She likes to believe everything she does with her animals is cute and quirky, and she’s not like other girls!! When in reality she’s just a dumbass, overloading all your outlets from animal hoarding isn’t safe for them.

No. 629573

It's more likely she'll just rent a house.
It's difficult for YouTubers to prove they have stable income to banks for mortgage loans.

No. 629601

Oh I agree, I thought the same thing. But it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. I bet what she'll do is rent a house and elude to buying but never confirm/deny it. Either way she should move into a house not an apartment. She's probably hell bent on living directly in San Antonio bc she knows she needs the help of her mom and her friends. If she went out side the city she could get on some land and have much more space.

No. 629637

I think she wants to move to L.A. eventually, but is probably holding that off because L.A. is crazy expensive and she won't be able to afford it, not to mention that some of her animals are illegal to have there. I highly doubt she's going to be able to buy a house, and if she does, it's gonna be a downgrade from her apartment.

There's also the fact YouTube is making it even harder for creators to make money, so lmao. Good luck.

No. 629647

Land lords for houses are usually more strict though since it cost more to repare and they usually don’t own as many properties as an apartment complex. I just don’t see her convincing a landlord that the monitor won’t scratch up the floor/doors. Plus she’s already ruined the floors on one house so a quick google search will show the video and no one would rent to her after seeing that.

No. 629650

That’s the thing, anon. She’s not going to tell the landlord that she owns 40+ pets including a monitor, and hundreds of gallons of water fish tanks. She’s going to say “oh I have a few lizards and cats but that’s it!” A lot of people lie about the animals they have and I could see her doing the same even with the absurd amount of pets she owns. I bet the apartment she lives in now doesn’t even know what she has, otherwise I feel they’d have booted her out forever ago.

No. 629655


she couldn't move to LA because i'm pretty sure some of her animals are illegal to keep in california

No. 629684

Like what?

No. 629690


i know hedgehogs for sure and possibly the axolotl off the top of my head

No. 629730

Axolotls are EXTREMELY illegal in california lol
also the chances of her being able to find someone to rent to her w all those animals, LOL

No. 629828

lol exactly, idk who the hell would rent to someone like her with all her animals. But I also don’t know what bank would get her a home mortgage because her kind of YouTube money isn’t stable as a “job”. Maybe she will just upgrade to another apartment, one that’s even more fancy than she needs. But she’s gotta show off that money they supposedly make so much on!

No. 629836

File: 1530840813722.jpeg (137.41 KB, 750x1077, 668FADA1-BA8E-43B7-9874-C19D75…)

Guess she’s going to get her tattoo for real this time. Bet it’ll come out dumb and ugly as fuck but her stans are going to absolutely worship her over it.

No. 629844

James Charles talked about him trying to get a house once and the bank just needed two years income averaged together. Not sure if all banks operate that way reguarding jobs with little stability, plus banks in LA would probably have a little more knowledge of internet jobs.

Her animals might be easy to hide but her druggy bf who sure as fuck won’t pass a background check will be a little harder. The only house I’ve know that didn’t care about someone perminatly living there and not being on the lease are shitholes and trailer parks that only rent to druggies.

No. 629852

I really don’t think Jonny passing a drug test is going to be an issue. She won’t put the house in his name or have him as an inhabitant, so why would she care? I doubt Jonny’s name is even on the papers as a tenant for the current apartment they’re in. She would just secretly have him in the home. I agree with you but honestly she is a pathological liar by nature, of course she will just continue to lie to get what she wants. And it will bite her in the ass someday.

No. 629868

It’s not him passing a drug test it’s him not passing a background check. His credit score must be fucking nothing after owing so much in hospital bills plus his arrest records. And no he’s not on anything for the apartment. but an apartment is much harder to keep track of tenants since so many people live there. Plus you usually don’t have a specific land lord but a leasing office and someone at the front desk and since they make so much more money the owners/managers are much less likely to care unless something major happens.

No. 629888

He still wouldn't need to pass a background check if he isn't going to be the one buying the house.. which let's hope Taylor is smart enough to keep everything under her name

No. 629924

Anon you responded to here, my apologies - I meant to say background check not drug test. Since he’s a druggy I guess that’s what I typed out. But my point was that Jonny sure as hell won’t be the one buying the house, so he doesn’t need to pass any background check. It will be “just Taylor and her 2 cats and a few reptiles” and she will lie about the monitor, other 30+ animals and Jonny being with her as well. Taylor provides literally anything for her rapist manlet so of course she will buy them both a house. Unless he makes some serious money on tour/albums to contribute.

No. 629982

She has to keep everything in her name because he has a criminal record. Even if he wanted to be on the lease, he can't.

No. 629990

oh god, taylor owning her own house. what is she going to do when water leaks? how about the lawn? what she's going to do when something breaks or there's a hole on the roof? her place would start to look like a crack den, especially when jonny invites his friends over to hang out

No. 630041


This is correct. He can’t even have a bank account.

No. 630059

File: 1530860882328.png (173.55 KB, 540x416, Screenshot_2018-07-06-01-05-57…)

Probably because you only hold your snake to take shitty pictures with your wash out tattoos.

For once in your life take a picture of your snakes in their enclosures, its not that hard, Taylor.

No. 630117

For some reason her hand reminds me of Harry Potter’s after he loses all the bones in his arm…. it just doesn’t look right. It literally looks like there are no bones in her hand or wrist

No. 630119

She looks bloated

No. 630152


that is kind of what EDS does.

No. 630189


Or alcohol…

No. 630206

No. 630268

Are milk snakes even that aggressive?
She totally bothers her animal whenever they probably want to be left alone. Just don't get why it would want to bite her unless her hand smells like food or she's provoking it somehow.

No. 630277


Milk snakes can be very fiesty yes. Some are very nippy and spazzy, while others are very calm and docile. They tend to mellow out as they get older too. But some are just like that, so its not too strange. Of course shes probably not handling it nearly enough to get it used to her. Even my very mellow from the beginning, milksnake has gotten much better through regular handling.

No. 630320

Probably just yanked him out of the tank

No. 630339


Why would she need to lie about the # of animals she has if she were going to BUY a house? That doesn't make sense. If she were renting, sure, but no one is going to be like, "Sorry! You have way too many animals to buy me house!"

No. 630343

File: 1530902088384.jpeg (289.74 KB, 1242x637, B56DB9CA-B0A9-4960-B0F2-486EA7…)

Totally not trying to use Taylor for views at all

No. 630379

seriously. I’m not trying to stand up for Taylor by any means but if she bought a house and not rented it wouldn’t fucking matter. She also wouldn’t have a “lease” she’d have a mortgage. As long as she paid her monthly mortgage payments the bank and anybody else isn’t going to give a fuck about her 40 animals or her druggy boyfriend. He wouldn’t be on the mortgage application. As long as she made her payments - she’d be fine.

But she’s irresponsible with her money and spends it all on unnecessary trips and alcohol so she’s not going to buy a house anyway.

No. 630437

File: 1530912460305.jpeg (383.71 KB, 1268x1648, 7E6034F1-3E3A-4D2E-8C30-B5B776…)

I wonder if this is the same store she got the monitor from?

No. 630465

I thought Jonny already had a snake, a corn snake I think? I doubt he is even taking of his "own" pets.

No. 630475

a new pet again? oh my god.

No. 630486

They actually got it a while ago, Jonny posted about it. Unless they got a THIRD milksnake…

No. 630562

She has comments disabled on this picture. Can’t take people calling her out for her animal hoarding apparently.

No. 630570

Plus she's once against being hypocritical about impulse buying. The "we were at the store and had to get him!!" narrative is getting so old.

No. 630573

They’re not disabled for me. There are over 900 comments, I’m guessing people spamming name suggestions.

No. 630577

Weird. When I first looked at it comments weren’t showing up for me so I went to her other posts to make sure and they would show up. I just double-checked and sure enough they’re there! My bad!

No. 630590

There’s three reptile stores in San Antonio, one is the store she got her monitor from, one is the one where she supposedly had Lego given to her and one has multiple accusations for animal abuse and has dead animals on display every time you visit. The rest are all chain pet stores but according to the website, the one she got the monitor from doesn’t have any snakes in stock so that rules it out.

No. 630620

File: 1530931823877.png (91.45 KB, 940x364, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.4…)

Gotta love how Taylor is all about female empowerment when it benefits her, but not when Jonny checks his ex's social media and comments about it daily. Idc if they subtweet him too, he's not a victim & is in a relationship now but clearly still isn't over Liz/Chelsea lol

No. 630644

I wonder if she’ll use the “i had a talk with him!! He knows this was mean!!!! He’s seen the error of his ways!!!” Excuse if this was brought up to her.

No. 630675

Lmao I think me meant "washed up" but I can't stop loling at the thought of Johnny angry that an ex showers

No. 630705

File: 1530940827876.jpeg (125.29 KB, 750x556, 9A0C3C69-8A07-46E3-A741-A1EF6A…)

They’re both attention seeking weirdos.

No. 630732

File: 1530943531445.jpeg (225.5 KB, 1242x1517, A0D5FCD7-9718-4971-B83A-FA263F…)

No. 630733

File: 1530943569878.jpeg (120.17 KB, 1242x620, B210740D-E0D4-4B56-83AC-7DAA04…)


No. 630735

File: 1530943664983.jpeg (56.02 KB, 1242x361, 0E40FB10-F004-4E01-8FEE-3A74E8…)

No. 630776

Bitch you can't even own one lmao shut the fuck up.

No. 630791

Him, buying a house.
Wonder if Taylor bites her tongue whenever he claims he ownes any shit Taylor has bought
How pathetic you have to be to trick a 20 y/o girl to buy something saying you will pay half of it when you don't even have to money?
Also a million dollar houses? I'm pretty sure Taylor is getting closer to red numbers to even think of owning a house that expensive.

No. 630794

Taylor please don't buy a house with someone you've dated for such a short period of time… what about that seems like a good idea to you?

No. 630799

I hope she isn't stupid enough to put his name on the contract (which I think she will since Jonny will pull out off his ass some gold digger shit like "if you really love you wouldn't ask me to sign the prenup")

No. 630816


> hop off my dick bitch

kek, fucking puke.

newsflash, caveman – nobody except your stupid self-hating girlfriend wants to be anywhere near your yeasty disgusting herpes-ridden member, you delusional subhuman

No. 630827

I feel like she will just to prove her "haters" that they're wrong. I mean, she does it frequently by trying to post relationship goals type tweets about each other

No. 630829

If Taylor was smart, she’d buy a house for $200k-300k and be set. Houses in San Antonio are cheap af compared to LA. She doesn’t need a fucking million dollar house here. Those are usually around 5 bedrooms

No. 630853

He’s got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. She’d be smarter to get life insurance out on him…if that’s even possible!

No. 630886

Is Momma Dean trying to make bucks off her son by getting him into Youtube or is it solely to get attention from Taylor? I just haven't figured out what her motive is.

No. 630893

Is he trying to say his exes post photos of themselves and tag him? Is he that delusional? Honestly if my bf said half the disrespectful shit he says about women online I’d be out so quick.

No. 630895

This is what I was thinking. Why does Taylor need a million dollar home? We see how her mess creeps into every room in her apartment, she's gonna have a million dollar trashcan. Plus, all her furniture is rented? The girl couldn't afford to drop a few grand on furniture to move into an apartment but she can buy a million dollar home?…..sure Jan.

No. 630904

She's probably looking at them with no idea of her budget.

No. 630936

There's plenty of more established more well known youtubers who took YEARS into their YouTube careers to make the commitment of buying a really nice home. I honestly do think Taylor would be smart to buy something now.. Something nice but realistic that she could possibly pay off within a few years. Then she'd own it outright and could sell it or remodel it or whatever. Even if she could afford the mortgage on a 1 mill dollar home that doesn't mean you should do it.. She'd be better of renting if she is hell bent on having something nice that you pay a lot for.

No. 630945

She probably thinks she can afford the mortgage but then she still has to consider, closing costs, taxes, water, electric, HOA fees and so much more all on top of caring for her animals. She 100% does not make enough to buy a million dollar house right now. I bet she hasn’t even met with anyone. She’s just looking on websites like Zillow

No. 630949

Her mommy had to pay for her hotel at playlist live and now she's looking at $1 million homes?

No. 630976

So true, maybe she is waiting for him to pop the question so they can get married and have kids. Then she’ll continue to enable his drug+alcohol habits so he dies sooner and she can cash out on life insurance. Then cry about it on social media forever, make videos on it and milk the fuck out of the situation.
Lmao I know it seems like a stretch but I can SO see Taylor seeing it like that and doing that. I mean who’s really fooled, does anyone really believe that she loves him? He’s raped women and constantly puts down his exes. She’s such a moron for staying with him. She could be helping herself turn around and be a better person and become more successful without him around. He just enables her shitty behavior.

No. 630980

File: 1530984147489.jpeg (232.53 KB, 750x1066, 171641CA-AD57-4FE5-B97B-AA1F50…)

Way to show off just a small part of your room in the upper left corner, with a bunch of dirty clothes all over the floor and… scrunched up wads of used tissue? Jesus I can only image what the rest of the house looks like, they must live in the most absolute filth.

No. 630991

This, Jenna Marbles is a staple on YouTube for, like, 10 years, and just NOW she decided to buy a really nice house, I don't think Taylor can afford it.
She's either having delusions of grandure or it's typical Jonny behaviour by exagerating something (how much did he say their bed cost again?)

No. 630996

Exactly. She sure as fuck doesn’t have the kind of money Jonny says she does. Don’t you just love how he has to take the credit too?
And let’s be real, if she was making the kind of money Jonny claims (even if it was closer to the $300k a year social blade says at most), he would be using her money left and right buying dumbass shit like Yeezeys. Jonny loves flaunting what he has. “mY sHoEs aRe wOrTh mOrE tHaN yA rEnT”

No. 631029

The thing that confuses me the most about Jonny's hate campaigns against his exes is he seemingly bitches over things that don't matter or show that hes jealous. I know that if I wasn't a rapist and I had these girls accusing me of it, I would have more constructive criticisms of them instead of what shirt they wear…… or who they're dating….. or how unattractive they are….. I would be trying to out them for bringing forth false sexual assault claims.

I know he's not very intelligent and he IS a rapist, but just my thoughts on it lol

No. 631062

There's really no need to take it that seriously. Obviously she cannot and is not buying a million dollar house. Jonny's talking out of his ass again, just like his "$12,000 mattress." He's both stupid and a liar. No need to discuss it for 200 posts.

No. 631077

People are allowed to speculate Taylor related things even if you don't like the conversation anon. Feel free to change the subject instead of just bitching about ppl actually having a conversation!(this isn't a chat room)

No. 631081

If i had a mind of a 12 yr old aka Taylor and Jonny combined, and my bank account had 1 million in it, i would totally look for houses that ranges from there and just spend it all in one day for a house that i can boast about. I'm pretty sure that's what they're doing and then struggle when they can't pay off anything,

Taylor is a complete idiot for letting a hobbit like Jonny be in her life. Never seen someone so desperate

No. 631093

File: 1530995488629.jpeg (309.43 KB, 1242x1658, 78A1AD41-67A4-446E-9745-6DB460…)

I’m so over her trying to claim Post Malone is her friend. He acknowledged her existence once and her own mother said Taylor then slid into the dms and tried to fuck him before Jonny but he has a longterm girlfriend. Gurl, he’s not your friend, let it go. You’re not important.

No. 631099

They probably just follow her to sip the milk like us or just likes her half naked photos, probably forgot about her by now until she posts another naked photo. Like a kim kardashian of pettubers

No. 631103

That’s definitely what it is at least for Ian. He follows a lot of camgirls and twitch thots. He’s definitely following for the photoshopped bewbs.

No. 631104

Watched alotta big youtubers saying their goodbyes to youtube due to youtubes choices, so i wonder when pettube will be affected. Funny how nothing last forever but TND and every other pettuber thinks they're gods among men

No. 631106

>Shane Dawson just followed me back finally
So does that mean she annoys them via dms to follow her because her twitter is verified?

No. 631107

I don't think she knows the difference between friend and acquaintance.

No. 631113

yeah i don't think Post is dumb enough to lose his girlfriend, who has her own thing and isn't an attention whore, for something who's very dependent and wants all the attention for herself.

No. 631125

Post seems like such a humble and genuine dude. While Taylor is attention starved and fake to her core. She’s delusional.

No. 631129

It’s both!!!

No. 631177

“We talked once so we’re friends!”
Taylor, that’s called an acquaintance. Nobody gives a fuck about you or really knows you. Especially Post Malone. She is so desperate and cringey looking for attention from celebrities to appear more relevant.

No. 631181

i dont follow him closely, but do his friends really call him "post" or do they call him by his real name? i mean no matter what, she's not his friend lol, but it seems awkward

No. 631234

He’s good friends with Ethan and Hila from H3H3 and I’ve always heard Ethan call his real name, Austin. Which Taylor has done as well but it came off as super cringey. He’s not super active on twitter but when he does post he usually banters with his actual friends in the replies and shit. You never see Taylor in the replies because they’re not actual friends, kek.

No. 631237

Former friend of the cow here— about a year ago I met up with her in Florida and they (Post Malone and her) texted and talked nonstop. Don’t have any proof or anything but there was definitely something weird going on. I don’t know if they talk anymore at all, but they fersure did.

No. 631238

File: 1531011668084.jpeg (243.37 KB, 1242x1539, C3787A26-C678-410F-89CF-C51628…)

Taylor calling Post by his real name. The tweet of her’s that the fan was initially replying to has been deleted, surprise surprise. But it almost sounds like she was claiming to be somewhere with him. Idk.

No. 631239

if there's no screenshot then it aint legit. you can just be Taytay defending herself.

No. 631240

Honestly my first thought, kek. All of a sudden there’s a former friend of Taylor’s here defending her friendship with Post Malone? Okay. We all know all the pettubers lurk their threads here.

No. 631242

even if they were "texted and replied via tweet," it's still called an acquaintance or even just someone you know. I have people from kindergarten follow me on social media but that doesn't mean i know them as friends. I'm pretty sure Austin here long forgotten Taylor unless she posts another half naked photo or tag him on everything to get his attention, other than that, she's just something on his feed that he scrolls past.

No. 631246

File: 1531012416561.png (72.88 KB, 486x187, 31682945ec9db33e912fd8cd328952…)

he is following 2,000+ people. they are not friends LOL

No. 631250

I am not friends with her anymore…. I guess I never really was???? but,we hung out a few times and at the time considered us friends. when we hung out in Florida they talked nonstop the entire time… I’m originally from Florida, and at the time was living there. we hung out over the course of days and every time I was there, they were talking. Again….. I’m not trying to say they are friends…. I’m not even friends with her anymore… I just was saying they definitely talked more than the one time in twitter. They had some weird thing going on but it was over a year Ago. I’m not defending her, if Anything it’s more milk….. I’m pretty sure he had a girlfriend then, too, but they talked aLOT. That is the only thing I was trying to say..

No. 631253

Please type sage in the email field before posting if you want to hang out here. Read the rules!

No. 631254

File: 1531013170418.jpeg (475.3 KB, 1242x978, 3A5F231D-F160-4AB3-92FA-9DBA9F…)

Guess mama Dean doesn’t want to become grandma Dean anytime soon…

No. 631256

Ahhh. my bad I’m sorry!!!! I never post on these things….just for once saw drama I could actually put my opinion in on based on my experience

No. 631257

Meh he's a musician regardless of his gf I'm sure he's gettin it on the side. If anything she was his side piece. Clearly he's not actually into her.

No. 631258

File: 1531013369770.png (290.73 KB, 750x1334, 2685DE70-5BB5-4202-9DCE-D0E747…)

Maybe she should have made this disclaimer a year ago. She has had fan constantly ask her questions but she has NEVER said this before.

No. 631259

and i'm Jenna's sister. if there's no evidence to support your claim, then it's not true. Taylor can say whatever she wants about Post but irl, they're not friends. In his eyes, he probably just sees her as another thot that wants to get into his pants

No. 631261

I agree dude! I’m not saying they’re best friends or anything like that. I was just responding because I saw someone say they talked once on twitter when I knew it went further than that… I’m not saying they’re close or anything. But they definitely flirted a lot a year ago. He was even in FL at one point when we were there and she stood me up one night for plans. I think there’s more tea there than ppl realize.

No. 631262

I also feel like Taylor seems cooler than she actually is. Dig any deeper into her and you can see she hides behind sarcasm to deflect from her lack of personality.

No. 631264

I actually do believe you. But the fact she's be so hush hush beyond saying "they're friends" is weird to me. It doesn't seem like her not to brag as much as possible. If something was actually going on between them why would she cover that up? Are we sure she wasn't catfished lmao

No. 631265


Jen is calling herself Mama Dean now? Didn't we start that?

No. 631266

Taylor stood you up for plans? who are you?

No. 631267

I met taylor through her ex (Whom also lives in florida). We hung out when she was visiting her last year and she texted Post Malone the entire time. Then one night they debated hanging out the following day, which was a day we still had plans and she conveniently canceled on me. I was trying to help you guys out and give you more tea (or milk? Lolol) when i saw this..

No. 631281

She definuately wasn’t catfishes. He dm’d her from his account with his phone number and they exchanged pictures often. Idk what went down to make her not wanna brag about it but definitely something weird went down

No. 631282

* definitely wasn’t catfished

Sorry for the typo haha

No. 631284

File: 1531018076880.jpg (134.56 KB, 934x998, 20180707_194603.jpg)

I'm just assuming he left "A" out of there because he threatened to kill their cat if she dumped him

No. 631311

Does she have an issue with good dental hygiene? Everyone she seems to have the hots for has bad teeth, face tattoos, and looks like they smell like a dirty ashtray.

No. 631434

taylor's boob size is 32DD

No. 631462

Hi Jonny. You're a piece of trash. So much for being sober.

No. 631466


No. 631488


go to bed jonny, ya halfwit

No. 631526

File: 1531048934757.jpeg (562.14 KB, 3264x1632, 63BA994B-39A6-451B-9EF0-1C3E8B…)

The original tweet from “anon12345” is gone but from the replies it was definitely something to do with Taylor hooking up with Post.

No. 631528

File: 1531049123278.jpeg (208.88 KB, 1242x1145, 7B38F28A-1B62-416F-97F9-6090E2…)

Nvm. I found it.

No. 631572

Okay but seriously though why would Jonny care. Idk who this anon is or what their objective was but all they did was make her look better. People worship Post Malone. Maybe she kept quiet bc he asked her to assuming this did happen? Was Taylor dating anyone at time? It sounds a lot like Post used her for sex and that's it lmao.

No. 631584

>>631572 johnny is probably hitting other girls anyway so what was the point of the post

No. 631590

File: 1531059516665.gif (835.53 KB, 500x280, tumblr_mmwbowgxOC1ql5yr7o1_500…)

Anyone see a resemblance between Taylor and Amy from kitchen nightmares

No. 631629

if anything it will be something that he uses as an excuse for cheating.

No. 631644

Right here. She supports him still putting down his exes. Jesus fuck. Someone please call her out on this bullshit. “We had a talk about not putting down other women!” lol sure Jan clearly you didn’t. You clearly still support him doing so.

No. 631655

Do we know when she was in Florida last summer? I remember hearing she gave up on Post after he wouldn't date her, so she probably moved onto Johnny pretty quick after that. I guess even Taylor wouldn't openly brag about having sex with a dude who has a gf.

No. 631710

File: 1531077135079.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3264x2493, 2590118A-9995-418B-BAF3-FFCBB2…)

Looks like she was there end of August last year

No. 631712

File: 1531077305777.jpeg (577.09 KB, 2448x1869, C2088164-B842-443A-9679-4978FC…)

Also here’s Tyler making some comments to her about Post when her and Jonny just started dating, I remember those ugly ass flowers were from Jonny when they first got together.

No. 631715

I’m thinking she hooked up with Post when she was down in Florida in August of last year and thought she was going to be dating a famous rapper and was bragging to her friends (Tyler). Post has a longterm girlfriend and told Taylor she was just a hookup and so she moved on to Jonny.

No. 631720

What a downgrade kek

No. 631745

who was that tweet about that TND said about making sure you have a vet etc for a new pet??(learn 2 sage)

No. 631785

A fan that dm’ed her asking for advice because their hedgehog was paralyzed from the neck down and had been so for quite some time. She didn’t publicly share the name of the person or post and screenshots so all we have are her tweets about the situation.

No. 631852

File: 1531089375606.jpeg (344.66 KB, 1935x1290, BB3CB7B9-0D8C-4070-956C-DF86D7…)

Jonny posted these on his Instagram story. From previous threads.

No. 631860

>slept with post malone
She sure does have some taste in men.

No. 631861

He probably found them when he was on her sperging about taylor’s boob size last night.

No. 631884

Jonny blocked me because i make fun of him flexing about buying a house when Taylor will be the one buying it and is the owner of the apartment where he is living.
Jonny we know you are a beta male who is too insecure to admit being a sugar baby

No. 631890

File: 1531093213534.png (76.1 KB, 540x343, Screenshot_2018-07-08-17-33-44…)

Bitch, those Repticons you fawn over everytime are the same exact thing.

No. 631944

File: 1531099025026.jpeg (141.01 KB, 1299x987, 8BA26118-D8A0-4442-A8AF-C45258…)

Anyone catch what she originally tweeted?

No. 631972

File: 1531101101481.jpg (543.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180708-185132.jpg)

Something about Cheese as Cheesus Christ from what I see

No. 631974

File: 1531101198572.jpg (209.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180708-185114.jpg)

No. 631981

So I guess this is confirmation he posted here this >>631466

I suppose he couldn't say much else because he doesn't have his pathetic clout to defend him.

No. 631984

Geez. This would insult someone who's very religious. Putting a fish on a pedestal.

No. 631990


You know that 32DD is also a 38B
Bra size doesn't matter.
Look up sister sizing.

No. 631991

You would think your own partner would defend you about who you are as a person, but chooses to just say this. Lmao you have good choice in boys, Taylor.

No. 631997

Post Malone has a new song out where he talks about hitting up a girl in her DMs and only wanting to see her naked and asks if her “daddy” is rich like him. Lol

No. 631999

File: 1531103452454.jpeg (224.77 KB, 1125x946, EBC39432-D5D9-45B9-9A24-59C1A9…)



No. 632010

Out of all the women who hit Post Malone up, I doubt he would make a song just about Taylor. I’m sure she would love to believe that, but I really just doubt it. Also the end part “what’s your name? Who’s your daddy? Is he rich like me” is from that old Zombie’s song.

No. 632015

Alright so can mods confirm and share anything else he posted or is that not how it works (sage cause I'm retarded)

No. 632026

File: 1531107858883.png (39.27 KB, 620x626, lyrics.png)

I was just going to post what >>632010 said. Did post seriously just bite lyrics from that old The Zombies song?

No. 632042

This. I'm sure Post has a million women hitting him up for their reputation. I doubt Taylor is interesting enough to be sung about. Let's not get Taylor believing that she was a big deal in Post's life.

No. 632045

File: 1531109260810.png (745.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7306.PNG)

oh the irony

No. 632048

That's my face with the monitor… and the rats in the closet… and the shrimp mantis… and the leopard geckos…

No. 632051


What leopard geckos may I ask?
And she didn’t have rats. Just 1 mouse. Which in my opinion a closet is just another small room. Just cause we can’t live in it if there’s light and ventilation a small animal can. Agree everything else though

No. 632057

File: 1531110573343.jpeg (199.29 KB, 1367x1133, 20B997E4-2C1E-47F7-B33F-9CF906…)

Is she really that unaware

No. 632077

Perfectly sums up what this shrinky dink cares about. Money and a hot girlfriend. And he gets both from being with Taylor. And that's all she likely is to him too. Guys like him are infuriating, because for some reason they get lucky getting what they want without putting any effort and then acting like they achieved something in life while flexing on everyone and looking down at others who don't have it 'as good'

No. 632100

Find it weird shes preaching that you shouldn't get a dog if you don't have the long term time and space. which is exactly what she DIDNT have when she chose to move to an apartment lol

No. 632111

it's called sampling, anon

No. 632124

She keeps her hedgehogs and her satanic leaf geckos in her closet (you could see their enclosure in her last video).
If you actually love and care about your animals why would you want to stuff them in a closet??

No. 632157

99% of men have no clue about bra sizes.

No. 632214

Lmao sometimes I think he’s just as insecure as she is. Stalking her thread and getting furious over people criticizing her and him both, then proceeding to post and act like they’re just living the dream. What miserable lives they both have.

No. 632266

Yeah, so why can’t farmhands out him now since he posted in here?
He and Tay have the same IP, it would be nice to see what she’s said in her own thread

Also there’s no way she’s that bra size, maybe with a push up.

No. 632291

They can’t out him unless he does what Em did.

She probably wears that bomb shell bra from victoria secret that makes your boobs look two cup sizes larger. The wonders of pushup bra. Even Jenna marbles made a video long time ago on how to make boobs appear larger

No. 632294

They won’t out him unless he makes several rule violations/ban evades numerous times.

No. 632308

File: 1531151036532.png (3.54 MB, 1242x2208, 7DD9EF1E-797E-45D0-B5B0-F929E9…)

Lmao this was on Jonny’s story

No. 632312

Lmao he’s probably on here 24/7. Hey hobbitman

No. 632395

Maybe, maybe not. Depends if they use Wifi or not. In my country is common to use data plan on phone which would give phone specific ip

No. 632400

When you have been mentioning Post Malone non stop on Twitter so he can notice you, but he already fucked your queen.

No. 632438

File: 1531160181670.png (152.38 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7312.PNG)

she could've just omitted the "spent a couple hundred dollars." why does she always have to bring up how much money she has

No. 632440

File: 1531160233702.jpeg (172.09 KB, 1242x1058, A48FAF41-4BA6-4CC7-8D20-C89F86…)

Lol she for sure slept with him and Jonny is high key jealous af.

No. 632443


32DD is not really impressive. Quite average. Semi-blog but I wear similar and it's not anything to write home about. Looking at how broad her upper body is here >>620010 shows that she's probably not a 32 band at all, and is probably going with the sister size that makes her sound like she's more endowed than she actually is.

No. 632490


how do we know the boob size post was him for sure? did he post something else and delete it? feel like i'm missing something

No. 632537

She could be a B and just wears a DD for comfort and support. I wish my boobs can shrink on command everytime someone takes photos of me and enlarge them when I take selfies because my back forever hurts(no one cares)

No. 632550

this is like the tenth fucking time that boob size has derailed the thread, can we let it go already

No. 632567

Can we not speculate and blogpost about bra size for 20+ posts like last time it got brought up. It’s clear she photoshops her tits. The end.

No. 632576

We don’t know for sure but it’s pretty obvious since it was completely out of the blue and followed by Jonny sharing old images anons made in the previous threads on his Snapchat. He creeps his ex-girlfriends’ social media accounts all day long so it’s not too big of a stretch to assume he’s here half the time as well. He has nothing better to do.

No. 632589

It's so funny how they say we have no lives for posting here when they lay around the pool all day and literally have nothing but time to lurk here lmao.

No. 632700

Taylor has been the one who activly involved the petubers community, her mom, Jonny, her cousin, her stans and who knows who else on her own thread.

No. 633081

So true. They act like since they don’t have a 9-5 they have such better lives than everyone else when in reality they just sit at home all day and stalk threads they’re insecure about. Must be a fun relationship. I wonder what days they do their urine drug tests together? Sounds romantic!

No. 633304

So much criticism about them not having lives because they lurk here. Of course they fucking lurk here. But that doesn't mean they have no life. People are ALWAYS curious about what others say and think about them. Oh and I think staying in an apartment and hanging by the pool in the hot ass summer kind of equates to having a life, even if they are thread stalking because this is 2018 and people are always kind of on the internet.

But anyway, almost all girls lie about their bra size. Even I do it sometimes. Those magazines with sexy women like Beyonce? Photoshop. And anyone with low self esteem will NATURALLY want to make themselves look good. I guess I just don't understand the point of putting someone down who already hates themself and is in a toxic relationship but whatever keeps you hard/wet I suppose.

Anyway this thread shouldn't even be about Taylor's petcare anymore. She doesn't care about their conditions and will continue on like she's going. This should just be a gossip thread tbh.

No. 633308

Lol so much criticism? No one even said they have no lives. It was just an observation about how THEY say WE have no lives because WE have time to post here yet they obviously lurk here so?? Go away. No one cares if you lie about your bra size. Go beg for attention somewhere else.

No. 633309

Ah, the good old "well they said it first so we're just repeating it!!!"

And make me go somewhere else. I'm here with no life because I have nothing else better to do. ;)

No. 633316

Anyway, I'm not here to take sides. I'm just trying to understand all angles. And stop using the word observation just so you can make yourself sound less offensive. Be an ass if you want to be an ass.

Taylor may have low self esteem and hell probably uses that to give herself photoshop boobies for attention, but she's still an uneducated swine preaching herself to be an animal goddess who dates a rapist. Now that's something I CAN'T defend.

No. 633318

You CLEARLY are new here lmao shut up adding nothing to this conversation. At least you saged (but added a name lmao)

No. 633321

Oh right. I have to add something new to this conversation even when most things said are speculation. Hmm…

Hey I wonder if Sabor is dead yet? It's a possibility~

Lol bye. I'll just be a good buckeroo and continue to lurk~(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 633344

insert you must be new here meme here
You either must be a stan, Taylor, or just someone young but saying you think we shouldnt even speak about her animal care anymore and even turn this thread into a gossip site while getting triggered of speculations and basically gossip is hilarious to me.

Sure they have a life of just chilling 24/7, but honestly, that’s no life at all. Yes, it’s fun doing nothing and just chillin with money but even celebrities start to become stir crazy and dive into drugs to fill their lives after awhile of doing nothing productive. They’re probably sleeping right now because they have nothing better to do or they could be you.

Comments on her boob size is rediculous then again she likes to photoshop it and uses them to gain attention even her boylet comments on her body and not as her as a person to the point where he brings his exs into the discussion. They might be insecure and probably dislike themselves, but if they leave themselves open for criticisms and probably live for the drama

No. 633352

the haughty way you type and communicate reminds me of em's sperging